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  1. Food, feeding, and refuelling of Red Knots during northward migration at San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina

    Gonzalez, PM; Piersma, T; Verkuil, Y; González, Patricia M.


    We studied the food and feeding ecology of Red Knots Calidris canutus rufa on an area of rocky flat, or restinga, near San Antonio Oeste in the northwest of Golfo San Matias, Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina in March 1992. These Red Knots are on their way north, from ''wintering'' areas in Tierra

  2. San Antonio Bay 1986-1989

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The effect of salinity on utilization of shallow-water nursery habitats by aquatic fauna was assessed in San Antonio Bay, Texas. Overall, 272 samples were collected...

  3. Biological and associated water-quality data for lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, March-October 1990

    Taylor, R. Lynn


    Biological and associated water-quality data were collected from lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River in San Antonio, Texas, during March-October 1990, the second year of a multiyear data-collection program. The data will be used to document water-quality conditions prior to implementation of a proposal to reuse treated wastewater to irrigate city properties in Olmos Basin and Brackenridge Parks and to augment flows in the Olmos Creek/San Antonio River system.

  4. 77 FR 36041 - San Antonio Central Railroad, L.L.C.-Lease Exemption-Port Authority of San Antonio


    ... control of SAC upon SAC becoming a Class III rail carrier. As a result of this transaction, SAC will provide common carrier rail service over the rail lines owned by the Port in the East Kelly Railport (the... and operate approximately four miles of rail line owned by the Port Authority of San Antonio (the Port...

  5. City of San Antonio, Texas Better Buildings Program

    Meyer, Liza C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States); Hammer, Mary C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States)


    The San Antonio Better Buildings Program is a unified single-point-of-service energy efficiency delivery mechanism targeting residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and public buildings. This comprehensive and replicable energy efficiency program is designed to be an effective demand side management initiative to provide a seamless process for program participants to have turn-key access to expert analysis, support and incentives to improve the performance of their in-place energy using systems, while reducing electrical energy use and demand.

  6. Feasibility study on rehabilitation of ICE San Antonio Power Plant



    Costa Rica takes a power generation system using hydro power generation as the main source, and possesses medium-capacity gas turbines to supplement needs in the dry season and the peak load. However, a problem has come up that, in addition to the cost rise in gas turbine fuel, the power generation efficiency has been aggravating due to aged deterioration of the generators being used. In association therewith, the problem is now a factor to increase CO2 emission, which is a worldwide problem. Keeping in mind to link it to the clean development mechanism (CDM), the present project is, taking up the SAN ANTONIO power plant as the investigation object, intended to perform a comprehensive discussion on the CO2 emission reducing effect, profitability, and proliferation effect, by executing the conceptual plant design. The up-grading plan for thermal power generation systems in Costa Rica consists of replacement of the gas turbines, handling of phase modifiers, and achievement of the combined cycle. The plan agrees with the present feasibility study intended of CO2 emission reduction, consisting of the modification plan of the SAN ANTONIO power plant, that is the plan to replace the over-aged gas turbines at the power plant. Its necessity has been identified. It was disclosed that the project has the effects of reducing CO2 of 82,000 tons annually, and the investment can be recovered in nine years. (NEDO)

  7. United States Air Force Personalized Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics Program Panel: Representative Research at the San Antonio Military Medical Center


    health system. dedicated to excellence in global care PROCESSING OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS/PRESENTATIONS INSTRUCTIONS 1. The...present this research at the University of Texas at San Antonio/SAMHS & Universities Research Forum, SURF 2016 in San Antonio, TX, on 20 May 2016. San Antonio/SAMHS & Universities Research Forum, SURF 2016 in San Antonio, TX, on 20 May 2016. 3. LAWS AND REGULATIONS: DoD 5500.07-R, Joint

  8. Implementation of an Online Climate Science Course at San Antonio College

    Reyes, R.; Strybos, J.


    San Antonio College (SAC) plans to incorporate an online climate science class into the curriculum with a focus on local weather conditions and data. SAC is part of a network of five community colleges based around San Antonio, Texas, has over 20,000 students enrolled, and its student population reflects the diversity in ethnicity, age and gender of the San Antonio community. The college understands the importance of educating San Antonio residents on climate science and its complexities. San Antonio residents are familiar with weather changes and extreme conditions. The region has experienced an extreme drought, including water rationing in the city. Then, this year's El Niño intensified expected annual rainfalls and flash floods. The proposed climate science course will uniquely prepare students to understand weather data and the evidence of climate change impacting San Antonio at a local level. This paper will discuss the importance and challenges of introducing the new climate science course into the curriculum, and the desired class format that will increase the course's success. Two of the most significant challenges are informing students about the value of this class and identifying the best teaching format. Additionally, measuring and monitoring enrollment will be essential to determine the course performance and success. At the same time, Alamo Colleges is modifying the process of teaching online classes and is officially working to establish an online college. Around 23% of students enrolled in SAC offered courses are currently enrolled in online courses only, representing an opportunity to incorporate the climate science class as an online course. Since the proposed course will be using electronic textbooks and online applications to access hyperlocal weather data, the class is uniquely suited for online students.

  9. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Remedial Reading Courses at San Antonio College.

    Florio, Charles Bernard

    This study investigates the effectiveness of remedial reading courses for nontraditional students in San Antonio College, a large, urban, and public community college in Texas. The subjects were students who enrolled the fall semester of 1972 and persisted through the fall semester of 1973. The remedial reading courses were described in terms of…

  10. Bridging the Scholar-Practitioner Gap: The San Antonio Export Leaders Program

    Jackson, Sara C.


    Bridging the gap between theory and practice enables trade service providers to effectively reach the small business community interested in entering foreign markets. This paper describes how the award-winning San Antonio Export Leaders program is a model for applying theoretical concepts to the practice of international business.

  11. 77 FR 38078 - U.S. Nominations to the World Heritage List: San Antonio Franciscan Missions


    ... ownership rights in U.S. World Heritage Sites, which continue to be subject only to U.S. law. Inclusion in... group should be considered as an extension to the Mexican missions of the Sierra Gorda already on the... experts in the topic in San Antonio, including Mexican World Heritage officials, concluded that the...

  12. 77 FR 35376 - San Antonio Water System; Notice of Petition for Declaratory Order and Soliciting Comments...


    ... in large diameter water pipelines. The water flow in the CRP pipeline at Naco is reduced from a 36... Water System; Notice of Petition for Declaratory Order and Soliciting Comments, Protests, and/or Motions...-000. c. Date Filed: May 29, 2012. d. Applicant: San Antonio Water System (SAWS). e. Name of Project...

  13. Biological and associated water-quality data for lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, April - September 1989

    Taylor, R. Lynn; Ferreira, Rodger F.


    Biological and associated water-quality data were collected from lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River in San Antonio, Texas, during April-September 1989. Benthic macroinvertebrate, periphyton, and phytoplankton communities were sampled at three sites along the Olmos Creek/San Antonio River system. Total mean densities of benthic macroinvertebrates for the three sites ranged from 670 to 10,000 organisms per square meter. The most abundant macroinvertebrates were the class Insecta (insects). Total densities of periphyton ranged from 2,900 to 110,000 cells per square millimeter. Cyanophyta (blue-green algae) and Bacillariophyta (diatoms) were the predominant periphyton organisms. Total densities of phyto- plankton ranged from 5,000 to 47,000 cells per square milliliter. Blue-green algae accounted for more than one- half of the phytoplankton in each sample. Hardness ranged from 160 to 250 milligrams per liter as calcium carbonate, and alkalinity ranged from 130 to 220 milligrams per liter as calcium carbonate. The largest dissolved nitrite concentration was 0.038 milligram per liter. The largest total phosphorus concentration was 0.150 milligram per liter, over one-half of which was dissolved orthophosphate. Total aluminum and total iron were the only trace elements in water to exceed the reporting threshold by large concen- trations. Total aluminum concentrations ranged from 70 to 280 micrograms per liter, and total iron concentrations ranged from 70 to 340 micrograms per liter. Lead was the most prominent trace element in bottom-material samples, with concentrations ranging from 30 to 230 micrograms per gram.

  14. Financial Reporting for the Other Defense Organizations - General Funds at the Defence Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio


    ...) for inclusion in the FY 2001 Other Defense Organizations Financial Statements. Specifically, we looked at the abnormal balances reported in trial balances prepared by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio...

  15. LaRC Modeling of Ozone Formation in San Antonio, Texas

    Guo, F.; Griffin, R. J.; Bui, A.; Schulze, B.; Wallace, H. W., IV; Flynn, J. H., III; Erickson, M.; Kotsakis, A.; Alvarez, S. L.; Usenko, S.; Sheesley, R. J.; Yoon, S.


    Ozone (O3) is one of the most important trace species within the troposphere and results from photochemistry involving emissions from a complex array of sources. Ground-level O3 is detrimental to ecosystems and causes a variety of human health problems including respiratory irritation, asthma and reduction in lung capacity. However, the O3 Design Value in San Antonio, Texas, was in violation of the federal threshold set by the EPA (70 ppb, 8-hr max) based on the average for the most recent three-year period (2014-2016). To understand the sources of high O3 concentrations in this nonattainment area, we assembled and deployed a mobile air quality laboratory and operated it in two locations in the southeast (Traveler's World RV Park) and northwest (University of Texas at San Antonio) of downtown San Antonio during summer 2017 to measure O3 and its precursors, including total nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additional measurements included temperature, relative humidity, pressure, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, total reactive nitrogen (NOy), carbon monoxide (CO), and aerosol composition and concentration. We will use the campaign data and the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Zero-Dimensional Box Model (Crawford et al., 1999; Olson et al., 2006) to calculate O3 production rate, NOx and hydroxyl radical chain length, and NOx versus VOCs sensitivity at different times of a day with different photochemical and meteorological conditions. A key to our understanding is to combine model results with measurements of precursor gases, particle chemistry and particle size to support the identification of O3 sources, its major formation pathways, and how the ozone production efficiency (OPE) depends on various factors. The resulting understanding of the causes of high O3 concentrations in the San Antonio area will provide insight into future air quality protection.

  16. Water quality modelling in the San Antonio River Basin driven by radar rainfall data

    Almoutaz Elhassan


    Full Text Available Continuous monitoring of stream water quality is needed as it has significant impacts on human and ecological health and well-being. Estimating water quality between sampling dates requires model simulation based on the available geospatial and water quality data for a given watershed. Models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT can be used to estimate the missing water quality data. In this study, SWAT was used to estimate water quality at a monitoring station near the outlet of the San Antonio River. Precipitation data from both rain gauges and weather radar were used to force the SWAT simulations. Virtual rain gauges which were based on weather radar data were created in the approximate centres of the 163 sub-watersheds of the San Antonio River Basin for SWAT simulations. This method was first tested in a smaller watershed in the middle of the Guadalupe River Basin resulting in increased model efficiency in simulating surface run-off. The method was then applied to the San Antonio River watershed and yielded good simulations for surface run-off (R2 = 0.7, nitrate (R2 = 0.6 and phosphate (R2 = 0.5 at the watershed outlet (Goliad, TX – USGS (United States Geological Survey gauge as compared to observed data. The study showed that the proper use of weather radar precipitation in SWAT model simulations improves the estimation of missing water quality data.

  17. Late Quaternary evolution of the San Antonio Submarine Canyon in the central Chile forearc (∼33°S)

    Laursen, Jane; Normark, William R.


    Hydrosweep swath-bathymetry and seismic-reflection data reveal the morphology, sedimentary processes, and structural controls on the submarine San Antonio Canyon. The canyon crosses the forearc slope of the central Chile margin for more than 150 km before it empties into the Chile Trench near 33°S latitude. In its upper reaches, the nearly orthogonal segments of the San Antonio Canyon incise ∼1 km into thick sediment following underlying margin-perpendicular basement faults and along the landward side of a prominent margin-parallel thrust ridge on the outer mid-slope. At a breach in the outer ridge, the canyon makes a sharp turn into the San Antonio Reentrant. Resistance to erosion of outcropping basement at the head of the reentrant has prevented the development of a uniformly sloping thalweg, leaving gentle gradients (6°) across the lower slope. Emergence of an obstruction across the head of the San Antonio Reentrant has trapped sediment in the mid-slope segments of the canyon. Presently, little sediment appears to reach the Chile Trench through the San Antonio Canyon. The development of the San Antonio Canyon was controlled by the impact of a subducted seamount, which formed the San Antonio Reentrant and warped the middle slope along its landward advancing path. Incision of the canyon landward of the outer mid-slope ridge may be ascribed to a combination of headward erosion and entrenchment by captured unconfined turbidity currents. Flushing of the canyon was likely enhanced during the lowered sea level of the last glaciation. Where the canyon occupies the triangular embayment of the reentrant at the base of the slope, sediment has ponded behind a small accretionary ridge. On the trench floor opposite the San Antonio Canyon mouth, a 200-m-thick levee–overbank complex formed on the left side of a distributary channel emanating from a breach in the accretionary ridge. Axial transfer of sediment was inhibited to the north of the San Antonio Canyon mouth

  18. The new library building at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    Kronick, D A; Bowden, V M; Olivier, E R


    The new University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library opened in June 1983, replacing the 1968 library building. Planning a new library building provides an opportunity for the staff to rethink their philosophy of service. Of paramount concern and importance is the need to convey this philosophy to the architects. This paper describes the planning process and the building's external features, interior layouts, and accommodations for technology. Details of the move to the building are considered and various aspects of the building are reviewed.

  19. Rodriquez V. San Antonio Independent School District: Gathering the Ayes of Texas--The Politics of School Finance Reform

    Yudof, Mark G.; Morgan, Daniel C.


    An historical account is given of movements toward educational finance reform in Texas, culminating in the Rodriquez v. San Antonio Independent School District case and its aftermath. The role of political pressures applied by various interest groups is traced and the prospects for future reform assessed. (EH)

  20. Modernizing "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez": How Evolving Supreme Court Jurisprudence Changes the Face of Education Finance Litigation

    Saleh, Matthew


    This article aims to "modernize" the current legal debate over inequitable public school funding at the state and local level. The 1973 Supreme Court case of "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez" established precedent, allowing for property-tax based education funding programs at the state-level--a major source…

  1. Discharge between San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay, southern Gulf Coast, Texas, May-September 1999

    East, Jeffery W.


    Along the Gulf Coast of Texas, many estuaries and bays are important habitat and nurseries for aquatic life. San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay, located about 50 and 30 miles northeast, respectively, of Corpus Christi, are two important estuarine nurseries on the southern Gulf Coast of Texas (fig. 1). According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, “Almost 80 percent of the seagrasses [along the Texas Gulf Coast] are located in the Laguna Madre, an estuary that begins just south of Corpus Christi Bay and runs southward 140 miles to South Padre Island. Most of the remaining seagrasses, about 45,000 acres, are located in the heavily traveled San Antonio, Aransas and Corpus Christi Bay areas” (Shook, 2000).Population growth has led to greater demands on water supplies in Texas. The Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission have the cooperative task of determining inflows required to maintain the ecological health of the State’s streams, rivers, bays, and estuaries. To determine these inflow requirements, the three agencies collect data and conduct studies on the need for instream flows and freshwater/ saline water inflows to Texas estuaries.To assist in the determination of freshwater inflow requirements, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board, conducted a hydrographic survey of discharge (flow) between San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay during the period May–September 1999. Automated instrumentation and acoustic technology were used to maximize the amount and quality of data that were collected, while minimizing personnel requirements. This report documents the discharge measured at two sites between the bays during May–September 1999 and describes the influences of meteorologic (wind and tidal) and hydrologic (freshwater inflow) conditions on discharge between the two bays. The movement of water between the bays is

  2. Geochemistry of the thermal springs from San Antonio El Bravo zone, Chihuahua, Mexico; Geoquimica de manantiales termales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Tello Hinojosa, Enrique [Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia (Mexico)


    Isotopic and chemical analysis o water produced by 14 springs in the San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico geothermal area, were carried out in order to establish the geochemical characteristics of the groundwater and to know their interaction with deeper geothermal fluids. We made two samplings of water and gases in 1984 and 1995. The chemical composition of waters produced by the springs in of sodium-bicarbonate-chloride type. It was found, according to the Na:K:Mg relative content, that most hot springs are located in the partial equilibrium zone, whereas the lowest temperature hot springs shift toward the groundwaters domain. The temperature estimated from gas geothermometry was 129 degrees celsius. The isotopic composition at Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs presents enrichment in {delta}{sup 18}O, product rock-water interaction at high temperature. The Agua Roque spring is located in the line of meteoric waters. Analysis of metals was carried out too, the concentration of gold element is 0.09 mg/l in Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs, whereas silver, aluminum and iron elements were not detected. The water quality of the springs for agricultural use, is classified between C2-S1, C3-S1, C3- S2, C4-S3 and C4-S4 types, that suggests that only the water from Agua Roque can be used for irrigation. The arsenic element was not detected but the concentration of the boron element is high for irrigation use (2.39 ppm). [Espanol] Los analisis quimicos e isotopicos de agua de 14 manantiales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo. Chihuahua, Mexico, fueron realizados con el fin de conocer las caracteristicas geoquimicas del acuifero somero y su interaccion con fluidos geotermicos. Se realizaron 2 muestreos tanto de agua como de gases en 1984 y 1995. En ambos muestreos se encontro que la composicion quimica del agua de todos los manantiales es del tipo bicarbonatado-clorurado-sodico. De acuerdo con el contenido relativo de Na:K:Mg el agua de los manantiales mas calientes

  3. Automated vehicle identification tags in San Antonio : lessons learned from the metropolitan model deployment initiative : unique method for collecting arterial travel speed information


    This report demonstrates a unique solution to the challenge of providing accurate, timely estimates of arterial travel times to the motoring public. In particular, it discusses the lessons learned in deploying the Vehicle Tag Project in San Antonio, ...

  4. Appraisal of ground-water resources in the San Antonio Creek Valley, Santa Barbara County, California

    Hutchinson, C.B.


    A nearly threefold increase in demand for water in the 154-square-mile San Antonio Creek valley in California during the period 1958-77 has increased the potential for overdraft on the ground-water basin. The hydrologic budget for this period showed a perennial yield of about 9,800 acre-feet per year and an annual ground-water discharge of about 11,400 acre-feet per year, comprising net pumpage of 7,100 acre-feet, phreatophyte evapotranspiration of 3,000 acre-feet, and base streamflow of 1 ,300 acre-feet. The base flow in San Antonio Creek could diminish to zero when net pumpage reaches 13,500 acre-feet per year. The environmentally sensitive marshland area of Barka Slough may then become stressed as water normally lost through evapotranspiration is captured by pumpage. The aquifer consists of alluvial valley fill that ranges in thickness from 0 to 3,500 feet. Ground water moves seaward from recharge areas along mountain fronts to a consolidated rock barrier about 5 miles east of the Pacific coast. Upwelling of ground water just east of the barrier has resulted in the 550-acre Barka Slough. Transmissivity of the aquifer ranges from 2,600 to 34,000 feet squared per day, with the lowest values occurring in the central part of the valley where the aquifer is thickest but probably finer grained. The salinity problems are increasing in the agricultural parts of the valley, which is east of the barrier. West of the barrier, stream and ground-water quality is poor, owing to seepage of saline water from the marine shale that underlies the area at shallow depths. A proposed basinwide monitoring program includes 17 water-level sites, 12 water-quality sampling sites, 3 streamflow measuring sites, and periodic infrared aerial photography of Barka Slough. A computer model of the ground-water flow system could be developed to assess the impact of various water-management alternatives. (USGS)

  5. Local adaptation of the National Physical Activity Plan: creation of the Active Living Plan for a Healthier San Antonio.

    Esparza, Laura A; Velasquez, Katherine S; Zaharoff, Annette M


    Physical inactivity and related health consequences are serious public health threats. Effective strategies to facilitate and support active-living opportunities must be implemented at national, state, and local levels. San Antonio, Texas, health department officials launched the Active Living Council of San Antonio (ALCSA) to engage the community in developing a 3- to 5-year plan to promote active living. A steering committee set preliminary ALCSA aims and established a multisector membership structure modeled after the US National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP). ALCSA adopted governance standards, increased knowledge of physical activity and health, and engaged in an 18-month collaborative master plan writing process. ALCSA selected overarching strategies and evidence-based strategies for each societal sector and adapted strategies to the local context, including tactics, measures of success, and timelines. Community and expert engagement led to a localized plan reflecting national recommendations, the Active Living Plan for a Healthier San Antonio. Multisector collaborations among governmental agencies and community organizations, which were successfully developed in this case to produce the first-ever local adaptation of the NPAP, require clearly defined expectations. Lessons learned in ALCSA's organizational and plan development can serve as a model for future community-driven efforts to increase active living.

  6. Building America Case Study: Occupant Comfort from a Mini-Split Heat Pump, San Antonio, Texas


    IBACOS worked with builder Imagine Homes to evaluate the performance of an occupied new construction test house following construction of the house in the hot, humid climate of San Antonio, Texas. The project measures the effectiveness of a space conditioning strategy using a multihead mini-split heat pump (MSHP) system in a reduced-load home to achieve acceptable comfort levels (temperature and humidity) and energy performance. IBACOS collected long-term data and analyzed the energy consumption and comfort conditions of the occupied house after one year of operation. Although measured results indicate that the test system provides comfort both inside and outside the ASHRAE Standard 55-2010 range, the occupants of the house claimed both adequate comfort and appreciation of the ease of use and flexibility of the installed MSHP system. IBACOS also assisted the builder to evaluate design and specification changes necessary to comply with Zero Energy Ready Home, but the builder chose to not move forward with it because of concerns about the 'solar ready' requirements of the program.

  7. Aerial radiometric and magnetic survey: San Antonio National Topographic Map, Texas. Final report


    The results of analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey flown for the region identified as the San Antonio National Topographic Map NH14-8 are presented. The airborne data gathered are reduced by ground computer facilities to yield profile plots of the basic uranium, thorium, and potassium equivalent gamma radiation intensities, ratios of these intensities, aircraft altitude above the earth's surface, total gamma ray and earth's magnetic field intensity, correlated as a function of geologic units. The distribution of data within each geologic unit, for all surveyed map lines and tie lines, has been calculated and is included. Two sets of profiled data for each line are included, with one set displaying the above-cited data. The second set includes only flight line magnetic field, temperature, pressure, altitude data plus magnetic field data as measured at a base station. A general description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and the corresponding airborne data, is included also

  8. Como güelfos y gibelinos: los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad en el Cuzco durante el siglo XVII

    Guibovich Pérez, Pedro M


    Full Text Available This article deals with the conflicts that involved the San Bernardo and San Antonio schools all along the seventeenth century. The author proposes a new approach to explain the social history of colonial Cuzco. He mantains that the root of the confrontation has to do with the privileges that enjoy the jesuits in the provision of academical degrees, a basic requirement to obtain appointments in the civil and eclesiastical administration. To understand this social dinamic, he reconstructs the institutional history of both schools, and reveals the interests that defend the main actors of this secular conflict.

    Los conflictos que enfrentaron a los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad a lo largo del siglo XVII es el tema central de estudio de este ensayo. El autor propone una nueva lectura a este episodio de la historia social del Cuzco colonial. Sostiene que en la raíz de los enfrentamientos estuvo el privilegio que gozaban los jesuitas para la concesión de grados académicos, requisitos fundamentales para obtener cargos en la administración civil y eclesiástica. Para entender la dinámica social, el autor reconstruye la historia institucional de los colegios y los intereses en juego de los principales protagonistas del secular conflicto.

  9. Attractiveness of botanical infusions to ovipositing Culex quinquefasciatus, Cx. nigripalpus, and Cx. erraticus in San Antonio, Texas.

    McPhatter, Lee P; Debboun, Mustapha


    Field experiments were conducted on the Fort Sam Houston Military Reservation, San Antonio, TX, in fall 2008 to observe the attractiveness of selected botanical infusions to ovipositing female mosquitoes. The following infusions were tested in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gravid traps: Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon), oak leaf (Quercus virginiana), acacia leaf (Acacia schaffneri), rabbit chow (alfalfa pellets), and algae (Spirogyra sp.). Four (Bermuda, acacia, oak, and algae) of the 5 infusions were effective in collecting Culex quinquefasciatus, Cx. nigripalpus, and Cx. erraticus. Of the 4 infusions, Bermuda collected the greatest number of the mosquitoes sampled. Female Aedes albopictus mosquitoes were collected in moderate numbers during this study.

  10. Report on investigations in fiscal 2000 on the basic investigation on promotion of joint implementation. Rehabilitation of ICE/SAN ANTONIO power plant; 2000 nendo kyodo jisshi nado suishin kiso chosa hokokusho. ICE/SAN ANTONIO hatsudensho rihabiri



    Costa Rica takes a power generation system using hydro power generation as the main source, and possesses medium-capacity gas turbines to supplement needs in the dry season and the peak load. However, a problem has come up that, in addition to the cost rise in gas turbine fuel, the power generation efficiency has been aggravating due to aged deterioration of the generators being used. In association therewith, the problem is now a factor to increase CO2 emission, which is a worldwide problem. Keeping in mind to link it to the clean development mechanism (CDM), the present project is, taking up the SAN ANTONIO power plant as the investigation object, intended to perform a comprehensive discussion on the CO2 emission reducing effect, profitability, and proliferation effect, by executing the conceptual plant design. The up-grading plan for thermal power generation systems in Costa Rica consists of replacement of the gas turbines, handling of phase modifiers, and achievement of the combined cycle. The plan agrees with the present feasibility study intended of CO2 emission reduction, consisting of the modification plan of the SAN ANTONIO power plant, that is the plan to replace the over-aged gas turbines at the power plant. Its necessity has been identified. It was disclosed that the project has the effects of reducing CO2 of 82,000 tons annually, and the investment can be recovered in nine years. (NEDO)

  11. Occurrence of the haemocyte parasite Bonamia sp. in flat oysters Ostrea puelchana farmed in San Antonio Bay (Argentina).

    Kroeck, Marina A; Montes, Jaime


    Culture of native flat oysters Ostrea puelchana d'Orbigny in San Antonio Bay (San Matías Gulf, Argentina) began in 1995. After elevated mortality (33%) occurred in September 1996, 18 mo after immersion, histopathological analysis and evaluation of parasitic prevalence was carried out. In October 1997, after 31 mo of cultivation, cumulative mortality was 80%, and in December of the same year, when individuals reached marketable size, mortality was 95% and culture was discontinued. The present study describes the haemocytic parasitism that affected O. puelchana, and suggests that a Bonamia sp. was the etiological agent. This parasite should be considered as a different species from Bonamia sp. detected in Australia and New Zealand until more studies are made to determine the correct taxonomy. This work constitutes the first record of this haemocyte parasite in flat oysters from the Argentinean coast.

  12. Calidad de atención y su influencia en el usuario externo en el centro de salud San Antonio de Pedregal 2015

    Lozano Sotil, Ruth Consuelo


    El trabajo de investigación titulada “Calidad de atención y su influencia en el usuario externo en el Centro de Salud San Antonio de Pedregal Chosica 2015”se realizó con el objetivo de determinar el nivel de satisfacción del usuario externo sobre calidad de atención percibida en el Centro de Salud San Antonio de Pedregal 2015. La variable de estudio es calidad de atención en el usuario externo El estudio fué cuantitativo de tipo descriptivo transversal tuvo como población mu...

  13. Annual compilation and analysis of hydrologic data for Escondido Creek, San Antonio River basin, Texas

    Reddy, D.R.


    IntroductionHistory of Small Watershed Projects in TexasThe U.S. Soil Conservation Service is actively engaged in the installation of flood and soil erosion reducing measures in Texas under the authority of the "Flood Control Act of 1936 and 1944" and "Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act" (Public Law 566), as amended. The Soil Conservation Service has found a total of approximately 3,500 floodwater-retarding structures to be physically and economically feasible in Texas. As of September 30, 1970, 1,439 of these structures had been built.This watershed-development program will have varying but important effects on the surface and ground-water resources of river basins, especially where a large number of the floodwater-retarding structures are built. Basic hydrologic data under natural and developed conditions are needed to appraise the effects of the structures on the yield and mode of occurrence of runoff.Hydrologic investigations of these small watersheds were begun by the Geological Survey in 1951 and are now being made in 12 study areas (fig. 1). These investigations are being made in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board, the Soil Conservation Service, the San Antonio River Authority, the city of Dallas, and the Tarrant County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1. The 12 study areas were chosen to sample watershed having different rainfall, topography, geology, and soils. In five of the study areas, (North, Little Elm, Mukewater, little Pond-North Elm, and Pin Oak Creeks), streamflow and rainfall records were collected prior to construction of the floodwater-retarding structures, thus affording the opportunity for analyses of the conditions "before and after" development. A summary of the development of the floodwater-retarding structures in each study areas of September 30, 1970, is shown in table 1.Objectives of the Texas Small Watersheds ProjectThe purpose of these investigations is to collect sufficient data to meeting the

  14. Preliminary three-dimensional geohydrologic framework of the San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin, Santa Barbara County, California

    Cromwell, G.; Sweetkind, D. S.; O'leary, D. R.


    The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin is a rural agricultural area that is heavily dependent on groundwater to meet local water demands. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is working cooperatively with Santa Barbara County and Vandenberg Air Force Base to assess the quantity and quality of the groundwater resources within the basin. As part of this assessment, an integrated hydrologic model that will help stakeholders to effectively manage the water resources in the basin is being developed. The integrated hydrologic model includes a conceptual model of the subsurface geology consisting of stratigraphy and variations in lithology throughout the basin. The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin is a relatively narrow, east-west oriented valley that is structurally controlled by an eastward-plunging syncline. Basin-fill material beneath the valley floor consists of relatively coarse-grained, permeable, marine and non-marine sedimentary deposits, which are underlain by fine-grained, low-permeability, marine sedimentary rocks. To characterize the system, surficial and subsurface geohydrologic data were compiled from geologic maps, existing regional geologic models, and lithology and geophysical logs from boreholes, including two USGS multiple-well sites drilled as part of this study. Geohydrologic unit picks and lithologic variations are incorporated into a three-dimensional framework model of the basin. This basin (model) includes six geohydrologic units that follow the structure and stratigraphy of the area: 1) Bedrock - low-permeability marine sedimentary rocks; 2) Careaga Formation - fine to coarse grained near-shore sandstone; 3) Paso Robles Formation, lower portion - sandy-gravely deposits with clay and limestone; 4) Paso Robles Formation, middle portion - clayey-silty deposits; 5) Paso Robles Formation, upper portion - sandy-gravely deposits; and 6) recent Quaternary deposits. Hydrologic data show that the upper and lower portions of the Paso Robles Formation are

  15. Simulation of flow in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio region, Texas, and refinement of storage and flow concepts

    Maclay, Robert W.; Land, Larry F.


    The Edwards aquifer is a complexly faulted, carbonate aquifer lying within the Balcones fault zone of south-central Texas. The aquifer consists of thin- to massive-bedded limestone and dolomite, most of which is in the form of mudstones and wackestones. Well-developed secondary porosity has formed in association with former erosional surfaces within the carbonate rocks, within dolomitized-burrowed tidal and evaporitic deposits, and along inclined fractures to produce an aquifer with transmissivities greater than 100 ft2/s. The aquifer is recharged mainly by streamflow losses in the outcrop area of the Edwards aquifer and is discharged by major springs located at considerable distances, as much as 150 mi, from the areas of recharge and by wells. Ground-water flow within the Edwards aquifer of the San Antonio region was simulated to investigate concepts relating to the storage and flow characteristics. The concepts of major interest were the effects of barrier faults on flow direction, water levels, springflow, and storage within the aquifer. A general-purpose, finite-difference model, modified to provide the capability of representing barrier faults, was used to simulate ground-water flow and storage in the aquifer. The approach in model development was to conduct a series of simulations beginning with a simple representation of the aquifer framework and then proceeding to subsequent representations of increasing complexity. The simulations investigated the effects of complex geologic structures and of significant changes in transmissivity, anisotropy, and storage coefficient. Initial values of transmissivity, anisotropy, and storage coefficient were estimated based on concepts developed in previous studies. Results of the simulations confirmed the original estimates of transmissivity values (greater than 100 square feet/s) in the confined zone of the aquifer between San Antonio and Comal Springs. A storage coefficient of 0.05 in the unconfined zone of the aquifer

  16. [B_Erandio_Martiartu] Documentación del conjunto formado por la Torre de Martiartu y la ermita de San Antonio (Erandio, Bizkaia)

    Álvarez González, Irantzu; Lopetegi Galarraga, Ane; Mesanza Moraza, Amaia; Rodríguez Miranda, Álvaro; Valle Melón, José Manuel


    [ES] El conjunto está formado por la torre de Martiartu (de unas 16 x 16 metros de planta), la pequeña ermita de la San Antonio y el área circundante. La documentación de la torre se realiza mediante fotogrametría estereoscópica y rectificación fotográfica para la obtención de las ortoimágenes. La ermita de San Antonio y el entorno se ha documentado mediante estación total y mallado para crear un modelo de superficies tridimensional. Posteriormente se presentan los modelos 3D y la colecció...

  17. ¿“Tierra de Gauchos” o “Gaucholandia”? Autenticidad en San Antonio de Areco (Argentina.

    Cecilia Pérez Winter


    Full Text Available En este artículo proponemos analizar cómo la autenticidad es definida por diversos sujetos que se involucran en los procesos de valorización patrimonial y turística de una ciudad. En particular, cómo esa cualidad es disputada, discursiva y materialmente, a través del tiempo. Sostenemos que el discurso, o la idea de, autenticidad puede ser implementada por diferentes sectores de una comunidad, ya sea como un forma de legitimar/deslegitimar proyectos turísticos ‑patrimoniales, o para controlar la activación de los “patrimonios/atractivos”. Proponemos como estudio de caso la ciudad de San Antonio de Areco, localizada en la provincia de Buenos Aires ‑Argentina. Allí nos interesar indagar estos temas, a partir de examinar las tensiones que emergen entre las representaciones identitarias y la lógica turística/comercial, al mercantilizar elementos significativos asociados a la activación de un tipo de tradición y de gaucho.

  18. Simulations of groundwater flow and particle-tracking analysis in the zone of contribution to a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas

    Lindgren, Richard L.; Houston, Natalie A.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne S.; Kauffman, Leon J.


    In 2006, a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas, was selected for intensive study to assess the vulnerability of public-supply wells in the Edwards aquifer to contamination by a variety of compounds. A local-scale, steady-state, three-dimensional numerical groundwater-flow model was developed and used in this study to evaluate the movement of water and solutes from recharge areas to the selected public-supply well. Particle tracking was used to compute flow paths and advective traveltimes throughout the model area and to delineate the areas contributing recharge and zone of contribution for the selected public-supply well.

  19. Work to diminish the danger of forest fires in the municipalities San Antonio del Sur and Imías, Guantánamo

    Edelmys Perez Pereda; Lianet Ramírez Fernández; Jessika Massó Matos; Francisco Duran Manual


    The research was carried out in the forest patrimony in San Antonio and Imías municipality in the province of Guantánamo, with the aim to propose actions to diminish the occurrence and propagation of the forest fires in the municipalities objects of study. For this, the temporal distribution of fires and burned areas, in the period 2006-2015, through the year, the week and the day was taken into account and also the causes that povoque the fires. With these elements, the activities to be carr...

  20. U.S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Proceedings, San Antonio, Texas, May 16–18, 2017

    Kuniansky, Eve L.; Spangler, Lawrence E.


    Buffalo National River in the southern Ozarks, and a keynote presentation on paleokarst in the United States was delivered by Art and Peggy Palmer. The sixth KIG workshop was hosted by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) in 2014, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. George Veni, Director of the NCKRI, served as a co-chair of the workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The workshop featured speaker Dr. Penelope Boston, Director of Cave and Karst Studies at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, and Academic Director at the NCKRI, who addressed the future of karst research. The field trip on evaporite karst of the lower Pecos Valley was led by Lewis Land (NCKRI karst hydrologist), and the field trip on the geology of Carlsbad Caverns National Park was led by George Veni.This current seventh KIG workshop is being held in San Antonio at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This 2017 workshop is being hosted by the Department of Geological Sciences’ Student Geological Society (SGS), and student chapters of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG), with support by the UTSA Department of Geological Sciences and Center for Water Research. The UTSA student chapter presidents, Jose Silvestre (SGS), John Cooper (AAPG), and Tyler Mead (AEG) serve as co-chairs of the 2017 workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The technical session committee is chaired by Eve Kuniansky, USGS, and includes Michael Bradley, Tom Byl, Rebecca Lambert, John Lane, and James Kaufmann, all USGS, and Patrick Tucci, retired USGS. The logistics committee includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Lance Lambert (Department Chair), UTSA Department of Geological Sciences; and Ryan Banta and Allan Clark, USGS, San Antonio, Texas. The field trip committee is chaired by Allan Clark and includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Keith Muehlestein, UTSA; Marcus Gary, Edwards Aquifer Authority and University of Texas at Austin; Ron Green, Southwest Research

  1. Assessing the vulnerability of public-supply wells to contamination—Edwards aquifer near San Antonio, Texas

    Jagucki, Martha L.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Lindgren, Richard J.; Fahlquist, Lynne; Eberts, Sandra M.


    This fact sheet highlights findings from the vulnerability study of a public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas. The well field consists of six production wells that tap the Edwards aquifer. Typically, one or two wells are pumped at a time, yielding an average total of 20-21 million gallons per day. Water samples were collected from public-supply wells in the well field and from monitoring wells installed along general directions of flow to the well field. Samples from the well field contained some constituents of concern for drinking-water quality, including nitrate; the pesticide compounds atrazine, deethylatrazine, and simazine; and the volatile organic compounds tetrachloroethene (also called perchloroethene, or PCE), chloroform, bromoform, and dibromochloromethane. These constituents were detected in untreated water at concentrations much less than established drinking-water standards, where such standards exist. Overall, the study findings point to four primary factors that affect the movement and fate of contaminants and the vulnerability of the public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas: (1) groundwater age (how long ago water entered, or recharged, the aquifer), (2) fast pathways for flow of groundwater through features formed or enlarged by dissolution of bedrock, (3) recharge characteristics of the aquifer, and (4) natural geochemical processes within the aquifer. A computer-model simulation of groundwater flow and transport was used to estimate the traveltime (or age) of water particles entering public-supply well W4 in the well field. Modeled findings show that almost half of the water reaching the public-supply well is less than 2 years old. Such a large percentage of very young water indicates that (1) contaminants entering the aquifer may be transported rapidly to the well, (2) there is limited time for chemical reactions to occur in the aquifer that may attenuate contaminants, and (3) should recharge water become contaminated with

  2. Updated numerical model with uncertainty assessment of 1950-56 drought conditions on brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer, San Antonio, Texas

    Brakefield, Linzy K.; White, Jeremy T.; Houston, Natalie A.; Thomas, Jonathan V.


    In 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, began a study to assess the brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer (more specifically the potential for brackish-water encroachment into wells near the interface between the freshwater and brackish-water transition zones, referred to in this report as the transition-zone interface) and effects on spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs under drought conditions using a numerical model. The quantitative targets of this study are to predict the effects of higher-than-average groundwater withdrawals from wells and drought-of-record rainfall conditions of 1950–56 on (1) dissolved-solids concentration changes at production wells near the transition-zone interface, (2) total spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs, and (3) the groundwater head (head) at Bexar County index well J-17. The predictions of interest, and the parameters implemented into the model, were evaluated to quantify their uncertainty so the results of the predictions could be presented in terms of a 95-percent credible interval.

  3. Comportamiento del cáncer cérvicouterino en el municipio San Antonio del Sur de Guantánamo

    Salvent Tames, Adrian; Rodríguez Lara, Osvaldo; Leyva Lambert, Marlenis; Gamboa Rodríguez, Mailin; Columbié Gámez, Mirta


    Introducción: no son pocos los esfuerzos que se realizan para combatir el cáncer cérvicouterino, a pesar de que existe un programa de detección precoz, estamos lejos aún de alcanzar la meta propuesta. Objetivo: conocer el comportamiento del cáncer cérvicouterino en el municipio de San Antonio del Sur de la provincia Guantánamo en el periodo 2006-2010. Métodos: el universo de estudio quedó constituido por las 254 pacientes que tuvieron una citología orgánica con diagnóstico positivo de lesione...

  4. Making lemonade from lemons: a case study on loss of space at the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    Tobia, Rajia C; Feldman, Jonquil D


    The setting for this case study is the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a health sciences campus with medical, dental, nursing, health professions, and graduate schools. During 2008-2009, major renovations to the library building were completed including office space for a faculty development department, multipurpose classrooms, a 24/7 study area, study rooms, library staff office space, and an information commons. The impetus for changes to the library building was the decreasing need to house collections in an increasingly electronic environment, the need for office space for other departments, and growth of the student body. About 40% of the library building was remodeled or repurposed, with a loss of approximately 25% of the library's original space. Campus administration proposed changes to the library building, and librarians worked with administration, architects, and construction managers to seek renovation solutions that meshed with the library's educational mission.

  5. Regional scale flood modeling using NEXRAD rainfall, GIS, and HEC-HMS/RAS: a case study for the San Antonio River Basin Summer 2002 storm event.

    Knebl, M R; Yang, Z-L; Hutchison, K; Maidment, D R


    This paper develops a framework for regional scale flood modeling that integrates NEXRAD Level III rainfall, GIS, and a hydrological model (HEC-HMS/RAS). The San Antonio River Basin (about 4000 square miles, 10,000 km2) in Central Texas, USA, is the domain of the study because it is a region subject to frequent occurrences of severe flash flooding. A major flood in the summer of 2002 is chosen as a case to examine the modeling framework. The model consists of a rainfall-runoff model (HEC-HMS) that converts precipitation excess to overland flow and channel runoff, as well as a hydraulic model (HEC-RAS) that models unsteady state flow through the river channel network based on the HEC-HMS-derived hydrographs. HEC-HMS is run on a 4 x 4 km grid in the domain, a resolution consistent with the resolution of NEXRAD rainfall taken from the local river authority. Watershed parameters are calibrated manually to produce a good simulation of discharge at 12 subbasins. With the calibrated discharge, HEC-RAS is capable of producing floodplain polygons that are comparable to the satellite imagery. The modeling framework presented in this study incorporates a portion of the recently developed GIS tool named Map to Map that has been created on a local scale and extends it to a regional scale. The results of this research will benefit future modeling efforts by providing a tool for hydrological forecasts of flooding on a regional scale. While designed for the San Antonio River Basin, this regional scale model may be used as a prototype for model applications in other areas of the country.

  6. Work to diminish the danger of forest fires in the municipalities San Antonio del Sur and Imías, Guantánamo

    Edelmys Perez Pereda


    Full Text Available The research was carried out in the forest patrimony in San Antonio and Imías municipality in the province of Guantánamo, with the aim to propose actions to diminish the occurrence and propagation of the forest fires in the municipalities objects of study. For this, the temporal distribution of fires and burned areas, in the period 2006-2015, through the year, the week and the day was taken into account and also the causes that povoque the fires. With these elements, the activities to be carried out to reduce the occurrence and propagation of forest fires were planned. The data were obtained in the fire reports of the CGB of Guantánamo province. Among the significant results train, the recent years the number of fire events has increased, most of them occur between march and may; usually from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and the weekend is where there is the greatest risk of occurrence. The general cause that provoque the greatest number of fires is negligence. Therefore, it is necessary to implement an adequate protection plan against fire making great emphasis on the prevention of fires provoqued by humans and to take measures to modify the structure and composition of the combustible material.

  7. Mecenazgo religioso y estrategias familiares en la Segovia del siglo XV: Diego Árias de Ávila y el Hospital de San Antonio

    Rábade Obradó, María del Pilar


    Full Text Available The present work studies the foundation of Saint Anthony´s hospital of Segovia during the XVth century. The foundation was an initiative of Diego Arias de Ávila, one of the most influential personalities of the reign of Henry IV of Castila. The foundation was determined on very varied reasons, not only charitative and religious reasons. Among these reasons, the use of the hospital as an instrument of the family strategies. These family strategies tried to hidden the hebrew origins of the lineage. They also tried to guarantee the perennity of the lineage, and to leave an endurable memory behind. Lasdy, these family strategies tried to consolidate the domination that the lineage had on Segovia.

    El presente trabajo estudia la fundación del hospital de San Antonio de Segovia en el siglo XV. La fundación fue una iniciativa de Diego Arias de Ávila, uno de los personajes más influyentes durante el reinado de Enrique IV de Castilla. La fundación estuvo determinada por motivaciones muy diversas, no sólo caritativas y religiosas. Entre ellas, el uso del hospital como instrumento de las estrategias familiares. Esas estrategias familiares pretendían ocultar los orígenes judíos del linaje, garantizar su perennidad, dejar una memoria perdurable del mismo, y, finalmente, consolidar la dominación que el linaje ejercía sobre Segovia.

  8. Magmatic controls on eruption dynamics of the 1950 yr B.P. eruption of San Antonio Volcano, Tacaná Volcanic Complex, Mexico-Guatemala

    Mora, Juan Carlos; Gardner, James Edward; Macías, José Luis; Meriggi, Lorenzo; Santo, Alba Patrizia


    San Antonio Volcano, in the Tacaná Volcanic Complex, erupted ~ 1950 yr. B.P., with a Pelean type eruption that produced andesitic pyroclastic surges and block-and-ash flows destroying part of the volcano summit and producing a horse-shoe shaped crater open to the SW. Between 1950 and 800 yr B.P. the eruption continued with effusive andesites followed by a dacite lava flow and a summit dome, all from a single magma batch. All products consist of phenocrysts and microphenocrysts of zoned plagioclase, amphibole, pyroxene, magnetite ± ilmenite, set in partially crystallized groundmass of glass and microlites of the same mineral phases, except for the lack of amphibole. Included in the andesitic blocks of the block-and-ash flow deposit are basaltic andesite enclaves with elongated and ellipsoidal forms and chilled margins. The enclaves have intersertal textures with brown glass between microphenocrysts of plagioclase, hornblende, pyroxene, and olivine, and minor proportions of phenocrysts of plagioclase, hornblende, and pyroxene. A compositional range obtained of blocks and enclaves resulted from mixing between andesite (866 °C ± 22) and basaltic andesite (enclaves, 932 °C ± 22), which may have triggered the explosive Pelean eruption. Vestiges of that mixing are preserved as complex compositional zones in plagioclase and clinopyroxene-rich reaction rims in amphibole in the andesite. Whole-rock chemistry, geothermometry, experimental petrology and modeling results suggest that after the mixing event the eruption tapped hybrid andesitic magma (≤ 900 °C) and ended with effusive dacitic magma (~ 825 °C), all of which were stored at ~ 200 MPa water pressure. A complex open-system evolution that involved crustal end-members best explains the generation of effusive dacite from the hybrid andesite. Amphibole in the dacite is rimmed by reaction products of plagioclase, orthopyroxene, and Fe-Ti oxides produced by decompression during ascent. Amphibole in the andesite

  9. Specialty education in periodontics in Japan and the United States: comparison of programs at Nippon Dental University Hospital and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    Osawa, Ginko; Nakaya, Hiroshi; Mealey, Brian L; Kalkwarf, Kenneth; Cochran, David L


    Japan has institutions that train qualified postdoctoral students in the field of periodontics; however, Japan does not have comprehensive advanced periodontal programs and national standards for these specialty programs. To help Japanese programs move toward global standards in this area, this study was designed to describe overall differences in periodontics specialty education in Japan and the United States and to compare periodontics faculty members and residents' characteristics and attitudes in two specific programs, one in each country. Periodontal faculty members and residents at Nippon Dental University (NDU) and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School participated in the survey study: four faculty members and nine residents at NDU; seven faculty members and thirteen residents at UTHSCSA. Demographic data were collected as well as respondents' attitudes toward and assessment of their programs. The results showed many differences in curriculum structure and clinical performance. In contrast to the UTHSCSA respondents, for example, the residents and faculty members at NDU reported that they did not have enough subject matter and time to learn clinical science. Although the residents at NDU reported seeing more total patients in one month than those at UTHSCSA, they were taught fewer varieties of periodontal treatments. To provide high-quality and consistent education for periodontal residents, Japan needs to establish a set of standards that will have positive consequences for those in Japan who need periodontal treatment.

  10. The business and technical case for Continuous Commissioning(reg Trade Mark) for enhanced building operations. A case study: Alamo Community College District San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A

    Verdict, Malcolm; Wei, Guanghua [Texas A and M Univ. System, College Station, TX (United States). Energy Systems Laboratory


    This paper provides both the business and technical cases for the 'Continuous Commissioning' of large [>25,000 square feet], buildings through a whole building diagnostic and HVAC optimization approach known as 'Continuous Commissioning'. 'Continuous Commissioning' is defined as the ongoing engineering process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify retrofits in existing buildings and central plant facilities. It is also known as 'building retro-commissioning' or 'building tune-up'. It involves a rigorous, whole-building, engineering evaluation of the heating and cooling systems to identify mechanical problems, inadequate or ineffective control strategies. Some of the most common problems are: 1) Improper calibration of sensors and metering, 2) inadequate control strategies for optimum operation and comfort, 3) incorrect scheduling of heating and cooling equipment, 4) lack of air and water-side economizer equipment, 5) inadequate building automation systems, and 6) inadequate operations and maintenance. The CC process, described in this paper, was successfully applied at Alamo Community College District (ACCD) in San Antonio, Texas, USA by the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL), a part of the Texas A and M Univ. System. ACCD has multiple buildings on 4 campuses with total conditioned area of 2.35 Million square feet. ACCD's business approach was unique because the cost of conducting the CC process was financed as an Energy Cost Reduction Measure (ECRM) along with several energy efficiency retrofits.

  11. Influencia de los patrones de uso actual de la tierra sobre la dinámica de la vegetación en el páramo de Rabanal, vereda San Antonio, municipio de Guachetá

    Luis Miguel Borrás S.


    Full Text Available The patterns of current land use in the Rabanal paramo suggest a slow and progressive deterioration of the vegetation of this ecosystem, probably due to the current practice of disturbances imposed apparently largely by human causes, mainly the expansion of the agricultural frontier (mechanized potato crops and grazing. The typical situation of the pattern of occupation and land-holding in these places, as well as the established production system, is the starting point to determine its effect on this sector of the Rabanal paramo ecosystem and define whether or not this fact is crucial to its conservation and management.The study was conducted in three stages that included the characterization of the area done through surveys, a review of primary and secondary education, followed by field work, and final tabulation of information.The present study obtained results which were intended to contribute to the knowledge of current land use in a sector of the settlement of San Antonio - Township Guachetá, bordering the Rabanal Paramo and with this give the necessary foundation for understanding how anthropogenic intervention operates in the area and its implications for vegetation dynamics and knowledge of its production systems.

  12. Geochemical evolution processes and water-quality observations based on results of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, 1996-2006

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne; Houston, Natalie A.; Lindgren, Richard J.; Ging, Patricia B.


    As part of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, the U.S. Geological Survey collected and analyzed groundwater samples during 1996-2006 from the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer of central Texas, a productive karst aquifer developed in Cretaceous-age carbonate rocks. These National Water-Quality Assessment Program studies provide an extensive dataset of groundwater geochemistry and water quality, consisting of 249 groundwater samples collected from 136 sites (wells and springs), including (1) wells completed in the shallow, unconfined, and urbanized part of the aquifer in the vicinity of San Antonio (shallow/urban unconfined category), (2) wells completed in the unconfined (outcrop area) part of the regional aquifer (unconfined category), and (3) wells completed in and springs discharging from the confined part of the regional aquifer (confined category). This report evaluates these data to assess geochemical evolution processes, including local- and regional-scale processes controlling groundwater geochemistry, and to make water-quality observations pertaining to sources and distribution of natural constituents and anthropogenic contaminants, the relation between geochemistry and hydrologic conditions, and groundwater age tracers and travel time. Implications for monitoring water-quality trends in karst are also discussed. Geochemical and isotopic data are useful tracers of recharge, groundwater flow, fluid mixing, and water-rock interaction processes that affect water quality. Sources of dissolved constituents to Edwards aquifer groundwater include dissolution of and geochemical interaction with overlying soils and calcite and dolomite minerals that compose the aquifer. Geochemical tracers such as magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium ratios and strontium isotope compositions are used to evaluate and constrain progressive fluid-evolution processes. Molar ratios of magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium in groundwater typically

  13. Calidad de los Servicios Académicos y Administrativos de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco, Según la Percepción del Personal docente y estudiantes, Año 2015

    Vargas Béjar, Juan Fernando


    La calidad de los servicios académicos y administrativos de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC), es un tema que será visto desde el enfoque de los docentes y estudiantes quienes brindan la información necesaria para poder comprender la estructura de dichos servicios y si éstos son utilizados coherentemente. Las actividades dentro de la mencionada Facultad, representan el ámbito académico y administrativo para el adecuado desemp...

  14. Antonio Lupi maailm


    Vannitoa mööbli, peeglite, vannide, kraanikausside ja aksessuaaride valmistamisele spetsialiseerunud Antonio Lupi tehasest Itaalias. Koostööd tehakse itaalia disaineritega, nagu Carlo Colombo, Mauro Carlesi, Nevio Tellatin, Anne ja Patrick Poirier. Eestis saab tootenäidistega tutvuda salongis Gerhard Vannitoad (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn)

  15. San Antonio's 1983 Bus Passenger Survey


    Many transit operators routinely collect ridership data in order to provide a : basis for the planning of bus services. Often a survey is conducted of bus : riders to determine their riding habits, their views about the quality of : current service, ...

  16. Water-quality observations of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, Texas, with an emphasis on processes influencing nutrient and pesticide geochemistry and factors affecting aquifer vulnerability, 2010–16

    Opsahl, Stephen P.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Mahler, Barbara J.; Lambert, Rebecca B.


    As questions regarding the influence of increasing urbanization on water quality in the Edwards aquifer are raised, a better understanding of the sources, fate, and transport of compounds of concern in the aquifer—in particular, nutrients and pesticides—is needed to improve water management decision-making capabilities. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, performed a study from 2010 to 2016 to better understand how water quality changes under a range of hydrologic conditions and in contrasting land-cover settings (rural and urban) in the Edwards aquifer. The study design included continuous hydrologic monitoring, continuous water-quality monitoring, and discrete sample collection for a detailed characterization of water quality at a network of sites throughout the aquifer system. The sites were selected to encompass a “source-to-sink” (that is, from aquifer recharge to aquifer discharge) approach. Network sites were selected to characterize rainfall, recharging surface water, and groundwater; groundwater sites included wells in the unconfined part of the aquifer (unconfined wells) and in the confined part of the aquifer (confined wells) and a major discharging spring. Storm-related samples—including rainfall samples, stormwater-runoff (surface-water) samples, and groundwater samples—were collected to characterize the aquifer response to recharge.Elevated nitrate concentrations relative to national background values and the widespread detection of pesticides indicate that the Edwards aquifer is vulnerable to contamination and that vulnerability is affected by factors such as land cover, aquifer hydrogeology, and changes in hydrologic conditions. Greater vulnerability of groundwater in urban areas relative to rural areas was evident from results for urban groundwater sites, which generally had higher nitrate concentrations, elevated δ15N-nitrate values, a greater diversity of pesticides, and higher pesticide

  17. Entrevista com Antonio Candido

    Pontes Heloisa


    Full Text Available Concedida em agosto de 1987, revista pelo autor em julho de 2001, esta entrevista aborda dimensões relevantes da trajetória intelectual de Antonio Candido. Por meio do rastreamento do impacto da revolução de 1930 na cultura brasileira e do papel decisivo que a fundação da Faculdade de Filosofia da Universidade de São Paulo teve na implantação de um novo padrão de trabalho intelectual, Antonio Candido arma o contexto necessário para entendermos os desafios culturais e políticos perseguidos por ele e por figuras de ponta de sua geração, como Florestan Fernandes e vários dos integrantes do Grupo Clima. O resultado é uma imagem vívida e palpitante do caldo de cultura que permeou o processo de institucionalização das Ciências Sociais em São Paulo.

  18. Aplicación de canciones infantiles y su influencia en el aprendizaje del vocabulario del idioma francés en los niños del nivel inicial de la Institución Educativa San Antonio de Padua, Chosica - Lima 2016

    Gómez Hermoza, Cecilia del Pilar


    Aplica las canciones infantiles en el aprendizaje del vocabulario del idioma francés en los niños del nivel inicial de la Institución Educativa San Antonio de Padua Chosica - Lima 2016. Se realiza un estudio cuasi experimental en el cual participan dos grupos, uno de 24 niños de 5 años del aula “A”, que constituyó el grupo de control y el otro, con 24 niños de 5 años del aula “B”, que conformó el cuasi experimental; se utilizan estrategias para el aprendizaje práctico asistido por la profesor...

  19. Antonio Mollari fra Canova e Valadier / Antonio Mollari between Canova and Valadier

    Elisa Debenedetti


    Full Text Available Non è difficile inserire Antonio Mollari in un contesto europeo. Ad Antonio Canova lo lega una prima, importantissima lettera del 4 maggio 1807 nella quale, in seguito ad un invito trasmessogli dallo scultore, ma di cui è responsabile Filippo III Colonna, enumera tutte le sue opere; la seconda risale al 25 febbraio 1809. Dalla prima missiva si riescono a stabilire numerosi contatti con Giuseppe Valadier: a Corridonia (Collegiata dei Santi Pietro, Paolo e Donato; Ospedale e Chiesa di San Salvatore e a Macerata (Palazzo Conti già Ugolini. Tanto da giungere a considerare Mollari come il continuatore del Valadier nei cantieri marchigiani, dove la presenza del Maestro si manifesta come una sovrapposizione di motivi francesizzanti a soluzioni palladiane: componenti entrambe presenti nel Palazzo Tomassini a Corridonia, ricondotto al Maceratese. Fra l’altro le pagine di due Taccuini valadieriani, certo a lui note, si possono considerare a metà strada fra l’esercizio tipologico ed il modello. It’s not difficult to insert Antonio Mollari into a European context. A first very important letter, dated May 4th 1807, links him to Antonio Canova whereby, after inviting him, by wish of Phillip Colonna III , he then makes a list of all his works of art; the second is dated February 25th 1809. Various contacts with Giuseppe Valadier can be established from the first letter: in Corridonia (Saints Peter, Paul and Donato Collegiate church; St. Saviour’s Hospital and Church and in Macerata (Conti Palace ex Ugolini. So much so as to regard Mollari as Valadier’s continuator in the Marche construction sites, where the Maestro’s presence is expressed like a superimposition of Frenchified motives for Palladian solutions: both components being present in the Tomassini Palace in Corridonia, which can be traced back to Mollari. Moreover the pages of two Valdier Notebooks, which he must have known about, can be considered half way between a typological exercise

  20. Abetti, Antonio (1846-1928) and Abetti, Giorgio (1882-1982)

    Murdin, P.


    Antonio was born in San Pietro di Gorizia, Italy. A civil engineer, he turned to astronomy and became director of the observatory in Arcetri and professor of astronomy at the University of Florence. His main interest was positional astronomy, observation of minor planets, comets and star occultations. In 1874 he observed the transit of Venus across the Sun's disk through a spectroscope. His son, ...

  1. 40 CFR 52.2285 - Control of evaporative losses from the filling of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San...


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Control of evaporative losses from the filling of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San Antonio areas. 52.2285 Section 52.2285... of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San Antonio areas. (a) Definitions: (1) Gasoline means...

  2. 33 CFR 110.74c - Bahia de San Juan, PR.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Bahia de San Juan, PR. 110.74c Section 110.74c Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.74c Bahia de San Juan, PR. The waters of San Antonio...

  3. Coastal Bend Texas Benthic Habitat - San Antonio Bay 2007 Substrate

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2006 and 2007 the NOAA Office for Coastal Management purchased services to process existing digital multi-spectral imagery (ADS-40) and create digital benthic...

  4. LPD 17 San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17)


    Grumman’s shipbuilding division and deferred depreciation expenses for recovery of insurance proceeds associated with Hurricane Katrina damages. Contract...Safety and Health Administration and the Pension Protection Act. The government liability for deferred depreciation from Hurricane Katrina was...of engineering change proposals and negotiation of a contract price adjustment to cover the Navy’s share of deferred depreciation expenses for

  5. San Antonio Creek Restoration, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


    Vandenberg Air Force Base Scientific Name Common Name Scientific Name Common Name Sambucus mexicana Blue elderberry Sonchus oleraceus * Common sow... Sonchus oleraceus Common sow-thistle exotic NI Spergularia bocconii Sand-spurry exotic FAC Spergularia marina Sand-spurry native FACW...border the existing roads within the project area. Both weedy non-native species adapted to frequent disturbance, such as sow thistle ( Sonchus

  6. Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    Book review. Roger Padilha and his brother Mauricio may already be familiar to some as the New York-based fashion publicists, creators of the fashion public relations agency MAO PR, and as authors of The Stephen Sprouse Book (Rizzoli, 2009). Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, their second...

  7. Usos populares de la flora tipica del oeste de Cartagena

    Martínez Madrid, María José; Martínez Madrid, Isabel María


    Se recopilan los usos que popularmente se llevan o llevaban a cabo con la flora local del Oeste de Cartagena, para as´ı estudiar los conocimientos que a ´un conserva la poblaci´on y realizar un peque ˜ no sondeo de las plantas m´as utilizadas, atendiendo a su ubicaci´on y uso. Esta recopilaci´on de datos la he realizado mediante una serie de entrevistas abiertas a diversas personas de distintas edades en las que les preguntaba por plantas medicinales, enfermedades q...

  8. Cuadros de Juan del Castillo y Antonio del Castillo en el Ermitage

    Kagané, L.


    Full Text Available Juan del Castillo y Antonio del Castillo son dos pintores que trabajaron en Andalucía. Hace algún tiempo se consideraba que Antonio era el sobrino de Juan, actualmente es sabido que no es así, aunque no se excluye que fuesen parientes. Al ingresar los cuadros de estos pintores en el Ermitage tuvo lugar una confusión debida al parecido de sus apellidos y las obras de uno de ellos se atribuían en los inventarios al otro. Así ocurrió con el pequeño cuadro Visitación (Fig. 1. Fue adquirido en 1834 a Juan Miguel Páez de la Cadena, embajador de España en San Petersburgo, e incluido en el catálogo manuscrito del museo sin haber indicado el nombre. En el Livret y en todos los posteriores catálogos del Ermitage de antes de la revolución, el cuadro fue asignado bajo el nombre de Antonio del Castillo…

  9. ANTONIO LAMELA - beyond innovation In Memory

    P. Cassinello


    Full Text Available Spanish architecture is in mourning. One of its most beloved referents, Antonio Lamela passed away on April 1, 2017. He has left us an extensive and polyhedral legacy that continues to live in the urban fabric of our cities, in the pages of his books, and in the model of thought and action, which presided over by the effort and the desire to innovate, led him to reach the highest levels of our profession. A model with which he founded his office in 1954 and which today, directed for many years by his son Carlos Lamela, has a relevant international representation having carried out projects in 32 countries. Beyond the formal and technological innovation of his buildings, in the 1950s Antonio Lamela established in Spain companies such as Prebetong and Shokbeton to modernize Spanish construction, actively intervening in the necessary expansion of “Caja de Elementos of Construction” demanded by Le Corbusier since the twenties. Changing his perspective, Antonio Lamela has also bequeathed us his pioneering reflections on the proper management of natural resources and the necessary sustainability of the architecture of our planet within the cosmos in which it lives. He will always be an unavoidable model for future generations.

  10. Antonio Mollari, un problema di comunicazione / Antonio Mollari, a communication problem

    Gianfranco Berchiesi


    Full Text Available La riscoperta della figura di Antonio Mollari, in seguito al ritrovamento presso il Comune di Petriolo di cinque sue tavole acquerellate, ebbe inizio con la mostra del 2006, nella quale l’esposizione di alcune delle più interessanti tavole conservate a Trieste, Foligno e Macerata e una conferenza del Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi, seguita dalla storia della famiglia Mollari ad opera dell’Ing. Carratù, delinearono un primo “ritratto” della personalità di Antonio Mollari. Da quella data è poi maturata l’idea di indagare in maniera più adeguata la sua attività, giungendo al Convegno tenuto all’Abbadia di Fiastra nel 2013. L’autore mette in evidenza come la figura di Antonio Mollari, al di là del giudizio tecnico che possono esprimere i relatori che si sono succeduti nel Convegno, ha un problema legato alla comunicazione. Chi era Mollari e come potrebbe essere adeguatamente presentato in una riunione di persone non addette ai lavori? Era architetto, ingegnere, tecnico? Oppure, alla bisogna, era l’una o l’altra di queste figure? In this report it is narrated that in 2006 the figure of Antonio Mollari was reproposed, after the discovery of five watercolor maps at the municipality of Petriolo, by means of a small exhibition to which Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi gave the right approach. From that date an interest in the idea of a more appropriate and extensive discussion on Antonio Mollari is later gained, reaching the Conference held in the Abbey of Fiastra in 2013. The author highlights how the figure of Antonio Mollari has a problem with the communication, beyond the technical opinion, expressed by the speakers that have taken place in the conference. Who was Mollari and how could he be adequately presented at a meeting of persons not qualified in this matter? It was Architect or Engineer? Or, as needed, was the one or the other of these figures?

  11. La presidencia de Miguel Antonio Caro

    Beatriz González


    Full Text Available Cien años de los mil días: Los mil días en treinta y dos pasos. Capítulo 2 El gobierno de Miguel Antonio Caro mantenía un ejército relativamente grande, de unos seis mil hombres. Para su reforma y organización trajo una misión francesa. En el ambiente belicista que se vivía en el país. se publicaron y reeditaron libros sobre la técnica del manejo de las armas.

  12. Antonio Caldara v kontextu své doby

    Jonášová, Milada


    Roč. 24, č. 11 (2016), s. 36-37 ISSN 1210-9525. [Antonio Caldara im Kontext seiner Zeit. Český Krumlov, 17.09.2016-18.09.2016] Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Antonio Caldara * conference * Český Krumlov * opera performance Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  13. Antonio Porta and Seventeenth-Century Central European Architecture

    Krummholz, Martin

    -, 0118 (2015), s. 1-24 ISSN 2190-3328 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Antonio Porta * Francesco Caratti * J. B. Mathey * architecture * palace * chateau * Vienna * Turin * F. Luchese * G. P. Tencalla * Roudnice nad Labem Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture , Cultural Heritage

  14. Antonio Ricci en Madrid: 1586-1635

    García López, David


    Full Text Available Life of painter Antonio Ricci is studied by new documents from his arrived at Escorial with Federico Zuccari in 1586. Ricci worked in the Palace of Madrid and was involved in the birth of the Academy of Painting. Here are studied his work as Painter and Appraiser, or his portrait of Philip IV of Spain and his relationship with Jeronimo Gratti, Caballero de Gracia.

    Nuevas aportaciones documentales aclaran la vida del pintor Antonio Ricci en la Corte española desde su llegada a El Escorial junto a Federico Zuccari en 1586. Ricci trabajó como pintor en el entorno palaciego y estuvo involucrado desde el principio en el intento de creación de la Academia madrileña de pintores. Se detallan aquí su trabajo como tasador, su retrato del futuro Felipe IV o su cercana relación con un personaje tan singular como Jeronimo Gratti, el Caballero de Gracia.

  15. Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez (1944 – 2010)

    His colleagues and friends


    It was with deep sorrow and great sadness that we learnt that Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez had passed away on 16th January 2010. Juan Antonio was born in Madrid on 4th June 1944, and received his Ph. D. in Physics in 1971 from“Universidad Complutense de Madrid”. He was a CERN Fellow (1968 – 1971) and subsequently worked at JEN (currently CIEMAT) as a researcher (1971 – 1976). He was leader of the HEP group (1977 – 1981), leader of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Division (1981 – 1983), Director for Basic Research (1983 – 1987) and Scientific Director (1984 – 1987). He was instrumental in the Spanish accession to CERN approved by the Spanish Government at the end of 1982 and ratified by the Spanish Parliament in June 1983. He served at CERN (1987 – 2004) as Group Leader (1987 – 1990), Scientific Advisor to the Director-General (1990 – 2000) and as Division Leader of the Education and Technology T...

  16. Las mineralizaciones litiniferas del oeste de Salamanca y Zamora

    Palero, F.


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to describe the most important geological, mineralogical and geochemical features of the Li ores (bouth pegmatites and quartz veins located in the west part of the Salamanca and Zamora provinces. The pegmatites mostly belong to the lepidolite type and they are complex and zoned. In one case, the ore in the pegmatite is litiophilite, and the pegmatite is simple. The veins are quartz rich with ambligonite and sorne feldspar and sulphides. They appear always related to granitic rocks. All these bodies are also mineralized with cassiterite, and sorne of them contain columbite tantalite too.El objeto de este trabajo es el describir las características geológicas, mineralógicas y geoquímicas más importantes de las mineralizaciones de Li (pegmatitas y filones localizadas en el oeste de las provincias de Salamanca y Zamora. La mayor parte de las pegmatitas son de lepidolita como mena de Li, resultando todas éstas ser complejas y zonadas. En un caso, la mineralización es de litiofilita y la pegmatita que la alberga es simple. Los filones son de cuarzo con ambligonita y algo de feldespato y sulfuros. Todos los yacimientos aparecen siempre en relación con rocas graníticas. A su vez, todos los cuerpos estudiados están mineralizados en casiterita, y algunos de ellos en columbo-tantalita también.

  17. Interview of Antonio Vergara Fernandez about the First Beam

    Antonio Vergara Fernandez


    Antonio Vergara Fernandez : Engineer of the LHC commissioning Questions asked : 1. What does it take to start up the LHC machine? 2. What's the plan for 1st injection day? 3. How do you feel about this?

  18. Antonio Canova and the Whatever Body

    Cora Hatshepsut Gilroy-Ware


    Full Text Available This article looks at the persistence of classicizing art in postmodern imagery. Specifically, I posit the art of Antonio Canova as a precursor to contemporary fashion advertising, arguing against the notion that his oeuvre is wholly irrelevant to contemporary culture. I focus on a selection of paintings by Canova, works that, having received scant attention from scholars, are obscure in relation to the artist’s corpus of sculpture. At first glance, these paintings are little more than odd pastiches of 16th century old master works, only with figures marked by a highly refined and conspicuously modern appropriation of ideal beauty. Rather than marginal curiosities or footnotes to his figures in marble, these paintings will be discussed for their distinctive treatment of the female form. I frame the artist as a transitional figure, one whose overturning of moralizing deployments of ideal beauty initiated a new corporeal type that endures in the figure of the fashion model. Returning Canova to the central position he once occupied in the nineteenth century, I incorporate the work of Giorgio Agamben, John Berger and Frederic Jameson. Like Aby Warburg’s 'Mnemosyne Atlas', my argument is largely founded on the eloquence of the images themselves.

  19. Infraestructura y significado en la dominiación Inka del centro oeste argentino (Coa extremo austral Oriental del Tawantinsuyu

    J. Roberto Bárcena


    Full Text Available Con el apoyo de la ANPCyT (SECYT y del CONICET mediante subsidios, desarrollamos investigaciones arqueológicas y etnohistóricas sobre la dominación inka en el Centro oeste argentino, extremo austral oriental del Tawantinsuyu. En la actualidad trabajamos en las provincias de La Rioja (Famatina, Laguna Brava, Guandacol, entre otras áreas, San Juan (Reserva de la Biosfera de San Guillermo, Valle Fértil, Paso del Lámar —Jáchal—, entre otros sectores y Mendoza (Valle de Uspallata, Valle de Uco, entre otras zonas, estudiando la vialidad y los sitios relacionados, excavando varios de éstos. Un abordaje de tal envergadura implica, entre otras, la posibilidad de contrastar semejanzas y diferencias en la implantación territorial, diversidad en las relaciones con las poblaciones locales y sumanifestación en los indicadores arqueológicos y etnohistóricos y permite contrastar los modelos de dominación regional. En este contexto nos referimos, desde la perspectiva del significado, al registro de bienes inka como ser, entre otros, la propia arquitectura o los relacionados con los sitios ceremoniales de alturaWith the support of the ANPCyT (SECYT and of the CONICET we have undertaken archaeological and ethnohistorical research on the Inka domination in the Argentine centralwest, at the oriental austral extreme of the Tawantinsuyu. Our team is presently working in the provinces of: La Rioja (at Famatina, Laguna Brava,Guandacol, among other areas, San Juan (at the Reserva de la Biosfera de San Guillermo, Valle Fértil and Paso del Lámar -Jáchal-, among other sectors and,Mendoza (at the Valle deUspallata, Valle deUco, among other zones, studying the net of roads and other related sites, excavating several of the later ones. Such an approach implies, between others, the possibility of contrasting similarities and differences in the territorial implantation, the diversity in relations with the local inhabitants and its manifestation in the

  20. Cuartel San Carlos. Yacimiento veterano

    Mariana Flores


    Full Text Available El Cuartel San Carlos es un monumento histórico nacional (1986 de finales del siglo XVIII (1785-1790, caracterizado por sufrir diversas adversidades en su construcción y soportar los terremotos de 1812 y 1900. En el año 2006, el organismo encargado de su custodia, el Instituto de Patrimonio Cultural del Ministerio de Cultura, ejecutó tres etapas de exploración arqueológica, que abarcaron las áreas Traspatio, Patio Central y las Naves Este y Oeste de la edificación. Este trabajo reseña el análisis de la documentación arqueológica obtenida en el sitio, a partir de la realización de dicho proyecto, denominado EACUSAC (Estudio Arqueológico del Cuartel San Carlos, que representa además, la tercera campaña realizada en el sitio. La importancia de este yacimiento histórico, radica en su participación en los acontecimientos que propiciaron conflictos de poder durante el surgimiento de la República y en los sucesos políticos del siglo XX. De igual manera, se encontró en el sitio una amplia muestra de materiales arqueológicos que reseñan un estilo de vida cotidiana militar, así como las dinámicas sociales internas ocurridas en el San Carlos, como lugar estratégico para la defensa de los diferentes regímenes que atravesó el país, desde la época del imperialismo español hasta nuestros días.

  1. Eisenstein contemporain : entretien avec Antonio Somaini

    Bruno Leites


    Full Text Available Entretien avec Antonio Somaini à propos des films, des écrits et des dessins de Sergei Eisenstein. Somaini est actuellement un des plus grands spécialistes de l’œuvre d’Eisenstein. À l’entretien, nous parlons de nombreux sujets : les défis de traduire les ouvrages d’Eisenstein, les phases de sa carrière, le développement de sa pensée, la relation de ses films avec ses écrits, sa pratique du dessin et sa passion pour les dessins de Walt Disney. C’est un long entretien dans laquelle nous parlons aussi des principaux concepts d’Eisenstein, tels que l’extase, le pathos, l’organicité, l’attraction, la régression et la plasmaticité. Somaini nous parle également de la spécificité de son travail et de l’urgence de reprendre Eisenstein. D’un côté, il faut le faire sortir de l’histoire du cinéma exclusivement et l’inclure dans le réseau le plus vaste des arts et de la pensée des années 1920, 1930 et 1940. De l’autre côté, il faut penser son projet comme essentiellement contemporain. Comme Somaini l’a dit, ce que nous pensons beaucoup aujourd’hui, le dispositif cinématographique, le rapport entre le cinéma et l’histoire de l’art, l'influence des images sur l’ensemble de l’expérience humaine, cela a toujours été le problème d’Eisenstein.

  2. Aporte a la geología del Alto de Mogna, al norte de la depresión del Tulum, provincia de San Juan

    J.J. Zambrano; G. Suvires


    El Alto de Mogna, elevación estructural situada en la parte central de la provincia de San Juan, entre las provincias geológicas de las Sierras Pampeanas y la Precordillera Oriental, tiene rumbo este-oeste, transversal a las estructuras de las mencionadas cadenas montañosas, y separa dos depresiones tectónicas regionales: el valle del Bermejo, al norte, y la depresión de Tulum, al sur. En esta elevación estructural afloran fallas y pliegues, cuyo rumbo es prácticamente este-oeste, salvo en la...

  3. Rb-Sr geochronology and geochemical characteristics of mafic dikes in the Nova Lacerda and Conquista D'Oeste region, Mato Grosso, SW Amazonian Craton; Geocronologia Rb-Sr e caracteristicas geoquimicas dos diques maficos da regiao de Nova Lacerda e Conquista D'Oeste (MT), porcao sudoeste do Craton Amazonico

    Costa, Paulo Cesar Correa da; Matos, Joao Batista de [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Dept. de Recursos Minerais; Grupo de Pesquisas em Evolucao Crustal e Metalogenia Guapore, Cuiaba, MT (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:; Girardi, Vicente Antonio Vitorio [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Mineralogia e Geotectonica], e-mail:; Ruiz, Amarildo Salina [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Dept. de Geologia Geral; Grupo de Pesquisas em Evolucao Crustal e Metalogenia Guapore, Cuiaba, MT (Brazil)], e-mail:


    In the Nova Lacerda and Conquista D'Oeste regions, Mato Grosso State, SW part of the Amazonian Craton, mafic dikes trending NNW intrude the Nova Lacerda Granite (1462{+-}12 Ma), within the Jauru Domain, in the Rondonia-San Ignacio Province (1.55 - 1.3 Ga). The mafic swarm comprises diabases, metadiabases and amphibolites. Metadiabases originated from uralitization of diabases. These rocks have tholeiitic affinity and predominant basaltic composition. Some samples are andesi-basalts. The ages of diabases and metabasites are 1380 {+-} 32 Ma and 1330 {+-} 120 Ma respectively. Geochemical data indicate that the compositional variation of diabases and metadiadases is due to fractional crystallization of evolved tholeiitic magmas. The origin of the basaltic magmas is related to a heterogeneous mantle source. (author)

  4. La importancia de palmas en el oeste de la cuenca Amazónica

    Balslev, Henrik


    Las palmas forman un elemento conspicuo y dominante en muchos bosques tropicales en el oeste de la cuenca Amazónica. Existen alrededor de 100 especies de palmas en la zona, y tienen densidades de hasta 8000 individuos por hectárea. Además de su importancia ecológica, las palmas son de gran...

  5. Aporte a la geología del Alto de Mogna, al norte de la depresión del Tulum, provincia de San Juan A contribution to the Geology of the Mogna High, to the North of the Tulum depression, Province of San Juan

    J.J. Zambrano; G. Suvires


    El Alto de Mogna, elevación estructural situada en la parte central de la provincia de San Juan, entre las provincias geológicas de las Sierras Pampeanas y la Precordillera Oriental, tiene rumbo este-oeste, transversal a las estructuras de las mencionadas cadenas montañosas, y separa dos depresiones tectónicas regionales: el valle del Bermejo, al norte, y la depresión de Tulum, al sur. En esta elevación estructural afloran fallas y pliegues, cuyo rumbo es prácticamente este-oeste, salvo en la...

  6. Do coastal fronts influence bioerosion patterns along Patagonia? Late Quaternary ichnological tools from Golfo San Jorge

    Richiano, Sebastián; Aguirre, Marina; Castellanos, Ignacio; Davies, Karen; Farinati, Ester


    remaining Patagonian sites during the Late Pleistocene (especially MIS5e). Tegula atra characterizes (and is dominant within) the marine Pleistocene of Patagonia, especially south of SAO (San Antonio Oeste) along ca. 1000 km during MIS5e. Modified from Aguirre et al. (2011a, 2013).

  7. San Francisco District Laboratory (SAN)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Program CapabilitiesFood Analysis SAN-DO Laboratory has an expert in elemental analysis who frequently performs field inspections of materials. A recently acquired...

  8. En el entierro de Antonio Ucrós Cuéllar.

    Zoilo Cuéllar-Montoya


    Hoy el destino pone en mis labios el adiós definitivo a quien más que tío, fue un gran amigo, colega y profesor y me corresponde hacerlo a título personal y a nombre de la Academia Nacional de Medicina de Colombia, de la cual fue Antonio, su ilustre Miembro de Número. Quiero pintar con las palabras, para que permanezca en nuestros corazones, la figura señera de Antonio; su sonrisa abierta y franca; su forma de ser, directo, concreto y, ciertamente, incondicional en el afecto y la amistad; fue vertical en sus conceptos éticos e intachable en su vida, tanto en la profesional como en la privada. Se destacó, indiscutiblemente, como brillante profesional de la endocrinología, dentro de la cual fue pionero en la subespecialidad pediátrica. Brilló como docente, pues fue indiscutible maestro de su ciencia, cofundador de la Facultad de Medicina del Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, como Miembro de Número que era de la Sociedad de Cirugía de Bogotá y del Cuerpo facultativo del Hospital de San José, Facultad de la cual ocupó la Decanatura. Pero fue, sobre todo, consecuencia lógica de su bonhomía, verdadero honor a su estirpe, un incansable apóstol de su profesión: son incontables los menesterosos de salud para el cuerpo y para el alma que, en el curso de su valiosa vida, en su consultorio particular, en los vetustos pabellones de los hospitales que frecuentó, en su casa de campo o aún en la de Bogotá, recibieron de él una generosa y desinteresada ayuda, material y espiritual...

  9. Antonio Gramsci on intellectual thought – Challenging nursing

    Goodman, B


    publisher: Elsevier articletitle: Antonio Gramsci on intellectual thought – Challenging nursing journaltitle: Nurse Education Today articlelink: content_type: simple-article copyright: © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. In Memoriam Antonio Reales Orozco (1917-1997

    Efraim Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    Para la academia Nacional de Medicina, en su ámbito más nacional, constituye motivo de sincera condolencia la desaparición, el pasado 23 de febrero, del Académico de Número Dr. Antonio Reales Orozco. Nacido, criado y educado en Barranquilla, el Dr. Reales Orozco se graduó de médico de la Universidad Nacional en 1944 y desde entonces se orientó por la Psiquiatría, especialidad que ejerció por más de cincuenta años.

    Además de haber ocupado por varios años la dirección de diversos frenocomios de hombres y de mujeres en su ciudad natal, fue fundador, codirector y copropietario de la Clínica Psiquiátrica del Atlántico, institución privada en que durante más de treinta años prestó destacados servicios a toda la región de la costa atlántica.

    Ingresó como Miembro Correspondiente en 1983 con el trabajo “El hombre y las ciencias del comportamiento” para posteriormente, en 1986 ascender a la categoría de Miembro de Número con su trabajo “Estudio de mil casos médico-psiquiátricos” que recibió calurosos elogios del ya desaparecido Académico Profesor José Francisco Socarrás.

    Retirado del ejercicio activo de la profesión se dedicó, a partir de ese año, a investigar temas históricos de trascendental importancia que publicó en dos libros, cuyas presentaciones formales se hicieron en el recinto de la Academia: uno, en 1988, titulado Bolívar frente a los médicos y la medicina, en que hace un profundo análisis psicológico de la desconfianza que sentía el Libertador hacia los médicos y analiza la trayectoria de aquellos galenos ejemplares que lo acompañaron en la última etapa de su vida, cuando viaja de Bogotá hacia la costa del Caribe para ir a morir finalmente en la Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.}

    El otro, titulado Santander; fundador del Estado Colombiano trazó, en 24 vigorosos capítulos, que van desde el nacimiento hasta la enfermedad y muerte del General Francisco de

  11. Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua : un ingeniero militar véneto en la Sicilia de Carlos V

    Maurizio Vesco


    Full Text Available En 1522 el virrey de Sicilia, Ettore Pignatelli, conde de Monteleone, inició una gran campaña para fortalecer las defensas de las principales ciudades de la costa de Sicilia: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa y, algunos años más tarde, incluso Messina. El ingeniero real Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua, un técnico militar Veneto, pidió renovar el sistema de defensas de la isla, con la introducción por primera vez de bastiones circulares y poligonales en fortalezas y murallas de la ciudad. La obra, desconocida hasta ahora, de este importante ingeniero militar activo en Sicilia desde 1523 hasta 1537, año de su muerte, está siendo reconstruida con una importante documentación de archivo. La investigación destaca líneas de continuidad en la estrategia de guerra de Carlos V, lanzada en Sicilia desde la época del virrey Conde de Monteleone. En consecuencia, se hace necesario revisar este extraordinario carácter general dado por los historiadores de la política militar de Ferrante Gonzaga. También hay que revisar la actualización y la autoría de muchas de las fortificaciones más importantes de Sicilia: el fuerte de San Salvador de Messina, anteriormente atribuido a Antonio Ferramolino de Bérgamo, las fortificaciones de defensa y escarpes del castillo de Milazzo y la torre circular de Castellammare de Palermo (estos últimos fechados en la segunda mitad del siglo XV, todas las obras son de Pietro Antonio Tomasello, realizadas en el segundo cuarto del siglo XVI.In 1522 the Viceroy of Sicily Ettore Pignatelli, Count of Monteleone, started a significant campaign for the strengthening of the outworks of the main cities located along the Sicilian coast: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa and, after a few years, also Messina. The Royal Engineer Pietro Antonio Tomasello from Padua, a military technician from the Veneto region, was charged with renovating the island’s defensive system and introducing for the first time modern circular

  12. A dinâmica locacional da avicultura e suinocultura no centro-oeste brasileiro.

    Leopoldo Viriato Saboya


    Visando investigar a dinâmica locacional das empresas dos complexos aves e suínos estabelecidas na região Centro-Oeste brasileira, foi conduzida uma pesquisa empírica do processo de decisão locacional e dos fatores-chave na escolha do local produtivo, tendo como referencial teórico uma abordagem comportamental da Teoria da Localização. A pressuposição central deste estudo é a de que os preços mais baixos das matérias-primas básicas (em especial o milho) nos estados da região Centro-Oeste não ...

  13. San Marino.


    San Marino, an independent republic located in north central Italy, in 1983 had a population of 22,206 growing at an annual rate of .9%. The literacy rate is 97% and the infant mortality rate is 9.6/1000. The terrain is mountainous and the climate is moderate. According to local tradition, San Marino was founded by a Christian stonecutter in the 4th century A.D. as a refuge against religious persecution. Its recorded history began in the 9th century, and it has survived assaults on its independence by the papacy, the Malatesta lords of Rimini, Cesare Borgia, Napoleon, and Mussolini. An 1862 treaty with the newly formed Kingdom of Italy has been periodically renewed and amended. The present government is an alliance between the socialists and communists. San Marino has had its own statutes and governmental institutions since the 11th century. Legislative authority at present is vested in a 60-member unicameral parliament. Executive authority is exercised by the 11-member Congress of State, the members of which head the various administrative departments of the goverment. The posts are divided among the parties which form the coalition government. Judicial authority is partly exercised by Italian magistrates in civil and criminal cases. San Marino's policies are tied to Italy's and political organizations and labor unions active in Italy are also active in San Marino. Since World War II, there has been intense rivalry between 2 political coalitions, the Popular Alliance composed of the Christian Democratic Party and the Independent Social Democratic Party, and the Liberty Committee, coalition of the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. San Marino's gross domestic product was $137 million and its per capita income was $6290 in 1980. The principal economic activities are farming and livestock raising, along with some light manufacturing. Foreign transactions are dominated by tourism. The government derives most of its revenue from the sale of postage stamps to

  14. Antonio Aliprandi, un estucador lombardo en la Valencia de 1700

    Pablo González Tornel


    Full Text Available En torno a 1700 aparecen en Valencia varios artistas extranjeros que residirán en la ciudad varios años dejando en ella un considerable volumen de obras. Uno de ellos, Antonio Aliprandi, se especializará en la factura de revestimientos de estuco para interiores principalmente eclesiásticos. En el presente texto se realiza un recorrido por las obras de Aliprandi en Valencia y se documentan varias de ellas hasta el momento sólo atribuidas a su mano.Around 1700 many foreign artists appear in Valencia where they will stand for several years leaving in our town quite a lot of handcrafts. One among them, Antonio Aliprandi, will specialize himself on recovering many buildings with stucco, mainly in churches. This text makes a journey along Aliprandi's art pieces in Valencia after working on files to find the documents refered to them.

  15. El anhelo metafísico de Antonio Machado

    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    In Antonio Machado's poetry, a dissatisfied agnosticism appears; that is, a kind of agnosticism which wants to quit being such, an agnosticism with metaphysical longings. Machado knows that the absence of trascendence does not offer peacefulness, but tediousness and resignation against the changing reality. Being lacks the plenitude it once had and, in this sense, there exists in Machado a double way to understand reality: longing for what was and confirmation of the present. All this generat...

  16. Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento a festschrift from theoretical chemistry accounts

    Ornellas, Fernando R


    In this Festschrift dedicated to the 65th birthday of Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento, selected researchers in theoretical chemistry present research highlights on major developments in the field. Originally published in the journal Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, these outstanding contributions are now available in a hardcover print format. This volume will be of benefit in particular to those research groups and libraries that have chosen to have only electronic access to the journal. It also provides valuable content for all researchers in theoretical chemistry.


    Jorge Fernández Gonzalo


    Full Text Available Nuestro estudio trata de analizar el concepto de memoria y olvido en la producción poética de Antonio Gamoneda a través de obras como Descripción de la mentira, Lápidas, Libro del frío o Arden las pérdidas, y en relación al período histórico que le tocó vivir al autor.

  18. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Panama kindral liigub vanglast vanglasse / Arko Olesk

    Olesk, Arko, 1981-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 7. sept. lk. 13. Narkootikumide salakaubaveo, väljapressimise ja rahapesu eest USA vanglas viibiva Panama endise sõjaväejuhi Manuel Antonio Noriega vabanemisest, uuest kohtuteest Prantsusmaal, Panamas tagaselja tehtud kohtuotsusest mõrvade, inimõiguste rikkumise ja korruptsiooni eest. Panama sõjalise diktaatori eluteest, võimulepääsemisest ning USA sõjalisest invasioonist 1989. aastal, mis lõpetas kindrali võimu

  19. A Commander’s Guide for Conducting Integration Operations in the San Antonio Military Health System


    Conducting Integration Operations 27 Denzin , Norman and Lincoln , Yvonna. (1994). Handbook of Qualitative Research. Sage Publications. Thousand Oaks...the Defense. (1998). “Program Decision Memorandum.” August 18, 1998. Phillips, Donald. (1992). Lincoln on Leadership. Warner Books. New York. 1992

  20. Environmental Assessment of Installation Development at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas


    Sanitary Sewer Lines Upgrades Natural Infrastructure Management Projects • Nil. Medio Creek Erosion Control • NI2. Warrior Week Road- Leon Creek Bridge...Intrastate MSL mean sea level MSW municipal solid waste MWD Military Working Dog NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards NAGPRA Native...2-39  2-25. Proposed Location for Project NI1, Medio Creek Erosion Control

  1. Water quality modelling in the San Antonio River Basin driven by radar rainfall data

    Almoutaz Elhassan; Hongjie Xie; Ahmed A. Al-othman; James Mcclelland; Hatim O. Sharif


    Continuous monitoring of stream water quality is needed as it has significant impacts on human and ecological health and well-being. Estimating water quality between sampling dates requires model simulation based on the available geospatial and water quality data for a given watershed. Models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) can be used to estimate the missing water quality data. In this study, SWAT was used to estimate water quality at a monitoring station near the outlet of...

  2. AFHRL Conference on Human Appraisal: Proceedings Held at San Antonio, Texas, 19-21 March 1979


    have branched again into many more specific skills; soldering, writing , hammering, sawing, throwing, arid on and on. These skills and knowledges branch...Berkeley) does--they recommended actually writing critical incidents on the scales, a minimum of two--like the original work with the National League of...asked him "How are you evaluating acceptability in this 128 Wk L7 _ us#m?" And he said to me, "Client satisfaction." I asked him what he ielt , lie said

  3. E3 Success Story - San Antonio E3 Case Study: UEMC “Now Hiring”

    exas Manufacturing Assistance Center conducted an E3 assessment as part of the local Lean-Clean-Energy program in October of 2009. Overall, UEMC has reduced demand by approximately 30kw and reduced consumption by over 100,000 kwh/year.

  4. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of Planetary Geologic Mappers, San Antonio, TX, 2009

    Bleamaster, Leslie F., III (Editor); Tanaka, Kenneth L.; Kelley, Michael S.


    Topics covered include: Geologic Mapping of the Beta-Atla-Themis (BAT) Region of Venus: A Progress Report; Geologic Map of the Snegurochka Planitia Quadrangle (V-1): Implications for Tectonic and Volcanic History of the North Polar Region of Venus; Preliminary Geological Map of the Fortuna Tessera (V-2) Quadrangle, Venus; Geological Map of the Fredegonde (V-57) Quadrangle, Venus; Geological Mapping of the Lada Terra (V-56) Quadrangle, Venus; Geologic Mapping of V-19; Lunar Geologic Mapping: A Preliminary Map of a Portion of the LQ-10 ("Marius") Quadrangle; Geologic Mapping of the Lunar South Pole, Quadrangle LQ-30: Volcanic History and Stratigraphy of Schr dinger Basin; Geologic Mapping along the Arabia Terra Dichotomy Boundary: Mawrth Vallis and Nili Fossae, Mars; Geologic Mapping Investigations of the Northwest Rim of Hellas Basin, Mars; Geologic Mapping of the Meridiani Region of Mars; Geology of a Portion of the Martian Highlands: MTMs -20002, -20007, -25002 and -25007; Geologic Mapping of Holden Crater and the Uzboi-Ladon-Morava Outflow System; Mapping Tyrrhena Patera and Hesperia Planum, Mars; Geologic Mapping of Athabaca Valles; Geologic Mapping of MTM -30247, -35247 and -40247 Quadrangles, Reull Vallis Region, Mars Topography of the Martian Impact Crater Tooting; Mars Structural and Stratigraphic Mapping along the Coprates Rise; Geology of Libya Montes and the Interbasin Plains of Northern Tyrrhena Terra, Mars: Project Introduction and First Year Work Plan; Geology of the Southern Utopia Planitia Highland-Lowland Boundary Plain: Second Year Results and Third Year Plan; Mars Global Geologic Mapping: About Half Way Done; New Geologic Map of the Scandia Region of Mars; Geologic Mapping of the Medusae Fossae Formation on Mars and the Northern Lowland Plains of Venus; Volcanism on Io: Insights from Global Geologic Mapping; and Planetary Geologic Mapping Handbook - 2009.

  5. Study of Medical Ethics Areas of Concern in the Greater San Antonio Area


    3 4 5 nosocomial infections 1 2 3 4 5 failure to provide patient education 1 2 3 4 5 failure to appropriately address patterns of substandard care 1 2...Modified Delphi Study 58 94 maternal /fetal issues at threshold of viability 95 end of life clarification to families about having directives 96 lab

  6. PUBLIC-PRIVATE COMPETITIONS: Reasonable Processes Used for San Antonio Engine Depot Maintenance Award


    .... 2469a and other applicable laws and regulations, appropriate consideration was given to factors other than cost, and the award resulted in the lowest total cost to the Department of Defense (DOD) for performance of the work.

  7. Transformation of safety culture on the San Antonio service unit of Union Pacific Railroad


    The Federal Railroad Administration conducted a pilot demonstration of Clear Signal for Action (CSA), a risk reduction process : that combines peer-to-peer feedback, continuous improvement, and safety leadership development. An independent formative ...

  8. A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class Programs


    under a cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF) contract for the electric plant and later added cost-plus-award fee for the construction of the ship (Schank et al...From Defense Acquisition University (DAU, n.d.) ACRONYMS ACWP Actual Cost of Wart PerRm!ed AlJW Authorizecl Urpiced Wak BAG Budge{ A1 Cornple5on

  9. Industry - Military Energy Symposium, held 21-23 October 1980, San Antonio, Texas


    porning Is that of a professional soldier--as oric who will be m the thick of things i1 this currently tentative international order falls -pAprt. In...But the bubble burst in 1973. In a somewhat politit.lly Lue’trived shtortfoll, tie producing Arab states shut off oil exports--draimiatizing Ituw...missions In 14 dayb during the Arab -Israeli conflict--hauling 13,000 tons of military equipment and supphes to Egypt, Syria and !-aq. t They developed

  10. San Antonio-Espiritu Santo Bay, Texas Four band, 1meter resolution, UltraCam orthoimage

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The NOAA Office for Coastal Management purchased digital Vexcel Ultracam imagery and digital elevation models of the Texas coastline at Espiritu-Santo Bay in 2007....

  11. Engines/Fuels Workshop, 6-8 December 1982, San Antonio, Texas.


    occupies approximately 40% of cooled diesels of exclusive military design and the under - armor hull volume. Of that, only a use. The second is the range placed largely,or better yet, exelusively under armor *: protection. Thus, the more fuel needed for a , • • ’ v’ v• i given range requirement, the

  12. Environmental Assessment: San Antonio Creek Restoration at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


    biological hazards including vegetation (i.e. poison oak and stinging nettle ), animals (i.e. insects , spiders, and snakes), and disease vectors (i.e...acre. Native grasses and herbs such as giant wild rye (Leymus condensatus), and stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) dominate this vegetation type...mud, and unstable ground. Biological hazards such as animals ( insects , spiders, and snakes), and disease vectors (ticks and rodents). 3.6.3

  13. Wild Beginnings: How a San Antonio Initiative Instills the Love of Nature in Young Children

    Kharod, Deepti; Arreguín-Anderson, Maria G.


    This paper describes an environmental education initiative called Starting out Wild (SoW) designed for toddlers and their caretakers. The program, developed by staff and volunteers of a city parks department, engages children ages 1-3 and their parents and caretakers through outdoor learning experiences. We suggest that environmental education…

  14. Weapons Storage Area Survey of Munitions Storage Igloos at Medina Annex, San Antonio, Texas


    Attachment 2 Contaminants of Concern 1. General. Early nuclear weapons used polonium -beryllium (Po-Be) initiators to generate neutrons during the... foods . b. Compositions. Figure 2-1 is a histogram of key isotopic mixtures of uranium by mass. The composition for DU is a moderately depleted...200 199 230 210 255 286 Min = 171 6 258 193 243 199 188 196 171 212 190 210 207 223 203 211 214 237 257 Median = 209 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q

  15. Transducer Workshop (16th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on June 18-20, 1991


    34 he from 1936-40 he was Instructor in EE at Armour says even of the very first gage which Dat- (now Illinois) Institute of Technology in wyler bonded...wirebonds are draped over a dam separating the sensor from the conformal coat- Compared to the first generation sensor de- ing used for structural...base. (No discussion will prevent flow of the coating onto the sensor. be included on the electrical stability of circuit Draping the sensor lead wires

  16. Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Revised Uniform Summary of Surface Weather Observations (RUSSWO)


    S700 62.0 70.9 73t5 74.9 76,1 76.3 76.7 77.0 77.1 77.4 77.6 77.6 7 8.u 78.2 78,5 78.8 >_ 600 62.4 72.0 74.8 76,4 77.8 77.8e9I7 78.9 7 795 7 L; 8o r, n...8 .1a - 5 6 8._5 6 8 . 9 -9 8 ,,8 &196.o8 90 1.3 80,0 61,,U 81.6 e2 2 82.4 R2#7 2.9 82.8 32,9 83oU 83911 3.1 83.-1 83,1 83:21 S700 74.6 $4.8 86,u...93.0 9398 91 .4 94.8 9 4,9_ 9_ 5.5 95.5 95 _59 955I._9 A 95.595595.5 S700 88.2 93,5 94,3 9,.9 95o4 95.5 9L." 96.3 96,3 96.4 96.4! 96,4 96.4 96.4 96,4 96

  17. Workload Trend Analysis for the Military Graduate Medical Education Program in San Antonio


    determining the number of residents the existing casemix can sustain. Further, the utilization of established residency training program assessment will be reported and discussed in this report. Measuring the relative proportion of the existing casemix by age group will allow the GME...the individual program directors in balancing unpredictable mission requirements against the appropriate number of residents that the current casemix

  18. A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class Programs


    that actual costs and operational tempos resemble original assumptions is the most uncertain aspect of sustainment costs. Operators must respond to a...SSN 774 through SSN 787; this represents 47% of the total inventory, a typical variation for ships from the acquisition standard of 10%. Even... Goldberg , M., … MacKinnon, M. (1994). The U.S. submarine production base (MR-456-OSD). Santa Monica, CA: RAND. Blickstein, I. United States. Department

  19. Relación del Virus del Oeste del Nilo con las Aves Silvestres

    Diego Soler-Tovar; Victor J Vera


    El Virus del Oeste del Nilo (VON) es un Flavivirus que produce una encefalomielitis y puede afectar aves y mamíferos; los efectos varían desde poco notorios hasta la muerte, y en su difusión es importante la participación de especies animales como las aves donde es transmitido a través de mosquitos vectores. El VON se conoce de Uganda desde 1937 y está ampliamente distribuido en África, el oriente y la región sur y tropical de Eurasia. En el Hemisferio Occidental, el VON fue la primera causa ...

  20. Cineclube Antonio das Mortes and its independent film production

    Marina da Costa Campos


    Full Text Available This article analysis the production of experimental films made by Cineclube Antonio das Mortes (CAM in 1980, in Goiania, Through the term "independent film". This work is an initial study, therefore, it’s intended, first, to discuss the various conceptions given to “independent cinema” in Brazilian cinema history, from the late 1940s until 1980. Then, this work will try to understand how this production of this Cineclube approaches or moves away from the different conceptions that this term has acquired over the decades.

  1. L'uomo inquieto. Identità e alterità nell'opera di Antonio Tabucchi

    Lausten, Pia Schwarz

    Italiensk litteratur 1980-2000, Gianni Vattimo, Michail Bachtin, Identitetsproblematik i Antonio Tabucchis forfatterskab, subjektivitetsforståelse......Italiensk litteratur 1980-2000, Gianni Vattimo, Michail Bachtin, Identitetsproblematik i Antonio Tabucchis forfatterskab, subjektivitetsforståelse...

  2. Reflections on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s Book “Assembly”

    Christian Fuchs


    Full Text Available This contribution presents reflections on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s book “Assembly” (2017, Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0190677961. Keywords: assembly, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, multitude, common, entrepreneurship of the multitude, the new Prince, digital capitalism, digital assemblage, neoliberalism, finance

  3. Day and night feeding habitat of Red Knots in Patagonia : Profitability versus safety?

    Sitters, HP; Gonzalez, PM; Piersma, T; Baker, AJ; Price, DJ; Sitters, Humphrey P.; González, Patricia M.; Baker, Allan J.; Price, David J.


    By radio-tracking and recording the movements of flocks. the distribution of feeding Red Knots (Calidris canutus rufa) was studied day and night at a migration stopover site near San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina in March and April 1998. By day, the birds fed in dense flocks of 500-4000 on an

  4. O problema do transporte rodoviario para o escoamento da soja produzida no Centro-Oeste brasileiro

    Vivian Helena Capacle


    Resumo:A região Centro-Oeste do país se destaca como um pólo produtor de soja, constituindo-se em um exemplo típico de região de fronteira. A expansão para a área de fronteira agrícola foi incentivada pelo governo, entre os anos 60-70, amparada por uma base infra-estrutural de transportes rodoviários. A partir dos anos 80, pela crise fiscal do Estado, o setor agrícola perde o apoio que tinha e a malha rodoviária brasileira perde participação nos recursos públicos para investimentos em sua amp...

  5. Land-use practices in Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rondonia, Brazil

    Pedlowski, M.A.; Dale, V.H.


    Road development and colonization projects have brought about wide-scale deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. The state of Rondonia, located in the western Amazon Basin, best exemplifies the problems related to land-use changes because it has the highest rates of deforestation in the Amazon Basin. In order to identify the main land-use practices in Rondonia, interviews with local farmers were carried out in the central part of Rondonia, in the PIC (Integrated Colonization Project) Ouro Preto do Oeste. This is the oldest colonization project in the state. The governmental colonization programs attracted migrants to the area through the construction of roads and infrastructure necessary for the colonists to occupy the land for agricultural practices. The interviews were done on lots of the PIC Ouro Preto and in PAD Urupa to define the background of the colonists, their land-use practices, their economic situation, and their relationships with governmental institutions.

  6. O uso do endomarketing pelas empresas de São Miguel do Oeste-SC

    Josiane Romancini


    Full Text Available Endomarketing ou marketing interno são ações de Marketing voltadas para o público interno das empresas. O artigo que se apresenta a seguir foi baseado em uma pesquisa de campo financiada pelo Projeto PIC SENAC realizada na cidade de São Miguel do Oeste/SC, no ano de 2010, onde, em um primeiro momento, pesquisou-se os gestores das empresas que eram associados à Câmara de Dirigentes Lojistas naquele ano. Com os rumos daquela pesquisa, buscou-se, no ano de 2011, trabalhar uma segunda etapa, desta vez, pesquisando os funcionários das empresas cadastradas na Câmara de Dirigentes Lojistas (CDL da mesma cidade. Os pesquisadores procuraram identificar o grau de uso de algumas ferramentas do Endomarketing nas empresas da referida cidade, na visão dos funcionários. Neste estudo, trabalhamos com pesquisa bibliográfica e exploratória. A partir deste estudo, buscamos cruzar alguns dados a fim de diagnosticar se realmente as informações apresentadas pelos gestores no ano de 2010 condiziam com a visão dos funcionários na etapa de 2011. Percebemos com esta pesquisa que o uso de algumas ferramentas do endomarketing por parte das empresas de São Miguel do Oeste ainda é pequeno. Também constatamos, ao longo deste estudo, que trabalhar o capital humano dentro das organizações trará resultados positivos para elas, pois, quando os funcionários estão motivados, certamente seus trabalhos refletem no público externo (consumidores das empresas.

  7. El anhelo metafísico de Antonio Machado

    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    Full Text Available In Antonio Machado's poetry, a dissatisfied agnosticism appears; that is, a kind of agnosticism which wants to quit being such, an agnosticism with metaphysical longings. Machado knows that the absence of trascendence does not offer peacefulness, but tediousness and resignation against the changing reality. Being lacks the plenitude it once had and, in this sense, there exists in Machado a double way to understand reality: longing for what was and confirmation of the present. All this generates a vacuum in the human being, a thirst of trascendence not satisfied and, at the sme time, hope as longing of trascendence which can only be expressed in metaphysics and poetry. Machado's account on trascendence does not exclude immanence. It is found in and from the self, for itself and in other, and even in the absolutely other.

  8. Landscape concept in photography: from Luigi Ghirri to Antonio Ottomanelli

    Teodora Malavenda


    Full Text Available In the 80s of the last century the Italian photography, like other art forms, reflected the political, economic and cultural changes of the Nation. It was the time of a new documentary photography that investigated the transformation of the urban areas. Within this process the landscape was the subject of a new interpretation. In 2013 this process of documentation was worked out again, but in a modern way, by Antonio Ottomanelli. In his project "Collateral Landscape", he took pictures in different cities of the world such as Kabul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Herat, Dokan, New York, Gaza City. Distant places and only apparently different from each other. In fact, all of them have been destroyed by war or, in the case of New York, have been target of a terrorist attack.

  9. Antonio José Ponte: el espacio como texto

    María Guadalupe Silva


    This essay examines Antonio José Ponte’s tale "Un arte de hacer ruinas" (An Art of making ruins from the perspective of its narrative strategies. Considering the general structure of the book, in which this tale holds a central place, the essay inquires into the meanings of the very notion of "center" in Ponte’s literary project. Since the structuration of space, in particular, urban space, which is the first political space, is a matter of permanent reflection in his work, here I offer a reading of the allegorical "engineering" of the tale, establishing relations with other critical texts by Ponte which defies the metaphysics of Cuban nationalism and the centralizing ideology of the Estate.

  10. Miguel Antonio Caro, el Banco Nacional y el Estado

    Salomón Kalmanovitz


    Full Text Available La Regeneración fue el movimiento político y Miguel Antonio Caro el ideólogo que hicieron que Colombia retornara a la matriz institucional centralizada legada por los españoles, en reacción a la dirección liberal y federalista que pretendió orientarla por la senda del desarrollo capitalista, vía su integración al mercado mundial. Esta fue una tendencia continental, de acuerdo con Douglass North, aún en países donde los liberales ganaron las guerras civiles del siglo XIX (North, 134-135. En este ensayo se trata de analizar el pensamiento económico de Caro y más precisamente sus percepciones sobre la banca central, como parte integral de su concepción del Estado que terminaron por imponerse para la Colombia del siglo XX.

  11. Juan Antonio Rubio appointed as Director-General of CIEMAT


    Juan Antonio Rubio, Head of CERN's ETT unit (Education and Technology Transfer) has been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as the Director General of the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology, CIEMAT. Dr Rubio's career began at the Spanish Nuclear Energy Commission where he held the posts of Investigator, Head of the High Energy Group and Head of Nuclear Physics and High Energy Division. Later, he was named Director of the Department of Basic Investigation and Scientific Director of the CIEMAT. In 1987 he joined CERN as Scientific Adviser to the Director General and Group Leader of the Scientific Assessment Group. Up to now, Dr Rubio has been the Head of the ETT unit, as well as Coordinator for Latin America and Commissioner for the 50th Anniversary of the Organization. He was born on 4 June 1944 in Madrid, and holds a Doctorate in Physical Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

  12. Antonio Boggeri. Considerazioni su un protagonista della grafica italiana

    Camilla Chiappini


    Full Text Available Antonio Boggeri is often remembered in the history of graphics only as the Studio Boggeri’s holder. Indeed he is one of the most important figures of Italian advertising graphics and this not for the works he materially made in this field but for his centrality in the Studio he created: in fact he was the unifying element in it among artists of different personality and sensibility.This article does not pretend to explain in a comprehensive manner his importance but it wants to represent a starting point in a research that reconsiders all round Boggeri. Not only, therefore, for his central role in the Studio, but even for his important contribution as a writer and as a photographer, compensating, in part, the lack of works that fully analyze his figure.

  13. Quintais urbanos de Mirassol D'Oeste-MT, Brasil: uma abordagem etnobotânica Urban homegardens of Mirassol D'Oeste-MT, Brazil: an ethnobotany stady

    Maria Antonia Carniello


    Full Text Available Quintais são espaços de fácil acesso e cômodos para os moradores cultivarem uma diversidade de espécies que desempenham funções de estética, lazer, alimentação e medicinal, dentre outras. O objetivo deste trabalho foi o de descrever a composição florística e a respectiva utilização em quintais urbanos de Mirassol D'Oeste, MT, (15º 45'30"S e 058º16'36"W, com a coleta de dados envolvendo: entrevistas estruturadas e semi-estruturadas aplicadas a 29 moradores; coleta simultânea do material botânico das espécies indicadas, incorporação destas no Laboratório de Botânica da UNEMAT, Cáceres e análise da freqüência absoluta e relativa das espécies mais citadas e encontradas nos quintais. Foram registradas 397 denominações locais de plantas (etnoespécies, 275 taxa reunidos em 79 famílias destacando-se com maior número de espécies: Solanaceae (23, Asteraceae (17, Lamiaceae (14, Rosaceae (12 e Verbenaceae (9. Os atributos alimentar e ornamental representam, individualmente, 35% das espécies e o medicinal, 29%. Algumas plantas detêm até quatro potencialidades. Do universo vegetal conhecido e utilizado localmente as espécies nativas correspondem a 8%, resultado considerado baixo comparando-se aos obtidos em populações mato-grossenses radicadas no Cerrado e Pantanal. Essa população manifesta por meio de suas práticas uma tradição agrícola em interface às características de uma sociedade urbano - industrial coabitando em espaços comuns, o quintal.A home garden is a small track of ground next to or surrounding a house where its residents can cultivate a diversity of plants, whose function is aesthetic, leisure, food, medicinal among others. The aim of this work was to study the floristic composition of urban homegardens in the city of Mirassol D'Oeste, state of Mato Grosso, coordinate 15º45'30"S and 58º16'36"W. For colleting data we interviewed 29 residents using structured and semi-structured interviews; and

  14. Coal exploration in the Alto San Jorge area, Cordoba Department. Exploracion de carbones en el Ato San Jorge, Departamento de Cordoba

    Ospina, L H; Oquendo, G G [Geominas Ltda, Medellin (Colombia)


    A Mining Feasibility Study in the Area of Alto San Jorge, Department of Cordoba, Colombia, was commissioned by CARBOCOL S.A. to the Consortium Geominas-NACI. An area of 800 Ka2 was explored to define surface mining possibilities within two subareas referred to as Alto San Jorge and San Pedro Ure. Rocks of Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary age crop out in the zone. In the subarea Alto San Jorge the principal structure is a syncline with a south-north direction. The San Pedro Ure subarea is formed by undulations with flanks of low dip, the most important being the San Antonio Syncline because it contains the mining block. The geological study of the surface demonstrated the existence of coal in the Oligocene Cienaga de Oro Formation and the Niocene Cerrito Formation, with potential resources of 6.3 billion tons. The subsequent exploration of the subsoil, with 20.618 m of drilling, permitted determination of demonstrated reserves in the order of 2.9 billion tons within two areas. In the sector selected for the mine plan, in the area of San Pedro-Puerto Libertador, 7.791 m of drilling was accomplished to define a demonstrated reserve of 515 million tons of coal down to a depth of 200. The combustible type coal has 5.000 cal/g. Complete mining schedules were developed at the prefeasibility level for two surface mines with productions of 1.5 MMTY and 4 MMTY. 9 figs., 3 tabs., 28 refs.

  15. Nii kauge, kuid nii omane Brasiilia / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; interv. Reet Varblane

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Vestlus brasiilia kunstniku Antonio Claudio Carvalhoga 15. X, päeval pärast tema näituse avamist Kunstihoone galeriis. Kunstist, kunstnikest, endast, oma loomingust, kunsti tähendusest praeguses Brasiilias jm.

  16. Mito e le visioni musicali di Antonio Buero Vallejo

    Giada Ferrante


    Full Text Available Nel corso della sua attività drammaturgica Antonio Buero Vallejo si confrontò con la scrittura di un unico «libreto para una ópera», intitolato Mito. Il libretto non fu mai musicato, ma venne pubblicato nel 1968 sulle pagine della rivista Primer Acto, preceduto da una breve introduzione dell’autore. Nel 1976, Mito apparve in un’edizione Espasa- Calpe curata da Francisco García Pavón, inseme a La doble historia del Doctor Valmy. Basandosi su quest’ultima pubblicazione, fedele al testo originale, l’articolo indaga la scrittura di Buero, attraverso una sistematica analisi delle didascalie e della costruzione dialogica dell’opera, evidenziando i numerosi suggerimenti musicali del drammaturgo. Dopo una breve introduzione all’opera, si esaminano nel dettaglio gli interventi dell’autore, cercando di rintracciare i diversi ambiti musicali entro cui si muove Buero, per poi arrivare a mostrare la possibile alternanza di un sistema musicale tonale e un sistema musicale dodecafonico. La scrittura musicale sottesa a «Mito» testimonia della spiccata sensibilità del drammaturgo, permettendo di affermare che Buero concepì il testo in forma musicata, fin dalle prime fasi della sua stesura, sostituendosi, in molti casi, all’eventuale compositore, fino a proporre originali e suggestive soluzioni sonore che questo articolo si prefigge di delineare. During his dramatic activity, Antonio Buero Vallejo measured himself with the writing of a single «libreto para una ópera», entitled Mito. This libretto was never set to music, but was published in 1968 in Primer Acto, preceded by a brief introduction of the author. In 1976 Mito appeared in an Espasa-Calpe volume, edited by Francisco García Pavón, together with La doble historia del Doctor Valmy. Based on this edition, true to the original text, the article investigates Buero’s writing through a methodical analysis of the stage directions and the dialogical construction of the text


    Raifran Abidimar de Castro


    The studies on the effects of economic activities on the environment have contributed to identify activities degradetions. However there are few studies that use of catchment basins as area of analysis of the environmental fragility, particularly in relation to the Amazon. With this, the objective of this paper is to present data on the areas of greatest and least environmental fragility of the basin of the Água Branca, west of Maranhão, Brazil. To do this if you have used the empirical analysis based on data from geology, pedology, geomorphology, and uses and soil cover, aiming to identify the areas of greatest environmental fragility. With the analysis of the data, it was found that there is a need for new forms of management, and their respective procedures for use and occupation of the basin are conducted, aiming at the reduction of fragility strong emerging which represents 42.2% of the area of the basin. Keywords: Environmental Degradation; Watershed; Use and Soil Cover. LA FRAGILIDAD DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE EN LA CUENCA DEL ARROYO DE AGUA BLANCA, AL OESTE DE MARANHÃO RESUMEN Los estudios sobre los efectos de la actividad económica sobre el medio ambiente han contribuido a identificar actividades degradantes. Sin embargo, existen pocos estudios que utilizan de las cuencas hidrográficas como ámbito de análisis de la fragilidad ambiental, particularmente en relación a la Amazonía. Con esto, el objetivo de este trabajo es presentar los datos sobre las áreas de mayor y menor fragilidad ambiental de la cuenca del Água Branca, oeste maranhense. Para ello si ha utilizado el análisis empírico basado en datos de la geología, la edafología, la geomorfología, y uso y cobertura del suelo, con el objetivo de identificar las áreas de mayor fragilidad ambiental. Con el análisis de los datos se comprobó que existe una necesidad de nuevas formas de gestión, y sus respectivos procedimientos para el uso y la ocupación de la cuenca se lleven a cabo, encaminadas a

  18. Índice de Vantagem Comparativa Revelada do Complexo Soja da Região Centro-Oeste Brasileira

    Marciele de Freitas Oliveira


    Full Text Available O Centro-Oeste brasileiro se destaca no setor agrícola por ser uma das principais regiões produtoras e exportadoras de grãos. O objetivo central desse trabalho foi fazer uma caracterização da exportação dos produtos do complexo soja na região Centro-Oeste. Além disso, buscou-se analisar a importância desses produtos para a região. Os dados utilizados nesta pesquisa referem-se à exportação dos produtos do complexo soja na região e no Brasil, oriundos do Sistema de Análise Exterior (ALICE, da Secretaria de Comércio Exterior (SECEX e do World Trade Organization (WTO. Como método de pesquisa, utilizou-se primeiramente o Índice de Vantagem Comparativa Revelada (IVCR, porém, como esse índice apresenta valores positivos assimétricos, recorreu-se ao Índice de Vantagem Comparativa Revelada Simétrica (IVCRS, a fim de suprir essa limitação, pois os valores do IVCRS variam entre -1 e 1. Como resultado constatou-se que a região Centro-Oeste apresenta vantagens comparativas na exportação do complexo soja, porém essa vantagem vem apresentando queda nos últimos anos.

  19. El último urbanismo de Antonio Bonet: el poblado SOS (1970

    Juan Fernando Ródenas García


    Full Text Available El poblado SOS de Aldeas Infantiles, Sant Feliu de Codines, Barcelona (1970, junto al poblado Hifrensa (realizado y los planes urbanísticos de Prat I y II (no realizados, constituyen los últimos conjuntos urbanísticos de cierto calado proyectados por Antonio Bonet, si exceptuamos su producción turística. Bonet plantea un conjunto residencial para alojar a niños huérfanos con equipamientos comunitarios educacionales y deportivos. Bonet recrea en el poblado SOS la atmósfera, a escala humana, que se respira en aquellos pueblos que aparecen fotografiados en el número 18 (1935 de la revista del GATEPAC, AC Documentos de Actividad Contemporánea, dedicado a la arquitectura popular. Pabellones encalados, bóvedas, porches, patios, muros y plataformas de piedra dispuestas como bancales agrícolas, constituyen los elementos que construyen el paisaje de un poblado de trazo moderno y formas arcaicas. Se propone el análisis de una obra inédita que, aunque no se llevó a cabo, expresa la singular lectura del autor de las condiciones de habitabilidad para niños huérfanos, del paisaje, y al mismo tiempo, la obra condensa la experiencia de Bonet como urbanista ya experimentado que en los años 70 pone a prueba con perspectiva histórica su credo teórico fundamental: la Carta de Atenas.

  20. Social media, publicidad y empresa. Entrevista a Antonio Fumero

    Ana Mª Belmonte Jiménez


    Full Text Available Antonio Fumero es Ingeniero de Telecomunicación y MBA por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM. Especialista en la Gestión de la Tecnología e Innovación, trabajó dos años en la Unidad de Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación de BBVA como asesor de Nuevas Tecnologías. Actualmente desarrolla su actividad como investigador en la UPM, colaborando con la Cátedra Telefónica para Internet de Nueva Generación y el Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos (DIT en la dinamización y coordinación de un grupo de investigadores en Redes y Software Social (iRSS. Desempeña labores de diseminación, asesoría y análisis como experto para distintas organizaciones corporativas e institucionales. Recientemente ha creado su propia empresa, Win Win consultores. También es community manager de Color-Uiris y senior consultant de TalentBrokers.

  1. Maidservant as muse: The dramatic reinvention of Antonio Canova

    Christina Ferando


    Full Text Available In the mid-1870s, the playwright Lodovico Muratori (1834-1919 wrote a play based on the life of the sculptor, Antonio Canova, that focused on a fictional, unconsummated passion between Canova and his housekeeper, Luigia Giuli. This play, published by the Milanese editor Carlo Barbini concurrently with several plays about famous Italian artists, including Michelangelo, Raphael, and Tintoretto, emphasized Canova’s connection to these great masters, in particular his role as both artist and lover. By examining the way political and artistic values changed in Italy over the course of the century, this paper arges that Muratori’s insistent repetition of the trope of ‘Luigia as muse’ is an implicit critique of neoclassicism. Artistic inspiration is disengaged from imitation and the rote act of copying and located instead in the very personal and subjective emotions of the artist. By the late nineteenth century, in order to maintain the validity of an otherwise outmoded style, neoclassicism and its suffocating image of repetition were necessarily recast to fit the political, sociological and artistic developments of the time.

  2. Autopista Ronda-Oeste de Murcia – España

    Editorial, Equipo


    Full Text Available The Ronda-West expressway in Murcia detours the traffic of route CN-301, from Madrid to Cartagena, around the center of the city, thereby facilitating the routing of vehicular traffic. This expressway consists of two access roads, four cloverleaves, three viaducts, two elevated bypasses and a large amount of masonry work. The structures are built with post-stressed beams, replaced in some stretches by prestressed slabs or also post-stressed slabs, and abutments made with formwork. The foundations have been laid over piles in situ.La autopista Ronda- Oeste de Murcia evita el paso del tráfico de la carretera CN-301, de Madrid a Cartagena, por el centro de la ciudad, con lo que facilita la ordenación de la circulación rodada. Dicha autopista consta de dos enlaces, cuatro nudos, tres viaductos, dos pasos elevados y una gran obra de fábrica. Las estructuras están realizadas a base de vigas postensadas, sustituidas en algunos tramos por losas pretensadas o también postensadas y estribos realizados con cimbra. La cimentación se ha hecho sobre pilotes in situ.


    Lucianne Leigue dos Santos


    Full Text Available Clinical or sub-clinical mastitis are the main illnesses that affect dairy herds, with impact on the economy, the industry, and with consequence to public health. Considering that the city of Santa Izabel do Oeste is located in the second bigger milk region of Paraná state, and that mastitis cases are epidemiologically classified as ambient or contagious, the purpose of this study was to identify possible etiologic agents of bovine mastitis, by the use of a preliminary, fast and cheap diagnostic method to differentiate these types of illness, to orient treatment and prophylactic measures. Two triplates were employed. Triplate I was composed by blood agar, bile-esculine agar and mannitol-salt agar, while triplate II was composed by MacConkey agar; Baird-Parker agar and sabouraud-dextrose agar with cloranfenicol. Additionally, a tube with sabouraud-dextrose agar with cloranfenicol incubated at room temperature temperature was used for the research of filamentous moulds. It was observed that the great majority of the isolated samples had Staphylococcus coagulase negative, coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, no-fermenters bacilli gram negative, Coryneforms, Streptococcus spp. and Streptococcus agalactiae.

  4. Relaciones de intercambio en el oeste pampeano: el papel de los ambulantes

    María Eugenia Comerci


    Full Text Available RESUMEN En el extremo oeste de la provincia de La Pampa persisten prácticas culturales, productivas y vinculares arraigadas desde comienzos del siglo XX. Dentro de los agentes tradicionales que históricamente han interactuado con los productores del área, se destacan los vendedores ambulantes o mercachifles. A través de densas redes, éstos han proveído a los productores de bienes de consumo. En el artículo se pretenden explorar los vínculos históricos establecidos entre los vendedores ambulantes y los campesinos, las trayectorias y estrategias comerciales gestadas en el pasado y en el presente. Las relaciones entre los mercachifles y los intermediarios con los productores, se estudian a través de testimonios y el cruce de datos obtenidos en el trabajo de gabinete y de campo en Chos Malal y La Humada. Finalmente se reflexiona sobre los factores que posibilitan la persistencia de ciertas relaciones de subordinación entre comerciantes y productores que habitan en parajes rurales. ABSTRACT In the far west of the province of La Pampa persist cultural, productive and relational practices rooted from the early twentieth century. Among the traditional agents that have historically interacted with area producers stand street vendors or hawkers. Through these dense networks they have provided to producers of consumer goods. In the article aims to explore the established historical ties between street vendors and farmers, paths and business strategies engendered in the past and in the present. Relations between peddlers and producers intermediaries are studied through testimonials and crossing data obtained in office work and field in Chos Malal and the Humada. Finally we examine the factors that make the persistence of certain reporting relationships between traders and farmers who live in rural places.

  5. Cultura Associativa: A Gênese do Cooperativismo Agropecuário da Mesorregião Oeste Paranaense

    Ednilse Maria Willers


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é publicizar parte de minha tese de doutorado. Essa tese teve por objetivo geral analisar e compreender a gênese do cooperativismo agropecuário da mesorregião Oeste paranaense a partir da cultura associativa de seus fundadores. Para este artigo abordou-se: a parte do referencial teórico pautado no conceito da cultura associativa e; b no quadro de análise pautado no processo de formação e colonização da mesorregião Oeste paranaense, seguido do processo histórico de fundação das cooperativas agropecuárias selecionadas: Copacol, C.Vale, Lar, Coopavel e Copagril. A metodologia adotada partiu da abordagem qualitativa, a partir da premissa descritivo-explicativa.  Como fonte de dados utilizou-se dados secundários. Como resultado constatou-se que a gênese das cooperativas em estudo se deu em função das necessidades sociais dos sujeitos, dos colonos que as fundaram. A cultura associativa resgatada por meio das memórias desses colonos tornou-se o marco cultural, mantido e reproduzido pela estrutura comunitária desses colonos. A dinâmica de convivência coletiva e as relações comunitárias mantiveram-se independentes das mudanças macroeconômicas do país. Foi esse espírito gregário, entranhado na estrutura social dos migrantes que colonizaram a mesorregião Oeste paranaense, o norteador das iniciativas de cooperação que desencadearam nas associações de produtores, e essas, nas cooperativas agropecuárias em estudo.

  6. Det 'svage' subjekt. En undersøgelse af det litterære subjekts forandring i Antonio Tabucchis og Gianni Celatis forfatterskaber

    Lausten, Pia Schwarz

    Italiensk litteratur efter 1980; postmodernisme; subjektsforståelse; Antonio Tabucchi; Gianni Celati; Michail Bachtin; Gianni Vattimo......Italiensk litteratur efter 1980; postmodernisme; subjektsforståelse; Antonio Tabucchi; Gianni Celati; Michail Bachtin; Gianni Vattimo...


    Rodolfo Richard-Jorba


    Full Text Available Las actuales provincias de Mendoza y San Juan, localizadas en el árido centro-oeste argentino, llevan a cabo sus actividades económicas principales en grandes oasis de regadío, pequeñas porciones del territorio, en las cuales se concentra más del 95% de la población. A lo largo de su historia los productos de sus viñedos fueron dotándolas de una clara identidad hasta conformar lo que hoy conocemos como la gran Región Vitivinícola Argentina.

  8. Technical proposal on the treatment of the influent of the Jose Antonio Alzate dam using aerobic pond system; Propuesta tecnica sobre el tratamiento del influente de la presa Jose Antonio Alzate a traves un sistema lagunar aerobio

    Rosas de Alba, S.G. [Instituto Tecnologico de Toluca, Metepec, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Barcelo Quintal, I.D.; Bussy Beaurain, A.L.; lopez Galvan, E. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco (Mexico)]. E-mail:;;


    In Mexico, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma river, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya-Lerma-San Bartolo timber-roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of Mexico, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the Jose Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA), becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma river. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD, was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter k and the number of dispersion d, specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the DOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8646.70 m{sup 3}/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surface than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity. [Spanish] La descarga de aguas residuales a los sistemas acuaticos, sin previo tratamiento, es un problema generalizado en Mexico; como es el caso del rio Lerma en donde se sustituyo el aporte de agua limpia proveniente del sistema lagunar Almoloya-Lerma-San

  9. Conference Proceedings: Aircraft Gear and Bearing Tribological Systems Held in San Antonio, Texas on 22-26 April 1985.


    requirements) are presented in Table IT. The selected candidate base oil was a blend of commercially available neopentyl polyol esters. It was selected...engine validation consisted of: 1. a neopentyl polyol ester blend 2. a deposit inhibitor (Ref. 7) 3. a heterocyclic amine oxidation inhibitor 4...lutely required. The use of a glycol or a synthetic hydrocarbon (polyalphaolefin (PAO)l based fluid has been suggested as a possible basestock material for

  10. Identifying agroecological mixed farming strategies for local conditions in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba

    Monzote, F.R.F.; Bello, R.; Alvarex, A.; Hernández, A.; Lantinga, E.A.; Keulen, van H.


    Building on previous research at the experimental and national scales, this study was carried out at the local scale over a four-year period on three farms of reference: one specialized dairy farm ‘Vaquería 10’ (33.7 ha) and two mixed farms, ‘Remedio’ (9.4 ha) and ‘La Sarita’ (47 ha). All three

  11. Proceedings of the Structural Integrity Program Conference. Held in San Antonio, Texas on 29 November-1 December 1988


    normal wear and tear (brakes, tires, etc.) and extended time between subsystem replacement or repair. - Normal aircraft horizontal takeoff and...T76 Dassault Test Program Inconel 718 2214-T6 Rockwell B-1 B Attachment Links 13-8 PH 7075-T73 International Pratt & Whitney TF-33 Compressor AMS...operational temperature range of 20°F to 100°F lead to the following final damping designs: 625 * 0.004 inch 3M ISD113 and 0.012 inch aluminum

  12. Proceedings of Users’ Stress Workshop (8th) Held San Antonio, Texas on September 24 - 27, 1991


    children reported lower self esteem and coping than those of older children . With parental absence, the younger children ...soldier during deployment) and having Ogood" children (i.e., ones that don’t stress the remaining parent ). OOS/ S research confirmed the importance of these...benefits and Employee Assistance Programs. They are seen in health-promoting benefits like flex shifts for parents , maternity and paternity leives,

  13. Proceedings of the USAF Structural Integrity Program Conference Held in 11-13 December 1990 in San Antonio, Texas


    z o wIx 2W WCOZ F-om 0 0 . zu C, 0a <o-z - w c0 -0 CL-cr. a: QI 0~~ Wo I. _ Oo () cr cr. 0< Oz30 i-1*CC0 *lW 0 w a. Cf461 aI~ ɘ w0 WLJW CfOz 0ɘ the rotor bore, the sec- ond, a surface crack at the cone- web junction. Typical florescent--penetrate-inspection capability (FPI) is finding a 35 by...this reason, automatic or web , wing ctr. section, stn. eveni computer controlled shot 1000" carry the following peer ing is to be preferred "Repair

  14. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (19th), 17-21 October 1977, San Antonio, Texas


    to-?ir kills, especially since we will probably be atle to field only a relatively small number of fighter pilots in future wars. Fighter pilots have...Education and Training, Information, And Legal, too many colonel positlons were allocated. Overall, many jobs wer found to be undergraded, especially at the...t preparing the final eppmntice progress/status report, 4e avy C :-vs educacion specialist will regard previous work experience as distri±xtnd

  15. Air Force Personalized Medicine Program Panel: Representative Research at the 59th Medical Wing San Antonio Military Medical Center


    DNA used to predict individual’s re~nse to cardiac therapeutics &Provide universa l standard sample and ampl icon preparat ion protocol; point of care...coordination of patient evacuation Adverse Childhood Experience Serotonin Transporters and Telomeres: A Gene Environmental Interaction Study of the...Risk of PTSD in Soldiers Biomarkers for Mental Illness and Recovery using Sleep as a Mediator: A Randomized Controlled Trial Characterization of the

  16. Test Review: D. Wechsler "Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition." San Antonio, TX--NCS Pearson, 2009

    McCrimmon, Adam W.; Climie, Emma A.


    This article reviews the "Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition" (WIAT-III), a newly updated individual measure of academic achievement for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 (age 4 years, 0 months to 19 years, 11 months). Suitable for use in educational, clinical, and research settings, the stated purposes of the WIAT-III…

  17. Test Review: Wechsler, D., & Naglieri, J.A. (2006). "Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability". San Antonio, TX--Harcourt Assessment

    Massa, Idalia; Rivera, Vivina


    This article provides a review of the Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability (WNV), a general cognitive ability assessment tool for individuals' aged 4 year 0 months through 21 years 11 months with English language and/or communicative limitations. The test targets a population whose performance on intelligence batteries might be compromised by…

  18. Test Review: D. Wechsler "Wechsler Individual Achievement Test" (3rd ed.). San Antonio, Texas--Pearson, 2009

    Vaughan-Jensen, Jessica; Adame, Cindy; McLean, Lauren; Gamez, Brenda


    This article reviews "Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition" (WIAT-III), which is designed to assess students' skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics. The test can identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses, assist professionals who are determining whether a student is eligible for special…

  19. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course Held at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, 5-9 June 1991


    You might find some of the words nasty; you might find some of the words silly. Some of the names I’ve heard are vagina , boo-boo, honey pot or just...what has happened. The mouth, anus and vagina can all be cut open to accommodate a penis, finger, sexual aid, vibrator, or whatever may have been...member of a team rather than isolating oneself because of the myth that one must solve his/her problems alone. Phase III takes three hours and includes

  20. Factores asociados con el proceso de salud y enfermedad en San Antonio (Catamarca, Argentina: un enfoque antropológico

    Bárbara Martínez


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Identificar los procesos de salud y enfermedad entre los pobladores de El Cajón (Catamarca, Argentina y su vinculación con la biomedicina. Asimismo, estudiar las ar - ticulaciones entre la biomedicina y el sistema de salud tradicional. Materiales y métodos: Investigación cualitativa, mediante un abordaje etnográfico en el que la observación participante, la corresidencia y las entrevistas abiertas de sesiones múltiples cumplen un rol primordial. La pesquisa se ha centrado en los pobladores locales que regularmente asisten a la posta sanitaria, los enfermeros, los agentes sanitarios y los miembros del equipo de salud itinerante. La población total del lugar es aproximadamente 235 habitantes. Resultados: Se ha constatado que los procesos de salud y enfermedad no se limitan al cuerpo humano, sino que también en ellos intervienen el paisaje y los seres que lo pueblan. Se ha identificado que en la resolución de numerosas patologías resulta central la figura del especialista ritual. Se ha determinado que la gente valora y utiliza la biomedicina, aunque la asistencia a la institución hospitalaria suele ser rehuida. Conclusiones: Se ha identificado un uso combinado de ambos sistemas. En él influyen las valoraciones de las personas sobre la enfermedad de que se trate, pero también otros factores como la distancia hasta el centro asistencial y las relaciones interpersonales con los profe - sionales de la salud. Se resalta la relevancia del enfoque cualitativo para dar cuenta de las especificidades de las categorías locales, que resultan esquivas para un abordaje construido a partir de conceptos derivados del dualismo cartesiano.

  1. Proceedings of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (San Antonio, Texas, August 6-12, 1988).

    Clark, John W., Ed.; And Others


    This document contains the proceedings of a joint meeting of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering and the International Organization for Medical Physics. Participants from over 50 countries were in attendance. The theme of the program, "Challenges for the Year 2000," was a reminder of the challenges which confront…

  2. Vector Surveillance to Determine Species Composition and Occurrence of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection at Three Military Installations in San Antonio, Texas


    the MWD Center have exhibited multiple clinical signs. Canines affected with Chagas disease develop either acute or A B Figure 3. Dog kennel habitat...and dilation . The result is a bilat- eral enlarged heart with fl accid thin walls that exhibit abnormal electrical impulses and arrhythmias on an...electrocardiograph, along with possible respiratory dis- tress. These cases can often be confused with chronic dilative cardiomyopathy observed in other

  3. Relation of water chemistry of the Edwards aquifer to hydrogeology and land use, San Antonio Region, Texas

    Buszka, Paul M.


    Water-chemistry data from the Edwards aquifer for 1976-85, consisting of nearly 1,500 chemical analyses from 280 wells and 3 springs, were used to statistically evaluate relations among ground-water chemistry, hydrogeology, and land use. Five land uses associated with sampled wells were classified on the basis of published information and field surveys. Four major subareas of the aquifer were defined to reflect the relative susceptibility of ground water to contamination originating from human activities using hydrogeologic and tritium data.

  4. Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory Held in San Antonio, Texas on January 17 - 22, 1993


    two conistantits. It is note Prlha t if Eq.) 3) is igtiored and Iiii is raiidooi ., t hen thet above Crit erioni is i den t ical to Sbl ravev ’ calculate the mean square ’ 21 / Vo (EEP) error caused by source coding mses [1]. Furthermore, .19 ( bpp (EEP)- bpp (UEP)) we need the bit-sensitivity

  5. Use of environmental isotope methods as a reconnaissance tool in groundwater exploration near San Antonio de Pichincha, Ecuador

    Moser, H.; Stichler, W.


    In a semiarid area in the Sierra of Ecuador (about 20 km north of Quito), measurements of deuterium, oxygen 18, and tritium content in spring water, surface water, and precipitation have been performed. The results, together with some meteorological and hydrogeological data, furnished information on the recharge area and on the recharge rate of groundwater. On the basis of the results a groundwater exploitation does not appear feasible. (orig.) [de

  6. Technical Proposal on the Treatment of the Influent of the José Antonio Alzate dam Using Aerobic Pond System

    E. López–Galván


    Full Text Available In México, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma River, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya–Lerma–San Bartolo timber–roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of México, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the José Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA, becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma River. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD5 was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter "k" and the number of dispersion "d", specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the BOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8 646, 70 m3/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surfaces than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity.

  7. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  8. Reflective Mindreading: Theory of Mind and the Search for Self in Antonio Machado's "Soledades"

    Mills, Steven


    In Antonio Machado's collection "Soledades", the poet's search for identity guides an introspective quest where context, body, and mind form an intricate and inseparable connection. By extending cognitive capabilities to his natural environment, the poet, through embodied cognition and Theory of Mind, reads other people's and nature's minds to…

  9. Antonio Machado y Ruiz (1875-1939) / koost. ja tlk. Andres Ehin


    Hispaania luuletajast Antonio Machadost. Sisaldab ka autori luuletusi "Vanasõnad ja laulud XXIX", "Kas mu süda on uinunud?", "Kõrgmaa laulud", "Tuul, toreda päeva tuul", "Eile öösel nägin und", "Neli luuletust"

  10. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  11. Rimi juht : Citymarket kaob, hinnad alanevad / Antonio Soares ; interv. Toivo Tänavsuu

    Soares, Antonio


    Kesko Foodi ja ICA ühisettevõtte Rimi Balticu juht Antonio Soares ei pea võimalikuks Balti turu väiksuse tõttu Citymarketi kaubamärgi jätmist Eestisse. Citymarketid kujundatakse ümber Rimi Hüpermarketiteks

  12. A la memoria de José Antonio Rojas Tercero, 1959-2008

    José Miguel Fernández Fernández


    Full Text Available La revista recuerda la figura de José Antonio Rojas, Catedrático de Economía Financiera y Contabilidad dde la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha desde el punto de vista humani y profesional

  13. Antonio Maceo: Agent General of the Provisional Revolutionary Government to the Cuban emigration (I

    José Antonio Navarro Álvarez


    Full Text Available This article describes the role of paramount importance played by Antonio Maceo y Grajales as General Agent of the Provisional Government, one of the less studied and known roles of this preeminent patriot of our wars of independence.

  14. Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism in Manuel Antonio and Texel: a Tourist Perspective

    Cottrell, S.P.; Duim, van der V.R.; Ankersmid, P.; Kelder, L.


    This paper examines tourist perceptions of sustainability in Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Costa Rica and Texel, The Netherlands. It also reviews tourist opinions of site-specific sustainability aspects and assesses differences between tourist types and their perceptions of sustainability. The ecological

  15. Problematizing the "Taken for Granted" in Educational Issues: Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and Michel Foucault.

    Qi, Jie

    This paper explores how educators would raise different questions about educational issues by using Karl Marx's framework, Antonio Gramsci's conception, and Michel Foucault's notions, respectively. First, the paper compares the historical perspectives of Marx and Foucault. Marx concludes that history is a progressive linear production and that…

  16. El Área de Contabilidad de la UCLM y José Antonio Rojas

    Francisco Javier Quesada Sánchez


    Full Text Available Breve historia de los cinco primeros cursos del Área de Contabilidad de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha con especial referencia a la dedicación y protagonismo del Profesor José Antonio Rojas Tercero, a quien se rinde homenaje.

  17. San Francisco Accelerator Conference

    Southworth, Brian


    'Where are today's challenges in accelerator physics?' was the theme of the open session at the San Francisco meeting, the largest ever gathering of accelerator physicists and engineers

  18. Esperanças docentes em uma escola pública no oeste do Paraná, Brasil

    Ahlert, Alvori


    Full Text Available O presente estudo discute o tema da esperança futura na profissão docente com o objetivo de identificar o nível de esperança com que as pessoas docentes enfrentam sua vida cotidiana no complexo contexto educacional da atualidade em uma escola pública no oeste do Paraná. A pesquisa foi realizada pela Linha de Pesquisa Formação de Professores do Grupo de Extensão e Pesquisa em Educação Física Escolar – GEPEFE, numa escola pública no Oeste do Paraná, através de uma abordagem quantitativa, de nível descritivo. A discussão dos resultados evidencia que as pessoas docentes possuem um alto nível de esperança, acompanhada de uma auto-imagem ou auto-representação e auto-conceito que conferem grande valor ao trabalho que realizam. Trata-se de docentes que tem a dimensão afetiva e emocional para sua atividade profissional e em suas realizações como educadores e educadoras. En este estudio se discute el tema de la esperanza para el futuro en la profesión docente con el fin de identificar el nivel de esperanza con que maestras y maestros enfrentan la vida cotidiana en el contexto complejo educativo de hoy, en una escuela pública en el oeste de Paraná. La pesquisa fue realizada por la Línea de Investigación de Formación Grupo de Extensión de la Enseñanza y la Investigación de la Escuela de Educación Física - GEPEFE a través de un enfoque cuantitativo, nivel descriptivo. La discusión muestra que el profesorado tiene un alto nivel de esperanza, acompañado por una imagen propia o de auto-representación y auto-concepto que conceden gran valor a su trabajo. Se trata de docentes que tienen una dimensión afectiva y emocional para sus actividades profesionales y sus logros como educadoras y educadores.

  19. Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre: the forefather of child neurology in Brazil Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre o pai da neurologia infantil no Brasil

    Rubens Reimão


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To report on the life and works of Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre and the relevance that led him to be considered the Forefather of Child Neurology in Brazil. METHOD: The method utilized was the historical documents research; bibliographical. RESULTS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 was born in São Paulo city; graduated in 1941 from the São Paulo Medical School. The date - 1950 - can be considered when Child Neurology took shape for a fully specialty, when Lefèvre presented his two internationally acclaimed thesis. Lefèvre was recognized as he founder of Child Neurology in Brazil since the early years of his brilliant academic activities. In 1967 achieved the title of professor in the Child Neurology Clinic. His numerous trainees and Residents - from -1950 to 1981 - held today key positions in Brazilian Child Neurology. CONCLUSION: The extension and importance of the Child Neurology School of which he is the legitimate founder is recognized.OBJETIVO: Relatar a vida e obra do Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre e a relevância que leva a ser denominado o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil. MÉTODO: Pesquisa de documentos históricos e bibliográfica. RESULTADOS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 nascido em São Paulo; formou-se na Faculdade de Medicina de São Paulo em 1941. A data de 1950 pode ser considerada quando a Neurologia Infantil tornou-se uma especialidade completa quando Lefèvre defendeu suas duas teses aclamadas internacionalmente. Lefévre foi reconhecido como o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil desde os primeiros anos de sua carreira acadêmica brilhante. Em 1967 atingiu o título de Professor de Neurologia Clínica Infantil. Seus numerosos estagiários e Residentes - de 1950 a 1981 - têm hoje posições de destaque na Neurologia Infantil brasileira. CONCLUSÃO: É reconhecida a extensão e a relevância da escola de Neurologia Infantil da qual Lefèvre é o legítimo fundador.

  20. Parasitismo humano por Rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato (ACARI: IXODIDAE no Mato Grosso do Sul, Centro-Oeste do Brasil

    Igor Cunha Lima Acosta


    Full Text Available O parasitismo humano pelo carrapato marrom do cão, Rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato (s. l., um importante parasita para a saúde pública e veterinária, é raramente relatado no continente americano. Este trabalho relata o registro de um macho de R. sanguineus s. l. parasitando um humano na cidade de Campo Grande, estado do Mato Grosso do Sul, no Centro-Oeste do Brasil. Essa observação é relevante para a saúde pública, uma vez que os carrapatos desse complexo são conhecidos como vetores de riquétsias do grupo da febre maculosa para cães e humanos.

  1. Do Planejamento ao Ordenamento Territorial: Estudo da Região Costa Oeste do Paraná

    Adriana Eliane CASAGRANDE


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem por objetivo analisar o papel do planejamento, tendo em perspectiva o ordenamento do território na região Costa Oeste do Paraná. Para a realização deste trabalho foram analisados alguns indicadores socioeconômicos fornecidos pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE, pelo Instituto Paranaense de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (IPARDES e Itaipu Binacional, tais como o Fundo de Participação dos Municípios (FPM, Imposto sobre Circulação dos Municípios (ICMS, Índice de Desenvolvimento Humano por Município (IDH-M e royalties. Com ênfase no planejamento e no ordenamento territorial, analisou-se se esses indicadores têm evidenciado socioeconomicamente os municípios dessa região.

  2. Saurofagia y canibalismo en dos especies de lagartos del centro-oeste de Argentina

    Piaggio, Lia


    Full Text Available El canibalismo y la saurofagia han sido registrados en numerosas especies de anfibios y reptiles. En la mayoría de los casos esta estrategia predatoria aparece como oportunista y como resultado de un comportamiento predatorio normal. Por otra parte, ambas conductas alimentarias han sido reportadas en lagartos como consecuencia de descubrimientos fortuitos o bien a partir de estudios de ecología del comportamiento. Además es sabido que algunos casos de canibalismo en reptiles pueden ser inducidos por condiciones de cautiverio, lo que no indica que este comportamiento no ocurra naturalmente. El objetivo de este trabajo es aportar nuevos casos a los estudios que se realizan en este sentido, reportando el hallazgo accidental de canibalismo en Cnemidophorus longicauda y saurofagia en Homonota underwoodi ambas especies sintópicas del Monte de San Juan.

  3. Pictures to a story. Notes on Vita di San Filippo Neri at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

    Federica Vettori


    Full Text Available During the eighteenth century the venetian publishing knows a flowering season thanks to the involvement of great artists in the field of illustration. Pietro Antonio Novelli was one of the most prolific inventors of decorations for illustrated books. He sketched the illustrations of Vita di San Filippo Neri engraved by Innocente Alessandri and printed in Venice in 1793. At the Museum of Bassano del Grappa we can find a special watercolored edition: sixty large prints that tell, as if they were history paintings, the life of the saint.

  4. SANS studies of polymers

    Wignall, G.D.


    Before small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), chain conformation studies were limited to light and small angle x-ray scattering techniques, usually in dilute solution. SANS from blends of normal and labeled molecules could give direct information on chain conformation in bulk polymers. Water-soluble polymers may be examined in H 2 O/D 2 O mixtures using contrast variation methods to provide further information on polymer structure. This paper reviews some of the information provided by this technique using examples of experiments performed at the National Center for Small-Angle Scattering Research (NCSASR)

  5. Wastewater characterization of the community 'Antonio Maceo' of the Oriente University

    Crombet Grillet, Sandra; Perez Pompa, Norma; Abalos Rodriguez, Arelis; Rodriguez Perez, Suyen


    The main environmental problems of the Universidad de Oriente are associated with the emission of uncontrolled and untreated solid and liquid waste to the environment. In the university community 'Antonio Maceo' 1 360 people now living, of which 70 % are students of the institution. This community poured about 23 462,7 L/d of wastewater residual liquids composed of 15 buildings and the waters of the kitchen and cafeteria. In this paper we evaluate the physico-chemical and microbiological wastewater university community Antonio Maceo, determining environmental parameters of highest incidence. The waters are neutral and proper salinity. They have gray color, odor and cloudy appearance, without the presence of floating material. The organic matter content is above discharge limits and detected total and fecal coli forms. The greatest variability (46,5 %) of wastewater depends on the turbidity, COD, BOD 5 , sulfide, ammonium, oil and grease and total solids and fixe

  6. Los realismos en Beatus Ille de Antonio Muñoz Molina.

    Papa Mamour Diop


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: This work deals with the current debate about reality and its literary and artistic expression: realism. In Beatus Ille, Antonio Muñoz Molina’s first novel, the fictional universe reveals three kinds of realism: the epic and elegiac realism, the historic realismand the magic realism. SPANISH: En este trabajo, abordamos el actual debate sobre la realidad y su expresión literaria y artística: el realismo. En Beatus Ille, primera novela de Antonio Muñoz Molina, eluniverso novelesco permite percibir tres tipos de realismos: el realismo épico elegiaco, el realismo histórico o contrafactual y el realismo mágico.

  7. Building with 54 houses of high energetical efficiency in Madrid; Edificio de 54 viviendas de alta eficiencia energetica en el oeste de San Fermin. Parclea 5 (Madrid)

    Yanez, G.; Yanez-Lopez del Amo, L.


    We present in this article a residential building recently built in Madrid for the EMV in which have been applied some bioclimatic and energy efficiency techniques. In this communication are described the main architectural features and are exposed some of the estimated results of energy saving with the contribution of solar energy in passive space and water heating. (Author)

  8. is-à-vis : Antonio Tabucchi et Fernando Pessoa. Étude de la médiation culturelle dans les fictions biographiques d’Antonio Tabucchi

    Audrey Lemieux


    Full Text Available Comment un écrivain écrit-il à propos d’un autre écrivain – non seulement l’histoire d’une vie, mais la singularité, la vérité particulière d’un homme ? Cet article examine les différentes stratégies par lesquelles l’écrivain-biographe Antonio Tabucchi, dans ses fictions biographiques, parvient à mettre en scène le personnage de Fernando Pessoa, malgré la distance qui les sépare – distance qui semble reposer, à première vue, sur des enjeux culturels, mais qui se révèle être essentiellement ontologique. How does one author undertake writing about another–not only in terms of recounting the story of a life, but also the singularity, the inner truth of a human being? This paper will explore the different strategies by means of which the author/biographer Antonio Tabucchi manages to portray the character of Fernando Pessoa in his biographical fictions, in spite of the distance between them–a distance that initially appears to be rooted in cultural issues, but later reveals itself to be of an essentially ontological order.

  9. Spinoza «protobiologo». Emozioni e sentimenti secondo Antonio Damasio

    Mariagrazia Portera


    Full Text Available My essay reconstructs the broad outline of Antonio Damasio's thought, with particoular reference to his book Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain (2003, where Damasio describes from a neurobiological point of view human feelings and emotions. In doing that, he highlights how most of the main outcomes of contemporary neurobiological research confirms Spinoza's conception about feelings and emotions (Ethica, 1677.

  10. A reading of Antonio Tabucchi's Il filo dell'orizzonte | Wilson | Italian ...

    Questa lettura de Il filo dell'orizzonte (1986) di Antonio Tabucchi esamina il percorso del protagonista, Spino, attraverso gli spazi di una città. La sua è una ricerca ossessiva delle “segrete ragioni” che guidano una vita. Nel tentativo di restituire l'esistenza ad un morto, Spino percepisce che la reciprocità del legame fra vita e ...

  11. Biblioteca gramsciana: os livros da prisão de Antonio Gramsci

    Lincoln Secco


    Full Text Available This article presents preliminary conclusions from research on the books read by Antonio Gramsci in the prison library. Although he had only a few books by Marxist authors at his disposal, Gramsci still was able to face the most important issues of his time. In addition, the article argues that in his Prison Notebooks, Gramsci analyzed these books and their publishers as a means of showing the link between culture and the public.

  12. Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza e Florestan Fernandes: breves perfis

    Claudinei Carlos Spirandelli


    Full Text Available Este artigo enfoca, de maneira didática, perfis e trajetórias de importantes sociólogos paulistas: Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza e Florestan Fernandes. Nosso texto pretende mostrar suas origens, características de obras, os grupos sob suas lideranças e heranças legadas. Neste artigo, pretendemos uma melhor divulgação desses grandes nomes da sociologia brasileira.

  13. Dom Antonio de Noronha and the secret plan for the Cuieté

    Laura de Mello e Souza


    Full Text Available Filed in the Manuscript Division of the National Library, the work Livro Segundo das Cartas que o Ilmo. e Exmo. Sr. D. Antonio de Noronha Capitão General da Capitania de Minas Gerais escreveu durante o seu governo que teve princípio em 28 de maio de 1776(Second Book of the Letters that His Illustrious Excellency Mr. D. Antonio de Noronha, Captain General of the Captaincy of Minas Gerais, wrote during his government that began on May 28, 1776 is a remarkable set of documents not only about the government of Minas Gerais, but also about important administrative authorities of that period. This Codex includes the Plano secreto para a nova conquista do Cuieté(Secret plan for the new conquest of the Cuieté and the letters to the Marquis of Angeja and the minister Martinho de Mello e Castro, which are herein published. Written by the governor D. Antonio de Noronha himself, the documents show instructions and measures to be taken regarding the Cuieté region, in the sertão (hinterland of Minas Gerais, and reflect on critical issues in the context of the colonization of Portuguese America, such as the exercise of power by part of the metropolitan authorities, the specificity of the colonial population, the settlement of border areas, and the expansion of government and bureaucracy.

  14. Remembering San Diego

    Chuyanov, V.


    After 6 years of existence the ITER EDA project in San Diego, USA, was terminated by desition of the US Congress. This article describes how nice it was for everybody as long as it lasted and how sad it is now

  15. Characterization of quality of raw milk and pasteurized commercialized informally in Colorado do Oeste City, RO, Brazil | Caracterização da qualidade do leite cru e pasteurizado comercializado informalmente na cidade de Colorado do Oeste, RO, Brasil

    Edmar Costa Alves


    Full Text Available Milk quality can be characterized by physicochemical parameters indicating possible changes in the product properties. The poor quality of milk may affect human health and compromise the shelf life of the product. The objective of this study was to characterize the physicochemical quality of milk and to perform reductase testing of twenty four samples of raw milk and of twelve samples of pasteurized milk being informally commercialized in the city of Colorado do Oeste, RO. The density, the cryoscopic index, the fat (using the method of Gerber, the acidity (in Dornic degrees, and the defatted solids (SNG (according to official methods were evaluated accoring to the Normative Instruction 68. The results of cryoscopy and density, showed that 27% (n = 10 and 27% (n = 10 of the samples, respectively, do not comply with the IN-62 criteria. For the content of defatted solids, 19% of the samples were at odds with the legislation. The assessment of physicochemical parameters suggest that the informal trade of milk in the studied retail outlets can compromise the integrity of the product, a problem that might be solved by correcting and intensifying enforcement actions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A qualidade do leite pode ser caracterizada pelos parâmetros físico-químicos que indicam possíveis alterações nas propriedades do produto. A baixa qualidade do leite pode afetar a saúde humana e comprometer a vida útil do produto. O objetivo desse estudo foi caracterizar a qualidade físico-química em 24 amostras de leite cru e 12 amostras de leite pasteurizado comercializados informalmente na cidade de Colorado do Oeste, RO. Foram avaliados: densidade; índice crioscópico; gordura pelo método de Gerber; acidez em graus Dornic e sólidos desengordurados, de acordo com os métodos oficiais preconizados pela Instrução Normativa no 68. Os resultados da crioscopia e da densidade, apontam

  16. Insectos polinizadores e seu efeito na produção de pereira Rocha na Região do Oeste

    Reis, Catarina Andreia Flausino


    Mestrado em Engenharia Agronómica - Instituto Superior de Agronomia The present work was aimed at studying the effect of insect pollinators in the production of fruits, identifying the major groups of flower visiting insects, determining the frequency of visits to flowers along the day, throughout the flowering period, and studying pollinators’ behavior during flower visiting, in four orchards of ‘Rocha’ pear in the Oeste region, Portugal. The possibility of using artificial nests to enhan...

  17. Metallothionein and heavy metals in daphnia pulex from Jose Antonio Alzate reservoir

    Avila Perez, P.; Zarazua Ortega, G.; Barcelo Quintal, D.; Rosas, I.; Diazdelgado, C.


    Water and specimens of the freshwater cladoceran Dhapnia pulex were collected at 4 different sites located in an area influenced by industrial, agricultural and urban activities in the Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir in two different seasons. The Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir fed by the Lerma river is the first significant water reservoir downstream of the main industrial areas in the State of Mexico. There are about 2,500 industrial discharges between the river source and the Alzate Reservoir which makes the Lerma river and the Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir the most contaminated water bodies in the State of Mexico. The Monitoring National Network recognises these waters as highly contaminated, especially in the zone located between the Mexico-Toluca highway and the Alzate Reservoir. Water samples and freshwater cladoceran were analysed for Cu and Zn by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) and for Hg and Cd by Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA). As a general feature, the heavy metal concentrations of the water were found to decrease in the sequence: Cu > Zn > Hg > Cd. Metallothioneins (MT) were determined by silver saturation method. Tissue concentrations of MT in Dhapnia pulex varied between 5.69 and 8.96 (mg MT/ g wet wt) in rain season and between 48.87 and 74.00 (mg MT/ g wet wt) in dry season. Metallothioneins levels in Dhapnia pulex were significantly correlated (P < 0.01) with tissue Hg concentrations. In contrast, correlations between MT and tissue levels of Cu and Zn were weak. These observations suggest that Hg2+ activity is the key environmental factor to which metallothionein levels in Daphnia pulex are responding in the studied reservoir

  18. Carretera oeste de circunvalación de Estrasburgo. Paso del Foso de las Murallas – Francia

    Vauday, -


    Full Text Available The Western Bypass Road at Strassbourg is a wide motor road, which runs around the city and linics the northern and sourthem motor roads. This ensures the continuity of the motor road network in the vincinity of Strassbourg's urban zone, and also facilitates communications with the city centre. The motor road crosses the moat next to the city walls near the railway crossing, this being achieved by means of prefabricated reinforced concrete boxes.La carretera oeste de circunvalación de Estrasburgo es una autopista que contornea la ciudad y une las autopistas norte y sur, asegurando la continuidad de ia red de autopistas a su paso por la aglomeración y la distribución del tráfico interurbano generado por la villa, al mismo tiempo que facilita ciertas uniones puramente urbanas. Atraviesa el foso de las murallas cerca de donde lo hace el ferrocarril Estrasburgo-Basilea, mediante una obra constituida por cajones de hormigón armado prefabricados.

  19. Solidariedade étnica, poder local e banditismo: uma quadrilha calabresa no oeste paulista, 1895-1898

    Monsma Karl


    Full Text Available A história de uma quadrilha de bandidos calabreses no município de São Carlos, oeste paulista, ao final do século XIX permitiu-nos investigar por que o banditismo italiano era raro no Brasil. A quadrilha contou com certa rede de apoio entre calabreses e com o silêncio de outros italianos, seja pela intimidação, seja pela desconfiança que estes nutriam das autoridades brasileiras. Uma epidemia devastadora de febre amarela, que afastou da região grande parte da elite local e debilitou a polícia, garantiu ao bando alguns anos de impunidade. O fato de terem imigrado para a região italianos de várias origens não é suficiente para explicar a raridade do banditismo e do crime organizado entre italianos no Brasil. Dois fatores foram decisivos nesse sentido, ao contrário do que ocorreu na Calábria e nos Estados Unidos: ausência de elites dispostas a proteger bandidos imigrantes e dificuldade para os bandidos corromperem as autoridades locais, especialmente a polícia.

  20. Análise das estratégias de renda dos Agricultures Familiares de Itapejara D’ Oeste – PR

    Ana Paula Schevinski Villwock


    Full Text Available Sabendo-se que a reprodução social da agricultura familiar se consolida na diversificação das fontes de renda e na capacidade de se adaptar aos novos contextos sociais da modernidade, questiona-se: quais são as estratégias de renda dos agricultores familiares que pertencem a categorias de maior e menor renda? Para tanto, procurou-se analisar as estratégias de renda de um grupo representativo de agricultores familiares do município de Itapejara D’Oeste categorizados entre grupos de alta e baixa renda nos anos de 2005 e 2010. Como resultado se identificou que o aumento de renda decorreu da junção do binômio grãos e leite com a possibilidade de dispor de um maior acesso a área agrícola cultivável; bem como, da oportunidade de dispor de uma renda não agrícola.

  1. Nutritional status of schoolchildren aged 6 to 10 years in the city of Cruzeiro do Oeste - PR

    Ana Paula de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the nutritional status of schoolchildren. Methods: Data of the crosssectional study were obtained during the development of the “Project Educational Activities Related to School Process” in the city of Cruzeiro do Oeste-PR, Brazil. The study included children of both sexes enrolled in all six schools of the municipal network, in academic year 2010. We conducted anthropometric measurements of 1,074 schoolchildren aged 6 to 10 years. The variables assessed were weight and height to calculate BMI (Body MassIndex for classification according to criteria proposed by Cole et al. Results: According to the nutritional status, were found 5.1% (55 of children with low weight and a significant portion of overweight and obesity, 16.6% (178 and 9.8% (105, respectively, totaling 26, 4%(283 of schoolchildren with excess weight. There was no association between nutritional status of scholars and gender. BMI and age showed a direct relationship. Conclusion: The assessment of nutritional status in the schools surveyed points to, the nutritional transition, as a significant portion of the children was considered overweight and obese. It is noteworthy that the distribution between the different nutritional statuses did not differ between thesexes, but correlated with age; with increasing age, overweight also increases.

  2. Un oscuro protagonista dell’affaire Moro: Antonio Chichiarelli e il falso comunicato n. 7

    Francesco Landolfi


    Full Text Available The Aldo Moro kidnapping by the Red Brigades was the most dramatic moment of Italian Republic history. The conflict against institutions dragged the nation into a state of impending civil war, resulting in the population mood a daily sense of dread. In this specific episode comes up the criminal picture of Antonio Chichiarelli: Red Brigades fan, neo-fascist, informant, document forger for the Magliana gang and performer of the fake n. 7 announcement. The essay purpose wants to highlight the possible operating links that may have happened between the roman underworld, the Red Brigades and security agencies inside an event still pervaded by several and unsolved issues.

  3. La cuestión de la forma en las sonatas de Antonio Soler

    Igoa Mateos, Enrique


    El objetivo de esta tesis doctoral es el estudio de la forma en las 140 sonatas de Antonio Soler (1729-1783). La terminología y las abreviaturas necesarias se exponen en el Cap. 0 (preliminar). El Cap. 1 ofrece una reseña biográfica de Soler, actualizando los datos ya conocidos con las últimas aportaciones bibliográficas. El Cap. 2 se centra en la teoría de la sonata (incorporando las aportaciones de W. Caplin y de Hepokoski & Darcy) y en su asimilación en la música ibérica para tecla d...

  4. Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial: Entrevista con Antonio Benítez

    Asier Arias


    Antonio Benítez, profesor de Lógica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha dedicado buena parte de su labor docente e investigadora a la inteligencia artificial y a la filosofía de la mente y de la ciencia cognitiva. Recientemente ha publicado una obra en tres volúmenes titulada Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial (el tercer volumen, dedicado a la inteligencia artificial bioinspirada, aparecerá en los próximos meses). La misma ofrece una guía práctica de introducción a la programación...

  5. Situation related to the woman home violence in patients from the "Julio Antonio Mella" polyclinic

    Gil López, Odalys


    Introducción: La violencia doméstica hacia la mujer constituye un serio problema de salud, además de una violación flagrante a los derechos humanos, con impacto de la salud biopsicosocial, y afectación a la dinámica familiar. Objetivo: Identificar las características de la violencia doméstica contra las mujeres en el área del policlínico "Julio Antonio Mella", en el 2007. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, longitudinal, retrospectivo, en la población femenina que pertenece al citado ...

  6. Viagem, identidade e memória textual em Antonio Tabucchi

    Melissa Cobra Torre


    Esta dissertação apresenta uma reflexão sobre a viagem, a identidade, o jogo e a memória textual na obra de Antonio Tabucchi, tendo em vista o romance 'Noturno Indiano' e os contos 'A frase a seguir é falsa. A frase anterior é verdadeira', 'Il gioco del rovescio', 'Piccoli equivoci senza importanza' e 'I treni che vanno a Madras'. Tem como objetivos repensar o tema da viagem em 'Noturno Indiano'; enfocar a questão da identidade no referido romance; discutir o jogo textual em 'Noturno Indiano'...

  7. Cuerpos invadidos : cuerpo y corporalidad en algunos relatos de Antonio Di Benedetto

    Varela, Fabiana Inés


    Mundo Animal (1953) es una colección de cuentos que inicia la carrera literaria del narrador mendocino, Antonio Di Benedetto. Libro de difícil ubicación genérica, tiene una marcada intencionalidad ética que el mismo autor señala de modo explícito. Es además, evidente la filiación kafkianas de muchas de estas historias. Esta relación se observa, especialmente, en el clima fuertemente onírico y opresivo tanto para los personajes como para los lectores, en el escaso interés por la realidad circu...

  8. La cultura en los países no desarrollados: sobre un libro de Antonio Tovar

    María Mercedes Carranza


    Full Text Available El profesor Antonio Tovar es una de las personas más importantes e interesantes de la España contemporánea. Importante en el ámbito científico como investigador, filólogo, traductor de clásicos, ensayista, pedagogo, conocedor en fin de todos los saberes que implican el conocimiento de treinta idiomas y dialectos, desde el indoeuropeo y el sánscrito hasta las lenguas indígenas del Paraná.

  9. Manifestaciones de la subjetividad en ‘Angustia’ (José Antonio Nieves Conde, 1947)

    Higueras Flores, Rubén


    En el presente texto pretendemos exponer cómo en el universo cinematográfico del thriller dirigido por José Antonio Nieves Conde se logra hacer copartícipe al espectador de la inquietud y la desazón experimentada por una subjetividad alienada, sirviéndose para ello de precisas estrategias formales que exteriorizan el malestar de unos personajes cercados por una realidad política, social y/o económica que oprime y coacciona al sujeto. La plasmación en el plano formal de la psicología del prota...

  10. José Antonio Portuondo Valdor, Understanding Aesthetic Education from Humanity

    Kisimira Díaz-Machado


    Full Text Available The purpose of the paper is to analyze the specificities in the thought about Aesthetic Education present in Jose Antonio Portuondo. There are exposed elements of the point of view that the Cuban intellectual has about Aesthetic Education from an updated approach, and linked to his idea of building a better society, based on justice and ethic. The research process was conducted through historical-logic and hermeneutic methods. The value of this work lays on it goes deep in the intellectual contribution of Portuondo to the national culture and the Cuban philosophical thought.

  11. Los avatares de la biblioteca privada de Nicolás Antonio (1687-1690



    Full Text Available Cuando fallece en Madrid Nicolás Antonio, el año de 1684, toda la fortuna que deja a sus herederos, son deudas; deudas a las que fundamentalmente le había llevado el afán investigador y publicista al que dedicó su vida entera. El único bien que le queda a sus deudos, será su colección particular de libros. Precisamente, lo que le sucede a la misma es el tema central de un documento manuscrito, inédito hasta ahora y que se encuentra depositado en la Biblioteca Universitaria Salmantina.

  12. The Historical Archive of the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory: Antonio and Giorgio Abetti Archive

    Gasperini, Antonella; Baglioni, Roberto

    In 1993, during the renovation of the library, we found boxes containing letters, reports, papers, scientific notes, circulars, conference proceedings, astronomical data collections, books, maps, invoices, balance sheets, obituaries, pictures and spectrograms, drawings and journal cuttings. The archival material spanned the years from 1893 to the early 1970s. However, for the time being, only Giorgio Abetti's correspondences are being considered (about 2300 items). In addition, a complete bibliography of Antonio and Giorgio Abetti's publications have been prepared so it is possible to complete the reconstruction of both personalities.

  13. 75 FR 38412 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary... waters of San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks. This safety zone is necessary to... San Diego POPS Fireworks, which will include fireworks presentations conducted from a barge in San...

  14. Antonio Boroni e il suo dramma giocoso „L’amore in musica“, Italský kulturní institut v Praze, 13. června 2015

    Jonášová, Milada


    Roč. 53, č. 1 (2016), s. 99-101 ISSN 0018-7003. [Antonio Boroni e il suo dramma giocoso „L’amore in music a“. Praha, 13.06.2015] Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Antonio Boroni * G. B. Locatelli * reception * Mozart * Salieri * Fischietti * Gassmann Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  15. Análise econômica de sistemas agroflorestais na Amazônia ocidental, Machadinho d'Oeste- RO Economic analysis of agroforestry systems in eastern Amazonia, Machadinho d'Oeste- RO, Brazil

    Michelliny de Matos Bentes-Gama


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi realizar a análise financeira e a simulação de risco de investimento em sistemas agroflorestais (SAFs implantados em 1987, no Campo Experimental da Embrapa Rondônia, localizado no município de Machadinho d'Oeste, RO. A análise financeira foi realizada mediante os métodos de avaliação de projetos florestais, e para a análise de risco utilizou-se a técnica de simulação de Monte Carlo, mediante o programa @RISK. Entre os arranjos testados, o SAF T1 Castanha-do-brasil-banana-pimenta-do-reino-cupuaçu apresentou o melhor desempenho financeiro em relação aos SAFs T2 Freijó-banana-pimenta-do-reino-cupuaçu e T3 Pupunha-banana-pimenta-do-reino-cupuaçu . Os custos com tratos culturais e colheita representaram mais de 70% da composição dos custos totais, e a participação da mão-de-obra foi superior a 50% nas fases de preparo da área e de manutenção (tratos culturais dos SAFs. A simulação da análise de risco indicou que as variáveis que afetaram o Valor Presente Líquido no Horizonte Infinito (VPL*, de acordo com a ordem de importância (R, foram: taxa de desconto, preço do fruto de cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum, custo de colheita, preço da madeira de castanha-do-brasil (Bertholletia excelsa e o custo de tratos culturais. Apesar do alto custo de implantação e manutenção, o SAF T1 apresentou uma probabilidade de 15% de os valores do Valor Presente Líquido (VPL se concentrarem em torno de R$35.000 ha-1.ano-1.The objective of this study was to carry out the financial analysis and the risk of investment simulation in agroforestry systems (AFSs established in 1987 in the Experimental Field of Embrapa Rondônia, located in the County of Machadinho d'Oeste, RO. Financial analysis was made through the evaluation of results from the forestry enterprise evaluation methods, and the risk analysis was carried out through the Monte Carlo simulation technique by @RISK software. Among the arrangements

  16. Pteridófitas do Parque Estadual da Vassununga, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro (SP, Brasil. Glebas Capetinga Leste e Capetinga Oeste. Pteridophytes from Vassununga State Park, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP, Brazil. Glebas Capetinga Leste and Capetinga Oeste.

    Áurea Maria Therezinha COLLI


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho foi realizado umlevantamento de pteridófitas nas Glebas CapetingaLeste e Capetinga Oeste do Parque Estadual daVassununga, localizado no município de Santa Rita doPassa Quatro, sob as coordenadas 21º41’00’’ –21º41’21’’S e 47º34’37’’ – 47º39’39’’W. As coletasforam realizadas em quatro trilhas, denominadasTrilha da Mina, Trilha do Ribeirão Bebedouro,Trilha dos Jequitibás e Trilha do Córrego da Gruta.Foram reconhecidas 34 espécies de pteridófitaspertencentes a 10 famílias. Destas, as maisrepresentativas foram Polypodiaceae e Thelypteridaceaecom seis espécies cada e Aspleniaceae e Pteridaceaeque apresentaram cinco espécies cada. Das 34espécies registradas 10 apresentam distribuiçãobastante restrita, ocorrendo apenas na Trilha da Mina.Por outro lado, Polypodium polypodioides (L. Watt,Pteris denticulata var. denticulata Sw eThelypteris dentata (Forssk. E. St. John são asespécies de ocorrência mais ampla. Em todas astrilhas há pteridófitas, sendo que a Trilha da Minaé a mais rica e a Trilha do Ribeirão Bebedouro amais pobre em número de espécies. As pteridófitasocorrem na floresta estacional semidecidual e namata ciliar. A maior diversidade de espécies foiencontrada na floresta estacional semidecidual.This work presents a pteridophyticalsurvey carried out at Glebas Capetinga Leste andCapetinga Oeste at Vassununga State Park,Santa Rita do Passa Quatro county, (21º41’00’’ –21º41’21’’S and 47º34’37’’ – 47º39’39’’W.Collections were done at four places called “Trilhada Mina”, “Trilha do Ribeirão Bebedouro”, “Trilhados Jequitibás” and “Trilha do Córrego da Gruta.”Thirty-four species of pteridophytes pertaining to10 families were recognized. Among them, themost representative ones were Polypodiaceaeand Thelypteridaceae, with six species each,and Aspleniaceae and Pteridaceae, with fivespecies each. Considering the 34 species registered,10

  17. Gestos efêmeros e obras tangíveis: a trajetória de Antonio Manuel

    Cynthia Marie Canejo


    Full Text Available Ainda que tributária do construtivismo brasileiro, a produção artística de Antonio Manuel se manteve única e, muitas vezes, radical. Este artigo examina as especificidades do trabalho do artista, principalmente a partir de suas semelhanças e diferenças com os postulados do neoconcretismo.Even though related to Brazilian constructivism, Antonio Manuel's artistic production has remained unique, and, sometimes, radical. This article examines the particularities of his work, mainly from the point of view of its relations to neoconcretism's postulates.

  18. Los artículos sobre libertad de imprenta de Bentham y Miguel Antonio Caro: divergencias y eventuales correspondencias

    Gonzalo A. Ramírez Cleves


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza los escritos del jurista inglés Jeremy Bentham sobre libertad de prensa y su influencia en Venezuela y Colombia en el siglo XIX, teniendo en cuenta la publicación que se hizo de un artículo sobre el tema en La Bagatela de Antonio Nariño en 1811. El escrito compara el pensamiento de Bentham sobre el tema con las ideas conservadoras de Miguel Antonio Caro a finales del siglo XIX publicadas en el periódico El Nacional.

  19. Los artículos sobre libertad de imprenta de Bentham y Miguel Antonio Caro: divergencias y eventuales correspondencias

    Gonzalo A. Ramírez Cleves


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza los escritos del jurista inglés jeremy bentham sobre libertad de prensa y su influencia en Venezuela y Colombia en el siglo XIX, teniendo en cuenta la publicación que se hizo de un artículo sobre el tema en La Bagatela de antonio nariño en 1811. El escrito compara el pensamiento de bentham sobre el tema con las ideas conservadoras de miGuel antonio caro a finales del siglo xix publicadas en el periódico El Nacional.

  20. Franco and José Antonio: Chief and Prophet of Spain. Construction of Charisma during the Civil War

    María Luisa RICO GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available This paper examines how the person of the general Francisco Franco and of the Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera were transfigured symbolically by means of the construction and spread of its charismatic image into the speech, the rites and the liturgies of the ‘new State’ during the civil war into Spain from 1936 to 1939. The charismatic thing like carrier of an essence transcendente appeared in a dual way between the exaltation of Franco, the Caudillo, hero recognized as political chief for his warlike exploits, and the worship in memory of Jose Antonio, prophet dedicated to the death as redeeming sacrifice of Spain.

  1. A tradição esquecida: estudo sobre a sociologia de Antonio Candido

    Jackson Luiz Carlos


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende avaliar a importância de Antonio Candido nas Ciências Sociais brasileiras e a relação entre Sociologia e crítica literária na obra do autor. Nesse sentido, Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito (tese defenfida em 1954 na USP, publicada em livro em 1964 é filiado ao ensaísmo e aproximado de Formação da Literatura Brasileira (1959. Discute-se em que medida Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito deve ser lido como monografia antropológica e produto acadêmico da FFCL/USP e/ou como interpretação mais ampla da formação social brasileira. Nossa hipótese afirma que o livro responde, apesar da evidente distância temática, à mesma preocupação que orientou a redação de Formação da Literatura Brasileira, apontando para uma unidade interna à diversidade da produção intelectual de Antonio Candido, o que a vincula a problemas típicos da tradição ensaística brasileira.

  2. Archaeometric studies in the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio - Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Azevedo, Renata L.; Asfora, Viviane K.; Ribeiro, Guilherme B.; Ferreira, Joao Victor C.; Khoury, Helen J.; Sullasi, Henry S.L.; Rego, Nuno Jose S.; Mello, Jose Aylton C. de


    The purpose of this paper is to characterize the tiles placed on the walls of the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio (Recife-PE) and to obtain information about the several expansions and structural reforms performed on the convent by dating the bricks. For this purpose, a portable energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) was used to characterize the tiles. The dating of the bricks was performed using the Thermoluminescence (TL) technique. The results of the EDXRF analysis show that the dominant component of the white pigment is Lead [2PbCO 3 .Pb (OH) 2 ], used since the ancient times until the twentieth century, while the dominant element of the blue pigment is Cobalt (CoO.Al 2 O 3 ), that has been used from 1807 until nowadays. The TL dating of bricks indicate that there were walls with different periods of construction, being one built around 1765, with a deviation of 28 years, whereas other was built later, around 1874, with a deviation of 15 years. These results provide new data towards understanding how and when the Recife Franciscan Convent of Santo Antonio was designed and built, contributing to other research works presently underway on site. (author)

  3. Carnaval de Sodoma de Pedro Antonio Valdez: retratos y vestiduras travestis

    Julio Penenrey Navarro


    Full Text Available El travestimiento y las identidades queer son temas obviados y desentendidos por la crítica literaria que la novela Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, del escritor dominicano Pedro Antonio Valdez, ha merecido hasta el momento. A través del surgimiento de tres personajes travestidos de la obra —Tora, el Barón del cementerio-La Fortunata y Changsán- Princesa de Jade— examinaremos cómo la acción travesti desestabiliza el imaginario de naturalización y de complementariedad que el discurso normativo ha asignado a los géneros tradicionales (masculino/femenino, y repensaremos nociones como género y sexualidad, comúnmente establecidas por el pensamiento heterocentrado como entidades fijas e inmutables. Cross-dressing and queer identities constitute themes that are ignored and neglected by the literary critic that the novel Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, by Dominican writer Pedro Antonio Valdez has had until now. We will analyze three transvestite characters —Tora, the Baron of the graveyard-La Fortunata and Changsán-Princess of Jade— and examine how the transvestite action destabilize the naturalization and complementarization imaginary that the normative discourse has assigned to the traditional genders (masculine/femenine. We will rethink notions such as gender and sexuality, usually established by the heterocentered thought as fixe and immutable entities.


    Murilo Lyra Pinto


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é relatar as experiências iniciais vivenciadas, em 2015, pelo Projeto de Extensão Antonio Gramsci: fomentando a concepção ativista de educação, da Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, SC. A abordagem dialética foi adotada como método e matriz epistêmica. Na oficina-base do Projeto, intitulada Universidade, os extensionistas foram instigados para responder qual o papel da Universidade e que papel a Universidade deveria ter na sociedade brasileira. A síntese dos questionamentos deu-se na interlocução entre transformação, vontade coletiva e participação. Ancorados em Antonio Gramsci, concluíram que a produção de trabalhadores reflexivos e críticos para o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS exige o caráter orgânico na formação acadêmica e que a vontade coletiva é uma atividade ético-política. A execução deste Projeto expressa a natureza pública da Instituição e seu compromisso com o desenvolvimento humano.

  5. El cardo, el ave y la verdad. Entrevista con el pintor Antonio López

    Jean-Philippe Peynot


    Full Text Available Antonio López es reconocido como uno de los más grandes pintores actuales por numerosas instituciones y por un público muy amplio. Al escoger pintar su entorno más cercano, de manera realista y sin imponer siquiera un estilo, supo que su camino sería difícil y solitario, lejos de los críticos de arte, curadores, galeristas y otros actores de la escena contemporánea. De la fidelidad de su mirada nació una obra, y de esta obra nació el pintor, que nos habla en esta entrevista, al horizonte de una verdad. Entre otros reconocimientos Antonio López recibió el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes en 1985 y el Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas en 2006.

  6. Tradición y modernidad en la obra de Antonio López = Tradition and Modernity in Antonio López’s works

    María Ruiz de Loizaga Martín


    Full Text Available Resumen: A lo largo de su trayectoria artística, son muchas y muy variadas las influencias que ha recibido Antonio López hasta emerger como el principal representante del realismo español. Esas fuentes tan diversas –pintores del Trecento y el Quattrocento, el cubismo, el surrealismo, la pintura metafísica, el mundo clásico, el arte español, Velázquez, Vermeer, etc.– reflejan su progresiva evolución pictórica, que no presenta rupturas, y evidencian la admiración que siente hacia otros artistas y su conocimiento de la historia del arte antiguo y contemporáneo. Asimismo, algunas de sus obras, como sus vistas aéreas, sugieren su comparación con el impresionismo. El papel que juega la fotografía es un elemento fundamental en esta comparativa. La admiración que despierta no es sólo a nivel profesional, sino también humano. A través de las entrevistas, el receptor es consciente de la humanidad de este genio y del sentido e intención última de su obra.Abstract: Antonio López has been the recipient of many different influences throughout his artistic career, crowned by the unofficial title of main figure of Spanish Realism. These sources, that range from Trecento and Quattrocento paintings to Cubism, Surrealism, metaphysical painting, the classic world, Spanish art, Velázquez or Vermeer show a steady pictorial development and demonstrate his admiration for other artists and his knowledge of Ancient and Contemporary art history. In addition, his aerial views can be compared with Impressionism. Photography’s role is a basic element in this comparison. His works trigger the admiration both from a technical and a human point of view. By the interviews, the public is aware of the humanity of this genius as well as the meaning and the final intention of his work.

  7. Antonio Gramsci

    Bryld, Claus


    Macchiavelli, socialisten Karl Marx og den liberale italienske filosof Benedetto Croce. På dette grundlag udformede han sin særlige 'praxisfilosofi' og sin særlige politikopfattelse, der vender sig mod eliternes indbyggede tendens til magtfudkommenhed. Hans værk fremstår den dag i dag som et idélaboratorium...

  8. Mudanças institucionais e produção familiar na cadeia produtiva do leite no Oeste Catarinense

    Luis Fernando Tividini Oliveira


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo geral analisar como os agricultores familiares comportam-se frente às mudanças significativas no ambiente institucional da cadeia produtiva do leite a partir de novas legislações. Nesse sentido, foram investigadas as principais consequências e impactos na organização socioprodutiva das famílias produtoras de leite na região Oeste Catarinense em decorrência da Instituição Normativa n. 51 do Ministério da Agricultura. Para tanto, foi utilizada a abordagem da Nova Economia Institucional (NEI, especialmente no que tange à formação e adaptação dos agricultores ao ambiente institucional da cadeia leiteira. A metodologia utilizada foi o estudo de caso, e as informações analisadas foram obtidas através de pesquisa de campo junto a atores estratégicos envolvidos na produção de leite e derivados na região. Concluiu-se que a IN51 influencia decisivamente a forma de organização e participação da agricultura familiar na cadeia produtiva do leite.This paper aims to analyze how family farmers behave facing significant changes in the institutional environment of milk production chain. In this sense, we investigated main consequences and impacts on the social and productive organization of milk producing families as a result of the Institution Normative 51 by Ministry of Agriculture in the western region of Santa Catarina state. We used the approach of New Institutional Economics (NIE and field research with strategic actors involved in the dairy production in the region. We concluded that the IN51 decisively influences the form of organization and participation of family farming in the milk production chain.

  9. El legado del Movimiento Moderno. Conjuntos de vivienda masiva en ciudades europeas del Oeste y del Este. No tan diferentes…

    Javier Monclús


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es comparar y contrastar algunos conjuntos de vivienda modernos en ciudades europeas del Oeste (“capitalistas” y del Este (“socialistas”. Nuestro trabajo se centra en conjuntos de vivienda masiva construidos en el periodo de crecimiento urbano acelerado que tuvo lugar en Europa principalmente en las décadas de los años 60 y 70 del pasado siglo. El punto de partida más obvio es que las ciudades socialistas son diferentes de las europeas occidentales por la distinta naturaleza de sus políticas urbanas, el sistema de planificación económica socialista centralizada, la ausencia de un mercado del suelo libre, el impacto de la industrial­ización en el sector de la construcción, etc. Sin embargo, hay muchos conceptos en urbanismo, así como en los procesos urbanos, que fueron compartidos en ambos sistemas políticos e ideológicos. El artículo ofrece una perspectiva comparada de la naturaleza de esos conjuntos residenciales modernos construidos a ambos lados del Telón de Acero –Housing Es­tates en UK, Grands Ensembles en Francia, Großsiedlungen en Alemania, Polígonos en España o los grandes conjuntos residenciales socialistas en los países del Bloque del Este– con el fin de entender mejor si –y hasta qué punto– las formas urbanas de dichos conjuntos son el resultado de la cultura internacional del urbanismo moderno.

  10. Lei de Acesso à Informação nos Municípios do Extremo Oeste de Santa Catarina

    Deneide Teresinha de Carli


    Full Text Available A Lei de Acesso à Informação (LAI, nº 12.527, de 18/11/2011, regula o acesso a informações públicas em todos os âmbitos do Poder Público. Objetivou investigar de que forma a LAI é disponibilizada nas prefeituras catarinenses integrantes da Associação dos Municípios do Extremo Oeste de Santa Catarina (AMEOSC. Trata-se de uma pesquisa descritiva, documental e quantitativa. Utilizou checklist e questionário aplicado às 13 prefeituras da AMEOSC, que formaram o universo desta pesquisa. Fundamentou-se a revisão de literatura abordando sobre a LAI, a gestão documental arquivística e os ciclos de vida dos documentos. Dos 13 questionários aplicados, responderam seis prefeituras, (três possuem população acima de dez mil, obrigadas a disponibilizar o acesso à LAI e três abaixo de dez mil. Conclui-se que é cedo para fazer uma ampla avaliação da disponibilização da LAI nos municípios pesquisados, visto que a mesma foi aprovada em 2011. As prefeituras estão se estruturando para atender as demandas. Considerou-se como obstáculos a insuficiência de recursos humanos, inadequada divulgação e conscientização dos servidores e da população em geral.

  11. The academic qualification of sexual education in biological science at IFRO Campus Colorado Do Oeste/RO

    Juliana Negrello Rossarolla


    Full Text Available This article gives evidence of results in an initial training offered to the students from the seventh semestre in Biological Sciences course at the Federal Institute in Education, Science and Technology of Rondônia - IFRO - CampusColoradodo Oeste. This activity was developed during the IX Environmental Week, an event that took place at Campus in June, 2016. During the activity, the academics in Biological Sciences course carried out mini-courses in which was approached the subject of human sexuality for four classes from the first year students in Agricultural Technical Course integrated to High School. After completing the activities of Sexual Education that dealt with some topics such as: early sexual initiation, STIs (sexually transmitted infections, homophobia, sexual harassment, media exposure, gender difference, contraceptive methods, among others and after all the data were collected. For that, the students answered a questionnaire about the subject on sexuality, the contributions of this practice is in order to discuss situations related to the subject. After the analysis, was checked a great relevance of the theme proposed for the initial qualification of academics in order to them approach the subject in a significant way to teenagers who attend the schools in which these academics will be able to develop their activities. It was checked out that students from the Agricultural Course integrated to High School who was developing the course have a very restricted index of information about the subject that was handled it. This can be a reality that reaches many young people who attend the Basic Education in many Brazilian schools. On the other hand, the information obtained gave the academics and teachers from the Biological Sciences Course moments of reflection about the inclusion of contents that contemplate this subject in the school curriculum of Basic Education and of the higher course that they attend, as well as the need of a

  12. Sobrepeso y obesidad en una población Wichi del oeste formoseño: prevalencia y efectos bioculturales

    Lanza, Norberto


    Full Text Available La prevalencia sobrepeso y obesidad ha estado aumentando significativamente en los últimos años, aún en poblaciones socioeconómicamente carenciadas. Las poblaciones indígenas parecen ser particularmente susceptibles a este factor de riesgo, aunque las razones para esto no son claras. El objetivo de este trabajo fue el de analizar la prevalencia de sobrepeso y obesidad en una población rural Wichí del oeste de la provincia de Formosa. Se tomaron medidas de peso y talla en 109 mujeres y 58 varones mayores de 12 años, estimándose el índice de masa corporal (IMC. Nuestros resultados muestran una alta prevalencia de sobrepeso y obesidad en esta población: 36% de las mujeres y 29% de los hombres tenían sobrepeso, mientras que 5% de las mujeres y 7% de los hombres eran obesos. También se encontró una asociación significativa entre el IMC y la edad. La ausencia de diferencias significativas en el IMC entre sexos resulta notable ya que son las mujeres las que constitucionalmente tienden a tener mayores valores de IMC. Se hipotetiza que, debido a la intervención de factores bioculturales, los hombres tienen un mayor acceso a alimentos que las mujeres. Estos resultados y otros obtenidos por nuestro equipo en comunidades Toba, contribuyen a un mejor entendimiento de los factores de riesgo sanitario en estas poblaciones y facilitan la aplicación de políticas de salud pública culturalmente más sensibles y, por lo tanto, más efectivas.

  13. Antonio Mollari e l’architettura nelle Marche dal Neoclassico al Purismo / Antonio Mollari and architecture in Marche region from Neoclassicism to Purism

    Fabio Mariano


    The early architectural "functionalist" Neoclassicism introduced in the Papal State by the genius of Vanvitelli, with his early works in the Marches, had defined a new design language and a particular simplified taste in architectural decorum, played on the widespread use of clay enriched with essential emphases stone, which will affect the architectural production in the Marches to beyond the eighteenth century. The Napoleonic invasion (1797 will shake the backwardness of the state papal introducing new modern principles of land management and planning, mapping and cadastral new tools, new types of architecture-related services, new roles assigned to public engineers and architects. Linearity, proportion and good taste became theoretical assumptions; constructive correctness and rational correspondence between functions and plans became the yardstick; a serene simplification of forms constantly connected to the economic program was married with recovery of the classical models and Vitruvian read back through the mediation treatises of Vignola and especially of Palladio. All news largely implemented after the Restoration of the Papal rule, where the professional figure of Antonio Mollari, after his exploits in the new Stock Exchange Building in Trieste, is inserted in the vein of architectural Purism. It was "more than a passing circumvention the neoclassical experience", it was a final declination of the broader cultural movement of the European neoclassical, by now exhausted, placed in a few decades, until the papacy of Pius IX, and before the next eclectic anthology of historical revivals.

  14. San Francisco folio, California, Tamalpais, San Francisco, Concord, San Mateo, and Haywards quadrangles

    Lawson, Andrew Cowper


    The five sheets of the San Francisco folio the Tamalpais, Ban Francisco, Concord, Ban Mateo, and Haywards sheets map a territory lying between latitude 37° 30' and 38° and longitude 122° and 122° 45'. Large parts of four of these sheets cover the waters of the Bay of San Francisco or of the adjacent Pacific Ocean. (See fig. 1.) Within the area mapped are the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Ban Rafael, and San Mateo, and many smaller towns and villages. These cities, which have a population aggregating about 750,000, together form the largest and most important center of commercial and industrial activity on the west coast of the United States. The natural advantages afforded by a great harbor, where the railways from the east meet the ships from all ports of the world, have determined the site of a flourishing cosmopolitan, commercial city on the shores of San Francisco Bay. The bay is encircled by hilly and mountainous country diversified by fertile valley lands and divides the territory mapped into two rather contrasted parts, the western part being again divided by the Golden Gate. It will therefore be convenient to sketch the geographic features under four headings (1) the area east of San Francisco Bay; (2) the San Francisco Peninsula; (3) the Marin Peninsula; (4) San Francisco Bay. (See fig. 2.)

  15. Semelhanças e contrastes nos padrões de uso de crack em Santa Catarina, Brasil: capital vs Meio Oeste

    Maria Terezinha Zeferino

    Full Text Available Resumo O crack é um problema relevante de saúde pública no Brasil, em função dos danos e riscos individuais e sociais secundários ao seu uso/abuso. O objetivo deste artigo é descrever características das cenas de uso de crack na Capital e no Meio-Oeste de Santa Catarina. O projeto se valeu da metodologia Time-Location Sampling. Em janeiro-junho de 2011, foram mapeadas 41 cenas de uso de crack na Capital e 33 no Meio-Oeste catarinense. Após seleção aleatória das cenas a serem observadas, foram sorteados os dias e os turnos em que estas seriam observadas em detalhe, totalizando 98 cenas/turno na Capital e 62 no Meio-O-este. As observações foram registradas em caderno de campo, analisadas via análise de conteúdo de Bardin e discutidas à luz da literatura nacional e internacional. Os usuários de crack entrevistados eram majoritariamente adultos do sexo masculino, com uma maior associação entre estar em situação de rua e consumir a droga na Capital. Enquanto no Meio-Oeste a maioria das cenas estavam ativas no período noturno, na Capital, apresentaram-se ativas em todos os períodos. Foram identificadas práticas de risco associadas ao uso do crack, como associação de múltiplas drogas, prostituição, compartilhamento de cachimbo e favores sexuais em troca da substância.

  16. Movimento de expansão dos cursos superiores de enfermagem na região centro-oeste do Brasil: uma perspectiva histórica

    Thais Silva Corrêa Barbosa


    Full Text Available Estudo documental de abordagem histórico social, cujo objeto foi a trajetória de crescimento dos cursos superiores de enfermagem na região Centro-Oeste do Brasil. Os objetivos foram: levantar o número de cursos superiores de enfermagem criados na região Centro-Oeste, na série histórica 1933-2006; comparar o número de cursos vinculados a instituições públicas aos vinculados a instituições privadas na região em estudo; e comentar os nexos entre o contexto histórico e a configuração desses cursos no que se refere à vinculação institucional, ao longo dos anos. Até o final do ano de 1999, haviam sido criados na região Centro-Oeste 14 cursos de enfermagem, dos quais 57% eram privados e 43% públicos. Em decorrência das políticas de educação adotadas no país, principalmente na década de 90, observa-se a criação de mais 30 cursos na região entre os anos 2000 e 2006, perfazendo um total de 44 cursos superiores de enfermagem, dos quais 79,5% são privados e 20,5% públicos, sendo Goiás, o estado com maior concentração destes cursos. A rede privada expandiu-se na região e concentra, atualmente, a grande maioria dos cursos de enfermagem, o que nos faz entender que a mesma determina, quase que por completo, o perfil do futuro profissional de enfermagem.

  17. Captura de mosquitos antropofílicos (Diptera, Culicidae em uma área urbana da região oeste da Bahia, Brasil

    Isana M. dos Santos


    Full Text Available A região oeste da Bahia passa por acelerado processo de desenvolvimento agrícola, o que tem gerado problemas de infraestrutura nos municípios. A falta de saneamento básico e de coleta dos resíduos são alguns desses problemas, os quais têm papel importante no aumento de criadouros disponíveis aos culicídeos. Assim, considerando as possibilidades de contato entre vetor e população humana, o objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a fauna de culicíeos adultos em uma área urbana no oeste da Bahia e verificar a presença de espécies de interesse em saúde pública. As amostragens de mosquitos adultos foram realizadas no município de Barreiras, de fevereiro de 2009 a janeiro de 2010, das 17h30min às 21h00min. Ao total foram capturados 1.744 mosquitos e oito gêneros foram identificados: Aedes, Coquilletidia, Culex, Limatus, Mansonia, Ochlerotatus, Psorophora e Uranotaenia. Culex quinquefasciatus foi a espécie mais frequente e abundante. Outras espécies encontradas, e que apresentam importância epidemiológica, foram Aedes aegypti e Ochlerotatus scapularis. Considerando que muitas espécies coletadas em Barreiras possuem importância epidemiológica e ocorrem mesmo durante a estação seca devido à ausência de saneamento básico, é importante que os municípios da região oeste da Bahia sejam alvo constante das atividades de vigilância epidemiológica.

  18. Frequência de ocorrência de carcinoma basocelular palpebral na região Centro-Oeste paulista e características dos portadores

    Silvia Narikawa


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Observar a frequência de ocorrência do carcinoma basocelular palpebral na região Centro-Oeste paulista e descrever o perfil demográfico dos portadores. MÉTODOS: Estudo transversal, de amostragem aleatória, realizado em doze cidades da região Centro-Oeste do Estado de São Paulo. Foram examinados 11.167 indivíduos. Os pacientes foram avaliados em uma Unidade Móvel, com atendimento oftalmológico completo. O diagnóstico de carcinoma basocelular palpebral foi feito através do exame clínico e biomicroscópico da lesão. Os pacientes diagnosticados foram encaminhados ao Ambulatório de Plástica Ocular da Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu para tratamento. Os dados foram submetidos à análise de frequência de ocorrência. RESULTADOS: Cinco casos de carcinoma basocelular palpebral foram identificados na amostra, correspondendo a uma frequência de ocorrência de 0,045%. Quatro pacientes eram do sexo feminino, a maioria com idade maior ou igual a 70 anos e todos os casos tinham a cor da pele branca. Apenas três indivíduos encaminhados compareceram ao serviço para exérese da lesão e confirmação diagnóstica. CONCLUSÃO: O carcinoma basocelular palpebral acomete 0,045% dos habitantes da região Centro-Oeste paulista, afetando principalmente o sexo feminino, na faixa etária próxima dos 70 anos.

  19. El mayor laboratorio en física del mundo Juan Antonio Rubio, candidato a dirigir el CERN


    The spanish Government presented last Friday at the CERN Council Juan Antonio Rubio, as candidate for the post of Director General of CERN. It's the first time that the spanish Government proposes a candidate for the Direction of this international research center. (2/3 page)

  20. O conceito de redução estrutural na crítica de Antonio Candido

    Franscisca Fernanda de Sales Teixeira


    Full Text Available RESUMO: O presente artigo apresenta o conceito de redução estrutural na crítica literária de Antonio Candido. Para tanto, foram analisados três ensaios referentes a obras da literatura nacional: “De cortiço a cortiço”, “Crítica e sociologia” e “Dialética da malandragem”. A partir deles, investigou-se como se dá o processo de formalização em cada obra, construindo assim uma compreensão acerca da estrutura literária e suas relações com a internalização, no romance, de aspectos externos à obra. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Antonio Candido Redução estrutural, Internalização do externo. __________________________________ ABSTRACT: This abstract presents a summary of literary analysis papers based on reviews writen by Antonio Candido. For that, three of his essays were analized: “De cortiço a cortiço”, “Crítica e sociologia” and “Dialética da malandragem”. From these studies, it was possible to investigate the formalization process in each work, constructing the comprehension around the literary structures and the aspects surrounding the essence of the novels.  KEYWORDS: Antonio Candido, Structural reduction, Internalization of the external.

  1. Stock of immobilized metals in 'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam mud sediment samples in the State of Mexico, Mexico

    Rodriguez, S.A.; Avila-Perez, P.


    'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam mud sediment samples were collected from six sampling sites. The samples were analyzed by combining multielemental studies with structural details, including heating to very high temperatures. Characterization of mud sediment samples have been shown to have low concentrations of metals (Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb). No systematic trend was observed as a function of the sampling points. (author)

  2. Rio de Janeirost Tallinna, 75 kraadi Celsiuse järgi / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; tõlk. Reet Varblane

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Juhendaja Antonio Claudio Carvalho Eesti Kunstiakadeemia üliõpilastele toimunud maalimeistriklassist "Ava oma silmad" ja lõpunäitusest Eesti Kunstiakadeemia galeriis. Enne näitust näitasid üliõpilased tööd, mida nad ise pidasid parimaks, kunstikriitik Heie Treierile

  3. Chapecó (SC), para além de polo regional, uma cidade média no oeste catarinense

    Cristiane Gretzler


    Uma das primeiras cidades criadas no impulso colonizador do Oeste Catarinense, Chapecó, durante vários anos foi à sede administrativa de vasto território, situação que conferiu à cidade uma centralidade que se manifesta ainda hoje. O processo de urbanização brasileira provocou mudanças na estrutura das diferentes cidades, independente de seu porte, suscitando novas análises e interpretações. As metrópoles assumiram novos papéis em escala mundial e, muitas cidades polo regionais, acabam criand...

  4. Precipitación de verano en el Centro Oeste de Argentina y procesos atmosféricos/oceánicos de escala regional y global

    Agosta Scarel, Eduardo Andrés


    Trabajos previos mostraron un cambio en el verano 1976/77 en la variabilidad de baja frecuencia de la precipitación de verano (oct-mar) en el en el Centro-Oeste de Argentina (COA). El cuasi-ciclo característico de 18 años, que produce períodos alterantes de secuencias de verano húmedo/seco de duración 9 años cada uno hasta mediados de los 1970s, se desplazó hacia menores frecuencias. El principal objetivo de la tesis es caracterizar la variabilidad de baja frecuencia de los procesos dinámicos...

  5. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  6. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  7. Columbian Secrets: Cristóbal Colón by Leonardo Balada and Antonio Gala

    José Elías Gutiérrez Meza


    Full Text Available The play Cristóbal Colón premiered in 1989 at the Teatro del Liceu. Composed by the musician Leonardo Balada and the playwright Antonio Gala, this opera was commissioned by the Sociedad Estatal Quinto Centenario as part of the festivities organized by the Spanish government to commemorate the Discovery of America. Unlike the so-called "des-celebración del 92", Cristóbal Colón champions the figure of the discoverer and emphasizes the participation of Spain through the praised role of Martín Alonso Pinzón. However, the opera was cut at the last minute. This article asserts that such alteration may have been the result of political censorship attempting to counteract the criticism of the Discovery of America contained in the original version.

  8. Sul soggiorno del pittore Antonio Mancini in Irlanda nell’autunno del 1907

    Michele Amedei


    Full Text Available This essay focuses on the portraits painted by Antonio Mancini (Rome, 1852-1930 during his stay in Dublin, in autumn 1907. Mancini, who belonged to the Italian Verismo movement, painted several self-portraits as well as portraits of well known Irish figures including Ruth Shine (Hugh Lane’s sister, Lady Augusta Gregory and William Butler Yeats. For the Irish intellectuals he met in Dublin Mancini became a symbol of individuality, humility and sincerity. As a result, Mancini’s imagination may be interpreted in relation with that of Martin, the young protagonist of Yeats and Lady Gregory’s play The Unicorn from the Stars (1907. This study concludes with an interpretation of Mancini’s painting entitled The Maker of Figures donated by John Singer Sargent to the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane in the early 1900s.

  9. Entrevista a Antonio Álamo: Dramaturgo y director del teatro Lope De Vega

    Valerio Durán


    Full Text Available Antonio Álamo es mucho más que un dramaturgo. Desde 2004 es el director del Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla, una faceta que deja entrever sus inquietudes por la escena teatral, la novela, y su pasión por los clásicos de siempre. Este cordobés licenciado en Derecho es un erudito de las letras y representa en pleno siglo XXI la frescura de un buen conocedor del mundo del teatro que acepta los nuevos cambios de la escena actual. A pesar de su juventud, ha escrito obras de teatro, novelas, relatos y ensayos, y sus innovadoras ideas le han dado grandes éxitos a nivel personal y profesional.

  10. Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial: Entrevista con Antonio Benítez

    Asier Arias


    Full Text Available Antonio Benítez, profesor de Lógica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha dedicado buena parte de su labor docente e investigadora a la inteligencia artificial y a la filosofía de la mente y de la ciencia cognitiva. Recientemente ha publicado una obra en tres volúmenes titulada Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial (el tercer volumen, dedicado a la inteligencia artificial bioinspirada, aparecerá en los próximos meses. La misma ofrece una guía práctica de introducción a la programación en inteligencia artificial de clara y cabal factura, además de una cuidada introducción a los aspectos teóricos de la disciplina. En esta entrevista nos habla de esta obra y de la ciencia cognitiva en general.

  11. Drawings for an exacting author: illustrations from Giovanni Antonio Scopoli's "Deliciae florae et faunae insubricae".

    Siviero, Monica; Violani, Carlo


    Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (1723-1788) was one of the most versatile naturalists in eighteenth-century Italy. In 1785, Scopoli conceived the ambitious publication, "Deliciae florae et faunae insubricae". Appearing in installments, this included descriptions and illustrations of plants, animals and minerals found in northern Italy. Unfortunately, Scopoli's sudden death halted publication of the "Deliciae" after its third installment. Recently, a corpus of 98 paintings, in the gouache style, were discovered in the Biblioteca Universitaria of Pavia. These gouaches appear to be the basis for plates planned in future installments of the "Deliciae". Marginal notes in Scopoli's handwriting are included. Because Scopoli's plant and animal specimens have been destroyed or dispersed, these drawings are crucial for reconstructing his scientific opus. Combined with other documents, Scopoli's marginal notes also reveal his exacting standards. He criticized the way his artists had poorly rendered the scientific details of the paintings.

  12. Razonamiento a priori y argumento ontológico en Antonio Rosmini

    Juan F. Franck


    Full Text Available Rosmini’s criticism of the ontological argument finds its place between those of Aquinas and of Kant. With the former he shares the denial of the evidence of God’s essence quoad nos, and with the latter, his acknowledgment of the decisive character of the nucleus of the ontological argument for all other proofs of God’s existence. Such nucleus consists for Rosmini in the possibility of developing an a priori reasoning, different from the ontological one, be it in its Anselmian, Cartesian or Leibnizian form, which would justify the validity of the other proofs and the fascination exercised by the ontological argument. Key words: A Priori Reasoning, Ontological Argument, Antonio Rosmini.

  13. 76 FR 1386 - Safety Zone; Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast... zone on the navigable waters of San Diego Bay in San Diego, CA in support of the Centennial of Naval... February 12, 2010, the Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff will take place in San Diego Bay. In support of...

  14. Arte e movimento estudantil: análise de uma obra de Antonio Manuel

    Artur Freitas


    Full Text Available Podem as manifestações visuais, e no limite a própria visualidade, participar crítica e reflexivamente dos grandes debates do espaço público? Em linhas gerais, é justamente a crença nesse poder de intervenção crítica que manteve acesa, no caso das artes plásticas, uma intensa atividade pública, contestatória e coletiva das vanguardas brasileiras durante o regime militar, sobretudo em seus primeiros anos de vigência. E é a partir desse contexto histórico que este artigo pretende analisar algumas implicações estéticas e ideológicas presentes na obra Movimento estudantil 68, serigrafia de Antonio Manuel premiada no Salão Paranaense de 1968. Produzida em plena efervescência política do movimento estudantil, mas exibida ao público nos primeiros dias de vigência do Ato Institucional nº 5, Movimento estudantil 68 será aqui entendida como uma trama discursiva em que se cruzam história e visualidade.Can the visual manifestations participate critic and reflexively of the great debates of the public space? Usually, during the first years of military regime, the plastic arts believed in this participation, and this faith sustained the public, oppositional and collective activity of the Brazilian vanguards. In this historical context, therefore, this article will analyze some aesthetic and ideological implications presents in the work Movimento estudantil 68, engraving of Antonio Manuel rewarded in the Salão Paranaense of 1968. Movimento estudantil 68 was produced in the political effervescence peak of student movement, but it was exhibited for the public in the first days ofAct Institutional number 5.Thus, this art work will be understood here as a discursive plot, a crossing between history and visuality.

  15. Francisco Antonio Zea: periodista, botánico y político

    Soto Arango, Diana E.


    Full Text Available This work analyzes the journalistic facet of Francisco Antonio Zea, whose first article, «Avisos de Hebephilo», was published in 1791 in the Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogotá. His interest for the press shows at his stage of student in the National Institute of France, but won't be up to 1803, at his return to Madrid, when he proves his talent for the organization and journalistic administration on The Mercury and on the Gazette de Madrid. Later on, being manager of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, he shares the management of the Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, and, finally, in 1818 establishes and directs the Venezuelan Correo del Orinoco.

    Este trabajo analiza la faceta periodística de Francisco Antonio Zea, cuyo primer artículo, «Avisos de Hebephilo», se publicó en 1791 en el Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogota. Su interés por la prensa se manifiesta en su etapa de estudiante en el Instituto Nacional de Francia, pero no será hasta 1803, a su regreso a Madrid, cuando evidencie sus dotes para la organización y dirección periodísticas en El Mercurio y en la Gaceta de Madrid. Posteriormente, siendo director del Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, comparte la dirección del Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, y, finalmente, en 1818 funda y dirige el venezolano Correo del Orinoco.


    Oscar R. Gómez


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat con el objeto de insertar en el pensamiento crítico budista a quien se considera el primer occidental iniciado en la filosofía tántrica e impulsor de ésta en Occidente a través de la Compañía de Jesús. Para ello, primero se hace un recorrido histórico que pone en foco cómo el budismo es desplazado de la India y se refugia entre las poblaciones de Asia central como la etnia Uigur en la actual Turquestán, cómo es adoptado por los emperadores chinos y se expande a lo largo de toda la Ruta de la Seda. La combinación del budismo indio con influencias occidentales (grecobudismo dio origen a diversas escuelas budistas en Asia Central y en China. Luego se caracteriza en forma sintética la versión esotérica que adquiere el budismo (el tantra y que se consolida en el siglo VIII en el Tíbet como budismo vajrayana (tántrico. Ésta es la forma de budismo que toman los gobernantes, que promueve la igualdad completa de personas y género, la idea del sujeto como una construcción de la cultura y la noción de deidades metafóricas —útiles para modelar el carácter de las personas pero de absoluta inexistencia— además del postulado budista de verdad relativa. Esta visión no teísta —o transteísta, como Gómez la prefiere llamar— se reflejaba en la total tolerancia religiosa del imperio Chino, Uigur y Mongol, que garantizaba la seguridad y el libre intercambio por la Ruta de la Seda. Es esta visión de sujetos no divididos en castas ni diferenciados por sangre lo que maravilla a de Montserrat al decir que los tibetanos “no tienen reyes entre sí” e inflama la avidez de quienes viajaron especialmente (a partir de los escritos de éste a iniciarse en el budismo tántrico tibetano como los jesuitas Antonio de Andrade y Juan de Brito. El tercer apartado se dedica de lleno a la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat y a precisar su contacto con el tantra. Abstract This

  17. Costo institucional de la crisis hipertensiva en el policlínico "Antonio Maceo" Institutional cost of hypertensive crisis in the "Antonio Maceo" polyclinic

    Yosvany Tabares Silverio


    Full Text Available Introducción: la hipertensión arterial afecta la salud de las poblaciones en todas las partes del mundo. Representa por sí misma una enfermedad y también un factor de riesgo para otras afecciones cardiovasculares. Su impacto es en el área de la epidemiología, la salud pública, y en el aspecto económico. Objetivo: determinar el costo institucional de la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva en el servicio urgencia del policlínico "Antonio Maceo" de La Habana en el primer semestre del año 2008. Métodos: se realizó un estudio del tipo de descripción de costos. El enfoque metodológico utilizado fue el costo de la enfermedad, siguiendo los pasos recomendados en la Guía Metodológica para las Evaluaciones Económicas en Salud en Cuba. Los costos fueron expresados en pesos cubanos no convertibles del año 2008. La perspectiva de análisis adoptada fue la institucional. El universo de estudio estuvo constituido por 216 pacientes. En el cálculo del costo total institucional se consideraron las variables: costo por medicamentos, por medios diagnósticos, por salarios, entre otras. Resultados: se estudiaron 209 pacientes con urgencia hipertensiva (96,8 % y 7 con emergencia hipertensiva (3,2 %. El costo total de la atención del paciente con crisis hipertensiva ascendió a 5 451,68 pesos en moneda nacional y el costo promedio por paciente fue de 25,23. Conclusiones: el costo mayor en la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva estuvo relacionado con el salario directo. La adecuada dispensarización y tratamiento de los pacientes hipertensos pudiera disminuir el costo de la atención médica.Introduction: high blood pressure affects the health of populations at world scale. By itself represent a disease and a risk factor for other cardiovascular affections. Its impact is on the epidemiology, public health areas and in the economic feature. Objective: to determine the institutional cost of the patient care with hypertensive crisis

  18. Uso e diversidade de plantas medicinais em Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brasil Use and diversity of medicinal plants in Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brazil

    Maria Christina de Mello Amorozo


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem como objetivo fazer o levantamento etnobotânico de plantas com usos terapêuticos no município de Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, e estimar a diversidade de espécies usadas. Foram entrevistados residentes adultos de ambos os sexos, junto com os quais foram coletadas as plantas, depositadas no Herbarium Rioclarense (HRCB. Identificaram-se 228 espécies, pertencentes a 73 famílias; 56% delas crescem espontaneamente em ambientes naturais ou antropicamente modificados, 41% são cultivadas e 3% são compradas. Os índices de diversidade encontrados comparam-se aos mais altos registrados na literatura para plantas medicinais em outras áreas tropicais. A riqueza e diversidade das plantas espontâneas podem espelhar até certo ponto a riqueza e diversidade de espécies no ambiente, enquanto tais parâmetros para as espécies cultivadas estariam mais ligados a fatores sócio-culturais que promovam a introdução de novas plantas e informações de uso a partir de fontes externas. Sugere-se que quando comunidades tradicionais se tornam mais expostas à sociedade nacional, o número de espécies e o conhecimento acerca de seu uso podem sofrer inicialmente um acréscimo, por aportes externos; mas, com o aprofundamento do contato, e as mudanças sócio-econômicas decorrentes, a tendência será que as plantas usadas com fins terapêuticos restrinjam-se às espécies cultivadas e invasoras cosmopolitas.This work describes an ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants in Santo Antonio do Leverger Municipality, Mato Grosso State, Brazil and estimates the diversity of species with therapeutic use. Adult dwellers, male and female, were interviewed and plant gathering undertaken with their assistance. Voucher specimens were deposited at the Herbarium Rioclarense (HRCB. 228 species were identified, belonging to 73 families; 56% of the species grow spontaneously in natural and anthropically modified habitats, 41% are cultivated and 3% are


    Janice Costa da Silva Fauro


    Full Text Available O principal objetivo deste artigo é analisar as implicações das transformações tecnológicas da agricultura paranaense e os impactos ambientais decorrentes dessas mudanças estruturais, elegendo como cenário a região Oeste do Paraná. O modelo agrário tecnológico introduzido na agricultura brasileira desde a década de 1950, e, posteriormente (década de 1970, especificamente no quadro agrícola paranaense, tem como uma de suas características centrais a exclusão dos pequenos produtores, estimulando a produção de cultivos de elevada cotação comercial (commodities, os quais por sua natureza requerem extensas áreas de plantio, em detrimento dos alimentos produzidos pela maioria dos produtores. Cabe destacar que a pressão do setor industrial sobre o setor agrícola, fortalecido após o processo de industrialização e de internacionalização do capital, é significativa. A metodologia empregada envolveu a revisão bibliográfica, relacionando os ciclos econômicos que marcaram a ocupação do território paranaense e a exploração dos recursos naturais, como também a manutenção das áreas de preservação ambiental, mais especificamente o Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, instituído em 1939, como reserva de Proteção Integral. A análise dos resultados permitiu considerar o caráter de dispersão das mudanças tecnológicas na agricultura do Estado do Paraná, entendendo que nem todas as regiões do Estado se tecnificaram e mecanizaram ao mesmo tempo.

  20. Riparian Habitat - San Joaquin River

    California Natural Resource Agency — The immediate focus of this study is to identify, describe and map the extent and diversity of riparian habitats found along the main stem of the San Joaquin River,...

  1. Atividades Agrícolas dos Imigrantes Italianos e seus Descendentes na Microrregião Oeste do Vale do Taquari, Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil

    Janaíne Trombini


    Full Text Available Os imigrantes italianos que chegaram a partir das últimas décadas do século XIX no RS estabeleceram-se na encosta superior do planalto, precisamente entre os vales dos Rios Caí e das Antas, e dedicaram-se às atividades agropecuárias. Após esta ocupação avançaram sobre novas terras e a partir do final da década de 1880, atingiram áreas que posteriormente passaram a denominar-se Vale do Taquari. O objetivo do estudo consiste em analisar as atividades agrícolas dos imigrantes italianos e seus descendentes na Microrregião Oeste do Vale do Taquari e as relações com o ambiente. A metodologia da pesquisa é qualitativa e os procedimentos metodológicos consistem na pesquisa bibliográfica e documental, pesquisa de campo com elaboração de diários e entrevistas com descendentes de italianos. Constatou-se que as práticas envolvendo atividades agrícolas, tais como cultivo do milho, trigo, uva, feijão e a criação de animais como gado, porcos e galinhas em áreas da Microrregião Oestes pelos imigrantes italianos e seus descendentes acarretaram significativos impactos ambientais.

  2. 78 FR 53243 - Safety Zone; TriRock San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA


    ... this rule because the logistical details of the San Diego Bay triathlon swim were not finalized nor... September 22, 2013. (c) Definitions. The following definition applies to this section: Designated...

  3. Petroleum and Oil Fuel Lines (Apra Harbor through Antonio B. Won Pat Intl Airport to Tanguisson Power Plant), Guam, 2016, US EPA Region 9

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This is a line feature dataset showing the track of petroleum and oil fuel lines that transport hazardous fluids from Apra Harbor through the Antonio B. Won Pat...

  4. Replegamiento de láminas de corrimiento epidérmicas mediante fallas inversas de basamento activas en la Precordillera Oriental del oeste de Argentina

    Meigs, A.; Krugh, W. C.; Schiffman, C.; Vergés, Jaume; Ramos, V. A.


    Devastating earthquakes like the 1944 San Juan earthquake reflect active deformation in western Argentina. Although the earthquake caused considerable damage to San Juan, the source of the earthquake remains uncertain. Potential source faults occur in the thin-skinned fold-and-thrust belt Precordillera province and in the thick-skinned Sierras Pampeanas province, to the west and east, respectively of Sierra de Villicum, a thrust sheet in the eastern Precordillera northwest of San Juan. Sierra...

  5. O que é a Multidão? Questões para Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri

    Nicholas Brown


    Full Text Available Multidão, livro mais recente de Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri, é uma tentativa de nomear e compreender as condições que envolvem a dinâmica social do século xxi. Na entrevista a seguir, Hardt e Negri discorrem sobre as possibilidades de constituição da multidão como agente político, discutem os fundamentos do livro e defendem conceitos que consideram determinantes para a compreensão dos novos tempos, tais como biopolítica e biopoder.Multitude, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s latest book, is an attempt at understanding conditions involving social dynamics in the xxi century. In the interview below, Hardt and Negri consider the constitution of the multitude as a political agent, discuss the structure of their book and support concepts seen as crucial for the comprehension of our time, such as biopolitics and biopower.

  6. Antonio Costa, La mela di Cézanne e l’accendino di Hitchcock. Il senso delle cose nei film

    Beatrice Seligardi


    Full Text Available «Sono diecimila persone, forse, che non hanno dimenticato la mela di Cézanne ma sono un miliardo gli spettatori che si ricorderanno dell’accendino di Delitto per delitto» (5. Così Godard recitava all’interno delle Histoire(s du cinéma, e così si apre il saggio di Antonio Costa, prendendone spunto anche per il titolo.

  7. Antonio Scarpa y su obra Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi

    Rolando Neri-Vela


    Full Text Available Antonio Scarpa fue un gran anatomista y cirujano del siglo xviii y principios del xix. Llamado «padre de la oftalmología italiana», escribió el Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi, libro de gran valor científico y artístico.Scarpa describió varias partes del cuerpo humano, que tienen su nombre.

  8. Distribución del ocelote (Leopardus pardalis en San Luis Potosí, México Distribution of the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Jesús Manuel Martínez-Calderas


    Full Text Available Para definir la distribución geográfica del ocelote en el estado de San Luis Potosí, México, se obtuvieron nuevos registros de la especie. El estudio se realizó de enero de 2007 a abril de 2009. Se obtuvieron 41 registros de ocelotes por medio de entrevistas y trampeo-fotográfico. Los registros se localizaron en comunidades vegetales de selva baja caducifolia (37%, matorral submontano (22%, bosque de encino (15%, selva mediana (10%, selva alta perennifolia, bosque mesófilo de montaña, bosque de pino-encino y matorral desértico micrófilo (10%. La presencia de ocelotes se ubicó en los municipios de Ciudad del Maíz, El Naranjo, Cerritos, Guadalcázar, San Nicolás Tolentino y Ciudad Valles en de elevaciones de 38 a 2 400 m snm. Los resultados de esta investigación sugieren una distribución del ocelote más hacia el oeste del estado respecto a su distribución original. El presente estudio definió nuevas regiones con presencia de ocelotes que pueden ser consideradas en el desarrollo de estrategias de conservación de la especie en el estado de San Luis Potosí.To determine the geographic distribution of ocelot in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, we obtained new records. The study was conducted from January 2007 to April 2009. We recorded 41 ocelot records by interviews and camera-trapping. Ocelots records were located in tropical deciduous forest (37%, semitropical thornscrub (22%, oak forest (15%, tropical forest (10%, tall tropical deciduous forest, desert scrub, pine-oak forest and clouded forest (10%. Ocelot records were located in the municipalities of Ciudad del Maíz, El Naranjo, Cerritos, Guadalcazar, San Nicolás Tolentino and Ciudad Valles where the elevation ranged from 38 to 2 400 m. The evidence of this research suggests that ocelot range is more extended to the west than its original geographical range. This study defined new regions with presence of ocelots that may be considered to develop conservation strategies

  9. La Historia social de la cultura escrita. Una entrevista con Antonio Castillo Gómez

    Cristiani Bereta da Silva


    Full Text Available Doctor en Historia, Antonio Castillo Gómezes Profesor Titular (acreditado como Catedrático de Historia de la Cultura Escrita en la Universidad de Alcalá. Antes de ser profesor de la Universidad, fue becario de investigación (1987-1990 y 1991-1995. Se puede decir que su interés por la Historia social de la cultura escrita comenzó a adquirir relevancia cuando  escribía su  tesis,  tiempo  en  el  que, cabe señalar, hizo sendas estancias de investigación en Italia con Armando Petruccien los años de 1989 y 1990 en Roma, enla Universidad “La Sapienza” (“Istituto di Paleografia”. Y como estudios posdoctorales en 1995, en Pisa, en la “Scuola Normale Superiore”, también con Armando Petrucci. En 2005 fue profesor invitado de la École des hautes études en sciences sociales de París a propuesta de Roger Chartier. Asimismo ha sido profesor invitado o conferenciante en distintas universidades extranjeras, especialmente de Italia, Portugal, Francia, Inglaterra, Finlandia, México, Argentina y Brasil.

  10. Transcultural and Imagological Figures: Disenchantment, Allophilia, and Belonging in Enrique Vila-Matas and Antonio Tabucchi

    Maria João Simões


    Full Text Available In some contemporary literary works, the presence of the ‘other’ and the representation of the ‘foreigner’ emphasize the problematic ways by which human beings relate to foreign people, revealing how those issues are pressing concerns in modern society. This study questions how the shift in the way we perceive identity and belonging are depicted in Enrique Vila-Matas and Antonio Tabucchi’s fictions. Both authors aesthetically represent episodes and situations where characters’ relation to space is problematic, showing how the idea of belonging can be related not only to a specific country or a special space, but also to a desired space.  Furthermore, based  on the pregnancy of the notion of ‘dwelling’ theorized by Emmanuel Levinas, this study  analyses how characters and narrators aesthetically represent the complexity of belonging and examines some of the transnational transfers and multicultural connexions displayed by both autors, mainly in Never Any End to Paris and It’s Getting Later All the Time.

  11. Moderno/Posmoderno/Neomoderno: El jinete polaco, de Antonio Muñoz Molina

    Marta Beatriz Ferrari


    Full Text Available Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1956 es ya, sin lugar a dudas, uno de los más destacados novelistas españoles contemporáneos. boga en la década que va de 1960 a 1970 al “realismo depurado” y al compromiso ético. La narrativa de Muñoz Molina apela constantemente a los cruces de códigos y al hacerlo va adoptando singulares modulaciones; itinerario que en su recorrido irá dando cuenta de un posicionamiento ideológico frente a los fenómenos derivados de la industria cultural –fenómenos camp y kitsch–, los géneros menores, la intertextualidad y lo intermedial. En esta curva, El jinete polaco significaría un punto de inflexión dentro de la producción narrativa del autor. En ella Muñoz Molina escribe una novela inspirada todavía en un motivo pictórico, pero abandona la astucia narrativa del final sorprendente y combina múltiples peripecias, historias cruzadas, diversos puntos de vista que apuntan a construir algo semejante a lo que Mario Vargas Llosa intuyó en Cien años de soledad de García Márquez, una “novela total”.

  12. Lectores retratados: Antonio Berni y las visualidades de lo impreso en la cultura argentina

    Fernando Degiovanni


    Full Text Available La lectura es, a lo largo de los siglos XIX y XX, puesta obsesivamente en imágenes. En Argentina, el catálogo de pinturas y grabados de lectores resulta proliferante y disperso: estamos hablando de cientos, varios cientos de imágenes. El retrato de lectores es uno de los géneros con más continuidad dentro de las artes visuales modernas; se constituye en el Renacimiento (Stewart, 2006: 31-79, pero en el país cobra importancia central después de la Independencia. En el siglo XIX, artistas asentados en Buenos Aires como Adolphe D’Hastrel, Alphonse Femepin, Jean-Léon Pallière, Prilidiano Pueyrredón y Carlos Enrique Pellegrini trabajan una y otra vez el tema; en el siglo XX, nombres consagrados -desde Antonio Berni a Carlos Alonso- lo tratan sistemáticamente. Estas imágenes son tan potentes como lugar del deseo que en algunos artistas constituyen la figura decisiva de un modo del relato.

  13. Automation of Raw sugar Crystallizer tacho of Central Julio Antonio Mella

    Mónica Mulet-Hing


    Full Text Available This paper treats about the analysis of the actual  situation and prospects for solutions that permit economical and efficient automation in the area of Tachos of Sugar Company Julio Antonio Mella, as part of the "Supervisory Control Systems", for the first level of automation in this industry, performing the proposed automation in the central area of cans by PLCs .This proposal arises from the need to improve the crystallization process tacho 5 of that area, since it has no automation, that is, everything is done manually, which will bring undoubtedly a quality improvement the final product. The structure and control system variables are defined, proving the feasibility of the proposed solution. The essential result of the work involves the submission of a proposal of automation that has the structure of a control algorithm, taking into account the requirements, technical resources for implementation, the variables that must be observed and processed, as well as elements of final action; the respective field instrumentation is proposed, to perform satisfactorily the control with the minimum possible investment.

  14. Antonio Banderas: Hispanic Gay Masculinities and the Global Mirror Stage (1991-2001

    Joseba Gabilondo


    Full Text Available Here I map out the Atlantic intertwining between neo-liberal/neo-imperial Spain and cinema by analyzing Antonio Banderas's body politics as the postmodern (post- or neoimperialist Don Juan. Banderas's career trajectory from 1991 to 2001 coincides with larger political and historical developments. He arrived in Hollywood in the early 1990s, a moment when different but interconnected historical events came together— the end of the Cold War and the neo-liberal globalization of the United States with treaties such as NAFTA and GATT; the growing public profile of the fundamentalist religious right and gays; and the mainstream population's (unwilling acceptance of Latinos as a differentiated community. Hollywood needed a new kind of masculinity that gathered in all these new dimensions of United States identity while not completely shedding traditional Hollywood male typology, and Banderas fulfilled all the requirements. At the same time in Banderas Spain acquired a global card of presentation for its new neoimperialist and Atlantic pursuits in Latin America.

  15. La poesía objetual de Antonio Gómez

    Felipe Muriel Durán


    Full Text Available Antonio Gómez hereda la estética surrealista a través del poeta catalán Joan Brossa. La mirada de Gómez aísla los objetos, los manipula y los reordena. Su objetivo es conmover y despertar en la mente del espectador una cadena de asociaciones. La obra de Gómez, recopilada hasta hoy en Made in Mérida (1993, Peccata minuta (2000, De acá para allá (2007, ofrece dos grupos de textos: los que reflexionan metapoéticamente sobre la creación y los que analizan críticamente temas como la Monarquía, la religión, el consumismo… Su poesía se define por el minimalismo. Sus materiales son los objetos humildes y los símbolos del Poder. El artículo contiene el análisis semiótico de más de una veintena de objetos poéticos.

  16. Las palabras ciegas: acercamiento a la poética de Antonio Gamoneda

    María Pérez Heredia


    Full Text Available En este artículo se plantea la búsqueda de la poética de Antonio Gamoneda. Se trata de una poética que parte del dolor para buscar la luz, siempre centrándose en la reflexión metaliteraria. El poeta aprende a mirarse a sí mismo, en versos puramente introspectivos, para poder así mirar el mundo. Para exponer el hecho de que la lirica gamonediana es en sí misma metaliteraria, se parte del análisis de diversos poemas, que abarcan la mayor parte de la trayectoria poética del poeta. El silencio como elemento previo a la creación, expresado en la página en blanco, será fundamental, así como el hecho de nombrar, de dar nombre a las cosas. Gamoneda, a través de la contemplación de la adquisición del habla de su nieta Cecilia, explorará el poder creador de la palabra.

  17. The Song of Disappearance: Memory, History, and Testimony in the Poetry of Antonio Gamoneda

    Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza


    Full Text Available This essay explores Antonio Gamoneda’s poetry as an Adornian form of testimony. With its enigmatic foregrounding of lies, the book-length poem Descripción de la mentira ‘Description of the Lie’ can be read as a “contradictory testimony” in which the act and memory of witnessing go, as it were, underground—only to resurface, rife with loss, years after Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. Yet the abstruse character of this poetic writing prevents readers from drawing straightforward political truths about Spanish history from the poem. Losses are inscribed in the text catachrestically, as they truly are: losses. Gamoneda’s poetry has been read amid changing representations of Spain’s recent past, and thus contrastingly seen as an “undecipherable symbolic code” and as “realm of memory.” This reading, which draws on Holocaust studies, allows for a redefinition of the fraught place of modern poetry in the field of Hispanic cultural studies. Examining Descripción de la mentira within the context of the debate about historical memory in Spain sheds light on the theoretical difficulties that dominant aesthetic tendencies encounter in the study of how Spanish poets of recent decades try to establish a dialogue with the reader regarding society, memory, and reality.

  18. Antonio Gramsci: el consejo de fábrica, germen de la sociedad futura

    Martín Prestía


    Full Text Available El propósito general del presente trabajo es realizar una reflexión y problematización en torno de la concepción de Antonio Gramsci del “consejo de fábrica” desde tres dimensiones que se vinculan orgánicamente: el consejo de fábrica en tanto forma político-organizativa; la problemática de la escisión entre hombre y ciudadano propia de la modernidad y la resolución que, a partir del consejo, es posible darle; y, por último, el consejo de fábrica como instancia a partir de la cual es posible construir un orden alternativo, prefigurando la sociedad de nuevo tipo. A modo de conclusión, se incluye una recapitulación de las principales claves interpretativas utilizadas en el análisis de los desarrollos gramscianos, a la vez que se propone la identificación de algunas tensiones hacia el interior de la propia argumentación del militante sardo.

  19. Memorial and biographical history of Spain: El jinete polaco by Antonio Muñoz Molina

    Felipe Oliver Fuentes Kraffczyk


    Full Text Available The novel El jinete polaco by Antonio Muñoz Molina is a highly complex work in which the narrator mixes multiple plotlines in an effort to recreate or remember part of his family past. In the process, the collective memory of the town and people of Mágina (an allegoric space that represents the peasant life of the olive growers of southern Spain appears as a rich and contradictory montage of dreams and failures. And in a third level of discourse, the recent past of Spain also emerges through the main historic al events: the civil war, the protracted military government, and the economic development and current consolidation of democracy. In order to achieve this complex and ambitious narrative project, in El jinete polaco time is not represented as uninterrupted historical timeline but as the rich mixture of the simultaneous experiences of different life courses in terms of both values and cultural patterns in order to understand how the rapid social change affects relations between the various age groups. In other words, time is constructed as a synthesis of the biographical dimension within collective memory and major historical events. This paper seeks to point out the similarities and differences between biographical discourse, collective memory and history.

  20. Marketing San Juan Basin gas

    Posner, D.M.


    Marketing natural gas produced in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado principally involves four gas pipeline companies with significant facilities in the basin. The system capacity, transportation rates, regulatory status, and market access of each of these companies is evaluated. Because of excess gas supplies available to these pipeline companies, producers can expect improved take levels and prices by selling gas directly to end users and utilities as opposed to selling gas to the pipelines for system supply. The complexities of transporting gas today suggest that the services of an independent gas marketing company may be beneficial to smaller producers with gas supplies in the San Juan Basin

  1. Update: San Andreas Fault experiment

    Christodoulidis, D. C.; Smith, D. E.


    Satellite laser ranging techniques are used to monitor the broad motion of the tectonic plates comprising the San Andreas Fault System. The San Andreas Fault Experiment, (SAFE), has progressed through the upgrades made to laser system hardware and an improvement in the modeling capabilities of the spaceborne laser targets. Of special note is the launch of the Laser Geodynamic Satellite, LAGEOS spacecraft, NASA's only completely dedicated laser satellite in 1976. The results of plate motion projected into this 896 km measured line over the past eleven years are summarized and intercompared.

  2. Vegetation - San Felipe Valley [ds172

    California Natural Resource Agency — This Vegetation Map of the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area in San Diego County, California is based on vegetation samples collected in the field in 2002 and 2005 and...

  3. San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund

    EPAs grant program to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. The San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (SFBWQIF) has invested in 58 projects along with 70 partners contributing to restore wetlands, water quality, and reduce polluted runoff.,

  4. Inquérito epidemiológico sobre plantas tóxicas das mesoregiões Central e Oeste do Rio Grande do Norte

    Severino Antonio Geraldo Neto


    Full Text Available Foi realizado um estudo para determinar as plantas tóxicas incriminadas como de interesse zootécnico em 35 municípios das mesorregiões Central e Oeste do estado do Rio Grande do Norte (RN. Foram entrevistados 180 produtores, 20 médicos veterinários, 12 técnicos agrícolas e 5 agrônomos. Os dados obtidos nas entrevistas foram compilados e analisados com auxílio do programa Epi Info versão 6.04. As plantas tóxicas relatadas pelos entrevistados como causadoras de diversos surtos foram Ipomoea asarifolia, Aspidosperma pyrifolium, Indigofera suffruticosa, Manihot carthaginensis subsp. glaziovii, Amorimia septentrionalis, Tephrosia cinerea, Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil, Marsdenia megalantha, Anacardium occidentale, Cnidoscolus quercifolius, Crotalaria retusa, Froelichia humboldtiana, Ipomoea carnea, Leucaena leucocephala, Manihot esculenta, Mimosa tenuiflora, Nerium oleander, Prosopis juliflora, Ricinus communis, Sorghum bicolor, Sorghum halepense e Urochloa (Brachiaria decumbens.

  5. Viabilidade hidro-sedimentológica de um canal de maré projetado no oeste da Lagoa de Araruama – RJ

    Silva, Rodrigo Amado Garcia; Rosman, Paulo Cesar Colonna


    RESUMO A Lagoa de Araruama, maior laguna hipersalina do Brasil, é um importante sistema estuarino situado na Região dos Lagos, sudeste do estado do Rio de Janeiro. A lagoa tem forma oblonga, estendendo-se por cerca de 40 km de oeste a leste em seu eixo maior. Por apresentar um balanço hídrico negativo e apenas uma ligação com o mar, através do longo Canal de Itajuru em sua extremidade leste, a laguna apresenta pouquíssima renovação de águas, o que a torna naturalmente propensa a eutrofização....

  6. Milk quality according to the daily range in farm production in the Mesoregion Central Mineira and Oeste of Minas Gerais regions, Brazil

    L.R. Borges


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to characterize milk production from the Central Mineira and Oeste Mesoregions regions in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, according to quality parameters such as somatic cell count, total bacteria count, and composition for specific production ranges. Average results for milk fat, protein, total and nonfat solids were compliant with Brazilian legal requirements (IN-62/2011 in all the production ranges selected. Average somatic cell counts (SCC complied with the legal requirements of 600,000 cells/mL, except for the range with a daily production above 1,000 liters. However, average maximum values of 400,000 cells/mL are recommended for good milk quality. Total bacterial count was the most critical quality factor, with the highest values found in breeds with milk production above 500 liters per day.

  7. Crescimento em altura dominante do Pinus elliottii e Pinus taeda em solos arenizados degradados no oeste do Rio Grande do Sul

    Schneider, Paulo Renato; Elesbão, Luiz Ernesto Grilo; Schneider, Paulo Sérgio Pigato; Longhi, Régis Villanova


    A introdução de espécies florestais de rápido crescimento em áreas com solos arenizados e degradados pode ser uma alternativa tanto para a prevenção como para a minimização desse problema. O trabalho objetivou avaliar o crescimento em altura dominante do Pinus elliottii Engelm. e Pinus taeda L. em relação aos solos arenizados e degradados por ação antrópica, no oeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul (RS). Para isso, foram selecionadas árvores dominantes em povoamentos com 29 anos de idade, em á...

  8. Crescimento em diâmetro do Pinus elliottii e Pinus taeda em áreas arenizadas e degradadas no Oeste do Rio Grande do Sul

    Schneider, Paulo Renato; Elesbão, Luiz Ernesto Grilo; Schneider, Paulo Sérgio Pigato; Longhi, Régis Villanova


    Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de estudar o desempenho do Pinus elliottii Engelm. e Pinus taeda L. em áreas arenizadas e degradadas por ação antrópica, na região da fronteira oeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Em povoamentos, foram selecionadas árvores médias, que foram abatidas e seccionadas pelo método de Smalian, a fim de obter discos de madeira para a análise dendrocronológica, para a obtenção do diâmetro por idade. O crescimento em diâmetro, quando comparado entre espécies...

  9. Theropoda dinosaurs tracks from Triassic basin nd Ischigualasto - Villa Union, western Argentina; Huellas de dinosaurios teropodos de la cuencas triasica de Ischigualasto-Villa Union, oeste de Argentina

    Contreras, V; Bracco, A [Instituto de Geologia Emiliano P. Aparicio, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Fisicas y Naturales, Universidad Nacional de San Juan (Argentina)


    The Anchisauripus isp. and Theropoda indet. dinosaurs tracks from the Triassic Los Rastros and Ischigualasto formations, at the Ischigualasto-Villa Union Basin, Western Argentina, are described in this paper. This record completes the paleontological data provided by rest of bones and increases the stratigraphic range of some taxa in which bones are either missing or scarse. On the other hand, this report also allows us to enlarge the faunistic assemblage of some vertebrate assemblages. [Spanish] Se describen huellas de dinosaurios teropodos asignados a Anchisauripus isp. y Theropoda indet. para las formaciones triasicas de Los Rastros e Ischigualasto en el Oeste de Argentina. Los sitios con huellas en la cuenca triasica de Ischigualasto - Villa Union complementan los datos paleontologicos ofrecidos por los restos oseos, ampliando el rango estratigrafico de algunos taxa donde sus huesos estan ausentes o son relativamente escasos e incluso permiten ampliar el cortejo faunistico de algunas asociaciones de vertebrados.

  10. The San Bernabe power substation; La subestacion San Bernabe

    Chavez Sanudo, Andres D. [Luz y Fuerza del Centro, Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    The first planning studies that gave rise to the San Bernabe substation go back to year 1985. The main circumstance that supports this decision is the gradual restriction for electric power generation that has been suffering the Miguel Aleman Hydro System, until its complete disappearance, to give priority to the potable water supply through the Cutzamala pumping system, that feeds in an important way Mexico City and the State of Mexico. In this document the author describes the construction project of the San Bernabe Substation; mention is made of the technological experiences obtained during the construction and its geographical location is shown, as well as the one line diagram of the same [Espanol] Los primeros estudios de planeacion que dieron origen a la subestacion San Bernabe se remontan al ano de 1985. La circunstancia principal que soporta esta decision es la restriccion paulatina para generar energia que ha venido experimentando el Sistema Hidroelectrico Miguel Aleman, hasta su desaparicion total, para dar prioridad al suministro de agua potable por medio del sistema de bombeo Cutzamala, que alimenta en forma importante a la Ciudad de Mexico y al Estado de Mexico. En este documento el autor describe el proyecto de construccion de la subestacion San Bernabe; se mencionan las experiencias tecnologicas obtenidas durante su construccion y se ilustra su ubicacion geografica, asi como un diagrama unifilar de la misma

  11. 33 CFR 165.754 - Safety Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Safety Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR. 165.754 Section 165.754 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND... Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR. (a) Regulated area. A moving safety zone is established in the...

  12. 76 FR 45693 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary... San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks. This safety zone is necessary to provide for... of the waterway during scheduled fireworks events. Persons and vessels will be prohibited from...

  13. Projeto Caminhão da Ciência: Popularização da Ciência no Oeste da Bahia

    E. C. V. de Magalhães


    Full Text Available O Projeto Caminhão da Ciência tem por objetivo promover a divulgação científica em Escolas e espaços públicos da Região Oeste da Bahia. O projeto teve início no ano de 2009, com apoio do CNPq, ocorrendo a sua primeira apresentação no ano de 2010, na feira libre de Barreiras. Várias áreas do conhecimento são contempladas entre eles: Biologia, Física, Química, Matemática, Geologia e Engenharias. O projeto se fundamenta por apresentações de temáticas desenvolvidas por alunos de graduação, sob a orientação de professores da Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia-UFOB, envolvidos no projeto. Diversas temáticas são desenvolvidas na forma trabalhos interdisciplinares entre eles: elaboração de maquetes, experimentos com uso de materiais alternativos, vídeos, jogos e ainda informativos em websites e webblogs. Para as apresentações do projeto, são realizadas visitas nas escolas ou outros espaçoes e os materiais trasportados no Caminhão são montados no espaço físico disponibilizado, criando um cenário similar ao de uma feira de ciências. Neste trabalho são apresentados relatos de apresentações realizadas em Escolas, enfatizando os resultados obtidos que demonstram a socialização do conhecimento científico entre os monitores e a comunidade assistida, além da interação entre a Universidade e a sociedade.

  14. As Práticas Turísticas na Orla Oeste da Ilha de Mosqueiro, Região Metropolitana de Belém, PA

    Willame de Oliveira Ribeiro


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false PT-BR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A Ilha do Mosqueiro pertence ao município de Belém, mas localiza-se a 77 km da sua sede. A Ilha teve seu processo de valorização para o Turismo iniciado no período áureo da economia da borracha e se acelerou com a implantação da ponte ligando-a ao continente, durante a década de 1970. Este artigo objetiva apresentar as práticas turísticas na orla oeste da Ilha de Mosqueiro, identificando o processo de des-re-territorialização de tais práticas e o viés do [eco] turismo como uma possibilidade de nova significação ao uso da orla oeste da ilha.  Tourist Practices in Waterfront West Island Mosqueiro, metropolitan region of Belém, PA, Brazil - The island Mosqueiro belonging to the municipality of Belem and it is located 77 km from the capital. The process for introduction of tourism practice started in the heyday of the rubber economy and it was accelerated during the 1970s with the build of the bridge connecting the island to the mainland. This article presents the tourism practices on the west of the Ilha do Mosqueiro, identifying the its process of de-re- territorialization and the [eco] tourism as a possibility for new meaning to the use of the western edge of the island.  

  15. Presencia del virus del oeste del Nilo en el noreste de México Presence of west Nile virus in northeast Mexico

    Ildefonso Fernández-Salas


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Detectar la presencia del virus del oeste del Nilo (VON en aves, equinos y seres humanos en el noreste de México. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Se buscó en diferentes localidades del noreste de México la presencia de anticuerpos antivirus del oeste del Nilo (anti-VON en suero de 33 aves, 24 caballos y 237 personas mediante pruebas de ELISA durante el periodo de julio de 2003 a julio de 2006. En los sueros humanos se buscó también el RNA-VON mediante RT-PCR. RESULTADOS: Se encontraron tres aves seropositivas y 15 equinos. En el hombre, 40% de los sueros fue positivo para anticuerpos IgG y ninguno para anticuerpos IgM. CONCLUSIONES: El VON se encuentra activo en México y se suma a otras enfermedades emergentes transmitidas por vectores que representan un reto a la investigación y a los programas de prevención.OBJECTIVE: To investigate the presence of WNV in birds, horses and humans in northeast Mexico. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Serum samples from 33 birds, 24 horses and 237 humans were screened by ELISA for Anti-WNV antibodies. Human serum samples were also screened for WNV RNA using an RT-PCR assay. RESULTS: Positive sera were found in three birds and 15 horses. Forty percent of the human serum samples were positive for IgG antibodies and 0% for IgM antibodies and viral RNA. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study show that WNV is present in northeast Mexico and it is a new emergent infectious agent that represents a challenge for research and prevention programs in Mexico.

  16. Hydrogeology, chemical characteristics, and water sources and pathways in the zone of contribution of a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne; Stanton, Gregory P.; Houston, Natalie A.; Lindgren, Richard J.


    In 2001, the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program of the U.S. Geological Survey initiated a series of studies on the transport of anthropogenic and natural contaminants (TANC) to public-supply wells (PSWs). The main goal of the TANC project was to better understand the source, transport, and receptor factors that control contaminant movement to PSWs in representative aquifers of the United States. Regional- and local-scale study areas were selected from within existing NAWQA study units, including the south-central Texas Edwards aquifer. The local-scale TANC study area, nested within the regional-scale NAWQA study area, is representative of the regional Edwards aquifer. The PSW selected for study is within a well field of six production wells. Although a single PSW was initially selected, because of constraints of well-field operation, samples were collected from different wells within the well field for different components of the study. Data collected from all of the well-field wells were considered comparable because of similar well construction, hydrogeology, and geochemistry. An additional 38 PSWs (mostly completed in the confined part of the aquifer) were sampled throughout the regional aquifer to characterize water quality. Two monitoring well clusters, with wells completed at different depths, were installed to the east and west of the well field (the Zarzamora and Timberhill monitoring well clusters, respectively). One of the monitoring wells was completed in the overburden to evaluate potential hydrologic connectivity with the Edwards aquifer. Geophysical and flowmeter logs were collected from one of the well-field PSWs to determine zones of contribution to the wellbore. These contributing zones, associated with different hydrogeologic units, were used to select monitoring well completion depths and groundwater sample collection depths for depth-dependent sampling. Depth-dependent samples were collected from the PSW from three different depths and under three different pumping conditions. Additionally, selected monitoring wells and one of the well-field PSWs were sampled several times in response to a rainfall and recharge event to assess short-term (event-scale) temporal variations in water quality. For comparison purposes, groundwater samples were categorized as being from regional aquifer PSWs, from the well field (wellhead samples), from the monitoring wells (excluding the overburden well), from the overburden well, from the PSW depth-dependent sampling, and from temporal sampling. Groundwater samples were analyzed for inorganic, organic, isotopic, and age-dating tracers to characterize geochemical conditions in the aquifer and provide understanding of the mechanisms of mobilization and movement of selected constituents from source areas to a PSW. Sources, tracers, and conditions used to assess water quality and processes affecting the PSW and the aquifer system included (1) carbonate host rock composition; (2) physicochemical constituents; (3) major and trace element concentrations; (4) saturation indices with respect to minerals in aquifer rocks; (5) elemental ratios, such as magnesium to calcium ratios, that are indicative of water-rock interaction processes; (6) oxidation-reduction conditions; (7) nutrient concentrations, in particular nitrate concentrations; (8) the isotopic composition of nitrate, which can point to specific nitrate sources; (9) strontium isotopes; (10) stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen; (11) organic contaminant concentrations, including pesticides and volatile organic compounds; (12) age tracers, apparent-age distribution, and dissolved gas data used in age interpretations; (13) depth-dependent water chemistry collected from the PSW under different pumping conditions to assess zones of contribution; and (14) temporal variability in groundwater composition from the PSW and selected monitoring wells in response to an aquifer recharge event. Geochemical results indicate that the well-field and monitoring well samples were largely representative of groundwater in the regional confined aquifer. Constituents of concern in the Edwards aquifer for the long-term sustainability of the groundwater resource include the nutrient nitrate and anthropogenic organic contaminants. Nitrate concentrations (as nitrogen) for regional aquifer PSWs had a median value of 1.9 milligrams per liter, which is similar to previously reported values for the regional aquifer. Nitrate-isotope compositions for groundwater samples collected from the well-field PSWs and monitoring wells had a narrow range, with values indicative of natural soil organic values. A comparison with historical nitrate-isotope values, however, suggests that a component of nitrate in groundwater from biogenic sources might have increased over the last 30 years. Several organic contaminants (the pesticide atrazine, its degradate deethylatrazine, trichloromethane (chloroform; a drinking-water disinfection byproduct), and the solvent tetrachloroethene (PCE)) were widely distributed throughout the regional aquifer and in the local-scale TANC study area at low concentrations (less than 1 microgram per liter). Higher concentrations of PCE were detected in samples from the well-field PSWs and Zarzamora monitoring wells relative to the regional aquifer PSWs. The urban environment is a likely source of contaminants to the aquifer, and these results indicate that one or more local urban sources might be supplying PCE to the Zarzamora monitoring wells and the well-field wells. Samples from the well field also had high concentrations of chloroform relative to the monitoring wells and regional aquifer PSWs. For samples from the regional aquifer PSWs, the most frequently detected organic contaminants generally decreased in concentration with increasing well depth. Deeper wells might intercept longer regional flow paths with higher fractions of older water or water recharged in rural recharge areas in the western part of the aquifer that have been less affected by anthropogenic contaminants. A scenario of hypothetical contaminant loading was evaluated by using results from groundwater-flow-model particle tracking to assess the response of the aquifer to potential contamination. Results indicate that the aquifer responds quickly (less than 1 year to several years) to contaminant loading; however, it takes a relatively long time (decades) for concentrations to reach peak values. The aquifer also responds quickly (less than 1 year to several years) to the removal of contaminant loading; however, it also takes a relatively long time (decades) to reach near background concentrations. Interpretation of geochemical age tracers in this well-mixed karst system was complicated by contamination of a majority of measured tracers and complexities of extensive mixing. Age-tracer results generally indicated that groundwater samples were composed of young, recently recharged water with piston-flow model ages ranging from less than 1 to 41 years, with a median of 17 years. Although a piston-flow model is typically not valid for karst aquifers, the model ages provide a basis for comparing relative ages of different samples and a reference point for more complex hydrogeologic models for apparent-age interpretations. Young groundwater ages are consistent with particle-tracking results from hydrogeologic modeling for the local-scale TANC study area. Age-tracer results compared poorly with other geochemical indicators of groundwater residence time and anthropogenic effects on water quality, indicating that hydrogeologic conceptual models used in groundwater age interpretations might not adequately account for mixing in this karst system. Groundwater samples collected from the well field under a variety of pumping conditions were relatively homogeneous and well mixed for numerous geochemical constituents (with the notable exception of age tracers). Groundwater contributions to the PSW were dominated by well-mixed, relatively homogeneous groundwater, typical of the regional confined aquifer. Zones of preferential flow were determined for the PSW, but groundwater samples from different stratigraphic units were not geochemically distinct. Variations in chemical constituents in response to a rainfall and aquifer recharge event occurred but were relatively minor in the PSW and monitoring wells. This observation is consistent with the hypothesis that the response to individual recharge events in the confined aquifer, unless intersecting conduit flow paths, might be attenuated by mixing processes along regional flow paths. Results of this study are consistent with the existing conceptual understanding of aquifer processes in this karst system and are useful for water-resource development and management practices.

  17. Archaeological Investigations on the San Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in Connection with MX Facilities Construction. Appendix II. Historical Overview of the Study Area.


    who took on the values of the Mexican culture. Yet, as opportunities expanded under American rule, he displayed entrepreneurship and the know-how that...completed it extended 250 feet out into the ocean (Deeds B-280; 0-542). Lompoc Landing operated under a franchise granted by the County Board of

  18. Proceedings of the Annual DARPA/AFGL Seismic Research Symposium (11th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 2-4 May 1989


    Mokhtar, T. A., R. B. Herrmann, and D. R. Russell (1988). Seismic velocity and Q model for the shallow structure of the Arabian shield from short...edge of the Tibetan plateau and have thicknesses that range from 43-49 km. Kono (1974) examined the Bouguer gravity in eastern Nepal and found that the...8217.-.- -- - .~~ ~ ~ .. ..... . 37 7 30L𔃻 iD7. 115 37 30 0 500G 10000 15000 20000 16 7 METERS PRWVf )F MCPLj.NV BOUGUER ORRVITY 12000 KG/1i,31 Figure 1. The Bouguer

  19. Sanción por emisión de liquidaciones de compras y servicios caso Universidad Tecnológica San Antonio de Machala periodo 2006

    Guerrero Loaiza, Silvana Gardenia


    Los tributos se originan como un elemento de búsqueda de nuevos ingresos. Fueron efectuados por los estados para invertir en la satisfacción de las necesidades públicas. En este sentido se puede indicar que los primeros patrimonios tributarios fueron aquellos que el estado conquistó mediante el ejercicio de su mando imperial o a través de prácticas que luego se bautizaron en leyes, en la Roma antigua. Durante la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, no existieron demasiados impuestos en el medio, lo q...

  20. Proceedings of the Current Trends in Army Medical Department Psychology Held at San Antonio, Texas on 8-12 November 1976.


    program and/or begin training in family evaluations. A third option is Play Therapy . a. The Dreikur’s parent training program requires the trainee to...option at Level II, Play Therapy , requires the trainee to learn and implement the principles of play therapy necessary to help the child (1) identify, (2...label, and (3) appropriately express his feelings, The trainee must demonstrate mastery of these skills with at least two children. Mastery of play

  1. Minutes of the Explosive Safety Seminar (18th) Held at San Antonio, Texas on 12-14 September 1978. Volume 2


    1975), "The Characterization and Evaluation of Accidental Explosions," NASA CR-134779, Grant NSG 3008, June 1975. 3. Strehlow, P. A. and Baker, W. E...of Blast Waves from Bursting Pressurized Frangible Spheres," NASA CR-2843, Grant NSG 3008, May 1977. 9. Boyer, W. D., Brode, H. L., Glass, I. I...applications during the past years. Less than two decades ago, the first futuristic FRP house was unveiled at Disneyland , CA. Today the FRP industry

  2. Archaeological Investigations of the San Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in Connection with MX Facilities Construction. Appendix I. Ethnohistoric Background.


    is necessary to reveal a sufficient number of words possessing identical roots to render their common parentage obvious [ Heizer 1955:861. Fages did not...placenames. On file, National Archives, Smithsonian Institution. Washington D.C. Heizer , Robert F. (Ed.) 1955 California Indian Linguistic Records: The

  3. Analysis of data from test-well sites along the downdip limit of freshwater in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio, Texas, 1985-87

    Groschen, G.E.


    Many researchers have studied the downdip limit of freshwater in the Edwards aquifer or various aspects of the saline-water zone and its relation to the freshwater zone. These studies were summarized and used to synthesize a consistent hydrologic and geochemical framework from which to interpret data from field studies. The concept derived from the previous work on the downdip limit of the freshwater zone is that fresh recharge water entered the aquifer and developed a vast flow system controlled by barrier faults. Some recharge water flows into the saline-water zone rather than toward major freshwater discharge points. The water that enters the salinewater zone continues to dissolve gypsum and dolomite, and calcite precipitates out of the water. This process of dedolomitization has helped to develop the large secondary porosity of the freshwater zone as the downdip limit of the freshwater zone progressively moved downdip in recent geologic time.

  4. Proceedings: Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (24th) Held at San Antonio, Texas on 1-5 November 1982


    process in acqufsitTon. In E.T. Bilodeau & 1. McD . Bilodeau (Eds.). Principles of skill acquisition. New York: Academic Press, 1969, 141-170. Jones, M. B...revised to include questions on advertising and more questions on motives and economic incentives. Separate forms of the revised survey for active coloured layer- ing and, as an aid to intervisibility, valleys and ridges are highlighted by coloured lines. Around this map sit the commanders of

  5. Impact of demand of a social tourism in the sustainability of the activity in the locality of El Quisco, Province of San Antonio - Chile

    Belfor Fernando Portal Valenzuela


    Full Text Available Every summer Chile’s Central Coast undergoes the effects of social tourism, as a vast number of low-income visitors arrive from Chile’s most densely populated areas in the Central Zone. Despite congestion and saturation of available touristic resources, the number of visitors increases every year, contravening classic touristic demand models that define migration to less congested resources as the outcome of congestion. This analysis will be focused on El Quisco beach, located at Valparaiso’s Region, a touristic destination that clearly represents this process of mass tourism socialization. The goal of this research is to understand the demand composition that social tourism generates, by determining its nature and identifying the factors that define its behavior. These factors are related to the visitor’s origin, displacement, permanence, loyalty, social bonds, gender, income, consumption capacity, and to the degree of satisfaction regarding touristic supplies such as beaches, equipment, and infrastructure. Understanding this demand behavior it is key to develop policies enabling the planning of sustainable social tourism, and allowing for low-income families to access high-quality resources.

  6. Percepciones e interpretaciones de la población, de la Parroquia de San Antonio de Pichincha, respecto a la contaminación ambiental

    Hidalgo Mantilla, Dinora


    En la actualidad, los problemas ambientales, son uno de los aspectos a los que se les está poniendo mucha atención, tanto a nivel global como a nivel local, basta con mirar la televisión o leer la prensa, para darnos cuenta que estos problemas ambientales son una realidad, como también es una realidad el deseo de disminuir o detener el deterioro ambiental; la prioridad en ser tratados, se debe a que el ser humano siente cada vez más los efectos de la alteración del clima, el ex...

  7. Proceedings of the Intelligent Tutoring Systems Research Forum (2nd) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 6-7 April 1989


    mechanics, electric circuit schematics, chemical bond diagrams. etc. 40 J. Bonar While the representation is not the domain, per se. effective use and deep...faster and more neatly than by hand; " a "dumb" case browser, callable from the homework helper, for scanning a case library of weather situations and...forecasts; " a "smart’ case retriever, callable from the homework helper, capable of retrieving weather situations similar to the current exercise

  8. Efectos secundarios del implante etonogestrel en mujeres en edad fértil atendidas en el Subcentro de San Antonio, 2014

    Maritza Marisol Álvarez Moreno


    Full Text Available Introducción. El Implante de Etonogestrel es un método anticonceptivo, que ofrece a las usuarias alta eficacia anticonceptiva del 99%, en un periodo de tres años; es seguro, cómodo y accesible. Los efectos secundarios que se describen son: irregularidades del ciclo menstrual, cefalea, náuseas, aumento de peso; siendo estos la razón para no continuar utilizando este método anticonceptivo. Objetivo. Identificar los efectos secundarios del Implante de Etonogestrel, usado como método anticonceptivo seleccionado en mujeres en edad fértil. Material y Método. Este es un estudio de; revisión documentada, de campo, cualicuantitativo, retrospectivo y transversal. La muestra es de 112 usuarias. A 60 usuarias se les aplico una encuesta validada, así como a los profesionales que laboran en la unidad, con la finalidad de identificar como se brinda la consejería respecto a este dispositivo. Conclusión. Las características de las usuarias que fueron incluidas en nuestro estudio, no influyen significativamente en la percepción de efectos secundarios, no se puede identificar que la aparición de los efectos como son: irregularidades en el ciclo menstrual, cefalea, aumento de peso, irritabilidad, náuseas y disminución del libido, además se plantea la importancia de la atención a controles subsecuentes en donde la misma no se está aplicando.

  9. Community-acquired necrotizing pneumonia caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

    Silvina Fernández


    Full Text Available Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the first cause of skin and soft tissue infections, but can also produce severe diseases such as bacteremia, osteomyelitis and necrotizing pneumonia. Some S. aureus lineages have been described in cases of necrotizing pneumonia worldwide, usually in young, previously healthy patients. In this work, we describe a fatal case of necrotizing pneumonia due to community-acquired methicillin-resistant S. aureus clone ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in an immunocompetent adult patient.

  10. Proceedings of Users’ Workshop on Combat Stress (6th) Held in San Antonio, Texas, on 30 November-4 December 1987


    drinkingi B. Differential Diagnosis: Possible alcohol withdrawal and impending DTs. Possible ulcer disease, gastritis, esophageal reflux , etc. A thorough...vasoconstriction, sweating, increased gastro -intestinal motility), musculoskeletal (increased tonicity and perfusion of blood to muscle) and glandular changes

  11. Proceedings of the NASTRAN (Tradename) Users’ Colloquium (17th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 24-28 April 1989


    11111 w- u EL4 ww L U) Z: 000 wX ?w Q-1 DIwW w: CcLLJ 0 123A mi CF) Vi L’- W rI- ( - Cr) 00 C (U )rui or ) (w 63 (T) 0~ - - I-- ~ 0 r- v-co 0 (U- (r...transient analysis involving uncoupled modal equations, NASTRAN Demonstration Problem No. D12-01-1A (Transient Analysis of a Free One Hundred Cell ... cells which can be rotated through an angle by application of an electrostatic field. The field is generated by electronics intec "al to the chip

  12. Comunicación asertiva en la construcción del pensamiento crítico. Experiencia con estudiantes de grado sexto en San Antonio Norte

    Rivera Sanabria, Margoth


    Este proyecto está inscrito en la línea de investigación en Didácticas de las Ciencias Sociales, así mismo en el macro proyecto de pensamiento Social-crítico para la comprensión, interpretación y transformación del conocimiento escolar en contextos socio-culturales e históricos. Los derroteros de este proyecto fueron potenciar las habilidades para la vida que les permitan fortalecer las destrezas psicosociales necesarias a los jóvenes del grado sexto para la construcción de procesos personale...

  13. Proceedings User’s Stress Workshop (7th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on December 10-15, 1989: Training for Psychic Trauma


    Psychiatry, 142, 303-307. Kolb, L. C. (1987). A neuropsychological hypothesis explaining posttraumatic stress disorders. American Journal of Psychiatry, 144...more readily with the aid of skillfully focused psychological tests which measure neuropsychological , mental and emotional functioning. Differential...debilitating (but not inherently harmful) physiologic stressors like sleep loss, hunger , discomfort. It also included mental stressors like perceived danger

  14. Proceedings of the US Army Institute of Surgical Research Anniversary Symposium (40th), Held in San Antonio, Texas on October 26-27, 1987


    nervous system neuronal populations, and definition of the effects of burn injury on zinc metabolism. In addition to the specific research projects, DL...hepatic gluconeogenesis is accelerated, providing essential fuel for reparative and inflammatory tissues to optimize host defenses and ensure wound repair...appearance of ectopic supraependymal neurons in the third ventricle just above the medial basal hypothalamus (15). Just as this resetting is

  15. Frontiers of Karst Research: Proceedings and recommendations of the workshop held in San Antonio, Texas on 3-5 May 2007. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 13


    L., Gon- zalez, I., and Saiz-Jimenez, C., 1999, Microbial communities associated with hydromagnesite and needle- fiber aragonite de- posits in a...Gonzalez, J.M., and Saiz-Jimenez, C., 2006, On the origin of fiber calcite crystals in moonmilk deposits: Naturwissen- schaften, v. 93, p. 27-32...Geomi- crobiology of carbonate-silicate microbalites from Hawaiian basaltic sea caves: Chemical Geology, v. 169, p. 339-355. Macalady, J.L., Jones, D.S

  16. Community-acquired necrotizing pneumonia caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.

    Fernandez, Silvina; Murzicato, Sofía; Sandoval, Orlando; Fernández-Canigia, Liliana; Mollerach, Marta


    Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the first cause of skin and soft tissue infections, but can also produce severe diseases such as bacteremia, osteomyelitis and necrotizing pneumonia. Some S. aureus lineages have been described in cases of necrotizing pneumonia worldwide, usually in young, previously healthy patients. In this work, we describe a fatal case of necrotizing pneumonia due to community-acquired methicillin-resistant S. aureus clone ST30-SCCmecIVc-spat019-PVL positive in an immunocompetent adult patient. Copyright © 2014 Asociación Argentina de Microbiología. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  17. ASTER Flyby of San Francisco


    The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer, ASTER, is an international project: the instrument was supplied by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. A joint US/Japan science team developed algorithms for science data products, and is validating instrument performance. With its 14 spectral bands, extremely high spatial resolution, and 15 meter along-track stereo capability, ASTER is the zoom lens of the Terra satellite. The primary mission goals are to characterize the Earth's surface; and to monitor dynamic events and processes that influence habitability at human scales. ASTER's monitoring and mapping capabilities are illustrated by this series of images of the San Francisco area. The visible and near infrared image reveals suspended sediment in the bays, vegetation health, and details of the urban environment. Flying over San Francisco (3.2MB) (high-res (18.3MB)), we see the downtown, and shadows of the large buildings. Past the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, we cross San Pablo Bay and enter Suisun Bay. Turning south, we fly over the Berkeley and Oakland Hills. Large salt evaporation ponds come into view at the south end of San Francisco Bay. We turn northward, and approach San Francisco Airport. Rather than landing and ending our flight, we see this is as only the beginning of a 6 year mission to better understand the habitability of the world on which we live. For more information: ASTER images through Visible Earth ASTER Web Site Image courtesy of MITI, ERSDAC, JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

  18. Antonio María Barriga Villalba, El Multifacético

    Pablo Gómez Martinez


    Full Text Available

    Esta sesión solemne que celebramos hoy, gracias a la obligante solicitud del cadémico Laurentino Muñoz, ha debido realizarse el año pasado, pero debido a múltiples inconvenientes y al congestionado calendario de las actividades de la Academia, ello no fue posible, por lo cual rogamos a los oyentes se sirvan disimular la tardanza de esta celebración.

    Para la Academia Nacional de Medicina que ha conservado a través de los años una severa tradición de reconocimiento de los valores humanos, es especialmente grato rendir este homenaje de admiración a los ilustres hombres de ciencia que la honraron con sus ejecutorias ya los distinguidos miembros de la profesión médica que tuvieron su raigambre en ese maravilloso rincón de la patria: el departamento del Huila.

    Aprovechando esta ocasión, vamos a colocar en la galería de los presidentes, los retratos de dos ilustres académicos: del miembro honorario profesor Antonio María Barriga Villalba y el del miembro de número doctor Arturo Arboleda.

    El limitado tiempo de que dispongo, me impide hacer un relato detenido de la vida de Barriga Villalba, y un estudio crítico a fondo de su obra. Me limitaré con la venia de la audiencia, a destacar sólamente algunas realizaciones de sus actividades y de su dedicación a la docencia, pidiéndoles disculpas por las omisiones que pudieran tener estas pocas palabras.

    Nació en Bogotá el día 9 de junio de 1894. Contrajo matrimonio con doña Luisa Del Diestro de cuya unión hubo tres hijos: Luis, Antonio y Fernando. Murió este año a la edad cumplida de 91 años, rodeado del amor y cariño de los suyos.

    Hizo sus estudios secundarios en el Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, bajo la dirección del doctor Liborio Zerda, en donde recibió el título de bachiller. Por su dedicación, por sus dotes de inteligencia, fue nombrado colegial de número, posición reservada a muy pocos estudiantes sobresalientes del

  19. 78 FR 19103 - Safety Zone; Spanish Navy School Ship San Sebastian El Cano Escort; Bahia de San Juan; San Juan, PR


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Spanish Navy School Ship San Sebastian El Cano Escort; Bahia de San Juan; San Juan... temporary moving safety zone on the waters of Bahia de San Juan during the transit of the Spanish Navy... Channel entrance, and to protect the high ranking officials on board the Spanish Navy School Ship San...

  20. Académico Dr. Antonio Ucrós Cuéllar.

    Zoilo Cuéllar-Montoya


    Fue fundador, en la década de los años 80, y Jefe durante varios años, del Servicio de Medicina Nuclear del Hospital de San José. Ocupó la Jefatura del Servicio de Endocrinología Pediátrica del Hospital Infantil “Lorencita Villegas de Santos”, en varias oportunidades, en el curso de la década de los años 70. Se distinguió con el nombramiento de Miembro Honorario de la Sociedad de Cirugía de Bogotá, de la cual fue Presidente...

  1. La novela monstruo: La vejez de Heliogábalo de Antonio de Hoyos y el decadentismo

    Begoña Sáenz Martínez


    Full Text Available In the complex conjuncture of the end of Spanish century, Antonio de Hoyos has been identified traditionally as an atypical member of decadent movement. But its narrative is something more than an old fashioned and eccentric intention to take decadent literature to Spain. It is necessary to locate to Pedro in a position that this surpasses the routine classification like "erotic narrative". When I analyze the thematic components based on the general scheme of the decadent literature, I can define the specific nature of this novel, that it is not other than being a Spanish accomplishment of a decadent way of the European narrative.

  2. Autores Clásicos en la biblioteca del ilustrado Antonio Ruiz De Padrón

    Francisco Salas Salgado


    Full Text Available Se estudia en este artículo los libros de autores grecolatinos que poseía la amplia biblioteca del ilustrado canario Antonio Ruiz de Padrón (1757-1823, cuyo conocimiento debemos a los inventarios realizados en 1814 y 1823. Se comprueba de esta manera la vigencia de los autores clásicos propiciada con toda seguridad por enorme importancia que la corriente neoclásica tuvo en la época de la Ilustración.

  3. Usurping the Apocryphal: Antonio Muñoz Molina's Cosmopolitan Memory of Max Aub's Rhetoric of Testimony

    Aguirre Oteiza, Daniel


    This paper focuses on a recent gesture by the Spanish novelist and public intellectual Antonio Muñoz Molina to publicly recuperate Aub’s testimony of uprootedness in France, Algeria, and Mexico, a gesture that relies on the concept of cosmopolitan memory as it has been developed in Holocaust studies. I critique Muñoz Molina’s use of the Holocaust as a template for a transnational cultural history based on a supposedly shared Jewish past. Muñoz Molina generalizes on two levels: he turns Aub in...

  4. Status of the First Permanent Molars in Students from the José Antonio Saco Elementary School

    Diosky Ferrer Vílchez; Ana Belkys Hernández Millán; Disney Tablada Peralta; Ana Ivis Betancourt García; Antonio Araujo Vílchez; Yenly Rodríguez Alonso


    Background: the first molars are among the first teeth affected by dental caries. Their premature loss leads to occlusion disorders. Objective: to determine the status of the first permanent molars in first-, fourth- and sixth- grade students from the Jose Antonio Saco elementary school in Cienfuegos. Methods: a cross-sectional study was conducted in a universe of 227 students treated at the Raúl González Pediatric Dental Clinic of the health area number 1 in Cienfuegos from October 2014 to M...

  5. Efeitos do Comércio Eletrônico: a percepção dos empresários associados à Câmara de Dirigentes Lojistas (CDL) de São Miguel do Oeste-SC

    Dayani Gwozdz; Josiane Romancini; Karina Fries; Lucas Miguel Gnigler; Sodriane Cezar


    Diante do cenário econômico atual, os empresários buscam agilidade, facilidade e precisão nos processos de venda e gestão de estoques. O comércio eletrônico propõe ao empresário uma forma diferenciada para disponibilizar seu produto ou serviço em um ambiente virtual ou, ainda, fazer uso dessa ferramenta em transações com indústria e fornecedores. O principal objetivo desta pesquisa foi verificar as consequências do comércio eletrônico para os comerciantes do município de São Miguel do Oeste-S...

  6. Calzadas y soleras de Santiago como elementos patrimoniales: los casos de las calles Lira y Antonio Ricaurte, una tentativa polémica. /The pavements of the streets: Lira and Antonio Ricaute in Santiago, Chile. Heritage objects.

    Larrañaga, Itxiar


    Full Text Available La calle Lira, desde Avda. del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins hasta Manuel Antonio Matta, destaca por su admirable adoquinado en granito entre soleras del mismo material, y la línea central de tranvía con las tapas de alcantarillado en el centro de la línea. La factura del adoquinado refleja que su realización es de una época del siglo XX en que ya se tenía madurez en el arte de su construcción. Se reflexiona sobre la eventual consideración de estos elementos como objetos culturales y patrimoniales./Lira street, from Libertador Bernardo O’higgins Avenue to Manuel Antonio Matta Avenue, features an admirable cobbled pavement made out of granite as well as the curbs on each side. Along the middle of the street there is a streetcar line, and in between its rails there are sewer lids along the line.The quality of the placing of the cobbles and their materials is proof of a certain maturity in the art of construction during the 20th century. The article proposes that these elements should be considered as cultural heritage objects.

  7. Dialogando con los autores "Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam" Talking to the authors «Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam»

    María Antonia Peña Sánchez

    Full Text Available Como parte de las actividades efectuadas en la XIX Feria Internacional del Libro en Santiago de Cuba, se desarrolló en el Teatro Heredia de esta ciudad el primer encuentro denominado Dialogando con los autores "Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam", al que asistieron escritores del Repertorio "Los profesionales de la salud santiagueros en las editoriales cubanas y extranjeras", así como otras personalidades de la comunidad científica del territorio y de la Editorial Oriente, algunos de los cuales fueron homenajeados por su encomiable labor en defensa de la veracidad y divulgación de las ciencias médicas y ramas afines.As part of the activities undertaken in the XIX International Book Fair in Santiago de Cuba, the first meeting called Talking to the Authors "Dr. Antonio María Béguez Cesar in memoriam" took place in Heredia theater, attended by writers of the Repertoire "Santiago health professionals in Cuban and foreign publishing houses", as well as other personalities of the scientific community in the territory and the Editorial Oriente, some of whom were honored by their commendable work in defense of truthfulness and spread of medical sciences and related branches.

  8. Falência é fracasso? O caso da Associação dos Produtores Alternativos de Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rondônia, Brasil

    Florent Kohler

    Full Text Available O artigo examina a falência da Associação dos Produtores Alternativos (APA de Ouro Preto do Oeste, em Rondônia, buscando identificar elementos estruturantes e explicativos das relações entre atores locais e evidenciando seus próprios quadros interpretativos. A partir de um breve histórico da implantação do Projeto Integrado de Colonização (PIC Ouro Preto do Oeste, são destacadas a origem social dos colonos, sua cultura política e o tipo de capital social construído nos assentamentos. Por outro lado, apresenta-se a lógica das instituições envolvidas no desenvolvimento desse projeto. As relações entre os diversos atores institucionais são apresentadas como uma rede multiconectada, unindo os níveis local, regional, nacional e internacional. A análise mostra o descompasso entre a visão econômica das instituições de apoio, voltadas para a produção, e as aspirações dos produtores da APA. Ao final, concluímos que a falência pode estar associada a dois fatores interligados: a 'desconfiança' dos produtores da APA em relação aos órgãos de apoio à agricultura familiar (Comissão Executiva do Plano da Lavoura Cacaueira, Agência de Defesa Sanitária Agrosilvopastoril do Estado de Rondônia, Empresa de Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural e a ausência dos governos estadual e municipal no grupo de atores do sistema de redes multiconectadas, no qual poderiam ter desempenhado um papel de mediadores entre aquelas diferentes aspirações. Finalmente, a questão colocada relativiza a noção de 'fracasso' associada à falência.


    Oscar Vicente Quinonez Fernandez


    Full Text Available O objetivo do trabalho é estimar e comparar dois tipos de vazões dominantes (vazão de margens plenas e descarga com determinado tempo de retorno em 12 estações fluviométricas localizadas nas regiões Oeste e Sudoeste do Estado do Paraná. As estações, operadas pelo Instituto das Águas do Paraná (antiga Suderhsa - Superintendência de Desenvolvimento de Recursos Hídricos e Saneamento Ambiental, estão situadas em regiões cuja geologia, clima e tipo de relevo são similares. A área da bacia a montante das estações variou de 969 a 12.124km2.A descarga com 1,58 anos de recorrência (Q1,58 foi escolhida para representar a vazão dominante com determinado tempo de retorno. Para cada estação foi calculada a vazão Q1,58, a partir de dados históricos de cheias disponíveis no site da Agência Nacional de Águas (ANA. A vazão de margens plenas (Qmp foi estimada através de observações em campo adotando como referencia os depósitos de diques marginais. O tempo de retorno de Qmp nas estações estudadas variou de 0,60 a 3,35 anos. O coeficiente de determinação (R2 obtidas para as relações entre Área de drenagem versus Qmp e Q1,58 versus Qmp foi de 0,961 e 0,909 respectivamente. Tais valores mostram o uso promissor dos depósitos de diques marginais na demarcação da cota de margens plenas no planalto basáltico das regiões Oeste e Sudoeste do Paraná.

  10. Trajetórias da organização político-sindical dos docentes do Oeste catarinense: um estudo descritivo

    Joviles Vitório Trevisol


    Full Text Available O presente artigo apresenta os resultados de uma dissertação de mestrado em educação, realizada entre janeiro de 2004 a dezembro de 2006, sobre o processo de organização político-sindical dos profissionais da educação em Santa Catarina, mais particularmente no Oeste de Santa Catarina. O propósito fundamental desta pesquisa foi descrever a trajetória das lutas empreendidas pela categoria no período entre 1988 e 2006. Tomando como referência os mais importantes trabalhos sobre organização sindical no Brasil, desenvolvidos por Ricardo Antunes, Armando Boito, Leôncio Martins Rodrigues e outros, este trabalho descreve os processos de organização político-sindical dos docentes no Oeste de Santa Catarina. Por meio da pesquisa documental e das técnicas de memória oral, procurou-se conhecer as experiências vivenciadas pelos dirigentes sindicais envolvidos nesse processo. A investigação demonstrou que a organização política dos professores em Santa Catarina chegou ao seu ápice com a criação do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Educação (Sinte, em 1998, finalizando a forte tradição assistencialista alimentada pela Associação Catarinense dos Professores (ACP e a Associação dos Licenciados de Santa Catarina (Alisc, fundadas, respectivamente, em 1952 e 1966. O Sinte fortaleceu politicamente a categoria e foi decisivo para a conquista de inúmeros direitos trabalhistas para a categoria docente em Santa Catarina. A pesquisa mostra, também, que a partir da segunda metade dos anos 90 o movimento político-sindical dos professores começa a enfrentar dificuldades de mobilização e inicia um processo gradativo de enfraquecimento e deslegitimação, inclusive entre os professores e a comunidade escolar. O sindicalismo de luta foi substituído pelo de negociação.


    Maria José Carvalho de Souza Domingues


    Full Text Available Este artigo objetiva identificar e analisar as ações, o perfil e as características intraempreendedoras dos gestores de cursos de graduação em Ciências Contábeis do oeste do Paraná. Assim, a questão de pesquisa formulada foi: Quais são as características intraempreendedoras e as principais ações dos gestores de cursos de Ciências Contábeis da região oeste do Paraná? Utilizou-se como método a pesquisa descritiva do tipo survey e, para coleta de dados, um questionário de Mastella (2005 e de Dornelas (2003, adaptado por Walter et al. (2007. Como principais resultados, constatou-se que os gestores são homens, tendo a maioria mais de 50 anos, titulação de especialista ou mestre e o principal vínculo com a instituição na qual atuam. Percebeu-se que as ações mais desenvolvidas pelos gestores apresentam-se voltadas às ações internas, fato que deveria ser objeto de reflexão, uma vez que ações consideradas mais importantes pelos gestores são menos realizadas. Assim, pouco tempo de dedicação à gestão, discrepâncias entre ações desejadas e efetivamente realizadas e demasiado enfoque interno de suas ações são aspectos a serem melhorados pelos gestores investigados. Todos os respondentes apresentam características intraempreendedoras. Percebe-se a necessidade de maior clareza no diálogo entre os superiores e os gestores para um maior alinhamento em relação ao desempenho atual dos gestores. Nota-se também que questões como a conciliação entre a carga horária ensino/gestão ainda precisa ser aperfeiçoada.

  12. Antonio Ordóñez Plaja. Académico Honorario

    Gustavo Malagón Londoño


    Full Text Available El pasado 20 de abril registramos con verdadero pesar el fallecimiento de este gran maestro de la medicina colombiana, ejecutivo ejemplar, intachable hombre público, excelente miembro de familia, amigo a toda prueba. Poseedor de una envidiable personalidad y una inagotable inteligencia, como lo demostró hasta los últimos momentos de su vida, siempre se destacó por sus agudos y certeros comentarios sobre la situación del país, sobre los problemas del mundo actual, sobre el presente estado de la salud en Colombia y muy respetuoso del buen nombre de todas las personas, destacó siempre sus valores y se abstuvo de emitir juicios sobre sus defectos. Tuve el privilegio de ser su amigo y disfrutar de largas y cálidas sesiones de amenos comentarios matizados siempre con anécdotas que no escapaban a su privilegiada memoria. En ningún momento se dejó amilanar por la soledad y con las afortunadas visitas frecuentes de su cariñosa hija, acompañado de su empleada doméstica y su mascota, supo superar el vacío inmenso que le dejó su incomparable Beatriz, fallecida hace varios años y quien fue su esposa fiel, confidente y consejera inigualable. Mientras pudo disfrutar de una completa visión, fue insaciable lector y escritor de importantes publicaciones reconocidas como documentos de obligada consulta sobre temas médicos de su especialidad, sobre educación profesional para la salud, sobre condiciones físicas y sociales de la tercera edad, sobre problemas familiares y aspectos de comportamiento de la niñez y la adolescencia, sobre nutrición Infantil. Mientras tuvo condiciones físicas para transportarse, concurrió en forma asidua y participativa a las frecuentes reuniones de la Academia. - See more at:

  13. Antonio Zambrana Lara, docente y pintor. Técnica y procedimientos dentro del Realismo Sevillano del último tercio del siglo XX

    Domínguez Moreno, Gustavo


    El trabajo que aquí se presenta, cuyo título es Antonio Zambrana Lara, docente y pintor. Técnica y procedimiento dentro del Realismo Sevillano del último tercio del siglo XX, procurará analizar en profundidad las cuestiones relacionadas con la personalidad artística de Antonio Zambrana, a través de diversos asuntos, como por ejemplo su contextualización, intentando profundizar en un momento apasio nante del arte sevillano y especialmente en aquellos apartados que de manera más concreta se ref...

  14. 77 FR 34988 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA


    .... ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: San Diego State University Archeology Collections Management Program has... that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with the human remains and associated funerary objects may contact San Diego State University Archeology Collections Management Program. Repatriation of the...

  15. Los liberalismos de José María Vigil y Antonio Caso y el realismo directo

    José Hernández


    Full Text Available Jose Maria Vigil (1829-1909 and Antonio Caso (1883-1946 were two defenders of liberal democracy and of the possibility of a limited but effective conscious management of public and social affairs, within the adverse contexts of Mexico during the administration of Porfirio Diaz as well as the post-revolutionary period. Both authors based their positions on a critique concerning positivism and social-historical determinism, which would aim at a way of thinking quite distant from subjectivist thought, although very close to an epistemological "direct realism" that establishes that the world is not actually a subjective or inter-subjective construction, that may be interpreted in the same subjective or inter-subjective way. However, it is not either something that might be known through a mental or conceptual copy or representation of its entities and processes. Perhaps, the most evocative defender of direct realism in history has been the 18* Century Scottish philosopher, Thomas Reid (1710-1796, a great "common-sensist", explicitly recovered by Vigil and vindicated in a tacit manner by Antonio Caso.

  16. Species - San Diego Co. [ds121

    California Natural Resource Agency — This is the Biological Observation Database point layer representing baseline observations of sensitive species (as defined by the MSCP) throughout San Diego County....

  17. 75 FR 15611 - Safety Zone; United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast... navigable waters of the San Diego Bay in support of the United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa. This... Centennial Festa, which will include a fireworks presentation originating from a tug and barge combination in...

  18. 78 FR 34123 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA


    ... completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects under the control of the San....R50000] Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA... NAGPRA Program has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in...

  19. 78 FR 21403 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA


    ... completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects under the control of the San....R50000] Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA... NAGPRA Program has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in...

  20. Avifauna from a campus of Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste, Guarapuava, Paraná State, Brazil - doi: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v33i2.7710 Avifauna from a campus of Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste, Guarapuava, Paraná State, Brazil - doi: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v33i2.7710

    Claudio Henrique Zawadzki


    Full Text Available This study examined the structure and species richness of the avifauna in CEDETEG campus of Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste (Unicentro, in the urban area of Guarapuava, at Paraná State. Data were monthly taken from July 2006 to June 2007 using transects. A total of 125 bird species belonging to 42 families and 16 orders was recorded. The absence of large frugivorous species reveals the destabilization of native vegetation, evidencing that the current floristic structure does not support more specialized species. However, from the total amount of registered birds, 47 (38% are related to the forest environment in the study area and 25 species (20% are exclusive of this environment, pointing out the strong relevance of this campus for the conservation of these populations.This study examined the structure and species richness of the avifauna in CEDETEG campus of Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste (Unicentro, in the urban area of Guarapuava, at Paraná State. Data were monthly taken from July 2006 to June 2007 using transects. A total of 125 bird species belonging to 42 families and 16 orders was recorded. The absence of large frugivorous species reveals the destabilization of native vegetation, evidencing that the current floristic structure does not support more specialized species. However, from the total amount of registered birds, 47 (38% are related to the forest environment in the study area and 25 species (20% are exclusive of this environment, pointing out the strong relevance of this campus for the conservation of these populations.

  1. Uma Análise Comparativa da Competitividade Econômico-financeira das Cooperativas Agroindustriais do Oeste do Paraná

    Paulo César da Silva Ilha

    Full Text Available Resumo: O objetivo do estudo foi o de analisar comparativamente a competitividade econômico-financeira das cooperativas agroindustriais, do oeste do Paraná, utilizando-se do procedimento metodológico de análise de cluster ou agrupamento. A análise serviu para classificar hierarquicamente em categorias de agrupamentos e medir o grau de competitividade das cooperativas. Os dados foram apropriados numa série temporal de 2011 a 2014. Com os resultados alcançados pelas cooperativas, nos aspectos de classificação hierárquica, através do gráfico dendograma (árvore, demonstrou-se que as ações de gestão, no que se referem à sustentabilidade econômico-financeira, são díspares. Nos aspectos de medidas de competitividade, classificou-se a cooperativa Copacol como a mais competitiva, comparada aos padrões estabelecidos.


    Jardel Pauber Matos e Silva


    Full Text Available Incubadoras de empresas são habitats de inovação dinâmicos capazes de fomentar empreendimentos, dispondo de infraestrutura gerencial, intelectual e física adequada, de maneira a propiciar ao empreendedor (nascente ou em crescimento estabilidade inicial para gerar emprego e renda impactando positivamente no desenvolvimento econômico e social no mercado em que se encontra inserido. Inovar, empreender e proteger a produção tecnológica contribui para o desenvolvimento econômico e social. Assim, este artigo tem como objetivo analisar a gestão da propriedade intelectual gerada no processo de incubação de empresas (compreendido as fases de incubação e graduação nas incubadoras da Região Centro-Oeste brasileira. Com os dados obtidos na pesquisa verificou-se que a relação entre o número de empreendimentos incubados (e graduados, e a proteção de ativos de PI ainda é muito baixa na Região. Fatores como a falta de conhecimento dos gestores, além de pouco incentivo para a proteção e ausência de NIT em Universidade foram considerados relevantes para o quadro de tal escassez.

  3. Delimitación de zonas susceptibles a filtraciones en el túnel Serones-Salida Guaro del Trasvase Este-Oeste

    José A. Otaño-Noguel


    Full Text Available La existencia de flujos de agua subterránea en un macizo rocoso muy agrietado, unido a un relieve favorable al escurrimiento superficial, facilita la infiltración del agua hacia el interior de los túneles, laboreados al nivel del manto freático o por debajo de éste, en el Trasvase Este-Oeste que se construye en la provincia de Holguín, Cuba. Como consecuencia, se producen inundaciones arciales y derrumbes por la pérdida de resistencia de las rocas o por el lavado del relleno de las grietas. Para adoptar medidas correctoras que aumenten la seguridad de las excavaciones y garanticen una mayor estabilidad de las obras es necesaria la delimitación de las áreas susceptibles a inundaciones y derrumbes por infiltración del agua. Mediante la combinación de métodos geomecánicos de análisis de macizos, estudios hidrogeológicos y cartografía digital se delimitaron, para el túnel Serones-Salida Guaro, cuatro zonas muy susceptibles por infiltración atendiendo a su alta permeabilidad (más de 10 m/día y a su ubicación en la intersección de dos sistemas de fallas donde han ocurrido movimientos rumbo-deslizantes.


    Issacar Nguendjo


    Full Text Available Según los últimos desarrollos teóricos en la enseñanza de idiomas en general y del español en particular, identificar y explicar los puntos sensibles y los errores sistemáticos propios a una muestra de alumnos con perfil e historial lingüístico similares contribuye a mejorar el aprendizaje. Asimismo, en este trabajo hemos centrado nuestra atención en los errores generalizados cometidos por nuestros alumnos de español de la Universidad de Dschang en Camerún desde una perspectiva esencialmente fonética y fonológica. Hemos identificado algunos aspectos que en su pronunciación distan del modelo fonético español como resultados de los sustratos, interferencias y del bagaje lingüístico de nuestros alumnos que casi todos son bantúes, nativos de la región del oeste de Camerún, y francófonos. Este trabajo es pues una descripción explicativa de estos errores con el fin de enfocar mejor las enseñanzas y conseguir más eficacia en el aprendizaje.

  5. Adaptabilidade e estabilidade de genótipos eretos de amendoim cultivados nas regiões Nordeste e Centro-Oeste

    Felipe Matheus Teles de Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo estimar a estabilidade e a adaptabilidade de oito genótipos de amendoim ereto e comparar os modelos de análise de EBERHART & RUSSELL (1966, WRICKE (1965 e LIN & BINNS (1988, baseando-se em dados de produtividade de vagens e sementes. Os genótipos de amendoim foram avaliados em 14 ambientes situados nas Regiões Nordeste e Centro-Oeste, durante os anos de 2006 a 2011, sob o delineamento de blocos ao acaso com cinco repetições. Verificou-se que, entre os três métodos estudados, os de EBERHART & RUSSELL(1966 e LIN & BINNS (1988 geraram informações concordantes para estimativas de adaptação e estabilidade de produção de vagens e sementes, baseando-se nas condições deste estudo. Os genótipos L7 Bege e BRS 151 L7 foram os mais produtivos, com adaptabilidade específica a ambientes favoráveis, enquanto que CNPA 280 revelou adaptabilidade ampla e alta estabilidade fenotípica.

  6. Mapping the Lisbon Potential Foodshed in Ribatejo e Oeste: A Suitability and Yield Model for Assessing the Potential for Localized Food Production

    Andreia Saavedra Cardoso


    Full Text Available Research on food planning has been recently proposed in North American and European planning to account for how cities might change their food provision to respond to the rising demands for a more sustainable and ethical food system. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the agro-ecological potential of the Lisbon city region, Ribatejo e Oeste, to increase its Regional Food Self-Reliance (RFSR, through adopting demand restraint and food system relocalization approaches to food system sustainability. Three new diet scenarios were considered: meat-based, plant-based and strict vegetarian, defined in accordance with healthy dietary patterns. We used agro-climatic and agro-edaphic agricultural suitability models to evaluate the agro-ecological potential for RFSR, and proposed the use of Foodshed Landscape Plans within a landscape planning methodology. Results showed the extent of local food production that could improve food self-reliance, with 72%, 76%, 84% of total food needs in the meat-based, plant-based, and strict vegetarian scenarios, respectively. Thus, food system transformation by means of relocalization, is therefore ecologically feasible and would ensure the sustainable use of the ecological basis of food security. Additionally, a dietary transition would imply significant land sparing, which strengthens the demand restraint perspective for a transition to food system sustainability.


    Christian Brannstrom


    Full Text Available El artículo compara dos regiones con base en los discursos publicados em publicaciones bien diseminadas, complementada con investigación de campo. La región Oeste de Bahia, con agricultura intensive, compárase con el Eagle Ford Shale, región de producción no convencional de petroleo e gas natural. El trabajo focalízase en como las elites usan la sustentabilidad en la gobernanza ambiental para justificar el uso de los recursos naturales en la agricultura e los hidrocarbonos. Enfatizo como el espetáculo sirve para augmenter el “prestigio regional” (CHASE, 2003 e como los aspectos sociales de la sustentabilidad ajudan a consolidar las ambiciones de explotación de los recursos naturales. En los dos casos las elites regionals no reproducem verbatim los discursos nacionales, pero sí las elites investen en traduzir los discursos en formato regional o canalizar las preocupaciones regionales e los parametros regionales en nuevas soluciones discursivos para mantener la explotación de los recursos naturales.

  8. Feições Cársticas em Rochas Siliciclásticas no Oeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil

    Luis Eduardo de Souza Robaina


    Full Text Available Na Bacia Hidrográfica do Ibicuí, localizada na região oeste-sudoeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, ocorrem formas do terreno e mesmo associação de formas semelhantes àquelas de relevo cárstico, entretanto são produzidas por diferentes processos. Este artigo apresenta estudos desenvolvidos em feições de cavernas, típicas de relevo cárstico que se desenvolvem em rochas siliciclásticas da Bacia Sedimentar do Paraná. A origem morfogenética está relacionada com a evolução e aceleração de processos erosivos associado ao fluxo subterrâneo controlados por lineamentos estruturais e estratificação da rocha sedimentar. O mapeamento e estudo destas feições podem demonstrar a extensão e diversidade das formas tipo cársticas na área e contribuir para entender o modelo evolutivo das vertentes na área de estudo.

  9. Crescimento em altura dominante do Pinus elliottii e Pinus taeda em solos arenizados degradados no oeste do Rio Grande do Sul

    Paulo Renato Schneider


    Full Text Available A introdução de espécies florestais de rápido crescimento em áreas com solos arenizados e degradados pode ser uma alternativa tanto para a prevenção como para a minimização desse problema. O trabalho objetivou avaliar o crescimento em altura dominante do Pinus elliottii Engelm. e Pinus taeda L. em relação aos solos arenizados e degradados por ação antrópica, no oeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul (RS. Para isso, foram selecionadas árvores dominantes em povoamentos com 29 anos de idade, em áreas com dois níveis de degradação, as quais foram abatidas e seccionadas pelo método de Smalian para a obtenção de discos de madeira para a análise dendrocronológica e determinação da altura dominante por idade, no período de 1982 a 2010. Os crescimentos em altura dominante dessas espécies, quando comparados entre si e por nível de degradação do solo, apresentaram tendências diferentes de desenvolvimento no tempo, indicando a presença de polimorfismo das curvas.

  10. Crescimento em diâmetro do Pinus elliottii e Pinus taeda em áreas arenizadas e degradadas no Oeste do Rio Grande do Sul

    Paulo Renato Schneider


    Full Text Available Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de estudar o desempenho do Pinus elliottii Engelm. e Pinus taeda L. em áreas arenizadas e degradadas por ação antrópica, na região da fronteira oeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Em povoamentos, foram selecionadas árvores médias, que foram abatidas e seccionadas pelo método de Smalian, a fim de obter discos de madeira para a análise dendrocronológica, para a obtenção do diâmetro por idade. O crescimento em diâmetro, quando comparado entre espécies, apresentou tendências diferentes de níveis de desenvolvimento no tempo. O uso de variáveis dummy no modelo de crescimento permitiu definir uma equação única para estimar o diâmetro em função da idade para ambas as espécies, considerando os níveis de degradação do solo médio e baixo, como variáveis necessárias para estimar o crescimento destas espécies nestes tipos de solos arenizados e degradados.

  11. Intenção comportamental de agricultores do Oeste de Santa Catarina para a conservação de florestas nativas

    Elaine Zuchiwschi


    Full Text Available ResumoConciliar a conservação de florestas nativas e a produção agropecuária em estabelecimentos rurais é uma tarefa complexa que demanda abordagens sistêmicas e multidisciplinares que incluam, além de aspectos biológicos dos recursos, outros de natureza socioeconômica, cultural e mesmo psicológica. Para identificar e comparar a intenção comportamental de agricultores da região Oeste de Santa Catarina para a conservação e manejo de florestas nativas em seus imóveis rurais, foi utilizada neste trabalho a Teoria do Comportamento Planejado. Verificou-se que a Intenção Comportamental de agricultores de diferentes sistemas de produção e de agricultores com e sem dependência por recursos florestais nativos para compor a renda, diferem. Diferenças entre grupos de agricultores em relação aos resultados da Atitude e do Controle Comportamental Percebido estavam associadas de forma coerente com aspectos socioeconômicos e ambientais. Os resultados das Normas Subjetivas indicam que a família é a principal referência dos agricultores, exercendo pressão positiva para a conservação florestal.


    Cristiane da Silva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho é fruto de constantes observações acerca da reação dos discentes a respeito de aulas práticas realizadas no período de estagio supervisionado. Conta com um delineamento metodológico de estudo de caso onde foi aplicado um questionário de composição mista a todos os docentes de biologia das escolas estaduais de nível médio de Colorado do Oeste num total de quatro profissionais, contou também com o levantamento documental sobre o projeto do curso e os planejamentos anuais dos professores. Conclui-se ao final que a possibilidade da utilização de aulas práticas neste nível de ensino potencializa o aprendizado, tornando-o mais eficaz e integrado a realidade apesar da infraestrutura física básica ou precária utilizada para sua realização.

  13. SANS from interpenetrating polymer networks

    Markotsis, M.G.; Burford, R.P.; Knott, R.B.; Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Menai, NSW; Hanley, T.L.; CRC for Polymers,; Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Menai, NSW; Papamanuel, N.


    Full text: Interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) have been formed by combining two polymeric systems in order to gain enhanced material properties. IPNs are a combination of two or more polymers in network form with one network polymerised and/or crosslinked in the immediate presence of the other(s).1 IPNs allow better blending of two or more crosslinked networks. In this study two sets of IPNs were produced and their microstructure studied using a variety of techniques including small angle neutron scattering (SANS). The first system combined a glassy polymer (polystyrene) with an elastomeric polymer (SBS) with the glassy polymer predominating, to give a high impact plastic. The second set of IPNs contained epichlorohydrin (CO) and nitrile rubber (NBR), and was formed in order to produce novel materials with enhanced chemical and gas barrier properties. In both cases if the phase mixing is optimised the probability of controlled morphologies and synergistic behaviour is increased. The PS/SBS IPNs were prepared using sequential polymerisation. The primary SBS network was thermally crosslinked, then the polystyrene network was polymerised and crosslinked using gamma irradiation to avoid possible thermal degradation of the butadiene segment of the SBS. Tough transparent systems were produced with no apparent thermal degradation of the polybutadiene segments. The epichlorohydrin/nitrile rubber IPNs were formed by simultaneous thermal crosslinking reactions. The epichlorohydrin network was formed using lead based crosslinker, while the nitrile rubber was crosslinked by peroxide methods. The use of two different crosslinking systems was employed in order to achieve independent crosslinking thus resulting in an IPN with minimal grafting between the component networks. SANS, Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were used to examine the size and shape of the phase domains and investigate any variation with crosslinking level and

  14. Edificación pasiva. Actuaciones sostenibles aplicadas a construcciones existentes. Estudio y análisis del centro de educación infantil San José y San Antonio de Padua



    El presente PFG desarrolla conceptos bioclimáticos pasivos, es decir, técnicas y herramientas que emplean recursos de la naturaleza para convertir una edificación existente con carencias en una edificación sostenible y eficiente energéticamente. El proyecto se divide en dos bloques. El primero de ellos trata de los conceptos pasivos de forma general y en el se desarrollan conceptos como el estudio del soleamiento, el estudio climatológico y el estudio de ventilación. Todo ello enmarcado en la...


    Efraím Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    (Discurso pronunciado durante la ceremonia de posesión como Miembro Correspondiente Nacional de la Academia de Historia de Santander, Bucaramanga, Mayo 13 de 2009.

    En 2006 pasó casi desapercibido el cuadragésimo aniversario de la muerte de José Antonio Jácome Valderrama, una de las mentalidades médicas más luminosas del país en el siglo XX. Fallecido apenas al cumplir los 51 de su edad, su estrella brilló por 25 años ascendiendo a las posiciones más altas de la salud en Colombia. Por eso creímos, cuando se conmemoró el medio siglo del Colegio Médico de Santander, que nada hubiera sido más oportuno que evocar la memoria de quien fuera no solo fundador y alto exponente de la Federación Médica Colombiana (de la que recibió su máxima condecoración en 1963 sino incondicional estandarte de su tierra, de sus valores y de su gente.

    Nacido en Bucaramanga el 16 de febrero de 1915, su madre fue una de esas nueve bellas mujeres que unieron sus genes con los de los varones más ilustres y de mayor raigambre dentro de la sociedad santandereana. El mismo relató así algunas de las circunstancias de su nacimiento : “Soy hijo de José Domingo Jácome Niz y Matilde Valderrama de Jácome Niz, ambos ya fallecidos, a quienes debo tánto por la educación que me dieron, por el ejemplo admirable que me ofrecieron, por la formación moral con que forjaron mi espíritu y mi corazón y sobre todo por el amor entrañable y cordial que hizo de nuestro hogar un sitio lleno de felicidad, a pesar de todas las vicisitudes que tuvimos que soportar”.1 1

    Los Jácome Niz provenían de Ocaña, ciudad que desde la colonia mantuvo vínculos con Bucaramanga, por el relativamente cercano acceso de ambas al río Magdalena, en contraste con las fragorosas montañas que había que cruzar desde cada una de ellas para llegar a Cúcuta y a la frontera venezolana. En sus viajes entre una y otra, ya para

  16. Trouble Brewing in San Francisco. Policy Brief

    Buck, Stuart


    The city of San Francisco will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. In this policy brief, the author estimates that San Francisco faces an aggregate $22.4 billion liability for pensions and retiree health benefits that are underfunded--including $14.1 billion for the city…

  17. San Diego's High School Dropout Crisis

    Wilson, James C.


    This article highlights San Diego's dropout problem and how much it's costing the city and the state. Most San Diegans do not realize the enormous impact high school dropouts on their city. The California Dropout Research Project, located at the University of California at Santa Barbara, has estimated the lifetime cost of one class or cohort of…

  18. Of Herbs, Animals and other Poisons: Magical Renewal in «El peregrino indiano» by Antonio Saavedra Guzmán

    Raúl Marrero-Fente


    Full Text Available El peregrino indiano by Antonio de Saavedra Guzmán incorporates new substances into the magic spell. In addition to La Araucana, there are ingredients that come from other discursive traditions: the Renaissance treatises of natural history, the Bible, bestiaries, emblematic literature, magic and grimoires.

  19. La politización en las lecturas canónicas: Miguel Antonio Caro, lector de Jorge Isaacs

    Carlos Arturo López Jiménez


    Full Text Available The article herein shows some conceptual features of Miguel Antonio Caro’s intellectual project and its intrinsic strengths. Furthermore, it details the type of politicization which Caro imposed on some of the work of his contemporaries politicization which, in turn, was later imposed on him-self by contemporary historiography. More to the point, I evidence how Caro, when asserting that a particular text by Jorge Isaacs (The native tribes of the Magdalena basin was scientific, immediately proceeded to politicize Isaac’s work, among other things, because he (Caro did not have the relevant arguments needed to confront Isaacs’ text in its own terms and framework. Thus, in order to dismiss Isaacs’ objections raised against the government of Nuñez, Caro places the aforementioned work by the author of María, among the texts that threatened social order by presenting it as part and parcel of positivism, empiricism, liberalism, and all other intellectual efforts based on a damaging sensualism.//Aquí muestran algunos aspectos conceptuales del proyecto intelectual de Miguel Antonio Caro y su consistencia interna. Además, preciso el tipo específico de politización que este escritor impuso sobre algunos trabajos que le fueron contemporáneos –politización de la cual el mismo Caro ha sido objeto por parte de historiografía contemporánea–. Específicamente, presento cómo Miguel Antonio Caro, al afirmar que un texto de Isaacs (Las tribus indígenas del Magdalena es científico, politiza su trabajo por la imposibilidad de atacarlo dentro de los límites argumentativos del texto de Isaacs. De esta forma, para hacer a un lado las objeciones que Isaac eleva contra el gobierno de Núñez, Caro ubica el trabajo del autor de María en el grupo de escritos que amenazan el orden social, al presentarlo de la mano con el positivismo, empirismo, liberalismo y demás esfuerzos intelectuales fundados en un “nocivo” criterio sensualista.

  20. Las características de los órganos italianos en la época de Antonio de Cabezón

    Donati, Pier Paolo


    Full Text Available In 1548 Antonio de Cabezon was able to take a trip to Italy. On that occasion, he could certainly learn and play the organ Italian. New sources and unpublished documents have recently enabled us to identify a new and reliable profi le of the organs of Italian origins. Eliminated false history, errors of chronology and clichés, the acquisition of technical data other than those handed down by tradition have opened a new historical perspective of which is here given an account. Updated illustration of the characteristics of the organs of the Italian Renaissance follow the guidelines of performance practice entailed and a comparison with the Spanish instruments practiced by Antonio de Cabezon.En 1548 Antonio de Cabezón fue capaz de hacer un viaje a Italia. En esa ocasión, él sin duda podría aprender y tocar el órgano italiano. Las nuevas fuentes y documentos inéditos, nos han permitido recientemente para identifi car un perfi l nuevo y confi able de los órganos de origen italiano. Eliminado los errores históricos, falsos de fecha y clichés, la adquisición de los datos técnicos distintos de los transmitida por tradición han abierto una nueva perspectiva histórica de la cual aquí se da cuenta. Ilustración actualizada de las características de los órganos del Renacimiento italiano sigue las directrices de la práctica interpretativa que derivan de ella y un enfrentamiento con los instrumentos españoles practicadas por Antonio de Cabezón. [it] Le caratteristiche degli organi italiani al tempo di Antonio de Cabezón Nel 1548 Antonio de Cabezón ebbe modo di compiere un viaggio in Italia. In quell’occasione poté sicuramente conoscere e suonare gli organi italiani. Nuove fonti e inediti documenti hanno recentemente permesso di delineare un nuovo ed attendibile profi lo degli organi italiani delle origini. Eliminati falsi storici, errori di cronologia e luoghi comuni, l’acquisizione di dati tecnici diversi da quelli tramandati

  1. Estudio y recuperación de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo, Úbeda (Jaén = Study and Recovery of the Church of San Lorenzo, Úbeda (Jaén

    José Manuel Almansa Moreno


    Full Text Available Suprimida como parroquia en el siglo XIX y expoliada durante la Guerra Civil de 1936, la antigua iglesia parroquial de San Lorenzo de Úbeda (Jaén inició un imparable proceso de deterioro que amenazó incluso con arruinar totalmente la fábrica. Gracias a la intervención privada de la Fundación “Huerta de San Antonio”, dicho deterioro se ha frenado y se han iniciado tareas de consolidación del templo. Durante las últimas intervenciones se han descubierto numerosos vestigios de gran interés, que han venido a arrojar nuevos datos sobre la evolución histórica del edificio, y que pasamos a analizar en este estudio. Suppressed as a parish in the 19th century and plundered during the Civil War in 1936, the ancient Church of Sant Lawrence of Úbeda (Jaén started an unstoppable process of deterioration which threatened even with completely ruin of the factory. Thanks to the intervention of the private foundation «Huerta de San Antonio», the process of damage has been stopped and the recovering and consolidation works in the temple have started. During this intervention, several remains of great interest have been discovered, which offer new data on the historical evolution of the building, that will be analyzed in this study.

  2. Authority, Power and Reason of State in the Theater of Antonio Enríquez Gómez

    Manuel Calderón Calderón


    Full Text Available Comedies of political content written by Antonio Enríquez Gómez reflect, through the analysis of its four recurring themes —the dichotomy between law and power, the reason of state, the law enforcement from a political point of view and forgiveness—, the outlines of the nascent Leviathan or modern state. Although the patriarchal relationship between the Monarch and his people is based on a iusnaturalist conception, love should be subject to the effectiveness in the exercise of power. The characters in this theatre sometimes hesitate between Aristotelian-Thomistic rationalism and Machiavellian-Hobbesian reason of state and, on other occasions, they oppose the people’s strength, risk and will to the divine reason of Law. In the context of the Hispanic Monarchy crisis, Enríquez Gómez’s critics are not limited to Government representatives and civil servants, but also include the Church and common people (Third State.

  3. El soñador de espigas lejanas de Antonio Colinas o la memoria de la poesía

    Clara I. Martínez Cantón


    Full Text Available Este artículo propone una aproximación crítica al poema El soñador de espigas lejanas, publicado por Antonio Colinas a finales de 2013. Se identifican y analizan sus características más representativas: fragmentarismo, narración, historicismo, viaje interior y, sobre todo, su binarismo, de carácter simbólico. Su extensión y estos rasgos definitorios lo ligan al género del poema largo y, con él, a la tradición hispanoamericana, que ha dado grandes obras siguiendo esta forma poética. Se verán las similitudes y diferencias entre esta nueva composición y otras obras del autor. Es también objeto de estudio la manera de avanzar rítmicamente del poema.

  4. Ant and termite mound coinhabitants in the wetlands of Santo Antonio da Patrulha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    E. Diehl

    Full Text Available This paper reports on ant and termite species inhabiting the mounds (murundus found in three wetland sites in Santo Antonio da Patrulha. Ants and termites were found in 100% of the mounds of two sites and in 20% of those in the third site. Colonies of Camponotus fastigatus were found inhabiting all the mounds, while colonies of Brachymyrmex sp., Linepithema sp., Pheidole sp., and/or Solenopsis sp. were collected in less than 30% of the mounds. In the mounds of the three sites, colonies of Anoplotermes sp. and/or Aparatermes sp. termites were found together with the ant colonies. Another cohabiting termite species, Cortaritermes sp., was found only in the mounds of one site. The results suggest that C. fastigatus is the species building the mounds, with the other species, whether ants or termites, being the inquilines.

  5. Ant and termite mound coinhabitants in the wetlands of Santo Antonio da Patrulha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

    Diehl, E; Junqueira, L K; Berti-Filho, E


    This paper reports on ant and termite species inhabiting the mounds (murundus) found in three wetland sites in Santo Antonio da Patrulha. Ants and termites were found in 100% of the mounds of two sites and in 20% of those in the third site. Colonies of Camponotus fastigatus were found inhabiting all the mounds, while colonies of Brachymyrmex sp., Linepithema sp., Pheidole sp., and/or Solenopsis sp. were collected in less than 30% of the mounds. In the mounds of the three sites, colonies of Anoplotermes sp. and/or Aparatermes sp. termites were found together with the ant colonies. Another cohabiting termite species, Cortaritermes sp., was found only in the mounds of one site. The results suggest that C. fastigatus is the species building the mounds, with the other species, whether ants or termites, being the inquilines.


    Jefferson Carriello do Carmo


    Full Text Available The objective of this text are mainly two. First to emphasize some theorical questions regarding deep concepts and the proposed thematics as a way to rescue even in a brief and short path the general Picture of the concernings from Antonio Gramsci. Second, to verify that this subjects goes thru the political and ideological instances regarding the current elaboration called “Education as an Hegemony” . From this point on was noticed that the school proposition doesn´t represent a humane homesick tradicionalist overview and not even a technicist-professional aprouch but a new kind of interested school. In other words a more technicist and organic school in relation to the industrial modern world, based on scientific and technological principles made in a syntesis space between practice and theory, between handmade work and intelectual strenght. Key words: Education, work, politics, single school, industrialization.

  7. Antonio Quilis, La concodancia gramatiaal en Za Zengua espanola hablada en Madrid, C. S. I. C., Madrid 1983, pags. 128

    Mitja Skubic


    Full Text Available El libra de Antonio Quilis, de poco más de cien páginas, nos ofrece los resultados de las encuestas sabre la concordancia sintáctica en el habla de Madrid. El Autor que es también cultivador y conocedor de la fonética del español­ pensemos en su importante trabajo sobre la fonética acústica de la lengua española (Gredos, Madrid 1981 - vuelve aqué a su vocacion de sintáctico, visible en sus trabajos sabre la estructura del español la edición de la Gramática de Nebri­ja y en el amor con que cuidó la presentación al mundo de habla castellana de las obras de B. Pottier.

  8. [Antonio de Saldanha da Gama's proposals to improve the slave trade "for humanitarian and economic reasons," Rio de Janeiro, 1810].

    Viotti, Ana Carolina de Carvalho


    In 1808, Dom João VI issued an edict which regulated the shipping and treatment of slaves on the transatlantic crossing from Africa. Two years later, Antonio de Saldanha da Gama, a member of the Treasury Council, drafted a letter discussing some points of the resolution. This key figure in the Portuguese administration of Brazil argued that his respectful considerations concerning the determinations of His Royal Highness were designed to improve them "for humanitarian and economic reasons." Safeguarded in the archives of Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino, this letter is transcribed, annotated, and contextualized here, supplying an interesting perspective on the prevailing concerns and justifications about the trafficking of African slaves to Brazil.

  9. Antonio de Capmany and the city of Barcelona: the value of experience in the path of progress



    Full Text Available In his time, Antonio de Capmany (1742-1813 was the most prominent intellectual in the service of the interests of Barcelona, in a willingness to articulate the energy of that city with the efforts of enlightened despotism to relaunch Spain as a continental and colonial power. Extensive knowledge and assimilation of European culture of the Enlightenment allowed him to associate the historical experience of the Catalan capital with modern values. It was not a simple varnish, since the defense of Barcelona as the focus of progress was constructed from documented empirical data and sensory impressions, according to the principles preached by the great British philosophers against speculative rationalism and its incessant occurrences.

  10. Análisis del peso al nacer en una población toba del oeste formoseño

    Lanza, Norberto


    Full Text Available La inversión materna es un importante determinante del peso al nacer. En poblaciones con fecundidad natural, esta inversión afectaría negativamente la propia condición física de la madre a medida que aumenta su edad y paridad. Estudios realizados en una población rural Toba del oeste formoseño indicaron un aumento de la masa corporal materna con la edad y un elevado porcentaje de mujeres con sobrepeso y obesidad. ¿Se traslada este aumento en las reservas energéticas maternas al peso al nacer de sus hijos? El objetivo de este trabajo fue analizar el peso al nacer de esta población aborigen en relación a la edad materna y el sexo del recién nacido. Los datos fueron tomados de registros de agentes sanitarios Toba y de la sala médica. Se analizaron 528 nacimientos (253 femeninos y 275 masculinos desde el año 1983 al 2007. El peso al nacer mostró una asociación positiva estadísticamente significativa con la edad de la madre. Estos resultados confirmarían la condición física materna como un importante predictor del peso al nacer. Sin embargo, no se encontraron diferencias sexuales en el peso al nacer. Se hipotetiza una mayor inversión materna hacia las hijas como parte de la estrategia reproductiva materna.

  11. Análisis del consumo de inhibidores de la enzima convertidora de angioténsina en el territorio oeste de La Habana, 2005-2009

    José Ramón Cabrera Cepero


    Full Text Available La planificación de los recursos es un problema trascendental en los países en desarrollo y también en Cuba, por lo que hacer el mejor uso de los presupuestos limitados y de las escasas divisas, es de vital importancia. Planificar las cantidades de medicamentos necesarias, para lograr garantizar una disponibilidad adecuada de estos en todos los niveles de asistencia, es una tarea en la cual intervienen un sinnúmero de factores. El objetivo de este trabajo fue demostrar en qué medida la introducción del enalapril tabletas influyó en el consumo del captopril tabletas, mediante el análisis de los patrones de consumo de los medicamentos inhibidores de la enzima convertidora de angiotensina en el territorio oeste de La Habana entre marzo de 2005 y diciembre de 2009. Para ello se realizó un estudio de utilización de medicamentos de consumo, de tipo descriptivo, observacional y retrospectivo. Se calcularon las DHD (dosis por mil habitantes día. Los resultados de este trabajo demuestran cómo en este grupo hay un desplazamiento del consumo hacia el enalapril. Este es un comportamiento lógico por la comodidad de la administración y la menor incidencia de efectos adversos. Sin embargo, el captopril se mantiene en valores entre 20 y 30 DHD x 1 000 habitantes ya que hay un grupo de pacientes que continúan con este tratamiento y es de elección en la crisis hipertensiva.

  12. Calendário floral de plantas melíferas nativas da Borda Oeste do Pantanal no Estado do Mato Grosso do Sul

    Suzana Maria Salis


    Full Text Available Resumo:O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o padrão de floração, ao longo do ano, de plantas melíferas na Borda Oeste do Pantanal, no Maciço do Urucum, MS, bem como o tipo de recurso oferecido pela flora melífera, para elaborar um calendário floral para a região. A floração das plantas melíferas visitadas pelas abelhas nativas e africanizadas foi acompanhada quinzenalmente, por 3 anos consecutivos, tendo-se anotado a data de florescimento, o hábito de crescimento e os recursos coletados pelos insetos. Foram identificadas 160 espécies florescendo e sendo visitadas pelas abelhas, mas somente 73 espécies foram consideradas como plantas melíferas e incluídas no calendário floral, das quais 34 eram ervas, 17 árvores, 15 arbustos e 7 lianas. Foram observadas plantas melíferas em flor ao longo de todo o ano, com maior número no verão e menor no inverno. As ervas florescem mais intensamente no verão e no outono (janeiro-junho, enquanto as árvores e os arbustos, na primavera (final de setembro-dezembro. As lianas florescem, principalmente, no final do verão (março-abril. Néctar e pólen são oferecidos às abelhas ao longo de todo o ano, com diminuição da oferta nos meses de inverno (julho-setembro.

  13. The Carboniferous-Permian boundary in the central western Argentinean basins: paleontological evidences El límite Carbonífero-Pérmico en las cuencas del centro oeste de Argentina: evidencias paleontológicas

    Gabriela A Cisterna


    Full Text Available The central western Argentinean basins of Río Blanco, Calingasta-Uspallata and western Paganzo, enclose the most complete marine successions used for examining the Carboniferous-Permian boundary in Gondwana. A detailed review of the key stratigraphical sections has allowed the identification of the latest Carboniferous assemblages; NBG, Interval megafloristic Zone and DM (Raistrickia densa-Convolutispora muriornata Palynological Zone in the lower part, and the earliest Permian T-S (Tivertonia jachalensis-Streptorhynchus inaequiornatus invertebrate Zone and FS (Pakhapitesfusus-Vittatina subsaccata Palynological Zone in the upper part. This diagnostic mega/microflora and marine invertebrate paleontological evidence provides a biostratigraphical framework for the definition of the Carboniferous-Permian boundary inside the basins of central western Argentina.Las cuencas del centro oeste de Argentina, Río Blanco, Calingasta-Uspallata y el sector oeste de la cuenca Paganzo, contienen las secuencias marinas más completas para el estudio del límite Carbonífero-Pérmico en Gondwana. Un estudio detallado de secciones estratigráficas claves ha permitido la identificación de las asociaciones megaflo-rísticas NBG y de Intervalo, y de la palinozona DM (Raistrickia densa-Convolutispora muriornata, del Carbonífero Tardío, en la parte inferior de dichas secciones; en tanto, en la parte media superior de las secciones estudiadas, se han identificado la biozona de invertebrados T-S (Tivertonia jachalensis-Streptorhynchus inaequiornatus y la palinozona FS (Pakhapites fusus-Vittatina subsaccata, ambas asignadas al Pérmico Temprano. El registro de estas asociaciones diagnósticas de mega/microflora e invertebrados marinos provee un esquema bioestratigráfico integrado que permite ubicar el límite Carbonífero-Pérmico en las cuencas del centro oeste de Argentina.

  14. Análise de chuvas intensas por meio da desagregação de precipitações diárias de Jaru e Machadinho d’Oeste – RO, Brasil

    Vinicius Alexandre Sikora de Souza


    Full Text Available A precipitação pluviométrica, dentre os elementos hidrológicos, é o que mais interfere na vida humana, uma vez que, se configura como a principal entrada de água no sistema hidrológico. Atualmente uma das soluções para realizar a caracterização e estimativa das precipitações intensas é a utilização de curvas Intensidade-Duração-Frequência (IDF, as quais consistem em modelos matemáticos semi-empíricos que preveem a intensidade precipitada por meio da duração e distribuição temporal. Neste contexto, esse estudo objetiva estimar a função IDF para os municípios de Jaru e Machadinho d’Oeste, localizados no estado de Rondônia – Brasil, por meio da metodologia da desagregação de chuvas diárias, que gera séries sintéticas com duração em intervalos menores, por meio de coeficientes que transformam chuva de 24h em outras de menor duração, permitindo assim o desenvolvimento de curvas IDF. As equações geradas apresentaram um coeficiente de ajuste de aproximadamente 96% para o município de Jaru e 92,85% para Machadinho d’Oeste. Por fim, constatou-se que as equações propostas para a estimativa da intensidade das precipitações máximas são de grande aplicabilidade tanto para o município de Machadinho d’Oeste quanto para Jaru.

  15. Fatores de risco associados ao excesso de peso entre adolescentes da Região Oeste Paulista Factores de riesgo asociados al exceso de peso entre adolescentes de la Región Oeste Paulista Risk factors associated with overweight among adolescents from Western São Paulo state

    Rômulo Aráujo Fernandes


    Full Text Available Analisar a associação entre excesso de peso e diferentes fatores de risco familiares em adolescentes da região oeste do estado de São Paulo. Estudo transversal com 1779 adolescentes de ambos os sexos, e idade compreendida entre 11 e 17 anos. Calculou-se o índice de massa corporal e os fatores de risco familiares foram analisados por meio de questionário. O excesso de peso foi associado com o sexo masculino (RC=1,55 [1,22-1,97], estudar em escola particular (RC=2,14 [1,56-2,94] e maior escolaridade materna (RC=0,52 [0,33-0,83]. Iniciativas de combate à obesidade devem ser instauradas em meio escolar e atingir toda a estrutura familiar, bem como levar em consideração particularidades decorrentes do sexo.Analizar la asociación entre exceso de peso y diferentes factores de riesgo familiares en adolescentes de la región oeste del estado de São Paulo. Estudio transversal con 1779 adolescentes de ambos sexos, y edad comprendida entre 11 y 17 años. Se calculó el índice de masa corporal; los factores de riesgo familiares fueron analizados por medio de cuestionario. El exceso de peso fue asociado con: sexo masculino (RC=1,55 [1,22-1,97], estudiar en escuela particular (RC=2,14 [1,56-2,94], y mayor escolaridad materna (RC=0,52 [0,33-0,83]. Iniciativas de combate a la obesidad deben ser instauradas en el medio escolar y alcanzar a toda la estructura familiar, así como llevar en consideración particularidades provenientes del sexo.The objective of this study was to analyze the association between being overweight and family risk factors in adolescents from Western Sao Paulo state. This cross-sectional study involved 1779 adolescents of both genders and with ages ranging between 11 and 17 years. The participants' body mass index was calculated, and the family risk factors were analyzed through a questionnaire. Excessive weight was associated with the male gender (CR=1.55 [1.22-1.97], studying in a private school (CR=2.14 [1.56-2.94] and

  16. Ensino da odontogeriatria nas faculdades de odontologia do sul e centro-oeste do Brasil: situação atual e perspectivas = Teaching of geriatric dentistry in Brazilian universities current situation the south and western

    Saintrain, Maria Vieira de Lima; Souza, Eliane Helena Alvim de; Caldas Júnior, Arnaldo de França


    Esta pesquisa teve como objetivo levantar a situação do ensino da Odontologia Geriátrica nas faculdades de Odontologia do Sul e Centro-Oeste brasileiro. O Universo foi constituído pelas 24 escolas das regiões e constantes da relação do INEP/200 1, como forma de se garantir que apenas participassem do estudo alunos, de fato, cio último ano ou período do curso. Além dos estudantes, participaram os coordenadores dos cursos. Para cálculo da amostra (aleatória estratificada), adotou-se um interval...

  17. Conservação, diversidade e distribuição de variedades locais de milho e seus parentes silvestres no extremo oeste de Santa Catarina, Sul do Brasil

    Silva, Natália Carolina de Almeida


    Tese (doutorado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciências Agrárias, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Recursos Genéticos Vegetais, Florianópolis, 2015. As informações sobre a atual diversidade de milho do Brasil são escassas e a maior parte dos estudos tem se destinado a caracterizar e analisar a diversidade conservada ex situ. Pesquisas antecedentes têm demonstrado que a microrregião Extremo Oeste do estado de Santa Catarina possui uma importante riqueza de variedades locai...

  18. A influencia da politica de recursos humanos na satisfação docente : o caso da Fundação Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana - FUNIOESTE

    Nogueira, Paulo Roberto Chavarria


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Centro Socio-Economico O presente estudo analisou a política de recursos humanos da Fundação Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná - FUNIOESTE e sua relação com a satisfação no trabalho, envolvendo os docentes lotados nos quatros campi da instituição, a saber: FACISA, FACIMAR, FACITOL e FECIVEL. Esta pesquisa objetivou identificar os componentes que integram a política de recursos humanos da FUNIOESTE, apurar o índice de s...

  19. A pequena produção avícola familiar e o Sistema de Integração no oeste catarinense: "uma prisão de portas abertas"

    Claudia Mazzei Nogueira

    Full Text Available Esse texto é parte da pesquisa sobre a divisão sexual do trabalho dos pequenos avicultores familiares inculados ao Sistema de Integração das agroindústrias, no contexto da reestruturação produtiva. Para tanto, o texto analisa o referido sistema na avicultura no Oeste Catarinense, contemplando alguns elementos das metamorfoses que vêm ocorrendo no mundo do trabalho e como elas vêm intensificando a precarização do pequeno produtor rural familiar no segmento da avicultura.

  20. Enhanced Preliminary Assessment Report: Presidio of San Francisco Military Reservation, San Francisco, California


    CAD981415656 Filmore Steiner Bay San Francisco 24 PG&E Gas Plant SanFran 502-IG CAD981415714 Bay North Point Buchanan Laguna 25 PG&E Gas Plant SanFran 502-1H...76-ioV /5,JO /0.7 /,230 PSF Water PSF, Main U.N. Lagunda Honda Analvte Plant Clearwell Reservoir Plaza Reservoi- Chlordane inetab. ə.2 ə.2 (1.2 ə.2

  1. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults

    Lozos, Julian C.


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data...

  2. «Un esclavo que se llama Antonio»: venta de dos esclavos asiáticos en Galicia a inicios del siglo XVII

    Ménard, Caroline


    Full Text Available Slavery has existed in the Iberian Peninsula since the Antiquity and up to the Modern Era - and moreover, it was not restricted to the submission of people coming from Africa. This paper will look at the sale of two slaves originally from Asia, Antonio and Domingo, in 1603 in the port of Vigo - it will explore their journey, the role of the Carreira da India Portuguese mariners as sailors, their origin and sale price. Antonio and Domingo might represent a minority compared to all the slaves living at that time in Galicia, but their difference is a rich illustration of the process as it was then working.

    La esclavitud era conocida en la Península Ibérica desde la Antigüedad y durante la Época Moderna y no se limitó a la sumisión de personas de origen africana. Este artículo trata de la venta de dos esclavos de origen asiático, Antonio y Domingo, en el puerto de Vigo en 1603; en él se analiza la ruta emprendida por éstos, el papel desempeñado por los marineros portugueses de la Carreira da India como vendedores, así como su origen y precio. Antonio y Domingo representan una minoria dentro del conjunto de los esclavos viviendo en ese momento en Galicia, pero su presencia es un ejemplo ilustrativo de la dinámica vigente en la época. [gl] A escravitude era coñecida na Península Ibérica dende a Antigüidade e durante a Época Moderna e non se limitou a sumisión de persoas de orixe africana. Este artigo trata da venda de dous escravos de orixe asiática, Antonio e Domingo, no porto de Vigo no 1603. No artigo analízase a ruta realizada por estes e a súa orixe e prezo, así como o papel xogado polos mariñeiros portugueses na Carreira da India como vendedores. Antonio y Domingo representan unha corrente minoritaria dentro do conxunto dos escravos que viven en Galicia nesta época, mais a sua presencia é un bon exemplo da dinamica vivida nesta época.

  3. Description of gravity cores from San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait, San Francisco Bay, California

    Woodrow, Donald L.; John L. Chin,; Wong, Florence L.; Fregoso, Theresa A.; Jaffe, Bruce E.


    Seventy-two gravity cores were collected by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1990, 1991, and 2000 from San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait, California. The gravity cores collected within San Pablo Bay contain bioturbated laminated silts and sandy clays, whole and broken bivalve shells (mostly mussels), fossil tube structures, and fine-grained plant or wood fragments. Gravity cores from the channel wall of Carquinez Strait east of San Pablo Bay consist of sand and clay layers, whole and broken bivalve shells (less than in San Pablo Bay), trace fossil tubes, and minute fragments of plant material.

  4. El rastro y la ruina: tras la huella de Antonio José Ponte y Abilio Estévez Traces and ruins: tracking Antonio José Ponte and Abilio Estévez

    Elena C. Palmero González


    Full Text Available Un tema recurrente en los estudios contemporáneos sobre la memoria es el de los rastros, huellas o vestigios memoriales. Tras una fecunda sistematización en el pensamiento filosófico, lo que podríamos llamar una teoría del rastro impacta hoy los estudios de la literatura y la cultura, sacando a la luz originales poéticas. Me intereso por la noción porque pretendo en este trabajo vincularla al tema de las autobiografías de artistas. Específicamente focalizo mi estudio en dos textos de carácter autobiográfico de escritores cubanos contemporáneos, que en la diversidad de sus estilos literarios, permiten al lector reconstituir un fragmento de la historia cultural reciente en la isla. Seguir las pistas dejadas por el autobiógrafo, escuchar el susurro de su relato íntimo, articulando su expresión subjetiva al horizonte problemático de lo colectivo son mis objetivos centrales al acometer el estudio de Inventario secreto de La Habana (2004 de Abilio Estévez y La fiesta vigilada (2007 de Antonio José Ponte.Um tópico frequente nos estudos contemporâneos sobre a memória é o dos rastros, marcas ou vestígios memoriais. Após uma fecunda sistematização no pensamento filosófico, o que poderíamos chamar de uma teoria do rastro impacta hoje os estudos da literatura e da cultura, trazendo à luz poéticas originais. Interesso-me por essa noção porque pretendo neste trabalho vinculá-la ao tema das autobiografias de artistas. Especificamente, meu artigo está focalizado em dois textos de caráter autobiográfico de escritores cubanos contemporâneos que, na diversidade de seus estilos literários, permitem ao leitor reconstituir um fragmento da história cultural recente da ilha. Seguir as pistas deixadas pelo autobiógrafo, escutar o sussurro de seu relato íntimo, articulando sua expressão subjetiva ao horizonte problemático do coletivo, são meus objetivos centrais ao empreender o estudo de Inventario secreto de La Habana (2004

  5. 76 FR 9709 - Water Quality Challenges in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary


    ... Water Quality Challenges in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary AGENCY... the San Francisco Bay/ Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay Delta Estuary) in California. EPA is... programs to address recent significant declines in multiple aquatic species in the Bay Delta Estuary. EPA...

  6. 33 CFR 165.776 - Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico 165.776 Section 165.776 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST... Guard District § 165.776 Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico (a...

  7. 76 FR 22809 - Safety Zone; Bay Ferry II Maritime Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 [Docket No. USCG-2011-0196] RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Bay Ferry II Maritime Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY... Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA. (a) Location. The limits of this safety zone...

  8. 76 FR 10945 - San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Thrift Supervision San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority... appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as sole Receiver for San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis...

  9. Perspective View, San Andreas Fault


    The prominent linear feature straight down the center of this perspective view is California's famous San Andreas Fault. The image, created with data from NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), will be used by geologists studying fault dynamics and landforms resulting from active tectonics. This segment of the fault lies west of the city of Palmdale, Calif., about 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) northwest of Los Angeles. The fault is the active tectonic boundary between the North American plate on the right, and the Pacific plate on the left. Relative to each other, the Pacific plate is moving away from the viewer and the North American plate is moving toward the viewer along what geologists call a right lateral strike-slip fault. Two large mountain ranges are visible, the San Gabriel Mountains on the left and the Tehachapi Mountains in the upper right. Another fault, the Garlock Fault lies at the base of the Tehachapis; the San Andreas and the Garlock Faults meet in the center distance near the town of Gorman. In the distance, over the Tehachapi Mountains is California's Central Valley. Along the foothills in the right hand part of the image is the Antelope Valley, including the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. The data used to create this image were acquired by SRTM aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, launched on February 11, 2000.This type of display adds the important dimension of elevation to the study of land use and environmental processes as observed in satellite images. The perspective view was created by draping a Landsat satellite image over an SRTM elevation model. Topography is exaggerated 1.5 times vertically. The Landsat image was provided by the United States Geological Survey's Earth Resources Observations Systems (EROS) Data Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.SRTM uses the same radar instrument that comprised the Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) that flew twice on the Space Shuttle Endeavour

  10. Performance of BATAN-SANS instrument

    Ikram, Abarrul; Insani, Andon [National Nuclear Energy Agency, P and D Centre for Materials Science and Technology, Serpong (Indonesia)


    SANS data from some standard samples have been obtained using BATAN-SANS instrument in Serpong. The experiments were performed for various experimental set-ups that involve different detector positions and collimator lengths. This paper describes the BATAN-SANS instrument briefly as well as the data taken from those experiments and followed with discussion of the results concerning the performance and calibration of the instrument. The standard samples utilized in these experiments include porous silica, polystyrene-poly isoprene, silver behenate, poly ball and polystyrene-poly (ethylene-alt-propylene). Even though the results show that BATAN-SANS instrument is in good shape, but rooms for improvements are still widely open especially for the velocity selector and its control system. (author)

  11. AMS San Diego Testbed - Calibration Data

    Department of Transportation — The data in this repository were collected from the San Diego, California testbed, namely, I-15 from the interchange with SR-78 in the north to the interchange with...

  12. San Francisco Bay Interferometric Bathymetry: Area B

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — High resolution sonar data were collected over ultra-shallow areas of the San Francisco Bay estuary system. Bathymetric and acoustic backscatter data were collected...

  13. April 1906 San Francisco, USA Images

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the largest event (magnitude 8.3) to occur in the conterminous United States in the 20th Century. Recent estimates indicate...

  14. San Jacinto Tries Management by Objectives

    Deegan, William


    San Jacinto, California, has adopted a measurable institutional objectives approach to management by objectives. Results reflect, not only improved cost effectiveness of community college education, but also more effective educational programs for students. (Author/WM)

  15. Radon emanation on San Andreas Fault

    King, C.-Y.


    It is stated that subsurface radon emanation monitored in shallow dry holes along an active segment of the San Andreas fault in central California shows spatially coherent large temporal variations that seem to be correlated with local seismicity. (author)

  16. SANS observations on weakly flocculated dispersions

    Mischenko, N.; Ourieva, G.; Mortensen, K.


    Structural changes occurring in colloidal dispersions of poly-(methyl metacrylate) (PMMA) particles, sterically stabilized with poly-(12-hydroxystearic acid) (PHSA), while varying the solvent quality, temperature and shear rate, are investigated by small-angle neutron scattering (SANS......). For a moderately concentrated dispersion in a marginal solvent the transition on cooling from the effective stability to a weak attraction is monitored, The degree of attraction is determined in the framework of the sticky spheres model (SSM), SANS and rheological results are correlated....

  17. Trouble Brewing in San Diego. Policy Brief

    Buck, Stuart


    The city of San Diego will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. In this policy brief, the author estimates that San Diego faces total of $45.4 billion, including $7.95 billion for the county pension system, $5.4 billion for the city pension system, and an estimated $30.7…

  18. Il nuovo volto delle città umbre nella restaurazione pontificia: Antonio Mollari a Foligno / The new aspect of Umbria cities during the papal restoration: Antonio Mollari in Foligno

    Paolo Belardi


    Full Text Available Il «Concorso per la Decorazione della facciata, e ristauro della Torre», bandito nel febbraio del 1834 dal Comune di Foligno, inaugura la stagione umbra delle “facciate addossate”: vere e proprie maschere di pietra e stucco che non si sostituiscono alla facciate preesistenti, ma si giustappongono ad esse in guisa di contrafforte. In questo modo, nelle zone ad alto rischio sismico, l’esigenza di rinforzo strutturale si connette strettamente alle istanze di aggiornamento di gusto nell’ornato urbano. Antonio Mollari, autore del progetto prescelto dalla commissione deputata dalla Pontificia Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, è un pioniere di tale strategia. Il suo progetto di concorso per la nuova facciata del Palazzo Comunale di Foligno lo inserisce a buon diritto nel novero degli architetti e degli ingegneri che, nella prima metà dell’Ottocento, cambiano radicalmente il volto delle città umbre con un lungo elenco di edifici pubblici di grande qualità: Pietro e Vincenzo Ghinelli, Luigi Poletti, Virginio Vespignani, Ireneo Aleandri. The “Concorso per la Decorazione della facciata, e ristauro della Torre” (contest for façade decoration and tower restoration announced in February 1834 by Foligno’s Municipality, inaugurates the Umbrian period of “leaned-against façade”: authentic stone and plaster masks that do not replace preexisting façades, but juxtapose to them as a buttress. Thus, in high seismic risk areas, the necessity of a structural support is strictly connected to the request of a revision of the urban decoration style. Antonio Mollari, author of the project selected by the appointed Bologna’s “Pontificia Accademia di Belle Arti” committee, is a pioneer of the above metioned strategy. His contest project for the new façade of Foligno’s Palazzo Comunale rightfully places him in that group of architects and engineers who, in the first half of the XIXth century, radically changed Umbrian cities aspect with

  19. Toxic phytoplankton in San Francisco Bay

    Rodgers, Kristine M.; Garrison, David L.; Cloern, James E.


    The Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) was conceived and designed to document the changing distribution and effects of trace substances in San Francisco Bay, with focus on toxic contaminants that have become enriched by human inputs. However, coastal ecosystems like San Francisco Bay also have potential sources of naturally-produced toxic substances that can disrupt food webs and, under extreme circumstances, become threats to public health. The most prevalent source of natural toxins is from blooms of algal species that can synthesize metabolites that are toxic to invertebrates or vertebrates. Although San Francisco Bay is nutrient-rich, it has so far apparently been immune from the epidemic of harmful algal blooms in the world’s nutrient-enriched coastal waters. This absence of acute harmful blooms does not imply that San Francisco Bay has unique features that preclude toxic blooms. No sampling program has been implemented to document the occurrence of toxin-producing algae in San Francisco Bay, so it is difficult to judge the likelihood of such events in the future. This issue is directly relevant to the goals of RMP because harmful species of phytoplankton have the potential to disrupt ecosystem processes that support animal populations, cause severe illness or death in humans, and confound the outcomes of toxicity bioassays such as those included in the RMP. Our purpose here is to utilize existing data on the phytoplankton community of San Francisco Bay to provide a provisional statement about the occurrence, distribution, and potential threats of harmful algae in this Estuary.

  20. Modelling SANS and SAXS data

    Reynolds, P.


    Full text: Small angle scattering data while on an absolute scale and relatively accurate over large ranges of observables (0.003 -1 ; 0.1 -1 ) is often relatively featureless. I will address some of the problems this causes, and some of the ways of minimising these, by reference to our recent SANS results. For the benefit of newer chums this will involve discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of data from ISIS (LOQ), Argonne (SAND) and the I.L.L. (D22), and the consequences these have for modelling. The use of simple portable or remote access systems for modelling will be discussed - in particular the IGOR based NIST system of Dr. S. Kline and the VAX based FISH system of Dr. R. Heenan, ISIS. I will illustrate that a wide variety of physically appealing and complete models are now available. If you have reason to believe in a particular microstructure, this belief can now be either falsified, or the microstructure quantified, by fitting to the entire set of scattering patterns over the entire Q-range. For example, only in cases of drastic ignorance need we use only Guinier and Porod analyses, although these may provide useful initial guidance in the modelling. We now rarely need to use oversimplified logically incomplete models - such as spherical micelles with neglect of intermicellar correlation- now that we possess fast desktop/experimental computers

  1. Fluxo gênico em soja na Região Oeste do Paraná Soybean gene flow in the Western Region of Paraná

    Ivan Schuster


    Full Text Available Este trabalho teve o objetivo de avaliar o fluxo gênico em soja, na Região Oeste do Paraná. Foram semeados cinco círculos concêntricos, com a cultivar CD 219RR, que contém o gene CP4 EPSPS. Os círculos foram espaçados em 50 cm, com círculo interno de diâmetro de 50 cm. Externamente a estes, foi semeada a cultivar CD 211 (convencional, também em cinco círculos concêntricos, espaçados em 1 m. As plantas da cultivar CD 211 foram colhidas e trilhadas individualmente, e as sementes semeadas novamente no campo. Após a emergência, foram obtidas 151.772 plântulas, as quais, com 15 dias, foram pulverizadas com 900 g ha-1 de i.a. de glifosato. Após uma semana, plantas sobreviventes foram submetidas à análise de PCR, para verificar a presença do gene CP4 EPSPS. A taxa de fecundação cruzada foi de 0,61, 0,29, 0,23, 0,22 e 0,23% respectivamente a 1, 2, 3, 4 e 5 m de distância das plantas geneticamente modificadas.The objective of this work was to evaluate soybean gene flow in the Western Region of Paraná. Five concentric circles were sowed with the CD 219RR cultivar, which contains the CP4 EPSPS gene. The circles were spaced in 50 cm and the central circle had 50 cm in diameter. Externally to the CD 219RR circles, five concentric circles were sowed with CD 211 cultivar, a no genetically modified soybean, spaced of 1 m. The CD 211 plants were harvested and threshed separately and the seeds were sowed again. After the emergency, 151,772 seedlings were obtained, which with 15 days were sprayed with 900 g ha-1 a.i. of glyphosate. After one week, the surviving plants were analysed by PCR to verify the CP4 EPSPS gene presence. The cross-pollinating rate was 0.61, 0.29, 0.23, 0.22 and 0.23% in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 m distance of the genetically modified plants, respectively.

  2. As ferramentas da gestão social utilizada pelas organizações que prestam serviços sociais à comunidade e pertencem à microrregião do extremo Oeste do Estado de Santa Catarina

    Wieczynski, Marineide


    Full Text Available O presente artigo aborda resultados de uma pesquisa de iniciação científica que teve como objetivo identificar e relatar quais são as ferramentas da gestão social utilizada pelas organizações que prestam serviços sociais e pertencem à microrregião do extremo oeste do Estado de Santa Catarina. O tipo de pesquisa foi de natureza quali-quantitativa, com o uso de questionários semi-estrutrados, amostragem por acessibilidade e um universo de 30 ONGs, cujos sujeitos foram os gestores dessas organizações. Constatou-se que nenhuma das organizações pesquisada utiliza plenamente as ferramentas da gestão social. O não uso das ferramentas – planejamento, organização, direção e controle/avaliação – comprometem a eficiência, a eficácia e a efetividade dos programas e projetos que vem sendo desenvolvidos por elas. Sugere-se a elaboração de um projeto de extensão e/ou de filantropia, no qual o Curso de Serviço Social da UNOESC – São Miguel do Oeste possa prestar assessoria e consultoria no que tange à gestão social de ONGs

  3. «Tiziano?», «Correggio?». Due expertises di Ludwig Baldass e Roberto Longhi nell’archivio di Antonio Morassi

    Giulio Zavatta


    Full Text Available The Photo Archive Antonio Morassi (Ca' Foscari University of Venice contains a unique file with photographs and expertises on two paintings attributed to Titian and Correggio. This paper aims to investigate the role played by the two art historians Ludwig Baldass and Roberto Longhi in this "affair", which represents an evocative case study for the history of Italian art market after the Second World War, and for the critical debate over Correggio and his legacy.

  4. 77 FR 59969 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, Department of Anthropology, San...


    ... Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco, CA... Francisco State University, NAGPRA Program (formerly in the Department of Anthropology). The human remains... State University Department of Anthropology records. In the Federal Register (73 FR 30156-30158, May 23...

  5. 78 FR 57482 - Safety Zone; America's Cup Aerobatic Box, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; America's Cup Aerobatic Box, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard... America's Cup air shows. These safety zones are established to provide a clear area on the water for... announced by America's Cup Race Management. ADDRESSES: Documents mentioned in this preamble are part of...

  6. 77 FR 42649 - Safety Zone: Sea World San Diego Fireworks, Mission Bay; San Diego, CA


    ... 1625-AA00 Safety Zone: Sea World San Diego Fireworks, Mission Bay; San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard... authorized by the Captain of the Port, or his designated representative. DATES: This rule is effective from 8... to ensure the public's safety. B. Basis and Purpose The Ports and Waterways Safety Act gives the...

  7. 75 FR 27432 - Security Zone; Golden Guardian 2010 Regional Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA


    ... can better evaluate its effects on them and participate in the rulemaking process. Small businesses... DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 [Docket No. USCG-2010-0221] RIN 1625-AA87 Security Zone; Golden Guardian 2010 Regional Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY...

  8. Compact High Resolution SANS using very cold neutrons (VCN-SANS)

    Kennedy, S.; Yamada, M.; Iwashita, Y.; Geltenbort, P.; Bleuel, M.; Shimizu, H.


    SANS (Small Angle Neutron Scattering) is a popular method for elucidation of nano-scale structures. However science continually challenges SANS for higher performance, prompting exploration of ever-more exotic and expensive technologies. We propose a compact high resolution SANS, using very cold neutrons, magnetic focusing lens and a wide-angle spherical detector. This system will compete with modern 40 m pinhole SANS in one tenth of the length, matching minimum Q, Q-resolution and dynamic range. It will also probe dynamics using the MIEZE method. Our prototype lens (a rotating permanent-magnet sextupole), focuses a pulsed neutron beam over 3-5 nm wavelength and has measured SANS from micelles and polymer blends. (authors)

  9. Características y estrategias de los tamberos-queseros de la Colonia San Martín (Entre Ríos, Argentina

    Graciela Mingo


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta un análisis de la actividad de los tamberos productores de leche que también elaboran quesos, en la Colonia San Martín, Departamento Paraná, Cuenca Lechera Oeste de la Provincia de Entre Ríos (Argentina. Se estudiaron seis casos identificando las formas de trabajo, la capacitación, las trayectorias de vidas, las normas de calidad en la elaboración de quesos y los circuitos de comercialización. Se utilizaron fuentes de información secundarias obtenidas del INTA y del Censo Nacional Agropecuario 2002, y se realizaron entrevistas semiestructuradas para lograr un mayor contacto con los informantes. Los resultados muestran que los establecimientos tambo- queseros son una fuente de empleo generador de valor agregado en la economía regional y van adaptando normas de calidad para competir en el mercado, favorecidos por el acceso a la energía eléctrica; la comercialización de sus productos se realiza dentro del mercado doméstico, a nivel local y regional.

  10. Difusão do agronegócio e reestruturação urbano-regional no Oeste Baiano

    Camila Dutra dos Santos


    Full Text Available As redes agroindustriais, com apoio deliberado do Estado, vêm se estabelecendo nos lugares e produzindo uma reestruturação produtiva condizente com seus interesses, atingindo tanto a base técnica quanto a econômica e social do setor agrícola, e promovendo a formação e/ou a reestruturação de regiões que passam a encarnar especializações territoriais. O Oeste Baiano se configura como um desses exemplos de região funcional ao agronegócio, contendo, principalmente a partir da década de 1980, condições favoráveis à expansão dessa atividade, com investimento maciço de capital público e privado na tecnificação do território. Essa região tem sua organização socioespacial atual pautada por redes agroindustriais que participam dos circuitos espaciais de produção e círculos de cooperação da produção moderna de grãos, principalmente da soja. Os conteúdos urbanos e os papéis regionais das principais cidades do Oeste Baiano resultam de uma crescente integração entre o agronegócio e os circuitos da economia urbana, transformando tais cidades em espaços funcionais às exigências produtivas do campo moderno. Nessa região, a difusão do agronegócio tem-se processado de forma conservadora e excludente, traduzindo-se no reforço de históricas desigualdades socioespaciais, bem como na criação de novas. Résumé LA DIFFUSION DE L’AGROBUSINESS ET RESTRUCTURATION URBAINE-RÉGIONALE DANS L’OUEST BAIANO Les réseaux agro-industrielles, avec le soutien delibere de l’Etat, sont établis dans des lieux et provoquent une restructuration productive compatible avec leurs intérêts, changeant la base technique et aussi économique et sociale du secteur agricole, et provoquant la formation e/ou la restructuration des régions qui viennent à incarner des spécialisations territoriales. L’Ouest de Bahia, situé au Nordeste du Brésil, est configuré comme un exemple de ces régions fonctionnels au l

  11. Institución Educativa Técnico Industrial Pedro Antonio Molina: eje de desarrollo y bienestar para la comunidad



    Full Text Available El caso analiza la situación particular de la Institución educativa Técnico Industrial Pedro Antonio Molina, el liderazgo del rector y el apoyo del sector privado en los procesos de gestión de la calidad. Esto motiva a los integrantes de la institución a trabajar en equipo para lograr la certificación de calidad, mejorando sus resultados académicos año tras año, destacándose a nivel regional y nacional, y generando cambios sociales en su entorno. Metodológicamente, se identificó una institución líder en la ciudad de Cali (Colombia, luego fuentes de información en el contexto local, regional y mundial, consolidándose un caso que muestra las mejores prácticas que una institución educativa realiza para lograr un modelo administrativo susceptible de ser replicado en otras instituciones.

  12. Institución Educativa Técnico Industrial Pedro Antonio Molina: eje de desarrollo y bienestar para la comunidad

    Daniel Alberto Álvarez Watson, Mg


    Full Text Available El caso analiza la situación particular de la Institución educativa Técnico Industrial Pedro Antonio Molina, el liderazgo del rector y el apoyo del sector privado en los procesos de gestión de la calidad. Esto motiva a los integrantes de la institución a trabajar en equipo para lograr la certificación de calidad, mejorando sus resultados académicos año tras año, destacándose a nivel regional y nacional, y generando cambios sociales en su entorno. Metodológicamente, se identificó una institución líder en la ciudad de Cali (Colombia, luego fuentes de información en el contexto local, regional y mundial, consolidándose un caso que muestra las mejores prácticas que una institución educativa realiza para lograr un modelo administrativo susceptible de ser replicado en otras instituciones.

  13. Marmosets, Raree shows and Pulcinelle: an Analysis and Edition of a Hitherto-Unpublished Carnival Play by Antonio de Zamora

    Fernando Plata


    Full Text Available This paper is an analyisis, annotation and edition of the Mojiganga del mundinovo (‘The raree show, a carnival play’ by Antonio de Zamora. The play was performed in 1698 Madrid by the troupe of Carlos Vallejo, along with the sacramental one-act play El templo vivo de Dios (‘The living temple of God’. The hitherto unpublished text is based on the only two extant manuscripts, located in archives in Madrid. Despite the play’s title, my analysis argues that the novelty in this play is not so much the raree show, a contraption popularized four decades earlier in Golden Age theater, as the marmosets. The death of two marmosets and the ensuing desolation of their owner, Ms. Estupenda, both trigger the play and provide it with a plot. The marmosets, too, point to a changing mentality in late 17th-century society, regarding the possession among ladies of marmosets and other monkeys as pets.

  14. Between chemistry, medicine and leisure: Antonio Casares and the study of mineral waters and Spanish spas in the nineteenth century.

    Suay-Matallana, Ignacio


    This article considers how chemical analyses were employed not only to study and describe mineral waters, but also to promote new spas, and to reinforce the scientific authority of experts. Scientists, jointly with bath owners, visitors and local authorities, created a significant spa market by transforming rural spaces into social and economic sites. The paper analyses the role developed by the chemist Antonio Casares in the commodification of mineral water in mid-19(th) century Spain. His scientific publications and water analyses put a new economic value on some Spanish mineral waters and rural springs. First the paper explores the relationship between geographic factors, regulation, and spa development in 19(th) century Spain, and considers how scientific work improved the economy of some rural areas. Then the transformation of numerous country springs into spas, and the commodification of baths as places between science and leisure is examined. Finally the location of spas across the borders of medicine and chemistry is shown, together with the complex field operations required to study mineral waters. This paper reveals an intense circulation of knowledge between the field, laboratories and scientific publications, as well as the essential role developed by experts like Casares, who not only contributed to the study of rural springs but also to their economic transformation.


    Rafael Rubiano Muñoz


    Full Text Available La relación entre derecho y política en el pensamiento conservador de Miguel Antonio Caro constituye uno de los referentes analíticos que pueden explicar las diversas formas de violencia que en nuestro territorio subsisten a lo largo de más de un siglo. Para Caro el derecho y la política constituyen instrumentos de poder disponibles para la organización y la estructuración de la sociedad en un solo sentido y en una sola dirección. Como instrumentos son útiles según el conservadurismo ultramontano de este intelectual patricio para homogeneizar, uniformar y contrarrestar la pluralidad de las sociedades. El orden de la sociedad está por encima de cualquier demanda por la libertad, y por ello al potenciar la contienda ideológica y aumentar la intolerancia se genera una sociedad en abierta lucha contra la disidencia, la confrontación y la controversia, de modo, que la opción de la oposición política como garantía del reconocimiento de los derechos de las minorías y de las opiniones diversas debe ser aniquilada, censurada y, por supuesto, extirpada.

  16. Nasty Women: The Politics of Female Identity in Antonio Ortuño’s La fila india

    Adrienne Erazo


    Full Text Available Provoked by the outbreak of femicides in Ciudad Juárez in the 1990s, a wave of socially critical narrative has circulated in Mexico since the turn of the twenty-first century. Taking into account this broader corpus of literature, the article contextualizes Antonio Ortuño’s 2014 novel La fila india within a unique sector of this critical narrative, which highlights the interaction of gender violence and migration. The violent novel exposes an expansive social hierarchy that has developed in response to migration in Mexico, and which discriminates against all women, but targets migrant women in particular. Ortuño steps away from traditional characterizations of the Third World female migrant as a helpless victim, and instead orients his narrative around this figure’s means of achieving agency in the face of intense discrimination and violence. The article demonstrates how Ortuño interweaves systemic, symbolic, and subjective violence and subverts the chingón-chingada relationship in order to offer a pessimistic, but revolutionary view of both Mexican and Central American women’s future in Mexico. By tracing narrative strategies that normalize violence and uncovering Ortuño’s connection of gender and ethnic discrimination, the author invites us to reconsider both the genre of social criticism in Mexico and the politics of female identity in the face of violence.

  17. José-Antonio Campos-Ortega (1940-2004) and his scientific work - a personal perspective.

    Knust, Elisabeth; Hertel, Rainer


    José Antonio Campos-Ortega (1940-2004), a Spanish scientist who became a leading figure in the developmental genetics of the nervous system, spent most of his scientific life in Germany. Nevertheless, he remained deeply rooted in his native country. His thinking, his ambition and his work were driven by scientific, philosophical and historical questions. He started as a neuroanatomist, working first in Valencia, then in Gottingen, Tubingen and Freiburg. He used primates, reptiles, then the house fly and finally Drosophila to address the question How is the brain or the eye structured in order to function?. While in Freiburg, the problem shifted to How does the nervous system come into being, into form? Campos-Ortega tried to understand early neurogenesis in Drosophila through formal genetics, by identifying relevant genes and studying their genetic interactions. Since he was convinced that not only a single experimental approach could solve a problem as complex as the development of the nervous system, he also included the molecular biological approach when he moved to Cologne, while maintaining a strong focus on anatomy, embryology and genetics. There, he also started to work on the neurogenesis of the zebrafish, using similar concepts and approaches. Throughout his scientific career, he thought, wrote and taught about the evolution of methods and ideas in his field of research. At Campos-Ortegas early death, an unfinished book manuscript was left, entitled Developmental Genetics. The Path to the Biological Synthesis. Some parts of his introductory overview are included here.

  18. Status of the First Permanent Molars in Students from the José Antonio Saco Elementary School

    Diosky Ferrer Vílchez


    Full Text Available Background: the first molars are among the first teeth affected by dental caries. Their premature loss leads to occlusion disorders. Objective: to determine the status of the first permanent molars in first-, fourth- and sixth- grade students from the Jose Antonio Saco elementary school in Cienfuegos. Methods: a cross-sectional study was conducted in a universe of 227 students treated at the Raúl González Pediatric Dental Clinic of the health area number 1 in Cienfuegos from October 2014 to March 2015. The variables analyzed were: age, sex, application of Love’s index, oral health status, application of Clune's dentResults: females (50.2 % and the 5-9 age groups (60.4 % predominated. Dental caries were most commonly found in the left mandibular first molar (37.5 % and most fillings were placed on the right mandibular first molar (35.2 %. A history of dental caries was the risk factor with the highest impact on both sexes and age groups, with values between 35 and 61 %. Conclusion: the status of the first permanent molars can be generally classified as favorable, which was demonstrated through Clone’s index. A history of dental caries was a predisposing risk factor for the development of this condition; poor hygiene, presence of deep grooves and parental ignorance were also significant.

  19. Relaciones entre la fracturación y el Karst en el macizo de la Piedra de San Martín (Pirineo Occidental

    López Martínez, J.


    Full Text Available Orientation and length analysis of 2.149 fractures of the karstic massif of La Piedra de San Martin (Western Pyrenees has been completed from photogeologic data. A comparison of these results to the structural analysis of 1.244 caves of this region clearly shows EW and ESE dominant trends for surficial fractures as well as for caves, where NNE and NE structural trends are much more obvious for the fractures than for the caves. This implies a greater influence of longer fractures in the endokarst development, which in most cases carrespond to faults which also control the most significant relief features of the massif. The influence of the fractures network in exokarstic landforms, from lapiaz to large depressions, is also shown.A partir del mapa de fracturación del macizo kárstico de la Piedra de San Martín, confeccionado mediante fotointerpretación, se ha efectuado el análisis de la orientación y longitud de 2.149 fracturas. Los resultados han sido comparados con los relativos al análisis de 1.244 conductos subterráneos. De este modo, se pone de manifiesto la importancia de las orientaciones Este-Oeste y ESE tanto para las fracturas en superficie como para las cavidades, siendo las orientaciones NNE y NE mucho más destacadas en el caso de las fracturas que en el de los conductos subterráneos. Ello apoya la mayor influencia en el desarrollo del endokarst de las fracturas más largas que, en la mayoría de los casos, corresponden a fallas, las cuales condicionan además los rasgos mayores del relieve del macizo. Se comenta también la influencia de la fracturación en las formas exokársticas desde los lapiaces hasta las grandes depresiones.

  20. Aerofotos convencionais e imagens orbitais TM/LANDSAT no mapeamento morfopedológico em Santa Bárbara D'Oeste (SP Mapping and fisiographic characterization of soils using conventional aerial photographs and orbital images TM/LANDSAT-5 in Santa Bárbara D'Oeste (SP

    J.A.M. Demattê


    Full Text Available Foram estudados, com o auxílio de fotografias aéreas, aspectos qualitativos e quantitativos do relevo e da rede de drenagem de solos de uma área de Santa Bárbara D'Oeste, SP. Esta região compreende 14.625 ha, onde foram selecionadas bacias hidrográficas de 3ª ordem de ramificação e amostras circulares de 5km². As unidades de mapeamento simples ou associações de solos são: Latossolo Vermelho Escuro, Podzólico, Litossolo + Podzólico, Terra Roxa Estruturada + Latossolo Roxo distrófico. Após a caracterização das feições fisiográficas, da área de ocorrência desses solos, foram realizados dois mapas morfopedológicos. No primeiro utilizou-se fotografias aéreas verticais pancromáticas na escala 1: 35.000 (data de 25/6/78 e no segundo imagens orbitais do sensor "Thematic Mapper" do LANDSAT-5, nas bandas 3, 4 e 5 e composição colorida 3/4/5 na escala 1: 100.000 (data de 12/9/91. As análises qualitativas e quantitativas do relevo (índice de declividade média e rede de drenagem (densidade de drenagem, freqüência de rios, razão de textura mostraram-se eficientes na diferenciação das unidades de solo estudadas, tanto em bacias hidrográficas como em amostras circulares. A utilização de fotografias aéreas, permitiu maior riqueza de detalhes na precisão dos limites das unidades de mapeamento e no maior número de unidades de mapeamento discriminadas em relação as imagens orbitais. A composição colorida 3/4/5 permitiu diferenciar os Latossolos argilosos dos Latossolos de textura média, assim como o Latossolo Húmico.Using aerial photographs quantitative and qualitative parameters of drainage patterns and landscape were studied in an area located in Santa Barbara D'Oeste,SP. This area has 14,625 ha, represented by the following simple map units or associations: Dark Red Latosols; Red Yellow Podzoh'c associated with some Lithosols; Dusky Latosol associated with "Terra Roxa Estruturada" (a Rodudal. Sampling areas were

  1. Evolução e mapeamento do uso da terra, através de imagens aerofotogramétricas e orbitais em Santa Bárbara D'Oeste (SP Land use mapping and evolution through aerial photographs and orbital images, in Santa Bárbara D'Oeste (SP

    M.H. Borges


    Full Text Available Em Santa Bárbara D'Oeste,SP, foram realizados dois mapeamentos do uso da terra em área de 14.625 ha. No primeiro utilizou-se fotografias aéreas verticais pancromáticas (data de 25/6/78, na escala 1:35.000, e no segundo utilizou-se imagens orbitais do satélite LANDSAT-5 com sensor "Thematic Mapper" (data de 12/8/91, escala 1: 100.000, nas bandas 3, 4 e 5 e composição colorida 3/4/5. Para auxiliar a confecção desses mapas, obteve-se chaves de interpretação, tanto para as aerofotos como para as imagens orbitais. As fotografias aéreas proporcionaram um maior nível de detalhamento na identificação do uso da terra. A banda 3 e a composição colorida 3/4/5 foram as mais eficientes entre as imagens orbitais. Entre 1978 e 1991, a área de ocorrência de cana-de-açúcar permaneceu a mesma, as áreas de mata e pastagem diminuíram, enquanto que as áreas de reflorestamento e urbana aumentaram. Essa região teve sua capacidade de uso enquadrada, na maior parte, na classe IV: terras mais apropriadas para pastagens ou plantas perenes como a cana-de-açúcar, devendo-se aplicar técnicas intensivas de conservação, e com aptidão baseada em práticas agrícolas que refletem um alto nível tecnológico.Land use was studied in Santa Bárbara D'Oeste,SP in an area of 14,625 ha. Two land use mappings were made using pancromatic aerial photographs (date 25/6/78, in a scale of 1:35,000 and orbital images from LANDSAT-5 satellite (date 12/8/91 in a scale 1:100,000, at bands 3, 4 and 5 and color composition 3/4/5. Interpretation keys for aerial photos and orbital images were established to assist map making. For land use identification photos presented more details. On the other hand, orbital images at band 3 and color composition 3/4/5 were more efficient in relation to the other bands. Sugar cane crop area did not change in the studied period (1978-1991, forest and pasture areas had a reduction and urban areas increased. Using the land capability

  2. Tuberculose: tratamento supervisionado nas Coordenadorias de Saúde Norte, Oeste e Leste do Município de São Paulo Tuberculosis: tratamiento supervisionado en las Coordinaciones Norte, Oeste y Este de la Municipalidad de São Paulo Tuberculosis: supervised treatment in North, West and East Health Departments of São paulo

    Elisangela Martins de Queiroz


    Full Text Available O estudo objetivou analisar potencialidades e limites da estratégia do Tratamento Diretamente Supervisionado (DOTS, sob o ponto de vista de pacientes e trabalhadores de Unidades Básicas de Saúde das Coordenadorias Norte, Oeste e Leste, do Município de São Paulo. Os depoimentos foram coletados, após consentimento livre e esclarecido, e decodificados por meio de técnica de análise de discurso. Tomando-se como referencial teórico a Teoria da Determinação Social do Processo Saúde-Doença, de modo geral, identificou-se que o DOTS possibilita a criação de vínculo e que a adesão ao tratamento se associa à necessidade de volta ao trabalho. Os limites identificados foram: o não envolvimento dos profissionais no tratamento e a irregular distribuição de incentivos. Os achados revelam que a adesão ao tratamento transcende o âmbito biológico e individual, apontando-se como fundamental que os trabalhadores de saúde reconheçam os pacientes como portadores de necessidades, que não se restringem ao tratamento da tuberculose.El estudio objetivó analizar las potencialidades y límites de la estrategia del Tratamiento Directamente Supervisado (DOTS, de acuerdo el punto de vista de pacientes y empleados de Unidades Básicas de Salud de las Coordinaciones Norte, Oeste y Este de la Municipalidad de São Paulo. Las entrevistas fueron recolectadas con consentimiento libre y aclarado, y decodificadas a través de la técnica de análisis del discurso. Se tomó como referencia teórica la Teoría de la Determinación Social del Proceso Salud-Enfermedad. De un modo general, se identificó que el DOTS posibilita la creación de vínculo y que la adhesión al tratamiento se asocia a la necesidad de volver al trabajo. Los límites detectados fueron la ausencia de compromiso por parte de los profesionales respecto del tratamiento y la distribución irregular de incentivos. Los hallazgos revelan que la adhesión al tratamiento trasciende los

  3. Percepção e medidas de gestão de riscos por produtores de arroz irrigado na Fronteira Oeste do Rio Grande do Sul Risk perception and risk management measures by irrigated rice growers in Fronteira Oeste, Rio Grande do Sul

    Maria Isabel Fernandes Finger


    Full Text Available A produção agrícola apresenta características particulares, se comparada a outras atividades econômicas, sendo uma das mais marcantes a extensão dos riscos aos quais está exposta. O cultivo de arroz (Oryza sativa L. irrigado, embora pareça menos suscetível do que as culturas de sequeiro, também está exposto a riscos. Maior produtor mundial de arroz fora da Ásia, o Brasil tem no Rio Grande do Sul seu principal estado produtor. O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar como o orizicultor da Fronteira Oeste do Rio Grande do Sul percebe os riscos da sua atividade e quais medidas adota para geri-los. A metodologia empregada envolveu aplicação presencial de questionários a orizicultores, de acordo com uma amostra não probabilística. Os resultados indicaram que os orizicultores atribuem maior relevância aos riscos socioeconômicos do que aos de produção. Evidencia-se, assim, a importância da gestão do negócio pelos orizicultores, para que sua atividade esteja integrada com os demais elos da cadeia produtiva. A redução de custos pode ser uma alternativa para mitigação de riscos de mercado, apontados como os mais relevantes pelos orizicultores. A percepção dos orizicultores sobre riscos e sobre medidas para mitigá-los pode representar a base na formulação de estratégias de gestão de riscos.Agricultural production has many different influencing factors compared to other economic activities. One of the most striking is the extent of the risks to which it is exposed. Irrigated rice (Oryza sativa L. cultivation, although seeming less susceptible than non-irrigated crops, is also exposed to risks. World's largest producer of rice outside Asia, Brazil has the state of Rio Grande do Sul as its main producer. The aim of this study was to analyze how rice farmers in Fronteira Oeste, Rio Grande do Sul realize the risks of their activity and how they manage them. Methodology involved the administration of a questionnaire, according to

  4. Anemia em gestantes de municípios das regiões Sul e Centro-Oeste do Brasil Anemia en mujeres enbarazadas de ciudades de regiones Sur y Centro-Oeste de Brasil Anemia in pregnant women from two cities in the South and Mid-West Regions of Brazil

    Elizabeth Fujimori


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se analisar a distribuição da anemia em gestantes da rede básica de saúde de dois municípios, na região Sul e Centro-Oeste do Brasil. Estudo transversal retrospectivo e descritivo desenvolvido a partir de dados de prontuários de 954 e 781 gestantes em Cuiabá-MT e Maringá-PR, respectivamente. Coletaram-se dados de caracterização sociodemográfica, de pré-natal e indicadores sociais. Foram consideradas anêmicas, as mulheres com hemoglobina inferior a 11g/dL. A desigualdade social existente entre os municípios foi evidente. Gestantes atendidas em Cuiabá-MT apresentavam características sociodemográficas significativamente mais precárias. A prevalência de anemia era significativamente maior e valores médios de hemoglobina menores em Cuiabá-MT, independentemente da idade gestacional. Encontrou-se associação dos níveis de hemoglobina com a idade, situação conjugal, número de gestações anteriores, estado nutricional e trimestre gestacional. As diferenças regionais na ocorrência da anemia gestacional são socialmente determinadas, o que deve ser considerado nas propostas de intervenção em saúde coletiva.Se analizó la distribución de anemia en mujeres embarazadas asistidas en servicios básicos de salud de dos ciudades de las regiones Sur y Centro-Oeste de Brasil. Estudio transversal retrospectivo y descriptivo. Se usó datos de registros médicos de 954 y 781 embarazadas de Cuiabá-MT y Maringá-PR, respectivamente. Se recopilaron datos sobre características sociodemográficas, atención prenatal e indicadores sociales. Hemoglobina-HbWe aimed to analyze anemia distribution in pregnant women who were attending health services in two cities in the South and Mid-West Regions in Brazil. This is a retrospective cross-sectional study developed from 954 and 781 medical records data in Cuiabá-MT and Maringá-PR. We collected data of social and demographic features as well as pre-natal care. Women who presented

  5. Cacao use and the San Lorenzo Olmec

    Powis, Terry G.; Cyphers, Ann; Gaikwad, Nilesh W.; Grivetti, Louis; Cheong, Kong


    Mesoamerican peoples had a long history of cacao use—spanning more than 34 centuries—as confirmed by previous identification of cacao residues on archaeological pottery from Paso de la Amada on the Pacific Coast and the Olmec site of El Manatí on the Gulf Coast. Until now, comparable evidence from San Lorenzo, the premier Olmec capital, was lacking. The present study of theobromine residues confirms the continuous presence and use of cacao products at San Lorenzo between 1800 and 1000 BCE, and documents assorted vessels forms used in its preparation and consumption. One elite context reveals cacao use as part of a mortuary ritual for sacrificial victims, an event that occurred during the height of San Lorenzo's power. PMID:21555564

  6. 77 FR 66499 - Environmental Impact Statement: San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, CA


    ... San Bernardino, 285 East Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, California 92408 (2) Sheraton Ontario..., November 13, 2012 from 5-7 p.m. at the Hilton San Bernardino, 285 East Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino...

  7. Mammal Track Counts - San Diego County, 2010 [ds709

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife habitat in San Diego County through citizen-based...

  8. Coastal Cactus Wren, San Diego Co. - 2009 [ds702

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation program (MSCP) was developed for the conservation of plants and animals in the southeast portion of San Diego County....

  9. Coastal Cactus Wren, San Diego Co. - 2011 [ds708

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation program (MSCP) was developed for the conservation of plants and animals in the southeast portion of San Diego County....

  10. Species Observations (poly) - San Diego County [ds648

    California Natural Resource Agency — Created in 2009, the SanBIOS database serves as a single repository of species observations collected by various departments within the County of San Diego's Land...

  11. Mammal Track Counts - San Diego County [ds442

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife habitat in San Diego County through citizen-based...

  12. Species Observations (poly) - San Diego County [ds648

    California Department of Resources — Created in 2009, the SanBIOS database serves as a single repository of species observations collected by various departments within the County of San Diego's Land...

  13. La formación de educadores sexuales en la licenciatura en ciencias biológicas del IFRO - Campus Colorado del Oeste/RO

    Juliana Negrello Rossarolla


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta los resultados de una formación inicial propuesta a los alumnos del séptimo período del curso de Licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas del Instituto Federal de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de Rondônia - IFRO - Campus Colorado del Oeste. La actividad formativa fue desarrollada durantela IX SemanaAmbiental, evento que ocurrió en el Campus, en junio de 2016. En el curso de la actividad, los académicos del curso de Ciencias Biológicas realizaron cursos de corta duración que abordaron la temática de la sexualidad humana para cuatro grupos del primer año del curso Técnico en Agropecuaria Integrado ala Enseñanza Media.Concluidas las actividades de Educación Sexual que trataron temas como iniciación sexual precoz, IST (Infecciones Sexualmente Transmisibles, homofobia, acoso sexual, exposición a los medios, diferencia de género, métodos anticonceptivos, entre otros, se procedió a la recolección de datos. Para ello, los ministrantes respondieron a un cuestionario que con respecto a la formación docente en cuanto a la temática de la sexualidad las contribuciones de esa práctica para discutir situaciones relacionadas al asunto. Después de realizar los análisis, se constató la relevancia de la temática propuesta para la formación inicial de los académicos a fin de que puedan, abordar de forma significativa, el tema en cuestión, a los adolescentes que frecuentan las escuelas en las que estos académicos podrán desarrollar sus propias Actividades docentes. Se verificó que los alumnos del curso Técnico en Agropecuaria Integrado ala Enseñanza Media, con los que se desarrolló el curso de corta duración, presentan un índice bastante restringido de informaciones acerca de la temática abordada y muchas son las dudas e inquietudes que esos adolescentes tienen. Esta puede ser una realidad que llegue a muchos jóvenes que frecuentanla Educación Básicaen muchas escuelas brasileñas. Por otro lado, las

  14. San Francisco Bay Long Term Management Strategy for Dredging

    The San Francisco Bay Long Term Management Strategy (LTMS) is a cooperative effort to develop a new approach to dredging and dredged material disposal in the San Francisco Bay area. The LTMS serves as the Regional Dredging Team for the San Francisco area.

  15. 33 CFR 110.120 - San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. 110... ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.120 San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. (a) Area A-1. Area A-1 is the water area bounded by the San Luis Obispo County wharf, the shoreline, a line drawn...

  16. Vestigios de Alvar Aalto en la opera prima de Antonio Fernández Alba (1959-62

    Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno


    Full Text Available La obra de Antonio Fernández Alba de los años sesenta ha sido fundamentalmente calificada de orgánica aludiendo a sus consonancias con la arquitectura de Alvar Aalto. Este texto ahonda en la lectura que Fernández Alba presentó sobre la cultura finesa en varios escritos publicados en la revista madrileña Arquitectura, entre los que destaca el ensayo “Valores humanos y estéticos en el diseño finlandés” publicado en 1962. Reflexiones presentadas en este texto tomaron forma en el colegio Nuestra Señora Santa María en Madrid, un proyecto en el que Fernández Alba estaba trabajando en estos mismos años. Sin eludir la condición de colegio católico y femenino del proyecto, se reflexiona en torno a decisiones proyectuales que ponen de manifestó el interés de Fernández Alba por ofrecer a las niñas educadas en sus espacios una arquitectura propicia para el juego, conectada con la naturaleza circundante, no regida por formas preconcebidas, amable en la elección de sus materiales y libre en el uso y disfrute de sus dependencias. En definitiva, una arquitectura que tuvo en cuenta las necesidades psicofísicas de alumnas y profesorado o una arquitectura humanizada, aludiendo al conocido ensayo de Alvar Aalto escrito en 1940.

  17. October 1986 San Salvador, El Salvador Images

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — At least 1,000 people killed, 10,000 injured, 200,000 homeless and severe damage in the San Salvador area. About 50 fatalities were the result of landslides in the...

  18. SANS analysis of aqueous ionic perfluoropolyether micelles

    Gambi, C M C; Chittofrati, A; Pieri, R; Baglioni, P; Teixeira, J


    Preliminary SANS results of ionic chlorine terminated perfluoropolyether micelles in water are given. The experimental spectra have been analyzed by a two-shell ellipsoidal model for the micellar form factor and a screened Coulombic plus hard-sphere repulsion potential for the structure factor. (orig.)


    Rodniski, Cleber Marcos; Lamera, Daniela; Ecco, Katia


    O objetivo com esta pesquisa foi verificar a efetiva utilização das práticas de análise Custo/Volume/Lucro (CVL) na tomada de decisões dos laticínios da região Oeste do Estado de Santa Catarina. As práticas de CVL investigadas foram a margem de contribuição, a margem de contribuição com fator de restrição, o ponto de equilíbrio, a margem de segurança e a alavancagem operacional. Para isso, desenvolveu-se uma pesquisa descritiva, de caráter qualitativo, com metodologia de levantamento ou surve...

  20. O gênero Strangalia Audinet-Serville no Norte e Centro-Oeste do Brasil (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lepturinae The genus Strangalia Audinet-Serville in northern and central Brazil (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lepturinae

    Marcela L. Monné


    Full Text Available As espécies do gênero Strangalia Audinet-Serville do Norte e Centro-Oeste do Brasil são revistas. Strangalia xanthomelaena sp. nov. é descrita de Rondônia e Mato Grosso, Brasil. Dois novos sinônimos são propostos: Ophistomis irene Gounelle, 1911 = Euryptera albicollis Pascoe, 1860; O. paraensis Bates, 1870 = O. bivittatus Bates, 1870. São fornecidas ilustrações e chave para identificação das espécies.The species of the genus Strangalia from northern and central Brazil are revised. Strangalia xanthomelaena sp. nov. is described from Rondônia and Mato Grosso, Brazil. Two new synonyms are proposed: Ophistomis irene Gounelle, 1911 = Euryptera albicollis Pascoe, 1860; O. paraensis Bates, 1870 = O. bivittatus Bates, 1870. Illustrations and key for identification are provided.

  1. La Torre Portal y el Portal Torreado en las fortificaciones ibéricas. Estudio de las entradas Norte y Oeste de la Bastida de les Alcusses (Moixent, Valéncia

    Enrique Díes Cusí


    Full Text Available En este trabajo presentamos dos estructuras halladas en el poblado ibérico de La Bastida de les Alcusses durante la campaña de excavación de 1998. Se trata de dos entradas (la Oeste y la Norte que presentan la particularidad de ser edificios en sí mismos, si bien de factura diversa. Estos edificios se describen y se estudian constructivamente, analizando la posibilidad de que se trate de dos Portales, uno de ellos una Torre Portal y el otro un Portal Torreado, de larga tradición en la arquitectura oriental y, creemos, con paralelos en la arquitectura ibérica.

  2. Autoestima y estilos de afrontamiento al estrés, en el personal de salud de la Policía Nacional del Perú, Red Norte y Red Oeste, Lima, 2016.

    Leiva Olivera, Carla Rebeca


    Hoy en día, se reconoce que el estrés laboral es uno de los principales problemas para la salud de los trabajadores, así como para el buen desempeño laboral (Leka, Griffiths y Cox, 2004). La presente investigación tuvo el objetivo de determinar la relación entre la autoestima y los estilos de afrontamiento del estrés, en el personal de salud de la Policía Nacional del Perú red norte y red oeste. El diseño de la investigación fue no experimental, descriptivo y correlacional, de corte transvers...

  3. 77 FR 46115 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego, CA


    ...The San Diego Museum of Man has completed an inventory of human remains in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribe, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between the human remains and a present-day Indian tribe. Representatives of any Indian tribe that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the San Diego Museum of Man. Repatriation of the human remains to the Indian tribe stated below may occur if no additional claimants come forward.


    Valter Pereira ROMANO


    Full Text Available Este trabalho utiliza como corpus de análise os dados coletados pela equipe do Projeto Atlas Linguístico do Brasil em três regiões: Centro-Oeste, Sudeste e Sul. Os dados referem-se às cidades do interior e às capitais de cada estado, coletados junto a informantes selecionados segundo o perfil estabelecido. Nesta oportunidade, objetiva-se discutir a distribuição diatópica das variantes lexicais para a questão 132 - "Criança pequenininha, a gente diz que é bebê. E quando ela tem de 5 a 10 anos, do sexo masculino?" - do Questionário Semântico-Lexical (COMITÊ NACIONAL DO PROJETO ALIB, 2001. A metodologia utilizada envolveu análises descritivas e inferenciais pertinentes ao estudo. Para tanto, oito hipóteses foram testadas no sentido de averiguar o comportamento e a distribuição diatópica das cinco variantes mais produtivas no conjunto de respostas. Os principais resultados observados indicam que as variantes apresentam comportamento distinto nas três regiões: (i a variante "menino" apresenta distribuição homogênea nos dez estados; (ii as formas lexicais "guri" e "piá" possuem distribuição heterogênea na região Sul; (iii as variantes de etimologia indígena ("guri" e "piá" são mais representativas nas regiões Sul e Centro-Oeste; (iv há uma maior representatividade da variante "moleque" (étimo africano na região Sudeste, principalmente em São Paulo e Minas Gerais.

  5. A phylogenetic study of canine parvovirus type 2c in midwestern Brazil Estudo filogenético do parvovírus canino tipo 2c no Centro-Oeste do Brasil

    Danúbia S. Fontana


    Full Text Available Since the late 1970s, canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2 has emerged as a causative agent of fatal severe acute hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs. To date, three antigenic types of CPV-2 were described worldwide (CPV-2a/b/c. This study was conducted to determine the variants of CPV-2 circulating in dogs from the Cuiabá Municipality in Midwestern Brazil. Out of 50 fecal samples, collected between 2009 and 2011, 27 tested positive for CPV-2. A 583 bp fragment of the VP2 gene was amplified by PCR, 13 representative samples were analyzed further by DNA sequencing. All strains were characterized as CPV-2c, displayed a low genetic variability although observed several amino acid substitution. These findings indicated that CPV-2c has been circulating in dogs from the Cuiabá Municipality in Midwestern Brazil.Desde o final dos anos de 1970, o parvovírus canino tipo 2 (CPV-2 tem emergido como agente de severa e fatal enterite hemorrágica, principalmente em cães com idade inferior a seis meses. Três variantes antigênicas de CPV-2 foram descritas mundialmente (CPV-2a/b/c. O objetivo do estudo foi determinar a presença do CPV-2 e suas variantes circulantes em cães no Município de Cuiabá, Centro-oeste, Brasil. Das 50 amostras fecais, coletadas entre 2009 e 2011, 27 foram positivas para CPV-2 na PCR, sendo 13 analisadas pelo sequenciamento de um fragmento de 583 pares de base do gene VP2. Todas as cepas foram caracterizadas como CPV-2c e apresentaram baixa variabilidade genética. Estes achados indicaram que o CPV-2c está circulando na população canina do Município de Cuiabá, Região Centro-Oeste do Brasil.

  6. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults

    Lozos, Julian C.


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data and historic observations for the ~M7.5 earthquake of 8 December 1812 are best explained by a rupture that begins on the San Jacinto fault and propagates onto the San Andreas fault. This precedent carries the implications that similar joint ruptures are possible in the future and that the San Jacinto fault plays a more significant role in seismic hazard in southern California than previously considered. My work also shows how physics-based modeling can be used for interpreting paleoseismic data sets and understanding prehistoric fault behavior. PMID:27034977

  7. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults.

    Lozos, Julian C


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data and historic observations for the ~M7.5 earthquake of 8 December 1812 are best explained by a rupture that begins on the San Jacinto fault and propagates onto the San Andreas fault. This precedent carries the implications that similar joint ruptures are possible in the future and that the San Jacinto fault plays a more significant role in seismic hazard in southern California than previously considered. My work also shows how physics-based modeling can be used for interpreting paleoseismic data sets and understanding prehistoric fault behavior.

  8. San Juan Uchucuanicu: évolution historique


    Full Text Available La communauté de San Juan est reconnue depuis 1939. Une première partie concerne l’organisation de la reducción de San Juan vers le milieu du XVIe siècle. Le poids fiscal s’exerce durement sur le village et la crise est générale dans toute la vallée du Chancay au XVIIe. siècle. La christianisation des habitants est définitive au milieu de ce même siècle. C’est vers la fin du XVIIe siècle et durant tout le XVIIIe que se multiplient les conflits entre San Juan et les villages voisins liés aux terrains de pâture et à la possession de l’eau. La deuxième partie du travail concerne les rapports de la communauté de San Juan avec le Pérou contemporain : contrainte fiscale toujours très lourde durant la fin de l’époque coloniale, exactions des militaires juste avant l’indépendance. La période républicaine voit toujours les conflits avec les villages voisins mais aussi la naissance de familles qui cherchent à retirer le maximum de la communauté. Les terres sont divisées et attribuées : la détérioration de l’organisation communale traditionnelle est manifeste. L4es conflits se multiplient entre petits propriétaires, mais aussi avec les haciendas voisines : c’est l’apparition d’une véritable lutte de classes. La situation actuelle est incertaine, le poids de l’économie marchande se développe avec l’exode des jeunes. Que sera la communauté San Juan à la fin de ce siècle? La comunidad de San Juan está reconocida desde 1939. La primera parte concierne a la organización de la 'reducción' de San Juan hacia mediados del siglo XVI. El peso fiscal se ejerce duramente sobre el pueblo y en el siglo XVII la crisis es general en todo el valle de Chancay. Hacia mediados del mismo siglo la cristianización de los habitantes es definitiva. Es hacia fines del siglo XVII y durante todo el siglo XVIII que se multiplican los conflictos entre San Juan y los pueblos vecinos, los que están relacionados con los terrenos de

  9. Bioaccumulation of chemical elements by water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) found in 'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam samples in the State of Mexico, Mexico

    Rodriguez, S.A.; Avila-Perez, P.; Barcelo-Quintal, I.D.


    A study was undertaken to determine experimentally the uptake of pollutants into of the different parts of the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) found in 'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam in the State of Mexico, Mexico. There is evidence for efficient and significant root accumulation of Ti, Mn, Fe, and Ba; but in the upper parts concentrations was consistently determined by the degree of watering. However, a significant input could be derived from a common generic source, such as the atmospheric deposition. The experimental study would, therefore, indicate that water hyacinth species can be highly effective in providing a control and treatment buffer for toxic discharges to the dam. (author)

  10. Eugenio Lanuza y Sotelo. Viaje ilustrado a los reinos del Perú. Edición de Antonio Garrido Aranda & Patricio Hidalgo Nuchera

    Millones, Luis


    No es la primera vez que el historiador americanista Antonio Garrido se interesa en el inacabable tema de la evangelización. Su libro Moriscos e indios. Precedentes hispánicos de la evangelización en México es de necesaria consulta para los estudiosos de la cristianización del mundo hispánico. Allí se examina la metodología seguida por los sacerdotes en el reino de Granada, que luego sirviera como antecedente inmediato de sus acciones en el Nuevo Mundo. El libro que ahora nos interesa es la e...

  11. Ideologia, consciência social e hegemonia na obra de Antonio Gramsci (Ideology, social conscience and hegemony in the work of Antonio Gramsci Doi: 10.5212/Emancipacao.v.13i1.0002

    Adilson Aquino Silveira Júnior


    Full Text Available Este artigo busca apreender as determinações teórico-metodológicas contidas na obra de Antônio Gramsci para a análise das relações de hegemonia entre as classes sociais. Nessa perspectiva, realiza uma revisão bibliográfica abrangendo os Cadernos do cárcere (a obra mais importante do comunista italiano e as contribuições de importantes estudiosos da tradição marxista. Identifica que Gramsci compreende as relações entre os aspectos material, político e espírito-intelectual da sociabilidade em sua totalidade, com suas interações complexas e com os processos de determinação recíproca próprios do movimento dialético. As ideologias são consideradas momentos constitutivos das disputas hegemônicas entre as classes, difundindo a consciência prática necessária aos processos reprodutivos. Através da noção de Estado integral, conectada à categoria de bloco histórico, as relações de hegemonia se evidenciam, demandando uma abordagem das vinculações orgânicas e dialéticas entre sociedade civil e sociedade política, consenso e coerção, intelectuais e partido, produção e reprodução social. Palavras-chave: Ideologia.Consciência social. Hegemonia. Abstract: This article aims to understand the theoretical-methodological determinations in the work of Antonio Gramsci for the analysis of hegemony relationships between social classes. To achieve this, a literature review covering the Prison Notebooks (the most important work of the Italian communist and the contributions of important researchers of the Marxist tradition was conducted. It also identifies that Gramsci understands the relationships between the material, political and intellectual aspects of sociability in their totality, with its complex interactions and processes of reciprocal determination of the dialectical movement. Ideologies are considered as constitutive moments of the hegemony disputes of classes, disseminating the practical conscience necessary

  12. The disappearing San of southeastern Africa and their genetic affinities.

    Schlebusch, Carina M; Prins, Frans; Lombard, Marlize; Jakobsson, Mattias; Soodyall, Himla


    Southern Africa was likely exclusively inhabited by San hunter-gatherers before ~2000 years ago. Around that time, East African groups assimilated with local San groups and gave rise to the Khoekhoe herders. Subsequently, Bantu-speaking farmers, arriving from the north (~1800 years ago), assimilated and displaced San and Khoekhoe groups, a process that intensified with the arrival of European colonists ~350 years ago. In contrast to the western parts of southern Africa, where several Khoe-San groups still live today, the eastern parts are largely populated by Bantu speakers and individuals of non-African descent. Only a few scattered groups with oral traditions of Khoe-San ancestry remain. Advances in genetic research open up new ways to understand the population history of southeastern Africa. We investigate the genomic variation of the remaining individuals from two South African groups with oral histories connecting them to eastern San groups, i.e., the San from Lake Chrissie and the Duma San of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg. Using ~2.2 million genetic markers, combined with comparative published data sets, we show that the Lake Chrissie San have genetic ancestry from both Khoe-San (likely the ||Xegwi San) and Bantu speakers. Specifically, we found that the Lake Chrissie San are closely related to the current southern San groups (i.e., the Karretjie people). Duma San individuals, on the other hand, were genetically similar to southeastern Bantu speakers from South Africa. This study illustrates how genetic tools can be used to assess hypotheses about the ancestry of people who seemingly lost their historic roots, only recalling a vague oral tradition of their origin.

  13. Geosciences at the service of society in the experience of one of the fathers of Geoethics, Antonio Stoppani

    Lucchesi, Stefania


    Antonio Stoppani (1824-1891) was a great naturalist and passionate scholar of Earth Sciences who was able to use his knowledge and professionalism as an instrument of training, education and social promotion. He highlighted the importance of geosiences for cultural awareness and development of society during his historical time and actually can be considered a promoter of some of the basic principles of Geoethics. Particularly he stressed the importance of human being as being capable, with the use of reason, to modify nature and to participate actively in shaping the Earth's surface, defining man as a real "geological agent". In his Course of Geology (1871-1873) he also introduced the term "Anthropozoic Era" to define the latest time period in which human action began to be significant and decisive. This intuition somehow anticipates the modern concept of the Anthropocene that will be elaborated later towards the end of the XX century. He stressed in particular that man, unlike the other morphological agents, has the capacity and at the same time the responsibility to contribute, through knowledge and scientific progress, to a responsible and ethical management of the environment and of the georesources. Furthermore, for a better research of the common good he strengthened the importance of dialogue and interdisciplinarity among the different sciences, between physical and human sciences, including ethics and metaphysics. Particularly significant are the dimensions of beauty, harmony and "sacredness" that Stoppani found in nature and that he considered cause for attention, appreciation and respect of the geosphere. With these principles he somehow laid the foundations for Geoconservation and promotion of Geodiversity. Albeit in the simplicity of his language, and for the knowledge of his time, he had a modern approach to the study of the Earth-system, embracing a perspective of dynamic relationships between the various components of the ecosystem. This vision is

  14. SANS-1 Experimental reports of 2000

    Willumeit, R.; Haramus, V.


    The instrument SANS-1 at the Geesthacht neutron facility GeNF was used for scattering experiments in 2000 at 196 of 200 days of reactor and cold source operation. The utilisation was shared between the in-house R and D program and user groups from different universities and research centers. These measurements were performed and analysed either by guest scientists or GKSS staff. The focus of the work in 2000 at the experiment SANS-1 was the structural investigation of hydrogen containing substances such as biological macromolecules (ribosomes, protein-RNA-complexes, protein solutions, glycolipids and membranes), molecules which are important in the fields of environmental research (refractoric organic substances) and technical chemistry (surfactants, micelles). (orig.) [de

  15. San Rafael mining and fabrication complex today

    Navarra, Pablo; Aldebert, Sergio R.


    In Mendoza province, 35 km West San Rafael city, is located a CNEA installation for uranium ore extraction and concentration: the San Rafael Mining and Fabrication Complex. By the middle of the nineties, as a consequence of the very low prices of uranium concentrate in the international market and of the high internal production costs, uranium extraction was stopped. To day, the international price of the concentrate had a very important increase and the Government has decided the completion of the Atucha II Nuclear Power Station construction. Moreover, studies have been started for new nuclear power plants. In such circumstances the reactivation of the Complex will make sure the uranium supply for our nuclear power stations, contributing to the improvement of the energy generation mix in our country. (author) [es

  16. San Telmo, backpackers y otras globalizaciones

    Fernando Firmo


    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende contribuir al debate sobre otras formas de globalización  presentando una etnografía realizada en el barrio de San Telmo sobre mochileros que combinan en sus experiencias viaje y trabajo. Su objetivo es viajar al mismo tiempo que sacan provecho de esto para conseguir el capital necesario que les permita continuar en movimiento alrededor del globo. En este texto quiero hablar sobre estos auténticos actores de la globalización popular que ponen el foco en procesos y agentes alternativos no hegemónicos y que en este caso desarrollan su actividad en el contexto de la experiencia mochilera en San Telmo, siendo mi intención enriquecer las reflexiones sobre la globalización desde abajo.

  17. SAFOD Penetrates the San Andreas Fault

    Mark D. Zoback


    Full Text Available SAFOD, the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (Fig. 1, completed an important milestone in July 2005 by drilling through the San Andreas Fault at seismogenic depth. SAFOD is one of three major components of EarthScope, a U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF initiative being conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS. The International Continental Scientific DrillingProgram (ICDP provides engineering and technical support for the project as well as online access to project data and information ( In 2002, the ICDP, the NSF, and the USGS provided funding for a pilot hole project at the SAFOD site. Twenty scientifi c papers summarizing the results of the pilot hole project as well as pre-SAFOD site characterization studies were published in Geophysical Research Letters (Vol.31, Nos. 12 and 15, 2004.

  18. Procesos de escritura en Beatus Ille (1986: primer estudio del “Archivo Personal de Antonio Muñoz Molina” (Arch. AMM/5/1.

    Pablo Valdivia


    Full Text Available Beatus Ille (1986 fue la primera novela publicada de Antonio Muñoz Molina. En este artículo estudiamos, de manera pormenorizada, el contenido de la carpeta Arch. AMM/5/1 que se encuentra dentro del “Archivo Personal de Antonio Muñoz Molina” en la Biblioteca Nacional de España. Mediante el análisis de una importante cantidad de material inédito hemos reconstruido en este artículo los procesos de escritura sobre los que se levanta esta novela. En las siguientes páginas, explicamos el origen y el desarrollo de todo un conjunto de personajes, espacios, escenas y elementos fundamentales para la arquitectura narrativa de Beatus Ille. Gracias a este trabajo el lector especializado podrá comprender mejor algunas claves de lectura del conjunto de la producción de Muñoz Molina y, más concretamente, de la construcción ficcional de Beatus Ille.

  19. Interrupciones momentáneas de la convención: Aportes para la comprensión de Irredentos de Antonio Acevedo Hernández

    Mauricio Barría Jara


    Full Text Available El artículo propone una lectura de la obra Irredentos de Antonio Acevedo Hernández, intentando mostrar las innovaciones dramatúrgicas que contiene en el contexto del teatro chileno de la época. Para ello se recurre a la aplicación de un marco de análisis que vincula la obra acevediana con tópicos de las vanguardias artísticas teatrales de inicios del siglo XX, especialmente sus vínculos con la categoría de teatro político propuesta por Erwin Piscator y el concepto de estructura de sentimiento propuesto por Raymond Williams. The article proposes a reading of the dramaturgical innovations of the play Irredentos by Antonio Acevedo Hernández in the context of the Chilean theater at the beginning of the 20th century. An analytical framework that links Acevedo’s work with topics of theatrical avant-garde of the period is applied. Emphasislies on the relationship between his work with the category of Political Theater by Erwin Piscator, and the concept of structure of feeling by Raymond Williams.

  20. Além do eu: literatura, história e memória em Teresina etc., de Antonio Candido

    Ligia Chiappini


    Full Text Available Análise de Teresina etc., como exemplar de retratos escritos por Antonio Candido, que transcendem o particular e acabam fazendo o retrato de uma época, afirmando ideais éticos, políticos e estéticos e configurando, discretamente, não sem certo distanciamento irônico, um interessante auto-retrato. Memória e história, realidade e ficção, razão e sensibilidade, crítica e compreensão são elementos que se tecem com arte, num texto muito atual, pelo tema e pela metodologia.Teresina etc. as an example of the written portraits by Antonio Candido, that transcend the private and end up depicting an epoch, stating ethical, political and aesthetic ideals and configuring, discretely but not without a certain ironic distance, an interesting self-portrait. Memory and history, reality and fiction, sense and sensibility, critique and understanding woven with art.

  1. Hispanics of a San Diego Barrio.


    electronic music of Black American discoteques, played loudly on automobile stereo systems or on the oversized "sound boxes" which have more...rider" automobiles , and intense partying are parts of an essentially anti-social image held by the larger San Diego community. Parallels might be drawn...Research Naval Academy, U.S. Annapolis, MD 21402 - .I . . . . I I II I I l i List 7 HRM Officer in Charge Commanding Officer Human Resource Management

  2. Pinturas Murales en San Marcos de Salamanca



    Full Text Available En los primeros días de setiembre se iniciaron unas obras de repaso en el tejado de la iglesia de San Marcos, aprovechando el tiempo del cierre obligado del templo para realizar algunas reparaciones que condujeron al párroco don José Marcos ayudado por el coadjutor don Leandro Lozano, a interesantes hallazgos que dan aún más valor artístico a esta interesante iglesia.

  3. San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge Well 10

    Ensminger, J.T.; Easterly, C.E.; Ketelle, R.H.; Quarles, H.; Wade, M.C.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), at the request of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, evaluated the water production capacity of an artesian well in the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona. Water from the well initially flows into a pond containing three federally threatened or endangered fish species, and water from this pond feeds an adjacent pond/wetland containing an endangered plant species.

  4. An overview of San Francisco Bay PORTS

    Cheng, Ralph T.; McKinnie, David; English, Chad; Smith, Richard E.


    The Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS) provides observations of tides, tidal currents, and meteorological conditions in real-time. The San Francisco Bay PORTS (SFPORTS) is a decision support system to facilitate safe and efficient maritime commerce. In addition to real-time observations, SFPORTS includes a nowcast numerical model forming a San Francisco Bay marine nowcast system. SFPORTS data and nowcast numerical model results are made available to users through the World Wide Web (WWW). A brief overview of SFPORTS is presented, from the data flow originated at instrument sensors to final results delivered to end users on the WWW. A user-friendly interface for SFPORTS has been designed and implemented. Appropriate field data analysis, nowcast procedures, design and generation of graphics for WWW display of field data and nowcast results are presented and discussed. Furthermore, SFPORTS is designed to support hazardous materials spill prevention and response, and to serve as resources to scientists studying the health of San Francisco Bay ecosystem. The success (or failure) of the SFPORTS to serve the intended user community is determined by the effectiveness of the user interface.

  5. Marco Antonio Silva

    F. Imelda Zamudio Castro


    Full Text Available El Premio Nacional de Danza UAM-INBA es una condecoración de especial importancia en los escenarios nacional e intercontinental. Un evento que desde sus inicios busca reconocer la voz del ser humano contemporáneo, del ser humano vivo de nuestro tiempo que busca expresarse. El INBA y la UAM se han comprometido a que este galardón tenga características muy particulares, llegando a ser un premio intercontinental en el que los jurados internacionales han tenido presencia importante y se ha contado con curadores de festivales internacionales como invitados de honor, además, una vigésima cuarta edición del premio habla de una constancia que es fundamental en este país.

  6. Dr. Antonio Roldan Betancur

    Antonio Roldan Betancur


    Full Text Available

    Nació en Briceño, Antioquia, el 17 de febrero de 1946; fueron sus padres Angel e Inés, su esposa Gloria y sus hijas Natalia y Daniela. Bachiller del Liceo Antioqueño: 1964. Médico y Cirujano de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Antioquia: 1971. Medicatura rural en Betulia, Antioquia: 1971-1972. Médico de planta del Hospital Regional de Urabá: 1972. Alcalde y Concejal de Apartadó. Dirigente deportivo. Gerente de Corpurabá. Director de Coldeportes, Antioquia. Gerente de la Fabrica de Licores de Antioquia. Jefe del Servicio Seccional de Salud de Antioquia. Gobernador del Departamento de Antioquia. Falleció el4 de Julio de 1989.

  7. Contribución a la epigrafía del Oeste de la provincia de Salamanca : el conjunto de Medina del Campo (Valladolid

    A. Jiménez de Furundarena


    Full Text Available A finales del verano de 1991 estudiamos una colección particular de 28 epígrafes romanos depositados en una casa de campo próxima a la localidad de Medina del Campo'. Los epígrafes proceden de una gran necrópolis romana situada en un cerro llamado Cabeza de San Pedro, en el término municipal de Hinojosa de Duero (Salamanca junto al salto de Saucelle, durante cuya construcción —fue inaugurado en 1956— pasaron estas lápidas a manos de particulares. El objetivo de este trabajo es, pues, hacer algunas referencias y puntualizaciones sobre todo el conjunto de epígrafes de Hinojosa de Duero, relacionándolo con la epigrafía de algunas localidades, como Astorga o Chaves, y de algunas regiones, como la comprendida entre los ríos Duero y Sabor, la zona zamorana y el occidente salmantino.

  8. San Marco C-2 (San Marco-4) Post Launch Report No. 1


    The San Marco C-2 spacecraft, now designated San Marco-4, was successfully launched by a Scout vehicle from the San Marco Platform on 18 February 1974 at 6:05 a.m. EDT. The launch occurred 2 hours 50 minutes into the 3-hour window due co low cloud cover at the launch site. All spacecraft subsystems have been checked and are functioning normally. The protective caps for the two U.S. experiments were ejected and the Omegatron experiment activated on 19 February. The neutral mass spectrometer was activated as scheduled on 22 February after sufficient time to allow for spacecraft outgassing and to avoid the possibility of corona occurring. Both instruments are performing properly and worthwhile scientific data is being acquired.

  9. Development of 40m SANS and Its Utilization Techniques

    Choi, Sung Min; Kim, Tae Hwan


    Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) has been a very powerful tool to study nanoscale (1-100 nm) bulk structures in various materials such as polymer, self assembled materials, nano-porous materials, nano-magnetic materials, metal and ceramics. Understanding the importance of the SANS instrument, the 8m SANS instrument was installed at the CN beam port of HANARO in 2001. However, without having a cold neutron source, the beam intensity is fairly low and the Q-range is rather limited due to short instrument length. In July 1, 2003, therefore, the HANARO cold neutron research facility project was launched and a state of the art 40m SANS instrument was selected as top-priority instrument. The development of the 40m SANS instrument was completed as a joint project between Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the HANARO in 2010. Here, we report the specification of a state of art 40m SANS instrument at HANARO

  10. Características petrográficas e químicas das rochas encaixantes das mineralizações auríferas do depósito Lavra Velha (Região de Ibitiara, borda oeste da Chapada Diamantina, Bahia)

    Carlin, Aline de Cassia [UNESP


    O depósito de ouro Lavra Velha, que pertence ao Alvo de Prospecção Lavra Velha, da empresa Yamana Gold, localiza-se na cidade de Ibitiara, centro-oeste do Estado da Bahia e borda oeste do domínio fisiográfico da Chapada Diamantina, situado no Aulacógeno do Paramirim, na região norte do Cráton São Francisco. O depósito foi recentemente inserido na classe de modelo IOCG (Iron Oxide Cooper Gold), onde a mineralização de ouro se hospeda em brechas hematíticas sericitizadas. O principal objetivo d...

  11. ¿Cómo usan el agua los productores de los oasis del oeste argentino? Un estudio de las prácticas de riego en el Valle del Tulum de San Juan // How farmers used water in the west of Argentina? A case study of the irrigation practices at the Tulum Valley, San Juan

    Jimena Andrieu


    Se evalúa el rol que asume la acción colectiva, señalada como clave para este tipo de situaciones. Para ello, la noción de práctica resulta fundamental ya que permite indagar sobre el comportamiento de los regantes, ya sea individual o colectivo. El análisis de estas prácticas se apoya no sólo en técnicas cualitativas de análisis sino que también, en técnicas multivariadas. En particular, se trabaja con estrategias para la tipificación de las Unidades Productivas. De esta clasificación resultante, se observan las fortalezas y debilidades de la estructura de gestión vigente para el estudio de caso.

  12. Feeding ecology of the Green-cheeked parakeet (Pyrrhura molinae in dry forests in western Brazil Ecologia alimentar da Tiriba-de-cara-suja (Pyrrhura molinae em matas secas do oeste brasileiro

    J. Ragusa-Netto


    Full Text Available The genus Pyrrhura includes small to medium-sized parakeets, which inhabit both low and dry alongside tall rainforests, mainly in South America. Pyrrhura molinae is still common, year round, in the markedly seasonal forests of western Brazil. This parakeet, as well as most Neotropical parrots, continues to be poorly understood. Hence, in the present study I examined their foraging ecology both in a highly deciduous and in a semi-deciduous forest in western Brazil. In addition, I assessed the relationship between food resource production (flowers and fruits, and the diet of this parakeet. Pyrrhura molinae exhibited a flexible diet consisting of 16 tree species, from which it consumed flowers (three species, seeds (three species, fruit pulp or aril (four species, and both pulp and seeds (six species. Parakeets consumed a wide array of fleshy fruits in the semi-deciduous forest, especially Cecropia pachystachya catkins. Conversely, in the highly deciduous forest they extensively foraged for figs (70% of the diet, in addition to nectar and seeds from dry fruits. Ficus calyptroceras, besides being abundant, bore fruits year round, and was substantially used by parakeets every month. Potentially, by exploiting a diverse set of plant food resources, and particularly due to the substantial use of figs, asynchronously produced, Pyrrhura molinae persists during the long dry season in the markedly seasonal forests of western Brazil.O gênero Pyrrhura é constituido de pequenos periquitos comuns tanto em matas secas quanto úmidas, sobretudo da América do Sul. Pyrrhura molinae ocorre durante o ano todo em florestas altamente sazonais do oeste brasileiro. Essa espécie, bem como a maioria dos psitacídeo, permanece pouco conhecida. Portanto, nesse estudo, foi examinada a ecologia alimentar de P. molinae em dois tipos de florestas secas (altamente decídua e semidecídua, do oeste brasileiro, bem como as relações entre a produção de flores frutos e a

  13. City of San Francisco, California street tree resource analysis

    E.G. McPherson; J.R. Simpson; P.J. Peper; Q. Xiao


    Street trees in San Francisco are comprised of two distinct populations, those managed by the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and those managed by private property owners with or without the help of San Francisco’s urban forestry nonprofit, Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). These two entities believe that the public’s investment in stewardship of San Francisco...

  14. La teoría narrativa en la obra de Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar

    José Cenizo Jiménez


    Full Text Available Nuestro estudio tiene como fin el análisis de la teoría narrativa en la obra de Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar. Éste, natural de Alcalá de Guadaíra (Sevilla, donde nació en 1941, es catedrático (recién prejubilado de Lengua y Literatura en el IES «Ramón Carande» de Sevilla y doctor en Filología Moderna. Amén de por su actividad política (fue Primer Teniente de Alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla y director del Pabellón de Andalucía en la Exposición Universal de 1992 y de sus cargos en la Administración Edu- cativa (fue Director General de Renovación Pedagógica de la Junta de Andalucía y hasta hace poco director del Centro de Profesores de Castilleja de la Cuesta en el Aljarafe, es conocido por su faceta de investigador y escritor, guionista de televisión y articulista (desde hace unos años en el periódico El País. Fruto de lo primero son sus libros Lecciones de narrativa hispano-americana, publicado por la Universidad de Sevilla en 1972; La estructura de la novela burguesa, publicado en 1976 por Taller Ediciones J. B. de Madrid; la edición y traducción de La estructura del Quijote, de Knud Togeby (Universidad de Sevilla, 1977 y 1991, o el libro recopilatorio de ensayos sueltos Hacia una crítica dialéctica (Sevilla, Alfar, 1987, la publicación en 1999 junto al profesor Félix Morales del hallazgo de una leyenda de Bécquer, Unida a la muerte, y, sobre todo, sus obras de recuperación de los cuentos españoles de tradición oral, divulgados en libros tan conocidos  como  Cuentos  maravillosos  españoles  (Barcelona,  Crítica,  1982,  Cuentos  al amor de la lumbre (Madrid, Anaya, vol. I, eds. 1983, 1984; vol. II, eds. 1984, 1985, que manejamos nosotros, y así hasta dieciséis reediciones el primer tomo y once el segundo, amén de las tres que ya lleva la edición de bolsillo,1  obra que fue Premio Nacional en 1984, o Cuentos de la media lunita (Sevilla, Algaida, 1985 y ss., traducida a todas las lenguas


    Marcelo Notti Miranda


    Full Text Available

    Determinou-se a soma térmica, expressa em graus-dia, para o subperíodo semeadura-maturação do feijoeiro comum, cultivar Carioca. O estudo foi desenvolvido com base em dados fenológicos de experimentos de campo, realizados no período de entressafra, com o uso de irrigação, no ano de 2006, e no período de safra normal, com e sem o uso de irrigação, no ano de 2007. Os experimentos foram conduzidos no Instituto Federal de Rondônia (IFRO, no município de Colorado do Oeste, Estado de Rondônia. A soma dos graus-dia (GD foi determinada utilizando-se dois métodos: o primeiro considerando-se três diferentes temperaturas-base inferiores (Tb, 10°C, 12°C e 15°C, e o segundo tomando-se as temperaturas-base inferiores 10°C, 12°C e 15°C e a temperatura-base superior (TB de 35°C. Os valores diários da temperatura do ar foram obtidos na estação meteorológica do IFRO, instalada próxima aos locais dos experimentos. Os métodos não apresentaram diferença significativa entre si, fornecendo valores médios que variaram de 686 a 1.261,9 graus-dia, com Tb de 15°C, para o período de safra normal com irrigação, e de 10°C, para o período de entressafra, respectivamente. Pelos resultados obtidos, evidencia-se que as condições de soma térmica, para o cultivo do feijão, são favoráveis, principalmente no período de safra normal com irrigação.

    Sementes de soja produzidas em épocas de safrinha na região oeste do Estado do Paraná = Soybean seeds produced in out season in west of Paraná state

    Leandro Paiola Albrecht


    Full Text Available O cultivo de soja em safrinha é prática que se consolida, em termos de opção, para a entressafra, podendo servir também à produção de sementes de soja. O presente trabalho foi conduzido com objetivo de avaliar o efeito de diferentes épocas de semeadura, na safrinha da soja, sobre a qualidade fisiológica e sanitária das sementes de três cultivares de soja, na região oeste do Estado do Paraná. Para tanto, foram conduzidos quatro ensaios, no ano de 2005, com delineamento em blocos completos casualizados, instalando-se um ensaio em quatro épocas de semeadura (15/01, 30/01, 15/02 e 15/03. Os cultivares estudados foram CD 202, CD 215 e CD 216. As sementes foram avaliadas por meio dos testes de germinação e de vigor (primeira contagem e envelhecimento acelerado e a sanidade por meio do “blotter test”. As sementes produzidas no período de safrinha no ano de 2005, para ascondições edafoclimáticas da região oeste do Estado do Paraná, não foram favoráveis à obtenção de sementes de alta qualidade fisiológica.The soybean culture in out season as a practice that consolidates in terms of an option between harvests, could also serve to the production of soybean seeds. The present work was carried out with the objective of evaluating the effect of sowing in out season, on physiological and sanitary quality of seeds of three soybeans cultivars, in west of Paraná state. For such way were conducted four assays in the year of 2005, arranged in a completely randomized blockdesign, with each assay sown in different dates (01/15, 01/30, 02/15 and 03/15. The studied cultivars were CD 202, CD 215 and CD 216. The seeds were evaluated by germination and vigor tests (first counting and accelerated aging and of health. The seeds produced in “outseason” in the year of 2005, to the environmental conditions of the west of Paraná state were not favorable to the attainment of high physiological quality seeds.

  16. Public Involvement and Response Plan (Community Relations Plan), Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, California


    passenger ship destination, and tourist attraction. San Francisco’s location and cultural and recreational opportunities make it a prime tourism center...equestrians, she said. C-52 m% smm : - TUESDAY, JUNE 19,1990 * . COPYKIGHT 1*90/THE TIMES MlRkOX COMPANY /CC/1 JO PAGES P. A-l, 22, 23 Complex

  17. 78 FR 35593 - Special Local Regulation; Christmas Boat Parade, San Juan Harbor; San Juan, PR


    ... individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment. This proposed rule involves.... Pearson, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard, Captain of the Port San Juan. [FR Doc. 2013-13994 Filed 6-12-13; 8:45...

  18. Dal "San Marco" al "Vega". (English Title: From "San Marco" to Vega)

    Savi, E.


    Apart from the two superpowers, among the other countries Italy has had an important role in astronautics. The roots of Italian astronautics' history runs deep in the hottest years of the Cold War, and it had its first remarkable achievement in the San Marco project..after years of advanced technologies testing, they achieved European cooperation and built VEGA, the current Arianespace light launcher.

  19. 75 FR 39166 - Safety Zone; San Francisco Giants Baseball Game Promotion, San Francisco, CA


    ... San Francisco, CA. The fireworks display is meant for entertainment purposes. This safety zone is... National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act (NTTAA) (15 U.S.C. 272 note) directs agencies to use...), of the Instruction. This rule involves establishing, disestablishing, or changing Regulated...

  1. SANS-II at SINQ: Installation of the former Risø-SANS facility

    Strunz, P.; Mortensen, K.; Janssen, S.


    SANS-II facility at SINQ (Paul Scherrer Institute)-the reinstalled former Riso small-angle neutron scattering instrument-is presented. Its operational characteristics are listed. Approaches for precise determination of wavelength, detector dead time and attenuation factors are described as well. (C...

  2. 78 FR 42027 - Safety Zone; San Diego Bayfair; Mission Bay, San Diego, CA


    ... safety zones. Thunderboats Unlimited Inc. is sponsoring San Diego Bayfair, which is held on the navigable... distribution of power and responsibilities between the Federal Government and Indian tribes. 12. Energy Effects This proposed rule is not a ``significant energy action'' under Executive Order 13211, Actions...

  3. El San Juan y la Universidad Nacional

    Victor Manuel Moncayo


    Full Text Available Encontrar una solución para la crisis de la Fundación San Juan de Dios no es un problema jurídico, ni tampoco de gestión ordinaria de una institución. La crisis es de tal magnitud que desborda las capacidades reales de la organización actual y, en especial, de su Junta Directiva o de quienes ejerzan su representación legal o de quienes colaboran como empleados o trabajadores de la institución.

  4. L’alimentation des sans-abri

    Amistani, Carole; Terrolle, Daniel


    L’alimentation des sans-logis est analysable, à partir du terrain, selon deux versants, parfois utilisés conjointement, qui sont celui de leur autonomie et/ou celui de leur dépendance envers le don alimentaire. Dans ce dernier cas, les contenus comme les formes témoignent trop souvent d’une impossibilité d’assurer l’équilibre nutritionnel de ces mangeurs et le respect des multiples aspects socialisants compris dans l’acte alimentaire. Le choix d’un traitement social dans l’ « urgence » et par...

  5. Neuroimaging Features of San Luis Valley Syndrome

    Matthew T. Whitehead


    Full Text Available A 14-month-old Hispanic female with a history of double-outlet right ventricle and developmental delay in the setting of recombinant chromosome 8 syndrome was referred for neurologic imaging. Brain MR revealed multiple abnormalities primarily affecting midline structures, including commissural dysgenesis, vermian and brainstem hypoplasia/dysplasia, an interhypothalamic adhesion, and an epidermoid between the frontal lobes that enlarged over time. Spine MR demonstrated hypoplastic C1 and C2 posterior elements, scoliosis, and a borderline low conus medullaris position. Presented herein is the first illustration of neuroimaging findings from a patient with San Luis Valley syndrome.

  6. Estudio hidrogeológico y de calidad de agua en el sector oriental de la Sierra de San Javier entre las localidades de Yerba Buena y el Manantial. Provincia de Tucuman, Republica Argentina

    D’Urso, C. H.


    Full Text Available The study area is located in the center west of the county of Tucumán, in the NW of Argentina. It extends from the oriental border of San Javier’s mountain between the towns of Yerba Buena and Manantial. In the piedmont zone and plain, have settled down diverse urban, agricultural centers and an important industrial complex that are supplied by underground water. The objective of this paper is to define the different geologic factors that impact in the behavior of the underground water and to define areas with appropriate hydrogeological characteristics for its use. The investigation determined that the water contained in the aquifers is of good quality and due to the high permeability, important flows can be obtained, that guarantee the supply to the population, agriculture and industry.La zona de estudio está ubicada en el centro oeste de la provincia de Tucumán, en el noroeste de Argentina. Se extiende desde el borde oriental de la sierra de San Javier entre las localidades de Yerba Buena y el Manantial. En el piedemonte y llanura se han establecido diversos centros urbanos, agrícolas y un importante complejo industrial que se abastecen de agua subterránea. El objetivo del trabajo es delimitar los distintos factores geológicos que inciden en el comportamiento del agua subterránea y tratar de definir zonas con características hidrogeológicas apropiadas para su aprovechamiento. De esta investigación se determinó que el agua que contienen los acuíferos es de buena calidad y debido a la elevada permeabilidad de los mismos, se pueden obtener importantes caudales, con lo que se garantiza el abastecimiento a la población, agricultura e industria.

  7. História do Tempo Presente e América Latina: Colômbia - uma entrevista com Hugo Antonio Fazio Vengoa

    Elisangela da Silva Machieski


    Full Text Available Hugo Antonio Fazio Vengoa é historiador e doutor em ciência política, professor da Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá – Colômbia desde a década de 1990, onde desenvolveu e coordenou diversas atividades, incluindo a criação dos programas de mestrado e doutorado em História. Atualmente é decano da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais. Suas investigações estão focadas em temas como a História Global, Estudos Internacionais Contemporâneos e História do Tempo Presente. No decorrer de sua carreira acadêmica publicou mais de vinte livros, dentre esses merece destaque o livro intitulado “La historia del tiempo presente: historiografía, problemas y métodos” (2010. Membro do Grupo de Investigação Historia del Tiempo Presente.

  8. La elocuencia del embajador: don Juan Antonio de Vera y Zúñiga y las «Orationi militari» de Remigio Nannini

    Pineda, Victoria


    El libro de diplomacia El embaxador (1620), escrito en forma de diálogo por don Juan Antonio de Vera y Zúñiga, se convirtió tras su publicación en uno de los tratados más influyentes de su género en toda Europa. El contenido y la filiación política del diálogo han sido mencionados con frecuencia en los estudios sobre filosofía política y sobre asuntos de diplomacia, pero poco se ha dicho acerca de las posibles lecturas que habrían influido en la composición de El embajador en lo que atañe al ...

  9. La dicotomía turista / viajero en De Madrid a Nápoles (1861 de Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

    Jordi Canals


    Full Text Available Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, the author of the book entitled From Madrid to Naples (1861, appears in its pages as a critical observer of the emerging phenomenon of organized tourism, around which he makes numerous remarks in his work. Even new editorial tools, such as tourist guides that were increasingly used by travelers in the mid-nineteenth century, are considered by Alarcón in a negative way. From a formal point of view, Alarcón’s book is a hybridisation of genres that summons innovative journalistic writing skills, literary patterns already experienced in classical travel writing (concerned mainly with diary and epistolary genres and a great deal of sketches taken d’après nature by the traveler and kept in his notebook.

  10. Evaluation of heavy metals (Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb and Hg) in water, sediments and water lily (Eichornia crassipes) from Jose Antonio Alzate dam

    Avila P, P.


    Water, sediments and water lily (Eichornia crassipes) from the Jose Antonio Alzate Dam were analyzed in order to determine concentrations of chromium, iron, nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium, lead and mercury. Mercury, lead, chromium and iron were found in concentrations above permissible limits in water, and in high concentrations in sediments. Cadmium, nickel, copper and zinc never were found in concentrations above permissible limits in water. The highest concentrations of heavy metals in water lily were found in the root. Accumulation factors decreased in the following order: Zn> Cr> Fe> Ni> Cu> Pb> Hg and Cd. Statistical differences (α < 0.5) between the collection samples dates was observed. High correlations between metals concentrations in superficial water, sediment and water hyacinth were also observed. These correlations could indicate that the heavy metals studied here, are originated from a natural source such as sediments or from an industrial source. (Author)

  11. Trade of engravings and books between Rome and Spain at the end of the 16th century: the case of the Italian merchant Antonio Pisano

    María Josefa Tarifa Castilla


    Full Text Available This study reveals the arrival of prints and books to the North of Spain acquired by the Italian merchant Antonio Pisano in Rome during a trip of 1582-1583. The voyage was financed thanks to the temporary commercial company established between Pisano and the Genoese Juan Luis de Musante, royal master-builder to Felipe II in Navarre, and both residents in Pamplona. The works include engravings of sacred and profane themes by the most important engravers of the epoch, such as the Dutch Cornelis Cort and the Mantuans Adamo and Diana Ghisi, in addition to books of figures, some by outstanding artists such as Michelangelo or Polidoro da Caravaggio.

  12. Curatorial implications of Ophyra capensis (Order Diptera, Family Muscidae) puparia recovered from the body of the Blessed Antonio Patrizi, Monticiano, Italy (Middle Ages).

    Morrow, Johnica J; Baldwin, Diesel A; Higley, Leon; Piombino-Mascali, Dario; Reinhard, Karl J


    The discovery of dipteran remains on mummified individuals can lead to either cause for curatorial concern or to a better understanding of the individual's post-mortem environment. The present study analyzed insect remains associated with the body of a unique medieval mummy of religious significance, that of the Blessed Antonio Patrizi da Monticiano. A total of 79 puparia were examined and all were identified as Ophyra capensis (Diptera: Muscidae). Additionally, a desiccated moth (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) was encountered. Puparia of O. capensis would be associated with normal decomposition shortly after the death of the mummified individual, and not an infestation beginning during more recent years. Similarly, the tineid moth found would likely be related with decomposition of cloth associated with the remains. These findings illustrate how collection and identification of insects associated with human remains can distinguish between historical decomposition versus issues of modern curatorial concern. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd and Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. All rights reserved.

  13. La relación entre arte y política como un entramado : La poética de Edgardo Antonio Vigo

    Bugnone, Ana


    En este trabajo se analiza la relación entre arte y política a través de la poética del artista Edgardo Antonio Vigo en una época convulsionada en términos artísticos y políticos: las décadas de 1960 y 1970. Más que a un nexo en el que el contexto político determina y encuadra la politicidad del arte, se apela a una interpretación en la que esa vinculación es múltiple, compleja e inestable, lo que configura un entramado. Para ello se analizan tres zonas de su obra -la poesía visual, las accio...

  14. Andrés del Río, Antonio del Castillo y José G. Aguilera en el desarrollo de la ciencia mexicana del siglo XIX

    Uribe Salas, José Alfredo


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the intrinsic relation between education and science in the process of institutionalization of mineralogy and geology in nineteenth-century Mexico. It focuses on the intellectual leadership of three men of sciences in the modernization and professionalization of geology’s curricula. These were: Andrés Manuel del Río, Antonio del Castillo y José G. Aguilera. The work of these men represents the human foundation of the process of institutionalization and professionalization of Earth Sciences in Mexico: from the Royal Mining Seminar, to the Mining School and the National School of Engineering, to the National Institute of Geology, the latter the immediate antecedent of the modern Institute of Geology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM.

    En el artículo se analiza la relación intrínseca entre educación y ciencia en el proceso de institucionalización de la mineralogía y la geología en México del siglo XIX. Destacamos el liderazgo intelectual de tres hombres de ciencia que desempeñaron un esfuerzo articulador en la modernización de los planes de estudio y profesionalización de la geología mexicana. Ellos son: Andrés Manuel del Río, Antonio del Castillo y José G. Aguilera. El trabajo de estos tres hombres representa el soporte humano del proceso de institucionalización y profesionalización de las Ciencias de la Tierra, primero a través del Real Seminario de Minería, pasando por la Escuela de Minería y la Escuela Nacional de Ingenieros, para terminar en el Instituto de Geológico Nacional, antecedente directo del actual Instituto de Geología de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

  15. «Dios hará inquisición de vuestros juicios»: Antonio Enriquez Gómez' Search for Justice

    Rose, Constance H.


    Full Text Available One theme uniting the work of Antonio Enríquez Gómez (1600-1663, a Spanish Marrano who resided in France for many years, was his search for justice— personal, earthly and divine. By examining two of his plays and two treatises, above all the comically sardonic Inquisición de Lucifer y Visita de todos los diablos (n.d., a text recently discovered in Amsterdam, it is possible to see that this author bases his thesis, in part, on two geographical locations: «Peralvillo», which symbolizes the miscarriage of earthly justice, and «el valle de Josafá», where divine justice will prevail.

    Un tema que une la obra de Antonio Enriquez Gómez (1600-1663, un marrano español que vivió un largo exilio en Francia, es la búsqueda de la justicia: personal, terrestre y divina. Al examinar dos comedias y dos tratados suyos, sobre todo su Inquisición de Lucifer y Visita de todos los diablos (s. f., un texto recién descubierto en Amsterdam, se puede ver cómo el autor desarrolla su tesis empleando dos topónimos antitéticos: «Peralvillo», que muestra la falta de justicia en este mundo, y «el valle de Josafá», donde Jehová dispensará la justicia divina y castigará a los enemigos de su pueblo, el pueblo judío.

  16. The Problem of Longitude in the 18th Century: Jorge Juan, Antonio de Ulloa and the Expedition of the Paris Academy of Sciences to the Kingdom of Peru

    Gutiérrez, Manuel Pérez


    Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa, naval officers of the Spanish Navy in the Midshipmen's Royal Academy were appointed to take part in one of the most important scientific expeditions of the 18th century. The question of the shape of the Earth, of vital importance for navigation, was solved by the Paris Academy of Sciences by request of Louis XV of France in 1735. The aim was to determine the form of the ellipsoid that Newton had described in the 17th century for any spherical and homogeneous body in rotation about an axis. Two expeditions were prepared for the geodetic measures of meridian arc both in high latitudes (Lapland, Finland) and in the equatorial zone (the Kingdom of Peru); Pierre Louis Maupertuis took charge of the northern expedition whereas the second one was charged to La Condamine, along with Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa. The results obtained by the Spaniards were gathered in a publication: Observaciones astronómicas y físicas hechas en los Reinos del Perú. In it, they dedicate a chapter to the determination of astronomic longitude with the only technology that was providing certain precision at the moment: the simultaneous observation of the same astronomic phenomenon in two different places. Specifically, they explain in detail in Book III: Las Observaciones de la Inmersiones y Emersiones de los satélites de Júpiter, como asimismo de los eclipses de Luna; de las cuales de deduce la Longitud de los Lugares, incluyendo las correcciones a efectuar por la variación de la declinación diaria del Sol.

  17. Inserção de um hospital de grande porte na Rede de Urgências e Emergências da região Centro-Oeste

    Emanuelly Paulino Soares

    Full Text Available Em face da exigência de se configurar as redes de cuidados, este estudo qualitativo analisa a inserção de um hospital de grande porte na Rede de Atenção às Urgências e Emergências na região Centro-Oeste do Brasil utilizando dados secundários, análise documental e entrevistas semiestruturadas aplicadas aos gestores e profissionais que atuam no Centro de Trauma. Os resultados sugerem desconhecimento dos profissionais quanto à inserção do Hospital na rede; definição de fluxos e pactos incipiente; boas práticas na regulação pelo Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgências. Conclui-se que a inserção do Hospital acontece de forma lenta e depende da articulação dos vários níveis do Sistema Único de Saúde.

  18. Isolamento e caracterização de estirpes de Bacillus thuringiensis coletadas em solos do oeste baiano - doi: 10.5102/ucs.v7i2.999

    Lílian Botelho Praça


    Full Text Available A partir de 21 amostras de solos da região oeste da Bahia, foram isoladas nove estirpes de B. thuringiensis. As estirpes de B. thuringiensis foram testadas contra lagartas de Spodoptera frugiperda, Anticarsia gemmatalis, Plutella xylostella e Anthonomus grandis. Das nove estirpes, duas apresentaram efetividade, a S2183 contra S. frugiperda e a S2186 contra S. frugiperda, A. gemmatalis e P. xylostella. Com relação ao A. grandis, nenhuma das estirpes apresentou mortalidade acima de 70%. Estas estirpes foram submetidas à bioensaios para cálculo da CL50 e a caracterizações bioquímicas e moleculares. Em bioensaio, a S2183 não apresentou efetividade nas doses recomendadas contra os insetos testados e S2186 apresentou uma CL50 de 375 µg/mL apenas para P. xylostella. As estirpes apresentaram duas proteínas principais de 100 e 70 kDa. Somente S2186 apresentou produtos de PCR para o gene cry2 e cristais bipiramidais, apresentando-se semelhante ao padrão B. thuringiensis subespécie kurstaki.

  19. Entre a Especialização Produtiva e a Agroecologia: Estratégias de Reprodução Social de Agricultores familiares da Região Extremo Oeste Catarinense

    Adinor José Capellesso


    Full Text Available Este artigo analisa as estratégias de reprodução social de estabelecimentos familiares com o objetivo de avaliar suas formas de inserção nos mercados e possíveis implicações socioambientais. O estudo de caso contou com 37 entrevistas com produtores convencionais e orgânicos no Extremo Oeste Catarinense. Enquanto as criações integradas demandam especialização, a agroecologia orienta-se pela diversificação produtiva. Entre esses polos, a atividade leiteira apresenta elevada expressão social, mas com reconfigurações importantes em curso na sua relação com os mercados. A demanda por maior escala, necessária para manter-se nessa cadeia e obter melhores preços, expande o modelo produtivista de elevado uso de insumos, o qual subjuga a preservação ambiental e reduz a margem de manobra frente às oscilações de mercado e aos possíveis problemas sanitários. Nesse contexto, o Estado e as organizações representativas do setor podem: a assumir papel ativo, disputando a construção dos mercados; ou b aceitar o fatalismo da concentração excludente em curso.

  20. Alguns Comentários à Margem de um Artigo Relativo à Distribuição Espacial do Centro-Oeste na Questão do Milho e do Arroz

    José Manuel Carvalho Marta


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é discutir os aspectos econômico-culturais que determinam a produção do milho e do arroz na região Centro Oeste, considerando a cultura de abertura de lavouras temporárias. Utilizou-se o método histórico-analítico, considerando aspectos da interpretação antropológica de outros autores e a própria vivência do autor. O artigo procura mostrar a necessidade da pesquisa de campo regional em face da generalização estatística que omite aspectos importantes. Dessa maneira, mostra como a produção de milho se desenvolveu principalmente em Goiás, considerando os aspectos culturais decorrentes da origem da população. Ao mesmo tempo procura realçar a produção do arroz de sequeiro como “amansadora” das terras de Mato Grosso, no processo de abertura da fronteira do cerrado.