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  1. The OSART mission in Santa Maria de Garona nuclear power plant; Mision OSART en CN Santa Maria de Garona

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sendino, F.


    The article mentions the international reviews, such as Peer Reviews, that have taken place at Santa Maria de Garona prior to the OSART mission. It explains what an OSART mission is, what its objectives are and the importance that it has for the plants that are reviewed. It then gives a detailed description of the preparatory process for the OSART mission, indicating the team members, their tasks and objectives as well as all the documentation gathered for the purpose. Attending similar exercises at other plants is considered highly positive in the article, which indicates the logistics and materials and human resources used in the case of Santa Maria de Garona. The OSART mission itself is then described, with reference to the international team that performed our mission, the areas covered and the programme followed, not forgetting the follow-up visit that will take place at the end of 2003. Finally, the most important findings are indicated in the final report. These are divided into recommendations, suggestions and good practices, concluding with the lessons learnt by Nuclenor's organisation and the opinion about the validity of OSART missions within the nuclear sector. (Author)

  2. NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION AND SAFETY: Challenges Facing the International Atomic Energy Agency. (United States)


    Agency 5*^6 Pfpii IP» fÄ^ft^Ä^^f^pSe ä|§V’-|v’. AV .,^^^^^^^1^!; 19980513 256 Äl DG37SI5 VPH 𔃻"".*-7 IißÄQ/NSlAD/RGED-93-284 / Accession...percent to 90 percent of the issues identified during initial OSART missions. In our November 1991 report, we noted certain factors that limit the

  3. Glucocorticosteroid-induced osteoporosis: pathogenesis, prevention, treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I A Baranova


    Full Text Available Glyukokortikoidindutsirovannyy osteoporoz (GIO - odno iz naibolee tyazhelykh oslozhneniy dlitel'noy (bolee 3 mes sistemnoy terapii glyukokortikoidami (SGK. On razvivaetsya u bol'nykh lyubogo vozrasta i pola i yavlyaetsya naibolee chastoy sistemnoy formoy vtorichnogo osteoporoza (OP. Bystraya poterya kostnoy massy proiskhodit uzhe v pervye mesyatsy lecheniya SGK. Perelomy ot minimal'noy travmy voznikayut pri bolee vysokikh pokazatelyakh mineral'noy plotnosti kosti, chem u bol'nykh pervichnym OP. Dazhe ispol'zovanie malykh doz SGK privodit k povysheniyu riska perelomov, s uvelicheniem sutochnoy dozy risk perelomov vozrastaet. U patsientov, primenyayushchikh vysokie dozy ingalyatsionnykh GK (IGK, uvelichenie riska OP i perelomov v bol'shey stepeni obuslovleno tyazhest'yu respiratornogo zabolevaniya, chem terapiey IGK. Predstavleny sovremennye printsipy profilaktiki i lecheniya GIO.

  4. AcEST: DK952979 [AcEST

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available ubrum (... 93 1e-17 tr|A1RA65|A1RA65_ARTAT Xaa-Pro dipeptidase (Prolidase) OS=Art...38 family OS=Sacchar... 77 6e-13 tr|Q48IA5|Q48IA5_PSE14 Prolidase, putative OS=Ps... +A Sbjct: 76 ALLGRTAPSYVTVRAQDILQGMIGRGFTTVRDAGGADWGLAKALA 120 >tr|A1RA65|A1RA65_ARTAT Xaa-Pro dipeptidase (Prolidase...EEDLI 120 >tr|Q881T1|Q881T1_PSESM Prolidase, putative OS=Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato GN=PSPTO2801 PE=4 S...cterium sp. (s... 80 1e-13 tr|A1B0V4|A1B0V4_PARDP Amidohydrolase OS=Paracoccus denitrifican... 80 1e-13 tr|Q881T1|Q881T1_PSESM Prolid

  5. International relations; Relations internationales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The French nuclear safety authority (A.S.N.) has participated at different meeting in European Union as nuclear decommissioning assistance programme(N.D.A.P.), Regulatory assistance management group (R.A.M.G.) and Instrument for nuclear safety cooperation (I.N.S.C.). The members of Western European nuclear regulator association (W.E.N.R.A.) met and discussed about the future of W.E.N.R.A. and its representativeness and its cooperation with European nuclear safety regulator group (E.N.S.R.E.G.) and head of European radiation control authorities (H.E.R.C.A.). About International relations it is to noticed a meeting at the invitation of IAEA to discuss about the possibility to resort to the Ines scale for medical events. An audit mission under the IAEA aegis stood at Fessenheim, O.S.A.R.T. for operational safety review team. Two years and a half passed by between the audit mission Integrated regulatory review service (I.R.S.S.) welcome by A.S.N. in november 2006 and the audit mission follow up in 2009, 12 experts from 11 different countries and coordinated by three representatives of IAEA worked, the conclusions were that 90% of recommendations made to A.S.N. in 2006 were treated in a satisfying way; the evaluation gives three new recommendations, 7 new suggestions and 11 new correct practices. A meeting of the commission on safety standards (C.S.S.) stood in april 2009. Some others meeting are to be noticed: nuclear safety and security group (N.S.S.G.), expert group on nuclear and radiation safety (E.G.N.R.S.) instituted by the council of the Baltic sea states (C.B.S.S.) treats data exchange on the national networks of dose rates and surveillance of radioactivity in air. International nuclear regulator association (I.N.R.A.) held its first meeting in april 2009 at Seoul (Korea). Bilateral relations with Poland, Italy, Ukraine and Germany planed cooperation or information exchange in the field of nuclear safety. Participation to conference in Usa, meetings with United