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  1. De Tchernobyl en tchernobyls

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    Charpak, Georges; Journé, Venance


    Nous ne sommes pas à l'abri de nouveaux tchernobyls. L'humanité va s'enrichir de milliards d'individus dans les décennies à venir. L'énergie nucléaire est donc plus que jamais indispensable. Mais l'accident de Tchernobyl aura fait des dizaines de milliers de morts. Ce livre permet de comprendre les enjeux du nucléaire civil, mais aussi militaire, nécessairement imbriqués. A l'heure du terrorisme, la prolifération des armes nucléaires et des matériaux qui servent à fabriquer des bombes, séquelle de la guerre froide, constitue plus que jamais une menace pour notre survie. Des décisions courageuses de la part des responsables politiques, militaires et industriels s'imposent pour la sécurité internationale et la paix. Un message d'espoir et de raison qui offre à chacun les données nécessaires pour se forger ses propres opinions et participer au débat.

  2. Chernobyl; Tchernobyl

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    This report relates the Chernobylsk accident, why following a succession of technical malfunctions and human errors, reactor no. 4 of the Chernobylsk nuclear power plant explodes on April 26. 1986. Radioactive dust, aerosols and gases (including caesium and iodine) are ejected into atmosphere. The regions worst hit are in the immediate vicinity of the plant, but deposits are very uneven, producing a leopard spot type of pattern. Propelled by easterly winds, the radioactive cloud disperses increasingly, scattering deposits over the whole of Europe. At the beginning of May, the cloud arrives in France. the eastern portion of the country is most strongly affected. Ground, water and agriculture are contaminated by caesium deposits in Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Federation. About the contamination in France, ground contamination is slight, fourteen years later, however, it is still detectable. Relative to the impact on health in the vicinity of Chernobylsk plant, it is hard to assess this impact. Among children in Southern Belarus, the number of thyroid cancers has risen one hundred-fold. In France, the doses delivered represents generally less than 1% of the average annual dose from radioactivity of natural origin. But some of the doses received were higher. Today, the protective sarcophagus covering the damaged reactor is fragile. Reactor no.3, still in operation, continues to pose a risk but the shutdown is provided for december 2000. (N.C.)

  3. Mushrooms and the radioactivity coming from Tchernobyl fallout; Les champignons et la radioactivite due aux retombees de Tchernobyl

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    In France, since the accident of Tchernobyl in 1986, the radiation regular monitoring of the food and the environment shows that the mushrooms present cesium 137 content levels upper than all the other agricultural products. This paper presents and explains the today and future situation.

  4. The Chernobyl accident consequences; Consequences de l'accident de Tchernobyl

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    Five teen years later, Tchernobyl remains the symbol of the greater industrial nuclear accident. To take stock on this accident, this paper proposes a chronology of the events and presents the opinion of many international and national organizations. It provides also web sites references concerning the environmental and sanitary consequences of the Tchernobyl accident, the economic actions and propositions for the nuclear safety improvement in the East Europe. (A.L.B.)

  5. Chernobyl, fifteen years after; Tchernobyl, 15 ans apres

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    This work has been constituted around four questions: the future of the Chernobyl site, the damaged reactor, and the sarcophagus around it; the health consequences of the accident on the persons that have worked on the damaged reactor and on the population in the countries the most exposed to fallout,; the situation of contaminated territories around the power plant and their management today; the last question concerns especially the France with the consequences of the radioactive cloud and what we know about the health risks induced by this event. (N.C.)

  6. Chernobyl, 16 years later; Tchernobyl, 16 ans apres

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    This document on the Chernobyl site evolution is constituted around four main questions. What about the future of the Chernobyl site, the damaged reactor and the ''sarcophagus'' constructed around the reactor? What about the sanitary consequences of the accident on the liquidators asked to blot out the radiation and the around people exposed to radiation? What about the contaminated land around the power plant and their management? Concerning the France, what were the ''radioactive cloud'' sanitary consequences? (A.L.B.)

  7. The French-German initiative for Chernobyl. Programme 1 safety state of the sarcophagus

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    Pretzsch, G.; Roloff, R.; Roloff, R.; Artmann, A. [Gesellschaft fur Anlagenund Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) (Germany); Lhomme, V. [Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France); Berberich, G. [Erftstadt-Gymnich (Germany); Selesnew, A


    The data collected and processed within the framework of the French-German Initiative are an excellent basis for the intended specialist application at the Chernobyl Centre as well as for an extended use in connection with the restoration of the Sarcophagus as part of the 'Shelter Implementation Plan' performed under the auspices of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The major goals of the S.I.P. are the stabilisation of the existing Sarcophagus and the erection of a New Safe Confinement (N.S.C.) around the already existing Sarcophagus, the degasifier wing and the turbine building.This N.S.C. is to safely confine the radioactive materials for at least 100 years and is to allow their retrieval from inside if need be as well as the dismantling of the old structure.In addition, the database can be used for obtaining information needed for project descriptions, safety analysis reports, etc. The Ukrainian safety authority S.N.R.C.U. (State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine) and its technical safety organisation, the State Scientific-Technical Center (S.S.T.C.), have also signaled their interest in using the database.Further information on the F.G.I. and on the 'Radioecology and Health Programmes' can be found at:;,; (N.C.)

  8. La catastrophe nucléaire de Tchernobyl entre erreurs humaines et défauts techniques

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    Perrineau, Aude


    Découvrez enfin tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la catastrophe nucléaire de Tchernobyl en moins d'une heure ! Le 26 avril 1986 à 1 h 23, une catastrophe d'un nouveau genre ébranle le monde : un réacteur de la centrale nucléaire de Tchernobyl explose. Alors que les autorités soviétiques camouflent l'accident, puis en minimisent l'importance, un nuage radioactif se forme et se propage sur toute l'Europe…Ce livre vous permettra d'en savoir plus sur : Le contexte de l'époque Les acteurs majeurs qui ont participé à l'événement La catastrophe nucléaire de Tchernobyl Les répercussions du drameLe mot

  9. Tchernobyl: life after horror. Towards the reconquest of contaminated lands; Tchernobyl: la vie apres l`horreur. A la reconquete des terres contaminees

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    Laramee, V.; Tannenberg, P. de


    This paper is a brief environmental and socio-economical statement of Bielorussia ten years after the Tchernobyl`s Reactor 4 accident. The first part of the paper gives a brief overview of the radiological impact of the accident on land and inhabitants, of the government policy about people evacuation and relocation and of the economical impact of the accident on the agriculture. It summarizes also the financial and administrative advantages given to the people who participated to the emergency operations. The second part of the paper deals with the techniques used in Bielorussia for the exploitation of contaminated lands. Agriculture and farming have started again taking precautionary measures concerning the alimentation of pigs and cattle. About 20000 km{sup 2} of forests are contaminated and could be energetically valorized with the production of electric power or producer gas and partially used in paper industry. However the use of contaminated wood requires the filtering of radioactive aerosols and the processing of ashes for which Bielorussia has not been equipped yet. No satisfactory solution have been proposed so far for the forest litter which is the most contaminated part of the ecosystem. The management of the radioactive wastes generated by the catastrophe is another huge problem recalled in this paper. Most of these wastes were buried in about 800 trenches from which only 200 are known. The remaining could be recovered only with the help of geophysical techniques. (J.S.). 2 refs., 3 photos.

  10. The I.P.S.N on every front: Chernobyl; L'IPSN sur tous les fronts: Tchernobyl

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    From the sarcophagus to the plant dismantling the Institute (I.P.S.N) helped the Ukraine authorities in the safety studies to build the sarcophagus, and to prepare the reactors dismantling. A cooperation with Germany (and Ukraine naturally) has been constituted to evaluate the long term consequences of the Chernobyl accident. The objective being to collect and develop the greatest possible number of knowledge relative to the accident. (N.C.)

  11. Chernobyl, 13 years after; Tchernobyl, 13 ans apres

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    Regniault-Lacharme, Mireille; Metivier, Henri [Inst. de Protection et de Surete Nucleaire, CEA Centre d' Etudes de Fontenay-aux-Roses, 92 (France)


    This is an annual report, regularly issued by IPSN, that presents the ecological and health consequences of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. The present status of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, which Ukraine engaged to stop definitively in year 2000, is summarized. The only reactor unit now in operation is Chernobylsk-3 Reactor which poses two safety questions: evolution of cracks in part of the tubing and behaviour of the pressure tubes. Although, some improvements in the RBMK reactor types were introduced, problems remain that make IPSN to stress the requirement of stopping this NPP completely. In the contaminated territories surrounding Chernobyl incidence rate of infant thyroid cancers continues to grow, reaching values 10 to 100 times higher than the natural rate. In France the IPSN analyzed 60,000 records carried out in 17 sites during May 1986 and April 1989. It was estimated that the individual dose received during 60 years (1986-2046) by the inhabitants of the most affected zone (eastern France) is lower than 1.5 mSv, a value lower than 1% of the natural cosmic and telluric radioactivity exposure for the same period. For the persons assumed to live in the most attacked forests (from eastern France) and nourishing daily with venison and mushrooms the highest estimate is 1 mSv a year. Concerning the 'hot spots', identified in mountains by IPSN and CRIIRAD, the doses received by excursionists are around 0.015 mSv. For an average inhabitant of the country the dose piled up in the thyroid due to iodine-131 fallout is estimated to 0.5-2 mSv for an adult and 6.5-16 mSv for an infant. These doses are 100 to 1000 times lower than the ones to which the infants living in the neighbourhood of Chernobyl are exposed to. The contents of the report is displayed in the following six chapters: 1. Chernobyl in some figures; 2. The 'sarcophagus' and the reactors of the Chernobyl NPP; 3. Health consequences of the Chernobyl accident;. 4. The impact of

  12. [A sarcophagus with a surprise: computed tomography of a mummy from the Late Period of ancient Egypt]. (United States)

    Isidro, Albert; Díez-Santacoloma, Iván; Bagot, Jaume; Milla, Lidón; Gallart, Anna


    Diagnostic imaging techniques, at present especially computed tomography (CT), have become the most important noninvasive method for the study of mummies because they enable high resolution images and three-dimensional reconstructions without damaging the mummified subject. We present a sarcophagus with a mummy hidden inside that was acquired by a gallery in Barcelona. The sarcophagus and mummy were examined by CT at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor in Barcelona. A flexible clamp was used to obtain tissue samples for further study. The results showed the presence of an anatomically intact female human subject albeit with a destructured thorax and upper abdomen. Various metal objects were detected, corresponding to amulets, artificial eyes, and an external wooden brace. CT is an excellent noninvasive imaging technique for the detailed study of mummies, as it enables not only the anatomic identification of the mummified subject but also the obtainment of tissue samples for complementary analyses. The description of these findings enables us to know the major radiologic landmarks for the paleopathologic study of mummies. Copyright © 2015 SERAM. Published by Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  13. X-ray microfluorescence analysis of pigments in decorative paintings from the sarcophagus cartonnage of an Egyptian mummy (United States)

    Calza, C.; Anjos, M. J.; de Souza, S. M. F. Mendonça; Brancaglion, A.; Lopes, R. T.


    This work characterized the elemental composition of the pigments used in decorative paintings from the sarcophagus cartonnage fragments of an Egyptian mummy, using μXRF with Synchrotron Radiation. This female mummy (n.158) is considered one of the most important pieces of the National Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) because of its unconventional embalming with legs and arms swathed separately. The measurements were performed at the XRF beamline D09B of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), using white beam and a Si(Li) detector with resolution of 165 eV at 5.9 keV. The elements found in the samples were: Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Sr, Hg and Pb.

  14. X-ray microfluorescence analysis of pigments in decorative paintings from the sarcophagus cartonnage of an Egyptian mummy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Calza, C. [Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory, COPPE/UFRJ, P.O. Box 68509, 21941-972 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)], E-mail:; Anjos, M.J. [Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory, COPPE/UFRJ, P.O. Box 68509, 21941-972 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Physics Institute, UERJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Mendonca de Souza, S.M.F. [National Museum, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, ENSP, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Brancaglion, A. [National Museum, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Lopes, R.T. [Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory, COPPE/UFRJ, P.O. Box 68509, 21941-972 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


    This work characterized the elemental composition of the pigments used in decorative paintings from the sarcophagus cartonnage fragments of an Egyptian mummy, using {mu}XRF with Synchrotron Radiation. This female mummy (n.158) is considered one of the most important pieces of the National Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) because of its unconventional embalming with legs and arms swathed separately. The measurements were performed at the XRF beamline D09B of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), using white beam and a Si(Li) detector with resolution of 165 eV at 5.9 keV. The elements found in the samples were: Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Sr, Hg and Pb.

  15. The Chernobyl plant shutdown; L'arret de la centrale de Tchernobyl

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    The Chernobylsk-1 reactor, operational in september 1977 has been stopped in november 1996; the Chernobylsk-2 reactor started in november 1978 is out of order since 1991 following a fire. The Chernobylsk-3 reactor began in 1981. During the last three years it occurs several maintenance operations that stop it. In june 2000, the Ukrainian authorities decided to stop it definitively on the 15. of december (2000). This file handles the subject. it is divided in four chapters: the first one gives the general context of the plant shutdown, the second chapter studies the supporting projects to stop definitively the nuclear plant, the third chapter treats the question of the sarcophagus, and the fourth and final chapter studies the consequences of the accident and the contaminated territories. (N.C.)

  16. Franco-German cooperation on Chernobyl; L'initiative franco-allemande pour Tchernobyl

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    This document presents the franco-german cooperation on Chernobyl. The purpose of this cooperation is to collect and validate all the data available in order to build a reliable and unbiased data-base. This cooperation is based on 3 axis and is funded with 6 million Ecus for 3 years. The 3 programmes are: (i) the safety of the sarcophagus, (ii) the radio-ecological consequences of the accident, and (iii) the impact on health. The Chernobyl accident has had dramatic effects on the environment which were till now more or less under-estimated, the program on radio-ecological consequences will include information about the storage places of the wastes coming from the massive soil decontamination as well as information about the contamination of the artificial lake that was used to drain the low part of the reactor building and about the contamination of underground waters. (A.C.)

  17. Preservation in microbial mats: mineralization by a talc-like phase of a fish embedded in a microbial sarcophagus

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    Miguel eIniesto


    Full Text Available Microbial mats have been repeatedly suggested to promote early fossilization of macroorganisms. Yet, experimental simulations of this process remain scarce. Here, we report results of 5 year-long experiments performed onfish carcasses to document the influence of microbial mats on mineral precipitation during early fossilization. Carcasses were initially placed on top of microbial mats. After two weeks, fishes became coated by the mats forming a compact sarcophagus, which modified the microenvironment close to the corpses. Our results showed that these conditions favoured the precipitation of a poorly crystalline silicate phase rich in magnesium. This talc-like mineral phase has been detected in three different locations within the carcasses placed in microbial mats for more than 4 years: 1 within inner tissues, colonized by several bacillary cells; 2 at the surface of bones of the upper face of the corpse buried in the mat; and 3 at the surface of several bones such as the dorsal fin which appeared to be gradually replaced by the Mg-silicate phase. This mineral phase has been previously shown to promote bacteria fossilization. Here we provide first experimental evidence that such Mg-rich phase can also be involved in exceptional preservation of animals.

  18. X-Ray microfluorescence analysis of pigments in decorative paintings from sarcophagus cartonage of an Egyptian mummy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Calza, Cristiane; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Lab. de Instrumentacao Nuclear]. E-mail:;; Anjos, Marcelino J. [Universidade do Estado, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica]. E-mail:; Souza, Sheila M.F. Mendonca de [Fundacao Inst. Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Brancaglion Junior, Antonio [Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    This work evaluated the pigments used in decorative paintings from sarcophagus cartonage fragments of an Egyptian mummy using X-Ray Microfluorescence with Synchrotron Radiation technique. This female mummy (n.158) is considered one of the most important pieces of the National Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) because of its unconventional embalming with legs and arms swathed separately. This embalming procedure probably was used by a Theban family from the Roman period (first century BC), whose tomb was recently discovered. Only seven mummies like this were discovered and they are exposed in European museums. The results obtained for the cartonage samples were compared to those obtained for a linen wrapping fragment of which provenance was known. The objective of this work was to characterize the elemental composition of the cartonage pigments and to verify if they were according to those used by Egyptian craftsmen in the Roman period. The measurements were performed at the XRF beamline of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), using white beam and a Si(Li) detector with resolution of 165 eV. The elements found in the samples were: Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Sr, Hg and Pb. (author)

  19. Unilateral NMR, 13C CPMAS NMR spectroscopy and micro-analytical techniques for studying the materials and state of conservation of an ancient Egyptian wooden sarcophagus. (United States)

    Proietti, Noemi; Presciutti, Federica; Di Tullio, Valeria; Doherty, Brenda; Marinelli, Anna Maria; Provinciali, Barbara; Macchioni, Nicola; Capitani, Donatella; Miliani, Costanza


    A multi-technique approach was employed to study a decorated Egyptian wooden sarcophagus (XXV-XXVI dynasty, Third Intermediate Period), belonging to the Museo del Vicino Oriente of the Sapienza University of Rome. Portable non-invasive unilateral NMR was applied to evaluate the conservation state of the sarcophagus. Moreover, using unilateral NMR, a non-invasive analytical protocol was established to detect the presence of organic substances on the surface and/or embedded in the wooden matrix. This protocol allowed for an educated sampling campaign aimed at further investigating the state of degradation of the wood and the presence of organic substances by (13)C cross polarization magic angle spinning (CPMAS) NMR spectroscopy. The composition of the painted layer was analysed by optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS), Raman and surface enhanced (resonance) Raman spectroscopy (SERS/SERRS), infrared and GC-MS techniques, evidencing original components such as clay minerals, Egyptian green, indigo, natural gums, and also highlighting restoration pigments and alteration compounds. The identification of the wood, of great value for the reconstruction of the history of the artwork, was achieved by means of optical microscopy.

  20. To rehabilitate life after Tchernobyl..; Rehabiliter la vie apres Tchernobyl..

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    Paillard, B.; Pena-Vega, A. [Centre d' Etudes Transdisciplinaires, Sociologie, Anthropologie, Histoire, EHESS, 75 - Paris (France)


    This article is a survey of the difficult daily life of the people living in a small town 70 km away from Chernobyl. The local authorities have to cope with first, the global aging of the population due to the massive departure of young families in 1991 when the first cases of thyroid cancers broke out and secondly, the arrival of very poor people that settled in the abandoned accommodations. The preventive measures taken to limit the internal contamination of the inhabitants are difficult to implement and maintain because of the invisibility of radioactivity, the flourishing surrounding nature, time passing and the lack of danger awareness of the new inhabitants. The poor standard of population health is due to aging (cancers and cardiovascular diseases), to the impact of radioactive contamination (thyroid cancer among the young) but is aggravated by the very low standard of living (tuberculosis is spreading). The local economy collapsed when 50% of the land were banned from any farming activity because of the radioactive contamination, another important resource was the forest but today a large part of wood is unfit for being sold or used as firewood. On the other hand the management of contaminated areas has driven up the production costs. (A.C.)

  1. Study of a cohort of Latvian workers having participated to the decontamination of the nuclear site of Chernobyl; Etude d`une cohorte de travailleurs lettons ayant participe a la decontamination du site nucleaire de Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Viel, J.F. [Faculte de Medecine de Besancon, 25 (France)


    In the consequences attributable to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it is debated whether post-disaster psycho-pathology is related to the perception of the level of contamination or the level of contamination itself. To address this issue, the authors have assessed the association of various exposure mental and psychosomatic distress, on a sample of 1,1412 Latvian liquidators drawn from the State Latvian Chernobyl clean-up workers registry. The outcome considered was a mixed mental/psychosomatic disorder occurring during the time period 1986-1995. Comparisons between subgroups of the cohort, classified according to exposure type or level, were based on the proportional hazards model. Length of work ({>=} 28 days) in a 10 km radius from the reactor (relative risk (RR) = 1.39, 95 percent confidence interval (CI) 1.14-1.70), work (> 1 time) on the damaged reactor roof (RR 1.46, 95 percent CI 1.02-2.09), forest work (RR 1.41,95 percent CI 1.19-1.68), and fresh fruits consumption ({>=} 1 time/day) (RR 1.72,95 percent CI 1.12-2.65) are risk factors for mixed mental/ psychosomatic disorder. Construction of the sarcophagus (RR 1.82, 95 percent CI 0.89-3.72), is also associated with this outcome, although non significantly. These findings confirm that some exposure variables represent risk factors for mental disorders and suggest some radiation-induced consequences although surely overweight by stress-related effects. (author)

  2. Double Swing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clausen, Lisbeth


    There are two main streams of understanding intercultural communication. The “classic” transmission models include the basic elements of communication involved in sending messages from a sender to a receiver. These models enable analysis of all communication elements and effects by focusing...... on sameness in communication. In contrast, Muneo Jay Yoshikawa's “double-swing” model of intercultural communication between the East and West is based on an eastern understanding of dialogue, collaborative communication, and co-creation of meaning. The double-swing model enables an understanding...... of communication as an ongoing encounter where both sender and receiver have mutual respect. It has four modes of communication: the ethnocentric, the dialectic, the control, and the dialogic. Both models have something to offer intercultural communication, but the double-swing model enables a worldview...

  3. Double screening

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gratia, Pierre [Department of Physics, University of Chicago,South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 (United States); Hu, Wayne [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago,South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 (United States); Enrico Fermi Institute and Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago,South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 (United States); Joyce, Austin [Enrico Fermi Institute and Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago,South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 (United States); Ribeiro, Raquel H. [School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London,Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS (United Kingdom)


    Attempts to modify gravity in the infrared typically require a screening mechanism to ensure consistency with local tests of gravity. These screening mechanisms fit into three broad classes; we investigate theories which are capable of exhibiting more than one type of screening. Specifically, we focus on a simple model which exhibits both Vainshtein and kinetic screening. We point out that due to the two characteristic length scales in the problem, the type of screening that dominates depends on the mass of the sourcing object, allowing for different phenomenology at different scales. We consider embedding this double screening phenomenology in a broader cosmological scenario and show that the simplest examples that exhibit double screening are radiatively stable.

  4. Chernobyl silences; Les silences de Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grandazzi, G.; Lemarchand, F


    20 years after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion, this book presents the sanitary and ecological actuality of the accident, with direct testimonies translated from russian. It is also a reflexion of women and political men, scientists, philosophers and artists on the changes induced by Chernobyl on the information dissemination and the future of the accident. (A.L.B.)

  5. Accidents - Chernobyl accident; Accidents - accident de Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This file is devoted to the Chernobyl accident. It is divided in four parts. The first part concerns the accident itself and its technical management. The second part is relative to the radiation doses and the different contaminations. The third part reports the sanitary effects, the determinists ones and the stochastic ones. The fourth and last part relates the consequences for the other European countries with the case of France. Through the different parts a point is tackled with the measures taken after the accident by the other countries to manage an accident, the cooperation between the different countries and the groups of research and studies about the reactors safety, and also with the international medical cooperation, specially for the children, everything in relation with the Chernobyl accident. (N.C.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bashar MUSTAFA


    Full Text Available In this article we will describe and analyze three marble sarcophagi that were recently unearthed from a hypogeal tomb; rescue excavations were conducted by the Direction-General of Antiquities (Damascus; Tartus at al-Bayada necropolis, belonging to the ancient city of Amr?t, Syria. The coffins date from the late second to third centuries ad and resemble each other in their iconography. Stylistically, they are all of the “garland” type, decorated with several significant motifs and symbols. They were probably crafted in Asia Minor for a local wealthy family during this region’s occupation by the Roman Empire in its latter period. As such, this discovery contributes to amplify the number of coffins we have and to the understanding of the function and character of Roman iconography and significance in this part of southern Syria, it may allow us to do some reflections and shades light on the Roman funerary landscape. On the other hand that find could contribute to extent the study on the Roman iconography developed at Southern area of Syria.Besides the information on the production of this type of materials, on having treated itself about a finding in situ, one might derive information about the funeral local rituals. All this will allow us to realize a series of reflections and to be making the funeral landscape and to penetrate into the knowledge of the rituals of burial into this territory, which archaeological interventions are still very scanty.

  7. Double inflation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Silk, J.; Turner, M.S.


    The Zel'dovich spectrum of adiabatic density perturbations is a generic prediction of inflation. There is increasing evidence that when the spectrum is normalized by observational data on small scales, there is not enough power on large scales to account for the observed large-scale structure in the Universe. Decoupling the spectrum on large and small scales could solve this problem. As a means of decoupling the large and small scales we propose double inflation (i.e., two episodes of inflation). In this scenario the spectrum on large scales is determined by the first episode of inflation and those on small scales by a second episode of inflation. We present three models for such a scenario. By nearly saturating the large angular-scale cosmic microwave anisotropy bound, we can easily account for the observed large-scale structure. We take the perturbations on small scales to be very large, deltarho/rho approx. = 0.1 to 0.01, which results in the production of primordial black holes (PBHs), early formation of structure, reionization of the Universe, and a rich array of astrophysical events. The ..cap omega..-problem is also addressed by our scenario. Allowing the density perturbations produced by the second episode of inflation to be large also lessens the fine-tuning required in the scalar potential and makes reheating much easier. We briefly speculate on the possibility that the second episode of inflation proceeds through the nucleation of bubbles, which today manifest themselves as empty bubbles whose surfaces are covered with galaxies. 37 refs., 1 fig.

  8. Seeing Double (United States)

    Pesic, Peter


    The separateness and connection of individuals is perhaps the central question of human life: What, exactly, is my individuality? To what degree is it unique? To what degree can it be shared, and how? To the many philosophical and literary speculations about these topics over time, modern science has added the curious twist of quantum theory, which requires that the elementary particles of which everything consists have no individuality at all. All aspects of chemistry depend on this lack of individuality, as do many branches of physics. From where, then, does our individuality come? In Seeing Double, Peter Pesic invites readers to explore this intriguing set of questions. He draws on literary and historical examples that open the mind (from Homer to Martin Guerre to Kafka), philosophical analyses that have helped to make our thinking and speech more precise, and scientific work that has enabled us to characterize the phenomena of nature. Though he does not try to be all-inclusive, Pesic presents a broad range of ideas, building toward a specific point of view: that the crux of modern quantum theory is its clash with our ordinary concept of individuality. This represents a departure from the usual understanding of quantum theory. Pesic argues that what is bizarre about quantum theory becomes more intelligible as we reconsider what we mean by individuality and identity in ordinary experience. In turn, quantum identity opens a new perspective on us. Peter Pesic is a Tutor and Musician-in-Residence at St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University.

  9. Double hard scattering without double counting (United States)

    Diehl, Markus; Gaunt, Jonathan R.; Schönwald, Kay


    Double parton scattering in proton-proton collisions includes kinematic regions in which two partons inside a proton originate from the perturbative splitting of a single parton. This leads to a double counting problem between single and double hard scattering. We present a solution to this problem, which allows for the definition of double parton distributions as operator matrix elements in a proton, and which can be used at higher orders in perturbation theory. We show how the evaluation of double hard scattering in this framework can provide a rough estimate for the size of the higher-order contributions to single hard scattering that are affected by double counting. In a numeric study, we identify situations in which these higher-order contributions must be explicitly calculated and included if one wants to attain an accuracy at which double hard scattering becomes relevant, and other situations where such contributions may be neglected.

  10. Double hard scattering without double counting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diehl, Markus [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Gaunt, Jonathan R. [VU Univ. Amsterdam (Netherlands). NIKHEF Theory Group; Schoenwald, Kay [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Zeuthen (Germany)


    Double parton scattering in proton-proton collisions includes kinematic regions in which two partons inside a proton originate from the perturbative splitting of a single parton. This leads to a double counting problem between single and double hard scattering. We present a solution to this problem, which allows for the definition of double parton distributions as operator matrix elements in a proton, and which can be used at higher orders in perturbation theory. We show how the evaluation of double hard scattering in this framework can provide a rough estimate for the size of the higher-order contributions to single hard scattering that are affected by double counting. In a numeric study, we identify situations in which these higher-order contributions must be explicitly calculated and included if one wants to attain an accuracy at which double hard scattering becomes relevant, and other situations where such contributions may be neglected.

  11. Double outlet right ventricle (United States)

    ... Double outlet right ventricle To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Double outlet right ventricle (DORV) is a heart disease that is ...

  12. Double Outlet Right Ventricle (United States)

    ... Right Ventricle Menu Topics Topics FAQs Double Outlet Right Ventricle Double outlet right ventricle (DORV) is a rare form of congenital heart disease. Article Info En español Double outlet right ventricle (DORV) is a rare form of congenital ...

  13. The double identity of linguistic doubling. (United States)

    Berent, Iris; Bat-El, Outi; Brentari, Diane; Dupuis, Amanda; Vaknin-Nusbaum, Vered


    Does knowledge of language consist of abstract principles, or is it fully embodied in the sensorimotor system? To address this question, we investigate the double identity of doubling (e.g., slaflaf, or generally, XX; where X stands for a phonological constituent). Across languages, doubling is known to elicit conflicting preferences at different levels of linguistic analysis (phonology vs. morphology). Here, we show that these preferences are active in the brains of individual speakers, and they are demonstrably distinct from sensorimotor pressures. We first demonstrate that doubling in novel English words elicits divergent percepts: Viewed as meaningless (phonological) forms, doubling is disliked (e.g., slaflaf Language, and their capacity to do so depends on the structure of their spoken language (English vs. Hebrew). These results demonstrate that linguistic preferences doubly dissociate from sensorimotor demands: A single stimulus can elicit diverse percepts, yet these percepts are invariant across stimulus modality--for speech and signs. These conclusions are in line with the possibility that some linguistic principles are abstract, and they apply broadly across language modality.

  14. Project Half Double

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svejvig, Per; Ehlers, Michael; Adland, Karoline Thorp

    activities carried out within the framework of the projects. The formal part of Project Half Double was initiated in June 2015. We started out by developing, refining and testing the Half Double methodology on seven pilot projects in the first phase of the project, which will end June 2016. The current...... many of the key performance indicators associated with them can be evaluated (Grundfos and Siemens Wind Power). In addition to the current status of delivering impact faster for the seven pilot projects, it is important to highlight that Project Half Double phase 1 has planted many seeds in the pilot...... organisations concerning project methodology and beyond. The many learning points from each pilot project show that Project Half Double has left its clear footprint in the pilot organisations, and that the Half Double methodology has evolved and developed very much during Project Half Double phase 1....

  15. Double sequence core theorems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard F. Patterson


    Full Text Available In 1900, Pringsheim gave a definition of the convergence of double sequences. In this paper, that notion is extended by presenting definitions for the limit inferior and limit superior of double sequences. Also the core of a double sequence is defined. By using these definitions and the notion of regularity for 4-dimensional matrices, extensions, and variations of the Knopp Core theorem are proved.

  16. Neutrinoless double beta decay

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Oct 6, 2012 ... The physics potential of neutrinoless double beta decay is discussed. Furthermore, experimental considerations as well as the current status of experiments are presented. Finally, an outlook towards the future, work on nuclear matrix elements and alternative processes is given. Keywords. Double beta ...

  17. Congenital maxillary double lip

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dinesh Singh Chauhan


    Full Text Available Double lip, also referred to as "macrocheilia," is a rare anomaly which affects the upper lip more commonly than the lower lip. It consists of a fold of excess or redundant hypertrophic tissue on the mucosal side of the lip. The congenital double lip is believed to be present at birth and becomes more prominent after eruption of teeth. It affects esthetics and also interferes with speech and mastication. Simple surgical excision produces good functional and cosmetic results. We report a case of a non-syndromic congenital maxillary double lip in a 21-year-old male patient.

  18. Formation of Double Neutron Stars, Millisecond Pulsars and Double ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Edward P. J. Heuvel


    Sep 12, 2017 ... the double neutron stars and of double black holes is given. 2. Double neutron stars and millisecond pulsars. 2.1 Double neutron stars. In the period 1978 to 1980, Srinivasan and van den. Heuvel profoundly discussed the possible ways in which the Hulse–Taylor binary pulsar could have been formed.

  19. John Deakin: Double Exposures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Rousseau


    Full Text Available In this series of short films made by Jonathan Law, the art historian James Boaden, and the curator of The John Deakin Archive, Paul Rousseau, discuss the double-exposure images made by the photographer John Deakin (1912-1972 in the 1950s and 1960s. The films ask you, firstly, to look closely at the images being discussed. Each one begins with a sustained and intense shot of a single image before opening up to a wide-ranging discussion about Deakin, double exposures, and photography.

  20. Double arch mirror study (United States)

    Vukobratovich, D.; Hillman, D.


    The development of a method of mounting light weight glass mirrors for astronomical telescopes compatible with the goals of the Shuttle Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) was investigated. A 20 in. diameter double arch lightweight mirror previously fabricated was modified to use a new mount configuration. This mount concept was developed and fabricated. The mounting concept of the double mounting mirror is outlined. The modifications made to the mirror, fabrication of the mirror mount, and room temperature testing of the mirror and mount and the extension of the mirror and mount concept to a full size (40 in. diameter) primary mirror for SIRTF are discussed.

  1. Double-Barred Galaxies


    Erwin, Peter


    I present a brief review of what is known about double-barred galaxies, where a small ("inner") bar is nested inside a larger ("outer") bar; the review is focused primarily on their demographics and photometric properties. Roughly 20% of S0--Sb galaxies are double-barred; they may be rarer in later Hubble types. Inner bars are typically ~ 500 pc in radius (~ 12% the size of outer bars), but sizes range from ~ 100 pc to > 1 kpc. The structure of at least some inner bars appears very similar to...

  2. Aristotle and Double Effect

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Di Nucci, Ezio


    There are some interesting similarities between Aristotle’s ‘mixed actions’ in Book III of the Nicomachean Ethics and the actions often thought to be justifiable with the Doctrine of Double Effect. Here I analyse these similarities by comparing Aristotle’s examples of mixed actions with standard ...

  3. Neutrinoless double beta decay

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 27, 2015 ... Abstract. The physics potential of neutrinoless double beta decay is discussed. Furthermore, experimental considerations as well as the current status of experiments are presented. Finally, an outlook towards the future, work on nuclear matrix elements and alternative processes is given.

  4. Double-Glazing Interferometry (United States)

    Toal, Vincent; Mihaylova, Emilia M.


    This note describes how white light interference fringes can be seen by observing the Moon through a double-glazed window. White light interferometric fringes are normally observed only in a well-aligned interferometer whose optical path difference is less than the coherence length of the light source, which is approximately one micrometer for…

  5. Double beta decay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bryman, D.; Picciotto, C.


    The problem of double beta decay is reviewed with emphasis on its relevance to lepton number conservation. Recently, the ratio of the double beta-decay half-lives of /sup 128/Te and /sup 130/Te has been measured in a geological experiment and a limit for the ratio of the neutrinoless rate to the total rate for /sup 82/Se decay has been obtained from a direct-detection experiment. For the first time, these results show conclusively that double beta decay is not primarily a lepton-number-violating neutrinoless process. However, they also do not agree with calculations which assume that only lepton-number-conserving two-neutrino double beta decay occurs. The conclusion that lepton number conservation is violated is suggested by limited experimental information. By considering contributions to the total rate from both the two-neutrino and the neutrinoless channels, we obtain data which are consistent with a lepton nonconservation parameter of order eta=3.5 x 10/sup -5/. Roughly the same value of eta is obtained by assuming that the decay occurs either via lepton emission from two nucleons or via emission from a resonance in the nucleus.

  6. Design for Double Rainbow (United States)

    Thomas, Lisa Carlucci


    Rare is the inspirational, spontaneous, transformative moment shared among 20 million people. In the summer of 2010, people around the world were moved by the sighting of a double rainbow--almost a triple rainbow--"all the way across the sky" in Yosemite National Park. Caught on video and posted to by YouTube by Paul Vasquez in January 2010, the…

  7. Generalizing double graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zagaglia Salvi, Norma


    Full Text Available In this paper we study the graphs which are direct product of a simple graph G with the graphs obtained by the complete graph Kk adding a loop to each vertex; thus these graphs turn out to be a generalization of the double graphs.

  8. Hybrid Double Quantum Dots

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sherman, D.; Yodh, J. S.; Albrecht, S. M.


    Epitaxial semiconductor-superconductor hybrid materials are an excellent basis for studying mesoscopic and topological superconductivity, as the semiconductor inherits a hard superconducting gap while retaining tunable carrier density. Here, we investigate double-quantum-dot devices made from InA...... that the individual dots host weakly hybridized Majorana modes....

  9. Chernobyl: what sanitary consequences?; Tchernobyl: quelles consequences sanitaires?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aurengo, A. [Assistance Publique, Hopitaux de Parix (AP-HP), 75 - Paris (France)


    Because of its public health, ecological and industrial consequences, the Chernobyl accident has become a myth which serves as the focus of many fears, justified or not. no one can question the seriousness of the event, but after fifteen years there is still no agreement about the effect it has had or will have on public health. For example, the total number of deaths attributed to Chernobyl varies from less than a hundred to several millions and congenital malformations from negligible to cataclysmic. Effects on public health may be calculated from data on contamination, from the dose received and from the risk, all three of which are likely to be very roughly known; or they may be evaluated on the spot, either by epidemiological studies or by examining medical registers. This report makes an inventory of the different risks and takes stock on them. (N.C.)

  10. About Chernobyl - Twenty Years Later; Propos sur Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tubiana, M


    The author discusses the reactor accident of Chernobyl, the information on its consequences so contradictory in the former USSR countries, the status of the effects observed, the forecasting concerning the onset of cancers in the coming years among the populations that were exposed to radiations, the public opinion facing the pessimists. He concludes on the lessons which can be drawn from Chernobyl. (A.L.B.)

  11. Chernobylsk: some bothering facts; Tchernobyl: quelques faits derangeants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Belbeach, B


    First, are some preliminary comments about the official sanitary assessment of the Chernobyl disaster. The second point concerns the liquidators with the hot particles ( very radioactive particles of some microns) knowledge got from autopsies, from the bronchi pulmonary washing made on sick persons. Always about the liquidators the neurological disorders as post radiative encephalopathy. A third point is relative to the hot particles and the populations. The fourth point is devoted to the birth malformations, in Belarus and Ukraine with an incidence in report with the level of soil contamination (Belarus). The fifth point concerns the alteration of the genome (animals and humans), new mutations appear. The sixth point is devoted to the leukemia in Greece, increase of leukemia incidence among the infants in utero irradiated following Chernobylsk accident. The incidence leukemia of babies ( less than one year old) exposed in utero increases with the soil contamination ( 32.2/10{sup 6}/year in low contaminated soils, 71.4/10{sup 6}/year for average contaminated areas and 141.3/10{sup 6}/year for the most contaminated areas). A final point treats the question of the contamination situation in France and if there is a correlation with an increase of thyroid cancers in Corsica, East and South East of France. The lack of registers that inscribe the cancer cases in the different regions does not allow to make comparison between before and after Chernobylsk accident. But a comparison using the British incidence (0.5/10{sup 6}/year) before Chernobylsk ( in agreement with the incidence found in Belarus before Chernobylsk) shows an increase to 1.17/10{sup 6}/year for the Lorraine area and to 2.25/10{sup 6}/year for the South East and Corsica areas. (N.C.)

  12. Chernobyl, 12 years later; Tchernobyl, douze ans apres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report draws an account of the consequences of Chernobyl accident 12 years after the disaster. It is made up of 7 chapters whose titles are: (1) Some figures about Chernobyl accident, (2) The Chernobyl nuclear power plant, (3) Sanitary consequences of Chernobyl accident, (4) The management of contaminated lands, (5) The impact in France of Chernobyl fallout, (6) The Franco-German cooperation, and (7) Glossary.

  13. Chernobyl, 14 years later; Tchernobyl, 14 ans apres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report draws an account of the consequences of Chernobyl accident 14 years after the disaster. It is made up of 8 chapters whose titles are: (1) Some figures about Chernobyl accident, (2) Chernobyl nuclear power plant, (3)Sanitary consequences of Chernobyl accident, (4) The management of contaminated lands, (5) The impact in France of Chernobyl fallout, (6) International cooperation, (7) More information about Chernobyl and (8) Glossary.

  14. Applications of Diamonded Double Negation


    Yli-Jyrä, Anssi


    Nested complementation plays an important role in expressing counter- i.e. star-free and first-order definable languages and their hierarchies. In addition, methods that compile phonological rules into finite-state networks use double-nested complementation or “double negation”. This paper reviews how the double-nested complementation extends to a relatively new operation, generalized restriction (GR), coined by the author (Yli-Jyrä and Koskenniemi 2004). This operation encapsulates a double-...

  15. Double Cortex Syndrome


    J Gordon Millichap


    The incidence of mutations in the X-linked gene doublecortin in patients with “double cortex” syndrome (DC; also called subcortical band heterotopia or laminar heterotopia) and familial DC with lissencephaly was investigated in a cohort of 8 pedigrees and 47 sporadic patients with DC examined at the Division of Neurogenics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, and multiple centers in the US and abroad.

  16. Algebra of Majorana doubling. (United States)

    Lee, Jaehoon; Wilczek, Frank


    Motivated by the problem of identifying Majorana mode operators at junctions, we analyze a basic algebraic structure leading to a doubled spectrum. For general (nonlinear) interactions the emergent mode creation operator is highly nonlinear in the original effective mode operators, and therefore also in the underlying electron creation and destruction operators. This phenomenon could open up new possibilities for controlled dynamical manipulation of the modes. We briefly compare and contrast related issues in the Pfaffian quantum Hall state.

  17. Results of double contrast enema

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Czembirek, H.; Sommer, G.; Wittich, G.; Tscholakoff, D.; Salomonowitz, E.


    Experiences and results of double contrast enemas are reported. The accuracy of double contrast enemas is proved by 500 consecutive investigations. Correlation of endoscopic and roentgenologic investigations showed, that the double contrast enema is a reliable method concerning the detection of polyps, carcinomas and inflammatory colon diseases. Advantages and disadvantages of roentgenology and endoscopy of the colon are discussed.

  18. Ac-induced disruption of the doubleDs structure in tomato

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rommens, Caius M.T.; Biezen, Erik A. van der; Ouwerkerk, Pieter B.F.; Nijkamp, H. John J.; Hille, Jacques


    The maize doubleDs element is stably maintained in the tomato genome. Upon the subsequent introduction of Ac into a plant containing doubleDs, disruption of the doubleDs structure and DNA rearrangements at the site of the doubleDs element were observed. No indications were obtained for excision of

  19. The Double Star mission

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The Double Star Programme (DSP was first proposed by China in March, 1997 at the Fragrant Hill Workshop on Space Science, Beijing, organized by the Chinese Academy of Science. It is the first mission in collaboration between China and ESA. The mission is made of two spacecraft to investigate the magnetospheric global processes and their response to the interplanetary disturbances in conjunction with the Cluster mission. The first spacecraft, TC-1 (Tan Ce means "Explorer", was launched on 29 December 2003, and the second one, TC-2, on 25 July 2004 on board two Chinese Long March 2C rockets. TC-1 was injected in an equatorial orbit of 570x79000 km altitude with a 28° inclination and TC-2 in a polar orbit of 560x38000 km altitude. The orbits have been designed to complement the Cluster mission by maximizing the time when both Cluster and Double Star are in the same scientific regions. The two missions allow simultaneous observations of the Earth magnetosphere from six points in space. To facilitate the comparison of data, half of the Double Star payload is made of spare or duplicates of the Cluster instruments; the other half is made of Chinese instruments. The science operations are coordinated by the Chinese DSP Scientific Operations Centre (DSOC in Beijing and the European Payload Operations Service (EPOS at RAL, UK. The spacecraft and ground segment operations are performed by the DSP Operations and Management Centre (DOMC and DSOC in China, using three ground station, in Beijing, Shanghai and Villafranca.

  20. Layered double hydroxides

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    López Rayo, Sandra; Imran, Ahmad; Hansen, Hans Chr. Bruun


    A novel zinc (Zn) fertilizer concept based on Zn doped layered double hydroxides (Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs) has been investigated. Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs were synthetized, their chemical composition was analyzed and their nutrient release was studied in buffered solutions with different pH values. Uptake...... the long-term Zn release capacity of LDHs complying with a release-on-demand behavior and serves as proof-of-concept that Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs can be used as Zn fertilizers....

  1. Double conjugate laser amplifier

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chandra, S.; Daunt, G.H.


    This paper describes a double conjugate laser amplifier system for producing a stable output laser beam in line with a laser oscillator input beam. It comprises: a laser oscillator which produces a low energy oscillator laser beam therefrom directly along a laser beam axis of the system; an amplification means comprised of double conjugate laser amplifiers further comprised of a first and a second singly phase conjugate amplifiers laterally opposite each other about the laser beam axis; polarizers with one of the polarizers positioned between each of the first and second singly phase conjugate amplifiers on the laser beam axis; Pockels cells with on of the Pockels cells positioned on the laser beam axis immediately prior to one of the polarizers; and a means for selectively switching the amplifier means comprised of applying a half-wave voltage at each of the Pockels cells to provide a polarization rotation of the input beam through 90{degrees} for routing of the oscillator laser beam directly through or reflected off the polarizes as an input beam to the amplification means wherein the amplification means amplifies the input beam twice in each of the first and second singly phase conjugate amplifiers and reflects the amplified laser beam off the polarizers as an amplified laser output beam in exactly the same direction as the input laser beam.


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library



    Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are class of materials with useful properties associated with their anion exchange abilities for a wide range of applications including bio and environmental problems...

  3. Colored Flag by Double Refraction. (United States)

    Reid, Bill


    Describes various demonstrations that illustrate double refraction and rotation of the plane of polarization in stressed, transparent plastics, with the consequent production of colored designs. (ZWH)

  4. Double-Skin Facade

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kalyanova, Olena

    Double-Skin Facades (DSF) are gaining popularity that, in fact, appears to be independent from sturdy critics of the concept in the past years. DSF buildings are being built in Europe and worldwide, DSF concept is being taught at schools of architecture and fully glazed office buildings are being...... favored by companies and their employees. To bring the reduction of energy use in these buildings application of suitable tools and methods is necessary to achieve successful design solutions. Earlier work on the topic of DSF modelling was examined from various publications. As a result, the main...... difficulties experienced by scientists when attempting to model DSF thermal and energy performance were examined. In addition, the lack of experimental studies and empirical validation of models was realized, many numerical models have not been empirically validated and most of them require an expert knowledge...

  5. Layered double hydroxides

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    López Rayo, Sandra; Imran, Ahmad; Hansen, Hans Chr. Bruun


    A novel zinc (Zn) fertilizer concept based on Zn doped layered double hydroxides (Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs) has been investigated. Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs were synthetized, their chemical composition was analyzed and their nutrient release was studied in buffered solutions with different pH values. Uptake...... of Zn by barley (Hordeum vulgare cv. Antonia) was evaluated in short- (8 weeks), medium- (11 weeks) and long-term (28 weeks) experiments in quartz sand and in a calcareous soil enriched with Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs. The Zn release rate of the Zn-doped Mg-Fe-LDHs was described by a first-order kinetics...

  6. Dual double field theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bergshoeff, Eric A. [Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen,Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen (Netherlands); Hohm, Olaf [Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University,Stony Brook, NY 11794-3636 (United States); Penas, Victor A. [Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen,Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen (Netherlands); Riccioni, Fabio [INFN - Sezione di Roma, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”,Piazzale Aldo Moro 2, 00185 Roma (Italy)


    We present the dual formulation of double field theory at the linearized level. This is a classically equivalent theory describing the duals of the dilaton, the Kalb-Ramond field and the graviton in a T-duality or O(D,D) covariant way. In agreement with previous proposals, the resulting theory encodes fields in mixed Young-tableau representations, combining them into an antisymmetric 4-tensor under O(D,D). In contrast to previous proposals, the theory also requires an antisymmetric 2-tensor and a singlet, which are not all pure gauge. The need for these additional fields is analogous to a similar phenomenon for “exotic' dualizations, and we clarify this by comparing with the dualizations of the component fields. We close with some speculative remarks on the significance of these observations for the full non-linear theory yet to be constructed.

  7. Coupled Double Quantum Wells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Élder Mantovani Lopes


    Full Text Available The progress of the semiconductor growth techniques allows the opportunity to produce new semiconductors devices that may contribute to the development of the nanotechnology. The fabrication of semiconductor heterostructures with high quality allows the obtaining of new effects based on the quantum properties of those systems, which have stimulated great technological interest, especially on the optoelectronic and telecommunications fields. In this work some basic concepts related to one of those heterostructures are discussed: the Coupled Double Quantum Well (CDQW. The deduction of the expression for the determination of the energy levels in CDQWs is presented in details. The results obtained through this expression are compared with experimental results obtained through photoluminescence (PL measurements, complementing the work.

  8. Draping Double-Layer Woven Fabrics Onto Double-Curvature ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Draping woven fabrics to complex parts with double curvature leads to complex redistribution and reorientation of the yarns in composites reinforced with woven preforms. To reduce the risk of fabric tearing or wrinkling we propose to use double-layer woven fabrics. This paper presents a simulation model for draping

  9. Orbits of four double stars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Novaković B.


    Full Text Available We present orbits of four double stars. Orbits of stars WDS 23516+4205 = ADS 17050 and WDS 18239+5848 = ADS 11336 were calculated for the first time. Orbits of double stars WDS 02022+3643 = ADS 1613 and WDS 18443+3940 = ADS 11635 were revised. We have also determined their masses, dynamical parallaxes and ephemerides.

  10. Empirically Unbinding the Double Bind. (United States)

    Olson, David H.

    The theoretical concept of the double bind and the possibilities for researching it are discussed. The author has observed that theory and research, which should be reciprocal and mutually beneficial, have been working, as concerns the double bind, at odds with one another. Two approaches to empirically investigating the concept are considered via…

  11. Hedging Double Barriers with Singles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sbuelz, A.


    Double barrier options provide risk managers with good-deal flexibility in tailoring portfolio returns.Their hedges offer full protection only if unwound along the barriers.This work provides non-dynamic hedges that project the risk of double barriers on to single barriers.Non-dynamic hedges

  12. Double layer relaxation in colloids

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kijlstra, J.


    The purpose of the present study is to improve our insight into the relaxation of the electrical double layer around particles in hydrophobic sols. A detailed knowledge of the relaxation mechanisms is required to explain the behaviour of sols under conditions where the double layer is

  13. Double parton scattering theory overview

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Diehl, Markus; Gaunt, Jonathan R.


    The dynamics of double hard scattering in proton-proton collisions is quite involved compared with the familiar case of single hard scattering. In this contribution, we review our theoretical understanding of double hard scattering and of its interplay with other reaction mechanisms.

  14. Natural double inflation (United States)

    Occhionero, F.; Litterio, M.; Capozziello, S.; Amendola, L.

    The astronomical interest of double inflation stems from the possibility it gives of inserting a feature in an otherwise featureless (or scale invariant) perturbation spectrum, precisely at the scale (100 Mpc, say) that goes through the horizon at the (sharp) separations between the two successive inflations. Double inflation occurs when two scalar fields (or inflatons) dominate sequentially the cosmic expansion or when vacuum polarization — Ricci scalar R squared added to the Lagrangian — is taken into account and only one inflaton ψ is present. (This perhaps is more natural as it exploits quantum effects to reduce to one the number of the ad hoc ingredients.) In that case we know from Starobinsky's pioneering work that the first inflation is driven by R — rightly called then scalaron — under the rules of Fourth Order Gravity, (FOG), while the second is driven by ψ under the rules of ordinary General Relativity, (GR). Unfortunately most of the appeal of the scalaron-inflaton scenario in relation to the feature in the perturbation spectrum, is lost because a delicate fine tuning of the value of the (second) inflaton at the beginning of the second inflation is required, in the absence of which the two inflations merge in one and no scale is singled out. In order to overcome this difficulty, we introduce in the Lagrangian density a new scalar coupling between ψ and R2, analogous to the well known non minimal coupling between ψ and R of canonical GR. We show that in this way the two inflationary episodes of FOG and GR may be neatly distinguished from each other, regardless of the initial value of ψ. This is due to the influence of the coupling on the shape of the conformal potential, in which one can easily carve a channel of evolution, consisting in fact of two orthogonal valleys. Then, for most of phase space the attractor is this doubly inflationary trajectory that lies at the bottom of the two valleys (Fig. 1). In fact, in this case the Universe first

  15. A Handbook of Double Stars (United States)

    Crossley, Edward; Gledhill, Joseph; Wilson, James M.


    Preface; Part I. Historical, and Descriptive of Instruments and Methods: 1. Historical introduction; 2. The Equatorial: its construction and adjustments; 3. Some account of the Equatorials which have been used by double-star observers; 4. The micrometer; 5. Methods of observing double stars; Part II. On the Calculation of the Orbit of a Binary Star: 1. Introduction; 2. Example of an orbit worked by a graphical method; 3. Dr. Doberck's example of an orbit worked by analytical methods; 4. On relative rectilinear motion; 5. On the effect of proper motion and parallax on the observed position angles and distance of an optically double star; 6. On the errors of observation and the combination of observations; Part III. The Catalogue and Measures: Introductory remarks; A catalogue of binary and other double starts deserving of attention; Lists of measures, with historical notes, etc.; Supplementary list of measures; Appendix; Additional notes to measures; Binary stars classified; Note on systematic errors in the measures of angle and distance of double stars; Part IV. Bibliography: A. Some of the most important works and papers on double stars; B. Some papers on the micrometer; C. Some papers on the colours of double stars; Additional notes; Corrections 1880.

  16. Creative Double Bind in Oral Interpretation. (United States)

    Peterson, Eric E.; Langellier, Kristin M.


    Explains how oral interpretation is uniquely communicative and how the double bind theory of communication can include creativity. Discusses (1) double bind and oral interpretation, (2) creating aesthetic text, and (3) the performance of double bind. (PD)

  17. Hitchcock’s queer doubles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Brandão


    Full Text Available   The “double” is a well-known Hitchcockian motif. Widelyreviewed under a psychoanalytical perspective, the issue ofthe double still presents other important challenges and thisarticle aims at discussing the queer doubles in Hitchcock’s films as “falsifiers” who are opposed to non-queer doubles thatemphasise narrative coherence and legibility. In films such asRebeca, Rope, Vertigo, The Birds, Psycho, and Frenzy, a doublecondenses impulses that are well described by Lee Edelman: “theviolent undoing of meaning, the loss of identity and coherence,the unnatural access to jouissance” (132. These doubles releasethe powers of the false as they complicate the return to an “order”.Therefore, we could argue that such characters are closer tobeing Deleuzian simulacra than psychoanalytical doppelgängers.

  18. Species doubling and effective Lagrangians

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Creutz, M.; Tytgat, M.


    Coupling gauge fields to the chiral currents from an effective Lagrangian for pseudoscalar mesons naturally gives rise to a species doubling phenomenon similar to that seen with fermionic fields in lattice gauge theory. 17 refs.

  19. The Double Love Commandment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francois P. Viljoen


    Full Text Available The Gospel of Matthew was written during a period of dispute between the Matthean community and their fellow Jews, with the Pharisees playing a leading role. The Matthean community was heir to the same scriptures as its opponents. They continued to have a firm commitment to the Torah, but they developed a distinctive understanding of it based on Jesus’ teaching. The formation of this community is investigated in this article, considering the Mediterranean perspectives of group-oriented societies prevalent in the first century. Such a group provided a sense of self and an interactive support system, where love functioned to bind the group together. The subordinates showed their undivided loyalty towards their superiors because of the favours they received from them, whilst they supported and cared for other members within the group as they care for themselves. Reading the double love commandment of Matthew 22:34−40 from this perspective reveals significant aspects of the community’s identity with regard to their commitment to God and their view of their neighbours. Die Dubbele Liefdesgebod. Die Matteusevangelie is gedurende ’n periode van konfliktussen die Matteusgemeenskap en mede-Jode geskryf met die Fariseërs in ’n leidende rol. Die Matteusgemeenskap het van dieselfde geskrifte as hulle opponente gebruik gemaak. Hulle was steeds aan die Torah lojaal, maar het ’n unieke interpretasie daarvan gehuldig, gebaseer op die onderrig van Jesus. In hierdie artikel word die vorming van die Matteusgemeenskap ondersoek met inagneming van die Mediterreense beskouing van die groepgeoriënteerde gemeenskappe wat tipies van die eerste eeu was. So ’n groep het aan individue ’n bewustheid van eie waarde verskaf te midde van ’n interaktiewe ondersteuningsisteem waarin liefde as samebindende faktor gefunksioneer het. Ondergeskiktes het onverdeelde lojaliteit teenoor hulle meerderes betoon vanweë die gunste wat hulle van die meerderes geniet het

  20. The Double Love Commandment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francois P. Viljoen


    Full Text Available The Gospel of Matthew was written during a period of dispute between the Matthean community and their fellow Jews, with the Pharisees playing a leading role. The Matthean community was heir to the same scriptures as its opponents. They continued to have a firm commitment to the Torah, but they developed a distinctive understanding of it based on Jesus’ teaching. The formation of this community is investigated in this article, considering the Mediterranean perspectives of group-oriented societies prevalent in the first century. Such a group provided a sense of self and an interactive support system, where love functioned to bind the group together. The subordinates showed their undivided loyalty towards their superiors because of the favours they received from them, whilst they supported and cared for other members within the group as they care for themselves. Reading the double love commandment of Matthew 22:34−40 from this perspective reveals significant aspects of the community’s identity with regard to their commitment to God and their view of their neighbours.Die Dubbele Liefdesgebod. Die Matteusevangelie is gedurende ’n periode van konfliktussen die Matteusgemeenskap en mede-Jode geskryf met die Fariseërs in ’n leidende rol. Die Matteusgemeenskap het van dieselfde geskrifte as hulle opponente gebruik gemaak. Hulle was steeds aan die Torah lojaal, maar het ’n unieke interpretasie daarvan gehuldig, gebaseer op die onderrig van Jesus. In hierdie artikel word die vorming van die Matteusgemeenskap ondersoek met inagneming van die Mediterreense beskouing van die groepgeoriënteerde gemeenskappe wat tipies van die eerste eeu was. So ’n groep het aan individue ’n bewustheid van eie waarde verskaf te midde van ’n interaktiewe ondersteuningsisteem waarin liefde as samebindende faktor gefunksioneer het. Ondergeskiktes het onverdeelde lojaliteit teenoor hulle meerderes betoon vanweë die gunste wat hulle van die meerderes geniet het

  1. Keepers of the Double Stars


    Tenn, Joseph S.


    Astronomers have long tracked double stars in efforts to find those that are gravitationally-bound binaries and then to determine their orbits. Early catalogues by the Herschels, Struves, and others began with their own discoveries. In 1906 court reporter and amateur astronomer Sherburne Wesley Burnham published a massive double star catalogue containing data from many observers on more than 13,000 systems. Lick Observatory astronomer Robert Grant Aitken produced a much larger catalogue in 19...

  2. Double parton scattering in CMS

    CERN Document Server

    Sunar Cerci, Deniz


    Recent results on the double parton scattering measurements performed using the proton-proton collision data collected with the CMS detector are presented. The observables, which are sensitive to double parton scattering, are investigated after being corrected for detector effects and selection efficiencies. Multivariate analysis techniques are used for increasing the sensitivity. The effective cross section, $\\sigma_{eff}$ is also extracted using different processes at various center-of-mass energies.

  3. Supermagic Generalized Double Graphs 1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivančo Jaroslav


    Full Text Available A graph G is called supermagic if it admits a labelling of the edges by pairwise di erent consecutive integers such that the sum of the labels of the edges incident with a vertex is independent of the particular vertex. In this paper we will introduce some constructions of supermagic labellings of some graphs generalizing double graphs. Inter alia we show that the double graphs of regular Hamiltonian graphs and some circulant graphs are supermagic.

  4. Alternate Double Single Track Lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moraga Contreras, P.; Grande Andrade, Z.; Castillo Ron, E.


    The paper discusses the advantages and shortcomings of alternate double single track (ADST) lines with respect to double track lines for high speed lines. ADST lines consists of sequences of double and single track segments optimally selected in order to reduce the construction and maintenance costs of railway lines and to optimize the timetables used to satisfy a given demand. The single tracks are selected to coincide with expensive segments (tunnels and viaducts) and the double tracks are chosen to coincide with flat areas and only where they are necessary. At the same time, departure times are adjusted for trains to cross at the cheap double track segments. This alternative can be used for new lines and also for existing conventional lines where some new tracks are to be constructed to reduce travel time (increase speed). The ADST proposal is illustrated with some examples of both types (new lines and where conventional lines exist), including the Palencia-Santander, the Santiago-Valparaíso-Viña del Mar and the Dublin-Belfast lines, where very important reductions (90 %) are obtained, especially where a railway infrastructure already exist. (Author)

  5. Azeglio Bemporad and the "BEM" Double Stars (United States)

    Smith, Steven; Prunotto, Marco


    This paper aims to describe the scientific context and the life of early 20th century Italian astronomer Azeglio Bemporad (1875-1945), his work on double stars, and how the “BEM” doubles were incorporated into the Washington Double Star catalog. Included are new measures, a complete photo gallery of all 61 of his double star systems, and copies of his double star publications.

  6. The Doubling Undone? Double Effect in Recent Medical Ethics ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article treats recent bioethical discussions of double effect reasoning (DER), offering a summary account of DER and construing it as rooted in a sensible view of what is central to someone's identity as a moral agent. It then treats objections raised in recent years by Judith Thomson, Alison McIntyre, and Frances Kamm ...

  7. Doubled-ended ceramic thyratron

    CERN Multimedia


    The double-ended ceramic thyratron CX 1171 B, with its coaxial voltage divider for the SPS. Such a switch, paralleled by three ignitrons in series forms the "thyragnitron" arrangement, and can switch 10 kA, 25 ms pulses, with very fast rise times.

  8. Magnetoresistance stories of double perovskites

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    out. Keywords. Tunnelling magnetoresistance; tunnel boundary; disorder; double perovskite. PACS Nos 75.47.−m; 73.40.Gk; 72.80.Ga. 1. Introduction. Magnetoresistance (MR) is the property of a material to change the value of its electri- cal resistance when an external magnetic field is applied. This phenomenon was first.

  9. Double Coffee opens in China

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Läti suursaadik Ingrida Levrence avas esimese Double Coffee kohviku Hiina pealinnas Pekingi südames. Rahvusvaheline kohvikukett kavatseb laieneda mõne kohviku võrra igal aastal. Seni tegutsetakse Lätis, Eestis, Leedus, Ukrainas ja Valgevenes

  10. Micrometer measurements of double stars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zulević D.J.


    Full Text Available A set of 71 measurements of double and multiple stars, carried out with the Large Zeiss Refractor 65/1055 cm of the Belgrade Observatory, is communicated. The bulk of these measurements, 41 in all, unpublished yet, is due to late D. Zulević.

  11. A Double-Minded Fractal (United States)

    Simoson, Andrew J.


    This article presents a fun activity of generating a double-minded fractal image for a linear algebra class once the idea of rotation and scaling matrices are introduced. In particular the fractal flip-flops between two words, depending on the level at which the image is viewed. (Contains 5 figures.)

  12. Pathways to doubled haploidy: chromosome doubling during androgenesis. (United States)

    Seguí-Simarro, J M; Nuez, F


    Production of doubled haploid (DH) plants through androgenesis induction is a promising and convenient alternative to conventional selfing techniques for the generation of pure lines for breeding programs. This process comprises two main steps: induction of androgenesis and duplication of the haploid genome. Such duplication is sometimes indirectly induced by the treatments used to promote androgenic development. But usually, an additional step of direct chromosome doubling must be included in the protocol. Duplication of the haploid genome of androgenic individuals has been thought to occur through three mechanisms: endoreduplication, nuclear fusion and c-mitosis. In this review we will revise and analyze the evidences supporting each of the proposed mechanisms and their relevance during androgenesis induction, embryo/callus development and plant regeneration. Special attention will be devoted to nuclear fusion, whose evidences are accumulating in the last years. 2008 S. Karger AG, Basel

  13. Lightweight Double Neutron Star Found (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    More than forty years after the first discovery of a double neutron star, we still havent found many others but a new survey is working to change that.The Hunt for PairsThe observed shift in the Hulse-Taylor binarys orbital period over time as it loses energy to gravitational-wave emission. [Weisberg Taylor, 2004]In 1974, Russell Hulse and Joseph Taylor discovered the first double neutron star: two compact objects locked in a close orbit about each other. Hulse and Taylors measurements of this binarys decaying orbit over subsequent years led to a Nobel prize and the first clear evidence of gravitational waves carrying energy and angular momentum away from massive binaries.Forty years later, we have since confirmed the existence of gravitational waves directly with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). Nonetheless, finding and studying pre-merger neutron-star binaries remains a top priority. Observing such systems before they merge reveals crucial information about late-stage stellar evolution, binary interactions, and the types of gravitational-wave signals we expect to find with current and future observatories.Since the Hulse-Taylor binary, weve found a total of 16 additional double neutron-star systems which represents only a tiny fraction of the more than 2,600 pulsars currently known. Recently, however, a large number of pulsar surveys are turning their eyes toward the sky, with a focus on finding more double neutron stars and at least one of them has had success.The pulse profile for PSR J1411+2551 at 327 MHz. [Martinez et al. 2017]A Low-Mass DoubleConducted with the 1,000-foot Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, the Arecibo 327 MHz Drift Pulsar Survey has enabled the recent discovery of dozens of pulsars and transients. Among them, as reported by Jose Martinez (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy) and coauthors in a recent publication, is PSR J1411+2551: a new double neutron star with one of the lowest masses ever measured

  14. TOPICAL REVIEW: Double beta decay (United States)

    Faessler, Amand; Simkovic, Fedor


    We review the recent developments in the field of nuclear double beta decay, which is presently an important topic in both nuclear and particle physics. The mechanism of lepton number violation within the neutrinoless double beta decay (0954-3899/24/12/001/img5-decay) is discussed in the context of the problem of neutrino mixing and the R-parity violating supersymmetric extensions of the standard model. The problem of reliable determination of the nuclear matrix elements governing both two-neutrino and neutrinoless modes of the double beta decay is addressed. The validity of different approximation schemes in the considered nuclear structure studies is analysed and the role of the Pauli exclusion principle for a correct treatment of nuclear matrix elements is emphasized. The constraints on different lepton-number violating parameters such as effective electron neutrino mass, effective right-handed weak interaction parameters, effective Majoron coupling constant and R-parity violating SUSY parameters are derived from the best presently available experimental limits on the half-life of 0954-3899/24/12/001/img5-decay.

  15. Double-Critical Graphs and Complete Minors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi; Pedersen, Anders Sune; Toft, Bjarne


      A connected $k$-chromatic graph $G$ is double-critical if for all edges $uv$ of $G$ the graph $G - u - v$ is $(k-2)$-colourable. The only known double-critical $k$-chromatic graph is the complete $k$-graph $K_k$. The conjecture that there are no other double-critical graphs is a special case of...

  16. Double Modals as Single Lexical Items. (United States)

    Di Paolo, Marianna


    Study of East and West Texans' (N=62) use of double modals as single lexical items and their syntactic and semantic characteristics found that neither Aux nor subcategorization analysis could account for both single-modal and double-modal dialects. Double modals, however, could conceivably be analyzed as two-word lexical items such as idioms or…

  17. Double pot and double compartment: integrating two approaches to study nutrient uptake by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cardoso, I.M.; Boddington, C.L.; Janssen, B.H.; Oenema, O.; Kuyper, T.W.


    The double compartment technique has been commonly used in studies on nutrient uptake by mycorrhizas whereas the double pot technique has been used to assess the nutritional stress of plants grown in different soils. A combination of the double pot and the double compartment technique was used as a

  18. Experiments on double beta decay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Busto, J. [Neuchatel Univ. (Switzerland). Inst. de Physique


    The Double Beta Decay, and especially ({beta}{beta}){sub 0{nu}} mode, is an excellent test of Standard Model as well as of neutrino physics. From experimental point of view, a very large number of different techniques are or have been used increasing the sensitivity of this experiments quite a lot (the factor of 10{sup 4} in the last 20 years). In future, in spite of several difficulties, the sensitivity would be increased further, keeping the interest of this very important process. (author) 4 figs., 5 tabs., 21 refs.

  19. Reconfigurable Double-Curved Mould

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raun, Christian; Kirkegaard, Poul Henning


    , double curved surfaces like facades or walls, where the curvature of each element is relatively small in comparison to the overall shape. In the proposed dynamic mould system, where only a set of points is defined, a stiff membrane interpolates the surface between points. To function as a surface...... suitable for casting concrete or other substances against without the need for further manual treatment, the membrane should be durable and maintain a perfectly smooth and non-porous surface as well. A membrane with these properties has been developed for this project, and it is the core of the dynamic...

  20. Booster Double Harmonic Setup Notes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gardner, C. J. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States). Collider-Accelerator Dept.


    The motivation behind implementing a booster double harmonic include the reduced transverse space charge force from a reduced peak beam current and reduced momentum spread of the beam, both of which can be achieved from flattening the RF bucket. RF capture and acceleration of polarized protons (PP) is first set up in the single harmonic mode with RF harmonic h=1. Once capture and acceleration have been set up in the single harmonic mode, the second harmonic system is brought on and programmed to operate in concert with the single harmonic system.

  1. Challenges in Double Beta Decay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oliviero Cremonesi


    Full Text Available In the past ten years, neutrino oscillation experiments have provided the incontrovertible evidence that neutrinos mix and have finite masses. These results represent the strongest demonstration that the electroweak Standard Model is incomplete and that new Physics beyond it must exist. In this scenario, a unique role is played by the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay searches which can probe lepton number conservation and investigate the Dirac/Majorana nature of the neutrinos and their absolute mass scale (hierarchy problem with unprecedented sensitivity. Today Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay faces a new era where large-scale experiments with a sensitivity approaching the so-called degenerate-hierarchy region are nearly ready to start and where the challenge for the next future is the construction of detectors characterized by a tonne-scale size and an incredibly low background. A number of new proposed projects took up this challenge. These are based either on large expansions of the present experiments or on new ideas to improve the technical performance and/or reduce the background contributions. In this paper, a review of the most relevant ongoing experiments is given. The most relevant parameters contributing to the experimental sensitivity are discussed and a critical comparison of the future projects is proposed.

  2. Dynamical Aspects of Electrostatic Double Layers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raadu, M.A.; Juul Rasmussen, J.


    Electrostatic double layers have been proposed as an acceleration mechanism in solar flares and other astrophysical objects. They have been extensively studied in the laboratory and by means of computer simulations. The theory of steady-state double layers implies several existence criteria...... plasma, at least for strong double layers, and it is argued that such conditions must be used with care when applied to real plasmas. Laboratory double layers, and by implication those arising in astrophysical plasmas often produce instabilities in the surrounding plasma and are generally time......-dependent structures. Naturally occuring double layers should, therefore, be far more common than the restrictions deduced from idealised time-independent models would imply. In particular it is necessary to understand more fully the time-dependent behaviour of double layers. In the present paper the dynamics of weak...

  3. Double Dirac cones in phononic crystals

    KAUST Repository

    Li, Yan


    A double Dirac cone is realized at the center of the Brillouin zone of a two-dimensional phononic crystal (PC) consisting of a triangular array of core-shell-structure cylinders in water. The double Dirac cone is induced by the accidental degeneracy of two double-degenerate Bloch states. Using a perturbation method, we demonstrate that the double Dirac cone is composed of two identical and overlapping Dirac cones whose linear slopes can also be accurately predicted from the method. Because the double Dirac cone occurs at a relatively low frequency, a slab of the PC can be mapped onto a slab of zero refractive index material by using a standard retrieval method. Total transmission without phase change and energy tunneling at the double Dirac point frequency are unambiguously demonstrated by two examples. Potential applications can be expected in diverse fields such as acoustic wave manipulations and energy flow control.

  4. Optics design for CEPC double ring scheme (United States)

    Wang, Yiwei; Su, Feng; Bai, Sha; Yu, Chenghui; Gao, Jie


    The CEPC is a future Circular Electron and Positron Collider proposed by China to mainly study the Higgs boson. Its baseline design is a double ring scheme and an alternative design is a partial double ring scheme. This paper will present the optics design for the main ring of the double ring scheme. The CEPC will also work as a W and Z factory. Compatible optics designs for a W and a Z modes will be presented as well.

  5. Double Helix Nodal Line Superconductor (United States)

    Sun, Xiao-Qi; Lian, Biao; Zhang, Shou-Cheng


    Time-reversal invariant superconductors in three dimensions may contain nodal lines in the Brillouin zone, which behave as Wilson loops of 3D momentum-space Chern-Simons theory of the Berry connection. Here we study the conditions of realizing linked nodal lines (Wilson loops), which yield a topological contribution to the thermal magnetoelectric coefficient that is given by the Chern-Simons action. We find the essential conditions are the existence of torus or higher genus Fermi surfaces and spiral spin textures. We construct such a model with two torus Fermi surfaces, where a generic spin-dependent interaction leads to double-helix-like linked nodal lines as the superconductivity is developed.

  6. CERN celebrates a double anniversary

    CERN Multimedia


    A symposium will celebrate the double anniversary of the observation of neutral currents in 1973 and the discovery of W and Z bosons in 1983. The symposium will also provide an opportunity to discuss future discoveries at CERN. The symposium will be held on 16 September in the Main Auditorium from 9:00 hrs and will be open to the public. If you cannot access the Main Auditorium, the symposium will be broadcast live in the following conference rooms: AB Auditorium II (Bldg 864) in Prévessin IT Auditorium (Bldg 31) AT Auditorium (Bldg 30) You can also follow it online with the Webcast accessible from the CERN home page. See the complete programme under Seminars.

  7. Double Helix Nodal Line Superconductor. (United States)

    Sun, Xiao-Qi; Lian, Biao; Zhang, Shou-Cheng


    Time-reversal invariant superconductors in three dimensions may contain nodal lines in the Brillouin zone, which behave as Wilson loops of 3D momentum-space Chern-Simons theory of the Berry connection. Here we study the conditions of realizing linked nodal lines (Wilson loops), which yield a topological contribution to the thermal magnetoelectric coefficient that is given by the Chern-Simons action. We find the essential conditions are the existence of torus or higher genus Fermi surfaces and spiral spin textures. We construct such a model with two torus Fermi surfaces, where a generic spin-dependent interaction leads to double-helix-like linked nodal lines as the superconductivity is developed.

  8. The concept of double inlet-double outlet right ventricle: a distinct congenital heart disease


    Spadotto, V; Frescura, C; Ho, SY; Thiene, G


    The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence and to analyze the anatomy of double inlet-double outlet right ventricle complex and its associated cardiac anomalies in our autopsy series. Among the 1640 hearts with congenital heart disease of our Anatomical Collection, we reviewed the specimens with double inlet-double outlet right ventricle, according to the sequential-segmental analysis, identifying associated cardiac anomalies and examining lung histology to assess the presence of pul...

  9. Double meanings will not save the principle of double effect. (United States)

    Douglas, Charles D; Kerridge, Ian H; Ankeny, Rachel A


    In an article somewhat ironically entitled "Disambiguating Clinical Intentions," Lynn Jansen promotes an idea that should be bewildering to anyone familiar with the literature on the intention/foresight distinction. According to Jansen, "intention" has two commonsense meanings, one of which is equivalent to "foresight." Consequently, questions about intention are "infected" with ambiguity-people cannot tell what they mean and do not know how to answer them. This hypothesis is unsupported by evidence, but Jansen states it as if it were accepted fact. In this reply, we make explicit the multiple misrepresentations she has employed to make her hypothesis seem plausible. We also point out the ways in which it defies common sense. In particular, Jansen applies her thesis only to recent empirical research on the intentions of doctors, totally ignoring the widespread confusion that her assertion would imply in everyday life, in law, and indeed in religious and philosophical writings concerning the intention/foresight distinction and the Principle of Double Effect. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press, on behalf of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy Inc. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  10. Finite difference order doubling in two dimensions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Killingbeck, John P [Mathematics Centre, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX (United Kingdom); Jolicard, Georges [Universite de Franche-Comte, Institut Utinam (UMR CNRS 6213), Observatoire de Besancon, 41 bis Avenue de l' Observatoire, BP1615, 25010 Besancon cedex (France)


    An order doubling process previously used to obtain eighth-order eigenvalues from the fourth-order Numerov method is applied to the perturbed oscillator in two dimensions. A simple method of obtaining high order finite difference operators is reported and an odd parity boundary condition is found to be effective in facilitating the smooth operation of the order doubling process.

  11. Double Chooz and Reactor Theta13 Experiments

    CERN Document Server



    This is a contribution paper from the Double Chooz experiment to the special issue of NPB on neutrino oscillations. The physics and history of the reactor theta13 experiments, as well as Double Chooz experiment and its neutrino oscillation analyses are reviewed.

  12. Modelling the formation of double white dwarfs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Sluijs, M.V.; Verbunt, F.W.M.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/068970374; Pols, O.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/111811155


    We investigate the formation of the ten double-lined double white dwarfs that have been observed so far. A detailed stellar evolution code is used to calculate grids of single-star and binary models and we use these to reconstruct possible evolutionary scenarios. We apply various criteria to select

  13. The homozygosity verification for doubled haploid Japanese ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Sep 18, 2012 ... coefficients of variation of doubled haploids were significantly higher than those of normal diploids. Key words: Doubled haploids, gynogenesis, Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus. INTRODUCTION. Mitotic gynogenesis in fish has been used to produce completely homozygous progenies (Thorgaad ...

  14. 7 CFR 3560.460 - Double damages. (United States)


    ... DIRECT MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING LOANS AND GRANTS Special Servicing, Enforcement, Liquidation, and Other Actions § 3560.460 Double damages. (a) Action to recover assets or income. (1) The Agency may request to... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Double damages. 3560.460 Section 3560.460 Agriculture...

  15. Double pulse Thomson scattering system at RTP

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beurskens, M. N. A.; Barth, C. J.; Chu, C.C.; Donne, A. J. H.; Herranz, J. A.; Cardozo, N. J. L.; van der Meiden, H. J.; Pijper, F.J.


    In this article a double pulse multiposition Thomson scattering diagnostic, under construction at RTP, is discussed. Light from a double pulsed ruby laser (pulse separation: 10-800 mu s, max. 2x12.5 J) is scattered by the free electrons of the tokamak plasma and relayed to a Littrow polychromator

  16. Intrateam Communication and Performance in Doubles Tennis (United States)

    Lausic, Domagoj; Tennebaum, Gershon; Eccles, David; Jeong, Allan; Johnson, Tristan


    Verbal and nonverbal communication is a critical mediator of performance in team sports and yet there is little extant research in sports that involves direct measures of communication. Our study explored communication within NCAA Division I female tennis doubles teams. Video and audio recordings of players during doubles tennis matches captured…

  17. Three Dimensional Double Layers in Magnetized Plasmas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jovanovic, D.; Lynov, Jens-Peter; Michelsen, Poul


    Experimental results are presented which demonstrate the formation of fully three dimensional double layers in a magnetized plasma. The measurements are performed in a magnetized stationary plasma column with radius 1.5 cm. Double layers are produced by introducing an electron beam with radius 0...

  18. The Sexual Double Standard: How Prevalent Today? (United States)

    Sack, Alan R.; And Others


    Studied the sexual double standard among university students. Females showed a stronger association between premarital intercourse and affection and perceived less approval from five reference groups for their sexual behavior than did males. Results indicate the sexual double standard is still evident among the present group of college students.…

  19. The Doubling Moment: Resurrecting Edgar Allan Poe (United States)

    Minnick, J. Bradley; Mergil, Fernando


    This article expands upon Jeffrey Wilhelm's and Brian Edmiston's (1998) concept of a doubling of viewpoints by encouraging middle level students to use dramatization to take on multiple perspectives, to pose interpretive questions, and to enhance critical inquiry from inside and outside of texts. The doubling moment is both the activation of…

  20. Reliability Estimation for Double Containment Piping

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    L. Cadwallader; T. Pinna


    Double walled or double containment piping is considered for use in the ITER international project and other next-generation fusion device designs to provide an extra barrier for tritium gas and other radioactive materials. The extra barrier improves confinement of these materials and enhances safety of the facility. This paper describes some of the design challenges in designing double containment piping systems. There is also a brief review of a few operating experiences of double walled piping used with hazardous chemicals in different industries. This paper recommends approaches for the reliability analyst to use to quantify leakage from a double containment piping system in conceptual and more advanced designs. The paper also cites quantitative data that can be used to support such reliability analyses.

  1. Agreement, dominance and doubling : the morphosyntax of DP

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schoorlemmer, Erik


    This thesis investigates doubling and agreement in Romance and Germanic nominal constituents. In Swedish, Norwegian, and Faroese, the definite article is doubled in case an adjective modifies the noun. This doubling is known as double definiteness. This thesis proposes that double definiteness is

  2. Double layers in contactor plasmas (United States)

    Cooke, David L.


    The concept of using a hollow cathode to establish a low impedance contact between a spacecraft and the ambient plasma continues to gain in popularity, and is often then referred to as a plasma contactor. A growing number of studies indicate that large contact currents can be supported with small potential difference between the contactor and the ambient plasma. Results will be presented from a simple one-dimensional spherical model that obtains potentials from the solution of Poisson's equation, and particle densities from a turning point formalism that includes particle angular momentum. The neglect of collisions and magnetic field limits the realism. However, the results illustrate the effect of double layers that can form at the interface between contactor and ambient plasmas, when there is any voltage differential between the contactor and the ambient. The I-V characteristic of this model shows the usual space charge depends upon collection when the contactor flux is lower than some threshold; independence of I from variation in V when the flux is slightly greater than that threshold, and (numerical ?) instability for excessive flux suggesting the possibility of negative resistance. Even if a real I-V characteristic does not exhibit negative resistance, flat spots or high resistance regions may still be troublesome (or useful) to the total circuit.

  3. Contact double-contrast cholangiography. (United States)

    Hishida, Y


    Recently operative cholangiography has become an essential step in biliary surgery. However, an usual technique in which x-ray film is set beneath the patient has its limitation in visualization of fine changes. The author devised a new technique to resolve this problem. A triangular mammography film designed for good positioning is vaccum-packed, coupled with an intensifying screen of the same size, and then is sterilized in advance. Barium solution mixed with Gascon drop (a defoaming agent) is used as contrast material. The duodenum and head of the pancreas are mobilized. Usual cholangiography is performed at first, introducing angiographic media through a catheter placed into the catheter placed into the common duct via the cystic duct. After this study a triangle film pack is set beneath the second part of the duodenum. Two to three milliliters of barium, 1 to 2 ml of Gascon, and 15 ml of air are pushed in; thus a contact double-contrast cholangiogram is obtained. This technique promises clear demonstration of the distal bile duct without risk, and even fine mucosal plicae may be discernible in the film.

  4. Renormalization of minimally doubled fermions (United States)

    Capitani, Stefano; Creutz, Michael; Weber, Johannes; Wittig, Hartmut


    We investigate the renormalization properties of minimally doubled fermions, at one loop in perturbation theory. Our study is based on the two particular realizations of Boriçi-Creutz and Karsten-Wilczek. A common feature of both formulations is the breaking of hyper-cubic symmetry, which requires that the lattice actions are supplemented by suitable counterterms. We show that three counterterms are required in each case and determine their coefficients to one loop in perturbation theory. For both actions we compute the vacuum polarization of the gluon. It is shown that no power divergences appear and that all contributions which arise from the breaking of Lorentz symmetry are cancelled by the counterterms. We also derive the conserved vector and axial-vector currents for Karsten-Wilczek fermions. Like in the case of the previously studied Boriçi-Creutz action, one obtains simple expressions, involving only nearest-neighbour sites. We suggest methods how to fix the coefficients of the counterterms non-perturbatively and discuss the implications of our findings for practical simulations.

  5. Who was the Red Queen? Identity of the female Maya dignitary from the sarcophagus tomb of Temple XIII, Palenque, Mexico. (United States)

    Tiesler, V; Cucina, A; Pacheco, A Romano


    The present investigation aims at contributing to the ongoing discussion on the unconfirmed identity of the Red Queen, a Classic Maya dignitary discovered in Temple XIII at Palenque, Mexico, by comparing her reconstructed facial profile to the portraiture of known female personages from the site. The comparison rests upon individual cranial features, like buccal prognatism, nasal root and inclination, chin prominence and the artificially shaped forehead. The similarities between the reconstruction, the female's funerary mask and local portraiture appear to identify the Red Queen as Lady Ix Tz'akb'u Ajaw (Ahpo Hel), the wife of Janaab' Pakal, one of the famous Maya rulers of the Classic Period. The proposed match and her family relationship with the king might explain the spatial closeness of their burial places in the Temple of the Inscriptions and Temple XIII.

  6. Indefinite Determiner Doubling: Data and Methods

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wood, Johanna; Vikner, Sten


    , and double definiteness, found in some Scandinavian languages. In this chapter, we focus on doubling of indefinite determiners in the Germanic languages, that is, on nominal expressions in which the indefinite article occurs more than once within the same DP (determiner phrase, i.e. nominal expression).......Syntactic doubling, expressing a constituent twice (or more) when a single occurrence should suffice, is surprisingly common, especially where functional elements are concerned (Barbiers 2008:5). Some well-known examples include multiple negation/negative concord, found in many languages...

  7. Double-reed exhaust valve engine (United States)

    Bennett, Charles L.


    An engine based on a reciprocating piston engine that extracts work from pressurized working fluid. The engine includes a double reed outlet valve for controlling the flow of low-pressure working fluid out of the engine. The double reed provides a stronger force resisting closure of the outlet valve than the force tending to open the outlet valve. The double reed valve enables engine operation at relatively higher torque and lower efficiency at low speed, with lower torque, but higher efficiency at high speed.

  8. The Dissolution of Double Holliday Junctions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bizard, Anna H; Hickson, Ian D


    as "double Holliday junction dissolution." This reaction requires the cooperative action of a so-called "dissolvasome" comprising a Holliday junction branch migration enzyme (Sgs1/BLM RecQ helicase) and a type IA topoisomerase (Top3/TopoIIIα) in complex with its OB (oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide binding......Double Holliday junctions (dHJS) are important intermediates of homologous recombination. The separate junctions can each be cleaved by DNA structure-selective endonucleases known as Holliday junction resolvases. Alternatively, double Holliday junctions can be processed by a reaction known...

  9. Doubling left syntactic positions in Danish

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Henrik


    This paper deals with the doubling of left syntactic positions in Danish. Such doublings consist of a referential element: a NP or a clause, and an anaphoric element, an unstressed personal pronoun or an unstressed resumptive adverb. In main clauses, the CP-spec position may double in this way, w...... in the analysis of a broadcasted public speech (sect. 5). In earlier versions of Danish, as shown in sect. 4, the construction is both more frequent in writing and also seems almost obligatory....

  10. Positivity bounds on double parton distributions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diehl, Markus; Kasemets, Tomas


    Double hard scattering in proton-proton collisions is described in terms of double parton distributions. We derive bounds on these distributions that follow from their interpretation as probability densities, taking into account all possible spin correlations between two partons in an unpolarized proton. These bounds constrain the size of the polarized distributions and can for instance be used to set upper limits on the effects of spin correlations in double hard scattering. We show that the bounds are stable under leading-order DGLAP evolution to higher scales.

  11. On Double-Star Decomposition of Graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akbari Saieed


    Full Text Available A tree containing exactly two non-pendant vertices is called a double-star. A double-star with degree sequence (k1 + 1, k2 + 1, 1, . . . , 1 is denoted by Sk1,k2. We study the edge-decomposition of graphs into double-stars. It was proved that every double-star of size k decomposes every 2k-regular graph. In this paper, we extend this result by showing that every graph in which every vertex has degree 2k + 1 or 2k + 2 and containing a 2-factor is decomposed into Sk1,k2 and Sk1−1,k2, for all positive integers k1 and k2 such that k1 + k2 = k.

  12. 32 CFR 199.8 - Double coverage. (United States)


    ... from the operation of a motor vehicle. (4) Exceptions. Double coverage plans do not include: (i) Plans... (for example, the Indian Health Service); or (v) State Victims of Crime Compensation Programs. (c...

  13. Period doubling patterns of interval maps

    CERN Document Server

    Valaristos, A


    We prove the existence and demonstrate the construction of period doubling patterns centered at periodic orbits of continuous maps on the interval. In particular we prove that f in R: =set membership C sup 0 (I,I) exhibits a period doubling pattern centered at a fixed point of f if and only if the set of periodic points is not closed. Furthermore, we prove that if f has a periodic orbit of period n>1, which is not a power of two, and n .pr. m in Sarkovskii's ordering, then f exhibits a period doubling pattern centered at a periodic orbit of period m. An analytic configuration of such period doubling patterns is exhibited.

  14. Over-under double-pass interferometer (United States)

    Schindler, Rudolf A. (Inventor)


    An over-under double-pass interferometer in which the beamsplitter area and thickness can be reduced to conform only with optical flatness considerations is achieved by offsetting the optical center line of one cat's-eye retroreflector relative to the optical center line of the other in order that one split beam be folded into a plane distinct from the other folded split beam. The beamsplitter is made transparent in one area for a first folded beam to be passed to a mirror for doubling back and is made totally reflective in another area for the second folded beam to be reflected to a mirror for doubling back. The two beams thus doubled back are combined in the central, beam-splitting area of the beamsplitter and passed to a detector. This makes the beamsplitter insensitive to minimum-thickness requirements and selection of material.

  15. Clitic doubling and pure agreement person features

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Machado Rocha


    Full Text Available In this paper, we analyze clitic doubling constructions in dialectal non-standard Brazilian Portuguese. Within the Minimalism Framework, we explain very peculiar aspects of the doubled structures in this language, namely the fact that they occur only for 1st and 2nd person pronouns and that they co-vary with single clitic structures and single strong pronoun structures. Our approach assumes that the clitics me and te are hosted by a dedicated functional projection and result from the checking of the sole person feature [speaker:±]. Moreover, we show that, unlikely other cross-linguistic phenomena of pronominal doubling, Brazilian Portuguese Clitic Doubling does neither yield (nor is a result of any interpretive effect, but rather is an instance of a pure agreement chain. This leads us to advocate, contra the standard Minimalist Program, for the validity of the conceptual postulation of AgrP, as a condition on well-formedness of certain structures.

  16. Double Heavy Flavour Production at LHCb

    CERN Document Server

    Li, Yiming


    This proceeding summarises the latest LHCb results on associated heavy flavour productions, including double charm production and associated bottomonia and charm production. This article belongs to the Topical Collection “New Observables in Quarkonium Production”.

  17. Rosalind Franklin and the Double Helix (United States)

    Elkin, Lynne Osman


    Although she made essential contributions toward elucidating the structure of DNA, Rosalind Franklin is known to many only as seen through the distorting lens of James Watson's book, The Double Helix.

  18. A High Power Frequency Doubled Fiber Laser (United States)

    Thompson, Rob; Tu, Meirong; Aveline, Dave; Lundblad, Nathan; Maleki, Lute


    This slide presentation reviews the power frequencies for the doubled fiber laser. It includes information on the 780 nm laser, second harmonic generation in one crystal, cascading crystals, the tenability of laser systems, laser cooling, and directions for future work.

  19. Forensic testing of a double tee bridge. (United States)


    This report describes an investigation to quantify the behavior of precast, prestressed concrete double-tee bridge : girders made with lightweight concrete. As part of the investigation, three bridge girders were salvaged from a : decommissioned brid...

  20. Inverse solutions for tilting orthogonal double prisms. (United States)

    Li, Anhu; Ding, Ye; Bian, Yongming; Liu, Liren


    An analytical reverse solution and actual examples are given to show how to direct a laser beam from a pair of orthogonal prisms to given targets in free space. Considering the influences of double-prism structural parameters, a lookup table method to seek the numerical reverse solution of each prism's tilting angle is also proposed for steering the double-prism orientation to track a target position located in the near field. Some case studies, as well as a specified elliptical target trajectory scanned by the cam-based driving double prisms, exhibit the significant application values of the theoretical derivation. The analytic reverse and numerical solutions can be generalized to investigate the synthesis of scanning patterns and the controlling strategy of double-prism tilting motion, the potentials of which can be explored to perform the orientation and position tracking functions in applications of precision engineering fields.

  1. On the distribution of visual double stars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelov T.


    Full Text Available An integrated distribution function is derived for visual double stars according to the magnitude difference Δm between the components. For this purpose the author uses a sample of 1626 double stars with Δm ∈ [0m − 4m]. The increment of the descriptive distribution function for an arbitrary increment of the variable Δm is also determined.

  2. Conserved currents of double field theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blair, Chris D.A. [Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA (United Kingdom)


    We find the conserved current associated to invariance under generalised diffeomorphisms in double field theory. This can be used to define a generalised Komar integral. We comment on its applications to solutions, in particular to the fundamental string/pp-wave. We also discuss the current in the context of Scherk-Schwarz compactifications. We calculate the current for both the original double field theory action, corresponding to the NSNS sector alone, and for the RR sector.

  3. Double parton scatterings at the CERN LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Del Fabbro, R


    Double parton collisions give important effects at the LHC and not only in the QCD sector. Given the relatively low threshold and the consequent large rate of production of bb pairs, one expects a large background of double parton collisions to the Higgs boson production and decay via the bbW channel, which is one of the most promising discovery channels at the LHC, if the Higgs mass is below the W/sup + /W/sup -/ threshold. (15 refs).

  4. Oat Doubled Haploids Following Maize Pollination. (United States)

    Davies, Philip A; Sidhu, Parminder K


    Doubled haploids (DHs) are an important tool for the accelerated production of new crop varieties. In oat, DHs were first produced by pollinating oat florets with maize pollen. The resultant embryos spontaneously eliminate the maize chromosomes leaving a haploid complement of oat chromosomes. These embryos can be cultured in vitro using the "embryo rescue" technique to produce haploid plants whose chromosome number can be doubled with colchicine to produce homozygous DH oat plants.

  5. Double Marginalisation Effect Within Logistics Chain


    Drago Pupavac


    Double marginalization occurs in vertical industries when both the upstream and downstream firms have monopoly power. Each firm reduces output from the competitive level to the monopoly level,creating two deadweight losses. This market myopia creates a "vertical externality" that vertical integration would internalize. In order to prove the hypothesis about building strategic partnership and collaboration as a way to remove the effect of double marginalization we have been focused on the rese...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geoff Pollard


    Full Text Available In this paper a family of scoring systems for tennis doubles for testing the hypothesis that pair A is better than pair B versus the alternative hypothesis that pair B is better than A, is established. This family or benchmark of scoring systems can be used as a benchmark against which the efficiency of any doubles scoring system can be assessed. Thus, the formula for the efficiency of any doubles scoring system is derived. As in tennis singles, one scoring system based on the play-the-loser structure is shown to be more efficient than the benchmark systems. An expression for the relative efficiency of two doubles scoring systems is derived. Thus, the relative efficiency of the various scoring systems presently used in doubles can be assessed. The methods of this paper can be extended to a match between two teams of 2, 4, 8, …doubles pairs, so that it is possible to establish a measure for the relative efficiency of the various systems used for tennis contests between teams of players.

  7. Re-naming D Double Prime (United States)

    Chao, Benjamin F.


    "Knowledge about the dynamics of the D double prime region is a key to unlock some fundamental mysteries of the Earth heat engine which governs a wide range of global geophysical processes from tectonics to geodynamo." This benign sentence makes complete sense to many geophysicists. But for many others, it makes sense all except the odd nomenclature "D double prime". One knows about the crust, upper and lower mantle, outer and inner core, but where is the D double prime region? What meaning does it try to convey? Where is D prime region, or D, or A, B, C regions for that matter, and are there higher-order primes? How does such an odd name come about anyway? D double prime, or more "simply" D", is a generic designation given to the thin shell, about 200 km thick, of the lowermost mantle just above the core-mantle boundary inside the Earth. Incidentally, whether D" is "simpler" than "D double prime" depends on whether you are pronouncing it or writing/typing it; and D" can be confusing to readers in distinguishing quotation marks (such as in the above sentences) and second derivatives, and to word processors in spelling check and indexing.

  8. Doubled strings, negative strings and null waves

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blair, Chris D.A. [Theoretische Natuurkunde, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the International Solvay Institutes,Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels (Belgium)


    We revisit the fundamental string (F1) solution in the doubled formalism. We show that the wave-like solution of double field theory (DFT) corresponding to the F1/pp-wave duality pair is more properly a solution of the DFT action coupled to a doubled sigma model action. The doubled string configuration which sources the pp-wave can be thought of as static gauge with the string oriented in a dual direction. We also discuss the DFT solution corresponding to a vibrating string, carrying both winding and momentum. We further show that the solution dual to the F1 in both time and space can be viewed as a “negative string” solution. Negative branes are closely connected to certain exotic string theories which involve unusual signatures for both spacetime and brane worldvolumes. In order to better understand this from the doubled point of view, we construct a variant of DFT suitable for describing theories in which the fundamental string has a Euclidean worldsheet, for which T-dualities appear to change the spacetime signature.

  9. Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars

    CERN Document Server


    In these days of high-precision astrometric satellites, tremendous contributions to the science of astrometry are being made by amateur astronomers around the globe. This second edition of Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars contains a significant amount of completely new material inspired by the work done by observers - particularly in the USA - since the first edition was published. Fifteen skilled and experienced astronomers have contributed chapters on their own specialization in the various fields. These include how to use the Internet to carry out precise astronomical measurement, an excellent guide to sketching double stars, and information on how to image double stars of unequal brightness. This new edition is the definitive book for those who are serious about this fascinating aspect of astronomy! Author Bob Argyle has been observing visual double stars for more than 40 years, some with the help of the world's biggest refractors, and has been director of the Webb Society Double Star Se...

  10. ITER PF6 double pancakes winding line

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Du, Shuangsong [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China); University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei (China); Wen, Wei, E-mail: [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China); Chen, Jin; Wu, Weiyue; Song, Yuntao; Shen, Guang [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China)


    Highlights: • ITER PF6 double pancakes “two-in-hand” winding line layout and main parameters were introduced, main winding sequences were also included. • Main features of each winding unit include de-spooling unit, straightening unit, sandblasting and cleaning unit, bending unit, turn insulation wrapping head, rotary table and automatic control system were depicted. • PF6 double pancake winding line was commissioned with PF5 empty jacket conductor after the installation and testing of each unit, ±0.5 mm turn positioning and ±2 turn to turn deviations were achieved. - Abstract: The Poloidal Field (PF) coils are one of the main sub-systems of the ITER magnets. The PF6 coil is being manufactured by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) as per the Poloidal Field coils cooperation agreement signed between ASIPP and Fusion for Energy (F4E).The ITER PF6 winding pack is composed by stacking of 9 double pancakes. Each double pancake is wound with a “two-in-hand” configuration. This paper describes the ITER PF6 double pancakes winding line, including layout and main parameters of the winding line, features of main units and the commissioning trial with PF5 empty jacket conductor.

  11. Synthesis of layered double hydroxides from eggshells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li Songnan [Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials and Surface Technology, Ministry of Education, 150001 (China); Wang Fangyong [College of Engineering and Technology, Northeast Forestry University, 150001 (China); Jing Xiaoyan [Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials and Surface Technology, Ministry of Education, 150001 (China); Wang Jun, E-mail: [Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials and Surface Technology, Ministry of Education, 150001 (China); Saba, Jamil; Liu Qi; Ge Lan; Song Dalei; Zhang Milin [Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials and Surface Technology, Ministry of Education, 150001 (China)


    Graphical abstract: This is the XRD pattern and TEM image of 4Ca-Al layered double hydroxide, which is obtained from eggshells. It can be seen that the sample is of layered double hydroxide and shows the plate-like agglomerations with an average size of 20-100 nm. Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer We synthesize layered double hydroxides from eggshells. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Eggshells are the mainly material in this method. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The additional alkaline solution is not required. - Abstract: Ca-Al and Ca-Fe layered double hydroxides (LDHs) were successfully synthesized from chicken eggshells by an ultrasonic wave assistant method. The products were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) techniques. XRD and TEM analyses showed that the 4Ca-Al LDHs were of high purity but other samples were not. The present study provides a simple, efficient and environmental friendly method to obtain LDHs from biowaste eggshells, in which additional alkaline solution is not required for synthesis. Moreover, eggshells provide all the requisite bivalent metal ions, which are needed to form layered double hydroxides.

  12. Double Engine for a Nebula (United States)


    ESO has just released a stunning new image of a field of stars towards the constellation of Carina (the Keel). This striking view is ablaze with a flurry of stars of all colours and brightnesses, some of which are seen against a backdrop of clouds of dust and gas. One unusual star in the middle, HD 87643, has been extensively studied with several ESO telescopes, including the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI). Surrounded by a complex, extended nebula that is the result of previous violent ejections, the star has been shown to have a companion. Interactions in this double system, surrounded by a dusty disc, may be the engine fuelling the star's remarkable nebula. The new image, showing a very rich field of stars towards the Carina arm of the Milky Way, is centred on the star HD 87643, a member of the exotic class of B[e] stars [1]. It is part of a set of observations that provide astronomers with the best ever picture of a B[e] star. The image was obtained with the Wide Field Imager (WFI) attached to the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at the 2400-metre-high La Silla Observatory in Chile. The image shows beautifully the extended nebula of gas and dust that reflects the light from the star. The central star's wind appears to have shaped the nebula, leaving bright, ragged tendrils of gas and dust. A careful investigation of these features seems to indicate that there are regular ejections of matter from the star every 15 to 50 years. A team of astronomers, led by Florentin Millour, has studied the star HD 87643 in great detail, using several of ESO's telescopes. Apart from the WFI, the team also used ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) at Paranal. At the VLT, the astronomers used the NACO adaptive optics instrument, allowing them to obtain an image of the star free from the blurring effect of the atmosphere. To probe the object further, the team then obtained an image with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI). The sheer range of this set of observations

  13. High power double-scale pulses from a gain-guided double-clad fiber laser (United States)

    Zhang, Haitao; Gao, Gan; Li, Qinghua; Gong, Mali


    Generation of high power double-scale pulses from a gain-guided double-clad fiber laser is experimentally demonstrated. By employing the Yb-doped 10/130 double-clad fiber as the gain medium, the laser realizes an output power of 5.1 W and pulse energy of 0.175 µJ at repetition rate of 29.14 MHz. To the best of our knowledge, this average output power is the highest among the reported double-scale pulse oscillators. The autocorrelation trace of pulses contains the short (98 fs) and long (29.5 ps) components, and the spectral bandwidth of the pulse is 27.3 nm. Such double-scale pulses are well suited for seeding the high power MOPA (master oscillator power amplifier) systems, nonlinear frequency conversion and optical coherence tomography.

  14. The Chernobyl murder. The nuclear Goulag; Le crime de Tchernobyl. Le goulag nucleaire

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tchertkoff, W


    The authors of this book are the Chernobyl victims of the 26 April 1986 nuclear accident: millions of poor farmers, contaminated young mothers and children which eat every days radionuclides; ''Liquidators'', sacrificed to stop the fire of the power plants; invalids and also doctors and scientists which refuse the nuclear lobby. This book presents the two Byelorussian scientists which have risk their career and their health to help the contaminated populations. This book takes stock on the today nuclear policy and becomes alarm in seeing the development of the nuclear program in many countries. (A.L.B.)

  15. Franco-German initiative for Chernobylsk health project; Initiative Franco-Allemande pour Tchernobyl projet sante

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The works led within the framework of the French-German initiative ( I.F.A.) on the health of the populations exposed to the ionizing radiations concentrated on the main useful indicators of health for the study of the excess incidence of cancers after a relatively long latency period. No net difference of the tendencies of leukaemia incidence was revealing between exposed regions and not exposed regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. As regards solid tumors, the rates of incidence presented the same tendencies of increase in the course of time whatever are the studied regions. On the other hand, the works showed a net increase of the rate of incidence of the thyroid cancers in the exposed regions, notably at the aged persons of less than ten years at the time of the accident. In Belarus, the national register of cancers allowed to bring to light a very high number of thyroid cancers, from the beginning 1990 at the children of less than 15 years and net increase of these cancers, since 1998, in the slice of 15/29 the years. So for this exposed population, the risk of thyroid cancer continues to express itself 20 years after the accident. Besides, no tangible difference from the point of view of the tendencies between exposed and not exposed regions was revealing for the congenital malformations. (N.C.)

  16. Chernobyl: the true, the possible and the false; TCHERNOBYL Le vrai, le probable et le faux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report discusses the health consequences of the Chernobyl accident. It also highlights the misunderstanding associated with the use by the media of different radioactivity measurement units. It comments some figures about casualties, and the fact that some much higher figures are often stated. It evokes the issue of thyroid cancer in children of the region, discusses other possible public health consequences, the issue of congenital anomalies, the opinion of French physicists on the increase of thyroid cancers in France, and the question of the discrimination between spontaneous and radio-induced cancers. A second part discusses the risk of cancer and its perception in France: validity of the soil contamination assessment, possibility of an accident like Chernobyl and Fukushima in France

  17. Decontamination around the site of Chernobylsk; Decontamination autour du site de Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Manesse, D.; Rzepka, J.P.; Maubert, H.


    This report describes the decontamination of the site around the nuclear plant of Chernobylsk after the reactor accident of 1986. The work of decontamination in urban areas, buildings, fields and vegetation are detailed. The interventions to reduce the contamination of surface waters and to protect ground waters are also given. (N.C.).

  18. The causes of the Chernobyl event; Les causes de l'evenement Tchernobyl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frot, J


    The Chernobylsk event has two components, the explosion of the RBMK type nuclear reactor number 4 and the sanitary damages that resulted. The causes of the explosion are of three kinds: conception error, management fault, exploitation personnel mistakes and political causes. For the sanitary damages there are the immediate causes and the deep causes. No emergency planning to answer to a such disaster and no iodinated tablets delivery to protect the thyroid for the direct causes. The secret culture made that the knowledge developed by the Soviet researchers was not diffused to the medical and nuclear communities of USSR. The civil authorities were not aware of it or they neglected it. (N.C.)

  19. Chernobyl. Answers to your questions; Tchernobyl. Des reponses a vos questions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Fifteen years after the Chernobyl accident, this document takes stock on the existing information and enhance the elements which can be set with certainty. The accident is recalled and the environmental and biological effects are presented. (A.L.B.)

  20. Chernobyl: what are the consequences for France?; Tchernobyl: quelles consequences pour la France?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aurengo, A. [Hopital Pitie-Salpetriere, Service Medecine Nucleaire, 75 - Paris (France)


    This article sheds light on the controversy of the impact in France of the Chernobyl accident. It is shown that the increase in the number of thyroid cancers can not be attributed to the radioactive fallout of Chernobyl because this increase began in 1975 and has been continuing till now at the same pace. This increase is due to the development of the echography technique that allows the detection of very small tumors that do not usually evolve into cancers and then passed unnoticed before. The Astral program launched in 1997 and based on the numerous measurements made in 1986 concerning food contamination has led to the drawing of a reliable assessment of the spatial distribution of mean efficient dose over the French territory. It appears that in the most contaminated zone, this dose reached 0.4 10{sup -3} Sievert in 1986 (iodine + cesium) while the natural radioactivity varies from 2.5 to 5 10{sup -3} Sievert over the French territory. (A.C.)

  1. Will we ever know for Chernobyl?; Saura-t-on un jour pour Tchernobyl?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klinger, C.


    Millions of people have been living near the Chernobyl power plant and as a consequence have been submitted to low radiation doses for 26 years principally through food ingestion. A recent survey of scientific studies about the radiation effects shows that most research work is dedicated to thyroid while the long-term follow-up of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors have shown that other organs are likely to be concerned with an increase of different cancers and of no-cancerous pathologies like cardio-vascular diseases. The European project ARCH (Agenda for Research on Chernobyl Health) recommends to perform a broader range of studies than focusing on the thyroid and to set a collaborative platform to assure the financing and the coordination of these new topics of research. (A.C.)

  2. Double Planet Meets Triple Star (United States)


    High-Resolution VLT Image of Pluto Event on July 20, 2002 A rare celestial phenomenon involving the distant planet Pluto has occurred twice within the past month. Seen from the Earth, this planet moved in front of two different stars on July 20 and August 21, respectively, providing observers at various observatories in South America and in the Pacific area with a long awaited and most welcome opportunity to learn more about the tenuous atmosphere of that cold planet. On the first date, a series of very sharp images of a small sky field with Pluto and the star was obtained with the NAOS-CONICA (NACO) adaptive optics (AO) camera mounted on the ESO VLT 8.2-m YEPUN telescope at the Paranal Observatory. With a diameter of about 2300 km, Pluto is about six times smaller than the Earth. Like our own planet, it possesses a relatively large moon, Charon , measuring 1200 km across and circling Pluto at a distance of about 19,600 km once every 6.4 days. In fact, because of the similarity of the two bodies, the Pluto-Charon system is often referred to as a double planet . At the current distance of nearly 4,500 million km from the Earth, Pluto's disk subtends a very small angle in the sky, 0.107 arcsec. It is therefore very seldom that Pluto - during its orbital motion - passes exactly in front of a comparatively bright star. Such events are known as "occultations" , and it is difficult to predict exactly when and where on the Earth's surface they are visible. Stellar occultations When Pluto moves in front of a star, it casts a "shadow" on the Earth's surface within which an observer cannot see the star, much like the Earth's Moon hides the Sun during a total solar eclipse. During the occultation event, Pluto's "shadow" also moves across the Earth's surface. The width of this shadow is equal to Pluto's diameter, i.e. about 2300 km. One such occultation event was observed in 1988, and two others were expected to occur in 2002, according to predictions published in 2000 by

  3. Double-layer ice from first principles (United States)

    Chen, Ji; Schusteritsch, Georg; Pickard, Chris J.; Salzmann, Christoph G.; Michaelides, Angelos


    The formation of monolayer and multilayer ice with a square lattice structure has recently been reported on the basis of transmission electron microscopy experiments, renewing interest in confined two-dimensional ice. Here we report a systematic density functional theory study of double-layer ice in nanoconfinement. A phase diagram as a function of confinement width and lateral pressure is presented. Included in the phase diagram are honeycomb hexagonal, square-tube, hexagonal-close-packed, and buckled-rhombic structures. However, contrary to experimental observations, square structures do not feature: our most stable double-layer square structure is predicted to be metastable. This study provides general insight into the phase transitions of double-layer confined ice and a fresh theoretical perspective on the stability of square ice in graphene nanocapillary experiments.

  4. Neutrinoless double beta decay from lattice QCD (United States)

    Nicholson, Amy; Cheng, Chia; Berkowitz, Evan; Rinaldi, Enrico; Walker-Loud, Andre; Vranas, Pavlos; Kurth, Thorsten; Clark, M. A.; Garron, Nicolas; Tiburzi, Brian; Monge-Camacho, Henry; Brantley, David; Joo, Balint; Callat Collaboration


    Lepton number-violating neutrinoless double beta decay is a natural consequence of Majorana neutrinos and many BSM theories, and, if observed, could potentially explain the observed matter/anti-matter asymmetry in the universe. Several experimental searches for these processes using nuclear sources are planned and/or underway worldwide, and understanding quantitatively how neutrinoless double beta decay would manifest in nuclear environments is key for interpreting any observed signals. While long-range, light neutrino exchange is the most common mechanism studied, short-range interactions involving heavy mediator exchange may also contribute. In this talk I will give an overview of the microscopic observables relevant for experimental searches for neutrinoless double beta decay which may be calculated directly from QCD using lattice methods, and present results for short-range matrix elements contributing to pion exchange diagrams between nucleons.

  5. Excitonic superfluid phase in double bilayer graphene (United States)

    Li, J. I. A.; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Hone, J.; Dean, C. R.


    A spatially indirect exciton is created when an electron and a hole, confined to separate layers of a double quantum well system, bind to form a composite boson. Such excitons are long-lived, and in the limit of strong interactions are predicted to undergo a Bose-Einstein condensate-like phase transition into a superfluid ground state. Here, we report evidence of an exciton condensate in the quantum Hall effect regime of double-layer structures of bilayer graphene. Interlayer correlation is identified by quantized Hall drag at matched layer densities, and the dissipationless nature of the phase is confirmed in the counterflow geometry. A selection rule for the condensate phase is observed involving both the orbital and valley indices of bilayer graphene. Our results establish double bilayer graphene as an ideal system for studying the rich phase diagram of strongly interacting bosonic particles in the solid state.

  6. Generalised kinematics for double field theory (United States)

    Freidel, Laurent; Rudolph, Felix J.; Svoboda, David


    We formulate a kinematical extension of Double Field Theory on a 2 d-dimensional para-Hermitian manifold (P,η, ω ) where the O( d, d) metric η is supplemented by an almost symplectic two-form ω. Together η and ω define an almost bi-Lagrangian structure K which provides a splitting of the tangent bundle TP=L\\oplus \\tilde{L} into two Lagrangian sub-spaces. In this paper a canonical connection and a corresponding generalised Lie derivative for the Leibniz algebroid on TP are constructed. We find integrability conditions under which the symmetry algebra closes for general η and ω, even if they are not flat and constant. This formalism thus provides a generalisation of the kinematical structure of Double Field Theory. We also show that this formalism allows one to reconcile and unify Double Field Theory with Generalised Geometry which is thoroughly discussed.

  7. Double Dirac Semimetals in Three Dimensions. (United States)

    Wieder, Benjamin J; Kim, Youngkuk; Rappe, A M; Kane, C L


    We study a class of Dirac semimetals that feature an eightfold-degenerate double Dirac point. We show that 7 of the 230 space groups can host such Dirac points and argue that they all generically display linear dispersion. We introduce an explicit tight-binding model for space groups 130 and 135. Space group 135 can host an intrinsic double Dirac semimetal with no additional states at the Fermi energy. This defines a symmetry-protected topological critical point, and we show that a uniaxial compressive strain applied in different directions leads to topologically distinct insulating phases. In addition, the double Dirac semimetal can accommodate topological line defects that bind helical modes. Connections are made to theories of strongly interacting filling-enforced semimetals, and potential materials realizations are discussed.

  8. Limiting effects in double EEX beamline (United States)

    Ha, G.; Power, J. G.; Conde, M.; Doran, D. S.; Gai, W.


    The double emittance exchange (EEX) beamline is suggested to overcome the large horizontal emittance and transverse jitter issues associated with the single EEX beamline while preserving its powerful phase-space manipulation capability. However, the double EEX beamline also has potential limitations due to coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) and transverse jitter. The former limitation arises because double EEX uses twice as many bending magnets as single EEX which means stronger CSR effects degrading the beam quality. The latter limitation arises because a longitudinal jitter in front of the first EEX beamline is converted into a transverse jitter in the middle section (between the EEX beamlines) which can cause beam loss or beam degradation. In this paper, we numerically explore the effects of these two limitations on the emittance and beam transport.

  9. Innocuous Double Rounding of Basic Arithmetic Operations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pierre Roux


    Full Text Available Double rounding occurs when a floating-point value is first rounded to an intermediate precision before being rounded to a final precision. The result of two such consecutive roundings can differ from the result obtained when directly rounding to the final precision. Double rounding practically happens, for instance, when implementing the IEEE754 binary32 format with an arithmetic unit performing operations only in the larger binary64 format, such as done in the PowerPC or x87 floating-point units. It belongs to the folklore in the floating-point arithmetic community that double rounding is innocuous for the basic arithmetic operations (addition, division, multiplication, and square root as soon as the final precision is about twice larger than the intermediate one. This paper adresses the formal proof of this fact considering underflow cases and its extension to radices other than two.

  10. Jonckheere Double Star Photometry - Part IV: Cetus (United States)

    Knapp, Wilfried


    If any double star discoverer is in urgent need of photometry then it is Jonckheere. There are over 3000 Jonckheere objects listed in the WDS catalog and a good part of them have magnitudes which are obviously far too bright. This report covers the Jonckheere objects in the constellation Cet. Only one image per object was taken as despite the risk of random effects even a single measurement is better than the currently usually given estimation although the J-objects in this southern constellation are better covered with observations as usual for Jonckheere doubles.

  11. Double-partition Quantum Cluster Algebras

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jakobsen, Hans Plesner; Zhang, Hechun


    A family of quantum cluster algebras is introduced and studied. In general, these algebras are new, but sub-classes have been studied previously by other authors. The algebras are indexed by double parti- tions or double flag varieties. Equivalently, they are indexed by broken lines L. By grouping...... together neighboring mutations into quantum line mutations we can mutate from the cluster algebra of one broken line to another. Compatible pairs can be written down. The algebras are equal to their upper cluster algebras. The variables of the quantum seeds are given by elements of the dual canonical basis....

  12. Unique double recurrence of cerebral arteriovenous malformation. (United States)

    Nagm, Alhusain; Horiuchi, Tetsuyoshi; Ichinose, Shunsuke; Hongo, Kazuhiro


    Surgically treated patients with arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are considered cured when the postoperative angiogram proves complete resection. However, despite no residual nidus or early draining vein on postoperative angiogram, rare instances of AVM recurrence have been reported in adults. In this paper, the authors present a case of a 24-year-old woman with asymptomatic double recurrence of her cerebral AVM after angiographically proven complete resection. To the authors' knowledge, this patient represents the first case with double de novo asymptomatic recurrence of Spetzler-Martin grade I AVM. Also, she represents the first case with unique AVM criteria in each recurrence.

  13. Simulation Results of Double Forward Converter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Vijaya KUMAR


    Full Text Available This work aims to find a better forward converter for DC to DC conversion.Simulation of double forward converter in SMPS system is discussed in this paper. Aforward converter with RCD snubber to synchronous rectifier and/or to current doubleris also discussed. The evolution of the forward converter is first reviewed in a tutorialfashion. Performance parameters are discussed including operating principle, voltageconversion ratio, efficiency, device stress, small-signal dynamics, noise and EMI. Itscircuit operation and its performance characteristics of the forward converter with RCDsnubber and double forward converter are described and the simulation results arepresented.

  14. Double conformal space-time algebra (United States)

    Easter, Robert Benjamin; Hitzer, Eckhard


    The Double Conformal Space-Time Algebra (DCSTA) is a high-dimensional 12D Geometric Algebra G 4,8that extends the concepts introduced with the Double Conformal / Darboux Cyclide Geometric Algebra (DCGA) G 8,2 with entities for Darboux cyclides (incl. parabolic and Dupin cyclides, general quadrics, and ring torus) in spacetime with a new boost operator. The base algebra in which spacetime geometry is modeled is the Space-Time Algebra (STA) G 1,3. Two Conformal Space-Time subalgebras (CSTA) G 2,4 provide spacetime entities for points, flats (incl. worldlines), and hyperbolics, and a complete set of versors for their spacetime transformations that includes rotation, translation, isotropic dilation, hyperbolic rotation (boost), planar reflection, and (pseudo)spherical inversion in rounds or hyperbolics. The DCSTA G 4,8 is a doubling product of two G 2,4 CSTA subalgebras that inherits doubled CSTA entities and versors from CSTA and adds new bivector entities for (pseudo)quadrics and Darboux (pseudo)cyclides in spacetime that are also transformed by the doubled versors. The "pseudo" surface entities are spacetime hyperbolics or other surface entities using the time axis as a pseudospatial dimension. The (pseudo)cyclides are the inversions of (pseudo)quadrics in rounds or hyperbolics. An operation for the directed non-uniform scaling (anisotropic dilation) of the bivector general quadric entities is defined using the boost operator and a spatial projection. DCSTA allows general quadric surfaces to be transformed in spacetime by the same complete set of doubled CSTA versor (i.e., DCSTA versor) operations that are also valid on the doubled CSTA point entity (i.e., DCSTA point) and the other doubled CSTA entities. The new DCSTA bivector entities are formed by extracting values from the DCSTA point entity using specifically defined inner product extraction operators. Quadric surface entities can be boosted into moving surfaces with constant velocities that display the length

  15. Double Harmonic Transmission (D.H.T.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sava Ianici


    Full Text Available The paper presents the construction and functioning of a new type of harmonic drive named double harmonic transmission (D.H.T.. In the second part of this paper is presented the dynamic analysis of the double harmonic transmission, which is based on the results of the experimental researches on the D.H.T. This study of the stress status and the forces distribution is necessary for to determine the durability on the portant elements of the D.H.T.

  16. Jonckheere Double Star Photometry - Part VI: Auriga (United States)

    Knapp, Wilfried


    If any double star discoverer is in urgent need of photometry then it is Jonckheere. There are over 3000 Jonckheere objects listed in the WDS catalog and a good part of them has magnitudes which are obviously far too bright. This report covers the Jonckheere objects in the constellation Auriga. Only one image per object was taken as despite the risk of random effects even a single instance visual magnitude measurement is better than the currently usually given estimation although the J-objects in this constellation seem with some exceptions better covered with observations as usual for Jonckheere doubles.

  17. Jonckheere Double Star Photometry - Part V: Cancer (United States)

    Knapp, Wilfried


    If any double star discoverer is in urgent need of photometry then it is Jonckheere. There are over 3000 Jonckheere objects listed in the WDS catalog and a good part of them have magnitudes which are obviously far too bright. This report covers the Jonckheere objects in the constellation Cancer. Only one image per object was taken as despite the risk of random effects even a single measurement is better than the currently usually given estimation, although the J-objects in this constellation seem with some exceptions better covered with observations as usual for Jonckheere doubles.

  18. Probabilistic double guarantee kidnapping detection in SLAM. (United States)

    Tian, Yang; Ma, Shugen


    For determining whether kidnapping has happened and which type of kidnapping it is while a robot performs autonomous tasks in an unknown environment, a double guarantee kidnapping detection (DGKD) method has been proposed. The good performance of DGKD in a relative small environment is shown. However, a limitation of DGKD is found in a large-scale environment by our recent work. In order to increase the adaptability of DGKD in a large-scale environment, an improved method called probabilistic double guarantee kidnapping detection is proposed in this paper to combine probability of features' positions and the robot's posture. Simulation results demonstrate the validity and accuracy of the proposed method.

  19. Dynamically possible pattern speeds of double bars


    Maciejewski, Witold


    The method to study oscillating potentials of double bars, based on invariant loops, is introduced here in a new way, intended to be more intelligible. Using this method, I show how the orbital structure of a double-barred galaxy (nested bars) changes with the variation of nuclear bar's pattern speed. Not all pattern speeds are allowed when the inner bar rotates in the same direction as the outer bar. Below certain minimum pattern speed orbital support for the inner bar abruptly disappears, w...

  20. Facility Location with Double-peaked Preferences

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Filos-Ratsikas, Aris; Li, Minming; Zhang, Jie


    We study the problem of locating a single facility on a real line based on the reports of self-interested agents, when agents have double-peaked preferences, with the peaks being on opposite sides of their locations. We observe that double-peaked preferences capture real-life scenarios and thus...... complement the well-studied notion of single-peaked preferences. We mainly focus on the case where peaks are equidistant from the agents’ locations and discuss how our results extend to more general settings. We show that most of the results for single-peaked preferences do not directly apply to this setting...

  1. Double sequential defibrillation for refractory ventricular fibrillation. (United States)

    El Tawil, Chady; Mrad, Sandra; Khishfe, Basem F


    A 54-year-old suffered from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Compressions were started within minutes and the patient was in refractory ventricular fibrillation despite multiple asynchronized shocks and maximal doses of antiarrhythmic agents. Double sequential defibrillation was attempted with successful Return Of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) after a total of 61min of cardiac arrest. The patient was discharged home neurologically intact. Double sequential defibrillation could be a simple effective approach to patients with refractory ventricular fibrillation. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Double parton scattering in the ultraviolet. Addressing the double counting problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diehl, Markus [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Gaunt, Jonathan R. [Nikhef Theory Group, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Amsterdam VU Univ. (Netherlands)


    An important question in the theory of double parton scattering is how to incorporate the possibility of the parton pairs being generated perturbatively via 1→ 2splitting into the theory, whilst avoiding double counting with single parton scattering loop corrections. Here, we describe a consistent approach for solving this problem, which retains the notion of double parton distributions (DPDs) for individual hadrons. Further, we discuss the construction of appropriate model DPDs in our framework, and the use of these to compute the DPS part, presenting DPS 'luminosities' from our model DPDs for a few sample cases.

  3. Material capture by double lunar gravity assist (United States)

    Ross, D. J.


    The equations yielding the performance of a single lunar flyby in removing incoming hyperbolic excess velocity to capture payloads on interplanetary trajectories are briefly derived. The impossibility of using a single lunar flyby to capture a body entering the earth-moon system with a hyperbolic velocity in excess of about 1.9 km/s is discussed, and a method of using a double flyby of the moon to significantly improve this performance is developed. The equations for achieving a double lunar flyby are derived by solving the orbital equations and Lambert's problem both for the incoming trajectory in the plane of the moon's orbit and for arbitrary declination. For the in-plane case it is shown that the maximum removable hyperbolic excess velocity is 2.2687 km/s. For the inclined case, it is shown that the use of a double lunar flyby allows capture for declinations in excess of 54 degrees, and that for declinations less than 38 degrees the double lunar flyby offers better performance than the single lunar flyby.

  4. On double Hurwitz numbers with completed cycles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Shadrin, S.; Spitz, L.; Zvonkine, D.


    In this paper, we collect a number of facts about double Hurwitz numbers, where the simple branch points are replaced by their more general analogues: completed (r + 1)-cycles. In particular, we give a geometric interpretation of these generalized Hurwitz numbers and derive a cut-and-join operator

  5. The Modular Construction of DNA Double Helix

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    host; its usual right-handed helix profile can change all the way to the left-handed double one, the entire spectrum with expen- diture of minimum energy. Its major groove can play host to countless guests leading to recognition and the resulting bio- logical functions; its minor groove can receive antibiotics initi-.

  6. Double Pomeron Exchange: the early years

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Albrow, Michael G. [Fermilab


    I review the early experimental searches for double pomeron exchange, the first observations at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) and further studies at the SPS and Tevatron (fixed target). I only have space for a superficial coverage of some highlights, and will not cover later colliders with √s > GeV.

  7. Oxygen isotope fractionation in double carbonates. (United States)

    Zheng, Yong-Fei; Böttcher, Michael E


    Oxygen isotope fractionations in double carbonates of different crystal structures were calculated by the increment method. Synthesis experiments were performed at 60 °C and 100 °C to determine oxygen and carbon isotope fractionations involving PbMg[CO3]2. The calculations suggest that the double carbonates of calcite structure are systematically enriched in (18)O relative to those of aragonite and mixture structures. Internally consistent oxygen isotope fractionation factors are obtained for these minerals with respect to quartz, calcite and water at a temperature range of 0-1200 °C. The calculated fractionation factors for double carbonate-water systems are generally consistent with the data available from laboratory experiments. The experimentally determined fractionation factors for PbMg[CO3]2, BaMg[CO3]2 and CaMg[CO3]2 against H2O not only fall between fractionation factors involving pure carbonate end-members but are also close to the calculated fractionation factors. In contrast, experimentally determined carbon isotope fractionation factors between PbMg[CO3]2 and CO2 are much closer to theoretical predictions for the cerussite-CO2 system than for the magnesite-CO2 system, similar to the fractionation behavior for BaMg[CO3]2. Therefore, the combined theoretical and experimental results provide insights into the effects of crystal structure and exchange kinetics on oxygen isotope partitioning in double carbonates.

  8. Double-Stranded Peptide Nucleic Acids

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A novel class of compounds, known as peptide nucleic acids, form double-stranded structures with one another and with ssDNA. The peptide nucleic acids generally comprise ligands such as naturally occurring DNA bases attached to a peptide backbone through a suitable linker....

  9. Double tracks test site characterization report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report presents the results of site characterization activities performed at the Double Tracks Test Site, located on Range 71 North, of the Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR) in southern Nevada. Site characterization activities included reviewing historical data from the Double Tracks experiment, previous site investigation efforts, and recent site characterization data. The most recent site characterization activities were conducted in support of an interim corrective action to remediate the Double Tracks Test Site to an acceptable risk to human health and the environment. Site characterization was performed using a phased approach. First, previously collected data and historical records sere compiled and reviewed. Generalized scopes of work were then prepared to fill known data gaps. Field activities were conducted and the collected data were then reviewed to determine whether data gaps were filled and whether other areas needed to be investigated. Additional field efforts were then conducted, as required, to adequately characterize the site. Characterization of the Double Tracks Test Site was conducted in accordance with the US Department of Energy`s (DOE) Streamlined Approach for Environmental Restoration (SAFER).

  10. Constraining double-parton correlations and interferences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kasemets, T.; Mulders, P.J.G.


    Double-parton scattering (DPS) has become very relevant as a background to interesting analyses performed by the experiments at the LHC. It encodes knowledge of correlations between the proton constituents not accessible in single-parton scattering. Within perturbative QCD DPS is described in terms

  11. New orbital elements for 5 double stars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olević D.


    Full Text Available In this paper are presented recalculated elliptical and Thiel-Innes orbitatal elements for the following double stars: WDS05255-0033, WDS12272+2701, WDS 13336+2944 and WDS 21031+0132 (two versions. The elements of the pair WDS 06074+2640 = McA 25 are calculated for the first time.

  12. Double-compression method for biomedical images (United States)

    Antonenko, Yevhenii A.; Mustetsov, Timofey N.; Hamdi, Rami R.; Małecka-Massalska, Teresa; Orshubekov, Nurbek; DzierŻak, RóŻa; Uvaysova, Svetlana


    This paper describes a double compression method (DCM) of biomedical images. A comparison of image compression factors in size JPEG, PNG and developed DCM was carried out. The main purpose of the DCM - compression of medical images while maintaining the key points that carry diagnostic information. To estimate the minimum compression factor an analysis of the coding of random noise image is presented.

  13. Single and Double Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonators (United States)

    Zhao, Na; Liu, Jian-She; Li, Hao; Li, Tie-Fu; Chen, Wei


    Transmission characteristics of single and double coplanar waveguide (CPW) resonators are simulated. The crosstalk of two CPW resonators located on the same chip is observed in simulation as well as in low temperature measurement results. The crosstalk behaves as exponential attenuation versus the distance between two resonators.

  14. [Euthanasia and the doctrine of double effect]. (United States)

    Klein, Martin


    Direct active euthanasia is prohibited in most countries while passive and indirect is not. However, many arguments against the legalization of voluntary active euthanasia are flawed. Ethical differences between active and passive or indirect euthanasia are difficult to maintain especially when the passivity of the actor causes death. The crucial point is not activity or passivity but respect for the autonomy of individual human beings. In particular there appears to be little ethical difference between active and indirect euthanasia. Indirect euthanasia has often been justified by the principle of double effect, which traces back to Thomas Aquinas. But resorting to this rule contains a logical fallacy. The principle of double effect does not allow foreseen and unwanted adverse effects of an action to occur when they are avoidable. In terminal sedation, an example for indirect euthanasia, hypoxemia and dehydration can easily be prevented by respirator therapy and fluid administration. Therefore the rule of double effect is not applicable. Indirect and direct active euthanasia cannot be ethically distinguished by resorting to the principle of double effect.

  15. The Double Bind: The next Generation (United States)

    Malcom, Lindsey E.; Malcom, Shirley M.


    In this foreword, Shirley Malcom and Lindsey Malcom speak to the history and current status of women of color in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. As the author of the seminal report "The Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science", Shirley Malcom is uniquely poised to give us an insightful…

  16. [Double aortic arch: prenatal case report]. (United States)

    Budziszewska, Patrycja; Kuka, Dorota; Sodowski, Marcin; Sodowski, Krzysztof; Jeanty, Philippe; Skrzypulec, Violetta


    We have presented a case of prenatal double aortic arch, diagnosed by ultrasound, to demonstrate the importance of 3-vessel view by detecting aortic arch abnormalities. Double aortic arch is one the most common types of the vascular ring. The suspicion of a double aortic arch is raised by detecting the U-sign which is formed by the combination of both aortic arches and the left ductus arteriosus. In the 3-vessel view the ascending aorta and aortic arch are pointing to the right, whereas the left arch points to the left, and the trachea is seen between. The 4-chamber view appears normal, but the descending aorta is deviated medially. Literature review revealed an association between double aortic arch and congenital heart diseases in approximately 20% of cases; most often tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of great vessels, ventricular septal defects. Rarely there can be atresia of the segment of the aortic arch, which can be difficult to differentiate from other aortic arch anomalies associated with chromosomal abnormalities such as microdeletion of chromosome 22q11.

  17. An Optimal Double Inequality for Means

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qian Wei-Mao


    Full Text Available For , the generalized logarithmic mean , arithmetic mean and geometric mean of two positive numbers and are defined by , ; , , , ; , , ; , , ; and , respectively. In this paper, we give an answer to the open problem: for , what are the greatest value and the least value , such that the double inequality holds for all ?

  18. Double orifice mitral valve; a coincidental finding

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Westendorp, Iris C. D.; de Bruin-Bon, H. A. C. M.; Hrudova, Jana


    A double orifice mitral valve (DOMV) represents a rare congenital malformation characterised by two valve orifices with two separate subvalvular apparatus. This case demonstrates the necessity of careful imaging of the mitral valve apparatus, not only in patients with atrioventricular septal

  19. Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences of Order

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Çolak


    Full Text Available We intend to make a new approach and introduce the concepts of statistical convergence of order and strongly -Cesàro summability of order for double sequences of complex or real numbers. Also, some relations between the statistical convergence of order and strong -Cesàro summability of order are given.

  20. The College Double Major and Subsequent Earnings (United States)

    Hemelt, Steven W.


    In this study I examine the relationship between graduating from college with two majors rather than one and labor market earnings using the 2003 National Survey of College Graduates. Because institutions are heterogeneous both in terms of overall quality and in the availability of opportunities to double major, I attempt to control for such…

  1. Salinity transfer in bounded double diffusive convection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Yang, Yantao; van der Poel, Erwin; Ostilla Monico, Rodolfo; Sun, Chao; Verzicco, Roberto; Grossmann, Siegfried; Lohse, Detlef


    The double diffusive convection between two parallel plates is numerically studied for a series of parameters. The flow is driven by the salinity difference and stabilised by the thermal field. Our simulations are directly compared with experiments by Hage & Tilgner (Phys. Fluids, vol. 22, 2010,

  2. State dynamics of a double sandbar system

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Price, T.D.; Ruessink, B.G.


    A 9.3-year dataset of low-tide time-exposure images from Surfers Paradise, Northern Gold Coast, Australia was used to characterise the state dynamics of a double sandbar system. The morphology of the nearshore sandbars was described by means of the sequential bar state classification scheme of

  3. The invertible double of elliptic operators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Booss-Bavnbek, Bernhelm; Lesch, Matthias; Zhu, Chaofeng

    We construct a canonical invertible double for general first order elliptic differential operators over smooth compact manifolds with boundary and derive a natural formula for the Calderon projector which yields a generalization of the famous Cobordism Theorem. Assuming symmetric principal symbol...

  4. Double-balloon endoscopy: Who needs it?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hendel, J.W.; Vilmann, P.; Jensen, T.


    Objective. Double-balloon endoscopy (DBE) made the small bowel accessible to inspection and therapy in its entirety. However, DBE is a time-consuming procedure that requires a highly skilled endoscopist, several nurses and - more often than not - anesthesiological support. This makes the selection...

  5. Under the Gaze of Double Critique

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sabih, Joshua


    of the theory of double critique: decolonisation, desacralisation and the orphan book are operative in Ḫaṭībī´s analysis of Orientalism, identity, and the issue of origin. As a professional outsider, Ḫaṭībī follows conceptually and methodologically the rules of the epistemological critique in an enunciation...

  6. A Morphism Double Category and Monoidal Structure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saikat Chatterjee


    Full Text Available We provide a recipe for “fattening” a category that leads to the construction of a double category. Motivated by an example where the underlying category has vector spaces as objects, we show how a monoidal category leads to a law of composition, satisfying certain coherence properties, on the object set of the fattened category.

  7. The Discovery of the Double Helix

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    Professor James D. Watson has kindly agreed to make a presentation on the 1953 finding of the Double Helix at the Cavendish Laboratory by Francis Crick and himself. Being one of the greatest scientific discoveries in human history, little else needs to be added.

  8. Double-outlet right ventricle revisited. (United States)

    Ebadi, Ameneh; Spicer, Diane E; Backer, Carl L; Fricker, F Jay; Anderson, Robert H


    Double-outlet right ventricle is a form of ventriculoarterial connection. The definition formulated by the International Society for Nomenclature of Paediatric and Congenital Heart Disease is based on hearts with both arterial trunks supported in their greater part by a morphologically right ventricle. Bilateral infundibula and ventricular septal defects are highly debated criteria. This study examines the anatomic controversies surrounding double-outlet right ventricle. We show that hearts with double-outlet right ventricle can have atrioventricular-to-arterial valvular continuity. We emphasize the difference between the interventricular communication and the zone of deficient ventricular septation. The hearts examined were from the University of Florida in Gainesville; Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, St Petersburg, Fla; and Lurie Children's Hospital, Chicago, Ill. Each specimen had at least 75% of both arterial roots supported by the morphologically right ventricle, with a total of 100 hearts examined. The morphologic method was used to assess anatomic features, including arterial-atrioventricular valvular continuity, subarterial infundibular musculature, and the location of the hole between the ventricles. Most hearts had fibrous continuity between one of the arterial valves and an atrioventricular valve, with bilateral infundibula in 23%, and intact ventricular septum in 5%. Bilateral infundibula are not a defining feature of double-outlet right ventricle, representing only 23% of the specimens in our sample. The interventricular communication can have a posteroinferior muscular rim or extend to become perimembranous (58%). Double-outlet right ventricle can exist with an intact ventricular septum. Copyright © 2017 The American Association for Thoracic Surgery. All rights reserved.

  9. Delivery of double singleton pregnancies in a woman with a double uterus, double cervix, and complete septate vagina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ming-Jie Yang


    Full Text Available Uterine anomalies involving a double uterus, double cervix, also known as didelphys uterus, and complete septate vagina are rarely seen and have an associated fertility problem. However, artificial reproductive technology with embryo transfers can help solve this fertility challenge. Conception in the uterus in just one side is commonly seen for embryos, which are always transferred through the usually used (dilated vagina. We here present a patient with the above uterine anomaly who conceived with the aid of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer to both uterine cavities under general anesthesia, which resulted in successful double singleton pregnancies with one fetus in each uterus. With intensive prenatal care, the pregnancy course for each fetus was rather uneventful. Although both fetuses were in cephalic presentation, cesarean section was performed at the 39th week of gestation with good outcomes in order to preclude anticipated difficulties if the baby had been delivered through the rarely dilated vagina. However, order of birth between the two fetuses was a crucial decision during the operation.

  10. 46 CFR 173.058 - Double bottom requirements. (United States)


    ... PERTAINING TO VESSEL USE School Ships § 173.058 Double bottom requirements. Each new sailing school vessel... service must comply with the double bottom requirements in §§ 171.105 through 171.109, inclusive, of this...

  11. Heuristic Solution Approaches to the Double TSP with Multiple Stacks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Hanne Løhmann


    This paper introduces the Double Travelling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks and presents a three different metaheuristic approaches to its solution. The Double Travelling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks is concerned with finding the shortest route performing pickups and deliveries...

  12. Heuristic Solution Approaches to the Double TSP with Multiple Stacks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Hanne Løhmann

    This paper introduces the Double Travelling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks and presents a three different metaheuristic approaches to its solution. The Double Travelling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks is concerned with finding the shortest route performing pickups and deliveries...

  13. Double folding model analysis of elastic scattering of halo nucleus ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Coulomb barrier energy have been performed using a potential obtained from the double folding model and are compared with the experiment. In the framework of the double folding model, the nuclear matter densities of 9,10 ...

  14. Micrometer and CCD measurements of double stars (Series 51

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popović G.M.


    Full Text Available 36 micrometric measurements of 20 double or multiple systems carried out with the Zeiss 65/1055 cm Refractor of Belgrade Observatory are communicated. Also 35 CCD measurements of 15 double or multiple systems are included.

  15. Boltzmann equation with double-well potentials (United States)

    Chiacchiera, Silvia; Macrı, Tommaso; Trombettoni, Andrea


    We study the dynamics of an interacting classical gas trapped in a double-well potential at finite temperature. Two model potentials are considered: a cubic box with a square barrier in the middle, and a harmonic trap with a Gaussian barrier along one direction. The study is performed using the Boltzmann equation, solved numerically via the test-particle method. We introduce and discuss a simple analytical model that allows one to provide estimates of the relaxation time, which are compared with numerical results. Finally, we use our findings to make numerical and analytical predictions for the case of a fermionic mixture in the normal-fluid phase in a realistic double-well potential relevant for experiments with cold atoms.

  16. Phonon tunneling through a double barrier system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villegas, Diosdado [Departamento de Física, Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas, CP 54830, Santa Clara, Villa Clara (Cuba); Instituto de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, 18 Sur y San Claudio, Edif. 110A, Ciudad Universitaria, 72570 Puebla (Mexico); León-Pérez, Fernando de [Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza, Ctra. de Huesca s/n, E-50090 Zaragoza (Spain); Pérez-Álvarez, R. [Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Av. Universidad 1001, CP 62209 Cuernavaca (Mexico); Arriaga, J., E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, 18 Sur y San Claudio, Edif. 110A, Ciudad Universitaria, 72570 Puebla (Mexico)


    The tunneling of optical and acoustic phonons at normal incidence on a double-barrier is studied in this paper. Transmission coefficients and resonance conditions are derived theoretically under the assumption that the long-wavelength approximation is valid. It is shown that the behavior of the transmission coefficients for the symmetric double barrier has a Lorentzian form close to resonant frequencies and that Breit–Wigner's formula have a general validity in one-dimensional phonon tunneling. Authors also study the so-called generalized Hartman effect in the tunneling of long-wavelength phonons and show that this effect is a numerical artifact resulting from taking the opaque limit before exploring the variation with a finite barrier width. This study could be useful for the design of acoustic devices.

  17. The DNA double helix fifty years on. (United States)

    Macgregor, Robert B; Poon, Gregory M K


    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the proposal of a double helical structure for DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick. The place of this proposal in the history and development of molecular biology is discussed. Several other discoveries that occurred in the middle of the twentieth century were perhaps equally important to our understanding of cellular processes; however, none of these captured the attention and imagination of the public to the same extent as the double helix. The existence of multiple forms of DNA and the uses of DNA in biological technologies is presented. DNA is also finding increasing use as a material due to its rather unusual structural and physical characteristics as well as its ready availability.

  18. Quantum capacitance of double-layer graphene (United States)

    Parhizgar, Fariborz; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Asgari, Reza


    We study the ground-state properties of a double-layer graphene system with the Coulomb interlayer electron-electron interaction modeled within the random-phase approximation. We first obtain an expression of the quantum capacitance of a two-layer system. In addition, we calculate the many-body exchange-correlation energy and quantum capacitance of the hybrid double-layer graphene system at zero temperature. We show an enhancement of the majority density layer thermodynamic density of states owing to an increasing interlayer interaction between two layers near the Dirac point. The quantum capacitance near the neutrality point behaves like a square root of the total density α √{n } where the coefficient α decreases by increasing the charge-density imbalance between two layers. Furthermore, we show that the quantum capacitance changes linearly by the gate voltage. Our results can be verified by current experiments.

  19. Towards weakly constrained double field theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kanghoon Lee


    Full Text Available We show that it is possible to construct a well-defined effective field theory incorporating string winding modes without using strong constraint in double field theory. We show that X-ray (Radon transform on a torus is well-suited for describing weakly constrained double fields, and any weakly constrained fields are represented as a sum of strongly constrained fields. Using inverse X-ray transform we define a novel binary operation which is compatible with the level matching constraint. Based on this formalism, we construct a consistent gauge transform and gauge invariant action without using strong constraint. We then discuss the relation of our result to the closed string field theory. Our construction suggests that there exists an effective field theory description for massless sector of closed string field theory on a torus in an associative truncation.

  20. Double Beta Decay Experiments with Thermal Detectors (United States)

    Alessandrello, A.; Brofferio, C.; Cremonesi, O.; Fiorini, E.; Giuliani, A.; Nucciotti, A.; Pavan, M.; Pessina, G.; Pirro, S.; Previtali, E.; Vanzini, M.; Zanotti, L.; Bucci, C.


    Massive low temperature particle detectors and their possible impacts on searches for neutrinoless double beta decay (O-DBD) are presented and discussed. In particular, the experimental work of the Milano group is described. Special relevance is given to the present status of the search for O-DBD of 130Te and to the possible expansion of this experiment in the near future. The most recent results obtained by the Milano-Gran Sasso collaboration with a 20 bolometer array are presented. On the basis of these results, the construction of a 42 kg array consisting of 56 TeO2 bolometers (CUORICINO project), to extend the sensitivity of the present experiment, has been proposed. CUORICINO should represent also a feasibility test for a large array of 1000 bolometers (CUORE project) aiming at the search for neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Cold Dark Matter and Solar Axions with extremely high sensitivity.

  1. Double Image Design in Newspaper Production

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Barišić


    Full Text Available In the high circulation production of daily newspapers, a double image, double information is set under the rules of Infraredesign theory (Pap et al, 2010. The management of visible and near infrared is posted with process colors for color setting configured for conventional newspaper print. The place of imprint that has delimited information in vs (Visible Spectrum and nir (Near InfraRed is called “a print with an infrared effect,” or conditionally “a print with infrared colors.” Daily newspapers, as massive carriers of information made by printing technique, are receiving a new form of presentation: printed image with a built-in invisible image.

  2. Double papilla flap technique for dual purpose

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P Mohan Kumar


    Full Text Available Marginal tissue recession exposes the anatomic root on the teeth, which gives rise to -common patient complaints. It is associated with sensitivity, tissue irritation, cervical abrasions, and esthetic concerns. Various types of soft tissue grafts may be performed when recession is deep and marginal tissue health cannot be maintained. Double papilla flap is an alternative technique to cover isolated recessions and correct gingival defects in areas of insufficient attached gingiva, not suitable for a lateral sliding flap. This technique offers the advantages of dual blood supply and denudation of interdental bone only, which is less susceptible to permanent damage after surgical exposure. It also offers the advantage of quicker healing in the donor site and reduces the risk of facial bone height loss. This case report presents the advantages of double papilla flap in enhancing esthetic and functional outcome of the patient.

  3. Amplitude determinant coupled cluster with pairwise doubles

    CERN Document Server

    Zhao, Luning


    Recently developed pair coupled cluster doubles (pCCD) theory successfully reproduces doubly occupied configuration interaction (DOCI) with mean field cost. However, the projective nature of pCCD makes the method non-variational and thus hard to improve systematically. As a variational alternative, we explore the idea of coupled-cluster-like expansions based on amplitude determinants and develop a specific theory similar to pCCD based on determinants of pairwise doubles. The new ansatz admits a variational treatment through Monte Carlo methods while remaining size-consistent and, crucially, polynomial cost. In the dissociations of LiH, HF, H2O and N2, the method performs very similarly to pCCD and DOCI, suggesting that coupled-cluster-like ansatzes and variational evaluation may not be mutually exclusive.

  4. Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis with Incomplete Double Ureter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yutaro Hayashi


    Full Text Available Introduction. Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (XGP is a type of chronic renal inflammation that usually occurs in immunocompromised middle-aged women with chronic urinary tract infection or ureteral obstruction induced by the formation of ureteral stones. XGP with an incomplete double ureter is extremely rare. Case Presentation. A 76-year-old woman was referred to our department to undergo further examination for a left renal tumor that was detected by ultrasonography. Dynamic contrast computed tomography (CT revealed an enhanced tumor in the upper renal parenchyma. Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy was performed based on a preoperative diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma. Histological sections showed the aggregation of foam cells; thus, XGP was diagnosed. Conclusion. We herein report a rare case of XGP in the upper pole of the kidney, which might have been associated with an incomplete double ureter.

  5. Inviscid double wake model for stalled airfoils

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marion, Lucas; Ramos García, Néstor; Sørensen, Jens Nørkær


    An inviscid double wake model based on a steady two-dimensional panel method has been developed to predict aerodynamic loads of wind turbine airfoils in the deep stall region. The separated flow is modelled using two constant vorticity sheets which are released at the trailing edge and at the sep......An inviscid double wake model based on a steady two-dimensional panel method has been developed to predict aerodynamic loads of wind turbine airfoils in the deep stall region. The separated flow is modelled using two constant vorticity sheets which are released at the trailing edge...... and at the separation point. A calibration of the code through comparison with experiments has been performed using one set of airfoils. A second set of airfoils has been used for the validation of the calibrated model. Predicted aerodynamic forces for a wide range of angles of attack (0 to 90 deg) are in overall good...

  6. Detecting double compression of audio signal (United States)

    Yang, Rui; Shi, Yun Q.; Huang, Jiwu


    MP3 is the most popular audio format nowadays in our daily life, for example music downloaded from the Internet and file saved in the digital recorder are often in MP3 format. However, low bitrate MP3s are often transcoded to high bitrate since high bitrate ones are of high commercial value. Also audio recording in digital recorder can be doctored easily by pervasive audio editing software. This paper presents two methods for the detection of double MP3 compression. The methods are essential for finding out fake-quality MP3 and audio forensics. The proposed methods use support vector machine classifiers with feature vectors formed by the distributions of the first digits of the quantized MDCT (modified discrete cosine transform) coefficients. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods. To the best of our knowledge, this piece of work is the first one to detect double compression of audio signal.

  7. Energy Calibration of Double Chooz Detector (United States)

    Yang, Guang


    Reactor anti-neutrino oscillation experiment Double Chooz was designed to measure the mixing angle theta-13 with unprecedented sensitivity. The Double Chooz detector system consists of a main detector, an outer veto system and several calibration systems. The main detector has a cylindrical structure. It consists of the target vessel, a liquid scintillator loaded with Gd, surrounded by the gamma-catcher, a non-loaded liquid scintillator. A buffer region of non-scintillating liquid surrounds the gamma-catcher and serves to host 390 photomultiplier tubes and to decrease the level of accidental background. The Inner Veto region is outside the buffer, and the Outer Veto system covers all detector components. Far detector is operational and the near detector is under construction. The detector is calibrated with light sources, radioactive point sources, cosmics and natural radioactivity. In this presentation we will describe use of radioactive calibration sources and cross-checks performed with cosmics and natural radioactivity.

  8. Double quantum dots in carbon nanotubes (United States)

    von Stecher, Javier; Wunsch, Bernhard; Lukin, Mikhail; Demler, Eugene; Rey, Ana Maria


    We study the behavior of few-electrons confined in a double-well quantum dot in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. These carbon nanostructures exhibit richer physics than GaAs ones due to the additional valley degree of freedom. We calculate and characterize the low energy eigenstates in the presence of a magnetic field and double-well detuning. Spin-orbit coupling lifts the spin and valley degeneracy and, in the presence of exchange interactions, leads, at small detunings and weak magnetic fields, to a spin-valley antisymmetric two-electron ground state which is not a pure spin-singlet state. At large detuning, the strong Coulomb interactions accessible in carbon nanotubes can substantially modify the non-interacting eigenstates via higher orbital-level mixing. The latter manifest in current transport experiments by the disappearance of the Pauli blockade.

  9. Monitoring of Double Stud Wall Moisture Conditions in the Northeast

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ueno, K. [Building Science Corporation, Westford, MA (United States)


    Double-stud walls insulated with cellulose or low-density spray foam can have R-values of 40 or higher. However, double stud walls have a higher risk of interior-sourced condensation moisture damage, when compared with high-R approaches using exterior insulating sheathing.; Moisture conditions in double stud walls were monitored in Zone 5A (Massachusetts); three double stud assemblies were compared.

  10. Maxillary double lip: A case series with review of literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vela D Desai


    Full Text Available Double lip is a rare dental anomaly affecting either upper or lower lip or concurrently. It may be congenital or acquired. This deformity can affect the facial esthetics as it gets exaggerated while speaking, smiling, or chewing food. When it interferes with speech, double lip may cause potential functional problems. The purpose of this article is to review the literature on double lip and present a case series of maxillary double lip.

  11. A double patella-like condition secondary to synovial osteochondromatosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kajikawa Yoshiteru


    Full Text Available Abstract To our knowledge, this is the first case of synovial osteochondromatosis in a patient presenting with a double patella-like condition. The true duplication of the patella, which is called double patella, is extremely rare. In our case, the operative and histopathological findings showed that the double patella-like condition was secondarily induced by synovial osteochondromatosis. Synovial osteochondromatosis should be considered as a differential diagnosis for congenital double patella.

  12. [Double gall blader--surprise during operation]. (United States)

    Oprea, D; Maier, A; Costea, P


    Gall blader abnormalities are very rare. The diagnosis is difficult, more often appears during operation or necropsy. The authors present a clinical case with double gall blader, into a 50 years old man. The diagnosis appeared during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The colecistectomy was performed for chronic cholelithiasis. Even it is rare, this pathology should be known, to avoid biliary ducts iatrogenic injuries during operations. The authors made a mustering of literature.

  13. Floral double mesiodentes: A rare case report. (United States)

    Singaraju, Gowri Sankar; Reddy, B Rama Mohan; Supraja, G; Reddy, K Narayana


    Mesiodens is the most commonly erupting supernumerary in the midline between two maxillary central incisors. Mesiodentes is a rare condition when mesiodens erupt in multiples, which may present as either labial or palatal to permanent central incisors. We report a rare case of double mesiodentes (non-syndromic mesiodentes) with floret like appearance. The presence of mesiodens has functional and esthetic implications. Careful radiographic evaluation should be done to prevent complications during their extraction.

  14. Tables of double beta decay data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tretyak, V.I. [AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine)]|[Strasbourg-1 Univ., 67 (France). Centre de Recherches Nucleaires; Zdesenko, Y.G. [AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine)


    A compilation of experimental data on double beta decay is presented. The tables contain the most stringent known experimental limits or positive results of 2{beta} transitions of 69 natural nuclides to ground and excited states of daughter nuclei for different channels (2{beta}{sup -}; 2{beta}{sup +}; {epsilon}{beta}{sup +}; 2{epsilon}) and modes (0{nu}; 2{nu}; 0{nu}M) of decay. (authors). 189 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

  15. Doubling Time for Nonexponential Families of Functions (United States)

    Gordon, Sheldon P.


    One special characteristic of any exponential growth or decay function f(t) = Ab[superscript t] is its unique doubling time or half-life, each of which depends only on the base "b". The half-life is used to characterize the rate of decay of any radioactive substance or the rate at which the level of a medication in the bloodstream decays as it is…

  16. Vitrectomy in double-perforation gunshot injury

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abd El Alim Mohamed A


    Full Text Available Ahmed Abd El Alim MohamedOphthalmology department, Ain Shams University, Cairo, EgyptObjective: This study sought to evaluate the result of pars plana vitrectomy in patients with gunshot wounds involving double perforation.Methods: This was a retrospective, noncomparative, interventional case series.Results: Eighteen patients (18 eyes with double-perforation gunshot injuries were treated from February 2010 to March 2012. The group included 16 men (88% and two women (11%; the mean age was 24 (15–33 years. In each case, vitrectomy was scheduled 1–6 weeks after repair of the entrance site. Associated retinal detachments were observed in two eyes (11%, retinal incarceration was observed surrounding the exit site in three eyes (16%, and retention of an intraocular foreign body was observed in two cases. After a follow-up period of 8 ± 2 months, two eyes (11% had achieved visual acuity (VA of 0.5, nine eyes (50% had achieved VA between 0.5 and 0.1, and seven eyes (38% had achieved VA between 0.1 and hand movement. The main reasons for functional failure (VA 0.1 to hand movement were macular dragging (due to fibrosis at the exit site near the macula in seven cases (38%, submacular hemorrhage in four cases (22%, and epimacular fibrosis in five cases (27%. All cases developed postoperative exotropia. One case (5% developed postoperative hemorrhage. No cases exhibited signs of postoperative redetachment.Conclusion: The outcome of pars plana vitrectomy in cases with double perforations is variable. Factors including the surgeon's skill level, the time to surgery, and the efficacy of the intraocular tamponade affect the postoperative outcome.Keywords: pars plana vitrectomy, gunshot injury, double perforation

  17. Nivolumab Doubles Survival for Patients with HNSCC. (United States)


    In patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma refractory to platinum-based chemotherapy, those treated with nivolumab had a 30% reduction in the risk of death compared with those assigned to receive one of three single-agent chemotherapies, according to a recent phase III trial. In addition, 1-year survival among nivolumab recipients was double that of those who received a chemotherapeutic, the current standard of care. ©2016 American Association for Cancer Research.

  18. The double helix and the 'wronged heroine'. (United States)

    Maddox, Brenda


    In 1962, James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins received the Nobel prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA. Notably absent from the podium was Rosalind Franklin, whose X-ray photographs of DNA contributed directly to the discovery of the double helix. Franklin's premature death, combined with misogynist treatment by the male scientific establishment, cast her as a feminist icon. This myth overshadowed her intellectual strength and independence both as a scientist and as an individual.

  19. Integrated double-sided silicon microstrip detectors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perevertailo V. L.


    Full Text Available The problems of design, technology and manufacturing double-sided silicon microstrip detectors using standard equipment production line in mass production of silicon integrated circuits are considered. The design of prototype high-energy particles detector for experiment ALICE (CERN is presented. The parameters of fabricated detectors are comparable with those of similar foreign detectors, but they are distinguished by lesser cost.

  20. Double-Diffusive Convection in Rotational Shear (United States)


    have already been conducted to test the distortion of thermohaline 49 staircases and the channel propagation of acoustic signals (Bulters, 2013...models of ocean circulation (Radko 2013). In each of these instances, a clearer understanding of the small-scale dynamics of double diffusion would...REFERENCES Bulters, A. C., 2012: Three-dimensional structure of thermohaline staircases in the tropical north Atlantic and their effect on acoustic

  1. Why double-stranded RNA resists condensation (United States)

    Tolokh, Igor S.; Pabit, Suzette A.; Katz, Andrea M.; Chen, Yujie; Drozdetski, Aleksander; Baker, Nathan; Pollack, Lois; Onufriev, Alexey V.


    The addition of small amounts of multivalent cations to solutions containing double-stranded DNA leads to inter-DNA attraction and eventual condensation. Surprisingly, the condensation is suppressed in double-stranded RNA, which carries the same negative charge as DNA, but assumes a different double helical form. Here, we combine experiment and atomistic simulations to propose a mechanism that explains the variations in condensation of short (25 base-pairs) nucleic acid (NA) duplexes, from B-like form of homopolymeric DNA, to mixed sequence DNA, to DNA:RNA hybrid, to A-like RNA. Circular dichroism measurements suggest that duplex helical geometry is not the fundamental property that ultimately determines the observed differences in condensation. Instead, these differences are governed by the spatial variation of cobalt hexammine (CoHex) binding to NA. There are two major NA-CoHex binding modes—internal and external—distinguished by the proximity of bound CoHex to the helical axis. We find a significant difference, up to 5-fold, in the fraction of ions bound to the external surfaces of the different NA constructs studied. NA condensation propensity is determined by the fraction of CoHex ions in the external binding mode. PMID:25123663

  2. Double shell planar experiments on OMEGA (United States)

    Dodd, E. S.; Merritt, E. C.; Palaniyappan, S.; Montgomery, D. S.; Daughton, W. S.; Schmidt, D. W.; Cardenas, T.; Wilson, D. C.; Loomis, E. N.; Batha, S. H.; Ping, Y.; Smalyuk, V. A.; Amendt, P. A.


    The double shell project is aimed at fielding neutron-producing capsules at the National Ignition Facility (NIF), in which an outer low-Z ablator collides with an inner high-Z shell to compress the fuel. However, understanding these targets experimentally can be challenging when compared with conventional single shell targets. Halfraum-driven planar targets at OMEGA are being used to study physics issues important to double shell implosions outside of a convergent geometry. Both VISAR and radiography through a tube have advantages over imaging through the hohlraum and double-shell capsule at NIF. A number physics issues are being studied with this platform that include 1-d and higher dimensional effects such as defect-driven hydrodynamic instabilities from engineering features. Additionally, the use of novel materials with controlled density gradients require study in easily diagnosed 1-d systems. This work ultimately feeds back into the NIF capsule platform through manufacturing tolerances set using data from OMEGA. Supported under the US DOE by the LANS, LLC under contract DE-AC52-06NA25396. LA-UR-17-25386.

  3. The 'double cortex' syndrome on MRI. (United States)

    Hashimoto, R; Seki, T; Takuma, Y; Suzuki, N


    We report a 6-year-old girl with diffuse subcortical heterotopia (band heterotopia), an unusual type of ectopic gray matter on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Her cerebral parenchyma had four layers consisting of cortex, thin outer white matter, diffuse subcortical heterotopia, and inner white matter around the lateral ventricles, giving the appearance of a 'double cortex'. The overlying cortex had midly broad gyri, especially in the frontal lobes. MRI showed the appearance of laminar heterotopia, a classical pathological entity. The double cortex syndrome is presumably a radiological delineation of laminar heterotopia. Her development was slightly delayed and she was clumsy and easily upset, with poor impulse control. However, her daily life was largely unaffected in spite of the severe abnormalities on MRI. She had abnormal movements during sleep, and sleeping EEG showed high voltage spindles in the bilateral frontal areas but no epileptic discharges. It could not be determined whether or not these movements were epileptic. The double cortex syndrome, an anomaly of the central nervous system associated with mental retardation, epilepsy, behavioral problems, and exclusive occurrence in girls, will be established as a clinico-radiological entity.

  4. Aerodynamic Analysis Over Double Wedge Airfoil (United States)

    Prasad, U. S.; Ajay, V. S.; Rajat, R. H.; Samanyu, S.


    Aeronautical studies are being focused more towards supersonic flights and methods to attain a better and safer flight with highest possible performance. Aerodynamic analysis is part of the whole procedure, which includes focusing on airfoil shapes which will permit sustained flight of aircraft at these speeds. Airfoil shapes differ based on the applications, hence the airfoil shapes considered for supersonic speeds are different from the ones considered for Subsonic. The present work is based on the effects of change in physical parameter for the Double wedge airfoil. Mach number range taken is for transonic and supersonic. Physical parameters considered for the Double wedge case with wedge angle (ranging from 5 degree to 15 degree. Available Computational tools are utilized for analysis. Double wedge airfoil is analysed at different Angles of attack (AOA) based on the wedge angle. Analysis is carried out using fluent at standard conditions with specific heat ratio taken as 1.4. Manual calculations for oblique shock properties are calculated with the help of Microsoft excel. MATLAB is used to form a code for obtaining shock angle with Mach number and wedge angle at the given parameters. Results obtained from manual calculations and fluent analysis are cross checked.

  5. Academic knowing in/through double perspectives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margareta Melin


    Full Text Available This article explores the cultures and learning practices of four academic schools with an expressed wish to bridge the gap between traditional academic and arts or journalistic practices. Pierre Bourdieu, the French sociologist, termed them allodoxic, in that they challenge the traditional academic way of thinking and doing. Results from two research projects, spanning over 5 years, employing a multitude of methods, have been used in this article. The results show that these challenging bridging attempts create conflictual cultures. First, faculties with different backgrounds are employed and they bring with them their respective habitus and doxa (Bourdieu, which is manifested in their different epistemologies, doxas. Despite a strong will to work interdisciplinarily, conflicts (destructive arise particularly around epistemological and pedagogic issues. Second, I show that students at these schools have had double-perspective learning, through theoretical and practice-based methods, despite little help from their lecturers who have high ideals but little actual knowledge themselves of working in/through a double perspective. In many cases, through trial-and-error processes, students have appropriated embodied knowledge of a double perspective, which has given them surplus value when compared with learning through only traditional academic learning practices. It gives reflexive insights and understandings as well as transferrable skills highly useful in professional life. I finally argue that allodoxic conflictual cultures actually construct new ways of knowing through continuous discussions and meetings between faculties with different competences.

  6. Double entry bookkeeping vs single entry bookkeeping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ileana Andreica


    Full Text Available Abstract: A financial management eficiently begin, primarily, with an accounting record kept in the best possible conditions, this being conditioned on the adoption of a uniform forms, rational, clear and simple accounting. Throughout history, there have been known two forms of accounting: the simple and double entry. Romanian society after 1990 underwent a substantial change in social structure, the sector on which put a great emphasis being private, that of small manufacturers, peddler, freelance, who work independently and authorized or as associative form (family enterprises, various associations (owners, tenants, etc., liberal professions, etc.. They are obliged to keep a simple bookkeeping, because they have no juridical personality. Companies with legal personality are required to keep double entry bookkeeping; therefore, knowledge and border demarcation between the two forms of organisation of accounting is an essential. The material used for this work is mainly represented by the financial and accounting documents, by the analysis of the economic, by legislative updated sources, and as the method was used the comparison method, using hypothetical data, in case of an authorized individual and a legal entity. Based on the chosen material, an authorized individual (who perform single entry accounting system and a juridical entity (who perform double entry accounting system were selected comparative case studies, using hypothetical data, were analysed advantages and disadvantages in term of fiscal, if using two accounting systems, then were highlighted some conclusion that result.

  7. Perturbative quantum gravity in double field theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boels, Rutger H.; Horst, Christoph [II. Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Hamburg,Luruper Chaussee 149, D- 22761 Hamburg (Germany)


    We study perturbative general relativity with a two-form and a dilaton using the double field theory formulation which features explicit index factorisation at the Lagrangian level. Explicit checks to known tree level results are performed. In a natural covariant gauge a ghost-like scalar which contributes even at tree level is shown to decouple consistently as required by perturbative unitarity. In addition, a lightcone gauge is explored which bypasses the problem altogether. Using this gauge to study BCFW on-shell recursion, we can show that most of the D-dimensional tree level S-matrix of the theory, including all pure graviton scattering amplitudes, is reproduced by the double field theory. More generally, we argue that the integrand may be reconstructed from its single cuts and provide limited evidence for off-shell cancellations in the Feynman graphs. As a straightforward application of the developed technology double field theory-like expressions for four field string corrections are derived.

  8. Double-Difference Tomography for Sequestration MVA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Westman, Erik


    Analysis of synthetic data was performed to determine the most cost-effective tomographic monitoring system for a geologic carbon sequestration injection site. Double-difference tomographic inversion was performed on 125 synthetic data sets: five stages of CO2 plume growth, five seismic event regions, and five geophone arrays. Each resulting velocity model was compared quantitatively to its respective synthetic velocity model to determine an accuracy value. The results were examined to determine a relationship between cost and accuracy in monitoring, verification, and accounting applications using double-difference tomography. The geophone arrays with widely-varying geophone locations, both laterally and vertically, performed best. Additionally, double difference seismic tomography was performed using travel time data from a carbon sequestration site at the Aneth oil field in southeast Utah as part of a Department of Energy initiative on monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) of sequestered CO2. A total of 1,211 seismic events were recorded from a borehole array consisting of 22 geophones. Artificial velocity models were created to determine the ease with which different CO2 plume locations and sizes can be detected. Most likely because of the poor geophone arrangement, a low velocity zone in the Desert Creek reservoir can only be detected when regions of test site containing the highest ray path coverage are considered. MVA accuracy and precision may be improved through the use of a receiver array that provides more comprehensive ray path coverage.

  9. Visual mislocalization during double-step saccades

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eckart eZimmermann


    Full Text Available Visual objects presented briefly at the time of saccade onset appear compressed toward the saccade target. Compression strength depends on the presentation of a visual saccade target signal and is strongly reduced during the second saccade of a double-step saccade sequence (Zimmermann et al., 2014; 2014. Here, I tested whether perisaccadic compression is linked to saccade planning by contrasting two double-step paradigms. In the same-direction double-step paradigm, subjects were required to perform two rightward 10° saccades successively. At various times around execution of the saccade sequence a probe dot was briefly flashed. Subjects had to localize the position of the probe dot after they had completed both saccades. I found compression of visual space only at the time of the first but not at the time of the second saccade. In the reverse-direction paradigm, subjects performed first a rightward 10° saccade followed by a leftward 10° saccade back to initial fixation. In this paradigm compression was found in similar magnitude during both saccades. Analysis of the saccade parameters did not reveal indications of saccade sequence preplanning in this paradigm. I therefore conclude that saccade planning, rather than saccade execution factors, is involved in perisaccadic compression.

  10. The GS09 double parton distribution functions (United States)

    Gaunt, J. R.

    It is anticipated that hard double parton scattering (DPS) will occur frequently in the collisions of the LHC, producing interesting signals and significant backgrounds to certain single scattering processes. In order to make theoretical predictions of double scattering rates and properties, the double parton distributions (dPDFs) D_p^{j_1j_2}(x_1,x_2;Q_A,Q_B) are required. We discuss the first publicly available set of equal-scale (Q_A=Q_B) leading order dPDFs -- the GS09 dPDFs. A brief account is given describing how pQCD evolution effects and sum rule constraints (the latter derived by us) have been incorporated into this set of dPDFs. We then present a summary of a phenomenological investigation into same-sign W pair production conducted using GS09. In this, the DPS signal produced using GS09 is compared with that obtained using simple products of single PDFs multiplied by (1-x_1-x_2)^n, and the single scattering backgrounds (W+-W+-jj, di-boson and heavy flavour) are carefully calculated. It is found that the correlations in GS09 manifest themselves in non-trivial kinematic correlations between the W bosons. However, it is unlikely that these correlations will be measurable at the LHC in the near future owing to the fact that the background is significant even after cuts.

  11. 40 CFR 721.5547 - Antimony double oxide. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 30 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Antimony double oxide. 721.5547... Substances § 721.5547 Antimony double oxide. (a) Chemical substance and significant new uses subject to reporting. (1) The chemical substances identified generically as antimony double oxide (PMNs P-95-677 and P...

  12. Measurements of Neglected Double Stars: December 2016 Report (United States)

    Carro, Joseph


    This article presents measurements of 36 neglected double stars and one double star. The stars were selected from the Washington Double Star Catalog published by the United States Naval Observatory. The photographs were taken by remote telescopes. The measurements were done by the author.

  13. Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Double Teeth in Primary ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jan 16, 2016 ... KEYWORDS: Dental anomaly, double teeth, fusion, germination, primary dentition. Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Double ... and Pediatric Dentistry departments between. February 2009 and April 2015. ... Type III: Two fused crowns, double conical root. [Figure 1c]. • Type IV: Two fused crowns, two ...

  14. On efficiency of some ratio estimators in double sampling design ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this paper, three sampling ratio estimators in double sampling design were proposed with the intention of finding an alternative double sampling design estimator to the conventional ratio estimator in double sampling design discussed by Cochran (1997), Okafor (2002) , Raj (1972) and Raj and Chandhok (1999).

  15. Cyclone frequency in east asia and double-cyclones


    Umemoto, Tohru


    Japanese meteorologists call a certain type of cyclone "Futatsudama-teikiatsu" (Double-cyclone). The relationships between frequencies of extratropical cyclones and Double-cyclones were studied. Using a 2° latitude/longitude grid covering East Asia, three high frequency belts were found. Double-cyclones were classified into three types. Features of occurrence of these three types were discussed.

  16. Testing Intelligently Includes Double-Checking Wechsler IQ Scores (United States)

    Kuentzel, Jeffrey G.; Hetterscheidt, Lesley A.; Barnett, Douglas


    The rigors of standardized testing make for numerous opportunities for examiner error, including simple computational mistakes in scoring. Although experts recommend that test scoring be double-checked, the extent to which independent double-checking would reduce scoring errors is not known. A double-checking procedure was established at a…

  17. Double-planting can affect gains from weed control treatments (United States)

    David B. South


    Double-planting is the practice of planting two seedlings at every planting spot. When both seedlings survive, then either the less vigorous seedling is removed or each seedling is given an equal chance of being removed. Some researchers double-plant so that tree growth among experimental plots is not affected by initial differences in stocking. However, double-...

  18. Comparing and Selecting Generalized Double Ring Network Structures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Jens Myrup; Knudsen, Thomas Phillip; Madsen, Ole Brun


    N2R(p;q) network structures were introduced recently as a generalization of double rings, and they were shown to be superior compared to double rings in terms of average distance and diameter. For a given number of nodes, there is only one double ring, but often more different N2R(p;q) structures...

  19. Rare Case of Double Looped Ansa Cervicalis Associated with its ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    fibers of C1‑C3 nerves arose from this loop and ran obliquely downwards superficial to CCA and branched out to supply the infrahyoid muscles. Rare Case of Double Looped Ansa ... Keywords: Ansa cervicalis, Double loop, Nerve muscle transplant, Variation ... categorized as type 3 with the prevalence of 4% and double.

  20. Double diabetes: an emerging disease in children and young adults ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prevention of childhood obesity by encouraging physical activities and dietary control would prevent double diabetes. Conclusion: Double diabetes is increasing in children and young adults. A high index of suspicion is required in obese children with diabetes. Keywords: Double diabetes, Emerging problem, Children, ...

  1. The double identity of doubling: Evidence for the phonology-morphology split. (United States)

    Berent, Iris; Bat-El, Outi; Vaknin-Nusbaum, Vered


    Duality of patterning, is, by hypothesis, a universal design feature of language. Every language constructs words from meaningful units (morphemes), which, in turn, are comprised of meaningless phonological elements (e.g., segments, syllables). But whether the language faculty does, in fact, include a separate morphological level, distinct from the phonology, is a matter of controversy. To elucidate the role of morphology, here we ask whether morphological forms are constrained by putatively universal combinatorial principles, distinct from those applying to phonological patterns. Our research exploits the structural ambiguity of doubling. Doubling (e.g., trafraf) is open to two competing interpretations-as either a purely phonological form, or as a complex morphological structure that is systematically linked to meaning (e.g., trafraf is the diminutive of traf). Our experiments show that responses to doubling (trafraf) shift radically, depending on its level of analysis. Viewed as a meaningless phonological form, doubling is dispreferred irrespective of its kind (i.e., trafraf is as bad as traftaf, even though the latter violates a morphological constraint on contiguity). But once doubling is systematically linked to meaning (i.e., as a morphological structure), the doubling dislike shifts into a reliable preference, and an additional constraint on its contiguity arises (i.e., trafraf>traftaf). Remarkably, the dissociation between morphological and phonological doubling emerges regardless of whether morphological reduplication is abundant in participants' language (in Hebrew) or relatively rare (in English). These results suggest the existence of distinct linguistic constraints that preferentially target the morphological vs. phonological levels. We discuss various explanations for the origins of these restrictions. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. An uncommon variant of double-chambered right ventricle masquerading as double-chambered left ventricle. (United States)

    Baritakis, Nikolaos; Grapsas, Nikolaos; Kotsalos, Andreas; Davlouros, Periklis


    We present a rare case of a double-chambered right ventricle masquerading as a double-chambered left ventricle, which was found incidentally on cardiac imaging in an adult female patient with atypical chest pain. The most common form of double-chambered right ventricle is characterized by compartmentalization of the right ventricle by muscular bands into 2 distinct chambers. The main features of this malformation are a pressure gradient between the 2 compartments, and the frequent (up to 90%) association with a membranous ventricular septal defect. In our case, the muscular band dividing the right ventricle was located in the inferoseptal part of the latter, creating a diminutive cavity that had no communication with the main right ventricle but communicated with the left ventricle creating the false impression of a double-chambered left ventricle. This constitutes a rare variant of double-chambered right ventricle with unknown clinical implications. © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. All rights reserved.

  3. Formation of Double Neutron Stars, Millisecond Pulsars and Double Black Holes (United States)

    van den Heuvel, Edward P. J.


    The 1982 model for the formation of Hulse-Taylor binary radio pulsar PSR B1913+16 is described, which since has become the `standard model' for the formation of the double neutron stars, confirmed by the 2003 discovery of the double pulsar system PSR J0737-3039AB. A brief overview is given of the present status of our knowledge of the double neutron stars, of which 15 systems are presently known. The binary-recycling model for the formation of millisecond pulsars is described, as put forward independently by Alpar et al. (1982), Radhakrishnan & Srinivasan (1982) and Fabian et al. (1983). This now is the `standard model' for the formation of these objects, confirmed by the discovery in 1998 of the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars. It is noticed that the formation process of close double black holes has analogies to that of close double neutron stars, extended to binaries with larger initial component masses, although there are also considerable differences in the physics of the binary evolution at these larger masses.

  4. Laboratory observation of multiple double layer resembling space plasma double layer (United States)

    Alex, Prince; Arumugam, Saravanan; Sinha, Suraj


    Perceptible double layer consisting of more than one layers were produced in laboratory using a double discharge plasma setup. The confinement of oppositely charged particles in each layer with sharply defined luminous boarder is attributed to the self-organization scenario. This structure is generated in front of a positively biased electrode when the electron drift velocity (νd) exceeds 1.3 times the electron thermal velocity (νte) . Stable multiple double layer structures were observed only between 1.3 νte organized criticality in the emergence of turbulence. The algebraic decaying tale of the autocorrelation function and power law behavior in the power spectrum are consistent with the observation.

  5. Design and delivery of the diamond double double bend achromat project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kay, J., E-mail:; Hammond, N. P.; Thomson, A. [Diamond Light Source, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK, OX11 0DE (United Kingdom)


    A major project is underway at Diamond Light Source to remove one of the 24 Double Bend Achromat (DBA) Storage Ring cells and replace it with a Double Double Bend Achromat (DDBA). In this way a new Insertion Device (ID) straight can be created and so ID light can be produced and delivered to a beamline previously only capable of receiving Bending Magnet (BM) radiation. This project is in support of the micro-focus Protein Crystallography (MX) beamline VMX-m which is scheduled to take users towards the end of 2017. This paper describes the Engineering Design of the DDBA project in more detail and gives the current status of the project.

  6. Comparative Analysis of Guided Modal Properties of Double-Positive and Double-Negative Metamaterial Slab Waveguides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Y. Kim


    Full Text Available The guided modal properties of double-positive and double-negative metamaterial slab waveguides are numerically analyzed and compared when varying the dielectric and magnetic constants. As the cutoff frequencies of both slab waveguides remained unchanged when the absolute value of the refractive index was kept invariant, this enabled an effective comparison of the respective guided modes. Thus, the guided mode dispersion characteristics of the double-positive and double-negative slab waveguides were analyzed and compared, including several higher order modes. As a result, this comparative analysis provides greater physical insights and a better understanding of the guided modal characteristics of double-negative metamaterial slab waveguides.

  7. Design studies for the Double Chooz trigger

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cucoanes, Andi Sebastian


    The main characteristic of the neutrino mixing effect is assumed to be the coupling between the flavor and the mass eigenstates. Three mixing angles ({theta}{sub 12}, {theta}{sub 23}, {theta}{sub 13}) are describing the magnitude of this effect. Still unknown, {theta}{sub 13} is considered very small, based on the measurement done by the CHOOZ experiment. A leading experiment will be Double Chooz, placed in the Ardennes region, on the same site as used by CHOOZ. The Double Chooz goal is the exploration of {proportional_to}80% from the currently allowed {theta}{sub 13} region, by searching the disappearance of reactor antineutrinos. Double Chooz will use two similar detectors, located at different distances from the reactor cores: a near one at {proportional_to}150 m where no oscillations are expected and a far one at 1.05 km distance, close to the first minimum of the survival probability function. The measurement foresees a precise comparison of neutrino rates and spectra between both detectors. The detection mechanism is based on the inverse {beta}-decay. The Double Chooz detectors have been designed to minimize the rate of random background. In a simplified view, two optically separated regions are considered. The target, filled with Gd-doped liquid scintillator, is the main antineutrino interaction volume. Surrounding the target, the inner veto region aims to tag the cosmogenic muon background which hits the detector. Both regions are viewed by photomultipliers. The Double Chooz trigger system has to be highly efficient for antineutrino events as well as for several types of background. The trigger analyzes discriminated signals from the central region and the inner veto photomultipliers. The trigger logic is fully programmable and can combine the input signals. The trigger conditions are based on the total energy released in event and on the PMT groups multiplicity. For redundancy, two independent trigger boards will be used for the central region, each of

  8. Ferroelectricity in d0 double perovskite fluoroscandates (United States)

    Charles, Nenian; Rondinelli, James M.


    Ferroelectricity in strain-free and strained double perovskite fluorides, Na3ScF6 and K2NaScF6 , is investigated using first-principles density functional theory. Although the experimental room temperature crystal structures of these fluoroscandates are centrosymmetric, i.e., Na3ScF6 (P 21/n ) and K2NaScF6 (F m 3 ¯m ), lattice dynamical calculations reveal that soft polar instabilities exist in each prototypical cubic phase and that the modes harden as the tolerance factor approaches unity. Thus the double fluoroperovskites bear some similarities to A B O3 perovskite oxides; however, in contrast, these fluorides exhibit large acentric displacements of alkali metal cations (Na, K) rather than polar displacements of the transition metal cations. Biaxial strain investigations of the centrosymmetric and polar Na3ScF6 and K2NaScF6 phases reveal that the paraelectric structures are favored under compressive strain, whereas polar structures with in-plane electric polarizations (˜5 -18 μ C cm-2 ) are realized at sufficiently large tensile strains. The electric polarization and stability of the polar structures for both chemistries are found to be further enhanced and stabilized by a coexisting single octahedral tilt system. Our results suggest that polar double perovskite fluorides may be realized by suppression of octahedral rotations about more than one Cartesian axis; structures exhibiting in- or out-of-phase octahedral rotations about the c axis are more susceptible to polar symmetries.

  9. Double orifice mitral valve: A case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Musić Ljilja


    Full Text Available Introduction. Double orifice mitrol valve (DOMV is a very rare congenital heart defect. Case report. We reported 20-year-old male referred to our center due to evaluation of his cardiologic status. He was operated on shortly after birth for a tracheoesophageal fistula. Accidentally, echocardiography examination at the age of 4 years revealed double orifice mitral valve (DOMV without the presence of mitral regurgitation, as well as mitral stenosis, with normal dimensions of all cardiac chambers. The patient was asymptomatic, even more he was a kick boxer. His physical finding was normal. Electrocardiography showed regular sinus rhythm, incomplete right bundle branch block. Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE examination revealed the normal size of the left atrial, mitral leaflets were slightly more redundant. The left and right heart chambers, aorta, tricuspid valve and pulmonary artery valve were normal. During TTE examination on a short axis view two asymmetric mitral orifices were seen as a double mitral orifice through which we registered normal flow, without regurgitation and mitral stenosis. Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE examination from the transgastric view at the level of mitral valve, showed 2 single asymmetric mitral orifices separated by fibrous tissue, mitral leaflet with a separate insertion of hordes for each orifice. Conclusion. The presented patient with DOMV is the only one recognized in our country. The case is interesting because during 16-year a follow-up period there were no functional changes despite the fact that he performed very demanded sport activities. This is very important because there is no information in the literature about that.

  10. Double obstruction of ureter: A diagnostic challenge

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pankaj Halder


    Full Text Available Introduction: Isolated obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction and the vesico-ureteric junction are the two most common causes of hydronephrosis in a pediatric population. [1] They do not pose diagnostic difficulties when are present alone but when together can be difficult to diagnose. Here, we discuss the problems we faced when we encountered these two anomalies in the same ureter and the way in which we managed them. Aim: To assess the difficulties in diagnosis of pediatric patients who present with both ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO and vesico-ureteric junction obstruction (VUJO in the ipsilateral ureter and their management protocol. Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study. The study period is from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2011. Out of 254 children who were diagnosed to have hydronephrosis due to UPJO in our institute, 5 patients (in the age range of 5 to 10 years had both UPJO and VUJO in the ipsilateral ureter. The problems we faced in diagnosing the two conditions are mentioned with a literature review. Results: Operative intervention was used in four out of five patients; none of the patients had an accurate diagnosis before surgery. All patients were suspected of having double obstruction during pyeloplasty when appropriate size double J stent could not be negotiated through the vesicoureteric junction into the bladder. Postoperative nephrostogram confirmed the diagnosis in all patients. Conclusion: Children with double obstruction of the ipsilateral ureter present as a diagnostic dilemma. Because of the rarity of this condition it can escape the eye of even an astute clinician. Early diagnosis can be made if this condition is kept in mind while treating any hydronephrosis due to UPJO or UVJO.

  11. Double exchange model for magnetic hexaborides. (United States)

    Pereira, Vitor M; Lopes dos Santos, J M B; Castro, Eduardo V; Neto, A H Castro


    A microscopic theory for rare-earth ferromagnetic hexaborides, such as Eu1-xCaxB6, is proposed on the basis of the double-exchange Hamiltonian. In these systems, the reduced carrier concentrations place the Fermi level near the mobility edge, introduced in the spectral density by the disordered spin background. We show that the transport properties such as the Hall effect, magnetoresistance, frequency dependent conductivity, and dc resistivity can be quantitatively described within the model. We also make specific predictions for the behavior of the Curie temperature T(C) as a function of the plasma frequency omega(p).

  12. Routing in double layered satellite network (United States)

    Fan, Xiaofeng; Fei, Gao


    With the fast development of aviation technology and network, satellite communication systems are not limited to a signal satellite any more, they are now oriented to network. Double LEO/MEO network can separate network manage from traffic in physical layer in order to manage total network and operate central routing. At last, aiming at the problem of the frequency link switch, we give a new routing protocol (OSPF_SAT) based on OSPF routing protocol. The optimized strategy routing algorithm and is applied to the model, with the result of getting less link switch ratio.

  13. Double maxima of 11-year solar cycles (United States)

    Krivodubskij, V. N.


    The explanation of the observed phenomenon of double peaks of the 11 year sunspot cycles is proposed. The scenario involves five processes of reconstruction of magnetism in the solar convective zone (SCZ): ω effect, magnetic buoyancy, macroscopic turbulent diamagnetism, rotary \\downtriangle ρ effect and meridional circulation. It was established that the reconstruction of magnetism in high-latitude and equatorial domains of the SCZ occurs in different modes. Two time-shifted waves of the toroidal field to the solar surface play a key role in the proposed mechanism in the equatorial domain.

  14. Elderly donors double kidney transplantation (DKT)


    Méndez-Chacón, Pedro; Facultad de Medicina, UNMSM. Lima, Perú; Servicio Nefrología. Servicio de Patología. Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins. Lima, Perú; Vidalón, Armando; Facultad de Medicina, UNMSM. Lima, Perú; Servicio Nefrología. Servicio de Patología. Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins. Lima, Perú; Medina, Mario; Servicio Nefrología. Servicio de Patología. Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins. Lima, Perú; Camacho, Miguel; Servicio Nefrología. Servicio de Patología. Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins. Lima, Perú; Somocurcio, José; Servicio Nefrología. Servicio de Patología. Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins. Lima, Perú


    Objective: To use both kidneys of an elderly donor in the same receptor and remark the importance of kidney histology as selector method. Materials and Methods: We evaluate the selection and surveillance of 11 patients who received double kidney of cadaver elderly donors. The ten donors’ mean serum creatinine was 1,3 mg/dL, and the mean age was 63 years old (range 56 to 73 years), the receptor’s mean age 53 years. Both kidneys were examined by frozen wedge biopsy. Quantification of damaged ti...

  15. Double issue of the Bulletin for Ascension

    CERN Multimedia

    Publications Section (ETT)


    Because Thursday 20 May and Friday 21 May are official holidays, there will be a double issue of the Bulletin (No. 21-22/2004) covering the weeks of 17 and 24 May. The deadline for texts to appear in this issue will be midday on Tuesday, 11 May, both for articles submitted to the Publications Section and for those of the Staff Association. Articles for the following issue of the Bulletin (No. 23/2004), which will cover the week of 31 May, should be submitted by midday on Tuesday 25 May at the latest.

  16. Structures of Thermal Double Donors in Silicon


    Pesola, M.; Joo Lee, Young; von Boehm, J.; Kaukonen, M.; Nieminen, Risto M.


    Accurate total-energy calculations are used to study the structures and formation energies of oxygen chains as models for thermal double donors (TDD's) in Si. We find that the first three TDD's (TDD0–TDD2) consist of one four-member ring, with one or two adjacent interstitial O atoms. These metastable TDD's form bistable negative-U systems with the corresponding stable, electrically inactive staggered structures. The TDD3-TDD7 structures are found to consist of four-member rings with adjacent...

  17. The high sensitivity double beta spectrometer TGV (United States)

    Briancon, Ch.; Brudanin, V. B.; Egorov, V. G.; Janout, Z.; Koníček, J.; Kovalík, A.; Kovalenko, V. E.; Kubašta, J.; Pospíšil, S.; Revenko, A. V.; Rukhadze, N. I.; Salamatin, A. V.; Sandukovsky, V. G.; Štekl, I.; Timkin, V. V.; Tsupko-Sitnikov, V. V.; Vorobel, V.; Vylov, Ts.


    A high sensitivity double beta spectrometer TGV (Telescope Germanium Vertical) has been developed. It is based on 16 HPGe detectors of volume 1200 × 6 mm 3 each in the same cryostat. The TGV spectrometer was proposed for the study of ultrarare nuclear processes (e.g. 2νββ, 0νββ, 2νEC/EC). Details of the TGV spectrometer construction are described, the principles of background suppression, the results of Monte Carlo simulations and the results of test background measurements (in Dubna and Modane underground laboratory) are provided.

  18. NGC 4340: Double Bar + Fossil Nuclear Ring


    Erwin, P.; Beltran, J. C. Vega; Beckman, J. E.


    NGC 4340 is a double-barred SB0 galaxy in the Virgo cluster (Wozniak et al. 1995). Here, we present evidence that this galaxy also posseses a luminous stellar nuclear ring of relatively old stars with little or no gas. The ring lies just outside the inner bar, at the probable inner inner Lindblad resonance (IILR) of the outer bar. Careful inspection of the isophotes and unsharp masks shows that the two bars are slightly misaligned, which suggests they may be independently rotating.

  19. Minimally doubled fermions at one loop (United States)

    Capitani, Stefano; Weber, Johannes; Wittig, Hartmut


    Minimally doubled fermions have been proposed as a cost-effective realization of chiral symmetry at non-zero lattice spacing. Using lattice perturbation theory at one loop, we study their renormalization properties. Specifically, we investigate the consequences of the breaking of hyper-cubic symmetry, which is a typical feature of this class of fermionic discretizations. Our results for the quark self-energy indicate that the four-momentum undergoes a renormalization which is linearly divergent. We also compute renormalization factors for quark bilinears, construct the conserved vector and axial-vector currents and verify that at one loop the renormalization factors of the latter are equal to one.

  20. Triple Pelvic Osteotomy and Double Pelvic Osteotomy. (United States)

    Guevara, Francisco; Franklin, Samuel P


    Triple and double pelvic osteotomy (TPO, DPO) are performed with the goal of increasing acetabular ventro-version, increasing femoral head coverage, and decreasing femoral head subluxation. Since the first descriptions of TPO, there have been modifications in technique, most notably omission of the ischial osteotomy for DPO, and improvements in the implants, including availability of locking TPO/DPO bone plates. Associated complication rates seem to have declined accordingly. The most salient questions regarding these procedures remain what selection criteria should be used to identify candidates and whether halting or preventing osteoarthritis is necessary to consider these surgeries clinically beneficial. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Jonckheere Double Star Photometry - Part VII: Aquarius (United States)

    Knapp, Wilfried R. A.


    If any double star discoverer is in urgent need of photometry then it is Jonckheere. There are over 3000 Jonckheere objects listed in the WDS catalog and a good part of them with magnitudes obviously far too bright. This report covers the Jonckheere objects in the constellation Aquarius. One image per object was taken with V-filter to allow for visual magnitude measurement by differential pho-tometry. All objects were additionally checked for common proper motion by comparing 2MASS to GAIA DR1 positions and a rather surprisingly large part of the objects qualify indeed as potential CPM pairs. For a few objects also WDS position errors were found.

  2. DOuble LOngitudinal Megapreputium Incision TEchnique: the DOLOMITE. (United States)

    Callewaert, Piet R H; Rahnama'i, Mohammad S; Guimarães, Maia N C; Vrijens, Daisy M J; Van Kerrebroeck, Philip E V A


    To present a straightforward, reproducible technique with the basic principle of preserving all available outer penile shaft skin and using this to cover the dorsal side of the penis. The DOuble LOngitudinal Megapreputium Incision TEchnique is presented in a step-by-step fashion. Six consecutive patients with a mean age of 13.3 months (range, 7-25) underwent this reconstruction between 2006 and 2011. The technique starts with 2 longitudinal incisions, the first on the ventral side, and the second on the dorsal side of the penis. After hinging the penile skin to the dorsal side, redundant inner preputial tissue is resected using diagonal incisions. Dartos is spared. A comparison with previously reported techniques and a concise review of existing literature are provided. The final cosmetic results, after an initial period of edematous swelling of the ventral aspect of the penis, were good in all patients. The bilateral diagonal scars on the penile shaft became inconspicuous over time. Voiding normalized. No complications occurred. The DOuble LOngitudinal Megapreputium Incision TEchnique provides a straightforward and reproducible surgical correction for congenital megaprepuce. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Cutaneous presentation of Double Hit Lymphoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yousef Khelfa MD, FACP


    Full Text Available Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL, representing approximately 25% of diagnosed NHL. DLBCL is heterogeneous disease both clinically and genetically. The 3 most common chromosomal translocations in DLBCL involve the oncogenes BCL2, BCL6, and MYC. Double hit (DH DLBCL is an aggressive form in which MYC rearrangement is associated with either BCL2 or BCL6 rearrangement. Patients typically present with a rapidly growing mass, often with B symptoms. Extranodal disease is often present. Though there is a paucity of prospective trials in this subtype, double hit lymphoma (DHL has been linked to very poor outcomes when patients are treated with standard R-CHOP. There is, therefore, a lack of consensus regarding the standard treatment for DHL. Several retrospective analyses have been conducted to help guide treatment of this disease. These suggest that DA EPOCH-R may be the most promising regimen and that achievement of complete resolution predicts better long-term outcomes.

  4. Nonlinear dynamics of a rotating double pendulum

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maiti, Soumyabrata, E-mail: [Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, 711103 (India); Roy, Jyotirmoy, E-mail: [UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, 400098 (India); Mallik, Asok K., E-mail: [Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, 711103 (India); Bhattacharjee, Jayanta K., E-mail: [Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, 211019 (India)


    Nonlinear dynamics of a double pendulum rotating at a constant speed about a vertical axis passing through the top hinge is investigated. Transitions of oscillations from chaotic to quasiperiodic and back to chaotic again are observed with increasing speed of rotation. With increasing speed, a pair of new stable equilibrium states, different from the normal vertical one, appear and the quasiperiodic oscillations occur. These oscillations are first centered around the origin, but with increasing rotation speed they cover the origin and the new fixed points. At a still higher speed, more than one pair of fixed points appear and the oscillation again turns chaotic. The onset of chaos is explained in terms of internal resonance. Analytical and numerical results confirm the critical values of the speed parameter at various transitions. - Highlights: • The rotating double pendulum shows transitions from chaos to order and back to chaos. • These transitions occur as the rotation speed is increased. • The dynamics is quasi-periodic in the ordered state. • Within the ordered state the nature of quasi-periodicity changes with rotation speed. • The chaotic state always emerges as a result of an internal resonance.

  5. Inherited thrombophilia: a double-edged sword. (United States)

    Middeldorp, Saskia


    Inherited thrombophilia is a blood coagulation disorder that increases the risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE). During the last decades, the practice of testing has evolved from testing selected populations, leading to high perceived risks, to broad testing for various conditions that included VTE, arterial thrombosis, and pregnancy complications. Because results of such tests usually do not guide treatment decisions, not testing patients with VTE for inherited thrombophilia is on the "Choosing Wisely" list endorsed by multiple specialty societies, including ASH. Inherited thrombophilia can be regarded a double-edged sword, as despite the rationale not to test, it is still being performed frequently. Another way of seeing inherited thrombophilia as a double-edged sword lies in its 2-sided association with reproduction, both in men and in women. Current areas of research are whether women with inherited thrombophilia and pregnancy complications benefit from anticoagulant therapy with regard to improving the chance of a successful pregnancy. Potential effects of inherited thrombophilia, most notably factor V Leiden, on improved embryo implantation in women and sperm counts in men are intriguing, but are currently poorly understood. © 2016 by The American Society of Hematology. All rights reserved.

  6. Recurrent Pneumonia due to Double Aortic Arch

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Sedighi


    Full Text Available Introduction: Pneumonia is one of the most common infections during childhood. In children with recurrent bacterial pneumonia complete evaluation for underlying factors is necessary. The most common underlying diseases include: antibody deficiencies , cystic fibrosis , tracheoesophageal fistula and increased pulmonary blood flow. Vascular ring and its pressure effect is a less common cause of stridor and recurrent pneumonia. Congenital abnormalities in aortic arch and main branches which form vascular ring around esophagus and trachea with variable pressure effect cause respiratory symptoms such as stridor , wheezing and recurrent pneumoniaCase Report: A 2 year old boy was admitted in our hospital with respiratory distress and cough . Chest x-Ray demonstrated right lobar pneumonia. He had history of stridor and wheezing from neonatal period and hospitalization due to pneumonia for four times. The patient received appropriate antibiotics. Despite fever and respiratory distress improvement, wheezing continued. Review of his medical documents showed fixed pressure effect on posterior aspect of esophagus in barium swallow. In CT angiography we confirmed double aortic arch.Conclusion: Double aortic arch is one of the causes of persistant respiratory symptom and recurrent pneumonia in children for which fluoroscopic barium swallow is the first non-invasive diagnostic method.(Sci J Hamadan Univ Med Sci 2012;19(1:70-74

  7. Neutrinoless double beta decay search with SNO+

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lozza V.


    Full Text Available The SNO+ experiment is the follow up of SNO. The detector is located 2 km underground in the Vale Canada Ltd.’s Creighton Mine near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The active volume of the detector consists of 780 tonnes of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB in an acrylic vessel of 12 m diameter, surrounded by about 9500 PMTs. The main goal of the SNO+ experiment is the search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 130Te. With an initial loading of 0.3% of natural tellurium (nearly 800 kg of 130Te, it is expected to reach a sensitivity on the effective Majorana neutrino mass of about 100 meV after several years of data taking. Designed as a general purpose neutrino experiment, other exciting physical goals can be explored, like the measurement of reactor neutrino oscillations and geo-neutrinos in a geologically-interesting location, watch of supernova neutrinos and studies of solar neutrinos. A first commissioning phase with water filled detector will start at the end of 2013, while the double beta decay phase will start in 2015.

  8. Neutrinoless double beta decay search with SNO+ (United States)

    Lozza, V.


    The SNO+ experiment is the follow up of SNO. The detector is located 2 km underground in the Vale Canada Ltd.'s Creighton Mine near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The active volume of the detector consists of 780 tonnes of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) in an acrylic vessel of 12 m diameter, surrounded by about 9500 PMTs. The main goal of the SNO+ experiment is the search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 130Te. With an initial loading of 0.3% of natural tellurium (nearly 800 kg of 130Te), it is expected to reach a sensitivity on the effective Majorana neutrino mass of about 100 meV after several years of data taking. Designed as a general purpose neutrino experiment, other exciting physical goals can be explored, like the measurement of reactor neutrino oscillations and geo-neutrinos in a geologically-interesting location, watch of supernova neutrinos and studies of solar neutrinos. A first commissioning phase with water filled detector will start at the end of 2013, while the double beta decay phase will start in 2015.

  9. Double Retort System for Materials Compatibility Testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    V. Munne; EV Carelli


    With Naval Reactors (NR) approval of the Naval Reactors Prime Contractor Team (NRPCT) recommendation to develop a gas cooled reactor directly coupled to a Brayton power conversion system as the Space Nuclear Power Plant (SNPP) for Project Prometheus (References a and b) there was a need to investigate compatibility between the various materials to be used throughout the SNPP. Of particular interest was the transport of interstitial impurities from the nickel-base superalloys, which were leading candidates for most of the piping and turbine components to the refractory metal alloys planned for use in the reactor core. This kind of contamination has the potential to affect the lifetime of the core materials. This letter provides technical information regarding the assembly and operation of a double retort materials compatibility testing system and initial experimental results. The use of a double retort system to test materials compatibility through the transfer of impurities from a source to a sink material is described here. The system has independent temperature control for both materials and is far less complex than closed loops. The system is described in detail and the results of three experiments are presented.

  10. Appendicitis in double cecal appendix: Case report. (United States)

    Alves, José Roberto; Maranhão, Icaro Godeiro de Oliveira; de Oliveira, Patrick Vanttinny Vieira


    Double cecal appendix is a rare anatomical variation. Approximately 100 cases have been reported worldwide. It is usually diagnosed incidentally during emergency appendectomies due to inflammatory processes in the cecal appendix. male, white, 36 years old, obese, presenting with pain in the lower abdomen for 24 h followed by nausea, vomiting and mild fever. He was subjected to additional tests, with the leukogram showing leukocytosis and abdominal ultrasonography depicting cecal appendix with thickened wall, locally associated with small quantities of liquid and intestinal loop obstruction. He underwent laparotomy, revealing acute appendicitis. Another intestinal loop obstruction was identified next to the ileum, leading to recognizing another cecal appendix after local dissection. Double appendectomy and segmental iliectomy were performed although not needed. Results of the anatomopathological examination of the surgical samples showed acute inflammation in the two cecal appendices. So, performing a routine retroperitoneal release and a complete cecum evaluation during such surgical procedures is recommended and suggested due to the possibility of not identifying a second cecal appendix.

  11. Dealing with double trouble: consequences of single and double herbivory in Brassica juncea

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mathur, V.; Tytgat, T.O.G.; Graaf, de R.M.; Kalia, V.; Reddy, A.S.; Vet, L.E.M.; Dam, van N.M.


    In their natural environment, plants are often attacked simultaneously by many insect species. The specificity of induced plant responses that is reported after single herbivore attacks may be compromised under double herbivory and this may influence later arriving herbivores. The present study

  12. Double layer of platinum electrodes: Non-monotonic surface charging phenomena and negative double layer capacitance. (United States)

    Huang, Jun; Zhou, Tao; Zhang, Jianbo; Eikerling, Michael


    In this study, a refined double layer model of platinum electrodes accounting for chemisorbed oxygen species, oriented interfacial water molecules, and ion size effects in solution is presented. It results in a non-monotonic surface charging relation and a peculiar capacitance vs. potential curve with a maximum and possibly negative values in the potential regime of oxide-formation.

  13. Double parton scattering in the ultraviolet. Addressing the double counting problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diehl, Markus [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Gaunt, Jonathan R. [Nationaal Inst. voor Kernfysica en Hoge-Energiefysica (NIKHEF), Amsterdam (Netherlands); Vrije Univ. Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    In proton-proton collisions there is a smooth transition between the regime of double parton scattering, initiated by two pairs of partons at a large relative distance, and the regime where a single parton splits into a parton pair in one or both protons. We present a scheme for computing both contributions in a consistent and practicable way.

  14. Eddy turbulence, the double mesopause, and the double layer of atomic oxygen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. N. Vlasov


    Full Text Available In this study, we consider the impact of eddy turbulence on temperature and atomic oxygen distribution when the peak of the temperature occurs in the upper mesosphere. A previous paper (Vlasov and Kelley, 2010 considered the simultaneous impact of eddy turbulence on temperature and atomic oxygen density and showed that eddy turbulence provides an effective mechanism to explain the cold summer and warm winter mesopause observed at high latitudes. Also, the prevalent role of eddy turbulence in this case removes the strong contradiction between seasonal variations of the O density distribution and the impact of upward/downward motion corresponding to adiabatic cooling/heating of oxygen atoms. Classically, there is a single minimum in the temperature profile marking the location of the mesopause. But often, a local maximum in the temperature is observed in the height range of 85–100 km, creating the appearance of a double mesopause (Bills and Gardner, 1993; Yu and She, 1995; Gusev et al., 2006. Our results show that the relative temperature maximum in the upper mesosphere (and thus the double mesopause can result from heating by eddy turbulence. According to our model, there is a close connection between the extra temperature peak in the mesosphere and the oxygen atom density distribution. The main feature of the O density height profile produced by eddy turbulence in our model is a double peak instead of a single peak of O density. A rocket experiment called TOMEX confirms these results (Hecht et al., 2004. Applying our model to the results of the TOMEX rocket campaign gives good agreement with both the temperature and oxygen profiles observed. Climatology of the midlatitude mesopause and green line emission shows that the double mesopause and the double layers of the green line emission, corresponding to the double O density height profile, are mainly observed in spring and fall (Yu and She, 1995; Liu and Shepherd, 2006. Further observations of

  15. A Weekend Workshop on Double Stars for Students (United States)

    Brewer, Mark; Estrada, Chris; Estrada, Reed; Gillette, Sean


    A weekend double star workshop was held by Vanguard Preparatory for selected eighth grade students with the purpose of introducing them to astrometric observational science. The students were selected based on an essay provided by their language arts class. Collaboration with local visiting astronomers was established to provide telescopes equipped with an astrometric eyepiece, observational supervision, and expertise. During the workshop students learned how to determine the scale constant of an astrometric eyepiece, and the procedure for measuring separations and position angles of double stars. The students compared their data to past measurements reported in the Washington Double Star Catalog. Three goals were set for the student's outcome: 1) observe, record, and report observations of double stars, 2) write a scientific paper for publication in the Journal of Double Star Observations, and 3) present a PowerPoint presentation to their peers. This paper chronicles the planning, preparation, funding, and execution required to complete a double star workshop at a public middle school.

  16. Double sigmoidal models describing the growth of coffee berries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tales Jesus Fernandes

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: This study aimed to verify if the growth pattern of coffee berries, considering fresh mass accumulation over time, is double sigmoid and to select the most suitable nonlinear model to describe such behavior. Data used consisted of fourteen longitudinal observations of average fresh mass of coffee berries obtained in an experiment with the cultivar Obatã IAC 1669-20. The fits provided by the Logistic and Gompertz models were compared in their single and double versions. Parameters were estimated using the least squares method using the Gauss-Newton algorithm implemented in the nls function of the R software. It can be concluded that the growth pattern of the coffee fruit, in fresh mass accumulation, is double sigmoid. The double Gompertz and double Logistic models were adequate to describe such a growth curve, with a superiority of the double Logistic model.

  17. Measuring Visual Double Stars with Robotic Telescopes (United States)

    Boyce, Pat; Boyce, Grady; Genet, Russell M.; Faisal Al-Zaben, Dewei Li, Yongyao Li, Aren Dennis, Zhixin Cao, Junyao Li, Steven Qu, Jeff Li, Michael Fene, Allen Priest, Stephen Priest, Rex Qiu, , and, Bill Riley


    produce four published research papers on seven visual double star systems and have our data added to the Washington Double Star Catalog. A school can adopt these techniques to do visual double star research with a minimal investment.

  18. STT Doubles with Large Delta_M - Objects Nearby (United States)

    Nanson, John; Knapp, Wilfried


    Following our series of reports on STT doubles with large delta_M, we are submitting measurements of WDS objects which were by chance found nearby in the images taken of the STT doubles. In these cases we did not suspect any issues with the current WDS catalog data, but wanted to make use of existing image material as any double star visited is worth a current measurement.

  19. Wave Propagation Characteristics in Functionally Graded Double-Beams

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatih Karacam


    Full Text Available The wave propagation characteristics of functionally graded (FG double-beams are investigated by use of Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. Two beams are connected by a Winkler foundation. The wave propagation characteristics like frequency, phase and group velocities are obtained for different wave numbers and material properties. Four frequencies are obtained for functionally graded double-beam system. It is obtained that flexural and axial waves are coupled for FG double-beams.

  20. Modifying the double smoothing bandwidth selector in nonparametric regression


    Beran, Jan; Feng, Yuanhua; Heiler, Siegfried


    In this paper a modified double smoothing bandwidth selector, ^h MDS , based on a new criterion, which combines the plug-in and the double smoothing ideas, is proposed. A self-complete iterative double smoothing rule ( ^ h IDS ) is introduced as a pilot method. The asymptotic properties of both ^ h IDS and ^ h MDS are investigated. It is shown that ^ h MDS performs asymptotically very well. Moreover, it is asymptotically negatively correlated with h ASE , the minimizer of the averaged squared...

  1. Torus-doubling process via strange nonchaotic attractors (United States)

    Mitsui, Takahito; Uenohara, Seiji; Morie, Takashi; Horio, Yoshihiko; Aihara, Kazuyuki


    Torus-doubling bifurcations typically occur only a finite number of times. It has been assumed that torus-doubling bifurcations in quasiperiodically forced systems are interrupted by the appearance of strange nonchaotic attractors (SNAs). In the present Letter, we study a quasiperiodically forced noninvertible map and report the occurrence of a torus-doubling process via SNAs. The mechanism of this process is numerically clarified. Furthermore, this process is experimentally demonstrated in a switched-capacitor integrated circuit.

  2. The double bind : Women, honour and sexuality in contemporary Ireland


    Inglis, Tom; MacKeogh, Carol


    Irish women are caught in contradictory sexual discourses which create a cultural double bind. The legacy of Catholic Church teaching, in which the sexual honour of women revolves around their innocence and subservience, still lingers. This is gradually being replaced by media messages and images which portray women as sexually equal and independent. However, the media also portray sexually independent women as a threat to sexual moral order. The double bind reproduces double standards. The c...

  3. The double bind of audit culture in Romania

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Vintilă Mihăilescu


    .... The case of academic competition between anthropology and ethnology is scrutinized in order to illustrate the double standards, nationally and globally oriented, of the quantitative metrics promoted...

  4. Studies of double parton interactions with the ATLAS detector

    CERN Document Server

    AUTHOR|(INSPIRE)INSPIRE-00227648; The ATLAS collaboration


    The contributions of double and multiple parton scattering are sizable in many physics processes at the LHC, especially in the region of low particle transverse momenta. Studies of double-parton scattering using various final states, i.e. W+dijet, W+J/Psi, Z+J/Psi, double-J/psi and four-jet events, are presented along with measurements of the effective cross section, exploiting the different kinematic configurations of events with the double parton and single parton scattering.

  5. Modelling of observed double-junction effect

    CERN Document Server

    Menichelli, D; Li, Z; Eremin, V


    New TCT measurements reveal the existence of a strong electric field, before full depletion, near both p sup + and n sup + side of high- and medium-resistivity silicon detectors, irradiated over space-charge sign inversion. More, by injecting carriers near the low-field side, double-peaked TCT current pulses are observed. This fact can be justified by assuming the presence of two deep levels in the gap, an acceptor like above mid-gap, and a donor like in the lower half of the gap, which can support the existence of two depleted regions. Particularly, the theoretical analysis of the TCT current profiles has been developed, and the second peak existence has been explained as the effect of carriers re-injection from ENB inside depleted regions.

  6. Predicting tilt of a double pendulum (United States)

    Strom, George J.


    An iterative computer method is described that has been used to calculate the proper settings of the lengths of six turnbuckles used in the hoisting of the 24,000-lb Hubble Space Telescope and components during assembly. The various sections are required to hang very close to level (within a few arc-seconds) when hoisted. The hoisting gear is a delta (triangular) frame suspended by three chains from a single hook on the hoist. Three long cables attached to the bottom of the frame are attached to the Space Telescope. The chains and frame and the cables and telescope together constitute a double pendulum. After correcting some errors in the CG calculations and fixing a large discrepancy in the supposed coordinates of the attach points, a nearly perfect result (6 arcmin tilt in one plane, 3 arcmin in the other) was obtained. The program gives a satisfactory answer in 30 seconds; at most, one adjustment of the turnbuckles is required.

  7. Regression Estimator Using Double Ranked Set Sampling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hani M. Samawi


    Full Text Available The performance of a regression estimator based on the double ranked set sample (DRSS scheme, introduced by Al-Saleh and Al-Kadiri (2000, is investigated when the mean of the auxiliary variable X is unknown. Our primary analysis and simulation indicates that using the DRSS regression estimator for estimating the population mean substantially increases relative efficiency compared to using regression estimator based on simple random sampling (SRS or ranked set sampling (RSS (Yu and Lam, 1997 regression estimator.  Moreover, the regression estimator using DRSS is also more efficient than the naïve estimators of the population mean using SRS, RSS (when the correlation coefficient is at least 0.4 and DRSS for high correlation coefficient (at least 0.91. The theory is illustrated using a real data set of trees.

  8. Fiber tractography assessment in double cortex syndrome. (United States)

    Iannetti, Paola; Nicita, Francesco; Spalice, Alberto; Parisi, Pasquale; Papetti, Laura; Verrotti, Alberto


    Subcortical band heterotopia (SBH) or double cortex syndrome is a malformation of cortical development that may be related to intractable epilepsy and severe mental retardation or to mild epilepsy and slight mental delay or normal cognitive functions. Several studies have been performed using neuroradiological or neurophysiological techniques, like SPECT, PET, MRS, fMRI, and MEG, in attempt to better characterize this neuronal migration disorder. Recently, also diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and fiber tracking (FT) have been used to investigate on white matter anomalies in SBH, adding more information about such gray matter anomaly. We report on three cases of SBH, evaluated with MRI, DTI, and FT. The data gathered from DTI and TF allow us to hypothesize a new functional role for heterotopic gray matter.

  9. Standard Model as a Double Field Theory. (United States)

    Choi, Kang-Sin; Park, Jeong-Hyuck


    We show that, without any extra physical degree introduced, the standard model can be readily reformulated as a double field theory. Consequently, the standard model can couple to an arbitrary stringy gravitational background in an O(4,4) T-duality covariant manner and manifest two independent local Lorentz symmetries, Spin(1,3)×Spin(3,1). While the diagonal gauge fixing of the twofold spin groups leads to the conventional formulation on the flat Minkowskian background, the enhanced symmetry makes the standard model more rigid, and also stringy, than it appeared. The CP violating θ term may no longer be allowed by the symmetry, and hence the strong CP problem can be solved. There are now stronger constraints imposed on the possible higher order corrections. We speculate that the quarks and the leptons may belong to the two different spin classes.

  10. Double-Copy Constructions and Unitarity Cuts

    CERN Document Server

    Bern, Zvi; Nohle, Josh


    The duality between color and kinematics enables the construction of multiloop gravity integrands directly from corresponding gauge-theory integrands. This has led to new nontrivial insights into the structure of gravity theories, including the discovery of enhanced ultraviolet cancellations. To continue to gain deeper understandings and probe these new properties, it is crucial to further improve techniques for constructing multiloop gravity integrands. In this paper, we show by example how one can alleviate difficulties encountered at the multiloop level by relaxing the color-kinematics duality conditions to hold manifestly only on unitarity cuts instead of globally on loop integrands. As an example, we use a minimal ansatz to construct an integrand for the two-loop four-point nonsupersymmetric pure Yang-Mills amplitude in $D$ dimensions that is compatible with these relaxed color-kinematics duality constraints. We then immediately obtain a corresponding gravity integrand through the double-copy procedure. ...

  11. Biofilm Formation in Microscopic Double Emulsion Droplets (United States)

    Chang, Connie; Weitz, David


    In natural, medical, and industrial settings, there exist surface-associated communities of bacteria known as biofilms. These highly structured films are composed of bacterial cells embedded within self-produced extracellular matrix, usually composed of exopolysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids; this matrix serves to protect the bacterial community from antibiotics and environmental stressors. Here, we form biofilms encapsulated within monodisperse, microscopically-sized double emulsion droplets using microfluidics. The bacteria self-organize at the inner liquid-liquid droplet interfaces, multiply, and differentiate into extracellular matrix-producing cells, forming manifold three-dimensional shell-within-a-shell structures of biofilms, templated upon the inner core of spherical liquid droplets. By using microfluidics to encapsulate bacterial cells, we have the ability to view individual cells multiplying in microscopically-sized droplets, which allows for high-throughput analysis in studying the genetic program leading to biofilm development, or cell signaling that induces differentiation.

  12. Double Chooz Improved Multi-Detector Measurements

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    The Double Chooz experiment (DC) is a reactor neutrino oscillation experiment running at Chooz nuclear power plant (2 reactors) in France. In 2011, DC first reported indication of non-zero θ13 with the far detector (FD) located at the maximum of oscillation effects (i.e. disappearance), thus challenging the CHOOZ non-observation limit. A robust observation of θ13 followed in 2012 by the Daya Bay experiments with multiple detector configurations. Since 2015 DC runs in a multi-detector configuration making thus the impact of several otherwise dominating systematics reduce strongly. DC’s unique almost "iso-flux" site, allows the near detector (ND) to become a direct accurate non-oscillation reference to the FD. Our first multi-detector results at MORIOND-2016 showed an intriguing deviation of θ13 with respect to the world average. We will address this issue in this seminar. The combined "reactor-θ13" measurement is expected to ...

  13. Double blind placebo controlled exposure to molds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Meyer, H W; Jensen, K A; Nielsen, K F


    The objective was to develop an experimental setup for human exposure to mold spores, and to study the clinical effect of this exposure in sensitive subjects who had previously experienced potentially building-related symptoms (BRS) at work. From three water-damaged schools eight employees....... In conclusion this is, to our knowledge, the first study to successfully conduct a human exposure to a highly controlled dose of fungal material aerosolized directly from wet building materials. This short-term exposure to high concentrations of two different molds induced no more reactions than exposure...... to placebo in eight sensitive school employees. However, a statistical type II error cannot be excluded because of the small sample size. PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: In this double blind, placebo controlled study of mold exposure changes in symptoms, objective measurements and blood samples were small and mostly...

  14. Results from the Double Chooz experiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kaneda Michiru


    Full Text Available Recent results from the Double Chooz experiment on the neutrino mixing angle θ13 are presented. Two detectors are located at distances of 400m and 1050m from the reactor cores of the Chooz nuclear power plant, to measure the original neutrino flux from the reactor cores and the disappearance of neutrinos, respectively. The Far Detector has taken data since 2011 while the Near Detector started the data taking in 2014. The latest far detector only result with gadolinium capture events is sin2 2θ13=0.090+0.032.-0.029. Studies using hydrogen capture events also have been improved and the combined result of gadolinium and hydrogen capture events is obtained as sin2 2θ13 = 0.088 ± 0.033.

  15. Double quantum dots defined in bilayer graphene (United States)

    Żebrowski, D. P.; Peeters, F. M.; Szafran, B.


    Artificial molecular states of double quantum dots defined in bilayer graphene are studied with the atomistic tight-binding method and its low-energy continuum approximation. We indicate that the extended electron wave functions have opposite parities on sublattices of the layers and that the ground-state wave-function components change from bonding to antibonding with the interdot distance. In the weak-coupling limit, the one most relevant for quantum dots defined electrostatically, the signatures of the interdot coupling include, for the two-electron ground state, formation of states with symmetric or antisymmetric spatial wave functions split by the exchange energy. In the high-energy part of the spectrum the states with both electrons in the same dot are found with the splitting of energy levels corresponding to simultaneous tunneling of the electron pair from one dot to the other.

  16. Double inverse stochastic resonance with dynamic synapses (United States)

    Uzuntarla, Muhammet; Torres, Joaquin J.; So, Paul; Ozer, Mahmut; Barreto, Ernest


    We investigate the behavior of a model neuron that receives a biophysically realistic noisy postsynaptic current based on uncorrelated spiking activity from a large number of afferents. We show that, with static synapses, such noise can give rise to inverse stochastic resonance (ISR) as a function of the presynaptic firing rate. We compare this to the case with dynamic synapses that feature short-term synaptic plasticity and show that the interval of presynaptic firing rate over which ISR exists can be extended or diminished. We consider both short-term depression and facilitation. Interestingly, we find that a double inverse stochastic resonance (DISR), with two distinct wells centered at different presynaptic firing rates, can appear.

  17. Double Flight-Modes Particle Swarm Optimization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Yong


    Full Text Available Getting inspiration from the real birds in flight, we propose a new particle swarm optimization algorithm that we call the double flight modes particle swarm optimization (DMPSO in this paper. In the DMPSO, each bird (particle can use both rotational flight mode and nonrotational flight mode to fly, while it is searching for food in its search space. There is a King in the swarm of birds, and the King controls each bird’s flight behavior in accordance with certain rules all the time. Experiments were conducted on benchmark functions such as Schwefel, Rastrigin, Ackley, Step, Griewank, and Sphere. The experimental results show that the DMPSO not only has marked advantage of global convergence property but also can effectively avoid the premature convergence problem and has good performance in solving the complex and high-dimensional optimization problems.

  18. No fermion doubling in quantum geometry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gambini, Rodolfo [Instituto de Física, Facultad de Ciencias, Iguá 4225, esq. Mataojo, 11400 Montevideo (Uruguay); Pullin, Jorge, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001 (United States)


    In loop quantum gravity the discrete nature of quantum geometry acts as a natural regulator for matter theories. Studies of quantum field theory in quantum space–times in spherical symmetry in the canonical approach have shown that the main effect of the quantum geometry is to discretize the equations of matter fields. This raises the possibility that in the case of fermion fields one could confront the usual fermion doubling problem that arises in lattice gauge theories. We suggest, again based on recent results on spherical symmetry, that since the background space–times will generically involve superpositions of states associated with different discretizations the phenomenon may not arise. This opens a possibility of incorporating chiral fermions in the framework of loop quantum gravity.

  19. Multiferroic Compounds with Double-Perovskite Structures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noriya Ichikawa


    Full Text Available New multiferroic compounds with double-perovskite structures were synthesized. Bi2NiMnO6 was synthesized in bulk form by high-pressure synthesis and also in a thin-film form by epitaxial growth. The material showed both ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties, i.e., the multiferroic property at low temperature. Bi2FeCrO6 was also fabricated in a (1 1 1 oriented BiFeO3/BiCrO3 artificial superlattice, with a 1/1 stacking period. The superlattice film showed ferromagnetic behavior and polarization switching at room temperature. In the compounds, Bi3+ ion, located at the A site in the perovskite structure, caused ferroelectric structural distortion, and the B-site ordering of the Ni2+ and Mn4+ ions (Fe3+ and Cr3+ ions in a rock-salt configuration led to ferromagnetism according to the Kanamori-Goodenough rule.

  20. Genetic algorithm solution for double digest problem (United States)

    Ganjtabesh, Mohammad; Ahrabian, H; Nowzari-Dalini, A; Kashani Moghadam, Z Razaghi


    The strongly NP-Hard Double Digest Problem, for reconstructing the physical map of DNA sequence, in now using for efficient genotyping. Most of the existing methods are inefficient in tackling large instances due to the large search space for the problem which grows as a factorial function (a!)(b!) of the numbers a and b of the DNA fragments generated by the two restriction enzymes. Also, none of the existing methods are able to handle the erroneous data. In this paper, we develop a novel method based on genetic algorithm for solving this problem and it is adapted to handle the erroneous data. Our genetic algorithm is implemented and compared with the other well-known existing algorithms. The obtained results show the efficiency (speedup) of our algorithm with respect to the other methods, specially for erroneous data. PMID:22715298

  1. Double discharges in human soleus muscle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Piotrkiewicz


    Full Text Available Double discharges (doublets were recorded from human soleus, where they have never been found before. The data analyzed in this study were collected from 12 healthy volunteers. The subjects were recruited for other studies, concerning: (1 estimation of motoneurons’ afterhyperpolarization duration and (2 analysis of motor unit responses to nerve stimulation, and were not trained to voluntarily evoke doublets. The majority of doublet intervals fell into the commonly accepted range 2–20 ms. However, two soleus motoneurons from one subject presented exceptional doublets of interval about 37 ms. This interval was virtually identical with the interval between second and third discharge in the few triplets recorded from another subject. It is hypothesized that triplets are generated by the delayed depolarization with the second narrow hump, which is the same as the hump responsible for exceptional doublets.

  2. Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with SNO+ (United States)

    Hartnell, J.; SNO+ Collaboration


    SNO+ will search for neutrinoless double beta decay by loading 780 tonnes of linear alkylbenzene liquid scintillator with O(tonne) of neodymium. Using natural Nd at 0.1% loading will provide 43.7 kg of 150Nd given its 5.6% abundance and allow the experiment to reach a sensitivity to the effective neutrino mass of 100-200 meV at 90% C.L in a 3 year run. The SNO+ detector has ultra low backgrounds with 7000 tonnes of water shielding and self-shielding of the scintillator. Distillation and several other purification techniques will be used with the aim of achieving Borexino levels of backgrounds. The experiment is fully funded and data taking with light-water will commence in 2012 with scintillator data following in 2013.

  3. Double field theory on group manifolds (United States)

    Blumenhagen, Ralph; Hassler, Falk; Lüst, Dieter


    A new version of double field theory (DFT) is derived for the exactly solvable background of an in general left-right asymmetric WZW model in the large level limit. This generalizes the original DFT that was derived via expanding closed string field theory on a torus up to cubic order. The action and gauge transformations are derived for fluctuations around the generalized group manifold background up to cubic order, revealing the appearance of a generalized Lie derivative and a corresponding C-bracket upon invoking a new version of the strong constraint. In all these quantities a background dependent covariant derivative appears reducing to the partial derivative for a toroidal background. This approach sheds some new light on the conceptual status of DFT, its background (in-)dependence and the up-lift of non-geometric Scherk-Schwarz reductions.

  4. Double dynamic scaling in human communication dynamics (United States)

    Wang, Shengfeng; Feng, Xin; Wu, Ye; Xiao, Jinhua


    In the last decades, human behavior has been deeply understanding owing to the huge quantities data of human behavior available for study. The main finding in human dynamics shows that temporal processes consist of high-activity bursty intervals alternating with long low-activity periods. A model, assuming the initiator of bursty follow a Poisson process, is widely used in the modeling of human behavior. Here, we provide further evidence for the hypothesis that different bursty intervals are independent. Furthermore, we introduce a special threshold to quantitatively distinguish the time scales of complex dynamics based on the hypothesis. Our results suggest that human communication behavior is a composite process of double dynamics with midrange memory length. The method for calculating memory length would enhance the performance of many sequence-dependent systems, such as server operation and topic identification.

  5. Double Maxima of 11-year Solar Cycle (United States)

    Krivodubskij, Valery N.


    We propose a scenario to explain the observed phenomenon of double sunspot cycle maximum, which is attended by five processes of magnetic reconstruction in the solar convection zone (SCZ): Omega effect, magnetic buoyancy, macroscopic turbulent diamagnetism, gradient-rho effect and meridional circulation. It was found that the reconstruction of magnetic fields in the high-latitude and equatorial domains of the SCZ occurs in different ways. Two tides of inner toroidal fields from the lower base of the SCZ to the solar surface in the equatorial domain play a key role in the developed mechanism of double maxima. Deep toroidal fields are excited due to Omega effect near the bottom of the SCZ at the beginning of the cycle. Then these fields are transported to the surface due to combined acting of magnetic buoyancy, macroscopic turbulent diamagnetism and magnetic gradient-rho flow in the equatorial domain. Over time the magnetic fragments can be seen as bipolar sunspot groups in the middle latitudes in the "royal zone". This first wave of toroidal fields, which is directed up, gives the main maximum of sunspot activity. However, the inner toroidal fields in the high-latitude polar domains at the beginning of the cycle are blocked near bottom of the SCZ by two antibuoyancy effects (turbulent diamagnetic transfer and magnetic gradient-rho pumping, which are directed downward). Deep meridional flow toward the equator transports these fields to low latitudes of the equatorial domain (with favorable conditions for magnetic buoyancy) during about 1 2 years. Then "belated" magnetic fields rise up to surface (second tide of toroidal field). This second delayed portion of toroidal fields, rising to the solar surface at low latitudes, leads to second (repeated) sunspot maximum.

  6. A Case Series of Double Sequence Defibrillation. (United States)

    Merlin, Mark A; Tagore, Ammundeep; Bauter, Robert; Arshad, Faizan H


    Double Sequence Defibrillation or Double Simultaneous Defibrillation (DSD) is the use of two defibrillators almost simultaneously at their highest allowed energy setting to treat refractory ventricular fibrillation (RVF). One set of pads is placed in the Anterior-Posterior position and the other set of pads is placed in the Anterior-Lateral Position. Both defibrillation buttons are pressed simultaneously. We sought to determine ROSC and survival rates in a large EMS system when DSD is routinely utilized for RVF. A retrospective case series was performed of all patients who received DSD from January 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015. During the four month period, we requested physicians to instruct paramedics to use DSD on patients after three refractory episodes of VF. All Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ALS) patients treated by paramedics are discussed via telephone communication with a physician in the system of 100 ALS treated patients per day. From January 1, 2015 to April 1, 2015, a total of 7 patients were treated with DSD. The mean age was 62 (Range: 45-78), with mean resuscitation time of 34.3 minutes before first DSD (Range: 23-48). The mean number of single shocks was 5.4 prior to DSD (Range: 3-9), with a mean of 2 DSD shocks delivered. VF converted after DSD in 5 cases (57.1%). Four patients survived to admission (43%). Three patients survived to discharge with no or minimal neurologic disability (28.6%). The mean Cerebral Performance Category Scale was 3.4 with 1 indicating good cerebral performance and 5 indicating Brain Death. The correct amount of energy in joules for VF remains unknown. In this case series, significant patients converted out of VF. The reason for improved VF conversion may be several factors including additional defibrillation vectors, increased energy, more energy across myocardium, and unknown variables. Additional research is underway to determine if routine DSD will result in improved survival compared to standard defibrillation

  7. Double charge exchange to the double isobaric analog state at Tπ~292 MeV (United States)

    Zumbro, J. D.; Fortune, H. T.; Burlein, M.; Morris, C. L.; Wang, Z.-F.; Gilman, R.; Dhuga, Kalvir S.; Burleson, G. R.; Rawool, M. W.; Garnett, R. W.; Smithson, M. J.; Oakley, D. S.; Mordechai, S.; Moore, C. Fred; Machuca, And M.; Watson, D. L.; Auerbach, N.


    Measurements of cross sections for the (π+,π-) reaction to the double isobaric analog state on targets of 30Si, 34S, 44Ca, 50Ti, 51V, 52Cr, and 58Ni at θlab=5° and an incident pion kinetic energy of ~292 MeV are presented. We also present limits for the cross section to the residual ground state for the four T>1 targets. The data are compared with a phenomenological two-amplitude model and with a two-amplitude model that uses seniority-zero shell-model wave functions. The latter model provides expressions for both ground state and double isobaric analog state cross sections.

  8. Radiation resistance of double-type double-sided 3D pixel sensors

    CERN Document Server

    Fernandez, M; Lozano, M; Munoz, F.J; Pellegrini, G; Quirion, D; Rohe, T; Vila, I


    The proposed high-luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider is expected to increase the instantaneous luminosity at the experiments' interaction points by a factor of ten. The vertex detector will be the subsystem most affected by the luminosity increase, raising substantially their occupancy and radiation-induced damage. To preserve the vertex physics performance under these new conditions, current pixel technologies have to be improved. Hybrid pixel sensors with double-sided double-type vertical electrodes (3D sensors) are becoming a mature technology for the detector layers closest to the interaction point due to their intrinsic radiation hardness. In addition, the double-sided implementation of the 3D pixel technology provides some additional technical advantages with respect to the single-sided implementation. For this study, 3D pixel sensors manufactured at the Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica of Barcelona (IMB-CNM) have been bonded to the PSI46 readout chip currently used by the Compact Muon ...

  9. Double parton scattering theory overview arXiv

    CERN Document Server

    Diehl, Markus

    The dynamics of double hard scattering in proton-proton collisions is quite involved compared with the familiar case of single hard scattering. In this contribution, we review our theoretical understanding of double hard scattering and of its interplay with other reaction mechanisms.

  10. Solid, double-metal cyanide catalysts for synthesis of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Double-metal cyanide complex; heterogeneous catalysis; hyperbranched polyester; aliphatic polycarbonate; CO2 utilization. Abstract. Fe-Zn and Co-Zn double-metal cyanide (DMC) complexes exhibit highly efficient and selective catalytic activity for synthesis of hyperbranched polyesters (glycerol-succinic acid (G-SA) and ...

  11. Astrometric CCD Observations of Three Double Stars Measurements (United States)

    Nand, Angela


    CCD astrometric observations of three double star groups from the Orion constellation were made. Position angles and separations of corresponding pairs were obtained from the data acquired and compared to previous observations listed in the Washington Double Star Catalog. Present data agrees with previous observational data.

  12. Spastic pelvic floor syndrome: Definition in double-exposure defaecography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Helzel, M.V.


    Double-exposure defaecography and the so-called pinching test improve conventional defaecography in the diagnosis of functional rectal outlet disorders. In particular, the pinching test makes quantitative evaluation of the m. puborectalis possible. 'Spastic pelvic floor syndrome' is defined by quantitative parameters in double-exposure defaecography and the pinching test. (orig.).

  13. Double burden of disease in the slums of Kenya

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oti, S.O.


    The goal of this thesis was to provide evidence of a double burden of disease in the slums of Nairobi and to make a case for an integrated health systems approach to tackling this situation. A double burden of disease refers to the coexistence of a high burden of communicable and non-communicable

  14. Polysulfide intercalated layered double hydroxides for metal capture applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Ma, Shulan


    Polysulfide intercalated layered double hydroxides and methods for their use in vapor and liquid-phase metal capture applications are provided. The layered double hydroxides comprise a plurality of positively charged host layers of mixed metal hydroxides separated by interlayer spaces. Polysulfide anions are intercalated in the interlayer spaces.

  15. Psychosexual correlates of sexual double standard endorsement in adolescent sexuality

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Emmerink, Peggy; Vanwesenbeeck, Wilhelmina; van den Eijnden, Regina; ter Bogt, Tom


    Endorsement and enactment of the (hetero)sexual double standard (SDS), prescribing sexual modesty for girls and sexual prowess for boys, has been shown to be negatively related to sexual and mental health. To be able to challenge the sexual double standard, more insight is needed into the conditions

  16. Geothermal and hydrocarbon esploration - The double play synergy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wees, J.D. van; Kramers, L.; Mijnlieff, H.F.; Jong, S. de; Scheffers, B.


    There is a clear synergy possible in geothermal and hydrocarbon exploration if wells are targeted in a double play concept. In the Netherlands, clastic aquifers which have been explored extensively by the hydrocarbon industry and are now targeted for geothermal energy qualify well for a double play.

  17. Double mesiodens: a review and report of 2 cases. (United States)

    Sujlana, Amrita; Pannu, Parampreet; Bhangu, Japneet


    Mesiodentes are the most frequently encountered supernumerary teeth. Recently, reports of double mesiodens have increased, which may be due to the availability of better diagnostic methods. This article discusses 2 cases of double mesiodens with varying clinical presentations. In addition, the literature related to the etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of mesiodentes is reviewed.

  18. Invariant and Absolute Invariant Means of Double Sequences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdullah Alotaibi


    Full Text Available We examine some properties of the invariant mean, define the concepts of strong σ-convergence and absolute σ-convergence for double sequences, and determine the associated sublinear functionals. We also define the absolute invariant mean through which the space of absolutely σ-convergent double sequences is characterized.

  19. 49 CFR 236.723 - Circuit, double wire; line. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Circuit, double wire; line. 236.723 Section 236.723 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD... § 236.723 Circuit, double wire; line. An electric circuit not employing a common return wire; a circuit...

  20. Identification and Multiplicity of Double Vowels in Cochlear Implant Users (United States)

    Kwon, Bomjun J.; Perry, Trevor T.


    Purpose: The present study examined cochlear implant (CI) users' perception of vowels presented concurrently (i.e., "double vowels") to further our understanding of auditory grouping in electric hearing. Method: Identification of double vowels and single vowels was measured with 10 CI subjects. Fundamental frequencies (F0s) of…

  1. On the formation of ion acoustic double layers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sutradhar Das, S.; Bujarbarua, S.


    A theoretical model of the existence of ion acoustic double layers in a plasma with electron drift velocity less than the electron thermal speed which has already been observed experimentally and in numerical simulation, has been presented in this paper. The velocity and thickness of these double layers have been calculated.

  2. Facile synthesis of Graphene Oxide/Double-stranded DNA ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    with double-stranded DNA by simple mixing in an aqueous buffer media without unwinding double-stranded. DNA to single-stranded DNA. The GO/dsDNA hydrogels have shown controlled porosity by changing the concentration of the components. The strong binding between dsDNA and graphene is proved by Raman.

  3. Double-layered Aurivillius-type ferroelectrics with magnetic moments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Missyul, A. B.; Zvereva, I. A.; Palstra, T. T. M.; Kurbakov, A. I.

    We have synthesized the double-layer Aurivillius phase Bi(2)LnNbTiO(9) where Ln = Nd-Gd, Bi. All compounds adopt the orthorhombic polar space group A2(I)am. The magnetic Ln-ion occupies the cuboctahedral position in the middle of the perovskite double-layer, and thus controls the octahedral tilt of

  4. Paradoxical Double Binds in Human-Relations Training. (United States)

    Becvar, Raphael J.


    Paradoxical double binds are discussed relative to their efficacy in helping systematic human-relations trainees integrate the skills more quickly and with less pain and frustration. An explanation and examples of paradoxical double binds used in human-relations training are presented. (Author)

  5. Double dividends of additional water charges in South Africa

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Heerden, J.H.; van Tol, R.; Gerlagh, R.; Blignaut, J.N.; Hess, S.; Horridge, M.; Mabugu, M.; Mabugu, R.; de Wit, M.; Letsoalo, T.; van Beukering, P.; Papyrakis, E.; Bouma, J.; Brouwer, R.


    The purpose of this chapter is to show how double dividends could be obtained from using market instruments to tax water use in a developing country. The double dividends are namely environmental (water conservation) on the one hand, and poverty reduction dividends on the other. We apply a water tax

  6. Propagation characteristics of ion-acoustic double layer in ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Harvinder Kaur


    Jul 24, 2017 ... Abstract. In the present investigation, ion-acoustic double layers in an inhomogeneous plasma consisting of. Maxwellian and non-thermal distributions of electrons are studied. We have derived a modified Korteweg–de Vries. (mKdV) equation for ion-acoustic double layers propagating in a collisionless ...

  7. 49 CFR 236.729 - Cock, double heading. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Cock, double heading. 236.729 Section 236.729 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION... Cock, double heading. A manually operated valve by means of which the control of brake operation is...

  8. Double congenital patella: case report and review of the literature

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Visconti, D. [Servizio di Radiologia Ospedale Cavalese Trento, Via Dossi 17, I-38 033 Cavalese (Italy); Della Sala, S.W. [U. O. di Radiologia, Sezione TAC RM, Ospedale S. Chiara, I-38100 Trento (Italy); Bianchini, G. [A. O. di Ortopedia e Traumatologia, Ospedale Cles, I-38023 Trento (Italy); Manera, V. [U. O. di Radiologia, Sezione TAC RM, Ospedale S. Chiara, I-38100 Trento (Italy)


    The authors report a case of double congenital patella, which is a rare finding. This anomaly was studied using radiography, CT and MR. Magnetic resonance imaging has enabled us to make an accurate anatomical evaluation of the double congenital patella. (orig.). With 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  9. Double ionization in the perturbative and tunneling regimes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walker, B. (Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York 11973 (United States)); Mevel, E. (Service de Recherches sur les Surfaces et l' Irradiation de la Matiere, Centre d' Etudes Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France)); Yang, B. (Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York 11973 (United States)); Breger, P. (Service de Recherches sur les Surfaces et l' Irradiation de la Matiere, Centre d' Etudes de Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France)); Chambaret, J.P.; Antonetti, A. (Laboratoire d' Optique Appliquee, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole National Superieure des Techniques Avancees 91120 Palaiseau (France)); DiMauro, L.F. (Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York 11973 (United States)); Agostini, P. (Service de Recherches sur les Surfaces et l' Irradiation de la Matiere, Centre d' Etudes de Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France))


    We have studied the doubly charged ion yields and electron energy spectra (normal and coincidence) for double ionization of atoms in two different ionization regimes (perturbative and tunneling). In both cases, the double-ionization rates appear to be anomalously large in some intensity range and strongly reduced by circular polarization. It is argued that these similar behaviors must result from different physical mechanisms.

  10. Detection of internal fields in double-metal terahertz resonators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mitrofanov, Oleg; Han, Zhanghua; Ding, Fei


    Terahertz (THz) double-metal plasmonic resonators enable enhanced light-matter coupling by exploiting strong field confinement. The double-metal design however restricts access to the internal fields. We propose and demonstrate a method for spatial mapping and spectroscopic analysis of the internal...

  11. The Double in Quest to Save the Protagonist (United States)

    Maleska, Kalina


    This essay explores the theme of the double in Umberto Eco's "The Island of the Day Before," Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Sharer" and Zivko Chingo's "The Big Water." While traditionally the double is connected with the evil alter-ego of the protagonist, what brings these three works together (by an Italian, English and…

  12. Repair of Concomitant Double Orifice Mitral and Tricuspid Valves. (United States)

    Saxena, Rachit; Talwar, Sachin; Gharde, Parag; Kumar, Manikala Vinod; Choudhary, Shiv Kumar


    The coexistence of double orifice mitral and tricuspid valves is rare. We report a five-year-old boy with double orifice mitral and tricuspid valves requiring surgical correction of hemodynamically significant mitral and tricuspid stenosis. © The Author(s) 2015.

  13. DNA-like double helix formed by peptide nucleic acid

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wittung, P; Nielsen, Peter E.; Buchardt, O


    Although the importance of the nucleobases in the DNA double helix is well understood, the evolutionary significance of the deoxyribose phosphate backbone and the contribution of this chemical entity to the overall helical structure and stability of the double helix is not so clear. Peptide nucleic...

  14. Gauge symmetry, T-duality and doubled geometry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hull, C.M. [Imperial College London (United Kingdom). Inst. for Mathematical Sciences]|[Imperial College London (United Kingdom). Blackett Laboratory; Reid-Edwards, R.A. [Hamburg Univ. (Germany). 2. Inst. fuer Theoretische Physik]|[Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany)


    String compactifications with T-duality twists are revisited and the gauge algebra of the dimensionally reduced theories calculated. These reductions can be viewed as string theory on T-fold backgrounds, and can be formulated in a 'doubled space' in which each circle is supplemented by a T-dual circle to construct a geometry which is a doubled torus bundle over a circle. We discuss a conjectured extension to include T-duality on the base circle, and propose the introduction of a dual base coordinate, to give a doubled space which is locally the group manifold of the gauge group. Special cases include those in which the doubled group is a Drinfel'd double. This gives a framework to discuss backgrounds that are not even locally geometric. (orig.)

  15. More Effective Use of Urban Space by Autonomous Double Parking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Estepa


    Full Text Available The new capabilities of autonomous cars can be used to mitigate to a large extent safety concerns and nuisance traditionally associated with double parking. In this paper double parking for autonomous cars is proposed as a new approach to temporarily increase parking capacity in locations in clear need for extra provision when best alternatives cannot be found. The basic requirements, operation, and procedures of the proposed solution are outlined. A curbside parking has been simulated implementing the suggested double parking operation and important advantages have been identified for drivers, the environment, and the city. Double parking can increase over 50% the parking capacity of a given area. Autonomous car owners would (at least double their probabilities of finding parking compared to traditional drivers, saving cruising time and emissions. However, significant work and technological advances are still needed in order to make this feasible in the near future.

  16. The double copy: Bremsstrahlung and accelerating black holes

    CERN Document Server

    Luna, Andres; Nicholson, Isobel; O'Connell, Donal; White, Chris D


    Advances in our understanding of perturbation theory suggest the existence of a correspondence between classical general relativity and Yang-Mills theory. A concrete example of this correspondence, which is known as the double copy, was recently introduced for the case of stationary Kerr-Schild spacetimes. Building on this foundation, we examine the simple time-dependent case of an accelerating, radiating point source. The gravitational solution, which generalises the Schwarzschild solution, includes a non-trivial stress-energy tensor. This stress-energy tensor corresponds to a gauge theoretic current in the double copy. We interpret both of these sources as representing the radiative part of the field. Furthermore, in the simple example of Bremsstrahlung, we determine a scattering amplitude describing the radiation, maintaining the double copy throughout. Our results provide the strongest evidence yet that the classical double copy is directly related to the BCJ double copy for scattering amplitudes.

  17. The double copy: Bremsstrahlung and accelerating black holes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luna, Andrés [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow,Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland (United Kingdom); Monteiro, Ricardo [Theoretical Physics Department, CERN,Geneva (Switzerland); Nicholson, Isobel [Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy,The University of Edinburgh,Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, Scotland (United Kingdom); O’Connell, Donal [Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy,The University of Edinburgh,Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, Scotland (United Kingdom); Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California,Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4030 (United States); White, Chris D. [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow,Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland (United Kingdom)


    Advances in our understanding of perturbation theory suggest the existence of a correspondence between classical general relativity and Yang-Mills theory. A concrete example of this correspondence, which is known as the double copy, was recently introduced for the case of stationary Kerr-Schild spacetimes. Building on this foundation, we examine the simple time-dependent case of an accelerating, radiating point source. The gravitational solution, which generalises the Schwarzschild solution, includes a non-trivial stress-energy tensor. This stress-energy tensor corresponds to a gauge theoretic current in the double copy. We interpret both of these sources as representing the radiative part of the field. Furthermore, in the simple example of Bremsstrahlung, we determine a scattering amplitude describing the radiation, maintaining the double copy throughout. Our results provide the strongest evidence yet that the classical double copy is directly related to the BCJ double copy for scattering amplitudes.

  18. An exactly soluble model of a shallow double well

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Muñoz-Vega, R., E-mail: [Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, Centro Histórico, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 92, Col. Centro, Del. Cuauhtémoc, México DF, CP 06080 (Mexico); López-Chávez, E., E-mail: [Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, Centro Histórico, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 92, Col. Centro, Del. Cuauhtémoc, México DF, CP 06080 (Mexico); Salinas-Hernández, E., E-mail: [ESCOM-IPN, Av Juan de Dios Bátiz s/n, Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos, Col Lindavista, Del G A Madero, México DF, CP 07738 (Mexico); Flores-Godoy, J.-J., E-mail: [Departamento de Física y Matemáticas, Universidad Iberoamericana, Prol. Paseo de la Reforma 880, Col Lomas de Santa Fe, Del A Obregón, México DF, CP 01219 (Mexico); Fernández-Anaya, G., E-mail: [Departamento de Física y Matemáticas, Universidad Iberoamericana, Prol. Paseo de la Reforma 880, Col Lomas de Santa Fe, Del A Obregón, México DF, CP 01219 (Mexico)


    Shallow one-dimensional double-well potentials appear in atomic and molecular physics and other fields. Unlike the “deep” wells of macroscopic quantum coherent systems, shallow double wells need not present low-lying two-level systems. We argue that this feature, the absence of a low-lying two-level system in certain shallow double wells, may allow the finding of new test grounds for quantum mechanics in mesoscopic systems. We illustrate the above ideas with a family of shallow double wells obtained from reflectionless potentials through the Darboux–Bäcklund transform. - Highlights: • We present double wells not conforming to the low-lying two-state system model. • Models similar to ours appear in atomic and molecular physics. • Here there is no classically prohibited region between wells. • The ground probability is peaked at the position of classical unstable equilibrium in this models.

  19. Double diffusivity model under stochastic forcing (United States)

    Chattopadhyay, Amit K.; Aifantis, Elias C.


    The "double diffusivity" model was proposed in the late 1970s, and reworked in the early 1980s, as a continuum counterpart to existing discrete models of diffusion corresponding to high diffusivity paths, such as grain boundaries and dislocation lines. It was later rejuvenated in the 1990s to interpret experimental results on diffusion in polycrystalline and nanocrystalline specimens where grain boundaries and triple grain boundary junctions act as high diffusivity paths. Technically, the model pans out as a system of coupled Fick-type diffusion equations to represent "regular" and "high" diffusivity paths with "source terms" accounting for the mass exchange between the two paths. The model remit was extended by analogy to describe flow in porous media with double porosity, as well as to model heat conduction in media with two nonequilibrium local temperature baths, e.g., ion and electron baths. Uncoupling of the two partial differential equations leads to a higher-ordered diffusion equation, solutions of which could be obtained in terms of classical diffusion equation solutions. Similar equations could also be derived within an "internal length" gradient (ILG) mechanics formulation applied to diffusion problems, i.e., by introducing nonlocal effects, together with inertia and viscosity, in a mechanics based formulation of diffusion theory. While being remarkably successful in studies related to various aspects of transport in inhomogeneous media with deterministic microstructures and nanostructures, its implications in the presence of stochasticity have not yet been considered. This issue becomes particularly important in the case of diffusion in nanopolycrystals whose deterministic ILG-based theoretical calculations predict a relaxation time that is only about one-tenth of the actual experimentally verified time scale. This article provides the "missing link" in this estimation by adding a vital element in the ILG structure, that of stochasticity, that takes into

  20. Double heterojunction nanowire photocatalysts for hydrogen generation (United States)

    Tongying, P.; Vietmeyer, F.; Aleksiuk, D.; Ferraudi, G. J.; Krylova, G.; Kuno, M.


    Charge separation and charge transfer across interfaces are key aspects in the design of efficient photocatalysts for solar energy conversion. In this study, we investigate the hydrogen generating capabilities and underlying photophysics of nanostructured photocatalysts based on CdSe nanowires (NWs). Systems studied include CdSe, CdSe/CdS core/shell nanowires and their Pt nanoparticle-decorated counterparts. Femtosecond transient differential absorption measurements reveal how semiconductor/semiconductor and metal/semiconductor heterojunctions affect the charge separation and hydrogen generation efficiencies of these hybrid photocatalysts. In turn, we unravel the role of surface passivation, charge separation at semiconductor interfaces and charge transfer to metal co-catalysts in determining photocatalytic H2 generation efficiencies. This allows us to rationalize why Pt nanoparticle decorated CdSe/CdS NWs, a double heterojunction system, performs best with H2 generation rates of ~434.29 +/- 27.40 μmol h-1 g-1 under UV/Visible irradiation. In particular, we conclude that the CdS shell of this double heterojunction system serves two purposes. The first is to passivate CdSe NW surface defects, leading to long-lived charges at the CdSe/CdS interface capable of carrying out reduction chemistries. Upon photoexcitation, we also find that CdS selectively injects charges into Pt NPs, enabling simultaneous reduction chemistries at the Pt NP/solvent interface. Pt nanoparticle decorated CdSe/CdS NWs thus enable reduction chemistries at not one, but rather two interfaces, taking advantage of each junction's optimal catalytic activities.Charge separation and charge transfer across interfaces are key aspects in the design of efficient photocatalysts for solar energy conversion. In this study, we investigate the hydrogen generating capabilities and underlying photophysics of nanostructured photocatalysts based on CdSe nanowires (NWs). Systems studied include CdSe, CdSe/CdS core

  1. Ionic liquid based multifunctional double network gel (United States)

    Ahmed, Kumkum; Higashihara, Tomoya; Arafune, Hiroyuki; Kamijo, Toshio; Morinaga, Takashi; Sato, Takaya; Furukawa, Hidemitsu


    Gels are a promising class of soft and wet materials with diverse application in tissue engineering and bio-medical purpose. In order to accelerate the development of gels, it is required to synthesize multi-functional gels of high mechanical strength, ultra low surface friction and suitable elastic modulus with a variety of methods and new materials. Among many types of gel ionic gel made from ionic liquids (ILs) could be used for diverse applications in electrochemical devices and in the field of tribology. IL, a promising materials for lubrication, is a salt with a melting point lower than 100 °C. As a lubricant, ILs are characterized by an extremely low vapor pressure, high thermal stability and high ion conductivity. In this work a novel approach of making double network DN ionic gel using IL has been made utilizing photo polymerization process. A hydrophobic monomer Methyl methacrylate (MMA) has been used as a first network and a hydrophobic IL monomer, N,N-diethyl-N-(2-mthacryloylethyl)-N-methylammonium bistrifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide (DEMM-TFSI) has been used as a second network using photo initiator benzophenon and crosslinker triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA). The resulting DN ionic gel shows transparency, flexibility, high thermal stability, good mechanical toughness and low friction coefficient value which can be a potential candidate as a gel slider in different mechanical devices and can open a new area in the field of gel tribology.

  2. Cluster and Double Star observations of dipolarization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Nakamura


    Full Text Available We studied two types of dipolarization events with different IMF conditions when Cluster and Double Star (TC-1 were located in the same local time sector: 7 August 2004, 18:00-24:00 UT, during a disturbed southward/northward IMF interval, and 14 August 2004, 21:00-24:00 UT, when the IMF was stably northward. Cluster observed dipolarization as well as fast flows during both intervals, but this was not the case for TC-1. For both events the satellites crossed near the conjugate location of the MIRACLE stations. By using multi-point analysis techniques, the direction/speed of the propagation is determined using Cluster and is then compared with the disturbances at TC-1 to discuss its spatial/temporal scale. The propagation direction of the BZ disturbance at Cluster was mainly dawnward with a tailward component for 7 August and with a significant Earthward component for 14 August associated with fast flows. We suggest that the role of the midtail fast flows can be quite different in the dissipation process depending on the condition of the IMF and resultant configuration of the tail.

  3. Spacecraft potential control for Double Star

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Torkar


    Full Text Available The spacecraft potential of Double Star TC-1 is positive in large parts of the orbits due to the photo-effect from solar EUV irradiation. These positive potentials typically disturb low energy plasma measurements on board. The potential can be reduced, and thereby the particle measurements improved, by emitting a positive ion beam. This method has successfully been applied on several other spacecraft and it has also been chosen for TC-1. The instrument TC-1/ASPOC is a derivative of the Cluster/ASPOC instruments, from which it has inherited many features. The paper describes the adaptations and further developments made for the ion emitters and the electronics. The instrument performs very well and can support higher beam currents than on Cluster. The expected significant improvement of the low energy particle measurements on board was indeed observed. The modifications of the electron distributions are analysed for a one-time interval when the spacecraft was located in the magnetosheath. The change in the potential due to the ion beam was determined, and first studies of the 3-D electron distributions in response to the spacecraft potential control have been performed, which indicate that the method works as expected.

  4. Double Star project - master science operations plan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Shen


    Full Text Available For Double Star Project (DSP exploration, the scientific operations are very important and essential for achieving its scientific objectives. Two years before the launch of the DSP satellites (TC-1 and TC-2 and during the mission operating phase, the long-term and short-term master science operations plans (MSOP were produced. MSOP is composed of the operation schedules of all the scientific instruments, the modes and timelines of the Payload Service System on TC-1 and TC-2, and the data receiving schedules of the three ground stations. The MSOP of TC-1 and TC-2 have been generated according to the scientific objectives of DSP, the orbits of DSP, the near-Earth space environments and the coordination with Cluster, etc., so as to make full use of the exploration resources provided by DSP and to acquire as much quality scientific data as possible for the scientific communities. This paper has summarized the observation resources of DSP, the states of DSP and its evolution since the launch, the strategies and rules followed for operating the payload and utilizing the ground stations, and the production of MSOP. Until now, the generation and execution of MSOP is smooth and successful, the operating of DSP is satisfactory, and most of the scientific objectives of DSP have been fulfilled.

  5. Cluster and Double Star observations of dipolarization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Nakamura


    Full Text Available We studied two types of dipolarization events with different IMF conditions when Cluster and Double Star (TC-1 were located in the same local time sector: 7 August 2004, 18:00-24:00 UT, during a disturbed southward/northward IMF interval, and 14 August 2004, 21:00-24:00 UT, when the IMF was stably northward. Cluster observed dipolarization as well as fast flows during both intervals, but this was not the case for TC-1. For both events the satellites crossed near the conjugate location of the MIRACLE stations. By using multi-point analysis techniques, the direction/speed of the propagation is determined using Cluster and is then compared with the disturbances at TC-1 to discuss its spatial/temporal scale. The propagation direction of the BZ disturbance at Cluster was mainly dawnward with a tailward component for 7 August and with a significant Earthward component for 14 August associated with fast flows. We suggest that the role of the midtail fast flows can be quite different in the dissipation process depending on the condition of the IMF and resultant configuration of the tail.

  6. Strong Double Higgs Production at the LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Contino, Roberto; Moretti, Mauro; Piccinini, Fulvio; Rattazzi, Riccardo


    The hierarchy problem and the electroweak data, together, provide a plausible motivation for considering a light Higgs emerging as a pseudo-Goldstone boson from a strongly-coupled sector. In that scenario, the rates for Higgs production and decay differ significantly from those in the Standard Model. However, one genuine strong coupling signature is the growth with energy of the scattering amplitudes among the Goldstone bosons, the longitudinally polarized vector bosons as well as the Higgs boson itself. The rate for double Higgs production in vector boson fusion is thus enhanced with respect to its negligible rate in the SM. We study that reaction in pp collisions, where the production of two Higgs bosons at high pT is associated with the emission of two forward jets. We concentrate on the decay mode hh -> WW^(*)WW^(*) and study the semi-leptonic decay chains of the W's with 2, 3 or 4 leptons in the final states. While the 3 lepton final states are the most relevant and can lead to a 3 sigma signal significa...

  7. Double Hall sensor structure reducing voltage offset (United States)

    Oszwaldowski, M.; El-Ahmar, S.


    In this paper, we report on the double Hall sensor structure (DHSS) in which the voltage offset can be effectively reduced. The DHSS is composed of two standard Hall sensors that are activated with two currents from electrically independent current sources. The operation principle of the DHSS is explained in detail, and the concluded properties of the DHSS are confirmed in the experimental part of the paper. The measurements are performed on DHSSs based on InSb thin films. The offset is reduced by about three orders of magnitude. The minimum value of the reduced offset obtained is 10 μV. It appears that the minimum reduced offset is limited by the electric noise. The advantage of DHSS is that it can be manufactured with the standard thin film technology enabling effective miniaturization of the system. The DHSS can effectively be used for the measurements of the Hall effect in ultra-thin layers containing the two dimensional electron gas, such as the epitaxial graphene.

  8. A Design of Double Broadband MIMO Antenna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanfeng Geng


    Full Text Available The MIMO antenna applied to LTE mobile system should be miniaturization and can work in the current communication frequency band; isolation between each antenna unit also should be good so as to reduce loss of radio wave energy and improve the antenna performance of the MIMO system. This paper puts forward the design scheme of a broadband MIMO double antenna. And the design of antenna unit and debugging and related technical measures, such as bending antenna bracket, are both presented; the integration design of high isolation of ultra broadband MIMO antenna is realized on the plate with the volume of 100 × 52 × 0.8 mm3; antenna working bands are 698 MHz~960 MHz and 1710 MHz~2700 MHz; in the whole spectrum, the 10 dB of port isolation can be basically achieved; in low frequency band, the isolation degree of antenna port can reach 12 dB.

  9. High-Power Helicon Double Gun Thruster (United States)

    Murakami, Nao

    While chemical propulsion is necessary to launch a spacecraft from a planetary surface into space, electric propulsion has the potential to provide significant cost savings for the orbital transfer of payloads between planets. Due to extended wave particle interactions, a plasma thruster that can operate in the 100 kW to several MW power regime can only be attained by increasing the size of the thruster, or by using an array of plasma thrusters. The High-Power Helicon (HPH) Double Gun thruster experiment examines whether firing two helicon thrusters in parallel produces an exhaust velocity higher than the exhaust velocity of a single thruster. The scaling law that relates the downstream plasma velocity with the number of helicon antennae is derived, and compared with the experimental result. In conjunction with data analysis, two digital filtering algorithms are developed to filter out the noise from helicon antennae. The scaling law states that the downstream plasma velocity is proportional to square root of the number of helicon antennae, which is in agreement with the experimental result.

  10. Effects of radiation on DNA's double helix (United States)


    The blueprint of life, DNA's double helix is found in the cells of everything from bacteria to astronauts. Exposure to radiation(depicted at right) such as X-rays (upper) or heavy ion particles (lower), can damage DNA and cause dire consequences both to the organism itself and to future generations. One of NASA's main goals is to develop better radiation shielding materials to protect astronauts from destructive radiation in space. This is particularly important for long space missions. NASA has selected researchers to study materials that provide better shielding. This research is managed by NASA's Office of Biological and Physical Research and is supported by the Microgravity Science and Applications Department at NASA's Marshall Center. During International Space Station Expedition Six, the Extravehicular Activity Radiation Monitoring (EVARM) will continue to measure radiation dosage encountered by the eyes, internal organs and skin during specific spacewalks, and relate it to the type of activity, location and other factors. An analysis of this information may be useful in mitigating potential exposure to space walkers in the future. (Illustration by Dr. Frank Cucinotta, NASA/Johnson Space Center, and Prem Saganti, Lockheed Martin)

  11. Particle Swarm Optimization with Double Learning Patterns. (United States)

    Shen, Yuanxia; Wei, Linna; Zeng, Chuanhua; Chen, Jian


    Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is an effective tool in solving optimization problems. However, PSO usually suffers from the premature convergence due to the quick losing of the swarm diversity. In this paper, we first analyze the motion behavior of the swarm based on the probability characteristic of learning parameters. Then a PSO with double learning patterns (PSO-DLP) is developed, which employs the master swarm and the slave swarm with different learning patterns to achieve a trade-off between the convergence speed and the swarm diversity. The particles in the master swarm and the slave swarm are encouraged to explore search for keeping the swarm diversity and to learn from the global best particle for refining a promising solution, respectively. When the evolutionary states of two swarms interact, an interaction mechanism is enabled. This mechanism can help the slave swarm in jumping out of the local optima and improve the convergence precision of the master swarm. The proposed PSO-DLP is evaluated on 20 benchmark functions, including rotated multimodal and complex shifted problems. The simulation results and statistical analysis show that PSO-DLP obtains a promising performance and outperforms eight PSO variants.

  12. Particle Swarm Optimization with Double Learning Patterns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuanxia Shen


    Full Text Available Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO is an effective tool in solving optimization problems. However, PSO usually suffers from the premature convergence due to the quick losing of the swarm diversity. In this paper, we first analyze the motion behavior of the swarm based on the probability characteristic of learning parameters. Then a PSO with double learning patterns (PSO-DLP is developed, which employs the master swarm and the slave swarm with different learning patterns to achieve a trade-off between the convergence speed and the swarm diversity. The particles in the master swarm and the slave swarm are encouraged to explore search for keeping the swarm diversity and to learn from the global best particle for refining a promising solution, respectively. When the evolutionary states of two swarms interact, an interaction mechanism is enabled. This mechanism can help the slave swarm in jumping out of the local optima and improve the convergence precision of the master swarm. The proposed PSO-DLP is evaluated on 20 benchmark functions, including rotated multimodal and complex shifted problems. The simulation results and statistical analysis show that PSO-DLP obtains a promising performance and outperforms eight PSO variants.

  13. A double quantum well single charge electrometer (United States)

    Robinson, Hans D.; Bandaru, Prabhakar; Kosaka, Hideo; Yablonovitch, Eli; Caflisch, Russel E.; Anderson, Chris; Gyure, Mark F.; Croke, Edward T.


    In recent years, quantum point contacts and single electron transistors have been shown to be useful as extremely sensitive ( 10-5 e/Hz^1/2) charge sensors. In this talk, we present experimental and numerical results on a new device, based on an InP/InGaAs double quantum well structure, where the charge sensitive channel is realized in the lower quantum well, while a single electron is confined in a quantum dot in the upper well. If the spacer between the wells is made thin enough, then the channel plays the dual role of both supplying the trapped charges and detecting them. We show that it is possible to spin polarize the sensing channel, and that this property will make it possible to read out the spin of the trapped electron. (See the talk by Mark Gyure for further details on this topic.) The spacer can also be made sufficiently wide that tunneling between the wells does not take place, and the device can then be used as a coherent single photon detector.

  14. "Double culturedness": the "capital" of Inuit nurses. (United States)

    Møller, Helle


    The health and educational systems in Greenland and Nunavut are reflections of those in Denmark and Southern Canada, with the language of instruction and practise being Danish and English. This places specific demands on Inuit studying nursing. This paper discusses the experiences of Inuit who are educated in nursing programmes and practise in healthcare systems located in the Arctic but dominated by EuroCanadian and Danish culture and language. Research was qualitative and ethnographic. It was conducted through 12 months of fieldwork in 5 Greenlandic and 2 Nunavut communities. Observation, participant observation, interviews, questionnaires and document review were used. The analytical framework involved Bourdieu's concepts of capital and habitus. Participants experienced degrees of success and well-being in the educational systems that are afforded to few other Canadian and Greenlandic Inuit. This success appeared to be based on nurses and students possessing, or having acquired, what I call "double culturedness"; this makes them able to communicate in at least 2 languages and cultures, including the ability to understand, negotiate and interact, using at least 2 ways of being in the world and 2 ways of learning and teaching. There continues to be a critical need for Inuit nurses with their special knowledge and abilities in the healthcare systems of the Arctic. Inuit nurses' experiences will help inform the education and healthcare systems and point to areas in need of support and change in order to increase recruitment and retention of nursing students and practitioners.

  15. The DoubleChooz DAQ systems.

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    The Double Chooz (DC) reactor anti-neutrino experiment consists of a neutrino detector and a large area Outer Veto detector. A custom data-acquisition (DAQ) system written in Ada language for all the sub-detector in the neutrino detector systems and a generic object oriented data acquisition system for the Outer Veto detector were developed. Generic object-oriented programming was also used to support several electronic systems to be readout providing a simple interface for any new electronics to be added given its dedicated driver. The core electronics of the experiment is based on FADC electronics (500MHz sampling rate), therefore a data-reduction scheme has been implemented to reduce the data volume per trigger. A dynamic data-format was created to allow dynamic reduction of each trigger before data is written to disk. The decision is based on low level information that determines the relevance of each trigger. The DAQ is structured internally into two types of processors: several read-out processors readi...

  16. Coronal Electron Confinement by Double Layers

    CERN Document Server

    Li, T C; Swisdak, M


    In observations of flare-heated electrons in the solar corona, a longstanding problem is the unexplained prolonged lifetime of the electrons compared to their transit time across the source. This suggests confinement. Recent particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations, which explored the transport of pre-accelerated hot electrons through ambient cold plasma, showed that the formation of a highly localized electrostatic potential drop, in the form of a double layer (DL), significantly inhibited the transport of hot electrons (T.C. Li, J.F. Drake, and M. Swisdak, 2012, ApJ, 757, 20). The effectiveness of confinement by a DL is linked to the strength of the DL as defined by its potential drop. In this work, we investigate the scaling of the DL strength with the hot electron temperature by PIC simulations, and find a linear scaling. We demonstrate that the strength is limited by the formation of parallel shocks. Based on this, we analytically determine the maximum DL strength, and find also a linear scaling with the hot e...

  17. Molecular dynamics simulation of layered double hydroxides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The interlayer structure and the dynamics of Cl{sup {minus}} ions and H{sub 2}O molecules in the interlayer space of two typical LDH [Layered Double Hydroxide] phases were investigated by molecular dynamics computer simulations. The simulations of hydrocalumite, [Ca{sub 2}Al(OH){sub 6}]Cl{center_dot}2H{sub 2}O reveal significant dynamic disorder in the orientations of interlayer water molecules. The hydration energy of hydrotalcite, [Mg{sub 2}Al(0H){sub 6}]Cl{center_dot}nH{sub 2}O, is found to have a minimum at approximately n = 2, in good agreement with experiment. The calculated diffusion coefficient of Cl{sup {minus}} as an outer-sphere surface complex is almost three times that of inner-sphere Cl{sup {minus}}, but is still about an order of magnitude less than that of Cl{sup {minus}} in bulk solution. The simulations demonstrate unique capabilities of combined NMR and molecular dynamics studies to understand the structure and dynamics of surface and interlayer species in mineral/water systems.

  18. Creative Design of Double Safety Shoes Mechanisms (United States)

    Cheng, Hong Yih

    This paper is to synthesize the double safety shoes mechanisms of elevators for prompting passenger's safety. A systematic design methodology including type synthesis and mechanism skeletons technology is also presented based on the design requirements and design constraints. The design requirements include to avoiding from collision between shoes, and shoe can be pulled out independently not to drag the door. The design constraints are proposed for assigning link types and kinematic relations. An existing mechanism, which is designed with six links and seven joints, is investigated by mechanism kinematics and structure sketch to establish the topological structure. According to the creative method, all of the possible kinematic chains with the numbers of the vertices and edges are enumerated. Then the linkage numbers are assigned skillfully to the edges, and one of the kinematic pairs, for example, revolute pair, prismatic pair, and rolling pair, is chosen for every vertices. So every kinematic chain can be stretched out several particularized chains. Several mechanism skeletons are also sketched.

  19. Mars double-aeroflyby free returns (United States)

    Jesick, Mark


    Mars double-flyby free-return trajectories that pass twice through the Martian atmosphere are documented. This class of trajectories is advantageous for potential Mars atmospheric sample return missions because of its low geocentric energy at departure and arrival, because it would enable two sample collections at unique locations during different Martian seasons, and because of its lack of deterministic maneuvers. Free return opportunities are documented over Earth departure dates ranging from 2015 through 2100, with viable missions available every Earth-Mars synodic period. After constraining the maximum lift-to-drag ratio to be less than one, the minimum observed Earth departure hyperbolic excess speed is 3.23 km/s, the minimum Earth atmospheric entry speed is 11.42 km/s, and the minimum round-trip flight time is 805 days. An algorithm using simplified dynamics is developed along with a method to derive an initial estimate for trajectories in a more realistic dynamic model. Multiple examples are presented, including free returns that pass outside and inside of Mars's appreciable atmosphere.

  20. Simulations of double layers in the magnetosphere (United States)

    Fu, X.; Cowee, M.; Gary, S. P.; Winske, D.


    A double layer (DL) is a nonlinear electrostatic structure consisting of two layers of opposite charge in the plasma, with a characteristic potential jump and unipolar electric field. Previous observations and simulations of DLs in the auroral region showed that those DLs are closely related to ion acoustic waves and typically propagate at ion sound speed. However, recent observation of DLs in the magnetosphere near the equator shows that some DLs propagate at a speed much greater than ion sound speed, inferring a different type of DL that may be associated with electron acoustic waves. In this study, we investigate the formation of DLs in two scenarios in the magnetosphere using particle-in-cell simulations. First, in a current-carrying uniform plasma, we artificially change the ion to electron mass ratio to study the transition from ion-acoustic DLs to electron-acoustic structures. Second, we study the formation of DLs at the boundary of two electron populations with different temperatures. These results may explain recent observations of different types of nonlinear electrostatic structures by Van Allen Probes.

  1. Double emulsion solvent evaporation techniques used for drug encapsulation. (United States)

    Iqbal, Muhammad; Zafar, Nadiah; Fessi, Hatem; Elaissari, Abdelhamid


    Double emulsions are complex systems, also called "emulsions of emulsions", in which the droplets of the dispersed phase contain one or more types of smaller dispersed droplets themselves. Double emulsions have the potential for encapsulation of both hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic drugs, cosmetics, foods and other high value products. Techniques based on double emulsions are commonly used for the encapsulation of hydrophilic molecules, which suffer from low encapsulation efficiency because of rapid drug partitioning into the external aqueous phase when using single emulsions. The main issue when using double emulsions is their production in a well-controlled manner, with homogeneous droplet size by optimizing different process variables. In this review special attention has been paid to the application of double emulsion techniques for the encapsulation of various hydrophilic and hydrophobic anticancer drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotic drugs, proteins and amino acids and their applications in theranostics. Moreover, the optimized ratio of the different phases and other process parameters of double emulsions are discussed. Finally, the results published regarding various types of solvents, stabilizers and polymers used for the encapsulation of several active substances via double emulsion processes are reported. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Neglected Double Observations for 2006 No. 5: 22nd and 23rd Hour Doubles (United States)

    Wiley, E. O.


    I report measures for 50 neglected (at epoch) doubles, many having a single previous observation reported in the WDS as of manuscript submission. In addition, I report measures of 26 recently measured pairs. Three new pairs are reported. Observations were made with the GRAS002 robotic telescope located at the Remote Astronomical Society Observatory, Mayhill, NM, USA ( In addition to theta and rho values (and standard deviations), I report catalog numbers and magnitude differences of pairs, some of which lack precise positional information and delta-M values.

  3. Neglected Double Observations for 2006 No. 4: Some 22nd Hour Doubles (United States)

    Wiley, E. O.


    I report measures for 64 neglected doubles, many having a single previous observation reported in the WDS as of manuscript submission. In addition, I report measures of 15 recently measured pairs. Observations were made with the GRAS002 robotic telescope located at the Remote Astronomical Society Observatory, Mayhill, NM, USA ( In addition to theta and rho values (and standard deviations), I report catalog numbers and magnitude differences of pairs, some of which lack precise positional information and delta-M values.

  4. Formation of Double Neutron Star Systems (United States)

    Tauris, T. M.; Kramer, M.; Freire, P. C. C.; Wex, N.; Janka, H.-T.; Langer, N.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Bozzo, E.; Chaty, S.; Kruckow, M. U.; van den Heuvel, E. P. J.; Antoniadis, J.; Breton, R. P.; Champion, D. J.


    Double neutron star (DNS) systems represent extreme physical objects and the endpoint of an exotic journey of stellar evolution and binary interactions. Large numbers of DNS systems and their mergers are anticipated to be discovered using the Square Kilometre Array searching for radio pulsars, and the high-frequency gravitational wave detectors (LIGO/VIRGO), respectively. Here we discuss all key properties of DNS systems, as well as selection effects, and combine the latest observational data with new theoretical progress on various physical processes with the aim of advancing our knowledge on their formation. We examine key interactions of their progenitor systems and evaluate their accretion history during the high-mass X-ray binary stage, the common envelope phase, and the subsequent Case BB mass transfer, and argue that the first-formed NSs have accreted at most ∼ 0.02 {M}ȯ . We investigate DNS masses, spins, and velocities, and in particular correlations between spin period, orbital period, and eccentricity. Numerous Monte Carlo simulations of the second supernova (SN) events are performed to extrapolate pre-SN stellar properties and probe the explosions. All known close-orbit DNS systems are consistent with ultra-stripped exploding stars. Although their resulting NS kicks are often small, we demonstrate a large spread in kick magnitudes that may, in general, depend on the past interaction history of the exploding star and thus correlate with the NS mass. We analyze and discuss NS kick directions based on our SN simulations. Finally, we discuss the terminal evolution of close-orbit DNS systems until they merge and possibly produce a short γ-ray burst.

  5. Double Compact Objects. II. Cosmological Merger Rates (United States)

    Dominik, Michal; Belczynski, Krzysztof; Fryer, Christopher; Holz, Daniel E.; Berti, Emanuele; Bulik, Tomasz; Mandel, Ilya; O'Shaughnessy, Richard


    The development of advanced gravitational wave (GW) observatories, such as Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo, provides impetus to refine theoretical predictions for what these instruments might detect. In particular, with the range increasing by an order of magnitude, the search for GW sources is extending beyond the "local" universe and out to cosmological distances. Double compact objects (neutron star-neutron star (NS-NS), black hole-neutron star (BH-NS), and black hole-black hole (BH-BH) systems) are considered to be the most promising GW sources. In addition, NS-NS and/or BH-NS systems are thought to be the progenitors of gamma-ray bursts and may also be associated with kilonovae. In this paper, we present the merger event rates of these objects as a function of cosmological redshift. We provide the results for four cases, each one investigating a different important evolution parameter of binary stars. Each case is also presented for two metallicity evolution scenarios. We find that (1) in most cases NS-NS systems dominate the merger rates in the local universe, while BH-BH mergers dominate at high redshift, (2) BH-NS mergers are less frequent than other sources per unit volume, for all time, and (3) natal kicks may alter the observable properties of populations in a significant way, allowing the underlying models of binary evolution and compact object formation to be easily distinguished. This is the second paper in a series of three. The third paper will focus on calculating the detection rates of mergers by GW telescopes.

  6. Magnetic transition in double perovskite systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Navarro, O., E-mail: navarro@servidor.unam.m [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Apdo. Postal 70-360, 04510 Mexico DF (Mexico); Aguilar, B. [Laboratorio Interinstitucional de Magnetismo Natural, Instituto de Geofisica, Sede Michoacan, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Morelia (Mexico); Avignon, M. [Institut Neel, CNRS and Universite Joseph Fourier, BP 166, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France)


    The search for materials having complete spin polarization and high Curie temperature have received a lot of attention in view of spintronics applications, especially the ferromagnetic (F) Sr{sub 2}FeMoO{sub 6}, because of its fairly high Curie temperature (T{sub C}= 450 K), half-metallic character, large magnetoresistance and potential applications. On the other hand, Sr{sub 2}FeWO{sub 6} is insulating and antiferromagnetic (AF) with T{sub N}=37K. With a double exchange type model it has been shown that F-AF transition can be driven by super-exchange interactions with increasing Fe-M (M=Mo, W) charge transfer energy. So, the charge transfer energy is expected to be larger in FeW than in FeMo compounds. Using a tight-binding model with the renormalized perturbation expansion technique, we determine the density of states for the AF phase and the electronic energy difference for the F- and AF-phases as a function of the Fe-M charge transfer energy. The F-AF transition in the ordered system Sr{sub 2}FeMo{sub x}W{sub 1-x}O{sub 6} occurs for xapprox0.3, in good agreement with the experimental value. We also studied the effect of the diagonal disorder in the variation of the number of conduction electrons on Fe and M sites. Finally, the behavior of the Curie temperature as a function of the Mo/W concentration is determined.

  7. Sensorimotor organization in double cortex syndrome. (United States)

    Jirsch, Jeffrey D; Bernasconi, Neda; Villani, Flavio; Vitali, Paolo; Avanzini, Giuliano; Bernasconi, Andrea


    Subcortical band heterotopia is a diffuse malformation of cortical development related to pharmacologically intractable epilepsy. On magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), patients with "double cortex" syndrome (DCS) present with a band of heterotopic gray matter separated from the overlying cortex by a layer of white matter. The function and connectivity of the subcortical heterotopic band in humans is only partially understood. We studied six DCS patients with bilateral subcortical band heterotopias and six healthy controls using functional MRI (fMRI). In controls, simple motor task elicited contralateral activation of the primary motor cortex (M1) and ipsilateral activation of the cerebellum and left supplementary motor area (SMA). All DCS patients showed task-related contralateral activation of both M1 and the underlying heterotopic band. Ipsilateral motor activation was seen in 4/6 DCS patients. Furthermore, there were additional activations of nonprimary normotopic cortical areas. The sensory stimulus resulted in activation of the contralateral primary sensory cortex (SI) and the thalamus in all healthy subjects. The left sensory task also induced a contralateral activation of the insular cortex. Sensory activation of the contralateral SI was seen in all DCS patients and secondary somatosensory areas in 5/6. The heterotopic band beneath SI became activated in 3/6 DCS patients. Activations were also seen in subcortical structures for both paradigms. In DCS, motor and sensory tasks induce an activation of the subcortical heterotopic band. The recruitment of bilateral primary areas and higher-order association normotopic cortices indicates the need for a widespread network to perform simple tasks. Copyright 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  8. C-type period-doubling transition in nephron autoregulation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laugesen, Jakob Lund; Mosekilde, Erik; Holstein-Rathlou, Niels-Henrik


    -doubling bifurcations, mode-locking and other nonlinear dynamic phenomena in the tubular pressures and flows. Using a simplified nephron model, the paper examines how the regulatory mechanisms react to an external periodic variation in arterial pressure near a region of resonance with one of the internally generated...... mode-locked cycles. We show how the stable and unstable resonance cycles generated in this response undergo interconnected cascades of period-doubling bifurcations and how each period doubling leads to the formation of a new pair of saddle-node bifurcation curves along the edges of the resonance zone...

  9. Sum rule study for double Gamow-Teller states (United States)

    Sagawa, H.; Uesaka, T.


    We study the sum rules of double Gamow-Teller (DGT) excitations through double spin-isospin operator (σt-) 2. In general, 2+ states in the grand-daughter nuclei have dominant transition strength in DGT excitations and 0+ states are weak, except in T =1 mother nuclei in which 0+ strength is competitive with 2+ strength. The isospin selection of DGT is also discussed among five possible isospin states in grand-daughter nuclei. A possibility to extract the unit cross section for the DGT transition strength is pointed out in the (σt-) 2 excitation of double isobaric analog state (DIAS) in T =1 nuclei.

  10. Lattice design for the CEPC double ring scheme (United States)

    Wang, Yiwei; Su, Feng; Bai, Sha; Zhang, Yuan; Bian, Tianjian; Wang, Dou; Yu, Chenghui; Gao, Jie


    A future Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) has been proposed by China with the main goal of studying the Higgs boson. Its baseline design, chosen on the basis of its performance, is a double ring scheme; an alternative design is a partial double ring scheme which reduces the budget while maintaining an adequate performance. This paper will present the collider ring lattice design for the double ring scheme. The CEPC will also work as a W and a Z factory. For the W and Z modes, except in the RF region, compatible lattices were obtained by scaling down the magnet strength with energy.

  11. Split-Conjunctival Grafts for Double - head Pterygium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maheshwari Sejal


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To describe the technique of split-conjunctival grafts (SCG for double-head pterygia and to evaluate its postoperative outcome. METHOD: A retrospective analysis of seven eyes with primary double-head pterygium was done. All eyes received pterygium excision with split-conjunctival grafts harvested from the superior quadrant. All patients were followed up for recurrence of the lesion and incidence of complications. RESULTS: No recurrence was noted with a mean follow-up of 17.7 ± 6 months. CONCLUSION: Split-conjunctival graft is a useful procedure for double-head pterygium.

  12. Spontaneous formation of double bars in dark matter dominated galaxies


    Saha, Kanak; Maciejewski, Witold


    Although nearly one-third of barred galaxies host an inner, secondary bar, the formation and evolution of double barred galaxies remain unclear. We show here an example model of a galaxy, dominated by a live dark matter halo, in which double bars form naturally, without requiring gas, and we follow its evolution for a Hubble time. The inner bar in our model galaxy rotates almost as slowly as the outer bar, and it can reach up to half of its length. The route to the formation of a double bar m...

  13. Double exchange ferromagnetism in the Peierls insulator state. (United States)

    Nishimoto, S; Ohta, Y


    We study the effects of opening the band gap on the double exchange ferromagnetism. Applying the density-matrix renormalization group method and an analytical expansion from the dimer limit to the one-dimensional double exchange model, we demonstrate for a relevant region of the exchange coupling that, in the weak dimerization regime, the Peierls gap opens in the fully spin-polarized conduction band without affecting its ferromagnetism, whereas in the strong dimerization regime, the ferromagnetism is destroyed, and the Mott gap opens instead, leading the system to the antiferromagnetic quasi-long-range order. An insulator version of double exchange ferromagnetism is thus established.

  14. Double acoustic microresonator quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy. (United States)

    Dong, Lei; Wu, Hongpeng; Zheng, Huadan; Liu, Yanyan; Liu, Xiaoli; Jiang, Wenzhe; Zhang, Lei; Ma, Weiguang; Ren, Wei; Yin, Wangbao; Jia, Suotang; Tittel, Frank K


    Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy (QEPAS) based on double acoustic microresonators (AmRs) is developed and experimentally investigated. The double AmR spectrophone configuration exhibits a strong acoustic coupling between the AmR and the quartz tuning fork, which results in a ∼5  ms fast response time. Moreover, the double AmRs provide two independent detection channels that allow optical signal addition or cancellation from different optical wavelengths and facilitate rapid multigas sensing measurements, thereby avoiding laser beam combination.

  15. Element nodes of sports equipment double back flip factions and double back flip hunched performed gymnast in floor exercise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Potop V.A.


    Full Text Available Purpose: to identify the node elements of sports equipment double back somersault tuck and double back flip bent. To compare the two types of nodes for double somersault. Material : the study involved eight gymnasts (age 12 - 14 years. All finalists in the competition floor exercise - reserve team Romania. The method of video - computer research and method of postural orientation movements. Results : identified nodal elements of sports equipment double back somersault tuck and double back flip bent. In the preparatory phase of motor actions - launcher body posture for reaching is repulsive to flip. In the phase of basic motor action - animation body postures (double back somersault tuck and bent (bent double back flip. Exercises are performed on the ascending and descending parts of the flight path of the demonstration of individual maximum lift height common center of mass. In the final phase of motor actions - final body posture - steady landing. Conclusions : indicators of key elements of sports equipment acrobatic exercises contain new scientific facts kinematic and dynamic structures of motor actions. They are necessary for the development of modern training programs acrobatic exercises in step specialized base preparation.

  16. Optimisation of Double Pipe Helical Tube Heat Exchanger and its Comparison with Straight Double Tube Heat Exchanger (United States)

    Kareem, Rashid


    Optimization of double pipe helical coil heat exchanger with various optimizing parameters and its comparison with double pipe straight tube are the prime objectives of this paper. Numerical studies were performed with the aid of a commercial computational fluid dynamics package ANSYS FLUENT 14. In this paper the double pipe helical coil is analysed under turbulent flow conditions for optimum heat exchanger properties. The parameters used for optimization are cross-sectional shape and taper angles. Optimization analysis is being carried out for finding best cross sectional shape of heat exchanger coils by using rectangular, square, triangular and circular cross-sections. The tapered double pipe helical coil is then analysed for best heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics by varying the angle of taper. Finally, an optimum coil on the basis of all the analysis is selected. This optimized double pipe helical coil is compared with double pipe straight tube of equivalent cross-sectional area and length as that of unwounded length of double pipe helical coil.

  17. Cobalt double-ring and double-dot structures: Magnetic properties

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    López-Urías, F., E-mail: [Advanced Materials Department, IPICYT, Camino a la presa San José 2055, Col. Lomas 4a sección, 78216, San Luis Potosí S.L.P., México (Mexico); Torres-Heredia, J.J. [Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Las Choapas, Col. J. M. Rosa do, 96980, Las Choapas, Veracruz (Mexico); Muñoz-Sandoval, E. [Advanced Materials Department, IPICYT, Camino a la presa San José 2055, Col. Lomas 4a sección, 78216, San Luis Potosí S.L.P., México (Mexico)


    The magnetization reversal mechanism of nanostructures of cobalt double-rings (D-rings) and double-dots (D-dots) is investigated in the framework of micromagnetic simulations. The arrays contain two identical coupled rings (wide and narrow) or dots with outer diameter of 200 nm and thicknesses ranging from 2–20 nm. Hysteresis loops, dipole–dipole and exchange energies are systematically calculated for the cases of the structures touching and the structures with a 50-nm inter-magnet separation; moreover, magnetization states along the hysteresis curve are analyzed. The results of both dot and ring D-magnets are compared with the corresponding individual magnets. Our results reveal that all D-ring (in contact and separated) arrays containing narrow rings exhibit non-null remanent magnetization; furthermore, higher coercive fields are promoted when the magnet thickness is increased. It is observed that the magnetization reversal is driven mainly by a clockwise rotation of onion-states, followed by states of frustrated vortices. Our results could help improve the understanding of the magnetic interactions in nanomagnet arrays.

  18. Neutrino masses and neutrinoless double-beta decay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pavan, M. [Dipartimento di Fisica dell' Universita di Milano, Bicocca and sezioneINFN di Milano Bicocca (Italy)


    The potentials of Double Beta Decay experiments in the field of neutrino study are here discussed. Sensitivity and results are compared with the information coming from oscillation, cosmology and beta decay measurements. (Author)


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hartkopf, William I.; Mason, Brian D.; Finch, Charlie T.; Zacharias, Norbert; Wycoff, Gary L.; Hsu, Danley, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [US Naval Observatory, Washington, DC 20392 (United States)


    The newly completed Fourth USNO CCD Astrographic Catalog (UCAC4) has proven to be a rich source of double star astrometry and photometry. Following initial comparisons of UCAC4 results against those obtained by speckle interferometry, the UCAC4 catalog was matched against known double stars in the Washington Double Star Catalog in order to provide additional differential astrometry and photometry for these pairs. Matches to 58,131 pairs yielded 61,895 astrometric and 68,935 photometric measurements. Finally, a search for possible new common proper motion (CPM) pairs was made using new UCAC4 proper motion data; this resulted in 4755 new potential CPM doubles (and an additional 27,718 astrometric and photometric measures from UCAC and other sources)

  20. Analysis and design of controllers for a double inverted pendulum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Niemann, Hans Henrik; Poulsen, J K


    A physical control problem is studied with the μ methodology. The issues of modelling, uncertainty modelling, performance specification, controller design and laboratory implementation are discussed. The laboratory experiment is a double inverted pendulum placed on a cart. The limitations...

  1. Double Bag VARTM for High Temperature Composites Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The process known as double bag vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (DBVARTM) was developed by NASA to help deplete by products. To date, the NASA DBVARTM process...

  2. The electric double layer has a life of its own

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Merlet, Céline; Limmer, David T.; Salanne, Mathieu; Van Roij, René; Madden, Paul A.; Chandler, David; Rotenberg, Benjamin


    Using molecular dynamics simulations with recently developed importance sampling methods, we show that the differential capacitance of a model ionic liquid based double-layer capacitor exhibits an anomalous dependence on the applied electrical potential. Such behavior is qualitatively incompatible

  3. NEXT, a HPGXe TPC for neutrinoless double beta decay searches

    CERN Document Server

    Granena, F; Nova, F; Rico, J; Sánchez, F; Nygren, D R; Barata, J A S; Borges, F I G M; Conde, C A N; Dias, T H V T; Fernandes, L M P; Freitas, E D C; Lopes, J A M; Monteiro, C M B; Santos, J M F dos; Santos, F P; Tavora, L M N; Veloso, J F C A; Calvo, E; Gil-Botella, I; Novella, P; Palomares, C; Verdugo, A; Giomataris, Yu; Ferrer-Ribas, E; Hernando-Morata, J A; Martínez, D; Cid, X; Ball, M; Carcel, S; Cervera-Villanueva, Anselmo; Díaz, J; Gil, A; Gómez-Cadenas, J J; Martín-Albo, J; Monrabal, F; Munoz-Vidal, J; Serra, L; Sorel, M; Yahlali, N; Bosch, R Esteve; Lerche, C W; Martinez, J D; Mora, F J; Sebastiá, A; Tarazona, A; Toledo, J F; Lazaro, M; Perez, J L; Ripoll, L; Carmona, J M; Cebrián, S; Dafni, T; Galan, J; Gomez, H; Iguaz, F J; Irastorza, I G; Luzón, G; Morales, J; Rodríguez, A; Ruz, J; Tomas, A; Villar, J A


    We propose a novel detection concept for neutrinoless double-beta decay searches. This concept is based on a Time Projection Chamber (TPC) filled with high-pressure gaseous xenon, and with separated-function capabilities for calorimetry and tracking. Thanks to its excellent energy resolution, together with its powerful background rejection provided by the distinct double-beta decay topological signature, the design discussed in this Letter Of Intent promises to be competitive and possibly out-perform existing proposals for next-generation neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments. We discuss the detection principles, design specifications, physics potential and R&D plans to construct a detector with 100 kg fiducial mass in the double-beta decay emitting isotope Xe(136), to be installed in the Canfranc Underground Laboratory.

  4. Elimination behavior of shelter dogs housed in double compartment kennels

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wagner, Denae; Newbury, Sandra; Kass, Philip; Hurley, Kate


    ... being. Dogs in animal shelters are often housed in one of two types of confinement housing - single kennels and rooms or double compartment kennels and rooms most often separated by a guillotine door...

  5. A Double-Crystal Monochromator for Neutron Stress Diffractometry

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Em, V.; Balagurov, A. M.; Glazkov, V. P.; Karpov, I. D.; Mikula, Pavol; Miron, N. F.; Somenkov, V. A.; Sumin, V. V.; Šaroun, Jan; Shushunov, M. N.


    Roč. 60, č. 4 (2017), s. 526-532 ISSN 0020-4412 Institutional support: RVO:61389005 Keywords : neutron diffraction * double-crystal * monochromator Subject RIV: BM - Solid Matter Physics ; Magnetism Impact factor: 0.437, year: 2016

  6. Conference Space More Than Doubles at ATRF | Poster (United States)

    By Ken Michaels, Staff Writer The opening of the Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF) conference center more than doubles the amount of meeting space now available at the Frederick National Laboratory.

  7. Washington Double Star Catalog Cross Index (1950 position sort) (United States)


    A machine-readable version of the Washington Catalog of Visual Double Stars (WDS) was prepared in 1984 on the basis of a data file that was collected and maintained for more than a century by a succession of double-star observers. Although this catalog is being continually updated, a new copy for distribution is not expected to be available for a few years. The WDS contains DM numbers, but many of these are listed only in the notes, which makes it difficult to search for double-star information, except by position. Hence, a cross index that provides complete DM identifications is desirable, and it appears useful to add HD numbers for systems in that catalog. Aitken Double Star (ADS) numbers were retained from the WDS, but no attempt was made to correct these except for obvious errors.

  8. Recent advances and application of doubled haploids in wheat ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    /tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses with acceptable end use qualities is the most viable and environment friendly option to increase wheat yield in a sustainable fashion. In vitro haploid production followed by chromosome doubling greatly ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to introduce the Cesaro-Orlicz double difference sequence space Ces_M^{(2}(△, p. We study some topological properties of this space and give some inclusion relations

  10. Elimination behavior of shelter dogs housed in double compartment kennels

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wagner, Denae; Newbury, Sandra; Kass, Philip; Hurley, Kate


    .... Dogs in animal shelters are often housed in one of two types of confinement housing - single kennels and rooms or double compartment kennels and rooms most often separated by a guillotine door...

  11. Double-O Habitat Management Plan: Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Double-0 Plan is a step-down plan of the 1985 Refuge Master Plan and Environmental Assessment. The purpose of this plan is to guide the management, protection,...

  12. sequential low cost interventions double hand hygiene rates among

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


  13. Sequential Low Cost Interventions Double Hand Hygiene Rates ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Sequential Low Cost Interventions Double Hand Hygiene Rates Among Medical Teams in a Resource Limited Setting. Results of a Hand Hygiene Quality Improvement Project Conducted At University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (Chuk), Kigali, Rwanda.

  14. Double Cortex Syndrome (Subcortical Band Heterotopia): A Case Report

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Momen, Ali Akbar; Momen, Mehdi


    .... Many congenital or acquired brain anomalies are revealed with MRIs. Although the majority of these abnormalities are sporadic but patients with subcortical band heterotopia or double cortex syndrome have sex-linked inheritance...

  15. Double Shell Tank (DST) Monitor and Control Subsystem Specification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    BAFUS, R.R.


    This specification revises the performance requirements and provides references to the requisite codes and standards to be applied during design of the Double-Shell Tank (DST) Monitor and Control Subsystem that supports the first phase of Waste Feed Delivery.

  16. Double Shell Tank (DST) Process Waste Sampling Subsystem Specification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This specification establishes the performance requirements and provides references to the requisite codes and standards to be applied to the Double-Shell Tank (DST) Process Waste Sampling Subsystem which supports the first phase of Waste Feed Delivery.

  17. Evaluation and potential of Double Immunodifusion Gel Assay for ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluation and potential of Double Immunodifusion Gel Assay for serological characterization of rice yellow mottle virus isolates in West Africa. Yacouba Séré, Amos Onasanya, Abolade S Afolabi, Emmanuel M Abo ...

  18. Double series over a non-Archimedean field

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luigi Corgnier


    Full Text Available In the present paper we investigate the convergence of a double series over a complete non-Archimedean field and prove that, while the proofs are somewhat different, the Archimedean results hold true.

  19. Online-learning provider edX doubles membership (United States)

    Dacey, James


    A major digital education initiative set up by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has just doubled its number of university partners and signed up its first members from outside the US.

  20. On the Lebesgue summability of double trigonometric series (United States)

    Bagota, Mónika; Móricz, Ferenc


    We recall that the Lebesgue summability of a single trigonometric series is defined in terms of the symmetric differentiability of the sum of the formally integrated trigonometric series in question. In this paper, we present another proof of the theorem given in Zygmund's monograph. Then we define the notion of Lebesgue summability of a double trigonometric series and extend the theorem of Fatou and Zygmund from single to double trigonometric series.

  1. Scanning Systems for Searching Double Strangeness Nuclei in Nuclear Emulsion (United States)

    Yoshida, Junya; Ito, Hiroki; Kinbara, Shinji; Kobayashi, Hidetaka; Nakashima, Daisuke; Nakazawa, Kazuma; Kyaw Soe, Myint; Moh Moh Theint, Aye; Than Tint, Khin

    Scanning systems for detecting double Lambda hypernucler events in nuclear emulsion plates with high statistics are presented. The systems are complexes of optical microscopes and computers to provide fast emulsion scanning and image recognition for vertex-like objects. We recently introduced a two-stage process of vertex detection to exclude misdetected objects. The method can be expected to reduce conventional eye-check works and increase search speed for double Lambda hypernuclear event.

  2. Color dissociation artifacts in double Maddox rod cyclodeviation testing. (United States)

    Simons, K; Arnoldi, K; Brown, M H


    The double Maddox rod test, based on a red Maddox rod in front of one eye and a clear Maddox rod in front of the other, is used to measure cyclodeviation, typically in patients with superior oblique muscle pareses. Discrepant results between the double Maddox rod test and other torsion measures, and reports of "paradoxic" cyclodeviation in the normal eye of some patients with superior oblique paresis, suggest the two-color format of the double Maddox rod test may produce artifactual torsion measures. Forty patients with superior oblique paresis were tested twice using the double Maddox rod test, reversing the red and white Maddox rods between eyes for the second test, and 18 were tested further with same-color red or clear Maddox rods in front of both eyes. With the standard double Maddox rod test, 33 (83%) of 40 patients localized their cyclodeviation to the eye viewing through the red Maddox rod, irrespective of laterality of the paresis or fixation preference. In all 33 patients, laterality of the perceived torsion changed between eyes when testing was repeated with red and white Maddox rods interchanged between eyes. With same-color Maddox rods before both eyes, 17 (94%) of 18 patients localized extorsion to the paretic eye. There was 7.6:1 ratio of luminance transmission and a 1.6:1 ratio of grating spatial frequency bandpass in the plano meridian between the clear and red Maddox rods, which appear to be responsible for the double Maddox rod test artifact. The traditional double Maddox rod test may produce artifactual cyclodeviation measurements. An alternative version of the test, based on same-color Maddox rods in front of both eyes, is proposed. The relatively high spatial frequency bandpass characteristics of the plano meridian of the Maddox rod (as high as 20/25 Snellen equivalent resolution through the clear Maddox rod) also suggests double Maddox rod testing should be conducted in a dark room to avoid biases from visual environment cues.

  3. Double parton scattering. A tale of two partons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kasemets, Tomas


    Double parton scattering in proton-proton collisions can give sizable contributions to final states in parts of phase space. We investigate the correlations between the partons participating in the two hard interactions of double parton scattering. With a detailed calculation of the differential cross section for the double Drell-Yan process we demonstrate how initial state correlations between the partons affect the rate and distribution of final state particles. We present our results with focus on correlations between the polarizations of the partons. In particular transversely polarized quarks lead to a dependence of the cross section on angles between final state particles of the two hard interactions, and thereby on the invariant mass of particle pairs. The size of the spin correlations, and therewith the degree to which the final state particles are correlated, depends on unknown double parton distributions. We derive positivity bounds on the double parton distributions that follow from their interpretation as probability densities, taking into account all possible spin correlations between two partons in an unpolarized proton. We show that the bounds are stable under homogeneous leading-order DGLAP evolution to higher scales. We make direct use of the positivity bounds in numerical investigations on the double DGLAP evolution for two linearly polarized gluons and for two transversely polarized quarks. We find that the linearly polarized gluons are likely to be negligible at high scales but that transversely polarized quarks can still play a significant role. We examine the dependence of the double parton distributions on the transverse distance between the two partons, and therewith between the two hard interactions. We further study the interplay between transverse and longitudinal variables of the distributions, as well as the impact of the differences in integration limits between the evolution equations for single and double parton distributions. (orig.)

  4. Cross sections for short pulse single and double ionization ofhelium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Palacios, Alicia; Rescigno, Thomas N.; McCurdy, C. William


    In a previous publication, procedures were proposed for unambiguously extracting amplitudes for single and double ionization from a time-dependent wavepacket by effectively propagating for an infinite time following a radiation pulse. Here we demonstrate the accuracy and utility of those methods for describing two-photon single and one-photon double ionization of helium. In particular it is shown how narrow features corresponding to autoionizing states are easily resolved with these methods.

  5. [Hemicorporectomy with double barreled wet colostomy: an extremely rare procedure]. (United States)

    Ricci, Marco Antonio; Duarte, Enio Lucio Coelho; Souza, Renato Costa Amaral; Albuquerque-Peres, Carlos Michel; Guimaraes, Gustavo Cardoso; Lopes, Ademar


    The Hemicorporectomy associated to Double-barreled wet colostomy is a high complex and heroic procedure and is to be used only exceptionally, when it is the last resource for treating locally advanced pelvic diseases in the absence of evidences of distant metastasis. We retrospectively analyzed the surgical technical details and the results from a hemicorporectomy with double-barreled wet colostomy in a single surgical time in a case of epidermoide carcinoma from a coetaneous pressure ulcer.

  6. The Mass/Eccentricity Limit in Double Star Astronomy

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    Dommanget, J. 1963, Recherches sur l'évolution des étoiles doubles par voie statistique et par application de la mécanique des masses variables; Annales de l'Observatoire Royal de. Belgique, 3me série, IX, fasc. 1, pp. 92. Dommanget, J. 1964, Les étoiles doubles et l'évolution stellaire;Ciel et Terre,80,9–10, pp. 315–.

  7. Double Simplex - Visualizing particles and their interactions seminar

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva HR-RFA


    The double simplex is a new way to envision the particles and interactions through a three-dimensional construction intended to serve as an invitation to narrative and a spur to curiosity. My goal is to represent what we know is true, what we hope might be true, and what we don't know. Constructing the double simplex expresses the spirit of play, of successive approximations, that animates the way scientists work.

  8. Energy levels of double triangular graphene quantum dots

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liang, F. X.; Jiang, Z. T., E-mail:; Zhang, H. Y.; Li, S. [School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081 (China); Lv, Z. T. [School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081 (China); School of Physical Science and Information Engineering, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng 252059 (China)


    We investigate theoretically the energy levels of the coupled double triangular graphene quantum dots (GQDs) based on the tight-binding Hamiltonian model. The double GQDs including the ZZ-type, ZA-type, and AA-type GQDs with the two GQDs having the zigzag or armchair boundaries can be coupled together via different interdot connections, such as the direct coupling, the chains of benzene rings, and those of carbon atoms. It is shown that the energy spectrum of the coupled double GQDs is the amalgamation of those spectra of the corresponding two isolated GQDs with the modification triggered by the interdot connections. The interdot connection is inclined to lift up the degeneracies of the energy levels in different degree, and as the connection changes from the direct coupling to the long chains, the removal of energy degeneracies is suppressed in ZZ-type and AA-type double GQDs, which indicates that the two coupled GQDs are inclined to become decoupled. Then we consider the influences on the spectra of the coupled double GQDs induced by the electric fields applied on the GQDs or the connection, which manifests as the global spectrum redistribution or the local energy level shift. Finally, we study the symmetrical and asymmetrical energy spectra of the double GQDs caused by the substrates supporting the two GQDs, clearly demonstrating how the substrates affect the double GQDs' spectrum. This research elucidates the energy spectra of the coupled double GQDs, as well as the mechanics of manipulating them by the electric field and the substrates, which would be a significant reference for designing GQD-based devices.

  9. The role of aerothermochemistry in double cone and double wedge flows (United States)

    Swantek, Andrew

    In this work, hypervelocity flows over double cone and double wedge geometries are studied. The flow configurations established over the double cone/double wedge models are extremely sensitive to thermochemistry, and thus serve as ideal benchmarks for validating chemical models. The goals of this research are: i) to investigate the coupling between the fluid mechanics and thermochemistry in these flow fields by varying freestream flow composition and enthalpy, ii) to implement a diagnostic suite for time-resolved surface and freestream measurements, iii) to investigate the nature of flow field unsteadiness across various test conditions, and lastly iv) to extend the experimental database for shock wave boundary/layer interactions. An expansion tube is used to generate flows with enthalpies ranging from 2.2-8.0 MJ/kg (2-4 km/s) and Mach numbers from 4-7. The expansion tube is a novel impulse facility for accelerating a test gas to these velocities, while maintaining a minimally dissociated freestream. Additionally, the facility allows variation of the freestream composition (between nitrogen and air), while maintaining freestream test parameters (Mach number, density, enthalpy) to within 0.5%. Two models are used: a 25-55 degree double cone model and a 30-55 degree double wedge. There are four diagnostic components to this research which aim to enable a better understanding of these canonical flow fields. Single frame, high resolution schlieren photography is used to visualize various flow features including: the separation zone formed in the corner, the triple point interaction, and a supersonic shear layer. From these images, a separation zone length scaling parameter is determined. This parameter, derived for wedge geometries, is successfully applied to conical geometries by using a judicious choice of flow properties for scaling. In the wedge image series, nitrogen test conditions exhibit a distinct increase in bow shock standoff distance. Additionally, aft

  10. The Double Star Plasma Electron and Current Experiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. N. Fazakerley


    Full Text Available The Double Star Project is a collaboration between Chinese and European space agencies, in which two Chinese magnetospheric research spacecraft, carrying Chinese and European instruments, have been launched into equatorial (on 29 December 2003 and polar (on 25 July 2004 orbits designed to enable complementary studies with the Cluster spacecraft. The two Double Star spacecraft TC-1 and TC-2 each carry a Double Star Plasma Electron and Current Experiment (PEACE instrument. These two instruments were based on Cluster Flight Spare equipment, but differ from Cluster instruments in two important respects. Firstly, a Double Star PEACE instrument has only a single sensor, which must be operated in a manner not originally envisaged in the Cluster context in order to sample the full range of energies. Secondly, the DPU hardware was modified and major changes of onboard software were implemented, most notably a completely different approach to data compression has been adopted for Double Star, which allows high resolution 3-dimensional distributions to be transmitted almost every spin, a significant improvement over Cluster. This paper describes these instruments, and includes examples of data collected in various magnetospheric regions encountered by the spacecraft which have been chosen to illustrate the power of combined Double Star and Cluster measurements.

  11. Langmuir Bursts and Filamentary Double Layers in Plasmas. (United States)

    Theisen, William L.


    This thesis reports the results of new studies involving laboratory plasma double layers. Filamentary double layers were created in a triple plasma device. The radial size of the current filament, and central plasma column were varied using a variable aperture R _{rm O}. The scaling of the double layer potential drop V_{ rm dl} with the parameter jd ^2, where j is the current density in the double layer and d is the double layer thickness, was determined for several filament radii. For relatively large values of the filament radius, the one-dimensional (Langmuir) scaling was obeyed. For smaller values of the filament radius, the potential drop became less dependent on the parameter jd^2. Langmuir bursts were observed in the high potential region of anode double layers when a sufficient supply of cold electrons was available to make a bump on tail distribution of electrons. The electric fields of Langmuir bursts were determined by observing deflections of a beam from an electron gun. The electric field of the bursts was strong enough to allow for caviton formation and Langmuir collapse. Other properties of the bursts were also recorded, including characteristic frequencies, burst height, width, and time distributions.

  12. Evaluation of Double Perforated Baffles Installed in Rectangular Secondary Clarifiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Byonghi Lee


    Full Text Available Double perforated baffles in rectangular secondary clarifiers were studied to determine whether they contribute to producing high-quality effluents. The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD simulations indicated that bio-flocculation occurred at the front of the baffle and the longitudinal movement of the settled sludge was hampered whenever the clarifier had high inflow. Simulation results showed that the rectangular clarifier with the double perforated baffle produced an effluent with lower suspended solid (SS concentrations than the effluent from the clarifier without the baffle. To verify the simulation results, a double perforated baffle was installed in two of the 48 rectangular clarifiers in a 300,000 m3/d-capacity wastewater treatment plant. To study the effect of the baffle on solid removal, the effluent turbidity of the clarifier with and without the double perforated baffle was measured simultaneously. Experimental data showed that the double perforated baffle played a significant role in reducing effluent turbidity. The effluent turbidity reduction ratio with the baffle decreased when the Sludge Volume Index (SVI of the Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS was below 100 mL/g. The overall average reduction ratio was 24.3% for SVI < 100 mL/g and 45.1% for SVI > 100 mL/g. The results of this study suggest that double perforated baffles must be installed in secondary rectangular clarifiers to produce high-quality effluent regardless of the operational conditions.

  13. The Kerr-Schild double copy in curved spacetime (United States)

    Bahjat-Abbas, Nadia; Luna, Andrés; White, Chris D.


    The double copy is a much-studied relationship between scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories, that has subsequently been extended to classical field solutions. In nearly all previous examples, the graviton field is defined around Minkowski space. Recently, it has been suggested that one may set up a double copy for gravitons defined around a non-trivial background. We investigate this idea from the point of view of the classical double copy. First, we use Kerr-Schild spacetimes to construct graviton solutions in curved space, as double copies of gauge fields on non-zero gauge backgrounds. Next, we find that we can reinterpret such cases in terms of a graviton on a non-Minkowski background, whose single copy is a gauge field in the same background spacetime. The latter type of double copy persists even when the background is not of Kerr-Schild form, and we provide examples involving conformally flat metrics. Our results will be useful in extending the remit of the double copy, including to possible cosmological applications.

  14. Persistent double dorsal aorta: A systematic review of the literature. (United States)

    Mills, Brandy; Gest, Thomas


    Our discovery of a case of persistent double dorsal aorta prompted us to systematically review the literature of all previously reported cases of this anomaly. For our case, we present a completely separated double dorsal aorta, with the right accessory aorta arising from the abdominal aorta and ascending through the aortic hiatus to supply posterior intercostal arteries (PIAs) to the 9th-3rd spaces bilaterally. We examined and compiled data from the 10 previously reported cases, along with our observations from our cadaver, into a systematic review of all known cases of persistent double dorsal aorta. In addition to our case report and systematic review, we investigated the literature focusing on formation of the dorsal aorta in the embryo in order to postulate potential mechanisms for formation of this anomaly. Two variants of persistent double dorsal aorta have been reported in the literature. The first type is characterized by a double-lumen descending aorta with a central dividing septum, and the second features complete separation of the two dorsal aortae. The completely separated variant shows further heterogeneity in the origins of the PIAs and the iliac arteries, and the majority of the reported cases also demonstrate additional anatomical anomalies. We outline the events in embryonic dorsal aorta formation as well as discuss several potential mechanisms that could underlie persistent double dorsal aorta formation. Clin. Anat. 30:517-524, 2017. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. Causes and effects of the international double taxation. Solutions of the conventions, model for avoiding the international double taxation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    HERBEI, Marius; COSTEA, Aura; DUDAS, Sorin


    .... The double taxation may constitute a real barrier in the way of the economic technical-scientific cooperation, of setting-up of subsidiaries or branches abroad, of the foreign investments of capital...

  16. Analytical threshold voltage modeling of ion-implanted strained-Si double-material double-gate (DMDG) MOSFETs (United States)

    Goel, Ekta; Singh, Balraj; Kumar, Sanjay; Singh, Kunal; Jit, Satyabrata


    Two dimensional threshold voltage model of ion-implanted strained-Si double-material double-gate MOSFETs has been done based on the solution of two dimensional Poisson's equation in the channel region using the parabolic approximation method. Novelty of the proposed device structure lies in the amalgamation of the advantages of both the strained-Si channel and double-material double-gate structure with a vertical Gaussian-like doping profile. The effects of different device parameters (such as device channel length, gate length ratios, germanium mole fraction) and doping parameters (such as projected range, straggle parameter) on threshold voltage of the proposed structure have been investigated. It is observed that the subthreshold performance of the device can be improved by simply controlling the doping parameters while maintaining other device parameters constant. The modeling results show a good agreement with the numerical simulation data obtained by using ATLAS™, a 2D device simulator from SILVACO.

  17. The Double Self—Dual Gravity with Cosmological Term and Constraints Under the Double Constant Conformal Transformation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    WUYa-Bo GUOYong-Xin


    ... gravity.Furthermore,in order to deeply study the Lorentzian and Euclidean reality conditions for this theory,the relations between constraints are discussed by introducing the double constant conformal...

  18. Double parton scattering in the CGC: Double quark production and effects of quantum statistics (United States)

    Kovner, Alex; Rezaeian, Amir H.


    We consider forward inclusive production of two quarks in the high energy p-A collisions in the color-glass-condensate formalism. We demonstrate that the production cross section is determined by the convolution of the proton generalized double transverse momentum-dependent distribution functions with two independent eikonal scattering amplitudes: the product of two dipoles and a quadrupole. We explicitly demonstrate that the quadrupole amplitude term accounts for all the (initial and final state) effects of quantum statistics for identical fermions, and the correlations due to these effects. We also demonstrate that the effects due to quantum statistics (entirely encoded in the quadrupole) are parametrically leading contributions to the correlated particle production at large Nc. For nonidentical quarks the quadrupole term also leads to correlated production which (barring accidental cancellations) has characteristics similar to the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect.

  19. Double cusp encounter by Cluster: double cusp or motion of the cusp?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. P. Escoubet


    Full Text Available Modelling plasma entry in the polar cusp has been successful in reproducing ion dispersions observed in the cusp at low and mid-altitudes. The use of a realistic convection pattern, when the IMF-By is large and stable, allowed Wing et al. (2001 to predict double cusp signatures that were subsequently observed by the DMSP spacecraft. In this paper we present a cusp crossing where two cusp populations are observed, separated by a gap around 1° Invariant Latitude (ILAT wide. Cluster 1 (C1 and Cluster 2 (C2 observed these two cusp populations with a time delay of 3 min, and about 15 and 42 min later Cluster 4 (C4 and Cluster 3 (C3 observed, respectively, a single cusp population. A peculiarity of this event is the fact that the second cusp population seen on C1 and C2 was observed at the same time as the first cusp population on C4. This would tend to suggest that the two cusp populations had spatial features similar to the double cusp. Due to the nested crossing of C1 and C2 through the gap between the two cusp populations, C2 being first to leave the cusp and last to re-enter it, these observations are difficult to be explained by two distinct cusps with a gap in between. However, since we observe the cusp in a narrow area of local time post-noon, a second cusp may have been present in the pre-noon sector but could not be observed. On the other hand, these observations are in agreement with a motion of the cusp first dawnward and then back duskward due to the effect of the IMF-By component.

  20. Chernobyl, the true, the false and the uncertain; Tchernobyl: le vrai, le faux et l'incertain

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This work makes the part between the true and the false information in France about the Chernobyl accident that have been read in different newspapers during the last years. This document is divide in three parts: what is true, what is false, what is uncertain. In each part are noticed extracts from newspapers face to the synthesis of thoughts about them. It is the fourth edition, the first one was in April 1990, the second one was in 1992 after a report from IAEA on the radiological consequences, the third edition was born in 1994 with the emergence of thyroid cancers especially among children, this fourth edition of 1996 takes into account the sanitary report given by the World Health Organisation experts in 1995. It confirms the progression of thyroid cancers and the absence of any other cancer as well leukemia. (N.C.)

  1. From Chernobyl to Fukushima: the effect of low doses; De Tchernobyl a Fukushima. L'effet des faibles doses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aurengo, A.


    This Power Point presentation describes the Fukushima's reactors, recalls some data about the earthquake and tsunami, and indicates their consequences for the operation of the power station (notably the loss of cooling means). It identifies some design errors for the Chernobyl's and Fukushima's power stations, outlines differences between these two cases. It gives assessment of doses receives by external irradiation around Fukushima, of the dose rate evolution, of the sea contamination. It gives some data about the Chernobyl accident (radioactivity evolution). After some data about health consequences of Chernobyl, health risks and more particularly biological risks associated to low doses are described. Protection measures are evoked, as well as psycho-social impacts

  2. Chernobyl in the French mass media 14 years after the accident; Tchernobyl dans la presse francaise 14 ans apres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The author presents how the mass media have dealt with the fourteenth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Nowadays Chernobyl epitomizes the hazards of nuclear energy. Public opinion has become extremely sensitive to topics concerning human health. This sensitivity is due to previous important affairs such as the scandal of the tainted blood, the mad cow disease or the syndrome of the Balkan war. Most media have broadened the debate to the sanitary impact of nuclear activities. The hyper-mediatization of the legal case of a man prosecuting the French state for no having taken adequate measures when the radioactive cloud spread over France, has given the feeling that French authorities have always wrongly minimized the consequences of the accident. (A.C.)

  3. 15 years after Chernobyl. Nuclear plus greenhouse effect?; 15 ans apres Tchernobyl. Nucleaire plus effet de serre?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schneider, M. [Wise-Paris, 75 (France); Rosen, M. [International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (Austria)


    Today, the argument in favour of nuclear energy is not an economical one nor linked to energy resources but is at the level of climatic change. Nuclear energy is seen as the only energy source without carbon dioxide emissions. A more detailed analysis of greenhouse gases on the life cycle shows that nuclear energy gives as greenhouse gases as big hydroelectric power plants or wind power plants, these emissions are more important than for biogas installations with cogeneration. The strategy of energy efficiency is certainly more competitive than the new reactors in other terms it is more efficiency to reduce the consumption than to increase the nuclear production. (N.C.)

  4. Application of international double taxation conventions in Romania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florin Dumiter


    Full Text Available In this article we sought to address the international double taxation phenomenon from two different standpoints. To begin with, in the first part we analysed the framework of international double taxation, and how this topic was tackled in both Romanian and international literature.International double taxation has been analyzed, mutatis mutandis, from an economic perspective, more precisely in terms of the implications that it generates on economies, on added value, on capital flows, on the internationalisation of business. Second, I believed it was important to analyse international double taxation from a legal perspective, through the jurisdictional effects of obtaining income or holding property at the European or international level. Romania's case is carefully approached in this paper, aiming to highlight the issues Romania is facing concerning cooperation in tax matters with authorities from other countries, how the more than 80 double taxation conventions are applied and interpreted, but also other aspects that should be considered by the Romanian tax authorities, based on the provisions of the Fiscal Code and the Fiscal Procedure Code. The article ends by presenting, commenting on and analysing two test cases in international double taxation, of remarkable importance and actuality for Romanian jurisprudence to observe how complex double taxation mechanisms operate in practice. The conclusion of this article emphasises the importance ofsignificant “steps” achieved by Romania on the path to creating a true “fiscal area” in the European Union, as well as the “corridors” that should be inserted to correct economi c – legal and economic deficiencies and gaps, in order to strengthen the fiscal area.

  5. Internal Gravity Wave Interactions with Double-Diffusive Instabilities (United States)

    Brown, Justin; Radko, Timour


    In this study, we focus on the phenomenon of oscillatory double-diffusive convection, which occurs when cool fresh water is stratified above warm salty water, as commonly observed in the Arctic Ocean. In the Arctic, these regions are generally stable to the development of oscillatory double-diffusive instabilities; despite this, observations show the presence of staircases, i.e., the well-defined structures consisting of a series of homogeneous layers separated by thin high-gradient interfaces. Recent studies have shown that an instability can develop in such circumstances if weak static shear is present even when the shear and double-diffusion are themselves individually stable. However, the impact of oscillating shear, associated with the ubiquitous presence of internal gravity waves, has not yet been addressed for the diffusive case. Through two-dimensional simulations of diffusive convection, we have investigated the impact of magnitude and frequency of externally forced internal waves on the double-diffusive shear instability. The analysis is focused on the parameter regime in which the flow is individually stable with respect to double-diffusion and Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, but could be susceptible to the combined thermohaline-shear instability. We have illustrated that rapid oscillation inhibits the development of this instability if the dominant period is shorter than four hours for the oceanographically relevant parameters; otherwise, models with static shear adequately reproduce our results. If the dominant period is shorter than four hours but still significantly exceeds the buoyancy period, the instability range is much reduced to the low Richardson number regime. Some of these simulations show the saturated system developing into structures reminiscent of double-diffusive staircases whose thickness is given by the wavelength of the forced shear. Finally, preliminary three-dimensional simulations show no major differences in the growth rate of

  6. Penatalaksanaan Repair Palatoplasty dengan Teknik Furlow Double Opposing Z Plasty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pingky Krisna Arindra


    metode Furlow double opposing z plasty dengan kombinasi insisi lateral, dan didapatkan hasil menutupnya celah di palatum mole sampai dengan uvula. Telah dilakukan operasi repair palatoplasi dengan metode Furlow double opposing z plasty. Teknik ini dilakukan untuk menghindari insisi yang terlalu luas dikarenakan terdapatnya jaringan fibrous yang tebal pada mukosa palatum pasca operasi sebelumnya. Tujuan studi kasus adalah untuk mengetahui kemampuan teknik Furlow Double Opposing Z Plasty sebagai prosedur repair palatoplasty.   Repair Palatoplasty Management with Furlow Double Opposing Z Plasty Technique. Cases of cleft lip and palate are one of the deformity disorders that often occur. There are variety of clinical appearance ranging from incomplete to complete cases. Clinical appearance with different width requires proper surgical technique. Patients with cleft lip and palate had undergone surgical intervention, so that they needed surgical correction to repair the result or failure of the previous surgery. A Four year old boy complain there was cleft on the soft palate. The patient was diagnosed with labiognatopalatoscisis. The patient had undergone two stages of cleft lip surgery and twice of cleft palate surgery with pushback method and repair with z plasty, however the result was unsatisfactory. Further, the patient underwent repair palatoplasty surgery with Furlow double opposing z plasty method combined with lateral relaxing insicion. The result in the post surgery was the closure of cleft soft palate up to uvula. Repair palataplasty surgery has been done with Furlow double opposing z plasty method. This technique could avoid extended incision due to thick fibrous tissue on the palatum mucosa as the result of serial previous surgery. The aim of this case case study is to determine the technical capabilities of Furlow Double Opposing Z Plasty as palatoplasty repair procedure.

  7. Visual Double Stars - St. Mary's High School Astronomy Club (United States)

    Bensel, Holly; Tran, Thanh; Hicks, Sean; He, Yifan; Moczygemba, Mitchell; Shi, Yuqi; Sternenberg, Leah; Watson, Kaycia; Rooney, Kieran; Birmingham, Paige; You, Ruiyang


    The St. Mary’s School Astronomy Club is working towards measuring positions and angles of relatively unstudied visual binary stars. We are starting with confirming prior results we obtained at the Pine Mountain Observatory Summer Science Research Workshop in 2009 - 2012 on ARY 52 (Frey et al. 2009, JDSO), Iota Bootis (Bensel et al. 2009, JDSO), and Mizar (Bensel et al. 2009, JDSO). We are also comparing our results with those published in the Washington Double Star Catalog (Mason 2009). We are using Pine Mountain Observatory’s remote imaging 14-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped with a CCD camera operated by Scott Fisher at the University of Oregon and local astronomer Sean Curry’s 12.5" PlaneWave CDK telescope. We are practicing using tools such as and DS9 software to measure positions and angles on known double stars with well established values before attempting new measurements. Our next project will be to study “neglected visual double stars,” lesser studied double stars with fainter magnitudes. (A neglected double star is one that has not been observed extensively or recently.)Double star analysis is relatively straight forward and can be performed with equipment available to most high schools.Educational outcomes include instrument setup, orientation, instruction, observations, analysis, presentation of data, and writing up findings for publication. Accurate recording of data is a useful and important life skill for all students to learn. Another important life skill is learning to work together to accomplish a specific goal. This project allows novice and experienced observers to work hand-in-hand to accomplish a specific goal, such as the publishing of a research paper in the Journal of Double Star Observations.

  8. NIF Double Shell outer/inner shell collision experiments (United States)

    Merritt, E. C.; Loomis, E. N.; Wilson, D. C.; Cardenas, T.; Montgomery, D. S.; Daughton, W. S.; Dodd, E. S.; Desjardins, T.; Renner, D. B.; Palaniyappan, S.; Batha, S. H.; Khan, S. F.; Smalyuk, V.; Ping, Y.; Amendt, P.; Schoff, M.; Hoppe, M.


    Double shell capsules are a potential low convergence path to substantial alpha-heating and ignition on NIF, since they are predicted to ignite and burn at relatively low temperatures via volume ignition. Current LANL NIF double shell designs consist of a low-Z ablator, low-density foam cushion, and high-Z inner shell with liquid DT fill. Central to the Double Shell concept is kinetic energy transfer from the outer to inner shell via collision. The collision determines maximum energy available for compression and implosion shape of the fuel. We present results of a NIF shape-transfer study: two experiments comparing shape and trajectory of the outer and inner shells at post-collision times. An outer-shell-only target shot measured the no-impact shell conditions, while an `imaging' double shell shot measured shell conditions with impact. The `imaging' target uses a low-Z inner shell and is designed to perform in similar collision physics space to a high-Z double shell but can be radiographed at 16keV, near the viable 2DConA BL energy limit. Work conducted under the auspices of the U.S. DOE by LANL under contract DE-AC52-06NA25396.

  9. On New Phenomena of Photon from Modified Double Slit Experiment (United States)

    Liu, Haisheng


    A modified double slit experiment of light was implemented. In the experiment, a spatial shape filter is used to manipulate the shape of cross section of laser beam. When this modified laser beam was shined on the double slit, the intensity distribution of laser beam on double slit is asymmetrical. In this way, the laser light was directed to pass through only one or two slits of double slit in different sections. So the which-way information is predetermined before the photons pass through the slits. At the same time, the visible interference pattern can be observed on a monitor screen after the double slit. A couple of new phenomena had been observed from this experiment. The results of this experiment raise questions about Wave-Particle Duality model of quantum theory, which is the foundation for the Copenhagen explanation that is generally regarded as the principal interpretation of quantum theory. As the observed properties from this experiment cannot be fully explained using the quantum theory, especially the Copenhagen explanation, a new model of photon is proposed. The new model for photon should be also applicable to all other micro entities, according to L. de Broglie assumption.

  10. Molten Salt Promoting Effect in Double Salt CO2 Absorbents

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Keling; Li, Xiaohong S.; Chen, Haobo; Singh, Prabhakar; King, David L.


    The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the concept of molten salts as catalysts for CO2 absorption by MgO, and extend these observations to the MgO-containing double salt oxides. We will show that the phenomena involved with CO2 absorption by MgO and MgO-based double salts are similar and general, but with some important differences. This paper focuses on the following key concepts: i) identification of conditions that favor or disfavor participation of isolated MgO during double salt absorption, and investigation of methods to increase the absorption capacity of double salt systems by including MgO participation; ii) examination of the relationship between CO2 uptake and melting point of the promoter salt, leading to the recognition of the role of pre-melting (surface melting) in these systems; and iii) extension of the reaction pathway model developed for the MgO-NaNO3 system to the double salt systems. This information advances our understanding of MgO-based CO2 absorption systems for application with pre-combustion gas streams.

  11. Uniform double-walled polymer microspheres of controllable shell thickness. (United States)

    Berkland, Cory; Pollauf, Emily; Pack, Daniel W; Kim, Kyekyoon


    A method for fabricating uniform double-walled microspheres with controllable size and shell thickness has been developed. The method, based on previous work to fabricate uniform microspheres, employs multiple concentric nozzles to produce a smooth coaxial jet comprising an annular shell and core material, which is acoustically excited to break up into uniform core-shell droplets. The orientation of the jets, material flow rates, and rate of solvent extraction are controlled to create uniform and well-centered "double-walled" microspheres exhibiting a controllable shell thickness. Double-walled microspheres were fabricated with different arrangements of bulk-eroding poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLG) and surface-eroding poly[(1,6-bis-carboxyphenoxy) hexane] (PCPH). Variation of the fabrication parameters allowed complete encapsulation by the shell phase, including the efficient formation of a PCPH shell encapsulating a PLG core. Utilizing this technology, double-walled microsphere shell thickness can be varied from core encapsulation for double-walled microspheres near 50 microm in overall diameter.

  12. Fermionic T-duality in fermionic double space

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Nikolić


    Full Text Available In this article we offer the interpretation of the fermionic T-duality of the type II superstring theory in double space. We generalize the idea of double space doubling the fermionic sector of the superspace. In such doubled space fermionic T-duality is represented as permutation of the fermionic coordinates θα and θ¯α with the corresponding fermionic T-dual ones, ϑα and ϑ¯α, respectively. Demanding that T-dual transformation law has the same form as initial one, we obtain the known form of the fermionic T-dual NS–R and R–R background fields. Fermionic T-dual NS–NS background fields are obtained under some assumptions. We conclude that only symmetric part of R–R field strength and symmetric part of its fermionic T-dual contribute to the fermionic T-duality transformation of dilaton field and analyze the dilaton field in fermionic double space. As a model we use the ghost free action of type II superstring in pure spinor formulation in approximation of constant background fields up to the quadratic terms.

  13. Rare transformation to double hit lymphoma in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia. (United States)

    Okolo, Onyemaechi N; Johnson, Ariel C; Yun, Seongseok; Arnold, Stacy J; Anwer, Faiz


    Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM) is a lymphoproliferative lymphoma that is characterized by monoclonal immunoglobulin M (IgM) protein and bone marrow infiltration. Its incidence is rare and rarer still is its ability to transform to a B-cell lymphoma, particularly the aggressive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which bodes a poor prognosis. When transformation includes mutations of MYC, BCL-2 and/or BCL-6, it is known as a 'double hit' or 'triple hit' lymphoma respectively. This paper presents a rare case of WM with mutations positive for MYC and BCL2, making it a case of double hit B-cell lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma with plasmatic differentiation without morphological transformation to aggressive histology like DLBCL. The paper also broadens to include discussions on current topics in the classification, diagnosis, possible causes of transformation, and treatment of WM, including transformation to double hit lymphoma. The significance of this case lies in that the presence of double hit lymphoma-like genetic mutations in WM have not been previously described in the literature and potentially such changes are harbinger of extra-nodal presentation, aggressive growth, and possibly poor prognosis, if data from other double-hit lymphoma are extrapolated.

  14. Double discontinuities at the magnetotail plasma sheet-lobe boundary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Y. C. Whang

    Full Text Available A double discontinuity is a compound structure composed of a slow shock layer and an adjoining rotational discontinuity layer on the postshock side. We use high-resolution data from Geotail and Wind spacecraft to examine the interior structure within the finite thickness of the discontinuity at the plasma sheet-lobe boundary and found that recognizable MHD structures at the boundary can be stand-alone slow shocks or double discontinuities. The plasma density increases significantly and the magnetic field intensity decreases significantly across the interior of the slow shock layer. Through the rotational layer, the magnetic field rotates about the normal direction of the shock surface, as the plasma density and the magnetic field intensity remain nearly unchanged. The rotational angle can vary over a wide range. We notice that the observations of double discontinuities are no less frequent than the observations of stand-alone slow shocks. Identification of slow shocks and double discontinuities infers that plasma and magnetic field lines continuously move across the boundary surface from the lobe into the plasma sheet, and there is a conversion of magnetic field energy into plasma thermal energy through the slow shock layer. The double discontinuities also allows for a rapid rotation of the postshock magnetic field lines immediately behind the shock layer to accommodate the environment of the MHD flow in the plasma sheet region.

    Key words. Magnetospheric physics (plasma sheet Space plasma physics (discontinuities; shock waves

  15. Advanced double-biprism holography with atomic resolution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Genz, Florian, E-mail: [Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Straße des 17. Juni, 10623 Berlin (Germany); Niermann, Tore [Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Straße des 17. Juni, 10623 Berlin (Germany); Buijsse, Bart; Freitag, Bert [FEI Company, Achtseweg Noord 5, 5651 GG Eindhoven (Netherlands); Lehmann, Michael [Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Straße des 17. Juni, 10623 Berlin (Germany)


    The optimum biprism position as suggested by Lichte (Ultramicroscopy 64 (1996) 79 [10]) was implemented into a state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope. For a setup optimized for atomic resolution holograms with a width of 30 nm and a fringe spacing of 30 pm, we investigated the practical improvements on hologram quality. The setup is additionally supplemented by a second biprism as suggested by Harada et al. (Applied Physics Letters 84 (2004) 3229 [12]). In order to estimate the possibilities and limitations of the double biprism setup, geometric optics arguments lead to calculation of the exploitable shadow width, necessary for strong reduction of biprism-induced artefacts. Additionally, we used the double biprism setup to estimate the biprism vibration, yielding the most stable imaging conditions with lowest overall fringe contrast damping. Electron holograms of GaN demonstrate the good match between experiment and simulation, also as a consequence of the improved stability. - Highlights: • Investigation of optimum biprism position implementation into state-of-the-art TEM. • Reduction of artefacts, especially vignetting in double-biprism electron holography. • Biprism vibration and most stable imaging conditions in double-biprism holography. • Demonstration of the optimized double-biprism setup using a thin GaN-foil.

  16. A gecko-inspired double-sided adhesive. (United States)

    Wang, Zhengzhi; Gu, Ping; Wu, Xiaoping


    Geckos' outstanding abilities to adhere to various surfaces are widely credited to the large actual contact areas of the fibrillar and hierarchical structures on their feet. These special features regulate the essential structural compliance for every attachment and thus provide robust yet reversible adhesions. Inspired by gecko's feet and our commonly used double-faced tape, we have successfully fabricated a gecko-inspired double-sided dry adhesive by using porous anodic alumina template assisted nano-wetting on a stiff polymer. It was determined that the obtained 2-sided structure showed largely decreased effective stiffness compared with its 1-sided counterpart, which favored better compliance and interfacial integrity. We also demonstrated that the repeatable double-sided adhesive improved the macroscopic normal and shear adhesion capacities over the widely-studied 1-side structure by ~50% and ~85%, respectively. By using the synthetic double-sided adhesive, the usage of traditional pressure-sensitive/chemical adhesives could be well avoided. Besides, the double-sided nanostructures showed great potential in finding new interesting properties and practical applications for the synthetic dry adhesives.

  17. Controlled double emulsification utilizing 3D PDMS microchannels (United States)

    Chang, Fu-Che; Su, Yu-Chuan


    This paper presents a PDMS emulsification device that is capable of generating water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions in a controlled manner. Specially designed 3D microchannels are utilized to steer the independently driven water- and oil-phase flows (especially to restrict the attachment of the middle oil-phase flow on the channel surfaces), and to break the continuous flows into monodisperse double emulsions. In addition to channel geometries and fluid flow rates, surfactants and osmotic agents are employed to facilitate the breakup process and stabilize the resulting emulsion structures. In the prototype demonstration, two-level SU-8 molds were fabricated to duplicate PDMS microstructures, which were surface treated and bonded irreversibly to form 3D microchannels. Throughout the emulsification trials, dripping was intentionally induced to generate monodisperse double emulsions with single or multiple aqueous droplets inside each oil drop. It is found that the overall and core sizes of the resulting double emulsions could be adjusted independently, mainly by varying the outer and inner fluid flow rates, respectively. As such, the presented double emulsification device could potentially realize the controllability on emulsion structure and size distribution, which is desired for a variety of biological and pharmaceutical applications.

  18. A new synthetic route to nucleosides: dissymmetric construction of a cyclopentene system by double [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement and double ring-closing metathesis. (United States)

    Fang, Zhe; Hong, Joon Hee


    [reaction: see text] The dissymmetric synthesis of a carbocyclic nucleoside was achieved by a novel double [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement/double ring-closing metathesis strategy with a high stereoselectivity.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    M&D Professional Services, Inc. (M&D) is under subcontract to Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) to perform seismic analysis of the Hanford Site Double-Shell Tanks (DSTs) in support of a project entitled Double-Shell Tank (DST) Integrity Project - DST Thermal and Seismic Analyses. The original scope of the project was to complete an up-to-date comprehensive analysis of record of the DST System at Hanford in support of Tri-Party Agreement Milestone M-48-14. The work described herein was performed in support of the seismic analysis of the DSTs. The thermal and operating loads analysis of the DSTs is documented in Rinker et al. (2004). Although Milestone M-48-14 has been met, Revision I is being issued to address external review comments with emphasis on changes in the modeling of anchor bolts connecting the concrete dome and the steel primary tank. The work statement provided to M&D (PNNL 2003) required that a nonlinear soil structure interaction (SSI) analysis be performed on the DSTs. The analysis is required to include the effects of sliding interfaces and fluid sloshing (fluid-structure interaction). SSI analysis has traditionally been treated by frequency domain computer codes such as SHAKE (Schnabel, et al. 1972) and SASSI (Lysmer et al. 1999a). Such frequency domain programs are limited to the analysis of linear systems. Because of the contact surfaces, the response of the DSTs to a seismic event is inherently nonlinear and consequently outside the range of applicability of the linear frequency domain programs. That is, the nonlinear response of the DSTs to seismic excitation requires the use of a time domain code. The capabilities and limitations of the commercial time domain codes ANSYS{reg_sign} and MSC Dytran{reg_sign} for performing seismic SSI analysis of the DSTs and the methodology required to perform the detailed seismic analysis of the DSTs has been addressed in Rinker et al (2006a). On the basis of the results reported in Rinker et al


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    MACKEY, T.C.


    M&D Professional Services, Inc. (M&D) is under subcontract to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to perform seismic analysis of the Hanford Site double-shell tanks (DSTs) in support of a project entitled ''Double-Shell Tank (DSV Integrity Project--DST Thermal and Seismic Analyses)''. The overall scope of the project is to complete an up-to-date comprehensive analysis of record of the DST system at Hanford in support of Tri-Party Agreement Milestone M-48-14, The work described herein was performed in support of the seismic analysis of the DSTs. The thermal and operating loads analysis of the DSTs is documented in Rinker et al. (2004). The work statement provided to M&D (PNNL 2003) required that the seismic analysis of the DSTs assess the impacts of potentially non-conservative assumptions in previous analyses and account for the additional soil mass due to the as-found soil density increase, the effects of material degradation, additional thermal profiles applied to the full structure including the soil-structure response with the footings, the non-rigid (low frequency) response of the tank roof, the asymmetric seismic-induced soil loading, the structural discontinuity between the concrete tank wall and the support footing and the sloshing of the tank waste. The seismic analysis considers the interaction of the tank with the surrounding soil and the effects of the primary tank contents. The DSTs and the surrounding soil are modeled as a system of finite elements. The depth and width of the soil incorporated into the analysis model are sufficient to obtain appropriately accurate analytical results. The analyses required to support the work statement differ from previous analysis of the DSTs in that the soil-structure interaction (SSI) model includes several (nonlinear) contact surfaces in the tank structure, and the contained waste must be modeled explicitly in order to capture the fluid-structure interaction behavior between the primary

  1. Double trisomy 48,XXX,+18 with multiple dysmorphic features. (United States)

    Jiang, Zi-Yan; Wu, Xiao-Hui; Zou, Chao-Chun


    Chromosomal abnormality is a common cause of congenital anomalies, psychiatric disorders, and mental retardation. However, the double trisomy 48,XXX,+18 is a rare chromosome abnormality. Case report and literature review. A 7-hour-old girl presented to our unit because of poor response after birth. She presented with multiple dysmorphic features, including small for gestational age infant, flat nasal bridge, widely-spaced eyes, the left thumb deformities, flat facial profile, raised sternum, ventricular septal defect, the third lateral brain ventricle enlargement, and small liver. This case expands the spectrum of malformations reported in association with the double trisomy 48,XXX,+18. The literature on 16 fetuses or infants with the 48,XXX,+18 were also reviewed. These data suggested that in patients with clinical features similar to trisomy 18, especially with anomalies of the ears and/or reproductive malformations, double trisomy (48,XXX,+18) should be considered and karyotyping should be performed although it is a rare disease.

  2. Electrostatic braiding and homologous pairing of DNA double helices. (United States)

    Cortini, Ruggero; Kornyshev, Alexei A; Lee, Dominic J; Leikin, Sergey


    Homologous pairing and braiding (supercoiling) have crucial effects on genome organization, maintenance, and evolution. Generally, the pairing and braiding processes are discussed in different contexts, independently of each other. However, analysis of electrostatic interactions between DNA double helices suggests that in some situations these processes may be related. Here we present a theory of DNA braiding that accounts for the elastic energy of DNA double helices as well as for the chiral nature of the discrete helical patterns of DNA charges. This theory shows that DNA braiding may be affected, stabilized, or even driven by chiral electrostatic interactions. For example, electrostatically driven braiding may explain the surprising recent observation of stable pairing of homologous double-stranded DNA in solutions containing only monovalent salt. Electrostatic stabilization of left-handed braids may stand behind the chiral selectivity of type II topoisomerases and positive plasmid supercoiling in hyperthermophilic bacteria and archea. Copyright © 2011 Biophysical Society. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Student Observations of Double Star Delta Orionis (STFA 14 AC) (United States)

    Estrada, Reed; Aguilera, Sophia; Bowden, Sam; Gillette, Travis; Givens, Jalynn; Reder, Gabriel; Rhoades, Breauna; Sharpe, Scott; Shattles, Jenna; Cha, Brendon; Do, Vicky; Ewing, Malachi; Kiamco, Alex Junior; Nelms, Brenda; Peña, Emilie; Maricarmen, Richard; Thielen, Austin


    A group of eight eighth graders and eight high schoolers studied the double star STFA 14 AC. They used the procedure from Argyle's book to get the separation and position angle for the double star. The students used a Celestron C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a Baader Planetarium microguide eyepiece with similar markings to a Celestron Eyepiece. The students determined the separation to be 56 arcseconds and the position angle to be 4.19°. They compared their results to the Washington Double Star Catalog and found that they had a 2.88 arcseconds difference in separation and a 2.19° in position angle.

  4. Generalization from Single Cases and the Concept of Double Dialogicality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Demuth, Carolin


    The present paper addresses how the concept of double-dialogicality may contribute to our understanding of how to generalize from single cases. Various attempts have been made within qualitative social research to define how generalization is possible from single cases. One problem with generaliz......The present paper addresses how the concept of double-dialogicality may contribute to our understanding of how to generalize from single cases. Various attempts have been made within qualitative social research to define how generalization is possible from single cases. One problem...... in this. In social interactions, persons draw on culturally available resources without which communicative meaning would be impossible. Double dialogicality as introduced by Per Linell helps to understand this relation and allows for identifying the general in the unique....

  5. Decoherence in a double-slit quantum eraser (United States)

    Torres-Ruiz, F. A.; Lima, G.; Delgado, A.; Pádua, S.; Saavedra, C.


    We study and experimentally implement a double-slit quantum eraser in the presence of a controlled decoherence mechanism. A two-photon state, produced in a spontaneous parametric down-conversion process, is prepared in a maximally entangled polarization state. A birefringent double slit is illuminated by one of the down-converted photons, and it acts as a single-photon two-qubits controlled-not gate that couples the polarization with the transversal momentum of these photons. The other photon, which acts as a which-path marker, is sent through a Mach-Zehnder-like interferometer. When the interferometer is partially unbalanced, it behaves as a controlled source of decoherence for polarization states of down-converted photons. We show the transition from wavelike to particle-like behavior of the signal photons crossing the double slit as a function of the decoherence parameter, which depends on the length path difference at the interferometer.

  6. Correlations in double parton distributions at small x

    CERN Document Server

    Flensburg, Christoffer; Lönnblad, Leif; Ster, Andras


    We present a dynamical study of the double parton distribution in impact parameter space, which enters into the double scattering cross section in hadronic collisions. This distribution is analogous to the generalized parton densities in momentum space. We use the Lund Dipole Cascade model, presented in earlier articles, which is based on BFKL evolution including essential higher order corrections and saturation effects. As result we find large correlation effects, which break the factorization of the double scattering process. At small transverse separation we see the development of "hot spots", which become stronger with increasing Q^2. At smaller x-values the distribution widens, consistent with the shrinking of the diffractive peak in elastic scattering. The dependence on Q^2 is, however, significantly stronger than the dependence on x, which has implications for extrapolations to LHC, e.g. for results for underlying events associated with the production of new heavy particles.

  7. “Move vs. Agree”: the case of Clitic Doubling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihaela Adriana Marchis


    Full Text Available This paper continues the long-standing discussion whether clitics in clitic doubling constructionsshould be regarded as being similar to affixes expressing subject-verb agreement or rather as reflexes ofmovement. A crosslinguistic comparison of clitics will show that although clitics come in different flavorseither as phi-features or as determiners, they are all the result of an overt feature movement to repairviolations of the Minimal Link Constraint (Anagnostopoulou 2005. Long Distance Agree constructions inGreek, Romanian and Spanish use clitic doubling as a strategy to avoid minimality effects. On the basis of aparallel between clitic doubling and Long Distance Agree, I conclude that they are the outcome of twodifferent operations Move vs. Agree but both are sensitive to Minimal Link Constraint and are regulated by aphase-based locality condition (the Phase Impenetrability Condition.

  8. On Rational Design of Double Hull Tanker Structures against Collision

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Paik, Jeom Kee; Chung, Jang Young; Choe, Ich Hung


    This paper is a summary of recent research and development in areas related to the design technology for double hull tanker structures against low energy collision, jointly undertaken by the Hyundai Heavy Industries, the American Bureau of Shipping, the Technical University of Denmark and the Pusan...... National University. The goal of the study has been to establish a rational practical design oriented approach to collision resistance that is more sophisticated than previous theoretically based procedures and less complicated than conventional nonlinear finite element methods. The main tasks undertaken...... investigation of the energy absorption capability characteristics of a collided double hull VLCC side structure in collision, and (vi) development of a new modified Minorsky method for double hull tanker side structures. The tools developed and the results and insights obtained by the present study should...

  9. Manufacturing aspects of the ATLAS barrel toroid double pancakes

    CERN Document Server

    Drago, G; Gagliardi, P; Laurenti, A; Marabotto, R; Penco, R


    In 1999 INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) ordered to ANSALDO the manufacturing of 16 double pancakes for the ATLAS BARREL TOROID. In July 2001 four Double Pancakes have already been completed and shipped to the integration site. In this paper the main aspects of the manufacturing of the largest superconducting coils ever built (5*25 m) are described. The main phases of the manufacturing procedure are reviewed starting from the conductor preparation to the VPI impregnation, including references to the materials used as well as to the relevant customer's requirements. In particular the special winding form and the winding technique are treated. For each phase the most critical aspects and the relevant solutions are pointed out. Particular details about the technical solutions adopted for the impregnation and curing of the Double Pancake, which could not be performed inside an autoclave due to the huge dimension of the coil itself, are reported. Finally the methods used for the dimensional and electri...

  10. Viscothermal Losses in Double-Negative Acoustic Metamaterials

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cutanda Henriquez, Vicente; García-Chocano, Victor M.; Sánchez-Dehesa, José


    thicknesses of boundary layers associated with each type of losses, the double-negative behavior is totally suppressed for the rigid structures under analysis. In other words, almost 100% of the energy transmitted into the slab is dissipated by viscothermal effects, in agreement with experimental data......The influence of losses in double-negative metamaterial slabs recently introduced by Graciá-Salgado et al. [Phys. Rev. B 88, 224305 (2013)] is comprehensively studied. Viscous and thermal losses are considered in the linearized Navier-Stokes equations with no flow. Despite the extremely low....... Simulations undertaken for larger structures, using scale factors of up to 20 times, show that double-negative behavior is never recovered. The huge dissipation obtained by these structures leads us to propose them as interesting alternatives to conventional absorbers for specific situations, e.g., when...

  11. Double electrolyte sensor for monitoring hydrogen permeation rate in steels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ouyang, Y.J. [State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082 (China); Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Huaihua College, Huaihua 418008 (China); Yu, G., E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082 (China); Ou, A.L.; Hu, L.; Xu, W.J. [State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082 (China)


    Highlights: {yields} Designed an amperometric hydrogen sensor with double electrolytes. {yields} Explained the principle of determining hydrogen permeation rate. {yields} Verified good stability, reproducibility and correctness of the developed sensor. {yields} Field on-line monitoring the susceptivity of hydrogen induced cracks. - Abstract: An amperometric hydrogen sensor with double electrolytes composed of a gelatiniform electrolyte and KOH solution has been developed to determine the permeation rate of hydrogen atoms in steel equipment owing to hydrogen corrosion. The gelatiniform electrolyte was made of sodium polyacrylate (PAAS), carboxyl methyl cellulose (CMC) and 0.2 mol dm{sup -3} KOH solution. The results show that the gelatiniform electrolyte containing 50 wt.% polymers has suitable viscosity and high electrical conductivity. The consistent permeation curves were detected by the sensor of the double electrolyte and single liquid KOH electrolyte, respectively. The developed sensor has good stability and reproducibility at room temperature.

  12. A prototype silicon double quantum dot with dispersive microwave readout (United States)

    Schmidt, A. R.; Henry, E.; Lo, C. C.; Wang, Y.-T.; Li, H.; Greenman, L.; Namaan, O.; Schenkel, T.; Whaley, K. B.; Bokor, J.; Yablonovitch, E.; Siddiqi, I.


    We present a unique design and fabrication process for a lateral, gate-confined double quantum dot in an accumulation mode metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure coupled to an integrated microwave resonator. All electrostatic gates for the double quantum dot are contained in a single metal layer, and use of the MOS structure allows for control of the location of the two-dimensional electron gas via the location of the accumulation gates. Numerical simulations of the electrostatic confinement potential are performed along with an estimate of the coupling of the double quantum dot to the microwave resonator. Prototype devices are fabricated and characterized by transport measurements of electron confinement and reflectometry measurements of the microwave resonator.

  13. A prototype silicon double quantum dot with dispersive microwave readout

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmidt, A. R., E-mail:; Henry, E.; Namaan, O.; Siddiqi, I., E-mail: [Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States); Lo, C. C.; Wang, Y.-T.; Bokor, J.; Yablonovitch, E. [Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States); Li, H. [Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States); Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States); Greenman, L.; Whaley, K. B. [Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States); Schenkel, T. [Accelerator and Fusion Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States)


    We present a unique design and fabrication process for a lateral, gate-confined double quantum dot in an accumulation mode metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure coupled to an integrated microwave resonator. All electrostatic gates for the double quantum dot are contained in a single metal layer, and use of the MOS structure allows for control of the location of the two-dimensional electron gas via the location of the accumulation gates. Numerical simulations of the electrostatic confinement potential are performed along with an estimate of the coupling of the double quantum dot to the microwave resonator. Prototype devices are fabricated and characterized by transport measurements of electron confinement and reflectometry measurements of the microwave resonator.

  14. Double layer propagation in experiments with electron beam injection (United States)

    Bruskin, L. G.; Khazanov, G. V.


    Electron beam injection into a plasma is investigated using the analytical inverted Bernstein-Green-Kruskal method. Particle number and momentum conservation laws are applied to evaluate the propagation velocity and potential drop on the leading edge of the beam. Electric potential is supposed to be monotonic, thus the leading front has a double-layer-like structure. For the case of cold particles, analytical expressions for the double layer velocity and potential drop are obtained. It is pointed out that double layer velocity differs from the initial electron speed: even for weak beams a noticeable deceleration takes place. Strong beams are found incapable of penetrating into plasma - their propagation velocity is very small. Ambient electrons undergo a considerable acceleration forming a return current which neutralizes the injector. Possible instability of the distribution functions is discussed.

  15. Kinematics of a sample of visual double stars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olević D.


    Full Text Available The Hipparcos-Input Catalogue also contains about 8000 already known visual double stars. In the framework of this-project campaign, in addition to other parameters, were also determined the parallaxes π, as well as the polar coordinates ρ and θ for double stars. On the basis of a comparison of these data to those obtained earlier from the ground based measurements (WDS Catalogue statistical examinations of a double-star sample (1' ≤ ρ ≥ 14' are performed. It is shown that an exceptionally good agreement exists of the statistical distribution Δθ/Δt of the sample as function of ρ(AU and the curve θ = C(ρ/ρ2 representing the II Kepler law.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The absence of magnets makes the reluctance machine typical for low cogging operations with the torque depending on the stator rotor interaction area. The air gap between stator pole and rotor pole gives a huge effect on the reluctance variation. The primitive double rotor switched reluctance machine lags to improvise the effect of the ripple value though the torque density is higher compared to conventional machines. An optimised circular hole position and dimensioned in the stator pole of lowers the torque ripple and reduce the acoustic noise as presented in this paper. A comparative evaluation of the conventional double rotor machine with this improved structure is done through numerical design and evaluations for the same sizing. It is found that the motor constant square density. It is found that the double rotor switched reluctance machine is improved by 140% to conventional machine.

  17. Viscothermal Losses in Double-Negative Acoustic Metamaterials (United States)

    Henríquez, Vicente Cutanda; García-Chocano, Victor M.; Sánchez-Dehesa, José


    The influence of losses in double-negative metamaterial slabs recently introduced by Graciá-Salgado et al. [Phys. Rev. B 88, 224305 (2013), 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.224305] is comprehensively studied. Viscous and thermal losses are considered in the linearized Navier-Stokes equations with no flow. Despite the extremely low thicknesses of boundary layers associated with each type of losses, the double-negative behavior is totally suppressed for the rigid structures under analysis. In other words, almost 100% of the energy transmitted into the slab is dissipated by viscothermal effects, in agreement with experimental data. Simulations undertaken for larger structures, using scale factors of up to 20 times, show that double-negative behavior is never recovered. The huge dissipation obtained by these structures leads us to propose them as interesting alternatives to conventional absorbers for specific situations, e.g., when treating low frequencies or when the excitation is narrow banded.

  18. Double symbolic joint entropy in nonlinear dynamic complexity analysis (United States)

    Yao, Wenpo; Wang, Jun


    Symbolizations, the base of symbolic dynamic analysis, are classified as global static and local dynamic approaches which are combined by joint entropy in our works for nonlinear dynamic complexity analysis. Two global static methods, symbolic transformations of Wessel N. symbolic entropy and base-scale entropy, and two local ones, namely symbolizations of permutation and differential entropy, constitute four double symbolic joint entropies that have accurate complexity detections in chaotic models, logistic and Henon map series. In nonlinear dynamical analysis of different kinds of heart rate variability, heartbeats of healthy young have higher complexity than those of the healthy elderly, and congestive heart failure (CHF) patients are lowest in heartbeats' joint entropy values. Each individual symbolic entropy is improved by double symbolic joint entropy among which the combination of base-scale and differential symbolizations have best complexity analysis. Test results prove that double symbolic joint entropy is feasible in nonlinear dynamic complexity analysis.

  19. Challenges facing lithium batteries and electrical double-layer capacitors. (United States)

    Choi, Nam-Soon; Chen, Zonghai; Freunberger, Stefan A; Ji, Xiulei; Sun, Yang-Kook; Amine, Khalil; Yushin, Gleb; Nazar, Linda F; Cho, Jaephil; Bruce, Peter G


    Energy-storage technologies, including electrical double-layer capacitors and rechargeable batteries, have attracted significant attention for applications in portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, bulk electricity storage at power stations, and "load leveling" of renewable sources, such as solar energy and wind power. Transforming lithium batteries and electric double-layer capacitors requires a step change in the science underpinning these devices, including the discovery of new materials, new electrochemistry, and an increased understanding of the processes on which the devices depend. The Review will consider some of the current scientific issues underpinning lithium batteries and electric double-layer capacitors. Copyright © 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  20. Sensitivity of NEXT-100 to neutrinoless double beta decay

    CERN Document Server

    Martín-Albo, J.; Ferrario, P.; Nebot-Guinot, M.; Gómez-Cadenas, J.J.; Álvarez, V.; Azevedo, C.D.R.; Borges, F.I.G.; Cárcel, S.; Cebrián, S.; Cervera, A.; Conde, C.A.N.; Díaz, J.; Diesburg, M.; Esteve, R.; Fernandes, L.M.P.; Ferreira, A.L.; Freitas, E.D.C.; Gehman, V.M.; Goldschmidt, A.; González-Díaz, D.; Gutiérrez, R.M.; Henriques, C.A.O.; Hernando Morata, J.A.; Labarga, L.; Laing, A.; Lebrun, P.; Liubarsky, I.; López-March, N.; Lorca, D.; Losada, M.; Martínez-Lema, G.; Martínez, A.; Miller, T.; Monrabal, F.; Monserrate, M.; Monteiro, C.M.B.; Mora, F.J.; Moutinho, L.M.; Novella, P.; Nygren, D.; Para, A.; Perez, J.; Perez Aparicio, J.L.; Querol, M.; Renner, J.; Ripoll, L.; Rodríguez, J.; Santos, F.P.; dos Santos, J.M.F.; Serra, L.; Shuman, D.; Simón, A.; Sofka, C.; Sorel, M.; Stiegler, T.; Toledo, J.F.; Torrent, J.; Tsamalaidze, Z.; Veloso, J.F.C.A.; Villar, J.A.; Webb, R.; White, J.T.; Yahlali, N.; Yepes-Ramírez, H.; Hauptman, J.


    NEXT-100 is an electroluminescent high-pressure xenon gas time projection chamber that will search for the neutrinoless double beta decay of Xe-136. The detector possesses two features of great value in neutrinoless double beta decay searches: very good energy resolution (better than 1% FWHM at the Q value of Xe-136) and track reconstruction for the discrimination of signal and background events. This combination results in excellent sensitivity, as discussed in this paper. Detailed Monte Carlo detector simulations and material-screening measurements predict a background rate for NEXT-100 of at most 0.0004 counts/(keV kg yr). Accordingly, the detector will reach a sensitivity to the neutrinoless double beta decay half-life of 6.E25 years after running for 3 effective years.

  1. Double-hadron leptoproduction in the nuclear medium. (United States)

    Airapetian, A; Akopov, N; Akopov, Z; Amarian, M; Andrus, A; Aschenauer, E C; Augustyniak, W; Avakian, R; Avetissian, A; Avetissian, E; Bailey, P; Belostotski, S; Bianchi, N; Blok, H P; Böttcher, H; Borissov, A; Borysenko, A; Brüll, A; Bryzgalov, V; Capiluppi, M; Capitani, G P; Ciullo, G; Contalbrigo, M; Dalpiaz, P F; Deconinck, W; De Leo, R; Demey, M; De Nardo, L; De Sanctis, E; Devitsin, E; Diefenthaler, M; Di Nezza, P; Dreschler, J; Düren, M; Ehrenfried, M; Elalaoui-Moulay, A; Elbakian, G; Ellinghaus, F; Elschenbroich, U; Fabbri, R; Fantoni, A; Felawka, L; Frullani, S; Funel, A; Gapienko, G; Gapienko, V; Garibaldi, F; Garrow, K; Gavrilov, G; Gharibyan, V; Giordano, F; Grebeniouk, O; Gregor, I M; Griffioen, K; Guler, H; Hadjidakis, C; Hartig, M; Hasch, D; Hasegawa, T; Hesselink, W H; Hillenbrand, A; Hoek, M; Holler, Y; Hommez, B; Hristova, I; Iarygin, G; Ivanilov, A; Izotov, A; Jackson, H E; Jgoun, A; Kaiser, R; Keri, T; Kinney, E; Kisselev, A; Kobayashi, T; Kopytin, M; Korotkov, V; Kozlov, V; Krauss, B; Kravchenko, P; Krivokhijine, V G; Lagamba, L; Lapikás, L; Lenisa, P; Liebing, P; Linden-Levy, L A; Lorenzon, W; Lu, J; Lu, S; Ma, B-Q; Maiheu, B; Makins, N C R; Mao, Y; Marianski, B; Marukyan, H; Masoli, F; Mexner, V; Meyners, N; Michler, T; Mikloukho, O; Miller, C A; Miyachi, Y; Muccifora, V; Murray, M; Nagaitsev, A; Nappi, E; Naryshkin, Y; Negodaev, M; Nowak, W-D; Ohsuga, H; Osborne, A; Perez-Benito, R; Pickert, N; Raithel, M; Reggiani, D; Reimer, P E; Reischl, A; Roelon, A R; Riedl, C; Rith, K; Rosner, G; Rostomyan, A; Rubacek, L; Rubin, J; Ryckbosch, D; Salomatin, Y; Sanjiev, I; Savin, I; Schäfer, A; Schnell, G; Schüler, K P; Seele, J; Seidl, R; Seitz, B; Shearer, C; Shibata, T-A; Shutov, V; Sinram, K; Stancari, M; Statera, M; Steffens, E; Steijger, J J M; Stenzel, H; Stewart, J; Stinzing, F; Streit, J; Tait, P; Tanaka, H; Taroian, S; Tchuiko, B; Terkulov, A; Trzcinski, A; Tytgat, M; Vandenbroucke, A; van der Nat, P B; van der Steenhoven, G; van Haarlem, Y; Veretennikov, D; Vikhrov, V; Vogel, C; Wang, S; Ye, Y; Ye, Z; Yen, S; Zihlmann, B; Zupranski, P


    The first measurements of double-hadron production in deep-inelastic scattering within the nuclear medium were made with the HERMES spectrometer at DESY HERA using a 27.6 GeV positron beam. By comparing data for deuterium, nitrogen, krypton, and xenon nuclei, the influence of the nuclear medium on the ratio of double-hadron to single-hadron yields was investigated. Nuclear effects on the additional hadron are clearly observed, but with little or no difference among nitrogen, krypton, or xenon, and with smaller magnitude than effects seen on previously measured single-hadron multiplicities. The data are compared with models based on partonic energy loss or prehadronic scattering and with a model based on a purely absorptive treatment of the final-state interactions. Thus, the double-hadron ratio provides an additional tool for studying modifications of hadronization in nuclear matter.

  2. A double-sided linear primary permanent magnet vernier machine. (United States)

    Du, Yi; Zou, Chunhua; Liu, Xianxing


    The purpose of this paper is to present a new double-sided linear primary permanent magnet (PM) vernier (DSLPPMV) machine, which can offer high thrust force, low detent force, and improved power factor. Both PMs and windings of the proposed machine are on the short translator, while the long stator is designed as a double-sided simple iron core with salient teeth so that it is very robust to transmit high thrust force. The key of this new machine is the introduction of double stator and the elimination of translator yoke, so that the inductance and the volume of the machine can be reduced. Hence, the proposed machine offers improved power factor and thrust force density. The electromagnetic performances of the proposed machine are analyzed including flux, no-load EMF, thrust force density, and inductance. Based on using the finite element analysis, the characteristics and performances of the proposed machine are assessed.

  3. Radio galaxies with a 'double-double morphology' : I. Analysis of the radio properties and evidence for interrupted activity in active galactic nuclei

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schoenmakers, AP; de Bruyn, AG; Rottgering, HJA; van der Laan, H; Kaiser, CR


    We present four Mpc-sized radio galaxies which consist of a pair of double-lobed radio sources, aligned along the same axis, and with a coinciding radio core. We call these peculiar radio sources 'double-double' radio galaxies (DDRGs) and propose a general definition of such sources: a

  4. Oromandibular reconstruction with chimeric double-skin paddle flap based on peroneal vessel axis for synchronous opposite double oral cancer. (United States)

    Huang, Shih-Tsai; Liu, Wen-Chung; Chen, Lee-Wei; Yang, Kuo-Chung


    Synchronous double oral cancer represents the minority of cases of head and neck cancer. After tumor ablation, 2 separate oromandibular defects, even combined with a through-and-through oral defect, pose a serious reconstructive challenge. The ideal method for reconstruction remains controversial. Based on the peroneal vessel axis, a chimeric double-skin paddle peroneal fasciocutaneous or fibular osteomyocutaneous flap could be designed to accomplish the difficult reconstruction. Six male patients, each with 2 separate oromandibular defects after tumor ablation of synchronous double oral cancer, received double-skin paddle flap reconstruction with 3 peroneal fasciocutaneous and 3 fibular osteomyocutaneous flaps. All 6 flaps survived; however, complications included 1 skin paddle lost due to insufficient perfusion of a visible perforator, and 1 superficial necrosis occurring over the tip of a longer skin paddle. One postoperative intraoral infection and 1 donor site infection were also reported. During follow-up, 3 months later, 1 patient succumbed to local recurrence and bony metastasis. One patient developed a new cancer in the maxillary gingiva, and another had osteoradionecrosis 8 months later. Four patients gained acceptable cosmesis with good oral competence. A chimeric flap based on the peroneal artery could provide a segment of fibular bone, 1 or 2 skin paddles, and a cuff of the flexor hallucis longus muscle simultaneously. For 1-stage reconstruction of separate oromandibular defects after tumor ablation of synchronous double oral cancer, this design could provide all components at 1 transfer.

  5. A 4 mm² Double Differential Torsional MEMS Accelerometer Based on a Double-Beam Configuration. (United States)

    Miao, Tongqiao; Xiao, Dingbang; Li, Qingsong; Hou, Zhanqiang; Wu, Xuezhong


    This paper reports the design and simulation of a 4 mm² double differential torsional MEMS accelerometer based on a double-beam configuration. Based on the structure of conventional torsional accelerometers, normally composed of one pair of proof masses and one torsional beam, this work explores the double differential configuration: a torsional accelerometer with two pairs of unbalanced proof masses rotating in reverse. Also, the torsional beam is designed as a double-beam structure, which is a symmetrical structure formed by two torsional beams separated by a certain distance. The device area of the novel accelerometer is more than 50 times smaller than that of a traditional double differential torsional MEMS accelerometer. The FEM simulation results demonstrate that the smaller device does not sacrifice other specifications, such as mechanical sensitivity, nonlinearity and temperature robustness. The mechanical sensitivity and nonlinearity of a ±15 g measuring range is 59.4 fF/g and 0.88%, respectively. Compared with traditional single-beam silicon structures, the novel structure can achieve lower maximum principle stress in critical regions and reduce the possibility of failure when high-g acceleration loading is applied along all three axes. The mechanical noise equivalent acceleration is about 0.13 mg / Hz in the theoretical calculations and the offset temperature coefficient is 0.25 mg/ ℃ in the full temperature range of - 40 ℃ to 60 ℃ .

  6. A review of molecular modelling of electric double layer capacitors. (United States)

    Burt, Ryan; Birkett, Greg; Zhao, X S


    Electric double-layer capacitors are a family of electrochemical energy storage devices that offer a number of advantages, such as high power density and long cyclability. In recent years, research and development of electric double-layer capacitor technology has been growing rapidly, in response to the increasing demand for energy storage devices from emerging industries, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, renewable energy, and smart grid management. The past few years have witnessed a number of significant research breakthroughs in terms of novel electrodes, new electrolytes, and fabrication of devices, thanks to the discovery of innovative materials (e.g. graphene, carbide-derived carbon, and templated carbon) and the availability of advanced experimental and computational tools. However, some experimental observations could not be clearly understood and interpreted due to limitations of traditional theories, some of which were developed more than one hundred years ago. This has led to significant research efforts in computational simulation and modelling, aimed at developing new theories, or improving the existing ones to help interpret experimental results. This review article provides a summary of research progress in molecular modelling of the physical phenomena taking place in electric double-layer capacitors. An introduction to electric double-layer capacitors and their applications, alongside a brief description of electric double layer theories, is presented first. Second, molecular modelling of ion behaviours of various electrolytes interacting with electrodes under different conditions is reviewed. Finally, key conclusions and outlooks are given. Simulations on comparing electric double-layer structure at planar and porous electrode surfaces under equilibrium conditions have revealed significant structural differences between the two electrode types, and porous electrodes have been shown to store charge more efficiently. Accurate electrolyte and

  7. Theoretical study of the double Compton effect with twisted photons (United States)

    Sherwin, J. A.


    Double Compton scattering of high-energy twisted photons is investigated within the framework of relativistic quantum electrodynamics. We investigate the dependence of the angular distributions of the scattered photons on the parameters of the incident photon beam, such as momentum cone opening angle and projection of orbital angular momentum. Numerical calculations of the angular distributions of the scattered photons are presented for incoming twisted photons and compared to the standard case of incident plane-wave photons. The dependence of the angular distributions of the double-Compton-scattered photons for initially twisted photons prepared in a superposition of two vortex states is also presented.

  8. Surface tension in plasmas related to double layer formation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Popescu, Sebastian; Lozneanu, Erzilia [Al. I. Cuza University, Dept. of Plasma Physics, Iasi (Romania)


    Self-organized space charge configurations bordered by electric double layers appear in plasma as the result of the transition into a state characterized by local minimum of the free energy. Considering the self-assemblage process of such a complex well-confined space-charge configuration in plasma, known by the name of ball of fire, as a nucleation process, it becomes possible to define an equivalent surface tension for the double layer that covers the core of the ball of fire and to make some predictions for its surface tension coefficient and capacitance. (author)

  9. Student Measurements of Double Star STF 747AB (United States)

    Bateman, Grace; Funk, Benjamin; Gillette, Travis; Rhoades, Breauna; Rhoades, Mark; Schlosser, Ruth; Sharpe, Scott; Thompson, Leone


    Data gathered from a 22-Inch Newtonian Alt/Az telescope and a Celestron Micro Guide eyepiece were used to measure the double star STF 747AB. Students from Apple Valley High School determined the separation to be 39.97 arc sec and the position angle to be 227.91 degrees. The students also used data from the digitized sky survey and determined a separation of 39.99 arc sec and a position angle of 225 degrees. The research was semi-independent from the Vanguard Double Star Workshop 2016 in Apple Valley, California.

  10. Broadband infrared absorbers with stacked double chromium ring resonators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Deng, Huixu; Stan, Liliana; Czaplewski, David A.; Gao, Jie; Yang, Xiaodong


    A broadband absorber in the infrared wavelength range from 1 μm up to 5 μm is designed and demonstrated with stacked double chromium ring resonators on a reflective chromium mirror. The near-perfect broadband absorption is realized by combining the multilayer impedance match in the short wavelength range and the double plasmonic resonances in the long wavelength range, which is illustrated with an equivalent circuit model for the impedance analysis. The broadband absorber is proved to be angle-insensitive and polarization-independent due to the geometrical symmetry. The thermal analysis for heat generation and temperature distributions inside the absorber structure is also investigated.

  11. Design and Analysis of Controllers for an Double Inverted Pendulum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Niemann, Hans Henrik; Poulsen, Jesper Kildegaard


    A physical control problem is studied with the H_inf and the SSV methodology. The issues of modelling, uncertainty modelling, performance specification, controller design and laboratory implementation are discussed. The laboratory experiment is a double inverted pendulum placed on a cart. The lim......A physical control problem is studied with the H_inf and the SSV methodology. The issues of modelling, uncertainty modelling, performance specification, controller design and laboratory implementation are discussed. The laboratory experiment is a double inverted pendulum placed on a cart...

  12. Nilsson-pairing model for double beta decay (United States)

    Zamick, L.; Auerbach, N.


    The double beta decay process for 48Ca and 76Ge is considered. The inhibition of the process for 48Ca, previously considered by Khodel, is discussed in terms of a K selection rule. The large value found for the 76Ge transition to 76Se, by Haxton, Stephenson, and Strottman, is here illustrated by a pairing calculation using asymptotic Nilsson wave functions. The coherence of the process is clearly shown in this model. The contribution of high lying intermediate states, especially due to delta particle-nucleon hole states, is discussed. RADIOACTIVITY Double beta decay, pairing correlations, delta admixtures.

  13. Nonsyndromic double mesiodentes- hidden lambs among normal flock! (United States)

    Gharote, Harshkant P; Nair, Preeti P; Thomas, Shaji; R, Guru Prasad; Singh, Shikha


    Mesiodens, a common supernumerary tooth, is found in the midline in anterior maxilla between the incisors. Its occurrence as multiples is termed as ‘mesiodentes’. Double mesiodentes, a rare phenomenon, is seldom reported in literature and show a plethora of manifestations as described in the case report. They may not be apparent clinically, necessitating the use of imaging modalities and require careful evaluation to prevent complications. This paper presents a report of six double mesiodentes cases with negative family history for supernumerary teeth and absence of any syndromes. This is an effort to educate dentists about signs, symptoms, complications and management of mesiodentes. PMID:22678735

  14. Constraining the double gluon distribution by the single gluon distribution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Golec-Biernat, Krzysztof [Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, 31-342 Cracow (Poland); Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszów, 35-959 Rzeszów (Poland); Lewandowska, Emilia; Serino, Mirko [Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, 31-342 Cracow (Poland); Snyder, Zachary [Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802 (United States); Staśto, Anna M., E-mail: [Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, 31-342 Cracow (Poland); Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802 (United States)


    We show how to consistently construct initial conditions for the QCD evolution equations for double parton distribution functions in the pure gluon case. We use to momentum sum rule for this purpose and a specific form of the known single gluon distribution function in the MSTW parameterization. The resulting double gluon distribution satisfies exactly the momentum sum rule and is parameter free. We also study numerically its evolution with a hard scale and show the approximate factorization into product of two single gluon distributions at small values of x, whereas at large values of x the factorization is always violated in agreement with the sum rule.

  15. Large magnetocurrents in double-barrier tunneling transistors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, J.H. [Nano Device Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 136-791 (Korea, Republic of); Department of Physics, Korea University, Chochiwon 339-700 (Korea, Republic of); Jun, K.-I. [Nano Device Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 136-791 (Korea, Republic of); Shin, K.-H. [Nano Device Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 136-791 (Korea, Republic of); Park, S.Y. [Department of Physics, Korea University, Chochiwon 339-700 (Korea, Republic of); Hong, J.K. [Department of Physics, Korea University, Chochiwon 339-700 (Korea, Republic of); Rhie, K. [Department of Physics, Korea University, Chochiwon 339-700 (Korea, Republic of)]. E-mail:; Lee, B.C. [Department of Physics, Inha University, Incheon (Korea, Republic of)


    Magnetic tunneling transistors (MTT) with double tunneling barriers are fabricated. The structure of the transistor is AFM/FM/I/FM/I/FM/AFM, and ferromagnetic layers serve as the emitter, base and collector. This double-barrier tunneling transistor (DBTT) has an advantage of controlling the potential between the base and collector, compared to the Schottky-barrier-based base and collector of MTT. We found that the collector current density of DBTT is at least 10{sup 3} times larger than that of conventional MTT, since tunneling through AlO{sub x} barrier provides much larger current density than that through Schottky barrier.

  16. Note: Double-hole cantilevers for harmonic atomic force microscopy (United States)

    Zhang, Weijie; Chen, Yuhang; Chu, Jiaru


    To enhance the harmonic signals in intermittent contact atomic force microscopy, we proposed the double-hole structural modification. Finite element analyses and experiments demonstrated the capability and advantages of the developed method. An infinite set of harmonic cantilevers can be optimized by proper selections of hole size, position, and inter-distance. The second and third resonance frequencies are simultaneously regulated to be integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. In the meanwhile, the alteration of cantilever stiffness is kept minimum. The double-hole modifications have prominent advantages of regular geometry, flexible selection of cutting positions/dimensions, and easy-to-meet fabrication tolerances.

  17. On a new class of double integrals involving hypergeometric function

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Medhat Rakha


    Full Text Available The aim of this research paper is to provide a large number of double integrals in the form of four master formulas. A large number of very interesting integrals follow special cases of our main findings. These results are obtained with the help of contiguous extensions of classical summation theorems such as of Watson, Dixon and Whipple on the sum of a $_3F_{2}$. The double integrals established in this paper are simple, interesting, easily established and may be useful.

  18. Searching of Double Electron Capture in the TGV Experiment

    CERN Document Server

    Brudanin, V B; Briançon, C; Benes, P; Vylov, T D; Gusev, K N; Egorov, V G; Klimenko, A A; Kovalenko, V E; Korolev, N A; Salamatin, A V; Timkov, V V; Cermák, P; Shirchenko, M V; Shitov, Yu A; Stekl, I


    The first investigations of the rare nuclear process - double electron capture of $^{106}$Cd have been performed using the low-background multi-detector spectrometer TGV-2 (Telescope Germanium Vertical). The preliminary results of calculations of experimental data obtained using 11.3 and 10 g of enriched $^{106}$Cd, and 14.5 g of natural Cd were presented. The sensitivity of T$_{1/2}^{EC/EC}>2.6\\cdot10^{19}$y (90\\% CL) was obtained for the searching of double electron capture of $^{106}$Cd ($0^{+} - 0^{+}$) in the investigation of natural Cd.

  19. Constraining the double gluon distribution by the single gluon distribution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krzysztof Golec-Biernat


    Full Text Available We show how to consistently construct initial conditions for the QCD evolution equations for double parton distribution functions in the pure gluon case. We use to momentum sum rule for this purpose and a specific form of the known single gluon distribution function in the MSTW parameterization. The resulting double gluon distribution satisfies exactly the momentum sum rule and is parameter free. We also study numerically its evolution with a hard scale and show the approximate factorization into product of two single gluon distributions at small values of x, whereas at large values of x the factorization is always violated in agreement with the sum rule.

  20. Nanomechanical characterization by double-pass force-distance mapping

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dagdas, Yavuz S; Tekinay, Ayse B; Guler, Mustafa O; Dana, Aykutlu [UNAM Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara (Turkey); Necip Aslan, M, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul (Turkey)


    We demonstrate high speed force-distance mapping using a double-pass scheme. The topography is measured in tapping mode in the first pass and this information is used in the second pass to move the tip over the sample. In the second pass, the cantilever dither signal is turned off and the sample is vibrated. Rapid (few kHz frequency) force-distance curves can be recorded with small peak interaction force, and can be processed into an image. Such a double-pass measurement eliminates the need for feedback during force-distance measurements. The method is demonstrated on self-assembled peptidic nanofibers.