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  1. Community Effect of Alcoholism: A Photovoice Study in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. (United States)

    Rosenthal, Adrienne Isobel; Mayott, Lindsay; Lyons, Daniel Jack; Providence, Karen; Scott, Arlitha; Smart, Ynolde; Katz, Craig L


    The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Saint Vincent/Grenadines Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment have been collaborating since 2012 in addressing the plight of alcoholism in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). SVG is a middle-income country with few resources available for those who suffer from alcohol use disorders, and these efforts have centered on establishing and monitoring alcohol self-help groups based on the "Alcoholics Anonymous model" (AA model) in several communities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In the summer of 2014, the efforts evolved to include an in-depth investigation of the experience of members of self-help group members via the qualitative research method known as Photovoice. Photovoice is a community based participatory research method in which a set of research questions are explored qualitatively through photographs, interviews, and focus groups. In June 2014, a Photovoice project was established with the longest running self-help group on the island of Saint Vincent in the fishing community of Barrouallie. This project consisted of three rounds of photo-taking, individual interviews, and focus groups, and analysis of the data revealed a number of broad themes relevant to perceptions about the impact of problematic drinking and about drinkers themselves; about the applicability of the AA model in SVG; and about factors that may perpetuate or mitigate problem drinking. It was evident that current and recovering alcoholics believed that there were different types of drinkers who because of their gender, public drinking or tendency for violence could be labeled as "irresponsible." These findings suggest areas for future interventions and research in SVG.

  2. Education and Training in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: A Partially Annotated Bibliography


    Quamina-Aiyejina, Lynda


    This bibliography on “Education and Training in St. Vincent and the Grenadines” has been specifically prepared for the UWI School of Continuing Studies’ St. Vincent and the Grenadines Conference. It covers all aspects of education and training in St. Vincent and the Grenadines including: Academic achievement,economics of education, educational infrastructure, literacy and mathematics education.

  3. Piloting self-help groups for alcohol use disorders in Saint Vincent/Grenadines. (United States)

    Chen, Antonia; Smart, Ynolde; Morris-Patterson, Amrie; Katz, Craig L


    Although alcohol consumption is recognized as a global problem, little research to date explores treatment options for alcohol use disorders in developing nations. Given the scarce mental health resources available in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, community self-help programming for alcohol use disorders could potentially provide an important complement to the existing mental health services. The aim of this study was to gather baseline data on knowledge and attitudes toward alcohol consumption among community members, and subsequently, to pilot self-help rehabilitation programs for alcohol use disorders, while determining factors that affect the feasibility and sustainability of such programs. Focus groups were conducted in 3 communities to discuss community perceptions of alcohol use and the feasibility of self-help programs. Focus group findings guided the development and implementation of the self-help groups. A postintervention focus group was held to determine the effectiveness and community-wide effect of the self-help programs. Focus group participants agreed that alcohol consumption was a problem in Saint Vincent, leading to underage drinking and violence. Suggestions to encourage self-help meeting attendance included organizing group activities and providing visuals to illustrate alcohol's effects on health. Self-help group members were surveyed about their group experience. Of the 35 members surveyed, 77% said the group was very helpful, and 91% indicated that they would attend again. Postintervention focus group participants stated that individuals had reduced alcohol consumption after attending at least 1 self-help meeting. Elements that contributed to the sustainability of self-help groups included strong local leadership from district health nurses as well as willingness of participants to seek support. However, efforts need to be made to increase community awareness of alcohol use disorders and its associated dangers. Our results suggested self

  4. Health assessment of the ex situ population of St Vincent parrots (Amazona guildingii) in St Vincent and the Grenadines. (United States)

    Deem, Sharon L; Ladwig, Emily; Cray, Carolyn; Karesh, William B; Amato, George


    The St Vincent Amazon parrot (Amazona guildingii), listed as a CITES appendix I animal, is endemic only to the mainland of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Lesser Antilles. A health assessment that included physical examination, hematology, blood parasite evaluation, plasma biochemical analysis, plasma protein electrophoresis, level of exposure to selected infectious agents, and fecal parasites was performed in July 2002 on 37 (51%) of the parrots in the captive population in SVG. Clinical abnormalities noted in the 37 parrots included poor feathers, lipomas, abnormal choanal papillae, obesity, leg ulcers, respiratory abnormalities, cardiac abnormalities, seizure activity, old fractures, missing digits, skin disease associated with mites (Knemidokoptes species), oral granuloma, and a thin, friable beak. Only 7 of the birds were clinically normal on physical examination. Results of hematologic testing, plasma biochemical analysis, and plasma electrophoresis were not statistically different between female and male parrots. No blood parasites were found in any of the 32 samples examined. None of the 36 parrots evaluated had antibodies to the 12 infectious agents tested. Of the 21 fecal samples available, Capillaria species was detected in 1 bird. Findings from this study, in addition to nutritional, genetic, and husbandry evaluations, have been used to make recommendations to the Forestry Department of SVG for improvements in husbandry and veterinary care of this ex situ population.

  5. Five Years of Chinese World Trade Organization Negotiations and the Impact on Domestic Agriculture Market Liberalization (United States)


    Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Saint Kitts & Nevis , Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South...St Kitts and Nevis , St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania...Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis , St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname

  6. Increasing resilience to natural hazards through crowd-sourcing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines


    Mee, K.; Duncan, M. J.


    In this project we aim to demonstrate how volcanic environments exposed to multiple hazards tend to be characterised by a lack of relevant data available both in real time and over the longer term (e.g. months to years). This can be at least partially addressed by actively involving citizens, communities, scientists and other key stakeholders in the collection, analysis and sharing of observations, samples and measurements of changes in the environment. Such community monitoring a...

  7. The nutritional status of clinic attendees living with HIV/AIDS in St Vincent and the Grenadines. (United States)

    Burgin, J; Nichols, S; Dalrymple, N


    The purpose of this study was to assess nutritional status and dietary practices in persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). A case-control design was used. Cases consisted of 36 PLWHA. Controls consisted of 37 persons within the same age range from the general population. Participants filled out a questionnaire consisting of sociodemographic, dietary and health history items. In addition, they had weight, height, upper mid-arm circumference and triceps skinfold measured using standard procedure. Biochemical and clinical data for cases were extracted from their clinic file. HIV-positive persons had significantly lower mean weight, BMI, upper mid-arm circumferences, arm muscle area and arm fat area than persons in the control group. They were also less likely to use multivitamins, dietary supplements, fruit and vegetables than persons in the control group. Correlation coefficients between corrected arm muscle area (CAMA) and BMI and weight ranged from 0.67 to 0.74 in cases and 0.41 to 0.68 for the control group, respectively. Screening for depleted CD4 counts using gender specific CAMA cut-offs indicative of depleted arm muscle reserves resulted in 48% sensitivity and 100% specificity in identifying PLWHA with CD4 counts < 200 cells/microL. The findings suggest that PLWHA are at increased risk for poor intakes of fruits and vegetables and depleted lean body mass. In addition, CAMA along with other clinic measures might be useful in the identification of PLWHA who might be responding adequately to treatment.

  8. 78 FR 61444 - Request for Public Comments on the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act and the Caribbean Basin... (United States)


    ..., Saint Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago. Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines currently receive...

  9. African Journals Online: Saint Bartelemey

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saint Bartelemey, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia ...

  10. The Difficult Unity of the Mediterranean in the Works and Expeditions of Bory de Saint-Vincent (1778-1846

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cañete, Carlos


    Full Text Available For a long time consigned to oblivion, the figure of the soldier and naturalist Bory de Saint-Vincent has been during recent years the subject of a renewed but timid interest. This recovery is justified especially for his role as leader of the French missions in the Morea and Algeria, which replicated the military-scientific model that started in Egypt. Indeed, this leadership and the works of anthropology or botany that he produced as a result are now considered key elements in the process of construction of a modern unitary representation of the Mediterranean. These recent contributions, however, often do not consider other of his works that offer a much more complex and contradictory image of his thought. This article offers a review of recent interpretation by giving examples of his works on the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. It aims to show his representation of the Mediterranean not as a homogeneous and linear process but as the result of an ambivalent approach that led to both a unitary image and a simultaneous internal differentiation of the region.

    Durante largo tiempo relegada al olvido, la figura del militar y naturalista Bory de Saint-Vincent ha sido en los últimos años objeto de un renovado aunque tímido interés. Esta recuperación se justifica especialmente por su papel como líder de las misiones francesas en Morea y Argelia, que reprodujeron el modelo de expedición científico-militar planteado en Egipto. Precisamente, este liderazgo y los trabajos de antropología o botánica que él mismo llevó a cabo en dichas misiones se consideran actualmente como elementos fundamentales en el proceso de construcción de una moderna representación unitaria del Mediterráneo. Estas aportaciones recientes, sin embargo, no suelen considerar otros trabajos del militar-naturalista que ofrecen una imagen mucho más compleja y contradictoria de su pensamiento. En este artículo se ofrece una revisión de la reciente

  11. Abstract The 1997 Watercourses Convention is the first and the only ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 21, 1997 ... Eritrea, Fiji, Guinea, Lebanon, Mauritania, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palau, Saint Kitts &Nevis, Saint Lucia,. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Senegal, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tajikistan, The former. Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Zaire, Zimbabwe. 27 WOUTERS ...

  12. St Vincent Youth and Careers in Agriculture (United States)

    Webster, Nicole; Ganpat, Wayne


    Purpose: Given the ageing farming population in the Caribbean and the importance of agriculture to economy, there is cause for concern about the future of farming. This study seeks to explore the extent to which students pursuing agriculture in secondary schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) were likely to engage in farming as well as…

  13. An Evaluation of Maritime Policy in Meeting the Commercial and Security Needs of the United States (United States)


    Integration Association n.e.s. Martinique Montserrat Netherland Antiles Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Rest of South America n.e.s. Saint Kitts and... Nevis Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Suriname Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Islands Uruguay Venezuela Virgin Islands (British...Africa n.e.s. Oman Other Africa n.e.s. Qatar Reunion Rwanda Saint Helena Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Seychelles Sierra Lione

  14. Vincent van Gogh and the thujone connection. (United States)

    Arnold, W N


    During his last two years Vincent van Gogh experienced fits with hallucinations that have been attributed to a congenital psychosis. But the artist admitted to episodes of heavy drinking that were amply confirmed by colleagues and there is good evidence to indicate that addiction to absinthe exacerbated his illness. Absinthe was distilled from an alcoholic steep of herbs. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) was the most significant constituent because it contributed thujone. This terpene can cause excitation, convulsions that mimic epilepsy, and even permanent brain damage. Statements in van Gogh's letters and from his friends indicate that he had an affinity for substances with a chemical connection to thujone; the documented examples are camphor and pinene. Perhaps he developed an abnormal craving for terpenes, a sort of pica, that would explain his attempts to eat paints and so on, which were previously regarded as unrelated absurdities.

  15. Thorea violacea Bory de Saint-Vincent (Thoreaceae, Rhodophyceae: en una surgencia del Marjal Pego-Oliva, Comunidad Valenciana. Nueva cita para la flora algal española

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Egidos, Ana Isabel


    Full Text Available Thorea violacea Bory de Saint-Vincent is reported for the first time for Spanish continental algal flora in a saline spring from "Marjal" of Oliva-Pego (Valencia Community. Morphological and ecological data of the material collected are presented.Se realiza un estudio morfológico y ecológico de Thorea violacea Bory de Saint-Vincent, recolectada por primera vez para la flora algal continental española en una surgencia salina del Marjal de Pego-Oliva, en la Comunidad Valenciana.

  16. The wing of madness: the illness of Vincent van Gogh. (United States)

    Morrant, J C


    This paper briefly describes some aspects of Vincent van Gogh's life and attitudes. It discusses absinthe and several psychodynamic factors that may have contributed to his psychotic episodes at Arles, when he cut off his ear. It discusses Vincent's descriptions of his illness, especially at Saint Rémy de Provence and concludes that he probably suffered from partial complex seizures (temporal lobe epilepsy) with manic depressive mood swings aggravated by absinthe, brandy, nicotine and turpentine.

  17. Saint Sebastian and the Black Death. (United States)

    Gelpi, A P


    The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian is one of the most enduring themes in Western religious art. The execution scene so often portrayed - with the Saint transfixed with arrows - is based on the legend about his life and death during the reign of the Roman emperor, Diocletian. However, it is the symbolic association of arrows with the Black Death - during the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance - which identifies Sebastian as the patron saint of plague victims. After more than four centuries of recurrent epidemics, the plague died out in Europe; but the image of St. Sebastian continued to inspire artists until the end of the 19th century.

  18. Mercury and Selenium Concentrations in Fishes of the St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — From February 16 to May 6, 1988, sixteen largemouth bass, fifteen bluegill, and thirteen brown bullhead, were collected from three fresh water ponds at St. Vincent...

  19. Notes from the field: chikungunya virus spreads in the Americas - Caribbean and South America, 2013-2014. (United States)

    Fischer, Marc; Staples, J Erin


    In December 2013, the World Health Organization reported the first local transmission of chikungunya virus in the Western Hemisphere, with autochthonous cases identified in Saint Martin. Since then, local transmission has been identified in 17 countries or territories in the Caribbean or South America (Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Sint Maarten). As of May 30, 2014, a total of 103,018 suspected and 4,406 laboratory-confirmed chikungunya cases had been reported from these areas. The number of reported cases nearly doubled during the previous 2 weeks. More than 95% of the cases have been reported from five jurisdictions: Dominican Republic (38,656 cases), Martinique (30,715), Guadeloupe (24,428), Haiti (6,318), and Saint Martin (4,113). The highest incidences have been reported from Saint Martin (115 cases per 1,000 population), Martinique (76 per 1,000), Saint Barthelemy (74 per 1,000), and Guadeloupe (52 per 1,000). Further expansion of these outbreaks and spread to other countries in the region is likely.

  20. Improving Disability Care in Countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America. (United States)

    Portuondo-Sao, Miriam; Cobas-Ruiz, Marcia; Zacca-Peña, Eduardo; Lantigua-Cruz, Araceli; López-García, Josefina; Boligán-Jomarrón, Yosnel; Leyva-Serrano, Martiza; Herrera-Armenteros, Anorys; Morales-Suárez, Ileana R


    Persons with disabilities constitute one of the most vulnerable groups in every society; their identification, assessment and care present a major challenge. In 2001-2003, Cuba conducted the first comprehensive national study of persons with disabilities in the Americas. In 2007-2010, the study was replicated in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela, at their governments' request. Study results have enabled implementation of strategies with substancial impact on human health in these countries. In response to it, more than a million medical consultations were provided by professionals whose specialties are lacking in the participating countries, including 139,772 clinical genetic consultations. Once each country's needs were identified, Cuba provided technical assistance with equipment supplied by Venezuela. The study led to development of public policies and programs for disability prevention and care of disabled persons in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and the opening of the National Medical Genetics Center and orthotic and prosthetic laboratories in Venezuela, and rehabilitation centers in Bolivia. KEYWORDS Disability, epidemiology, health services research, needs assessment, human resources, workforce, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Venezuela.

  1. Antigua und Barbados. - Belize. - Saint Christopher (Kitts) und Nevis. - Saint Vincent und die Grenadinen. - Von Großbritannien abhängige Territorien


    Will, Cornelia


    Antigua und Barbados. - Belize. - Saint Christopher (Kitts) und Nevis. - Saint Vincent und die Grenadinen. - Von Großbritannien abhängige Territorien / Rainer- Olaf Schultze ; Cornelia Will. - In: Politisches Lexikon Lateinamerika / hrsg. von Peter Waldmann ... - 3., neubearb. Aufl. - München : Beck, 1992. - S. 14-16, 43-47, 276-279, 283-286, 338-352. - (Beck´sche Reihe ; 845 : Aktuelle Länderkunden)

  2. Survey of the Oyster Regions of St. Vincent Sound, Apalachicola Bay, and St. George Sound, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — An oyster survey was conducted at St. Vincent Sound and St. George Sound in1896, and the results of the survey are presented in this report. The object of the survey...

  3. A family nurse practitioner program for primary health care in the eastern Caribbean. (United States)

    McDowell, H


    In 1980, under the sponsorship of 7 Commonwealth Caribbean governments, a program to train family nurse practitioners was initiated on St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Trainees from Antigua/Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts/Nevis, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were admitted to the program; these trainees were already district nurse/midwives in their home countries. The program's aim was to provide a mixture of classroom and clinical experience that would prepare the trainees for assuming an expanded role in the delivery of primary health care--a role including certain types of work traditionally performed by physicians. In all, the program provided 10 months of training on St. Vincent and the Grenadines followed by a 6-month internship period in the trainee's home country. As of July 1983, a total of 35 students had successfully completed the prescribed program of 10 months training, and all but 2 had been assigned to primary care settings in their home countries. Most of these graduated found that the job of interpreting their new roles to their communities and other health team members proved a challenge. However, the general level of their acceptance tended to improve once the internship phase terminated, so that by now a majority of the new family nurse practitioners have been well integrated into their countries' health systems. Indeed, it seems clear that the family nurse practitioner training program, designed to help with the improvement of primary health care services in the Commonwealth Caribbean, has come to play a key role in that important undertaking.

  4. St. Vincent Island : Then and Now (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report captures the memories and observations of Charles F. Marks, Jr. who lived on St. Vincent Island as a child. He recalls what it was like growing up on the...

  5. Tracing the Evolution of Florida's St. Vincent Island (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a history of St. Vincent Island, up to the year that it was bought by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. St. Vincent Island is a natural barrier island...

  6. Groundwater quality at Alabama Plating and Vincent Spring, Vincent, Alabama, 2007–2008 (United States)

    Bradley, Michael W.; Gill, Amy C.


    The former Alabama Plating site in Vincent, Alabama, includes the location where the Alabama Plating Company operated an electroplating facility from 1956 until 1986. The operation of the facility generated waste containing cyanide, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, zinc, and other heavy metals. Contamination resulting from the site operations was identified in groundwater, soil, and sediment. Vincent Spring, used as a public water supply by the city of Vincent, Alabama, is located about ½ mile southwest of the site. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, conducted an investigation at Vincent Spring and the Alabama Plating site, Vincent, Alabama, during 2007–2008 to evaluate the groundwater quality and evaluate the potential effect of contaminated groundwater on the water quality of Vincent Spring. The results of the investigation will provide scientific data and information on the occurrence, fate, and transport of contaminants in the water resources of the area and aid in the evaluation of the vulnerability of the public water supply to contamination. Samples were analyzed to evaluate the water quality at the former plating site, investigate the presence of possible contaminant indicators at Vincent Spring, and determine the usefulness of stable isotopes and geochemical properties in understanding groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the area. Samples collected from 16 monitor wells near the plating site and Vincent Spring were analyzed for major constituents, trace metals, nutrients, and the stable isotopes for hydrogen (2H/H) and oxygen (18O/16O). Groundwater collected from Vincent Spring was characterized as a calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate water type with total dissolved solids concentrations ranging from 110 to 120 milligrams per liter and pH ranging from about 7.5 to 7.9 units. Groundwater chemistry at the monitor wells at the Alabama Plating site was highly variable by location and depth

  7. [Drugs and poisons in the life of Vincent van Gogh]. (United States)

    Berggren, L


    Van Gogh was during his last years exposed to several potentially toxic substances such as; bromides, lead, camphor and terpene oils in absinthe liquor. All of them produce signs of toxicity which are similar to the symptoms known from van Gogh's attacks of illness; hallucinations, confusion, delirium, convulsions and agitation. However, the many interpretations of van Gogh's illness and state of mind have in most cases not taken into account the possible influence of toxic chemicals.

  8. Environmental contaminants in fish and sediments, St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Sediments from three ponds on St. Vincent Island and ten stations on Pig Island, both in the St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge were analyzed for metals,...

  9. The Saint Filaret and Blissed Augustine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khondzinskii Pavel, archpriest


    Full Text Available The unique place which holds St. Augustine in the Western tradition make us to pay attention to the reception of his heritage in the Russian theology, that was sometimes so close to the western one. That why we examine the correlation between his ideas and the thought of the famous Russian theologian St. Philaret of Moscow. There we provide the correlation in thiadology, ecclesiology, in the doctrine of the pure love, in the relation to the grace and freedom. Our research let us to conclude that the correlation between these saint fathers was a rather complex phenomena. But we can witness that St. Augustine’s theology influenced St. Philaret. In the domain of triadology Augustine serves as a basis for his own thought. In the Doctrine of the Grace St. Philaret retain the “anthropological pessimism” characteristic for St. Augustine but tends to avoid the extremity of his position. St. Philaret also softens Augustine’s doctrine of the “pure love” and concentrates on the suffering as a testimony of its unselfi shness. The closest point in their heritage is a doctrine of the boarders of the Church, but St. Philaret uses different argumentation while defends the same theses. We may interpret their acknowledgement of these theses (with different argumentation as an evidence of its truly patristic character.

  10. The Burning Saints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xygalatas, Dimitris

    of the Greek fire-walking rituals. As a cognitive ethnography, the book aims to identify the social, psychological and neurobiological factors which may be involved and to explore the role of emotional and physiological arousal in the performance of such ritual. A study of participation, experience and meaning......The Anastenaria are Orthodox Christians in Northern Greece who observe a unique annual ritual cycle focused on two festivals, dedicated to Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. The festivals involve processions, music, dancing, animal sacrifices, and culminate in an electrifying fire-walking ritual...

  11. Potential Use of Hydrogen as a Defense Logistics Fuel - Revision 1 (United States)


    Saint Kitts and Nevis Bermuda Hong Kong Saint Lucia Bhutan Iceland Saint Pierre and Miquelon Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Saint Vincent/Grenadines...Barbuda Guam Paraguay Armenia Guinea Portugal Aruba Guinea-Bissau Puerto Rico Bahamas, The Guyana Reunion Belgium Haiti Saint Helena Belize Honduras

  12. Physician and miracle worker. The cult of Saint Sampson the Xenodochos and his images in eastern Orthodox medieval painting


    Starodubcev Tatjana


    Saint Sampson, whose feast is celebrated on June 27, was depicted among holy physicians. However, his images were not frequent. He was usually accompanied with Saint Mokios (in Saint Sophia in Kiev, the Transfiguration church in the Mirozh monastery and the church of the Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple in the monastery of Saint Euphrosyne; possibly also in Saint Panteleimon in Nerezi and Saint Demetrios in the village of Aiani near Kozani; fur...

  13. Department of the Interior Final Environmental Assessment: Continuation of Big and Upland Game Hunting and the Initiation of Sambar Deer Hunting on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) proposes to continue upland and big game hunting and to initiate public hunting of the sambar deer on St. Vincent...

  14. Project Proposal : Assessment of the Impact of Road Construction and Other Improvements on Surface Water Flow at St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Road construction has altered land surface topography on the St. Vincent Island, affecting the natural flow of water. The affects of this construction will need to...

  15. Saints and Sainthood

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bandak, Andreas


    Saints are central for personal devotion, as intercessors and mediators between humanity and God, and as models for emulation. Relationships with and images of saints and holy figures are by no means fixed, but have developed, mirrored and challenged different times and cultures. Sainthood is a p...

  16. Terpene-induced porphyria and the illness of Vincent van Gogh

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lambrecht, R.; Cable, E.; Cable, J.; Clements, E.; Donohue, S.; Greene, Y.; Srivastava, K.; Arnold, W.; Bonkovsky, H. (Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester (United States) Univ. of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City (United States))


    Vincent van Gogh suffered from recurrent bouts of an illness that may have been acute porphyria and abused camphor and alcohol, the latter particularly in the form of absinthe, a liqueur distilled from wormwood that was popular in 19th C France. To learn whether camphor or terpenes found in absinthe are porphyrogenic, the authors studied them in cultures of chick embryo liver cells. All were found to be porphyrogenic, especially in the presence of deferoxamine. The terpenes also induced the activity and protein amount of 5-aminolevulinate synthase and heme oxygenase, and induced activities of benzphetamine demethylase. The degree of porphyrin and enzyme induction produced by 1mM camphor was similar to that produced by 50uM glutethimide, a potent porphyrogen. Potency of pinene and thujone were lower. Camphor and glutethimide both produced accumulations of 8- and 7-COOH porphyrins, whereas pinene and thujone produced 4- and 2-COOH porphyrin accumulation. The authors conclude that camphor, pinen and thujone are porphyrogenic, cable of exacerbating acute porphyria, and may have done so in van Gogh.

  17. Synthetic PGV and PGA values for the 1969 St. Vincent Cape earthquake Ms=8.1. (United States)

    Buforn, E.; Pro, C.; Borges, J.; Oliveira, C. S.; Carranza, M.; Udias, A.; Martinez Solares, J. M.; Gomis-Moreno, A.; Mattesini, M.


    The Cape St. Vincent region is of great seismological interest due to its tectonic complexity and the occurrence of the great 1755 Lisbon earthquake. This earthquake can repeat with catastrophic consequences. The last large shock occurred in this area on 28 February 1969 (Ms=8.1) was recorded by analogical instruments which are completely saturated. The lack of large earthquakes recorded by BB instruments limit the possibilities of seismic hazard studies in this region. In order to solve this problem, we have generated synthetic seismograms at regional distances for recent and well studied earthquakes occurred in this region, such as the 2007 (Mw=5.9) or the 2009 (Mw=5.5) events. This allows testing the earth model used for synthetic data and to generate synthetic records at regional distances for larger earthquakes. We have generated synthetic PGA values for 1969 earthquake and check them with the PGA value observed at a site of Lisbon. From the PGV values and using the empirical relations developed by Carranza et al. (2013) we obtain the predicted instrumental intensity IMM using the Wald et al (1999) relations . Comparison of them with the observed intensities for the 1969 earthquake in the Iberian Peninsula allows to validate this relation for large earthquakes at the region.

  18. The church Saint-Symphorien in Nuits-Saint-Georges. An architectural and decorative syncretism, ca 1220-1240

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvain Demarthe


    Full Text Available Saint Symphorian’s church in Nuits-Saint-Georges (Burgundy, which dates from near 1220-1240, is situated during the transition of two architectural styles and attests a local but rather backward-looking Cistercian legacy that some Gothic urban and more innovative elements modernize. Moreover the church takes part, for the same reasons as those in Agencourt, Gerland and Prissey, in the surprising wave of reconstructions which denotes among others the important economic development of the country of Cîteaux at the beginning of the 13th century.

  19. African Journals Online: Papua New Guinea

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, State of, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saint Bartelemey, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia ...

  20. Neuroanatomical Interpretation of the Painting Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. (United States)

    Richardson, Bradford A; Rusyniak, Alexandra M; Rusyniak, W George; Rodning, Charles B


    Gogh, Vincent Van (1853-1890). The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889. Oil on canvas, 29 × 36 1/4″ (73.7 × 92.1 cm). Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest. The Museum of Modern Art. Digital Image © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY. Copyright © 2017 by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

  1. The illness of Vincent van Gogh. (United States)

    Blumer, Dietrich


    Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) had an eccentric personality and unstable moods, suffered from recurrent psychotic episodes during the last 2 years of his extraordinary life, and committed suicide at the age of 37. Despite limited evidence, well over 150 physicians have ventured a perplexing variety of diagnoses of his illness. Henri Gastaut, in a study of the artist's life and medical history published in 1956, identified van Gogh's major illness during the last 2 years of his life as temporal lobe epilepsy precipitated by the use of absinthe in the presence of an early limbic lesion. In essence, Gastaut confirmed the diagnosis originally made by the French physicians who had treated van Gogh. However, van Gogh had earlier suffered two distinct episodes of reactive depression, and there are clearly bipolar aspects to his history. Both episodes of depression were followed by sustained periods of increasingly high energy and enthusiasm, first as an evangelist and then as an artist. The highlights of van Gogh's life and letters are reviewed and discussed in an effort toward better understanding of the complexity of his illness.

  2. The neuropsychiatric ailment of Vincent Van Gogh. (United States)

    Bhattacharyya, Kalyan B; Rai, Saurabh


    Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated creative artists of all time. All his life, he was afflicted by some kind of neurological or psychiatric disorder, which remains a mystery even today. Many historians and his personal physicians believe that he suffered from epilepsy while others felt that he was affected by Ménière's disease. Features such as hypergraphia, atypical sexuality, and viscosity of thinking suggest the possibility of Gastaut-Geschwind phenomenon, a known complication of complex partial seizure. On the contrary, some historians feel that he was forced to sever his right ear in order to get relief from troublesome tinnitus, a complication of Ménière's disease. He was addicted to the liquor absinthe, which is known to lead to xanthopsia, and many authorities argue that this was the reason for his penchant for the deep and bright yellow color in many of his paintings. Others have suggested the possibility of bipolar disorder, sunstroke, acute intermittent porphyria, and digitalis toxicity as well.

  3. The neuropsychiatric ailment of Vincent Van Gogh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kalyan B Bhattacharyya


    Full Text Available Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated creative artists of all time. All his life, he was afflicted by some kind of neurological or psychiatric disorder, which remains a mystery even today. Many historians and his personal physicians believe that he suffered from epilepsy while others felt that he was affected by Ménière′s disease. Features such as hypergraphia, atypical sexuality, and viscosity of thinking suggest the possibility of Gastaut-Geschwind phenomenon, a known complication of complex partial seizure. On the contrary, some historians feel that he was forced to sever his right ear in order to get relief from troublesome tinnitus, a complication of Ménière′s disease. He was addicted to the liquor absinthe, which is known to lead to xanthopsia, and many authorities argue that this was the reason for his penchant for the deep and bright yellow color in many of his paintings. Others have suggested the possibility of bipolar disorder, sunstroke, acute intermittent porphyria, and digitalis toxicity as well.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Voropaev V. A.


    Full Text Available The article tells the history of St. Nicholas Church in Dykanka and its holy image of Saint Nicholas, examines some details of the Gogol family life, the legend of Maria Gogol-Yanovskaya's marriage and her oath in front of the Holy Saint icon.



    Voropaev V. A.


    The article tells the history of St. Nicholas Church in Dykanka and its holy image of Saint Nicholas, examines some details of the Gogol family life, the legend of Maria Gogol-Yanovskaya's marriage and her oath in front of the Holy Saint icon.

  6. Oral Hygiene and Handwashing Practices among Middle School Students in 15 Latin American and Caribbean Countries. (United States)

    McKittrick, T R; Jacobsen, K H


    To examine the relationship between infrequent toothbrushing and infrequent handwashing among middle school students from 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay). A secondary analysis was done of nationally-representative data from 33 174 middle school students who participated in the Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS) between 2006 and 2011. In all 15 countries, the association between rarely brushing or cleaning teeth and rarely handwashing after using the toilet was significant for both boys and girls. The pooled odds ratio for this association was 6.7 (5.8, 7.7). Healthcare providers who notice signs of poor dental hygiene or infrequent bathing in adolescents should consider providing comprehensive hygiene education to their patients, since infrequent oral and body hygiene behaviours tend to co-exist and both are threats to health.

  7. Occurrences of whale shark (Rhincodon typus Smith, 1828 in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    FHV. Hazin

    Full Text Available The Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago in the central tropical Atlantic, is an important ground of whale sharks that are commonly sighted throughout the year close to the fishing boats in the adjacencies of the islands. In sightings reported between February 2000 and November 2005, the lengths of the individuals ranged between 1.8 to 14.0 m. The causes of these concentrations in the archipelago are still unclear, once there are no upwellings and plankton concentrations for feeding, and no reproductive activities were reported. Nevertheless, they could be associated to the spawning period of the abundant flying fishes, mainly in the first semester, when sightings were more frequent.

  8. African Journals Online: Syrian Arab Republic

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  9. African Journals Online: El Salvador

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  10. African Journals Online: Central African Republic

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  11. African Journals Online: Costa Rica

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  12. African Journals Online: Comoros

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  13. African Journals Online: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  14. African Journals Online: Northern Mariana Islands

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Self-Pay, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain ...

  15. EAARL-B Submerged Topography - Saint Croix and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2014 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Binary point-cloud data for part of the submerged environs of Saint Croix and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, were produced from remotely sensed, geographically...

  16. Deficiência e autodeterminação humana: compaixão e insensibilidade no caso Vincent Humbert Human handicap and self-determination: compassion and insensibility in the Vincent Humbert case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ray Pereira


    Full Text Available Discute a questão da autodeterminação de pessoas com deficiência, sem comprometimento das funções cognitivas. Traz como pano de fundo a história de Vincent Humbert, francês de 22 anos que ficou tetraplégico, cego e mudo após um acidente automobilístico. O sofrimento intenso do rapaz durou vários meses, resultando em insistente pedido de eutanásia aos médicos e à sua mãe. A morte de Humbert, após uma tentativa frustrada de eutanásia praticada pela mãe, reabre a polêmica em torno da eutanásia e do suicídio assistido. Partindo desse contexto, apresenta aspectos históricos da deficiência e analisa criticamente a autonomia e a eutanásia de Humbert.This work has the objective of discussing human self-determination among handicapped people with unaffected cognitive functions. The background for the article is the history of 22 year-old Vincent Humbert, who became tetraplegic, blind and speech-impaired after a car accident. The young man intense suffering lasted for several months and resulted in an insistent request for euthanasia to his mother. Humbert's death, after his mother's unsuccessful effort to conduct the euthanasia, restates the polemics concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide. In this context, the article presents historical aspects of human handicap and critically analyzes Humbert's autonomy and euthanasia.

  17. Reef communities of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul\\'s Archipelago across an euphotic-mesophotic depth gradient (0-90 m)


    Marcos Rogerio Rosa


    This thesis focuses on the investigation of reef communities of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul´s Archipelago (SPSPA) across an euphotic/mesophotic depth gradient. Sampling was performed on shallow and mesophotic areas (0 to 90 m depth) using SCUBA and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The present work is composed of four chapters: Chapter 1 deals with the quantitative assessment of reef fish communities, which were divided in three distinct communities associated with different depth strata....

  18. Probing the Practicality of Sustained Yield Cropping of St. Vincent Island's Raccoon Population (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Predation by raccoons on nests of sea turtles on St. Vincent Island has long been noted. This destruction probably plays an important role in slowing the recovery of...

  19. Who is Jesus Christ for the Ruthenian and Russian Saints? A Theological Exploration of St Dimitry Rostovsky’s The Lives of the Saints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krzysztof Leśniewski


    Full Text Available Christian hagiography reveals not only the facts of life of individual saints, but first of all, it is a description of theexperience of God loving mankind. From the beginning of Christianity, of great importance in building faith, hope andlove had had stories about those believers who responded with a particular radicalism for the prevenient love of God inthe Trinity of Persons. These stories have been written in various forms of literature.Author in the introductory part of the article introduces into the lives of the saints and their role in the Ruthenian andRussian Orthodoxy. Essentially he focuses on presenting The Menaia edited by St Dimitry Rostovski. This book waspublished in the years 1711 to 1718 in Old Church Slavonic. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it has been rewrittenand translated into Russian. This monumental work appeared in the years 1903-1911 under the title The Lives of theSaints. It has been a rich source of information for researchers from many disciplines.From a theological point of view, the author studied The Lives of the Saints in order to find direct references to theperson and teaching of Jesus Christ. For this purpose, he analyzed quotations from the New Testament, especially fromthe Gospel, referring directly to the Person and teaching of Jesus Christ, as well as the prayers addressed to Him. In hisanalysis, he searched for answers to the questions: Who is Jesus Christ for the Ruthenian and Russian saints, and whatkind of His images predominate in The Lives of the Saints.The first part of the article, on the basis of source texts, indicates personal qualities of Jesus Christ. The Savior hasbeen experienced by the Ruthenian and Russian saints as God who is close to man, the blessed King, the best Lord, theComforter of the crying, the Light, the merciful God, and the Foundation of all good. The image of Christ as sinless,innocent suffering and merciful shines especially in the devotion of Saints Passion

  20. A. Balasopoulos on Vincent Geoghegan’s Utopianism and Marxism.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Vincent Geoghegan, Utopianism and Marxism. Oxford et al: Peter Lang, 2008. pp. 189. ISBN: 3039101374In his contribution to Lenin Reloaded: Toward a Politics of Truth, Alain Badiou forcefully argues that the century, “between 1917 and the end of the 1970s, is not at all a century of ideologies, or the imaginary or of utopias, as the liberals would have it today. Its subjective determination is Leninist. It is the passion of the real, of what is immediately practicable, here and now.” These wo...

  1. Edmund Vincent Cowdry and the making of gerontology as a multidisciplinary scientific field in the United States. (United States)

    Park, Hyung Wook


    The Canadian-American biologist Edmund Vincent Cowdry played an important role in the birth and development of the science of aging, gerontology. In particular, he contributed to the growth of gerontology as a multidisciplinary scientific field in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. With the support of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, he organized the first scientific conference on aging at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where scientists from various fields gathered to discuss aging as a scientific research topic. He also edited Problems of Ageing (1939), the first handbook on the current state of aging research, to which specialists from diverse disciplines contributed. The authors of this book eventually formed the Gerontological Society in 1945 as a multidisciplinary scientific organization, and some of its members, under Cowdry's leadership, formed the International Association of Gerontology in 1950. This article historically traces this development by focusing on Cowdry's ideas and activities. I argue that the social and economic turmoil during the Great Depression along with Cowdry's training and experience as a biologist--cytologist in particular--and as a textbook editor became an important basis of his efforts to construct gerontology in this direction.

  2. Flora and Field Guide References Supporting All U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Regional Supplements (United States)


    Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saba, St. Barts, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Martin , St. Vincent and The Grenadines...M., and S. C. Lindstrom . 2000. North Pacific Seaweeds. Auke Bay, AK: Plant Press. Pratt, V. E. 1991. Wildflowers along the Alaska Highway from...Flora of Texas. Renner, TX: Texas Research Foundation. Volume 1. 1966. Volume 2. 1969. Volume 3. 1961. Martin , W. C., and C. R. Hutchins. 1980

  3. The Kotor (Cattaro Minor council and the Saint Trinity church

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sindik Dušan I.


    Full Text Available The location called Trinity is situated nearby Kotor (Cattaro, and was most probably named after the Saint Trinity Church, built at the same place. The church does not exist any more. Several documents regarding that church have been kept. One of them, written in September 1476, is subject of analysis of this contribution. As it happened, instead of a priest died in May of the same year, the church was taken care by the Minor Council upon the suggestion of the city of Kotor. The election of the same priest was performed in the Minor Council, upon suggestion of the two electors, by secret voting of all members of the Council. It seems the document to be the only one from the Archive of Kotor (today kept in the State Archive of Zadar, in which has been described the voting in the Minor Council, with presences of the two members of Council, who had voted with the golden balls (balotta aurea electionis. As it is possible to see from this case, as well as from the other documents kept in the city archives along the eastern Adriatic Coast, their role was to suggest personalities for important city duties. It is also possible to see from the document that the Minor Council of the Kotor Municipality had separated a book in which the records for the sessions or at least decisions of the Council was registered. The second interesting thing in this document is the name of the deceased priest. His name was don Matej Ćurilica, which should be understood as a nickname, given because of that he had probably served upon the Roman ritual, but in Slavic language, from the books written in Cyrillic or Glagolitic alphabet. The first name for the Glagolitic alphabet was kjurilica. There are strong reasons for presumptions that still in the first half of the 12th century the Glagolitic alphabet was in use in the regions southeast from Dubrovnik.

  4. Ecological Notes On The Floristic Composition And Endemic Species Of Saint Catherine Mountains, South Sinai, Egypt


    Moustafa, Abdel-Raouf A. [عبد الرؤوف عبد الرحمن مصطفى; Kamel, Wafaa M.


    The present study is aimed at (1) giving complete list of all plant speciec growing in Saint Catherine mountains, (2) studying the relationship between species number and the amount of precipitation at the time of study (1992 -1994), and (3) reporting on the geographical distribution of the ten most endangered and endemic species in the study area. Presence / absence tests were applied to forty-five stands distributed in Saint Catherine mountains. Distribution and ecological data (including a...

  5. Prospecting Anticancer Compounds in Actinomycetes Recovered from the Sediments of Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Archipelago, Brazil. (United States)

    Ferreira, Elthon G; Torres, Maria da Conceição M; da Silva, Alison B; Colares, Larissa L F; Pires, Karine; Lotufo, Tito M C; Silveira, Edilberto R; Pessoa, Otília D L; Costa-Lotufo, Leticia V; Jimenez, Paula C


    Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Archipelago is a collection of 15 islets and rocks remotely located in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean. In this particular site, the present project intended to assess the biodiversity and biotechnological potential of bacteria from the actinomycete group. This study presents the first results of this assessment. From 21 sediment samples, 268 strains were isolated and codified as BRA followed by three numbers. Of those, 94 strains were grown in liquid media and submitted to chemical extractions with AcOEt (A), BuOH (B), and MeOH (M). A total of 224 extracts were screened for their cytotoxic activity and 41 were significantly active against HCT-116 cancer cells. The obtained IC50 values ranged from 0.04 to 31.55 μg/ml. The HR-LC/MS dereplication analysis of the active extracts showed the occurrence of several known anticancer compounds. Individual compounds, identified using HR-MS combined with analysis of the AntiMarin database, included saliniketals A and B, piericidins A and C and glucopiericidin A, staurosporine, N-methylstaurosporine, hydroxydimethyl-staurosporine and N-carbamoylstaurosporine, salinisporamycin A, and rifamycins S and B. BRA-199, identified as Streptomyces sp., was submitted to bioassay-guided fractionation, leading to isolation of the bioactive piericidins A and C, glucopiericidin, and three known diketopiperazines, cyclo(l-Phe-trans-4-OH-l-Pro), cyclo(l-Phe-l-Pro), and cyclo(l-Trp-l-Pro). © 2016 Wiley-VHCA AG, Zürich.

  6. [Significance of the fusospirillum complex (Plaut-Vincent angina)]. (United States)

    Van Cauwenberge, P


    The results are discussed of a retrospective study of 126 patients by whom an excess of the fusospirochaetal complex was found by direct microscopic examination of tonsillar material. These bacteria are not only found in unilateral ulcero-necrotic tonsillitis, but also in different other tonsillar and general diseases. Vincent's angina appears almost exclusively in young persons, aged from 16 to 25 years; in the adolescence (16-20 years) it forms about 40% of all cases of acute tonsillitis. The fusospirochaetal complex is also often found in chronic tonsillitis and even in morfologically normal tonsils, especially in patients with general diseases like rheumatic arthritis. In one third of the patients with infectious mononucleosis, the complex is present in the tonsillar lesions. The occurrence of Vincent's angina is double as high in women than in men. From our assessments we can conclude that the fusospirochaetal complex has a very low pathogenity, and that it only can grow in patients with a reduced local or general resistance, even without causing local lesions.

  7. Flow characteristics past jellyfish and St. Vincent valves in the aortic position under physiological pulsatile flow conditions. (United States)

    Morsi, Y S; Sakhaeimanesh, A A


    Thrombus formation and hemolysis have been linked to the dynamic flow characteristics of heart valve prostheses. To enhance our understanding of the flow characteristics past the aortic position of a Jellyfish (JF) valve in the left ventricle, in vitro laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) measurements were carried out under physiological pulsatile flow conditions. The hemodynamic performance of the JF valve was then compared with that of the St. Vincent (SV) valve. The comparison was given in terms of mean systolic pressure drop, back flow energy losses, flow velocity, and shear stresses at various locations downstream of both valves and at cardiac outputs of 3.5 L/min, 4.5 L/min, and 6.5 L/min respectively. The results indicated that both valves created disturbed flow fields with elevated levels of turbulent shear stress as well as higher levels of turbulence in the immediate vicinity of the valve and up to 1 diameter of the pipe (D) downstream of the valve. At a location further downstream, the JF valve showed better flow characteristics than the SV in terms of velocity profiles and turbulent shear stresses. The closure volume of the SV valve was found to be 2.5 times higher than that of the JF valve. Moreover, the total back flow losses and mean systolic pressure drop also were found to be higher in the SV than the JF valve.

  8. Les couleurs de Moscou et de Saint-Pétersbourg The colours of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréi Éfimov


    Full Text Available Moscou et Saint-Pétersbourg ont connu une évolution chromatique similaire mais les différences en matière de plan, d’urbanisme et d’influences culturelles, et leurs rôles alternés de capitale ont déterminé leurs particularités chromatiques propres. Le Moscou en bois du xiiie siècle s’est enrichi d’un ensemble de cathédrales blanches aux coupoles dorées entourées par la muraille en brique rouge du Kremlin. Le style baroque a introduit dans l’architecture de Moscou et de Saint-Pétersbourg les couleurs bleu foncé, orange et verte. À l’époque du classicisme, on utilisait la palette officielle de teintes pastel à dominante ocre. L’achromatisme devient ensuite un trait distinctif de l’éclectisme en Russie. Au début du XXe siècle, l’Art nouveau ranime les villes grâce aux couleurs verte, orange et violette. Dans les années 1920 et 1930, les constructivistes utilisent les tons gris mais tentent d’élaborer un code chromatique homogène. L’architecture soviétique, quant à elle, reprend l’esthétique du classicisme « ocre ». La construction de masse des années 1960 aux années 1980 méconnaît la couleur, mais à la charnière des XXe et XXIe siècles apparaissent des approches professionnelles qui visent à créer un milieu chromatique similaire pour les deux villes.Moscow and Saint Petersburg experienced similar evolutions in colour, but the differences in their plans, urbanity and cultural influences, and their alternating roles as capitals, determined the particularities of their palettes. The wooden Moscow of the thirteenth century was enriched by a group of white cathedrals with golden domes, surrounded by the red brick wall of the Kremlin. Baroque, as an architectural style, introduced Moscow and Saint Petersburg to the colours dark blue, orange, and green. The official palette of classicism was pastel, predominantly ochre, while the period of eclecticism in Russia was achromatic. At the

  9. Physician and miracle worker. The cult of Saint Sampson the Xenodochos and his images in eastern Orthodox medieval painting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Starodubcev Tatjana


    Full Text Available Saint Sampson, whose feast is celebrated on June 27, was depicted among holy physicians. However, his images were not frequent. He was usually accompanied with Saint Mokios (in Saint Sophia in Kiev, the Transfiguration church in the Mirozh monastery and the church of the Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple in the monastery of Saint Euphrosyne; possibly also in Saint Panteleimon in Nerezi and Saint Demetrios in the village of Aiani near Kozani; furthermore, in the church of Saint Nicholas in Manastir and, afterwards, in the katholikon of the Vatopedi monastery. In a later period, he was usually shown in the vicinity of Saint Diomedes (in the churches of Saint Achillius in Arilje, Saint George in the village Vathiako on Crete, Saint Nicholas Orphanos in Thessaloniki, the Annunciation in Gračanica, the narthexes of the Hilandar katholikon and the church of the Holy Virgin in the monastery of Brontocheion at Mistra, the katholicon of the Pantokrator monastery and the church of Saint Demetrios in Markov Manastir. There are no substantial data regarding the identity of the saints depicted next to him in the metropolitan Church of Saint Demetrios at Mistra, while in a number of cases the image of the saint shown next to him has not been preserved (e.g. Saint Irene in the village of Agios Mamas on Crete, Gregory’s Gallery in the church of Saint Sophia in Ohrid and the church of the Holy Virgin (Panagia Kera near the village Chromonastiri on Crete. On the other hand, in the church of the Holy Virgin in Mateič, Saint Sampson is, exceptionally, depicted among bishops, while in the church of the Holy Archangels in Prilep and the chapel of the Holy Anargyroi in Vatopedi, he is, as usual, surrounded by holy physicians but his mates are not featured - neither Saint Mokios, not Saint Diomedes. The earliest known commemorative text dedicated to him is the extensive hagiography - Vita Sampsonis I, composed in the seventh or the early eighth century

  10. The harmonious relationship between faith and science from the perspective of some great saints: A brief comment. (United States)

    Cortés, Manuel E; Del Río, Juan Pablo; Vigil, Pilar


    The objective of this editorial is to show that a harmonious relationship between science and faith is possible, as exemplified by great saints of the Catholic Church. It begins with the definitions of science and faith, followed by an explanation of the apparent conflict between them. A few saints that constitute an example that a fruitful relationship between these two seemingly opposed realities has been possible are Saint Albert the Great, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Giuseppe Moscati, and Saint Edith Stein, among others, and this editorial highlights their deep contributions to the dialogue between faith and reason. This editorial ends with a brief discussion on whether it is possible to be both a scientist and a man of faith.

  11. Interpolation in the Epiclesis of Byzantine Anaphoras of Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Basil the Great


    Marek Ławreszuk


    The aim of this paper is to show the interpolation in the Epiclesis of Anaphora prayers in the Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great. The analysis will cover the changes made in the second millennium, in particular the emergence of the troparion of the third hour service, and interpolation of the words “changing it by your Holy Spirit”. The text shows the genesis of adding additional words and explains what their effect was on the structure of the Anaphora prayers. As a res...

  12. Interpolation in the Epiclesis of Byzantine Anaphoras of Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Basil the Great

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marek Ławreszuk


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to show the interpolation in the Epiclesis of Anaphora prayers in the Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great. The analysis will cover the changes made in the second millennium, in particular the emergence of the troparion of the third hour service, and interpolation of the words “changing it by your Holy Spirit”. The text shows the genesis of adding additional words and explains what their effect was on the structure of the Anaphora prayers. As a result, proposals to solve the problems arising from historical changes in the structure of the Epiclesis and in the whole prayer of the Anaphora will be presented.

  13. Diet of the oilfish Ruvettus pretiosus (Perciformes: Gempylidae in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danielle de Lima Viana


    Full Text Available Feeding aspects of the oilfish, Ruvettus pretiosus, were studied based on 360 stomachs of both male and female specimens caught off the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago. The total length of the specimens ranged from 52.4 cm to 189.0 cm. Of the 360 stomachs examined, 135 presented some food and 225 were empty. Thirty-four taxa were identified, represented by 16 fish, 17 cephalopods and 1 crustacean. The stabilization of the food items richness was attained at 35 food items and 104 stomachs, approximately. A remarkable predation upon the flying fish Cheilopogon cyanopterus was observed around SPSPA, directly related to the main reproductive period of this species in the area. The oilfish's food spectrum shows that the species feeds on a wide vertical range in the water column, catching prey items at the surface or in shallow waters, as well as epi-mesopelagic fish, in addition to mesopelagic cephalopods.Aspectos alimentares do peixe-prego, Ruvettus pretiosus, foram estudados com base nos estômagos de 360 espécimes, de ambos os sexos, capturados nos arredores do Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo. Todos os exemplares foram capturados com linha de mão. O comprimento total dos exemplares variou de 52,4 cm a 189,0 cm. Dos 360 estômagos examinados, 135 apresentaram algum alimento e 225 estavam vazios. Trinta e quatro táxons foram identificados, representados por 16 peixes, 17 cefalópodes e um crustáceo. A estabilização da riqueza dos itens alimentares foi obtida com 35 itens e 104 estômagos. Uma predação notável sobre o peixe-voador Cheilopogon cyanopterus foi observada nas adjacências do ASPSP, diretamente relacionada com o principal período reprodutivo dessa espécie na área. O espectro alimentar do peixe-prego mostra que a espécie se alimenta em uma ampla faixa vertical na coluna d'agua, capturando desde presas de superfície ou águas rasas, a peixes epi-mesopelágicos, além de cefalópodes mesopelágicos.

  14. Kaks kirja vennale = Two Letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother / Vincent van Gogh

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890


    Kunstnik Vincent van Goghi kaks kirja oma vennale Theole. Tõlge vene keelest ja kommentaar Mehis Heinsaarelt. Ingliskeelsed kirjad raamatust "The Complete Letters of Vincent van Gogh", Thames and Hudson, 1979

  15. Saint Florian Office in the Medieval Cracow Breviaries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Szymon Fedorowicz


    Full Text Available The liturgical cult of Saint Florian in the Cracow Church was developing rapidly in medieval times. A few dozen years after his relics had been brought to Cracow , a native patron – Saint Stanislaus- became a saint. Since then the cult of a foreign and unknown martyr deteriorated. The revival of Saint Florian’s cult was possible under the influence of Zbigniew Oleśnicki, a bishop who appointed him as patron saint of the whole Polish Kingdom, thus making him equally important as Saint Adalbert, Saint Stanislaus and Saint Wacław. Since that time the liturgical cult of Saint Florian was of high significance, which can be certified by liturgical texts and formulas found in Cracow medieval breviaries. The analysis of their content leads to the conclusion that the older the breviaries, the fewer texts mentioning Saint Florian. The oldest breviaries contain only the liturgical collect referring to him. The newer ones are gradually enriched with the elements of choral liturgy and lessons originating from the legend about Saint Florian. Between the 15th and 16th centuries the liturgy in honor of Saint Florian culminates in the rhymed office.

  16. Analyzing International Economic Influence on Iran (United States)



  17. The Slavonic Translation of the Life of Saint Euthymius the Great: Observations on Language and Authorship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dmitriy Evgenyevich Afinogenov


    Full Text Available The Slavonic translation of the Life of Saint Euthymius the Great (BHG 647 by Cyril of Scythopolis, attested at the earliest manuscript of the late 14th c., was probably made by a person originating from South-East Rus in the 11th c., as it displays some grammatical, lexical, and phonetic features peculiar for this area and time, and visible, in particular, in Ipatiev Chronicle and the Tale of Igor’s Campaign. It may have formed a part of the collection comprising several writings by Cyril, including the Life of Saint Sabas and the Praise of Euthymius and Sabas (lost in the Greek original. This collection was later incorporated into the Great Lectionary Menologion of Metropolitan Makarij. The details added by the translator to the description of certain realia pertaining to the Monastery of Saint Euthymius in Palestine suggest a personal knowledge of that monastic complex (the Laura and the coenobium. The proposed author of the translation is Saint Anthony of the Cave Monastery in Kiev († 1073, who could perfectly well have visited the Holy Land during his stay on Mount Athos prior to 1051.

  18. A Mosquito Survey of the Twin-Island Caribbean Nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, 2010. (United States)

    Mohammed, Hamish; Evanson, Jessica; Revan, Floyd; Lee, Elise; Krecek, Rosina C; Smith, Joshua


    Adult mosquito surveys of Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN) were performed in the dry season (March 16-23, 2010) in Saint Kitts, and the rainy season (October 18-25, 2010) in SKN. Biogents (BG) Sentinel Traps were set with CO₂and BG Lure in urban, rural, mangrove, and dry forest habitats. Mosquitoes were identified to species, and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction was performed on potential vector species for dengue virus (DENV), chikungunya virus (CHIKV), and West Nile virus (WNV). The most abundant species during both seasons in St. Kitts were Culex quinquefasciatus, Aedes taeniorhynchus, and Aedes aegypti. There were 3 new records for Saint Kitts: Aedes tortilis, Anopheles albimanus, and Culex nigripalpus. Traps were also set in Nevis. No mosquito pool tested positive for DENV, CHIKV, or WNV.

  19. [On the medical and publishing activities of the community of Saint Eugene]. (United States)


    The article deals with the role the physicians played in organization and functioning of the Community of Saint Eugene in St. Petersburg in 1882-1918. The typography production of the Community being of interest for history of medicine is examined.

  20. Prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus among women in two English-speaking Caribbean countries. (United States)

    Andall-Brereton, Glennis; Brown, Eulynis; Slater, Sherian; Holder, Yvette; Luciani, Silvana; Lewis, Merle; Irons, Beryl


    To characterize high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infections in a sample of women in two small English-speaking Caribbean countries: Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Sexually active women ≥ 30 years old attending primary care health facilities participated in the study. Each participant had a gynecological examination, and two cervical specimens were collected: (1) a specimen for a Papanicolaou (Pap) test and (2) a sample of exfoliated cervical cells for HPV DNA testing, using the HPV High Risk Screen Real-TM (Sacace). High-risk HPV genotypes were assessed in 404 women in Saint Kitts and Nevis and 368 women in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. High-risk HPV was detected in 102 of 404 (25.2%) in Saint Kitts and Nevis and in 109 of 368 (29.6%) in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. High-risk HPV genotypes 52, 35, 51, 45, and 31 were the most common high-risk types in Saint Kitts and Nevis. In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the most common high-risk HPV genotypes were 45, 35, 31, 18, and 51. Current age was found to be significantly associated with high-risk HPV infection in both countries. In addition, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, high parity (> 3 pregnancies) and having had an abnormal Pap smear were found to be independent risk factors for high-risk HPV. These results contribute to the evidence on HPV prevalence for small island states of the Caribbean and support the accelerated introduction of the 9-valent HPV vaccine in the two countries and elsewhere in the English-speaking Caribbean. Use of the study's results to guide the development of policy regarding implementation of HPV testing as the primary screening modality for older women is recommended.

  1. Looking at paintings in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum: Eye movement patterns of children and adults. (United States)

    Walker, Francesco; Bucker, Berno; Anderson, Nicola C; Schreij, Daniel; Theeuwes, Jan


    In the present study, we examined the eye movement behaviour of children and adults looking at five Van Gogh paintings in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. The goal of the study was to determine the role of top-down and bottom-up attentional processes in the first stages of participants' aesthetic experience. Bottom-up processes were quantified by determining a salience map for each painting. Top-down processing was manipulated by first allowing participants to view the paintings freely, then providing background information about each painting, and then allowing them to view the paintings a second time. The salience analysis showed differences between the eye movement behaviour of children and adults, and differences between the two phases. In the children, the first five fixations during the free viewing phase were strongly related to visually salient features of the paintings-indicating a strong role for bottom-up factors. In the second phase, after children had received background information, top-down factors played a more prominent role. By contrast, adults' observed patterns were similar in both phases, indicating that bottom-up processes did not play a major role when they viewed the paintings. In the second phase, children and adults both spent more time looking at regions that were mentioned in the background information. This effect was greater for adults than for children, confirming the notion that adults, when viewing paintings, rely much more on top-down processing than children.

  2. Looking at paintings in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum: Eye movement patterns of children and adults.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Walker

    Full Text Available In the present study, we examined the eye movement behaviour of children and adults looking at five Van Gogh paintings in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. The goal of the study was to determine the role of top-down and bottom-up attentional processes in the first stages of participants' aesthetic experience. Bottom-up processes were quantified by determining a salience map for each painting. Top-down processing was manipulated by first allowing participants to view the paintings freely, then providing background information about each painting, and then allowing them to view the paintings a second time. The salience analysis showed differences between the eye movement behaviour of children and adults, and differences between the two phases. In the children, the first five fixations during the free viewing phase were strongly related to visually salient features of the paintings-indicating a strong role for bottom-up factors. In the second phase, after children had received background information, top-down factors played a more prominent role. By contrast, adults' observed patterns were similar in both phases, indicating that bottom-up processes did not play a major role when they viewed the paintings. In the second phase, children and adults both spent more time looking at regions that were mentioned in the background information. This effect was greater for adults than for children, confirming the notion that adults, when viewing paintings, rely much more on top-down processing than children.

  3. Teredolites longissimus Kelly & Bromley from the Miocene Grand Bay Formation of Carriacou, the Grenadines, Lesser Antilles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pickerill, R.K.; Donovan, S.K.; Portell, R.W.


    The ichnotaxon Teredolites Leymerie, 1842, represented by T. longissimus Kelly & Bromley, 1984, is documented for the first time from the Lesser Antilles. Its occurrence also represents the first record of the ichnotaxon from the Miocene of the Caribbean. Five specimens, each occurring in isolation

  4. Thought Short Report: The cult of saints and shrines in Samarqand ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract This article is focused on the issues of cult of saints and shrines in the Samarqand province of Uzbekistan. The contribution of the author to the study of shrines of the region consists of that beside the summary of the existing material on pre-Soviet and Soviet periods, he used his own data. For this, the field material ...

  5. Latter-Day Saint Women and Leadership: The Influence of Their Religious Worldview (United States)

    Madsen, Susan R.


    The article examines theories, assumptions, concepts, experiences, and practices from the Latter-day Saints' (LDS, or the Mormons) religious worldview to expand existing theoretical constructs and implications of leadership development and education for women. The article elucidates LDS doctrine and culture regarding women and provides specific…

  6. Gravimetric structure for the abyssal mantle massif of Saint Peter and Saint Paul peridotite ridge, Equatorial Atlantic Ocean, and its relation to active uplift

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper presents gravimetric and morphologic analyses based on the satellite-derived data set of EGM2008 and TOPEX for the area of the oceanic mantle massif of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul peridotite ridge, Equatorial Atlantic Ocean. The free-air anomaly indicates that the present plate boundary is not situated along the longitudinal graben which cuts peridotite ridge, but about 20 km to the north of it. The high Bouguer anomaly of the peridotite ridge suggests that it is constituted mainly by unserpentinised ultramafic rocks. The absence of isostatic compensation and low-degree serpentinisation of the ultramafic rocks indicate that the peridotite ridge is sustained mainly by active tectonic uplift. The unparallel relation between the transform fault and the relative plate motion generates near north-south compression and the consequent tectonic uplift. In this sense, the peridotite massif is a pressure ridge due to the strike-slip displacement of the Saint Paul Transform Fault.

  7. Progress Report Number 1: Covering the Period January 1983 to December 1983: Natural History of St. Vincent Island, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — During 1983 I surveyed St. Vincent Island in an effort to learn which species of fresh water fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and trees and shrubs occur...

  8. Sex Discrimination at Saint Ambrose University: The Moral and Legal Consequences of Unethical Behavior (United States)

    Martin, Jennifer; Beese, Jane A.


    This case was developed for use in a learning-centered course with a focus on administrative leadership and ethical behavior. This case describes the experience of a new faculty member at Saint Ambrose University, as she discovers a wide range of ethical and management problems in her department. The case unfolds as we track her efforts to deal…

  9. Duck Stamp Revenues to Purchase St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This memo outlines the foundation of St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge. St. Vincent Island was sold by a private owner to the Nature Conservancy, which in turn...

  10. Non-urgent accident and emergency department use as a socially shared custom: a qualitative study (United States)

    Keizer Beache, Simone; Guell, Cornelia


    Objective We explored attitudes of non-urgent accident and emergency department (AED) patients in the middle-income healthcare setting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in the Caribbean to understand how and why they decide to seek emergency care and resist using primary care facilities. Methods In 2013, we conducted 12 semistructured interviews with a purposive sample of non-urgent AED users from a variety of social backgrounds. Verbatim transcripts were analysed with a grounded theory approach. Results In this study, we found, first, that participants automatically chose to visit the AED and described this as a locally shared custom. Second, the healthcare system in SVG reinforced this habitual use of the AED, for example, by health professionals routinely referring non-urgent cases to the AED. Third, there was also some deliberate use; patients took convenience and the systemic encouragement into account to determine that the AED was the most appropriate choice for healthcare. Conclusions We conclude that the attitudes and habits of the Vincentian non-urgent patient are major determinants of their AED use and are intricately linked to local, socially shared practices of AED use. Findings show that health services research should reconsider rational choice behaviour models and further explore customs of health-seeking. PMID:25841166

  11. St. Vincent History Research Correspondence (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document contains a series of letters about the locations of the Confederate fortress that existed on St. Vincent Island during the Civil War.

  12. Experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Kawasaki disease in the Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University Clinic and Saint Petersburg City Children’s Hospital One

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. V. Santimov


    Full Text Available Kawasaki disease (KD is acute systemic vasculitis of unknown etiology. Approximately 20–25% of untreated patients develop coronary artery changes with a range of severity from asymptomatic coronary artery dilatation to giant coronary artery aneurysms with thrombosis, myocardial infarction, and sudden death. To date there is no official data on the incidence of KD in Russia. In Russia, the disease is not enough known now to a wide circle of physicians and often masks other more common diseases. Since 2010, the detection rate of KD has dramatically increased in Saint-Petersburg.Objective: to analyze the experience in diagnosing and treating KD in two largest hospitals of Saint Petersburg.Patients and methods. The retrospective study included data on 30 children (18 boys, 12 girls who were hospitalized with a diagnosis of KD in the Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University Clinic and Children’s Hospital One (Saint Petersburg between January 2011 and September 2016. Data are represented by median and extreme values. The age of the children was 2.8 (0.2; 4.6 years; of them 5 (16.7% patients were under the age of 1 year. The children were hospitalized on 5 (1; 14 days of disease onset; KD was diagnosed on 9 (3; 52 day of the disease.Results. Immediately after diagnosis, 27 (90% children received aspirin. In early stages (before 10 days of the disease, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG therapy was performed in 15 (50% children, one of them received IVIG before disease day 5 (on day 3, but without effect. On disease days 11-20 (immediately after diagnosis, 10 (33.3% children were prescribed with IVIG; thereafter fever was abolished in all the patients. Their body temperature became normal on day 11 (6; 23. Ultrasonography revealed coronary artery lesions in 13 (43.3% patients. Out of the 30 children followed up, one baby who fell ill at the age of 3 months and received IVIG died on day 30 of the disease.Conclusion. Currently

  13. "Monstre". Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and the science of monstrosity. (United States)

    Mazzocut-Mis, Maddalena


    This article aims at analyzing the entry "Monstre", written by Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in 1827 and included in the Dictionnaire classique d'histoire naturelle. Under Etienne Geoffroy the study of monsters brought new heuristic and theoretical approaches to the research fields of anatomy and embryology, and acquired the status of a scientific discipline having its own theoreticalfoundations and therefore its own standards for classification, seen as non-random means for revealing a groundbreaking knowledge.

  14. A restoration and conservation project of theSaint Dominic” Monastery in Soriano Calabro, Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nazzareno Davolos


    Full Text Available The article is extracted from the Master Thesis about Restoration of the Monuments at “La Sapienza”, University of the Studies of Rome. The Monastery was one of the most important of the Dominican Order in Europe. The building dates back to year 1510, it broke down almost completely in the earthquake of year 1659. It was rebuilt following the architect B. Presti’s project. At the present time theSaint Domenic” Monastery largely seems a ruin, mainly as a consequence of the cat- N. Davolos - A restoration and conservation project of the ÒSaint DominicÓ Monastery... 185 astrophic earthquake in 1783. However, with the new look that has acquired, it still preserves an extraordinary charm that continues to astonish. The project followed the trend of the critical and conservative restoration with the safeguard of the artistic and figurative data of theSaint Domenic” Monastery which has been analysed through an accurate historical-critical work. The idea is to preserve and transmit to the future generations theSaint Domenic” monument in his authenticity, in its formal and material consistence, with the marks of the passing of time. The abstracts reports only the most important aspects which are representative of the project. Besides the historical analysis, laboratory examination have been executed on the material used in the construction of the ancient facade through the observation of thin sections by optic microscope and with the realization of spectrum of X-ray diffraction, in order to know the nature and composition, the state of preservation and the kinds of deterioration to support an appropriate intervention of restoration.

  15. A reappraisal of the possible seizures of Vincent van Gogh. (United States)

    Hughes, John R


    The tragic life of Vincent van Gogh is summarized, emphasizing his early departure from formal education, failure as a successful salesman in the art world, attempt at religious studies, difficulty with female and family relationships, return to the art world, and tendencies toward extremes of poor nutrition or near self-starvation and excessive drinking and smoking. In Paris he joined the Impressionists, but drank very heavily both absinthe and cognac. Southward he went to Arles and was joined by Paul Gauguin, with whom he had major personality problems, causing van Gogh to cut off part of his left ear. He experienced paranoid ideation and confinement in mental institutions in Arles, and then returned to Paris and onto Auvers-sur-Oise, where he committed suicide at age 37. Possible physical diagnoses include glaucoma, Meniere's disease, acute intermittent porphyria, and chronic lead poisoning, but these diagnoses seem unlikely. Possible psychiatric diagnoses include borderline personality disorder, anxiety-depressive disorder with episodes of depression and hypomania, and also paranoid schizophrenia. Van Gogh did not have spontaneous seizures and, therefore, did not have epilepsy. Before he began to drink heavily, when he was near starvation, he had "fainting fits," and after drinking, especially absinthe, a convulsant drug, he continued to have similar attacks. His episodes of unconsciousness can be well explained by chronic malnutrition and alcohol abuse, only possibly exacerbated by drinking large quantities of absinthe. Although van Gogh is an excellent example of the Geschwind syndrome, at times associated with temporal lobe epilepsy, this fact does not establish such an epilepsy. Thus, the syndrome is an orphan without the parent condition.

  16. Gateway to the Syriac Saints: A Database Project

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent


    Full Text Available This article describes The Gateway to the Syriac Saints, a database project developed by the Syriac Reference Portal ( It is a research tool for the study of Syriac saints and hagiographic texts. The Gateway to the Syriac Saints is a two-volume database: 1 Qadishe and 2 Bibliotheca Hagiographica Syriaca Electronica (BHSE. Hagiography, the lives of the saints, is a multiform genre. It contains elements of myth, history, biblical exegesis, romance, and theology. The production of saints’ lives blossomed in late antiquity alongside the growth of the cult of the saints. Scholars have attended to hagiographic traditions in Greek and Latin, but many scholars have yet to discover the richness of Syriac hagiographic literature: the stories, homilies, and hymns on the saints that Christians of the Middle East told and preserved. It is our hope that our database will give scholars and students increased access to these traditions to generate new scholarship. The first volume, Qadishe or “saints” in Syriac, is a digital catalogue of saints or holy persons venerated in the Syriac tradition. Some saints are native to the Syriac-speaking milieu, whereas others come from other linguistic or cultural traditions. Through the translation of their hagiographies and the diffusion of saints’ cults in the late antique world, saints were adopted, “imported,” and appropriated into Syriac religious memory. The second volume, the BHSE, focuses on Syriac hagiographic texts. The BHSE contains the titles of over 1000 Syriac stories, hymns, and homilies on saints. It also includes authors’ or hagiographers’ names, the first and last lines of the texts (in Syriac, English, and French, bibliographic information, and the names of the manuscripts containing these hagiographic works. We have also listed modern and ancient translations of these works. All of the data in the Gateway to the Syriac Saints has been encoded in TEI, and it is fully

  17. Filling Vincent's Shoes (United States)

    Klopack, Ken


    Vincent van Gogh's work is universal in today's world. People see it everywhere, from museums to television commercials, and enjoy the visual experiences it gives them. This article describes how students simulated a van Gogh work in their own way using tempera paint.

  18. Of volcanoes, saints, trash, and frogs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Astrid Oberborbeck

    , at the same time as political elections and economic hardship. During one year of ethnographic fieldwork volcanoes, saints, trash and frogs were among the nonhuman entities referred to in conversations and engaged with when responding to the changes that trouble the world and everyday life of Arequipans...

  19. The Way of Saint James and the Xacobeo 2010 in the tourism websites of the Spanish autonomous communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María-Dolores Fernández-Poyatos, Ph.D.


    Full Text Available This article analyses the tourism websites of Spanish autonomous communities crossed by the Way of Saint James. Considering that the Way of Saint James and the Xacobeo 2010 are important touristic opportunities for these autonomous regions, the main objective of this investigation is to evaluate the information about these touristic places in their tourism websites. The analysis focused on two aspects: firstly, establishing whether the autonomous communities have used the Way of Saint James and the Xacobeo 2010 to promote themselves, and secondly, evaluating the quality of the websites. The study included a literature review, definition of concepts and criteria to measure the quality of websites, and the analysis of the content and design of the selected tourism websites. The results show that the Galician website is the most complete in terms of information about the Way of Saint James and the Xacobeo 2010. The information about the Way of Saint James and the Xacobeo 2010 in the websites of the other communities is vague and differs from one website to another. Due to the touristic significance of the Xacobeo 2010 and the importance of Internet as a medium of communication, the research group plans to conduct a new analysis of the communities’ institutional websites in 2011.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moteyunaite I. V.


    Full Text Available The article presents a new understanding of such a complex cultural phenomenon as foolishness for Christ through the example of Ludmila Ulitskaya's historical play "The Seven Saints". The author shows that the hero of the 1990's became a blessed woman (a God's fool, who neither sets an optimistic example nor gives faith in the triumph of spirit, but who can only die with dignity, following Christ's way and His final sacrifice.

  1. Indian Housing in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. (United States)

    Craig, Gregory W.; And Others

    Surveys conducted in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, dealing with housing problems of urban Indians are reviewed in this report. Housing conditions, Indian attitudes toward urban housing and the community, family characteristics, and deficiencies in housing agencies are discussed. The surveys strongly indicate that Indians want better…

  2. Impact of bacteriophage Saint3 carriage on the immune evasion capacity and hemolytic potential of Staphylococcus aureus CC398. (United States)

    Jung, Philipp; Abdelbary, Mohamed M H; Kraushaar, Britta; Fetsch, Alexandra; Geisel, Jürgen; Herrmann, Mathias; Witte, Wolfgang; Cuny, Christiane; Bischoff, Markus


    Livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) isolates of clonal complex 398 (CC398) are frequently found in Europe, and recent studies highlighted the importance of mobile genetic element (MGE) exchange for host adaptation of this lineage. Of note, one of the MGEs commonly found in human S. aureus isolates, the immune evasion cluster (IEC) harboring bacteriophage Saint3, is very rarely found in LA-MRSA CC398 isolates obtained from farm animals, but more frequently found in LA-MRSA CC398 that were retransmitted to humans. Here, we analyzed with a set of S. aureus CC398 isolates harboring/lacking φSaint3 how this MGE affects (i) phagocytosis of CC398 isolates by polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs), and (ii) hemolysis of human and livestock-derived erythrocytes. Isolates lacking φSaint3 were more efficiently phagocytosed by human PMNs in whole blood phagocytosis assays than isolates harboring this bacteriophage, irrespective of their origin. Notably, a similar effect was observed when equine blood was utilized, but not detected with porcine blood. Integration of φSaint3 into LA-MRSA CC398 strains lacking this MGE confirmed these findings, as φSaint3-harboring recipients were again less efficiently ingested by PMNs in equine and human blood than their parental strains. Integration of φSaint3 strongly reduced the hemolytic potential of the culture supernatants against human-derived erythrocytes, and to a smaller extent also against porcine-derived erythrocytes, while φSaint3 integration only slightly affected the hemolytic capacities against equine-derived red blood cells. The significant protective effect of φSaint3 against phagocytosis by equine PMNs suggests that the host specificity of the IEC components might be broader than currently assumed. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Diagnosing Vincent van Gogh, an expedition from the sources to the present "mer à boire". (United States)

    Voskuil, Piet


    The paintings and writings of Vincent van Gogh are widely admired for their great artistic value. This makes it interesting for doctors and patient groups to mold van Gogh's disease into a figurehead of their own specialty or illness. The recent article of ter Borg and Kasteleijn (2012) [1] in this Journal had a welcome approach by placing the diagnoses given in his lifetime in a historical and cultural context. In this article, the author will explore the diagnosis of epilepsy, adding more details without jumping quickly to conclusions. Apart from the information of eyewitnesses, special efforts are made to look critically at the medical sources as well as to investigate the original family chronicles. There is no easy access to that information. The Dutch vocabulary in the family notes made it tempting, for earlier scholars in this field, to easily link all kinds of attacks in family members to the original diagnosis of epilepsy. A part of the archives of the Willem Arntszhuis Utrecht describing the last days of Vincent's brother Theo, so far published only in Dutch (Voskuil, 2009 [16]), is included here. To integrate all this information, interdisciplinary research in a nonmutually excluding, but complementary, synthesis of today's knowledge is the most fruitful way to understand Vincent's behavior and its disturbances while continuing to admire his beautiful art. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Porphyrogenic properties of the terpenes camphor, pinene, and thujone (with a note on historic implications for absinthe and the illness of Vincent van Gogh). (United States)

    Bonkovsky, H L; Cable, E E; Cable, J W; Donohue, S E; White, E C; Greene, Y J; Lambrecht, R W; Srivastava, K K; Arnold, W N


    Camphor, alpha-pinene (the major component of turpentine), and thujone (a constituent in the liqueur called absinthe) produced an increase in porphyrin production in primary cultures of chick embryo liver cells. In the presence of desferrioxamine (an iron chelator which inhibits heme synthesis and thereby mimics the effect of the block associated with acute porphyria), the terpenes enhanced porphyrin accumulation 5- to 20-fold. They also induced synthesis of the rate-controlling enzyme for the pathway, 5-aminolevulinic acid synthase, which was monitored both spectrophotometrically and immunochemically. These effects are shared by well-known porphyrogenic chemicals such as phenobarbital and glutethimide. Camphor and glutethimide alone led to the accumulation of mostly uro- and heptacarboxylporphyrins, whereas alpha-pinene and thujone resulted in lesser accumulations of porphyrins which were predominantly copro- and protoporphyrins. In the presence of desferrioxamine, plus any of the three terpenes, the major product that accumulated was protoporphyrin. The present results indicate that the terpenes tested are porphyrogenic and hazardous to patients with underlying defects in hepatic heme synthesis. There are also implications for the illness of Vincent van Gogh and the once popular, but now banned liqueur, called absinthe.

  5. On the Life and Deeds of San Precario, Patron Saint of Precarious Workers and Lives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcello Tarì


    Full Text Available Noi siamo la generazione post-socialista, la generazione del dopo guerra fredda, della fine delle burocrazie verticali e del controllo sull'informazione. Siamo un movimento globale e neuropeo, che porta avanti la rivoluzione democratica scaturita dal Sessantotto mondiale e lotta contro la distopia neoliberista oggi al culmine. Siamo ecoattivisti e mediattivisti, siamo i libertari della Rete e i metroradicali dello spazio urbano, siamo le mutazioni transgender del femminismo globale, siamo gli hacker del terribile reale. Siamo gli agitatori del precariato e gli insorti del cognitariato. Siamo anarcosindacalisti e postsocialisti. Siamo tutti migranti alla ricerca di una vita migliore. E non ci iconosciamo in voi, stratificazioni tetre e tetragone di ceti politici sconfitti già nel XX secolo. Non ci riconosciamo nella sinistra italyana.Manifesto Bio/Pop del Precariato Metroradicale, 20042004 has marked the beginning of the spreading "cult" of San Precario, Patron Saint of precarious, casual, sessional, temporary, flexible and fractional workers. The Saint appears in public spaces in occasion of rallies, marches, interventions and demonstrations, and its popularity has lead to development of a precise and colorful iconography, hagiography and rituals. This popularity conversely is also the sign of the gravity of the issue of precarity in Italy and Europe .San Precario epitomises current Italian activist practices. These practices, although specifically Italian, intersect with similar realities in Europe and are based on mythopoetic narratives and actions and mediatic embodiments. This paper analysis a variety of texts produced around San Precario, from posters, saint cards, product cards, videos, "official" narratives, personal accounts, relating them to the political debate surrounding precarity.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Authorial Denials. Jolly Max Ntaba, the author of Mtima Sukhuta denies that his novel is based on "Kalikalanje" the trickster in. Malawian folklore.! He also denies that the story is inspired by Simon Templar, "The Shlnt", created by Leslie Charteris in his novels. In this paper I would like to prove the author wrong by ...

  7. African Journals Online: Saint Kitts and Nevis

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    African Journals Online: Saint Kitts and Nevis. Home > African Journals Online: Saint Kitts and Nevis. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Browse By Category · Browse Alphabetically · Browse By Country · List All Titles · Free to read Titles This Journal is ...

  8. The 1802 Saint-Domingue yellow fever epidemic and the Louisiana Purchase. (United States)

    Marr, John S; Cathey, John T


    Epidemics have been pivotal in the history of the world as exemplified by a yellow fever epidemic in the Caribbean that clearly altered New World geopolitics. By the end of the 18th century, yellow fever--then an "emerging disease"--was widespread throughout the Caribbean and particularly lethal in Saint-Domingue (present day Haiti). From 1793 to 1798, case fatality rates among British troops in the West Indies (including Saint-Domingue) were as high as 70%. A worse fate befell newly arrived French armed forces in 1802, ostensibly sent by Napoleon to suppress a rebellion and to reestablish slavery. Historians have disagreed on why Napoleon initially dispatched nearly 30,000 soldiers and sailors to the island. Evidence suggests the troops were actually an expeditionary force with intensions to invade North America through New Orleans and to establish a major holding in the Mississippi valley. However, lacking knowledge of basic prevention and control measures, mortality from the disease left only a small and shattered fraction of his troops alive, thwarting his secret ambition to colonize and hold French-held lands, which later became better known as the Louisiana Purchase. If an event of the magnitude of France's experience were to occur in the 21st century, it might also have profound unanticipated consequences.

  9. Perugino's 'Virgin and Child with Saint John'

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bamford, David


    .... Details of the cleaning tests are given, which show, amongst other things, that the drapery of Saint John was not original and that part of the parapet was false. Following a section on the restoration and framing, the author suggests possible explanations for the alterations that were found. There are illustrations of the panel before, during, and following cleaning and restoration, as well as an x-ray mosaic.

  10. Public Notice: Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. and Saint-Gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc., CWA-01-2016-0057 (United States)

    Notice of Proposed Assessment of Class II Civil Penalty and Notice of Opportunity for Hearing under Sections 309(g) and 311(b)(6) of the Clean Water Act for Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. and Saint-Gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc., CWA-01-2016-0057

  11. The unity of trinitology and agapelogy of Saint Augustine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavenkov Oleg Vladimirovich


    Full Text Available The article deals with the analysis of concept “love” in theology of St. Augustine. Theology of love of St. Augustine was influenced by many things, especially the Christian Nikean creed and personal spiritual experience. In our article we delved deeply in the united trinitology and agapelogy parts of Augustine's teaching. We described the forms of connection between the Trinity and the Christian love in Augustine's dogmatic system. We revealed the characteristic feature of Augustine's theology of love: love is not only a commandment or quality of Divine reality, but the essence of God.

  12. The miracle of the black leg: E astern neglect of Western addition to the hagiography of Saints Cosmas and Damian. (United States)

    Jović, Nebojša J; Theologou, Marios


    The Christian miracle tales strongly support the identification of Sts. Cosmas and Damian as doctors. The most famous of the saints' posthumous miracles, is that of the Black Leg. The main source of this story is the Golden Legend by Jacobus da Varagine, collection of fanciful hagiographies compiled in the 13th century. Saints Cosmas and Damian miraculously transplanted the black leg of the Ethiopian man onto the white body of the verger with "cancerous" leg. Saints appeared to the patient in a dream, amputated his diseased leg and replaced it with the leg of a recently died man. This dramatic cure was attractive for many western artists. The iconography of this miracle was depicted for the first time in a Florentine panel of ca.1370. The color of the leg later attracted special attention. Since the 1990's the Miracle of the Black Leg, presented in a (neo) Byzantine style, appeared in Greece. The miracle of Holy Unmercenaries has no proper historical foundation in the Books of the lives of the Saints in the Orthodox Churches. Action focused on replacement of the affected leg with one from cadaveric donor was unknown to the eastern Christianity. Exploration of available orthodox hagiographical sources related to the healing powers of Sts. Cosmas and Damian showed remarkable neglect of that miracle. Some contemporary Greek authors find appropriate to disregard it.

  13. Time and times in the work of Saint Teresa of Avila: a narratological approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tomaž Šmid


    Full Text Available Time as a narrative category arises from the temporary status of any narrative by which the narrative language is oriented towards processes that are based on temporality. Time thus becomes one of the fundamental aspects of any narrative. Although the style of Teresa’s texts is characterised by the tone of oral conversation, this does not exclude her concern with the form and organisation of her writings. Our main concern is time from two different perspectives; on the one hand, as a component of the story and on the other, as its manifestation on the level of discourse. First, we analyse the relationships and the discrepancies in the works of St. Teresa of Avila between the discourse time and the story time, using three parameters: order, duration and frequency (Genette, 1972. Secondly, we examine different kinds of narration in the works of Saint Teresa to establish whether the majority of them are subsequent (ulterior, prior (anterior, simultaneous or interpolated (intercalated. Contrasting story time and discourse time in the works of Saint Teresa, we note the agility of her literary style and her ability to organize narrative syntax.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrieta Anişoara ŞERBAN


    Full Text Available 2016 is an anniversary year, dedicated to the Saint Hierarch Anthim, a multi-faced personality of Georgian origin, but with a Romanian accomplished life. He was a true Orthodox believer, a Hierarch of our Orthodox Church in Wallachia and a deep thinker, who lived through the teachings of the faith. At the same time, he was a good manager and a philanthropist, a scholar, a polyglot, a calligrapher, a typographer, a Church architect, an orator turned writer, a painter and a sculptor. His great homiletic work entitled Didahiile sends to Didache, the oldest post-Bible Christian text, famous at Constantinople, known also as The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles (The Teachings of the Lord to the Gentiles (or Nations by the Twelve Apostles. The study approaches and develops these dimensions of the personality and of the thought of the Saint Hierarch Anthim, in order to emphasize both his life and his work as an esteemed symbol of the Orthodox faith.

  15. La collégiale Saint-Étienne de Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre (Indre The collegiate church of Saint-Étienne at Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre (Indre, France. A recent building survey of the rotunda and the nave

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simon Bryant


    Full Text Available La collégiale Saint-Étienne à Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre (Indre est un des rares édifices subsistants en France qui soit conçu comme une copie de l’église du Saint-Sépulcre de Jérusalem. L’étude archéologique, réalisée pendant des travaux, a permis de préciser les étapes de son évolution depuis sa fondation dans les années 1040. La rotonde, avec ses onze piliers centraux, a été ajoutée à l’extrémité ouest d’une église antérieure. Le mur extérieur a été achevé dans cette première phase mais la cage centrale, qui abritait l’édicule, n’a été terminée qu’au début du XIIe s. Pendant la deuxième moitié du XIIe s., l’église est profondément remaniée et sans doute raccourcie avec la création d’un chevet plat. La voûte primitive est remplacée par trois travées de croisées d’ogives. L’édifice sert de refuge pendant la guerre de Cent Ans, ce qui provoque certains dégâts, partiellement réparés. Malgré les ruptures évidentes dans la construction et un plan irrégulier, l’étude montre que l’édifice est le résultat de la poursuite d’un projet architectural cohérent et original visant à évoquer l’église du Saint-Sépulcre de Jérusalem.The collegiate church of Saint-Étienne at Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre (Department of the Indre, France is one of the few surviving rotundas built as a copy of the Holy-Sepulcre of Jerusalem during the mid 11th century. Many theories have been advanced concerning the history and the dating of this unusual monument. A recent building survey, carried out during restoration work, has managed to clarify the main phases of its evolution. The rotunda, with eleven central pillars placed around the reliquary monument, was added onto the west end of an existing church during the 1040’s. The two upper stories of the central cage, however, were not finished until the early 12th century. During the second half of the 12th century, the church was extensively

  16. Cultural development of the underground urban spaces on the experience of Saint-Petersburg and Harbin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kirichkov Igor


    Full Text Available This article is focused on underground architecture design analysis, considering energy efficiency, green technologies, building structure optimization and other questions in Russia (Saint-Petersburg and China (Harbin. Today, when our society advocatesfor the sustainable development and ecological architecture, the ecotypic underground architecture is an unavoidable theme. There were called some advantages and disadvantages of ecological design implementation methods – influence on environment and human behavior. Conclusion based on underground architectural design technologies comparison between contemporary public building construction experience in Russia and China. General plan of the using of underground urban spaces is not existat all, despite the fact that excluding of the same plan forbids any ground construction.There was given a long-time prognosis about underground architecture development - some perspectives and possible results in future.

  17. The earliest phases of the parish church of Saint Margaret and Saint Stanislaus in Żębocin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sławomir Dryja


    Full Text Available The paper has been based on archaeological and architectural exploration of the church in Żębocin carried out in 2011. Żębocin, a village in the Miechów district and the Proszowice deanery, had its beginnings reportedly in the mid-11th century. However, the first squire of Żębocin documented in historical sources was Tomko, coat of arms unknown, mentioned in 1384. According to tradition, the first church in the village, which has not survived, was built in the years 1059–1071 and consecrated by St. Stanislas of Szczepanów. In a local legend, the wife of knight Mikołaj of Żębocin took shelter in the tower of a stone church in Żębocin during the unrest in the reign of Boleslaus the Brave. The stone foundation under the north-eastern corner of the chancel belonged probably to a stone building, its function unknown, which may have stood there already in those turbulent times. The extant church, erected in the mid-13th century or soon afterwards, was a small single-nave structure with a chancel closed with a straight wall, built from bricks (with a wendian bond pattern on its elevation on stone foundations. It combined two styles: Romanesque (as shown by the surviving splayed window in the northern elevation of the chancel and Gothic (the brick ogival frame in the northern elevation of the nave. The important question whether the church had a tower from the start and where that tower was located remains undecided; the tower could have been incorporated into the body of the nave from the west or built above the chancel; it could also have been added afterwards, in the 16th century at the latest. Reportedly, the church in Żębocin once had a defensive character and was located in knights’ fortified town. Its founder may have been a progenitor of the Strzemieńczyk or the Odrowąż families. It should be remembered that Romanesque single-nave “village” churches built on a simple plan are quite frequent in Central Europe; there are

  18. Work at the Saint-Genis roundabout

    CERN Multimedia


    The Technical Department of the Conseil général de l'Ain has informed CERN of forthcoming work to make the Saint-Genis Pouilly roundabout (junction of the D35 and D984) safer for cyclists. The work will include, in particular, the installation of lane dividers between the cycle track and the road, improved road markings and the erection of additional road signs. The overall layout of the junction will not be affected. Relations with the Host States Service Tel.: 72848

  19. Paint it Black: Using Change-Point Analysis to Investigate Increasing Vulnerability to Depression towards the End of Vincent van Gogh’s Life

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Arnold A P VanEmmerik; Ellen L Hamaker


    This study investigated whether Vincent van Gogh became increasingly self-focused-and thus vulnerable to depression-towards the end of his life, through a quantitative analysis of his written pronoun use over time...

  20. Reliability and Validity of the SAINT: A Guided Self-Help Tool for People with Intellectual Disabilities (United States)

    Chaplin, Eddie; Chester, Rebecca; Tsakanikos, Elias; McCarthy, Jane; Craig, Tom; Bouras, Nick


    This study investigated the main psychometric properties of the Self Assessment and Intervention (SAINT), a unique and recently developed Guided Self-Help tool for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Fifty-four adults with ID identified with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression completed the study. They were between 18 and 77 years old…

  1. Natural History of St. Vincent Island, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A study proposal aiming to ascertain, list and describe the woody flora and vertebrate fauna of St. Vincent Island, and to describe the terrestrial and fresh water...

  2. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge : Visitation Report (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Visual inspections of all five lakes and the Oyster Pond on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge were made in 1979. It appeared that infestation of the lakes and the...

  3. Biology of Grapsus grapsus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Brachyura, Grapsidae) in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, Equatorial Atlantic Ocean

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Freire, A S; Pinheiro, M A. A; Karam-Silva, H; Teschima, M M


    .... The low diversity of food items, absence of predators of large crabs and high geographic isolation are the determinants of unique behavioural and biological characteristics observed in the G. grapsus population.

  4. The pastoral care and the priest profile in the study “On the Priesthood” of Saint John Chrysostom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isbasoiu Iulian


    Full Text Available Saint John Chrysostom is one of the most remarkable personalities of the forth century of Christianity, also known as “the golden century”. His missionary and writing activity left a peerless treasure to the Church. His theological compositions enriched the cultural heritage with an innovative and clear way of approaching the topic of Christian ministry. The following study will present the Saint’s vision on the mission of the Church and the profile of the “soul’s shepherd”, nobody else but the priest, as he describes it in his treaty “On Priesthood”. We will discuss this subject starting from the statements used by the Saint to justify his refusal of becoming a priest. Therefore, we will analyze the moral and missionary profile of the priest, the cultural and social circumstances in which he has to perform, and all the difficulties he must face. We will reach the conclusion that the mission of the priests during the first centuries is not any different from the one of today, so the teaching given by the Saint is eternally valid.

  5. Translation to Spanish and Validation of the Specific Saint George's Questionnaire for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. (United States)

    Capparelli, Ignacio; Fernandez, Martín; Saadia Otero, Marcela; Steimberg, Jimena; Brassesco, María; Campobasso, Ana; Palacios, Sandra; Caro, Fabian; Alberti, María Laura; Rabinovich, Roberto A; Paulin, Francisco


    Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is associated with low exercise tolerance, dyspnea, and decreased health-related quality of life (HRQL). Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is one of the most prevalent in the group. A specific version of the Saint George's questionnaire (SGRQ-I) has been developed to quantify the HRQL of IPF patients. However, this tool is not currently validated in the Spanish language. The objective was to translate into Spanish and validate the specific Saint George's Respiratory Questionnaire for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (SGRQ-I). The repeatability, internal consistency and construct validity of the SGRQ-I in Spanish were analyzed after a backtranslation process. In total, 23 outpatients with IPF completed the translated SGRQ-I twice, 7 days apart. Repeatability was studied, revealing good concordance in test-retest with an ICC (interclass correlation coefficient) of 0.96 (Ptotal value) (Ptotal score of the questionnaire showed good correlation with forced vital capacity FVC% (r=-0.44; P=.033), diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide (DLCO%) (r=-0.55; P=.011), partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood PaO2 (r=-0.44; P=.036), Medical Research Council Dyspnea scale (r=-0.65; P<.001), and number of steps taken in 24hours (r=-0.47; P=.024). The Spanish version of SGRQ-Ideveloped by our group shows good internal consistency, reproducibility and validity, so it can be used for the evaluation of quality of life (QOL) in IPF patients. Copyright © 2017 SEPAR. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  6. Geologic Map of the Saint Helens Quadrangle, Columbia County, Oregon, and Clark and Cowlitz Counties, Washington (United States)

    Evarts, Russell C.


    The Saint Helens 7.5' quadrangle is situated in the Puget-Willamette Lowland approximately 35 km north Portland, Oregon. The lowland, which extends from Puget Sound into west-central Oregon, is a complex structural and topographic trough that lies between the Coast Range and the Cascade Range. Since late Eocene time, Cascade Range has been the locus of a discontinuously active volcanic arc associated with underthrusting of oceanic lithosphere beneath the North American continent along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The Coast Range occupies the forearc position within the Cascadia arc-trench system and consists of a complex assemblage of Eocene to Miocene volcanic and marine sedimentary rocks. The Saint Helens quadrangle lies in the northern part of the Portland Basin, a roughly 2000-km2 topographic and structural depression. It is the northernmost of several sediment-filled structural basins that collectively constitute the Willamette Valley segment of the Puget-Willamette Lowland (Beeson and others, 1989; Swanson and others, 1993; Yeats and others, 1996). The rhomboidal basin is approximately 70 km long and 30 km wide, with its long dimension oriented northwest. The Columbia River flows west and north through the Portland Basin at an elevation near sea level and exits through a confined bedrock valley less than 2.5 km wide about 16 km north of Saint Helens. The flanks of the basin consist of Eocene through Miocene volcanic and sedimentary rocks that rise to elevations exceeding 2000 ft (610 m). Seismic-reflection profiles (L.M. Liberty, written commun., 2003) and lithologic logs of water wells (Swanson and others, 1993; Mabey and Madin, 1995) indicate that as much as 550 m of late Miocene and younger sediments have accumulated in the deepest part of the basin near Vancouver. Most of this basin-fill material was carried in from the east by the Columbia River but contributions from streams draining the adjacent highlands are locally important. The Portland Basin has

  7. Egg deposition by lithophilic-spawning fishes in the Detroit and Saint Clair Rivers, 2005–14 (United States)

    Prichard, Carson G.; Craig, Jaquelyn M.; Roseman, Edward F.; Fischer, Jason L.; Manny, Bruce A.; Kennedy, Gregory W.


    A long-term, multiseason, fish egg sampling program conducted annually on the Detroit (2005–14) and Saint Clair (2010–14) Rivers was summarized to identify where productive fish spawning habitat currently exists. Egg mats were placed on the river bottom during the spring and fall at historic spawning areas and candidate fish spawning habitat restoration sites throughout both rivers. Widespread evidence was found of lithophilic spawning by numerous native fish species, including walleye (Sander vitreus), lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis), lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), suckers (Catostomidae spp.), and trout-perch (Percopsis omiscomaycus). Walleye, lake whitefish, and suckers spp. spawned in nearly every region of each river in all years on both reef and nonreef substrates. Lake sturgeon eggs were collected almost exclusively over constructed reefs. Catch-per-unit effort of walleye, lake whitefish, and sucker eggs was much greater in the Detroit River than in the Saint Clair River, while Saint Clair River sites supported the greatest collections of lake sturgeon eggs. Collections during this study of lake sturgeon eggs on man-made spawning reefs suggest that artificial reefs may be an effective tool for restoring fish populations in the Detroit and Saint Clair Rivers; however, the quick response of lake sturgeon to spawn on newly constructed reefs and the fact that walleye, lake whitefish, and sucker eggs were often collected over substrate with little interstitial space to protect eggs from siltation and predators suggests that lack of suitable spawning habitat may continue to limit reproduction of lithophilic-spawning fish species in the Saint Clair-Detroit River System.

  8. Development Plan : St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A number of development projects for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge are listed in this plan. These include support facilities- such as an administration...

  9. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge Historical Photographs (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document contains a series of photographs from St. Vincent Island. Photograph dates range from 1909 to 1969. Subjects include structures, vegetation, equipment,...

  10. Erosion monitoring along the Coosa River below Logan Martin Dam near Vincent, Alabama, using terrestrial light detection and ranging (T-LiDAR) technology (United States)

    Kimbrow, Dustin R.; Lee, Kathryn G.


    Alabama Power operates a series of dams on the Coosa River in east central Alabama. These dams form six reservoirs that provide power generation, flood control, recreation, economic opportunity, and fish and wildlife habitats to the region. The Logan Martin Reservoir is located approximately 45 kilometers east of Birmingham and borders Saint Clair and Talladega Counties. Discharges below the reservoir are controlled by power generation at Logan Martin Dam, and there has been an ongoing concern about the stability of the streambanks downstream of the dam. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Alabama Power conducted a scientific investigation of the geomorphic conditions of a 115-meter length of streambank along the Coosa River by using tripod-mounted terrestrial light detection and ranging technology. Two surveys were conducted before and after the winter flood season of 2010 to determine the extent and magnitude of geomorphic change. A comparison of the terrestrial light detection and ranging datasets indicated that approximately 40 cubic meters of material had been eroded from the upstream section of the study area. The terrestrial light detection and ranging data included in this report consist of electronic point cloud files containing several million georeferenced data points, as well as a surface model measuring changes between scans.

  11. Troubadour Biographies and the Value of Authentic Love: Daude de Pradas and Uc de Saint Circ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Hinton


    Full Text Available The idea of an essential connection between the quality of a song and the sincerity of the emotion it expresses ("I sing because I love" is a topos used in various ways by troubadours, one which lent itself naturally to discussion of their relationship to audiences and to other poets. The topos transferred across to the thirteenth-century biographies (vidas found alongside the songs in numerous manuscripts, as in the arresting claim, made in the vida about Daude de Pradas, that his songs "did not spring from love and therefore did not find favour with audiences." Elsewhere, however, the biographies give a different account of inauthenticity, as the edge which allows troubadours to exercise control over their social environment; significantly, this version of the topos appears in the vida for Uc de Saint Circ, who is believed to be the main author of the corpus. In these contrasting accounts of poetic inauthenticity, we can see the biographies wrestling with questions of control and definition of the cultural capital of troubadour lyric: patron and poet, cleric and lay. The thirteenth century saw authors and their audiences increasingly asserting the lasting cultural value of vernacular literature in general, and (through its association with troubadour production Occitan in particular. Accordingly, these texts reflect the poets' engagement with the court audiences for whom they were writing, at the same time as they look ahead to the enduring record of posterity.

  12. Alfred Vincent Kidder and the Development of Americanist Archaeology, by Douglas R. Givens, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 1992

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan E. Reyman


    Full Text Available The photography on the book dustjacket portrays the shadows of three men against the back of a rockshelter. Kidder's figure (center casts the longest shadow, just as Kidder, himself, was a central, dominant figure in Southwestern archaeology from 1915-1940. Indeed, three decades after his death, Kidder still casts a long shadow in the American Southwest: the Pecos Classification (1927, developed under his guidance with the help of Tom Waterman and Alfred Kroeber, remains, with modifications, the basic cultural classificatory system for the Anasazi/historic Pueblo; the Pecos Conference, organised by Kidder and first held in 1927 at Pecos Pueblo, is now more than 65 years old and is probably the longest running regional archaeology conference in the Americas; Pecos Pueblo, itself; now a national monument, is one of the best known and better preserved Pueblo sites; and Kidder's work at Pecos, especially his stratigraphic and ceramic studies (the latter in conduction with Anna Shepard, were models for later archaeological fieldwork and reporting, though a final report on the Pecos excavations was never published.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eckhart Schnabel


    Full Text Available This Article is an attempt to shed light on a few texts of the acts of the Apostles and of the epistles which are viewed as sources documenting the life and activity of Saint Paul. The author attempts to settle a number of questions regarding the authenticity of sources illustrating the life of Saint Paul. Similar questions are often raised by those who write and publish guides and textbooks for the teaching of the Pauline corpus. The author agrees with the overwhelming positive judgment of the academic world regarding the authenticity of the pastoral epistles, but at the same time he notes a number of objections to their authenticity proposed by the same forum: inconsistencies within the vocabulary of the texts themselves, their linguistic style, and their theological argumentation. The author concludes that these objections are inconclusive and the features enumerated by those who object constitute in reality only minor exceptions, inconsequential when taking into account the entire Pauline corpus. The author also examines the authenticity and historical accuracy of the account of the life of Saint Paul as given in the Acts of the Apostles. A few Biblicists claim that the account in Acts is merely legendary and is to be regarded as a type of early Christian folklore. The author disagrees with this opinion, backing up his position with the evidence that both the Acts of the Apostles and the Pastoral Epistles agree in historical detail and background. The author concludes with a further consideration regarding the correct method guiding biblical research on Saint Paul. He opines that such research must view the biblical texts in a correct historical perspective

  14. Santa Praxede e a Igreja que se reunia em sua casa em Roma/ Saint Praxedes and the Church which met in her house in Rome

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Ivoni Richter Reimer


      The article presents and analyzes fragments of the story of Saint Praxedes, leader of a domestic church in 1st century in Rome, and their resignification over the centuries, mainly under Pope Paschal I (9th century...

  15. Prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders and effectiveness of iodine prophylaxis among the population of reproductive age living in Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. E. Soboleva


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study is the assessment of iodine status and effectiveness of iodine prophylaxis among the population of reproductive age. In this regard, we examined 200 individuals from 18 up to 44 years old living in Saint Petersburg for more than 3 years permanently. Most of the examined individuals had mild iodine deficiency, less than half of people of reproductive age (46 % used iodized salt at home. Goiter was found by palpation in 8 % of participants. More than half of the surveyed individuals are women of reproductive age who are at risk for the development of iodine deficiency disorders. Our data reflect an unfavorable situation in fight against iodine deficiency disorders in Saint Petersburg. Probably, the voluntary model of using iodized salt as the prevention of iodine deficiency in the Russian Federation is not effective enough.

  16. International Congress on Transposable Elements (ICTE) 2012 in Saint Malo and the sea of TE stories. (United States)

    Ainouche, Abdelkader; Bétermier, Mireille; Chandler, Mick; Cordaux, Richard; Cristofari, Gaël; Deragon, Jean-Marc; Lesage, Pascale; Panaud, Olivier; Quesneville, Hadi; Vaury, Chantal; Vieira, Cristina; Vitte, Clémentine


    An international conference on Transposable Elements (TEs) was held 21-24 April 2012 in Saint Malo, France. Organized by the French Transposition Community (GDR Elements Génétiques Mobiles et Génomes, CNRS) and the French Society of Genetics (SFG), the conference's goal was to bring together researchers from around the world who study transposition in diverse organisms using multiple experimental approaches. The meeting drew more than 217 attendees and most contributed through poster presentations (117), invited talks and short talks selected from poster abstracts (48 in total). The talks were organized into four scientific sessions, focused on: impact of TEs on genomes, control of transposition, evolution of TEs and mechanisms of transposition. Here, we present highlights from the talks given during the platform sessions. The conference was sponsored by Alliance pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé (Aviesan), Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM), Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA), Université de Perpignan, Université de Rennes 1, Région Bretagne and Mobile DNA. CHAIR OF THE ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE: Jean-Marc Deragon ORGANIZERS: Abdelkader Ainouche, Mireille Bétermier, Mick Chandler, Richard Cordaux, Gaël Cristofari, Jean-Marc Deragon, Pascale Lesage, Didier Mazel, Olivier Panaud, Hadi Quesneville, Chantal Vaury, Cristina Vieira and Clémentine Vitte.

  17. Antimicrobial susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from three Caribbean countries: Trinidad, Guyana, and St. Vincent. (United States)

    Dillon, J A; Li, H; Sealy, J; Ruben, M; Prabhakar, P


    The percentage of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates resistant to antimicrobial agents commonly used for treatment is unknown in many Caribbean countries. To determine the antimicrobial susceptibility of N gonorrhoeae isolates from Trinidad (144 isolates), Guyana (70 isolates), and St. Vincent (68 isolates) so baseline data can be established for further studies, and to assist in establishing effective treatment guidelines. Consecutive urethral and endocervical specimens from several clinics were collected and identified as N gonorrhoeae. Isolates of N gonorrhoeae were tested for their susceptibility to penicillin, tetracycline, ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, spectinomycin, and azithromycin. The presumptive identification of penicillinase-producing N gonorrhoeae and/or tetracycline-resistant N gonorrhoeae isolates based on MIC was confirmed by plasmid and tetM content analysis. High percentages of penicillin and/or tetracycline resistance were observed in N gonorrhoeae isolates from Guyana (92.9%), St. Vincent (44.1%), and Trinidad (42.4%). Isolates from all three countries were susceptible to ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, and spectinomycin. One penicillinase-producing N gonorrhoeae/tetracycline-resistant N gonorrhoeae from Guyana had an MIC of 0.5 microg/l to ciprofloxacin. This and nine other isolates from Guyana also were resistant to azithromycin (defined as MIC > or = 2.0 microg/ml) as well as penicillin and tetracycline. A reduced susceptibility to azithromycin was displayed by 16% of the isolates from St. Vincent and 72% of the isolates from Guyana (MIC, 0.25-1.0 microg/ml). Most penicillinase-producing N gonorrhoeae isolates carried Africa-type plasmids (61/90), with 28 of 90 having Toronto-type plasmids and a single isolate carrying an Asia-type plasmid. The tetM determinant in tetracycline-resistant N gonorrhoeae isolates was predominantly of the Dutch type (68/91). The high prevalence of N gonorrhoeae isolates from 3 of 21 English- and Dutch-speaking Caricom

  18. Modern understanding of ‘geoeconomic position’ and the Saint Petersburg agglomeration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuznetsov S. V.


    Full Text Available This article presents a modern interpretation of the concept of ‘geoeconomic situation’ as applied to one of the most important centers of the Baltic region — the St. Petersburg agglomeration. The coastal location of the agglomeration and close connections with the Leningrad region make it possible to consider the Saint Petersburg coastal region (Baltic Area as a whole. The article sets out not only to verify, confirm, and explain the features of the geoeconomic position of the coastal region, but also to describe the contiguous geoeconomic space. The position of the St. Petersburg coastal region is of crucial importance for ensuring a steady growth of regional economy, the propagation of industrialization impulses, and modernization in the heart of Russian Northwestern macroregion. At the same time, the specific features of the region’s geoeconomic position magnify the ‘inherited’ ad acquired effects of focal industrialization and space polarization, which creates additional prerequisites for the inversion of the Russian economic space — ‘Russia of the physical space’ andthe economic space of Russia’. The study uses traditional methodology of economic geography (the territorial, cluster, and spatial approaches and the geoeconomic approach developed by the authors. The article also addresses recent findings in regional economy and spatial studies. It is aimed at the development of the geoeconomic paradigm in the framework of social geography and that of spatial science. An analysis of the geoeconomic position and the developing spatial relations can be of interest for researchers of geographic clusters, agglomerations, and such cross-border forms of cooperation, as growth triangles, for example.

  19. The University of Saint Louis’ Foreign Language Program: Introspections and Realizations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan


    Full Text Available This study was meant to present an evaluation of the delivery of the University of Saint Louis’ Foreign Language Program-Mandarin Chinese. Using descriptive research design, coupled with focus group discussion with the students in total enumeration, data along the different aspects of the teaching and learning of Mandarin Chinese, was ascertained using a developed and validated questionnaire. The student-respondents have evaluated the following areas: 1.Objectives of the Lesson/Course 2 Lesson Strategies 3 Lesson Assessments 4 Student Engagement 5 Learning Resources and Environment 5 Classroom Management 6 Outcomes. Moreover, the grades of the students along two major assessments-oral and written were also looked into to validate the perceptions of students along outcomes. In addition, a structured interview with the teachers was also conducted to provide further information. Looking within, data gathered and analyzed reveals that the University’s Foreign Language Program with the offering of Mandarin Chinese is generally very satisfactory along all areas evaluated. The oral and written examination results as reflected in the grades of the students show that the students have gained adequate skills in both oral and written Mandarin Chinese, although among all areas, it’s the written Mandarin that got the lowest mean rating among all items under “outcomes”. From the foregoing, realizations have been made that while the evaluation is generally very satisfactory using the scale, there is a need for the University to look into specific items under the major areas by way of designing intervention programs to further improve the delivery of the current foreign language program to its students. Moreover, an in-depth study of the same can be expanded to other classes delivered by Filipino professors.

  20. Calculation of Void in the Fort Saint Vrain Material

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Potter, David Charles [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Taylor, Craig Michael [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Coons, James Elmer [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The percent void of the Fort Saint Vrain (FSV) material is estimated to be 21.1% based on the volume of the gap at the top of the drums, the volume of the coolant channels in the FSV fuel element, and the volume of the fuel handling channel in the FSV fuel element.

  1. The Medical Vestment and Surgical Instruments of Saint Cosmas and Damian on Sinai Icons From the Seventh to the Eighteenth Century. (United States)

    Beldekos, Dimitris; Karamanou, Marianna; Poulakou-Rebelakou, Effie; Ploumpidis, Dimitris; Androutsos, George


    The iconography of the doctor saints Cosmas and Damian and the artistic representations of their miracles are important sources for the history of medicine. Within the sphere of physician-saints, Cosmas and Damian have the greatest number of iconographic depictions in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art. In most of their representations, they wear long robes as a sort of professional mantles and carry surgical instruments and boxes indicating their status as doctors. The progress of Byzantine surgery could be attested by these objects, some of them mentioned in collections of miracle stories and documented in medical sources.

  2. Saint Dimitri of Rostov and Dostoevsky

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel Khondzinsky


    Full Text Available Academic literature until now has ignored the possibility of seeing the roots of Dostoevsky’s idea of a God-bearing people in the Saint Dimitri of Rostov’s conception of the passion bearer. But, on the contrary, obvious parallels between the two permit the author to speak of a deliberate coincidence. On the other hand, the two are divided in their conceptions of the reasons for human suffering

  3. Healing Chains, Relationships of Power and Competing Religious Imageries in the Monastery of Saints Kosmas and Damian in Kuklen (Bulgaria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magdalena Lubanska


    Full Text Available This article offers an anthropological analysis of a conflict over the use of a set of 'healing chains' and other focal objects kept in the Orthodox Christian monastery of Saints Kosmas and Damian in Kuklen, Bulgaria. In a nutshell, the conflict captures the leading religious imageries propagated by the custodians of the monastery on the one hand, and the spiritual leaders of a new religious movement, so-called Deunovians, on the other. The analysis helps situate some of the significant changes currently affecting the religious culture of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria within a broader social and cultural context.

  4. The vision of divine light in Saint Gregory Palamas's theology ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The present study represents a synthesis of Saint Gregory Palamas's teaching on the vision of Divine Light as it was articulated in the debate with his adversaries. Directly linked to this topic are other adjacent issues, namely the Transfiguration of Christ, the intellectual and the mystical knowledge, the nature of the divine ...

  5. Tuberculosis screening at the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris - results of first and second IGRA. (United States)

    Nienhaus, Albert; Gariepy, Paul-Kenneth; Trouve, Catherine; Lhaumet, Christiane; Toureau, Jean; Peters, Claudia


    Healthcare workers (HCWs) are exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) and therefore are screened for tuberculosis (TB). Results of TB screenings with the Interferon-γ Release Assay (IGRA) in a French psychiatric hospital without a TB ward are described. At the Sainte-Anne Hospital, a referral centre for psychiatric patients throughout the municipal region of Paris, IGRA screening is performed during pre-employment and general health examination or after potential contact to MTB. The QuantiFERON Gold in tube (QFT) is used and data on TB history are assessed in a standardized manner. Between August 2008 und August 2013 in total 1.192 HCWs were tested and the QFT was positive in 265 (22.2%). Probability of a positive QFT increased with age. A second QFT was performed in 144 HCWs with a positive QFT and 53 (36.8%) HCWs had a reversion. With a positive QFT close to the cut-off (e.g. 0.35-0.7 IU/ml) the odds ratio for a reversion was 4.6 compared to an INF-γ concentration of ≥3.0 IU/ml. Probability of reversion was not influenced by preventive chemotherapy, which was completed by 28 (19.4%) HCWs with a positive QFT. No active TB was detected. Prevalence of positive IGRA is high in French HCWs as is the number of reversions in IGRA. Reversion rate is particularly high around the cut-off of the IGRA. A borderline zone will therefore reduce the influence of test variability.

  6. The Rule of Saint Basil the Great

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piotr Pietrow


    Full Text Available The rules of monasticism were collected and published in a single work entitled Asketikon by Saint Basil the Great. It is arranged in the form of questions and answers to create one coherent work. It has two different publications.The first publication named The Small Asketikon dates to 370-370. It is the fruit of the Saint’s work among Pontic communities and consists of 203 questions and answers. The orignial Greek manuscript has not survived and it is available only in two translations: the Latin Rufin and fragments in Syrian language. The second publication named The Great Asketikon appeard in about 377 and presents the most mature step of cenobitic monasticismin Basil’s elaboration. The Great Asketikon was created by adding new questions to The Small Asketikon and consists of two parts called the The Longer Rules and The Shorter Rules. The Longer Rules are primarily a set of questions and answers. It includes a wide range of rules and norms of the overall life in community. It refers to the fundamental rules of spirituality, such as love, sacrifice, obedience and rudimental problems connected withcommunity organization, cenobitic monasticism and the role of the superior, work and prayer. The second part of The Great Asketikon consists of shorter rules. Two publications are known: the first one originated in Pont andincludes 286 questions and answers and second arose in Cezarei and includes 318 questions and answers. In this work, the Hierarch explains in detail issues regarding community life and solves difficult problems connected with conscience. He writes about behavior towards brothers and explains the significance of weaknesses and virtues.

  7. Is the Vincent fault in southern California the Laramide subduction zone megathrust? (United States)

    Xia, H.; Platt, J. P.


    The Vincent fault (VF) in the San Gabriel Mountains, southern California separates a Meso-Proterozoic gneiss complex and Mesozoic granitoid rocks in the upper plate from the ocean-affiliated Late Cretaceous Pelona schist in the lower plate, and it has been widely interpreted as the original Laramide subduction megathrust. A 500 to 1000 m thick mylonite zone, consisting of a low-stress (LS) section at the bottom, a high-stress (HS) section at the top, and a weakly deformed section in between, is developed above the VF. Our kinematic, thermobarometric and geochronological analysis of the mylonite zone indicates that the VF is a normal fault. Shear sense indicators including asymmetric porphyroblasts, quartz new grain fabric, mineral fish, and quartz CPO from the HS and the LS sections exhibit a top-to-SE sense of shear on the SW-dipping mylonitic foliation, which is contrary to what one would expect for the Laramide subduction megathrust. A few samples from the LS section were overprinted by HS microstructure, implying that the LS mylonites predate the HS mylonites. TitaniQ thermometer and Si-in-muscovite barometer show that the P-T conditions are 389 ± 6 °C, 5 kbar for the LS mylonites and 329 ± 6 °C, 2.4 kbar for HS mylonites. Considering the temporal sequence of HS and LS mylonites, they are likely to be formed during exhumation. A comparison with the lower plate leads to the same conclusion. The top 80-100 m of the Pelona schist underneath the VF is folded and also mylonitized, forming the Narrows synform and S3 simultaneously. Our previous study found that S3 of the Pelona schist has a top-to-SE sense of shear and similar P-T conditions as the LS mylonite in the upper plate, so S3 of the Pelona schist is likely to be formed together with the LS mylonites in the upper plate. While mylonitization of Pelona schist (S3) overprinted both the subduction-related S1 fabric and the return-flow-related S2 fabric, it is reasonable to argue that the mylonite zone above

  8. Understanding Latter-Day Saints Education: Principles and Resources (United States)

    Morgan, Barbara


    Using historic documents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and resources of its leaders, the principles of LDS or Mormon education and its key characteristics are described. In particular, the following characteristics are discussed: (1) the critical role of the Spirit in both teaching and learning, (2) the worthiness,…

  9. The 1993 Parent Meetings for Planning the Saint Paul/Ramsey County Children's Initiative. Final Report. (United States)

    Sandell, Elizabeth J., Ed.

    This report describes the initial plan, participants, and evaluation of Saint Paul (Minnesota) Children's Initiative (SPCI) during 1993. The SPCI is a family-community program to improve child health, child development, school performance, and to enhance family functioning through formal and informal support systems in Saint Paul/Ramsey county. At…

  10. Medical Admissions and Outcomes at Saint Paul's Hospital, Addis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Background: Globally, trends of medical admission have been changing. This study was carried out to assess the current trend of medical admissions and outcomes in Ethiopia. Methods: Retrospective review of 840 records of patients admitted to medical ward of Saint Paul hospital during April 1, 2012-March 31, 2013 was ...

  11. HIV Viral Load Trends in Six Eastern Caribbean Countries Utilizing a Regional Laboratory Referral Service: Implications for Treatment as Prevention


    R Clive Landis; Kelly Carmichael-Simmons; Hambleton, Ian R; Anton Best


    Objective Since 2009, seven countries in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, have been utilizing a laboratory referral service for HIV-1 viral load (VL) offered by The Ladymeade Reference Unit (LRU) Laboratory, Barbados. The objective of this study was to evaluate 5 year VL trends in the six larger OECS countries participating in this regional referral service. ...

  12. Ice Surface Morphology and Flow on Malaspina Glacier, Alaska: Implications for Regional Tectonics in the Saint Elias Orogen (United States)

    Cotton, Michelle M.; Bruhn, Ronald L.; Sauber, Jeanne; Burgess, Evan; Forster, Richard R.


    The Saint Elias Mountains in southern Alaska are located at a structural syntaxis where the coastal thrust and fold belt of the Fairweather plate boundary intersects thrust faults and folds generated by collision of the Yakutat Terrane. The axial trace of this syntaxis extends southeastward out of the Saint Elias Mountains and beneath Malaspina Glacier where it is hidden from view and cannot be mapped using conventional methods. Here we examine the surface morphology and flow patterns of Malaspina Glacier to infer characteristics of the bedrock topography and organization of the syntaxis. Faults and folds beneath the eastern part of the glacier trend northwest and reflect dextral transpression near the terminus of the Fairweather fault system. Those beneath the western part of the glacier trend northeast and accommodate folding and thrust faulting during collision and accretion of the Yakutat Terrane. Mapping the location and geometry of the structural syntaxis provides important constraints on spatial variations in seismicity, fault kinematics, and crustal shortening beneath Malaspina Glacier, as well as the position of the collisional deformation front within the Yakutat Terrane. We also speculate that the geometrical complexity of intersecting faults within the syntaxis formed a barrier to rupture propagation during two regional Mw 8.1earthquakes in September 1899.

  13. The Sainte-Chapelle between Paris and Chambéry: a “repeatable” emblem of the sacredness of the Court (15th Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Gaffuri


    Full Text Available In the history of the Saintes-Chapelles the 13th century is a cornerstone, for the extraordinary semantic value given by king of France Louis IX to the palatine chapel, built on behalf of Sacred Crown of Christ and as emblem of the sacredness of the kingdom. In the theological and political arena of 13th-15th century Europe, this high symbolic value gives a strong power of representation of the royalty to the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris, making it also the subject of much imitation and reproduction by other courts. However, contrary to what one might think, the paradigms of such imitations and reproductions stay mutable for a long time, and they are not solely identifiable with the devotion to the Passion and the Blood of Christ. That is the context in which the foundation of the Sainte-Chapelle of the Savoy dukedom takes shape in Chambéry in the fifteenth century, with details, times and protagonists that this study considers. From this viewpoint, the theme of the Sainte-Chapelle joins with the objectives of an investigation of the politics of the Holy as explained by Ludovic Viallet in the Introduction, and studied through their articulation between central and local powers, political ideology and devotions, political and religious planning of space.

  14. The Smell of Relics: Authenticating Saintly Bones and the Role of Scent in the Sensory Experience of Medieval Christian Veneration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Anthony Brazinski


    Full Text Available ''The archaeology of smell is a burgeoning field in recent scholarship. This paper adds to existing literature by investigating the function of smell in relation to relic sales and veneration in medieval Europe, a hitherto understudied area of research. Collating historical texts concerning the translatio of saintly relics in Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire with archaeological sources associated with relic veneration and religious worship (including ampullae, unguentaria, sarcophagi, holy oils, pillow graves, and silk, this paper suggests that (1 smell was used in the medieval world as a means to challenge or confirm a relic’s authenticity, and (2 olfactory liquids that imbued or permeated material objects in the context of worship functioned as a means of focusing attention on relic veneration and were an essential part of the cult and/or pilgrimage experience.

  15. Mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of high-alumina fenites of the Mont Saint-Hilaire alkaline pluton, Québec, Canada (United States)

    Yakovleva, O. S.; Pekov, I. V.; Horváth, L.; Bryzgalov, I. A.; Yapaskurt, V. O.; Guseva, E. V.


    High-alumina fenites in the Mont Saint-Hilaire alkaline complex, Québec, Canada, form bodies at the contact of peralkaline nepheline syenite. Fenites are subdivided into four types: corundum-spessartine-biotite-feldspar, muscovite-corundum-hercynite-biotite-feldspar, carbonated muscovite-biotite-hercynite-feldspar, and spessartine-hercynite-feldspar. Accessory minerals of the ilmenite-pyrophanite series, columbites, zircon, thorite, pyrrhotite, Fe, Mn, Mg, Ca, Ba, and REE carbonates, uedaite-(Ce), etc. are identified. Three stages are suggested in the formation of these rocks. In mineralogy and geochemistry, the Mont Saint-Hilaire high-alumina fenites are similar to Al-rich fenites replacing xenoliths in the Khibiny alkaline complex, Russia. In both cases, fenites are related to peralkaline rocks and replace high-alumina protoliths: granite at Mont Saint-Hilaire and metapelites in the Khibiny Mountains. These fenites are regarded as a specific type of fenites with rock-forming Mg-depleted hercynite.

  16. Formal deduction of the Saint-Venant-Exner model including arbitrarily sloping sediment beds and associated energy

    CERN Document Server

    Fernández-Nieto, E D; Narbona-Reina, G; Zabsonré, J D


    In this work we present a deduction of the Saint-Venant-Exner model through an asymptotic analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations. A multi-scale analysis is performed in order to take into account that the velocity of the sediment layer is smaller than the one of the fluid layer. This leads us to consider a shallow water type system for the fluid layer and a lubrication Reynolds equation for the sediment one. This deduction provides some improvements with respect to the classical Saint-Venant-Exner model: (i) the deduced model has an associated energy. Moreover, it allows us to explain why classical models do not have an associated energy and how to modify them in order to recover a model with this property. (ii) The model incorporates naturally a necessary modification that must be taken into account in order to be applied to arbitrarily sloping beds. Furthermore, we show that this modification is different of the ones considered classically, and that it coincides with a classical one only if the solution ha...

  17. St. Vincent Island White-Tailed Deer Monitoring Program (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The white tailed deer herd on St. Vincent Island represents an important part of the island's biotic community. To maintain the integrity of the island's deer...

  18. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge: Comprehensive Conservation Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on St. Vincent NWR for the next 15 years. This plan outlines the Refuge vision and purpose...

  19. Wetlands Management Review of St. Vincent Island NWR (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this wetland review was to evaluate past management and provide recommendations for future management of the impounded wetlands on St. Vincent Island....

  20. Feasibility Study of Economics and Performance of Solar Photovoltaics at the Vincent Mullins Landfill in Tucson, Arizona. A Study Prepared in Partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency for the RE-Powering America's Land Initiative: Siting Renewable Energy on Potentially Contaminated Land and Mine Sites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Steen, M.; Lisell, L.; Mosey, G.


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in accordance with the RE-Powering America's Land initiative, selected the Vincent Mullins Landfill in Tucson, Arizona, for a feasibility study of renewable energy production. Under the RE-Powering America's Land initiative, the EPA provided funding to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to support the study. NREL provided technical assistance for this project but did not assess environmental conditions at the site beyond those related to the performance of a photovoltaic (PV) system. The purpose of this report is to assess the site for a possible PV installation and estimate the cost and performance of different PV configurations, as well as to recommend financing options that could assist in the implementation of a PV system. In addition to the Vincent Mullins site, four similar landfills in Tucson are included as part of this study.

  1. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge Forest Management Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Virgin timber stood on St. Vincent Island until the early forties when sold by the estate of Dr. Pierce. Other timber cuts were made during the period I960 through...

  2. Configuration of water table and distribution of downward leakage to the Prairie du Chien-Jordan Aquifer in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, Minnesota (United States)

    Larson-Higdem, Dana C.; Larson, S.P.; Norvitch, Ralph F.


    The configuration of the water table as plotted at a contour interval of 20 feet (6 metres) on quadrangle maps (scale 1:2,500) of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. Control points used for mapping were water levels in wells, lakes and sloughs, and places where topographic contours cross perennial streams.

  3. St. Vincent Island : A Prospective National Wildlife Refuge in Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A proposal is under consideration which could result in the acquisition by the United States of St. Vincent Island, a 12,000-acre tract of land in Franklin County,...

  4. Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout

    CERN Multimedia


    In the interests of enhanced safety, a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists has been constructed around the outside of the Saint-Genis roundabout. However, the markings of the previous cycle path, which is now closed to traffic, are still visible and can cause confusion. We therefore call on everyone to exercise extreme caution and to use the new pathway.   New two-way markings have been laid out, inviting pedestrians and cyclists coming from the direction of Saint-Genis-Pouilly to go towards the Swiss border or CERN Entrance E using the left-hand side of the roundabout (i.e. the Prévessin side). So, from now on, cyclists must no longer go around the roundabout on the right-hand side and pedestrians will no longer have to cross the D884 dual carriageway. Similarly, people staying at the Saint-Genis hostel are invited to follow these new markings to get to CERN or to return to the hostel, which means they will avoid having to cross the D35 highway at a spot where traffic is...

  5. Fishery Management Plan : St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The aquatic habitat available for sportfishing on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge consists of six fresh water lakes totaling 272 acres of water. Fishery...

  6. 1993 St. Vincent NWR Gopher Tortoise Burrow Survey (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A small population of gopher tortoises Gopherus polyphemus exists on St. Vincent Island. Staff reports that the population has been augmented several times...

  7. Fish Kill Investigations : St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This memo summarizes an investigation that took place after a massive fish kill in 5 of the 6 ponds on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge. Two days of field...

  8. Public Use Review Report : St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report provides an overview of public use at St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge. Suggestions for monitoring visitor use are provided. In January 2001, a...

  9. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge : Timber Management Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Timber Management Plan for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge describes how forest management techniques will be used to fulfill refuge objectives. Two types...

  10. Latter-day Saint Religiosity and Attitudes towards Sexual Minorities


    Myler, Cory John


    Existing research has revealed a robust relationship between high religiosity and negative attitudes towards sexual minorities. To date, however, there have been few studies investigating this relationship within the membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church). The unique history, doctrine, and organization of this religion, along with its large size, rapid growth, and sizable influence, indicate that a study of homophobia among church members will provide a...

  11. The Transition of Wat Tham Krabok Hmong Children to Saint Paul Public Schools: Perspectives of Teachers, Principals, and Hmong Parents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bic Ngo


    Full Text Available In 2004, with the closing of the last Hmong refugee camp, Wat Tham Krabok, the latest group of Hmong refugees resettled to the US. To facilitate the language transition of approximately 1,000 school-aged newcomer Hmong children, the Saint Paul Public Schools, developed and established Transitional Language Centers. In this article, we examine the experiences and perspectives of principals, teachers and educational assistants who worked with newcomer Hmong children in the newly-established Transitional Language Centers and well-established Language Academy programs. We also elucidate the experiences of Hmong parents with the schools that served their children. Our research offers insights into the important work of the Transitional Language Centers as well as the need to better support newcomer Hmong parents.

  12. Marital fertility and income: moderating effects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints religion in Utah. (United States)

    Stanford, Joseph B; Smith, Ken R


    Utah has the highest total fertility of any state in the United States and also the highest proportion of population affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS or Mormon Church). Data were used from the 1996 Utah Health Status Survey to investigate how annual household income, education and affiliation with the LDS Church affect fertility (children ever born) for married women in Utah. Younger age and higher education were negatively correlated with fertility in the sample as a whole and among non-LDS respondents. Income was negatively associated with fertility among non-LDS respondents. However, income was positively correlated with fertility among LDS respondents. This association persisted when instrumental variables were used to address the potential simultaneous equations bias arising from the potential endogeneity of income and fertility. The LDS religion's pronatalist stance probably encourages childbearing among those with higher income.

  13. Health Impacts of Religious Practices and Beliefs Associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (United States)

    de Diego Cordero, Rocío; Badanta Romero, Bárbara


    The aim of the study is to discuss the relationship between lifestyle marked by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and health. PubMed, CINAHL, PsycINFO, WOS y Scopus were the databases used for this literature review, with these descriptors: "Mormons", "mormons religion", "health". Inclusion criteria were articles with full text available, published between 2005 and 2016, in English or Spanish language. Results show that following the restrictive Mormon doctrine generates beneficial effects for the health. Habits related to toxics and food, as well as social support, from family and Mormon community are an important basis for good health. On the other hand, not following the prescriptions or leaving the group, opposed sexual identities or not fulfilling the roles associated with women are associated with worse mental and physical health.

  14. [Management and prevention of abuse in Quebec: a program of sociolegal pediatrics at the Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal]. (United States)

    Chabrol, B; Fortin, G; Bernard-Bonnin, A C; Allard-Dansereau, C; Chabot, G; Methot, B


    In Quebec, the Child's Protection law protects the child from birth until 18 years of age when child abuse or neglect is suspected. Since 1990, the program of the Child Protection Clinic of Sainte-Justine Hospital (Montreal) offers a special unit for evaluation and prevention of child abuse and neglect, constituted by a multidisciplinary team including five pediatricians. About 500 children are referred each year in external consultations or from hospital units. In addition, the pediatricians participate in the "programme Santé-Enfance-Jeunesse", a prevention program in the Montreal area. They also act as expert witnesses in court. Thus Quebec's pediatricians fully participate in a child's protection with their activities in different levels of diagnosis, management and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

  15. Successful medical and surgical treatment of dermal arteritis of the nasal philtrum in a Saint Bernard dog

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vuolo S


    Full Text Available Sarah Vuolo, Lisa Peters, Louis Licari Department of Emergency and Critical Care, Fox Valley Animal Referral Center, Appleton, WI, USA Abstract: A four-year-old neutered male Saint Bernard dog presented with a 2 year history of nasal philtrum ulceration and recent recurrent arterial hemorrhage from this region. Dermal arteritis of the nasal philtrum was diagnosed and the patient was started on immunosuppressive medications. Clinical signs continued to recur until surgical resection of the lesions was performed. Dermal arteritis of the nasal philtrum is a rare phenomenon but should be considered in certain breeds. Surgical removal of affected tissue should be considered when medical treatment fails. Long-term management with cyclosporine was initiated which has not been previously described in the literature. Keywords: dermal arteritis, immunology, nasal resection, immunosuppression

  16. Intimate partner violence in the Caribbean: State, activist and media responses. (United States)

    DeShong, Halimah A F; Haynes, Tonya


    Violence in the Caribbean is a major public health and criminal justice problem. In some Caribbean countries, women's share of morbidity and mortality due to violence outstrips men's, which demonstrates a reversal in how gender and violence have been typically and globally understood. This morbidity and mortality among women is frequently a consequence of intimate partner violence (IPV). Using qualitative analysis and feminist discourse and narrative analysis on data from Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados, the authors of this paper contribute to the growing research on IPV. The central organising questions are how do state, activist and media responses reproduce and/or challenge asymmetrical relations of power and gender, and what does this mean for women's agency in the context of violent relationships. State, activist and media responses reveal how assumptions about gender and IPV contribute to a contradictory context in which women navigate their desired outcomes.

  17. [Jean-Baptiste Vincent Laborde (1830-1903), forgotten neurologist and neurophysiologist]. (United States)

    Poirier, Jacques


    Jean-Baptiste Vincent Laborde (1830-1903), native of Buzet, in Gascony, undertook his medical studies in Paris and was nominated "externe" (1854) then "interne" (1858) of Paris hospitals. His main "patrons" were Alfred Velpeau (1795-1867), Auguste Nélaton (1807-1873), Jean-Baptiste Bouillaud (1796-1881), Pierre-Olive Rayer (1793-1867), Joseph-François Malgaigne (1806-1865), Pierre Carl Edouard Potain (1825-1901), Ernest Charles Lasègue (1816-1883) and Léon Rostan (1790-1866). In 1864 he defended his thesis on the essential paralysis of childhood. He then worked in the physiology laboratory of Professor Jules Auguste Beclard (1818-1887), and became "chef des travaux" of physiology at the Paris faculty of medicine. In 1890, he was nominated to the chair of Biological anthropology at the Paris school of anthropology. His main works focused on the rhythmic tractions of the tongue in cases of apparent death, the understanding of the etiology of brain softening he attributed to vascular occlusions by atheroma and the discovery of connections between the cranial nuclei of common (III) and external (VI) oculomotor nerves and the struggle against the use of ceruse, against tuberculosis and especially against alcoholism. In addition, he made a career in journalism: since 1874 he had been the founder, director and editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper The Medical Tribune, whose aim was to "combine to a fair extent, science and progress with the practice of medicine." Finally, Laborde was a convinced Republican, a friend of Léon Gambetta's (1838-1882). For him, democracy was the "ideal of civilized nations" and he showed deep hatred for the "Commune of Paris". Finally, he was a determined free thinker, who ran the Society for mutual autopsy for a while and who was attached to civil funerals and cremation.

  18. Sedimentary Records of Hyperpycnal Flows and the Influence of River Damming on Sediment Dynamics of Estuaries: Examples from the Nelson, Churchill, Moisie and Sainte-Marguerite Rivers (Canada) (United States)

    St-Onge, G.; Duboc, Q.; Boyer-Villemaire, U.; Lajeunesse, P.; Bernatchez, P.


    Sediment cores were sampled in the estuary of the Nelson and Churchill Rivers in western Hudson Bay, as well as in the estuary of the Moisie and Sainte-Marguerite Rivers in Gulf of St. Lawrence in order to evaluate the impact of hydroelectric dams on the sedimentary regime of these estuaries. The gravity cores at the mouth of the Nelson River recorded several cm-thick rapidly deposited layers with a reverse to normal grading sequence, indicating the occurrence of hyperpycnal flows generated by major floods during the last few centuries. These hyperpycnal flows were probably caused by ice-jam formation, which can increase both the flow and the sediment concentration following the breaching of such natural dams. Following the construction of hydroelectric dams since the 1960s, the regulation of river discharge prevented the formation of hyperpycnal flows, and hence the deposition of hyperpycnites in the upper part of the cores. In the core sampled in the estuary of the Churchill River, only one hyperpycnite was recorded. This lower frequency may be due to the enclosed estuary of the Churchill River, its weaker discharge and the more distal location of the coring site.In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, grain size measurements allowed the identification of a major flood around AD 1844±4 years in box cores from both the Sainte-Marguerite and Moisie Rivers, whereas a drastic decrease in variations in the median grain size occurred around AD ~1900 in the estuary of the Sainte-Marguerite River, highlighting the offshore impact of the SM1 dam construction in the early 1900s. Furthermore, sedimentological variations in the box cores from both estuaries have been investigated by wavelet analysis and the sharp disappearance of high frequencies around AD 1900 in the estuary of the dammed river (Sainte-Marguerite River), but not in the estuary of the natural river (Moisie River), also provides evidence of the influence of dams on the sedimentary regime of estuaries.

  19. The connectivity of food security, food sovereignty, and food justice in boreal ecosystems: the case of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon


    Keske, Catherine,; Dare, Jennifer,; Hancock, Tiffany; King, Myron


    International audience; This article presents a case study of the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (France) archipelago in order to identify the network and flow of agricultural resources within the circumpolar northern hemisphere known as a “boreal ecosystem” or “boreal ecozone”. We emphasize that climate and the existence of food insecurity within wealthy nations should be factored into conceptualizations of food sovereignty and food justice. The self-governing territory’s remote distance from the...

  20. Degradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by means of spectromicroscopic methods. 3. Synthesis, characterization, and detection of different crystal forms of the chrome yellow pigment. (United States)

    Monico, Letizia; Janssens, Koen; Miliani, Costanza; Brunetti, Brunetto Giovanni; Vagnini, Manuela; Vanmeert, Frederik; Falkenberg, Gerald; Abakumov, Artem; Lu, Yinggang; Tian, He; Verbeeck, Johan; Radepont, Marie; Cotte, Marine; Hendriks, Ella; Geldof, Muriel; van der Loeff, Luuk; Salvant, Johanna; Menu, Michel


    The painter, Vincent van Gogh, and some of his contemporaries frequently made use of the pigment chrome yellow that is known to show a tendency toward darkening. This pigment may correspond to various chemical compounds such as PbCrO(4) and PbCr(1-x)S(x)O(4), that may each be present in various crystallographic forms with different tendencies toward degradation. Investigations by X-ray diffraction (XRD), mid-Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR), and Raman instruments (benchtop and portable) and synchrotron radiation-based micro-XRD and X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy performed on oil-paint models, prepared with in-house synthesized PbCrO(4) and PbCr(1-x)S(x)O(4), permitted us to characterize the spectroscopic features of the various forms. On the basis of these results, an extended study has been carried out on historic paint tubes and on embedded paint microsamples taken from yellow-orange/pale yellow areas of 12 Van Gogh paintings, demonstrating that Van Gogh effectively made use of different chrome yellow types. This conclusion was also confirmed by in situ mid-FTIR investigations on Van Gogh's Portrait of Gauguin (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam).

  1. Saint Blase, patron saint of otorhinolaryngology. (United States)

    Til-Pérez, G; Tomás-Barberán, M; Magri-Ruiz, C


    Otorhinolaryngology is one of the few medical specialities which has a patron saint, Saint Blase (born 317-AD). He was a Doctor and Bishop in Sebaste, Armenia, and he suffered martyrdom under the rule of the Roman Emperor Licinio (Iliria 250 AD - Tsalonica 325 AD). He was acknowledged as having the ability to protect people against throat infections, after curing a child who had choked on a fishbone. The feast of Saint Blase is on February 3rd, and it is celebrated all over the Western world. There are many other Saints related to our speciality, who protect people against ear, nose and throat disorders. We have reviewed the world literature on this subject.

  2. Saint Augustine and Saint Philaret of Moscow on the Participation of the Government in the Conversion of Heretics and Schismatics to Orthodoxy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bezhanidze Georgii


    Full Text Available The article deals with of St. Augustine and St. Filaret’s of Moscow views on state involvement in the conversion of heretics and schismatics to Orthodoxy. The study of St. Augustine and St. Filaret’s views on public authorities involved in the conversion of heretics and schismatics allows to have a fresh look at the value of coercive measures for the mission of the Church. Despite the fact that one of the authors lived at the dawn of the Orthodox Empire, and the other observed its decline, the theological issues of the question of compulsion in matters of faith has not significantly changed. Using measures of the state compulsion does not imply the termination of the church preaching. Without church activity coercion by the state is not generally allowed. These measures, in Saint’s opinion, are necessary to remove obstacles to joining the church unity to those who have already appealed to the Orthodox faith, but because of ingrained habits, are in schism. Of course, the external retaining factors are relevant only for the weak Christians, but it is very difficult for them to overcome external obstacles to the Church without help of the state, and in some cases even impossible.

  3. Bathymetry of Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Bathymetry of Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair has been compiled as a component of a NOAA project to rescue Great Lakes lake floor geological and geophysical data and...

  4. The materials and techniques used in a baroque sculpture representing Saint Dominic from the Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Barata


    Full Text Available A polychrome wooden sculpture from the Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas (Northern Portugal, representing the image of Saint Dominic, produced in the first half of the 18th century, was studied for the identification of the materials and techniques employed in its fine modelling. Radiography was used for the study of the construction details of the wooden support, optical microscopy (OM and polarized light microscopy (PLM for the characterization of the paint layers and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDXRF, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR and microchemical tests for the identification of pigments and fillers.The identified materials were common to the period when the sculpture was made: gypsum, gold leaf, bole,white lead, brown ochre, vermillion, a black pigment made of carbon (possibly mixed with verdigris, used as a drier, a red lake and a calcium compound used as filler. However, regarding the techniques employed, and probably due to economic reasons, it seems that the recommended practice in art treatises and working contracts was not completely followed in what concerns the ground layers. Similar reasons appear to have caused the use of white lead mixed with a calcium compound, as a filler, in the less expressive areas, and should explain the fact that the estofado techniques (simulation of brocaded vestment have been limited to the visible areas at the front.

  5. The wall-paintings of Saint Constantine at Missochori: New evidence concerning middle Byzantine Nissyros, Greece

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katsioti Angeliki


    Full Text Available The complex of the churches of Saint Constantine and Saint Mamas is located at Missochori, close to the capital of the island of Nissyros, Greece. The first church preserves wall-paintings dated to the end of the twelfth century, shared donation of two monasteries/churches. The paintings are partly repainted, probably in 1318/1319. Both the murals and the two inscriptions of the church provide new evidence concerning mediaeval Nissyros.

  6. Free Competition Theory and the secret agreements between companies. Saint-Gobain under the charges of cartel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas STAMATE


    Full Text Available The European view of economic competition, which is the European Parliament view and enforced by the European Commission does not have a coherent theory of efficiency in allocating resources and justice on a market. The positive law proceeds at incriminating and penalizing with arbitrarily fixed fines the players on different markets but not offering a definition of what competition or free market means, not to mention a theory of the firm. It delivers, of course, a sort of theory, but we argue that it is not coherent and moreover, pretends to be what it cannot possible be, nam¬ely free of any value judgments. The present paper exposes an alternative view to the theory used by EC when decided to fine with 1.4 billion euros the European car glass suppliers Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, AGC and Soliver for cartelizing, and it also presents the case from the perspective of free competition theory based on private property rights of owners.

  7. Soil-borne phytophtoras and woody plants in Saint-Petersburg: new threats of the third millennium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadiy


    Full Text Available In recent years under the conditions of climate change the increased trend towards damages, rot and decline of woody plants at Arboretum of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS has been observed. As a result of 2-year mycological investigation (2012-2013 the wide distribution of phytophthoras has been detected in rhizosphere of many plants and 5 species of Phytophthora have been identified. All of them are soil-borne root-infecting species dangerous to plants growing at Botanical garden BIN: Ph. cinnamomi, Ph. cactorum, besides Ph. citricola, Ph. plurivora and Ph.quercina are firstly recorded in Russia. Ph. quercina is well known in Central and South Europe, but has not been observed yet in the northern latitudes of St. Petersburg. The infection of rhizosphere soil by these dangerous pathogenes has been found in 20 species of trees and shrubs from 15 genera and 13 families. The average year temperature in Saint-Petersburg during the first 13 years of the Third Millennium had ups on 0.5o and reached 6.3o . Temperature of the December, 2006 (3.0o C, July, 2010 (24.4o C and November, 2013 (4.4o C appeared to be the highest during the whole period of observations since 1743. The increase in temperature has been accompanied by the enhancement of precipitation. The highest amount of precipitation (863 mm for the whole period of observations was observed in 2012. The duration of phenological autumn for the same period has enlarged by 12 days, the spring seasons has shortened by 11 days. The duration of winter has shortened by 5 days (from 116 till 111 days, though this is still the longest season of the year (30% . Autumn is the second season in its longevity (94 days, 26% of the year. There is the tendency to more late beginning of autumnal phenostages of Calendar of Nature and the later beginning of winter. The start of spring also takes place at later dates. The summer phenostages have the tendency to start at more yearly dates. The increasing wetting of

  8. [The Saint-Petersburg summit of Group of Eight: the problems of infectious diseases and the ways of their solution]. (United States)

    Onishchenko, G G


    In 2006, being the presiding country at the Group of Eight Summit for the first time, Russia proposed the issue of counteraction with infectious diseases as one of the priority issues. In addition to the realization of the priority National Health Project, which is to a large degree dedicated to the immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases as well as the prevention and treatment of HIV-infection/AIDS and hepatites B and C, a meeting of the Presidium of Russian Federation State Council presided by President V. V. Putin, dedicated to the problem of HIV-infection epidemic spread, was held on April 21; the meeting resulted in the formation of Governmental Commission on the problems of HIV-infection/AIDS. On July 16, the leaders of Group of Eight during their meeting in Saint-Petersburg, discussed and validated the Declaration on counteraction with infectious diseases, reflecting the position of the leaders on the entire complex of problems connected with the spread of infectious diseases, and determining the main principles of the global strategy of counteraction with epidemics under the threats associated with the appearance of new infections, such as avian influenza, HIV-infection/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. While preparing for the Summit, Russia made a range of suggestion aimed mostly on the reinforcement of possibilities to control infectious diseases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Practically all Russia's initiatives were supported by the partners, which was also reflected in the conclusive document of the Summit. Following Russian initiatives, Group of Eight intends to increase the effectiveness of international affords on the prevention and elimination of the consequences of natural disasters, including the use of fast response teams. To provide Russia's contribution to this initiative, modernized specialized antiepidemic teams will be used. Taking into consideration the present-day financial participation of Russian Federation in the realization of

  9. Urban growth and cultural identity; fractures and imbalances in heritage values: A case study of the island of Saint-Louis, Senegal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucía Martínez-Quintana


    Full Text Available The island of Saint-Louis of Senegal was awarded the status of world heritage site by UNESCO in 2000 as an “outstanding example” of urban heritage. This island city comes with a unique heritage: development planning that combines a strong historical French influence with a gridiron urban morphology and building typology. The island must be interpreted within its total territorial context that includes both the island of Sor (on the mainland and La Langue de la Barberie, a sandy barrier that separates the mouth of the river from the sea. The city of Saint-Louis itself has grown enormously and haphazardly from the latter part of the 20th century: it is now the fourth most populous city in Senegal. At present, the city is undergoing a serious period of decline and recession due, in part, to the overriding influence of the capital, Dakar, and the centralized political forces in the country. This article looks at the key morphological and functional reasons behind the development and evolution of the island of Saint-Louis and that persist in the present context, with justifications for the deep-rooted heritage values that maintain its prestige as a World Heritage Site.

  10. Comparison of the Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis Isolates Circulating in Saint Petersburg between 1998 and 2000 with Russian Vaccine Strains (United States)

    Kourova, Natacha; Caro, Valérie; Weber, Christian; Thiberge, Sabine; Chuprinina, Raisa; Tseneva, Galina; Guiso, Nicole


    We analyzed the Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis isolates circulating in Saint Petersburg that were collected between 1998 and 2000 and compared them with isolates collected 40 years ago and Russian vaccine strains. The analysis involved serotyping, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of chromosomal DNA after digestion with XbaI and SpeI, and sequencing of the ptxS1 and prn genes, which encode the S1 subunit of the pertussis toxin and the major adhesin pertactin, respectively. The Russian isolates were classified in five of the six pulsed-field gel electrophoresis groups identified in other European countries. The B. pertussis isolates currently circulating in Saint Petersburg differed from the Russian whole-cell vaccine strains and the isolates collected in the prevaccine era. However, their repartition in the major pulsed-field gel electrophoresis groups was slightly different from that of isolates collected in countries that have had a high level of vaccine coverage for a long time, probably because the level of vaccine coverage in Saint Petersburg has increased only recently, after decreasing until the early 1990s. Most of the B. parapertussis isolates studied were similar to those circulating in France. However, some variants were observed, perhaps because B. parapertussis infections are more common in children in this area. PMID:12904379

  11. Bioprospecting Anticancer Compounds from the Marine-Derived Actinobacteria Actinomadura sp. Collected at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (Brazil)


    Silva,Amaro E. T.; Guimarães, Larissa A.; Ferreira,Elthon G.; Torres, Maria da Conceição M.; Silva, Alison B. da; Branco, Paola C.; Oliveira, Francisca Andréa S.; Silva, Genivaldo G Z; Wilke, Diego V.; Silveira,Edilberto R.; Pessoa,Otília Deusdenia L; Jimenez, Paula C.; Leticia V. Costa-Lotufo


    The actinomycete strain BRA 177 was recovered from sediment samples collected at the St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago, Brazil. This work accessed the ability of this strain, identified as Actinomadura sp., to produce bioactive metabolites by exploring the genome and characterizing chemistry and cytotoxicity of isolated compounds. From the crude ethyl acetate extract, the pigments nonylprodigiosin, cyclononylprodigiosin and methylcyclooctilprodigiosin were isolated and displayed cytotoxicity...

  12. On the Hierarchy of Saints on Altars. Visitation Records of Otto Friedrich Buchheim, the Bishop of Ljubljana (1641–1664

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lavrič, Ana


    Full Text Available The visitation records of Otto Friedrich Buchheim, the Bishop of Ljubljana from 1641–1664, offer an insight into the rules governing the disposition of saintly figures in altar retables. The central place was accorded to the titular saint, while companion saints are positioned in pairs (separately for each level of the retable in such a way that those of higher rank are placed on the more distinguished gospel side, whereas those of lower rank stand on the subordinate epistle side. The priority of one saint over another was not a matter of a random choice, but of a fixed hierarchical order which was created over the course of centuries in the Litany of All Saints and also in the hymns of the officium for All Saints Day; this hierarchy, as Buchheim remarks, is "in agreement with the general feeling of the Catholic Church". Ecclesiastical art in Slovenia shows that in the Gothic period the hierarchical principle governing the disposition of saintly figures was not yet firmly fixed, but it was fully established in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, which coincides with the period of unification of the Litany of All Saints for the entire Catholic Church. Later it started to loosen again, yet it remained in force up to the 20th century.

  13. Une socialisation professionnelle par l’histoire : la formation morale des Saint-Cyriens et le martyrologe patriotique Being professionally socialized by History : the moral training of Saint-Cyr cadets and the legend of patriotic martyrs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alex Alber


    Full Text Available À travers l’étude de l’École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, l’article montre comment la formation des officiers français de recrutement direct repose sur une préparation pensée comme tripartite : militaire, académique et « morale ». Cette dernière dimension suppose notamment la transmission d’une mémoire collective, qui peut être étudiée comme un facteur de socialisation professionnelle. Non sans évoquer les limites d’un tel mécanisme, l’article entend montrer comment la magnification et la remémoration constante des hauts faits de l’histoire militaire, et tout particulièrement des sacrifices pro patria, peuvent servir à fortifier le patriotisme des élèves-officiers. En utilisant les résultats d’une enquête quantitative menée de manière synchronique auprès des élèves de l’ESM à leur entrée et à leur sortie de l’école, on aboutit toutefois au constat que l’école concourt à fortifier ces valeurs plus qu’elle ne les produit, et que le temps aidant, l’exaltation initiale des élèves pour les éléments absolus de l’engagement se nuance d’une connaissance plus empirique des réalités du métier.Using data gathered while researching the Special Military Academy (École Spéciale militaire of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan in 2002, this article shows that the training of future French officers can be subdivided into three different sorts of instruction : military, academic and “moral”. The interest of the latter is that it seems to take advantage of the transmission of the memory of former officers having laid down their lives for France as a means to reinforce the cadets’ patriotism. The article points to the fact that cadets are often already convinced of the importance of patriotism and other military values upon entering the military academy. Moreover, with the passage of time, the cadets’ enthusiasm for bravery and sacrifice seems to cool slightly, as they slowly

  14. The Saint and the Cynic: Resentment and Jewishness in Améry, Sloterdijk, and Wyschogrod

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Menachem Feuer


    Full Text Available The constellation of pain, resentment, the body, and time – as they exist in the wake of the Enlightenment and in the dawn of a new barbarism - is found throughout the work of Jean Améry and Peter Sloterdijk. Both thinkers were especially influenced by Nietzsche’s readings of resentment, his challenge to the Enlightenment, and his turn to the body as the basis of a new kind of thinking which starts with pain, dwells in irreversible time, and ends with the possibility of action and joy. While this new thinking is novel and appeals to all humankind, the most unexpected points of convergence between Améry and Sloterdijk can be found in their particular neo-Nietzschean articulations of Jewishness: using what Harold Bloom would call revision, they both propose a revision of Nietzsche’s reading of Judaism as resentment. Améry associates Jewishness with “revolt” while Sloterdijk associates what he calls “kynicism” (as opposed to cynicism with Jewishness.1 Intensely aware of the mortal blows that have been dealt to the Enlightenment, philosophy, and modernity as well as to the human body during the Holocaust, Améry and Sloterdijk both address – either directly or indirectly – the meaning of cynicism in relation to Jewishness, in particular, and the modern condition, in general.

  15. Analysis of the media coverage characteristics on radiation safety issues of the Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region population

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Biblin


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study was to examine the quantity and quality of publications on radiation safety of the population in the media on the example of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region for the period of the first three-quarters of 2016. An analysis of publications in the media is an essential part of the work on the formation of an adequate perception of the radiation risk by the population. The Information and Analytical Centre of Rospotrebnadzor on radiation safety of the population developed a pilot computer-assisted system for the media publication analysis. The study was performed by this system as a development and improvement of the Center’s works applicable to the registration, storage, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative information contained in the publications. The author selected 27 mass-media sources for analysis: 8 newspapers (2 of them are located in Sosnoviy Bor; 8 TV-channels (4 – federal, 2 – regional, 2 – local in Sosnoviy Bor; 10 online media and the web-site of the Sosnoviy Bor administration. During the analyzed period, 1075 informational materials on issues of radiation safety were collected and added to the database. The largest number of publications were in the second quarter of 2016. The peak of publication activity on issues of radiation safety was registered in April. This fact is related to the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. A significant part (over 50% of the publications were neutral in all media and in different types of media. A significant part of the publications is a brief informational note with the neutral nature of the character of the information. The number of materials with negative character of information among the publications on the subject of “radioactive waste” is more than 2 times larger than that for the publications on the subject of “nuclear energy”. The majority of publications belongs to the information genre. Analytical materials are a minor part

  16. On the different meanings of the term law (zakon in Saint Sabba's Life of Saint Simon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Šarkić Srđan N.


    Full Text Available In mediaeval Serbian law the central legal term zakon (law indicated a generally obligatory rule (regula iuris which was usually not a result of the activity of a monarch as ultimate holder of state power. Even where a law was made by state authority such a legal rule had primarily the appearence of a customary legal provision, regulating the conditions within one particular manor (vlastelinstvo rather than within the whole national territory. Otherwise such laws prescibed the legal position of different categories of inhabitants and identified particular rules of status. Sometimes a law would be introduced to regulate one paricular problem. The concept of law in this period also includes a legal rule derived from custom or from a private contract. Each of these uses can be illustrated from many hundreds of cases from several sources. The use of the term zakon (law was present in the literary sources as well, such is The Life of Saint Simon (biography of Stefan Nemanja, founder of Serbian mediaeval dynasty Nemanjić, written by his youngest son Rastko, bether known under his monastic name Sabba (Sava. In Sabba's hagiography of his father we found the term zakon six times. Discribing the State Council (Državni sabor that had to decide who will be Nemanja's successor on the throne, Sabba writes that his father pronounced, among other, the following words: 'My sons, do not forget the orthodox law that I established.' The term orthodox law means here orthodox faith, that was established in Serbia after persecutions of Bogomilian heresy. For the second time, term zakon was used in the meaning of monarch's order. Nemanja says to his sons not to forget his laws. Further, giving the instructions to his sons, Nemanja use the citation from the Bible (The Book of Proverbs or Proverbs of Solomon 3, 1-18, where the term zakon corresponds to the latin ius, not lex. Hereinafter the word zakon means Torah or Pentateuch, the first five books of Bible (citation

  17. The saint and the mermaid in the space/time of Mozambican Waters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neiva Kampff Garcia


    Full Text Available Mia Couto in the novel O outro pé da sereia formalizes an encounter of imaginaries (European and African through a temporal progression and a process of constitution of identities which goes beyond the differences and geographical distances. The writer diverts his gaze towards the complexity of human relations, both under an individual approach and a collective one, and in a narrative parallelism, makes it possible for the voices to manifest themselves in the contemporary history to emerge from the historical colonial past and widen their scope in the experiences of modernity. From the position of a borderlike being between the Portuguese and Mozambican cultures, Couto lets his characters wander freely between times, genders and social roles, capturing them in multiple diversions which are so coherent with the constitution of the social actors in modernity. The thought and the voice of the colonial Portuguese culture of the 16th century and the identitary construction of the Mozambican society in the 21st century are revisited in a literary way by the optics of opposition and/or integration, as well as by movements of fragmentation and/or re-composition. The fictional cartography of the work allows an insertion in the discussions of post-modernity and post-colonialism, perspectives under which I reflect when analyzing some narrative niches of the aforesaid novel.

  18. Pimping and the deconstruction of the natural: a perspective from Saint Martin and Sint Maarten (SXM)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Guadeloupe, F.; de Rooij, V.A.


    In this essay we contend that studying the practice of pimping (being pimped and positively pimping the categories with which one is pimped) may be a way for the Caribbean to speak to and assert a universal human condition: the role of sex in human history and human societies. A mighty and

  19. On hatred. With comments on the revolutionary, the saint, and the terrorist. (United States)

    Eissler, K R


    It is common to base an assessment of psychological health on an individual's ability to love. However, the ability to hate is no less important a manifestation of the healthy personality. The author investigates the psychology of hatred and the possible effects of psychoanalytic treatment on the development of the capacity to hate and, by extension, to engage in revolutionary political activity.

  20. Degradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by means of spectromicroscopic methods. Part 5. Effects of nonoriginal surface coatings into the nature and distribution of chromium and sulfur species in chrome yellow paints. (United States)

    Monico, Letizia; Janssens, Koen; Vanmeert, Frederik; Cotte, Marine; Brunetti, Brunetto Giovanni; Van der Snickt, Geert; Leeuwestein, Margje; Salvant Plisson, Johanna; Menu, Michel; Miliani, Costanza


    The darkening of lead chromate yellow pigments, caused by a reduction of the chromate ions to Cr(III) compounds, is known to affect the appearance of several paintings by Vincent van Gogh. In previous papers of this series, we demonstrated that the darkening is activated by light and depends on the chemical composition and crystalline structure of the pigments. In this work, the results of Part 2 are extended and complemented with a new study aimed at deepening the knowledge of the nature and distribution of Cr and S species at the interface between the chrome yellow paint and the nonoriginal coating layer. For this purpose, three microsamples from two varnished paintings by Van Gogh and a waxed low relief by Gauguin (all originally uncoated) have been examined. Because nonoriginal coatings are often present in artwork by Van Gogh and contemporaries, the understanding of whether or not their application has influenced the morphological and/or physicochemical properties of the chrome yellow paint underneath is relevant in view of the conservation of these masterpieces. In all the samples studied, microscopic X-ray fluorescence (μ-XRF) and X-ray absorption near edge structure (μ-XANES) investigations showed that Cr(III)-based alteration products are present in the form of grains inside the coating (generally enriched of S species) and also homogeneously widespread at the paint surface. The distribution of Cr(III) species may be explained by the mechanical friction caused by the coating application by brush that picked up and redistributed the superficial Cr compounds, likely already present in the reduced state as result of the photodegradation process. The analysis of the XANES profiles allowed us to obtain new insights into the nature of the Cr(III) alteration products, that were identified as sulfate-, oxide-, organo-metal-, and chloride-based compounds. Building upon the knowledge acquired through the examination of original paint samples and from the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey Stepantsov


    Full Text Available Saint Augustine of Hippo often quoted the last verses of the 125th psalm and several times meditated its content in his tractates and sermons. The author of this article examines a selection of these citations, in which the verses are not only quoted but also, both directly and indirectly, commented upon. In his exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians, Augustine merely mentions the fact of the possibility of a spiritual understanding of the passage. The most thorough and most complete exposition of this passage is found in Augustine’s 31st Homily. This exposition is actually more thematic than exegetical. The main points of this homily include the idea of an explanation of the various reasons for tears shed by people during their earthly lives (the tears of martyrs, the tears deriving from earthly pains and sorrows, the tears of a just man separated from his God. But the most profound interpretation of these psalm verses is found in Augustines’s exposition of Psalm 125 (11–13. Here Augustine enumerates all the good actions which he considers to be symbolized by the idea of sowing (almsgiving, aid rendered through deed, aid rendered through word, the mere desire to render aid. At the same time, Augustine does not develop in this exposition the idea of forgiving offences as a type of almsgiving. On the other hand he reveals the essence of good works as charity and the Goal of those who practise good works as the union of the faithful soul with Christ. The author includes a Russian translation of the 31st homily at the end of his article.

  2. Ghost shrimp Calliax de Saint Laurent, 1973 (Decapoda: Axiidea: Callianassidae) in the fossil record: systematics, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography. (United States)

    Hyžný, Matúš; Gašparič, Rok


    Ghost shrimps of the family Callianassidae are very common in the fossil record, but mostly as isolated cheliped elements only. The assignment to biologically defined genera, diagnosed on the basis of soft part morphology, is thus rather difficult. In this respect, proxy characters present on chelipeds that are the most durable ghost shrimp remains are needed to ascribe fossil material to extant genera. The genus Calliax de Saint Laurent, 1973 has been particularly obscure in this respect. Thorough comparison of extant members of the genus resulted in evaluation of characters present on chelipeds being taxonomically important on the genus level, specifically: 1) rectangular major P1 propodus with two ridges on the base of the fixed finger extending onto manus; 2) major P1 fingers relatively short; and 3) minor P1 chela with dactylus longer than fixed finger and possessing a wide gap between fingers. On this basis, Callianassa michelottii A. Milne Edwards, 1860, from the Oligocene and Miocene of Europe is herein reassigned to Calliax. Further re-examination of the ghost shrimp fossil record revealed that C. szobensis Müller, 1984, from the Middle Miocene of Hungary represents the same animal as C. michelottii and they are synomymised herein. The known geographic distribution of C. michelottii is expanded by the first confirmed occurrence of the species in Slovakia. All occurrences of C. michelottii known to date are reviewed and documented. The presence of Calliax michelottii comb. nov. may be considered an indicator of deeper marine settings. Based on the scarce fossil record known to date, Calliax has a Tethyan origin; it supposedly migrated westward to establish present day communities in the Caribbean sometime before the Middle Miocene.

  3. Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus fluxes in household ecosystems in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, urban region. (United States)

    Fissore, C; Baker, L A; Hobbie, S E; King, J Y; McFadden, J P; Nelson, K C; Jakobsdottir, I


    Rapid worldwide urbanization calls for a better understanding of the biogeochemical cycling of those macroelements that have large environmental impacts in cities. This study, part of the Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project, quantified fluxes of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and phosphorus (P) at the scale of individual households in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area in Minnesota, USA. We estimated input and output fluxes associated with several components of household activities including air and motor vehicle travel, food consumption, home energy use, landscape, pets, and paper and plastic use for 360 owner-occupied, stand-alone households. A few component fluxes dominated total input fluxes of elements. For instance, air and motor vehicle transportation, together with home energy use, accounted for 85% of total C consumption and emissions. All total and component fluxes were skewed to varying degrees, suggesting that policies targeting disproportionately high fluxes could be an effective and efficient way to reduce pollution. For example, 20% of households contributed 75% of air travel emissions and 40% of motor vehicle emissions. Home energy use was more nearly normally distributed. Nitrogen fluxes were dominated by human diet and lawn fertilizer applications, which together accounted for 65% of total household N inputs. The majority of P inputs were associated with human diet, use of detergents, and pet food. A large portion of the variation among household fluxes of C, N, and P was related to a few biophysical variables. A better understanding of the biophysical, demographic, and behavioral drivers of household activities that contribute to C, N, and P fluxes is pivotal for developing accurate urban biogeochemical models and for informing policies aimed at reducing sources of pollution in urban ecosystems.

  4. The role of water and sediment connectivity in integrated flood management: a case study on the island of Saint Lucia (United States)

    Jetten, Victor; van Westen, Cees; Ettema, Janneke; van den Bout, Bastian


    Disaster Risk Management combines the effects of natural hazards in time and space, with elements at risk, such as ourselves, infrastructure or other elements that have a value in our society. The risk in this case is defined as the sum of potential consequences of one or more hazards and can be expressed as potential damages. Generally, we attempt to reduce risk by better risk management, such as increase of resilience, protection and spatial planning. Caribbean islands are hit by hurricanes and tropical storms with a frequency of 1 to 2 every 10 years, with devastating consequences in terms of flash floods and landslides. The islands basically consist of a central (volcanic) mountain range, with medium and small sized catchments radiating outward towards the ocean. The coastal zone is inhabited, while the ring road network is essential for functioning of the island. An example of a case study is given for the island of Saint Lucia. Recorded rainfall intensities during tropical storms of 12 rainfall stations surpass 200 mm/h, causing immediate flash floods. Very often however, sediment is a forgotten variable in flash flood management: protection and mitigation measures as well as spatial planning all focus on the hydrology, the extent and depth of flood water, and sometimes of flood velocities. With recent developments, the opensource model LISEM includes hydrology and runoff, flooding, and erosion, transport and deposition both in runoff, channel flow and flood waters. We will discuss the practical solutions we implemented in connecting slopes, river channels and floodplains in terms of water and sediment, and the strength and weaknesses we have encountered so far. Catchment analysis shows two main effects: on the one hand in almost all cases upstream flooding serves as a temporary water storage that prevents further damage downstream, while on the other hand, erosion upstream often blocks bridges and decreases channel storage downstream, which increases the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Bădescu


    Full Text Available Saint Parascheva or Saint Friday (Saint Petca entered the realm of imagination in old Romanian culture through canonical literature. The passage of this character from canonical to apocryphal literature is part of a transfer facilitated by the absence of distinctions between genres in ancient times. The common system of tracing the origins of the most widespread literary types – homilies, hagiographies, folk novels, chronographies, etc. – as well as the specific conditions of reception in ancient times has allowed the moving of the characters from one genre to another, without forcing the limits of plausibility required by certain reading habits and precarious scientific information. Such mutations are not visible predominantly in the case of historical characters that have become characters of an entertaining literature frequently using instruments of the fantastic as being significant when the characters derived from the historical space (see Alexander the Great enter the fantastic realm, which has a long tradition in the literature of entertainment. The work suggests a reception route, as well as a writing route that the canonical character Saint Parascheva traveled passing from religious to apocryphal and folklore literature. Referring to the variant of the legend of Saint Friday from Codex Sturdzanus we would thus like to point out the patterns that facilitated the assimilation of this character in Romanian folklore and thence allowed its access to religious collective memory. Sticking to a route imposed by preestablished labels and stereotype formulae, the legend confirms the mechanisms of production and typology-rendering specific to folklore literature.

  6. Durkheim and Saint-Simon: The construction of the ideology of the society of the work and the new paradoxes of the late-moderns societies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Durán Vázquez, José Francisco


    Full Text Available The present article must like main objective interrogate itself on the sense that has the present representations of the work in the context of the productive scene of the take-modern societies of market. The analysis that sets out here interprets these representations in relation to the work of Émile Durkheim and Saint-Simon, being two of the main authors who have more contributed to forge the ideological formation of the societies of the work, like an attempt of update of the symbolic structure of these societies, in order that it continues maintaining all its integrating and legitimate load in relation to the new productive and labour realities

  7. [Patron saints and Christian perception of health and illness]. (United States)

    Spehar, Milan


    As a religion based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, from the outset Christianity has developed a completely different attitude toward health and illness than the Old Testament. Health and illness are now viewed through the eyes of Jesus Christ the redeemer, who accepted each and every man. The history of Christianity has had its episodes of masochistic attitude toward illness, but today it clearly underscores the need to fight it with any means available, but it also teaches to accept what can not be changed. Saints are often patrons against diseases they had to endure. However, this is not their main role. To this day many seem to miss the main point their heritage, but see them as miracle healers. This misperception of miracle needs revising as well as the simplistic interpretation of the healing powers of relics (viewed as a demiurge of sort) and of the private vows and votive offerings.

  8. The Forging of a White Gay Aesthetic at the Saint, 1980–84

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tim Lawrence


    Full Text Available Based on original interviews with key protagonists and documentary research, the article examines the way in which the DJs who worked at the Saint forged a white gay aesthetic across the first half of the 1980s. A private party located in the East Village, New York, the Saint attracted a privileged white male crowd, and this group's position within the emerging culture of neoliberalism, along with the deepening impact of the AIDS epidemic, encouraged its spinners to sever their ties with sounds that were associated with blackness. However, if Saint DJs rejected a high proportion of records that were being released by New York's independents, and also snubbed Chicago house when it broke in 1985, their forging of an aesthetic that emphasised seamless transitions, often between records that contained similar sonic qualities, preempted the style of mixing that would be popularised in house music culture.

  9. Proposal for Archeological Testing and Evaluation of the Paradise Point Site (8 Fr 71), St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, Franklin County, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The following proposal addresses a request by the Archeological Services Division, National Park Service and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the...

  10. The Relation Between Religiosity and Late-Life Depression in a Community Sample of Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


    Franklin, Lynn Marie


    A secondary analysis of extant data from The Cache County Study on Memory Health and Aging (CCSMHA), this study examines the association between religiosity and new-onset depression between baseline and 4-year follow-up interviews in a sample of 1,439 community-dwelling elderly members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), aged 65 to I 00. Logistic regression models found that church attendance, voluntarism in religious groups, and direct experiences of God occurring more ...

  11. Saint Trophymus of Arles, the patron of sufferers from podagra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Marson


    Full Text Available Among the large number of saints patronizing the sufferers from gout, St. Trophymus of Arles, that lived in the first times of Christianity, is a very interesting figure, by enjoying a particular devotion in Rome during the XVII/XVIII centuries. Such a veneration, as widely described by Anton Maria Bonucci in the agiographic essay “Istoria di S. Trofimo, Arcivescovo di Arles, Primate in Francia, e Avvocato de’ Podagrosi” (1711, was promoted by the Roman Congregation of the Five Wounds of Jesus Christ and practised at the San Filippo Neri’s Church in via Giulia. In the present study, besides some biographical notes, it has been told how the cult of gouty subjects to St. Trophymus has been founded in Rome and displayed in a solemn fashion.

  12. Medical Admissions and Outcomes at Saint Paul's Hospital, Addis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Methods: Retrospective review of 840 records of patients admitted to medical ward of Saint Paul hospital during. April 1, 2012-March 31, .... permission, records were reviewed since patient consent was not .... *Others: Bronchial asthma/COPD (2), Other CV disorders (3), other neurologic disorders (4),. Haematology and ...

  13. Reliability, validity and responsiveness to change of the Saint George's Respiratory Questionnaire in early diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. (United States)

    Wallace, Beth; Kafaja, Suzanne; Furst, Daniel E; Berrocal, Veronica J; Merkel, Peter A; Seibold, James R; Mayes, Maureen D; Khanna, Dinesh


    Dyspnoea is a common, multifactorial source of functional impairment among patients with dcSSc. Our objective was to assess the reliability, construct validity and responsiveness to change of the Saint George's Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) in patients with early dcSSc participating in a multicentre prospective study. At enrolment and 1 year, patients completed the SGRQ (a multi-item instrument with four scales: symptoms, activity, impact and total), a visual analogue scale (VAS) for breathing and the HAQ Disability Index (HAQ-DI) and underwent 6 min walk distance and pulmonary function tests, physician and patient global health assessments and high-resolution CT (HRCT). We assessed internal consistency reliability using Cronbach's α. For validity we examined the ability of the SGRQ to differentiate the presence vs absence of interstitial lung disease (ILD) on HRCT or restrictive lung disease and evaluated the 1 year responsiveness to change using pulmonary function tests and patient- and physician-reported anchors. Correlation coefficients of 0.24-0.36 were considered moderate and >0.37 was considered large. A total of 177 patients were evaluated. Reliability was satisfactory for all SGRQ scales (0.70-0.93). All scales showed large correlations with the VAS for breathing and diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide in the overall cohort and in the subgroup with ILD. Three of the four scales in the overall cohort and the total scale in the ILD subgroup showed moderate to large correlation with the HAQ-DI and the predicted forced vital capacity (r = 0.33-0.44). Each scale discriminated between the presence and absence of ILD and restrictive lung disease (P ≤ 0.0001-0.03). At follow-up, all scales were responsive to change using different anchors. The SGRQ has acceptable reliability, construct validity and responsiveness to change for use in a dcSSc population and differentiates between patients with and without ILD. © The Author 2015. Published by

  14. [Difficulties with contraception and voluntary pregnancy termination: a survey carried out at the hopital Saint-Louis]. (United States)

    Serfaty, D; Dreyfus, R; Chemama, D


    A 1985 prospective study at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris indicated that 138 of 252 abortions (53.8%), were associated with problems of contraception and 114 were not. The percentages of cases involving problems with contraception varied from 34% to 58.2% according to the physicians participating in the study. Despite the very subjective nature of the estimates, at least 1/3 of abortions at this hospital are associated with difficulties in contraception. In 64 of 138 cases, the problems were caused by psychological factors, including ambivalent desire for pregnancy in 24 cases, psychological refusal of contraception in 15 cases, psychological immaturity in 4 cases, various psychological problems in 4 cases, and a psychological factor associated with some other difficulty in 17 cases. Among the various psychological problems were 1 woman using abortion as a contraceptive method who had undergone 9 abortions and 1 case of cultural resistance to contraception. Among the 17 cases where the psychological problem was associated with some other difficulty there were 7 cases of ambivalent desire for pregnancy, 4 cases of psychological refusal of contraception, and 6 cases of various psychological problems. Among these cases, available contraceptive methods were contraindicated or poorly tolerated apart from the psychological difficulty. Among the 74 cases of contraceptive difficulty not associated with psychological factors were: 12 cases of nulliparity and nontoleration of combined oral contraceptives (OCs); 22 cases of nulliparity and OCs contraindicated or inadvisable; 22 cases of OCs and IUDs contraindicated, inadvisable, or refused; 5 cases of IUD failure with OCs not possible; 2 cases of failure of local methods with other methods not possible; and 11 cases of various difficulties including 4 of difficulties of communication for linguistic reasons and 7 cases of repeated forgetting or incorrect taking of pills. It is not known whether the 252 cases in this survey

  15. Preliminary Project Investigation Proposed Expansion of St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) proposes to protect and manage additional habitat at the St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in the northeast...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erika KULCSÁR


    Full Text Available A very important factor and  with direct implications in the process of development of the existing tourism potential is the marketing activities related to the promotion of tourist offer both domestically and internationally. Knowledge from direct source of the opinions of managers and directors of the most important tourist locations providing tourism services - hotels and hostels - imposed the achievement of a qualitative marketing research. The qualitative research was conducted in Sfântu Gheorghe. This paper contains the vertical and horizontal analysis of the eight subjects interviewed. The qualitative marketing research aims at knowing the opinions of managers of hotels and hostels in Sfântu Gheorghe on their promotional activity over time in the future.

  17. Vegetation Cover Types of St. Vincent Island N.W.R. (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The objectives of this vegetative study on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge were to: (1) identify and describe the major plant communities and associations on...

  18. Egypt and Mormonism: Oriental Traits of the Latter-Day Saints


    Fronk, Alexander


    In his lecture, Dr. Francaviglia presents a fascinating framework in which to understand American history and culture, as well as Mormons specifically. Orientalism was defined for the lecture as the assimilation or imitation of that which is oriental in religious or philosophical thought, or in art. Through various mediums, including architectural examples, quotes from Mormons and their detractors, and travel literature, Dr. Francaviglia demonstrates that not only Mormons were compared to Ori...

  19. Survey of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphenus) Populations on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, Franklin County, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — St. Vincent National Wildlife refuge was surveyed January 11 and 12, 1979, in order to determine the current status of the gopher tortoise on refuge lands. St....

  20. Management Plan Part 3: Chapter2: Upland Habitat Management: St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan addresses the upland wildlife habitat of St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge and the 86 acre mainland tract on C-30 (Franklin County). Management emphasis...

  1. Environmental contaminants evaluation report : Proposed headquarters site : St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The following report presents the findings of a chemical contaminants evaluation on property proposed for acquisition as headquarters for the St. Vincent National...

  2. Final Environmental Assessment : Continuation of Recreational Fishing on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A continuation of the recreational fishing program has been proposed for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge to follow the guidelines of the attached fishery...

  3. "The Glory of God Is Intelligence": Exploring the Foundations of Latter-Day Saint Religious Education (United States)

    Griffiths, Casey Paul; Esplin, Scott C.; Randall, E. Vance


    In recent years the educational programs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) have received praise for their role in the high rates of religiosity and denominational retention among their youth. This study offers a historical summary of the efforts of LDS to develop the most effective methods of engaging their youth in…

  4. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge : Public Use Review/Plan : Update August, 1988 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Public Use Review/Plan for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge was updated August 19th, 1988. It outlines goals for interpretation, outdoor classrooms,...

  5. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge : Public Use Review/Plan : Update August, 1987 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Public Use Review/Plan for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge was updated August 19th, 1987. It outlines goals for interpretation, outdoor classrooms,...

  6. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge : Public Use Review/Plan : Update January, 1993 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Public Use Review/Plan for St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge was updated in January of 1993. It outlines goals for interpretation, outdoor classrooms,...

  7. The SAINT: A Guided Self-Help Approach for People with Intellectual Disabilities (United States)

    Chaplin, Eddie; Craig, Tom; McCarthy, Jane; Bouras, Nick


    Introduction: This article introduces the SAINT (Self-Assessment and INTervention), a guided self-help intervention for the treatment of mild depression in people with intellectual disabilities. Method: The study used a single-case experimental design and adopted quality frameworks specific to the approach to describe the participants and to…

  8. Ad modum Cartusiensium : Carthusian Inspiration for the Enclosed Saint-Agnes Convent at Maaseik

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Aelst, J.J.


    After the enclosure of the Saint-Agnes convent at Maaseik in 1430, the regular canonesses had to learn how to live within the claustrum. They received support from at least two Carthusian monks: James of Gruitrode, prior of the charterhouse in Liège, and Denys the Carthusian from the charterhouse of

  9. Cost Study of the Saint Paul Early Childhood Scholarship Program. Technical Report (United States)

    Schwartz, Heather L.; Karoly, Lynn A.


    In 2008, the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation created the Saint Paul Early Childhood Scholarship Program, a pilot program to provide families with scholarships to cover the cost of high-quality early childhood education (ECE) programs. Although there is a large body of research about the benefits of preschool specifically and early learning…

  10. "Comets, Origins, and Life:” Promoting Interdisciplinary Science in Secondary and Middle Schools in the Washington, DC and Saint Louis, MO Metro Areas (United States)

    Bonev, Boncho; Gibb, E. L.; Brewer, G.; Novak, R.; Mandell, A. M.; Seaton, P.; Price, J.; Long, T.; Bahar, S.; Edwards, S. S.


    Developing a full-year program to support secondary and middle school science education is a key part of the "broader impact” component of NSF Grant AST- 0807939 (PI/Co-PI Bonev/Gibb). This program is realized at two stages: (1) a professional development course for teachers is offered during the summer; (2) during the subsequent academic year we collaborate with educators in lessons planning or curriculum development as demanded in their particular schools. We successfully offered the course “ Comets, Origins, and Life: Interdisciplinary Science in the Secondary Classroom ” (45 contact hours; 3 credits) in the summers of 2009 and 2010 at the Catholic University of America. This class demonstrates how a complex hypothesis - for the delivery of water and prebiotic organic matter to early Earth - is being tested by integrating astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth and planetary science. Collaborations with participants from the 2009 class include curriculum development within the Earth Science program in Prince Georges county, MD and strengthening science in Washington DC public schools. Our next step is to offer our class in the Saint Louis, MO area. The main challenge in our work with educators is not to present them with "interesting information", but to fit what we offer within the very particular curriculum expectations of their school districts. These curriculum expectations often vary from district to district and sometimes from year to year. We gratefully acknowledge the support by the NSF, allowing to fully integrate our research area into education. We also gratefully acknowledge our collaborations with the Goddard Center for Astrobiology and the Howard B. Owens Science Center (both in MD) in developing our class curriculum. Educators interested in this program can contact Boncho Bonev (; for the Washington DC and Baltimore, MD areas) and Erika Gibb (; for the Saint Louis, MO area).

  11. A comparison of today marketing strategy and creation of a new markeitng strategy of Saint Eloi hotel


    Jadroňová, Daniela


    This thesis is oriented on communication strategy of a french hotel Saint Eloi. The goal of this thesis is to provide a reader with a complex view of the Saint Eloi's products and to show him the positive and negative points of communication strategy. The results of this thesis is a creation of a new communication strategy that could help the hotel to restrain in the competitive area and become more popular by using the new communication possibilities.

  12. Rosários dos Pretos, Saint Benedict of Quissama: Black Confraternities and Devotions in the Atlantic World (Portugal and Angola, 1700s

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucilene REGINALDO


    Full Text Available In the eighteenth century, confraternities such as that of Our Lady of the Rosary and those dedicated to the black saints Benedict, Iphigenia and Elesban – to mention only the most popular devotions – were common in different areas of the Atlantic World. They were especially popular among people of color, both enslaved and free. In this paper I argue that the popularity of these sodalities should not be understood solely as the result of Catholic expansion. Rather, Africans and their descendents assumed an active role in this process, as important agents in propagating and popularizing the devotions and black confraternities. In order to understand this process I examine the history of black confraternities and devotions in two parts of the Portuguese Atlantic world: the kingdom of Portugal and the territories it conquered in Angola.

  13. Homelessness and Work Experience: Two Years in Saint Paul. Final Report. (United States)

    Davis, Dennis R.

    A study explored the role of work experience in addressing problems of homeless people in Saint Paul (Minnesota) during the 1989-91 grant cycles of the McKinney Job Training for the Homeless Demonstration Program. The program included a number of elements: outreach, intake, assessment and enrollment, orientation, work experience, basic…

  14. Halomonas muralis sp. nov., isolated from microbial biofilms colonizing the walls and murals of the Saint-Catherine chapel (Castle Herberstein, Austria). (United States)

    Heyrman, Jeroen; Balcaen, An; De Vos, Paul; Swings, Jean


    A group of seven halophilic strains (optimal growth at 2.5-10.0% NaCl) was isolated from samples of a wall and a mural painting, both heavily contaminated by microbial growth, inside the Saint-Catherine chapel of Castle Herberstein (Austria). The strains were subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study that included DNA-DNA relatedness studies, DNA base-ratio determinations, 16S rDNA sequence analysis, rep-PCR genomic fingerprinting, fatty acid analysis and phenotypic and biochemical characterization. The data obtained indicate that the strains belong to the genus Halomonas and represent a novel species, for which the name Halomonas muralis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is strain LMG 20969(T) ( = DSM 14789(T)).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gheorghe Gh. BĂLAN


    Full Text Available The history of medicine and dentistry shows that dental medicine is entitled to take upon itself, as representative elements of the field, symbols or spiritual protectors, religious (either Christian or pagan archetypes from different historical periods. These paved the way for the elaboration of a long-lasting set of professional and ethical criteria that ennoble today the dental profession. The present study analyzes some of the symbols of historical-religious nature, stressing their cultural impact and the manner in which such symbols are interpreted in various scientific, medical, theological, artistic contexts and, last but not least, in the general social perception. The professional ethical domain of dentistry makes use of numerous symbols with religious connotation, the more so that this branch of medicine and the various religions have numerous elements in common. Either stylistically, or appearing as products of folk culture, the main symbolistic or legendary references specific to dental culture are the legend of Cadmus and the canonization of Saint Apollonia, the champion of dentists and of those suffering from toothache. Such symbols give to the representatives of this profession a feeling of belonging to a noble medical domain; they also decode and facilitate communication with patients, therefore being outflanked by the idea that awareness on the existence of such religious symbols and on their practical cohesion is especially helpful.

  16. Architectural, spatial and composite features of the temples location in Saint-Petersburg and the surrounding counties in the 18th - 1st half of 19th centuries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krylova Severina Vyacheslavovna


    Full Text Available This article shows the interdependences of territorial distribution of temples and their architectural-spatial and compositional features in St. Petersburg and the counties. The author revealed two different approaches to temple arrangement depending on the type of environment - in urban areas and rural areas. The construction of a temple in St. Petersburg was strictly regulated: its space-planning solution, accommodation, the place assigned for parish church, etc. The article draws attention to the particular choice of solutions, removal of land for construction, and certain architectural features of the temples. The author generally distinguishes four types of space-planning decisions of religious buildings: hall multiplex (The Basilica in the form of a Latin cross, centric (cross dome as the most common types of churches, combined. In turn, these types of temples were correlated with various types of accommodation identified by the author. Spatial distribution of temples include: a the location of temples in the natural landscape system and b with respect to the location of the man-made temples' environment (historical and cultural, in correlation with the buildings and / or communications (land and water communications, c the formation of a spatially-visual network (system of the city and surrounding area. For a better understanding of the revealed dependences chronological phase analysis was used, since the time prior to Saint Petersburg construction and till 1850. The periodization of temple architecture development during 1703-1850 was identified. The period before Saint Petersburg was also considered, though less detailed. The stages are minimal chronological segments, within which settlement system was unified by spatial and social characteristics, as well as uniform rules of specific territorial, economic and social development. As chronological boundaries, specific dates of the events were identified, which determined the transition

  17. Vincent vender virkeligheden

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hendricks, Vincent F.

    fra en logisk og filosofisk vinkel. Nogle af klummerne er kendt fra dk4s tv-serie af samme navn. "Grubleglæde. Det må være filosofiens sidestykke til spilleglæde eller fortælleglæde. Klummerne i Vincent vender Virkeligheden er sprængfyldt med grubleglæde. Og så er bogen og filosofien i den netop helt...

  18. Modelling larval dispersal of the king scallop ( Pecten maximus) in the English Channel: examples from the bay of Saint-Brieuc and the bay of Seine (United States)

    Nicolle, Amandine; Dumas, Franck; Foveau, Aurélie; Foucher, Eric; Thiébaut, Eric


    The king scallop ( Pecten maximus) is one of the most important benthic species of the English Channel as it constitutes the first fishery in terms of landings in this area. To support strategies of spatial fishery management, we develop a high-resolution biophysical model to study scallop dispersal in two bays along the French coasts of the English Channel (i.e. the bay of Saint-Brieuc and the bay of Seine) and to quantify the relative roles of local hydrodynamic processes, temperature-dependent planktonic larval duration (PLD) and active swimming behaviour (SB). The two bays are chosen for three reasons: (1) the distribution of the scallop stocks in these areas is well known from annual scallop stock surveys, (2) these two bays harbour important fisheries and (3) scallops in these two areas present some differences in terms of reproductive cycle and spawning duration. The English Channel currents and temperature are simulated for 10 years (2000-2010) with the MARS-3D code and then used by the Lagrangian module of MARS-3D to model the transport. Results were analysed in terms of larval distribution at settlement and connectivity rates. While larval transport in the two bays depended both on the tidal residual circulation and the wind-induced currents, the relative role of these two hydrodynamic processes varied among bays. In the bay of Saint-Brieuc, the main patterns of larval dispersal were due to tides, the wind being only a source of variability in the extent of larval patch and the local retention rate. Conversely, in the bay of Seine, wind-induced currents altered both the direction and the extent of larval transport. The main effect of a variable PLD in relation to the thermal history of each larva was to reduce the spread of dispersal and consequently increase the local retention by about 10 % on average. Although swimming behaviour could influence larval dispersal during the first days of the PLD when larvae are mainly located in surface waters, it has a

  19. Soils of the Summer Garden (Saint Petersburg) (United States)

    Matinyan, N. N.; Bakhmatova, K. A.; Korentsvit, V. A.


    Soils of the Summer Garden—the first regular (French-style) garden in Russia—are characterized on the basis of the materials of field study performed during reconstruction of the garden in 2005-2011. Most of these soils are filled soils—urbostratozems—underlain by the loamy sands deposited in the Littorina Sea or by the buried gray-humus gleyic and gleyed soils. Urbostratozems are characterized by the slightly acid reaction in the topsoil horizons and slightly alkaline reaction in the middle-profile and lower horizons. The humus content in them varies from 0.2 to 6.8%; in the buried gray-humus soils, it is within 1.3-2.6%. The soils of the garden are characterized by the high and extremely high content of available phosphorus and the predominantly low content of available potassium as determined by Machigin's method. The bulk content of Pb in the surface soil horizons during the period of our study exceeded the maximum permissible concentration by 3-20 times; the bulk contents of Cu and Zn exceeded the tentative permissible concentrations for coarse-textured soils by 2-6 and 4-20 times, respectively. The main sources of the soil contamination by the heavy metals are the nearby highways. Local contaminated area was also found near the household yard.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Inside the Ciomad Massive appears a unique lake in Romania, with an exclusive precipitations alimentation regime. The lake’s origin and the morphometric elements, together with the touristic activity, determine the water’s quality and characteristics. Water status evaluation was realized using random samples taken between the years 2005 and 2010. Qualitative parameters indicate the existence of a clear water lake, belonging to ultra-oligotrophic faze. This is because the crater is covered with forest and the surface erosion is very poor. Also the aquatic vegetation is rare. From all analyzed indicators, only ammonium and total mineral nitrogen have higher values during last years. In the future, the lake needs a higher protection against water quality degradation.

  1. The earliest cults of Saints in Ragusa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Živković Tibor


    Full Text Available The peripheral zones where the Constantinopolitan and Roman ecclesiastical influences met often contain evidence of the intermingling of the cults characteristic of both Churches. The cult of St Pancratius, well established in Ragusa (Dubrovnik during the Early Middle Ages, could be a good example for the studies on ecclesiastical matters in Dalmatia. The question is, when and under which political circumstances the cult of St Pancratius was established in Ragusa. Whether it was caused by unilateral action of Pope or joint policy of Constantinople and Rome.

  2. Muslim saints in the age of neoliberalism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Soares, B.F.; Weiss, B.


    Drawing on research in two different Islamic religious centres and among three lineages of Islamic religious specialists in Mali, this article traces transformations in the nature of religious authority that have accompanied the neoliberal reforms of the last two decades. The author examines some of

  3. Inhibition of Corneal Neovascularization with the Combination of Bevacizumab and Plasmid Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor-Synthetic Amphiphile INTeraction-18 (p-PEDF-SAINT-18 Vector in a Rat Corneal Experimental Angiogenesis Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ching-Hsein Chen


    Full Text Available Bevacizumab, a 149-kDa protein, is a recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody to VEGF. PEDF, a 50-kDa glycoprotein, has demonstrated anti-vasopermeability properties. In this study, we demonstrated that the combination of bevacizumab and plasmid pigment epithelium-derived factor-synthetic amphiphile INTeraction-18 (p-PEDF-SAINT-18 has a favorable antiangiogenic effect on corneal NV. Four groups (Group A: 0 μg + 0 μg, B: 0.1 μg + 0.1 μg, C: 1 μg + 1 μg, and D: 10 μg + 10 μg of bevacizumab + p-PEDF-SAINT-18 were prepared and implanted into the rat subconjunctival substantia propria 1.5 mm from the limbus on the temporal side. Then, 1 μg of p-bFGF-SAINT-18 was prepared and implanted into the rat corneal stroma 1.5 mm from the limbus on the same side. The inhibition of NV was observed and quantified from days 1 to 60. Biomicroscopic examination, western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry were used to analyze the 18-kDa bFGF, 50-kDa PEDF and VEGF protein expression. No inhibition activity for normal limbal vessels was noted. Subconjunctival injection with the combination of bevacizumab and p-PEDF-SAINT-18 successfully inhibited corneal NV. The bFGF and PEDF genes were successfully expressed as shown by western blot analysis, and a mild immune response to HLA-DR was shown by immunohistochemistry. We concluded that the combination of bevacizumab and p-PEDF-SAINT-18 may have more potent and prolonged antiangiogenic effects, making it possible to reduce the frequency of subconjunctival.Bevacizumab, a 149-kDa protein, is a recombinant humanized monoclonalantibody to VEGF. PEDF, a 50-kDa glycoprotein, has demonstrated anti-vasopermeabilityproperties. In this study, we demonstrated that the combination of bevacizumaband plasmid pigment epithelium-derived factor-synthetic amphiphile INTeraction-18(p-PEDF-SAINT-18 has a favorable antiangiogenic effect on corneal NV. Four groups(Group A: 0 μg + 0 μg, B: 0.1 μg + 0.1 μg, C: 1 μg + 1 μg, and

  4. Depiction of the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius Theophorus in the prothesis of Novo Hopovo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popović Milica


    Full Text Available In the art of the Christian East, the depictions of the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius Theophorus, bishop of Antioch, can usually be found among the illustrations of the Menologion. The scene from the monastery of Novo Hopovo, dated to the 1600s, is one of the rare independent depictions of Saint Ignatius’s martyrdom. The paper discusses the iconography of this scene and possible reasons for placing it in the prothesis of the katholikon of Novo Hopovo. The inclusion of a scene showing the martyrdom of the bishop of Antioch into the thematic repertoire of this compartment is a solitary example in Serbian medieval and Byzantine monumental painting. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 177036: Srpska srednjovekovna umetnost i njen evropski kontekst

  5. Sfântul Constantin cel Mare reper în istoria Imperiului Roman și a Bisericii creștine (Saint Constantine the Great, landmark in the history of the Roman Empire and the Christian Church

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    PhD. Vîlciu Marian


    Full Text Available The life and work of Saint Emperor Constantine the Great can be seen in two ways: as a Roman emperor, through the history, and the first Christian leader who reconciled the Church with State, by an ecclesiastical approach. Beginning with the reign of the Church acquires a privileged position in the state. Christianity became a lawful religion, equal in rights with other pagan religions and even more privileged and supported on the canonical, dogmatic and religious plan

  6. Saint Anselm of Canterbury and Charismatic Authority

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William M. Aird


    Full Text Available The early career of Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury (c. 1033–1109 provides an opportunity to explore the operation of charismatic authority in a monastic setting. It is argued that the choice of Anselm for the archiepiscopal see of Canterbury in 1093 was the result of his growing reputation cultivated during his years as prior and abbot of the influential Norman monastery of Bec. The article explores various aspects of Anselm’s charismatic authority including his performance of charisma, the charisma derived from his fame as a scholar, and his reputation as a miracle-working holy man.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    interactions (Lombard ., 2001; Torkpo .,. 2006). Thus, gel electrophoresis has become a ... capacity for two days prior to the time of sperm collection. Oocyte maturation and ovulation in the female broodstocks of the two ..... natural populations by means of a distance analysis. : 31:341-346. Buth, D. G. 1984. The Application of.

  8. Digital Workflow for the Acquisition and Elaboration of 3d Data in a Monumental Complex: the Fortress of Saint John the Baptist in Florence (United States)

    Tucci, G.; Bonora, V.; Conti, A.; Fiorini, L.


    In recent years, the GeCo Laboratory has undertaken numerous projects to digitalize vast and complex buildings; the specific nature of the different projects has resulted in a case-by-case approach, each time working on past experiences and updating not only the hardware and software tools but also the management and processing methods. This paper presents the workflow followed for the survey of the Fortress of Saint John the Baptist in Florence, an on-going interdisciplinary project. Presently Florence's main trade fair congress centre, at the same time it hosts various buildings that bear witness to the fortress's life-history, combining constructions from the Medici and Lorraine eras with recently built exhibition facilities. Now new research has been required due to the realization of new pavilions and the regeneration of the whole complex. This has included a critical survey, material testing, diagnostic investigations and stratigraphic analyses to define the building's state of preservation. The working group comprises specialists from different institutions, amongst which the Italian Military Geographic Institute, the University of Florence, the National Research Council Institute for the Preservation and Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage, and the Florence City Council.

  9. Saint: a lightweight integration environment for model annotation. (United States)

    Lister, Allyson L; Pocock, Matthew; Taschuk, Morgan; Wipat, Anil


    Saint is a web application which provides a lightweight annotation integration environment for quantitative biological models. The system enables modellers to rapidly mark up models with biological information derived from a range of data sources. Saint is freely available for use on the web at The web application is implemented in Google Web Toolkit and Tomcat, with all major browsers supported. The Java source code is freely available for download at The Saint web server requires an installation of libSBML and has been tested on Linux (32-bit Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04).

  10. First data on Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of the West Kotlin Nature Reserve (Saint Petersburg, Russia)


    Grichanov, I.Ya.; Ovsyannikova, E. I.


    First data on Dolichopodidae from the West Kotlin Nature Reserve resulted from the short-term visit (June, 2017) are presented. All 25 collected species are firstly recorded for the Kotlin Island. Lamprochromus semiflavus (Strobl, 1880) and Syntormon filiger Verrall, 1912 are new species for the Leningrad Region and Saint Petersburg. The old records of Lamprochromus bifasciatus (Macquart, 1827) and Syntormon pumilus (Meigen, 1824) from the Region are doubted.

  11. A novel painted monument. Byzantine Art between Aesthetic Redefining and Dogmatic Perennity. The church Saint John the Baptist of Bârnova

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihail M. Gheaţău


    Full Text Available Being remarkable through the monumentality and elegance of proportions, the architecture of the Church “Saint John the Baptist” from Bârnova derives from the so-called old Wallachian style, skillfully reshaping a structure which combines elements which are specific to Byzantine Balkanic ecclesiastical buildings. The unseen pictural work of Ștefan Constantinescu is characterized by the attempt to associate the results of experiencing freedom of interpretation and expression with the rules of the iconographic canon, inside the same ensemble. Its representations do not reproduce the traditional Byzantine manner, nor it is delivered as a form of quoting reality, but it is filtered and interpreted. From a theological point of view, the author respects the iconographic program, except for the topographic placement of some episodes, adapting the discourse according to the configuration and features of the liturgical space. We are in front of a case which places us in the position of managing the relationship between the value of artistic creation and the meticulosity of theological involvement. Neither Byzantine, nor realistic, the artistic solution of the mural painting from Bârnova is closer to the manner of iconic transfiguration than to the one of improvisation or artistic intermediation through which the daily tridimensional world is reflected.

  12. Vincent Vuillemin: Consolidating CERN’s technical base

    CERN Multimedia


    Former head of the Technical Support Department, Vincent Vuillemin is pursuing his mission as the head of the new Engineering Department. The remodelled department is working towards the resumption of LHC operations, on the Laboratory’s numerous projects and consolidation of the existing facilities. Vincent Vuillemin studies the table spread out on his broad office desk, showing his department’s projects. Red shows top-priority projects, blue is for projects under development and yellow is for future projects. Of course, the top red slot is reserved for the LHC. "Getting the LHC back into service is our absolute top priority," states Vuillemin. Whenever a technical difficulty arose with the LHC project—from defects in the cryogenic distribution line to the manufacturing problems that affected the collimators—the teams of the Technical Support Department (TS), now the Engineering Department (EN), were at the forefront, making u...

  13. Clinical, metabolic, and genetic aspects of cytochrome C oxidase deficiency in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.


    Morin, C; Mitchell, G; Larochelle, J; Lambert, M; Ogier, H; Robinson, B H; De Braekeleer, M


    Thirty-four children with lactic acidosis and Leigh encephalopathy due to cytochrome C oxidase (COX) deficiency distributed in 28 families have recently been identified in northeastern Quebec, particularly in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (SLSJ) region. The segregation analysis was consistent with an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. The incidence was estimated at 1/2,063 live births between 1979 and 1990, and the carrier rate was estimated at 1/23 inhabitants in SLSJ. In SLSJ, the place...

  14. Radiocarbon dates from the Grotte du Renne and Saint-Césaire support a Neandertal origin for the Châtelperronian. (United States)

    Hublin, Jean-Jacques; Talamo, Sahra; Julien, Michèle; David, Francine; Connet, Nelly; Bodu, Pierre; Vandermeersch, Bernard; Richards, Michael P


    The transition from the Middle Paleolithic (MP) to Upper Paleolithic (UP) is marked by the replacement of late Neandertals by modern humans in Europe between 50,000 and 40,000 y ago. Châtelperronian (CP) artifact assemblages found in central France and northern Spain date to this time period. So far, it is the only such assemblage type that has yielded Neandertal remains directly associated with UP style artifacts. CP assemblages also include body ornaments, otherwise virtually unknown in the Neandertal world. However, it has been argued that instead of the CP being manufactured by Neandertals, site formation processes and layer admixture resulted in the chance association of Neanderthal remains, CP assemblages, and body ornaments. Here, we report a series of accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dates on ultrafiltered bone collagen extracted from 40 well-preserved bone fragments from the late Mousterian, CP, and Protoaurignacian layers at the Grotte du Renne site (at Arcy-sur-Cure, France). Our radiocarbon results are inconsistent with the admixture hypothesis. Further, we report a direct date on the Neandertal CP skeleton from Saint-Césaire (France). This date corroborates the assignment of CP assemblages to the latest Neandertals of western Europe. Importantly, our results establish that the production of body ornaments in the CP postdates the arrival of modern humans in neighboring regions of Europe. This new behavior could therefore have been the result of cultural diffusion from modern to Neandertal groups.

  15. Immigration, différence et intégration dans The Consul et The Saint of Bleecker Street de Gian Carlo Menotti Immigration, Difference and Integration in Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Consul and The Saint of Bleecker Street

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walter Zidaric


    Full Text Available Composer, librettist and stage director Gian Carlo Menotti has changed the American musical theatre by accepting to face burning questions related to his times, but which are at the same time universal. In The Consul (1950, the American context of the 1950s burst onto the operatic stage. The Mc Carron law and MacCarthysm are reflected in this opera which is, first of all, a metaphor of the negation of liberty. In The Saint ofBleecker Street (1954, the Little Italy microcosm suggests a new reflection about questions which are related to the concept of difference and integration, connected to considerations of a metaphysical and religious nature. As metaphors of American society, these two operas finally symbolise all kinds of human multicultural societies by revealing the polysemic character of Menotti’s works.

  16. Agononida Baba and de saint Laurent, 1996 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura: Galatheoidea: Munididae) from Chinese waters (United States)

    Dong, Chao; Li, Xinzheng


    The present paper reports five species of squat lobster, genus Agononida Baba and de Saint Laurent, 1996, of which A. squamosa (Henderson, 1885) and A. cf. variabilis (Baba, 1988) were not previously reported in Chinese waters. All the specimens are kept in the Marine Biological Museum collection in the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao. To date, there have been 11 species of this genus recorded from China's seas. A key to those species is provided in this paper.

  17. L’agriculture à Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock : Bilan et perspectives Agricultura em Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock : Resultados e Perspectivas Agriculture in Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock: Results and Prospects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koné Tchansia


    agricultural fact in Saint-Georges. Behind the somewhat fixed photography of the current agricultural occupation of the ground, we tried particularly to follow the route which goes from the choice of the piece of land and its development, at the destination of its products, by attaching us to the description of the access to the ground. Thought as of its origin like a tool of decision-making aid, this work highlighted the inconsistencies and the traps of the access to the ground, elements which could be integrated in the definition of a program of management to this agricultural area.

  18. Nasopharyngeal Pneumococcal Colonization among Children after Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Introduction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manoochehr Karami


    Full Text Available World Health Organization has recommended all countries to introduction of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV in routine immunization schedule, especially those countries with higher rate of mortality in children. However, Islamic Republic of Iran and more than 50 other countries including Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Belarus, Belize, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Cabo Verde, Chad, China, Comoros, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Dominica, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Gabon, Grenada, Guinea, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, Nauru, Poland, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Thailand, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Ukraine, Vanuatu, and Viet Namhave not introduced PCV till April 2016.

  19. Development of flood-inundation maps for the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota (United States)

    Czuba, Christiana R.; Fallon, James D.; Lewis, Corby R.; Cooper, Diane F.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 6.3-mile reach of the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota, were developed through a multi-agency effort by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and in collaboration with the National Weather Service. The inundation maps, which can be accessed through the U.S. Geological Survey Flood Inundation Mapping Science Web site at and the National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service site at, depict estimates of the areal extent and depth of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (stages) at the U.S. Geological Survey streamgage at the Mississippi River at Saint Paul (05331000). The National Weather Service forecasted peak-stage information at the streamgage may be used in conjunction with the maps developed in this study to show predicted areas of flood inundation. In this study, flood profiles were computed for the Mississippi River by means of a one-dimensional step-backwater model. The hydraulic model was calibrated using the most recent stage-discharge relation at the Robert Street location (rating curve number 38.0) of the Mississippi River at Saint Paul (streamgage 05331000), as well as an approximate water-surface elevation-discharge relation at the Mississippi River at South Saint Paul (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers streamgage SSPM5). The model also was verified against observed high-water marks from the recent 2011 flood event and the water-surface profile from existing flood insurance studies. The hydraulic model was then used to determine 25 water-surface profiles for flood stages at 1-foot intervals ranging from approximately bankfull stage to greater than the highest recorded stage at streamgage 05331000. The simulated water-surface profiles were then combined with a geographic information system digital elevation model, derived from high-resolution topography

  20. Prevalence of cigarette smoking in pregnant women participating in the special supplemental nutrition programme for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. (United States)

    Ross, Julie A; Swensen, Andrine R; Murphy, Sharon E


    Several adverse birth outcomes are associated with cigarette smoking. It is important to determine the prevalence of cigarette smoking among pregnant low-income women and to evaluate their smoking cessation patterns in order to target appropriate interventions. Ethnically diverse pregnant women aged 15-45 years were recruited from Minneapolis or Saint Paul Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) clinics before their third trimester. Serum cotinine levels were assayed for 98 women and compared with self-report. The women were unaware that their smoking status would be validated. Twenty-one (21%) women had a positive serum cotinine value (> or =3 ng/mL); 16 (76%) admitted smoking within the previous 24 h before interview and five denied smoking. Of the five, four had cotinine levels that could suggest passive smoke exposure. Thirty-seven women (38%) admitted cigarette smoking during the pregnancy but before knowing that they were pregnant; 18 (49%) of these denied current smoking at the interview and also presented with negative cotinine levels. These data suggest that some participants in WIC make a concerted effort to quit smoking when they find out they are pregnant, and are generally truthful when reporting their smoking habits during pregnancy.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E.G. Boichenko


    Full Text Available The article demonstrates the treatment results on the protocol the treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL (COALL-92–Saint-Petersburg after 10 years of follow-up. Between January, 1999 and August, 2008, a total of 272 children and adolescents 0–18 yr of age, from Saint-Petersburg and its area were eligible for the protocol. All the patients have met diagnostic criteria for ALL. Those with a mature B-cell phenotype and FAB-L3 morphology were excluded. The diagnosis was based on morphological evaluation of the peripheral blood and bone marrow smears, immunophenotyping and cytogenetic analysis. All patients were classified as being at lower (LR, 47% or higher (HR, 53% risk of relapse. The intensive phase of treatment lasted 5, 5 months in low risk group and 8 months in high risk group and consisted of 4 parts (induction, consolidation, CNS-treatment and reinduction. It was followed by maintenance treatment until 2 years from date of diagnosis. After an observation time of 11 years, the estimate for EFS of all 272 evaluable patients was 67,7 ± 3,1%, the estimate of probability of RFS was 74,1 ± 3,3%, and probability of overall survival was 75,6 ± 3,0%. Key words: acute lymphoblastic leukemia, intensive chemotherapy, children. (Pediatric Pharmacology. – 2010; 7(6:50-56

  2. The Dilemmas of Risk-Sensitive Development on a Small Volcanic Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emily Wilkinson


    Full Text Available In the Small Islands Developing State (SIDS of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the most destructive disasters in terms of human casualties have been the multiple eruptions of La Soufrière volcano situated in the north of St Vincent. Despite this major threat, people continue to live close to the volcano and national development plans do not include risk reduction measures for volcanic hazards. This paper examines the development options in volcanic SIDS and presents a number of conundrums for disaster risk management on the island of St Vincent. Improvements in monitoring of volcanic hazards and ongoing programmes to enhance communications systems and encourage community preparedness planning have increased awareness of the risks associated with volcanic hazards, yet this has not translated into more risk-informed development planning decisions. The current physical development plan in fact promotes investment in infrastructure in settlements located within the zone designated very high-hazard. However, this is not an anomaly or an irrational decision: severe space constraints in SIDS, as well as other historical social and economic factors, limit growth and options for low-risk development. Greater attention needs to be placed on developing measures to reduce risk, particularly from low-intensity hazards like ash, limiting where possible exposure to volcanic hazards and building the resilience of communities living in high-risk areas. This requires planning for both short- and longer-term impacts from renewed activity. Volcanic SIDS face multiple hazards because of their geography and topography, so development plans should identify these interconnected risks and options for their reduction, alongside measures aimed at improving personal preparedness plans so communities can learn to live with risk.

  3. Association between food opportunities during the school day and selected dietary behaviors of alternative high school students, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, 2006. (United States)

    Arcan, Chrisa; Kubik, Martha Y; Fulkerson, Jayne A; Davey, Cynthia; Story, Mary


    Availability of competitive foods in schools has been linked to unhealthful dietary behaviors of students. Little is known about the food environment of alternative high schools, schools that enroll students at risk of academic failure. We examined correlations between food opportunities during the school day and selected dietary behaviors of students attending alternative high schools. Baseline data were collected in fall 2006 as part of the Team COOL (Controlling Overweight and Obesity for Life) pilot study, a group randomized obesity prevention trial. Students (n = 145) attending 6 alternative high schools in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, completed a survey on food opportunities during the school day and selected dietary behaviors. We used mixed-model multivariate cross-sectional analysis and adjusted for demographic characteristics to examine associations of interest. Food opportunities during the school day were positively associated with overall consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, high-fat foods, and fast-food restaurant use. Having many food opportunities during the school day at alternative high schools was linked to the consumption of foods and beverages high in sugar and fat and low in nutrients. School-based interventions should focus on changing the food environment in alternative high schools to decrease less healthful eating opportunities and to increase the availability of healthful foods and beverages.

  4. Twin Legacies: Victor and Vincent McKusick/Twin Studies: Twinning Rates I; Twinning Rates II; MZ Twin Discordance for Russell-Silver Syndrome; Twins' Language Skills/Headlines: Babies Born to Identical Twin Couples; Identity Exchange; Death of Princess Ashraf (Twin); Yahoo CEO Delivers Identical Twins. (United States)

    Segal, Nancy L


    The lives of the illustrious monozygotic (MZ) twins, Victor A. and Vincent L. McKusick, are described. Victor earned the distinction as the 'Father of Medical Genetics', while Vincent was a legendary Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court. This dual biographical account is followed by two timely reports of twinning rates, a study of MZ twin discordance for Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS) and a study of twins' language skills. Twin stories in the news include babies born to identical twin couples, a case of switched identity, the death of Princess Ashraf (Twin) and a new mother of twins who is also Yahoo's CEO.

  5. Finger of a saint, thumb of a priest: medieval relics in the Diocese of Turku, and the archaeology of lived bodies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Visa Immonen


    Full Text Available The relics of Turku Cathedral are remains belonging to the bodies of holy persons, different from ours, even today, although the cathedral is the see for the archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and relics are not on public display. Among the relics of the cathedral, there is a fragment of a radius, which according to its authentica, belongs to St Henry. Relics and reliquaries were in the core of medieval piety, and the cult of saints had infused throughout the society. Due to their central position in culture, relics offer glimpses at a range of material, social and cultural phenomena related to medieval embodiment.The Department of Archaeology at the University of Turku began to study the finger relic of St Eric and other items in the assemblage of Turku Cathedral in 2007. Relics and reliquaries are being opened and documented and organic as well as inorganic samples are being taken for a range of scientific analyses. So far the project has concentrated on building a chronological chart of individual artefacts. The majority of the relics date to the fourteenth century, although much more recent datings have also been obtained. The challenge of the project is not to stop when a better understanding of materials, their origins and age has been accomplished, but to use the results as a steppingstone into a study of the practices of medieval relic veneration. Medieval bodies and those material processes which authenticate relics, or distinguish saints’ bodies from other human remains, are thus at the heart of this article discussing embodiment.

  6. Keeping the feet of the gods and the saints warm: mundane pragmatics in times of suffering and uncertainty. (United States)

    van Dongen, Els


    In this article the author writes about mundane pragmatics, or everyday deeds, in times of suffering and uncertainty. Such pragmatics differ from cultural practices such as biomedical therapies or individual health-seeking behaviour patterns. Medical anthropologists and others working in the field of health and illness often overlook such pragmatics. However, these actions are of great social value and express the connectedness and bonds between people. They also express our deep beliefs, hopes, powerlessness and vulnerability.

  7. Antropología y cuidados en el enfoque de San Juan de Dios Anthropology and caring in the view of Saint John of God

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Genival Fernandes de Freitas


    Full Text Available El objetivo de esta investigación de carácter histórico-social, consiste en contribuir a la reflexión crítica sobre el origen y desarrollo de la cultura de los cuidados en el contexto socio-político y religioso del renacimiento español (siglo XVI desde la perspectiva de la orden mendicante de San Juan de Dios. La filosofía humanística o antropológica de la enfermería, en la perspectiva mencionada, implicaba potenciar la atención holística en el proceso de satisfacción de necesidades de los pacientes considerando el binomio hospitalidad-humanización de la asistencia.This is a historical and social study has the objective to contribute to a critical reflection involving the origin and development of caring culture in the social-political and religious contextualization of Spanish Renaissance (century XVI, with the prospect of mendicant order of Saint John of God. Humanistic or anthropological Philosophy of Nursing, in this perspective, signified a holistic attention to needs of patients ruled in the binomial hospitality and humanization of care nursing.

  8. 76 FR 38297 - Safety Zone; Marine Events Requiring Safety Zones in the Captain of the Port Sault Sainte Marie Zone (United States)


    ... areas within the Sector Sault Sainte Marie Captain of the Port zone. These safety zones are necessary to protect spectators, participants, and vessels from the hazards associated with various maritime events... would inhibit the Coast Guard's ability to protect the public from the hazards associated with various...

  9. Improving the Accuracy of Extracting Surface Water Quality Levels (SWQLs) Using Remote Sensing and Artificial Neural Network: a Case Study in the Saint John River, Canada (United States)

    Sammartano, G.; Spanò, A.


    Delineating accurate surface water quality levels (SWQLs) always presents a great challenge to researchers. Existing methods of assessing surface water quality only provide individual concentrations of monitoring stations without providing the overall SWQLs. Therefore, the results of existing methods are usually difficult to be understood by decision-makers. Conversely, the water quality index (WQI) can simplify surface water quality assessment process to be accessible to decision-makers. However, in most cases, the WQI reflects inaccurate SWQLs due to the lack of representative water samples. It is very challenging to provide representative water samples because this process is costly and time consuming. To solve this problem, we introduce a cost-effective method which combines the Landsat-8 imagery and artificial intelligence to develop models to derive representative water samples by correlating concentrations of ground truth water samples to satellite spectral information. Our method was validated and the correlation between concentrations of ground truth water samples and predicted concentrations from the developed models reached a high level of coefficient of determination (R2) > 0.80, which is trustworthy. Afterwards, the predicted concentrations over each pixel of the study area were used as an input to the WQI developed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment to extract accurate SWQLs, for drinking purposes, in the Saint John River. The results indicated that SWQL was observed as 67 (Fair) and 59 (Marginal) for the lower and middle basins of the river, respectively. These findings demonstrate the potential of using our approach in surface water quality management.

  10. 76 FR 31839 - Safety Zones; Annual Events Requiring Safety Zones in the Captain of the Port Sault Sainte Marie... (United States)


    ... water areas within the Sector Sault Sainte Marie Captain of the Port zone. These safety zones are necessary to protect spectators, participants, and vessels from the hazards associated with various maritime... within any particular area are expected to be minimal. Under certain conditions, moreover, vessels may...

  11. Energy Transition Initiative: Island Energy Snapshot - Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This profile provides a snapshot of the energy landscape of the northeast Caribbean island Saint Martin. The island is divided between two nations, France in the north (Saint-Martin) and the Netherlands in the south (Sint Maarten).

  12. Virological Surveillance of Dengue in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, French West Indies, Using Blood Samples on Filter Paper (United States)

    Matheus, Séverine; Chappert, Jean-Loup; Cassadou, Sylvie; Berger, Franck; Labeau, Bhetty; Bremand, Laetitia; Winicki, Alain; Huc-Anais, Patricia; Quenel, Philippe; Dussart, Philippe


    To strengthen active dengue surveillance in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, two French Caribbean islands, we evaluated the epidemiological usefulness of collecting blood samples from NS1-positive dengue patients on filter paper to identify the dengue serotypes circulating in these regions during a 27-month period. This approach allowed dengue serotypes to be identified by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction in 90.1% of the total set of 666 samples analyzed and, in 95.5% of the samples collected during the acute phase of the disease. This prospective virological surveillance using blood samples absorbed onto filter paper, which were stored at 4°C and shipped at ambient temperature to a specialized laboratory for analysis, allowed us to avoid the logistic and financial costs associated with shipping frozen venous blood samples. This surveillance system offers a low-cost alternative for reinforcing dengue prevention in areas where specialized laboratories do not exist, notably by facilitating the early detection of potentially new dengue serotypes. PMID:22232467

  13. Proceedings of the XXI International Workshop High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory (QFTHEP 2013). 23 30 June, 2013. Saint Petersburg Area, Russia (United States)

    The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (SINP MSU) in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists and students from Russia and other countries. This year the Workshop is organized jointly by the SINP MSU and the SPbSU and it will take place in the holiday hotel "Baltiets" situated in a picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the suburb of the second largest Russian city Saint Petersburg. Scientific program, the main topics to be covered are: * Higgs searches and other experimental results from the LHC and the Tevatron; impact of the Higgs-like boson observed * Physics prospects at Linear Colliders and super B-factories * Extensions of the Standard Model and their phenomenological consequences at the LHC and Linear Colliders * Higher order corrections and resummations for collider phenomenology * Automatic calculations and Monte Carlo simulations in high energy physics * LHC/LC and astroparticle/cosmology connections * Modern nuclear physics and relativistic nucleous-nucleous collisions * Detectors for future experiments in high energy physics The Workshop will include plenary and two parallel afternoon sessions. The plenary sessions will consist of invited lectures. The afternoon sessions will include original talks. Further details are given at

  14. [The link between aggressive behavior and depression in adolescence. A cross-sectional study conducted in the psychiatric emergency unit at the Sainte-Anne hospital]. (United States)

    Benarous, X; Guedj, M J; Braitman, A; Gallois, E; Lana, P


    The link between depression and aggressive behavior in adults has been found in many studies. In adolescents, this relationship is still controversial. Several studies point out that irritability is a key symptom in adolescent depressed. Few studies have analyzed precisely the kind of aggressive behavior. This study sets out to assess the relationship between aggressive behavior and depressive affects in adolescents. We also pay attention in this population to hopelessness feelings, anxiety, global functioning and the type of aggressive behavior. This is a descriptive and observational cross-sectional study. Data was collected from 49 successive adolescents admitted for a 24-hour evaluation in the emergency department of the Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital. The inclusion period was from February to April 2012, with age limits between 15 and 18. For each patient, the clinician completed with the parents or other caregivers the Modified Overt Aggressive Scale (MOAS) searching for existence of aggressive behavior in the week prior to the consultation. The population was divided into two groups: P- group when the MOAS score was Aggression Questionnaire (QA), the Beck Hopelessness scale and the Adolescent Depression Rating Scale for patients (ADRSp). Forty-nine adolescents with a median age of 16 years and 4 months participated. The first reason for consultation was depressive symptoms, followed by disruptive behavior. The analysis was conducted on 39 questionnaires. The demographic profile of the two groups was similar. We did not find any significant difference between the groups P+ and P- on ADRSc scores and secondary criteria. However, we found higher scores in the QA in the more depressed patient, especially a higher hostility score in this sample. In the subgroup analysis: as expected self-aggressive behavior was associated with a higher depression score, more hospitalization and a poor global functioning score. Surprisingly, the patients who showed physical


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Constantin MARUŢOIU


    Full Text Available This paper presents the research and the t results of FTIR analyses on samples of immobile paintings on the wooden walls, taken from the Church Saint Paraschiva from the Village of Poienile Izei, county of Maramureş,Romania, a UNESCO World Heritage List monument. These analyses were meant to certify the type and origin of the materials used in the grounding and paint layers of the late 18th c. pictures inside this wooden church. The results obtained, revealed us that other materials had been used than expected. Results also can help in the future conservation-restoration intervention, especially in cleaning and retouching.

  16. A Survey of Basic Educational Opportunities Available to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (United States)

    Cameron, J. Elliot

    To examine the historical background of educational programs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Church population, and educational opportunities available to Church members, a questionnaire was sent to presidents of Church missions outside the United States. It was found that Church membership has increased rapidly and could…

  17. Foreign economic activity of Saint Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, and the Republic of Karelia: problems and opportunities for development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bazhenov Yuri


    Full Text Available In this paper, we look at the interregional cooperation in adjacent areas. Specifically, we focus our attention on the cluster of regions formed by the city of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia. All three areas face a number of challenges when it comes to international trade: challenges that are shared and that require strategic coordinated solutions from regional decisionmakers. One of such solutions, for example, could require pooling of competitive advantages of these areas. The analysis of strategic documents of regional development, however, shows that the issue of interregional cooperation has not been duly addressed at any level, theoretical or practical. It is important to strengthen international trade capacity and to increase cooperation in other areas of cross-border relations, since these processes are crucial for Russia’s integration into the global markets.

  18. Developing Semi-Analytical solutions for Saint-Venant Equations in the Uniform Flow Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.M. Heidari


    Full Text Available Introduction: Unsteady flow in irrigation systems is the result of operations in response to changes in water demand that affect the hydraulic performance networks. The increased hydraulic performance needed to recognize unsteady flow and quantify the factors affecting it. Unsteady flow in open channels is governed by the fully dynamic Saint Venant equation, which express the principles of conservation of mass and momentum. Unsteady flow in open channels can be classified into two types: routing and operation-type problems. In the routing problems, The Saint Venant equations are solved to get the discharge and water level in the time series. Also, they are used in the operation problem to compute the inflow at the upstream section of the channel according to the prescribed downstream flow hydrographs. The Saint Venant equation has no analytical solution and in the majority cases of such methods use numerical integration of continuity and momentum equations, and are characterized by complicated numerical procedures that are not always convenient for carrying out practical engineering calculations. Therefore, approximate methods deserve attention since they would allow the solution of dynamic problems in analytical form with enough exactness. There are effective methods for automatic controller synthesis in control theory that provide the required performance optimization. It is therefore important to get simplified models of irrigation canals for control design. It would be even more interesting to have linear models that explicitly depend on physical parameters. Such models would allow one to, handle the dynamics of the system with fewer parameters, understand the impact of physical parameters on the dynamics, and facilitate the development a systematic design method. Many analytical models have been proposed in the literature, Most of them have been obtained in the frequency domain by applying Laplace transform to linearized Saint

  19. Inferential genotyping of Y chromosomes in Latter-Day Saints founders and comparison to Utah samples in the HapMap project. (United States)

    Gitschier, Jane


    One concern in human genetics research is maintaining the privacy of study participants. The growth in genealogical registries may contribute to loss of privacy, given that genotypic information is accessible online to facilitate discovery of genetic relationships. Through iterative use of two such web archives, FamilySearch and Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, I was able to discern the likely haplotypes for the Y chromosomes of two men, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, who were instrumental in the founding of the Latter-Day Saints Church. I then determined whether any of the Utahns who contributed to the HapMap project (the "CEU" set) is related to either man, on the basis of haplotype analysis of the Y chromosome. Although none of the CEU contributors appear to be a male-line relative, I discovered that predictions could be made for the surnames of the CEU participants by a similar process. For 20 of the 30 unrelated CEU samples, at least one exact match was revealed, and for 17 of these, a potential ancestor from Utah or a neighboring state could be identified. For the remaining ten samples, a match was nearly perfect, typically deviating by only one marker repeat unit. The same query performed in two other large databases revealed fewer individual matches and helped to clarify which surname predictions are more likely to be correct. Because large data sets of genotypes from both consenting research subjects and individuals pursuing genetic genealogy will be accessible online, this type of triangulation between databases may compromise the privacy of research subjects.

  20. Consistent initial conditions for the Saint-Venant equations in river network modeling (United States)

    Yu, Cheng-Wei; Liu, Frank; Hodges, Ben R.


    Initial conditions for flows and depths (cross-sectional areas) throughout a river network are required for any time-marching (unsteady) solution of the one-dimensional (1-D) hydrodynamic Saint-Venant equations. For a river network modeled with several Strahler orders of tributaries, comprehensive and consistent synoptic data are typically lacking and synthetic starting conditions are needed. Because of underlying nonlinearity, poorly defined or inconsistent initial conditions can lead to convergence problems and long spin-up times in an unsteady solver. Two new approaches are defined and demonstrated herein for computing flows and cross-sectional areas (or depths). These methods can produce an initial condition data set that is consistent with modeled landscape runoff and river geometry boundary conditions at the initial time. These new methods are (1) the pseudo time-marching method (PTM) that iterates toward a steady-state initial condition using an unsteady Saint-Venant solver and (2) the steady-solution method (SSM) that makes use of graph theory for initial flow rates and solution of a steady-state 1-D momentum equation for the channel cross-sectional areas. The PTM is shown to be adequate for short river reaches but is significantly slower and has occasional non-convergent behavior for large river networks. The SSM approach is shown to provide a rapid solution of consistent initial conditions for both small and large networks, albeit with the requirement that additional code must be written rather than applying an existing unsteady Saint-Venant solver.

  1. Serological evidence for Saint Louis encephalitis virus in free-ranging New World monkeys and horses within the upper Paraná River basin region, Southern Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walfrido Kühl Svoboda


    Full Text Available Introduction Saint Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV primarily occurs in the Americas and produces disease predominantly in humans. This study investigated the serological presence of SLEV in nonhuman primates and horses from southern Brazil. Methods From June 2004 to December 2005, sera from 133 monkeys (Alouatta caraya, n=43; Sapajus nigritus, n=64; Sapajus cay, n=26 trap-captured at the Paraná River basin region and 23 blood samples from farm horses were obtained and used for the serological detection of a panel of 19 arboviruses. All samples were analyzed in a hemagglutination inhibition (HI assay; positive monkey samples were confirmed in a mouse neutralization test (MNT. Additionally, all blood samples were inoculated into C6/36 cell culture for viral isolation. Results Positive seroreactivity was only observed for SLEV. A prevalence of SLEV antibodies in sera was detected in Alouatta caraya (11.6%; 5/43, Sapajus nigritus (12.5%; 8/64, and S. cay (30.8%; 8/26 monkeys with the HI assay. Of the monkeys, 2.3% (1/42 of A. caraya, 6.3% 94/64 of S. nigritus, and 15.4% (4/26 of S. cay were positive for SLEV in the MNT. Additionally, SLEV antibodies were detected by HI in 39.1% (9/23 of the horses evaluated in this study. Arboviruses were not isolated from any blood sample. Conclusions These results confirmed the presence of SLEV in nonhuman primates and horses from southern Brazil. These findings most likely represent the first detection of this virus in nonhuman primates beyond the Amazon region. The detection of SLEV in animals within a geographical region distant from the Amazon basin suggests that there may be widespread and undiagnosed dissemination of this disease in Brazil.

  2. SAINT: A combined simulation language for modeling man-machine systems (United States)

    Seifert, D. J.


    SAINT (Systems Analysis of Integrated Networks of Tasks) is a network modeling and simulation technique for design and analysis of complex man machine systems. SAINT provides the conceptual framework for representing systems that consist of discrete task elements, continuous state variables, and interactions between them. It also provides a mechanism for combining human performance models and dynamic system behaviors in a single modeling structure. The SAINT technique is described and applications of the SAINT are discussed.

  3. 8 CFR 286.1 - Definitions. (United States)


    ..., Marie-Galante, Martinique, Miquelon, Montserrat, Saba, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Christopher, Saint Eustatius, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Maarten, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre, Saint Vincent and...

  4. Johnson-Segalman -- Saint-Venant equations for viscoelastic shallow flows in the elastic limit


    Boyaval, Sébastien


    The shallow-water equations of Saint-Venant, often used to model the long-wave dynamics of free-surface flows driven by inertia and hydrostatic pressure, can be generalized to account for the elongational rheology of non-Newtonian fluids too. We consider here the $4 \\times 4$ shallow-water equations generalized to viscoelastic fluids using the Johnson-Segalman model in the elastic limit (i.e. at infinitely-large Deborah number, when source terms vanish). The system of nonlinear first-order eq...

  5. Partnering with Parents and Students in Alcohol Education: How The College of Saint Rose Harnesses the Influence of Prevention Specialists (United States)

    Wheeler, Wendy Neifeld


    Day in and day out the author invests her energy in keeping students safe by reducing alcohol consumption on campus, developing innovative alcohol and drug educational programming, collecting and analyzing data to better understand the drinking culture of the campus, and scouring the literature for best practices and evidence-based success. Day in…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In this study we analyze the biographical and hagiographical life and multifaceted activities of St. Anthim the Iberian in cross-cultural communicative dimension. Modern Post-Global world and its Weltanschauung need not onlytrans(cross-cultural, but also trans-historical contexts. We have designated the existence of trans-cultural polylogue (dialogue of many between all historical eras and ethnicities with their cultural codes and symbols. Our research enabled us to identify the following parameters of trans-cultural communicative competence: (i adequately assess the communicative situation; (ii possession of a certain body of knowledge about the native and other cultures; (iii to put into practice intercultural communicative intentions; (iv presence of not only the ability to understand other cultures, as well as members of their own culture, but also the ability to build new patterns of behavior, based on the values and norms of different cultures; (v strive to mix our own and others' cultural identity and as a result of the exchange of positive examples of actions and patterns of decision-making to go to a qualitatively new synthesis of action; (vi check the communication results with the help of feedback. We also identified the following aspects and facts of life and activity of Anthim the Iberian in the context of cross-cultural communicative competence: (a getting a wonderful upbringing (social intercultural communicative abilities and skills, and education (the possession of a certain body of knowledge about both native and other cultures, understanding and respect for diverse cultural values; (b the forced emigration of the native culture medium (communicative and behavioral adaptation to the behavior of other cultures; (c the experience of cruelty trafficking – the kidnapping and slavery sale (the religious-spiritual, social and cross-cultural communicative negative experience and its interpretation in a truly constructive manner that

  7. 77 FR 42672 - Radio Broadcasting Services; Alberton, MT; Crystal Falls, MI; Saint Paul, AR; and Waitsburg, WA (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 73 Radio Broadcasting Services; Alberton, MT; Crystal Falls, MI; Saint Paul, AR; and... Paul, Arkansas a vacant allotment. List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 73 Radio, Radio broadcasting...: PART 73--RADIO BROADCAST SERVICES 0 1. The authority citation for part 73 continues to read as follows...

  8. Assessing the English Language Needs of the Senegalese Professionals Working in Business and Tourism Sectors in Saint-Louis, Senegal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amina Gaye


    Full Text Available The role of English as an international language has made its teaching a growing field. Despite its unofficial status in countries like Senegal, English is used in all fields of activity. Specialization of content in English-teaching curricula is currently increasing, and authors agree that English is not to be studied simply for its own sake, but rather for its communicative uses. EFL teachers are expected to help students develop fluency in English and become familiar with the English specific to their content area, which is the main reason why the field of ESP (English for Specific Purposes developed in contrast with General English. Specialists have been exploring learners’ needs in ESP in many parts of the world, because, as Munby (1978, Hutchinson & Waters (1987, and Dudley-Evans & St. John (1998 point out, needs analysis is of primary importance in teaching ESP. However, in Senegal, there has been less research focusing on the students’ learning needs. Senegalese students in content areas notice when they become job seekers that their level of English is lower than the labor market’s requirements. Using a qualitative approach, this study addresses that issue. It explores the role English plays in professional domains and assesses the learning needs for the professionals working in the fields of Business and Tourism. The purpose of this study is to help reduce the gap that currently exists between the English instructional programs and the job market’s requirements in order to produce graduates that meet the labor market’s expectations.

  9. The Influence of Bioclimatic Cyclicity on Arboreal Plants in Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadiy Afanasyevich


    Full Text Available On the basis of original phenological observations (1955-2009 and meteorological data on Saint Petersburg meteostation the authors study the influence of bioclimatic cyclicity on plants of introduced and native arboreal flora in Saint Petersburg. Time periods are divided into 3 groups: early-warm, normal and late-cold. The bioclimatic data on early-warm and late-cold cycles are calculated. The early-warm and late-cold cycles alternate, with domination of the early-warm cycles under the tendency of climate warming at the beginning of the 21st century. The results of arboriculture should be estimated taking in mind the adaptation of plants in the late-cold cycles, but the seed propagation may give better results in the early-warm cycles. The last ones have been always considered as favourable for plants. But nowadays more and more species produce negative reaction to the earlywarm cycles. In modern conditions the significance of phenological investigations and especially of long uninterrupted observations on arboreal pheno-indicacators becomes more important.

  10. Intrauterine contraception in Saint Louis: A Survey of Obstetrician and Gynecologists’ knowledge and attitudes (United States)

    Madden, Tessa; Allsworth, Jenifer E.; Hladky, Katherine J.; Secura, Gina M.; Peipert, Jeffrey F.


    Background Many obstacles to intrauterine contraception use exist, including provider and patient misinformation, high upfront cost, and clinician practice patterns. The aim of our study was to investigate knowledge and attitudes about intrauterine contraception among obstetricians and gynecologists in the area of Saint Louis. Study Design We mailed a self-administered, anonymous survey to 250 clinicians who provide obstetric and gynecologic care in Saint Louis City and County which included questions about demographics, training, family planning visits, and intrauterine contraceptive knowledge and use. Results The overall survey response rate among eligible clinicians was 73.7%. Clinicians who had recently finished training or saw higher numbers of contraceptive patients per week were more likely to insert intrauterine contraception than clinicians who completed training prior to 1989 or saw fewer contraceptive patients. Several misconceptions among clinicians were identified, including an association between intrauterine contraceptives and an elevated risk of pelvic inflammatory disease. Conclusions Physician misconceptions about the risks of intrauterine contraception continue to occur. Improved clinician education is greatly needed to facilitate the use of these highly effective, long-acting, reversible methods of contraception. PMID:20103447

  11. A Study Of Environmental Impacts On The Coral Resources In The Vicinity Of The Saint Martin Island Bangladesh


    Shaikh Sayed Ahammed; M. Ali Hossain; Md. Zainal Abedin; Md Abdul Khaleque


    A study of the environmental impacts on the coral resources in the vicinity of the Saint Martin Island Bangladesh was conducted with a view to making an assessment of the current status of coral resources in the island and identifying major natural and anthropogenic environmental threats to the future sustainability of these resources. It is evident that the coral resources have been reduced significantly and currently only 41 coral species are available. The existing environmental condition...

  12. MicroSAINT Models of the Close-In Weapon System (CIWS): Sensitivity Studies and Conformal Mapping of Performance Data (CISWENS). Subtitle: Exploring the Utility MicroSAINT Models: CIWS Loading Operation Models Under Normal and MOPP IV Conditions (United States)


    operation is, in some sense, understaffed. Thus, if everything worked like clockwork , the loading operation was completed quickly. Otherwise a delay in...and so forth so that one risks mixing ’apples and oranges ’. Second, there ik no control over the range of variables represented in such a database

  13. [The archeology of San Vincente de Paul Hospital in Santiago, Chile]. (United States)

    Nuñez, Harold; Osorio, Carlos G


    The San Vicente de Paul Hospital was the first Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile and was located at the same place of present School of Medicine. The School area contains several old buildings, which are probably remains of the San Vicente de Paul Hospital. After a careful study of the current plans of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile and those of the San Vicente de Paul Hospital, and after checking measurements on the actual site, we were able to demonstrate that two and a half clinical rooms of the original building and some parts of the old laundry still remain intact. At present, these constructions are being used as storerooms, student's union offices, and other activities. We expect that this article may contribute to improve the knowledge of our roots by our own as well as by future generations and that it may inspire our authorities to take care and preserve this important patrimonial remains of our national medicine.

  14. To build an environmental quality building. Evaluation: the HQE secondary school of Pic Saint Loup realized by the region; Construire un batiment respectueux de l'environnement. Retour d'experience: le Lycee HQE du Pic Saint Loup realise par la Region

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Denicourt, Ch.


    This document presents the action realized in Pic Saint Loup secondary school, concerning the program management of an environmental quality building (HQE). The 8 chapters details the realization of the HQE building, the project planing of a HQE building, the Pic Saint Loup project, the operation beginning, the planing implementing, the project feasibility evaluation, the program redaction and the time and cost evaluation. (A.L.B.)

  15. The creation of Camaldolese painter Father Vincent of Subbiaco in light of recent studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adam Małkiewicz


    Full Text Available A Camaldolese painter, Father Venanzio da Subiaco (around 1570-1659, was active in Poland from 1624 to 1632, when he stayed in the hermitages at Bielany, near Cracow, and at Rytwiany. His name has been familiar to Polish scholars since 1871 (L. Zarewicz, and in 1952 his first brief monograph was written by Witold Urbanowicz, devoted, however, merely to his achievements in Poland. The monograph was later supplemented and verified by other researchers (J. Z. Łoziński and T. Przypkowski, W Kret., A. Ryszkiewicz, A. Małkiewicz. Venanzio’s work accomplished in Italy remained iong unknown. It was only in 1995 that Lucilia Conigliello organized an exhibition in Poppi featuring 14 paintings by Venanty, which she discovered in a Camaldolese hermitage and coenobium in Camaldoli. In the catalogue she discussed his 34 Italian works. In a catalogue of another exhibition of the Baroque art in Castentino (Poppi 2001, Conigliello included a short monograph of the painter, presenting his art both from the Italian and Polish period. The aim of this paper is to present a critical overview of the present state of research on Venanzio. His art created prior to joining the Order in 1618 remains unknown. As a Camaldolese monk he worked almost entirely for the congregation and sporadically for people connected with it, which limited the iconography of his paintings to religious themes. The artist’s preserved works include three sets of mural painitng (Monte Rua, near Padua, Bielany, Rytwiany and 50 oil paintings, 10 of which are in Polish monasteries. Their style bears influence of Caravaggio and is characterized by certain conservatism. The artist was also inspired by the paintings of great Renaissance masters, especially Titian, through the mediation of graphics. An important contribution of Venanzio was creating an iconographical canon of the Camaldolese church painting decoration, which was accomplished by the artist during his stay in Poland and

  16. Six Decades since a Blessed Event in the History of the Relics of Venerable Saint Parascheva - the Generalization of Her Worship (October 1955 - October 2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ion Vicovan


    Full Text Available Although the Romanian nation conceived, throughout time, numerous saints, their first canonization took place during the worthy to remember Patriarch Justinian Marina (1948-1977, in 1950. Together with the introduction in the calendar of Romanian saints, the generalization of worshipping the saints whose relics are in our country was decided. Among the saints whose worshipping was extended at the time, there was Venerable Saint Parascheva “the homely enlightener of Moldavia”, whose holy relics were brought to Iaşi in 1641, during the pious prince Vasile Lupu and the holy bishop and scholar Varlaam. The event of the proclamation of the generalization of St. Parascheva’s worship was held on the 14th October 1955, six decades ago, during the worthy to remember Metropolitan Sebastian Rusan (1950-1956, on the occasion of the dedication day, liturgical and spiritual event of exceptional importance. Both Romanian and foreign hierarchs, several priests, monks, nuns and faithful attended the event.

  17. Effects of Protection and Sediment Stress on Coral Reefs in Saint Lucia.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chantale Bégin

    Full Text Available The extent to which Marine Protected Areas (MPAs benefit corals is contentious. On one hand, MPAs could enhance coral growth and survival through increases in herbivory within their borders; on the other, they are unlikely to prevent disturbances, such as terrestrial runoff, that originate outside their boundaries. We examined the effect of spatial protection and terrestrial sediment on the benthic composition of coral reefs in Saint Lucia. In 2011 (10 to 16 years after MPAs were created, we resurveyed 21 reefs that had been surveyed in 2001 and analyzed current benthic assemblages as well as changes in benthic cover over that decade in relation to protection status, terrestrial sediment influence (measured as the proportion of terrigenous material in reef-associated sediment and depth. The cover of all benthic biotic components has changed significantly over the decade, including a decline in coral and increase in macroalgae. Protection status was not a significant predictor of either current benthic composition or changes in composition, but current cover and change in cover of several components were related to terrigenous content of sediment deposited recently. Sites with a higher proportion of terrigenous sediment had lower current coral cover, higher macroalgal cover and greater coral declines. Our results suggest that terrestrial sediment is an important factor in the recent degradation of coral reefs in Saint Lucia and that the current MPA network should be complemented by measures to reduce runoff from land.

  18. Prestige and alcohol in South Mexican fiesta: drinking with saint patrons in the central valleys of Oaxaca

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Jadwiga Zamorska


    Full Text Available Food and alcohol are the key elements of celebrating a Mexican fiesta. I show that drinking at patronal feasts can be the way of constructing a respectful position, as presented in the ethnographic material collected in the three suburban communities of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca (in the years 2012–13. I discuss the relation between drinking alcohol at fiestas, participation and collective identity. I analyse the issue of prestige in the context drinking at fiestas and its relation to gender. I also discuss the role of alcohol in ritual exchanging of gifts at the patronal feasts which were under study and its relation with prestige. Other questions being analysed include the problem of refusing drink and the Catholic and non-Catholic critiques of patronal feasts as based on perceptions of excessive drinking.

  19. 77 FR 26035 - St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, FL; Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental... (United States)


    ... purposes and contributing toward the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System, consistent with sound... snake, gopher tortoise, and eastern wild turkey. We would continue to manage lakes 1, 2, and 3 by...

  20. Saints and Superheroes, or Overall Perfect: Testing the Possibility to Differentiate Egoistic From Moralistic Socially Desirable Responding

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maja Parmač Kovačić


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to test Paulhus' (2002 assumption that it is possible to separate egoistic from moralistic socially desirable responding (SDR on an unconscious and conscious level. The study was conducted on a convenient sample of students (N=206, which filled-in a five-factor personality questionnaire (IPIP100 in three dependent situations: honest responding, induced egoistic bias and induced moralistic bias. Along with the participants, four of their acquaintances were also included in the study; their assignment was to rate the participants on the IPIP100 questionnaire items. In order to test whether it is possible to separate egoistic from moralistic SDR, we used discrepancy measures on five personality dimensions – residuals from the regression of the self-reports in the honest situation on the corresponding peer-ratings indicating unconscious SDR, and residuals from the regression of the self-reports in the induced bias situations on the corresponding self-ratings in the honest situation indicating conscious SDR. Obtained results showed that discrepancy measures did not result with the expected factors of egoistic and moralistic SDR. Whereas discrepancy measures that indicated unconscious SDR formed one factor, discrepancy measures that indicated conscious SDR formed two factors, but they did not correspond to the egoistic and moralistic bias. The results suggest that it is not possible to separate egoistic from moralistic SDR neither on the unconscious nor on the conscious level.

  1. The theatre of ethics and memory: intervention problems in the "Triptych of Life of Christ", belonging to the church of Saint John, the Baptist, Tomar, attributed to the workshop of Quentin Metsys

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erica Eires


    Full Text Available The "Triptych of the Life of Christ", belonging to the church of Saint John, the Baptist, in Tomar (Portugal, is dated from the early 16th century and attributed to the workshop of Quentin Metsys. When the current intervention of conservation and restoration started, it featured large retouching, significantly altered, which posed several ethical questions. What to do with these retouchings was the main problem, for which a solution was not evident. They must be assumed as part of the triptych's history and kept, despite the problems? Or should they be removed? All or just some of them? Ultimately, how to respect the authenticity, memory and profession's ethics? This is what we intend to discuss.

  2. Child morbidity of salmonellosis and the level of resistance of clinical isolates of salmonella to antibacterial preparations in saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. V. Gonchar


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to study the dynamics of the incidence of salmonellosis children in St. Petersburg and phenotypic resistance of clinical isolates of S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium to antibiotics in recent years. Materials and methods. The incidence of salmonellosis children studied according to the report for the first nine months of Rospotrebnadzor in 2013–2014. Incidence of salmonellosis in the structure of bacterial intestinal infections caused by pathogens in children hospitalized in the Department of intestinal infections in 2013–2014, studied according to annual reports. Antibiotic sensitivity was studied 86 Salmonella isolates (S. Enteritidis strain 64 and strain 22 S. Typhimurium, isolated from patients in children 2010–2014. Used the method of serial microdilution broth. Salmonella isolates were divided into sensitive, resistant, intermediate sensitivity to antibiotics. The Results. Analysis of the incidence of salmonellosis children of St. Petersburg has revealed its decline in 2014 (109.2 compared to 2013 (123,9 but relatively long-term average level was an increase in incidence (107,6. In the structure of salmonellosis in children prevailed salmonellosis Group D. In hospitalized children in the structure of bacterial intestinal infections detected Excess of share of salmonellosis in 2014 (36,9±3,4% compared to 2013 (24,5±2,4%; p <0,01. A reduction in the frequency sensitivity of S. Enteritidis to ampicillin, cefepime, ceftazidime and chloramphenicol. Compared to S. Enteritidis S. Typhimurium isolates were more resistant to ceftazidime and ampicillin, but more sensitive to ciprofloxacin. Conclusion. Morbidity of salmonellosis in recent years characterized by a relatively long-term average increase of the level. In the structure of salmonellosis in children prevailed salmonellosis Group D. There was a reduction of sensitivity S. Enteritidis isolates to cephalosporins new generations, and S. Typhimurium isolates

  3. Bullying, mental health, and parental involvement among adolescents in the Caribbean. (United States)

    Abdirahman, H A; Bah, T T; Shrestha, H L; Jacobsen, K H


    To examine the relationships between peer victimization, mental health, and parental involvement among middle school students in the Caribbean. Data from the Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS) conducted in the Cayman Islands, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago in 2007 were analysed using age- and gender-adjusted logistic regression models. About one-quarter of the 6780 participants reported having been bullied in the past month. Rates of bullying were similar for boys and girls, and younger children reported higher rates of peer victimization. Nearly 25% of students reported sadness and hopelessness, more than 10% reported loneliness and anxiety and more than 15% reported having seriously considered suicide in the past year. Bullied students were much more likely than non-bullied students to report mental health issues (p parents were understanding and monitored their free time activities reported fewer mental health issues and were somewhat less likely to report being a victim of a bully. The strong association between bullying and poor mental health in the Caribbean emphasizes the need to develop and implement strategies for reducing bullying among children and adolescents.

  4. Palaeontology of the upper Turonian paralic deposits of the Sainte-Mondane Formation, Aquitaine Basin, France

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Neraudenau, D.; Saint Martin, S.; Battern, D.J.; Colin, J.P.; Daviero-Gomez, V.; Girard, V.; Gomez, B.; Nohra, Y.A.; Polette, F.; Platel, J.P.; Saint Martin, J.P.; Vullo, R.


    The upper Turonian lignite deposits of Sainte-Mondane, Dordogne (Aquitaine Basin, SW France), consist of clays bearing translucent, orange to red, amber micrograins. The amber exhibits different types of microbial inclusions. The clays contain several conifers including the genera Brachyphyllum, Frenelopsis and Glenrosa, and a few leaf fragments of eudicot angiosperms. Among the plant meso-fossils the occurrence of Costatheca, Spermatites and abundant, diverse, megaspores, including species of Ariadnaesporites, Bacutriletes, Echitriletes, Erlansonisporites, Maexisporites, Minerisporites and Verrutriletes, is noteworthy. Pollen grains of the Normapolles group are important components of the palynomorph assemblage. The clays were deposited in a calm, estuarine or lagoonal, muddy environment. The overlying lignitic sands contain large fossil wood pieces of the conifer Agathoxylon, small solitary corals, fragmentary oysters and pectinids, echinoid spines, a few teeth of marine selachians and bony fishes, but no amber is present. These sands were deposited in a high-energy coastal marine environment. (Author)

  5. The Use of Dual Forms in the “Collection of Lives of Greek Saints” by Saint Nilus of Sora

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Polina Yuryevna Karavaeva


    Full Text Available In this article we reveal the key principles of dual contexts in Hagiography 'Life of Saint Simeon Stylites of the Admirable Mountain' and 'Life of Saint Onoufrios of the Desert', which are included into the "Collection of Lives of Greek Saints". We proceed from the discrepancy between the history of dual number in colloquial language and book-Slavic language. And we consider the form of dual number as a sign of book-Slavic grammatical norm in the period of the end of 15th - beginning of the 16th centuries. St. Nilus of Sora uses dual number not only with certain stylistic purposes, but also as a clear indication that a text is a monument, that implements strict grammatical norms of Church Slavonic Russian. We provide the most detailed description of the features of the use of free dual forms and also the description of the features of the use of associated dual number. According to the classification, which was proposed by A. Belich, free dual number refers to symmetrical objects, usually of the free dual number are the most stable and consistent in its use. So, one of the features of the representations of St. Nilus of Sora and his disciples about the grammatical norm of using dual number forms is used as a grammatical synonymic forms of the plural and dual number of verb forms in the combination of a noun with a numeral "two".

  6. Useful Brazilian plants listed in the field books of the French naturalist Auguste de Saint-Hilaire (1779-1853). (United States)

    Brandão, Maria G L; Pignal, Marc; Romaniuc, Sergio; Grael, Cristiane F F; Fagg, Christopher W


    Information regarding the use of beneficial, native Brazilian plants was compiled by European naturalists in the 19th century. The French botanist Auguste de Saint-Hilaire (1779-1853) was one of the most important such naturalists; however, his manuscripts (field books) have not yet been studied, especially in the context of useful plants. To present data documented by Saint-Hilaire in his field book regarding the use of native plants by the Brazilians. Data on useful plants were obtained from field books (six volumes) deposited in the Muséum national d' Histoire naturelle in Paris, France. The vernacular names of the plants, registered as "N.V." or "Nom Vulg." in the field book, were carefully searched. Traditional information about these plants was translated and organised using a computer. The botanical identification of each plant was determined and updated from the original descriptions and names cited in the field books by A. de Saint-Hilaire. Correlated pharmacological studies were obtained from PubMed. A total of 283 useful plants were recorded from the field books and 165 (58.3%) could be identified to genus or species. Fifty-eight different traditional uses were registered for the identified plants; the most common were as purgatives and febrifuges. Other data recovered were related to edible fruits and plants with interesting sensorial characteristics. For the few species that have been subjected to laboratory studies, the efficacy of the recorded traditional uses was confirmed. The data recorded by the French naturalist A. de Saint-Hilaire represent a rich, unexplored source of information regarding the traditional uses of Brazilian plants. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. The Rocky Road to Sainthood: Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582 in the Collective Imagination of her Times

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robin Ann Rice


    Full Text Available Saint Teresa of Jesus is the most important modern model for feminine religiosity. Nevertheless, in her times, her actions and her persona were under the ecclesiastical hierarchy’s skeptical scrutiny. By means of an analysis of La vida de Santa Teresa de Jesus (1590 by Francisco de Ribera and of one of the many comedies composed for her beatification in 1614, La bienaventurada madre Santa Teresa de Jesús, an apocryphal work by Luis Velez de Guevara, I propose to confi­gure a portrait of the Saint from the point of view of the epoch’s collective imagination. Her configuration in the collective imagination was not always positive.

  8. A Comparison of Secondary Chemistry Courses and Chemistry Teacher Preparation Programs in Iowa and Saint Petersburg, Russia (United States)

    Sanger, Michael J.; Brincks, Erik L.; Phelps, Amy J.; Pak, Maria S.; Lyovkin, Antony N.


    This paper, which is a result of the collaboration between the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in Saint Petersburg, compares the 7-12 chemistry courses in Iowa and Saint Petersburg and the chemistry teacher preparation programs at UNI and Herzen. Differences in the 7-12 chemistry courses include curriculum design (spiral versus layer cake), students' extracurricular activities, and access to technology in the classroom. Differences in the chemistry teacher preparation programs include the number of methods and chemistry content courses required, the number of chemistry teaching majors, the proportion of teaching majors enrolled in the different natural science programs, and the typical minors and endorsements received by these majors. Although we noted many differences in chemistry instruction between Iowa and Saint Petersburg, the secondary and college instructors still face many similar issues, which include overcoming student chemophobia, improving students' algorithmic and problem-solving skills, improving students' conceptual understanding at the particulate level, and dealing with shortages in qualified secondary science teachers.

  9. Luxurious Merovingian Textiles Excavated from Burials in the Saint Denis Basilica, France, 6th-7th century


    Desrosiers, Sophie; Rast-Eicher, Antoinette


    A new examination of the textile fragments found in the Merovingian burials in the basilica of Saint Denis, near Paris, has recently underscored the diversity of fabrics used to make garments in which members of the royal court were buried. Among them, some woolens of fine quality had been dyed with indigotin. The most astonishing fibre found belongs to a mixed textile (not skin) with beaver fibers and wool. Silks contained shellfish purple and in one case kermes? Two dyestuffs associated wit...

  10. Nutrient status of the lowbush blueberry, Lac-Saint-Jean area, Quebec, Canada. [Vaccinium angustifolium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bouchard, A.R.; Gagnon, M.J.


    The lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) is an important commercial crop of the Lac-Saint-Jean area (Quebec, Canada). The major blueberry fields are located on sandy soils relatively poor in available mineral nutrients. The nutrients originate from a thin organic layer found on the top of these sandy soils. The leaf mineral contents (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and B) were measured in five blueberry fields during 1984 and 1985. Soil pH and soil available P, K, and Mg were also assessed. The results show that the leaf mineral contents are generally adequate. However, K and Zn might be occasionally deficient when compared to the actual established standards. The available Mg in soil was significantly correlated with the leaf Mg concentration. The data also suggest that the influence of the pH following the burn pruning seems to influence the nutrition of this species.

  11. Sheer Blue Milken Dreaminess:Galway Kinnell’s Answer to Logopoeia in “The Fly,” “Saint Francis and the Sow,” and “Blackberry Eating”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tanya Long Bennett


    Full Text Available An analysis of Galway Kinnell's poems "The Fly, "Saint Francis and the Sow," and "Blackberry Eating," reveals Kinnell's treatment of the concept of logopoeia, a term coined by Ezra Pound to describe a particular use of language in poetry. Pound defined the term through illustration in the poems of Mina Loy and Jules Laforgue; it refers to the use of abstract, ironic vocabulary, which generates an objective, anti-sentimental, and satirical poetic stance. Kinnell, who adopts a distinctly Romantic role as a poet, nonetheless employs key aspects of logopoeia in order to adapt the Romantic ideology to the contemporary reader. Through a unique integration of Romantic sentiment with the intellectually playful, logopoeic use of diction, Kinnell produces poetry that both exploits and celebrates language and its multiple levels of meaning as well as addressing the painful wounds of the contemporary psych.

  12. Paint it Black: Using Change-Point Analysis to Investigate Increasing Vulnerability to Depression towards the End of Vincent van Gogh’s Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arnold A. P. van Emmerik


    Full Text Available This study investigated whether Vincent van Gogh became increasingly self-focused—and thus vulnerable to depression—towards the end of his life, through a quantitative analysis of his written pronoun use over time. A change-point analysis was conducted on the time series formed by the pronoun use in Van Gogh’s letters. We used time as a predictor to see whether there was evidence for increased self-focus towards the end of Van Gogh’s life, and we compared this to the pattern in the letters written before his move to Arles. Specifically, we examined Van Gogh’s use of first person singular pronouns (FPSP and first person plural pronouns (FPPP in the 415 letters he wrote while working as an artist before his move to Arles, and in the next 248 letters he wrote after his move to Arles until his death in Auvers-sur-Oise. During the latter period, Van Gogh’s use of FPSP showed an annual increase of 0.68% (SE = 0.15, p < 0.001 and his use of FPPP showed an annual decrease of 0.23% (SE = 0.04, p < 0.001, indicating increasing self-focus and vulnerability to depression. This trend differed from Van Gogh’s pronoun use in the former period (which showed no significant trend in FPSP, and an annual increase of FPPP of 0.03%, SE = 0.02, p = 0.04. This study suggests that Van Gogh’s death was preceded by a gradually increasing self-focus and vulnerability to depression. It also illustrates how existing methods (i.e., quantitative linguistic analysis and change-point analysis can be combined to study specific research questions in innovative ways.

  13. City’s lost jewel. History of Cracow’a All Saints church till the end of XVI century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Walczak


    Full Text Available One of the oldest churches in Krakow, dedicated to All Saints, was situated between Grodzka and Franciszkańska Street. It was build in the XIII century, could had been replacement church for first Cracow’s parish, which was transferred from Saint Trinity church. The name of All Saints church was mentioned for the first time in Vita S. Stanislai. The second time in 1278 his rector Arnold was noted. Most interesting fact is that in the Tables of Pence from 1325–1327 you can find two rectors, who had separate salary and were called rectors of wooden and brick churches. In 1490 church got a collegiate title. Than double rectory was liquidated and positions of provost and dean were established. Church was a place where Brotherhood of the Poor created by Bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki used to work. Our knowledge of churches looks comes from iconography which was made when the building was already a ruin. According to those sources church had two naves, was oriented and had simply completed presbytery. The building had adhered tower, sacristy, treasure and chapel, called capella antiqua. Description of the interior of the church comes from 1599, when Jerzy Radziwiłł, Bishop of Cracow had visited it. According to the decision of the City Beautification Committee, the church was demolished in 1835, and church’s equipment was sold on auction. The tower survived till 1840, when it shared the fate of the rest of the building.

  14. From Hillforts to Saints: Sun Tropoi and Patterns of Christianization in NW Spain (United States)

    Quintela, Marco V. García; García, A. César González; Veiga, Yolanda Seoane


    We present three Iron Age landscapes in the province of Ourense (northwest Spain), consisting of a hill fort with an acropolis used for religious purposes, and an "extra-urban" location used for ritual functions. Both locations are associated with the solstices, corroborating the validity of considering them jointly in each case, and the three cases jointly as a model. In the three locations, the oldest Christian saints and festivals we are able to identify re-use the dates of the solstices, and others, marked by Iron Age monuments. These observations open the way for research in several directions: the definition of religious landscapes from the Iron Age; the reason why there is not a 'Roman landscape'; the relationship between the Indo-European legacy and the introduction of Christianity; and the relationship between local calendars and the Celtic, Julian and Gregorian 'cultural' calendars.

  15. Saint Petersburg as a Global Coastal City: Positioning in the Baltic Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lachininskii Stanislav


    Full Text Available The Baltic region consists of coastal areas of nine countries — Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The region’s hubs are the port cities located along the Baltic Sea coast. However, Peter Taylor and Saskia Sassen’s classification identifies higher status cities and ‘global cities’, which are to be considered in the global context. Seven coastal regions are distinguished within this region, whose organising centers are the global coastal cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and Malmö. The concept of a “global city-region” (Sassen can be used as a methodological framework for analyzing this connection. Within this hierarchy, the dominant alpha group global city is Stockholm. The authors argue that, as a global coastal city, St. Petersburg forms the St. Petersburg coastal region, which can be defined as a typical "global city region". The index method shows that the position of St. Petersburg in the system of global coastal cities of the Baltic region is relatively favorable in view of its transport, logistics, and demographic potential and the advantageous geo-economic situation. St. Petersburg has certain competitive advantages in the region brought about by its demographic potential, port freight capacity, and the favorable geo-economic position of the "sea gate" of Russia. However, the level of high-tech services and ‘new economy’ development is not sufficient for the port to become a match for the top three cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen. This is increasingly important because transboundary global city networks demonstrate that global cities are functions of global networks. Saint Petersburg is just starting to integrate into these networks through the Pulkovo airline hub and seaports of Ust-Luga, Primorsk, and Saint Petersburg.

  16. Saint Petersburg as a Global Coastal City: Positioning in the Baltic Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lachninsky S.


    Full Text Available The Baltic region consists of coastal areas of nine countries — Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The region’s hubs are the port cities located along the Baltic Sea coast. However, Peter Taylor and Saskia Sassen’s classification identifies higher status cities and ‘global cities’, which are to be considered in the global context. Seven coastal regions are distinguished within this region, whose organising centers are the global coastal cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and Malmö. The concept of a “global city-region” (Sassen can be used as a methodological framework for analyzing this connection. Within this hierarchy, the dominant alpha group global city is Stockholm. The authors argue that, as a global coastal city, St. Petersburg forms the St. Petersburg coastal region, which can be defined as a typical "global city region". The index method shows that the position of St. Petersburg in the system of global coastal cities of the Baltic region is relatively favorable in view of its transport, logistics, and demographic potential and the advantageous geo-economic situation. St. Petersburg has certain competitive advantages in the region brought about by its demographic potential, port freight capacity, and the favorable geo-economic position of the "sea gate" of Russia. However, the level of high-tech services and ‘new economy’ development is not sufficient for the port to become a match for the top three cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen. This is increasingly important because transboundary global city networks demonstrate that global cities are functions of global networks. Saint Petersburg is just starting to integrate into these networks through the Pulkovo airline hub and seaports of Ust-Luga, Primorsk, and Saint Petersburg.

  17. "Paintings Fade Like Flowers": Pigment Analysis and Digital Reconstruction of a Faded Pink Lake Pigment in Vincent van Gogh's Undergrowth with Two Figures. (United States)

    Fieberg, Jeffrey E; Knutås, Per; Hostettler, Kurt; Smith, Gregory D


    Color fading in Vincent van Gogh's Undergrowth with Two Figures was studied chemically to facilitate the creation of a digital reconstruction of fugitive colors . The painting contains a field of white, green, orange, and yellow flowers under a canopy of poplar trees with two central figures-a man and a woman, arms entwined. From Van Gogh's letters, however, it is known that he painted the picture with some pink flowers, which appear to have altered, presumably to white. Raman spectroscopy was applied to microsamples of paint to identify the faded pigment as geranium lake, which in this painting consists of the dye, eosin (2',4',5',7'-tetrabromofluorescein). For the first time, lead(II) sulfate has been specifically identified as the likely inorganic substrate for a geranium lake used by Van Gogh in the last months of his life. Microfocus X-ray fluorescence (MXRF) spectroscopy was subsequently used in situ to analyze the white flowers to identify bromine as a proxy for eosin, thus indicating an original pink coloration. Of the 387 white flowers analyzed, 37.7% contained measurable bromine and were, therefore, originally pink. Several cross-sections from these formerly pink areas were assessed using a combination of visual inspection and microcolorimetry to create a colored mask in Adobe Photoshop to digitally reconstruct a suggestion of the original appearance of the painting with regard to the faded flowers. Additionally, microfadeometry was undertaken for the first time on a painting cross-section sample to understand the actual fading kinetics of the underlying bright pink geranium lake used by Van Gogh. A combination of Raman microspectroscopy, MXRF, and scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS) were utilized in situ and on paint microsamples to identify the complete palette used to create Undergrowth with Two Figures.

  18. Farewell to Fiestas and Saints? Changing Catholic Practices in Contemporary Rural Oaxaca

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Toomas Gross


    Full Text Available This article discusses recent changes in Catholic festivities, especially the system of fiestas in rural Mexico. The ethnographic focus of the discussion is on indigenous Zapotec communities of the State of Oaxaca. Collective religious practices in Mexican villages contribute to social cohesion. Fiestas commemorating patron saints of the villages play a particularly important role in (reconstructing communal identity and the feeling of collective belongingness. Various global processes like secularisation, integration of local economies into the capitalist market system, increasing out-migration from villages, and the rise of Protestantism have undermined the position of the Catholic Church in the region. The article scrutinises the changing organisation and role of fiestas in the communities, concluding that the impact of secularisation, migration and Protestantism in particular is not simple and always negative – these changes can actually invigorate certain dimensions of the fiestas.

  19. Models of Holiness: Devotionals and Hagiographies to Saint Benedict of Palermo in New Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The focus of this article is the hagiographies and novenas to San Benito de Palermo that circulated in the territories of New Spain, most of which were produced locally in the 18th and 19th centuries. While these devotional books can be used as a means of taking the measure of official holiness during the years of their publication, upon closer analysis this body of religious literature reveals the virtues and attributes of this Sicilian Saint that descended upon, among others, people of African descent. For this reason, the discussion surrounding his «skin color» constituted the principal obstacle against which this Negro Franciscan found himself struggling constantly. In the final section, the paper highlights the role of the Franciscans in New Spain during the colonial period in America as the community that, through the medium of the printing press, most strongly promoted the cult of this illustrious figure. 

  20. Cape Saint Paul Wilt Disease of coconut in Ghana: surveillance and management of disease spread

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nkansah-Poku Joe


    Full Text Available The Cape Saint Paul Wilt Disease (CSPWD, a lethal-yellowing type disease of coconut has been in Ghana since 1932. Aerial and/or ground surveys were undertaken to assess the current status of the disease spread. The survey showed that the spread of the disease for the past 5 years has mainly been the expansion of existing foci. However, new outbreaks were identified at Glidzi in the Volta, Bawjiase and Efutu Breman in Central regions. After the resurgence in the Volta region in 1995, the Woe-Tegbi-Dzelukope corridor has remained endemic, but less aggressive. Pockets of healthy groves remain along all the coastline and inland of known disease zones. Eradication of diseased palms at Ampain focus lying just about 60 km to the Ivorian border, and disease situations on new replanting with MYD × VTT hybrid are discussed.

  1. Degradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by means of synchrotron X-ray spectromicroscopy and related methods. 2. Original paint layer samples. (United States)

    Monico, Letizia; Van der Snickt, Geert; Janssens, Koen; De Nolf, Wout; Miliani, Costanza; Dik, Joris; Radepont, Marie; Hendriks, Ella; Geldof, Muriel; Cotte, Marine


    The darkening of the original yellow areas painted with the chrome yellow pigment (PbCrO(4), PbCrO(4)·xPbSO(4), or PbCrO(4)·xPbO) is a phenomenon widely observed on several paintings by Vincent van Gogh, such as the famous different versions of Sunflowers. During our previous investigations on artificially aged model samples of lead chromate, we established for the first time that darkening of chrome yellow is caused by reduction of PbCrO(4) to Cr(2)O(3)·2H(2)O (viridian green), likely accompanied by the presence of another Cr(III) compound, such as either Cr(2)(SO(4))(3)·H(2)O or (CH(3)CO(2))(7)Cr(3)(OH)(2) [chromium(III) acetate hydroxide]. In the second part of this work, in order to demonstrate that this reduction phenomenon effectively takes place in real paintings, we study original paint samples from two paintings of V. van Gogh. As with the model samples, in view of the thin superficial alteration layers that are present, high lateral resolution spectroscopic methods that make use of synchrotron radiation (SR), such as microscopic X-ray absorption near edge (μ-XANES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (μ-XRF) were employed. Additionally, μ-Raman and mid-FTIR analyses were carried out to completely characterize the samples. On both paint microsamples, the local presence of reduced Cr was demonstrated by means of μ-XANES point measurements. The presence of Cr(III) was revealed in specific areas, in some cases correlated to the presence of Ba(sulfate) and/or to that of aluminum silicate compounds.

  2. Environmental analysis report for the wind turbine array project at Gros-Morne in the municipalities of Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis and Sainte-Madeleine-de-la-Riviere-Madeleine by Cartier Wind Energy (GM) Inc.; Rapport d'analyse environnementale pour le projet de parc eolien de Gros-Morne sur le territoire des municipalites de Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis et de Sainte-Madeleine-de-la-Riviere-Madeleine par Cartier Energie Eolienne (GM) inc.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Talbot, D.; Theberge, M.C. [Quebec Ministere du Developpement durable, de l' Environnement et des Parcs, Quebec, PQ (Canada). Direction des evaluations environnementales; Rodrigue, M.C. (ed.)


    The Quebec government has authorized the construction of both phases of the Gros-Morne project in Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula. The project represents 1 of 8 projects that were acquired by Hydro-Quebec Distribution as part of the utility's 2003 bidding process. It will involve the installation of 141 wind turbines for a total installed capacity of 211.5 MW. An environmental analysis was conducted in an effort to minimize environmental impact while striving to maximize local economic and social benefits. The installation will occur in 2 phases, with the first beginning in 2011 for 100.5 MW. The second phase has an expected commercial operation start date in 2012. Following the environmental assessment, Cartier Wind Energy was asked to examine the possibility of moving a number of wind turbines in order to mitigate the possible repercussions on two outfitting establishments located near the wind turbine parks, namely Camp de la Haute Madeleine and Pourvoirie Beausejour, as well as on vacationers residing inside or on the edge of these parks. Concern was expressed that the appearance of the wind turbines in the natural landscape of the outfitting establishments could have an adverse impact on their appeal. In addition, due to the peace and tranquility of vacation sites and because the noise produced by wind turbines differs from that normally found on these sites, this noise could be audible for vacationers living inside or on the edge of wind turbine parks and result in a significant inconvenience. The impact on birds and bats was difficult to evaluate because of the limited knowledge available. The proponent was also asked to examine the possibility of optimizing the location of the wind turbines and the access roads on the edge of a nature reserve's boundaries, to prevent potential repercussions. refs., tabs.

  3. Project to construct the Des Moulins wind turbine array at Thetford mines, Kinnear's Mills and Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf : public inquiry report; Projet d'amenagement du parc eolien Des Moulins a Thetford Mines, Kinnear's Mills et Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf : rapport d'enquete et d'audience publique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    3Ci Energie Eolienne is planning to develop a 156 MW wind turbine array across 3 municipalities in Quebec, notably Kinnear's Mills, Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf and Thetford Mines. The project will involve the installation of 78 Enercon E-82 turbines each with a 2 MW capacity and a total height of 139 metres. The proposed development was subject to an environmental evaluation process and public consultation. Quebec's environmental public hearing board held a public hearing on the draft development of the project to hear the concerns and views of the public and stakeholders. The hearing focused on a number issues, such as reasons for the project, its location and socio-economic impacts. The primary concern was the environment and the effect of the wind turbines on fauna, flora and the quality of life. While supporters of the project, including the mayor, farmers and wood-lot owners, welcomed the large investment in the region, opponents were concerned that the turbines will disfigure the landscape, cause noise, interfere with telecommunication signals, disrupt wildlife, intrude on the quality of life and lower real-estate values. Critics also argued that the wind project will offer few benefits to local communities once the initial construction phase is over. Having considered the views of both proponents and opponents, the Board determined that the project is acceptable in terms of sustainable development. However, the project will require certain follow-up regarding the mortality of birds and bats as well as corrective measures to mitigate any interference with telecommunication signals.13 refs., 3 tabs., 2 figs.

  4. Checklist of fossil decapod crustaceans from tropical America. Part I: Anomura and Brachyura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Luque


    Full Text Available Abstract Our knowledge of fossil crustaceans from the tropics has increased considerably during recent decades, thanks to novel findings and the re-examination of museum specimens. However, several previous records have been misidentified, numerous museum specimens have never been reported, and many new discoveries are yet to be published. Here, we present a detailed, up-to-date, and revised checklist for every marine, terrestrial, or freshwater fossil decapod crustacean occurrence from tropical America known to us, including their age, geographic occurrences, and related literature. We recognize the occurrence of at least 32 superfamilies, 69 families, 190 genera, and 415 species of brachyurans (‘true’ crabs, and anomurans (‘false’ crabs, hermit crabs, squat lobsters, and allies, several of them previously unknown. The checklist comprises records from three main geographic regions: 1 northern South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela; 2 Central America and southern North America (Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, southern and central Florida; and 3 the Caribbean Islands + Bermuda (Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, The Grenadines, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Saint Bartélemy, Saint Martin, Trinidad. Previous findings, new occurrences, and the revised systematic placement for several problematic/misidentified records, indicate that the fossil record of anomurans and brachyurans in tropical America is more diverse than previously envisioned, with a considerable degree of endemism at the genus- and species-levels.

  5. B-type natriuretic peptide measurement in primary care; magnitude of associations with cardiovascular risk factors and their therapies. Observations from the STOP-HF (St. Vincent's Screening TO Prevent Heart Failure) study.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Conlon, Carmel M


    BACKGROUND: An effective prevention strategy for heart failure in primary care requires a reliable screening tool for asymptomatic ventricular dysfunction. Preliminary data indicate that B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) may be suitable for this task. However, for the most effective use of this peptide, the interrelationships between associated risk factors and their therapies on BNP, and in particular their magnitude of effect, needs to be established in a large primary care population. Therefore, the objective of the study was to establish the extent of the association between BNP, cardiovascular risk factors and their therapies. METHODS: BNP measurement and clinical review was preformed on 1122 primary care patients with cardiovascular risk factors. Multivariate analyses identified significant associates of BNP concentrations which were further explored to establish the magnitude of their association. RESULTS: Associates of BNP were age (1.36-fold increase in BNP\\/decade), female (1.28), beta-blockers (1.90), myocardial infarction (1.36), arrhythmia (1.98), diastolic blood pressure; all p<0.01. A novel method was devised that plotted median BNP per sliding decade of age for the various combinations of these principal associates. CONCLUSIONS: The data presented underline the importance of considering several clinical and therapeutic factors when interpreting BNP concentrations. Most of these variables were associated with increased concentrations, which may in part explain the observed false-positive rates for detecting ventricular dysfunction using this peptide. Furthermore, the design of studies or protocols using BNP as an endpoint or a clinical tool should take particular account of these associations. This analysis provides the foundation for age, risk factor and therapy adjusted reference ranges for BNP in this setting.

  6. The circulation of Ghlin flint during the time of the Blicquy - Villeneuve-Saint-Germain culture (Early Neolithic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Solène Denis


    Full Text Available In the North of France and Belgium, the Blicquy - Villeneuve-Saint-Germain culture marks the end of the Early Neolithic Period (beginning of the 5th millennium. The Blicquy group is constituted of eleven sites located in Belgium, with two main centers of occupation: one Western in Hainaut and one Eastern in Hesbaye, 100 km away from the first. As part of a PhD, the lithic industry of these sites is studied in order to reconstruct the circulation networks through a techno-economic analysis. It has been complex to identify the raw materials, given the lack of information about the siliceous outcrops in the Mons Basin. However, two main circulation networks have been highlighted: one of Ghlin flint and one of tertiary Bartonian flint. These two types of flint are indeed easily recognizable by their macroscopic characteristics. The outcrops of tertiary Bartonian flints originate from the Paris Basin, where systematic surveys have been conducted since the late 1980s. The circulation of tertiary Bartonian flint is now well-known and emblematic of the Blicquy - Villeneuve-Saint-Germain culture. Therefore, this paper will focus on the circulation of Ghlin flint in the Blicquy-Villeneuve-Saint-Germain culture. The Ghlin flint shows on the surface in the Mons Basin, about twenty kilometers away from the Hainaut sites. Heavily exploited in the latter, it was exported to the Hesbaye sites in a significant way, despite the availability of siliceous resources available in Hesbaye. Moreover, some artifacts circulated towards the Paris Basin. The study of the circulation of Ghlin flint can therefore help to determine the socio-economic organization of these populations by specifying the linkages between the population centers of Hainaut, Hesbaye and Paris Basin.

  7. Declaration of the G8 of Saint Petersburg, the 16 July 2006 on the world energy security; Declaration du G8 de Saint-Petersbourg, le 16 juillet 2006 sur la securite energetique mondiale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document presents in a first part the energy problems which the G8 is confronted with, the response of the international community and the declaration on the principles of the world energy security. The second part is devoted to the action plan of Saint Petersburg, actions in the following domains: reinforcement of the world energy markets transparency and stability, improvement of the investments climate in the energy sector, reinforcement of the energy efficiency and the energy conservation, diversification of the energies resources, security of the vital energy infrastructures, decrease of the energy dearth, fight against the climatic change and help to the sustainable development. (A.L.B.)

  8. Ideal Teaching: Exploring the Attributes of an "Ideal Teacher" in the Church Educational System for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (United States)

    Strader, Matthew W.


    The purpose of this study was to identify the profile of an ideal teacher for the Church Educational System (CES) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This study surveyed 159 students, teachers, and administrators in order to find the characteristics perceived to be ideal in a CES teacher. The survey included 16 characteristics of…

  9. The ionospheric response to the Saint Patrick storm over South East Asia (United States)

    Spogli, L.; Alfonsi, L.; Di Mauro, D.; Pezzopane, M.; Cesaroni, C.; Povero, G., Sr.; Pini, M., Sr.; Dovis, F., Sr.; Romero, R.; Linty, N.; Abadi, P.; Nuraeni, F.; Husin, A.; Huy Le, M.; La The, V.; Pillat, V. G.; Floury, N.


    ERICA, a project funded by the European Space Agency, aims at characterizing the ionospheric variability of the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly in the South East Asia. In particular, ERICA focuses on the variation of the plasma electron density in the southern and northern crests of the anomaly and over the dip equator identified by the Equatorial Ionospheric Trough. To achieve this goal, an ad hoc measurements campaign is on-going with ground-based instruments located in the footprints of the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly and of the Equatorial Ionospheric Trough in Vietnam and Indonesia.The campaign started on the 1st of March 2015, timing to monitor the Saint Patrick storm effects on the ionosphere by means of ionosondes, double frequency hardware and software defined radio GNSS receivers, ground based and spaceborne magnetometers and Langmuir probe. Such multi-instrumental and multi-parametric observations of the region enables an in-depth investigation of the ionospheric response to the largest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. The observations record positive and negative ionospheric storms, sporadic E layer and spread F conditions, scintillations enhancement and inhibition, TEC gradients. The ancillary information on the local magnetic field allows to highlight the variety of ionospheric perturbations happened during the main and the long recovery phase of the storm.The paper presents the outcomes of the investigation evidencing the peculiarities of a region not yet extensively reported in the open literature.

  10. The Effects of NSTP on the Lives of Saint Louis University Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilyn L. Balmeo


    Full Text Available The National Service Training Program (NSTP of the Philippines is a form of service learning which is defined as the integration of community services to instruction in order to strengthen the civic and community responsibilities of the students. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the NSTP for the students, its influences along self-improvement, performance, community involvement, and demonstration of abilities and skills, and the difficulties encountered by the students while enrolled in their respective NSTP courses. The 1421 respondents of the study were the undergraduate students of Saint Louis University who finished the NSTP courses last school year 2012-2013. The study utilized an adapted survey-type questionnaire to gather the data needed in the study. The findings of the study suggest that NSTP courses are effective and they influenced the self-improvement, performance, community involvement, and demonstration of abilities and skills of the students to an extent. The students are also able to continue to demonstrate the different competencies they learned or acquired from NSTP courses. Moreover, this study reveals that the students often encountered many difficulties while they were enrolled in the NSTP courses.

  11. De strijd om de echte Vincent van Gogh : De kunstexpert als brenger van een onwelkome boodschap. 1900-1970

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tromp, H.


    Art experts play a key role in the art world, because it is their task to provide works of art with their real history. This also applies to Van Gogh experts. They can issue contradictory verdicts about the authenticity of the same paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh, because they do not use

  12. Father Feijoo’s contribution to the building of the new church of the monastery of Saint Julian of Samos (Lugo, Spain: a documented chapter of the history of architecture and book publishing in Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier González Santos


    Full Text Available The monastery temple of Saint Julian of Samos (Lugo was concluded in 1748 thanks to the cession of printing and reprinting rights and the sale benefits of the first six volumes of Theatro Crítico Universal [Universal Critic Theatre] (1726, 1728, 1729, 1730, 1733 y 1734 and Ilustración apologética [Apologetic illustration] (1729 done by Father Benito Jerónimo Feijoo (1676-1764 in 1734 to what had been the house where he had taken vows in 1690. The news was known by scholars since notice of it was given by Friar Martín Sarmiento, Feijoo’s friend and correspondent as well as chronicler of the Benedictine Order, in a handwritten report of 1743 (published in 1879 and by Friar Eladio de Nóboa (1765 and repeated since then but with no conviction. We now publish this cession document of 1734 and from it and from father Feijoo’s literary work, we make some comments about the baroque building of the Samos monastery.

  13. PREFACE: 1st International School and Conference "Saint Petersburg OPEN 2014" on Optoelectronics, Photonics, Engineering and Nanostructures (United States)


    Dear Colleagues, 1st International School and Conference "Saint Petersburg OPEN 2014" on Optoelectronics, Photonics, Engineering and Nanostructures was held on March 25 - 27, 2014 at St. Petersburg Academic University - Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The School and Conference included a series of invited talks given by leading professors with the aim to introduce young scientists with actual problems and major advances in physics and technology. The keynote speakers were: Mikhail Glazov (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS, Russia) Vladimir Dubrovskii (Saint Petersburg Academic University RAS, Russia) Alexey Kavokin (University of Southampton, United Kingdom and St. Petersburg State University, Russia) Vladimir Korenev (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS, Russia) Sergey Kukushkin (Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS, Russia) Nikita Pikhtin (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS, Russia and "Elfolum" Ltd., Russia) Dmitry Firsov (Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia) During the poster session all undergraduate and graduate students attending the conference presented their works. Sufficiently large number of participants with more than 160 student attendees from all over the world allowed the Conference to provide a fertile ground for the fruitful discussions between the young scientists as well as to become a perfect platform for the valuable discussions between student authors and highly experienced scientists. The best student papers, which were selected by the Program Committee and by the invited speakers basing on the theses and their poster presentation, were awarded with diplomas of the conference - see the photos. This year's School and Conference is supported by SPIE (The International Society for Optics and Photonics), OSA (The Optical Society), St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University and by Skolkovo Foundation. It is a continuation of the annual schools and

  14. A reappraisal of Theroteinus (Haramiyida, Mammaliaformes from the Upper Triassic of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port (France

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maxime Debuysschere


    Full Text Available The earliest mammaliaforms are difficult to assess because the fossil record is poor and because their distinctive morphologies cannot be directly compared with more recent mammaliaforms. This is especially true for the haramiyid genus Theroteinus, only known in the Saint-Nicolas-de-Port locality (Rhaetian, France. This study presents a new definition of the type-species Theroteinus nikolai. A new species Theroteinus rosieriensis, sp. nov., is named and distinguished by the lingual shift of distal cusps, a larger size, and a stockier occlusal outline. Comparisons with Eleutherodon, Megaconus and Millsodon suggest that Theroteinus has potential close relatives among the Jurassic haramiyids.

  15. Well-balanced positivity preserving central-upwind scheme on triangular grids for the Saint-Venant system

    KAUST Repository

    Bryson, Steve


    We introduce a new second-order central-upwind scheme for the Saint-Venant system of shallow water equations on triangular grids. We prove that the scheme both preserves "lake at rest" steady states and guarantees the positivity of the computed fluid depth. Moreover, it can be applied to models with discontinuous bottom topography and irregular channel widths. We demonstrate these features of the new scheme, as well as its high resolution and robustness in a number of numerical examples. © EDP Sciences, SMAI, 2010.

  16. Measles outbreak in the Children’s Hospital in Saint-Petersburg, 2012

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. A. Bichurina


    Full Text Available Measles was imported to Saint-Petersburg from the Chechen Republic by the patient admitted to the Children’s Clinical Hospital where the measles focus out of 94 cases was formed within the period of January – March, 2012. The typical clinical form of infection was revealed for all measles cases. The general signs of the infection were fever, rash, cough, rhinitis, conjunctivitis. Children under 17 years old consisted three quarters of patients. Among measles patients 75% of cases were the non vaccinated children in the age of 5 months – 14 years. Measles was confirmed by detection of IgM antibodies to measles virus in ELISA in 93.6% of sera samples. Molecular studies of the biological samples from the patient who was the source of the infection as well as from the other patients revealed the measles virus genotype D4 “Iran 2010”. This genotype widely circulated in Iran, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as in some regions of Russia in 2010–2012. The later diagnostic and isolation of the first measles patient in this hospital facilitated the transmission of measles virus infection in the Hospital where the most part of the non vaccinated children were also treated.

  17. [Precariousness, cardiovascular risk in the afro-Caribbean population of Saint-Martin. Data from the study CONSANT-SM]. (United States)

    Atallah, V; Cornely, V; Grenié, E; Inamo, J; Carrère, P; Atallah, A


    The objective is to describe the prevalence of arterial hypertension (hypertension) and cardiovascular risk factors (FDR) and specify their association with the socio-economic factors in a collectivity of Saint-Martin. CONSANT-SM is a cross-sectional descriptive study carried out on a representative sample of 400 people. The data collection was conducted by investigators at home. The low income level is significantly associated with abdominal obesity (OR=2.3), with cardiovascular FDR accumulated (OR=3.58). Low level of education (OR=2.86) and abdominal obesity (OR=3.73) are significantly associated with hypertension. The link between cardiovascular FDR and precariousness (in our study represented by the variable low levels of income and education) is found in this study carried out on a representative sample of the population of the community of Saint-Martin. The strong link between hypertension, obesity and others cardiovascular risk factors (FDR) with precariousness (in our study represented by the variable low levels of income and education) is found in this afro-Caribbean population. This data is an important information for the health program developed by the healthy system. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  18. Old Russian Graffito Inscription in the Abbey of Saint-Gilles, South of France

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne-Sophie Brun


    Full Text Available The abbey of Saint-Gilles-du-Gard near Arles in the south of France was one of the most prominent pilgrimage sites in medieval Europe.Recent archaeological investigation has shown that construction of the abbey church, one of the most significant Romanesque pilgrimage churches in southern France, began ca. 1170/1180. The lower church (crypt with the tomb of St. Giles (Lat. Aegidius, Fr. Gilles and some of the walls of the upper church belong to that period.A well-preserved Cyrillic graffito was discovered on a pier of the upper church, close to the spot where the tomb of St. Giles is located in the crypt below. The text contains a prayer with a common formula: GI POMЪZI | RABU SVЪ|EMU SЬMKЪ|VI NINOSLA|VICHIU ‘Lord, help your servant Semko, son of Ninoslav.’ Palaeographic and linguistic analysis shows that the graffito is of Russian origin. It was probably made at some time between 1180 and 1250 by a pilgrim travelling from Russia to Santiago de Compostela, and it is the most geographically remote Old Russian graffito inscription discovered so far in western Europe.

  19. Maailmakuulus kirjandusteoreetik Uku Masingust / Vincent B Leitch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leitch, Vincent B


    Refereering ameerika professori Vincent B. Leitchi 25 aastat tagasi ajakirjas Journal of Baltic Studies avaldatud artiklist "Usuline nägemus uuemas luules. Uku Masing võrdluses Hopkinsi ja Eliotiga"

  20. Measurements of Atmospheric Concentrations of Reduced Sulphur Compounds in the All Saints Bay Area in Bahia, Brazil


    Nunes, L. S. S.; Tavares, Tania Mascarenhas; Dippel, J.; Jaeschke, W


    p.79-100 Atmospheric concentrations of several reduced sulphur compounds (H2S, COS, CH3SH, CH3SCH3, CS2) originating from both natural and anthropogenic sources were measured at a number of locations in the All Saints Bay area and Reconcavo Baiano, Brazil. The volatile reduced sulphur compounds were collected by pre-concentration using cryo-tubes. Analysis of these compounds was carried out at a later date using gas chromatography with a flame photometric detector. In areas ...

  1. Les nouvelles frontières des Jeux Anthropologiques de Saint-Louis The new frontiers of the St. Louis Anthropological Games: sport and the racialization of the American nation at the onset of the twentieth century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabrice Delsahut


    Full Text Available En 1904, à Saint-Louis, les compétitions olympiques furent perdues dans le chaos d’une exposition universelle, la Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Les Jeux olympiques ne purent échapper à la montée des idéologies racistes du début du xxe siècle et ils contribuèrent à discuter du mérite athlétique des différentes races. Malgré l’esprit universel qu’on voulait y voir présider, Saint-Louis refléta longtemps les préjugés raciaux de leurs organisateurs. Ces derniers mirent aussi sur pied des compétitions spéciales, appelées pour l’occasion « journées anthropologiques », réservées à ceux que l’Amérique ségrégationniste du moment considérait comme des sous-hommes. À partir de ces faits, nous essaierons de montrer comment les sciences du sport et l’anthropologie naissante se mirent ensemble au service de causes aussi discutables que la hiérarchisation raciale et le droit à la colonisation et contribuèrent grandement à la naissance d’une nation américaine mettant le sport au cœur de sa constitution. L’impact des race studies sur les façons de penser le sport ne furent pas, contrairement à ce que s’efforcèrent de faire croire les différents présidents du C.I.O. au cours des décennies suivantes, qu’un simple avatar du mouvement olympique. Enfin, nous verrons l’influence de ce spectacle athlétique interracial en dehors des États-Unis qui a assurément permis d’élaborer une certaine perception de l’altérité et limiter l’insertion des peuples autochtones dans le tissu sportif mondial.In 1904, in St. Louis, the Olympic competitions were lost in the chaos of a World Fair called the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The Olympic Games could not escape the rise in the racist ideologies of the 20th century and they contributed to the discussing of the athletic merit of the different races. In spite of the universal spirit that was expected to prevail, the Games of St. Louis showed the racial

  2. Designing long-term fish community assessments in connecting channels: Lessons from the Saint Marys River (United States)

    Schaeffer, Jeff; Rogers, Mark W.; Fielder, David G.; Godby, Neal; Bowen, Anjanette K.; O'Connor, Lisa; Parrish, Josh; Greenwood, Susan; Chong, Stephen; Wright, Greg


    Long-term surveys are useful in understanding trends in connecting channel fish communities; a gill net assessment in the Saint Marys River performed periodically since 1975 is the most comprehensive connecting channels sampling program within the Laurentian Great Lakes. We assessed efficiency of that survey, with intent to inform development of assessments at other connecting channels. We evaluated trends in community composition, effort versus estimates of species richness, ability to detect abundance changes for four species, and effects of subsampling yellow perch catches on size and age-structure metrics. Efficiency analysis revealed low power to detect changes in species abundance, whereas reduced effort could be considered to index species richness. Subsampling simulations indicated that subsampling would have allowed reliable estimates of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) population structure, while greatly reducing the number of fish that were assigned ages. Analyses of statistical power and efficiency of current sampling protocols are useful for managers collecting and using these types of data as well as for the development of new monitoring programs. Our approach provides insight into whether survey goals and objectives were being attained and can help evaluate ability of surveys to answer novel questions that arise as management strategies are refined.

  3. Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technologies ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    The small island states of the Eastern Caribbean suffer from high youth unemployment. Indeed, the rate of youth unemployment in St Vincent and the Grenadines (36%) and St Lucia (44%) is significantly higher than that in the larger Caribbean states of Trinidad and Tobago (25%) and Jamaica (35%), where youth crime is ...

  4. Psychiatric symptoms, quality of life, and HIV status among people using opioids in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (United States)

    Desrosiers, Alethea; Blokhina, Elena; Krupitsky, Evgeny; Zvartau, Edwin; Schottenfeld, Richard; Chawarski, Marek


    The Russian Federation is experiencing a very high rate of HIV infection among people who inject drugs (PWID). However, few studies have explored characteristics of people with co-occurring opioid use disorders and HIV, including psychiatric symptom presentations and how these symptoms might relate to quality of life. The current study therefore explored a.) differences in baseline psychiatric symptoms among HIV+ and HIV- individuals with opioid use disorder seeking naltrexone treatment at two treatment centers in Saint Petersburg, Russia and b.) associations between psychiatric symptom constellations and quality of life. Participants were 328 adults enrolling in a randomized clinical trial evaluating outpatient treatments combining naltrexone with different drug counseling models. Psychiatric symptoms and quality of life were assessed using the Brief Symptom Inventory and The World Health Organization Quality of Life-BREF, respectively. Approximately 60% of participants were HIV+. Those who were HIV+ scored significantly higher on BSI anxiety, depression, psychoticism, somatization, paranoid ideation, phobic anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and GSI indexes (all p<0.05) than those HIV-. A K-means cluster analysis identified three distinct psychiatric symptom profiles; the proportion of HIV+ was significantly greater and quality of life indicators were significantly lower in the cluster with the highest psychiatric symptom levels. Higher levels of psychiatric symptoms and lower quality of life indicators among HIV+ (compared to HIV-) individuals injecting drugs support the potential importance of combining interventions that target improving psychiatric symptoms with drug treatment, particularly for HIV+ patients. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Architecture, religion, and tuberculosis in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. (United States)

    Adams, Annmarie; Poutanen, Mary Anne


    This paper explores the architecture of the Mount Sinai Sanatorium in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Qc) to disentangle the role of religion in the treatment of tuberculosis. In particular, we analyze the design of Mount Sinai, the jewel in the crown of Jewish philanthropy in Montreal, in relation to that of the nearby Laurentian Sanatorium. While Mount Sinai offered free treatment to the poor in a stunning, Art Deco building of 1930, the Protestant hospital had by then served paying patients for more than two decades in a purposefully home-like, Tudor-revival setting. Using architectural historian Bernard Herman's concept of embedded landscapes, we show how the two hospitals differed in terms of their relationship to site, access, and, most importantly, to city, knowledge, and community. Architects Scopes & Feustmann, who designed the Laurentian hospital, operated an office at Saranac Lake, New York, America's premier destination for consumptives. The qualifications of Mount Sinai architects Spence & Goodman, however, derived from their experience with Jewish institutions in Montreal. Following Herman's approach to architecture through movement and context, how did notions of medical therapy and Judaism intersect in the plans of Mount Sinai?

  6. Film-Induced Tourism in the Way of Saint James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucrezia Lopez


    Full Text Available This research paper proposes an analytical approach to the study of the phenomenon of the film-induced pilgrimage tourism, along one of the most historical and relevant European cultural route: the Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago.In the present study, and in order to point out the relation between film broadcast and film-induced tourism, we combine the review of the Jacobean cinema with the statistical analysis of the pilgrims arrived to Santiago de Compostela during the last decade. So, our main aim is to analyse the repercussion of the Jacobean Cinema in the attractiveness of the Way of St. James as tourism destination. We take into consideration the role of the film producers and we also ponder on the marketing policies of the Autonomous Community, which are aimed at promoting the pilgrim’s routes, the Cathedral and the city of Santiago de Compostela. The cinema has played a less important role until now, in comparison with the impact of travel guides and the Jacobean literature, but it is increasing its impact in the international tourism markets. Recently, the American film The Way can be considered to be the first promoter of the film-induced tourism, because the arrivals of pilgrims from USA have been increased after the broadcast of this film since 2010.

  7. Suppression of Aedes aegypti by predatory Toxorhynchites moctezuma in an island habitat. (United States)

    Tikasingh, E S; Eustace, A


    Larval populations of the mosquito Aedes aegypti were suppressed by predatory Toxorhynchites moctezuma mosquito larvae released systematically in a village on Union Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) during March-December 1988. Eggs and larvae of Tx.moctezuma were transported from Trinidad and introduced into all semi-permanent and permanent water-holding containers in the experimental village at Clifton. The semi-isolated village of Ashton served as control. Base-line Ae.aegypti indices (house, ovitrap, Breteau, cistern/tank, drum/barrel, small containers) were obtained for the two villages over a 4-month period prior to the introduction of the predatory Tx.moctezuma mosquito larvae. After sustained releases of predators for 5 months, all indices of Ae.aegypti were lower in the treated village than in the untreated village during the last 3 months of the year.

  8. Childhood victimization and HIV risk behaviors among university students in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. (United States)

    Bogolyubova, Olga; Skochilov, Roman; Smykalo, Lyubov


    Exposure to childhood victimization and abuse has been shown to affect HIV risk in adult populations. In Russia, the existence of child abuse was largely unrecognized until 1990s and its behavioral consequences remain understudied. Our goal was to assess childhood victimization and HIV risk behavior among young adults in Saint-Petersburg, Russia: 743 students from 15 local universities were surveyed. Unprotected sexual intercourse was the most common type of HIV risk behavior: study participants reported no condom use at last intercourse (65.17%), inconsistent condom use (58.43%) and 30.81% never used condoms in the past 3 months. Childhood sexual victimization was significantly associated with unprotected sex at last intercourse and with inconsistent condom use in the past 3 months. Young adults in Russia are vulnerable to HIV epidemic due to the pervasiveness of unprotected sexual intercourse, and childhood sexual victimization is associated with risky sexual behavior in this population. Efforts to combat HIV epidemic in Russia must include programming for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse and the development of services for the survivors of childhood victimization.

  9. Mass transit sustainability in the Saint Louis region. (United States)


    It has been often suggested that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Unfortunately a : dispassionate evaluation of the current state of public transit in the United States would easily fit this defini...

  10. Neither Saints nor Sinners: Initial Reporting of the "Progressive" Case. (United States)

    Swain, Bruce M.


    Examines the circumstances of the 1979 "Progressive" case, in which the federal government quashed an article about hydrogen bomb production. Notes reportorial lapses that prevented a full and balanced account of the situation. (RL)

  11. Family structure and childhood anthropometry in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1918. (United States)

    Roberts, Evan; Warren, John Robert


    Concern with childhood nutrition prompted numerous surveys of children's growth in the United States after 1870. The Children's Bureau's 1918 "Weighing and Measuring Test" measured two million children to produce the first official American growth norms. Individual data for 14,000 children survives from the Saint Paul, Minnesota survey whose stature closely approximated national norms. As well as anthropometry the survey recorded exact ages, street address and full name. These variables allow linkage to the 1920 census to obtain demographic and socioeconomic information. We matched 72% of children to census families creating a sample of nearly 10,000 children. Children in the entire survey (linked set) averaged 0.74 (0.72) standard deviations below modern WHO height-for-age standards, and 0.48 (0.46) standard deviations below modern weight-for-age norms. Sibship size strongly influenced height-for-age, and had weaker influence on weight-for-age. Each additional child six or underreduced height-for-age scores by 0.07 standard deviations (95% CI: -0.03, 0.11). Teenage siblings had little effect on height-forage. Social class effects were substantial. Children of laborers averaged half a standard deviation shorter than children of professionals. Family structure and socio-economic status had compounding impacts on children's stature.

  12. Fostering Ecological Literacy: A Case Study of the Saint John Harbour in Two High School English Language Arts Classrooms (United States)

    Douglas, Velta

    Integrating environmental education into curriculum in a way that tackles the holistic and complicated nature of multi-dimensional issues continues to be a challenge for educators and administrators. There is potential in using ecological literacy to introduce local environmental case studies into English Language Arts high school classrooms. This research examines the experiences of two ELA classrooms in one Saint John, NB, high school with a two-week unit based on stakeholder relationships within the Saint John Harbour. Through presentations by guest speakers and research sourced from local community groups, students learned about the highly complex environmental issues that inform management decisions for the Harbour. Using these materials as background, students participated in a mock stakeholders meeting. Case study methodology was used to explore student learning in both a higher-level and a lower-level grade 10 ELA class. Data for the analysis included: cognitive mapping exercises; oral and written classroom assignments and activities; a videotape of the mock stakeholder meetings; a focus group interview with selected students; and researcher field notes. Data demonstrated significant student learning about environmental issues including increased sophistication in describing links between and among environmental issues affecting the harbour, and much more complex understandings of the positions and roles of the various stakeholder groups. Some important areas of resistance to new learning were also evident. Implications for practice and policy and recommendations for future research are discussed.

  13. the vision of divine light in saint gregory palamas's theology

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    festival named Philokalia, which celebrated sacred art and beauty. At a certain point, being himself a Hesychast, .... standard work of general reference, the New Catholic Encyclopedia, comments, in an article by the .... ideals (deification, vision of light, mental prayer, and prayer of the heart) vanished. All that is left is the ...

  14. Neither Sinners nor Saints: Complicating the Discourse of Noncitizen Deservingness (United States)

    Dingeman-Cerda, Katie; Muñoz Burciaga, Edelina; Martinez, Lisa M.


    This article explores how non citizens, primarily members of the 1.5-generation, experience and rhetorically contest deservingness. We argue that deservingness is constructed through multiple sources including the media, immigrant rights movements, and the law, resulting in a binary of good/bad migrants that does not fully capture the lived…

  15. ALICE takes root in Saint-Genis-Pouilly

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loiez


    To celebrate the CERN 50th anniversary and to emphasize the close ties between the community of Saint-Genis-Pouilly, CERN and the ALICE Collaboration, Hubert Bertrand, Mayor of Saint-Genis-Pouilly and Christian Fabjan, Technical Coordinator of the ALICE Experiment, planted a tree on Saturday 16 October 2004 in front of the Jean Monet Culture Center.

  16. ALICE takes root in Saint-Genis-Pouilly

    CERN Multimedia


    To celebrate the CERN 50th anniversary and to emphasize the close ties between the community of Saint-Genis-Pouilly, CERN and the ALICE Collaboration, Hubert Bertrand, Mayor of Saint-Genis-Pouilly and Christian Fabjan, Technical Coordinator of the ALICE Experiment, planted a tree on Saturday 16 October 2004 in front of the Jean Monet Culture Center.

  17. Saint Paul--A Center for Learning. (United States)

    Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA. Center for Field Studies.

    The feasibility of centralizing elements of the educational process in Saint Paul, Minnesota provided the premise for proposed long range solutions to the educational needs of the community. The role of education in the community was explored by staff specialists in school organization, curriculum design, and urban planning. Research design relied…

  18. SAINT: Supervised Actor Identification for Network Tuning (United States)

    Farrugia, Michael; Hurley, Neil; Quigley, Aaron

    Whenever the actors of a social network are not uniquely identifiable in the data, then entity resolution in the form of actor identification becomes a critical facet of a social network construction process. Here we develop SAINT, a pipeline for supervised entity resolution that uses relational information to improve, or tune, the quality of the constructed network. The first phase of SAINT uses attribute only based entity resolution to create an initial social network. Relational information between actors, actor network properties and other relational output of the first classification phase, are used in a second phase to improve the results of the original entity resolution. When compared to single phased approaches, the results from this two phased approach are consistently superior in both recall and precision measures. Embedded within SAINT are a series of evaluation checkpoints designed to measure both the quality of the individual classifiers and their impact within the entire pipeline. Our evaluation results provide insight on the potential propagation of error and open research questions for further improvement of the individual classifiers within the entire pipeline. As the main application of the process is to improve actor identification in social networks, we characterise the impact that entity resolution has on the final constructed network. We compare the network constructed using SAINT with a ground truth network using perfect entity resolution and use global and local network measures to study the differences.

  19. [Spatiotemporal distribution of tuberculosis cases in the city of Saint-Louis Senegal from 2008-2011]. (United States)

    Massenet, D; Fall, D; Diop, M; Tall, S A; Huttinger, E; Riveau, G


    We studied the incidence of tuberculosis in the health district of Saint-Louis, Senegal over a period of 4years (2008-2011). One thousand three hundred and eighty-six cases were identified, producing an annual standardized incidence ratio of 129 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Men in the 15-24-year old age group were more likely to be affected, and diagnosis was more common in the second half of the year. Treatment compliance was excellent (96%), and the cure rate of patients with a TB-positive microscopic examination was 95%. The overall treatment failure rate was 1% and the 6-month morality was 2%. Seropositivity, measured in volunteer patients (48%) was 3%. A spatial and temporal map of tuberculosis in the city of Saint-Louis, Senegal has been established. A cluster appears to be very likely in Guet Ndar, a particularly dense population zone in a fishing area. There is also a possible secondary cluster at Pikine. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  20. Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site Tract and Boundary Data (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — These ESRI shape files are of National Park Service tract and boundary data that was created by the Land Resources Division. Tracts are numbered and created by the...

  1. Saint Kitts and Nevis Education Management Information System


    Porta, Emilio; Klein, Jennifer; Arcia, Gustavo; Nannyonjo, Harriet


    The Education Management Information System (EMIS) in St. Kitts and Nevis is part of the Education Planning Division of the Ministry of Education. It functions in collaboration with the Chief Education Officer and other education officers. Four key objectives of St. Kitts EMIS have been established: collect and analyze educational data; inform policymakers; provide feedback to stakeholders...

  2. [Epilepsy, eponyms and patron saints (history of Western civilization)]. (United States)

    Janković, S M; Sokić, D V; Lević, Z M; Susić, V; Stojsavljević, N; Drulović, J


    From a historic point of view, epilepsy and its eponyms were in an ontogenetic symbiosis throughout their history. Epilepsy is a disease with a history of eponyms presenting the frame of mind of both streetwise as well as skilled "authors" about its origin and nature. From ancient times the names for epilepsy, archetypal Hippocratic disease, just as rich in number as varied in their implication, reflected the local folkways of thinking. In this article we briefly presented more than 50 eponyms and patrons of epilepsy. As the source of information we used both the apocryphal, canonical and hagiographic as well as heretic literature, legends and iconography from the Middle Ages of domestic and foreign origin. Pre- and post-Hippocratic era, apart from stemming from the oldest written medical sources, point to the position that the disease had organic origin located in the brain. The period of Rome adopted the attitudes set by Galen which remained en vogue throughout the emerging Middle Ages and Renaissance. These eras generated new eponyms which reflected a downfall in the manor, stating that the disease is the consequence of supernatural forces. In the "Age of darkness" eponyms for epilepsy reflected more the relation of men to the Nature than to the disease or a sick man; this is evidenced through the generation of number of patrons for the disease. The most famous patron of patients with epilepsy was St. Valentine (after conversion from pagandom he died in Rome as a martyr, c. 270). He was allotted a patronage either due to the phonic resemblance of his name with the (past participle of the) verb "fallen"-as Martin Luther claimed, or due to a cure of epilepsy of the son of a Roman rhetor who built for him a chapel in which he continued to cure the sick. The emergence of a flamboyant personality of Paracelsus on the historic scene of the XVI century represents a less successful attempt to revoke the way of thinking set by the old Greek doctors; however, it brought

  3. Medical Admissions and Outcomes at Saint Paul's Hospital, Addis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    %), and renal failure 46 (5.5%). Mean duration of ... acute febrile illnesses, gastrointestinal infections, pulmonary infections as the leading causes of medical admissions (5). The other study conducted at Gondar Teaching hospital from. 1971 to ...

  4. Saint, Sinner, or Soldier - Liberation Theology and Low Intensity Conflict (United States)


    wing 71 extremist. The rise of Liberation Theology in Guatemala received its momentum from the Maryknoll’s Cursillos de Capacitacion . This program...34Guatemala," pp. 312-313. 71. Summarized from Ibid, p. 313. 72. Information on the Cursillos de Capacitacion and the quote were taken from Michael

  5. An African Muslim saint and his followers in France

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Soares, B.F.


    This paper explores the practice of Islam among a relatively understudied group of Muslim migrants in France, the Halpulaaren, some of whom have been living in France for more than three decades. Drawing on field research in Senegal, Mali and France, the author considers the contexts for Halpulaaren

  6. Reducing Health Disparities and Improving Health Equity in Saint Lucia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kisha Holden


    Full Text Available St. Lucia is an island nation in the Eastern Caribbean, with a population of 179,000 people, where chronic health conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes, are significant. The purpose of this pilot study is to create a model for community health education, tracking, and monitoring of these health conditions, research training, and policy interventions in St. Lucia, which may apply to other Caribbean populations, including those in the U.S. This paper reports on phase one of the study, which utilized a mixed method analytic approach. Adult clients at risk for, or diagnosed with, diabetes (n = 157, and health care providers/clinic administrators (n = 42, were recruited from five healthcare facilities in St. Lucia to assess their views on health status, health services, and improving health equity. Preliminary content analyses indicated that patients and providers acknowledge the relatively high prevalence of diabetes and other chronic illnesses, recognize the impact that socioeconomic status has on health outcomes, and desire improved access to healthcare and improvements to healthcare infrastructures. These findings could inform strategies, such as community education and workforce development, which may help improve health outcomes among St. Lucians with chronic health conditions, and inform similar efforts among other selected populations.

  7. Teaching International Students at Saint Mary's: Opportunities and Challenges (United States)

    Richardson, Roxanne


    International students share a host of problems. For many, it is the first time they leave home and soon discover that their new host country has traditions, cultures, and educational standards that differ from their own. The initial excitement upon arrival is often followed by a difficult period of adjustment. As university instructors, we must…

  8. [Socioeconomic determinism of obesity in the Seine-Saint-Denis area]. (United States)

    La Rosa, Emilio; Valensi, Paul; Cohen, Régis; Soufi, Karema; Robache, Chantal; Cohen, Régis; le Clésiau, Hervé


    Obesity is a complex multi-factorial disease. The role of socioeconomic factors is known but few studies have attempted to analyse separately the impact of the various participating factors: oncome, level of education, cultural and social status. These factors were analysed in 26,278 persons aging from 16 to 59 years, living in the district and having benefited from a medical check-up in the Seine-Saint-Denis health and social prevention centre, district particularly concerned by socio-economic insecurity. Among these persons, a representative sample of 1804 filled-in an additional questionnaire including questions on their income, level of education, marital status and the area or country of origin. The prevalence of obesity (body mass index or BMI > or = 30 kg/m2) and overweight (MCI = 25 to 29.9 kg/m2) was respectively of 17.6 and 32.7%. Using univariate analysis, the prevalence of obesity was significantly associated with age, gender (higher in women), settled way of life, socio-professional category, low education, marital status and origin (higher in persons from Africa and North Africa). Using a logistic regression model, the risk of obesity was increased 1.45-fold in persons earning less than 838,47 euros and 1.67-fold in persons with low education. Moreover, it was 2.28-fold greater in the un-working population, 1.62-fold in the redundant and 1.5-fold in the working class, compared with the executive-freelance population. The risk of obesity is therefore independently related to cultural, economic and social parameters.

  9. Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae at Peter the Great Botanical Garden in Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadiy Afanasyevich


    Full Text Available Juglans regia L. was the first exotic species of this genus to be cultivated at Peter the Great Botanical Garden of the V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute of RAS in Saint Petersburg – it was mentioned at M.M. Terekhovsky’s Catalogue in 1796. Firstly it was cultivated indoors. It was tested by E.L. Regel as early as in 1871 but unsuccessfully. It has been cultivated trustworthy outdoors since 1914. It was seriously frost damaging during the 20th century in cold winters with temperature below -25 oC, such as in 1955/56, 1968/69, 1978/79, аnd 1984/85. The winter of 1986/87 with absolute minimum temperature -34,7oC was very unfavourable, and many trees died after it. At present, the winter hardiness has increased with the warming of the climate. There are no frost damages at all or they are small and insignificant. The largest trees now reach 19 m high and 31 cm of trunk diameter in the age of 67 years old. The majority of trees produce fruits. Twenty trees of modern collection represent the five generations. The visible increasing of adaptation abilities is observed starting with the fifth generation. The trees of the fifth generation are good looking single-trunked trees without frost damages. Since 2014 they have been producing fruits, and subsequently this is possible to obtain plants of the sixth generation. Apparently the specimens of the fifth and the next generations are of special value to test at areas outside of the city to promote the distribution of the walnut in cultivation.

  10. What Are Robespierre and Telemachus Doing in Saint-Domingue?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærgård, Jonas Ross


    is seen through a distinctly Parisian lens. The first consequence of this framing is an omission of specifically Haitian concerns. The second is a particular infusion of colonial problems into metropolitan discussions. In analyzing this reciprocal transportation of figures and discourse, the article shows...

  11. “Workers, Master Workers, Unworkers”: Carlyle and Southey — The Saint-Simonians and Industrial Feudalism « Workers, Master Workers, Unworkers »: Carlyle et Southey — Les Saint-Simoniens et le féodalisme industriel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jude V. Nixon


    Full Text Available On s’est beaucoup intéressé, et de façon approfondie, aux relations entre Thomas Carlyle et les Romantiques anglais et allemands. Mais, à ma connaissance, aucune étude n’a été consacrée aux liens d’amitié étroits qui unissaient Carlyle et Robert Southey et à la façon dont ces liens façonnèrent le regard de Carlyle sur la société. Les écrits de Carlyle sur ses rencontres avec Southey sont éloquents et ses Reminiscences permettent d’avoir une idée de la nature de leurs nombreux entretiens. Carlyle met en avant le sens du Romantique de Southey et, sous l’influence de celui-ci, il est amené à s’interroger sur l’angoisse existentielle qui caractérise les grands écrivains. Cet article prend en compte l’essai critique de Southey, Letters from England, ainsi que Sir Thomas More, or Colloquies on the Progress of Society, et les met en relation avec “Signs of the Times,” “Chartism,” Past and Present de Carlyle, ainsi qu’avec la correspondance de ce dernier, et décrit brièvement les relations d’amitié entre les deux hommes, notamment la façon dont leurs échanges sur les Saint-Simoniens se rejoignaient autour d’une théorie médiévale et féodale du travail. Leurs idées modelèrent la politique d’anti-républicains tels que Lord John Manners, membre des Young Englanders conservateurs, lesquels considéraient que l’organisation féodale des ouvriers constituait la réponse aux déplacements qui leur étaient de plus en plus souvent imposés dans l’Angleterre industrielle, les privant de leur droit électoral. Gerard Manley Hopkins, qui desservait plusieurs paroisses dans les villes industrielles du Nord de l’Angleterre, rejoignait Carlyle par ses lamentations similaires sur le sort des ouvriers spoliés, qu’il appelait les « Undenized ». Mais, comme Carlyle, qu’il critique, par ailleurs, Hopkins n’est pas favorable à la disparition de l’ordre ancien, bien qu’il reconnaisse

  12. The leadership challenges of Paul�s collection for the saints in Jerusalem: Part II: Overcoming the obstacles on the side of the recipients and of Paul

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christoph W. Stenschke


    Full Text Available Paul tried to convince the predominantly Gentile Christian churches to contribute to a collection for the impoverished Jewish Christians of Jerusalem. While Paul is best known as a theologian, missionary and pastor, his collection project also shows his skills as an early Christian leader. Part II of this article describes what obstacles Paul had to overcome on the side of the Jewish Christian recipients of the collection, how he did so and how he proceeded in preparing and organising the actual collection, the transport and presentation of the funds in Jerusalem. It also discusses what obstacles were involved for Paul personally in this project and how he dealt with them. In closing, the article relates the portrait of Paul the leader as it emerges in this enterprise to modern leadership theory. Paul�s leadership evinces elements of servant leadership, authentic leadership and adaptive leadership.Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: The article indicates to what extent early Christianity was affected by and had to interact with the political situation of its day. It also shows the complexities of Paul�s life and ministry and his relations to the church in Jerusalem. It also provides an example of how Paul can be related to current leadership theory and suggests that awareness of this discourse sheds fresh light on Paul.

  13. Variational Assimilation of Sparse and Uncertain Satellite Data For 1D Saint-Venant River Models (United States)

    Garambois, P. A.; Brisset, P.; Monnier, J.; Roux, H.


    Profusion of satellites are providing increasingly accurate measurements of continental water cyle, and water bodies variations while in situ observability is declining. The future Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission will provide maps of river surface elevations widths and slopes with an almost global coverage and temporal revisits. This will offer the possibility to address a larger variety of inverse problems in surface hydrology. Data assimilation techniques, that are broadly used in several scientific fields, aim to optimally combine models, system observations and prior information. Variational assimilation consists in iterative minimization of a discrepency measure between model outputs and observations, here for retrieving boundary conditions and parameters of a 1D Saint Venant model. Nevertheless, inferring river discharge and hydraulic parameters thanks to the observation of river surface is not straightforward. This is particularly true in the case of sparse and uncertain observations of flow state variables since they are governed by nonlinear physical processes. This paper investigates the identifiability of hydraulic controls given sparse and uncertain satellite observations of a river. The identifiability of river discharge alone and with roughness is tested for several spatio temporal patterns of river observations, including SWOT like observations. A new 1D Shallow water model with variational data assimilation, within the DassFlow chain is presented as well as postprocessing and observation operator dedicated to the future SWOT and SWOT simulator data. In view to decrease inverse problem dimensionality discharge is represented in a reduced basis. Moreover we introduce an original and reduced parametrization of the flow resistance that can account for various flow regimes along with a cross section design dedicated to remote sensing. We show which discharge temporal frequencies can be identified w.r.t observation ones and at which

  14. Plate Margin Deformation and Active Tectonics Along the Northern Edge of the Yakutat Terrane in the Saint Elias Orogen, Alaska and Yukon, Canada (United States)

    Bruhn, Ronald L.; Sauber, Jeanne; Cotton, Michele M.; Pavlis, Terry L.; Burgess, Evan; Ruppert, Natalia; Forster, Richard R.


    The northwest directed motion of the Pacific plate is accompanied by migration and collision of the Yakutat terrane into the cusp of southern Alaska. The nature and magnitude of accretion and translation on upper crustal faults and folds is poorly constrained, however, due to pervasive glaciation. In this study we used high-resolution topography, geodetic imaging, seismic, and geologic data to advance understanding of the transition from strike-slip motion on the Fairweather fault to plate margin deformation on the Bagley fault, which cuts through the upper plate of the collisional suture above the subduction megathrust. The Fairweather fault terminates by oblique-extensional splay faulting within a structural syntaxis, allowing rapid tectonic upwelling of rocks driven by thrust faulting and crustal contraction. Plate motion is partly transferred from the Fairweather to the Bagley fault, which extends 125 km farther west as a dextral shear zone that is partly reactivated by reverse faulting. The Bagley fault dips steeply through the upper plate to intersect the subduction megathrust at depth, forming a narrow fault-bounded crustal sliver in the obliquely convergent plate margin. Since . 20 Ma the Bagley fault has accommodated more than 50 km of dextral shearing and several kilometers of reverse motion along its southern flank during terrane accretion. The fault is considered capable of generating earthquakes because it is linked to faults that generated large historic earthquakes, suitably oriented for reactivation in the contemporary stress field, and locally marked by seismicity. The fault may generate earthquakes of Mw <= 7.5.

  15. A Biological Sensitivity Analysis of Fleeting for the Port of Metropolitan Saint Louis (Saint Louis Harbor Study). (United States)


    24L (River Miles 184.8 to 186.8) The lower part of Mosenthien Island and a part of Cabaret Island are contained in this 546-hectare subsegment. On... Cabaret Island there are fairly equal portions of bottomland forest and relatively sparse open lands. Mosenthien Island contains a mixture of forest and...habitat value. Subsegment 25L (River Miles 186.8 to 188.8) * : The northern part of Mosenthien Island and portions of Cabaret Island are included in

  16. Report on the Status of the Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) on St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, Franklin County, Florida (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report discusses the status of the Indigo Snake and efforts being taken to repopulate habitat. The Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) was listed as a...

  17. Photographs of the “Dust of the Highway”: Georgiana Goddard King’s Way of Saint James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annemarie Iker


    Full Text Available This article explores the use of photography in American art historian Georgiana Goddard King’s Way of Saint James (1920, a genre-defying book on the Camino de Santiago that intertwines art history with anthropology, literature, history, geography, and narrative. Despite King's groundbreaking scholarship on medieval Spain her legacy has been overshadowed by subsequent art historians, chief among them Arthur Kingsley Porter. Here, it is suggested that King’s emphasis on personal experiences of the pilgrimage—both historical and contemporary—diminished the value of her work, especially when compared with Porter’s supposedly ‘objective,’ ‘scientific’ studies. These methodological differences, visually manifest in King and Porter’s respective approaches to photographic evidence, have implications for medieval, historiographic, and feminist art historical inquiries.

  18. Scyllarides obtusus spec. nov., the scyllarid lobster of Saint Helena, Central South Atlantic (Crustacea: Decapoda Reptantia: Scyllaridae)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Holthuis, L.B.


    A new species of slipper lobster is described from Saint Helena, where the species seems to be endemic. Known under the vernacular name Stump, the species forms the subject of a local fishery, carried out since early times. Previously the species has been identified with various Scyllarides species

  19. Impact of the Sainte-Marguerite 3 hydroelectric reservoir on the mercury exposure of local fish consumers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schetagne, R.; Plante, M. [Hydro-Quebec Production, Baie-Comeau, PQ (Canada); Castonguay, D. [Castonguay Dandenault and Associes Inc., Quebec, PQ (Canada)


    This study examined fish mercury levels in a freshwater impoundment flooded as part of the Sainte-Marguerite-3 hydroelectric generating station. The study compared mercury levels obtained before the area was flooded in 1997 with mercury exposure surveys obtained in 2006. Mercury levels in the fish have increased by factors ranging from 4 to 8. Total mercury concentrations have reached 0.78 {mu}g per g in 400-mm lake whitefish and 1.85 {mu}g per g in 700-mm northern pike. Non-native fishers consumed significantly more local fish on a monthly basis after the area was flooded. Native Innu fishers consumed less fish. Average hair mercury concentrations for non-native fish consumers remained unchanged, which mercury levels in native fish consumers decreased significantly.

  20. Advice about the safety of graphite storage silos of Saint Laurent des Eaux facility; Avis sur la surete des silos de stockage de graphite de Saint Laurent des Eaux

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document is the safety analysis made by the national association of the local commissions of information about nuclear activities (ANCLI), about the safety of graphite storage silos of Saint Laurent des Eaux nuclear facility. The analysis covers: the operation safety and the accident hypothesis, the monitoring of indoor and outdoor contamination in routine situation, the geotechnical characteristics of the site environment, the isotopic inventory and the estimation of radioactivity in routine and accidental situation, the estimation of doses received by the population in accidental situation and the internal emergency plan. After examination of these different points, the scientific committee of the ANCLI considers that a new global evaluation of risks, which integrates more recent exposure data, has to be carried out. (J.S.)

  1. International Congress on Transposable elements (ICTE 2016 in Saint Malo: mobile elements under the sun of Brittany

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pascale Lesage


    Full Text Available Abstract The third international conference on Transposable Elements (ICTE was held 16–19 April 2016 in Saint Malo, France. Organized by the French Transposition Community (Research group of the CNRS: “Mobile genetic elements: from mechanism to populations, an integrative approach” and the French Society of Genetics, the conference’s goal was to bring together researchers who study transposition in diverse organisms, using multiple experimental approaches. The meeting gathered 180 participants from all around the world. Most of them contributed through poster presentations, invited talks and short talks selected from poster abstracts. The talks were organized into six scientific sessions: “Taming mobile DNA: self and non-self recognition”; “Trans-generational inheritance”; “Mobile DNA genome structure and organization, from molecular mechanisms to applications”; “Remembrance of (retrotransposon past: mobile DNA in genome evolution”; and finally “The yin and the yang of mobile DNA in human health”.

  2. De Psychiatrische Ziektegeschiedenis van Vincent van Gogh

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Griffioen, R.W.; de Jongh, Franciscus H.C.


    Over het ziektebeeld van Vincent van Gogh is veel geschreven. De meeste auteurs baseren de diverse diagnosen op de verschijnselen die hij vertoonde in zijn laatste levensjaren. Van Gogh had echter gedurende een veel groter deel van zijn leven symptomen die het best passen bij een

  3. 76 FR 555 - Keystone Holdings, LLC and Compagnie de Saint-Gobain; Analysis of Proposed Agreement Containing... (United States)


    ... sensitive personal information, such as ] an individual's Social Security Number; date of birth; driver's... certain other assets owned or controlled by Saint-Gobain relating to the research, development, marketing... to the Commission prior to leasing or selling the Latrobe, Pennsylvania facility or selling...

  4. The French Atlantic littoral and the Massif Armoricain, part 1. [Island of Jersey, Fromentine, Loire Estuary, and Mont Saint-Michel Bay (United States)

    Verger, F. (Principal Investigator); Monget, J. M.; Guerin, O.; Poisson, R. M.; Thomas, Y.


    The author has identified the following significant results. For interpretation of Isle of Jersey imagery, two types of taxons were defined according to their variability in time. On the whole, taxons with a similar spectral signature were opposed to those with strongly varying spectral signature. The taxon types were low diachronic variations and strong diachronic variation. Imagery interpretation was restricted to the landward part of the Fromentine area, including the sand beaches which were often difficult to spectrally separate from the barren coastal dunes in the southern part of Noirmoutier Island as well as along the Breton marsh. From 1972 to 1976, sandbanks reduced in area. Two high river discharge images showed over a two year period an identical outline for the Bilho bank to seaward, whereas upstream, the bank has receeded in the same time to a line joining Paimboeuf to Montoir. The Brillantes bank has receeded at both ends, partly due to dredging operations in the access channel to Donges harbor.

  5. Effect of surface geometry and insolation on temperature profile of green roof in Saint-Petersburg environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    С. А. Игнатьев


    Full Text Available The paper addresses an issue of creating an environment favorable for the life in megacities by planting vegetation on the rooftops. It also provides information about rooftop greening practices adopted in other countries. The issues of ‘green roof’ building in climatic conditions of Saint Petersburg and roof vegetation impact on the urban ecosystem are examined. Vegetation composition quality- and quantity-wise has been proposed for the roof under research and a 3D model of this roof reflecting its geometric properties has been developed. A structure of roof covering and substrate qualitative composition is presented. An effect of rooftop geometry on the substrate temperature is explored. The annual substrate temperature and moisture content in different parts of the roof have been analyzed. Results of thermal imaging monitoring and insolation modelling for different parts of green roof surface are presented.

  6. Saint Sisoes above the grave of Alexander the Great. A monastic theme of post-Byzantine art and its examples from the 17th century Serbian painting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Živković Miloš


    Full Text Available The depiction of St. Sisoes above the grave of Alexander the Great was formulated at the end of the 15th century. The image in question is a visual interpretation of a short song («I see you, grave», and it was often painted in the churches throughout the Balkans during the next two centuries. With references to the textual basis of this iconographic theme, as well as its meaning, the article is devoted to insufficiently studied Serbian examples of frescoes of St. Sisoes above Alexander’s tomb, preserved on the walls of several churches painted in the first half of the 17th century. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 177032: Tradicija, inovacija i identitet u vizantijskom svetu

  7. LUDOPATHY AND THE EMPLOYEES AT SAINT BONAVENTURE UNIVERSITY, MEDELLIN BRANCH, COLOMBIA, 2010. La ludopatá y los empleados en la Universidad de San Buenaventura seccional Medellín – 2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Hugo Cano Bedoya


    Full Text Available RESUMEN:El presente estudio consiste en una descripción del uso de los juegos de azar y vídeo juegos en los estudiantes, docentes y empleados de la Universidad de San Buenaventura, seccional de Medellín, y su relación con las dimensiones médica y psicológica con variables como son: dificultades de concentración, cambio del estado de ánimo, las molestias físicas, preferir el juego a las prácticas deportivas y la distensión que produce el juego; en este tercer momento se presentan los resultados con empleados. Para esto, se aplicó en un cuestionario a una muestra de 158 empleados, de una población de 250 de ellos, para el año 2010; se aplicó en el primer semestre de 2010, para un 95% de validez y un margen de error del 5%. This current article consists of a description of the use of game of chance and videogames, by the students, instructors, and employees at saint Bonaventure University, Medellin Branch and its relationship with both medical and psychological dimensions, which include variables like the following: concentration difficulties, change of mood, physical discomfort, preference of games to sports, and relaxed atmosphere as it is produced by games. In this second stage, the results with employees are shown. For such a purpose, a questionnaire, to a sample of 135 employees out of a population of 250 individuals, was given, corresponding to the year 2010. It was given during the first quarter of the same year, yielding a result of 95% validity and an error margin of 5%.

  8. Accuracy of long-range Terrestrial Laser Scanner point clouds for documenting the topography and structure of cliffs: a benchmark at the Mont Saint-Eynard (Chartreuse massif, France) (United States)

    Bornemann, Pierrick; Guérin, Antoine; Amitrano, David; Malet, Jean-Philippe; Jaboyedoff, Michel


    The Mont Saint-Eynard cliff is a 7 km long cliff located to the immediate North East of the city of Grenoble (French Alps). It corresponds to the Western edge of the Chartreuse massif. Its morphology consists of two sub-vertical limestone cliffs separated by a forested ledge, with the lower cliff being 240m high and the upper cliff being 120m high. The cliff is located directly above a densely populated area and is affected by frequent rockfall events, which has led to regular surveying and monitoring campaigns using both aerial and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) data well as terrestrial multi-views photogrammetry. A benchmark campaign consisting of simultaneous acquisitions of point clouds with three long-range TLS devices (Optech ILRIS-3D, Optech ILRIS-LR, RIEGL VZ-2000) has been carried in October 2016 on common areas from the same base station. The objectives of the benchmark were (1) to document the intrinsic quality of the TLS devices, (2) to test several methodological approaches for the point cloud registration, and (3) to quantify the quality of the registered point clouds to represent the structures of the cliff at several spatial scales. The point cloud alignment and best-fit registration are performed with the open source software CloudCompare and the commercial softwares PolyWorks and RiSCAN PRO. The filtered and registered point clouds are then compared in terms of accuracy (errors, point density) and reliability of the measurements for each laser scanner. For this purpose, we derive and compare quantitative metrics on each point cloud, based on their respective density, roughness, position deviation, and position along cross-sections in order to assess the data noise for each measurement device. The quality of the representation of the relief is further compared in relation to the cliff surface roughness. The final point clouds are then compared with structural information (i.e. dip angle / dip direction along the line of sight) calculated with the

  9. La fouille du fort Saint-Georges à Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. Premiers résultats The excavation of fort Saint-Georges at Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. First results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Dufaÿ


    Full Text Available Cette note présente les premiers résultats des fouilles menées en 2003 et 2004 sur la quasi-totalité du fort Saint-Georges à Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. Celui-ci est l’un des trois éléments de la forteresse médiévale qui domine la ville. La fouille a permis de préciser la fonction du fort, construit dans la deuxième moitié du XIIe s., à l’époque où Chinon est le centre administratif des possessions continentales des Plantagenêt, rois d’Angleterre. Du point de vue militaire, il formait une fortification avancée, protégeant le château principal, selon une structure que Richard Cœur de Lion appliquera au Château Gaillard. À l’intérieur, de vastes bâtiments constituaient des logis, conçus peut-être au départ pour héberger la chancellerie royale.This article presents the first results of the excavations undertaken in 2003 and 2004 over almost all of the Fort Saint-Georges at Chinon (Indre-et-Loire, one of three elements of the medieval fortress which dominates the town. The excavation enabled us to clarify the function of the fort, built in the 2nd half of the 12th century at a time when Chinon was the administrative centre of the continental possesions of the Plantagenet King of England. From a military point of view, it formed an advanced fortification protecting the main castle, within a structure that Richard the Lionheart would apply to the Chayeau Gaillard. Inside, some vast buildings made up the dwellings, designed perhaps initially to house the royal chanceller.

  10. 78 FR 3025 - St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, FL; Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Finding of No... (United States)


    ... observation, wildlife photography, and environmental education and interpretation. We will review and update... to reestablish populations of the eastern indigo snake, gopher tortoise, and eastern wild turkey on... environmental education and interpretation will be enhanced to focus on imperiled species, the unique barrier...

  11. Correlates of Lifetime History of Purchasing Sex Services by Men in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Russia. (United States)

    Girchenko, P; Ompad, D C; Kulchynska, R; Bikmukhametov, D; Dugin, S; Gensburg, L


    Commercial sex workers (CSWs) in the Russian Federation are at high risk of HIV infection and transmission as a result of unsafe sexual and injecting behaviors. Their clients might be at increased risk of acquiring HIV; however, little is known about the population of men purchasing sex services. This study aims to investigate factors associated with a history of purchasing sex services by men in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Russian Federation. Data were collected as part of a cross-sectional study offering free anonymous rapid HIV testing in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast in 2014; in total, 3565 men aged 18 years and older provided information about their behaviors associated with risk of acquiring HIV during face-to-face interviews. Prevalence of CSW use in our study was 23.9%. Multivariable analyses using log-binomial regression were stratified by self-reported HIV testing during the 12 months preceding the study interview. In both strata, older age, multiple sex partners, and a history of sex with an injection drug user (IDU) were associated with an elevated prevalence ratio (PR) for history of purchasing sex services, although the strength of the association differed by strata. Among men who reported recent HIV testing, condom use (PR = 1.22, 90% confidence interval (CI) 1.0, 1.48) was associated with a history of purchasing sex services, and among men who did not report recent HIV testing, having a consistent sex partner was associated with purchasing sex services (PR = 1.23, 90% CI 1.1, 1.37). The high prevalence of CSW service use and associations found in this study raise serious concerns about potential for sexual HIV transmission and should be investigated more closely.

  12. Reforms and Cases of Suicide inRussia(Suicidal Activity of Saint Petersburg Population in the second half of XIX Century: Proportions, Trends and Distinctive Features

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergei Bogdanov


    Full Text Available The article deals with the dynamics of the population of the capital of the Russian Empire mortality from suicide in the period after the abolition of serfdom and the end of the XIX century. As an empirical basis used statistical sources different departments. This approach brings to the study of the real situation of this type of violent death among the population of the capital of the Russian Empire in the post-reform period. Compares statistics of suicide in St. Petersburg, according to the mayor of the capital and information-Russian Interior Ministry. The article contains a retrospective analysis of the Study of Russian population mortality from suicide for quite an extended period of time - from the beginning of the XIX century and ending with the first decade of the XXI century. The dynamics of officially registered cases of suicide among the city residents. Traced fluctuations average annual suicide of St. Petersburg over the age of 16 years. The concept of the death rate among the adult population of the city from suicide, and calculated its value at a given chronological period. It calculates the level of suicide prevalence of various parts of the city for 10,000 inhabitants of each of the parts of the city. The reasons of high prevalence of mortality due to suicide in some parts of the capital. Substantiates the assumption that the official police statistics undercount the number of deaths from violent causes in the largest city of Russia of the XIX century. Consider the opinions of experts in the period has been criticized state forensic examination on the facts discovered in the territory of St. Petersburg of the bodies of people with signs of violent death. These and other factors make it possible to express an opinion on the figures understated official statistics about the number of victims of violent deaths in the case of Russia the largest city of the time period.

  13. Effects of Survey Method on Observer Bias and Detection Probability of marsh Birds on St. Vincent NWR (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — In 2001, a national marsh bird monitoring protocol was developed for National Wildlife Refuges across North America. The protocol has been unproved each year with...

  14. Campaign of complementary investigation on the old mining site of Saint-Pierre (Cantal) 2. part of the relative expertise at the radiological situation of the site; Campagne d'investigations complementaires sur l'ancien site minier de Saint Pierre (Cantal) Volet 2 de l'expertise relative a l'etat radiologique du site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The C.L.I. of Saint-Pierre which was held on May 19., 2006 in Mauriac (Cantal) confirmed the program of additional investigations to be collectively led by the I.R.S.N. and the C.R.I.I.R.A.D. on Saint Pierre site. Main directions are the following ones: realize additional analyses on the drainages of water; measure the external exposure on 14 plots of land; measure the flux of radon at the ground level and radon inside houses; realize investigations on the food chain. The present report reports campaigns of sampling realized by the I.R.S.N. in 2006 as well as analyses led in its laboratories. (N.C.)

  15. Solar storm effects during Saint Patrick's Days in 2013 and 2015 on the Schumann resonances measured by the ELF station at Sierra Nevada (Spain) (United States)

    Salinas, A.; Toledo-Redondo, S.; Navarro, E. A.; Fornieles-Callejón, J.; Portí, J. A.


    The effects of solar storms occurring during the days 17 to 19 March 2013 and 2015, St. Patrick's Day intervals, on Schumann resonances (SRs) have been studied. To do this, the experimental data recorded by the Juan Antonio Morente extremely low frequency station located at Sierra Nevada, Spain, have been processed in order to obtain hourly averaged information on the first three resonance modes. Results are compared with monthly averages of the SR data for each hour to detect deviations from the regular behavior. Evidence of significant changes in the peak amplitudes and frequencies of the SRs have been identified in the station's measurements and related to the coronal mass ejection impact in the magnetosphere, detected by in situ plasma measurements onboard spacecraft in the solar wind. However, the complicated nature of the Schumann resonances, dependent on multiple variables and subject to multiple unavoidable interferences (e.g., lightning or human radio sources), in conjunction with the complex magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupling processes, makes it difficult to conclude that the observed deviations are exclusively due to the solar events mentioned. Results extracted from only two solar events cannot be considered as conclusive, and therefore, independent comparison with results reported by other research would seem advisable in future works on this subject.

  16. The Islamophobic Inheritance of the Resurrected Saint Paul: From F.C. Baur’s Judeo-Christianity to Badiou and Žižek’s Event

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Topolski, A.R.


    It is my aim to demonstrate how the nineteenth-century theologian F. C. Baur's influence reappears in the resurrected Paul which has a central role in Badiou and Žižek's respective projects. This essay begins with a sketch of the historical, theological, and political context of F. C. Baur's

  17. DNA barcoding of an invasive mammal species, the small Indian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus; E. Geoffroy Saint-Hillaire 1818) in the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands. (United States)

    Bennett, Chanda E; Wilson, Byron S; Desalle, Rob


    The use of DNA barcodes has been proposed as a promising tool for identifying species. The efficacy of this tool for invasive species requires further exploration. The species status of the small Indian mongoose, an exotic invasive in several parts of the world, has been contentious due to morphological similarity with its congeners in its natural habitat. Although the small Indian mongoose is recognized as Herpestes javanicus, this nomenclature has been used interchangeably with Herpestes auropunctatus. Here, we demonstrate the utility of using DNA barcoding approaches with mtDNA cytochrome b to discriminate between the two species and other sympatric members of the genus Herpestes (Herpestes naso, Herpestes urva, and Herpestes edwardsii). Using the diagnostic DNA positions we obtain, we can identity specimens of nonnative populations of the small Indian mongoose from the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands to their species of origin. A singe diagnostic site accomplishes the identification of H. javanicus versus H. auropunctatus. Our results indicate that the nonnative mongoose populations from the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands are H. auropunctatus, and not H. javanicus.

  18. Menuiseries des xviie et xviiie siècles Door and window casings in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Paris and Saint Denis. Colours observed

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benjamin Mouton


    Full Text Available Les couleurs anciennes des menuiseries des portes et des fenêtres de l’architecture des xviie et xviiie siècles se trouvent par sondages sur les témoins d’origine encore conservés. Des observations ont été effectuées systématiquement lors de travaux de restauration et ont livré des résultats très cohérents. Pour les menuiseries des fenêtres, le gris assez soutenu est la règle. L’évolution de l’intensité ne paraît pas, en revanche, suivre une tendance bien affirmée. Rares sont les cas de menuiseries laissées « au naturel ». Les recherches sur les portes cochères sont plus limitées mais confirment l’usage de couleurs très sombres.The original colours of doors and windows in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century buildings can be discovered by carrying out probes on original samples that have survived. Observations were systematically recorded during restoration work and have produced very coherent results. In window casings, a fairly deep grey is the rule. Changes in intensity do not appear to follow a clear trend, however. Few elements of window joinery have been left ‘au naturel’. Research on portes-cochères (carriage gates was more limited but confirms the use of very dark colours.

  19. Les carbonates néogènes de Sainte Croix (Iles Vierges. Etude stratigraphique et pétrophysique Neogene Carbonates At Saint Croix, Virgin Islands. Stratigraphic and Petrophysical Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreieff P.


    Full Text Available Un échantillonnage systématique des principaux affleurements des séries carbonatées néogènes de Sainte Croix (Iles Vierges a permis de préciser leur extension stratigraphique. C'est ainsi que la section-type de la formation Kingshill, qui avait été récemment attribuée au Miocène supérieur, est désormais datée du Miocène moyen d'après son riche contenu faunistique en foraminifères planctoniques et nannofossiles calcaires. Les diverses mesures pétrophysiques effectuées dans des niveaux d'environnement de dépôts différents (plate-forme, pente, bassin tendent à prouver que de bonnes porosités et perméabilités, donc de bons réservoirs, pourraient être trouvées dans des séries de pentes ou de fond de bassins associés à des plates-formes carbonatées. Systematic sampling of the main outcrops of Neogene carbonate series on Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, has enabled their stratigraphic extension to be determined. In this way, the Kingshill formation type section, which has recently been attributed to the late Miocene, is henceforth dated from the middle Miocene according to planktonic foraminifers and calcareous nannofossils. The different petrophysical measurements made in strata originated from different depositional environments (shelf, slope, basin tend to prove that good porosities and permeabilities, hence good reservoirs, might be found in slope or basin-bottom series associated with carbonate banks.

  20. Case Study Regarding the Interests and Leisure Practices of Persons Aged 50 and over in Saint-Léonard, Suburb of Montreal: Seniors Vs. Baby Boomers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roult Romain


    Full Text Available Introduction. Several studies have shown that leisure contributes to improving seniors’ quality of life. However, some of this research has also highlighted the fact that there are marked physical, socioeconomic, and cultural disparities in this population. Material and methods. To this end, this article presents the results of a survey conducted in 2015 in Montreal with 464 respondents aged 50 and over regarding their interests and leisure practices. Results. This study highlights the importance that persons in this age group give to physical and outdoor recreation as well as free and outdoor activities. However, this study has also confirmed that there exist, regarding the problem of leisure, more or less significant differences among seniors and baby boomers which need to be taken into account by local actors. Conclusions. The results obtained and the correlated analyses clearly indicate that the senior population is not homogeneous with respect to their practices and their leisure needs. This analytical finding confirms that leisure and community services must be planned, programmed, and promoted taking into account these generational differences, as well as physical, socioeconomic, and cultural differences.

  1. The evaluation of RADARSAT images for the period following the ice breakup of hydro-electric reservoirs in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area, spring 1997; Evaluation d`images RADARSAT pour le suivi du degel des grands reservoirs hydro-electriques de la region du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, printemps 1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lemieux, G.H.; Carrier, A.; Begin, D.; Begin, R. [Quebec Univ., Chicoutimi, PQ (Canada)


    The results of a study to evaluate the use of RADARSAT images for the period following the progress of the 1997 spring ice breakup on several hydro-electric reservoirs of the Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean region were presented. Following the catastrophic floods of 1996, the remote sensing laboratory of the Universite du Quebec at Chicoutimi acquired six RADARSAT images of the Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean region. Three of the images were in high-resolution mode, the others were in wide-angle mode. The images were used to evaluate the evolution of the spring ice breakup on the region`s numerous hydro-electric reservoirs, in particular the Lac Saint-Jean, Kenogami, Pipmuacan and Manouane reservoirs. Image filtering and compression methods were described. The results indicate that ice breakup which starts first in the west of the region, occurs initially at the mouths of rivers, followed by the beds of ancient rivers. Multi-date images show very high potential for evaluating and monitoring spring breakup.

  2. Saints, sinners and non-believers: the moral space of food. A qualitative exploration of beliefs and perspectives on healthy eating of Irish adults aged 50-70. (United States)

    Delaney, Mary; McCarthy, Mary B


    Food choices can involve a moral element of which healthy eating has come to play a major part in recent years. This research aimed to explore the moral space of food for older adults in order to understand how they conceptualise and negotiate various moral demands in the context of their general food lives. In-depth interviews on the lived experience of food and eating were conducted with a purposive sample of 50 adults aged 50-70, who varied by dietary quality and health status. An inductive thematic analysis was carried out. Three major themes representing aspects of the "moral space of food" were identified. This moral space was influenced by old religious and secular moralities which have become intertwined with new moralities of "healthism", a trend towards encouraging personal responsibility for health. Participants sought to maintain moral congruence by keeping their behaviour within moral boundaries through balance and moderation. Some resisted immoral positioning by highlighting their own autonomy or by challenging healthist ideology. A fundamental tension exists between the concept of healthy eating as desirable to remain a moral person while simultaneously being equated with sacrifice of pleasure and enjoyment. Healthist ideology perpetuates this tension, problematising enjoyment of food and bodies of those outside of the "norm". Attempting to address negative moralistic undertones of healthy eating messages may help to engage public interest in nutrition. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. A Study Of Environmental Impacts On The Coral Resources In The Vicinity Of The Saint Martin Island Bangladesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shaikh Sayed Ahammed


    Full Text Available A study of the environmental impacts on the coral resources in the vicinity of the Saint Martin Island Bangladesh was conducted with a view to making an assessment of the current status of coral resources in the island and identifying major natural and anthropogenic environmental threats to the future sustainability of these resources. It is evident that the coral resources have been reduced significantly and currently only 41 coral species are available. The existing environmental condition assessed by pH salinity turbidity and temperature in the island is not found responsible for the survival of the corals. The study also reveals that the major anthropogenic interventions are responsible for the gradual depletion of the coral resources. The major anthropogenic threats to the coral resources are coral collection and overfishing. In addition coral extraction is identified as a potential threat to the future integrity of coral communities in the island. Environmental threats from anthropogenic activities related to sedimentation land erosion and pollution are also the concerns for the coral communities in the island. For the conservation of the coral population no coral monitoring cell has been established in this island.

  4. The connotations of the Old Testament Idea of The Rest of Israel in reference to the Church from the Gospel according to Saint Matthew

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dariusz Adamczyk


    The Church in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew was presented in comparison to the Israeli nation; it illustrates the contrast in relation to the former, unfaithful nation. However there exists the connection between Israel in The Old Testament, and The Jesus’ Church. The new God’s nation appears on the base of the former Jewish national and religious community. Therefore this church is rather the continuation of the former Israel. The true Israel observed the Jesus’ teachings. The new God’s nation deserves to be called the real Israel with regard to the unification of its members with God by the baptism and obedience before God. The Church is both the actualization and the realization of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. Saint Peter is the foundation of the new Messianic nation. His task is to lead man to the God’s Kingdom, which is also the main idea of the activity of the Church. It is the dynamic reality, which will be fully manifested in the final times. The Christians are The New Rest. It is the people, whose task consists in the creation of the new perfect God’s nation.

  5. Musical Events at the Prague Convent of the Order of Saint Elisabeth in 1776

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Michl, Jakub


    Roč. 8, 1/2 (2016), s. 139-148 ISSN 1803-7828 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Sisters of Saint Elizabeth * cantatas * Marie Juliana a Septem SS. Patribus OSE * Prague * music in convents * Marie Deodata a Presentatione B. V. Mariae OSE (Anna Justina von Klausniz) * oratorios Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  6. Digitization of Blocks and Virtual Anastylosis of AN Antique Facade in Pont-Sainte (france) (United States)

    Alby, E.; Grussenmeyer, P.; Bitard, L.; Guillemin, S.; Brunet-Gaston, V.; Gaston, C.; Rougier, R.


    This paper is dedicated to the digitization of blocks and virtual anastylosis of an antique façade in Pont-Sainte-Maxence (France). In 2014 during the construction of a shopping center, the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) discovered a Gallo-Roman site from the 2nd century AD. The most interesting part of the site for the study is a façade of 70 meters long by nearly 10 meters high. The state of the conservation of the blocks of the façade makes them exceptional due to the question raised by the collapse. Representative and symbolic blocks of this building have been selected for a virtual anastylosis study. The blocks discovered belong to different types: decorated architectural blocks, monumental statuary elements and details of very fine decorations. The digital reproduction of the façade will facilitate the formulation of hypothesis for the collapse of the structure. The Photogrammetry and Geomatics Group from INSA Strasbourg is in charge of the digitization, the anastylosis and the development of exploratory methods for understanding the ruin of the façade. To develop the three-dimensional model of the facade, approximately 70 blocks of various dimensions were chosen by the archaeologists. The choice of the digitization technique is made according to the following pragmatic criterion: the movable objects are acquired with a scan-arm or a hand-held scanner in the laboratory and the largest blocks are recorded by photogrammetry at the repository near Paris. The expected types of deliverables are multiple: very accurate 3D models with the most faithful representation to document the objects in the best way and with optimized size model allowing easy handling during anastylosis tests. The visual aspect of the models is also a very important issue. Indeed, textures from photos are an excellent way to bring about the realism of the virtual model, but fine details of the object are sometimes blurred by the uniformity of the color

  7. Ground Motions Simulations of the 2004 Les Saintes Earthquake (Mw 6.4) and its Largest Aftershock (Mw 5.9) (United States)

    Courboulex, F.; Converset, J.; Kohrs-Sansorny, C.


    The Guadeloupe Island situated in the Caribbean arc has been struck in November 2004 by a Mw 6.4 earthquake that occurred 20km offshore on a shallow crustal fault. This event caused the death of one person and serious damages to several buildings. The mainshock has been followed by a large number of aftershocks including about 20 events of magnitude larger than 4. The largest aftershocks occurred three month after the mainshock and reached a magnitude Mw 5.9. Most of the earthquake larger than 4 were well recorded by an accelerometric network situated on the nearby islands (the RAP network locally managed by IPGP and BRGM). Data from these stations are available freely on the web site of the RAP network ( We used the recordings of ten earthquakes of magnitude 4 to 5.2 successively as empirical Green's functions to generate accelerograms for the mainshock and the largest aftershock at 13 stations. For each small event chosen as empirical Green's function, we simulated 500 accelerometers at each station using a two step stochastic approach (Kohrs-Sansorny et al, 2005, BSSA). We compared the results obtained with the signals recorded. We show that, if the parameter C (static stress drop ratio between the mainshock and the aftershock) is properly chosen, this method enables us to generate simulations that fit well the observed signals. We obtained particularly a good reproduction of site effects. This is true for almost all the small event taken as empirical Green's function, as if they are relatively far away from the mainshock. The choice of the parameter C is discussed in this paper by a comparison of the results obtained on rock stations and the values predicted by ground motion prediction equations.

  8. John of Plano Carpini vs Simon of Saint-Quentin: 13th-century Emotions in the Eurasian Steppe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirko Sardelić


    Full Text Available The research objective is to analyse why the accounts of two missionaries who visited the same Mongol “Other” in 1245 are quite different, despite their authors belonging to the same Christian circle. More specifically, the paper explores why Simon’s report is so much more negative in its depiction of the Mongols, and the imagological and emotional impact that these representations had. My research materials include the two mendicant reports produced by John and Simon as well as extant scholarly discussions of various aspects of the Mongol Other, apocalyptic literature, and the relations between Western Christendom and the Mongol Empire in the mid-13th century. The research innovation of the article is in the comparison of the two contemporary accounts, the elaboration of their differences in representation of the Mongols, and the analysis of their imagery from the perspective of the history of emotions. The aim of this paper is to show that in interpreting medieval European texts about the Mongols, one should combine approaches from various fields, including (but not limited to history of emotions, cultural and literal history, anthropology, cross-cultural sociology, and others. Immediate and incorrect interpretations that the Mongols were cannibals or sodomites, as one could be tempted to hold from the account of Simon of Saint-Quentin, must be moderated from scholarly perspectives. These interpretations were the result of sediment layers of events in the 1240s: the violent contact of the Mongol armies with Western Christendom, contemporary Christian attempts to put the newcomers into known apocalyptic frameworks, and most probably the personal trauma of the author who had been threatened with death after an inaction with the Mongols, might be explained both as a cross-cultural misunderstanding and a display of power. Research results: Comparison of the two accounts, one written by John of Plano Carpini and the other by Simon of Saint

  9. Characterization of geothermal paleosystem in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc: structural, petrographic, thermodynamic and petrophysics analysis of Terre-de-Haut (Les Saintes archipelago, Lesser Antilles) (United States)

    Favier, Alexiane; Navelot, Vivien; Verati, Chrystèle; Lardeaux, Jean-Marc; Corsini, Michel; Diraison, Marc; Géraud, Yves; Mercier de Lépinay, Jeanne; Munschy, Marc


    This survey takes part in the GEOTREF project (high enthalpy geothermal energy in fractured reservoirs), supported by the French government program "Investments for the future". The program focuses on the exploration of geothermal resource in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc. An exclusive license has been issued in the Vieux-Habitants area (Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe) to carry on the development of high-temperature geothermal energy in this active volcanic region. The deep geothermal reservoir on the Basse-Terre island could be characterized in exhumed paleosystems. The reference paleosystem in the Guadeloupe archipelago is located in Terre-de-Haut. Four major fault directions have been highlighted N000-N020, N050-N070, N090-N110 and N130-N140. Field observations emphasize three major cleavage directions overlaying the fault systems: N035-N060, N080-N110, N145-N165. Volcanic rocks affected by cleavage display several metamorphic transformation grades. The more transformed calc-alkaline rocks are located at the intersection of several cleavage directions. Mineralogical transformations due to metamorphism and surimposed fractures are also responsible for strong changes of petrophysical properties. In comparison with the reference protolith of andesitic lava flows outcropping in Vieux-Habitants, which have porosity and permeability lower than 5 % and 10-15 m2, andesites of Terre-de-Haut have better reservoir properties with connected porosity and permeability higher than 15 % and 10-14-10-15 m2 respectively. Thermodynamic modelling based on petrography and chemical composition of the most transformed rocks highlights a steady state mineral assemblage between 0.25 - 1.5 kbar and 350 - 450 ˚ C. It corresponds to a geothermal gradient higher than 120 to 150˚ C/km. This is consistent with temperatures measured in Bouillante wells. However, this geothermal gradient is notably higher to a usual volcanic arc conductive gradient estimated to 70-100˚ C/km. It can be explained

  10. Proposed Closing Order : St. Vincent (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The attached letter directed to Secretary Morton from the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy recommends the establishment of a Secretarial closing order on...

  11. [Special Issue on Hmong Newcomers to Saint Paul Public Schools] The Affective Consequences of Cultural Capital: Feelings of Powerlessness, Gratitude, and Faith among Hmong Refugee Parents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bic Ngo


    Full Text Available In education research, the analysis of the role of cultural capital has focused primarily on its role in parent involvement. Little attention has been paid to how cultural capital affects the attitudes or feelings of parents about their worth and roles as parents. In this article I examine the impact of the exclusionary characteristic of cultural capital on refugee Hmong parents from Wat Tham Krabok. I highlight themes of uncertainty, powerlessness, gratitude and faith that parents repeatedly raised when speaking about their children's education. I suggest that paying attention to the affective emotional consequences of cultural capital is critical for understanding the outlook of refugee Hmong parents on their children's education.

  12. Degradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by means of spectromicroscopic methods. 4. Artificial aging of model samples of co-precipitates of lead chromate and lead sulfate. (United States)

    Monico, Letizia; Janssens, Koen; Miliani, Costanza; Van der Snickt, Geert; Brunetti, Brunetto Giovanni; Cestelli Guidi, Mariangela; Radepont, Marie; Cotte, Marine


    Previous investigations about the darkening of chrome yellow pigments revealed that this form of alteration is attributable to a reduction of the original Cr(VI) to Cr(III), and that the presence of sulfur-containing compounds, most often sulfates, plays a key role during this process. We recently demonstrated that different crystal forms of chrome yellow pigments (PbCrO(4) and PbCr(1-x)S(x)O(4)) are present in paintings by Vincent van Gogh. In the present work, we show how both the chemical composition and the crystalline structure of lead chromate-based pigments influence their stability. For this purpose, oil model samples made with in-house synthesized powders of PbCrO(4) and PbCr(1-x)S(x)O(4) were artificially aged and characterized. We observed a profound darkening only for those paint models made with PbCr(1-x)S(x)O(4), rich in SO(4)(2-) (x ≥ 0.4), and orthorhombic phases (>30 wt %). Cr and S K-edge micro X-ray absorption near edge structure investigations revealed in an unequivocal manner the formation of up to about 60% of Cr(III)-species in the outer layer of the most altered samples; conversely, independent of the paint models' chemical composition, no change in the S-oxidation state was observed. Analyses employing UV-visible diffuse reflectance and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy were performed on unaged and aged model samples in order to obtain additional information on the physicochemical changes induced by the aging treatment.

  13. St. Valentine--patron saint of epilepsy: illustrating the semiology of seizures over the course of six centuries. (United States)

    Kluger, Gerhard; Kudernatsch, Verena


    From the 15th century to the present day, Christian art has portrayed people who suffer from epilepsy as attributes in illustrations of Saint Valentine (SV). The objective of our study was to interpret the works of art from a modern epileptological perspective on the basis of a collection of portrayals of SV in Europe that was as comprehensive as possible. The people depicted as attributes were analyzed with respect to their age, gender, social status, and possible seizure semiology. Three hundred forty-one illustrations of SV from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, and Switzerland were systematically analyzed. Irrespective of the age of the work of art, among the 143 pictures of people with possible epilepsy characteristics, there were more males than females from various levels of society. As far as could be interpreted, there were 17 infants, 35 children, 7 adolescents, and 84 adults. With respect to possible seizure semiology, infantile spasms (n=10), atonic seizures (n=13), tonic seizures (n=53), absences (n=2), psychogenic seizures (n=4), and postictal or undefinable states (n=61) were differentiated in a subjective assessment. Despite the fact that from a modern perspective, the 15th to 20th centuries in Europe seemed to be dominated by a rather superstitious attitude toward epilepsy, there is striking accuracy in the detail of the semiology in many of the historic portrayals, and a well-founded knowledge of epilepsy is apparent.

  14. Saint Louis Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills: A Collaborative Air Force-Civilian Trauma Skills Training Program (United States)


    Journal Article 3. DATES COVERED (From – To) June 2014 – December 2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Saint Louis Center for Sustainment of Trauma and...Readiness Skills: A Collaborative Air Force-Civilian Trauma Skills Training Program 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM support of these campaigns have had to maintain a high degree of clinical skill to effectively render care to wounded combatants, a necessity

  15. Composition of the black crusts from the Saint Denis Basilica, France, as revealed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. (United States)

    Gaviño, Maria; Hermosin, Bernardo; Vergès-Belmin, Véronique; Nowik, Witold; Saiz-Jimenez, Cesareo


    The organic fraction of black crusts from Saint Denis Basilica, France, is composed of a complex mixture of aliphatic and aromatic compounds. These compounds were studied by two different analytical approaches: tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide (TMAH) thermochemolysis in combination with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and solvent extraction, fractionation by silica column, and identification of the fraction components by GC-MS. The first approach, feasible at the microscale level, is able to supply fairly general information on a wide range of compounds. Using the second approach, we were able to separate the complex mixture of compounds into four fractions, enabling a better identification of the extractable compounds. These compounds belong to different classes: aliphatic hydrocarbons (nalkanes, n-alkenes), aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids (n-fatty acids, alpha,omega-dicarboxylic acids, and benzenecarboxylic acids), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and molecular biomarkers (isoprenoid hydrocarbons, diterpenoids, and triterpenoids). With each approach, similar classes of compounds were identified, although TMAH thermochemolysis failed to identify compounds present at low concentrations in black crusts. The two proposed methodological approaches are complementary, particularly in the study of polar fractions.

  16. The eleventh CRL-Salmonella workshop, 9 May 2006, Saint Malo, France

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mooijman KA; MGB


    De elfde workshop georganiseerd door het Communautair Referentie Laboratorium voor Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella) werd gehouden op 9 mei 2006 in Saint Malo, Frankrijk. Deelnemers waren vertegenwoordigers van de nationale Referentie Laboratoria voor Salmonella (NRLs-Salmonella) van de lidstaten van de

  17. Does TEC react to a sudden impulse as a whole? The 2015 Saint Patrick's day storm event (United States)

    Piersanti, M.; Cesaroni, C.; Spogli, L.; Alberti, T.


    We provide insights about how the Total Electron Content (TEC), derived by a network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers over the European longitudinal sector, reacts to a Sudden Impulse (SI). In particular, we investigate how the different components of the TEC variability relates with the ionospheric currents, derived by ground magnetometers and the Piersanti and Villante (2016) model, during the 2015 Saint Patrick's Day storm. To identify the different TEC components, we apply the Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) analysis to vertical TEC (vTEC) time series to isolate its SI-related variations over co-located GNSS receiver-magnetometer couples. With such an approach, we were able to identify for the first time a peculiar vTEC mode (WHT∗, T ≃ 45 min) switching on during the SI and propagating southward with a velocity of ∼1.5 km/s. We also found a linear relationship between the estimated ionospheric current and the temporal fluctuations of WHT∗ for both the Preliminary Impulse (PI) and the Main Impulse (MI). The slope has been found to depend only on the electron charge, on the magnetic permeability and on the altitude of the ionospheric E-layer, as expected from first principles equations and as discussed in details.

  18. Thiosemicarbazones and Phthalyl-Thiazoles compounds exert antiviral activity against yellow fever virus and Saint Louis encephalitis virus. (United States)

    Pacca, Carolina Colombelli; Marques, Rafael Elias; Espindola, José Wanderlan P; Filho, Gevânio B O Oliveira; Leite, Ana Cristina Lima; Teixeira, Mauro Martins; Nogueira, Mauricio L


    Arboviruses, arthropod-borneviruses, are frequency associated to human outbreak and represent a serious health problem. The genus Flavivirus, such as Yellow Fever Virus (YFV) and Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus (SLEV), are important pathogens with high morbidity and mortality worldwide. In Brazil, YFV is maintained in sylvatic cycle, but many cases are notified annually, despite the efficiency of vaccine. SLEV causes an acute encephalitis and is widely distributed in the Americas. There is no specific antiviral drugs for these viruses, only supporting treatment that can alleviate symptoms and prevent complications. Here, we evaluated the potential anti-YFV and SLEV activity of a series of thiosemicarbazones and phthalyl-thiazoles. Plaque reduction assay, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence and cellular viability were used to test the compounds in vitro. Treated cells showed efficient inhibition of the viral replication at concentrations that presented minimal toxicity to cells. The assays showed that phthalyl-thiazole and phenoxymethyl-thiosemicarbazone reduced 60% of YFV replication and 75% of SLEV replication. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  19. Le début du ive s. av. J.-C. dans l’espace culturel sénonais : les habitats de Bois d’Echalas à Ville-Saint-Jacques et de Beauchamp à Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne dans le contexte de l’interfluve Seine-Yonne The beginning of the 4th century BC in the the cultural space of the 'Sénonais': the settlements of Bois d’Echalas at Ville-Saint-Jacques and Beauchamp at Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne in the context of the land separating the Seine and the Yonne

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Marc Séguier


    Full Text Available L’étude de deux habitats du début du ive s. av. J.-C. installés à proximité de la confluence Seine-Yonne permet de définir le faciès mobilier de cette partie du Bassin parisien au cours de La Tène B1a, notamment grâce à l’association d’un important cortège de céramiques locales et importées et d’un mobilier métallique significatif. L’analyse des structures de conservation et du mobilier conduit à établir une hiérarchie des établissements. Celui de Ville-Saint-Jacques, Bois d’Echalas, occupe une place prééminente dans le système social mis en place dans la région considérée, alors que celui de Varennes-sur-Seine, Beauchamp, se révèle d’un niveau inférieur. Au-delà de la comparaison entre les deux sites, c’est une lecture socio-économique de l’organisation territoriale qui est proposée.The study of two settlements of the beginning of the 4th century BC near the confluence of the Seine and the Yonne enables us to define the movable culture of this part of the Paris basin during La Tène B1a, notably because of the association of an important series of local and imported ceramics and significant metal articles. The analysis of the structures of conservation and of furniture lead to the establishment of a hierachy of settlements. That of Ville-Saint-Jacques, Bois d’Echalas, occupied a prominent place in the social system set up in the region in question, whereas that of Varennes-sur-Seine, Beauchamp, proved to be of a lower level. Beyond the comparison between the two sites, what is presented is a socio-economic lecture on territorial organisation.

  20. Saint Anthony Hospital: Infusing Developmental and Family Support Services in Community-Based Medical Practice (United States)

    Casas, Paula; Isarowong, Nucha


    Physicians affiliated with small community hospitals face numerous barriers to using developmentally oriented best practices in primary care with young children. Saint Anthony Hospital's Developmental Support Project model promotes improved developmental outcomes for children through two complementary strands of services: (a) training and…

  1. Brevibacterium picturae sp. nov., isolated from a damaged mural painting at the Saint-Catherine chapel (Castle Herberstein, Austria). (United States)

    Heyrman, Jeroen; Verbeeren, Jens; Schumann, Peter; Devos, Joke; Swings, Jean; De Vos, Paul


    Three strains showing highly similar (GTG)5-PCR patterns were isolated from a heavily damaged mural painting at the Saint-Catherine chapel (Castle Herberstein, Austria). On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity, the strains were attributed to Brevibacterium, with Brevibacterium casei (96.7 %), Brevibacterium iodinum (96.7 %) and Brevibacterium linens (96.6 %) as the closest related species. Chemotaxonomic data [peptidoglycan contains meso-diaminopimelic acid; mycolic acids absent; MK-8(H2) as the major menaquinone; polar lipids phosphatidylglycerol and diphosphatidylglycerol present; anteiso-C(15 : 0) and anteiso-C(17 : 0) as major fatty acids] supported the affiliation of the strains to the genus Brevibacterium. Additional physiological and biochemical tests confirmed the taxonomic position of the strains and allowed phenotypic differentiation from Brevibacterium species with validly published names. The isolates from the mural painting, therefore, represent a novel species, for which the name Brevibacterium picturae sp. nov. is proposed, with LMG 22061T (= DSM 16132T) as the type strain.

  2. Association between Pregnancy and Active Injection Drug Use and Sex Work among Women Injection Drug Users in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (United States)

    Girchenko, P; Ompad, D C; Bikmukhametov, D; Gensburg, L


    Widespread use of unsafe sexual practices among women injecting drugs both practicing and not practicing sex work leads to high levels of unplanned pregnancies in this population. The goal of this study was to investigate the association between pregnancy and active drug use and sex work. Data were collected using a convenience sample of 500 women in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2013. All women had recent experience of drug use, of which 200 were pregnant at the time of the study. The study consisted of a structured interview followed by a rapid HIV test. Pregnancy was protective against both active drug use and sex work. For HIV-positive women, these associations were stronger than for HIV-negative women: drug use prevalence ratio (PR) was 0.59 vs 0.85; for sex work, the PRs were 0.36 vs 0.64. Higher levels of education were associated with a lower prevalence ratio for active drug use and sex work in all models. Having children was not associated with active drug use or sex work. Pregnancy might be an optimal time for conducting interventions aimed at cessation of drug use and sex work among women injecting drugs.

  3. Monitoring spatial and temporal variations of surface albedo on Saint Sorlin Glacier (French Alps using terrestrial photography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Dumont


    Full Text Available Accurate knowledge of temperate glacier mass balance is essential to understand the relationship between glacier and climate. Defined as the reflected fraction of incident radiation over the whole solar spectrum, the surface broadband albedo is one of the most important variable in a glacier's mass balance. This study presents a new method to retrieve the albedo of frozen surfaces from terrestrial photography at visible and near infrared wavelengths. This method accounts for the anisotropic reflectance of snow and ice surfaces and uses a radiative transfer model for narrow-to-broadband conversion. The accuracy of the method was assessed using concomitant measurements of albedo during the summers 2008 and 2009 on Saint Sorlin Glacier (Grandes Rousses, France. These albedo measurements are performed at two locations on the glacier, one in the ablation area and the other in the accumulation zone, with a net radiometer Kipp and Zonen CNR1. The main sources of uncertainty are associated with the presence of high clouds and the georeferencing of the photographs.

  4. Saint Basil of Poiana Mărului. Biographic milestones

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ion Marian CROITORU


    Full Text Available While, in the 19th century, many servants of the monastic settlements left Wallachia and Moldova, because of the measures taken there, the situation was nevertheless different in the 18th century, when monks from different areas inhabited by Orthodox Christians came to the Romanian Countries, where they encountered an uninterrupted reality of hesychastic renewal started by Saint Gregory of Sinai (1255-1346, due to the fact that the Romanians had known another cultural continuity, different from what had happened, until that century, in the Greek Byzantine or in the Slav world. This reality explains why the revitalization of the hesychastic and spiritual life in the areas north of the Danube is related, in the 18th century, to the Saints Basil of Poiana Mărului (1692-1767 and Paisius Velichkovsky or Wieliczkowski of Neamţ (1722-1794, both of them arrived from the Slav world in the Romanian extra-Carpathian territories. Saint Basil founded many hermitages and trained many disciples in the practice of the prayer of the mind or of the heart, becoming known as a great teacher of this prayer, in the modern times. Just as the Holy Fathers of Mount Sinai (Gregory, Philotheos, Hesychios, but also from other parts of the Byzantine world (Saint Symeon the New Theologian, Saint Gregory Palamas etc., once again, he draws the attention not just of the monks but also of the lay people on the prayer of the heart, so that in the 19th century it was not the teaching of Saint Paisius on the practice of the prayer of the heart that prevailed, but the teaching of Saint Basil, followed especially in the Romanian and in the Russian tradition. Regarding the monastic life, the activity of Starets Basil can be characterized by the ecumenicity of the Orthodox faith, due to the fact that, on the one hand, he brought together monks from the Romanian and the Slav area, and, on the other hand, he contributed to the enrichment of the Romanian monasticism through the

  5. Análisis comparativo de la recepción poética de T. S. Eliot, Marianne moore y Edna St. Vincent Millay


    Mata Buil, Ana


    This article offers a comparative analysis of the poetic reception of T. S. Eliot, Marianne Moore and Edna St. Vincent Millay from the standpoint of their differences in centrality-periphery in American Modernism.The study begins with a quantitative analysis of the printed editions of their books published in English and Spanish between 1912 and 2012, comparing the North American and British cultural system with that of Latin America and Spain, both of which are part of a global literary syst...

  6. Perspectives on the New Orleans Saints as a Vehicle for the Installation of Hope, Post Katrina: Therapy on the 30 Yard Line (United States)

    Lawrence, Christopher


    The author discusses the effectiveness of popular culture as a tool for the instillation of hope within a community, using as an example the ways in which a National Football League team galvanized the residents of New Orleans in the 18 months following Hurricane Katrina. This article posits that the Saints supplied an impetus for transcendence…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. G. Angelini


    Full Text Available The historical building heritage, present in the most of Italian cities centres, is, as part of the construction sector, a working potential, but unfortunately it requires planning of more complex and problematic interventions. However, policies to support on the existing interventions, together with a growing sensitivity for the recovery of assets, determine the need to implement specific studies and to analyse the specific problems of each site. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the methodology and the results obtained from integrated laser scanning activity in order to have precious architectural information useful not only from the cultural heritage point of view but also to construct more operative and powerful tools, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling aimed to the management of this cultural heritage. The Papal Basilica and the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy are, in fact, characterized by unique and complex peculiarities, which require a detailed knowledge of the sites themselves to ensure visitor’s security and safety. For such a project, we have to take in account all the people and personnel normally present in the site, visitors with disabilities and finally the needs for cultural heritage preservation and protection. This aim can be reached using integrated systems and new technologies, such as Internet of Everything (IoE, capable of connecting people, things (smart sensors, devices and actuators; mobile terminals; wearable devices; etc., data/information/knowledge and processes to reach the desired goals. The IoE system must implement and support an Integrated Multidisciplinary Model for Security and Safety Management (IMMSSM for the specific context, using a multidisciplinary approach.

  8. Scan to Bim for 3d Reconstruction of the Papal Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy (United States)

    Angelini, M. G.; Baiocchi, V.; Costantino, D.; Garzia, F.


    The historical building heritage, present in the most of Italian cities centres, is, as part of the construction sector, a working potential, but unfortunately it requires planning of more complex and problematic interventions. However, policies to support on the existing interventions, together with a growing sensitivity for the recovery of assets, determine the need to implement specific studies and to analyse the specific problems of each site. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the methodology and the results obtained from integrated laser scanning activity in order to have precious architectural information useful not only from the cultural heritage point of view but also to construct more operative and powerful tools, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) aimed to the management of this cultural heritage. The Papal Basilica and the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy are, in fact, characterized by unique and complex peculiarities, which require a detailed knowledge of the sites themselves to ensure visitor's security and safety. For such a project, we have to take in account all the people and personnel normally present in the site, visitors with disabilities and finally the needs for cultural heritage preservation and protection. This aim can be reached using integrated systems and new technologies, such as Internet of Everything (IoE), capable of connecting people, things (smart sensors, devices and actuators; mobile terminals; wearable devices; etc.), data/information/knowledge and processes to reach the desired goals. The IoE system must implement and support an Integrated Multidisciplinary Model for Security and Safety Management (IMMSSM) for the specific context, using a multidisciplinary approach.

  9. A Comparative Study of Saint Paul and Fakhri Razi on Faith

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamed Nazarpour najafabadi


    Full Text Available Faith has a central place in Abrahamic religions. Jewish, Christian and Moslem thinkers have conducted several studies of the notion of faith and offered different ideas. Fakhri Razi and Saint Paul, two thinkers from Islamic and Christian religious traditions, have commented on the matter at length and these comments and ideas are studied in this essay.    Paul the Apostle (died 64 AD is the most famous and influential Christian figure and is known as the second founder of Christianity. He has an indispensable role in formulating Christian doctrines. At first, he was a Jew and after the revelation of Jesus, converted to Christianity and dedicated himself to evangelism. The only credible reports and first hand sources about the lives and beliefs of Paul are the Acts of the Apostles and his letters and epistles in the Bible.    The background of the debate on faith should be sought for in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, belief means trusting in God, relying on Him, and recognizing and acknowledging the special relationship that God has established with Israel. In the New Testament, belief has a significant position too. Faith in the New Testament is more epistemic and cognitive and means certain belief and conviction. According to Paul faith is the basic principle of Christianity and outstanding feature of Christians and the main cause of salvation. In the early Christianity, Paul offers the most extensive and most profound exposition of faith.    In defining faith, Paul uses Greek word «pistis» which means confidence, faith and trust. In definition of faith, he says: "Faith is the confidence that what we hope will be, and faith is the certainty of what we believe, although we are not able to see them "(Hebrews, 11/1. He mentions Abraham as a distinguished example for introducing true faith and faithful. Faith in Jesus means to trust or have confidence in Jesus Christ. According to Paul, faith is based on hope in things which have

  10. A Comparative Study of Saint Paul and Fakhri Razi on Faith

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghorban Elmi


    Full Text Available Faith has a central place in Abrahamic religions. Jewish, Christian and Moslem thinkers have conducted several studies of the notion of faith and offered different ideas. Fakhri Razi and Saint Paul, two thinkers from Islamic and Christian religious traditions, have commented on the matter at length and these comments and ideas are studied in this essay.    Paul the Apostle (died 64 AD is the most famous and influential Christian figure and is known as the second founder of Christianity. He has an indispensable role in formulating Christian doctrines. At first, he was a Jew and after the revelation of Jesus, converted to Christianity and dedicated himself to evangelism. The only credible reports and first hand sources about the lives and beliefs of Paul are the Acts of the Apostles and his letters and epistles in the Bible.    The background of the debate on faith should be sought for in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, belief means trusting in God, relying on Him, and recognizing and acknowledging the special relationship that God has established with Israel. In the New Testament, belief has a significant position too. Faith in the New Testament is more epistemic and cognitive and means certain belief and conviction. According to Paul faith is the basic principle of Christianity and outstanding feature of Christians and the main cause of salvation. In the early Christianity, Paul offers the most extensive and most profound exposition of faith.    In defining faith, Paul uses Greek word «pistis» which means confidence, faith and trust. In definition of faith, he says: "Faith is the confidence that what we hope will be, and faith is the certainty of what we believe, although we are not able to see them "(Hebrews, 11/1. He mentions Abraham as a distinguished example for introducing true faith and faithful. Faith in Jesus means to trust or have confidence in Jesus Christ. According to Paul, faith is based on hope in things which have

  11. ‘When Going to Saint James’: An Old Russian Graffito from the 12th Century in Aquitania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander M. Gordin


    Full Text Available In 2015 in Pons, in the former province of Saintonge, an Old Russian pilgrim graffito was found on the wall of the parish church of St. Vivien, a monument of the mid-12th century. It is the second graffito found in France after the one discovered at St. Gilles Abbey. The town of Pons is located on the westernmost route of Santiago de Compostela (via Turonensis and is noteworthy because of the preserved pilgrim almshouse of the latter half of the 12th century. On the walls of its long archway are horseshoe drawings made by medieval pilgrims, the latest of which, dating from the 16th–17th centuries, bends around a name that is also apparently written in Cyrillic script. The earlier inscription, which appears at the base of the northern end wall of the original façade of the St. Vivien church, is made in the name of one Ivan Zavidovich: “Ivano ps[а]lo Zavi|doviche ida ko | svętomu Ię|kovu” (= ‘Ivan Zavidovich wrote this when going to Saint James’. The most probable palaeographic dating is in the 1160s–1180s. As suggested by birch bark manuscripts, the name of Ivan’s father, Zavid, was popular among Novgorod boyars. Novgorod is also the place with the greatest indirect evidence of the occurrence in Old Russia of the western cult of St. James. This well preserved inscription is an important epigraphic discovery, but its main value lies in the direct evidence of pilgrimages by Russians to the shrine of St. James in Galicia.

  12. An ARHGEF10 deletion is highly associated with a juvenile-onset inherited polyneuropathy in Leonberger and Saint Bernard dogs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kari J Ekenstedt


    Full Text Available An inherited polyneuropathy (PN observed in Leonberger dogs has clinical similarities to a genetically heterogeneous group of peripheral neuropathies termed Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT disease in humans. The Leonberger disorder is a severe, juvenile-onset, chronic, progressive, and mixed PN, characterized by exercise intolerance, gait abnormalities and muscle atrophy of the pelvic limbs, as well as inspiratory stridor and dyspnea. We mapped a PN locus in Leonbergers to a 250 kb region on canine chromosome 16 (Praw = 1.16×10-10, Pgenome, corrected = 0.006 utilizing a high-density SNP array. Within this interval is the ARHGEF10 gene, a member of the rho family of GTPases known to be involved in neuronal growth and axonal migration, and implicated in human hypomyelination. ARHGEF10 sequencing identified a 10 bp deletion in affected dogs that removes four nucleotides from the 3'-end of exon 17 and six nucleotides from the 5'-end of intron 17 (c.1955_1958+6delCACGGTGAGC. This eliminates the 3'-splice junction of exon 17, creates an alternate splice site immediately downstream in which the processed mRNA contains a frame shift, and generates a premature stop codon predicted to truncate approximately 50% of the protein. Homozygosity for the deletion was highly associated with the severe juvenile-onset PN phenotype in both Leonberger and Saint Bernard dogs. The overall clinical picture of PN in these breeds, and the effects of sex and heterozygosity of the ARHGEF10 deletion, are less clear due to the likely presence of other forms of PN with variable ages of onset and severity of clinical signs. This is the first documented severe polyneuropathy associated with a mutation in ARHGEF10 in any species.

  13. Analyzing the Intersections of Race and Class: An Essay Review of Nicola Rollock, David Gillborn, Carol Vincent, and Stephen J. Ball's "The Colour of Class: The Educational Strategies of the Black Middle Class" (New York, NY: Routledge, 2015, pp. 201. ISBN: 978-0-415-80982-5) (United States)

    Apple, Michael W.


    In England, we might say that "the Empire has come home." This means that while racism and the processes of racialization are indeed extraordinarily powerful, there will not only be strong similarities between say the United States and England but also significant differences in how these things play out both now and in the past. This is…

  14. Deposition of albuterol aerosol generated by pneumatic nebulizer in the Sophia Anatomical Infant Nose-Throat (SAINT) model. (United States)

    Laube, Beth L; Sharpless, Gail; Shermer, Charles; Nasir, Omer; Sullivan, Vincent; Powell, Kenneth


    To quantify distribution of albuterol aerosol generated by a pneumatic nebulizer within the nose and lungs of a model of a 9-month-old child (SAINT) and aerosol loss to the environment, during simulated breathing at increasing tidal volumes (TVs). (99m)technetium-labeled albuterol aerosol was generated by an IPI nebulizer with face-mask. Deposition was quantified as a percentage of emitted dose using gamma scintigraphy. Lung deposition was similar for all TVs, averaging 7.17 +/- 0.01%, 9.34 +/- 0.01% and 9.41 +/- 0.02% at 50, 100 and 200 mL TV, respectively. In contrast, nose deposition increased significantly with TV, averaging 4.40 +/- 0.02%, 11.39 +/- 0.02% and 22.12 +/- 0.02% at 50 mL, 100 mL and 200 mL TV, respectively (all p < 0.0167). Aerosol loss to the environment was significantly lower at 200 mL TV (53.81 +/- 0.04%), compared to 50 mL (71.99 +/- 0.02%) (p < 0.0167). Our results suggest that nasal deposition of albuterol aerosol generated by a pneumatic nebulizer in 9-month-old infants may be significantly affected by changes in TV, ranging between 50 to 200 mL, whereas total lung deposition may not be affected. These results also predict that environmental losses would be highest when administering to a child breathing at 50 mL TV. These data should be useful to companies who are working to improve aerosol delivery systems to treat infants.

  15. An evaluation of ambient sulphur dioxide concentrations from passive degassing of the Sulphur Springs, Saint Lucia geothermal system: Implications for human health (United States)

    Joseph, Erouscilla P.; Beckles, Denise M.; Cox, Leonette; Jackson, Viveka B.; Alexander, Dominic


    Sulphur Springs Park in Saint Lucia is a site of energetic geothermal activity associated with the potentially active Soufrière Volcanic Centre. The Park is one of Saint Lucia's most important tourist attractions, and is marketed as the 'world's only drive-in volcano'. It has an on-site staff of tour guides and vendors, as well as over 200,000 visitors annually. There are also a number of residents living in the areas bordering the Park. Recreational use is made of the geothermal waters for bathing, application of mud masques, and in some cases drinking. As part of the University of the West Indies, Seismic Research Centre's (UWI-SRC's) overall volcano monitoring programme for Saint Lucia, the volcanic emissions at Sulphur Springs (hot springs, mud pools and fumaroles) have been regularly monitored since 2001. In recent years, visitors, staff, and management at the Park have expressed concern about the health effects of exposure to volcanic emissions from the hydrothermal system. In response to this, SRC has expanded its regular geothermal monitoring programme to include a preliminary evaluation of ambient sulphur dioxide (SO2) concentrations in and around the Park, to assess the possible implications for human health. Passive diffusion tubes were used to measure the atmospheric SO2 concentrations at various sites in Sulphur Springs Park (SSP), in the town of Soufrière and in the capital of Castries. Measurements of average monthly ambient SO2 with the passive samplers indicated that during the dry season period of April to July 2014 concentration at sites closest to the main vents at SSP (Group 1), which are routinely used by staff and visitors, frequently exceeded the WHO 10-minute AQG for SO2 of 500 μg/m3. However, for sites that were more distal to the main venting area (Groups 2 and 3), the average monthly ambient SO2 did not exceed the WHO 10-minute AQG for SO2 of 500 μg/m3 during the entire monitoring period. The measured concentrations and dispersion


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yevgeniy Shilov


    Full Text Available This article is devoted to the study of a little known homily of Meister Eckhart («Vas auri solidum» which he preached on Saint Augustine’s feast day in Paris. Before including the translation of this discourse, the author discusses the specific nature of the so-called academic homily. Preaching a homily was regarded as one of the obligations of a university professor of the time and this task was regulated according to strict guidelines and requirements. Such a homily possessed a specific structure. The author explains its main requirement. This type of homily was meant to explain and interpret a chosen text taken from Holy Scripture. Meister Eckhart actually planned to compose an extended three-part work combining elements of philosophy and theology which was to be known as his Opus tripartitum. One of its parts was to be a collection of model homilies (Opus sermonus. He began this work but did not finish it. Although we today possess only a few sketches and outlines of the Latin homilies of Meister Eckhart, which themselves are characterised by their lack of structure, they provide an excellent understanding of the mind of their author as well as rare insight into the place of Saint Augustine as a master of scholastic thought. In addition, this homily provides the only indication of the place of birth of the renowned mediaeval author. After an in-depth study of the text of the homily, the author concludes that Meister Eckhart borrowed his outline and system of classification from the School of Chartres and especially from Clarembald of Arras, an interpreter of Boethius. Using these sources, Eckhart formulated his idea of the two ways of knowing God: the way of ethics (Augustine and the way of metaphysics (Aristotle, Dionysius the Areopagite and Boethius

  17. Analysis of the impact of healthcare support initiatives for physically disabled people on their access to care in the city of Saint-Louis, Senegal. (United States)

    Senghor, Diarra Bousso; Diop, Oumar; Sombié, Issa


    People with disabilities represent approximately 6% of the Senegalese population. They face significant barriers to accessing health care. Although several initiatives have been implemented to improve access to health care for this vulnerable population, few studies have examined the effects of these initiatives. We conducted a mixed methods study in three neighborhoods in Saint-Louis City (Senegal) to assess the impact of health systems and social assistance programs aimed at improving access to health care for people with disabilities. Data were collected from 105 people living with disabilities aged 1-49 years (or their caregivers). Interviews were also conducted with key stakeholders in the health and welfare sectors. Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of all the health and social services within the city were obtained. We also conducted observations in the main regional hospital, the district health center and three level-one health facilities to assess physical accessibility as well as interactions between patients living with disabilities and health and social workers. Descriptive and multivariate analyses were performed using Sphinx software. Spatial data were used to make cartographic representations of the proximity to basic social services using Arc GIS software. Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents reported difficulty obtaining treatment. Key barriers to care included the high cost of care, as well as ill-treatment by health workers. Limited human resources and low levels of financial support, combined with logistical challenges were reported to hamper the success of social welfare initiatives that aim to facilitate access to health care for people with disabilities. Our results suggest that initiatives to increase access to health care among people with disability in Saint-Louis have had limited impact. Study findings underscore the importance of strengthening social assistance schemes within the health system and the need for social

  18. Rediscovery of the type series of the Sacred Shrew, Sorex religiosus I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1826, with additional notes on mummified shrews of ancient Egypt (Mammalia: Soricidae). (United States)

    Woodman, Neal; Koch, Claudia; Hutterer, Rainer


    In 1826, Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire described the Sacred Shrew, Sorex religiosus [= Crocidura religiosa] from a series of 22 embalmed individuals that comprised a portion of the Italian archeologist Joseph Passalacqua's collection of Egyptian antiquities from an ancient necropolis near Thebes, central Egypt. Living members of the species were not discovered until the beginning of the 20th century and are currently restricted to the Nile Delta region, well north of the type locality. In 1968, the type series of S. religiosus was reported lost, and in 1978, a neotype was designated from among a small collection of modern specimens in the Natural History Museum, London. Our investigations have revealed, however, that the type series is still extant. Most of the specimens used by I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire to describe S. religiosus still form part of the Passalacqua Collection in the Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin, Germany. We summarize the taxonomic history of S. religiosus, review the history of the Passalacqua collection, and explain why the type series was thought to have been lost. We designate an appropriate lectotype from among the original syntypes of S. religiosus in the Ägyptisches Museum. Our examination of the shrew mummies in the Passalacqua collection also yielded a species previously unrecorded from either ancient or modern Egypt: Crocidura pasha Dollman, 1915. Its presence increases the number of soricid species embalmed in ancient Egypt to seven and provides additional evidence for a more diverse Egyptian shrew fauna in the archeological past. Finally, we provide details that will assist in better understanding the variety of mummification procedures used to preserve animals in ancient Egypt.

  19. Armiia i Ia. Materialy sotsiologicheskogo issledovaniia, situatsii, pis'ma, vyskazyvaniia. Sankt-Peterburgskaia regional'naia obsestvennaia pravozasitnaia organizatsiia "Soldatskie materi Sankt Peterburga". [The Army And Me. Materials for sociological enquiry, situations, letters, declarations by the "Soldiers’ Mothers of Saint Petersburg" organisation], Tuskarora, Saint Petersburg, 2003.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Colin Lebedev


    Full Text Available Since the first movements were set up in 1989, organisations of soldiers' mothers have, in their daily work, been collecting a unique mass of information on national service conditions and the situation of the Russian army. Of course, this comes from oral accounts by soldiers and their families arriving in their tens every day in different committees throughout Russia, but also from written sources. This takes the form of letters and explicative notes, press articles and photos, even drawings...

  20. Saint george “μέγας δούξ” - an icon from the Byzantine Museum of Kastoria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sisiou Iōannēs


    Full Text Available In this paper, the icon of St George with the epithet Megas Doux (Μέγας Δούξ, held in the Kastoria Museum, is published for the first time; it dates from the first decade of the fourteenth century. The discussion lists all known examples of holy warriors with the same epithet preserved in the area of Kastoria. Based on these examples it is concluded that the epithet was not only related to St Demetrios. During the reign of Andronikos II Palaiologos, donors who bore the title of dux wished to endow their personal patron saint - most commonly Demetrios and George - with the same title.

  1. Towards the complete eradication of mother-to-child HIV/HBV coinfection at Saint Camille Medical Centre in Burkina Faso, Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Ilboudo

    Full Text Available The coinfection of HIV and hepatitis B virus (HBV and their vertical transmission constitute a public health problem in sub-Saharan countries of Africa. The objectives of this research are: i identify the pregnant women that are coinfected by HIV and HBV at Saint Camille Medical Centre; ii use three antiretroviral drugs (zidovudine, nevirapine and lamivudine to interrupt the vertical transmission of HIV and HBV from infected mothers; and iii use the PCR technique to diagnose children who are vertically infected by these viruses in order to offer them an early medical assistance. At Saint Camille Medical Centre, 115 pregnant women, aged from 19 to 41 years, were diagnosed as HIV-positive and, among them, 14 coinfected with HBV. They had at least 32 weeks of amenorrhoea and all of them received the HAART, which contained lamivudine. Two to six months after childbirth, the babies underwent PCR diagnosis for HIV and HBV. The results revealed that, among these mothers, 64.4% were housewives, 36.5% were illiterates, and only 1.7% had a university degree. The rate of vertical transmission of HIV and HBV was 0.0% (0/115 and 21.4% (3/14, respectively. The 3 mothers who transmitted the HBV to their children had all HBsAg, HbeAg, and HBV DNA positive. An antiretroviral therapy that in addition to zidovudine and nevirapine includes lamivudine could, as in the present study, block or reduce the vertical transmission in HIV positive pregnant women who are coinfected with HBV.

  2. Evaluation of soil washing and bioslurry reactor treatment for sites contaminated with pcbs found in association with heavy metals, Saint John, NB

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Study to evaluate the feasibility of soil washing and bioslurry reactor treatability in remediating soils at the Department of Transport site in Saint John to meet site soil cleanup standards. Elements of interest in the soils include cadmium, copper, lead, zinc, and the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The study reviewed the methods to remove the metals and PCBs. The investigation consisted of a series of screening tests and a series of final tests. The study also involved assessment of bioslurry reactor treatments. The treatability study evaluated the bioslurry reactor technology under five different operational conditions to identify the optimum environment for the biological degradation of PCBs. This report presents the findings from the treatability studies.

  3. Les Néandertaliens étaient-ils essentiellement carnivores ? Résultats préliminaires sur les teneurs en Sr et en Ba de la paléobiocénose mammalienne de Saint-CésaireWere Neandertalians essentially carnivores? Sr and Ba preliminary results of the mammalian palaeobiocoenosis of Saint-Césaire (United States)

    Balter, Vincent; Person, Alain; Labourdette, Nathalie; Drucker, Dorothée; Renard, Maurice; Vandermeersch, Bernard


    Strontium-calcium (Sr/Ca) and barium-calcium (Ba/Ca) ratios are reduced constantly between diet and bioapatite in mammal organisms. This phenomenon leads to a reduction in the Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca ratios at higher trophic level in predator-prey mammalian communities, and is applied here to the reconstruction of a castelperronian food web, which includes a Neanderthal specimen. Adapted chemical pretreatment allows to isolate bioapatite from diagenetic compounds for analysis of Ca, Sr and Ba. Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca results of the fauna are consistent with trophic predictions. Initial results for the Neandertal suggest that he was mostly carnivorous. Distribution of Ba/Ca values of bones of herbivorous taxa reveals that ruminant animals can be distinguished from non-ruminants. The biosegregation model predicts that the diet of the Neandertal was composed by about 97 % in weight of meat with a weak contribution of vegetable or fish, and that the association of fish and plant is excluded in any proportion.

  4. [Jacques Lisfranc de Saint-Martin (1787-1847)]. (United States)

    Fischer, Louis-Paul


    For 22 years Jacques Lisfranc was the famous surgeon at the Hospital La Pitté in Paris. He was born at Saint-Paul-en-Jarez in 1787, a village sited between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. After his Internship in Lyon he became Dupuytren's student in Paris. In his thesis, he described Dupuytren's operation of the removal of the lower jawbone. In 1815 he succeeded in new surgical operations on the shoulder and on the foot. In 1830 he was the first to perform the ablation of rectum's carcinoma and became the most famous gynaecological surgeon. He could not become a professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris because of his enmity with Dupuytren. Nevertheless he was only interested in surgery and the care for his patients. On his tomb, one can read his favourite maxim: "Surgery is bright when operating but it is still brighter when there is no blood and mutilation and yet leads to the patient's recovery".

  5. Christian Feasts dedicated to Saints – an Interdisciplinary Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen-Maria Bolocan


    Full Text Available Our paper is an interdisciplinary approach, of linguistic and theological analysis of a few lexemes that define saints who became popular in the Romanian culture and spirituality. Our ancient church, a fundamental part of our culture, has always been a coagulant factor for the unity of the Romanians worldwide. And this is also proven by the use of the religious vocabulary in all the anthropological, territorial, socio-professional and socio-cultural variants of the national Romanian language.

  6. Élisée RECLUS. Géographe, anarchiste, écologiste, Jean-Didier VINCENT, 2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alain Marre


    Full Text Available Lire la biographie d'un géographe écrite par un non géographe est un grand plaisir ! Jean-Didier VINCENT, comme Élisée RECLUS, est natif, de Sainte-Foy-la-Grande. C'est peut être la raison pour laquelle il s'est lancé dans cette biographie hommage qui, comme il l'écrit lui-même en fin de son ouvrage est "une histoire d'amour". On citera les dernières lignes de son livre, qui donnent tout l'objectif de cet ouvrage : "J'ai voulu écrire une histoire d'amour. L'œuvre d'Élisée RECLUS a suscité bie...

  7. L'île de Saint-Barthélemy (Petites Antilles) : une destination du tourisme de luxe


    Theng, Sopheap


    International audience; Within thirty years, the small island of Saint-Barthelemy (25 km²) is out of its secular isolation to be among major luxury tourism destinations in the world. In this study, the idea is to identify structural element and different cyclical factors that help to understand Saint-Barthelemy tourism situation. The small size of the territory itself can be seen as a fundamental handicap or, conversely, as a considerable asset. Everything depends on development project. It i...

  8. Citations to Conference Papers Indicate They Are Declining in Importance across All Discipline Areas. A Review of: Lisée, Cynthia, Vincent Larivière and Eric Archambault. ‚Conference Proceedings as a Source of Scientific Information: A Bibliometric Analysis.‛ Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 59.11 (2008: 1776-84.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gaby Haddow


    Full Text Available Objective – To compare the impact and ageing of conference proceedings with that of scientific literature in general, as reflected in citation characteristics.Design – Citation analysis.Setting – Thomson’s Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index (CD-ROM version.Subjects – Conference proceedings citations.Methods – The Thomson citation indexes were searched to identify all citations to conference proceedings in natural sciences and engineering (NSE and social sciences and humanities (SSH from 1980 to 2005. Keywords in English, Spanish, Italian and German, truncated terms (such as ‘bienn’, single letters (such as P, and numbers were combined to retrieve all possible citations. Additional filters to exclude citations to publications other than proceedings were applied to the P search results, which had accounted for 75% of the total results. The references remaining in the P search set were validated using Google Scholar and WorldCat. Finally, two random samples of 1,000 references were checked manually to determine the extent of false positives and false negatives in the results.Main Results – The study’s findings are presented for NSE and SSH separately, with 1.7% of NSE citations and 2.5% of SSH citations referring to conference proceedings. The total number of citations to proceedings has increased over the period 1980-2005, however, citations to proceedings in NSE and SSH as a proportion of all citations decreased during this time. A small increase in the average number of proceedings citations per paper was found for NSE and SSH. When this increase is compared to the overall increase in references per paper over this period, the share of proceedings citations per paper has decreased. Of all fields in NSE and SSH, only engineering has increased the proportion of proceedings citations, rising from 7% to 10% in the period studied. In 2005, the share of proceedings

  9. Saint Petersburg magnetic observatory: from Voeikovo subdivision to INTERMAGNET certification (United States)

    Sidorov, Roman; Soloviev, Anatoly; Krasnoperov, Roman; Kudin, Dmitry; Grudnev, Andrei; Kopytenko, Yury; Kotikov, Andrei; Sergushin, Pavel


    Since June 2012 the Saint Petersburg magnetic observatory is being developed and maintained by two institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) - the Geophysical Center of RAS (GC RAS) and the Saint Petersburg branch of the Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of RAS (IZMIRAN SPb). On 29 April 2016 the application of the Saint Petersburg observatory (IAGA code SPG) for introduction into the INTERMAGNET network was accepted after approval by the experts of the first definitive dataset over 2015, produced by the GC RAS, and on 9 June 2016 the SPG observatory was officially certified. One of the oldest series of magnetic observations, originating in 1834, was resumed in the 21st century, meeting the highest quality standards and all modern technical requirements. In this paper a brief historical and scientific background of the SPG observatory foundation and development is given, the stages of its renovation and upgrade in the 21st century are described, and information on its current state is provided. The first results of the observatory functioning are discussed and geomagnetic variations registered at the SPG observatory are assessed and compared with geomagnetic data from the INTERMAGNET observatories located in the same region.

  10. Saint Petersburg magnetic observatory: from Voeikovo subdivision to INTERMAGNET certification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Sidorov


    Full Text Available Since June 2012 the Saint Petersburg magnetic observatory is being developed and maintained by two institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS – the Geophysical Center of RAS (GC RAS and the Saint Petersburg branch of the Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of RAS (IZMIRAN SPb. On 29 April 2016 the application of the Saint Petersburg observatory (IAGA code SPG for introduction into the INTERMAGNET network was accepted after approval by the experts of the first definitive dataset over 2015, produced by the GC RAS, and on 9 June 2016 the SPG observatory was officially certified. One of the oldest series of magnetic observations, originating in 1834, was resumed in the 21st century, meeting the highest quality standards and all modern technical requirements. In this paper a brief historical and scientific background of the SPG observatory foundation and development is given, the stages of its renovation and upgrade in the 21st century are described, and information on its current state is provided. The first results of the observatory functioning are discussed and geomagnetic variations registered at the SPG observatory are assessed and compared with geomagnetic data from the INTERMAGNET observatories located in the same region.

  11. Business plan of a food truck in Saint Petersburg


    Zavyalova, Ekaterina


    The purpose of the thesis was to investigate how to write a proper business plan and then implement gained knowledge in creating a business plan of a food truck in Saint Petersburg. A business plan serves as a guide for an entrepreneur in the process of company establishment and enables to gain funding from potential investors. The primary objective was to study essential components of a business plan. The theoretical framework comprises of core issues on company establishment and desc...

  12. Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt Mast. (Pinaceae in Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadiy Afanasyevich


    Full Text Available Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt Mast. (the Glehns Spruce is a rare endangered species of the Russian Far East, a plant included into the Red Book of the Russian Federation. This species is in need of protection In situ and Ex situ. The Glehns Spruce is introduced in general cultivation in 1877. In Saint Petersburg it became known after the expedition of F. Schmidt and P.P Glehn to Sakhalin Island (in 1860-1861. In hand-written general catalogues of living collections of Peter the Great Botanical garden of the L.V. Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences it has been known since 1892. In the North-West of Russia Picea glehnii is cultivated in two introduction centers botanical gardens of L.V. Komarov Botanical Institute and Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University. In modern collections of Botanical gardens it has been cultivated since 1955. The plant began producing cones in 1996 in the age of 41. The fully ripen germinable seeds were obtained in September of 2014, and the seedlings were germinated in 2015, for the first time in more than 120 years of arboriculture. The assessment of seeds quality revealed the presence of filled high-quality seeds but their number was rather small (10-15% from the total amount. Picea glehnii is one of the most decorative and winter-hardy spruce species, promising for city planting in Saint Petersburg and for urban floristics in the North-West of Russia.

  13. Archeological and Palynological Analysis of Specimens and Materials Recovered in Two Historic Period Privies and a Well in Saint Alice Revetment, Saint James Parish, Louisiana. (United States)


    to avoid warping and splitting which sometimes occurs while drying fragile, waterlogged mat- enials. Results: Trench F Privy The stratigraphic zone of...archeological investigations; (3) environ- mental setting of the study area; (4) methodology , statement of project ob- jectivies, implementation and

  14. Evidence supporting an intentional Neandertal burial at La Chapelle-aux-Saints. (United States)

    Rendu, William; Beauval, Cédric; Crevecoeur, Isabelle; Bayle, Priscilla; Balzeau, Antoine; Bismuth, Thierry; Bourguignon, Laurence; Delfour, Géraldine; Faivre, Jean-Philippe; Lacrampe-Cuyaubère, François; Tavormina, Carlotta; Todisco, Dominique; Turq, Alain; Maureille, Bruno


    The bouffia Bonneval at La Chapelle-aux-Saints is well known for the discovery of the first secure Neandertal burial in the early 20th century. However, the intentionality of the burial remains an issue of some debate. Here, we present the results of a 12-y fieldwork project, along with a taphonomic analysis of the human remains, designed to assess the funerary context of the La Chapelle-aux-Saints Neandertal. We have established the anthropogenic nature of the burial pit and underlined the taphonomic evidence of a rapid burial of the body. These multiple lines of evidence support the hypothesis of an intentional burial. Finally, the discovery of skeletal elements belonging to the original La Chapelle aux Saints 1 individual, two additional young individuals, and a second adult in the bouffia Bonneval highlights a more complex site-formation history than previously proposed.

  15. Saint-Louis, Senegal: from heritage to tourism. Compromised local development?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdoul Sow


    Full Text Available Former trading post, colonial city, and French imperial capital turned provincial city in the wake of Africa’s independence movements, Saint-Louis in Senegal stands out among the cities of Sub-Saharan Africa. Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in December of 2000, the city should be a cultural reference point on the nation’s tourist circuit. Over fifteen years after its inscription, the greater “Saintlouisian” (from Saint-Louis area is, however, faced with numerous difficulties and its tourism sector has been unable to lift the city out of its economic stagnation. This article analyzes Saint-Louis and the region in which is located as a tourist destination in the context of the Sahelian crisis by focusing on the heritage/tourism binary and its socioeconomic, spatial, and political consequences.

  16. Current knowledge on biotechnological interesting seaweeds from the Magellan Region, Chile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrés Mansilla


    Full Text Available This paper is a compilation of data from investigations made with marine benthic algae from the Magellan Region that have biotechnological utilization in human consumption or medicine or as a source of phycolloids or food supplements or animal feed. The most important Rhodophyta species are: Ahnfeltia plicata (Hudson E.M. Fries for agarose production, Gigartina skottsbergii Setchell & N.L.Gardner for carrageenan production, and Callophyllis variegata (Bory de Saint-Vincent Kützing for human consumption. The most important Heterokontophyta species are: Macrocystis pyrifera (L. C. Agardh, and Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso Hariot for human consumption, alginate production, and as biofertilizer for agricultural crops. M. pyrifera is also used as a food supplement for salmon, chickens, quails, sheep and bovines and for biofuel production.

  17. Current knowledge on biotechnological interesting seaweeds from the Magellan Region, Chile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrés Mansilla


    Full Text Available This paper is a compilation of data from investigations made with marine benthic algae from the Magellan Region that have biotechnological utilization in human consumption or medicine or as a source of phycolloids or food supplements or animal feed. The most important Rhodophyta species are: Ahnfeltia plicata (Hudson E.M. Fries for agarose production, Gigartina skottsbergii Setchell & N.L.Gardner for carrageenan production, and Callophyllis variegata (Bory de Saint-Vincent Kützing for human consumption. The most important Heterokontophyta species are: Macrocystis pyrifera (L. C. Agardh, and Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso Hariot for human consumption, alginate production, and as biofertilizer for agricultural crops. M. pyrifera is also used as a food supplement for salmon, chickens, quails, sheep and bovines and for biofuel production.

  18. The man created in God’s image - the spiritual axis of the world. Saint Gregory of Nyssa’s theology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florea STEFAN


    Full Text Available Man has been created at t