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  1. Bathymetry and Acoustic Backscatter: Northern Santa Barbara Channel, Southern California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This report presents bathymetry and acoustic backscatter data collected in July 2008 in the northern Santa Barbara Channel, California, using a bathymetric sidescan...

  2. Quantifying Sulfur-Containing Compounds Over the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    Black, J.; Hughes, S.; Blake, D. R.


    Carbonyl sulfide (OCS) is emitted to the atmosphere through the outgassing of ocean surface waters. OCS is also the primary source of sulfur-containing compounds in the stratosphere and contributes to the formation of the stratospheric sulfate layer. During the 2016 Student Airborne Research Program (SARP), whole air samples were collected on the NASA DC-8 aircraft over the Santa Barbara Channel. Five additional surface samples were taken at various locations along the Santa Barbara Channel. The samples were analyzed using gas chromatography in the Rowland-Blake lab at UC Irvine, and compounds such as OCS, dimethyl sulfide (DMS), carbon disulfide (CS2), bromoform (CHBr3), and methyl iodide (CH3I) associated with ocean emissions and stratospheric aerosols were analyzed. These marine sourced compounds, excluding OCS, showed expected trends of dilution with increasing altitude. The surface samples from the Santa Barbara Channel all exhibited elevated concentrations of OCS in comparison to samples taken from the aircraft, with an average of 666 ± 12 pptv, whereas the average background concentration of OCS was 587 ± 19 pptv. SARP flights from 2009-2015 over the Santa Barbara Channel saw an average OCS concentration of 548 ± 26 pptv. Elevated levels of OCS have never been detected from the aircraft during SARP flights, indicating that OCS emissions must be measured using surface sampling if emission estimates from the ocean are to be evaluated.

  3. Seafloor character from air-photo data-Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Seafloor character was derived from interpretations of aerial photograph-derived kelp-distribution data available for Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara Channel,...

  4. Data for Southern Sea Otter Range Expansion and Habitat Use in the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data are .csv files of capture data from tagged sea otters in the Santa Barbara Channel Study. Sea otters were captured using highly specialized techniques...

  5. Southern sea otter range expansion and habitat use in the Santa Barbara Channel, California (United States)

    Tinker, M. Tim; Tomoleoni, Joseph; LaRoche, Nicole; Bowen, Lizabeth; Miles, A. Keith; Murray, Mike; Staedler, Michelle; Randell, Zachary


    The re-colonization of the Santa Barbara channel by sea otters brings these ESA-listed marine mammals closer to active oil and gas production facilities, shipping lanes and naturally occurring oil and gas seeps. However, the degree to which sea otters may actually be affected by human-caused oil spills or exposure to natural oil seeps is currently unknown. Between 2012 and 2014, the U.S. Geological Survey and collaborating agencies conducted a telemetry-based study of sea otters in Santa Barbara channel, in order to provide critical information for resource managers (specifically the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, henceforth BOEM, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, henceforth USFWS) about the spatial ecology, population status, and potential population threats to sea otters in Santa Barbara Channel, with particular reference to exposure to manmade structures and sources of oil and natural gas. Analysis of spatial monitoring data using a Bayesian-based synoptic model allowed for description of sea otter home ranges, identification of hot-spots of use, and insights into habitat selection behavior by male and female sea otters. Important findings included the deeper modal depth preferred by males versus females, strong preferences by both sexes for areas with persistent kelp canopy, and greater use of soft-sediment areas by males. The synoptic model also provided the ability to predict population-level density distribution for each sex in new habitats: by calculating the value of these probability density distributions at the known locations of natural seeps, we were able to identify those seeps with higher potential for sea otter encounters. The relative probability of occurrence at locations near to some seeps was sufficiently high (about 1% likelihood of occurrence for some of our study animals) that one would anticipate occasional encounters. Data on male and female survival, reproductive success, activity budgets, and body condition all indicated that

  6. Shelf evolution along a transpressive transform margin, Santa Barbara Channel, California (United States)

    Johnson, Samuel Y.; Hartwell, Stephen; Sorlien, Christopher C.; Dartnell, Peter; Ritchie, Andrew C.


    /yr near Pitas Point, and decrease to the west across the Santa Barbara Channel. Documentation of fault lengths, slip rates, and rupture modes, as well as potential zones of submarine landsliding, provide essential information for enhanced regional earthquake and tsunami hazard assessment.

  7. Data for southern sea otter range expansion and habitat use in the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    Tinker, M. Tim; Tomoleoni, Joseph; Staedler, Michelle M.; LaRoche, Nicole L.; Randell, Zachary; Bowen, Lizabeth; Murray, Michael J.; Miles, A. Keith


    The current study was designed to provide critical information for resource managers (specifically the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, henceforth BOEM, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, henceforth USFWS) about the spatial ecology, population status, and potential population threats to sea otters in Santa Barbara Channel, with particular reference to exposure to manmade structures and sources of oil and natural gas. Our four primary research objectives were: 1. Determine the extent of movements and spatial use patterns by sea otters along the southern California coast2. Identify important sea otter resting and foraging areas adjacent to manmade structures3. Assess sea otter distribution, behavior and habitat selection in the vicinity of natural oil and gas seep areas (e.g., Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara County)4. Combine data on tagged animal movements, habitat use patterns and population distribution (acquired during this study and from previous studies and USGS monitoring activities), to create population-level “risk of exposure” models for spatially explicit threats such as natural oil seeps or hypothetical oil spill scenarios.These data were used to support the folowing publication:Tinker, M.T., Tomoleoni, Joseph, LaRoche, Nicole, Bowen, Lizabeth, Miles, A. Keith, Murray, Mike, Staedler, Michelle, and Randell, Zach, 2017, Southern sea otter range expansion and habitat use in the Santa Barbara Channel, California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017–1001 (OCS Study BOEM 2017-002), 76 p.,

  8. The Impact of Climatological Variables on Kelp Canopy Area in the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    Zigner, K.; Bausell, J.; Kudela, R. M.


    Kelp canopy area (KCA), a proxy for kelp forest health, has important implications for small and large-scale processes pertaining to fisheries, near shore currents, and marine ecosystems. As part of the NASA Airborne Science Research Program (SARP), this study examines the impact of ocean chemistry and climatological variables on KCA in the Santa Barbara Channel through time series analysis. El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), North Pacific Gyre Oscillation (NPGO), North Pacific Oscillation (NPO), and upwelling indices as well as sea surface temperature (SST), salinity, nitrate, and chlorophyll-a concentrations taken within the Santa Barbara channel (1990-2014) were acquired from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC), California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigation (CalCOFI), and Di Lorenzo's NPGO websites. These data were then averaged for winter (November-January) and summer (May-August) seasons and compared to KCA measurements derived from Landsat images via unsupervised classification. Regression, cumulative sum tests, and cross-correlation coefficients revealed a two year lag between KCA and the NPGO, indicating the presence of an additional factor driving both variables. Further analyses suggests that the NPO may be this driving factor, as indicated by the correlation (lag 0) with KCA. Comparing relationships between kelp and other variables over various time periods supports the acceleration of the NPGO and other variables in more recent years. Exploring relationships between KCA, NPGO, and NPO may provide insight into potential impacts of climate change on coastal marine ecosystems.

  9. Remote sensing study of historical changes in natural oil slick volumes in the Santa Barbara Channel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Scepan, J.; Estes, J.; Hornafius, J.S. (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, CA (United States))


    Large natural oil slicks are continually forming in the Santa Barbara Channel as a result of natural hydrocarbon seeps that occur above subsurface oil accumulations. Evaporation of volatile constituents in these oil slicks is a significant source of air pollution. In this study we employed a suite of remote sensing data along with a variety of image processing and geographic information system techniques to analyze the location, extent and changes in sea surface oil slicks during the period of 1975 - present. An extensive collection of airborne and spaceborne remote sensor data was accessed and examined for this study, including aerial photography, airborne spectral and microwave data, Landsat MSS and TM data and Shuttle Imaging Radar. Areas of oil slick accumulations were identified, delineated, georeferenced, measured and mapped to a common scale using both manual and digital techniques. A Gaussian mathematical model was employed to provide quantitative estimates of surface oil accumulations identified within each image over the entire twenty year period. This study indicates that variances in mapped oil slick location and extent as well as the estimated amounts of oil present within each image may be attributed to image type and quality as well as environmental conditions.

  10. Remote sensing study of historical changes in natural oil slick volumes in the Santa Barbara Channel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Scepan, J.; Estes, J.; Hornafius, J.S. [Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, CA (United States)


    Large natural oil slicks are continually forming in the Santa Barbara Channel as a result of natural hydrocarbon seeps that occur above subsurface oil accumulations. Evaporation of volatile constituents in these oil slicks is a significant source of air pollution. In this study we employed a suite of remote sensing data along with a variety of image processing and geographic information system techniques to analyze the location, extent and changes in sea surface oil slicks during the period of 1975 - present. An extensive collection of airborne and spaceborne remote sensor data was accessed and examined for this study, including aerial photography, airborne spectral and microwave data, Landsat MSS and TM data and Shuttle Imaging Radar. Areas of oil slick accumulations were identified, delineated, georeferenced, measured and mapped to a common scale using both manual and digital techniques. A Gaussian mathematical model was employed to provide quantitative estimates of surface oil accumulations identified within each image over the entire twenty year period. This study indicates that variances in mapped oil slick location and extent as well as the estimated amounts of oil present within each image may be attributed to image type and quality as well as environmental conditions.

  11. Circulation, Water Temperature, and Larval Settlement Over the Inner Continental Shelves of the Santa Barbara Channel, California (United States)

    Fewings, M. R.; Washburn, L.; Ohlmann, C.; Blanchette, C.; Caselle, J.; Gotschalk, C.


    We use seven-year time series of wind stress, water velocity, and temperature in 15-18 m water depth to describe the circulation and water temperature over the inner continental shelves of the Channel Islands and California mainland in the Santa Barbara Basin. This area is strongly influenced by the California Current upwelling system. In turn, the water circulation in the Santa Barbara Basin influences the local marine ecosystem by affecting the water temperature and the supply of nutrients and larval fish and invertebrates. Larvae and nutrients traveling from the coast to the open ocean and back again must somehow pass through the inner shelf. The water circulation over the inner continental shelf of the Northern Channel Islands has not been described. Due to the shallowness of the water, an inner shelf has different physical dynamics than either the surfzone or the middle and outer continental shelf. We discuss the relative importance of upwelling- favorable along-shelf winds and of cross-shelf winds as forcing mechanisms for coastal upwelling circulations over the inner shelf; test whether the cross-shelf wind stress and surface gravity waves are important for cross-shelf circulation in the Santa Barbara Basin; and describe the subtidal patterns of water temperature, stratification, and velocity around the Channel Islands and their relation to observed larval settlement patterns. Cross-shelf circulation and the movement of water masses into and out of the Basin have implications for settlement and recruitment of many coastal species, including the economically important kelp rockfish, kelp bass, and sea urchin. Understanding the circulation of the Santa Barbara Basin and its inner shelves is a precursor to determining the source locations of the planktonic larvae. That information on source locations is essential for the design, siting, and assessment of existing and future marine protected areas in California and elsewhere.

  12. Another lesson from Santa Barbara. (United States)

    Holmquest, Donald L


    In this commentary, Don Holmquest, speaking from the perspective of a statewide regional health information organization (RHIO), responds to papers by Robert Miller and Bradley Miller and by David Brailer on lessons learned from the Santa Barbara County Care Data Exchange project and its subsequent demise. He posits that one of the critical lessons learned through the Santa Barbara experience is the need for a careful analysis of who benefits from health information exchange as part of creating a sustainable business model for health information exchange projects.

  13. Preliminary geologic map of the Santa Barbara coastal plain area, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Minor, Scott A.; Kellogg, Karl S.; Stanley, Richard G.; Stone, Paul; Powell, Charles L.; Gurrola, Larry D.; Selting, Amy J.; Brandt, Theodore R.


    This report presents a new geologic digital map of the Santa Barbara coastal plain area at a compilation scale of 1:24,000 (one inch on the map = 2,000 feet on the ground) and with a horizontal positional accuracy of at least 20 m. This preliminary map depicts the distribution of bedrock units and surficial deposits and associated deformation underlying and adjacent to the coastal plain within the contiguous Santa Barbara and Goleta 7.5' quadrangles. A planned second version will extend the mapping westward into the adjoining Dos Pueblos Canyon quadrangle and eastward into the Carpinteria quadrangle. The mapping presented here results from the collaborative efforts of geologists with the U.S. Geological Survey Southern California Areal Mapping Project (SCAMP) (Minor, Kellogg, Stanley, Stone, and Powell) and the tectonic geomorphology research group at the University of California at Santa Barbara (Gurrola and Selting). C.L. Powell, II, performed all new fossil identifications and interpretations reported herein. T.R. Brandt designed and edited the GIS database,performed GIS database integration and created the digital cartography for the map layout. The Santa Barbara coastal plain is located in the western Transverse Ranges physiographic province along a west-trending segment of the southern California coastline about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Los Angeles. The coastal plain region, which extends from the Santa Ynez Mountains on the north to the Santa Barbara Channel on the south, is underlain by numerous active and potentially active folds and partly buried thrust faults of the Santa Barbara fold and fault belt. Strong earthquakes that occurred in the region in 1925 (6.8 magnitude) and 1978 (5.1 magnitude) are evidence that such structures pose a significant earthquake hazard to the approximately 200,000 people living within the major coastal population centers of Santa Barbara and Goleta. Also, young landslide deposits along the steep lower flank of the Santa

  14. Submarine landslides in the Santa Barbara Channel as potential tsunami sources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. G. Greene


    Full Text Available Recent investigations using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institutes (MBARI Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs 'Ventana' and 'Tiburon' and interpretation of MBARI's EM 300 30 kHz multibeam bathymetric data show that the northern flank of the Santa Barbara Basin has experienced massive slope failures. Of particular concern is the large (130 km2 Goleta landslide complex located off Coal Oil Point near the town of Goleta, that measures 14.6-km long extending from a depth of 90 m to nearly 574 m deep and is 10.5 km wide. We estimate that approximately 1.75 km3 has been displaced by this slide during the Holocene. This feature is a complex compound submarine landslide that contains both surfical slump blocks and mud flows in three distinct segments. Each segment is composed of a distinct head scarp, down-dropped head block and a slide debris lobe. The debris lobes exhibit hummocky topography in the central areas that appear to result from compression during down slope movement. The toes of the western and eastern lobes are well defined in the multibeam image, whereas the toe of the central lobe is less distinct. Continuous seismic reflection profiles show that many buried slide debris lobes exist and comparison of the deformed reflectors with ODP Drill Site 149, Hole 893 suggest that at least 200 000 years of failure have occurred in the area (Fisher et al., 2005a. Based on our interpretation of the multibeam bathymetry and seismic reflection profiles we modeled the potential tsunami that may have been produced from one of the three surfical lobes of the Goleta slide. This model shows that a 10 m high wave could have run ashore along the cliffs of the Goleta shoreline. Several other smaller (2 km2 and 4 km2 slides are located on the northern flank of the Santa Barbara Basin, both to the west and east of Goleta slide and on the Conception fan along the western flank of the basin. One slide, named the Gaviota slide, is 3.8 km2, 2.6 km long and 1

  15. Santa Barbara Final Technical Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hacker, Angela; Hansen, Sherman; Watkins, Ashley


    This report serves as the Final Report for Santa Barbara County’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) BetterBuildings Neighborhood Program (BBNP) award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). This report explains how DOE BBNP funding was invested to develop robust program infrastructure designed to help property owners complete energy improvements, thereby generating substantial outcomes for the local environment and economy. It provides an overview of program development and design within the grant period, program accomplishments and challenges to date, and a plan for the future sustainability of emPower, the County’s innovative clean energy and building efficiency program. During the grant period, Santa Barbara County’s emPower program primarily targeted 32,000 owner occupied, single family, detached residential homes over 25 years old within the County. In order to help these homeowners and their contractors overcome market barriers to completing residential energy improvements, the program developed and promoted six voluntary, market-based service areas: 1) low cost residential financing (loan loss reserve with two local credit unions), 2) residential rebates, 3) local customer service, 4) expert energy advising, 5) workforce development and training, and 6) marketing, education and outreach. The main goals of the program were to lower building energy use, create jobs and develop a lasting regional building performance market. These services have generated important early outcomes and lessons after the program’s first two years in service. The DOE BBNP funding was extended through October 2014 to enable Santa Barbara County to generate continued outcomes. In fact, funding related to residential financing remains wholly available for the foreseeable future to continue offering Home Upgrade Loans to approximately 1,300 homeowners. The County’s investment of DOE BBNP funding was used to build a lasting, effective, and innovative

  16. Geologic Map of the Santa Barbara Coastal Plain Area, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Minor, Scott A.; Kellogg, Karl S.; Stanley, Richard G.; Gurrola, Larry D.; Keller, Edward A.; Brandt, Theodore R.


    of Los Angeles. The coastal plain surface includes several mesas and hills that are geomorphic expressions of potentially active folds and partly buried oblique and reverse faults of the Santa Barbara fold and fault belt (SBFFB) that transects the coastal plain. Strong earthquakes have occurred offshore within 10 km of the Santa Barbara coastal plain in 1925 (6.3 magnitude), 1941 (5.5 magnitude), and 1978 (5.1 magnitude). These and numerous smaller seismic events located beneath and offshore of the coastal plain, likely occurred on reverse-oblique-slip faults that are similar to, or continuous with, Quaternary reverse faults crossing the coastal plain. Thus, faults of the SBFFB pose a significant earthquake hazard to the approximately 200,000 people living within the major coastal population centers of Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria. In addition, numerous Quaternary landslide deposits along the steep southern flank of the Santa Ynez Mountains indicate the potential for continued slope failures and mass movements in developed areas. Folded, faulted, and fractured sedimentary rocks in the subsurface of the coastal plain and adjacent Santa Barbara Channel are sources and form reservoirs for economic deposits of oil and gas, some of which are currently being extracted offshore. Shallow, localized sedimentary aquifers underlying the coastal plain provide limited amounts of water for the urban areas, but the quality of some of this groundwater is compromised by coastal salt-water contamination. The present map compilation provides a set of uniform geologic digital coverages that can be used for analysis and interpretation of these and other geologic hazards and resources in the coastal plain region.

  17. 33 CFR 167.450 - In the Santa Barbara Channel Traffic Separation Scheme: General. (United States)


    ... Traffic Separation Scheme: General. 167.450 Section 167.450 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) PORTS AND WATERWAYS SAFETY OFFSHORE TRAFFIC SEPARATION SCHEMES Description of Traffic Separation Schemes and Precautionary Areas Pacific West Coast § 167.450 In the Santa...

  18. Folds--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for folds for the geologic and geomorphic map (see sheet 10, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The...

  19. Faults--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for folds for the geologic and geomorphic map (see sheet 10, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The...

  20. 3D Structural and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Northwest Santa Barbara Channel and Implications for Submarine Landslide Generation (United States)

    Wright, A.; Kluesner, J. W.; Brothers, D. S.; Johnson, S. Y.


    Multiple submarine landslides have been previously documented on the north flank of the Santa Barbara Channel, and such failures are considered capable of generating local tsunamis. 2D seismic-reflection datasets provide a general view of regional framework geology, including faulting and folding associated with north-south compression. However, better understanding of the relationships between faults, folds, stratigraphic architecture, and submarine landslides can be obtained with 3D seismic datasets. In this study we use an industry 3D seismic-reflection volume that encompasses the slope and shelfbreak surrounding the Gaviota submarine landslide (3.8 km2) to investigate structural and stratigraphic controls on slope failure in this region. The depth-migrated seismic volume shows a network of stacked thrust faults, backthrusts, and splays that results in both broad and local zones of compression and folding along the slope and shelf. One localized zone of enhanced folding associated with small-offset thrust faults is located directly beneath the Gaviota landslide headwall, while another zone is located directly below an imaged seafloor fissure. In addition, 3D seismic attribute analysis provides insight into the shallow sedimentary section of the failed and non-failed sedimentary packages. Calculation of RMS amplitude and dominant frequency within a windowed region below the seafloor horizon delineates an apparent zone of gas-charged strata that onlaps onto older folded sediments. The up-dip limit of these gas-charged sediments aligns with the location of a seafloor fissure that extends westward from the Gaviota landslide headwall. We propose that the combination of deformation and fluid charging acted to pre-condition and trigger the failure of the Gaviota landslide, and as a result, the presence of these conditions along the fissure adjacent to the Gaviota landslide suggests this area should be considered landslide prone.

  1. Controls on the Location of Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Northern Santa Barbara Channel Shelf, California: A Geologic Plumbing System. (United States)

    Broderick, K. G.


    The liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon seeps in the Santa Barbara Channel, CA, are among the most prolific natural seeps in the world, with gas and oil emissions on the order of 1 x 105 m3/day and 1-2 x 104 liters/day, respectively. A previously-mapped master fault at depth is probably the main transport pathway of hydrocarbons from the Miocene-age Monterey Formation source rock. At the sea floor seep plume vent locations are broadly coincident with kilometer-scale geologic structures in the northern channel shelf. The major trends of the seeps follow the ESE axes of the offshore Coal Oil Point and South Ellwood Anticlines. Seep vents are also found above source-rock structural highs along the fold axes. It is likely that the principal near-surface pathways of gas and liquid flow occur along fractures in the crests of these structural folds. A new interpretation of 100 kHz side scan sonar data suggests, however, that spatial and temporal variations in exact locations of highest seep intensity may be controlled by three factors: 1) the influence of Holocene sediment overburden, 2) lithologic contrasts in the overlying Sisquoc cap rock, and 3) a series of previously unidentified fractures or cross-faults. Some amount of variation in the locations of hydrocarbon vents may occur as westerly and southwesterly bottom currents on the shelf transport and redeposit unconsolidated sediments throughout the study area burying the vents. Detailed geologic seafloor mapping using sonar data, dart core data, and a preliminary sediment cover map indicates relatively few seeps in areas with sediment overburden greater than 4 meters. This may be attributed to a sealing effect as tar saturates and consolidates the overlying sediments, or to the emission of bubble plumes too diffuse to be detected in the sonar data. Seeps have also been mapped to coincide with areas on the seafloor that exhibit distinct across-strike changes in outcrop pattern. Hydrocarbon fluid flow here likely favors

  2. The world's most spectacular marine hydrocarbon seeps (Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara Channel, California): Quantification of emissions (United States)

    Hornafius, J. Scott; Quigley, Derek; Luyendyk, Bruce P.


    We used 50 kHz sonar data to estimate natural hydrocarbon emission rates from the 18 km2 marine seep field offshore from Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara, California. The hydrocarbon gas emission rate is 1.7 ± 0.3 × 105 m3 d-1 (including gas captured by a subsea seep containment device) and the associated oil emission rate is 1.6 ± 0.2 × 104 Ld-1 (100 barrels d-1). The nonmethane hydrocarbon emission rate from the gas seepage is 35±7 td-1 and a large source of air pollution in Santa Barbara County. Our estimate is equal to twice the emission rate from all the on-road vehicle traffic in the county. Our estimated methane emission rate for the Coal Oil Point seeps (80±12 td-1) is 4 times higher than previous estimates. The most intense areas of seepage correspond to structural culminations along anticlinal axes. Seep locations are mostly unchanged from those documented in 1946, 1953, and 1973. An exception is the seepage field that once existed near offshore oil platform Holly. A reduction in seepage within a 1 km radius around this offshore platform is correlated with reduced reservoir pressure beneath the natural seeps due to oil production. Our findings suggest that global emissions of methane from natural marine seepage have been underestimated and may be decreasing because of oil production.

  3. Natural Offshore Oil Seepage and Related Tarball Accumulation on the California Coastline - Santa Barbara Channel and the Southern Santa Maria Basin: Source Identification and Inventory (United States)

    Lorenson, T.D.; Hostettler, Frances D.; Rosenbauer, Robert J.; Peters, Kenneth E.; Dougherty, Jennifer A.; Kvenvolden, Keith A.; Gutmacher, Christina E.; Wong, Florence L.; Normark, William R.


    seafloor was mapped by sidescan sonar, and numerous lines of high -resolution seismic surveys were conducted over areas of interest. Biomarker and stable carbon isotope ratios were used to infer the age, lithology, organic matter input, and depositional environment of the source rocks for 388 samples of produced crude oil, seep oil, and tarballs mainly from coastal California. These samples were used to construct a chemometric fingerprint (multivariate statistics) decision tree to classify 288 additional samples, including tarballs of unknown origin collected from Monterey and San Mateo County beaches after a storm in early 2007. A subset of 9 of 23 active offshore platform oils and one inactive platform oil representing a few oil reservoirs from the western Santa Barbara Channel were used in this analysis, and thus this model is not comprehensive and the findings are not conclusive. The platform oils included in this study are from west to east: Irene, Hildago, Harvest, Hermosa, Heritage, Harmony, Hondo, Holly, Platform A, and Hilda (now removed). The results identify three 'tribes' of 13C-rich oil samples inferred to originate from thermally mature equivalents of the clayey-siliceous, carbonaceous marl, and lower calcareous-siliceous members of the Monterey Formation. Tribe 1 contains four oil families having geochemical traits of clay-rich marine shale source rock deposited under suboxic conditions with substantial higher-plant input. Tribe 2 contains four oil families with intermediate traits, except for abundant 28,30-bisnorhopane, indicating suboxic to anoxic marine marl source rock with hemipelagic input. Tribe 3 contains five oil families with traits of distal marine carbonate source rock deposited under anoxic conditions with pelagic but little or no higher-plant input. Tribes 1 and 2 occur mainly south of Point Conception in paleogeographic settings where deep burial of the Monterey Formation source rock favored generation from all thre

  4. Contours--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for the bathymetric contours for several seafloor maps (see sheets 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map...

  5. California State Waters Map Series: offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    Johnson, Samuel Y.; Dartnell, Peter; Cochrane, Guy R.; Golden, Nadine E.; Phillips, Eleyne L.; Ritchie, Andrew C.; Greene, H. Gary; Krigsman, Lisa M.; Kvitek, Rikk G.; Dieter, Bryan E.; Endris, Charles A.; Seitz, Gordon G.; Sliter, Ray W.; Erdey, Mercedes D.; Gutierrez, Carlos I.; Wong, Florence L.; Yoklavich, Mary M.; Draut, Amy E.; Hart, Patrick E.; Conrad, James E.; Cochran, Susan A.; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Cochran, Susan A.


    In 2007, the California Ocean Protection Council initiated the California Seafloor Mapping Program (CSMP), designed to create a comprehensive seafloor map of high-resolution bathymetry, marine benthic habitats, and geology within the 3-nautical-mile limit of California’s State Waters. The CSMP approach is to create highly detailed seafloor maps through collection, integration, interpretation, and visualization of swath sonar data, acoustic backscatter, seafloor video, seafloor photography, high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles, and bottom-sediment sampling data. The map products display seafloor morphology and character, identify potential marine benthic habitats, and illustrate both the surficial seafloor geology and shallow (to about 100 m) subsurface geology. The Offshore of Santa Barbara map area lies within the central Santa Barbara Channel region of the Southern California Bight. This geologically complex region forms a major biogeographic transition zone, separating the cold-temperate Oregonian province north of Point Conception from the warm-temperate California province to the south. The map area is in the southern part of the Western Transverse Ranges geologic province, which is north of the California Continental Borderland. Significant clockwise rotation—at least 90°—since the early Miocene has been proposed for the Western Transverse Ranges province, and geodetic studies indicate that the region is presently undergoing north-south shortening. Uplift rates (as much as 2.2 mm/yr) that are based on studies of onland marine terraces provide further evidence of significant shortening. The city of Santa Barbara, the main coastal population center in the map area, is part of a contiguous urban area that extends from Carpinteria to Goleta. This urban area was developed on the coalescing alluvial surfaces, uplifted marine terraces, and low hills that lie south of the east-west-trending Santa Ynez Mountains. Several beaches line the actively

  6. 27 CFR 9.217 - Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara. (United States)


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Happy Canyon of Santa... Areas § 9.217 Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara. (a) Name. The name of the viticultural area described in this section is “Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara”. For purposes of part 4 of this chapter, “Happy Canyon...

  7. Examining the interactive effects of ocenaographic and anthropogenic influences with the SST anomaly, or Warm Blob on the bloom response of the toxigenic HAB genus Pseudo-nitzschia in the Santa Barbara Channel. (United States)

    Amiri, S.


    Harmful algal blooms (HAB's) include a large subset of toxigenic phytoplankton and microbial species responsible for shutting down major fisheries, impairing water quality and threatening public health. Oceanographic and anthropogenic effects on HAB's in concert with climactic stressors may have interactive effects influencing HAB blooms to persist longer than historically documented. This 3 year time-series explores the interactive effects of the SST anomaly known as the Warm Blob across the coastal Pacific on the bloom progression and persistence of the toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia bloom across the West Coast, ranging from the gulf of Alaska to the Santa Barbara Channel (SBC). This study also explores direct links of the Warm Blob event on nutrient and oxygen concentrations spatially across the Santa Barbara Channel with the highest levels of domoic acid concentrations recorded from the coast wide mega bloom. MODIS and SeaWIFS Satellite imagery of chlorophyll and SST monthly averaged values of the SBC were identified to better understand the regional distribution of the Warm Blob on phytoplankton community structure. These images were ground truthed with monthly samples from 7 transects across the SBC with the Plumes and Blooms time-series, LTER sites and local pier sites across the Santa Barbara County. Preliminary data suggest an interesting correlation with Pseudo-nitzschia species outcompeting other phytoplankton species within the SBC during the 3 degree averaged increase of SST conditions with the Warm Blob event. *Data is still being processed and results should be analyzed before October 2016.

  8. Santa Barbara, California Tsunami Forecast Grids for MOST Model (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Santa Barbara, California Forecast Model Grids provides bathymetric data strictly for tsunami inundation modeling with the Method of Splitting Tsunami (MOST)...

  9. Geology and geomorphology--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for the geologic and geomorphic map (see sheet 10, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The vector...

  10. Backscatter B [USGS]--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for part of the acoustic-backscatter map (see sheet 3, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The...

  11. Backscatter A [CSUMB]--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for part of the acoustic-backscatter map (see sheet 3, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The...

  12. Environmental Law Series Links Campus and Community in Santa Barbara. (United States)

    McGinnes, J. Marc


    Describes a three-course series in environmental law developed at the University of California, Santa Barbara as part of the undergraduate Environmental Studies Program. The series progresses from theory to simulation to field experience. (Author/WB)

  13. Seafloor character--Offshore of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of SIM 3281 presents data for the seafloor-character map (see sheet 5, SIM 3281) of the Offshore of Santa Barbara map area, California. The raster data...

  14. Coastal Processes Study of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California (United States)

    Barnard, Patrick L.; Revell, David L.; Hoover, Dan; Warrick, Jon; Brocatus, John; Draut, Amy E.; Dartnell, Pete; Elias, Edwin; Mustain, Neomi; Hart, Pat E.; Ryan, Holly F.


    , significant transport reversals occur intermittently in the east/south, especially adjacent to the Ventura and Channel Islands Harbors. For this reason, and due to the episodic nature of flood and storm wave events, using dredging rates from the harbors at Ventura and Channel Islands as a proxy for drift rates may be invalid. An extensive grain-size investigation of the surface and shallow subsurface in the nearshore region of the SBLC identified only two sites for potential beach-nourishment material: offshore of Santa Barbara Harbor and Oil Piers. However, seismic-reflection lines offshore of Santa Barbara suggest shallow bedrock (opposed to a transport-limited system). Management actions, such as any future beach nourishment, would likely have a severely limited life span without employing additional measures that adequately address local littoral-drift gradients to retain added sand.

  15. 77 FR 34991 - Notice of Inventory Completion: University of California, Santa Barbara, Repository of... (United States)


    ... the UCSB and a student crew, as well as by the Santa Barbara County Archaeological Society. No known... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: University of California, Santa Barbara, Repository..., Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), has completed an...

  16. Water-resources optimization model for Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    Nishikawa, T.


    A simulation-optimization model has been developed for the optimal management of the city of Santa Barbara's water resources during a drought. The model, which links groundwater simulation with linear programming, has a planning horizon of 5 years. The objective is to minimize the cost of water supply subject to: water demand constraints, hydraulic head constraints to control seawater intrusion, and water capacity constraints. The decision variables are montly water deliveries from surface water and groundwater. The state variables are hydraulic heads. The drought of 1947-51 is the city's worst drought on record, and simulated surface-water supplies for this period were used as a basis for testing optimal management of current water resources under drought conditions. The simulation-optimization model was applied using three reservoir operation rules. In addition, the model's sensitivity to demand, carry over [the storage of water in one year for use in the later year(s)], head constraints, and capacity constraints was tested.

  17. Littoral transport rates in the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell: a process-based model analysis (United States)

    Elias, E. P. L.; Barnard, Patrick L.; Brocatus, John


    Identification of the sediment transport patterns and pathways is essential for sustainable coastal zone management of the heavily modified coastline of Santa Barbara and Ventura County (California, USA). A process-based model application, based on Delft3D Online Morphology, is used to investigate the littoral transport potential along the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell (between Point Conception and Mugu Canyon). An advanced optimalization procedure is applied to enable annual sediment transport computations by reducing the ocean wave climate in 10 wave height - direction classes. Modeled littoral transport rates compare well with observed dredging volumes, and erosion or sedimentation hotspots coincide with the modeled divergence and convergence of the transport gradients. Sediment transport rates are strongly dependent on the alongshore variation in wave height due to wave sheltering, diffraction and focusing by the Northern Channel Islands, and the local orientation of the geologically-controlled coastline. Local transport gradients exceed the net eastward littoral transport, and are considered a primary driver for hot-spot erosion.

  18. Blue oak plant communities of southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties, California (United States)

    Mark I. Borchert; Nancy D. Cunha; Patricia C. Krosse; Marcee L. Lawrence


    An ecological classification system has been developed for the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service. As part of that classification effort, blue oak (Quercus douglasii) woodlands and forests of southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties in Los Padres National Forest were classified into I3 plant communities using...

  19. 75 FR 28056 - Cachuma Lake Resource Management Plan, Santa Barbara County, CA (United States)


    ... Bureau of Reclamation Cachuma Lake Resource Management Plan, Santa Barbara County, CA AGENCY: Bureau of... (Reclamation) has made available the Final EIS for the Cachuma Lake Resource Management Plan (RMP). The RMP involves alternatives for future use of the project area for recreation and resource protection and...

  20. Conventional U-Pb dating versus SHRIMP of the Santa Barbara Granite Massif, Rondonia, Brazil (United States)

    Sparrenberger, I.; Bettencourt, Jorge S.; Tosdal, R.M.; Wooden, J.L.


    The Santa Ba??rbara Granite Massif is part of the Younger Granites of Rondo??nia (998 - 974 Ma) and is included in the Rondo??nia Tin Province (SW Amazonian Craton). It comprises three highly fractionated metaluminous to peraluminous within-plate A-type granite units emplaced in older medium-grade metamorphic rocks. Sn-mineralization is closely associated with the late-stage unit. U-Pb monazite conventional dating of the early-stage Serra do Cicero facies and late-stage Serra Azul facies yielded ages of 993 ?? 5 Ma and 989 ?? 13 Ma, respectively. Conventional multigrain U-Pb isotope analyses of zircon demonstrate isotopic disturbance (discordance) and the preservation of inherited older zircons of several different ages and thus yield little about the ages of Sn-granite magmatism. SHRIMP U-Pb ages for the Santa Ba??rbara facies association yielded a 207Pb/206Pb weighted-mean age of 978 ?? 13 Ma. The textural complexity of the zircon crystals of the Santa Ba??rbara facies association, the variable concentrations of U, Th and Pb, as well as the mixed inheritance of zircon populations are major obstacles to using conventional multigrain U-Pb isotopic analyses. Sm-Nd model ages and ??Nd (T) values reveal anomalous isotopic data, attesting to the complex isotopic behaviour within these highly fractionated granites. Thus, SHRIMP U-Pb zircon and conventional U-Pb monazite dating methods are the most appropriate to constrain the crystallization age of the Sn-bearing granite systems in the Rondo??nia Tin Province.

  1. A rapid compatibility analysis of potential offshore sand sources for beaches of the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell (United States)

    Mustain, N.; Griggs, G.; Barnard, P.L.


    The beaches of the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell, which are narrow as a result of either natural and/or anthropogenic factors, may benefit from nourishment. Sand compatibility is fundamental to beach nourishment success and grain size is the parameter often used to evaluate equivalence. Only after understanding which sand sizes naturally compose beaches in a specific cell, especially the smallest size that remains on the beach, can the potential compatibility of source areas, such as offshore borrow sites, be accurately assessed. This study examines sediments on the beach and in the nearshore (5-20m depth) for the entire Santa Barbara Littoral Cell east of Point Conception. A digital bed sediment camera, the Eyeball??, and spatial autocorrelation technique were used to determine sediment grain size. Here we report on whether nearshore sediments are comparable and compatible with beach sands of the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell. ?? 2007 ASCE.

  2. A Mitigation Process for Impacts of the All American Pipeline on Oak Woodlands in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    Germaine Reyes-French; Timothy J. Cohen


    This paper outlines a mitigation program for pipeline construction impacts to oak tree habitat by describing the requirements for the Offsite Oak Mitigation Program for the All American Pipeline (AAPL) in Santa Barbara County, California. After describing the initial environmental analysis, the County regulatory structure is described under which the plan was required...

  3. The Old Spanish Days Fiesta in Santa Barbara, California: Cultural Hybridity, Colonial Mythologies and the Romanticization of a Latino Heritage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patricia Ann Hardwick


    Full Text Available Old Spanish Days Fiesta is a tradition that was invented in 1924 by civic leaders in Santa Barbara, California to celebrate the periods of the Spanish settlement and the Mexican rule of California and to promote local tourism. This article will trace the historical narrative of the complex cultural and ethnic composition of Santa Barbara before interrogating the colonial and post-colonial histories of the Californian past that are so often romanticized during the events of the Santa Barbara Fiesta. Subsequent to the American appropriation of California, Anglo-American ideas of race and identity were imposed upon Latino Californians. This development led many Spanish-speaking Californians to cultivate a Spanish identity and de-emphasize their Mexican, Native American, or African ancestry as they attempted to maintain their land grants and social prominence under American rule. Official versions of Santa Barbara’s past promoted by Santa Barbara’s civic leaders and Old Spanish Days Fiesta literature tend to privilege romanticized historical interpretations that submerge and absorb California’s hybrid ethnic and cultural histories into an idealized Spanish colonial narrative. This article explores how many individual Santa Barbara Fiesteros choose to engage, negotiate, and/or subvert this simplified official civic narrative of Santa Barbara’s Spanish past through their own personal performances during the Fiesta. An analysis of how local festival participants envision their performance in the context of the festival allows outsiders to have a glimpse into how they create and embody their own personal and nuanced understandings of history during the Fiesta.

  4. Dad's in the Garage: Santa Barbara Physicists in the Long 1970s (United States)

    Mody, Cyrus


    American physicists faced many challenges in the 1970s: declining research budgets; public skepticism of scientific authority; declining student enrollments; and pressure to shift to topics such as biomedicine, environmental remediation, alternative energy, public housing and transport, and disability technologies. This paper examines the responses to these challenges of a small group of Santa Barbara physicists. While this group is not representative of the American physics profession, the success and failure of their responses to changed conditions tells us something about how American physicists got through the 1970s, and about the origins of some features of American physics today. The three physicists examined here are Philip Wyatt, David Phillips, and Virgil Elings. In the late `60s, Wyatt left a defense think tank to found an instrumentation firm. The Santa Barbara oil spill and other factors pushed that firm toward civilian markets in biomedicine and pollution measurement. Phillips joined Wyatt's firm from UCSB, while also founding his own company, largely to sell electronic devices for parapsychology. Phillips was also the junior partner in a master's of scientific instrumentation degree curriculum founded by Elings in order to save UCSB Physics' graduate program. Through the MSI program, Elings moved into biomedical research and became a serial entrepreneur. By the 1990s, Wyatt, Phillips, and Elings' turn toward academic entrepreneurship, dual military-civilian markets for physics start-ups, and interdisciplinary collaborations between physicists and life scientists were no longer unusual. Together, their journey through the `70s shows how varied the physics' profession's response to crisis was, and how much it pivoted on new interactions between university and industry.

  5. Sedimentation in an Active Fold and Thrust Belt, Santa Barbara Basin, CA: Spatial and Temporal Evolution from 1.0 Ma to Present (United States)

    Marshall, C. J.; Sorlien, C. C.; Nicholson, C.; Behl, R. J.; Kennett, J.


    The east-west-trending Santa Barbara Basin is part of an active fold and thrust belt within the Western Transverse Ranges province related to block rotation and north-south transpression associated with a continental transform plate boundary. This setting provides an excellent opportunity to study the relation between tectonics and sedimentation within a dynamic margin setting. Isochore maps derived from high-quality grids of seismic reflection profiles document dramatic shifts in location, shape, and accumulation rate of sedimentary depocenters in Santa Barbara Basin during the last 1 Myr. Isochore maps are defined by distinctive sequence boundaries and other stratigraphic horizons identified on deep-penetration industry multichannel seismic (MCS) data, and high-resolution MCS and USGS towed chirp data acquired during 2005 and 2008 research cruises. Horizon ages were assigned based on correlation to well-dated ODP Site 893, a previously recognized 1-Ma horizon derived from industry well logs, and interpolation between dated tephra layers, biostratigraphic markers, and MIS climate transitions identified from oxygen isotopic analysis of recovered cores that sample strata back to ~700 ka. Horizons were interpreted and correlated across the eastern and central basin, extending beyond ODP Site 893, then gridded. Isochore thickness maps were created from the gridded horizons, first in two-way travel time, then converted to depth and volume. Over much of the basin, average sediment accumulation rates (uncorrected for compaction) since 1 Ma are remarkably high (~1.0 to 1.5 m/kyr) and the spatial pattern is relatively constant. Rates were highest between 1 Ma and ~500 ka in the central portion of the Santa Barbara Channel (near ODP Site 893), but then decreased owing possibly to diversion of sediment into Santa Monica Bay with the initiation of the Hueneme fan. Since ~710 ka, most basin sedimentation has been focused within a WNW-ESE-trending offshore trough located

  6. Modeling studies of dissolved organic matter cycling in Santa Barbara Basin (CA, USA) sediments (United States)

    Burdige, David J.; Komada, Tomoko; Magen, Cédric; Chanton, Jeffrey P.


    Here we describe new reaction-transport models for the cycling of dissolved organic matter (DOM, both dissolved organic carbon [DOC] and dissolved organic nitrogen [DON]) in anoxic marine sediments, and apply these models to data from Santa Barbara Basin sediment cores (maximum depth of 4.6 m). Model results show that most organic carbon (and nitrogen) flow in the sediments occurs through reactive DOM intermediates that turn over rapidly to produce inorganic remineralization end-products. Refractory DOM is also produced, and the vast majority of this refractory DOM is not remineralized and either escapes as a benthic flux across the sediment-water interface or is buried. Except near the sediment surface, refractory DOM represents >95% of the total pore water DOM. Pore water DOM appears to be consistently depleted in nitrogen as compared to its source organic matter, which may be the result of differential production of carbon- versus nitrogen-containing refractory DOM during remineralization. Refractory DOC (DOCr) in Santa Barbara Basin sediment pore waters is largely produced from degradation of sediment particulate organic carbon (POC). In addition, there is an upward basal flux of DOCr that is strongly depleted in 14C (-810‰). The Δ14C value of DOCr varies according to its source, ranging from +60‰ (a component of surface sediment POC enriched with radiocarbon from nuclear weapons testing in the 1960's) to -810‰ (the basal DOC flux). Each contributes to the DOCr benthic flux, which has a weighted-average Δ14C value of -40‰. The model-determined DOCr benthic flux is roughly half of the total DOC benthic flux, consistent with observations in the literature that sediments are a source of both labile and refractory DOC to bottom waters. These results support previous arguments that sediment benthic fluxes represent an important source of refractory DOC to the oceans. The benthic flux of refractory DOC from these sediments may also contribute pre-aged DOC

  7. Floods and Fires: Decadal-scale terrestrial data from Santa Barbara Basin during the Common Era (United States)

    Heusser, L. E.; Hendy, I. L.; Pak, D. K.


    High-resolution studies of pollen and charcoal from annually-deposited laminae of Santa Barbara Basin (SBB) reflect the regional dynamics of southern coastal California vegetation from 700- to 1900 C.E. through the Medieval Climate Anomaly, the Little Ice Age to the arrival of Europeans. Kasten core SPR0901-02KC (34°16.8' N, 120°02.3' W; 588 m water depth) was analyzed for pollen at consecutive 0.5 cm depth intervals that correspond with an average deposition of five years from 150 cm to core top. During the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA; 800 to 1270 C.E.) SBB sediments were dominated by xeric vegetation types (drought-resistant coastal sagebrush and chaparral) implying reduced precipitation in the southern California region. Subsequent, pulsating increases in mesic arboreal vegetation, notably oak assemblages, increase from a minima at 1200 C.E., stabilizing between 1450-1550 C.E. before gradually decreasing toward the 20th century. Prior to the late 14th century, fire events (inferred from microcharcoal fragments deposited in SBB), are rare and often associated with low lithogenic input into SBB. Notable charcoal peaks normalized to pollen abundance occur at 1110, 1200, 1410-1440, 1530, and 1764, with only the 1530 event associated with a flood layer. Fires do not appear to drive significant sediment input into the basin. Increased charcoal deposition follows the settlement of California rose to peak values in the mid 19th century. Decadal-scale fluctuations in relative abundance of mesic vegetation generally correspond with variations in sea-surface temperatures inferred from foraminiferal assemblages in SBB, and are consistent with changes in northern hemisphere circulation, indicating weakened Arctic Lows and extended La Niña-like conditions during the MCA and strengthened Aleutian Lows and extended El Niño-like atmospheric conditions during the LIA. Minimal abundance of oak and pine beginning in the 18th century corresponds with the historical period in

  8. Report on data from the Nearshore Sediment Transport Study experiment at Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara, California, January-February 1980 (NODC Accession 8200080) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — THIS DATA SET CONSISTS OF THE RESULTS OF THE NEARSHORE SEDIMENT Nearshore Sediment Transport Study at Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara, California. These data from 28...

  9. Porewater pH and authigenic phases formed in the uppermost sediments of the Santa Barbara Basin (United States)

    Reimers, Clare E.; Ruttenberg, Kathleen C.; Canfield, Donald E.; Christiansen, Matthew B.; Martin, Jonathan B.


    In this paper porewater and solid phase analyses are used in combination with in situ O 2 and pH microelectrode measurements to characterize early diagenetic processes in the uppermost sediments of the Santa Barbara Basin, California. Rapid reduction of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, solid phase manganese and iron, and dissolved sulfate is observed. Between sediment depths of 0 and 2 cm, reductive solubilization of ferric iron phases releases Fe 2+, adsorbed phosphate, and fluoride to the porewaters and contributes to a sharp increase in porewater pH. Between 2 and 4 cm, sulfate reduction rates peak, pH levels off, and acid volatile sulfides and pyrite become the dominant forms of solid phase iron. Saturation state calculations, which depend largely on pH, indicate that the porewaters of the Santa Barbara Basin become saturated with respect to carbonate fluorapatite and calcite within the first 0.25 mm of the sediment and are highly supersaturated by and below 2 cm. In spite of this result, porewater evidence of phosphate and fluoride removal into a solid phase is observed only in the first ˜5 cm of some cores, whereas dissolved Ca profiles suggest dispersed calcite precipitation throughout the sediment column. This finding is interpreted as an indication of the nonsteady state nature of the surface reactions that may, given sufficient nucleation sites and time, lead to carbonate fluorapatite genesis in anoxic sediments. Finally, microelectrode pH profiles from two other basins in the California Borderlands are presented. These demonstrate that the porewaters of the Santa Barbara Basin are more alkaline than those of other basins. This outcome is attributed to the lack of particle mixing and a unique interplay between Fe liberation and FeS precipitation reactions in the Santa Barbara Basin.

  10. Effect of localizing fruit and vegetable consumption on greenhouse gas emissions and nutrition, Santa Barbara County. (United States)

    Cleveland, David A; Radka, Corie N; Müller, Nora M; Watson, Tyler D; Rekstein, Nicole J; Wright, Hannah Van M; Hollingshead, Sydney E


    The US agrifood system is very productive, but highly centralized and resource intensive with very weak links between production and consumption. This contributes to high levels of malnutrition and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE). A popular approach to improvement is localization-reducing direct transport (farm to retail distance, or "food miles"). We examined Santa Barbara County (SBC) California, which mirrors the high production, nutritional and environmental problems, and growing localization movement of California. SBC ranks in the top 1% of US counties in value of agricultural products, and >80% of this value is produce (fruits and vegetables). We calculated the amount of produce grown in and consumed in SBC and estimated that >99% of produce grown in SBC is exported from the county, and >95% of produce consumed in SBC is imported. If all produce consumed in SBC was grown in the county (100% localization), it would reduce GHGE from the agrifood system environmental impact of agrifood systems, localization could be done in ways that promote synergies between improving nutrition and reducing GHGE, and many such efforts exist in SBC.

  11. WRF simulation of downslope wind events in coastal Santa Barbara County (United States)

    Cannon, Forest; Carvalho, Leila M. V.; Jones, Charles; Hall, Todd; Gomberg, David; Dumas, John; Jackson, Mark


    The National Weather Service (NWS) considers frequent gusty downslope winds, accompanied by rapid warming and decreased relative humidity, among the most significant weather events affecting southern California coastal areas in the vicinity of Santa Barbara (SB). These extreme conditions, commonly known as ;sundowners;, have affected the evolution of all major wildfires that impacted SB in recent years. Sundowners greatly increase fire, aviation and maritime navigation hazards and are thus a priority for regional forecasting. Currently, the NWS employs the Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model at 2 km resolution to complement forecasts at regional-to-local scales. However, no systematic study has been performed to evaluate the skill of WRF in simulating sundowners. This research presents a case study of an 11-day period in spring 2004 during which sundowner events were observed on multiple nights. We perform sensitivity experiments for WRF using available observations for validation and demonstrate that WRF is skillful in representing the general mesoscale structure of these events, though important shortcomings exist. Furthermore, we discuss the generation and evolution of sundowners during the case study using the best performing configuration, and compare these results to hindcasts for two major SB fires. Unique, but similar, profiles of wind and stability are observed over SB between case studies despite considerable differences in large-scale circulation, indicating that common conditions may exist across all events. These findings aid in understanding the evolution of sundowner events and are potentially valuable for event prediction.

  12. Initial source and site characterization studies for the U.C. Santa Barbara campus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Archuleta, R.; Nicholson, C.; Steidl, J.; Gurrola, L.; Alex, C.; Cochran, E.; Ely, G.; Tyler, T. [University of California, Santa Barbara (United States)


    The University of California Campus-Laboratory Collaboration (CLC) project is an integrated 3 year effort involving Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and four UC campuses - Los Angeles (UCLA), Riverside (UCR), Santa Barbara (UCSB), and San Diego (UCSD) - plus additional collaborators at San Diego State University (SDSU), at Los Alamos National Laboratory and in industry. The primary purpose of the project is to estimate potential ground motions from large earthquakes and to predict site-specific ground motions for one critical structure on each campus. This project thus combines the disciplines of geology, seismology, geodesy, soil dynamics, and earthquake engineering into a fully integrated approach. Once completed, the CLC project will provide a template to evaluate other buildings at each of the four UC campuses, as well as provide a methodology for evaluating seismic hazards at other critical sites in California, including other UC locations at risk from large earthquakes. Another important objective of the CLC project is the education of students and other professional in the application of this integrated, multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art approach to the assessment of earthquake hazard. For each campus targeted by the CLC project, the seismic hazard study will consist of four phases: Phase I - Initial source and site characterization, Phase II - Drilling, logging, seismic monitoring, and laboratory dynamic soil testing, Phase III - Modeling of predicted site-specific earthquake ground motions, and Phase IV - Calculations of 3D building response. This report cover Phase I for the UCSB campus and incudes results up through March 1997.

  13. Ground-water quality in the Santa Rita, Buellton, and Los Olivos hydrologic subareas of the Santa Ynez River basin, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Hamlin, S.N.


    Groundwater quality in the upper Santa Ynez River Valley in Santa Barbara County has degraded due to both natural and anthropogenic causes. The semiarid climate and uneven distribution of rainfall has limited freshwater recharge and caused salt buildup in water supplies. Tertiary rocks supply mineralized water. Agricultural activities (irrigation return flow containing fertilizers and pesticides, cultivation, feedlot waste disposal) are a primary cause of water quality degradation. Urban development, which also causes water quality degradation (introduced contaminants, wastewater disposal, septic system discharge, and land fill disposal of waste), has imposed stricter requirements on water supply quality. A well network was designed to monitor changes in groundwater quality related to anthropogenic activities. Information from this network may aid in efficient management of the groundwater basins as public water supplies, centered around three basic goals. First is to increase freshwater recharge to the basins by conjunctive surface/groundwater use and surface-spreading techniques. Second is to optimize groundwater discharge by efficient timing and spacing of pumping. Third is to control and reduce sources of groundwater contamination by regulating wastewater quality and distribution and, preferably, by exporting wastewaters from the basin. (USGS)

  14. Seafloor character from lidar data-Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Seafloor character was derived from interpretations of lidar data available for the mainland coast within the study area from the California State Waters Mapping...

  15. 10 m depth contours-Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This Data Release contains GIS data generated by USGS for use in a BOEM funded project to compare natural rockfish nursery habitat to habitat created by manmade...

  16. Seafloor character from sidescan sonar data-Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Substrate was classified using the method of (Cochrane and Lafferty, 2002) for this study. Sea floor character derived from towed sidescan sonar data is available...

  17. Groundwater-quality data in the Santa Barbara study unit, 2011: results from the California GAMA Program (United States)

    Davis, Tracy A.; Kulongoski, Justin T.; Belitz, Kenneth


    Groundwater quality in the 48-square-mile Santa Barbara study unit was investigated by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from January to February 2011, as part of the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program’s Priority Basin Project (PBP). The GAMA-PBP was developed in response to the California Groundwater Quality Monitoring Act of 2001 and is being conducted in collaboration with the SWRCB and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The Santa Barbara study unit was the thirty-fourth study unit to be sampled as part of the GAMA-PBP. The GAMA Santa Barbara study was designed to provide a spatially unbiased assessment of untreated-groundwater quality in the primary aquifer system, and to facilitate statistically consistent comparisons of untreated-groundwater quality throughout California. The primary aquifer system is defined as those parts of the aquifers corresponding to the perforation intervals of wells listed in the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) database for the Santa Barbara study unit. Groundwater quality in the primary aquifer system may differ from the quality in the shallower or deeper water-bearing zones; shallow groundwater may be more vulnerable to surficial contamination. In the Santa Barbara study unit located in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, groundwater samples were collected from 24 wells. Eighteen of the wells were selected by using a spatially distributed, randomized grid-based method to provide statistical representation of the study unit (grid wells), and six wells were selected to aid in evaluation of water-quality issues (understanding wells). The groundwater samples were analyzed for organic constituents (volatile organic compounds [VOCs], pesticides and pesticide degradates, and pharmaceutical compounds); constituents of special interest (perchlorate and N-nitrosodimethylamine [NDMA]); naturally occurring inorganic constituents (trace

  18. Fluvial Tufa Evidence of Late Pleistocene Wet Intervals from Santa Barbara, Southern California (United States)

    Ibarra, Y.; Corsetti, F. A.; Feakins, S. J.; Rhodes, E. J.; Kirby, M. E.


    Past pluvials in the western United States provide valuable context for understanding regional hydroclimate variability. Here we report evidence of conditions substantially wetter than today from fluvial tufa deposits located near Zaca Lake, Santa Barbara County, California that have been dated by radiocarbon (14C) and Infra-Red Stimulated Luminescence (IRSL). Two successions of tufa deposition occur within a small catchment that drains Miocene Monterey Formation bedrock: 1) a fluvial deposit (0-0.5 m thick, 200 m in extent) that formed along a narrow valley below a modern spring, and 2) a perched deposit about 10 m higher (2 m thick, 15 m in extent). IRSL and radiocarbon dating of the perched carbonates suggests at least two episodes of carbonate growth: one at 19.4 ± 2.4 (1σ) through 17.8 ± 2.8 (1σ) ka and another at 11.9 ± 1.5 (1σ) ka verified with a charcoal 14C age of 10.95 ± 0.12 (2σ) cal ka BP. The relationship between the perched and fluvial spring deposits is inferred to represent a drop in the water table of more than 10 m associated with a transition from a wet climate in the late glacial to a dry Holocene today. The wet period indicated by tufa growth between 19.4 and 17.8 ka is relatively consistent with other California climate records both north and south of Zaca Lake. However, tufa growth ca. 12 to 11 ka demonstrates wet conditions occurred as far south as Zaca Lake during the Younger Dryas event, in contrast to climate records farther south in Lake Elsinore indicating persistently dry conditions through this interval. A small shift north in the average position of the winter season storm track could explain wet winters at Zaca while at the same time generating dry winters at Lake Elsinore, 275 km southwest of Zaca. If true, these data indicate that rather small latitudinal shifts in the average winter season storm track can produce large changes in regional hydroclimate.

  19. U.S. EPA Awards almost $800,000 to UC Santa Barbara to Research Effects of Chemical Exposure on Ecosystems (United States)

    SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grant of $799,723 to the University of California Santa Barbara to develop a model to better understand and predict the biological and ecologica

  20. Report on the Program "Fluid-mediated particle transport in geophysical flows" at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UC Santa Barbara, September 23 to December 12, 2013 (United States)

    Jenkins, James T.; Meiburg, Eckart; Valance, Alexandre


    The Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) program held at UC Santa Barbara in the fall of 2013 addressed the dynamics of dispersed particulate flows in the environment. By focusing on the prototypes of aeolian transport and turbidity currents, it aimed to establish the current state of our understanding of such two-phase flows, to identify key open questions, and to develop collaborative research strategies for addressing these questions. Here, we provide a brief summary of the program outcome.

  1. Radon Gas Measurement in the Civil Architecture of the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante


    Rizo Maestre, Carlos; Chinchón Yepes, Servando


    The presence of Radon gas in buildings is an indicator of air quality. The present study analyzes the amount of radon gas in the most singular construction of the city of Alicante (Spain): The Castle of Santa Bárbara. These infrastructures are very important for the city due to its historical character. Radon gas is considered to be highly harmful to human beings by different scientific agencies in the field of medicine and health, including the World Health Organization (WHO). The main effec...

  2. santa_barbara.grd (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NGDC builds and distributes high-resolution, coastal digital elevation models (DEMs) that integrate ocean bathymetry and land topography to support NOAA's mission to...

  3. Landscapes of Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California (United States)

    Schumann, R. Randall; Minor, Scott A.; Muhs, Daniel R.; Pigati, Jeffery S.


    Santa Rosa Island (SRI) is the second-largest of the California Channel Islands. It is one of 4 east–west aligned islands forming the northern Channel Islands chain, and one of the 5 islands in Channel Islands National Park. The landforms, and collections of landforms called landscapes, of Santa Rosa Island have been created by tectonic uplift and faulting, rising and falling sea level, landslides, erosion and deposition, floods, and droughts. Landscape features, and areas delineating groups of related features on Santa Rosa Island, are mapped, classified, and described in this paper. Notable landscapes on the island include beaches, coastal plains formed on marine terraces, sand dunes, and sand sheets. In this study, the inland physiography has been classified into 4 areas based on relief and degree of fluvial dissection. Most of the larger streams on the island occupy broad valleys that have been filled with alluvium and later incised to form steep- to vertical-walled arroyos, or barrancas, leaving a relict floodplain above the present channel. A better understanding of the processes and mechanisms that created these landscapes enhances visitors’ enjoyment of their surroundings and contributes to improving land and resource management strategies in order to optimize and balance the multiple goals of conservation, preservation, restoration, and visitor experience.

  4. Tracking Identity: Opportunity, Success, and Affiliation with Science among Fifth-Grade Latina/o Youth of Santa Barbara, California (United States)

    Maas, Grayson Ford

    This dissertation is an investigation into the American public education system at the elementary school level. It highlights important factors that shape the organizational structure of schools and classrooms, and in turn, how they engender disparities in the ways students experience education, namely, in the opportunities made available to them to achieve and succeed at a high level. This dissertation operates at the confluence of notions about class, gender, language, and race, especially as they revolve around public education and the hegemonic meritocratic discourse on which it is founded. This dissertation engages and contributes to scholarship within the following areas: The political economy of education; discourse and the dialectical relationship between agency and structure; cultural perspectives on identity, voice, and learning; and, Latinas/os in science education. The data that serve as the basis for the findings presented in this dissertation were collected throughout a three-phase yearlong ethnographic study of the two tracked fifth-grade classrooms at Amblen Elementary School, serving a socioeconomically disadvantaged Latina/o student population in Santa Barbara, California. In classrooms all across the nation, while it remains true that Latina/o students disproportionally take up space in the lower-tracked courses and not in the higher ones, this study does not examine inequality in tracking assignments made along ethnic/racial lines (as 100% of the students that participated in this research identify as Latina/o), rather, it investigates the consequences of what happens when Latina/o students are tracked according to symbolic markers of their ethnic/racial identity, that is, their varying levels of English language competency. Using data from participant observation, semi-structured interviews, students' drawings, as well as free-list and rank-order exercises, I was able to answer the following central research questions: In what ways do the

  5. Direct comparison of marine and terrestrial climate variability duringmarine isotope stages 6 and 5: Results from Santa Barbara Basin ODP Hole 893A (United States)

    Friddell, Julie E.; Thunell, RobertC.; Heusser, Linda E.


    Planktonic foraminiferal δ18O,pollen, and opal records from Santa Barbara Basin are used to evaluate climatechanges in the northeast Pacific during marine isotope stages (MIS) 6 and5. While the oak and foraminifera record the major glacial-interglacial changes,opal is not correlated with these large-scale transitions. Surface water warmingin the basin was synchronous with terrestrial warming but earlier than icesheet melting and increasing Northern Hemisphere insolation at TerminationII. During and immediately after deglaciation, our marine proxies indicatethe presence of an isothermal upper water column. Later in substage 5E, thewater column became thermally stratified, surface productivity increased,and laminated sediments began accumulating. Sediment trap and hydrographicdata suggest these changes were due to the onset of a strong seasonal cyclesimilar to that seen today in the basin. A series of rapid coolings withinMIS 5 appears to be synchronous with North Atlantic ice-rafting events andGreenland stadials.

  6. Data for Southern Sea Otter Range Expansion and Habitat Use in the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data are .csv files of tagged sea otter re-sighting locations (henceforth, resights) collected in the field using a combination of VHF radio telemetry and...

  7. Using Remote Sensing Techniques to Measure Chl:C in the Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    Taylor, N.; Bausell, J.; Bell, T. W.; Kudela, R. M.; Scuderi, L. A.


    Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) is an important primary producer along the west coast of North America. It provides critical habitat to a wide range of marine organisms. While satellite sensors can easily quantify canopy area of kelp, using similar techniques to gauge the physiological health of these macroalgae has proven more difficult. Bell et al. (2015) devised an algorithm that effectively estimated the chlorophyll to carbon ratio (Chl:C)—a proxy for kelp health—using AVIRIS imagery. A comparison of AVIRIS imagery of the Isla Vista kelp bed sampled in 2013 and 2015, before and during the recent El Nino-associated west coast `warm anomaly', indicates a decline in Chl:C in 2015 (student t-test pnutrient availability, and disturbance. However while AVIRIS imagery shows great potential in mapping kelp forest health, as an airborne sensor its availability is inconsistent over time, making it less ideal for continuous kelp forest monitoring. We therefore attempt to extend this method of determining Chl:C based on reflectance values to Landsat 8 satellite imagery. We found that although USGS Landsat 8 atmospherically corrected reflectance data does not accurately estimate kelp health, simulated Landsat 8 data from an AVIRIS image does. This suggests that although the spectral resolution of Landsat 8 is much lower than AVIRIS, with sufficient atmospheric correction the satellite will be able to classify kelp health.

  8. Seafloor character from multibeam echo sounder data-Santa Barbara Channel (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Substrate was classified using the method of (Cochrane 2008) for this study multibeam sonar. Sea floor character derived from multibeam sonar data is available for...

  9. F00512: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Santa Barbara Channel, California, 2005-12-01 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  10. California State Waters Map Series--Santa Barbara Channel Web Services (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — In 2007, the California Ocean Protection Council initiated the California Seafloor Mapping Program (CSMP), designed to create a comprehensive seafloor map of...

  11. Report on the Program “Fluid-mediated particle transport in geophysical flows” at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UC Santa Barbara, September 23 to December 12, 2013

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jenkins, James T. [School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853 (United States); Meiburg, Eckart [Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California 93106 (United States); Valance, Alexandre [Institut de Physique de Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes 35042 (France)


    The Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) program held at UC Santa Barbara in the fall of 2013 addressed the dynamics of dispersed particulate flows in the environment. By focusing on the prototypes of aeolian transport and turbidity currents, it aimed to establish the current state of our understanding of such two-phase flows, to identify key open questions, and to develop collaborative research strategies for addressing these questions. Here, we provide a brief summary of the program outcome.

  12. The Deserted Merced. Possesion and Duty of Properties in Maiz Gordo and Santa Barbara (Jujuy, Argentina, from 1850 to 1910

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cecilia A. Fandos


    Full Text Available Based on the processes of constitution of public land in the 19th century in Argentina, this article is focused in the particular case of Maíz Gordo y Santa Bárbara (province of Jujuy, where a special phenomenon of the state control occured due to ignore the private rights of a land that was supposed to be deserted. We intend to investigate the different forms and evolution of property rights during this whole event, considering, on the one hand, the expropriated actors and the new owners, and on the other hand, the people who effectively populated them (tenants, ocuppants of fact, etc..

  13. A History of Warming Sea Surface Temperature and Ocean Acidification Recorded by Planktonic Foraminifera Geochemistry from the Santa Barbara Basin, California (United States)

    Osborne, E.; Thunell, R.; Bizimis, M.; Buckley, W. P., Jr.; benitez-Nelson, C. R.; Chartier, C. J.


    The geochemistry of foraminiferal shells has been widely used to reconstruct past conditions of the ocean and climate. Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, anthropogenically produced CO2 has resulted in an increase in global temperatures and a decline in the mean pH of the world's oceans. The California Current System is a particularly susceptible region to ocean acidification due to natural upwelling processes that also cause a reduction in seawater pH. The trace element concentration of magnesium and boron in planktonic foraminiferal shells are used here as proxies for temperature and carbonate ion concentration ([CO32-]), respectively. Newly developed calibrations relating Mg/Ca ratios to temperature (R2 0.91) and B/Ca ratios to [CO32-] (R2 0.84) for the surface-mixed layer species Globogerina bulloides were generated using material collected in the Santa Barbara Basin sediment trap time-series. Using these empirical relationships, temperature and [CO32-] are reconstructed using a 0.5 meter long multi-core collected within the basin. 210Pb activities were used to determine a sedimentation rate for the core to estimate ages for core samples (sedimentation rate: 0.341 cm/yr). A spike in 137Cs activity is used as a tie-point to the year 1965 coinciding with the peak of nuclear bomb testing. Our down-core record extends through the mid-19th century to create a history of rising sea surface temperatures and declining [CO32-] as a result of anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

  14. The Great Southwest of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railway, edited by Marta Weigle and Barbara A. Babcock. The Heard Museum, Pheonix (printed by The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, for The Heard Museum, 1996

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Douglas R. Givens


    Full Text Available One of the more colorful eras in American Southwestern archaelogy is reflected in The Great Southwest of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railway. Marta Weigle and Barbara A. Babcock, editors of the volume, have done a superb job weaving in early Southwestern archaeological activities with the role of the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railway in bring the American Southwest to those "east of the Mississippi River". Many early Southwestern archaeologists made their way throughout the Southwest on the Santa Fe Railway while the "outposts of civilization" that the Fred Harvey Company provided in many railroad stations served as a " bit of home" to the traveler. This book describes the collaboration of both Fred Harvey and the Santa Fe Railroad tourism in the American Southwest and provides an excellent look into the Native American artists and their comumnities which were transformed on a massive scale by the Fred Harvey Company as it bought, sold, and popularized Native American art. Also part of the volume is an excellent discussion of the network of major museums that hold art collections which were purchased through the Harvey Company's Indian Department.

  15. Barbara Cooney. (United States)

    Horne, Jackie C.


    Profiles the life/work of the award winning picture-book author-illustrator Barbara Cooney. Includes her early development as an artist; early attempts at the picture-book form; experimentation with different media: watercolor, pen/ink with wash, charcoal, acrylics, pastels, and collage; later work that draws upon folk-art traditions; her love of…

  16. Insuloschema barbarae gen. n., sp. n. and two new species of the genus Keiferia Busck, 1939 from California (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dalibor Povolný


    Full Text Available The gnorimoschemine taxa (of the gelechiid moths Insuloschema barbarae gen. n., sp. n. and two species of the genus Keiferia Busck, 1939, viz. Keiferia educata sp. n. and Keiferia powelli sp. n. are described from California. The first taxon is obviously endemic to one of the most interesting Channel Islands called Santa Barbara and it corroborates its unique history. The two newly described species of Keiferia enrich essentially the number of species existing in California and in the Nearctic realm generally. Moths and their genitalia are figured within the description.

  17. 78 FR 68469 - Draft General Management Plan/Wilderness Study/Environmental Impact Statement, Channel Islands... (United States)


    ..., Channel Islands National Park, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, California AGENCY: National Park... Channel Islands National Park. The document identifies and analyzes three alternatives. Alternative 1 ( , in local and regional press media, and will also be available by contacting Channel Islands...

  18. Sediment Dynamics Affecting the Threatened Santa Ana Sucker in the Highly-modified Santa Ana River and Inset Channel, Southern California, USA (United States)

    Minear, J. T.; Wright, S. A.


    In this study, we investigate the sediment dynamics of the low-flow channel of the Santa Ana River that is formed by wastewater discharges and contains some of the last remaining habitat of the Santa Ana Sucker (Catostomus santaanae). The Santa Ana River is a highly-modified river draining the San Bernardino Mountains and Inland Empire metropolitan area east of Los Angeles. Home to over 4 million people, the watershed provides habitat for the federally-threatened Santa Ana Sucker, which presently reside within the mainstem Santa Ana River in a reach supported by year-round constant discharges from water treatment plants. The nearly constant low-flow wastewater discharges and infrequent runoff events create a small, approximately 8 m wide, inset channel within the approximately 300 m wide mainstem channel that is typically dry except for large flood flows. The sediment dynamics within the inset channel are characterized by constantly evolving bed substrate and sediment transport rates, and occasional channel avulsions. The sediment dynamics have large influence on the Sucker, which rely on coarse-substrate (gravel and cobble) for their food production. In WY 2013 through the present, we investigated the sediment dynamics of the inset channel using repeat bathymetric and substrate surveys, bedload sampling, and discharge measurements. We found two distinct phases of the inset channel behavior: 1. 'Reset' flows, where sediment-laden mainstem discharges from upstream runoff events result in sand deposition in the inset channel or avulse the inset channel onto previously dry riverbed; and 2. 'Winnowing' flows, whereby the sand within the inset channel is removed by clear-water low flows from the wastewater treatment plant discharges. Thus, in contrast to many regulated rivers where high flows are required to flush fine sediments from the bed (for example, downstream from dams), in the Santa Ana River the low flows from wastewater treatment plants serve as the flushing

  19. Environmental evaluations for deepening of Richmond Harbor and Santa Fe Channels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brown, B.; Kohn, N.P.; Crecelius, E.A.; Ward, J.A.; Bjornstad, B.N. (Battelle/Marine Sciences Lab., Sequim, WA (USA))


    Richland, California is an important commercial port in San Francisco Bay. The San Francisco District of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) plans to increase the depth of Richmond Harbor and Santa Fe Channels to -38 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) to accommodate deep-draft commercial vessels. The total volume of dredged material is expected to be approximately 1.4 million cubic yards. The options for disposal of the dredged material are aquatic disposal and upland disposal. The purpose of this study was to develop a database on chemical compounds in the dredged material to assist with determination of disposal methods and the need for additional testing. This purpose was accomplished through an extensive field sampling program followed by chemical analysis of samples. Field sampling involved collection of core samples from Sante Fe and Richmond Harbor Channels. Cores were shipped to Battelle/Marine Sciences Laboratory, where they were subsampled for chemical analysis and/or archived by freezing. All sediment and water samples were analyzed for priority pollutants, including metals, organotins, base/neutral semivolatile organic compounds, chlorinated pesticides and PCBs, herbicide acids, and acidic phenols. Sediment samples were also analyzed for oil and grease and total organic carbon. Organophosphorus pesticides and dioxins and furans were measured in selected sediment samples from Richland Harbor Channel and from both sediment and water samples from Santa Fe Channel. 21 refs., 10 figs., 60 tabs.

  20. Acoustic Facies of Late Quaternary Channel and Overbank Systems - Gulf of Santa Catalina, California Borderland. (United States)

    Erohina, T.; Normark, W. R.; Sliter, R.


    The Gulf of Santa Catalina is a deepwater (>300m) basin that lies offshore between Long Beach and Dana Point California. Deep-tow Huntec boomer data from the northern gulf cover a complex channel system consisting of a series of slope gullies euphemistically known as the Newport Canyon. The boomer data have a vertical resolution of 50 cm and the system works effectively for imaging sandy turbidite deposits. A preliminary evaluation of the seismic-reflection data, together with available multibeam bathymetry, provides a better understanding of when different parts of the Newport channel system were active. Three distinct acoustic facies characterize the late Quaternary turbidite sequence of the Newport channel system: an acoustically transparent facies, a high-amplitude discontinuous facies, and a moderate-amplitude sinusoidal facies. The acoustically transparent facies drapes the sea floor on both overbank deposits and some channel floors. Commonly the overbank areas on the west sides of channels preserve the thickest transparent sediment cover. The seismic characteristic of this facies is consistent with a mud-rich deposit but the thickness variation appears to rule out a simple hemipelagic deposit. The high-amplitude discontinuous facies is associated with depressions in the sea floor. These features include active channels, large-scale scours and channel remnants. The moderate-amplitude sinusoidal facies is typical for large amplitude sediment waves. The sediment waves interpreted from the boomer data are not everywhere coincident with the scale of those visible on the multibeam bathymetry. The sediment waves migrate upslope and away from the channel axes. This wave growth pattern is probably related to flows that are substantially thicker than the channel relief and is similar to wave forms found on sediment drifts in the deep ocean. A second channel system similar to the Newport system, associated with the San Gabriel Canyon approximately 9 km to the west

  1. 75 FR 17562 - Port Access Route Study: In the Approaches to Los Angeles-Long Beach and in the Santa Barbara... (United States)


    ... clearance of sea bottom and submerged obstacles as indicated on nautical charts. Inshore traffic zone means... the Los Angeles Approach Channel to extend approximately 3.5 nautical miles beyond the Los Angeles... may decrease the potential for collisions, oil spills, and other events that could threaten the marine...

  2. Santa Barbara Littoral Cell CRSMP Beaches 2009 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Several criteria were used for beach selection. BEACON 's Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan included all of the most popular beaches in the two counties...

  3. Santa Barbara, California Coastal Digital Elevation Model (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) is building high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) for select U.S. coastal regions. These integrated...

  4. Geodetic measurement of tectonic deformation in the Santa Maria Fold and Thrust Belt, California (United States)

    Feigl, Kurt L.; King, Robert W.; Jordan, Thomas H.


    Geodetic observations taken over the last 100 years were analyzed to quantify active tectonic deformations in the Santa Maria Fold and Thrust Belt (SMFTB), California. Three different types of data were combined to estimate two-dimensioanl station positions and strain rate parameters simultaneously: (1) historical triangulation from the 1880s, 1920s, and 1950s; (2) electronic distance measurement trilateration from 1971 and 1985; and (3) GPS observations from 1986 and 1987. Results imply that the SMFTB is the primary active element in transforming motion from the Coast Ranges to the western Transverse Ranges and the Santa Barbara Channel.

  5. Mapping process and age of Quaternary deposits on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California (United States)

    Schmidt, K. M.; Minor, S. A.; Bedford, D.


    Employing a geomorphic process-age classification scheme, we mapped the Quaternary surficial geology of Santa Rosa (SRI) within the Channel Islands National Park. This detailed (1:12,000 scale) map represents upland erosional transport processes and alluvial, fluvial, eolian, beach, marine terrace, mass wasting, and mixed depositional processes. Mapping was motivated through an agreement with the National Park Service and is intended to aid natural resource assessments, including post-grazing disturbance recovery and identification of mass wasting and tectonic hazards. We obtained numerous detailed geologic field observations, fossils for faunal identification as age control, and materials for numeric dating. This GPS-located field information provides ground truth for delineating map units and faults using GIS-based datasets- high-resolution (sub-meter) aerial imagery, LiDAR-based DEMs and derivative raster products. Mapped geologic units denote surface processes and Quaternary faults constrain deformation kinematics and rates, which inform models of landscape change. Significant findings include: 1) Flights of older Pleistocene (>120 ka) and possibly Pliocene marine terraces were identified beneath younger alluvial and eolian deposits at elevations as much as 275 m above modern sea level. Such elevated terraces suggest that SRI was a smaller, more submerged island in the late Neogene and (or) early Pleistocene prior to tectonic uplift. 2) Structural and geomorphic observations made along the potentially seismogenic SRI fault indicate a protracted slip history during the late Neogene and Quaternary involving early normal slip, later strike slip, and recent reverse slip. These changes in slip mode explain a marked contrast in island physiography across the fault. 3) Many of the steeper slopes are dramatically stripped of regolith, with exposed bedrock and deeply incised gullies, presumably due effects related to past grazing practices. 4) Surface water presence is

  6. 77 FR 36955 - Security Zone; Cruise Ships, Santa Barbara Harbor, Santa Barbara, CA (United States)


    ... comment'' box, which will then become highlighted in blue. In the ``Document Type'' drop down menu select... standards (e.g., specifications of materials, performance, design, or operation; test methods; sampling...

  7. 77 FR 65621 - Security Zone; Cruise Ships, Santa Barbara Harbor, Santa Barbara, CA (United States)


    ... on Open Docket Folder on the line associated with this rulemaking. You may also visit the Docket... the Coast Guard in complying with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA)(42 U.S.C. 4321...

  8. Channel and hillslope processes revisited in the Arroyo de los Frijoles watershed near Santa Fe, New Mexico (United States)

    Gellis, Allen C.; Emmett, William W.; Leopold, Luna Bergere


    Detailed documentation of geomorphic changes in the landscape of more than a few years is rarely possible. Channel cross sections, channel profiles, sediment deposition behind dams, and hillslope-erosion plots, originally benchmarked within several watersheds outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, for a 1966 report that documented processes and rates of arid-region sediment production and deposition, were resurveyed in the mid-1990’s. Many of the original study sites were relocated and surveyed in the mid-1990’s to determine subsequent channel and hillslope changes and to determine whether trends of channel and hillslope aggradation and degradation that were evident in the 1950’s and 1960’s have continued. In general, the net change in channel geometry has been small over the last 30–40 years. The average change in cross-sectional area of 32 resurveyed cross sections was erosion of 0.27 square meter, which equates to a 4-percent increase in cross-sectional area. The average net change in thalweg elevation for 51 resurveyed cross sections was degradation of 0.04 meter. Unpublished data (1964–68) from the scour chains showed that 371 chains had an average scour of 0.14 ± 0.14 meter and that 372 chains showed an average fill of 0.13 + 0.11 meter. Scour, found in the original study (1958–64) to be proportional to the square root of discharge, was confirmed with the addition of unpublished data (1964–68). The observed channel changes have no consistent trend, compared either to results observed in the original 1966 study or to distance from the watershed divide. The conclusion drawn in the original study was that most channels were aggrading; the resurvey showed that aggradation did not continue.An increase in housing and population in the Arroyo de los Frijoles watershed since the 1950’s has led to more roads. Channel degradation is most noticeable at road crossings. The greatest degradation of the main channel Arroyo de los

  9. Barbara Stanwyck's Anklet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula Rabinowitz


    Full Text Available Los objetos tienen siempre un poder ineludible como significantes. El género fílmico negro está también dotado de una identidad propia a partir de un conjunto de imágenes, argumentos, estilos visuales y objetos por ejemplo, encendedores, persianas y, como elemento central de este trabajo, zapatos. El zapato como emblema de la muerte e icono sexual deviene fundamental en la puesta en escena del género negro. Cuando la “femme fatale” Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck, por ejemplo, desciende la escalera para encontrarse con el corredor de seguros Walter Neff (Fred Mc Murray en la película de Billy Wilder Persuasión (1944, la cámara enfoca sus piernas blancas y relucientes hasta alcanzar sus pies y sus tobillos, con el fin de evocar el poder fetichista del pie de una mujer a la hora de controlar a un hombre.

  10. N:Si:P atomic ratio in the Santa Cruz Channel, Itamaracá-PE (Northeast Brazil: a nyctemeral variation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Montes Manuel de Jesús Flores


    Full Text Available Studies were carried out on the Inlets of Orange and Catuama at the Santa Cruz Channel, Itamaracá-PE, in the rainy and dry seasons, in a nyctemeral cycle, and in a transversal profile, with intervals of three hours between collections. The objective was to determine the spacial and temporal variation of the N:Si:P atomic ratio, and its possible inter-relations and dependencies, as well as the influence of the hydrodynamism provoked by the variation of the tides at different times of the year. Nitrite-N and nitrate-N were higher in the rainy season, while ammonia-N, phosphate-P and silicate-Si were higher in the dry season, which indicated different results than previous studies. The N:P atomic ratio was lower than 16:1, in all seasons and stations, being highest in the rainy season at Inlet Orange. The Si:P atomic ratio was always high. During the observed nyctemeral cycles, the main factors influencing the composition of the physical, chemical and biological parameters were the tide cycles and the meteorological parameters.

  11. Reproductive period of the swimming crab Callinectes danae at the Santa Cruz Channel, a highly productive tropical estuary in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina de Sá Leitão Câmara de Araújo

    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to analyze reproductive aspects of Callinectes danae in one of the most productive estuarine systems in the Northeast Brazil, Santa Cruz Channel. A total of 1.573 individuals, being 756 females (23 ovigerous and 817 males were examined from January to December 2009. Mature males and females, as well as couples of C. danae, occurred in all months of the year. Ovigerous females occurred in nearly all months. The reproductive activity, based on the macroscopic observation of the gonads, occurs continuously, with distinguishable peaks in February, March and September. Ovigerous females were only recorded nearest to the sea, while couples were only in the inner estuary. Thus, a migration pattern is proposed, with couples mating inside the estuary, followed by a migration of females to the area of greater marine influence for egg laying and, probably, larval release. After this, probably the females of do not return to the estuary, characterizing habitat partitioning. The present study is the first contribution on the reproductive period of C. danae in an estuarine ecosystem of the Brazilian northeast coast, and elucidates some aspects of its reproductive behavior.

  12. Housing Costs in Northern Santa Barbara County, California. (United States)


    of travel cost-to-work. Refer to Mills, Edwin S., Urban Economics . (Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1972), pp. 85-88. Also see the empirical... Urban Economics . Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1977. U.S., Department of Commerce. Statistical Abstract of the U.S., 1981. Washington, D.C

  13. Santa Barbara Littoral Cell CRSMP Offshore Sand Sources 2009 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Offshore sand sources exist at four known locations and potentially other yet to be explored regions within the nearshore coastal shelf. Significant reserves of fine...

  14. Protocol, Engineering Research Center, University of California, Santa Barbara (United States)


    brownian motion model, the fractal ARIMA model, and the multifractal wavelet model are representatives of the former, and the linear minimum mean square...of nodes in an ad hoc network across a wide mobility spectrum (from static to non-stop motion ) in both on-demand (DSR) and pro-active protocols

  15. Santa Barbara Littoral Cell CRSMP Sensitive Habitat Sites 2009 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Ecological areas as identified and collected by BEACON and submitted to CSMW as part of the Central Coast (from Pt. Conception to Pt. Mugu) Coastal Regional Sediment...

  16. Santa Barbara Littoral Cell CRSMP Sensitive Habitat Areas 2009 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Ecological areas as identified and collected by BEACON and submitted to CSMW as part of the Central Coast (from Pt. Conception to Pt. Mugu) Coastal Regional Sediment...

  17. The Upper Santa Ynez River as Habitat for a Diverse Riparian Flora and Fauna (United States)

    M. Violet Gray; James M. Greaves; Thomas E. Olson


    The upper Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara County, provides habitats for a relatively large population of least Bell's vireos (Vireo bellii pusillus), as well as diverse riparian flora and fauna. Of particular interest is the richness of the species within particular guilds. Four species of vireos: least Bell's, warbling (Vireo...

  18. Fire and vegetation history on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands, and long-term environmental change in southern California (United States)

    Starratt, Scott W.; Pinter, N.; Anderson, Robert S.; Jass, R.B.


    The long-term history of vegetation and fire was investigated at two locations – Soledad Pond (275 m; from ca. 12 000 cal. a BP) and Abalone Rocks Marsh (0 m; from ca. 7000 cal. a BP) – on Santa Rosa Island, situated off the coast of southern California. A coastal conifer forest covered highlands of Santa Rosa during the last glacial, but by ca. 11 800 cal. a BP Pinus stands, coastal sage scrub and grassland replaced the forest as the climate warmed. The early Holocene became increasingly drier, particularly after ca. 9150 cal. a BP, as the pond dried frequently, and coastal sage scrub covered the nearby hillslopes. By ca. 6900 cal. a BP grasslands recovered at both sites. Pollen of wetland plants became prominent at Soledad Pond after ca. 4500 cal. a BP, and at Abalone Rocks Marsh after ca. 3465 cal. a BP. Diatoms suggest freshening of the Abalone Rocks Marsh somewhat later, probably by additional runoff from the highlands. Introduction of non-native species by ranchers occurred subsequent to AD 1850. Charcoal influx is high early in the record, but declines during the early Holocene when minimal biomass suggests extended drought. A general increase occurs after ca. 7000 cal. a BP, and especially after ca. 4500 cal. a BP. The Holocene pattern closely resembles population levels constructed from the archaeological record, and suggests a potential influence by humans on the fire regime of the islands, particularly during the late Holocene.

  19. Geodetic measurement of tectonic deformation in the Santa Maria Fold and Thrust Belt, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Feigl, K.L.; King, R.W.; Jordan, T.H. (Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge (United States))


    The authors have analyzed geodetic observations to resolve tectonic deformation across the Belt, northwest of Santa Barbara, California. The data include (1) historical triangulation from the 1880s, 1920s and 1950s; (2) electronic distance measurement trilateration from 1971 and 1985; and (3) Global Positioning System observations from 1986 and 1987. They combine the three different types of data to estimate two-dimensional station positions and strain rate parameters simultaneously. Using a model which constrains the relative velocity field to be linear in space and constant in time, they find significant strain rates. The maximum compressive strain is oriented N17{degree}E {plus minus} 5{degree}E, and the compressive strain rate in this direction is 0.13 {plus minus} 0.03 {mu}strain/yr. Under the assumption that the unresolved rotational component of the velocity field is zero, they estimate that the integrated rate of deformation across the basin is 7 {plus minus} 1 mm/yr oriented at N 03{degree}E {plus minus} 13{degree}. This vector can be decomposed into 6 {plus minus} 2 mm/yr of crustal shortening on the general structural trend of N 30{degree}E and 3 {plus minus} 1 mm/yr of right-lateral shear across this axis. On the basis of these values and earthquake focal mechanisms in the area, they infer that the deformation occurs on northwest trending folds and thrusts within the belt. These results are consistent with the rate and direction of deformation across the central California Coast Ranges inferred by balancing Pacific-North America plate motion against San Andreas slip and Basin and Range extension. They imply that the Santa Maria Fold and Thrust Belt is the primary active element in transforming motion from the Coast Ranges to the western Transverse Ranges and the Santa Barbara Channel.

  20. CTD, current meter, pressure gauge, and wave spectra data from fixed platforms and other platforms from the Coastal Waters of California as part of the Santa Barbara Channel project from 27 April 1983 to 04 January 1985 (NODC Accession 8500177) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — CTD, current meter, pressure gauge, and wave spectra data were collected from fixed platforms and other platforms from the Coastal Waters of California from 27 April...

  1. Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide, salinity and other variables collected from Surface underway observations using Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analyzer and other instruments from Santa Cruz in the English Channel, North Atlantic Ocean and others from 2014-01-17 to 2014-02-28 (NCEI Accession 0157404) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0157404 includes Surface underway, chemical, meteorological and physical data collected from Santa Cruz in the English Channel, North Atlantic Ocean,...

  2. Channel Wall Landslides (United States)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] The multiple landslides in this VIS image occur along a steep channel wall. Note the large impact crater in the context image. The formation of the crater may have initially weakened that area of the surface prior to channel formation. Image information: VIS instrument. Latitude -2.7, Longitude 324.8 East (35.2 West). 19 meter/pixel resolution. Note: this THEMIS visual image has not been radiometrically nor geometrically calibrated for this preliminary release. An empirical correction has been performed to remove instrumental effects. A linear shift has been applied in the cross-track and down-track direction to approximate spacecraft and planetary motion. Fully calibrated and geometrically projected images will be released through the Planetary Data System in accordance with Project policies at a later time. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) was developed by Arizona State University, Tempe, in collaboration with Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing. The THEMIS investigation is led by Dr. Philip Christensen at Arizona State University. Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, is the prime contractor for the Odyssey project, and developed and built the orbiter. Mission operations are conducted jointly from Lockheed Martin and from JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

  3. River channel sensitivity to change in the context of human activities and natural factors: an 80-year record of channel morphodynamics on the lower Santa Clara River, Ventura County, California (United States)

    Downs, P. W.; Dusterhoff, S. R.; Sears, W. A.


    River channel adjustments arise from the application of numerous catchment-based stressors operating at different space and time scales. Natural stressors include the impact of climatic phenomena and their inheritance; human stressors include both direct and indirect factors whose impacts have grown in magnitude and intensity during the Anthropocene, especially since about 1945. Consequently, the sensitivity of river channel morphodynamics is likely to have changed also, with implications for landform understanding and river management. Reconstructing channel morphodynamics during the Anthropocene requires interpreting multiple historical and secondary data sources to document changes at sufficient (i.e., reach-scale) resolution: for the 60-km lower Santa Clara River (LSCR), Ventura County, California, we used flow, sediment and precipitation records, repeat aerial photographs, LiDAR data, repeat topographic surveys, in-channel vegetation data, field observations, numerical modeling of high flow events, and narrative accounts. The catchment historical context since European-American settlement includes periods dominated by ranching and colonization (ca.1820-1890), irrigations and diversions (ca.1890-1955), dams and river modifications (1955-1990), and urban population growth (1990-present). Natural stressors were investigated based on the correlation of instantaneous flood peaks with annual rainfall records in this semi-arid setting. Successful prediction of the majority of gauged floods since about 1950 allows a flood sequence to be reconstructed back to 1873. Floods are clustered and of considerably greater magnitude in El Nino years of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation. The great majority of sediment transport thus occurs in El Nino years so that the dominant discharge is the largest discharge on record, in contrast to humid-region alluvial rivers. Responding to these stressors, the average width of the active channel bed has become narrower by almost 50% (1938

  4. Barbara Trenholm | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    She is a past board member of Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) and CPA Canada (formerly the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). Barbara also served as past president of CPA New Brunswick (formerly the New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants), and past acting dean of the Faculty of Business ...

  5. NANAHAB -- Habitat polygons for the nearshore North Anacapa Island, Channel Islands NMS (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Benthic habitat polygon coverages have been created for marine reserve locations surrounding the Santa Barbara Basin. Diver, ROV and submersible video transects,...

  6. Santa Muerte


    Fraser, A; The Photographers' Gallery; Trolley Books; Bar-Tur Foundation; Arts Council England


    The origins of Santa Muerte - a religion/cult that has been denounced as satanic by the Mexican Catholic Church - can be dated back hundreds of years. It was developed through a syncretism between indigenous Mesoamerican and Spanish Catholic beliefs and practices. Only in the last decade however has it become more predominant in Mexican society, where many commentators have noted its rise with the killing and violence associated with the war between rival drug cartels and the Mexican Governme...

  7. Channel bed particle size distribution procedure used to evaluate watershed cumulative effects for range permit re-issuance on the Santa Fe National Forest (United States)

    Bruce Sims; Jim Piatt; Lee Johnson; Carol Purchase; John Phillips


    Personnel on the Santa Fe National Forest used methodologies adapted from Bevenger and King (1995) to collect base line particle size data on streams within grazing allotments currently scheduled for permit reissuance. This information was used to determine the relative current health of the watersheds as well as being used in the development of potential alternatives...

  8. Mentors, Muses, and Mutuality: Honoring Barbara Snell Dohrenwend (United States)

    Mulvey, Anne


    I describe feminist community psychology principles that have the potential to expand and enrich mentoring and that honor Barbara Snell Dohrenwend, a leader who contributed to the research, theory, and profession of community psychology. I reflect on the affect that Barbara Dohrenwend had on life and on the development of feminist community…

  9. Rannus mängitakse suvel Barbara lugu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Augustis on Rannus näitlejate ja näitejuhtide suvekool, mille tipphetk on ühine vabaõhuetendus "Barbara lugu", lavastajaks Jüri Lumiste. Artiklis ka lühidalt Barbara von Tiesenhuseni, kes oli Rannu lossi Tiesenhusenite 12 lapsest noorim, saatusest

  10. I shop, therefore I am: Barbara Kruger

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandra Val Cubero


    Full Text Available La artista Barbara Kruger formada en la Parson Design School de Nueva York, bebió de las corrientes feministas de los años setenta y ochenta, y sirviéndose de las técnicas publicitarias con el uso de sloganes directos, breves e impactantes en tonos rojos y negros, utilizó el lenguaje de los medios de comunicación para criticar, durante más de cuatro décadas, aspectos relativos a la sociedad de consumo y las relaciones de género. En la actualidad su obra ha sido fagocitada por el propio mercado artístico y es necesario abrir nuevos caminos que conozcan la lógica de la publicidad comercial y la subviertan.

  11. Evaluación espacial y temporal de la diversidad de los ascomicetes dulceacuícolas del canal turístico Santa Cruz, Xochimilco, México Spatial and temporal evaluation of the diversity of freshwater Ascomycetes from the touristic channel Santa Cruz, Xochimilco, Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allan Chavarria


    Full Text Available Se investigó la diversidad de los ascomicetes del canal Santa Cruz, considerado el de mayor importancia turística en Xochimilco, Distrito Federal. En 2007 se realizaron 2 muestreos en las épocas de menor y mayor precipitación. En el márgen del canal se establecieron 4 estaciones de muestreo con diferente grado de urbanización y en cada una se sumergieron bloques de madera de Virola sp., Tabebuia donnell-smithii, Bucida buceras, Pinus sp., Cupressus lindlei y Abies religiosa durante 8 semanas. Se midió la temperatura, el pH, el oxígeno disuelto, la materia orgánica y el fósforo, y se determinó el número más probable de bacterias coliformes del agua. Para evaluar los datos, se aplicaron el índice de diversidad de Shannon y el índice de similitud de Sørensen. La mayor diversidad de ascomicetes (H' = 1.152 se registró en la tercera estación, ubicada en la zona de viveros con flores y la menor diversidad (H' = 0.976 se obtuvo en la primera estación, localizada frente al embarcadero Santa Cruz, ambos valores de diversidad coincidieron con el grado de urbanización y con los datos fisicoquímicos y bacteriológicos. La temporada de lluvias presentó la diversidad más baja debido probablemente al efecto de la precipitación en este ambiente acuático.The diversity of freshwater Ascomycetes was determined in the touristic channel Santa Cruz, Xochimilco, Mexico. Two surveys were conducted in 2007 during the dry and wet season. Four sampling sites were selected in the channel margin, based on the level of urbanization. At each sampling site, wood panels of Tabebuia donnell-smithii, Bucida buceras, Pinus sp., Cupressus lindlei and Abies religiosa were submerged during 8 weeks. Water temperature, dissolved oxygen, organic matter, phosphorus and most probable number of coliform bacteria were determined. Results were evaluated using the diversity index of Shannon and the index of similarity of Sørensen. The highest Ascomycete diversity

  12. Freshwater Fishes, Ilha de Santa Catarina, southern coastal drainage of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertaco, V. A.


    Full Text Available The ilha de Santa Catarina is situated in southern Brazil, Atlantic Forest, in the state of Santa Catarina,municipality of Florianópolis. Fish specimens were collected in 15 sampling points along the drainages of rio CórregoGrande, rio Palha, rio Ratones, rio Tavares, rio Vermelho, as well as in the channel of lagoa do Peri. Specimensbelonging to 16 species (one of them exotic were collected, distributed in 12 families and six orders.

  13. Chris Marker und die Ungewissheit der Bilder von Barbara Filser

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Ballhausen


    Full Text Available Barbara Filser setzt sich in ihrer Monographie zu Chris Marker mit einem der großen Unbekannten der Filmgeschichte auseinander und reflektiert anhand seiner Arbeiten über das Spannungsverhältnis Film und Erinnerung.

  14. Review of Barbara K. Seeber, Jane Austen and Animals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucinda Cole


    Full Text Available In this review of Barbara K. Seeber's Jane Austen and Animals (Ashgate, 2013 Lucinda Cole summarizes this foundational book and emphasizes the role of animal studies scholars in linking feminism and environmental issues.

  15. Nine endangered taxa, one recovering ecosystem: Identifying common ground for recovery on Santa Cruz Island, California (United States)

    McEachern, A. Kathryn; Wilken, Dieter H.


    It is not uncommon to have several rare and listed taxa occupying habitats in one landscape or management area where conservation amounts to defense against the possibility of further loss. It is uncommon and extremely exciting, however, to have several listed taxa occupying one island that is managed cooperatively for conservation and recovery. On Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the northern California island group in the Santa Barbara Channel, we have a golden opportunity to marry ecological knowledge and institutional "good will" in a field test of holistic rare plant conservation. Here, the last feral livestock have been removed, active weed control is underway, and management is focused on understanding and demonstrating system response to conservation management. Yet funding limitations still exist and we need to plan the most fiscally conservative and marketable approach to rare plant restoration. We still experience the tension between desirable quick results and the ecological pace of system recovery. Therefore, our research has focused on identifying fundamental constraints on species recovery at individual, demographic, habitat, and ecosystem levels, and then developing suites of actions that might be taken across taxa and landscapes. At the same time, we seek a performance middle ground that balances an institutional need for quick demonstration of hands-on positive results with a contrasting approach that allows ecosystem recovery to facilitate species recovery in the long term. We find that constraints vary across breeding systems, life-histories, and island locations. We take a hybrid approach in which we identify several actions that we can take now to enhance population size or habitat occupancy for some taxa by active restoration, while allowing others to recover at the pace of ecosystem change. We make our recommendations on the basis of data we have collected over the last decade, so that management is firmly grounded in ecological observation.

  16. Field Surveys of Rare Plants on Santa Cruz Island, California, 2003-2006: Historical Records and Current Distributions (United States)

    McEachern, A. Kathryn; Chess, Katherine A.; Niessen, Ken


    Santa Cruz Island is the largest of the northern Channel Islands located off the coast of California. It is owned and managed as a conservation reserve by The Nature Conservancy and the Channel Islands National Park. The island is home to nine plant taxa listed in 1997 as threatened or endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act, because of declines related to nearly 150 years of ranching on the island. Feral livestock were removed from the island as a major conservation step, which was part of a program completed in early 2007 with the eradication of pigs and turkeys. For the first time in more than a century, the rare plants of Santa Cruz Island have a chance to recover in the wild. This study provides survey information and living plant materials needed for recovery management of the listed taxa. We developed a database containing information about historical collections of the nine taxa and used it to plan a survey strategy. Our objectives were to relocate as many of the previously known populations as possible, with emphasis on documenting sites not visited in several decades, sites that were poorly documented in the historical record, and sites spanning the range of environmental conditions inhabited by the taxa. From 2003 through 2006, we searched for and found 39 populations of the taxa, indicating that nearly 80 percent of the populations known earlier in the 1900s still existed. Most populations are small and isolated, occupying native-dominated habitat patches in a highly fragmented and invaded landscape; they are still at risk of declining through population losses. Most are not expanding beyond the edges of their habitat patches. However, most taxa appeared to have good seed production and a range of size classes in populations, indicating a good capacity for plant recruitment and population growth in these restricted sites. For these taxa, seed collection and outplanting might be a good strategy to increase numbers of populations for species

  17. 75 FR 65646 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Permit, Santa Barbara County, CA (United States)


    ... take of the federally endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly incidental to otherwise lawful activities that would result in the loss of Coast Buckwheat, which serves as butterfly habitat. We invite comments... Plan (HCP), and on our preliminary determination that the HCP qualifies as a low-effect plan that is...

  18. 76 FR 31242 - Revisions to the California State Implementation Plan, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control... (United States)


    ... from boilers, steam generators and process heaters with a rated heat input rate greater than 2 million BTU/hr and less than 5 million BTU/hr and internal combustion engines with a rated brake horse power... Boilers, Steam 01/17/08 07/18/08 Generators and Process Heaters. SBCAPCD 333 Control of Emissions 06/19/08...

  19. Proceedings: Protons and Membrane Reactions Held at Santa Barbara, California on 28 January - 1 February 1985. (United States)


    C UO ’ * - j . .- I .4 u ’ r- L ., 0 0 L U1 W L 0 it 4JAll 0 *.aJ L L -401 a1 tcuU 0Ole. ;J4W J Q.L 0 UO*E C >u>W L O4h -111 0 t 0 LU In 0 .. O .f...1J CGC .0 w =C.- u 6-- " CL CC E=.S UC~S- N t C .O.5.Ij ."L r CCLM CC1, Ir. - C C -U I-.UC tW OK 4’ - 0 LC m. 0 td 1 ct fts to r U . CL C C.C wE C CS

  20. 75 FR 45082 - Revisions to the California State Implementation Plan, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control... (United States)


    ...). These revisions concern oxides of nitrogen (NO X ) emissions from boilers, steam generators and process... Adopted Submitted SBCAPCD 361 Small Boilers, Steam Generators 01/17/08 07/18/08 and Process Heaters... oxides of nitrogen (NO X ) and carbon monoxide (CO) from boilers, steam generators and process heaters...

  1. First International Conference on Winter Vehicle Mobility, Santa Barbara, California, June 1991 (United States)


    speed of wind -powered craft Grabau, Murphy, Green, Shockely, Ehrlich, Nuttall, the could only be achieved by making a clear departure Hodges clan...satisfaction to more people in the mobility community turbine at either end; "Bullet" trains in Japan operating is the user recognition, after years of...uedkfOr operation in deep mud. 17 44A ~ Ampt Figure 17. A version1 of the Archimedes screw vehi/cl. 18 2. PREDICTION AND TESTING METHODS 19 Predicting

  2. Remote Sensing Information Sciences Research Group, Santa Barbara Information Sciences Research Group, year 3 (United States)

    Estes, J. E.; Smith, T.; Star, J. L.


    Research continues to focus on improving the type, quantity, and quality of information which can be derived from remotely sensed data. The focus is on remote sensing and application for the Earth Observing System (Eos) and Space Station, including associated polar and co-orbiting platforms. The remote sensing research activities are being expanded, integrated, and extended into the areas of global science, georeferenced information systems, machine assissted information extraction from image data, and artificial intelligence. The accomplishments in these areas are examined.

  3. Remote Sensing Information Sciences Research Group: Santa Barbara Information Sciences Research Group, year 4 (United States)

    Estes, John E.; Smith, Terence; Star, Jeffrey L.


    Information Sciences Research Group (ISRG) research continues to focus on improving the type, quantity, and quality of information which can be derived from remotely sensed data. Particular focus in on the needs of the remote sensing research and application science community which will be served by the Earth Observing System (EOS) and Space Station, including associated polar and co-orbiting platforms. The areas of georeferenced information systems, machine assisted information extraction from image data, artificial intelligence and both natural and cultural vegetation analysis and modeling research will be expanded.

  4. Seroprevalence of Baylisascaris procyonis infection among humans, Santa Barbara County, California, USA, 2014–2016 (United States)

    Weinstein, Sara B.; Lake, Camille M.; Chastain, Holly M.; Fisk, David; Handali, Sukwan; Kahn, Philip L.; Montgomery, Susan P.; Wilkins, Patricia P.; Kuris, Armand M.; Lafferty, Kevin D.


    Baylisascaris procyonis (raccoon roundworm) infection is common in raccoons and can cause devastating pathology in other animals, including humans. Limited information is available on the frequency of asymptomatic human infection. We tested 150 adults from California, USA, for B. procyonis antibodies; 11 were seropositive, suggesting that subclinical infection does occur.

  5. Seroprevalence of Baylisascaris procyonis Infection among Humans, Santa Barbara County, California, USA, 2014-2016. (United States)

    Weinstein, Sara B; Lake, Camille M; Chastain, Holly M; Fisk, David; Handali, Sukwan; Kahn, Philip L; Montgomery, Susan P; Wilkins, Patricia P; Kuris, Armand M; Lafferty, Kevin D


    Baylisascaris procyonis (raccoon roundworm) infection is common in raccoons and can cause devastating pathology in other animals, including humans. Limited information is available on the frequency of asymptomatic human infection. We tested 150 adults from California, USA, for B. procyonis antibodies; 11 were seropositive, suggesting that subclinical infection does occur.

  6. California State Waters Map Series--Offshore of Santa Barbara Web Services (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — In 2007, the California Ocean Protection Council initiated the California Seafloor Mapping Program (CSMP), designed to create a comprehensive seafloor map of...

  7. Laboratories for the 21st Century: Case Studies: Donald Bren Hall, Santa Barbara, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nancy Carlisle: NREL


    This publication is one of a series of case studies of energy-efficient modern laboratories; it was prepared for "Laboratories for the 21st Century," a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. DOE Federal Energy Management Program

  8. Intensive Cultural Resources Survey for the Goleta Flood Protection Program, Santa Barbara County, California. (United States)


    Ygnacio, a successful rancher, and Tomas Aquino Ygnacio were two of Luisa’s sons who achieved some prominance. Because he was considered to be the last...full-blooded Chumash, upon his death, the body of Tomas Aquino Ygnacio, was laid to rest beside the Franciscan Fathers at the Mission Cemetery vault

  9. Hotell "Santa Barbara" Roosikrantsi tänavas Tallinnas / Andres Alver, Tiit Trummal, Martinus Schuurman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alver, Andres, 1953-


    projekteeritud sajandi alguses rajatud paemüüridele; projekteerija, sisekujunduse üldlahendus: Alver Trummal Arhitektid ; sisekujundus: M. Schuurman; 2 joon.: asendiplaan, I korruse plaan ; 3 välisvaadet, foto ; 5 sisevaadet, foto, värv.

  10. Santa Barbara Littoral Cell CRSMP Potential Coastal & Inland Sediment Sources 2008 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Relic sediment deposits within the Goleta Slough, Carpinteria Salt Marsh, Ormond Beach wetlands, and Mugu Lagoon contain unknown reserves of sand that may present...

  11. Range Improvement Project, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California. Volume I. (United States)


    streams are present, with at least one associated swamp, Barka Slough. The weather is partly influenced by the offshore meeting of warm and cold ocean...tule, cattail and riparian ’ Iwoodlands (willow, cottonwood and live oak). The swamp was i drained for sugar beet cultivation in the early 1900s...large frame barn, eucalyptus windbreak, privy, and water system. IThe ranch was active enough in horse breeding that a rail- road stop was located

  12. Santa and the Moon

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Barthel, P.

    This article reflects on the use of illustrations of the Moon in images of Santa Claus, on Christmas gift-wrapping paper and in children's books, in two countries which have been important in shaping the image of Santa Claus and his predecessor Sinterklaas: the USA and the Netherlands. The

  13. La lecture de Merleau-Ponty par Renaud Barbaras

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pechar, Jiří


    Roč. 11, č. 2 (2015), s. 1-6 ISSN 1336-6556 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Merleau-Ponty * Husserl * phenomenology * linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  14. 2017-2018 Travel Expense Reports for Barbara Lucille Trenholm ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Airfare: $436.15. Other. Transportation: $98.00. Accommodation: $361.85. Meals and. Incidentals: $219.51. Other: $0.00. Total: $1,115.51. Comments: From her residence in Fredericton, NB. 2017-2018 Travel Expense Reports for. Barbara Lucille Trenholm, Governor,. Chairperson of the Finance and Audit. Committee.

  15. Barbara Bodichon's Travel Writing: Her Epistolary Articulation of "Bildung" (United States)

    Simon-Martin, Meritxell


    English painter Barbara Bodichon received a dynamic home education, consisting of engaging lessons, reading sessions, family discussions, sketching excursions, and trips at home and abroad. As an adult, Bodichon led a nomadic life, living between Algeria and England and travelling across Europe and America. Seeking to unpack travelling and travel…

  16. A Conversation with AATE's Executive Director, Barbara Salisbury Wills. (United States)

    Saldana, Johnny


    Presents an interview with the American Alliance for Theatre and Education's executive director Barbara Salisbury Wills. Discusses her interaction with the Goals 2000 Commission, development of the "National Standards for Arts Education," getting parents involved in theater education programs, working with state representatives, and…

  17. Barbara McClintock and the Discovery of Jumping Genes

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 1; Issue 10. Barbara McClintock and the Discovery of Jumping Genes. Vidyanand Nanjundiah. General Article Volume 1 Issue 10 October 1996 pp 56-62. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  18. Barbara McClintock and the Discovery of Jumping Genes

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    An understanding of the nature of the gene had to await the identification of DNA as the genetic material. The final piece of evidence for a physical model of genes emerged from two independent experiments whose results were published. Barbara McClintock and the Discovery of Jumping Genes. Vidyanand Nanjundiah.

  19. Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide, dissolved inorganic carbon, pH, alkalinity, salinity and other variables collected from underway - surface observations using Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analyzer, Shower head chamber equilibrator for autonomous carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement and other instruments from the SANTA LUCIA and Santa Maria in the Caribbean Sea, English Channel and others from 2002-02-22 to 2007-12-22 (NODC Accession 0110259) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC Accession 0110259 includes biological, chemical, meteorological, physical and underway - surface data collected from SANTA LUCIA and Santa Maria in the...

  20. Discussion of "Fluvial system response to late Pleistocene-Holocene sea-level change on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California" (Schumann et al., 2016. Geomorphology, 268: 322-340) (United States)

    Pinter, Nicholas; Hardiman, Mark; Scott, Andrew C.; Anderson, R. Scott


    Schumann et al. (2016) presented a field assessment of late Pleistocene to Holocene fluvial sediments preserved in the valleys of Santa Rosa Island, California. This is a rigorous study, based on stratigraphic descriptions of 54 sections and numerous radiocarbon ages. The paper makes important contributions that we would like to highlight, but other parts of the paper rely upon overly simplistic interpretations that lead to misleading conclusions. In one case, a conclusion of the Schumann et al. paper has important management implications for Santa Rosa Island and similar locations, compelling us to discuss and qualify this conclusion.

  1. An experience at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    徳中, 荘平


    著者は、昨年から1年間、Barbara Brennan School of Healing(BBSH)に在籍しました。BBSHの授業内容は、心理療法にエネルギーワークを加えた、Core energeticsやBioenergeticsをBrennanが独自に発展させたものです。Character...

  2. On culture and human development: Interview with Barbara Rogoff

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Glaveanu, Vlad Petre


    In this interview Professor Barbara Rogoff explores the many ways in which culture shapes the course of human development, and illustrates this with several findings from her past as well as most recent work. These reveal the vital importance of growing up in a family and a community for the human...... child and participating, from early on, in their various rituals and practices. Building on and enriching cultural psychological sources, Professor Rogoff offers us a comprehensive framework with which to understand both cultural and developmental phenomena and, above all, their multiple intersections...

  3. Introduction: the influence and legacy of Barbara Grier. (United States)

    DeMuth, Danielle M


    This special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies focuses on the life and legacy of the lesbian publisher, editor, and author Barbara Grier. Through Grier's "Lesbiana" column in Daughters of Bilitis's magazine The Ladder, three editions of The Lesbian in Literature (1967, 1975, 1985), to her role as publisher of the Naiad Press from 1973-2003, Grier introduced hundreds of new lesbian books to readers and kept several lesbian classics on the literary horizon. The articles in this issue focus on Grier's biography, history, and impact through archival analysis, interviews, and content analysis. This introduction contextualizes and outlines the articles in this special issue.

  4. Santa and the moon

    CERN Document Server

    Barthel, Peter


    Happy end-of-the-year evening and night events provide good opportunities to explain the phases of the moon. The need for such moon phase education is once again demonstrated, through an investigation of illustrations on Santa Claus and Christmas gift wrap and in children's books, in two countries which have been important in shaping the image of Santa Claus and his predecessor Sinterklaas: The Netherlands and the USA. The moon on Halloween illustrations is also considered. The lack of knowledge concerning the physical origin of the moon phases, or lack of interest in understanding, is found to be widespread in The Netherlands but is also clearly present in the USA, and is quite possibly global. Definitely incomplete, but surely representative lists compiling both scientifically correct and scientifically incorrect gift wrap and children's books are also presented.

  5. Reply to the discussion of Pinter et al. on ‘Fluvial system response to late Pleistocene-Holocene sea-level change on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California’ by Schumann et al. (2016) (United States)

    Schumann, R. Randall; Pigati, Jeff


    We appreciate the thoughtful discussion offered by Pinter et al. (2017) because it gives us an opportunity to elucidate some of the main points of our study, address some apparent misinterpretations, and recapitulate one of our conclusions. Pinter et al.’s discussion emphasizes and reinforces some of the important concepts we presented but also raises questions regarding specific aspects of our study, including that: (1) base level is the dominant control on fluvial system change on Santa Rosa Island (SRI); (2) post-Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) fluvial aggradation on SRI occurred at uniform rates; and (3) the transition from aggradation to incision on SRI occurred during the last 500 to ≤150 years.

  6. Post-irradiation Examination Plan for ORNL and University of California Santa Barbara Assessment of UCSB ATR-2 Irradiation Experiment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nanstad, R. K. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Yamamoto, T. [Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, CA (United States); Sokolov, M. A. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    New and existing databases will be combined to support development of physically based models of transition temperature shifts (TTS) for high fluence-low flux (φ < 1011n/cm2-s) conditions, beyond the existing surveillance database, to neutron fluences of at least 1×1020 n/cm2 (>1 MeV). All references to neutron flux and fluence in this report are for fast neutrons (>1 MeV). The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) task of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program is working with various organizations to obtain archival surveillance materials from commercial nuclear power plants to allow for comparisons of the irradiation-induced microstructural features from reactor surveillance materials with those from similar materials irradiated under high flux conditions in test reactors

  7. Potential effects of increased ground-water pumpage on Barka Slough, San Antonio Creek valley, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Mallory, Michael J.


    Groundwater use in San Antonio Creek valley, Calif., is expected to increase significantly as result of a planned extensive agricultural development in the basin. This additional pumpage may cause significant stress on the groundwater system, particularly on the environmentally sensitive Barka Slough. Expectations of the developer are that about 6,640 acre-feet per year of consumptive groundwater use will be required to irrigate 2,500 acres of vineyards and 1,200 acres of truck-farmed vegetables. This represents an increase in net basin pumpage of about 60%. The developer plans to obtain this water from 12 large-diameter irrigation wells in the Harris Canyon area. Analysis of the potential drawdowns in the vicinity of Barka Slough, by using the Theis nonequilibrium formula, indicates that drawdowns would average 6 feet after 10 years of pumping and would eventually exceed 10 feet. Because the artesian head in the aquifer that supplies the slough is generally less than 3 feet above land surface, these declines would probably mean that the wetlands of Barka Slough would disappear. The effects of this particular agricultural development would be in addition to any decline caused by other increases in pumpage in the basin. (USGS)

  8. 78 FR 21537 - Revisions to the California State Implementation Plan, Santa Barbara and San Diego County Air... (United States)


    ... Guidelines for Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Wood Furniture Manufacturing Operations... the rule, to each House of the Congress and to the Comptroller General of the United States. EPA will submit a report containing this action and other required information to the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House...

  9. Small fatigue cracks; Proceedings of the Second International Conference/Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA, Jan. 5-10, 1986

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ritchie, R.O.; Lankford, J.


    Topics discussed in this volume include crack initiation and stage I growth, microstructure effects, crack closure, environment effects, the role of notches, analytical modeling, fracture mechanics characterization, experimental techniques, and engineering applications. Papers are presented on fatigue crack initiation along slip bands, the effect of microplastic surface deformation on the growth of small cracks, short fatigue crack behavior in relation to three-dimensional aspects and the crack closure effect, the influence of crack depth on crack electrochemistry and fatigue crack growth, and nondamaging notches in fatigue. Consideration is also given to models of small fatigue cracks, short crack theory, assessment of the growth of small flaws from residual strength data, the relevance of short crack behavior to the integrity of major rotating aero engine components, and the relevance of short fatigue crack growth data to the durability and damage tolerance analyses of aircraft.

  10. Human Machine Interfaces for Teleoperators and Virtual Environments: Conference Held in Santa Barbara, California on 4-9 March 1990. (United States)


    sensor data to create detailed digital models of the planets and moons. Data from images of the Earth, Mars, and Miranda (a moon of Uranus ), nevertheless designed as an easily reproducable product prototype has been constructed. Overview and Design Specification Traditional force output

  11. LEOS 1993 - Summer Topical Meeting Digest Held in Santa Barbara, California on July 19-30, 1993 (United States)


    voltages 0.285 60 * 0.280 ~44 S~Graded Index S.... u• •. .j . crrT 20 Step Index 0.275 2 X5 (T)4y* 2 Tim mepss 0.285 62 Wl.2 9:00am - 9:20am Ultrafast...add significant complexity. Fortunately, dose data, where individual bit errors typically should not cause problems, make up the great majority prediction, mineral exploration, drug engineering, seismic modeling, global ecosystem change, and chemical reaction analysis. Present

  12. Using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography to explore the geochemistry of the Santa Barbara oil seeps

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reddy, Christopher; Nelson, Robert


    The development of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC x GC) has expanded the analytical window for studying complex mixtures like oil. Compared to traditional gas chromatography, this technology separates and resolves at least an order of magnitude more compounds, has a much larger signal to noise ratio, and sorts compounds based on their chemical class; hence, providing highly refined inventories of petroleum hydrocarbons in geochemical samples that was previously unattainable. In addition to the increased resolution afforded by GC x GC, the resulting chromatograms have been used to estimate the liquid vapor pressures, aqueous solubilities, octanol-water partition coefficients, and vaporization enthalpies of petroleum hydrocarbons. With these relationships, powerful and incisive analyses of phase-transfer processes affecting petroleum hydrocarbon mixtures in the environment are available. For example, GC x GC retention data has been used to quantitatively deconvolve the effects of phase transfer processes such as water washing and evaporation. In short, the positive attributes of GC x GC-analysis have led to a methodology that has revolutionized the analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons. Overall, this research has opened numerous fields of study on the biogeochemical "genetics" (referred to as petroleomics) of petroleum samples in both subsurface and surface environments. Furthermore, these new findings have already been applied to the behavior of oil at other seeps as well, for petroleum exploration and oil spill studies.

  13. Effect of Organic Amendment Application Rate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions at an Organic Farm in Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Oyewole, M.; King, J. Y.; Cleveland, D. A.


    Though greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) from mineral fertilizer application in agriculture have been well studied, the effect of organic amendment (OA) application rate on GHGEs is not yet understood. Application of multiple OAs can improve different properties that control soil fertility, including nutrient availability, aggregate stability, and water-holding capacity. We measured nitrous oxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4) flux at an organic farm in Goleta, CA in order to understand how OA application rate affects GHGEs and crop yield from agricultural soils. Based on management practices in the region, we asked farm managers to establish high compost (HC) and low compost (LC) treatments during the growing season of an annual crop (18.2, 9.13 Mg ha-1, respectively), and we measured GHGEs in beds and furrows using static chambers. Organic fertilizer (672 kg ha-1) was applied equally to HC and LC beds six weeks after compost application. Overall, emissions of N2O and CO2 were higher in HC than LC, but yield-scaled emissions were higher in LC. Importantly, treatment differences in both N2O and CO2 emissions were not apparent until after mid-season fertilizer application. Net CH4 uptake was higher in HC than LC in the furrows, but there was no difference in the beds. Our data suggest that high compost application rates likely increased SOM mineralization, soil water content, and nitrification and denitrification rates in HC relative to LC, which led to higher N2O emissions during the growing season. Fertilization primed SOM decomposition and increased soil respiration, which led to increased CO2 emissions. Our results suggest that improved management of application rate and timing during use of multiple OAs could reduce GHGEs while maintaining high crop yield. Understanding the mechanisms by which OA application rates alter the balance between GHGEs and yield is an important step toward reducing agriculture's contribution to climate change through policy.

  14. International Conference on Snow Engineering (1st) Held in Santa Barbara, California on July 10-15 1988 (United States)


    Dr. Donald Taylor Wayne Tobiasson Institute for Research in Construction Cold Regions Research and National Research Council of Canada Engineering...980, Japan Fred Storey Raychem Corp. Donald Taylor, Research Officer 300 Constitution Drive Institute for Research in Construction Menlo Park...18 Apeland, Kristoffer 32 Takahashi, Toru 5 DeAngelis , Charles 19 Bedard, Jr., Alfred 33 Sakurai, Shuji 6 Lee, Sung 20 Hamilton, Douglas 34 Taylor

  15. LEOS 1992 - Summer Topical Meeting Digest Held in Santa Barbara, California on July 29-12 August, 1992 (United States)


    and Vijay C. Shroff. Fibre optic LAN systems and costs. Computer Communications, 13(1):37-47, January/February 1990. [Kar88I Mark J. Karol. Optical...and A. A. Sawchuk, Ann. Mtg. OSA Tech. Digest, 17, TUFF6 (1991). 3. M. Govindarajan and S. R. Forrest, Appl. Opt., 11, 1335 (1991). V00.. A, INPUT

  16. Topografia vertebromedular de irara (Eira barbara Linnaeus, 1758

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Adami


    Full Text Available Resumo: Um cadáver macho, adulto de irara (Eira barbara foi cedido pelo Centro de Triagem de Animais Silvestres (Cetas, localizado em Salvador/Bahia, ao Setor de Anatomia Veterinária da Escola de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia da Universidade Federal da Bahia. Trata-se de um mamífero carnívoro que pertence à Família Mustelidae e Subfamília Mustelinae que contém o Gênero Eira, representado apenas pela Espécie Eira barbara. Objetivamos a investigação da topografia vertebromedular do espécime e assim verificar a relação da medula espinal com o canal vertebral; a identificação, origem, emergência e quantificação dos nervos espinhais relacionados com a medula espinal. Pesquisa número 43245-1 autorizada pelo Sistema de Autorização e Informação em Biodiversidade (Sisbio-ICMBio/IBAMA. O exemplar foi fixado em solução de formaldeído a 10% e posteriormente dissecado e radiografado. Foram identificados oito pares de nervos espinhais cervicais, quatorze torácicos e na porção lombossacral da medula espinhal seis nervos espinais lombares, três sacrais e mais de três nervos espinhais caudais. O término da medula espinal ocorreu no nível quinta vértebra lombar. Os oito segmentos medulares cervicais localizaram-se entre a primeira e sétima vértebras cervicais. Os quatorze nervos espinais torácicos originaram-se na porção cranial das vértebras respectivas. Os segmentos medulares lombares, sacrais e caudais restringiram-se à região lombar da coluna vertebral. O deslocamento cranial dos segmentos medulares foi observado no oitavo cervical, terceiro, quarto e quinto lombares e todos os segmentos sacrais e caudais. As informações obtidas poderão ser utilizadas para análises comparativas com as demais espécies e com a adoção de medidas que visem proporcionar o bem-estar animal e a preservação da espécie.

  17. Parim Claptoni jäljendaja Eestis. Barbara Hendricks Pärnus Promfestil

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eric Claptoni tribuutbändi Classic Clapton kontsertidest 4. ja 5. apr. Tartus ja Tallinnas. Ameerika laulja Barbara Hendricksi kontserdist 7. juunil Pärnu Kontserdimajas (kaastegev rootsi pianist Love Derwinger)

  18. ciudad de Santa Marta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Alfredo Ferreira Ospino


    Full Text Available Esta investigación evalúa los resultados de un programa de Formación en Derechos con madres comunitarias para la solución de conflictos en la Comuna Ocho de la ciudad de Santa Marta. El programa buscó el desarrollo de la capacidad de análisis y discernimiento para la toma de decisiones, que les permitan participar activamente en la solución de problemas de la comunidad, tendientes a mejorar las condiciones de vida de los miembros de la ésta. El proyecto se enmarca en un diseño de investigación cuasiexperimental con grupo control y medida pre y post, de forma que puedan medirse no sólo los resultados del programa, sino su efectividad para la resolución de conflictos en la comunidad. Se utilizó el cuestionario adaptado a la Teoría de Rahim y otros autores de la teoría del conflicto con el fin de determinar la manera como se resuelven los conflictos en la comunidad. Esta investigación se centró en demostrar objetivamente la efectividad del programa y las diferencias deliberativas y discursivas más relevantes entre los sujetos que recibieron formación en derechos.

  19. A Conversation with Martin Stannard and Barbara Cooke

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annabel Williams


    Full Text Available Martin Stannard is Professor of Modern English Literature at the University of Leicester. He read for his first degree in English at Warwick (1967-70, before taking an MA at Sussex University, and a DPhil at Oxford. Professor Stannard’s two-volume literary biography of Evelyn Waugh (1986, 1992, and his biography of Muriel Spark (2009 are essential reading for Waugh and Spark scholars, and are each studies in the value of historical contextualisation for appreciating the literary oeuvre of a writer. Stannard’s 1995 Norton Critical Edition of Ford Madox Ford’s modernist novel, The Good Soldier, similarly brings context to bear through his rigorous textual editing, annotation and critical apparatus. Stannard is currently the Principal Investigator for the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project, which is supported by a grant of  £822,000 from the AHRC, and which will see Oxford University Press publish 43 scholarly edition volumes of Waugh – the first of which appears next year. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Waugh’s death. Dr Barbara Cooke also teaches at the School of English at the University of Leicester. She received a BA and MA from Warwick (dates, and a PhD in Creative and Critical writing from the University of East Anglia for her interdisciplinary thesis Oil Men: the Twinned Lives of Arnold Wilson and Morris Young. Dr. Cooke is Research Associate for the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh, providing a vital link between the project's 23 editors, of which she is one, editing Waugh’s autobiography A Little Learning (1964.

  20. Impact-Shocked diamonds, Abrupt Ecosystem Disruption, and Mammoth Extinction on California's Northern Channel Islands at the Allerod-Younger Dryas Boundary (13.0-12.9 ka) (United States)

    Kennett, D. J.; Kennett, J. P.; West, A.; West, G. J.; Bunch, T. E.; Culleton, B. J.; Erlandson, J. M.; Que Hee, S. S.; Johnson, J. R.; Mercer, C.; Sellers, M.; Stafford, T. W.; Stich, A.; Weaver, J. C.; Wittke, J. H.; Wolbach, W. S.


    Sedimentary records from California's Northern Channel Islands and the adjacent Santa Barbara Basin (SBB) indicate intense regional biomass burning (wildfire) near the Allerod-Younger Dryas boundary (YDB) at 13.0- 12.9 ka. Multiproxy records in SBB Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Site 893 indicate that these wildfires coincided with the onset of Younger Dryas cooling and abrupt vegetational shift from closed montane forest to more open habitats. Here we report impact-shocked hexagonal diamonds (lonsdaleite) in an organic-rich, dark layer dating to the YDB and deeply buried in Arlington Canyon on Santa Rosa Island, California. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) demonstrates that these diamonds are mono- and polycrystalline, and electron diffraction confirms the high-pressure hexagonal diamond polymorph. Lonsdaleite has never been found with mantle-derived diamond and is known on Earth only in meteorites and extraterrestrial impact craters. These crystals co-occur with high concentrations of other nanometer-sized diamond polymorphs (n- diamond; cubic). These discoveries provide strong supporting evidence for an extraterrestrial impact at the Allerod-Younger Dryas Boundary. The age of these impact diamonds coincides with the last known occurrence of pygmy mammoths (Mammuthus exilis) on the Northern Channel Islands (and contemporaneous with the extinction of other megafauna taxa on the continent), intense regional biomass burning, landscape transformation, vegetational shifts, and the beginning of an apparent 600-800 year gap in the archaeological record. Taken collectively these data are consistent with abrupt ecosystem disruption triggered by an extraterrestrial airburst or impact at 12.9 ka, one of many distributed across North America as proposed by the YDB impact hypothesis.

  1. High-Resolution Chirp and Mini-Sparker Seismic-Reflection Data From the Southern California Continental Shelf--Gaviota to Mugu Canyon (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This report consists of high-resolution chirp and single-channel Sparker seismic-reflection- profile data from the Santa Barbara Channel, California. These data were...

  2. ‘The Whole Question of Plinths’ in Barbara Hepworth’s 1968 Tate Retrospective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eleanor Clayton


    Full Text Available In 1968 Barbara Hepworth was honoured with a significant retrospective at the Tate Gallery. This paper offers a close reading of the archival documents relating to the exhibition, revealing the extent of Hepworth’s involvement in the design of the show and the intentions behind her curatorial decisions, especially her choice of plinths.

  3. Values in Doing and Writing Science: The Case of Barbara McClintock. (United States)

    Rosner, Mary


    Articulates the perspective that regards science as a form of manufactured knowledge that is not objective but, like other forms of knowledge, culture-bound and historically specific. Suggests how some communicative difficulties suffered by the scientist Barbara McClintock can be traced to her unconventional practice. (HB)

  4. Late Style in the Novels of Barbara Pym and Penelope Mortimer. (United States)

    Wyatt-Brown, Anne M.


    Evaluated novels written in old age by two contemporary British novelists, Barbara Pym and Penelope Mortimer, which revealed their late style was related to lifelong methods of adapting to changes in their situation. Found strength and direction of their creativity in old age fluctuated in response to their aging bodies and their new roles in…

  5. Developing Poor and Minority Children as Leaders with the Barbara Taylor School Educational Model. (United States)

    Strickland, Gloria; Holzman, Lois


    Describes the Barbara Taylor Educational Model, developed and implemented in Harlem (New York) and in day care and Head Start programs of the Somerset Community Action Program (New Jersey). Presents case studies illustrating how the model enables students to overcome barriers to their development posed by racism, sexism, and classism. (MW)

  6. 76 FR 28226 - Ndahendekire Barbara v. African Shipping; Njoroge Muhia; Alco Logistics, Llc; Brenda Alexander... (United States)


    ... Ndahendekire Barbara v. African Shipping; Njoroge Muhia; Alco Logistics, Llc; Brenda Alexander; and AIR 7 Seas... ``Complainant,'' against African Shipping; Njoroge Muhia, ALCO Logistics, LLC; Brenda Alexander; and Air 7 Seas Transport Logistics, Inc.; hereinafter ``Respondents''. Complainant asserts that she is acting agent for...

  7. Christian Petzold’s melodramas : From unknown woman to reciprocal unknownness in Phoenix, Wolfsburg, and Barbara

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Staat, W.


    Stanley Cavell’s theory of film melodrama is used for Christian Petzold’s Phoenix, Wolfsburg, and Barbara. Key for Cavell’s understanding of classical Hollywood melodrama is his notion of the ‘unknown woman.’ Remarkably, Petzold’s more contemporary melodramas feature unknown, i.e. unacknowledged,

  8. Geomorphological and geochemical characterization of the 11 August 2008 mud volcano eruption at S. Barbara village (Sicily, Italy) and its possible relationship with seismic activity (United States)

    Madonia, P.; Grassa, F.; Cangemi, M.; Musumeci, C.


    On 11 August 2008 a paroxysmal eruption occurred at Santa Barbara mud volcano (MV), located close to Caltanissetta, one of the most densely populated cities of Sicily (Italy). An associated minor event took place on August 2009. Both the events caused severe damage to civil infrastructures located within a range of about 2 km from the eruptive vent. Geomorphological, geochemical, and seismological investigations were carried out for framing the events in the appropriate geodynamic context. Geomorphological surveys recognized, in the immediate surrounding of the main emission point, two different families of processes and landforms: (i) ground deformations and (ii) changes in morphology and number of the fluid emitting vents. These processes were associated to a wider network of fractures, seemingly generated by the shock wave produced by the gas blast that occurred at the main paroxysm. Geochemical characterization allowed an estimation of the source of the fluids, or at least their last standing, at about 3 km depth. Finally, the close time relationships observed between anomalous increments of seismic activity and the two main paroxysmal events accounted for a possible common trigger for both the phenomena, even with different timing due to the very different initial conditions and characteristics of the two processes, i.e. seismogenesis and gas overloading.

  9. Geomorphological and geochemical characterization of the 11 August 2008 mud volcano eruption at S. Barbara village (Sicily, Italy and its possible relationship with seismic activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Madonia


    Full Text Available On 11 August 2008 a paroxysmal eruption occurred at Santa Barbara mud volcano (MV, located close to Caltanissetta, one of the most densely populated cities of Sicily (Italy. An associated minor event took place on August 2009. Both the events caused severe damage to civil infrastructures located within a range of about 2 km from the eruptive vent. Geomorphological, geochemical, and seismological investigations were carried out for framing the events in the appropriate geodynamic context. Geomorphological surveys recognized, in the immediate surrounding of the main emission point, two different families of processes and landforms: (i ground deformations and (ii changes in morphology and number of the fluid emitting vents. These processes were associated to a wider network of fractures, seemingly generated by the shock wave produced by the gas blast that occurred at the main paroxysm. Geochemical characterization allowed an estimation of the source of the fluids, or at least their last standing, at about 3 km depth. Finally, the close time relationships observed between anomalous increments of seismic activity and the two main paroxysmal events accounted for a possible common trigger for both the phenomena, even with different timing due to the very different initial conditions and characteristics of the two processes, i.e. seismogenesis and gas overloading.

  10. Macrofaunal community structure in the western Indian continental margin including the oxygen minimum zone

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Ingole, B.S.; Sautya, S.; Sivadas, S.; Singh, R.; Nanajkar, M.

    been reported from the low-oxygen zone in a basin off Peru with partially laminated sediments (Levin et al. 2002). During the present study, macrofaunal diversity was generally higher at shelf and basin sites than on the slope reflecting the lower.... (1997) The Tanaidacea. In: J.A. Blake., P.H. Scott (Eds). Taxonomic Atlas of the Benthic Fauna of the Santa Maria Basin and western Santa Barbara Channel, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara,181–278 Chapter 11: The Crustacea, Part 2...

  11. Reviews by Barbara Santini, Andrea Mecacci, Mariagrazia Portera, Francesca Zugno, and Alberto Ricci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fausto Cercignani


    Full Text Available Review of Daniele Goldoni’s book Gratitudine. Voci di Hölderlin (2013, by Barbara Santini.Review of Laura Anna Macor’s book La fragilità delle virtù. Dall’antropologia alla morale e ritorno nell’epoca di Kant (2011, by Andrea Mecacci.Review of the collection of essays Friedrich Hölderlin. Pensiero e poesia, ed. by Elena Polledri (special volume of the journal «Humanitas», 2012, by Mariagrazia Portera.Review of Barbara Santini’s book Soggetto e fondamento in Hölderlin tra filosofia trascendentale e pensiero speculativo (2013, by Francesca Zugno.Review of Francesca Zugno’s book Hölderlin oltre Kant. Verso Hyperion. 1794-1797 (2011, by Alberto Ricci.

  12. Rapport de frais de 2017-2018 pour Barbara Trenholm | CRDI ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Rapport de frais de 2017-2018 pour Barbara Trenholm. Total des frais de déplacement : CAD$11,792.46. Constatation de l'impact de la recherche en Afrique de l'Est. 2 juillet 2017 au 12 juillet 2017. CAD$10,676.95. Réunion du Conseil des gouverneurs. 18 juin 2017 au 21 juin 2017. CAD$1,115.51. Ce que nous faisons ...

  13. Barbara McClintock's Final Years as Nobelist and Mentor: A Memoir. (United States)

    Chomet, Paul; Martienssen, Rob


    September 2, 2017, marks the 25th year after the passing of Dr. Barbara McClintock, geneticist and recipient of the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of transposable elements in maize. This memoir focuses on the last years of her life-after the prize-and includes personal recollections of how she mentored young scientists and inspired the age of genetics, epigenetics, and genomics. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. You're a "What"? Santa Claus (United States)

    Royster, Sara


    Professional Santas entertain children and adults during the holiday season at all types of events. They work at shopping malls or stores; entertain crowds at parades and tree lightings; and make appearances at holiday parties, charity events, and people's homes. Most Santas work during the Christmas holiday season, which usually lasts from late…

  15. Efek Suplementasi ENERVON-C dan SANTA-e dalam Pakan terhadap Motilitas Spermatozoa Ayam Kampung

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Triva Murtina Lubis


    Full Text Available Effect of Supplementation of ENERVON-C and SANTA-e in Feed on Sperm Motility of Local Cocks ABSTRACT. This study aimed to observe the effect of supplementation of ENERVON-C and SANTA-e in feed on sperm motility of local cocks. The research was conducted at Reproduction Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. The research used 12 local cocks divided into 4 treatment groups : P0 (feed of 521, P1 (feed of 521 + 200 mg ENERVON-C/kg of feed, P2 (feed of 521 + 200 mg SANTA-e/kg feed and P3 (feed of 521 + 100 mg ENERVON-C/kg of feed and 100 mg SANTA-e/kg of feed. During the research, all cocks were given 100 g of 521 feed/day. Feed with ENERVON-C and SANTA-e was given for 2 weeks before semen collections. Drink was given ad libitum. Data were analysed with analysis of variance and if there are effects among the treatments, analysis will be continued with Duncan Test. Results shows that supplementation of ENERVON-C or SANTA-e and their combination in feed can increase the percentage of sperm motility. There are significant differences (p<0,05 between control and treatment groups. To sum up, supplementation of ENERVON-C or SANTA-e in feed can improve the quality of sperm (motility of local cocks. The sperm quality is better after giving of ENERVON-C and SANTA-e together than single supplementation.

  16. z206sc_video_observations (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents video observations from cruise Z206SC for the Santa Barbara Channel region and beyond in southern California. The vector data file is...

  17. At-sea aerial survey species observations in southern California, 1999-2002 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Broad survey lines, island radial survey lines, coastal survey lines, and focal-area (Santa Barbara Channel) survey lines were surveyed during each oceanographic...

  18. Hydrologic Effects and Biogeographic Impacts of Coastal Fog, Channel Islands, California (United States)

    Fischer, D. T.; Still, C. J.; Williams, A. P.


    Fog has long been recognized as an important component of the hydrological cycle in many ecosystems, including coastal desert fog belts, tropical cloud forests, and montane areas worldwide. Fog drip can be a major source of water, particularly during the dry season, and there is evidence in some ecosystems of direct fogwater uptake by foliar absorption. Fog and low clouds can also increase availability of water by reducing evaporative water losses. In the California Channel Islands, fog and low stratus clouds dramatically affect the water budget of coastal vegetation, particularly during the long summer drought. This work focuses on a population of Bishop pine (Pinus muricata D. Don) on Santa Cruz Island. This is the southernmost large stand of this species, and tree growth and survival appears to be strongly limited by water availability. We have used parallel measurement and modeling approaches to quantify the importance of fogwater inputs and persistent cloud cover to Bishop pine growth. We have modeled drought stress over the last century based on local climate records, calibrated against a dense network of 12 weather stations on a 7km coastal-inland elevation gradient. Water availability is highly variable year to year, with episodic droughts that are associated with widespread tree mortality. Frequent cloud cover near the coast reduces evapotranspiration relative to the inland site (on the order of 25%), thereby delaying the onset of, and moderating the severity of the annual summer drought. Substantial summer fog drip at higher elevations provides additional water inputs that also reduce drought severity. Beyond the theoretical availability of extra water from fog drip, tree ring analysis and xylem water isotopic data suggest that significant amounts of fog water are actually taken up by these trees. Stand boundaries appear to be driven by spatial patterns of mortality related to water availability and frequency of severe drought. These results suggest that

  19. Barbara Holland-Cunz: Gefährdete Freiheit. Über Hannah Arendt und Simone de Beauvoir. Opladen u.a.: Verlag Barbara Budrich 2012.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirjam Dierkes


    Full Text Available Von Barbara Holland-Cunz, die sich mit Simone de Beauvoir und Hannah Arendt bereits einzeln beschäftigt hat, liegt nun ein Band vor, in dem sie sich diesen herausragenden Denkerinnen des 20. Jahrhunderts gemeinsam widmet. In einer beinahe synoptisch anmutenden Herangehensweise fokussiert sie dabei auf den Begriff der Freiheit, der bei beiden von eminenter Bedeutung für das jeweilige Theoriegebäude ist. Holland-Cunz zufolge verstehen beide, bei einigen Unterschieden, Freiheit so, dass sie sich vor allem durch eine in sich eingeschriebene Gefährdung auszeichnet: Diese resultiert aus einem heroisch-emphatischen Gestus, der in paradoxer Weise gepaart wird mit einem abgeklärten Realismus. Über weite Strecken liest sich der Weg zu dieser Deutung, v. a. auch wegen einer teilweise sympathisch unkonventionellen und originellen Herangehensweise, sehr anregend und überzeugend.Barbara Holland-Cunz, who has already addressed Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt individually, dedicates this volume to both of these prominent thinkers of the 20th century. Using an almost synoptic approach, she focuses on the topic of freedom, which is of eminent importance for both of their theoretical structures. According to Holland-Cunz, both of them, despite some differences, understand freedom as signalized by a danger, which is inscribed within the very concept of freedom: this danger results from a heroic-emphatic gestus, which is paradoxically paired with serene realism. The way that Holland-Cunz pursues in order to reach her interpretation is very inspiring and convincing to read, particularly because of her often pleasantly unconventional and witty approach.

  20. SeaSketch: Implementation of a Decision-Support Platform for a Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Multi-sector Working Group (United States)

    Goldberg, G.; McClintock, W.


    Effective interagency and cross-sector coordination is essential to ecosystem based management which depends on processes characterized by collaboration and science-based information. Many technological barriers that exist in the development of science-based management plans are closely tied to process challenges, such as the sharing of data and information or the inclusion of parties with varied levels of technical experience. The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary has convened a diverse working group to develop recommendations for the management of marine shipping in and around the Santa Barbara Channel, as well as recommendations regarding research needs and outreach strategies. Working group members take a multi-issue approach with four distinct goals related to the reduction of ship strikes on whales, emissions and air quality, conflicting ocean uses, and issues of navigational safety. Members range from industry representatives, scientists, and multiple local and federal government entities. The recommended management plans will be based in the best-available science, and will build off of previous efforts, making this an interesting case study of adaptive management. In addition to support from the Sanctuary and professional facilitators, the group is using a decision-support platform, SeaSketch ( SeaSketch is a web-based GIS that supports collaborative science-based marine spatial planning (MSP). Each feature supports a step of the MSP process, from data gathering, identification of data needs, the design of spatial plans, evaluation of those plans with analytics, and map-based forums that facilitate data-driven discussions. Working group members are able to access these tools to explore management options and collaborate remotely, in addition to using the platform during in-person meetings and webinars. Empowering diverse audiences to engage in the design of science-based plans is of key importance to developing ecosystem

  1. Backscatter [SWATH]--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the acoustic-backscatter map of Offshore of Santa Cruz map area, California. Backscatter data are provided as three separate...

  2. Habitat--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the habitat map of the seafloor of the Offshore of Santa Cruz map area, California. The vector data file is included in...

  3. Folds--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the folds for the geologic and geomorphic map of the Offshore Santa Cruz map area, California. The vector data file is included...

  4. Faults--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the faults for the geologic and geomorphic map of the Offshore Santa Cruz map area, California. The vector data file is...

  5. Contours--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the bathymetric contours for several seafloor maps of the Offshore Santa Cruz map area, California. The vector data file is...

  6. La Ex Hacienda de Santa Cruz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berta Pinto de Estrada


    Full Text Available Ex hacienda Santa Cruz was chosen to show the differences in the geographic and economic structure, and the historic causes that originated them, as an example of ihe situation in the northem part of Campeche.

  7. Patterns of acoustic variation in Cicada barbara Stål (Hemiptera, Cicadoidea) from the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. (United States)

    Pinto-Juma, G A; Seabra, S G; Quartau, J A


    Field recordings of the calling song and of an amplitude modulated signal produced by males of Cicada barbara from North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula were analysed in order to assess the geographical acoustic variation and the potential usefulness of acoustic data in the discrimination of subspecies and populations. Sound recordings were digitized and the frequency and temporal properties of the calls of each cicada were analysed. In all regions studied, peak frequency, quartiles 25, 50 and 75% and syllable rate showed low coefficients of variation suggesting inherent static properties. All frequency variables were correlated with the latitude, decreasing from south to north. In addition, most acoustic variables of the calling song showed significant differences between regions, and PCA and DFA analyses supported a partitioning within this species between Iberian Peninsula+Ceuta and Morocco, corroborating mtDNA data on the same species. Therefore, the subspecific division of C. barbara into C. barbara barbara from Morocco and C. barbara lusitanica from Portugal, Spain and Ceuta finds support from the present acoustic analyses, a result which is also reinforced by molecular markers.





    Resumen: El siguiente trabajo tiene por objetivo examinar la Nueva fenomenología en Francia, a través de las obras de Marion, Romano y Barbaras. Nuestra hipótesis de lectura es que estas fenomenologías, por un lado la de Marion y Romano, y por el otro la de Barbaras, coinciden en dos cuestiones: 1) el privilegio que otorgan a la donación y, 2) la necesidad de pensar la subjetividad abandonando el paradigma de la subjetividad trascendental husserliano. Ambas propuestas requieren de un examen d...

  9. Organization of the 1999 Integrated Photonics Research Topical Meeting Held at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort, Santa Barbara, California on 19-21 Jul 1999 (United States)


    coupler currents References: [1] P.-J. Rigole et al. "State-of-the art: widely tunable lasers", SPIE Vol. 3001, p.382 [2] P.-J. Rigole et al. 蕂...34, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 7, July 1995 [3] P.-J. Rigole et al. "Wavelength coverage over 67 nm with a GCSR laser. Tuning...characteristics and switching speed", 15th IEEE Int. Semiconductor Laser Conference, paper Wl.l, Haifa, Israel, October 1996 [4] P.-J. Rigole et al. "Fast

  10. NOAA Office for Coastal Management Coastal Inundation Digital Elevation Model: Los Angeles/Oxnard (CA) WFO - Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This digital elevation model (DEM) is a part of a series of DEMs produced for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office for Coastal Management's Sea...

  11. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 water-level projections: 1-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived total water levels (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  12. Technical Papers Presented at the Defense Nuclear Agency Global Effects Review Held in Santa Barbara, California on 7-9 April 1987. Volume 2 (United States)


    information on availability of satellite images of smoke, Paul Dallavalle for MOS forecasts and surface temperature observations, Sunny Bae for plotting...palaeocl I thank Warren Washington and Gerald Meehl for providing matic analogue: the Younger Dryas period, 10,000- 1,000 years both the model and valuable...9,11475-9503 (1994). Amosphrco Effects (Wiley, New York. 3986), 14. Meehl . G. A. & Wsshingtons, W. M4.1. pmys Ocnaloog. 15.,92-104 (1985). 4. Thompson. S

  13. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 water-level projections: 20-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived total water levels (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  14. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 wave-hazard projections: 20-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived significant wave height (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  15. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard projections: 20-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Geographic extent of projected coastal flooding, low-lying vulnerable areas, and maxium/minimum flood potential (flood uncertainty) associated with the sea-level...

  16. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 wave-hazard projections: average conditions in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived significant wave height (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  17. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 water-level projections: 100-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived total water levels (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  18. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard projections: 1-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Geographic extent of projected coastal flooding, low-lying vulnerable areas, and maxium/minimum flood potential (flood uncertainty) associated with the sea-level...

  19. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard projections: 100-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Geographic extent of projected coastal flooding, low-lying vulnerable areas, and maxium/minimum flood potential (flood uncertainty) associated with the sea-level...

  20. International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (2nd) Held in Santa Barbara, California on 12-17 July 1992 (Extended Abstracts) (United States)


    Federal University of SAo Carlos , C. P. 676, 13560 S. Carlos - SP, Brazil The impedance of the double-layer region of polycrystalline Ptlperchloric...EASUREENTS IN IMPEDANCE SPECTROSCOPY: CORRECTION OF THE WARBURG IMPEDANCE. R. Jimenez, M. C. Montemayor and E. Fatts. Dpt. Quimica Fisica. Universidad...fitting of data, and (b) data-transforming and optimizing integral transforms. In the first category, a Monte Carlo study is used to answer the

  1. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 ocean-currents projections: 20-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived ocean current velocities (in meters per second) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System...

  2. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard projections: average conditions in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Geographic extent of projected coastal flooding, low-lying vulnerable areas, and maxium/minimum flood potential (flood uncertainty) associated with the sea-level...

  3. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 ocean-currents projections: 100-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived ocean current velocities (in meters per second) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System...

  4. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 water-level projections: average conditions in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Model-derived total water levels (in meters) for the given storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR) scenario. The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) makes...

  5. Environmental Assessment: Western Range Instrumentation Modernization Program Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, and Pillar Point Air Force Station, San Mateo County California (United States)


    emissions due to the use of fossil fuel-powered equipment and (2) fugitive dust emissions (PM10 and PM2.5) during earth- moving activities, and materials...Wildlife Resources Wildlife, including mammals , amphibians, reptiles, and birds, present in the vicinity of the construction activities could be...entire Holocene and may extend back to late Pleistocene times. Excavations on Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) reveal occupations dating back 9,000

  6. Macroeconomia do Turismo Argentino em Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Meurer


    Full Text Available Resumo O Estado de Santa Catarina experimentou um considerável crescimento do setor de turismo nas últimas décadas. O fluxo turístico de origem argentina revelou-se um ingrediente importante dessa trajetória. Este artigo focaliza um aspecto pouco explorado, aparentemente, da participação argentina no turismo estadual: a relação entre a situação macroeconômica do país vizinho e a demanda turística por Santa Catarina lá originada. Começa-se abordando brevemente a problemática geral da macroeconomia do turismo. Depois, discorre-se sobre o crescimento desse setor em Santa Catarina, destacando a presença de argentinos. A terceira parte desenvolve uma análise baseada em tratamento estatístico de dados sobre demanda e receita geradas por esses turistas no estado, com exame das correlações envolvendo taxa de câmbio e taxa de crescimento do PIB da Argentina. Palavras-chave: turismo; Santa Catarina; turistas argentinos; economia argentina Abstract The State of Santa Catarina has witnessed a considerable development of its tourist sector in the last decades. The demand from Argentina has proved to be an important factor of that growth. This article deals with a feature of the presence of Argentinians in the state which seems to be scarcely studied: the relationship between the macroeconomic situation of Argentina and the tourist demand in Santa Catarina originated from that country. The first part of the article considers briefly the general issue of tourism macroeconomics. The second one looks upon tourism growth in Santa Catarina, stressing the presence of visitors from Argentine. The third section develops an analysis based on statistical treatment of data concerning demand and income generated by such tourists in Santa Catarina, involving correlations that consider aspects like exchange rate and the rate of GDP increase in Argentina. Keywords: tourism; Santa Catarina; tourists from Argentina; Argentina’s economy

  7. Monitoring of the moisture and salt load in restoration plasters in St.-Barbara' s church in Culemborg

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hees, R.P.J. van; Sanders, M.M.


    St. Barbara's Church in Culemborg in the Netherlands has a history of moisture and salt damage to the plaster. In the past several restorations were performed, without a durable results. Finally, in 1997 test panels were applied in oreder to bas the choice for new plastering on in practice proved

  8. School Public Relations and the Principalship: An Interview with Barbara Chester, President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (United States)

    Steaffens, Susan


    As the current president of National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), Barbara Chester has the responsibility of representing the organization's members in their efforts as advocates for children. Principal Chester's answers to the interview questions reflect the challenges facing schools and the role that principals need to…

  9. 75 FR 76453 - CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc., (CARE), and Barbara Durkin v. National Grid, Cape Wind... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc., (CARE), and Barbara Durkin v. National Grid, Cape Wind, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities; Notice of Complaint...

  10. "Romeo ja Julia" Liivimaa moodi? Barbara von Tiesenhauseni legend : ajalooline tagapõhi ja kirjanduslikud variatsioonid / Juhan Kreem, Liina Lukas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kreem, Juhan


    Käsitletakse järgnevaid ilukirjanduslikke teoseid: Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi ballaadi "Das Fräulein von Borkholm", Th. H. Panteniuse romaani "Die von Kelles" (e.k. "Kelleste omad. Romaan Liivimaa minevikust"), Marie Underi ballaadi "Porkuni preili", Aino Kallase novelli "Barbara von Tiesenhusen" ja Maimu Bergi romaani "Kirjutajad"

  11. A vitivinicultura de altitude em Santa Catarina


    Losso, Flavia Baratieri


    Tese (doutorado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Geografia, Florianópolis, 2016. O presente estudo analisou as relações entre a formação sócio-espacial, a produção e o consumo de vinhos finos de altitude em Santa Catarina como indutores do desenvolvimento do Enoturismo no Estado mediante o entendimento de que este tipo de turismo poderá intervir na economia do vinho, agregando valor e influenciando o consumo des...

  12. The tidelands oil controversy: The prize and the responsibility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hagar, A.V.


    This article reviews the legal history of the Tidelands oil controversy in the Santa Barbara Channel of Southern California. A blowout of a well in an offshore platform in 1969 marked the beginning of California`s anti-oil movement. Santa Barbara today is a combination of industrialization and recreation, and like the oil and water that are the lifeblood of these two pursuits, they do not mix.

  13. 33 CFR 80.1102 - Santa Catalina Island, CA. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Santa Catalina Island, CA. 80... INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION RULES COLREGS DEMARCATION LINES Pacific Coast § 80.1102 Santa Catalina Island, CA. The 72 COLREGS shall apply to the harbors on Santa Catalina Island. ...

  14. Hydrogeologic framework of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Hanson, Randall T.


    (76 m), and most pumpage occurs within the upper-aquifer system between 300 and 650 ft (between 91 and 198 m) below land surface.Overall, the natural quality of most groundwater in the Santa Clara Valley is good. Isotopic data indicate that artificial recharge is occurring throughout the shallower parts of the upper-aquifer system and that recent recharge (less than 50 yr old) occurs throughout most of the basin in the upper-aquifer system, but many of the wells in the center of the basin with deeper well screens do not contain tritium and recent recharge. Age dates indicate that the groundwater in the upper-aquifer system generally is less than 2000 yr old, and groundwater in the lower-aquifer system generally ranges from 16,700 to 39,900 yr old. Depth-dependent sampling indicates that wellbores are the main path for vertical flow between aquifer layers. Isotopic data indicate as much as 60% of water pumped from production wells originated as artificial recharge. Shallow aquifers not only contain more recent recharge but may be more susceptible to anthropogenic and natural contamination, as evidenced by trace occurrences of iron, nitrate, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in selected water-supply wells.Water-resource management issues are centered on sustaining a reliable and good-quality source of water to the residents and industries of the valley. While the basin has been refilled, increased demand owing to growth and droughts could result in renewed storage depletion and the related potential adverse effects of land subsidence and seawater intrusion. The new hydrologic model demonstrates the importance of the aquifer layering, faults, and stream channels in relation to groundwater flow and infiltration of recharge. This model provides a means to analyze water resource issues because it separates the supply and demand components of the inflows and outflows.

  15. Ecotourism: The Santa Elena Rainforest Project. (United States)

    Wearing, Stephen


    Describes an ecotourism project in which the community of Santa Elena, Costa Rica, are developing a rainforest reserve on government land leased permanently to the local high school. Discusses the impact of the project on the community's economy and environment. (Contains 30 references.) (MDH)

  16. Standardization of the process of smelting for sands with self-forgeling resins in the Military Industry Santa Bárbara Factory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lina Consuelo Carvajal-Fernández


    Full Text Available This article describes the standardization of the smelting process for sands with self-forgeling resins in the Military Industry Santa Barbara Factory. The molding process was studied in the Smelter for six months, to set standards for workforce and raw materials, so that would allow truthfully evaluate the costs per kilogram of casting. 41 pieces of civil and military sectors throughout the development of the project were worked. Finally both standards were evaluated, labor as raw material for different parts, with results was evidenced improved process, essentially in workforce, while in raw material standards did not show significantly change, in this case is corroborated that existing ones are applicable to the process

  17. Chirp seismic-reflection data of field activity 2014-645-FA; Santa Cruz Basin offshore Santa Barbara, southern California from 2014-11-12 to 2014-11-25 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data release contains high-resolution seismic-reflection data collected in 2014 to explore to explore marine geologic hazards offshore of southern California....

  18. Donación y Subjetividad en La Nueva Fenomenología en Francia: Marion, Romano y Barbaras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patricio Mena Malet

    Full Text Available Resumen: El siguiente trabajo tiene por objetivo examinar la Nueva fenomenología en Francia, a través de las obras de Marion, Romano y Barbaras. Nuestra hipótesis de lectura es que estas fenomenologías, por un lado la de Marion y Romano, y por el otro la de Barbaras, coinciden en dos cuestiones: 1 el privilegio que otorgan a la donación y, 2 la necesidad de pensar la subjetividad abandonando el paradigma de la subjetividad trascendental husserliano. Ambas propuestas requieren de un examen de las intenciones metódicas de la fenomenología husserliana y es, en dicha discusión, que ganan, al mismo tiempo, la originalidad de su marcha fenomenológica.

  19. Text as Locus, Inscription as Identity: On Barbara Honigmann's Roman von einem Kinde

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilyn Sibley Fries


    Full Text Available Barbara Honigmann's Roman von einem Kinde (1986 constitutes the author's attempt at narrative self-definition. In this and other regards, it is similar to Christa Wolf's Kindheitsmuster (1976; Patterns of Childhood, 1980 , with which it is briefly compared. Honigmann's slim collection of stories, conceived by her as "sketches for self-portraits and landscapes," depicts the absolute isolation ofthe female Jewish narrator in the GDR and her search for community ( Heimat via language. Simultaneously, it records that narrator's desire to identify "places of transition," "boundaries at which conditions change" without fixing these in a static prison of text. The narrator-mother merges with the child born in the first story as, in the following ones, she comprehends the insignificance of her social (context, finally to simulate her own birth and the envied preverbal infant stage by means of self-expulsion—from the GDR via a "threefold salto mortale into the "Judaism of the Thora" in Strasbourg—into a "foreign language among foreign people." The narrator/author's position at a transitional boundary, underscored by the self-portrait that adorns the book's dust jacket, acknowledges the territory between two illegible texts and her reluctance to sacrifice "true reality" ( wahre Wirklichkeit by transforming "human being" into "text" ( Mensch into Schrift —a reluctance engendered by her meeting with Gershom Scholem in the central story of the volume.

  20. Mateship and the Female Body in Barbara Baynton's “Squeaker's Mate”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deborah Scheidt


    Full Text Available “Mateship”, or companionship and loyalty in adverse situations, was a common theme for late 19th century Australian short stories. Women are excluded from the practice of mateship and are not usually the protagonists of these narratives, being either kept in the background as mothers and housewives, or not present at all in the plots.  Going against these stereotypes, in Barbara Baynton’s story “Squeaker’s Mate”, the “mate” is an independent, strong and hard-working woman. Baynton explores the gloomy consequences of this reversal of expected gender roles, especially after an accident leaves the protagonist paralysed and no longer in control of her body. What occurs in “Squeaker’s Mate” is a kind of “anti-mateship”, where irony serves as a device to expose gender relations and the exclusion of women from what is traditionally considered heroic and historical. In “Squeaker’s Mate”, Baynton questioned the adoption of “mateship” as an Australian value more than half a century before that discussion started to draw formal critical attention.

  1. La subjetividad internacional de la Santa Sede


    Mosquera Monelos, Susana


    Presentamos el caso de la subjetividad internacional de la Santa Sede como un ejemplo que nos permita afrontar un nuevo enfoque del concepto de sujeto para el derecho internacional. El cumplimiento de los requisitos clásicos de la subjetividad internacional se ha visto superado por la fuerza creadora del derecho que nuevos sujetos internacionales han impulsado: ONG, sociedad civil, transnacionales, sujetos atípicos. Analizando el mecanismo de atribución de personalidad internacional de la San...

  2. Geomorphology, acoustic backscatter, and processes in Santa Monica Bay from multibeam mapping. (United States)

    Gardner, James V; Dartnell, Peter; Mayer, Larry A; Hughes Clarke, John E


    Santa Monica Bay was mapped in 1996 using a high-resolution multibeam system, providing the first substantial update of the submarine geomorphology since the initial compilation by Shepard and Emery [(1941) Geol. Soc. Amer. Spec. Paper 31]. The multibeam mapping generated not only high-resolution bathymetry, but also coregistered, calibrated acoustic backscatter at 95 kHz. The geomorphology has been subdivided into six provinces; shelf, marginal plateau, submarine canyon, basin slope, apron, and basin. The dimensions, gradients, and backscatter characteristics of each province is described and related to a combination of tectonics, climate, sea level, and sediment supply. Fluctuations of eustatic sea level have had a profound effect on the area; by periodically eroding the surface of Santa Monica plateau, extending the mouth of the Los Angeles River to various locations along the shelf break, and by connecting submarine canyons to rivers. A wetter glacial climate undoubtedly generated more sediment to the rivers that then transported the increased sediment load to the low-stand coastline and canyon heads. The trends of Santa Monica Canyon and several bathymetric highs suggest a complex tectonic stress field that has controlled the various segments. There is no geomorphic evidence to suggest Redondo Canyon is fault controlled. The San Pedro fault can be extended more than 30 km to the northwest by the alignment of a series of bathymetric highs and abrupt changes in direction of channel thalwegs.

  3. Genetics and mechanisms of permethrin resistance in the Santa Luiza strain of Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae). (United States)

    Li, Andrew Y; Davey, Ronald B; Miller, Robert J; Guerrero, Felix D; George, John E


    strain. The results of this study suggest that other mechanisms, including a possible new sodium channel mutation that is different from the one currently known, may be responsible for permethrin resistance in the Santa Luiza strain of B. microplus.

  4. Reconnaissance Report for Navigation Improvements (Reduction of Shoaling) at Santa Cruz Harbor Santa Cruz County, California (United States)


    Central California Coast. Ghost Town Publications, Canmel CA 93921. Rickets , Edward F., Jack Calvin & Joel W. Hedgepeth. 1985. Between Pacific Tides...banning of DDT, birds have begun to return in force. The brown pelican now breeds in waters of southern California and Mexico and migrate into the Santa

  5. Mixteco de Santa Maria Penoles, Oaxaca (Mixtec of Santa Maria Penoles, Oaxaca). (United States)

    Mexico Coll. (Mexico City)

    This document is one of 17 volumes on indigenous Mexican languages and is the result of a project undertaken Archivo de Lenguas Indigenas de Mexico. This volume contains information on Mixtec, an indigenous language of Mexico spoken in Santa Maria Penoles in the state of Oaxaca. The objective of collecting such a representative sampling of the…

  6. Chocho de Santa Catarina Ocotlan, Oaxaca (Chocho of Santa Catarina Ocotlan, Oaxaca). (United States)

    Mexico Coll. (Mexico City)

    This document is one of 17 volumes on indigenous Mexican languages and is the result of a project undertaken by the Archivo de Lenguas Indigenas de Mexico. This volume contains information on Chocho, an indigenous language of Mexico spoken in Santa Catarina Ocotlan, in the state of Oaxaca. The objective of collecting such a representative sampling…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edgar Rey Sinning


    Full Text Available Partimos de señalar que las investigaciones sobre los negros en la Provincia de Santa Marta, son escasas; sin embargo, podemos afirmar que dos trabajos dan cuenta de su presencia en la ciudad y en todo su territorio. El primero, de ellos es la reciente publicación sobre la esclavitud entre los años 1791- 1851, de Dolcey Romero Jaramillo que revisa el papel de los negros en dicha provincia y ciudad. El otro es nuestro estudio sobre 10s negros llegados a Santa Marta desde el Departamento de Bolívar, en la década de los 80 del siglo pasado, titulado "Cristo Rey: Un Espacio para permanecer en el Tiempo". El presente artículo elabora una cronología de la presencia de los negros esclavos que llegaron a Santa Marta desde 1525, año de su fundación. Se señala cómo durante los primeros años se fueron autorizando dos (2 esclavos negros para algunas personas importantes, destinados a1 servicio doméstico. Política que se comienza a modificar a partir de 1535, cuando se le autorizan cien (100 esclavos al Gobernador Pedro Fernández de Lugo, y desde entonces, es importante su presencia en oficios varios, sobre todo en las actividades de las haciendas cercanas a Santa Marta, hasta el siglo XIX. A finales de ese siglo y comienzos del XX, es significativa su vinculación a] muelle -más tarde puerto-, como "muelleros" o "portuarios", asumiendo la responsabilidad de garantizar las actividades de carga y descarga del puerto samario. Igualmente se muestra su papel determinante en la construcción de las líneas férreas que unirían a la ciudad-puerto con la "Zona Bananera". Es para esta última actividad, que se traen negros desde Jamaica conocidos como "yumecas", llamados "yumecas" por los samarios.

  8. Mujeres Latinas--Santas y Marquesas. (United States)

    Arredondo, Patricia


    This presidential address is a conceptualization and application of psychohistorical and mestizo psychology frameworks to address gender and ethnic identity conflicts for contemporary Latinas. Connections are made between historical and cultural icons and Latina literature of the 21st century with protagonists who give voice to the struggles of acculturated and self-empowered women. Spanish terms are used to communicate and give emphasis to the Latino landscape. The article comes to conclusion with personal reflections about María Morales de Zaldívar, or Mamá, the author's grandmother, who embodies the santa y marquesa life script.

  9. Un ensayo de Elisa Mujica: Santa Teresa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisa Mújica


    Full Text Available Santa Teresa de Avila empezó a escribir El Castillo Interior o Las Moradas el 2 de junio de 1577. Lo terminó el 29 de noviembre del mismo año, o sea poco menos de seis meses más tarde. El increíble plazo todavía se acorta por la interrupción de varias semanas a consecuencia de un viaje de Toledo a Avila, efectuado por la autora. Entonces tocaba a su fin la lucha para implantar la Reforma carmelita, entre intrigas, críticas e incomprensiones de toda clase.

  10. The Dogs of CA-SRI-2: Osteometry of Canis familiaris from Santa Rosa Island, California

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Courtney Hofman


    Full Text Available Domesticated dogs (Canis familiaris are an important human companion around the world and have long been a focus of archaeological research. Osteometric analysis of six dogs from a Late Holocene Chumash village on Santa Rosa Island, California indicates that adults, juvenile/young adults, and a puppy were present. Similar to dogs on other Channel Islands, these dogs fall into the large Indian dog category, standing some 43-54 cm tall, with mesaticephalic or mild brachycephalic facial characteristics. No cutmarks were found on the bones, but one of the mandibles was burned. The CA-SRI-2 dogs appear to have eaten high trophic marine foods similar to what humans consumed, documenting the close bond between dogs and humans on the Channel Islands and broader North American Pacific Coast.

  11. "Santa Maria" forever : Eesti ja Portugali kirjandussuhetest / Toomas Haug

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Haug, Toomas, 1956-


    Jaanuaris 1961 Portugali diktaatorlikule režiimile protestiks kaaperdatud laevast "Santa Maria", mis sai omamoodi vabaduse ja vastuhaku sümboliks ka okupeeritud Eestis. Artiklis käsitletakse sellest sündmusest mõjutatud teoseid, täpsemalt Aleksander Suumanni maali "Santa Maria" ja Paul-Eerik Rummo samanimelist luuletust

  12. 27 CFR 9.126 - Santa Clara Valley. (United States)


    ...), photoinspected 1973; (8) Loma Prieta, Calif., 1955 (photorevised 1968); (9) Los Gatos, Calif., 1953 (photorevised... boundary) approx. 7 miles until it converges with Los Trancos Creek (Santa Clara County/San Mateo County... along Los Trancos Creek (Santa Clara County/San Mateo County boundary) until it intersects the 600 foot...

  13. 27 CFR 9.31 - Santa Cruz Mountains. (United States)


    ..., California—San Mateo County”; (9) “La Honda Quadrangle, California—San Mateo County”; (10) “Laurel Quadrangle..., California—San Mateo County”; (18) “San Mateo Quadrangle, California—San Mateo County”; (19) “Santa Teresa... Quadrangle, California—San Mateo County”; and (24) One 5 × 11 minute series map entitled: “Santa Cruz...

  14. "Santa Maria" forever : Eesti ja Portugali kirjandussuhetest / Toomas Haug

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Haug, Toomas, 1956-


    Jaanuaris 1961 Portugali diktaatorlikule režiimile protestiks kaaperdatud laevast "Santa Maria", mis sai omamoodi vabaduse ja vastuhaku sümboliks ka okupeeritud Eestis. Artiklis käsitletakse sellest sündmusest mõjutatud teoseid, täpsemalt Aleksander Suumanni maali "Santa Maria" ja Paul-Eerik Rummo samanimelist luuletust

  15. Physical, mechanical and chemical properties of plums (cv. Santa ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The effect of AVG (Aminoethoxyvinylglycine) treatments on some physical, mechanical and chemical properties of plum fruits (cv. Santa Rosa) were determined. Materials and Methods: For this research, the plant material 'Santa Rosa' plum (Prunus salicina L.) fruits were obtained in Tokat/Turkey (39o51' N and 40o55' E), ...

  16. 46 CFR 7.115 - Santa Catalina Island, CA. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Santa Catalina Island, CA. 7.115 Section 7.115 Shipping... Coast § 7.115 Santa Catalina Island, CA. (a) A line drawn from the northernmost point of Lion Head to the north tangent of Bird Rock Island; thence to the northernmost point of Blue Cavern Point. (b) A...

  17. Free inside: The Music Class at Santa Ana Jail (United States)

    Fierro, Joe


    This article examines the workings of the music class at the Santa Ana Jail in Santa Ana, California. It gives us insight into a jail system and a music class focused on helping inmates position themselves to become productive members of society. In this article I examine how the facility encourages inmates' good behaviour and why the music class…

  18. Heavy rainfall equations for Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Álvaro José Back


    Full Text Available Knowledge of intensity-duration-frequency (IDF relationships of rainfall events is extremely important to determine the dimensions of surface drainage structures and soil erosion control. The purpose of this study was to obtain IDF equations of 13 rain gauge stations in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil: Chapecó, Urussanga, Campos Novos, Florianópolis, Lages, Caçador, Itajaí, Itá, Ponte Serrada, Porto União, Videira, Laguna and São Joaquim. The daily rainfall data charts of each station were digitized and then the annual maximum rainfall series were determined for durations ranging from 5 to 1440 min. Based on these, with the Gumbel-Chow distribution, the maximum rainfall was estimated for durations ranging from 5 min to 24 h, considering return periods of 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 years,. Data agreement with the Gumbel-Chow model was verified by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, at 5 % significance level. For each rain gauge station, two IDF equations of rainfall events were adjusted, one for durations from 5 to 120 min and the other from 120 to 1440 min. The results show a high variability in maximum intensity of rainfall events among the studied stations. Highest values of coefficients of variation in the annual maximum series of rainfall were observed for durations of over 600 min at the stations of the coastal region of Santa Catarina.

  19. Population structure of Cicada barbara Stål (Hemiptera, Cicadoidea) from the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco based on mitochondrial DNA analysis. (United States)

    Pinto-Juma, G A; Quartau, J A; Bruford, M W


    We assess the genetic history and population structure of Cicada barbara in Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula, based on analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. The divergence between Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula populations was strongly corroborated by the molecular data, suggesting genetically isolated populations with a low level of gene flow. The Ceuta population from Spanish North Africa was more similar to the Iberian populations than the surrounding Moroccan populations, suggesting that the Strait of Gibraltar has not been acting as a strict barrier to dispersal while the Rif Mountains have. The Iberian Peninsula specimens showed a signature of demographic expansion before that which occurred in Morocco, but some of the assumptions related to the demographic parameters should be considered with caution due to the small genetic variation found. The high haplotype diversity found in Morocco implies higher demographic stability than in the Iberian Peninsula populations. These results do not, however, suggest a Moroccan origin for Iberian cicadas; but the most northwest region in Africa, such as Ceuta, might have acted as a southern refuge for Iberian cicadas during the most severe climatic conditions, from where they could expand north when climate improved. The separation of two subspecies within C. barbara (C. barbara lusitanica and C. barbara barbara) finds support with these results.

  20. Postorogenic emplacement of the Santa Marta Batholith, northwestern flank of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM). (United States)

    Sanchez Sierra, Johan Miguel Sebastian; Kammer, Andreas


    The Santa Marta Batholith (BSM) belongs to a Paleogene intrusive suite of the Santa Marta massif, an exhumed triangular block at the southern Caribbean margin. Its Paleogene age precludes its association to an active margin, although its emplacement was controlled by the flexure of the down-bent Southamerican plate. Its internal structure is outlined by a mafic border facies and a felsic core, both having a petrologic affinity to a TTG-suite. According to existing age data, the BSM consolidated sequentially from SW to NE, with a first pulse having crystallized at 56 Ma in the southern domain and a final pulse in the northern domain at 52-50 Ma. Pressures varied between 5-7 kb, corresponding to depths of 14-19 km. This study combines structural, thermochronological and geochemical data with an analysis of Anisotropy and Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) and paleomagnetism. The SNSM had a clockwise rotation of 30 ° and the ASM results help distinguish between two fault-bounded structural domains. The southern domain is characterized by a magnetic foliation concordant to the contact of the host rock that dips toward the hinterland. The northern domain, in contrast, displays a N-S trending magnetic foliation that is oblique to the regional structural northeastern trend. This divergence is supported by the orientation of mineral lineations, enclaves and dikes. In spite of its arc signature, anomalies like enrichment in Ti, depletion of Nb-Ta and Zr-Hf, as well as flat REE patterns can be associated to the accumulation of crystallized mafic minerals from less-fractionated magmas. These data evidence mingling. Asymmetric internal organization, as indicated by a hinterland-dipping roof pendent, the structural setting at the margin of a thickened continental margin and its geochemical signature favor a scenario of a magma generation at a mid-crustal level and its consequent extrusion along a channel, that connected to the crustal bend of the continental plate that was

  1. A tale of two biographies: the myth and truth of Barbara McClintock. (United States)

    Shah, Esha


    Evelyn Fox Keller wrote first biography of the Nobel Prize winning geneticist Barbara McClintock in which Keller discussed how McClintock felt being rejected by her peers in the 1950s because she questioned the dominant idea of the particulate gene and instead proposed that the genetic material jumped positions on the chromosome which indicated that the gene did not control but was controlled by the cellular environment. Keller's story of McClintock's life is an account of a woman scientist's conception of science and how her unorthodox views isolated her from the main stream science. Keller's biography was read by many in a way that made McClintock a feminist icon by showing how women scientists "see" scientific objects differently and how their science is holistic and hence radically different from the reductionism of male-dominated science. The second biographer Nathaniel Comfort calls this story a myth. In his detailed intellectual biography, Comfort embarks on an energetic journey to separate fact from fiction to dismantle what he calls the McClintock myth. The difference between two biographers is not entirely about evidences or about separating fact from fiction but about their adoption of two contrasting paradigms of scientist's subjectivity: Keller foregrounds McClintock's affective self and Comfort her rational. In this commentary I have closely and comparatively read both biographies to revisit Keller's "myth" and Comfort's "truth" and to provide yet another interpretation of McClintock's life and work from the perspective of object relations theories in psychoanalysis. Instead of figuring out the extent to which the myth bears truth as Comfort does, I have asked questions: How and why this private myth was in the making throughout McClintock's life and work? How this private myth was related to the making of her science? By using developmental psychoanalytical approach, I show that what Comfort calls McClintock's private myth was not something that was

  2. Hatching phenology and voltinism of Heterocypris barbara (Crustacea: Ostracoda from Lampedusa (Sicily, Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeria Rossi


    Full Text Available The persistence of crustacean populations in ephemeral ponds requires appropriate adaptations in life history strategies (e.g. in hatching phenology. Organisms take advantage of pond filling when it occurs and hedge their bets for the possibility to complete one or more life cycles or to produce resting stages that ensure that the population will not go extinct. We carried out laboratory experiments to investigate the dynamics of a sexual population of Heterocypris barbara from a vernal pool in Lampedusa Island (Sicily. Experimental organisms were obtained hydrating sediments from Aria Rossa temporary pond. Recruitment from resting eggs, voltinism, mean body size and sex ratio were observed in microcosms at different conductivities (high 2.0-2.7 mS cm-1, intermediate 1.0-1.1 mS cm-1 and low 0.5-0.6 mS cm-1. Microcosms were kept in laboratory controlled conditions: constant (24°C 12:12 L:D and 16°C 10:14 L:D photoperiod or fluctuating thermal regimes. The experiment lasted 7 months. Resting and non-resting egg production and up to a bivoltine life cycle were observed. Recruitment events from egg bank and voltinism varied by thermal regime and conductivity. A prolonged recruitment phase occurred in conditions that could be considered a proxy of a rainy season (16°C, 10:14 L:D and low conductivity or of long hydroperiods (spring thermal fluctuating regime and intermediate conductivity. At 24°C, age at reproduction of females from resting eggs almost doubled at low conductivity (in comparison with high conductivity. Low conductivity also reduced hatching time of resting eggs while it increased development time and age at maturity. In thermal fluctuating regime, degree-days to reproduction were about double than at constant 24°C. Males, observed in all microcosms, reached maturity faster and had a shorter life span than females. Males initially outnumbered females, but later in the experiments females became dominant. We also evaluated the

  3. The würmian mammalian fauna of Grotta Barbara (Monte Circeo: palaeoeconomical and environment conditions data / La mammalofauna würmiana di Grotta Barbara (Monte Circeo: implicazioni paleoeconomiche e paleoambientali

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia Caloi


    Full Text Available Abstract A fossil fauna composed predominantly by red deer, and also containing fallow-deer and steinbock was examined. It comes from late-Mousterian levels at Grotta Barbara, and is correlated with the first moderately cold oscillations of palaeotemperature stage 3. The analysis of the remains suggests that: a among cervids, young and females were preferentially hunted; b butchering was performed mainly in the cave; c the bones were crushed in order to extract the marrow and, less frequently, the fat. Riassunto Viene esaminata una fauna a cervo dominante, daino e stambecco, proveniente dai livelli a industria tardo-musteriana di Grotta Barbara. L'associazione viene riferita alle prime oscillazioni moderatamente fredde dello stadio 3 della scala isotopica. L'analisi dei resti consente di ipotizzare che: a la caccia era rivolta in prevalenza a femmine giovani; b la macellazione avveniva prevalentemente in grotta; c le ossa erano frantumate al fine di estrarne il midollo e, meno frequentemente, il grasso.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ljiljana Stošić Mihajlović


    Full Text Available Marketing channel is a set of entities and institutions, completion of distribution and marketing activities, attend the efficient and effective networking of producers and consumers. Marketing channels include the total flows of goods, money and information taking place between the institutions in the system of marketing, establishing a connection between them. The functions of the exchange, the physical supply and service activities, inherent in the system of marketing and trade. They represent paths which products and services are moving after the production, which will ultimately end up buying and eating by the user.

  5. South Fork of the Santa Clara River, Santa Clarita Valley, California. Supplement. (United States)


    well as from the Miocene Topanga sandstone and the Modelo shale found near the crest of the Santa Susana Mountains in Aliso and Rice Canyons. Fossil...ground squirrel. The woodland habitat provides excellent habitat for wildlife in the project area, particularly hole nesting species such as plain...coyote (Canis latrans), dusky-footed woodrat (Neotoma fuscipes), and California ground squirrel. The woodland habitat provides excellent habitat for

  6. Computer Security: a plea to Santa Claus

    CERN Multimedia

    Stefan Lueders, Computer Security Team


    Running pirated software or illegal licences, using cracking tools to bypass software activation measures, sharing music and films – these are problems that academic environments unfortunately have to deal with. All violate the copyright of the software/music/film owners, and copyright owners are not Santa Claus...    CERN, like other research organisations and universities, regularly receives allegations from external companies complaining about laptops or PCs running illegal software or sharing their films, videos or music with peers – and thus violating copyright.  Usually, we then contact the owners of the corresponding devices in order to understand whether these allegations are true. Very often such allegations boil down to a laptop whose owner replies “I confirm that a torrent client was left up and running on my device by mistake” or “This is a file that is stored on my personal hard disk.” As if those allegatio...

  7. SantaPark Oy:n asiakastyytyväisyyskysely


    Välitalo, Marjut; Taipale, Hanna


    Opinnäytetyömme tarkoitus oli selvittää SantaPark Oy:n asiakkaiden taustatietoja ja heidän kokemuksiaan SantaParkista. Opinnäytetyön toimeksiantajana toimi SantaPark Oy, joka on Rovaniemellä Napapiirin tuntumassa sijaitseva vuonna 1998 avattu elämyspuisto. Selvitys tehtiin rajahaastattelun avulla, kvantitatiivisena tutkimuksena. Tutkimus suoritettiin kyselylomakkeella, johon oli lisätty avoimia kysymyksiä täydentämään vastauksia. Tutkimusaineisto kerättiin heinäkuun 2011 – elokuun 2011 väl...

  8. Channel Power in Multi-Channel Environments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.G. Dekimpe (Marnik); B. Skiera (Bernd)


    textabstractIn the literature, little attention has been paid to instances where companies add an Internet channel to their direct channel portfolio. However, actively managing multiple sales channels requires knowing the customers’ channel preferences and the resulting channel power. Two key

  9. Santa Monica, California Tsunami Forecast Grids for MOST Model (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Santa Monica, California Forecast Model Grids provides bathymetric data strictly for tsunami inundation modeling with the Method of Splitting Tsunami (MOST)...

  10. Geology and geomorphology--Offshore Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This part of DS 781 presents data for the geologic and geomorphic map of the Offshore Santa Cruz map area, California. The vector data file is included in...

  11. Postlarvas y juveniles de camarones Farfantepenaeus spp y Xiphopenaeus kroyeri en la Boca de la Barra (Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta), Caribe colombiano


    López, A.C.; García, C.B.


    Postlarvae and juveniles of Farfantepenaeus spp. and Xiphopenaeus kroyeri were collected at Boca de la Barra (Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta), by means of a channel net that orientates with the tide. Sampling was carried out every two weeks for ayear (February 1998 – February 1999), so that each sampling date corresponded to full and new moon alternatively. Farfantepenaeus spp. postlarvae tended to appear in the dry season and with significantly greater abundance during full moon (Mann-Whitney...

  12. On Shor's Channel Extension and Constrained Channels (United States)

    Holevo, A. S.; Shirokov, M. E.

    Several equivalent formulations of the additivity conjecture for constrained channels, which formally is substantially stronger than the unconstrained additivity, are given. To this end a characteristic property of the optimal ensemble for such a channel is derived, generalizing the maximal distance property. It is shown that the additivity conjecture for constrained channels holds true for certain nontrivial classes of channels. After giving an algebraic formulation for Shor's channel extension, its main asymptotic property is proved. It is then used to show that additivity for two constrained channels can be reduced to the same problem for unconstrained channels, and hence, ``global'' additivity for channels with arbitrary constraints is equivalent to additivity without constraints.

  13. In Santa We Trust: Santa Claus as a God, and Consumption as Religion


    Staver, Jeppe


    I denne oppgaven ble usagnet "Julenissen (Santa Claus) kan bli ansett som en gud, og konsum kan bli kategorisert som en religion" analysert og funnet belegg for. Studiet ble basert på et gruppeintervju med fire barn i 7-8 års-alderen, samt to reklamebilder med hovedsaklig like bilder, men med forskjellig tekst, hvor et var på norsk og et på engelsk. Problemer med metodevalget viste seg tidlig i analysen av intervjuet, da både intervjutypen (gruppeintervju) og tiden for intervjuet var problem...

  14. Anofelinos de Santa Catarina (Diptera: Culicidae, Brasil Anophelines of Santa Catarina (Diptera: Culicidae, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria da Graça Teixeira Portes


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: No Brasil, a Região Amazônica é endêmica em malária. Em Santa Catarina, a malária foi eliminada na década de 80. A partir daí, ocorreram poucos casos autóctones isolados, e esporádicos. No entanto, em função da existência do vetor em seu território, da existência de extensa área endêmica no Brasil e da grande mobilidade de pessoas em áreas turísticas no estado, existe a probabilidade de reintrodução da doença. MÉTODOS: Utilizou-se os seguintes dados: Banco de Dados do Núcleo de Entomologia da Fundação Nacional de Saúde, Santa Catarina (ACCES,1997-2000; Sistema de Informação de Vigilância Epidemiológica, Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde (Malária/SC e Sistema de Informação de Notificação e Agravo(SINAN/SC. Os mesmos foram transportados e analisados, no programa Microsoft Office Excel 2007. RESULTADOS: As coletas foram realizadas em 48 municípios, 159 localidades, sendo identificados 12.310 Culicídeos, 11.546 (93,7% Anopheles e 764 (6,2% como outros. Foram identificados três subgêneros e 13 espécies de anofelinos. CONCLUSÕES: Considerando que nos municípios pesquisados, foi identificada a presença de importantes vetores como Anopheles cruzii e Anopheles albitasis e há circulação de pessoas infectadas provenientes de áreas endêmicas, pode-se considerar que os mesmos são áreas receptivas e vulneráveis à malária. Essas espécies são suspeitas de serem responsáveis pela transmissão de malária na região, principalmente nos municípios de Gaspar, Indaial e Rodeio.INTRODUCTION: The Amazon region of Brazil is endemic for malaria. In the State of Santa Catarina, malaria was eliminated in the 1980s. Since then, a few sporadic isolated autochthonous cases have occurred. However, because malaria vectors are present within Brazilian territory and extensive endemic areas exist in this country, along with the great mobility of people in tourist areas of Santa Catarina, there is the

  15. Meat quality of Santa Inês and F1 Santa Inês x Dorper Lambs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael dos Santos Costa


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Costa R.S., Henriques L.S.V., Tavares E.M., Alves E.N., Henry F.C. & Quirino C.R. [Meat quality of Santa Inês and F1 Santa Inês x Dorper Lambs.] Qualidade da carne de cordeiros Santa Inês e F1 Santa Inês x Dorper. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 36(3:337-343, 2014. Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Agropecuárias, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro, Avenida Alberto Lamego, 2000, Parque Califórnia, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ 28013-602, Brasil. E-mail: Fifty intact male ovines breed were randomly assembled, 25 of the Santa Inês breed and 25 F1 Santa Inês x Dorper to evaluation of dental cronology, live weight at slaughter, withers height, hip height, body length and thorax circumference. After exsanguination, were measured temperature and pH at different times (4h; 12h and 24h of Semitendinosus and Triceps brachii muscles and shear force or tenderness (48h of Semitendinosus muscle. In parallel was accomplished the sensorial analysis relationships to instrumental values of this muscle. The chilling room temperature varied between 12.2°C (4h a -0.5°C (24h, and the mean temperature of carcasses was 26.80°C and -0.20°C, respectively. The mean initial pH of Semitendinosus was 6.62 and final 5.64 and of Triceps brachii was 6.50 (4h and 5.68 (24h. Semitendinosus muscle shear force and tenderness was similar in lambs of Santa Ines breed and F1 Dorper x Santa Ines, demonstrating that the genetic group did not affect meat tenderness. The sensory panel confirmed the results obtained in instrumental analysis. The correlation of instrumental analysis (shear force when compared different genetic groups, was found a good inversed correlation (r = -0.87. The mean of body length and thorax circumference levels don’t have significant difference between genetic groups. The mean of morphometric measurements analyzed on Santa Inês was higher than F1 Santa Inês x Dorper, but don’t have

  16. La granitula de la Santa du Niolu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davia Benedetti


    Full Text Available Abstract – IT   Quale modalità sociale fonda la pratica di una danza rituale pre-cristiana, la granitula, in occasione della festa annuale della Santa nel Niolo, in Corsica? Questa danza vi perdura nel quadro di un pellegrinaggio istituito sulla base di un racconto leggendario, in commemorazione della natività della Vergine. Essa è associata a una cerimonia religiosa e a una fiera. Consiste in una marcia a spirale a doppio senso, scandita da canti e condotta dai membri delle confraternite. La granitula ha rilievo nel campo etno-scenologico con la trasposizione corporea di immagini del labirinto, dell'origine e del sé. Simboleggia il corpo sociale corso e il suo senso d'appartenenza regionale e paesana. Coloro che la eseguono entrano in coesione con la comunità corsa. Fanno corpo con essa per proiettare nel vivere comune della società la loro assicurazione di uscita da ogni labirinto grazie a una prassi solidare, al rinserrare dei legami comunitari e a un adattamento identitario ai cambiamenti. Abstract – FR Quelle sociabilité fonde la pratique d’une danse rituelle antechrétienne, la granitula, lors de la fête annuelle de la Santa dans le Niolu, en Corse? Cette danse y perdure dans le cadre d’un pèlerinage établi sur un récit légendaire, en commémoration de la nativité de la Vierge. Elle est associée à une cérémonie religieuse catholique et à une foire. Elle consiste en une marche spiralée à double sens, scandée par des chants et exécutée par les membres des confréries. La granitula relève du champ de l’ethnoscénologie avec une mise en corps des figures du labyrinthe, de l’origine et du même. Elle symbolise le corps social corse et ses sentiments d’appartenance régionale et villageoise. Ses exécutants entrent en cohésion avec la communauté corse. Ils font corps avec elle pour projeter dans le vivre ensemble sociétal leur assurance de la sortie de tout labyrinthe par une pratique des solidarit

  17. Ativismo artístico: engajamento político e questões de gênero na obra de Barbara Kruger Artistic activism: political awareness and gender issues in Barbara Kruger's work

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lina Alves Arruda


    Full Text Available O presente artigo introduz e contextualiza as primeiras manifestações feministas que compuseram o panorama artístico do final da década de 1960 até 1980. São analisadas as circunstâncias históricas (incluindo a história da arte que facilitaram a ponte entre as esferas da arte e da política, bem como os problemas formais e estéticos que a prática artística ativista apresentou e sua recepção como movimento. Para tanto, nos basearemos no trabalho da artista norte-americana Barbara Kruger, que produziu obras fundamentais para a consolidação da arte feminista, abordando criticamente uma ampla variedade de temas relacionados à mulher (violência, aborto, identidade, papel social, estética. O conteúdo das obras de Kruger está em sintonia com importantes circunstâncias políticas e temas sociais contemporâneos à sua produção e estabelece relação direta com teorias feministas da época, permitindo uma análise do contexto artístico e sócio-político do período.The present article introduces and contextualizes early feminist artworks which emerged in the late 1960's up to the 1980's. It analyzes the historical circumstances which linked the artistic and social spheres, as well as the aesthetic and formal problems that came along with the artistic activist practice and its reception as a movement. The analysis will be based on the work of the North-American artist Barbara Kruger, who has produced fundamental pieces which consolidate feminist art. Kruger's work has a critical approach towards a large variety of subjects regarding women (violence, abortion, identity, social roles, aesthetics. The content of her work is engaged with important social matters and with the political scene at the period of its production, and it also bears a direct relation with the feminist theories of that period, reasons which allow for an analysis of both the artistic and the social-political contexts.

  18. Santa Fe Alliance for Science: The First Eight Years (United States)

    Eisenstein, Robert A.


    The Santa Fe Alliance for Science (SFAFS) was founded in May, 2005. SFAFS exists to provide assistance in K-14 math and science education in the greater Santa Fe area. It does this via extensive programs (1) in math and science tutoring at Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Community College and to a lesser degree at other schools, (2) science fair advising and judging, (3) its ``Santa Fe Science Cafe for Young Thinkers'' series, (4) a program of professional enrichment for K-12 math and science teachers, and (5) a fledging math intervention program in middle school math. Well over 150 STEM professionals, working mostly as volunteers, have contributed since our beginning. Participation by students, parents and teachers has increased dramatically over the years, leading to much more positive views of math and science, especially among elementary school students and teachers. Support from the community and from local school districts has been very strong. I will present a brief status report on SFAFS activities, discuss some of the lessons learned along the way and describe briefly some ideas for the future. More information can be found at the SFAFS website,

  19. Santa Elena. Ready to reshape its transport energy matrix

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moreano, Hernan [Universidad Estatal Peninsula de Santa Elena (Ecuador). Inst. de Investigacion Cientifica y Desarrollo Tecnologico (INCYT)


    The renewable energy issue opens the door to an ambient of opportunities. Santa Elena, one of the coastal provinces of Ecuador has the chance to go from a fossil fuel energy culture to a new energy scheme based on the use of environmental friendly fuels like natural gas and other renewable energy carriers like hydrogen. The marginal production of oil and natural gas from the Gustavo Galindo Velasco field and the updated gas reserves from the Gulf of Guayaquil make it possible. Infrastructure for natural gas production and distribution for vehicles is almost ready and any of the three refineries can generate hydrogen from natural gas. This provides the opportunity to reshape the Santa Elena transport energy matrix, where vehicles can burn natural gas and inter country buses can work with hydrogen. Traditional Fishing boats can be fitted with hydrogen storage and fuel systems later on. Santa Elena should face this challenge through a joint effort of public and private parties. Santa Elena State University and its partners as a focus point to create: The Campus of Energy Knowledge, where research, science and technology will serve companies that work in the energy business with a strong synergy, which will create jobs for the Santa Elena people. (orig.)

  20. Deposição tecidual em cordeiros Santa Inês, ½ Dorper-Santa Inês e ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês avaliados por ultrassonografia Tissue deposition in Santa Inês, ½ Dorper-Santa Inês and ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês lambs assessed by ultrasonography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franciane Barbiéri Dias


    Full Text Available Foram utilizados 36 cordeiros machos não castrados, dos quais, 12 de cada grupo genético: Santa Inês, ½ Dorper-Santa Inês e ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês, mantidos em confinamento. Realizaram-se pesagens e avaliações semanais na região do lombo entre a 12ª e 13ª costelas, por ultrassonografia, para obtenção da espessura de gordura subcutânea e profundidade do músculo Longissimus lumborum. Para a verificação de diferenças no desenvolvimento da espessura de gordura subcutânea e profundidade do músculo Longissimus lumborum, em função dos dias em confinamento entre os grupos, foi assumida distribuição normal em análise Bayesiana. A equação obtida para o ganho de peso em função dos dias em confinamento apresentou coeficiente angular (b1 maior para ½ Dorper-Santa Inês (0,26 e menor para o Santa Inês (0,22. O coeficiente angular (b1 da espessura de gordura subcutânea, em função dos dias em confinamento foi maior para os cordeiros ½ Dorper-Santa Inês (0,038 e ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês (0,039 comparados ao Santa Inês (0,037, o que expressa maior precocidade para esta característica nos cordeiros cruzados. A avaliação da profundidade do músculo Longissimus lumborum indicou maior taxa (b1 de deposição muscular para os cordeiros Santa Inês (0,072 comparado aos ½ Dorper-Santa Inês (0,057 e ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês (0,057, no entanto, a deposição inicial de músculos foi maior nos cordeiros cruzados. Os cordeiros cruzados apresentam desenvolvimento mais precoce e podem ser abatidos com mais músculos e mais gordura em menor tempo.Thirty six male lambs, not castrated, twelve of each genetic group: Santa Inês, ½ Dorper-Santa Inês and ½ White Dorper-Santa Inês, were used, and raised in feedlot. Weight measurements and assessments in the region of the loin, between the 12th and 13th ribs, by ultrasound, were conducted weekly, to obtain the subcutaneous fat thickness and the Longissimus lumborum muscle depth

  1. Biocalcarenites as construction materials in Santa Marina de Aguas Santas Church at Cordoba, Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meroño, J. E.


    Full Text Available This study consisted in characterizing the materials used to build Santa Marina de Aguas Santas Church at Cordoba and locating the original quarries. The techniques used in the lithological and chemical characterization included XRD, petrographic microscopy and electron dispersive scanning microscopy. The chemical index of weathering (CIW was used to quantify the state of stone decay. The lithology and different types of alterations observed were mapped. A comparison of the material on the building to ancient quarries identified “Naranjo” as the possible site where the stone was originally quarried.Para la caracterización litológica y determinación del grado de alteración de los materiales pétreos se han empleado las siguientes técnicas: difracción de rayos X (método del polvo, microscopía petrográfica (sobre lámina delgada y microscopía de barrido con EDS (energía dispersiva de rayos X, para determinar la composición química. El estado de degradación del material pétreo se ha cuantificado a partir del índice químico de alteración (CIW. Se han realizado cartografías sobre la fachada oeste: a de las litologías presentes y b de los diferentes tipos de alteración observados. La comparación de muestras del edificio con las de antiguas canteras ha permitido identificar la del Naranjo como la posible cantera de origen.

  2. Local smoke-free policy development in Santa Fe, Argentina (United States)

    Glantz, Stanton A


    Objective To describe the process of approval and implementation of a comprehensive smoke-free law in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, between 2005 and 2009. Methods Review of the Santa Fe smoke-free legislation, articles published in local newspapers and documentation on two lawsuits filed against the law, and interviews with key individuals in Santa Fe. Results Efforts to implement smoke-free policies in Santa Fe began during the 1990s without success, and resumed in 2005 when the provincial Legislature approved the first 100% smoke-free subnational law in Argentina. There was no strong opposition during the discussions within the legislature. As in other parts of the world, pro-tobacco industry interests attempted to block the implementation of the law using well known strategies. These efforts included a controversy media campaign set up, the creation of a hospitality industry association and a virtual smokers' rights group, the introduction of a counterproposal seeking modification of the law, the challenge of the law in the Supreme Court, and the proposal of a weak national bill that would ‘conflict’ with the subnational law. Tobacco control advocates sought media attention as a strategy to protect the law. Conclusions Santa Fe is the first subnational jurisdiction in Latin America to have enacted a comprehensive smoke-free policy following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. After 3 years of implementation, pro-tobacco industry forces failed to undermine the law. Other subnational jurisdictions in Argentina, as well as in Mexico and Brazil are following the Santa Fe example. PMID:19955534

  3. La Santa Muerte y la cultura de los derechos humanos


    Pilar Castells Ballarín


    Este artículo tiene su origen en la siguiente pregunta: ¿qué valores se construyen en el culto a La Santa Muerte y cómo afectan el contexto socio-simbólico de los derechos humanos? Reflexiono el culto a La Santa Muerte como un fenómeno social con dos pautas: 1. Una original expresión estratégica para enfrentar la precariedad y muerte social (como efectos indeseados del neoliberalismo); 2. Una expresión que confirma la cultura del miedo como instrumento de control social.

  4. Nesh Dhillon: Manager, Santa Cruz County Community Farmers' Markets


    Rabkin, Sarah


    Nesh (pronounced “Naysh”) Dhillon is operations manager for the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets, which include locations in downtown and Westside Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Felton, and (added in 2009, after this oral history was recorded) Scotts Valley. All operate open year-round except the Felton market, which is open May through October. Dhillon’s parents both grew up poor—his father in a farming family in northern India, his mother in rural Oregon—but with a preference for fresh...

  5. La Santa Muerte y la cultura de los derechos humanos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pilar Castells Ballarín


    Full Text Available Este artículo tiene su origen en la siguiente pregunta: ¿qué valores se construyen en el culto a La Santa Muerte y cómo afectan el contexto socio-simbólico de los derechos humanos? Reflexiono el culto a La Santa Muerte como un fenómeno social con dos pautas: 1. Una original expresión estratégica para enfrentar la precariedad y muerte social (como efectos indeseados del neoliberalismo; 2. Una expresión que confirma la cultura del miedo como instrumento de control social.

  6. Prevalência de autismo em Santa Catarina


    Ferreira, Evelise Cristina Vieira


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciências da Saúde. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Saúde Pública. Objetivos: Estimar a prevalência de autismo por região de residência, sexo e idade, e avaliar os critérios de diagnóstico de autismo, comparando-os aos critérios do DSM IV (1995), no estado de Santa Catarina no ano de 2006. Metodologia: Trata-se de um estudo epidemiológico populacional, com delineamento transversal, descritivo, que utilizou dados sec...

  7. Las ermitas de Portera y Santa Olalla

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: A partir del estudio de los restos de dos construcciones culturaes aún en pie (Portera y Santa Olalla en la provincia de Cáceres, se intenta llegar a un aislamiento de los santuarios, centros de culto cuya morfología tanto interna como externa es rectangular en oposición a ábside. Con estos datos y los obtenidos de otros similares se trata de buscar los orígenes de tal tipología como resultado de una solución tectónica de cubierta debida en gran parte a un influjo externo. La tipología resultante quedará definida por un cambio cualitativo en los materiales empleados, un cambio en el sistema de construcción y un cambio, en definitva, en la estructura de cubierta que será abovedada. La aplicación exclusiva al centro de culto de estos cambios indicará una diferenciación jerárquica respecto a la nave. Una de las consecuencias que ocasionará el cambio será una considerable reducción del espacio interno, que a su vez afectará posiblemente al mobiliario litúrgico. Por los datos cronológicos que proporcionan los hallazgos conocidos hasta ahora, debieron ser los alrededores de Mérida la zona geográfica que constituyó el centro de estos cambios a fines del s. VI. Las construcciones de la Meseta quedarían encuadradas en una fase que se denomina plena, correspondiente a la segunda mitad del s. VII, mientras que la etapa que une ambos hitos cronológicos sería la fase de transición, en la que coexistirían soluciones constructivas derivadas del sistema romano, junto con el afianzamiento de los nuevos cambios, lo que supondría un período de ensayo.RÉSUMÉ: A partir de l'étude des restes de deux constructions cultuelles encore debout (Portera et Santa Olalla dans la province de Cáceres, on cherche à isoler les sanctuaires, centres de culte, dont la morphologie tant intérieure qu'extérieure est rectangulaire en opposition à \\'abside. Avec ces données et celles tirées d'autres découvertes, il s'agit de chercher

  8. Nomadic work:romance and reality : a response to Barbara Czarniawska’s ‘Nomadic work as life-story plot’


    Buscher, Monika


    This article takes departure in Barbara Czarniawska’s discussion of ‘Nomadic Work as Life-Story Plot’. It contextualises her analysis of actors’ interpretations of nomadic work with a bi- focal review of the ambiguous realities of these phenomena. Firstly, an examination of key aspects of the socio-economic and political context of nomadic work in global neoliberal economies reveals precarious conditions that cloud romantic interpretations of nomadicity. Secondly, a review of studies of every...

  9. A case study of the Santa Ana winds in the San Gabriel mountains (United States)

    Michael A. Fosberg


    Santa Ana wind structure varies between the high main ridges, the foothills, and the canyon bottoms. In each of these regions, a typical pattern characterizes the Santa Ana. Strong steady wind, at the high levels are determined almost completely by the large scale weather patterns. lntermediate canyons and ridges are affected by Santa Ana winds only when the foehn is...

  10. Digital single-channel seismic-reflection data from Western Santa Monica Basin (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — During a collaborative project in 1992, a Canadian Geological Survey cruise obtained about 850 line-km of high-quality boomer and sleeve-gun reflection profiles...

  11. Submarine Landslides at Santa Catalina Island, California (United States)

    Legg, M. R.; Francis, R. D.


    Santa Catalina Island is an active tectonic block of volcanic and metamorphic rocks originally exposed during middle Miocene transtension along the evolving Pacific-North America transform plate boundary. Post-Miocene transpression created the existing large pop-up structure along the major strike-slip restraining bend of the Catalina fault that forms the southwest flank of the uplift. Prominent submerged marine terraces apparent in high-resolution bathymetric maps interrupt the steep submarine slopes in the upper ~400 meters subsea depths. Steep subaerial slopes of the island are covered by Quaternary landslides, especially at the sea cliffs and in the blueschist metamorphic rocks. The submarine slopes also show numerous landslides that range in area from a few hectares to more than three sq-km (300 hectares). Three or more landslides of recent origin exist between the nearshore and first submerged terrace along the north-facing shelf of the island's West End. One of these slides occurred during September 2005 when divers observed a remarkable change in the seafloor configuration after previous dives in the area. Near a sunken yacht at about 45-ft depth where the bottom had sloped gently into deeper water, a "sinkhole" had formed that dropped steeply to 100-ft or greater depths. Some bubbling sand was observed in the shallow water areas that may be related to the landslide process. High-resolution multibeam bathymetry acquired in 2008 by CSU Monterey Bay show this "fresh" slide and at least two other slides of varying age along the West End. The slides are each roughly 2 hectares in area and their debris aprons are spread across the first terrace at about 85-m water depth that is likely associated with the Last Glacial Maximum sealevel lowstand. Larger submarine slides exist along the steep Catalina and Catalina Ridge escarpments along the southwest flank of the island platform. A prominent slide block, exceeding 3 sq-km in area, appears to have slipped more than

  12. En el Cincuentenario del Hospital Santa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Rueda Pérez


    Full Text Available

    El 16 de julio de 1942 nace el Hospital Sanatorio Antituberculoso Santa Clara en Santafé de Bogotá.
    Un siglo atrás, casi a la fecha, en 1843, nace en Alemania Roberto Koch, quien, 60 años antes de la fundación del Hospital, el 24 de marzo de 1882, presenta al mundo el descubrimiento del Micobacterium Tuberculosis, germen causante de la enfermedad que ataca alhombre desde sus más remotos orígenes y que aún nos acompaña, especialmente en los países subdesarrollados, causando severo impacto en la salud de las poblaciones más necesitadas, apesar de los grandes avances alcanzados en el campo de la Medicina a nivel mundial.
    Por haber sido destinado el Hospital altratamiento de los tuberculosos, destino que aún conserva primordialmente aunque, como se verá posteriormente, sus camas reciben enfermos de medicina general dada la evolución de los tratamientos y la modernización de los esquemas terapéuticos, se justifica ampliamente mencionar aquí los principales avances relacionados con el control de la Tuberculosis a través de los tiempos hasta la fundación del Hospital.

    Estos se pueden resumir así:

    • 'HIPOCRATES (460-377 a. C.:describe la consunción y la llama tisis; lanza el concepto de herencia que perdura por siglos.
    • ARISTOTELES(324-284a. C.:habla del contagio a través de la respiración.
    • CELSO (siglo I a. C.: describe el tubérculo y señala tres formas de consunción: atrofia, caquexia y tisis.
    • GALENO(181-261 d. C.: la agrupa con otras enfermedades transmisibles: la peste, la sarna, etc.
    • EDADMEDIA(sigloVII alXIIId. C.:se destaca únicamente como aporte nuevo Maimonides, filósofo judío radicado en Granada (11351204,quien describe la tisis de los animales.

    Posteriormente Girolamo Fracastoro (1478-1553, nacido en Verona,la asimila a la viruela y lanza la teoría microbiana.

    • PARACELSO(1493-1541pregona que: los

    • Santa Fé ante el ataque de Raleigh a la Guayana

      Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

      Manuel Lucena Salmoral


      Full Text Available A la una de la tarde del 12 de enero de 1618 comenzaron a desembarcar los efectivos militares que el corsario inglés Walter Raleigh lanzaba contra la pequeña ciudad de Santo Tomé (Guayana, dependiente por aquel entonces, como toda la provincia de El Dorado, de la Real Audiencia de Santa Fé.

    • Coyote Creek (Santa Clara County) Pilot Revegetation Project (United States)

      John T. Stanley; L. R. Silva; H. C. Appleton; M. S. Marangio; W. J. Lapaz; B. H. Goldner


      The Santa Clara Valley Water District, located in Northern California, is currently evaluating a pilot riparian revegetation project on a 1.6 ha (4 ac) site adjacent to Coyote Creek in the south San Francisco Bay Area. Specific techniques used during the design, site preparation and installation of 3640 plants (including seed planting locations) are described. This...

    • Natural Law, Santa Clara, and the Supreme Court. (United States)

      Rodgers, Raymond S.; Lujan, Phillip

      The court case, "Santa Clara Pueblo, et al. v. Julia Martinez, et al.," is the subject of this paper. It gives the background of the case of a woman whose children were refused admittance to tribal rolls because of an ordinance prohibiting the enrollment of children whose father is not a tribal member. The paper gives the arguments of…

    • Seafloor off Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz County, California (United States)

      Storlazzi, Curt D.; Golden, Nadine E.; Gibbons, Helen


      The seafloor off Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz County, California, is extremely varied, with sandy flats, boulder fields, faults, and complex bedrock ridges. These ridges support rich marine ecosystems; some of them form the "reefs" that produce world-class surf breaks. Colors indicate seafloor depth, from red-orange (about 2 meters or 7 feet) to magenta (25 meters or 82 feet)

    • Updates on the genus Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) in Santa Catarina, Brazil

      DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

      Hassemer, Gustavo; Marques da Silva, Otávio Luis; Funez, Luís Adriano


      This contribution presents updates to the knowledge of the species of Euphorbia that occur in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. More specifically, we here typify the names E. cyathophora, E. hirtella, E. paranensis and E. stenophylla, and present the first records of E. cyathophora, E...

    • [Medical speciality, belief in Santa and the risk of divorce]. (United States)

      Lund, Kamma Sundgaard; Aabenhus, Rune Munck; Arreskov, Anne Beiter


      Christmas is a unique time for family occasions - unfortunately the number of divorces increase in the months after Christmas. In this study, we examined the relationship between medical speciality, length of relationship, risk of divorce and if belief in Santa impacted on these outcomes. A questionnaire was developed from the lived experiences of the authors and distributed to doctors of any speciality through links (SurveyXact) in emails, text messages and Facebook from June 28 2016 to August 1 2016. Multivariate regression models were used to analyze the results. A total of 1,100 completed questionnaires were included in the analyses. The divorce rate among respondents was 12%. Compared to the speciality "general practice" all other specialities had higher divorce rates. The highest risk of divorce was reported by physicians specialized in psychiatry (odds ratio 2.13 (95% confidence interval: 1.03-4.43)). Belief in Santa was associated with a slightly increased risk of divorce in all medical specialities, with the exception of psychiatry. General practitioners also exhibited the longest duration of relationships compared to peers in other medical specialities. Being a general practitioner was associated with a low risk of divorce and significantly longer relationships than in other medical specialities. Belief in Santa in regard to divorce only seemed to be beneficial for psychiatrists. So please participate in the joy of Christmas but do not rely on Santa - go shop your own presents for the family. none. not relevant.

    • A Santa Sé e a Conferência de Helsinque

      Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

      Virgílio Caixeta Arraes


      Full Text Available A presente exposição busca, brevemente, estudar a atuação da Santa Sé durante a Conferência de Helsinque e analisar a diplomacia pontifica durante esse período da Guerra Fria.

    • Breeding and trade of wildlife in Santa Catarina state, Brazil

      Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

      VV Kuhnen

      Full Text Available The wildlife trade is becoming increasingly more relevant in discussions concerning conservation biology and the sustainable management of natural resources. The aim of this study was to document the trade and breeding of wildlife in Santa Catarina state, in southern Brazil. Data was collected from annual reports (1996-2008 of wildlife breeders which were sent to IBAMA. By the end of 2008, there were 79 wildlife breeders and 11 wildlife traders distributed in Santa Catarina. Commercial breeding accounted for the highest number of breeders (51%. In total, there are 213 species of wild animals bred in the state: 177 birds, 19 mammals and 17 reptiles. Of these, 48% are native to Santa Catarina, 32% occur in other Brazilian states and 20% are exotic to Brazil. Nine percent of the species bred are vulnerable or endangered. It was observed that some breeders reported breeding unauthorized species. Altogether, 93 species are bred illegally by 19 breeders. Of these species, 48 are native to Santa Catarina and three are classified as vulnerable or in danger of extinction. We hope the data presented in this paper contributes to the development of conservation strategies and conscious use of wildlife resources in Brazil.

  1. Breeding and trade of wildlife in Santa Catarina state, Brazil. (United States)

    Kuhnen, V V; Remor, J O; Lima, R E M


    The wildlife trade is becoming increasingly more relevant in discussions concerning conservation biology and the sustainable management of natural resources. The aim of this study was to document the trade and breeding of wildlife in Santa Catarina state, in southern Brazil. Data was collected from annual reports (1996-2008) of wildlife breeders which were sent to IBAMA. By the end of 2008, there were 79 wildlife breeders and 11 wildlife traders distributed in Santa Catarina. Commercial breeding accounted for the highest number of breeders (51%). In total, there are 213 species of wild animals bred in the state: 177 birds, 19 mammals and 17 reptiles. Of these, 48% are native to Santa Catarina, 32% occur in other Brazilian states and 20% are exotic to Brazil. Nine percent of the species bred are vulnerable or endangered. It was observed that some breeders reported breeding unauthorized species. Altogether, 93 species are bred illegally by 19 breeders. Of these species, 48 are native to Santa Catarina and three are classified as vulnerable or in danger of extinction. We hope the data presented in this paper contributes to the development of conservation strategies and conscious use of wildlife resources in Brazil.

  2. Islas de Old Providence y Santa Catalina. Presente y futuro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    June Marie Mow


    Full Text Available Las Islas de Providencia y Santa Catalina ofrecen una combinación única de diversidad biológica y autenticidad cultural, convirtiéndose en las Islas menos degradadas ambiental y culturalmente en el Caribe; son áreas naturales, con bajos niveles de turismo, relativamente intactas en las cuales la comunidad isleña nativa local juega un papel significativo. La falta de una marca como destino turístico único nacional e internacionalmente, la baja conectividad, la carencia de una estrategia promocional, así como la baja importancia del sector para el gobierno local, brindan la oportunidad para que el ecoturismo trabaje para la gente de Old Providence y Santa Catalina bajo sus propias reglas de juego y que la voluntad política no sea desviada por ganancias de corto plazo o esquemas superficialmente muy atractivos, pero que no generan beneficios para la población local. La visión de la gente de Old Providence y Santa Catalina es que, sea el ecoturismo la forma de ofrecer nuevas opciones socioeconómicas a las poblaciones locales para que puedan obtener los beneficios de sus senderos, playas, arrecifes y áreas naturales, la tradición, y cultura local. Para ello, es posible aprovechar de manera sostenible la introducción de un nuevo paradigma para el desarrollo sostenible de Old Providence y Santa Catalina: La Reserva de Biosfera Seaflower.

  3. Cultural resources of the Santa Rita Experimental Range (United States)

    John H. Madsen


    The Santa Rita Experimental Range is a vast open space with few signs of houses or human habitation, but at one time it was quite the opposite scene. Archaeological surface inspections reveal heavy use of the Range dating back hundreds of years. This paper will review the history of cultural resource management on the Range and provide a timeline of local cultural...

  4. Native fish population and habitat study, Santa Ana River, California (United States)

    Wulff, Marissa L.; Brown, Larry R.; May, Jason


    Collection of additional data on the Santa Ana Sucker (Catostomus santaanae) and the Arroyo Chub (Gila orcutti) has been identified as a needed task to support development of the upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP; The ability to monitor population abundance and understanding the habitats used by species are important when developing such plans. The Santa Ana Sucker (Catostomus santaanae) is listed as a threatened species under federal legislation and is considered a species of special concern in California by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Moyle 2002). The Arroyo Chub (Gila orcutti) is considered a species of special concern in California by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Moyle 2002). Both species are present in the Santa Ana River watershed in the area being evaluated for establishment of the upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP; The HCP is a collaborative effort involving the water resource agencies of the Santa Ana River Watershed, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other government agencies and stakeholder organizations. The goals of the HCP are to: 1) enable the water resource agencies to provide a reliable water supply for human uses; 2) conserve and maintain natural rivers and streams that provide habitat for a diversity of unique and rare species; and 3) maintain recreational opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing, provided by the protection of these habitats and the river systems they depend on. The HCP will specify how species and their habitats will be protected and managed in the future and will provide the incidental take permits needed by the water resource agencies under the federal and State endangered species acts to maintain, operate, and improve their water resource infrastructure. Although the Santa Ana Sucker has been the subject of

  5. Near-surface Faults and Structure of the Western Santa Clara Valley, California as Seen From High-Resolution Seismic Reflection and Refraction Images (United States)

    Catchings, R. D.; Goldman, M. R.; Gandhok, G.; Langenheim, V. E.


    The U.S.G.S acquired an ~10-km-long, high-resolution seismic reflection/refraction profile across the western Santa Clara Valley in the fall of 2000. The seismic profile, which originated within Franciscian rocks of the Santa Cruz Mountains and extended across the Cupertino basin to downtown San Jose, was designed to image shallow (upper 500 m) subsurface structure and stratigraphy along its length. The seismic profile crossed the Monte Vista fault zone and other buried faults inferred to exist beneath the western Santa Clara Valley. High resolution images were provided by seismic sources and geophones that were spaced at 5-m increments along the entire profile, resulting in CDP intervals of 2.5 m. The data were recorded on a 240-channel moving array, which yielded maximum folds over 200 along many segments of the profile. Both velocity and reflection images were developed from the data. Near-surface velocities range from about 500 m/s in the shallow subsurface of the Cupertino basin to more than 3000 m/s in surficial Franciscian rocks of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Reflectivity along the profile varies with rock types, with more reflective strata associated with sediments of the Cupertino basin than Franciscian rocks rocks of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Small offset faults and folds are apparent at several locations along the profile. Larger-offset, south-dipping faults are apparent within the Monte Vista fault zone and at least one other fault zone near the central Santa Clara Valley. The high-resolution images show that the faults extend to the near-surface, suggesting that recency of faulting may be accessed with paleseismological methods. If active, these faults may pose significant hazards to the Santa Clara Valley because they are located in highly populated areas. Furthermore, thick, low-velocity sediments observed in high-population areas along the parts of the profile may amplify seismic waves generated by movement on either local or regional faults, posing

  6. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard depth and duration projections: 20-year storm in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Maximum depth of flooding surface (in cm) in the region landward of the present day shoreline that is inundated for the storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR)...

  7. CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 flood-hazard depth and duration projections: average conditions in Santa Barbara County (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Maximum depth of flooding surface (in cm) in the region landward of the present day shoreline that is inundated for the storm condition and sea-level rise (SLR)...

  8. Hormigas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae de la provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae of Santa Fe province, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Vittar


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo pretende aportar una lista faunística actualizada de las subfamilias, tribus, géneros y especies de hormigas de la provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina. Si bien estos listados tienen poca duración temporal, contribuyen en gran medida a incrementar el conocimiento de un taxón determinado, despertando interés y brindando una herramienta fundamental para el desarrollo de estudios posteriores. Como resultado, nueve registros son nuevos para la Argentina y dos géneros y 18 citas de especies nuevas para la provincia de Santa Fe.The present paper provides an updated faunistic list of the subfamilies, tribes, genera and species of ants of Santa Fe province, Argentina. To a great extent, these listings contribute to increase the knowledge of a specific taxa, awaking interest, and offering a fundamental tool for the development of subsequent studies. As a result, nine species are cited as new for Argentina, and two genera and 18 species are cited for Santa Fe province for the first time.

  9. Citizens and service channels: channel choice and channel management implications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pieterson, Willem Jan


    The arrival of electronic channels in the 1990s has had a huge impact on governmental service delivery. The new channels have led to many new opportunities to improve public service delivery, not only in terms of citizen satisfaction, but also in cost reduction for governmental agencies. However,

  10. Channel nut tool (United States)

    Olson, Marvin


    A method, system, and apparatus for installing channel nuts includes a shank, a handle formed on a first end of a shank, and an end piece with a threaded shaft configured to receive a channel nut formed on the second end of the shaft. The tool can be used to insert or remove a channel nut in a channel framing system and then removed from the channel nut.

  11. Ferrugem em framboesa no estado de Santa Catarina Red raspberry rust in Santa Catarina state

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Trezzi Casa


    Full Text Available Folhas e frutos de framboesa (Rubus idaeus L. da cultivar Batum coletados de plantas do pomar do Centro de Ciências Agroveterinárias, CAV, município de Lages-SC, apresentando pústulas de ferrugem, foram encaminhados para análise no Laboratório de Fitopatologia do CAV. A diagnose indireta indicou a presença de pústulas com uma massa de esporos de cor amarela na face abaxial das folhas e superfície dos frutos. No exame ao microscópio, observou-se urédia e urediniósporos pequenos, obovados ou elipsoides, medindo 12,5-17,5 x 15,0-30,0 µm sobre a epiderme da folha e frutos, sem a presença de télias. Suspensão de urediniósporos (50.000 esporos mL-1 em água esterilizada foi pulverizada em folhas destacadas da mesma cultivar, mantidas por 24 h no escuro e 12 h de fotoperíodo em câmara úmida a 20ºC. Folhas-controle foram pulverizadas com água esterilizada. Após 10 dias detectaram-se urédias contendo urediniósporos na face abaxial das folhas, cujas características morfológicas e mensuração dos urediniósporos, sintomas e patogenicidade permitiram a identificação do agente causal como sendo Pucciniastrum americanum (Farl. Arthur pela primeira vez no Estado de Santa Catarina.Leaves and fruits of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L. of the cultivar Batum collected from the Agriculture and Life Science College - CAV orchard in Lages, SC, presenting rust pustules were analyzed in the CAV Plant Pathology Laboratory. Indirect diagnosis indicated in the abaxial side of the infected leaves and fruits surface pustules filled with masses of yellow spores. Under microscope exam, uredia and small, obovate or elliptical and averaged 12,5-17,5 x 15,0-30,0 µm urediniospores become evident in leaves and fruit surface. Telia were not observed. Urediniopores (50.000 esporos mL-1 were suspended in sterile water and sprayed onto same cultivar leaves that were maintained in a darkened mist chamber at 20ºC for 24 h and transferred to a 20ºC and 12 h

  12. 33 CFR 334.730 - Waters of Santa Rosa Sound and Gulf of Mexico adjacent to Santa Rosa Island, Air Force Proving... (United States)


    ... Gulf of Mexico adjacent to Santa Rosa Island, Air Force Proving Ground Command, Eglin Air Force Base... Sound and Gulf of Mexico adjacent to Santa Rosa Island, Air Force Proving Ground Command, Eglin Air... regulations. (1) Experimental test operations will be conducted by the U.S. Air Force within the prohibited...

  13. Mammalia, Didelphimorphia and Rodentia, central Santa Fe Province, Argentine.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teta, P.


    Full Text Available Three owl pellets samples collected in the localities of Pedro Gómez Cello (= Estación Km. 197;30°02’14” S, 60°18’56” W, Colonia Silva (= Estación Abipones; 30°26’59” S, 60°25’58” W and Jacinto L. Arauz(30°44’01” S, 60°58’31” W, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, were studied. We registered 11 genera of smallmammals, including Didelphidae marsupials (1 species, and Caviidae (1, Cricetidae (10, and Muridae (1rodents. We documented the southernmost record for Pseudoryzomys simplex and the first and second recordinglocalities for Santa Fe of Oligoryzomys nigripes and Graomys chacoensis, respectively.

  14. Migration, Informalization and Public Space in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joshua Kirshner


    Full Text Available In this paper, I ask how migrant insertion into the local economy, in particular in the informal economy, has led to contestation over public space in Santa Cruz.  Related to this issue, the paper asks what sorts of collective actions are used to defend rights to the use of urban public space, and what are the key points of contention.  In my analysis, I look at theoretical connections between the informal economy and urban space, recent changes in the Santa Cruz local economy ‒including accelerated migration and the burgeoning informal economy‒ and conflicts over uses of public urban space.En este trabajo indago cómo la inserción migratoria en la economía local, particularmente en la economía informal, ha llevado a un debate sobre los usos del espacio público en Santa Cruz. En relación con esta problemática, mi trabajo explora qué tipo de acciones colectivas se utilizan para defender los derechos del uso del espacio público urbano, y cuáles son los puntos claves de conflicto. En mi análisis, exploro las conexiones teóricas entre la economía informal y el espacio urbano, los cambios recientes en la economía local de Santa Cruz ‒incluyendo la migración acelerada y la emergente economía informal‒ y los conflictos sobre usos del espacio urbano público.

  15. Diagnosis of the retail flower market of Santa Maria, RS


    Janine Farias Menegaes; Fernanda Alice Antonello Londero Backes; Rogério Antônio Bellé; Rogério Luiz Backes


    The present study aimed to diagnose the flowers retail market and ornamental plants in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, by means of a research in loco, from January to June of 2013, based on questionnaires and interviews applied to the managers of the establishment, as well as of an application of a visual and phytosanitary scale to other establishments that sell flowers and ornamental plants, such as agricultural shops, fairs of horticultural products, supermarkets and providers of funeral services ...

  16. Tetanus epidemiology in Santa Catarina, Brazil from 1998 to 2008


    Mattos, Ana Carolina Squeff de; Hernandes Júnior, Clineu Gaspar; Fuentefria, Alexandre Meneghello


    Objetive: This work describes demographic and clinical characteristics of individuals with accidental tetanus in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Materials and Methods: 291 cases of accidental tetanus reported from 1998 to 2008 were analyzed retrospectively through a cross-sectional, descriptive and correlated study based on percentage and numeric frequency as well as on number and incidence rate (i.r.) found in compulsory notification forms. Results: Most cases (73,54%) occurred among men residing in...

  17. Status of Santa Clara MCFC product development test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leo, A.J.; O`Shea, T.P.


    The objective of the 2MW Santa Clara Demonstration Project is the demonstration of the carbonate fuel cell technology at full scale. Additional objectives of the project include the demonstration of specific advantages of the direct carbonate fuel cell power plant, such as high efficiency, low emissions, reactive power capability, and high reliability and availability. The project will also provide design input for precommercial early production power plants.

  18. Migración negra en Santa Marta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josè Luis Vega de Lavalle


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es dar cuenta de los procesos e inserción urbana de la Gente Negra  se ha instalado en Santa Marta, los cuales han llegado a partir de la década de los años ochenta a  en el sector turístico de esta ciudad.

  19. Theoretical Considerations about the Quality of Life in Santa Marta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Néstor Ramos N.


    Full Text Available Rev.esc.adm.neg Poverty, social exclusion, the gentrification phenomenon, the spatial segregation in big urban areas are factors that led to a decrease in the levels of the inhabitants´ quality of life, even more when these phenomena involve the destruction of natural resources necessary for the preservation of environmental sustainability, starting with its sustainable growth. This objective could be reached when identifying the variables that its inhabitants take into account for their quality of life. Santa Marta, a Caribbean city of Colombia, should focus its development on generating a good quality of life for its inhabitants. This article shows the final outcomes of the study which define the theoretical bases of this research, being still in development; its title is The Quality of Life in Santa Marta, a perspective from its inhabitants´ concepts. The aim of this final stage is to define the main concepts that are part of this research and to make a description of Santa Marta, Magdalena region. This project has been completely financed by Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

  20. Santa Clara County Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fred Mitlitsky; Sara Mulhauser; David Chien; Deepak Shukla; David Weingaertner


    The Santa Clara County Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PSOFC) project demonstrated the technical viability of pre-commercial PSOFC technology at the County 911 Communications headquarters, as well as the input fuel flexibility of the PSOFC. PSOFC operation was demonstrated on natural gas and denatured ethanol. The Santa Clara County Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PSOFC) project goals were to acquire, site, and demonstrate the technical viability of a pre-commercial PSOFC technology at the County 911 Communications headquarters. Additional goals included educating local permit approval authorities, and other governmental entities about PSOFC technology, existing fuel cell standards and specific code requirements. The project demonstrated the Bloom Energy (BE) PSOFC technology in grid parallel mode, delivering a minimum 15 kW over 8760 operational hours. The PSOFC system demonstrated greater than 81% electricity availability and 41% electrical efficiency (LHV net AC), providing reliable, stable power to a critical, sensitive 911 communications system that serves geographical boundaries of the entire Santa Clara County. The project also demonstrated input fuel flexibility. BE developed and demonstrated the capability to run its prototype PSOFC system on ethanol. BE designed the hardware necessary to deliver ethanol into its existing PSOFC system. Operational parameters were determined for running the system on ethanol, natural gas (NG), and a combination of both. Required modeling was performed to determine viable operational regimes and regimes where coking could occur.

  1. Santa Teresa y sus cartas, historia de los sentimientos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Egido, Teófanes


    Full Text Available Historical reflection on a peculiar dimension of St. Teresa of Jesus: the expression of her feelings in her writings, particularly in her abundant letters. The article focuses on the sense of humor, the joyfulness, and the importance of laughter in St. Teresa language, and also on the feeling of endearment with her family, with her order, with fray Juan de la Cruz. Ample space is dedicated to the tenderness towards girls in her convents. St. Teresa of Jesus appears as transgressor of 16th century social behaviours.Reflexión histórica sobre una dimensión peculiar de santa Teresa de Jesús: la expresión de sus sentimientos en sus escritos, de forma más especial en sus cartas abundantes. El artículo se centra en el sentido del humor, de la alegría, en la importancia de la risa en el lenguaje de santa Teresa y en el sentimiento de ternura con su familia, con su orden, con fray Juan de la Cruz. Se dedica un espacio amplio a la ternura hacia las niñas en sus conventos. Aparece santa Teresa de Jesús como trasgresora de los comportamientos sociales del siglo XVI.

  2. A quantitative analysis of surgical capacity in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. (United States)

    Markin, Abraham; Barbero, Roxana; Leow, Jeffrey J; Groen, Reinou S; Skow, Evan J; Apelgren, Keith N; Kushner, Adam L; Nwomeh, Benedict C


    This investigation aimed to document surgical capacity at public medical centers in a middle-income Latin American country using the Surgeons OverSeas (SOS) Personnel, Infrastructure, Procedures, Equipment, and Supplies (PIPES) survey tool. We applied the PIPES tool at six urban and 25 rural facilities in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Outcome measures included the availability of items in five domains (Personnel, Infrastructure, Procedures, Equipment, and Supplies) and the PIPES index. PIPES indices were calculated by summing scores from each domain, dividing by the total number of survey items, and multiplying by 10. Thirty-one of the 32 public facilities that provide surgical care in Santa Cruz were assessed. Santa Cruz had at least 7.8 surgeons and 2.8 anesthesiologists per 100,000 population. However, these providers were unequally distributed, such that nine rural sites had no anesthesiologist. Few rural facilities had blood banking (4/25), anesthesia machines (11/25), postoperative care (11/25), or intensive care units (1/25). PIPES indices ranged from 5.7-13.2, and were significantly higher in urban (median 12.6) than rural (median 7.8) areas (P Bolivia's development status. Unfortunately, surgeons are limited in rural areas by deficits in anesthesia and perioperative services. These results are currently being used to target local quality improvement initiatives. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. [Memory and potassium channels]. (United States)

    Solntseva, E I; Bukanova, Iu V; Skrebitskiĭ, V G


    The K(+)-channels of the surface membrane play a crucial role in the generation of electrical activity of a neuron. There is a large diversity of the K(+)-channels that depends on a great number (over 200) of genes encoding channels proteins. An evolutionary conservation of channel's proteins is determined. The K(+)-channels were found to have a great importance in the memory processes. It was shown on different model systems that K(+)-current of the surface membrane decreases during the learning. The antagonists of K(+)-channels were found to improve the learning and memory. It was revealed in electrophysiological experiments that K(+)-channels antagonists can either themselves induce a long-term synaptic potentiation or intensify the synaptic potentiation induced by a tetanization. The disfunction of K(+)-channels is believed to be an important link in the mechanisms of memory disturbances. In animal mutants with K(+)-channels disfunction, learning and memory are deficient. In behavioral experiments, the use of K(+)-channels openers make the learning worse. Amnesia caused by cerebral ischemia is explained by strong activity of K(+)-channels which not only inhibits neuronal excitement but also causes neurodegeneration. The question on the K(+)-channels involvement into pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease is discussed. Neurotoxic peptide beta-amyloid, which is supposed to be involved into mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease, modulates K(+)-channels function. The effect of beta-amyloid depends on the subtype of K(+)-channels: A-channels are inhibited, and KDR-channels, on the contrary, become stronger. The effect of the cognitive enhancers (vinpocetine, piracetam, tacrine, linopirdine) on K(+)-current also depends on the subtype of K(+)-channels. Slow-inactivating K(+)-currents (IDR, IK(Ca), IM) are inhibited in the presence of these drugs, while fast-in-activating K(+)-current (A-current) remains unchanged or even increases.

  4. Hadamard quantum broadcast channels (United States)

    Wang, Qingle; Das, Siddhartha; Wilde, Mark M.


    We consider three different communication tasks for quantum broadcast channels, and we determine the capacity region of a Hadamard broadcast channel for these various tasks. We define a Hadamard broadcast channel to be such that the channel from the sender to one of the receivers is entanglement-breaking and the channel from the sender to the other receiver is complementary to this one. As such, this channel is a quantum generalization of a degraded broadcast channel, which is well known in classical information theory. The first communication task we consider is classical communication to both receivers, the second is quantum communication to the stronger receiver and classical communication to other, and the third is entanglement-assisted classical communication to the stronger receiver and unassisted classical communication to the other. The structure of a Hadamard broadcast channel plays a critical role in our analysis: The channel to the weaker receiver can be simulated by performing a measurement channel on the stronger receiver's system, followed by a preparation channel. As such, we can incorporate the classical output of the measurement channel as an auxiliary variable and solve all three of the above capacities for Hadamard broadcast channels, in this way avoiding known difficulties associated with quantum auxiliary variables.

  5. Actualidad de la fenomenología: la fenomenología de la vida de Renaud Barbaras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larisson, Mariana


    Full Text Available In recent years we have seen a resurgence of a number of concepts connected to the notion of life, as well as to the several problematic that have their origin in this notion. Such problematic have come to be fashionable in fields such as science, politics, culture or in recent developments in economics and technology. Against this historical background, philosophical reflection on the phenomenon of life has not been, however, undertaken. In this context, the appearance of a philosophical attempt that presents itself as a phenomenology of life is of immediate interest and relevance. Such is the work of Renaud Bárbaras entitled Introduction à une phénoménologie de la vie (2008. The following analysis focuses on this text and attempts to bring to light its great problematic and possible implications.En los últimos años hemos asistido al surgimiento de toda una serie de conceptos ligados a la noción de vida y a las problemáticas que de ella se derivan. Las mismas que, hoy en día, se encuentran en boga en ámbitos tan diversos como la ciencia, la política, la cultura o los nuevos desarrollos económicos y tecnológicos. Sin embargo, y con este contexto histórico de fondo, la reflexión filosófica sobre el fenómeno de la vida resta aún por hacerse. En este sentido, la aparición de una filosofía que se presenta a sí misma como una fenomenología de la vida cobra una actualidad e interés inusitados. Tal es el caso de la reciente obra de Renaud Barbaras Introduction à une phénoménologie de la vie (2008, de la que se ocupa el presente escrito, en el que intentaremos poner de relieve la problemática que el texto revela y sus posibles derivaciones.

  6. Strengths and weaknesses of the nursing certificate program at the Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina (Federal Institute of Santa Catarina). (United States)

    Oliari, Luciane Patrícia; Padilha, Maria Itayra; Backes, Vânia Marli Schubert


    To analyze the strengths and weaknesses found in the implementation process of the Nursing Certificate Program at the Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina (Federal Institute of Santa Catarina), in the 2000s. Socio-historical research with a qualitative approach. Oral history as a method source for data collection between June/September 2015, with thematic analysis. Seven professionals participated in the study, resulting in three categories: Recognition of the Nursing Certificate Program in the community and work market; Weaknesses faced by the course; Strengths during the implementation of the course. The course was accepted by the labor market, resulting in an increased demand. As weaknesses: insufficient materials and structure, few teachers, course is offered every two years and no understanding of the stages by the institution. As strengths: commitment of teachers, management support and incentives to perform research. Despite the weaknesses, the strengths contributed to the implementation of the Nursing Certificate Program overcoming challenges, ensuring improvement in vocational training.

  7. Ocorrência Meloidogyne graminicola em Santa Maria, RS Ocurrence of Meloidogyne graminicola em Santa Maria, RS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cezar Bauer Gomes


    Full Text Available Relata-se a ocorrência do nematóide Meloidogyne graminicola em área de arroz irrigado no município de Santa Maria, no ano agrícola de 1995/96. Observou-se a presença de galhas nas extremidades de raízes de arroz, semelhantes a pequenos "cabos de guarda-chuva". A ocorrência deste sintoma foi constatada principalmente em plantas com ausência de lâmina d'água.The occurrence of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola in irrigated rice in Santa Maria, RS during the 1995/96 growing season is reported. Galls on tips of the roots looking like small "umbrella's cabes" were observed. The occurrence of this symptom was detected mainly in areas with no flodding water.

  8. USACE Navigation Channels 2012 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — This dataset represents both San Francisco and Los Angeles District navigation channel lines. All San Francisco District channel lines were digitized from CAD files...

  9. Calcium channel blocker overdose (United States)

    ... page: // Calcium-channel blocker overdose To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Calcium-channel blockers are a type of medicine used to ...

  10. Geology and ground-water in western Santa Cruz County, California, with particular emphasis on the Santa Margarita Sandstone (United States)

    Akers, J.P.; Jackson, L.E.


    The water-bearing potential of the geologic formations in the western part of Santa Cruz County, Calif., is evaluated. Most of the sedimentary formations in this area are fine-grained rocks of Tertiary age that have been folded and faulted. These rocks, in general, yield supplies of water sufficient only for individual domestic supplies. The Lompico and Santa Margarita Sandstones, however, are coarser grained and have the potential to yield moderate quantities of water (50-100 gallons per minute). Areas where the Lompico Sandstone might warrant explorations are (1) near and on the west side of the Ben Lomond fault, (2) near and south of the outcrop of the Lompico Sandstone between Ben Lomond and Felton, and (3) in the area near Bald Mountain School. The Santa Margarita Sandstone should be explored by test drilling in the area between Davenport and Bonnie Doon. The quality of ground water is generally good, although saline water occurs in the San Lorenzo Formation near Redwood Grove and Riverside Grove. (Woodard-USGS)

  11. Infrared Semiconductor Metamaterials (United States)


    AFRL-AFOSR-VA-TR-2016-0310 Infrared Semiconductor Metamaterials Jon Schuller UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA 3227 CHEADLE HL SANTA BARBARA, CA...S) AND ADDRESS(ES) University of California , Santa Barbara Office of Research, 3227 Cheadle Hall Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2050 8. PERFORMING...Using Heterojunction Resonators. Advanced Optical Materials, available online (2016). New discoveries, inventions, or patent disclosures: Do you have

  12. Deformation from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake near the southwest margin of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Schmidt, Kevin M.; Ellen, Stephen D.; Peterson, David M.


    Damage to pavement and near-surface utility pipes, caused by the 17 October 1989, Loma Prieta earthquake, provides evidence for ground deformation in a 663 km2 area near the southwest margin of the Santa Clara Valley, California (USA). A total of 1427 damage sites, collected from more than 30 sources, are concentrated in four zones, three of which lie near previously mapped faults. In one of these zones, the channel lining of Los Gatos Creek, a 2-km-long concrete strip trending perpendicular to regional geologic structure, was broken by thrusts that were concentrated in two belts, each several tens of meters wide, separated by more than 300 m of relatively undeformed concrete.

  13. Channel morphology [Chapter 5 (United States)

    Jonathan W. Long; Alvin L. Medina; Daniel G. Neary


    Channel morphology has become an increasingly important subject for analyzing the health of rivers and associated fish populations, particularly since the popularization of channel classification and assessment methods. Morphological data can help to evaluate the flows of sediment and water that influence aquatic and riparian habitat. Channel classification systems,...

  14. KV7 potassium channels

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stott, Jennifer B; Jepps, Thomas Andrew; Greenwood, Iain A


    Potassium channels are key regulators of smooth muscle tone, with increases in activity resulting in hyperpolarisation of the cell membrane, which acts to oppose vasoconstriction. Several potassium channels exist within smooth muscle, but the KV7 family of voltage-gated potassium channels have been...

  15. Mass Estimation of Santacrucian Sloths from the Early Miocene Santa Cruz Formation of Patagonia, Argentina

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Néstor Toledo; Guillermo Hernán Cassini; Sergio Fabián Vizcaíno; M. Susana Bargo

    Miocene deposits of the Santa Cruz Formation, Patagonia, comprise a diverse and excellently preserved vertebrate fauna, allowing detailed paleobiological and paleoecological studies based on three ecological parameters...

  16. Behavior change stages related to physical activity in adolescents from Santa Catarina: prevalence and associated factors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Silva, Jaqueline Aragoni da; Silva, Kelly Samara da; Lopes, Adair da Silva; Nahas, Markus Vinícius


    Abstract Objective: Verify the prevalence and sociodemographic and economic factors associated with behavior change stages for habitual physical activity practice in adolescents from Santa Catarina. Methods...

  17. New Radiometric Age Constraints for the Matuyama-Bruhnes Reversal and Santa Rosa Excursion (United States)

    Balbas, A.; Koppers, A. A. P.; Kent, D. V.; Coe, R. S.; Konrad, K.; Clark, P. U.


    The coupling of the timing of the virtual geomagnetic pole (VGP) position and the absolute paleointensities for geomagnetic events is vital for understanding the Earth's geodynamo. Here we present new high-precision 40Ar/39Ar age determinations using an ARGUS-VI multi-collector mass spectrometer for lava flows on Floreana Island, Galapagos, and Tahiti Nui, Society Islands. New Galapagos ages (n=6) place the GA-79 lava flow on Floreana Island, which records an excursional VGP from an equatorial region (Cox and Dalrymple, 1966), within the Santa Rosa excursion. This flow contains extremely low paleointesity values of 1.1 x 1022 Am2 (n=11; Wang and Kent, 2013). We also present 52 new ages on 18 lava flows from the Punaruu valley, Tahiti, which record the Matuyama-Bruhnes reversal. The new ages confirm that the lavas record this reversal, but the ages differ from the original stratigraphy presented in Mochizuki et al. (2011). Our new ages using the Kuiper et al. (2008) fish canyon sanidine ages for Punaruu valley lava flows are concordant with previous astronomically tuned ages (Channell et al. 2002, 2009) and represent the highest precision radiometric ages for the most recent reversal. Here we show that paleointensity lows associated with excursional events can be comparable to or less than those associated with reversals. In addition, such field strength reductions can occur in time intervals as short as 3 thousand years.

  18. A dimensão pulsional do sensível: elaborações acerca da percepção em Renaud Barbaras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danilo Saretta Verissimo


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, analisamos o trabalho teórico realizado por Renaud Barbaras a partir de seu propósito de destacar e desenvolver a potencialidade da teoria husserliana da percepção, fundamentada na doutrina de doação perceptiva por perfis. Centramo-nos principalmente em sua obra intitulada O desejo e a distância: introdução a uma fenomenologia da percepção. Destacamos a descrição, operada pelo autor, do movimento vital como desejo e a caracterização do sujeito da percepção como vivente. Sob esta condição, emerge a formulação da prioridade de uma dimensão qualificada por Barbaras como "pulsional" frente à dimensão objetivante da epistemologia clássica da relação sujeito-objeto. Sinalizamos que, para o autor, estes remanejamentos conduzem à necessidade de pensar o corpo, a percepção e o movimento com base na categoria de vida.

  19. Ion channel pharmacology. (United States)

    Camerino, Diana Conte; Tricarico, Domenico; Desaphy, Jean-François


    Because ion channels are involved in many cellular processes, drugs acting on ion channels have long been used for the treatment of many diseases, especially those affecting electrically excitable tissues. The present review discusses the pharmacology of voltage-gated and neurotransmitter-gated ion channels involved in neurologic diseases, with emphasis on neurologic channelopathies. With the discovery of ion channelopathies, the therapeutic value of many basic drugs targeting ion channels has been confirmed. The understanding of the genotype-phenotype relationship has highlighted possible action mechanisms of other empirically used drugs. Moreover, other ion channels have been pinpointed as potential new drug targets. With regards to therapy of channelopathies, experimental investigations of the intimate drug-channel interactions have demonstrated that channel mutations can either increase or decrease affinity for the drug, modifying its potential therapeutic effect. Together with the discovery of channel gene polymorphisms that may affect drug pharmacodynamics, these findings highlight the need for pharmacogenetic research to allow identification of drugs with more specific effects on channel isoforms or mutants, to increase efficacy and reduce side effects. With a greater understanding of channel genetics, structure, and function, together with the identification of novel primary and secondary channelopathies, the number of ion channel drugs for neurologic channelopathies will increase substantially.

  20. Valoración, partición y distribución de la tierra de los resguardos indígenas en una localidad andina venezolana. Santa Bárbara de Chachopo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samudio A., Edda O.


    Full Text Available The article examines the process of the establishment of Indian reserves (resguardos in the Venezuelan Andes in the late sixteenth century, and the experiences of their dissolution three centuries later. The main objective of the study is to analyze the appraisal, partition and distribution of the Indian reserves of Merida, assessing the role of the factors that were key elements in that process. The study includes aspects of the extinction of lands that were given with common and non-transferable title to the Indians settlements of Merida. The case of the pueblo of Santa Barbara de Chachopo is here offered as an example.

    El artículo examina el proceso mediante el cual los Resguardos indígenas que fueron establecidos en la región andina venezolana en el tardío siglo XVI experimentaron su disolución tres centurias más tarde. El objetivo central de este trabajo es analizar la valoración, partición y distribución de esos Resguardos Indígenas de Mérida, tratando de apreciar la intervención de los factores que participan en ese hecho; para el estudio de los aspectos contemplados en el proceso de extinción de las tierras que fueron otorgadas, con carácter común e intransferible, a los pueblos de indios de Mérida; en esta ocasión, se tomó como ejemplo el caso de Santa Bárbara de Chachopo.

  1. Compound Wiretap Channels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kramer Gerhard


    Full Text Available Abstract This paper considers the compound wiretap channel, which generalizes Wyner's wiretap model to allow the channels to the (legitimate receiver and to the eavesdropper to take a number of possible states. No matter which states occur, the transmitter guarantees that the receiver decodes its message and that the eavesdropper is kept in full ignorance about the message. The compound wiretap channel can also be viewed as a multicast channel with multiple eavesdroppers, in which the transmitter sends information to all receivers and keeps the information secret from all eavesdroppers. For the discrete memoryless channel, lower and upper bounds on the secrecy capacity are derived. The secrecy capacity is established for the degraded channel and the semideterministic channel with one receiver. The parallel Gaussian channel is further studied. The secrecy capacity and the secrecy degree of freedom ( are derived for the degraded case with one receiver. Schemes to achieve the for the case with two receivers and two eavesdroppers are constructed to demonstrate the necessity of a prefix channel in encoder design. Finally, the multi-antenna (i.e., MIMO compound wiretap channel is studied. The secrecy capacity is established for the degraded case and an achievable is given for the general case.

  2. Entre champetuos, pupys y harcoretos: Identidades juveniles en santa marta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Giraldo


    Full Text Available Este artículo describe las principales articulaciones de las identidades juveniles en la ciudad de Santa Marta, en el Caribe colombiano. Para ello, contrasta las más relevantes figuras en el espectro de las experiencias y subjetividades juveniles en sus estrechas relaciones con diferentes géneros musicales. Se evidencia, entonces, que en las identidades juveniles se pueden diferenciar unas figuras hegemónicas (champetuo, pupy, yuquero de unas alternativas (harcoreto,electrónico.

  3. Nuraghic Well of Santa Cristina, Paulilatino, Oristano, Sardinia (United States)

    Lebeuf, Arnold

    The Nuraghic well of Santa Cristina, Sardinia, has been regarded as a ritual monument built to receive moonlight on its water mirror at the time of the meridian passage of the moon when it reaches its highest point in the sky around the time of a major standstill. In this chapter, we investigate the precision that could have been achieved and conclude that the well could indeed have served as an instrument for measuring the lunar declination during half of the draconic cycle of 18.61 years.

  4. Tipos de Tiempo en el periodo de Semana Santa Vallisoletana.


    Miranda Martín, Javier


    El propósito del proyecto es el análisis y la caracterización de ciertos tipos de tiempo a partir de los datos observados de la Base de Datos Climatológica del Observatorio de Valladolid. Los datos analizados corresponden a los ocho días de Semana Santa de un periodo de 37 años que comprenden entre los años 1981 y 2017. Grado en Geografía y Ordenación del Territorio

  5. Comparison of chaparral regrowth patterns between Santa Ana wind-driven and non-Santa Ana fire areas (United States)

    Rachels, Diane Helen

    Wildfires are a common occurrence in California shrublands and island forests. Fire has a fundamental role in maintaining the ecosystem functions in chaparral where fire intensity and severity play important roles in the regeneration of species. In San Diego, the Cedar Fire that occurred in the fall of 2003 was unique in that one side was burned with wildfire fueled by dry, strong easterly Santa Ana winds that later died down, burning the remainder of the area under a mild westerly wind, allowing fuel-fed conditions. The objective of this study was to understand the connection between vegetation type and structure and environmental response to extreme fire events by analyzing life form regrowth in chaparral communities from the Santa Ana wind driven, Santa Ana backing, and non-Santa Ana fire types. Environmental factors of slope angle, aspect, elevation and soils were investigated in an effort to isolate shrub regrowth patterns. Fire burn characteristics, anthropogenic disturbance, fire history, and moisture availability were also analyzed to identify additional factors that may have influenced shrub regrowth. Shrub extents before the fire and six year after the fire were examined per slope aspect, slope angle, elevation, and fire characteristic categories. The closed canopy and natural features of the chaparral environment make ground based mapping very difficult. Remote sensing data and methods can be very helpful to evaluate the health of the vegetation and condition of the watershed for flood, erosion, and fire control. This study used high spatial resolution aerial imagery and a machine learning algorithm with a spatial contextual classifier to map three different areas from within the Cedar Fire perimeter. Geographic information science (GIS), field mapping, and image interpretation methods were used to identify vegetation samples for the classification and accuracy assessment of the vegetation maps. Object-based image samples were selected for the classifier


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Edson Roberto Scharf; Amélia Silveira


    ... companies in the private security market of Santa Catarina. The leading company in the private security sector in the business segment of Santa Catarina served as the basis for the research on knowledge management application...

  7. Knowledge as a competitive advantage in private security: a study in a company in Santa Catarina, Brazil

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Scharf, Edson Roberto; Silveira, Amelia


    ... companies in the private security market of Santa Catarina. The leading company in the private security sector in the business segment of Santa Catarina served as the basis for the research on knowledge management application...

  8. The Neural Noisy Channel


    Yu, Lei; Blunsom, Phil; Dyer, Chris; Grefenstette, Edward; Kocisky, Tomas


    We formulate sequence to sequence transduction as a noisy channel decoding problem and use recurrent neural networks to parameterise the source and channel models. Unlike direct models which can suffer from explaining-away effects during training, noisy channel models must produce outputs that explain their inputs, and their component models can be trained with not only paired training samples but also unpaired samples from the marginal output distribution. Using a latent variable to control ...

  9. Sung with Ink and Paper: Nicomedes Santa Cruz and the African Strand in Peru (United States)

    De Swanson, Rosario


    The poem "Ritmos negros del Perú" by Afro-Peruvian writer Nicomedes Santa Cruz recovers Afro-Peruvian history and agency through the retelling of the journey of a mythical grandmother. Through the retelling of her story, the poet claims blackness and African roots as pillars of Peruvian culture. In so doing, Santa Cruz opens the door not…

  10. 75 FR 38441 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Revised Critical Habitat for Santa Ana Sucker (United States)


    ... sucker in this document. For more detailed information on the taxonomy, biology, and ecology of Santa Ana... km) of Bear Creek (identified as the Santa Ana River in the December 9, 2009, proposed rule) above... attributed to water management or transportation activities are expected to be borne by entities that meet...

  11. Spectral reflectance and soil morphology characteristics of Santa Rita Experimental Range soils (United States)

    A. Karim Batchily; Donald F. Post; R. B. Bryant; Donald J. Breckenfeld


    The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) soils are mostly transported alluvial sediments that occur on the piedmont slope flanking the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona. The major geomorphic land forms are alluvial fans or fan terraces, but there are also areas of residual soils formed on granite and limestone bedrock, basin floor, stream terraces, and flood plains. The...

  12. 76 FR 38679 - Notice of Call for Nominations for Appointment of Primary and Alternate Representatives, Santa... (United States)


    ... Manager, Advisory Committee Nomination Application, 1201 Bird Center Drive, Palm Springs, California 92262..., curriculum vitae). Nomination application packages are available at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Office, 1201 Bird Center Drive, Palm Springs, California; through the Santa Rosa and San...

  13. A simple quantum channel having superadditivity of channel capacity


    Sasaki, Masahide; Kato, Kentaro; Izutsu, Masayuki; Hirota, Osamu


    When classical information is sent through a quantum channel of nonorthogonal states, there is a possibility that transmittable classical information exceeds a channel capacity in a single use of the initial channel by extending it into multi-product channel. In this paper, it is shown that this remarkable feature of a quantum channel, so-called superadditivity, appears even in as low as the third extended coding of the simplest binary input channel. A physical implementation of this channel ...

  14. TRP channels in schistosomes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Swarna Bais


    Full Text Available Praziquantel (PZQ is effectively the only drug currently available for treatment and control of schistosomiasis, a disease affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Many anthelmintics, likely including PZQ, target ion channels, membrane protein complexes essential for normal functioning of the neuromusculature and other tissues. Despite this fact, only a few classes of parasitic helminth ion channels have been assessed for their pharmacological properties or for their roles in parasite physiology. One such overlooked group of ion channels is the transient receptor potential (TRP channel superfamily. TRP channels share a common core structure, but are widely diverse in their activation mechanisms and ion selectivity. They are critical to transducing sensory signals, responding to a wide range of external stimuli. They are also involved in other functions, such as regulating intracellular calcium and organellar ion homeostasis and trafficking. Here, we review current literature on parasitic helminth TRP channels, focusing on those in schistosomes. We discuss the likely roles of these channels in sensory and locomotor activity, including the possible significance of a class of TRP channels (TRPV that is absent in schistosomes. We also focus on evidence indicating that at least one schistosome TRP channel (SmTRPA has atypical, TRPV1-like pharmacological sensitivities that could potentially be exploited for future therapeutic targeting.

  15. Diagnosis of the retail flower market of Santa Maria, RS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janine Farias Menegaes


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to diagnose the flowers retail market and ornamental plants in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, by means of a research in loco, from January to June of 2013, based on questionnaires and interviews applied to the managers of the establishment, as well as of an application of a visual and phytosanitary scale to other establishments that sell flowers and ornamental plants, such as agricultural shops, fairs of horticultural products, supermarkets and providers of funeral services - cemeteries and funeral homes. The diagnosis aims to know the steps of the dynamics observed from the market of flowers until the final consumer, and to segment the types of floricultures, distinguishing them according to the commercial focus — floricultures of arrangements and bouquets, and producing flowers and landscape floricultures. Based on the diagnosis it can be concluded that the Santa Maria retail flowers and ornamental plants follows the national trend of floral arrangements and bouquets shops, with the increase of the companies focused on landscaping and gardening. Among the most marketed plants are the rose as the best-selling cut flower, the begonia as potted flower, the fern for foliage arrangements, the cactus as potted plant, the raffia as garden plant and the pansy as the best-selling plant in boxes.

  16. Erosivity of rainfall in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jefferson Schick


    Full Text Available The erosive capacity of rainfall can be expressed by an index and knowing it allows recommendation of soil management and conservation practices to reduce water erosion. The objective of this study was to calculate various indices of rainfall erosivity in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil, identify the best one, and discover its temporal distribution. The study was conducted at the Center of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Lages, Santa Catarina, using daily rainfall charts from 1989 to 2012. Using the computer program Chuveros , 107 erosivity indices were obtained, which were based on maximum intensity in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 135, 150, 165, 180, 210, and 240 min of duration and on the combination of these intensities with the kinetic energy obtained by the equations of Brown & Foster, Wagner & Massambani, and Wischmeier & Smith. The indices of the time period from 1993 to 2012 were correlated with the respective soil losses from the standard plot of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE in order to select the erosivity index for the region. Erosive rainfall accounted for 83 % of the mean annual total volume of 1,533 mm. The erosivity index (R factor of rainfall recommended for Lages is the EI30, whose mean annual value is 5,033 MJ mm ha-1 h-1, and of this value, 66 % occurs from September to February. Mean annual erosivity has a return period estimated at two years with a 50 % probability of occurrence.

  17. 'Santa Ana' winds and upwelling filaments off Northern Baja California (United States)

    Trasviña, A.; Ortiz-Figueroa, M.; Herrera, H.; Cosío, M. A.; González, E.


    An atmospheric condition known as a 'Santa Ana' wind occurred from 9 to 11 February 2002. Its effect was felt over a large portion of southern California and the northern half of the Baja California Peninsula. Santa Ana winds are dry, strong northwesterly through easterly mountain downslope winds, most common in winter. Satellite data from Quickscat show two large wind jets crossing the mountains of the peninsula and extending 300 km offshore. Data from a coastal station reveal that the event lasted over 52 h with average speeds of 11 m s -1 and gusts of 25 m s -1. The southernmost jet crosses the mountains at the San Matias mountain pass and generates a cold filament off Point Colonet. Satellite imagery shows this feature lasting at least two inertial periods ( Ti=22 h) and extending 100 km offshore during the observation period. Estimates of the stationary Ekman pumping produced vertical speeds of 20 m per day, consistent in time and location with the observed structures. The ocean off Point Colonet is well known for the existence of upwelling episodes. They occur mostly in the spring or early summer when persistent winds blow towards the equator and parallel to the coast. The events described here present a different phenomenon: upwelling filaments induced by short-lived, offshore winter winds.

  18. Integration& Operation of a Microgrid at Santa Rita Jail

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chevron Energy Solutions; Alameda County; DeForest, Nicholas; Lai, Judy; Stadler, Michael; Mendes, Goncalo; Marnay, Chris; Donadee, Jon


    Santa Rita Jail is a 4,500 inmate facility located in Dublin CA, approximately 40 miles (65 km) east of San Francisco. Over the past decade, a series of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) installations and efficiency measures have been undertaken to transform the 3MW facility into a"Green Jail". These include a 1.2MW rated rooftop PV system installed in 2002, a 1MW molten carbonate fuel cell with CHP, and retrofits to lighting and HVAC systems to reduce peak loads. With the upcoming installation of a large-scale battery and fast static disconnect switch, Santa Rita Jail will become a true microgrid, with full CERTS Microgrid functionality. Consequently, the jail will be able to seamlessly disconnect from the grid and operate as an island in the event of a disturbance, reconnecting again once the disturbance has dissipated. The extent to which that jail is capable of islanding is principally dependant on the energy capacity of the battery-one focus of this investigation. Also presented here are overviews of the DER currently installed at the jail, as well as the value it provides by offsetting the purchase of electricity under the current Pacific Gas& Electric (PG&E) tariff.

  19. Outbreak of autochthonous canine visceral leishmaniasis in Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mário Steindel


    Full Text Available The present study reports the first outbreak of autochthonous canine visceral leishmaniasis in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Following the report of two cases of CVL, the Control Center of Zoonotic Diseases conducted a serological survey by ELISA and IFAT assays in seven districts of the Santa Catarina Island. Eleven seropositive dogs of autochthonous transmission were used in the present study. Infection by Leishmania sp. was confirmed by parasitological examination of bone marrow, liver, spleen and lymph nodes, culture in Schneider's medium and PCR. Leishmania sp. isolates were characterized by PCR-RFLP and hybridization with specific probes, allowing for the identification of Leishmania infantum. Autochthonous transmission of this disease in an area with high tourist traffic presents a major public health concern and signifies the emergence of an important zoonosis in southern Brazil. Therefore, the implementation of surveillance and control measures is imperative to prevent the spread of the disease among the canine population as well as transmission to the human population.

  20. Santa Fé (México: Megaproyectos para una ciudad dividida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alfonso Valenzuela


    Full Text Available Después de que la globalización fue narrada como destino ineludible de la modernidad, algunos críticos comienzan a cuestionarse sobre la variedad de intercambios, desencuentros y desigualdades que ésta provoca. Siguiendo el cuestionamiento que García Canclini hace sobre la globalización circular que presentan los medios, el crecimiento de las ciudades nos remite a una globalización tangencial en la que se generan desarrollos tecnológicos e inmobiliarios que lo mismo se ubican en Sao Paolo, Ciudad de México o Miami. Anunciada como el «nuevo modelo de ciudad» y la «zona de mayor desarrollo inmobiliario de América Latina», Santa se erige en el poniente de la ciudad de México como el mayor polo corporativo y residencial de lujo, si bien dentro de un modelo de ciudad autista y excluyente. Planeada en los años ochenta para sustituir una zona de basureros y asentamientos irregulares de bajos ingresos, Santa Fe representa la ciudad autocontenida que el resto del tejido urbano difícilmente llegará a ser.

  1. A diagnosis of Fomento Mercantil Sector South of Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilane Zavarise


    Full Text Available This paper presents a diagnosis of the factoring sector to encourage market in southern Santa Catarina state, emphasizing the importance of credit in business environment. Considering that companies need to constantly seek credit for investments and meet its obligations, factoring companies emerged in Brazil in 1982 with the objective of providing credit support, marketing and advisory services to small and medium- sized companies. The aim of this study is to highlight the evolution, the performance segments and the prospects of the mercantile promotion companies of the south of Santa Catarina state. To diagnose the sector in the region, 40 questionnaires were applied to promote commercial enterprises in the region and 18 responses were obtained. The companies began to promote commercial activity in the region in 1989 and have presented a quantitative growth. Today Amrec factoring's customers are micro enterprises, small and medium business companies, and the industrial sector is the one which most uses its factoring services. Most companies settled in the region were formed by entrepreneurs who had previously worked in the financial market, and the average age of these firms is 6.81 years. Among the principal factors behind the sector's growth in the region of Amrec, stands out the facility that businesses found in factoring for the granting of credit, increasing credit demand and popularity, where the activity of promoting market had its recognition by society.

  2. Wave Energy Resource along the Coast of Santa Catarina (Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pasquale Contestabile


    Full Text Available Brazil has one of the largest electricity markets in South America, which needs to add 6000 MW of capacity every year in order to satisfy growing the demand from an increasing and more prosperous population. Apart from biomass, no other renewable energy sources, besides hydroelectricity, play a relevant role in the energy mix. The potential for wind and wave energy is very large. Brazil's Santa Catarina state government is starting a clean energy program in the state, which is expected to bring more than 1 GW of capacity. Assessment of wave energy resources is needed along the coastline. This work studied the potential wave energy along the north-central coasts of Santa Catarina, in Southern Brazil, by analysis of the hindcast data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF. The annual offshore wave power was found to be equal to 15.25 kW/m, the bulk of which is provided by southeastern waves. The nearshore energetic patterns were studied by means of a numerical coastal propagation model (Mike21 SW. The mean wave power of 20 m isobaths is 11.43 kW/m. Supplementary considerations are drawn on realistic perspectives for wave energy converters installations.

  3. Permeable Borders: the Circulation of Captives in Santa Fe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carina P. Lucaioli


    Full Text Available En este trabajo abordamos las distintas estrategias de interacción elaboradas entre hispanocriollos e indígenas –charrúas, mocovíes y abipones– en el contexto santafesino durante los siglos xvii y xviii, tomando como eje de análisis la circulación de cautivos hacia uno y otro lado de las fronteras. Partimos de considerar a la ciudad de Santa Fe como un centro de interacción, cuyas fronteras se delinearon por medio de las intensas y fluidas relaciones con los diversos grupos nativos a lo largo del tiempo, fomentando complejos procesos de intercambios y mestizajes. Asimismo, señalamos la necesidad de considerar a las fronteras santafesinas como un espacio integrado, un complejo fronterizo cuyo desarrollo histórico apunta a la interacción y análisis conjunto del frente chaqueño y la “otra banda” del Río Paraná. Finalmente, abordamos la problemática de los cautivos como dispositivos de mediación entre diferentes grupos étnicos, capaces de vehiculizar potenciales intercambios económicos, políticos, diplomáticos y simbólicos que fueron fundamentales en el desarrollo histórico de las relaciones de fronteras de Santa Fe.

  4. 77 FR 14058 - Santa Teresa Southern Railroad, LLC-Operation Exemption-Rail Line of Verde Logistics Railroad... (United States)


    ... Logistics Railroad, LLC at Santa Teresa, Dona Ana County, NM Santa Teresa Southern Railroad, LLC (STSR), a... feet of rail line owned by Verde Logistics Railroad, LLC (Verde). The rail line extends between a point... to shippers and receivers located in the Santa Teresa Logistics Industrial Park. \\1\\ STSR states that...

  5. Representações sociais da água em Santa Catarina Representaciones sociales del agua en Santa Catarina Social representation of water in Santa Catarina State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gislei Mocelin Polli


    Full Text Available Preocupações ambientais, entre elas problemas relacionados à água, estão cada vez mais presentes na sociedade contemporânea. Nesta pesquisa buscou-se conhecer as representações sociais da água em comunidades rurais de Santa Catarina. Este é um dos subprojetos do programa Tecnologias Sociais para Gestão da Água, patrocinado pela Petrobrás Ambiental. Para este estudo houve aplicação de instrumento de evocações livres, tendo como termo indutor "Água". As respostas foram tratadas pelos programas Evoc e Similitude 2000 e analisadas a partir da teoria do núcleo central. Os resultados indicam que a água é compreendida como essencial à vida, ligada à saúde e de necessária preservação. A sustentabilidade também é suscitada, pois a água é considerada essencial à sobrevivência. Seu uso em atividades cotidianas também foi considerado. Elementos como poluição, economia e escassez indicam preocupação com o que vem acontecendo em relação ao recurso e com a necessidade de preservá-lo.Preocupaciones ambientales, entre ellos problemas relacionados al agua, están cada vez más presentes en la sociedad. En esta investigación se buscó conocer las representaciones sociales del agua en comunidades rurales de Santa Catarina. Este es uno de los proyectos subordinados al Programa: Tecnologías Sociales para la Gestión del Agua, patrocinado por la Petrobras Ambiental. Para este estudio fue aplicado un instrumento de evocación libre, teniendo como término inductor "Agua". Las respuestas fueron procesadas por los programas Evoc y Similitude 2000, y analisadas a partir de la teoría del núcleo central. Los resultados indican que el agua es entendida como escencial para la vida, ligada a la salud, y necesita ser preservada. La sustentabilidad también es considerada, pues el agua es considerada esencial para la sobrevivencia. El uso del recurso en actividades cotidianas también fue considerado. Elementos como polución, econom

  6. Emigrare o restare in Germania? Tre differenti risposte di autrici ebree tedesche di seconda generazione (Barbara Honigmann, Lea Fleischmann, Esther Dischereit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Costazza


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to investigate, through the analysis of the writings of three German Jewish authors of second generation – Lea Fleischmann, Esther Dischereit and Barbara Honigmann – their different responses to the complex post-war situation of Jews in both West- and East-Germany. Despite the different origins and experiences of their parents under Nazism, all three make in their youth the painful experience of a Judaism lived mainly as absence, as silence about the past and as lack of Jewish tradition and religion. Trying to achieve their own identity, Fleischmann and Dischereit seek a possible integration in post-war West-Germany in the political commitment of the 70s, but must then recognize that anti-Semitism is still widespread in that country. This discovery compels Fleischmann to leave Germany and seek in Israel and eventually in the religion of her fathers a Jewish identity. Esther Dischereit decides on the contrary to perform in Germany her "exercises to be Jewish", assuming the role of critical conscience of German society. Different is the situation of Barbara Honigmann, born and raised in East-Germany, who reacts to the dominant materialism in that state with a need for spirituality that will take her to seek in religion – lived outside of Germany and so far from "negative symbiosis" between Jews and Germans, but also far from Israel - her own diasporic identity. Despite the three different outcomes resulting from the search for Jewish identity in post-war Germany, for all three authors writing plays a crucial function as memory and critical conscience and since this writing is a German one, it imposes eventually a tight and thorough confrontation with German culture.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. K. Alibekov


    Full Text Available The dependence of the apparent location of the hydraulic parameters of parabolic channels in earthen channel and volume of dredging required in their design and construction, on the basis of conditions to ensure the stability of the slope at the maximum water flow rate. 


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The mouthpart deformities of chironomid larvae are considered as indicators ofenvironmental stress caused by water pollution such as heavy metals, pesticides, butas well by organic contamination. In the present study larvae from the side channelsof the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta were investigated. The chironomid communityof the channels are dominated by species of the genera Goeldichironomus andChironomus. All together 21 taxa were determined. The average proportion of mouthpartdeformities in all chironomid larvae was 21 percent. Incidents of mechanical abrasionreached up to 59 percent. The highest frequency of abnormalities occurred inGoeldichironomus carus in which more than 90 percent of all specimens were affected.These numbers found here are fairly above average frequencies observed even atpolluted sites. Under natural conditions deformity frequencies are expected not toexceed 8 percent. On the one hand, distinct concentrations of heavy metals originatingfrom Río Magdalena can be detected in the sediments of the channels. On the other,these concentrations do not reach the levels which are described as triggers of highdeformation rates like those found here. The most plausible explanation of thesecontradictory findings assumes a non-detected synergism of several environmentalstressors. Possibly, the physical structure of the deposited sediments and a pronouncednocturnal oxygen depletion owing to organic pollution contribute an important part tothe crucial processes on a small spatial scale. However, as far as no further investigativeefforts will be done the reason for this phenomenon of high deformity frequencies willremain conspicuous but speculative to a large extent.

  9. Cl- channels in apoptosis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wanitchakool, Podchanart; Ousingsawat, Jiraporn; Sirianant, Lalida


    A remarkable feature of apoptosis is the initial massive cell shrinkage, which requires opening of ion channels to allow release of K(+), Cl(-), and organic osmolytes to drive osmotic water movement and cell shrinkage. This article focuses on the role of the Cl(-) channels LRRC8, TMEM16/anoctamin......, and cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) in cellular apoptosis. LRRC8A-E has been identified as a volume-regulated anion channel expressed in many cell types. It was shown to be required for regulatory and apoptotic volume decrease (RVD, AVD) in cultured cell lines. Its presence also......(-) channels or as regulators of other apoptotic Cl(-) channels, such as LRRC8. CFTR has been known for its proapoptotic effects for some time, and this effect may be based on glutathione release from the cell and increase in cytosolic reactive oxygen species (ROS). Although we find that CFTR is activated...

  10. Cardiac potassium channel subtypes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmitt, Nicole; Grunnet, Morten; Olesen, Søren-Peter


    About 10 distinct potassium channels in the heart are involved in shaping the action potential. Some of the K(+) channels are primarily responsible for early repolarization, whereas others drive late repolarization and still others are open throughout the cardiac cycle. Three main K(+) channels...... drive the late repolarization of the ventricle with some redundancy, and in atria this repolarization reserve is supplemented by the fairly atrial-specific KV1.5, Kir3, KCa, and K2P channels. The role of the latter two subtypes in atria is currently being clarified, and several findings indicate...... that they could constitute targets for new pharmacological treatment of atrial fibrillation. The interplay between the different K(+) channel subtypes in both atria and ventricle is dynamic, and a significant up- and downregulation occurs in disease states such as atrial fibrillation or heart failure...

  11. Athermalized channeled spectropolarimeter enhancement.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, Julia Craven; Way, Brandyn Michael; Mercier, Jeffrey Alan; Hunt, Jeffery P.


    Channeled spectropolarimetry can measure the complete polarization state of light as a function of wavelength. Typically, a channeled spectropolarimeter uses high order retarders made of uniaxial crystal to amplitude modulate the measured spectrum with the spectrally-dependent Stokes polarization information. A primary limitation of conventional channeled spectropolarimeters is related to the thermal variability of the retarders. Thermal variation often forces frequent system recalibration, particularly for field deployed systems. However, implementing thermally stable retarders, made of biaxial crystal, results in an athermal channeled spectropolarimeter that relieves the need for frequent recalibration. This report presents experimental results for an anthermalized channeled spectropolarimeter prototype produced using potassium titanyl phosphate. The results of this prototype are compared to the current thermal stabilization state of the art. Finally, the application of the technique to the thermal infrared is studied, and the athermalization concept is applied to an infrared imaging spectropolarimeter design.


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A method includes determining a sequence of first coefficient estimates of a communication channel based on a sequence of pilots arranged according to a known pilot pattern and based on a receive signal, wherein the receive signal is based on the sequence of pilots transmitted over the communicat......A method includes determining a sequence of first coefficient estimates of a communication channel based on a sequence of pilots arranged according to a known pilot pattern and based on a receive signal, wherein the receive signal is based on the sequence of pilots transmitted over...... the communication channel. The method further includes determining a sequence of second coefficient estimates of the communication channel based on a decomposition of the first coefficient estimates in a dictionary matrix and a sparse vector of the second coefficient estimates, the dictionary matrix including...... filter characteristics of at least one known transceiver filter arranged in the communication channel....

  13. Extreme bosonic linear channels (United States)

    Holevo, A. S.


    The set of all channels with a fixed input and output is convex. We first give a convenient formulation of the necessary and sufficient condition for a channel to be an extreme point of this set in terms of the complementary channel, a notion of great importance in quantum information theory. This formulation is based on the general approach to extremality of completely positive maps in an operator algebra in the spirit of Arveson. We then use this formulation to prove our main result: under certain nondegeneracy conditions, environmental purity is necessary and sufficient for the extremality of a bosonic linear (quasifree) channel. It hence follows that a Gaussian channel between finite-mode bosonic systems is extreme if and only if it has minimum noise.

  14. Effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (neem and Melia azedarach L. (Santa Barbara or cinnamon on the intracellular development of Toxoplasma gondii Efeito de extrato aquoso de folhas de Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (nim e Melia azedarach L. (canela ou Santa Bárbara sobre o desenvolvimento intracelular de Toxoplasma gondii

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E.J.T Melo


    Full Text Available Melia azedarach (cinnamon and Azadirachta indica (neem have a variety of biologically active ingredients against virus, bacteria and protozoan parasites; however, little is known about their action on Toxoplasma gondii intracellular development. Toxoplasma gondii infects all eukaryotic cells, where it establishes and multiplies inside a modified vacuole called the parasitophorous vacuole until the cell ruptures, re-infecting other cells and establishing the infection. There are no efficient chemotherapies for the elimination of T. gondii, minimizing side effects. In this study, we performed in vitro assays with neem and cinnamon aqueous extracts against the intracellular development of T. gondii tachyzoites. After treatment with neem and cinnamon for 24 h, the percentage of infected cells and the number of intracellular parasites drastically decreased. This effect was concentration-dependent. During the incubation of the extracts, progressive morphological and ultrastructure alterations led to intense vesiculation and complete elimination of the parasite from the intracellular medium. However, during the treatment with extracts, no morphological effects were observed in the structure of the host cell. These results suggest that the aqueous extracts of neem and cinnamon were capable of interfering with and eliminating the intracellular development of Toxoplasma gondii.Melia azedarach (canela e Azadirachta indica (nim apresenta grande variedade de ingredientes biologicamente ativos contra vírus, bactérias e protozoários, mas nenhum efeito sobre o desenvolvimento intracelular do Toxoplasma gondii é conhecido. Toxoplasma gondii infecta todos os tipos de células Eucarióticas, onde se estabelece no meio intracelular em vacúolo modificado conhecido como vacúolo parasitóforo. Neste vacúolo ocorre a replicação levando a ruptura da célula hospedeira e reinfecção de novas células, perpetuando a infecção. A quimioterapia utilizada não é capaz de eliminar o parasita além de induzir fortes efeitos colaterais. Neste estudo, nós demonstramos o efeito in vitro de extratos aquosos da canela e nim sobre o desenvolvimento intracelular do taquizoíto do Toxoplasma gondii. Após tratamento de nim e canela por 24 h, a porcentagem de infecção e o número de taquizoítos intracelulares decaiu drasticamente. Este efeito foi concentração-dependente. Durante incubação dos extratos, uma progressiva desorganização morfológica e ultraestrutural levaram a formação de intensa vesiculação e completa destruição do parasita, que passou a uma estrutura amorfa, antes da completa eliminação do meio intracelular. No entanto durante o tratamento com os extratos, efeitos morfológicos não foram observados nas estruturas da célula hospedeira. Estes resultados sugerem que os extratos aquosos de nim e canela foram capazes de interferir e eliminar o desenvolvimento intracelular do Toxoplasma gondii.

  15. Evaluation channel performance in multichannel environments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gensler, S.; Dekimpe, M.; Skiera, B.


    Evaluating channel performance is crucial for actively managing multiple sales channels, and requires understanding the customers' channel preferences. Two key components of channel performance are (i) the existing customers' intrinsic loyalty to a particular channel and (ii) the channel's ability

  16. Tar Creek study, Sargent oil field, Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Wagner, David L.; Fedasko, Bill; Carnahan, J.R.; Brunetti, Ross; Magoon, Leslie B.; Lillis, Paul G.; Lorenson, T.D.; Stanley, Richard G.


    Field work in the Tar Creek area of Sargent oil field was performed June 26 to 28, 2000. The Santa Clara County study area is located in Sections, 30, 31, and 32, Township 11 South, Range 4 East, M.D.B&M; and in Sections 25 and 36, Township 11 South, Range 3 East, M.D.B.&M., north and south of Tar Creek, west of Highway 101. The work was a cooperative effort of the California Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), California Geological Survey (CGS), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The purpose of the project was to map the stratigraphy and geologic structure (David Wagner, CGS); sample oil for age dating (Les Magoon, USGS); and search for undocumented wells plus conduct a GPS survey of the area (Bill Fedasko, J.P. Carnahan, and Ross Brunetti, DOGGR)

  17. Toxicity assessment of sediment cores from Santa Monica Bay, California. (United States)

    Greenstein, Darrin; Bay, Steven; Jirik, Andrew; Brown, Jeffrey; Alexander, Clark


    During the summer of 1997, sediment core samples were taken at 25 stations in Santa Monica Bay. Toxicity testing was performed on 4-cm sections of the entire length of each core using purple sea urchin fertilization and amphipod survival tests. The sea urchin test identified sections as being toxic at six stations, all located near current or former Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP) wastewater outfall locations. The amphipod test identified sections from 17 stations as having toxic sediments. The stations having toxic sediments were scattered throughout the bay and toxicity was identified at numerous core depths. Spatial and temporal patterns indicated that toxicity was most strongly associated with the historical disposal of municipal wastewater sludge. Many of the sections toxic to the amphipods did not have chemical levels expected to cause toxicity and were in locations where a source of toxicity was not apparent.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laureana Martínez Figueroa


    Full Text Available In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Mexico City experienced changes, such as expansion of the urban area - with the construction of colonies like Santa María de la Ribera,and industrial development, besides need spaces, changed the social dynamics and urban landscape. This article analyzes these processes at the local level, to study the industrial building in the colony, between 1900 and 1930. Through the study of three representative cases, it is presented the characteristics of the factories that were established in this area in the period studied and the difficulties had to be included into a residential context.

  19. Estilo de vida. Adultos mayores de Santa Marta


    Marín Monroy, Cristina


    Introducción: se describe el estilo de vida saludable de 394 adultos mayores no pensionados y pensionados de la ciudad de Santa Marta. Metodología: estudio descriptivo, transversal. Resultados: el 74% de los adultos mayores tienen una alimentación no balanceada, ya que el consumo diario de proteínas, frutas y verduras es bajo, y predomina el consumo de arroz y carbohidratos como pan, galletas, arepa y plátano. En cuanto a hábitos de sueño, sólo el 29% duerme 8 horas o más. Los resultados con ...

  20. Assay for calcium channels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glossmann, H.; Ferry, D.R.


    This chapter focuses on biochemical assays for Ca/sup 2 +/-selective channels in electrically excitable membranes which are blocked in electrophysiological and pharmacological experiments by verapamil, 1,4-dihydropyridines, diltiazen (and various other drugs), as well as inorganic di- or trivalent cations. The strategy employed is to use radiolabeled 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives which block calcium channels with ED/sub 50/ values in the nanomolar range. Although tritiated d-cis-diltiazem and verapamil can be used to label calcium channels, the 1,4-dihydropyridines offer numerous advantages. The various sections cover tissue specificity of channel labeling, the complex interactions of divalent cations with the (/sup 3/H)nimodipine-labeled calcium channels, and the allosteric regulation of (/sup 3/H)nimodipine binding by the optically pure enantiomers of phenylalkylamine and benzothiazepine calcium channel blockers. A comparison of the properties of different tritiated 1,4-dihydropyridine radioligands and the iodinated channel probe (/sup 125/I)iodipine is given.

  1. Reconfigurable virtual electrowetting channels. (United States)

    Banerjee, Ananda; Kreit, Eric; Liu, Yuguang; Heikenfeld, Jason; Papautsky, Ian


    Lab-on-a-chip systems rely on several microfluidic paradigms. The first uses a fixed layout of continuous microfluidic channels. Such lab-on-a-chip systems are almost always application specific and far from a true "laboratory." The second involves electrowetting droplet movement (digital microfluidics), and allows two-dimensional computer control of fluidic transport and mixing. The merging of the two paradigms in the form of programmable electrowetting channels takes advantage of both the "continuous" functionality of rigid channels based on which a large number of applications have been developed to date and the "programmable" functionality of digital microfluidics that permits electrical control of on-chip functions. In this work, we demonstrate for the first time programmable formation of virtual microfluidic channels and their continuous operation with pressure driven flows using an electrowetting platform. Experimental, theoretical, and numerical analyses of virtual channel formation with biologically relevant electrolyte solutions and electrically-programmable reconfiguration are presented. We demonstrate that the "wall-less" virtual channels can be formed reliably and rapidly, with propagation rates of 3.5-3.8 mm s(-1). Pressure driven transport in these virtual channels at flow rates up to 100 μL min(-1) is achievable without distortion of the channel shape. We further demonstrate that these virtual channels can be switched on-demand between multiple inputs and outputs. Ultimately, we envision a platform that would provide rapid prototyping of microfluidic concepts and would be capable of a vast library of functions and benefitting applications from clinical diagnostics in resource-limited environments to rapid system prototyping to high throughput pharmaceutical applications.

  2. Channel Choice: A Literature Review

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østergaard Madsen, Christian; Kræmmergaard, Pernille


    The channel choice branch of e-government studies citizens’ and businesses’ choice of channels for interacting with government, and how government organizations can integrate channels and migrate users towards the most cost-efficient channels. In spite of the valuable contributions offered no sys...... no systematic overview exist of channel choice. We present a literature review of channel choice studies in government to citizen context identifying authors, countries, methods, concepts, units of analysis, and theories, and offer suggestionsfor future studies....

  3. Convex approximations of quantum channels (United States)

    Sacchi, Massimiliano F.; Sacchi, Tito


    We address the problem of optimally approximating the action of a desired and unavailable quantum channel Φ having at our disposal a single use of a given set of other channels {Ψi} . The problem is recast to look for the least distinguishable channel from Φ among the convex set ∑ipiΨi , and the corresponding optimal weights {pi} provide the optimal convex mixing of the available channels {Ψi} . For single-qubit channels we study specifically cases where the available convex set corresponds to covariant channels or to Pauli channels, and the desired target map is an arbitrary unitary transformation or a generalized damping channel.

  4. Variabilidade em matrizes de acessos de espinheira-santa Variability in matrices of espinheira-santa accessions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Márcio Paim Mariot


    Full Text Available Maytenus ilicifolia e M. aquifolium são espécies nativas do Brasil, popularmente conhecidas como espinheira-santa, sendo indicadas para gastrite e para úlcera estomacal. A Embrapa Clima Temperado e a Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel mantêm um banco de germoplasma destas espécies. Com o objetivo de identificar a variabilidade fenotípica para alguns caracteres morfológicos em matrizes de espinheira-santa, estimar a dissimilaridade e agrupar os acessos através de análises multivariadas, 105 acessos foram caracterizados morfologicamente. Foram avaliados os caracteres comprimento e largura de fruto, número de sementes por fruto, comprimento e largura de folha, relação comprimento/largura de folha e número de espinhos por folha. Foi estimada a distância euclidiana e os acessos foram agrupados pelo método de otimização de Tocher. Foi observada uma ampla variabilidade para todos os caracteres analisados. O número de espinhos por folha foi o caráter que mais contribuiu para a divergência. Os caracteres morfológicos permitiram separar os acessos em sete grupos. A maior dissimilaridade foi entre os acessos 57 (M. ilicifolia e 91 (M. aquifolium. Não foi evidenciada uma separação de acordo com a localização geográfica dos acessos. Na análise de agrupamento foram identificados dois grupos que apresentavam tanto acessos de M. ilicifolia quanto de M. aquifolium, o que indica proximidade filogenética entre estas espécies.Maytenus ilicifolia and M. aquifolium are native Brazilian species popularly known as espinheira-santa, being indicated for gastritis and stomach ulcer. Embrapa Clima Temperado and Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel keep a gene bank of these species. With the objective of identifing phenotypic variability for some morphological characters in matrices of espinheira-santa, estimating dissimilarity and clustering accessions through multivariate analysis, 105 accessions had been morphologically characterized

  5. Calcium channel blocker poisoning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miran Brvar


    Full Text Available Background: Calcium channel blockers act at L-type calcium channels in cardiac and vascular smooth muscles by preventing calcium influx into cells with resultant decrease in vascular tone and cardiac inotropy, chronotropy and dromotropy. Poisoning with calcium channel blockers results in reduced cardiac output, bradycardia, atrioventricular block, hypotension and shock. The findings of hypotension and bradycardia should suggest poisoning with calcium channel blockers.Conclusions: Treatment includes immediate gastric lavage and whole-bowel irrigation in case of ingestion of sustainedrelease products. All patients should receive an activated charcoal orally. Specific treatment includes calcium, glucagone and insulin, which proved especially useful in shocked patients. Supportive care including the use of catecholamines is not always effective. In the setting of failure of pharmacological therapy transvenous pacing, balloon pump and cardiopulmonary by-pass may be necessary.

  6. Sensing with Ion Channels

    CERN Document Server

    Martinac, Boris


    All living cells are able to detect and translate environmental stimuli into biologically meaningful signals. Sensations of touch, hearing, sight, taste, smell or pain are essential to the survival of all living organisms. The importance of sensory input for the existence of life thus justifies the effort made to understand its molecular origins. Sensing with Ion Channels focuses on ion channels as key molecules enabling biological systems to sense and process the physical and chemical stimuli that act upon cells in their living environment. Its aim is to serve as a reference to ion channel specialists and as a source of new information to non specialists who want to learn about the structural and functional diversity of ion channels and their role in sensory physiology.

  7. Coding for optical channels

    CERN Document Server

    Djordjevic, Ivan; Vasic, Bane


    This unique book provides a coherent and comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of optical communications, signal processing and coding for optical channels. It is the first to integrate the fundamentals of coding theory and optical communication.

  8. Imperfect Channel State Estimation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tao Qin


    in a multiuser OFDM CR system. A simple back-off scheme is proposed, and simulation results are provided which show that the proposed scheme is very effective in mitigating the negative impact of channel estimation errors.

  9. Channelized Streams in Iowa (United States)

    Iowa State University GIS Support and Research Facility — This draft dataset consists of all ditches or channelized pieces of stream that could be identified using three input datasets; namely the1:24,000 National...

  10. 28-Channel rotary transformer (United States)

    Mclyman, W. T.


    Transformer transmits power and digital data across rotating interface. Array has many parallel data channels, each with potential l megabaud data rate. Ferrite-cored transformers are spaced along rotor; airgap between them reduces crosstalk.

  11. Channelling versus inversion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gale, A.S.; Surlyk, Finn; Anderskouv, Kresten


    Evidence from regional stratigraphical patterns in Santonian−Campanian chalk is used to infer the presence of a very broad channel system (5 km across) with a depth of at least 50 m, running NNW−SSE across the eastern Isle of Wight; only the western part of the channel wall and fill is exposed. W......−Campanian chalks in the eastern Isle of Wight, involving penecontemporaneous tectonic inversion of the underlying basement structure, are rejected....

  12. Ion Channels in Leukocytes (United States)


    state (170).-Single K, channel currents were blocked by gesting that the synthesis of new channel protein was external-Ba (2.5 mM) and, like whole...Hg, La, cells, NK cells, human 2M2, 267 nifedipine, and murine B-cells diltiazem, chlorpromazine , forskolin, trifluorperazine, noxiustoxin -K, (I...Cells that ultimately leads to an increase in DNA synthesis and cell division. T lymphocytes develop in the thymus and have both effector and

  13. Course on Ionic Channels

    CERN Document Server


    This book is based on a series of lectures for a course on ionic channels held in Santiago, Chile, on November 17-20, 1984. It is intended as a tutorial guide on the properties, function, modulation, and reconstitution of ionic channels, and it should be accessible to graduate students taking their first steps in this field. In the presentation there has been a deliberate emphasis on the spe­ cific methodologies used toward the understanding of the workings and function of channels. Thus, in the first section, we learn to "read" single­ channel records: how to interpret them in the theoretical frame of kinetic models, which information can be extracted from gating currents in re­ lation to the closing and opening processes, and how ion transport through an open channel can be explained in terms of fluctuating energy barriers. The importance of assessing unequivocally the origin and purity of mem­ brane preparations and the use of membrane vesicles and optical tech­ niques in the stUGY of ionic channels a...

  14. Interacting divided channel method for compound channel flow

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Huthoff, Freek; Roos, Pieter C.; Augustijn, Dionysius C.M.; Hulscher, Suzanne J.M.H.


    A new method to calculate flow in compound channels is proposed: the interacting divided channel method (IDCM), based on a new parametrization of the interface stress between adjacent flow compartments, typically between the main channel and floodplain of a two-stage channel. This expression is

  15. Evaluation of toxicity of sediment samples collected from the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, Texas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The objective of this study was to evaluate the toxicity of sediments collected from the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, Hidalgo Co in southern Texas, USA. A...

  16. Contract Audit Followup: Defense Contract Management Agency Santa Ana Office's Actions on Incurred Cost Audits

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    This report addresses the DCMA Santa Ana District Office. DoD Directive 7640.2, "Policy for Follow-up on Contract Audit Reports," February 12, 1988, as amended August 16, 1995, implements OMB Circular A-50...

  17. CRED REA Fish Team Belt Transect Survey at Santa Rosa Bank, Marianas Archipelago, 2005 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Belt transects along 3 consecutively-placed, 25m transect lines were surveyed as part of Rapid Ecological Assessments conducted at 2 sites at Santa Rosa Bank in the...

  18. Lower Rio Grande Valley and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges : Final Interim Comprehensive Management Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This CCP outlines a 15-year plan for the management of Lower Rio Grande Valley and Santa Ana NWRs. The general topics addressed in this plan include: wildlife...

  19. CRED REA Algal Assessments at Santa Rosa Reef, Marianas Archipelago in 2005 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — As part of Rapid Ecological Assessments (REA), Twelve quadrats were sampled along 2 consecutively-placed, 25m transect lines, conducted at 2 sites at Santa Rosa Reef...


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Eduino Carbonó-Delahoz; Juan Carlos Dib-Diazgranados


      To document indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants among the Cogui or Kggaba in the Palomino river basin, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the use of the ora was assessed via application...

  1. The Trail Inventory of Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge [Cycle 1 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this report is to create a baseline inventory of all non-motorized trails on Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Trails in this inventory are eligible...

  2. Contaminants as a limiting factor of fish and wildlife populations in the Santa Cruz River, Arizona (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Declining populations of the endangered Gila topminnow in the Santa Cruz River prompted a 1997 study to assess contaminant levels in water, sediment, invertebrates,...

  3. C-CAP Santa Cruz 2001 era High Resolution Land Cover Metadata (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This dataset represents land cover for the San Lorenzo River basin in Santa Cruz County, California derived from high resolution imagery. The land cover features in...

  4. O léxico inovador das Cantigas de Santa Maria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Osvaldo Humberto Leonardi Ceschin


    Full Text Available This paper aims at demonstrating the innovative aspect of the Cantigas de Santa Maria's vocabulary. Besides a bigger number of vocabulary items than other medieval Portuguese song-books, the CSM presents many cult and "semi-cult" words, which increase the semantic areas covered by the lexicon of Galician-Portuguese of the 13th Century. Therefore, the Cantigas de Santa Maria make a vast linguistic and cultural contribution to the medieval Portuguese.

  5. La salud en Santa Marta- Colombia: una percepción de sus habitantes


    Jiménez Barbosa, Wilson Giovanni; Odontólogo, Universidad Nacional. Doctor en Ciencias Sociales, Niñez y Juventud, Universidad de Manizales – CINDE, Profesor Titular, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Sede Bogotá. Correo: . co; Carrera 4 N° 22-61, Bogotá. Celular: 3158942690; Ramos Navas, Néstor Raúl; Administrador de empresas, Universidad Nacional. Magister en Administración. Docente investigador, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Sede Santa Marta. Correo: ; Cra. 2ª N° 11-68. El Rodadero Santa Marta. Celular: 3104782887,


    Objective: to analyze and to understand the perception that there have the inhabitants of the city of Santa Marta about health. Materials and methods: the developed methodology was of type qualitative, analytical and descriptive, for which there developed five (5) focal groups and semistructured interviews with inhabitants of different communes of the city. Results: there is demonstrated the dissent that the participants have with regard to the health in Santa Marta. The dissents were classif...

  6. HRGC-MS analysis of terpenoids from Maytenus ilicifolia and Maytenus aquifolium ("espinheira santa"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cordeiro Paulo J. M.


    Full Text Available This work describes the identification of some of the minor chemical constituents of "espinheira santa" (Maytenus ilicifolia and Maytenus aquifolium, Celastraceae, a medicinal plant widely utilized in Brazil. By using high resolution gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (HRGC-MS, it was possible to identify mainly triterpenoids and steroids in "espinheira santa", most of them reported for the first time in both Maytenus species.

  7. Reprodução das aves marinhas nas ilhas costeiras de Santa Catarina, Brasil Reproduction of the seabirds in Santa Catarina's coastal islands, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joaquim Olinto Branco


    Full Text Available Studies involving the reproduction of seabirds in the Santa Catarina coast are scarce. From 1996 to 2002 a sampling program was implanted with the objectives of identifying the ranches, the species and to study some aspects of their reproductive cycle. Five species: Sula leucogaster Boddaert, 1783; Fregata magnificens Matheus, 1914; Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein, 1823; Sterna hirundinacea Lesson, 1831; S. eurygnatha Sauders, 1876, breed in the islands of Santa Catarina, with the largest intensity in the period of May to December. The size of the colonies varied in function of the species and of the reproduction area.

  8. Observações sobre anofelinos em Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mário B. Aragão


    Full Text Available Um ciclo anual de capturas de mosquitos realizado em três localidades da Região do Litoral e Encosta de Santa Catarina, com um homemisca colocado na mata, outro na casa mais próxima e um terceiro situado entre esses dois pontos, forneceu as seguintes informações: 1 O Anopheles bellator que é um mosquito raro nas matas densas das encostas, torna-se abundante quando essas florestas são danificadas pela retirada de árvores; 2 Tanto essa espécie quanto o A. cruzii e o A. homunculus, compareceram em maior número nas capturas feitas no terreno descampado; 3 A não ser no fato do A. homunculus procurar alimento nas horas um pouco mais avançadas da noite, não se notou diferença significativa entre o comportamento dessas três espécies de anofelinos; 4 A comparação dos dados obtidos, com os de outros autores, mostrou que uma pessoa colocada fora da casa intercepta um número significativo de mosquitos; 5 Ficou bem claro que os anofelinos da região raramente pousam em paredes dedetizadas; 6 Além disso, o DDT diminui muito a proporção de exemplares que vai se alimentar dentro das casas; para o A. cruzii essa diminuição foi da ordem de 90%.An annual cycle of collections of mosquitoes carried out in three locations of the Coastal Region and Slopes of Santa Catarina, with one collector (trap man in the woods, another in the nearest house and a third placed between these two points, provided the following Information: 1 Anophieles bellator which is a rare mosquito in the thick woods on the slopes, becomes abundant when these forests are damaged by the removal of trees; 2 As many of this species as of A. cruzii and A. homunculus appeared in greater numbers in the collections made in the open country; 3 Except for the fact that A. homunculus looks for food in the later hours of the night no significant difference was noted in the behaviour of these three species of Anophelines; 4 A comparison of the data obtained with that of other authors

  9. Coastal rocky reef fishes of Santa Catarina's northern islands, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johnatas Adelir Alves


    Full Text Available The coast of the state of Santa Catarina only has non-biogenic reefs, i.e. rocky and artificial reefs, and is considered the geographic south limit for many reef fish species. At present the diversity of organisms associated with reef environments is threatened. This study aimed to record the number of families and species of reef fish fauna of the north coast of the state of Santa Catarina. The data were collected through underwater visual census performed on Graças archipelago (26°12'S /48º29'W, Tamboretes archipelago (26°22'S/48°31'W and Barra do Sul islands (26°27'S/48º35'W. A total of 166 species was observed (6 elasmobranchii and 160 actinopterygii belonging to 66 families. The families with more species richness were Carangidae (16, Epinephelidae (9, Blenidae (8, Serranidae (7, Haemulidae (6, Sparidae (6 Tetraodontidae (6, Labridae-Scarini (5, Labrisomidae (5 Pomacentridae (5, Lutjanidae (5 and Muraenidae (5. This study add to the current published list, new 115 species, including new occurrences (e.g. Chromis limbata, and some endemic (e.g. Sparisoma amplum, exotic (e.g. Omobranchus punctatus, endangered (e.g. Hippocampus erectus and overexploited (e.g. Lutjanus analis species. Twenty one species are present in the IUCN’s list, twelve in the IBAMA’s list and four in the local list. All elasmobranchii recorded here are considered threatened species, like the brazilian guitarfish (Rhinobatos horkelii, which appears in three red lists, and it is considered critically endangered. All species of Epinephelidae are mentioned in the list of risk categories of the IUCN and five are cited as overexploited or threatened with overexploitation by IBAMA. Among Epinephelidae, the goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara, is present in all red lists and has specific protection rules in Brazil. The gathered information will allow to take appropriate conservation measures, such as the establishment of marine protected areas, monitoring of fishing

  10. Channels with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabella Appiah


    Full Text Available The uteri, spontaneously active or Ca2+ (6 mM induced, were allowed to equilibrate, and to inhibit voltage-gated potassium ( channels 1 mM 4-amino pyridine (4-AP was applied for 15 min before adding H2O2 .  H2O2 was added cumulatively: 2 μM, 20 μM, 200 μM, 400 μM, and 3 mM. Average time for H2O2 concentrations (2, 20, 200, and 400 μM to reach its full effect was 15 min. H2O2 3 mM had a prolonged effect and therefore was left to act for 30 min. Two-way ANOVA showed significant differences in time dependency between spontaneous and Ca2+-induced rat uteri after applying 3 mM H2O2 (type of contraction, , but not 400 μM H2O2 (. Our results indicate that H2O2 oxidises channel intracellular thiol groups and activates the channel, inducing relaxation. Cell antioxidative defence system quickly activates glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx defence mechanism but not catalase (CAT defence mechanism. Intracellular redox mechanisms repair the oxidised sites and again establish deactivation of channels, recuperating contractility. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that channels can be altered in a time-dependent manner by reversible redox-dependent intracellular alterations.

  11. MEMS in microfluidic channels.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ashby, Carol Iris Hill; Okandan, Murat; Michalske, Terry A.; Sounart, Thomas L.; Matzke, Carolyn M.


    Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) comprise a new class of devices that include various forms of sensors and actuators. Recent studies have shown that microscale cantilever structures are able to detect a wide range of chemicals, biomolecules or even single bacterial cells. In this approach, cantilever deflection replaces optical fluorescence detection thereby eliminating complex chemical tagging steps that are difficult to achieve with chip-based architectures. A key challenge to utilizing this new detection scheme is the incorporation of functionalized MEMS structures within complex microfluidic channel architectures. The ability to accomplish this integration is currently limited by the processing approaches used to seal lids on pre-etched microfluidic channels. This report describes Sandia's first construction of MEMS instrumented microfluidic chips, which were fabricated by combining our leading capabilities in MEMS processing with our low-temperature photolithographic method for fabricating microfluidic channels. We have explored in-situ cantilevers and other similar passive MEMS devices as a new approach to directly sense fluid transport, and have successfully monitored local flow rates and viscosities within microfluidic channels. Actuated MEMS structures have also been incorporated into microfluidic channels, and the electrical requirements for actuation in liquids have been quantified with an elegant theory. Electrostatic actuation in water has been accomplished, and a novel technique for monitoring local electrical conductivities has been invented.

  12. Channel Identification Machines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurel A. Lazar


    Full Text Available We present a formal methodology for identifying a channel in a system consisting of a communication channel in cascade with an asynchronous sampler. The channel is modeled as a multidimensional filter, while models of asynchronous samplers are taken from neuroscience and communications and include integrate-and-fire neurons, asynchronous sigma/delta modulators and general oscillators in cascade with zero-crossing detectors. We devise channel identification algorithms that recover a projection of the filter(s onto a space of input signals loss-free for both scalar and vector-valued test signals. The test signals are modeled as elements of a reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS with a Dirichlet kernel. Under appropriate limiting conditions on the bandwidth and the order of the test signal space, the filter projection converges to the impulse response of the filter. We show that our results hold for a wide class of RKHSs, including the space of finite-energy bandlimited signals. We also extend our channel identification results to noisy circuits.

  13. Chaos in quantum channels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hosur, Pavan; Qi, Xiao-Liang [Department of Physics, Stanford University,476 Lomita Mall, Stanford, California 94305 (United States); Roberts, Daniel A. [Center for Theoretical Physics and Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (United States); Yoshida, Beni [Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics,31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 2Y5 (Canada); Walter Burke Institute for Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology,1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena CA 91125 (United States)


    We study chaos and scrambling in unitary channels by considering their entanglement properties as states. Using out-of-time-order correlation functions to diagnose chaos, we characterize the ability of a channel to process quantum information. We show that the generic decay of such correlators implies that any input subsystem must have near vanishing mutual information with almost all partitions of the output. Additionally, we propose the negativity of the tripartite information of the channel as a general diagnostic of scrambling. This measures the delocalization of information and is closely related to the decay of out-of-time-order correlators. We back up our results with numerics in two non-integrable models and analytic results in a perfect tensor network model of chaotic time evolution. These results show that the butterfly effect in quantum systems implies the information-theoretic definition of scrambling.

  14. Nanoscale Vacuum Channel Transistor. (United States)

    Han, Jin-Woo; Moon, Dong-Il; Meyyappan, M


    Vacuum tubes that sparked the electronics era had given way to semiconductor transistors. Despite their faster operation and better immunity to noise and radiation compared to the transistors, the vacuum device technology became extinct due to the high power consumption, integration difficulties, and short lifetime of the vacuum tubes. We combine the best of vacuum tubes and modern silicon nanofabrication technology here. The surround gate nanoscale vacuum channel transistor consists of sharp source and drain electrodes separated by sub-50 nm vacuum channel with a source to gate distance of 10 nm. This transistor performs at a low voltage (3 microamperes). The nanoscale vacuum channel transistor can be a possible alternative to semiconductor transistors beyond Moore's law.

  15. Volume Regulated Channels

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klausen, Thomas Kjær

    of volume perturbations evolution have developed system of channels and transporters to tightly control volume homeostasis. In the past decades evidence has been mounting, that the importance of these volume regulated channels and transporters are not restricted to the defense of cellular volume......- serves a multitude of functions in the mammalian cell, regulating the membrane potential (Em), cell volume, protein activity and the driving force for facilitated transporters giving Cl- and Cl- channels a major potential of regulating cellular function. These functions include control of the cell cycle....... Understanding the structure/function relationship of TRPV4 is essential for future development of specific TRPV4 agonist for treatment of diseases causes by dysfunctional TRPV4. E.g. two inherited bone dysplasias have recently been demonstrated in humans to originate from TRPV4 mutations....

  16. Neuropsychiatric phenomena in the medieval text Cantigas de Santa Maria. (United States)

    Gondim, Francisco De Assis Aquino; Griesbach, Sarah H; Thomas, Florian P


    To discuss the neuropsychiatric phenomena described in Cantigas de Santa Maria (Canticles of St. Mary [CSM]). CSM is a collection of 427 canticles composed in Galician-Portuguese between 1252 and 1284 at the Court of King Alfonso X the Wise of Spain (1221-1284). The canticles (of which 9 are repeated) include devotional and liturgical poems and 353 narrative stories consisting mainly of depictions of Marian miracles. Most are set to music and many are illustrated. We reviewed the canticles for description of miracles and other neuropsychiatric phenomena. Two neurologists reached a consensus about the descriptions. Of the 353 miracles, 279 medically relevant facts (from 187 canticles) and 25 instances of resurrection were reported. Possible neuropsychiatric conditions were described in 98 canticles. Physicians were mentioned in 16 narratives. The most common neurologic conditions detailed were blindness (n = 17), dystonia, weakness, and deformities (n = 20). Other common conditions included psychosis (n = 15), speech disorder/deaf-mutism (n = 12), infections (n = 15), sexual dysfunction/infertility/obstetrical-gynecologic issues (n = 18), head trauma (n = 5), ergotism/St. Anthony's fire (n = 7), and others. There were 9 instances of prodromic mystical experiences/hallucinations heralding death. While limited by retrospection and interpretation of neuropsychiatric phenomena in the medieval context, these short accounts are among the first descriptions of neuropsychiatric conditions in early Portuguese/Galician. They reflect how medieval societies used rational and irrational approaches to understand occurrences in their lives. © 2015 American Academy of Neurology.

  17. Teaching nursing history: the Santa Catarina, Brazil, experience. (United States)

    Padilha, Maria Itayra; Nelson, Sioban


    Nursing history has been a much debated subject with a wide range of work from many countries discussing the profession's identity and questioning the nature of nursing and professional practice. Building upon a review of the recent developments in nursing history worldwide and on primary research that examined the structure of mandated nursing history courses in 14 nursing schools in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, this paper analyzes both the content and the pedagogical style applied. We postulate that the study of history offers an important opportunity for the development of student learning, and propose that more creative and dynamic teaching strategies be applied. We argue the need for professors to be active historical researchers, so they may meaningfully contribute to the development of local histories and enrich the professional identities of both nursing students and the profession. We conclude that historical education in nursing is limited by a traditional and universalist approach to nursing history, by the lack of relevant local sources or examples, and by the failure of historical education to be used as a vehicle to provide students with the intellectual tools for the development of professional understanding and self-identity.

  18. Observações sobre anofelinos em Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mário B. Aragão


    Full Text Available Um ciclo anual de capturas de mosquitos realizado em três localidades da Região do Litoral e Encosta de Santa Catarina, com um homemisca colocado na mata, outro na casa mais próxima e um terceiro situado entre esses dois pontos, forneceu as seguintes informações: 1 O Anopheles bellator que é um mosquito raro nas matas densas das encostas, torna-se abundante quando essas florestas são danificadas pela retirada de árvores; 2 Tanto essa espécie quanto o A. cruzii e o A. homunculus, compareceram em maior número nas capturas feitas no terreno descampado; 3 A não ser no fato do A. homunculus procurar alimento nas horas um pouco mais avançadas da noite, não se notou diferença significativa entre o comportamento dessas três espécies de anofelinos; 4 A comparação dos dados obtidos, com os de outros autores, mostrou que uma pessoa colocada fora da casa intercepta um número significativo de mosquitos; 5 Ficou bem claro que os anofelinos da região raramente pousam em paredes dedetizadas; 6 Além disso, o DDT diminui muito a proporção de exemplares que vai se alimentar dentro das casas; para o A. cruzii essa diminuição foi da ordem de 90%.

  19. Capela Santa Maria dos Anjos: uma obra alternativa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edite Galote Carranza


    Full Text Available Celebrando cem anos de nascimento da arquiteta Lina Bo Bardi, seu trabalho continua incitando a curiosidade de pesquisadores, artistas e arquitetos de todo o mundo, devido tanto à qualidade, à subjetividade artística, às ideias, aos ideais e à filosofia de fundo como à amplitude da obra nas áreas de cenografia, design, crítica, museologia e arquitetura. Entre suas obras arquitetônicas, a Capela Santa Maria dos Anjos, de 1978, em Vargem Grande Paulista, SP, merece maior atenção. Embora possa ser considerada singela, a Capela é uma obra densa e representativa da Arquitetura Alternativa ao status quo arquitetônico paulista. Este artigo analisa a Capela e sua relação com os conceitos de nacional-popular e Te-Ato, a fé franciscana e as culturas erudita e popular, a fim de contribuir para o melhor entendimento da obra que dialoga com a cena cultural e política da época.

  20. Trauma de extremidades en la ciudad de Santa Marta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Joaquín del Gordo D´Amato


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio de tipo descriptivo transversal que tiene como objetivo conocer la frecuencia de trauma en miembros en el principal centro hospitalario del orden estatal de la ciudad de Santa Marta (Magdalena DTCH en el periodo entre enero de 2003 y junio de 2004. Las variables incluyen región anatómica afectada, edad, sexo, lugar de procedencia, causa externa que origina el trauma y estancia hospitalaria. El manejo fue realizado por médicos especialistas del servicio de ortopedia y traumatología de este centro hospitalario de tercer nivel de atención. La totalidad de consultas en el periodo establecido por traumatismo de miembros fue de 2.052. De estas 1.420 (69.2%, correspondieron a traumas en el miembro superior y 632 (30.8% correspondieron al miembro inferior. La totalidad de la consulta por trauma fue de 3.838 pacientes. Los resultados obtenidos permiten concluir que los datos encontrados corroboran los hallazgos de estudios internacionales y nacionales.

  1. Santa Claus visited CERN on Saturday, 3 December!

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Ever since its creation, the Staff Association has organised an annual Children’s Christmas Party. This party brings together 5- to 7-year-old children of employed members of the personnel. On Saturday, 3 December, the Staff Association welcomed no less than 230 children who attended with joy and enthusiasm a magical clown show presented at 13.30 and 15.30. After the show, they were offered a snack in Restaurant 1. We would like to thank Novae for their generous contribution, as well as their personnel for their valuable help. Then, Santa Claus himself came to hand out presents to the children. The Staff Association would also like to warmly thank him for despite his busy schedule for the season, he took the time to bring happiness and joy to little ones and older ones alike! Finally, we would like to thank all the parents who volunteered to help look after the children. Their presence and contribution are indispensable for the success of the party. This year, the Staff Association’s organ...

  2. Lipidic characterization of Santa Inês lamb shoulder

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christian Albert Carvalho da Cruz


    Full Text Available The edible portion of the shoulder of 12 castrated and 12 non-castrated Santa Inês lambs slaughtered at different ages (84, 168, 210, 252 days were used. The shoulders were chemically analyzed to determine the quantity of total lipids, cholesterol, and fatty acids composition. Castrated and non-castrated lambs gained body weight (p = 0.0393, p = 0.0017 and half carcass weight (p = 0.0240, p = 0.0017, respectively. The shoulder weight was increased in the carcasses of non-castrated lambs (p = 0.0110. The edible portion of the shoulder of castrated lambs presented higher total lipids (16.09 g.100 g-1. The cholesterol content was influenced by castration (p = 0.0001 reducing with age. Castrated animals presented higher content of C18:1 T11, CLA, and C18:0. The shoulder weight is only increased with increasing age in the carcasses of non-castrated lambs. Castration influences the cholesterol content of the shoulder; however, both castrated and non-castrated lambs had their cholesterol contents reduced with increasing age. Castration and age interfered in the estearic acid concentration of the edible portion of lamb shoulder.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Costa


    Full Text Available Se trata de una investigación cualitativa, con abordaje socio-histórico, con el objetivo de describir el proceso de implantación de la unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatales en Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brzil en la década de 1980, y mostrar la importancia de esta unidad para el cuidado del recién nacido en riesgo. El contexto del estudio fue el Hospital Infantil Joana de Gusmão. Los sujetos de la investigación fueron 13 profesionales de salud que participaron de la implantación de la unidad. Para el análisis de los datos se empleó el método genealógico. Los resultados muestran que esta unidad representó un hito en el cuidado intensivo neonatal catarinense y los profesionales que contribuyeron en la implantación y puesta en práctica de la atención fueron fundamentales en la institución del saber y de las prácticas de cuidado al recién nacido. Se concluye que la necesidad de una atención especializada fue la gran propulsora del cuidado intensivo neonatal

  4. Radio Santa Maria: a case study of participatory evaluation. (United States)

    Mayo, J K; Green, C B; Vargas, M E


    Radio Santa Maria (RSM), established by the Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic in 1964, broadcasts programs leading to certificates at the primary and intermediate levels and stresses education as a tool to help individuals cope with their environment. This article describes the history of an evaluation of RSM based on the participation of RSM personnel. RSM staff carried out the field work, while members of the expatriate evaluation team helped to design the survey instruments, trained staff in evaluation techniques, and conducted the statistical analyses. A 1975 policy document served as the basis of the evaluation. An important advantage of the self-study approach was that the evaluation process itself resulted in program improvements during the study period. As active participants in the process, RSM staff developed important evaluation skills and a computerized information retrieval system was installed. A disadvantage of the participatory approach to program evaluation is the time required to build personnel relations and transfer technical skills. Compromises may be necessary that undermine professional standards and reduce data reliability. On the other hand, self-study can provide data of more depth than external evaluations. It can overcome the neglect of inputs and processes that characterizes traditional output-oriented evaluations. It is concluded that if the purpose of an evaluation is to improve an organization, it is useful to involve the entire organization in the process.

  5. Lithologic and Environmental Controls on Channel Network Extent and Responce to Change (United States)

    Johnson, K. N.; McCoy, S. W.; Chadwick, O.; Bingham, N.


    Extension of channel networks into soil-mantled hillslopes (i.e. gullying or arroyo formation) can lead to loss of arable land and infrastructure, and mobilization of fine sediment that can smother downstream riparian fish spawning habitat and offshore marine ecosystems. Davis and Gilbert first proposed that the extent of valley networks in soil-mantled landscapes represents a competition between advective channel incision that carves valleys, and diffusive hillslope transport that fills them in. Numerical models based on this competition between advective and diffusive processes have been used to explore landscape and channel network response to external changes in climatic and tectonic forcing. This approach however relies on parameterization of the relative efficiency of channel and hillslope transport (as parameterized by K and D, respectively, in standard advection-diffusion equations). We currently lack the mechanistic expressions for how these parameters depend on measurable properties of lithology, climate and vegetation inhibiting our ability to make predictions about channel network and landscape evolution. Here we focus on Santa Cruz Island, CA which underwent intense and well documented grazing of native vegetation beginning in the late 1800s and continuing for over 150 years. Grazing resulted in dramatic yet non-uniform channel extension across the island. By quantifying the heterogeneity of channel extension, we show that the island's diverse bedrock lithology is the first order control on channel response. Next, we focus on the lithology where the most dramatic channelization occurred, the Eocene Cañada Formation mudstone which like many mudstones, loses strength dramatically when exposed to rapid drying and wetting (i.e. slakes). We further explore how grazing, soil loss, vegetation change, microclimate and fog influence rock moisture and hence the efficiency of ongoing channel incisio

  6. Ionic Channels in Thunderclouds (United States)

    Losseva, T. V.; Fomenko, A. S.; Nemtchinov, I. V.


    We proceed to study the formation and propagation of ionic channels in thunderclouds in the framework of the model of the corona discharge wave propagation (Fomenko A.S., Losseva T.V., Nemtchinov I.V. The corona discharge waves in thunderclouds and formation of ionic channels // 2004 Fall Meeting. EOS Trans. AGU. 2004. V. 85. ¹ 47. Suppl. Abstract AE23A-0835.). In this model we proposed a hypothesis that the structure of a thundercloud becomes nonuniform due to corona discharge on the drops and ice particles and formation of ionic channels with higher conductivity than the surrounding air. When the onset strength of corona discharge becomes smaller than the electric field strength the corona discharge increases concentrations of ions in a small part of the cloud (a hot spot). An additional charge at opposite ends of the hot spot forms due to polarization process. The increased electric field initiates corona discharge in other parts of the cloud on ice particles and water drops with smaller sizes. The corona discharge front moves as a wave with the velocity of the order of ion drift and formes a highly conductive channel. We model this non-stationary problem with Poisson equation which is solved simultaneously with a simplified set of kinetic equations for ions, small charged particles and electrons (at high electric fields), including ionization due to electronic impact, attachment and formation of positive ions. By applying 3D numerical simulations we obtain the parameters of formed ionic channels with respect to onset electric fields both from large particles (in hot spot) and from small particles (surrounding hot spot), microscopic currents from particles with different sizes and the external electric field in the cloud. The interaction of ionic channels is also investigated. This work was supported by Russian Foundation of Basic Research (Project No 07-05-00998-à).

  7. The Promotion and Reception of British Sculpture Abroad, 1948–1960: Herbert Read, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, and the “Young British Sculptors”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henry Meyric Hughes


    Full Text Available In 1945, Europe lay in ruins. Networks needed to be established, new alliances forged. UNESCO was a child of that time, and the idea of a united, democratic Europe took wing. During the period 1948–60, Modernism was at its height, and its shape was defined in a number of important exhibitions and publications. Herbert Read and others, with the support of the British Council, established an international presence for Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, and the postwar generation of “the Geometry of Fear”. In doing so, they introduced a particularly “English” flavour to the debates about European moral and spiritual reconstruction. Britain pioneered new forms of public patronage and display. In West Germany, the new British sculpture was interpreted as an expression of Western, humanist values, though it also carried intimations of the threat of nuclear war and destruction. Moore’s moderate Modernism and social democratic credentials went down well with artists in communist countries, who were seeking to escape from the narrow prescriptions of socialist realism. Over time, the British Council helped to create, and support, the notion of a self-regenerating sculptural tradition that was carried over until the full impact of globalization began to be felt, towards the end of the 1990s.

  8. Changes in Technique and Indications for Keratoplasty in Poland, 1989 to 2014: An Analysis of Corneal Transplantations Performed at Saint Barbara Hospital, Trauma Center, Sosnowiec, Poland. (United States)

    Jankowska-Szmul, J; Dobrowolski, D; Krysik, K; Kwas, J; Nejman, M; Wylegala, E


    The purpose of this work was to study the evolving trends in techniques and indications for corneal transplantation in Poland. This retrospective, descriptive analysis of corneal transplantations was performed at the Ophthalmology Department of Saint Barbara Hospital, Trauma Center, Sosnowiec, Poland, between 1988 and 2014. Structure of indications and surgery type rates over 26 years were tabulated by means of 5-year intervals. Between 1989 and 2014, 1762 corneal transplantations were performed, including 1375 (78%) cases of penetrating keratoplasty, 137 (8%) lamellar keratoplasty, 112 (6%) patch grafts, and 138 (8%) keratolimbal allografts. The major indications and their respective overall percentage were corneal leucoma (24%), pseudophakic/aphakic bullous keratopathy (22%), Fuchs dystrophy (13%), keratoconus (13%), re-graft (11%), keratitis (9%), and limbal stem cell deficiency (8%), with changes in relative frequency of the leading indications over the following time intervals. The number of corneal transplantations gradually increased during the years reviewed. The rates of lamellar, keratolimbal, and patch grafts have grown dynamically since 2010, reaching 20%, 17%, and 12%, respectively, of procedures performed during 2010 to 2014. Over the past quarter of a century, there has been evolution in corneal transplantation service, from the first penetrating keratoplasty to the wide spectrum of procedures, including femtosecond laser-assisted keratoplasty. Although, since 2010, the rates of lamellar and keratolimbal allografts have grown rapidly, penetrating keratoplasty has remained the leading technique. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Review: Barbara Stauber (2004. Junge Frauen und Männer in Jugendkulturen. Selbstinszenierungen und Handlungspotentiale [Young Women and Men Within Youth Cultures. Impression Management and Agency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anja Zeiske


    Full Text Available In her study Barbara STAUBER asks how young women and men present themselves within the context of "Techno". By using "topic-centered" interviews—as a variation of WITZEL's method of problem-centered interviews—STAUBER examines how belonging to the "Techno" youth culture influences young people in performing and generating their selves. This study integrates two theoretical perspectives. First, it focuses on structural conditions within the context of becoming an adult, such as education, living arrangements, life styles, and relationships with parents, peers, and romantic partners. Within these contexts STAUBER analyses different forms of personal freedom, dependencies, and hierarchical conflicts within the structural environment. However, the study only contains those issues of growing up which are associated with the young people's connection to "Techno". The second focus is on individuals' actions and performances, and STAUBER comprehensibly integrates GIDDENS' concept of "virtual structures" into the theoretical and empirical parts of her study. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801187

  10. Monitoring Domoic Acid production by Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Tracking off the Santa Cruz Municipal Warf, Santa Cruz, California (United States)

    Nolan, M.; Ziccarelli, L.; Kudela, R. M.


    Certain species of the diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia are producers of the neurotoxin, domoic acid (DA). DA is known to cause amnesic shellfish poisoning also known as domoic acid poisoning, which can lead to permanent brain damage in humans and marine mammals. DA accumulates at higher trophic levels, generally due to consumption of toxic cells or through trophic transfer, and can potentially cause death of both humans and marine wildlife. The Santa Cruz Municipal Warf experiences periodic rises in DA concentrations, which can reach toxic levels in shellfish, fish, and other marine organisms. While these increases in toxicity often occur during Pseudo-nitzschia blooms, several periods of elevated DA have occurred when diatom abundance is restricted and/or dominated by non-toxic species, and there is increasing evidence that DA dissolved in seawater may be prevalent. One theory suggests that senescent or dead Pseudo-nitzschia cells sink to the benthos while retaining their toxin and are buried in sediment following the death of a bloom. Therefore, DA may accumulate in the benthos, where it is eventually released during storms or wave and tide conditions that disturb the sediment. We sampled DA in situ using Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Tracking (SPATT) bags SPATT uses a synthetic resin to capture dissolved DA, allowing for the determination of integrated DA concentrations at known time intervals. The alternative method is mussel biotoxin monitoring, but it is less accurate due to uncertainties in the time of DA accumulation within the mussel, and the lack of uptake of dissolved DA by the mussel. We deployed and collected SPATT off the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf at multiple depths beginning in February 2013. We expect to see increasing DA following the death of a harmful algal bloom. Under pre-bloom conditions, little to no DA has been detected in mussels or surface SPATT, but DA from SPATT is frequently observed at depth, suggesting that the sediment is exposed to

  11. Aquaporins as gas channels. (United States)

    Herrera, Marcela; Garvin, Jeffrey L


    Gas molecules play important roles in human physiology. Volatile substances produced by one cell often regulate neighboring cells in a paracrine fashion. While gaseous molecules have traditionally been thought to travel from cell to cell by free diffusion through the bilayer portion of the membrane, this does not explain their rapid physiological actions. The recent observations that: (1) water channels can transport other molecules besides water, and (2) aquaporins are often expressed in tissues where gas (but not water) transport is essential suggest that these channels conduct physiologically important gases in addition to water. This review summarizes recent findings on the role of aquaporins as gas transporters as well as their physiological significance.

  12. Sodium channels and pain. (United States)

    Habib, Abdella M; Wood, John N; Cox, James J


    Human and mouse genetic studies have led to significant advances in our understanding of the role of voltage-gated sodium channels in pain pathways. In this chapter, we focus on Nav1.7, Nav1.8, Nav1.9 and Nav1.3 and describe the insights gained from the detailed analyses of global and conditional transgenic Nav knockout mice in terms of pain behaviour. The spectrum of human disorders caused by mutations in these channels is also outlined, concluding with a summary of recent progress in the development of selective Nav1.7 inhibitors for the treatment of pain.

  13. Energy Balance of the Santa Catarina State - Series 1980 -1996; Balanco energetico do Estado de Santa Catarina - Serie 1980-1996

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This energy balance of the Santa Catarina State presents the following main topics that can be outstanding: economic aspects; supply and demand of energy by source 1980-1996; energy consumption by sector 1980/1996; energy interchange; and balance of the transformation centers 1980/1996.

  14. UMTS Common Channel Sensitivity Analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pratas, Nuno; Rodrigues, António; Santos, Frederico


    The UMTS common transport channels forward access channel (FACH) and the random access channel (RACH) are two of the three fundamental channels for a functional implementation of an UMTS network. Most signaling procedures, such as the registration procedure, make use of these channels...... and as such it is necessary that both channels be available across the cell radius. This requirement makes the choice of the transmission parameters a fundamental one. This paper presents a sensitivity analysis regarding the transmission parameters of two UMTS common channels: RACH and FACH. Optimization of these channels...... is performed and values for the key transmission parameters in both common channels are obtained. On RACH these parameters are the message to preamble offset, the initial SIR target and the preamble power step while on FACH it is the transmission power offset....

  15. Chemistry in Microfluidic Channels (United States)

    Chia, Matthew C.; Sweeney, Christina M.; Odom, Teri W.


    General chemistry introduces principles such as acid-base chemistry, mixing, and precipitation that are usually demonstrated in bulk solutions. In this laboratory experiment, we describe how chemical reactions can be performed in a microfluidic channel to show advanced concepts such as laminar fluid flow and controlled precipitation. Three sets of…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique eBalderas


    Full Text Available Since its discovery in a glioma cell line 15 years ago, mitochondrial BKCa channel (mitoBKCa has been studied in brain cells and cardiomyocytes sharing general biophysical properties such as high K+ conductance (~300 pS, voltage-dependency and Ca2+-sensitivity. Main advances in deciphering the molecular composition of mitoBKCa have included establishing that it is encoded by the Kcnma1 gene, that a C-terminal splice insert confers mitoBKCa ability to be targeted to cardiac mitochondria, and evidence for its potential coassembly with β subunits. Notoriously, β1 subunit directly interacts with cytochrome c oxidase and mitoBKCa can be modulated by substrates of the respiratory chain. mitoBKCa channel has a central role in protecting the heart from ischemia, where pharmacological activation of the channel impacts the generation of reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial Ca2+ preventing cell death likely by impeding uncontrolled opening of the mitochondrial transition pore. Supporting this view, inhibition of mitoBKCa with Iberiotoxin, enhances cytochrome c release from glioma mitochondria. Many tantalizing questions remain. Some of them are: how is mitoBKCa coupled to the respiratory chain? Does mitoBKCa play non-conduction roles in mitochondria physiology? Which are the functional partners of mitoBKCa? What are the roles of mitoBKCa in other cell types? Answers to these questions are essential to define the impact of mitoBKCa channel in mitochondria biology and disease.

  17. Learning in Tactile Channels (United States)

    Gescheider, George A.; Wright, John H.


    Vibrotactile intensity-discrimination thresholds for sinusoidal stimuli applied to the thenar eminence of the hand declined as a function of practice. However, improvement was confined to the tactile information-processing channel in which learning had occurred. Specifically, improvements in performance with training within the Pacinian-corpuscle…

  18. Publication of a Map Series on the Aquatic Resources for San Jacinto and Portions of the Santa Margarita Watersheds

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lichvar, Robert; Ericsson, Michael


    .... Environmental Protection Agency, recently funded an effort to inventory and map the aquatic resources within the San Jacinto and portions of Santa Margarita River watersheds, Riverside County, California...

  19. p,p'-DDE bioaccumulation in female sea lions of the California Channel Islands (United States)

    Connolly, John P.; Glaser, David


    An area of sediment on the Palos Verdes shelf and in Santa Monica Bay off Los Angeles, CA is contaminated with DDE and other breakdown products of DDT as a result of discharges of DDT through the Whites Point outfall. Elevated concentrations of DDE have been found in the water column of the Palos Verdes Shelf and in various fish species inhabiting the shelf and Santa Monica Bay. High concentrations have also been found in California sea lions from San Miguel Island and sea lion carcasses on Santa Catalina Island. These islands are located some distance from the Palos Verdes shelf and Santa Monica Bay. It was the purpose of this study to determine if it is likely that the Palos Verdes Shelf/Santa Monica Bay sediments were the principal source of the DDE in the Channel Island sea lions via a pathway from sediments to water and fish preyed on by sea lions. A time variable, age dependent, physiologically based toxicokinetic model of female California sea lions was developed. Mass and energy balance equations describe the uptake and loss of contaminants. The contaminants are partitioned among multiple body compartments, including lipid and non-lipid body tissue and milk. Contaminants are distributed into a fetus of females. Physiological and toxicokinetic data were used to establish rates of growth, respiration, reproduction and lactation, internal partitioning of DDE, efficiency of DDE uptake and rates of DDE excretion. The model was used to estimate the likely DDE exposure history of the sea lions in view of their DDE body burdens. Field-measured dietary composition and prey contaminant levels were then used to establish potential exposure to DDE from various regions within the Southern California Bight. Comparison of the estimated exposure history with that attainable from the various regions indicated that the more highly contaminated lactating females were exposed to prey at levels found only on the Palos Verdes Shelf and in Santa Monica Bay. Thus, it is likely

  20. Abundance and local range of broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris, Alligatoridae in the northwest of Santa Catarina Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walfrido Moraes Tomás


    Full Text Available This is the first report on the distribution and relative abundance of the broad-snouted caiman on Santa Catarina Island. The study estimated the relative abundance of caiman along the rivers at Estação Ecológica de Carijós, in addition to evaluating the occurrence of this species in the entire area of the Ratones River plain on the northwestern portion of the island. The mean relative abundance obtained by nocturnal counts was 0.25 (±0.07 caiman/km surveyed. There was a weak correlation between the number of caimans and the air temperature. Based on interviews with the local community and nocturnal surveys of caimans in rivers and reservoirs surrounding the protected area, we concluded that the range occupied by caimans covered the entire area of the Ratones river plain, inhabiting natural habitats (rivers, mangroves, swamps as well as artificial habitats (reservoirs and water channels. Although this study provides basic information about the broad-snouted caiman population on this part of the island, it is aimed mainly at providing guidance for future research.

  1. ERTS computer compatible tape data processing and analysis. Appendix 1: The utility of imaging radars for the study of lake ice (United States)

    Polcyn, F. C.; Thomson, F. J.; Porcello, L. J.; Sattinger, I. J.; Malila, W. A.; Wezernak, C. T.; Horvath, R.; Vincent, R. K. (Principal Investigator); Bryan, M. L.


    There are no author-identified significant results in this report. Remotely sensed multispectral scanner and return beam vidicon imagery from ERTS-1 is being used for: (1) water depth measurements in the Virgin Islands and Upper Lake Michigan areas; (2) mapping of the Yellowstone National Park; (3) assessment of atmospheric effects in Colorado; (4) lake ice surveillance in Canada and Great Lakes areas; (5) recreational land use in Southeast Michigan; (6) International Field Year on the Great Lakes investigations of Lake Ontario; (7) image enhancement of multispectral scanner data using existing techniques; (8) water quality monitoring of the New York Bight, Tampa Bay, Lake Michigan, Santa Barbara Channel, and Lake Erie; (9) oil pollution detection in the Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico southwest of New Orleans, and Santa Barbara Channel; and (10) mapping iron compounds in the Wind River Mountains.

  2. O teatro em Aparecida: a santa e o lobisomem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John C. Dawsey


    Full Text Available A seguir, pretende-se discutir a experiência de devotos em Aparecida a partir de um dos textos originários da antropologia da performance, "Points of Contact Between Anthropological and Theatrical Thought" ("Pontos de Contato entre o Pensamento Antropológico e Teatral", de Richard Schechner. O "desvio" metodológico que se manifesta no texto de Schechner - um diretor de teatro que fez sua aprendizagem antropológica com Victor Turner - é propício para uma discussão do processo ritual que se realiza em Aparecida, onde imagens de liminaridade irrompem na própria imagem da santa. O trajeto percorrido pelos devotos do Jardim das Flores ("buraco dos capetas" requer, porém, ainda outro deslocamento, um duplo movimento capaz não apenas de olhar o cotidiano a partir de Aparecida, mas também de olhar Aparecida às margens das margens, a partir do parque de diversões. Eis uma questão: aquilo que a liturgia e o processo ritual separam em Aparecida, para fins de compor a imagem impassível da santa no espaço do sagrado, reúne-se nas imagens carregadas de tensões no Jardim das Flores. Seria o parque de diversões um dispositivo através do qual a cultura popular propicia um retorno do suprimido? Estados somáticos e formas de inervação corporal associados à experiência do pasmo, que fazem parte da história incorporada de mulheres e homens do "buraco dos capetas", irrompem no espetáculo da mulher-lobisomem, entre outros do parque de diversões. Às margens das margens, com efeitos de pasmo, ali se produz um duplo estranhamento: em relação ao cotidiano e ao extraordinário também.This essay discusses the experience of visitors to the city of Aparecida, based on theater director Richard Schechner’s germinal text in the anthropology of performance, "Points of Contact Between Anthropological and Theatrical Thought." The methodological ‘twist’ employed here by Schechner - associated with the anthropology of Victor Turner, under whose

  3. Congenital Trypanosoma cruzi Transmission in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (United States)

    Bern, Caryn; Verastegui, Manuela; Gilman, Robert H.; LaFuente, Carlos; Galdos-Cardenas, Gerson; Calderon, Maritza; Pacori, Juan; Abastoflor, Maria del Carmen; Aparicio, Hugo; Brady, Mark F.; Ferrufino, Lisbeth; Angulo, Noelia; Marcus, Sarah; Sterling, Charles; Maguire, James H.


    Background We conducted a study of congenital Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Our objective was to apply new tools to identify weak points in current screening algorithms, and find ways to improve them. Methods Women presenting for delivery were screened by rapid and conventional serological tests. For infants of infected mothers, blood specimens obtained on days 0, 7, 21, 30, 90, 180, and 270 were concentrated and examined microscopically; serological tests were performed for the day 90, 180, and 270 specimens. Maternal and infant specimens, including umbilical tissue, were tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeting the kinetoplast minicircle and by quantitative PCR. Results Of 530 women, 154 (29%) were seropositive. Ten infants had congenital T. cruzi infection. Only 4 infants had positive results of microscopy evaluation in the first month, and none had positive cord blood microscopy results. PCR results were positive for 6 (67%) of 9 cord blood and 7 (87.5%) of 8 umbilical tissue specimens. PCR-positive women were more likely to transmit T. cruzi than were seropositive women with negative PCR results (P < .05). Parasite loads determined by quantitative PCR were higher for mothers of infected infants than for seropositive mothers of uninfected infants (P < .01). Despite intensive efforts, only 58% of at-risk infants had a month 9 specimen collected. Conclusions On the basis of the low sensitivity of microscopy in cord blood and high rate of loss to follow-up, we estimate that current screening programs miss one-half of all infected infants. Molecular techniques may improve early detection. PMID:19877966

  4. Hospital de Santa María Milwaukee (EE.UU.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Goldberg, Bertrand


    Full Text Available The Saint Mary's Hospital, with a capacity for 268 beds, consists of nine floors above ground and one basement level totalling 30,000 m2. The ground and second floors, in a rectangular shape, comprise a large base on which the seven storey tower, containing the pacient rooms, rests. The most outstanding feature from the outside is the contrast of shapes created from the straight line character of the first two levels and the rounded shapes of the tower, that seems to have been placed on the two lower floors as an afterthought. This contrast is not originated by a simple esthetical consideration but rather by a strict functional interpretation of the needs of the hospital. The two first levels of the building house interconnecting functions requiring horizontal traffic, while the tower, on the contrary, answers to a centralised concept. A centre core containing the common services and the vertical transfer systems is the axis around which four functional subgroups are arranged, containing 14 individual rooms each. This functional scheme provides the optimal traffic channels, allowing a fast and convenient attention of the patients through the concentric organisation of spaces and services.

    El Hospital Santa María, con una capacidad de 268 camas, distribuye sus 30.000 m2 en nueve plantas, sobre rasante, más un sótano. Las plantas baja y primera, de forma rectangular, constituyen una amplia plataforma sobre la que se eleva una torre de siete niveles destinada a las habitaciones para los pacientes. Desde el exterior sobresale el contraste de formas surgido del carácter rectilíneo de las dos primeras plantas y de las formas curvas de la torre, que parece haber sido «colocada», a posteriori, sobre las dos plantas inferiores. Este contraste de formas no obedece, sin embargo, a una simple consideración estética, sino a las estrictas necesidades de funcionamiento del hospital Las plantas primera y segunda

  5. Jeopardizing Christmas: Why spoiled kids and a tight schedule could make Santa Claus fall? (United States)

    Donath, L; Roth, R; Lichtenstein, E; Elliot, C; Zahner, L; Faude, O


    Santa Claus' spatio-temporal gait characteristics, ground reaction forces during treadmill walking as well as postural sway during loaded, unloaded and cognitive interference tasks were examined in order to estimate his fall risk. Seventeen healthy males, disguised as researchers and students (age: 30±10 years; height: 179±6 years; weight: 76±7kg; BMI: 24±2kg/m(2); physical activity: 12±4h/week) and who still believe in Santa Claus randomly underwent balance and gait analyses with and without cognitive interference. The conditions were to be dressed as "Santa Claus" (wearing costume consisting of a beard, cap, robe, heavy sack with a load of 20kg) or dressed in "normal clothing" (no costume). Spatiotemporal gait parameters (walking velocity, gait variability and stride time, length and width), ground reaction forces (GRF) (left- and right-sided heel strike and push off) and postural sway (30s tandem stance on a force plate) were measured. "Santa-effects" (0.001Christmas sack with 20kg of presents. Cognitive loads also impair his neuromuscular performance. It is recommended that Santa trains his strength and balance before Christmas and also to avoid filling his sack with more than 20kg of presents. Also, cognitive training may help to improve his dual task performance. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  6. AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Shell Beads and Ornaments from CA-ORA-378


    Gibson, Robert O; Koerper, Henry C.


    Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) dates for nine shell beads and two shell ornaments are used to test the application to Orange County of a temporal sequence developed for the Santa Barbara Channel region. Olivella cupped, Olivella oblique spire-removed, Olivella end-removed, Mytilus disc, and Megathura small square ring and Megathura oval ring beads/ornaments fell within time ranges predicted by the bead/ornament chronology developed by Chester King (1981, 1990) for the Chumash area. Olive...

  7. Major Barbara Stimson: A Historical Perspective on the American Board of Surgery Through the Accomplishments of the First Woman to Achieve Board Certification. (United States)

    Haisley, Kelly R; Drexel, Sabrina E; Watters, Jennifer M; Hunter, John G; Mullins, Richard J


    : Dr. Barbara Bartlett Stimson, AB, MD, MedScD, FACS (1898-1986) was a pioneering orthopedic surgeon from a prominent American family who, in 1940, became the first woman certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS, certificate number 860). It would be another 7 years and approximately 2500 candidates before the next female surgeon would be certified. A member of the third class to admit women to Columbia Medical School and the second female surgical resident to complete training at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Stimson was a confident and exceptionally accomplished trailblazer for women in surgery. In this biographical sketch based upon documents from the ABS, and the archives of Vassar College and the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Stimson's motivations, attitudes, and unique accomplishments emerge as testimony to the exceptional career of this driven, self-possessed woman. Stimson was undaunted by the sex-based conventions of her time, and achieved a notable career as a surgeon in the profession she loved; first honing her skills at a busy urban fracture service in New York, then serving with distinction in the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War II, and finally returning to the states to become a respected leader in her field. Her life story and unprecedented ABS certification affirm her conviction that proven skill and ability can be used as a means of overcoming unfounded biases, and helped pave the way for future generations of board certified female surgeons in the United States.

  8. Radar channel balancing with commutation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doerry, Armin Walter


    When multiple channels are employed in a pulse-Doppler radar, achieving and maintaining balance between the channels is problematic. In some circumstances the channels may be commutated to achieve adequate balance. Commutation is the switching, trading, toggling, or multiplexing of the channels between signal paths. Commutation allows modulating the imbalance energy away from the balanced energy in Doppler, where it can be mitigated with filtering.

  9. Intracellular ion channels and cancer


    Luigi eLeanza; Lucia eBiasutto; Antonella eManago; Erich eGulbins; Mario eZoratti; Ildikò eSzabò


    Several types of channels play a role in the maintenance of ion homeostasis in subcellular organelles including endoplasmatic reticulum, nucleus, lysosome, endosome, and mitochondria. Here we give a brief overview of the contribution of various mitochondrial and other organellar channels to cancer cell proliferation or death. Much attention is focused on channels involved in intracellular calcium signaling and on ion fluxes in the ATP-producing organelle mitochondria. Mitochondrial K+ channel...

  10. Estudo da doença de Gaucher em Santa Catarina Study of Gaucher disease in Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovino S. Ferreira


    Full Text Available A doença de Gaucher (DG foi a primeira doença de armazenamento lisossomal descrita e a mais encontrada. Caracteriza-se pela deficiência hereditária da atividade da enzima lisossomal glucocerebrosidase, que bloqueia o metabolismo do glicocerebrosídeo. A proposta deste trabalho foi estudar as características clínicas, laboratoriais e radiológicas, as principais mutações encontradas, relacionando-as com as formas clínicas e avaliar a resposta à terapia de reposição enzimática (TRE nos pacientes com DG em Santa Catarina. Foram estudados dez pacientes com DG no Hospital Universitário, no período entre 1998 e 2003, após confirmação diagnóstica da doença pela dosagem da enzima beta-glicosidase em leucócitos. Pesquisa das mutações foi realizada em amostras de sangue e de mucosa oral. A média de idade ao diagnóstico foi de 19,6 anos. A DG tipo 1 foi diagnosticada em 80% dos casos, e a tipo 2 em 20%. Quatro pacientes tiveram história familiar de DG. Hepatoesplenomegalia foi a manifestação clínica mais comum. Anemia e trombocitopenia ocorreram em 100% dos casos. Dores ósseas foram relatadas por 75% dos pacientes. Os alelos mutantes encontrados foram N370S e L444P. Houve elevação dos níveis de hemoglobina em todos os pacientes com DG tipo 1. Concluímos que a DG tipo 1 é a forma clínica mais comum. Anemia, trombocitopenia, hepatoesplenomegalia e osteopenia são as características mais freqüentes dos pacientes com DG. O alelo N370S é o mais freqüente, estando relacionado com o tipo 1. O alelo L444P em homozigose sugere letalidade precoce. A TRE é segura e efetiva para a DG tipo 1.Gaucher Disease (GD was the first described and is the most common lysosomal deposit disease. It is characterized byahereditary deficiency of glucocerebrosidase lysosomal enzyme activity which blocks the metabolism of glucocerebrosideo. The aim of this work was to study the clinical, laboratorial and radiological characteristics, the main

  11. REGISTRO HOSPITALARIO DE INFARTO AGUDO DE MIOCARDIO EN SANTA CLARA / Hospital registry of acute miocardial infarction in Santa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Morales Salinas


    Full Text Available Resumen Introducción y objetivos: En Cuba las estadísticas vitales de la morbi-mortalidad por infarto agudo de miocardio proceden de pequeñas áreas de salud. El objetivo fue identificar las principales características y conducta hospitalaria de los pacientes con infarto a través de un registro hospitalario de infarto. Métodos: Se monitorizaron los casos de infarto ocurridos en pacientes de 45 a 74 años de edad y residentes en Santa Clara, durante los años 2007 y 2008. Las fuentes de información fueron: listados de egresos hospitalarios, registros hospitalarios de infarto de miocardio, certificados de defunción y registros de autopsias nosocomiales. Se utilizó la metodología MONICA (MONItoring Trends and Determinants in CArdiovascular Disease Project. Resultados: Se registraron 297 pacientes con infarto. El 62,7 % de los varones y el 46,8 % de las mujeres recibieron tratamiento de reperfusión. Las letalidades hospitalarias en varones y mujeres fueron de 25,3 % y 45 %. Las variables que se relacionaron con una mayor mortalidad fueron la edad, el sexo femenino, la frecuencia cardíaca alta, el infarto de topografía anterior, la creatinina elevada, así como los antecedentes personales de cardiopatía isquémica previa y diabetes mellitus. Mientras que el tratamiento con fibrinolíticos y/o betabloqueadores se correlacionaron inversamente con la mortalidad. Conclusiones: Existió una elevada prevalencia de dislipidemia desconocida y letalidad hospitalaria a 28 días; así como una baja utilización de las estrategias cruentas. La hipertensión sistólica al ingreso se relacionó con un mejor pronóstico. / Abstract Introduction and objectives: In Cuba, the vital statistics of morbi-mortality due to acute myocardial infarction come from small health areas. The objective of this study was to identify the main characteristics and hospital management of patients with myocardial infarction, through a hospital registry of infarctions

  12. Estudo da curva de crescimento de ovinos Santa Inês Analysis of the growth curve of Santa Ines sheep

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Lindenberg Rocha Sarmento


    Full Text Available Utilizaram-se 7.271 registros de pesos do nascimento aos 196 dias de idade de 952 crias de ovinos Santa Inês, controlados de 1983 a 2000, com os objetivos de verificar, entre os modelos Brody, Von Bertalanffy, Logístico, Gompertz e Richards, aquele que melhor descreve a curva média de crescimento e avaliar a influência de efeitos de ambiente sobre os parâmetros estimados. Os parâmetros foram estimados usando-se o procedimento NLIN do SAS. Para verificar se uma única curva seria adequada para descrever o crescimento de machos e fêmeas, nascidos de partos simples ou duplo, aplicou-se um teste de igualdade de parâmetros de modelos não-lineares. Os cinco modelos ajustaram bem os dados de crescimento, entretanto, maior variação dos resíduos foi verificada para os modelos Brody e Logístico. Com base nos desvios médios absolutos dos resíduos, constatou-se que o modelo Gompertz apresentou ajuste médio ligeiramente superior aos modelos Von Bertalanffy e Richards. Machos e fêmeas, nascidos de partos simples e duplo, apresentaram padrões de crescimento divergentes. Os efeitos de grupos contemporâneos, tipo de nascimento e sexo foram importantes fontes de variação para os parâmetros A e K. A correlação estimada entre os parâmetros A e K foi negativa. Melhorias no manejo alimentar devem ser incrementadas, principalmente quanto ao armazenamento de forragem, visando diminuir os efeitos indiretos do clima, o que poderá refletir em menor variação na forma da curva de crescimento.Records of 7,271 weights of 952 lambs measured from birth up to 196 days of age between 1983 and 2000, available from the Agricultural Research Corporation of Paraiba database, were used to model the average growth curve of Santa Ines sheep. The influence of environmental effects on the estimated parameters of the Brody, Von Bertalanffy, Logistic, Gompertz and Richards functions was evaluated using the NLIN procedure of SAS. The growth curve was well fitted

  13. ``Just Another Distribution Channel?'' (United States)

    Lemstra, Wolter; de Leeuw, Gerd-Jan; van de Kar, Els; Brand, Paul

    The telecommunications-centric business model of mobile operators is under attack due to technological convergence in the communication and content industries. This has resulted in a plethora of academic contributions on the design of new business models and service platform architectures. However, a discussion of the challenges that operators are facing in adopting these models is lacking. We assess these challenges by considering the mobile network as part of the value system of the content industry. We will argue that from the perspective of a content provider the mobile network is ‘just another’ distribution channel. Strategic options available for the mobile communication operators are to deliver an excellent distribution channel for content delivery or to move upwards in the value chain by becoming a content aggregator. To become a mobile content aggregator operators will have to develop or acquire complementary resources and capabilities. Whether this strategic option is sustainable remains open.

  14. Lipid Ion Channels

    CERN Document Server

    Heimburg, Thomas


    The interpretation electrical phenomena in biomembranes is usually based on the assumption that the experimentally found discrete ion conduction events are due to a particular class of proteins called ion channels while the lipid membrane is considered being an inert electrical insulator. The particular protein structure is thought to be related to ion specificity, specific recognition of drugs by receptors and to macroscopic phenomena as nerve pulse propagation. However, lipid membranes in their chain melting regime are known to be highly permeable to ions, water and small molecules, and are therefore not always inert. In voltage-clamp experiments one finds quantized conduction events through protein-free membranes in their melting regime similar to or even undistinguishable from those attributed to proteins. This constitutes a conceptual problem for the interpretation of electrophysiological data obtained from biological membrane preparations. Here, we review the experimental evidence for lipid ion channels...

  15. The M2 Channel

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Santner, Paul

    Drug resistance of Influenza A against antivirals is an increasing problem. No effective Influenza A drugs targeting the crucial viral protein, the proton transporter M2 are available anymore due to widespread resistance. Thanks to research efforts elucidating M2 protein structure, function and i...... resistance escape routes from drug inhibition. We thereby were hopefully able to provide a platform for the large-scale evaluation of M2 channel activity, inhibitors and resistance....

  16. Micro-channel plate detector (United States)

    Elam, Jeffrey W.; Lee, Seon W.; Wang, Hsien -Hau; Pellin, Michael J.; Byrum, Karen; Frisch, Henry J.


    A method and system for providing a micro-channel plate detector. An anodized aluminum oxide membrane is provided and includes a plurality of nanopores which have an Al coating and a thin layer of an emissive oxide material responsive to incident radiation, thereby providing a plurality of radiation sensitive channels for the micro-channel plate detector.

  17. Ion channeling revisited

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doyle, Barney Lee [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Corona, Aldo [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Nguyen, Anh [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    A MS Excel program has been written that calculates accidental, or unintentional, ion channeling in cubic bcc, fcc and diamond lattice crystals or polycrystalline materials. This becomes an important issue when simulating the creation by energetic neutrons of point displacement damage and extended defects using beams of ions. All of the tables and graphs in the three Ion Beam Analysis Handbooks that previously had to be manually looked up and read from were programed into Excel in handy lookup tables, or parameterized, for the case of the graphs, using rather simple exponential functions with different powers of the argument. The program then offers an extremely convenient way to calculate axial and planar half-angles and minimum yield or dechanneling probabilities, effects on half-angles of amorphous overlayers, accidental channeling probabilities for randomly oriented crystals or crystallites, and finally a way to automatically generate stereographic projections of axial and planar channeling half-angles. The program can generate these projections and calculate these probabilities for axes and [hkl] planes up to (555).

  18. Totally Asynchronous Interference Channels

    CERN Document Server

    Moshksar, Kamyar


    This paper addresses an interference channel consisting of $\\mathbf{n}$ active users sharing $u$ frequency sub-bands. Users are asynchronous meaning there exists a mutual delay between their transmitted codes. A stationary model for interference is considered by assuming the starting point of an interferer's data is uniformly distributed along the codeword of any user. The spectrum is divided to private and common bands each containing $v_{\\mathrm{p}}$ and $v_{\\mathrm{c}}$ frequency sub-bands respectively. We consider a scenario where all transmitters are unaware of the number of active users and the channel gains. The optimum $v_{\\mathrm{p}}$ and $v_{\\mathrm{c}}$ are obtained such that the so-called outage capacity per user is maximized. If $\\Pr\\{\\mathbf{n}\\leq 2\\}=1$, upper and lower bounds on the mutual information between the input and output of the channel for each user are derived using a genie-aided technique. The proposed bounds meet each other as the code length grows to infinity yielding a closed ex...

  19. Pronóstico De Mesoescala De Un Evento De Noviembre De 2008 En Santa Catarina Mesoscale forescasting of an event of novenber 2008 in Santa Catharina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lia Martins Costa do Amaral


    Full Text Available La gran disponibilidad de vapor de agua en los niveles inferiores de la atmósfera, advectada sobre la costa de la provincia de Santa Catarina por el anticiclón semiestacionario del Océano Atlántico, favoreció períodos frecuentes de lluvia durante el mes de noviembre de 2008. La exploración del evento extremo ocurrido en Santa Catarina, que se caracterizó por un intenso bloqueo en niveles altos, se realizó con pronósticos de los modelos del mesoescala MM5 y WRF. Estos modelos fueron procesados con muy alta resolución espacial, abarcando toda la región afectada por el evento severo. La temperatura de la superficie del mar presentaba anomalías positivas de temperatura a lo largo de la costa de Santa Catarina, favoreciendo la transferencia de calor latente hacia la atmósfera, con su posterior advección hacia la zona continental. Los resultados obtenidos con los modelos son consistentes con las observaciones, aunque fuertemente dependientes de la resolución horizontal de los mismos.The large availability of water vapor at low levels of the atmosphere, advected into the coastal region of Santa Catharina State by the Atlantic Ocean semi-stationary anticyclone, provided the frequent and copious rainfall during the November, 2008. One of the most extreme event occurred in Santa Catharina coastal zone, when a quite strong blocking formed at high levels of the atmosphere is explored processing both, the MM5 and WRF mesoscale models. These models were processed with very high spatial resolution domains, covering the entire region affected by the severe event. The sea surface temperature field revealed that there was a large core on Atlantic waters with quite high temperatures along the coast of Santa Catharina, which enhanced the vertical integrated latent heat supply into the continental region by the winds. The models forecasting results showed consistent results with the observations, as well as an indication that coherences are directly

  20. Virtual Astronaut for Scientific Visualization—A Prototype for Santa Maria Crater on Mars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edward A. Guinness


    Full Text Available To support scientific visualization of multiple-mission data from Mars, the Virtual Astronaut (VA creates an interactive virtual 3D environment built on the Unity3D Game Engine. A prototype study was conducted based on orbital and Opportunity Rover data covering Santa Maria Crater in Meridiani Planum on Mars. The VA at Santa Maria provides dynamic visual representations of the imaging, compositional, and mineralogical information. The VA lets one navigate through the scene and provides geomorphic and geologic contexts for the rover operations. User interactions include in-situ observations visualization, feature measurement, and an animation control of rover drives. This paper covers our approach and implementation of the VA system. A brief summary of the prototype system functions and user feedback is also covered. Based on external review and comments by the science community, the prototype at Santa Maria has proven the VA to be an effective tool for virtual geovisual analysis.

  1. A preliminary study of coal mining drainage and environmental health in the Santa Catarina region, Brazil. (United States)

    Silva, Luis F O; Wollenschlager, Marcus; Oliveira, Marcos L S


    The concentrations and loadings of major and trace elements in coal mine drainage (CMD) from 49 abandoned mines located in the coal fields of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina were determined. The CMD sites typically displayed a wide spatial and temporal variability in physical and geochemical conditions. The results of our CMD analyses in Santa Catarina State were used to illustrate that the geochemical processes in the rock piles can be deduced from multiple data sets. The observed relationship between the pH and constituent concentrations were attributed to (1) dilution of acidic water by near-neutral or alkaline groundwater and (2) solubility control of Al, Fe, Mn, Ba and Sr by hydroxide, sulfate, and/or carbonate minerals. The preliminary results of the CMD analyses and environmental health in the Santa Catarina region, Brazil, are discussed.

  2. Alexandra Colony: Resilience in the North of the province of Santa Fe (1866-1904, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irene Dosztal


    Full Text Available In this article the theoretical aspects are developed from a historic-anthropological perspective, which anticipates a frontier space with a differentiated economic, social and cultural structure, where they operate the life and experiences of families of settlers who are 90 km of the Northern territorial limit controlled by the Government of the province of Santa Fe. In the north border of Santa Fe the "desert" fights", first, with the foundation of agricultural colonies for contract and, then, with the military advance. Therefore, the concept of border of colonization is chosen to analyze the role of the colonies that make it up next to Alexandra Colony. Based on the review of the studies of border, focuses on the character resilient of social groups facing out of the last line of forts to the North of the province of Santa Fe, where the agricultural colonies were founded.

  3. Stratification of the state of Santa Catarina in macro-environments for bean cultivation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliano Garcia Bertoldo


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to suggest a division of the State of Santa Catarina in macro-environments forexperimentation and bean production. Data of the traits grain yield and plant cycle were evaluated in 10 common beangenotypes grown in nine environments. The data were submitted to the Student-Newman Keuls test, to detect differencesbetween environments, and the Best Linear Unbiased Prediction, to predict the environmental values. The results showed: (adifferences between the regions of Santa Catarina for the traits grain yield and plant cycle, which had a significant positivecorrelation of 0.26 (b Based on the genotypes and environments studied the state can be divided in two macro-environments(MA1 and MA2 and four micro-environments (MI1, MI2, MI3 and MI4. The state of Santa Catarina may be roughly dividedin at least two macro-environments for the recommendation of new cultivars.

  4. Choosing an SAT with SAnTA: A Recommender System for Informal Workplace Learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frank Linton


    Full Text Available Current intelligence community analytic standards encourage the use of structured analytic techniques; these are taught in training programs and supported by analytic tradecraft cells. Yet resources are scarce, timely personalized help is not available to all when it is most needed, and conditions for the improper selection and misapplication of these techniques prevail. The Structured Analytic Technique Advisor (SAnTA is an electronic interactive job aid that recommends structured analytic techniques to analysts, based on the current state of their analysis and on the synthesized expertise of tradecraft staff. SAnTA is undergoing formative evaluation and iterative development. When released, SAnTA will provide individualized support to a large number of analysts every day.

  5. Contribution of studies for environmental licensing to the knowledge of Santa Catarina avifauna in southern Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Antônio Guimarães Azevedo


    Full Text Available The knowledge generated by studies for environmental licensing, even with reduced field samplings, can contribute to the recording of species of avifauna or actually extends the distribution in places of low knowledge. This study presents data obtained from preliminary reports of impact where the avifauna in seven projects in different ecosystems of Santa Catarina state was diagnosed between January 2001 and January 2004. Sightings had occurred, mainly, by visual or auditory contacts, using binoculars, hand-recorders and field guides. A total of 232 species of birds had been registered, increasing the known distribution by 66 species in different regions of Santa Catarina. The habitat most damaged by entrepreneurial activity was the forest, a factor of concern regarding the conservation of the avifauna that relied upon it. In general, the risk factors associated with the avifauna in Santa Catarina state are environmental degradation, capture of wildlife for breeding in captivity and, hunting for food.

  6. Herpetofauna, Santa Edwiges I and II hydroelectric power plants, state of Goiás, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cintra, C. E. D.


    Full Text Available This paper presents a check list of amphibians and reptiles of the area under the influence of Santa Edwiges I and IIsmall hydroelectric power plants on Rio Buritis, state of Goiás, Brazil. The list was the result of faunal rescueoperations carried out between 31 August and 29 September 2005 (Santa Edwiges II and between 30 July and 12September 2006 (Santa Edwiges I. The list comprises 30 species of amphibians belonging to 16 genera and 8 families(Caeciliidae, Bufonidae, Cycloramphidae, Hylidae, Brachycephalidae, Leiuperidae, Leptodactylidae, andMicrohylidae, and 45 species of reptiles belonging to 38 genera and 16 families (Amphisbaenidae, Anguidae,Gekkonidae, Gymnophtalmidae, Polychrotidae, Scincidae, Teiidae, Tropiduridae, Anomalepididae, Leptotyphlopidae,Typhlopidae, Boidae, Colubridae, Dipsadidae, Elapidae, and Viperidae.

  7. Performance of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears as affected by planting density

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateus da Silveira Pasa


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to evaluate the performance of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears at two planting densities. The experiment was carried out during the 2011/2012, 2012/2013, and 2013/2014 growing seasons, in one-year-old orchards (2011/2012 of 'Rocha' and 'Santa Maria' pears, trained in a central-leader system and planted in two densities (2,000 and 4,000 trees per hectare. The assessed parameters were: production per hectare, production per tree, yield efficiency, number of fruit per tree, average fruit weight, trunk diameter increment, fruit firmness, and soluble solid contents. The cumulative yield of 'Rocha' is greater at the higher planting density, whereas the yield efficiency of 'Santa Maria' increases at the lower planting density, as the trees get more mature. Trunk diameter of 'Rocha' also increases at the lower planting density. However, fruit quality parameters in both cultivars are little affected by planting density.

  8. Intracellular ion channels and cancer. (United States)

    Leanza, Luigi; Biasutto, Lucia; Managò, Antonella; Gulbins, Erich; Zoratti, Mario; Szabò, Ildikò


    Several types of channels play a role in the maintenance of ion homeostasis in subcellular organelles including endoplasmatic reticulum, nucleus, lysosome, endosome, and mitochondria. Here we give a brief overview of the contribution of various mitochondrial and other organellar channels to cancer cell proliferation or death. Much attention is focused on channels involved in intracellular calcium signaling and on ion fluxes in the ATP-producing organelle mitochondria. Mitochondrial K(+) channels (Ca(2+)-dependent BKCa and IKCa, ATP-dependent KATP, Kv1.3, two-pore TWIK-related Acid-Sensitive K(+) channel-3 (TASK-3)), Ca(2+) uniporter MCU, Mg(2+)-permeable Mrs2, anion channels (voltage-dependent chloride channel VDAC, intracellular chloride channel CLIC) and the Permeability Transition Pore (MPTP) contribute importantly to the regulation of function in this organelle. Since mitochondria play a central role in apoptosis, modulation of their ion channels by pharmacological means may lead to death of cancer cells. The nuclear potassium channel Kv10.1 and the nuclear chloride channel CLIC4 as well as the endoplasmatic reticulum (ER)-located inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptor, the ER-located Ca(2+) depletion sensor STIM1 (stromal interaction molecule 1), a component of the store-operated Ca(2+) channel and the ER-resident TRPM8 are also mentioned. Furthermore, pharmacological tools affecting organellar channels and modulating cancer cell survival are discussed. The channels described in this review are summarized on Figure 1. Overall, the view is emerging that intracellular ion channels may represent a promising target for cancer treatment.

  9. Intracellular ion channels and cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luigi eLeanza


    Full Text Available Several types of channels play a role in the maintenance of ion homeostasis in subcellular organelles including endoplasmatic reticulum, nucleus, lysosome, endosome and mitochondria. Here we give a brief overview of the contribution of various mitochondrial and other organellar channels to cancer cell proliferation or death. Much attention is focused on channels involved in intracellular calcium signaling and on ion fluxes in the ATP-producing organelle mitochondria. Mitochondrial K+ channels (Ca2+-dependent BKCa and IKCa, ATP-dependent KATP, Kv1.3, two-pore TWIK-related Acid-Sensitive K+ channel-3 (TASK-3, Ca2+ uniporter MCU, Mg2+-permeable Mrs2, anion channels (voltage-dependent chloride channel VDAC, intracellular chloride channel CLIC and the Permeability Transition Pore (MPTP contribute importantly to the regulation of function in this organelle. Since mitochondria play a central role in apoptosis, modulation of their ion channels by pharmacological means may lead to death of cancer cells. The nuclear potassium channel Kv10.1 and the nuclear chloride channel CLIC4 as well as the endoplasmatic reticulum (ER-located inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3 receptor, the ER-located Ca2+ depletion sensor STIM1 (stromal interaction molecule 1, a component of the store-operated Ca2+ channel and the ER-resident TRPM8 are also mentioned. Furthermore, pharmacological tools affecting organellar channels and modulating cancer cell survival are discussed. The channels described in this review are summarized on Figure 1. Overall, the view is emerging that intracellular ion channels may represent a promising target for cancer treatment.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valdinho Pellin


    Full Text Available Discussões relacionadas ao fortalecimento do desenvolvimento regional tem estimulado um debate em relação a contribuições que Indicações Geográficas (IGs podem oferecer ao desenvolvimento. IGs se constituem em elemento de identificação de produtos ou serviços com seus territórios e podem oferecer contribuições importantes para o desenvolvimento regional, agregando valor aos produtos, facilitando o acesso a novos mercados e valorizando tradições locais. Este artigo procura discutir a importância da cerveja artesanal no contexto do desenvolvimento regional em Santa Catarina. Para tanto explora como objetivos específicos: (i caracterizar as discussões que estão ocorrendo em torno do reconhecimento da IG para chope e cerveja artesanal na região de Blumenau (SC; (ii identificar contribuições e desafios para o Desenvolvimento Regional de um possível reconhecimento da IG; e (iii caracterizar limites e potencialidades sinalizados pela iniciativa em curso. Metodologicamente trata-se de pesquisa analítica e descritiva baseada em estudo de caso de natureza exploratória. Como instrumento de coleta de dados se realizou entrevistas semiestruturadas com gestores de micro cervejarias artesanais da região e atores públicos e privados envolvidos diretamente nas discussões. Além destas fontes primárias o estudo fundamentou-se em fontes consubstanciadas pelos documentos produzidos nas reuniões de trabalho realizadas até o presente. Os principais resultados de análise destacam que um possível reconhecimento da IG poderia contribuir para o fortalecimento do setor, aumentando a competitividade, além de fortalecer a atividade turística na região. Entretanto para isso, alguns conflitos, surgidos no âmbito das discussões, precisam ser assumidos, superados ou mitigados

  11. Assessing marine microbial induced corrosion at Santa Catalina Island, California

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Antonio Ramírez


    Full Text Available High iron and eutrophic conditions are reported as environmental factors leading to accelerated low-water corrosion, an enhanced form of near-shore microbial-induced corrosion. To explore this hypothesis, we deployed flow-through colonization systems in laboratory-based aquarium tanks under a continuous flow of surface seawater from Santa Catalina Island, California, USA, for periods of two and six months. Substrates consisted of mild steel – a major constituent of maritime infrastructure – and the naturally occurring iron sulfide mineral pyrite. Four conditions were tested: free-venting high-flux conditions; a stagnant condition; an active flow-through condition with seawater slowly pumped over the substrates; and an enrichment condition where the slow pumping of seawater was supplemented with nutrient rich medium. Electron microscopy analyses of the two-month high flux incubations document coating of substrates with twisted stalks, resembling iron oxyhydroxide bioprecipitates made by marine neutrophilic Fe-oxidizing bacteria. Six-month incubations exhibit increased biofilm and substrate corrosion in the active flow and nutrient enriched conditions relative to the stagnant condition. A scarcity of twisted stalks was observed for all six month slow-flow conditions compared to the high-flux condition, which may be attributable to oxygen concentrations in the slow-flux conditions being prohibitively low for sustained growth of stalk-producing bacteria. All substrates developed microbial communities reflective of the original seawater input, as based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Deltaproteobacteria sequences increased in relative abundance in the active flow and nutrient enrichment conditions, whereas Gammaproteobacteria sequences were relatively more abundant in the stagnant condition. These results indicate that i high-flux incubations with higher oxygen availability favor the development of biofilms with twisted stalks resembling those of

  12. 77 FR 28895 - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, CA AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of availability... Wildlife Refuge, located in the Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California, consists of...

  13. Recognizing history in range ecology: 100 years of science and management on the Santa Rita Experimental Range (United States)

    Nathan F. Sayre


    At the centennial of the Santa Rita Experimental Range, historical analysis is called for on two levels. First, as a major site in the history of range ecology, the Santa Rita illuminates past successes and failures in science and management and the ways in which larger social, economic, and political factors have shaped scientific research. Second, with the turn away...

  14. 31 flavors to 50 shades of grey: battling Phytophthoras in native habitats managed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District (United States)

    Janet Hillman; Tedmund J. Swiecki; Elizabeth A. Bernhardt; Heather K. Mehl; Tyler B. Bourret; David Rizzo


    The Santa Clara Valley Water District (District) is a wholesale water supplier for 1.8 million people in Santa Clara County, California. Capital, water utility, and stream maintenance projects result in extensive, long-term mitigation requirements in riparian, wetland, and upland habitats throughout the county. In 2014, several restoration sites on the valley floor and...

  15. Genetic diversity and seed production in Santa Lucia fir (Abies bracteata),a relict of the Miocene broadleaved evergreen forest (United States)

    F. Thomas Ledig; Paul D. Hodgskiss; David R. Johnson


    Santa Lucia fir (Abies bracteata), is a unique fir, the sole member of the subgenus Pseudotorreya. It is a relict of the Miocene broadleaved evergreen sclerophyll forest, and is now restricted to a highly fragmented range in the Santa Lucia Mountains of central coastal California. Expected heterozygosity for 30 isozyme loci in 18 enzyme systems...

  16. Conodont faunas from Portugal and southwestern Spain Part 5. Lower Carboniferous conodonts at Santa Olalla del Cala (Spain)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boogaard, van den M.; Guzmán, F.V.


    The conodont faunule of a limestone deposit at Santa Olalla del Cala (province of Huelva, Spain) is described. The age of the limestones, hitherto unknown, appears to be either Late Tournaisian or Early Viséan. Se describe la fauna de conodontos de unas calizas existentes en la Hoja de Santa Olalla

  17. 75 FR 34481 - Notice of Reestablishment of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory... (United States)


    ...) have reestablished the charter of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory... preparation and implementation of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument Management Plan on lands... National Monument Advisory Committee is necessary and in the public interest in connection with the...

  18. 78 FR 35951 - Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the City of Santa Cruz Graham Hill Water... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the City of Santa Cruz Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant, Santa Cruz County, California AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service... and conservation measures for the federally endangered Ben Lomond spineflower (Chorizanthe pungens var...

  19. Plan estratégico para la galería multicentro Santa Clara


    Lay Chung, Dennis; Lazaro Ruíz, Carlos; Randich Tejeda, Christian


    El presente trabajo se refiere al Planeamiento Estratégico de la empresa Galerías Multicentro Santa Clara, el cual nace de un emprendimiento familiar, a inicios del año 2005, con la finalidad de satisfacer la demanda de locales comerciales en la zona de Santa Clara. El negocio de la empresa es el alquiler de espacios para desarrollar actividades comerciales, dentro de ese contexto, el desarrollo y liderazgo que ha tenido la empresa le ha permitido establecerse como un importante centro adonde...

  20. Patrimonio, museos y antropología en el estado de Santa Catarina (Brasil)


    Andreu i Tomàs, Agustí


    Santa Catarina es un estado del sur de la República Federal de Brasil que, segúndatos del IBGE (Instituto Brasileño de Geografía y Estadística), alcanzabaen 2010 los 6.249.682 millones de habitantes, con un total de 293 municipios.En 1991, el gobierno del estado creó el Sistema Estadual de Museus de SantaCaterina (Decreto n.º 615, de 10 de septiembre). Este sistema de museos, concebidocomo una red de adscripción voluntaria, reúne actualmente alrededorde 170 museos (públicos y privados) de 86 ...

  1. The evolving fresh market berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Tourte


    Full Text Available The fresh market berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties has contributed significantly to the agricultural vibrancy of the two counties and the state of California. Dramatic growth in strawberry, raspberry and blackberry production has been documented over the last 50 years, and most notably since the 1980s. Factors influencing this growth include innovations in agricultural practices and heightened consumer demand. Here, we review the historical context for the berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Organic production, production economics and challenges for the future are also discussed.

  2. The Barroque Paradise of Santa María Tonantzintla (Part II)


    Glockner Julio


    The baroque church of Santa María Tonantzintla is located in the Valley of Cholula in the Central Mexican Plateau and it was built during 16th-19th century. Its interior decoration shows an interesting symbolic fusion of Christian elements with Mesoamerican religious aspects of Nahua origin. Scholars of Mexican colonial art interpreted the Catholic iconography of Santa María Tonantzintla church as the Assumption of the Virgin Mary up to the celestial kingdom and her coronation by the holy Tri...

  3. The Barroque Paradise of Santa María Tonantzintla (Part I)


    Glockner Julio


    The baroque church of Santa María Tonantzintla is located in the Valley of Cholula in Central Mexican Plateau and it was built during 16th-19th century. Its interior decoration shows interesting symbolic fusion of Christian elements with Mesoamerican religious aspects of Nahua origin. The scholars of Mexican colonial art interpreted the Catholic iconography of Santa María Tonantzintla church as Assumption of Virgin Mary up to celestial kingdom and her coronation by the holy Trinity. One of th...

  4. Santa Rosa de Lima: uma santa anoréxica na América Latina? Santa Rosa de Lima: ¿una santa anoréxica en Latinoamérica? Saint Rose of Lima: an anorexic saint in Latin America?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cybelle Weinberg


    Full Text Available A literatura especializada tem nos mostrado que é grande a semelhança entre o comportamento alimentar das santas jejuadoras medievais e o das anoréxicas atuais. No entanto, há poucas referências sobre a existência de santas jejuadoras na América Latina. No presente trabalho, os autores salientam aspectos da vida de Santa Rosa de Lima, Patrona da América e Filipinas, que poderiam ser descritos como comportamentos anoréxicos. Comparando os aspectos psicopatológicos da vida de Santa Rosa com o comportamento das anoréxicas atuais, pareceu confirmar-se um padrão uniforme de comportamento, especialmente quanto ao aspecto imitativo, fator que poderia levar as jovens da atualidade a desenvolverem um transtorno alimentar após terem algum tipo de informação sobre o transtorno.La literatura especializada nos muestra gran similitud entre el comportamiento alimentar de las santas de la edad media que ayunaban y el de las anoréxicas de la actualidad. Hay pocas informaciones sobre santas que practicaban ayuno en Latinoamérica. En este artículo, los autores resaltan aspectos de la vida de santa Rosa de Lima, Patrona de América y Filipinas, que pueden ser considerados como comportamientos anoréxicos. Al comparar aspectos psicopatológicos de la vida de santa Rosa con el comportamiento de anoréxicas de la actualidad, parece que se confirma un modelo uniforme de comportamiento, especialmente respecto al aspecto de imitación, hecho que podría llevar a las jóvenes de hoy a desarrollar un trastorno de la alimentación luego de recibir informaciones sobre el tema.The specialized literature has shown us the great similarity between the eating habits of medieval fasting women saints and today's anorexic women. Nonetheless, there are few references to the existence of such fasting women saints in Latin America. The authors of this paper present some aspects of the life of Saint Rose of Lima, the patroness of the Americas and the Philippines, that

  5. Estrutura produtiva e organizacional do setor de papel e celulose no Estado de Santa Catarina


    Leão, Francisco Carlos


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro Sócio-Econômico. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Economia No presente trabalho, tem-se como objetivo estudar a estrutura produtiva e organizacional do setor de papel e celulose no estado de Santa Catarina, diante do novo ambiente econômico. Foram utilizados no trabalho dados estatísticos sobre o volume de produção mundial e brasileira, principais empresas nos segmentos de celulose e papel, segundo diferentes tipos de prod...

  6. Summi Pontificatus : as relações internacionais da Santa Sé sob Pio XII


    Gabriel Ribeiro Barnabé


    Resumo: A pesquisa liga-se ao estudo das relações internacionais da Santa Sé. Considerando que essas se operam como relações entre a Igreja e o Estado, analiso, no primeiro capítulo, as principais teorias que as explicam. Primeiramente caracterizo as quatro propriedades da Igreja (una, santa, católica e apostólica), das quais se destaca a catolicidade, isto é, a universalidade, que a move em missão internacional por todo o mundo. Em seguida, comento a teoria da plenitudo potestatis papae, as ...

  7. Conidiobolomicose causada por Conidiobolus lamprauges em ovinos no Estado de Santa Catarina Conidiobolomycosis caused by Conidiobolus lamprauges in sheep in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Henrique Furlan


    Full Text Available Descreve-se um surto de conidiobolomicose em ovinos no Estado de Santa Catarina. O surto ocorreu entre os meses de dezembro e março de 2006, no município de Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, região litorânea do Estado. A propriedade possuía 75 ovinos da raça Santa Inês e seis desses animais adoeceram. Clinicamente os animais doentes apresentavam dificuldade respiratória, corrimento nasal seroso a mucossanguinolento e, por vezes exolftalmia. Na necropsia verificou-se uma massa amarelada na região etmoidal e adjacências que, às vezes, atingia os linfonodos regionais, cérebro, globo ocular e pleura. Microscopicamente a massa caracterizava-se por infiltrado inflamatório granulomatoso com áreas necróticas associadas a hifas largas pouco ramificadas. Através de exame molecular detectou-se DNA de Conidiobolus lamprauges. Os aspectos clínicos, epidemiológicos, macroscópicos, microscópicos e moleculares caracterizam a conidiobolomicose causada por Conidiobolus lamprauges em ovinos.An outbreak of conidiobolomycosis affecting sheep in the State of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil is reported. The disease occurred in six Santa Inês breed sheep from a flock of 75 during the rainy season. Common clinical signs were noisy respiration and dyspnea, serous to mucosanguineous nasal discharge and exophthalmus. At necropsy there was a dense yellow mass in the nasopharyngeal area affecting the ethmoidal region, turbinate bones and occasionally limph nodes, central nervous system and pleura. Histopathologycally there was multifocal granulomas whith an eosinophilic necrotic reaction containing ribbon type hyphae similar to zygomycetous fungi. At molecular examination Conidiobolus lamprauges DNA was detected. The clinical, epidemiological, macroscopical, microscopical and molecular aspects characterize conidiobolomycosis caused by Conidiobolus lamprauges in sheep.

  8. A Micromechanical RF Channelizer (United States)

    Akgul, Mehmet

    The power consumption of a radio generally goes as the number and strength of the RF signals it must process. In particular, a radio receiver would consume much less power if the signal presented to its electronics contained only the desired signal in a tiny percent bandwidth frequency channel, rather than the typical mix of signals containing unwanted energy outside the desired channel. Unfortunately, a lack of filters capable of selecting single channel bandwidths at RF forces the front-ends of contemporary receivers to accept unwanted signals, and thus, to operate with sub-optimal efficiency. This dissertation focuses on the degree to which capacitive-gap transduced micromechanical resonators can achieve the aforementioned RF channel-selecting filters. It aims to first show theoretically that with appropriate scaling capacitive-gap transducers are strong enough to meet the needed coupling requirements; and second, to fully detail an architecture and design procedure needed to realize said filters. Finally, this dissertation provides an actual experimentally demonstrated RF channel-select filter designed using the developed procedures and confirming theoretical predictions. Specifically, this dissertation introduces four methods that make possible the design and fabrication of RF channel-select filters. The first of these introduces a small-signal equivalent circuit for parallel-plate capacitive-gap transduced micromechanical resonators that employs negative capacitance to model the dependence of resonance frequency on electrical stiffness in a way that facilitates the analysis of micromechanical circuits loaded with arbitrary electrical impedances. The new circuit model not only correctly predicts the dependence of electrical stiffness on the impedances loading the input and output electrodes of parallel-plate capacitive-gap transduced micromechanical device, but does so in a visually intuitive way that identifies current drive as most appropriate for

  9. Gastrointestinal parasites in goats from Monte Castelo, Santa Catarina, Brazil Parasitas gastrintestinais em caprinos de Monte Castelo, Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Perito Cardoso


    Full Text Available This study was carried out with the aim of estimating the degree of gastrointestinal helminth infection in goats on the Northern Plateau of Santa Catarina. Twelve young females and 11 adult females were used. Every 28 days, feces samples were taken to quantify the nematode eggs per gram of feces (EPG. Larval culturing was performed on a pool of positive samples from the same group. The fecal egg counts (FECs ranged from zero to 10,400 EPG in the young group and zero to 7,600 EPG in the adult group. The mean FECs were between 583.3 and 4441.7 in the young group and between 418.2 and 2181.8 in the adult group. Eggs of the order Strongylida and genera Moniezia and Toxocara, and oocysts of Coccidia, were observed. The young animals were more affected and Haemonchus was the most prevalent genus in the samples.Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de estimar o grau de infecção dos helmintos gastrintestinais em um rebanho caprino criado no Planalto Norte Catarinense. Foram utilizadas 12 fêmeas jovens e 11 adultas, das quais, a cada 28 dias, foram coletadas amostras de fezes diretamente do reto, totalizando 12 coletas, para quantificação de ovos por grama de fezes (OPG e cultivo de larvas através de "pool" das amostras positivas do mesmo grupo. A contagem de OPG variou de zero a 10.400 nos animais jovens e de zero a 7.600 nos adultos. As médias do OPG entre as coletas foram de 583,3 a 4.441,7 no grupo jovem e de 418,2 a 2.181,8 nos adultos, sendo observados ovos da ordem Strongylida, dos gêneros Moniezia e Toxocara, bem como oocistos de coccídeos. Os animais mais jovens foram os mais acometidos, sendo o gênero Haemonchus o mais prevalente.



    Enrique eBalderas; Jin eZhang; Enrico eStefani; Ligia eToro


    Since its discovery in a glioma cell line 15 years ago, mitochondrial BKCa channel (mitoBKCa) has been studied in brain cells and cardiomyocytes sharing general biophysical properties such as high K+ conductance (~300 pS), voltage-dependency and Ca2+-sensitivity. Main advances in deciphering the molecular composition of mitoBKCa have included establishing that it is encoded by the Kcnma1 gene, that a C-terminal splice insert confers mitoBKCa ability to be targeted to cardiac mitochondria, an...

  11. Improving virtual channel discrimination in a multi-channel context. (United States)

    Srinivasan, Arthi G; Shannon, Robert V; Landsberger, David M


    Improving spectral resolution in cochlear implants is key to improving performance in difficult listening conditions (e.g. speech in noise, music, etc.). Current focusing might reduce channel interaction, thereby increasing spectral resolution. Previous studies have shown that combining current steering and current focusing reduces spread of excitation and improves virtual channel discrimination in a single-channel context. It is unclear whether the single-channel benefits from current focusing extend to a multi-channel context, in which the physical and perceptual interference of multiple stimulated channels might overwhelm the benefits of improved spectral resolution. In this study, signal discrimination was measured with and without current focusing, in the presence of competing stimuli on nearby electrodes. Results showed that signal discrimination was consistently better with current focusing than without, regardless of the amplitude of the competing stimuli. Therefore, combining current steering and current focusing may provide more effective spectral cues than are currently available.

  12. Rezension zu: Barbara Storck: Erzählte Enge. Raum und Weiblichkeit in französischen Erzähltexten des 18. und frühen 19. Jahrhunderts. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter 2009.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zuzanna Aleksandra Jakubowski


    Full Text Available In her work, Barbara Storck examines the gender-specific semantics of literary spaces in narrative texts by Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mme de Genlis, Mme de Staël, and Charles Nodier. Central to her examination is the motif of spatial constriction and in particular that of the enclosed woman. The goal of the investigation is to uncover the constitution of the female subject through literary spaces. Unfortunately there is little development of a gender analytical perspective – to the benefit, however, of the presentation of multiple contemporary discourses on subject-space constitution.

  13. Cholesterol binding to ion channels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irena eLevitan


    Full Text Available Numerous studies demonstrated that membrane cholesterol is a major regulator of ion channel function. The goal of this review is to discuss significant advances that have been recently achieved in elucidating the mechanisms responsible for cholesterol regulation of ion channels. The first major insight that comes from growing number of studies that based on the sterol specificity of cholesterol effects, show that several types of ion channels (nAChR, Kir, BK, TRPV are regulated by specific sterol-protein interactions. This conclusion is supported by demonstrating direct saturable binding of cholesterol to a bacterial Kir channel. The second major advance in the field is the identification of putative cholesterol binding sites in several types of ion channels. These include sites at locations associated with the well-known cholesterol binding motif CRAC and its reversed form CARC in nAChR, BK, and TRPV, as well as novel cholesterol binding regions in Kir channels. Notably, in the majority of these channels, cholesterol is suggested to interact mainly with hydrophobic residues in non-annular regions of the channels being embedded in between transmembrane protein helices. We also discuss how identification of putative cholesterol binding sites is an essential step to understand the mechanistic basis of cholesterol-induced channel regulation. Clearly, however, these are only the first few steps in obtaining a general understanding of cholesterol-ion channels interactions and their roles in cellular and organ functions.

  14. Processes of Terrace Formation on the Piedmont of the Santa Cruz River Valley During Quaternary Time, Green Valley-Tubac Area, Southeastern Arizona (United States)

    Lindsey, David A.; Van Gosen, Bradley S.


    In this report we describe a series of stepped Quaternary terraces on some piedmont tributaries of the Santa Cruz River valley in southeastern Arizona. These terraces began to form in early Pleistocene time, after major basin-and-range faulting ceased, with lateral planation of basin fill and deposition of thin fans of alluvium. At the end of this cycle of erosion and deposition, tributaries of the Santa Cruz River began the process of dissection and terrace formation that continues to the present. Vertical cutting alternated with periods of equilibrium, during which streams cut laterally and left thin deposits of channel fill. The distribution of terraces was mapped and compiled with adjacent mapping to produce a regional picture of piedmont stream history in the middle part of the Santa Cruz River valley. For selected tributaries, the thickness of terrace fill was measured, particle size and lithology of gravel were determined, and sedimentary features were photographed and described. Mapping of terrace stratigraphy revealed that on two tributaries, Madera Canyon Wash and Montosa Canyon Wash, stream piracy has played an important role in piedmont landscape development. On two other tributaries, Cottonwood Canyon Wash and Josephine Canyon Wash, rapid downcutting preempted piracy. Two types of terraces are recognized: erosional and depositional. Gravel in thin erosional terraces has Trask sorting coefficients and sedimentary structures typical of streamflood deposits, replete with bar-and-swale surface topography on young terraces. Erosional-terrace fill represents the channel fill of the stream that cuts the terrace; the thickness of the fill indicates the depth of channel scour. In contrast to erosional terraces, depositional terraces show evidence of repeated deposition and net aggradation, as indicated by their thickness (as much as 20+ m) and weakly bedded structure. Depositional terraces are common below mountain-front canyon mouths where streams drop their

  15. Demand-driven land evaluation; with case studies in Santa Catarina-Brazil

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bacic, I.L.Z.


    The main objective of this thesis is to improve use and usefulness of information for rural land use decisions based on an operational demand-driven approach for land evaluation with case studies in Santa Catarina State, Brazil. To achieve this objective, the following research questions were

  16. Santa Rosa Island Final Range Environmental Assessment, Revision 1. Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    nvironmenfal Assessment. Santa Rosa island Reconslitution Tesi Capabilities. Apri11998. 37 U.S. Air Force. 1998c. Environmemal AssessmenT ji:Jr...Coastal Tesiing of 1he Shallow Water Assaul1 Breaching 38 {SABRE) and Dislributed Explosive Technology (DEl) s:vsrems. September 1998. 39 USAF. 1998d

  17. Primeiro registro de Aedes albopictus no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Löwenberg-Neto


    Full Text Available Três fêmeas adultas de Aedes (Stegomyia albopictus (Skuse foram capturadas por meio de isca humana em área peridomiciliar de remanescente de Mata Atlântica na Praia de Itaguaçu, Ilha de São Francisco do Sul, litoral Norte de Santa Catarina.

  18. Développement économique local à Catacamas et à Santa Maria ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    La subvention permettra de former des professionnels clés de l'Universidad Nacional de Agricultura (UNA), des dirigeants municipaux et des chefs de file du milieu des affaires dans le but ... Experiencia en desarrollo económico local en Catacamas y Santa María del Real : aplicando la ruta metodológica para el desarrollo ...

  19. Mitigation options for futurewater scarcity : A case study in Santa Cruz Island (Galapagos Archipelago)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Reyes, Maria Fernanda; Trifunović, Nemanja; Sharma, Saroj Kumar; Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Kennedy, M.D.


    Santa Cruz Island (Galápagos Archipelago), like many other tourist islands, is currently experiencing an exponential increase in tourism and local population growth, jeopardizing current and future water supply. An accurate assessment of the future water supply/demand balance is crucial to

  20. 78 FR 67336 - Habitat Conservation Plan for the United Water Conservation District, Santa Clara River Watershed... (United States)


    ..., operations, and maintenance of water management facilities within the lower Santa Clara River watershed... water management activities. United intends to request a 50-year permit covering five species federally... describe direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts on biological resources, land use, air quality, water...

  1. The excavating sponges of the Santa Marta area, Colombia, with description of a new species

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hofman, Caroline C.; Kielman, Margriet


    From June till December 1987 an inventory of the excavating sponges of the Santa Marta area, Colombian Caribbean, was made by scuba diving to depths not exceeding 18 m. Sixteen species were recorded and compared morphologically, using spicule sizes, papillae shapes, and excavation characteristics.

  2. Mapping Chaparral in the Santa Monica Mountatins Using Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Models (United States)

    Roberts, D. A.; Gardner, M.; Church, R.; Ustin, S.; Scheer, G.; Green, R. O.


    From Intro: A study was initiated in the Santa Monica Mountains to investigate the use of the Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)for providing improved maps of chaparral coupled with direct estimates of canopy attributes (eg. biomass, leaf area, fuel load)...Analysis focused on AVIRIS data collected on October 19, 1994.

  3. 77 FR 40846 - Santa Fe National Forest; New Mexico; Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project... (United States)


    ... products would be removed from sites where feasible, based on road access, slope, terrain, and economic...; ] DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Forest Service Santa Fe National Forest; New Mexico; Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project Environmental Impact Statement AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. ACTION: Notice of...

  4. Spatially explicit West Nile virus risk modeling in Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    A previously created Geographic Information Systems model designed to identify regions of West Nile virus (WNV) transmission risk is tested and calibrated in Santa Clara County, California. American Crows that died from WNV infection in 2005 provide the spatial and temporal ground truth. Model param...

  5. Spatially Explicit West Nile Virus Risk Modeling in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)

    A geographic information systems model designed to identify regions of West Nile virus (WNV) transmission risk was tested and calibrated with data collected in Santa Clara County, California. American Crows that died from WNV infection in 2005, provided spatial and temporal ground truth. When the mo...

  6. Olhar e vertigem – miragens barrocas na obra de Frei Lucas de Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Amorim


    Full Text Available Esse artigo faz uma leitura da obra satírica Sonho tão claro que se fez dormindo, de Frei Lucas de Santa Catarina, enfatizando a crítica produzida pela literatura barroca portuguesa, mesmo em períodos de repressão, e a engenhosidade e virtuosismo verbal dessa estética.

  7. Eloita Pereira Neves: baluarte da enfermagem da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miriam Süsskind Borenstein


    Full Text Available Se trata de un estudio socio-histórico cuyo objetivo fue historiar la trayectoria profesional de Eloita Pereira Neves, presentar algunos trazos de su biografía y analizar su contribución para la Enfermería en la Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Fueron consultadas fuentes documentales y complementarias. Los datos fueron organizados de acuerdo con Bardin. Los resultados evidenciaron que la Profesora Eloita tuvo participación expresiva en el servicio de salud hospitalaria local, en la Asociación Brasilera de Enfermería - Sección Santa Catarina, inclusive ocupando cargos en esta última, que culminaron entre otros, en la creación del primer Curso de Graduación en Enfermería en Santa Catarina. Su formación y participación activa contribuyó para la enfermería catarinense a partir de la creación del primer Curso de Graduación en Enfermería de la Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, que hoy tiene reconocida actuación en la enseñanza, investigación y extensión en el ámbito estadual, nacional e internacional.

  8. The Santa Margarita River Arundo donax control project: development of methods and plant community response (United States)

    Dawn M. Lawson; Jesse A. Giessow; Jason H. Giessow


    A large-scale effort to control the aggressively invasive exotic species Arundo donax in the Santa Margarita River watershed in California’s south coast ecoregion was initiated in 1997. The project was prompted by the need for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to address impacts to habitat for federally-listed endangered species and wetlands regulated...

  9. 75 FR 35504 - San Rafael Cattle Company; Habitat Conservation Plan; Santa Cruz County, AZ (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service San Rafael Cattle Company; Habitat Conservation Plan; Santa Cruz County, AZ... Conservation Plan in support of incidental take permit application. SUMMARY: San Rafael Cattle Company... the future: Sonoran tiger salamander (Ambystoma mavortium stebbinsi), Gila chub (Gila intermedia...

  10. Los Alamos National Laboratory Modular Pumped Hydro Feasibility Study for Santa Fe Community College

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bibeault, Mark Leonide [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Report on the Economic Energy Assessment for a community college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Report shows graphically the demand for energy in the month of September, and illustrates the production of electricity as it goes onto the grid for use.

  11. Archive and laboratory embedded in the landscape: Future of the Santa Rita Experimental Range (United States)

    Thomas E. Sheridan


    The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) is both an archive of past ecological research and a laboratory for continuing research embedded in the southern Arizona landscape. The scientific questions being asked there have changed over the last 100 years, but SRER with its monitoring stations and its legacy of repeat photography still offers a unique opportunity to study...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Se monitoreo la calidad del agua utilizando como indicador los coliformes fecales y totales en la bahía de Santa Marta. El grado de contaminación fue determinado mediante el análisis de datos de calidad del agua en nueve estaciones de muestreo. Cuatro de ellas en las playas de Santa Marta, Taganga, Playa Grande y el Rodadero; dos en las desembocaduras de los ríos Manzanares y Gaira y las tres restantes en la descarga del emisario submarino a diferentes profundidades (Fondo, Profundidad media y Superfi cie. Las muestras fueron tomadas entre enero de 2006 y diciembre de 2008 cada dos meses. Se encontró una asociación entre el vertimiento del emisario submarino cuyo caudal fue estimado en 1028,64±163,9 (L/s y la calidad del agua en Taganga y Santa Marta. Se examinó el grado de contaminación en las estaciones de muestreo, encontrando niveles de contaminación media en la playa de Santa Marta, las desembocaduras de los ríos y la estación en la superfi cie del emisario submarino.

  13. Forecast skill of synoptic conditions associated with Santa Ana winds in Southern California (United States)

    Charles Jones; Francis Fujioka; Leila M.V. Carvalho


    Santa Ana winds (SAW) are synoptically driven mesoscale winds observed in Southern California usually during late fall and winter. Because of the complex topography of the region, SAW episodes can sometimes be extremely intense and pose significant environmental hazards, especially during wildfire incidents. A simple set of criteria was used to identify synoptic-scale...

  14. EPA Recognizes Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians for Achievements in Zero Waste and Food Recovery (United States)

    LOS ANGELES - The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians and Chumash Casino Resort were recognized this week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the 2014 Food Recovery Challenge certificate of achievement for its zero waste efforts. The cer

  15. Genetics of leaf rust resistance in the hard red winter wheat cultivars Santa Fe and Duster (United States)

    Leaf rust caused by Puccinia triticina is a common and important disease of hard red winter wheat in the Great Plains of the United States. The hard red winter wheat cultivars 'Santa Fe' and 'Duster' have had effective leaf rust resistance since their release in 2003 and 2006, respectively. Both cul...

  16. 76 FR 53695 - Notice of Public Meeting, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory... (United States)


    ... and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory Committee; CA AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management... Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Act of 2000 and the Federal Advisory Committee Act of... Agriculture, Forest Service (Forest Service) Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory...

  17. 75 FR 57496 - Notice of Public Meeting, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory... (United States)


    ... and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Advisory Committee; California AGENCIES: Bureau of Land... the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Act of 2000 and the Federal Advisory... Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, 1201 Bird Center Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, or...

  18. Modeling Dubai City Artificial Channel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elhakeem Mohamed


    Full Text Available Dubai’s new channel further enhances the urban-scape of the city offering new waterfront developments, transportation venues and diversified panoramas to the city. This paper performs a study to simulate the flow field in the proposed Dubai artificial channel using a 2D hydrodynamic model. The model predicts the flow depth and velocity in the channel, lagoons and bends. The model predictions show that the velocity is higher in the channel sections compared to the lagoons and bends sections. On the other hand, the water depth is lower in the channel sections compared to the lagoons and bends sections. Nonetheless, the velocities in the channel are within the accepted range that prevents boundary erosion and sediment deposition.

  19. Gestión descentralizada del servicio educativo: un examen al Distrito de Santa Marta - Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luz Helena Díaz Rocca


    Full Text Available La descentralización es una de las políticas más importantes implementadas en los últimos veinte años en Colombia y sin duda, de sus resultados depende que el Estado se fortalezca institucionalmente. Se ha estudiado el impacto de esta política a nivel nacional y territorial, sin embargo, son ausentes los estudios en el distrito de Santa Marta. El aporte de este artículo consiste en llenar parcialmente este vacío, a través de la realización de un examen de la gestión descentralizada de uno de los servicios sociales de mayor impacto, el sector de educación en el distrito de Santa Marta. Para ello se revisan los principales indicadores de gestión de este sector, mostrando que el crecimiento de la matrícula del sector oficial ha contribuido con un avance significativo en la cobertura bruta de los distintos niveles educativos, acompañado de un retroceso en la calidad de la educación en los colegios públicos.Palabras Clave: Descentralización; educación; gestión descentralizada; Santa Marta; gestión pública. Descentralizate Management of Educational service: An exam of District of Santa Marta - ColombiaAbstractThe “decentralization” is one of the most important public policies implemented in Colombia in the last twenty years and, undoubtedly, its outcomes are decisive for the institutional strengthening of the State. The impact of this policy at the national and territorial level has been studied thoroughly; nonetheless, an absence is noticeable with respect to specific studies on the matter of Santa Marta District. The present article contributes to an examination of the decentralized management of public education in the district of Santa Marta. The mainmanagement indicators are thus revised, showing that the growth in enrollment has expanded the gross coverage of public education at all levels, accompanied by a backward trend in quality.Keywords: Decentralization; education; decentralized management; Santa Marta; public

  20. Upgrading a marketing channels role

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tišma-Borota Ankica


    Full Text Available As one of the marketing mix instruments, marketing channels were usually behind other instruments (product, price and promotion. Many companies regarded marketing channels as something that was 'left' after more important strategies of price, product and promotion were created. In recent past, things have changed and marketing channels became more interesting for research. This change came as a result of change in global market functioning especially in competitive advantage, distributors' strength and increasing technology.