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  1. Dearborn Forms Elementary Arabic Language Program Collaboration

    Tabrizi, Shereen


    The Dearborn Public Schools, with 18,300 students, is located in the Detroit urban area with the largest concentration of Arabic-speaking people in the United States. In order to prepare the students for the 21st century skills and global awareness and in response to parents' requests, the author in collaboration with the school principal and…


    Grace Dearborn's DARAMEND Bioremediation Technology was developed to treat soils/sediment contaminated with organic contaminants using solid-phase organic amendments. The amendments increase the soil's ability to supply biologically available water/nutrients to microorganisms and...

  3. Standards for Reference Service at the University of Michigan--Dearborn Library.

    Galligan, Sara

    Few standards for reference services have appeared in the past, therefore guidelines for reference librarians at the University of Michigan--Dearborn library are offered. The guidelines presented are based upon reference standards prepared by the Reference and Adult Services Division (RASD) Standards Committee for the ALA Centennial Conference in…

  4. The Structure and Stability of Political Attitudes: Findings from the 1974-1976 Dearborn Panel Study.

    Wayman, Frank Whelon; Stockton, Ronald R.

    Based on a panel study of 800 voters in Dearborn, Michigan, this report examines the impact of political attitudes on the party system and on the presidential elections of 1972 and 1976. The central thesis is that public opinion can be classified into two clusters of attitudes, one which disrupts and the other which reinforces partisan voting. The…

  5. Ritz-Carlton,Sanya,Helmsman Talks About HR Management and the Hotel Industry in China


    "There is not much difference between managing a hotel overseas and HR management in China,"said Michel L.Goget,the General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton,Sanya,who has been living and working in China for about four years."We look at our

  6. Integrating Title I and Title VII: The Evolving Model of Dearborn Public Schools, Michigan. NCBE Program Information Guide Series No. 21.

    Arraf, Shereen; And Others

    This report offers insights on the experiences and techniques used in the Dearborn Public Schools effort to integrate Title VII and Chapter 1 programs prior to their reauthorization. The school system is located near metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, and has over 14,500 students representing 24 languages, many from the Middle East, Romania, and…

  7. National Account Energy Alliance Final Report for the Ritz Carlton, San Francisco Combined Heat and Power Project

    Rosfjord, Thomas J [UTC Power


    Under collaboration between DOE and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), UTC Power partnered with Host Hotels and Resorts to install and operate a PureComfort 240M Cooling, Heating and Power (CHP) System at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco. This packaged CHP system integrated four microturbines, a double-effect absorption chiller, two fuel gas boosters, and the control hardware and software to ensure that the system operated predictably, reliably, and safely. The chiller, directly energized by the recycled hot exhaust from the microturbines, could be configured to provide either chilled or hot water. As installed, the system was capable of providing up to 227 kW of net electrical power and 142 RT of chilled water at a 59F ambient temperature.

  8. 75 FR 3252 - Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Truck Plant, Dearborn, MI; Notice of Negative Determination on...


    ... Thailand and is increasing its production capacity of Fiesta in Mexico and Canada. The Department contacted... Mexico and Canada. The company official confirmed that Ford Motor Company did not shift production of...


    The DARAMEND™ Bioremediation Technology may be applied to the remediation of soils and sediments contaminated by a wide variety of organic contaminants including chlorinated phenols, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and petroleum hydrocarbons. The technology may be ap...

  10. Romanza Rendezvous at Barolo In the Ritz-Carlton, Beijing


    On this valentine’s Day,Barolo will be fully decorated by Roseonly flowers to create the most romantic night for you and your loved ones.Indulge in exquisite Italian cuisine by Chef Ivan Fargnoli at Barolo amidst a sweet seduction of

  11. The Bilingual and Compensatory Education Program of the Dearborn Schools, Michigan: A Model for Systemic Change and Integration of Services.

    Arraf, Shereen


    Overviews a bilingual program serving urban schoolchildren who come from Arabic-speaking homes. The article describes the mission of the program as the preparation of students, in close cooperation with their families, to become contributing citizens in a changing society by providing a challenging curriculum to develop knowledge and a sense of…

  12. Assessment of indoor air quality exposures and impacts on respiratory outcomes in River Rouge and Dearborn, Michigan.

    Cleary, Erika; Asher, Mary; Olawoyin, Richard; Zhang, Kuangyuan


    Ambient air pollution is a public health issue which could potentially exacerbate pre-existing respiratory conditions and contribute to increases in asthma incidence. This study aims to address gaps in understanding how IAQ is impacted by outdoor air quality, which was done by sampling for indoor gaseous and particulate pollutants in residence and facilities near the sources of pollution. The study areas were selected due to non-attainment status with air quality standards, as well as demographic and socioeconomic status of those residing in these areas. Samples are obtained from five locations around the study areas. The sampling procedure involves active sampling methodologies for particulate matter (PM) and gases. Average volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels of 2.71 ppm were measured at a location, while the average particulate matter (PM) concentrations in three study locations were; 15,979 pt/cc, 9533 pt/cc, 5267 pt/cc respectively, which exceeded clean background environment level of 500-2000 pt/cc. All locations had average CO concentrations above 0.3 ppm, which is potentially associated with elevated asthma symptoms. Results demonstrated that facilities in the study area have increased levels of indoor air pollutants that potentially increase asthma and respiratory issues. The study concludes that particulate and gaseous pollutant levels in the study areas are a concerning human health issue. The study outcomes have significant implications for air quality exposure modeling and potential exposure mitigation strategies, which are expected to facilitate the implementation of public policies for improved human health conditions. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Health Care Cost Containment: Dilemmas and Solutions. Midwest Alliance in Nursing Fall Workshop (Dearborn, Michigan, September 1983).

    Minckley, Barbara B., Ed.; Walters, Mary Dale, Ed.

    Focusing on various issues related to rapidly rising health care costs, and the dilemmas these pose for health care professionals these proceedings include the following papers: (1) "A Federal Perspective: Nursing under Prospective Payment," by Carolyne K. Davis; (2) "Providers' Panel: Facing the Issues," by Connie Curran,…

  14. Upgrading the Center for Lightweighting Automotive Materials and Processing - a GATE Center of Excellence at the University of Michigan-Dearborn

    Mallick, P. K.


    The Center for Lightweighting Materials and Processing (CLAMP) was established in September 1998 with a grant from the Department of Energy’s Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) program. The center received the second round of GATE grant in 2005 under the title “Upgrading the Center for Lightweighting Automotive Materials and Processing”. Using the two grants, the Center has successfully created 10 graduate level courses on lightweight automotive materials, integrated them into master’s and PhD programs in Automotive Systems Engineering, and offered them regularly to the graduate students in the program. In addition, the Center has created a web-based lightweight automotive materials database, conducted research on lightweight automotive materials and organized seminars/symposia on lightweight automotive materials for both academia and industry. The faculty involved with the Center has conducted research on a variety of topics related to design, testing, characterization and processing of lightweight materials for automotive applications and have received numerous research grants from automotive companies and government agencies to support their research. The materials considered included advanced steels, light alloys (aluminum, magnesium and titanium) and fiber reinforced polymer composites. In some of these research projects, CLAMP faculty have collaborated with industry partners and students have used the research facilities at industry locations. The specific objectives of the project during the current funding period (2005 – 2012) were as follows: (1) develop new graduate courses and incorporate them in the automotive systems engineering curriculum (2) improve and update two existing courses on automotive materials and processing (3) upgrade the laboratory facilities used by graduate students to conduct research (4) expand the Lightweight Automotive Materials Database to include additional materials, design case studies and make it more accessible to outside users (5) provide support to graduate students for conducting research on lightweight automotive materials and structures (6) provide industry/university interaction through a graduate certificate program on automotive materials and technology idea exchange through focused seminars and symposia on automotive materials.

  15. Proceedings of the EMU Conference on Foreign Languages for Business and the Professions (Dearborn, Michigan, April 5-7, 1984). Part III: Taking the Humanities to Business.

    Voght, Geoffrey M., Ed.

    Part III of the proceedings contains 12 presentations. They are: "The Role of Business Language in the Traditional Curriculum" (Michel Rocchi); "Foreign Languages for Business and the Professions Belong in the Liberal Arts" (Robert A. Kreiter); "How Much and How Far? Commercial French and the Student, Instructor, Administrator, and the Business…

  16. 77 FR 1710 - Extension of the Designation of El Salvador for Temporary Protected Status and Automatic...


    ... vulnerable to adverse climatic conditions. Of the approximately 276,000 homes destroyed, only about half have... S. Dearborn--3rd Floor South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Chicago, IL 60603-5517. Washington DC... Service: USCIS Attn: TPS El Salvador 131 S. Dearborn--3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517. If you...

  17. 80 FR 9279 - Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Canyon, Payette, Owyhee, and Washington Counties, ID, and...


    ...-2013-N279; 1265-0000-10137-S3] Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Canyon, Payette, Owyhee, and..., 1010 Dearborn St, Caldwell, ID 83605. [ssquf] Homedale Public Library, 125 W Owyhee Ave, Homedale,...


    Grace Dearborn's DARAMEND™ Bioremediation Technology was developed to treat soils/sediment contaminated with organic contaminants using solid-phase organic amendments. The amendments increase the soil’s ability to supply biologically available water/nutrients to micro...

  19. The Hyperactive Child. Should We Be Paying More Attention?

    Varga, James


    Current literature on hyperactivity stresses the central role of short attention, distractibility, and impulsivity in contributing to the child's behavioral and learning difficulties. Journal availability: American Medical Association, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610. (Author)

  20. Clinical Management of Father-Daughter Incest. A Critical Reexamination

    Weitzel, William D.; And Others


    Available from: American Medical Association, 535 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610 The professional literature relevant to child incest cases is reviewed, and four questions related to clinical management are examined. (Author)

  1. Department of Energy's regional solar updates 1979. Volume two. Invited papers and appendices



    Twenty-six invited papers for the regional meetings at Dearborn, Michigan; Orlando, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Los Angeles, California are included. Separate abstracts were prepared for each paper. (MHR)

  2. Food Additives and Hyperkinesis

    Wender, Ester H.


    The hypothesis that food additives are causally associated with hyperkinesis and learning disabilities in children is reviewed, and available data are summarized. Available from: American Medical Association 535 North Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois 60610. (JG)

  3. 75 FR 24734 - Extension of the Designation of Honduras for Temporary Protected Status and Automatic Extension...


    ... road network, the infrastructure remains basic and vulnerable to further damage from adverse climatic... both re- S. Dearborn--3rd Floor, registration and first time late Chicago, IL 60603-5517....

  4. Evaluation of high-speed films for measuring decelerations in experimental collisions. Paper presented to the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineer's Seminar in Depth and Equipment Demonstration: Optical Instrumentation, A problem solving tool in automotive safety engineering and biomechanics, Dearborn, Michigan, November 20-21, 1972.

    Botma, H.


    High-speed filming of collisions of vehicles with e.g. obstacles can be used to yield quantitative information. To get the deceleration history of the vehicle the series of positions read from the film should be different tinted twice. As the positions are corrupted with noise, the differentiating

  5. Terrorism in Southeast Asia


    simultaneous July 17, 2009 bombings of the J.W. Marriot and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta. The bombings were the first successful anti-Western terrorist attack...simultaneous bombings of the J.W. Marriot and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta killed nine and injured more than 50, including 6 Americans. The bombings

  6. Profit U

    Weinstein, Margery


    Preparing employees for the immediate work in front of them is a challenge. While most companies are still mastering effectively training their own workforce, some, such as "Training" magazine Top 10 Hall of Famer The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, have set up for-profit academies open to the public. When Ritz-Carlton won the national Malcolm…



    The Ritz-Carlton Beijing,Financial Street As the month of January ends, the spirit of love will be in the air. On Valentine’s Day,spoil that special someone with a romantic meal at the iconic Ritz-Carlton, Financial Street and win a diamond!



    The Ritz-Carlton,Beijing Ritz-Carlton,Beijing has successfully completed a mass recruitment campaign in order to select the finest employees it could find as it prepares to open a new luxury hotel in the heart of Beijing. The Ritz-Carlton,Beijing management team,led by General Manager Manfred comprised of the most talented professional hoteliers.This all-star team has been assembled to open Ritz-Carlton’s exit- ing new luxury product and set new levels of individualized service in Beijing.

  9. 教师的文化知识:创造教学的当下意义及其改进的无限可能——密西根大学Kathryn M.Anderson—Levitt教授访谈%Cultural Knowledge for Teaching:Creating Teaching' s Local Meaning and Its Tremendous Possibilities to Improve——An Interview with Professor & Dr. Kathryn M. Anderson - Levitt, University of Michigan - Dearborn



    凯瑟琳M.安德森-莱维特教授从教育人类学的视角研究教师知识及其教学。她将教师的文化知识定义为教师所具有的知识、信念、态度,以及教师用以完成教学的实践中的知识;它包括教师从教育学院和实际工作中获得的专业知识,也包含了对课堂、儿童和教学的常识性理解和想当然的知识。她通过人类学的田野研究,得出教师文化知识的五个类别:安排学年课程的知识、组织教学活动的知识、评价学生学习的知识,解释并补救学业失败的知识,以及实践中的知识。她发现,存在着一种对学校教育的跨国理解,或者说,存在着全球化的共同的教育话语,但是在本土层面,学校教学和改革却存在深刻的文化差异。%Professor & Dr. Kathryn M. Anderson - Levitt researches teachers' knowledge and their teaching from the perspective of anthropology. She defines teachers' cultural knowledge as teachers' knowledge, belief, attitude, as well as knowledge for practice. It includes the professional knowledge that teachers learn on the job or at the school of education, the common sense for children and teaching, as well as the knowledge they take for granted. By anthropological field work, she finds there are five categories of teachers' cultural knowledge, including knowledge for organizing the year' s curriculum, knowledge for teaching a lesson, knowledge for assessing students' learning, knowledge for explaining and remediating failure to learn, and knowledge in practice. She argues that there is transnational understanding about schools, in another words, there is common global talk. But in each country, there is still all of culture differences at the local level.

  10. Hotel shows health system keys to service excellence.


    Ritz-Carlton partnership part of broader program pursuing service excellence. Nearly 600 system leaders will participate in day-long seminars. GE, Harvard serve as strategic partners for ongoing educational efforts.

  11. Illicit Networks: Targeting the Nexus Between Terrorists, Proliferators, and Narcotraffickers


    bombings in Jakarta on the Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels in July 2009. JI has engaged in a wide spectrum of criminal activity across Southeast...ambiguous. In recent years, JI’s most visible terrorist activities—the simultaneous bombings on the Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels in Jakarta in...JI members comprised the core of his following. Implicated in the Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta in August 2003, the Australian Embassy bombing

  12. 81 FR 16198 - Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Canyon, Payette, Owyhee, and Washington Counties, ID, and...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Fish and Wildlife Service Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Canyon, Payette, Owyhee, and Washington..., 1010 Dearborn St., Caldwell, ID 83605. Homedale Public Library, 125 W Owyhee Ave., Homedale, ID...

  13. Biology of Alkylphosphonic Acids. A Review of the Distribution, Metabolism, and Structure of Naturally Occuring Alkylphosphonic Acids.


    been found in an echinoderm (Quin, 1965), a salt water crab (de Koning, 1970), the abalone (de Koning, 1966), the amoeba Acanthamoeba castellanii (Korn...Dearborn, D.G., and Wright, P.1., 1974. Lipophosphonoglycan ofthe plasma membrane of Acanthamoeba castellanii : Isolation from whole amoebae and identificato

  14. 40 CFR 52.1881 - Control strategy: Sulfur oxides (sulfur dioxide).


    ... concentrates through the use of pyrometallurgical techniques. (viii) Process means any source operation... V, 230 South Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois, 60604, Attention Air Compliance Section. (5) For purposes... Plant shall keep a permanent log on the lock-out system and record any problems with the system in...

  15. Growth Hormone Deficiency, Brain Development, and Intelligence

    Meyer-Bahlburg, Heino F. L.; And Others


    Available from: American Medical Association, 535 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610. In order to determine what effect, if any, growth hormone (GH) has on human brain development, 29 patients (mean age 11.7 years) with GH deficiency were selected according to the following criteria: no evidence of reversible GH deficiency, onset of…

  16. Noninvasive Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in a Porcine Model of Acute Lung Injury Due to Smoke Inhalation and Burns


    was defined as PaO2 /FIO2 e 300 mmHg; hemodynamic instability was defined as mean arterial pressure e 60 mmHg. Before ALI, EtCO2 demonstrated moderate...Pharmaceuticals, Dearborn, Mich). Ratio of the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood ( PaO2 ) to the frac tion of inspired oxygen (PFR) was measured

  17. Arab Stereotypes and American Educators.

    Wingfield, Marvin; Karaman, Bushra


    Maintains that negative stereotypes of Arabs permeate U.S. popular culture. Discusses Arab stereotypes among educators and the effects of stereotyping on Arab American students. Describes efforts used in the Dearborn, MI, schools to eliminate stereotypes and integrate into the curriculum the study of Arab culture. (CFR)

  18. Civil Rights Issues Facing Arab Americans in Michigan.

    Michigan State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

    This report is a summary statement of the Michigan Advisory Committee's study on civil rights issues facing Arab American communities in Michigan. It is based on information received by the Committee at a community forum held in Dearborn, Michigan, in 1999. Six sections focus on: (1) "Introduction," including Arab American demographics…

  19. An/Other American Life: Minor Pedagogies of Culture and Heritage in the Arab American National Museum

    Helmsing, Mark


    When entering the permanent exhibit titled "Living in America" in the Arab American National Museum (AANM) in Dearborn, Michigan, visitors are greeted with a sign that reads "Ahlan wa Sahlan." It is a greeting that translates in English to: "Your path is easier now that you are with us." The visitor, "you,"…

  20. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (76th, Kansas City, Missouri, August 11-14, 1993). Part I: Journalism History.

    Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

    The Journalism History section of this collection of conference presentations contains the following 15 papers: "Henry Ford's Newspaper: The 'Dearborn Independent,' 1919-1927" (James C. Foust); "Redefining the News?: Editorial Content and the 'Myth of Origin' Debate in Journalism History" (Elliot King); "'Nonpublicity' and…

  1. 76 FR 66750 - Certain Automotive GPS Navigation Systems, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same...


    ...; Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. of Blue Springs, MS; Volkswagen AG of Germany; Volkswagen...., LLC of Greer, SC; Chrysler Group LLC of Auburn Hills, MI; Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, MI; General Motors Company of Detroit, MI; Honda Motor Co. Ltd of Japan; Honda North America, Inc. of Torrance, CA...

  2. Possible Application of Quality Function Deployment in Software Systems Development in the United States Air Force


    his cooperation in acquiring QFD Designer. I also wish to thank Mr Allen Chartier of the American Supplieri Institute for his help in identifying...and What Didn’t," Transactions from the Symposium on Quality Function Deployment. 305-335. Dearborn MI: ASI Press, 1989. Pressman, Roger S. Software

  3. Conservation of Sooty Terns on Wake Atoll Complex


    Cambridge. Burhans, D. E., D. Dearborn, F. R. Thompson III, and J. Faaborg. 2002. Factors affecting predation at songbird nests in old fields...D. K. 1992. Population regulation of seabird colonies. Pages 37–61 in Current Ornithology, Vol. 9 (V., Nolan, E.D. Ketterson, Jr, and C.F. Thompson ...Losos. 1998. Quantifying threats to imperiled species in the United States. BioScience 48:607-615. Wilson S., K. Martin, and S. J. Hannon . 2007

  4. Vector Fluxgate Magnetometer (VMAG) Development for DSX


    Electronics engineering unit completed, Don Dearborn continued the FPGA design for the VMAG EU. In parallel with this effort and the thermal test equipment... thermal test equipment. We are currently assessing the potential schedule impact that this manpower issue will have on VMAG and may be added as a...during the quarter. The main aspect of this work was the re-work of the thermal test equipment. The in-house thermal test equipment is needed to run

  5. Energy study of automated guideway transit (AGT) systems

    Henderson, C.; Cronin, R.H.; Ellis, H.T.


    Automated guideway transit systems provide passenger transportation on exclusive guideways in vehicles without operators. An energy study of 6 AGT systems was made for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; Tampa International Airport; Busch Gardens, Wiliamsburg, Virginia; Fairland Town Center, Dearborne, Michigan; Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport; and West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virinia. Selected physical, operating, and economic characteristics of the systems; services rendered; direct, indirect, and capital energy demands; and energy intensities are described.

  6. Blood-Banking Techniques for Plateletpheresis in Swine


    mL Fatal Plus, Vortech Pharmaceuticals , Dearborn, MI) while under surgical anesthesia. Validation procedures. Plateletpheresed platelets. The AABB...blood gas analysis (COBAS b221 Blood Analyzer System, Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, IN), assessment of platelet function by in vivo energy substrate. Biochim Biophys Acta 842:214–224. 43. Yuasa T, Ohto H, Yasunaga R, Kai T, Shirahama N, Ogata T. 2004. Improved

  7. High Temperature Power Converters for Military Hybrid Electric Vehicles


    M) MINI-SYMPOSIUM AUGUST 9-11 DEARBORN, MICHIGAN HIGH TEMPERATURE POWER CONVERTERS FOR MILITARY HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLES ABSTRACT...SUBTITLE High Temperature Power Converters for Military Hybrid Electric Vehicles 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6...public release High Temperature Power Converters for Military Hybrid Electric Vehicles Page 2 of 8 I. INTRODUCTION Today, wide bandgap devices

  8. Experience Luxury


    Seeing China as a booming market,the world-renowned Marriott International is accelerating its expansion in the country with the opening of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Beijing in October 2007.Beijing Review conducted an interview with Manfred Weber,recently appointed as general manager of the hotel

  9. Insurgent Violence: U.S. Involvement in Internal Conflict


    carried out a car bombing in front of a Marriott Hotel in Jakarta killing 12 individuals and injuring at least 150. In 2004, the terrorist group carried...injured during two near simultaneous explosions at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels in Jakarta (seven of the eight people killed were foreigners

  10. 77 FR 32649 - National Institute of Mental Health; Notice of Closed Meeting


    ... grant applications. Place: Ritz Carlton Hotel, 1150 22nd Street NW., Washington, DC 20037. Contact.... 93.242, Mental Health Research Grants; 93.281, Scientist Development Award, Scientist Development... Awards for Research Training, National Institutes of Health, HHS) Dated: May 25, 2012. Jennifer S. Spaeth...



    The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street Enjoy a healthy and organic yet tasty lunch buffet at the Greenfish restaurant, served 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. daily for 198 yuan per person (plus a 15-percent service charge) on Mondays through

  12. 77 FR 8888 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings


    ... 5 p.m. Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, 4375 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Contact Person: Mark Lindner, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer... for Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel; Member Conflict: Cell Biology. Date: March 6, 2012....

  13. The FBI is Leading the Way by Making the Private Sector an Integral Part of the Counterterrorism Homeland Security Enterprise


    largely unimpeded…. The country is still the best theatre of operations for al-Qaeda. Nowhere in the world does al-Qaeda have such a large and...recognizable names like the Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance Hotels and the Fairfield Inn and Suites. Significantly, Marriott diversified to include “limited

  14. 76 FR 19189 - Clinical Science Research and Development Service Cooperative Studies Scientific Evaluation...


    ... AFFAIRS Clinical Science Research and Development Service Cooperative Studies Scientific Evaluation... (Federal Advisory Committee Act) that a meeting of the Clinical Science Research and Development Service Cooperative Studies Scientific Evaluation Committee will be held on April 25, 2011, at The Ritz-Carlton...

  15. 76 FR 51381 - National Institute on Drug Abuse; Notice of Closed Meetings


    ... Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814. Contact Person: Mark R. Green, PhD, Deputy Director, Office of Extramural.... Time: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Ritz-Carlton Hotel...

  16. Ready: how to keep your customers coming back.

    Eliscu, A T


    Customer service is a major, but often overlooked, issue in health care today. While other industries and organizations recognize how good customer relations can affect long-term success, many health care providers have yet to learn this valuable lesson. The Ritz-Carlton, which won the prestigious Baldridge Award for service, has a well-earned reputation for excellent customer service. Like health care providers, this hotel industry icon hires hourly workers, puts them in uniform and has them work in teams. Unlike health care, however, The Ritz-Carlton seems to be able to generate a much higher level of customer satisfaction. How? This chapter illustrates the techniques the hotel chain uses to accomplish its goal and how these important tools can apply to the health care industry.

  17. Al Qaeda and Affiliates: Historical Perspective, Global Presence, and Implications for U.S. Policy


    the J.W. Marriot and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta. The bombings were the first successful anti-Western terrorist attack in Indonesia in four years...Muslims in Iraq, as well as the bombing of three hotels in Amman, Jordan, in November 2005, appears to have produced a significant backlash against the...bomber, and the bombing of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad.10 The core organization’s apparent inability to commit large-scale attacks has led some

  18. Mengantisipasi Ancaman Teror Nubika

    Wahyu Suhender, Armaidy Armawi


    Berbagai aksi teror telah terjadi di Indonesia, antara lain Peledakan Gereja dan Bursa Efek Jakarta (2000), Born Bali 1 (2002), Born di Hotel JVV Marriot (2003), Kedubes Aus- tralia (2004), Born Bali 2 (2005) dan terakhir di Hotel JVV Marriot dan Ritz Carlton ( 2009). Kelompok teroris men ggunakan bahan peledak konvensional dalam aksinya, yang mengakibatkan jatuhnya korban jiwa, harta benda dan menimbulkan rasa tidak aman di masyarakat. Indonesia tidak hanya menjadi target terorisme baik yang...



    Advisors 11:15AM Army of the Future Brigadier General Edward P. Donnelly, Jr., USA Director, Joint & Futures Office of the Deputy Chief of...University. THE RITZ-CARLTON ATLANTA, GA Brigadier General Edward P. Donnelly, Jr., USA Director, Joint & Futures, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff...field of human rights, working primarily on a pro bono basis. He has worked with Amnesty International USA, where he served as a member of the Board

  20. Optoelectronic Workshops (8th). Quantum-Limited Imaging and Image Processing


    Signatures Radiological and Nuclear Imaging LU ’tA U.’ ’tA I-A 6 0 0 U. cc I--z Lu inouHStrIal Applications-. r=c. bk’J..t Vol. 960. Dearborn, M3. June 27-28...such as process control, radiological, and nuclear imaging, spectroscopy, robot vision, and vehicle guidance. L 1NWOUCTION Often input scentes contain a...Breda, ’Photon counting Reticon system - desaiption and performance,’ Prc. ShIE 331, 368-375 (1982). 19. J. A. Tyson, ’Low-light-level charge-coupled

  1. Using the Auditory Hazard Assessment Algorithm for Humans (AHAAH) Software, Beta Release W93e


    Dearborn, MI. Price, G. R. (1997). “Noise hazard issues in the design of airbags.” Invited seminar presented to GM- NAO R&D Center, Warren, MI. Price...Invited presentation to seminar at GM- NAO R&D Center, Warren, MI. Price, G. R. (1994). “Hazard from impulse noise: Problems and prospects,” J. Acoust. Soc...from intense impulses from a mathematical model of the ear.” Paper in proceedings of Inter-Noise 87, meeting in Beijing, China , Sept 1987. 1986

  2. An Important Arrival: The Anatomy of a Vintage Advertisement

    Bradford T. Hudson, Ph.D


    Full Text Available This article reproduces an advertisement that appeared in national magazines in 1957. It depicts a couple arriving at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston, after a flight on American Airlines. The related discussion provides a deconstruction and analysis of its elements, considers the related evolution of the airline and hotel industries, offers a glimpse of advertising agencies during a formative period, and reflects on some related issues in marketing. This will hopefully appeal to scholars and enthusiasts of brand heritage, transportation history, advertising history, or travel ephemera.

  3. First Shanghai International Aviation Symposium Held


    <正>Shanghai held its first international aviation symposium at its Portman Ritz-Carlton from April 28 to 30 in order to promote the sustainable development of the civil aviation industry in East China and the Yangtze Delta. The forum was also considered as an accelerating effort to build Shanghai into an international air hub. CAAC Minister Yang Yuanyuan and Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng delivered opening speeches.Yang said: "Priority should be given to the human spirit when we step up effort to build the city into an air hub. We aim to let more common people benefit from the development of civil aviation."

  4. 尽享大洋风情与沙洲之魅



    <正>吉隆坡,Bonia于The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur正式推介题为Cool Blues Meet Sultry Browns的2009年新系列。推介会出席嘉宾阵容强大,由著名主持人Asha Gill和叶剑锋担任司仪,一同出席的有来自香港的当红明星陈慧琳,来自台湾的明道和白歆惠,来自

  5. Sustaining educational and public outreach programs in astronomy

    Clarkson, William I; Swift, Carrie M; Rasmussen, Eric J; Matzke, David; Murrell, Steven R; LoPresto, Michael C; Campbell, Timothy; Clubb, Robert; Salliotte, Dennis


    We advocate meaningful support of sustained education-outreach partnerships between regional metropolitan undergraduate institutions and astronomical clubs and societies. We present our experience as an example, in which we have grown a partnership between the University of Michigan-Dearborn (hereafter UM-D, a 4-year primarily undergraduate institution or PUI), Henry Ford College (hereafter HFC, a 2-year undergraduate college), and maintained a strong collaboration with the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club (FAAC), which is highly active in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. By allowing each organization to play to its strengths, we have developed a continuum of education-outreach efforts at all levels, with connecting tissue between the previously disparate efforts. To-date, faculty and staff effort on these initiatives has been nearly entirely voluntary and somewhat ad-hoc. Here we suggest an initiative to sustain the continuum of education-outreach for the long-term. There are two levels to the suggested initiative....

  6. The shock process and light element production in supernovae envelopes. Ph.D. Thesis - Chicago Univ.

    Brown, Lawrence E.; Dearborn, David S.; Schramm, David N.; Larsen, Jon T.; Kurokawa, Shin


    Detailed hydrodynamic modeling of the passage of supernova shocks through the hydrogen envelopes of blue and red progenitor stars was carried out to explore the sensitivity to model conditions of light element production (specifically Li-7 and B-11) which was noted by Dearborn, Schramm, Steigman and Truran (1989) (DSST). It is found that, for stellar models with M is less than or approximately 100 M solar mass, current state of the art supernova shocks do not produce significant light element yields by hydrodynamic processes alone. The dependence of this conclusion on stellar models and on shock strengths is explored. Preliminary implications for Galactic evolution of lithium are discussed, and it is suspected that intermediate mass red giant stars may be the most consistent production site for lithium.

  7. Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis and progressing acro-osteolysis: a case report with 7-year follow-up

    HU Jun; ZHANG Ai-bin; LIN Zhen; ZHOU Jiang-nan


    @@ Congenital insensitivity to pain is a rare disorder,first described by Dearborn1 in 1932. Since the discovery of congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis or hereditary sensory neuropathy type Ⅳin 1983,2 fewer than 60 cases have been reported.3Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis and progressing acro-osteolysis is a very rare disorder characterized by absence of painful perception after birth. Severe problems may arise if pain sensation is absent, causing injury to oral structures as teeth, lips and the tongue by self mutilation. The patient is at a risk of late presentation with systemic illnesses associated with pain, such as fracture and joint dislocation. Importantly, the patient may suffer from acro-osteolysis with growth, for instance, osteolysis of the distal extremities.

  8. Safety and efficacy of liposomal amphotericin B for the empirical therapy of invasive fungal infections in immunocompromised patients

    Miceli MH


    Full Text Available Marisa H Miceli1, Pranatharthi Chandrasekar21Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center, Dearborn, 2Division of Infectious Diseases, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, USAAbstract: Liposomal amphotericin B is a "true" liposomal formulation of amphotericin B with greatly reduced nephrotoxicity and minimal infusion-related toxicity. This broad spectrum polyene is well tolerated and effective against most invasive fungal infections. In view of the current limitations on diagnostic capability of invasive fungal infections, most clinicians are often compelled to use antifungal drugs in an empiric manner; liposomal amphotericin B continues to play an important role in the empiric management of invasive fungal infections, despite the recent availability of several other drugs in the azole and echinocandin classes.Keywords: invasive fungal infections, immunocompromised hosts, empiric therapy, polyenes, efficacy and safety

  9. 万豪品牌“名利”双收



    万豪酒店(Marriott)是与希尔顿、香格里拉等齐名的酒店巨子之一,总部位于美国。现在,其业务已经遍及世界各地。希尔顿、香格里拉等这样单一品牌公司通常将内部质量和服务标准延伸到许多细分市场上;而“万豪”则偏向于使用多品牌策略来满足不同细分市场的需求,比如,人们(尤其是美国人)熟知的万豪旗下的品牌有“庭院旅馆(Courtyard Inn)”、“波特曼·丽嘉(Ritz Carlton)”等。

  10. Dispersant trial at ANO-2: Results from a short-term trial prior to SG replacement

    Fruzzetti, K.; Frattini, P. [Electric Power Research Inst., Palo Alto, CA (United States); Robbins, P. [Entergy Operations, Arkansas Nuclear One, Russellville, AR (United States); Miller, A. [Pedro Point Technology, Inc., Pacifica, CA (United States); Varrin, R.; Kreider, M. [Dominion Engineering Inc., McLean, VA (United States)


    Corrosion products in the secondary side of pressurized water reactor (PWR) steam generators (SGs) primarily deposit on the SG tubes. These deposits can inhibit heat transfer, lead to thermal-hydraulic instabilities through blockage of tube supports, and create occluded regions where corrosive species can concentrate along tubes and in tube-to-tube support plate crevices. The performance of the SGs is compromised not only by formation of an insulating scale, but by the removal of tubes from service due to corrosion. A potential strategy for minimizing deposition of corrosion products on SG internal surfaces is to use an online dispersant to help prevent the corrosion products from adhering to the steam generator surfaces. By inhibiting the deposition of the corrosion products, the dispersant can facilitate more effective removal from the SGs via blowdown. This type of strategy has been employed at fossil boilers for many decades. However, due to the use of inorganic (sulfur and other impurities) polymerization initiators, polymeric dispersants had not been utilized in the nuclear industry. Only recently has a poly-acrylic acid dispersant, developed by BetzDearborn (PAA), been available that meets the criteria for nuclear application. This paper summarizes the results of the short-term PAA dispersant trial in Winter/Spring 2000, lasting approximately 3 months, performed at Arkansas nuclear one unit 2 (ANO-2)-including the chronology of the trial, the increase in blowdown iron removal efficiency with use of the dispersant, and observed effects on SG performance. (authors)

  11. Geothermal Loan Guarantee Program: Westmorland Development Project, Imperial County, California: Environmental assessment


    The action assessed is the guaranty of a loan by DOE to finance geothermal exploration, development, and testing by Mapco Geothermal, Inc. and Republic Geothermal, Inc. in the Westmorland area of Imperial County, California. Initial drilling and flow testing of up to three production wells will occur in the exploratory phase. Exploration is proposed for either or both of two portions of the leasehold area. If exploration confirms the presence of a viable resource in the Sweetwater area, the preferred site based on limited temperature data, then up to 19 new production wells and three new injection wells may be drilled and tested there in preparation for the construction of a 55-MW double-flash electric power plant. If, however, the Sweetwater resource proves infeasible, further exploration and possible full-field development may occur instead at the Dearborn-Kalin-Landers area. At this site, up to 19 new production wells and three new injection wells may be drilled and tested, with six existing wells also used for injection. This environmental assessment chiefly addresses effects of the drilling and testing program. In summary, this paper discusses the proposed action, describes the existing environment and discusses the potential environmental impacts. 75 refs. (LSP)

  12. Role of Validation and Predictions in Modeling: Specific Examples from Semiconductor Industry Applications

    Shankar, Sadasivan


    With the advent of newer non-Silicon materials, using modeling to estimate properties are becoming necessary for process technology development. Since these materials are integrated as part of larger devices, interfaces and material domains are increasingly modulating properties of materials. Unlike in bulk materials, electronic and thermodynamic properties are difficult to characterize in these material structures as the device sizes overlap with material domains. We will illustrate specific cases from semiconductor processing and property estimation on the importance of verification of models for internal consistency and validation with experimental data. Given the discrepancy of scales between predictions and measurement, techniques need to bridge them. In addition, models that are developed need to be modular with open interfaces for cross-checking and integration across scales as indicated in the recently announced Materials Genome Initiative.[4pt] [1] President's initiative on Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness, June 2011[2pt] [2] S. Shankar, B. V. McKoy, W. L. Morgan, ``Self-Consistent Modeling of Weakly Ionized Plasmas-Challenges in Quantum and Classical mechanics,'' Sixth U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, U.S. Association for Computational Mechanics, Dearborn, Michigan, (2001)

  13. Soil Contamination as a Legacy of the U.S. Auto Industry, Southwest Detroit, Michigan USA

    Murray, K.; Peterman, C.


    The Delray community of southwest Detroit is one of the most depressed areas in southeast Michigan. Historically, Delray was a working class, racially diverse community that depended heavily on industrial jobs provided by nearby factories. However, decades of industrial waste discharges have left Delray with extensive air and soil pollution. Although high unemployment and poverty are major challenges confronting residents in Delray today, the threat to public health from Pb, Hg, As and Cr [VI] in the soil may become an even bigger issue and a significant source of concern. Newspaper headlines cite crime, substance abuse, high school and labor force dropout, as being prevalent in Delray, but recent research suggest that soil contamination, which has resulted in elevated blood Pb levels may be an underlying factor. Recent interest in this area as a potential site for a new bridge to Canada, has offered new hope to the residents by potentially opening the door for redevelopment. The initial step in this process is an environmental assessment of the Delray community. This investigation is being conducted by the University of Michigan-Dearborn in consortium with local community groups and the Detroit Public School. Although preliminary, an analysis of soil samples from over 400 residences has indicated that significant levels of As, and Pb are present in the upper 0.1 meter of soil throughout the Delray area. The high levels of metals present in the soil suggest that further investigation and possible remedial action will be necessary prior to redevelopment.

  14. Quality of diabetes care in Arab Americans.

    Berlie, Helen D; Herman, William H; Brown, Morton B; Hammad, Adnan; Jaber, Linda A


    The quality of care received by Arab American patients with type 2 diabetes residing in a city with a large migrant Arab population has not been examined. Arab American adults with a self-reported diagnosis of diabetes were identified in a rigorous cross-sectional, population-based epidemiologic study conducted in Dearborn, MI. Quality of diabetes care was determined by assessing adherence to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) clinical practice recommendations. The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) provided data for a national comparison. Among the 53 participants, mean age was 59+/-12 years and the mean duration of diabetes was 11.3+/-13.3 years. The ADA goal for an A1c of Arab American subjects studied were treated less aggressively with pharmacologic agents than recommended by the ADA. 26% of the Arab Americans had an A1c>9.5% as compared to 18% of the national population. Arab Americans generally had worse blood pressure control but better lipid control compared to the national sample. This is the first report of the quality of diabetes care in an Arab American population, and demonstrates sub-optimal quality of care according to the ADA clinical practice recommendations.

  15. Hydrodynamic simulations of the core helium flash

    Mocak, M; Weiss, A; Kifonidis, K; 10.1017/S1743921308022813


    We describe and discuss hydrodynamic simulations of the core helium flash using an initial model of a 1.25 M_sol star with a metallicity of 0.02 near at its peak. Past research concerned with the dynamics of the core helium flash is inconclusive. Its results range from a confirmation of the standard picture, where the star remains in hydrostatic equilibrium during the flash (Deupree 1996), to a disruption or a significant mass loss of the star (Edwards 1969; Cole & Deupree 1980). However, the most recent multidimensional hydrodynamic study (Dearborn 2006) suggests a quiescent behavior of the core helium flash and seems to rule out an explosive scenario. Here we present partial results of a new comprehensive study of the core helium flash, which seem to confirm this qualitative behavior and give a better insight into operation of the convection zone powered by helium burning during the flash. The hydrodynamic evolution is followed on a computational grid in spherical coordinates using our new version of th...


    Aruștei Carmen Claudia


    Full Text Available In this article we focus on the importance of human resource quality from hotel industry in obtaining quality services and further more in obtaining hotel industry development. We address this issue due to the fact that, usually, when talking about tourism or hotel industry development, the literature in the field offers macro solutions like, infrastructure development, service/product development and/or improving service quality. We consider that a micro approach is also important and from this perspective, we emphasis the role of human resource quality for industry development. The quality of human resources, as a dimension of service quality was not detailed extensively by the literature in the field but we found it relevant for hotel industry development, as this industry it is a service industry, and as Ritz-Carlton Company’s motto say “service comes only from people”. In this article we focus on the importance of human resource quality from hotel industry in obtaining quality services and further more in obtaining hotel industry development. We address this issue due to the fact that, usually, when talking about tourism or hotel industry development, the literature in the field offers macro solutions like, infrastructure development, service/product development and/or improving service quality. We consider that a micro approach is also important and from this perspective, we emphasis the role of human resource quality for industry development. The quality of human resources, as a dimension of service quality was not detailed extensively by the literature in the field but we found it relevant for hotel industry development, as this industry it is a service industry, and as Ritz-Carlton Company’s motto say “service comes only from people”. In this article we focus on the importance of human resource quality from hotel industry in obtaining quality services and further more in obtaining hotel industry development. We address this

  17. Astronomical Data in Undergraduate courses

    Clarkson, William I.; Swift, Carrie; Hughes, Kelli; Burke, Christopher J. F.; Burgess, Colin C.; Elrod, Aunna V.; Howard, Brittany; Stahl, Lucas; Matzke, David; Bord, Donald J.


    University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  18. Plant Line Trial Evaluation of Viable Non-Chromium Passivation Systems for Electrolytin Tinplate, ETP (TRP 9911)

    John A. Sinsel


    Plant trial evaluations have been completed for two zirconium-based, non-chromium passivation systems previously identified as possible alternatives to cathodic dichromate (CDC) passivation for electrolytic tinplate (ETP). These trials were done on a commercial electrolytic tin plating line at Weirton Steel and extensive evaluations of the materials resulting from these trials have been completed. All this was accomplished as a collaborative effort under the AISI Technology Roadmap Program and was executed by seven North American Tin Mill Products producers [Bethlehem Steel (now acquired by International Steel Group (ISG)), Dofasco Inc., National Steel (now acquired by U.S. Steel), U.S. Steel, USS-Posco, Weirton Steel, and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel] with funding partially from the Department of Energy (DOE) and partially on an equal cost sharing basis among project participants. The initial phases of this project involved optimization of application procedures for the non-chromium systems in the laboratories at Bethlehem Steel and Betz Dearborn followed by extensive testing with various lacquer formulations and food simulants in the laboratories at Valspar and PPG. Work was also completed at Dofasco and Weirton Steel to develop methods to prevent precipitation of insoluble solids as a function of time from the zirconate system. The results of this testing indicated that sulfide staining characteristics for the non-chromium passivation systems could be minimized but not totally eliminated and neither system was found to perform quite as good, in this respect, as the standard CDC system. As for the stability of zirconate treatment, a method was developed to stabilize this system for a sufficient period of time to conduct plant trial evaluations but, working with a major supplier of zirconium orthosulfate, a method for long term stabilization is still under development.

  19. Interacting in the Smog Factors that Shape Faculty Attitudes and Beliefs about Race and Inclusion

    Hodari, Apriel K.


    Many faculty members realize that we must interact productively with diverse colleagues and students, and we must find ways to benefit from the talents of all members of our intellectual community. Put simply, we must aim for the ceiling rather than the floor. This means that we approach our work informed that engaging diversity in our classrooms will increase our success and the success of all our students. But in physics, it is often difficult to measure and address diversity issues because doing so is not perceived as central to our discipline. To address this apparent disconnection, we present some ideas on race [1] and inclusion [2] within the context of the physics instruction. Specifically, we speak to how university faculty might use inclusive pedagogy in physics education research and curriculum. Our goal here is to open a frank dialogue and present concrete avenues to explore as you create activities that serve your classroom best. *Tatum, Beverly Daniel. (2004). Changing demographics and challenges of the future. Draft Proceedings of the National Science Board Workshop on Broadening the Participation in Science and Engineering Research and Education. Arlington, VA: National Science Board; Tatum, Beverly Daniel. (1997). Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations about Race. New York: Basic Books. *Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. (2003). Racism without Racists: Color-blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States. Lanham, MD: Rowan & Littlefield; Thiederman, Sondra. (2003). Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace. Chicago: Dearborn Trade Publishing.

  20. Indonesia’s Way To Counter Terrorism 2002—2009: Lesson Learned

    Ali Muhammad


    Full Text Available Terrorism emerged as serious security problem in Indonesia since a network of terrorist group rocked this country, started from the Bali bombing (2002 followed by other consecutive bombings, such as, J. W. Marriott Hotel bombing (2003, the Australian Embassy bombing (2004, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel bombing (2009. This article attempts to examine the ways in which the government responded towards the problem. What sort of policies did the Indonesian government take to respond to terrorism during the 2002—2009 period? This study uses a qualitative research method. The data used in this research are derived from official documents, direct interviews with government officials and the secondary sources (books and journals on terrorism and counterterrorism. This article shows that the government adopted the legal approach or law-enforcement (“hard approach” by issuing the anti-terrorism law as a legal framework and by reorganizing the police force to strengthen its counter-terrorist capability. It also adopted an “ideological” approach (soft approach to battle religious extremism. This sort of approach is mainly aimed at defusing and neutralizing the religious extremism of terrorist groups and preventing it from spreading into the wider community. This article shows that the government has used effectively both approaches in destroying problem of terrorism in Indonesia.

  1. 以企业文化为导向的星级酒店CRM的实证研究%An Empirical study on CRM of Star Hotels Based on Corporate Culture



    As the rapid development of the hotel industry and the high expectation of customers, the hotels need to focus on how to use CRM system to improve the customers’ satisfaction and improve the hotel’s competitiveness. This paper analyzes the theory of CRM and the problems of customer relationship management in domestic star hotels, and then based on the corporate culture, studies on the CRM system of Sanya Ritz-Carlton hotel which is worthy for our domestic hotels to learn.%酒店业的高速发展以及顾客的期望值不断提高,如何利用CRM系统来提升客人的满意度,以达到提升酒店竞争力是酒店需要关注的,本文对客户关系管理(CRM)理论研究和国内星级酒店CRM中存在的问题进行分析,最后以三亚丽思卡尔顿酒店基于企业文化创建的CRM系统值得我国国内酒店学习和借鉴。

  2. 海南省度假酒店型民俗旅游创新

    陈文婷; 符国基


    Resort hotel-based folk tourism is a new field,which can enrich and refine the theory and practice of folk tourism and resort hotel.This paper explored an innovative theory of resort hotel-based folk tourism,and on the basis of investigating folk tourism and resort hotel of Hainan province,and the paper conducted a SWOT analysis on resort hotel-based folk tourism,and also made an empirical study on Sanya Ritz-Carlton Hotel,and proposed specific suggestions for resort hotel-based folk tourism innovation to provide references to relevant tourism sector and resort hotels.%度假酒店型民俗旅游是民俗旅游的新领域,可以丰富和完善民俗旅游和度假酒店的理论和实践。本文探索了度假酒店型民俗旅游创新理论,在对海南省度假酒店和民俗旅游进行调查的基础上,对度假酒店型民俗旅游进行SWOT分析,并对三亚市丽思卡尔顿度假酒店进行实证研究,提出了度假酒店型民俗旅游创新的具体对策建议,旨在为海南省相关旅游决策部门及度假酒店提供参考依据。

  3. First translational 'Think Tank' on cerebrovascular disease, cognitive impairment and dementia.

    Barone, Frank C; Gustafson, Deborah; Crystal, Howard A; Moreno, Herman; Adamski, Mateusz G; Arai, Ken; Baird, Alison E; Balucani, Clotilde; Brickman, Adam M; Cechetto, David; Gorelick, Philip; Biessels, Geert Jan; Kiliaan, Amanda; Launer, Lenore; Schneider, Julie; Sorond, Farzaneh A; Whitmer, Rachel; Wright, Clinton; Zhang, Zheng Gang


    As the human population continues to age, an increasing number of people will exhibit significant deficits in cognitive function and dementia. It is now recognized that cerebrovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases all play major roles in the evolution of cognitive impairment and dementia. Thus with our more recent recognition of these relationships and our need to understand and more positively impact on this world health problem, "The Leo and Anne Albert Charitable Trust" (Gene Pranzo, Trustee with significant support from Susan Brogan, Meeting Planner) provided generous support for this inaugural international workshop that was held from April 13-16, 2015 at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in North Naples, Florida. Researchers from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY organized the event by selecting the present group of translationally inclined preclinical, clinical and population scientists focused on cerebrovascular disease (CVD) risk and its progression to vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) and dementia. Participants at the workshop addressed important issues related to aging, cognition and dementia by: (1) sharing new data, information and perspectives that intersect vascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, (2) discussing gaps in translating population risk, clinical and preclinical information to the progression of cognitive loss, and (3) debating new approaches and methods to fill these gaps that can translate into future therapeutic interventions. Participants agreed on topics for group discussion prior to the meeting and focused on specific translational goals that included promoting better understanding of dementia mechanisms, the identification of potential therapeutic targets for intervention, and discussed/debated the potential utility of diagnostic/prognostic markers. Below summarizes the new data-presentations, concepts, novel directions and specific discussion topics addressed by this international

  4. Dispersant trial at ANO-2: Qualification for a short-term trial prior to SG replacement

    Fruzzetti, K.; Frattini, P. [Electric Power Research Inst., Palo Alto, CA (United States); Robbins, P. [Entergy Operations, Arkansas Nuclear One, Russellville, AR (United States); Miller, A. [Pedro Point Technology, Inc., Pacifica, CA (United States); Varrin, R.; Kreider, M. [Dominion Engineering Inc., McLean, VA (United States)


    initiators, polymeric dispersants had not been utilized in the nuclear industry. Only recently has a poly-acrylic acid dispersant, developed by BetzDearborn (PAA), been available off the shelf that meets the criteria for nuclear application. This paper summarizes the qualification program designed to qualify the PAA dispersant for the short-term trial at ANO-2 prior to SG replacement. (authors)

  5. Full-Scale Tunnel (FST)


    . In a 1979 presentation made by Abe Silverstein, Donald Baals noted that credit for the design of the model was given to Clinton H. Dearborn.

  6. Full-Scale Tunnel (FST) model


    presentation made by Abe Silverstein, Donald Baals noted that credit for the design of the model was given to Clinton H. Dearborn.

  7. Test of 4' x 20' Clark-Y airfoil model in FST


    project. In a 1979 presentation made by Abe Silverstein, Donald Baals noted that credit for the design of the model was given to Clinton H. Dearborn.

  8. Model of Full-Scale Tunnel (FST) under construction


    presentation made by Abe Silverstein, Donald Baals noted that credit for the design of the model was given to Clinton H. Dearborn.

  9. Volatile organic compounds in industrial, urban, and suburban areas: Sources and exposures

    Jia, Chunrong

    This research was aimed at evaluating and refining sampling and analytical methods for airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and at characterizing concentrations and potential exposures of VOCs found in indoor and ambient air in industrial, urban and suburban communities. A new analytical strategy of combining selective ion monitoring (SIM) and scan mode mass spectrometer analyses was developed and evaluated. This strategy improved sensitivity and selectivity without extra cost or calibration efforts. An intermittent active sampling method for collecting VOCs, which has not been previously evaluated, was compared to continuous active and passive sampling methods with the aim of obtaining long-term integrated measurements. Results obtained by the three methods agreed over a wide concentration range after accounting for the sampling rate. Intermittent sampling provides greater flexibility with respect to sampling period and flow rate, and enables the use of multi-bed adsorbents that increase the range of VOCs that can be monitored. VOC concentrations were measured inside and outside of 159 residences in suburban (Ann Arbor), urban (Ypsilanti) and urban/industrial (Dearborn) communities in southeastern Michigan from 2004 to 2005. A total of 53 and 46 VOCs were detected indoors and outdoors, respectively. Outdoors, benzene, toluene, p,m-xylene and carbon tetrachloride had the highest concentrations, and differences were seen between cities and seasons. Factor analyses identified four types of outdoor sources: vehicle exhaust/gasoline vapor, industrial solvents, biogenic emissions, and industrial sources. Indoors, benzene, toluene, p,m-xylene, n-heptane, alpha-pinene and d-limonene had the highest concentrations. Indoor to outdoor concentration ratios ranged from 1 to 10 for most compounds. Higher indoor concentrations were associated with the presence of attached garages, recent renovations, indoor smoking, residence age, infrequent window/door opening, high CO2

  10. An astrometric search for a stellar companion to the sun

    Perlmutter, S.


    A companion star within 0.8 pc of the Sun has been postulated to explain a possible 26 Myr periodicity in mass extinctions of species on the Earth. Such a star would already be catalogued in the Yale Bright Star catalogue unless it is fainter than m/sub nu/ = 6.5; this limits the possible stellar types for an unseen companion to red dwarfs, brown dwarfs, or compact objects. Red dwarfs account for about 75% of these possible stars. We describe here the design and development of an astrometric search for a nearby red dwarf companion with a six-month peak-to-peak parallax of greater than or equal to2.5 arcseconds. We are measuring the parallax of 2770 candidate faint red stars selected from the Dearborn Observatory catalogue. An automated 30-inch telescope and CCD camera system collect digitized images of the candidate stars, along with a 13' x 16' surrounding field of background stars. Second-epoch images, taken a few months later, are registered to the first epoch images using the background stars as fiducials. An apparent motion, m/sub a/, of the candidate stars is found to a precision of sigma/sub m//sub a/ approx. = 0.08 pixel approx. = 0.2 arcseconds for fields with N/sub fiducial/ greater than or equal to 10 fiducial stars visible above the background noise. This precision is sufficient to detect the parallactic motion of a star at 0.8 pc with a two month interval between the observation epochs. Images with fewer fiducial stars above background noise are observed with a longer interval between epochs. If a star is found with high parallactic motion, we will confirm its distance with further parallax measurements, photometry, and spectral studies, and will measure radial velocity and proper motion to establish its orbit. We have demonstrated the search procedure with observations of 41 stars, and have shown that none of these is a nearby star. 37 refs., 16 figs., 3 tabs.

  11. Ambient fine particulate matter and ozone exposures induce inflammation in epicardial and perirenal adipose tissues in rats fed a high fructose diet.

    Sun, Lixian; Liu, Cuiqing; Xu, Xiaohua; Ying, Zhekang; Maiseyeu, Andrei; Wang, Aixia; Allen, Katryn; Lewandowski, Ryan P; Bramble, Lori A; Morishita, Masako; Wagner, James G; Dvonch, J; Sun, Zhichao; Yan, Xiaowei; Brook, Robert D; Rajagopalan, Sanjay; Harkema, Jack R; Sun, Qinghua; Fan, Zhongjie


    Inflammation and oxidative stress play critical roles in the pathogenesis of inhaled air pollutant-mediated metabolic disease. Inflammation in the adipose tissues niches are widely believed to exert important effects on organ dysfunction. Recent data from both human and animal models suggest a role for inflammation and oxidative stress in epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) as a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that inhalational exposure to concentrated ambient fine particulates (CAPs) and ozone (O3) exaggerates inflammation and oxidative stress in EAT and perirenal adipose tissue (PAT). Eight- week-old Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed a normal diet (ND) or high fructose diet (HFr) for 8 weeks, and then exposed to ambient AIR, CAPs at a mean of 356 μg/m3, O3 at 0.485 ppm, or CAPs (441 μg/m3) + O3 (0.497 ppm) in Dearborn, MI, 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 9 days over 2 weeks. EAT and PAT showed whitish color in gross, and less mitochondria, higher mRNA expression of white adipose specific and lower brown adipose specific genes than in brown adipose tissues. Exposure to CAPs and O3 resulted in the increase of macrophage infiltration in both EAT and PAT of HFr groups. Proinflammatory genes of Tnf-α, Mcp-1 and leptin were significantly upregulated while IL-10 and adiponectin, known as antiinflammatory genes, were reduced after the exposures. CAPs and O3 exposures also induced an increase in inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) protein expression, and decrease in mitochondrial area in EAT and PAT. We also found significant increases in macrophages of HFr-O3 rats. The synergetic interaction of HFr and dirty air exposure on the inflammation was found in most of the experiments. Surprisingly, exposure to CAPs or O3 induced more significant inflammation and oxidative stress than co-exposure of CAPs and O3 in EAT and PAT. EAT and PAT are both white adipose tissues. Short-term exposure to CAPs and O3, especially with high

  12. Reluctance to screening colonoscopy in Arab Americans: a community based observational study.

    Talaat, Nizar; Harb, Walid


    To explore compliance of Arab-Americans to colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and identify the barriers for non-compliance. An observational community based study. Arab-American Friday prayer attendees' ≥50 years in three mosques in Dearborn, MI volunteered. Demographics, health insurance status, screening history, availability of a primary care physician (PCP) and the ability to communicate in Arabic were inquired. The responses were compared using a student t test between respondents who have had CRC screening with colonoscopy and those who have not had any screening tests. A p value of 0.05 or lower was considered statistically significant. Total number surveyed was 130. Average age is 64 years. Males were 76 % (99) and females 24 % (31). More than 50 % were Lebanese and 28 % were from Yemen. Majority had health insurance (89 %), and 86 % had a primary care physician of which 79 % of them spoke Arabic. Half of the participants had colonoscopy mostly for screening purposes. Fifty-eight (45 %) participants did not have CRC screening. Majority of the females (72.4 %) had colonoscopy compared to 46.8 % of the males (p value = 0.016). The mean length of stay in the U.S was 39.16 years in the colonoscopy group compared to 30.77 years in the non-screening group (p value = 0.006). Participants without a PCP did not have CRC screening (77.8 %) (p value = 0.005). Participants with a non-Arabic speaking PCP had more colonoscopy rates (77.3 %) compared to those with an Arabic speaking PCP (50 %) (p value = 0.027). More Lebanese had colonoscopy (71.9 %) compared to 25.7 % of the surveyed Yemenis (p value = 0.00). Discomfort, unawareness about CRC screening, and nonrecommendation by PCP were reported barriers. Arab-Americans have lower screening colonoscopy rates. Unfamiliarity of the importance of screening is a principal issue. Having a non-arabic speaking PCP is beneficial. Better education to this population about the benefits and ease of

  13. The Shanghai Jazz Scene


    “我想要整个世界,我想将它全部装进我的口袋,它是我的巧克力,现在就把它给我”。Verucca Salt在‘查理和巧克力工厂’如此唱道。爵士乐最早起源于18世纪90年代,以新奥尔良为代表,是美国南部各州的工人在田地里唱的。但是,爵士真正以音乐形式的出现在是非洲,对欧洲的影响是其所使用的各式乐器。那时盛行的爵士乐为Dixieland jazz,但那只在一些地下俱乐部而不是上流社会中流行。后来,爵士乐进一步发展,先是拉格泰姆音乐,接着是布鲁斯,然后演变成即兴表演和摇摆舞。Bebop兴起使爵士乐真正流行起来,很多艺术家开始推行这种音乐,而且,爵士乐独奏和独唱者的影响很大。Cool Bop,Hard Bop和Avante Garde都是Bebop的延伸和发展,它们将爵士乐带入了新的时代,今天,大多数现代爵士的统一名称为Fusion Jazz,它融合了电子乐、滚石乐,乡土乐和科技。在上海最杰出的爵士乐手都力争第一的位置时,易水一一访问了上海的爵士乐吧,包括House of Blues and Jazz,Cotton Club,Hot Chocolate,CJW,Niche bar,Portman Ritz Carlton,Peace Hotel,Pu J's等,试图对他们做出公正的评价。

  14. Transportation Electrification Education Partnership for Green Jobs and Sustainable Mobility

    Peng, Huei [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Mi, Chris [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Gover, James [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States)


    This collaborative educational project between the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, University of Michigan—Dearborn and the Kettering University successfully executed almost all the elements we proposed to do. In the original proposal, we proposed to develop four graduate courses, six undergraduate courses, four professional short courses, a K-12 electric vehicle education kit, a Saturday morning seminar series, and a set of consumer education material to support the advancement of transportation electrification. The first four deliverables were all successfully developed and offered. When we held the kick-off meeting in NETL in Morgantown back in early 2010 with all the ten ARRA education teams, however, it quickly became clear that among the ten ARRA education grantee teams, our proposed “consume education” activities are not better or with the potential to create bigger impact than some of activities proposed in other teams. For example, the Odyssey 2010 event held by the West Virginia University team had planned and successfully reached to more than 230,000 attendees, which is way more than what our proposed 100k event could ever reach. It was under the suggestion of Joseph Quaranta, the ARRA education Program Director at that time, that we should coordinate and eliminate redundancy. The resources should then be focused on activities that have less overlap. Therefore, the originally proposed activities: Saturday morning seminar series, and a set of consumer education material were dropped from our scope. We expanded the scope of our “education kit” activity to include some educational materials, mainly in the form of videos. The target audience also changed from general public to K-12 students. The majority of the project cost (~70%) goes toward the establishment of three undergraduate laboratories, which provides critically needed hands-on learning experience for next-generation green mobility engineers. We are very proud that the ARRA money

  15. CHAIRMEN'S FOREWORD: The Seventh International Conference on New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Structures & The Fifth International Conference on Surfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices

    Aoyagi, Yoshinobu; Goodnick, Stephen M.


    This special issue of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series contains the proceedings of the joint Seventh International Conference on New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Structures and Fifth International Conference on Surfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices, which was held from November 27th - December 2nd, 2005, at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii. The string of these conferences dates back to the first one in 1989. Of special importance is that this year's conference was dedicated to Professor Gottfried Landwehr, in recognition of his many outstanding contributions to semiconductor physics. A personal tribute to Prof Landwehr by Dr K von Klitzing leads off this issue. The scope of NPMS-7/SIMD-5 spans nano-fabrication through complex phase coherent mesoscopic systems including nano-transistors and nano-scale characterization. Topics of interest include: •Nanoscale fabrication: high-resolution electron lithography, FIB nano-patterning, scanning- force-microscopy (SFM) lithography, SFM-stimulated growth, novel patterning, nano-imprint lithography, special etching, and self-assembled monolayers •Nanocharacterization: SFM characterization, ballistic-electron emission microscopy (BEEM), optical studies of nanostructures, tunneling, properties of discrete impurities, phase coherence, noise, THz studies, and electro-luminescence in small structures •Nanodevices: ultra-scaled FETs, quantum single-electron transistors (SETS), resonant tunneling diodes, ferromagnetic and spin devices, superlattice arrays, IR detectors with quantum dots and wires, quantum point contacts, non-equilibrium transport, simulation, ballistic transport, molecular electronic devices, carbon nanotubes, spin selection devices, spin-coupled quantum dots, and nanomagnetics •Quantum-coherent transport: the quantum Hall effect, ballistic quantum systems, quantum-computing implementations and theory, and magnetic spin systems •Mesoscopic structures: quantum wires and dots, quantum chaos

  16. Obituary: Raymond Edwin White Jr., 1933-2004

    Liebert, James William


    President Manuel Pachecho recognized Ray's extensive contributions by asking him to serve as Master of Ceremonies at the University commencement. Ray White's research career was not as extensive as his teaching activities, but it was creative. His original specialty was globular star clusters and classes of variable stars within them. He made several catalogs of star clusters and associations, measured the exact centers, the axial ratios and the orientations of around 100 Galactic globular clusters. Certainly, Ray's greatest love in research, especially in later years, was archaeoastronomy. He studied the evidence for astronomical observations of the Sun, Moon and stars from the mound sites of the prehistoric Hohokam inhabitants of the Salt River Valley of Arizona. He was best known for his studies of the Inkaic people of the pre-Columbian, Peruvian Andes. Most of this research involved the grand Machu Picchu site, where he showed (with David Dearborn) that the central tower (the "Torreon") certainly had been used as an Observatory. They also discovered a separate, solstice observatory and named it Intimachay. Characteristically, Ray combined much of his archaeoastronomy research interests with the involvement of undergraduate students and adults through the Earthwatch program in field trips to Machu Picchu. With a Professor in the humanities who was also well known at the University of Arizona, Donna Swaim, Ray introduced a group of undergraduates in summer classes to several archaeoastronomy sites in such countries as Ireland and the British isles. Of course they also gave on-site lectures at art museums, and sites of historical and cultural interest. Like many astronomers, Ray was well traveled. He had sabbaticals at the University of Cambridge in 1980, and at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Study (Dunsink Observatory), Ireland, in 1996-97. The latter was funded by his winning a Fulbright Fellowship, which enabled him to further his studies of the Celtic astronomical

  17. The Assessment of Literal Ornaments in Persian Badi’ Books from the linguistic, Phonetic and Phonologic Viewpoint

    Morteza Heidari


    Language (Badi`, 4th ed. Tehran: Markaz Press.16. Malmkjær, Kirsten. (ed. (2002. Linguistic Encyclopedia, NewYork: Routledge.17. Martinet, André (2001, Economy of Phonetic Changes, Hormoz Milanian (Trans., 1st ed. Tehran: Hermes Press. 18. Mirsadeqi, Meymanat (2009. The Dictionary of Poetry, 4th ed. Tehran: Mahnaz Book.19. Modarresi Qavami, Golnaz (2011. Phonetics: the Scientific Survey of Speech, 1st ed, Tehran: Samt Press. 20. Najafgholi Mirza (1983. Dorre-ye Najafi, Hossein Ahi (Emand., 1st ed. Tehran: Forughi Press.21. Najafi, abol-Hasan (2011. The Bases of Linguistics and its Usage in Persian Language, 11th ed. Tehran: Nilufar Press.22. Natel Khanlari, Parviz (2007. Metre of Persian Poetry, 7th ed. Tehran: Tus Press.23. Oxford Talking Dictionary. (1998. Learning Company Properties Inc. CD.24. Qavimi, Mahvash (2004. Sound and Association: an Approach to Mehdi Akhavan Sales Poems. 1st ed. Tehran: Hermes Press.25. Razi, Shams-e Qeys (1935. Al-Mo`jam fi M`ayir-e Ash`ar el-Ajam, 1st ed. Mohammad Qazvini (Emend., Tehran: Tehran University Press. 26. Safavi, Kurosh (2011. From Linguistics to Literature, 1st vol. 3rd ed. Tehran: Sure Mehr Press. 27. Samare, Yad ol-Lah (2009. The Phonetics of Persian Language; Phonemes and Phonetic Structure of Syllables, 8th ed. Tehran: Markaz-e Nashr-e Daneshgahi Press. 28. Samayi, Mahdi (2009. History of Phonetics and Iranian’s Role, 1st ed, Tehran: Msrkaz Press. 29. Shafi`i Kadkani, Mohammad Reza (2010. The Music of Poetry, 12th ed, Agah Press.30. Shah Ne`mat ol-lah Vali (1974.   Kolliyat, Javad Noorbakhsh (Ed., 3rd ed. no Place: Ne`mat ol-lahi Monastery Press.31. Shamisa, Sirus (1993. A New Outline to Badi`, 5th ed. Tehran: Ferdous Press.32. Shebli No`mani, Mohammad (1974. She`r ol-Ajam. 4th vol. Fakhr Da`i Gilani (Trans., Tehran: Donya-ye Ketab Press.33. Strazny, Philipp. (ed. (2005. Encyclopedia of linguistics, vol. 1, New York & Oxon: Fitzroy Dearborn.34. Taftazani, Sa`d od-Din Mas`ud (2004. Al

  18. Orange County Photovoltaic Project & Educational COmponent

    Parker, Renee [Orange County Government, FL (United States)


    the continued support as well as a proposed expansion and potential relocation of the Climate Change Education Center. The growth of the Climate Change Education Center focused on 2 educational subsectors. The first educational sector focused on an apprenticeship with university students. The second sector Orange County partnered with a hospitality college that held seminars to educate students in sustainability best practices that would influence the industry as a whole as students take jobs around the U.S. and other parts of the world. Orange County completed five of the originally proposed six educational seminars. The first seminar focused on community based social marketing techniques for driving sustainable behavior changes. The second seminar held was a green team workshop. The third seminar focused on urban sustainability planning. The fourth and fifth seminars held were Florida Energy Code workshops for building inspectors. A sixth transit oriented development seminar in partnership with Rollins College was explored, but was not conducted because the proposed on campus venue was not accessible for an extended period of time due to renovations. Additionally, an ENERGY STAR training program was conducted with students from the University of Central Florida; three of the five buildings assessed received ENERGY STAR ratings; one student completed the training and received their certification as an ENERGY STAR Specialist. Background: Location: Orange County is located in the central region of the State of Florida and is most popularly known for including the City of Orlando. The greater Orlando area’s current population is 1,225,267 and is home to large corporations such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Ritz Carlton, Darden Restaurants, and the nation’s second largest convention center. Opportunities Identified: Encouraging Sustainability in Major Sectors: The Central Florida economy is largely dependent on the hospitality industry and in 2015