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  1. Contaminants investigation of the San Antonio River of Texas, 1995 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — In 1992, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a contaminants investigation on fish collected from the San Antonio and Guadalupe Rivers in southeast Texas....

  2. San Antonio, Texas: Solar in Action (Brochure)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This brochure provides an overview of the challenges and successes of San Antonio, TX, a 2008 Solar America City awardee, on the path toward becoming a solar-powered community. Accomplishments, case studies, key lessons learned, and local resource information are given.

  3. Epidemiologic survey of erosive tooth wear in San Antonio, Texas. (United States)

    Mungia, Rahma; Zarzabal, Lee A; Dang, Shichien C; Baez, Martha; Stookey, George K; Brown, John P


    To estimate the prevalence of erosive tooth wear in children aged 12-17 years in the southwest region of San Antonio, Texas, within Bexar County. A convenience sample of 307 children aged 12-17 years was selected from two junior high schools. The population consisted predominantly of Hispanic Mexican Americans. The true prevalence of erosive tooth wear within the US is known from only one study, and then only for limited sectors of the population. The Tooth Wear Index, Screening for Oral Health using the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) criteria and oral health and dietary assessment questionnaires were used as survey parameters. The questionnaire included data on detailed dietary habits relating primarily to the consumption of acidic beverages and foods. The overall prevalence of erosion within our convenience sample was 5.5 percent. All affected children showed erosive tooth wear low in severity and confined to the enamel with no exposed dentin. A chi-square test was performed to test for associations between the presence of erosion and consumption level of certain acidic foods at a significance level of 5 percent. Few significant and consistent associations were found between erosive tooth wear and consumption frequency categories of groups of acidic foods and beverages using a non-validated food intake questionnaire on purported risk foods. Soda drinks were associated. Mexican acidic foods were not. This study indicated a low prevalence and low severity of dental erosion in a convenience sample of children aged 12-17 years in southwest San Antonio, Texas. Issues of sampling and response bias preclude these findings being generalized to other populations and regions.The results should be viewed with caution. Because the local consumption of some purported risk foods appears to be increasing, this study provides a base-line for future assessments of erosive tooth wear in this population.

  4. City of San Antonio, Texas Better Buildings Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meyer, Liza C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States); Hammer, Mary C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States)


    The San Antonio Better Buildings Program is a unified single-point-of-service energy efficiency delivery mechanism targeting residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and public buildings. This comprehensive and replicable energy efficiency program is designed to be an effective demand side management initiative to provide a seamless process for program participants to have turn-key access to expert analysis, support and incentives to improve the performance of their in-place energy using systems, while reducing electrical energy use and demand.

  5. Sediment-quality and water-toxicity data from 10 sites on the Westside Creeks and San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, 2014 (United States)

    Crow, Cassi L.; Wilson, Jennifer T.; Kunz, James L.


    Sediment samples and samples for water-toxicity testing were collected during 2014 from several streams in San Antonio, Texas known locally as the Westside creeks (Alazán, Apache, Martínez, and San Pedro Creeks) and from the San Antonio River. Samples were collected once during base-flow and again after periods of storm-water runoff (post-storm conditions) to determine baseline sediment- and water-quality conditions. Streambed-sediment samples were analyzed for selected constituents, including trace elements and organic contaminants such as pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), brominated flame retardants, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

  6. Selected streambed sediment compounds and water toxicity results for Westside Creeks, San Antonio, Texas, 2014 (United States)

    Crow, Cassi L.; Wilson, Jennifer T.; Kunz, James L.


    IntroductionThe Alazán, Apache, Martínez, and San Pedro Creeks in San Antonio, Texas, are part of a network of urban tributaries to the San Antonio River, known locally as the Westside Creeks. The Westside Creeks flow through some of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio. The disruption of streambed sediment is anticipated during a planned restoration to improve and restore the environmental condition of 14 miles of channelized sections of the Westside Creeks in San Antonio. These construction activities can create the potential to reintroduce chemicals found in the sediments into the ecosystem where, depending on hydrologic and environmental conditions, they could become bioavailable and toxic to aquatic life. Elevated concentrations of sediment-associated contaminants often are measured in urban areas such as San Antonio, Tex. Contaminants found in sediment can affect the health of aquatic organisms that ingest sediment. The gradual accumulation of trace elements and organic compounds in aquatic organisms can cause various physiological issues and can ultimately result in death of the aquatic organisms; in addition, subsequent ingestion of aquatic organisms can transfer the accumulated contaminants upward through the food chain (a process called biomagnification).The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio River Authority, collected sediment samples and water samples for toxicity testing from sites on the Westside Creeks as part of an initial characterization of selected contaminants in the study area. Samples were collected in January 2014 during base-flow conditions and again in May 2104 after a period of stormwater runoff (poststorm conditions). Sediment samples were analyzed for selected constituents, including trace elements and organic contaminants such as pesticides, brominated flame retardants, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). In addition, as an indicator of ecological health (and

  7. PrEP awareness and decision-making for Latino MSM in San Antonio, Texas


    García, Moctezuma; Harris, Allyssa L.


    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) has been promoted among high-risk populations as an effective HIV biomedical intervention. However, limited research is available on the significance of culturally informed biomedical interventions for Latino MSM. A total of 159 self-administered Internet surveys were completed by Latino MSM ages 21–30 in San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of this research was to develop an instrument that measured Latino MSM attitudes and beliefs towards PrEP, identify associatio...

  8. Exploring the Power Output of Small Wind Turbines in Urban San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Casillas, Jose; Sperduti, Stephanie; Cardenas, Rosa


    The means of transporting power from a centralized power plant by transmission lines has several disadvantages. Electricity transmission and distribution networks are costly, require long planning processes and are unsightly to residents. These networks are also susceptible to natural disasters creating massive disruptions to consumers. For these reasons distributed power sources such as solar panels and small wind turbines are becoming a more desirable and viable means of energy production. We report on the status of a study to determine the maximum output power of small wind turbines in urban San Antonio, Texas. Wind speed data along with power measurements from small wind turbines in urban San Antonio will be reported. U.S. Department of Education Title V HSI-STEM and Articulation Award No. P031C110145.

  9. Estimation of streamflow gains and losses in the lower San Antonio River watershed, south-central Texas, 2006-10 (United States)

    Lizarraga, Joy S.; Wehmeyer, Loren L.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the San Antonio River Authority, the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District, and the Goliad County Groundwater Conservation District, investigated streamflow gains and losses during 2006-10 in the lower San Antonio River watershed in south-central Texas. Streamflow gains and losses were estimated using 2006-10 continuous streamflow records from 11 continuous streamflow-gaging stations, and discrete streamflow measurements made at as many as 20 locations on the San Antonio River and selected tributaries during four synoptic surveys during 2006-7. From the continuous streamflow records, the greatest streamflow gain on the lower San Antonio River occurred in the reach from Falls City, Tex., to Goliad, Tex. The greatest streamflow gain on Cibolo Creek during 2006-10 occurred in the reach from near Saint Hedwig, Tex., to Sutherland Springs, Tex. The San Antonio River between Floresville, Tex., and Falls City was the only reach that had an estimated streamflow loss during 2006-10. During all four synoptic streamflow measurement surveys, the only substantially flowing tributary reach to the main stem of the lower San Antonio River was Cibolo Creek. Along the main stem of the lower San Antonio River, verifiable gains larger than the potential measurement error were estimated in two of the four synoptic streamflow measurement surveys. These gaining reaches occurred in the two most downstream reaches of the San Antonio River between Goliad and Farm Road (FM) 2506 near Fannin, Tex., and between FM 2506 near Fannin to near McFaddin. There were verifiable gains in streamflow in Cibolo Creek, between La Vernia, Tex., and the town of Sutherland Springs during all four surveys, estimated at between 4.8 and 14 ft3/s.

  10. Development of Youth Leadership Life Skills of Texas Youth as San Antonio Livestock Exposition School Tour Guides (United States)

    Real, Laura A.; Harlin, Julie F.


    This study's purpose was to determine the youth leadership life skills of Texas 4- H, FFA, and FCCLA members participating as school tour guides. Descriptive characteristics were evaluated to determine those affecting leadership life skills development. School tour guides participating in the exit-meeting during the 2004 San Antonio Livestock…

  11. Conceptualization and simulation of the Edwards aquifer, San Antonio region, Texas (United States)

    Lindgren, K.J.; Dutton, A.R.; Hovorka, S.D.; Worthington, S.R.H.; Painter, S.; ,


    Numerical ground-water flow models for the Edwards aquifer in the San Antonio region of Texas generally have been based on a diffuse-flow conceptualization. That is, although conduits likely are present, the assumption is that flow in the aquifer predominantly is through a network of small fractures and openings sufficiently numerous that the aquifer can be considered a porous-media continuum at the regional scale. Whether flow through large fractures and conduits or diffuse flow predominates in the Edwards aquifer at the regional scale is an open question. A new numerical ground-water-flow model (Edwards aquifer model) that incorporates important components of the latest information and an alternate conceptualization of the Edwards aquifer was developed. The conceptualization upon which the Edwards aquifer model is based emphasizes conduit development and conduit flow, and the model can be considered a test of one of two reasonable conceptualizations. The model incorporates conduits simulated as generally continuously connected, one-cell-wide (1,320 feet) zones with very large hydraulic-conductivity values (as much as 300,000 feet per day). The locations of the conduits are based on a number of factors, including major potentiometric-surface troughs in the aquifer, the presence of sinking streams, geochemical information, and geologic structures (for example, faults and grabens). The model includes both the San Antonio and Barton Springs segments of the Edwards aquifer in the San Antonio region, Texas, and was calibrated for steady-state (1939-46) and transient (1947-2000) conditions. Transient simulations were conducted using monthly recharge and pumpage (withdrawals) data. The predominantly conduit-flow conceptualization incorporated in the Edwards aquifer model yielded a reasonably good match between measured and simulated hydraulic heads in the confined part of the aquifer and between measured and simulated springflows. The simulated directions of flow in the

  12. Contaminants investigation of the Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers of Texas, 1992 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Guadalupe and San Antonio River Basins drain a combined area of 26,547 km2 (10,250 square miles), transporting wastewaters from agricultural, livestock, and...

  13. Environmental Assessment of Installation Development at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas (United States)


    group, Final EA of Installation Development Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, TX February 2013 1-6 frame the range of potential impacts that... Stil ~ PlaM lCllCo’t$ South Cenual FIPS 41,04 fMt Norlh AmorQn O<ltum of 1933 N A Final EA of Installation Development Joint Base San Antonio... frame the upper limits for potential impacts that reasonably could be expected from the demolition projects proposed at the installation. For

  14. Geology and water quality at selected locations in the San Antonio area, Texas, Progress Report, 1969 (United States)

    Reeves, R.D.; Blakey, J.F.


    The Edwards aquifer is the principal source of water supply for the San Antonio area. Increasing urban development on or adjacent to the recharge area of the aquifer is causing great concern because of possible pollution of the ground water. A detailed map of the surface geology has been prepared for areas where the greatest threat of pollution exists. Water-quality data are being collected throughout the San Antonio area to provide background reference information and to detect any current pollution of the ground water in the Edwards and associated limestones.

  15. Building America Case Study: Occupant Comfort from a Mini-Split Heat Pump, San Antonio, Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    IBACOS worked with builder Imagine Homes to evaluate the performance of an occupied new construction test house following construction of the house in the hot, humid climate of San Antonio, Texas. The project measures the effectiveness of a space conditioning strategy using a multihead mini-split heat pump (MSHP) system in a reduced-load home to achieve acceptable comfort levels (temperature and humidity) and energy performance. IBACOS collected long-term data and analyzed the energy consumption and comfort conditions of the occupied house after one year of operation. Although measured results indicate that the test system provides comfort both inside and outside the ASHRAE Standard 55-2010 range, the occupants of the house claimed both adequate comfort and appreciation of the ease of use and flexibility of the installed MSHP system. IBACOS also assisted the builder to evaluate design and specification changes necessary to comply with Zero Energy Ready Home, but the builder chose to not move forward with it because of concerns about the 'solar ready' requirements of the program.

  16. San Antonio Bay 1986-1989 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The effect of salinity on utilization of shallow-water nursery habitats by aquatic fauna was assessed in San Antonio Bay, Texas. Overall, 272 samples were collected...

  17. Diffuse-flow conceptualization and simulation of the Edwards aquifer, San Antonio region, Texas (United States)

    Lindgren, R.J.


    A numerical ground-water-flow model (hereinafter, the conduit-flow Edwards aquifer model) of the karstic Edwards aquifer in south-central Texas was developed for a previous study on the basis of a conceptualization emphasizing conduit development and conduit flow, and included simulating conduits as one-cell-wide, continuously connected features. Uncertainties regarding the degree to which conduits pervade the Edwards aquifer and influence ground-water flow, as well as other uncertainties inherent in simulating conduits, raised the question of whether a model based on the conduit-flow conceptualization was the optimum model for the Edwards aquifer. Accordingly, a model with an alternative hydraulic conductivity distribution without conduits was developed in a study conducted during 2004-05 by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System. The hydraulic conductivity distribution for the modified Edwards aquifer model (hereinafter, the diffuse-flow Edwards aquifer model), based primarily on a conceptualization in which flow in the aquifer predominantly is through a network of numerous small fractures and openings, includes 38 zones, with hydraulic conductivities ranging from 3 to 50,000 feet per day. Revision of model input data for the diffuse-flow Edwards aquifer model was limited to changes in the simulated hydraulic conductivity distribution. The root-mean-square error for 144 target wells for the calibrated steady-state simulation for the diffuse-flow Edwards aquifer model is 20.9 feet. This error represents about 3 percent of the total head difference across the model area. The simulated springflows for Comal and San Marcos Springs for the calibrated steady-state simulation were within 2.4 and 15 percent of the median springflows for the two springs, respectively. The transient calibration period for the diffuse-flow Edwards aquifer model was 1947-2000, with 648 monthly stress periods, the same as for the conduit-flow Edwards

  18. PrEP awareness and decision-making for Latino MSM in San Antonio, Texas. (United States)

    García, Moctezuma; Harris, Allyssa L


    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) has been promoted among high-risk populations as an effective HIV biomedical intervention. However, limited research is available on the significance of culturally informed biomedical interventions for Latino MSM. A total of 159 self-administered Internet surveys were completed by Latino MSM ages 21-30 in San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of this research was to develop an instrument that measured Latino MSM attitudes and beliefs towards PrEP, identify associations between demographic factors and PrEP related factors and to suggest culturally appropriate strategies for the promotion of PrEP among the Latino MSM population. Research findings revealed implications for PrEP at the structural and individual level for Latino MSM. Structural level indicators emphasized the importance for raising PrEP awareness among Latino MSM in regards to PrEP related expenses, ameliorating stigmatization of high-risk populations, enhancing access to PrEP informed medical providers, and address mistrust of the government and medical providers role on addressing health disparities among Latino MSM. Overall, the findings for individual factors emphasize the need for patient-centered interventions for Latino MSM. Latino MSM currently on PrEP require supplemental resources to enhance PrEP adherence. Latino MSM not on PrEP require alternate options for PrEP delivery and/or cognitive behavioral approaches minimizing HIV risk behavior for Latino MSM concerned with PrEP toxicity, which may require non-biomedical interventions. Integration of Latino MSM currently on PrEP as peer educators provides a valuable resource for developing culturally informed PrEP interventions for Latino MSM. Peer educators are able to share their experiential knowledge of PrEP contextualized through cultural norms, beliefs, and values.

  19. PrEP awareness and decision-making for Latino MSM in San Antonio, Texas.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moctezuma García

    Full Text Available Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP has been promoted among high-risk populations as an effective HIV biomedical intervention. However, limited research is available on the significance of culturally informed biomedical interventions for Latino MSM. A total of 159 self-administered Internet surveys were completed by Latino MSM ages 21-30 in San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of this research was to develop an instrument that measured Latino MSM attitudes and beliefs towards PrEP, identify associations between demographic factors and PrEP related factors and to suggest culturally appropriate strategies for the promotion of PrEP among the Latino MSM population. Research findings revealed implications for PrEP at the structural and individual level for Latino MSM. Structural level indicators emphasized the importance for raising PrEP awareness among Latino MSM in regards to PrEP related expenses, ameliorating stigmatization of high-risk populations, enhancing access to PrEP informed medical providers, and address mistrust of the government and medical providers role on addressing health disparities among Latino MSM. Overall, the findings for individual factors emphasize the need for patient-centered interventions for Latino MSM. Latino MSM currently on PrEP require supplemental resources to enhance PrEP adherence. Latino MSM not on PrEP require alternate options for PrEP delivery and/or cognitive behavioral approaches minimizing HIV risk behavior for Latino MSM concerned with PrEP toxicity, which may require non-biomedical interventions. Integration of Latino MSM currently on PrEP as peer educators provides a valuable resource for developing culturally informed PrEP interventions for Latino MSM. Peer educators are able to share their experiential knowledge of PrEP contextualized through cultural norms, beliefs, and values.

  20. Water quality of the Edwards Aquifer and streams recharging the aquifer in the San Antonio region, Texas (United States)

    Roddy, W.R.


    The Edwards aquifer in south-central Texas is one of the most productive and most important aquifers in the State, with an average annual discharge of about 608,000 acre-ft of water during 1932-82 (Reeves and Ozuna, 1985).  The Edwards aquifer is the principal source of water for municipal, industrial, and irrigation use in all or parts of five counties- Bexar, Comal, hays, Medina, and Uvalde- and is the only source of water for San Antonio, the tenth-largest city in the United States (1980 population, 786,000) (A.H. Belo Corporation, 1985).

  1. Refining previous estimates of groundwater outflows from the Medina/Diversion Lake system, San Antonio area, Texas (United States)

    Slattery, Richard N.; Asquith, William H.; Gordon, John D.


    IntroductionIn 2016, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, began a study to refine previously derived estimates of groundwater outflows from Medina and Diversion Lakes in south-central Texas near San Antonio. When full, Medina and Diversion Lakes (hereinafter referred to as the Medina/Diversion Lake system) (fig. 1) impound approximately 255,000 acre-feet and 2,555 acre-feet of water, respectively.Most recharge to the Edwards aquifer occurs as seepage from streams as they cross the outcrop (recharge zone) of the aquifer (Slattery and Miller, 2017). Groundwater outflows from the Medina/Diversion Lake system have also long been recognized as a potentially important additional source of recharge. Puente (1978) published methods for estimating monthly and annual estimates of the potential recharge to the Edwards aquifer from the Medina/Diversion Lake system. During October 1995–September 1996, the USGS conducted a study to better define short-term rates of recharge and to reduce the error and uncertainty associated with estimates of monthly recharge from the Medina/Diversion Lake system (Lambert and others, 2000). As a followup to that study, Slattery and Miller (2017) published estimates of groundwater outflows from detailed water budgets for the Medina/Diversion Lake system during 1955–1964, 1995–1996, and 2001–2002. The water budgets were compiled for selected periods during which time the water-budget components were inferred to be relatively stable and the influence of precipitation, stormwater runoff, and changes in storage were presumably minimal. Linear regression analysis techniques were used by Slattery and Miller (2017) to assess the relation between the stage in Medina Lake and groundwater outflows from the Medina/Diversion Lake system.

  2. Compilation of hydrologic data for the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio area, Texas, 1981, with 1934-81 summary (United States)

    Reeves, R.D.; Maclay, R.W.; Ozuna, G.B.


    The average annual ground-water recharge to the Edwards aquifer in the San Antonio area, Texas, from 1934 through 1981, was 612,400 acre-feet. The recharge in 1981 was 1,448,400 acre-feet, which is the third highest annual recharge since 1934. A maximum annual recharge of 1,711,200 acre-feet occurred in 1958, and a minimum annual recharge of 43,700 acre-feet occurred in 1956. The calculated annual discharge by wells and springs in 1981 was 794,400 acre-feet. Annual discharge by wells and springs ranged from a maximum of 960,900 acre-feet in 1977 to a minimum of 388,800 acre-feet in 1955. The annual discharge by wells was 387,100 acre-feet in 1981. Although water levels in many of the wells in the Edwards aquifer fluctuated near the midpoint between record high and low levels during the first 5 months of 1981, the volume of ground water in storage in the aquifer was above average for most of the year. Analyses of water samples from 56 wells and 3 springs show that the water is of a significantly better quality than the level established for public water systems.

  3. San Antonio-Espiritu Santo Bay, Texas Four band, 1meter resolution, UltraCam orthoimage (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The NOAA Office for Coastal Management purchased digital Vexcel Ultracam imagery and digital elevation models of the Texas coastline at Espiritu-Santo Bay in 2007....

  4. LiDAR-Based Solar Mapping for Distributed Solar Plant Design and Grid Integration in San Antonio, Texas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tuan B. Le


    Full Text Available This study represents advancements in the state-of-the-art of the solar energy industry by leveraging LiDAR-based building characterization for city-wide, distributed solar photovoltaics, solar maps, highlighting the distribution of solar energy across the city of San Antonio. A methodology is implemented to systematically derive the tilt and azimuth angles of each rooftop and to quantify solar direct, diffuse, and global horizontal irradiance for hundreds of buildings in a LiDAR tile scale, by using already established methodologies that are typically only applied to a single location or building rooftop. The methodology enables the formulation of typical meteorological data, measured or forecasted time series of irradiances over distributed assets. A new concept on the subject of distributed solar plant (DSP design is also introduced, by using the building rooftop tilt and azimuth angles, to strategically optimize the use and adoption of solar incentives according to the grid age and its vulnerabilities to solar variability in the neighborhoods. The method presented here shows that on an hourly basis DSP design could provide a 5% and 9% of net load capacity support per hour in the afternoon and morning times, respectively. Our results show that standard building rooftop tilt angles in the south Texas region has significant impact on the total amount of the energy over the course of a day, though its impact on the shapes of the daily energy profile is relatively insignificant when compared to the azimuth angle. Building surfaces’ azimuth angle is the most important factor to determine the shape of daily energy profile and its peak location within a day. The methodology developed in this study can be employed to study the potential solar energy in other regions and to match the design of distributed solar plants to the capacity needs on specified distribution grids.

  5. U.S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Proceedings, San Antonio, Texas, May 16–18, 2017 (United States)

    Kuniansky, Eve L.; Spangler, Lawrence E.


    Buffalo National River in the southern Ozarks, and a keynote presentation on paleokarst in the United States was delivered by Art and Peggy Palmer. The sixth KIG workshop was hosted by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) in 2014, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. George Veni, Director of the NCKRI, served as a co-chair of the workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The workshop featured speaker Dr. Penelope Boston, Director of Cave and Karst Studies at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, and Academic Director at the NCKRI, who addressed the future of karst research. The field trip on evaporite karst of the lower Pecos Valley was led by Lewis Land (NCKRI karst hydrologist), and the field trip on the geology of Carlsbad Caverns National Park was led by George Veni.This current seventh KIG workshop is being held in San Antonio at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This 2017 workshop is being hosted by the Department of Geological Sciences’ Student Geological Society (SGS), and student chapters of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG), with support by the UTSA Department of Geological Sciences and Center for Water Research. The UTSA student chapter presidents, Jose Silvestre (SGS), John Cooper (AAPG), and Tyler Mead (AEG) serve as co-chairs of the 2017 workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The technical session committee is chaired by Eve Kuniansky, USGS, and includes Michael Bradley, Tom Byl, Rebecca Lambert, John Lane, and James Kaufmann, all USGS, and Patrick Tucci, retired USGS. The logistics committee includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Lance Lambert (Department Chair), UTSA Department of Geological Sciences; and Ryan Banta and Allan Clark, USGS, San Antonio, Texas. The field trip committee is chaired by Allan Clark and includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Keith Muehlestein, UTSA; Marcus Gary, Edwards Aquifer Authority and University of Texas at Austin; Ron Green, Southwest Research

  6. Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Revised Uniform Summary of Surface Weather Observations (RUSSWO) (United States)



  7. On Becoming a Humanities Curriculum: the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Jones, Therese; Verghese, Abraham


    The authors describe the development and implementation of a new longitudinal and integrated humanities curriculum in the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Included are a history of ethics and humanities education in the medical school leading to the creation of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics in July 2002; an articulation of the Center's basic principles; a curricular blueprint outlining the core objectives and methodologies, such as a narrative approach of this required, four-year humanities curriculum for undergraduate medical students; and an overview of course materials and activities.

  8. Simulations of groundwater flow and particle-tracking analysis in the zone of contribution to a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Lindgren, Richard L.; Houston, Natalie A.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne S.; Kauffman, Leon J.


    In 2006, a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas, was selected for intensive study to assess the vulnerability of public-supply wells in the Edwards aquifer to contamination by a variety of compounds. A local-scale, steady-state, three-dimensional numerical groundwater-flow model was developed and used in this study to evaluate the movement of water and solutes from recharge areas to the selected public-supply well. Particle tracking was used to compute flow paths and advective traveltimes throughout the model area and to delineate the areas contributing recharge and zone of contribution for the selected public-supply well.

  9. Occurrence and concentrations of selected trace elements and halogenated organic compounds in stream sediments and potential sources of polychlorinated biphenyls, Leon Creek, San Antonio, Texas, 2012–14 (United States)

    Wilson, Jennifer T.


    The Texas Department of State Health Services issued fish consumption advisories in 2003 and 2010 for Leon Creek in San Antonio, Texas, based on elevated concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in fish tissues. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) measured elevated PCB concentrations in stream-sediment samples collected during 2007–9 from Leon Creek at Lackland Air Force Base (now known as Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland; the sampling site at this base is hereinafter referred to as the “Joint Base site”) and sites on Leon Creek downstream from the base. This report describes the occurrence and concentrations of selected trace elements and halogenated organic compounds (pesticides, flame retardants, and PCBs) and potential sources of PCBs in stream-sediment samples collected from four sites on Leon Creek during 2012–14. In downstream order, sediment samples were collected from Leon Creek at northwest Interstate Highway 410 (Loop 410), Rodriguez Park, Morey Road, and Joint Base. The USGS periodically collected streambed-sediment samples during low flow and suspended-sediment samples during high flow.

  10. Assessing the vulnerability of public-supply wells to contamination—Edwards aquifer near San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Jagucki, Martha L.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Lindgren, Richard J.; Fahlquist, Lynne; Eberts, Sandra M.


    This fact sheet highlights findings from the vulnerability study of a public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas. The well field consists of six production wells that tap the Edwards aquifer. Typically, one or two wells are pumped at a time, yielding an average total of 20-21 million gallons per day. Water samples were collected from public-supply wells in the well field and from monitoring wells installed along general directions of flow to the well field. Samples from the well field contained some constituents of concern for drinking-water quality, including nitrate; the pesticide compounds atrazine, deethylatrazine, and simazine; and the volatile organic compounds tetrachloroethene (also called perchloroethene, or PCE), chloroform, bromoform, and dibromochloromethane. These constituents were detected in untreated water at concentrations much less than established drinking-water standards, where such standards exist. Overall, the study findings point to four primary factors that affect the movement and fate of contaminants and the vulnerability of the public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas: (1) groundwater age (how long ago water entered, or recharged, the aquifer), (2) fast pathways for flow of groundwater through features formed or enlarged by dissolution of bedrock, (3) recharge characteristics of the aquifer, and (4) natural geochemical processes within the aquifer. A computer-model simulation of groundwater flow and transport was used to estimate the traveltime (or age) of water particles entering public-supply well W4 in the well field. Modeled findings show that almost half of the water reaching the public-supply well is less than 2 years old. Such a large percentage of very young water indicates that (1) contaminants entering the aquifer may be transported rapidly to the well, (2) there is limited time for chemical reactions to occur in the aquifer that may attenuate contaminants, and (3) should recharge water become contaminated with

  11. Occurrence and concentrations of selected trace elements, halogenated organic compounds, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in streambed sediments and results of water-toxicity testing in Westside Creeks and the San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, 2014 (United States)

    Crow, Cassi L.; Wilson, Jennifer T.; Kunz, James L.


    Sediment samples and samples for water-toxicity testing were collected during 2014 from several streams in San Antonio, Texas, known locally as the Westside Creeks (Alazán, Apache, Martínez, and San Pedro Creeks) and from the San Antonio River. Samples were collected during base flow and after periods of stormwater runoff (poststorm conditions) to determine baseline sediment- and water-quality conditions. Streambed-sediment samples were analyzed for selected constituents, including trace elements and organic contaminants such as pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), brominated flame retardants, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Potential risks of contaminants in sediment were evaluated by comparing concentrations of contaminants in sediment to two effects-based sediment-quality guidelines: (1) a lower level, called the threshold effect concentration, below which, harmful effects to benthic biota are not expected, and (2) a higher level, the probable effect concentration (PEC), above which harmful effects are expected to occur frequently. Samples for water-toxicity testing were collected from each stream to provide information about fish toxicity in the study area. The trace metal lead was detected at potentially toxic concentrations greater than the PEC in both the base-flow and poststorm samples collected at two sites sampled on San Pedro Creek. The PECs for the pesticides dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, and chlordane were exceeded in some of the samples at the same two sites on San Pedro Creek. Brominated flame retardants and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) 85, 153, and 154 were found in all streambed-sediment samples. Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines established by Environment Canada for PBDE 99 and PBDE 100 were exceeded in all samples in which PBDE 99 was detected and in a majority of the samples in which PBDE 100 was detected; the greatest concentrations

  12. Development and implementation of an online screening application at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. (United States)

    Connor, Joseph P; Hendricson, William D; Guest, Gary F; Dodge, William W


    This article describes a quality improvement (QI) initiative that is in process at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School and the website that grew out of this effort. The process of screening and assignment of patients was selected for improvement in 2006. QI methods were used to develop a website that improves access to care for patients and assists in the matching of patients and students. The website ( has received more than 15,000 screening applications in the period from May 2007 to January 2010 and has provided unprecedented insight into the needs of our patients. This article outlines the process by which the website was created, the rationale for the design, and the benefits of establishing a screening website for any dental school. The program was developed entirely at UTHSCSA, but it addresses a problem that may affect many dental schools.

  13. Making lemonade from lemons: a case study on loss of space at the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Tobia, Rajia C; Feldman, Jonquil D


    The setting for this case study is the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a health sciences campus with medical, dental, nursing, health professions, and graduate schools. During 2008-2009, major renovations to the library building were completed including office space for a faculty development department, multipurpose classrooms, a 24/7 study area, study rooms, library staff office space, and an information commons. The impetus for changes to the library building was the decreasing need to house collections in an increasingly electronic environment, the need for office space for other departments, and growth of the student body. About 40% of the library building was remodeled or repurposed, with a loss of approximately 25% of the library's original space. Campus administration proposed changes to the library building, and librarians worked with administration, architects, and construction managers to seek renovation solutions that meshed with the library's educational mission.

  14. Borehole geophysical, fluid, and hydraulic properties within and surrounding the freshwater/saline-water transition zone, San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, south-central Texas, 2010-11 (United States)

    Thomas, Jonathan V.; Stanton, Gregory P.; Lambert, Rebecca B.


    The freshwater zone of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer is used by residents of San Antonio and numerous other rapidly growing communities in south-central Texas as their primary water supply source. This freshwater zone is bounded to the south and southeast by a saline-water zone with an intermediate zone transitioning from freshwater to saline water, the transition zone. As demands on this water supply increase, there is concern that the transition zone could potentially move, resulting in more saline water in current supply wells. Since 1985, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), San Antonio Water System (SAWS), and other Federal and State agencies have conducted studies to better understand the transition zone.

  15. Pulitzer Prize Speakers Enhance Credibility of San Antonio Program. (United States)

    Aradillas, Elaine


    Describes a mass communications program at Texas's San Antonio College that invites Pulitzer Prize recipients to give guest lectures. Includes a list of the speakers who have lectured since the program's inception in 1978, a description of the speakers' accomplishments, and a description of program activities. (MAB)

  16. Chemical and bacteriological quality of water at selected sites in the San Antonio area, Texas, August 1968-January 1975 (United States)

    Reeves, R.D.; Blakey, J.F.


    Urban development on or adjacent to the recharge zone of the Edwards aquifer is causing concern about the possible pollution of ground water in the aquifer, which is the principal source of water supply for the San Antonio area. Water-quality data for many wells and springs and for selected sites on streams that cross the recharge zone of the aquifer are being collected to provide background information and to detect any current pollution of ground water in the area. Water from the Edwards aquifer is very hard and of the calcium bicarbonate type. The concentrations of dissolved solids in samples from wells and springs ranged from about 200 to 470 mg/1 (milligrams per liter); the chloride and sulfate concentrations ranged from 6.5 to 62 mg/1 and from 0.0 to 65 mg/1, respectively. The nitrate and phosphate contents of the ground water ranged from 0.0 to 15 mg/1 and from 0.00 to 0. 37 mg/1. The concentrations of these and other constituents show that the chemical quality of water in the Edwards aquifer has not been degraded significantly by domestic, industrial, or agricultural effluents. However, variations in the number of coliforms, the concentrations of nitrate and phosphate, and the presence of fecal coliforms and fecal streptococci in samples from some wells show that fecal pollution is reaching the aquifer. Most of these wells, which are located in or just downdip from the recharge zone, are poorly sealed or inadequately cased. The areal variation in the locations of these wells indicates that pollution of ground water in the aquifer is very localized. Prllution results principally from runoff from the land surface and from effluent from septic tanks which enters the aquifer through fractures in the recharge zone or which infiltrates through the thin soil into poorly sealed or inadequately cased wells in or adjacent to the recharge zone. Trace amounts of several pesticides have been detected in samples from two wells in the San Antonio area. Field

  17. Simulation of streamflow, evapotranspiration, and groundwater recharge in the lower San Antonio River Watershed, South-Central Texas, 2000-2007 (United States)

    Lizarraga, Joy S.; Ockerman, Darwin J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the San Antonio River Authority, the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District, and the Goliad County Groundwater Conservation District, configured, calibrated, and tested a watershed model for a study area consisting of about 2,150 square miles of the lower San Antonio River watershed in Bexar, Guadalupe, Wilson, Karnes, DeWitt, Goliad, Victoria, and Refugio Counties in south-central Texas. The model simulates streamflow, evapotranspiration (ET), and groundwater recharge using rainfall, potential ET, and upstream discharge data obtained from National Weather Service meteorological stations and USGS streamflow-gaging stations. Additional time-series inputs to the model include wastewater treatment-plant discharges, withdrawals for cropland irrigation, and estimated inflows from springs. Model simulations of streamflow, ET, and groundwater recharge were done for 2000-2007. Because of the complexity of the study area, the lower San Antonio River watershed was divided into four subwatersheds; separate HSPF models were developed for each subwatershed. Simulation of the overall study area involved running simulations of the three upstream models, then running the downstream model. The surficial geology was simplified as nine contiguous water-budget zones to meet model computational limitations and also to define zones for which ET, recharge, and other water-budget information would be output by the model. The model was calibrated and tested using streamflow data from 10 streamflow-gaging stations; additionally, simulated ET was compared with measured ET from a meteorological station west of the study area. The model calibration is considered very good; streamflow volumes were calibrated to within 10 percent of measured streamflow volumes. During 2000-2007, the estimated annual mean rainfall for the water-budget zones ranged from 33.7 to 38.5 inches per year; the estimated annual mean rainfall for the entire

  18. Hydrogeologic factors that affect the flowpath of water in selected zones of the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio region, Texas (United States)

    Groschen, G.E.


    The Edwards aquifer in the San Antonio region supplies drinking water for more than 1 million people. Proper development and protection of the aquifer is a high priority for local and State authorities. To better understand the flow of water in two major flowpaths in the Edwards aquifer, stratigraphic, structural, hydrologic, and geochemical data were analyzed. The western Medina flowpath is in parts of Uvalde, Medina, and Bexar Counties, and the eastern flowpath is in northern Bexar and central Comal Counties. A major hydrogeologic factor that affects the pattern of flow in the Edwards aquifer is the spatial and temporal distribution of recharge. Other hydrogeologic factors that affect flowpaths include internal boundaries and the location and rate of spring discharge. The relative displacement of faults and the high permeability layers have substantial control on the discharge at springs and on the flowpaths in the Edwards aquifer. Analysis of the estimated recharge to the Edwards aquifer during 1982 89 indicated that during years of substantial precipitation, a large part of the net recharge probably is diffuse infiltration of precipitation over large parts of the recharge area. During years with below-normal precipitation, most recharge is leakage from rivers and streams that drain the catchment subbasins. In the western Medina flowpath, concentrations of major ions indicate saturation of calcite and undersaturation of dolomite the two minerals that constitute most of the Edwards aquifer matrix. Concentrations of dissolved calcium, alkalinity, and dissolved chloride in the eastern flowpath are greater than those in the western Medina flowpath. These upward trends in concentrations might result in part from: (1) increased development in the recharge area, (2) mineralized effluent from developed areas, or (3) increased dissolution of aquifer material. Tritium data from wells sampled in and near the western Medina flowpath indicate no vertical stratification of

  19. E3 Success Story - Reducing Electrical Demand in San Antonio, TX (United States)

    To meet its goal of reducing electrical demand by 9 megawatts CPS Energy in San Antonio, TX partnered with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) and the Southwest Research Institute to provide lean, clean and energy efficiency training.

  20. A student operated, faculty mentored dental clinic service experience at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for the underserved refugee community: an interprofessional approach. (United States)

    Farokhi, Moshtagh R; Glass, Birgit Junfin; Gureckis, Kevin M


    As the number of refugees settling in San Antonio increases, so will their health care needs. Due to limited resources and stress, they suffer from acute and chronic diseases, reducing their potential for success in their new host country. The need for proper health education coupled with a stable holistic health care facility is essential for their future success. In 2009, nursing students began serving the San Antonio refugee population. By 2011, dental and medical students joined to create the student-run San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic (SARHC). SARHC serves the refugees by providing free health care/education while connecting them to San Antonio's primary health care system. Select dental, medical, and nursing students under the mentorship of their faculty operate the SARHC clinic. The students work in collaborative teams where select members of the refugee community and bilingual students provide translational assistance. The nursing students take vital signs and medical students perform physical exams after gathering a history of present illness. Dental students provide oral health/nutritional education and screenings inclusive of head and neck examination and oral cancer risk assessment. Thirty-two dental, 83 medical, and 118 nursing students rotated through the clinic last year, serving patients with the most common chief complaints of dental, musculoskeletal, dermatological, and gastrointestinal nature. The most common dental findings for this population have been dental caries, periodontal disease, and other dental diseases requiring urgent care. Sub-programs such as the student interpreter program, ladies' health education, and the Refugee Accompaniment Health Partnership have resulted from the SARHC initiative to meet the refugees' needs. Currently under development is a future collaboration with local San Antonio clinics such as the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic to serve as their dental home. The use of this interprofessional model has resulted

  1. Statistical analysis of major ion and trace element geochemistry of water, 1986-2006, at seven wells transecting the freshwater/saline-water interface of the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Mahler, Barbara J.


    This report by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, describes the results of a statistical analysis of major ion and trace element geochemistry of water at seven wells transecting the freshwater/saline-water interface of the Edwards aquifer in San Antonio, Texas, either over time or in response to variations in hydrologic conditions. The data used in this report were collected during 1986–2006. The seven monitoring wells are screened at different depths in the aquifer at three sites that form a generally north-to-south transect. The three wells of the southern site and the deeper of the two middle-site wells are open to the freshwater/saline-water transition zone, which contains saline water. The shallower well of the middle site and the two wells of the northern site are open to the freshwater zone.

  2. San Antonio, TX, Receives EPA Investment Grant (United States)

    DALLAS - (May 28, 2015) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the city of San Antonio is one of 146 communities across the country to be awarded a total of $54.3 million in investment grants. These grants will provide communities

  3. Updated numerical model with uncertainty assessment of 1950-56 drought conditions on brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer, San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Brakefield, Linzy K.; White, Jeremy T.; Houston, Natalie A.; Thomas, Jonathan V.


    In 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, began a study to assess the brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer (more specifically the potential for brackish-water encroachment into wells near the interface between the freshwater and brackish-water transition zones, referred to in this report as the transition-zone interface) and effects on spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs under drought conditions using a numerical model. The quantitative targets of this study are to predict the effects of higher-than-average groundwater withdrawals from wells and drought-of-record rainfall conditions of 1950–56 on (1) dissolved-solids concentration changes at production wells near the transition-zone interface, (2) total spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs, and (3) the groundwater head (head) at Bexar County index well J-17. The predictions of interest, and the parameters implemented into the model, were evaluated to quantify their uncertainty so the results of the predictions could be presented in terms of a 95-percent credible interval.

  4. Specialty education in periodontics in Japan and the United States: comparison of programs at Nippon Dental University Hospital and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Osawa, Ginko; Nakaya, Hiroshi; Mealey, Brian L; Kalkwarf, Kenneth; Cochran, David L


    Japan has institutions that train qualified postdoctoral students in the field of periodontics; however, Japan does not have comprehensive advanced periodontal programs and national standards for these specialty programs. To help Japanese programs move toward global standards in this area, this study was designed to describe overall differences in periodontics specialty education in Japan and the United States and to compare periodontics faculty members and residents' characteristics and attitudes in two specific programs, one in each country. Periodontal faculty members and residents at Nippon Dental University (NDU) and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School participated in the survey study: four faculty members and nine residents at NDU; seven faculty members and thirteen residents at UTHSCSA. Demographic data were collected as well as respondents' attitudes toward and assessment of their programs. The results showed many differences in curriculum structure and clinical performance. In contrast to the UTHSCSA respondents, for example, the residents and faculty members at NDU reported that they did not have enough subject matter and time to learn clinical science. Although the residents at NDU reported seeing more total patients in one month than those at UTHSCSA, they were taught fewer varieties of periodontal treatments. To provide high-quality and consistent education for periodontal residents, Japan needs to establish a set of standards that will have positive consequences for those in Japan who need periodontal treatment.

  5. Implementation of an Online Climate Science Course at San Antonio College (United States)

    Reyes, R.; Strybos, J.


    San Antonio College (SAC) plans to incorporate an online climate science class into the curriculum with a focus on local weather conditions and data. SAC is part of a network of five community colleges based around San Antonio, Texas, has over 20,000 students enrolled, and its student population reflects the diversity in ethnicity, age and gender of the San Antonio community. The college understands the importance of educating San Antonio residents on climate science and its complexities. San Antonio residents are familiar with weather changes and extreme conditions. The region has experienced an extreme drought, including water rationing in the city. Then, this year's El Niño intensified expected annual rainfalls and flash floods. The proposed climate science course will uniquely prepare students to understand weather data and the evidence of climate change impacting San Antonio at a local level. This paper will discuss the importance and challenges of introducing the new climate science course into the curriculum, and the desired class format that will increase the course's success. Two of the most significant challenges are informing students about the value of this class and identifying the best teaching format. Additionally, measuring and monitoring enrollment will be essential to determine the course performance and success. At the same time, Alamo Colleges is modifying the process of teaching online classes and is officially working to establish an online college. Around 23% of students enrolled in SAC offered courses are currently enrolled in online courses only, representing an opportunity to incorporate the climate science class as an online course. Since the proposed course will be using electronic textbooks and online applications to access hyperlocal weather data, the class is uniquely suited for online students.

  6. Proceedings of the Intelligent Tutoring Systems Research Forum (2nd) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 6-7 April 1989 (United States)


    Kyllonen, P. C., & Shute, V. J. (1987). A taxonomy of leaming skills. In P. Ackerman, P. Steinberg, & A. Glaser (Eds.), Learning and individual differences . San...Learning Skills," in P. Ackerman, R. Sternberg, and R. Glaser (eds.), Learning and Individual Differences , San Francisco: Freeman. Porter, B., Acker

  7. Proceedings of the NASTRAN (Tradename) Users’ Colloquium (17th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 24-28 April 1989 (United States)


    DALLAS TX. ABSTRACT: Texas Instruments has developed a monolithic spatial light modulator chip consisting of a large number of micrometer -scale mirror...of those used in the design of control systems are: externally applied forces and pressures, vernier jets whose firing is commanded by the control

  8. United States Air Force Personalized Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics Program Panel: Representative Research at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL WING (AETC) LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE TEXAS MEMORANDUMFORSGVT ATTN: DEBRA M NIEMEYER FROM: 59 MDW/SGVU... Dato of Mooting) 181 PLATFORM PRESENTATION (At c ivilian lnstitulionsfNamo of Meeting, State, Dato of Mooting) University of Texas at San Antonio...SAMHS & Universities Research Forum {SURF2016). TX, 05-20-2016 D OTHER (Describe: Name of Mooting, City, State, and Dato of Meeting) 6. WHAT IS THE

  9. Are deaths from liver cancer, kidney cancer, and leukemia clustered in San Antonio? (United States)

    Zhan, F Benjamin


    High mortality rates per square mile associated with liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and leukemia have been reported in San Antonio. Without taking into account the underlying at-risk population, cancer mortality rates per square mile alone may give the public a misleading picture. This study conducts a geographic cluster analysis of mortality of the four types of cancer mentioned above, considering both mortality cases and the at-risk population. The analysis uses statewide cancer mortality data over an 8-year period from 1990 through 1997. Results from the study indicate that only one statistically significant cluster of liver cancer mortality cases exists in Bexar County and its adjacent counties compared with the rest of Texas. No clusters of lung cancer, kidney cancer, or leukemia exist in San Antonio.

  10. Hydrogeology, chemical characteristics, and water sources and pathways in the zone of contribution of a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne; Stanton, Gregory P.; Houston, Natalie A.; Lindgren, Richard J.


    In 2001, the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program of the U.S. Geological Survey initiated a series of studies on the transport of anthropogenic and natural contaminants (TANC) to public-supply wells (PSWs). The main goal of the TANC project was to better understand the source, transport, and receptor factors that control contaminant movement to PSWs in representative aquifers of the United States. Regional- and local-scale study areas were selected from within existing NAWQA study units, including the south-central Texas Edwards aquifer. The local-scale TANC study area, nested within the regional-scale NAWQA study area, is representative of the regional Edwards aquifer. The PSW selected for study is within a well field of six production wells. Although a single PSW was initially selected, because of constraints of well-field operation, samples were collected from different wells within the well field for different components of the study. Data collected from all of the well-field wells were considered comparable because of similar well construction, hydrogeology, and geochemistry. An additional 38 PSWs (mostly completed in the confined part of the aquifer) were sampled throughout the regional aquifer to characterize water quality. Two monitoring well clusters, with wells completed at different depths, were installed to the east and west of the well field (the Zarzamora and Timberhill monitoring well clusters, respectively). One of the monitoring wells was completed in the overburden to evaluate potential hydrologic connectivity with the Edwards aquifer. Geophysical and flowmeter logs were collected from one of the well-field PSWs to determine zones of contribution to the wellbore. These contributing zones, associated with different hydrogeologic units, were used to select monitoring well completion depths and groundwater sample collection depths for depth-dependent sampling. Depth-dependent samples were collected from the PSW from three different

  11. Hallmarks of best practice in academic-service partnerships in nursing: lessons learned from San Antonio. (United States)

    Beal, Judy A; Breslin, Eileen; Austin, Tommye; Brower, Laura; Bullard, Katherine; Light, Kathi; Millican, Sharon; Pelayo, Lula Westrup; Ray, Nancy


    TOPIC INVESTIGATED: The objectives of this project were to (a) identify best practice in academic-practice partnerships; (b) identify the needs and/or desire for greater collaboration and partnership between the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Nursing (SON) and key stakeholders in San Antonio, TX; and (c) guide the work of a national task force. One-on-one open-ended interviews were conducted with deans of nursing and vice presidents of patient care services at the six major health systems in San Antonio. Focus groups were also conducted with individuals who included chief nursing officers, vice presidents of a hospital, nurse managers, clinical educators, and clinical researchers. Data were analyzed using content analysis. Seventy-two individuals participated, and all expressed a desire for greater partnership with the SON. All identified characteristics of best practice in academic-service partnerships and the value or benefits of such partnerships. All participants believed that partnerships between academic and service were critical to the advancement of quality patient care. There has been limited research published to date that explicates the complexities of developing and sustaining partnerships between academia and practice. This article highlights preliminary findings on best practices in academic-service partnerships. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. The Value of Distributed Solar Electric Generation to San Antonio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, Nic [Solar San Antonio, TX (United States); Norris, Ben [Clean Power Research, Napa, CA (United States); Meyer, Lisa [City of San Antonio, TX (United States)


    This report presents an analysis of value provided by grid-connected, distributed PV in San Antonio from a utility perspective. The study quantified six value components, summarized in Table ES- 1. These components represent the benefits that accrue to the utility, CPS Energy, in accepting solar onto the grid. This analysis does not treat the compensation of value, policy objectives, or cost-effectiveness from the retail consumer perspective.

  13. Nature and Culture in the Rituals of San Antonio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Velasco Maíllo, Honorio M.


    Full Text Available In this paper I analyze the cult of San Antonio Abad, San Antón, as an example of the ritual fusion of nature and culture in the different communities commemorating this Saint. The festive practices of this «old Saint» are associated to preChristian rites related to fire and the protection of animals. The cult to this Saint was very pread out in Europe, and was even exported to the American colonies. It is a clear example of how popular practices appropriate Church initiatives within their own logic, bordering heterodoxy at times, while expressing mechanisms of resistance to change. Yet it is clear that this cult has survived because it has adapted. When industrialization came to the countryside, the animal blessing gave way to machine blessing. When stockbreeding is on the wane, the cult adjusts to new ecological sensibilities and the blessings go to pets. St. Antonio unifies nature and culture, rural and urban, remote cults with ecology.

    En este artículo reflexiono en torno al culto de San Antonio Abad o San Antón como una muestra de la fusión naturaleza y cultura a través de los ritos que llevan a cabo las distintas poblaciones que festejan a este santo. Las prácticas festivas de este “santo viejo” están asociadas a prácticas precristianas relacionadas con el culto al fuego y la protección de los animales. El culto de este santo popular estuvo muy extendido por Europa y fue exportado a las colonias americanas. Sirve como expresión muy clara de cómo las apropiaciones populares se han producido una y otra vez estimuladas por iniciativas eclesiásticas y se han desarrollado según los modos propios las prácticas propuestas, rozando en ocasiones la heterodoxia y expresando mecanismos de resistencia al cambio. Aunque por otra parte este culto se ha mantenido gracias a que se ha adaptado; el campo se industrializó y dejó de celebrarse la bendición de animales para pasar a bendecir las máquinas. Cuando prácticamente se

  14. Sources of groundwater based on Helium analyses in and near the freshwater/saline-water transition zone of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards Aquifer, South-Central Texas, 2002-03 (United States)

    Hunt, Andrew G.; Lambert, Rebecca B.; Fahlquist, Lynne


    This report evaluates dissolved noble gas data, specifically helium-3 and helium-4, collected by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, during 2002-03. Helium analyses are used to provide insight into the sources of groundwater in the freshwater/saline-water transition zone of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer. Sixty-nine dissolved gas samples were collected from 19 monitoring wells (categorized as fresh, transitional, or saline on the basis of dissolved solids concentration in samples from the wells or from fluid-profile logging of the boreholes) arranged in five transects, with one exception, across the freshwater/saline-water interface (the 1,000-milligrams-per-liter dissolved solids concentration threshold) of the Edwards aquifer. The concentration of helium-4 (the dominant isotope in atmospheric and terrigenic helium) in samples ranged from 63 microcubic centimeters per kilogram at standard temperature (20 degrees Celsius) and pressure (1 atmosphere) in a well in the East Uvalde transect to 160,587 microcubic centimeters per kilogram at standard temperature and pressure in a well in the Kyle transect. Helium-4 concentrations in the 10 saline wells generally increase from the western transects to the eastern transects. Increasing helium-4 concentrations from southwest to northeast in the transition zone, indicating increasing residence time of groundwater from southwest to northeast, is consistent with the longstanding conceptualization of the Edwards aquifer in which water recharges in the southwest, flows generally northeasterly (including in the transition zone, although more slowly than in the fresh-water zone), and discharges at major springs in the northeast. Excess helium-4 was greater than 1,000 percent for 60 of the 69 samples, indicating that terrigenic helium is largely present and that most of the excess helium-4 comes from sources other than the atmosphere. The helium data of this report cannot be

  15. Spatial Vegetation Data for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Vegetation Mapping Project (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — This metadata is for the vegetation and land-use geo-spatial database for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (SAAN) and surrounding areas. This project is...

  16. Accuracy Assessment Points for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Vegetation Mapping Project (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — This metadata is for the 2006 accuracy assessment points (spatial database) created from the sample points collected at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Azza Kamal


    Full Text Available The San Antonio RiverWalk is an exquisite and dynamic destination for tourists from Texas, as well as from other states in the US. Because of its location in downtown area, the entire area including the RiverWalk, has been incorporated into various guides and maps, all of which seem to be disregarding the interrelationship between the RiverWalk level and the street level. While most maps show either the street level or river level, there are none that illustrate the accessibility the RiverWalk offers to major attractions and buildings at both levels, and none offer an orientation for pedestrians to the destinations on the RiverWalk level, which encountered the lack of visual clarity due to the multilayered terrain. This study investigates the visual obstacles of wayfinding in, and accessibility to the East RiverWalk area. This study, which represents the first phase of a multi-phase analysis of a broader research, emerged from urban research undertaken by a group of architecture educators and students which sought to allow students to become more involved in empirical and action research. A number of tools to investigate pedestrians’ ease of wayfinding and efficiency of identifying accessible transition points in the East RiverWalk area were developed. These tools categorize a number of spatial urban and accessibility features (i.e., entryways, ramps, staircases, and circulation elements which were used to create 3-D virtual environments demonstrated on two focus groups. The study concluded with a number of recommendations for improving the existing visual and graphic tools, enhancing planning and design considerations, and incorporating the voice of community businesses in addressing wayfinding and accessibility concerns. This study and its outcomes not only engage architecture students in urban research, but also emphasize the significance of the RiverWalk in creating a more livable downtown San Antonio.

  18. Texas Yehaa !!!

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjellberg, Kurt


    Indtryk fra et besøg på SLA, Special Libraries Associations årlige konference, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 9.-13. juni 2001. "An Information Odyssey: Seizing the Competitive Advantage"......Indtryk fra et besøg på SLA, Special Libraries Associations årlige konference, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 9.-13. juni 2001. "An Information Odyssey: Seizing the Competitive Advantage"...

  19. Lithologic and physicochemical properties and hydraulics of flow in and near the freshwater/saline-water transition zone, San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, south-central Texas, based on water-level and borehole geophysical log data, 1999-2007 (United States)

    Lambert, Rebecca B.; Hunt, Andrew G.; Stanton, Gregory P.; Nyman, Michael B.


    The freshwater zone of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer in south-central Texas (hereinafter, the Edwards aquifer) is bounded to the south and southeast by a zone of transition from freshwater to saline water (hereinafter, the transition zone). The boundary between the two zones is the freshwater/saline-water interface (hereinafter, the interface), defined as the 1,000-milligrams per liter dissolved solids concentration threshold. This report presents the findings of a study, done by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, to obtain lithologic properties (rock properties associated with known stratigraphic units) and physicochemical properties (fluid conductivity and temperature) and to analyze the hydraulics of flow in and near the transition zone of the Edwards aquifer on the basis of water-level and borehole geophysical log data collected from 15 monitoring wells in four transects during 1999-2007. No identifiable relation between conductivity values from geophysical logs in monitoring wells in all transects and equivalent freshwater heads in the wells at the times the logs were run is evident; and no identifiable relation between conductivity values and vertical flow in the boreholes concurrent with the times the logs were run is evident. The direction of the lateral equivalent freshwater head gradient and thus the potential lateral flow at the interface in the vicinity of the East Uvalde transect fluctuates between into and out of the freshwater zone, depending on recharge and withdrawals. Whether the prevailing direction on average is into or out of the freshwater zone is not clearly indicated. Equivalent freshwater head data do not indicate a prevailing direction of the lateral gradient at the interface in the vicinity of the Tri-County transect. The prevailing direction on average of the lateral gradient and thus potential lateral flow at the interface in the vicinity of the Kyle transect likely is from the

  20. Colonial nesting Yellow-crowned Night Herons on the San Antonio River Walk (United States)

    Boal, Clint W.


    Yellow-crowned Night Herons (Nyctinassa violacea) typically nest as single pairs or in small colonies of about four pairs with high internest distances. They are also reported as susceptible to disturbance and to avoid habitat with high human use. However, some Yellowcrowned Night Herons habituate to human-dominated landscapes and nest in residential areas. I located a colony of nesting Yellow-crowned Night Herons in San Antonio, Texas on the River Walk, a popular tourist destination with an estimated 2.5 million visitors annually. I located 68 and 71 active nests in 2008 and 2009, respectively. This suggests the breeding population of the colony was 142 adult birds (77 adult herons/linear km of River Walk) in 2009. Herons occurred in a colony with three nesting aggregations situated 241 (±14 SD) m apart. Aggregations averaged 23.7 (±8.7 SD) nests each with one–nine nests per tree; nest trees within each aggregation were usually adjacent. Nests averaged 16.7 m (±4.1 SD) above ground, with 56% of nests over the river, 23% over sidewalks, 17% over dining areas, and 3% over landscaping. Only bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) was used for nest trees, and these were significantly taller and larger in diameter than random bald cypress trees. The herons were habituated to pedestrian activities, often perching only a few meters over sidewalks or dining areas, and foraging along the water’s edge as pedestrians passed within 4–5 m. Nests located over dining areas and sidewalks do impose some management issues. It is apparent the species is capable of habituating to human activities to exploit suitable urban settings for nesting and foraging habitat.

  1. Texas MODIS Experiment 2001 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Terra eXperiment 2001 was conducted from Kelly AFB San Antonio, Texas from March 14 to April 4 to improve calibration of the MODerate resolution Imaging...

  2. Financial Reporting for the Other Defense Organizations - General Funds at the Defence Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ...) for inclusion in the FY 2001 Other Defense Organizations Financial Statements. Specifically, we looked at the abnormal balances reported in trial balances prepared by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio...

  3. Water quality modelling in the San Antonio River Basin driven by radar rainfall data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Almoutaz Elhassan


    Full Text Available Continuous monitoring of stream water quality is needed as it has significant impacts on human and ecological health and well-being. Estimating water quality between sampling dates requires model simulation based on the available geospatial and water quality data for a given watershed. Models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT can be used to estimate the missing water quality data. In this study, SWAT was used to estimate water quality at a monitoring station near the outlet of the San Antonio River. Precipitation data from both rain gauges and weather radar were used to force the SWAT simulations. Virtual rain gauges which were based on weather radar data were created in the approximate centres of the 163 sub-watersheds of the San Antonio River Basin for SWAT simulations. This method was first tested in a smaller watershed in the middle of the Guadalupe River Basin resulting in increased model efficiency in simulating surface run-off. The method was then applied to the San Antonio River watershed and yielded good simulations for surface run-off (R2 = 0.7, nitrate (R2 = 0.6 and phosphate (R2 = 0.5 at the watershed outlet (Goliad, TX – USGS (United States Geological Survey gauge as compared to observed data. The study showed that the proper use of weather radar precipitation in SWAT model simulations improves the estimation of missing water quality data.

  4. Coastal Bend Texas Benthic Habitat - San Antonio Bay 2007 Geoform (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2006 and 2007 the NOAA Office for Coastal Management purchased services to process existing digital multi-spectral imagery (ADS-40) and create digital benthic...

  5. Food, feeding, and refuelling of Red Knots during northward migration at San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gonzalez, PM; Piersma, T; Verkuil, Y; González, Patricia M.


    We studied the food and feeding ecology of Red Knots Calidris canutus rufa on an area of rocky flat, or restinga, near San Antonio Oeste in the northwest of Golfo San Matias, Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina in March 1992. These Red Knots are on their way north, from ''wintering'' areas in Tierra

  6. Satisfación del cliente interno en la ESE hospital San Antonio de Marmato Caldas


    Serna Grajales, Mariana; Ortíz mejía, Lucia Cristina; Romo Berchara, Nayma


    Tesis:(Especialista en Administración de la Salud). Universidad Católica de Manizales. Facultad de Salud, 2015 A través de la investigación realizada respecto a la satisfacción del cliente interno en la ESE Hospital San Antonio de Marmato se pretendió evaluar e indagar sobre los factores intrínsecos y extrínsecos que afectan dicha satisfacción dentro de la institución, se obtuvo que los factores extrínsecos juegan un papel fundamental en los resultados obtenidos.

  7. Estudio de durabilidad de la pulpa de mora de Castilla y mora San Antonio (rubus glaucus)


    Galvis Murillo, Beatriz Sirley


    Teniendo presente que en nuestro país anualmente se produce anualmente sesenta mil toneladas de mora, y debido a su alto grado de perecebilidad algunas empresas ya ha empezado a transformar esta fruta en pulpa para llevarla al consumidor aprovechando sus vitaminas y minerales. En este trabajo se estudio la durabilidad de la pulpa de mora de dos variedades (Mora de Castilla y San Antonio), a través de la cinética de la fermentación durante operaciones de almacenamiento (refrigeración, congelac...

  8. Complex landsliding processes affecting San Antonio de Pascua, Siquirres, Costa Rica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanni Peraldo


    Full Text Available Este trabajo tiene como propósito describir, mediante reconocimiento de campo y fotointerpretación, el área compleja de remoción en masa de San Antonio de Pascua, en el cantón de Siquirres, Provincia de Limón. Debido a este proceso complejo de remoción en masa, la población de San Antonio de Pascua se ve afectada en su desarrollo futuro a nivel de infraestructura, producción primaria, entre otros. Aún cuando es una población rural, podría tener un proceso de desarrollo acelerado debido a los cambios que provocaría la construcción de un proyecto hidroeléctrico de gran tamaño por parte del Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE, por lo que hay que prevenir desde ahora un desarrollo desadaptado a las características adversas del medio. Asimismo, se plantea la preocupación sobre la construcción del embalse de la obra hidroeléctrica proyectada por el ICE cerca del área, pues esta obra podría desequilibrar el medio en cuanto a aguas subterráneas y acelerar procesos de remoción en masa en el área de estudio y sus alrededores.

  9. Geochemistry of the thermal springs from San Antonio El Bravo zone, Chihuahua, Mexico; Geoquimica de manantiales termales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tello Hinojosa, Enrique [Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia (Mexico)


    Isotopic and chemical analysis o water produced by 14 springs in the San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico geothermal area, were carried out in order to establish the geochemical characteristics of the groundwater and to know their interaction with deeper geothermal fluids. We made two samplings of water and gases in 1984 and 1995. The chemical composition of waters produced by the springs in of sodium-bicarbonate-chloride type. It was found, according to the Na:K:Mg relative content, that most hot springs are located in the partial equilibrium zone, whereas the lowest temperature hot springs shift toward the groundwaters domain. The temperature estimated from gas geothermometry was 129 degrees celsius. The isotopic composition at Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs presents enrichment in {delta}{sup 18}O, product rock-water interaction at high temperature. The Agua Roque spring is located in the line of meteoric waters. Analysis of metals was carried out too, the concentration of gold element is 0.09 mg/l in Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs, whereas silver, aluminum and iron elements were not detected. The water quality of the springs for agricultural use, is classified between C2-S1, C3-S1, C3- S2, C4-S3 and C4-S4 types, that suggests that only the water from Agua Roque can be used for irrigation. The arsenic element was not detected but the concentration of the boron element is high for irrigation use (2.39 ppm). [Espanol] Los analisis quimicos e isotopicos de agua de 14 manantiales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo. Chihuahua, Mexico, fueron realizados con el fin de conocer las caracteristicas geoquimicas del acuifero somero y su interaccion con fluidos geotermicos. Se realizaron 2 muestreos tanto de agua como de gases en 1984 y 1995. En ambos muestreos se encontro que la composicion quimica del agua de todos los manantiales es del tipo bicarbonatado-clorurado-sodico. De acuerdo con el contenido relativo de Na:K:Mg el agua de los manantiales mas calientes



    Chacón Solís, Lilliana Alicia


    La práctica musical de la marimba en San Antonio de Escazú, San José, Costa Rica, es abordada desde un punto de vista descriptivo con el objetivo de comprender varios elementos relacionados con el proceso de aprendizaje de la ejecución y construcción de marimbas en dicha zona socio-geográfica. Otros elementos tomados en cuenta son: la influencia del ambiente familiar, el proceso de profesionalización, los contextos sociales relacionados con la práctica, su connotación actual y futura desde la...

  11. Regional scale flood modeling using NEXRAD rainfall, GIS, and HEC-HMS/RAS: a case study for the San Antonio River Basin Summer 2002 storm event. (United States)

    Knebl, M R; Yang, Z-L; Hutchison, K; Maidment, D R


    This paper develops a framework for regional scale flood modeling that integrates NEXRAD Level III rainfall, GIS, and a hydrological model (HEC-HMS/RAS). The San Antonio River Basin (about 4000 square miles, 10,000 km2) in Central Texas, USA, is the domain of the study because it is a region subject to frequent occurrences of severe flash flooding. A major flood in the summer of 2002 is chosen as a case to examine the modeling framework. The model consists of a rainfall-runoff model (HEC-HMS) that converts precipitation excess to overland flow and channel runoff, as well as a hydraulic model (HEC-RAS) that models unsteady state flow through the river channel network based on the HEC-HMS-derived hydrographs. HEC-HMS is run on a 4 x 4 km grid in the domain, a resolution consistent with the resolution of NEXRAD rainfall taken from the local river authority. Watershed parameters are calibrated manually to produce a good simulation of discharge at 12 subbasins. With the calibrated discharge, HEC-RAS is capable of producing floodplain polygons that are comparable to the satellite imagery. The modeling framework presented in this study incorporates a portion of the recently developed GIS tool named Map to Map that has been created on a local scale and extends it to a regional scale. The results of this research will benefit future modeling efforts by providing a tool for hydrological forecasts of flooding on a regional scale. While designed for the San Antonio River Basin, this regional scale model may be used as a prototype for model applications in other areas of the country.

  12. Genetic basis of variation in carotid artery plaque in the San Antonio Family Heart Study. (United States)

    Hunt, Kelly J; Duggirala, Ravindranath; Göring, Harald H H; Williams, Jeff T; Almasy, Laura; Blangero, John; O'Leary, Daniel H; Stern, Michael P


    In contrast to the commonly used quantitative marker of subclinical atherosclerosis, namely intima-media thickness, we investigated the extent to which the presence or absence of carotid artery plaque (CAP) was under genetic control. The study population consisted of 750 individuals distributed across 29 randomly ascertained extended Mexican American pedigrees who participated in the second examination cycle of the San Antonio Family Heart Study. Extracranial focal CAP was identified by B-mode ultrasound bilaterally in the internal carotid artery or the carotid bulb. Using a variance decomposition approach implemented in the SOLAR computer program, we performed genetic analysis on the discrete trait CAP (ie, liability to disease) using a threshold model. Covariates considered in the analysis included age, sex, diabetes, current smoking status, lipid levels, and markers of hypertension and obesity. Fifty-one of 461 women and fifty-seven of 289 men with a mean age of 42.1 years had evidence of a plaque in the right and/or left carotid artery. The age- and sex-adjusted heritability (h(2)+/-SE) for CAP was significant (h(2)=0.28+/-0.15, P=0.01). Furthermore, after adjustment for additional covariates that contributed significantly to the model (P<0.05; diabetes, hypertension, body mass index, waist circumference, and smoking status), heritability remained significant (h(2)=0.23+/-0.15, P=0.03). Our data indicate that after established cardiovascular risk factors are controlled for, the variation of the discrete trait CAP is under appreciable additive genetic influences.

  13. Como güelfos y gibelinos: los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad en el Cuzco durante el siglo XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guibovich Pérez, Pedro M


    Full Text Available This article deals with the conflicts that involved the San Bernardo and San Antonio schools all along the seventeenth century. The author proposes a new approach to explain the social history of colonial Cuzco. He mantains that the root of the confrontation has to do with the privileges that enjoy the jesuits in the provision of academical degrees, a basic requirement to obtain appointments in the civil and eclesiastical administration. To understand this social dinamic, he reconstructs the institutional history of both schools, and reveals the interests that defend the main actors of this secular conflict.

    Los conflictos que enfrentaron a los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad a lo largo del siglo XVII es el tema central de estudio de este ensayo. El autor propone una nueva lectura a este episodio de la historia social del Cuzco colonial. Sostiene que en la raíz de los enfrentamientos estuvo el privilegio que gozaban los jesuitas para la concesión de grados académicos, requisitos fundamentales para obtener cargos en la administración civil y eclesiástica. Para entender la dinámica social, el autor reconstruye la historia institucional de los colegios y los intereses en juego de los principales protagonistas del secular conflicto.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benicia Vidal Galache


    Full Text Available Ante la inminencia de la llegada de las tropas de Napoleón a la Isla de León, hoy San Fernando, se improvisó en la localidad un hospital para la atención de los prisioneros franceses enfermos y heridos en la batalla de Bailén. La dirección del establecimiento se encomendó a D. Antonio Alfaro, cirujano naval formado en el Real Colegio de Cirugía de Cádiz. En la plantilla de facultativos hubo también médicos, cirujanos y practicantes escogidos entre los prisioneros franceses. Analizamos la vida de Alfaro y las especiales circunstancias en las que se inició aquel hospital militar.DON ANTONIO ALFARO, A CORSAIR LEADING THE SAN CARLOS HOSPITAL IN THE ISLA DE LEÓNWith the imminence of the arrival of the troops of Napoleon to the Isla de Leon, today San Fernando, a hospital for the care of the sick and wounded French prisoners at the battle of Bailén was improvised at the village. The address of the establishment was entrusted to D. Antonio Alfaro, naval surgeon trained in the Real Colegio de Cirugía of Cádiz. The staff was composed also by doctors, surgeons and medical assistants chosen among the French prisoners. We analyse the life of Alfaro and the special circumstances in which that military hospital was started.

  15. Proyecto de ampliación del club marítimo San Antonio de la Playa


    Benítez Sesmilo, Pere


    El objeto de este proyecto es la definición de la ampliación del club marítimo San Antonio de la Playa (Ca’n Pastilla). Esta actuación deberá ampliar la capacidad náutica del actual puerto de Ca’n Pastilla . Además, deberán cumplirse los requisitos de Seguridad, Servicio y Explotación establecidos en las bases de proyecto a partir del cumplimiento de las normas del programa ROM (Re...

  16. Déficit hídrico en San Antonio Oeste, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerardo M.E. Perillo


    Full Text Available Se calcularon los componentes del balance hídrico en San Antonio Oeste (SAO, Argentina. SAO se localiza en el sector Nororiental de la Patagonia, en una zona semiárida de escasa productividad agropecuaria como consecuencia del elevado déficit anual y la insuficiencia del drenaje superficial. El objetivo principal de este trabajo es evaluar el déficit en SAO a partir de metodologías adaptadas a las condiciones de sitio. Para ello se realizaron balances hídricos climáticos normales y secuenciales de acuerdo con Thornthwaite y Matter (1955 en base a datos pertenecientes a la estación SAO del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. Se seleccionó y calibró el método de estimación de la evapotranspiración potencial más adecuado, mediante una comparación entre cuatro métodos empíricos y FAO Penman-Monteith. Para la caracterización de las condiciones edáficas del terreno se realizó un análisis de textura del suelo y contenido de materia orgánica en tres sitios representativos próximos a la estación SAO. El método de evapotranspiración potencial de Christiansen presentó la mayor correlación (r2=0,994 cuyo error relativo medio es 1,1 y 24,2 % en verano e invierno, respectivamente. Las interrelaciones entre las variables precipitación y evapotranspiración potencial en los balances hídricos normales señalaron volúmenes anuales deficitarios en todos los períodos de análisis (1961-2000 del orden de los 1170 mm. Estos volúmenes ocurren principalmente durante los meses de septiembre a marzo, concentrando más del 80 % del total anual. El período que mostró mayor déficit es el 1971-1980 (1258 mm/año. En contraposición, en los decenios 1981-1990 y 1991-2000 los valores de déficit fueron moderadamente inferiores (approx. 12 % al citado período. Los aportes metodológicos y resultados obtenidos deben ser considerados en las políticas de planificación y manejo del riego, máxime en un contexto económico de creciente

  17. Future travel demand and its implications for transportation infrastructure investments in the Texas Triangle. (United States)


    This study takes a megaregion approach to project future travel demand and choice of transport : modes in the Texas Triangle, which is encompassed by four major metropolitan areas, Dallas-Fort : Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. The model was ...

  18. Preservation of the Archaeological Cultural Landscape in the Community of San Antonio Municipio Pedraza Year 2017. (Project execution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabel Galeano Torres


    Full Text Available The present study will aim to develop an action plan for the Preservation of the Cultural, Archaeological Landscape in the Community of San Antonio Pedraza municipality of the Barinas state. It will be framed in the qualitative paradigm and the method to be used will be Participatory Action Research with its respective phases: Diagnosis, Planning, Execution, Evaluation and Conclusions. The study universe will be composed of the community located in the study context; The key informants will be (1 farm owner, one (1 member of the community council and one (1 member of the community of the sector mentioned. The information gathering techniques that will be used will be the semi structured interview and the participant observation through scripts. The analysis of information will be developed through categorization, these categories will be generated as the material is reviewed, emerging from the meaning of each sector, event, fact and theorizing. The validity and reliability will be established through an exhaustive triangulation process in order to establish concrete actions to address the weakness detected in relation to the need to implement a plan action for the preservation of cultural, archaeological landscape in the community of San Antonio municipality Pedraza of the state Barinas.

  19. Relationship between Cognitive Processes and Depression in Elder People Institutionalized at the San Antonio Elderly Home in Bucaramanga

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Mercedes Cerquera Córdoba


    Full Text Available The goal of this article is to identify the relationship between the state of the cognitive processes and the level of depression in elder women at the San Antonio elderly home in Bucaramanga city. In this study, information was collected by means of the application of two instruments (Mini-mental and Beck’s geriatric scale of depression and an in-depth interview with a nonprobabilisticsample of 67 elder women from the population studied. Correlationalelements of detriment and depression with significant events of thelife cycle were found. This research is based on the necessity of finding out the actual conditions of the elder women with regards to the two variables and their correlation, in order to improve the population’s mental and emotional health, beginning with actions started by the professionals who assist the elder women. The results suggest that there is a correlation between the detriment of cognitive processes and the presence of depression.

  20. Metals from mine waste as potential cause of oxidative stress in burrowing crab Neohelice granulata from San Antonio bay. (United States)

    Giarratano, Erica; Gil, Mónica N; Marinho, Carmen H; Malanga, Gabriela


    The Natural Protected Area San Antonio bay is of particular importance for its congregation of migratory shorebirds and it has been declared one of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network International site (WHSRN). Present study represents the first assessment of variation on oxidative stress biomarkers in male crab Neohelice granulata from San Antonio bay (Río Negro, Argentina) under field conditions, associated mainly to metal contamination coming from passive mining wastes. Three sites were sampled once every three months from November 2012 to August 2013 within this sea inlet (Pile, Fishery and Port) and a control site at the southeast of the bay (Punta Perdices). Accumulation of Ni, Zn, Cr and Al varied only with seasons although without a constant trend, meanwhile Cd, Cu and Pb also varied among sites being highest in Pile and Port. Biochemical results indicated that variations in catalase activity was only site specific being maximum in Pile; meanwhile lipid radical, α-tocopherol and metallothioneins were only seasonal specific being higher in autumn and winter. Seasonal variation was also found for total thioles, being the content higher in summer and autumn than in winter. Correlation analysis revealed that malondialdehyde and α-tocopherol have a positive association with Al and negative with Ni, meanwhile GST has a positive association with Fe. Crabs from the closest area to the waste pile did not exhibit a differentiated oxidative pressure despite the higher accumulation of metals. It is possible that crabs from contaminated areas have developed a tolerance to metals, indicating a strong ecotoxicological selective pressure. More studies are needed to assess whether there is a transfer of metals through the food chain. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Contaminant survey of the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, Brazoria County, Texas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge is located approximately 10 miles south of a major industrial complex at Freeport, Texas, and is connected to this complex...

  2. A Model for Health Professional Education in South Texas (United States)

    Ramirez, Amelie; Vela, Leonel; Cigarroa, Francisco G.


    In 1997, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio established the Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC) for the Lower Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. Through medical education programs, research facilities, and partnerships with health-care providers, the RAHC aims to improve the health status and access to health services…

  3. Expectativas de la familia indígena frente a la educación análisis de caso en la comuna San Antonio, parroquia Cangahua


    Pilca Salazar, Nelly Alexandra


    Through the case study carried out in San Antonio, Cangahua Parish, the aim is to know the expectations of the indigenous family on education, to show how education contributes to the development and progress of the family, commune, the person, and in which areas or spaces improves it. For the development of the present investigation the qualitative method was used, through the use of the instrument of direct observation and the realization of interviews, the same that were applied to the ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María E. Carbone


    Full Text Available Las actividades humanas y los procesos naturales son los elementos necesarios en los cambios que afectan a los diferentes ambientes en las zonas costeras patagónicas. El objetivo de este trabajo es determinar la calidad ambiental actual de las localidades que conforman la reserva bahía San Antonio. Mediante la aplicación del Índice de Calidad Ambiental (EQI. Los resultados obtenidos permitieron zonificar el área de la siguiente manera: San Antonio Oeste donde el índice oscila entre un valor de 0.50 y 0.45, refleja una mayor actividad humana relacionada a la extracción de recursos mineros, pesqueros. La zona de San Antonio Este posee un índice de 0.34 como resultado de las actividades portuarias y características de sitio. En tercer lugar Las Grutas posee valores de hasta 0.28 que muestra una gran actividad turística anual, una escasa planificación urbana y sectores con problemas de erosión marcados principalmente en los acantilados. La cuarta zona determinada corresponde al sector norte de bahía San Antonio con valores de hasta 0.63 donde las actividades humanas son escasas y la circulación del flujo de agua favorece la renovación constante del ambiente. Se evidencia una importante alteración de la condición natural de estos ecosistemas generada por la sobreexplotación del medio físico, contaminación del mismo y la escasa aplicación de políticas ambientales y urbanas en el pasado cercano.

  5. Potential effects of increased ground-water pumpage on Barka Slough, San Antonio Creek valley, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Mallory, Michael J.


    Groundwater use in San Antonio Creek valley, Calif., is expected to increase significantly as result of a planned extensive agricultural development in the basin. This additional pumpage may cause significant stress on the groundwater system, particularly on the environmentally sensitive Barka Slough. Expectations of the developer are that about 6,640 acre-feet per year of consumptive groundwater use will be required to irrigate 2,500 acres of vineyards and 1,200 acres of truck-farmed vegetables. This represents an increase in net basin pumpage of about 60%. The developer plans to obtain this water from 12 large-diameter irrigation wells in the Harris Canyon area. Analysis of the potential drawdowns in the vicinity of Barka Slough, by using the Theis nonequilibrium formula, indicates that drawdowns would average 6 feet after 10 years of pumping and would eventually exceed 10 feet. Because the artesian head in the aquifer that supplies the slough is generally less than 3 feet above land surface, these declines would probably mean that the wetlands of Barka Slough would disappear. The effects of this particular agricultural development would be in addition to any decline caused by other increases in pumpage in the basin. (USGS)

  6. Growth and Development of Lulo (Solanum quitoense Lam. in the Municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama (Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lina María Ochoa-Vargas


    Full Text Available In the municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama (Cundimarca, Colombia is the planting of lulo cultivation is being encouraged. However, many aspects of the physiolog y and management of the species under these ecological conditions are not known. The aim of this research was to study the growth and development of the lulo fruit cultivar Septentrionale. Flowers were tagged during anthesis and nine sampling of fruits from the middle third of the plants every 20 days were made. In each sample, the following variables were determined: fruit fresh and dry mass, firmness, total soluble solids, total titratable acidity and respiratory intensity. At 180 days after anthesis (DAA the fruits reached harvest maturity with intense orange color and an average mass of 209 g. The behavior of the fruit fresh mass and dry mass was sigmoidal simple. The total titratable acidity and total soluble solids increased with fruit development, while the respiratory rate decreased; firmness increased to 80 DAA and then decreased until harvest. The absolute growth rate increases rapidly and reached its peak at 129 DAA.

  7. ¿“Tierra de Gauchos” o “Gaucholandia”? Autenticidad en San Antonio de Areco (Argentina.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cecilia Pérez Winter


    Full Text Available En este artículo proponemos analizar cómo la autenticidad es definida por diversos sujetos que se involucran en los procesos de valorización patrimonial y turística de una ciudad. En particular, cómo esa cualidad es disputada, discursiva y materialmente, a través del tiempo. Sostenemos que el discurso, o la idea de, autenticidad puede ser implementada por diferentes sectores de una comunidad, ya sea como un forma de legitimar/deslegitimar proyectos turísticos ‑patrimoniales, o para controlar la activación de los “patrimonios/atractivos”. Proponemos como estudio de caso la ciudad de San Antonio de Areco, localizada en la provincia de Buenos Aires ‑Argentina. Allí nos interesar indagar estos temas, a partir de examinar las tensiones que emergen entre las representaciones identitarias y la lógica turística/comercial, al mercantilizar elementos significativos asociados a la activación de un tipo de tradición y de gaucho.

  8. AFHRL Conference on Human Appraisal: Proceedings Held at San Antonio, Texas, 19-21 March 1979 (United States)


    it’s scOrtirin- we take pri and oleasure in. You can’ reas-ure what pehp-I rn a __ L , Pepl a-m ns-ur i submit to you that this can’t be. People m...a series of laws. And Brokaw’s second law is that the principles are simple, but the details will kill you. We’re here to look at the __ details. the very bottom. Some bozo will put a 2 or a 3 on rating effectiveness which completely kills this whole section of the rating scale. So you have

  9. Industry - Military Energy Symposium, held 21-23 October 1980, San Antonio, Texas (United States)



  10. Symposium on Nondestructive Evaluation Held in San Antonio, Texas on 17- 20 April 1989 (United States)


    followinq simple Adding additional processing steps image enhacement procedure may be eliminates any question of core extent. executed quickly. A...Research Institute Experimental Validation of Incomplete Data CT 85 Image Reconstruction Techniques Sizing Cracks in Thin-Walled CANDU Reactor iS J. W...Laboratories Incorporated Southwest Research Institute X &-ay Backscatter Imaging with a Spiral Scanner 104 Applications of the M21 Ultrasonic Technique to

  11. Reconnaissance investigation of the geology and hydrogeology of Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Ozuna, G.B.; Small, T.A.


    An investigation at Lackland Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base Training Annex (Medina Base) was conducted from May to September 1988 to delineate the subsurface geology, to describe the hydrogeology within the study area, and to determine possible migration pathways for contaminants. Data from this investigation supplement data collected in conjunction with other Air Training Command studies conducted under the Installation Restoration Program.

  12. Teología y dominación: la biografía de San Antonio de Atanasio y la regulación del deseo


    Pimentel Chacón, Jonathan


    El artículo presente y discute los motivos y formas de la regulación del deseo en el cristianismo monástico latino. Se concentra en la discusión de La biografía de san Antonio escrita por Atanasio y afirma el carácter fundacional de ese texto para comprender la renuncia del cuerpo y el deseo en la historia de los cristianismos. This article presents and discusses the motives for and forms of the regulation of desire in latin monastic christianity. It concentrates its discussion on The Biog...

  13. Cultural Resources Survey and Monitoring of Joint Task Force Six (JTF-6) Actions in Webb, Zapata, Dimmit, La Salle, Duvall, and Jim Hogg Counties, Texas (United States)


    the Texas Archeological Society 34:5-30. Fitzpatrick, W.S., J. Fitzpatrick, and T.N. Campbell 1964 A Rockport Black-on-Gray Vessel from the Vicinity...Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio. Fox, A.A., S.L. Black, and S. James 1979 Intensive Survey and Testing of

  14. El peregrinar del gaucho: del Museo de Luján al Parque Criollo y Museo Gauchesco de San Antonio de Areco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Elida Blasco


    Full Text Available El artículo explora el modo en que algunas prácticas culturales vincula - das a la construcción del mito del gaucho y la exaltación del criollismo fueron retomadas y modeladas por los elencos gubernamentales. Concretamente se analizan las experiencias gestadas en torno a la repre - sentación y exaltación de la figura del gaucho en dos momentos y espa - cios diferentes: por un lado la sala en su homenaje instalada en 1925 en el Museo Histórico y Colonial de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, con sede en Luján; por otro lado, el Parque Criollo y Museo Gauchesco “Ricardo Güiraldes” inaugurado en 1937 en San Antonio de Areco. En la materialización de ambas experiencias se vio involucrada una hete - rogeneidad de agentes vinculados al asociacionismo civil, a las reparti - ciones públicas, al ámbito historiográfico y a las actividades mercantiles- que proveyó recursos materiales, sociales y culturales necesarios para la formación de colecciones de objetos y la construcción de sus espacios de exhibición. Pero mientras el museo de Luján contó con escasa inter - vención de fondos estatales, el de San Antonio de Areco sumó el apoyo explícito de algunos sectores de la elite dirigencial del gobierno conservador de Manuel Fresco.

  15. The aquatic annelid fauna of the San Marcos River headsprings, Hays County, Texas. (United States)

    Worsham, McLean L D; Gibson, Randy; Huffman, David G


    The San Marcos River in Central Texas has been well studied and has been demonstrated to be remarkably specious. Prior to the present study, research on free-living invertebrates in the San Marcos River only dealt with hard bodied taxa with the exception of the report of one gastrotrich, and one subterranean platyhelminth that only incidentally occurs in the head spring outflows. The remainder of the soft-bodied metazoan fauna that inhabit the San Marcos River had never been studied. Our study surveyed the annelid fauna and some other soft-bodied invertebrates of the San Marcos River headsprings. At least four species of Hirudinida, two species of Aphanoneura, one species of Branchiobdellida, and 11 (possibly 13) species of oligochaetous clitellates were collected. Other vermiform taxa collected included at least three species of Turbellaria and one species of Nemertea. We provide the results of the first survey of the aquatic annelid fauna of the San Marcos Springs, along with a dichotomous key to these annelids that includes photos of some representative specimens, and line drawings to elucidate potentially confusing diagnostic structures.

  16. The aquatic annelid fauna of the San Marcos River headsprings, Hays County, Texas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    McLean L.D. Worsham


    Full Text Available The San Marcos River in Central Texas has been well studied and has been demonstrated to be remarkably specious. Prior to the present study, research on free-living invertebrates in the San Marcos River only dealt with hard bodied taxa with the exception of the report of one gastrotrich, and one subterranean platyhelminth that only incidentally occurs in the head spring outflows. The remainder of the soft-bodied metazoan fauna that inhabit the San Marcos River had never been studied. Our study surveyed the annelid fauna and some other soft-bodied invertebrates of the San Marcos River headsprings. At least four species of Hirudinida, two species of Aphanoneura, one species of Branchiobdellida, and 11 (possibly 13 species of oligochaetous clitellates were collected. Other vermiform taxa collected included at least three species of Turbellaria and one species of Nemertea. We provide the results of the first survey of the aquatic annelid fauna of the San Marcos Springs, along with a dichotomous key to these annelids that includes photos of some representative specimens, and line drawings to elucidate potentially confusing diagnostic structures.

  17. Análisis arquitectónico y constructivo de la techumbre en madera policromada de la iglesia de San Antonio Abad de Valencia como pervivencia de la arquitectura tardogótica mediterránea en la Valencia del siglo XV.




    [EN] ARCHITECTURAL AND CONSTRUCTION OF ROOFING POLYCHROME WOODEN ANALYSIS OF THE CHURCH OF SAN ANTONIO ABAD DE VALENCIA, SURVIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE AS TARDOGÓTICA VALENCIA MEDITERRANEAN FIFTEENTH CENTURY Author of the thesis: Pedro Rafael Blanco Gómez DIRECTOR OF THE THESIS: Dr. D Javier Benlloch Marco ABSTRACT The object of this thesis is the study of Gothic Mudejar roof of the church of San Antonio Abad in Valencia, located on the street 188 Sagunto Valencia. The deepening of t...



    Adriana Hernández; Christian de la Torre; Paloma Morales; Bernanrdo Aco; Maricurz Bautista; César Rojas


    This paper addresses the problem of citizen participation on three old neighborhoods of the city of Puebla, Mexico (San Antonio, El Refugio and Santa Anita), that have been excluded from all architectural and urban transformation plans. Amongst the common problems are the buildings and public areas deterioration, derivate from the lack of state intervention through specific programs and the economic status from landowners. The participation of architecture, urban planning, political scienc...

  19. Aerial radiometric and magnetic survey, San Angelo National Topographic Map: Texas, West Texas Project. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The results of analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey flown for the region identified as the San Angelo National Topographic Map NH14-1 are presented. The airborne data gathered are reduced by ground computer facilities to yield profile plots of the basic uranium, thorium, and potassium equivalent gamma radiation intensities, ratios of these intensities, aircraft altitude above the earth's surface, total gamma ray and earth's magnetic field intensity, correlated as a function of geologic units. The distribution of data within each geologic unit, for all surveyed map lines and tie lines, has been calculated and is included. Two sets of profiled data for each line are included, with one set displaying the above-cited data. The second set includes only flight line magnetic field, temperature, pressure, altitude data plus magnetic field data as measured at a base station. A general description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and the corresponding airborne data, is included.

  20. Geochemical evolution processes and water-quality observations based on results of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, 1996-2006 (United States)

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne; Houston, Natalie A.; Lindgren, Richard J.; Ging, Patricia B.


    As part of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, the U.S. Geological Survey collected and analyzed groundwater samples during 1996-2006 from the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer of central Texas, a productive karst aquifer developed in Cretaceous-age carbonate rocks. These National Water-Quality Assessment Program studies provide an extensive dataset of groundwater geochemistry and water quality, consisting of 249 groundwater samples collected from 136 sites (wells and springs), including (1) wells completed in the shallow, unconfined, and urbanized part of the aquifer in the vicinity of San Antonio (shallow/urban unconfined category), (2) wells completed in the unconfined (outcrop area) part of the regional aquifer (unconfined category), and (3) wells completed in and springs discharging from the confined part of the regional aquifer (confined category). This report evaluates these data to assess geochemical evolution processes, including local- and regional-scale processes controlling groundwater geochemistry, and to make water-quality observations pertaining to sources and distribution of natural constituents and anthropogenic contaminants, the relation between geochemistry and hydrologic conditions, and groundwater age tracers and travel time. Implications for monitoring water-quality trends in karst are also discussed. Geochemical and isotopic data are useful tracers of recharge, groundwater flow, fluid mixing, and water-rock interaction processes that affect water quality. Sources of dissolved constituents to Edwards aquifer groundwater include dissolution of and geochemical interaction with overlying soils and calcite and dolomite minerals that compose the aquifer. Geochemical tracers such as magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium ratios and strontium isotope compositions are used to evaluate and constrain progressive fluid-evolution processes. Molar ratios of magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium in groundwater typically


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Eduardo Zanolli


    Full Text Available Las cofradías fueron traídas a América por los españoles; en el marco legislativo, tanto en las Leyes Nuevas (1542 como en la Recopilación de las Leyes de Indias (1608 se ordenó establecer cofradías en el Nuevo Mundo. La reglamentación tuvo una buena acogida y desde las primeras décadas del siglo XVII las autoridades civiles y eclesiáticas manifestaron gran interés en establecer cofradías en los pueblos de indios. Con el tiempo, la institución reelaboró sus fines de acuerdo a la nueva realidad en la que habían sido insertas. El trabajo parte de ideas tales como el carácter universal del acto asociativo, el hecho de la adscripción voluntaria y el carácter particular que cada asociación tomó en América respecto de las existentes en Europa. Sus objetivos son analizar cuáles fueron las fuerzas sociales que permitieron el surgimimiento y posterior desarrollo de las cofradías de indios en San Antonio de Humahuaca, y analizar las relaciones que se establecieron entre las autoridades de la cofradía, el cura local y el curaca.

  2. Exploring Educational Issues: International Nursing Students Enrolled in Professional Nursing Programs in South Texas and Their Perceptions of Educational Barriers (United States)

    Sparks, Wanda R.


    This qualitative study explores educational challenges as manifested in the experiences of the English language learner (ELL) nursing students enrolled in a professional nursing program in San Antonio, Texas. Eleven participants were interviewed for this study using 7 open-ended questions. The research methodology applied in this study was…

  3. Petrography and geochemistry of the San Miguel lignite, Jackson Group (Eocene), South Texas (United States)

    Warwick, P.D.; Crowley, S.S.; Ruppert, L.F.; Pontolillo, J.


    The San Miguel lignite deposit (late Eocene, lower Jackson Group) of south Texas consists of four or more thin (generally barrier depositional environment. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the ash yield and the petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the San Miguel lignite as mined. Particular attention is given to 12 of the environmentally sensitive trace elements (As, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, and U) that have been identified as possible hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) by the United States Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. A total of 29 rock and lignite samples were collected and characterized by geochemical and petrographic methods. The major conclusions of the study are as follows: (1) The distribution of Mn is inversely related to the ash yield of the lignite samples. This indicates an organic affinity, or an association with finely disseminated minerals in the lignite that contain this element. (2) On a whole-coal basis, the concentration of the HAPs' element Pb is positively related to ash yield in lignite samples. This indicates an inorganic affinity for Pb. (3) Average whole-coal concentrations of As, Be, Sb, and U in the San Miguel samples are greater than published averages for these elements in other U.S. lignites. (4) The upper and lower lignite benches of the San Miguel deposit are both ash- and algal-rich, indicating that these intervals were probably deposited in wetter conditions than those in which the middle intervals formed. (5) The dominance of the eugelinite maceral subgroup over the huminite subgroup indicates that the San Miguel lignites were subjected to peat-forming conditions (either biogenic or chemical) that enabled degradation of wood cellular material into matrix gels, or that the plants that formed these lignite benches were less woody and more prone to formation of matrix gels. (6) An inertinite-rich layer (top of the B bed) might have formed from widespread oxidation of the San

  4. Antonio Gramsci

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bryld, Claus


    Artikel, bygget på litteratur og kilder, om den italienske socialist, Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), især berømt for sine 'fængselsoptegnelser' (Quaderni del carcere), som han skrev som 10-årig politisk fange under Mussolini. Som tænker bevægede Gramsci sig frit mellem republikaneren Niccolo...

  5. Proceedings of the USAF Structural Integrity Program Conference Held in 11-13 December 1990 in San Antonio, Texas (United States)


    NDT test techniques and method development and is the shearography equivalent to a small bench top C-scan system . Using the camera on a tripod allows...image 1/4 inch debonds in a 36 inch wide field of view. 106 FIGURE 2 ES-9120 Shearography System for NDT Method Development FIGURE 3 An ES-9150...ESTABLISHED In the mid-1970s there was a growing realization that the approacn then being Features: used to develop new weapons systems was not yielding the

  6. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course Held at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, 5-9 June 1991 (United States)


    excluded from the session at a later time. Developing rapport through songs , games, coloring tasks, peek-a-boo, etc. are all effective. Some number of errors made on the Reitan-Indiana Aphasia Screening Test; rate of the extent of distortion of the drawings on the Aphasia Screening...02 -. 09 -. 04 Aphasia errors .05 .02 .04 .02 -. 19 -. 08 -. 07 .14 -. 02 Drawing rating .00 -. 04 -. 04 -.10 -. 21 .11 .00 -. 16 -. 03 Sensory

  7. Vector Surveillance to Determine Species Composition and Occurrence of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection at Three Military Installations in San Antonio, Texas (United States)


    disease cases in the MWD popula- tion. Prior to this, only a few sporadic cases were iden- tifi ed through serology and clinical diagnosis . In 2007...electrocardiograph, along with possible respiratory dis- tress. These cases can often be confused with chronic dilative cardiomyopathy observed in other...DR, Smith JH, Kirch-20. hoff LV. Postmortem diagnosis of autochthonous acute chagasic myocarditis by polymerase chain reaction amplifi cation of a

  8. Proceedings of the 1989 Structural Integrity Program Conference Held in San Antonio, Texas on 5-7 Dec 1989 (United States)


    z 0 z ao Uz w U- 0 CLLL f LLn 0 cc 525 ,,,, F-16 WING STRAIN MONITORING 12-03-1985 GROUND PERSONNEL SQUADRON: 322 306 LOCATION: LEEUWARDEN TYPE OF...collector (data reduction to peaks and valleys) * at Leeuwarden AFB with 3 aircraft * per flight load data and debriefing form available 529 STRAIN

  9. Proceedings of the Annual Military Librarians Workshop (33rd) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 18-20 October 1989 (United States)


    underlying modern hypertext systems with his " memex , ...a tool that provides access to a large collection of microfilm and mechanisms to make links between...databases through a common intelligent interface which allows for uploading and downloading of data. The Retrieval Interface Manager overcomes full text searching, save search strategies, review their search history, combine several saved search strategies into new searches, and download

  10. Proceedings of the USAF Structural Integrity Program Conference Held in San Antonio, Texas on November 30-December 2, 1993 (United States)


    by corrosion current density. 219 Wagner and Traud (5) studied the electrode kinetics and Pourbaix (6) presented potential versus pH diagram . This... diagram is well known and it describes the onset of passive film formation and also is known as the isothermal phase diagram . Several other milestones (7...T.P. and Hurlen, T. (1958) CITCE VIII, London, pp. 445. 11) Heisler , K.E. (1958) Z. Electrochem. Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chem., 62. pp. 582. 12

  11. The Bioelectromagnetics Society Annual Meeting (12th), Held in San Antonio, Texas on June 10-14, 1990. Abstracts (United States)


    METALLIC CYLINDRICAL STABILIMETER FOR STUDYING MICROWAVE EVOKED OR MODIFIED BODY MOVEMENTS. Dolores A. Beblo, and Ronald L. Seaman. ERC BioServices...Roden. Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin 7, Ireland. Persistent neck pain is a difficult therapeutic problem. The cause is usually cervical ...Beblo, Dolores A ........ 60 Chiabrera, Alessandro ... 37,66 Belanger, Kathleen ..... 15 Chou, C.K ............. 30 Bellossi, Andre ......... 8

  12. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (19th), 17-21 October 1977, San Antonio, Texas (United States)


    Depression , and Hysteria and except Females: Lie and Paranoia). Conclusions: Norms for purposes of comparison must be relevant and will be meaningless or...RATINGS WERE EXPOSED TO CERTAIN SUSPECTED CANCER - CAUSING AGENTS$ ACCORDINGLY, THEY CONVENED A PANEL OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENISTS AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH...Psychologists Mama 1. mla l l 2 2 314J3 *14. S4Caa (forme 1) a2 826 grios 5? V.34 J*4 1 3 3 VhS 6. Laos torm meaty9 C9 ill £4 29 111 ?)1 il J4 A1) J

  13. Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory Held in San Antonio, Texas on January 17 - 22, 1993 (United States)


    Haccoun, and Serge Forest ............................................................................................. 108 A Bayesian method identifiability based on second-order cyclostationary statistics - Lang Tong, Guanghan Xu, and Thomas Kailath...Conway and Sloane [2], Forney [4], Lang and Longstaff [6], acquired information the decoder finds the codeword of H1 with the minimum Be’ery, Shahar, and

  14. Proceedings of the USAF Structural Integrity Program Conference Held in San Antonio, Texas on 2-6 December 1991 (United States)


    were also some totally intern ’ cracks as well as outward propagating cracks. As seen in Figure 2-c, some crack had multiple initiation sites. . The... multiple initiation sites and crack growth by a stress corrosion mechanism and very high local stresses. Figure 29b shows the edges of the fastener

  15. Proceedings of Users’ Stress Workshop (8th) Held San Antonio, Texas on September 24 - 27, 1991 (United States)


    EMOR’can be interwoven with other clinical procedures (e.g., relaxation training, hypnosis , visualization exercises) and integrated into one’s...application of behavioral medicine Interventions to Include biofeedback, relaxation techniques, performance enhancement techniques, hypnosis , altered states...Training activities of the Division emphasize both research and clinical skills. 3. The Clinical Neuroscience Oivision at the West Haven VAM4C is

  16. Proceedings of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (San Antonio, Texas, August 6-12, 1988). (United States)

    Clark, John W., Ed.; And Others


    This document contains the proceedings of a joint meeting of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering and the International Organization for Medical Physics. Participants from over 50 countries were in attendance. The theme of the program, "Challenges for the Year 2000," was a reminder of the challenges which confront…

  17. Material didáctico y aprendizaje en los estudiantes del primer semestre de la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco – 2014


    CENTENO NAYRA, Liliana Lux


    El presente trabajo trata de contribuir a la mejora del aprendizaje en los estudiantes que inician sus estudios universitarios, el objetivo general es determinar la relación del material didáctico en el aprendizaje de los estudiantes del primer semestre de la facultad de Educación Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco. En este contexto, el objetivo se logra al elaborar y desarrollar contenidos utilizando materiales didácticos, que permita obtener mejores aprendizajes. Para ase...

  18. Hábitos alimentarios y comportamiento trófico del caballito de mar (Hippocampus sp) en la bahía de San Antonio (Río Negro)


    Storero, L.P.


    Los caballitos de mar, Hippocampus sp. (Syngnathidae), presentan rasgos característicos: escasa flexibilidad, natación lenta y hábitos sedentarios. Por otra parte, en la bahía San Antonio (Río Negro, Patagonia), el ambiente en el que viven presenta corrientes intensas, amplio rango de fluctuación térmica y variaciones en la disponibilidad de alimento. Estas características ambientales limitarían la capacidad de desplazamiento y predación de la especie, forzando a la adopción de una estrate...

  19. Streamflow gains and losses in the Colorado River in northwestern Burnet and southeastern San Saba Counties, Texas (United States)

    Braun, Christopher L.; Grzyb, Scott D.


    In October 2012, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District, began an assessment to better understand if and where groundwater from the Ellenburger-San Saba aquifer is discharging to the Colorado River, and if and where Colorado River streamflow is recharging the Ellenburger-San Saba aquifer in the study area. Discharge measurements were made to determine if different reaches of the Colorado River in northwestern Burnet and southeastern San Saba Counties are gaining or losing streamflow, the locations and quantities of gains and losses, and whether the gains and losses can be attributed to interaction between the river and the Ellenbuger-San Saba aquifer. To assess streamflow gains and losses, two sets of synoptic gain-loss discharge measurements representing different streamflow conditions were completed. In the first gain-loss streamflow survey during December 3–6, 2012 (hereinafter the fall 2012 gain-loss survey), discharge measurements were made at low-flow conditions ranging from about 30 to 60 cubic feet per second (ft3/s) at seven locations along the Colorado River. In the second gain-loss streamflow survey during May 31–June 1, 2014 (hereinafter the spring 2014 gain-loss survey), discharge measurements were made at high-flow conditions ranging from about 660 to 900 ft3/s at 12 locations along the Colorado River.

  20. Comparison of Temperature, Specific Conductance, pH, and Dissolved Oxygen at Selected Basic Fixed Sites in South-Central Texas, 1996-98 (United States)


    of Texas to include the complete watersheds of the Nueces, San Antonio, and Guadalupe River Basins (fig. 1); but to date (2003), the study has...Ri ver San M arcos RIVER River GUADALUPE MEDINA RIVER A NT ONIO C ibolo C reek RIVER M i ssio n C reek C reek Frio Rive r N U EC ES GU LF O F M EX IC...Cotulla Victoria Corpus Christi Concan Wimberly La Coste Elmendorf 97o 98o 99o100o 30o 28o 29o 4 5 6 3 2 1 Figure 1. South-Central Texas National Water

  1. A Case of Chagas Cardiomyopathy Following Infection in South Central Texas (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL WING (AETC) JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - LACKLAND TEXAS MEMORANDUM FOR SGVT AITN: MAJ KELVIN N BUSH FROM...OFFICE SYMBOL INSTITUTION (If not 59 MOW) a. Primary/Corresponding Author Kelvin N. V. Bush, MD 0-4/ Maj 959 CSPS/59MDW/ SGVT SA MMC b. Bryant J...Webber MD 0-4/ Maj 559 Trainee Hcalth/ 59MDW/SGIT c. Edward J. Wozniak, DVM, PhD, M~ 0-5/LtCol Texas State Guard Medical Brigade HQ d. David Chang , MD 0

  2. 78 FR 38069 - Expansion of Global Entry to Additional Airports (United States)


    ..., Morrisville, North Carolina (RDU); Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC); San Antonio International Airport, San Antonio, Texas (SAT); San Diego International Airport, San Diego...

  3. Archaeological Investigations at the San Gabriel Reservoir Districts, Central Texas. Volume 2. (United States)


    north Texas contains two small mammals, the Merriam pocket mouse (Perognathus merriami) and the northern grasshopper mouse (On chomys leucogaster...are naked and others are still enclosed in their floral bracts (called the palea dna lemma). As a result, some of the grass grains could not be...Harvest mouse Reithrodontomys Sp. x x White-footed mice Peromyscus Spp. N. Grasshopper mouse Onychomys leucogaster x X cf. Pygmy mouse Baiomys

  4. Association between acculturation and structural assimilation and mini-mental state examination-assessed cognitive impairment in older Mexican Americans: findings from the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging. (United States)

    Simpao, Marc P; Espino, David V; Palmer, Raymond F; Lichtenstein, Michael J; Hazuda, Helen P


    Older Mexican Americans (MAs) have consistently scored lower on the Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) than older European Americans (EAs). These lower scores may arise from factors other than those traditionally posited (age and education). Thus, this study examined the association between acculturation and structural assimilation and MMSE-assessed cognitive impairment, taking into account education, income, and other contextual factors. Subjects were participants in the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging, a community-based study of chronic disease and functional status in 457 older MAs and 376 older EAs. Scales were used to measure two dimensions of acculturation: (family attitude, cultural values) and structural assimilation (functional integration into the broader American society). Logistic regression was used to examine the association between age, sex, acculturation, and structural assimilation and MMSE scores suggestive of cognitive impairment (impairments (hearing and vision), structural assimilation, but neither dimension of acculturation, was significantly and negatively associated with MMSE-assessed cognitive impairment. Older MAs in the lowest structural assimilation stratum were 1.89 times as likely to have MMSE-assessed cognitive impairment as those in the highest. Age, education, and visual impairment were also independently associated with cognitive impairment. These findings highlight the need for geriatricians to take contextual factors (including age, education, and structural assimilation) into account when interpreting MMSE scores of MA patients.

  5. Archaeological Investigations at the San Gabriel Reservoir Districts Central Texas. Volume I. (United States)


    above Georgetown on the San Gabriel was a product of this period. The Victorian period brought a new style of living to Williamson County. Sawed lumber... era (Shroeder 1979). F.A. Allison was killed in 1914, and his four children inherited one half of 3,800 acres. During the partnership of Allison and...burned before it could begin operation. In 1942, after her marriage to Elo David, the couple moved back to the Hoxie Ranch. They lived in two houses at

  6. La inversión Matuyama-Brunhes en la secuencia de terrazas del río Jarama entre Velilla de San Antonio y Altos de la Mejorada, al SE de Madrid (España

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez-González, A.


    Full Text Available To the east of Madrid city in the Jarama river valley and between Mejorada del Campo and Velilla de San Antonio, we have studied the paleomagnetic properties of the river terrace sequence in the M-203 highway, located between El Rasillo and Altos de La Mejorada. Over a new geomorphological mapping the alluvial plain at +4-5 m and terraces at +20 m, +30-35 m, +60-65 m, +85-90 m, +105-110 m and +125-130 m have been defined. Five terraces have been sampled with the exception of the terrace at +20 m, allowing to place those terraces at altitudes greater or equal to +60-65 m in the Matuyama Chron, while terraces at +20 m and +35 m belong to Brunhes Chron. ESR datings on terraces in the Arlanzón river valley in Burgos (Moreno et al., 2012, suggest that Matuyama-Brunhes inversion in the Jarama valley could be established between the end of the sedimentation of the +60-65 m terrace and the engagement of subsequent +50-55 m terrace, located upstream from Mejorada del Campo, in Marchamalo (Pérez-González, 1994.Al Este de la ciudad de Madrid, en el valle del río Jarama y entre Mejorada del Campo y Velilla de San Antonio se han estudiado las propiedades paleomagnéticas de una secuencia de terrazas comprendidas entre El Rasillo y Altos de la Mejorada, a lo largo de la autopista M-203 de reciente construcción. La cartografía geomorfológica realizada permitió separar además de la llanura aluvial a +4-5 m, terrazas a +20 m, +30-35 m, +60-65 m, +85-90 m, +105-110 m y +125-130 m. De ellas se muestrearon 5 niveles, a excepción de la de +20 m, en taludes frescos de la autovía que permiten situar a las terrazas con altitudes relativas igual o mayores a +60-65 m en el Chron Matuyama, mientras que las terrazas a +20 m y +30-35 m pertenecerían al Chron Brunhes (< 0.780 Ma. Dataciones por ESR en terrazas del valle del río Arlanzón en Burgos (Moreno et al., 2012, sugieren que en el valle del Jarama la inversión Matuyama-Brunhes podría establecerse entre

  7. Summary Overview of International Conference on Long-Term Storage Stabilities of Liquid Fuels (2nd) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 29 July-1 August 1986. (United States)


    technical organization. Because of legal implications/considerations and complications voiced by some attendees with respect to joining a chartered...8217 AMSTA-TSL (MR BURG) I DOD AMSTA-MTC (MR GAGLIO), ATTN: DUSDRE (RAT) (DR DIX) I AMSTA-MC, AMSTA-MV I ATTN: ROOM 3-D-1089, PENTAGON I AMSTA- RGP (MR

  8. Proceedings: Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (24th) Held at San Antonio, Texas on 1-5 November 1982 (United States)


    of violence to feelings of timidity and shyness. These behaviors are exhibited in and cut of the work environment and are often asses3ed as hindering...Division, Lowry Air Force Base, C6orado, 1976. Deese, J. "On the Structure 3f Associative Meaning", Psycological Review 69: 161-75 1962. Deese, J. The

  9. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Association of Private Enterprise Education (11th, San Antonio, Texas, April 6-8,. 1986). (United States)

    Journal of Private Enterprise, 1986


    Papers in these proceedings are grouped under the following headings: addresses, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, free market economics, public policy, and economic education. Papers include "Economic Freedom and Private Enterprise" (Murray L. Weidenbaum); "Marxism and the Free, Capitalist Society" (Tibor R. Machan); "Knowledge,…

  10. Proceedings of the Annual DARPA/AFGL Seismic Research Symposium (11th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 2-4 May 1989 (United States)


    Analysis Methods by ZOLTAN A. DER, DOUG R. BAUMGARDT and ROBERT H. SHUMWAY Strain Amplitude Dependence of Seismic Attenuation and Nonlinearity 244 by KARL...t* of 1.0 s ( Burger et al., 1987). Even with a correction of several tenths of a second for non tectonic paths, one would not necessarily expect to...34, J. Geovhys. Res, 89, 4374-4388, 1984. Burdick, L. J., C. K. Saikia and N. F. Smith, "Discrimination using P, and Pg", AFGL-TR-89-034, 1988. Burger , R

  11. Frontiers of Karst Research: Proceedings and recommendations of the workshop held in San Antonio, Texas on 3-5 May 2007. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 13 (United States)


    the extent of overlap and mutual dependence between the very diverse scientific areas represented. In a certain sense, everyone needs to draw on...Society of Washington, v. 119, p. 563-575. Lewis, J., and Holsinger, J.R., 1985, Caecidotea phreatica, a new phreatobitic isopod crustacean (Asellidae...empirically evalu- ated the correlation between currently described crustacean species and molecular divergence. Based on sequence data for two

  12. Proceedings of the US Army Institute of Surgical Research Anniversary Symposium (40th), Held in San Antonio, Texas on October 26-27, 1987 (United States)


    debridement of the burn wound. Further studies by Pennisi et al (8) substantiated successful clinical treatment with sutilains. 70 Bromelain , an extract of...electrophoresis reveals that bromelain contains at least 4 separate fractions exhibiting broad-spectrum protease activity (9). The enzyme is active over a wide pH...efficacy of hydrolysis by sutila-ns, bromelain , and clostridial collagenase on a variety of substrates, including viable and denatured collagen, pigskin

  13. Proceedings of Users’ Workshop on Combat Stress (6th) Held in San Antonio, Texas, on 30 November-4 December 1987 (United States)


    times. As Kurt Lewin expressed it long ago (1936): Even when from the standpoint of the physicist, the environment is identical or nearly identical for a...important to understand that the number represents bed spaces . Bed spaces are defined as beds that do not have staffing or logistical support. Many civilian...loss of detail ’Contusion ’solder not sure what to do ’reassu e soldiers of, ’Forgeltuiness -procedures not followed pope4ly ’Soldier misses vital

  14. Proceedings User’s Stress Workshop (7th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on December 10-15, 1989: Training for Psychic Trauma (United States)


    The Psychotherapy Bureau The Psychotherapy Bureau (BIH) is a multidisciplinary collaborative body which is active in medical, psychological...and a qualified psychotherapist ; 2 conscript ensigns/second lieutenants, who are clinical psychologists with training in psychotherapy; - two social... multidisciplinary context at the first echelon in the region. 2. Psychological support Providing psychotherapy, conducting interviews to place problems in a

  15. Minutes of the Explosive Safety Seminar (18th) Held at San Antonio, Texas on 12-14 September 1978. Volume 2 (United States)


    UXO : JIUUZHHU Cd »OS OS E-« Z W Z E-" fa O X < E-< E-« M J> td OS fa OS «£ ZP P ZUZ...IN NM Lu&lualei, HI GARD Inc, Niles, IL BMDSCOM, Huntsvllle, AL USA Infantry Ctr, Fort Benning, GA DCASR-Atlanta, Marietta, GA Remington Arms...Homestead AFB, FL Remington Arms Co, Inc, Lake City AAP, MO NSWC Dahlgren, VA ARRADCOM, Dover, NJ David W Taylor Nav Ship R&D Ctr, Bethesda, MD NSWC

  16. Analysis of data from test-well sites along the downdip limit of freshwater in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio, Texas, 1985-87 (United States)

    Groschen, G.E.


    Many researchers have studied the downdip limit of freshwater in the Edwards aquifer or various aspects of the saline-water zone and its relation to the freshwater zone. These studies were summarized and used to synthesize a consistent hydrologic and geochemical framework from which to interpret data from field studies. The concept derived from the previous work on the downdip limit of the freshwater zone is that fresh recharge water entered the aquifer and developed a vast flow system controlled by barrier faults. Some recharge water flows into the saline-water zone rather than toward major freshwater discharge points. The water that enters the salinewater zone continues to dissolve gypsum and dolomite, and calcite precipitates out of the water. This process of dedolomitization has helped to develop the large secondary porosity of the freshwater zone as the downdip limit of the freshwater zone progressively moved downdip in recent geologic time.

  17. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (26th) Technical Documentation Division Held at San Antonio, Texas on 7-10 May 1984. (United States)


    critical applications. The Strategic Computing Program is addressing the areas of application and use of artificial intelligence and expert defense. By seizing an opportunity to leverage recent advances in artificial intelligence, computer science, and microelectronics, the Agency plans...Mark Reese at a recent NSIA ILS meeting. The management system was presented as a womb to tomb concept U-6 5 Jim Richardson indicated that this matter

  18. Water Operations Technical Support Program: Proceedings of the Seminar on Water Quality (9th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 16-20 March 1992 (United States)


    around RM 500 because of increased algal photosynthesis . Water temperatures in this reach did not have much impact on DO concentrations since differences... photosynthesis and respiration were determined using the light/dark bottle technique (American Public Health Administration (APHA) 1980) at Stations...those at Stations SBS1 and BBS2. Blue-green algal species (e.g., Cyclo- tella, Oscillatoria , and Microcystis) were dominant at the time of the study

  19. Proceedings of a Symposium - Consequences of Wearing the Chemical Protective Ensemble: Illustrative Assessment Approaches (33rd) Held in San Antonio, Texas on October 31, 1991 (United States)


    over-the-counter dose of caffeine (200 mg, equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee ) improves sentry duty performance (detection of targets). 19 12...residual agent at station 6, the vehicle is recycled through the line. The line can process about six vehicles per hour. We were 25 tasked by the Chemical...temperature relies on an ingestible telemetry capsule . Rectal or tympanic data could be obtained on one of the other channels with little difficulty. This

  20. Proceedings of the Current Trends in Army Medical Department Psychology Held at San Antonio, Texas on 8-12 November 1976. (United States)


    and Milton (1957) indicated a striking correlation between problem-solving abilities of adolescents and their scores on masculinity - feminity scales of...compensatory masculinity , and exemplified poorer peer adjust- ment than did father-present boys. Lynn and Sawrey also quoted a Norweig- ian study (Tiller...the MMPI: males and females high on masculinity show superior problem solving ability. Plank and Plank (1954) reported that female mathematicians have

  1. Education Outreach Associated with Technology Transfer in a Colonia of South Texas: Green Valley Farms Science and Space Club for Middle School Aged Children in Green Valley Farms, San Benito, Texas (United States)

    Potess, Marla D.; Rainwater, Ken; Muirhead, Dean


    Texas colonias are unincorporated subdivisions characterized by inadequate water and wastewater infrastructure, inadequate drainage and road infrastructure, substandard housing, and poverty. Since 1989 the Texas Legislature has implemented policies to halt further development of colonias and to address water and wastewater infrastructure needs in existing and new colonias along the border with Mexico. Government programs and non-government and private organization projects aim to address these infrastructure needs. Texas Tech University's Water Resources Center demonstrated the use of alternative on-site wastewater treatment in the Green Valley Farms colonia, San Benito, Texas. The work in Green Valley Farms was a component of a NASA-funded project entitled Evaluation of NASA's Advanced Life Support Integrated Water Recovery System for Non-Optimal Conditions and Terrestrial Applications. Two households within the colonia are demonstration sites for constructed wetlands. A colonia resident and activist identified educational opportunities for colonia children as a primary goal for many colonia residents. Colonia parents view education as the door to opportunity and escape from poverty for their children. The educational outreach component of the project in Green Valley Farms was a Science and Space Club for middle-school age students. Involved parents, schoolteachers, and school administrators enthusiastically supported the monthly club meetings and activities. Each month, students participated in interactive learning experiences about water use and reuse in space and on earth. Activities increased knowledge and interest in water resource issues and in science and engineering fields. The Institute for the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL) at Texas Tech University provided full scholarships for five students from Green Valley Farms to attend the Shake Hands With Your Future camp at Texas Tech University in June 2003. The educational outreach

  2. Simulation of streamflow, evapotranspiration, and groundwater recharge in the middle Nueces River watershed, south Texas, 1961-2008 (United States)

    Dietsch, Benjamin J.; Wehmeyer, Loren L.


    The U.S. Geological Survey—in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District; City of Corpus Christi; Guadalupe–Blanco River Authority; San Antonio River Authority; and San Antonio Water System— configured, calibrated, and tested a watershed model for a study area consisting of about 7,726 square miles of the middle Nueces River watershed in south Texas. The purpose of the model is to contribute to the understanding of watershed processes and hydrologic conditions in the middle Nueces River watershed. The model simulates streamflow, evapotranspiration, and groundwater recharge by using a numerical representation of physical characteristics of the landscape and meteorological and streamflow data.

  3. Relatos de el viejo Antonio. Una invitación para occidente. (Análisis desde la visión intelectual de San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas)


    Valdespino Vargas, Carla


    PROEMIO ACERCA DEL VIEJO ANTONIO A lo largo de este trabajo, estaremos hablando del Viejo Antonio, esto nos obliga a abrir un espacio para acercarnos a él. Aquí intentaremos explicar, a grandes rasgos, quién es y cuál es su función dentro del movimiento. Jan de Vos, en su libro Una tierra para sembrar sueños (2002), muestra los resultados de la investigación que realizó sobre la persona del Viejo Antonio, de la cual leeremos un Resumen El personaje que Mar...

  4. Ozone Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Development in South Texas Urban Areas (United States)

    Chang, C.; Liao, K.


    Recent technological advances, mainly horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, and continued drilling in shale, have increased domestic production of oil and gas in the United State (U.S.). However, shale gas developments could also affect the environment and human health, particularly in areas where oil and gas developments are new activities. This study is focused on the impacts of shale gas developing activities on summertime ozone air quality in South Texas urban areas since many of them are already ozone nonattainment areas. We use an integrated approach to investigate the ozone air quality impact of the shale gas development in South Texas urban areas. They are: (1) satellite measurement of precursors, (2) observations of ground-level ozone concentrations, and (3) air mass trajectory modeling. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is an important precursor to ozone formation, and summertime average tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) column densities measured by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ozone Monitoring Instrument increased in the South Texas shale area (i.e., the Eagle Ford Shale area) in 2011 and 2012 as compared to 2008-2010. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ground-level observations showed summertime average and peak ozone (i.e., the 4th highest daily maximum 8-hour average ozone) concentrations slightly increased from 2010 to 2012 in Austin and San Antonio. However, the frequencies of peak ozone concentrations above the 75ppb ozone standard have been significantly increasing since 2011 in Austin and San Antonio. It is expected to increase the possibilities of violating the ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for South Texas urban areas in the future. The results of trajectory modeling showed air masses transported from the southeastern Texas could reach Austin and San Antonio and confirmed that emissions from the Eagle Ford Shale area could affect ozone air quality in South Texas urban areas in 2011 and 2012

  5. A unique funding opportunity for public health in Texas. (United States)

    Schlenker, Thomas; Huber, Carol A


    In addition to the Affordable Care Act, states are more frequently turning to Medicaid waivers to achieve the "Triple Aim" goals of improving the experience of care, improving population health, and reducing per capita costs. These demonstration waivers provide opportunities to test innovative ways to finance and deliver care. Texas is currently implementing a waiver known as the Transformation and Quality Improvement Program. Its inclusion of public health agencies is a unique approach to a system typically limited to traditional providers. San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is one public health agency taking advantage of this new funding opportunity to implement 6 new or expanded programs targeting health issues of highest priority in this south Texas region. This article discusses the use of Medicaid waivers and the advantages and challenges of public health agency participation.

  6. Diseño de una microempresa para la exportación de artesanías de madera de San Antonio de Ibarra a la comunidad Europea mediante capacitación a Artesano sobre normas de calidad internacional


    Erazo Sandoval, Diana del Rocío


    Este proyecto trata sobre la creación de la empresa ArteEquinox para la exportación de artesanías de madera en la Comunidad Europea, esto con la finalidad de apoyar al sector artesanal de San Antonio de Ibarra. Las artesanías ecuatorianas talladas en madera no han sido exportadas hasta el momento debido a que es muy difícil que un artesano trabajando individualmente pueda alcanzar los volúmenes de exportación en un tiempo determinado, por lo tanto, ArtEquinox propone un trabajo en forma c...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Zulaica


    Full Text Available Por sus condiciones biofísicas, los bosques tropicales poseen gran capacidad para ofrecer servicios ecosistémicos. La Selva Paranaense, uno de los bosques tropicales lluviosos más amenazados de Sudamérica, alcanza actualmente 1.200.000 ha, conservadas fundamentalmente en Argentina y en menor medida en Brasil y Paraguay. Este trabajo propone analizar la pérdida de servicios de regulación a partir de la evaluación del proceso de deforestación y cambio de uso del suelo entre 2001 y 2011 en una cuenca binacional argentino-brasileña, la Cuenca del río San Antonio (CrSA. La superficie de dicha cuenca (117.348 ha, que forma parte del río Iguazú, se distribuye de manera semejante en ambos países. Sin embargo, la clasificación de las imágenes satelitales (Landsat 5, sensor TM revela que Argentina conserva en 2011 el 61,7% de áreas boscosas en las que predominan servicios de regulación, mientras que Brasil el 25%. No obstante, la tasa de deforestación total anual promedio (R y la tasa de cambio anual (q en el período, fueron significativamente más altas en el sector argentino (R: 8,143; q: 0,02 que en el brasileño (R: 1,493; q: 0,01. Los datos de temperatura proporcionados por el satélite (banda 6, indican una relación directa entre las temperaturas más bajas y la superficie boscosa, que coincide con la clasificación realizada. Se considera fundamental profundizar en el análisis de los vínculos existentes entre la capacidad de provisión de servicios ecosistémicos y las demandas sociales, así como en el desarrollo de metodologías para la valoración de servicios en áreas de frontera.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Michael W. Rose


    The San Andres Formation is one of the major hydrocarbon-producing units in the Permian Basin, with multiple reservoirs contained within the dolomitized subtidal portions of upward shoaling carbonate shelf cycles. The test well is located in Tedbit (San Andres) Field in northeastern Gaines County, Texas, in an area of scattered San Andres production associated with local structural highs. Selected on the basis of geological and historical data, the Oil and Gas Properties Wood No. 1 well is considered to be typical of a large number of San Andres stripper wells in the Permian Basin. Thus, successful completion of horizontal drain holes in this well would demonstrate a widely applicable enhanced recovery technology. Water-jet horizontal drilling is an emerging technology with the potential to provide significant economic benefits in marginal wells. Forecast benefits include lower recompletion costs and improved hydrocarbon recoveries. The technology utilizes water under high pressure, conveyed through small-diameter coiled tubing, to jet horizontal drain holes into producing formations. Testing of this technology was conducted with inconclusive results. Paraffin sludge and mechanical problems were encountered in the wellbore, initially preventing the water-jet tool from reaching the kick-off point. After correcting these problems and attempting to cut a casing window with the water-jet milling assembly, lateral jetting was attempted without success.

  9. Texas LPG fuel cell development and demonstration project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    The State Energy Conservation Office has executed its first Fuel Cell Project which was awarded under a Department of Energy competitive grant process. The Texas LPG Fuel Processor Development and Fuel Cell Demonstration Program is a broad-based public/private partnership led by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO). Partners include the Alternative Fuels Research and Education Division (AFRED) of the Railroad Commission of Texas; Plug Power, Inc., Latham, NY, UOP/HyRadix, Des Plaines, IL; Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), San Antonio, TX; the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The team proposes to mount a development and demonstration program to field-test and evaluate markets for HyRadix's LPG fuel processor system integrated into Plug Power's residential-scale GenSys(TM) 5C (5 kW) PEM fuel cell system in a variety of building types and conditions of service. The program's primary goal is to develop, test, and install a prototype propane-fueled residential fuel cell power system supplied by Plug Power and HyRadix in Texas. The propane industry is currently funding development of an optimized propane fuel processor by project partner UOP/HyRadix through its national checkoff program, the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC). Following integration and independent verification of performance by Southwest Research Institute, Plug Power and HyRadix will produce a production-ready prototype unit for use in a field demonstration. The demonstration unit produced during this task will be delivered and installed at the Texas Department of Transportation's TransGuide headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Simultaneously, the team will undertake a market study aimed at identifying and quantifying early-entry customers, technical and regulatory requirements, and other challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed in planning commercialization of the units

  10. Antonio Lupi maailm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Vannitoa mööbli, peeglite, vannide, kraanikausside ja aksessuaaride valmistamisele spetsialiseerunud Antonio Lupi tehasest Itaalias. Koostööd tehakse itaalia disaineritega, nagu Carlo Colombo, Mauro Carlesi, Nevio Tellatin, Anne ja Patrick Poirier. Eestis saab tootenäidistega tutvuda salongis Gerhard Vannitoad (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn)

  11. A review of the Texas, USA San Jacinto Superfund site and the deposition of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the San Jacinto River and Houston Ship Channel. (United States)

    Iyer, Rupa; Aggarwal, Juhi; Iken, Brian


    The San Jacinto River (SJR) waste pits that lie just under the 1-10 overpass in eastern Harris County east of Houston, Texas, USA, were created in the 1960s as dumping grounds for paper mill waste. The deposition of this waste led to accumulation of highly toxic polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCCDDs/PCDFs) over the course of several decades. After abandonment, the waste material eventually became submerged under the waters of the SJR, resulting in widespread environmental contamination that currently constitutes a significant health concern for eastern Harris County communities. The original waste pits were rediscovered in 2005, and the San Jacinto waste site is now a designated EPA superfund site. The objective of this review then is to discuss the history and current state of containment around the San Jacinto waste pits and analyze spatial and temporal trends in the PCDD/PCDF deposition through the SJR system from the data available. We will discuss the current exposure and health risks represented by the Superfund site and the SJR system itself, as well as the discovery of liver, kidney, brain (glioma), and retinoblastoma cancer clusters in eastern Harris County across multiple census tracts that border the Superfund site. We will also cover the two primary management options, containment versus removal of the waste from the Superfund and provide recommendations for increased monitoring of existing concentrations of polychlorinated waste in the SJR and its nearby associated communities.

  12. An integrated study of the Grayburg/San Andres Reservoir, Foster and South Cowden fields, Ector County, Texas. Quarterly report, 1 July 1995--30 September 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reeves, J.J.; Trentham, R.C.


    The objective of this study is to demonstrate a methodology for reservoir characterization of shallow shelf carbonate reservoirs which is feasible for the independent operator. Furthermore, it will provide one of the first public demonstrations of the enhancement of reservoir characterization using high resolution three dimensional (3-D) seismic data. This particular project will evaluate the Grayburg and San Andres reservoirs in the Foster and South Cowden Fields of Ector County, Texas. The investigators will showcase a multi-disciplinary approach to waterflood design and implementation, along with the addition of reserves by selective infill drilling. This approach in reservoir development will be applicable to a wide range of shallow shelf carbonate reservoirs throughout the United States. Technology transfer will take place through all phases of the project. Production problems associated with shallow shelf carbonate reservoirs are being evaluated by a technical team integrating subsurface geological data, engineering data and 3-D seismic data. The team is using a network of state-of-the-art industry standard software running on high performance computer workstations. Twenty-four Grayburg and seven San Andres thin sections have been evaluated from the J.E. Witcher Well No. 6. This evaluation has been valuable in formulating a depositional model and in definitively dividing the Grayburg and San Andres reservoirs into distinct layers or ``units``.

  13. Continuous monitoring and discrete water-quality data from groundwater wells in the Edwards aquifer, Texas, 2014–15 (United States)

    Opsahl, Stephen P.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Slattery, Richard N.


    In cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, continuous and discrete water-quality data were collected from groundwater wells completed in the Edwards aquifer, Texas, 2014-2015. Discrete measurements of nitrate were made by using a nitrate sensor. Precipitation data from two sites in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Global Historical Climatology Network are included in the dataset. The continuous monitoring data were collected using water quality sensors and include hourly measurements of nitrate, specific conductance, and water level in two wells. Discrete measurements of nitrate, specific conductance, and vertical flow rate were collected from one well site at different depths throughout the well bore.

  14. The epidemiology of viral hepatitis in children in South Texas: increased prevalence of hepatitis A along the Texas-Mexico border. (United States)

    Leach, C T; Koo, F C; Hilsenbeck, S G; Jenson, H B


    An initial retrospective study of 194 children demonstrated a high prevalence of hepatitis A but not hepatitis B or C infection among children living along the Texas-Mexico border. A larger prospective study of hepatitis A was conducted with 285 children (aged 6 months to 13 years) living in 3 sociodemographically dissimilar areas of South Texas. Children living in colonías along the border had a significantly higher prevalence of hepatitis A virus infection (37%) than children living in urban border communities (17%) or in a large metropolitan area (San Antonio [6%]). Independent risk factors for hepatitis A infection included increased age, colonía residence, and history of residence in a developing country. Use of bottled water (vs. municipal or spring/well water) and years of maternal secondary education were protective. Improved sanitation or routine hepatitis A vaccination in early childhood may reduce the prevalence of hepatitis A in these areas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morelos Torres Aguilar


    Full Text Available El artículo es producto de una investigación sobre la trayectoria de Antonio Caso como educador universitario, y se centra en el período de la Revolución Mexicana y la posrevolución. En forma complementaria, se analizan algunas aportaciones del maestro Caso realizadas durante los años 30 del siglo pasado, en particular en el debate sobre la educación socialista y en la formación de intelectuales. El trabajo analiza las principales ideas y acciones de este educador mexicano, relacionadas directamente con las funciones educativas y universitarias.

  16. Geohydrologic Framework of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers, South-Central Texas (United States)

    Blome, Charles D.; Faith, Jason R.; Ozuna, George B.


    This five-year USGS project, funded by the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, is using multidisciplinary approaches to reveal the surface and subsurface geologic architecture of two important Texas aquifers: (1) the Edwards aquifer that extends from south of Austin to west of San Antonio and (2) the southern part of the Trinity aquifer in the Texas Hill Country west and south of Austin. The project's principal areas of research include: Geologic Mapping, Geophysical Surveys, Geochronology, Three-dimensional Modeling, and Noble Gas Geochemistry. The Edwards aquifer is one of the most productive carbonate aquifers in the United States. It also has been designated a sole source aquifer by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is the primary source of water for San Antonio, America's eighth largest city. The Trinity aquifer forms the catchment area for the Edwards aquifer and it intercepts some surface flow above the Edwards recharge zone. The Trinity may also contribute to the Edwards water budget by subsurface flow across formation boundaries at considerable depths. Dissolution, karst development, and faulting and fracturing in both aquifers directly control aquifer geometry by compartmentalizing the aquifer and creating unique ground-water flow paths.

  17. Three-dimensional geologic framework modeling of faulted hydrostratigraphic units within the Edwards Aquifer, Northern Bexar County, Texas (United States)

    Pantea, Michael P.; Cole, James C.


    This report describes a digital, three-dimensional faulted hydrostratigraphic model constructed to represent the geologic framework of the Edwards aquifer system in the area of San Antonio, northern Bexar County, Texas. The model is based on mapped geologic relationships that reflect the complex structures of the Balcones fault zone, detailed lithologic descriptions and interpretations of about 40 principal wells (and qualified data from numerous other wells), and a conceptual model of the gross geometry of the Edwards Group units derived from prior interpretations of depositional environments and paleogeography. The digital model depicts the complicated intersections of numerous major and minor faults in the subsurface, as well as their individual and collective impacts on the continuity of the aquifer-forming units of the Edwards Group and the Georgetown Formation. The model allows for detailed examination of the extent of fault dislocation from place to place, and thus the extent to which the effective cross-sectional area of the aquifer is reduced by faulting. The model also depicts the internal hydrostratigraphic subdivisions of the Edwards aquifer, consisting of three major and eight subsidiary hydrogeologic units. This geologic framework model is useful for visualizing the geologic structures within the Balcones fault zone and the interactions of en-echelon fault strands and flexed connecting fault-relay ramps. The model also aids in visualizing the lateral connections between hydrostratigraphic units of relatively high and low permeability across the fault strands. Introduction The Edwards aquifer is the principal source of water for municipal, agricultural, industrial, and military uses by nearly 1.5 million inhabitants of the greater San Antonio, Texas, region (Hovorka and others, 1996; Sharp and Banner, 1997). Discharges from the Edwards aquifer also support local recreation and tourism industries at Barton, Comal, and San Marcos Springs located

  18. Persevering pays off in Texas restoration project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kucera, S.


    In 1984, all John McNeill wanted was to build a new ice manufacturing plant to expand his Victoria, Texas, ice business. At the time, an abandoned hydroelectric plant near Cuero, Texas, on the Guadalupe River east of San Antonio, seemed an inexpensive way to get his two most costly ingredients: energy and water. He could take water from the river, generate 175 to 200 kilowatt-hours of electricity for his own use, and sell the excess power. The 1.2-MW plant McNeill found had stood idle and in disrepair since 1965 when the owner, Central Power and Light, shut it down after a flood. McNeill bought the plant from the current owners, brothers Ralph and Raleigh Coppedge. The brothers financed McNeill's purchase. He began work on the project, but repeated periods of high water and financial difficulty inhibited progress. Five years later, McNeill teamed with Jimmy Parker, another Texan with an interest and experience in restoring old hydro plants. Together, they formed Cuero Hydroelectric, Inc. During the next four years, they faced floods and solved existing structural problems. They disassembled and repaired the turbines and governors and designed control systems using state-of-the-art technology. Finally, with financial and moral support received from family and friends, they succeeded in bringing the Cuero hydro plant into operation in the winter of 1993.

  19. Antonio Mollari fra Canova e Valadier / Antonio Mollari between Canova and Valadier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisa Debenedetti


    Full Text Available Non è difficile inserire Antonio Mollari in un contesto europeo. Ad Antonio Canova lo lega una prima, importantissima lettera del 4 maggio 1807 nella quale, in seguito ad un invito trasmessogli dallo scultore, ma di cui è responsabile Filippo III Colonna, enumera tutte le sue opere; la seconda risale al 25 febbraio 1809. Dalla prima missiva si riescono a stabilire numerosi contatti con Giuseppe Valadier: a Corridonia (Collegiata dei Santi Pietro, Paolo e Donato; Ospedale e Chiesa di San Salvatore e a Macerata (Palazzo Conti già Ugolini. Tanto da giungere a considerare Mollari come il continuatore del Valadier nei cantieri marchigiani, dove la presenza del Maestro si manifesta come una sovrapposizione di motivi francesizzanti a soluzioni palladiane: componenti entrambe presenti nel Palazzo Tomassini a Corridonia, ricondotto al Maceratese. Fra l’altro le pagine di due Taccuini valadieriani, certo a lui note, si possono considerare a metà strada fra l’esercizio tipologico ed il modello. It’s not difficult to insert Antonio Mollari into a European context. A first very important letter, dated May 4th 1807, links him to Antonio Canova whereby, after inviting him, by wish of Phillip Colonna III , he then makes a list of all his works of art; the second is dated February 25th 1809. Various contacts with Giuseppe Valadier can be established from the first letter: in Corridonia (Saints Peter, Paul and Donato Collegiate church; St. Saviour’s Hospital and Church and in Macerata (Conti Palace ex Ugolini. So much so as to regard Mollari as Valadier’s continuator in the Marche construction sites, where the Maestro’s presence is expressed like a superimposition of Frenchified motives for Palladian solutions: both components being present in the Tomassini Palace in Corridonia, which can be traced back to Mollari. Moreover the pages of two Valdier Notebooks, which he must have known about, can be considered half way between a typological exercise

  20. Proyecto de capacitación y difusión del valor nutricional de los productos agrícolas como: chochos, quinua, habas y arvejasa los docentes y padres de familia del sexto y séptimo años de la Unidad Educativa Intercultural Bilingue 29 de Octubre de la comunidad de San Antonio Parroquia Cangahua Cantón Cayambe en el período 2011-2012


    Salazar Umaquinga, Rosa Carmen; Catucuango Quimbiulco, María Patricia


    En el vivir diario de la comunidad de San Antonio, en la cual se encuentra la institución “29 de Octubre”, se ha ido desvalorizando la práctica cultural, la sabiduría en la alimentación especialmente por la influencia de la sociedad. La mayoría de los/as padres/madres se han dedicado al mono cultivo (cebolla) y producción lechera, por lo tanto a la compra y venta de estos productos, olvidando la seguridad en la alimentación familiar, especialmente en los/as niños/as y adoles...

  1. Characterizing the subsurface geology in and around the U.S. Army Camp Stanley Storage Activity, south-central Texas (United States)

    Blome, Charles D.; Clark, Allan K.


    Several U.S. Geological Survey projects, supported by the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, have used multi-disciplinary approaches over a 14-year period to reveal the surface and subsurface geologic frameworks of the Edwards and Trinity aquifers of central Texas and the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer of south-central Oklahoma. Some of the project achievements include advancements in hydrostratigraphic mapping, three-dimensional subsurface framework modeling, and airborne geophysical surveys as well as new methodologies that link geologic and groundwater flow models. One area where some of these milestones were achieved was in and around the U.S. Army Camp Stanley Storage Activity, located in north­western Bexar County, Texas, about 19 miles north­west of downtown San Antonio.

  2. Antonio Gómez Restrepo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Martín


    Full Text Available Conocí a don Antonio Gómez Restrepo en el ocaso de su vida. Lo circundaba un aire de serena resignación, de bondadosa espera ante la muerte. Los ojos en sombra, la digna cabeza encanecida, la actitud benévola y sencilla. Noble estampa oscurecida por el paso de los años.

  3. Memorial to Professor Antonio Barone (United States)

    Tafuri, Francesco; Pepe, Giampiero; Vaglio, Ruggero


    Antonio Barone prematurely passed away on 4 December 2011 at the age of 72, after a one-year battle with cancer. He left behind his wife Sveva and his two sons, Alberto and Livio. Antonio was Professor Emeritus at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he had been teaching for about 40 years. The initial research activity of Antonio was in the field of nuclear physics. In this context, almost 45 years ago, the Ge 'Lithium drift' semiconductor detectors represented a novelty, due to the high energy resolution enabled by those devices. Superconductors stimulated new approaches to radiation detection and this motivated Antonio's interest towards superconductivity. Following the birth of the Laboratorio di Cibernetica of the CNR in 1967 he was given the opportunity to work on a joint USA-Italy project (University of Wisconsin, Madison and CNR Naples) in the field of superconductivity on the peculiar subject of the superconductive 'Neuristors'. His research activity on Josephson junctions opened up a wide variety of very stimulating subjects in which he was deeply involved, ranging from the soliton propagation in 'long' Josephson structures to fluctuations phenomena, from light-sensitive junctions and proximity effect to the development of innovative superconducting devices. The strong interaction of Antonio with the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, characterizes a long period of his research activity with a precious merging of theoretical and experimental aspects. This body of work converged into the famous monograph on the 'Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect', written in collaboration with Gianfranco Paternò in 1982. This rapidly became the reference text for the Josephson effect, as documented by thousands of citations and the fact that it was translated into Russian, Japanese and Chinese. In 1983 Antonio was awarded the highest academic title of 'Doctor of the Physical-Mathematical Sciences' by the

  4. Texas Hydrogen Education Final Scientific/Technical Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hitchcock, David; Bullock, Dan


    The Texas Hydrogen Education project builds on past interest in hydrogen and fuel cells to help create better informed leaders and stakeholders and thereby improve decision making and planning for inclusion of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as energy alternatives in Texas. In past years in Texas, there was considerable interest and activities about hydrogen and fuel cells (2000-­2004). During that time, the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) created a fuel cell consortium and a fuel cell testing lab. Prior to 2008, interest and activities had declined substantially. In 2008, in cooperation with the Texas H2 Coalition and the State Energy Conservation Office, HARC conducted a planning process to create the Texas Hydrogen Roadmap. It was apparent from analysis conducted during the course of this process that while Texas has hydrogen and fuel cell advantages, there was little program and project activity as compared with other key states. Outreach and education through the provision of informational materials and organizing meetings was seen as an effective way of reaching decision makers in Texas. Previous hydrogen projects in Texas had identified the five major urban regions for program and project development. This geographic targeting approach was adopted for this project. The project successfully conducted the five proposed workshops in four of the target metropolitan areas: San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and the Dallas-­Ft. Worth area. In addition, eight outreach events were included to further inform state and local government leaders on the basics of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The project achieved its primary objectives of developing communication with target audiences and assembling credible and consistent outreach and education materials. The major lessons learned include: (1) DOE’s Clean Cities programs are a key conduit to target transportation audiences, (2) real-­world fuel cell applications (fuel cell buses, fuel cell fork lifts

  5. Is the Modern American Death Penalty a Fatal Lottery? Texas as a Conservative Test

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scott Phillips


    Full Text Available In Furman v. Georgia (1972, the Supreme Court was presented with data indicating that 15% to 20% of death-eligible defendants were actually sentenced to death. Based on such a negligible death sentence rate, some Justices concluded that the imposition of death was random and capricious—a fatal lottery. Later, the Court assumed in Gregg v. Georgia (1976 that guided discretion statutes would eliminate the constitutional infirmities identified in Furman: If state legislatures narrowed the pool of death-eligible defendants to the “worst of the worst” then most would be sentenced to death, eliminating numerical arbitrariness. However, recent research suggests that numerical arbitrariness remains, as the death sentence rate falls below the Furman threshold in California (11%, Connecticut (4%, and Colorado (less than 1%. The current research estimates the death sentence rate in Texas. Interestingly, Texas provides a conservative test. In contrast to most states, the Texas statute does not include broad aggravators that substantially enlarge the pool of death-eligible defendants and therefore depress the death sentence rate. Nonetheless, the death sentence rate in Texas during the period from 2006 to 2010 ranges from 3% to 6% (depending on assumptions made about the data. The same pattern holds true in the key counties that send the largest number of defendants to death row: Harris (Houston, Dallas (Dallas, Tarrant (Fort Worth and Arlington, and Bexar (San Antonio. Thus, the data suggest that Texas can be added to the list of states in which capital punishment is unconstitutional as administered. If the death sentence rate in Texas runs afoul of the Furman principle then the prognosis for other states is not encouraging.

  6. Una pintura atribuible a Antonio de Pereda en Villaseca de la Sagra (Toledo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Díaz Fernández, Antonio José


    Full Text Available This study presents the painting The Virgin Appearing to Saint Bernard, located in the church of Ntra. Sra. de los Peligros in the town of Villaseca de la Sagra (Toledo, documented in 1650, the style of which comes close to that of the Madrid Baroque artist Antonio de Pereda.Aquí se da a conocer una pintura de La aparición de la Virgen a San Bernardo, de la iglesia de Ntra. Sra. de los Peligros de Villaseca de la Sagra (Toledo, documentada en 1650 y cuyo estilo la aproxima a obras del pintor barroco Antonio de Pereda.

  7. Gregorio y Francisco Esparza: hermanos enfrentados ante la independencia de Texas, 1835-1836 Gregorio and Francisco Esparza: Brothers Who Fought Each Other During the Independence of Texas, 1835-1836

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Ernesto Emmerich


    Full Text Available En 1836 el ejército mexicano tomó el fuerte de El Álamo, en las afueras de San Antonio. Todos sus defensores, que combatían por la independencia de Texas, murieron en la acción, entre ellos Gregorio Esparza, un nativo de esa ciudad. Tras la batalla, su hermano Francisco, enrolado en el bando mexicano, le dio cristiana sepultura. Este artículo examina la saga de ambos hermanos virtualmente desconocida en México. La primera sección de este artículo contextualiza la independencia de Texas, la segunda contiene resultados de investigación documental realizada por el autor sobre Gregorio y Francisco Esparza. La tercera comenta una entrevista realizada a un hijo de Gregorio sobre los papeles de su padre y su tío en El Álamo. La cuarta evalúa críticamente las evidencias. La quinta ofrece una reflexión sobre los motivos que habrían llevado a los hermanos Esparza -y en general a la comunidad texana de origen mexicano- a enfrentarse respecto a la independencia de Texas y, finalmente, en los anexos se transcriben los registros parroquiales y censales de la época y se extractan y comentan diversos relatos del hijo de Gregorio y de otros descendientes.In 1836, the Mexican army captured Fort Alamo outside San Antonio. All its defenders, who were fighting for the independence of Texas, died in action. Among these was Gregorio Esparza, a native of that city. After this battle, his brother Francisco, enlisted in the Mexican army, gave him a Christian burial. This article examines the saga of the two brothers, virtually unknown in Mexico. The first section contextualizes the independence of Texas. The second contains the results of the author's documentary research on Gregorio and Francisco Esparza. The third comments on an interview with one of Gregorio's sons on the roles played by his father and uncle at The Alamo. The fourth critically evaluates the evidence. The fifth provides a reflection on the reasons that led the Esparza brothers -and the

  8. Aircrew Automated Escape Systems (AAES) In-Service Usage Data Analyses. Volume 2. Papers Presented at the Annual SAFE Symposium (21st), San Antonio, Texas, 5,6,7,8 November 1983. (United States)


    CODE I. Body Parr Lumbar spine L-3 2- Body Part I 11. LAB TESTS: Retain aliquot of frozen blood and urine foir future rise verification, as per...4 z. LLL a L). 0 2-73 LII- C.0. z/ jU w .- U C at :)w < C -J0 LUJ .j. owl In2-U in L l~ar 0" 0,- ILU, 00 zz LU 20 Z CL - 0 LU4 cc o~ UdL U >O 2-74...Type (2) Sex (3) Weight __ (4) Height __ (5) Anthropometric Measurements (a) Total Sitting Height (b) Neck Circumference (c) Cervical Length (CI thru

  9. Alcoholism and the Hispanic: A Mutual Concern = El Alcoholismo y Los Hispanos Una Preocupacion Nacional. Proceedings of the National Hispanic Conference on Alcoholism (San Antonio, Texas, September 7-10, 1981). (United States)

    AVANTE International Systems Corp., San Antonio, TX.

    Written in Spanish and English, the proceedings include 6 papers and the recommendations presented at the conference on alcoholism and alcohol-related problems among Hispanics attended by approximately 400 participants, representing 29 states, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. "The Challenge of the 1980's: Action Through Unity" discusses the need for unity…

  10. Proceedings of the 1987 Aircraft/Engine Structural Integrity Program (ASIP/ENSIP) Conference Held in the Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel, San Antonio, Texas 1-3 December 1987 (United States)


    RFC components. At the present time, 23 fan, high pressure compressor and fan drive turbine disks and airseals /spacers are FI00 RFC components. These...Stage Disk WASPALOY EC 13th Stage Disk In-10D SC/lIT 13th Stage Rotor Spacer In-10O EC/UT 4th Stage Airseal Ti 6-2-4-6 FPI 5th Stage Airseal Ti 6-2-4...6 FPI 6th Stage Airseal WASPALOY FPl 7th Stage Airseal WASPALOY FPI 8th Stage Airseal WASPALDY EC 9th Stage Airseal WASPALDY FPI LPT 3rd Stage Turbine

  11. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Laredo, Crystal City-Eagle Pass, San Antonio, and Del Rio 1 x 2 Quadrangles, Texas, and the Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras, and Nueva Rosita 1 x 2 Quadrangles, Mexico (United States)

    Page, William R.; Berry, Margaret E.; VanSistine, D. Paco; Snyders, Scott R.


    The purpose of this map is to provide an integrated, bi-national geologic map dataset for display and analyses on an Arc Internet Map Service (IMS) dedicated to environmental health studies in the United States-Mexico border region. The IMS web site was designed by the US-Mexico Border Environmental Health Initiative project and collaborators, and the IMS and project web site address is The objective of the project is to acquire, evaluate, analyze, and provide earth, biologic, and human health resources data within a GIS framework (IMS) to further our understanding of possible linkages between the physical environment and public health issues. The geologic map dataset is just one of many datasets included in the web site; other datasets include biologic, hydrologic, geographic, and human health themes.

  12. CFD Techniques for Propulsion Applications Panel Symposium (77th), Held in San Antonio, Texas on 27-31 May 1991 (Les Techniques de l’Aerodynamique Numerique pour les Applications aux Propulseurs) (United States)


    iation une moyenne azimutale sur des grandeurs caracterisant Ileoulement. Ces approches -mt I’intdr~t 6vident de ne n~cessiter qu’un seul canal de calcul...flowfield which is as homogeneous as possible. Here Proceedings: Space Course on Low Earth Orbit Trans- flow field calculations through a nozzle of a high...enthalpy portation and Orbit Systems, Volume III, Paper No.61. shock tube are presented. Fig. 6a shows the Euler grid Aachen, March 1991. used. For a

  13. UMTRA project water sampling and analysis plan, Falls City, Texas. Revision 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Planned, routine ground water sampling activities at the US Department of Energy (DOE) Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project site near Falls City, Texas, are described in this water sampling and analysis plan (WSAP). The following plan identifies and justifies the sampling locations, analytical parameters, and sampling frequency for the routine monitoring stations at the site. The ground water data are used for site characterization and risk assessment. The regulatory basis for routine ground water monitoring at UMTRA Project sites is derived from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations in 40 CFR Part 192. Sampling procedures are guided by the UMTRA Project standard operating procedures (SOP) (JEG, n.d.), the Technical Approach Document (TAD) (DOE, 1989), and the most effective technical approach for the site. The Falls City site is in Karnes County, Texas, approximately 8 miles [13 kilometers southwest of the town of Falls City and 46 mi (74 km) southeast of San Antonio, Texas. Before surface remedial action, the tailings site consisted of two parcels. Parcel A consisted of the mill site, one mill building, five tailings piles, and one tailings pond south of Farm-to-Market (FM) Road 1344 and west of FM 791. A sixth tailings pile designated Parcel B was north of FM 791 and east of FM 1344.

  14. 40 CFR 81.344 - Texas. (United States)


    ... Metropolitan San Antonio Intrastate Unclassifiable/Attainment Atascosa County, Bandera County, Bexar County...) Unclassifiable/Attainment Atascosa County, Bandera County, Comal County, Dimmit County, Edwards County, Frio...) Unclassifiable/Attainment Atascosa County Bandera County Dimmit County Edwards County Frio County Gillespie...

  15. Evaluation Methodologies for Information Management Systems; Building Digital Tobacco Industry Document Libraries at the University of California, San Francisco Library/Center for Knowledge Management; Experiments with the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR); Coming to Term: Designing the Texas Email Repository Model. (United States)

    Morse, Emile L.; Schmidt, Heidi; Butter, Karen; Rider, Cynthia; Hickey, Thomas B.; O'Neill, Edward T.; Toves, Jenny; Green, Marlan; Soy, Sue; Gunn, Stan; Galloway, Patricia


    Includes four articles that discuss evaluation methods for information management systems under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; building digital libraries at the University of California San Francisco's Tobacco Control Archives; IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records; and designing the Texas email repository model…

  16. Intorno ad Antonio Rimpatta: un rebus di primo Cinquecento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valerio Mosso


    Full Text Available L’attività di Antonio Rimpatta, pittore bolognese attivo ad inizio ‘500, è stata ricostruita negli ultimi 60 anni secondo ipotesi differenti. Il corpus di dipinti riunito da Zeri è stato in alcuni casi integrato da quelli già attribuiti all’anonimo Maestro della Sacra conversazione Setmani, mentre altre volte l’accorpamento è avvenuto con il frate Antonio da Bologna già menzionato da Vasari. Gli studi più recenti tendono a unificare i tre gruppi sotto il nome di Rimpatta, ma questa soluzione sembra ignorare alcuni problemi significativi. In questo contributo vengono rilette alcune principali opere del presunto catalogo di Rimpatta, evidenziando gli scarti troppo evidenti, soprattutto a livello di cultura figurativa. Si conferma la coincidenza Rimpatta/frate Antonio da Bologna: essa è caratterizzata da un linguaggio principalmente peruginesco e centro-italiano, con alcuni rimandi a Boltraffio (come dimostra il San Sebastiano nella Walters Art Gallery di Baltimore. Si vuole invece tenere separato l’autore del gruppo Setmani. Questo maestro si rivela assai più rilevante, in grado di realizzare capolavori aggiornati sulla più moderna pittura nata tra Milano e Venezia a cavallo tra XV e XVI secolo. L’evidente rapporto tra Rimpatta e il Maestro Setmani potrebbe allora spiegarsi non con la loro coincidenza, ma con una collaborazione tra i due pittori; tale incontro potrebbe immaginarsi a Bologna verso il 1500, subito dopo la nascita di opere come la pala Casio di Boltraffio o la pala Scarani del Perugino.

  17. San Antonio Creek Restoration, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    California brome Bromus carinatus 5 California poppy Eschscholzia californica 1 Toyon Heteromeles arbutifolia 2 Goldfields Lasthenia glabrara 1 Giant...Heart-podded hoary cress Bromus diandrus* Ripgut brome Leymus condensatus Giant wild-rye Bromus hordeaceus* Soft-chess brome Leymus triticoides...salicifolia Mule fat native FACW Brassica nigra Black mustard exotic UPL Brassica rapa Field mustard exotic UPL Bromus diandrus Ripgut brome exotic UPL

  18. LPD 17 San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17) (United States)


    Future Years Defense Program ICE - Independent Cost Estimate IOC - Initial Operational Capability Inc - Increment JROC - Joint Requirements Oversight...Apr 1997 Complete Aug 1998 Mar 2003 Sep 2003 Mar 2003 OT&E (OT- IC ) Start Sep 1998 N/A N/A N/A Complete Mar 1999 N/A N/A N/A OT&E (OT-IIA) Start Jun...Spots reflect measurements taken during LPD 17 Sail Away Trials. Demonstrated Performance for Bulk Fuel, VTOL Maint/Storage, and Sustained

  19. Texas Solar Collaboration DOE Rooftop Solar Challenge City of Houston Project Summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ronk, Jennifer [Houston Advanced Research Center, TX (United States)


    The City of Houston is committed to achieving a sustainable solar infrastructure. In 2008, Houston was named a United States Department of Energy (DOE) Solar America City. As a Solar America City, Houston teamed with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), Sandia National Laboratory (Sandia), industry, and academia, to implement the Solar Houston Initiative and prepare the Solar Houston Plan. The Solar Houston initiative was focused on identifying and overcoming barriers associated with establishing a solar infrastructure that is incorporated into the City of Houston’s overall energy plan. A broad group of Houston area stakeholders, facilitated by HARC, came together to develop a comprehensive solar plan that went beyond technology to address barriers and establish demonstrations, public outreach, education programs and other activities. The plan included proposed scopes of work in four program areas: policies, solar integration, public outreach, and education. Through the support of the DOE SunShot Rooftop Solar Challenge (RSC) grant to the Texas Collaboration (San Antonio, Austin, and Hosuton), Houston has been able to implement several of the recommendations of the Solar Houston Plan. Specific recommendations that this project was able to support include; Working with the other Texas Solar America Cities (San Antonio and Austin), to harmonize permitting and inspection processes to simplify for installers and lower soft costs of installation; Participating in state level solar policy groups such as the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TRIEA); Continued coordination with the local transmission and distribution utility (CenterPoint) and retail electric providers (REP); Identification of opportunities to improve permitting and interconnection; Providing training on PV systems to City inspectors; Educating the public by continuing outreach, training, and workshops, particularly using the the Green Building Resources Center; Evaluating methods of

  20. Illegal immigrants in Texas: impact on social services and related considerations. (United States)

    Weintraub, S


    A 1982-1983 survey of 868 undocumented aliens and a number of providers of public services showed that the state of Texas receives more from taxes paid by undocumented persons than it costs the state to provide them with public services, such as education, health care, corrections, and welfare. The same survey showed that 6 cities in the state (Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, McAllen, and San Antonio) together expended more to provide services to undocumented aliens than they received in taxes. The survey concentrated on undocumented persons not detained by the immigration authorities and found that this group constituted a distinct population from those in detention centers in that the former exhibited normal characteristics of settled families, while the latter were predominantly the familiar young, single, and peripatetic males. A related finding is that the households of the transient group consist predominantly of undocumented persons whereas the households of the settled group contain a greater mixture of legal residents and illegal aliens. Undocumented persons do indeed use public services, primarily education and health services. They are rarely recipients of welfare services or food stamps. Undocumented persons do indeed pay taxes and those taxes that go to or revert to the state of Texas clearly exceed the cost to the state to provide services to those people. On the other hand, local governmental units (below the state level) in Texas must expend more to provide public services to illegal aliens than those governmental levels receive from the taxes paid by these persons. This is an administrative issue relating to the recipients of tax dollars and the government level on which the burden falls to provide certain services, primarily health care and education. Finally, since only about half of the settled population is in the job market in Texas, a quick fix of deportation of these persons would not create an equivalent number of jobs.

  1. Measured Performance of Occupied, Side-by-Side, South Texas Homes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chasar, D.; vonSchramm, V.


    The performance of three homes in San Antonio, Texas with identical floor plans and orientation were evaluated through a partnership between the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), CPS Energy, and Woodside Homes of South Texas. Measurements included whole house gas and electric use as well as heating, cooling, hot water, major appliances and indoor and outdoor conditions. One home built to builder standard practice served as the control, while the other homes demonstrated high performance features. Utility peak electric load comparisons of these dual-fuel homes provide an assessment of envelope and equipment improvements. The control home used natural gas for space and water heating only, while the improved homes had gas heating and major appliances with the exception of a high efficiency heat pump in one home. Data collection began in July of 2009 and continued through April of 2011. Energy ratings for the homes yielded E-Scales (aka HERS indices) of 86 for the control home, 54 for one improved home and 37 for the other home which has a 2.4kW photovoltaic array.

  2. Field project to obtain pressure core, wireline log, and production test data for evaluation of CO/sub 2/ flooding potential. Texas Pacific Bennett Ranch Unit well No. 310, Wasson (San Andres) Field, Yoakum County, Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Swift, T.E.; Goodrich, J.H.; Kumar, R.M.; McCoy, R.L.; Wilhelm, M.H.; Glascock, M.R.


    The coring, logging and testing of Bennett Ranch Unit well No. 310 was a cooperative effort between Texas Pacific, owner of the well, and Gruy Federal, Inc. The requirements of the contract, which are summarized in Enclosure 1, Appendix A, include drilling and coring activities. The pressure-coring and associated logging and testing programs in selected wells are intended to provide data on in-situ oil saturation, porosity and permeability distribution, and other data needed for resource characterization of fields and reservoirs in which CO/sub 2/ injection might have a high probability of success. This report presents detailed information on the first such project. This project demonstrates the usefulness of integrating pressure core, log and production data to realistically evaluate a reservoir for carbon dioxide flood. The engineering of tests and analysis of such experimental data requires original thinking, but the reliability of the results is higher than data derived from conventional tests.

  3. Book review. Antonio Sandu: Elemente de sociologie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefan Vladutescu


    Full Text Available Appreciated specialist in the social sciences domain and of the sociohuman sciences, Professor Antonio Sandu posted at Tritonic Publishing a remarkable book, "Elements of sociology" (Bucharest, Tritonic Publishing, 2014 (Antonio Sandu (2014. Elemente de sociologie. Bucuresti: Editura Tritonic. This represents an introduction to the theory of social phenomena. What performs first of all the value and originality of the research in question is shown to be: a the comprehension and interpretation of the social, i.e. social hermeneutics, and b the novelty of the postmodern and transmodern perspective of methodological, transdisciplinary and constructivist approach.

  4. Hypo-Fractionated Conformal Radiation Therapy to the Tumor Bed After Segmental Mastectomy (United States)


    breast conserving surgery for early-stage breast cancer. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. San Antonio , Texas; 2003. 5. Ellerin BE SJ, Formenti for early-stage breast cancer., San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. San Antonio , Texas, 2003 2. Ellerin BE SJ, Formenti SC.: A systematic...cancer. J Clin Oncol 2001; 19:1993-2001. 78. Formenti SC, Lucas G, Ibarra JA, et al. Initial brachytherapy in the 69. Perera F, Engel J, Holliday R, et al

  5. Un dipinto di Antonio da Faenza per Recanati e il frate "prospettico" Giovanni Antonio da Camerino. Osservazioni sulla fortuna dei maestri romagnoli nelle Marche del '500 / A painting by Antonio from Faenza for Recanati and the “perspective” friar Giovanni Antonio from Camerino. Considerations about the success of Romagna artists in Marche Region during the 16th Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Coltrinari


    Full Text Available L'articolo presenta il contratto per la pala dell'altare maggiore della chiesa di San Francesco a Recanati, commissionata ad Antono da Faenza il 12 gennaio 1530. Il documento permette di ampliare le conoscenze sul pittore e architetto faentino, chiarendo il rapporto con il frate Giovanni Antonio da Camerino, esperto di prospettiva e architettura, committente anche delle opere del pittore a Montelupone e di mettere meglio a fuoco l'importanza di Recanati quale centro di contatti per gli artisti attivi nella Marca di Ancona nel primo Cinquecento. La riflessione viene allargata poi alla committenza di Antonio da Faenza e alla presenza nelle Marche del '500 di innumerevoli pittori romagnoli, interpretabile come indicatore di un preciso orientamento di gusto.  The article presents the contract for the altarpiece of the main altar of the church of San Francesco in Recanati, commissioned to Antono from Faenza on 12 January 1530. The document allows us to enlarge knowledge of the painter and architect, clarifying the relationship with friar Giovanni Antonio from Camerino, expert in perspective and architecture, who is also the patron of the painter's works in Montelupone; it also permits to better focus the importance of Recanati as a center of contacts for many artists active in the Marca of Ancona in the early XVI century. The reflection then expands to the patronage of Antonio da Faenza and to the presence in the XVI century Marche of many painters come from Romagna, that we can explain as a precise indicator of a taste orientation.

  6. Hurricane Rita Aerial Photography: High-Resolution Imagery of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast After Landfall (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The imagery posted on this site is of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast after Hurricane Rita made landfall. The regions photographed range from San Luis Pass, Texas...

  7. Map Showing Geology and Hydrostratigraphy of the Edwards Aquifer Catchment Area, Northern Bexar County, South-Central Texas (United States)

    Clark, Amy R.; Blome, Charles D.; Faith, Jason R.


    Rock units forming the Edwards and Trinity aquifers in northern Bexar County, Texas, are exposed within all or parts of seven 7.5-minute quadrangles: Bulverde, Camp Bullis, Castle Hills, Helotes, Jack Mountain, San Geronimo, and Van Raub. The Edwards aquifer is the most prolific ground-water source in Bexar County, whereas the Trinity aquifer supplies water for residential, commercial, and industrial uses for areas north of the San Antonio. The geologic map of northern Bexar County shows the distribution of informal hydrostratigraphic members of the Edwards Group and the underlying upper member of the Glen Rose Limestone. Exposures of the Glen Rose Limestone, which forms the Trinity aquifer alone, cover approximately 467 km2 in the county. This study also describes and names five informal hydrostratigraphic members that constitute the upper member of the Glen Rose Limestone; these include, in descending order, the Caverness, Camp Bullis, Upper evaporite, Fossiliferous, and Lower evaporite members. This study improves our understanding of the hydrogeologic connection between the two aquifers as it describes the geology that controls the infiltration of surface water and subsurface flow of ground water from the catchment area (outcropping Trinity aquifer rocks) to the Edwards water-bearing exposures.

  8. Antonio Bonet Poblado Hifrensa, 1967-1975


    Ródenas Garcia, Juan Fernando


    The HIFRENSA settlement is a residential complex built to accommodate workers of Vandellòs-I nuclear power plant. It also has a number of facilities at neighbourhood scale. The set is connected by pedestrian crossings with public squares and road scheme in cul-de-sac. In 1967 Antonio Bonet was commissioned to build the settlement, the administrative offices and other technical buildings on nuclear power plant site . The thesis exposes Bonet as architect researcher. At HIFRENSA settlement, a ...

  9. ANTONIO LAMELA - beyond innovation In Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Cassinello


    Full Text Available Spanish architecture is in mourning. One of its most beloved referents, Antonio Lamela passed away on April 1, 2017. He has left us an extensive and polyhedral legacy that continues to live in the urban fabric of our cities, in the pages of his books, and in the model of thought and action, which presided over by the effort and the desire to innovate, led him to reach the highest levels of our profession. A model with which he founded his office in 1954 and which today, directed for many years by his son Carlos Lamela, has a relevant international representation having carried out projects in 32 countries. Beyond the formal and technological innovation of his buildings, in the 1950s Antonio Lamela established in Spain companies such as Prebetong and Shokbeton to modernize Spanish construction, actively intervening in the necessary expansion of “Caja de Elementos of Construction” demanded by Le Corbusier since the twenties. Changing his perspective, Antonio Lamela has also bequeathed us his pioneering reflections on the proper management of natural resources and the necessary sustainability of the architecture of our planet within the cosmos in which it lives. He will always be an unavoidable model for future generations.

  10. Antonio Mollari, un problema di comunicazione / Antonio Mollari, a communication problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianfranco Berchiesi


    Full Text Available La riscoperta della figura di Antonio Mollari, in seguito al ritrovamento presso il Comune di Petriolo di cinque sue tavole acquerellate, ebbe inizio con la mostra del 2006, nella quale l’esposizione di alcune delle più interessanti tavole conservate a Trieste, Foligno e Macerata e una conferenza del Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi, seguita dalla storia della famiglia Mollari ad opera dell’Ing. Carratù, delinearono un primo “ritratto” della personalità di Antonio Mollari. Da quella data è poi maturata l’idea di indagare in maniera più adeguata la sua attività, giungendo al Convegno tenuto all’Abbadia di Fiastra nel 2013. L’autore mette in evidenza come la figura di Antonio Mollari, al di là del giudizio tecnico che possono esprimere i relatori che si sono succeduti nel Convegno, ha un problema legato alla comunicazione. Chi era Mollari e come potrebbe essere adeguatamente presentato in una riunione di persone non addette ai lavori? Era architetto, ingegnere, tecnico? Oppure, alla bisogna, era l’una o l’altra di queste figure? In this report it is narrated that in 2006 the figure of Antonio Mollari was reproposed, after the discovery of five watercolor maps at the municipality of Petriolo, by means of a small exhibition to which Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi gave the right approach. From that date an interest in the idea of a more appropriate and extensive discussion on Antonio Mollari is later gained, reaching the Conference held in the Abbey of Fiastra in 2013. The author highlights how the figure of Antonio Mollari has a problem with the communication, beyond the technical opinion, expressed by the speakers that have taken place in the conference. Who was Mollari and how could he be adequately presented at a meeting of persons not qualified in this matter? It was Architect or Engineer? Or, as needed, was the one or the other of these figures?

  11. Sources of suspended-sediment loads in the lower Nueces River watershed, downstream from Lake Corpus Christi to the Nueces Estuary, south Texas, 1958–2010 (United States)

    Ockerman, Darwin J.; Heitmuller, Franklin T.; Wehmeyer, Loren L.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District; City of Corpus Christi; Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; San Antonio River Authority; and San Antonio Water System, developed, calibrated, and tested a Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN (HSPF) watershed model to simulate streamflow and suspended-sediment concentrations and loads during 1958-2010 in the lower Nueces River watershed, downstream from Lake Corpus Christi to the Nueces Estuary in south Texas. Data available to simulate suspended-sediment concentrations and loads consisted of historical sediment data collected during 1942-82 in the study area and suspended-sediment concentration data collected periodically by the USGS during 2006-7 and 2010 at three USGS streamflow-gaging stations (08211000 Nueces River near Mathis, Tex. [the Mathis gage], 08211200 Nueces River at Bluntzer, Tex. [the Bluntzer gage], and 08211500 Nueces River at Calallen, Tex. [the Calallen gage]), and at one ungaged location on a Nueces River tributary (USGS station 08211050 Bayou Creek at Farm Road 666 near Mathis, Tex.). The Mathis gage is downstream from Wesley E. Seale Dam, which was completed in 1958 to impound Lake Corpus Christi. Suspended-sediment data collected before and after completion of Wesley E. Seale Dam provide insights to the effects of the dam and reservoir on suspended-sediment loads transported by the lower Nueces River downstream from the dam to the Nueces Estuary. Annual suspended-sediment loads at the Nueces River near the Mathis, Tex., gage were considerably lower for a given annual mean discharge after the dam was completed than before the dam was completed.

  12. Key subsurface data help to refine Trinity aquifer hydrostratigraphic units, south-central Texas (United States)

    Blome, Charles D.; Clark, Allan K.


    The geologic framework and hydrologic characteristics of aquifers are important components for studying the nation’s subsurface heterogeneity and predicting its hydraulic budgets. Detailed study of an aquifer’s subsurface hydrostratigraphy is needed to understand both its geologic and hydrologic frameworks. Surface hydrostratigraphic mapping can also help characterize the spatial distribution and hydraulic connectivity of an aquifer’s permeable zones. Advances in three-dimensional (3-D) mapping and modeling have also enabled geoscientists to visualize the spatial relations between the saturated and unsaturated lithologies. This detailed study of two borehole cores, collected in 2001 on the Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA) area, provided the foundation for revising a number of hydrostratigraphic units representing the middle zone of the Trinity aquifer. The CSSA area is a restricted military facility that encompasses approximately 4,000 acres and is located in Boerne, Texas, northwest of the city of San Antonio. Studying both the surface and subsurface geology of the CSSA area are integral parts of a U.S. Geological Survey project funded through the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. This modification of hydrostratigraphic units is being applied to all subsurface data used to construct a proposed 3-D EarthVision model of the CSSA area and areas to the south and west.

  13. Prehistoric peyote use: alkaloid analysis and radiocarbon dating of archaeological specimens of Lophophora from Texas. (United States)

    El-Seedi, Hesham R; De Smet, Peter A G M; Beck, Olof; Possnert, Göran; Bruhn, Jan G


    Two archaeological specimens of peyote buttons, i.e. dried tops of the cactus Lophophora williamsii (Lem.) Coulter, from the collection of the Witte Museum in San Antonio, was subjected to radiocarbon dating and alkaloid analysis. The samples were presumably found in Shumla Cave No. 5 on the Rio Grande, Texas. Radiocarbon dating shows that the calibrated 14C age of the weighted mean of the two individual dated samples corresponds to the calendric time interval 3780-3660 BC (one sigma significance). Alkaloid extraction yielded approximately 2% of alkaloids. Analysis with thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) led to the identification of mescaline in both samples. No other peyote alkaloids could be identified. The two peyote samples appear to be the oldest plant drug ever to yield a major bioactive compound upon chemical analysis. The identification of mescaline strengthens the evidence that native North Americans recognized the psychotropic properties of peyote as long as 5700 years ago.

  14. New science, old convictions - Texas Senate Bill 344: identifying further necessary reform in forensic science. (United States)

    Soni, Naina


    In June 2013, Texas Senate Bill 344 (SB 344) was signed into law after strong Innocence Project support. SB 344 has since transformed the Texan judicial landscape. Known as the 'Junk Science Writ', SB 344 enables the court to grant habeas corpus relief based on scientific evidence that '(1) was not available to be offered by a convicted person at the convicted person's trial; or (2) contradicts scientific evidence relied on by the state at trial'. Inmates, such as the 'San Antonio Four', whose convictions were based upon what is now considered 'faulty' medical and forensic testimony, have been released under SB 344. Yet, science, as a field dependent on innovation, is inherently prone to debunking the scientific and forensic methods the law has relied upon to convict individuals. This commentary identifies policy behind SB 344, how SB 344 may influence the perception of science in the courtroom, and how 'junk science' is defined and/or limited. Furthermore, this commentary concludes that to achieve justice in the legal system through habeas relief based on 'junk science', it is necessary to revitalize and standardize forensic science.

  15. New science, old convictions − Texas Senate Bill 344: identifying further necessary reform in forensic science (United States)

    Soni, Naina


    In June 2013, Texas Senate Bill 344 (SB 344) was signed into law after strong Innocence Project support. SB 344 has since transformed the Texan judicial landscape. Known as the ‘Junk Science Writ’, SB 344 enables the court to grant habeas corpus relief based on scientific evidence that ‘(1) was not available to be offered by a convicted person at the convicted person's trial; or (2) contradicts scientific evidence relied on by the state at trial’. Inmates, such as the ‘San Antonio Four’, whose convictions were based upon what is now considered ‘faulty’ medical and forensic testimony, have been released under SB 344. Yet, science, as a field dependent on innovation, is inherently prone to debunking the scientific and forensic methods the law has relied upon to convict individuals. This commentary identifies policy behind SB 344, how SB 344 may influence the perception of science in the courtroom, and how ‘junk science’ is defined and/or limited. Furthermore, this commentary concludes that to achieve justice in the legal system through habeas relief based on ‘junk science’, it is necessary to revitalize and standardize forensic science. PMID:27774192

  16. Antonio Oliveira Marreca: UM Economista no Parlamento


    Carlos Bastien; Cecilia Campos


    Antonio Oliveira Marreca foi um economista português (e por um breve período também professor de economia politica) de meados do seculo XIX que, a partir de uma certa fase, se revelou desalinhado do cânone liberal dominante e se aproximou das perspectivas do 'sistema nacional de economia politica'. A sua acção enquanto economista teórico e enquanto doutrinador do nacionalismo desenvolvimentista foi em boa medida ja estudada. Mais obscura permanece a sua intervenção no campo da politica económ...

  17. La presidencia de Miguel Antonio Caro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatriz González


    Full Text Available Cien años de los mil días: Los mil días en treinta y dos pasos. Capítulo 2 El gobierno de Miguel Antonio Caro mantenía un ejército relativamente grande, de unos seis mil hombres. Para su reforma y organización trajo una misión francesa. En el ambiente belicista que se vivía en el país. se publicaron y reeditaron libros sobre la técnica del manejo de las armas.

  18. Photothermal killing of Staphylococcus aureus using antibody-targeted gold nanoparticles


    Millenbaugh, Nancy; Baskin,Jonathan; DeSilva,Mauris; Elliott,W. Rowe; Glickman,Randolph


    Nancy J Millenbaugh,1 Jonathan B Baskin,1 Mauris N DeSilva,1 W Rowe Elliott,1 Randolph D Glickman2 1Maxillofacial Injury and Disease Department, Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA; 2Department of Ophthalmology, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USAPurpose: The continued emergence of multidrug resistant bacterial infections and the decline in discovery of new antibiotics are major challenges for...

  19. Tolerance to Central Hypovolemia: The Influence of Oscillations in Arterial Pressure and Cerebral Blood Velocity (United States)


    2 William H. Cooke,1 and Victor A. Convertino2 1Department of Health and Kinesiology , University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio; and 2US Army...were made familiar Address for reprint requests and other correspondence: C. A. Rickards, Dept. of Health and Kinesiology , Univ. of Texas at San

  20. Antonio de Cabezón, redivivo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artigas Pina, Javier


    Full Text Available In 2010 we celebrated the fifth centenary of the birth of the great sixteenth-century Spanish musician, organist Philip II, Antonio de Cabezon. The present work aims to compile the history and meaning of his musical output again albeit briefly, while as a reminder and reflection background to his work raises at present (as discussed in the articles that follow it immediately, in an attempt to claim the best music for keyboard, harp and vihuela dating from the historic period of maximum splendor and projection in the Hispanic world.En el año 2010 se celebró el quinto centenario del nacimiento del gran músico del Quinientos hispano, organista de Felipe II, Antonio de Cabezón. El presente trabajo pretende compilar nueva aunque brevemente la trayectoria y significado de su producción musical, al tiempo que servir de recordatorio, marco inicial, y antecedente, a la reflexión que su obra suscita en la actualidad (como se verá en los artículos que siguen inmediatamente a éste, en un intento de reivindicación de la mejor música para tecla, arpa y vihuela del período histórico de mayor esplendor y proyección en ámbito hispánico.

  1. Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez (1944 – 2010)

    CERN Multimedia

    His colleagues and friends


    It was with deep sorrow and great sadness that we learnt that Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez had passed away on 16th January 2010. Juan Antonio was born in Madrid on 4th June 1944, and received his Ph. D. in Physics in 1971 from“Universidad Complutense de Madrid”. He was a CERN Fellow (1968 – 1971) and subsequently worked at JEN (currently CIEMAT) as a researcher (1971 – 1976). He was leader of the HEP group (1977 – 1981), leader of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Division (1981 – 1983), Director for Basic Research (1983 – 1987) and Scientific Director (1984 – 1987). He was instrumental in the Spanish accession to CERN approved by the Spanish Government at the end of 1982 and ratified by the Spanish Parliament in June 1983. He served at CERN (1987 – 2004) as Group Leader (1987 – 1990), Scientific Advisor to the Director-General (1990 – 2000) and as Division Leader of the Education and Technology T...

  2. A Border vs. Nonborder Comparison of Food Environment, Poverty, and Ethnic Composition in Texas Urban Settings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer J Salilnas


    Full Text Available Purpose: The goal was to examine the relationship between the food environment and selected socioeconomic variables and ethnic/racial makeup in the eight largest urban settings in Texas so as to gain a better understanding of the relationships among Hispanic composition, poverty and urban foodscapes, comparing border to non-border urban environments. Methods: Census-tract level data on (a socioeconomic factors, like percentage below the poverty line and number of households on foodstamps, and (b ethnic variables, like percent of Mexican origin and percent foreign born, were obtained from the U.S. Census. Data at the census-tract level on the total number of healthy (e.g., supermarkets and less-healthy (e.g., fast food outlets food retailers were acquired from the CDC’s Modified Retail Food Environment Index (mRFEI. Variation among urban settings in terms of the relationship between mRFEI scores and socioeconomic and ethnic context was tested using a mixed-effect model, and linear regression was used to identify significant factors for each urban location. A jackknife variance estimate was used to account for clustering and autocorrelation of adjacent census tracts.Results: Average census-tract mRFEI scores exhibited comparatively small variation across Texas urban settings, while socioeconomic and ethnic factors varied significantly. The only covariates significantly associated with mRFEI score were percent foreign born and percent Mexican origin. Compared to the highest-population county (Harris, which incorporates most of Houston, the only counties that had significantly different mRFEI scores were Bexar, which is analogous to San Antonio (2.12 lower, El Paso (2.79 higher, and Neuces, which encompasses Corpus Christi (2.90 less. Significant interaction effects between mRFEI and percent foreign born (El Paso, Tarrant – Fort Worth, Travis – Austin, percent Mexican origin (Hidalgo – McAllen, El Paso, Tarrant, Travis, and percent living

  3. Source, variability, and transformation of nitrate in a regional karst aquifer: Edwards aquifer, central Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Musgrove, M., E-mail: [U.S. Geological Survey, 1505 Ferguson Lane, Austin, TX 78754 (United States); Opsahl, S.P. [U.S. Geological Survey, 5563 DeZavala, Ste. 290, San Antonio, TX 78249 (United States); Mahler, B.J. [U.S. Geological Survey, 1505 Ferguson Lane, Austin, TX 78754 (United States); Herrington, C. [City of Austin Watershed Protection Department, Austin, TX 78704 (United States); Sample, T.L. [U.S. Geological Survey, 19241 David Memorial Dr., Ste. 180, Conroe, TX 77385 (United States); Banta, J.R. [U.S. Geological Survey, 5563 DeZavala, Ste. 290, San Antonio, TX 78249 (United States)


    Many karst regions are undergoing rapid population growth and expansion of urban land accompanied by increases in wastewater generation and changing patterns of nitrate (NO{sub 3}{sup −}) loading to surface and groundwater. We investigate variability and sources of NO{sub 3}{sup −} in a regional karst aquifer system, the Edwards aquifer of central Texas. Samples from streams recharging the aquifer, groundwater wells, and springs were collected during 2008–12 from the Barton Springs and San Antonio segments of the Edwards aquifer and analyzed for nitrogen (N) species concentrations and NO{sub 3}{sup −} stable isotopes (δ{sup 15}N and δ{sup 18}O). These data were augmented by historical data collected from 1937 to 2007. NO{sub 3}{sup −} concentrations and discharge data indicate that short-term variability (days to months) in groundwater NO{sub 3}{sup −} concentrations in the Barton Springs segment is controlled by occurrence of individual storms and multi-annual wet-dry cycles, whereas the lack of short-term variability in groundwater in the San Antonio segment indicates the dominance of transport along regional flow paths. In both segments, longer-term increases (years to decades) in NO{sub 3}{sup −} concentrations cannot be attributed to hydrologic conditions; rather, isotopic ratios and land-use change indicate that septic systems and land application of treated wastewater might be the source of increased loading of NO{sub 3}{sup −}. These results highlight the vulnerability of karst aquifers to NO{sub 3}{sup −} contamination from urban wastewater. An analysis of N-species loading in recharge and discharge for the Barton Springs segment during 2008–10 indicates an overall mass balance in total N, but recharge contains higher concentrations of organic N and lower concentrations of NO{sub 3}{sup −} than does discharge, consistent with nitrification of organic N within the aquifer and consumption of dissolved oxygen. This study demonstrates

  4. Geodatabase and characteristics of springs within and surrounding the Trinity aquifer outcrops in northern Bexar County, Texas, 2010--11 (United States)

    Clark, Allan K.; Pedraza, Diana E.; Morris, Robert R.; Garcia, Travis J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, and the San Antonio River Authority, developed a geodatabase of springs within and surrounding the Trinity aquifer outcrops in a 331-square-mile study area in northern Bexar County, Texas. The data used to develop the geodatabase were compiled from existing reports and databases, along with spring data collected between October 2010 and September 2011. Characteristics including the location, discharge, and water-quality properties were collected for known springs and documented in the geodatabase. A total of 141 springs were located within the study area, and 46 springs were field verified. The discharge at springs with flow ranged from 0.003 to 1.46 cubic feet per second. The specific conductance of the water discharging from the springs ranged from 167 to 1,130 microsiemens per centimeter at 25 degrees Celsius with a majority of values in the range of 500 microsiemens per centimeter at 25 degrees Celsius.

  5. 40 CFR 81.137 - Midland-Odessa-San Angelo Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 17 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Midland-Odessa-San Angelo Intrastate... Designation of Air Quality Control Regions § 81.137 Midland-Odessa-San Angelo Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. The Midland-Odessa-San Angelo Intrastate Air Quality Control Region (Texas) consists of the...

  6. Interview of Antonio Vergara Fernandez about the First Beam

    CERN Multimedia

    Antonio Vergara Fernandez


    Antonio Vergara Fernandez : Engineer of the LHC commissioning Questions asked : 1. What does it take to start up the LHC machine? 2. What's the plan for 1st injection day? 3. How do you feel about this?

  7. Optimizing management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the upcoming decade


    Richard Russell; Antonio Anzueto; Idelle Weisman


    Richard Russell1, Antonio Anzueto2, Idelle Weisman31Department of Thoracic Medicine, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London, UK; 2University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, South Texas Veterans Health Care System, San Antonio, Texas, USA; 3Pfizer Inc, Medical Affairs, Respiratory, Primary Care Business Unit, New York, USAAbstract: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a leading cause of disability and mortality. Caring for patients with COPD, part...


    This is a draft Landsat Data Mosaic, which contains remote sensing information for Montgomery County, Texas Harris County, Texas Fort Bend County, Texas Brazoria County, Texas Galveston County, and Texas Imagery dates on the following dates: October 6, 1999 and September 29, 200...

  9. Réplica a Antonio Carreira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margit Frenk


    Full Text Available En el número anterior (33-2 de esta revista se publicó una nota del filólogoespañol Antonio Carreira (“Crítica de la edición crítica” que constituye una“Respuesta a Margit Frenk”. Responde, en efecto, a un artículo (“Un poema enmovimiento” en el que he cuestionado la metodología utilizada actualmenteen las ediciones más serias de poemas líricos españoles de los siglos xvi y xvii.A modo de ejemplo, analizo la edición que hizo A. Carreira de un famoso romancillode Góngora, el primero de su impresionante edición crítica de los romancesdel poeta y atribuidos a él. Para que se sepa de qué estamos hablando, necesito exponer brevemente los antecedentes de ese debate.

  10. Drug Susceptibility of Matrix-Encapsulated Candida albicans Nano-Biofilms (United States)


    Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas 78249; telephone: þ210-458-6555; fax: þ210-458-7007; e-mail: 2U.S. Army Dental fluores - cence intensity from FUN1 provides a visual description of the IC50 values. We hypothesized that the differences in susceptibilities of

  11. Eisenstein contemporain : entretien avec Antonio Somaini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Leites


    Full Text Available Entretien avec Antonio Somaini à propos des films, des écrits et des dessins de Sergei Eisenstein. Somaini est actuellement un des plus grands spécialistes de l’œuvre d’Eisenstein. À l’entretien, nous parlons de nombreux sujets : les défis de traduire les ouvrages d’Eisenstein, les phases de sa carrière, le développement de sa pensée, la relation de ses films avec ses écrits, sa pratique du dessin et sa passion pour les dessins de Walt Disney. C’est un long entretien dans laquelle nous parlons aussi des principaux concepts d’Eisenstein, tels que l’extase, le pathos, l’organicité, l’attraction, la régression et la plasmaticité. Somaini nous parle également de la spécificité de son travail et de l’urgence de reprendre Eisenstein. D’un côté, il faut le faire sortir de l’histoire du cinéma exclusivement et l’inclure dans le réseau le plus vaste des arts et de la pensée des années 1920, 1930 et 1940. De l’autre côté, il faut penser son projet comme essentiellement contemporain. Comme Somaini l’a dit, ce que nous pensons beaucoup aujourd’hui, le dispositif cinématographique, le rapport entre le cinéma et l’histoire de l’art, l'influence des images sur l’ensemble de l’expérience humaine, cela a toujours été le problème d’Eisenstein.

  12. Inhalation Injury: Pathophysiology and Clinical Care. Proceedings of a Symposium Conducted at the Trauma Institute of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA on 28 March 2006 (United States)


    Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carotenoids and various polyphenolic substances. Certain B Vitamins have also been included as dietary antioxidants. It should...Clin Invest 1962;41:519–31. [5] Hlastala MP. Multiple inert gas elimination technique. J Appl Physiol 1984;56(1):1–7. [6] Wagner PD, Saltzman HA, West...JB. Measurement of continuous distributions of ventilation–perfusion ratios: theory. J Appl Physiol 1974;36:588–99. [7] West JB. Pulmonary gas exchange

  13. Sediment Management Options for Galveston Island, Texas (United States)


    Galveston Island is a major tourist and commercial center on the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of Galveston Bay, Texas, USA. The shoreline along the...approximately 235°. The island is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico , the Galveston Entrance Channel to the northeast, West Bay to the northwest, and San...plants on both ends of the island are the best strategies to widen the beaches of Galveston Island, improve tourism , and better protect the island

  14. Ground Water Atlas of the United States: Segment 4, Oklahoma, Texas (United States)

    Ryder, Paul D.


    The two States, Oklahoma and Texas, that compose Segment 4 of this Atlas are located in the south-central part of the Nation. These States are drained by numerous rivers and streams, the largest being the Arkansas, the Canadian, the Red, the Sabine, the Trinity, the Brazos, the Colorado, and the Pecos Rivers and the Rio Grande. Many of these rivers and their tributaries supply large amounts of water for human use, mostly in the eastern parts of the two States. The large perennial streams in the east with their many associated impoundments coincide with areas that have dense populations. Large metropolitan areas such as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla., and Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, Tex., are supplied largely or entirely by surface water. However, in 1985 more than 7.5 million people, or about 42 percent of the population of the two States, depended on ground water as a source of water supply. The metropolitan areas of San Antonio and El Paso, Tex., and numerous smaller communities depend largely or entirely on ground water for their source of supply. The ground water is contained in aquifers that consist of unconsolidated deposits and consolidated sedimentary rocks. This chapter describes the geology and hydrology of each of the principal aquifers throughout the two-State area. Precipitation is the source of all the water in Oklahoma and Texas. Average annual precipitation ranges from about 8 inches per year in southwestern Texas to about 56 inches per year in southeastern Texas (fig. 1). In general, precipitation increases rather uniformly from west to east in the two States. Much of the precipitation either flows directly into rivers and streams as overland runoff or indirectly as base flow that discharges from aquifers where the water has been stored for some time. Accordingly, the areal distribution of average annual runoff from 1951 to 1980 (fig. 2) reflects that of average annual precipitation. Average annual runoff in the two-State area ranges

  15. Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    Book review. Roger Padilha and his brother Mauricio may already be familiar to some as the New York-based fashion publicists, creators of the fashion public relations agency MAO PR, and as authors of The Stephen Sprouse Book (Rizzoli, 2009). Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, their second ...... book, is an introduction to American fashion illustrator and artist Antonio Lopez (1943-1987), the circles he frequented, and the la vie est bonne atmospherics surrounding him.......Book review. Roger Padilha and his brother Mauricio may already be familiar to some as the New York-based fashion publicists, creators of the fashion public relations agency MAO PR, and as authors of The Stephen Sprouse Book (Rizzoli, 2009). Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, their second...

  16. San Francisco District Laboratory (SAN) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Program CapabilitiesFood Analysis SAN-DO Laboratory has an expert in elemental analysis who frequently performs field inspections of materials. A recently acquired...

  17. Un Ecce Homo de Antonio del Castillo en Granada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Montes González, Francisco


    Full Text Available The author presents a previously unknown painting by the Baroque artist from Cordoba, Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra. It is an Ecce Homo, a late work, and located in a private collection in Granada.Este artículo presenta el último aporte en el catálogo del pintor barroco cordobés Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra. Se trata de un lienzo con la iconografía del Ecce Homo, perteneciente a su última etapa artística, localizado en una colección particular de Granada.

  18. Notas a diez poemas de guerra de Antonio Machado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    De Paz, Amelia


    Full Text Available Main possible data concerning the editing of Antonio Machado’s last poems: dates of composition, biographical context, mistakes in further editions, reconstruction according to autographs.Principales datos que pueden establecerse con respecto a la edición de la poesía escrita por Antonio Machado en su etapa final: fechas de composición, circunstancias biográficas, errores de transmisión, fijación textual a partir de los autógrafos

  19. Antonio Machado in the texts of Julia Uceda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Teresa Navarrete Navarrete


    Full Text Available The poetry of Antonio Machado has greatly influenced the poets after the Spanish civil war. Lectures, seminars, quotes, dedications and intertextuality are - in addition to the famous celebration in Colliure - a common reference point to many authors. The paper presents the influences and studies of the Sevillian poet Julia Uceda dedicated to Antonio Machado. The author of the article not only uses the classical analysis of José Olivio Jiménez and Juan José Morales to study the traces of Machado in the later Spanish poetry, but also compares both Sevillian poets and emphasizes their poetic intuition.

  20. Sustaining Statewide Disaster Response Capabilities from a Fire Service Perspective (United States)


    psyche. In my professional career, I would like to thank Charles Hood, Noel Horan, David Coatney, as well the firefighters in my battalion for the...4. Glen Woodbury NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security Monterey, California 5. Charles Hood San Antonio Fire Department San Antonio...Polonis Texas Department of Emergency Management Austin, Texas 13. Shari Ramirez- Mackay Texas Department of Emergency Management Austin, Texas

  1. Development of a geodatabase for springs within and surrounding outcrops of the Trinity aquifer in northern Bexar County, Texas, 2010-11 (United States)

    Clark, Allan K.; Pedraza, Diane E.


    The Trinity aquifer is an important source of groundwater in central Texas, including Bexar County, where population growth has resulted in an increased demand for water (Ashworth, 1983; Mace and others, 2000). Numerous springs issue from rock outcrops within and surrounding the Trinity aquifer in northern Bexar County (fig. 1). The effects of increased groundwater withdrawals from the Trinity aquifer on springflow in the area are not well documented, but because the total amount of water entering, leaving, and being stored in a groundwater system must be conserved, increased groundwater withdrawals will result in decreases in springflow (Alley and others, 1999). Documenting the location, discharge, and basic water-quality information of the springs in northern Bexar County can provide a baseline assessment for comparison to future conditions. Accordingly, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, and the San Antonio River Authority, developed a geodatabase populated with data associated with springs within and surrounding outcrops of the Trinity aquifer in northern Bexar County during 2010–11. A geodatabase provides a framework for organizing spatial and tabular data (such as the geographic location and water-quality characteristics, respectively) in a relational database environment, making it easier and more intuitive to evaluate changes over time.

  2. An empirical test of the 'shark nursery area concept' in Texas bays using a long-term fisheries-independent data set (United States)

    Froeschke, John T.; Stunz, Gregory W.; Sterba-Boatwright, Blair; Wildhaber, Mark L.


    Using a long-term fisheries-independent data set, we tested the 'shark nursery area concept' proposed by Heupel et al. (2007) with the suggested working assumptions that a shark nursery habitat would: (1) have an abundance of immature sharks greater than the mean abundance across all habitats where they occur; (2) be used by sharks repeatedly through time (years); and (3) see immature sharks remaining within the habitat for extended periods of time. We tested this concept using young-of-the-year (age 0) and juvenile (age 1+ yr) bull sharks Carcharhinus leucas from gill-net surveys conducted in Texas bays from 1976 to 2006 to estimate the potential nursery function of 9 coastal bays. Of the 9 bay systems considered as potential nursery habitat, only Matagorda Bay satisfied all 3 criteria for young-of-the-year bull sharks. Both Matagorda and San Antonio Bays met the criteria for juvenile bull sharks. Through these analyses we examined the utility of this approach for characterizing nursery areas and we also describe some practical considerations, such as the influence of the temporal or spatial scales considered when applying the nursery role concept to shark populations.

  3. Whole genome of Klebsiella aerogenes PX01 isolated from San Jacinto River sediment west of Baytown, Texas reveals the presence of multiple antibiotic resistance determinants and mobile genetic elements. (United States)

    Iyer, Rupa; Iken, Brian; Damania, Ashish


    Klebsiella aerogenes is a Gram-negative bacterium of the family Enterobacteriaceae which is widely distributed in water, air and soil. It also forms part of the normal microbiota found in human and animal gastrointestinal tracts. Here we report the draft genome sequence (chromosome and 1 plasmid) of K. aerogenes strain PX01 compiled at the scaffold level from 97 contigs totaling 5,262,952 bp. K. aerogenes PX01 was isolated from sediment along the northern face of Burnet Bay west of Baytown, Texas. The nucleotide sequence of this genome was deposited into NCBI GenBank under the accession NJBB00000000.

  4. Whole genome of Klebsiella aerogenes PX01 isolated from San Jacinto River sediment west of Baytown, Texas reveals the presence of multiple antibiotic resistance determinants and mobile genetic elements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rupa Iyer


    Full Text Available Klebsiella aerogenes is a Gram-negative bacterium of the family Enterobacteriaceae which is widely distributed in water, air and soil. It also forms part of the normal microbiota found in human and animal gastrointestinal tracts. Here we report the draft genome sequence (chromosome and 1 plasmid of K. aerogenes strain PX01 compiled at the scaffold level from 97 contigs totaling 5,262,952 bp. K. aerogenes PX01 was isolated from sediment along the northern face of Burnet Bay west of Baytown, Texas. The nucleotide sequence of this genome was deposited into NCBI GenBank under the accession NJBB00000000.

  5. En el entierro de Antonio Ucrós Cuéllar.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoilo Cuéllar-Montoya


    Hoy el destino pone en mis labios el adiós definitivo a quien más que tío, fue un gran amigo, colega y profesor y me corresponde hacerlo a título personal y a nombre de la Academia Nacional de Medicina de Colombia, de la cual fue Antonio, su ilustre Miembro de Número. Quiero pintar con las palabras, para que permanezca en nuestros corazones, la figura señera de Antonio; su sonrisa abierta y franca; su forma de ser, directo, concreto y, ciertamente, incondicional en el afecto y la amistad; fue vertical en sus conceptos éticos e intachable en su vida, tanto en la profesional como en la privada. Se destacó, indiscutiblemente, como brillante profesional de la endocrinología, dentro de la cual fue pionero en la subespecialidad pediátrica. Brilló como docente, pues fue indiscutible maestro de su ciencia, cofundador de la Facultad de Medicina del Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, como Miembro de Número que era de la Sociedad de Cirugía de Bogotá y del Cuerpo facultativo del Hospital de San José, Facultad de la cual ocupó la Decanatura. Pero fue, sobre todo, consecuencia lógica de su bonhomía, verdadero honor a su estirpe, un incansable apóstol de su profesión: son incontables los menesterosos de salud para el cuerpo y para el alma que, en el curso de su valiosa vida, en su consultorio particular, en los vetustos pabellones de los hospitales que frecuentó, en su casa de campo o aún en la de Bogotá, recibieron de él una generosa y desinteresada ayuda, material y espiritual...

  6. Antonio Catalfamo, Frammenti di memoria. Nicola Teti Editore ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Antonio Catalfamo, Frammenti di memoria. Nicola Teti Editore,. Milano, 2009. Il comunismo non è morto, dichiara con impeto l'autore di questa raccolta di poesie mentre si sofferma per fare un bilancio dell'attuale ordinamento sociale. In un primo momento, viene da pensare che questa affermazione sia contraria a quanto ...

  7. Antonio Delfini tra nostagia e satira | Somigli | Italian Studies in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The narrative works of Antonio Delfini repeatedly stage the conflict between the free activity of the imagination, on which, according to the writer, the authority of art is founded, and the reality principle. In particular, two intersecting themes are examined in this essay. The first is that of the confrontation between the urban ...

  8. The relevance of antonio gramsci's concept of hegemony to ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper focuses on the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and the relevance of his concept of hegemony to South Africa. Gramsci's writings have a strong Italian resonance. This paper emphasises parallels as well as differences between the Italian and South African contexts to demonstrate that his theory of hegemony can ...

  9. EDITORIAL: `Bridging Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Observational Astrophysics', Proceedings of the 13th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW13) (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 19-22 January 2009), sponsored by the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, The University of Texas at Brownsville and The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center `Bridging Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Observational Astrophysics', Proceedings of the 13th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW13) (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 19-22 January 2009), sponsored by the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, The University of Texas at Brownsville and The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (United States)

    Díaz, Mario; Jenet, Fredrick; Mohanty, Soumya


    The 13th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 19-22 January 2009. This annual event has become the established venue for presenting and discussing new results and techniques in this crucial subfield of gravitational wave astronomy. A major attraction of the event is that scientists working with all possible instruments gather to discuss their projects and report on the status of their observations. The Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the University of Texas at Brownsville, USA (a National Aeronautics and Space Administration University Research Center and a National Science Foundation Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology) jointly with the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (which operates the Arecibo Observatory) were the proud sponsors of the gathering this time. As in previous years, GWDAW13 was well attended by more than 100 participants from over 10 countries worldwide As this issue is going to press GEO, LIGO and VIRGO are undergoing new scientific runs of their instruments with the LIGO detectors holding the promise of increasing their operational sensitivity twofold as compared with the observations finished a couple of years ago. This new cycle of observations is a major milestone compared to the previous observations which have been accomplished. Gravitational waves have not been observed yet, but the instrumental sensitivity achieved has started producing relevant astrophysical results. In particular, very recently (Nature, 20 August 2009) a letter from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the VIRGO Collaboration has set the most stringent limits yet on the amount of gravitational waves that could have come from the Big Bang in the gravitational wave frequency band where current gravitational wave detectors can observe. These results have put new constraints on the physical characteristics of the early universe. The proximity

  10. Texas floods of 1940 (United States)

    Breeding, Seth D.


    Basin between Smithville and La Grange, amounting to 550 square miles, had an average rainfall of 19.3 inches, of which 11.5 inches appeared as runoff. The maximum discharge at La Grange was 182,000 second-feet, with much the greater part coming from below Smithville. This is probably a record-breaking flood for the area between Smithville and La Grange, but stages as much as 16 feet higher have occurred at La Grange. Heavy rainfall over the east half of Texas November 21-26 caused large floods in all streams in Texas east of the Guadalupe River. The maximum recorded rainfall for the 2-day period November 24-25 was 20.46 inches at Hempstead, of which 16.00 inches fell in 24 hours or less. The storm occurred during the period November 20-26, with the greater part of the rain falling November 23-25. During the period November 20-26, rainfall in Texas amounted to more than 15 inches over an area of 3,380 square miles, and 'to more than 10 inches over an area of 17,570 square miles. The average annual rainfall for the area in Texas experiencing more than 10 inches of rain during this storm ranges from 501 inches on the east border of the State to 35 inches near the west edge of the area. The study of this storm for the purposes of this report is limited to the San Jacinto River Basin, which had an average rainfall of 13.6 inches. This basin has an area of 2,791 square miles above the gaging station near Huffman and is typical in topographic and hydrologic features of much of eastern Texas. The stage reached at the gage near Huffman was about 1 foot higher than known before, the maximum discharge was 253,000 second-feet, and the runoff from the storm amounted to 8.8 inches. The November flood came after crops had been harvested, and its damage was mainly the destruction of highways and railways and the drowning of livestock. The storage reservoirs on the Colorado River located well upstream from the storm areas herein studied had very little effect on

  11. In Memoriam Antonio Reales Orozco (1917-1997

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Efraim Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    Para la academia Nacional de Medicina, en su ámbito más nacional, constituye motivo de sincera condolencia la desaparición, el pasado 23 de febrero, del Académico de Número Dr. Antonio Reales Orozco. Nacido, criado y educado en Barranquilla, el Dr. Reales Orozco se graduó de médico de la Universidad Nacional en 1944 y desde entonces se orientó por la Psiquiatría, especialidad que ejerció por más de cincuenta años.

    Además de haber ocupado por varios años la dirección de diversos frenocomios de hombres y de mujeres en su ciudad natal, fue fundador, codirector y copropietario de la Clínica Psiquiátrica del Atlántico, institución privada en que durante más de treinta años prestó destacados servicios a toda la región de la costa atlántica.

    Ingresó como Miembro Correspondiente en 1983 con el trabajo “El hombre y las ciencias del comportamiento” para posteriormente, en 1986 ascender a la categoría de Miembro de Número con su trabajo “Estudio de mil casos médico-psiquiátricos” que recibió calurosos elogios del ya desaparecido Académico Profesor José Francisco Socarrás.

    Retirado del ejercicio activo de la profesión se dedicó, a partir de ese año, a investigar temas históricos de trascendental importancia que publicó en dos libros, cuyas presentaciones formales se hicieron en el recinto de la Academia: uno, en 1988, titulado Bolívar frente a los médicos y la medicina, en que hace un profundo análisis psicológico de la desconfianza que sentía el Libertador hacia los médicos y analiza la trayectoria de aquellos galenos ejemplares que lo acompañaron en la última etapa de su vida, cuando viaja de Bogotá hacia la costa del Caribe para ir a morir finalmente en la Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.}

    El otro, titulado Santander; fundador del Estado Colombiano trazó, en 24 vigorosos capítulos, que van desde el nacimiento hasta la enfermedad y muerte del General Francisco de

  12. San Marino. (United States)


    San Marino, an independent republic located in north central Italy, in 1983 had a population of 22,206 growing at an annual rate of .9%. The literacy rate is 97% and the infant mortality rate is 9.6/1000. The terrain is mountainous and the climate is moderate. According to local tradition, San Marino was founded by a Christian stonecutter in the 4th century A.D. as a refuge against religious persecution. Its recorded history began in the 9th century, and it has survived assaults on its independence by the papacy, the Malatesta lords of Rimini, Cesare Borgia, Napoleon, and Mussolini. An 1862 treaty with the newly formed Kingdom of Italy has been periodically renewed and amended. The present government is an alliance between the socialists and communists. San Marino has had its own statutes and governmental institutions since the 11th century. Legislative authority at present is vested in a 60-member unicameral parliament. Executive authority is exercised by the 11-member Congress of State, the members of which head the various administrative departments of the goverment. The posts are divided among the parties which form the coalition government. Judicial authority is partly exercised by Italian magistrates in civil and criminal cases. San Marino's policies are tied to Italy's and political organizations and labor unions active in Italy are also active in San Marino. Since World War II, there has been intense rivalry between 2 political coalitions, the Popular Alliance composed of the Christian Democratic Party and the Independent Social Democratic Party, and the Liberty Committee, coalition of the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. San Marino's gross domestic product was $137 million and its per capita income was $6290 in 1980. The principal economic activities are farming and livestock raising, along with some light manufacturing. Foreign transactions are dominated by tourism. The government derives most of its revenue from the sale of postage stamps to

  13. Treasured Texas Theaters (United States)

    Horton, Anita


    Dallas artist Jon Flaming's deep love of Texas is evident in his paintings and sculpture. Although he has created one sculptural Texas theater, his work primarily showcases old Texas barbershops, vacant homes, and gas stations. In this article, the author describes how her students, inspired by Flaming's works, created three-dimensional historical…

  14. Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua : un ingeniero militar véneto en la Sicilia de Carlos V

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurizio Vesco


    Full Text Available En 1522 el virrey de Sicilia, Ettore Pignatelli, conde de Monteleone, inició una gran campaña para fortalecer las defensas de las principales ciudades de la costa de Sicilia: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa y, algunos años más tarde, incluso Messina. El ingeniero real Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua, un técnico militar Veneto, pidió renovar el sistema de defensas de la isla, con la introducción por primera vez de bastiones circulares y poligonales en fortalezas y murallas de la ciudad. La obra, desconocida hasta ahora, de este importante ingeniero militar activo en Sicilia desde 1523 hasta 1537, año de su muerte, está siendo reconstruida con una importante documentación de archivo. La investigación destaca líneas de continuidad en la estrategia de guerra de Carlos V, lanzada en Sicilia desde la época del virrey Conde de Monteleone. En consecuencia, se hace necesario revisar este extraordinario carácter general dado por los historiadores de la política militar de Ferrante Gonzaga. También hay que revisar la actualización y la autoría de muchas de las fortificaciones más importantes de Sicilia: el fuerte de San Salvador de Messina, anteriormente atribuido a Antonio Ferramolino de Bérgamo, las fortificaciones de defensa y escarpes del castillo de Milazzo y la torre circular de Castellammare de Palermo (estos últimos fechados en la segunda mitad del siglo XV, todas las obras son de Pietro Antonio Tomasello, realizadas en el segundo cuarto del siglo XVI.In 1522 the Viceroy of Sicily Ettore Pignatelli, Count of Monteleone, started a significant campaign for the strengthening of the outworks of the main cities located along the Sicilian coast: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa and, after a few years, also Messina. The Royal Engineer Pietro Antonio Tomasello from Padua, a military technician from the Veneto region, was charged with renovating the island’s defensive system and introducing for the first time modern circular

  15. Gravures d’inspiration préhispanique dans les Frontispices de l’Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos d’Antonio de Herrera (1601)


    Lesbre, Patrick


    Les gravures représentant les divinités aztèques, les sacrifices humains ou Acamapichtli dans les frontispices d’Antonio de Herrera (1601) sont manifestement basés sur des codex novohispaniques. La représentation d’Acamapichtli s’inspire manifestement d’annales historiques pictographiques proches du Codex Mendoza. Les portraits des six divinités semblent suivre des enquêtes réalisées par les religieux espagnols au XVIe siècle, oscillant entre le Codex Magliabechi et le Codex Tudela sans leur ...

  16. Antonio Aliprandi, un estucador lombardo en la Valencia de 1700

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo González Tornel


    Full Text Available En torno a 1700 aparecen en Valencia varios artistas extranjeros que residirán en la ciudad varios años dejando en ella un considerable volumen de obras. Uno de ellos, Antonio Aliprandi, se especializará en la factura de revestimientos de estuco para interiores principalmente eclesiásticos. En el presente texto se realiza un recorrido por las obras de Aliprandi en Valencia y se documentan varias de ellas hasta el momento sólo atribuidas a su mano.Around 1700 many foreign artists appear in Valencia where they will stand for several years leaving in our town quite a lot of handcrafts. One among them, Antonio Aliprandi, will specialize himself on recovering many buildings with stucco, mainly in churches. This text makes a journey along Aliprandi's art pieces in Valencia after working on files to find the documents refered to them.

  17. La imagen del arzobispo y cardenal Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de la Cruz Alcañiz, Cándido


    Full Text Available Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana y Buitrón (1722-1804 as an historic personage generates a projection in a continuous image. The author presents and analyses the portraits from his period as Archbishop of Mexico (1766-1772 and those from his period as Archbishop of Toledo (1772-1800, all testimonies of his social activities.

    Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana y Buitrón (1722-1804 como personaje histórico genera una proyección advertida en una imagen continuada. Damos a conocer y analizamos los retratos de su etapa como arzobispo de México (1766-1772 y como arzobispo de Toledo (1772-1800, testimonios de su actividad social.

  18. La existencia de Heidegger y el mar de Antonio Machado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Merchán Alcalá, Juan


    Full Text Available The article seeks to unravel the meaning of one of the symbols of Antonio Machado, the sea. Firstly, the most obvious meanings of the symbol have been identified in order to later analyze the word’s occurrence, where the meaning is more difficult to discern. The conclusion reached is that the central value of the word is existence.El artículo pretende desentrañar el significado de uno de los símbolos de Antonio Machado, el del mar. Se han delimitado primero los significados más evidentes del símbolo para después abordar el análisis de las apariciones de la palabra en las que el significado presenta más dificultades. Se llega a la conclusión de que el valor central de la palabra es el de existencia.

  19. Assessment of selected contaminants in streambed- and suspended-sediment samples collected in Bexar County, Texas, 2007-09 (United States)

    Wilson, Jennifer T.


    Elevated concentrations of sediment-associated contaminants are typically associated with urban areas such as San Antonio, Texas, in Bexar County, the seventh most populous city in the United States. This report describes an assessment of selected sediment-associated contaminants in samples collected in Bexar County from sites on the following streams: Medio Creek, Medina River, Elm Creek, Martinez Creek, Chupaderas Creek, Leon Creek, Salado Creek, and San Antonio River. During 2007-09, the U.S. Geological Survey periodically collected surficial streambed-sediment samples during base flow and suspended-sediment (large-volume suspended-sediment) samples from selected streams during stormwater runoff. All sediment samples were analyzed for major and trace elements and for organic compounds including halogenated organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Selected contaminants in streambed and suspended sediments in watersheds of the eight major streams in Bexar County were assessed by using a variety of methods—observations of occurrence and distribution, comparison to sediment-quality guidelines and data from previous studies, statistical analyses, and source indicators. Trace elements concentrations were low compared to the consensus-based sediment-quality guidelines threshold effect concentration (TEC) and probable effect concentration (PEC). Trace element concentrations were greater than the TEC in 28 percent of the samples and greater than the PEC in 1.5 percent of the samples. Chromium concentrations exceeded sediment-quality guidelines more frequently than concentrations of any other constituents analyzed in this study (greater than the TEC in 69 percent of samples and greater than the PEC in 8 percent of samples). Mean trace element concentrations generally are lower in Bexar County samples compared to concentrations in samples collected during previous studies in the Austin and Fort Worth, Texas, areas, but considering the relatively

  20. Assessing Potential Implications of Climate Change for Long-Term Water Resources Planning in the Colorado River Basin, Texas (United States)

    Munevar, A.; Butler, S.; Anderson, R.; Rippole, J.


    While much of the focus on climate change impacts to water resources in the western United States has been related to snow-dominated watersheds, lower elevation basins such as the Colorado River Basin in Texas are dependent on rainfall as the predominant form of precipitation and source of supply. Water management in these basins has evolved to adapt to extreme climatic and hydrologic variability, but the impact of climate change is potentially more acute due to rapid runoff response and subsequent greater soil moisture depletion during the dry seasons. The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Water Project is being studied to conserve water, develop conjunctive groundwater supplies, and capture excess and unused river flows to meet future water needs for two neighboring regions in Texas. Agricultural and other rural water needs would be met on a more reliable basis in the lower Colorado River Basin through water conservation, surface water development and limited groundwater production. Surface water would be transferred to the San Antonio area to meet municipal needs in quantities still being evaluated. Detailed studies are addressing environmental, agricultural, socioeconomic, and engineering aspects of the project. Key planning activities include evaluating instream flow criteria, water quality, bay freshwater inflow criteria, surface water availability and operating approaches, agricultural conservation measures, groundwater availability, and economics. Models used to estimate future water availability and environmental flow requirements have been developed largely based on historical observed hydrologic data. This is a common approach used by water planners as well as by many regulatory agencies for permit review. In view of the project's 80-yr planning horizon, contractual obligations, comments from the Science Review Panel, and increased public and regulatory awareness of climate change issues, the project team is

  1. Obituary: Juan Antonio Paniagua (1920-2010, Medical Historian

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Gil-Sotres


    Full Text Available The Spanish medical historian Juan Antonio Paniagua Arellano (Artajona, Navarre, 1920 passed away in Pamplona on 11th February. He read medicine at the University of Valladolid (1945 and received his PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid (1948. For thirty years he was Professor of History of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Navarra (Spain, where he carried out research into Medieval Latin Medicine and trained many students.

  2. Leyendo (todavía a Antonio Gramsci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Loaiza Cano


    Full Text Available Este ensayo explica, con base en una trayectoria muy personal, la importancia de la obra del pensador italiano Antonio Grasmci para la historiografía intelectual y política colombiana, tanto del siglo XIX como del XX. Además de la obra de Gramsci, ha sido importante el diálogo con autores tales como Mijail Bajtin, Edward P. Thompson, Maurcie Agulhon, Pierre Rosanvallon.

  3. Antonio Porta and Seventeenth-Century Central European Architecture


    Krummholz, Martin


    The text places the work of Antonio Porta (1631/32-1702) in the broader context of European architecture. It emphasises the close connections between Porta's architecture and the work of Francesco Caratti and Jean Baptiste Mathey, and the common starting-point for these artists, which was the Viennese architecture of Filiberto Lucchese and Giovanni Pietro Tencalla. The architecture of the Troja chateau of Count Sternberg can also be interpreted in this context; it draws on the analogous subur...

  4. Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento a festschrift from theoretical chemistry accounts

    CERN Document Server

    Ornellas, Fernando R


    In this Festschrift dedicated to the 65th birthday of Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento, selected researchers in theoretical chemistry present research highlights on major developments in the field. Originally published in the journal Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, these outstanding contributions are now available in a hardcover print format. This volume will be of benefit in particular to those research groups and libraries that have chosen to have only electronic access to the journal. It also provides valuable content for all researchers in theoretical chemistry.

  5. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Panama kindral liigub vanglast vanglasse / Arko Olesk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Olesk, Arko, 1981-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 7. sept. lk. 13. Narkootikumide salakaubaveo, väljapressimise ja rahapesu eest USA vanglas viibiva Panama endise sõjaväejuhi Manuel Antonio Noriega vabanemisest, uuest kohtuteest Prantsusmaal, Panamas tagaselja tehtud kohtuotsusest mõrvade, inimõiguste rikkumise ja korruptsiooni eest. Panama sõjalise diktaatori eluteest, võimulepääsemisest ning USA sõjalisest invasioonist 1989. aastal, mis lõpetas kindrali võimu

  6. San Antonio Center of Biomarkers of Risk for Prostate Cancer (SABOR) — EDRN Public Portal (United States)

    To determine if there are ways to predict which men will get prostate cancer, if there are ways to predict how a prostate cancer will develop (for example, slow or rapid growth) and why there are differences in prostate cancer among men from different ethnic backgrounds.

  7. Fatalism and Familism Among Anglos and Mexican Americans in San Antonio (United States)

    Farris, Buford E.; Glenn, Norval D.


    A comparison of the responses of Anglos and Mexican Americans to interview items designed to measure fatalism and familism shows a moderate ethnic difference in fatalism and a larger difference in familism. (Author/JC)

  8. Environmental Assessment: San Antonio Creek Restoration at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    California brome Bromus carinatus 5 California poppy Eschscholzia californica 1 Toyon Heteromeles arbutifolia 2 Goldfields Lasthenia glabrara 1...NAME APPLICATION <LB/AC) COYOTE BUSH 3 CALIFORNIA BROME 6 CALIFORNIA POPPY 1 TO YON 2 GOLDFIELDS I GIANT 1,/ILD RYE 3 DOVE LUPINE 3 MIMULUS...Heart-podded hoary cress Bromus diandrus* Ripgut brome Leymus condensatus Giant wild-rye Bromus hordeaceus* Soft-chess brome Leymus triticoides

  9. Transformation of safety culture on the San Antonio service unit of Union Pacific Railroad (United States)


    The Federal Railroad Administration conducted a pilot demonstration of Clear Signal for Action (CSA), a risk reduction process : that combines peer-to-peer feedback, continuous improvement, and safety leadership development. An independent formative ...

  10. Study of Medical Ethics Areas of Concern in the Greater San Antonio Area (United States)


    issues confronting social workers (2004). Her emphasis was on the fact that many of Ethics Modified Delphi Study 10 the ethical issues faced were not...Ross, 1986). There are several popular ethical decision-making models available that might be useful to assist leaders and employees when confronted admitting risk budget to coding nonclinical areas 10 end of life lack of advanced vent/ dialysis futile care directives _ atients 11 discharge



    Castillo Martinez, Williams Esteward; Universidad Nacional del Santa; Manayay Sanchez, Damian; Universidad Le Cordon Bleu; Dominguez Castañeda, Jorge Marino; Universidad Nacional del Santa; Palacios Ambrocio, Andrianov Lenin; Universidad Nacional del Santa; Quezada Berru, Soledad Mercedes; Universidad Nacional del Santa; Gonzales Capcha, John Kelby; Universidad Nacional del Santa


    El secado prolonga la vida útil de los alimentos, conservando su valor nutritivo, debido a la eliminación del agua del producto. En esta investigacion se deshidrataron láminas de manzana de 2 mm de grosor y 6,6 cm de diámetro con por aire caliente a temperaturas de 65, 75 y 95°C, para determinar las cinéticas de pardeamiento, degradacion de Vitamina C, perdida de humedad y actividad de agua.   De las cinéticas del proceso secado evaluadas, muestran que el mejor proceso de secado es a temperat...

  12. 77 FR 38078 - U.S. Nominations to the World Heritage List: San Antonio Franciscan Missions (United States)


    ... issues of integrity and authenticity, and concluded that they would not attempt to include Serpent Mound... as an extension to Cahokia Mounds, along with Serpent Mound and Poverty Point. The Department... reformulated for possible nomination again in the future. Serpent Mound State Memorial, Ohio. The Department...

  13. A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class Programs (United States)


    National Defense Act NDI non-developmental item NGSS Northrop Grumman Ship Systems NNSB Newport News Shipbuilding NPV net present value NSLC Navy...decision made in 2002 to reduce cost was to sign a workload swap agreement between Navy, Bath Iron Works, and Northrop Grumman Ship Systems ( NGSS ...consolidating construction within the NGSS Gulf Coast facilities (DAMIR, 2002). Table 13 shows the 2003 estimate against the 1996 baseline. Cost

  14. Are You Bleeding? Validation of a Machine-learning Algorithm for Determination of Blood Volume Status: Application to Remote Triage (United States)


    University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas; 2Department of Health and Kinesiology , University of Texas at San Antonio, San...CONCLUSIONS Medical monitoring technologies can be designed for appli - cation at various echelons of care, including at the point of injury, during

  15. Mollusks of Manuel Antonio National Park, Pacific Costa Rica. (United States)

    Willis, S; Cortés, J


    The mollusks in Manuel Antonio National Park on the central section of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica were studied along thirty-six transects done perpendicular to the shore, and by random sampling of subtidal environments, beaches and mangrove forest. Seventy-four species of mollusks belonging to three classes and 40 families were found: 63 gastropods, 9 bivalves and 2 chitons, during this study in 1995. Of these, 16 species were found only as empty shells (11) or inhabited by hermit crabs (5). Forty-eight species were found at only one locality. Half the species were found at one site, Puerto Escondido. The most diverse habitat was the low rocky intertidal zone. Nodilittorina modesta was present in 34 transects and Nerita scabricosta in 30. Nodilittorina aspera had the highest density of mollusks in the transects. Only four transects did not clustered into the four main groups. The species composition of one cluster of transects is associated with a boulder substrate, while another cluster of transects associates with site. Two clusters were not associated to any of the factors recorded. Some species were present in previous studies but absent in 1995, while others were absent in the previous studies but found in 1995. For example, Siphonaria gigas was present in 1995 in many transects with a relatively high density, but absent in 1962, probably due to human predation before the establishment of the park. Including this study, a total of 97 species of mollusks in three classes and 45 families have been reported from Manuel Antonio National Park. Sixty-nine species are new reports for the area: 53 gastropods, 14 bivalves and 2 chitons. There are probably more species of mollusks at Manuel Antonio National Park, than the 97 reported here, because some areas have not been adequately sampled (e.g., deep environments) and many micro-mollusks could not be identified.

  16. Assessing Medication Adherence in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL WING (AETC) JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - LACKLAND TEXAS 26 APR 2017 MEMORANDUM FOR SGSP ATrN: MAJ SHAOPING MO...Shaoplng Mo Sumner, Maj , USAF, PharmD San Antonio Combined Military Postgraduate Year One Pharmacy Residency Program .......••Fort Sam Houston, TX

  17. Francisco Antonio Zea y sus actividades científicas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Elías Ortíz


    Full Text Available La vida de don Francisco Antonio Zea, estudiada y valorizada en estos últimos tiempos por biógrafos de calidad, falta aún conocerse en varios aspectos que poco a poco van aclarando los archivos nacionales y extranjeros, y uno de ellos es el científico, en el que Zea pudo ser una lumbrera por su capacidad y "vocación decidida" para las ciencias naturales, al igual que su maestro y protector el sabio José Celestino Mutis.

  18. Casa la Ricarda de Antonio Bonet Castellana : un territorio formalizado


    Flores, Ricardo, 1965-


    This work is dedicated to the house La Ricarda, a work by the architect Antonio Bonet Castellana. The house is the result of a particular program that combines family lite with meetings and social celebration. lt is settled on a landscape that is central to the way lite and celebrations are held. The aim of this thesis has been to record the qualities found in the house, researching from three different approaches, that have resulted as three different chapters. The first approach was bas...

  19. Antonio Gramsci y Paulo Freire : algunas conexiones y contrastes


    Mayo, Peter;


    Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) y Paulo Freire (1921-1997) son realmente dos de las figuras más citadas en el debate sobre enfoques críticos de la educación. Sus respectivos trabajos culturales y políticos se dieron en contextos y tiempos diferentes (Gramsci durante la primera parte del siglo XX en Europa y Paulo Freire en Latino América, Norte América, Europa y África en la segunda mitad del siglo XX). No obstante, toda una generación de escritores, posicionados dentro de la educación crítica, y...

  20. Juan Antonio Ramírez : La arquitectura como imagen




    Juan Antonio Ramírez era historiador del arte, pero dedicó gran parte de su vida al estudio de la arquitectura. A lo largo de su obra podemos encontrar temas como la utopía arquitectónica, la arquitectura del renacimiento y el barroco, la arquitectura en el cine, o los autores de tratados. En este trabajo repasamos su trayectoria por el ámbito de la arquitectura, y buscamos las que fueron sus mayores aportaciones, como su metodología de análisis iconográfico, su noción de...

  1. Cineclube Antonio das Mortes and its independent film production

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina da Costa Campos


    Full Text Available This article analysis the production of experimental films made by Cineclube Antonio das Mortes (CAM in 1980, in Goiania, Through the term "independent film". This work is an initial study, therefore, it’s intended, first, to discuss the various conceptions given to “independent cinema” in Brazilian cinema history, from the late 1940s until 1980. Then, this work will try to understand how this production of this Cineclube approaches or moves away from the different conceptions that this term has acquired over the decades.

  2. Shallow ground-water conditions, Tom Green County, Texas (United States)

    Lee, J.N.


    Most of the water needs of Tom Green County, Texas, are supplied by ground water; however, the city of San Angelo is supplied by surface water. Groundwater withdrawals during 1980 (latest year for which data are available) in Tom Green County totaled about 15,300 acre-feet, all derived from shallow aquifers. Shallow aquifers in this report refer to the ground-water system generally less than 400 feet deep that contains water with less than a 10,000 milligrams per liter concentration of dissolved solids; aquifers comprising this system include: The Leona, Comanche Peak, Trinity, Blaine, San Angelo, Choza, Bullwagon, Vale, Standpipe, and Arroyo aquifers.

  3. Texas motorcycle crash countermeasure workshop. (United States)


    The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) contracted with the Texas A&M : Transportation Institute (TTI) to develop a 5-year strategic plan for improving motorcycle safety : in the State of Texas. The Texas Strategic Action Plan for Motorcycl...

  4. 76 FR 31678 - San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad-Continuance in Control Exemption-Saratoga and North Creek Railway... (United States)


    ... & Northwestern Railroad d/b/a Texas- New Mexico Railroad, Arizona Eastern Railway, Chicago Terminal Railroad, and... Surface Transportation Board San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad--Continuance in Control Exemption--Saratoga and North Creek Railway, LLC San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG), a Class III rail carrier, has...

  5. Yupingfeng San (United States)

    Liu, Xue; Shen, Jiawen; Fan, Danping; Qiu, Xuemei; Guo, Qingqing; Zheng, Kang; Luo, Hui; Shu, Jun; Lu, Cheng; Zhang, Ge; Lu, Aiping; Ma, Chaoying; He, Xiaojuan


    Yupingfeng San (YPFS) is a representative Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula with accepted therapeutic effect on Asthma. However, its action mechanism is still obscure. In this study, we used network pharmacology to explore potential mechanism of YPFS on asthma. Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain (NOD)-like receptor pathway was shown to be the top one shared signaling pathway associated with both YPFS and asthma. In addition, NOD-like receptor family pyrin domain-containing 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome was treated as target protein in the process of YPFS regulating asthma. Further, experimental validation was done by using LPS-stimulated U937 cells and ovalbumin (OVA)-sensitized BALB/c mice model. In vitro experiments showed that YPFS significantly decreased the production of TNF-α and IL-6, as well as both mRNA and protein levels of IL-1β, NLRP3, Caspase-1 and ASC in LPS-stimulated U937 cells. In vivo experiment indicated that YPFS treatment not only attenuated the clinical symptoms, but also reduced inflammatory cell infiltration, mucus secretion and MUC5AC production in lung tissue of asthmatic mice. Moreover, YPFS treatment remarkably decreased the mRNA and protein levels of IL-1β, NLRP3, Caspase-1 and ASC in lung tissue of asthmatic mice. In conclusion, these results demonstrated that YPFS could inhibit NLRP3 inflammasome components to attenuate the inflammatory response in asthma.

  6. Effects of brush management on the hydrologic budget and water quality in and adjacent to Honey Creek State Natural Area, Comal County, Texas, 2001-10 (United States)

    Banta, J. Ryan; Slattery, Richard N.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Edwards Region Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative, the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, the San Antonio River Authority, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, and the San Antonio Water System, evaluated the hydrologic effects of ashe juniper (Juniperus ashei) removal as a brush management conservation practice in and adjacent to the Honey Creek State Natural Area in Comal County, Tex. By removing the ashe juniper and allowing native grasses to reestablish in the area as a brush management conservation practice, the hydrology in the watershed might change. Using a simplified mass balance approach of the hydrologic cycle, the incoming rainfall was distributed to surface water runoff, evapotranspiration, or groundwater recharge. After hydrologic data were collected in adjacent watersheds for 3 years, brush management occurred on the treatment watershed while the reference watershed was left in its original condition. Hydrologic data were collected for another 6 years. Hydrologic data include rainfall, streamflow, evapotranspiration, and water quality. Groundwater recharge was not directly measured but potential groundwater recharge was calculated using a simplified mass balance approach. The resulting hydrologic datasets were examined for differences between the watersheds and between pre- and post-treatment periods to assess the effects of brush management. The streamflow to rainfall relation (expressed as event unit runoff to event rainfall relation) did not change between the watersheds during pre- and post-treatment periods. The daily evapotranspiration rates at the reference watershed and treatment watershed sites exhibited a seasonal cycle during the pre- and post-treatment periods, with intra- and interannual variability. Statistical analyses indicate the mean

  7. Sylvatic trichinellosis in Texas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pence D.B.


    Full Text Available There are no published reports of domestic or sylvatic trichinellosis in Texas. The aim of the present survey was to determine the presence of Trichinella species in selected representative species of potential wildlife reservoirs in southern Texas. In 1998-99, tongues of 211 wild mammals were collected in southern Texas: 154 coyotes (Canis latrans, three bobcats (Lynx rufus, 32 racoons (Procyon lotor, 1 3 opossum (Didelphis marsupialis, four ocelots (Leopardus pardalis and five wild boars (Sus scrofa. Presence of Trichinella sp. larvae was investigated by artificial digestion and larvae of positive samples were identified at the species level by a multiple-polymerase chain reaction analysis. Nine (5.8 % coyotes had trichinellosis ; in the muscles of seven of these coyotes, the larvae were identified as Trichinella murrelli. This is the first report of sylvatic trichinellosis in Texas.

  8. Typhus in Texas

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Kristy Murray, an associate professor in pediatrics and assistant dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, discusses increased cases of typhus in southern Texas.  Created: 7/6/2017 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 7/6/2017.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Jardim


    Full Text Available ResumoEntrevista concedida pelo músico Antonio Jardim, professor adjunto do Depto. de Ciênciada Literatura da UFRJ. Com nuances, modulações e dissonâncias, a conversa versousobre temas como: a relação entre música e política, a distinção entre realidade erealizações no âmbito da verdade, a questão dos suportes em música e em literatura, ore-pensamento da história como presença, a educação, o pensamento de Marx, as relaçõesde Heidegger com o nazismo. AbstractInterview with the musician and professor of Th eory of Literature Antonio Jardim (UFRJ. Most important topics: relations between music and politics; distinctions between reality and realizations in the scope of truth; different medias, be them in music or literature; the re-thinking of History as presence; education; Marx’s thought; relations of Heidegger with Nazism.Keywords: Politics; music; poetic. Antonio Jardim Graduado em Composição Musical pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1981, em Licenciatura em Educação Artística – Habilitação em Música – Conservatório Brasileiro de Música – Centro Universitário (1995, em Filosofi a pelo Instituto de Filosofi ae Ciências Sociais (1990, Mestrado em Música – Conservatório Brasileiro de Música – Centro Universitário (1988 e Doutorado em Letras (Poética pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1997. Atualmente é Professor Adjunto da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiroe da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Tem experiência na área de Artes, com ênfase em Composição Musical, atuando principalmente nos seguintes temas: música, poética, fi losofi a, poesia e canção.

  10. Juan Antonio Rubio appointed as Director-General of CIEMAT

    CERN Multimedia


    Juan Antonio Rubio, Head of CERN's ETT unit (Education and Technology Transfer) has been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as the Director General of the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology, CIEMAT. Dr Rubio's career began at the Spanish Nuclear Energy Commission where he held the posts of Investigator, Head of the High Energy Group and Head of Nuclear Physics and High Energy Division. Later, he was named Director of the Department of Basic Investigation and Scientific Director of the CIEMAT. In 1987 he joined CERN as Scientific Adviser to the Director General and Group Leader of the Scientific Assessment Group. Up to now, Dr Rubio has been the Head of the ETT unit, as well as Coordinator for Latin America and Commissioner for the 50th Anniversary of the Organization. He was born on 4 June 1944 in Madrid, and holds a Doctorate in Physical Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

  11. Antonio Boggeri. Considerazioni su un protagonista della grafica italiana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilla Chiappini


    Full Text Available Antonio Boggeri is often remembered in the history of graphics only as the Studio Boggeri’s holder. Indeed he is one of the most important figures of Italian advertising graphics and this not for the works he materially made in this field but for his centrality in the Studio he created: in fact he was the unifying element in it among artists of different personality and sensibility.This article does not pretend to explain in a comprehensive manner his importance but it wants to represent a starting point in a research that reconsiders all round Boggeri. Not only, therefore, for his central role in the Studio, but even for his important contribution as a writer and as a photographer, compensating, in part, the lack of works that fully analyze his figure.

  12. Miguel Antonio Caro, el Banco Nacional y el Estado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salomón Kalmanovitz


    Full Text Available La Regeneración fue el movimiento político y Miguel Antonio Caro el ideólogo que hicieron que Colombia retornara a la matriz institucional centralizada legada por los españoles, en reacción a la dirección liberal y federalista que pretendió orientarla por la senda del desarrollo capitalista, vía su integración al mercado mundial. Esta fue una tendencia continental, de acuerdo con Douglass North, aún en países donde los liberales ganaron las guerras civiles del siglo XIX (North, 134-135. En este ensayo se trata de analizar el pensamiento económico de Caro y más precisamente sus percepciones sobre la banca central, como parte integral de su concepción del Estado que terminaron por imponerse para la Colombia del siglo XX.

  13. Antonio José Ponte: el espacio como texto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Guadalupe Silva


    This essay examines Antonio José Ponte’s tale "Un arte de hacer ruinas" (An Art of making ruins from the perspective of its narrative strategies. Considering the general structure of the book, in which this tale holds a central place, the essay inquires into the meanings of the very notion of "center" in Ponte’s literary project. Since the structuration of space, in particular, urban space, which is the first political space, is a matter of permanent reflection in his work, here I offer a reading of the allegorical "engineering" of the tale, establishing relations with other critical texts by Ponte which defies the metaphysics of Cuban nationalism and the centralizing ideology of the Estate.

  14. Las influencias iniciales en Antonio Nariño

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Miramón


    Full Text Available No es una mera casualidad el hecho de que Antonio Nariño viera la luz en Santa Fe en el mismo mes y año en que se concluyó en París la publicación de La enciclopedia; entraña toda una admonición del destino. Porque de ese modo, aparentemente coincidencial, el renacimiento borbónico, fugaz en España y mal acogido por la nación, cuyas actividades eran contrariadas por las reformas de Carlos III, se había extendido ampliamente en las provincias de ultramar, en donde todo parecía, al contrario, presagiarle un fecundo porvenir.

  15. El anhelo metafísico de Antonio Machado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    Full Text Available In Antonio Machado's poetry, a dissatisfied agnosticism appears; that is, a kind of agnosticism which wants to quit being such, an agnosticism with metaphysical longings. Machado knows that the absence of trascendence does not offer peacefulness, but tediousness and resignation against the changing reality. Being lacks the plenitude it once had and, in this sense, there exists in Machado a double way to understand reality: longing for what was and confirmation of the present. All this generates a vacuum in the human being, a thirst of trascendence not satisfied and, at the sme time, hope as longing of trascendence which can only be expressed in metaphysics and poetry. Machado's account on trascendence does not exclude immanence. It is found in and from the self, for itself and in other, and even in the absolutely other.

  16. Landscape concept in photography: from Luigi Ghirri to Antonio Ottomanelli

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teodora Malavenda


    Full Text Available In the 80s of the last century the Italian photography, like other art forms, reflected the political, economic and cultural changes of the Nation. It was the time of a new documentary photography that investigated the transformation of the urban areas. Within this process the landscape was the subject of a new interpretation. In 2013 this process of documentation was worked out again, but in a modern way, by Antonio Ottomanelli. In his project "Collateral Landscape", he took pictures in different cities of the world such as Kabul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Herat, Dokan, New York, Gaza City. Distant places and only apparently different from each other. In fact, all of them have been destroyed by war or, in the case of New York, have been target of a terrorist attack.

  17. San Mateo Creek Basin (United States)

    The San Mateo Creek Basin comprises approximately 321 square miles within the Rio San Jose drainage basin in McKinley and Cibola counties, New Mexico. This basin is located within the Grants Mining District (GMD).

  18. Lab-on-a-Robot Platform for in-situ Planetary Compositional Analysis Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — HJ Science & Technology, Inc. and the University of Texas at San Antonio propose a joint venture to demonstrate the feasibility of a mobile "lab-on-a-robot"...

  19. Lab-on-a-Robot Platform for in-situ Planetary Compositional Analysis Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This joint STTR research effort between HJ Science & Technology and the University of Texas at San Antonio seeks to establish a highly integrated mobile...

  20. El sacrificio de Ricaurte en San Mateo. Un intento para explicar la versión del Diario de Bucaramanga

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Salamanca Aguilera


    Full Text Available Es bien sabido que poco después de descubierto el manuscrito del "Diario de Bucaramanga" de Perú de Lacroix, se arriesgó por algunos escritores de Allende el Táchira la versión de que la muerte en San Mateo del capitán colombiano Antonio Ricaurte no había tenido las características heroícas que testimonios auténticos le confieren.

  1. Texas Hydrogen Highway Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus and Fueling Infrastructure Technology Showcase - Final Scientific/Technical Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hitchcock, David


    showcase events include San Antonio and Austin, Texas. In summary, the project objectives were achieved in the following ways: Through presentations and papers provided to a variety of audiences in multiple venues, the project team fulfilled its goal of providing education and outreach on hydrogen technology to statewide audiences. The project team generated interest that exists well beyond the completion of the project, and indeed, helped to generate financial support for a subsequent hydrogen vehicle project in Austin. The University of Texas, Center for ElectroMechanics operated the fuel cell-electric Ebus vehicle for over 13,000 miles in Austin, Texas in a variety of routes and loading configurations. The project took advantage of prior efforts that created a hydrogen fueling station and fuel cell electric-hybrid bus and continued to verify their technical foundation, while informing and educating potential future users of how these technologies work.

  2. 2006 Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) Lidar: San Patricio County (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Using a LH Systems ALS50 Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) system, flight lines of standard density (1.4 meter ground sample distance) data were collected over...

  3. Advanced Oxygen Systems for Aircraft (Systemes d’Oxygene Avances) (United States)


    Akershus N-0015 Oslo, Norway Contributors John BOMAR Jr., PhD Biodynamic Research Corporation San Antonio , Texas 78230 United States of America...MRAeS Biodynamic Research Corporation San Antonio , Texas 78230 United States of America Donald J. HARRIS Naval Air Test Center Patuxent River...P.O. Box 2715 DK-2100 Copenhagen 0 ESPAGNE INTA (AGARD Publications) Pintor Rosales 34 28008 Madrid ETATS-UNIS NASA Headquarters Code JOB-1

  4. Nii kauge, kuid nii omane Brasiilia / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; interv. Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Vestlus brasiilia kunstniku Antonio Claudio Carvalhoga 15. X, päeval pärast tema näituse avamist Kunstihoone galeriis. Kunstist, kunstnikest, endast, oma loomingust, kunsti tähendusest praeguses Brasiilias jm.

  5. Antonio Saura, ilustrador de Círculo de Lectores: El Nuevo Pinocho (1994)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jimeno Revilla, Raquel


    ... their spirit of graphic innovation. To this end, Meinke and his team gradually built a network of artists, writers and other figures of intellectual status, among whom Antonio Saura stands out as the most direct contributor...

  6. Transforming Developmental Education in Texas (United States)

    Journal of Developmental Education, 2014


    In recent years, with support from the Texas Legislature, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has funded various developmental education initiatives, including research and evaluation efforts, to help Texas public institutions of higher education provide more effective programs and services to underprepared students. Based on evaluation…

  7. Forests of east Texas, 2015 (United States)

    Kerry J.W. Dooley


    This resource update provides an overview of forest resources in east Texas based on an inventory conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program at the Southern Research Station (SRS) in cooperation with Texas A&M Forest Service. The 254 counties of Texas are consolidated into seven FIA survey units—Southeast (unit 1),...

  8. Um olhar sobre as produções de Luis Felipe Noé, Antonio Berni, Rubens Gerchman e Antonio Henrique Amaral


    Simone Rocha de Abreu


    Essa tese de doutorado coloca as produções artísticas de Luis Felipe Noé (Argentina), Antonio Berni (Argentina), Antonio Henrique Amaral (Brasil) e de Rubens Gerchman (Brasil) realizadas entre 1960 e 1980 (inclusive) em paralelo com o objetivo de elucidar aspectos formais e questões pertinentes à produção artística latinoamericana do século XX. A abordagem busca ultrapassar os limites disciplinares, por entender que a história da arte deva ser caracterizada pela marca da interdisciplinaridade...

  9. Il mestiere di tradurre 1: entrevista a Juan Antonio Vivanco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio Vivanco Gefaell


    Full Text Available Hijo del poeta Luis Felipe Vivanco y de la escritora María Luisa Gefaell, Juan Antonio Vivanco Gefaell lleva más de tres décadas desarrollando una prestigiosa labor como traductor. Por sus manos han pasado autores italianos tan dispares como Roberto Saviano (La belleza y el infierno, Debolsillo, 2010, Paolo Maurensig (Canon inverso, Mondadori, 1997, Pier Paolo Pasolini (Escritos corsarios, Ed. Del Oriente, 2009 o Paolo Cottino (La ciudad imprevista, Bellaterra, 2005, por citar unos pocos.Traductor minucioso y preciso no sólo de textos narrativos, también se deben a él textos técnicos que abarcan media docena de especialidades humanísticas: desde  libros de antropología como el interesante Genes, pueblos y lengua de Luca Cavalli Sforza (Crítica, 1997, a textos de etnografía como La tierra del remordimiento de Ernesto de Martino (Bellaterra, 1999 en cuya traducción, nos comenta, disfrutó de forma especial, hasta llegar a densos manuales como la Historia de España de Joseph Pérez (Crítica, 1999 o Crisis e inflación entre la Antigüedad y la Edad Media de Georges Depeyrot (Crítica, 1996. Intentar abarcar el trabajo de Juan Antonio Vivanco implicaría, sin duda, citar las mejores editoriales de nuestro país y una amplia variedad temática hasta abarcar disciplinas tan diversas como la micología, el alpinismo, la historia del Arte y, especialmente, sus múltiples traducciones de estudios sobre Islam y Oriente Medio.Zibaldone. Estudios italianos le agradece que se haya prestado a inaugurar este espacio, Il mestiere di tradurre, contestando a unas preguntas sobre su trayectoria y su  profesión. Entrevista de Juan José Tejero y Juan Pérez Andrés. 

  10. Tornado from Texas. (United States)

    Vail, Kathleen


    Santa Fe School Superintendent Yvonne Gonzales, the "Texas Tornado," was hired to fix a 40% student-dropout rate and a white/Hispanic gap in achievement test scores. Gonzales is an avid integrationist; relies on humor, appeasement, and persuasion tactics; and has alienated some school employees by increasing central office…

  11. Outdoor Education in Texas. (United States)

    Myers, Ray H.

    In Dallas in 1970, high school outdoor education began as a cocurricular woods and waters boys' club sponsored by a community sportsman. Within one year, it grew into a fully accredited, coeducational, academic course with a curriculum devoted to the study of wildlife in Texas, ecology, conservation, hunting, firearm safety, fishing, boating and…

  12. Jesús Antonio Bejarano: un destino inconcluso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernando Tovar Zambrano


    Full Text Available El miércoles 15 de septiembre del presente año, a las 6:30 de la tarde, fue asesinado por oscuras fuerzas, en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, el profesor Jesús Antonio Bejarano. Configurando un tétrico mensaje pues a Bejarano, que andaba sin escoltas, lo hubieran podido matar en cualquier parte de la ciudad - el crimen se cometió a pocos pasos del salón de clases, en el edificio de Postgraduados de Economía. Y como para que no hubiera dudas acerca del mensaje, le dispararon un tiro de gracia en la cabeza, por detrás, exactamente para destruir el cerebro del intelectual. Aunque constituye una víctima más en la interminable estadística de violencia que inunda de sangre a Colombia, la muerte de Bejarano representa una gran pérdida para el país en general y para la comunidad académica en particular.

  13. The rhetoric of media and literary forms: Antonio Delfini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Gervasi


    Full Text Available The present paper aimed at showing the cognitive impact of the conceptual and perceptual organization of media on literary forms.On the one hand, McLuhan stated that the medium is a metaphor, as long as it shifts information across different conceptual domains. On the other hand, cognitive theories argued that the metaphor is a strategy of conceptualization of the experience. Mediology, cognitive poetics and literary criticism can cooperate in order to describe the conceptual metaphors conveyed by the media, and the way they interact with the literature in the deeply interconnected semiotic context of the XXth Century.Antonio Delfini’s writings and composition strategies reveal the hybridization produced by the contact between the rhetoric and the conceptual organization of literary texts, and the formal organization of the media. In Delfini’s work, the process of hybridization is realized by reusing textual fragments produced by media. Such an hybridization also consists in a wider phenomenon of exchange between the cognitive schemas produced by media, and the very idea of literature practiced by the author. Delfini, indeed, conceives the structures of newspapers and journals as a conceptual model for making sense of reality. 

  14. Maidservant as muse: The dramatic reinvention of Antonio Canova

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christina Ferando


    Full Text Available In the mid-1870s, the playwright Lodovico Muratori (1834-1919 wrote a play based on the life of the sculptor, Antonio Canova, that focused on a fictional, unconsummated passion between Canova and his housekeeper, Luigia Giuli. This play, published by the Milanese editor Carlo Barbini concurrently with several plays about famous Italian artists, including Michelangelo, Raphael, and Tintoretto, emphasized Canova’s connection to these great masters, in particular his role as both artist and lover. By examining the way political and artistic values changed in Italy over the course of the century, this paper arges that Muratori’s insistent repetition of the trope of ‘Luigia as muse’ is an implicit critique of neoclassicism. Artistic inspiration is disengaged from imitation and the rote act of copying and located instead in the very personal and subjective emotions of the artist. By the late nineteenth century, in order to maintain the validity of an otherwise outmoded style, neoclassicism and its suffocating image of repetition were necessarily recast to fit the political, sociological and artistic developments of the time.

  15. Social media, publicidad y empresa. Entrevista a Antonio Fumero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Mª Belmonte Jiménez


    Full Text Available Antonio Fumero es Ingeniero de Telecomunicación y MBA por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM. Especialista en la Gestión de la Tecnología e Innovación, trabajó dos años en la Unidad de Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación de BBVA como asesor de Nuevas Tecnologías. Actualmente desarrolla su actividad como investigador en la UPM, colaborando con la Cátedra Telefónica para Internet de Nueva Generación y el Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos (DIT en la dinamización y coordinación de un grupo de investigadores en Redes y Software Social (iRSS. Desempeña labores de diseminación, asesoría y análisis como experto para distintas organizaciones corporativas e institucionales. Recientemente ha creado su propia empresa, Win Win consultores. También es community manager de Color-Uiris y senior consultant de TalentBrokers.

  16. Catalogue of Texas spiders (United States)

    Dean, David Allen


    Abstract This catalogue lists 1,084 species of spiders (three identified to genus only) in 311 genera from 53 families currently recorded from Texas and is based on the “Bibliography of Texas Spiders” published by Bea Vogel in 1970. The online list of species can be found at Many taxonomic revisions have since been published, particularly in the families Araneidae, Gnaphosidae and Leptonetidae. Many genera in other families have been revised. The Anyphaenidae, Ctenidae, Hahniidae, Nesticidae, Sicariidae and Tetragnathidae were also revised. Several families have been added and others split up. Several genera of Corinnidae were transferred to Phrurolithidae and Trachelidae. Two genera from Miturgidae were transferred to Eutichuridae. Zoridae was synonymized under Miturgidae. A single species formerly in Amaurobiidae is now in the Family Amphinectidae. Some trapdoor spiders in the family Ctenizidae have been transferred to Euctenizidae. Gertsch and Mulaik started a list of Texas spiders in 1940. In a letter from Willis J. Gertsch dated October 20, 1982, he stated “Years ago a first listing of the Texas fauna was published by me based largely on Stanley Mulaik material, but it had to be abandoned because of other tasks.” This paper is a compendium of the spiders of Texas with distribution, habitat, collecting method and other data available from revisions and collections. This includes many records and unpublished data (including data from three unpublished studies). One of these studies included 16,000 adult spiders belonging to 177 species in 29 families. All specimens in that study were measured and results are in the appendix. Hidalgo County has 340 species recorded with Brazos County at 323 and Travis County at 314 species. These reflect the amount of collecting in the area. PMID:27103878

  17. 50 CFR 24.12 - Designated ports. (United States)


    ... Orlando, Florida Honolulu, Hawaii New Orleans, Louisiana Hoboken, New Jersey (Port of New York) Jamaica... Chicago, Illinois Baton Rouge, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Bangor, Maine Portland, Maine Baltimore..., Texas Roma, Texas San Antonio, Texas St. Croix, Virgin Islands of the United States St. Thomas, Virgin...

  18. A Preliminary Assessment of the Cultural Resources within the Millican Project, Navasota River Basin, Brazos, Grimes, Leon, Madison and Robertson Counties, Texas. Reports of Investigations, Number 19. (United States)


    surrounding the Navasota River include that of Nicolas de LaFora between 1766 and 1768 (Kinnaird 1958). From the Old San Antonio Road, de LaFora noted...Area Streams). As a minimum , middle Archaic and Neoarchaic occupations are suggested. The historic component of site 41RT133 is a bridge across Duck...except for the damsite, follows. 4 0 The conservation pool is the minimum body of water which should be maintained and will, except at times of

  19. Contenidos regionalistas en la arquitectura de Antonio Palacios en Galicia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xosé María Ramón Iglesias Veiga


    Full Text Available Antonio Palacios Ramilo (1874-1945, arquitecto gallego que despliega una gran actividad creativa en Madrid durante las primeras décadas del presente siglo, es también uno de los más destacados iniciadores de una arquitectura de carácter regionalista en Galicia. Su regionalismo, como sucede con el resto de sus compañeros gallegos que se suman a esta tendencia, se muestra como una opción más dentro del carácter ecléctico de su producción. Dentro del conjunto general de su trabajo, muestra una primera etapa progresista con una arquitectura que se acerca a las corrientes internacionales en alza, sintetizando las más diversas influencias, dentro de las que se encuentra la de la Sezessión vienesa o la de la arquitectura americana, como muestran sus edificios comerciales. En la evolución de su obra permanece fiel a un concepto tradicional de arquitectura, entendida siempre como objeto artístico y referencial del medio donde se implanta, rechazando la universalización y estandarización que anunciaban las vanguardias. De éstas tomará aquellas soluciones que no entren en conflicto con sus posiciones estéticas. No obstante, buscará la renovación, basándola en la experimentación con la forma y en la investigación de las posibilidades estructurales y plásticas del material, siempre con un sentido claro del proyecto en el que se rechaza el pastiche y la cita.

  20. SAN CARLOS APACHE PAPERS. (United States)



  1. Abandoned Texas oil fields

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Data for Texas abandoned oil fields were primarily derived from two sources: (1) Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC), and (2) Dwight's ENERGYDATA. For purposes of this report, abandoned oil fields are defined as those fields that had no production during 1977. The TRRC OILMASTER computer tapes were used to identify these abandoned oil fields. The tapes also provided data on formation depth, gravity of oil production, location (both district and county), discovery date, and the cumulative production of the field since its discovery. In all, the computer tapes identified 9211 abandoned fields, most of which had less than 250,000 barrel cumulative production. This report focuses on the 676 abandoned onshore Texas oil fields that had cumulative production of over 250,000 barrels. The Dwight's ENERGYDATA computer tapes provided production histories for approximately two-thirds of the larger fields abandoned in 1966 and thereafter. Fields which ceased production prior to 1966 will show no production history nor abandonment date in this report. The Department of Energy hopes the general availability of these data will catalyze the private sector recovery of this unproduced resource.

  2. Southwest Regional Clean Energy Incubation Initiative (SRCEII)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Webber, Michael [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States)


    The Austin Technology Incubator’s (ATI’s) Clean Energy Incubator at the University of Texas at Austin (ATI-CEI) utilized the National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy (NIICE) funding to establish the Southwest Regional Clean Energy Incubation Initiative, composed of clean energy incubators from The University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin), The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), and Texas A&M University (TAMU).

  3. The Impact of 10 Years of War on Combat Casualty Care Research: A Citation Analysis (United States)


    Antonio , San Antonio , Texas. The opinions and assertions contained herein are the private views of the authors and are not to be construed as official or...Ogilvie MP, Pereira BM, McKenney MG, et al. First report on safety and efficacy of hetastarch solution for initial fluid resuscitation at a Level 1

  4. FRANCO Y JOSÉ ANTONIO: CAUDILLO Y PROFETA DE ESPAÑA. LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DEL CARISMA DURANTE LA GUERRA CIVIL/Franco and José Antonio: Chief and Prophet of Spain. Construction of Charisma during the Civil War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    María Luisa Rico Gómez; Francisco Sevillano


    ... clave: Francisco Franco, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, carisma, «nuevo Estado», guerra civil española. Abstract: This paper examines how the person of the general Francisco Franco and of the Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera were transfigured symbolically by means of the construction and spread of its charismatic image into the speech, ...

  5. Solar Hot Water for Motor Inn--Texas City, Texas (United States)


    Final report describes solar domestic-hot-water heater installation at LaQuinta Motor Inn, Texas City, Texas which furnished 63% of total hot-water load of new 98-unit inn. Report presents a description of system, drawings and photographs of collectors, operations and maintenance instructions, manufacturers' specifications for pumps, and an engineer's report on performance.

  6. Testimonio de Antonio Cóccaro sobre la historia del Partido Socialista en Argentina


    Cóccaro, Antonio


    Radio Universidad Nacional de La Plata transmite y registra para su Archivo de la Palabra la intervención del dirigente del Partido Socialista Democrático Antonio Cóccaro en el ciclo dedicado a la historia de los partidos políticos en Argentina. Se refiere a la fundación del Parido Sociaista en 1896, sus dirigentes, sus ideas, el periódico La Vanguardia y su rol actual. Antonio Coccáro: nació el 4 de febrero de 1926 en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y murió el 31 de octubre de de 2009. Fue di...

  7. Hydrologic, Water-Quality, and Biological Data for Three Water Bodies, Texas Gulf Coast Plain, 2000-2002

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    East, Jeffery W; Hogan, Jennifer L


    During July 2000 September 2002, the U.S. Geological Survey collected and analyzed site-specific hydrologic, water-quality, and biological data in Dickinson Bayou, Armand Bayou, and the San Bernard River in the Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas...

  8. Forests of East Texas, 2014 (United States)

    Thomas J. Brandeis


    This resource update provides an overview of forest resources in east Texas derived from an inventory conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program at the Southern Research Station in cooperation with the Texas A&M Forest Service. These estimates are based on field data collected using the FIA annualized sample design and are...

  9. Technical proposal on the treatment of the influent of the Jose Antonio Alzate dam using aerobic pond system; Propuesta tecnica sobre el tratamiento del influente de la presa Jose Antonio Alzate a traves un sistema lagunar aerobio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosas de Alba, S.G. [Instituto Tecnologico de Toluca, Metepec, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Barcelo Quintal, I.D.; Bussy Beaurain, A.L.; lopez Galvan, E. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco (Mexico)]. E-mail:;;


    In Mexico, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma river, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya-Lerma-San Bartolo timber-roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of Mexico, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the Jose Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA), becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma river. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD, was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter k and the number of dispersion d, specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the DOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8646.70 m{sup 3}/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surface than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity. [Spanish] La descarga de aguas residuales a los sistemas acuaticos, sin previo tratamiento, es un problema generalizado en Mexico; como es el caso del rio Lerma en donde se sustituyo el aporte de agua limpia proveniente del sistema lagunar Almoloya-Lerma-San

  10. San Antonio MICC and POM Personnel Properly Awarded and Administered the POM UESC, but Improved Procedures and Guidance Are Needed (United States)


    amend DFARS to clarify the contract terms for shared energy savings contract services. The rule proposes revising DFARS 241.103 by inserting a second...paragraph stating that contracting officers may enter into a shared energy savings contract5 for a period not to exceed 25 years. The public...Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESC),” March 13, 2014. 4 DFARS Case 2015-D018, “Contract Term Limit for Shared Energy Savings Contract Services

  11. Air Force Personalized Medicine Program Panel: Representative Research at the 59th Medical Wing San Antonio Military Medical Center (United States)


    Graduate Health Sciences Education (GHSE) (SGS O&M); SGS R&D; Tri-Service Nursing Research Program (TSNRP); Defense Medical Research & Development...the utilization of genetics , genomics, pharmacogenomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics tools to optimize prevention, diagnosis, early intervention...prevention strategies tailored to the individual genetic characteristics of each patient On July 8. 2015 the White House released for public comment a

  12. La biblioteca del convento de San Antonio de Padua de Lora del Río: libros de autor franciscano (1646

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez García, Rafael M.


    Full Text Available This paper analyses an important seventeenth-century conventual library in Spain. Specifically, the study is focused on the books written by franciscan monks that were in the monastery in 1646. The bibliographical work sheds some light on a scarcely known issue in the Early Modem Spain: the conventual libraries.

    Este artículo estudia una importante biblioteca conventual del siglo XVII. En concreto, se analizan los libros de autor franciscano conservados en 1646 en el convento franciscano de Lora del Río (Sevilla. Estos libros constituían un bloque individualizado dentro del conjunto de la biblioteca conventual. El trabajo bibliográfico de identificación se acompaña de un amplio análisis que arroja nueva luz sobre una parcela del conocimiento tan poco conocida como la de las bibliotecas conventuales de la Edad Moderna.

  13. Archaeological Investigations on the San Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in Connection with MX Facilities Construction. (United States)


    177 .................................... 3-62 TABLE OF CONTENTS (CONT’D) Chapter Page Gatehouse Project.............................. 3-64 SBa-1036...facilities on Vandenberg were both quite short, with virtually no lag-time between them, there was not the opportunity to divide the archaeological...horizontal shelter, the MAB, and a new gatehouse at the El Rancho Lateral entrance to the base. Major mitigation excavations were completed at the MAB

  14. Technical Proposal on the Treatment of the Influent of the José Antonio Alzate dam Using Aerobic Pond System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. López–Galván


    Full Text Available In México, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma River, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya–Lerma–San Bartolo timber–roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of México, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the José Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA, becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma River. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD5 was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter "k" and the number of dispersion "d", specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the BOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8 646, 70 m3/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surfaces than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity.

  15. Problematizing the "Taken for Granted" in Educational Issues: Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and Michel Foucault. (United States)

    Qi, Jie

    This paper explores how educators would raise different questions about educational issues by using Karl Marx's framework, Antonio Gramsci's conception, and Michel Foucault's notions, respectively. First, the paper compares the historical perspectives of Marx and Foucault. Marx concludes that history is a progressive linear production and that…

  16. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  17. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  18. Entrevista a Antonio Álamo: Dramaturgo y director del teatro Lope De Vega

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Valerio Durán


    Antonio Álamo es mucho más que un dramaturgo. Desde 2004 es el director del Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla, una faceta que deja entrever sus inquietudes por la escena teatral, la novela, y su pasión por los clásicos de siempre...

  19. Kaks vaadet ülikonnamoele / Antonio, Keyvan Bardi ; intervjueerinud Kaarin Kivirähk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae



    Baltmani peadisainer Antonio (Aivar Lätt) räägib ülikonnamoest ja ülikondade kandmisest, eritellimusteenusest Baltman Unique. Prantsuse kangatootja Dormeuili Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa regioonijuht Keyvan Bardi räägib kangatööstusest ja ülikonnakangastest

  20. Rimi juht : Citymarket kaob, hinnad alanevad / Antonio Soares ; interv. Toivo Tänavsuu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soares, Antonio


    Kesko Foodi ja ICA ühisettevõtte Rimi Balticu juht Antonio Soares ei pea võimalikuks Balti turu väiksuse tõttu Citymarketi kaubamärgi jätmist Eestisse. Citymarketid kujundatakse ümber Rimi Hüpermarketiteks

  1. Antonio Machado y Ruiz (1875-1939) / koost. ja tlk. Andres Ehin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Hispaania luuletajast Antonio Machadost. Sisaldab ka autori luuletusi "Vanasõnad ja laulud XXIX", "Kas mu süda on uinunud?", "Kõrgmaa laulud", "Tuul, toreda päeva tuul", "Eile öösel nägin und", "Neli luuletust"

  2. Un inmigrante entre extranjeros: Antonio Porchia como “gnomon” del misterio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Gasparini


    Full Text Available Focusing on linguistic and social aspects, this article analyses the poetic language of Antonio Porchia (Conflenti, 1885-Buenos Aires, 1963, Italian immigrant arrived in Buenos Aires in 1902 and author of aphorisms collected in a book titled Voces (1943, 1948 and 1965.

  3. El Área de Contabilidad de la UCLM y José Antonio Rojas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Javier Quesada Sánchez


    Full Text Available Breve historia de los cinco primeros cursos del Área de Contabilidad de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha con especial referencia a la dedicación y protagonismo del Profesor José Antonio Rojas Tercero, a quien se rinde homenaje.

  4. A la memoria de José Antonio Rojas Tercero, 1959-2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Miguel Fernández Fernández


    Full Text Available La revista recuerda la figura de José Antonio Rojas, Catedrático de Economía Financiera y Contabilidad dde la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha desde el punto de vista humani y profesional

  5. Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism in Manuel Antonio and Texel: a Tourist Perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cottrell, S.P.; Duim, van der V.R.; Ankersmid, P.; Kelder, L.


    This paper examines tourist perceptions of sustainability in Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Costa Rica and Texel, The Netherlands. It also reviews tourist opinions of site-specific sustainability aspects and assesses differences between tourist types and their perceptions of sustainability. The ecological

  6. Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program: A Collaboration between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, South Texas College, and Texas A&M University-Commerce. CBE Case Study (United States)

    Klein-Collins, Rebecca; Glancey, Kathleen


    This case study is part of a series on newer competency-based degree programs that have been emerging in recent years. In January 2014, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), South Texas College (STC), and Texas A&M University-Commerce (A&M Commerce) launched the Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program, the state's first…

  7. Water supply and needs for West Texas (United States)

    This presentation focused on the water supplies and needs of West Texas, Texas High Plains. Groundwater is the most commonly used water resources on the Texas High Plains, with withdrawals from the Ogallala Aquifer dominating. The saturation thickness of the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas is such that t...

  8. Estrategias para la seguridad alimentaria en zonas rurales secas: el caso de San Antonio de Coronados, Catorce, San Luis Potosí, México


    EYLEEN ALEJANDRA BARRALES CARVAJAL; Barrales Carvajal, Eyleen Alejandra


    Actualmente las áreas rurales campesinas presentan una alta inequidad de ingresos, vulnerabilidad ante las fuerzas del mercado, abandono creciente de alimentos tradicionales y desvalorización social del trabajo campesino. Ante este escenario surge el cuestionamiento sobre cómo las familias campesinas están enfrentando esta problemática y cómo satisfacen sus necesidades básicas, en particular las referentes a la alimentación, aspecto básico en el desarrollo de las capacidades de las personas y...

  9. 78 FR 34128 - Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, San Juan... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service...: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service, San Juan National Forest has completed an... Pueblo of Texas; and the Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation, New Mexico. History and description of the...

  10. Technical Training seminar: Texas Instruments

    CERN Multimedia


    Monday 6 November TECHNICAL TRAINING SEMINAR 14:00 to 17:30 - Training Centre Auditorium (bldg. 593) Texas Instruments Technical Seminar Michael Scholtholt, Field Application Engineer / TEXAS INSTRUMENTS (US, D, CH) POWER - A short approach to Texas Instruments power products Voltage mode vs. current mode control Differentiating DC/DC converters by analyzing control and compensation schemes: line / load regulation, transient response, BOM, board space, ease-of-use Introduction to the SWIFT software FPGA + CPLD power solutions WIRELESS / CHIPCON Decision criteria when choosing a RF platform Introduction to Texas Instruments wireless products: standardized platforms proprietary platforms ( 2.4 GHz / sub 1 GHz) development tools Antenna design: example for 2.4 GHz questions, discussion Industrial partners: Robert Medioni, François Caloz / Spoerle Electronic, CH-1440 Montagny (VD), Switzerland Phone: +41 24 447 0137, email:, Language: English. Free s...

  11. Water Finance Forum-Texas (United States)

    Regional Finance Forum: Financing Resilient and Sustainable Water Infrastructure, held in Addison, Texas, September 10-11, 2015.Co-sponsored by EPA's Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center and the Environmental Finance Center Network.

  12. 2001 Harris County, Texas Lidar (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set was received by the NOAA Coastal Services Center from the Texas Natural Resources Information System. The data was collected in October of 2001 by...

  13. Determination of nanogram per liter concentrations of volatile organic compounds in water by capillary gas chromatography and selected ion monitoring mass spectrometry and its use to define groundwater flow directions in Edwards Aquifer, Texas (United States)

    Buszka, P.M.; Rose, D.L.; Ozuna, G.B.; Groschen, G.E.


    A method has been developed to measure nanogram per liter amounts of selected volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including dichlorodifluoromethane, trichlorofluoromethane, cis-1,2-dichloroethene, trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and the isomers of dichlorobenzene in water. The method uses purge-and-trap techniques on a 100 mL sample, gas chromatography with a megabore capillary column, and electron impact, selected ion monitoring mass spectrometry. Minimum detection levels for these compounds ranged from 1 to 4 ng/L in water. Recoveries from organic-free distilled water and natural groundwater ranged from 70.5% for dichlorodifluoromethane to 107.8% for 1,4-dichlorobenzene. Precision was generally best for cis-1,2-dichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and the dichlorobenzene isomers and worst for dichlorodifluoromethane and trichlorofluoromethane. Blank data indicated persistent, trace-level introduction of dichlorodifluoromethane, 1,4-dichlorobenzene, and tetrachloroemene to samples during storage and shipment at concentrations less than the method reporting limits. The largest concentrations of the selected VOCs in 27 water samples from the Edwards aquifer near San Antonio, TX, were from confined-zone wells near an abandoned landfill. The results defined a zone of water with no detectable VOCs in nearly all of the aquifer west of San Antonio and from part of the confined zone beneath San Antonio.

  14. Calderas and mineralization: volcanic geology and mineralization in the Chianti caldera complex, Trans-Pecos Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duex, T.W.; Henry, C.D.


    This report describes preliminary results of an ongoing study of the volcanic stratigraphy, caldera activity, and known and potential mineralization of the Chinati Mountains area of Trans-Pecos Texas. Many ore deposits are spatially associated with calderas and other volcanic centers. A genetic relationship between calderas and base and precious metal mineralization has been proposed by some and denied by others. Steven and others have demonstrated that calderas provide an important setting for mineralization in the San Juan volcanic field of Colorado. Mineralization is not found in all calderas but is apparently restricted to calderas that had complex, postsubsidence igneous activity. A comparison of volcanic setting, volcanic history, caldera evolution, and evidence of mineralization in Trans-Pecos to those of the San Juan volcanic field, a major mineral producer, indicates that Trans-Pecos Texas also could be an important mineralized region. The Chianti caldera complex in Trans-Pecos Texas contains at least two calderas that have had considerable postsubsidence activity and that display large areas of hydrothermal alteration and mineralization. Abundant prospects in Trans-Pecos and numerous producing mines immediately south of the Trans-Pecos volcanic field in Mexico are additional evidence that ore-grade deposits could occur in Texas.

  15. Simulation of streamflow, evapotranspiration, and groundwater recharge in the Lower Frio River watershed, south Texas, 1961-2008 (United States)

    Lizarraga, Joy S.; Ockerman, Darwin J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District; the City of Corpus Christi; the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; the San Antonio River Authority; and the San Antonio Water System, configured, calibrated, and tested a watershed model for a study area consisting of about 5,490 mi2 of the Frio River watershed in south Texas. The purpose of the model is to contribute to the understanding of watershed processes and hydrologic conditions in the lower Frio River watershed. The model simulates streamflow, evapotranspiration (ET), and groundwater recharge by using a numerical representation of physical characteristics of the landscape, and meteorological and streamflow data. Additional time-series inputs to the model include wastewater-treatment-plant discharges, surface-water withdrawals, and estimated groundwater inflow from Leona Springs. Model simulations of streamflow, ET, and groundwater recharge were done for various periods of record depending upon available measured data for input and comparison, starting as early as 1961. Because of the large size of the study area, the lower Frio River watershed was divided into 12 subwatersheds; separate Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN models were developed for each subwatershed. Simulation of the overall study area involved running simulations in downstream order. Output from the model was summarized by subwatershed, point locations, reservoir reaches, and the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer outcrop. Four long-term U.S. Geological Survey streamflow-gaging stations and two short-term streamflow-gaging stations were used for streamflow model calibration and testing with data from 1991-2008. Calibration was based on data from 2000-08, and testing was based on data from 1991-99. Choke Canyon Reservoir stage data from 1992-2008 and monthly evaporation estimates from 1999-2008 also were used for model calibration. Additionally, 2006-08 ET data from a U.S. Geological Survey

  16. An Integrated Hydrogeologic and Geophysical Investigation to Characterize the Hydrostratigraphy of the Edwards Aquifer in an Area of Northeastern Bexar County, Texas (United States)

    Shah, Sachin D.; Smith, Bruce D.; Clark, Allan K.; Payne, Jason


    In August 2007, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, did a hydrogeologic and geophysical investigation to characterize the hydrostratigraphy (hydrostratigraphic zones) and also the hydrogeologic features (karst features such as sinkholes and caves) of the Edwards aquifer in a 16-square-kilometer area of northeastern Bexar County, Texas, undergoing urban development. Existing hydrostratigraphic information, enhanced by local-scale geologic mapping in the area, and surface geophysics were used to associate ranges of electrical resistivities obtained from capacitively coupled (CC) resistivity surveys, frequency-domain electromagnetic (FDEM) surveys, time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) soundings, and two-dimensional direct-current (2D-DC) resistivity surveys with each of seven hydrostratigraphic zones (equivalent to members of the Kainer and Person Formations) of the Edwards aquifer. The principal finding of this investigation is the relation between electrical resistivity and the contacts between the hydrostratigraphic zones of the Edwards aquifer and the underlying Trinity aquifer in the area. In general, the TDEM data indicate a two-layer model in which an electrical conductor underlies an electrical resistor, which is consistent with the Trinity aquifer (conductor) underlying the Edwards aquifer (resistor). TDEM data also show the plane of Bat Cave fault, a well-known fault in the area, to be associated with a local, nearly vertical zone of low resistivity that provides evidence, although not definitive, for Bat Cave fault functioning as a flow barrier, at least locally. In general, the CC resistivity, FDEM survey, and 2D-DC resistivity survey data show a sharp electrical contrast from north to south, changing from high resistivity to low resistivity across Bat Cave fault as well as possible karst features in the study area. Interpreted karst features that show relatively low resistivity within a relatively high

  17. Effects of Thalassinoides ichnofabrics on the petrophysical properties of the Lower Cretaceous Lower Glen Rose Limestone, Middle Trinity Aquifer, Northern Bexar County, Texas (United States)

    Golab, James A.; Smith, Jon J.; Clark, Allan K.; Blome, Charles D.


    The combined Edwards and Trinity aquifer system is the primary source of freshwater for the rapidly growing San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas. The karstic Lower Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) Lower Glen Rose Limestone (GRL) contains the middle Trinity aquifer and has been subdivided into six hydrostratigraphic units (HSUs) with distinct hydrologic characteristics. These HSUs were first identified in the subsurface via core examination at the Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA) in northern Bexar County, Texas and were then correlated to associated gamma-ray and resistivity logs. The Trinity aquifer system is a telogenetic karst and fluid flow is directed primarily through solution-enhanced faults, fractures, and pervasive Thalassinoides networks because matrix porosity of both transmissive and confining HSUs is very low. Meteoric water infiltrates the Trinity aquifer through vertically-oriented faults and likely moves laterally through biogenic pores. Two 7.62 cm diameter GRL cores and well logs from monitoring wells CS-MW9-CC and CS-MW5-LGR recovered from the CSSA were used to characterize the effect such large-scale Thalassinoides networks have on the petrophysical properties (resistivity and natural gamma-ray) of four HSUs (Honey Creek, Rust, Doeppenschmidt, and Twin Sisters HSUs). Resistivity logs show that resistance values > 300 Ω-m correlate with well-developed biogenic porosity and values of 650 Ω-m are associated with solution enhancement of the Thalassinoides networks. These high resistivity zones are cyclical and are identified in muddy confining units, even when no changes in lithology or karstic development are identified. Pervasive Thalassinoides networks act as starting points for wide spread dissolution and lead to advanced karst development in transmissive HSUs. Natural gamma-ray logs do not reflect hydrologic characteristics directly, but are inversely correlated to resistivity logs and display m-scale cyclicity. Resistivity logs suggest

  18. Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre: the forefather of child neurology in Brazil Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre o pai da neurologia infantil no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rubens Reimão


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To report on the life and works of Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre and the relevance that led him to be considered the Forefather of Child Neurology in Brazil. METHOD: The method utilized was the historical documents research; bibliographical. RESULTS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 was born in São Paulo city; graduated in 1941 from the São Paulo Medical School. The date - 1950 - can be considered when Child Neurology took shape for a fully specialty, when Lefèvre presented his two internationally acclaimed thesis. Lefèvre was recognized as he founder of Child Neurology in Brazil since the early years of his brilliant academic activities. In 1967 achieved the title of professor in the Child Neurology Clinic. His numerous trainees and Residents - from -1950 to 1981 - held today key positions in Brazilian Child Neurology. CONCLUSION: The extension and importance of the Child Neurology School of which he is the legitimate founder is recognized.OBJETIVO: Relatar a vida e obra do Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre e a relevância que leva a ser denominado o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil. MÉTODO: Pesquisa de documentos históricos e bibliográfica. RESULTADOS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 nascido em São Paulo; formou-se na Faculdade de Medicina de São Paulo em 1941. A data de 1950 pode ser considerada quando a Neurologia Infantil tornou-se uma especialidade completa quando Lefèvre defendeu suas duas teses aclamadas internacionalmente. Lefévre foi reconhecido como o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil desde os primeiros anos de sua carreira acadêmica brilhante. Em 1967 atingiu o título de Professor de Neurologia Clínica Infantil. Seus numerosos estagiários e Residentes - de 1950 a 1981 - têm hoje posições de destaque na Neurologia Infantil brasileira. CONCLUSÃO: É reconhecida a extensão e a relevância da escola de Neurologia Infantil da qual Lefèvre é o legítimo fundador.

  19. Diabetes in Combat: Effect of Military Deployment on Diabetes Mellitus in Air Force Personnel (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL WING (AETC) JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - LACKLAND TEXAS MEMORANDUM FOR SGOM5E ATTN: LT COL IRENE FOLARON...on Diabetes Mellitus in Air Force Personnel presented at/published to American Diabetes Association, Orlando, FL, 1 April 2017 & San Antonio...Military Deployment on Diabetes Mellitus in Active Duty Air Force Personnel 6. TITLE OF MATERIAL TO BE PUBLISHED OR PRESENTED: Diabetes in Combat: E

  20. A Laparoscopic Swine Model of Noncompressible Torso Hemorrhage (United States)


    2014;77: S77 S82. Copyright * 2014 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) KEY WORDS: Noncompressible torso hemorrhage; splenectomy; swine. Hemorrhage remains...Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas; email: DOI: 10.1097/TA.0000000000000385 Copyright © 2014 Lippincott Williams...laparoscopic liver injury on animal physiology, biochemistry , and mortality. The study con- sisted of two groups as follows: swinewith spleen (spleen

  1. Sympathetic Responses to Central Hypovolemia: New Insights from Microneurographic Recordings (United States)


    Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA 2 Department of Health and Kinesiology , The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA Edited...subjects in which LBNP was applied to the point of presyncope in all individuals. We classi- fied subjects as HT if they completed at least the −60...Physiological effects of locally applied reduced pressure in man. Physiol. Rev. 54, 566–595. Yatomi, A., Iguchi, A., Uemura, K., Sakamoto, N., Iwase, S., and

  2. Cellulite: a review with a focus on subcision


    Friedmann DP; Vick GL; Mishra V


    Daniel P Friedmann,1 Garrett Lane Vick,2 Vineet Mishra3 1Westlake Dermatology Clinical Research Center, Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, Austin, 2Department of Medicine, 3Division of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA Abstract: Cellulite is an alteration in skin topography most often found on the buttocks and posterolateral thighs of the majority of postpubertal females. This article aims to rev...

  3. Guided Bone Regeneration in Long-Bone Defects with a Structural Hydroxyapatite Graft and Collagen Membrane (United States)


    at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas. 3College of Dentistry , Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea. 4Institute for Biomaterials was not included in this study, because previous investigations in the mandible defects of beagle dogs have shown no difference in the bone...membranes: an experimental study in dogs . Clin Oral Implants Res 19, 402, 2008. 13. Schwarz, F., Herten, M., Ferrari, D., Wieland, M., Schmitz, L

  4. Sense

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foged, Isak Worre; Pasold, Anke


    COMPETITION SPONSORS SKIN is generously sponsored by Buro Happold through engineering support and the A. Zahner Co. is the competition’s fabrication sponsor. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TEX-FAB is generously supported in its mission of collecting, disseminating and generating information on digital...... fabrication within the Texas region by the University of Houston, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at San Antonio....

  5. Pictures to a story. Notes on Vita di San Filippo Neri at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Federica Vettori


    Full Text Available During the eighteenth century the venetian publishing knows a flowering season thanks to the involvement of great artists in the field of illustration. Pietro Antonio Novelli was one of the most prolific inventors of decorations for illustrated books. He sketched the illustrations of Vita di San Filippo Neri engraved by Innocente Alessandri and printed in Venice in 1793. At the Museum of Bassano del Grappa we can find a special watercolored edition: sixty large prints that tell, as if they were history paintings, the life of the saint.

  6. Chagas disease risk in Texas. (United States)

    Sarkar, Sahotra; Strutz, Stavana E; Frank, David M; Rivaldi, Chissa-Louise; Sissel, Blake; Sánchez-Cordero, Victor


    Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, remains a serious public health concern in many areas of Latin America, including México. It is also endemic in Texas with an autochthonous canine cycle, abundant vectors (Triatoma species) in many counties, and established domestic and peridomestic cycles which make competent reservoirs available throughout the state. Yet, Chagas disease is not reportable in Texas, blood donor screening is not mandatory, and the serological profiles of human and canine populations remain unknown. The purpose of this analysis was to provide a formal risk assessment, including risk maps, which recommends the removal of these lacunae. The spatial relative risk of the establishment of autochthonous Chagas disease cycles in Texas was assessed using a five-stage analysis. 1. Ecological risk for Chagas disease was established at a fine spatial resolution using a maximum entropy algorithm that takes as input occurrence points of vectors and environmental layers. The analysis was restricted to triatomine vector species for which new data were generated through field collection and through collation of post-1960 museum records in both México and the United States with sufficiently low georeferenced error to be admissible given the spatial resolution of the analysis (1 arc-minute). The new data extended the distribution of vector species to 10 new Texas counties. The models predicted that Triatoma gerstaeckeri has a large region of contiguous suitable habitat in the southern United States and México, T. lecticularia has a diffuse suitable habitat distribution along both coasts of the same region, and T. sanguisuga has a disjoint suitable habitat distribution along the coasts of the United States. The ecological risk is highest in south Texas. 2. Incidence-based relative risk was computed at the county level using the Bayesian Besag-York-Mollié model and post-1960 T. cruzi incidence data. This risk is concentrated in south Texas. 3. The

  7. Chagas disease risk in Texas.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sahotra Sarkar

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, remains a serious public health concern in many areas of Latin America, including México. It is also endemic in Texas with an autochthonous canine cycle, abundant vectors (Triatoma species in many counties, and established domestic and peridomestic cycles which make competent reservoirs available throughout the state. Yet, Chagas disease is not reportable in Texas, blood donor screening is not mandatory, and the serological profiles of human and canine populations remain unknown. The purpose of this analysis was to provide a formal risk assessment, including risk maps, which recommends the removal of these lacunae. METHODS AND FINDINGS: The spatial relative risk of the establishment of autochthonous Chagas disease cycles in Texas was assessed using a five-stage analysis. 1. Ecological risk for Chagas disease was established at a fine spatial resolution using a maximum entropy algorithm that takes as input occurrence points of vectors and environmental layers. The analysis was restricted to triatomine vector species for which new data were generated through field collection and through collation of post-1960 museum records in both México and the United States with sufficiently low georeferenced error to be admissible given the spatial resolution of the analysis (1 arc-minute. The new data extended the distribution of vector species to 10 new Texas counties. The models predicted that Triatoma gerstaeckeri has a large region of contiguous suitable habitat in the southern United States and México, T. lecticularia has a diffuse suitable habitat distribution along both coasts of the same region, and T. sanguisuga has a disjoint suitable habitat distribution along the coasts of the United States. The ecological risk is highest in south Texas. 2. Incidence-based relative risk was computed at the county level using the Bayesian Besag-York-Mollié model and post-1960 T. cruzi incidence data. This

  8. Los realismos en Beatus Ille de Antonio Muñoz Molina.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Papa Mamour Diop


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: This work deals with the current debate about reality and its literary and artistic expression: realism. In Beatus Ille, Antonio Muñoz Molina’s first novel, the fictional universe reveals three kinds of realism: the epic and elegiac realism, the historic realismand the magic realism. SPANISH: En este trabajo, abordamos el actual debate sobre la realidad y su expresión literaria y artística: el realismo. En Beatus Ille, primera novela de Antonio Muñoz Molina, eluniverso novelesco permite percibir tres tipos de realismos: el realismo épico elegiaco, el realismo histórico o contrafactual y el realismo mágico.

  9. Moms too young. (United States)


    Many efforts throughout Texas strive to connect teen mothers with vital resources. Many physicians work in state and local programs to promote effective, proven interventions for preventing pregnancy in adolescents. In the legislature, the Texas Medical Association endorses the agenda of the San Antonio-based Healthy Futures Alliance, a community coalition to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy.

  10. Genome Sequences of Four Acinetobacter baumannii-A. calcoaceticus Complex Isolates from Combat-Related Infections Sustained in the Middle East (United States)


    the Computational System Biology Core allhc Uni- versity of Texas at San Antonio and the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID...findings, and prognostic features. Clin. In- fect Dis. 22.:1026-1 032. 0.1 093/clinids/22.6.1 026. 8. Dy ME, Nord JA, LaBombardi

  11. 77 FR 42756 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Habitat Conservation Plan for Incidental Take of... (United States)


    ... Texas troglobitic water slater (Lirceolus smithii) in case they are listed during the duration of the..., and the Edwards Aquifer Authority; San Antonio Water Systems; City of New Braunfels, Texas; City of... Fish and Wildlife Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Habitat Conservation Plan for...

  12. Consistency Properties for Growth Model Parameters Under an Infill Asymptotics Domain (United States)


    80 Vita Major David T. Mills was born in San Antonio, Texas. A homeschooled student, he earned a GED in 1992, attended Palo Alto Community College ...the Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Growth Models with Unequally Spaced Correlated Observations . PhD dissertation, Texas A&M University, College

  13. 78 FR 58878 - Safety Zone; San Diego Shark Fest Swim; San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego Shark Fest Swim; San Diego Bay... Diego Shark Fest Swim. This safety zone is necessary to provide for the safety of the participants, crew... this rule because the logistical details of the San Diego Shark Fest Swim were not finalized nor...

  14. Interview de Antonio Ereditato de l'université de Bern

    CERN Multimedia


    “This result comes as a complete surprise,” said OPERA spokesperson, Antonio Ereditato of the University of Bern. “After many months of studies and cross checks we have not found any instrumental effect that could explain the result of the measurement. While OPERA researchers will continue their studies, we are also looking forward to independent measurements to fully assess the nature of this observation.”

  15. Spinoza «protobiologo». Emozioni e sentimenti secondo Antonio Damasio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariagrazia Portera


    Full Text Available My essay reconstructs the broad outline of Antonio Damasio's thought, with particoular reference to his book Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain (2003, where Damasio describes from a neurobiological point of view human feelings and emotions. In doing that, he highlights how most of the main outcomes of contemporary neurobiological research confirms Spinoza's conception about feelings and emotions (Ethica, 1677.

  16. A Dios al maestro. Luis Antonio Restrepo Arango 1938-2002

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darío Acevedo Carmona


    Full Text Available Nos hemos reunido hoy para realizar el ritual de despedida de Luis Antonio Restrepo Arango. No ha muerto un hombre cualquiera, ha muerto un gran maestro, intelectual destacado, buen amigo, cariñoso padre y compañero. Aunque como desgraciadamente estamos acostumbrados en este país a tantas muertes, tenemos que hacer un alto en el camino para pensar en el rico legado que nos deja.

  17. A reading of Antonio Tabucchi's Il filo dell'orizzonte | Wilson | Italian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Questa lettura de Il filo dell'orizzonte (1986) di Antonio Tabucchi esamina il percorso del protagonista, Spino, attraverso gli spazi di una città. La sua è una ricerca ossessiva delle “segrete ragioni” che guidano una vita. Nel tentativo di restituire l'esistenza ad un morto, Spino percepisce che la reciprocità del legame fra vita e ...

  18. Biblioteca gramsciana: os livros da prisão de Antonio Gramsci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lincoln Secco


    Full Text Available This article presents preliminary conclusions from research on the books read by Antonio Gramsci in the prison library. Although he had only a few books by Marxist authors at his disposal, Gramsci still was able to face the most important issues of his time. In addition, the article argues that in his Prison Notebooks, Gramsci analyzed these books and their publishers as a means of showing the link between culture and the public.

  19. José Antonio Ocampo : l'inclusion sociale et économique est ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    14 oct. 2015 ... Le développement rural est essentiel à la paix en Colombie, compte tenu du fait que le conflit qui perdure est principalement à caractère rural, a déclaré l'éminent économiste du développement, José Antonio Ocampo, lors d'une allocution qui a attiré un grand nombre de personnes, à Ottawa, le 25 ...

  20. Concentrations of selected constituents in surface-water and streambed-sediment samples collected from streams in and near an area of oil and natural-gas development, south-central Texas, 2011-13 (United States)

    Opsahl, Stephen P.; Crow, Cassi L.


    During 2011–13, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio River Authority and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, analyzed surface-water and streambed-sediment samples collected from 10 sites in the San Antonio River Basin to provide data for a broad range of constituents that might be associated with hydraulic fracturing and the produced waters that are a consequence of hydraulic fracturing. Among surface-water samples, all sulfide concentrations were less than the method detection limit of 0.79 milligrams per liter. Four glycols—diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and triethylene glycol—were analyzed for in surface-water samples collected for this study, and none were detected. Of the 91 semivolatile organic compounds analyzed for this study, there were six detections, all but one of which were in storm-runoff samples. The base-flow sample collected at the San Antonio River at Goliad, Tex. (SAR Goliad), site contained bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, a plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride and a constituent in hydraulic fracturing fluids. The storm-runoff samples collected at the San Antonio River near Elmendorf, Tex. (SAR Elmendorf), and Ecleto Creek at County Road 326 near Runge, Tex. (Ecleto 2), sites also contained bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate. The storm-runoff sample collected at the SAR Elmendorf site contained the plasticizer diethyl phthalate. Both storm-runoff samples collected at the Ecleto Creek near Runge, Tex. (Ecleto 1), and Ecleto 2 sites contained benzyl alcohol, a solvent commonly used in paints. Of the 67 volatile organic compounds analyzed in this study, there were a total of six detections, all of which were in base-flow samples. The surface-water sample collected at the SAR Elmendorf site contained bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and trichloromethane, all of which are disinfection byproducts associated with the chlorination of municipal water supplies and of treated municipal wastewater. The

  1. DNA contents in Texas bluegrass (Poa arachnifera) selected in Texas and Oklahoma determined by flow cytometry (United States)

    Texas bluegrass (Poa arachnifera Torr.) is a dioecious, perennial, cool-season grass native to southern Kansas, Oklahoma, western Arkansas and most of Texas. Its major use has been for forage on rangelands in Texas and Oklahoma. More recently, interspecific hybrids between Texas bluegrass and Kentuc...

  2. Regional Haze Plan for Texas and Oklahoma (United States)

    EPA partially approved and partially disapproved the Texas regional haze plan. EPA also finalized a plan to limit sulfur dioxide emissions from eight Texas coal-fired electricity generating facilities

  3. Texas Real Estate Curriculum Workshop Summary Report. (United States)

    Lyon, Robert

    The Texas Real Estate Research Center-Texas Education Agency (TRERC-TEA) curriculum workshop was attended by over 40 participants representing 26 Texas community colleges. These participants divided into eight small groups by real estate specialty area and developed curriculum outlines and learning objectives for the following real estate courses:…

  4. 75 FR 55975 - Safety Zone; San Diego Harbor Shark Fest Swim; San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego Harbor Shark Fest Swim; San Diego... Shark Fest Swim, consisting of 600 swimmers swimming a predetermined course. The sponsor will provide 26...; San Diego Harbor Shark Fest Swim; San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA. (a) Location. The following area is a...

  5. Upper Cretaceous molluscan record along a transect from Virden, New Mexico, to Del Rio, Texas (United States)

    Cobban, W.A.; Hook, S.C.; McKinney, K.C.


    Updated age assignments and new collections of molluscan fossils from lower Cenomanian through upper Campanian strata in Texas permit a much refined biostratigraphic correlation with the rocks of New Mexico and the Western Interior. Generic names of many Late Cretaceous ammonites and inoceramid bivalves from Texas are updated to permit this correlation. Strata correlated in the west-to-east transect include the lower Cenomanian Beartooth Quartzite and Sarten Sandstone of southwest New Mexico, and the Eagle Mountains Formation, Del Rio Clay, Buda Limestone, and. basal beds of the Chispa Summit, Ojinaga, and Boquillas Formations of the Texas-Mexico border area. Middle Cenomanian strata are lacking in southwestern New Mexico but are present in the lower parts of the Chispa Summit and Boquillas Formations in southwest Texas. Upper Cenomanian and lower Turonian rocks are present at many localities in New Mexico and Texas in the Mancos Shale and Chispa Summit, Ojinaga, and Boquillas Formations. Middle Turonian and younger rocks seem to be entirely nonmarine in southwestern New Mexico, but they are marine in the Rio Grande area in the Chispa. Summit, Ojinaga, and Boquillas Formations. The upper part of the Chispa Summit and Boquillas contain late Turonian fossils. Rocks of Coniacian and Santonian age are present high in the Chispa Summit, Ojinaga, and Boquillas Formations, and in the lower part of the Austin. The San Carlos, Aguja, Pen, and Austin Formations contain fossils of Campanian age. Fossils representing at least 38 Upper Cretaceous ammonite zones are present along the transect. Collections made in recent years in southwestern New Mexico and at Sierra de Cristo Rey just west of downtown El Paso, Texas, have been well treated and do not need revision. Taxonomic names and zonations published in the pre-1970 literature on the Rio Grande area of Texas have been updated. New fossil collections from the Big Bend National Park, Texas, allow for a much refined correlation

  6. Liberal Administration and Political Corruption: The Conflict between Real Colegio de San Pablo and Instituto Provincial of Valencia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carles Sirera


    Full Text Available The present paper examines the Spanish public schools inside the liberal educative system doing a detailed analysis of the Real Colegio de San Pablo of Valencia. The article studies this Real Colegio in order to point out the conflict provoked by political corruption, since Juan Bravo Murillo, a Spanish minister, appointed relatives to direction posts against the desires of Antonio Gil de Zárate, the founder of the Spanish liberal educative system. In this case, the struggle between personal interest of politicians and the necessities of the new and modern administration were related to the problematic issue of the model of high schools established by the State: elitist public schools or open educative institutes without boarding pupils. This conflict ended in favour of the common secondary education in open schools and, after the triumph of the Glorious Revolution in 1868, the Real Colegio de San Pablo was closed to finish with the malpractice of the management.

  7. Residential Energy Efficiency Potential: Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wilson, Eric J [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    Energy used by Texas single-family homes that can be saved through cost-effective improvements. Prepared by Eric Wilson and Noel Merket, NREL, and Erin Boyd, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis.

  8. South Texas Maquiladora Suppliers Project. (United States)

    Patrick, J. Michael

    This project was undertaken to assist South Texas industries in improving export to nearby Mexican maquiladoras (factories). The maquiladora program is based on co-production by two plants under a single management, one on each side of the border. Activities addressed four objectives: (1) to determine the dollar value, quantity, and source of the…

  9. 75 FR 38412 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA... zone on the ] navigable waters of San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks. This safety... San Diego POPS Fireworks, which will include fireworks presentations conducted from a barge in San...

  10. Red Tide off Texas Coast (United States)


    Red tides (algae) bloomed late this summer along a 300-mile stretch of Texas' Gulf Coast, killing millions of fish and shellfish as well as making some people sick. State officials are calling this the worst red tide bloom in 14 years. The algae produces a poison that paralyzes fish and prevents them from breathing. There is concern that the deadly algae could impact or even wipe out this year's oyster harvest in Texas, which usually peaks during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The red tides were first observed off the Texas coast in mid-August and have been growing steadily in size ever since. Red tides tend to bloom and subside rapidly, depending upon changes in wind speed and direction, water temperature, salinity, and rainfall patterns (as the algae doesn't do as well in fresher water). This true-color image of the Texas Gulf Coast was acquired on September 29, 2000, by the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) flying aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft. The red tide can be seen as the dark reddish discoloration in the ocean running southwest to northeast along the coast. In this scene, the bloom appears to be concentrated north and east of Corpus Christi, just off Matagorda Island. The image was made at 500-meter resolution using a combination of MODIS' visible bands 1 (red), 4 (green), and 3 (blue). The city of Houston can be seen clearly as the large, greyish cluster of pixels to the north and west of Galveston Bay, which is about mid-way up the coastline in this image. Also visible in this image are plumes of smoke, perhaps wildfires, both to the north and northeast of Houston. For more information about red tides, refer to the Texas Red Tide Web site. Image courtesy Andrey Savtchenko, MODIS Data Support Team, and the MODIS Ocean Team, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

  11. Literature Review for Texas Department of Transportation Research Project 0-4695: Guidance for Design in Areas of Extreme Bed-Load Mobility, Edwards Plateau, Texas (United States)


    Uvalde County Kerr County Gillespie County Bandera County Mason County Menard County 100°30’W 100°0’W 99°30’W 29°30’N 30°0’N 30°30’N TEXAS So uth Llan o R...the community of Lions Bay , British Columbia, from debris flows in Harvey Creek, a closed debris basin was built in the mid-1980s. The basin can...mitigation and control, San Francisco Bay area, California, in Costa, J.E., and Wieczorek, G.F., eds., Debris flow avalanches, process, recognition and

  12. The Crucifix Chapel of Aci Sant’Antonio: Newly discovered frescoes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonino Cosentino


    Full Text Available Abstract In this paper we present the discovery of a series of frescoes for the first time, revealed in 2012 during a restoration carried out in the Crucifix chapel in the Mother Church of Sant’Antonio in the town Aci Sant’Antonio (Catania, Sicily. The murals were preserved in each of the corners of the square chapel behind the XIX° century counter wall.  In this paper we also show the application of multispectral imaging (MSI and portable XRF spectroscopy (pXRF for the identification of pigments on this interesting case of painted murals.  Documentation from the 19th century remodeling is available, and when taken into account along with this case study, represents an interesting case of “terminus ante quem” (TAQ chronology since we are aware of the date when the last retouching to the square chapel walls could have been applied.  AbstractQuesto lavoro presenta per la prima volta la scoperta di una serie di affreschi effettuata nel 2012 durante il restauro della cappella del crocifisso nella chiesa madre di Aci Sant’Antonio, Sicilia. Le pitture murali si sono conservate in ognuno degli angoli della cappella quadrata dietro le contropareti aggiunte nel XIX secolo. In questo articolo si mostra anche l’applicazione combinata dell’imaging multispettrale (MSI e della spettroscopia di fluorescenza X portatile (pXRF per l’identificazione dei pigmenti su queste pitture murali da poco scoperte. Dopo una ricerca d’archivio, e’ stata ritrovata la documentazione degli interventi che hanno portato alla copertura degli affreschi nel XIX secolo. Dal momento che siamo al corrente dell’anno in cui gli ultimi interventi sugli affreschi possono essere stati eseguiti, questi murali rappresentano un interessante caso di  cronologia “terminus ante quem” (TAQ, in particolare per quel che riguarda l’uso dei pigmenti. 

  13. Presa de San Esteban

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Equipo Editorial


    Full Text Available En el número 73 de esta revista se publicó un artículo, que trataba sobre los aprovechamientos hidroeléctricos de la cuenca del río Sil. En este trabajo se hace referencia, únicamente, a la importante presa de San Esteban, obra que, por so altura de salto, caudales disponibles y embalse, es la de mayor producción de las de la referida cuenca. Su proyección en planta e« circular, tipo gravedad, de 115 m de altura, y su embalse, de 213 millones de metros cúbicos.

  14. Poética del cuadro ausente : poesía y pintura en Antonio Colinas


    Martínez Fernández, José Enrique


    Reflexión sobre la relación secular entre pintura y poesía a partir de textos poéticos contemporáneos. Problemática actual de la écfrasis, con aspectos como la representación, la ilusión referencial y la interpretación metafórica. Se estudian, finalmente, los contactos de un poeta de hoy, Antonio Colinas, con la pintura, tanto en sus ensayos como en su poesía

  15. De Virgilius a Vergilius. Poliziano y la bibliografía de Antonio de Nebrija

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Martín Baños


    Full Text Available On the ground of an wide sampling of Antonio de Nebrija’s works, this article studies the use by Nebrija of the form Vergilius (and Vergilio in Castilian, that from 1495 onwards comes to replace Virgilius-Virgilio by the influence of Angelo Poliziano. The analysis of this orthographic change allows to formulate some bibliographic hypothesis. Specially, the article reflects on the editorial process of some works, and questions if the Commentum to the poem In Ianum by Pietro Mártir d’Anghiera is actually written by Nebrija.

  16. Los avatares de la biblioteca privada de Nicolás Antonio (1687-1690

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Cuando fallece en Madrid Nicolás Antonio, el año de 1684, toda la fortuna que deja a sus herederos, son deudas; deudas a las que fundamentalmente le había llevado el afán investigador y publicista al que dedicó su vida entera. El único bien que le queda a sus deudos, será su colección particular de libros. Precisamente, lo que le sucede a la misma es el tema central de un documento manuscrito, inédito hasta ahora y que se encuentra depositado en la Biblioteca Universitaria Salmantina.

  17. Un oscuro protagonista dell’affaire Moro: Antonio Chichiarelli e il falso comunicato n. 7

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Landolfi


    Full Text Available The Aldo Moro kidnapping by the Red Brigades was the most dramatic moment of Italian Republic history. The conflict against institutions dragged the nation into a state of impending civil war, resulting in the population mood a daily sense of dread. In this specific episode comes up the criminal picture of Antonio Chichiarelli: Red Brigades fan, neo-fascist, informant, document forger for the Magliana gang and performer of the fake n. 7 announcement. The essay purpose wants to highlight the possible operating links that may have happened between the roman underworld, the Red Brigades and security agencies inside an event still pervaded by several and unsolved issues.

  18. La cultura en los países no desarrollados: sobre un libro de Antonio Tovar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Mercedes Carranza


    Full Text Available El profesor Antonio Tovar es una de las personas más importantes e interesantes de la España contemporánea. Importante en el ámbito científico como investigador, filólogo, traductor de clásicos, ensayista, pedagogo, conocedor en fin de todos los saberes que implican el conocimiento de treinta idiomas y dialectos, desde el indoeuropeo y el sánscrito hasta las lenguas indígenas del Paraná.

  19. Los Angeles og San Francisco

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ørstrup, Finn Rude


    Kompendium udarbejdet til en studierejse til Los Angeles og San Francisco april-maj 1998 Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Institut 3H......Kompendium udarbejdet til en studierejse til Los Angeles og San Francisco april-maj 1998 Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Institut 3H...

  20. Four years of REU in South Texas: Fostering the Participation of Hispanic Students in Marine Science Research (United States)

    Buskey, E. J.; Erdner, D.


    Our REU site is a ten-week summer program that is currently in its fourth year and has served 37 undergraduate students in that time. The range of environments present in south Texas, including barrier islands, estuaries and hypersaline lagoons, and the inherent climatic variability of the region make it an excellent natural laboratory for studying the effects of both natural and human-driven change. REU projects to date have focused on many of the pressing environmental concerns in the region, including the impacts of land use and freshwater demand on the transport of water and waterborne constituents to coastal waters, harmful algal blooms, effects of nutrient loads on coastal ecosystems, and hypoxia. The program begins with a 2 day research cruise that serves as an immediate introduction to local biota and methods in marine science, and it brings the students and mentors together as a group in a more informal setting. The students then carry out independent research projects under the mentorship of a faculty member, and attend workshops on responsible research, graduate school, and science careers. Our program also benefits from a close interaction with the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve, exposing the students to applied research of relevance to coastal management issues. One of the primary goals of our program is to foster the retention of underrepresented groups, particularly Hispanics, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields by increasing their participation in undergraduate research experiences. We have targeted Hispanic students because our institute is located in a state where 37% of the population is Hispanic, and in a region where the proportion of Hispanic students is even higher. Our recruiting efforts have included advertising the program via in-person presentations at minority serving institutions (UT El Paso, UT San Antonio), and on list-serves for professional societies and sites at minority serving


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Homero Vizeu Araújo


    Full Text Available ResumoEste ensaio comenta alguns aspectos do panoramada literatura brasileira dos anos 60 e70 apresentado por Antonio Candido em “A nova narrativa” (1979 e propõe a reavaliação do período, em particular dos romances publicados,a partir da ampliação dos esquemas explicativos de Candido e Roberto Schwarz.Palavras-chaveAntonio Candido; literatura brasileira; narrativa contemporânea; Rubem Fonseca; nacionalismo desenvolvimentista; Antônio Callado; Roberto Schwarz.

  2. Franco and José Antonio: Chief and Prophet of Spain. Construction of Charisma during the Civil War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Luisa RICO GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available This paper examines how the person of the general Francisco Franco and of the Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera were transfigured symbolically by means of the construction and spread of its charismatic image into the speech, the rites and the liturgies of the ‘new State’ during the civil war into Spain from 1936 to 1939. The charismatic thing like carrier of an essence transcendente appeared in a dual way between the exaltation of Franco, the Caudillo, hero recognized as political chief for his warlike exploits, and the worship in memory of Jose Antonio, prophet dedicated to the death as redeeming sacrifice of Spain.

  3. Antonio Rodríguez Huéscar y José Ortega y Gasset: Tres cartas


    Esteban Enguita, José Emilio; Lasaga Medina, José


    El objetivo principal de este artículo es comentar las cartas que se enviaron Antonio Rodríguez Huéscar y José Ortega y Gasset entre 1942 y 1943. Dichas cartas se incluyen en el artículo. The principal aim of this paper is to comment on the letters which Antonio Rodríguez Huéscar and José Ortega y Gasset sent each other between 1942 and 1943. The above said letters are included in the paper

  4. A tradição esquecida: estudo sobre a sociologia de Antonio Candido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jackson Luiz Carlos


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende avaliar a importância de Antonio Candido nas Ciências Sociais brasileiras e a relação entre Sociologia e crítica literária na obra do autor. Nesse sentido, Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito (tese defenfida em 1954 na USP, publicada em livro em 1964 é filiado ao ensaísmo e aproximado de Formação da Literatura Brasileira (1959. Discute-se em que medida Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito deve ser lido como monografia antropológica e produto acadêmico da FFCL/USP e/ou como interpretação mais ampla da formação social brasileira. Nossa hipótese afirma que o livro responde, apesar da evidente distância temática, à mesma preocupação que orientou a redação de Formação da Literatura Brasileira, apontando para uma unidade interna à diversidade da produção intelectual de Antonio Candido, o que a vincula a problemas típicos da tradição ensaística brasileira.

  5. Music in the word: La noche del incendio, by Antonio Aguilar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabel Abellán Chuecos


    Full Text Available Music in literature can be approached from different angles. In the case of the collection of poems La noche del incendio, by Antonio Aguilar, we find music as form, melody, rhythm and theme, without forgetting that poetry itself involves music. We intend to approach the work of Antonio Aguilar from this interdisciplinary and interartistic perspective. The importance of music whether it is heard, produced in various ways, sung, hummed, heard on the radio... appears repeatedly among the author’s verses. We thus intend to address this collection and provide an overview of the ways that recent literary works are taking and how they show, among other issues, this interrelation between music and literature whereby they somehow “hug” and merge to become a single entity. To do this, we will follow the parameters postulated since the times of Horatio with his maxim "ut pintura poesis" and the Trattato della Pittura by Leonardo Da Vinci, together with relevant ideas from Literary Theory which examine this relationship between the arts.

  6. Juan Gómez de Mora, Antonio Mancelli y Cassiano dal Pozzo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbeito, José Manuel


    Full Text Available When in 1626 Cardinal Barberini arrived in Madrid, one of the rooms in his chambers in the Casas del Tesoro was decorated with a group of maps and plans. Thanks to new documentation in the Royal Palace Archive, we have a description of these works and know that they were purchased from Antonio Mancelli through the intervention of Gómez de Mora. Given that Cassiano dal Pozzo, a passionate collector of drawings and prints was one of the members of the Cardinal’s legation, the author analyses the relationship among these three personages, with the city of Madrid as the stage, and for which precisely Mancelli created the first urban planimetry.Cuando en 1626 vino a Madrid el cardenal legado Barberini, una de las estancias de su aposento en las Casas del Tesoro se decoró con un conjunto de mapas y planos. Gracias a nueva documentación del Archivo de Palacio poseemos una descripción de estas obras y sabemos que se compraron a Antonio Mancelli por intermedio de Gómez de Mora. Dado que entre los miembros de la legación se encontraba Cassiano dal Pozzo, apasionado coleccionista de dibujos y grabados, el artículo analiza la relación entre estos tres personajes. Y lo hace sobre el escenario de una ciudad, Madrid, que deberá precisamente a Mancelli su primera planimetría urbana.

  7. Carnaval de Sodoma de Pedro Antonio Valdez: retratos y vestiduras travestis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Penenrey Navarro


    Full Text Available El travestimiento y las identidades queer son temas obviados y desentendidos por la crítica literaria que la novela Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, del escritor dominicano Pedro Antonio Valdez, ha merecido hasta el momento. A través del surgimiento de tres personajes travestidos de la obra —Tora, el Barón del cementerio-La Fortunata y Changsán- Princesa de Jade— examinaremos cómo la acción travesti desestabiliza el imaginario de naturalización y de complementariedad que el discurso normativo ha asignado a los géneros tradicionales (masculino/femenino, y repensaremos nociones como género y sexualidad, comúnmente establecidas por el pensamiento heterocentrado como entidades fijas e inmutables. Cross-dressing and queer identities constitute themes that are ignored and neglected by the literary critic that the novel Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, by Dominican writer Pedro Antonio Valdez has had until now. We will analyze three transvestite characters —Tora, the Baron of the graveyard-La Fortunata and Changsán-Princess of Jade— and examine how the transvestite action destabilize the naturalization and complementarization imaginary that the normative discourse has assigned to the traditional genders (masculine/femenine. We will rethink notions such as gender and sexuality, usually established by the heterocentered thought as fixe and immutable entities.

  8. Archaeometric studies in the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio - Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Azevedo, Renata L.; Asfora, Viviane K.; Ribeiro, Guilherme B.; Ferreira, Joao Victor C.; Khoury, Helen J. [Department of Nuclear Energy, Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Sullasi, Henry S.L. [Department of Archeology, Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Rego, Nuno Jose S.; Mello, Jose Aylton C. de [Nucleo de Integracao Social e Pesquisa - NISPE, Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The purpose of this paper is to characterize the tiles placed on the walls of the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio (Recife-PE) and to obtain information about the several expansions and structural reforms performed on the convent by dating the bricks. For this purpose, a portable energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) was used to characterize the tiles. The dating of the bricks was performed using the Thermoluminescence (TL) technique. The results of the EDXRF analysis show that the dominant component of the white pigment is Lead [2PbCO{sub 3}.Pb (OH){sub 2}], used since the ancient times until the twentieth century, while the dominant element of the blue pigment is Cobalt (CoO.Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}), that has been used from 1807 until nowadays. The TL dating of bricks indicate that there were walls with different periods of construction, being one built around 1765, with a deviation of 28 years, whereas other was built later, around 1874, with a deviation of 15 years. These results provide new data towards understanding how and when the Recife Franciscan Convent of Santo Antonio was designed and built, contributing to other research works presently underway on site. (author)

  9. Antonio E. Puente: Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice. (United States)


    Presents Antonio E. Puente as the 2011 winner of the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice. "For his decades of efforts to enhance the recognition of psychologists in providing health care services, through his work with the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Panel to develop and maintain appropriate CPT codes for the breadth of professional practice; for his willingness to participate in litigation establishing the expertise of neuropsychologists to testify in court about their findings; for his tireless work in cross-cultural assessment relative to criminal trials; for his leadership of professional societies in clinical neuropsychology; for his promotion of legislation and policy at all levels of government; and for his countless other contributions to the enhancement of independent practice in psychology. Antonio Puente is a far-thinking visionary who freely shares his knowledge to improve the quality of psychological practice and the reimbursement system that attests to the worth of the profession. He is the very embodiment of the psychologist for whom this award is intended." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved).

  10. Tradición y modernidad en la obra de Antonio López = Tradition and Modernity in Antonio López’s works

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Ruiz de Loizaga Martín


    Full Text Available Resumen: A lo largo de su trayectoria artística, son muchas y muy variadas las influencias que ha recibido Antonio López hasta emerger como el principal representante del realismo español. Esas fuentes tan diversas –pintores del Trecento y el Quattrocento, el cubismo, el surrealismo, la pintura metafísica, el mundo clásico, el arte español, Velázquez, Vermeer, etc.– reflejan su progresiva evolución pictórica, que no presenta rupturas, y evidencian la admiración que siente hacia otros artistas y su conocimiento de la historia del arte antiguo y contemporáneo. Asimismo, algunas de sus obras, como sus vistas aéreas, sugieren su comparación con el impresionismo. El papel que juega la fotografía es un elemento fundamental en esta comparativa. La admiración que despierta no es sólo a nivel profesional, sino también humano. A través de las entrevistas, el receptor es consciente de la humanidad de este genio y del sentido e intención última de su obra.Abstract: Antonio López has been the recipient of many different influences throughout his artistic career, crowned by the unofficial title of main figure of Spanish Realism. These sources, that range from Trecento and Quattrocento paintings to Cubism, Surrealism, metaphysical painting, the classic world, Spanish art, Velázquez or Vermeer show a steady pictorial development and demonstrate his admiration for other artists and his knowledge of Ancient and Contemporary art history. In addition, his aerial views can be compared with Impressionism. Photography’s role is a basic element in this comparison. His works trigger the admiration both from a technical and a human point of view. By the interviews, the public is aware of the humanity of this genius as well as the meaning and the final intention of his work.

  11. Oceanographic measurements from the Texas Automated Buoy System (TABS) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Texas Automated Buoy System contains daily oceanographic measurements from seven buoys off the Texas coast from Brownsville to Sabine. The Texas General Land...

  12. Antonio Mollari e l’architettura nelle Marche dal Neoclassico al Purismo / Antonio Mollari and architecture in Marche region from Neoclassicism to Purism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Mariano


    The early architectural "functionalist" Neoclassicism introduced in the Papal State by the genius of Vanvitelli, with his early works in the Marches, had defined a new design language and a particular simplified taste in architectural decorum, played on the widespread use of clay enriched with essential emphases stone, which will affect the architectural production in the Marches to beyond the eighteenth century. The Napoleonic invasion (1797 will shake the backwardness of the state papal introducing new modern principles of land management and planning, mapping and cadastral new tools, new types of architecture-related services, new roles assigned to public engineers and architects. Linearity, proportion and good taste became theoretical assumptions; constructive correctness and rational correspondence between functions and plans became the yardstick; a serene simplification of forms constantly connected to the economic program was married with recovery of the classical models and Vitruvian read back through the mediation treatises of Vignola and especially of Palladio. All news largely implemented after the Restoration of the Papal rule, where the professional figure of Antonio Mollari, after his exploits in the new Stock Exchange Building in Trieste, is inserted in the vein of architectural Purism. It was "more than a passing circumvention the neoclassical experience", it was a final declination of the broader cultural movement of the European neoclassical, by now exhausted, placed in a few decades, until the papacy of Pius IX, and before the next eclectic anthology of historical revivals.

  13. Mercury poisoning associated with beauty cream--Texas, New Mexico, and California, 1995-1996. (United States)


    The Texas Department of Health (TDH), New Mexico Department of Health (NMDH), and San Diego County Health Department (SDCHD) recently investigated three cases of mercury poisoning among persons who had used a beauty cream produced in Mexico. The investigations implicated the beauty cream as the source of the mercury. The cream, marketed as "Crema de Belleza--Manning," lists "calomel" (mercurous chloride) as an ingredient and was found to contain 6%-8% mercury by weight. This report summarizes the ongoing investigation of these and other possible cases.

  14. [Comment on the "medical-legal report of the 1865 smallpox epidemic in Valparaiso" by Doctor Manuel Antonio Carmona]. (United States)

    Laval, Enrique


    We transcribe and comment on the report about the smallpox epidemic in Valparaiso in 1865, developed by Dr. Manuel Antonio Carmona. At that time, it was considered as an important contribution to epidemiology and clinical prevention of the disease. It gave rules about the management "of smallpox at home", highlighting mechanisms of transmission of this eruptive infectious disease.

  15. Rio de Janeirost Tallinna, 75 kraadi Celsiuse järgi / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; tõlk. Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Juhendaja Antonio Claudio Carvalho Eesti Kunstiakadeemia üliõpilastele toimunud maalimeistriklassist "Ava oma silmad" ja lõpunäitusest Eesti Kunstiakadeemia galeriis. Enne näitust näitasid üliõpilased tööd, mida nad ise pidasid parimaks, kunstikriitik Heie Treierile

  16. El mayor laboratorio en física del mundo Juan Antonio Rubio, candidato a dirigir el CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    The spanish Government presented last Friday at the CERN Council Juan Antonio Rubio, as candidate for the post of Director General of CERN. It's the first time that the spanish Government proposes a candidate for the Direction of this international research center. (2/3 page)

  17. Antonio de Mendoza; First Viceroy of Mexico. The Tinker Pamphlet Series for the Teaching of Mexican American Heritage. (United States)

    Miller, Hubert J.

    As Mexico's first viceroy, Antonio de Mendoza's most noteworthy achievement was his laying the basis of colonial government in New Spain which continued, with modifications, for 300 years. Although he was lenient in dealing with the shortcomings of his Indian and Spanish subjects, he took a firm stand in dealing with the rebellious Indians in the…

  18. Antonio Carlos Secchin, o poeta como crítico ou o crítico como poeta.


    Luís Jobim, José


    Neste artigo, tratarei  da obra poética de Antonio Carlos Secchin , um escritor cuja atividade como crítico literário teve amplo conhecimento em todo Brasil, mas cuja poesia até agora não recebeu a devida atenção.

  19. Riparian Habitat - San Joaquin River (United States)

    California Department of Resources — The immediate focus of this study is to identify, describe and map the extent and diversity of riparian habitats found along the main stem of the San Joaquin River,...

  20. Angiostrongylus cantonensis Meningitis and Myelitis, Texas, USA. (United States)

    Al Hammoud, Roukaya; Nayes, Stacy L; Murphy, James R; Heresi, Gloria P; Butler, Ian J; Pérez, Norma


    Infection with Angiostrongylus cantonensis roundworms is endemic in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Basin. A. cantonensis meningitis and myelitis occurred in summer 2013 in a child with no history of travel outside of Texas, USA. Angiostrongyliasis is an emerging neurotropic helminthic disease in Texas and warrants increased awareness among healthcare providers.

  1. Razonamiento a priori y argumento ontológico en Antonio Rosmini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan F. Franck


    Full Text Available Rosmini’s criticism of the ontological argument finds its place between those of Aquinas and of Kant. With the former he shares the denial of the evidence of God’s essence quoad nos, and with the latter, his acknowledgment of the decisive character of the nucleus of the ontological argument for all other proofs of God’s existence. Such nucleus consists for Rosmini in the possibility of developing an a priori reasoning, different from the ontological one, be it in its Anselmian, Cartesian or Leibnizian form, which would justify the validity of the other proofs and the fascination exercised by the ontological argument. Key words: A Priori Reasoning, Ontological Argument, Antonio Rosmini.

  2. Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial: Entrevista con Antonio Benítez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asier Arias


    Full Text Available Antonio Benítez, profesor de Lógica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha dedicado buena parte de su labor docente e investigadora a la inteligencia artificial y a la filosofía de la mente y de la ciencia cognitiva. Recientemente ha publicado una obra en tres volúmenes titulada Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial (el tercer volumen, dedicado a la inteligencia artificial bioinspirada, aparecerá en los próximos meses. La misma ofrece una guía práctica de introducción a la programación en inteligencia artificial de clara y cabal factura, además de una cuidada introducción a los aspectos teóricos de la disciplina. En esta entrevista nos habla de esta obra y de la ciencia cognitiva en general.

  3. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  4. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  5. Dispersal and effects of the Antonio Gramsci oil spill in the Stockholm archipelago

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Notini, M.; Mattsson, J.; Linden, O.


    In February 1979 the Russian tanker Antonio Gramsci grounded outside Lettland; 6000 tons of oil were spread in the Baltic. A part of this was passed to the Swedish coast by easterly winds. Effects of the oil have been studied. The greatest effects were observed on organisms living by the seashore, especially crustaceans, which were in direct contact with the oil. The oil had been in the water quite a long time before it reached the Swedish coast. The most poisoning components (volatile aromatics) were not present, and the effects were limited. In some places cleaning caused damages because of the steam used. Fish from the area contained more oil than normal. In mussels there was no excess oil.

  6. Recharged or modified-connate water in a carbonate bed within an evaporite aquitard, Texas panhandle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dutton, A.R.; Kreitler, C.W.


    Hydraulic-head data and numerical modeling suggest that ground water in the Palo Duro Basin area of the Texas Panhandle has leaked downward through a Permian evaporite-carbonate-shale aquitard. Chemical composition of brine in a carbonate bed of the San Andres Formation within the aquitard gives ambiguous evidence of ground-water leakage. San Andres ground water varies chemically from potable Ca-HCO/sub 3/- and Ca-SO/sub 4/-type waters in the nonhalitic sections of the San Andres Formation below the Pecos Plains of eastern New Mexico to Na-Ca-Cl brine within the Palo Duro Basin. The composition of the 336 to 384 g/L brine can be explained by solution of dolomite, anhydrite, and halite, accompanied by exchange of some sodium for calcium. The brine is near oxygen isotopic equilibrium with San Andres dolomite. Problems with this recharged-water explanation are identification of the water-rock reaction that replaces dissolved sodium with calcium and the reaction that enriches deltaD of San Andres brine by 30 per thousand to 40 per thousand relative to modern regional meteoric water. Problems with explaining San Andres brine as modified-connate water are that hydraulic-head data and numerical modeling suggest leakage occurs and that ion ratios in brine differ from ion ratios in evaporatively concentrated, diagenetically modified seawater. However, because leakage rates are slow and variable, some modified-connate brine could be mixed with leaking recharged water, making interpretation difficult. Leakage rate and extent of flushing of old brine depend on whether flow is through fractures or through intergranular pore space in the evaporite aquitard.

  7. Arte e movimento estudantil: análise de uma obra de Antonio Manuel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artur Freitas


    Full Text Available Podem as manifestações visuais, e no limite a própria visualidade, participar crítica e reflexivamente dos grandes debates do espaço público? Em linhas gerais, é justamente a crença nesse poder de intervenção crítica que manteve acesa, no caso das artes plásticas, uma intensa atividade pública, contestatória e coletiva das vanguardas brasileiras durante o regime militar, sobretudo em seus primeiros anos de vigência. E é a partir desse contexto histórico que este artigo pretende analisar algumas implicações estéticas e ideológicas presentes na obra Movimento estudantil 68, serigrafia de Antonio Manuel premiada no Salão Paranaense de 1968. Produzida em plena efervescência política do movimento estudantil, mas exibida ao público nos primeiros dias de vigência do Ato Institucional nº 5, Movimento estudantil 68 será aqui entendida como uma trama discursiva em que se cruzam história e visualidade.Can the visual manifestations participate critic and reflexively of the great debates of the public space? Usually, during the first years of military regime, the plastic arts believed in this participation, and this faith sustained the public, oppositional and collective activity of the Brazilian vanguards. In this historical context, therefore, this article will analyze some aesthetic and ideological implications presents in the work Movimento estudantil 68, engraving of Antonio Manuel rewarded in the Salão Paranaense of 1968. Movimento estudantil 68 was produced in the political effervescence peak of student movement, but it was exhibited for the public in the first days ofAct Institutional number 5.Thus, this art work will be understood here as a discursive plot, a crossing between history and visuality.

  8. Francisco Antonio Zea: periodista, botánico y político

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soto Arango, Diana E.


    Full Text Available This work analyzes the journalistic facet of Francisco Antonio Zea, whose first article, «Avisos de Hebephilo», was published in 1791 in the Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogotá. His interest for the press shows at his stage of student in the National Institute of France, but won't be up to 1803, at his return to Madrid, when he proves his talent for the organization and journalistic administration on The Mercury and on the Gazette de Madrid. Later on, being manager of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, he shares the management of the Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, and, finally, in 1818 establishes and directs the Venezuelan Correo del Orinoco.

    Este trabajo analiza la faceta periodística de Francisco Antonio Zea, cuyo primer artículo, «Avisos de Hebephilo», se publicó en 1791 en el Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogota. Su interés por la prensa se manifiesta en su etapa de estudiante en el Instituto Nacional de Francia, pero no será hasta 1803, a su regreso a Madrid, cuando evidencie sus dotes para la organización y dirección periodísticas en El Mercurio y en la Gaceta de Madrid. Posteriormente, siendo director del Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, comparte la dirección del Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, y, finalmente, en 1818 funda y dirige el venezolano Correo del Orinoco.

  9. Antonio Saura, ilustrador de Círculo de Lectores: El Nuevo Pinocho (1994

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jimeno Revilla, Raquel


    Full Text Available Under the direction of Hans Meinke (1981 to 1997, Círculo de Lectores, the most relevant book club in Spain, decided to commit their policy to a philosophy of cultural diffusion, based on quality editions, thereby sharing with other European book clubs their spirit of graphic innovation. To this end, Meinke and his team gradually built a network of artists, writers and other figures of intellectual status, among whom Antonio Saura stands out as the most direct contributor. For Círculo de Lectores, Saura carried out some of his most outstanding illustrated works, such as The New Pinocchio. This article focuses on this book given its singularity in both graphic and chromatic terms within the painter’s overall production.Bajo la dirección de Hans Meinke entre 1981 y 1997, Círculo de Lectores, club del libro más relevante dentro del panorama español, decide apostar por una filosofía de difusión cultural basada en las ediciones de calidad, compartiendo con otros clubes del libro europeos el espíritu de innovación gráfica. Para ello, Meinke y su equipo de trabajo van construyendo paulatinamente una red de artistas, escritores y otras figuras de la clase intelectual, entre los que destaca Antonio Saura como colaborador más directo. Dentro de Círculo de Lectores, Saura realizará algunos de sus trabajos más destacados en su faceta de ilustrador, como El nuevo Pinocho, en cuyo análisis está centrado este artículo debido a la singularidad que, tanto a nivel gráfico como cromático, representa dentro de la producción del pintor

  10. Environmental assessment : Rodent control program : San Joaquin river levee : San Luis National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Lower San Joaquin Levee District (LSJLD) requires that six miles of levee situated along the San Joaquin River on San Luis National Wildlife Refuge (SLNWR) be...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar R. Gómez


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat con el objeto de insertar en el pensamiento crítico budista a quien se considera el primer occidental iniciado en la filosofía tántrica e impulsor de ésta en Occidente a través de la Compañía de Jesús. Para ello, primero se hace un recorrido histórico que pone en foco cómo el budismo es desplazado de la India y se refugia entre las poblaciones de Asia central como la etnia Uigur en la actual Turquestán, cómo es adoptado por los emperadores chinos y se expande a lo largo de toda la Ruta de la Seda. La combinación del budismo indio con influencias occidentales (grecobudismo dio origen a diversas escuelas budistas en Asia Central y en China. Luego se caracteriza en forma sintética la versión esotérica que adquiere el budismo (el tantra y que se consolida en el siglo VIII en el Tíbet como budismo vajrayana (tántrico. Ésta es la forma de budismo que toman los gobernantes, que promueve la igualdad completa de personas y género, la idea del sujeto como una construcción de la cultura y la noción de deidades metafóricas —útiles para modelar el carácter de las personas pero de absoluta inexistencia— además del postulado budista de verdad relativa. Esta visión no teísta —o transteísta, como Gómez la prefiere llamar— se reflejaba en la total tolerancia religiosa del imperio Chino, Uigur y Mongol, que garantizaba la seguridad y el libre intercambio por la Ruta de la Seda. Es esta visión de sujetos no divididos en castas ni diferenciados por sangre lo que maravilla a de Montserrat al decir que los tibetanos “no tienen reyes entre sí” e inflama la avidez de quienes viajaron especialmente (a partir de los escritos de éste a iniciarse en el budismo tántrico tibetano como los jesuitas Antonio de Andrade y Juan de Brito. El tercer apartado se dedica de lleno a la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat y a precisar su contacto con el tantra. Abstract This

  12. Letteratura tecnica e formazione degli architetti ai tempi di Antonio Mollari / Technical literature and architects training in Antonio Mollari’s times

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Gambuti


    Full Text Available Nel corso del Settecento, nella letteratura tecnica, a seguito della critica razionalista del pensiero illuminista, cominciano a comparire principî scientifici per migliorare la formazione degli architetti. Nel 1764 Girolamo Fonda, matematico, pubblica gli Elementi di Architettura civile e militare e dedica la prima parte alla “Sodezza delle fabbriche”, premettendo le regole costruttive alla convenienza e all’estetica. Francesco Milizia avvia i Principj di Architettura civile (1781 con i temi della bellezza e della comodità, ma, nella terza parte, tratta della solidità con citazioni di meccanica, fisica e ingegneria. Qualche anno dopo (1788, Girolamo Masi stampa, per la “gioventù romana”, Teoria e Pratica dell’Architettura civile; seguendo il metodo del Fonda e continuando l’opera del Milizia egli propone nozioni sui materiali e sulle “resistenze” con il sussidio di illustrazioni e tabelle. Nel 1772 era stato ristampato il Manuale… di Giovanni Branca con la revisione di Leonardo de Vegni, dilettante di architettura; una notevole utilità didattica apportarono le incisioni di Giovan Battista Cipriani, allegate ai Principj… del Milizia (1800 e le Osservazioni ed aggiunte di Giovanni Antonio Antolini alla stessa opera (1817. All’inizio dell’Ottocento, l’Architettura pratica di Giuseppe Valadier dette un incremento alla formazione professionale degli architetti per mezzo di lezioni teoriche e disegni di procedimenti ed attrezzature per i costruttori di edifici. During the XVIIIth century, in the technical treatises, owing to the rationalist criticism of the Enlightenment movement, scientific principles begin to appear in order to improve the education of the architects. In 1764 Girolamo Fonda, a mathematician, publishes Elementi di Architettura civile e militare and gives up the first part to the “Solidity of Buildings”, putting before the construction rules to the convenience and beauty. Francesco Milizia opens

  13. Costo institucional de la crisis hipertensiva en el policlínico "Antonio Maceo" Institutional cost of hypertensive crisis in the "Antonio Maceo" polyclinic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yosvany Tabares Silverio


    Full Text Available Introducción: la hipertensión arterial afecta la salud de las poblaciones en todas las partes del mundo. Representa por sí misma una enfermedad y también un factor de riesgo para otras afecciones cardiovasculares. Su impacto es en el área de la epidemiología, la salud pública, y en el aspecto económico. Objetivo: determinar el costo institucional de la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva en el servicio urgencia del policlínico "Antonio Maceo" de La Habana en el primer semestre del año 2008. Métodos: se realizó un estudio del tipo de descripción de costos. El enfoque metodológico utilizado fue el costo de la enfermedad, siguiendo los pasos recomendados en la Guía Metodológica para las Evaluaciones Económicas en Salud en Cuba. Los costos fueron expresados en pesos cubanos no convertibles del año 2008. La perspectiva de análisis adoptada fue la institucional. El universo de estudio estuvo constituido por 216 pacientes. En el cálculo del costo total institucional se consideraron las variables: costo por medicamentos, por medios diagnósticos, por salarios, entre otras. Resultados: se estudiaron 209 pacientes con urgencia hipertensiva (96,8 % y 7 con emergencia hipertensiva (3,2 %. El costo total de la atención del paciente con crisis hipertensiva ascendió a 5 451,68 pesos en moneda nacional y el costo promedio por paciente fue de 25,23. Conclusiones: el costo mayor en la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva estuvo relacionado con el salario directo. La adecuada dispensarización y tratamiento de los pacientes hipertensos pudiera disminuir el costo de la atención médica.Introduction: high blood pressure affects the health of populations at world scale. By itself represent a disease and a risk factor for other cardiovascular affections. Its impact is on the epidemiology, public health areas and in the economic feature. Objective: to determine the institutional cost of the patient care with hypertensive crisis

  14. Characterization of the grafting copolymer EPDM-SAN; Caracterizacao do copolimero de enxertia EPDM-SAN

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turchette, Renato; Felisberti, Maria Isabel [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica]. E-mail:


    This work aims the characterization of the grafting copolymer EPDM-SAN. This copolymer presents a fraction of free SAN chains, which was extracted by solubilization in chloroform followed of precipitation of the grafting copolymer EPDM-g-SAN in acetone. The EPDM-SAN and EPDM-g-SAN were characterized by {sup 13}C NMR, DSC, TGA and SEM. EPDM-SAN contain 23 wt% of free SAN and 77 wt% of EPDM-g-SAN. Both materials are heterogeneous and the thermal and thermo-oxidative degradation are independent of the composition. (author)

  15. 33 CFR 165.804 - Snake Island, Texas City, Texas; mooring and fleeting of vessels-safety zone. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Snake Island, Texas City, Texas... Guard District § 165.804 Snake Island, Texas City, Texas; mooring and fleeting of vessels—safety zone. (a) The following is a safety zone: (1) The west and northwest shores of Snake Island; (2) The...

  16. 75 FR 36710 - The Texas Engineering Experiment Station/Texas A&M University System; Notice of Acceptance for... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION The Texas Engineering Experiment Station/Texas A&M University System; Notice of Acceptance for... Facility Operating License No. R-83 (``Application''), which currently authorizes the Texas Engineering Experiment Station/Texas A&M University System (TEES, the licensee) to operate the Nuclear Science Center...

  17. Petroleum and Oil Fuel Lines running from Apra Harbor through the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport to the Tanguisson Power Plant. (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This is a line feature dataset showing the track of petroleum and oil fuel lines that transport hazardous fluids from Apra Harbor through the Antonio B. Won Pat...

  18. Antonio Mollari, ingegnere in capo di Acque e Strade: disegni tecnici e progetti (1818-1819 / Antonio Mollari, engineer-in-chief of Water and Roads: technical drawings and projects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orietta Verdi


    Full Text Available Nei fondi conservati all’Archivio di Stato di Roma sono stati rintracciati più di 20 disegni di opere stradali e idrauliche di Antonio Mollari, oltre al suo curriculum vitae alla data del 1817, quando egli produsse i suoi titoli per partecipare alla selezione dei candidati per i posti di ingegnere pontificio, presso la Direzione Generale di Acque e Strade. Dai disegni firmati da Antonio Mollari e dalla documentazione conservata nel fondo del Consiglio d’Arte, organo consultivo della Direzione Generale, si può tentare di ricostruire brani sconosciuti della sua attività di perito di parte nelle controversie tra confinanti e soprattutto è possibile individuare le opere da lui progettate ed eseguite nella sua breve e intermittente carriera (1818-1819 di ingegnere in capo di Acque e Strade nella delegazione di Urbino e Pesaro e successivamente come ingegnere camerale nella legazione di Ravenna. In the funds retained in the State Archive of Rome, more than 20 designs of roads and hydraulic works by Antonio Mollari were discovered in addition to his curriculum vitae, dated 1817, where he lists his credentials to take part in the selection for the position of papal engineer at the General Directorate of Water and Roads. The drawings, signed by Antonio Mollari, and the records kept in the Found of the Council of Art, advisory body of the General Directorate, allow us to reconstruct his activities as expert witness in disputes between neighbours and especially to identify the works he designed and carried out in his short career (1818-1819 as engineer-in-chief of Water and Roads in the delegation of Urbino and Pesaro and later as an engineer chamber in the legation of Ravenna.

  19. Antonio José Ruiz de Padrón : sacerdote, diputado, ilustrado y liberal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jose I. Algueró Cuervo


    Full Text Available Nació este ilustre canario en la Villa de San Sebastián de La Gomera, el día 9 de noviembre de 1757, en una vivienda, aún conservada, de la actualmente conocida como Calle del Medio.

  20. Antonio Raimondi y sus vinculaciones con la ciencia europea, 1851-1890

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Dès son arrivée au Pérou en 1850 et pendant quarante ans, le naturaliste italien Antonio Raimondi est considéré comme un des plus importants moteurs du développement des sciences naturelles au Pérou. Voyageur infatigable il a su profiter de chacun de ses voyages à l'intérieur du Pérou pendant dix neuf ans pour observer une nature excepcionellement riche qu'il pensait devoir être connue tant par les péruviens qu'à l'étranger. Tout lui paraît intéressant: les roches, les plantes, les animaux et plusieurs séquences climatiques furent l'object d´observation patiente et recueillies de façon systématique. Raimondi construisit sa contribution à la connaissance de la nature péruvienne grâce à ses relations avec l'État péruvien, à ses liens avec les réseaux professionnels existant à Lima et aux contacts qu'il établi avec des scientifiques en Europe et en Amérique. Desde su llegada al Perú en 1850 y por espacio de cuarenta años, el naturalista italiano Antonio Raimondi es considerado uno de los grandes impulsores del desarrollo de las ciencias naturales en el Perú. Viajero incansable, aprovechó cada uno de los recorridos que hizo por espacio de diecinueve años en el Perú para observar una naturaleza deslumbrante que consideraba debía ser conocida en el país y en el extranjero. Su visión de la naturaleza fue totalizadora pues se interesó por todo: rocas, plantas, animales y registros climáticos fueron objeto de observación paciente y acopio sistemático. Raimondi estructuró su contribución al conocimiento de la naturaleza peruana en base a las relaciones que mantuvo con el Estado peruano, su vinculación a las redes profesionales existentes en Lima y, finalmente, su aporte en la difusión de la ciencia contemporánea en el Perú a través de los contactos que estableció con científicos de Europa y América. Since his arrival in 1850 in Peru, naturalist Antonio Raimondi was considered as one of the principal

  1. San Language Development for Education in South Africa: The South African San Institute and the San Language Committees (United States)

    Pamo, Billies


    This article focuses on the 3 San communities in South Africa: the !Xun, the Khwe, and the [image omitted]Khomani San. The !Xun and Khwe communities are living in Platfontein, near Kimberley in the Northern Cape. The [image omitted]Khomani San community is living in Upington and in the southern Kalahari, which are also in the Northern Cape. This…

  2. O que é a Multidão? Questões para Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas Brown


    Full Text Available Multidão, livro mais recente de Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri, é uma tentativa de nomear e compreender as condições que envolvem a dinâmica social do século xxi. Na entrevista a seguir, Hardt e Negri discorrem sobre as possibilidades de constituição da multidão como agente político, discutem os fundamentos do livro e defendem conceitos que consideram determinantes para a compreensão dos novos tempos, tais como biopolítica e biopoder.Multitude, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s latest book, is an attempt at understanding conditions involving social dynamics in the xxi century. In the interview below, Hardt and Negri consider the constitution of the multitude as a political agent, discuss the structure of their book and support concepts seen as crucial for the comprehension of our time, such as biopolitics and biopower.

  3. San Jorge, el primer rejoneador


    Mandianes Castro, Manuel


    Las proezas de Jorge son una réplica de las de Santiago. Este luchó y venció las serpientes que habitaban Galicia para entrar allí y convertirla al cristianismo. San Jorge venció al monstruo del lago, y el rey y los habitantes de Silca se convirtieron a Cristo. Santiago ganó el nombre de Matamoros y de soldado de Cristo por excelencia porque, montado en su caballo blanco, venció en 1.000 batallas a los moros al frente de los cristianos. San Jorge venció a los sarracenos y conquistó Jerusalén ...

  4. Vegetation - San Felipe Valley [ds172 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — This Vegetation Map of the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area in San Diego County, California is based on vegetation samples collected in the field in 2002 and 2005 and...

  5. Antonio Ballesteros y Mercedes Gaibrois: América como tema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen Morales García


    Full Text Available Desde 1961 la Casa Colón posee el Fondo Ballesteros. Comprado en un primer momento para proporcionar un fondo bibliográfico a la naciente Biblioteca Colombina. El Fondo Ballesteros constituye hoy por hoy uno de los fondos más interesante dentro del panorama de los archivos y bibliotecas históricos de esta isla. El interés que despierta al investigador viene sin duda marcado por la naturaleza de los mismos. No viene generado por organismos ni diversas instituciones o personas, ni siquiera podemos denominarlos fondos familiares sino que su origen parte de una labor productiva, concretamente los instrumentos materiales, manuscritos, instituciones y personas que aportaron directa e indirectamente en el desarrollo de la vida social y profesional de dos grandes historiadores: Antonio Ballesteros y Mercedes Gaibrois. Conocer las líneas de investigación de este fondo comprende también, conocer el desarrollo personal, intelectual y social de este «matrimonio». Una simbiosis que se plasma no sólo a nivel familiar sino a nivel profesional. Donde no se puede entender la obra medieval, moderna, universal y americanista de Ballesteros sin la sombra de Gaibrois. Sombra que se alarga por razones familiares, sociales y lo más interesante, ideológicas hasta Canarias.From 1961 the Columbus ´house possesses the Fund Ballesteros. Bought in a first moment to provide a bibliographical fund to the nascent library of Christopher Columbus. The Fund Ballesteros constitutes today per today one of the funds but interesting inside the panorama of the files and historical libraries of this island. Their main characteristic is the peculiar of its nature. It is not a fund generated by institutions or people but rather their origin is the productive work of two historians: Antonio Ballesteros and Mercedes Gaibrois. To know the you line of investigation of this Found you must understand the personal development, intellectual and social of this marriage. Because you

  6. The San Bernabe power substation; La subestacion San Bernabe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chavez Sanudo, Andres D. [Luz y Fuerza del Centro, Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    The first planning studies that gave rise to the San Bernabe substation go back to year 1985. The main circumstance that supports this decision is the gradual restriction for electric power generation that has been suffering the Miguel Aleman Hydro System, until its complete disappearance, to give priority to the potable water supply through the Cutzamala pumping system, that feeds in an important way Mexico City and the State of Mexico. In this document the author describes the construction project of the San Bernabe Substation; mention is made of the technological experiences obtained during the construction and its geographical location is shown, as well as the one line diagram of the same [Espanol] Los primeros estudios de planeacion que dieron origen a la subestacion San Bernabe se remontan al ano de 1985. La circunstancia principal que soporta esta decision es la restriccion paulatina para generar energia que ha venido experimentando el Sistema Hidroelectrico Miguel Aleman, hasta su desaparicion total, para dar prioridad al suministro de agua potable por medio del sistema de bombeo Cutzamala, que alimenta en forma importante a la Ciudad de Mexico y al Estado de Mexico. En este documento el autor describe el proyecto de construccion de la subestacion San Bernabe; se mencionan las experiencias tecnologicas obtenidas durante su construccion y se ilustra su ubicacion geografica, asi como un diagrama unifilar de la misma

  7. Antonio Costa, La mela di Cézanne e l’accendino di Hicthcock. Il senso delle cose nei film

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatrice Seligardi


    Full Text Available «Sono diecimila persone, forse, che non hanno dimenticato la mela di Cézanne ma sono un miliardo gli spettatori che si ricorderanno dell’accendino di Delitto per delitto» (5. Così Godard recitava all’interno delle Histoire(s du cinéma, e così si apre il saggio di Antonio Costa, prendendone spunto anche per il titolo.

  8. Juan Antonio Olavarrieta / José Joaquín de Clararrosa: friar, doctor, journalist and political agitator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatriz Sánchez Hita


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the biography of Juan Antonio Olavarrieta/José Joaquín de Clararrosa, attending to the different facets involved in his life. Among all of them, the more remarkable are the roles of journalist and public agitator which give the essential structure of his life. Eventually, identity changes and problems with the Spanish Inquisition blurred his legacy, appearing as a histrionic person to the public opinion.

  9. Antonio Scarpa y su obra Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolando Neri-Vela


    Full Text Available Antonio Scarpa fue un gran anatomista y cirujano del siglo xviii y principios del xix. Llamado «padre de la oftalmología italiana», escribió el Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi, libro de gran valor científico y artístico.Scarpa describió varias partes del cuerpo humano, que tienen su nombre.

  10. 76 FR 45693 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA... temporary safety zone on the navigable waters of San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks..., participating vessels, and other vessels and users of the waterway during scheduled fireworks events. Persons...

  11. The benefits of transportation investment in Texas. (United States)


    This report highlights the benefits and return on investment of transportation funding in Texas. In total, over : the next decade, Texans will invest $131 billion in statewide infrastructure with a total economic benefit of : an estimated $373 billio...

  12. Texas RPO workshop implementation project summary. (United States)


    This report documents rural planning organization (RPO) workshops conducted throughout Texas. An RPO is a voluntary organization created and governed by locally elected officials responsible for transportation decisions at the local level. RPOs addre...

  13. Achieving the Texas Higher Education Vision

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Benjamin, Roger


    The Texas higher education system faces severe challenges in responding to the twin demands placed on it by economic growth and by the increasing problems of access to higher education that many Texans experience...

  14. Quality of groundwater at and near an aquifer storage and recovery site, Bexar, Atascosa, and Wilson Counties, Texas, June 2004-August 2008 (United States)

    Otero, Cassi L.; Petri, Brian L.


    The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, did a study during 2004-08 to characterize the quality of native groundwater from the Edwards aquifer and pre- and post-injection water from the Carrizo aquifer at and near an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) site in Bexar, Atascosa, and Wilson Counties, Texas. Groundwater samples were collected and analyzed for selected physical properties and constituents to characterize the quality of native groundwater from the Edwards aquifer and pre- and post-injection water from the Carrizo aquifer at and near the ASR site. Geochemical and isotope data indicated no substantial changes in major-ion, trace-element, and isotope chemistry occurred as the water from the Edwards aquifer was transferred through a 38-mile pipeline to the aquifer storage and recovery site. The samples collected from the four ASR recovery wells were similar in major-ion and stable isotope chemistry compared to the samples collected from the Edwards aquifer source wells and the ASR injection well. The similarity could indicate that as Edwards aquifer water was injected, it displaced native Carrizo aquifer water, or, alternatively, if mixing of Edwards and Carrizo aquifer waters was occurring, the major-ion and stable isotope signatures for the Carrizo aquifer water might have been obscured by the signatures of the injected Edwards aquifer water. Differences in the dissolved iron and dissolved manganese concentrations indicate that either minor amounts of mixing occurred between the waters from the two aquifers, or as Edwards aquifer water displaced Carrizo aquifer water it dissolved the iron and manganese directly from the Carrizo Sand. Concentrations of radium-226 in the samples collected at the ASR recovery wells were smaller than the concentrations in samples collected from the Edwards aquifer source wells and from the ASR injection well. The smaller radium-226 concentrations in the samples collected from the ASR

  15. Regional tertiary cross sections: Texas Gulf Coast

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Debout, D.G.; Luttrell, P.E.; Seo, J.H.


    Regional studies of the Frio Formation along the Texas Gulf Coast were conducted to evaluate potential geothermal energy from deep, geopressured sandstone reservoirs. Published regional cross sections, unpublished cross sections provided by several major oil companies, and extensive micropaleontological and electrical-log files at the Bureau of Economic Geology served as basic data. These sections are meant to show gross regional distribution of sand and shale facies both laterally and vertically throughout the entire Tertiary section along the Texas Gulf Coast.

  16. Making Texas Restaurants Healthier for Children

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Sylvia Crixell, PhD, RD, Professor of Nutrition at Texas State University, discusses her study which details the success of a community-based program in Texas aimed at combatting childhood obesity by improving children’s menus in restaurants.  Created: 12/30/2014 by Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD), National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 12/30/2014.

  17. 27 CFR 9.157 - San Francisco Bay. (United States)


    ..., San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa, which border the San Francisco Bay. The area also... proceed along the San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz County shoreline (across the Quadrangles of San... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false San Francisco Bay. 9.157...

  18. Convair Astronautics, San Diego (California

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pereira & Luckmam, Arquitectos


    Full Text Available Este brillante y espectacular complejo industrial se ha creado especialmente para la investigación y fabricación de cohetes intercontinentales y vehículos del espacio de las Fuerzas Aéreas de los EE. UU., en las proximidades de San Diego y cerca del campo de pruebas de Sycamore Canyon.

  19. Memorial and biographical history of Spain: El jinete polaco by Antonio Muñoz Molina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Oliver Fuentes Kraffczyk


    Full Text Available The novel El jinete polaco by Antonio Muñoz Molina is a highly complex work in which the narrator mixes multiple plotlines in an effort to recreate or remember part of his family past. In the process, the collective memory of the town and people of Mágina (an allegoric space that represents the peasant life of the olive growers of southern Spain appears as a rich and contradictory montage of dreams and failures. And in a third level of discourse, the recent past of Spain also emerges through the main historic al events: the civil war, the protracted military government, and the economic development and current consolidation of democracy. In order to achieve this complex and ambitious narrative project, in El jinete polaco time is not represented as uninterrupted historical timeline but as the rich mixture of the simultaneous experiences of different life courses in terms of both values and cultural patterns in order to understand how the rapid social change affects relations between the various age groups. In other words, time is constructed as a synthesis of the biographical dimension within collective memory and major historical events. This paper seeks to point out the similarities and differences between biographical discourse, collective memory and history.

  20. Poetic Vision and (Invisible Pain in Antonio Méndez Rubio’s Trasluz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Cahill


    Full Text Available Since the 1980s, visibility has played a key role in debates surrounding Spanish poetry. Novísimo ‘very new’ poets have highlighted and explored the instability and uncertainty of the gaze, while poetas de la experiencia ‘poets of experience’ have more readily accepted the visible without questioning it or the mechanisms used to construct it. Poets who entered the literary scene in the mid to late 1990s have also entered this discussion. Antonio Méndez Rubio, the author of twelve poetry collections and numerous critical and theoretical works, is a poet whose work does not fit easily within the categories usually employed to discuss contemporary Spanish poetic production dealing with social reality. Nevertheless, his poetry still seeks to engage the reader and help the reader engage critically with his or her material and discursive surroundings. This essay will show that the problematization of the gaze and the (invisible in Trasluz ‘Throughlight’ by Méndez Rubio explores the inherently political nature of what is seen, how we see it, and how we (represent it in poetry. His stance vis-à-vis these issues indicates a marked departure from the dominant poetic trends that characterized Spanish poetry of the 1980s and 1990s, thereby providing a glimpse into both the present and future of Spanish poetry.

  1. Transcultural and Imagological Figures: Disenchantment, Allophilia, and Belonging in Enrique Vila-Matas and Antonio Tabucchi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria João Simões


    Full Text Available In some contemporary literary works, the presence of the ‘other’ and the representation of the ‘foreigner’ emphasize the problematic ways by which human beings relate to foreign people, revealing how those issues are pressing concerns in modern society. This study questions how the shift in the way we perceive identity and belonging are depicted in Enrique Vila-Matas and Antonio Tabucchi’s fictions. Both authors aesthetically represent episodes and situations where characters’ relation to space is problematic, showing how the idea of belonging can be related not only to a specific country or a special space, but also to a desired space.  Furthermore, based  on the pregnancy of the notion of ‘dwelling’ theorized by Emmanuel Levinas, this study  analyses how characters and narrators aesthetically represent the complexity of belonging and examines some of the transnational transfers and multicultural connexions displayed by both autors, mainly in Never Any End to Paris and It’s Getting Later All the Time.

  2. Las palabras ciegas: acercamiento a la poética de Antonio Gamoneda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Pérez Heredia


    Full Text Available En este artículo se plantea la búsqueda de la poética de Antonio Gamoneda. Se trata de una poética que parte del dolor para buscar la luz, siempre centrándose en la reflexión metaliteraria. El poeta aprende a mirarse a sí mismo, en versos puramente introspectivos, para poder así mirar el mundo. Para exponer el hecho de que la lirica gamonediana es en sí misma metaliteraria, se parte del análisis de diversos poemas, que abarcan la mayor parte de la trayectoria poética del poeta. El silencio como elemento previo a la creación, expresado en la página en blanco, será fundamental, así como el hecho de nombrar, de dar nombre a las cosas. Gamoneda, a través de la contemplación de la adquisición del habla de su nieta Cecilia, explorará el poder creador de la palabra.

  3. La poesía objetual de Antonio Gómez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Muriel Durán


    Full Text Available Antonio Gómez hereda la estética surrealista a través del poeta catalán Joan Brossa. La mirada de Gómez aísla los objetos, los manipula y los reordena. Su objetivo es conmover y despertar en la mente del espectador una cadena de asociaciones. La obra de Gómez, recopilada hasta hoy en Made in Mérida (1993, Peccata minuta (2000, De acá para allá (2007, ofrece dos grupos de textos: los que reflexionan metapoéticamente sobre la creación y los que analizan críticamente temas como la Monarquía, la religión, el consumismo… Su poesía se define por el minimalismo. Sus materiales son los objetos humildes y los símbolos del Poder. El artículo contiene el análisis semiótico de más de una veintena de objetos poéticos.

  4. A combined approach for the attribution of handwriting: the case of Antonio Stradivari's manuscripts (United States)

    Fichera, Giusj Valentina; Dondi, Piercarlo; Licchelli, Maurizio; Lombardi, Luca; Ridolfi, Stefano; Malagodi, Marco


    Numerous artefacts from Antonio Stradivari's workshop are currently preserved in the "Museo del Violino" (Museum of the Violin) in Cremona, Italy. A large number of them are paper models containing instructions and technical notes by the great violin maker. After his death, this collection has had several owners, while new annotations added to the original ones, sometimes imitating Stradivari's handwriting, caused problems of authenticity. The attribution of these relics is a complex task and, until now, only a small part of them has been examined by palaeographers. This paper introduces a multi-analytical approach able to facilitate the study of handwriting in manuscripts with the combined use of image processing and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy: the former provides a fast and automatic screening of documents; the latter allows to analyse the chemical composition of inks. For our tests, 17 paper relics, dated between 1684 and 1729, were chosen. Palaeographic analysis was used as reference. The results obtained showed the validity of the combined approach proposed herein: the two techniques proved to be complementary and useful to clarify the attribution of different pieces of handwriting.

  5. The political memory of Antonio Machado in Spain during Francoism and the Transition to Democracy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Muñoz Soro


    Full Text Available After his death in 1939, the poet Antonio Machado became a literary, moral and political myth for the two ideological groups which dominated Spain after the Civil War: that of the Falange and that of the Communists. The quality of his work and his reflections on Spanish identity encouraged Falange intellectuals to «recover» him for their project of national integration in the 1940s and 1950s, ignoring the historical circumstances in which he had written and his commitment to the Republican cause. The Spanish exiles, on the other hand, praised the ethical example of the poet who had sided with the people in the tragic circumstances of 1936. The events organised by the Communist Party in 1959 as a tribute to him served as a meeting point between the exiles and the opposition to the Franco regime within Spain, and were followed by other similar initiatives. In 1960s progressive culture Machado continued to be regarded as an example of a «committed intellectual», but was increasingly associated to the reconciliation between the «two Spains». This idea has become dominant since the transition to democracy, although the myth continues to oppose those who emphasize his pro-Republican attitude and those who regard him as the symbol of «two Spains» which no longer exist.

  6. Sobre los Acusativos con «ad» en el Itinerario de Antonio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Manuel ROLDÁN HERVÁS


    Full Text Available En el estudio que en la actualidad venimos realizando sobre la calzada de la Plata, en su extensión de Mérida a Astorga, y, en la parte relativa a sus "mansiones", nos ha llamado la atención la forma que el Itinerario de Antonino da para dos de ellas. Se trata de Ad Sórores y Ad Lippos. La primera está indudablemente situada en el terreno de Santiago de Bencáliz, cerca de las Casas de don Antonio, a 26 millas de Mérida; la segunda, en la provincia de Salamanca, en el pueblo de Valverde de Valdelacasa, a 144 millas de Mérida y 39 de Salamanca. Ambas presentan la grafía de su nombre en acusativo, precedido de la preposición "ad", en lugar de la normal denominación en acusativo o ablativo sin preposición. Llama la atención también el hecho de que sus nombres poseen una significación concreta y el que, fuera de aparecer citadas en el Itinerario y en el Ravennate, las fuentes latinas o griegas no hacen en absoluto referencia a ellas ni parece ser que constituyan núcleos urbanos de ascendencia indígena o de fundación romana, como es el caso de las restantes mansiones de la vía.

  7. La Historia social de la cultura escrita. Una entrevista con Antonio Castillo Gómez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristiani Bereta da Silva


    Full Text Available Doctor en Historia, Antonio Castillo Gómezes Profesor Titular (acreditado como Catedrático de Historia de la Cultura Escrita en la Universidad de Alcalá. Antes de ser profesor de la Universidad, fue becario de investigación (1987-1990 y 1991-1995. Se puede decir que su interés por la Historia social de la cultura escrita comenzó a adquirir relevancia cuando  escribía su  tesis,  tiempo  en  el  que, cabe señalar, hizo sendas estancias de investigación en Italia con Armando Petruccien los años de 1989 y 1990 en Roma, enla Universidad “La Sapienza” (“Istituto di Paleografia”. Y como estudios posdoctorales en 1995, en Pisa, en la “Scuola Normale Superiore”, también con Armando Petrucci. En 2005 fue profesor invitado de la École des hautes études en sciences sociales de París a propuesta de Roger Chartier. Asimismo ha sido profesor invitado o conferenciante en distintas universidades extranjeras, especialmente de Italia, Portugal, Francia, Inglaterra, Finlandia, México, Argentina y Brasil.

  8. Lectores retratados: Antonio Berni y las visualidades de lo impreso en la cultura argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Degiovanni


    Full Text Available La lectura es, a lo largo de los siglos XIX y XX, puesta obsesivamente en imágenes. En Argentina, el catálogo de pinturas y grabados de lectores resulta proliferante y disperso: estamos hablando de cientos, varios cientos de imágenes. El retrato de lectores es uno de los géneros con más continuidad dentro de las artes visuales modernas; se constituye en el Renacimiento (Stewart, 2006: 31-79, pero en el país cobra importancia central después de la Independencia. En el siglo XIX, artistas asentados en Buenos Aires como Adolphe D’Hastrel, Alphonse Femepin, Jean-Léon Pallière, Prilidiano Pueyrredón y Carlos Enrique Pellegrini trabajan una y otra vez el tema; en el siglo XX, nombres consagrados -desde Antonio Berni a Carlos Alonso- lo tratan sistemáticamente. Estas imágenes son tan potentes como lugar del deseo que en algunos artistas constituyen la figura decisiva de un modo del relato.

  9. The Song of Disappearance: Memory, History, and Testimony in the Poetry of Antonio Gamoneda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza


    Full Text Available This essay explores Antonio Gamoneda’s poetry as an Adornian form of testimony. With its enigmatic foregrounding of lies, the book-length poem Descripción de la mentira ‘Description of the Lie’ can be read as a “contradictory testimony” in which the act and memory of witnessing go, as it were, underground—only to resurface, rife with loss, years after Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. Yet the abstruse character of this poetic writing prevents readers from drawing straightforward political truths about Spanish history from the poem. Losses are inscribed in the text catachrestically, as they truly are: losses. Gamoneda’s poetry has been read amid changing representations of Spain’s recent past, and thus contrastingly seen as an “undecipherable symbolic code” and as “realm of memory.” This reading, which draws on Holocaust studies, allows for a redefinition of the fraught place of modern poetry in the field of Hispanic cultural studies. Examining Descripción de la mentira within the context of the debate about historical memory in Spain sheds light on the theoretical difficulties that dominant aesthetic tendencies encounter in the study of how Spanish poets of recent decades try to establish a dialogue with the reader regarding society, memory, and reality.

  10. Antonio Banderas: Hispanic Gay Masculinities and the Global Mirror Stage (1991-2001

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joseba Gabilondo


    Full Text Available Here I map out the Atlantic intertwining between neo-liberal/neo-imperial Spain and cinema by analyzing Antonio Banderas's body politics as the postmodern (post- or neoimperialist Don Juan. Banderas's career trajectory from 1991 to 2001 coincides with larger political and historical developments. He arrived in Hollywood in the early 1990s, a moment when different but interconnected historical events came together— the end of the Cold War and the neo-liberal globalization of the United States with treaties such as NAFTA and GATT; the growing public profile of the fundamentalist religious right and gays; and the mainstream population's (unwilling acceptance of Latinos as a differentiated community. Hollywood needed a new kind of masculinity that gathered in all these new dimensions of United States identity while not completely shedding traditional Hollywood male typology, and Banderas fulfilled all the requirements. At the same time in Banderas Spain acquired a global card of presentation for its new neoimperialist and Atlantic pursuits in Latin America.

  11. El progresismo ecuatoriano en el siglo XIX. La reforma del presidente Antonio Flores (1888-1892

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mar\\u00EDa Cristina C\\u00E1rdenas Reyes


    Full Text Available La corriente política denominada progresismo en el siglo XIX ecuatoriano, una suerte de “tercera vía” distante de liberales y conservadores, se origina a mediados de siglo como proyecto republicano opuesto al autocratismo de Gabriel García Moreno. Luego del asesinato del mandatario, obtiene a fines de siglo un amplio reconocimiento en la esfera pública, movilizando un ideario reformador en que la categoría de progreso aparece como ideología, proceso y finalidad social. Alcanza su punto culminante con la presidencia de Antonio Flores en 1888, un católico liberal de formación europea apoyado desde Roma por el papa León XIII. Las reformas secularizantes de Flores originan su rechazo frontal por los depositarios del legado garciano, encabezados por la Iglesia ecuatoriana, y no llegan a concretarse en transformaciones institucionalizadas. La revolución liberal de 1895 en el país será en buena medida deudora de los avances impulsados por la corriente progresista

  12. Moderno/Posmoderno/Neomoderno: El jinete polaco, de Antonio Muñoz Molina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Beatriz Ferrari


    Full Text Available Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1956 es ya, sin lugar a dudas, uno de los más destacados novelistas españoles contemporáneos. boga en la década que va de 1960 a 1970 al “realismo depurado” y al compromiso ético. La narrativa de Muñoz Molina apela constantemente a los cruces de códigos y al hacerlo va adoptando singulares modulaciones; itinerario que en su recorrido irá dando cuenta de un posicionamiento ideológico frente a los fenómenos derivados de la industria cultural –fenómenos camp y kitsch–, los géneros menores, la intertextualidad y lo intermedial. En esta curva, El jinete polaco significaría un punto de inflexión dentro de la producción narrativa del autor. En ella Muñoz Molina escribe una novela inspirada todavía en un motivo pictórico, pero abandona la astucia narrativa del final sorprendente y combina múltiples peripecias, historias cruzadas, diversos puntos de vista que apuntan a construir algo semejante a lo que Mario Vargas Llosa intuyó en Cien años de soledad de García Márquez, una “novela total”.

  13. Rising Above the Storm: DIG TEXAS (United States)

    Ellins, K. K.; Miller, K. C.; Bednarz, S. W.; Mosher, S.


    For a decade Texas educators, scientists and citizens have shown a commitment to earth science education through planning at the national and state levels, involvement in earth science curriculum and teacher professional development projects, and the creation of a model senior level capstone Earth and Space Science course first offered in 2010 - 2011. The Texas state standards for Earth and Space Science demonstrate a shift to rigorous content, career relevant skills and use of 21st century technology. Earth and Space Science standards also align with the Earth Science, Climate and Ocean Literacy framework documents. In spite of a decade of progress K-12 earth science education in Texas is in crisis. Many school districts do not offer Earth and Space Science, or are using the course as a contingency for students who fail core science subjects. The State Board for Educator Certification eliminated Texas' secondary earth science teacher certification in 2009, following the adoption of the new Earth and Space Science standards. This makes teachers with a composite teacher certification (biology, physics and chemistry) eligible to teach Earth and Space Science, as well other earth science courses (e.g., Aquatic Science, Environmental Systems/Science) even if they lack earth science content knowledge. Teaching materials recently adopted by the State Board of Education do not include Earth and Space Science resources. In July 2011 following significant budget cuts at the 20 Education Service Centers across Texas, the Texas Education Agency eliminated key staff positions in its curriculum division, including science. This "perfect storm" has created a unique opportunity for a university-based approach to confront the crisis in earth science education in Texas which the Diversity and Innovation in the Geosciences (DIG) TEXAS alliance aims to fulfill. Led by the Texas A&M University College of Geosciences and The University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences, with

  14. ASTER Flyby of San Francisco (United States)


    The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer, ASTER, is an international project: the instrument was supplied by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. A joint US/Japan science team developed algorithms for science data products, and is validating instrument performance. With its 14 spectral bands, extremely high spatial resolution, and 15 meter along-track stereo capability, ASTER is the zoom lens of the Terra satellite. The primary mission goals are to characterize the Earth's surface; and to monitor dynamic events and processes that influence habitability at human scales. ASTER's monitoring and mapping capabilities are illustrated by this series of images of the San Francisco area. The visible and near infrared image reveals suspended sediment in the bays, vegetation health, and details of the urban environment. Flying over San Francisco (3.2MB) (high-res (18.3MB)), we see the downtown, and shadows of the large buildings. Past the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, we cross San Pablo Bay and enter Suisun Bay. Turning south, we fly over the Berkeley and Oakland Hills. Large salt evaporation ponds come into view at the south end of San Francisco Bay. We turn northward, and approach San Francisco Airport. Rather than landing and ending our flight, we see this is as only the beginning of a 6 year mission to better understand the habitability of the world on which we live. For more information: ASTER images through Visible Earth ASTER Web Site Image courtesy of MITI, ERSDAC, JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

  15. Use of STOP Bang Questionnaire in Outpatient Setting: Increasing Both Identification of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients and Polysomnography Referral Accuracy (United States)



  16. Web Solutions Inspire Cloud Computing Software (United States)


    An effort at Ames Research Center to standardize NASA websites unexpectedly led to a breakthrough in open source cloud computing technology. With the help of Rackspace Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, the resulting product, OpenStack, has spurred the growth of an entire industry that is already employing hundreds of people and generating hundreds of millions in revenue.

  17. Forum: Reconsidering the Supreme Court's "Rodriguez" Decision--Is There a Federal Constitutional Right to Education? (United States)

    Ogletree, Charles J., Jr.; Robinson, Kimberly Jenkins; Lindseth, Alfred A.; Testani, Rocco E.; Peifer, Lee A.


    Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee a right to education? The Supreme Court declared that it does not in "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez," a 1973 case alleging that disparities in spending levels among Texas school districts violated students' constitutional rights. This issue's forum contains two essays. The first…

  18. Caries Risk Assessment for Determination of Focus and Intensity of Prevention in a Dental School Clinic. (United States)

    Dodds, Michael W. J.; Suddick, Richard P.


    A study at the University of Texas, San Antonio's dental school resulted in development of a system of caries risk assessment, applied to all undergraduate clinic patients. The rationale, structure, elements, and application of the system are outlined, and course content supporting the system is noted. Need for validation and other improvements is…

  19. An E-mail Service in a Military Adolescent Medicine Clinic: will teens ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The goal of this study was to determine utilization patterns of an Adolescent Medicine Clinic e-mail service. An e-mail service was offered to 6134 patients presenting for care to a military Adolescent Medicine Clinic in San Antonio, Texas over a 6-month period. Families had to complete an authorization form acknowledging ...

  20. 77 FR 60437 - Final Effect of Designation of a Class of Employees for Addition to the Special Exposure Cohort (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Final Effect of Designation of a Class of Employees for Addition to the Special Exposure... notice concerning the final effect of the HHS decision to designate a class of employees from the Medina Modification Center in San Antonio, Texas, as an addition to the Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) under the Energy...

  1. The Social Significance and Value Dimension of Current Mexican American Dialectal Spanish. A Glossary for the Human Service Professions. Part II. (United States)

    Gomez, Ernesto; Cerda, Gilberto

    Results of a study documenting the Mexican American's unique Spanish dialectal expressions used in the barrios of San Antonio, Texas, and its surrounding areas are presented. The expressions included are those which were not recorded in the "Diccionario de la Real Academia Espanola" (19th Edition) or which were recorded therein but with…

  2. The Role of Retinal Determination Gene Network (RDGN) in Hormone Signaling Transduction and Prostate Tumorigenes (United States)


    Tumorigenes PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Xiaoming Ju, MD CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA 19107 REPORT DATE: December 2015...ORGANIZATION REPORT Thomas Jefferson University 125 South 9th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 9. SPONSORING / MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES...14, 2013, San Antonio, Texas. INVENTIONS, PATENTS AND LICENSES • Invention disclosure to Thomas Jefferson DACH1 Regulates Stem Cells (TJU Ref

  3. Actividades: A Bilingual Activity Book for New Leaders (Spanish and English). (United States)

    Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., New York, NY.

    Produced by the Girl Scouts Migrant Communities Project in San Antonio, Texas, this activity guide is intended as an introductory resource to the Girl Scout program. The activities in the guide were designed with the migrant Girl Scout in mind, but they may appeal to the interests and needs of all girls. The activities developed can be performed…

  4. 23rd Annual National Logistics Conference and Exhibition - Actionable Logistics, Resilient Operations (United States)


    Texas - San Antonio Michigan - Sterling Heights Missouri - Weldon Spring Florida - Jacksonville South Carolina - Charleston Georgia - Warner Robins...Battlefield Reality from Military and Industry Operational Logisticians “Mayor Cell Mission – Through C2, Tenant, and Contractor Relationships”, COL...EMSolutions supports numerous programs in various stages including: acquisition, sustainment and disposal . Th e goals/objectives of our acquisition

  5. Measurement and expression of granular filter cleanliness

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 23, 2013 ... The problem of dirty filter media at water treatment plants, despite having good backwash systems, is a serious challenge that requires ... of problem filters, this paper firstly proposes a standard procedure for quantification of the specific deposit on filter media, ..... 14-18 November, 2004, San Antonio, Texas.

  6. An Elegant Low-cost Materials Solution for Achieving Low Insertion Loss, Affordable Tunable Filters for Next Generation Mobile Communications Platforms (United States)


    B.; Katiyar, R. S. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2004, 85, 5001. 10. Choi, W.; Kang, B. S.; Jia, Q. X.; Matias , V.; Findikoglu, A. T. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2006...Physics Seminar Series, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, November13, 2008. • Cole, M. W.; Ngo, E; Podpirka, A; Ramanathan, S. Oxygen Vacancy

  7. Verification of Cold Working and Interference Levels at Fastener Holes (United States)


    Program Conference, San Antonio, Texas, December 1998. Brooks Craig L., Mills, Thomas B., Prost-Domasky, Scott A., Honeycutt, Kyle, and Young...Model. AFRL-VA-WP-TR-2006-3080, Final Report for 01 May 2003 – 30 April 2006, SBIR Phase II Report, May 2006. 150 pages. Brot, Abraham and Matias

  8. Integrated Design Analysis and Optimisation of Aircraft Structures (L’Analyse Integrale de la Conception et l’Optimisation des Structures des Aeronefs) (United States)


    and Materials Confer- the engineering disciplines and parts of the system. The ence, San Antonio , Texas, May 1986. time-honored approach to that task...NLR INTA (AGARD Publications) Kluyverweg I Pintor Rosales 34 2629KHSyDefr 28008 Madrid PORTUGAL ETATNI a ce m sPortuguese National Coordinator to

  9. Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory. 1993 Command History. (United States)


    coil systems to provide body waimth to those who suffer from diabetes . The company is based near San Antonio, Texas, and has experience in manufacturing...Vestibular-neutoscience in the new Century, ORL , Vol. 119, No. 5., pp. 167-172, 1993. Lloyd, J.R., Goodman, L.R,, and Couch, JA., "Chronic Exposure

  10. The development of an air injection system for the forced response testing of axial compressors

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Wegman, Erik J


    Full Text Available of ASME Turbo Expo 2013: Power for Land, Sea and Air: GT2013, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 3-7 June 2013 THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN AIR INJECTION SYSTEM FOR THE FORCED RESPONSE TESTING OF AXIAL COMPRESSORS E Wegman and G Snedden CSIR, Pretoria, South...

  11. Escaparate. Programa de lectura y ensenanza del lenguaje, Unidad C. Cuaderno de Trabajo (Show Window. Reading and Language Learning Program, Unit C. Workbook). (United States)

    Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX.

    Exercises, tests, puzzles, enrichment activities, maps, and games are included in this student workbook for "Escaparate," the third in a series of eight Spanish reading and language instruction units developed by the Bilingual Program of Edgewood School District, San Antonio, Texas. The publication can be used as ditto sheets for duplicating or in…

  12. 40 CFR 149.106 - Notice of review. (United States)


    ....106 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED) WATER PROGRAMS (CONTINUED... Source Aquifer in the San Antonio, Texas Area § 149.106 Notice of review. (a) Notice to Federal agency... deems appropriate. The notice shall set forth the availability for public review of all data and...

  13. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. 1985 Technical Report. Volume 2. (United States)


    University Specialty: Molecular Biology, Biology Department Experimental Oncology 715 Stadium Drive Assigned SAM San Antonio, Texas 78284 (512) 736-7242... Physiotherapy Canada, 31, 28-31. Eggeman, G. W. and Noble, M. L. (1985). "Design and testing a baseball-bat transducer," Experimental Techniques, 9, 20-23

  14. 77 FR 54787 - Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LLC Airplanes (United States)


    ...-17177; AD 2012-18-01] RIN 2120-AA64 Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LLC Airplanes AGENCY: Federal... new airworthiness directive (AD) for all M7 Aerospace LLC Models SA226-AT, SA226-T, SA226-T(B), SA226... information identified in this AD, contact M7 Aerospace LP, 10823 NE Entrance Road, San Antonio, Texas 78216...

  15. 76 FR 50881 - Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LP Airplanes (United States)


    ...-025-AD; Amendment 39-16771; AD 2011-17-07] RIN 2120-AA64 Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LP.... SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain M7 Aerospace LP Models SA226-T... AD, contact M7 Aerospace, LC, 10823 NE. Entrance Road, San Antonio, Texas 78216; telephone (210) 824...

  16. The Irene L. Chavez Excel Academy: A Win-Win Educational Opportunity (United States)

    Miller, Susan A.


    This article discusses the Irene L. Chavez Excel Academy, a remarkable high school for at-risk seniors in San Antonio, Texas. This specialized Northside Independent School for approximately 300 students is housed in a unique circular building on the attractive Holmes High School campus. The academic program, tailored for at-risk seniors, provides…

  17. Culinary School Gives Latinos a Taste of the Top (United States)

    Gardner, Lee


    With scholarships and other special programs, the Culinary Institute of America's (CIA) Texas campus hopes to make its Latino students into industry leaders. CIA is considered as the most august culinary school in the United States. CIA San Antonio dispatches chefs to study and document traditional cuisines throughout Latin America for its Center…

  18. Call for Papers: Special issue: The Ethics of Non-Professional Translation and Interpreting in Public Services and Legal Settings


    Esther Monzo; Melissa Wallace


    Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS)Volume 15, Issue 1Special issue: The Ethics of Non-Professional Translation and Interpreting in Public Services and Legal SettingsGuest Editors: Esther Monzó-Nebot (Universitat Jaume I, Spain) and Melissa Wallace (University of Texas at San Antonio, United States)

  19. Ritual failure in Romans 6

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Aug 5, 2016 ... rather than as a way of expressing dogma in a different way; the movement is rather the other way around; therefore, ..... “Ritual mistakes and failures” during the AAR conference, held in 11/2004 in San. Antonio (Texas) ... definitions and examples of 'ritual failure' and 'error' – and how they are coped with ...

  20. Prevalence and Mental Health Correlates of Sleep Disruption Among Military Members Serving in a Combat Zone (United States)


    by some respon­ dents because of pride or stigma in light of military cul­ tural norms, which could undermine estimates of sleep deficit (though in...Stress Studies. 1993 Oct 25. San Antonio, Texas. 24. Cabrera OA, Hoge CW. Bliese PD, Castro CA, Messer SC: Childhood adversity and combat as predictors

  1. Beyond Barriers: Involving Hispanic Families in the Education Process. Padres a la escuela (PAE). (United States)

    Lewis, Magdalena C.

    The Padres a la escuela (PAE) or Parents in the School program in San Antonio (Texas) encouraged the participation of Hispanic parents in the education of their children. The successes of the PAE program are used in this guidebook to help parents, program staff, and policy makers in similar efforts. This handbook describes the history,…

  2. Escaparate. Programa de lectura y ensenanza del lenguaje, Unidad C. Guia Para El Maestro (Show Window. Reading and Language Learning Program, Unit C. Teacher's Guide). (United States)

    Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX.

    Instructions for use of "Escaparate," the third of eight Spanish reading and language instruction units developed by Edgewood School District's Bilingual Program, San Antonio, Texas, are given in this teacher guide. Originally intended for grades four through six, the program may be used from fourth grade to secondary school in Spanish reading and…

  3. Escaparate. Programa de lectura y ensenanza del lenguaje, Unidad C (Show Window. Reading and Language Learning Program, Unit C). (United States)

    Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX.

    Stories in Spanish about aspects of the history, culture, and daily life of Mexican Americans are included in this reading book developed by Edgewood School District Bilingual Program in San Antonio, Texas, for students in grade four through secondary school. "Escaparate" is the third of eight units being developed in this reading and language…

  4. Avance Educational Programs for Parents and Children: A Historical Perspective of Its Twelve Year Evolvement. (United States)

    Rodriguez, Gloria G.

    Described are aspects of the Avance Educational Programs for Parents and Children, a non-profit, community-based organization in San Antonio, Texas, with the general goal of strengthening and supporting low income Hispanic families. Introductory remarks focus on the organization's goals, target population, funding, and services. Subsequent to a…

  5. The Bond Strength of Composite Resin to Dental Casting Alloys Using an Electro-Chemical Tin Plating System. (United States)


    University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at San Antonio in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science By...incorportion into a number of restorative techniques. Established procedures utilizing porcelain include porcelain jacket crowns, partial or complete... dentures , porcelain inlays, metal ceramic restorations, and porcelain laminate veneers. (Tylman, 1970; Craig, 1980; Horn, 1983) The complete porcelain

  6. Hispanic Americans in the News: A Minority Group Comes of Age in Two Southwestern Cities. (United States)

    Turk, Judy VanSlyke; And Others

    Investigating complaints that newspaper reports about Hispanic Americans or Hispanic issues are biased, a study examined the daily newspaper coverage of Hispanics and Hispanic issues by the "Albuquerque Journal" (New Mexico) and the "San Antonio Express" (Texas). Three constructed-year samples, for 1982, 1984, and 1986, were…

  7. NEPSY-II Review: Korkman, M., Kirk, U., & Kemp, S. (2007). "NEPSY--Second Edition" (NEPSY-II). San Antonio, TX: Harcourt Assessment (United States)

    Davis, John L.; Matthews, Robb N.


    This article presents a review of the "NEPSY-Second Edition" (NEPSY-II), an updated and modified version of the NEPSY (Korkman, Kirk, & Kemp, 1998). The NEPSY-II is an individually administered compendium of tests designed to assess neuropsychological development in children ranging from 3 to 16.11 years old. The authors of the…



    Solis Bolaños, Hernán; Calderón, Pablo


    Las inundaciones son fenómenos naturales que presentan una mezcla  ompleja de perjuicios y beneficios. El problema de las inundaciones surge cuando el hombre por ignorancia o imprudencia, irrespea las leyes naturales que rigen estos fenómenos.  La ocupación de las planicies de inundación y/o la construcción de obras hidráulicas diseñadas inadecuadamente provocan daños económicos y para la vida humana, que a veces pueden ser catatróficos. Las soluciones son estructurales y no estructurales. Am...

  9. Impact of demand of a social tourism in the sustainability of the activity in the locality of El Quisco, Province of San Antonio - Chile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belfor Fernando Portal Valenzuela


    Full Text Available Every summer Chile’s Central Coast undergoes the effects of social tourism, as a vast number of low-income visitors arrive from Chile’s most densely populated areas in the Central Zone. Despite congestion and saturation of available touristic resources, the number of visitors increases every year, contravening classic touristic demand models that define migration to less congested resources as the outcome of congestion. This analysis will be focused on El Quisco beach, located at Valparaiso’s Region, a touristic destination that clearly represents this process of mass tourism socialization. The goal of this research is to understand the demand composition that social tourism generates, by determining its nature and identifying the factors that define its behavior. These factors are related to the visitor’s origin, displacement, permanence, loyalty, social bonds, gender, income, consumption capacity, and to the degree of satisfaction regarding touristic supplies such as beaches, equipment, and infrastructure. Understanding this demand behavior it is key to develop policies enabling the planning of sustainable social tourism, and allowing for low-income families to access high-quality resources.

  10. Efectos secundarios del implante etonogestrel en mujeres en edad fértil atendidas en el Subcentro de San Antonio, 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maritza Marisol Álvarez Moreno


    Full Text Available Introducción. El Implante de Etonogestrel es un método anticonceptivo, que ofrece a las usuarias alta eficacia anticonceptiva del 99%, en un periodo de tres años; es seguro, cómodo y accesible. Los efectos secundarios que se describen son: irregularidades del ciclo menstrual, cefalea, náuseas, aumento de peso; siendo estos la razón para no continuar utilizando este método anticonceptivo. Objetivo. Identificar los efectos secundarios del Implante de Etonogestrel, usado como método anticonceptivo seleccionado en mujeres en edad fértil. Material y Método. Este es un estudio de; revisión documentada, de campo, cualicuantitativo, retrospectivo y transversal. La muestra es de 112 usuarias. A 60 usuarias se les aplico una encuesta validada, así como a los profesionales que laboran en la unidad, con la finalidad de identificar como se brinda la consejería respecto a este dispositivo. Conclusión. Las características de las usuarias que fueron incluidas en nuestro estudio, no influyen significativamente en la percepción de efectos secundarios, no se puede identificar que la aparición de los efectos como son: irregularidades en el ciclo menstrual, cefalea, aumento de peso, irritabilidad, náuseas y disminución del libido, además se plantea la importancia de la atención a controles subsecuentes en donde la misma no se está aplicando.

  11. Comunicación asertiva en la construcción del pensamiento crítico. Experiencia con estudiantes de grado sexto en San Antonio Norte


    Rivera Sanabria, Margoth


    Este proyecto está inscrito en la línea de investigación en Didácticas de las Ciencias Sociales, así mismo en el macro proyecto de pensamiento Social-crítico para la comprensión, interpretación y transformación del conocimiento escolar en contextos socio-culturales e históricos. Los derroteros de este proyecto fueron potenciar las habilidades para la vida que les permitan fortalecer las destrezas psicosociales necesarias a los jóvenes del grado sexto para la construcción de procesos personale...

  12. Community-acquired necrotizing pneumonia caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvina Fernández


    Full Text Available Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the first cause of skin and soft tissue infections, but can also produce severe diseases such as bacteremia, osteomyelitis and necrotizing pneumonia. Some S. aureus lineages have been described in cases of necrotizing pneumonia worldwide, usually in young, previously healthy patients. In this work, we describe a fatal case of necrotizing pneumonia due to community-acquired methicillin-resistant S. aureus clone ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in an immunocompetent adult patient.

  13. Archaeological Investigations of the San Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in Connection with MX Facilities Construction. Appendix I. Ethnohistoric Background. (United States)


    Volume 1: Food Procurement and Transportation. Ballena Press Anthropology Papers No. 25, Los Altos. Hudson, D. Travis, Thomas Blackburn, Curletti and...of California by Pedro Fages, 1775. Ballena Press. Ramona. Ruth, Clarence 1936 Research Among the Ancient Chumash Village Sites of Northwestern Santa

  14. Archaeological Investigations on the San Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in Connection with MX Facilities Construction. Appendix II. Historical Overview of the Study Area. (United States)


    biography frequently appeared In the county histories and "mug books" whereas neither a biography of Lewis T. nor Benjamin Burton would be found. Ben...Huyck Local Historian Marshall, E.J., II Resident of Jesus Maria Martens, Ray Union Oil Area Land Manager (telephonic) Myrick, David Southern Pacific...the Board of Supervisors of the Coun.ty of SArIa Barbara, State of California. this 2ist day ot November. 195, by tne tocw.o-4g V ayes. C. W. Bradbury

  15. Cockney, pseudo-slang et argot de série noire : San-Antonio et le moment Peter Cheyney du roman noir français


    Jeannerod, Dominique


    This article examines how in post-war France slang became a byword for the noir genre. It considers the mechanisms, models, networks and translators' practices which set the tone for the "Série Noire”, whose influence, both written and on the screen, had, within a decade, become, a "mythology" studied by Roland Barthes. It argues that this use of slang is redolent of the inauthenticity which characterises this stage in the reception of the Noir genre in France. It is certain that this artific...

  16. H09050: NOS Hydrographic Survey , San Luis Pass, Texas, 1969-08-21 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  17. Archaeological Investigations at the San Gabriel Reservoir Districts, Central Texas. Volume 4. (United States)


    irregular portion of a larger piece which retains a portion of one unifaciilly retouched later- 3l edoe . The second fragmentary specimen, No. 218, consists...euryproscopic), the nasal aperture is moderate (mesorrhine) in its breadth and the orbits are also moderate (mesocon- chic) in the relationship of their height...the skele- ton is observed, and the more subjective continuous for nonmeasurable cranial shape and size traits such as chin shape, orbit shape, size

  18. Archaeological Investigations at the San Gabriel Reservoir Districts, Central Texas. Volume 3. (United States)


    shepherds purse) T B.P Descurainia pinnata (Walt.) Brtt. (tanijimustard) T B,P 7 _Draba cunifolia Nutt. (wedgleaf draba) T P Lepidium virainicum L...var. virginicum (virginia peppevweed) W.T P.8 - Lesoueralla oracilia. (Hook.) Vats. var. gracilla (lax bladdarpod) 0 P Laeuvoll k m tem (Cray) Vats. D

  19. Prevalence of HPV associated oropharyngeal cancer among south Texans. (United States)

    Rowan, Stephanie D; DiBurro, Mark; Westbrook, Steven; Redding, Spencer W; Miller, Frank R


    The goal of this study was to begin to assess the prevalence of oropharyngeal cancer among all oral cancers and thus the potential role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in this disease in the south Texas Region served by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), and University Health System (UHS) in San Antonio, Texas. This health system represents the largest catchment area for oral cancer serving the south Texas populations, extending from the U.S.-Mexico border, north to Williamson County, west to Eagle Pass, and east to Gonzales County. With the move towards electronic medical records (EMR) nationwide, our team conducted a feasibility study to answer this question utilizing electronic record coding data across both local networks.

  20. Antonio María Barriga Villalba, El Multifacético

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Gómez Martinez


    Full Text Available

    Esta sesión solemne que celebramos hoy, gracias a la obligante solicitud del cadémico Laurentino Muñoz, ha debido realizarse el año pasado, pero debido a múltiples inconvenientes y al congestionado calendario de las actividades de la Academia, ello no fue posible, por lo cual rogamos a los oyentes se sirvan disimular la tardanza de esta celebración.

    Para la Academia Nacional de Medicina que ha conservado a través de los años una severa tradición de reconocimiento de los valores humanos, es especialmente grato rendir este homenaje de admiración a los ilustres hombres de ciencia que la honraron con sus ejecutorias ya los distinguidos miembros de la profesión médica que tuvieron su raigambre en ese maravilloso rincón de la patria: el departamento del Huila.

    Aprovechando esta ocasión, vamos a colocar en la galería de los presidentes, los retratos de dos ilustres académicos: del miembro honorario profesor Antonio María Barriga Villalba y el del miembro de número doctor Arturo Arboleda.

    El limitado tiempo de que dispongo, me impide hacer un relato detenido de la vida de Barriga Villalba, y un estudio crítico a fondo de su obra. Me limitaré con la venia de la audiencia, a destacar sólamente algunas realizaciones de sus actividades y de su dedicación a la docencia, pidiéndoles disculpas por las omisiones que pudieran tener estas pocas palabras.

    Nació en Bogotá el día 9 de junio de 1894. Contrajo matrimonio con doña Luisa Del Diestro de cuya unión hubo tres hijos: Luis, Antonio y Fernando. Murió este año a la edad cumplida de 91 años, rodeado del amor y cariño de los suyos.

    Hizo sus estudios secundarios en el Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, bajo la dirección del doctor Liborio Zerda, en donde recibió el título de bachiller. Por su dedicación, por sus dotes de inteligencia, fue nombrado colegial de número, posición reservada a muy pocos estudiantes sobresalientes del