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  1. Royal Thai Army Personnel, Education and Training System.


    north, Laos to the north and northeast and Cambodia to the eastj Thailand is approximately the size of France with a population of 50 million...paper focuses on the role played by the US, and US assistance to Thailand . ii k4 ROYAL THAI ARMY PERSONNEL, EDUCATION AND TRAINING SYSTEM Thailand ... Thailand history is as complex as a slow Thai classical dance. Thai beliefs, attitudes, political structures and customs have been molded by a remarkable

  2. U.S. Army Medical Department

    ... Excerpt-3 Building partnerships through military medicine Tripler Army Medical Center assists in medical missions. Read more ... their age, height, and weight. Healthy Living Videos Army Medicine Health Minute View More Videos

  3. U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

    ... and thank you for your interest in the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). ... This Web site provides an introduction to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) ...

  4. [Medical care at the Royal Hospital of Natives].

    Romero-Huesca, Andrés; Ramírez-Bollas, Julio


    After the Conquest, the indigenous populations of New Spain were left unprotected by the new government. Thus the Royal Hospital of Naturals (RHN) was created, offering care to the indigenous population for health and with hospitality, as well as religious aid. However, later solely care was provided. The RHN had great support from the Spanish Crown and became a suitable place for clinical investigation that on the peninsula and in all of Europe was forbidden: the autopsies, that in indigenous population are carried out without sanction, only needing authorization of local authorities for their accomplishment, considering the indigenous as inferior to Spaniards. In addition, the RHN was the best place for foundation of the Royal Surgery School of Mexico in the XVIII century. The contribution of the RHN was the fusion of indigenous medicine with European medicine, increasing the therapeutic resource array, as well as the opportunity of carrying clinic investigation through autopsy's for better clinic correlation, and matchless learning for the era in the art of out surgery, this being an important point in the development of the medicine and surgery of Mexico.

  5. United States Army Medical Department Journal. Leadership in the Army Medical Department, October - December 2009


    work, The Origin of Species,’ is that the key to survival in biological evolution is the ability of a species to adapt. A species that does not adapt...attorneys, military paralegals , and civilian paralegals providing legal support throughout the AMEDD at the 8 medical centers and numerous hospitals...Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), mobilized 18 Judge Advocates and paralegals in 2007 and has continued a cycle of mobilizations of legal personnel to

  6. US Army Medical Department Journal, April-June 2005


    793. AUTHOR: 12. Bailit M, Dyer MB. Beyond bankable dollars: Establishing a business tMedical Corps, U.S. Army. Lieutenant Colonel Rice is an...Available at _ d o / Care Administration and is assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical Bailitbeyond bankable

  7. Palliative sedation : not just normal medical practice. Ethical reflections on the Royal Dutch Medical Association's guideline on palliative sedation

    Janssens, Rien; van Delden, Johannes J. M.; Widdershoven, Guy A. M.


    The main premise of the Royal Dutch Medical Association's (RDMA) guideline on palliative sedation is that palliative sedation, contrary to euthanasia, is normal medical practice. Although we do not deny the ethical distinctions between euthanasia and palliative sedation, we will critically analyse t

  8. Palliative sedation : not just normal medical practice. Ethical reflections on the Royal Dutch Medical Association's guideline on palliative sedation

    Janssens, Rien; van Delden, Johannes J. M.; Widdershoven, Guy A. M.


    The main premise of the Royal Dutch Medical Association's (RDMA) guideline on palliative sedation is that palliative sedation, contrary to euthanasia, is normal medical practice. Although we do not deny the ethical distinctions between euthanasia and palliative sedation, we will critically analyse t

  9. Professionalism and Leadership in the Army Medical Department


    Colonel Daniel F . Perugini U. S. Army Faculty Research Advisor Dr. John E. Bokel Dut&~Unaz~i :.4l The Industrial College of the Armed Forces National...profession, from patient care to command. Daniel F . Perugini 1992 Executive Research Project RS 3f Professionalism and Leadership in the Army Medical...Department Colonel Daniel F . Perugini U. S. Army Faculty Research Advisor Dr. John E. Bokel 4- I-orce 4Ls • ..... ’ /or The Industrial College of the Armed

  10. Medical audit: a Well Woman Clinic in the Royal Naval training practice, Gibraltar.

    Westwood, P R


    In order to assess the effectiveness of patient self-selection, and the value of dedicating surgery time to a specific clinic, attendances at a Well Woman Clinic were compared with attendances for the same reasons at other times. During the nine month audit period the opportunity was also taken to overhaul the Age/Sex Register, and assess the uptake of Cervical Screening at the Garrison Medical Centre. This unit is part of the Royal Naval Training Practice in Gibraltar.

  11. The library of the Royal Society of Physicians in Budapest becomes today's Semmelweis Medical History Library.

    Kaproncszay, Katalin; Magyar, László András; Putnam, Constance E


    The 170-year history of the library of the Royal Society of Medicine in Budapest illustrates both that political and cultural context matter and that "medical" libraries, if they survive, in due course become primarily "medical history" libraries. Two of the authors are on the staff of the Semmelweis Medical History Library; the third is a US scholar who makes frequent use of the library. Together, they avail themselves of archival and published materials-and personal experience with the collection-to establish the context that produced the original library, trace its evolution, and describe its present-day incarnation. A tale of transformation emerges that reflects how collections are likely to change. The authors present events and individuals in the life of the Royal Society's library and paint a picture of the value of today's Semmelweis Medical History Library. Unique treasures in the collection are described. The story told here is of how a particular nineteenth-century library became a twenty-first-century institution. The authors establish its peculiarly Hungarian context and potential value to librarians and historians from outside Hungary. The overall message is that general medical libraries everywhere are perforce likely to become medical historical libraries over time.

  12. Sir William Burnett (1779-1861), professional head of the Royal Naval Medical Department and entrepreneur.

    Penn, Christopher


    Sir William Burnett (1779-1861) had an active career as a Royal Navy surgeon in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, including service at the battles of St Vincent, the Nile and Trafalgar. From 1822 to 1855 he was professional head of the Royal Naval Medical Department, when he provided effective leadership in a time of great change. Although his official work earned him the reputation of a "hard-working, unimaginative, somewhat harsh man", his correspondence shows a very humane centre under the official carapace. His official performance and reputation were both eroded towards the end of his career by his determined promotion of zinc chloride, for which he held lucrative patents.

  13. The United States Army Medical Department Journal, April - June 2008


    Certification exam. Additionally, they are offered the opportunity to take the ServSafe ® certification examination.† The Navy trains Preventive Medicine...the ServSafe Exam.5(p5) Navy  Scope of practice – a concern because Navy PMTs operate clinically, unlike Army preventive medicine personnel...with other programs relocating and integrating into the Medical Education and Training Campus concept. *Army Training Course 322-68S10 †The ServSafe

  14. [Medical research in the US Armed Forces (Report 3). The US Army].

    Agapitov, A A; Aleĭnikov, S I; Bolekhan, V I; Ivchenko, I V; Krassiĭ, A B; Nagibovich, O A; Petrov, S V; Rezvantsev, M V; Soldatov, E A; Shalakhin, R A; Sheppli, E V


    The US Army. The present article is the third part of the review dedicated to organization and management of medical research in the US Armed Forces. The first and the second parts have been published in the previous issuses of the journal. Specifically this article is dedicated to organization and management of medical research in the US Army. It is shown that in the US Army the medical and biological research is conducted and coordinated by the special US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. The following units are successively presented: US Army Institute of Surgical Research, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine. The particular research programs conducting in the above mentioned institutions are presented.

  15. US Army Medical Research and Development Report.


    findings in this report are not to be construed as an official Department of the Army position unless so designated by other authorized documents...characteristics. ACHIEVEMENTS: A commercial dental X-ray film processor unit devel- oped and marketed by the Air Techniques Inc. Company of New Hyde Park, NY, was...has been designed which will increase the usefulness of the standard r. ubered containers. Prototypes will be procured during 2nd Quarter FY80. 83 D

  16. Is the British Army medical grading functional assessment tool effective?

    Mackie, Isobel


    Decision Support Aids (DSAs) have been widely used throughout industry and one (known as Table 7) is available to support British Army Medical Officers (MOs) grade soldiers against the Joint Medical Employment Standards. It is unknown how useful this DSA is in practice. An electronic questionnaire was distributed to British Army MOs working within Defence Primary Care facilities enquiring about MOs views on the usefulness of the DSA. Although the response rate was low, informative data were obtained. Between a half and a third of respondents felt that their judgement was affected in the application of the grading system when there were career implications to the grading MOs felt that the DSA allowed subjectivity in the grading. The results of this research suggest that although minor changes to Table 7 may improve service provision, an improvement in training in the application of Table 7 would be of greater benefit to the quality of occupational health service provision in the British Army.

  17. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. October - December 2010


    Hall et al14 compared the success rate of endotracheal intubation among paramedic students trained on a human patient simulator group or on human...Kang J, Hall CA. Human patient simulation is effective for teaching paramedic students endotracheal intubation . Acad Emerg Med. 2005;12(9):850-855...published in The Army Medical Department Journal are listed and indexed in MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database of life

  18. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. October - December 2012


    THIS PAGE unclassified Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std Z39-18 October – December 2012 The Army Medical Department benefits increase as you spend more time being active. Children and adolescents : get 60 minutes or more a day. Adults: get 2 hours and 30...AFB, Delaware ; and Fort Sam Houston, Texas.7 In addition, the Joint Pa- thology Center, the federal govern- ment’s pathology resource center, was

  19. Physician Retention in the Army Medical Department


    Fifteen years ago, these jobs were filled by General Medical Officers ( GMO ) -- graduates of internships who spent some time “muddying their boots” in the...field while waiting a year or two for the residency position of their choice. Today, the GMO is an endangered species. In an effort to provide the best

  20. Medically Documented Suicide Ideation Among U.S. Army Soldiers.

    Ursano, Robert J; Kessler, Ronald C; Stein, Murray B; Naifeh, James A; Nock, Matthew K; Aliaga, Pablo A; Fullerton, Carol S; Wynn, Gary H; Ng, Tsz Hin Hinz; Dinh, Hieu M; Sampson, Nancy A; Kao, Tzu-Cheg; Schoenbaum, Michael; McCarroll, James E; Cox, Kenneth L; Heeringa, Steven G


    We used administrative data to examine predictors of medically documented suicide ideation (SI) among Regular Army soldiers from 2006 through 2009 (N = 10,466 ideators, 124,959 control person-months). Enlisted ideators (97.8% of all cases) were more likely than controls to be female, younger, older when entering service, less educated, never or previously deployed, and have a recent mental health diagnosis. Officer ideators were more likely than controls to be female, younger, younger when entering service, never married, and have a recent mental health diagnosis. Risk among enlisted soldiers peaked in the second month of service and declined steadily, whereas risk among officers remained relatively stable over time. Risk of SI is highest among enlisted soldiers early in Army service, females, and those with a recent mental health diagnosis.

  1. Suicide attempts in U.S. Army combat arms, special forces and combat medics

    Ursano, Robert J.; Kessler, Ronald C.; Naifeh, James A.; Mash, Holly Herberman; Fullerton, Carol S.; Ng, Tsz Hin Hinz; Aliaga, Pablo A.; Wynn, Gary H; Dinh, Hieu M.; McCarroll, James E.; Sampson, Nancy A.; Kao, Tzu-Cheg; Schoenbaum, Michael; Heeringa, Steven G; Stein, Murray B.


    Background: The U.S. Army suicide attempt rate increased sharply during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Risk may vary according to occupation, which significantly influences the stressors that soldiers experience. Methods: Using administrative data from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS), we identified person-month records for all active duty Regular Army enlisted soldiers who had a medically documented suicide attempt from 2004 through 2009 (n = 96...

  2. U.S. Army Medical Department Journal (October-December 2006)


    headaches, migraines, concussions, seizures , syncope, epilepsy , nonsurgical neck or back pain, chronic pain syndromes, and vague neuropsychiatric...Medical Information Program 65 During Operation Iraqi Freedom IV MAJ Mark L. Higdon, MC, USA Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704-0188...US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, Maryland. 20 Army Medical Department Journal INTRODUCTION Operation Iraqi Freedom has

  3. Civilian primary care prescribing psychologist in an army medical center.

    Shearer, David S


    The present article discusses the integration of a civilian prescribing psychologist into a primary care clinic at Madigan Army Medical Center. A description of the role of the prescribing psychologist in this setting is provided. The author asserts that integrating prescribing psychology into primary care can improve patient access to skilled behavioral health services including psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic treatment. Potential benefits to the primary care providers (PCPs) working in primary care clinics are discussed. The importance of collaboration between the prescribing psychologist and PCP is emphasized. Initial feedback indicates that integration of a prescribing psychologist into primary care has been well received in this setting.

  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Radiation Therapy Services at Tripler Army Medical Center

    Diehl, Diane S


    The purpose of this analysis was to examine the costs and benefits associated with continuance of "in-house" radiation therapy services to eligible beneficiaries at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC...

  5. An evaluation of the performance in the UK Royal College of Anaesthetists primary examination by UK medical school and gender

    Watmough Simon D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There has been comparatively little consideration of the impact that the changes to undergraduate curricula might have on postgraduate academic performance. This study compares the performance of graduates by UK medical school and gender in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ section of the first part of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA examination. Methods Data from each sitting of the MCQ section of the primary FRCA examination from June 1999 to May 2008 were analysed for performance by medical school and gender. Results There were 4983 attempts at the MCQ part of the examination by 3303 graduates from the 19 United Kingdom medical schools. Using the standardised overall mark minus the pass mark graduates from five medical schools performed significantly better than the mean for the group and five schools performed significantly worse than the mean for the group. Males performed significantly better than females in all aspects of the MCQ – physiology, mean difference = 3.0% (95% CI 2.3, 3.7, p Conclusion Graduates from each of the medical schools in the UK do show differences in performance in the MCQ section of the primary FRCA, but significant curriculum change does not lead to deterioration in post graduate examination performance. Whilst females now outnumber males taking the MCQ, they are not performing as well as the males.

  6. Unjustly accused? Medical authorities and army recruitment in Australia 1914-1918

    Michael Tyquin


    Full Text Available Throughout World One, army recruiting in Australia was subject to wartime demands, demographic constraints and political interference. Australia’s small medical establishment became better in dealing with these issues, helped by the greater combat experience of the Australian Army Medical Corps. Within the political and military constraints of the day it generally responded well to changing Government and military policies at home and abroad. This was despite serious differences in opinion within the senior command of the Corps.

  7. The Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs Health Care Joint Venture at Tripler Army Medical Center Needs More Management Oversight


    E M B E R 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 The Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs Health Care Joint Venture at Tripler Army Medical Center Needs More...Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs Health Care Joint Venture at Tripler Army Medical Center Needs More Management Oversight 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER...Health Care Joint Venture at Tripler Army Medical Center Needs More Management Oversight Objective Our audit objective was to determine whether the

  8. General Duties Medical Officer Role 1 remote supervision in the era of Army Contingency Operations.

    Martin-Bates, Alexander James; Jefferys, S E


    The return to contingency after Operation HERRICK (2002-2014 Afghanistan conflict) has seen an emerging trend for small-scale rapidly developing expeditionary operations. The associated small, remote medical footprint for such operations, often within a coalition construct, reliant on host nation support is in direct conflict with the General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines for junior doctor supervision in an 'approved practice setting'. If a General Duties Medical Officer (GDMO) is nominated to support future operations, the provision of assured patient care and supervision within GMC guidelines, while ensuring career progression and ongoing education, may prove a challenge. Recently published British Army Policy aims to provide a framework to meet these challenges. The authors' first-hand experience in implementing this policy is explored further. The deployment of a remotely supervised GDMO, in line with British Army Policy, is both suitable and safe. This should assure quality medical care delivery during the era of Army Contingency Operations.

  9. Army Medical Support for Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance,


    gum infection. The Army’s maxillofacial surgeon ended up having to pull a number of the soldier’s teeth and treat him with massive doses of...extensive postinjury physiotherapy and follow-up orthopedic care; (g) radiol- ogy capability;44 (h) one two-tent section (four bunks) for psychiatric

  10. Nuclear Medical Science Officers: Army Health Physicists Serving and Defending Their Country Around the Globe

    Melanson, Mark; Bosley, William; Santiago, Jodi; Hamilton, Daniel


    Tracing their distinguished history back to the Manhattan Project that developed the world's first atomic bomb, the Nuclear Medical Science Officers are the Army's experts on radiation and its health effects. Serving around the globe, these commissioned Army officers serve as military health physicists that ensure the protection of Soldiers and those they defend against all sources of radiation, military and civilian. This poster will highlight the various roles and responsibilities that Nuclear Medical Science Officers fill in defense of the Nation. Areas where these officers serve include medical health physics, deployment health physics, homeland defense, emergency response, radiation dosimetry, radiation research and training, along with support to the Army's corporate radiation safety program and international collaborations. The poster will also share some of the unique military sources of radiation such as depleted uranium, which is used as an anti-armor munition and in armor plating because of its unique metallurgic properties. )

  11. U.S. Army Medical Department Journal (April-June 2006)


    have asthma .9 Diabetes now affects 20.8 million Americans, 7% of our population and a 6.3% increase since 2002.10 Like the military, the US as a whole...Sciences, Bangkok, Thailand; US Army Medical Research Unit- Kenya , Nairobi; Naval Medical Research Center Detachment, Lima, Peru; Naval Medical Research...Philippines, Cuba, Ethiopia, Kenya , Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Uzbekistan (air, water, soil, industrial hygiene) Iraqi Freedom 2003–2006 5,503

  12. Medical students' unique experience of army leadership training: a qualitative study.

    Earis, John; Garner, J; Haddock, D; Jenkins, J; Jha, V


    To assess the interactive experience of first year medical students attending the leadership and management course hosted by a British Army Reserve Field Hospital developed in partnership with Liverpool University. 244 students submitted a 1000-word structured reflective learning assignment about their reaction to, learning from and any behaviour and attitude changes as a result of, the training. The assignments were thematically analysed to identify how aspects of the training had impacted upon the students' understanding of leadership and teamwork. Their comments relating to the army were analysed to gain insight into their views and experience of the training. Students were surprised at how enjoyable and useful they found the course. Initially they expressed scepticism about what they could learn in an army-based environment. However, the training, particularly command and planning tasks, helped them appreciate and understand the different skills individuals can bring to a team environment, and the importance of everyone contributing. While some students were challenged by aspects of the course, with support and encouragement from team-mates and the army personnel, they learned they could achieve more together. Teaching leadership and management skills to medical students is a challenge which can be effectively addressed by adapting and developing army training resources. Students overcame initial scepticism about participating, and learned a lot about themselves and each other. In addition, the army developed a better understanding of the doctors of the future. The expertise of the army in delivering this training was crucial to its success as the medical school could not have provided this experience unsupported. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  13. Radiology in World War II (Medical Department, United States Army)


    of opinion as the war progressed. They included: 102 RADIOLOGY FJiuG-z 33.-Moderately advanced pulmon - ary tuberculosis detected in routine roent...therapy of cancer , like its surgical management, had become so complex that, unless the disease was treated with skill far above the average, therapeutic...efforts directed toward it could be wasted. To control cancer with X-rays produced by the equipment available to Army hospitals, except the equipment

  14. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course, 10 - 15 May 1992, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Augusta, Georgia


    program, the other having occurred at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in 1990. Since 1971, the Fort Ord program has recruited and trained some of our...Press. Tait, R., & Silver, R. C. (1989). Coming to terms with major negative life events. In J. S. Uleman and J. A. Bargh (Eds.). Unintended thought

  15. Computer Simulation of an Anesthesia Service at a U.S. Army Medical Treatment Facility


    Anesthesia Simulation Study 1 Running head : ANESTHESIA SIMULATION Computer Simulation of an Anesthesia Service at a U.S. Army Medical Treatment...bettering marketing efforts). There are several articles that address staffing from the perspective of what type of provider is the most cost

  16. US Army Medical Department Journal, January - March 2008. Warriors in Transition; Healing with Dignity and Determination


    reported witnessing the use and sale medication-related risk. In response, Brooke Army of cocaine, marijuana , and mushrooms within the Medical Center...Pain. chronic non- cancer pain. Pain. 2007:129:355-362. 1997;72:245-25 1. 28. Daniell H. Hypogonadism in men consuming 16. Bryant R, Harvey A...ability of modem medicine to effect a " cure " for severely brain-injured patients is limited. The initial Hyperventilation and extreme hypocarbia are

  17. Technology complementing military behavioral health efforts at tripler army medical center.

    Stetz, Melba C; Folen, Raymond A; Yamanuha, Bronson K


    The purpose of this article is to provide a short narrative on the ways that behavioral health professionals and their patients are currently benefitting from the use of technology. Examples stem from applications of technology to patients/research participants at the Tripler Army Medical Center. The paper also discusses how current use of this technology has made it possible to serve individuals in their own cultural environment, providing a cost-effective means of providing mental health services.

  18. Annual Research Progress Report (William Beaumont Army Medical Center) FY 1983


    101 Napolitano, P: 92/69 (C) (PR) Pregnancy After Failed Tubal Ligations : A Review of William Beaumont Army Medical Center’s Experience...Failed Tubal Ligation : A Review of WBAMCs Deparbent of Pedi•ics Experience. Armed Forces District Atkinson AW Attention Deficit Meeting of the American...carcinoma, post -venography infarction, etc.; (4) to detect functioning adrenal remnant after adrenalectomy for Cushing’s syndrome ; (5) to aid In

  19. A Study of Civilian Registered Nurse Recruitment at Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Washington.


    127 H. A MARKETING MIX FOR CIVILIAN REGISTERED NURSE *RECRUITMENT AT MADIGAN ARMY MEDICAL CENTER ... ... 131 SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY...employement should be promoted to this market. RN Recruitment Marketing Mix for Madigan The major finding in the market analysis of civilian RN...should be targeted; all gain their impetus from MAMC nursing management. A sumimary of the marketing mix is tabulated at Appendix H. This brief listing of

  20. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. July-September 2012


    virus antigens were detected in hair follicles of nuchal skin biopsy specimens by direct immunofl uorescence, and rabies viral RNA was found reprinted if credit is given to the author(s). OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION: This publication is targeted to US Army Medical Department units and...Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier; 2006:676- 681. Godfrey MER. Non- target and secondary poison-24. ing hazards of “second generation” anticoagulants

  1. Leadership and the Army Medical Specialist Corps Officer


    George Patton, and Martin Luther King were inspiring, at least to those they led. Many people feel that inspiration requires eloquence, an ability to...skills. Therefore, medical professionals need to pay particular attention to leadership and management competencies. Visionary Leadership implies...behaviors. LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS Clarifies Roles Closely related to the visionary and forward-looking characteristic previously discussed is role

  2. United States Army Medical Department Journal, January-March 2010


    kidney dialysis treatment, and artificial nutrition and hydration. The term does not include the administration of pain management medication or the...person the right to refuse lifesaving hydration and nutrition . The Court noted that "most state courts have based a right to refuse treatment on...and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) defines substantial evidence as ...evidence consisting of adequate and well-controlled investigations, including clinical

  3. [Carl Gustav Carus, the first director of the newly established maternity institute of the Dresden Royal Surgical-Medical Academy 1814-1827].

    Sarembe, B


    Carl Gustav Carus was born in 1789 in Leipzig. He studied at the University of Leipzig. His specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics took place at the Triersches Maternity Hospital. In 1814 he was named Professor for Obstetrics in Dresden at the Royal-Surgical-Medical-Academy. He was the head of the Maternity Hospital till 1827. Under his direction many midwives, students and physicians were educated. He published numerous articles and books on medical and philosophical-psychological topics. He was a talented artist of the Romantic especially in painting landscapes. He was a friend of Caspar David Friedrich and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. After 1827 he was the physician in ordinary to 3 saxonian kings. He died in 1869. The Medical Academy in Dresden bears his name "Carl Gustav Carus" since its foundation.

  4. The Tripler Army Medical Center LEAN Program: a healthy lifestyle model for the treatment of obesity.

    James, L C; Folen, R A; Garland, F N; Edwards, C; Noce, M; Gohdes, D; Williams, D; Bowles, S; Kellar, M A; Supplee, E


    This paper provides an overview of the Tripler Army Medical Center LEAN Program for the treatment of obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and essential hypertension. The LEAN Program, a multi-disciplinary prevention program, emphasizes healthy Lifestyles, Exercise and Emotions, Attitudes, and Nutrition for active duty service members. The treatment model offers a medically healthy, emotionally safe, and reasonable, low-intensity exercise program to facilitate weight loss. We will discuss the philosophy behind the LEAN Program and the major components. Thereafter, we will briefly discuss the preliminary results.

  5. Quality of Care Indicators in the AMEDD (Army Medical Department)


    Evaluation, Indicators 6 7rACT (Ceate - re,,vee sfr ,f d ideif y bio\\onb,) Ihis study looked at the feasibility of thev(MEDD)constructing a list of...affect the final list chosen. 7. The list of indicators should not be limited to " failures " or "errors" in medical practice. 6.p, 8. The list of...PATIENTS TRANSFUSED . TH WEIGHT RECORDED 100 1 PIN RNU3 1ED WITH ELECTROLYTE DETERMINATION 00 1 1 WITH INDICATION FOR TRANSFLS ON 100 I 2 2 WiTH ANEMIA EX

  6. Suicide attempts in U.S. Army combat arms, special forces and combat medics.

    Ursano, Robert J; Kessler, Ronald C; Naifeh, James A; Mash, Holly Herberman; Fullerton, Carol S; Ng, Tsz Hin Hinz; Aliaga, Pablo A; Wynn, Gary H; Dinh, Hieu M; McCarroll, James E; Sampson, Nancy A; Kao, Tzu-Cheg; Schoenbaum, Michael; Heeringa, Steven G; Stein, Murray B


    The U.S. Army suicide attempt rate increased sharply during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Risk may vary according to occupation, which significantly influences the stressors that soldiers experience. Using administrative data from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS), we identified person-month records for all active duty Regular Army enlisted soldiers who had a medically documented suicide attempt from 2004 through 2009 (n = 9650) and an equal-probability sample of control person-months (n = 153,528). Logistic regression analyses examined the association of combat occupation (combat arms [CA], special forces [SF], combat medic [CM]) with suicide attempt, adjusting for socio-demographics, service-related characteristics, and prior mental health diagnosis. In adjusted models, the odds of attempting suicide were higher in CA (OR = 1.2 [95% CI: 1.1-1.2]) and CM (OR = 1.4 [95% CI: 1.3-1.5]), but lower in SF (OR = 0.3 [95% CI: 0.2-0.5]) compared to all other occupations. CA and CM had higher odds of suicide attempt than other occupations if never deployed (ORs = 1.1-1.5) or previously deployed (ORs = 1.2-1.3), but not when currently deployed. Occupation was associated with suicide attempt in the first ten years of service, but not beyond. In the first year of service, primarily a time of training, CM had higher odds of suicide attempt than both CA (OR = 1.4 [95% CI: 1.2-1.6]) and other occupations (OR = 1.5 [95% CI: 1.3-1.7]). Discrete-time hazard functions revealed that these occupations had distinct patterns of monthly risk during the first year of service. Military occupation can inform the understanding suicide attempt risk among soldiers.

  7. Ars scientia mores: science comes to English dentistry in the seventeenth century. 1. Medical publications and the Royal Society.

    Bishop, M


    During the late seventeenth century scientific knowledge came dentistry, much of it through the activity of the new Royal Society, which was initiated by gatherings in London and Oxford from 1645 and formally established in 1660 after the restoration of the monarchy. The Society received its first charter from Charles II in 1662 and from 1665 onwards published its Philosophical Transactions. This paper outlines items published in that journal, and other relevant scientific publications of the century, applicable to dentistry. A companion paper employs Allen's dental treatise, The operator for the teeth, first published in York in 1685 to provide the evidence that he was aware of several of these scientific findings of his day.

  8. An Examination of Referral Physician Attitudes Toward Brooke Army Medical Center as a Tertiary Care Medical Center


    as a referral center as the basis for developing a marketing strategy . D MTRIPUO =1 ~ ’ 0 N Approved Z.r =uzic :eI’,.~e: I, Dj rzut.:n Un. ::ed 20...have become the principal constituency group that holds the key to meeting this goal. In this regard, a marketing strategy must be developed...Brooke Army Medical Center’s Health Service Region towards BAMC as a referral center as the basis 9 for developing a marketing strategy . Objectives The

  9. [Anaphylaxis caused by royal jelly].

    Roger, A; Rubira, N; Nogueiras, C; Guspi, R; Baltasar, M; Cadahia, A


    Royal jelly is the food on which are fed and which causes them to develop into queen bees. It is claimed to have rejuvenating virtues for human beings. This report describes a 15-year-old atopic woman who presented, 15 minutes after the intake of royal jelly, local angioedema, generalised urticaria, dysphonia and bronchospasm. She was given antihistaminics and corticoesteroids and responded well. The ingested product contains royal jelly, lactose and potassium sorbate. No anaphylactic reactions to lactose and sorbates have been described previously. Prick test to common food allergens hymenoptera venoms and pollens were negative. RAST to meletin was also negative. Blood eosinophils were 600 and total IgE 465. Non-commercial prepared specific IgE to royal jelly was positive (0.8 KU/l). Prick by prick was positive to 1/10 dilution, being negative in controls (undiluted). No oral provocation test was performed due to the risk of anaphylaxis. No reported cases of royal jelly allergy were founded in a review of the medical literature. Concluding, it is the first described case of IgE anaphylactic reaction due to royal jelly.

  10. Dealing with drug-seeking patients: the Tripler Army Medical Center experience.

    Lewis, P; Gaule, D


    Patients who exhibit drug-seeking behavior are a chronic problem in most health care delivery settings. In June 1996, Tripler Army Medical Center, a tertiary care hospital serving approximately 300,000 beneficiaries, implemented a sole provider program to identify and help such patients. A multidisciplinary sole provider team assigns a sole provider to identified drug seekers. Twice a year, the team scans a printout of all prescriptions for controlled substances to identify suspicious drug usage patterns. The team also accepts referrals from health care providers. This article describes the program and reports on results, problems encountered, and steps taken to improve its efficacy.

  11. What is the value of graduate education? An economic analysis of Army Medical Department Graduate Programs.

    Bewley, Lee W; Broom, Kevin D; Bonica, Mark


    Current and forward-looking resource constraints within the federal health system and general health market are generating questions of fiscal or economic viability of a number of programs including graduate education. This article establishes a framework for assessing economic value among graduate health-related programs within the Army Medical Department. The findings of this analysis indicated that the programs evaluated in the study generate positive economic value based on a market-based valuation of extrinsic benefits compared to extrinsic costs for conducting graduate education within each of the programs. Suggestions for future research and policy application are also discussed.

  12. The health of the American slave examined by means of Union Army medical statistics.

    Freemon, F R


    The health status of the American slave in the 19th century remains unclear despite extensive historical research. Better knowledge of slave health would provide a clearer picture of the life of the slave, a better understanding of the 19th-century medicine, and possibly even clues to the health problems of modern blacks. This article hopes to contribute to the literature by examining another source of data. Slaves entering the Union Army joined an organization with standardized medical care that generated extensive statistical information. Review of these statistics answers questions about the health of young male blacks at the time American slavery ended.

  13. Exodus? The training paths and plans of postgraduate medical trainees, under the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

    Bennett, D


    In 2006, the Buttimer report highlighted the paucity of demographic data on those applying for and entering postgraduate medical education and training (PGMET) in Ireland. Today, concerns that there is an "exodus" of graduates of Irish medical schools are at the forefront of national discussion, however, published data on PGMET remains inadequate.

  14. Graphical user interface for a remote medical monitoring system: U.S. Army medic recommendations.

    Kaushik, Sangeeta; Tharion, William J


    We obtained recommendations for a graphical user interface (GUI) design for a new medical monitoring system. Data were obtained from 26 combat-experienced medics. Volunteers were briefed on the medical monitoring system. They then completed a questionnaire on background medical treatment experience, provided drawings on how and what information should be displayed on the GUI screens for use on a personal digital assistant, and participated in focus group sessions with four to seven medics per group to obtain group consensus on what information the GUI screens should contain. Detailed displays on seven screens provide the medical and situational awareness information medics need for triage decisions and for early processing of a casualty. The created GUI screens are a combination of object-based and text-based information using a color-coded system. Medics believed the information displayed with these GUI designs would improve treatment of casualties on the battlefield.

  15. Department of the Army Supply Bulletin, Army Medical Department Supply Information, SB8-75-S7


    operations. In that light, key SCMD personnel have traveled to various Major Army Command (MACOM) locations, marketing our strategic capabilities and...4) One (1) 1x1 Brigade Set on various ships. b. These sets do not contain exclusionary items such as controlled drugs, refrigerated, or P&D

  16. A Study to Determine the Impact of Medical Readiness Programs on Fiscal Year 1987 Resource Utilization at Tripler Army Medical Center


    Requirements..48 McAdam III Ligt of Tables (Continued) Table Number Title Pale Nomber 1 Opportunity Cost of Exercise Support .... 50 19 Total Manpower...Advanced Trauma Life Support Materials Costo Medical Supplies Item Required Unit Price Unit of Measure Unit Cost Quantity Cost Catheter, 16 gauge S 48.22 50...McAdam 56 Chapter III - Summary Medical readiness programs are a vital part of the Army Medical Department mission. They are an integral part of

  17. Conserving the Future Force Fighting Strength: Findings from the Army Medical Department Transformation Workshops, 2002


    TRADOC, AAN Overview Briefing: Army After Next-Knowledge, Speed and Power, Fort Monroe : U.S. Army TRADOC, 1999. 6 Conserving the Future Force Army if AMEDO hseof Pr Issue Not Resolved in Another Reovd Control mation Conditional Issue 1AN:, What doctrina mdchange mconsiderations of MOUn T

  18. An Analysis of a VA/DoD High-Tech Joint Venture at Womack Army Medical Center.


    interest groups to expand the ’ joint venture ’ concept have intensified with the expectation that cost savings will be realized by participating...organizations (Tokarski, 1989). Using a specific example of a local Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) joint venture between the Fayetteville Veterans...Administration Medical Center (FVAMC) and Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC), the management problem was to determine how effective this joint venture has been at improving patient access to MRI technology.

  19. U.S. Army Medical Command Injury Summary, Active Duty Personnel, 2014


    ABSTRACT Injuries pose a major public health problem for the U.S. Army, impacting almost 300,000 active duty Army Soldiers annually leading to over 1.4...outpatient visits) were obtained from the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center in May 2015 for active duty Army personnel assigned to MEDCOM. Trends in...11 Tables 1 Frequency of Acute Injuries by Location and Diagnosis (Barell Matrix), Active Duty

  20. Increasing Department of Surgery Productivity: A Study on the Effects of Adding an Ambulatory Surgery Room to Tripler Army Medical Center

    Vaseliades, Aristotle A


    ...) to increase productivity in terms of relative value units (RVUs). Tripler Army Medical Center submitted 12 initiatives, one of which was the implementation of an ambulatory surgery room within the Department of Surgery...

  1. An experimental predeployment training program improves self-reported patient treatment confidence and preparedness of Army combat medics.

    Gerhardt, Robert T; Hermstad, Erik L; Oakes, Michael; Wiegert, Richard S; Oliver, Jeffrey


    To develop and assess impact of a focused review of International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) and combat casualty care with hands-on procedure training for U.S. Army medics deploying to Iraq. The setting was a U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School and Camp Eagle, Iraq. Investigators developed and implemented a command-approved prospective educational intervention with a post hoc survey. Subjects completed a three-day course with simulator and live-tissue procedure laboratories. At deployment's end, medics were surveyed for experience, confidence, and preparedness in treating various casualty severity levels. Investigators used two-tailed t-test with unequal variance for continuous data and chi-square for categorical data. Twenty-nine medics deployed. Eight completed the experimental program. Twenty-one of 25 (84%) available medics completed the survey including six of the eight (75%) experimental medics. The experimental group reported significantly greater levels of preparedness and confidence treating "minimal," "delayed," and "immediate" casualties at arrival in Iraq. These differences dissipated progressively over the time course of the deployment. This experimental program increased combat medic confidence and perceived level of preparedness in treating several patient severity levels. Further research is warranted to determine if the experimental intervention objectively improves patient care quality and translates into lives saved early in deployment.

  2. The ultrasound detection of simulated long bone fractures by U.S. Army Special Forces Medics.

    Heiner, Jason D; Baker, Benjamin L; McArthur, Todd J


    U.S. Army Special Forces Medics (18Ds) operate in austere environments where decisions regarding patient management may be limited by available resources. Portable ultrasound may allow for the detection of fractures in environments where other imaging modalities such as radiography are not readily available or practical. We used a simulation training model for the ultrasound diagnosis of long bone fractures to study the ability of 18Ds to detect the presence or absence of a fracture using a portable ultrasound. The fracture simulation model is composed of a bare turkey leg bone that is mechanically fractured and housed in a shallow plastic container within an opaque gelatin base solution. Five fracture patterns were created: transverse, segmental, oblique, comminuted, and no fracture. After a brief orientation session, twenty 18Ds evaluated the models in a blinded fashion with a SonoSite M-Turbo portable ultrasound device for the presence or absence of a fracture. 18Ds demonstrated 100% sensitivity (95% CI: 94.2% to 100%) in fracture detection and an overall specificity of 90% (95% CI: 66.8-98.2%) due to two false positive assessments of the no fracture model. Using a portable ultrasound device, 18Ds were able to correctly detect the presence or absence of a simulated long bone fracture with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. Future studies are needed to investigate the clinical impact of this diagnostic ability. 2010.

  3. Daniel John Cunningham (1850-1909): anatomist and textbook author, whose sons achieved distinction in the Army, Navy and Indian Medical Service.

    Kaufman, Matthew H


    Daniel John Cunningham was a son of the manse. His father John (1819-93) was the parish priest at Crieff, Perthshire from 1845 and was to remain there for 41 years. In 1886 he was appointed Principal of St Mary's College of the University of St Andrews and Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Daniel was educated at Crieff Academy before he progressed to the University of Edinburgh. He graduated MB CM with First-class Honours in 1874 and then proceeded MD in 1876 when he was awarded a Gold Medal for his thesis. He acted as Demonstrator to Professor Turner (1832-1916) in Edinburgh for eight years until 1882 and was then appointed to the Chair of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, in Dublin. After only one year there, he transferred to Trinity College, Dublin, where he occupied a similar position for 20 years. In 1903, on the appointment of Sir William Turner to the post of Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, Daniel was invited to succeed him as Professor of Anatomy in Edinburgh. Daniel held this post until his premature death in 1909. He had three sons and two daughters. Each of his three sons achieved distinction in different fields - one in the Army, another in the Navy and the third in the Indian Medical Service. One of Daniel's daughters married Dr Edwin Bramwell (1873-1952), who was later to occupy the Moncrieff Arnott Chair of Clinical Medicine in the University of Edinburgh.

  4. Warfarin and royal jelly interaction.

    Lee, Nancy J; Fermo, Joli D


    An 87-year-old African-American man came to the internal medicine clinic for a routine anticoagulation management visit. He had no complaints. His medical history was significant for stage IV-A follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. His long-term drug therapy consisted of warfarin, felodopine, lisinopril-hydrochlorothiazide, controlled-release diltiazem, potassium chloride, and oxycodone. He reported adherence with his prescribed drugs and denied taking any over-the-counter or herbal products. Overall, the patient's drug therapy had been consistent during the preceding 3 months, no significant changes had occurred in his clinical status, and no significant changes had been noted in his diet; his international normalized ratio (INR) had ranged from 1.9-2.4 (therapeutic range 2-3). He denied tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and recent travel. Four weeks later, the patient came to the emergency department with hematuria. He denied dysuria, taking more than the prescribed amount of warfarin, any changes in his diet, taking any over-the-counter or herbal products, and any other bleeding. On admission to the hospital, his INR was 6.88, which increased to 7.29 during his hospital stay. On further investigation, the patient admitted that he had started taking an herbal supplement, royal jelly, 1 week earlier. When asked specifically about the ingredients in the supplement, he stated that royal jelly was the only component. Relative to the patient's denial of any other changes in his condition or drug regimen, the most probable explanation for his elevated INR and subsequent bleeding is a possible interaction between royal jelly and warfarin. To our knowledge, no case reports concerning royal jelly and warfarin taken concomitantly have been reported. Clinicians should be proactive and repeatedly provide education regarding the potential dangers of dietary supplements taken with conventional drugs.

  5. Clinical prediction of musculoskeletal-related "medically not ready" for combat duty statuses among active duty U.S. army soldiers.

    Nelson, D Alan; Kurina, Lianne M


    No evidence-based mechanism currently exists to inform U.S. Army clinicians of soldiers at risk of being found "Medically Not Ready" for combat duty. Historically, musculoskeletal conditions represent high-frequency medical problems among Army soldiers. We explored the feasibility of using centrally archived medical and administrative data on Army soldiers in the automated prediction of musculoskeletal-related Medically Not Ready soldiers who did not deploy. We examined 56,443 active duty U.S. Army soldiers who underwent precombat medical screening during March through December 2009 and in March 2010. Musculoskeletal problems were associated with 23.0% of nonreadiness cases in the study population. We used multivariable logistic regression in derivation cohorts to compute risk coefficients and cut points. We then applied these coefficients to covariates in validation cohorts, simulating predictions 2 to 3 months before their medical screenings. The analysis yielded c statistics ranging from 83 to 90%. The predictions identified 45 to 73% and 50 to 82% of the individual male and female outcome-positive soldiers, respectively, while obtaining 83 to 95% specificity. Our findings demonstrate the potential of Army data to create evidence-based estimates of nonreadiness risk. These methods could enable earlier patient referrals and improved management, and potentially reduce medically related nondeployment.

  6. Evaluation of the Army Physical Training and Weight Control Programs. Part 2. The Army Medical Department Advanced NCOES Course


    Inspecion Specialist 91S - Environmental Specialist 91T - Animal Care Specialist 91W - Nuclear Lab Specialist 92B - Medical Lab Specialist 94F... Corporations have achieved excellent success with individual programs when they are supervised and receive adequate institutional backirg (Health and Fitness...The Corporate View, 1980). A safe and effective physical fitness program which is supported by the organization is an integral part of successful stress

  7. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. October-December 2011


    flowsheet with documentation of continuous fluid resuscitation decreased morbidity and mortality from burn wounds.6 Compartment syndrome ALARACT (all...Army action) memo mandated a high index of suspicion for compartment syndrome and a standardized approach to guide providers in the evaluation and...supervisors and staff concerning scheduling in order to foster a positive work environment, avoid burnout , increase morale, lower absenteeism, and

  8. Injuries and injury risk factors among men and women in U.S. Army Combat Medic Advanced individual training.

    Henderson, N E; Knapik, J J; Shaffer, S W; McKenzie, T H; Schneider, G M


    No previous reports have evaluated injuries or injury risk factors during the advanced individual training (AIT) that follows the Army's initial or basic combat training (BCT). This study examined injuries and injury risk factors among 439 men and 287 women participating in combat medic AIT. A questionnaire addressing demographic and lifestyle characteristics (age, race, tobacco and alcohol use, physical activity, etc.) was administered to all subjects. Stature and body mass were obtained from battalion records. Injuries occurring during both BCT and AIT were transcribed from subject medical records. Results indicated that cumulative injury incidence (subjects with one or more injuries) in BCT was 26% for men and 52% for women (p 25 years), split option (a break in service between BCT and AIT), and higher body mass were independent risk factors for AIT injuries among women. None of the examined variables were independent risk factors for AIT injuries among men.

  9. Royal Observatory, Greenwich

    Murdin, P.


    The Royal Observatory at Greenwich, London, founded in 1675, is the location of the Airy Transit Telescope that defines the prime meridian of the world and is the home of the Harrison Chronometers. The Observatory was founded by Charles II with the ultimate purpose of providing an accurate star catalog and model of the Moon's motion, that enabled mariners to find their longitude. During the twen...

  10. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC Annual Progress Report FY-89. Volume 2. Part 1


    levels dropped quite remarkably during the study. The third patient who will start the study in February 1989 is a patient who has had anorexia nervosa in... anorexia nervosa which she had in the past should not interfere with the scientific aspects or interpretation of this study. CONCLUSIONS None yet as...with respect to gender , rank and unit would not differ with respect to health risk (scores in the US Army’s Wellness Check, version 2.0); self

  11. Market Assessment of Brooke Army Medical Center - A Strategy for Today and the Future


    ticipation and representation in communitywide social or sports activi- ties are invited and strongly supported by the BAMC leadership. The purpose of...or individuals with supervisory responsibility in the outpatient setting (e.g., chief of podiatry , chief of occupational therapy, chief of physical... Sports events and activities (e.g., nutrition care run and wellness fair). c. Television and newspaper health spots. II. Increase Brooke Army

  12. The uses of epidemiologic and public health approaches for HIV/AIDS control among young men in the Royal Thai Army and Thailand Actuaciones epidemiológicas y de salud pública para el control del VIH/SIDA entre los hombres jóvenes en Tailandia y el Real Ejército de Tailandia

    B. Saengdidtha


    Full Text Available The effectiveness of HIV/AIDS control in Thailand is well recognized internationally and is due to the perception of national threat, the acknowledgement of the policy-makers, the efficient mechanisms of management at all levels, the relevant counter-measures and plans, the sustained commitment in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the total mobilization of all sectors of the country to deal with the problems. The Royal Thai Army (RTA and the RTA Medical Department (RTAMD have significant roles in solving the HIV/AIDS problems by partnering in the threat assessment, surveillance among conscripts to monitor HIV spread and control it effectively, research on behavioral risks leading to the development of targeted intervention models first piloted with conscripts and later adapted for other risk groups, providing care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PWA and cooperation with civilian and international partners. Factors that have contributed to the success of the RTA's operations include the strong organizational infrastructure and management, the relevant strategies and measures, the determination for long-term commitment and total mobilization of resources and multi-sectoral coordination. The lessons learned from the RTA's experience in HIV/AIDS prevention and impact alleviation, especially by epidemiologic and public health approaches, can be used as a basis for further development towards more effective and efficient models. It can also be a useful example for other agencies in Thailand and other countries with the same problems and similar socio-cultural backgrounds to apply and adapt for their own uses.La eficacia del control del VIH/SIDA en Tailandia es bien conocida a nivel internacional y se debe a la percepción de amenaza nacional, el reconocimiento de los encargados de formular las medidas políticas a adoptar, los mecanismos eficientes de gestión a todos los niveles, las correspondientes contramedidas y planes, el desarrollo

  13. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Support for the American Expeditionary Forces by the US Army Medical Corps During World War I.

    Wright, James R; Baskin, Leland B


    Historical research on pathology and laboratory medicine services in World War I has been limited. In the Spanish American War, these efforts were primarily focused on tropical diseases. World War I problems that could be addressed by pathology and laboratory medicine were strikingly different because of the new field of clinical pathology. Geographic differences, changing war tactics, and trench warfare created new issues. To describe the scope of pathology and laboratory medicine services in World War I and the value these services brought to the war effort. Available primary and secondary sources related to American Expeditionary Forces' laboratory services were analyzed and contrasted with the British and German approaches. The United States entered the war in April 1917. Colonel Joseph Siler, MD, a career medical officer, was the director, and Colonel Louis B. Wilson, MD, head of pathology at the Mayo Clinic, was appointed assistant director of the US Army Medical Corps Division of Laboratories and Infectious Disease, based in Dijon, France. During the next year, they organized 300 efficient laboratories to support the American Expeditionary Forces. Autopsies were performed to better understand treatment of battlefield injuries, effects of chemical warfare agents, and the influenza pandemic; autopsies also generated teaching specimens for the US Army Medical Museum. Bacteriology services focused on communicable diseases. Laboratory testing for social diseases was very aggressive. Significant advances in blood transfusion techniques, which allowed brief blood storage, occurred during the war but were not primarily overseen by laboratory services. Both Siler and Wilson received Distinguished Service Medals. Wilson's vision for military pathology services helped transform American civilian laboratory services in the 1920s.

  14. Enhancing the effectiveness of the U.S. Army's participation in medical diplomacy: implications from a case study in Trinidad.

    Haims, Marla C; Duber, Herbert C; Chang, Lie-Ping


    Medical diplomacy is a complex, yet increasingly important strategy of the U.S. government. In this article, we present a unique program that was jointly developed by the U.S. Army Reserves 807 th Medical Deployment Support Command and the Trinidad Ministry of Health to address the large backlog of untreated cataracts in Trinidad and Tobago. This partnership evolved over time, but began with a commitment to help address a critical public health issue as determined by the host country, with investment in both local capacity and attention towards sustainability. The 807 th Medical Deployment Support Command utilized its connection to the military and civilian worlds, bringing in outside expertise and a long-term university partner allowing for sustainability without protracted U.S. government support. This program resulted in multiple positive outcomes, including building a strong partnership with a key U.S. interest; enhancing the legitimacy of the Trinidadian government through the development of a sustainable cataract program; and providing a platform for the United States to be seen by the Trinidadian public in a very positive light. This new model for medical diplomacy may have significant benefit for both the host country and U.S. government, and deserves further evaluation in other contexts. Reprint & Copyright © 2014 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.

  15. Disqualifying Medical Conditions of Flying Personnel in Chinese Army and Air Force

    Chun-wei Wang; Shu-xuan Xu; Xian-rong Xu; Tong-xin Chen


    @@ After inpatient aircrews of Chinese Army and Air Force are treated at local hospitals,their health status will be evaluated.If it is aeronantieally adaptable,the conclusion would be flying qualification;if it may impact the flight safety or the flight environment may aggravate the illness,the conclusion would be flight suspension,and then the patient should be forwarded from local hospital to our hospital.After detailed examination,if the conditions of flying personnel are considered not qualified for flight,the conclusion of flying disqualification should be made finally.

  16. Hawaiian Royal Incest

    Joanne Carando


    Full Text Available When early navigators reported on Hawaii, its practices and customs, one of the most often mentioned features of the archipelago was the practice of incest among members of the royal families. Though it was restricted to a limited number of people, it was such an openly practiced tradition that it could not go unnoticed, all the more so as it concerned the rulers of the islands. What struck these first observers was also the fact that it was not considered as a sin nor as a peculiar custom by...

  17. A royal visit


    King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway made a trip to CERN on Tuesday 4 April, taking a tour of part of the LHC and greeting the Norwegian students and scientists at the Laboratory. Norway's King Harald V and Queen Sonja take a tour of the ATLAS detector with CERN Director-General Robert Aymar.King Harald V and Queen Sonja are greeted warmly by members of the Norwegian community at the CERN Globe. CERN Director-General Robert Aymar welcomed the royal party, which included the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre, and provided an overview of CERN's history and current and future research. ATLAS deputy spokesperson Steinar Stapnes then quickly explained the concept and inner workings of the LHC, some LHC physics goals and ATLAS, which is one of the main experiments receiving Norwegian contributions. 'I don't think I've ever had so many distinguished students before,' Stapnes said jokingly to the crowd.The royal delegation was then escorted underground for a look at the LHC tunnel and the...

  18. A Call for Innovation: Reflective Practices and Clinical Curricula of US Army Special Operations Forces Medics.

    Rocklein, Kate


    Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics have written and published numerous practice reflections that intricately describe their practice environments, clinical dilemmas, and suggestions for teaching and practice. The lack of translation of SOF medics experiential evidence to their curriculum has created a gap in evidence-based curriculum development. This study analyzed SOF medics learning and practice patterns and compared it to the evidence in the interdisciplinary clinical literature. After framing the problem, the literature was reviewed to determine appropriate tools by which perceptions and attitudes toward reflection-centered curricula could be measured. A recognizable practice reflection was extracted from the published SOF clinical literature and presented in writing to self-identified SOF medics and medic instructors via a descriptive crossover design, to ensure possible biases were mitigated. To measure SOF medics perceptions of reflection-based curricula, the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure survey instrument was used, as it has validated psychometric properties and is used worldwide. SOF medics averaged scores of perceptions of their medic education indicated positive but not completely statistically significant preferences toward reflection-based curricula over traditional curriculum. Special Operations, medics, reflective practice, curricula BACKGROUND Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics practice in environments that are violent, austere, clandestine, and far removed from definitive hospital facilities. What was true almost 20 years ago?". . . academic demands of [Special Forces medic training] are roughly equivalent to those of an upper-level undergraduate curriculum in science or perhaps to those of first year medical school"?is even more challenging today. During this study, medics, physicians, and educators within the SOF medical community publicly and privately (ergo, names were redacted) expressed the need for curricular changes to

  19. Analysis of publications in Medical Journal of Chinese People’s Liberation Army during 2006 to 2010

    Dong-ping ZHU


    Full Text Available Objective To analyze the characteristics of articles published in the Medical Journal of Chinese People’s Liberation Army(MJCPLA from year 2006 to 2010,so as to provide some beneficial references for further advance of the journal.Methods Each bibliometrics index of MJCPLA during 2006 to 2010 was analyzed with literature metrology.Results A total of 2442 articles were published in 60 issues over 5 years characterizing reasonable column setting,a high proportion,accounting for 43.5%,of fund-supported researches,with coauthor paper accounting for 95.6% and coauthor degree at 5.20.The articles were provided by authors widely distributed from 31 provinces,autonomous regions,mulicipality,and Macao Special Administrative Region,America,Ukraine,German and other overseas areas,implying the author ranks are of tremendous strength,and the readers group is of steady.Conclusion For the high quality of materials being published,the MJCPLA has a claim to one of the most important military medical information sources and an important core journal in medical field.

  20. A remembrance of Victoria and the Canadian Army Medical Corps in the Great War.

    Carter, Preston L


    The North Pacific Surgical Association first met in Victoria in December, 1917, in the midst of World War I, or as it was known then, the Great War. On all sides, the toll in human life was staggering. Canada alone lost more than 60,000 men in the war. Our Association now returns to Victoria as the very last survivors of that generation pass into history. We honor the great sacrifice of the Canadian Army, recall the horrific conditions they endured, and honor the doctors and nurses who attended the countless wounded through the experiences of a Canadian surgeon from Calgary, Dr. Harold McGill, who served for 3 years in the thick of action on the Western Front.

  1. Pilot study to determine the feasibility of training Army National Guard medics to perform focused cardiac ultrasonography.

    Backlund, Brandon H; Bonnett, Carl J; Faragher, Jeffrey P; Haukoos, Jason S; Kendall, John L


    To assess the ability of Army National Guard combat medics to perform a limited bedside echocardiography (BE) to determine cardiac activity after a brief training module. Twelve Army National Guard health care specialists trained to the level of emergency medical technician-basic (EMT-B) underwent an educational session consisting of a 5-minute lecture on BE followed by hands-on practical training. After the training session, each medic performed BEs, in either the subxiphoid (SX) or parasternal (PS) location at his or her discretion, on four healthy volunteers. The time required to complete the BE and the anatomic location of the examination (SX vs. PS) was documented. A 3-second video clip representing the best image was recorded for each BE. These clips were subsequently reviewed independently by two of the investigators with experience performing and interpreting BE; each BE was graded on a six-point scale designed for the study, the Cardiac Ultrasound Structural Assessment Scale (CUSAS). A score of 3 or greater was considered to be adequate to assess for the presence of cardiac activity. Where there was disagreement on the CUSAS score, the reviewers viewed the clip together and agreed on a consensus CUSAS score. We calculated the median time to completion and interquartile range (IQR) for each BE, the median CUSAS scores and IQR for examinations performed in the SX and PS locations, and kappa for agreement between the two reviewers on the CUSAS. A total of 48 BEs were recorded and reviewed. Thirty-seven of 48 (77%) were obtained in the SX location, and 11 of 48 (23%) were obtained in the PS location. Forty-four of 48 (92%) were scored as a 3 or higher on the CUSAS. Median time to completion of a BE was 5.5 seconds (IQR: 3.7-10.9 seconds). The median CUSAS score in the SX location was 4 (IQR: 4-5), and the median CUSAS score in the PS location was 4 (IQR: 4-4). Weighted kappa for the CUSAS was 0.6. With minimal training, the vast majority of the medics in our

  2. Summary of Injury Prevention Activities Supporting the Army Soldier Medical Readiness Campaign, 2011-2014


    Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits were offered to participants starting in 2013 and 2014 (respectively...Human Performance Optimization Programs, LOE 4.0 Measurements of Effectiveness, and LOE 5.0 STRATCOM. Injury Prevention Activities in the Soldier...increase Soldier medical readiness by optimizing medical readiness systems, enhancing Soldier care , and improving Soldier health and fitness (U.S

  3. Primary trauma care experience of army reserve combat medics: is a new approach needed?

    Ben-Abraham, R; Paret, G; Kluger, Y; Shemer, J; Stein, M


    Combat medics play a significant role in any fighting unit. In recent years, during times of peace and low-intensity military conflicts, as well as in operations other than war, reserve combat medics have been challenged to treat major casualties in the field. Although this work requires important manual skills, the medics perform basic treatment maneuvers that are not necessarily for saving of lives. A sample survey of reserve combat medics revealed that most (70%) were engaged in medical care for trauma victims during their regular and reserve service. Many (32.5%) were involved in incidents with multiple casualties. These incidents included seriously injured victims, with 39.2% of the medics being involved with air evacuation and 44.4% with fatalities. Not all medics are exposed to major trauma, but for those who are, the numbers of patients per medic is not large. Therefore, the need to educate the medics in cognitive, and more importantly, in manual skills, is obvious. Suggestions for the means to do so are provided.

  4. U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity 1991 Annual Report


    Molecular Sieve O9yMe Generating System (HOOGS) willprovide medical grade oxygen on Medical Evacuation aircraft for I trauma and chemical agent patient...these toxoids within this new facility. e Pentavalent Botulinal Toxoid ( ABCDE ) was fielded for use as an Investigational New Drug in Saudi Arabia, and

  5. Using the Army Medical Cost Avoidance Model to prioritize preventive medicine initiatives.

    Smith, Cindy; McCoskey, Kelsey; Clasing, Jay; Kluchinsky, Timothy A


    The MCAM's ICD-9 Analysis Tool provides preventive medicine program developers with a powerful tool to demonstrate ROI. Previously disjointed cost components have been brought together in the MCAM to calculate the total medical cost avoided. Users are required to make 4 data entries. In response, the user receives the highly coveted medical cost avoidance that should be realized. The SPHMP example demonstrates how simple it is to use the MCAM to determine the expected ROI.

  6. Physician-to-physician consultation via electronic mail: the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Ask a Doc system.

    Abbott, Kevin C; Mann, Scott; DeWitt, Daisy; Sales, Linda Youngblood; Kennedy, Sean; Poropatich, Ron K


    Physician-to-physician consultation and discussion have traditionally been conducted by telephone, paper, and "curbside" (face to face meetings). The implementation and use of physician-to-physician consultation via electronic mail in a military health care system has not been reported previously. The group mail function of the Composite Health Care System, the main outpatient medical automation system for the Department of Defense, was modified to create mailgroups for every specialty of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to facilitate ease of physician-to-physician consultation. This modification was called the "Ask a Doc" system. The system was deployed to a 21-state health care network among triservice participants. There were 3,121 consultations logged from April 22, 1998, to December 31, 2000. Growth in use expanded initially and was sustained during a 3-year period. Average response time to consultations was less than 1 day (11.93 hours). Additional training and maintenance requirements were minimal. In general, the use of electronic consultation mirrored that of clinical practice. Most specialty consultations involved the disciplines of internal medicine. Use of the Ask a Doc system was representative of total clinical workload and increased access to specialty medical care over a wide geographic area. The distribution of use indicated that user statistics were legitimate, and quality improvement programs could easily troubleshoot the system. Ask a Doc was inserted into a regional health care network with minimal cost to support and implement and was sustained with very little effort for 3 years. Barriers to even wider use currently include lack of secure communications and the difficulty in assigning workload credit for electronic consultations.

  7. Mental health, help seeking, and stigma and barriers to care among 3- and 12-month postdeployed and never deployed U.S. Army Combat Medics.

    Chapman, Paula L; Elnitsky, Christine; Pitts, Barbara; Figley, Charles; Thurman, Ryan M; Unwin, Brian


    U.S. Army Combat Medic serves as both Soldier and provider of combat casualty care, often in the heat of battle and with limited resources. Yet little is known about their help-seeking behavior and perceived stigma and barriers to care. Participants were three groups of U.S. Army Combat Medics surveyed at 3- and 12-months postdeployment from assignment with line units vs. those Medics who had never deployed to combat. The primary data source was surveys of mental health service utilization, perceived stigma and barriers to care, and depression and post-traumatic stress disorder screens. Medics who received help in the past year from a mental health professional ranged from 18% to 30%, with 18% to 30% seeking mental health assistance from other sources. Previously deployed Medics were more likely to obtain assistance than those who never deployed. Those meeting a mental health screening criteria were more likely to report associated stigma and barriers to care. Findings indicate that Medics in need of assistance report greater perceived barriers to mental health care, as well as stigma from seeking treatment, and that depression may be a salient issue for Medics. The longitudinal nature of the ongoing study will help determine the actual trajectory and onset of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Reprint & Copyright © 2014 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.

  8. Military Personnel. Army Needs to Better Enforce Requirements and Improve Record Keeping for Soldiers Whose Medical Conditions May Call for Significant Duty Limitations


    about 19 percent, from 216,000 to 256,000 servicemembers, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism. The Army has been...ability to perform his or her duties, such as heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic asthma, and epilepsy . Page 11 GAO-08-546 Medical...such as work on scaffolding, vehicle driving, or near moving machinery. Seizure disorders; other disorders producing syncopal attacks of severe

  9. A Study of Meeting the Emotional Needs of Dying Patients and their Families at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC


    for the creation of a special thanatology team called "The Care Team". This interdisciplinary team consisting of volunteer physicians, nurses, social...the status quo, (2) establish a fully operational hospice, or (3) establish a thanatology team that is specifically designed to help dying patients... Thanatology Team To some the status quo is not acceptable, yet at the same time establishing a fully operational hospice at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

  10. Dominique-Jean Larrey, chief surgeon of the French Army with Napoleon in Egypt: notes and observations on Larrey's medical memoirs based on the Egyptian campaign.

    Wood, Mary Mendenhall


    Dr. Dominique-Jean Larrey wrote memoirs of 12 diseases he encountered while serving as chief surgeon of the French army during Napoleon's Egyptian campaign. He describes symptoms and treatments, evaluates remedies used by the Egyptians, and the effects of the climate. Of interest are his original though misguided explanations of causes of sickness or complications from wounds as well as descriptions of medications--now known to be dangerous--but all balanced by his common sense and efforts to ameliorate suffering.

  11. A Study to Develop a Methodology for Establishing Medical Clerk Requirements within the Outpatient Clinics at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Fort Campbell, Kentucky


    No. 6 (November-December 1983): 20-23, 29. Genovese, Dolores . "Workload and Staffing in the Medical Records Department at Church Hospital." Topics in...Health Record Management 5, No. 1 (September 1984): 1-17. Lang, Kathryn A. "A Part-Time Clerk May Solve Busy Office Problems." Dental Economics 72, No...Army Standard, Dental Activities and Area Dental Laboratories. San Antonio: Health Services Command, May 1985. U.S. Department of Labor. Job

  12. A Problem Solving Project to Determine if the Central Appointment System Adequately Supports the Outpatient Workload Reporting Requirements at Tripler Army Medical Center.


    34Information Systems: The Process of Development." Journal of Nursing Administration Vol. 9, No. 1 (January 1979): pp. 53-58. Weisbord , Marvin R. "Why...with the overall responsibility for this system. In May 1980, Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) will receive a new Burroughs Model 1800 computer to...and the workload gathering methods, the steps involved in reporting on outpatient clinic visit were documented and modelled . This model captured the

  13. Establishment of a Separate Psychology Service at Walter Reed Army Medical Center


    Sheila Forsythe, Barbara J. Morgan); the Department of Psychology at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland (CAPT Frank Mullins and...Services w2 1l have to be configured to specific staffs, available resources, and missions. To enhance leadership opportunities and carper rr𔄁-0ssion fe

  14. U.S. Army Medical Bioengineering Research and Development Laboratory. Volume 1.


    chemical warfare agents and trIchothecene mycotoxlns In field water supplies. Identified methods for detection, Identification, quantitation and...activities burdened with problems In the broad areas of combat casualty care, human health effects of environmental pollution, preventive medicine, and...utilization of human resources. The functional realignment resulted in major changes for the Field Medical Materiel Development Division which now has

  15. Medical Diplomacy in the United States Army: A Concept Whose Time Has Come


    medical diplomacy, comparing the five million dollars spent refurbishing the Rabia Balkhi hospital in Kabul Afghanistan with the eight billion dollars...tat once saw nearly one in five children die at birth”, Mr. Thompson pointed out. Those patients being born and treated today in the Rabia Balkhi

  16. MEDBASE: Strategic Planning and Implementation of an Army Medical Department Software Application


    developing the plan: stakeholder analysis , SWOT analysis , a list of competitors ’ strengths and weaknesses, the development of a big, hairy, audacious goal...was created along with the following products: SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis , vision statement, strategy map, and...Implementation, AMEDD Architecture, Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, Life Cycle Model, SWOT Analysis , Interim Systems, Injury Tracking, Medical Readiness

  17. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. April-June 2010


    deep breathing, journaling, tai chi, meditation , guided imagery, and biofeedback, just to name a few. These are techniques that most medical...doubled as a classroom . The clinic could accommodate instruction of up to 6 hearing technician students who not only used the training systems

  18. U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, January-March 2007


    Officer COL Barry Moore, DC Chief, Department of Dental Science AMEDD Center & School COL Patricia Patrician, AN Chief, Department of Nursing Science AMEDD...confusing to diagnose and treat, especially if the patient has multiple potential sources of hypoxia and/ or hypotension. Inadequate Sedation/ Analgesia ...Intravenous sedation and analgesia , a continuous process, includes observation and timely administration of sedative/pain medications which, if not

  19. A Study of Alternate Approaches to Utilization Review of Laboratory Services within an Army Medical Center


    not known 5. Outplacement 6. Administrative discharge delay 7. Other (EKG, EEG, etc.) OTHER 1. Patient/family pressure 2. Teaching 3. Research 23...return as ordered or next weekday a. Routine lab tests and X-ray: same 4. Outplacement : delay, if any, is count- day if ordered in a.m. or next ed from...medical complica- tion) interferes 5. Outplacement : delay, if any, is counted from the day after disposi- tion request is noted except where unusual

  20. UK Royal Navy WWII Logbooks

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2006, the UK and NOAA's Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) funded the imaging of approximately 8,000 Royal Navy logbooks in the UK National Archives...

  1. US Army Medical Bioengineering Research and Development Laboratory Annual Progress Report FY1981.


    MUMNIP E T ASSOC.AVE ANPYSTICATOPS NAME O’CONNOR, R..J. 21A. DB. C. . E. NAME FROMMER , F (U) MOSQUITO LIGHT TRAP ;(U) DISEASE VECTORS ;(U) PEST...DETRICK MD 21701 Amus’FT DETRICK Nd 21701 *CWWA WIVESTIGATO FU~ SM ,f US ACIM10,€ llt- l) NAME FROMMER , R L *.j HAMES, W. H., LTC Tp"’ow 3016637237 0E... Frommer , Dr. R. L., Hembree, S. C., Nelson, Dr. J. H., Remington, M. P., ARD, and Paul H. Gibbs, EPRD. For publication in Journal of Medical Entomology

  2. Blood Program in World War II. Medical Department, United States Army


    fowl malaria at the Naval Medical School had indicated that this variety of Pl43modium does not survive in dried plasma. Recent observations in Puerto ...1)4 )11 Ivs prm Idell shill)III1,111 . I I V \\1 VP A :14 I’ll I )FIFF It \\1 I N \\’III( JINS :opper SidlIkalle Falling- I )rojo Tesi A .1111...Pacific airlift, 602-603 in fractionation of plasma, 343 Puerperal hemorrhage, transfusion for, I in gelatin, 375, 376 Puerto Rico, 143 in intravenous

  3. Operations of and Challenges to the Army Medical Department during the US-Mexican War, 1846-1848


    Falling Before Honor: Corpus Christi, New Orleans, and the Gulf of Mexico ............ 45 Taylor’s Army: Palo Alto to Buena Vista ...was patronizing, as if he was attempting to placate a small child by employing simple mathematical equations to prove his point. Lawson claimed...own and the enemy’s. Taylor’s Army: Palo Alto to Buena Vista Figure 9. Map of Matamoros, Mexico to Point Isabel (now Port Isabel, TX

  4. Je Maintiendrai: The Royal Netherlands Army Within the Alliance


    dealers, prostitution and pornography. The century old Dutch tradition of accommodating different religions , ideologies and refugees had in the 1960s...within Dutch society such as equal rights for minorities, semi-legalized euthanasia practices, numerous political action committees and protest...Indonesian or other Military Manpower: 4,064,000 (Males 15-49) Number of Males Reaching Military Age Annually: 124,000 Religion : 40% Catholic, 31

  5. Health-Related Fitness in the Royal Netherlands Army


    members (e.g., osteoporotic problems), women (e.g., female athlete triad ), and frequently deployed personnel (e.g., underrecovery symptoms). Together... female ) and staff from the RNLA commanding staff (88 male, 9 female ), both representing a relatively old age-group and the latter also with...collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes with activity-related joint pain. Curr Med Res Opin 2008;24(5):1485-96. [9] Woodruff SI

  6. Brigadier General James Stevens Simmons (1890-1954), Medical Corps, United States Army: a career in preventive medicine.

    Marble, Sanders


    James Simmons began his career in the US Army as a laboratory officer and his assignments progressed into tropical medicine research. His interests and work evolved into preventive medicine (PM, as the Army termed public health), and he took both a PhD and a Doctorate in Public Health. As the Army's leading PM officer he was appointed head of PM in 1940 and guided the Army's PM effort through World War II. His responsibility ran from gas masks through healthy nutrition and occupational health to an enormous variety of diseases; by the war's end, the breadth and importance of PM was reflected in the Preventive Medicine Division, having fully one-sixth of all military personnel at the Surgeon General's Office. Simmons used his strong professional credentials to tap into civilian medicine for expertise the Army lacked and he established organizations that survive to this day. After retirement, he sought to expand the field of public health and raise another generation of public health physicians.

  7. The Tripler Army Medical Center's LE3AN program: a six-month retrospective analysis of program effectiveness for African-American and European-American females.

    Simpson, Mark; Earles, Jay; Folen, Raymond; Trammel, Rick; James, Larry


    This is a retrospective study that examines the effectiveness of the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) LE3AN Program for weight management among African-American and European American women. African-American and European-American active-duty females who enrolled in the TAMC LE3AN Program between July 1998 and December 2001, and completed six months of follow-up were included in the analysis. The results indicate that the program is associated with significant weight loss for participants, and that it is equally effective for African-American and European-American women. Weekly follow-up visits were correlated with greater weight loss.

  8. Case ascertainment of heat illness in the British Army: evidence of under-reporting from analysis of Medical and Command notifications, 2009–2013

    Stacey, Michael J; Brett, S; Woods, D; Jackson, S; Ross, D


    Background Heat illness in the Armed Forces is considered preventable. The UK military relies upon dual Command and Medical reporting for case ascertainment, investigation of serious incidents and improvement of preventive practices and policy. This process could be vulnerable to under-reporting. Objectives To establish whether heat illness in the British Army has been under-reported, by reviewing concordance of reporting to the Army Incident Notification Cell (AINC) and the Army Health Unit (AHU) and to characterise the burden of heat illness reported by these means. Methods Analysis of anonymised reporting databases held by the AHU and AINC, for the period 2009–2013. Results 565 unique cases of heat illness were identified. Annual concordance of reporting ranged from 9.6% to 16.5%. The overall rate was 13.3%. July was the month with the greatest number of heat illness reports (24.4% of total reporting) and the highest concordance rate (30%). Reports of heat illness from the UK (n=343) exceeded overseas notifications (n=221) and showed better concordance (17.1% vs 12.8%). The annual rate of reported heat illness varied widely, being greater in full-time than reservist personnel (87 vs 23 per100 000) and highest in full-time untrained personnel (223 per100 000). Conclusions The risk of heat illness was global, year-round and showed dynamic local variation. Failure to dual-report casualties impaired case ascertainment of heat illness across Command and Medical chains. Current preventive guidance, as applied in training and on operations, should be critically evaluated to ensure that risk of heat illness is reduced as low as possible. Clear procedures for casualty notification and surveillance are required in support of this and should incorporate communication within and between the two reporting chains. PMID:25717054

  9. Gynecologic evaluation of the first female soldiers enrolled in the Gulf War Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program at Tripler Army Medical Center.

    Wittich, A C


    Tripler Army Medical Center initiated the Department of Defense's Persian Gulf Illness Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program (CCEP) on June 15, 1994. In the first 5 months, 100 patients enrolled in this program. Sixteen (16%) were women who served in the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, and 1 (1%) was the dependent wife of a Gulf War veteran who is experiencing illness that may be related to the Persian Gulf War. All 17 women enrolled in the CCEP were evaluated in the Tripler Army Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic between June 17 and November 10, 1994. Each patient underwent gynecologic history, pelvic exam, Pap smear, and screen for fecal occult blood. Ten patients underwent baseline mammograms and 13 patients underwent urogenital and cervical cultures for aerobic bacteria, chlamydia and herpes simplex. The 1 patient with an abnormal Pap smear underwent cervical and endocervical biopsies and colposcopy (histology demonstrated no dysplasia or neoplasia). Half of the 16 Gulf War veterans experienced gynecologic problems while serving in the Gulf and 43% admitted gynecologic problems since returning in 1991. Of 6 patients who became pregnant after returning, 5 had normal pregnancies and 1 suffered four miscarriages.

  10. ‘All Touched my Hand’: Queenly Sentiment and Royal Prerogative

    Rachel Bates


    Full Text Available The Crimean War occurred during a formative period of ‘civic publicness’, a term used by John Plunkett to describe the press-mediated public duties undertaken by Victoria and Albert to affirm the monarchy’s popular constitution. The war triggered significant royal intervention into the condition of the army, one of the few sites of royal prerogative. At a time when aristocratic governance was being attacked and the privations of soldiers exposed to an unprecedented extent, the monarchy was keen both to legitimize its role as head of the army and to demonstrate its sensitivity to popular concern for the suffering of ordinary soldiers. This manifested in a highly publicized leaked letter from the Queen expressing her regard for ‘her troops’, the royal family’s visits to wounded soldiers, and the distribution of the Crimean Medal at a special ceremony, which portrayed the accessibility of the Queen through the use of touch. This article explores the symbolism and impetus of these occurrences and assesses the reception of royal intervention in the press. The few assessments of royal influence during the Crimean War have focused largely on Victoria’s personal fascination with the progress of the war and her soldiers. This article explores instead the wider, political significance of the army as extension of the royal family. The Liberal press and artists responded favourably to demonstrations of the Queen’s maternal sympathy for the troops, but my article will point to a hidden struggle to assert the Crown’s authority. Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE

  11. [Analysis of the use of field medical units in the armies of NATO and Russian Armed Forces].

    Korniushko, I G; Iakovlev, S V; Murashev, I V; Sidorov, V A; Medvedev, V R; Matveev, A G


    An analysis of medical services of NATO and the Medical Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of modern technology deployment stages of medical evacuation (tents, inflatable structures, shelters, containers, medical armored vehicles, cars, etc.) is presented. Examples of their usage in isolated employment, usage in the group as a mobile medical stations and field hospitals in various conditions, the prospects and directions of development of technical means deployment of medical service are given.

  12. Historical Review: The U.S. Army Medical Belt for Front Line First Aid: A Well-Considered Design That Failed the Medical Department During the First World War.

    Wever, Peter C; Korst, Mike B J M; Otte, Maarten


    In December 1913, a board of medical officers was appointed to adapt new U.S. Army equipment to the needs of the Hospital Corps. One of the improvements concerned substitution of the satchel-like Hospital Corps pouch used to carry first aid equipment. A waist belt with 10 pockets, known as the medical belt, was devised, and supplied with a tourniquet, adhesive plaster, safety pins, iodine swabs, sublimated gauze, individual dressing packets, gauze bandages, aromatic spirit of ammonia, and common pins. In addition, an ax carrier accommodating a hand ax, a canteen hanger, and a pouch to carry diagnosis tags and instruments were attached to the medical belt. In 1916, the medical belt was incorporated in the field supply tables in the Manual for the Medical Department. The next year, on April 6, 1917, the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany in reaction to sinking of American ships by German submarines. Although the medical belt had given satisfaction in preliminary trials, it did not withstand the test of war. In practice, the medical belt proved a source of dissatisfaction both as to the methods of packing and its contents, which were considered useless in modern warfare. Subsequently, discontinuance of the medical belt was recommended.

  13. Reform of the Army Physical Disability Evaluation System


    that USAPDA currently falls under the Army Human Resources Command and not the Army Medical Command in that the medical department only provides...confusing to Soldiers, and leaves the impression that the Army ‘ underrates ’ disability in order to achieve fiscal savings.33 While that may not be the...Adapted from the PDES Review for the Commanding General, Human Resources Command as presented by the U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency, 3 July 2008

  14. Royal Commissions into Policing: Australia

    Alan Beckley


    Full Text Available Royal Commissions and Inquiries have investigated every police force in Australia in relation to their integrity, accountability and effectiveness—a factor of major importance to every citizen in maintaining their freedom, safety and security. The crucial question this paper poses is whether such tribunals are effective or otherwise in terms of the benefits and outcomes accrued from their findings. The paper is in the form of a critical discussion which investigates and analyses the Inquiries using the method of desk research of official documents over the last 50 years from which it identifies common findings and recommendations contained in the official discourse. The research concludes that lessons have not been learned in relation to policing operations, accountability and integrity in a number of cases and highlights a variety of adverse issues that persist into current policing practice.

  15. Quantitative Analysis of Contributing Factors Affecting Patient Satisfaction in Family Medicine Service Clinics at Brooke Army Medical Center


    physicians, Doctors of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.); physician assistants; or clinical nurse practitioners. Physicians, physician...treatment methods including spinal manipulation and the whole body concept and confer the Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degree. After completion of...medical school, both Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy are licensed by their state boards and may become board certified in any medical

  16. The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the death penalty.

    Gunn, John


    The Royal College of Psychiatrists recently issued a revised statement on its position concerning capital punishment. The College proposes to support psychiatrists who refuse to be involved in the capital process, but accepts that some may take up limited involvement in the manner set out in the document. The Royal College is the professional body for psychiatric practitioners in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Almost no public statements are issued from the College without first being deliberated on within at least two of its three major committees. The new document on capital punishment remains in the spirit of the previous ones. The topic of capital punishment is noncontroversial within the British medical profession. In all European countries, capital punishment is against the law, because there is an overarching directive from the Council of Europe (a wide group of nations, wider than the European Union) insisting that it be abolished.

  17. Does Royal jelly affect tumor cells?

    Shirzad Maryam


    Full Text Available Introduction: Royal jelly is a substance that appears to be effective on immune system and it appears to be effective on both prevention and growth of cancer cells. In this study, we aimed to carry out a research to investigate the effect of royal jelly on the growth of WEHI-164 fibrosarcoma cell in syngenic Balb/c mice. Methods: In an experimental study, 28 male Balb/c mice were designated into four equal groups. The mice were subcutaneously injected with 5x105 WEHI-164 tumor cells on the day zero in the chest area of the animal. Animals in groups 1 to 4 were orally given 100, 200, 300 mg/kg of royal jelly or vehicle, respectively. In every individual mouse, the tumour size was measured every 2 days from day 5 (days 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17. Data were statistically analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis and Mann Whitney-U tests. Result: Our results showed that the mean size of tumor in case group was significantly smaller than the control group in days 11, 13, 15 and 17 (P<0.05. No metastasis was seen in test and control groups. Conclusion: With emphasize on antitumor effect of royal jelly, it seems that royal jelly has important role in control and regression of fibrosarcoma cells. Since royal jelly showed a delayed effect in control of fibrosarcoma, we suggest that royal jelly be used at least 10 days before tumor inoculation.

  18. Assessing the Assignment Policy for Army Women


    General surgeon 61K Thoracic surgeon 61L Plastic surgeon 61M Orthopedic surgeon 61N Flight surgeon 61P Physiatrist 61Q Radiation oncologist 61R Diagnostic... veterinarian (immaterial) Branch 65, Army Medical Specialist Corps 65A Occupational therapy Table C.3—Continued 100 Assessing the Assignment Policy for Army

  19. Case Study: Organizational Realignment at Tripler Army Medical Center to Reflect "Best Business Practice." Facilitate Coordinated Care, and Maximize the Use of Resources


    miles away. Tripler AMC also provides administrative and logistical support to the U.S. Army Dental Activity – Hawaii, the U.S. Army Forensic Toxicology...and general dentistry . In addition Tripler has programs in hospital administration, nurse anesthesia, and obstetrics and gynecology nursing

  20. A Case Study of the Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification Asset Visibility Tracking at Walter Reed Army Medical Center


    Chapa , Director of Logistics at WAMC, the "biomedical maintenance efficiency jumped to 98-99 percent in performance of scheduled services, because you... Chapa , Director of Logistics at WAMC, recalls an instance where a particular pump was recalled due to a bad gasket. Using the RFID system, medical

  1. Biological Activities of Royal Jelly - Review

    Crenguţa I. Pavel


    Full Text Available Royal jelly is a secretion product of the cephalic glands of nurse bees that has been used for centuries for itsextraordinary properties and health effects. This bibliographic study aims to review many of the scientific findingsand research that prove many of the remarkable various actions, effects and some uses of royal jelly. There are takeninto consideration numerous biological properties and effects of royal jelly: antioxidant, neurotrophic, hipoglicemiant, hipocholesterolemiant and hepatoprotective, hypotensive and blood pressure regulatory, antitumor, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-allergic, general tonic and antiaging. Royal jelly is one ofthe most studied bee products, but there still remains much to reveal about its biochemistry and biological activity infuture research for our health and life benefit.

  2. Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Warfighter Physiological Status Monitoring (WPSM) System - U.S. Army Medic Recommendations


    Friedl), while cognitive state assesses one’s cognitive capability based on past sleep history determined through actigraphy from the wrist -worn sleep ...button when activated be represented? • How will time be tracked? • How will location of troops be represented? • How will changes in various measures ...preventive medication measures 1 Information on eyesight 1 Work/ rest cycles 1 47 TRIAGE INFORMATION In situations with multiple

  3. Annual Research Progress Report for Department of Clinical Investigation (Madigan Army Medical Center), October 1990 - September 1991


    Study Objective: To determine the incidence of antiphospholipid antibodies in pregnancies complicated by intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), to...Spontaneous Vaginal Delive2ry in Term Pregnancies Other nominees were: Richard A. Beck Cardiovascular Effects of Pseudoephedrine in MAd, MC Medically...Sex Hormone Matt DW, Steingold KA, Binding Globulin Levels in Obese Women with the Polycystic Plymate SR, Ovary Syndrome . JCEM 72(1): 83-89, 1991

  4. The United States Army Medical Department Journal, April - June 2011. Prehospital combat casualty care; The starting point of battlefield survival


    advanced since 1831. Highlighting the technologic advances in combat arms to the individual medic level, one only need look at the medic’s semiautomatic ...splenic laceration) in normal and coagulopathic pigs,31,32 but was ineffective against severe arterial (aortotomy injury22), venous ( grade V liver...swine model with a grade V liver injury. The results demonstrated the superior efficacy of this dressing over regular gauze for controlling venous

  5. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course Held at Madigan Army Medical Center, in Tacoma, Washington on 13-17 June 1988


    contrast, Weiss in 1981 reported that Ritalin was not even available in France, Italy, Sweden , Spain, or Portugal at the time of his article. 224 SHORT...of time, medications seem to be indicated in children and adolescents as follows: a. Stimulants for hyperactivity and attention in ADDH/ ADHD . b. Anti...walking and night terrors. 3. ADDH/ ADHD children who fail to respond to stimulants. 4. Separation anxiety disorder. h. Lithium for bona-fide mania

  6. Odontology and the history of medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine 1907-1960 and the contributions of Lilian Lindsay--Part One. The early years of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Section of Odontology.

    Papworth, Julie


    This paper examines the foundation of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Sections of Odontology. It considers the remarkable achievements of Lilian Lindsay which were made at a time when the medical world was almost entirely dominated by men.

  7. The Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences: five decades of collaborative medical research.

    Brown, Arthur; Nitayaphan, Sorachai


    The Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS) is a 50-year-old joint institute of the US and Royal Thai Army Medical Departments located in Bangkok, Thailand. Investigators from the Institute have carried out research in Thailand and the region, in collaboration with many partners, focused on a large number of tropical infectious diseases. In celebration of the 50th anniversary, this paper summarizes highlights of this research, focusing on malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue, diarrhea and HIV. In addition, research done in support of the medical problems of refugees and of the health of Thai peace-keeping forces are summarized. The research carried out by AFRIMS and added to the scientific literature has contributed significantly to advancement in multiple areas of tropical infectious disease.

  8. US Army blood program: 2025 and beyond.

    Gonzales, Richard; Taylor, Audra L; Atkinson, Andrew J; Malloy, Wilbur W; Macdonald, Victor W; Cap, Andrew P


    In preparing to support the Army in 2025 and beyond, the Army Blood Program remains actively engaged with the research and advanced development of blood products and medical technology to improve blood safety and efficacy in conjunction with the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. National and International Blood Bank authorities have noted that the US Army research and development efforts in providing new blood products and improving blood safety operate on the cutting edge of technology and are transformational for the global blood industry. Over the past 14 years, the Army has transformed how blood support is provided and improved the survival rate of casualties. Almost every product or process developed by or for the military has found an application in treating civilian patients. Conflicts have many unwanted consequences; however, in times of conflict, one positive aspect is the identification of novel solutions to improve the safety and efficacy of the blood supply.

  9. Army Robotics


    Army Robotics 07 October 2009 Dr. Grant Gerhart, Senior Research Scientist Bernard Theisen, Joint Center for Robotics DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A... Robots 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Grant Gerhart; Bernard Theisen 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK...CBRNE • IED Defeat Systems • Disarm / Disrupt • Reconnaissance • Investigation • Explosive Sniffer • Common Robotic Kit • EOD • Convoy • Log

  10. An internet-based referral/consultation system for the U.S.-associated Pacific Islands: its contribution to orthopedic graduate medical education at Tripler Army Medical Center.

    Hensel, Kurt S; Person, Donald A; Schaefer, Richard A; Burkhalter, William E


    To evaluate the benefit of the Pacific Island Health Care Project (PIHCP) to our orthopedic graduate medical education program, we performed a retrospective review of our 8-year operative experience with patients referred through this program. Between July 1994 and June 2002, 69 patients underwent 79 orthopedic operative procedures. Patients were categorized by primary diagnosis, anatomic site involved, and surgical treatment rendered. Because many of the patients referred from the PIHCP with tumors were noted to have either unusually large lesions or advanced-stage disease, further analyses of tumor stage and pathologic grade were made. Seven of the 14 oncologic cases surgically treated in our department in the past 8 years were referrals from the PIHCP. Unique operative procedures performed for these tumor patients included one forequarter amputation, one hip disarticulation, one hemipelvectomy, two partial scapulectomies, and one distal ulna excision. We conclude that the PIHCP referrals provide an important and relatively unique contribution to the clinical and operative experience of our orthopedic residents. These patients from the Pacific basin also enhance our orthopedic graduate medical education program by exposing our residents to the special socioeconomic and cultural issues related to caring for people from developing insular countries.

  11. Army Airships


    contains some type of internal support structure such as a keel. A rigid airship has a full skeleton, such as the Zeppelin model from the mid 1900‟s...the World War One, the Germans used zeppelins with limited success to attack the United Kingdom (UK) in a “strategic bomber” role. The US used...similar objectives.21 The Army initiated CPR‟s on every acquisition program to identify redundancies and create efficiencies. CPR‟s have led to more

  12. Quality Parameters for Commercial Royal Jelly

    Carmen Ioana Muresan


    Full Text Available Royal jelly has become a high-value commercial product and the standardization of this product is required to guarantee its quality on the market. The objective of the research activity was to pursue the chemical composition of commercial samples of Royal Jelly in Romania in order to propose standardization for this product. The physico-chemical composition of commercial Royal Jelly samples was analysed by determining quality parameters like: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA and mineral elements. Carbohydrates analysis showed values between 3.4 % and 5.87 % for fructose, 4.12 % and 7.05 % for glucose, while for sucrose the values ranged between 0.95 % and 2.56 % (determined by HPLC-RI. The lipids content ranged between 1.85 % and 6.32 % (determined by the Soxhlet method. The protein values extended from 13.10 % (RJ2 to 17.04 % (RJ10 (the total protein content was determined by the Kjeldahl method. The values for the major fatty acid in Royal Jelly, 10-HDA, ranged between 1.35 % (RJ8 and 2.03 % (RJ10 (determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. The concentration of minerals varied between 3188.70 mg/kg and 4023.39 mg/kg (the concentration of minerals was measured using flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Potassium, followed by magnesium, sodium and calcium, occurs in the highest concentrations. The commercial Royal Jelly samples analysed presented variable physico-chemical characteristics that correspond with the values given by international quality standard proposals for Royal Jelly.

  13. La Sanidad en la Base Antártica del E.T. "Gabriel de Castilla" The Medical Service in the Army's Antarctic Base "Gabriel de Castilla"

    F. De Diego Lousa


    the First International Polar Year (1887-1888, the 75th Anniversary of the Second International Polar Year (1932-1933 and the 50th Anniversary of the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958 which led to the establishment of the SCAR and the Antarctic Treaty. The IPY 2007-2009 is promoted by the International Council for Science (ICSU and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO. Spain has actively participated, for the first time, in this event with the first Arctic Campaign of the BIO "Hespérides" and the two operational Antarctic bases. For the Army's Antarctic base "Gabriel de Castilla" the year 2008 is special as it combines the celebration of the IPY with the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Spanish presence in Deception Island. It was in 1988 when the first shelter was established, although it was not considered an Antarctic Base until 1998. The aim of this article is to present the Environment and Health fields, as they are called in the structure of the Army Antarctic Campaign and which are the responsibility of Medical Service officers, as well as commemorate this significant date and remember the participants in the different Antarctic Campaigns.

  14. Army Modernization Strategy 2008


    hazard. The SUGV modular design allows multiple payloads to be integrated in a plug-and- play fashion . Weighing less than 30 pounds, it is capable...the Army will: Continue to field LMP (to include Army Installations) Plan for and field GCSS-Army (F/T) Plan for and field GCSS-Army ( PLM +) Define

  15. Army Sustainment. Volume 42, Issue 6, November-December 2010


    Joseph L. Bass Commanding General Army Expeditionary Contracting Command Major General James K. Gilman Commanding General Army Medical Research and...administration, optical fabrication, laboratory services, preventive medicine, dentistry , medical operations and planning, evacuation, and practical nursing...advantage of a lot of lessons learned from previous deployments,” said Brigadier General Joseph L. Bass, commanding general of the ECC. “We

  16. Margaret Cavendish and the Royal Society

    Wilkins, Emma


    It is often claimed that Margaret Cavendish was an anti-experimentalist who was deeply hostile to the activities of the early Royal Society—particularly in relation to Robert Hooke's experiments with microscopes. Some scholars have argued that her views were odd or even childish, while others have claimed that they were shaped by her gender-based status as a scientific ‘outsider’. In this paper I examine Cavendish's views in contemporary context, arguing that her relationship with the Royal Society was more nuanced than previous accounts have suggested. This contextualized approach reveals two points: first, that Cavendish's views were not isolated or odd when compared with those of her contemporaries, and second, that the early Royal Society was less intellectually homogeneous than is sometimes thought. I also show that, although hostile to some aspects of experimentalism, Cavendish nevertheless shared many of the Royal Society's ambitions for natural philosophy, especially in relation to its usefulness and the importance of plain language as a means to disseminate new ideas. PMID:25254278

  17. Royal Ahold: A Failure Of Corporate Governance

    A. de Jong (Abe); D.V. DeJong; G.M.H. Mertens (Gerard); P.G.J. Roosenboom (Peter)


    textabstractRoyal Ahold (Koninklijke Ahold NV) was one of the major success stories in the 1990s and is one of the major failures in corporate governance, suffering a complete meltdown in 2003. This clinical study analyzes Ahold’s growth strategy through acquisitions and isolates the cause of the fa

  18. Royal Naval nursing: 'testing but worth it'.

    Moore, Alison


    Inga Kennedy is the most senior nurse in the Royal Navy. She enjoys the commitment and discipline required by a career in the armed forces and says the work offers great opportunities for nurses. Her career highlights have included checking that injured personnel in Afghanistan were receiving the best care possible.

  19. Royal Ahold: A Failure Of Corporate Governance

    A. de Jong (Abe); D.V. DeJong; G.M.H. Mertens (Gerard); P.G.J. Roosenboom (Peter)


    textabstractRoyal Ahold (Koninklijke Ahold NV) was one of the major success stories in the 1990s and is one of the major failures in corporate governance, suffering a complete meltdown in 2003. This clinical study analyzes Ahold’s growth strategy through acquisitions and isolates the cause of the

  20. Mentoring the Afghan Army at the Officer Academy in Kabul

    Mynster Christensen, Maya

    Capacity building of host nation militaries is a central component of current multinational military operations, which is likely to become increasingly vital to future military interventions in conflict settings. Focusing on the mentoring of the Afghan National Army at the British-led officer...... academy in Kabul, this policy brief stresses the urgency with which Western militaries should improve military capacity building efforts. Based on qualitative data collected at the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Afghan National Army Officer Academy, the brief outlines five clusters...

  1. Management accounting and rationalisation in the Army: The case of Spanish Military Hospitals in the 18th century

    Juan Baños Sánchez-Matamoros


    Full Text Available The present paper deals with one of the most neglected areas of research in accounting, that of the Army. In spite of the literature on industries related to the Army, not too much has been extended on the Army per se. For this reason, this paper analyses the process of rationalization developed in the 18th century in Spanish Army Hospitals, as a result of the bankruptcy of the Royal Finances. Due to this process, the Military Hospitals were the most developed in the country, and it led to the emergence of the Contralor (Controller within the hospital, and thus accounting was considered as an essential matter.

  2. [The Royal Chemistry Laboratory (1694-1700)].

    del Mar Rey Bueno, M; Alegre Pérez, M E


    One of the most interesting events of the trasformation of science in Spain toward the end of the XVII century was the foundation of the Royal Chemistry Laboratory. This institution, brillantly promoted by the physician Dionisio de Cardona, was condemned to failure from the very beginning, due to the opposition of the Protomedicato and the royal apothecaries in the service of King Charles II. The period studied here, between 1693 and 1700, comprises two different phases: an initial stage (1693-1697) characterized by the struggle between novatores and traditionalists, which ended in triumph for the latter; and a second stage (1697-1700) completely separate from the initial measures, in which the influence of alchemy was marked. This stage can be considered compatible with the series of spells and superstitions that characterized the court of Charles II.

  3. The Royal Navy and British Security Policy.


    SCHOOL December 1983 Author Approved by: Tesis Avisor s" econd R e r Chafrman, Department of National Security Affairs -- and Policy Sciences " Dean of...8217s based on the 14 VULCAN , VICTOR and VALIANT bombers. Although cooperation with the American SAC was envisioned from the begining, the force did...British strategic nuclear deterrent. This responsibility was once the domain of the Royal Air Force and its VULCAN , VICTOR, and VALIANT bombers, but after

  4. Inca Royal Estates in the Sacred Valley

    McKim Malville, J.

    The royal estates lying between Cusco and Machu Picchu illustrate the remarkable variety by which the sun was honored and worshipped in the Inca Empire. The terraced basins of Moray combine the sun at both solstices and, perhaps, the zenith sun, with flowing water and offerings to Pachamama. The complex astronomy at Urubamba involves the palace of Quespiwanka, horizon pillars, solstices, and mountain worship. Ollantaytambo contains horizontal shadow-casting gnomons with a major water shrine.

  5. Ottoman royal women's spaces: The acoustic dimension

    Ergin, Nina


    In their discussion of space in relation to gender, historians of women in the Middle East so far have focused primarily on physical and visual access. This paper argues that women's acoustic space merits closer consideration, especially since acoustic methods of communication very often could and did exceed the limits of vision and visually bounded space. This argument is based on three different case studies concerning Ottoman royal women of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: (1) hare...

  6. Balanced scorecard at the Royal Library, Copenhagen

    Karl Krarup


    Full Text Available The Royal Library is the national library of Denmark and University Library for Copenhagen University. In 2000 the Royal Library started using Balanced Scorecard as an instrument for creating a better connection between its day to day activities and its strategic goals. The Royal Library has a number of goals in choosing the Balanced Scorecard. Important goals are: to develop a strategic instrument which can be used to represent the strategic goals of the library in such a way that we can measure how close our actual performance comes in reaching these goals to create an instrument which can be used in negotiating the goals and performance of the departments in such a way that the department leaders keep a fair level of autonomy in running the departments and give the institution leader a good overview of the actual performance to make the individual department's contribution to the institutional performance explicit to personnel and leaders to formulate and monitor important strategic areas of the library's development to support steering the development to make the library and its performance more transparent to all interested actors in the library The article presents the main issues in developing the library's use of the Balanced Scorecard. It includes a number of concrete cases from the implementation of the method and its use as a strategic instrument in monitoring and developing the Royal Library as a library growing more digital and hybrid. To increase the digital part of its content, its services and its internal processes is among the library's major strategic goals.

  7. 为军服务模式的创新与效果评价%Innovation and Effect Evaluation on Medical Service Mode for the Army



    The article summarized the basic methods of innovating the mode of serving the army.Through the mode innovation, the quality of service the army was getting better and better, the sanatorium was functioning adequate-ly, the general mood of sanatorium was purified,the management of sanatorium became more scientific and standardized.%总结为军服务模式持续创新的基本做法。通过模式创新,为军服务质量越来越好、疗养院的功能作用得到充分发挥、疗养院内部风气得到净化、疗养院管理更加科学规范。

  8. Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity (AMSARA) 2014, Annual Report, and four Supplemental Applicants and Accessions Tables for: Army, Air Force, Marine, and Navy


    subcutaneous tissue. In the second year of service, the frequency of hospitalizations for complications of pregnancy increased dramatically when compared to...the first year of service, with pregnancy the most common reason for hospital admission in the second year. The Army and Marine Corps enlistees who... osteoporosis , pathologic fractures, bone cysts, and aseptic necrosis. Please note, when a majority of codes examined out to the fourth digit do not

  9. Cultural Frictions: Mentoring the Afghan Army at 'Sandhurst in the Sand'

    Mynster Christensen, Maya


    The Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA) is a significant indicator of the success of the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. This success relies on the local ownership and sustainability of an academy modelled on the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Based on qualitative research...

  10. Thoughts on the army-civilian Integrated rapid delivery system of mobile medical service units%机动卫勤分队军民融合式快速投送体系思考

    任芳宁; 夏梦; 鱼敏


    军队应急机动卫勤分队是我军卫勤保障体系的重要组成部分,本文在对其性质、特点和要求进行分析的基础上,针对其所面临的多样化军事任务卫勤保障需要,指出了构建军民融合式快速投送体系的必要性与可行性;结合我军机动卫勤分队投送现状以及我国信息化交通运输事业发展所取得的巨大成就,借鉴了国内外军民融合式发展的先进经验,对军民融合式快速投送体系在机动卫勤分队中构建的重要内容进行了深刻的思考。%As the integrative part of military medical security system, the emergency mobile medical units carry out responsibilities for both multi-military and non-military tasks. Based on its own nature and characteristics, this paper focused on necessity and feasibility of establishing the army-civilian Integrative rapid delivery system. A deeper thought on that is given based current situation of the mobile medical service units, the development of Chinese transportation, as well as advanced experiences of the army-civilian Integrative development obtained at home and abroad.

  11. Rare royal families in honeybees, Apis mellifera

    Moritz, Robin F. A.; Lattorff, H. Michael G.; Neumann, Peter; Kraus, F. Bernhard; Radloff, Sarah E.; Hepburn, H. Randall


    The queen is the dominant female in the honeybee colony, Apis mellifera, and controls reproduction. Queen larvae are selected by the workers and are fed a special diet (royal jelly), which determines caste. Because queens mate with many males a large number of subfamilies coexist in the colony. As a consequence, there is a considerable potential for conflict among the subfamilies over queen rearing. Here we show that honeybee queens are not reared at random but are preferentially reared from rare “royal” subfamilies, which have extremely low frequencies in the colony's worker force but a high frequency in the queens reared.

  12. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 4. The Services: Quartermaster, Medical, Military Police, Signal Corps, Chemical Warfare, and Miscellaneous Organizations, 1919-41


    was organized at Bristow, OK, in May 1923. The unit in Bristow was disbanded in May 1924. A new 120th Ammunition Train was organized at Sperry , OK...Quartermaster Train Unknown ao Dec 24-Sep 27 Capt. John K. Rogers 1 May 30-11 May 31 Inactive Sep 27-1 May 30 Unknown 11 May 31-1 Jul 36 Third Army... Roger G. Maus (OK) 1 May 37-7 Aug 41 Lt. Col. Hugh Askew (OK) 7 Aug 41-11 Feb 42 121st Quartermaster Squadron (21st Cavalry Division) Massachusetts

  13. 2010 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Volume 2, Main Findings


    address uncertainty to face the challenges in Full Spectrum Operations (Nicely, Bryson, Aude, Keller-Glaze, & Vowels , in preparation). 21 3...Affective commitment is an emotional or attachment to the Army. Those strongly committed leaders identify with and enjoy working for the Army...Medical Command. Nicely, K., Bryson, J., Aude, S., Keller-Glaze, H., & Vowels , C. (in preparation). Preparatory Skillsets for Brigade Combat Teams

  14. At birth: the modern state, modern medicine, and the royal midwife Louise Bourgeois in seventeenth-century France.

    Sheridan, B


    In this article I explore the connections between state centralization, the professionalization of healing, and the end of the royal midwife Louise Bourgeois' (1563-1636) illustrious career in seventeenth-century France. Specifically, I analyze seventeenth-century narratives of two events which frame Louise Bourgeois' public career as a writer and royal midwife in order to demonstrate the way that the changing meanings of childbirth and the role of the midwife in the medical hierarchy were bound up in state formation and consolidation. The result for midwives was that, though they could still practice, they were ultimately considered marginal to the medical community.

  15. The understanding of monsters at the Royal Society in the first half of the eighteenth century.

    da Costa, P F


    In tune with an Enlightenment sensibility that focused on the search for order and regularities, monsters were given a marginal position in eighteenth-century medical works. By contrast, they had an important place at the Royal Society during the second half of the century. This article first focuses on the general interest in monsters within the context of the natural historical agenda and corporate activity of the Society and then addresses the medical understanding of monsters by members of the Society. Finally, it discusses some of the moral and social implications of their medicalization in eighteenth century England.

  16. Experience of prevention and control of Ebola of medical team formed by People's Liberation Army in Liberia%解放军援助利比里亚医疗队埃博拉防控工作体会

    邓云川; 刘秋倩


    目的 探讨解放军援助利比里亚抗击埃博拉医疗队在感染控制方面的做法和经验.方法 总结埃博拉治疗中心建设、个人防护用品穿脱、手卫生、病区环境消毒、医疗废物处置的实际做法,提出工作实践中的建议和观点.结果 按照规范的制度和流程,中国埃博拉治疗中心未发生医院感染事件.结论 合理的建筑设计和严格的感染防控流程执行是确保医务人员零感染的关键.%Objective To explore the methods and experience of infection control by anti-Ebola medical team of People's Liberation Army to Liberia.Methods The actual practices of Ebola treatment unit construction, personal protective equipment using, hand hygiene, wards environment disinfection and medical waste handling were summarized, some suggestions and opinions were offered.Results According to the standard regulation and process, no nosocomial infection affair occurred in China Ebola treatment unit.Conclusion Reasonable construction design and strict execution of infection control process are the key of ensuring zero-infection to medical personnel.

  17. Complexity and Army Transformation

    Calhoun, Mark T.

    On 12 Octther 1999, the U.S. Army began a journey down a new path to innovation, when General Eric Shinseki presented his vision of Army Transformation at the 45th annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army. In this speech, General Shinseki described the Army as an organization consisting of heavy forces with excellent staying power but poor strategic responsiveness, light forces with excellent responsiveness but poor staying power, and a logistics system with an excessively large footprint. His proposed solution, a comprehensive change of the Army resulting in full-spectrum dominance and strategic responsiveness, would occur so quickly as to "be unnerving to some." [Shinseki. 1999] While this prediction has turned out in some ways to be true, it is not necessarily the speed of change that is unnerving to many of the people studying Army Transformation.


    Langdon-Down, R


    The principal reference of the Royal Commission was certification and detention, and treatment without certification of persons suffering from mental disorder.The general principles laid down as the result of the inquiry are set forth and shown to accord with the views of the medical profession.The Commission supports the medical view that greater facilities should be granted for treating mental disorders in their early stages without certification and repudiates the contention that grave abuses exist.It makes proposals for avoiding the stigma of certification by admitting patients to treatment under a provisional order without full certification. The real objection of the public to certification appears to lie in the judicial intervention and the legal formalities. Since these are accentuated in the proposed method, it is very little different from the present procedure. The reason for this anomaly appears to be adherence to what is said to be "an inviolable principle of law."This principle is violated in the present law, in the proposals of the Royal Commission and was disregarded prior to 1890.A scheme is put forward to avoid these objections by extending the present facilities on the lines of the Report and simplifying the procedure, thus eliminating the magistrate from the proceedings prior to admission unless the patient desires his intervention, and placing the authorization for treatment on the relatives and friends in all cases where the patient does not apply voluntarily for treatment. The Board of Control is the safeguard in these matters. These two procedures would be applicable to all cases in the first instance; but should the friends prefer full certification, that should be possible at any stage.The proposals for voluntary boarders are approved with the proviso that it should not be necessary to apply these proposals where restraint is neither necessary nor, in fact, applied.The protection that doctors signing certificates need is considered and it

  19. Sociomateriality at the Royal Court of IS

    Kautz, Karlheinz; Jensen, Tina Blegind


    The notion of ‘sociomateriality’ has recently gained in popularity among information systems (IS) scholars in their search for providing new ways of investigating and theorizing about IS in organizations and society at large. While some scholars put forward arguments and research accounts that lead...... for progressing the theorizing of ‘man–machine’ reconfigurations, we point to the necessity of a deeper exploration of the term. Inspired by the Alternative Genres Track at the European Conference on Information Systems 2012, the purpose here is to take a fresh look, to evoke new insights and to gain deeper...... understanding of the notion of sociomateriality and its use in the IS discipline. We invite the reader to attend a prolonged monologue – characterized by honesty, frank observations and wit – at the royal court of IS. The monologue is delivered by the court jester and directed to the two sovereigns who, based...

  20. 2010 Army Modernization Strategy


    Capability Release ( JCR ) software upgrades with BFT2 and KGV-72s provides Type-1 security and enhanced (10X) L-band bandwidth to current FBCB2 terminals...Additionally, JCR will include the co-host of the TiGR and the Army will leverage to support HBCT to SBCT conversions starting in FY11. By FY13...Army Human Intelligence 89 2010 ARMY MODERNIZATION STRATEGY WWW.G8.ARMY.MIL IBCT: IED: IED: IFPC: IPADS: IRB: ISR: IT: JAB: JBC-P: JCR : JETS

  1. 36 CFR 7.38 - Isle Royale National Park.


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Isle Royale National Park. 7.38 Section 7.38 Parks, Forests, and Public Property NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR SPECIAL REGULATIONS, AREAS OF THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM § 7.38 Isle Royale National Park. (a)...

  2. Anti-inflammatory effects of royal jelly on ethylene glycol induced renal inflammation in rats.

    Aslan, Zeyneb; Aksoy, Laçine


    In this study, anti-inflammatory effects of Royal Jelly were investigated by inducing renal inflammation in rats with the use of ethylene glycol. For this purpose, the calcium oxalate urolithiasis model was obtained by feeding rats with ethylene glycol in drinking water. The rats were divided in five study groups. The 1st group was determined as the control group. The rats in the 2nd group received ethylene glycol (1%) in drinking water. The rats in the 3rd group were daily fed with Royal Jelly by using oral gavage. The 4th group was determined as the preventive group and the rats were fed with ethylene glycol (1%) in drinking water while receiving Royal Jelly via oral gavage. The 5th group was determined as the therapeutic group and received ethylene glycol in drinking water during the first 2 weeks of the study and Royal Jelly via oral gavage during the last 2 weeks of the study. At the end of the study, proinflammatory/anti-inflammatory cytokines, TNF-a, IL-1ß and IL-18 levels in blood and renal tissue samples from the rats used in the application were measured. The results have shown that ethylene glycol does induce inflammation and renal damage. This can cause the formation of reactive oxygen species. Royal Jelly is also considered to have anti-inflammatory effects due to its possible antiradical and antioxidative effects. It can have positive effects on both the prevention of urolithiasis and possible inflammation during the existing urolithiasis and support the medical treatment.

  3. 远程医学在军队非战争军事行动卫勤保障中的应用%Application of Telemedicine in Medical Service Support of Non-war Military Action in Armies

    刘运成; 葛毅; 吴豪; 翟新海


    近年来,随着我军非战争军事行动的增多,远程医学系统在各类非战争军事行动中的卫勤指挥、伤员救治、普及医学知识等方面发挥了重要作用.从军队远程医学建设历程、具有的主要功能、在各类非战争军事行动中的应用以及建设的相关经验等方面进行了论述.%In recent years, as the increasing of non-war military actions in China, telemedicine system plays an important role in medical service command, treating the wounded and popularizing medical knowledge in various non-war military actions. The paper discussed the construction progress, main functions, applications and relevant construction experiences of telemedicine in armies.

  4. Army Overdependency on Contractors


    Army Overdependency on Contrators EWS 2005 Subject Area Topical Issues Contemporary Issues Paper Submitted by Captain HL Morris...aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to Washington Headquarters Services , Directorate for Information... service would not be interrupted if the contractor failed to perform. The guidelines also mandated that the Army had to be capable of providing

  5. The Royal pilgrimage of the Goddess Nanda

    William S. Sax


    Full Text Available Once every twelve years, when it is thought that some calamity has taken place because of the curse of the goddess Nanda Devi, a four-horned ram is born in the fields of the former king of Garhwal, an erstwhile Central Himalayan kingdom in north India (see map of Garhwal. This four-horned ram leads a procession of priests and pilgrims on the most dangerous and spectacular pilgrimage in all of India: a three-week, barefoot journey of one-hundred and sixty-four miles, during some of the worst weather of the year, at the end of the rainy season. The procession reaches Rupkund, a small pond located at an altitude of more than 5,000 metres, which is surrounded by human­ skeletons, and from there it goes yet further, to Homkund, the ‘Lake of the Fire Sacrifice’. According to the faithful, the four-horned ram leaves the procession at that point and finds its way, unaided, to the summit of Mount Trishul. As its name suggests, the Royal Procession is closely associated with the ruler of this erstwhile Himalayan kingdom: he attends its inaugural rituals, the bones that litter the shores of Rupkund are believed to be those of one of his ancestors, and the chief sponsor of the event is a local ‘Prince’ who is thought to be descended from the first kings of Garhwal. This Prince traverses the domain of his ancestors and thereby lays claim to it in the name of the goddess Nanda, who is not only his lineage goddess but was also the royal goddess of the neighbouring kingdom of Kumaon, in pre-colonial times. Although the Royal Procession ideally fosters social integration, it was disrupted in 1987 by a quarrel between two factions of priests. The goddess’s itinerary, the culminating date of the pilgrimage, the type of sacrifice to be performed, the order of procession, the participation of previously excluded persons, and the competency of certain ritual specialists—all were subjects of heated dispute between the rival groups. What was the reason for

  6. 某部医院船赴马尔代夫外岛礁巡诊经验体会%Experience of our army hospital ship to Maldives island for mobile medical service

    安丰妹; 田玉芹; 郭红霞


    通过对执行“和谐使命-2013”任务,巡诊医疗分队首次赴马尔代夫南岛礁的福阿穆拉库岛(Fua Mulaku)和阿杜岛(Addu Atoll)2岛住岛连续开展医疗巡诊2 d进行总结,探讨医院船国外岛礁驻岛连续巡诊医疗服务模式。本次巡诊456例次,皮肤、消化系统、口腔溃疡疾病多见。实践证明我军医院船达到了医院船赴国外岛礁住岛连续巡诊,为国外外岛礁官兵、居民提供高水平医疗服务的目的,完全有能力承担赴海外医疗条件差的外岛礁住岛连续巡诊、展开医疗服务,任务获得圆满成功;这一做法节省了人力物力和时间,增进了两国友谊,值得借鉴和推广。%This paper was to study mobile medical service pattern of our army hospital ship perfoming on foreign island reefs,through summarizing the data of the harmony mission-2013 mobile medical practiced for two days firstly at Maldives Addu Atoll and Fua Mulaku l. In this mobile medical practice of 456 (case/time) skin disease,digestive system disease and dental ulcer are common ones. This practice achived the aim to provide high level medical service for foreign islands officers and residents,to promote friendship of both countries. Results show that hospital ship suffice for succession mobile medical service contraposing foreign island poor medical condition, its medical services are successful and fulfill,as well as save manpower material resources,at same time the mission enhanced friendship of both countries. It’s worth taking as example and popularizing.

  7. The Royal Army in America During the Revolutionary War: The American Prisoner Records


    John Percy do do Arch’d Jones do 62d H. Blacker do do G. Harvey do do James Power do do R. Kingston D.A.G...Nichols James Atkins Sam’l Morgantrayd Total Artillery 43 Of the 17th Regiment of Foot Serjeant Richardson “ Jackson “ Smith Corporal Abbot The...Uriah Jackson Alex’r McKay John McKenrie Eusibius Moore Jonathan Nixon Thomas Numery Richard Rice Thomas Savage John Simpsn Elias Simmondson

  8. Survey of health status and physical fitness in Royal Thai Naval Aircraft Carrier personnel

    Supanitayanon, Thanawat; Jensen, Olaf Chresten; Canals, ML


    forces. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional descriptive study using data from annual medical examinations of crew members as stipulated in the decree of the Naval Medical Department's budget for the fiscal year 2009 Nov to 2010 Oct. We analyzed the following health status variables: impaired fasting...... should be recommended while the naval personnel are in dock. Indoor activities such as gym and physical training are deemed more suitable during sea missions however. The health status of Royal Thai Naval aircraft carrier personnel is similar to that of the general naval officers with slightly poorer...

  9. Strategic Sealift Supporting Army Deployments


    STRATEGIC SEALIFT SUPPORTING ARMY DEPLOYMENTS A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff...THOMPSON, MAJ, US ARMY BFA, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana, 1994 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 2016 Approved for...Strategic Sealift Supporting Army Deployments 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Matthew

  10. A Study to Determine the Best Approach for Conducting a Formal Ambulatory Surgery Program at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso, Texas


    that first class surgical therapy could only be carried on in the confines of the hospitai. 1 As medical knowledge and technology. expanued, the...Excision Gynecomasta, Male Mastectomy (Bilateral) Gynecomasta, Male Mastectomy (Unilateral) Hemangioma, Excision Hemorrhoidectomy Hydrocelectomy Inguinal...Implants Bilateral Removal/Exchange - Breast Implants Unilateral Rhinoplasty Rhydidectomy Scar Revision - Single Multiple Septoplasty- Nasal Septal

  11. 国际化背景下军队医学院校研究生培养的挑战与探索%Challenge and exploration of army medical college graduate education in the context of internationalization

    梁树辉; 王莉; 张永国; 封斌; 王新; 王飙落; 郭学刚; 吴开春; 丁杰


    在教育国际化大背景下,军校研究生教育理念、模式亦随之转变,并存着机遇和挑战.试指出国际化背景下军队医学院校研究生教育面临的挑战,分析军队医学院校现行研究生教育存在的问题,并总结了研究生培养国际化进程中的探索和尝试.%In the context of internationalization of education,the military graduate education concepts and models also come to change,and opportunities and challenges coexist.In this article,the challenges and problems of army medical college graduate education were mentioned and analyzed,and the exploration and attempt of graduate education in the process of international were summarized.

  12. Population Limitation and the Wolves of Isle Royale

    Rolf O. Peterson; Nancy J. Thomas; Joanne M. Thurber; John A. Vucetich; Thomas A. Waite


    Population regulation for gray wolves in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan, was examined in 1987-1995 when wolves were in chronic decline following a crash of the population in 1981-1982. Canine parvovirus (CPV-2...

  13. Apiology: royal secrets in the queen's fat body.

    Yamanaka, Naoki; O'Connor, Michael B


    Royalactin, a component of royal jelly, induces queen differentiation in honeybees. Surprisingly, royalactin has a similar effect on growth in fruit flies, highlighting many unexpected features of growth regulation by the insect fat tissue.

  14. Physicochemical composition of pure and adulterated royal jelly

    Luis Henrique Garcia-Amoedo; Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian


    ... (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid). The solubility in alkaline medium was used to detect the main frauds for adulterating royal jelly which comprise addition of yogurt, water, egg white, sweet condensed milk mixed with propolis, unripe...

  15. Physicochemical composition of pure and adulterated royal jelly

    Luis Henrique Garcia-Amoedo


    Full Text Available The physicochemical composition of pure royal jelly as well as of some adulterated samples was analyzed by determining moisture, ash, lipids, nitrogen/proteins, carbohydrates, starch and 10- HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid. The solubility in alkaline medium was used to detect the main frauds for adulterating royal jelly which comprise addition of yogurt, water, egg white, sweet condensed milk mixed with propolis, unripe banana and corn starch slurry.

  16. Physicochemical composition of pure and adulterated royal jelly

    Luis Henrique Garcia-Amoedo; Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian


    The physicochemical composition of pure royal jelly as well as of some adulterated samples was analyzed by determining moisture, ash, lipids, nitrogen/proteins, carbohydrates, starch and 10- HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid). The solubility in alkaline medium was used to detect the main frauds for adulterating royal jelly which comprise addition of yogurt, water, egg white, sweet condensed milk mixed with propolis, unripe banana and corn starch slurry.

  17. Tropical storm Flossie and the Ark Royal storm

    Peteherych, S.; Cunningham, G. F.; Davies, A. F.; Muttitt, G.


    The development of the tropical storm Flossie north of Scotland on September 16-17, 1978 from the Ark Royal storm is described. Land, marine, upper air data, satellite imagery, Seasat scatterometer (SASS) wind data, and SMMR moisture data were utilized to analyze the storms' development. The factors which contributed to the formation of the Ark Royal storm are discussed. Isobaric surface charts, isotachs and streamlines of the SASS winds, and SMMR water vapor contours are provided.

  18. Advanced Capabilities for Combat Medics

    Convertino, Victor A; Cooke, William H; Salinas, Jose; Holcomb, John B


    The US Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) has the lead for directing the Research Program Area for Advanced Triage Capabilities for Combat Medics in the Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC...

  19. Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity (AMSARA) 2014, Annual Report, and four Supplemental Applicants and Accessions Tables for: Army, Air Force, Marine, and Navy


    education were 1.39 times, more likely to have a disability discharge compared to individuals with a high school diploma. Personnel with a Bachelor...a high school education at accession, recruits who scored in the lower AFQT percentile score groups, and recruits with a medical disqualification...subsections titled “Hospitalizations,” “Attrition,” “EPTS Discharges,” and “ Disability Discharges with an Accession Record,” age, education level, and Armed

  20. The United States Army Operating Concept, 2016-2028


    retrograde operations. f. Theater armies may also include a medical command for deployment support that provides health services to Army and other...tenets of jus in bello ,120 discrimination (between combatants and noncombatants), and proportionality in the use of force,121 measured against the...Barracks, PA, 19. (Used with permission.) 119 Biddle, 9. 120 Jus in bello , translated as justice in war, are agreements defining limits on acceptable

  1. Index to Army Times 1988


    task force told. Army Times; Mar. 14, 1988; 48(31): p. 52. DENTAL RECORDS Army behind in dental record effort. Army Times; Nov. 21, 1988; 49(15): p. 27...p. 17. MILITARY DEPENDENTS-- DENTAL CARE Dental insurance for military families may be expanded. Army Times; Aug. 22, 1988; 49(2): p. 24. MILITARY...compensation bill. Army Times; May 2, 1988; 48(38): p. 38. PENTAGON MEDITATION CLUB Meditators, Soviets munch pasta , push peace. Army Times; May 23, 1988; 48

  2. Standardized early medical care of Lushan earthquake victims in army hospitals%芦山地震伤员震区驻军医院内的早期规范救治

    朱灏; 周继红; 杨人懿; 肖伟; 毛志有; 覃先云


    Objective To summarize the experiences with early treatment of the wounded associated with 4 · 20 Lushan earthquake in army hospitals.Methods Emergency response programs were started and tent hospitals were set up.According to the basic principle of wartime wound treatment regulation,emergency triage,emergency medical care,transferring,specialized treatment and evacuation were performed for the wounded in this earthquake.Results After the earthquake,the emergency rescue programs were started in the hospital.Twenty minutes later,emergence medical team with full equipment were set out for the epicenter and the tent hospitals were set up.A total of 181 earthquake cases were admitted within two weeks,of which 68 (37.6%) were transferred from the scene of earthquake and 113 (62.4%) were transferred after the primary treatment (including cases evacuating from other hospitals).Forty-nine surgeries had been done,including 30 emergence ones.Thirty-four cases (including 14 severe wounded) were evacuated to superior hospitals as their vital signs turned stable.There was no death or surgical wound infection.Conclusions Peacetime complete emergence programs and materials reserves,unified and well-organized command as well as normative grading treatment system in army hospitals assure the standardized medical care with high efficiency and high quality for earthquake victims.However,more researches are needed over diagnosis methods and standards for wound severity,equipment improvement and standards for casualty evacuation.%目的 总结震区驻军医院在雅安芦山“4·20”地震伤员早期救治经验. 方法 启动应急预案,建立帐蓬医院,依据《战伤救治规则》基本原则,针对本次地震伤员特点对伤员展开急救拣伤分类、紧急救治、分流、专科处理和后送等. 结果 地震后医院迅速启动重大灾害紧急救援预案,20min后向震心重灾区派出了装备齐全的应急医疗队;在医院展开了帐篷医院.2

  3. Sexual Assault: Better Resource Management Needed to Improve Prevention and Response in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve


    ensure it has the staff needed to complete investigations within 3 weeks, as required by OCI guidance. Eligibility for follow-up or long-term health ...long-term mental and medical health -care services. DOD’s sexual assault prevention and response instruction requires the commander of the Army...correct or mitigate the challenges of funding behavioral health care for Army Reserve soldiers, particularly those who require coverage for trauma

  4. Aviation medicine and the Army.

    Vyrnwy-Jones, P; Thornton, R


    The purpose of this short series of articles is not to present the reader with a vast amount of technical data, soon to be forgotten, but to provide some items of general interest from the past, present, and future of Army aviation. Obviously there will be a concentration on medical matters, but the aim is to give the reader a feel for the rapid progress being made in helicopter design and the likely problems we may face in the future. The first article serves as an introduction to the series and three further articles will cover various aspects of the speciality. The second will be concerned with AAC helicopter accidents and will include accident investigation, crashworthiness and the contribution made by pilot error. The third article will cover major environmental problems of helicopters, particularly noise, vibration and thermal stress. The fourth article will examine ways in which microprocessors and modern technology will affect future helicopter and ancillary equipment development; for instance, a helicopter with no external windows has been suggested, 'The Iron Cockpit'. The fifth article will be concerned with the clinical aspects of Army Aviation medicine.

  5. Designing and implementing the Army Nursing Leader Academy.

    Dunemn, Kathleen; Hopkins-Chadwick, Denise L; Connally, Tina; Bramley, Kelly


    In 2008, the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps directed a thorough review of existing training programs available to and provided for Army Nursing personnel for the development of full-spectrum leaders for Army Nursing. The review provided the gap analysis necessary to restructure courses provided by the Department of Nursing Science at the Army Medical Department Center and School. This new grouping of courses is referred to as the Army Nursing Leader Academy. The Army Nursing Leader Academy is the first of its kind in that it addresses career-long learning of all Army Nursing by focusing on building skills, knowledge, and behaviors to produce sustainable, full-spectrum leaders. The Nursing Leader Academy consists of a series of sequential nurse leader development courses combined with a web based resource center. Grounded in the Patient CaringTouch System, guided by nurse competencies, and gauged by the Leader Capabilities Map, the Nursing Leader Academy provides learning that is relevant and timely designed to reinforce enterprise values and culture to ensure readiness for successive roles and positions. Full implementation of the Nursing Leader Academy will include the evidence-based elements of formal schooling, coaching, self-development, functional/technical (competency attainment), and professional experiences.

  6. Branding the Army


    the specific segment of the population that the marketer or retailer identifies as the most likely consumer of their product or service.14 While the...Target+ Market . 15 Linda Clingan, “US Army Custom Segmentation System” (Fort Knox, KY: June 1, 2007). 16 “Common Language Marketing Dictionary.” 17...Linda Clingan, “US Army Custom Segmentation System.” 11 marketing teams face the harder-to-measure goal of “building awareness,” whereas the sales

  7. The Accounting Register of a Royal Secretary in Aragonese Naples

    Enza Russo


    Full Text Available In the crucial years of the succession war that involved the Kingdom of Naples after Alfonso the Magnanimous’death (1459-1464, a secretary of the new king Ferrante I of Aragon, Antonello Petrucci, was entrusted with royal financial charges. He therefore compiled an account book, where receipts and payments of the royal finances were carefully recorded. It has been recently discovered: this paper aims at examining its actual framework as well as the relative volume of the state budget. Because of its new and comprehensive body of evidence, Petrucci’s account book is a very useful source, which may provide additional informations not only on the bulk of the state funds and expenditure but also on the structure of the king’s household and on the system of the royal financial administration, which appears now as characterized by a more complex organization than it was supposed to be in the past.

  8. [The Protomedicato Tribunal and the royal physicians (1665-1724)].

    Pardo Tomás, J; Martínez Vidal, A


    This article tries to reconstruct the composition of the Board of Royal Physicians during the reign of Charles II (1665-1799) and the first part of the reign of Philip V (1700-1724), a crucial period in the introduction of modern science and medicine in the Spanish Kingdoms. Their personal records, to be found in the Archivo General de Palacio in Madrid, have been exhaustively consulted. Some of these royal physicians formed part of the Castilian Tribunal del Protomedicato, by means of which the Board of Royal Physicians was selected, promoted and controlled. The Protomedicato was an important battlefield in the conflict between traditional and modern medicine, in which Italian physicians played a decisive role.

  9. Octanoic acid confers to royal jelly varroa-repellent properties

    Nazzi, Francesco; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Della Vedova, Giorgio; Del Piccolo, Fabio; Annoscia, Desiderato; Milani, Norberto


    The mite Varroa destructor Anderson & Trueman is a parasite of the honeybee Apis mellifera L. and represents a major threat for apiculture in the Western world. Reproduction takes place only inside bee brood cells that are invaded just before sealing; drone cells are preferred over worker cells, whereas queen cells are not normally invaded. Lower incidence of mites in queen cells is at least partly due to the deterrent activity of royal jelly. In this study, the repellent properties of royal jelly were investigated using a lab bioassay. Chemical analysis showed that octanoic acid is a major volatile component of royal jelly; by contrast, the concentration is much lower in drone and worker larval food. Bioassays, carried out under lab conditions, demonstrated that octanoic acid is repellent to the mite. Field studies in bee colonies confirmed that the compound may interfere with the process of cell invasion by the mite.

  10. Wolves, moose, and tree rings on isle royale.

    McLaren, B E; Peterson, R O


    Investigation of tree growth in Isle Royale National Park in Michigan revealed the influence of herbivores and carnivores on plants in an intimately linked food chain. Plant growth rates were regulated by cycles in animal density and responded to annual changes in primary productivity only when released from herbivory by wolf predation. Isle Royale's dendrochronology complements a rich literature on food chain control in aquatic systems, which often supports a trophic cascade model. This study provides evidence of top-down control in a forested ecosystem.

  11. Hormonal treatments in metastatic endometrial stromal sarcomas: the 10-year experience of the sarcoma unit of Royal Marsden Hospital


    Background Hormonal manipulation is sometimes recommended in the treatment of metastatic endometrial stromal sarcoma, but there are few data assessing the efficacy of endocrine therapies in this subtype of uterine sarcomas. Methods We performed a retrospective electronic medical record review of patients with metastatic ESS treated with a hormonal agent at Royal Marsden Hospital between 1999 and 2011. We assessed progression-free survival (PFS), objective response and toxicity profile among p...

  12. How the Army Runs: A Senior Leader Reference Handbook, 2015-2016


    Army Corrections Command (USACC); Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA). (n) The Judge Advocate General (TJAG): U.S. Army Legal Services...BMDR Ballistic Missile Defense Review BMIS-T Battlefield Medical Information-Theater BOD Board of Directors BOD Broadcast Operations

  13. Women in the Army


    undoubtedly be included in the ultimate AFEES test package for future enlistees. The significance of this study effort, and ultimate value to the Army...FY. 2 2 PART 4 PROXOTIONS AND SELECTIONS Selection by. grade for promocion , command and advanced schooling are presented in this part. o Selections

  14. Army Strong, Superintendent Savvy

    Mellon, Ericka


    Brigadier General Anthony "Tony" Tata of the U.S. Army had one of those "ah-ha" moments in April 2006 when, on the eve of an operation he was heading in Afghanistan, an Al Qaeda rocket shattered a nearby school. The attack killed a teacher and seven students and wounded dozens more. The rocket incident eventually nudged Tata…

  15. [Spanish medicine and surgery in the eighteenth century: the Royal College of Cadiz].

    Cabrera-Afonso, Juan Rafael


    We revise the condition of Spanish Surgery and Medicine, at first half of XVIII century, to appraise the labour of Seniors Surgeons of the Navy, Juan Lacomba first and Pedro Virgili after, both creators of The Royal College of Surgery of Cádiz in 1748. This Institution making the renewal of medical and surgical knowledge in the second half of the eighteenth century. In base to original documentation, summarizes the methods and conditions of teaching, pupils, teachers of subjects, from "Clinical Sessions" (sensu lato), the Library, etc. We valued innovative creations of the Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants, the Cabinet of Natural History and the first shipment of Collegiate Scholars abroad, the edition of new books on various medical, surgical, and other topics, and so on. This led, in 1791, the constitution of the "Miracle of Cádiz" which is just in a single "Carrera", in only one title and one professional to Medicine and Surgery being held in the College of Cádiz and is exported rapidly to the rest of the West. Which expresses the relation what José Celestino Mutis had with the Royal College, where he was to then develop their skills in New Granada, in Colombia today. The College published in Cádiz and in 1792, his Instruccion ... relativa de las especies y virtudes de la Quina [Instructions ... on the species and the virtues of Quina], which is the only publication during his life in Spanish peninsular territory.

  16. Communication: the royal pathway to patient-centered medicine.

    Bensing, J.M.; Verhaak, P.F.M.; Dulmen, A.M. van; Visser, A.P.


    The papers in this special issue on communication in health care can be summarized in one easy and powerful message: communication is the royal pathway to patient-centerd medicine. Approached from differen angles, the linkage between communication and patient-centered medicine is the common theme th

  17. Re-engineering production systems: the Royal Netherlands Naval Dockyard

    Zijm, Willem H.M.


    Reengineering production systems in an attempt to meet tight cost, quality and leadtime standards has received considerable attention in the last decade. In this paper, we discuss the reengineering process at the Royal Netherlands Naval Dockyard. The process starts with a characterisation and a

  18. Royal Numico N.V. : Resurrecting shareholder value

    Lachotzki, F.W.I.; Olson, M.A.


    This case presents the extraordinary turn-around engineered at Royal Numico (a specialized nutrition company, previously covered in another Nyenrode case under its old name Nutricia) by a team of managers formed and led by Jan Bennink. Company fortunes were at a low ebb by the beginning of 2002, as

  19. Louise Bourgeois (1563-1636): royal midwife of France.

    Dunn, P M


    Louise Bourgeois was the first practicing midwife to write of her experience of childbirth and of women's problems. She did much to enhance the respect in which her craft was held. For 26 years she was midwife to the royal court.

  20. Identification of a novel hypocholesterolemic protein, major royal jelly protein 1, derived from royal jelly.

    Yuri Kashima

    Full Text Available Royal jelly (RJ intake lowers serum cholesterol levels in animals and humans, but the active component in RJ that lowers serum cholesterol level and its molecular mechanism are unclear. In this study, we set out to identify the bile acid-binding protein contained in RJ, because dietary bile acid-binding proteins including soybean protein and its peptide are effective in ameliorating hypercholesterolemia. Using a cholic acid-conjugated column, we separated some bile acid-binding proteins from RJ and identified the major RJ protein 1 (MRJP1, MRJP2, and MRJP3 as novel bile acid-binding proteins from RJ, based on matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Purified MRJP1, which is the most abundant protein of the bile acid-binding proteins in RJ, exhibited taurocholate-binding activity in vitro. The micellar solubility of cholesterol was significantly decreased in the presence of MRJP1 compared with casein in vitro. Liver bile acids levels were significantly increased, and cholesterol 7α-hydroxylase (CYP7A1 mRNA and protein tended to increase by MRJP1 feeding compared with the control. CYP7A1 mRNA and protein levels were significantly increased by MRJP1 tryptic hydrolysate treatment compared with that of casein tryptic hydrolysate in hepatocytes. MRJP1 hypocholesterolemic effect has been investigated in rats. The cholesterol-lowering action induced by MRJP1 occurs because MRJP1 interacts with bile acids induces a significant increase in fecal bile acids excretion and a tendency to increase in fecal cholesterol excretion and also enhances the hepatic cholesterol catabolism. We have identified, for the first time, a novel hypocholesterolemic protein, MRJP1, in RJ. Interestingly, MRJP1 exhibits greater hypocholesterolemic activity than the medicine β-sitosterol in rats.

  1. 75 FR 7255 - Army Educational Advisory Committee


    ... Department of the Army Army Educational Advisory Committee AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... CFR 102-3.150, the following meeting notice is announced: Name of Committee: U.S. Army War College Subcommittee of the Army Education Advisory Committee. Date of Meeting: March 11, 2010. Place of Meeting:...

  2. Nostalgia in the Army (17th-19th Centuries).

    Battesti, Michèle


    People died from nostalgia in the army in the 17th-19th centuries. The term 'nostalgia', created by the doctor Johannes Hofer (1669-1752), from Mulhouse, came from the Germanic Heimweh, or 'homesickness'. It affected the young people enrolled in the army, such as Swiss mercenaries. Longing for their native land, they were consumed by an ongoing desire to return home. If it was impossible to do so, they sank into 'a sadness accompanied with insomnia, anorexia and other unpleasant symptoms' that could lead to death. Nostalgia became classified as a disease during the last quarter of the 18th century and ravaged the French army during the Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. However, as soon as the wars ended, it ceased to exist in the army (except the colonial army). It was removed from the nosology in the first half of the 19th century. Rapidly explained as an example of a misdiagnosis or a confusion between 'connection and cause', nostalgia needs to be assessed in regard to the medical debate between 'alienists' and 'organicists'. Creating much concern, nostalgia needs to be considered in the historical context of a society destabilized by modernity, with some individuals uprooted by the sudden transition from civil society to military life. It raises questions about the role that the army played in the creation of the French national union. Nostalgia may have also covered psychic traumatisms later designated as combat fatigue, war neurosis, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  3. The History of the North Pacific Division U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1888 to 1965


    Congo 1st Sess.) On June 19 of the same year the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Executive Agencies of the Government recommended, inter alia ...of Interior; and Kenneth Royal, Secretary of the Army. This agree- ment went far beyond the field agreement and, inter alia , established the...harbor work and fortifications; Savannah Distri ct , and Division Engineer, Southeastern Division, June 20 to Sept. 2~ 1914; i n Western Galicia and

  4. Army Medical Department Support to Stability Operations


    25 million dead and another 40 million infected , continues to spread at an alarming rate and nervous eyes are turned toward an anticipated influenza...million men , women, and children suffer from chronic malnutrition that often comes in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters.10 According to...included cholera, diphtheria, leishmaniasis, malaria, measles, pertussis, poliomyelitis, schistosomiasis , typhoid fever, and the chronic malnutrition

  5. Modified Diet Recipes for Army Medical Facilities


    Starch, edible, modified Milk non-fat, dry Water , cold 1 oz 3 oz 1 lb 15 oz l/4 cup 3/4 cup 1 quart 33 Ö9 881 3. 4. 5. 6...Milk| nonfat dry - Water Starch, edible, mQdified Pepper, ground lemon Juice Ghicken, Puree, canned WEIGHTS 4 oz 1 oz 2 oz 11/2 oz 30 oz...simmer 10 minutes or until fish and potatoes are tender. 3. Add salt, garlic, thyme, parsley and tarragon. Milk, nonfat, dry Water , warm Starch

  6. Army Medical Research and Development Technical Report


    sporozoite neutralizing activity (SNA), destroying sporozoite infectivity and produce a circumsporozoite precipitate (CSP) reaction. Passive transfer...fact that passive transfer of immune serum does not protect recipient animals and that, under certain experimental conditions, mice are protected in...non-immune control, immune unfractionated, inmune -T cells or immune-B cells, and in varying quantities were transferred to recipient mice

  7. Clinical Investigation Program (Tripler Army Medical Center)


    been leucopenia and, given the intensity of these programs, fatal toxicities have ranged from 2-3% with CHOP and ProMACE-CytaBOM to 6% with m-BACOD...toxicity has been very tolerable with the only serious toxicity being transient leucopenia . 220 q Detail Summary Sheet Prot No: SWOG 8711(89) Status

  8. Army Strong, Superintendent Savvy

    Mellon, Ericka


    Brigadier General Anthony "Tony" Tata of the U.S. Army had one of those "ah-ha" moments in April 2006 when, on the eve of an operation he was heading in Afghanistan, an Al Qaeda rocket shattered a nearby school. The attack killed a teacher and seven students and wounded dozens more. The rocket incident eventually nudged Tata toward a new mission:…

  9. 1998 Army Modernization Plan


    Biological (CB) Protective Duty Uniform (STO) • Biometrics (SRO) • Nanoscience (SRO) • Millimeter Wave Material and Dissemination Technology... Biometrics and Nanoscience SROs will enable the development of advanced NBC detection and characterization systems, including the exploitation of biologically...Requirements Trailers • Procure HEMAT Trailers Figure K-23 K-19 //;<?. U.S. Army 1997Modernization Plan This final fleet assessment, made against the

  10. Army Leader Transitions Handbook


    to improving the organization. The following are some effective methods and a compilation of techniques and considerations which have been used... improve your understanding of the environment. Outgoing Leader’s Assessment An important item to obtain from the current leader is a list of key contacts...The courseware allows users to tailor training materials to specific needs. Users access this at the CAL AKO website or Army eLearning https

  11. Army Equipment Modernization Plan


    Intrusion System (BAIS) (14.6 percent of the Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) of 8,933). Provides early seismic /acoustic warning, intrusion detection...The advanced affordable Turbine engine (aaTe), S&T Program developed and demon- strated two new helicopter turbine engines that provide significant...improvements in engine power and operating efficiencies. In FY12, the program transitioned to the Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) to

  12. 2007 Army Modernization Plan


    Presidential Decision Memorandum (PDM) II OSA Study, the PDM III FCA/ LCA Study and the Joint JCA Analysis of Alternatives. Army senior leadership...control package and a new rocket motor . The M30 Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition (DPICM) version of the GMLRS contains 404 sub-munitions...lbs, HE unitary warhead, a multimode (point detonating, delay and proximity) fuze capability; and insensitive munitions (IM) rocket motor , further

  13. The Army Lawyer


    Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say, WASH. POST, Oct. 12, 2007, at A1 (quoting Major General (MG) Joseph Fil , Commander of 1st Cavalry Division, as...saying, “It’s yet another challenge, another setback.”). 32 See generally id. (quoting MG Joseph Fil as saying in reference to the incidents of PSC...Prosecutors Research Institute 99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 510 Alexandria, VA 22313 (703) 549-9222 JULY 2008 • THE ARMY LAWYER

  14. The Army Profession: A Narrative


    profile cases of alleged misconduct” were symptomatic of “a much larger issue affecting the armed forces.”9 In the Associated Press, Lolita Baldor ...of-misconduct-among-high-level-military-leaders?lite (accessed January 02, 2013). 10Lolita C. Baldor , "US Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair to...Science: An Academic Discipline." Army Magazine, no. 5 (May 2005): 14-15. Baldor , Lolita C. and Michael Biesecker. "US Army Brigadier General

  15. 76 FR 70710 - Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC)


    ... Department of the Army Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC) AGENCY: Department of the Army... the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army National Cemeteries... first-come basis. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lieutenant Colonel Renea Yates;...

  16. The Acoustics of the Double Elliptical Vault of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Italy)

    Umberto Berardi; Gino Iannace; Amelia Trematerra


    This work investigates the acoustic characteristics of the double elliptical vault, which overlooks the Grand Staircase of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Italy). The Royal Palace was built by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli in the Seventeenth Century and it is the largest royal building in Italy. The double elliptical vault presents a great scenography effect. Inside the vault, on the planking level, musicians used to play for the king and his guests when the royal procession, going up the grand...

  17. The Strategic Direction for Army Science and Technology


    The Strategic Direction for Army Science and Technology: Final Report 83 MCWL USMC Warfighting Laboratory MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation MEP Mobile ...Environment Findings: The technology playing field is changing, important t echnology breakthroughs are principa lly driven by commercial and...control charge localization and mobility in the film; initial results have demonstrated substantial improvements in dielectric performance. The

  18. Population limitation and the wolves of Isle Royale

    Peterson, R.O.; Thomas, N.J.; Thurber, J.M.; Vucetich, J.A.; Waite, T.A.


    Population regulation for gray wolves in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan, was ex- amined in 1987-1995 when wolves were in chronic decline following a crash of the pop- ulation in 1981-1982. Canine parvovirus (CPV-2) was probably influential during the crash, but it disappeared by the lae 1980s. High mortality abruptly ceased after 1988, but low recruitment in the absence of disease and obvious shortage of food prevented recovery of the wolf population. In 1983-1995, with a comparable number of moose '10 years old as potential prey, wolves were only half as numerous as in 1959-1980. A simulation of annual fluctuations in effective population size (Ne) for wolves on Isle Royale suggests that their genetic heterozygosity has declined ca. 13% with each generation and ca. 80% in the 50- year history of this population. Inbreeding depression and stochastic demographic variation both remain possible explanations for recent low recruitment.

  19. Army Training Study: Concepts of the Army Training System.


    Combat Units. 1 March 1971. Harher, Robert A. and Coleman, Charlie C. Application of Simulation Training Exercises to Crisis Relocation Planning...product or outpit of the Army’s helth -. Ssinn. 0 ro)gram qM is a go example of hw pr hugra-. udgetinc’ is intro-. to work. The Army’s health care

  20. Victualling for Future Royal Australia Navy Platforms - Alternative Technologies


    Electric Field QL Quick Look RAN Royal Australian Navy RPDE Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation program SFE Supercritical Fluid ...however, to be suited to liquid or ‘pumpable’ foods such as milk , juices, sauces and soups. Many are used in the treatment of waste water in the food...the liquid, killing the cells and rendering them harmless. • Supercritical Fluids [8] – carbon dioxide is often used as a supercritical fluid . The

  1. Doctrine and Fleet Tactics in the Royal Navy.


    embarrassed the Turks that it was diplomatically inexpedient and he was recalled and his career ruined. During the long wars with the continental powers in...amphibious operations, the Royal Navy fell somewhat short. A landing in German East Africa was successfully neutralized. The disastrous attempt at...Madrid, SP: Instituto de Historia y Cultura Naval, 1983 [original version written from 1520-1538]. 5. "Traditional tactics, 1530: ’A book of orders for the

  2. The Ursula Faince Dinnerware Series by Royal Copenhagen

    Moeran, Brian

    This working paper is a case study about the development of a faience product line in Royal Copenhagen and illustrates several aspects of how, at what stages of development, and by whom, cultural products in general are evaluated. Three theoretical issues emerge. One concerns the constraints impo...... of a particular cultural product had to be negotiated within a particular organizational world embracing both management and workers, with differentiated skills. These issues lead to a more general discussion of craftsmanship and storytelling....

  3. Geohydrologic data from Port Royal Sound, Beaufort County, South Carolina

    Burt, R.A.; Belval, D.L.; Crouch, Michael; Hughes, W.B.


    Nine offshore wells were drilled through overlying sediments into the Upper Floridan aquifer in Port Royal Sound, South Carolina and the adjacent Atlantic Ocean, to obtain geologic, hydrologic, and water quality data. The Upper Floridan aquifer consists predominantly of light-gray, poorly consolidated, fossiliferous limestone. In the Port Royal Sound area, the Upper Floridan is overlain by olive-gray, medium to course sand and silty sand. Falling-head permeability tests on these overlying clastic sediments indicate permeabilities of 1,100 to 4.3 x 10 to the 7th power centimeters/sec. Other geologic and hydrologic data, including geophysical logs, sieve analyses, and detailed core descriptions were obtained, along with continuous water level records of the wells, tidal records, and barometric pressure records. Water collected from the Upper Floridan aquifer beneath Port Royal Sound and the ocean ranged in concentration of chloride from 54 to 12,000 mg/l. Measured pH ranged from 6.8 to 8.4, and alkalinity ranged from 122 to 368 mg/l as CaC03. Other water quality data obtained include temperature, specific conductance, carbon-13, carbon-14, tritium , deuterium, oxygen-18, dissolved oxygen, dissolved solids, nitrogen species, phosphorus, organic carbon, cyanide, sulfide, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfate, fluoride, silica , bromide, iodide, and selected trace metals. (USGS)

  4. Functional properties of honey, propolis, and royal jelly.

    Viuda-Martos, M; Ruiz-Navajas, Y; Fernández-López, J; Pérez-Alvarez, J A


    Honey, propolis, and royal jelly, products originating in the beehive, are attractive ingredients for healthy foods. Honey has been used since ancient times as part of traditional medicine. Several aspects of this use indicate that it also has functions such as antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflamatory, antibrowning, and antiviral. Propolis is a resinous substance produced by honeybees. This substance has been used in folk medicine since ancient times, due to its many biological properties to possess, such as antitumor, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects, among others. Royal jelly has been demonstrated to possess numerous functional properties such as antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory activity, vasodilative and hypotensive activities, disinfectant action, antioxidant activity, antihypercholesterolemic activity, and antitumor activity. Biological activities of honey, propolis, and royal jelly are mainly attributed to the phenolic compounds such as flavonoids. Flavonoids have been reported to exhibit a wide range of biological activities, including antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and vasodilatory actions. In addition, flavonoids inhibit lipid peroxidation, platelet aggregation, capillary permeability and fragility, and the activity of enzyme systems including cyclo-oxygenase and lipoxygenase.

  5. Army Contract Writing System (ACWS)


    the integration with Army Enterprise Resource Planning systems. As a financial feeder system, ACWS will meet the compliance requirements of the...Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996. The system will meet the full scope of Army Contracting requirements, including those in secure process efficiencies, support compliance with the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996, integrate with existing Enterprise

  6. Personnel-General: Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)


    services in the area of addiction medicine. e. Designate a civilian Clinical Director (CD), who generally will be rated by the CC, with intermediate to subordinate commands. i. Report positive tests, which do not require medical review (that is, THC, Cocaine, LSD , and PCP), to an appropriate...Installation Prevention Team IPTT Installation Prevention Team Training LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide MACOM Major Army Command MEDCEN Medical Center MEDDAC

  7. Army Energy Plan.


    ultimate goal. Additionally, electric vehicles, scooters , and bicycles are being widely used for on-post courier, patrol and maintenance operations. Table 4...characteristics. b. Suspension systems. The Army has a new suspension system under develop- ment called the Loopwheel. This new experimental suspension will...200 200 COMPOSITE STRUCTURAL VEH COMPS AMM 2 6.2 AH84 100 0 0 LIGHTWEIGHT SUSPENSION COMPS AMM 0 6.2 AH84 300 350 250 SAMARIUM-COBALT GEN TECH HOL 3 6.2

  8. The French Army and British Army Crimean War Reforms

    Anthony Dawson


    Full Text Available French army logistics of the Crimean War are generally considered to have been better organized than their British counterpart. This sometimes erroneous belief was fuelled by letters home (from officers and men as well as by the reporting of various ‘special correspondents’ in the Crimea, and created an emotional response favourable to the ordinary soldier and, in particular, towards the French. This then became the basis for arguments for reform of the British army in the military and domestic press and in Parliament. Clamour for reform on French lines led to official studies being made of the French army, especially of logistics, officer education, and even uniforms. The French army, however, was little understood and the resulting ephemeral corps-style units (such as Land Transport Corps, Army Work Corps, and Mounted Staff Corps were quickly found faulty. In fact, official study of the French army often had little or no effect on the major reforms of the war. Emulation of the French was ultimately short-lived and of little effect; the favourable perception of the French was based on short-term emotional response and, indeed, the desire for army reform had its sting drawn with the establishment of the Roebuck Committee. Post-war retrenchment and success in the Indian Mutiny would stifle what was left of the reform debate.

  9. Hilda Mary Woods MBE, DSc, LRAM, FSS (1892-1971): reflections on a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

    Farewell, Vern; Johnson, Tony; Gear, Rosemary


    We have previously described the content of a text by Woods and Russell, An Introduction to Medical Statistics, compared it with Principles of Medical Statistics by Hill and set both volumes against the background of vital statistics up until 1937. The two books mark a watershed in the history of medical statistics. Very little has been recorded about the life and career of the first author of the earlier textbook, who was a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society for at least 25 years, an omission which we can now rectify with this paper. We describe her education, entry into medical statistics, relationship with Major Greenwood and her subsequent career and life in Ceylon, Kenya, Australia, England and South Africa.

  10. A portrait of prefrontal lobotomy performed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney by Dr Rex Money.

    White, Richard T; McGee-Collett, Martin


    The objective of this article is to provide a portrait of prefrontal lobotomy performed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney by the Head of Neurosurgery Dr Rex Money and to describe Dr Money's role in the promotion of psychosurgery in Sydney. We draw attention to an oral presentation by Dr Rex Money in 1951, a journal article written by Money, archival information held at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, including Dr Money's accounts of his travels and his reports regarding neurosurgery - both internationally and in Australia. Dr Rex Money performed a series of 13 prefrontal lobotomies between 1945 and 1951, and presented the theoretical basis for his series, his operative procedures and the outcomes at the annual meeting of its medical officers' association. Notwithstanding various deficiencies in his clinical research, Money's descriptions give a relatively comprehensive account of one of the first series of prefrontal lobotomies performed in Australia. The current article also describes Dr Money's contributions to the promotion of psychosurgery in Sydney, and illustrates the participation of a senior neurosurgeon and of a major Sydney teaching hospital during the psychosurgery saga. © The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2016.

  11. 75 FR 19302 - Radiation Sources on Army Land


    ... Department of the Army 32 CFR Part 655 RIN 0702-AA58 Radiation Sources on Army Land AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION: Proposed rule; request for comments. SUMMARY: The Department of the Army proposes to revise its regulations concerning radiation sources on Army land. The Army requires Non-Army...

  12. 76 FR 6692 - Radiation Sources on Army Land


    ... Department of the Army 32 CFR Part 655 RIN 0702-AA58 Radiation Sources on Army Land AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: The Department of the Army is finalizing revisions to its regulation concerning radiation sources on Army land. The Army requires non-Army agencies (including...

  13. Army Programs: The Army Radiation Safety Program


    area or very high radiation area. (For example, medical and dental diagnostic x-ray systems do not require an ARA.) However, commanders will...the testing of nuclear explosive devices or from past nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl that contribute to background radiation. Background radiation

  14. The geologic story of Isle Royale National Park

    Huber, N. King


    Isle Royale is an outstanding example of relatively undisturbed northwoods lake wilderness. But more than simple preservation of such an environment is involved in its inclusion in our National Park System. Its isolation from the mainland provides an almost untouched laboratory for research in the natural sciences, especially those studies whose very nature depends upon such isolation. One excellent example of such research is the intensive study of the predator-prey relationship of the timber wolf and moose, long sponsored by the National Park Service and Purdue University. In probably no other place in North America are the necessary ecological conditions for such a study so admirably fulfilled as on Isle Royale. The development of a natural laboratory with such conditions is ultimately dependent upon geologic processes and events that although not unique in themselves, produced in their interplay a unique result, the island archipelago as we know it today, with its hills and valleys, swamps and bogs the ecological framework of the plant and animal world. Even the most casual visitor can hardly fail to be struck by the fiordlike nature of many of the bays, the chains of fringing islands, the ridge-and-valley topography, and the linear nature of all these features. The distinctive topography of the archipelago is, of course, only the latest manifestation of geologic processes in operation since time immemorial. Fragments of geologic history going back over a billion years can be read from the rocks of the island, and with additional data from other parts of the Lake Superior region, we can fill in some of the story of Isle Royale. After more than a hundred years of study by man, the story is still incomplete. But then, geologic stories are seldom complete, and what we do know allows a deeper appreciation of one of our most naturally preserved parks and whets our curiosity about the missing fragments.

  15. Visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Thailand

    Patrice Loïez


    Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand (left) visiting DELPHI with Spokesman, Tiziano Camporesi, and Prapol Assavavirulhakarn, Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Claude Détraz, CERN Director for Fixed Target andFuture Programmes and Richard Breedon, University of California. No. 05: Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Daniel Treille, former spokesman of Delphi. No. 31: in Delphi experiment. No. 35: H.E. Mr. Virasakdi Futrakul, Ambassador, Permanent Representative ofThailand, Geneva with H.E. Dr. Ronarong Nopakun, Ambassador of the Thai Embassy in Bern

  16. The Royal Society and the decline of magic.

    Hunter, Michael


    Whereas some have asserted that the early Royal Society actively sought to discredit magical beliefs, others have seen ideas of this kind as integral to the Society's 'nature' in its early years. This paper argues that, whatever the magical commitments of individual Fellows, the Society's corporate policy simply sidelined such pursuits. Yet, insofar as the result was that magic was excluded by default from the proper realm of scientific enquiry, this attitude was to prove paradoxically influential (although its roots have been retrospectively misconstrued to an extent that is significant in itself).

  17. Creative IL embedding at Royal Holloway, University of London 2013

    Burke, Russell; Coles, Kim; Downes, Sian; Woods, Emma


    n 2013, Helen Westwood and Russell Burke presented at LILAC about how information literacy was embedded in Geography courses at Royal Holloway. One of our plans for the future was to embed IL across the college. In May 2014, a paper was accepted at the College’s Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee making IL training and assessment a requirement for all first year undergraduate courses from 2014/15. This poster will show the steps involved in achieving this outcome, the challenges we have...

  18. La fondation royale des Dominicaines d'Aix-en-Provence

    Richarté-Manfredi, Catherine; Barra, Catherine


    Notre-Dame de Nazareth, couvent de dominicaines, est fondé en 1292 à Aix-en-Provence par le comte d’Anjou et de Provence, roi de Naples et de Jérusalem. Les résultats archéologiques de plusieurs campagnes de fouilles conduites sur une partie de l’ancien domaine, associés aux informations apportées par les sources écrites, permettent dans une certaine mesure d’appréhender la vie dans cette institution originale. Couvent royal, d’un ordre mendiant apostolique de femmes contemplatives, le comple...

  19. Topical royal jelly alleviates symptoms of pruritus in a murine model of allergic contact dermatitis

    Katsunori Yamaura


    Full Text Available Background: Royal jelly is widely used as a health tonic, especially in Asia. Royal jelly is commonly used in cosmetics as well as in dietary supplements and beverages. Little is known, however, about the pharmacologic efficacy of topical royal jelly. Therefore, we investigated the antipruritic activity of topical royal jelly on chronic pruritus in experimental allergic contact dermatitis in mice. Materials and Methods: Hairless mice (HOS: HR-1, with chronic allergic contact dermatitis induced by 5 weeks of repeated application of 2,4,6-trinitro-1-chlorobenzene (TNCB to the entire back skin were treated topically with royal jelly (0.01% or 1% for 5 weeks after sensitization with TNCB. The effects of royal jelly on pruritus and inflammation were evaluated by measurement of scratching behavior and skin inflammation score, respectively. Results: Repeated application of TNCB to the back skin of mice elicited frequent scratching behavior immediately and 24h after challenge. Topical royal jelly (0.01% or 1% and betamethasone (0.01% significantly ameliorated this chronic pruritus throughout the experimental period. The level of nerve growth factor mRNA in back skin was increased in the mice with dermatitis and reduced by betamethasone, but not by royal jelly. Conclusion: The inhibitory effect of royal jelly on chronic pruritus may occur through different mechanisms from those of betamethasone. Topical application of royal jelly, as used in cosmetics, might be beneficial for the alleviation of chronic pruritus.

  20. Barossa Night: cohesion in the British Army officer corps.

    Bury, Patrick


    Contrasting the classical explanation of military group cohesion as sustained by interpersonal bonds, recent scholars have highlighted the importance of ritualized communication, training and drills in explaining effective military performance in professional armies. While this has offered a welcome addition to the cohesion literature and a novel micro-sociological method of examining cohesion, its primary evidential base has been combat groups. Indeed, despite their prominent role in directing operations over the past decade, the British Army's officer corps has received relatively little attention from sociologists during this period. No attempt has been made to explain cohesion in the officer corps. Using a similar method to recent cohesion scholars, this paper seeks to address this imbalance by undertaking a micro-sociology of one ritual in particular: 'Barossa Night' in the Royal Irish Regiment. Firstly, it draws on the work of Durkheim to examine how cohesion amongst the officer corps is created and sustained through a dense array of practises during formal social rituals. It provides evidence that the use of rituals highlights that social solidarity is central to understanding officer cohesion. Secondly, following Hockey's work on how private soldiers negotiate order, the paper shows how this solidarity in the officer corps is based on a degree of negotiated order and the need to release organizational tensions inherent in a strictly hierarchical rank structure. It highlights how the awarding of gallantry medals can threaten this negotiated order and fuel deviancy. In examining this behaviour, the paper shows that even amongst an officer class traditionally viewed as the elite upholders of organizational discipline, the negotiation of rank and hierarchy can be fluid. How deviant behaviour is later accepted and normalized by senior officers indicates that negotiated order is as important to understanding cohesion in the British Army's officer corps as it is

  1. US Army TARDEC: Robotics Overview


    unclassified US ARMY TARDEC Robotics Overview Bernard Theisen, Joint Center for Robotics 25 March 2010 Reference herein to any specific commercial...4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE US ARMY TARDEC Robotics Overview 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Bernard... Robotics Industry Partnerships Academia PartnershipsGovernment Partnerships TRADOC Community Outreach • S&T Support to the RS-JPO • Develops and Fosters

  2. The Royal College of Radiologists' audit of prostate brachytherapy in the year 2012.

    Stewart, A J; Drinkwater, K J; Laing, R W; Nobes, J P; Locke, I


    This audit provides a comprehensive overview of UK prostate brachytherapy practice in the year 2012, measured against existing standards, immediately before the introduction of new Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) guidelines. This audit allows comparison with European and North American brachytherapy practice and for the impact of the RCR 2012 guidelines to be assessed in the future. A web-based data collection tool was developed by the RCR Clinical Audit Committee and sent to audit leads at all cancer centres in the UK. Standards were developed based on available guidelines in use at the start of 2012 covering case mix and dosimetry. Further questions were included to reflect areas of anticipated change with the implementation of the 2012 guidelines. Audit findings were compared with similar audits of practice in Europe, the USA and Latin America. Forty-nine of 59 cancer centres submitted data. Twenty-nine centres reported carrying out prostate brachytherapy; of these, 25 (86%) provided data regarding the number of implants, staffing, dosimetry, medication and anaesthesia and follow-up. Audit standards achieved excellent compliance in most areas, although were low in post-implant dosimetry and in post-implant scanning at 30 days. This audit provides a comprehensive picture of prostate brachytherapy in the UK in 2012. Patterns of care of prostate brachytherapy are similar to practice in the USA and Europe. The number of prostate brachytherapy implants carried out in the UK has grown significantly since a previous RCR audit in 2005 and it is important that centres maintain minimum numbers of cases to ensure that experience can be maintained and compliance to guidelines achieved. Copyright © 2015 The Royal College of Radiologists. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. 2014 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Army Civilian Leader Findings


    feedback to learners . The level of rigor or challenge posed by all ix courses shows room for improvement, particularly courses offered entirely...The attributes represent the values and identity of Army leaders (character), how leaders are perceived by followers and others (presence), Less than 10% attended a resident Army course, completed structured self-development, learned a foreign language , or engaged in other types of

  4. Research and Operational Support for the Study of Militarily Relevant Infectious Diseases of Interest to the United States Army and the Royal Thai Army


    d) Results 40 (e) Future Plans 40 4. Title of Research Project: Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni Isolates 40 (a) Investigators...Characterization of Enteric Pathogens Isolated from Children iand Adults in Maldives 4. Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni Isolates 5. Adaptation of... Campylobacter jejuni isolates a. Investigators: • Oralak Serichantalergs • Piyarat Poothong • Panida Nopthai b. Objectives: Identify

  5. Research and Operational Support for the Study of Militarily Relevant Infectious Diseases of Interest to the United States Army and the Royal Thai Army


    Using these guidelines, 1.5g of the lotions and creams and 1.0g of the sprays will be spread evenly on the treatment area using a talc -free glove...threshold will be protected from DV infection or severe disease on subsequent exposure to virus. 2. The frequency of pre-existing CD4+ and CD8... exposure . 3. To characterize H5 influenza isolates associated with human infection through cDNA sequence studies. d. Methods: 1. Study Site

  6. 1986 AMEDD (Army Medical Department) Clinical Psychology Short Course: Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.


    understand) the system (the langue part we mentioned before) within which the language operates. To this end the students of Saussure (and later of Roman ... Jakobson and his Prague School of Linguistics) looked to other disciplines for help in describing language structure and language system. It was

  7. Eclipsing Binary Stars: the Royal Road to Stellar Astrophysics

    Southworth, John


    Russell (1948) famously described eclipses as the "royal road" to stellar astrophysics. From photometric and spectroscopic observations it is possible to measure the masses and radii (to 1% or better!), and thus surface gravities and mean densities, of stars in eclipsing binary systems using nothing more than geometry. Adding an effective temperature subsequently yields luminosity and then distance (or vice versa) to high precision. This wealth of directly measurable quantities makes eclipsing binaries the primary source of empirical information on the properties of stars, and therefore a cornerstone of stellar astrophysics. In this review paper I summarise the current standing of eclipsing binary research, present an overview of useful analysis techniques, and conclude with a glance to the future.

  8. 77 FR 9633 - Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC)


    ... Department of the Army Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission (ANCAC) AGENCY: Department of the Army... Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army National Cemeteries Advisory...: Lieutenant Colonel Renea Yates; or 571.256.4325. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:...

  9. Fibrous osteodystrophy in two Northern Royal albatross chicks (Diomedea sanfordi).

    Morgan, K J; Alley, M R; Gartrell, B D; Thompson, K G; Perriman, L


    In February 2004, two Northern Royal albatross chicks aged 20 and 25 days old were presented for necropsy. Both chicks had been hand-fed in situ at a breeding colony, from 2-3 days post-hatch. The hand-rearing diet consisted of boneless hoki fillets (Macraronus novaezelandiae), electrolytes, and sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus) proventricular oil obtained as a by-product of cultural harvest. Routine necropsies on the affected chicks revealed many bones were soft and easily bent. Radiography and histopathology revealed decreased bone density, pathological fractures, and extensive remodelling suggestive of fibrous osteodystrophy. Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism, resulting from an imbalance in the dietary Ca:P ratio. The imbalance in the dietary Ca:P ratio was a result of feeding deboned and eviscerated fish. This investigation also highlighted potential health risks associated with the practice of feeding stored rancid proventricular oil, including the destruction of fat-soluble vitamins. It is therefore possible that oxidative degradation of vitamin D may have contributed to the development of nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism. Subsequently, dietary recommendations for supplementary feeding of orphaned Northern Royal albatross chicks include the feeding of whole human-grade fish with an appropriate Ca:P ratio, and the exclusion of proventricular oil. These cases highlight the need for scientific input into wildlife conservation projects, as lack of appropriate nutritional advice resulted in the feeding of a nutritionally inadequate diet. Following the recommended changes in diet, no further cases of osteodystrophy have been diagnosed in hand-raised chicks in the albatross colony.

  10. Musculoskeletal injuries sustained in modern army combatives.

    Possley, Daniel R; Johnson, Anthony E


    Participation in martial arts has grown over the past 15 years with an estimated 8 million participants. In 2004, the Chief of Staff of the Army directed that all Initial Military Training soldiers receive Modern Army Combatives (MAC) training. The mechanical differences between the various martial arts styles incorporated into mixed martial arts/MAC pose challenges to the medical professional. We report the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries by Level 1 and 2 trained active duty soldiers participating in MAC over a 3-year period. From June 1, 2005 to January 1, 2009, the Orthopaedic Surgery service treated and tracked all injuries in MAC. Data was analyzed using the Chi(2) method of analysis. (p < 0.05). 155 of 1,025 soldiers presenting with MAC injuries reported inability to perform their military occupation specialty duties. The knee was most frequently injured followed by shoulder. Surgical intervention was warranted 24% of the time. Participants in MAC reported injuries severe enough to impact occupational duties at 15.5%. Surgical intervention was warranted only 24% of the time. The knee and shoulder are the most frequently injured body parts. Labral repair was the most frequent surgical procedure.

  11. The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) Annual Survey of the Army Profession (CASAP FY16)


    Colonel, U.S. Army Director , Center for the Army Profession and Ethic NOTICES DISTRIBUTION: Primary distribution of this...Army leaders regarding the effectiveness of policies and practices intended to inspire and motivate Army professionals to “live by and uphold the Army...FY17/18 AA – OP theme, One Army, Indivisible. Assessment of the State of the Army Profession assists Senor Army leaders in understanding the effects

  12. An Analysis of Collaborative Research Opportunities for the Army. Volume I


    technologyy Ltechnology Medical advanced technology utility LOSAT Missile and rocket Night vision advanced technology Weapons and munitions advanced...Medical systems Engineer mobility equipment Tactical electronic surveillance system Landmine warfare and barrier Army NBC defense system utility N-LOS Night

  13. Give us back our field army! The Dutch army leadership and the operational planning during the interwar years

    Amersfoort, H.; Amersfoort, H.; Klinkert, W.


    The 1922 Army Reform Bill reduced the Dutch army to a militia. During the period between the two World Wars Dutch army leadership sought to rebuild an army that in several repects (organization, armement, doctrine) could be compared to the armies of great powers like France and Germany. The army lea

  14. Give us back our field army! The Dutch army leadership and the operational planning during the interwar years

    Amersfoort, H.; Amersfoort, H.; Klinkert, W.


    The 1922 Army Reform Bill reduced the Dutch army to a militia. During the period between the two World Wars Dutch army leadership sought to rebuild an army that in several repects (organization, armement, doctrine) could be compared to the armies of great powers like France and Germany. The army lea

  15. The first lady almoner: the appointment, position, and findings of Miss Mary Stewart at the Royal Free Hospital, 1895-99.

    Cullen, Lynsey T


    This article examines the professional roots of the hospital almoner, a position which has been widely neglected in medical history. The first almoner was Miss Mary Stewart, a former Charity Organization Society employee, appointed at the Royal Free Hospital of central London in 1895. The Royal Free was a charitable hospital which offered free medical treatment to patients considered morally deserving but unable to afford medical care elsewhere. The role expected of Stewart was to means test patients in order to ensure that only those deemed "appropriate" received free medical treatment, and to establish the extent to which the hospital was being abused by those who could afford to contribute toward their medical care. While in office, Stewart continually reshaped the role of almoner. She fashioned the position into that of a medical social worker and undertook such duties as referring patients to other means of medical and charitable assistance, visiting patients' homes, and training almoners for positions at other voluntary hospitals. Through the examination of Mary Stewart's Almoners Report Book, this article considers the circumstances of her appointment, the role she performed, and the findings of her investigations.

  16. Green Remediation: Army Policy and Implementation


    treated on-site within a contained asphalt- lined former pH control pond and treated in 300 yard increments – Caustic soda was evenly spread on soil...Army installations and FUDS.  The examples presented are not representative of all Army efforts 11 Energy Example Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant ...Daugherty, 15 Land and Ecosystems Example #2 Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant (Excess) Cleanup Objective: Treat soil

  17. The portrait of Dr William Harvey in the Royal Society since 1683.

    Keynes, Milo


    A portrait of William Harvey in the Royal Society since 1683 is a copy by an unknown artist after a portrait, now lost, painted by Sir Peter Lely ca. 1650. Three other unattributed copies besides a copy bought from Lely's studio on his death by the Earl of Bradford have been located. The present labelling of the Royal Society portrait should be corrected.




    Full Text Available This paper contents a summery about physicochemical composition of frash and lyophilized royal jelly. Royal jelly (RJ is a yellowish and creamy secretion from hypo pharyngeal and mandibular glands of young worker bees (Apis mellifera L. to feed all larvae for the first three days of their life and the queen bee for both her larval life and adulthood.. Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. Queen bees are made, not born, and their feeding with royal jelly is the key to that process. The geographical authenticity of royal jelly can be determined also by pollen analysis (Ricciardelli d'Albore et al., 1978; Ricciardelli d'Albore, 1986. The physicochemical composition of pure royal jelly are analyzed by determining moisture, ash, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, 10-HDA; and for lyophilized royal jelly are analyzed by determining ash, lipids, protein, carbohydrates, 10-HDA, sugars. 10-HDA content is the criteria of royal jelly quality analysis and it is a freshness parameter(Antinelli J.F., Sarah Zeggane, Renee Davico, Catherine Rognone, Jean Paul Faucon, Louisette Lizzani.

  19. Enhancing Army Joint Force Headquarters Capabilities


    Ad hoc (Army) 2004–2005 MNSTC-I SSTR CENTCOM Ad hoc (Army) 2004-2005 JTF-G8/ DNC /RNC HD/CS NORTHCOM Ad hoc (Army) x 3 2004 JTF-515 SSTR PACOM 2004...AFIC = Armed Forces Inaugural Committee; CENTCOM = Central Command; DNC = Democratic National Committee; EUCOM = European Command; FSSG = Fleet

  20. The Evolution of Army Leader Development


    Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Developing Talent, (Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army War College, March 2010), 4-6...16 Casey Wardynski, David S. Lyle, Michael J. Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Employing Talent, (Carlisle

  1. Quality of royal jelly produced by Africanized honeybees fed a supplemented diet

    Maria Josiane Sereia


    Full Text Available This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of artificial supplements prepared with soybean protein isolate, brewer's yeast, mixture of soybean protein isolate with brewer's yeast, linseed oil, palm oil, and a mixture of linseed oil with palm oil on the physicochemical and microbiological composition of royal jelly produced by Africanized honey bee colonies. Considering these results, providing supplements for Africanized honeybee colonies subjected to royal jelly production can help and strengthen the technological development of the Brazilian beekeeping industry increasing its consumption in the national market. This research presents values of royal jelly a little different from those established by the Brazilian legislation. This fact shows that is important to discuss or change the official method for royal jelly analysis. The characterization of physicochemical and microbiological parameters is important in order to standardize fresh, frozen, and lyophilized royal jelly produced by Africanized honeybees.

  2. Army Science Board 1991 Summer Study - Army Simulation Strategy


    May 91, Mr. C. Hatfield, Lawrence Livermore Labor atory JANUS-Technology, 29 May 91, Mr. Paul Herman , Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Aviation...Development, 30 May 91, Mr. Mansur , US Army, Aviation Systems Command Crew Station Research and Development Facility Briefing and Demonstration, 30 May

  3. Army Sustainability Report 2010


    Iraq continue. The burn pit at Camp Anaconda, like many others, was collecting everything from engines and plastic to medical waste, risking the health...acquisition of weapon systems, are energy-efficient … water-efficient, biobased , environmentally preferable … non-ozone depleting, contain recycled

  4. Domingos Vandelli and the deficit in royal Portuguese treasury

    Ricardo Dalla Costa


    Full Text Available This work aims to discuss the economic situation and policy recommendations of Vandelli to solve the difficulties in economic situation in Portugal at the end of seven hundred. Starting with a prior proposal for Vandelli on institutionalization of knowledge in Sciencia of Finance to further expose the difficulties in maintaining the Kingdom in not justifiable times as costly ordered and even military expenditures, investments in manufacturing, arts and science without there being at that time a real war economy. As a result, it failed to materialize the idea of a Portuguese Economic Society since it was transmuted into a Science Academy. With regard to the deficit in the Royal Treasury, there was an increase of Portuguese State spending concurrently with the drop in revenue from overseas, and finally opportunism behind the financial difficulties of the metropolis led Vandelli to do harsh criticism to financial managers and usurers who took advantage of an emblematic situation and suggest economic policies to balance public finances

  5. BOOK REVIEW: Robert Hooke and the Royal Society

    Brown, Neil


    Many physics students only come across Hooke when they learn his law of stretching springs, which is a pity because it is just one of his contributions to progress in science, and a minor one at that. His, Micrographia, the first great book of microscopical observations, arouses admiration to this day. He was also active in horology, astronomy, geology and surveying, and he took part in biological experiments, transfusing blood between animals. Much of his work was done while he was curator of experiments for the Royal Society, in which he was involved almost from its foundation. This was by no means a full-time occupation, however. After the Great Fire of London, Hooke was appointed one of the three surveyors for the rebuilding of the city. One of the others was Christopher Wren, a lifelong friend. In this role Hooke was responsible for the design of several buildings, including the Monument. Nichols writes about all these activities, as well as Hooke's childhood, his education at Westminster School, the University of Oxford when Hooke was an undergraduate, and the founding of the Royal Society. The book draws on research for a master's degree. Turning a dissertation into a popular book is risky. The author has avoided the pitfall of making it too academic, but the result is not satisfying. Nichols seems overawed by Hooke and his work, frequently seeming to credit Hooke with a far-reaching influence that he did not necessarily have. There may be a case for lauding Hooke as the father of English microscopy, the father of English meteorology, and the founder of English geology and earth sciences, but it needs to be made much more critically, even in a popular work. Hooke was full of good ideas, but he rarely continued long enough to put them into practice. There is no doubt that Hooke proposed using a balance wheel and spring to improve the timekeeping of a watch, for example, but he did not have a watch made to his design until after Christiaan Huygens had

  6. Anaemia in elective orthopaedic surgery - Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia.

    Kearney, B; To, J; Southam, K; Howie, D; To, B


    An anaemia clinic was established to improve the preoperative management of elective orthopaedic patients scheduled for arthroplasty. This paper is a report on the first 100 patients assessed. To assess the incidence and causes of anaemia in patients on a waiting list for elective arthroplasty in a public hospital and to assess the impact of anaemia detection in this patient population. Patients attending an Anaemia Clinic for elective orthopaedic surgical patients, during March 2010 to June 2013 were studied. Outcome measures included change in haemoglobin preoperative results and perioperative transfusion rates by preoperative haemoglobin. Seventeen per cent of patients scheduled for elective surgery were found to be anaemic. Of the 100 patients who attended, approximately half were found to be iron deficient and the remainder had anaemia of chronic disease. Serum ferritin anaemia were able to be treated, in all cases, to achieve a significant increase in preoperative haemoglobin. The general unavailability of erythropoietin limited effective intervention for the non-iron-deficient anaemic patients. Seven patients had their surgery cancelled because of the screening programme. Half of the anaemic patients in a joint replacement screening clinic were iron deficient, and treatment was effective in improving the pre-operative haemoglobin and reducing perioperative transfusion rates. This screening process should improve patient outcome. Another important finding in this group of patients is that ferritin levels cannot be reliably used as the sole indicator in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia in this group of patients undergoing elective arthroplasty. © 2015 Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

  7. Improving the Army Hospital Satisfaction and Reducing the Defects of Non-medical Factors%减少非医疗因素缺陷,提高部队医院满意度



    本文从医患沟通、医疗费用、医德医风、医院的安全保障、医院形象、医护人员素质等六方面论述了非医疗因素缺陷其对医院整体满意度的影响,并提出具体整改措施。%This article discuss the factors of affecting the overall hospital satisfaction from some aspect of non-medical reasons,such as the communication between doctors and patients,medical expenses,medical ethics,the hospital security,the image of the hospital,the medical care personnel quality,and puts forward some concrete measures of increasing overall hospital satisfaction.

  8. Full Spectrum Army Officer Management


    ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) AND ADDRESS(ES) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER Colonel Ronda G. Urey Department of Military...Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Edwards, Jr. United States Army Colonel Ronda G. Urey Project Adviser This SRP is submitted in

  9. A Mobile Army of Ontologies

    Juul, Jesper


    their cultural position(s). The following scholars have agreed to participate the event: Pawel Grabarczyk (“Games Within Games: How to Properly Individuate Game Modes?”), Stefano Gualeni (“Augmented Ontologies and Games”), Jesper Juul: (“A Mobile Army of Ontologies”), Veli-Matti Karhulahti (“Videogame...

  10. Male parentage in army ants

    Kronauer, Daniel J C; Schöning, Caspar; Boomsma, Jacobus J


    of active research in insect sociobiology. Here we present microsatellite data for 176 males from eight colonies of the African army ant Dorylus (Anomma) molestus. Comparison with worker genotypes and inferred queen genotypes from the same colonies show that workers do not or at best very rarely reproduce...

  11. The Army Needs More Patriots


    the 10th AAMDC by at least 48% to account for requirements to perform Brigade headquarters functions, maintaining AAMDC TAC forward deployed and...Program (MCTP), US Army Combined Arms Center ( CAC ), Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, can coordinate with AAMDCs to send a senior AMD officer to attend unit

  12. Index to Army Times 1991



  13. Management of neck pain in Royal Australian Air Force fast jet aircrew.

    Netto, Kevin; Hampson, Gregory; Oppermann, Brett; Carstairs, Greg; Aisbett, Brad


    To examine the type and effectiveness of various strategies used by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fast jet (FJ) aircrew in self-referral and management of flight-related neck pain, a 6-section, 18-question survey tool was distributed to 86 eligible RAAF aircrew. Selective results from the sections evaluating aircrew demographics, incidence of flight-related neck pain, and the self-referral strategies of aircrew to manage these injuries are presented here. Eighty-two RAAF FJ aircrew responded to the survey. Ninety-five percent of the respondents experienced flight-related neck pain. The most commonly sought treatment modalities were on-base medical and physiotherapy services. Many respondents reported that currently provided on-base treatment and ancillary services such as chiropractic therapy are the most effective in alleviating symptoms. Further investigation into the effectiveness and safety of these ancillary therapies needs to be performed to allow appropriate consideration of their place in the management of neck pain in FJ aircrew.

  14. +GZ-induced neck injuries in Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilots.

    Newman, D G


    +GZ-induced neck injuries are a relatively common occurrence in pilots of high performance fighter aircraft. We surveyed 52 fighter pilots from the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Williamtown via an anonymous questionnaire in order to determine the prevalence and operational significance of these injuries. The pilots flew either the F/A-18 Hornet or the MB326H Macchi. Of the respondents, 44 reported having had a neck injury under +GZ. A higher rate was reported in pilots of the F/A-18. Most of these injuries were simple muscle sprains. There were 20 pilots who reported their neck injury as having interfered with mission completion. Only 12 pilots reported doing any regular neck strengthening exercises, while 33 pilots reported doing preflight neck stretches immediately prior to high +GZ exposure. There were 14 pilots who sought medical attention for their injury, with 9 being taken off flight status for an average of 2 weeks. Air combat maneuvering sorties and the "check six" head position were identified as causal factors by most pilots. This study demonstrates the operational significance of these injuries, and highlights the need for more research into this important aerospace medicine issue.

  15. Body-enlarging effect of royal jelly in a non-holometabolous insect species, Gryllus bimaculatus

    Atsushi Miyashita


    Full Text Available Honeybee royal jelly is reported to have body-enlarging effects in holometabolous insects such as the honeybee, fly and silkmoth, but its effect in non-holometabolous insect species has not yet been examined. The present study confirmed the body-enlarging effect in silkmoths fed an artificial diet instead of mulberry leaves used in the previous literature. Administration of honeybee royal jelly to silkmoth from early larval stage increased the size of female pupae and adult moths, but not larvae (at the late larval stage or male pupae. We further examined the body-enlarging effect of royal jelly in a non-holometabolous species, the two-spotted cricket Gryllus bimaculatus, which belongs to the evolutionarily primitive group Polyneoptera. Administration of royal jelly to G. bimaculatus from its early nymph stage enlarged both males and females at the mid-nymph and adult stages. In the cricket, the body parts were uniformly enlarged in both males and females; whereas the enlarged female silkmoths had swollen abdomens. Administration of royal jelly increased the number, but not the size, of eggs loaded in the abdomen of silkmoth females. In addition, fat body cells were enlarged by royal jelly in the silkmoth, but not in the cricket. These findings suggest that the body-enlarging effect of royal jelly is common in non-holometabolous species, G. bimaculatus, but it acts in a different manner than in holometabolous species.

  16. Army Back Complaint Program


    pain as there are doctors, 4 from chiropractic approaches through hypnotism and acupuncture . In the vast majority of cases, low back pain will disappear...initiatives to dispel fears and amc .!ticns about back pain , prmpt recognition and medical zwvaemet of affected aployees, and reduclM back complaints through...installation of ABC Programs. It is designed to be an educational tool to prevent injuries to the back, shoulder, or neck areas primarily as a result of

  17. The Madrid Royal Schools of St. Elisabeth and Loreto according Constitutions of 1715 and 1718



    Full Text Available The Madrid Royal Schools of Saint Elizabeth and Loreto were founded by Philip II at the end of 16th Century. Both institutions provided education for orphan girls. They still exist as Catholic coeducational schools granted by the Education Department. These two Schools were Royal Sponsorship belonging to Palace ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The Schools Constitutions sanctioned by Philip V have been preserved until now. Although these Schools have a parallel history, the mentioned Constitutions are completely different for each School. According to these Norms, the Madrid Royal Schools of Saint Elizabeth and Loreto have many differences between them.

  18. 77 FR 66823 - Army Education Advisory Committee Study Meeting


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Study Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD... the Federal Regulations (41 CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date(s) of...

  19. 78 FR 69077 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... Army Education Advisory Committee for deliberation by the Committee under the open-meeting , (831) 242-5828. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant to 41 CFR 102-3.105(j) and 102-...

  20. 77 FR 50089 - Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... the Federal Regulations (CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date of...

  1. 78 FR 23759 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Dates of Meeting: May 16, 2013. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122 Forbes...

  2. 77 FR 11084 - Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Committee Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... the Federal Regulations (CFR 102-3. 140 through 160, the Department of the Army announces the following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC). Date of...

  3. 77 FR 4026 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Date of Meeting: February 23, 2012. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122 Forbes...

  4. 77 FR 27209 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army, Do... ] Federal advisory committee meeting will take place: Name of Committee: Board of Visitors, U.S. Army War College Subcommittee. Date of Meeting: May 31, 2012. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122...

  5. 78 FR 38956 - Army Education Advisory Subcommittee; Meeting Notice


    ... Department of the Army Army Education Advisory Subcommittee; Meeting Notice AGENCY: Department of the Army... Army Education Advisory Committee for deliberation by the Committee under the open- meeting rules. FOR... Designated Federal Officer: ATFL- APO, Monterey, CA, 93944, , (831)...

  6. Concours annuels Academie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-mer

    Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences


    Full Text Available Yearly competitions Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences. L'Organisation des Nations Unies, face aux inégalités croissantes a initié le processus des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement (OMD qui doivent être réalisés d'ici 2015. L'atteinte des huit OMD devrait permettre de réduire la pauvreté et d'améliorer les conditions de vie des populations. L'élevage est pratiqué par une grande partie de la population mondiale surtout les plus pauvres. Il est pourvoyeur d'emplois et contribue à l'émancipation des femmes grâce aux revenus générés par la vente des produits animaux. Les animaux d'élevage sont également utilisés pour le transport et la culture attelée. La forte densité en nutriments des produits animaux en fait des aliments de choix pour améliorer l'état nutritionnel des enfants. La domestication des espèces animales sauvages et le développement de l'aquaculture contribuent à réduire les prélèvements dans la nature et à protéger la biodiversité. Le développement d'un élevage durable et raisonné peut donc positivement impacter plusieurs secteurs et doper la croissance économique des pays. Ce qui peut aider les pays en développement à se rapprocher des OMD d'ici 2015. La note présente également les pré-requis pour rendre effective la contribution de l'élevage aux.

  7. Royal London space analysis: plaster versus digital model assessment.

    Grewal, Balpreet; Lee, Robert T; Zou, Lifong; Johal, Ama


    With the advent of digital study models, the importance of being able to evaluate space requirements becomes valuable to treatment planning and the justification for any required extraction pattern. This study was undertaken to compare the validity and reliability of the Royal London space analysis (RLSA) undertaken on plaster as compared with digital models. A pilot study (n = 5) was undertaken on plaster and digital models to evaluate the feasibility of digital space planning. This also helped to determine the sample size calculation and as a result, 30 sets of study models with specified inclusion criteria were selected. All five components of the RLSA, namely: crowding; depth of occlusal curve; arch expansion/contraction; incisor antero-posterior advancement and inclination (assessed from the pre-treatment lateral cephalogram) were accounted for in relation to both model types. The plaster models served as the gold standard. Intra-operator measurement error (reliability) was evaluated along with a direct comparison of the measured digital values (validity) with the plaster models. The measurement error or coefficient of repeatability was comparable for plaster and digital space analyses and ranged from 0.66 to 0.95mm. No difference was found between the space analysis performed in either the upper or lower dental arch. Hence, the null hypothesis was accepted. The digital model measurements were consistently larger, albeit by a relatively small amount, than the plaster models (0.35mm upper arch and 0.32mm lower arch). No difference was detected in the RLSA when performed using either plaster or digital models. Thus, digital space analysis provides a valid and reproducible alternative method in the new era of digital records.

  8. A Study to Determine if Ethics Committees Should be a Decision-Making and Review Mechanism for Matters Relating to No-Code Orders in the Continental United States Army Medical Department Hospitals with over One Hundred Total Operating Beds


    Mexico Air Force hospitals on DNR procedures with inclosures of the Air Force’s general policy and Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center’s DNR guidelines are at...with a request for "assisted suicide" or voluntary euthanasia . "Do Not .:Lsuscitate" does not mean that the medical staff will take any affirmative steps...practice in responding to issues raised in the management of terminally ill patients. 4. The New Mexico Right to Die Act (the "Act", 24-7-1 to 24-7-11

  9. Army Net Zero Prove Out. Army Net Zero Training Report


    reclaim system does not enable Fort Carson to achieve its net zero water goal, which is to reclaim water through the WWTP equal to or greater than the...Class A Recycled Water Plant WWTP rapid infiltration basin #1 (of 4) 426,000 gal water supply storage reservoir Primary Lagoon for WWTP 6 7...cost of water = Longer time to payback  Double charged for incoming and outgoing  Army owned WWTP – true cost of water = water/sewer rates It

  10. Exploring the Complexities of Army Civilians and the Army Profession


    as the province of practitioners of a profession. For a fiduciary relationship , a profession manifests when the nature of the services provided...9. 94 “5 CFR 2636.305 - Compensation and Other Restrictions Relating to Professions Involving a Fiduciary Relationship ,” linked from The Legal...operations.9 The symbiotic relationship and necessity for Army civilians is apparent in generating land combat power and providing support for

  11. Pouvoir et religion à la chapelle royale de Versailles sous Louis XIV Power and religion at the royal chapel of Versailles under Louis XIV

    Alexandre Maral


    Full Text Available D’une manière peut‑être plus sensible que partout ailleurs, les objets et les insignes du pouvoir prennent une importance particulière dans le contexte du cérémonial liturgique de la religion catholique. À la chapelle royale de Versailles, la présence régulière du monarque et de sa cour complique encore la situation, d’autant que la desserte est assurée par deux corps distincts d’ecclésiastiques. Dépassant le simple cadre des préséances, Louis XIV a défini autour de sa personne royale un système rituel susceptible d’en manifester le caractère épiscopal dérivé du sacre. De même, l’enjeu juridictionnel représenté par la Chapelle royale se traduit par un jeu subtil d’attitudes, de gestes et de rites, chorégraphie sacrée qui accompagne et exprime les revendications des partisans et des adversaires de l’exemption du lieu de culte royal au regard du diocèse de Paris. Ce discours trouve un écho partiel dans le programme décoratif de la chapelle définitive du palais, achevée en 1710.Objects and symbols of power take on a particular importance in the liturgical ceremony of the Catholic Church, perhaps more so than in any other context. At the royal chapel of Versailles, the regular presence of the king and his court complicated the situation further, all the more so in that religious ceremony was administered by two distinct ecclesiastic bodies. Beyond the rules of precedence, Louis XIV had introduced around his royal persona a system of ritual that would manifest the episcopal identity conferred upon him by his coronation. Similarly, the jurisdictional authority represented by the royal chapel was conveyed in a subtle play of attitudes, gestures and rites, a symbolic choreography that accompanied and expressed the claims of the partisans and adversaries of the exemption of the royal place of worship with regard to the diocese of Paris. This stance was reflected in the decorative scheme of the palace

  12. 'Any style but gothic': Building a home for the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

    Wheelock, H


    On 15 July 1864 the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland held its first business meeting in its newly built home at 6 Kildare Street, Dublin. Although the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland had been in existence for over 200 years this was the first occasion that a College meeting had been held in a building owned by the College. This paper looks at the history behind the construction of a home for the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. It will examine why it took over 200 years for the Physicians to find a permanent home, how they ended up with the building they did, and what they borrowed from the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh in the process.

  13. Royal Service on Eesti mainekaim üritusturundusfirma / Eda-Liis Kann

    Kann, Eda-Liis, 1979-


    Turu-uuringute AS-i korraldatud üritusturunduse ettevõtete maineuuringust selgus, et kõige mainekamad Eestis on Royal Service, Event Masters, Broadline ja Sinine Elevant. Kõige madalama mainega on Tequila

  14. Royal Service on Eesti mainekaim üritusturundusfirma / Eda-Liis Kann

    Kann, Eda-Liis, 1979-


    Turu-uuringute AS-i korraldatud üritusturunduse ettevõtete maineuuringust selgus, et kõige mainekamad Eestis on Royal Service, Event Masters, Broadline ja Sinine Elevant. Kõige madalama mainega on Tequila

  15. Presence of women in Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country (1775-1808

    María Consolación Calderón España


    Full Text Available In this work we present the performance of women in the work of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, institutions of the eighteenth century who sought to lift the economy of Spain in that century. Women’s participation in the Royal Economic So- ciety was carried out by the Boards of Damas and supervisory work of the Schools «patriotism» and the first letters. The first schools to be named, according to Campomanes conceived of yarn and fabric and should be established in major cities throughout the kingdom. Participation in the Royal Economic Society from all social classes and genders with equal rights, was a fact. There is no comprehensive study on all of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, therefore there is no one on women in one way or another took part in them. With this work we present the work done by some.

  16. US Army Physical Therapist Roles and Contributions in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

    Shaffer, Scott W; Moore, Josef H


    Musculoskeletal injuries are a leading cause of health care utilization, medical evacuation, and disability. US Army physical therapists (PTs) have served as physician extenders for the management of nonsurgical neuromusculoskeletal injuries since the Vietnam conflict. The roles and evidence supporting US Army physical therapy continue to evolve. This article discusses the different levels of care and roles of US Army PTs, the contributions and evidence regarding US Army physical therapy, and physical therapy lessons learned during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Since 2001, US Army PTs and enlisted physical therapy technicians have provided care from Levels 1 to 5 and assignments have expanded to special operations and brigade combat teams. Evidence suggests US Army PTs serving both in referral and direct access roles provided safe and definitive care that maximized readiness while reducing evacuation. Key physical therapy lessons learned include: (1) a continued focus on a Soldier sports medicine forward care model, (2) a need for injury risk assessment, physical performance screenings, and reconditioning programs that optimize readiness, and (3) continued support for physical therapy structure, training, and research that maximizes Soldier readiness and health.

  17. Accessing the online archive for the Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service.

    Angus, D


    Following work by the editorial team, notably Surg Lt Cdr M O'Shea, and with funding from the Wellcome Trust, every edition of this Journal dating back to the first edition in 1915 is available on our website. This article gives details of how to access it.

  18. The Royal Industrial Institute of Madrid (1850-1867). A Historical Overview

    Cano Pavón, Jose Manuel


    This paper reviews the history, structure, evolution and salient activities of the Royal Industrial Institute of Madrid. This was the first higher engineering school established in Spain and also the key to the teaching system devised by Spain's moderate liberal government of the 1850s to gather the human resources (engineers, intermediate technicians and skilled workers) needed to face the industrialization process under way in the country. The Royal Industrial Institute was foun...

  19. The Queens' estates: fiscal properties and royal policy ( 9th -10th centuries

    Tiziana Lazzari (a cura di


    Full Text Available The special condition of the queens of italic Kingdom during the 9th and 10th centuries is exemplified by the title of consors regni and by the exceptionally copious dowers bestowed to them when compared to those entrusted to other European queens. Through the accurate reconstruction of these dowries, composed of royal fiscal assets, this anomaly is explained within the context of specific royal governmental strategies.

  20. Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly: A Comprehensive Review of Their Biological Actions and Health Benefits

    Visweswara Rao Pasupuleti; Lakhsmi Sammugam; Nagesvari Ramesh; Siew Hua Gan


    Background. There are several health benefits that honeybee products such as honey, propolis, and royal jelly claim toward various types of diseases in addition to being food. Scope and Approach. In this paper, the effects of honey, propolis, and royal jelly on different metabolic diseases, cancers, and other diseases have been reviewed. The modes of actions of these products have also been illustrated for purposes of better understanding. Key Findings and Conclusions. An overview of honey, p...

  1. Bedrock, soil, and lichen geochemistry from Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

    Woodruff, Laurel G.; Cannon, William F.; Dicken, Connie L.; Bennett, James P.; Nicholson, Suzanne W.


    Isle Royale National Park, Michigan, is a large island in northeastern Lake Superior that became a national park in 1940 and was designated as a wilderness area in 1976. The relative isolation of Isle Royale (Figure 1), 25 kilometers out in Lake Superior from the Canadian mainland, its generally harsh climate, and its status as a wilderness national park have minimized human influence on the geochemical evolution of its landscape.

  2. The Royal Navy’s New-Generation Type 45 Destroyer. Acquisition Options and Implications


    Future Offshore Patrol Vessel FPSO Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel xxiii xxiv The Royal Navy’s New-Generation Type 45 Destroyer FSC...the conversion of a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading ( FPSO ) vessel, and a naval order for two Alternative Landing Ships Logistics (ALSL...Frigates, various Marine (OPVs) for Royal Brunei design work Navy Offshore SupplyVessel, ALSL, Landing Craft Utility, miscellaneous module and Auxiliary

  3. Seventeenth-century ‘treasure’ found in Royal Society archives: The Ludus helmontii and the stone disease

    Alfonso-Goldfarb, Ana Maria; Ferraz, Márcia Helena Mendes; Rattansi, Piyo M.


    Our archival researches at the Royal Society reveal that a small envelope attached to a 1675 letter from an Antwerp apothecary, A. Boutens, contained a sample of the ‘Ludus’ prepared as a remedy for the ‘stone disease’ then sweeping through Europe, which was first announced in J. B. van Helmont's De lithiasi (1644). After examining the fascination with the medical use of the Ludus (which required the ‘alkahest’ for its preparation) and the tenacious efforts to procure it, we trace the fortunae of two other ludi in England, brought to and offered by Francis Mercurius van Helmont during his English sojourn. Both eventually found their way to the geologist John Woodward, one of them through Sir Isaac Newton. Finally we show how the allure of the Ludus helmontii vanished, with transformations in mineral analysis and reclassifications from Woodward to John Hill. PMID:25254277

  4. Army Planning: Comprehensive Risk Assessment Needed for Planned Changes to the Armys Force Structure


    focus on retaining combat units, and senior Army leaders ’ assessment that shortfalls in combat units are more challenging to resolve than shortfalls in...According to the Army, this reduction will require reductions of both combat and supporting units. Army leaders reported that reducing the Army to...such levels creates significant but manageable risk to executing the U.S. military strategy and that further reductions would result in unacceptable

  5. Online Spatial Database of US Army Public Health Command Region-West Mosquito Surveillance Records: 1947-2009


    geocoding errors. Output addresses were checked against input to identify discrepancies, and results that had a low precision level (to street or geocoder / 30 THE ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT JOURNAL combination of internet searches...calculated area. Data were filtered in Excel for unique locations, and these point data were converted to shape files for mapping in DIVA- GIS 5.2

  6. Army Independent Risk Assessment Guidebook


    AMSAA Kadry Rizk, TARDEC Lisa Graf, TARDEC Klaus Sanford, TRAC Elyse Krezmien, TRAC Jerry Scriven, ALU Igor Linkov, ERDC Alison Tichenor...Engineering ATEC - Army Test and Evaluation Command BCA - Business Case Analysis C - Consequence Level C- BA - Cost Benefit Analysis CDD...the AMSAA Risk Team has completed 12 technical and schedule risk assessments to support AoAs and Cost-Benefit Analyses (C- BAs ). AMSAA also developed

  7. 2011 Army Strategic Planning Guidance


    TESI ) of 22,000 Soldiers, the Army’s total force by the end of the mid-term period is programmed to be 520K (AC). We will achieve a more...dwell ratios, extending TESI authority to adequately man deploying units and sustain the All-Volunteer Force, right-sizing the generating force, and... TESI Temporary End-Strength Increase WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction 2011 ARMY STRATEGIC PLANNING GUIDANCE Page 19 2011

  8. Plain English for Army Lawyers


    TELEPHONE (Include Arta Code) 22c. OFFICE SYMBOL Judy CI irk 207-475.1Ull I FA-AR 0D FRM 1473, 84 MAR 83 APR edition may be used until exhausted SE CURITY...instructions during courts- martial . Contractors and contracting officers outdo each other in blaming lawyers for problems that crop up in Government...of legal practice -- from courts- martial to client services and from business transac- tions to administrative regulations. Although Army clients may

  9. Information Management: Army Information Management


    commander is the franchising authority. When appropriate, the installation commander may designate a non-appropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI) to be...the franchising authority. Overall staff management of CATV is the responsibility of the DISC4 at the Army level and will be executed at the local level...installations are cable television franchising authorities for the purpose of the applicable cable televisions laws. As a result, installations may

  10. Management: Total Army Quality Management


    meet current and future customer needs . 3–2. Strategic planning a. Strategic planning is the process by which managers at higher levels envision their...framework for all Army organizations to measure how well they are meeting their stated goals and customer needs . It provides a systematic review (2) Customer-Driven – The organization’s focus is on its customers – ensuring its operations meet customer needs in the most efficient manner

  11. Considering a Cadre Augmented Army


    division equivalents (HDEs) of Abrams tanks in the first year of ____________ 101 Dewar et al (2000), p. 59 102 Dewar et al (2000), p. 61 -200- An...Reserves and the Abrams Doctrine: Unfulfilled Promise, Uncertain Future,” Heritage Foundation Lecture, April 18, 2005. Carey, Benedict, “Stress on Troops... Floyd H., The Standby Reserve Training Corps: An Alternative Mobilization Manpower Policy, Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, 1985. Dupuy

  12. Army Environmental Cleanup Strategic Plan


    New success indicators are all definable, measurable, and achievable MAY 200918 of 29 Emerging Issues  Emerging contaminants  MMRP progress  NCP...programmatic expectations  NDNODS  Operational range program  Vapor Intrusion MAY 200919 of 29 Emerging Contaminants – Hexavalent Chromium...regulatory standards  Several emerging contaminants have been assessed and judged to have a significant potential impact to Army cleanup programs

  13. Army Training Study: Survey Data.


    training: dis- tractors, turbulence, and availabilty of training support material. Results from a detailed breakdown of the respondents by rank, type lower usage of Army regulations in training than do respondents in CONUS. Unit differences are noted only insofar as air defense artillery...specialities. Differences by rank are noted on each iteir with junior officers, senior NCOs and junior NCOs reporting higher usage in all areas than

  14. The Acoustics of the Double Elliptical Vault of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Italy

    Umberto Berardi


    Full Text Available This work investigates the acoustic characteristics of the double elliptical vault, which overlooks the Grand Staircase of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Italy. The Royal Palace was built by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli in the Seventeenth Century and it is the largest royal building in Italy. The double elliptical vault presents a great scenography effect. Inside the vault, on the planking level, musicians used to play for the king and his guests when the royal procession, going up the grand staircase, entered the royal apartments, creating astonishment among the guests who heard the music without understanding from where it was coming. Since the musicians were inside the vault, the long reverberation made the listeners perceive the vault to be enveloped by the music. To investigate this effect, the acoustic characteristics of the double vault were measured, putting the sound source on the planking level of the vault, while the microphones were put along the staircase and in the vestibule towards the royal apartments. Finally, the spatial distribution of several acoustic parameters is evaluated also using architectural acoustic simulations.

  15. Controls Over Army Real Property Financial Reporting


    Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) AWCF Army Working Capital Fund CIP Construction-in-Progress DCD/ DCW DFAS...Warehouse (DCD/ DCW ). The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) (ASA[FM&C]) is responsible for the policies, procedures...entity’s information to automatically populate that indicator. As a result, IFS did not send DCD/ DCW correct information for determining the

  16. The US Army Learning Concept for 2015


    Pedagogy is still the right answer… • Learning on demand The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 Mobile Learning enabled by technology • Problem...The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 18 October 2012 Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704-0188 Public reporting burden for the...SUBTITLE The US Army Learning Concept for 2015 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e

  17. Army Prisoner Population Prediction Study (AP3).


    Probability that a prisoner , serving his sentence, will benefit from clemency/ parole board actions. The probabilities that offenders will be...5-9 6-1 Non-Army Prisoners in Army Facilities ............... 6-3 D-1 Generation/Arrival of Offenders ..................... D-2 D-2...8 CHAPTER2 THE ARMY CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM 2-1. INTRODUCTION a. In order to understand the flow of offenders into and out of the Amy’s prison system

  18. The Sigiriya Royal Gardens. Analysis of the Landscape Architectonic Composition

    Jude Nilan Cooray


    Full Text Available Besides the efforts that are of descriptive and celebrative nature, studies related to Sri Lanka’s historical built heritage are largely to view material remains in historical, sociological, socio-historical and semiological perspectives. But there is hardly any serious attempt to view such material remains from a technical-analytical approach to understand the compositional aspects of their designs. The 5th century AC royal complex at Sigiriya is no exception in this regard.The enormous wealth of information and the unearthed material remains during more than hundred years of field-based research by several generations of archaeologists at Sigiriya provide ideal opportunity for such an analysis. The present study is, therefore, to fill the gap in research related to Sri Lanka’s historical built heritage in general and to Sigiriya in particular. Therefore the present research attempts to read Sigiriya as a landscape architectonic design to expose its architectonic composition and design instruments.The study which is approached from a technical-analytical point of view follows a methodological framework that is developed at the Landscape Design Department of the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. The study reveals that the architectonic design of Sigiriya constitutes multiple design layers and multiple layers of significance with material-spatial-metaphorical-functional coherence, and that it has both general and unique landscape architectonic elements, aspects, characteristics and qualities.The richness of its composition also enables to identify the landscape architectural value of the Sigiriya, which will help re-shape the policies related to conservation and presentation of Sigiriya as a heritage site as well as the protection and management as a green monument. The positive results of the study also underline that the methodology adapted in this research has devised a framework for the study of other examples of

  19. 76 FR 56406 - Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory Demonstration Project; Department of the Army; Army...


    .... SUMMARY: On March 7, 2011 (76 FR 12508-12548), DoD published notice of approval of a personnel management... the Army; Army Research, Development and Engineering Command; Tank Automotive Research, Development... 9, 2010. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: TARDEC: Mr. Gregory Berry, U. S. Army Tank...

  20. Consumer protection... the realities of medical audit.

    McKay, R


    The concept of medical audit is an extension of consumer philosophy, writes Ron McKay, but if you are paying for someone else's treatment how do you ensure your money has been spent correctly? In the United States the answer was auditing treatment and medical competence. In the light of the Royal Commission's recommendation for a greater degree of urgency in implementing medical audit here he asks how much can be learned from the US?

  1. Military Health Care: Army Needs to Improve Oversight of Warrior Transition Units


    their needs, undergo physical rehabilitation, meet with behavioral health therapists, participate in adaptive sports and reconditioning programs...soldiers at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The program is to coordinate care for soldiers recovering from serious physical and...2) established processes to oversee the selection of WTU personnel, assess their training , and adjust staff levels; and (3) assessed adherence

  2. Implementation of Prolonged Exposure in the Army: Is Consultation Necessary for Effective Dissemination


    MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S) U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Fort Detrick, Maryland...leadership, including COL Lang (Chief of Behavioral Health), to present the study and gain local support. Dr. Alan Peterson, Director of the STRONG STAR

  3. A Study to Determine the Ambulatory Quality Assurance Impact of a Computer-Stored Medical Records System Upon the Family Practice Clinic, Silas B. Hays Army Community Hospital, Fort Ord, California


    thoroughly familiar with the capabilities and the limitations of the computer-stored medical record information system. 16 2. Validate vendor claims...TOTAL DKN5NAME 22 QHA2NANE 22 PHAlNAME 22 PALPITATIONS 21 IRRIT BOWEL SYNDR OR INTE 21 HX OF ALLERGY TO MEDICINA 20 MALIG NEOPL OASTROrNTESTI 20 ACNE...FOR ACCURACY OF DATA INPUT TO THE COSTAR SYSTEM Method: The data entry clerks have been familiar with the system and have used the system since 12

  4. Information Update Research Fellowship for International Young Scientists NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects With Danish National Research Foundation NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects with DFG News in Brief: NSFC set up Department of Medical Sciences NSFC Announced Approved Cooperative Projects With France and Germany NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects With Academy of Finland NSFC Announced Application Guide for Cooperative Research Projects with K. T. Li Foundation NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research projects With Japan Science and Technology Agency NSFC Announced Application Guide for Cooperative Research Projects With Royal Society of Edinburgh for 2010 NSFC Announced a List of proved Cooperative Projects With Three International Organizations


    Research Fellowship for International Young Scientists NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects With Danish National Research Foundation NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects with DFG News in Brief: NSFC set up Department of Medical Sciences NSFC Announced Approved Cooperative Projects With France and Germany NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research Projects With Academy of Finland NSFC Announced Application Guide for Cooperative Research Projects with K. T. Li Foundation NSFC Announced Results of Preliminary Evaluation of Bilateral Cooperative Research projects With Japan Science and Technology Agency NSFC Announced Application Guide for Cooperative Research Projects With Royal Society of Edinburgh for 2010 NSFC Announced a List of proved Cooperative Projects With Three International Organizations

  5. Predicting U.S. Army suicides after hospitalizations with psychiatric diagnoses in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)

    Kessler, Ronald C.; Warner, LTC Christopher H.; Ivany, LTC Christopher; Petukhova, Maria V.; Rose, Sherri; Bromet, Evelyn J.; Brown, LTC Millard; Cai, Tianxi; Colpe, Lisa J.; Cox, Kenneth L.; Fullerton, Carol S.; Gilman, Stephen E.; Gruber, Michael J.; Heeringa, Steven G.; Lewandowski-Romps, Lisa; Li, Junlong; Millikan-Bell, Amy M.; Naifeh, James A.; Nock, Matthew K.; Rosellini, Anthony J.; Sampson, Nancy A.; Schoenbaum, Michael; Stein, Murray B.; Wessely, Simon; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Ursano, Robert J.


    IMPORTANCE The U.S. Army experienced a sharp rise in suicides beginning in 2004. Administrative data show that among those at highest risk are soldiers in the 12 months after inpatient treatment of a psychiatric disorder. OBJECTIVE To develop an actuarial risk algorithm predicting suicide in the 12 months after US Army soldier inpatient treatment of a psychiatric disorder to target expanded post-hospital care. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS There were 53,769 hospitalizations of active duty soldiers in 2004–2009 with ICD-9-CM psychiatric admission diagnoses. Administrative data available prior to hospital discharge abstracted from a wide range of data systems (socio81 demographic, Army career, criminal justice, medical/pharmacy) were used to predict suicides in the subsequent 12 months using machine learning methods (regression trees, penalized regressions) designed to evaluate cross-validated linear, nonlinear, and interactive predictive associations. MAIN OUTCOME Suicides of soldiers hospitalized with psychiatric disorders in the 12 months after hospital discharge. RESULTS 68 soldiers died by suicide within 12 months of hospital discharge (12.0% of all Army suicides), equivalent to 263.9 suicides/100,000 person-years compared to 18.5 suicides/100,000 person-years in the total Army. Strongest predictors included socio-demographics (male, late age of enlistment), criminal offenses (verbal violence, weapons possession), prior suicidality, aspects of prior psychiatric inpatient and outpatient treatment, and disorders diagnosed during the focal hospitalizations. 52.9% of post-hospital suicides occurred after the 5% of hospitalizations with highest predicted suicide risk (3,824.1 suicides/100,000 person years). These highest-risk hospitalizations also accounted for significantly elevated proportions of several other adverse post-hospital outcomes (unintentional injury deaths, suicide attempts, re-hospitalizations). CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE The high concentration

  6. Predicting suicides after psychiatric hospitalization in US Army soldiers: the Army Study To Assess Risk and rEsilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS).

    Kessler, Ronald C; Warner, Christopher H; Ivany, Christopher; Petukhova, Maria V; Rose, Sherri; Bromet, Evelyn J; Brown, Millard; Cai, Tianxi; Colpe, Lisa J; Cox, Kenneth L; Fullerton, Carol S; Gilman, Stephen E; Gruber, Michael J; Heeringa, Steven G; Lewandowski-Romps, Lisa; Li, Junlong; Millikan-Bell, Amy M; Naifeh, James A; Nock, Matthew K; Rosellini, Anthony J; Sampson, Nancy A; Schoenbaum, Michael; Stein, Murray B; Wessely, Simon; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Ursano, Robert J


    The US Army experienced a sharp increase in soldier suicides beginning in 2004. Administrative data reveal that among those at highest risk are soldiers in the 12 months after inpatient treatment of a psychiatric disorder. To develop an actuarial risk algorithm predicting suicide in the 12 months after US Army soldier inpatient treatment of a psychiatric disorder to target expanded posthospitalization care. There were 53,769 hospitalizations of active duty soldiers from January 1, 2004, through December 31, 2009, with International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification psychiatric admission diagnoses. Administrative data available before hospital discharge abstracted from a wide range of data systems (sociodemographic, US Army career, criminal justice, and medical or pharmacy) were used to predict suicides in the subsequent 12 months using machine learning methods (regression trees and penalized regressions) designed to evaluate cross-validated linear, nonlinear, and interactive predictive associations. Suicides of soldiers hospitalized with psychiatric disorders in the 12 months after hospital discharge. Sixty-eight soldiers died by suicide within 12 months of hospital discharge (12.0% of all US Army suicides), equivalent to 263.9 suicides per 100,000 person-years compared with 18.5 suicides per 100,000 person-years in the total US Army. The strongest predictors included sociodemographics (male sex [odds ratio (OR), 7.9; 95% CI, 1.9-32.6] and late age of enlistment [OR, 1.9; 95% CI, 1.0-3.5]), criminal offenses (verbal violence [OR, 2.2; 95% CI, 1.2-4.0] and weapons possession [OR, 5.6; 95% CI, 1.7-18.3]), prior suicidality [OR, 2.9; 95% CI, 1.7-4.9], aspects of prior psychiatric inpatient and outpatient treatment (eg, number of antidepressant prescriptions filled in the past 12 months [OR, 1.3; 95% CI, 1.1-1.7]), and disorders diagnosed during the focal hospitalizations (eg, nonaffective psychosis [OR, 2.9; 95% CI, 1.2-7.0]). A total

  7. Army Science Board Ad Hoc Subgroup Report, Manning Army Systems


    VA 22314 (703) 751-2745 Major Brad Taylor, DCSP Military Staff Assistant Dr. Dan Risser , ARI Army Staff Assistant Dr. K.C. Emerson 560 Boulder...SINCGARS Meeting with DCSPER Mr. BradshawCAPL) Mr. Bennett(AMSAA) Dr. Risser (ARI) LtCol Abney LtGen Thurman 10 December, 1981 - The Pentagon...ASVAB Update Maintenance Data PM Trade BOIP/QQPRI/Div 86 Dr. Eaton(ARI) Dr. Risser (ARI) Dr. Hofer Col. Bettinger(SSC) 11 December, 1981

  8. Potential Environmental Impacts of Army Laser Operations: An Overview


    exemplifies the thermal nature of the dam - considerably with wavelength. It was necessary to consider age. In the IR-C region, as in the ultraviolet... Retroreflector during Irradiation by Searchlights and Lasers, April 1977 42-0335-77 Reevaluation of the SIMFIRE Tank Gunnery ADB020377L Simulator Lasers, Fort...OFFICE OCF TH SURGEON GKENAL AWN: DRSMC-CLB-R(S) (A) 1 ATmE: IRSMC-CLB-T (A) 1 Cinander ATm: Dam -C-•-TE (A) I US Army Medical Research and AmTT: DRSMC

  9. Army Logistician. Volume 41, Issue 1, January-February 2009


    operations Chief for the 3D sustainment BrigaDe, WhiCh reCentLy reDe - pLoyeD from operation iraqi freeDom. he has a master’s Degree in LogistiCs management...conducting medical engagements. • Pamphlet-targeting and counter- propaganda efforts to build support for the Iraqi Security Forces and increase interactions...with the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police. • Social and leadership engagements, including dinners with local sheiks and school visits. • Adopt-a-village

  10. medical recipients of the victoria cross during the anglo-boer war ...

    Major-General Henry Edward Manning Douglas, Vc, CMG, DSo. (Photograph: Courtesy of the Army Medical Services Museum,. Aldershot.) Medical Corps ... persistent heavy fire he continued to attend to the wounded until a general retire was ...

  11. Survey of Army Personnel Interested in Teaching


    Demographic prof’de CurrentActive Army Personnel rent Teachers Actie - ifl~ = -Employment Active Actve Active Outside Army Officers Enlted Educaion Base: 607...Base: 607 345 206 301 1144 2380 0^ PA Desire to work with young people 71 69 70 64 70 78 Value or significance of education in society 69 68 68 75

  12. After the Spring: Reforming Arab Armies


    Arab region, and intercultural communication . She was previously assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defence College and the...and provides solutions to strategic Army issues affecting the national security community . The Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute...concern topics having strategic implications for the Army, the Department of Defense, and the larger national security community . In addition to its

  13. Army Industrial, Landscaping, and Agricultural Water Use

    McMordie Stoughton, Kate; Loper, Susan A.; Boyd, Brian K.


    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducted a task for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army to quantify the Army’s ILA water use and to help improve the data quality and installation water reporting in the Army Energy and Water Reporting System.

  14. Army industrial, landscaping, and agricultural water use

    Stoughton, Kate McMordie [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Loper, Susan A. [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Boyd, Brian K. [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducted a task for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army to quantify the Army’s ILA water use and to help improve the data quality and installation water reporting in the Army Energy and Water Reporting System.

  15. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of eating disorders.

    Hay, Phillipa; Chinn, David; Forbes, David; Madden, Sloane; Newton, Richard; Sugenor, Lois; Touyz, Stephen; Ward, Warren


    This clinical practice guideline for treatment of DSM-5 feeding and eating disorders was conducted as part of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Project 2013-2014. The CPG was developed in accordance with best practice according to the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. Literature of evidence for treatments of anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN), binge eating disorder (BED), other specified and unspecified eating disorders and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) was sourced from the previous RANZCP CPG reviews (dated to 2009) and updated with a systematic review (dated 2008-2013). A multidisciplinary working group wrote the draft CPG, which then underwent expert, community and stakeholder consultation, during which process additional evidence was identified. In AN the CPG recommends treatment as an outpatient or day patient in most instances (i.e. in the least restrictive environment), with hospital admission for those at risk of medical and/or psychological compromise. A multi-axial and collaborative approach is recommended, including consideration of nutritional, medical and psychological aspects, the use of family based therapies in younger people and specialist therapist-led manualised based psychological therapies in all age groups and that include longer-term follow-up. A harm minimisation approach is recommended in chronic AN. In BN and BED the CPG recommends an individual psychological therapy for which the best evidence is for therapist-led cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). There is also a role for CBT adapted for internet delivery, or CBT in a non-specialist guided self-help form. Medications that may be helpful either as an adjunctive or alternative treatment option include an antidepressant, topiramate, or orlistat (the last for people with comorbid obesity). No specific treatment is recommended for ARFID as there are no trials to

  16. Preliminary Classification of Army and Navy Entry-Level Occupations by the Holland Coding System.


    96) Realistic =55% Realistic z56% RIS 3 RIS 3 RIE 22 RIE 21 RSE 5 RIC I RSC I RSE 4 RSI I REI I I REI 15 RES 10 RES 15 REC1 REC 2 RCE 3 RCI 1 54 RCS...HOLLAND-CODED ARMY ENTRY-LEVEL OCCUPATIONS PdB-0 dM.Mill UI Holland-Coded Army Entry-Level Occupations 1. Still Photographer RSE 2. Motion Picture...9. Practical Nurse SAI 10. Medical Lab Technician ISA 11. Orthotist RSE 12. Electrocardiograph Technician RCI 13. Optometric Assistant SCI 14

  17. Within-year Exertional Heat Illness Incidence in U.S. Army Soldiers, 2008-2012


    2008-2012 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) MAJ David DeGroot Robyn Martin 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e...criteria and associated codes for the continuum of heat illnesses. 9 Point of Contact The point of contact is MAJ David DeGroot and the US Army...Medical Fitness. Washington, DC: Department of the Army, 2011. 11. Ely, B.R., M.R. Ely, S.N. Cheuvront, R.W. Kenefick, D.W. DeGroot , and S.J. Montain

  18. Nephroprotective effect of bee honey and royal jelly against subchronic cisplatin toxicity in rats.

    Ibrahim, Abdelazim; Eldaim, Mabrouk A Abd; Abdel-Daim, Mohamed M


    Cisplatin is one of the most potent and effective chemotherapeutic agents. However, its antineoplastic use is limited due to its cumulative nephrotoxic side effects. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to examine the nephroprotective potential of dietary bee honey and royal jelly against subchronic cisplatin toxicity in rats. Male Wistar rats were randomly divided into controls, cisplatin-treated, bee honey-pretreated cisplatin-treated and royal jelly-pretreated cisplatin-treated groups. Bee honey and royal jelly were given orally at doses of 20 and 100 mg/kg, respectively. Subchronic toxicity was induced by cisplatin (1 mg/kg bw, ip), twice weekly for 10 weeks. Cisplatin treated animals revealed a significant increase in serum level of renal injury products (urea, creatinine and uric acid). Histopathologically, cisplatin produced pronounced tubulointerstitial injuries, upregulated the fibrogenic factors, α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) and transforming growth factor β1(TGF-β1), and downregulated the cell proliferation marker, bromodeoxyuridine (Brdu). Dietary bee honey and royal jelly normalized the elevated serum renal injury product biomarkers, improved the histopathologic changes, reduced the expression of α-SMA and TGF-β1 and increased the expression of Brdu. Therefore, it could be concluded that bee honey, and royal jelly could be used as dietary preventive natural products against subchronic cisplatin-induced renal injury.

  19. Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly: A Comprehensive Review of Their Biological Actions and Health Benefits

    Visweswara Rao Pasupuleti


    Full Text Available Background. There are several health benefits that honeybee products such as honey, propolis, and royal jelly claim toward various types of diseases in addition to being food. Scope and Approach. In this paper, the effects of honey, propolis, and royal jelly on different metabolic diseases, cancers, and other diseases have been reviewed. The modes of actions of these products have also been illustrated for purposes of better understanding. Key Findings and Conclusions. An overview of honey, propolis, and royal jelly and their biological potentials was highlighted. The potential health benefits of honey, such as microbial inhibition, wound healing, and its effects on other diseases, are described. Propolis has been reported to have various health benefits related to gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, and gynecological, oral, and dermatological problems. Royal jelly is well known for its protective effects on reproductive health, neurodegenerative disorders, wound healing, and aging. Nevertheless, the exact mechanisms of action of honey, propolis, and royal jelly on the abovementioned diseases and activities have not been not fully elucidated, and further research is warranted to explain their exact contributions.

  20. Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly: A Comprehensive Review of Their Biological Actions and Health Benefits.

    Pasupuleti, Visweswara Rao; Sammugam, Lakhsmi; Ramesh, Nagesvari; Gan, Siew Hua


    There are several health benefits that honeybee products such as honey, propolis, and royal jelly claim toward various types of diseases in addition to being food. In this paper, the effects of honey, propolis, and royal jelly on different metabolic diseases, cancers, and other diseases have been reviewed. The modes of actions of these products have also been illustrated for purposes of better understanding. An overview of honey, propolis, and royal jelly and their biological potentials was highlighted. The potential health benefits of honey, such as microbial inhibition, wound healing, and its effects on other diseases, are described. Propolis has been reported to have various health benefits related to gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, and gynecological, oral, and dermatological problems. Royal jelly is well known for its protective effects on reproductive health, neurodegenerative disorders, wound healing, and aging. Nevertheless, the exact mechanisms of action of honey, propolis, and royal jelly on the abovementioned diseases and activities have not been not fully elucidated, and further research is warranted to explain their exact contributions.

  1. Observation on the Joint Service Military Medical Facility What Does the Future Hold


    base hospitals at Mather and McClellan , Sacramento , CA; March AFB hospital, CA; Fitzsimmons Medical Center, Aurora, CO, among others.20 Unlike...Medical Center, San Diego, CA and David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB , CA for Army RC units, such as the 921st Field Hospital (FH) from Sacramento ...with Malcolm Grow Medical Center at Andrews AFB , Dewitt Army Community Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, and associated area clinics.14 But the Office of

  2. Podcasts from the journal Medical Education. Personality factors and medical training: a review of the literature

    Doherty, Eva M; Eva, Kevin


    It has been acknowledged that certain personality characteristics influence both medical students’ and doctors’ performance. With regard to medical students, studies have been concerned with the role of personality, and performance indicators such as academic results and clinical competence. Eva Doherty (Director of human factors and patient safety, National Surgical Training Centre, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland) speaks to Kevin Eva, Editor in Chief of Medical Edu...

  3. 32 CFR 651.14 - Integration with Army planning.


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Integration with Army planning. 651.14 Section... the Decision Process § 651.14 Integration with Army planning. (a) Early integration. The Army goal is to concurrently integrate environmental reviews with other Army planning and decision-making actions...

  4. Army Basic Skills Provision: Whole Organisation Approach/Lessons Learnt

    Basic Skills Agency, 2007


    The Army began working in partnership with the Basic Skills Agency in 2000. This was formalised with the establishment of the Basic Skills Agency's National Support Project for the Army (2001) that contributes to the raising of basic skills standards in the Army by advising on, and assisting with, the development of the Army's basic skills policy…

  5. 76 FR 43993 - Army Science Board Summer Study Meeting


    ... Department of the Army Army Science Board Summer Study Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION... following committee meeting: Name of Committee: Army Science Board (ASB). Date(s) of Meeting: August 10, 2011. Time(s) of Meeting: 0800-1200. Location: Newport News Marriott at City Center, 740 Town Center...

  6. Identifications of ancient Egyptian royal mummies from the 18th Dynasty reconsidered.

    Habicht, M E; Bouwman, A S; Rühli, F J


    For centuries, ancient Egyptian Royal mummies have drawn the attention both of the general public and scientists. Many royal mummies from the New Kingdom have survived. The discoveries of the bodies of these ancient rulers have always sparked much attention, yet not all identifications are clear even nowadays. This study presents a meta-analysis to demonstrate the difficulties in identifying ancient Egyptian royal mummies. Various methods and pitfalls in the identification of the Pharaohs are reassessed since new scientific methods can be used, such as ancient DNA-profiling and CT-scanning. While the ancestors of Tutankhamun have been identified, some identities are still highly controversial (e.g., the mystery of the KV-55 skeleton, recently most likely identified as the genetic father of Tutankhamun). The meta-analysis confirms the suggested identity of some mummies (e.g., Amenhotep III, Thutmosis IV, and Queen Tjye).

  7. Varroa destructor mite in Africanized honeybee colonies Apis mellifera L. under royal jelly or honey production

    Pedro da Rosa Santos


    Full Text Available This study evaluated the level of invasion of Varroa mite into worker brood cells, the infestation rate on adult worker honeybees, total and effective reproduction rates of the mite in Africanized honeybee colonies under royal jelly or honey production. Invasion and infestation rates were not statistically different between honeybee colonies producing honey or royal jelly and the averages for these parameters were 5.79 and 8.54%, respectively. Colonies producing honey presented a higher (p < 0.05 total and effective reproduction of Varroa than colonies producing royal jelly. There was a negative correlation between levels of invasion and infestation with minimum external temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. The variables month and season influenced the development of the mite, but rates were low and within the range normally found in Brazil for Africanized honeybee colonies, which confirm the greater resistance of these honeybees to Varroa destructor than European honeybees.

  8. Managing workers' compensation costs in the military setting: the Army's story.

    Cloeren, Marianne; Mallon, Timothy M


    Direct and indirect costs for the Army's workers' compensation payments have increased to more than 2 billion US dollars. Increasing attention is putting the spotlight on the problems at all levels, and a promising cooperative approach to injury prevention and case management is emerging. This article addresses the system within which the Army's workers' compensation program operates, provides some organizational history, gives an update on current status,and describes what is needed for sustained improvement. The onus is on the Army to develop and implement strategies that use available data to target high-risk occupations and employees to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Front-line managers bear the responsibility for educating the workforce and providing safe workplaces. Employees become the beneficiaries, not of medical and compensation benefits but of safe and healthy work environments.

  9. The Royal Treasury of the Kingdom of Majorca during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1715



    Full Text Available The royal treasury of the kingdom of Majorca during the War of the Spanish Succession suffered an economic downturn caused mainly by its logistical contribution to the war. This article shows the evolution of the taxation carried out by the Royal Treasury of Majorca during the war, and is divided into three parts. The first one is a description of the Royal Treasury as an institution. The second one analyses revenues and expenses and shows the evolution of the institution’s finances during the conflict. The third part is a general inventory of the royal accounts during the war.

  10. The Case of the Royal School of Library and Information Science

    Borlund, Pia


    The present paper forms the basis of the invited talk to be given by the author at the International Symposium on the Transformation and Innovation of Library and Information Science, November 16-17, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. The paper introduces the Royal School of Library and Information Science......, Denmark, as a European School of Library and Information Science and a member of iSchool Caucus. The paper outlines some of the current challenges of the Royal School of Library and Information Science and how these challenges are met, including how the membership of the iSchool movement is considered...

  11. Presidential addresses of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: 1907–2013

    Hay, Simon I.; McHugh, Gerri M.


    Presidents have been required to give an inaugural address on commencing office at the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) since its foundation in 1907. All presidential addresses were identified, sourced and assembled into an annotated bibliography. The majority of presidential addresses have been published in Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Unpublished and in some cases ‘lost’ contributions have now been sourced where possible and archived at the RSTMH. This unique, rich and rewarding archive provides a vista into the development of the RSTMH and the discipline of tropical medicine. The archive is freely available to all. PMID:24026462

  12. The Role of the Royal Navy in Counter-Insurgency Campaigns since 1945

    Guoth, Maroš


    The aim of this work is to prove that a navy can play an important role during a counter-insurgency campaign and be involved in many different tasks both at sea and from sea, particularly due to its flexibility, mobility and versatility. The main research question of the thesis is: what role can a navy play in a counter-insurgency campaign? The decision to focus on the role of the Royal Navy is based on the fact, that the Royal Navy is probably the most experienced navy in the world in the fi...

  13. Alternative sources of supplements for Africanized honeybees submitted to royal jelly production

    Sereia, Maria Josiane; Toledo,Vagner de Alencar Arnaut de; Furlan,Antonio Claudio; Faquinello,Patrícia; Maia,Fabiana Martins Costa; Wielewski,Priscila


    This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of supplements with isolated soy protein, brewer's yeast, a mixture of isolated soy protein with brewer's yeast, linseed oil, palm oil and mixture of linseed oil with palm oil in the production of royal jelly by Africanized honeybee colonies. Total royal jelly production was higher (p < 0.05) in colonies fed with isolated soy protein and brewer's yeast (11.68 g colony-1), followed by linseed oil and palm oil (11.30 g colony-1) and palm oil (9....

  14. Cienfuegos’ Linguistic Anxieties. Notes on the Author’s Papers Held at the Spanish Royal Academy



    Full Text Available This article looks at the relationship between Nicasio Álvarez de Cienfuegos and the Spanish Royal Academy. Cienfuegos was inducted in 1799 and remained more or less active until 1805. He had an abiding interest in linguistic questions, and his membership in the Academy give him a chance to work on both grammatical and lexicographic issues. Few of the studies ever reached the light of day, however. Here, both the published works and the unpublished manuscripts that are held in the Library and the Archive of the Spanish Royal Academy are described in detail.

  15. Déclenchement artificiel du travail à terme à Port-Royal : Évaluation des pratiques professionnelles entre 1999 et 2009 en regard des recommandations de la HAS de 2008

    Blanchot, Julia


    Term labor induction concerns, since 1995, one in five women. Medical or elective induction, this obstetrical practice should be evaluate regularly. The latest recommendations were made by HAS in 2008. What about Port-Royal practice's evolution ? Are the recommendations respected ? To answer this questions, we leaded a retrospective research, comparative to that made earlier by Brochard in the same maternity, including all low risk patients who had labor induction between July 1 and December ...

  16. Mortality Surveillance in the U.S. Army 20052014


    Army Publ ic Heal th Center (Provis ional Public Health Report Army Public Health Center (Provisional) Army Public Health Center (Provisional...Public Health Report Mortality Surveillance in the U.S. Army 2005-2014 PHR No. S.0034370-14 Approved for public release, distribution unlimited...Disease Surveillance Portfolio Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Program Mortality Surveillance in the U.S. Army 2005–2014 Brent E

  17. Army Hearing Program Status Report Quarter 2 Fiscal Year 2017


    U.S. Army Publ ic Heal th Center Army Hearing Program Status Report Q2 FY17 Clinical Public Health and Epidemiology Directorate Army...56               INTRODUCTION The Army Hearing Program Status Report (AHPSR) is a component of the Public Health ... required by Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 6055.12, Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA Pam) 40-501, and the Chief of Staff of the Army’s

  18. [The army of the East and health services].

    Guivarc'h, Marcel


    A medical disaster due to the failure of a plan intended to free Belfort by an army of 90 000 men, formed by Bourbaki in Nevers, joined in Besancon by 40 000 men from Lyon and from Dijon. Envisaged in three days, the regrouping lasts three weeks. A gigantic railway blocking, by an icy cold, leaves in the trains of the soldiers without food, of the horses without irons nor fodder. A third of manpower is from the start inapt for the fights. The utter exhaustion of the men don't make possible to exploit the success of Villersexel's battle (January 9), nor to cross Lizaine. The medical army officers joined those of the civil ambulances formed in South-east, and that of Pamard. The care given with delay on the covered with snow ground, in precarious shelters or encumbered hospitals, is summary. Cold, gelures, walk feet, infection, associated variola, are the cause of a high mortality: 8 500 died, and much of casualties. Ordered by Bourbaki, the dramatic routed to Switzerland by Pontarlier and the Cluse collar, under the Prussian shells will add 15 000 killed. The Swiss ones collect sick and wounded in 200 ambulances along the border, and on 87 000 men to be disarmed in 9 000 hospitalize. Pamard will remain until March 18 at the Pontarlier' hospital.

  19. Joseph Lovell, MD (1788-1836): First US army surgeon general.

    Craig, Stephen C


    Joseph Lovell, trained in medicine at Harvard and in military medicine/surgery by the War of 1812, became the first Surgeon General to sit on the reorganised army staff at the tender age of 29 in 1818. With a keen intellect, medical acumen, and wartime experiences for his tools and a close supporting relationship with Commanding General Jacob Jennings Brown and Secretary of War John C Calhoun (1728-1850), Lovell constructed an efficient and effective organisational and administrative framework for the new Medical Department of the US Army. Moreover, he not only redefined the role of the American military physician but also established the professional dignity, respectability and value of the medical officer among line officers and staff. Lovell's 18-year tenure came to an abrupt end, but the operational framework he created became both foundation and legacy for his successors.

  20. Getting it right: revamping Army talent management

    Cook, Brian S.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited U.S. Army officers face countless opportunity costs, especially at the mid-grade level, when deciding to stay in the Army past the ten-year mark of service. The scarcity of skilled labor in today’s economy makes it important that organizations, especially the Army, retain their human capital investment. This thesis suggests techniques to acquire, manage, and retain talent to ensure that the Army’s officer talent pool is not depleted. S...

  1. [Norman Bethune and field surgery of the Eighth Route Army].

    Li, Yong; Luo, Chang-Kun; Wang, Lin; Chen, Hong; Zhu, Jian-Wu


    With long-term war experience abroad, combined with the actual situation of health work in China, Bethune put forward a series of strategy and theory used in battlefield conditions of rescuing the wounded in China, such as "fire rescue, early debridement", "emergency blood transfusion in battlefield" and "the crowd blood bank", which effectively improved the rate of saving the battlefield wounded rate in the actual war. Combining with his own practice, he invented a variety of surgical instruments and equipment, such as "lugou bridge" medicine cabinet, "Bipp ointment", which have been widely used in the battlefield. He paid more attention to the construction of battlefield hospital, proposed the establishment of "Model Hospital" and "Special Surgery Hospital" in the rear of Anti-Japanese War, founded the health school, and wrote many battlefield medical books and skills data. Bethune trained a large number of medical personnel for the war front, laid the foundation for the field surgery education of the Eighth Route Army.

  2. Army Business Transformation: The Utility of Using Corporate Business Models within the Institutional Army

    Bailer, Jr., John J


    .... Through a survey of the literature of published corporate business plans and models, military reports, Army depot case studies, and comparative analysis of emerging computer software technology...

  3. [The General Military Medical Department during the Great Patriotic War].

    Kryuchkov, O A; Kulnev, S V; Taranov, S P


    The article is devoted to the contribution of the General Military Medical Department of the Red Army (GMMD) to organisation of health care support during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In the summary you may follow the main ways of activity of the central governing body of medical (health) services of the Red. Army. The main focus of the article is made on conditions under which GMMD had to organize medical support of the Red. Army at the beginning of the war, the most difficult period of the Great Patriotic War. The authors payed attention to the forms and methods of the work of the head of GMMD and its subordinate departments under the conditions of rapidly changing environment of combat and rear situation, as well as interaction with GMMD People Commissariat of Health. The authors tried to highlight not well known but not less important moments in the activities of the Red Army GMMD.

  4. Royal Ahold : A Failure of Corporate Governance and an Accounting Scandal

    de Jong, A.; DeJong, D.V.; Mertens, G.M.H.; Roosenboom, P.G.J.


    Royal Ahold (Koninklijke Ahold NV) was one of the major success stories in the 1990s and is one of the major failures, suffering a complete meltdown, in 2003.We investigate the strategy, accounting transparency and corporate governance of Ahold; elements which jointly drive the firm s performance

  5. MANAGEMENT ART - The Royal Danish Opera's Artistic Director Kasper Bech Holten as case

    Nørreklit, Hanne

    successful Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Opera, Kasper Bech Holten. The analysis shows that conventional management models primarily use the symbolic forms of science and myth, while Kasper integrates the symbolic forms of art and science. In what Kasper has to say on management, features...

  6. Dr. Steve Thompson, Chief Executive, The Royal Society of New Zealand

    Maximilien Brice


    L. to r.: Dr Austin Ball, Deputy Technical Coordinator, CMS experiment; Dr Roland Horisberger, Paul Scherrer Institute and CERN, CMS experiment; Dr Steve Thompson, Chief Executive, The Royal Society of New Zealand; Dr Michel Della Negra, Spokesman, CMS experiment and Dr Alick Macpherson, Paul Scherrer Institute and CERN, CMS experiment, in the CMS Silicon Tracker assembly hall.

  7. Berta and Adelaide: the policy of consolidation of the royal power of Hugh of Arles

    Giacomo Vignodelli


    Full Text Available Both twins dowers made up by Hugh of Provence, king of Italic Kingdom, for his betrothal with Berta and that of his son Lothair with Adelaide, have to be understood within the policy of strengthening the royal power led by the king in the Thirties of the Tenth century: the dowers are in fact the crown of that policy. The double dower constitution supplies the king of Italy the opportunity to reserve for himself (and for the new formed young royal couple a strong control of the center of the Po valley around Pavia and dismantles (for the benefit of the royal domain ducal bases of power in Tuscia. The analysis of the work of Hugh allows us to understand its policy towards the aristocracy and the mechanisms for the promotion of new families (Aleramici, Obertenghi, Canossa. The original documents of dower were kept in the monastery of St. Salvatore of Pavia, founded by Adelaide; this locations isn’t due to the goods endowment of the monastery but to their importance as instrument of political legitimacy of the new Ottonian royal family.

  8. Reflections on a Degree Initiative: The UK's Birmingham Royal Ballet Dancers Enter the University of Birmingham

    Benn, Tansin


    This paper provides an opportunity to share experiences and perceptions of the first 5 years of a degree programme for professional dancers. A partnership developed in the mid-1990s between the UK's Birmingham Royal Ballet and the University of Birmingham, Westhill (now School of Education), to provide a part-time, post-experience, flexible study…

  9. Ruptured-yolk peritonitis and organochlorine residues in a royal tern

    Blus, L.J.; Locke, L.N.; Stafford, C.J.


    Ruptured-yolk peritonitis was responsible for the death of a royal tern. Lodgment of eggs in the oviduct was probably due to reverse peristalsis brought about by breakage of the thin-shelled eggs and secondary bacterial infection. The thin shells were apparently not related to the low levels of DDE and other organochlorine pollutants found in tissues and egg contents.

  10. Royal Service tegutseb üheksas riigis / Paavo Pilv ; interv. Eda-Liis Kann

    Pilv, Paavo


    Äripäeva üritusturundusfirmade TOP-is I koha saavutanud Royal Service-i juht ettevõtte edukuse põhjustest, olulisematest töödest 2003. aastal, üritusturunduse tulevikutrendidest ja EL-iga liitumise mõjust valdkonna arengule

  11. Integrating Social Sustainability in Engineering Education at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Björnberg, Karin Edvardsson; Skogh, Inga-Britt; Strömberg, Emma


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate what are perceived to be the main challenges associated with the integration of social sustainability into engineering education at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Design/methodology/approach: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with programme leaders and teachers from…

  12. Royal Ahold : A Failure of Corporate Governance and an Accounting Scandal

    de Jong, A.; DeJong, D.V.; Mertens, G.M.H.; Roosenboom, P.G.J.


    Royal Ahold (Koninklijke Ahold NV) was one of the major success stories in the 1990s and is one of the major failures, suffering a complete meltdown, in 2003.We investigate the strategy, accounting transparency and corporate governance of Ahold; elements which jointly drive the firm s performance ov

  13. Integrating Social Sustainability in Engineering Education at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Björnberg, Karin Edvardsson; Skogh, Inga-Britt; Strömberg, Emma


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate what are perceived to be the main challenges associated with the integration of social sustainability into engineering education at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Design/methodology/approach: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with programme leaders and teachers from…

  14. Royal Ahold : A Failure of Corporate Governance and an Accounting Scandal

    de Jong, A.; DeJong, D.V.; Mertens, G.M.H.; Roosenboom, P.G.J.


    Royal Ahold (Koninklijke Ahold NV) was one of the major success stories in the 1990s and is one of the major failures, suffering a complete meltdown, in 2003.We investigate the strategy, accounting transparency and corporate governance of Ahold; elements which jointly drive the firm s performance ov

  15. Royal Patronage and Religious Tolerance : The Formative Period of Gupta-Vakataka Culture

    Bakker, H.T.


    Patronage by the royal court of religious institutions and foundations is one of the hallmarks of the development of India under the rule of the Gupta and Vakataka kings (4th-5th centuries). This patronage was extended also to religious movements other than the king's own persuasion. The evolving cu

  16. 78 FR 42512 - Application to Export Electric Energy; Royal Bank of Canada


    ... Application to Export Electric Energy; Royal Bank of Canada AGENCY: Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy... authority to transmit electric energy from the United States to Canada pursuant to section 202(e) of the... transmit electric energy from the United States to Canada as a power marketer for a five-year term...

  17. Linguistica Neerlandica: a Dutch translation of the Port-Royal Grammar

    Noordegraaf, J.


    In this note it is pointed out that the first translation of the so-called Port-Royal Grammar, the Grammaire générale et raisonnée (1660), was a Dutch one. The translator was the Amsterdam Johanna Corleva (1698-1752); the translation appeared in Amsterdam in 1740.

  18. Army Response Letter - signed April 27, 1988

    Army response letter regarding a request to elevate the decision of the New England Division Engineer (DE) to issue a permit to the Maine Department of Transportation to construct a marine terminal at Sears Island.

  19. [Disease control in the Red Army during the final stages of the Great Patriotic War].

    Butakov, S S; Berskii, O V; Zetkin, A Yu; Zobov, A E


    Forms and methods of disease, control in troops were fully developed during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years. An improvement of anti-epidemic organization in the Red Army was based on military medical doctrine, which demanded united views on methods of disease prevention and in accordance with the 'main tasks of medical support of the army, including prevention of epidemic outbreaks in the army. Disease control system in the Red Army during the war was a series of targeted, science-based and proved by military practice measures .aimed at both the prevention and the immediate elimination of epidemic diseases. when they occur. The questions of disease control forces in the final stage of the Great Patriotic War (January 1944 - May 1945). Depending on the progress of the war and the conditions of the fighting, given the period laid down in the principles of disease control of military operations, discussed aspects of the organization of sanitary-epidemiological (preventive) measures in the armed forces.

  20. [A tale of 2 cities. The dispute over the true origins of the Royal Society].

    Beeley, Philip


    When the Royal Society was founded in November 1660 it took scientific societies already existing in other European countries as its model. However, at a time when the new mathematical and experimental sciences were still generally without a secure institutional foundation there was also great interest in the new society on the part of scientists and scholars abroad. Soon visitors such as Christiaan Huygens and Balthazar de Monconys were able to report positively on its practical orientation, while among others Johannes Hevelius and Philipp Jacob Sachs von Lewenhaimb in letters to the founder member John Wallis and to the secretary Henry Oldenburg requested more information on its origins and statutes. Meanwhile, in England the Royal Society found itself the object of vociferous criticism, especially from the universities, which saw their own role as centres of learning increasingly compromised by the existence of an institution dedicated to the promotion of modern science. The Royal Society responded to this interest from abroad and criticism at home by commissioning an official history written by Thomas Sprat, a man with a university as well as a literary background. However, despite the author's good credentials, the History of the Royal Society presents a one-sided account of the institution, mainly from the perspective of the circle around John Wilkins to which Sprat had belonged. According to their point of view the Royal Society arose from meetings which Wilkins had organized at Wadham College in Oxford in the early 1650s. For members of the old guard, such as Wallis and William Brouncker, the origins of the Royal Society were, however, not in Oxford but rather in London, where meetings involving a significant number of members of the future institution had taken place already in the mid-1640s. This was not simply a question of historical accuracy, but also of the way in which the Royal Society conceived itself: while the circle around Wilkins was in

  1. 78 FR 23316 - The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, et al.; Notice of Application and Temporary Order


    ... COMMISSION The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, et al.; Notice of Application and Temporary Order April 12, 2013.... APPLICANTS: The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (``RBS plc''), Citizens Investment Advisors (``Citizens IA''), a... Exchange Commission, 100 F Street NE., Washington, DC 20549-1090. Applicants: RBS plc, RBS, Gogarburn,...

  2. The Effects of Royal Jelly on In-Vitro Cytotoxicity of K562 Cells and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

    SE Hosseini


    Full Text Available Abstract Background & aim: Royal jelly, secreted by worker bees, has different biological activities on cells and tissues. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of royal jelly on peripheral blood mononuclear cells and on the tumor category of K562 cell line. Methods: In the present experimental study, three subjects were selected separately with three repetitions. K562 (104 cells and PBMC (105 cells with different concentrations of royal jelly (5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 mg/ml were cultured under standard conditions for 48 and 72 h separately. The fatality rate on PBMC cells and K562 cancer cells was evaluated by using MTT (Tetrazolium Dye-Reduction Assay. The number of viable cells in PBMC that were exposed for 48 hours with Royal Jelly was evaluated by trypan blue staining. Data were analyzed by ANOVA. Results: The royal jelly had no cytotoxicity effect on PBMC cells but at concentration of 50 and 100 mg/mL the cytotoxicity effect were observed on k562 cells whereas, at 10 and 25 mg/ml the number of PBMC viable cells increased. Conclusion: Due to the lack of lethality of royal jelly on PBMC cells and PBMC cell viability and an increase in the fatality rate of cancer cells in the future, royal jelly can be used as a potential candidate for treatment of leukemia. Keywords: Royal jelly, K562, peripheral blood mononuclear cell

  3. Current and Future Army Resiliency Programs


    organizational learning, Peter Senge , illustrates this point very well: “Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not...downloads/CSF2Newsletter- Issue3.pdf, (accessed March 3, 2013). 11 Griffith, “Army Suicides,” 496. 12 Casey, “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness,” 2. 13 Peter ... Senge , The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization (New York, NY: Doubleday, 2006), 129. 14 Griffith, “Army Suicides,” 505

  4. Army Cyber Mission Force - Ambitions and Realities


    as part of the CyMF. This represents a departure from previous Army recruiting paradigms. Equally important as branding is the significance of...readdress branding , compensation, professional development and organization in order to increase the likelihood of success for the Cyber Mission Force...unique character traits that differ from the typical traits of Army enlistees. The research has further shown that compensation, branding

  5. Strategic Planning and Army Installation Management.


    program. The U.S. Army has adopted the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for use in the ACOE program. Strategic planning is one of pillars of the Baldrige criteria. The Army has recognized that strategic planning is the key to the future. Strategic planning is the key to...and utilization of strategic planning . This paper examines through case study analysis several civilian communities and lessons learned through their

  6. Army JTIDS: A C3 Case Study


    Guerra , Director of Combat Developments, United States Army Signal Center, Fort Gordon for his sponsorship. Professor Donald A. Lacer and frequency band. This insures compatibility with civil Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Military Tactical Air Navigation equipment (TACAN...LEBMNN~JORDAN ,AFGHNISTrAN ISRAEL, EGYPT SAD SUDAN SOUT)H YEMEN YEMEN ETHIOPIA Figure 22 The JSTARS Radar Platform data to Army fire support

  7. The Utility of Ada for Army Modeling


    34 Ada " for Ada Lovelace (1815-1851), a mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage on his difference and analytic engines.9 Later in 1979, the HOLWG...OF ADA FOR ARMY MODELING BY COLONEL MICHAEL L. YOCOM DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for publie releases distribution is unlimited. 1% LF-, EC TE...TITLE (ad Subtitle) a. TYPE OF REPORT & PERIOD COVERED The Utility of Ada for Army Modeling Individual Study Project 6 PERFORMING ORG. REPORT NUMBER

  8. Department of the Army Supply Bulletin, Army Medical Department Supply Information, SB8-75-11


    21702-5001 Telephone DSN 343-2045 or 301-619-2045 Telefax extension 2938 c. The Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP) Project number is given for...136-7000 NOM: POTASSIUM IODIDE USP 1 LB (453.6 GRAM) BOTTLE MFR: MALLINCKRODT LOT/SER NO: CVD CVE KHLP G KMAG KMBZ G A-5 SB 8-75-11...continued) APPENDIX A. 2001 OPEN POTENCY PROJECTS LISTING NSN: 6505-01-116-8198 NOM: POTASSIUM IODIDE TABLETS 130MG 14 TABLETS PER BOTTLE MFR

  9. Utilization Management of Orthopedic Services by Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and Evans Army Community Hospital


    Nerve & Other Nerve System Proc w CC 1 2.72 2.0 -10.0 -10 209 Major Joint & Limb reattachment Procedures, lower Extremity 18 2.37 13.6 3.6 65 216...106 3.0 1.0 108 209 Major Joint & Limb Reattachment Procedures Lower Extremity 101 20.9 10.9 1105 243 Medica. Back Problems 65 9.0 4.0 261 231 Local...231 Local Excision & Removal of Int. Fix Devices exc Hip & Femur 74 4.6 0.6 41 209 Major Joint & Limb Reattachment Procedures Lower Extremity 70 22.3

  10. MRJP microsatellite markers in Africanized Apis mellifera colonies selected on the basis of royal jelly production.

    Parpinelli, R S; Ruvolo-Takasusuki, M C C; Toledo, V A A


    It is important to select the best honeybees that produce royal jelly to identify important molecular markers, such as major royal jelly proteins (MRJPs), and hence contribute to the development of new breeding strategies to improve the production of this substance. Therefore, this study focused on evaluating the genetic variability of mrjp3, mrjp5, and mrjp8 and associated allele maintenance during the process of selective reproduction in Africanized Apis mellifera individuals, which were chosen based on royal jelly production. The three loci analyzed were polymorphic, and produced a total of 16 alleles, with 4 new alleles, which were identified at mrjp5. The effective number of alleles at mrjp3 was 3.81. The observed average heterozygosity was 0.4905, indicating a high degree of genetic variability at these loci. The elevated FIS values for mrjp3, mrjp5, and mrjp8 (0.4188, 0.1077, and 0.2847, respectively) indicate an excess of homozygotes. The selection of Africanized A. mellifera queens for royal jelly production has maintained the mrjp3 C, D, and E alleles; although, the C allele occurred at a low frequency. The heterozygosity and FIS values show that the genetic variability of the queens is decreasing at the analyzed loci, generating an excess of homozygotes. However, the large numbers of drones that fertilize the queens make it difficult to develop homozygotes at mrjp3. Mating through instrumental insemination using the drones of known genotypes is required to increase the efficiency of Africanized A. mellifera-breeding programs, and to improve the quality and efficiency of commercial royal jelly apiaries.

  11. Condensation system with seawater in the Royal Solaris Hotel of Cancun; Sistema de condensacion con agua salada en el hotel Royal Solaris de Cancun

    Herrero, Juan F.; Hernandez A, David [Celsol, S.A. de C.V., Nuevo Leon (Mexico)


    After performing a technical study, during the month of September of 1998, in the facilities of Villas Solaris, S.A. de C.V., specifically in the Royal Solaris Hotel, towers Royal and Caribe, important opportunities of saving were found, which were evaluated technical and economically to be able to present to Villa Solaris, S.A. of C.V., an energy saving project highly profitable that allows to obtain great economic benefits, a better service for the hosts and an important step to the reduction of the operative expenses (energy), that guaranteed the future competitiveness of the hotel in the zone. The base of the energy saving opportunities is the substitution of the air conditioning equipment, since the installed ones in the Hotel, are very deficient equipment (piston in Caribbean Tower) or because of by International ecological Norms they will be obsolete in short time (centrifugal R-11 Torre Royal). In addition the service machine area of the Hotel was centralized in a single site. The substitution measure of the air conditioning systems, contemplated the installation of centrifugal equipment of high efficiency (0.65kW/Ton at full load) cooled with brackish water, that is a very abundant resource in the zone and does not represent any cost for the Hotel. The waste heat of the refrigeration machines is contemplated to be used to preheat the service water and the swimming pool water by means of heat exchange equipment. In order to arrive to the desired optimal temperatures the advantage of the installation of the already existing in the Hotel thermo solar systems was taken into consideration. When implementing this global system, the use of cooling towers was eliminated, that was the equipment that cools the condensation water of the air conditioning equipment. In addition the use of the steam boilers was eliminated that made the function of warming up the service water, reason why an important saving of fuel was generated. [Spanish] Despues de haber realizado un

  12. [Military physician Colonel Robert Yout. Twenty years as a paratrooper medical officer].

    Yout, Guillaume


    Robert Yout was born on June 15th, 1930. A rugby player and a member of the French Volleyball team, he was already an outstanding sportsman when he began his studies at the Health Services School in Lyons. His career as an army medical officer among the paratroopers was atypical. He spent many years among the most prestigious elite paratroopers of the French army: the 2nd REP, the 1st CHOC and the CINC (The Army Training School for Combat Swimmers) . When he retired, he was Head Doctor of the Paratroopers parent company: The Airborne School of Pau. For the army medical historian, Robert Yout is the perfect example of a man with an outstanding and remarkable career: A crack soldier, a brave army medical officer, a parachuting and diving pioneer and a sportsman of international class.

  13. Army Transformaton: A View from the U.S. Army War College


    71 4. THE ARMY THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS William F. Grimsley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 5...THE ARMY THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS William F. Grimsley “Who are you?" said the caterpillar. “I-I hardly know, Sir, just at present—at least I know...

  14. Army Working Capital Fund: Army Industrial Operations Could Improve Budgeting and Management of Carryover


    throughs of four Army depot maintenance operations to observe the work being performed and discussed with officials the causes for workload carrying...the preponderance of the Industrial Operations workload . Army Materiel Command (AMC) serves as the management command for Industrial Operations... automotive and Armaments Command LCMC mission of developing, acquiring, fielding, and sustaining ground systems, such as the Mine Resistant Ambush

  15. 2009 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Main Findings


    Effective/Very Effective (AC, 2007-2009) Army Values Empathy Warrior Ethos Military Bearing/Physical Fitness Composure/ Resilence Mental Agility Sound...dependents ( children ) does not appear to have as much of an impact on morale, as 21% of Army leaders who indicate having no dependents report low or

  16. The United States Army Medical Department Journal, January - March 2009


    hyperesthesia, paresthesia, diplopia . ataxia, confusion, urinary retention, convulsions, dysphagia, and an ascending flaccid paralysis.7 > Some...confusion, diplopia , dysphagia, dizziness, dysarthria, cranial nerve palsies, and ataxia. Seizures, hemiplegia, hemiparesis, ascending paralysis

  17. A Study to Develop an Army Medical Department Wellness Program


    slice Thick Crust Pizza 400 ’R FOODS"--These foods are almost totally free of calories. bv mlion mstard fat free broth soy sauce ater spices -nd TV, or talk on the telephone while eating. When you avoid these distractions, you can enjoy your food by noticing the taste, texture, and aroma of

  18. Compendium of U.S. Army Visual Medical Fitness Standards


    service. Table 15 Visual standards for retention -- Category Standard Aniseikonia Correctable with iseikonic lenses Dipiopia, Intermittent and in zone...Table 16 Visual standards for mobilization Category Standard Aniseikonia Correctable with iseikonic lenses Diplopia, Intermittent and in zone

  19. Army Medical Command Handbook for the Government Purchase Card Program


    Mellon Bank, Citibank , JPMorgan Chase and USBank). These banks are contracted to provide federal employees with purchase cards. Such purchase card...Policy in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics) and is responsible for Program Management for the DoD...principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for

  20. Equal Opportunity Program Management for the Army Medical Department


    applies to someone who has the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a national group. Personal Racism, Sexism , or Bigotry: The... Sexism : Any attitude or action, personal or institutional, which subordinates a person or group because of gender (sex). Sexual Harassment: A form of

  1. Water Purification Unit Development for Field Army Medical Facilities.


    designed to operate in one of several process configurations , i.e., semibatch , once-through continuous , recycle-and-bleed continuous , stages in... Reactor Module ,” Memorandum to W. P. Lambert , May 17 , 1977. 9. See , C. C. and Yang, P. Y . , “Water Processing Element Operation Manual , ” Contract

  2. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. July - September 2011


    disease ( arthritis , rheumatism , fibromyalgia, or fibrositis), musculoskeletal disease (lumbago and any disease of the muscles or tendons), chronic...outcomes (respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, chronic multisystem illness, lupus erythemetosus, rheumatoid arthritis , and birth outcomes for...busy, 2 out of town, 2 pregnancies ) 1 dropout (pedometer not working) 10 additional dropouts (1 too busy, 1 wants more intense program, 4 loss

  3. Job Satisfaction of Dietitians in the Army Medical Specialists Corps


    teacher satisfaction. Educational Administration Quarterly. 8 (Winter): 44-57. Blum, M. L. and Russ, J. 1942. A study of employee attitudes towards...decision making, job related tension, job involvement, and job satisfaction. Educational Administration Quarterly. 12:1 (Winter): 80-93. Hoppock, R. 1935

  4. A Health Facility Planning Methodology for Army Troop Medical Clinics.


    Herbert H. Hyman, Basic Health Planning Methods, (Germantown, Md: Aspen Systems Corp., 1978), p.14 . 16 17 1 3James A. Rice, " Interinstitutional Planning...another for collaboration throughout the developmental process in order for that project to come to fruition. In the final analysis, the planning...Space Needs." Hospitals 54 (December 16, 1980): 109-112. Rice, James A. " Interinstitutional Planning Process, Part 1. Free Standing Hospitals." Hospitals

  5. US Army Medical Department Journal, April - June 2007


    approximately 1 ml of 100% ethyl alcohol. Female mosquitoes from a single trap catch were sorted to genus (ie, Anopheles, Culex , Aedes) and placed in 2 ml...various individual water purification systems, and the an area with considerably less infrastructure than Iraq. results. An important offshoot of the study ...the late 19th century, many schemes emerged for Africa develop in weedy, sunlit pools as aquatic disease prevention based on detailed studies of the

  6. US Army Medical Department Journal, October-December 2008


    conditions. Diabetic detainees have more favorable management of their conditions, as measured by hemoglobin A1C, than other diabetics in similar disease ...teeth, large caries burdens, and unrelenting periodontal disease are endemic. The overwhelming need for comprehensive dental care makes the... disease -nonbattle injury rate in the history of land warfare. This is largely a result of the preventive medicine and veterinary medicine teams

  7. US Army Medical Research and Development Technical Report


    jytotoxic Reactions Produced by MUST-Water Constituents • — ^ &,-FT—Bahr, M.D. J. A. Boccia , Ljet MC, USA R. K. Shoemaker, CPT, MSC, USA...Bahr, M.D. Joseph A. Boccia , LTC, MC, USA Robert H. Shoemaker, CPT, MSC, USA Report Control Symbol: RCS-MEDDH-288(R1) Security Classification...Performing 90 Gunter F. Bahr, M.D., Chairman; Joseph A. Boccia , M.D., LTC, MC, USA: Robert H. Shoe- maker, Ph.D., CPT, MSC, USA I Technical

  8. United States Army Medical Materiel Development Activity: 1997 Annual Report.


    CY97. • In a double-blind, placebo controlled Phase l/2a laboratory mosquito challenge study, the Malaria Recombinant Vaccine (RTS,S) with Adjuvant...month Carcinogenicity Study of WR 238605 in the transgenic mouse. • It is anticipated that the ELA/PLA for Clostridium botulinum Toxoid, Pentavalent

  9. U. S. Army Medical Research and Development Technical Report


    Caroroo-a*, and otier countrir’, of I-er-t and ra’tt .PfricA (SOVOIia it is sAas f,?un4 ocs’al"In rantern rurore. It hs not case~d any apidemics as of...fiorphot’etric ;-,,ttorn of axon reo.’thi &Cro09s At sna.jis ar .eirves of (6 rheoint ton~.evA -. erp severed, tral:ed, and theu bi~psaed At either 3 . 4. 5, cr 6

  10. Army National Guard Medical Readiness Training Exercises in Southern Command


    Canine: Feline : Other: TYPE OF VETERINARY FACILITIES AVAILABLE (corral, posts, shoot, etc: SKETCH OF VILLAGE: SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: # U.S.: # Host...h) Meningococcal meningitis. (i) Acute respiratory diseases. (2) Diseases with long incubation periods. (a) Viral hepatitis. 121 (b) Leishmaniasis

  11. The Origins of the Golden Hour of Medical Care and Its Applicability to Combat Medicine


    anesthesia (pain and consciousness suppression), as opposed to pure analgesia (pain suppression only), for major surgery. 15 It was during this ———. 2013a. Army Regulation (AR) 40-3, Medical, Dental , and Veterinary Care. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office

  12. Correlation of job burnout with emotional labor and role of job characteristics in medical staff from army hospital%军队医院医务人员职业倦怠与情绪劳动、工作角色特征相关研究

    瞿伟; 谷珊珊


    目的 探讨军队医务人员职业倦怠与情绪劳动3种表现策略、工作角色特征的相关性及情绪劳动和工作角色特征对职业倦怠的预测作用.方法 采用CMBI问卷、工作角色特征量表和情绪劳动量表,其中CMBI问卷包含情感衰竭、去个性化及个人成就感减低3个维度,工作角色特征量表包含角色冲突和角色混淆2个维度,情绪劳动量表包含表面表现、自然表现和深层表现3个维度,采用整群抽样方法,对某军队三甲综合医院511名医务人员进行调查.结果 情感衰竭与情绪的表面表现、深层表现、角色冲突呈显著正相关(r分别为0.260、0.074、0.285,P<0.05,P <0.01).去个性化与表面表现呈显著正相关(r =0.240,P<0.01),而与深层表现、自然表现呈显著性负相关(r分别为-0.153、-0.181,P<0.01).成就感减低与情绪的深层表现、自然表现呈显著负相关(r分别为-0.247、-0.183,P<0.01),而与角色冲突和角色混淆呈显著性正相关(r分别为0.094、0.247,P<0.05,P<0.01).角色冲突、表面表现及深层表现3个维度能联合预测情感衰竭12.6%的变异.表面表现、深层表现及自然表现3个维度能联合预测去个性化8%的变异.深层表现、角色混淆及角色冲突3个维度能预测个人成就感减低10.2%的变异.结论 职业倦怠与情绪劳动3种表现策略和工作角色特征相关,情绪劳动3种表现策略和工作角色特征对职业倦怠有预测作用.%Objective To investigate the relationship of job burnout with emotional labor and role of job characteristics in medical staffs from army hospital, and the role of emotional labor and the role of job characteristics in prediction of job burnout. Methods By cluster sampling, 580 medical staffs from a Class-AAA army hospital were enrolled in this study. They were given a survey including general survey and Chinese Maslach Burnout Inventory ( CMBI) questionnaire, emotional labor

  13. [Medical science during the Great Patriotic War].

    Knopov, M Sh; Taranukha, V K


    Forms of organization of scientific work in the interests of the front were different: for example, united efforts of physicians to organize a proper work at Scientific Medical Boards directed by the Head of the Main Army Medical Department of the Red Army and the Head of the Health and Sanitary Department of the Navy, as well as Scientific and Hospital boards of the People's Commissariat of Health of the USSR. At the plenary sessions the heads of these boards considered the most important medical problems of evacuation, treatment, sanitary and disease control and also new methods of treatments of wounded, results of medical services during particular period of war, new tasks and etc. The most prominent scientists and presenters of all leading sectors of healthcare worked at these boards, that allowed developing, testing and implementing of the latest achievements of medical science.

  14. Psychiatry in the U.S. Army: Lessons for Community Psychiatry


    Considerations. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas; 1952. 29. Jones FD. Psychiatric lessons of low-intensity wars. Annales Medicinae Militaris Fenniae...Review of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Medical Services. 1982;55:247-254. 21. Jones FD. Psychiatric lessons of low-intensity wars. Annales Medicinae ...McGraw Hill; 1969: 76. 41. Froede, RC, Stahl CJ. Fatal narcotism in military personnel. J Forensic Sciences. 1971;16(2):199-218. 42. Baker SL. Drug

  15. Army Response Letter & Analysis - signed February 5, 2001

    A reply to a letter from Mr. J. Charles Fox, former Administrator for Water requesting to review the proposed decision of the Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District Department of the Army (DA) permit to Vail Associates.

  16. The ICT-Integrated Pedagogy in the Colleges of Royal University of Bhutan

    Choeda, Par-Ola Zander; Penjor, Tandin; Dukpa, Dorji


    lecturers who actually attained training. The status of ICT integrated pedagogy in higher education in Bhutan is at an early stage being affected by low speed internet connectivity and lack of adequate resource as well as training in ICT integrated pedagogy. However, lecturers are highly motivated......This paper reports a research study on the integration of ICT and pedagogy in the colleges of the Royal University of Bhutan. It investigates whether ICT is integrated into the pedagogy, and if so, in what way. The samples (Faculty members) of the study were picked up randomly from ten colleges...... under Royal University of Bhutan. The study identifies the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), used as part of ICT-integrated pedagogy. However, the use of VLE has been found to be confined to be a platform where activities such as work plan, module descriptors, uploading assignments have been...

  17. Bot armies as threats to network security

    Banks, Sheila B.; Stytz, Martin R.


    "Botnets", or "bot armies", are large groups of remotely controlled malicious software. Bot armies pose one of the most serious security threats to all networks. Botnets, remotely controlled and operated by botmasters or botherders, can launch massive denial of service attacks, multiple penetration attacks, or any other malicious network activity on a massive scale. While bot army activity has, in the past, been limited to fraud, blackmail, and other forms of criminal activity, their potential for causing large-scale damage to the entire internet; for launching large-scale, coordinated attacks on government computers and networks; and for large-scale, coordinated data gathering from thousands of users and computers on any network has been underestimated. This paper will not discuss how to build bots but the threats they pose. In a "botnet" or "bot army", computers can be used to spread spam, launch denial-of-service attacks against Web sites, conduct fraudulent activities, and prevent authorized network traffic from traversing the network. In this paper we discuss botnets and the technologies that underlie this threat to network and computer security. The first section motivates the need for improved protection against botnets, their technologies, and for further research about botnets. The second contains background information about bot armies and their key underlying technologies. The third section presents a discussion of the types of attacks that botnets can conduct and potential defenses against them. The fourth section contains a summary and suggestions for future research and development.

  18. The Effects of Feeding Pollen Cake Containing Royal Jelly on Bombus terrestris L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Colony Development

    GÜREL, Fehmi; GÖSTERİT, Ayhan


    This study was performed to determine the effects of feeding pollen cake containing honeybee royal jelly on Bombus terrestris colony development. In total, 125 bumblebee queens, 68 of which were fed pollen cake containing 10% royal jelly and 57 of which were fed normal pollen cake, were used. We found that 84% of the queens fed pollen cake containing royal jelly and 82% of those fed normal pollen cake laid eggs; 56% of the queens fed normal pollen cake established colonies, whereas queens fed...

  19. The Ancient Near Eastern Glyptic Collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History Reconsidered

    Hameeuw, Hendrik; Boschloos, Vanessa; Devillers, Anne; Gubel, Eric; Cynthia, JeanCynthia; Van Goethem, Laurence; Van Overmeire, Sam; Overlaet, Bruno


    The Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels (RMAH) boast a rich and world-renowned collection of glyptic material from the Ancient Near East. The collection consists of stamp and cylinder seals, seal impressions and sealings, originating from a broad range of cultures and dating from the beginning of their production down to the Roman period. They illustrate the entire historical development of a type of object that provides unique insights into the economic, cultural, enviromental and p...

  20. Ground water for public water supply at Windigo, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

    Grannemann, N.G.; Twenter, F.R.


    Three test holes drilled at Windigo in Isle Royale National Park in 1981 indicate that the ophitic basaltic lava flows underlying the area contain little water and cannot be considered a source for public water supply. The holes were 135, 175, and 71 feet deep. One hole yielded about 1 gallon of water perminute; the other two yielded less. Glacial deposits seem to offer the best opportunity for developing a ground-water supply of 5 to 10 gallons per minute.

  1. The transfer of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil: historical explanation in Portuguese and Brazilian students

    Ronaldo Cardoso Alves


    Full Text Available Based on the relationship between the concept of Historical Consciousness, as Jörn Rüsen and Reinhart Koselleck proposed, and the concept of Historical Explanation, proposed by Isabel Barca, the article presents an analytical course that allows you to check levels of explanation in historical narratives produced by students Brazilian and Portuguese from the interpretation of sources related to a historical fact: the transfer of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil (1808.

  2. Noise and sleep on board vessels in the Royal Norwegian Navy

    Erlend Sunde; Magne Bratveit; Stale Pallesen; Bente Elisabeth Moen


    Previous research indicates that exposure to noise during sleep can cause sleep disturbance. Seamen on board vessels are frequently exposed to noise also during sleep periods, and studies have reported sleep disturbance in this occupational group. However, studies of noise and sleep in maritime settings are few. This study's aim was to examine the associations between noise exposure during sleep, and sleep variables derived from actigraphy among seamen on board vessels in the Royal Norwegian ...

  3. Effect of Royal Jelly on Improving Passive Avoidance Learning and Spatial Learning and Memory in Rats

    H Alaei


    Full Text Available Introduction: Studies have proposed that royal jelly(RJ has various biological activities in different cells and tissues. Since it has been demonstrated that RJ contains compounds having desirable effects on central neurons system and neural functions, the present study aimed to investigate the effect of royal jelly on learning and memory in rats. Methods: Male wistar rats were divided into two groups, the royal jelly and the control. In the RJ group, the rats received a food that contained 3% RJ instead of regular food for 10 days. Then learning and memory were investigated in these animals through both passive avoidance learning test(1 day and 1 week after receiving electrical shock and Morris water maze test(1 day and 1 week after a 4-day learning period. Results: The study results indicated that the food containing RJ in the RJ group significantly increased the time of the first entrance to the dark room one week after the electrical shock in passive avoidance learning test. In other words, the findings suggest an improvement of learning and memory in RJ group. In the acquisition phase of Morris water maze test, rats receiving RJ found the underwater escape plate during less time and distance comparing with the control group. Furthermore, one week after the acquisition phase, in the retention phase, rats spent more time in the quadrant in which the escape plate was previously located. Conclusion: The present study findings propose that Royal Jelly can improve cognitive processes through positive effects on neural functions and probably has a significant influence on prevention and therapy of some neuronal disorders.

  4. Royal Observatory extension will teach the wonder of the night sky

    Jury, L


    "The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is gearing up for a massive pounds 15m extension next year, to capitalise on growing interest in outer space. A Victorian building which has been used for administration for decades is to be renovated, with new galleries and a 120-seat planetarium to treble the space for visitors to gaze at the stars. The Observatory hopes to complete the extension by 2007" (1 page).

  5. A Proteomic Approach for Investigation of Bee Products: Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey

    Peter Raspor


    Full Text Available Bee products such as royal jelly, honey and propolis have been reported to possess several biological activities. In order to better understand their mechanism of action and, consequently, their efficiency and safety, 'omic' approaches are used. Here cases with proteomic approach are indicated. In addition to studying biological activity at a proteome level, a proteomic approach for investigation of bee products has also been applied in analyzing proteins as their (bioactive components.

  6. Estrogenic Activities of Fatty Acids and a Sterol Isolated from Royal Jelly

    Kazu-Michi Suzuki; Yoichiro Isohama; Hiroe Maruyama; Yayoi Yamada; Yukio Narita; Shozo Ohta; Yoko Araki; Takeshi Miyata; Satoshi Mishima


    We have previously reported that royal jelly (RJ) from honeybees (Apis mellifera) has weak estrogenic activity mediated by interaction with estrogen receptors that leads to changes in gene expression and cell proliferation. In this study, we isolated four compounds from RJ that exhibit estrogenic activity as evaluated by a ligand-binding assay for the estrogen receptor (ER) β. These compounds were identified as 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid, trans-2-decenoic acid a...

  7. Incidence of Boxing Injuries in the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom 1953—66

    Brennan, T. N. N.; O'Connor, P. J.


    Statistics of injuries arising in amateur boxing in the Royal Air Force in the 14 years 1953-66 are given. There were 240 injuries including two deaths in the 14 years. During the seven years 1960-66, four men out of every thousand entering the ring received injuries to the head or neck which kept them off work for 48 hours or more. No case of the punch-drunk syndrome was seen. PMID:5723355

  8. Technological Advancements in EW: A Way Forward for Royal Saudi Naval Force


    Middle East and North Africa MSBU Military system business unit MODA Ministry of Defense and Aviation MBET Missile borne ECM technology NEWAC NATO...organized under the Ministry of Defence and Aviation ( MODA ) to defend the Kingdom against any external aggression. The RSNF is an operational force of... MODA . Another force, the Saudi Arabian National Guard, is responsible for maintaining the internal stability of the Kingdom. The Royal Saudi Naval

  9. Towards e-Government: End-User Satisfaction with IT Implementation at Royal Malaysian Customs

    Abbul Hamid Abu Bakar; Chong Siong Choy; Binshan Lin; Najmi Mohd Radzi


    This paper examines the extent of end-user satisfaction on the service delivery process by the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) as the agency moves toward implementing electronic government (e-government) initiatives. The RMC has in fact been identified as one of the prominent and technology-pioneering government agencies in the country and therefore suitable for delivering electronic public services. Data were collected in mid-2009 from two types of customers, i.e., internal (Customs officers) ...

  10. Optimizing the Sustainment of U.S. Army Weapon Systems


    64 OPTIMIZING SUSTAINMENT OF ARMY SYSTEMS 6 Chapter 1 - Optimizing the Sustainment of U.S. Army Weapon Systems In a paradigm shift from...past 13 years. The result has been the erosion of perishable maintenance skills. The Army must develop the most effective plan to sustain these...communities to study and effectively manage Army sustainment . One effort is the development of Maintenance Steering Groups (MSG) to perform extensive

  11. Army Communicator. Volume 32, Number 2, Spring 2007


    Engineering requires skilled leaders LTC Tony Roper 14 Update Telecommunications Systems Engineering Course MAJ Mark Thomson 16 The Paradigm shift in 200 locations. Each TLA stack includes, at a minimum, an Army Security Router and an Intrusion Detection System or Intrusion Protection System...Security Center APC – Area Processing Center ARNET – Army Reserve Network ARSTRAT – Army Strategic Com- mand ASR – Army Security Router CIF – Central Issue

  12. Retaining Talent for Army 2020: Overcoming Institutional Barriers


    Assignments for Leaders, RETAL, 8. 18 Casey Wardynski, David S. Lyle, and Michael J. Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for...Opportunities (Boston: Harvard University, 2011), 17. 22 32 Wardynski, Lyle, and Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy (accessed March 14, 2012). 34 Wardynski, Lyle, and Colarusso , Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for

  13. Army Hearing Program Talking Points Calendar Year 2016


    National Guard 7% Army Reserve 2% of Soldiers have a hearing loss that requires a Fit-for-Duty (Readiness) evaluation: 1% Active Duty 2% Army...Reserve ARMY HEARING PROGRAM TALKING POINTS CALENDAR YEAR 2016 TIP No. 51-065-0817 2 BACKGROUND Hearing health in the Army has improved...over time, largely due to the dedicated work of hearing health experts. However, noise-induced hearing loss and associated problems have not been

  14. Differential Child Maltreatment Risk Across Deployment Periods of US Army Soldiers.

    Taylor, Christine M; Ross, Michelle E; Wood, Joanne N; Griffis, Heather M; Harb, Gerlinde C; Mi, Lanyu; Song, Lihai; Strane, Douglas; Lynch, Kevin G; Rubin, David M


    We described the risk for maltreatment among toddlers of US Army soldiers over different deployment cycles to develop a systematic response within the US Army to provide families appropriate supports. We conducted a person-time analysis of substantiated maltreatment reports and medical diagnoses among children of 112,325 deployed US Army soldiers between 2001 and 2007. Risk of maltreatment was elevated after deployment for children of soldiers deployed once but not for children of soldiers deployed twice. During the 6 months after deployment, children of soldiers deployed once had 4.43 substantiated maltreatment reports and 4.96 medical diagnoses per 10,000 child-months. The highest maltreatment rate among children of soldiers deployed twice occurred during the second deployment for substantiated maltreatment (4.83 episodes per 10,000 child-months) and before the first deployment for medical diagnoses of maltreatment (3.78 episodes per 10,000 child-months). We confirmed an elevated risk for child maltreatment during deployment but also found a previously unidentified high-risk period during the 6 months following deployment, indicating elevated stress within families of deployed and returning soldiers. These findings can inform efforts by the military to initiate and standardize support and preparation to families during periods of elevated risk.

  15. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn: her activities in humanity and medicine.

    Chauluxananan, Somrat; Chentanez, Vilai


    Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Executive Vice-President of the Thai Red Cross Society has followed the footsteps of her fore-bears, carrying the noble humanitarian work they began, particularly the work of the Thai Red Cross society and the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. Her contributions have been a benefit to all, and she has earned great love and is held in high esteem by her people. Her ideas, thoughts, words, and activities have been of immense value to the faculty in both tangible and intangible ways. A selfless, dedicated women who is willing to make sacrifices for the common good, Her Royal Highness serves as a model humanitarian for the staff of the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, whose morale she has boosted and whose operations she has planned with the foresight ofa first-class administrator. Her devotion to the Thai Red Cross, and thus her devotion to her people, have indeed made her the royal gem within Thai hearts, with sparkling brilliance of her humanitarian deeds instilling the warmth of her love in our spirits.

  16. Use of Royal Darwin Hospital emergency department by immigration detainees in 2011.

    Deans, Adrienne K; Boerma, Clare J; Fordyce, James; De Souza, Mark; Palmer, Didier J; Davis, Joshua S


    To describe the number and nature of emergency department (ED) attendances by immigration detainees in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, over a 12-month period. Retrospective observational study of immigration detainees attending the Royal Darwin Hospital ED during the 2011 calendar year. Number of ED attendances and primary diagnoses. In 2011, there were 770 ED attendances by 518 individual detainees at Royal Darwin Hospital. Those who attended the ED had a mean (SD) age of 27.6 (12.2) years, and 112 of them (21.6%) were children. Most (413, 79.7%) were male, and Iran and Afghanistan were the two most common countries of birth. We estimate that 50.1% (95% CI, 47.0%-53.2%) of immigration detainees in Darwin (mean, 776 per month; total, 1034), attended the Royal Darwin Hospital ED at least once in 2011. The most common primary diagnosis was psychiatric problems (187 attendances, 24.3%), including self-harm (138 attendances, 17.9%). In 2011, asylum seekers in immigration detention in Darwin had a high prevalence of unmet health needs and substantial levels of psychiatric morbidity. The primary health care provided to them was inadequate.

  17. The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Dreaming of Child Safe Organisations?

    William Budiselik


    Full Text Available On 12 November 2012 the then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced she was recommending to the Governor General the establishment of a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Following inquiries in Australia and elsewhere much is already known about institutional and inter-institutional child protection failures and what is required to address them. That Australia’s national government has pursued another abuse inquiry with terms of reference limited to institution-based (excluding the family sexual abuse is of interest given the lack of political will to enact previous findings and recommendations. This article examines the background to the Government’s announcement, the Commission’s terms of reference and some of its settings, and literature on the nature of royal commissions across time and place. After the lack of success in implementing the recommendations of previous inquiries into how to better protect Australia’s children, the question is: how will this Royal Commission contribute to Australian child protection and safety? Will the overwhelming public support generated by “truth speaking to power” in calling for this inquiry translate into action?

  18. The efficacy of topical Royal Jelly on diabetic foot ulcers healing: A case series

    Mansour Siavash


    Full Text Available Background: Foot ulcers and infections are the major sources of morbidity in individuals with diabetes mellitus. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of topical Royal Jelly (a worker honey bee product on healing diabetic foot ulcers. Methods: Diabetic patients with foot ulcers that were referred to our clinic at Khorshid Hospital, Isfahan, Iran; were evaluated three times a week and treated according to standard treatments consisted of offloading, infection control, vascular improvement and debridement if required. In addition, all ulcers were measured and then topical sterile 5% Royal Jelly was applied on the total surface area of the wounds. Eventually, they were covered with sterile dressings. Each patient was followed for a period of three months or until the complete healing. Results: A total of eight patients were enrolled in this study. Of these, two had two ulcers and, therefore, ten ulcers were evaluated. Two ulcers were excluded. Seven of the remained eight ulcers healed. Mean duration of complete healing was 41 days. One ulcer did not completely heal but improved to 40% smaller in length, 32% in width and 28% in depth. The mean length, width and depth reduction rates were 0.35 mm/day, 0.28 mm/day and 0.11 mm/day, respectively. Conclusions: Royal Jelly dressing may be an effective method for treating diabetic foot ulcers besides standard treatments.

  19. Life history variation among four lake trout morphs at Isle Royale, Lake Superior

    Hansen, Michael J.; Nate, Nancy A.; Muir, Andrew M.; Bronte, Charles R.; Zimmerman, Mara S.; Krueger, Charles C.


    Life history traits were compared among four morphs of lake trout at Isle Royale, Lake Superior. Of 738 lake trout caught at Isle Royale, 701 were assigned to a morph (119 humpers, 160 leans, 85 redfins, and 337 siscowets) using a combination of statistical analysis of head and body shape and visual assignment. On average, redfins were longer (544 mm), heavier (1,481 g), heavier at length (Wr = 94), more buoyant, and older (22 years) than siscowets (519 mm; 1,221 g; 90; 19 years), leans (479 mm; 854 g; 82; 13 years), and humpers (443 mm; 697 g; 87; 17 years). On average, leans grew from a younger age at length = 0 and shorter length at age = 0, at a faster early growth rate to a longer asymptotic length than the other three morphs, while redfins grew at a slower instantaneous rate and humpers grew to a shorter asymptotic length than other morphs. On average, leans were longer (562 mm) and older (15 years) at 50% maturity than redfins (427 mm, 12 years), siscowets (401 mm, 11 years), or humpers (394 mm, 13 years). Life history parameters did not differ between males and females within each morph. We conclude that differences in life history attributes of lean, humper, redfin, and siscowet morphs of lake trout are consistent with differential habitat use in waters around Isle Royale, Lake Superior.

  20. Major royal jelly proteins as markers of authenticity and quality of honey.

    Bilikova, Katarina; Kristof Krakova, Tatiana; Yamaguchi, Kikuji; Yamaguchi, Yoshihisa


    Until now, the properties of honey have been defined based exclusively on the content of plant components in the nectar of given plant. We showed that apalbumin1, the major royal jelly (RJ) protein, is an authentic and regular component of honey. Apalbumin1 and other RJ proteins and peptides are responsible for the immunostimulatory properties and antibiotic activity of honey. For the quantification of apalbumin1, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was developed using polyclonal anti-apalbumin1 antibody. The method is suitable for honey authenticity determination; moreover it is useful for detection of the honey, honeybee pollen and RJ in products of medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, and food industry, where presences of these honeybee products are declared. Results from the analysis for presence and amount of apalbumin1 in honeys will be used for high-throughput screening of honey samples over the world. On the basis of our experiments which show that royal jelly proteins are regular and physiologically active components of honey we propose to change the definition of honey (according to the EU Honey Directive 2001/110/EC) as follows: Honey is a natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from nectar of plants or from secretions of plants, or excretions of plant sucking insects, which honey bees collect, transform by combining with major royal jelly proteins and other specific substances of their own, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave in the honey comb to ripen and mature.

  1. Royal Buddhist Monasteries in Rattanakosin Period: Potential Development Guidelines for Promoting Cultural Tourism

    Phra Somphop Nasing


    Full Text Available Royal Buddhist Monasteries or Temples are among the world’s most famous cultural attractions, full of magnificent arts such as Murals, stained glass and richly decorated gables, doors and windows panels in which some temples have been included as a world heritage. Apart from the precious architecture and beautiful courtyards, Thai Monasteries have long been the center pillar of social and spiritual guidance to Thai society. The Monastery plays an important role in various areas ranging from being the center for learning the Buddhist way of life, an education center for the young, center for sacred ceremonies for auspicious occasions and the host to various Buddhist ceremonies and local Thai festivals. Throughout its history, The Thai Buddhist monasteries, especially the royal monasteries have become a symbol of the Thai way of life and have attracted visitors from all over the world. Due to its high potential in monetary returns from cultural tourism, The Thai government have implemented various strategies in the past but had never really studied the various issues, status, role and potential of the monasteries in detail. Suggestions for the development of Royal Monasteries into a cultural tourist attraction include improvement in landscaping, security, public conveniences and facilities, attraction sites, potentials in providing services, advertising, public relations, activities and temple’s management.

  2. Irrigation Alternatives to Meet Army Net Zero Water Goals


    Up to 100 Rain Barrel Catchment Up to...US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG® Irrigation Alternatives to Meet Army Net Zero Water Goals Richard J. Scholze Dick L. Gebhart H...TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2012 to 00-00-2012 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Irrigation Alternatives to Meet Army Net Zero Water Goals 5a. CONTRACT

  3. The Women’s Army Corps: 1945-1978


    floor-length wool skirt, white silk blouse , blue tiara with gold thread embroidery, blue suede pumps, white kid gloves, and a finger-tip length blue...24, 33, 267 Army Uniform Board, 162, 260 chief, 64, 94, 162, 212. See also Blanch - Army Uniform Branch, 394 field, Col. Florence A.; Bryant, Col. Army

  4. 32 CFR 508.1 - Utilization of Army bands.


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Utilization of Army bands. 508.1 Section 508.1 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AID OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES AND PUBLIC RELATIONS COMPETITION WITH CIVILIAN BANDS § 508.1 Utilization of Army bands. (a)...

  5. 32 CFR 644.517 - Clearance of Army lands.


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Clearance of Army lands. 644.517 Section 644.517 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY (CONTINUED) REAL PROPERTY REAL... and Improvements § 644.517 Clearance of Army lands. The responsibility for performing clearance...

  6. Certification Report: Army Aviation Alternative Fuels Certification Program





    INSPECTION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF ARMY Stephan C. Zuber November 2016 Approved for public...release; distribution is unlimited. AD U.S. ARMY ARMAMENT RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING CENTER Enterprise and Systems Integration Center...are those of the author(s) and should not be construed as an official Department of the Army position, policy, or decision, unless so designated by

  8. Training America’s Army for the Next Millennium.


    Corte Madera , California: Waite Group Press, 1994), 28. 9 William W. Hartzog and Susan Canedy, "TRADOC: Moving the Army Into the Future," Army...Future. Corte Madera , California: Waite Group Press, 1994. Romjue, John, L. American Army Doctrine for the Post-Cold War. Washington, D.C.: U.S

  9. An Organizational Climate Assessment of the Army Contracting Workforce





    agencies and organizations outside of the Army for the physical domain concept design and research commitments in developing strategic leaders... organizations outside the Army offer an abundance of potential contributions to human performance capability development . Notes 1 Department of the...components of the human dimension for Army leader development as individuals move through a career from direct to strategic leadership. Using a qualitative

  11. 32 CFR 636.10 - Hunter Army Airfield vehicle registration.


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Hunter Army Airfield vehicle registration. 636.10... Stewart, Georgia § 636.10 Hunter Army Airfield vehicle registration. Personnel assigned or employed at Hunter Army Airfield are required to register their privately owned vehicles within five days...

  12. Army Sustainment. Volume 42, Issue 5, September-October 2010


    consumption during flight. During the colder seasons, sustainment packs included ther- moses of coffee or hot chocolate . During night opera- tions, they...divisions, he added the 89th Division and the 90th Division. [The National Army was a volunteer Army (almost analogous to today’s Army Reserve) that was

  13. Installation Management Command: Preparing Civilians for the Army of 2020


    resist change.55 “Walt Disney is credited with saying that “change is inevitable, growth is optional.”56 If we are to execute the best plan to...Management Command Regulation 350-1 (Washington, DC, U.S. Department of the Army, June 1 2010). 11 U.S. Department of the Army, The Army, A-3. 12

  14. [Alcohol abuse in soldiers of the Herzegovina Corps of the Republic of Serbia Army during the 1992-1994 war].

    Plavljanić, R; Mijić, R


    The frequency of alcohol abuse in the soldiers of Herzegovinian corps of the Republic of Srpska Army during the 1992-1994 war, who took part in combat action was investigated by retrospective analysis of medical documentation. The same procedure was performed in the members of Yugoslav Army for the same period who did not take part in combat actions. By comparing the obtained results, it was concluded that the alcohol abuse was 3.7 times more frequent in participants of combat actions compared to those who did not have such assignment.

  15. Army Energy and Water Reporting System Assessment

    Deprez, Peggy C.; Giardinelli, Michael J.; Burke, John S.; Connell, Linda M.


    There are many areas of desired improvement for the Army Energy and Water Reporting System. The purpose of system is to serve as a data repository for collecting information from energy managers, which is then compiled into an annual energy report. This document summarizes reported shortcomings of the system and provides several alternative approaches for improving application usability and adding functionality. The U.S. Army has been using Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS) for many years to collect and compile energy data from installations for facilitating compliance with Federal and Department of Defense energy management program reporting requirements. In this analysis, staff from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that substantial opportunities exist to expand AEWRS functions to better assist the Army to effectively manage energy programs. Army leadership must decide if it wants to invest in expanding AEWRS capabilities as a web-based, enterprise-wide tool for improving the Army Energy and Water Management Program or simply maintaining a bottom-up reporting tool. This report looks at both improving system functionality from an operational perspective and increasing user-friendliness, but also as a tool for potential improvements to increase program effectiveness. The authors of this report recommend focusing on making the system easier for energy managers to input accurate data as the top priority for improving AEWRS. The next major focus of improvement would be improved reporting. The AEWRS user interface is dated and not user friendly, and a new system is recommended. While there are relatively minor improvements that could be made to the existing system to make it easier to use, significant improvements will be achieved with a user-friendly interface, new architecture, and a design that permits scalability and reliability. An expanded data set would naturally have need of additional requirements gathering and a focus on integrating

  16. US Army primary radiation standards complex

    Rogers, S.C. [Radiation Standards and Dosimetry Laboratory, Redstone Arsenal, AL (United States)


    This paper describes the U.S. Army Primary Radiation Standards Complex (PRSC) to be constructed at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. The missions of the organizations to be located in the PRSC are described. The health physics review of the facility design is discussed. The radiation sources to be available in the PRSC and the resulting measurement capabilities of the Army Primary Standards Laboratory Nucleonics section are specified. Influence of the National Voluntary Laboratory Accrediation Program (NVLAP) accreditation criteria on facility design and source selection is illustrated.

  17. Ototoxic Medications (Medication Effects)

    ... Information for the Public / Hearing and Balance Ototoxic Medications (Medication Effects) By Barbara Cone, Patricia Dorn, Dawn Konrad- ... Audiology Information Series [PDF]. What Is Ototoxicity? Certain medications can damage the ear, resulting in hearing loss, ...

  18. Modern Volunteer Army Experiment - 1971


    medical and dental care. The scheduling of classes on the day following night problems. The opportunities for unmarried enlisted men to attend co...fom.d signiJiCiint in the previous acU ;■. is becuuso a; mu tn r.h change had occurred at th« compari^Oj» pastas at. l’i t t Mcm^ln^,, indica that...ami appointments ayatem for medical and dental care. FiVa+ Tour E,Kf«*>«l*^ Toor ..■■ -..:.- 76. The PX closing time. i ^h FiVs^ Tour Ofr

  19. Medicine, meteorology and vital statistics: the influence of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh upon Scottish civil registration, c. 1840-1855.

    Cameron, A


    The Scottish Registration Act of 1854 introduced compulsory civil registration of births, deaths and marriages under the GROS. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh had long campaigned for such legislation, but was dissatisfied with certain sections of the Act. The College possessed strong views on how causes of death ought to be recorded, on the need for a medical Superintendent of Statistics to tabulate and analyse the causes of death for the GROS, on whether or not doctors should be fined for failing to provide certificates of cause of death, and on the importance of including meteorological data in the GROS's reports. Its Fellows accordingly strove to have the new registration measures tailored to their specifications. Drawing upon the College minutes, the GROS archives, and other contemporary sources, this article explains how the College succeeded in influencing some, but not all of these aspects of vital registration in Scotland.

  20. 2009 US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Joint Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise (JALBTCX) Topobathy Lidar: Isle Royale, Michigan

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These files contain topographic and bathymetric lidar data collected by the Compact Hydrographic Airborne Rapid Total Survey (CHARTS) system along the coastline of...

  1. Army Hearing Program Talking Points Calendar Year 2015


    clinically significant hearing loss: 4% Active Duty 8% Army National Guard 7% Army Reserve 2% of Soldiers have a hearing loss that requires a...Guard (ARNG) Data % Require Fit-for-Duty Evaluation 2.5% 6,000 / 241,256 Army Reserve (USAR) Data % Require Fit-for-Duty Evaluation 2.4% 3,117...STATISTICS FOR CY15 25% of Soldiers have some degree of hearing loss: 21% Active Duty 27% Army National Guard 28% Army Reserve 6% of Soldiers have a

  2. 2013 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Main Findings


    the Leadership Requirements Model and Leader Effectiveness Implicit leadership theory (Eden & Leviatan , 1975; Yukl, 2002) indicates followers...D.C.: Headquarters, Department of the Army. Eden, D. & Leviatan , U. (1975). Implicit leadership theory as a determinant of the factor structure

  3. Factors predicting health behaviors among Army Reserve, active duty Army, and civilian hospital employees.

    Wynd, Christine A; Ryan-Wenger, Nancy A


    This study identified health-risk and health-promoting behaviors in military and civilian personnel employed in hospitals. Intrinsic self-motivation and extrinsic organizational workplace factors were examined as predictors of health behaviors. Because reservists represent a blend of military and civilian lifestyles, descriptive analyses focused on comparing Army Reserve personnel (n = 199) with active duty Army (n = 218) and civilian employees (n = 193), for a total sample of 610. Self-motivation and social support were significant factors contributing to the adoption of health-promoting behaviors; however, organizational workplace cultures were inconsistent predictors of health among the three groups. Only the active Army subgroup identified a hierarchical culture as having an influence on health promotion, possibly because of the Army's mandatory physical fitness and weight control standards. Social support and self-motivation are essential to promoting health among employees, thus hospital commanders and chief executive officers should encourage strategies that enhance and reward these behaviors.

  4. Behavioral Sciences in a Changing Army: Proceedings of Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Behavioral Sciences Seminar, 19-23 March 1979 held at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Aurora, Colorado,


    Groups who were already struggling with identity problems were abso- lutely paranoid about the potential for identity diffusion and perceived loss of...La icir ot’( rosy- .,tl ( b) ’I ht Pr- . IW at r’ 1 : CII:iPatsn-.I t o fV I ccI iiIE-d,".’al 1 I i W b.,I . +(2d ao I-vi IvI. I ind o -e] i Cah b...respect to deploy- ability.Itswthttraens e. It is more euitable with respect to gender treatments. 2. Provide abortion on demand for all personnel

  5. The Economics of Air Force Medical Service Readiness


    Andi Vinyard Col Arnyce Pock Denise Comfort Air Force Medical Operating Agency, Arlington, Virginia Col JoAnne McPherson Lt Col Brenda Hanes Maj Shawn...Patrick Wesley (and staff) Office of the Army Surgeon General Col Daryl Spencer Herb Coley Ramona Bacon 59th Medical Wing, Lackland AFB, Texas Maj Gen

  6. Building A Better Force: Regular Army / Reserve Components Integration In The Army Chemical Corps


    capabilities. Today, these changes detract from the Army Chemical Corps’ ability to provide the required capabilities to the joint force commander to execute...structural changes , including the creation of the US Army Reserve Command (USARC) and elevation of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau (NGB) to a...will enhance the CBRN force’s capabilities, evolving threats, changes in operational requirements , and equipment modernization continue to energize

  7. Evaluating Mobile Device Ownership and Usage in the U.S. Army: Implications for Army Training


    Mercado University of Central Florida Randall D. Spain U.S. Army Research Institute July 2014 United States Army...NUMBER 633007 6. AUTHOR(S) Joseph E. Mercado ; Randall D. Spain 5c. PROJECT NUMBER A792 5d. TASK NUMBER 5e...13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES Subject Matter POC and Subject Matter Expert: Joseph E. Mercado 14. ABSTRACT (Maximum 200 words): As the U.S

  8. The Army’s Institutional Values: Current Doctrine and the Army’s Values Training Strategy


    called Generation X, and the generation after that is being referred to as the Millennials . The current demographic makeup of the Army includes members...Fraternization, Code of Conduct Training, Character Development, Law of War, Military Ethics, Suicide Prevention, Army Family Advocacy, Alcohol and Drug...explains that by introducing height and weight 112 standards, raising PT standards, emphasizing training and education, and deglamorizing alcohol

  9. Army Strong: Equipped, Trained and Ready. Final Report of the 2010 Army Acquisition Review


    Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Department of the Army Price, Lee, Brigadier General, U.S. Army, PEO, Command Control Communications-Tactical...based on QDRs or future forecasts. Task Force ODIN was a successful rapid acquisition. It delivered a counter-Improvised Explosive Device ( build • Deliver 6 Lots of 250 a/c • IOTE using five AB3 aircraft in Mar 2012 • FRP decision planned for Jul 2012 • Development will continue

  10. Typology of Army Families. Coping Styles of Successful, Career Army Families


    22% Individuals ( Trainees , holdees, etc.) 101,000 13% The Army has approximately 100 different job titles, called Military Occupational trainee program. He received his draft notice, and he enlisted in the Army under the College/Officer C-ndidate School (OCS) program. His...not really like it there. TPhe neighbor s were, not very friendly, bu~t Betty has been trying to organize a block Clb I h U elt that she as gained o

  11. Army Science Board Ad Hoc Sub-Group Report on Energy Needs of the Army,


    and solar. The goal for the year 2000 is to reduce the use of natural petroleum by 75 percent and to replace natural gas with synthetic gas ( syngas ...example, one * goal states that (by 2000) syngas will replace natural gas. The Army has therefore programed efforts to Implement syngas tech- nologies at...the reactor would run at full capacity to make up for shortages and to allow the Army to meet expanded needs. The AHSG notes that such systems resolve

  12. Estimating active Army and Army Reserve competition for high quality recruits with other military services

    Demyanovich, James M.


    The analysis concentrated primarily on the recruiting of high quality recruits for the period FY 1987 through 2d Quarter FY 1995. The U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) data used contained sufficiently accurate figures on Active Army and Army Reserve accessions. The data appears to represent a relatively accurate historical record of the number of non prior service enlistments into the Military Services, with the exception of the Air National Guard and Ai...

  13. 2014 Center for Army Leadership Annual Survey of Army Leadership (CASAL): Military Leader Findings


    of representativeness across the Army. The respondent sample closely approximated the population of the Army in distribution of component and gender Europe 25 (56%), while the smallest percentages of high morale are reported in Korea (48%). Low morale is reported by 19% and 21% of...standards are types of behaviors that hinder trust by creating climates of perceived inequality . As expected, the display of favoritism is negatively

  14. Design of the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS).

    Kessler, Ronald C; Colpe, Lisa J; Fullerton, Carol S; Gebler, Nancy; Naifeh, James A; Nock, Matthew K; Sampson, Nancy A; Schoenbaum, Michael; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Stein, Murray B; Ursano, Robert J; Heeringa, Steven G


    The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS) is a multi-component epidemiological and neurobiological study designed to generate actionable evidence-based recommendations to reduce US Army suicides and increase basic knowledge about the determinants of suicidality. This report presents an overview of the designs of the six components of the Army STARRS. These include: an integrated analysis of the Historical Administrative Data Study (HADS) designed to provide data on significant administrative predictors of suicides among the more than 1.6 million soldiers on active duty in 2004-2009; retrospective case-control studies of suicide attempts and fatalities; separate large-scale cross-sectional studies of new soldiers (i.e. those just beginning Basic Combat Training [BCT], who completed self-administered questionnaires [SAQs] and neurocognitive tests and provided blood samples) and soldiers exclusive of those in BCT (who completed SAQs); a pre-post deployment study of soldiers in three Brigade Combat Teams about to deploy to Afghanistan (who completed SAQs and provided blood samples) followed multiple times after returning from deployment; and a platform for following up Army STARRS participants who have returned to civilian life. Department of Defense/Army administrative data records are linked with SAQ data to examine prospective associations between self-reports and subsequent suicidality. The presentation closes with a discussion of the methodological advantages of cross-component coordination.

  15. Field procedures in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS).

    Heeringa, Steven G; Gebler, Nancy; Colpe, Lisa J; Fullerton, Carol S; Hwang, Irving; Kessler, Ronald C; Naifeh, James A; Nock, Matthew K; Sampson, Nancy A; Schoenbaum, Michael; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Stein, Murray B; Ursano, Robert J


    The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS) is a multi-component epidemiological and neurobiological study of unprecedented size and complexity designed to generate actionable evidence-based recommendations to reduce US Army suicides and increase basic knowledge about determinants of suicidality by carrying out coordinated component studies. A number of major logistical challenges were faced in implementing these studies. The current report presents an overview of the approaches taken to meet these challenges, with a special focus on the field procedures used to implement the component studies. As detailed in the paper, these challenges were addressed at the onset of the initiative by establishing an Executive Committee, a Data Coordination Center (the Survey Research Center [SRC] at the University of Michigan), and study-specific design and analysis teams that worked with staff on instrumentation and field procedures. SRC staff, in turn, worked with the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (ODUSA) and local Army Points of Contact (POCs) to address logistical issues and facilitate data collection. These structures, coupled with careful fieldworker training, supervision, and piloting, contributed to the major Army STARRS data collection efforts having higher response rates than previous large-scale studies of comparable military samples.

  16. Distance Education Findings for Army Applications


    operated by the U.S. Army Logistics Management College at Ft. Lee, VA was studied. The SEN student examination scores did not significantly differ...Baccalaureate Nursing Program Bollinger, M., Danon , N., Maddox, K., University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire School of Nursing Teaching approaches incorporated

  17. 32 CFR 651.5 - Army policies.


    ... statements specifying that they have no financial or other interest in the outcome of the project. The..., or any protected natural or ecological resources of global importance. (g) Army NEPA documentation.../statement and also avoid extensive, time-consuming, and costly analyses or revisions. Project proponents...

  18. The Army’s Local Economic Effects


    available to the general public. 6 U.S. Army Environmental Command, 2014. 7 James Hosek, Aviva Litovitz, and Adam C. Resnick , How Much Does Military Spending...Hosek, James, Aviva Litovitz, and Adam C. Resnick , How Much Does Military Spending Add to Hawaii’s Economy? Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND Corporation, TR

  19. Dental Therapy Assistant: Attitudes of Army Dentists.

    Heid, Theodore H.; Bair, Jeffrey H.

    The U. S. Army Dental Corps has implemented a formal program based on the concept that dental care can be more efficiently and effectively provided with treatment teams composed of one dental officer, two dental therapy assistants, one basic assistant, and the shared support of other auxiliary personnel. Such a team will use three dental treatment…

  20. Army Information Operations Officer Needs Analysis Report


    helping with formatting the final report iv ARMY INFORMATION OPERATIONS OFFICER NEEDS ANALYSIS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Research...time.” One IO officer suggested the IPO try to get a access the database that has all the old APA reports archived as a way to look at assessment

  1. Army Reserve (AR) Educational Assistance (EA) Study


    NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) US Army TRADOC Analysis Center Ft. Lee, VA 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER 9. SPONSORING/ MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S...Programs REAP: Reserve Education Assistance Program; MGIB-SR: Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve; SRK: Selected Reserve Kicker ; OFF: Officer; EM

  2. Army Reserve Accessions and Retention Analysis


    S) AND ADDRESS(ES) US Army TRADOC Analysis Center Ft. Lee, VA 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER 9. SPONSORING/ MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND...incentives, TRICARE, and TSP matching funds as opposed to large bonuses. – Provide small kickers to critical MOSs. 10 June 2008 29ARARA Brief to MORSS

  3. Le programme « baconien » des chimistes de la Royal Society

    Luc Peterschmitt


    Full Text Available La réception de la philosophie naturelle de Bacon est une réception tronquée, y compris et surtout chez ceux qui se disent baconiens, en particulier à la Royal Society. Nous expliquons ce décalage, en montrant la fonction de la référence à Bacon, à propos de la chimie : même s’il n’est pas authentique, le baconisme de la Royal Society libère un espace théorique pour la chimie, puisqu’il interdit tout a priori portant sur ce que l’on peut admettre au titre de principe de l’explication. Certes, les recherches causales sont des « hypothèses », mais sous couvert d’une précaution parfois rhétorique, elles sont réelles. Mais cela signifie essentiellement, pour les chimistes, que malgré le discours de rupture de la Royal Society, qui se veut fondatrice d’une nouvelle science, ils peuvent s’inscrire dans la continuité de la chimie du 17e siècle. Loin que cela signifie que les chimistes de la Royal Society soient rétrogrades, nous voyons là un signe de la modernité de la chimie. Et si finalement elle s’arrange facilement de la référence à Bacon, c’est peut-être aussi que c’est le genre de science que Bacon a en vue pour sa Grande Restauration.The reception of Bacon’s natural philosophy is paradoxical : it seems that even the “baconists” did not really read or understand Bacon’s works. I try to explain that discrepancy between Bacon’s thought and his epigones by studying the role of the reference to Bacon, as far as chemistry is concerned. In fact, such a baconism, even if it is not genuine, allows chemistry to use its proper principles, since it forbids to decide which are the true principles before the study of natural phenomena. Certainly, discourses about causes are “hypotheses”; but sometimes such a designation is only rhetorical. That signifies that, in spite of the claimed clash which past, the chemists of the Royal Society worked in the directions drawn by the “old” chemistry

  4. ‘Giving the dope’: Australian Army Nurse Anaesthetists during World War I

    Dr. Kirsty Harris


    Full Text Available More than 2500 trained Australian army nurses served overseas during World War I. Many were called upon to act outside their normal nursing practice and one new area was that of anaesthetics. Due to a lack of medical officers in the latter part of the war, a number of Australian theatre sisters trained and worked as nurse anaesthetists in Casualty Clearing Stations in France. The British Army provided three months’ training for Australian, British and New Zealand nurses in the use of chloroform and ether. Australian nurses were enthusiastic volunteers as trained nurses at home had already carved out a small but unofficial place for the profession in this role. In addition, Canadian and American army and civil nurses were already trained and used as nurse anaesthetists. While nurses were successfully used without recorded incident, at the end of the first training course, the Director General of Medical Services, Australian Imperial Force, decreed that the nurses would not be further trained or used. This was out of step with the other countries participating, and this paper examines some possible reasons for the change of heart.

  5. Mercury toxicity in livers of northern pike (Esox lucius) from Isle Royale, USA.

    Drevnick, Paul E; Roberts, Aaron P; Otter, Ryan R; Hammerschmidt, Chad R; Klaper, Rebecca; Oris, James T


    Many laboratory studies have documented that mercury can be toxic to fish, but it is largely unknown if mercury is toxic to fish in their natural environments. The objective of our study was to investigate the toxic effects of mercury on northern pike (Esox lucius) at Isle Royale, Michigan. In 124 northern pike from eight inland lakes, concentrations of total mercury in skin-on fillets ranged from 0.069 to 0.622 microg/g wet mass (wet wt). Concentrations of total mercury in livers increased exponentially compared with concentrations in fillets, to a maximum of 3.1 microg/g wet wt. Methylmercury constituted a majority of the mercury in livers with total mercury concentrations 0.5 microg/g wet wt. Liver color (absorbance at 400 nm) varied among northern pike and was positively related to liver total mercury concentration. The pigment causing variation in liver color was identified as lipofuscin, which results from lipid peroxidation of membranous organelles. An analysis of covariance revealed lipofuscin accumulation was primarily associated with mercury exposure, and this association obscured any normal accumulation from aging. We also documented decreased lipid reserves in livers and poor condition factors of northern pike with high liver total mercury concentrations. Our results suggest (i) northern pike at Isle Royale are experiencing toxicity at concentrations of total mercury common for northern pike and other piscivorous fish elsewhere in North America and (ii) liver color may be useful for indicating mercury exposure and effects in northern pike at Isle Royale and possibly other aquatic ecosystems and other fish species.

  6. Intraocular lens confusions: a preventable "never event" - The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital protocol.

    Zamir, Ehud; Beresova-Creese, Katarina; Miln, Linda


    Intraocular lens (IOL) confusions and errors are among the most common postoperative adverse events. Errors may occur at any stage from the decision to operate to the insertion of the IOL. The most common errors occur during IOL selection pre-operative preparation (anaesthesia given before recognition that the intended IOL is not available), or intraoperatively (wrong IOL implanted because of confusion in the operating room). We review the mechanisms of errors reported in the literature and describe the experience at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. We also describe the implementation of an error-detection protocol and provide qualitative data on its performance.

  7. RICH – A new AMS facility at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels, Belgium

    Boudin, Mathieu; Van Strydonck, Mark; Brande, Tess van den [Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Jubelpark 1, 1000 Brussels (Belgium); Synal, Hans-Arno; Wacker, Luckas [Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics, ETH Zurich, 8093 Zurich (Switzerland)


    Since 1989 the radiocarbon dating lab has their own graphitization system for {sup 14}C AMS dating but RICH (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage) did not possess their own AMS and measurements were carried out in collaboration with other AMS facilities. In April 2013 the Micadas (Mini Carbon Dating System) AMS was installed at RICH in Brussels and after 1.5 year operation the high stability and performance of the Micadas can be demonstrated by repeated analyses of primary standard OXA II and secondary standards. Results of unknown samples measured on the RICH–Micadas and on other AMS systems are in good agreement.

  8. Fossilized nuclei and chromosomes reveal 180 million years of genomic stasis in royal ferns.

    Bomfleur, Benjamin; McLoughlin, Stephen; Vajda, Vivi


    Rapidly permineralized fossils can provide exceptional insights into the evolution of life over geological time. Here, we present an exquisitely preserved, calcified stem of a royal fern (Osmundaceae) from Early Jurassic lahar deposits of Sweden in which authigenic mineral precipitation from hydrothermal brines occurred so rapidly that it preserved cytoplasm, cytosol granules, nuclei, and even chromosomes in various stages of cell division. Morphometric parameters of interphase nuclei match those of extant Osmundaceae, indicating that the genome size of these reputed "living fossils" has remained unchanged over at least 180 million years-a paramount example of evolutionary stasis.

  9. Readability and the Production of Instructional Text in the Royal Navy,


    images became blurred. A finding of particular irrpor- tance for the Royal Navy was by Brand et al [6]. They found that the actual movemnt or rotion of a...Science, 3, 23-29 (1950). 6. BRAND , 3.3., COLQUOHOUN, W.P., GOULD, A.A., & PERRY, W.L.M., L - hyoscine and cyclizine as motion sickness remedies, British...Organisation 3. Headings 4. Typography 5. Clarity of words 6. Questions 7. Clarity of structure 8. Complex material 9. Illustrations 10. Colour 11

  10. The Observers Observed: Charles Dickens at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in 1850

    Chapman, A.


    In 1850 the magazine Household Words, which Charles Dickens edited, published three articles describing the instruments and workings of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. These 'popular' articles are invaluable primary sources for the historian of astronomy. They convey some of the Victorian public's fascination with an Institution believed by some to be a lighthouse for night-time shipping on the river Thames; by others, a national repository of 'divining rods' and 'magic mirrors'. Dickens was clearly impressed by the pragmatic usefulness of the Observatory to a commercial and maritime nation, and by seemingly magical, self-acting and recording instruments whereby the wind wrote its own 'Aeolian Autobiography'.

  11. Vice President Wang Jie Met with Vice President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Fan Yingjie


    @@ Prof.Wang Jie,NSFC Vice President,met with Prof.Tariq Durrani,Vice President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh,on May 21,2008.They held talks on issues concerning bilateral workshops and joint projects to be funded in 2009,and agreed upon the areas to launch the joint call for proposals,as well as deadlines for proposal submission and approval.Prof.Zhang Wei,Deputy Director General of the Department of Management Science,and other NSFC staff attended the meeting.

  12. Can GPs working in secure environments in England re-license using the Royal College of General Practitioners revalidation proposals?

    Coomber Jane


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Revalidation for UK doctors is expected to be introduced from late 2012. For general practitioners (GPs, this entails collecting supporting information to be submitted and assessed in a revalidation portfolio every five years. The aim of this study was to explore the feasibility of GPs working in secure environments to collect supporting information for the Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP proposed revalidation portfolio. Methods We invited GPs working in secure environments in England to submit items of supporting information collected during the previous 12 months using criteria and standards required for the proposed RCGP revalidation portfolio and complete a GP issues log. Initial focus groups and initial and follow-up semi-structured face-to-face and telephone interviews were held to explore GPs’ views of this process. Quantitative and qualitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics and identifying themes respectively. Results Of the 50 GPs who consented to participate in the study, 20 submitted a portfolio. Thirty-eight GPs participated in an initial interview, nine took part in a follow-up interview and 17 completed a GP issues log. GPs reported difficulty in collecting supporting information for valid patient feedback, full-cycle clinical audits and evidence for their extended practice role(s as sessional practitioners in the high population turnover custodial environment. Peripatetic practitioners experienced more difficulty than their institution based counterparts collating this evidence. Conclusions GPs working in secure environments may experience difficulties in collecting the newer types of supporting information for the proposed RCGP revalidation portfolio primarily due to their employment status within a non-medical environment and characteristics of the detainee population. Increased support from secure environment service commissioners and employers will be a prerequisite for

  13. Royal Jelly Prevents Osteoporosis in Rats: Beneficial Effects in Ovariectomy Model and in Bone Tissue Culture Model

    Saburo Hidaka


    Full Text Available Royal jelly (RJ has been used worldwide for many years as medical products, health foods and cosmetics. Since RJ contains testosterone and has steroid hormone-type activities, we hypothesized that it may have beneficial effects on osteoporosis. We used both an ovariectomized rat model and a tissue culture model. Rats were divided into eight groups as follows: sham-operated (Sham, ovariectomized (OVX, OVX given 0.5% (w/w raw RJ, OVX given 2.0% (w/w RJ, OVX given 0.5% (w/w protease-treated RJ (pRJ, OVX given 2.0% (w/w pRJ, OVX given 17β-estradiol and OVX given its vehicle, respectively. The Ovariectomy decreased tibial bone mineral density (BMD by 24%. Administration of 17β-estradiol to OVX rats recovered the tibial BMD decrease by 100%. Administration of 2.0% (w/w RJ and 0.5–2.0% (w/w pRJ to OVX rats recovered it by 85% or more. These results indicate that both RJ and pRJ are almost as effective as 17β-estradiol in preventing the development of bone loss induced by ovariectomy in rats. In tissue culture models, both RJ and pRJ increased calcium contents in femoral-diaphyseal and femoral-metaphyseal tissue cultures obtained from normal male rats. However, in a mouse marrow culture model, they neither inhibited the parathyroid hormone (PTH-induced calcium loss nor affected the formation of osteoclast-like cells induced by PTH in mouse marrow culture system. Therefore, our results suggest that both RJ and pRJ may prevent osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption, but not by directly antagonizing the action of PTH.

  14. 78 FR 22527 - Army Science Board Request for Information on Technology and Core Competencies


    ... Department of the Army Army Science Board Request for Information on Technology and Core Competencies AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ] ACTION: Request for information regarding support to Army Core Competencies... 102-3.140 through 160, the Department of the Army requests information on science and technology...

  15. The Army Family Team Building Program: Facilitating a Transformative Learning Process--An Intrinsic Case Study

    Gall, Joseph A.


    This study sought to understand how the Army Family Team Building program influences self-reliance and self-sufficiency in Army spouses as they integrate into the Army community. The purpose of the Army Family Team Building program is to empower Army spouses with knowledge and skills, which foster well-being and improve quality of life. The…

  16. CME and the role of the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London. Results of a survey of consultant and trainee physicians.

    Kerr, D; Toghill, P; Klär, B


    To assess (a) the views of Members and Fellows of the College on the role of reading general medical journals in continuing medical education (CME); (b) the place of the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London (JRCPL) in relation to seven other general medical journals; (c) the possible need for change in the content of the JRCPL and the demand for a systematic series of articles designed specifically for CME; (d) the extent of home ownership and use of computers and of readers' readiness for interactive teaching and electronic books and journals. Distribution of a questionnaire to all Fellows and Collegiate members of the College, mailed with the JRCPL in May 1995. Responses were received from 2,600 (26.4% home recipients and 8.4% overseas recipients). Journal reading was rated the most important form of CME. All eight journals listed play a part in CME, the three weekly journals playing the most prominent role. There was strong support for the introduction of a series of articles covering topics systematically as part of CME. Seventy-six per cent of respondents own a home computer and 40% of these have either a CD-ROM drive or full multimedia facilities. Most use their computers mainly as word-processors and few have access to the Internet or E-mail.

  17. Relationship Between Stimulated Ethylene Production and Alternative Respiration Pathway in "Royal Gala" Apple Fruit

    LEI Xiaoyong(雷晓勇); TIAN M.S.; HU Xiaosong(胡小松); DAI Yaoren(戴尧仁)


    Endogenous ethylene production and alternative oxidase (AOX) protein expression in "Royal Gala" apple fruits were investigated after treatments with cold (0℃ for 1 week) and heat (38℃ for 1 h).A monoclonal antibody to the terminal oxidase of the alternative pathway from Sauromatum guttatum was used to identify the AOX protein in apple fruits.The molecular mass of AOX in "Royal Gala" apple fruits is approximately 38 kDa, similar to those reported in tobacco and tomato.The cold treatment depressed the release of endogenous ethylene production before the climacteric ethylene production and obviously induced the expression of AOX protein expression.The heat treatment had the opposite effects on the ethylene production and AOX protein expression.In addition, the climax of endogenous ethylene production preceded the maximum AOX expression after the cold temperature treatment.It is therefore proposed that in climacteric fruits the production of induced ethylene is not coordinated with the level of AOX protein.

  18. Effect of Major Royal Jelly Proteins on Spatial Memory in Aged Rats: Metabolomics Analysis in Urine.

    Chen, Di; Liu, Fang; Wan, Jian-Bo; Lai, Chao-Qiang; Shen, Li-Rong


    Royal jelly (RJ) produced by worker honeybees is the sole food for the queen bee throughout her life as well as the larvae of worker bees for the first 3 days after hatching. Supplementation of RJ in the diet has been shown to increase spatial memory in rodents. However, the key constituents in RJ responsible for improvement of cognitive function are unknown. Our objective was to determine if the major royal jelly proteins (MRJPs) extracted from RJ can improve the spatial memory of aged rats. The spatial memory assay using the Morris water maze test was administered once to rats after a 14-week feeding. Metabolomics analysis based on quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry was conducted to examine the differences in compounds from urine. Aged male rats fed MRJPs showed improved spatial memory up to 48.5% when compared to the control male aged rats fed distilled water. The metabolite pattern of the MRJPs-fed aged rats was regressed to that of the young rats. Compounds altered by MRJPs were mapped to nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism, cysteine taurine metabolism, and energy metabolism pathways. In summary, MRJPs may improve spatial memory and possess the potential for prevention of cognitive impairment via the cysteine and taurine metabolism and energy metabolism pathways in aged rats.

  19. Molecular genetic analysis on the remains of the Dark Countess: Revisiting the French Royal family.

    Parson, Walther; Berger, Cordula; Sänger, Timo; Lutz-Bonengel, Sabine


    The "Dark Counts" were a mysterious couple that appeared in the Thuringian village Eishausen in 1807. After living in self imposed solitude for 30 years the woman died and was buried under the name Sophia Botta. Her companion, who presented himself as Vavel de Versay, died in 1845 and was later identified as Leonardus Cornelius van der Valck, secretary of the Dutch embassy in Paris. Their lifestyle led to speculations that she was the true princess Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. According to these speculations she was substituted by another young woman on a voyage from Paris to Vienna. Molecular genetic analyses were set out to test the remains attributed to the Dark Countess. Mitochondrial DNA testing brought concordant results determined in two forensic laboratories (Innsbruck, Austria and Freiburg, Germany) on parallel samples of the remains. The results were in exclusion to both, the mitochondrial lineage earlier reported for the French Royal family and the mitochondrial haplotype observed in a living descendant of the Royal family.

  20. Making Kew Observatory: the Royal Society, the British Association and the politics of early Victorian science.

    Macdonald, Lee T


    Built in 1769 as a private observatory for King George III, Kew Observatory was taken over in 1842 by the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS). It was then quickly transformed into what some claimed to be a 'physical observatory' of the sort proposed by John Herschel - an observatory that gathered data in a wide range of physical sciences, including geomagnetism and meteorology, rather than just astronomy. Yet this article argues that the institution which emerged in the 1840s was different in many ways from that envisaged by Herschel. It uses a chronological framework to show how, at every stage, the geophysicist and Royal Artillery officer Edward Sabine manipulated the project towards his own agenda: an independent observatory through which he could control the geomagnetic and meteorological research, including the ongoing 'Magnetic Crusade'. The political machinations surrounding Kew Observatory, within the Royal Society and the BAAS, may help to illuminate the complex politics of science in early Victorian Britain, particularly the role of 'scientific servicemen' such as Sabine. Both the diversity of activities at Kew and the complexity of the observatory's origins make its study important in the context of the growing field of the 'observatory sciences'.