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  1. Romi u Podravini (1880. - 1941.)


    Vojak, Danijel


    Na temelju analize popisa stanovništva, rukopisa u Arhivu za narodni život i običaje, dokumenata Odjela za unutarnje poslove zemaljske vlade istražio sam povijest romske manjine od 1880. do 1941. godine na području Podravine. Analiza je bila usmjerena na istraživanje njihova načina života, zanimanja i običaja te odnosa prema domicilno stanovništvo. Na području Podravine živjelo je nekoliko romskih plemena, najbrojniji su bili Romi Koritari, a uz njih su živjeli Kolompari i Drobni kovači ili J...

  2. ROMI 4.0: Updated Rough Mill Simulator (United States)

    Timo Grueneberg; R. Edward Thomas; Urs. Buehlmann


    In the secondary hardwood industry, rough mills convert hardwood lumber into dimension parts for furniture, cabinets, and other wood products. ROMI 4.0, the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service's ROugh-MIll simulator, is a software package designed to simulate the cut-up of hardwood lumber in rough mills in such a way that a maximum possible component yield...

  3. Performance review of the ROMI-RIP rough mill simulator (United States)

    Edward Thomas; Urs Buehlmann


    The USDA Forest Service's ROMI-RIP version 2.0 (RR2) rough mill rip-first simulation program was validated in a recent study. The validation study found that when RR2 was set to search for optimum yield without considering actual rough mill strip solutions, it produced yields that were as much as 7 percent higher (71.1% versus 64.0%) than the actual rough mill....

  4. ROMY: A 4-component large ring laser for geophysics (United States)

    Igel, H.; Schreiber, K. U.; Gebauer, A.; Wassermann, J. M.; Lin, C. J.; Bernauer, F.; Simonelli, A.; Wells, J. P. R.


    Observatory-based ring lasers are currently the most sensitive technology for measurements of rotational ground motions (seismology) and variations of Earth's rotation rate. Ring laser have so far been limited to single components only (e.g., the horizontal G-ring in Wettzell, Germany, measuring the rotation around a vertical axis). Within the ROMY project ( funded by the European Research Council we designed and constructed the first multi-component ring laser system for geophysics. The 4-component, tetrahedral-shaped, top-down ring laser sits on a connected concrete structure embedded underground 2m below the surface at the Geophysical Observatory Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. The 4 independent equilateral triangular-shaped He-Ne ring lasers with 12 m side length are expected to resolve rotational motions below 12 prad/s/sqrt(Hz). We will report on the design and construction process of this first-of-its-kind ring laser system, with completion expected in August 2016 by which time the optical systems are beginning to be assembled. The four rotational components are combined to the complete 3-component vector of Earth's rotation, perturbed by other geophysical signals such as earthquake induced ground motions, ocean-generated noise, Earth's free oscillations, interactions between atmosphere and solid Earth and other signals. First applications are expected in the field of seismology. We report on future plans to stabilize the ring geometry providing long-term stability for geodetic applications.

  5. ROMI 4.0: Rough mill simulator 4.0 users manual (United States)

    R. Edward Thomas; Timo Grueneberg; Urs. Buehlmann


    The Rough MIll simulator (ROMI Version 4.0) is a computer software package for personal computers (PCs) that simulates current industrial practices for rip-first, chop-first, and rip and chop-first lumber processing. This guide shows how to set up the software; design, implement, and execute simulations; and examine the results. ROMI 4.0 accepts cutting bills with as...

  6. Design and construction of a large 4C ring laser: ROMY (United States)

    Gebauer, André; Schreiber, Ulrich; Igel, Heiner; Hadziioannou, Céline; Donner, Stefanie; Bernauer, Felix; Wassermann, Joachim; Edgorf, Sven; Simonelli, Andrea


    State of the art ring laser technology gives access to measure very small rotation changes in geodesy and geophysics over a wide frequency range. The interferometric observation technique use two counter-propagating laser beam, the Sagnac effect. This yields to the fact that these observation method is entirely insensitive to translational motions. Until beginning this year only one component ring laser observations was available around the vertical axis. The ROMY project will deliver 4 components in space measuring rotations redundancy for geosciences computed into the Cartesian three directions. Followings that ROMY is the first instrument able to measure the full rotation vector. The sensitivity scales with the size of the instrument and ended up in a tetrahedron shape of 12 m side length standing on a tip. A compromise between the involved parameters and the possibility of physical constructing of such a large instrument. The pure hardware construction has needed more than 1.5 years. It is outlined the design, development and construction from scratch up to receiving the proposed observation. Involved are the characterisation and the potential of ROMY now and in future.

  7. ROMY - The First Large 3D Ring Laser Structure for Seismology and Geodesy (United States)

    Schreiber, Karl Ulrich; Igel, Heiner; Wassermann, Joachim; Lin, Chin-Jen; Gebauer, André; Wells, Jon-Paul


    Large ring laser gyroscopes have matured to the point that they can routinely observe rotational motions from geophysical processes that can be used in geodesy and seismology. The ring lasers used for this purpose enclose areas between 16 and 800 square meters and have in common that they can only measure rotations around the vertical axis because the structures are horizontally placed on the floor. With the ROMY project we have embarked on the construction of a full 3-dimensional rotation sensor. The actual apparatus consists of four individual triangular ring lasers arranged in the shape of a tetrahedron with 12 m of length on each side. At each corner of the tetrahedron three of the ring lasers are rigidly tied together to the same mechanical reference. The overall size of the installation provides a promising compromise between sensor stability on one side and sensor resolution on the other side. This talk introduces the technical concept of the ROMY ring laser installation and will also briefly outline the requirements for applications in space geodesy.

  8. Integration and initial operation of the multi-component large ring laser structure ROMY (United States)

    Schreiber, Karl Ulrich; Igel, Heiner; Wassermann, Joachim; Gebauer, André; Simonelli, Andrea; Bernauer, Felix; Donner, Stefanie; Hadziioannou, Celine; Egdorf, Sven; Wells, Jon-Paul


    Rotation sensing for the geosciences requires a high sensor resolution of the order of 10 pico- radians per second or even less. An optical Sagnac interferometer offers this sensitivity, provided that the scale factor can be made very large. We have designed and built a multi- component ring laser system, consisting of 4 individual large ring lasers, each covering an area of more than 62 square m. The rings are orientated in the shape of a tetrahedron, so that all 3 spatial directions are covered, allowing also for some redundancy. We report on the initial operation of the free running gyroscopes in their underground facility in order to establish a performance estimate for the ROMY ring laser structure. Preliminary results suggest that the quantum noise limit is lower than that of the G ring laser.

  9. Ex vivo accuracy of Root ZX II, Root ZX Mini and RomiApex A-15 apex locators in extracted vital pulp teeth. (United States)

    da Silva, Thaís M; Alves, Flávio R F


    The objective of this study was to compare, ex vivo, the accuracy of three electronic apex locators (EALs), Root ZX II, Root ZX Mini and RomiApex A-15, in detecting the apical foramen (AF). Forty extracted single-Rooted human teeth with vital pulp were used in this study. After access preparation, the Root canal length of each tooth was measured by placing a #10 file until the tip was visible at the AF under a stereomicroscope. The teeth were subsequently embedded in an alginate model. In each Root canal, all three EALs were used to determine the working length, which was defined as the zero reading or equivalent. The distance between the file tip and AF was measured to an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Results were analyzed using analysis of variance and the Chi-squared test. Root ZX II, Root ZX Mini and RomiApex A-15 were accurate within 0.5 mm, 62.5, 56.2, 50% of the time. No significant differences were found between the three EALs (p > 0.05). Considering all EALs, the mean distance from the file tip to AF was 4.49 mm. The accuracy of the three EALs evaluated in this study was not statistically significantly different. The 'Apex' or '0.0' marks of the EALs do not indicate the AF itself, but just a position coronal 0.49 mm to the AF. Using a tolerance of ± 0.5 mm from the actual lengths, the ZX II yielded the most acceptable measurements.

  10. Uudiseid füüsikalaborist

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    TLÜ täppisteaduste valdkonnas on viimastel aastatel lisandunud uus uurimissuund: kõrgetemperatuurse plasma ja materjalide vastastikmõju, millega tegeletakse koostöös kolleegidega Varssavist, Prahast ja Moskvast. Uuringute läbi viimiseks ehitati valmis kaasaegne plasmafüüsika laboratoorium. Alates 2005. a. on TLÜ füüsikud kaasatud NATO "Teadus rahu eest" finantseeritavasse projekti. Prof. Romi Mankin selgitab füüsika valdkonna teadussuundi

  11. Uudiseid füüsikalaborist

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    TLÜ täppisteaduste valdkonnas on viimastel aastatel lisandunud uus uurimissuund: kõrgetemperatuurse plasma ja materjalide vastastikmõju, millega tegeletakse koostöös kolleegidega Varssavist, Prahast ja Moskvast. Uuringute läbi viimiseks ehitati valmis kaasaegne plasmafüüsika laboratoorium. Alates 2005. a. on TLÜ füüsikud kaasatud NATO "Teadus rahu eest" finantseeritavasse projekti. Prof. Romi Mankin selgitab füüsika valdkonna teadussuundi

  12. RoMi: Refraction Microtremor Using Rotational Seismometers (United States)

    Clark, B.; Abbott, R. E.; Knox, H. A.; Eimer, M. O.; Hart, D. M.; Skaggs, J.; Denning, J. T.


    We present the results of a shallow shear-wave velocity study that utilized both traditional geophones and a newly developed rotational seismometer (Applied Technology Associates ARS-16). We used Refraction Microtremor (ReMi), a method developed by John N. Louie, during processing to determine both Rayleigh and Love wave dispersion curves using both vertical and horizontal sources. ReMi uses a distance-time (x-t) wavefield transformation technique to image the dispersion curve in slowness-frequency (p-f) space. In the course of the ReMi processing, unwanted P waves are transformed into p-f space. As rotational seismometers are insensitive to P waves, they should prove to be superior sensors for Love wave studies, as those P waves would not interfere with interpretation of the p-f wavefield. Our results show that despite having one-fifth the geophone signal-to-noise ratio in the distance-time wavefield, the ARS-16 produced superior results in the p-f wavefield. Specifically, we found increases of up to 50% in ReMi spectral ratio along the dispersion curve. This implies that as more quiet and sensitive rotational sensors are developed, deploying rotational seismometers instead of traditional sensors will yield significantly better results. This will ultimately improve shallow shear-wave velocity resolution, which is vital for calculating seismic hazard. This data was collected at Sandia National Laboratories' Facility for Analysis, Calibration, and Testing (FACT) located in Albuquerque, NM. Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.

  13. Ökoelu + linnaelu = linnaöko / Romi Hasa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hasa, Romi, 1977-


    Linnainimese ökoelust. Oma muljeid jagavad tervisliku toidu meka Mamo perenaine Margit Hakomaa, Tallinna Ülikoolis koordinaatorina töötav Kadri Sundja, Kadriorus tegutseva NOPi kohviku üks asutaja Margit Aasmäe ja retromööblikeskuse Stuff Import üks asutaja Christer Saaliste

  14. Renessansiaegsed meistritööd - Tallinna rae piltvaibad = Renaissance Masterpieces in Tallinn - Tapestries of the Town Hall Magistracy / Urve Mankin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mankin, Urve


    1547. a. raesaali tellitud seitsmest Enghienis kootud piltvaibast. Kaks seinavaipa (140 x 860 cm, 140 x 830 cm) kujutavad maastiku taustal sündmusi kuningas Saalomoni elust ja tegevusest. Viis vaipa on rikkaliku taimornamendiga, nn verdüürid (laius 110 cm, pikkus 762, 757, 622, 555 ja 420 cm). Raekojas paiknevad praegu raevaipade koopiad

  15. Renessansiaegsed meistritööd - Tallinna rae piltvaibad = Renaissance Masterpieces in Tallinn - Tapestries of the Town Hall Magistracy / Urve Mankin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mankin, Urve


    1547. a. raesaali tellitud seitsmest Enghienis kootud piltvaibast. Kaks seinavaipa (140 x 860 cm, 140 x 830 cm) kujutavad maastiku taustal sündmusi kuningas Saalomoni elust ja tegevusest. Viis vaipa on rikkaliku taimornamendiga, nn verdüürid (laius 110 cm, pikkus 762, 757, 622, 555 ja 420 cm). Raekojas paiknevad praegu raevaipade koopiad

  16. Eesti klipid naerutasid öiseid reklaamiõgijaid / Romi Erlach

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Erlach, Romi, 1977-


    Sakala keskuses toimus reedel 6. korda reklaamiõgijate öö, kus näidati reklaamiklippe Jean Marie Bouriscotþ kogust. Oma arvamust nähtu kohta avaldavad õhtu juht Emil Rutiku, Raul Saaremets ja Ingrid Peek. Publikut lõbustasid 80ndate aastate Eesti reklaamid

  17. Hanna-Liina Võsa ja Ivo Linna laulavad armastatud filmilaule / Romi Erlach

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Erlach, Romi, 1977-


    Ilmus eesti filmimuusika plaat "Siin me oleme", millel laulavad Ivo Linna ja Hanna-Liina Võsa Politseiorkestri ja Kuningliku kvinteti saatel. Vestlevad Hanna-Liina Võsa, Ivo Linna ja koostaja Tõnis Kõrvits

  18. Philip Glass : "Koyaanisqatsi" muutub üha aktuaalsemaks / Philip Glass ; interv. Romi Erlach

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Glass, Philip, 1937-


    Philip Glass ja tema ansambel esitavad 2. detsembril PÖFFil oma filmimuusika Godfrey Reggio filmile "Koyaanisqatsi" selle linastusel Tallinna linnahallis. Helilooja räägib oma muusikast, ka Arvo Pärdist

  19. ROMI 3.1 Least-cost lumber grade mix solver using open source statistical software (United States)

    Rebecca A. Buck; Urs Buehlmann; R. Edward. Thomas


    The least-cost lumber grade mix solution has been a topic of interest to both industry and academia for many years due to its potential to help wood processing operations reduce costs. A least-cost lumber grade mix solver is a rough mill decision support system that describes the lumber grade or grade mix needed to minimize raw material or total production cost (raw...

  20. Eestlased ja britid teevad kuue peale tund aega filmi / Romi Erlach

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Erlach, Romi, 1977-


    Homme saabuvad Tallinna 3 briti režissööri, kes osalevad koos eesti filmitegijate Marko Raadi, Andri Luubi ja Hendrik Toompere jun-ga lühimängufilmide koostööprojektis "Tyne-Tallinn Digital Challenge"

  1. Philip Glass : "Koyaanisqatsi" muutub üha aktuaalsemaks / Philip Glass ; interv. Romi Erlach

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Glass, Philip, 1937-


    Philip Glass ja tema ansambel esitavad 2. detsembril PÖFFil oma filmimuusika Godfrey Reggio filmile "Koyaanisqatsi" selle linastusel Tallinna linnahallis. Helilooja räägib oma muusikast, ka Arvo Pärdist

  2. A new metal exchanged zeolite for a present environmental problem. An in-situ XAS study (United States)

    Alonso-Escobar, C.; Franch-Martí, C.; Palomares, A. E.; Rey, F.; Guilera, G.


    The medium pore zeolite, TNU-9, is prepared and studied for the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO using C3H8 as the reducing agent. The catalytic activity of TNU-9 zeolites for the SCR is comparable to other known highly active zeolites but with the advantage of TNU-9 of having almost the same catalytic performance in the presence of H2O during reaction. The nature and behaviour of Cu and Co active sites contained in the TNU-9 catalysts have been studied under operation conditions using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) to understand the key parameters controlling the performance of this reaction.1 It was found that the well dispersed Cu and Co centres need to be in a mixed valence state to obtain good catalytic results for the SCR and that the catalytic performance is related to the topology of the TNU-9 itself.

  3. Wooing the Dark Continent: U.S. and China Engagement Strategy in Africa, is it Complimentary or Competition (United States)


    Sidirpoulous, with Nastasya Tay and Romy Chevallier, China in Africa in the 21st Century: Preparing for the Forum on China Africa Cooperation, (accessed 25 February 2008). 60 Sidirpoulous, Elizabeth with Nastasya Tay, and Romy Chevallier. China in Africa in the 21st Century

  4. An Army Transformed: The U.S. Army’s Post-Vietnam Recovery and the Dynamics of Change in Military Organizations (United States)


    William E. DePuy, oral history interview with Colonels Romie L. Brownlee and Wil- liam J. Mullen III, 1979, conducted under the auspices of the U.S. 110. William E. DePuy, oral history interview with Colonels Romie L. Brownlee and William J. Mullen III, 1979

  5. Arhitektuurikirjanduse huvilistele

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Arhitektuurimuuseumi raamatukogus saab kasutada arhitektuuribibliograafia CD-ROMi Avery Indexit. Valmib Getty uurimisinstituudi ja Columbia ülikooli Avery raamatukogu väljaandena, sisaldab ka ligi 60 kirjet märksõnaga "Eesti".

  6. Holistic concept of marketing performance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu.V. Robul


    Full Text Available The scope of the article is to provide a critical analysis of ROMI as a metric of marketing performance, and to propose a more comprehensive construct of marketing efficiency, which considers a holistic nature of the concept of modern marketing. It is argued that ROMI be crucial insufficient as a marketing performanceindicator. In the holistic framework, a complex set of marketing performance metrics to be developed is outlined.

  7. Holistic concept of marketing performance


    Yu.V. Robul


    The scope of the article is to provide a critical analysis of ROMI as a metric of marketing performance, and to propose a more comprehensive construct of marketing efficiency, which considers a holistic nature of the concept of modern marketing. It is argued that ROMI be crucial insufficient as a marketing performanceindicator. In the holistic framework, a complex set of marketing performance metrics to be developed is outlined.

  8. Development of Intra-Articular Drug Delivery to Alter Progression of Arthritis Following Joint Injury (United States)


    assessment using modified Mankin total joint score and representative MicroCT and Safranin -O/Fast Green stained sections. Modified Mankin total joint...values and 25th-75th quartile range displayed (n=6-8 per group). (C) Representative histological pictures with MicroCT (blue) and Safranin -O/Fast Green

  9. US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, PROPYLENE OXIDE, 12/21 ... (United States)


    ... lit filii. I ,iaun atil t.. tnu .. IfICI il c..,ltl, lint". fl ttt.fIiUIt IiIt .. r uhti. is C..,ll1l. ttci fllilU" riu -.t .. _uni Hi I'" t. cnlaU lea t .. ZI ttl ,lI9fl_ iii" iari ... If 1 .. tbl II ... ...

  10. Standard and rapid scan infrared spectroscopic studies of o-xylene transformations in terms of pore arrangement of 10-ring zeolites - 2D COS analysis. (United States)

    Gołąbek, Kinga; Tarach, Karolina A; Góra-Marek, Kinga


    This study attempts to offer an insight into o-xylene isomerization process in terms of steric constraints of 10-ring zeolites. The zeolites under investigation, i.e. ZSM-5, IM-5 and TNU-9, have purely microporous structures and crystals with the same shape and offer comparable protonic functionality, both in manner of amount and strength of Si(OH)Al groups. Under these conditions, micropore topology is recognised to deliver differentiated catalytic performance of each zeolitic structure. Moreover, 10-ring zeolites of reduced dimensionality, i.e. TNU-10 and ZSM-22, are chosen as reference materials. The 2D COS analysis of IR spectra reveal that interaction and catalytic activity in o-xylene isomerization process are strongly influenced by diffusion of reagents in rigid microporous environment and the formation of intermediate species is characterised by IR bands at 1485 and 1455 cm(-1). With a prolonged time of the reaction (15 min), the formation of the latter species is observed for zeolite IM-5 characterised by limited 3-dimensionality. Rapid scan experiments show that in a shorter reaction time (4 min), these intermediate moieties are present for all the structure studied. The intermediate species are believed to originate from arenium ions such as methylbenzenium CH3-C6H5(+)-CH3 and/or methyl-substituted cycloheptatrienyl ions CH3-C7H7(+). Their amount is strictly related to the rigidity of the microporous system: the most spacious environment for o-xylene transformation, e.g. TNU-9, is characterised by the lowest population of intermediates, whereas structures offering sufficiently tight geometry, e.g. TNU-10, can accommodate intermediate species in higher quantities, finally leading to the production of p-xylene with high selectivity.

  11. Catalytic transformation of methyl benzenes over zeolite catalysts

    KAUST Repository

    Al-Khattaf, S.


    Catalytic transformation of three methyl benzenes (toluene, m-xylene, and 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene) has been investigated over ZSM-5, TNU-9, mordenite and SSZ-33 catalysts in a novel riser simulator at different operating conditions. Catalytic experiments were carried out in the temperature range of 300-400 °C to understand the transformation of these alkyl benzenes over large pore (mordenite and SSZ-33) in contrast to medium-pore (ZSM-5 and TNU-9) zeolite-based catalysts. The effect of reaction conditions on the isomerization to disproportionation product ratio, distribution of trimethylbenzene (TMB) isomers, and p-xylene/o-xylene ratios are reported. The sequence of reactivity of the three alkyl benzenes depends upon the pore structure of zeolites. The zeolite structure controls primarily the diffusion of reactants and products while the acidity of these zeolites is of a secondary importance. In the case of medium pore zeolites, the order of conversion was m-xylene > 1,2,4-TMB > toluene. Over large pore zeolites the order of reactivity was 1,2,4-TMB > m-xylene > toluene for SSZ-33 catalyst, and m-xylene ∼ 1,2,4-TMB > toluene over mordenite. Significant effect of pore size between ZSM-5 and TNU-9 was observed; although TNU-9 is also 3D 10-ring channel system, its slightly larger pores compared with ZSM-5 provide sufficient reaction space to behave like large-pore zeolites in transformation of aromatic hydrocarbons. We have also carried out kinetic studies for these reactions and activation energies for all three reactants over all zeolite catalysts under study have been calculated. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

  12. Hypersonic Transition Along Curved Surfaces in the Presence of Vortices and Their Control by Using Microtextured Surfaces (United States)


    Purvish P. Patel, Evan P. Ferrell, Raymond E. Meyer, Lei Chang, David H. Wilson, David R. Fournier, and David C. Duffy, “Isolation and detection of...18), pp. 4732–4739 (2003). [181] Romy Kirby, Eun Jeong Cho, Brian Gehrke, Travis Bayer , Yoon Sok Park, Dean P. Neikirk, John T. McDevitt, and Andrew D

  13. Literacy in the Modern World. (United States)

    Hall, Geoff


    Reviews the following books: "The Politics of Writing," (Romy Clark, Roz Ivanic); "Literacy in Society," (Ruqaiya Hasan, Geoff Williams); "Text, Role, and Context: Developing Academic Literacies" (Ann M. Johns); "Changing Literacies" by (Colin Lankshear with James Paul Gee, Michele Knobel, Chris Searle); and…

  14. Charlie Chaplin in Deutschland 1915–1924. Der Tramp kommt ins Kino. von Norbert Aping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Günter Krenn


    Full Text Available Norbert Aping legt ein weiteres, detailreiches Buch über Charlie Chaplin vor. Der renommierte Filmhistoriker und Romy-Schneider-Biograf Günter Krenn hat den Band für die MEDIENIMPULSE rezensiert und führt so ein wichtiges Stück Filmgeschichte vor Augen.

  15. Position of the prosthesis and the incidence of dislocation following total hip replacement

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HE Rong-xin; YAN Shi-gui; WU Li-dong; WANG Xiang-hua; DAI Xue-song


    Background Dislocation is the second most common complication of hip replacement surgery, and impact of the prosthesis is believed to be the fundamental reason. The present study employed Solidworks 2003 and MSC-Nastran software to analyze the three dimensional variables in order to investigate how to prevent dislocation following hip replacement surgery.Methods Computed tomography (CT) imaging was used to collect femoral outline data and Solidworks 2003 software was used to construct the cup model with variabilities. Nastran software was used to evaluate dislocation at different prosthesis positions and different geometrical shapes. Three dimensional movement and results from finite element method were analyzed and the values of dislocation resistance index (DRI), range of motion to impingement (ROM-I),range of motion to dislocation (ROM-D) and peak resisting moment (PRM) were determined. Computer simulation was used to evaluate the range of motion of the hip joint at different prosthesis positions.Results Finite element analysis showed: (1) Increasing the ratio of head/neck increased the ROM-I values and moderately increased ROM-D and PRM values. Increasing the head size significantly increased PRM and to some extent ROM-I and ROM-D values, which suggested that there would be a greater likelihood of dislocation. (2) Increasing the anteversion angle increased the ROM-I, ROM-D, PRM, energy required for dislocation (ENERGY-D) and DRI values,which would increase the stability of the joint. (3) As the chamber angle was increased, ROM-I, ROM-D, PRM, Energy-D and DRI values were increased, resulting in improved joint stability. Chamber angles exceeding 55(°-) resulted in increases in ROM-I and ROM-D values, but decreases in PRM, Energy-D, and DRI values, which, in turn, increased the likelihood of dislocation. (4) The cup, which was reduced posteriorly, reduced ROM-I values (2.1-5.3(°-)) and increased the DRI value (0.073). This suggested that the posterior high side

  16. Quantitative proteomics reveals regulatory differences in the chondrocyte secretome from human medial and lateral femoral condyles in osteoarthritic patients. (United States)

    Stenberg, Johan; Rüetschi, Ulla; Skiöldebrand, Eva; Kärrholm, Johan; Lindahl, Anders


    Osteoarthritis (OA) is a destructive joint disease and there are no known biomarkers available for an early diagnosis. To identify potential disease biomarkers and gain further insight into the disease mechanisms of OA we applied quantitative proteomics with SILAC technology on the secretomes from chondrocytes of OA knees, designated as high Mankin (HM) scored secretome. A quantitative comparison was made between the secretomes of the medial and lateral femur condyle chondrocytes in the same knee since the medial femur condyle is usually more affected in OA than the lateral condyle, which was confirmed by Mankin scoring. The medial/lateral comparison was also made on the secretomes from chondrocytes taken from one individual with no clinically apparent joint-disease, designated as low Mankin (LM) scored secretome. We identified 825 proteins in the HM secretome and 69 of these showed differential expression when comparing the medial and lateral femoral compartment. The LM scored femoral condyle showed early signs of OA in the medial compartment as assessed by Mankin score. We here report the identification and relative quantification of several proteins of interest for the OA disease mechanism e.g. CYTL1, DMD and STAB1 together with putative early disease markers e.g. TIMP1, PPP2CA and B2M. The present study reveals differences in protein abundance between medial/lateral femur condyles in OA patients. These regulatory differences expand the knowledge regarding OA disease markers and mechanisms.

  17. Portable Body Temperature Conditioner (United States)


    4 Gantt Chart ...Hyperthermia, Circulating Water-blanket, Trauma, Military, Thermal Mankin OVERALL PROJECT SUMMARY: Gantt Chart (Outlining current progress and...current schedule of proposed project) [ Gantt chart . Green when task is completed. Light green for task that is on schedule and active. Yellow when it

  18. Validity of gradient-echo three-dimensional delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of hip joint cartilage: A histologically controlled study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zilkens, Christoph, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Miese, Falk, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Herten, Monika, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Kurzidem, Sabine, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Jäger, Marcus [Univ Essen, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, D-45147 Essen (Germany); König, Dietmar, E-mail: [LVR Clinic for Orthopedic Surgery, D-41749 Viersen (Germany); Antoch, Gerald, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Krauspe, Rüdiger, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany); Bittersohl, Bernd, E-mail: [Univ Dusseldorf, Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Moorenstraße 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf (Germany)


    Objective: To validate gradient-echo three-dimensional (3D) delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of cartilage (dGEMRIC) by means of histological analyses in the assessment of hip joint cartilage. Materials and methods: Twenty-one femoral head specimens collected from 21 patients (7 males, 14 females, mean age: 60.9 ± 9.6 years; range: 37.6–77.3 years), who underwent total hip replacement for symptomatic hip joint osteoarthritis, underwent MRI and histological assessment. A region of 2 cm{sup 2} at the weight-bearing area was marked with four pins to enable multi-planar MRI reformatting to be matched with histological sections. MRI was performed at 3 T with a 3D double-echo steady-state (DESS) sequence for morphological cartilage assessment and 3D Volumetric Interpolated Breathhold Examination (VIBE) for T1{sub Gd} mapping. Histological sections were evaluated according to the Mankin score system. Total Mankin score, grade of toluidine staining (sensitive for glycosaminoglycan content) and a modified Mankin score classification system with four sub-groups of cartilage damage were correlated with MRI data. Results: Spearman's rho correlation analyses revealed a statistically significant correlation between T1{sub Gd} mapping and histological analyses in all categories including total Mankin score (r = −0.658, p-value ≤ 0.001), toluidine staining (r = −0.802, p-value < 0.001) and modified Mankin score (r = −0.716, p-value < 0.001). The correlation between morphological MRI and histological cartilage assessment was statistically significant but inferior to the biochemical cartilage MRI (r-values ranging from −0.411 to 0.525, p-values < 0.001). Conclusions: Gradient-echo dGEMRIC is reliable while offering the unique features of high image resolution and 3D biochemically sensitive MRI for the assessment of early cartilage degeneration.

  19. Quantitative OCT and MRI biomarkers for the differentiation of cartilage degeneration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nebelung, Sven [Aachen University Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics, Aachen (Germany); Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, RWTH, Aachen (Germany); Brill, Nicolai [Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, Aachen (Germany); Tingart, Markus; Jahr, Holger [Aachen University Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics, Aachen (Germany); Pufe, Thomas [Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, RWTH, Aachen (Germany); Kuhl, Christiane; Truhn, Daniel [Aachen University Hospital, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Aachen (Germany)


    To evaluate the usefulness of quantitative parameters obtained by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the comprehensive assessment of human articular cartilage degeneration. Human osteochondral samples of variable degeneration (n = 45) were obtained from total knee replacements and assessed by MRI sequences measuring T1, T1ρ, T2 and T2* relaxivity and by OCT-based quantification of irregularity (OII, optical irregularity index), homogeneity (OHI, optical homogeneity index) and attenuation (OAI, optical attenuation index). Samples were also assessed macroscopically (Outerbridge classification) and histologically (Mankin classification) as grade-0 (Mankin scores 0-4)/grade-I (scores 5-8)/grade-II (scores 9-10)/grade-III (score 11-14). After data normalisation, differences between Mankin grades and correlations between imaging parameters were assessed using ANOVA and Tukey's post-hoc test and Spearman's correlation coefficients, respectively. Sensitivities and specificities in the detection of Mankin grade-0 were calculated. Significant degeneration-related increases were found for T2 and OII and decreases for OAI, while T1, T1ρ, T2* or OHI did not reveal significant changes in relation to degeneration. A number of significant correlations between imaging parameters and histological (sub)scores were found, in particular for T2 and OII. Sensitivities and specificities in the detection of Mankin grade-0 were highest for OHI/T1 and OII/T1ρ, respectively. Quantitative OCT and MRI techniques seem to complement each other in the comprehensive assessment of cartilage degeneration. Sufficiently large structural and compositional changes in the extracellular matrix may thus be parameterized and quantified, while the detection of early degeneration remains challenging. (orig.)

  20. Transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to preterm infants through breast milk. (United States)

    Behari, Priya; Englund, Janet; Alcasid, Grace; Garcia-Houchins, Sylvia; Weber, Stephen G


    To determine a potential source of MRSA colonization and infection among preterm infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) using molecular analysis of breast milk samples. Case report, outbreak investigation. Preterm triplets were delivered at 26 weeks' gestation via cesarean section when routine active surveillance for MRSA was performed for all infants in a NICU. Surveillance consisted of swabbing the throat, nose, and umbilicus (TNU) weekly. Although infants A and B initially had negative TNU swabs, repeat cultures were positive for MRSA on day of life (DOL) 10 and DOL 18, respectively. Surveillance and clinical cultures for infant C were negative. Infant A developed sepsis, and multiple blood cultures were positive for MRSA beginning on DOL 14. Infant B developed conjunctivitis and a conjunctival exudate culture was positive for MRSA on DOL 70. Both infants were fed breast milk via nasogastric tube. Cultures of breast milk samples for infants A and B dated prior to either infant's first positive surveillance culture were positive for MRSA. All MRSA isolates had identical results on antibiotic susceptibility testing. PFGE demonstrated identical banding patterns for the MRSA isolates from the blood culture of infant A, breast milk for infants A and B, and a surveillance swab from infant B. At no time did the mother develop evidence of mastitis or other local breast infection. MRSA can be passed from mother to preterm infant through contaminated breast milk, even in the absence of maternal infection. Colonization and clinical disease can result.

  1. Influences of nitrogen fertilizer application rates on radish yield, nutrition quality, and nitrogen recovery efficiency

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yulin LIAO; Xiangmin RONG; Shengxian ZHENG; Qiang LIU; Meirong FAN; Jianwei PENG; Guixian XIE


    Radishes (Raphanus sativus L.) were grown in plastic pots in a screenhouse to investigate the influences of nitrogen fertilizer application rates (NFAR) on yield, nitrate content, nitrate reductase activity (NR), nutrition quality, and nitrogen recovery efficiency (NRE) at commercial mature stage. Five N-rate treatments, 0.644, 0.819, 0.995, 1.170, and 1.346 g·por-1, were set up in the screenhouse pot experiments, and nitrogen fertilizer (unlabeled N and l5N-labeled fertilizer) was applied as basal dressing and topdressing, respectively. The results indicated that the fresh and dry weight yields of radish increased with the increase of NFAR at the range of 0.099 to 0.180g N-kg-1 soil, decreased at 0.207 g N-kg-1 soil, and accordingly there was a significant quadratic relationship between the fresh and dry weight yields of radish and the NFAR. At the high addition of urea-N fertilizer, the nitrate content accumulated in the fleshy roots and leaves due to the decline in NR activity. From 0.644 to 0.819 g N-por1 NR increased most rapidly, the highest NR activity occurred at 0.819 g N-por-1, and the lowest NR activity happened at 1.346 g N-por-1. Soluble sugar and ascorbic acid initially increased to the highest value and then decreased, and, contrarily, crude fiber rapidly decreased with the increase of NFAR. Total N uptake (TNU), N derived from fertilizer (Ndff), and N derived from soil (Ndfs) in radish increased, except that Ndfs relatively and slightly decreased at the rate of 0.207 g N-kg'soil. The ratio of Ndff to TNU increased, but the ratio of Ndfs to TNU as well as NRE of N fertilizer decreased with the increase of NFAR. Therefore, the appropriate NFAR should be preferably recommended for improving the yields and nutrition qualities of radish and NRE of N fertilizer.

  2. Accuracy of five electronic foramen locators with different operating systems: an ex vivo study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Carvalho de Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate, ex vivo, the precision of five electronic root canal length measurement devices (ERCLMDs with different operating systems: the Root ZX, Mini Apex Locator, Propex II, iPex, and RomiApex A-15, and the possible influence of the positioning of the instrument tips short of the apical foramen. Material and Methods: Forty-two mandibular bicuspids had their real canal lengths (RL previously determined. Electronic measurements were performed 1.0 mm short of the apical foramen (-1.0, followed by measurements at the apical foramen (0.0. The data resulting from the comparison of the ERCLMD measurements and the RL were evaluated by the Wilcoxon and Friedman tests at a significance level of 5%. Results: Considering the measurements performed at 0.0 and -1.0, the precision rates for the ERCLMDs were: 73.5% and 47.1% (Root ZX, 73.5% and 55.9% (Mini Apex Locator, 67.6% and 41.1% (Propex II, 61.7% and 44.1% (iPex, and 79.4% and 44.1% (RomiApex A-15, respectively, considering ±0.5 mm of tolerance. Regarding the mean discrepancies, no differences were observed at 0.0; however, in the measurements at -1.0, the iPex, a multi-frequency ERCLMD, had significantly more discrepant readings short of the apical foramen than the other devices, except for the Propex II, which had intermediate results. When the ERCLMDs measurements at -1.0 were compared with those at 0.0, the Propex II, iPex and RomiApex A-15 presented significantly higher discrepancies in their readings. Conclusions: Under the conditions of the present study, all the ERCLMDs provided acceptable measurements at the 0.0 position. However, at the -1.0 position, the ERCLMDs had a lower precision, with statistically significant differences for the Propex II, iPex, and RomiApex A-15.

  3. The Origins and Development of the National Training Center 1976-1984 (United States)


    Changing an Army: An Oral Hirtory of General William E. DePuy, USA Retired (United States Army Military Ilisiory Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Penn...belief that TRADOC saw the 37 Shackelford, "NTC Perspcctives," p. ViH .8 to VII-9. 38 Word, "Observations," p. 38. 103 The NX Everienc. AAR as the...Training and Doctrine Command, 8 August 1978. Brownlee, L. Col.Romie L. and Mullen, Lt. Col. William J. III. Changing an Army: An Oral History of

  4. Statement of value added (dva: wealth distribution to staff and entities capital of sectors autoind

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Wink


    Full Text Available This article aimed to analyze the distribution of benefit produced by companies belonging to sectors of Autoindústria and capital goods to the production of agents and working capital in the period between 2008 and 2012, through the Statement of Value Added (DVA. Methodologically we carried out a survey of descriptive purpose, documentary and bibliographic procedure and qualitative approach to the problem. The chosen population was formed by the group of entities named by Exame Magazine - Biggest and Best, 2012 edition, classified in the sectors of Autoindústria and Capital Goods. Being given sample for data accessibility and non-probabilistic, consisting of a Autoindústria the sector, by Embraer, Marcopolo and Mahle companies and in the Capital Goods sector, by companies Romi SA, Kepler-Weber SA and Bardella SA The results revealed Embraer was the entity with higher revenue figures of the group surveyed. Regarding the ability of benefit generation, the entity that became more revenues in value added was Romi on average 51% of the realized revenue. The Companies generally distributed more value added to personal than to capital.

  5. ELISA: Structure-Function Inferences based on statistically significant and evolutionarily inspired observations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    DeLisi Charles


    Full Text Available Abstract The problem of functional annotation based on homology modeling is primary to current bioinformatics research. Researchers have noted regularities in sequence, structure and even chromosome organization that allow valid functional cross-annotation. However, these methods provide a lot of false negatives due to limited specificity inherent in the system. We want to create an evolutionarily inspired organization of data that would approach the issue of structure-function correlation from a new, probabilistic perspective. Such organization has possible applications in phylogeny, modeling of functional evolution and structural determination. ELISA (Evolutionary Lineage Inferred from Structural Analysis, is an online database that combines functional annotation with structure and sequence homology modeling to place proteins into sequence-structure-function "neighborhoods". The atomic unit of the database is a set of sequences and structural templates that those sequences encode. A graph that is built from the structural comparison of these templates is called PDUG (protein domain universe graph. We introduce a method of functional inference through a probabilistic calculation done on an arbitrary set of PDUG nodes. Further, all PDUG structures are mapped onto all fully sequenced proteomes allowing an easy interface for evolutionary analysis and research into comparative proteomics. ELISA is the first database with applicability to evolutionary structural genomics explicitly in mind. Availability: The database is available at

  6. Long-term repetitive mechanical loading of the knee joint by in vivo muscle stimulation accelerates cartilage degeneration and increases chondrocyte death in a rabbit model. (United States)

    Horisberger, Monika; Fortuna, Rafael; Valderrabano, Victor; Herzog, Walter


    Excessive chronic loading is thought to be one factor responsible for the onset of osteoarthritis. For example, studies using treadmill running have shown an increased risk for osteoarthritis, thereby suggesting that muscle-induced joint loading may play a role in osteoarthritis onset and progression. However, in these studies, muscle-induced loading was not carefully quantified. Here, we present a model of controlled muscular loading which allows for the accurate quantification of joint loading. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of long-term, cyclic, isometric and dynamic, muscle-induced joint loading of physiologic magnitude but excessive intensity on cartilage integrity and cell viability in the rabbit knee. 24 rabbits were divided into an (i) eccentric, (ii) concentric, or (iii) isometric knee extensor contraction group (50 min of cyclic, submaximal stimulation 3 times/week for four weeks=19,500 cycles) controlled by the stimulation of a femoral nerve cuff electrode on the right hind limb. The contralateral knee was used as a non-loaded control. The knee articular cartilages were analysed by confocal microscopy for chondrocyte death, and histologically for Mankin Score, cartilage thickness and cell density. All loaded knees had significantly increased cell death rates and Mankin Scores compared to the non-loaded joints. Cartilage thicknesses did not systematically differ between loaded and control joints. Chondrocyte death and Mankin Scores were significantly increased in the loaded joints, thereby linking muscular exercise of physiologic magnitude but excessive intensity to cartilage degeneration and cell death in the rabbit knee. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Effect of Glucosamine Sulfate on Osteoarthritis in the Cruciate-Deficient Canine Model of Osteoarthritis. (United States)

    Wenz, Wolfram; Hornung, Christian; Cramer, Christopher; Schroeder, Malte; Hoffmann, Michael


    Objective Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major cause of musculoskeletal pain and disability worldwide. The investigation of disease-modifying treatment options for OA has become an important aspect of orthopedic care. To assess the effect of intra-articular and oral glucosamine sulfate (GS) versus placebo on osteoarthritis in a canine model. Materials In this randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study, OA was induced by anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) according to the Pond-Nuki model in 32 canines. All canines were allocated into 4 treatment subgroups with treatment administered for 8 weeks: GS (400 mg) intra-articular, placebo intra-articular, GS (200 mg/kg body weight) oral, and placebo oral. The contralateral nonoperated stifle (knee) served as control. After 8 weeks, the medial and lateral femoral condyles, the medial and lateral tibial plateau and patella were histologically examined and anatomic changes quantified by light microscopy using the modified Mankin score. Results After 8 weeks, mean Mankin score values significantly ( P < 0.002) decreased in the intra-articular GS group (8.1; range 7.9-8.8) compared with the intra-articular placebo group (13.9; range 11.6-15.9) and again significantly ( P < 0.002) in the oral GS group (12.1; range 9.9-12.7) compared with the oral placebo group (15.1; range 12.5-17.0). Mean Mankin score values were significantly ( P < 0.002) lower in the intra-articular GS group compared with the oral GS group. Conclusion Both, intra-articular and oral administered GS significantly reduced histological signs of OA in the Pond-Nuki model, with the intra-articular application being more effective compared to oral administration.

  8. Protective effects of tumor necrosis factor-α blockade by adalimumab on articular cartilage and subchondral bone in a rat model of osteoarthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.H. Ma


    Full Text Available We aimed to investigate the effects of an anti-tumor necrosis factor-α antibody (ATNF on cartilage and subchondral bone in a rat model of osteoarthritis. Twenty-four rats were randomly divided into three groups: sham-operated group (n=8; anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT+normal saline (NS group (n=8; and ACLT+ATNF group (n=8. The rats in the ACLT+ATNF group received subcutaneous injections of ATNF (20 μg/kg for 12 weeks, while those in the ACLT+NS group received NS at the same dose for 12 weeks. All rats were euthanized at 12 weeks after surgery and specimens from the affected knees were harvested. Hematoxylin and eosin staining, Masson's trichrome staining, and Mankin score assessment were carried out to evaluate the cartilage status and cartilage matrix degradation. Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-13 immunohistochemistry was performed to assess the cartilage molecular metabolism. Bone histomorphometry was used to observe the subchondral trabecular microstructure. Compared with the rats in the ACLT+NS group, histological and Mankin score analyses showed that ATNF treatment reduced the severity of the cartilage lesions and led to a lower Mankin score. Immunohistochemical and histomorphometric analyses revealed that ATNF treatment reduced the ACLT-induced destruction of the subchondral trabecular microstructure, and decreased MMP-13 expression. ATNF treatment may delay degradation of the extracellular matrix via a decrease in MMP-13 expression. ATNF treatment probably protects articular cartilage by improving the structure of the subchondral bone and reducing the degradation of the cartilage matrix.

  9. Eesti Teadusfondi preemia Astrid Haljasele ja Tõnu Laasile

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eesti Teadusfondi täppisteaduste ekspertkomisjoni poolt korraldatud magistrantide ja doktorantide teadustööde konkursil määrati preemia 4000 krooni loodusteaduste osakonna teadurile Astrid Haljasele artikli Mankin, R., Ainsaar, A., Haljas, A. Trichotomous-noise-induced phase transitions for the stochastic Hongler model. Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Math., 2000, 49, 1, 28-39 eest. Loodusteaduste osakonna assistendile, TPÜ doktorandile Tõnu Laasile määrati preemia 7000 krooni artiklite sarja Lainete levik kõveras aeg-ruumis eest : [täistekst

  10. Eesti Teadusfondi preemia Astrid Haljasele ja Tõnu Laasile

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eesti Teadusfondi täppisteaduste ekspertkomisjoni poolt korraldatud magistrantide ja doktorantide teadustööde konkursil määrati preemia 4000 krooni loodusteaduste osakonna teadurile Astrid Haljasele artikli Mankin, R., Ainsaar, A., Haljas, A. Trichotomous-noise-induced phase transitions for the stochastic Hongler model. Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Math., 2000, 49, 1, 28-39 eest. Loodusteaduste osakonna assistendile, TPÜ doktorandile Tõnu Laasile määrati preemia 7000 krooni artiklite sarja Lainete levik kõveras aeg-ruumis eest : [täistekst

  11. A Structural Weight Estimation Program (SWEEP) for Aircraft. Volume VI - Wing and Empennage Module. Appendix E: Program Listings, Overlays (8,0), (14, 0), (15,0), (16,0), and (17,0) (United States)


    c c c c c ••4DC AIWOh. CCIPTIC"NIS tO WlllllltrG M[A••• ••Ill ... IMIM:MROCX•• •1_, tcJIIICIGNI C4 .C...m•••-nrrn• nrrcat•nrrc~•nna._tnncet nrrcllt .. nrrce•..m~ __ , ____ _ ....... -to_,. e>-•D lfG IUS STAIICIO C4 .C u:. " _I .. IR...rttt mi m« m» m* niT m« nif nrHian Mmm MriNtM nruiM« nrui«« MTMM nruiH« nniiMC nruiiN nrHina romi i is nrwnt nrwiit WHIIM muio

  12. Analgesia epidural com clonidina ou romifidina em cães submetidos à cirurgia coxofemoral Epidural analgesia with clonidine or romifidine in dogs submitted to coxofemoral surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.T. Brondani


    Full Text Available Avaliaram-se as alterações cardiorrespiratórias e a analgesia da administração epidural de clonidina ou romifidina em cães submetidos à cirurgia coxofemural. Foram utilizados 14 cães distribuídos em dois grupos: o grupo Cloni recebeu 150µg de clonidina e o grupo Romi, 20µg/kg de romifidina. A indução anestésica foi realizada com propofol e a anestesia cirúrgica mantida com halotano e O2 em respiração espontânea. A punção do espaço epidural foi feita logo após a indução. Antes da indução e a cada 10 minutos foram avaliadas as freqüências cardíaca e respiratória, a pressão arterial sistólica, a saturação de oxigênio da hemoglobina e a concentração de halotano. Após indução e ao término do procedimento cirúrgico coletou-se sangue arterial para avaliação gasométrica de pH, PaCO2, PaO2, SaO2, BE e HCO3-. Foi realizada avaliação pós-operatória do grau de analgesia (intensa, pouco intensa e inadequada nas primeiras duas horas após término da cirurgia. Os animais do grupo Romi apresentaram bradicardia, bradiarritmias e hipertensão. A freqüência cardíaca e a pressão arterial sistólica no grupo Cloni mantiveram-se dentro da faixa de variação fisiológica para a espécie. A analgesia trans-operatória foi considerada intensa nos dois grupos. A administração epidural de clonidina ou romifidina produziu intensa analgesia transcirúrgica sem depressão respiratória e pouco intensa analgesia pós-operatória por duas horasCardiovascular alterations and analgesia in 14 dogs submitted to epidural administration of clonidine or romifidine to enable coxofemoral surgery were evaluated. Dogs were separated in two groups: Cloni group received 150µg of clonidine and Romi group, 20µg/kg of romifidine. Anesthetic induction was performed using propofol (8mg/kg and maintenance using halothane and O2 in spontaneous breathing. The puncture of epidural space was performed just after anesthetic induction. Heart

  13. Treatment of waste waters from special laundries of Czechoslovak nuclear power plants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seidl, K. (Ustav Jaderneho Vyzkumu CSKAE, Rez (Czechoslovakia))


    Waste water treatment methods applied in the purification of waste waters discharged from the laundries are presented. The most usually applied method is vaporization, the most frequently designed procedure is reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration and coagulation. Currently the Nuclear Research Institute in Rez is developing a technology of waste water purification which is aimed at introducing such a method of processing in which a minimum amount of solid wastes will be generated at minimum costs. From the point of view of waste water treatment it is most suitable to wash with soap with an addition of detergent such as sodium alkylaryl sulphonate. A promising preparation is the ROMY suspension. Waste water treatment with the use of coagulation by lime salt, sorption of the residues of organic substances on activated coal and of radionuclide residues on a selective ion exchanger without regeneration should be a sufficiently low-cost and effective technology.

  14. Economic efficiency substantiation of information products practical online promotion on the mechanical engineering plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roman Oksentyuk


    Full Text Available The profitability ratio ROI and its adaptation to calculate the economic efficiency of online advertising campaign has been analyzed. Investment profitability factor enables to estimate to what extent the advertising costs in the global network are justified and profitable for your business. The ratio use on the Ternopil mechanical engineering plants websites as a case study has been investigated by the author of the article. Such indices as the number of enterprises web pages visitors per month, indicating popularityof the company site, percentage of orders made by the visitors online, average cost of a concludedsale-purchase transaction, the enterprise margin have been studied in the paper. The ratio ROMI for the mechanical engineering plants, derived from the ROI ratio, has been considered and calculated. These two factors have also been compared.

  15. The Expression of Osteopontin and Wnt5a in Articular Cartilage of Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis and Its Correlation with Disease Severity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusheng Li


    Full Text Available Objectives. This study is undertaken to investigate the relation between osteopontin (OPN and Wnt5a expression in the progression and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis (OA. Methods. 50 cartilage tissues from knee OA patients and normal controls were divided into four groups of severe, moderate, minor, and normal lesions based on the modified grading system of Mankin. Immunohistochemistry and real-time PCR were utilized to analyze the OPN and Wnt5a expression in articular cartilage. Besides, the relations between OPN and Wnt5a expression and the severity of OA were explored. Results. OPN and Wnt5a could be identified in four groups’ tissues. Amongst the groups, the intercomparisons of OPN expression levels showed statistical differences (P0.05. The scores of Mankin were demonstrated to relate to OPN expression (r=-0.847, P<0.01 and Wnt5a expression in every group (r=-0.843, P<0.01. Also, a positive correlation can be observed between the OPN and Wnt5a expression (r=0.769, P<0.01. Conclusion. In articular cartilage, the expressions of OPN and Wnt5a are positively related to progressive damage of knee OA joint. The correlation between Wnt5a and OPN might be important to the progression and pathogenesis of knee OA.

  16. Structural Variations in Articular Cartilage Matrix Are Associated with Early-Onset Osteoarthritis in the Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita (Sedc Mouse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert E. Seegmiller


    Full Text Available Heterozgyous spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (sedc/+ mice expressing a missense mutation in col2a1 exhibit a normal skeletal morphology but early-onset osteoarthritis (OA. We have recently examined knee articular cartilage obtained from homozygous (sedc/sedc mice, which express a Stickler-like phenotype including dwarfism. We examined sedc/sedc mice at various levels to better understand the mechanistic process resulting in OA. Mutant sedc/sedc, and control (+/+ cartilages were compared at two, six and nine months of age. Tissues were fixed, decalcified, processed to paraffin sections, and stained with hematoxylin/eosin and safranin O/fast green. Samples were analyzed under the light microscope and the modified Mankin and OARSI scoring system was used to quantify the OA-like changes. Knees were stained with 1C10 antibody to detect the presence and distribution of type II collagen. Electron microscopy was used to study chondrocyte morphology and collagen fibril diameter. Compared with controls, mutant articular cartilage displayed decreased fibril diameter concomitant with increases in size of the pericellular space, Mankin and OARSI scores, cartilage thickness, chondrocyte clustering, proteoglycan staining and horizontal fissuring. In conclusion, homozygous sedc mice are subject to early-onset knee OA. We conclude that collagen in the mutant’s articular cartilage (both heterozygote and homozygote fails to provide the normal meshwork required for matrix integrity and overall cartilage stability.

  17. 5氟脲嘧啶关节腔注射治疗兔膝骨性关节炎的实验研究%Study of intra-articular injection with 5Fu in the treatment of rabbit knee osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王巨; 肖德明; 李伟; 林博文; 徐忠世; 陈蓟; 吕猛


    [目的]评价5氟脲嘧啶(5-Fluorouracil,5Fu)关节腔注射治疗兔膝骨性关节炎(osteoarthritis,OA)的疗效.[方法]24只兔子制成骨关节炎模型随机分成OA组、5Fu组和对照组,OA组立即处死,5Fu组按5Fu 2mg/kg关节腔注射,每周1次连续4次,对照组注射等量生理盐水,最后1次治疗后1周处死.观察3组滑膜组织的光镜、电镜改变及软骨的光镜、MMP-1免疫组化改变,比较软骨Mankin's评分及关节液中IL-1的浓度.[结果]5Fu组可见软骨破坏减轻,滑膜炎症明显抑制,Mankin,s评分明显改善(P<0.01);关节液IL-1浓度降低(P<0.05),关节软骨中MMP-1表达减弱.[结论]5Fu关节腔内注射能抑制滑膜炎症,缓解软骨的破坏.

  18. The expression of SIRT1 in articular cartilage of patients with knee osteoarthritis and its correlation with disease severity. (United States)

    Li, Yusheng; Xiao, Wenfeng; Wu, Ping; Deng, Zhenhan; Zeng, Chao; Li, Hui; Yang, Tuo; Lei, Guanghua


    The study aims to investigate the expression of SIRT1 in articular cartilage of patients with primary knee osteoarthritis (OA) and its relationship with disease severity. Cartilage tissue samples were collected from 38 knee OA patients and 9 normal healthy controls and then ascribed to normal, mild, moderate, and severe groups on the basis of the improved Mankin grading system. The expression of SIRT1 in articular cartilage was detected by immunohistochemistry and western blots. The expression of p53 and acetylated p53 (Ac-p53) was also measured by western blots. The mutual comparisons of the SIRT1 expression levels in all groups have statistical significance except the one between the mild and moderate groups. Moreover, western blot results showed that the SIRT1 was decreased and p53/Ac-p53 were increased in the OA group. The average gray level of SIRT1 increases with the improving grade of the improved Mankin grading system scorers. The expression of SIRT1 in articular cartilage is negatively associated with severity of knee OA, indicating that SIRT1 may act as a monitoring indicator for determining development and progression of knee OA.

  19. Fourier transform infrared imaging of focal lesions in Human osteoarthritic cartilage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David-Vaudey E.


    Full Text Available Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging (FTIRI is a new method for quantitatively assessing the spatial-chemical composition of complex materials. This technique has been applied to examine the feasibility of measuring changes in the composition and distribution of collagen and proteoglycan macromolecules in human osteoarthritic cartilage. Human cartilage was acquired post-operatively from total joint replacement patients. Samples were taken at the site of a focal lesion, adjacent to the lesion, and from relatively healthy cartilage away from the lesion. Sections were prepared for FTIRI and histochemical grading. FTIRI spectral images were acquired for the superficial, intermediate, and deep layers for each sample. Euclidean distance mapping and quantitative partial least squares analysis (PLS were performed using reference spectra for type-II collagen and chondroitin 6-sulphate (CS6. FTIRI results were correlated to the histology-based Mankin scoring system. PLS analysis found relatively low relative concentrations of collagen (38 ± 10% and proteoglycan (22 ± 9% in osteoarthritic cartilage. Focal lesions were generally found to contain less CS6 compared to cartilage tissue adjacent to the lesion. Loss of proteoglycan content was well correlated to histological Mankin scores (r=0.69, p<0.0008. The evaluation of biological tissues with FTIRI can provide unique quantitative information on how disease can affect biochemical distribution and composition. This study has demonstrated that FTIRI is useful in quantitatively assessing pathology-related changes in the composition and distribution of primary macromolecular components of human osteoarthritic cartilage.

  20. STRATEGI PENGEMBANGAN GETAH JELUTUNG SEBAGAI HHBK UNGGULAN The Development Strategy of Jelutung’s Latex as Superior Non Timber Forest Product

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marinus Kristiadi Harun


    Full Text Available Makalah ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis aspek sosial-ekonomi pengembangan getah jelutung sebagai Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu (HHBK unggulan. Pada aspek sosial, parameter yang diteliti mencakup potensi getah jelutung sebagai HHBK unggulan sesuai Peraturan Menteri Kehutanan RI Nomor P.21/Menhut-II/2009. Pada aspek ekonomi, parameter yang diteliti mencakup margin pemasaran getah jelutung dan analisis finansial pengembangan jelutung dengan sistem agroforestri. Metode yang pada penelitian ini adalah Focus Group Discussion (FGD dan wawancara dengan informan kunci. Hasil analisis aspek sosial menunjukkan bahwa menurut kriteria dan indikator HHBK Unggulan maka getah jelutung termasuk HHBK Unggulan Provinsi dengan Total Nilai Unggulan (TNU sebesar 72,62. Pada aspek ekonomi diketahui bahwa margin pemasaran getah jelutung di Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah belum efisien karena nilainya masih > 50%. Hasil analisis finansial menunjukkan bahwa hutan tanaman jelutung layak untuk dikembangkan baik secara monokultur maupun pola agroforestri. Nilai NPV, BCR dan IRR untuk agroforestri jelutung berturut-turut adalah 69.799.338; 8,68 dan 29%. Strategi pengembangan komoditas getah jelutung menuju kategori yang lebih tinggi (HHBK Unggulan Nasional perlu dilakukan dengan menjawab tantangan untuk kriteria dan indikator bernilai rendah. Hal ini memerlukan adanya suatu kelembagaan yang membumi. Sistem kelembagaan yang diusulkan untuk mengatasi kendala tersebut adalah Sistem Kebersaman Ekonomi (SKE yang didukung oleh kelompok tani pengembang komoditas getah jelutung yang berkategori kelompok lestari. Kata kunci: getah jelutung, HHBK unggulan, sistem kebersamaan ekonomi.

  1. Expected geoneutrino signal at JUNO

    CERN Document Server

    Strati, Virginia; Callegari, Ivan; Mantovani, Fabio; McDonough, William F; Ricci, Barbara; Xhixha, Gerti


    Constraints on the Earth's composition and on its radiogenic energy budget come from the detection of geoneutrinos. The KamLAND and Borexino experiments recently reported the geoneutrino flux, which reflects the amount and distribution of U and Th inside the Earth. The KamLAND and Borexino experiments recently reported the geoneutrino flux, which reflects the amount and distribution of U and Th inside the Earth. The JUNO neutrino experiment, designed as a 20 kton liquid scintillator detector, will be built in an underground laboratory in South China about 53 km from the Yangjiang and Taishan nuclear power plants. Given the large detector mass and the intense reactor antineutrino flux, JUNO aims to collect high statistics antineutrino signals from reactors but also to address the challenge of discriminating the geoneutrino signal from the reactor background.The predicted geoneutrino signal at JUNO is 39.7 $^{+6.5}_{-5.2}$ TNU, based on the existing reference Earth model, with the dominant source of uncertainty...

  2. İki farklı apeks bulucunun kök kanal boyu ölçümünde doğruluğunun ex vivo olarak değerlendirilmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nevin Kartal


    Full Text Available

    Purpose: The aim of this ex vivo study was to evaluate the accuracy of two apex locators: Propex (Dentsply, Ballaigues Switzerland and RomiAPEX™ (Romidan, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Materials and methods: The accuracy of the measurement of two different electronic apex loctors were compared in root canal length determination by using forty extracted human teeth . The actual canal length was determined by introducing a size 15 K-file in the canal until the file tip became visible at the apical foramen under X5 magnification by using an operating microscope. A caliper to the nearest 0.5 mm were used during measurements. The teeth were embedded in acrylic as the apical one thirds and crowns were apparent. The measurements were taken as the apical one thirds embedded in alginate by using two electronic apex locators. All measurements were taken two times.

    Results: The accuracy of the electronical working length measurements were found for Propex as 97.5% ; for RomiAPEX™ D-30 as 95%. No significant differences were found between actual root canal lengths and the measurement values of apex locators statistically (p>0,05.

    Conclusion: High accuracy were confirmed for two apex locators during the measurements of root canal lengths.


    Amaç: Bu ex vivo çalışmada Propex (Dentsply, Ballaigues, İsviçre ve RomiAPEX™ D-30 (Romidan, Tel Aviv, İsrail isimli iki farklı apeks bulucunun klinik doğruluğunun değerlendirilmesi amaçlanmıtır.

    Gereç ve Yöntem: Bu çalımada kırk adet üst kesici diş kullanıldı. İki farklı apeks bulucu (Propex ve RomiAPEX™ D-30 kullanıldı. Dişlerin gerçek kanal boyları operasyon mikroskobunda X5 büyütmede #15 K tipi eğe ucu apikal foramenden görülene kadar ilerletilerek ölçüldü. Ölçümler sırasında 0.5 mm aral

  3. The distribution pattern of critically short telomeres in human osteoarthritic knees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Harbo, Maria; Bendix, Laila; Bay-Jensen, Anne Christine;


    ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: Telomere shortening is associated with a number of common age-related diseases. A role of telomere shortening in osteoarthritis (OA) has been suggested, mainly based on the assessment of mean telomere length in ex vivo expanded chondrocytes. We addressed this role directly...... site. Each sample was split into three: one was used for quantification of ultra-short single telomeres through the Universal single telomere length assay (STELA), one for histological Mankin grading of OA, and one for mean telomere length measurement through quantitative fluorescence in situ...... hybridization (Q-FISH) as well as for assessment of senescence through quantification of senescence-associated heterochromatin foci (SAHF). RESULTS: The load of ultra-short telomeres as well as mean telomere length was significantly associated with proximity to lesions, OA severity, and senescence level...

  4. Rocket experiment on microwave power transmission with Furoshiki deployment (United States)

    Kaya, Nobuyuki; Iwashita, Masashi; Tanaka, Kohei; Nakasuka, Shinichi; Summerer, Leopold


    Huge antennas has many useful applications in space as well as on the ground, for example, Solar Power Satellite to provide electricity to the ground, telecommunication for cellular phones, radars for remote sensing, navigation and observation, and so on. The S-310-36 sounding rocket was successfully launched on 22 January 2006 to verify our newly proposed scheme to construct huge antennas under microgravity condition in space. The rocket experiment has three main objectives, the first objective of which is to verify the Furoshiki deployment system [S. Nakasuka, R. Funase, K. Nakada, N. Kaya, J. Mankins, Large membrane "FUROSHIKI Satellite" applied to phased array antenna and its sounding rocket experiment, in: Proceedings of the 54th International Astronautical Congress, 2003. [1

  5. 骨关节炎兔软骨细胞凋亡与八味柔肝散的抑制效应%Inhibitory effects of Bawei Rougan powder on chondrocytes apoptosis in rabbits with osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘淼; 陈世荣; 刘伟; 徐西东; 斯海波


    背景:传统中药对骨关节炎具有镇痛等治疗作用,但对关节软骨是否有保护作用及其通过何种机制起作用少有报道.目的:观察八味柔肝散对兔骨关节炎软骨细胞凋亡的影响.方法:将新西兰大白兔随机分为正常组、模型组和治疗组,模型组和治疗组行Hurth法骨关节炎造模.建模后1周,正常组和模型组每天生理盐水灌胃,治疗组行八味柔肝散水提液灌胃.建模后8周行组织学观察Mankin's评分,硝酸还原酶法测定关节液一氧化氮、诱导型一氧化氮合酶活性,原位末端转移酶标记技术检测软骨细胞的凋亡指数.结果与结论:结果显示,治疗组关节软骨Mankin's评分,关节液一氧化氮、诱导型一氧化氮合酶活性,关节软骨细胞凋亡指数均低于模型组(P < 0.05).证实八味柔肝散对兔骨关节炎软骨细胞凋亡有抑制作用.%BACKGROUND: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has analgesic effects on osteoarthritis, but whether TCM can protect articular cartilage and through which mechanism are rarely reported. OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of Bawei Rougan powder on chondrocytes apoptosis in rabbits with osteoarthritis. METHODS: New Zealand adult white rabbits were randomly divided into three groups: normal, model, and treatment groups. Osteoarthritis models were established in model and treatment groups according to Hurth technique. At 1 week after modeling, rabbits in the normal and model groups were treated with saline solution, and the treatment group was treated with the powder extract. At 8 weeks after modeling, characteristics of cartilage histological were observed by Mankin method. Activity of nitric oxide (NO) and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in synovial fluids were measured by nitrate reductase assay, and apoptosis index of chondrocytes in all groups were measured by TUNEL (TdT-mediated biotinylated-dUTP nick end labeling method). RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Compared with the model group

  6. Effects of Jianxi Pill on the Histomorphology of the Rat with Knee Osteoarthritis%健膝丸对大鼠膝骨关节炎组织形态学的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李坚; 娄玉钤; 李满意; 张广辉



  7. Progression of articular cartilage degeneration after application of muscle stretch. (United States)

    Dias, Carolina Náglio Kalil; Renner, Adriana Frias; dos Santos, Anderson Amaro; Vasilceac, Fernando Augusto; Mattiello, Stela Márcia


    The aim of study was to evaluate the progression of the ankle articular cartilage alterations after a post-immobilization muscle stretching. Twenty-nine Wistar rats were separated into five groups: C--control, S--stretched, SR--stretch recovery, IS--immobilized and stretched, and ISR--immobilized stretched recovery. The immobilization was maintained for 4 weeks and the left ankle was then stretched manually through a full dorsal flexion for 10 times for 60 s with a 30 s interval between each 60 s period, 7 days/week for 3 weeks. The recovery period was of 7 weeks. At the end of the experiment, the left ankles were removed, processed in paraffin, and stained in hematoxylin-eosin and safranin O. Two blinded observers evaluated the articular cartilage using the Mankin grading system (cellularity, chondrocyte cloning, and proteoglycan content) through light microscopy, and performed the morphometry (cellularity, total thickness, non-calcified thickness, and calcified thickness measures). Both the Mankin grading system and the morphometric analysis showed that the ISR group presented the most increased cellularity among the groups. The IS and SR groups showed the highest proteoglycan loss, and the ISR group showed the same content of proteoglycan observed in the C group. No significant differences were found in the chondrocyte cloning, the total cartilage thickness, the non-calcified cartilage thickness, and the calcified cartilage thickness among the groups. The results suggest that the cartilage can recover the proteoglycan loss caused by immobilization and stretching, probably because of the increased chondrocyte density. Therefore, the ankle articular cartilage responded as to repair the metabolic deficits.

  8. Effect of methotrexate upon antigen-induced arthritis of the rabbit temporomandibular joint. (United States)

    Rafayelyan, Smbat; Meyer, Philipp; Radlanski, Ralf J; Minden, Kirsten; Jost-Brinkmann, Paul-Georg; Präger, Thomas M


    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause severe growth disturbances of the craniomandibular system. Antigen-induced arthritis (AIA) of the rabbit TMJ is simulating the inflammatory process of the TMJ in JIA. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of a systemic administration of methotrexate (MTX) on AIA in rabbits by means of three different histological staining methods. After sensitization, a bilateral arthritis of the TMJ was induced by an intra-articular administration of ovalbumin in 12 New Zealand white rabbits aged 10 weeks. From the 13th week of age, six of the 12 rabbits received weekly intramuscular injections of MTX, and the other six animals remained without therapy. Another six animals served as controls, receiving no treatment or intra-articular injections at all. After euthanasia at the age of 22 weeks, all TMJs were retrieved en bloc. Sagittal sections were cut and stained with haematoxylin-eosin (H-E), Safranin-O for the evaluation of the Mankin score and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP). In the arthritis group, a chronic inflammation with degeneration of the articular cartilage was visible. In the MTX group, the signs of cartilage degeneration were significantly reduced compared with the arthritis group. In contrast, the joints in the control group were inconspicuous. A correlation between the Mankin score and TRAP-positive cells could be found. Systemic administration of MTX seems to have a positive effect upon the inflammatory process in the rabbit TMJ but fails to eliminate the sign of arthritis completely. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  9. Electromechanical Assessment of Human Knee Articular Cartilage with Compression-Induced Streaming Potentials. (United States)

    Becher, Christoph; Ricklefs, Marcel; Willbold, Elmar; Hurschler, Christof; Abedian, Reza


    To assess the electromechanical properties of human knee articular cartilage with compression-induced streaming potentials for reliability among users and correlation with macroscopic and histological evaluation tools and sulfated glycosaminoglycan (sGAG) content. Streaming potentials are induced in cartilage in response to loading when mobile positive ions in the interstitial fluid temporarily move away from negatively charged proteoglycans. Streaming potential integrals (SPIs) were measured with an indentation probe on femoral condyles of 10 human knee specimens according to a standardized location scheme. Interobserver reliability was measured using an interclass correlation coefficient (ICC). The learning curves of 3 observers were evaluated by regression analysis. At each SPI measurement location the degradation level of the tissue was determined by means of the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) score, Mankin score, and sGAG content. The computed ICC was 0.77 (0.70-0.83) indicating good to excellent linear agreement of SPI values among the 3 users. A significant positive linear correlation of the learning index values was observed for 2 of the 3 users. Statistically significant negative correlations between SPI and both ICRS and Mankin scores were observed (r = 0.502, P < 0.001, and r = 0.255, P = 0.02, respectively). No correlation was observed between SPI and sGAG content (r = 0.004, P = 0.973). SPI values may be used as a quantitative means of cartilage evaluation with sufficient reliability among users. Due to the significant learning curve, adequate training should be absolved before routine use of the technique.

  10. Subchondral bone microstructural damage by increased remodelling aggravates experimental osteoarthritis preceded by osteoporosis. (United States)

    Bellido, Miriam; Lugo, Laura; Roman-Blas, Jorge A; Castañeda, Santos; Caeiro, Jose R; Dapia, Sonia; Calvo, Emilio; Largo, Raquel; Herrero-Beaumont, Gabriel


    Osteoporosis (OP) increases cartilage damage in a combined rabbit model of OP and osteoarthritis (OA). Accordingly, we assessed whether microstructure impairment at subchondral bone aggravates cartilage damage in this experimental model. OP was induced in 20 female rabbits, by ovariectomy and intramuscular injections of methylprednisolone hemisuccinate for four weeks. Ten healthy animals were used as controls. At week 7, OA was surgically induced in left knees of all rabbits. At 22 weeks, after sacrifice, microstructure parameters were assessed by micro-computed tomography, and osteoprotegerin (OPG), receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand (RANKL), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9) protein expressions were evaluated by Western Blot at subchondral bone. In addition, cartilage damage was estimated using the histopathological Mankin score. Mann-Whitney and Spearman statistical tests were performed as appropriate, using SPSS software v 11.0. Significant difference was established at P fractal dimension and MMP9 expression occurred at subchondral bone of OA, OP and OPOA knees vs. controls (P < 0.05). In addition, the severity of cartilage damage was increased in OPOA knees vs. controls (P < 0.05). Remarkably, good correlations were observed between structural and remodelling parameters at subchondral bone, and furthermore, between subchondral structural parameters and cartilage Mankin score. Microstructure impairment at subchondral bone associated with an increased remodelling aggravated cartilage damage in OA rabbits with previous OP. Our results suggest that an increased subchondral bone resorption may account for the exacerbation of cartilage damage when early OA and OP coexist simultaneously in same individuals.

  11. Response to diet-induced obesity produces time-dependent induction and progression of metabolic osteoarthritis in rat knees. (United States)

    Collins, Kelsey H; Hart, David A; Reimer, Raylene A; Seerattan, Ruth A; Herzog, Walter


    Obesity, and corresponding chronic-low grade inflammation, is associated with the onset and progression of knee OA. The origin of this inflammation is poorly understood. Here, the effect of high fat, high sucrose (HFS) diet induced obesity (DIO) on local (synovial fluid), and systemic (serum) inflammation is evaluated after a 12-week obesity induction and a further 16-week adaptation period. For 12-weeks of obesity induction, n = 40 DIO male Sprague-Dawley rats consumed a HFS diet while the control group (n = 14) remained on chow. DIO rats were allocated to prone (DIO-P, top 33% based on weight change) or resistant (DIO-R, bottom 33%) groups at 12-weeks. Animals were euthanized at 12- and after an additional 16-weeks on diet (28-weeks). At sacrifice, body composition and knee joints were collected and assessed. Synovial fluid and sera were profiled using cytokine array analysis. At 12-weeks, DIO-P animals demonstrated increased Modified Mankin scores compared to DIO-R and chow (p = 0.026), and DIO-R had higher Mankin scores compared to chow (p = 0.049). While numerous systemic and limited synovial fluid inflammatory markers were increased at 12-weeks in DIO animals compared to chow, by 28-weeks there were limited systemic differences but marked increases in local synovial fluid inflammatory marker concentrations. Metabolic OA may manifest from an initial systemic inflammatory disturbance. Twelve weeks of obesity induction leads to a unique inflammatory profile and induction of metabolic OA which is altered after a further 16-weeks of obesity and HFS diet intake, suggesting that obesity is a dynamic, progressive process. © 2015 Orthopaedic Research Society. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Orthop Res 34:1010-1018, 2016. © 2015 Orthopaedic Research Society. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  12. Effects on IL-6 and BFGF of the Rabbits'Knee Arthritises by Modified Simiao Power%加味四妙散对兔膝骨关节炎IL-6和bFGF的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵鹏飞; 汪利合; 李慧英; 于建伟


    Objective:To study the effects on IL(interleukin-6,IL-6)and BFGF of the rabbits'knee arthritis by modified Simiao power, and analyzing the grades of BFGF,IL-6 and Mankin's,whether they have the correlation. Methods:36 clean white rabbits were randomly difided into blank group(12),which has 12 arthrosises do sham-operation. The rest of the 24 rabbits to be built the rabbits model of knee arthritis by improved Hultu method,a total of 24 joints. After the molding,they were divided into model group(12)and experimen-ted group(12),the experimented group was given modified Simiao San,the blank group and modles were given normal saline. 10 weeks later,After 10 weeks,in the right leg knee joint cartilage as a specimen of tibial plateau.① To observe the general form of specimen cartilage and intra-articular joint effusion,the general score is given;②observing the specimen cartilage by light microscope and give a score;③observing the HE staining of specimens after cartilage cells,organization structure and the tide line by light microscope,and give a score by reference Mankin's rating standards;④bFGF,IL-6 in the expression of specimens in cartilage by immune histochemical method determination,and the expression of bFGF and IL-6 level and Mankin's score for Pearson correlation analysis. Results:①The general score and Mankin's score In the experimented group compared with model group,there was no statistically significant difference ( P﹥0. 05);②in the modle group,gross score and Mankin's score were higher than the control group,the difference was statistically significant(P﹤0. 05),of which the most model group significantly;③ the building modules of full-thickness cartilage IL-6 expression significantly increased than the control group,model group as the most(P﹤0. 05);IL-6 express group is lower than the model group (P﹤0. 05);④model group bFGF expression is higher than the control group(P﹤0. 05),a group bFGF expression is higher than the model group

  13. Combined Effect of Bilateral Ovariectomy and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Transection With Medial Meniscectomy on the Development of Osteoarthritis Model (United States)


    Objective To investigate the combined effect of bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) and anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) with medial meniscectomy (MM) on the development of osteoarthritis (OA). Methods Twenty female 15-week-old Sprague-Dawley rats were used. Five rats in each group underwent bilateral OVX (OVX group), bilateral ACLT with MM (ACLT with MM group), bilateral OVX plus ACLT with MM (OVX plus ACLT with MM group), and sham surgery (SHAM group). All the rats were subjected to treadmill running for 4 weeks. The behavioral evaluation for induction of OA used the number of rears method, and this was conducted at 1, 2, and 4 weeks post-surgery. Bone mineral density (BMD) was calculated with micro-computerized tomography images and the modified Mankin's scoring was used for the histological changes. Results The number of rears in the OVX plus ACLT with MM group decreased gradually and more rapidly in the ACLT with MM group. Histologically, the OVX plus ACLT with MM group had a significantly higher modified Mankin's score than the OVX group (p=0.008) and the SHAM group (p=0.008). BMDs of the OVX plus ACLT with MM group were significantly lower than the SHAM group (p=0.002), and the ACLT with MM group (p=0.003). Conclusion We found that bilateral OVX plus ACLT with MM induced definite OA change in terms of histology and BMD compared to bilateral OVX and ACLT with MM alone. Therefore, OVX and ACLT with MM was an appropriate degenerative OA rat model. PMID:27606264

  14. Molecular changes after shockwave therapy in osteoarthritic knee in rats (United States)

    Wang, C.-J.; Sun, Y.-C.; Wu, C.-T.; Weng, L.-H.; Wang, F.-S.


    This study investigated the molecular changes of DKK-1, MMP13, Wnt-5a and \\upbeta -catenin after extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) in anterior cruciate ligament transected (ACLT) osteoarthritic (OA) knee in rats. 27 male Spraque-Dawley rats were divided into three groups. Group I was the control one and received sham knee arthrotomy but no ACLT or ESWT. Group II underwent ACLT, but no ESWT. Group III underwent ACLT and received ESWT. The animals were killed at 12 weeks, and the harvested knee specimens were subjected to histopathological examination and immunohistochemical analysis. Radiographs of the knees were obtained at 0 and 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, radiographs of group II showed more arthritic changes with formation of osteochondral fragments, whereas very subtle arthritis was noted in groups I and III. In histopathological examination, group II showed a significant increase of Mankin score and a decrease of subchondral bone as compared to groups I and III. Group III showed a significant decrease of Mankin score and an increase of subchondral bone, with the data comparable to group I. In immunohistochemical analysis, group II showed significant increases of DKK-1 and MMP13 and decreases of Wnt-5a and \\upbeta -catenin in articular cartilage and subchondral bone as compared to groups I and III. Group III showed significant decreases of DKK-1 and MMP13 and increases of Wnt-5a and \\upbeta -catenin, with the data comparable to group I. In conclusion, the application of ESWT causes molecular changes that are consistent with the improvement in subchondral bone remodeling and chondroprotective effect in ACLT OA knees in rats.

  15. Comparative exploration of learning styles and teaching techniques between Thai and Vietnamese EFL students and instructors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Supalak Nakhornsri


    Full Text Available Learning styles have been a particular focus of a number of researchers over the past decades. Findings from various studies researching into how students learn highlight significant relationships between learners’ styles of learning and their language learning processes and achievement. This research focuses on a comparative analysis of the preferences of English learning styles and teaching techniques perceived by students from Thailand and Vietnam, and the teaching styles and techniques practiced by their instructors. The purposes were 1 to investigate the learning styles and teaching techniques students from both countries preferred, 2 to investigate the compatibility of the teaching styles and techniques practiced by instructors and those preferred by the students, 3 to specify the learning styles and teaching techniques students with high level of English proficiency preferred, and 4 to investigate the similarities of Thai and Vietnamese students’ preferences for learning styles and teaching techniques. The sample consisted of two main groups: 1 undergraduate students from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB, Thailand and Thai Nguyen University (TNU, Vietnam and 2 English instructors from both institutions. The instruments employed comprised the Students’ Preferred English Learning Style and Teaching Technique Questionnaire and the Teachers’ Practiced English Teaching Style and Technique Questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed using arithmetic means and standard deviation. The findings can contribute to the curriculum development and assist teachers to teach outside their comfort level to match the students’ preferred learning styles. In addition, the findings could better promote the courses provided for students. By understanding the learning style make-up of the students enrolled in the courses, faculty can adjust their modes of content delivery to match student preferences and maximize

  16. Effects of soil moisture,nitrogen and superabsorbent polymers on water and nitrogen use of arabica coffee%水、氮和保水剂对小粒咖啡水氮利用的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘小刚; 殷欣; 符娜; 杨启良; 杨新荣


    To explore the optimal mode of water and nitrogen management and effective utilization of young arabica coffee tree,using two water levels,i.e.middle water WM,65%~80%of soil field ca-pacity (FC)and low water (WL,50%~65%FC),three nitrogen levels,i.e.high nitrogen (NH, 0.4 g/kg air-dried soil),low nitrogen (NL,0.20 g/kg air-dried soil)and no nitrogen (NZ,0),two SAP levels,i.e.added SAP (SH,1 kg/m3)and no SAP (SZ,0),the effects of soil moisture,nitro-gen and superabsorbent polymers (SAP)on accumulation of water and nitrogen,dry mass production and use of water as well as nitrogen in root-zone of young arabica coffee tree were studied.The results show that,compared to WL ,WM can increase total dry mass,water use efficiency (WUE),total nitro-gen uptake (TNU)and nitrogen dry matter production efficiency (NDMPE)by 86.0%,36.4%, 73.1% and 5 .3%,respectively.Compared to NZ ,NL and NH has the same effect on WUE and TNU increment.Compared to SZ ,SH can increase soil NO3--N content,total dry mass,WUE and TNU by 21.9% ~43.0%,78.3%,68.9% and 91.2%,respectively,while NDMPE is redued by 10.0%.Under the condition of middle water (65% ~80%FC)and low nitrogen (0.2 g/kg dry soil),SAPcan effectively regulate soil moisture and nitrogen environment,and can promote dry mass productionand increase water and nitrogen use efficiency.Therefore,WMNLSH is the optimum combination of wa-ter and nitrogen efficient use in the experiment.%为探求小粒咖啡幼树的最佳水氮管理及高效利用模式,通过2种灌水水平(中水(WM,65%~80%FC)和低水(WL,50%~65%FC))、3种施氮水平(高氮(NH,0.40g/kg),低氮(NL,0.20g/kg)和无氮(NZ,0))和2种保水剂水平(有保(SH,1kg/m3)和无保(SZ,0))的完全处理组合,研究灌水、氮素营养及保水剂对小粒咖啡幼树根区土壤水氮累积、干物质生产和水氮吸收利用的影响.研究表明:和WL相比,WM提高总干物质量、水分利用率、

  17. Славянофильский подтекст романа А. Платонова Чевенгур | Slavianofiliškos A. Platonovo romano “Čevenguras” potekstės

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Александр Дырдин


    Full Text Available Straipsnyje nagrinėjamas filosofinis A. Platonovo romanas „Čevenguras“ ir analizuojama šio rašytojo kaip slavianofilų įpėdinio pozicija, kadangi slavianofiliškos pažiūros romane pateikiamos įvairiuose kontekstuose, kurių loginė jungtis skirtinga. Kaip ir slavianofilai, A. Platonovas siekia atskleisti objektyvią pasaulio esmę, apjungdamas prigimtį ir dvasingumą. Rašytojo pasaulėjauta susisiekia su slavianofiliškomis pažiūromis jo pastangoje išskirti rusišką liaudiško tiesos ieškotojo tipą, akumuliavusį savyje tikėjimą „kaip proto galią“ (A. Chomiakovas. Romane „Čevenguras“ A. Platonovas pavaizdavo įvairias nacionalinio charakterio apraiškas ir sukūrė apibendrintą ruso stačiatikio paveikslą. Straipsnio autorius daro prielaidą, kad unikalios dvasinės rusų liaudies ir kultūros misijos idėjos samprata galima apibūdinti, nors ir ne visai išsamiai, kūrybinę A. Platonovo filosofiją.

  18. The Marketing Challenges in the Big Data Age

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marsy Dayanna Ortiz Morales


    Full Text Available This paper highlights four marketing challenges that companies face in the digital age, considering the strategic, technological and tactical approach; its aim is helping organizations, especially marketing departments, to make better decisions implementing analytical data. The first part of the article presents the definition and evolution of marketing from the industrial revolution, with its focus on the product and mass production, to the current consumer-focused marketing and customer needs, which look for differentiation and customization of both products and services based on technological advances and the various accesses to information. The second part specifies what Big Data, data volumes, data types and sources are; and it also points out what analytical data (data analytics is. The third part outlines the description of marketing today, and how the services of Web 2.0 (social networks, RSS, fast messaging technologies, videos, instant messaging, wikis, blogs, etc. and their theoretical underpinnings help client acquisition and loyalty, and branding. Finally, the article expounds the four challenges for companies in the current digital age: 6V challenge (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, value and visualization; the strategic, technological and operational challenges in organizations; marketing trends; and measuring ROMI (return on marketing investment. 

  19. BlueSeis3A - full characterization of a 3C broadband rotational ground motion sensor for seismology (United States)

    Bernauer, Felix; Wassermann, Joachim; Frenois, Arnaud; Krissou, Rahma; Bigueur, Alexandre; Gaillot, Arnaud; de Toldi, Elliot; Ponceau, Damien; Guattari, Frederic; Igel, Heiner


    In this contribution we present a full characterization of the first three component interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope (IFOG) especially designed for the needs of seismology. The sensor is called BlueSeis3A and is manufactured by iXBlue, France. It is developed in the framework of the European Research Council Project, ROMY (Rotational motions - a new observable for seismology). To fully explore the benefits of this new seismic observable especially in the fields of volcanology, ocean bottom seismology and geophysical exploration, a portable rotational motion sensor has to fulfill certain requirements regarding dynamic range, portability, power consumption and sensitivity to changes in ambient temperature and magnetic field. For BlueSeis3A, power consumption is in an acceptable range for a portable and field deployable instrument. We will quantify sensor self noise by means of operating range diagrams as well as Allan variance and show results from tests on thermal and magnetic sensitivity. Tests on orthogonality and sensitivity to linear motion complete our full characterization.

  20. The case for 6-component ground motion observations in planetary seismology (United States)

    Joshi, Rakshit; van Driel, Martin; Donner, Stefanie; Nunn, Ceri; Wassermann, Joachim; Igel, Heiner


    The imminent INSIGHT mission will place a single seismic station on Mars to learn more about the structure of the Martian interior. Due to cost and difficulty, only single stations are currently feasible for planetary missions. We show that future single station missions should also measure rotational ground motions, in addition to the classic 3 components of translational motion. The joint, collocated, 6 component (6C) observations offer access to additional information that can otherwise only be obtained through seismic array measurements or are associated with large uncertainties. An example is the access to local phase velocity information from measurements of amplitude ratios of translations and rotations. When surface waves are available, this implies (in principle) that 1D velocity models can be estimated from Love wave dispersion curves. In addition, rotational ground motion observations can distinguish between Love and Rayleigh waves as well as S and P type motions. Wave propagation directions can be estimated by maximizing (or minimizing) coherence between translational and rotational motions. In combination with velocity-depth estimates, locations of seismic sources can be determined from a single station with little or no prior knowledge of the velocity structure. We demonstrate these points with both theoretical and real data examples using the vertical component of motion from ring laser recordings at Wettzell and all components of motion from the ROMY ring near Munich. Finally, we present the current state of technology concerning portable rotation sensors and discuss the relevance to planetary seismology.

  1. Integral marketing auditing: Basic features

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rakić Mira


    Full Text Available Instead of emphasize the "primacy of planning" in management process marketing control should be viewed as an activity that counterbalances marketing planning and strategy, and not as a "post hoc" adjunct to the planning function. Rather, it is a separate marketing function, which by continuously checking on the validity of plans, provides time and flexibility to an organization. Therefore, in this view, marketing planning and control are counterbalances processes which are performed simultaneously. The essence of feedback control is a measurement of the actual and desired states after action has been taken, and a subsequent correction of activities. In feedforward control the activities are corrected by predicting whether current activities would lead to desired states. The single most important reason why feedforward control is different from feedback control is that its use of information is prognostic. While feedback control tries to solve problems that have occurred, feedforward control tries to discover problems waiting to occur. It is also important to distinguish between financial non-financial and multiple control. Financial control of marketing activities involves control of sales revenue, profitability and return on marketing investment (ROMI. Non-financial control of marketing activities consists of control market share, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, brand equity and customer equity. Key components of multiple control marketing activities are control of efficiency, effectiveness and marketing audit. Marketing performance measures have moved in three consistent directions over the years: from financial to non-financial output measures, from output to input measures and from undimensional to multidimensional measures.

  2. Analysis of Waste Water Treatment in Kaduna Refining and Petrochemicals Corporation (KRPC (NNPC Kaduna Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. (Mrs. Bertha Abdu Danja


    Full Text Available Scientific data and results have to be accurate, precise and reliable and are subject to ever increasing scrutiny by regulators in industry, the environment and medicine, in validation and also in research and development. Given our numerous environmental problems, the need for accurate, precise and reliable results cannot be overemphasized in environmental pollution control. This research was undertaken by visiting the analytical laboratory involved in environmental pollution control in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC Kaduna which is known as Kaduna Refining and Petrochemicals (KRPC. Results were taken within a span of three years at different times of the year. End of month results were also taken for the two receiving rivers (River Kaduna & Romi River and effluent from the refinery. The waste water was analyzed using available instruments in the Refinery such as PH meter, Dissolved Oxygen (DO Meter, Conductivity Meter, Gas chromatography, burette, pipette, Double beam Spectrometer, and Thermometer. The results showed that many parameters meet the standard of limit set by the Nigerian Standard Organization but there are many vital parameters whose limits are very low but not measured for lack of instruments. The point of concern here becomes the availability of suitable analytical instruments for quality control in the waste water treatment.

  3. The fiber optic gyroscope - a portable rotational ground motion sensor (United States)

    Wassermann, J. M.; Bernauer, F.; Guattari, F.; Igel, H.


    It was already shown that a portable broadband rotational ground motion sensor will have large impact on several fields of seismological research such as volcanology, marine geophysics, seismic tomography and planetary seismology. Here, we present results of tests and experiments with one of the first broadband rotational motion sensors available. BlueSeis-3A, is a fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) especially designed for the needs of seismology, developed by iXBlue, France, in close collaboration with researchers financed by the European Research council project ROMY (Rotational motions - a new observable for seismology). We first present the instrument characteristics which were estimated by different standard laboratory tests, e.g. self noise using operational range diagrams or Allan deviation. Next we present the results of a field experiment which was designed to demonstrate the value of a 6C measurement (3 components of translation and 3 components of rotation). This field test took place at Mt. Stromboli volcano, Italy, and is accompanied by seismic array installation to proof the FOG output against more commonly known array derived rotation. As already shown with synthetic data an additional direct measurement of three components of rotation can reduce the ambiguity in source mechanism estimation and can be taken to correct for dynamic tilt of the translational sensors (i.e. seismometers). We can therefore demonstrate that the deployment of a weak motion broadband rotational motion sensor is in fact producing superior results by a reduction of the number of deployed instruments.

  4. Women's involvement in population and development policies. (United States)

    Siqueira Wiarda, I


    Too many development and family planning policymakers have regarded women as target consumers rather than as active participants in their own development. Women need more than contraceptives. They need opportunities to learn income-generating skills, to develop leadership, and to be involved in the choice of contraceptives. 2 examples of women's development are cited from Brazil. Romy Medeiros da Fonseca, lawyer and President of the National Council of Women, fights for women's rights to a full range of state-financed family planning services and liberalized abortion laws. Abortion in Brazil is available to those who can afford it. The Servicio de Orientacao da Familia (SOF) was founded in 1963 by professional women in Sao Paulo. In their pleasant clinic, women are seen by nurses, doctors, social workers, and psychologists. A monthly publication details upcoming events which include sewing, handicraft lessons, and literacy courses. In 1979 the 3,000 members used over 25,000 services from the clinic. Much of the professional staff volunteers their time. The "global approach" to women's development is endorsed by numerous women leaders of various ideological persuasions. Clients pay according to their ability. The organization receives little or no money other than from its members. In the 1980's planning, legislating, organizing and implementing programs will be done by women as agents and participants, not as passive consumers.

  5. 补肾活血方对骨关节炎软骨细胞低氧诱导因子-1αmRNA的影响%Experiment Research on the Influence of Bushen Huoxue Recipe on Hypoxia Inducible Factor-la mRNA Expression in Chondrocytes of Osteoarthritis Rats

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘洪江; 韩清民; 刘海全; 梁组建


    Objective To study the influence of Bushen Huoxue Recipe (BHR) on hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-lα) mRNA expression in chandrocytes of osteoarthritis (OA) rats. Methods Thirty-two SD rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: normal group, model group, BHR group, and celecoxib group. The OA models were established by using Hulth method. The sections were stained with Safranin O for histological examination under light microscope. The cartilaginous histological characteristics of each sample were evaluated according to the scoring method of Mankin. Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR was used to detect the expression of HIF-lα mRNA in each group. Results The results of Safranin O staining showed that Mankin score was increased in the model group (P < O. 05 compared with that in the normal group). Mankin score was decreased or undetectable in BHR group (P <0. 05 compared with that in celecoxib group and the model group). HIF-lα mRNA expression was increased in the model group (P <0. 01 compared with that in the normal group), and was decreased in BHR group (P <0. 05 compared with that in celecoxib group and the model group). Conclusion BHR can delay the development of OA probably by inhibiting the up-regulation of HIF-Iα mRNA expression.%[目的]观察补肾活血方对骨关节炎软骨细胞中低氧诱导因子(HIF)-1α mRNA表达的影响.[方法]32只SD大鼠随机分为正常组、模型组、中药组、塞来昔布组(西药组),每组8只,按照Hulth法复制膝骨关节炎模型,取关节软骨,对关节软骨病理切片采用Safranin O染色,光镜下观察,进行Mankin评分,并采用实时荧光定量聚合酶链反应检测各组HIF-1α mRNA的表达.[结果]模型组Safranin O染色的Mankin评分较正常组显著升高(P<0.05);中药组Safranin O染色减少或缺失程度较西药组、模型组轻,差异有显著性意义(均P<0.05).模型组HIF-1αmRNA 表达较正常组升高,差异有显著性意义(P<0.01);中药组HIF-1αm

  6. Transinfection of rabbit knee osteoarthritis models via chitosan microsphere as gene carriers with recombined human IL-IRa gene and TGF-β1 gene%壳聚糖微球转染人IL-1Ra与TGF-β1基因治疗兔骨关节炎

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    温小粤; 卢华定; 蔡道章; 陈郁鲜; 王昆; 曾春


    目的 探讨壳聚糖微球转染人IL-1Ra与TGF-β1基因治疗兔膝关节早期骨关节炎的方法与效果.方法 制备分别包裹IL-1Ra质粒DNA和TGF-β1质粒DNA的壳聚糖微球缓释系统,分组向兔膝关节早期骨关节炎模型关节腔注射含IL-1Ra基因和(或)TGF-β1基因的壳聚糖微球、不含上述基因的壳聚糖溶液,定期处死,使用ELISA检测关节腔灌洗液的IL-1Ra、TGF-β1浓度,取关节标本Mankin评分、苏木精-伊红(HE)染色、番红O染色及免疫组化检测.结果 经过60 d观察,壳聚糖微球转染基因组的IL-1Ra与TGF-β1的基因可持续表达,双基因组的软骨标本从外观、染色观察,损伤程度轻于单基因组.双基因组的Mankin评分明显低于单基因组(P<0.05),单基因组的Mankin评分明显低于空白组(P<0.05).结论 关节腔注射壳聚糖微球转染IL-1Ra与TGF-β1基因能抑制软骨的退变和促进软骨的修复.%Objective To explore the method and effect of transinfection of rabbit early knee osteoarthritis models via chitosan microsphere with gene of recombined human IL-1Ra gene and TGF-β1 gene. Methods Chitosan microspheres with plasmids of IL-1Ra gene and TGF-β1 gene, and rabbit early knee osteoarthritis models were prepared. Rabbits in different groups had intra-articular injections of chitosan microsphere containing IL-1Ra gene and / or TGF-β1 gene, and chitosan solution as control group before being executed regularly and randomly. The joint specimens were evaluated by HE staining, lycopene red O staining and immunohistochemical analysis and Mankin's score. ELISA was used for detection of IL-IRa and TGF-β1 concentration of articular cavity fluid in each group. Results The control group was consistent with the pathological changes of early OA. In co-transinfection group, judging from the appearance and staining of cartilage,the OA damage of the specimens was less serious than other groups'. Its Mankin's score was significantly lower than

  7. Site-specific analysis of gene expression in early osteoarthritis using the Pond-Nuki model in dogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuroki Keiichi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Osteoarthritis (OA is a progressive and debilitating disease that often develops from a focal lesion and may take years to clinically manifest to a complete loss of joint structure and function. Currently, there is not a cure for OA, but early diagnosis and initiation of treatment may dramatically improve the prognosis and quality of life for affected individuals. This study was designed to determine the feasibility of analyzing changes in gene expression of articular cartilage using the Pond-Nuki model two weeks after ACL-transection in dogs, and to characterize the changes observed at this time point. Methods The ACL of four dogs was completely transected arthroscopically, and the contralateral limb was used as the non-operated control. After two weeks the dogs were euthanatized and tissues harvested from the tibial plateau and femoral condyles of both limbs. Two dogs were used for histologic analysis and Mankin scoring. From the other two dogs the surface of the femoral condyle and tibial plateau were divided into four regions each, and tissues were harvested from each region for biochemical (GAG and HP and gene expression analysis. Significant changes in gene expression were determined using REST-XL, and Mann-Whitney rank sum test was used to analyze biochemical data. Significance was set at (p Results Significant differences were not observed between ACL-X and control limbs for Mankin scores or GAG and HP tissue content. Further, damage to the tissue was not observed grossly by India ink staining. However, significant changes in gene expression were observed between ACL-X and control tissues from each region analyzed, and indicate that a unique regional gene expression profile for impending ACL-X induced joint pathology may be identified in future studies. Conclusion The data obtained from this study lend credence to the research approach and model for the characterization of OA, and the identification and validation of

  8. Cartilage collagen damage in hip osteoarthritis similar to that seen in knee osteoarthritis; a case–control study of relationship between collagen, glycosaminoglycan and cartilage swelling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hosseininia Shahrzad


    Full Text Available Abstract Background It remains to be shown whether OA shares molecular similarities between different joints in humans. This study provides evidence for similarities in cartilage molecular damage in osteoarthritic (OA joints. Methods Articular cartilage from osteoarthritic hip joints were analysed and compared to non-OA controls regarding collagen, glycosaminoglycan and water content. Femoral heads from 16 osteoarthritic (OA and 20 reference patients were obtained from hip replacement surgery due to OA and femoral neck fracture, respectively. Cartilage histological changes were assessed by Mankin grading and denatured collagen type II immunostaining and cartilage was extracted by α-chymotrypsin. Hydroxyproline and Alcian blue binding assays were used to measure collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG content, respectively. Results Mankin and immunohistology scores were significantly higher in hip OA samples than in reference samples. Cartilage water content was 6% higher in OA samples than in references. 2.5 times more collagen was extracted from OA than from reference samples. There was a positive association between water content and percentage of extractable collagen pool (ECP in both groups. The amounts of collagen per wet and dry weights did not differ statistically between OA and reference cartilage. % Extractable collagen was not related to collagen per dry weight in either group. However when collagen was expressed by wet weight there was a negative correlation between % extractable and collagen in OA cartilage. The amount of GAG per wet weight was similar in both groups but the amount of GAG per dry weight was higher in OA samples compared to reference samples, which suggests a capacity for GAG biosynthesis in hip OA cartilage. Neither of the studied parameters was related to age in either group. Conclusions Increased collagen extractability and water content in human hip cartilage is associated with OA pathology and can be observed at

  9. 关节腔内注射5氟脲嘧啶对兔膝关节炎的疗效评价%Evaluation of intraarticular 5Fu injection in the treatment of rabbit osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王巨; 李伟; 肖德明; 伍晓


    目的 评价关节腔内注射5氟脲嘧啶(5Fu)对兔膝骨性关节炎的疗效.方法 24只兔制成骨关节炎模型动物后随机分成5Fu组、透明质酸(HA)组和对照组3组,5Fu组按2mg/kg关节腔内注射,HA组关节腔内注射HA,对照组注射等量的生理盐水,每周一次连续4次,最后一次治疗后1周处死.观察3组滑膜、软骨组织的光镜改变及MMP-1免疫组化改变,比较关节液、血液中IL-1 β的浓度及Mankin's评分.结果 5Fu组较之HA组、对照组,软骨病理片显示软骨细胞凋亡减少,软骨基质结构完整、黏多糖含量多;滑膜细胞减少,滑膜下层的纤维增生减轻;血、膝关节滑液IL-1浓度降低(P<0.01),关节软骨中MMP-1表达明显减弱(P<0.01),Mankin's评分有明显改善(P<0.01).结论 关节腔内注射5Fu治疗兔膝关节炎能减轻骨性关节炎的病理过程,保护软骨基质,减轻了滑膜增生,它可能成为治疗骨性关节炎一种新的药物.

  10. 降钙素预防兔颞下颌关节创伤性骨关节病的实验研究%Experimental study of the effect of salmon calcitonin on post-traumatic osteoarthrosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    闫春歌; 张志光; 苏凯; 匡世军


    Objective: To study the effect of salmon calcitonin on post-traumatic osteoarthrosis in rabbit model.Methods: Post-traumatic osteoarthrosis model was created in 12 New Zealand rabbits.In the treatment group(n =6) salmon calcitonin at 3 μg/kg was given daily for 4 weeks.In the control group( n = 6) normal salin was used.Then the animals were sacrificed, the TMJs were examined by histopathological detections including HE and toluidine blue staining.Modified Mankin's score was used to evaluate the histological change.Results: The histological scores of the control group and treatment group were 9.1 ± 2.7 and 4.2 ± 1.3 respectively ( P < 0.05 ).Conclusion: Salmon calcitonin may be effective in the prevention of TMJ post-traumatic osteoarthrosis.%目的:探讨降钙素对颞下颌关节创伤性骨关节病的预防作用.方法:新西兰大白兔12 只制作颞下颌关节创伤性骨关节病模型,随机分为2 组:降钙素治疗组,对照组.切取TMJ,HE、甲苯胺蓝染色后,组织病理学观察,组织学评分采用改良的Mankin's计分方法.结果:对照组呈现骨关节病表现,治疗组见软骨修复现象.治疗组和对照组组织学评分分别为4.2±1.3、9.1±2.7(P<0.05).结论:降钙素能延缓外伤所致TMJ创伤性骨关节病的发生且明显降低软骨退变的程度.

  11. Coincidence or not? Interconnected gas/fluid migration and ocean-atmosphere oscillations in the Levant Basin (United States)

    Lazar, Michael; Lang, Guy; Schattner, Uri


    A growing number of studies on shallow marine gas/fluid systems from across the globe indicate their abundance throughout geological epochs. However, these episodic events have not been fully integrated into the fundamental concepts of continental margin development, which are thought to be dictated by three elements: tectonics, sedimentation and eustasy. The current study focuses on the passive sector of the Levant Basin on the eastern Mediterranean continental margin where these elements are well constrained, in order to isolate the contribution of gas/fluid systems. Single-channel, multichannel and 3D seismic reflection data are interpreted in terms of variance, chaos, envelope and sweetness attributes. Correlation with the Romi-1 borehole and sequence boundaries constrains interpretation of seismic stratigraphy. Results show a variety of fluid- or gas-related features such as seafloor and subsurface pockmarks, volumes of acoustic blanking, bright spots, conic pinnacle mounds, gas chimneys and high sweetness zones that represent possible secondary reservoirs. It is suggested that gas/fluid migrate upwards along lithological conduits such as falling-stage systems tracts and sequence boundaries during both highstands and lowstands. In all, 13 mid-late Pleistocene sequence boundaries are accompanied by independent evidence of 13 eustatic sea-level drops. Whether this connection is coincidental or not requires further research. These findings fill gaps between previously reported sporadic appearances throughout the Levant Basin and margin and throughout geological time from the Messinian until the present day, and create a unified framework for understanding the system as a whole. Repetitive appearance of these features suggests that their role in the morphodynamics of continental margins is more important than previously thought and thus may constitute one of the key elements of continental margin development.

  12. Portable sensor technology for rotational ground motions (United States)

    Bernauer, Felix; Wassermann, Joachim; Guattari, Frédéric; Igel, Heiner


    In this contribution we present performance characteristics of a single component interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope (IFOG). The prototype sensor is provided by iXBlue, France. It is tested in the framework of the European Research Council Project, ROMY (Rotational motions - a new observable for seismology), on its applicability as a portable and field-deployable sensor for rotational ground motions. To fully explore the benefits of this new seismic observable especially in the fields of vulcanology, ocean generated noise and geophysical exploration, such a sensor has to fulfill certain requirements regarding portability, power consumption, time stamping stability and dynamic range. With GPS-synchronized time stamping and miniseed output format, data acquisition is customized for the use in seismology. Testing time stamping accuracy yields a time shift of less than 0.0001 s and a correlation coefficient of 0.99 in comparison to a commonly used data acquisition system, Reftek 120. Sensor self-noise is below 5.0 ṡ 10-8 rads-1Hz-1/2 for a frequency band from 0.001 Hz to 5.0 Hz. Analysis of Allan deviation shows an angle random walk of 3.5 ṡ 10-8 rads-1Hz-1/2. Additionally, the operating range diagram is shown and ambient noise analysis is performed. The sensitivity of sensor self-noise to variations in surrounding temperature and magnetic field is tested in laboratory experiments. With a power consumption of less than 10 W, the whole system (single component sensor + data acquisition) is appropriate for field use with autonomous power supply.

  13. Macroscopical, Histological, and In Vitro Characterization of Nonosteoarthritic Versus Osteoarthritic Hip Joint Cartilage (United States)

    Badendick, Jessica; Godkin, Owen; Kohl, Benjamin; Meier, Carola; Jagielski, Michal; Huang, Zhao; Arens, Stephan; Schneider, Tobias; Schulze-Tanzil, Gundula


    Osteoarthritis (OA) might affect chondrocyte culture characteristics and complement expression. Therefore, this study addressed the interrelation between macroscopical and microscopical structure, complement expression, and chondrocyte culture characteristics in non-OA and OA cartilage. Femoral head cartilage samples harvested from patients with femoral neck fractures (FNFs) and OA were analyzed for macroscopical alterations using an in-house scoring system, graded histologically (Mankin score), and immunolabeled for complement regulatory proteins (CRPs) and receptors. Morphology of monolayer cultured chondrocytes isolated from a subset of samples was assessed. The macroscopical score distinguished the FNF and OA cartilage samples and correlated significantly with the histological results. Chondrocyte phenotype from FNF or OA cartilage differed. Complement receptor C5aR, CRPs CD55 and CD59, and weakly receptor C3AR were detected in the investigated FNF and OA cartilage, except for CD46, which was detected in only two of the five investigated donors. The in-house score also allows inexperienced observers to distinguish non-OA and OA cartilage for experimental purposes. PMID:27158224

  14. Immunohistological Localization of BMP-2, BMP-7, and Their Receptors in Knee Joints with Focal Cartilage Lesions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hagen Schmal


    Full Text Available Introduction. Although it is well known that BMP-2 and BMP-7 play significant roles in cartilage metabolism, data about intra-articular expression and localization of these proteins and their receptors in humans are rare. Methods. Biopsies of synovia and debrided cartilage were taken in patients undergoing autologous chondrocyte implantation. Expression of BMP-2, BMP-7, and their receptors BMPR-1A, BMPR-1B and BMPR-2 were semiquantitatively evaluated by immunohistological staining. Results. BMP-7 was equally highly expressed in all cartilage and synovial biopsies. Increased levels of BMPR-1A, but not of BMPR-1B, and BMPR-2, were found in all synovial and 47% of all cartilage samples (P=0.002. BMP-2 was positively scored in 47% of all cartilage and 40% of all synovial specimens. Defect size, KOSS, Henderson or Kellgren-Lawrence score did not statistically significant correlate with the expression of the analyzed proteins or Mankin and Pritzker scores. Duration of symptoms and localization of lesions were associated with KOSS (P<0.02, but there was no influence of these parameters on protein expression. Conclusions. BMP-2, BMP-7, and BMPR-1A were expressed in cartilage and synovia of knees with focal cartilage lesions. Although defect localization and duration of symptoms decisively influence KOSS, there was no associated alteration of protein expression observed.

  15. ESWT and alendronate sodium demonstrate equal protective effects in osteoarthritis of the knee (United States)

    Wang, Ching-Jen; Chou, Wen-Yi; Hsu, Shan-Ling; Huang, Chien-Yiu; Cheng, Jai-Hong


    This study compared the effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) and alendronate sodium (alendronate) in osteoarthritis (OA) of rat knees. The control group was subjected to a sham surgery and did not receive either ESWT or alendronate treatment. The OA group underwent anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) and medial meniscectomy (MM) surgery and did not receive either ESWT or alendronate. The ESWT group underwent ACLT and MM surgery and received ESWT after the surgery. The alendronate group received alendronate after ACLT and MM surgery. The evaluations included radiograph, bone mineral density (BMD), serum C-telopeptide collagen II (CTX-II), cartilage oligomeric protein (COMP), alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin, histopathological examination and immunohistochemical analysis. Radiographs at 12 weeks showed pronounced OA changes in the OA group. The BMD values, CTX-II, COMP, alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin showed no significant difference between ESWT and alendronate groups. In histopathology, the Mankin and Safranin O scores significantly increased in the OA, ESWT and alendronate groups, but without any significant difference between the ESWT and alendronate groups. In immunohistochemical analysis, the von Willebrand factor (vWF), vascular endothelial factor (VEGF), soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule (sVCAM), proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2), and osteocalcin expressions in articular cartilage and subchondral bone showed a significant decrease in the OA group, but no difference was noted between the ESWT and alendronate groups. In conclusion, ESWT and alendronate sodium demonstrate equal protective effects from developing osteoarthritis of the knee in rats.

  16. Decrease in the expression of the type 1 PTH/PTHrP receptor (PTH1R on chondrocytes in animals with osteoarthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Skwara Adrian


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To evaluate the expression of the type 1 PTH/PTHrP receptor (PTH1R on chondrocytes from hyaline cartilage over the course of osteoarthritis (OA. Methods In 12 NZW rabbits, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL was resected to create anterior instability of the knee. In 12 control rabbits, only a sham operation, without resection of the ACL, was performed. Four animals from each group were killed at 3, 6, and 12 weeks. After opening the knee joint, OA was macroscopically graded and hyaline cartilage of the load-bearing area was evaluated histologically according to the Mankin scale and by immunostaining for PTH1R. Results There was a positive linear correlation between the time after surgery and the macroscopic and histologic OA scores. The scores in the control group were constant over the time course. Immunostaining showed significantly less expression of PTH1R in the experimental compared to the control group after 6 (P Conclusions The results show an in vivo decrease in the expression of PTH1R on chondrocytes over the time course of OA. Further studies are needed to evaluate whether new treatment approaches could evolve from this knowledge.

  17. Evaluation of cartilage degeneration in a rat model of rotator cuff tear arthropathy. (United States)

    Kramer, Erik J; Bodendorfer, Blake M; Laron, Dominique; Wong, Jason; Kim, Hubert T; Liu, Xuhui; Feeley, Brian T


    Rotator cuff tears are the most common injury seen by shoulder surgeons. Glenohumeral osteoarthritis develops in many late-stage rotator cuff tear patients as a result of torn cuff tendons, termed "cuff tear arthropathy." However, the mechanisms of cuff tear arthropathy have not been fully established. It has been hypothesized that a combination of synovial and mechanical factors contribute equally to the development of cuff tear arthropathy. The goal of this study was to assess the utility of this model in investigating cuff tear arthropathy. We used a rat model that accurately reflects rotator cuff muscle degradation after massive rotator cuff tears through either infraspinatus and supraspinatus tenotomy or suprascapular nerve transection. Using a modified Mankin scoring system, we found significant glenohumeral cartilage damage after both rotator cuff tenotomy and suprascapular nerve transection after only 12 weeks. Cartilage degeneration was similar between groups and was present on both the humeral head and the glenoid. Denervation of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles without opening the joint capsule caused cartilage degeneration similar to that found in the tendon transection group. Our results suggest that altered mechanical loading after rotator cuff tears is the primary factor in cartilage degeneration after rotator cuff tears. Clinically, understanding the process of cartilage degeneration after rotator cuff injury will help guide treatment decisions in the setting of rotator cuff tears. Basic science study, animal model. Copyright © 2013 Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Board of Trustees. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Hyaline cartilage degenerates after autologous osteochondral transplantation. (United States)

    Tibesku, C O; Szuwart, T; Kleffner, T O; Schlegel, P M; Jahn, U R; Van Aken, H; Fuchs, S


    Autologous osteochondral grafting is a well-established clinical procedure to treat focal cartilage defects in patients, although basic research on this topic remains sparse. The aim of the current study was to evaluate (1) histological changes of transplanted hyaline cartilage of osteochondral grafts and (2) the tissue that connects the transplanted cartilage with the adjacent cartilage in a sheep model. Both knee joints of four sheep were opened surgically and osteochondral grafts were harvested and simultaneously transplanted to the contralateral femoral condyle. The animals were sacrificed after three months and the received knee joints were evaluated histologically. Histological evaluation showed a complete ingrowth of the osseous part of the osteochondral grafts. A healing or ingrowth at the level of the cartilage could not be observed. Histological evaluation of the transplanted grafts according to Mankin revealed significantly more and more severe signs of degeneration than the adjacent cartilage, such as cloning of chondrocytes and irregularities of the articular surface. We found no connecting tissue between the transplanted and the adjacent cartilage and histological signs of degeneration of the transplanted hyaline cartilage. In the light of these findings, long-term results of autologous osteochondral grafts in human beings have to be followed critically.

  19. Cartilage damage involving extrusion of mineralisable matrix from the articular calcified cartilage and subchondral bone

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Boyde


    Full Text Available Arthropathy of the distal articular surfaces of the third metacarpal (Mc3 and metatarsal (Mt3 bones in the Thoroughbred racehorse (Tb is a natural model of repetitive overload arthrosis. We describe a novel pathology that affects the articular calcified cartilage (ACC and subchondral bone (SCB and which is associated with hyaline articular cartilage degeneration.Parasagittal slices cut from the palmar quadrant of the distal condyles of the left Mc3/Mt3 of 39 trained Tbs euthanased for welfare reasons were imaged by point projection microradiography, and backscattered electron (BSE scanning electron microscopy (SEM, light microscopy, and confocal scanning light microscopy. Mechanical properties were studied by nanoindentation. Data on the horses' training and racing career were also collected.Highly mineralised projections were observed extending from cracks in the ACC mineralising front into the hyaline articular cartilage (HAC up to two-thirds the thickness of the HAC, and were associated with focal HAC surface fibrillation directly overlying their site. Nanoindentation identified this extruded matrix to be stiffer than any other mineralised phase in the specimen by a factor of two. The presence of projections was associated with a higher cartilage Mankin histology score (P < 0.02 and increased amounts of gross cartilage loss pathologically on the condyle (P < 0.02. Presence of projections was not significantly associated with: total number of racing seasons, age of horse, amount of earnings, number of days in training, total distance galloped in career, or presence of wear lines.

  20. Co-Expression and Co-Localization of Cartilage Glycoproteins CHI3L1 and Lubricin in Osteoarthritic Cartilage: Morphological, Immunohistochemical and Gene Expression Profiles. (United States)

    Szychlinska, Marta Anna; Trovato, Francesca Maria; Di Rosa, Michelino; Malaguarnera, Lucia; Puzzo, Lidia; Leonardi, Rosy; Castrogiovanni, Paola; Musumeci, Giuseppe


    Osteoarthritis is the most common human arthritis characterized by degeneration of articular cartilage. Several studies reported that levels of human cartilage glycoprotein chitinase 3-like-1 (CHI3L1) are known as a potential marker for the activation of chondrocytes and the progression of Osteoarthritis (OA), whereas lubricin appears to be chondroprotective. The aim of this study was to investigate the co-expression and co-localization of CHI3L1 and lubricin in normal and osteoarthritic rat articular cartilage to correlate their modified expression to a specific grade of OA. Samples of normal and osteoarthritic rat articular cartilage were analyzed by the Kellgren-Lawrence OA severity scores, the Kraus' modified Mankin score and the Histopathology Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) system for histomorphometric evaluations, and through CHI3L1 and lubricin gene expression, immunohistochemistry and double immuno-staining analysis. The immunoexpression and the mRNA levels of lubricin increased in normal cartilage and decreased in OA cartilage (normal vs. OA, p < 0.01). By contrast, the immunoexpression and the mRNA levels of CHI3L1 increased in OA cartilage and decreased in normal cartilage (normal vs. OA, p < 0.01). Our findings are consistent with reports suggesting that these two glycoproteins are functionally associated with the development of OA and in particular with grade 2/3 of OA, suggesting that in the future they could be helpful to stage the severity and progression of the disease.

  1. Co-Expression and Co-Localization of Cartilage Glycoproteins CHI3L1 and Lubricin in Osteoarthritic Cartilage: Morphological, Immunohistochemical and Gene Expression Profiles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Anna Szychlinska


    Full Text Available Osteoarthritis is the most common human arthritis characterized by degeneration of articular cartilage. Several studies reported that levels of human cartilage glycoprotein chitinase 3-like-1 (CHI3L1 are known as a potential marker for the activation of chondrocytes and the progression of Osteoarthritis (OA, whereas lubricin appears to be chondroprotective. The aim of this study was to investigate the co-expression and co-localization of CHI3L1 and lubricin in normal and osteoarthritic rat articular cartilage to correlate their modified expression to a specific grade of OA. Samples of normal and osteoarthritic rat articular cartilage were analyzed by the Kellgren–Lawrence OA severity scores, the Kraus’ modified Mankin score and the Histopathology Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI system for histomorphometric evaluations, and through CHI3L1 and lubricin gene expression, immunohistochemistry and double immuno-staining analysis. The immunoexpression and the mRNA levels of lubricin increased in normal cartilage and decreased in OA cartilage (normal vs. OA, p < 0.01. By contrast, the immunoexpression and the mRNA levels of CHI3L1 increased in OA cartilage and decreased in normal cartilage (normal vs. OA, p < 0.01. Our findings are consistent with reports suggesting that these two glycoproteins are functionally associated with the development of OA and in particular with grade 2/3 of OA, suggesting that in the future they could be helpful to stage the severity and progression of the disease.

  2. Pathology of the calcified zone of articular cartilage in post-traumatic osteoarthritis in rat knees.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa Schultz

    Full Text Available This study aimed to investigate the pathology occurring at the calcified zone of articular cartilage (CZC in the joints afflicted with post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA.Rats underwent bilateral anterior cruciate ligament (ACL transection and medial meniscectomy to induce PTOA. Sham surgery was performed on another five rats to serve as controls. The rats were euthanized after four weeks of surgery and tibial plateaus were dissected for histology. The pathology of PTOA, CZC area and the tidemark roughness at six pre-defined locations on the tibial plateaus were quantified by histomorphometry.PTOA developed in the knees, generally more severe at the medial plateau than the lateral plateau, of rats in the experimental group. The CZC area was unchanged in the PTOA joints, but the topographic variations of CZC areas that presented in the control knees were reduced in the PTOA joints. The tidemark roughness decreased in areas of the medial plateau of PTOA joints and that was inversely correlated with the Mankin's score of PTOA pathology.Reduced tidemark roughness and unchanged CZC area differentiate PTOA from primary osteoarthritis, which is generally believed to have the opposite pathology at CZC, and may contribute to the distinct disease progression of the two entities of arthropathy.

  3. Oral Administration of Resveratrol Alleviates Osteoarthritis Pathology in C57BL/6J Mice Model Induced by a High-Fat Diet (United States)

    Jiang, Mengqi; Li, Xingyao; Yu, Xiaolu; Liu, Xudan; Xu, Xiaolei; He, Jianyi; Gu, Hailun


    Obesity has been associated with osteoarthritis (OA) due to increased mass and metabolic factors which are independent of the biomechanical contribution to joint load. Resveratrol, a natural polyphenolic compound, exerts protective effects on OA through its anti-inflammatory property. However, the mechanism of resveratrol on obesity-related OA is unclear. To investigate the effect and possible mechanism of oral resveratrol on obesity-related OA, we fed C57BL/6J mice with a high-fat diet (HFD) for 16 weeks to establish obesity-related OA model; then two doses (22.5 mg/kg and 45 mg/kg) of resveratrol were given by gavage for additional 12 weeks. Mice with HFD significantly increased body weights compared to the control mice, while resveratrol treatment did not cause obvious weight loss. Histological assessments showed that resveratrol at 45 mg/kg significantly improved OA symptoms. Levels of serum IL-1β and leptin were decreased by resveratrol treatment and positively correlated with Mankin scores. Moreover, resveratrol significantly inhibited the expression of TLR4 and TRAF6 in cartilage. These results suggest that HFD induced obesity can lead to the occurrence of OA, and resveratrol may alleviate OA pathology by decreasing the levels of systematic inflammation and/or inhibiting TLR4 signaling pathway in cartilage. Thus, resveratrol might be a promising therapeutic treatment for obesity-related OA.

  4. Comparison of novel clinically applicable methodology for sensitive diagnostics of cartilage degeneration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P Kiviranta


    Full Text Available In order efficiently to target therapies intending to stop or reverse degenerative processes of articular cartilage, it would be crucial to diagnose osteoarthritis (OA earlier and more sensitively than is possible with the existing clinical methods. Unfortunately, current clinical methods for OA diagnostics are insensitive for detecting the early degenerative changes, e.g., arising from collagen network damage or proteoglycan depletion. We have recently investigated several novel quantitative biophysical methods, including ultrasound indentation, quantitative ultrasound techniques and magnetic resonance imaging, for diagnosing the degenerative changes of articular cartilage, typical for OA. In this study, the combined results of these novel diagnostic methods were compared with histological (Mankin score, MS, compositional (proteoglycan, collagen and water content and mechanical (dynamic and equilibrium moduli reference measurements of the same bovine cartilage samples. Receiver operating characteristics (ROC analysis was conducted to judge the diagnostic performance of each technique. Indentation and ultrasound techniques provided the most sensitive measures to differentiate samples of intact appearance (MS=0 from early (13 degeneration. Furthermore, these techniques were good predictors of tissue composition and mechanical properties. The specificity and sensitivity analyses revealed that the mechano-acoustic methods, when further developed for in vivo use, may provide more sensitive probes for OA diagnostics than the prevailing qualitative X-ray and arthroscopic techniques. Noninvasive quantitative MRI measurements showed slightly lower diagnostic performance than mechano-acoustic techniques. The compared methods could possibly also be used for the quantitative monitoring of success of cartilage repair.

  5. Effects of phototherapy on cartilage structure and inflammatory markers in an experimental model of osteoarthritis (United States)

    Oliveira, Poliani; Santos, Anderson Amaro; Rodrigues, Tamara; Tim, Carla Roberta; Pinto, Karina Zambone; Magri, Angela Maria Paiva; Fernandes, Kelly Rossetti; Mattiello, Stela M.; Parizotto, Nivaldo Antonio; Anibal, Fernanda Freitas; Rennó, Ana Claudia Muniz


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of laser phototherapy on the degenerative modifications on the articular cartilage after the anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) in the knee of rats. Eighty male rats (Wistar) were distributed into four groups: intact control group (IG), injured control group (CG), injured laser treated group at 10 J/cm2 (L10), and injured laser treated group at 50 J/cm2 (L50). Animals were distributed into two subgroups, sacrificed in 5 and 8 weeks postsurgery. The ACLT was used to induce knee osteoarthritis in rats. After 2 weeks postsurgery, laser phototherapy initiated and it was performed for 15 and 30 sessions. The histological findings revealed that laser irradiation, especially at 10 J/cm2, modulated the progression of the degenerative process, showing a better cartilage structure and lower number of condrocytes compared to the other groups. Laser phototherapy was not able to decrease the degenerative process measured by Mankin score and prevent the increase of cartilage thickness related to the degenerative process. Moreover, it did not have any effect in the biomodulation of the expression of markers IL1β, tumor necrosis factor-α, and metalloprotein-13. Furthermore, laser irradiated animals, at 50 J/cm2 showed a lower amount of collagen type 1.

  6. Prenatal ethanol exposure increases osteoarthritis susceptibility in female rat offspring by programming a low-functioning IGF-1 signaling pathway (United States)

    Ni, Qubo; Tan, Yang; Zhang, Xianrong; Luo, Hanwen; Deng, Yu; Magdalou, Jacques; Chen, Liaobin; Wang, Hui


    Epidemiological evidence indicates that osteoarthritis (OA) and prenatal ethanol exposure (PEE) are both associated with low birth weight but possible causal interrelationships have not been investigated. To investigate the effects of PEE on the susceptibility to OA in adult rats that experienced intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), and to explore potential intrauterine mechanisms, we established the rat model of IUGR by PEE and dexamethasone, and the female fetus and 24-week-old adult offspring subjected to strenuous running for 6 weeks were sacrificed. Knee joints were collected from fetuses and adult offspring for histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and qPCR assays. Histological analyses and the Mankin score revealed increased cartilage destruction and accelerated OA progression in adult offspring from the PEE group compared to the control group. Immunohistochemistry showed reduced expression of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) signaling pathway components. Furthermore, fetuses in the PEE group experienced IUGR but exhibited a higher postnatal growth rate. The expression of many IGF-1 signaling components was downregulated, which coincided with reduced amounts of type II collagen in the epiphyseal cartilage of fetuses in the PEE group. These results suggest that PEE enhances the susceptibility to OA in female adult rat offspring by down-regulating IGF-1 signaling and retarding articular cartilage development.

  7. Relação entre a lesão condral e o pico de torque após reconstrução do ligamento cruzado anterior do joelho: estudo de casos Relationship between chondral lesion and peak torque following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction of the knee: case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    RF Traete


    Full Text Available CONTEXTUALIZAÇÃO: A associação entre lesão do ligamento cruzado anterior (LCA e desenvolvimento de osteoartrite (OA secundária tem sido objeto de vários estudos. A lesão ligamentar predispõe a lesões da cartilagem articular, influenciando, assim, o controle motor e o pico de torque. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a influência do grau de lesão condral no pico de torque da musculatura anterior e posterior da coxa após lesão e reconstrução do LCA. MÉTODO: Seis sujeitos do sexo masculino com lesão total e unilateral do LCA foram avaliados pré-cirurgia (24 horas antes da cirurgia e pós-cirurgia em dois momentos distintos, 4,66 ± 1,03 e 15,83 ± 2,63 meses, respectivamente. As avaliações isocinéticas foram realizadas no modo concêntrico de flexão e extensão do joelho, nas velocidades de 60º/s e 180º/s, em que foram a analisadas as variáveis PT dos isquiotibiais (PTI, PT do quadríceps (PTQ e a relação entre eles (I/Q. A escala histológica de Mankin modificada foi utilizada para avaliar o grau macroscópico de lesão condral. O teste estatístico ANOVA (pCONTEXT: The association between anterior cruciate ligament (ACL injury and the development of secondary osteoarthritis has been the subject of several studies. Ligament injury predisposes joint cartilage lesions, thus influencing motor control and peak torque. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the influence of the degree of chondral lesion on peak torque of the anterior and posterior musculature of the thigh following ACL injury and reconstruction. METHOD: Six male subjects with total unilateral ACL injury were evaluated 24 hours before surgery and at two times after surgery (4.66 ± 1.03 and 15.83 ± 2.63 months, respectively. Isokinetic evaluations of knee flexion and extension were made in concentric mode, at velocities of 60º/s and 180º/s, and the variables of hamstring peak torque (HPT and quadriceps peak torque (QPT and hamstring/quadriceps ratio (H/Q were analyzed. The modified

  8. 大鼠膝关节软骨与不同强度跑台运动的影响%Effects of treadmill running exercise with different intensity on articular cartilage in rats

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    詹荔琼; 党娜; 高美钦; 倪国新


    BACKGROUND: Moderate activities are necessary to maintain the normal structure, histological morphology and physiological function of joints. Excessive exercise and immobility lead to articular cartilage degeneration.OBJECTIVE: To explore the effects of treadmill running exercise with different intensity on articular cartilage of rat knee joints. METHODS: A total of 18 male adult Wistar rats were randomly assigned into three groups: sedentary group, low intensity exercise group and high intensity exercise group. Serum samples were collected to measure matrix metalloproteinase 3 content using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. In addition, cartilage characteristics were observed by safranin-O staining. Matrix metalloproteinase 3 and type II collagen were stained by immunohistochemical staining, and were evaluated by Mankin's histological grading system. The mRNA expression of matrix metalloproteinase 3 in cartilage was detected by reverse transcription-PCR.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Compared with sedentary group and low intensity exercise group, significant differences were found in high intensity exercise group in terms of Mankin's score, matrix metalloproteinase 3 concentrations in the serum and cartilage (P < 0.05). The contents of matrix glycosaminoglycan and type II collagen in high intensity exercise group were significantly lower than those in the sedentary group and low intensity exercise group (P < 0.05). There was no significant difference between sedentary group and low intensity exercise group. These results indicate that high intensity exercise can lead to articular cartilage degeneration in rat knees, and exercise-induced cartilage injury may be related to the increasing expression of matrix metalloproteinase 3.%背景:适量的运动是维持正常关节组织形态结构及生理功能的必要条件,过度运动或制动均可导致关节软骨退变.目的:观察不同强度跑台运动对大鼠膝关节软骨的影响.方法:将18

  9. Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Occurs in Osteoarthritis Chondrocytes%骨关节炎软骨细胞发生内质网应激

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢靖; 杨冠


    Objective: To investigate whether endoplasmic reticulum stress is present in osteoarthritis chondro-cytes. Methods: The tissue sections of human osteoarthritis cartilage samples from arthroplastic knee joints and normal ones were examined for the expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress marker immunoglobulin heavy chain binding protein(BiP) by immunohistochemistry. Besides, mice subjected to transection of the medial meniscus in the knee joint were employed as the experimental osteoarthritis models. The slides of the mouse knee joints were stained by Safrainin-O, scored by the Mankin grading system and detected for the BiP expression 1, 3 and 6 weeks after surgical operation, respectively. Results: In all human osteoarthritis samples, BiP expression in chondro-cytes was significantly increased. In mouse model of experimental osteoarthritis, all the joints after transection of the medial meniscus exhibited articular cartilage damage and developed severe osteoarthritis phenotype as revealed by Safranin-O staining. The Mankin score of experimental joints was increasingly higher than that of control joints. In addition, the number of chondrocytes positive for BiP expression increased in the articular cartilage of ex-perimental joints. Conclusion: In human osteoarthritis samples and mouse model of experimental osteoarthritis, evi-dent endoplasmic reticulum stress occurs in osteoarthritis chondrocytes.%目的:研究骨关节炎软骨细胞是否发生内质网应激现象。方法:对关节置换术后的人类骨关节炎软骨标本和正常关节软骨标本切片进行内质网应激标志分子免疫球蛋白重链结合蛋白(BiP)的免疫组织化学检测;对小鼠膝关节进行半月板切断术诱发实验性骨关节炎,在术后1、3和6周取材,对组织切片进行番红花“O”染色、Mankin评分及BiP的免疫组织化学检测。结果:所有人类骨关节炎标本中软骨细胞BiP的表达明显升高。番红花“O”染色

  10. Glycosaminoglycan loss from cartilage after anterior cruciate ligament rupture: influence of time since rupture and chondral injury Perda de glicosaminoglicanas da cartilagem após ruptura do ligamento cruzado anterior: influência do tempo de ruptura e da lesão condral

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    SMG Mattiello-Rosa


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To quantify the concentration of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (GAGs concentration in the synovial fluid (SF of knees with chronic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL rupture and to identify possible associations between GAG concentration in SF and the time elapsed since rupture and degree of chondral injury. METHOD: Fourteen adult male subjects with total unilateral ACL rupture, which had occurred between 5 and 144 months earlier, were assessed. All subjects underwent joint aspiration; it was possible to collect SF from ten individuals. The samples were quantified to determine the GAG concentration using dimethylmethylene blue (DMMB staining. The degree of chondral injury was macroscopically evaluated using the modified Mankin histological scale. Spearman correlation test (OBJETIVO: Quantificar a concentração de glicosaminoglicanas sulfatadas (GAGs no líquido sinovial (LS de joelhos com ruptura crônica do ligamento cruzado anterior (LCA e identificar uma possível correlação entre a concentração de GAGs no LS e o tempo pós-ruptura e grau de lesão condral. MÉTODOS: Foram avaliados 14 indivíduos adultos do sexo masculino com ruptura total unilateral do LCA, ocorrida entre cinco a 144 meses. Todos os sujeitos foram puncionados, sendo possível a coleta de LS em dez indivíduos. As amostras foram quantificadas para determinar a concentração de GAGs usando a coloração azul de dimetilmetileno, método descrito por Farndale21. O grau de lesão condral foi macroscopicamente avaliado pela escala histológica de Mankin modificada por Messner14. As correlações entre concentração de GAGs e lesão condral foram feitas pelo teste de correlação de Sperman (p< 0,05 e a concentração de GAGs e tempo pós-ruptura pelo teste de correlação de Pearson (p< 0,05. RESULTADOS: Concentração de GAGs no LS apresentou variação média de 73,84 ± 40,75µg/mL, sendo o tempo médio pós-ruptura de 40,4 + 40,3 meses. Não houve correla

  11. Meniscectomia parcial como modelo experimental de osteoartrite em coelhos e efeito protetor do difosfato de cloroquina Partial meniscectomy as an experimental model of osteoarthritis in rabbits and protector effect of chloroquine diphosphate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Paula P. Velosa


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estabelecer as alterações morfológicas e o remodelamento do tecido cartilaginoso na progressão da osteoartrite (OA experimental para estudar o efeito do difosfato de cloroquina na cartilagem osteoartrítica. MÉTODOS: A osteoartrite experimental foi induzida em coelhos por meio de meniscectomia parcial. Para analisar a evolução da doença experimental foram estudados três grupos de dez animais, sacrificados a 3, 14 e 22 semanas de indução da doença. Para avaliar o efeito do difosfato de cloroquina um grupo de animais (n = 6 foi tratado preventivamente com 3 mg/kg ao dia, iniciados um mês antes da indução da osteoartrite, e mantidos até o sacrifício (22 semanas. Realizou-se análise histológica das articulações (H&E, tricrômico de Masson e imunofluorescência para colágeno dos tipos I, II e XI. A intensidade da agressão articular foi quantificada pelo escore de Mankin. RESULTADOS: O modelo experimental reproduziu todas as alterações morfológicas observadas na osteoartrite humana. Animais que receberam difosfato de cloroquina não desenvolveram lesões histológicas observadas na OA. Neste grupo houve significante preservação da estrutura da cartilagem articular (p OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to develop an experimental model of osteoarthritis (OA that could reproduce morphologic alterations viewed in this disease and to study the effect of chloroquine diphosphate on cartilage remodeling. METHODS: osteoarthritis was induced in rabbits by performing partial meniscectomy. To establish the experimental disease evolution, three groups of ten animals were sacrificed at 3, 14, 22 weeks after disease induction. To evaluate the effect of chloroquine diphosfate in OA progression, a group of six animals was treated preventively with 3 mg/kg/day, started one month prior to osteoarthritis induction and kept until the day of sacrifice (22 weeks. Histopathological (Masson trychrome, H&E, biochemical and

  12. Survey For Detection and Determination of Aflatoxins M1 and B1 in local Milk and Certain Dairy Products by Thin Layer Chromatographic Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T.A. Nassib *,S.N. Guergues** , M.M. Motawee


    Full Text Available 90 different type of milk samples, 10 Yogurt Samples, 110 different type of cheese samples and 10 ice cream samples were collected randomly from Giza Governorate during the summer of 1998 ­ 1999, for detection and determination of Aflatoxins M1& B1 by using thin layer chromatographic method. Results revealed that the average range of Aflatoxin M1 in milk samples amounted from 0.144 to 0.378 ng/ml. About 20 % of cows and buffaloes milk samples contained form 0.378 to 0.342 ng/ml of AFM1, whereas about 10% of other milk samples were contaminated with 0.162, 0.288, 0.324, 0.234, 0.144 and 0.162 ng/ml for skim , Pasteurized , sterilized, UHT, powder, and baby milk, in the same order. Concentrations of AFM1 detected in cheese samples, furthermore, varied due to the type and age of cheese being examined. 20% of cheese samples were contaminated with AFM1 being 5.1, 3.2, 2.99, 2.099, and 2.34 ng/gm for fresh Domiati, aged Domiati, Processed and Karish cheese, respectively, whereas, 30% of the other types of cheese contained 5.88, 6.3 and 3.4 ng/gm for Roquefort, fresh Romi, and Cheddar cheese, respectively. The lowest concentration of AFM1, of 0.116 ng/gm was detected, however, in 10% of yogurt samples. Meanwhile, 20% of ice cream samples were found to be contaminated with 2.7 ng/ml, and 10% of Feta cheese samples contained 3.3 ng/gm. It could also be appeared from results that both of cream and spread cheese were found completely free from this Aflatoxin, the lowest content of Aflatoxin detected in all of the above examined samples was 0.116, 0.162, 0.162 and 0.216 (ppb in yogurt, skim, baby milk and cream, respectively. On the other hand, results also indicated that all milk samples were free from Aflatoxin B1 except one sample of skim milk (out of 10 which gave positive result.

  13. Effects of tenoxicam and aspirin on the metabolism of proteoglycans and hyaluronan in normal and osteoarthritic human articular cartilage. (United States)

    Manicourt, D H; Druetz-Van Egeren, A; Haazen, L; Nagant de Deuxchaisnes, C


    1. As nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may impair the ability of the chondrocyte to repair its damaged extracellular matrix, we explored the changes in the metabolism of newly synthesized proteoglycan (PG) and hyaluronan (HA) molecules produced by tenoxicam and aspirin in human normal cartilage explants and in osteoarthritic (OA) cartilage from age-matched donors. 2. Explants were sampled from the medial femoral condyle and were classified by use of Mankin's histological-histochemical grading system. Cartilage specimens were normal in 10 subjects, exhibited moderate OA (MOA) in 10 and had severe OA (SOA) in 10. 3. Cartilage explants were pulsed with [3H]-glucosamine and chased in the absence and in the presence of either aspirin (190 micrograms ml-1) or tenoxicam (4-16 micrograms ml-1). After papain digestion, the labelled chondroitin sulphate ([3H]-PGs) and HA([3H]-HA) molecules present in the tissue and media were purified by anion-exchange chromatography. 4. In normal cartilage as well as in explants with MOA and SOA aspirin reduced more strongly PG and HA synthesis than the loss of [3H]-HA and [3H]-PGs. 5. In normal cartilage, tenoxicam did not affect PG metabolism whereas it reduced HA synthesis in a dose-dependent manner and did not change or even increased the net loss of [3H]-HA. In contrast, in OA cartilage, tenoxicam produced a stronger reduction in the loss of [3H]-PGs than in PG synthesis and this decrease occurred at lower concentrations in cartilage with SOA (4-8 micrograms ml-1) than in cartilage with MOA (8-16 micrograms ml-1).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) PMID:7889262

  14. Tenascin and aggrecan expression by articular chondrocytes is influenced by interleukin 1ß: a possible explanation for the changes in matrix synthesis during osteoarthritis (United States)

    Pfander, D; Heinz, N; Rothe, P; Carl, H; Swoboda, B


    Objective: To analyse the distribution patterns of tenascin and proteoglycans in normal and osteoarthritic cartilage, and to determine the effect of interleukin 1ß (IL1ß) on aggrecan and tenascin expression by human articular chondrocytes in vitro. Methods: Normal and osteoarthritic cartilage and bone samples were obtained during total knee replacements or necropsies. After fixation and decalcification, paraffin embedded specimens were sectioned perpendicular to the surface. Specimens were graded according to Mankin and subdivided into those with normal, and mild, moderate, and severe osteoarthritic lesions. Serial sections were immunostained for tenascin. Tenascin expression by healthy and osteoarthritic chondrocytes was quantified by real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Furthermore, in cell culture experiments, human articular chondrocytes were treated with 0.1 or 10 ng/ml IL1ß. Real time PCR analyses of aggrecan and tenascin transcripts (normalised 18S rRNA) were conducted to determine the effect of IL1ß on later mRNA levels. Results: Tenascin was immunodetected in normal and osteoarthritic cartilage. In osteoarthritic cartilage increased tenascin staining was found. Tenascin was found specifically in upper OA cartilage showing a strong reduction of proteoglycans. Greatly increased tenascin transcript levels were detected in osteoarthritic cartilage compared with healthy articular cartilage. IL1ß treatment of articular chondrocytes in vitro significantly increased tenascin transcripts (~200% of control) and strongly reduced aggrecan mRNA levels (~42% of control). Conclusions: During progression of osteoarthritis the switch in matrix synthesis occurs mainly in upper osteoarthritic cartilage. Furthermore, changes in synthesis patterns of osteoarthritic chondrocytes may be significantly influenced by IL1ß, probably diffusing from the joint cavity within the upper osteoarthritic cartilage. PMID:14962956

  15. Intraarticular Injection of Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells has a Protective Role for the Osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xin Yang; Tian-Yue Zhu; Li-Cheng Wen; Yong-Ping Cao; Chao Liu; Yun-Peng Cui; Zhi-Chao Meng


    Background:Researchers initially proposed the substitution of apoptotic chondrocytes in the superficial cartilage by injecting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) intraarticularly.This effect was termed as bio-resurfacing.Little evidence supporting the treatment ofosteoarthritis (OA) by the delivery ofa MSC suspension exists.The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of injecting allogenic MSCs intraarticularly in a rat OA model and to evaluate the influence of immobility on the effects of this treatment.Methods:We established a rat knee OA model after 4 and 6 weeks and cultured primary bone marrow MSCs.A MSC suspension was injected into the articular space once per week for 3 weeks.A subgroup of knee joints was immobilized for 3 days after each injection,while the remaining joints were nonimmobilized.We used toluidine blue staining,Mankin scores,and TdT-mediated dUTP-biotin nick end labeling staining to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the injections.Comparisons between the therapy side and the control side of the knee joint were made using paired t-test,and comparisons between the immobilized and nonimmobilized subgroups were made using the unpaired t-test.A P value < 0.05 was considered significant.Results:The three investigative approaches revealed less degeneration on the therapy sides of the knee joints than the control sides in both the 4-and 6-week groups (P < 0.05),regardless of immobilization.No significant differences were observed between the immobilized and nonimmobilized subgroups (P > 0.05).Conclusions:Therapy involving the intraarticular injection of allogenic MSCs promoted cartilage repair in a rat arthritis model,and 3-day immobility after injection had little effect on this therapy.

  16. A comparison between platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and hyaluronate acid on the healing of cartilage defects. (United States)

    Liu, Ji; Song, Wenqi; Yuan, Ting; Xu, Zhengliang; Jia, Weitao; Zhang, Changqing


    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has offered great promise for the treatment of cartilage degradation, and has been proved to have positive effects on the restoration of cartilage lesions. But no comparative work has been done between PRP and hyaluronate acid (HA) concerning their restoring effect on cartilage defect, especially by means of animal experiments and histologic assessments. The purpose of the study was to compare the therapeutic effects of P-PRP and HA on osteoarthritis in rabbit knees. Thirty rabbits were used to establish the animal models by creating a cartilage defect of 5 mm in diameter on the condyles of the femurs, and were randomly divided into three groups: the P-PRP group, HA group and the control group. Then each group was treated with P-PRP, HA or saline solution, respectively. Six and twelve weeks later the rabbits were sacrificed and the samples were collected. The platelet number, the concentrations of growth factors of P-PRP and whole blood, and the IL-1β concentration in the joint fluid were investigated, and the histological assessment of the cartilage were performed according to Mankin's scoring system. Micro-CT was also used to evaluate the restoration of subchondral bone. The platelet concentration in P-PRP is 6.8 fold of that in the whole blood. The IL-1β level in the P-PRP group was lower than in the HA group (pPRP group than in the HA group or the control group (PPRP is better than HA in promoting the restoration of the cartilage and alleviating the arthritis caused by cartilage damage.

  17. The effect of high-energy extracorporeal shock waves on hyaline cartilage of adult rats in vivo. (United States)

    Mayer-Wagner, Susanne; Ernst, Judith; Maier, Markus; Chiquet, Matthias; Joos, Helga; Müller, Peter E; Jansson, Volkmar; Sievers, Birte; Hausdorf, Jörg


    The aim of this study was to determine if extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in vivo affects the structural integrity of articular cartilage. A single bout of ESWT (1500 shock waves of 0.5 mJ/mm(2)) was applied to femoral heads of 18 adult Sprague-Dawley rats. Two sham-treated animals served as controls. Cartilage of each femoral head was harvested at 1, 4, or 10 weeks after ESWT (n = 6 per treatment group) and scored on safranin-O-stained sections. Expression of tenascin-C and chitinase 3-like protein 1 (Chi3L1) was analyzed by immunohistochemistry. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to examine collagen (II)alpha(1) (COL2A1) expression and chondrocyte morphology was investigated by transmission electron microscopy no changes in Mankin scores were observed after ESWT. Positive immunostaining for tenascin-C and Chi3L1 was found up to 10 weeks after ESWT in experimental but not in control cartilage. COL2A1 mRNA was increased in samples 1 and 4 weeks after ESWT. Alterations found on the ultrastructural level showed expansion of the rough-surfaced endoplasmatic reticulum, detachment of the cell membrane and necrotic chondrocytes. Extracorporeal shock waves caused alterations of hyaline cartilage on a molecular and ultrastructural level that were distinctly different from control. Similar changes were described before in the very early phase of osteoarthritis (OA). High-energy ESWT might therefore cause degenerative changes in hyaline cartilage as they are found in initial OA. Copyright 2010 Orthopaedic Research Society. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  18. Genes involved in the osteoarthritis process identified through genome wide expression analysis in articular cartilage; the RAAK study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolande F M Ramos

    Full Text Available Identify gene expression profiles associated with OA processes in articular cartilage and determine pathways changing during the disease process.Genome wide gene expression was determined in paired samples of OA affected and preserved cartilage of the same joint using microarray analysis for 33 patients of the RAAK study. Results were replicated in independent samples by RT-qPCR and immunohistochemistry. Profiles were analyzed with the online analysis tools DAVID and STRING to identify enrichment for specific pathways and protein-protein interactions.Among the 1717 genes that were significantly differently expressed between OA affected and preserved cartilage we found significant enrichment for genes involved in skeletal development (e.g. TNFRSF11B and FRZB. Also several inflammatory genes such as CD55, PTGES and TNFAIP6, previously identified in within-joint analyses as well as in analyses comparing preserved cartilage from OA affected joints versus healthy cartilage were among the top genes. Of note was the high up-regulation of NGF in OA cartilage. RT-qPCR confirmed differential expression for 18 out of 19 genes with expression changes of 2-fold or higher, and immunohistochemistry of selected genes showed a concordant change in protein expression. Most of these changes associated with OA severity (Mankin score but were independent of joint-site or sex.We provide further insights into the ongoing OA pathophysiological processes in cartilage, in particular into differences in macroscopically intact cartilage compared to OA affected cartilage, which seem relatively consistent and independent of sex or joint. We advocate that development of treatment could benefit by focusing on these similarities in gene expression changes and/or pathways.

  19. Prevention of Cartilage Degeneration and Restoration of Chondroprotection by Lubricin Tribosupplementation in the Rat Following ACL Transection (United States)

    Jay, Gregory D.; Fleming, Braden C.; Watkins, Bryn A.; McHugh, Karen A.; Anderson, Scott C.; Zhang, Ling X.; Teeple, Erin; Waller, Kimberly A.; Elsaid, Khaled A.


    Objective To investigate whether cartilage degeneration is prevented or minimized in an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury rat model following intra-articular injections of lubricin derived from human synoviocytes in culture (HSL), recombinant protein (rhPRG4), or from human synovial fluids (HSFL). Methods Unilateral ACL transection (ACLT) was performed in Lewis rats (n=45). Intra-articular injections (50μl/injection) of PBS (n=9), HSL (n=9; 200μg/ml), rhPRG4 (n=9; 200μg/ml) and HSFL (n=9; 200μg/ml) started on day 7 post-injury and continued twice weekly. Animals were harvested on day 32 post-injury. Histological analysis was performed using Safranin O/Fast green stain and blinded investigators graded articular cartilage degeneration using OARSI modified Mankin criteria. Histological specimens were immunoprobed for lubricin and sulphated glycosaminoglycans. 24 hour urine collection was performed on days 17 and 29 post-injury and urinary CTXII (uCTXII) levels were measured. Results Treatment with HSL resulted in significantly (p<0.05) lower OARSI scores for cartilage degeneration compared to no treatment or PBS treatment. Increased immunostaining for lubricin in the superficial zone chondrocytes and on the surface of cartilage was observed in lubricins-treated but not untreated or PBS-treated joints. On day 17, uCTXII levels of HSL and HSFL-treated animals were significantly lower than untreated (p=0.005; p=0.002) and PBS-treated (p=0.002; p<0.001) animals, respectively. Conclusion Across all types of lubricin evaluated in this study, a reduction in cartilage damage following ACLT was evident, combined with a reduction in collagen type II degradation. Intraarticular lubricin injection following an ACL injury may be beneficial in retarding cartilage degeneration and development of post-traumatic OA. PMID:20506144

  20. A comparison between platelet-rich plasma (PRP and hyaluronate acid on the healing of cartilage defects.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ji Liu

    Full Text Available Platelet-rich plasma (PRP has offered great promise for the treatment of cartilage degradation, and has been proved to have positive effects on the restoration of cartilage lesions. But no comparative work has been done between PRP and hyaluronate acid (HA concerning their restoring effect on cartilage defect, especially by means of animal experiments and histologic assessments. The purpose of the study was to compare the therapeutic effects of P-PRP and HA on osteoarthritis in rabbit knees. Thirty rabbits were used to establish the animal models by creating a cartilage defect of 5 mm in diameter on the condyles of the femurs, and were randomly divided into three groups: the P-PRP group, HA group and the control group. Then each group was treated with P-PRP, HA or saline solution, respectively. Six and twelve weeks later the rabbits were sacrificed and the samples were collected. The platelet number, the concentrations of growth factors of P-PRP and whole blood, and the IL-1β concentration in the joint fluid were investigated, and the histological assessment of the cartilage were performed according to Mankin's scoring system. Micro-CT was also used to evaluate the restoration of subchondral bone. The platelet concentration in P-PRP is 6.8 fold of that in the whole blood. The IL-1β level in the P-PRP group was lower than in the HA group (p<0.01 and in the control group (p<0.01. The restoration of the defected cartilage as well as the subchondral bone was better in the P-PRP group than in the HA group or the control group (P<0.05. Our data showed that P-PRP is better than HA in promoting the restoration of the cartilage and alleviating the arthritis caused by cartilage damage.

  1. Effects of different mode high-intensity movement training on articular cartilage in histology - a randomised controlled trial on rabbit knee

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ch Qi


    Full Text Available Objective: To study the “starting mechanism” and pathological process of knee cartilage injury in different movement training with high intensity. Materials and Methods: 72 New Zealand white rabbits were divided into 3 groups randomly: Untreated Control Group (CTRL, n=8, animals were untreated by any intervention processing; Running Training Group (RG, n=32, animals were trained running in a treadmill daily; Jumping Training Group (JG, n=32, animals were trained jumping in an electric stimulation cage daily. Rabbits in RT and JT were euthanized at 4 week and 8 week respectively, and knee joints were taken out to be examined histologically. GAG content, thickness of cartilage and subchondral bone, dead cell ratio and Mankin grades were measured respectively. Results: By microexaminations, different pathological changes of early sport injury of knee cartilage in RG and JG were found. Animals receiving jumping training displayed a significantly higher degree of grossly and cartilage matrix detectable degeneration on the weight-loading region of the femur condyles than did animals receiving running training; on the contrary, animals receiving running training displayed a significantly higher degree of chondrocyte damage than did animals receiving jumping training in the earlier stage (4-week. Conclusions: Repetitive and high-intensity jumping exercise can do more harm to cartilage matrix than to chondrocyte in knee joint, the pathogenesis displays as “cartilage matrix starting mechanism”; on the contrary, running exercise can do more harm to chondrocyte than to cartilage matrix, the pathogenesis displays as “chondrocyte starting mechanism”. In addition, the difference in pathogenesis and cartilage damage phenotype by different exercises may have a close correlation with the different loading rate of stress on knee cartilage surface.

  2. Time-dependent loss of mitochondrial function precedes progressive histologic cartilage degeneration in a rabbit meniscal destabilization model. (United States)

    Goetz, Jessica E; Coleman, Mitchell C; Fredericks, Douglas C; Petersen, Emily; Martin, James A; McKinley, Todd O; Tochigi, Yuki


    The goals of this work were to characterize progression of osteoarthritic cartilage degeneration in a rabbit medial meniscus destabilization (MMD) model and then to use the model to identify pre-histologic disruptions in chondrocyte metabolism under chronically elevated joint contact stresses in vivo. To characterize PTOA progression, 24 rabbits received either MMD or sham surgery. Limb loading was analyzed preoperatively and at regular postoperative intervals using a Tekscan pressure-sensitive walkway. Animals were euthanized 8 (n = 8 MMD; n = 8 sham) or 26 weeks (n = 8 MMD) postoperatively for histological cartilage evaluation by an objective, semi-automated Mankin scoring routine. To examine pre-histologic pathology, MMD was performed on an additional 20 rabbits, euthanized 1 (n = 9) or 4 weeks (n = 10) postoperatively. Chondrocytes were harvested fresh for measurement of mitochondrial function, an intracellular indicator of pathology after mechanical injury. Both MMD and sham surgery caused slight decreases in limb loading which returned to preoperative levels after 2 weeks. Histologically apparent cartilage damage progressed from 8 to 26 weeks after MMD. Changes in chondrocyte respiration were variable at 1 week, but by 4 weeks postoperatively chondrocyte mitochondrial function was significantly reduced. Many human injuries that lead to PTOA are relatively mild, and the cell-level mechanisms leading to disease remain unclear. We have documented PTOA progression in an animal model of subtle joint injury under continued use, and demonstrated that this model provides a realistic environment for investigation of multi-stage cellular pathology that develops prior to overt tissue degeneration and which could be targeted for disease modifying treatments. © 2017 Orthopaedic Research Society. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Orthop Res 35:590-599, 2017.

  3. Spontaneous osteoarthritis in Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs: histologic, radiologic, and biochemical changes. (United States)

    Jimenez, P A; Glasson, S S; Trubetskoy, O V; Haimes, H B


    Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs develop spontaneous, age-related osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee and other joints. Histologic changes are observed beginning at 3 months of age. Disease severity increases with age, and at 18 months moderate to severe OA is observed. A study was undertaken to assess the morphologic and biochemical changes of 22-month-old animals, and to compare them with values in 2-month-old guinea pigs. Biochemical indices characteristic of OA, from tibial cartilage, indicated an increase in proteoglycan content from 233 +/- 2 micrograms/mg (mean +/- SEM) at 2 months of age to 365 +/- 6 micrograms/mg at 22 months. Collagen concentration in cartilage decreased from 364 +/- 2 micrograms/mg at 2 months to 223 +/- 3 micrograms/mg at 22 months. Proteoglycan fragments found in synovial fluid measured 4.6 +/- 1 micrograms/ml at 2 months and increased to 37 +/- 2 micrograms/ml at 22 months. Radiographic changes observed at 22 months included marginal osteophytes of the tibia and femur, sclerosis of the subchondral bone of the tibial plateau, femoral condyle cysts, and calcification of the collateral ligaments. Histologic evaluation revealed severe OA, with a Mankin score of 10.7 +/- 0.5 in 22-month-old animals. In contrast, 2-month-old animals had no histologic or radiographically detectable lesions. The results of the study reported here indicate that the lesions observed in this model are similar to those of human OA. Spontaneous development of OA in guinea pigs is amenable to the study of the pathogenesis of OA and to the evaluation of potential disease-modifying agents.

  4. Whole meniscus regeneration using polymer scaffolds loaded with fibrochondrocytes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU Hua-ding; CAI Dao-zhang; WU Gang; WANG Kun; SHI De-hai


    Objective: To study the feasibility of regenerating a whole menisci using poly-(3- hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV) scaffolds loaded with meniscal cells in rabbits undergoing total meniscectomy, and to explore its protective effect on cartilage degeneration. Methods: A solvent casting and particulate leaching technique was employed to fabricate biodegradable PHBV scaffolds into a meniscal shape. The proliferated meniscal cells were seeded onto the polymer scaffolds, transplanted into rabbit knee joints whose lateral menisci had been removed. Eight to 18 weeks after transplantation, the regenerated neomenisci were evaluated by gross and histological observations. Cartilage degeneration was assessed by Mankin score. Results: Eighteen weeks after transplantation, the implants formed neomenisci. Hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining of the neomenisci sections revealed regeneration of fibrocartilage. Type Ⅰ collagen in the neomenisci was also proved similar to normal meniscal tissue by immunohistochemical analysis and Sirius scarlet trinitrophenol staining. Articular cartilage degeneration was observed 8 weeks after implantation. It was less severe as compared with that in total meniscectomy controls and no further degeneration was observed at 18 weeks. At that time, the regenerated neomenisci strongly resembled normal meniscal fibrocartilage in gross and histological appearance, and its mechanical property was also close to that of normal meniscus. Conclusions: The present study demonstrates the feasibility of tissue-engineering a whole meniscal structure in total meniscectomy rabbit models using biodegradable PHBV scaffolds together with cultured allogeneic meniscal cells. Cartilage degeneration is decreased. But long-term in vivo investigations on the histological structure and cartilage degeneration of the neomenisci regenerated by this method are still necessary to determine the clinical potential of this tissue engineering avenue.

  5. Experimental pathology-MRI study of effects of medical ozone on articular cartilage%医用臭氧对骨关节炎关节软骨作用的病理-磁共振成像实验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓宇; 伍筱梅; 任医民; 李新春; 何建勋; 关照坤; 钟志伟


    study of each group, the mean thickness and signal intensity of articular cartilage were measured and compared with pathology findings. Linear correlation and regression analysis between Mankin score and MRI images were also performed. Results The articular cartilage became thinner and hypointense in animals of model control group and all ozone intervention groups as compared with the normal group (all P0.05). The mean thickness and signal intensity showed a positive linear correlation between each other (r=0.561, P=0.000) , in addition, these two parameters showed a negative linear correlation with Mankin score respectively (r=0.727 and -0.590, all P=0.000). A linear regression between mean thickness and Mankin score was demonstrated (Y=18.582-0.035X,R~2=0.528). Conclusions MRI findings of damage to articular cartilage are well correlated with pathology. Either intra-articular injection or autohemotherapy using medium-or low-dose medical ozone may not be effective for repairing the degenerated cartilage in OA.

  6. The changes of cardiopulmonary function and the correlation with the ratios of regulatory T cells in OA rats%骨关节炎大鼠心、肺功能变化与CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3+ Treg的相关性分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    程园园; 刘健; 冯云霞; 刘磊; 万磊


    Objective:To observe the changes of cardiopulmonary function and expression of CD4 + CD25+ Foxp3+ Treg in Os-teoarthritis ( OA) rats, thus to explore the role that CD4+ CD25 + Foxp3 + Treg played in decline of cardiopulmonary of OA rats. Methods: 20 rats were randomly divided into 2 groups; normal group( NC) and model group( NC) , 10 in each group. Rats in MC group were induced to OA model by injecting papain and L-cystine into right knee joint. Cartilage lesions were scored by the modified Mankin Scale; cardiac function was detected by ultrasonography; pulmonary function was detected by spirometry; interleukin (IL) -17 ,4 were evaluated by ELJSA; the ratios of CD4+ CD25 + Foxp3 + Treg in peripheral blood were measured by Flow cytometry. Results: Compared to NC group, Mankin scores in MC group were significantly increased; part of parameters of cardiopulmonary function were obviously changed, and accounts for 60% and 20% of the selected indexes respectively; expression of IL-17 was significantly ascend, expression of IL-4 and CD4 + CD25+ Foxp3 + Treg were significantly descend ( P < 0. 01 or P < 0. 05 ). Conclusion: While articular cartilage lesions occurred in OA rats, cardiopulmonary function and the expression of peripheral CD4 + CD25 + Foxp3+ Treg were also declined, and significantly correlated with Mankin scores, expression of IL-17,IL-4, suggesting that immune imbalance and aggravated inflammatory due to attenuated regulatory effect of regulatory T cells (Treg) , result in joint, cardiac and pulmonary injury, finally causing cardiopulmonary function declined.%目的:通过观察骨关节炎(Osteoarthritis,OA)大鼠、心肺功能的变化,及其与外周血CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg表达量变化,探讨骨关节炎中心、肺功能的异常与CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg的关系.方法:20只大鼠随机分为正常对照组(NC)和模型对照组(MC),每组各10只.MC组大鼠采用关节腔注射木瓜蛋白酶(Papain)和L-半胱氨酸(L-cystine)方法制成骨关节炎

  7. 膝关节软骨中基质金属蛋白酶13及其组织抑制剂1的表达%Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-3 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 in knee articular cartilage

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨立群; 张国彬; 习瑾昆; 田发明


    BACKGROUND:Tissue inhibitor of matrix metaloproteinase 1 (TIMP-1) is the corresponding antagonist of matrix metaloproteinase 13 (MMP-13), and their balance between expression and functional activity exerts an important role in the metabolic state of the extracelular matrix. During the development of osteoarthritis, however, TIMP-1 and MMP-13 expressions and their expression ratio show unclear changes in DH guinea pigs. OBJECTIVE:To explore the expression levels of MMP-13 and TIMP-1 in DH guinea pigs with different ages, and to analyze the relationship between the ratio of MMP-13 to TIMP-1 and the age-dependent degenerative changes in the articular cartilage. METHODS:Twenty-four female Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs were sacrificed at age of 2, 4, 8, 12 months separately, with six animals at each time point. The knee joints were colected and gross visual appearance of the articular cartilage was observed, then were decalcified and prepared for paraffin sections. VG staining and Mankin score were used to analyze the histological changes. Immunohistochemistry was conducted to assess the expression levels of MMP-13 and TIMP-1 in the cartilage. Integrated absorbance values were used as the quantitive analysis calculated by Image pro-Plus 6.0. Linear regression analysis was done to analysis the relationship between Mankin score and the ratio of MMP-13/TIMP-1. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Normal appearance in the articular cartilage was observed in 2-month-old DH guinea pigs, while degenerative changes in the articular cartilage were shown in 4-month-old animals, which became severer with age. Significant difference was found in Mankin score between any two groups (P   目的:探讨不同月龄DH豚鼠关节软骨中基质金属蛋白酶13、基质金属蛋白酶组织抑制剂1表达比值的变化及其与DH豚鼠增龄性原发骨性关节炎发病过程中软骨退变程度的关系。  方法:选取2,4,8,12月龄雌性DH各6只,取膝关节观察关节

  8. Od melancholii do rozpaczy. O prozie Andrzeja Stasiuka

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Snochowska-Gonzalez


    Full Text Available From melancholy to despair. About Andrzej Stasiuk’s prose works In Moja Europa, Jadąc do Babadag and Fado Andrzej Stasiuk describes his travelling to the countries of the East-Central Europe: its diminished, forgotten part, lying on the margins of History and Progress. It is a land of melancholy, of the eternal emptiness and lack. To praise it means to give an ironic response to the enthusiasm of a “return to the West”, to the attempts to meet East-European stigma and to the West’s fear of East-European ferocity. What is the source of this melancholy? Stasiuk refers to Cioran, his philosophy of history, his resignation and his belief in the bankruptcy of the European civilization. We know, however, that in the case of Cioran melancholy covers the memory of philosopher’s commitment to Romanian fascism; his subsequent melancholy replaces responsibility. What are the wounds and silenced victims hiding in Stasiuk’s melancholic landscape? What kind of responsibility does he not want to accept? In his next book, Dziennik pisany później, Stasiuk comes back to the same countries, this time not trying to escape the hell of questions about the East-European ethnic carnage. The author of the article analyses his turning point, using the terminology developed in Peter Hallward’s Absolutely Post-colonial to describe the dynamics between two tendencies: singular and specific.   Od melancholii do rozpaczy. O prozie Andrzeja Stasiuka W Mojej Europie, Jadąc do Babadag i Fado Andrzej Stasiuk podróżuje po krajach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej. To Europa pomniejsza, zapomniana, na marginesie Historii i Postępu. Jest to kraina melancholii, pustki i wiecznego braku. Opiewanie jej staje się ironiczną odpowiedzią na entuzjazm „powrotu do Zachodu”, na próby sprostania wschodnioeuropejskiemu piętnu i na zachodnie przerażenie wschodnioeuropejską dzikością. Skąd się jednak bierze spowijająca ją melancholia? Stasiuk powołuje się na

  9. Conjunto mínimo de parâmetros para avaliação da microbiota do solo e da fixação biológica do nitrogênio pela soja Minimal set of parameters for evaluation soil microbiota and biological nitrogen fixation in soybean

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosinei Aparecida de Souza


    soil DNA by the denaturating gradient gel electrophoresis method (DGGE detected qualitative changes in soil microbes, related to the homogeneity of the area, as well as to differences among treatments, areas and harvests. Nodule dry weight (NDW was the most suitable parameter for the evaluation of nodulation. Significant correlations were obtained between the SDW and the total N accumulated in shoots (TNS. Similar results were obtained between SDW and total N-ureides (TNU. Monitoring of the symbiosis in soils traditionally cropped with soybean and poor on N may be achieved only by the determination of NDW and SDW.

  10. Expression of Autophagy Pathway PI3K/Akt-mTOR and Beclin-1 and Correlation Analysis in Osteoarthritis Rats%骨关节炎大鼠软骨 PI3K/Akt-mTOR及Beclin-1自噬通路的表达及相关性分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    阮丽萍; 刘健; 葛瑶; 万磊; 王亚黎; 叶文芳


    Objective To observe the expression of autophagy genes (Atg5 ,Atg7 ,Atg12)and autophagy related proteins , Beclin‐1 mTOR ,PI3K ,and Akt ,LC3‐Ⅱ in cartilage of OA rats ,and analyze its correlation with IL‐4 ,IL‐10 ,TNF‐α and IL‐1β.Methods Twenty rats were randomly divided into normal control group (NC)and model control group(MC)(n= 10 each group).In MC group ,osteoarthritis rat model was established by articular cavity injection of Papain and L‐cysteine.Cartilage of the rats was evaluated by Mankin standard score under light microscopy.Autophagosome form and number in OA rats cartilage were observed with electron microscope.Expression of Atg5 ,Atg7 and Atg12 in cartilage was detected with Real‐time PCR;Be‐clin‐1 ,mTOR ,PI3K ,LC3‐Ⅱ and Akt in cartilage were detected with Western blot.Serum cytokines IL‐4 ,IL‐10 ,TNF‐αand IL‐1βwere determined by ELISA.Results As compared with normal group ,Mankin score of cartilage of OA rats was increased significantly(P<0.01);Atg5 in cartilage was significantly reduced (P<0.01) ,and was positively correlated with IL‐4 and IL‐10(P<0.01) ,but was negatively correlated with TNF‐α and IL‐1β(P<0.05 or P<0.01);Atg7 in cartilage was significantly decreased(P<0.01);mTOR in cartilage was significantly increased(P<0.05);PI3K and Akt in cartilage were significantly in‐creased(both P<0.01) ,and were negatively correlated with IL‐4 and IL‐10(P<0.05 or P<0.01) ,but were positively correla‐ted with TNF‐αand IL‐1β(P<0.05 or P<0.01);LC3‐Ⅱ and Beclin‐1 were reduced in cartilage ,and positively correlated with IL‐4 and IL‐10(P<0.05 or P<0.01) .Conclusion At the same time with the increase of Mankin score in OA rats ,the expres‐sion of Atg5 and Atg7 is reduced ,expression of Atg12 increased ,PI3K/Akt‐mTOR pathway is up‐regulated while Beclin‐1 is down‐regulated ,and autophagy is suppressed ,which may participate in the pathological changes of OA rats cartilage.%目的:

  11. Polymeric nanoparticle-based delivery of microRNA-199a-3p inhibits proliferation and growth of osteosarcoma cells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhang L


    Full Text Available Linlin Zhang,1,2,* Arun K lyer,3,4,* Xiaoqian Yang,1 Eisuke Kobayashi,1 Yuqi Guo,1,2 Henry Mankin,1 Francis J Hornicek,1 Mansoor M Amiji,3 Zhenfeng Duan1 1Sarcoma Biology Laboratory, Center for Sarcoma and Connective Tissue Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 2Department of Pathology, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 4Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Our prior screening of microRNAs (miRs identified that miR-199a-3p expression is reduced in osteosarcoma cells, one of the most common types of bone tumor. miR-199a-3p exhibited functions of tumor cell growth inhibition, suggesting the potential application of miR-199a-3p as an anticancer agent. In the study reported here, we designed and developed a lipid-modified dextran-based polymeric nanoparticle platform for encapsulation of miRs, and determined the efficiency and efficacy of delivering miR-199a-3p into osteosarcoma cells. In addition, another potent miR, let-7a, which also displayed tumor suppressive ability, was selected as a candidate miR for evaluation. Fluorescence microscopy studies and real-time polymerase chain reaction results showed that dextran nanoparticles could deliver both miR-199a-3p and let-7a into osteosarcoma cell lines (KHOS and U-2OS successfully. Western blotting analysis and 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT assays demonstrated that dextran nanoparticles loaded with miRs could efficiently downregulate the expression of target proteins and effectively inhibit the growth and proliferation of osteosarcoma cells. These results demonstrate that a lipid-modified dextran

  12. 同种异体半关节移植治疗股骨远端恶性骨肿瘤手术后骨缺损%Femoral malignant bone tumor salvage limb treatment with allogeneic heterotopic half-joint trasplantation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵志坚; 陈坤峰


    目的 探讨股骨远端恶性骨肿瘤的保肢治疗及同种异体半关节和股骨髁上带锁髓内钉的应用.方法 对11例股骨远端恶性骨肿瘤患者进行肿瘤切除、同种异体骨半关节移植、股骨髁上带锁髓内钉固定.结果 11例患者中9例得到随访,无一例出现感染、排异或异体骨骨折,术后6周均可扶拐行走,根据Mankin标准评价术后效果,优3例,良4例,差2例.结论 保肢治疗恶性骨肿瘤手术后骨缺损可提高患者生活质量,且同种异体骨来源丰富,具有可接受的关节面,是治疗骨肿瘤切除后骨缺损较好的移植物.%Objective To study far femoral malignant bone tumor salvage limb treatment with allogeneic heterotopic half-joint transplantation and the use of GSH nail Methods Eleven cases with far femoral malignant bone tumor were administered tumor resection,transplanted with allogeneic heterotoeic bone half-joint,and fixed with GSH nail Results Nine out of the 11 cases were followed up.None of them had infection,rejection or heterotopic bone fracture.All of them can move with walking after 6 months.The effects of surgery was rated as "excellent" for 3 cases,"fine" for 4 cases and " bad" for 2 cases according to Mankin's rating criteria.Conclusion Salvage limb treatment for bone tumor can improve patients' quality of life.Allogeneic heterotopic bone,with rich source and acceptable joint surface,is a good graft for the treatment of bone defect after bone tumor resection.

  13. Space Solar Power Exploratory Research and Technology (SERT) Technical Interchange Meeting 2 (SERT TIM 2) (United States)

    Howell, Joe; Sanders, Clark W.


    The University of Alabama in Huntsville's (UAH) Propulsion Research Center hosted the Space Solar Power Exploratory Research & Technology (SERT) Technical Interchange Meeting TIM) 2 in Huntsville, Alabama December 7-10. 1999 with 126 people in attendance. The SERT program includes both competitively procured activities. which are being implemented through a portfolio of focused R&D investments--with the maximum leveraging of existing resources inside and outside NASA. and guided by these system studies. Axel Roth. Director of the Flight Projects Directorate NASA MSFC, welcomed the SERT TIM 2 participants and challenged them to develop the necessary technologies and demonstrations that will lead to Space Solar Power (SSP) International implementation. Joe Howell, NASA MSFC, reiterated the SERT TIM 2 objectives: 1) Refining and modeling systems approaches for the utilization of SSP concepts and technologies, ranging, from the near-term e.g. for space science, exploration and commercial space applications to the far-term (e. g. SSP for terrestrial markets), including systems concepts, technology, infrastructure (i.g., transportation), and economics. 2) Conducting technology research, development and demonstration activities to produce "proof- of-concept" validation of critical SSP elements for both the nearer and farther-term applications. 3) Initiating partnerships Nationality and Internationally that could be expanded, as appropriate, to pursue later SSP technology and applications (e.g., space science. colonization, etc.). Day one began with the NASA Centers presenting their SERT activities summary since SERT TIM 1 and wound up with a presentation by Masahiro Mori, NASDA titled "NASDA In-house Study for SSP". Demonstration for the Near-Term. Day two began with the SERT Systems Studies and Analysis reports resulting from NRA 8-23 followed by presentations of SERT Technology Demonstrations reports resulting from NRA 8-23. Day two closed with John Mankins presentation

  14. Experimental study on rabbit articular cartilage damage caused by patella tilt%髌骨倾斜对兔髌骨关节软骨损害的实验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王国良; 孙艳; 唐兆春; 于其龙; 王宗江


    目的:建立兔髌骨倾斜的模型并观察髌股关节软骨损害的变化,为临床治疗髌股关节疾病提供实验依据。方法新西兰大白兔24只,随机分3组,每组8只,行右膝髌骨内侧支持带松解和外侧支持带紧缩术,术后不固定右膝关节。左膝髌骨为对照组。分别于术后第2周、4周、8周处死取材,分别进行髌骨倾斜角CT测量、髌骨关节面软骨大体观察、软骨组织Mankin评分。结果(1)实验侧髌骨倾斜角明显大于对照侧;(2)术后4周可见关节软骨软化,色泽晦暗,裂隙形成;术后8周关节软骨粗糙,有大的裂隙且色泽晦暗;对照组无软骨退变;(3) HE染色光镜下观察关节软骨,术后4周时,关节软骨轻度变性,可见软骨细胞变扁,表面不规则,术后8周时,软骨明显变性,可见软骨细胞增殖,排列紊乱,基质减少,潮线不完整。根据软骨Mankin评分,术后4、8周时右膝实验组得分明显高于左膝空白对照组,相比较有显著的统计学意义( P<0.05)。结论兔髌骨倾斜后4周,髌骨外侧关节面软骨出现软骨软化,随着时间的延长软骨退变进一步加重,为治疗髌股关节软骨疾病提供实验依据。%Objective To establish a rabbit model of patellar tilt and observe the change of the patellofemoral cartilage damage , which can provide experimental basis for the clinical treatment of patellofemoral joint diseases .Methods Twenty-four New Zealand rabbits were randomly divided into three groups.The right knee was the experimental side which was operated to make the patella tilted .The left knee was used as the normal control .The animals were sacrificed in the 2nd week, 4th week, and 8th week after the operation .The patellar tilt angle on the CT scanning was measured , gross observation and Mankin scores were also performed . Results ( 1 ) The results revealed that the patellar tilt angle of the

  15. Expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 2 alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor in chondrocytes of articular cartilages in human osteoarthritis%骨关节炎关节软骨细胞中低氧诱导因子2α及血管内皮生长因子的表达

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘丰; 彭昊; 周建林; 方洪松; 邓爽; 杨骁; 翁金清


    BACKGROUND:Studies have found that vascular endothelial growth factor and hypoxia inducible factor are involved in the development process of osteoarthritis, but their correlation is rarely reported. OBJECTIVE:To observe the expression and correlation of hypoxia inducible factor-2α and vascular endothelial growth factor in chondrocytes of articular cartilages in human osteoarthritis. METHODS: Articular cartilage specimens were colected from 50 patients with knee osteoarthritis undergoing total knee joint replacement. According to the joint Kelgren-Lawrance (K-L) X-ray grouping classification standard, there were 18 cases of K-LIII level and 32 cases of K-LIV level. Besides, articular cartilage specimens from 10 patients undergoing amputation for legs tumor or traffic accident served as control group. Hematoxylin-eosin staining, Safranin O-Fast Green staining and Mankin scoring were performed to observe and evaluate the histological characteristics of articular cartilages of each group, immunohistochemical staining was conducted to detect the expression of hypoxia inducible factor-2α and vascular endothelial growth factor in chondrocytes of articular cartilages, and their correlations were analyzed. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:The Mankin score of K-LIV group was significantly higher than those of K-LIII group and control group. Immunohistochemical staining revealed that the number of chondrocytes with positive expression of hypoxia inducible factor-2α or vascular endothelial growth factor in K-LIV group was significantly higher than that in K-LIII group and control group (P < 0.05). The expression of hypoxia inducible factor-2α and vascular endothelial growth factor increased in chondrocytes of articular cartilages of osteoarthritis patients, and to up-regulate the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor may be the regulatory mechanism of hypoxia inducible factor-2αinthe pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.%背景:已有研究发现血管内皮生长因子

  16. 鲑鱼降钙素对前交叉韧带切断模型兔膝关节软骨损伤的保护作用%Effect of salmon calcitonin on knee joint cartilage lesions in anterior cruciate ligament transection rabbit models

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    云文科; 葛茂林; 王剑; 曹磊光; 白杰; 宝音; 任喜存


    目的 研究鲑鱼降钙素(salmon calcitonin,sCT)对前交叉韧带切断(anterior cruciate ligament transection,ACLT)模型兔膝关节软骨损伤的影响.方法 将48只健康3月龄雄性日本大耳白兔随机分为3组,每组16只.选择其中两组造模,术后分别给予sCT和生理盐水(normal saline,NS),即ACLT+sCT组和ACLT+NS组;另外一组作为对照组,不予任何处理.8周后处死动物,取关节软骨进行HE染色观察并进行Mankin评分,免疫组化方法检测软骨中MMP-13表达情况;采用骨组织形态计量学比较各组软骨下骨小梁结构变化.结果 软骨HE染色观察、Mankin评分及MMP-13组化评价结果表明,ACLT+sCT组软骨损伤程度轻于ACLT+NS组,但较对照组严重,各组间比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).软骨下骨小梁结构定量分析表明,ACLT+sCT组软骨下骨小梁厚度明显高于ACLT+NS组[(263.56±24.30)vs(182.63±182.63)]μm,但低于对照组(361.49±23.36)μm,各组间比较差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 sCT能够降低ACLT切断所造成的兔膝关节软骨组织损伤程度,同时可部分维持软骨下骨小梁结构,对骨性关节炎软骨有一定保护作用.%Objective To investigate the effects of salmon calcitonin on knee joint cartilage lesions in anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) rat models. Methods Forty - eight three - month - old male rabbits were randomly divided into three groups( n = 16) . Two groups of rabbits underwent anterior cruciate ligament transection( ACLT) surgery, then were subcutaneously injected salmon calcitoin(sCT) and normal saline separately. The other rabbit were untreated as control. After eight weeks, all the rabbits were killed. The sections of cartilage were stained with hematoxylin - eosin ( HE) , and analyzed by Mankin score system. Expression levels of MMP -13 were detected by immunohistochemistry staining. Subchondral bone of proximal tibia was measured by bone histomorphometic method. Results Based

  17. Use of regenerative energy sources and hydrogen technology 2007. Proceedings; Nutzung regenerativer Energiequellen und Wasserstofftechnik 2007. Tagungsband

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Within the 14th symposium at 8th to 10th November, 2007, in Stralsund (Federal Repubic of Germany) the following lectures were held: (a) Underwater fuel cell with liquid reactants (Volker Brueser, Andreas Schmuhl, Henrik Junge, Hans-Michael Koerner, Herbert Seus); (b) Hydrogen storage in salt caverns for smoothing the supply of wind power (Fritz Crotogino, Roland Hamelmann); (c) Processing of lean gases for use in fuel cells (Andreas Dengel, Torsten Brinkmann, Wulf Clemens, Bert de Haart); (d) Stabilisation of a decommenssioned salt mine with compressed air with parallel utilization as energy source (Andreas Dengel); (e) Wind power and hydropower in flat country (Jacek Eliasz, Ryszard Jopp, Henryk Niezgoda); (f) Wind power stabilization by means of water electrolysis (Florencio Gamallo, Thomas Luschinetz, Ortrud Luschtinetz, Christian Sponholz, Andreas Miege, Jochen Lehmann); (g) The national innovation program hydrogen and fuel cells (Juergen Garche); (h) Operation of a SOFC with mine gas - result of a three-year pilot project (Bodo Gross, Ludger Blum, Andreas Dengel, Heinz-Kurt Doerr, Bert de Haar, Klas Kimmerle, Roland Peters); (i) Hydrogen as wind power (Roland Hamelmann); (j) Efficient supply of electricity and warmth from biomass by coupling the fermentation process with a high temperature fuel cell (SOFC) (Matthias Jahn, Eberhard Friedrich, Karin Jobst); (k) Fuel cells with liquid reactants - development of platinum free catalysts (Henrik Jung, Andreas Schmuhl, Volker Brueser, Man-Kin Tse); (l) The marine hydrogen and fuel cell association (Christian Machens); (m) Conclusions from the operation of a 400 W solar stirling plant (Reinhard Mueller, Axel Rackwitz); (n) Practical operation of a Technikum plant for the determination of the potential of biogas according to the VDI regulation 4630 (Michael Nelles, Dirk Banemann, Nils Engler, Thomas Fritz, Dietmar Ramhold); (o) Use of energy from solar collectors in Poland (Wladyslaw Nowak, Aleksander A. Stachel); (p

  18. Effect of self-assembled peptide–mesenchymal stem cell complex on the progression of osteoarthritis in a rat model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim JE


    metalloproteinases 1, and matrix metalloproteinase 9 were diffusely stained in controls, whereas localized or minimal staining was observed in other groups. Modified Mankin scores were significantly lower in the SAP and SAP-MSC groups than in controls (P=0.001 and 0.013. Although not statistically significant, synovial inflammation scores were lower in the SAP (1.3±0.3 and SAP-MSC (1.3±0.2 groups than in controls (2.6±0.2. However, neither the cytokine level nor the behavioral score was significantly different between groups.Conclusion: Injection of SAP-MSC hydrogels showed evidence of chondroprotection, as measured by the histologic grading and decreased expression of biochemical markers of inflammation and apoptosis. It also lowered subchondral bone mineral density, which can be increased by OA. This suggests that the SAP-MSC complex may have clinical potential to inhibit OA progression.Keywords: self-assembled peptide, mesenchymal stem cell, osteoarthritis, apoptosis, chondrogenesis

  19. Experimental Study on the Protective Effect of Glucosamine on Chondrocyte during Hemarthrosis%盐酸氨基葡萄糖在兔关节腔积血中对关节软骨保护作用的实验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张施洋; 张铭华; 蒋电明; 赵增辉; 李维朝; 谯波


    Objective To observe the protective effect of glucosamine on cartilage injury caused by rabbit hemarthrosis. Methods Fifty adult New Zealand rabbits were randomly divided into five groups (10 in each group). A hemarthrosis model was established by injection through venous blood articular cavity. Lavage was conducted with different drug dosages. The positive control group was lavaged with same dosages of distilled water. Lavage was conducted once every day, and materials were collected after 8 weeks. Injury degrees were evaluated by gross observation and by Mankin score and Safrain-0 staining under light microscopy. Immunohistochemical techniques were applied to detect the expressions of COL II . Results Gross cartilage observation and histological observation showed significant differences (P < 0.05) between high-, medium- and low-dosage groups and the positive control group. The immunohistochemical results indicated that COL II expression was significantly higher ?P < 0.05) in each treatment group than that in the positive control group. Conclusions Glucosamine has certain protective effect on blood induced cartilage injury. Glucosamine plays an important role in prevention and treatment of blood induced cartilage injury.%目的 观察盐酸氨基葡萄糖对兔关节腔积血造成的软骨损伤的保护作用.方法 成年新西兰大白兔50只,随机分为A、B、C、D、E共5组,每组10只.A、B、C、D组采用自体静脉血4 mL右侧关节腔内注射建立关节腔积血模型.建模后,A、B、C组分别给予25、82.5、500 mg/kg的盐酸氨基葡萄糖灌胃,1次/d;D组为阳性对照组,以6 mL/kg蒸馏水灌胃,1次/d;E组为阴性对照组,以6mL/kg蒸馏水灌胃,1次/d.灌胃8周后取材.肉眼大体观察,光镜下进行Mankin评分及沙红O染色观察,评估软骨损伤程度;采用免疫组织化学法测定Ⅱ型胶原蛋白(COLⅡ)表达情况.结果 软骨大体观察和沙红O染色组织学观察显示,A、B、C组与D组、E组之

  20. 氨基葡萄糖硫酸盐对兔膝关节骨关节炎的保护作用研究%Protection of glucosamine sulphate against knee osteoarthritis in rabbit

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    韦健; 周建飞; 洪定钢


    Objective To study protective effects of glucosamine sulphate against knee osteoarthritis in rabbit and explore its mechanism. Methods Rabbits were randomly divided into control group, model group, and glucosamine sulphate (63, 125, and 250 mg/kg) groups, and each group had eight rabbits. Right knee Hulth procedure was used to establish osteoarthritis models. The volume was 5 mL/kg, the treatment were carried out once daily, and lasted for 40 d. Body weight changes were observed, and joint mobility in rabbits were calculated. Gross tissue of rabbits with osteoarthritis was observed under naked eye and microscope. Cartilage tissue structure, cell number, toluidine blue staining, and the tidal line integrity were observed after He and toluidine blue staining, and Mankin's scores were compared. Pathological changes of synovial tissue and scores were compared. SOD activity in red blood cells of rabbits was determined by pyrogallol method.Results Compare with treatment before giving medicine, body weight changes in glucosamine sulphate group were increased, but the difference was not statistically significant. Compare with model group, joint mobility of rabbits in the glucosamine sulphate groups were significantly increased, especially glucosamine sulphate 250 mg/kg group (P < 0.05); The gross score of arthritis cartilage were significantly decreased with a certain dose-effect relationship (P < 0.01); Cartilage tissue structure, cell number, toluidine blue staining, and the tidal line integrity in Mankin's scores had a certain degree of improvement (P < 0.05, 0.01); Synovial tissue scores were significantly decreased, especially glucosamine sulphate 125 and 250 mg/kg group (P < 0.05, 0.01); And SOD activity in red blood cells were significantly increased, especially glucosamine sulphate 250 mg/kg group (P < 0.05).Conclusion Glucosamine sulphate has protection against knee osteoarthritis in rabbit in dose-dependent manner,which may be related to reducing chronic


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘骥; 袁霆; 张长青


    Objective Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can promote the repair of soft tissue, wound, and bone defect. To investigate the effect of PRP on synovitis by establishing papain-induced osteoarthritis model of rabbit knee and interfering with PRP. Methods Twenty healthy 6-month-old rabbits (male or female, weighing 2.5-3.5 kg) were randomly divided into the experimental group (n= 10) and the control group (n= 10). The whole blood (10 mL) was extracted from the central aural artery and PRP was prepared with the Landesberg's method. Meanwhile, the platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) concentrations in the circulating blood and PRP were measured. The 4% papain solution (0.3 mL) was injected into the knee joint cavity to establish the osteoarthritis model.After that, PRP (0.3 mL) was injected into the knee joints every week for 10 weeks in the experimental group, while normal saline of the same volume in the control group. At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and l0th weeks after the first injection, the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and interleukin 1β (IL-1β) concentrations in the whole blood were tested, and the histological changes of the synovium were observed by HE staining and the Mankin scores were made. Results The blood cell counting showed that the platelet concentration of PRP was 6.8 times as that of the circulating blood. PDGF, TGF-β, and VEGF were 5, 8, and 7 times as those of the circulating blood, showing significant differences (P < 0.05). All animals survived to the end of experiment.There were significant differences in the ESR at 2nd, 6th, 8th, and l0th weeks and in the IL-1β at 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th weeks between 2 groups (P < 0.05). In the control group, the synovium was edematous and thickened with fibrous effusion and pannus on surface; in the experimental group, the effusion of the synovium was decreased and less congestion and edema were observed at the 2nd week; the

  2. 四肢骨肿瘤切除后应用大段同种异体骨移植交锁髓内钉内固定修复骨缺损%Rebuilding bone with massive allograft and interlocking intramedullary nail after bone tumor resection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨祚璋; 许建波; 詹辉; 袁涛; 张晋煜; 钱保生; 李文忠


    , the progression of transplantation of allografts has put forward to a new way to repair massive bone and joint defect caused by various reasons, which was a difficult subject in the past.OBJECTIVE: To probe into the effect of massive allograft and interlocking intramedullary nail on rebuilding bone and joint after bone tumor resection.DESIGN: Self-control observation SETTING: Department of Orthopaedics, Yunnan Provincial Tumor Hospital PARTICIPANTS: From April 1998 to January 2003, totally 18 patients with 15 cases of malignant bone tumor and 3 of osteoma-like disease, accepted bone tumor focus removal followed by intrmedullary nailing and allogenic bone transplantation, consented to join the study, were recruited.INTERVENTIONS: Allografts were taken from fresh cadaveric bone (Prepared and stored in Yunnan Provincial Tumor). The bone segment of osteoma was cut completely and the allografts were transplanted at the bone defects. The proximal and distal intrmedullary nailing were inserted in order. Auto cancellous bone particles were transplanted at the bone joint to promote the healing at bone end. The upper part of shoulder bone was transplanted to perform reconstruct of retotar and triangular muscle; half knee joint was transplanted to attach important muscle and ligament. After external fixation of 4 to 6 weeks following operation, the functional exercise was conducted in order sequence. Evaluating the curative effect of functional recovery of the limbs at postoperative 3,6 and 12 months as well as follow-up was carried out according to the criteria of Mankin(excellent ,good , moderate , unsatisfied).MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: ①Functional recovery of limb of the patients. ② Adverse and side effectRESULTS: Date of totally 18 patients was entered result analysis. ①Functional recovery result of the limbs: According to evaluated criteria put forward by Mankin. In this group, 7 cases of excellent, 6 of good, 4 of moderate and 1 of unsatisfied. Bony callus and the

  3. Motor abilities, movement skills and their relationship before and after eight weeks of martial arts training in people with intellectual disability [Motorické schopnosti, pohybové dovednosti a vztah mezi nimi u osob s mentálním postižením před osmitýdenním kurzem bojových umění a po jeho ukončení

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Damir Karpljuk


    judokas had been noted. The effects of the training program should be verified in future studies. It is worth reiterating that by improving motor abilities and expanding the boundaries of skills, people with intellectual disability enhance their quality of life. Attention in the future and thus contributes to a higher quality of intellectually disabled people’s engagement in sport as well as in life.[VÝCHODISKA: Je známo, že část populace osob s mentálním postižením má sklon k obezitě a horšímu zdravotnímu stavu. Proto by v jejich životech měl hrát významnou roli sport. Navrhnout vědecky a profesionálně účinné tréninkové programy pro sportovní vyžití osob s mentálním postižením, sestávající z nezbytné metodiky a didaktických pokynů, je sice těžký úkol, ale stává se nezbytností pro blízkou budoucnost. CÍLE: Cílem studie je stanovit vzájemný vztah mezi vy branými motorickými schopnostmi a pohybovými dovednostmi v rámci bojových umění, jakož i to, jak a do jaké míry osoby s mentálním postižením (MP, které pravidelně trénují judo, mohou po osmitýdenním tréninkovém kurzu ve svých dovednostech v oblasti bojových umění (judo, karate, box a šerm dosáhnout zlepšení. Zajímalo nás také, zda došlo k jakýmkoli změnám ve vybraných motorických dovednostech. METODIKA: Měření motorických schopností a dovedností v oblasti vybraných bojových umění bylo provedeno dvakrát – v březnu 2008, týden před začátkem kurzu, a v květnu 2008, týden po jeho ukončení. Tréninkový kurz trval dva měsíce v rozsahu dvou lekcí týdně. Zkoumaný vzorek sestával z 5 žen a 18 mužů ve věku mezi 16 a 36 lety s mírným až středně těžkým mentálním postižením. Studie byla provedena pomocí 8 testů pro hodnocení motorických schopností a 9 testů pro hodnocení dovedností v oblasti bojových umění. VÝSLEDKY: Výsledky t-testu pro závislé vzorky prokázaly statisticky v

  4. “Ay, But Droma Pkhirdyom”: The Gypsy and the Road (Self-Identity in Soviet and Post-Soviet Gypsy Literature in the Russian Cultural and Political Context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Valentinovna Kuglerova


    ście kulturowym i politycznym Cyganie zawsze byli szczególną mniejszością w Rosji. Z jednej strony Rosjanie podziwiali bezdomność  Cyganów i ich pragnienie wolności. Cyganie stanowili swego rodzaju alter ego Rosjan: byli tacy, jakimi ci ostatni być chcieli, ale nie ośmielali się. Z drugiej zaś nawet w stosunkowo liberalnych czasach caratu traktowano ich jako ludzi drugiej kategorii, nie wspominając o sowieckich deportacjach. Wędrowny Cygan denerwował szczególnie, tak więc władze zawsze starały się ich osiedlać. Postawy Cyganów także były dwuznaczne (ścisła opozycja Gadziowie/Romi i jednocześnie zjawisko „chorału” osiadłych Cyganów, łączącego kultury rosyjską i cygańską. Ujawnia to główną cechę tożsamości cygańskiej: pragnienie ruchliwości, zależność – ale tylko w drodze, co zderzało się z dwoistą postawą rosyjskiej większości. Ową cechę jak też dwuznaczną postawę wobec niej można uznać za zasadniczy rys radzieckiej i postradzieckiej literatury cygańskiej. Około 1938 roku (zanim skończyło się wspieranie mniejszości narodowych w radzieckiej literaturze cygańskiej występowały dwie główne linie narracyjne: narracja o złej kapitalistycznej przeszłości (wykorzystywanie „chorałowych” Cyganów, którzy zostali wyprowadzeni z drogi przez Rosjan: M. Iljinsko oraz opisywanie wspaniałej rzeczywistości radzieckiej – kiedy to szczęśliwi Cyganie pracują i osiedlani są w kołchozach (M. Bezludzko. Taki obraz nowego radzieckiego Cygana ma źródła w obrazie bezdomności (ze względu na negowanie epoki radzieckiej i gloryfikację czasów carskich, co pokazuje szczegółowa analiza tekstów.

  5. 可溶性鸡Ⅱ型胶原分散组合物延缓骨关节炎大鼠关节软骨形态学的变化:不同口服剂量及赋形剂比较%Soluble dispersive mixture of chicken collagen type Ⅱ delays the morphological changes of articular cartilage in rats with osteoarthritis:Comparison among different oral doses and excipients

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐东红; 沈炜明


    Therapeutic study: Totally 126 rats were randomized into 5 groups, grouping, administration and rat number in different groups were the same as those in prophylactic study,respectively, except for the n =30 in OA group. In addition, all the rats were adminstrated for 8 weeks since 6 weeks after operation. The knee joints of right hind limb of all the rats were taken off after 1-week treatment. And sample was cut open along coronal incision for use. ③Morphological study of articular cartilage was conducted by HE staining and Mankin score was calculated to evaluate the severity of arthritis, immunohistochemical studies of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-13, MMP-9 and cathepsin K (Cath K) were carried out by ABC method in situ and the percentage of positive-stained chondrocytes were calculated while the mRNA level for MMP-13, MMP-9, Cath K and the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (TIMP1) were determined by semi-quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: ①The morphological changes of articular cartilage in different groups in prophylactic or therapeutic study.②The level of MMP-13, MMP-9, Cath K and their corresponding mRNA levels.RESULTS: All the 258 rats were involved in the final analysis. ①Prophylactic study: Apparent degeneration appeared in the rats of OA group and the mankin score in OA group was higher than that in high- or low- SmCC Ⅱ groups [(6.44±0.81), (2.75±0.85), (2.70±0.81) points respectively, P < 0.05], the mRNA and positive-stained chondrocyte percentage of MMP-13, MMP-9 and Cath K in OA group was higher than that in high- or low-dose SmCC Ⅱ group, respectively (P <0.05-0.01) while the TIMP1mRNA level in OA group was not significantly higher than that in high or low SmCC Ⅱ group (P> 0.05). There were no significant changes on the level of MMP-13, MMP-9 and Cath K between excipient and OA group (P > 0.05). ②Therapeutic study: The Mankin's score of OA group was higher than high or

  6. 关节腔内注射透明质酸钠可以延缓创伤性骨关节炎的软骨退变%Local intra-articular injection of sodium hyaluronate delays articular cartilage degeneration after traumatic osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周建林; 邓爽; 方洪松; 彭昊; 邱波


    Abstract BACKGROUND: Sodium hyaluronate is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. There is evidence that abnormal expressions of matrix metaloproteinase (MMP)-1, -3 and -9 and tissue inhibitor of metaloproteinase (TIMP)-1 and -2 show great effects on osteoarthritis. OBJECTIVE: To assess the influence of intra-articular injection of sodium hyaluronate on expressions of MMPs-1, 3, 9 and tissue inhibitor of TIMPs-1, 2 in the rabbit cartilage after osteoarthritis. METHODS: Twenty-four mature New Zealand white rabbits were divided into normal control, model, and sodium hyaluronate groups. The model and sodium hyaluronate groups underwent unilateral anterior cruciate ligament transection, and rabbits in the sodium hyaluronate group received 0.3 mL of 1% sodium hyaluronate via intra-articular injection at 4 weeks after modeling, once a week for 5 weeks. At 11 weeks folowing surgery, the rabbits were kiled and the cartilage was harvested to extract total RNA. mRNA expressions of MMPs-1, 3, 9 and TIMPs-1, 2 in the cartilage were analyzed using real-time PCR for each group. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Compared with the model group, the range and extent of cartilage damage was reduced in the sodium hyaluronate group (P < 0.01), and Mankin scores were noticeably decreased (P < 0.05). In the cartilage, mRNA expressions of MMPs-1, 3, 9 were enhanced and mRNA expressions of TIMPs-1, 2 were down-regulated in the model group. However, the mRNA expression levels of MMPs-1, 3, 9 and TIMPs-1, 2 in the articular cartilage were not obviously changed in the sodium hyaluronate group. These results suggest that MMPs-1, 3, 9 and TIMPs-1, 2 are involved in the progression of osteoarthritis and the therapeutic mechanism of sodium hyaluronate is not realized through the down-regulation of their expressions during development of osteoarthritis. Sodium hyaluronate for treatment of osteoarthritis is a complex process and the underlying mechanisms

  7. Effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on interleukin-1beta and matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in rabbits with knee osteoarthritis%体外冲击波治疗兔膝骨关节炎:白细胞介素1β及基质金属蛋白酶13的表达

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    侯晓东; 刘洪柏; 刘克敏


    -eosin staining and toluidine blue staining. The interleukin-1βand matrix metal oproteinase-13 expression in the synovia was detected using ELISA and immunohistochemical staining respectively. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:The interleukin-1βconcentration in the synovial fluid was significantly higher in the treatment group and model group than the control group (P<0.01), and the treatment group after treatment showed a lower concentration than the model group (P<0.05). Mankin scores in treatment group and model group were significantly increased compared with the control group (P<0.01), and the treatment group after treatment showed a lower score than the model group (P<0.05). The interleukin-1βand matrix metal oproteinase-13 positive expression rates in the treatment group and model group were significantly increased compared with the control group (P<0.01), and the treatment group after treatment showed a lower rate than the model group (P<0.05). The extracorporeal shock wave therapy can downregulate the expression of interleukin-1βand matrix metal oproteinase-13, promote the synthesis of new col agen.

  8. Protective effect and mechanism of volatile oil angelica intragastric administration on the treatment of rabbit knee osteoarthritis%独活挥发油灌胃对兔膝骨关节炎的保护作用及其机制

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    乙军; 周业庭; 潘武; 李业成; 张巍; 马小波


    -βfor cartilage,Mankin,scale were performed.The levels of IL-1 and TGF-β of the serum and synovial fluid were determined by ELISE.Results In the ACLT + VOOA group showed the degeneration of the cartilage and fiber hyperplasia of synovia were light ened in the histological observation and the expression of IL-1 of the serum and synovial fluid was significantly lower (P <0.05),while the level of TGF-β were higher (P < 0.05)than the other groups.Conclusions Daily administration of VOOA at a dose of0.2 ml/(kg · d) for 8 weeks can partially slow down degeneration of articular cartilage by decreasing the expression of IL-1 and increasing the expression of TGF-β.So it can lighten the degeneration of the cartilage and alleviate the pathology of osteoarthritis,but it can not prevent the process of osteoarthritis.

  9. Preface: SciDAC 2009 (United States)

    Simon, Horst


    and posters goes to the teams of researchers, the success of this year's conference is due to the strong efforts and support from members of the 2009 SciDAC Program Committee and Organizing Committee, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to them for helping to make the 2009 meeting the largest and most successful to date. Program Committee members were: David Bader, LLNL; Pete Beckman, ANL; John Bell, LBNL; John Boisseau, University of Texas; Paul Bonoli, MIT; Hank Childs, LBNL; Bill Collins, LBNL; Jim Davenport, BNL; David Dean, ORNL; Thom Dunning, NCSA; Peg Folta, LLNL; Glenn Hammond, PNNL; Maciej Haranczyk, LBNL; Robert Harrison, ORNL; Paul Hovland, ANL; Paul Kent, ORNL; Aram Kevorkian, SPAWAR; David Keyes, Columbia University; Kwok Ko, SLAC; Felice Lightstone, LLNL; Bob Lucas, ISI/USC; Paul Mackenzie, Fermilab; Tony Mezzacappa, ORNL; John Negele, MIT; Jeff Nichols, ORNL; Mike Norman, UCSD; Joe Oefelein, SNL; Jeanie Osburn, NRL; Peter Ostroumov, ANL; Valerio Pascucci, University of Utah; Ruth Pordes, Fermilab; Rob Ross, ANL; Nagiza Samatova, ORNL; Martin Savage, University of Washington; Tim Scheibe, PNNL; Ed Seidel, NSF; Arie Shoshani, LBNL; Rick Stevens, ANL; Bob Sugar, UCSB; Bill Tang, PPPL; Bob Wilhelmson, NCSA; Kathy Yelick, NERSC/LBNL; Dave Zachmann, Vista Computational Technology LLC. Organizing Committee members were: Communications: Jon Bashor, LBNL. Contracts/Logistics: Mary Spada and Cheryl Zidel, ANL. Posters: David Bailey, LBNL. Proceedings: John Hules, LBNL. Proceedings Database Developer: Beth Cerny Patino, ANL. Program Committee Liaison/Conference Web Site: Yeen Mankin, LBNL. Tutorials: David Skinner, NERSC/LBNL. Visualization Night: Hank Childs, LBNL; Valerio Pascucci, Chems Touati, Nathan Galli, and Erik Jorgensen, University of Utah. Again, my thanks to all. Horst Simon San Diego, California June 18, 2009

  10. 阿仑磷酸钠联合透明质酸钠在膝关节细胞凋亡中作用的初步研究%Preliminary research of alendronate joint hyaluronate acid to treat chondrocytes apoptosis in osteoarthritis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马钢; 刘勇; 任明姬


    Objective To observe the expression of Caspase-3, Caspase-12 in osteoarthritis (OA) and the effect of Alendronate and Hyaluronic Acid.MethodsWe randomly divided healthy 50 Wista Rats aged 5 months into two groups. One group was 40 rats that were underwent the transecting operation on anterior cruciate ligament of bilateral hindlimbs and were driven 30 minutues after operation. Another group was 10 rats named control group. Then 40 rats that underwent operation were randomly divided into four groups. The operation model group; Alendronate (AL) group were given alendronate suspension fluid 2 ml(1.75 mg/ml) by irrigating stomach method; Hyaluronic Acid(HA) group were injected hyaluronate acid 0.1 ml into double knee intra-articular joints; Combined treatment group were given alendronate suspension fluid 3.5 mg/2 ml by irrigating stomach method and were injected hyaluronate acid 0.1 ml into double knee intra-articular joints. All animals were irrigated stomach once a day and injected drugs once a week. The experimental period was 6 weeks. Dissected the double knee to observing general form of cartilage and then fixed the femoral condyle and tibial plateau cartilage to HE stainingafter the last druged 1 week. Adopted the light microscope to examining the pathology chang of cartilage cell; the immunohisto chemical method and the Western blot method were used to examining the expression of caspase-3 and caspase-12 in cartilage cell.Results The index of model group was more serious than other groups.The Mankin score were (3.30±0.41) in model group, (2.33±0.36) in AL group, (2.10±0.34) in HA group, (1.36±0.50) in combined treatment group, (0.54±0.50) in control group; There were statistical significance between model group and each drug experimental group(P<0.05). The light microscope displayed that The articular surface cell fibrosis, erosion, ulcer or rared, and layer cells presented characteristic clumps arrangement with mast cells disappeared or the rate of empty