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  1. Reactivity Initiated Accident Test Series RIA Scoping Test Experiment Operating Specification



    This document describes the experiment operating specifications for the Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA) Scoping Test to be conducted in the Power Burst Facility (PBF) at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. The primary objectives of the RIA research are to determine fuel failure thresholds, modes, and consequences as functions of (a) enthalpy insertion, (b) irradiation history, and (c) fuel design. Coolant conditions of pressure, temperature, and flow rate that are typical of hot-startup conditions in commercial boiling water reactors (BWRs) will be used in the first six RIA tests, termed Series I.

  2. The issue of stress state during mechanical tests to assess cladding performance during a reactivity-initiated accident (RIA)

    Desquines, J.; Koss, D. A.; Motta, A. T.; Cazalis, B.; Petit, M.


    The mechanical test procedures that address fuel cladding failure during a RIA are reviewed with an emphasis on the development of test procedures that determine the deformation and fracture behavior of cladding under conditions similar to those reached in a RIA. An analysis of cladding strain data from experimental research reactor test programs that have simulated the RIA is presented. These data show that the cladding undergoes deformation characterized by hoop extension subject to a range of multiaxial stress states and strain paths comprised between plane-strain (no axial extension of the cladding tube) and equal-biaxial tension (equal strain in both the hoop and the axial orientations). Current mechanical test procedures of cladding material are then reviewed with a focus on their ability to generate the appropriate deformation response and to induce the prototypical multiaxial stress states and failure modes activated during a RIA. Two main groups of tests currently exist. In the first group, the deformation behavior of the cladding is examined by several variations of hoop tensile tests in which an axial contraction of the specimen gage section occurs such that a near-uniaxial tension stress state results; finite element analyses are then usually employed to deduce the deformation response, often under conditions of an assumed coefficient of friction between the specimen and test fixtures. The second group includes test procedures which attempt to reproduce the deformation and failure conditions close to those seen during a RIA such that any stress-state corrections of the failure conditions are comparatively small. The advantages and disadvantages of all of these deformation/fracture tests are discussed with special reference to testing high burnup fuel cladding.

  3. Recent results on the RIA test in IGR reactor

    Asmolov, V.; Yegorova, L. [Nuclear Safety Institute, Moscow (Russian Federation)


    At the 23d WRSM meeting the data base characterizing results of VVER high burnup fuel rods tests under reactivity-initiated accident (RIA) conditions was presented. Comparison of PWR and VVER failure thresholds was given also. Additional analysis of the obtained results was being carried out during 1996. The results of analysis show that the two different failure mechanisms were observed for PWR and VVER fuel rods. Some factors which can be as the possible reasons of these differences are presented. First of them is the state of preirradiated cladding. Published test data for PWR high burnup fuel rods demonstrated that the PWR high burnup fuel rods failed at the RIA test are characterized by very high level of oxidation and hydriding for the claddings. Corresponding researches were performed at Institute of Atomic Reactors (RLAR, Dimitrovgrad, Russia) for large set of VVER high burnup fuel rods. Results of these investigations show that preirradiated commercial Zr-1%Nb claddings practically keep their initial levels of oxidation and H{sub 2} concentration. Consequently the VVER preirradiated cladding must keep the high level of mechanical properties. The second reason leading to differences between failure mechanisms for two types of high burnup fuel rods can be the test conditions. Now such kind of analysis have been performed by two methods.

  4. RIA simulation tests using driver tube for ATF cladding

    Cinbiz, Mahmut N. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Brown, N. R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Lowden, R. R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Linton, K. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Terrani, K. A. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Pellet-cladding mechanical interaction (PCMI) is a potential failure mechanism for accident-tolerant fuel (ATF) cladding candidates during a reactivity-initiated accident (RIA). This report summarizes Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 research activities that were undertaken to evaluate the PCMI-like hoop-strain-driven mechanical response of ATF cladding candidates. To achieve various RIA-like conditions, a modified-burst test (MBT) device was developed to produce different mechanical pulses. The calibration of the MBT instrument was accomplished by performing mechanical tests on unirradiated Generation-I iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy samples. Shakedown tests were also conducted in both FY 2016 and FY 2017 using unirradiated hydrided ZIRLO™ tube samples. This milestone report focuses on testing of ATF materials, but the benchmark tests with hydrided ZIRLO™ tube samples are documented in a recent journal article.a For the calibration and benchmark tests, the hoop strain was monitored using strain gauges attached to the sample surface in the hoop direction. A novel digital image correlation (DIC) system composed of a single high-speed camera and an array of six mirrors was developed for the MBT instrument to better resolve the failure behavior of samples and to provide useful data for validation of high-fidelity modeling and simulation tools. The DIC system enable a 360° view of a sample’s outer surface. This feature was added to the instrument to determine the precise failure location on a sample’s surface for strain predictions. The DIC system was tested on several silicon carbide fiber/silicon carbide matrix (SiC/SiC) composite tube samples at various pressurization rates of the driver tube (which correspond to the strain rates for the samples). The hoop strains for various loading conditions were determined for the SiC/SiC composite tube samples. Future work is planned to enhance understanding of the failure behavior of the ATF cladding candidates of age

  5. High burnup fuel behavior related to fission gas effects under reactivity initiated accidents (RIA) conditions

    Lemoine, F.


    Specific aspects of irradiated fuel result from the increasing retention of gaseous and volatile fission products with burnup, which, under overpower conditions, can lead to solid fuel pressurization and swelling causing severe PCMI (pellet clad mechanical interaction). In order to assess the reliability of high burnup fuel under RIAs, experimental programs have been initiated which have provided important data concerning the transient fission gas behavior and the clad loading mechanisms. The importance of the rim zone is demonstrated based on three experiments resulting in clad failure at low enthalpy, which are explained by energetic considerations. High gas release in non-failure tests with low energy deposition underlines the importance of grain boundary and porosity gas. Measured final releases are strongly correlated to the microstructure evolution, depending on energy deposition, pulse width, initial and refabricated fuel rod design. Observed helium release can also increase internal pressure and gives hints to the gas behavior understanding.

  6. Falsas memórias no Teste Pictórico de Memória False memories in Pictorial Memory Test

    Fernanda Machado


    Full Text Available As falsas memórias (FM podem ser definidas como recordações que as pessoas têm de fatos ou eventos que nunca ocorreram, ilusões ou distorções de fatos ocorridos. O objetivo deste trabalho foi verificar o aparecimento de FM no Teste Pictórico de Memória. Para isso manipulou-se o tempo de exposição da lâmina (1, 3 ou 5 minutos, a fim de avaliar sua influência no aparecimento de FM. O estudo contou com 273 participantes. Os resultados mostraram uma diminuição significativa da porcentagem de respostas falsas considerando os tempos de exposição do mais rápido para o mais lento.False memories (FM are defined as memories that people have of facts or events that have never happened, illusions or distortions of facts which have occurred. The purpose of this work was to verify the occurrence of FM in the Pictorial Memory Test. The exposure time of the card (1, 3 or 5 minutes was manipulated in order to understand its influence on the onset of FM. The sample was composed of 273 participants. The results showed a significant decrease in the percentage of false answers given the exposure time from the fastest to the slowest.

  7. Test Results of HTS Coil and Magnet R&D for RIA

    Gupta, Ramesh C; Harrison, Michael; Sampson, William; Schmalzle, Jesse D; Zeller, Al


    Brookhaven National Laboratory is developing quadrupole magnets for the proposed Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) based on commercially available High Temperature Superconductors (HTS). These quadrupoles will be used in the Fragment Separator region and are one of the more challenging elements in the RIA proposal. They will be subjected to several orders of magnitude more energy and radiation deposition than typical beam line and accelerator magnets receive during their entire lifetime. The proposed quadrupoles will operate in the 20-40 K temperature range for efficient heat removal. HTS coils that have been tested so far indicate that the coils meet the magnetic field requirements of the design. We will report the test results of about 10 HTS coils and of a magnetic mirror configuration that simulates the magnetic field and Lorentz force in the proposed quadrupole. In addition, the preliminary design of an HTS dipole magnet for the Fragment Separator region will also be presented.

  8. Boron-10 ABUNCL Prototype Initial Testing

    Kouzes, Richard T.; Ely, James H.; Lintereur, Azaree T.; Siciliano, Edward R.


    The Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Safeguards and Security (NA-241) is supporting the project Coincidence Counting With Boron-Based Alternative Neutron Detection Technology at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for the development of a 3He proportional counter alternative neutron coincidence counter. The goal of this project is to design, build and demonstrate a system based upon 10B-lined proportional tubes in a configuration typical for 3He-based coincidence counter applications. This report provides results of initial testing of an Alternative Boron-Based Uranium Neutron Coincidence Collar (ABUNCL) design built by General Electric Reuter-Stokes. Several configurations of the ABUNCL models, which use 10B-lined proportional counters in place of 3He proportional counters for the neutron detection elements, were previously reported. The ABUNCL tested is of a different design than previously modeled. Initial experimental testing of the as-delivered passive ABUNCL was performed, and modeling will be conducted. Testing of the system reconfigured for active testing will be performed in the near future, followed by testing with nuclear fuel.

  9. Isolator fragmentation and explosive initiation tests

    Dickson, Peter [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Rae, Philip John [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Foley, Timothy J. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Novak, Alan M. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Armstrong, Christopher Lee [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Baca, Eva V. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Gunderson, Jake Alfred [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Three tests were conducted to evaluate the effects of firing an isolator in proximity to a barrier or explosive charge. The tests with explosive were conducted without a barrier, on the basis that since any barrier will reduce the shock transmitted to the explosive, bare explosive represents the worst-case from an inadvertent initiation perspective. No reaction was observed. The shock caused by the impact of a representative plastic material on both bare and cased PBX 9501 is calculated in the worst-case, 1-D limit, and the known shock response of the HE is used to estimate minimum run-to-detonation lengths. The estimates demonstrate that even 1-D impacts would not be of concern and that, accordingly, the divergent shocks due to isolator fragment impact are of no concern as initiating stimuli.

  10. Isolator fragmentation and explosive initiation tests

    Dickson, Peter [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Rae, Philip John [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Foley, Timothy J. [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Novak, Alan M. [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Armstrong, Christopher Lee [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Baca, Eva V. [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Gunderson, Jake Alfred [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Three tests were conducted to evaluate the effects of firing an isolator in proximity to a barrier or explosive charge. The tests with explosive were conducted without barrier, on the basis that since any barrier will reduce the shock transmitted to the explosive, bare explosive represents the worst-case from an inadvertent initiation perspective. No reaction was observed. The shock caused by the impact of a representative plastic material on both bare and cased PBX9501 is calculated in the worst-case, 1-D limit, and the known shock response of the HE is used to estimate minimum run-to-detonation lengths. The estimates demonstrate that even 1-D impacts would not be of concern and that, accordingly, the divergent shocks due to isolator fragment impact are of no concern as initiating stimuli.

  11. Redox accountability test program: Initial results

    Schneider, R.A.; Bray, L.A.


    This report details initial results of a large scale accountability test program which was recently carried out in the Redox Facility. The test, as originally planned which was to consist of the complete processing (no inventory-clean plant basis) of about 55 tons of selected metal in conjunction with an extensive analytical, sampling, and volume measurement program. With the exception of two incidents, the processing requirements (minimum inventory and measurement of all material) necessary to the success of the test, were met. The two incidents which increase the uncertainties associated with some of the material balance values obtained were: the discharge of an estimated 700 pounds of uranium to the floor in a transfer from F-5 to F-4 due tot he improper installation of the F-5 to F-4 transfer line (jumper) and the discovery of a large accumulation of plutonium ({approximately} 15 kg) in the L-2 stripping tower after completion of the test run.

  12. OPSAID Initial Design and Testing Report.

    Hurd, Steven A.; Stamp, Jason Edwin [Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM; Chavez, Adrian R. [Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM


    and inherently secure PCS in the future. All activities are closely linked to industry outreach and advisory efforts.Generally speaking, the OPSAID project is focused on providing comprehensive security functionality to PCS that communicate using IP. This is done through creating an interoperable PCS security architecture and developing a reference implementation, which is tested extensively for performance and reliability.This report first provides background on the PCS security problem and OPSAID, followed by goals and objectives of the project. The report also includes an overview of the results, including the OPSAID architecture and testing activities, along with results from industry outreach activities. Conclusion and recommendation sections follow. Finally, a series of appendices provide more detailed information regarding architecture and testing activities.Summarizing the project results, the OPSAID architecture was defined, which includes modular security functionality and corresponding component modules. The reference implementation, which includes the collection of component modules, was tested extensively and proved to provide more than acceptable performance in a variety of test scenarios. The primary challenge in implementation and testing was correcting initial configuration errors.OPSAID industry outreach efforts were very successful. A small group of industry partners were extensively involved in both the design and testing of OPSAID. Conference presentations resulted in creating a larger group of potential industry partners.Based upon experience implementing and testing OPSAID, as well as through collecting industry feedback, the OPSAID project has done well and is well received. Recommendations for future work include further development of advanced functionality, refinement of interoperability guidance, additional laboratory and field testing, and industry outreach that includes PCS owner education. 4 5 --This page intentionally left blank --

  13. Initiated Testing for HIV in Macha


    HIV testing has more advantages than risks. On the other hand, the odds of ... of persons in the rural areas have no access to media. Access to information is .... testing outweigh the social implications were more likely to support the policy than ...

  14. Initial Nuclear Radiation Hardness Validation Test


    Test Business Management Division (TEDT-TMB) US Army Developmental Test Command 314 Longs Corner Road Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5055 11...Above Increase in VCE (Sat) Logic Devices TTL 10K - Above Not concern @ tactical GTD levels Memory - DRAM CMOS 3K – Above Data corruption and shift in...1E13 Not concern @ tactical NF levels Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) IGBT 8E11 - Above Increase in VCE (Sat) Logic Devices TTL > 1E13

  15. Commissioning of ALFABURST: initial tests and results

    Rajwade, Kaustubh; Lorimer, Duncan; Karastergiou, Aris; Werthimer, Dan; Siemion, Andrew; MacMahon, David; Cobb, Jeff; Williams, Christopher; Armour, Wes


    Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are apparently one-time, relatively bright radio pulses that have been observed in recent years. The origin of FRBs is currently unknown and many instruments are being built to detect more of these bursts to better characterize their physical properties and identify the source population. ALFABURST is one such instrument. ALFABURST takes advantage of the 7-beam Arecibo L-band Feed Array (ALFA) receiver on the 305-m Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico, to detect FRBs in real-time at L-band (1.4 GHz). We present the results of recent on-sky tests and observations undertaken during the commissioning phase of the instrument. ALFABURST is now available for commensal observations with other ALFA projects.


    Nash, C. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL); Fowley, M. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL)


    This memo presents an experimental survey of aqueous phase chemical processes to remove aqueous ammonia from waste process streams. Ammonia is generated in both the current Hanford waste flowsheet and in future waste processing. Much ammonia will be generated in the Low Activity Waste (LAW) melters.i Testing with simulants in glass melters at Catholic University has demonstrated the significant ammonia production.ii The primary reaction there is the reducing action of sugar on nitrate in the melter cold cap. Ammonia has been found to be a problem in secondary waste stabilization. Ammonia vapors are noxious and destruction of ammonia could reduce hazards to waste treatment process personnel. It is easily evolved especially when ammonia-bearing solutions are adjusted to high pH.

  17. Morphology change of rock-like oxide fuels in reactivity-initiated-accident simulation tests

    Nakamura, T.; Sasajima, H.; Yamashita, T.; Uetsuka, H.


    Pulse irradiation tests under simulated reactivity-initiated accident (RIA) conditions were performed with three types of rock-like oxide (ROX) fuels. Single phase yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ), homogeneous mixture of YSZ/spinel and YSZ particle dispersed in spinel type ROX fuels were pulse irradiated in the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR). Mode and threshold of the fuel rod failure including its consequences were investigated under the RIA conditions. The cladding failure occurred in a burst type mode in all the three types of ROX fuel tests with considerable fuel melting. Even though the mode was quite different from those of UO 2 fuel, failure threshold enthalpies of the ROX fuels were close to that of UO 2 fuel at about 10 GJ m -3. The consequence of the failure of the ROX fuels rods was different from the one of UO 2 fuel rods, because molten fuel dispersal occurred at lower enthalpies in the ROX fuel tests. Change of the fuel structure and material interaction in the transient heating conditions were examined through optical and secondary electron microscopy, and electron probe micro analysis.

  18. Four-terminal electrical testing device. [initiator bridgewire resistance

    Robinson, Robert L. (Inventor); Graves, Thomas J. (Inventor); Hoffman, William C., III (Inventor)


    The invention relates to a four-terminal electrical connector device for testing and measuring unknown resistances of initiators used for starting pyrotechnic events aboard the space shuttle. The testing device minimizes contact resistance degradation effects and so improves the reliability of resistance measurements taken with the device. Separate and independent voltage sensing and current supply circuits each include a pair of socket contacts for mating engagement with the pins of the initiator. The unknown resistance that is measured by the device is the resistance of the bridgewire of the initiator which is required to be between 0.95 and 1.15 ohms.

  19. Empirical initialization of the trait estimator in adaptive testing

    Linden, van der Wim J.


    A procedure for empirical initialization of the trait. estimator in adaptive testing is proposed that is based on the statistical relation between and background variables known prior to test administration. The relation is modeled using a two-parameter version of a logistic item response theory m

  20. Efeito alelopático de capim-braquiária (Brachiaria decumbens sobre o crescimento inicial de sete espécies de plantas cultivadas Allelopathic effects of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of seven crops

    L.S. Souza


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho constou de sete experimentos, que foram conduzidos na Faculdade de Ciências Agronômicas, campus de Botucatu, UNESP, São Paulo, Brasil, com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos alelopáticos de Brachiaria decumbens, colhida em diferentes épocas, sobre o crescimento inicial de milho, arroz, trigo, soja, feijão, algodão e capim-braquiária (B. decumbens, bem como a dinâmica do nitrogênio no solo. A parte aérea de B. decumbens foi coletada durante as estações seca (outono-inverno e chuvosa (primavera-verão, em área de pastagem localizada no município de Botucatu-SP. A matéria seca triturada de B. decumbens foi incorporada ao solo dos vasos na proporção de 3% p/p. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado, com cinco repetições. Contando-se a partir do transplante, o experimento foi conduzido por 21 dias para milho e feijão, 24 dias para soja e trigo, 28 dias para arroz e 30 dias para algodão e capim-braquiária. O crescimento dessas plantas foi reduzido com a adição de capim-braquiária para as duas épocas, sendo o próprio capim-braquiária o mais afetado. Os efeitos inibitórios foram mais intensos para capim-braquiária coletado na estação chuvosa. A incorporação da matéria seca da parte aérea de B. decumbens reduziu, significativamente, os teores de nitrato no solo, em todos os estudos realizados.This work consisted of seven experiments carried out at UNESP Botucatu-SP Brazil to evaluate the allelopathic effects of Brachiaria decumbens collected in different seasons on the initial growth of corn, rice, wheat, soybean, bean, cotton and B. decumbens and to evaluate nitrogen dynamics in the soil. The upper part of B. decumbens was collected during the dry and wet seasons in a pasture area located in the district of Botucatu-SP. The dry matter was ground and incorporated into the soil in 3% w/w. The experimental design was arranged in completely randomized plots with 5 replications

  1. Behavior of irradiated BWR fuel under reactivity-initiated-accident conditions; Results of tests FK-1, -2 and -3


    Boiling water reactor (BWR) fuels with burnups of 41 to 45 GWd/tU were pulse-irradiated in the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR) to investigate fuel behavior under cold startup reactivity-initiated-accident (RIA) conditions. BWR fuel segment rods of 8times8BJ (STEP I) type from Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 nuclear power plant were refabricated into short test rods, and they were subjected to prompt enthalpy insertion from 293 to 607 J/g (70 to 145 cal/g) within about 20 ms. The fuel cladding...

  2. Students' Initial Knowledge State and Test Design: Towards a Valid and Reliable Test Instrument

    CoPo, Antonio Roland I.


    Designing a good test instrument involves specifications, test construction, validation, try-out, analysis and revision. The initial knowledge state of forty (40) tertiary students enrolled in Business Statistics course was determined and the same test instrument undergoes validation. The designed test instrument did not only reveal the baseline…

  3. Boron-10 ABUNCL Prototype Models And Initial Active Testing

    Kouzes, Richard T.; Ely, James H.; Lintereur, Azaree T.; Siciliano, Edward R.


    The Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Safeguards and Security (NA-241) is supporting the project Coincidence Counting With Boron-Based Alternative Neutron Detection Technology at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for the development of a 3He proportional counter alternative neutron coincidence counter. The goal of this project is to design, build and demonstrate a system based upon 10B-lined proportional tubes in a configuration typical for 3He-based coincidence counter applications. This report provides results from MCNPX model simulations and initial testing of the active mode variation of the Alternative Boron-Based Uranium Neutron Coincidence Collar (ABUNCL) design built by General Electric Reuter-Stokes. Initial experimental testing of the as-delivered passive ABUNCL was previously reported.

  4. Initialization and Setup of the Coastal Model Test Bed: STWAVE


    coastal numerical models . Pertinent data types, including waves, water levels, nearshore currents, bathymetry, and meteorological measurements, are...correlation coefficients, and other statistics can be calculated between the observed data and the model output for any duration of time using the...ERDC/CHL CHETN-I-93 January 2017 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Initialization and Setup of the Coastal Model Test Bed

  5. Initial testing of a variable-stroke Stirling engine

    Thieme, L. G.


    In support of the U.S. Department of Energy's Stirling Engine Highway Vehicle Systems Program, NASA Lewis Research Center is evaluating variable-stroke control for Stirling engines. The engine being tested is the Advenco Stirling engine; this engine was manufactured by Philips Research Laboratories of the Netherlands and uses a variable-angle swash-plate drive to achieve variable stroke operation. The engine is described, initial steady-state test data taken at Lewis are presented, a major drive system failure and subsequent modifications are described. Computer simulation results are presented to show potential part-load efficiency gains with variable-stroke control.

  6. Initial Back-to-Back Fission Chamber Testing in ATRC

    Benjamin Chase; Troy Unruh; Joy Rempe


    Development and testing of in-pile, real-time neutron sensors for use in Materials Test Reactor experiments is an ongoing project at Idaho National Laboratory. The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility has sponsored a series of projects to evaluate neutron detector options in the Advanced Test Reactor Critical Facility (ATRC). Special hardware was designed and fabricated to enable testing of the detectors in the ATRC. Initial testing of Self-Powered Neutron Detectors and miniature fission chambers produced promising results. Follow-on testing required more experiment hardware to be developed. The follow-on testing used a Back-to-Back fission chamber with the intent to provide calibration data, and a means of measuring spectral indices. As indicated within this document, this is the first time in decades that BTB fission chambers have been used in INL facilities. Results from these fission chamber measurements provide a baseline reference for future measurements with Back-to-Back fission chambers.

  7. Reactivity Initiated Accident Simulation to Inform Transient Testing of Candidate Advanced Cladding

    Brown, Nicholas R [ORNL; Wysocki, Aaron J [ORNL; Terrani, Kurt A [ORNL


    Abstract. Advanced cladding materials with potentially enhanced accident tolerance will yield different light water reactor performance and safety characteristics than the present zirconium-based cladding alloys. These differences are due to different cladding material properties and responses to the transient, and to some extent, reactor physics, thermal, and hydraulic characteristics. Some of the differences in reactors physics characteristics will be driven by the fundamental properties (e.g., absorption in iron for an iron-based cladding) and others will be driven by design modifications necessitated by the candidate cladding materials (e.g., a larger fuel pellet to compensate for parasitic absorption). Potential changes in thermal hydraulic limits after transition from the current zirconium-based cladding to the advanced materials will also affect the transient response of the integral fuel. This paper leverages three-dimensional reactor core simulation capabilities to inform on appropriate experimental test conditions for candidate advanced cladding materials in a control rod ejection event. These test conditions are using three-dimensional nodal kinetics simulations of a reactivity initiated accident (RIA) in a representative state-of-the-art pressurized water reactor with both nuclear-grade iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) and silicon carbide based (SiC-SiC) cladding materials. The effort yields boundary conditions for experimental mechanical tests, specifically peak cladding strain during the power pulse following the rod ejection. The impact of candidate cladding materials on the reactor kinetics behavior of RIA progression versus reference zirconium cladding is predominantly due to differences in: (1) fuel mass/volume/specific power density, (2) spectral effects due to parasitic neutron absorption, (3) control rod worth due to hardened (or softened) spectrum, and (4) initial conditions due to power peaking and neutron transport cross sections in the

  8. Initial CGE Model Results Summary Exogenous and Endogenous Variables Tests

    Edwards, Brian Keith [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Boero, Riccardo [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Rivera, Michael Kelly [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The following discussion presents initial results of tests of the most recent version of the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The intent of this is to test and assess the model’s behavioral properties. The test evaluated whether the predicted impacts are reasonable from a qualitative perspective. This issue is whether the predicted change, be it an increase or decrease in other model variables, is consistent with prior economic intuition and expectations about the predicted change. One of the purposes of this effort is to determine whether model changes are needed in order to improve its behavior qualitatively and quantitatively.

  9. Testing Conformance to Standards: Notes on the OGC CITE Initiative

    Bigagli, Lorenzo; Vitale, Fabrizio


    In this work, we report on the issues and lessons learnt from our recent experience on assessing service compliance to OGC geospatial standards. Official conformity is warranted by the OGC Compliance & Interoperability Testing & Evaluation (CITE) initiative, through a centrally managed repository of tests, typically developed via initiatives funded by external sponsors. In particular, we have been involved in the ESA-led Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility Testbed (HMA-T) project. HMA-T objectives included the definition of specifications (and related compliance tests) for Earth Observation (EO) Product discovery and access. Our activities have focused on the EO and Catalogue of ISO Metadata (CIM) Extension Packages (EPs) of the ebRIM Application Profile (AP) of the Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) OGC standard. Our main contributions have regarded the definition of Abstract Test Suites (ATS's) for the above specifications, as well as the development of Reference Implementations (RIs) and concrete Executable Test Suites (ETS's). According to the state-of-the-art, we have implemented the ETS's in Compliance Test Language (CTL), an OGC standard dialect of XML, and deployed the scripts onto the open-source Test Evaluation And Measurement (TEAM) Engine, the official OGC compliance test platform. A significant challenge was to accommodate legacy services, that can not support data publishing. Hence, we could not assume the presence of control test data, necessary for exhaustive assessment. To cope with this, we have proposed and experimented tests for assessing the internal coherence of a target service instance. Another issue was to assess the overall behavior of a target service instance. Although quite obvious, this requirement proved to be hard (if unviable) to implement, since the design of the OGC catalogue specification is multi-layered (i.e. comprised of EP, AP, binding and core functionalities) and, according to the current OGC rationale, ATS/ETS at each

  10. Safeguards First Principles Initiative at the Nevada Test Site

    Geneva Johnson


    The Material Control and Accountability (MC&A) program at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) was selected as a test bed for the Safeguards First Principles Initiative (SFPI). The implementation of the SFPI is evaluated using the system effectiveness model and the program is managed under an approved MC&A Plan. The effectiveness model consists of an evaluation of the critical elements necessary to detect, deter, and/or prevent the theft or diversion of Special Nuclear Material (SNM). The modeled results indicate that the MC&A program established under this variance is still effective, without creating unacceptable risk. Extensive performance testing is conducted through the duration of the pilot to ensure the protection system is effective and no material is at an unacceptable risk. The pilot was conducted from January 1, 2007, through May 30, 2007. This paper will discuss the following activities in association with SFPI: 1. Development of Timeline 2. Crosswalk of DOE Order and SFPI 3. Peer Review 4. Deviation 5. MC&A Plan and Procedure changes 6. Changes implemented at NTS 7. Training 8. Performance Test

  11. Thyroid Function Test in Thyroid Diseases and Pregnancy - The diagnostic value of free thyroxine by RIA -

    Yoo, M. H.; Yoon, H. J.; Shin, Y. T.; Lee, J. C.; Chung, S. I.; Cho, B. Y.; Lee, M. H. [Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Lee, M. C. [Capotal Armed Forces General Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of the measurement of free thyroxine(FT4) by radioimmunoassay, we measured free T{sub 4} and T{sub 4}, T{sub 3}, T{sub 3}RU, TSH and TBG serum levels by radioimmunoassay in 18 healthy persons and 52 patients with various thyroid diseases and 11 normal pregnant women. The results are as follows. 1) In 19 cases of overt hyperthyroidism, T{sub 3}, free T{sub 4} and FTI, T{sub 4}/TBG ratio reflect hyperfunction in all cases. T{sub 4} is increased in 94%(18/19) and TBG and TSH are decreased in 79%(15/19). 2) In 8 patients with overt hypothyroidism, TSH is increased in all cases and free T{sub 4} and FTI is decreased in all cases. T{sub 4} is decreased in 87.5%(7/8), T{sub 3} is decreased in 75%(6/8) and T{sub 4}/TBG ratio is decreased in 62.5%(5/8). 3) In 5 patients who are clinically in euthyroid state after treatment of hyperthyroidism, T{sub ,}4 free T{sub 4}, FTI and TSH are in the normal range in all cases and T{sub 3} is normal in 60%(3/5) and slightly increased in 40%(2/5). 4) In 10 patients who showed clinically borderline hypothyroidism after treatment of hyperthyroidism, TSH is increased in all cases and free T{sub 4} and FTI are decreased in all cases, but T{sub 4} and T{sub 3}, T{sub 4}/TBG ratio are in the normal limit in all cases. So after treatment of hyperthyroidism, TSH, free T{sub 4} or FTI are recommended as optimal function test. 5) In normal pregnancy, free T{sub 4}, FTI and T{sub 4}/TBG ratio reflect normal function, but the other parameters unreliable due to the influence of increased TBG. Also TBG and TSH level in pregnancy is increased significantly compared with normal healthy control group. 6) The coefficients of correlation between T{sub 4} and FTI were 0.862(p<0.001) and 0.685(p<0.001) between free T{sub 4} and T{sub 4}/TBG ratio. In most patients, diagnostic value of free T{sub 4} was comparable and even superior to FTI, so free T{sub 4} measurement can be used routinely with thyrotropin assay in the

  12. Phase Startup Initiative Phases 3 and 4 Test Plan and Test Specification ( OCRWM)



    Construction for the Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Project facilities is continuing per the Level III Baseline Schedule, and installation of the Fuel Retrieval System (FRS) and Integrated Water Treatment System (IWTS) in K West Basin is now complete. In order to accelerate the project, a phased start up strategy to initiate testing of the FRS and IWTS early in the overall project schedule was proposed (Williams 1999). Wilkinson (1999) expands the definition of the original proposal into four functional testing phases of the Phased Startup Initiative (PSI). Phases 1 and 2 are based on performing functional tests using dummy fuel. This test plan provides overall guidance for Phase 3 and 4 tests, which are performed using actual irradiated N fuel assemblies. The overall objective of the Phase 3 and 4 testing is to verify how the FRS and IWTS respond while processing actual fuel. Conducting these tests early in the project schedule will allow identification and resolution of equipment and process problems before they become activities on the start-up critical path. The specific objectives of this test plan are to: Define the Phase 3 and 4 test scope for the FRS and IWTS; Provide detailed test requirements that can be used to write the specific test procedures; Define data required and measurements to be taken. Where existing methods to obtain these do not exist, enough detail will be provided to define required additional equipment; and Define specific test objectives and acceptance criteria.

  13. The Danish SAR system: design and initial tests

    Madsen, Søren Nørvang; Christensen, Erik Lintz; Skou, Niels


    , its implementation, and its performance. They show how digital technology has been utilized to realize a very flexible radar with variable resolution, swath-width, and imaging geometry. The motion-compensation algorithms implemented to obtain the high resolution and the special features built...... into the system to ensure proper internal calibration are outlined. The data processing system, developed for image generation and quality assurance, is sketched, with special emphasis on the flexibility of the system......In January 1986, the design of a high-resolution airborne C -band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) started at the Electromagnetics Institute of the Technical University of Denmark. The initial system test flights took place in November and December 1989. The authors describe the design of the system...

  14. Completion of NDCX-II Facility and Initial Tests

    Kwan, Joe; Arbelaez, Diego; Greenway, Wayne; Jung, Jin-Young; Lidia, Steve; Lipton, Thomas; Roy, Prabir; Seidl, Peter; Takakuwa, Jeff; Waldron, William; Friedman, Alex; Grote, David; Sharp, William; Gilson, Erik


    The Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment-II (NDCX-II) will generate ion beam pulses for studies of Warm Dense Matter and heavy-ion-driven Inertial Fusion Energy. The machine will accelerate 20-50 nC of Li+ to 1.2-3 MeV energy, starting from a 10.9-cm alumino-silicate ion source. At the end of the accelerator the ions are focused to a mm spot size on a thin foil (planar) target; and the pulse length compressed to sub-ns during beam transport in a neutralizing plasma. While using solenoids for beam focusing, the acceleration and compression will be done by special voltage waveforms along the induction linac. The construction project started in July 2009 and will be complete by March 2012, or earlier. Progress on construction, component and initial beam tests will be reported. Work supported by DOE-OFES.

  15. Teste de memória de trabalho em crianças de 3 a 6 anos de idade

    Morais, Adriana Cristina de


    Pré-escolares constituem uma faixa populacional que merece atenção devido às características da maturação biológica, bem como pelo impacto deste período nas fases posteriores do desenvolvimento. Nesta fase, muitas habilidades cognitivas se desenvolvem de maneira acelerada, entre elas, a memória, sendo esta importante para o desenvolvimento. A avaliação da memória é importante para identificar possíveis dificuldades nessa habilidade, desta forma poderemos propor atividades de intervenção que, ...

  16. Initial Plasma Startup Test on SUNIST Spherical Tokamak

    Wang Ying(王莹); Zeng Li(曾立); He Yexi(何也熙); SUMST Team


    The goal of the Sino-United Spherical Tokamak (SUNIST) at Tsinghua University is to extend the understanding of toroidal plasma physics at a low aspect ratio (R/a ≈ 1.3) and to demonstrate a maintainable target plasma by non-inductive startup. The SUNIST device is designed to operate with up to 13 kA of ohmic heating field current, and to 0.15 T of toroidal field at 10 kA of discharge current. All of the poloidal fields can provide 30 mVs of Volt-seconds transformer. Experimental results of plasma startup show that SUNIST has remarkable characteristics of high ramp rate (dIp/dt ≈ 50 MA/s ), high normalized current IN of about 2.8 (IN = Ip/aBT),and high-efficiency (Ip/IROD ≈ 0.4) production of plasma current while operating at a low toroidal field. Major disruption phenomena have not been observed from magnetic diagnostics of all testing shots. Initial discharges with 52 kA of plasma current (exceeding the designed value of 50 kA),2 ms of pulse length and 50 MA/s of ramp rate have been achieved easily with pre-ionized filament.

  17. QC in RIA

    Little, J. (North East Thames Regional Immunoassay Service (NETRIA), Saint Bartholomew' s Hospital, London (UK))


    A Regional Health Authority expert from the service which performs radioimmunoassays (RIA) and immunoradiometric assays (IRMA) discusses the importance of quality control in these techniques. Originally developed as an aid to endocrinology, applications are now much more widely based and include virology, microbiology, drugs testing, immunology, parasitology, veterinary science and the food industry. The origins of errors in the practice of RIA are examined, with and between batches and the limitations placed on accuracy are explained. Measurement variability between laboratories is also mentioned. (U.K.).

  18. Shakedown Tests for Refurbished and Upgraded Frames and Initiation of Alloy 709 Creep Rupture Tests

    Wang, Hong [ORNL; Moser, Jeremy L. [ORNL; Hawkins, Charles S. [ORNL; Lara-Curzio, Edgar [ORNL


    This report describes the shakedown tests conducted on the upgraded frames, and initiation of creep rupture tests on refurbished frames. SS316H, a reference material for Alloy 709, was used in shakedown tests, and the tests were conducted at 816 degree C under three stress levels to accumulate 1% creep strain. ¼” gage diameter specimen design was used. The creep rupture tests on Alloy 709 were initiated at 600 degree C under 330 MPa to target 1,500 h rupture time. 12 specimens with 3/8” gage diameter were prepared from the materials with 6 heat treatment conditions, 2 from each. The required mechanical load under 330MPa was calculated to be 5,286 lb for the 3/8” gage diameter specimen. Among the ART frames, 7 frames are equipped with 10,000 lb load cell including #5 to 8 and #88 to 90, and can be used. 7 tests were thus started in this stage of project, and remaining 5 will be continued whenever any of the 7 tests is completed.

  19. Development and Initial Test of the Safety Behaviors in Test Anxiety Questionnaire.

    Knoll, Ross W; Valentiner, David P; Holzman, Jacob B


    The purpose of the current studies is to identify safety behavior dimensions relevant to test anxiety, to develop a questionnaire to assess those dimensions, and to examine the validity of that questionnaire. Items were generated from interviews with college students ( N = 24). Another sample ( N = 301) completed an initial 33-item measure. Another sample ( N = 151) completed the final 19-item version the Safety Behaviors in Test Anxiety Questionnaire and provided access to their academic records. Interviews and expert evaluations were used to select items for the initial pool. An examination of item distributions and exploratory factor analysis were used to identify dimensions and reduce the item pool. Confirmatory factor analyses were used to validate the factorial structure. Correlational analyses were used to examine criterion validity of the final measure. The Safety Behaviors in Test Anxiety Questionnaire consists of a 9-item "Superstitious Behaviors" scale and a 10-item "Reassurance Seeking." The measure shows good content validity, factorial validity, internal consistency, and convergent and discriminant validity. Only the Reassurance Seeking scale showed good incremental criterion validity. Overall, these findings suggest that reassurance seeking may be a neglected target for interventions that might increase performance on high stakes tests.

  20. 78 FR 35330 - Initial Test Programs for Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants


    ... COMMISSION Initial Test Programs for Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission... revision to Regulatory Guide (RG), 1.68, ``Initial Test Programs for Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants... Initial Test Programs (ITPs) for light water cooled nuclear power plants. ADDRESSES: Please refer...

  1. Wartime Test and Evaluation; Initiatives Lead to Cultural Change


    Realignment and Closure (BRAC) decision; Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), Arizona; and White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico , and each specializes in...MRTFBs, led to the “ Uber Lean” process of evaluating each test center’s mission, functions and core competencies. That analysis identified each test...facilities that could be eliminated. The outcome led to the development of investment strategies from a holistic DTC perspective. The DTC “ Uber Lean

  2. Small-Scale Spray Releases: Initial Aerosol Test Results

    Mahoney, Lenna A.; Gauglitz, Phillip A.; Kimura, Marcia L.; Brown, Garrett N.; Kurath, Dean E.; Buchmiller, William C.; Smith, Dennese M.; Blanchard, Jeremy; Song, Chen; Daniel, Richard C.; Wells, Beric E.; Tran, Diana N.; Burns, Carolyn A.


    One of the events postulated in the hazard analysis at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities is a breach in process piping that produces aerosols with droplet sizes in the respirable range. The current approach for predicting the size and concentration of aerosols produced in a spray leak involves extrapolating from correlations reported in the literature. These correlations are based on results obtained from small engineered spray nozzles using pure liquids with Newtonian fluid behavior. The narrow ranges of physical properties on which the correlations are based do not cover the wide range of slurries and viscous materials that will be processed in the WTP and across processing facilities in the DOE complex. Two key technical areas were identified where testing results were needed to improve the technical basis by reducing the uncertainty due to extrapolating existing literature results. The first technical need was to quantify the role of slurry particles in small breaches where the slurry particles may plug and result in substantially reduced, or even negligible, respirable fraction formed by high-pressure sprays. The second technical need was to determine the aerosol droplet size distribution and volume from prototypic breaches and fluids, specifically including sprays from larger breaches with slurries where data from the literature are scarce. To address these technical areas, small- and large-scale test stands were constructed and operated with simulants to determine aerosol release fractions and net generation rates from a range of breach sizes and geometries. The properties of the simulants represented the range of properties expected in the WTP process streams and included water, sodium salt solutions, slurries containing boehmite or gibbsite, and a hazardous chemical simulant. The effect of antifoam agents was assessed with most of the simulants. Orifices included round holes and

  3. Initiate test loop irradiations of ALSEP process solvent

    Peterman, Dean R. [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Olson, Lonnie G. [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); McDowell, Rocklan G. [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    This report describes the initial results of the study of the impacts of gamma radiolysis upon the efficacy of the ALSEP process and is written in completion of milestone M3FT-14IN030202. Initial irradiations, up to 100 kGy absorbed dose, of the extraction section of the ALSEP process have been completed. The organic solvent used for these experiments contained 0.05 M TODGA and 0.75 M HEH[EHP] dissolved in n-dodecane. The ALSEP solvent was irradiated while in contact with 3 M nitric acid and the solutions were sparged with compressed air in order to maintain aerated conditions. The irradiated phases were used for the determination of americium and europium distribution ratios as a function of absorbed dose for the extraction and stripping conditions. Analysis of the irradiated phases in order to determine solvent composition as a function of absorbed dose is ongoing. Unfortunately, the failure of analytical equipment necessary for the analysis of the irradiated samples has made the consistent interpretation of the analytical results difficult. Continuing work will include study of the impacts of gamma radiolysis upon the extraction of actinides and lanthanides by the ALSEP solvent and the stripping of the extracted metals from the loaded solvent. The irradiated aqueous and organic phases will be analyzed in order to determine the variation in concentration of solvent components with absorbed gamma dose. Where possible, radiolysis degradation product will be identified.

  4. Small-Scale Spray Releases: Initial Aerosol Test Results

    Mahoney, Lenna A.; Gauglitz, Phillip A.; Kimura, Marcia L.; Brown, Garrett N.; Kurath, Dean E.; Buchmiller, William C.; Smith, Dennese M.; Blanchard, Jeremy; Song, Chen; Daniel, Richard C.; Wells, Beric E.; Tran, Diana N.; Burns, Carolyn A.


    One of the events postulated in the hazard analysis at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities is a breach in process piping that produces aerosols with droplet sizes in the respirable range. The current approach for predicting the size and concentration of aerosols produced in a spray leak involves extrapolating from correlations reported in the literature. These correlations are based on results obtained from small engineered spray nozzles using pure liquids with Newtonian fluid behavior. The narrow ranges of physical properties on which the correlations are based do not cover the wide range of slurries and viscous materials that will be processed in the WTP and across processing facilities in the DOE complex. Two key technical areas were identified where testing results were needed to improve the technical basis by reducing the uncertainty due to extrapolating existing literature results. The first technical need was to quantify the role of slurry particles in small breaches where the slurry particles may plug and result in substantially reduced, or even negligible, respirable fraction formed by high-pressure sprays. The second technical need was to determine the aerosol droplet size distribution and volume from prototypic breaches and fluids, specifically including sprays from larger breaches with slurries where data from the literature are scarce. To address these technical areas, small- and large-scale test stands were constructed and operated with simulants to determine aerosol release fractions and generation rates from a range of breach sizes and geometries. The properties of the simulants represented the range of properties expected in the WTP process streams and included water, sodium salt solutions, slurries containing boehmite or gibbsite, and a hazardous chemical simulant. The effect of anti-foam agents was assessed with most of the simulants. Orifices included round holes and

  5. Valor da oximetria de pulso na avaliação da perfusão da mão para retirada da artéria radial: O teste de Allen é satisfatório?

    Renato Bauab DAUAR


    : O teste de Allen mostrou-se satisfatório em 35 (70% procedimentos; insatisfatórios em 15 (30%; a oximetria resultou normal em 49 (98% procedimentos com queda importante de sua saturação em apenas 1 (2% caso, no qual o teste de Allen foi insatisfatório. Conclusões: Observamos que houve diferença significativa entre resultados do teste de Allen e do oxímetro, levando-nos ao questionamento da validade do teste de Allen quanto à sua eficácia, por tratar-se de um método subjetivo em contraposição a um método objetivo (oxímetro, conseqüentemente, estaríamos deixando de utilizar a artéria radial como enxerto em 26% dos casos avaliados pelo teste de Allen.With the increasing utilization of the radial artery as a graft in CABG a reliable evaluation of the integrity of the palmar arch in each patient, is important in order to prevent classically vascular complications of the hand, one uses the Allen test, which is based on a subjective evaluation of the colour change of the hand, when the radial and ulnar pulse are pressed and, therefore, more prone to misinterpretations. For an objective evaluation, we propose this test, analyzing perfusion through pulse oxymetry, a simple method easily available in the operating room. Purpose: The authors present a new proposal to evaluate perfusion and integrity of the palmar arch by pulse oxymetry, comparing information obtained through method with the one obtained through the Allen test. Method: Fifty radial and 50 ulnar arteries from 25 patients in prone position were studied. Patients were 45 years or over, 19 males and 6 females, in stable cardiorespiratory conditions, and free of known peripheral vascular disease in the upper limbs. The oxymeter used was from Ohmeda, and the portable Doppler, with continuous flow from Medical Electronics. At first, the probe was put over the index finger of each hand sequentially observing the saturation level which we called initial. The Doppler was used for the radial and ulnar

  6. Large-Scale Spray Releases: Initial Aerosol Test Results

    Schonewill, Philip P.; Gauglitz, Phillip A.; Bontha, Jagannadha R.; Daniel, Richard C.; Kurath, Dean E.; Adkins, Harold E.; Billing, Justin M.; Burns, Carolyn A.; Davis, James M.; Enderlin, Carl W.; Fischer, Christopher M.; Jenks, Jeromy WJ; Lukins, Craig D.; MacFarlan, Paul J.; Shutthanandan, Janani I.; Smith, Dennese M.


    One of the events postulated in the hazard analysis at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities is a breach in process piping that produces aerosols with droplet sizes in the respirable range. The current approach for predicting the size and concentration of aerosols produced in a spray leak involves extrapolating from correlations reported in the literature. These correlations are based on results obtained from small engineered spray nozzles using pure liquids with Newtonian fluid behavior. The narrow ranges of physical properties on which the correlations are based do not cover the wide range of slurries and viscous materials that will be processed in the WTP and across processing facilities in the DOE complex. Two key technical areas were identified where testing results were needed to improve the technical basis by reducing the uncertainty due to extrapolating existing literature results. The first technical need was to quantify the role of slurry particles in small breaches where the slurry particles may plug and result in substantially reduced, or even negligible, respirable fraction formed by high-pressure sprays. The second technical need was to determine the aerosol droplet size distribution and volume from prototypic breaches and fluids, specifically including sprays from larger breaches with slurries where data from the literature are scarce. To address these technical areas, small- and large-scale test stands were constructed and operated with simulants to determine aerosol release fractions and generation rates from a range of breach sizes and geometries. The properties of the simulants represented the range of properties expected in the WTP process streams and included water, sodium salt solutions, slurries containing boehmite or gibbsite, and a hazardous chemical simulant. The effect of anti-foam agents was assessed with most of the simulants. Orifices included round holes and

  7. Performance of an immunochromatography test for vivax malaria in the Amazon region, Brazil Desempenho de um teste de imunocromatografia para malária por P. vivax na Amazônia

    Alberto Ferreira Figueiredo Filho


    Full Text Available The study was carried out to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the ICT malaria Pf/PvTM test for vivax malaria diagnosis in Belém, Amazon region, Brazil. The results of blood malaria parasites examination using an immunochromatography test were compared with thick blood film (TBF examination. It was also evaluated the performance of this test storaged at three different temperatures (25°C, 30°C, and 37°C for 24 hours before use. Overall sensitivity of ICT Pf/PvTM was 61.8% with a specificity of 100%, positive and negative predictive value of 100% and 71.8%, respectively and accuracy of 80.6%. The test sensitivity was independent of the parasite density. This test needs to be further reviewed in order to have better performance for P. vivax malaria diagnosis.Avaliação do teste ICT malaria Pf/PvTM para o diagnóstico da malária por P. vivax em Belém, Estado do Pará. Foram comparados os resultados do teste imunocromatográfico com a gota espessa (GE e avaliados o comportamento desse teste, estocado a três temperaturas distintas (25(0C/ 30(0C/ 37(0C, 24 horas antes de seu uso. A sensibilidade do ICT malaria Pf/PvTM foi de 61,8% com especificidade de 100%, valores preditivo positivo e negativo de 100% e 71,8%, respectivamente, e acurácia de 80,67%. A sensibilidade desse teste foi independente da densidade parasitária. Este teste necessita de reavaliação para melhorar o seu comportamento no diagnóstico da malária por P. vivax.

  8. M&S Strategic Initiatives to Support Test & Evaluation


    InterTEC Spiral 2, Build 1 (Sep 07) • Upcoming Tests – Single Integrated Air Picture ( SIAP ) events – Joint Battlespace Dynamic Deconfliction (JBD2...FCS CTO & JTEM events – InterTEC and CVN-21 events – Planning for future events for: SIAP , JSF, MMA, NECC, DD1000 • Stakeholder Support Groups

  9. Initial performance tests of SLATS photovoltaic concentrator modules

    Stern, Theodore G.

    Tests have been performed to determine the terrestrial conversion efficiency and operating temperature in space of a modular photovoltaic concentrator. Nine test modules were fabricated, each having a set of three mirrors mounted in a graphite composite frame. Each mirror was mechanically formed by beryllium-copper sheet stock into an offset parabolic cylinder. An active photovoltaic receiver, comprising two strings of three parallel-connected gallium arsenide cells, was mounted on the central portion of the middle mirror in each module. Tests performed under terrestrial illumination (AM1.5) indicated mean mirror-cell conversion efficiency of 16.4 percent for silvered mirrors and 14 percent for aluminized mirrors at a 50 C cell temperature. Tests performed in a liquid-nitrogen shrouded vacuum chamber indicated a cell operating temperature of 90 C, which corresponds well to the results of independent thermal analysis. On the basis of these data, the performance of kilowatt-sized units in space using beryllium-copper mirrors is projected to be 35 W/kg. By substituting aluminum substrates for copper, a specific power of up to 55 W/kg is achievable in this configuration.

  10. Exploration 3-D Seismic Field Test/Native Tribes Initiative

    Carroll, Herbert B.; Chen, K.C.; Guo, Genliang; Johnson, W.I.; Reeves,T.K.; Sharma,Bijon


    To determine current acquisition procedures and costs and to further the goals of the President's Initiative for Native Tribes, a seismic-survey project is to be conducted on Osage tribal lands. The goals of the program are to demonstrate the capabilities, costs, and effectiveness of 3-D seismic work in a small-operator setting and to determine the economics of such a survey. For these purposes, typical small-scale independent-operator practices are being followed and a shallow target chose in an area with a high concentration of independent operators. The results will be analyzed in detail to determine if there are improvements and/or innovations which can be easily introduced in field-acquisition procedures, in processing, or in data manipulation and interpretation to further reduce operating costs and to make the system still more active to the small-scale operator.

  11. Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Form T: Initial Item-, Test-, Factor-,and Composite-Level Analyses


    AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2016-0093 AIR FORCE OFFICER QUALIFYING TEST FORM T: INITIAL ITEM-, TEST -, FACTOR-, AND COMPOSITE-LEVEL ANALYSES...July 2016 – 28 Nov 2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER FA8650-11-C-6158 Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Form T...Initial Item-, Test -, Factor-, and Composite-Level Analyses 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 62202F 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT

  12. 77 FR 36014 - Initial Test Program of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for Boiling-Water Reactors


    ... COMMISSION Initial Test Program of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for Boiling-Water Reactors AGENCY: Nuclear...-1277, ``Initial Test Program of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for Boiling- Water Reactors.'' This... testing features of emergency core cooling systems (ECCSs) for boiling-water reactors (BWRs). DATES...

  13. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2011 Interim Report


    Battery (ASVAB) Content, Structure, and Scor ing The ASVAB is a multiple aptitude battery of nine tests administered by the MEPCOM. Most military...Technical Report 1306 Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2011 Interim Report Deirdre August 2009 to May 2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2011 Interim

  14. Initial Tests on First Full-size Endcap Crystals

    Davies, Gavin; Lecoq, Paul; Marcos, Roger; Schneegans, Marc; Sempere-Roldan, P


    At the end of last year the first full size ECAL endcap crystals were delivered to CERN.Thirty in number, they were produced to the final geometrical specifications; 220mm long with a rear square face of 30mm and a front square face of 28.6mm. All were de livered polished. The visual inspection, dimension, transmission, light yield and light yield uniformity tests carried out since are discussed, with particular emphasis on the light yield uniformity. The results are very encouraging.

  15. Relativistic MHD and excision: formulation and initial tests

    Neilsen, David; Hirschmann, Eric W; Millward, R Steven [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602 (United States)


    A new algorithm for solving the general relativistic MHD equations is described in this paper. We design our scheme to incorporate black hole excision with smooth boundaries, and to simplify solving the combined Einstein and MHD equations with AMR. The fluid equations are solved using a finite difference convex ENO method. Excision is implemented using overlapping grids. Elliptic and hyperbolic divergence cleaning techniques allow for maximum flexibility in choosing coordinate systems, and we compare both methods for a standard problem. Numerical results of standard test problems are presented in two-dimensional flat space using excision, overlapping grids and elliptic and hyperbolic divergence cleaning.

  16. Relativistic MHD and black hole excision: Formulation and initial tests

    Neilsen, D; Millward, R S; Hirschmann, Eric W; Neilsen, David


    A new algorithm for solving the general relativistic MHD equations is described in this paper. We design our scheme to incorporate black hole excision with smooth boundaries, and to simplify solving the combined Einstein and MHD equations with AMR. The fluid equations are solved using a finite difference Convex ENO method. Excision is implemented using overlapping grids. Elliptic and hyperbolic divergence cleaning techniques allow for maximum flexibility in choosing coordinate systems, and we compare both methods for a standard problem. Numerical results of standard test problems are presented in two-dimensional flat space using excision, overlapping grids, and elliptic and hyperbolic divergence cleaning.

  17. Phased Startup Initiative Phase 3 Test Procedure (OCRWM)



    The purpose of this test procedure is to safely operate the Fuel Retrieval System (FRS) and Integrated Water Treatment System (IWTS) with specific fuel canisters, and show that canisters containing fuel can be retrieved from the canister queue, decapped in the Canister Decapper, loaded into the Primary Clean Machine (PCM) for fuel cleaning, fuel sorted on the Process Table, then loaded back into fuel canisters and relocated in Basin Storage. Additional Data are collected during this test, beyond that collected during production operations. These data support qualifying the cleaning performance of the PCM, assessing the quantity of scrap generated during the cleaning, and evaluating the impact of fuel retrieval operations on the Basin water quality. The additional data collected primarily consist of weighing fuel and scrap at selected points in the operation, as well as photographing fuel and scrap as it is processed. The time to perform operations is also monitored for comparison with design predictions. Water quality data are collected to establish a base line to predict the effectiveness of equipment design for control of contamination and visibility during production operation.

  18. Simulating microbial denitrification with EPIC: Model description and initial testing

    Izaurralde, Roberto C.; Mcgill, William B.; Williams, Jimmy R.; Jones, Curtis D.; Link, Robert P.; Manowitz, D.; Schwab, D. E.; Zhang, Xuesong; Robertson, G. P.; Milar, Neville


    Microbial denitrification occurs in anaerobic soil microsites and aquatic environments leading to production of N2O and N2 gases, which eventually escape to the atmosphere. Atmospheric concentrations of N2O have been on the rise since the beginning of the industrial revolution due to large-scale manipulations of the N cycle in managed ecosystems, especially the use of synthetic nitrogenous fertilizer. Here we document and test a microbial denitrification model identified as IMWJ and implemented as a submodel in the EPIC terrestrial ecosystem model. The IMWJ model is resolved on an hourly time step using the concept that C oxidation releases electrons that drive a demand for electron acceptors such as O2 and oxides of N (NO3-, NO2-, and N2O). A spherical diffusion approach is used to describe O2 transport to microbial surfaces while a cylindrical diffusion method is employed to depict O2 transport to root surfaces. Oxygen uptake by microbes and roots is described with Michaelis-Menten kinetic equations. If insufficient O2 is present to accept all electrons generated, the deficit for electron acceptors may be met by oxides of nitrogen, if available. The movement of O2, CO2 and N2O through the soil profile is modeled using the gas transport equation solved on hourly or sub-hourly time steps. Bubbling equations also move N2O and N2 through the liquid phase to the soil surface under highly anaerobic conditions. We used results from a 2-yr field experiment conducted in 2007 and 2008 at a field site in southwest Michigan to test the ability of EPIC, with the IMWJ option, to capture the non-linear response of N2O fluxes as a function of increasing rates of N application to maize [Zea mays L.]. Nitrous oxide flux, soil inorganic N, and ancillary data from 2007 were used for EPIC calibration while 2008 data were used for independent model validation. Overall, EPIC reproduced well the timing and magnitude of N2O fluxes and NO3- mass in surficial soil layers after N

  19. Space exploration initiative candidate nuclear propulsion test facilities

    Baldwin, Darrell; Clark, John S.


    One-page descriptions for approximately 200 existing government, university, and industry facilities which may be available in the future to support SEI nuclear propulsion technology development and test program requirements are provided. To facilitate use of the information, the candidate facilities are listed both by location (Index L) and by Facility Type (Index FT). The included one-page descriptions provide a brief narrative description of facility capability, suggest potential uses for each facility, and designate a point of contact for additional information that may be needed in the future. The Nuclear Propulsion Office at NASA Lewis presently plans to maintain, expand, and update this information periodically for use by NASA, DOE, and DOD personnel involved in planning various phases of the SEI Nuclear Propulsion Project.

  20. Initial Tests of a Plasma Beam Combiner at NIF

    Kirkwood, R. K.; Turnbull, D. P.; Chapman, T. D.; Wilks, S. C.; London, R. A.; Berger, R. L.; Michel, P. A.; Divol, L.; Dunlop, W. H.; MacGowan, B. J.; Fournier, K. B.; Blue, B. E.; NIF Team


    The seeded forward SBS process that is known to effectively amplify beams in ignition targets has recently been used to design and test a target to combine the power and energy of many beams of the NIF facility into a single beam by intersecting them in an ionized gas. The demand for high-power beams for a variety of applications at NIF makes a demonstration of this process attractive. We will describe experiments using a gas-filled balloon heated by 10 quads of beams, and pumped by additional frequency-tuned quads to amplify a single beam. The beam energy is indicated by gated x-ray images of both the spots produced by the transmitted pump and probe beams and the spot produced by a non-interacting quad of beams when they terminate on a foil. The first experiment produced a high brightness seed beam with significant reductions in brightness of the pumping beams, consistent with their depletion by energy transfer to the seed. Additional experiments studying spot brightness with varying pump power to determine total delivered seed beam energy and power will be discussed as available. This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract DE-AC52-07NA27344.

  1. Initial tests of a prototype MRI-compatible PET imager

    Raylman, Raymond R.; Majewski, Stan; Lemieux, Susan; Velan, S. Sendhil; Kross, Brain; Popov, Vladimir; Smith, Mark F.; Weisenberger, Andrew G.; Wojcik, Randy


    Multi-modality imaging is rapidly becoming a valuable tool in the diagnosis of disease and in the development of new drugs. Functional images produced with PET fused with anatomical structure images created by MRI, will allow the correlation of form with function. Our group (a collaboration of West Virginia University and Jefferson Lab) is developing a system to acquire MRI and PET images contemporaneously. The prototype device consists of two opposed detector heads, operating in coincidence mode with an active FOV of 5×5×4 cm 3. Each MRI-PET detector module consists of an array of LSO detector elements (2.5×2.5×15 mm 3) coupled through a long fiber optic light guide to a single Hamamatsu flat panel PSPMT. The fiber optic light guide is made of a glued assembly of 2 mm diameter acrylic fibers with a total length of 2.5 m. The use of a light guides allows the PSPMTs to be positioned outside the bore of the 3 T General Electric MRI scanner used in the tests. Photon attenuation in the light guides resulted in an energy resolution of ˜60% FWHM, interaction of the magnetic field with PSPMT further reduced energy resolution to ˜85% FWHM. Despite this effect, excellent multi-plane PET and MRI images of a simple disk phantom were acquired simultaneously. Future work includes improved light guides, optimized magnetic shielding for the PSPMTs, construction of specialized coils to permit high-resolution MRI imaging, and use of the system to perform simultaneous PET and MRI or MR-spectroscopy .

  2. Initial tests of a prototype MRI-compatible PET imager

    Raylman, Raymond R. [Center for Advanced Imaging, Department of Radiology, West Virginia University, HSB Box 9236, Morgantown, WV (United States)]. E-mail:; Majewski, Stan [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Lemieux, Susan [Center for Advanced Imaging, Department of Radiology, West Virginia University, HSB Box 9236, Morgantown, WV (United States); Velan, S. Sendhil [Center for Advanced Imaging, Department of Radiology, West Virginia University, HSB Box 9236, Morgantown, WV (United States); Kross, Brain [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Popov, Vladimir [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Smith, Mark F. [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Weisenberger, Andrew G. [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Wojcik, Randy [Detector Group, Physics Division, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States)


    Multi-modality imaging is rapidly becoming a valuable tool in the diagnosis of disease and in the development of new drugs. Functional images produced with PET fused with anatomical structure images created by MRI, will allow the correlation of form with function. Our group (a collaboration of West Virginia University and Jefferson Lab) is developing a system to acquire MRI and PET images contemporaneously. The prototype device consists of two opposed detector heads, operating in coincidence mode with an active FOV of 5x5x4 cm{sup 3}. Each MRI-PET detector module consists of an array of LSO detector elements (2.5x2.5x15 mm{sup 3}) coupled through a long fiber optic light guide to a single Hamamatsu flat panel PSPMT. The fiber optic light guide is made of a glued assembly of 2 mm diameter acrylic fibers with a total length of 2.5 m. The use of a light guides allows the PSPMTs to be positioned outside the bore of the 3 T General Electric MRI scanner used in the tests. Photon attenuation in the light guides resulted in an energy resolution of {approx}60% FWHM, interaction of the magnetic field with PSPMT further reduced energy resolution to {approx}85% FWHM. Despite this effect, excellent multi-plane PET and MRI images of a simple disk phantom were acquired simultaneously. Future work includes improved light guides, optimized magnetic shielding for the PSPMTs, construction of specialized coils to permit high-resolution MRI imaging, and use of the system to perform simultaneous PET and MRI or MR-spectroscopy.

  3. Malária humana: padronização e optimização de testes sorológicos para diagnóstico individual e inquéritos soroepidemiológicos

    Antonio Walter Ferreira


    Full Text Available O teste de imunofluorescência indireta (IFI é considerado teste de referência na soroiogia da malária. Neste trabalho procuramos optimizar o teste empregando P. falciparum obtido de sangue humano e de cultura e P. vivax obtido de sangue de paciente como antígenos, para pesquisa de anticorpos IgG e IgM. Das variáveis técnicas estudadas melhores resultados foram obtidos quando os soros foram diluidos ern PBS contendo 1% de Tween 80 e as lâminas contendo a suspensão antigênica foram estabilizadas em dessecadores ou fixadas com acetona. Foi também padronizado o teste imunoenzimático ELISA com antigenos de P. falciparum obtidos em cultura. O estudo comparativo com o teste de imunofluorescência indireta para pesquisa de anticorpos IgG mostrou: a nos pacientes primo infectados por P. falciparum a sensibilidade para ambos os testes foi de 71%; b nos pacientes primo infectados pelo P. vivax a sensibilidade foi de 40% para ambos os testes; c nos pacientes não primo infectados e com malária atual pelo P. falciparum a sensibilidade para ambos os testes foi de 100%; d nos pacientes não primo infectados e com malária atual pelo P. vivax a sensibilidade foi de 85% para o teste ELISA e de 92% para a IFI; e nos pacientes com malária mista a sensibilidade para ambos os testes foi de 100%. A especificidade da IFI foi de 100% e do teste ELISA 95% nos casos de indivíduos não maláricos. Os resultados obtidos sugerem ser o teste ELISA, uma boa alternativa para o teste de IFI, para a pesquisa de anticorpos IgG anti P. falciparum, na soroiogia da malária.

  4. Distúrbio específico de linguagem: desempenho em testes de memória de trabalho fonológica e de habilidades auditivas

    Lidiane Yumi Sawasaki


    Full Text Available Hipóteses vêm sendo apontadas para explicar as dificuldades linguísticas de crianças com Distúrbio Específico de Linguagem (DEL, e, dentre elas, podemos citar alterações na memória de trabalho fonológica (MTF e no processamento auditivo temporal (PAT. Assim, o objetivo do presente estudo foi verificar o desempenho de sujeitos com DEL em testes de MTF, de PAT e de atenção auditiva sustentada (AAS e, ainda, verificar se há correlação entre eles. Foram selecionadas 12 crianças com idades entre 6 e 10 anos, sendo nove meninos, com diagnóstico de DEL da Clínica de Fonoaudiologia da FOBjUSP de Bauru. Foram aplicados os seguintes testes: prova de memória de trabalho fonológica (MTF não palavras e dígitos, teste da habilidade de resolução temporallZl Random Gap Detection Test (RGDT !li e teste de habilidade de atenção auditiva sustentada (THAAS. Nas três provas aplicadas IZIMTF, AAS e PAT !li foram encontrados resultados inferiores à normalidade. Na literatura há fortes evidências de que crianças com DEL apresentam desempenho inadequado em tarefas de MTF que envolvem o armazenamento de um estímulo verbal, fato também confirmado neste trabalho. Como se verificou neste trabalho, DEL pode também estar associado a dificuldades no processamento de elementos acústicos breves e na atenção sustentada. Foi possível verificar com este estudo que quadros de DEL podem apresentar dificuldades de MTF, de atenção sustentada e em habilidades de resolução temporal. Mesmo não havendo correlação entre os testes, a grande maioria das crianças com DEL apresentou desempenho deficitário nas habilidades testadas. O DEL decorre de uma dificuldade constitucional para o processamento neuropsicológico da linguagem, e, desse modo, pessoas com esse quadro podem apresentar disfunção em qualquer nível do processamento, incluindo o processamento auditivo.  

  5. Uncertainty Evaluation of Weibull Estimators through Monte Carlo Simulation: Applications for Crack Initiation Testing

    Jae Phil Park


    Full Text Available The typical experimental procedure for testing stress corrosion cracking initiation involves an interval-censored reliability test. Based on these test results, the parameters of a Weibull distribution, which is a widely accepted crack initiation model, can be estimated using maximum likelihood estimation or median rank regression. However, it is difficult to determine the appropriate number of test specimens and censoring intervals required to obtain sufficiently accurate Weibull estimators. In this study, we compare maximum likelihood estimation and median rank regression using a Monte Carlo simulation to examine the effects of the total number of specimens, test duration, censoring interval, and shape parameters of the true Weibull distribution on the estimator uncertainty. Finally, we provide the quantitative uncertainties of both Weibull estimators, compare them with the true Weibull parameters, and suggest proper experimental conditions for developing a probabilistic crack initiation model through crack initiation tests.

  6. The Acoustic Emission signal acquired by the microphones placed in the CABRI test device along the fourteen last R.I.A. experiments: an example of reproducible research in nuclear science

    Laurent Pantera, Oumar Traore [CEA, DEN, DER/SRES, Cadarache, F-13108 Saint Paul lez Durance (France)


    The CABRI facility is an experimental nuclear reactor of the French Atomic Energy Commission. It is located at the Cadarache Research Centre in southern France and it is designed to act as a support to the French nuclear infrastructure. The purpose of the new testing programme termed, 'CABRI International Programme' (CIP) is to study the behaviour of PWR-type fuel rods at high burnup, equipped with an 'advanced' cladding, under Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA) conditions (such as the scenario of a control rod ejection). Within the framework of this programme, piloted and funded by the French Institute of Nuclear Radioprotection and Safety (IRSN), ten tests are to be conducted with a frequency of two tests per year. The LPRE laboratory of the CEA which is in charge of the Preparation, realisation and breakdown of the test results studies the possibility to set up a new test analysis based on the processing of signals coming from sensors placed within the test equipment. During the experimental phase, the behaviour of the fuel element generates acoustic waves which can be detected by two microphones placed upstream and downstream of the test device. Studies showed the interest to realize temporal and spectral analyses on these signals by showing the existence of signatures which can be correlated with physical phenomena as the rod failure or the test shutdown (i.e. scram). The work presented in this article results from the will to consolidate these studies. Since the main phenomenon to be tracked is the fuel rod failure, the aim would be to highlight specific events which would have been precursors of the rod failure in order to use in the future these signals for further interpretation. Such an antecedent works resumption leads to a better understanding of the experimental needs and constitutes a good initial state to prepare the new very fast digital data acquisition systems. Although all the raw data are accessible in the form of text files

  7. Initial field testing definition of subsurface sealing and backfilling tests in unsaturated tuff; Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

    Fernandez, J.A. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Case, J.B.; Tyburski, J.R. [I. T. Corp., Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This report contains an initial definition of the field tests proposed for the Yucca Mountain Project repository sealing program. The tests are intended to resolve various performance and emplacement concerns. Examples of concerns to be addressed include achieving selected hydrologic and structural requirements for seals, removing portions of the shaft liner, excavating keyways, emplacing cementitious and earthen seals, reducing the impact of fines on the hydraulic conductivity of fractures, efficient grouting of fracture zones, sealing of exploratory boreholes, and controlling the flow of water by using engineered designs. Ten discrete tests are proposed to address these and other concerns. These tests are divided into two groups: Seal component tests and performance confirmation tests. The seal component tests are thorough small-scale in situ tests, the intermediate-scale borehole seal tests, the fracture grouting tests, the surface backfill tests, and the grouted rock mass tests. The seal system tests are the seepage control tests, the backfill tests, the bulkhead test in the Calico Hills unit, the large-scale shaft seal and shaft fill tests, and the remote borehole sealing tests. The tests are proposed to be performed in six discrete areas, including welded and non-welded environments, primarily located outside the potential repository area. The final selection of sealing tests will depend on the nature of the geologic and hydrologic conditions encountered during the development of the Exploratory Studies Facility and detailed numerical analyses. Tests are likely to be performed both before and after License Application.

  8. Variação temporal no desempenho em testes de memória em pacientes com doença vascular cerebral Temporal variation in memory tests performance in cerebral vascular disease patients

    Tania Fernandes Campos


    Full Text Available Buscando adequar a avaliação neuropsicológica à organização temporal do organismo humano, avaliou-se o desempenho em testes de memória em 12 pacientes pós Doença Vascular Cerebral e 12 indivíduos controle, de ambos os sexos, com idade de 45 a 65 anos. Foram aplicados dois testes de memória com estímulos visuais (figuras e dois com estímulos verbais (palavras, em 3 dias consecutivos por semana, às 08:00, 10:00 e 12:00 h na primeira semana e às 14:00 e 16:00 h na seguinte. Os pacientes apresentaram menor número de acertos do que os indivíduos controle em todos os testes aplicados (pThis study intended to investigate the performance in memory tests in order to adequate the neuropsychological evaluation to the temporal order of the human organism. Twelve cerebral vascular accident patients and 12 controls, of both sexes and 45-65 years old were studied. Two memory tests with visual stimuli (pictures and two with verbal stimuli (words were applied three times a day (08:00, 10:00 and 12:00 h during the first week and twice a day (14:00 and 16:00 h in the second week, during three consecutive days in two consecutive weeks. The patients showed lower scores than control subjects in all applied tests (p<0,05. The greater test sensitivity was at 14:00 h for the free recall test and at 16:00 h for recognition tests. According to these results, it is concluded that neuropsychological evaluations should be conducted preferably in the afternoon, as well for the first evaluation as for the re-evaluations.

  9. Initial experience with stapled hemorrhoidopexy for treatment of hemorrhoids Experiência inicial com o tratamento da doença hemorroidária pela técnica de grampeamento circular

    Carlos Walter Sobrado


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Introduction of stapled hemorrhoidopexy by Longo in 1998 represented a radical change in the treatment of hemorrhoids. By avoiding multiple excisions and suture lines in the perianal region, stapled hemorrhoidopexy is intended to offer less postoperative pain than with conventional techniques. OBJECTIVE: To report and analyze the intra and postoperative results gained during initial experience with stapled hemorrhoidopexy. METHODS: One hundred and fifty five patients (67 males with average age of 39.5 years (21-67 years underwent stapled hemorrhoidopexy between June 2000 and December 2003 with symptomatic third-degree (n = 74 and fourth-degree (n = 81 hemorrhoids. Mean follow-up period was 20 months (14-60 months. RESULTS: Preoperative symptoms were prolapse (96.7% and anal bleeding (96.1%. Overall mean operative time was 23 minutes (16-48 minutes. We observed one case of stapler failure and one case of failure to introduce the stapler occurred in a patient with previous anal surgery. Additional sutures for hemostasis were required in 103 patients (66.5%. Resection of skin tags was performed in 45 cases (29%. Postoperatively scheduled analgesia with oral dipyrone and celecoxib was enough for pain control in 131 patients (84.5%. Rescue analgesia was necessary in 24 cases (15.5%. Five patients needed opiates for pain control. Hospital discharge took place on the first postoperative day in 140 patients (90.3%. First defecation without pain was reported by 118 patients (76.1%. Postoperative complications were anal bleeding (10.3%, severe pain (3.2%, urinary retention (3.9%, fever without any signs of perianal infection (1.9%, incontinence for flatus (1.9%, hemorrhoidal thrombosis (1.3%. Two patients presented symptoms of recurrent hemorrhoidal disease and were successfully treated by conventional hemorrhoidectomy. They were no cases of anal stenosis, permanent incontinence, chronic pain or deaths in this series. CONCLUSIONS

  10. Behavior of pre-irradiated fuel under a simulated RIA condition. Results of NSRR Test JM-5

    Fuketa, Toyoshi; Sasajima, Hideo; Mori, Yukihide; Tanzawa, Sadamitsu; Ishijima, Kiyomi; Kobayashi, Shinsho; Kamata, Hiroshi [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Tokai Research Establishment; Homma, Kozo; Sakai, Haruyuki


    This report presents results from the power burst experiment with pre-irradiated fuel rod, Test JM-5, conducted in the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR). The data concerning test method, pre-irradiation, pre-pulse fuel examination, pulse irradiation, transient records and post-pulse fuel examination are described, and interpretations and discussions of the results are presented. Preceding to the pulse irradiation in the NSRR, test fuel rod was irradiated in the Japan Materials Testing Reactor (JMTR) up to a fuel burnup of 25.7 MWd/kgU with average linear heat rate of 33.4 kW/m. The fuel rod was subjected to the pulse irradiation resulting in a desposited energy of 223 {+-} 7 cal/g{center_dot}fuel (0.93 {+-} 0.03 kJ/g{center_dot}fuel) and a peak fuel enthalpy of 167 {+-} 5 cal/g{center_dot}fuel (0.70 {+-} 0.02 kJ/g{center_dot}fuel) under stagnant water cooling condition at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature. Test fuel rod behavior was assessed from pre- and post-pulse fuel examinations and transient records during the pulse. The Test JM-5 resulted in cladding failure. More than twenty small cracks were found in the post-test cladding, and most of the defects located in pre-existing locally hydrided region. The result indicates an occurrence of fuel failure by PCMI (pellet/cladding mechanical interaction) in combination with decreased integrity of hydrided cladding. (author).

  11. A Test Set for stiff Initial Value Problem Solvers in the open source software R: Package deTestSet

    Mazzia, F.; Cash, J.R.; Soetaert, K.


    In this paper we present the R package deTestSet that includes challenging test problems written as ordinary differential equations (ODEs), differential algebraic equations (DAEs) of index up to 3 and implicit differential equations (IDES). In addition it includes 6 new codes to solve initial value

  12. Uma nota sobre "Teste da convergência do PIB per capita da agropecuária no Brasil"

    Christiano Penna


    Full Text Available A presente nota discute a contradição entre os testes de β e σ- convergência dos PIBs agropecuários per capita recentemente apresentada por Spohr e Freitas (RESR, vol. 49, nº 02, p. 341-368, abr/jun 2011. Enquanto o primeiro tipo de teste sustenta a hipótese de convergência, o teste da σ- convergência não valida tal hipótese. Aqui se argumenta que esta contradição possivelmente advém de não linearidades no processo de convergência, que seriam condizentes com o processo de formação de clubes de convergência. O teste da β- convergência é refeito de modo mais rigoroso, de acordo com a metodologia proposta em Caselli, Esquivel e Lefort (1996 e, posteriormente, a formação de clubes de convergência é testada através da metodologia proposta em Phillips e Sul (2007, que tem a vantagem de acomodar diversos tipos de heterogeneidade. A formação de três clubes de convergência é constatada e busca-se esclarecer a contradição anteriormente reportada.This note discusses the contradiction between β and σ- convergence tests of agricultural per capita GDP, which was recently presented by Spohr and Freitas (RESR, vol. 49, No. 02, p. 341-368, April / June 2011. While the first type of test supports the hypothesis of convergence, the σ- convergence test does not validate this hypothesis. It is argued that this contradiction probably arises from nonlinearities in the convergence process, which can characterize the formation of convergence clubs. The convergence test was done again in a more rigorous way, according to the methodology proposed by Caselli, Eesquivel and Lefort (1996 and, subsequently, the formation of convergence clubs is tested using the methodology proposed in Phillips and Sul (2007, which has the advantage of accommodating various types of heterogeneity. The formation of three convergence clubs is confirmed and these results try to clarify the contradiction previously reported.

  13. Uma nota sobre "Teste da convergência do PIB per capita da agropecuária no Brasil"

    Christiano Penna


    Full Text Available A presente nota discute a contradição entre os testes de β e σ- convergência dos PIBs agropecuários per capita recentemente apresentada por Spohr e Freitas (RESR, vol. 49, nº 02, p. 341-368, abr/jun 2011. Enquanto o primeiro tipo de teste sustenta a hipótese de convergência, o teste da σ- convergência não valida tal hipótese. Aqui se argumenta que esta contradição possivelmente advém de não linearidades no processo de convergência, que seriam condizentes com o processo de formação de clubes de convergência. O teste da β- convergência é refeito de modo mais rigoroso, de acordo com a metodologia proposta em Caselli, Esquivel e Lefort (1996 e, posteriormente, a formação de clubes de convergência é testada através da metodologia proposta em Phillips e Sul (2007, que tem a vantagem de acomodar diversos tipos de heterogeneidade. A formação de três clubes de convergência é constatada e busca-se esclarecer a contradição anteriormente reportada.

  14. Initial Evaluation of Acoustic Emission SHM of PRSEUS Multi-bay Box Tests

    Horne, Michael R.; Madaras, Eric I.


    A series of tests of the Pultruded Rod Stitched Efficient Unitized Structure (PRSEUS) HWB Multi-Bay Test Article were conducted during the second quarter of 2015 at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in the Combined Loads Test facility (COLTS). This report documents the Acoustic Emission (AE) data collected during those tests along with an initial analysis of the data. A more detailed analysis will be presented in future publications.

  15. Initial Development and Factor Structure of the Educator Test Stress Inventory

    von der Embse, Nathaniel P.; Kilgus, Stephen P.; Solomon, Hadley J.; Bowler, Mark; Curtiss, Caroline


    With the proliferation of test-based accountability policies, educators and students alike are under pressure to improve test performance. However, little is known regarding the stress experienced by educators in response to these policies. The purpose of this article is to describe the initial development and validation of a new measure of stress…

  16. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2012 Annual Report


    Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS), for an initial operational test and evaluation ( IOT &E), beginning administration to applicants in 2009...selection and classification purposes. The Information / Communications Technology Literacy Test (ICTL) has also been incorporated into the IOT &E. The...classification SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF 19. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT Unclassified Unlimited 20. NUMBER OF PAGES 110 21. RESPONSIBLE

  17. Teste de hemaglutinação na sorologia da malária humana empregando hemácias parasitadas pelo Plasmodium berghei

    Maria Carmen Arroyo Sanchez-Ruiz


    Full Text Available Foi padronizado um teste de hemaglutinação para a sorologia da malária humana, com reagente constituído de suspensão de hemácias de camundongos infectadas pelo Plasmodium berghei e preservadas por fixação aldeídica. Em pacientes com parasitemia por P. falciparum ou P. vivax obteve-se uma sensibilidade de 98,9% nos 88 casos estudados, o teste apresentando títulos entre 40 e 640. Para o grupo de 476 soros de indivíduos não-maláricos, obteve-se uma especificidade de 96,0%. O teste apresentou elevada reprodutibilidade, mesmo para diferentes lotes de antígenos. Nos 200 soros, obtidos ao acaso, de indivíduos de área endêmica, o teste apresentou positividade de 48,5%, contra 88,0% do teste de imunofluorescência-IgG. A baixa positividade pode ser devida a que o teste de hemaglutinação detecta anticorpos IgM. Após tratamento com 2-mercaptoetanol, todos os soros de pacientes com parasitemia tornaram-se não reagentes. Em relação ao teste de imunofluorescência-IgG, o teste de hemaglutinação apresentou índice de co-positívidade de 0,989 para os soros de maláricos com parasitemia. Para os soros de não-maláricos o teste de hemaglutinação apresentou índice de co-negatividade de 0,969. Por outro lado, no grupo de soros de área endêmica, o índice de co-positividade foi de 0,528 e o de co-negatividade, de 0,833.A hemagglutination test is described for human malaria serodiagnosis with aldehyde-fixed Plasmodium berghei infected mouse erythrocytes. In patients with a P. falciparum or P. vivax patent parasitemia positive results were seen in 98.9% ofthe 88 cases tested. Titres rangedfrom 40 to 640. A 96.0% specificity wasfoundfor 476 non-malarialpatients. A close reproducibility was observed forthe test, even for dijferent reagent batches. The test was positive in 48.5% of 200 residents in malaria endemic areas, taken at random. These subjects showed 88.0% positivity of the IgG-immunofluorescence test. This lower positivity for

  18. Teste da convergência do PIB per capita da agropecuária no brasil entre 1980 e 2004

    Gabriela Spohr


    Full Text Available Este estudo testa as hipóteses das convergências absoluta, condicional e sigma, para o PIB agropecuário per capita (PIBAGpc. Nas simulações com a convergência-β absoluta, os parâmetros foram significativos (α =1% e sinais desses estão em consonância com a teoria econômica. Esses resultados sustentam a convergência do PIBAGpc de cada UF para o estado estacionário. A convergência-β condicional revelou a significância (α =1% dos parâmetros estimados e os seus sinais coerentes teoricamente. Portanto, PIBAGpc de cada UF converge para seu próprio estado estacionário, quando considerado o desempenho ativo do capital humano. Contudo, os resultados da convergência-σ não sustentaram a hipótese de convergência do PIBAGpc brasileiro.This study tests the absolute, conditional and sigma convergence hypothesis, for the agricultural GDP per capita (GDPAGpc. In the simulations with the absolute β-convergence, parameters were significant (α =1% and signs of these theoretically consistent. These results support the convergence of GDPAGpc for each state of the country to a steady state condition. The conditional β-convergence revealed significant (α =1% of the estimated parameters and their signals theoretically consistent. Therefore, the GDPAGpc of each state of the country converges to its own steady state when the active performance of the human capital is considered. However, the results of σ-convergence did not support the Brazilian GDPpc convergence hypothesis.

  19. Onset of Crack Initiation in Uniaxial and Triaxial Compression Tests of Dolomite Samples

    Cieślik Jerzy


    Full Text Available The paper presents results of laboratory investigation and analysis of crack initiation threshold identification of dolomite samples. First, selected methods for determining crack initiation thresholds are briefly described with special attention paid to four methods: crack volume strain method [14], change in Poisson’s ratio [8], lateral strain response method [16], and dilatancy method [4]. The investigation performed on dolomite samples shows that for the uniaxial and conventional triaxial compression tests, the above mentioned methods give quite similar values, except for the crack volume strain method. Crack initiation threshold determined by this method has a distinctively lower value than that obtained by the other methods. The aim of the present paper was to review and assess these methods for identifying crack initiation threshold based on laboratory tests of dolomite samples.

  20. Engine systems analysis results of the Space Shuttle Main Engine redesigned powerhead initial engine level testing

    Sander, Erik J.; Gosdin, Dennis R.


    Engineers regularly analyze SSME ground test and flight data with respect to engine systems performance. Recently, a redesigned SSME powerhead was introduced to engine-level testing in part to increase engine operational margins through optimization of the engine internal environment. This paper presents an overview of the MSFC personnel engine systems analysis results and conclusions reached from initial engine level testing of the redesigned powerhead, and further redesigns incorporated to eliminate accelerated main injector baffle and main combustion chamber hot gas wall degradation. The conclusions are drawn from instrumented engine ground test data and hardware integrity analysis reports and address initial engine test results with respect to the apparent design change effects on engine system and component operation.

  1. Estudo de correlação entre provas funcionais respiratórias e o teste de caminhada de seis minutos em pacientes portadores de doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica



    Full Text Available Introdução: A espirometria e a gasometria são largamente utilizadas na estimativa da limitação ventilatória e do prognóstico de pacientes portadores de doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica. Entretanto, testes físicos funcionais, como o teste de caminhada de seis minutos (Tc6, têm surgido como complemento na avaliação dinâmica de portadores de doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica. Objetivo: Determinar as correlações entre as provas funcionais respiratórias e o teste de caminhada de seis minutos em portadores de DPOC. Pacientes e métodos: 45 pacientes foram submetidos à coleta de história clínica e a exame físico completo realizado pela equipe médica do Serviço de Pneumologia do Hospital Universitário de Brasília. Em seguida, foi realizada a avaliação das variáveis espirométricas, gasométricas, das pressões respiratórias e o teste de caminhada de seis minutos (Tc6. Resultados: Observaram-se correlações positivas estatisticamente significativas (p < 0,05 das variáveis VEF1, PaO2, SpO2 e Pe máx em relação ao teste de caminhada de seis minutos. Conclusões: O teste de caminhada de seis minutos correlacionou-se de forma significativa (p < 0,05 e positiva e pode ser utilizado como instrumento alternativo na avaliação funcional do paciente portador de DPOC.

  2. General Atomic reprocessing pilot plant: description and results of initial testing


    In June 1976 General Atomic completed the construction of a reprocessing head-end cold pilot plant. In the year since then, each system within the head end has been used for experiments which have qualified the designs. This report describes the equipment in the plant and summarizes the results of the initial phase of reprocessing testing.

  3. 14 CFR 91.1065 - Initial and recurrent pilot testing requirements.


    ... Ownership Operations Program Management § 91.1065 Initial and recurrent pilot testing requirements. (a) No... following areas— (1) The appropriate provisions of parts 61 and 91 of this chapter and the management... beginning of the 12th month before that service, that pilot has passed a competency check given by...

  4. Design and initial testing of a compact and efficient rotary AMR prototype

    Eriksen, Dan; Engelbrecht, Kurt; Bahl, Christian R.H.


    MAGGIE, a new AMR prototype, is presented. It has been designed to produce a temperature span and cooling power relevant to commercial refrigeration applications combined with an attractive COP and a compact design. Concepts and design considerations are described. Initial non optimized tests show...

  5. Space and frequency-multiplexed optical linear algebra processor - Fabrication and initial tests

    Casasent, D.; Jackson, J.


    A new optical linear algebra processor architecture is described. Space and frequency-multiplexing are used to accommodate bipolar and complex-valued data. A fabricated laboratory version of this processor is described, the electronic support system used is discussed, and initial test data obtained on it are presented.

  6. Prevalência de sífilis e HIV utilizando testes rápidos em parturientes atendidas nas maternidades públicas de Vitória, Estado do Espírito Santo Prevalence of syphilis and HIV using rapid tests among parturients attended in public maternity hospitals in Vitória, State of Espírito Santo

    Angélica Espinosa Miranda


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi descrever a prevalência de sífilis e HIV em parturientes atendidas nas maternidades públicas, Vitória, ES. No período de janeiro a maio 2007, elas responderam a entrevista contendo dados sócio-demográficos, comportamentais e clínicos e realizaram teste rápido, ELISA e imunofluorescência indireta para HIV; e teste rápido, VDRL e MHA-TP para sífilis. Um total de 1.380 parturientes foi incluído. A média de idade foi 24,2 (DP 6,1 anos e escolaridade 8,5 (DP 2,6 anos. A prevalência de HIV foi 0,6% (IC95% 0,2%-1,1% e sífilis 0,4% (IC95% 0,2%-0,9%. O teste rápido para HIV foi concordante com o ELISA e a imunofluorescência indireta em todos os casos. O teste rápido para sífilis foi positivo em seis parturientes, sendo que dois resultados não foram confirmados pelo VDRL e MHA-TP. Entre 71 (5,1% parturientes que não realizaram pré-natal, o teste rápido para sífilis foi positivo em uma e o HIV em duas delas. Os resultados indicam a importância do teste rápido para o diagnóstico de sífilis e HIV, pois há parturientes que não realizam pré-natal ou que não tem acesso ao resultado ou ao tratamento durante o pré-natal.The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of syphilis and HIV among parturients attended at public maternity hospitals in Vitória, Espírito Santo. Between January and May 2007, interviews were conducted to obtain demographic, behavioral and clinical data. The subjects were tested for HIV using a rapid test, ELISA and the indirect fluorescence assay; and for syphilis using a rapid test, VDRL and MHA-TP. A total of 1,380 women were included. Their mean age was 24.2 years (SD 6.1 and their mean schooling level was 8.5 years (SD 2.6. The HIV prevalence rate was 0.6% (95% CI: 0.2%-1.1% and the syphilis rate was 0.4% (95% CI: 0.2%-0.9%. The rapid test for HIV was in agreement with ELISA and the indirect fluorescence assay in all cases. The rapid test for syphilis was positive in

  7. Memórias de leitura, lugar de leitor e conhecimento na formação inicial de docentes Reading memories, the reader's place and knowledge in the initial teacher education programs

    Márcia Dresch


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem por objetivo analisar, através da memória discursiva, as experiências de leitura de alunos do curso de Letras e o impacto dessas experiências no processo de formação inicial. As memórias são resgatadas através da técnica de grupo focal e analisadas à luz da Análise do Discurso. Propomos discutir a relação entre as experiências de leitura de alunos do curso de Letras durante sua formação escolar e o modo como se enunciam como sujeitos leitores no curso superior. Os dados coletados revelam vínculos com a escrita, ora muito densos e afetivos, geralmente associados à primeira infância e à família, ora de desencanto e aversão, relacionados à escola. Na universidade predomina uma postura de valorização e respeito para com a escrita, ligada a um comportamento crítico em relação a sua formação escolar e autocrítico enquanto leitor universitário.This work aims to analyze, through discursive memory, the reading experiences from Language Teaching course course students and the impact of these experiences on their initial teaching program. Memories are recollected through focus group technique and analyzed in light of Speech Analysis. We propose to discuss the relation among the Language Teaching course students' reading experiences and the way they consider themselves as reading subjects. The collected data reveal bonds with the writing, which are sometimes affective, generally associated with their first childhood and families, and sometimes disillusioned related to school. In university a position of value and respect towards writing is predominant and it is linked to an attitude of criticism concerning their school background and to an attitude of self-criticism as a university reader.

  8. Evaluation of a rapid HIV testing initiative in an urban, hospital-based dental clinic.

    Blackstock, Oni J; King, James R; Mason, Roger D; Lee, Cynthia C; Mannheimer, Sharon B


    Performing rapid HIV testing in nontraditional clinical settings such as dental clinics is a potential method for targeting high-risk individuals who may not otherwise access health care settings that offer HIV testing. In March 2008, Harlem Hospital Center, located in New York City, launched a counselor-based rapid HIV testing initiative in its on-site dental clinic. A full-time, trained counselor consented and tested patients as they waited for their appointments. HIV screening was performed using a whole-blood, finger-stick rapid HIV test. Through this initiative, 3864 HIV tests were performed from March 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009, representing 3565 unique individuals and 97.6% of dental patients approached for testing. Of those tested, the mean age was 38.5 years, with 47.1% female, 75.5% black, and 20.6% Hispanic. Self-reported HIV risk behaviors included 73.5% with recent unprotected heterosexual intercourse, 4.6% with recent or past injection drug use, and 2.6% who identified as men who have sex with men. Nineteen previously undiagnosed individuals (0.53%) were confirmed HIV positive. Of these individuals, mean age was 38.3 years with males representing 84.2%. Fifteen newly diagnosed patients (78.9%) were linked to care. Of those linked to care, median initial CD4 cell count was 317 cells/mm(3); 6 of these individuals (40%) had CD4 cell counts below 200 cells/mm(3). Our results demonstrate that a counselor-based rapid HIV testing program with linkage to specialized HIV care can be successfully integrated into the dental clinic setting.

  9. Initial results from the Solar Dynamic (SD) Ground Test Demonstration (GTD) project at NASA Lewis

    Shaltens, Richard K.; Boyle, Robert V.


    A government/industry team designed, built, and tested a 2 kWe solar dynamic space power system in a large thermal/vacuum facility with a simulated sun at the NASA Lewis Research Center. The Lewis facility provides an accurate simulation of temperatures, high vacuum, and solar flux as encountered in low earth orbit. This paper reviews the goals and status of the Solar Dynamic (SD) Ground Test Demonstration (GTD) program and describes the initial testing, including both operational and performance data. This SD technology has the potential as a future power source for the International Space Station Alpha.

  10. Metrology to enable high temperature erosion testing - A new european initiative

    Fry, A.T.; Gee, M.G.; Clausen, Sønnik


    or mineral matter in oil excavation. In all cases the performance of materials can be improved through better surface engineering and coatings, but the development of these is restricted due to lack of generic models, well controlled and instrumented tests and international standards. A framework is required...... is required. However, limitations in current measurement capability within this form of test prevent the advancement. A new European initiative, METROSION, on the development of high temperature solid particle erosion testing has a primary aim to develop this metrological framework. Several key parameters...

  11. Recovery of Information from the Fast Flux Test Facility for the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative

    Nielsen, Deborah L.; Makenas, Bruce J.; Wootan, David W.; Butner, R. Scott; Omberg, Ronald P.


    The Fast Flux Test Facility is the most recent Liquid Metal Reactor to operate in the United States. Information from the design, construction, and operation of this reactor was at risk as the facilities associated with the reactor are being shut down. The Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative is a program managed by the Office of Nuclear Energy of the U.S. Department of Energy with a mission to develop new fuel cycle technologies to support both current and advanced reactors. Securing and preserving the knowledge gained from operation and testing in the Fast Flux Test Facility is an important part of the Knowledge Preservation activity in this program.

  12. Initial Flight Test of the Production Support Flight Control Computers at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

    Carter, John; Stephenson, Mark


    The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center has completed the initial flight test of a modified set of F/A-18 flight control computers that gives the aircraft a research control law capability. The production support flight control computers (PSFCC) provide an increased capability for flight research in the control law, handling qualities, and flight systems areas. The PSFCC feature a research flight control processor that is "piggybacked" onto the baseline F/A-18 flight control system. This research processor allows for pilot selection of research control law operation in flight. To validate flight operation, a replication of a standard F/A-18 control law was programmed into the research processor and flight-tested over a limited envelope. This paper provides a brief description of the system, summarizes the initial flight test of the PSFCC, and describes future experiments for the PSFCC.

  13. GOES Infrared and Reflectance 0-1 hour Lightning Initiation Indicators: Development and Initial Testing within a Convective Nowcasting System

    Mecikalski, J. R.; Harris, R.; MacKenzie, W.; Durkee, P. A.; Iskenderian, H.; Bickmeier, L.; Nielsen, K. E.


    Within cumulus cloud fields that develop in conditionally unstable air masses, only a fraction of the cumuli may eventually develop into deep convection. Identifying which of these convective clouds most likely to generate lightning often starts with little more than a qualitative visual satellite analysis. The goal of this study is to identify the observed satellite infrared (IR) signatures associated with growing cumulus clouds prior to the first lightning strike, so-called lightning initiation (LI). This study quantifies the behavior of ten Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-12) IR interest fields in the 1-hour in advance of LI. A total of 172 lightning-producing storms that occurred during the 2009 convective season are manually tracked and studied over four regions: Northern Alabama, Central Oklahoma, the Kennedy Space Center and Washington D.C. Four-dimensional and cloud-to-ground lightning array data provide a total cloud lightning picture (in-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-air, cloud-to-ground) and thus precise LI points for each storm in both time and space. Statistical significance tests are conducted on observed trends for each of the ten LI fields to determine the unique information each field provides in terms of behavior prior to LI. Eight out of ten LI fields exhibited useful information at least 15 min in advance of LI, with 35 min being the average. Statistical tests on these eight fields are compared for separate large geographical areas. IR temperature thresholds are then determined as an outcome, which may be valuable when implementing a LI prediction algorithm into real-time satellite-based systems. The key LI indicators from GOES IR data (as well as 3.9 μm reflectance) will be presented. Beginning in 2010, the feasibility of using the satellite-based LI indicators found in the above analysis to forecast first lightning will be assessed within the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) CoSPA nowcasting system. The goal


    Dall'Acqua, Maria Júlia Canazza


    Full Text Available O trabalho que aqui se apresenta teve como objetivo investigar possibilidades e limites da extensão universitária como ambiente de aprendizagem e formação inicial de professores, propondo-se também a analisar as principais dificuldades identificadas por alunos dos cursos de Pedagogia e Ciências Sociais (licenciatura acerca dessa formação inicial para o exercício da atividade docente. Focaliza as percepções de graduandos em relação à participação em um projeto de extensão que lhes possibilitou atuar como professores de alunos em sala de aula da Educação de Jovens e Adultos (EJA, durante um ano letivo. Foram realizadas entrevistas semi-estruturadas com nove participantes. O conteúdo das falas foi analisado e organizado em quatro categorias temáticas. Os resultados mostram que, para esses graduandos, o diferencial da extensão universitária é que a mesma oferece a oportunidade de atuação numa situação real, porém sob supervisão, evidenciando um espaço de reflexão originada na prática. Dando ênfase à supervisão, os alunos valorizam esse recurso como relevante e mencionam ser justamente ele que não está presente de forma habitual nas situações tradicionais de estágio. Destacam também a relevância da prática, da autopercepção e da vivência do fazer docente. Concluindo, percebe-se que os dados são indicativos de que, com pouca visibilidade no contexto acadêmico, atividades extensionistas necessitariam ser mais e intensamente valorizadas, dado o papel articulador que podem exercer entre as atividades investigativas e didáticas, essenciais para a formação inicial. The present work aimed at investigating the possibilities and limits of academic extension programs as an environment for initial teacher learning and training. It also focused on investigating the main difficulties identified by Pedagogy and Social Science students about this initial training regarding its use in actual teaching activities. It

  15. Compact Low-Voltage, High-Power, Multi-beam Klystron for ILC: Initial Test Results

    Teryaev, V E; Kazakov, S Yu; Hirshfield, J L; Ives, R L; Marsden, D; Collins, G; Karimov, R; Jensen, R


    Initial test results of an L-band multi-beam klystron with parameters relevant for ILC are presented. The chief distinction of this tube from MBKs already developed for ILC is its low operating voltage of 60 kV, a virtue that implies considerable technological simplifications in the accelerator complex. To demonstrate the concept underlying the tubes design, a six-beamlet quadrant (a 54 inch high one-quarter portion of the full 1.3 GHz tube) was built and recently underwent initial tests, with main goals of demonstrating rated gun perveance, rated gain, and at least one-quarter of the full 10-MW rated power. Our initial three-day conditioning campaign without RF drive (140 microsec pulses @ 60 Hz) was stopped at 53% of full rated duty because of time-limits at the test-site; no signs appeared that would seem to prevent achieving full duty operation (i.e., 1.6 msec pulses @ 10 Hz). The subsequent tests with 10-15 microsec RF pulses confirmed the rated gain, produced output powers of up to 2.86 MW at 60 kV with...

  16. Testing the Environmental Dependence of the Stellar Initial Mass Function - the Case of L1641

    Hsu, Wen-hsin; Hartmann, L.; Allen, L.; Hernandez, J.; Megeath, T.


    To test the proposition that the stellar initial mass function (IMF) depends on the environmental density, we conducted an optical spectroscopic and photometric survey of the young stellar population in L1641, a low-density, star-forming region of the Orion A cloud south of the dense Orion Nebula Cluster (ONC). We used low-resolution optical spectra and optical photometry, as well as the Spitzer IRAC photometry (Megeath et al. 2011) to identify members and obtain spectral types. As of now, we have confirmed and spectral-typed 648 members and project a total number of 780 members with moderate extinction. Our study suggests a comparison between L1641 and the ONC can yield a statistically-significant test of the dependence of the upper mass portion of the stellar initial mass function upon environment. Our preliminary results indicate that L1641 may well be deficient in O and early B stars.

  17. Report to the Attorney General on Body Armor Safety Initiative Testing and Activities. Supplement 1


    directed the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to initiate an examination of Zylon ®-based bullet-resistant armor1 (both new and used), to analyze...upgrade kits2 provided by manufacturers to retrofit Zylon ®- based bullet-resistant armors, and to review the existing process by which bullet-resistant...development, standards and testing, and also reviewed information about NIJ’s preliminary evaluation of Zylon ®- based armor. NIJ continues to conduct

  18. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2012 Interim Report


    the WPA is part of the TOPS IOT &E, WPA scores will not be considered for enlistment eligibility. The WPA is scheduled for administration at MEPS...Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS), for an initial operational test and evaluation ( IOT &E), beginning administration to applicants in...for both selection and classification purposes. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Personnel , Manpower, Selection and classification SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF

  19. Metrology to enable high temperature erosion testing - A new european initiative

    Fry, A.T.; Gee, M.G.; Clausen, Sønnik


    or mineral matter in oil excavation. In all cases the performance of materials can be improved through better surface engineering and coatings, but the development of these is restricted due to lack of generic models, well controlled and instrumented tests and international standards. A framework is required...... therefore that can be applied to these different situations to characterise the high temperature erosion performance of new materials and coatings and thereby accelerate their development and design. To achieve this, a step change in the test methods and control of high temperature solid particle erosion...... is required. However, limitations in current measurement capability within this form of test prevent the advancement. A new European initiative, METROSION, on the development of high temperature solid particle erosion testing has a primary aim to develop this metrological framework. Several key parameters...

  20. Measuring the initial earth pressure of granite using hydraulic fracturing test; Goseong and Yuseong areas

    Park, Byoung Yoon; Bae, Dae Seok; Kim, Chun Soo; Kim, Kyung Su; Koh, Young Kwon; Won, Kyung Sik [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejeon (Korea)


    This report provides the initial earth pressure of granitic rocks obtained from Deep Core Drilling Program which is carried out as part of the assessment of deep geological environmental condition. These data are obtained by hydraulic fracturing test in three boreholes drilled up to 350{approx}500 m depth at the Yuseong and Goseong sites. These sites were selected based on the result of preliminary site evaluation study. The boreholes are NX-size (76 mm) and vertical. The procedure of hydraulic fracturing test is as follows: - Selecting the testing positions by preliminary investigation using BHTV logging. - Performing the hydraulic fracturing test at each selected position with depth.- Estimating the shut-in pressure by the bilinear pressure-decay-rate method. - Estimating the fracture reopening pressure from the pressure-time curves.- Estimating the horizontal principal stresses and the direction of principal stresses. 65 refs., 39 figs., 12 tabs. (Author)

  1. Initial Testing of the Stainless Steel NaK-Cooled Circuit (SNaKC)

    Garber, Anne; Godfroy, Thomas


    An actively pumped alkali metal flow circuit, designed and fabricated at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, is currently undergoing testing in the Early Flight Fission Test Facility (EFF-TF). Sodium potassium (NaK) was selected as the primary coolant. Basic circuit components include: simulated reactor core, NaK to gas heat exchanger, electromagnetic liquid metal pump, liquid metal flowmeter, load/drain reservoir, expansion reservoir, test section, and instrumentation. Operation of the circuit is based around the 37-pin partial-array core (pin and flow path dimensions are the same as those in a full core), designed to operate at 33 kWt. This presentation addresses the construction, fill and initial testing of the Stainless Steel NaK-Cooled Circuit (SNaKC).

  2. Initial closed operation of the CELSS Test Facility Engineering Development Unit

    Kliss, M.; Blackwell, C.; Zografos, A.; Drews, M.; MacElroy, R.; McKenna, R.; Heyenga, A. G.


    As part of the NASA Advanced Life Support Flight Program, a Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) Test Facility Engineering Development Unit has been constructed and is undergoing initial operational testing at NASA Ames Research Center. The Engineering Development Unit (EDU) is a tightly closed, stringently controlled, ground-based testbed which provides a broad range of environmental conditions under which a variety of CELSS higher plant crops can be grown. Although the EDU was developed primarily to provide near-term engineering data and a realistic determination of the subsystem and system requirements necessary for the fabrication of a comparable flight unit, the EDU has also provided a means to evaluate plant crop productivity and physiology under controlled conditions. This paper describes the initial closed operational testing of the EDU, with emphasis on the hardware performance capabilities. Measured performance data during a 28-day closed operation period are compared with the specified functional requirements, and an example of inferring crop growth parameters from the test data is presented. Plans for future science and technology testing are also discussed. Published by Elsevier Science Ltd on behalf of COSPAR.

  3. Increases in Recent HIV Testing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Coincide With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Expanded Testing Initiative

    Cooley, Laura A.; Wejnert, Cyprian; Rose, Charles E.; Paz-Bailey, Gabriela; Taussig, Jennifer; Gern, Robert; Hoyte, Tamika; Salazar, Laura; White, Jianglan; Todd, Jeff; Bautista, Greg; Flynn, Colin; Sifakis, Frangiscos; German, Danielle; Isenberg, Debbie; Driscoll, Maura; Hurwitz, Elizabeth; Doherty, Rose; Wittke, Chris; Prachand, Nikhil; Benbow, Nanette; Melville, Sharon; Pannala, Praveen; Yeager, Richard; Sayegh, Aaron; Dyer, Jim; Sheu, Shane; Novoa, Alicia; Thrun, Mark; Al-Tayyib, Alia; Wilmoth, Ralph; Higgins, Emily; Griffin, Vivian; Mokotoff, Eve; MacMaster, Karen; Wolverton, Marcia; Risser, Jan; Rehman, Hafeez; Padgett, Paige; Bingham, Trista; Sey, Ekow Kwa; LaLota, Marlene; Metsch, Lisa; Forrest, David; Beck, Dano; Cardenas, Gabriel; Nemeth, Chris; Anderson, Bridget J.; Watson, Carol-Ann; Smith, Lou; Robinson, William T.; Gruber, DeAnn; Barak, Narquis; Murrill, Chris; Neaigus, Alan; Jenness, Samuel; Hagan, Holly; Reilly, Kathleen H.; Wendel, Travis; Cross, Helene; Bolden, Barbara; D'Errico, Sally; Wogayehu, Afework; Godette, Henry; Brady, Kathleen A.; Kirkland, Althea; Sifferman, Andrea; Miguelino-Keasling, Vanessa; Velasco, Al; Tovar, Veronica; Raymond, H. Fisher; De León, Sandra Miranda; Rolón-Colón, Yadira; Marzan, Melissa; Courogen, Maria; Jaenicke, Tom; Thiede, Hanne; Burt, Richard; Jia, Yujiang; Opoku, Jenevieve; Sansone, Marie; West, Tiffany; Magnus, Manya; Kuo, Irene


    According to National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system data, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing increased among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men from 2008 to 2011 in cities funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Expanded Testing Initiative, suggesting that focused HIV testing initiatives might have positive effects. PMID:25352589

  4. Increases in Recent HIV Testing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Coincide With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Expanded Testing Initiative


    According to National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system data, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing increased among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men from 2008 to 2011 in cities funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Expanded Testing Initiative, suggesting that focused HIV testing initiatives might have positive effects.

  5. Number of maneuvers need to get a negative Dix-Hallpike test Número de manobras necessárias para a negativação do teste de Dix-Hallpike

    Nathali Singaretti Moreno


    Full Text Available Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is one of the most common causes of dizziness. Its characteristic clinical profile is dizziness at head movements. The main diagnostic maneuver of posterior canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is the Dix-Hallpike test. If the maneuver is positive (vertigo and/or nystagmus, the physician can perform the Epley maneuver on the injured side. AIM: This paper aims at checking the number of maneuvers necessary for patients with posterior canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo to have a negative Dix-Hallpike test. MATERIALS AND METHODS: we carried out a retrospective analysis of 71 charts of patients with posterior canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, who were treated with the modified Epley maneuver. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-Sectional Retrospective. RESULTS: We found that 76.00% of the patients analyzed had the symptoms completely resolved and negative Dix-Hallpike test with a single maneuver. CONCLUSION: Based on our results it is possible to conclude that the number of modified Epley maneuvers is variable depending on the etiology, being that the Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo secondary to the traumatic brain injury needed a greater number of maneuvers for Dix-Hallpike test to become negative.A Vertigem Postural Paroxística Benigna é uma das causas mais comuns de tontura. Seu quadro clínico característico é tontura ao movimentar a cabeça. A principal manobra diagnóstica da Vertigem Postural Paroxística Benigna de canal posterior é o teste de Dix-Hallpike. Se a manobra for positiva (presença de vertigem e/ou nistagmo, indica-se realizar a manobra de reposicionamento de Epley do lado acometido OBJETIVO: Este trabalho tem como objetivo verificar o número de manobras necessárias para a negativação do teste de Dix-Hallpike em pacientes com Vertigem Postural Paroxística Benigna de canal posterior. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foi realizado uma análise retrospectiva de 71 prontuários de

  6. Factors affecting initial training success of blood glucose testing in captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

    Reamer, Lisa A; Haller, Rachel L; Thiele, Erica J; Freeman, Hani D; Lambeth, Susan P; Schapiro, Steven J


    Type 2 diabetes can be a problem for captive chimpanzees. Accurate blood glucose (BG) readings are necessary to monitor and treat this disease. Thus, obtaining voluntary samples from primates through positive reinforcement training (PRT) is critical. The current study assessed the voluntary participation of 123 chimpanzees in BG sampling and investigated factors that may contribute to individual success. All subjects participate in regular PRT sessions as part of a comprehensive behavioral management program. Basic steps involved in obtaining BG values include: voluntarily presenting a finger/toe; allowing digit disinfection; holding for the lancet device; and allowing blood collection onto a glucometer test strip for analysis. We recorded the level of participation (none, partial, or complete) when each chimpanzee was first asked to perform the testing procedure. Nearly 30% of subjects allowed the entire procedure in one session, without any prior specific training for the target behavior. Factors that affected this initial successful BG testing included sex, personality (chimpanzees rated higher on the factor "openness" were more likely to participate with BG testing), and past training performance for "present-for-injection" (chimpanzees that presented for their most recent anesthetic injection were more likely to participate). Neither age, rearing history, time since most recent anesthetic event nor social group size significantly affected initial training success. These results have important implications for captive management and training program success, underlining individual differences in training aptitude and the need for developing individual management plans in order to provide optimal care and treatment for diabetic chimpanzees in captivity.

  7. In vitro screening of Amazonian plants for hemolytic activity and inhibition of platelet aggregation in human blood Testes in vitro de plantas Amazônicas para atividade hemolítica e inibição da agregação plaquetária em sangue humano

    Viviana Maria Araújo de Oliveira


    Full Text Available In the present study, different aerial parts from twelve Amazonian plant species found in the National Institute for Amazon Research's (INPA's Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve (in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil were collected. Separate portions of dried, ground plant materials were extracted with water (by infusion, methanol and chloroform (by continuous liquid-solid extraction and solvents were removed first by rotary evaporation, and finally by freeze-drying which yielded a total of seventy-one freeze-dried extracts for evaluation. These extracts were evaluated initially at concentrations of 500 and 100 µg/mL for in vitro hemolytic activity and in vitro inhibition of platelet aggregation in human blood, respectively. Sixteen extracts (23 % of all extracts tested, 42 % of all plant species, representing the following plants: Chaunochiton kappleri (Olacaceae, Diclinanona calycina (Annonaceae, Paypayrola grandiflora (Violaceae, Pleurisanthes parviflora (Icacinaceae, Sarcaulus brasiliensis (Sapotaceae, exhibited significant inhibitory activity towards human platelet aggregation. A group of extracts with antiplatelet aggregation activity having no in vitro hemolytic activity has therefore been identified. Three extracts (4 %, all derived from Elaeoluma nuda (Sapotaceae, exhibited hemolytic activity. None of the plant species in this study has known use in traditional medicine. So, these data serve as a baseline or minimum of antiplatelet and hemolytic activities (and potential usefulness of non-medicinal plants from the Amazon forest. Finally, in general, these are the first data on hemolytic and inhibitory activity on platelet aggregation for the genera which these plant species represent.No presente estudo, partes aéreas obtidas de doze (12 espécies vegetais da Amazônia encontradas na Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke (localizada na cidade de Manaus, Estado do Amazonas, Brasil do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia foram coletadas, secadas e mo

  8. High Fidelity, Fuel-Like Thermal Simulators for Non-Nuclear Testing: Analysis and Initial Test Results

    Bragg-Sitton, Shannon M.; Dickens, Ricky; Dixon, David; Kapernick, Richard


    Non-nuclear testing can be a valuable tool in the development of a space nuclear power system, providing system characterization data and allowing one to work through various fabrication, assembly and integration issues without the cost and time associated with a full ground nuclear test. In a non-nuclear test bed, electric heaters are used to simulate the heat from nuclear fuel. Testing with non-optimized heater elements allows one to assess thermal, heat transfer. and stress related attributes of a given system, but fails to demonstrate the dynamic response that would be present in an integrated, fueled reactor system. High fidelity thermal simulators that match both the static and the dynamic fuel pin performance that would be observed in an operating, fueled nuclear reactor can vastly increase the value of non-nuclear test results. With optimized simulators, the integration of thermal hydraulic hardware tests with simulated neutronic response provides a bridge between electrically heated testing and fueled nuclear testing. By implementing a neutronic response model to simulate the dynamic response that would be expected in a fueled reactor system, one can better understand system integration issues, characterize integrated system response times and response characteristics and assess potential design improvements at relatively small fiscal investment. Initial conceptual thermal simulator designs are determined by simple one-dimensional analysis at a single axial location and at steady state conditions; feasible concepts are then input into a detailed three-dimensional model for comparison to expected fuel pin performance. Static and dynamic fuel pin performance for a proposed reactor design is determined using SINDA/FLUINT thermal analysis software, and comparison is made between the expected nuclear performance and the performance of conceptual thermal simulator designs. Through a series of iterative analyses, a conceptual high fidelity design is developed

  9. A prospective test of distal and proximal determinants of smoking initiation in early adolescents.

    Carvajal, Scott C; Granillo, Teresa M


    This study tests a broad array of determinants of utility for developing smoking preventive interventions using a population-based cohort of early adolescents. Multivariable logistic regressions using never-smokers at baseline (N=1137; age 11-14) showed a model of distal determinants was more predictive of initiation within the approximate 10 month follow up period than one of proximal determinants. When all determinants were simultaneously considered, lesser academic achievement and fewer environmental impediments to smoking most strongly predicted initiation. The findings are consistent with some current smoking prevention programs, however such programs may be further potent by using theory-based social development approaches and through reducing tobacco availability or social contexts where youth can smoke without another adult knowing.

  10. Initial results from a test of the NASA EAARL lidar in the Tampa Bay region

    Brock, John C.; Wright, Wayne C.; Nayegandhi, Amar; Clayton, Tonya; Hansen, Mark; Longenecker, John; Gesch, Dean B.; Crane, Michael; Dutton, S.


    An initial test of the performance of the NASA Experimental Advanced Airborne Research Lidar (EAARL) over coastal environments around the margins of an urbanized Gulf of Mexico estuary was performed over Tampa Bay in January 2002. The EAARL is a raster-scanning, water-penetrating, full-waveform adaptive lidar that is coupled to aircraft positioning systems and a downlooking color digital camera. The EAARL has unique capabilities for simultaneously mapping topography, shallow bathymetry, and vegetation. Initial analysis within 2 Tampa Bay subregions traversed by the survey flightlines has revealed that the EAARL can survey shallow bathymetry and variables associated with benthic cover in remarkable detail. The results of this ongoing study will aid in developing recommendations on the appropriate use of NASA EAARL surveys for mapping bathymetry and benthic habitats in estuaries around the Gulf of Mexico.

  11. High Fidelity Thermal Simulators for Non-Nuclear Testing: Analysis and Initial Results

    Bragg-Sitton, Shannon M.; Dickens, Ricky; Dixon, David


    Non-nuclear testing can be a valuable tool in the development of a space nuclear power system, providing system characterization data and allowing one to work through various fabrication, assembly and integration issues without the cost and time associated with a full ground nuclear test. In a non-nuclear test bed, electric heaters are used to simulate the heat from nuclear fuel. Testing with non-optimized heater elements allows one to assess thermal, heat transfer, and stress related attributes of a given system, but fails to demonstrate the dynamic response that would be present in an integrated, fueled reactor system. High fidelity thermal simulators that match both the static and the dynamic fuel pin performance that would be observed in an operating, fueled nuclear reactor can vastly increase the value of non-nuclear test results. With optimized simulators, the integration of thermal hydraulic hardware tests with simulated neutronie response provides a bridge between electrically heated testing and fueled nuclear testing, providing a better assessment of system integration issues, characterization of integrated system response times and response characteristics, and assessment of potential design improvements' at a relatively small fiscal investment. Initial conceptual thermal simulator designs are determined by simple one-dimensional analysis at a single axial location and at steady state conditions; feasible concepts are then input into a detailed three-dimensional model for comparison to expected fuel pin performance. Static and dynamic fuel pin performance for a proposed reactor design is determined using SINDA/FLUINT thermal analysis software, and comparison is made between the expected nuclear performance and the performance of conceptual thermal simulator designs. Through a series of iterative analyses, a conceptual high fidelity design can developed. Test results presented in this paper correspond to a "first cut" simulator design for a potential

  12. Determination of Best Criteria to Determine Final and Initial Speeds within Ramp Exercise Testing Protocols

    Sidney C. da Silva


    Full Text Available This study compared strategies to define final and initial speeds for designing ramp protocols. VO2max  was directly assessed in 117 subjects (29±8 yrs and estimated by three nonexercise models: (1 Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire (VSAQ; (2 Rating of Perceived Capacity (RPC; (3 Questionnaire of Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF. Thirty seven subjects (30±9 yrs performed three additional tests with initial speeds corresponding to 50% of estimated VO2max  and 50% and 60% of measured VO2max . Significant differences (P<0.001 were found between VO2max  measured (41.5±6.6 mL·kg−1·min−1 and estimated by VSAQ (36.6±6.6 mL·kg−1·min−1 and CRF (45.0±5.3 mL·kg−1·min−1, but not RPC (41.3±6.2 mL·kg−1·min−1. The CRF had the highest ICC, the lowest SEE, and better limits of agreement with VO2max  compared to the other instruments. Initial speeds from 50%–60% VO2max  estimated by CRF or measured produced similar VO2max  (40.7±5.9; 40.0±5.6; 40.3±5.5 mL·kg−1·min−1 resp., P=0.14. The closest relationship to identity line was found in tests beginning at 50% VO2max  estimated by CRF. In conclusion, CRF was the best option to estimate VO2max  and therefore to define the final speed for ramp protocols. The measured VO2max  was independent of initial speeds, but speeds higher than 50% VO2max  produced poorer submaximal relationships between workload and VO2.

  13. Compact Multipurpose Mobile Laser Scanning System — Initial Tests and Results

    Craig Glennie


    Full Text Available We describe a prototype compact mobile laser scanning system that may be operated from a backpack or unmanned aerial vehicle. The system is small, self-contained, relatively inexpensive, and easy to deploy. A description of system components is presented, along with the initial calibration of the multi-sensor platform. The first field tests of the system, both in backpack mode and mounted on a helium balloon for real-world applications are presented. For both field tests, the acquired kinematic LiDAR data are compared with highly accurate static terrestrial laser scanning point clouds. These initial results show that the vertical accuracy of the point cloud for the prototype system is approximately 4 cm (1σ in balloon mode, and 3 cm (1σ in backpack mode while horizontal accuracy was approximately 17 cm (1σ for the balloon tests. Results from selected study areas on the Sacramento River Delta and San Andreas Fault in California demonstrate system performance, deployment agility and flexibility, and potential for operational production of high density and highly accurate point cloud data. Cost and production rate trade-offs place this system in the niche between existing airborne and tripod mounted LiDAR systems.

  14. Initial Tests and Accuracy Assesment of a Compact Mobile Laser Scanning System

    Julge, K.; Ellmann, A.; Vajakas, T.; Kolka, R.


    Mobile laser scanning (MLS) is a faster and cost-effective alternative to static laser scanning, even though there is a slight trade-off in accuracy. This contribution describes a compact mobile laser scanning system mounted on a vehicle. The technical parameters of the used system components, i.e. a small LIDAR sensor Velodyne VLP-16 and a dual antenna GNSS/INS system Advanced Navigation Spatial Dual, are reviewed, along with the integration of these components for spatial data acquisition. Calculation principles of 3D coordinates from the real-time data of all the involved sensors are discussed. The field tests were carried out in a controlled environment of a parking lot and at different velocities. Experiments were carried out to test the ability of the GNSS/INS system to cope with difficult conditions, e.g. sudden movements due to cornering or swerving. The accuracy of the resulting MLS point cloud is evaluated with respect to high-accuracy static terrestrial laser scanning data. Problems regarding combining LIDAR, GNSS and INS sensors are outlined, as well as the initial accuracy assessments. Initial tests revealed errors related to insufficient quality of inertial data and a need for the trajectory post-processing calculations. Although this study was carried out while the system was mounted on a car, there is potential for operating the system on an unmanned aerial vehicle, all-terrain vehicle or in a backpack mode due to its relatively compact size.

  15. Hanford Tanks Initiative alternate retrieval system demonstrations - final report of testing performed by Grey Pilgrim LLC

    Berglin, E.J.


    A waste retrieval system has been defined to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to the Hanford Tanks Initiative. This system consists of the EMMA robotic manipulator (by GreyPilgrim LLC) and the lightweight Scarifier (by Waterjet Technology, Inc.) powered by a 36-kpsi Jet-Edge diesel powered high pressure pumping system. For demonstration and testing purposes, an air conveyance system was utilized to remove the waste from the simulated tank floor. The EMMA long reach manipulator utilized for this demonstration was 33 feet long. It consisted of 4 hydraulically controlled stages of varying lengths and coupling configurations. T

  16. Determination of the bonding strength in solid oxide fuel cells' interfaces by Schwickerath crack initiation test

    Boccaccini, D. N.; Sevecek, O.; Frandsen, Henrik Lund


    An adaptation of the Schwickerath crack initiation test (ISO 9693) was used to determine the bonding strength between an anode support and three different cathodes with a solid oxide fuel cell interconnect. Interfacial elemental characterization of the interfaces was carried out by SEM/EDS analysis...... on fracture surfaces to investigate the bonding mechanisms. SEM/EDS of fresh fractures were also performed to determine the cohesion/adhesion mechanism of bonding. Calculations of the residual stresses were determined by finite element simulation using ANSYS, based on thermo-mechanical properties...

  17. Desperdício de exames complementares na avaliação pré-operatória em cirurgias de catarata Waste of medical tests in preoperative evaluation for cataract surgery

    Carlos Eduardo Leite Arieta


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste experimento clínico foi determinar a freqüência dos exames considerados dispensáveis numa rotina pré-operatória de facectomias e avaliar os gastos com eles. Se o paciente foi sorteado para testes-seletivos, solicitou-se que nenhum teste fosse executado, a menos que o paciente apresentasse um novo problema médico, ou piora de uma doença preexistente, a qual requeresse os testes independentemente da realização da cirurgia. Para pacientes sorteados para testes-rotineiros, foram solicitados: eletrocardiograma, dosagem de hemoglobina e glicemia de jejum. Foram calculados os gastos com exames considerados desnecessários. A amostra de 1.025 pacientes incluiu 513 sorteados para testes seletivos e 512 para testes rotineiros. A freqüência de eventos adversos intra-operatórios foi semelhante nos dois grupos (p = 0,923. O grupo de testes seletivos realizou de 60,7% menos exames que o de testes rotineiros. Os resultados sugerem que a requisição seletiva de exames pré-operatórios em facectomias, além de não prejudicar o paciente do ponto de vista de complicações clínicas intra-operatórias, possibilita expressiva economia de recursos quando comparada à atual rotina.The objective of this clinical trial was to determine the frequency of medical tests considered unnecessary in routine preoperative evaluation for cataract surgery. Unnecessary costs with these tests were also evaluated. For patients assigned to the selective testing group, it was requested that no preoperative testing be performed unless the patient presented a new or worsening medical problem warranting medical evaluation with testing. For patients assigned to the routine testing group, three tests were requested: a 12-lead electrocardiogram, complete blood count, and serum glucose level. The costs of tests considered unnecessary were calculated. The sample of 1,025 patients consisted of 512 assigned to the routine testing group and 513 to the selective

  18. Caigudes en població anciana comunitària: característiques epidemiològiques i utilitat clínica dels tests d'equilibri i marxa Timed up and go i Tinetti

    Jiménez González, Mª Mercè


    Objectiu: 1-Conèixer la capacitat predictiva i la utilitat clínica per predir caigudes de dos tests d'equilibri i marxa "Timed up & go" i Tinetti en població geriàtrica ambulatòria ≥65 anys. 2-Conèixer la incidència,característiques epidemiològiques, i factors de risc que estan relacionats amb major risc de caigudes en el nostre medi.Estudi: Cohorts prospectiu multicèntric. Subjectes: 555 pacients majors de 65 anys visitats en els centres de salut del Maresme (Alella, Mataró, Premià i C...

  19. 40 CFR 63.9915 - What test methods and other procedures must I use to demonstrate initial compliance with dioxin...


    ... must I use to demonstrate initial compliance with dioxin/furan emission limits? 63.9915 Section 63.9915....9915 What test methods and other procedures must I use to demonstrate initial compliance with dioxin... limit for dioxins/furans in Table 1 to this subpart, you must follow the test methods and procedures...

  20. Initial evaluation of the radioecological situation at the Semipalatinsk Test Site in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Voigt, G.; Semiochkina, N. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit Neuherberg GmbH, Oberschleissheim (Germany). Inst. fuer Strahlenschutz


    The Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS) located in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Figure 1.1) was one of the major nuclear weapon test sites of the former Soviet Union. At the site, four hundred fifty six nuclear explosions took place between 1949 and 1989 within the STS (Mikhailov et al. 1996; Dubasov et al. 1994a), resulting in radioactive contamination both within and around the STS. Incidences of radiation related illnesses in such areas may be higher than normal levels (Burkhart 1996). Published estimates of the resulting dose to the public vary according to the source, but an independent study (Grosche 1996) indicated that as many as 30,000-40,000 people could have been exposed to an average dose of 1.6 Sv (160 rem) or more (mainly due to short-lived radionuclides such as {sup 131}I). A detailed international assessment of the impact of these tests on the local population has not yet been undertaken. A current investigation under the acronym, RADTEST, includes an evaluation of Semipalatinsk as part of a broad review of internal and external doses to people arising from nuclear tests at many different sites in the world. In the context of the European Commission funded project RESTORE (Restoration Strategy for Radioactive Contaminated Ecosystems) an attempt is being made to assess the present radiolecological situation in the STS. This initial report collates currently available data published in Russian-language literature and internal CIS reports, reports from Europe and the USA, and other international literature. In this initial evaluation, only an overview of published data made available to the RESTORE project is provided and briefly discussed. In addition, further assessments including experimental work are suggested. Additional sources of data will be pursued and will be integrated with experimental results in the final evaluation report. (orig.)

  1. Initial testing of a Si:As blocked-impurity-band (BIB) trap detector

    Woods, Solomon I.; Kaplan, Simon G.; Jung, Timothy M.; Carter, Adriaan C.; Proctor, James E.


    We discuss the design, construction, and initial test results of a Si:As blocked-impurity-band (BIB) trap detector. The trap consists of two rectangular BIB devices configured in a v-shaped geometry. This trapping geometry is designed to ideally yield a minimum of 7 bounces before exit for incident light within an f/4 cone with 3 mm clear aperture. The individual BIB devices consist of 70 μm thick active layers with As doping near 1.7×1018 cm-3, and have dark currents of approximately 100 nA at an operating temperature of 9 K. A simple ray-tracing model of the trap, along with data on the quantum yield of typical BIB detector elements, indicates that it is possible to achieve an external quantum efficiency of > 0.99 over the 4 μm to 28 μm spectral range and significant suppression of the etalon fringes present in the spectral responsivity of a single element. We have made initial responsivity measurements of the trap compared to a calibrated 5 mm diameter pyroelectric detector over the 3 μm to 17 μm spectral range using the fiber-coupled output of a Fourier-transform spectrometer. We also discuss the results of comparison measurements between the trap detector and an absolute cryogenic radiometer viewing the output of a calibrated blackbody source at discrete filter bands from 5 μm to 11 μ. In initial testing the performance of the trap is limited by the poor performance of the individual BIB detectors, but the advantages of boosted quantum efficiency and suppressed etalon are realized by the trap.

  2. Documentation for initial testing and inspections of Beneficial Uses Shipping System (BUSS) Cask

    Lundeen, J.E.


    The purpose of this report is to compile data generated during the initial tests and inspections of the Beneficial Uses Shipping System (BUSS) Cask. In addition, this report will verify that the testing criteria identified in section 8.1 of the BUSS Cask Safety Analysis Report for Packaging (SARP) was met. The BUSS Cask Model R-1 is a type B shipping container used for shipment of radioactive cesium-137 and strontium-90 capsules to Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility (WESF). The BUSS Cask body and lid are each one-piece forgings fabricated from ASTM A473, Type 304 stainless steel. The primary purpose of the BUSS Cask is to provide shielding and confinement as well as impact, puncture, and thermal protection for the capsules under both normal and accident conditions. Chapter 8 of the BUSS Cask SARP requires several acceptance tests and inspections, each intended to evaluate the performance of different components of the BUSS Cask system, to be performed before its first use. The results of the tests and inspections required are included in this document.

  3. Initial results for a 170 GHz high power ITER waveguide component test stand

    Bigelow, Timothy; Barker, Alan; Dukes, Carl; Killough, Stephen; Kaufman, Michael; White, John; Bell, Gary; Hanson, Greg; Rasmussen, Dave


    A high power microwave test stand is being setup at ORNL to enable prototype testing of 170 GHz cw waveguide components being developed for the ITER ECH system. The ITER ECH system will utilize 63.5 mm diameter evacuated corrugated waveguide and will have 24 >150 m long runs. A 170 GHz 1 MW class gyrotron is being developed by Communications and Power Industries and is nearing completion. A HVDC power supply, water-cooling and control system has been partially tested in preparation for arrival of the gyrotron. The power supply and water-cooling system are being designed to operate for >3600 second pulses to simulate the operating conditions planned for the ITER ECH system. The gyrotron Gaussian beam output has a single mirror for focusing into a 63.5 mm corrugated waveguide in the vertical plane. The output beam and mirror are enclosed in an evacuated duct with absorber for stray radiation. Beam alignment with the waveguide is a critical task so a combination of mirror tilt adjustments and a bellows for offsets will be provided. Analysis of thermal patterns on thin witness plates will provide gyrotron mode purity and waveguide coupling efficiency data. Pre-prototype waveguide components and two dummy loads are available for initial operational testing of the gyrotron. ORNL is managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, for the U.S. Dept. of Energy under Contract DE-AC-05-00OR22725.


    R.D. Oliver; J.C. Dinsmoor; S.J. Goldstein; I. Reyes; R. De La Garza


    Three test wells, PB-1, PB-2, and PB-3, were drilled at the Nopal I uranium deposit as part of a natural analogue study to evaluate radionuclide transport processes during March-April 2003. The initial pumping to condition the wells was completed during December 2003. The PB-1 well, drilled immediately adjacent to the Nopal I ore body, was continuously cored to a depth of 250 m, terminating 20 m below the top of the measured water level. The PB-2 and PB-3 wells, which were drilled on opposite sides of PB-1 at a radial distance of approximately 40 to 50 m outside of the remaining projected ore body, were also drilled to about 20 m below the top of the measured water level. Each test well was completed with 4-inch (10.2-cm) diameter PVC casing with a slotted liner below the water table. Initial conditioning of all three wells using a submersible pump at low pump rates [less than 1 gallon (3.8 1) per minute] resulted in measurable draw down and recoveries. The greatest drawdown ({approx}15 m) was observed in PB-2, whereas only minor (<1 m) drawdown occurred in PB-3. For PB-1 and PB-2, the water turbidity decreased as the wells were pumped and the pH values decreased, indicating that the contamination from the drilling fluid was reduced as the wells were conditioned. Test wells PB-1 and PB-2 showed increased inflow after several borehole volumes of fluid were removed, but their inflow rates remained less that the pumping rate. Test well PB-3 showed the smallest drawdown and least change in pH and conductivity during initial pumping and quickest recovery with a rise in measured water level after conditioning. The 195 gallons (750 l) of water pumped from PB-3 during conditioning was discharged through a household sponge. That sponge showed measurable gamma radiation, which decayed to background values in less than 12 hours. Preliminary interpretations include filtration of a radioisotope source with a short half-life or of a radioisotope that volatized as the sponge

  5. Institutionalizing provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling for children: an observational case study from Zambia.

    Jane N Mutanga

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC is a priority strategy for increasing access for HIV-exposed children to prevention measures, and infected children to treatment and care interventions. This article examines efforts to scale-up paediatric PITC at a second-level hospital located in Zambia's Southern Province, and serving a catchment area of 1.2 million people. METHODS AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Our retrospective case study examined best practices and enabling factors for rapid institutionalization of PITC in Livingstone General Hospital. Methods included clinical observations, key informant interviews with programme management, and a desk review of hospital management information systems (HMIS uptake data following the introduction of PITC. After PITC roll-out, the hospital experienced considerably higher testing uptake. In a 36-month period following PITC institutionalization, of total inpatient children eligible for PITC (n = 5074, 98.5% of children were counselled, and 98.2% were tested. Of children tested (n = 4983, 15.5% were determined HIV-infected; 77.6% of these results were determined by DNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR testing in children under the age of 18 months. Of children identified as HIV-infected in the hospital's inpatient and outpatient departments (n = 1342, 99.3% were enrolled in HIV care, including initiation on co-trimoxazole prophylaxis. A number of good operational practices and enabling factors in the Livingstone General Hospital experience can inform rapid PITC institutionalization for inpatient and outpatient children. These include the placement of full-time nurse counsellors at key areas of paediatric intake, who interface with patients immediately and conduct testing and counselling. They are reinforced through task-shifting to peer counsellors in the wards. Nurse counsellor capacity to draw specimen for DNA PCR for children under 18 months has significantly enhanced early

  6. Initial test and evaluation of the millimeter-wave holographic surveillance system

    McMakin, Douglas L.; Sheen, David M.; Schur, Anne; Harris, Wyllona M.; Piepel, Gregory F.


    A test and evaluation pilot study was conducted in January 1996 at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, Washington to determine the initial effectiveness of the Millimeter- wave Holographic Weapons Surveillance System. This is a new personnel surveillance systems for the detection of concealed metal, plastic, and ceramic weapons and other threatening materials. Two different frequency bands were used in the study: Ku band and Ka band. Over 7000 Millimeter-wave (MM-wave) holographic images were obtained on 21 different models. The 7000 images were used to produce simulated real-time surveillance system videos. The videos were constructed by obtaining 36 images of the models at 10 degree increments for 360 degree coverage. A library of two hundred videos were produced for this pilot study: 100 at Ku band and 100 at Ka band. The videos contained either a threat or no threat. The threats were concealed at different locations on the models. Various innocuous items and different clothing combinations were also used n the construction of these videos. Twenty-nine certified Sea-Tac screeners were used in the initial test and evaluation of this new surveillance technology. Each screener viewed 160 MM-wave videos: 80 Ku band and 80 Ka band. The ratio of non- threat to threat videos per band was three to one. Test and evaluation software was developed to collect data from the screeners on-line for the type and location of threat detected. The primary measures of screener performance used to evaluate this new technology included, the probability of detection, the probability of a false alarm, measures of screener sensitivity and bias, and threat detection time.

  7. VISAR Validation Test Series at the Light Initiated High Explosive (LIHE) facility.

    Covert, Timothy Todd


    A velocity interferometer system for any reflector (VISAR) was recently deployed at the light initiated high explosive facility (LIHE) to measure the velocity of an explosively accelerated flyer plate. The velocity data from the flyer plate experiments, using the vendor's fringe constant of 100m/s/fringe, were consistently lower than model predictions. The goal of the VISAR validation test series was to confirm the VISAR system fringe constant. A low velocity gas gun was utilized to impact and accelerate a target at the LIHE facility. VISAR velocity data from the accelerated target was compared against an independent velocity measurement. The data from this test series did in fact reveal the fringe constant was significantly higher than the vendor's specification. The correct fringe constant for the LIHE VISAR system has been determined to be 123 m/s/fringe. The Light Initiated High Explosive (LIHE) facility recently completed a Phase I test series to develop an explosively accelerated flyer plate (X-Flyer). The X-Flyer impulse technique consists of first spraying a thin layer of silver acetylide silver nitrate explosive onto a thin flyer plate. The explosive is then initiated using an intense flash of light. The explosive detonation accelerates the flyer across a small air gap towards the test item. The impact of the flyer with the test item creates a shock pulse and an impulsive load in the test unit. The goal of Phase I of the X-Flyer development series was to validate the technique theory and design process. One of the key parameters that control the shock pulse and impulsive load is the velocity of the flyer at impact. To measure this key parameter, a velocity interferometer system for any reflector (VISAR) was deployed at the LIHE facility. The VISAR system was assembled by Sandia personnel from the Explosive Projects and Diagnostics department. The VISAR was a three leg, push-pull system using a fixed delay cavity. The primary optical components

  8. Development and initial test of the University of Wisconsin global isentropic-sigma model

    Zapotocny, Tom H.; Johnson, Donald R.; Reames, Fred M.


    The description of a global version of the University of Wisconsin (UW) hybrid isentropic-sigma (theta-sigma) model and the results from an initial numerical weather prediction experiment are presented in this paper. The main objectives of this initial test are to (1) discuss theta-sigma model development and computer requirements, (2) demonstrate the ability of the UW theta-sigma model for global numerical weather prediction using realistic orography and parameterized physical processes, and (3) compare the transport of an inert trace constituent against a nominally 'identical' sigma coordinate model. Initial and verifying data for the 5-day simulations presented in this work were supplied by the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS-1) data assimilation system. The time period studied is 1-6 February 1985. This validation experiment demonstrates that the global UW theta-sigma model produces a realistic 5-day simulation of the mass and momentum distributions when compared to both the identical sigma model and GEOS-1 verification. Root-mean-square errors demonstrate that the theta-sigma model is slightly more accurate than the nominally identical sigma model with respect to standard synoptic variables. Of particular importance, the UW theta-sigma model displays a distinct advantage over the conventional sigma model with respect to the prognostic simulation of inert trace constituent transport in amplifying baroclinic waves of the extratropics. This is especially true in the upper troposphere and stratosphere where the spatial integrity and conservation of an inert trace constituent is severely compromised in the sigma model compared to the theta-sigma model.

  9. College-student smoking: an initial test of an experiential dissonance-enhancing intervention.

    Simmons, Vani Nath; Webb, Monica S; Brandon, Thomas H


    This study was designed as an initial test of whether an experiential learning intervention, based on cognitive dissonance theory, would increase college-student smokers' intentions to quit smoking. One hundred forty-four college smokers were asked to prepare educational videos about (1) the risks of smoking or (2) the feasibility of quitting (in a 2 x 2 factorial design). Main effects for the experimental manipulations were not found. However, an interaction suggested that intentions to quit smoking were increased by either manipulation, but that the effects were not additive. In addition, risk perceptions were increased by the health-risk manipulation alone, but not when quitting feasibility was also targeted. As predicted, smoking history and smoking-related expectancies were both correlated with magnitude of dissonance. Moreover, dissonance magnitude was associated with the reported use of dissonance-reducing strategies, including intending to quit smoking and believing that tobacco use was out of their control due to nicotine addiction. The findings from this initial analogue study suggest that attitudes and intentions to quit smoking can be influenced by a brief experiential intervention.

  10. Initial test results of an ionization chamber shower detector for a LHC luminosity monitor

    Datte, P S; Haguenauer, Maurice; Manfredi, P F; Manghisoni, M; Millaud, J E; Placidi, Massimo; Ratti, L; Riot, V J; Schmickler, Hermann; Speziali, V; Traversi, G; Turner, W C


    A novel segmented multigap pressurized gas ionization chamber is being developed for optimization of the luminosity of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The ionization chambers are to be installed in the front quadrupole and 0 degrees neutral particle absorbers in the high luminosity interaction regions (IRs) and sample the energy deposited near the maxima of the hadronic/electromagnetic showers in these absorbers. The ionization chambers are instrumented with low noise, fast pulse-shaping electronics to be capable of resolving individual bunch crossings at 40 MHz. In this paper, we report the initial results of our second test of this instrumentation in a super proton synchrotron (SPS) external proton beam. Single 300 GeV protons are used to simulate the hadronic/electromagnetic showers produced by the forward collision products from the interaction regions of the LHC. The capability of instrumentation to measure the luminosity of individual bunches in a 40 MHz bunch train is demonstrated. (10 refs) .

  11. Correlação entre os testes da caminhada, marcha estacionária e TUG em hipertensas idosas Correlation between the walk, 2-minute step and TUG tests among hypertensive older women

    R Pedrosa


    Full Text Available CONTEXTUALIZAÇÃO: O aumento de doenças crônicas em idosos, principalmente da Hipertensão Arterial Sistêmica, doença intimamente relacionada ao declínio da capacidade funcional, determina a necessidade do estudo de métodos de avaliação da realização das atividades, possibilitando detecção de níveis de capacidade funcional, prescrição de exercícios e acompanhamento das funções cardiovascular e motora. O teste da caminhada de 6 minutos (TC6', o teste da Marcha Estacionária de 2 minutos (TME2' e o teste Timed Up and Go (TUG são indicados para esta avaliação. Estudos em idosos saudáveis mostram a associação entre esses testes, facilitando a avaliação da capacidade funcional. Porém, em hipertensos, não existem estudos que avaliem a relação entre TC6', TME2'e TUG, justificando a realização desta pesquisa. OBJETIVOS: Verificar se existe associação entre endurance aeróbia e a mobilidade funcional em idosas hipertensas. MÉTODOS: Estudo observacional, analítico e transversal, com 32 hipertensas idosas, avaliadas por meio do TC6', TME2' e TUG. RESULTADOS:Houve correlação positiva moderada entre TC6' e TME2', r=0,36 (p=0,04 e correlação negativa moderada entre TC6'e TUG, r=-0,59 (p=0,000 e entre TME2' e TUG, r=-0,66 (p=0,000. CONCLUSÕES: Para hipertensas idosas, o TC6' pode ser substituído pelo TME2', assim como em idosos saudáveis. Quanto à correlação entre os TC6', TME2' e TUG, pode-se concluir que existe uma íntima relação entre resistência cardiovascular e mobilidade funcional; havendo menor resistência cardiovascular, há mobilidade funcional precária e vice-versa.BACKGROUND: The increase in chronic diseases among older adults, especially systemic arterial hypertension, a disease that is closely related to declining functional capacity, has created the need to study methods for activity evaluation in order to detect functional capacity levels, prescribe exercises and monitor motor and

  12. Criteria for initiation of delamination in quasi-static punch-shear tests of a carbon-fiber composite material.

    Chin, Eric Brian [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States); English, Shawn Allen [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States); Briggs, Timothy [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States)


    V arious phenomenological delamination initiation criteria are analyzed in quasi - static punch - shear tests conducted on six different geometries. These six geometries are modeled and analyzed using elastic, large - deformation finite element analysis. Analysis output is post - processed to assess different delamination initiation criteria, and their applicability to each of the geometries. These criteria are compared to test results to assess whether or not they are appropriate based on what occurred in testing. Further, examinations of CT scans and ultrasonic images o f test specimens are conducted in the appendix to determine the sequence of failure in each test geometry.

  13. LWRS Fuels Pathway: Engineering Design and Fuels Pathway Initial Testing of the Hot Water Corrosion System

    Dr. John Garnier; Dr. Kevin McHugh


    The Advanced LWR Nuclear Fuel Development R&D pathway performs strategic research focused on cladding designs leading to improved reactor core economics and safety margins. The research performed is to demonstrate the nuclear fuel technology advancements while satisfying safety and regulatory limits. These goals are met through rigorous testing and analysis. The nuclear fuel technology developed will assist in moving existing nuclear fuel technology to an improved level that would not be practical by industry acting independently. Strategic mission goals are to improve the scientific knowledge basis for understanding and predicting fundamental nuclear fuel and cladding performance in nuclear power plants, and to apply this information in the development of high-performance, high burn-up fuels. These will result in improved safety, cladding, integrity, and nuclear fuel cycle economics. To achieve these goals various methods for non-irradiated characterization testing of advanced cladding systems are needed. One such new test system is the Hot Water Corrosion System (HWCS) designed to develop new data for cladding performance assessment and material behavior under simulated off-normal reactor conditions. The HWCS is capable of exposing prototype rodlets to heated, high velocity water at elevated pressure for long periods of time (days, weeks, months). Water chemistry (dissolved oxygen, conductivity and pH) is continuously monitored. In addition, internal rodlet heaters inserted into cladding tubes are used to evaluate repeated thermal stressing and heat transfer characteristics of the prototype rodlets. In summary, the HWCS provides rapid ex-reactor evaluation of cladding designs in normal (flowing hot water) and off-normal (induced cladding stress), enabling engineering and manufacturing improvements to cladding designs before initiation of the more expensive and time consuming in-reactor irradiation testing.

  14. Initial development and testing of a novel foam-based pressure sensor for wearable sensing

    Smyth Barry


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This paper provides an overview of initial research conducted in the development of pressure-sensitive foam and its application in wearable sensing. The foam sensor is composed of polypyrrole-coated polyurethane foam, which exhibits a piezo-resistive reaction when exposed to electrical current. The use of this polymer-coated foam is attractive for wearable sensing due to the sensor's retention of desirable mechanical properties similar to those exhibited by textile structures. Methods The development of the foam sensor is described, as well as the development of a prototype sensing garment with sensors in several areas on the torso to measure breathing, shoulder movement, neck movement, and scapula pressure. Sensor properties were characterized, and data from pilot tests was examined visually. Results The foam exhibits a positive linear conductance response to increased pressure. Torso tests show that it responds in a predictable and measurable manner to breathing, shoulder movement, neck movement, and scapula pressure. Conclusion The polypyrrole foam shows considerable promise as a sensor for medical, wearable, and ubiquitous computing applications. Further investigation of the foam's consistency of response, durability over time, and specificity of response is necessary.

  15. Forensic individual age estimation with DNA: From initial approaches to methylation tests.

    Freire-Aradas, A; Phillips, C; Lareu, M V


    Individual age estimation is a key factor in forensic science analysis that can provide very useful information applicable to criminal, legal, and anthropological investigations. Forensic age inference was initially based on morphological inspection or radiography and only later began to adopt molecular approaches. However, a lack of accuracy or technical problems hampered the introduction of these DNA-based methodologies in casework analysis. A turning point occurred when the epigenetic signature of DNA methylation was observed to gradually change during an individual´s lifespan. In the last four years, the number of publications reporting DNA methylation age-correlated changes has gradually risen and the forensic community now has a range of age methylation tests applicable to forensic casework. Most forensic age predictor models have been developed based on blood DNA samples, but additional tissues are now also being explored. This review assesses the most widely adopted genes harboring methylation sites, detection technologies, statistical age-predictive analyses, and potential causes of variation in age estimates. Despite the need for further work to improve predictive accuracy and establishing a broader range of tissues for which tests can analyze the most appropriate methylation sites, several forensic age predictors have now been reported that provide consistency in their prediction accuracies (predictive error of ±4 years); this makes them compelling tools with the potential to contribute key information to help guide criminal investigations. Copyright © 2017 Central Police University.

  16. Initial beam-profiling tests with the NML prototype station at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector

    Lumpkin, A.; Flora, R.; Johnson, A.S.; Ruan, J.; Santucci, J.; Scarpine, V.; Sun, Y.-E.; Thurman-Keup, R.; Church, M.; Wendt, M.; /Fermilab


    The beam-profile diagnostics station prototype for the superconducting rf electron linac being constructed at Fermilab at the New Muon Lab has been tested. The station uses intercepting radiation converter screens for the low-power beam mode: either a 100-{micro}m thick YAG:Ce single crystal scintillator or a 1-{micro}m thin Al optical transition radiation (OTR) foil. The screens are oriented with the surface perpendicular to the beam direction. A downstream mirror with its surface at 45 degrees to the beam direction is used to direct the radiation into the optical transport. The optical system has better than 20 (10) {micro}m rms spatial resolution when covering a vertical field of view of 18 (5) mm. The initial tests were performed at the A0 Photoinjector at a beam energy of {approx}15 MeV and with micropulse charges from 25 to 500 pC for beam sizes of 45 to 250 microns. Example results will be presented.

  17. Initial beam-profiling tests with the NML prototype station at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector

    Lumpkin, A; Johnson, A S; Ruan, J; Santucci, J; Scarpine, V; Sun, Y -E; Thurman-Keup, R; Church, M; Wendt, M


    The beam-profile diagnostics station prototype for the superconducting rf electron linac being constructed at Fermilab at the New Muon Lab has been tested. The station uses intercepting radiation converter screens for the low-power beam mode: either a 100-\\mu m thick YAG:Ce single crystal scintillator or a 1-\\mu m thin Al optical transition radiation (OTR) foil. The screens are oriented with the surface perpendicular to the beam direction. A downstream mirror with its surface at 45 degrees to the beam direction is used to direct the radiation into the optical transport. The optical system has better than 20 (10) \\mu m rms spatial resolution when covering a vertical field of view of 18 (5) mm. The initial tests were performed at the A0 Photoinjector at a beam energy of ~15 MeV and with micropulse charges from 25 to 500 pC for beam sizes of 45 to 250 microns. Example results will be presented.

  18. New code for equilibriums and quasiequilibrium initial data of compact objects. II. Convergence tests and comparisons of binary black hole initial data

    Uryu, Koji; Grandclement, Philippe


    COCAL is a code for computing equilibriums or quasiequilibrium initial data of single or binary compact objects based on finite difference methods. We present the results of supplementary convergence tests of COCAL code using time symmetric binary black hole data (Brill-Lindquist solution). Then, we compare the initial data of binary black holes on the conformally flat spatial slice obtained from COCAL and KADATH, where KADATH is a library for solving a wide class of problems in theoretical physics including relativistic compact objects with spectral methods. Data calculated from the two codes converge nicely towards each other, for close as well as largely separated circular orbits of binary black holes. Finally, as an example, a sequence of equal mass binary black hole initial data with corotating spins is calculated and compared with data in the literature.

  19. Memória

    Carlos Alberto Mourão Júnior; Nicole Costa Faria


    ResumoEste artigo tem como objetivo central apresentar os processos de memória de maneira didática, proporcionando aos alunos e futuros pesquisadores um primeiro contato satisfatório com o tema. Já há algum tempo, tem sido observada a ocorrência de confusões conceituais e metodológicas no campo da neurociência cognitiva, tanto em relação à memória quanto em relação às outras funções psicológicas básicas. Neste ensaio, alguns conceitos principais são esclarecidos. É apresentada uma classificaç...

  20. Da construção de capacidade avaliatória em iniciativas sociais: algumas reflexões Constructión de capacidad en avaluación Some reflections on building evaluation capacity on social initiatives

    Daniel Braga Brandão


    Full Text Available Este ensaio discute alternativas de apoio ao desenvolvimento da capacidade avaliatória em organizações da sociedade civil. Nele são debatidos elementos estratégicos para apoiar processos de aprendizagem nas organizações e para fortalecer conquista de autonomia no campo da avaliação. Aborda-se a construção da capacidade avaliatória como processo de construção de sujeitos, e não como um movimento de natureza predominantemente técnica. Com base nos princípios de aprendizagem, autonomia, respeito e participação são propostas cinco dimensões estratégicas para apoiar o desenvolvimento de capacidade avaliatória: 1 a consciência a respeito e a capacidade de lidar com as relações de poder presentes nas ações avaliatórias; 2 a busca de razões e motivação para avaliar as práticas; 3 a construção de um certo grau de identidade organizacional em torno da avaliação; 4 o desenvolvimento de competências no campo da facilitação e gestão de processos e da investigação da realidade, necessárias a realização de avaliações; 5 a captação e alocação de recursos para criar as condições de trabalho necessárias aos processos de avaliação.Este texto trata de la construcción de capacidades en evaluación en organizaciones de la sociedad civil. Aborda el tema orientado por los proceso de aprendijage organizacional y considera cinco dimensiones presentes en la construcción de la capacidad en evaluación en una organización: 1 Las relaciones de poder entre los stakholders y sus consecuencias en las decisiones; 2 Las razones y los motivos para desarrollar una evaluación; 3 La elaboración de una identidad organizacional para la evaluación; 4 La necesidad del desarrollo de competencias en evaluación y 5 La necesidad de garantizar y manejar fondos para la evaluación.This essay focuses on building evaluation capacity in civil society organizations. It considers aspects to support the organizational learning process

  1. X-ray scatter correction method for dedicated breast computed tomography: improvements and initial patient testing

    Ramamurthy, Senthil; D'Orsi, Carl J.; Sechopoulos, Ioannis


    A previously proposed x-ray scatter correction method for dedicated breast computed tomography was further developed and implemented so as to allow for initial patient testing. The method involves the acquisition of a complete second set of breast CT projections covering 360° with a perforated tungsten plate in the path of the x-ray beam. To make patient testing feasible, a wirelessly controlled electronic positioner for the tungsten plate was designed and added to a breast CT system. Other improvements to the algorithm were implemented, including automated exclusion of non-valid primary estimate points and the use of a different approximation method to estimate the full scatter signal. To evaluate the effectiveness of the algorithm, evaluation of the resulting image quality was performed with a breast phantom and with nine patient images. The improvements in the algorithm resulted in the avoidance of introduction of artifacts, especially at the object borders, which was an issue in the previous implementation in some cases. Both contrast, in terms of signal difference and signal difference-to-noise ratio were improved with the proposed method, as opposed to with the correction algorithm incorporated in the system, which does not recover contrast. Patient image evaluation also showed enhanced contrast, better cupping correction, and more consistent voxel values for the different tissues. The algorithm also reduces artifacts present in reconstructions of non-regularly shaped breasts. With the implemented hardware and software improvements, the proposed method can be reliably used during patient breast CT imaging, resulting in improvement of image quality, no introduction of artifacts, and in some cases reduction of artifacts already present. The impact of the algorithm on actual clinical performance for detection, diagnosis and other clinical tasks in breast imaging remains to be evaluated.

  2. Implementation and Initial Testing of Advanced Processing and Analysis Algorithms for Correlated Neutron Counting

    Santi, Peter Angelo [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Cutler, Theresa Elizabeth [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Favalli, Andrea [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Koehler, Katrina Elizabeth [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Henzl, Vladimir [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Henzlova, Daniela [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Parker, Robert Francis [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Croft, Stephen [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    In order to improve the accuracy and capabilities of neutron multiplicity counting, additional quantifiable information is needed in order to address the assumptions that are present in the point model. Extracting and utilizing higher order moments (Quads and Pents) from the neutron pulse train represents the most direct way of extracting additional information from the measurement data to allow for an improved determination of the physical properties of the item of interest. The extraction of higher order moments from a neutron pulse train required the development of advanced dead time correction algorithms which could correct for dead time effects in all of the measurement moments in a self-consistent manner. In addition, advanced analysis algorithms have been developed to address specific assumptions that are made within the current analysis model, namely that all neutrons are created at a single point within the item of interest, and that all neutrons that are produced within an item are created with the same energy distribution. This report will discuss the current status of implementation and initial testing of the advanced dead time correction and analysis algorithms that have been developed in an attempt to utilize higher order moments to improve the capabilities of correlated neutron measurement techniques.

  3. The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. 1. Description and Initial Validation Tests

    Lee, Young Sun; Beers, Timothy C.; Sivarani, Thirupathi; /Michigan State U. /Michigan State U., JINA; Allende Prieto, Carlos; Koesterke, Lars; /Texas U., Astron. Dept.; Wilhelm, Ronald; /Texas Tech.; Norris, John e.; /Res. Sch. Astron. Astrophys., Weston Creek; Bailer-Jones, Coryn A.L.; Re Fiorentin, Paola; /Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst. Astron.; Rockosi, Constance M.; /Lick Observ.; Yanny, Brian; /Fermilab /Rensselaer Poly. /Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. Astrophys.


    The authors describe the development and implementation of the SEGUE (Sloan Extension for Galactic Exploration and Understanding) Stellar Parameter Pipeline (SSPP). The SSPP derives, using multiple techniques, radial velocities and the fundamental stellar atmospheric parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, and metallicity) for AFGK-type stars, based on medium-resolution spectroscopy and ugriz photometry obtained during the course of the original Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-I) and its Galactic extension (SDSS-II/SEGUE). the SSPP also provides spectral classification for a much wider range of stars, including stars with temperatures outside of the window where atmospheric parameters can be estimated with the current approaches. This is Paper I in a series of papers on the SSPP; it provides an overview of the SSPP, and initial tests of its performance using multiple data sets. Random and systematic errors are critically examined for the current version of the SSPP, which has been used for the sixth public data release of the SDSS (DR-6).

  4. Initial testing of a 3D printed perfusion phantom using digital subtraction angiography

    Wood, Rachel P.; Khobragade, Parag; Ying, Leslie; Snyder, Kenneth; Wack, David; Bednarek, Daniel R.; Rudin, Stephen; Ionita, Ciprian N.


    Perfusion imaging is the most applied modality for the assessment of acute stroke. Parameters such as Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF), Cerebral Blood volume (CBV) and Mean Transit Time (MTT) are used to distinguish the tissue infarct core and ischemic penumbra. Due to lack of standardization these parameters vary significantly between vendors and software even when provided with the same data set. There is a critical need to standardize the systems and make them more reliable. We have designed a uniform phantom to test and verify the perfusion systems. We implemented a flow loop with different flow rates (250, 300, 350 ml/min) and injected the same amount of contrast. The images of the phantom were acquired using a Digital Angiographic system. Since this phantom is uniform, projection images obtained using DSA is sufficient for initial validation. To validate the phantom we measured the contrast concentration at three regions of interest (arterial input, venous output, perfused area) and derived time density curves (TDC). We then calculated the maximum slope, area under the TDCs and flow. The maximum slope calculations were linearly increasing with increase in flow rate, the area under the curve decreases with increase in flow rate. There was 25% error between the calculated flow and measured flow. The derived TDCs were clinically relevant and the calculated flow, maximum slope and areas under the curve were sensitive to the measured flow. We have created a systematic way to calibrate existing perfusion systems and assess their reliability.

  5. Design and construction of a prototype of a flat top beam interferometer and initial tests

    Agresti, J [University of Pisa, Largo Pontecorvo 3, Pisa (Italy); D' Ambrosio, E [LIGO Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); DeSalvo, R [LIGO Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); Forest, D [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Lagrange, B [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Mackowski, J M [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Michel, C [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Montorio, J L [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Morgado, N [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Pinard, L [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Remillieux, A [Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, 22 Bd.Niels Bohr, Villeurbane (France); Simoni, B [University of Pisa, Largo Pontecorvo 3, Pisa (Italy); Tarallo, M [University of Pisa, Largo Pontecorvo 3, Pisa (Italy); Willems, P [LIGO Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States)


    A non-Gaussian, flat-top laser beam profile, also called Mesa Beam Profile, supported by non spherical mirrors known as Mexican Hat (MH) mirrors, has been proposed as a way to depress the mirror thermal noise and thus improve the sensitivity of future interferometric Gravitational Wave detectors, including Advanced LIGO. Non-Gaussian beam configurations have never been tested before hence the main motivation of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of this new concept. A 7m rigid suspended Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity which can support a scaled version of a Mesa beam applicable to the LIGO interferometers has been developed. The FP cavity prototype is being designed to prove the feasibility of actual MH mirror profiles, determine whether a MH mirror cavity is capable of transforming an incoming Gaussian beam into a flat top beam profile, study the effects of unavoidable mirror imperfections on the resulting beam profile and gauge the difficulties associated with locking and maintaining the alignment of such an optical cavity. We present the design of the experimental apparatus and simulations comparing Gaussian and Mesa beams performed both with ideal and current (measured) mirror profiles. An overview of the technique used to manufacture this kind of mirror and initial results showing Mesa beam properties are presented.

  6. Complete Initial Scoping Tests on the Incorporation of Novel Loaded Iodine Getters into GCM.

    Nenoff, Tina M. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Garino, Terry J. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Croes, Kenneth James [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This study encompasses initial scoping tests on the incorporation of a novel iodine loaded getter material into the Sandia developed low temperature sintering glass ceramic material (GCM) waste form. In particular, we studied the PNNL Ag-I-Aerogel. Optical microscopy indicates inhomogenous samples based on particle sizes and variations in color (AgI vs Ag/AgO on silica). TGA/MS data when heated in air indicates loss of iodine and organics (CO2) between 250-450°C a total of ~15wt% loss, with additional / small iodine loss when during 550°C hold for 1 hr. TGA/MS data when heated in N2 indicates less organic and slightly less iodine loss below 550°C, with no loss of iodine in 550°C 1 hour hold. Furthermore, a substantial mass loss of sulfur containing compounds is observed (m/e of 34 and 36) between 150 – 550°C in both air and N2 sintering atmospheres. In an effort to capture iodine lost to volatilization during heating (at temps below glass sintering temperature of 550°C), we added 5 wt% Ag flake to the AgIaerogel. Resulting data indicates the iodine is retained with the addition of the Ag flake, resulting in only a small iodine loss (< 1wt%) at ~350°C. No method of curtailing loss of sulfur containing compounds due to heating was successful in this scoping study.

  7. Efeito alelopático de plantas daninhas e concentrações de capim-braquiária (Brachiaria decumbens no desenvolvimento inicial de eucalipto (Eucalyptus grandis Allelopathic effect of weeds and concentrations of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus grandis

    L.S. Souza


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de verificar possível efeito alelopático de 18 espécies de plantas daninhas sobre o crescimento inicial de Eucalyptus grandis, realizaram-se dois experimentos em casa de vegetação. No primeiro experimento, dentre 18 espécies de plantas daninhas testadas, Brachiaria decumbens (BRADC demonstrou acentuada capacidade de reduzir o crescimento de Eucalyptus grandis, quando incorporada ao solo. No segundo experimento avaliou-se o efeito da adição no substrato de concentrações de matéria seca de BRADC sobre o crescimento inicial de mudas de E. grandis. A matéria seca triturada de BRADC foi incorporada ao solo nas concentrações de 0% (testemunha, 0,5%, 1,0%, 2,0% e 3,0% (p/p. Instalou-se também uma réplica do experimento, com adição de idênticas quantidades totais de carbono entre os tratamentos. O ajuste da quantidade de carbono foi feito através da adição de Sphagnum. Extraiu-se a solução do solo por meio de cápsulas de porcelana introduzidas nos vasos quando do transplante das mudas de eucalipto. As soluções foram coletadas ao final do experimento (39 dias após o transplante das mudas, sendo utilizadas para a determinação de pH, condutividade elétrica, potencial osmótico e para análise de teores de nutrientes. As mínimas proporções de BRADC, com efeito inibitório, foram de 0,5 e 1,0%, com e sem Sphagnum, respectivamente. Nestas duas condições, a área foliar média do eucalipto foi reduzida em 24 e 23%, respectivamente. As análises de solução do solo dos tratamentos permitiram concluir que os teores de nutrientes e as características químicas destes foram pouco alterados pelos tratamentos, sendo pouco provável que a redução do crescimento do E. grandis se deva às restrições nas quantidades de nutrientes disponíveis.Two experiments were carried out under greenhouse conditions to evaluate the possible allelopathic effect of 18 weed species on the initial development of eucalyptus

  8. 78 FR 63516 - Initial Test Program of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for New Boiling-Water Reactors


    ... COMMISSION Initial Test Program of Emergency Core Cooling Systems for New Boiling-Water Reactors AGENCY... Cooling Systems for New Boiling-Water Reactors.'' This RG describes testing methods the NRC staff considers acceptable for demonstrating the operability of emergency core cooling systems (ECCSs) for boiling...

  9. Mobile large area confocal scanner for imaging tumor margins: initial testing in the pathology department

    Abeytunge, Sanjee; Li, Yongbiao; Larson, Bjorg; Peterson, Gary; Toledo-Crow, Ricardo; Rajadhyaksha, Milind


    Surgical oncology is guided by examining pathology that is prepared during or after surgery. The preparation time for Mohs surgery in skin is 20-45 minutes, for head-and-neck and breast cancer surgery is hours to days. Often this results in incomplete tumor removal such that positive margins remain. However, high resolution images of excised tissue taken within few minutes can provide a way to assess the margins for residual tumor. Current high resolution imaging methods such as confocal microscopy are limited to small fields of view and require assembling a mosaic of images in two dimensions (2D) to cover a large area, which requires long acquisition times and produces artifacts. To overcome this limitation we developed a confocal microscope that scans strips of images with high aspect ratios and stitches the acquired strip-images in one dimension (1D). Our "Strip Scanner" can image a 10 x 10 mm2 area of excised tissue with sub-cellular detail in about one minute. The strip scanner was tested on 17 Mohs excisions and the mosaics were read by a Mohs surgeon blinded to the pathology. After this initial trial, we built a mobile strip scanner that can be moved into different surgical settings. A tissue fixture capable of scanning up to 6 x 6 cm2 of tissue was also built. Freshly excised breast and head-and-neck tissues were imaged in the pathology lab. The strip-images were registered and displayed simultaneously with image acquisition resulting in large, high-resolution confocal mosaics of fresh surgical tissue in a clinical setting.

  10. Parental feeding practices in Mexican American families: initial test of an expanded measure

    Tschann Jeanne M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although obesity rates are high among Latino children, relatively few studies of parental feeding practices have examined Latino families as a separate group. Culturally-based approaches to measurement development can begin to identify parental feeding practices in specific cultural groups. This study used qualitative and quantitative methods to develop and test the Parental Feeding Practices (PFP Questionnaire for use with Mexican American parents. Items reflected both parent’s use of control over child eating and child-centered feeding practices. Methods In the qualitative phase of the research, 35 Latino parents participated in focus groups. Items for the PFP were developed from focus group discussions, as well as adapted from existing parent feeding practice measures. Cognitive interviews were conducted with 37 adults to evaluate items. In the quantitative phase, mothers and fathers of 174 Mexican American children ages 8–10 completed the PFP and provided demographic information. Anthropometric measures were obtained on family members. Results Confirmatory factor analyses identified four parental feeding practice dimensions: positive involvement in child eating, pressure to eat, use of food to control behavior, and restriction of amount of food. Factorial invariance modeling suggested equivalent factor meaning and item response scaling across mothers and fathers. Mothers and fathers differed somewhat in their use of feeding practices. All four feeding practices were related to child body mass index (BMI percentiles, for one or both parents. Mothers reporting more positive involvement had children with lower BMI percentiles. Parents using more pressure to eat had children with lower BMI percentiles, while parents using more restriction had children with higher BMI percentiles. Fathers using food to control behavior had children with lower BMI percentiles. Conclusions Results indicate good initial validity and

  11. Testing the Feasibility of Fidelity Evaluation in a Multisite, Multiprogram Initiative

    Cornish, Disa Lubker; Losch, Mary E.; Avery, Mitchell


    Monitoring fidelity of implementation is a critical task when initiating evidence-based programs. This pilot study sought to identify best practices in a fidelity monitoring process and determine the feasibility of continuing a fidelity monitoring process with a multisite, multiprogram initiative. A fidelity log was created for each of 11…

  12. Potential impact on HIV incidence of higher HIV testing rates and earlier antiretroviral therapy initiation in MSM

    Phillips, Andrew N; Cambiano, Valentina; Miners, Alec


    BACKGROUND: Increased rates of testing, with early antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation, represent a key potential HIV-prevention approach. Currently, in MSM in the United Kingdom, it is estimated that 36% are diagnosed by 1 year from infection, and the ART initiation threshold is at CD4 cell...... on HIV in MSM in the United Kingdom. Outcomes were projected according to future alternative HIV testing and ART initiation scenarios to 2030, considering also potential changes in levels of condomless sex. RESULTS: For ART use to result in an incidence of close to 1/1000 person-years requires...... the proportion of all HIV-positive MSM with viral suppression to increase from below 60% currently to 90%, assuming no rise in levels of condomless sex. Substantial increases in HIV testing, such that over 90% of men are diagnosed within a year of infection, would increase the proportion of HIV-positive men...

  13. Legal Issues To Be Considered When Testing Teachers for Initial Licensing.

    Pascoe, Donna; Halpin, Glennelle

    This review covers the test components of validity, reliability, job-relatedness, and test bias in relation to teacher licensing examinations and the legal decisions that have affected policy in this area. The literature provides a history of court decisions and legal rulings that have shaped policy, test design, and test use. The important…

  14. Interpreting the need for initial support to perform tandem stance tests of balance

    Hile, E.S.; Brach, J.S.; Perera, S.; Wert, D.M.; VanSwearingen, J.M.; Studenski, S.A.


    BACKGROUND: Geriatric rehabilitation reimbursement increasingly requires documented deficits on standardized measures. Tandem stance performance can characterize balance, but protocols are not standardized. Objective The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of: (1) initial support to stab

  15. Pilot scale test of a produced water-treatment system for initial removal of organic compounds

    Sullivan, Enid J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kwon, Soondong [UT-AUSTIN; Katz, Lynn [UT-AUSTIN; Kinney, Kerry [UT-AUSTIN


    A pilot-scale test to remove polar and non-polar organics from produced water was performed at a disposal facility in Farmington NM. We used surfactant-modified zeolite (SMZ) adsorbent beds and a membrane bioreactor (MBR) in combination to reduce the organic carbon content of produced water prior to reverse osmosis (RO). Reduction of total influent organic carbon (TOC) to 5 mg/L or less is desirable for efficient RO system operation. Most water disposed at the facility is from coal-bed gas production, with oil production waters intermixed. Up to 20 gal/d of produced water was cycled through two SMZ adsorbent units to remove volatile organic compounds (BTEX, acetone) and semivolatile organic compounds (e.g., napthalene). Output water from the SMZ units was sent to the MBR for removal of the organic acid component of TOC. Removal of inorganic (Mn and Fe oxide) particulates by the SMZ system was observed. The SMZ columns removed up to 40% of the influent TOC (600 mg/L). BTEX concentrations were reduced from the initial input of 70 mg/L to 5 mg/L by the SMZ and to an average of 2 mg/L after the MBR. Removal rates of acetate (input 120-170 mg/L) and TOC (input up to 45 mg/L) were up to 100% and 92%, respectively. The water pH rose from 8.5 to 8.8 following organic acid removal in the MBR; this relatively high pH was likely responsible for observed scaling of the MBR internal membrane. Additional laboratory studies showed the scaling can be reduced by metered addition of acid to reduce the pH. Significantly, organic removal in the MBR was accomplished with a very low biomass concentration of 1 g/L throughout the field trial. An earlier engineering evaluation shows produced water treatment by the SMZ/MBR/RO system would cost from $0.13 to $0.20 per bbl at up to 40 gpm. Current estimated disposal costs for produced water are $1.75 to $4.91 per bbl when transportation costs are included, with even higher rates in some regions. Our results suggest that treatment by an SMZ

  16. Advanced Control Design for Wind Turbines; Part I: Control Design, Implementation, and Initial Tests

    Wright, A. D.; Fingersh, L. J.


    The purpose of this report is to give wind turbine engineers information and examples of the design, testing through simulation, field implementation, and field testing of advanced wind turbine controls.

  17. Counselor Hypothesis Testing Strategies: The Role of Initial Impressions and Self-Schema.

    Strohmer, Douglas C.; Chiodo, Anthony L.


    Presents two experiments concerning confirmatory bias in the way counselors collect data to test their hypotheses. Counselors were asked either to develop their own clinical hypothesis or were given a hypothesis to test. Confirmatory bias in hypothesis testing was not supported in either experiment. (JAC)

  18. Initial Teacher Certification Testing in Massachusetts: A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog.

    Flippo, Rona F.; Riccards, Michael P.


    An evaluation of the Massachusetts Educator Certification Test has revealed unforeseen, counterproductive consequences. Teacher preparation colleges are adjusting curricular emphases to teach to a test of dubious validity and are inadvertently excluding substantial portions of enrollees to boost test scores. Minorities are failing at higher rates.…

  19. "Avaliação da distensibilidade da artéria pulmonar através da ressonância magnética e sua relação com a resposta ao teste agudo com vasodilatador em pacientes com hipertensão arterial pulmonar"

    Carlos Viana Poyares Jardim


    A hipertensão arterial pulmonar idiopática é uma doença que acomete os vasos arteriais pulmonares, determinando o aumento da resistência vascular pulmonar levando à deterioração hemodinâmica. Avaliamos se a distensibilidade da artéria pulmonar avaliada pela ressonância magnética se correlaciona à resposta ao teste agudo com vasodilatador em pacientes com hipertensão pulmonar. Houve diferença significativa de distensibilidade da artéria pulmonar em pacientes respondedores e não-respondedores. ...

  20. 40 CFR 63.1571 - How and when do I conduct a performance test or other initial compliance demonstration?


    ... practice standard where initial compliance is not demonstrated using a performance test, opacity... practices at the process unit, and provided EPA methods or approved alternatives were used; (2) You may use... the option in paragraph (a)(1)(iii) in § 63.1564 (Ni lb/hr), and you use continuous parameter...

  1. Comparison of the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Form T and Form S: Initial Item- and Subtest-Level Analyses


    Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Form T and Form S: Initial...Item- and Subtest- Level Analyses March, 2017 Imelda D. Aguilar Air Force Personnel Center Strategic Research and Assessment HQ AFPC...DSYX Prepared for: Laura G. Barron, Ph.D. AFPC/Strategic Research and Assessment Branch (SRAB) Air

  2. Development and Initial Validation of the NyTid Test: A Movement Assessment Tool for Compulsory School Pupils

    Tidén, Anna; Lundqvist, Carolina; Nyberg, Marie


    This study presents the development process and initial validation of the NyTid test, a process-oriented movement assessment tool for compulsory school pupils. A sample of 1,260 (627 girls and 633 boys; mean age of 14.39) Swedish school children participated in the study. In the first step, exploratory factor analyses (EFAs) were performed in…

  3. Development and initial testing of an instrument to establish eating profiles of clients in nursing homes or elderly homes

    Peeters, J.; Francke, A.L.; Friele, R.D.; Spreeuwenberg, P.; Graaf, de C.; Beek, van A.


    Eating profiles" can be defined as types of clients distinguished by combinations of food preferences, consumption patterns, and preferences for ambiance. The purpose of this article is to describe the development and initial testing of an instrument to establish eating profiles of residents of nurs

  4. Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc., Proton Exchange Member (PEM) Fuel Cell Engineering Model Powerplant. Test Report: Initial Benchmark Tests in the Original Orientation

    Loyselle, Patricia; Prokopius, Kevin


    Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology is the leading candidate to replace the alkaline fuel cell technology, currently used on the Shuttle, for future space missions. During a 5-yr development program, a PEM fuel cell powerplant was developed. This report details the initial performance evaluation test results of the powerplant.

  5. 78 FR 314 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... initially developed in accordance with Executive Order 12564 and section 503 of Public Law 100-71. The... Mall Street, London, ONT, Canada N6A 1P4, 519-679-1630 Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, 7207...: Centinela Hospital Airport Toxicology Laboratory) Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, 110 West Cliff...

  6. Initial Results from the Third Round of Remediated Nitrate Salt Surrogate Formulation and Testing

    Brown, Geoffrey Wayne [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Leonard, Philip [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Hartline, Ernest Leon [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Tian, Hongzhao [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    High explosives science and technology (M-7) is currently working on the third round of formulation and testing of Remediated nitrate salt (RNS) surrogates. This report summarizes the calorimetry results from the 15% sWheat mixtures. All formulation and testing was carried out according to PLAN-TA9-2443 Rev B, "Remediated Nitrate Salt (RNS) surrogate formulation and testing standard procedure", released February 16, 2016. Results from the first and second rounds of formulation and testing were documented in memoranda M7-16-6042 and M7-16-6053.

  7. Integrating tuberculosis and HIV services for people living with HIV: Costs of the Zambian ProTEST Initiative

    Kayawe Ignatius


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In the face of the dual TB/HIV epidemic, the ProTEST Initiative was one of the first to demonstrate the feasibility of providing collaborative TB/HIV care for people living with HIV (PLWH in poor settings. The ProTEST Initiative facilitated collaboration between service providers. Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT acted as the entry point for services including TB screening and preventive therapy, clinical treatment for HIV-related disease, and home-based care (HBC, and a hospice. This paper estimates the costs of the ProTEST Initiative in two sites in urban Zambia, prior to the introduction of anti-retroviral therapy. Methods Annual financial and economic providers costs and output measures were collected in 2000–2001. Estimates are made of total costs for each component and average costs per: person reached by ProTEST; VCT pre-test counselled, tested and completed; isoniazid preventive therapy started and completed; clinic visit; HBC patient; and hospice admission and bednight. Results Annual core ProTEST costs were (in 2007 US dollars $84,213 in Chawama and $31,053 in Matero. The cost of coordination was 4%–5% of total site costs ($1–$6 per person reached. The largest cost component in Chawama was voluntary counselling and testing (56% and the clinic in Matero (50%, where VCT clients had higher HIV-prevalences and more advanced HIV. Average costs were lower for all components in the larger site. The cost per HBC patient was $149, and per hospice bednight was $24. Conclusion This study shows that coordinating an integrated and comprehensive package of services for PLWH is relatively inexpensive. The lessons learnt in this study are still applicable today in the era of ART, as these services must still be provided as part of the continuum of care for people living with HIV.

  8. 40 CFR 60.2125 - How do I conduct the initial and annual performance test?


    ... for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units for Which Construction Is Commenced After... required in § 60.2175(b)(1)) and the types of waste burned during the performance test. (c) All performance... operations. (b) You must document that the waste burned during the performance test is representative of the...

  9. Influence of socioeconomic and demographic status on spirometry testing in patients initiating medication targeting obstructive lung disease

    Koefoed, Mette M; Søndergaard, Jens; Christensen, René Depont;


    a possible association between education, income, labour market affiliation, cohabitation status and having spirometry performed when initiating medication targeting obstructive pulmonary disease. METHODS: We conducted a population-based cohort study. Danish national registers were linked, retrieving data...... on prescriptions, spirometry testing, socioeconomic and demographic variables in all first time users of medication targeting obstructive lung disease in 2008. RESULTS: A total of 37,734 persons were included and approximately half of the cohort had spirometry performed. Among medication users under 65 years...... spirometry performed among men (OR = 0.78, CI = 0.69-0.88). CONCLUSION: Social inequity in spirometry testing among patients initiating medication targeting obstructive lung disease was confirmed in this study. Increased focus on spirometry testing among elderly men living alone, among the unemployed...

  10. Initial results of sensitivity tests - Performed on the RE-1000 free-piston Stirling engine

    Schreiber, J. G.


    Tests have been performed over several years to investigate the dynamics of a free-piston Stirling engine for the purpose of computer code validation. Tests on the 1 kW (1.33 hp) single cylinder engine have involved the determination of the sensitivity of the engine performance to variations in working space pressure, heater and cooler temperatures, regenerator porosity, power piston mass, and displacer dynamics. Maps of engine performance have been recorded with the use of an 81.2 percent porosity regenerator. Both a high-efficiency displacer and a high-power displacer were tested; efficiencies up to 33 percent were recorded, and power output of approximately 1500 W was obtained. Preliminary results of the sensitivity tests are presented, and descriptions of future tests are given.

  11. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2013 Annual Report


    Drasgow, 2010) surfaced as the top choice1. The TAPAS is a measure of personality characteristics (e.g., achievement, sociability ) that... Sociability High scoring individuals tend to seek out and initiate social interactions. Team Orientation High scoring individuals prefer working in...perspectives. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice , 7, 546-551. Putka, D. J., & Van Iddekinge, C. H. (2007

  12. Progression paths in children's problem solving: The influence of dynamic testing, initial variability, and working memory.

    Resing, Wilma C M; Bakker, Merel; Pronk, Christine M E; Elliott, Julian G


    The current study investigated developmental trajectories of analogical reasoning performance of 104 7- and 8-year-old children. We employed a microgenetic research method and multilevel analysis to examine the influence of several background variables and experimental treatment on the children's developmental trajectories. Our participants were divided into two treatment groups: repeated practice alone and repeated practice with training. Each child received an initial working memory assessment and was subsequently asked to solve figural analogies on each of several sessions. We examined children's analogical problem-solving behavior and their subsequent verbal accounts of their employed solving processes. We also investigated the influence of verbal and visual-spatial working memory capacity and initial variability in strategy use on analogical reasoning development. Results indicated that children in both treatment groups improved but that gains were greater for those who had received training. Training also reduced the influence of children's initial variability in the use of analogical strategies with the degree of improvement in reasoning largely unrelated to working memory capacity. Findings from this study demonstrate the value of a microgenetic research method and the use of multilevel analysis to examine inter- and intra-individual change in problem-solving processes. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Correlation between Colon Transit Time Test Value and Initial Maintenance Dose of Laxative in Children with Chronic Functional Constipation

    Kim, Mock Ryeon; Park, Hye Won; Son, Jae Sung; Lee, Ran


    Purpose To evaluate the correlation between colon transit time (CTT) test value and initial maintenance dose of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 4000 or lactulose. Methods Of 415 children with chronic functional constipation, 190 were enrolled based on exclusion criteria using the CTT test, defecation diary, and clinical chart. The CTT test was performed with prior disimpaction. The laxative dose for maintenance was determined on the basis of the defecation diary and clinical chart. The Shapiro-Wilk test and Pearson's and Spearman's correlations were used for statistical analysis. Results The overall group median value and interquartile range of the CTT test was 43.8 (31.8) hours. The average PEG 4000 dose for maintenance in the overall group was 0.68±0.18 g/kg/d; according to age, the dose was 0.73±0.16 g/kg/d (<8 years), 0.53±0.12 g/kg/d (8 to <12 years), and 0.36±0.05 g/kg/d (12 to 15 years). The dose of lactulose was 1.99±0.43 mL/kg/d (<8 years) or 1.26±0.25 mL/kg/d (8 to <12 years). There was no significant correlation between CTT test value and initial dose of laxative, irrespective of the subgroup (encopresis, abnormal CTT test subtype) for either laxative. Even in the largest group (overall, n=109, younger than 8 years and on PEG 4000), the correlation was weak (Pearson's correlation coefficient [R]=0.268, p=0.005). Within the abnormal transit group, subgroup (n=73, younger than 8 years and on PEG 4000) correlation was weak (R=0.267, p=0.022). Conclusion CTT test value cannot predict the initial maintenance dose of PEG 4000 or lactulose with linear correlation.

  14. Measuring student learning using initial and final concept test in an STEM course

    Kaw, Autar; Yalcin, Ali


    Effective assessment is a cornerstone in measuring student learning in higher education. For a course in Numerical Methods, a concept test was used as an assessment tool to measure student learning and its improvement during the course. The concept test comprised 16 multiple choice questions and was given in the beginning and end of the class for three semesters. Hake's gain index, a measure of learning gains from pre- to post-tests, of 0.36 to 0.41 were recorded. The validity and reliability of the concept test was checked via standard measures such as Cronbach's alpha, content and criterion-related validity, item characteristic curves and difficulty and discrimination indices. The performance of various subgroups such as pre-requisite grades, transfer students, gender and age were also studied.

  15. Hydrogen and Storage Initiatives at the NASA JSC White Sands Test Facility

    Maes, Miguel; Woods, Stephen S.


    NASA WSTF Hydrogen Activities: a) Aerospace Test; b) System Certification & Verification; c) Component, System, & Facility Hazard Assessment; d) Safety Training Technical Transfer: a) Development of Voluntary Consensus Standards and Practices; b) Support of National Hydrogen Infrastructure Development.

  16. Provider-initiated HIV counselling and testing (PICT) in the mentally ill

    the social drift associated with mental illness (e.g. poverty, ... ill population and many mental health settings do not encourage. HIV testing. Studies ..... Geneva: WHO, 2011.

  17. Evaluating the implementation of nurse-initiated HIV rapid testing in three Veterans Health Administration substance use disorder clinics.

    Conners, E E; Hagedorn, H J; Butler, J N; Felmet, K; Hoang, T; Wilson, P; Klima, G; Sudzina, E; Anaya, H D


    Individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs) are at higher risk of HIV infection, yet recent studies show rates of HIV testing are low among this population. We implemented and evaluated a nurse-initiated HIV oral rapid testing (NRT) strategy at three Veterans Health Administration SUD clinics. Implementation of NRT includes streamlined nurse training and a computerized clinical reminder. The evaluation employed qualitative interviews with staff and a quantitative evaluation of HIV testing rates. Barriers to testing included lack of laboratory support and SUD nursing resistance to performing medical procedures. Facilitators included the ease of NRT integration into workflow, engaged management and an existing culture of disease prevention. Six-months post intervention, rapid testing rates at SUD clinics in sites 1, 2, and 3 were 5.0%, 1.1% and 24.0%, respectively. Findings indicate that NRT can be successfully incorporated into some types of SUD subclinics with minimal perceived impact on workflow and time.

  18. Initial Test Results from a Multicusp Source for TRIUMF's Radioactive Beam Facility.

    Kuo, Thomas; Yuan, Dick; Jayamanna, Keerthi; McDonald, Mike; Baartman, Rick; MacKenzie, Georges; Bricault, Pierre; Dombsky, Marik; Schmor, Paul; Leung, Kow; Williams, Don; Gough, Rick


    A multicusp source for positive ion beams has been designed and constructed in collaboration with the Ion Beam Technology Department of LBNL for the TRIUMF ISAC project. This type of source has demonstrated a high yield of singly charged ions, a low energy spread and a good emittance and is compact and simple. Several stages of tests and measurements using non-radioactive beams to characterize the source performance are being carried out prior to the final phase of radioactive target-source tests. Source properties such as the ion species population, beam intensity, gas efficiency and the ionization of a substance of diminutive quantity mixed with a carrier gas, were tested at the LBNL site. At present, these tests are being repeated at TRIUMF. A cross check on the source-extraction system gas efficiency in comparison with IGUN calculations is in progress. Emittance and beam energy spread measurements will be made both at LBNL and TRIUMF. Results of these tests will be reported and certain problems encountered during the tests will be discussed.

  19. ICFT: An initial closed-loop flow test of the Fenton Hill Phase II HDR reservoir

    Dash, Z.V. (ed.); Aguilar, R.G.; Dennis, B.R.; Dreesen, D.S.; Fehler, M.C.; Hendron, R.H.; House, L.S.; Ito, H.; Kelkar, S.M.; Malzahn, M.V.


    A 30-day closed-loop circulation test of the Phase II Hot Dry Rock reservoir at Fenton Hill, New Mexico, was conducted to determine the thermal, hydraulic, chemical, and seismic characteristics of the reservoir in preparation for a long-term energy-extraction test. The Phase II heat-extraction loop was successfully tested with the injection of 37,000 m/sup 3/ of cold water and production of 23,300 m/sup 3/ of hot water. Up to 10 MW/sub t/ was extracted when the production flow rate reached 0.0139 m/sup 3//s at 192/degree/C. By the end of the test, the water-loss rate had decreased to 26% and a significant portion of the injected water was recovered; 66% during the test and an additional 20% during subsequent venting. Analysis of thermal, hydraulic, geochemical, tracer, and seismic data suggests the fractured volume of the reservoir was growing throughout the test. 19 refs., 64 figs., 19 tabs.

  20. Test and approval center for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies: Phase I. Initiation. Final report; Test- og godkendelsescenter for braendselscelle- og brintteknologier. Fase 1. Opstart. Slutrapport

    Hagen, A. [Technical Univ. of Denmark. DTU Energy Conversion, DTU Risoe Campus, Roskilde (Denmark)


    The aim of the present project was to initialize a Test and Approval Center for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies at the sites of the project partners Risoe DTU (Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Division), and DGC (work package 1). The project furthermore included start-up of first activities with focus on the development of accelerated life-time tests of fuel cell systems, preparations for standardization of these methods, and advising in relation to certification and approval of fuel cell systems (work package 2). The main achievements of the project were: Work package 1: 1) A large national and international network was established comprising of important commercial players, research institutions, and other test centers; 2) The test center is known in large part of the international Fuel Cell and Hydrogen community due to substantial efforts in 'marketing'; 3) New national and international projects have been successfully applied for, with significant roles of the test center, which secure the further establishment and development of the center. Work package 2: 1) Testing equipment was installed and commissioned at DTU (Risoe Campus); 2) A comprehensive survey among international players regarding activities on accelerated SOFC testing was carried out; 3) A test procedure for 'compressed' testing of SOFC in relation to {mu} CHP application was developed and used for one-cell stack and 50-cell-stack testing; 4) Guidelines for Danish authority handling were formulated. (Author)

  1. Aplicação do teste de informação, memória e concentração (IMC ao estudo epidemiológico de demência senil em Fortaleza

    G. S. B. Viana


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo verificar a ocorrência de demência senil em amostra de pessoas de 65 e mais anos de idade residentes no Município de Fortaleza. Foram testados 865 idosos, a partir do teste de Informação, Memória e Concentração, IMC (teste de Hachinski, modificado, que aborda aspectos concernentes à identificação da pessoa, à memória de fatos atuais e remotos e à concentração, determinando os estados demenciais em função do número e grau de respostas numa seqüência programada e previamente testada quanto à sensibilidade e especificidade. Analisando-se os resultados quanto a idade, sexo e condição social, evidenciou-se uma prevalência de 8,4% de demência senil no conjunto geral, com diferença não-significativa na faixa de 75 e mais anos de idade (9,3%, comparada ao grupo de 65 a 74 anos (7,5%. Os percentuais foram semelhantes para homens e mulheres: 8,7% e 8,3%, respectivamente. Quanto à condição social, foi verificado um aumento progressivo nas proporções de estados demenciais, desde 4,2% para o estrato A/B (abastados, 6,9% para o grupo C (nível intermediário e 10,3% no nível D/E correspondente ao estrato de pessoas economicamente desprivilegiadas. Estes resultados, entretanto, deverão ser vistos com cena reserva, dado o grau de recusa por ocasião das entrevistas, especialmente nos estratros A/B (19,3% e D/E (9,3%.The objective of the present paper was to verify the occurrence of senile dementia in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. A screening test, the Information, Memory and Concentration Test (IMC, was applied to 865 persons (65 years old and older. The Test includes questions on personal identification, recent and remote memory and concentration. Dementia was determined as a function of the total score obtained by the person in the test previously examined as far as sensitivity and specificity are concerned. The results were analysed according to age, sex and social strata. It was

  2. Initial virtual flight test for a dynamically similar aircraft model with control augmentation system

    Linliang Guo


    Full Text Available To satisfy the validation requirements of flight control law for advanced aircraft, a wind tunnel based virtual flight testing has been implemented in a low speed wind tunnel. A 3-degree-of-freedom gimbal, ventrally installed in the model, was used in conjunction with an actively controlled dynamically similar model of aircraft, which was equipped with the inertial measurement unit, attitude and heading reference system, embedded computer and servo-actuators. The model, which could be rotated around its center of gravity freely by the aerodynamic moments, together with the flow field, operator and real time control system made up the closed-loop testing circuit. The model is statically unstable in longitudinal direction, and it can fly stably in wind tunnel with the function of control augmentation of the flight control laws. The experimental results indicate that the model responds well to the operator’s instructions. The response of the model in the tests shows reasonable agreement with the simulation results. The difference of response of angle of attack is less than 0.5°. The effect of stability augmentation and attitude control law was validated in the test, meanwhile the feasibility of virtual flight test technique treated as preliminary evaluation tool for advanced flight vehicle configuration research was also verified.

  3. Estória faz história

    Vários Autores


    Full Text Available Esta seção foi inspirada na estória... "Jogos Internos", do prof. Lino Castellani Filho, que motivou os alunos da disciplina Prática de Ensino e Recreação, para a criação de estórias que falavam da problemática da Educação Física.

  4. Exame simples de urina no diagnóstico de infecção urinária em gestantes de alto risco Urine test to diagnose urinary tract infection in highh-risk pregant women

    Gláucia Virgínia de Queiroz Lins Guerra


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Identificar a acurácia do exame simples de urina para diagnóstico de infecção urinária em gestantes de alto risco. MÉTODOS: Realizou-se um estudo transversal, prospectivo, em 164 gestantes admitidas na enfermaria de alto risco do Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP, no período de janeiro a junho de 2011. Foram excluídas as pacientes em uso de antibiótico nos últimos dez dias. Todas as pacientes foram submetidas aos exames de urina simples e urocultura no início de sua admissão. A concordância entre os resultados dos exames foi avaliada pelo índice Kappa (K, sendo, ainda, determinados a acurácia, sensibilidade, especificidade e valor preditivo positivo (VPP e negativo (VPN. RESULTADOS: Utilizando como critério de diagnóstico apenas a presença de piócitos no exame simples de urina para sugerir bacteriúria, observou-se uma fraca concordância quando comparado à urocultura (K=0,16. A acurácia foi de 61%, com sensibilidade de 62,5% e especificidade de 60,6%. O VPP foi de 27,78% e o VPN, de 87%. CONCLUSÃO: Na presença de alteração do exame simples de urina não necessariamente está em curso uma infecção urinária, sendo necessária a realização da urocultura. Porém, quando o exame simples de urina for normal, a urocultura pode ser dispensada.PURPOSE: To identify the accuracy of urinalysis in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in pregnant women at high risk. METHODS: a prospective, cross-sectional study was conducted on 164 pregnant women admitted to the high-risk the ward of the Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP during the period from January to June 2011. Patients who had been taking antibiotics in the last ten days were excluded. All patients were subjected to simple urine tests and urine culture at the beginning of their admission. The agreement between the results of the examinations was evaluated by Kappa indices (K, and accuracy, sensitivity

  5. Standard test method for initial screening of corrosion inhibiting admixtures for steel in concrete

    American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia


    1.1 This test method covers a procedure for determining the effects of chemical admixtures on the corrosion of metals in concrete. This test method can be used to evaluate materials intended to inhibit chloride-induced corrosion of steel in concrete. It can also be used to evaluate the corrosivity of admixtures by themselves or in a chloride environment. This test is not applicable for emulsions. 1.2 &solely-SI-units; 1.3 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

  6. High speed cinematography of the initial break-point of latex condoms during the air burst test.

    Stube, R; Voeller, B; Davidhazy, A


    High speed cinematography of latex condoms inflated to burst under standard (ISO) conditions reveals that rupture of the condom typically is initiated at a small focal point on the shank of the condom and then rapidly propagates throughout the condom's surface, often ending with partial or full severance of the condom at its point of attachment to the air burst instrument. This sequence of events is the reverse of that sometimes hypothesized to occur, where initiation of burst was considered to begin at the attachment point and to constitute a testing method artifact. This hypothesis of breakage at the attachment point, if true, would diminish the value of the air burst test as a standard for assessing manufacturing quality control as well as for condom strength measurements and comparisons.

  7. Development and initial testing of a pulse oximetry prototype for measuring dental pulp vitality

    Cerqueira, M.; Ferreira, M.; Caramelo, F.


    The guiding principle of endodontic treatment is to preserve teeth while maintaining its aesthetic and functional roles. To accomplish this goal the assessment of teeth pulp vitality is very important since it will determine the procedures that should be adopted and define the therapy strategy. Currently, the most commonly tests for determining dental pulp state are the thermal and the electrical tests, which are based on nerve response and, because of that, have a relatively high rate of false positives and false negatives cases. In this work we present a simple test to be used in the clinical setting for evaluating noninvasively the existence of blood perfusion in dental pulp. This test is based on pulse oximetry principle that was devised to indirectly measure the amount of oxygen in blood. Although pulse oximetry has already demonstrated its usefulness in clinical environment its usage for the determination of dental pulp vitality has been frustrated by several factors, notably the absence of a suitable sensor to the complex shape of the various coronary teeth. We developed a suitable sensor and present the first trials with promising results, regarding the ability for distinguish teeth with and without blood perfusion.

  8. 78 FR 59946 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... Public Law 100-71. The ``Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs,'' as amended... Partnership, 245 Pall Mall Street, London, ONT, Canada N6A 1P4, 519-679-1630. Laboratory Corporation of...: Centinela Hospital Airport Toxicology Laboratory). Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, 110 West Cliff...

  9. 78 FR 46996 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... 503 of Public Law 100-71. The ``Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs'', as... Laboratory Partnership, 245 Pall Mall Street, London, ONT, Canada N6A 1P4, 519-679-1630 Laboratory...: Centinela Hospital Airport Toxicology Laboratory) Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, 110 West Cliff...

  10. 78 FR 39757 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... 503 of Public Law 100-71. The ``Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs'', as... Laboratory Partnership, 245 Pall Mall Street, London, ONT, Canada N6A 1P4, 519-679-1630 Laboratory...: Centinela Hospital Airport Toxicology Laboratory) Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, 110 West Cliff...

  11. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2011 Annual Report


    unidimensional pairwise preference model. Applied Psychological Measurement, 29, 184-201. 55 Stark, S. E., Chernyshenko, O. S., & Drasgow, F. (2010a...Adaptive testing with the multi- unidimensional pairwise preference model. Manuscript submitted for publication. Stark, S. E., Chernyshenko, O. S

  12. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: 2010 Annual Report


    unidimensional polytomous responses. Applied Psychological Measurement, 24, 3-32. Schafer, S. M. (2007, May 4). Good economy makes recruiting tough...involving stimuli on different dimensions: The multi- unidimensional pairwise preference model. Applied Psychological Measurement, 29, 184-201. Stark, S.E...Chernyshenko, O.S., & Drasgow, F. (2010a). Adaptive testing with the Multi- Unidimensional Pairwise Preference model. Manuscript submitted for

  13. Tier One Performance Screen Initial Operational Test and Evaluation: Early Results


    for unfolding unidimensional polytomous responses. Applied Psychological Measurement, 24, 3-32. Schafer, S. M. (2007, May 4). Good economy makes...Drasgow, F. (2010a). Adaptive testing with the Multi- Unidimensional Pairwise Preference model. Manuscript submitted for publication. Stark, S...The multi- unidimensional pairwise preference model. Applied Psychological Measurement, 29, 184-201. Stark, S., Chernyshenko, O.S., & Drasgow, F

  14. An Initial Attempt at Operationalizing and Testing the Community Coalition Action Theory

    Kegler, Michelle C.; Swan, Deanne W.


    The Community Coalition Action Theory (CCAT) blends practice wisdom with empirical data to explain how community coalitions achieve community change and community capacity outcomes. The current study uses data from an evaluation of 20 "California Healthy Cities" and "Communities" coalitions to test relationships between…

  15. 77 FR 39501 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Current List of Laboratories... Testing for Federal Agencies AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HHS... thereafter. This notice is also available on the Internet at and http://www...

  16. 77 FR 45645 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ...] [FR Doc No: 2012-18707] DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health... Minimum Standards To Engage in Urine Drug Testing for Federal Agencies AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental... the Internet at and . FOR FURTHER...

  17. 75 FR 67749 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Current List of Laboratories... Testing for Federal Agencies AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HHS... thereafter. This notice is also available on the Internet at and http://www...

  18. 77 FR 5037 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Current List of Laboratories... Testing for Federal Agencies AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HHS... thereafter. This notice is also available on the Internet at and http://www...

  19. 76 FR 31969 - Current List of Laboratories and Instrumented Initial Testing Facilities Which Meet Minimum...


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Current List of Laboratories... Testing for Federal Agencies AGENCY: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HHS... thereafter. This notice is also available on the Internet at and http://www...

  20. 49 CFR 232.205 - Class I brake test-initial terminal inspection.


    ... not to exceed 92 days. The AFM indicator calibration test orifices shall be calibrated at temperatures... feet per minute (CFM). (2) The inspector(s) shall take a position on each side of each car sometime... shall not constitute an inspection of that side of the train for purposes of this requirement; (3)...

  1. Second Line of Defense, Megaports Initiative, Operational Testing and Evaluation Plan, Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico

    Hughes, Jamie D.


    The purpose of the Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) phases of the project is to prepare for turnover of the Megaports System supplied by U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA)—located at the Export Lanes of the Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico—to the Government of Mexico (GOM).

  2. Smartphone-based hearing test as an aid in the initial evaluation of unilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

    Handzel, Ophir; Ben-Ari, Oded; Damian, Doris; Priel, Maayan M; Cohen, Jacob; Himmelfarb, Mordechai


    Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) can cause significant morbidity. Treatment with steroids can improve outcome. Delay in initiation of treatment reduces the chance to regain hearing. For this reason SSNHL is considered an emergency. Diagnosis is based on history, physical examination and a standard audiogram, the latter requiring specialized equipment and personnel. Standard audiogram may not be available at the time and place of patient presentation. A smartphone or tablet computer-based hearing test may aid in the decision to prescribe steroids in this setting. In this study the uHear™ hearing test application was utilized. The output of this ear-level air conduction hearing test is reported in hearing grades for 6 frequencies ranging from 250 to 6000 Hz. A total of 32 patients with unilateral SSNHL proven by a standard audiogram were tested. The results of standard and iPod hearing tests were compared. Based on the accepted criterion of SSNHL (at least 30 dB loss - or 2 hearing grades - in 3 consecutive frequencies) the test had a sensitivity of 0.76 and specificity of 0.91. Using a less stringent criterion of a loss of 2 hearing grades over at least 2 frequencies the sensitivity was 0.96 and specificity 0.86. The correlation coefficient for the comparison of the average hearing grade across the 6 measured frequencies of the study and standard audiogram was 0.83. uHear more accurately reflected hearing thresholds at mid and high tones. Similarly to previously published data, low frequency thresholds could be artificially elevated. In conclusion, uHear can be useful in the initial evaluation of patients with single-sided SSNHL by providing important information guiding the decision to initiate treatment before a standard audiogram is available.

  3. Testing variational estimation of process parameters and initial conditions of an earth system model

    Simon Blessing


    Full Text Available We present a variational assimilation system around a coarse resolution Earth System Model (ESM and apply it for estimating initial conditions and parameters of the model. The system is based on derivative information that is efficiently provided by the ESM's adjoint, which has been generated through automatic differentiation of the model's source code. In our variational approach, the length of the feasible assimilation window is limited by the size of the domain in control space over which the approximation by the derivative is valid. This validity domain is reduced by non-smooth process representations. We show that in this respect the ocean component is less critical than the atmospheric component. We demonstrate how the feasible assimilation window can be extended to several weeks by modifying the implementation of specific process representations and by switching off processes such as precipitation.

  4. Barriers to provider-initiated testing and counselling for children in a high HIV prevalence setting: a mixed methods study.

    Katharina Kranzer


    Full Text Available There is a substantial burden of HIV infection among older children in sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of whom are diagnosed after presentation with advanced disease. We investigated the provision and uptake of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling (PITC among children in primary health care facilities, and explored health care worker (HCW perspectives on providing HIV testing to children.Children aged 6 to 15 y attending six primary care clinics in Harare, Zimbabwe, were offered PITC, with guardian consent and child assent. The reasons why testing did not occur in eligible children were recorded, and factors associated with HCWs offering and children/guardians refusing HIV testing were investigated using multivariable logistic regression. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with clinic nurses and counsellors to explore these factors. Among 2,831 eligible children, 2,151 (76% were offered PITC, of whom 1,534 (54.2% consented to HIV testing. The main reasons HCWs gave for not offering PITC were the perceived unsuitability of the accompanying guardian to provide consent for HIV testing on behalf of the child and lack of availability of staff or HIV testing kits. Children who were asymptomatic, older, or attending with a male or a younger guardian had significantly lower odds of being offered HIV testing. Male guardians were less likely to consent to their child being tested. 82 (5.3% children tested HIV-positive, with 95% linking to care. Of the 940 guardians who tested with the child, 186 (19.8% were HIV-positive.The HIV prevalence among children tested was high, highlighting the need for PITC. For PITC to be successfully implemented, clear legislation about consent and guardianship needs to be developed, and structural issues addressed. HCWs require training on counselling children and guardians, particularly male guardians, who are less likely to engage with health care services. Increased awareness of the risk of HIV infection

  5. Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative: Kansas Biofuels Production, Testing and Certification Laboratory

    Stagg-Williams, Susan M. [Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (United States). Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering; Depcik, Chris [Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (United States). Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering; Sturm, Belinda [Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (United States). Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


    The primary task of this grant was to establish an ASTM testing facility for biodiesel and ethanol and to use this facility to develop methods to predict fuel characteristics based on feedstock composition and feedstock cultivation. In addition to characterizing fuel properties, this grant allowed for the purchase and installation of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) emissions analyzer that will provide an analysis of the emissions leaving the engine in order to meet EPA regulations. This FTIR system is combined with an Alternating Current (AC) dynamometer that allows the engine to follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Federal Test Procedure (FTP) cycles. A secondary task was to investigate cultivating algae utilizing wastewater and top-down ecological control and subsequent harvesting using coagulation and dissolved air flotation. Lipid extraction utilizing environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solvents, with and without cell-disruption pretreatment was also explored. Significant work on the hydrothermal liquefaction of wastewater cultivated algae was conducted.

  6. Byggmeister Test Home: Analysis and Initial Results of Cold Climate Wood-Framed Home Retrofit

    Gates, C.


    BSC seeks to further the energy efficiency market for New England area retrofit projects by supporting projects that are based on solid building science fundamentals and verified implementation. With the high exposure of energy efficiency and retrofit terminology being used in the general media at this time, it is important to have evidence that measures being proposed will in fact benefit the homeowner through a combination of energy savings, improved durability, and occupant comfort. There are several basic areas of research to which the technical report for these test homes can be expected to contribute. These include the combination of measures that is feasible, affordable and acceptable to homeowners as well as expectations versus results. Two Byggmeister multi-family test homes in Massachusetts are examined with the goal of providing case studies that could be applied to other similar New England homes.

  7. Byggmeister Test Home: Analysis and Initial Results of Cold Climate Wood-Framed Home Retrofit

    Gates, C.


    BSC seeks to further the energy efficiency market for New England area retrofit projects by supporting projects that are based on solid building science fundamentals and verified implementation. With the high exposure of energy efficiency and retrofit terminology being used in the general media at this time, it is important to have evidence that measures being proposed will in fact benefit the homeowner through a combination of energy savings, improved durability, and occupant comfort. There are several basic areas of research to which the technical report for these test homes can be expected to contribute. These include the combination of measures that is feasible, affordable and acceptable to homeowners as well as expectations versus results. Two Byggmeister multi-family test homes in Massachusetts are examined with the goal of providing case studies that could be applied to other similar New England homes.

  8. RQ-21A Blackjack Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS): Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Report


    meet the 80 percent Operational Availability key performance parameter . Air vehicle reliability caused 148 of the 148.5 total system down hours...without operator input.  Operators would encounter a “split screen ” condition where the top of the sensor image appears at the bottom of the image...on the operators display . Previous Operational Testing Results Revisited in IOT&E In support of the RQ-21A Milestone C, the Navy conducted

  9. Initial Implementation and Testing of a Tightly-Coupled IMU/Pseudolite System


    Symposium on Satellite Navigation Technology Including Mobile Positioning & Location Services, Melbourne , Australia July, 2003. 7. Bouska, Terry J...Groves, P.D. Principles of GNSS, Inertial, and Multisensor Integrated Navigation Systems. GNSS technology and applications series. Artech House , 2008... House , 2005. 18. Littleton, 1st Lt Shawn D. and Capt Jeremiah A Shockley. “Emerging T&E Capabilities Shortfall for GPS-Denied Tests and Possible

  10. Cognitive Dissonance and Affect: An Initial Test of a Connectionist Account

    Karen Jordens; Frank Van Overwalle


    In their connectionist model of cognitive dissonance, Van Overwalle & Jordens (2002) put forward the hypothesis that positive affect increases behaviour-induced attitudes, while negative affect decreases attitudes. In this article, this hypothesised role of affect was tested for two well-known paradigms in the cognitive dissonance literature: free choice and induced compliance. For the free-choice paradigm, we replicated the findings in the difficult-high choice condition of Shultz, Lévei...

  11. Initial Testing of the Microscopic Depletion Implementation in the MAMMOTH Reactor Physics Application

    J. Ortensi; Y. Wang; S. Schunert; B.D. Ganapol; F.N. Gleicher; B. Baker; M.D. DeHart


    Present and new nuclear fuels that will be tested at the Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) facility will be analyzed with the MAMMOTH reactor physics application, currently under development, at Idaho National Laboratory. MAMMOTH natively couples the BISON, RELAP-7, and Rattlesnake applications within the MOOSE framework. This system allows the irradiation of fuel from beginning of life in a nuclear reactor until it is placed in TREAT for fuel testing within the same analysis mesh and, thus, retaining a very high level of resolution and fidelity. The calculation of the isotopic distribution in fuel requires the solution to the decay and transmutation equations coupled to the neutron transport equation. The Chebyshev Rational Approximation Method (CRAM) is the current state-of-the-art in the field, as was chosen to be the solver for the decay and transmutation equations. This report shows that the implementation of the CRAM solver within MAMMOTH is correct with various analytic benchmarks for decay and transmutation of nuclides. The results indicate that the solutions with CRAM order 16 achieve the level of precision of the benchmark. The CRAM solutions show little sensitivity to the time step size and consistently produce a high level of accuracy for isotopic decay for time steps of 1x10^11 years. Comparisons to DRAGON5 with 297 isotopes yield comparable results, but some differences need to be further analyzed.

  12. Resonant Frequency Control For the PIP-II Injector Test RFQ: Control Framework and Initial Results

    Edelen, A. L. [Colorado State U.; Biedron, S. G.; Milton, S. V.; Bowring, D.; Chase, B. E.; Edelen, J. P.; Nicklaus, D.; Steimel, J.


    For the PIP-II Injector Test (PI-Test) at Fermilab, a four-vane radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) is designed to accelerate a 30-keV, 1-mA to 10-mA, H- beam to 2.1 MeV under both pulsed and continuous wave (CW) RF operation. The available headroom of the RF amplifiers limits the maximum allowable detuning to 3 kHz, and the detuning is controlled entirely via thermal regulation. Fine control over the detuning, minimal manual intervention, and fast trip recovery is desired. In addition, having active control over both the walls and vanes provides a wider tuning range. For this, we intend to use model predictive control (MPC). To facilitate these objectives, we developed a dedicated control framework that handles higher-level system decisions as well as executes control calculations. It is written in Python in a modular fashion for easy adjustments, readability, and portability. Here we describe the framework and present the first control results for the PI-Test RFQ under pulsed and CW operation.

  13. Are U.S. cancer screening test patterns consistent with guideline recommendations with respect to the age of screening initiation?

    Kadiyala Srikanth


    Full Text Available Abstract Background U.S. cancer screening guidelines communicate important information regarding the ages for which screening tests are appropriate. Little attention has been given to whether breast, colorectal and prostate cancer screening test use is responsive to guideline age information regarding the age of screening initiation. Methods The 2006 Behavioral Risk Factor Social Survey and the 2003 National Health Interview Surveys were used to compute breast, colorectal and prostate cancer screening test rates by single year of age. Graphical and logistic regression analyses were used to compare screening rates for individuals close to and on either side of the guideline recommended screening initiation ages. Results We identified large discrete shifts in the use of screening tests precisely at the ages where guidelines recommend that screening begin. Mammography screening in the last year increased from 22% [95% CI = 20, 25] at age 39 to 36% [95% CI = 33, 39] at age 40 and 47% [95% CI = 44, 51] at age 41. Adherence to the colorectal cancer screening guidelines within the last year increased from 18% [95% CI = 15, 22] at age 49 to 19% [95% CI = 15, 23] at age 50 and 34% [95% CI = 28, 39] at age 51. Prostate specific antigen screening in the last year increased from 28% [95% CI = 25, 31] at age 49 to 33% [95% CI = 29, 36] and 42% [95% CI = 38, 46] at ages 50 and 51. These results are robust to multivariate analyses that adjust for age, sex, income, education, marital status and health insurance status. Conclusion The results from this study suggest that cancer screening test utilization is consistent with guideline age information regarding the age of screening initiation. Screening test and adherence rates increased by approximately 100% at the breast and colorectal cancer guideline recommended ages compared to only a 50% increase in the screening test rate for prostate cancer screening. Since information regarding the age of cancer screening

  14. The Global Modeling Initiative Assessment Model: Model Description, Integration and Testing of the Transport Shell

    Rotman, D.A.; Tannahill, J.R.; Kinnison, D.E.; Connell, P.S.; Bergmann, D.; Proctor, D.; Rodriquez, J.M.; Lin, S.J.; Rood, R.B.; Prather, M.J.; Rasch, P.J.; Considine, D.B.; Ramaroson, R.; Kawa, S.R.


    We describe the three dimensional global stratospheric chemistry model developed under the NASA Global Modeling Initiative (GMI) to assess the possible environmental consequences from the emissions of a fleet of proposed high speed civil transport aircraft. This model was developed through a unique collaboration of the members of the GMI team. Team members provided computational modules representing various physical and chemical processes, and analysis of simulation results through extensive comparison to observation. The team members' modules were integrated within a computational framework that allowed transportability and simulations on massively parallel computers. A unique aspect of this model framework is the ability to interchange and intercompare different submodules to assess the sensitivity of numerical algorithms and model assumptions to simulation results. In this paper, we discuss the important attributes of the GMI effort, describe the GMI model computational framework and the numerical modules representing physical and chemical processes. As an application of the concept, we illustrate an analysis of the impact of advection algorithms on the dispersion of a NO{sub y}-like source in the stratosphere which mimics that of a fleet of commercial supersonic transports (High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT)) flying between 17 and 20 kilometers.

  15. Summary of activities at the Engineered Barriers Test Facility, October 1, 1995 to January 31, 1997, and initial data

    Porro, I.; Keck, K.N.


    Replicates of two engineered barrier designs (a thick soil barrier and a bio/capillary barrier) were constructed in the test plots of the facility. Prior to placement of any soil in the test plots, instruments were calibrated and attached to plot instrument towers, which were then installed in the test plots. Soil from Spreading Area B was installed in the test plots in lifts and compacted. Instruments attached to the instrument tower were placed in shallow trenches dug in the lifts and buried. Each instrument was checked to make sure it functioned prior to installation of the next lift. Soil samples were collected from each lift in one plot during construction for later determination of physical and hydraulic properties. After completion of the test plots, the data acquisition system was finalized, and data collection began. Appropriate instrument calibration equations and equation coefficients are presented, and data reduction techniques are described. Initial data show test plot soils drying throughout the summer and early fall. This corresponds to low rainfall during this period. Infiltration of water into the test plots was first detected around mid-November with several subsequent episodes in December. Infiltration was verified by corresponding measurements from several different instruments [time domain reflectometry (TDR), neutron probe, thermocouple psychrometers, and heat dissipation sensors]. Tensiometer data does not appear to corroborate data from the other instruments. Test plots were warmer on the side closest to the access trench indicating a temperature effect from the trench. This resulted in greater soil moisture freezing with less and shallower infiltration on the far side of the plots than on the side closest to the trench. At the end of this monitoring period, infiltration in all but two of the test plots has reached the 155-cm depth. Infiltration in test plots B2 and S3 has reached only the 140-cm depth. The monitored infiltration events have

  16. M1156 Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Report


    the data was determined to be combinable, p- value = 0.230. 25 P- value = 0.175, based on Fisher’s Exact Test.    37  Table 4-2. Summary of PGK...Artillery Charge System ( MACS ) propellant charges (M231, M232, and M232A1)  Artillery fire support mission-processing components, including fire...vulnerabilities. During the IOT&E, the Army conducted an AA to determine the ability of a unit equipped with PGK to protect, defend, recover, and restore

  17. Initiation of trailing edge failure in full-scale wind turbine blade test

    Haselbach, Philipp Ulrich; Branner, Kim


    The reliability and accuracy of a numerical shell model simulation and its predictive capabilities with existing failure criteria are compared to experiments of a 34 m long blade tested to ultimate failure. Strengths and weaknesses of in-plane failure criteria are highlighted and the geometrical...... non-linear buckling effect of the trailing edge under combined loading, and how it affects the ultimate strength of a blade in a trailing-edge failure dominated load direction were investigated. The study details the interaction between trailing edge buckling on damage onset and sandwich panel failure...

  18. Evaluation of initial collector field performance at the Langley Solar Building Test Facility

    Boyle, R. J.; Knoll, R. H.; Jensen, R. N.


    The thermal performance of the solar collector field for the NASA Langley Solar Building Test Facility is given for October 1976 through January 1977. An 1180 square meter solar collector field with seven collector designs helped to provide hot water for the building heating system and absorption air conditioner. The collectors were arranged in 12 rows with nominally 51 collectors per row. Heat transfer rates for each row are calculated and recorded along with sensor, insolation, and weather data every 5 minutes using a mini-computer. The agreement between the experimental and predicted collector efficiencies was generally within five percentage points.

  19. Equilibrium Star Formation In A Constant Q Disk: Model Optimisation and Initial Tests

    Zheng, Zheng; Heckman, Timothy; Thilker, David; Zwaan, Martin


    We develop a model for the distribution of the ISM and star formation in galaxies based on recent studies that indicate that galactic disks stabilise to a constant stability parameter, which we combine with prescriptions of how the phases of the ISM are determined and for the Star Formation Law (SFL). The model predicts the gas surface mass density and star formation intensity of a galaxy given its rotation curve, stellar surface mass density and the gas velocity dispersion. This model is tested on radial profiles of neutral and molecular ISM surface mass density and star formation intensity of 12 galaxies selected from the THINGS sample. Our tests focus on intermediate radii. Nevertheless, the model produces reasonable agreement with ISM mass and star formation rate integrated over the central region in all but one case. To optimise the model, we evaluate four recipes for the stability parameter, three recipes for apportioning the ISM into molecular and neutral components, and eight versions of the SFL. We f...

  20. Simulation of Watts Bar Unit 1 Initial Startup Tests with Continuous Energy Monte Carlo Methods

    Godfrey, Andrew T [ORNL; Gehin, Jess C [ORNL; Bekar, Kursat B [ORNL; Celik, Cihangir [ORNL


    The Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors* is developing a collection of methods and software products known as VERA, the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications. One component of the testing and validation plan for VERA is comparison of neutronics results to a set of continuous energy Monte Carlo solutions for a range of pressurized water reactor geometries using the SCALE component KENO-VI developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Recent improvements in data, methods, and parallelism have enabled KENO, previously utilized predominately as a criticality safety code, to demonstrate excellent capability and performance for reactor physics applications. The highly detailed and rigorous KENO solutions provide a reliable nu-meric reference for VERAneutronics and also demonstrate the most accurate predictions achievable by modeling and simulations tools for comparison to operating plant data. This paper demonstrates the performance of KENO-VI for the Watts Bar Unit 1 Cycle 1 zero power physics tests, including reactor criticality, control rod worths, and isothermal temperature coefficients.

  1. Toward the assessment of psychological empowerment in health promotion: initial tests of validity and reliability.

    Rissel, C; Perry, C; Finnegan, J


    Because of the importance of empowerment in health promotion, the measurement of empowerment is a priority for health promotion research. The present study sought to develop a valid and reliable instrument to assess psychological empowerment and to resolve the theoretical question of whether psychological empowerment is a topic-specific or general construct. University of Minnesota employees (n = 160) completed two different versions of empowerment questionnaires. One of the questionnaires measured general empowerment; the other was specific to alcohol use prevention. Reasonable reliability was demonstrated in a previously developed general empowerment instrument (Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.84) and for an alcohol-specific instrument (Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.78). Construct validity for the alcohol-specific instrument was demonstrated by appropriate significant correlations between subscales and overall scores for both instruments. Predictive validity tests partially supported the concept that psychological empowerment is topic-specific, although further testing with a more representative population may be needed to resolve this question. The results suggest that the alcohol-specific psychological empowerment instrument could be used in the evaluation of community alcohol abuse prevention programmes.

  2. NASA's Beachside Corrosion Test Site and Current Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Control Initiatives

    Russell, Richard W.; Calle, Luz Marina; Johnston, Frederick; Montgomery, Eliza L.; Curran, Jerome P.; Kolody, Mark R.


    NASA began corrosion studies at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in 1966 during the Gemini/Apollo Programs with the evaluation of long-term corrosion protective coatings for carbon steel. KSC's Beachside Corrosion Test Site (BCTS), which has been documented by the American Society of Materials (ASM) as one of the most corrosive, naturally occurring, environments in the world, was established at that time. With the introduction of the Space Shuttle in 1981, the already highly corrosive conditions at the launch pad were rendered even more severe by the acid ic exhaust from the solid rocket boosters. In the years that followed, numerous studies have identified materials, coatings, and maintenance procedures for launch hardware and equipment exposed to the highly corrosive environment at the launch pad. This paper presents a historical overview of over 45 years of corrosion and coating evaluation studies and a description of the BCTS's current capabilities. Additionally, current research and testing programs involving chromium free coatings, environmentally friendly corrosion preventative compounds, and alternates to nitric acid passivation will be discussed.

  3. Rapid screening test for gestational diabetes: public health need, market requirement, initial product design, and experimental results

    Weigl, Bernhard H.; Zwisler, Greg; Peck, Roger; Abu-Haydar, Elizabeth


    Gestational diabetes is a global epidemic where many urban areas in Southeast Asia have found prevalence rates as high as 20%, exceeding the highest prevalence rates in the developed world. It can have serious and life-threatening consequences for mothers and babies. We are developing two variants of a new, simple, low-cost rapid test for screening for gestational diabetes mellitus for use primarily in low-resource settings. The pair of assays, both semiquantitative rapid diagnostic strip tests for glycated albumin, require neither fasting nor an oral glucose challenge test. One variant is an extremely simple strip test to estimate the level of total glycated albumin in blood. The other, which is slightly more complex and expensive, is a test that determines the ratio of glycated albumin to total albumin. The screening results can be used to refer women to receive additional care during delivery to avoid birth complications as well as counseling on diet and exercise during and after pregnancy. Results with the latter test may also be used to start treatment with glucose-lowering drugs. Both assays will be read visually. We present initial results of a preliminary cost-performance comparison model evaluating the proposed test versus existing alternatives. We also evaluated user needs and schematic paper microfluidics-based designs aimed at overcoming the challenge of visualizing relatively narrow differences between normal and elevated levels of glycated albumin in blood.

  4. Functional magnetic resonance imaging during urodynamic testing identifies brain structures initiating micturition.

    Shy, Michael; Fung, Steve; Boone, Timothy B; Karmonik, Christof; Fletcher, Sophie G; Khavari, Rose


    Normal voiding in neurologically intact patients is triggered by the release of tonic inhibition from suprapontine centers, allowing the pontine micturition center to trigger the voiding reflex. Supraspinal mechanisms of voluntary voiding in humans are just beginning to be described via functional neuroimaging. We further elucidated brain activity processes during voiding using functional magnetic resonance imaging in normal females to gain better understanding of normal voiding as well as changes that may occur in voiding dysfunction. We screened 13 healthy premenopausal female volunteers using baseline clinic urodynamics to document normal voiding parameters. We then recorded brain activity via functional magnetic resonance imaging and simultaneous urodynamics, including the pressure flow voiding phase. After motion correction of functional magnetic resonance images we performed activation and connectivity analyses in 10 subjects. Group analysis revealed consistent activation areas, including regions for motor control (cerebellum, thalamus, caudate, lentiform nucleus, red nucleus, supplementary motor area and post-central gyrus), emotion (anterior/posterior cingulate gyrus and insula), executive function (left superior frontal gyrus) and a focal region in the pons. Connectivity analysis demonstrated strong interconnectivity of the pontine micturition center with many short-range and long-range cortical clusters. Our study is one of the first reports of brain activation centers associated with micturition initiation in normal healthy females. Results show activation of a brain network consisting of regions for motor control, executive function and emotion processing. Further studies are planned to create and validate a model of brain activity during normal voiding in women. Copyright © 2014 American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Perceptions of tuberculosis patients on provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling--a study from south India.

    Beena E Thomas

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The acceptability and feasibility of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling (PITC in many settings across Asia with concentrated HIV epidemics is not known. A pilot study of the PITC policy undertaken within the public health care systems in two districts in India offered the opportunity to understand patient's perspectives on the process of referral for HIV testing and linking to HIV treatment and care. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study of randomly selected TB patients registered by the TB control program between July and November 2007 in two districts in south India. Trained interviewers met patients shortly after TB diagnosis and administered a structured questionnaire. Patients were assessed regarding their experience with HIV status assessment, referral for counseling and testing, and for HIV-infected patients the counseling itself and subsequent referral for HIV treatment and care. RESULTS: Of the 568 interviewed TB patients, 455 (80% reported being referred for HIV testing after they presented to the health facility for investigations or treatment for TB. Over half the respondents reported having to travel long distances and incurred financial difficulties in reaching the Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC and two-thirds had to make more than two visits. Only 48% reported having been counseled before the test. Of the 110 HIV-infected patients interviewed, (including 43 with previously-known positive HIV status and 67 detected by PITC, 89 (81% reported being referred for anti-retroviral treatment (ART; 82 patients reached the ART centre but only 44 had been initiated on ART. CONCLUSIONS: This study provides the first evidence from India that routine, provider-initiated voluntary HIV testing of TB patients is acceptable, feasible and can be achieved with very high efficiency under programmatic conditions. While PITC is useful in identifying new HIV-infected patients so that they can be

  6. Integrating cognitive and motivational factors in depression: initial tests of a goal-orientation approach.

    Dykman, B M


    Attempts to predict depression from a strictly cognitive perspective have met with limited success. A goal-orientation model is proposed that integrates motivational and cognitive factors in attempting to explain and predict depression. The model proposes that people differ in their goal orientation, with some people being more validation seeking (VS) and others being more growth seeking (GS). The model predicts that compared with GS persons, VS persons will show greater anxiety in anticipation of a stressful event and greater self-esteem loss, task disengagement, and depression after a negative event. A goal-orientation measure was developed (Study 1), and the predictive validity of the model was tested (Studies 2-5). Findings suggest that the explanatory and predictive power of the cognitive theories can be enhanced, and the arsenal of the cognitive therapist enlarged, by integrating motivational and cognitive approaches to depression.

  7. Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative Operational Testing and Evaluation Plan Colon Container Terminal (CCT) Panama

    Newhouse, Robert N.


    Report on the Operational Testing and Evaluation to validate and baseline an operable system that meets the Second Line of Defense (SLD) mission requirements. An SLD system is defined as the detection technology and associated equipment, the system operators from the host country, the standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other elements such as training and maintenance which support long-term system sustainment. To this end, the activities conducted during the OT&E phase must demonstrate that the Megaports System can be operated effectively in real-time by Panama Direccion General de Aduanas (DGA Panama Customs) personnel to the standards of the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA).

  8. WFC3/UVIS Charge Injection Behavior: Results of an Initial Test

    Bushouse, H.; Baggett, S.; Gilliland, R.; Noeske, K.; Petro, L.


    The WFC3 CCD Charge Injection (CI) capability has been tested on-orbit in Cycle18 calibration program 12348. Bias, dark, and science exposures of star cluster NGC 104 have been obtained in all commandable CI modes. Super-bias images were constructed for each CI mode and used to calibrate the NGC 104 exposures. Analysis has shown that the CI mode is working as expected, producing injected signals of ~15000 e-/pix. The CI signal is stable and repeatable to a level of a few e-/pix. CI rows in calibrated science images have mean residual signals of a few e-/pix with 1-sigma noise of ~18 e-/pix. Noise in science images in the rows in between CI varies from 3.5-6.5 e-/pix, compared to ~3.4 e-/pix in non-CI images.

  9. Assessment of Initial Test Conditions for Experiments to Assess Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking Mechanisms

    Busby, Jeremy T [ORNL; Gussev, Maxim N [ORNL


    Irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking is a key materials degradation issue in today s nuclear power reactor fleet and affects critical structural components within the reactor core. The effects of increased exposure to irradiation, stress, and/or coolant can substantially increase susceptibility to stress-corrosion cracking of austenitic steels in high-temperature water environments. . Despite 30 years of experience, the underlying mechanisms of IASCC are unknown. Extended service conditions will increase the exposure to irradiation, stress, and corrosive environment for all core internal components. The objective of this effort within the Light Water Reactor Sustainability program is to evaluate the response and mechanisms of IASCC in austenitic stainless steels with single variable experiments. A series of high-value irradiated specimens has been acquired from the past international research programs, providing a valuable opportunity to examine the mechanisms of IASCC. This batch of irradiated specimens has been received and inventoried. In addition, visual examination and sample cleaning has been completed. Microhardness testing has been performed on these specimens. All samples show evidence of hardening, as expected, although the degree of hardening has saturated and no trend with dose is observed. Further, the change in hardening can be converted to changes in mechanical properties. The calculated yield stress is consistent with previous data from light water reactor conditions. In addition, some evidence of changes in deformation mode was identified via examination of the microhardness indents. This analysis may provide further insights into the deformation mode under larger scale tests. Finally, swelling analysis was performed using immersion density methods. Most alloys showed some evidence of swelling, consistent with the expected trends for this class of alloy. The Hf-doped alloy showed densification rather than swelling. This observation may be

  10. Development and Initial Testing of the Penn Parkinson's Daily Activities Questionnaire

    Brennan, Laura; Siderowf, Andrew; Rubright, Jonathan D.; Rick, Jacqueline; Dahodwala, Nabila; Duda, John E.; Hurtig, Howard; Stern, Matthew; Xie, Sharon X.; Rennert, Lior; Karlawish, Jason; Shea, Judy A.; Trojanowski, John Q.; Weintraub, Daniel


    Objective The aim of this work was to describe the development and psychometric analysis of the Penn Parkinson's Daily Activities Questionnaire. The questionnaire is an item response theory-based tool for rating cognitive instrumental activities of daily living in PD. Methods Candidate items for the Penn Parkinson's Daily Activities Questionnaire were developed through literature review and focus groups of patients and knowledgeable informants. Item selection and calibration of item-response theory parameters were performed using responses from a cohort of PD patients and knowledgeable informants (n = 388). In independent cohorts of PD patients and knowledgeable informants, assessments of test-retest reliability (n = 50), and construct validity (n = 68) of the questionnaire were subsequently performed. Construct validity was assessed by correlating questionnaire scores with measures of motor function, cognition, an existing activities of daily living measure, and directly observed daily function. Results Fifty items were retained in the final questionnaire item bank. Items were excluded owing to redundancy, difficult reading level, and when item-response theory parameters could not be calculated. Test-retest reliability was high (intraclass correlation coefficient = 0.97; P < 0.001). The questionnaire correlated strongly with cognition (r = 0.68; P < 0.001) and directly observed daily function (r = 0.87; P < 0.001), but not with motor impairment (r = 0.08; P = 0.53). The questionnaire score accurately discriminated between PD patients with and without dementia (receiver operating characteristic curve = 0.91; 95% confidence interval: 0.85–0.97). Conclusions The Penn Parkinson's Daily Activities Questionnaire shows strong evidence of reliability and validity. Item response theory-based psychometric analysis suggests that this questionnaire can discriminate across a range of daily functions. PMID:26249849

  11. Experimental model of biofilm implant-related osteomyelitis to test combination biomaterials using biofilms as initial inocula.

    Williams, Dustin L; Haymond, Bryan S; Woodbury, Kassie L; Beck, J Peter; Moore, David E; Epperson, R Tyler; Bloebaum, Roy D


    Currently, the majority of animal models that are used to study biofilm-related infections use planktonic bacterial cells as initial inocula to produce positive signals of infection in biomaterials studies. However, the use of planktonic cells has potentially led to inconsistent results in infection outcomes. In this study, well-established biofilms of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus were grown and used as initial inocula in an animal model of a Type IIIB open fracture. The goal of the work was to establish, for the first time, a repeatable model of biofilm implant-related osteomyelitis, wherein biofilms were used as initial inocula to test combination biomaterials. Results showed that 100% of animals that were treated with biofilms developed osteomyelitis, whereas 0% of animals not treated with biofilm developed infection. The development of this experimental model may lead to an important shift in biofilm and biomaterials research by showing that when biofilms are used as initial inocula, they may provide additional insights into how biofilm-related infections in the clinic develop and how they can be treated with combination biomaterials to eradicate and/or prevent biofilm formation. Copyright © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  12. Tolerance to the air exposition test of Hoplias lacerdae larvae and juvenile during its initial development

    Ronald Kennedy Luz


    Full Text Available The establishment of evaluation parameters for larvae and juvenile quality assessment is highly desirable. The experiment evaluated the Stress Resistance Rate (Re on Hoplias lacerdae larvae and juveniles. Larvae on the 13th, 16th, 19th, 23rd and 26th days of life were subjected to Re evaluation tests. Twenty animals were stoked in one liter beaker and kept at 27 to 28.5°C. The following treatments were applied: E3 -3 minutes; E5 - 5 minutes; E7 - 7 minutes; E10 - 10 minutes and E15 -15 minutes on drying paper. After 24 hours Re was evaluated. It was observed that Re values showed an increase from 13th to 19th day in all treatments indicating an increasing resistance related to larval development. High Re rates were observed during the whole experiment, with the lowest value (PO estabelecimento de parâmetros para avaliação da qualidade de larvas e juvenis produzidos intensivamente é altamente desejável. Nesse sentido, o experimento teve o objetivo de avaliar a Taxa de Resistência ao Estresse (Re em larvas e juvenis de trairão. Larvas foram submetidas a testes para a avaliação da Re no 13°, 16°, 19°, 23° e 26° dia de vida. Vinte animais foram separados em béqueres de um litro e mantidos em temperatura entre 27 e 28,5°C. Em seguida realizaram-se os seguintes tratamentos: E3. 3 minutos; E5. 5 minutos; E7. 7 minutos; E10. 10 minutos e E15. 15 minutos sobre o papel secante. Após 24 horas foi verificada a Re. Observou-se que a Re apresentou um aumento nos valores do 13° ao 19° dia em todos os tratamentos. Foram observadas elevadas Re durante todo o trabalho, sendo os menores valores (P<0,05 encontrados para E10 (67,7% no 13° dia e para E15 (41,25% no 26° dia. Concluiu-se que larvas e juvenis de trairão são resistentes à exposição ao ar sobre papel secante e que exposição superior a sete minutos é mais adequada para avaliação da Re de larvas e juvenis de trairão submetidos a diferentes condições de cultivo.

  13. Verbal naming test for use with older adults: development and initial validation.

    Yochim, Brian P; Beaudreau, Sherry A; Kaci Fairchild, J; Yutsis, Maya V; Raymond, Neda; Friedman, Leah; Yesavage, Jerome


    Naming or word-finding tasks are a mainstay of the typical neuropsychological evaluation, particularly with older adults. However, many older adults have significant visual impairment and there are currently no such word-finding tasks developed for use with older visually impaired populations. This study presents a verbal, non-visual measure of word-finding for use in the evaluation of older adults with possible dysnomia. Stimuli were chosen based on their frequency of usage in everyday spoken language. A 60-item scale was created and given to 131 older Veterans. Rasch analyses were conducted and differential item functioning assessed to eliminate poorly-performing items. The final 55-item scale had a coefficient alpha of 0.84 and correlated with the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery Naming test, r=0.84, pcognitive impairment performed significantly better than patients with mild cognitive impairment, who performed significantly better than patients with dementia. This new measure shows promise in the neuropsychological evaluation of word-finding ability in older adults with or without visual impairment. Future directions include the development of a shorter version and the generation of additional normative data.

  14. PSB LLRF renovation: Initial beam tests of the new digital beam control system

    Angoletta, ME; Butterworth, A; Findlay, A; Pedersen, F; CERN. Geneva. BE Department


    The beam control renovation project for CERN’s PS Booster (PSB) was started in autumn 2008. Its aim is to equip all four PSB rings with modern digital beam control systems, characterised by fully-PPM parameters and complete remote control. Additionally, all intermediate and input/output signals are to be remotely acquired in a digital way and in full PPM fashion, and displayed via the Oasis application program. The same digital technology concepts have already been successfully applied to the LEIR beam control system, which has acted as a pilot project for the whole PS Complex renovation project. This new technology allows a very flexible performance and can improve the system maintainability by becoming the standard for the PS Complex beam controls. This note details the first step in the PSB consolidation project, namely the beam control prototype tests carried out on PSB ring 4 in October and November 2008. Both C02 and C04 RF system have been successfully controlled; bunch splitting and extraction synch...

  15. Cognitive Dissonance and Affect: An Initial Test of a Connectionist Account

    Karen Jordens


    Full Text Available In their connectionist model of cognitive dissonance, Van Overwalle & Jordens (2002 put forward the hypothesis that positive affect increases behaviour-induced attitudes, while negative affect decreases attitudes. In this article, this hypothesised role of affect was tested for two well-known paradigms in the cognitive dissonance literature: free choice and induced compliance. For the free-choice paradigm, we replicated the findings in the difficult-high choice condition of Shultz, Léveillé, and Lepper (1999 and additionally induced negative mood. As predicted, negative mood resulted in a more negative attitude compared to no mood induction. For the induced compliance paradigm, we replicated the Linder, Cooper, and Jones (1967 dissonance and reinforcement findings and additionally induced opposite mood in the nochoice (reinforcement conditions. Specifically, we induced positive mood in the low reward condition and negative mood in the high reward condition. Again as predicted, positive mood increased the attitude and negative mood decreased the attitude, resulting in an elimination of the reinforcement effect.

  16. Synthesis and testing of ZnO nanoparticles for photo-initiation: experimental observation of two different non-migration initiators for bulk polymerization

    Schmitt, M.


    The migration and transport of polymerization initiators are problematic for commercially used polymerization procedures. For example, UV printing of packaging generates products with potentially harmful components that come in contact with food. Enlarging the size of the initiator is the only way to prevent contamination, e.g., by gas phase transport. In this manuscript, the synthesis and advanced and full analyses of novel nanoparticle-based types of non-migration, fragmenting and non-fragmenting photo-initiators will be presented in detail. This study introduces non-fragmenting/``Norrish type II'' and fragmenting/``Norrish type I'' ZnO nanoparticle-based initiators and compares them with two commercial products, a ``Norrish type I'' initiator and a ``Norrish type II'' initiator. Therefore, inter alia, the recently developed analysis involves examining the solidification by UV-vis and the double bond content by Raman. Irradiation is performed using absolute and spectrally calibrated xenon flash lights. A novel procedure for absolute and spectral calibration of such light sources is also presented. The non-optimized ``Norrish type II'' particle-based initiator is already many times faster than benzophenone, which is a molecular initiator of the same non-fragmenting type. This experimentally observed difference in reactive particle-based systems without co-initiators is unexpected. Co-initiators are normally an additional molecular species, which leads to migration problems. The discovery of significant initiation potential resulting in a very well-dispersed organic-inorganic hybrid material suggests a new field of research opportunities at the interface of physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and engineering science, with enormous value for human health.The migration and transport of polymerization initiators are problematic for commercially used polymerization procedures. For example, UV printing of packaging generates products with potentially harmful

  17. Avaliação da cognição de mulheres no climatério com o Mini-Exame do Estado Mental e o Teste de Memória da Lista de Palavras Cognitive function in menopausal women evaluated with the Mini-Mental State Examination and Word-List Memory Test

    Rita de Cássia Leite Fernandes


    Full Text Available No Brasil, há pouca investigação sobre cognição no climatério, apesar da grande freqüência de queixas neuropsíquicas nessa fase da vida feminina. Apresentamos estudo transversal, cujo objetivo foi descrever os escores de 156 mulheres climatéricas no Mini-Exame do Estado Mental (MEEM e no Teste de Memória da Lista de Palavras (TMLP. A média obtida no MEEM foi de 25,86 pontos (DP = 2,67, semelhante a outros estudos, exceto pelo melhor desempenho das analfabetas; os escores nos subitens "atenção e cálculo" e "memória imediata" apresentaram valores inferiores. No TMLP, a média também foi condizente com a literatura (18,83 palavras; DP = 3,82. As únicas associações significativas com as pontuações foram a escolaridade em ambos os testes e a hipertensão arterial no TMLP. Concluímos que o desempenho cognitivo dessas mulheres climatéricas se assemelha ao de outras amostras brasileiras, confirmando-se, inclusive, a maior variabilidade de pontuação entre indivíduos de baixa escolaridade. As queixas de dificuldades de memória na meia-idade feminina podem estar relacionadas à redução da sua atenção.There is little research in Brazil on cognition and menopause, despite the high frequency of neuropsychiatric complaints in this phase of women's life. The authors present a cross-sectional study aimed at describing the scores by 156 menopausal women on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE and the Word-List Memory Test (WLMT. The mean score on the MMSE was 25.86 points (SD = 2.67, similar to other studies, except for better performance by illiterate women; scores on the sub-items "attention and calculation" and "immediate recall" showed lower values. In the WLMT, the mean was also consistent with the literature (M = 18.83 words; SD = 3.82. The only significant associations with score were for schooling in both tests and arterial hypertension in the WLMT. The authors conclude that cognitive performance in these menopausal

  18. Isolamento e teste de susceptibilidade a antimicrobianos de bactérias em infecções uterinas de éguas Isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria in uterine infections in mares

    N. Silva


    Full Text Available Foram examinados 206 "swabs" cervicais e uterinos de éguas de várias raças, de diversas regiões do Estado de Minas Gerais, durante o período de 1986 a 1996. Cerca de 164 "swabs" foram positivos para a presença de microrganismos causadores de endometrites. Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus (25,7% e Escherichia coli (15,1% foram os principais agentes infecciosos isolados. Outros microrganismos presentes foram: Staphylococcus aureus (9,2%, Streptococcus alfa-hemolítico (9,2%, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (3,9%, Staphylococcus coagulase negativo (6,3%, Bacillus spp. (1,9%, Rhodococcus equi (3,4% e Proteus mirabilis (1,5%. As provas de susceptibilidade aos antimicrobianos revelaram que amicacina e gentamicina (70,2%, ampicilina (59,5% e cloranfenicol (59,5% foram os antibióticos de maior ação in vitro contra os microrganismos isolados.This study examined 206 cervical and uterine swabs collected from infected mares from herds in the Minas Gerais State, Brazil, from 1986 to 1996. Amongst 164 successful isolations, 25.7% were identified as Streptococcus equi, subsp. zooepidemicus, and 15.1% as Escherichia coli, both considered the most important isolates. Other bacteria found included Staphylococcus aureus (9.2%, Streptococcus alpha-hemolytic (9.2%, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (3.9%, coagulase negative Staphylococcus (6.3%, Bacillus spp. (1.9%, Rhodococcus equi (3.4% and Proteus mirabilis (1.5%. The antibiotic susceptibility tests revealed amikacin and gentamicin (70.2%, ampicillin and chloramphenicol (59.5% as the most effective in vitro antibiotics against these microorganisms.

  19. Towards a user-friendly brain-computer interface: initial tests in ALS and PLS patients.

    Bai, Ou; Lin, Peter; Huang, Dandan; Fei, Ding-Yu; Floeter, Mary Kay


    Patients usually require long-term training for effective EEG-based brain-computer interface (BCI) control due to fatigue caused by the demands for focused attention during prolonged BCI operation. We intended to develop a user-friendly BCI requiring minimal training and less mental load. Testing of BCI performance was investigated in three patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and three patients with primary lateral sclerosis (PLS), who had no previous BCI experience. All patients performed binary control of cursor movement. One ALS patient and one PLS patient performed four-directional cursor control in a two-dimensional domain under a BCI paradigm associated with human natural motor behavior using motor execution and motor imagery. Subjects practiced for 5-10min and then participated in a multi-session study of either binary control or four-directional control including online BCI game over 1.5-2h in a single visit. Event-related desynchronization and event-related synchronization in the beta band were observed in all patients during the production of voluntary movement either by motor execution or motor imagery. The online binary control of cursor movement was achieved with an average accuracy about 82.1+/-8.2% with motor execution and about 80% with motor imagery, whereas offline accuracy was achieved with 91.4+/-3.4% with motor execution and 83.3+/-8.9% with motor imagery after optimization. In addition, four-directional cursor control was achieved with an accuracy of 50-60% with motor execution and motor imagery. Patients with ALS or PLS may achieve BCI control without extended training, and fatigue might be reduced during operation of a BCI associated with human natural motor behavior. The development of a user-friendly BCI will promote practical BCI applications in paralyzed patients. Copyright 2010 International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. All rights reserved.

  20. Product analysis and initial reliability testing of the total mesorectal excision-quality assessment instrument.

    Simunovic, Marko R; DeNardi, Franco G; Coates, Angela J; Szalay, David A; Eva, Kevin W


    Product analysis of rectal cancer resection specimens before specimen fixation may provide an immediate and relevant evaluation of surgical performance. We tested the interrater reliability (IRR) of a product analysis tool called the Total Mesorectal Excision-Quality Assessment Instrument (TME-QA). Participants included two gold standard raters, five pathology assistants, and eight pathologists. Domains of the TME-QA reflect total mesorectal excision principles including: (1) completeness of mesorectal margin; (2) completeness of mesorectum; (3) coning of distal mesorectum; (4) physical defects; and (5) overall specimen quality. Specimens were scored independently. We used the generalizability theory to assess the tool's internal consistency and IRR. There were 39 specimens and 120 ratings. Mean overall specimen quality scores for the gold standard raters, pathologists, and assistants were 4.43, 4.43, and 4.50, respectively (p > 0.85). IRR for the first nine items was 0.68 for the full sample, 0.62 for assistants alone, 0.63 for pathologists alone, and 0.74 for gold standard raters alone. IRR for the item overall specimen quality was 0.67 for the full sample, 0.45 for assistants, 0.80 for pathologists, and 0.86 for gold standard raters. IRR increased for all groups when scores were averaged across two raters. Assessment of surgical specimens using the TME-QA may provide rapid and relevant feedback to surgeons about their technical performance. Our results show good internal consistency and IRR when the TME-QA is used by pathologists. However, for pathology assistants, multiple ratings with the averaging of scores may be needed.

  1. Initiatives and experiences in agroecology as a strategy for local development in a land reform settlement As iniciativas e experiências em agroecologia como estratégia de desenvolvimento local em um assentamento de reforma agrária

    Sérgio Botton Barcellos


    Full Text Available This paper searches to understand which disputes and conflicts are around the consolidation of agroecology as one of the alternatives and initiatives of local development in a land reform settlement. Thus, this paper, which consists of one of the results presented in the authorïs dissertation, aims to identify the disputes and conflicts that occur among local initiatives related to agroecology. Santa Rosa settlement is located in one of the densest areas in relation to rural settlements in Rio Grande do Sul (RS State. The research sources used to collect data and references to this paper were obtained in: researched bibliography in the writing of the author's dissertation; academic articles; and perceptions from the author's experiences in some land reform settlements. In this research it was considered that initiatives and actions in agroecology in the studied settlement can be strategic to make the social relations potential to the occurrence of experiences in local development different from those that occur alongside agribusiness.Por meio desse trabalho será buscado compreender quais são as disputas e os conflitos acerca da consolidação da agroecologia como uma das alternativas e iniciativas de desenvolvimento local em um assentamento de reforma agrária. Dessa forma, o objetivo desse trabalho, que é um dos resultados apresentados como trabalho de dissertação do autor, é identificar as disputas e os conflitos que ocorrem em meio a iniciativas locais relacionadas à agroecologia. O assentamento Santa Rosa está localizado em uma das regiões de maior densidade de assentamentos e assentados no Rio Grande do Sul (RS. As fontes de pesquisa utilizadas para coletar os dados e as referências nesse trabalho foram obtidas em: bibliografias temáticas pesquisadas; artigos acadêmicos; e percepções de vivências do autor em alguns assentamentos de reforma agrária. Por meio da pesquisa considerou-se que as iniciativas e ações em

  2. An isentropic and sigma coordinate hybrid numerical model - Model development and some initial tests. [for atmospheric simulations

    Uccellini, L. W.; Johnson, D. R.; Schlesinger, R. E.


    A solution is presented for matching boundary conditions across the interface of an isentropic and sigma coordinate hybrid model. A hybrid model based on the flux form of the primitive equations is developed which allows direct vertical exchange between the model domains, satisfies conservation principles with respect to transport processes, and maintains a smooth transition across the interface without need for artificial adjustment or parameterization schemes. The initial hybrid model simulations of a jet streak propagating in a zonal channel are used to test the feasibility of the hybrid model approach. High efficiency of the hybrid model is demonstrated.

  3. Provider-initiated testing and counselling programmes in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of their operational implementation.

    Roura, Maria; Watson-Jones, Deborah; Kahawita, Tanya M; Ferguson, Laura; Ross, David A


    The routine offer of an HIV test during patient-provider encounters is gaining momentum within HIV treatment and prevention programmes. This review examined the operational implementation of provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC) programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. PUBMED, EMBASE, Global Health, COCHRANE Library and JSTOR databases were searched systematically for articles published in English between January 2000 and November 2010. Grey literature was explored through the websites of international and nongovernmental organizations. Eligibility of studies was based on predetermined criteria applied during independent screening by two researchers. We retained 44 studies out of 5088 references screened. PITC polices have been effective at identifying large numbers of previously undiagnosed individuals. However, the translation of policy guidance into practice has had mixed results, and in several studies of routine programmes the proportion of patients offered an HIV test was disappointingly low. There were wide variations in the rates of acceptance of the test and poor linkage of those testing positive to follow-up assessments and antiretroviral treatment. The challenges encountered encompass a range of areas from logistics, to data systems, human resources and management, reflecting some of the weaknesses of health systems in the region. The widespread adoption of PITC provides an unprecedented opportunity for identifying HIV-positive individuals who are already in contact with health services and should be accompanied by measures aimed at strengthening health systems and fostering the normalization of HIV at community level. The resources and effort needed to do this successfully should not be underestimated.

  4. Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative Operational Testing and Evaluation Plan - Kingston Container Terminal, Port of Kingston, Jamaica

    Deforest, Thomas J.; VanDyke, Damon S.


    Operational Testing and Evaluation Plan - Kingston Container Terminal, Port of Kingston, Jamaica was written for the Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative. The purpose of the Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) phase of the project is to prepare for turnover of the Megaports system supplied by U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) located at the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) of the Port of Kingston, Jamaica to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ). Activities conducted during the OT&E phase must demonstrate that the Megaports system can be operated effectively in real time by Jamaica Customs and KCT personnel to the satisfaction of the DOE/NNSA. These activities will also determine if the Megaports system, as installed and accepted, is performing according to the Megaports Program objectives such that the system is capable of executing the mission of the Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative. The OT&E phase of the project also provides an opportunity to consider potential improvements to the system and to take remedial action if performance deficiencies are identified during the course of evaluation. Changes to the system should be considered under an appropriate change-control process. DOE/NNSA will determine that OT&E is complete by examining whether the Megaports system is performing as intended and that the GOJ is fully capable of operating the system independently without continued onsite support from the U.S. team.

  5. Coriorretinite esclopetária

    Isaac Carvalho de Oliveira Ramos


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é relatar um caso de trauma ocular por projétil de arma de fogo, que atingiu e se alojou na cavidade orbitária, desenvolvendo coriorretinite esclopetária. Foram abordados o mecanismo fisiopatológico, os principais achados clínicos e de exames complementares, além das opções de tratamento. As características do caso relatado reforçam a importância de uma abordagem multidisciplinar no trauma ocular.

  6. Validade da autopercepção da presença de cárie dentária como teste diagnóstico e fatores associados entre adultos

    Desirée Sant’Ana Haikal


    Full Text Available Resumo: Objetivou-se investigar a validade da autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária e fatores associados, mediante estudo com 795 adultos (35-44 anos. A variável dependente foi autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária, as independentes reunidas em blocos. Três modelos logísticos foram conduzidos: (1 todos os adultos; (2 adultos com lesões de cárie normativa; e (3 adultos sem tais lesões. A autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária apresentou sensibilidade de 77,7%, especificidade de 58%, acurácia de 65%, valor preditivo positivo de 52% e valor preditivo negativo de 81%. No Modelo 1, a autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária foi associada ao tempo de uso dos serviços odontológicos, acesso à informação, uso de fio dental, lesões normativas, percepção da necessidade de tratamento, dor, insatisfação com a saúde bucal e geral. No Modelo 2, a autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária foi associada ao tempo de uso dos serviços odontológicos, percepção da necessidade de tratamento e insatisfação com a saúde bucal e geral. No Modelo 3, autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária foi associada ao tempo de uso dos serviços odontológicos, acesso à informação, percepção da necessidade de tratamento, insatisfação com a saúde bucal e uso de fio dental. A autopercepção da presença da cárie dentária mostrou utilidade limitada como método de diagnóstico.

  7. The lag time in initiating clinical testing of new drugs in combination with radiation therapy, a significant barrier to progress?

    Blumenfeld, P; Pfeffer, R M; Symon, Z; Den, R B; Dicker, A P; Raben, D; Lawrence, Y R


    Background: The clinical development of new drugs with radiation appears to be limited. We hypothesised that phase I clinical trials with radiation therapy (RT) are initiated too late into a new drug's lifetime, impeding the ability to complete RT–drug development programmes before patent expiration. Methods: We identified novel drug–radiation phase I combination trials performed between 1980 and 2012 within the PubMed and databases. Data gathered for each drug included: date the initial phase I trial with/without RT was opened/published, date of the published positive phase III trials, and patent expiration dates. Lag time was defined as the interval between opening of the phase I trial without RT and the opening of the phase I with RT. Linear regression was used to model how the lag time has changed over time. Results: The median lag time was 6 years. The initial phase I trial with RT was typically published 2 years after the first published positive phase III trial and 11 years before patent expiration. Using a best-fit linear model, lag time decreased from 10 years for phase I trials published in 1990 to 5 years in 2005 (slope significantly non-zero, P<0.001). Conclusions: Clinical drug development with RT commences late in the life cycle of anti-cancer agents. Taking into account the additional time required for late-phase clinical trials, the delay in initiating clinical testing of drug–RT combinations discourages drug companies from further pursuing RT-based development. Encouragingly, lag time appears to be decreasing. Further reduction in lag time may accelerate RT-based drug development, potentially improving patient outcomes. PMID:25117813

  8. Heavy-ion beams required for the RIA accelerator

    Pardo, Richard C; Nolen, J A; Rehm, K E; Savard, Guy


    A class of experiments which will be representative of the expected initial fields of study at the Rare Isotope Accelerator Facility (RIA), are discussed. Improvement in the understanding of the rapid neutron capture process that is responsible for the creation of most stable nuclei heavier than the iron-region nuclei, will be the most important areas of research with RIA. RIA will provide beams of nuclei far from stability at low energies and with excellent beam quality, similar to the properties of stable beams available from facilities such as ATLAS. A total of 21 driver beams are identified which are necessary to provide optimal population of the r-process path, and provide good production of light neutron-rich nuclei. (Edited abstract) 15 Refs.

  9. Acute effects of two different initial heart rates on testing the Repeated Sprint Ability in young soccer players.

    Ruscello, B; Briotti, G; Tozzo, N; Partipilo, F; Taraborelli, M; Zeppetella, A; Padulo, J; D'Ottavio, S


    The aim of this paper was to investigate the acute effects of two different initial heart rates intensities when testing the repeated sprint ability (RSA) performances in young soccer players. Since there are many kinds of pre-match warm-ups, we chose to take as an absolute indicator of internal load the heart rate reached at the end of two different warm-up protocols (60 vs. 90% HRmax) and to compare the respective RSA performances. The RSA tests were performed on fifteen male soccer players (age: 17.9±1.5 years) with two sets of ten shuttle-sprints (15+15 m) with a 1:3 exercise to rest ratio, in different days (randomized order) with different HR% (60 & 90% HRmax). In order to compare the different sprint performances a Fatigue Index (FI%) was computed, while the blood lactate concentrations (BLa-) were measured before and after testing, to compare metabolic demand. Significant differences among trials within each sets (P4 mmol/L(-1)).

  10. An assessment of the Zimbabwe ministry of health and child welfare provider initiated HIV testing and counselling programme

    Sibanda Euphemia L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling (PITC is widely recommended to ensure timely treatment of HIV. The Zimbabwe Ministry of Health introduced PITC in 2007. We aimed to evaluate institutional capacity to implement PITC and investigate patient and health care worker (HCW perceptions of the PITC programme. Methods Purposive selection of health care institutions was conducted among those providing PITC. Study procedures included 1 assessment of implementation procedures and institutional capacity using a semi-structured questionnaire; 2 in-depth interviews with patients who had been offered HIV testing to explore perceptions of PITC, 3 Focus group discussions with HCW to explore views on PITC. Qualitative data was analysed according to Framework Analysis. Results Sixteen health care institutions were selected (two central, two provincial, six district hospitals; and six primary care clinics. All institutions at least offered PITC in part. The main challenges which prevented optimum implementation were shortages of staff trained in PITC, HIV rapid testing and counselling; shortages of appropriate counselling space, and, at the time of assessment, shortages of HIV test kits. Both health care workers and patients embraced PITC because they had noticed that it had saved lives through early detection and treatment of HIV. Although health care workers reported an increase in workload as a result of PITC, they felt this was offset by the reduced number of HIV-related admissions and satisfaction of working with healthier clients. Conclusion PITC has been embraced by patients and health care workers as a life-saving intervention. There is need to address shortages in material, human and structural resources to ensure optimum implementation.

  11. Feasibility and effectiveness of provider initiated HIV testing and counseling of TB suspects in Vizianagaram district, South India.

    Shanta Achanta

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Though internationally recommended, provider initiated HIV testing and counseling (PITC of persons suspected of tuberculosis (TB is not a policy in India; HIV seroprevalence among TB suspects has never been reported. The current policy of PITC for diagnosed TB cases may limit opportunities of early HIV diagnosis and treatment. We determined HIV seroprevalence among persons suspected of TB and assessed feasibility and effectiveness of PITC implementation at this earlier stage in the TB diagnostic pathway. METHODS: All adults examined for diagnostic sputum microscopy (TB suspects in Vizianagaram district (population 2.5 million, in November-December 2010, were offered voluntary HIV counseling and testing (VCT and assessed for TB diagnosis. RESULTS: Of 2918 eligible TB suspects, 2465(85% consented to VCT. Among these, 246(10% were HIV-positive. Of the 246, 84(34% were newly diagnosed as HIV (HIV status not known previously. To detect a new case of HIV infection, the number needed to screen (NNS was 26 among 'TB suspects', comparable to that among 'TB patients'. Among suspects aged 25-54 years, not diagnosed as TB, the NNS was 17. CONCLUSION: The seroprevalence of HIV among 'TB suspects' was as high as that among 'TB patients'. Implementation of PITC among TB suspects was feasible and effective, detecting a large number of new HIV cases with minimal additional workload on staff of HIV testing centre. HIV testing of TB suspects aged 25-54 years demonstrated higher yield for a given effort, and should be considered by policy makers at least in settings with high HIV prevalence.

  12. Tingkat Pengetahuan Ibu Hamil tentang HIV/AIDS dengan Perilaku Pemeriksaan Test PITC (Provider Initiated Test and Counselling di Puskesmas Sleman Yogyakarta

    Annisaa’ Nurmasari


    Full Text Available HIV infection in pregnant women can threaten the life of the mother and the mother can transmit the virus to their babies. Sleman PHC registered 2 people including one pregnant woman and one women of childbearing age in the year of 2014. Incidence of pregnant women suffering from HIV-AIDS in 2014 is 1 patients and detected from PITC test results for 7 weeks in a row is 1 patient. And in January year of 2015 found 1 patient with 3 times test and the results was positive. The purpose of this study was to determine relationship between Knowledge Level of Pregnant women about HIV/AIDS and Behaviour of PITC (Provider Initiated Test and Counselling test. This study was a quantitative analysis of correlation with cross-sectional design. The population of this study were all pregnant women checkups at the health center in Yogyakarta Sleman. The sampling technique was used accidental sampling study which consisted of 72 respondents. The analysis used univariate and bivariate. The results showed that most respondents aged 20-35 (72.2%, senior high school education (47.2% and work as a housewife (IRT (38.9%. Most respondents have good knowledge about HIV/AIDS were 50 respondents (69.4%. Most respondents perform checks PITC were 71 respondents (98.6%. There was no relationship between knowledge level of pregnant women about HIV/AIDS and Behaviour of PITC (p-value=0.243>0.005. In Conclusion, There was no relationship between knowledge level of pregnant women about HIV/AIDS and Behaviour of PITC in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

  13. Genotypic tropism testing in proviral DNA to guide maraviroc initiation in aviremic subjects: 48-week analysis of the PROTEST study

    Federico Garcia


    Full Text Available Introduction: In a previous interim 24-week virological safety analysis of the PROTEST study (1, initiation of Maraviroc (MVC plus 2 nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs in aviremic subjects based on genotypic tropism testing of proviral HIV-1 DNA was associated with low rates of virological failure. Here we present the final 48-week analysis of the study. Methods: PROTEST was a phase 4, prospective, single-arm clinical trial (ID: NCT01378910 carried on in 24 HIV care centres in Spain. Maraviroc-naïve HIV-1-positive adults with HIV-1 RNA (VL 10% in a singleton, initiated MVC with 2 NRTIs and were followed for 48 weeks. Virological failure was defined as two consecutive VL>50 c/mL. Recent adherence was calculated as: (# pills taken/# pills prescribed during the previous week*100. Results: Tropism results were available from 141/175 (80.6% subjects screened: 87/141 (60% were R5 and 74/87 (85% were finally included in the study. Their median age was 48 years, 16% were women, 31% were MSM, 36% had CDC category C at study entry, 62% were HCV+ and 10% were HBV+. Median CD4+ counts were 616 cells/mm3 at screening, and median nadir CD4+ counts were 143 cells/mm3. Previous ART included PIs in 46 (62% subjects, NNRTIs in 27 (36% and integrase inhibitors (INIs in 1 (2%. The main reasons for treatment change were dyslipidemia (42%, gastrointestinal symptoms (22%, and liver toxicity (15%. MVC was given alongside TDF/FTC in 40 (54% subjects, ABC/3TC in 30 (40%, AZT/3TC in 2 (3% and ABC/TDF in 2 (3%. Sixty-two (84% subjects maintained VL<50 c/mL through week 48, whereas 12 (16% discontinued treatment: two (3% withdrew informed consent, one (1% had a R5→X4 shift in HIV tropism between the screening and baseline visits, one (1% was lost to follow-up, one (1% developed an ART-related adverse event (rash, two (3% died due to non-study-related causes (1 myocardial infarction at week 0 and 1 lung cancer at week 36, and five (7% developed protocol

  14. Relação da função muscular respiratória e de membros inferiores de idosos comunitários com a capacidade funcional avaliada por teste de caminhada Relationship between functional capacity assessed by walking test and respiratory and lower limb muscle function in community-dwelling elders

    Leonardo A. Simões


    Full Text Available CONTEXTUALIZAÇÃO: A sarcopenia é considerada o fator mais significativo na redução da força muscular periférica e respiratória e pode ocasionar incapacidades progressivas, perda de independência e interferir na capacidade funcional dos idosos. OBJETIVOS: Caracterizar a força dos músculos respiratórios (pressão inspiratória máxima - PImax e pressão expiratória máxima - PEmax e de membros inferiores (MMII, bem como as possíveis correlações existentes com a capacidade funcional dos idosos. MÉTODOS: Sessenta e cinco idosos, com 71,7±4,9 anos; foram avaliados por dinamometria isocinética para flexores e extensores dos joelhos, manovacuometria analógica para os músculos respiratórios pelo teste de caminhada de 6 minutos para capacidade funcional. Foram utilizados os testes Mann-Whitney e t de Student para comparação entre os gêneros. As correlações foram calculadas pelo coeficiente de correlação de Pearson. Para todos os testes foi considerado pBACKGROUND: Sarcopenia is the most significant factor in the decline of peripheral and respiratory muscle strength. It can lead to progressive disability, loss of independence and impaired functional capacity. OBJECTIVES: To determine the strength of respiratory muscles (maximal inspiratory pressure - MIP and maximal expiratory pressure - MEP and lower limb muscles, and to explore the possible relationships between these variables and the functional capacity of the elderly. METHODS: Sixty-five elderly patients (71.7±4.9 years old took part in the study. Isokinetic dynamometry was used to assess the knee flexors and extensors, an analog vacuum manometer was used to assess the respiratory muscles, and the six-minute walking test was used as an outcome of functional capacity. The Mann-Whitney test and Student's t-test were used for gender comparison. The relationships were investigated using Pearson's correlation. The significance level was p<0.05. RESULTS: The lower limb and

  15. Do bullying ao cyberbullying: hist?ria e mem?rias escolares (1993-2011)

    Santos, Silv?nia da Silva


    O presente estudo, Do bullying ao cyberbullying: hist?ria e mem?rias escolares (1993-2011) ? uma proposta de investiga??o que contempla a hist?ria e as mem?rias de acontecimentos escolares do tempo presente. Nesse contexto, busca recriar fatos e acontecimentos de nosso tempo, representa??es do momento vivido ou imaginado, como forma de construir a mat?ria hist?rica. A investiga??o utiliza a metodologia da Hist?ria Oral, apropriando-se das mem?rias de participantes vivos, depoentes em potencia...

  16. Application of Self Nulling Eddy Current Probe Technique to the Detection of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Control of Test Procedures

    Namkung, M.; Nath, S.; Wincheski, B.; Fulton, J. P.


    A major part of fracture mechanics is concerned with studying the initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks. This typically requires constant monitoring of crack growth during fatigue cycles and the knowledge of the precise location of the crack tip at any given time. One technique currently available for measuring fatigue crack length is the Potential Drop method. The method, however, may be inaccurate if the direction of crack growth deviates considerably from what was assumed initially or the curvature of the crack becomes significant. Another popular approach is to optically view the crack using a high magnification microscope, but this entails a person constantly monitoring it. The present proposed technique uses an automated scheme, in order to eliminate the need for a person to constantly monitor the experiment. Another technique under development elsewhere is to digitize an optical image of the test specimen surface and then apply a pattern recognition algorithm to locate the crack tip. A previous publication showed that the self nulling eddy current probe successfully tracked a simulated crack in an aluminum sample. This was the impetus to develop an online real time crack monitoring system. An automated system has been developed which includes a two axis scanner mounted on the tensile testing machine, the probe and its instrumentation and a personal computer (PC) to communicate and control all the parameters. The system software controls the testing parameters as well as monitoring the fatigue crack as it propagates. This paper will discuss the experimental setup in detail and demonstrate its capabilities. A three dimensional finite element model is utilized to model the magnetic field distribution due to the probe and how the probe voltage changes as it scans the crack. Experimental data of the probe for different samples under zero load, static load and high cycle fatigue load will be discussed. The final section summarizes the major accomplishments

  17. A model to describe the anisotropic viscoplastic mechanical behavior of fresh and irradiated Zircaloy-4 fuel claddings under RIA loading conditions

    Le Saux, M.; Besson, J.; Carassou, S.; Poussard, C.; Averty, X.


    This paper presents a unified phenomenological model to describe the anisotropic viscoplastic mechanical behavior of cold-worked stress relieved (CWSR) Zircaloy-4 fuel claddings submitted to reactivity initiated accident (RIA) loading conditions. The model relies on a multiplicative viscoplastic formulation and reproduces strain hardening, strain rate sensitivity and plastic anisotropy of the material. It includes temperature, fluence and irradiation conditions dependences within RIA typical ranges. Model parameters have been tuned using axial tensile, hoop tensile and closed-end internal pressurization tests results essentially obtained from the PROMETRA program, dedicated to the study of zirconium alloys under RIA loading conditions. Once calibrated, the model provides a reliable description of the mechanical behavior of the fresh and irradiated (fluence up to 10×1025 nm or burnup up to 64 GWd/tU) material within large temperature (from 20 °C up to 1100 °C) and strain rate ranges (from 3×10-4 s up to 5 s), representative of the RIA spectrum. Finally, the model is used for the finite element analysis of the hoop tensile tests performed within the PROMETRA program.

  18. Physiological parameters during the initial stages of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in patients with chronic heart failure - Their value in the assessment of clinical severity and prognosis

    de Vries, RJM; van Veldhuisen, DJ; Dunselman, PHJM; van der Veer, N; Crijns, HJGM


    Aims To analyse the relationship between initial exercise parameters and peak oxygen consumption and prognosis in 96 patients with congestive heart failure. Methods and Results Comparison of responses during the initial 6 min of cardiopulmonary exercise testing (Naughton modified protocol) in patien

  19. Physiological parameters during the initial stages of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in patients with chronic heart failure - Their value in the assessment of clinical severity and prognosis

    de Vries, RJM; van Veldhuisen, DJ; Dunselman, PHJM; van der Veer, N; Crijns, HJGM


    Aims To analyse the relationship between initial exercise parameters and peak oxygen consumption and prognosis in 96 patients with congestive heart failure. Methods and Results Comparison of responses during the initial 6 min of cardiopulmonary exercise testing (Naughton modified protocol) in

  20. Barriers to and acceptability of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling and adopting HIV-prevention behaviours in rural Uganda: a qualitative study.

    Kiene, Susan M; Sileo, Katelyn; Wanyenze, Rhoda K; Lule, Haruna; Bateganya, Moses H; Jasperse, Joseph; Nantaba, Harriet; Jayaratne, Kia


    In Uganda, a nationwide scale-up of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling presents an opportunity to deliver HIV-prevention services to large numbers of people. In a rural Ugandan hospital, focus group discussions and key informant interviews were conducted with outpatients receiving provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling and staff to explore the HIV-prevention information, motivation and behavioural skills strengths and weaknesses, and community-level and structural barriers to provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling acceptability and HIV prevention among this population. Strengths and weakness occurred at all levels, and results suggest brief client-centred interventions during provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling may be an effective approach to increase prevention behaviours in outpatient settings.

  1. Anemias Hereditárias

    Ferreira, Fátima; Carvalho, Fernanda; Costa, Vítor; Farinha, Nuno; Gil-da-Costa, M.ª João; Norton, Lucília; Reis, Ilidia Lima


    Os autores efectuam a revisão das anemias hereditárias da consulta de hematologia pediátrica do Hospital S. João no período compreendido entre 1982 e 1995. Dividem-nas em três grandes grupos: Hemoglobinopatias, Doenças da Membrana do glóbulo rubro e Enzimopatias. Calculam a sua frequência relativa, os parâmetros clínicos e analíticos relevantes no diagnóstico, a abordagem terapêutica e respectiva evolução.Destacam a especificidade desta consulta em que as anemias hereditárias correspondem a 4...

  2. In vitro antibiotic susceptibilities of ocular bacteria isolates from the cornea and conjunctiva to moxifloxacin, gatifloxacin and other fluoroquinolones Testes de sensibilidade antimicrobiana de bactérias isoladas da córnea e da conjuntiva à moxifloxacina, gatifloxacina e outras fluoroquinolonas

    Ana Luisa Höfling-Lima


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To assess and compare the in vitro susceptibility of ocular bacterial isolates to fluoroquinolones, including moxifloxacin and gatifloxacin. METHODS: A total of 154 bacterial ocular isolates from keratitis and conjunctivitis were tested for sensitivity to the studied antibiotics, using the disk diffusion method. RESULTS: Of the 51 corneal isolates, 46 (90.2% were sensitive to ciprofloxacin, 45 (88.2% to ofloxacin and 41 (80.4% to lomefloxacin. All corneal isolates were sensitive to moxifloxacin and gatifloxacin. Of the 103 bacterial conjunctival isolates, 101 (98.1% and 103 (100% were sensitive to gatifloxacin and moxifloxacin, respectively. Two strains of Streptococcus sp viridans group were resistant to gatifloxacin. A total of 82 (79.6% specimens were sensitive to lomefloxacin, 89 (86.4% and 96 (93.2% to ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin, respectively. CONCLUSION: Fourth generation fluoroquinolones, herein exemplified by moxifloxacin and gatifloxacin, seem to be more effective than previous generation fluoroquinolones against frequently encountered organisms isolated from patients with bacterial keratitis and conjunctivitis.OBJETIVOS: Conhecer e comparar a susceptibilidade in vitro de bactérias isoladas do olho à fluoroquinolonas, incluindo moxifloxacina e gatifloxacina. MÉTODOS: Um total de 154 bactérias isoladas de ceratites e conjuntivites foram submetidas a testes de sensibilidade antimicrobiana aos antibióticos usando o método de difusão em disco. RESULTADOS: Das 51 bactérias isoladas da córnea, 46 (90,2% foram sensíveis a ciprofloxacina, 45 (88,2% a ofloxacina e 41 (80,4% a lomefloxacina. Todas as bactérias isoladas da córnea foram sensíveis a moxifloxacina e a gatifloxacina. Das 103 bactérias isoladas da conjuntiva 101 (98,1% e 103 (100% foram sensíveis a gatifloxacina e moxifloxacina, respectivamente. Duas cepas de Streptococcus sp do grupo viridans mostraram-se resistentes à gatifloxacina. Um total de 82 (79,6% esp

  3. 40 CFR 60.4405 - How do I perform the initial performance test if I have chosen to install a NOX-diluent CEMS?


    ... performance test if I have chosen to install a NOX-diluent CEMS? 60.4405 Section 60.4405 Protection of... § 60.4405 How do I perform the initial performance test if I have chosen to install a NOX-diluent CEMS? If you elect to install and certify a NOX-diluent CEMS under § 60.4345, then the initial...

  4. Trends in CD4 Count Testing, Retention in Pre-ART Care, and ART Initiation Rates over the First Decade of Expansion of HIV Services in Haiti


    Background High attrition during the period from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation is widely reported. Though treatment guidelines have changed to broaden ART eligibility and services have been widely expanded over the past decade, data on the temporal trends in pre-ART outcomes are limited; such data would be useful to guide future policy decisions. Methods We evaluated temporal trends and predictors of retention for each step from HIV testing to ART initiation over the ...

  5. Trends in CD4 Count Testing, Retention in Pre-ART Care, and ART Initiation Rates over the First Decade of Expansion of HIV Services in Haiti


    Background: High attrition during the period from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation is widely reported. Though treatment guidelines have changed to broaden ART eligibility and services have been widely expanded over the past decade, data on the temporal trends in pre-ART outcomes are limited; such data would be useful to guide future policy decisions. Methods: We evaluated temporal trends and predictors of retention for each step from HIV testing to ART initiation over th...

  6. Estrutura & História.

    Alicia Ferreira Gonçalves


    Full Text Available O presente artigo discorre sobre as ligações entre estrutura e história a partir das perspectivas estruturalista francesa e culturalista norte-americana, focalizando as interlocuções teóricas entre Claude Lévi-Strauss e Marshall Sahlins entre o final dos anos 1940 e ao longo dos anos 1990 do século XX.

  7. Acute diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon: value of ultrasound as an initial diagnostic test; Diverticulitis aguad de sigma: valor de la ecografia como test diagnostico inicial

    Garcia-Aguayo, F. J.; Gil, P. M. [Hospital de Sagunto. Valencia (Spain)


    To assess the value of ultrasound as an initial diagnostic method in cases of acute diverticulitis. Ultrasound was carried out in 76 patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute sigmoid diverticulitis. The final diagnosis was based on the clinical course in every case, as well as on computed tomography (CT; n=46), histopathological examination (n=10), colonoscopy (n=4) and barium enema (n=2). The diagnostic criteria established for ultrasound was a thickening of the sigmoid colon wall of >4 mm and the presence of a least one of the following features: diverticular, phlegmon or abscess. The CT diagnosis was based on two indispensable findings: thickening of the sigmoid colon of>4 mm and inflammation of pericolonic fat. The final diagnosis was acute diverticulitis in 52 patients, some other disease in 18 and undetermined in 6. The sensitivities of ultrasound and CT were 81% and 94%, respectively, and their specificities were 79% and 83%, respectively. Of the 10 false negatives on ultrasound, seven corresponded to cases of simple diverticulitis and three to cases of complicated diverticulitis (two in patients with abscess and one in a patient with pneumoperitoneum). CT provided the correct diagnosis in eight of these cases, and resulted in false negatives in two cases of mild diverticulitis. Ultrasound is a valid test in the initial diagnosis of acute diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon. CT should be performed when ultrasound fails to provide a diagnosis or in cases of negative results when there is a strong clinical suspicion of diverticulitis, as well as when the possibility of complicated diverticulitis exists. (Author) 14 refs.

  8. Initial test results from the RedFlow 5 kW, 10 kWh zinc-bromide module, phase 1.

    Ferreira, Summer Rhodes; Rose, David Martin


    In this paper the performance results of the RedFlow zinc-bromide module (ZBM) Gen 2.0 are reported for Phase 1 of testing, which includes initial characterization of the module. This included physical measurement, efficiency as a function of charge and discharge rates, efficiency as a function of maximum charge capacity, duration of maximum power supplied, and limited cycling with skipped strip cycles. The goal of this first phase of testing was to verify manufacturer specifications of the zinc-bromide flow battery. Initial characterization tests have shown that the ZBM meets the manufacturer's specifications. Further testing, including testing as a function of temperature and life cycle testing, will be carried out during Phase 2 of the testing, and these results will be issued in the final report, after Phase 2 testing has concluded.

  9. Evaluation of the Initial Isothermal Physics Measurements at the Fast Flux Test Facility, a Prototypic Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

    John D. Bess


    The Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) was a 400-MWt, sodium-cooled, low-pressure, high-temperature, fast-neutron flux, nuclear fission reactor plant designed for the irradiation testing of nuclear reactor fuels and materials for the development of liquid metal fast breeder reactors (LMFBRs). The FFTF was fueled with plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) and reflected by Inconel-600. Westinghouse Hanford Company operated the FFTF as part of the Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory (HEDL) for the U.S. Department of Energy on the Hanford Site near Richland, Washington. Although the FFTF was a testing facility not specifically designed to breed fuel or produce electricity, it did provide valuable information for LMFBR projects and base technology programs in the areas of plant system and component design, component fabrication, prototype testing, and site construction. The major objectives of the FFTF were to provide a strong, disciplined engineering base for the LMFBR program, provide fast flux testing for other U.S. programs, and contribute to the development of a viable self-sustaining competitive U.S. LMFBR industry. During its ten years of operation, the FFTF acted as a national research facility to test advanced nuclear fuels, materials, components, systems, nuclear power plant operating and maintenance procedures, and active and passive reactor safety technologies; it also produced a large number of isotopes for medical and industrial users, generated tritium for the U.S. fusion research program, and participated in cooperative, international research work. Prior to the implementation of the reactor characterization program, a series of isothermal physics measurements were performed; this acceptance testing program consisted of a series of control rod worths, critical rod positions, subcriticality measurements, maximum reactivity addition rates, shutdown margins, excess reactivity, and isothermal temperature coefficient reactivity. The results of these

  10. Predictive validity of the classroom strategies scale-observer form on statewide testing scores: an initial investigation.

    Reddy, Linda A; Fabiano, Gregory A; Dudek, Christopher M; Hsu, Louis


    The present study examined the validity of a teacher observation measure, the Classroom Strategies Scale--Observer Form (CSS), as a predictor of student performance on statewide tests of mathematics and English language arts. The CSS is a teacher practice observational measure that assesses evidence-based instructional and behavioral management practices in elementary school. A series of two-level hierarchical generalized linear models were fitted to data of a sample of 662 third- through fifth-grade students to assess whether CSS Part 2 Instructional Strategy and Behavioral Management Strategy scale discrepancy scores (i.e., ∑ |recommended frequency--frequency ratings|) predicted statewide mathematics and English language arts proficiency scores when percentage of minority students in schools was controlled. Results indicated that the Instructional Strategy scale discrepancy scores significantly predicted mathematics and English language arts proficiency scores: Relatively larger discrepancies on observer ratings of what teachers did versus what should have been done were associated with lower proficiency scores. Results offer initial evidence of the predictive validity of the CSS Part 2 Instructional Strategy discrepancy scores on student academic outcomes.

  11. História prévia de realização de teste de Papanicolaou e câncer do colo do útero: estudo caso-controle na Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


    Este estudo caso-controle hospitalar foi realizado de 2007 a 2010 para estimar a associação de história prévia de colpocitologia e câncer do colo do útero na Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A amostra consistiu de 152 casos histologicamente confirmados e 169 controles selecionados no mesmo hospital dos casos. A análise foi feita de acordo com um modelo em três níveis hierárquicos; considerando as variáveis sociodemográficas (nível distal), sexual/reprodutivas e de estilo de vida (n...

  12. A systems approach to water recovery testing for space life support - Initial biomedical results from the ECLSS Water Recovery Test and plans for testbed utilization

    Aten, Laurie A.; Crump, William J.; Sauer, Richard L.


    Among the challenges of designing and constructing Space Station Freedom is the development of the water system. A review of past efforts in reclaiming waste water in enclosed environments reveals that there are many gaps in the biomedical understanding of this process. Some of the key uncertainties of human interaction with a closed water system include determining potential contaminants and establishing safe levels of multiple compounds in the enclosed system of Space Station. Another uncertainty is the microbial constituency of such a system and what impact it could have on crew health and performance. The use of iodine as the passive biocide may have both an indirect and direct impact on the crew. In this paper the initial results of the Water Recovery Test are reviewed from a biomedical perspective, revealing areas where more information is needed to develop the ECLSS water system. By including the approach of 'man as a subsystem', consideration is given to how man interacts with the total water system. Taking this systems approach to providing the crew with a safe source of water gives useful insight into the most efficient design and utilization of closed system testbeds.

  13. Influência do manejo da palhada de capim-braquiária (Brachiaria decumbens sobre o desenvolvimento inicial de soja (Glycine max e amendoim-bravo (Euphorbia heterophylla Influence of straw management of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of Glycine max and Euphorbia heterophylla

    C.D.G. Maciel


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos de diferentes manejos de palhada de capim-braquiária sobre o desenvolvimento inicial da cultura de soja e da planta daninha amendoimbravo, foi conduzido um experimento em condições de casa de vegetação no NuPAMFCA/UNESP, BotucatuSP. Os tratamentos utilizados foram: manejo da palhada na superfície do solo + irrigação superficial (T1; manejo da palhada na superfície do solo + irrigação subsuperficial (T2; palhada incorporada ao solo (T3; e testemunha sem cobertura (T4. A palhada foi colhida no campo 30 dias após dessecação com o herbicida glyphosate (1,44 g i.a. ha-1. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o inteiramente casualizado, com sete repetições, sendo as unidades experimentais vasos plásticos, com a soja e o amendoim-bravo semeados paralelamente, em linhas distintas. O T1 reduziu significativamente o índice de velocidade de germinação (IVG e a altura das plântulas de soja aos 5 e 10 dias após a emergência (DAE, ao contrário do amendoim-bravo, o qual não sofreu interferência dos tratamentos estudados, constituindo-se em uma planta-problema para sistemas produtivos com palhada de capim-braquiária. Os resultados da análise de crescimento (TCA - taxa de crescimento absoluto, TCR - taxa de crescimento relativo e TAL - taxa de assimilação líquida das plântulas de soja e amendoim-bravo apresentaram valores máximos aos 15 DAE, com exceção do T3 para soja, o qual reduziu expressivamente o desenvolvimento em relação aos demais tratamentos.An experiment was carried out under greenhouse conditions at NuPAM-FCA/UNESP, Botucatu, SP, Brazil to evaluate the effects of different types of straw management of Brachiaria decumbens on the initial development of Glycine max and Euphorbia heterophylla. The treatments were: straw on soil surface + irrigation on the top (T1; straw on soil surface + underirrigation (T2; straw incorporated into the soil (T3 and control (T4. B. decumbens

  14. Artificial neural network modeling for fission gas release in LWR UO 2 fuel under RIA conditions

    Koo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Jae-Yong; Lee, Byung-Ho; Tahk, Young-Wook; Song, Kun-Woo


    A fission gas release (FGR) model was developed by using an artificial neural network method to predict fission gas release in UO 2 fuel under reactivity initiated accident (RIA) conditions. Based on the test data obtained in the CABRI test reactor and nuclear safety research reactor, the model takes into account the effect of the five parameters: pellet average burnup, peak fuel enthalpy, the ratio of peak fuel enthalpy to pulse width, fission gas release during base-irradiation, and grain size of a fuel pellet. The parametric study of the model, producing a physically reasonable trend of FGR for each parameter, shows that the pellet average burnup and the ratio of peak fuel enthalpy to pulse width are two of the most important parameters. Depending on the combination of input values for the five parameters, the application of the model to a fuel rod under typical RIA conditions of light water reactor produces 1.7-14.0% of FGR for the pellet average burnup ranging from 20 to 70 MW d/kg U.

  15. POC CD4 Testing Improves Linkage to HIV Care and Timeliness of ART Initiation in a Public Health Approach: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

    Lara Vojnov

    Full Text Available CD4 cell count is an important test in HIV programs for baseline risk assessment, monitoring of ART where viral load is not available, and, in many settings, antiretroviral therapy (ART initiation decisions. However, access to CD4 testing is limited, in part due to the centralized conventional laboratory network. Point of care (POC CD4 testing has the potential to address some of the challenges of centralized CD4 testing and delays in delivery of timely testing and ART initiation. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to identify the extent to which POC improves linkages to HIV care and timeliness of ART initiation.We searched two databases and four conference sites between January 2005 and April 2015 for studies reporting test turnaround times, proportion of results returned, and retention associated with the use of point-of-care CD4. Random effects models were used to estimate pooled risk ratios, pooled proportions, and 95% confidence intervals.We identified 30 eligible studies, most of which were completed in Africa. Test turnaround times were reduced with the use of POC CD4. The time from HIV diagnosis to CD4 test was reduced from 10.5 days with conventional laboratory-based testing to 0.1 days with POC CD4 testing. Retention along several steps of the treatment initiation cascade was significantly higher with POC CD4 testing, notably from HIV testing to CD4 testing, receipt of results, and pre-CD4 test retention (all p<0.001. Furthermore, retention between CD4 testing and ART initiation increased with POC CD4 testing compared to conventional laboratory-based testing (p = 0.01. We also carried out a non-systematic review of the literature observing that POC CD4 increased the projected life expectancy, was cost-effective, and acceptable.POC CD4 technologies reduce the time and increase patient retention along the testing and treatment cascade compared to conventional laboratory-based testing. POC CD4 is, therefore, a useful tool

  16. Provider-Initiated HIV Testing for Migrants in Spain: A Qualitative Study with Health Care Workers and Foreign-Born Sexual Minorities

    Navaza, B.; Abarca, H.; Bisoffi, F.; Pool, R.; Roura, M.


    Introduction Provider-initiated HIV testing (PITC) is increasingly adopted in Europe. The success of the approach at identifying new HIV cases relies on its effectiveness at testing individuals most at risk. However, its suitability to reach populations facing overlapping vulnerabilities is under re

  17. Provider-Initiated HIV Testing for Migrants in Spain : A Qualitative Study with Health Care Workers and Foreign-Born Sexual Minorities

    Navaza, B.; Abarca, H.; Bisoffi, F.; Pool, R.; Roura, M.


    Introduction Provider-initiated HIV testing (PITC) is increasingly adopted in Europe. The success of the approach at identifying new HIV cases relies on its effectiveness at testing individuals most at risk. However, its suitability to reach populations facing overlapping vulnerabilities is under re

  18. Urticária Urticaria

    Paulo Ricardo Criado


    Full Text Available A urticária apresenta-se com diversas formas clínicas e causas distintas. Constitui uma das dermatoses mais freqüentes: 15% a 20% da população têm pelo menos um episódio agudo da doença em sua vida, resultando em percentual que varia de um a 2% dos atendimentos nas especialidades de Dermatologia e Alergologia. A urticária é classificada do ponto de vista de duração da evolução temporal em aguda (inferior a seis semanas ou crônica (superior a seis semanas. O tratamento da urticária pode compreender medidas não farmacológicas e intervenções medicamentosas, as quais são agrupadas em tratamentos de primeira (anti-histamínicos, segunda (corticosteróides e antileucotrienos e terceira linha (medicamentos imunomoduladores. As medidas terapêuticas de segunda e terceira linha apresentam maiores efeitos adversos, devendo ser reservadas aos doentes que não apresentaram controle da doença com os de primeira linha, ou àqueles a respeito dos quais não é possível estabelecer uma etiologia, tal como nas urticárias auto-imunes.Urticaria has diverse clinical presentations and causes. It is one of the most frequent dermatological conditions: 15% to 20% of population has at least one acute eruption during their lifetime, resulting in 1% to 2% of dermatological and allergological visits. Urticaria is classified based on its temporal evolution as acute (less than 6 weeks or chronic (more than 6 weeks. Management strategies may involve non-pharmacological measures and drug interventions, which are grouped into first- (antihistamines, second- (corticosteroids and anti-leukotrienes and third-line therapies (immunomodulators. Stronger, but potentially riskier, second- and third-line management may be justified for patients who do not respond to first-line therapy, or whenever a specific etiology cannot be determined, such as in autoimmune urticaria.

  19. Design, analysis, and initial testing of a fiber-optic shear gage for three-dimensional, high-temperature flows

    Orr, Matthew W.

    This investigation concerns the design, analysis, and initial testing of a new, two-component wall shear gage for 3D, high-temperature flows. This gage is a direct-measuring, non-nulling design with a round head surrounded by a small gap. Two flexure wheels are used to allow small motions of the floating head. Fiber-optic displacement sensors measure how far the polished faces of counterweights on the wheels move in relation to a fixed housing as the primary measurement system. No viscous damping was required. The gage has both fiber-optic instrumentation and strain gages mounted on the flexures for validation of the newer fiber optics. The sensor is constructed of Haynes RTM 230RTM, a high-temperature nickel alloy. The gage housing is made of 316 stainless steel. All components of the gage in pure fiber-optic form can survive to a temperature of 1073 K. The bonding methods of the backup strain gages limit their maximum temperature to 473 K. The dynamic range of the gage is from 0--500 Pa (0--10g) and higher shears can be measured by changing the floating head size. Extensive use of finite element modeling was critical to the design and analysis of the gage. Static structural, modal, and thermal analyses were performed on the flexures using the ANSYS finite element package. Static finite element analysis predicted the response of the flexures to a given load, and static calibrations using a direct force method confirmed these results. Finite element modal analysis results were within 16.4% for the first mode and within 30% for the second mode when compared with the experimentally determined modes. Vibration characteristics of the gage were determined from experimental free vibration data after the gage was subjected to an impulse. Uncertainties in the finished geometry make this level of error acceptable. A transient thermal analysis examined the effects of a very high heat flux on the exposed head of the gage. The 100,000 W/m2 heat flux used in this analysis is

  20. Testing the limits of tolerance : How intergroup anxiety amplifies negative and offensive responses to out-group-initiated contact

    Van Zomeren, Martijn; Fischer, Agneta H.; Spears, Russell


    Three studies examine the amplifying effects of intergroup anxiety on individuals' negative and offensive responses to out-group-initiated contact. Because intergroup anxiety typically results in avoidance of the initiation of intergroup contact, these studies explored how intergroup anxiety affecte

  1. Same-day HIV testing with initiation of antiretroviral therapy versus standard care for persons living with HIV: A randomized unblinded trial.

    Serena P Koenig


    Full Text Available Attrition during the period from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy (ART initiation is high worldwide. We assessed whether same-day HIV testing and ART initiation improves retention and virologic suppression.We conducted an unblinded, randomized trial of standard ART initiation versus same-day HIV testing and ART initiation among eligible adults ≥18 years old with World Health Organization Stage 1 or 2 disease and CD4 count ≤500 cells/mm3. The study was conducted among outpatients at the Haitian Group for the Study of Kaposi's Sarcoma and Opportunistic infections (GHESKIO Clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Participants were randomly assigned (1:1 to standard ART initiation or same-day HIV testing and ART initiation. The standard group initiated ART 3 weeks after HIV testing, and the same-day group initiated ART on the day of testing. The primary study endpoint was retention in care 12 months after HIV testing with HIV-1 RNA <50 copies/ml. We assessed the impact of treatment arm with a modified intention-to-treat analysis, using multivariable logistic regression controlling for potential confounders. Between August 2013 and October 2015, 762 participants were enrolled; 59 participants transferred to other clinics during the study period, and were excluded as per protocol, leaving 356 in the standard and 347 in the same-day ART groups. In the standard ART group, 156 (44% participants were retained in care with 12-month HIV-1 RNA <50 copies, and 184 (52% had <1,000 copies/ml; 20 participants (6% died. In the same-day ART group, 184 (53% participants were retained with HIV-1 RNA <50 copies/ml, and 212 (61% had <1,000 copies/ml; 10 (3% participants died. The unadjusted risk ratio (RR of being retained at 12 months with HIV-1 RNA <50 copies/ml was 1.21 (95% CI: 1.04, 1.38; p = 0.015 for the same-day ART group compared to the standard ART group, and the unadjusted RR for being retained with HIV-1 RNA <1,000 copies was 1.18 (95% CI: 1.04, 1.31; p

  2. Transient fuel behavior of preirradiated PWR fuels under reactivity initiated accident conditions

    Fujishiro, Toshio; Yanagisawa, Kazuaki; Ishijima, Kiyomi; Shiba, Koreyuki


    Since 1975, extensive studies on transient fuel behavior under reactivity initiated accident (RIA) conditions have been continued in the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR) of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute. A new experimental program with preirradiated LWR fuel rods as test samples has recently been started. In this program, transient behavior and failure initiation have been studied with 14 × 14 type PWR fuel rods preirradiated to a burnup of 20 to 42 MWd/kgU. The test fuel rods contained in a capsule filled with the coolant water were subjected to a pulse irradiation in the NSRR to simulate a prompt power surge in an RIA. The effects of preirradiation on the transient fission gas release, pellet-cladding mechanical interaction and fuel failure were clearly observed through the transient in-core measurements and postirradiation examination.

  3. Two-step tuberculin skin testing in school-going adolescents with initial 0-4 millimeter responses in a high tuberculosis prevalence setting in South India.

    Murthy, Maitreyi; Selvam, Sumithra; Jesuraj, Nelson; Bennett, Sean; Doherty, Mark; Grewal, Harleen M S; Vaz, Mario


    The utility of two-step tuberculin skin testing among adolescents in high tuberculosis prevalence settings is not well established. To determine the proportion and determinants of a 0-4 mm response to an initial standard tuberculin skin test (TST) and evaluating 'boosting' with repeat testing. Adolescents between 11 and 18 years attending schools/colleges underwent a TST; those with a response of between 0-4 mm had a repeat TST 1-4 weeks later. Initial TST was done for 6608/6643 participants; 1257 (19%) developed a 0-4 mm response to the initial TST. Younger age and under-nutrition were more likely to be associated with a 0-4 mm response, while the presence of BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) scar and higher socio-economic class were less likely to be associated with a 0-4 mm response. On repeat testing boosting was seen in 13.2% (145/1098; ≥ 6 mm over the initial test) while 4.3% showed boosting using a more conservative cutoff of a repeat TST ≥ 10 mm with an increment of at least 6 mm (47/1098). History of exposure to a tuberculosis (TB) case was associated with enhanced response. The proportion of adolescents who demonstrated boosting on two-step TST testing in our study was relatively low. As a result repeat testing did not greatly alter the prevalence of TST positivity. However, the two-step TST helps identify individuals who can potentially boost their immune response to a second test, and thus, prevents them from being misclassified as those with newly acquired infection, or tuberculin converters. While two-step tuberculin skin testing may have a limited role in population- level TST surveys, it may be useful where serial tuberculin testing needs to be performed to distinguish those who show an enhanced response or boosters from those who indeed have a new infection, or converters.

  4. Provider-initiated HIV testing in rural Haiti: low rate of missed opportunities for diagnosis of HIV in a primary care clinic

    Freedberg Kenneth A


    Full Text Available Abstract As HIV treatment is scaled-up in resource-poor settings, the timely identification of persons with HIV infection remains an important challenge. Most people with HIV are unaware of their status, and those who are often present late in the course of their illness. Free-standing voluntary counseling and testing sites often have poor uptake of testing. We aimed to evaluate a 'provider-initiated' HIV testing strategy in a primary care clinic in rural resource-poor Haiti by reviewing the number of visits made to clinic before an HIV test was performed in those who were ultimately found to have HIV infection. In collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health, a non-governmental organization (Partners In Health scaled up HIV care in central Haiti by reinforcing primary care clinics, instituting provider-initiated HIV testing and by providing HIV treatment in the context of primary medical care, free of charge to patients. Among a cohort of people with HIV infection, we assessed retrospectively for delays in or 'missed opportunities' for diagnosis of HIV by the providers in one clinic. Of the first 117 patients diagnosed with HIV in one clinic, 100 (85% were diagnosed at the first medical encounter. Median delay in diagnosis for the remaining 17 was only 62 days (IQR 19 – 122; range 1 – 272. There was no statistical difference in CD4 cell count between those with and without a delay. 3787 HIV tests were performed in the period reviewed. Provider-initiated testing was associated with high volume uptake of HIV testing and minimal delay between first medical encounter and diagnosis of HIV infection. In scale up of HIV care, provider-initiated HIV testing at primary care clinics can be a successful strategy to identify patients with HIV infection.

  5. Initial test results with a single-cylinder rhombic-drive Stirling engine. [to be applied to automobile engine design to conserve energy

    Cairelli, J. E.; Thieme, L. G.; Walter, R. J.


    A 6 kW (8 hp), single-cylinder, rhombic-drive Stirling engine was restored to operating condition, and preliminary characterization tests run with hydrogen and helium as the working gases. Initial tests show the engine brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) with hydrogen working gas to be within the range of BSFC observed by the Army at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, in 1966. The minimum system specific fuel consumption (SFC) observed during the initial tests with hydrogen was 669 g/kW hr (1.1 lb/hpx hr), compared with 620 g/kWx hr (1.02 lb/hpx hr) for the Army tests. However, the engine output power for a given mean compression-space pressure was lower than for the Army tests. The observed output power at a working-space pressure of 5 MPa (725 psig) was 3.27 kW (4.39 hp) for the initial tests and 3.80 kW (5.09 hp) for the Army tests. As expected, the engine power with helium was substantially lower than with hydrogen.

  6. Initial Production Test of Crane-Shovel, Crawler Mounted, 12-1/2-Ton, FSN 3810-926-1031.

    crane shovel could be adequately maintained at operator and organizational maintenance level with tools and manuals available. Two test items were operated a total of 935 test hours on typical crane-shovel missions.

  7. A memória dos idosos em tarefas complexas

    Terezinha de Jesus C. G. van Erven

    Full Text Available Dois experimentos compararam o desempenho de jovens e idosos nos testes de recuperação livre, recuperação com pista extra-lista e recuperação com pista intra-lista. No primeiro experimento, foi avaliada a influência da complexidade da tarefa, do tempo de apresentação dos estímulos e da faixa etária sobre a recuperação livre de palavras apresentadas no contexto de sentenças. No segundo, jovens e idosos foram comparados para verificar os efeitos da complexidade da tarefa, do tipo de teste, do tamanho do conjunto do alvo e da força associativa da pista sobre a memória de palavras no contexto de sentenças do teste de recuperação com pista extra-lista e intra-lista. Os resultados mostraram uma redução na evocação em função do aumento da idade dos participantes. Também indicaram que a magnitude da diferença variou, dependendo do tipo de teste de memória aplicado e da presença de contexto relacionado ao alvo durante a codificação.

  8. Factors shaping initial decision-making to self-test amongst cohabiting couples in urban Blantyre, Malawi.

    Kumwenda, M.; Munthali, A; Phiri, M.; Mwale, D; Gutteberg, T; MacPherson, E.; Theobald, S; Corbett, L; Desmond, N.


    In sub-Saharan Africa, most new HIV infections occur in stable relationships, making couples testing an important intervention for HIV prevention. We explored factors shaping the decision-making of cohabiting couples who opted to self-test in Blantyre, Malawi. Thirty-four self-tested participants (17 couples) were interviewed. Motivators for HIV self-testing (HIVST) emerged at three main levels. Individual motivations included perceived benefits of access to treatment, and self-checking of se...

  9. Assessment of the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network Standardized Procedure for In Vitro Malaria Drug Sensitivity Testing Using SYBR Green Assay for Field Samples with Various Initial Parasitemia Levels.

    Cheruiyot, Agnes C; Auschwitz, Jennifer M; Lee, Patricia J; Yeda, Redemptah A; Okello, Charles O; Leed, Susan E; Talwar, Mayank; Murthy, Tushar; Gaona, Heather W; Hickman, Mark R; Akala, Hoseah M; Kamau, Edwin; Johnson, Jacob D


    The malaria SYBR green assay, which is used to profilein vitrodrug susceptibility ofPlasmodium falciparum, is a reliable drug screening and surveillance tool. Malaria field surveillance efforts provide isolates with various low levels of parasitemia. To be advantageous, malaria drug sensitivity assays should perform reproducibly among various starting parasitemia levels rather than at one fixed initial value. We examined the SYBR green assay standardized procedure developed by the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) for its sensitivity and ability to accurately determine the drug concentration that inhibits parasite growth by 50% (IC50) in samples with a range of initial parasitemia levels. The initial sensitivity determination of the WWARN procedure yielded a detection limit of 0.019% parasitemia.P. falciparumlaboratory strains and field isolates with various levels of initial parasitemia were then subjected to a range of doses of common antimalarials. The IC50s were comparable for laboratory strains with between 0.0375% and 0.6% parasitemia and for field isolates with between 0.075% and 0.6% parasitemia for all drugs tested. Furthermore, assay quality (Z') analysis indicated that the WWARN procedure displays high robustness, allowing for drug testing of malaria field samples within the derived range of initial parasitemia. The use of the WWARN procedure should allow for the inclusion of more malaria field samples in malaria drug sensitivity screens that would have otherwise been excluded due to low initial parasitemia levels.

  10. Aprendizado e memória

    Lombroso, Paul


    A memória é dividida de duas grandes formas: explícita e implícita. O hipocampo é necessário para a formação das memórias explícitas, ao passo que várias outras regiões do cérebro, incluindo o estriado, a amígdala e o nucleus accumbens, estão envolvidos na formação das memórias implícitas. A formação de todas as memórias requer alterações morfológicas nas sinapses: novas sinapses devem ser formadas ou antigas precisam ser fortalecidas. Considera-se que essas alterações reflitam a base celular...

  11. 40 CFR 63.9620 - On which units and by what date must I conduct performance tests or other initial compliance...


    ... units within a group must also have the same type of air pollution control device (e.g., wet scrubbers...). You cannot group emission units with different air pollution control device types together for the... subject to initial performance testing. (2) A list of the process type and type of air pollution control...

  12. Feasibility study for the development of certified reference materials for specific migration testing. Part 1: Initial migrant concentration and specific migration

    Stoffers, N.H.; Störmer, A.; Bradley, E.L.; Brandsch, R.; Cooper, I.; Linssen, J.P.H.; Franz, R.


    The paper describes a project with the main objective of developing the know how to produce certified reference materials (CRMs) for specific migration testing. Certification parameters discussed are the initial concentration of the migrant in the polymer (C-P,C- 0) and the specific migration into a

  13. Equações de predição da aptidão cardiorrespiratória sem testes de exercício e sua aplicabilidade em estudos epidemiológicos: uma revisão sistemática Prediction of aerobic fitness without stress testing and applicability to epidemiological studies: a systematic review

    Geraldo de Albuquerque Maranhão Neto


    Full Text Available Uma baixa aptidão cardiorrespiratória é considerada fator de risco independente para o óbito por todas as causas, mas principalmente por doença coronariana. Devido a essa importância e à dificuldade de avaliá-la por meio de testes de exercícios, formas alternativas de avaliação foram sugeridas, envolvendo equações de predição sem a necessidade de realização de exercícios. O presente estudo objetivou analisar criticamente esses modelos e, principalmente, sua aplicabilidade em estudos epidemiológicos. Foi realizada uma revisão de artigos publicados entre 1966 e 2002. Os critérios para julgar a qualidade dos estudos foram: (a inclusão de variáveis explicativas com base teórica; (b critérios de validação (padrão-ouro; (c equações apresentadas por completo, incluindo erro padrão da estimativa; (d equações submetidas a processo de validação cruzada. Apenas cinco dos 23 estudos selecionados atenderam a todos os critérios de qualidade. Conclui-se que, em princípio, os modelos sem exercícios podem constituir alternativa viável para avaliação da aptidão cardiorrespiratória em estudos epidemiológicos. No entanto, ainda são poucas as equações disponíveis cuja validação permite grau aceitável de generalização.Cardiorespiratory fitness is used as an independent factor for evaluating risk of all-cause mortality, but mainly from coronary heart disease. Nevertheless, evaluation of fitness based on stress tests poses numerous epidemiological difficulties. Alternative forms of evaluation have therefore been suggested using non-exercise-based regression models. This study aimed to analyze these models and their applicability to epidemiological studies. A systematic review was conducted of articles published from 1966 to 2002. The models were classified according to: (a theoretical justification for the explanatory variables included in the model; (b validation criteria (gold standard; (c regression models fully

  14. Effects of galantamine on attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease measured by computerized neuropsychological tests: results of the Brazilian Multi-Center Galantamine Study (GAL-BRA-01 Efeitos da galantamina sobre a memória e a atenção na doença de Alzheimer medidos por testes neuropsicológicos computadorizados: resultados do Estudo Multicêntrico com Galantamina (GAL-BRA-01

    Paulo Caramelli


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of galantamine on the performance of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD in a computerized neuropsychological test battery (CNTB. METHOD: Thirty-three patients with probable AD were treated with galantamine for three months and evaluated in a prospective, open-label, multi-center study. The CNTB and the ADAS-Cog were administered at baseline and after 12 weeks. The CNTB includes reaction time tests to evaluate attention, implicit and episodic memory for faces and words. Statistical comparisons were performed between the results in week 12 versus baseline. Patients who did not reach the therapeutic doses were excluded from the efficacy analysis. RESULTS: Four patients (12.1% were excluded from the analysis either because of treatment discontinuation (n=3 or because a therapeutic dose was not reached (n=1. The remaining 29 patients were treated with doses of 24 mg/day (n=22 and 16 mg/day (n=7. After 12 weeks, significant reductions in reaction time were seen in the test of episodic memory for faces (p=0.023 and in the test of two-choice reaction time (p=0.039 of the CNTB. CONCLUSION: Treatment with galantamine produced improvement in computerized tests of attention and episodic memory after 12 weeks, leading to statistically significant reduction in the reaction times.OBJETIVO: Investigar os efeitos da galantamina no desempenho de pacientes portadores de doença de Alzheimer (DA leve a moderada em uma bateria de testes neuropsicológicos computadorizados (BTNC. MÉTODO: Trinta e três pacientes com DA provável receberam tratamento com galantamina por três meses em ensaio clínico multicêntrico aberto e prospectivo. A escala BTNC e a ADAS-Cog foram administradas no início e ao final de 12 semanas. A BTNC incluiu testes de tempo de reação avaliando atenção, memória implícita e memória episódica para palavras e faces. Comparações estatísticas foram realizadas entre os resultados

  15. Processos conscientes e inconscientes na produção de falsas memórias

    Tin Po Huang

    Full Text Available Este estudo verificou o efeito do tipo de teste e tempo de apresentação dos estímulos durante a codificação na produção de falsas memórias utilizando o paradigma DRM. Quatro intervalos de apresentação foram manipulados: 20ms, 250ms, 1000ms e 3000ms. Cem estudantes universitários participaram de cada teste. Foram testadas duas hipóteses: intervalos de tempo maiores produziriam maiores índices de falsas memórias, independentemente do teste, e o teste direto produziria mais falsas memórias. Os resultados confirmaram as hipóteses e mostraram que os fatores produziram efeitos significativos nas taxas de falsas memórias. Isso sugere que, embora processos inconscientes possam estar envolvidos no fenômeno, há uma participação predominante de processos conscientes na produção dessas ilusões de memória e que esse fenômeno pode ser explicado por modelos duais de processamento que consideram tanto a codificação quanto a evocação nas falsas memórias.

  16. Trends in CD4 Count Testing, Retention in Pre-ART Care, and ART Initiation Rates over the First Decade of Expansion of HIV Services in Haiti

    Koenig, Serena P.; Bernard, Daphne; Dévieux, Jessy G.; Atwood, Sidney; McNairy, Margaret L.; Severe, Patrice; Marcelin, Adias; Julma, Pierrot; Apollon, Alexandra; Pape, Jean W.


    Background High attrition during the period from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation is widely reported. Though treatment guidelines have changed to broaden ART eligibility and services have been widely expanded over the past decade, data on the temporal trends in pre-ART outcomes are limited; such data would be useful to guide future policy decisions. Methods We evaluated temporal trends and predictors of retention for each step from HIV testing to ART initiation over the past decade at the GHESKIO clinic in Port-au-Prince Haiti. The 24,925 patients >17 years of age who received a positive HIV test at GHESKIO from March 1, 2003 to February 28, 2013 were included. Patients were followed until they remained in pre-ART care for one year or initiated ART. Results 24,925 patients (61% female, median age 35 years) were included, and 15,008 (60%) had blood drawn for CD4 count within 12 months of HIV testing; the trend increased over time from 36% in Year 1 to 78% in Year 10 (p500 cells/mm3, respectively. The trend increased over time for each CD4 strata, and in Year 10, 94%, 95%, 79%, and 74% were retained in pre-ART care or initiated ART for each CD4 strata. Predictors of pre-ART attrition included male gender, low income, and low educational status. Older age and tuberculosis (TB) at HIV testing were associated with retention in care. Conclusions The proportion of patients completing assessments for ART eligibility, remaining in pre-ART care, and initiating ART have increased over the last decade across all CD4 count strata, particularly among patients with CD4 count ≤350 cells/mm3. However, additional retention efforts are needed for patients with higher CD4 counts. PMID:26901795

  17. Trends in CD4 Count Testing, Retention in Pre-ART Care, and ART Initiation Rates over the First Decade of Expansion of HIV Services in Haiti.

    Serena P Koenig

    Full Text Available High attrition during the period from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy (ART initiation is widely reported. Though treatment guidelines have changed to broaden ART eligibility and services have been widely expanded over the past decade, data on the temporal trends in pre-ART outcomes are limited; such data would be useful to guide future policy decisions.We evaluated temporal trends and predictors of retention for each step from HIV testing to ART initiation over the past decade at the GHESKIO clinic in Port-au-Prince Haiti. The 24,925 patients >17 years of age who received a positive HIV test at GHESKIO from March 1, 2003 to February 28, 2013 were included. Patients were followed until they remained in pre-ART care for one year or initiated ART.24,925 patients (61% female, median age 35 years were included, and 15,008 (60% had blood drawn for CD4 count within 12 months of HIV testing; the trend increased over time from 36% in Year 1 to 78% in Year 10 (p500 cells/mm3, respectively. The trend increased over time for each CD4 strata, and in Year 10, 94%, 95%, 79%, and 74% were retained in pre-ART care or initiated ART for each CD4 strata. Predictors of pre-ART attrition included male gender, low income, and low educational status. Older age and tuberculosis (TB at HIV testing were associated with retention in care.The proportion of patients completing assessments for ART eligibility, remaining in pre-ART care, and initiating ART have increased over the last decade across all CD4 count strata, particularly among patients with CD4 count ≤350 cells/mm3. However, additional retention efforts are needed for patients with higher CD4 counts.

  18. Impact on ART initiation of point-of-care CD4 testing at HIV diagnosis among HIV-positive youth in Khayelitsha, South Africa

    Virginia De Azevedo


    Full Text Available Introduction: Despite the rapid expansion of antiretroviral therapy (ART programmes in developing countries, pre-treatment losses from care remain a challenge to improving access to treatment. Youth and adolescents have been identified as a particularly vulnerable group, at greater risk of loss from both pre-ART and ART care. Point-of-care (POC CD4 testing has shown promising results in improving linkage to ART care. In Khayelitsha township, South Africa, POC CD4 testing was implemented at a clinic designated for youth aged 12–25 years. We assessed whether there was an associated reduction in attrition between HIV testing, assessment for eligibility and ART initiation. Methods: A before-and-after observational study was conducted using routinely collected data. These were collected on patients from May 2010 to April 2011 (Group A when baseline CD4 count testing was performed in a laboratory and results were returned to the clinic within two weeks. Same-day POC CD4 testing was implemented in June 2011, and data were collected on patients from August 2011 to July 2012 (Group B. Results: A total of 272 and 304 youth tested HIV-positive in Group A and Group B, respectively. Group B patients were twice as likely to have their ART eligibility assessed compared to Group A patients: 275 (90% vs. 183 (67% [relative risk (RR=2.4, 95% CI: 1.8–3.4, p<0.0001]. More patients in World Health Organization (WHO Stage 1 disease (85% vs. 69%, with CD4 counts≥350 cells/µL (58% vs. 35% and more males (13% vs. 7% were detected in Group B. The proportion of eligible patients who initiated ART was 50% and 44% (p=0.6 in Groups B and A, respectively; and 50% and 43% (p=0.5 when restricted to patients with baseline CD4 count≤250 cells/µL. Time between HIV-testing and ART initiation was reduced from 36 to 28 days (p=0.6. Discussion: POC CD4 testing significantly improved assessment for ART eligibility. The improvement in the proportion initiating ART and the

  19. Citizen Science: The Small World Initiative Improved Lecture Grades and California Critical Thinking Skills Test Scores of Nonscience Major Students at Florida Atlantic University.

    Caruso, Joseph P; Israel, Natalie; Rowland, Kimberly; Lovelace, Matthew J; Saunders, Mary Jane


    Course-based undergraduate research is known to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics student achievement. We tested "The Small World Initiative, a Citizen-Science Project to Crowdsource Novel Antibiotic Discovery" to see if it also improved student performance and the critical thinking of non-science majors in Introductory Biology at Florida Atlantic University (a large, public, minority-dominant institution) in academic year 2014-15. California Critical Thinking Skills Test pre- and posttests were offered to both Small World Initiative (SWI) and control lab students for formative amounts of extra credit. SWI lab students earned significantly higher lecture grades than control lab students, had significantly fewer lecture grades of D+ or lower, and had significantly higher critical thinking posttest total scores than control students. Lastly, more SWI students were engaged while taking critical thinking tests. These results support the hypothesis that utilizing independent course-based undergraduate science research improves student achievement even in nonscience students.

  20. Citizen Science: The Small World Initiative Improved Lecture Grades and California Critical Thinking Skills Test Scores of Nonscience Major Students at Florida Atlantic University

    Joseph Paul Caruso


    Full Text Available Course-based undergraduate research is known to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics student achievement. We tested “The Small World Initiative, a Citizen-Science Project to Crowdsource Novel Antibiotic Discovery” to see if it also improved student performance and the critical thinking of nonscience majors in Introductory Biology at Florida Atlantic University (a large, public, minority-dominant institution in academic year 2014–15. California Critical Thinking Skills Test pre- and posttests were offered to both Small World Initiative (SWI and control lab students for formative amounts of extra credit. SWI lab students earned significantly higher lecture grades than control lab students, had significantly fewer lecture grades of D+ or lower, and had significantly higher critical thinking posttest total scores than control students. Lastly, more SWI students were engaged while taking critical thinking tests. These results support the hypothesis that utilizing independent course-based undergraduate science research improves student achievement even in nonscience students.

  1. Decliners of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling: Characteristics of participants who refused HIV testing in a population survey in Zambia

    Pascalina; Chanda-Kapata; William; Ngosa; Albertina; Ngomah; Moraes; Nicole; Maddox; Nathan; Kapata


    Objective: To assess the prevalence of HIV infection, to highlight HIV-testing refusal rates among participants in a population-based tuberculosis survey and to assess the implication for programme implementation.Methods: This cross-sectional study on the characteristics of participants who refused HIV testing was conducted in a national survey in Zambia. All eligible participants were aged above 15 years and included in the analysis.Results: Out of the 44 791 tuberculosis survey participants, 14 164(31.6%) refused to participate in HIV testing. The unemployed, rural dwellers, married, and those aged 15-24 years were associated with higher refusal rates.Conclusions: Strategies to improve HIV testing acceptance are necessary. Qualitative research is recommended to understand the reasons for testing refusals so that remedial interventions can be implemented.

  2. The lag time in initiating clinical testing of new drugs in combination with radiation therapy, a significant barrier to progress?

    Blumenfeld, P; Pfeffer, R M; Symon, Z; Den, R B; Dicker, A.P.; Raben, D.; Lawrence, Y R


    Background: The clinical development of new drugs with radiation appears to be limited. We hypothesised that phase I clinical trials with radiation therapy (RT) are initiated too late into a new drug's lifetime, impeding the ability to complete RT–drug development programmes before patent expiration. Methods: We identified novel drug–radiation phase I combination trials performed between 1980 and 2012 within the PubMed and databases. Data gathered for each drug included: da...

  3. Efficacy of I-123/I-131 Metaiodobenzylguanidine Scan as A Single Initial Diagnostic Modality in Pheochromocytoma: Comparison with Biochemical Test and Anatomic Imaging

    Moon, Eun Ha; Lim, Seok Tae; Jeong, Young Jin; Kim, Dong Wook; Jeong, Hwan Jeong; Sohn, Myung Hee [Chonbuk National University Medical School and Hospital, Jeonju (Korea, Republic of)


    We underwent this study to evaluate the diagnostic potential of I-123/I-131 metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) scintigraphy alone in the initial diagnosis of pheochromocytoma, compared with biochemical test and anatomic imaging. Twenty two patients (M:F=13:9, Age: 44.3{+-} 19.3 years) having the clinical evaluation due to suspicious pheochromocytoma received the biochemical test, anatomic imaging modality (CT and/or MRI) and I-123/I-131 MIBG scan for diagnosis of pheochromocytoma, prior to histopathological confirmation. MIBG scans were independently reviewed by 2 nuclear medicine physicians. All patients were confirmed histopathologically by operation or biopsy (incisional or excisonal). In comparison of final diagnosis and findings of each diagnostic modality, the sensitivities of the biochemical test, anatomic imaging, and MIBG scan were 88.9%, 55.6%, and 88.9%, respectively. And the specificities of the biochemical test, anatomic imaging, and MIBG scan also were 69.2%, 69.2%, and 92.3%, respectively. MIBG scan showed one false positive (neuroblastoma) and one false negative finding. There was one patient with positive MIBG scan and negative findings of the biochemical test, anatomic imaging. Our data suggest that I-123/I-131 MIBG scan has higher sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy than those of biochemical test and anatomic imaging. Thus, we expect that MIBG scan is electively used for initial diagnosis of pheochromocytoma alone as well as biochemical test and anatomic imaging.

  4. Colorimetric test for the monitoring of microcystins in cyanobacterial culture and environmental samples from southeast - Brazil Teste colorimétrico usado para o monitoramento de microcistina em cultivo de cianobactérias e em amostras de florações ambientais do sudeste do Brasil

    Vanessa P.S. Almeida


    Full Text Available Microcystins are hepatotoxic heptapeptides produced by some cyanobacterial genera under determined physico-chemical conditions in the environment, which are responsible for the intoxication and death of animals and humans. The detection of microcystins in potable water or recreational water is not carried out routinely in the majority of Brazilian states. The protein phosphatase 1 (PP1 inhibition test is a simple, rapid and reproducible colorimetric method. The applicability of the PP1 inhibition test was tested using Microcystis aeruginosa (strain 1, UFRJ- toxin producer grown under controlled light and temperature condition (12/12h light/dark using 30 muE.m².s-1 at 23ºC in a bioreactor. The total concentrations of P (24, 6 and 4 muM and Fe (4 and 1 muM were varied in ASM-1medium and their effects on the growth rates and toxin production were analyzed. A standard curve of PP1 inhibition by microcystin-LR reached detection limit of 0.01 ng.mL-1. Under the highest concentrations of P (24 muM and Fe (4 muM, the production of microcystin was detected throughout the growth experiment. The highest concentration of microcystin was observed at 6 muM P while at 1 muM Fe, PP1 inhibition was not detected. Samples from environmental blooms in water reservoirs used for human and animal consumption, from southeast Brazil (Belo Horizonte/MG, were tested and quantified for microcystin presence by the PP1 colorimetric test. The concentration of microcystin varied from undetectable to 100 ng.mL-1 in the environmental samples with Microcistis flos-aquae as the predominant cyanobacterial strain.Microcistinas (MC são heptapeptídeos de ação neuro e hepatotóxica produzidas por alguns gêneros de cianobactérias em determinadas condições físico-químicas do ambiente e são responsáveis pela morte e intoxicação de animais e humanos. A detecção de MC em água destinada ao consumo no Brasil ainda não é realizada na maioria dos estados brasileiros. O

  5. An initial exploration of the perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation to measure arm sensation following stroke.

    Hedman, Lois D; Sullivan, Jane E


    To explore the viability of the perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation to measure light touch sensation in the hands of stroke survivors. Descriptive study. University research laboratory. Twenty-nine adult community-dwelling chronic stroke survivors. MAIN MEASURE(S): Perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation, stroke rehabilitation assessment of movement, Nottingham sensory assessment for stereognosis, action research arm test, Fugl-Meyer assessment of sensation and motor activity log 14. Perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation mean threshold values were 1.23 (0.6) milliamperes (range 0.5-3.5) for the uninvolved side and 1.68 (0.91) milliamperes (range 0.5-4.5) for the involved side. The perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation demonstrated excellent intra-rater reliability (intraclass correlation coefficient = 0.896 - uninvolved; 0.829 - involved). There was a statistically significant difference between the perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation mean threshold values for the uninvolved and involved arms (P = 0.003), but this significance did not hold for subjects who had normal sensation as measured by the Fugl-Meyer assessment of sensation (P = 0.083). Low to nonexistent correlations were found between the perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation and other measures of sensation, arm movement, activity and participation. The perceptual threshold test using electrical stimulation is a reliable and clinically feasible test with the potential to identify sensory capacity in stroke survivors with substantial sensory loss. Electrical sensory thresholds do not reflect overall sensory function or motor capabilities in stroke survivors.

  6. Heavy-ion LINAC development for the US RIA project

    P N Ostroumov


    The Nuclear Science Community in the Unites States has unanimously concluded that developments in both nuclear science and its supporting technologies make building a world-leading Rare-Isotope Accelerator (RIA) facility for production of radioactive beams the top priority. The RIA development effort involves several US Laboratories (ANL, JLAB, LBNL, MSU, ORNL). The RIA facility includes a CW 1.4 GeV driver LINAC and a 100 MV post-accelerator both based on superconducting (SC) cavities operating at frequencies from 48 MHz to 805 MHz. An initial acceleration in both LINACs is provided by room temperature RFQs. The driver LINAC is designed for acceleration of any ion species; from protons up to 900 MeV to uranium up to 400 MeV/u. The novel feature of the driver LINAC is an acceleration of multiple charge-state heavy-ion beams in order to achieve 400 kW beam power. Basic design concepts of the driver LINAC are given. Several new conceptual solutions in beam dynamics, room temperature and SC accelerating structures for heavy ion accelerator applications are discussed.




    The 2003 RIA R&D Workshop was held on August 26-28, 2003 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. This Workshop was chaired by Satoshi Ozaki of BNL and sponsored by the Nuclear Physics Division of DOE, with the help of Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). The purpose of this workshop was to understand the present status of R&D efforts for RIA, to evaluate the needs for further R&D, and to identify opportunities for international collaborations. The workshop examined and documented the current pre-conceptual design for RIA, identifying areas where decisions on technical options remain. The status of the current RIA R&D program was documented, recognizing areas where efforts were needed in light of what had been learned. The ongoing and planned R&D activities for operating and planned rare-isotope facilities were presented, enabling the workshop to be a venue to develop coordinated R&D efforts of mutual benefit to U.S. and international efforts. The scientific program for the first day (August 26, 2003) consisted mostly of invited talks presented by major research groups involved in RIA and other RI beam facilities. The talks included those covering: Science of RIA and the RIA Facility Performance Requirements; The Reference RIA Facility Pre-CDR design that was used for the NSAC cost exercise (M. Harrison Sub-Panel) in January 2001; New or latest perspectives on the RIA design at ANL & MSU; and RI Beam facility plans and overview of the R&D activities at overseas laboratories. The second day (August 27, 2003) was devoted to contributed talks on continuing R&D, including that which had been supported by DOE RIA R&D funds. The third day (August 28, 2003) began with open panel discussions in the morning, including further input from participants. The panel members discussed the present status of the RIA planning and R&D needs in a closed session for the rest of the day, and then worked on report planning and writing. This Workshop

  8. Leituras de operárias

    Betty Mindlin


    Full Text Available Defensora de causas sociais, paladina poética contra injustiças e desigualdade, Ecléa Bosi em seu livro Cultura Popular e Cultura de Massa: Leituras de Operárias, pesquisa as leituras de cerca de 50 operárias, procurando ver que acesso têm ao imaginário, aos livros, quais as suas condições de vida, como a sociedade industrial as privam da criação artística e literária, apesar de sua sede de conhecimento e de expressão.

  9. Initial operation of a solar heating and cooling system in a full-scale solar building test facility

    Knoll, R. H.; Miao, D.; Hamlet, I. L.; Jensen, R. N.


    The Solar Building Test Facility (SBTF) located at Hampton, Virginia became operational in early summer of 1976. This facility is a joint effort by NASA-Lewis and NASA-Langley to advance the technology for heating and cooling of office buildings with solar energy. Its purposes are to (1) test system components which include high-performing collectors, (2) test performance of complete solar heating and cooling system, (3) investigate component interactions and (4) investigate durability, maintenance and reliability of components. The SBTF consists of a 50,000 square foot office building modified to accept solar heated water for operation of an absorption air conditioner and for the baseboard heating system. A 12,666 square foot solar collector field with a 30,000 gallon storage tank provides the solar heated water. A description of the system and the collectors selected is given here, along with the objectives, test approach, expected system performance and some preliminary results.

  10. Reproducible Data Processing Research for the CABRI R.I.A. experiments Acoustic Emission signal analysis

    Pantera, Laurent [CEA, DEN, CAD/DER/SRES/LPRE, Cadarache, F-13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France); Issiaka Traore, Oumar [Laboratory of Machanics and Acoustics (LMA) CNRS, 13402 Marseille (France)


    The CABRI facility is an experimental nuclear reactor of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) designed to study the behaviour of fuel rods at high burnup under Reactivity Initiated Accident (R.I.A.) conditions such as the scenario of a control rod ejection. During the experimental phase, the behaviour of the fuel element generates acoustic waves which can be detected by two microphones placed upstream and downstream from the test device. Studies carried out on the last fourteen tests showed the interest in carrying out temporal and spectral analyses on these signals by showing the existence of signatures which can be correlated with physical phenomena. We want presently to return to this rich data in order to have a new point of view by applying modern signal processing methods. Such an antecedent works resumption leads to some difficulties. Although all the raw data are accessible in the form of text files, analyses and graphics representations were not clear in reproducing from the former studies since the people who were in charge of the original work have left the laboratory and it is not easy when time passes, even with our own work, to be able to remember the steps of data manipulations and the exact setup. Thus we decided to consolidate the availability of the data and its manipulation in order to provide a robust data processing workflow to the experimentalists before doing any further investigations. To tackle this issue of strong links between data, treatments and the generation of documents, we adopted a Reproducible Research paradigm. We shall first present the tools chosen in our laboratory to implement this workflow and, then we shall describe the global perception carried out to continue the study of the Acoustic Emission signals recorded by the two microphones during the last fourteen CABRI R.I.A. tests. (authors)

  11. Unraveling the dynamics that scale cross-shore headland relief on rocky coastlines: 2. Model predictions and initial tests

    Limber, Patrick W.; Murray, A. Brad


    We explore the behavior of a theoretical model of cross-shore headland relief caused by alongshore differences in lithology and rock strength on rocky coastlines. Results address the question of why some rocky coasts exhibit frequent headland and embayment sequences while others evolve to a flat, smooth, and sandy configuration. Main model predictions are that cross-shore headland amplitude is inversely proportional to beach sediment supply and the strength of wave energy convergence and divergence along the headland and bay, and proportional to the alongshore embayment length (or distance between headlands) and the difference between headland and bay rock strength. The coastline's initial physical properties (sea cliff height, composition, etc.) largely determine whether headlands will be persistent or transient landscape features. Model timescales over which the headland and bay reach steady state amplitude, or disappear to a flat coastline, range from 120 to 175,000 years depending on how close the initial amplitude is to steady state. In many cases, the coastline must evolve over several sea level highstands in order to reach equilibrium. A characteristic timescale (independent of initial conditions) shows that the coastline evolves most rapidly when: wave focusing is stronger; sea cliff rock is weaker or retreats faster in a given wave climate; the sea cliff retreat rate decreases rapidly as a function of beach width (i.e., the beach is very effective at dampening wave energy); and the coastline is sediment rich. Comparisons to nature suggest that our model is qualitatively capturing general rocky coastline dynamics and that modeled headland amplitudes are consistent with observed amplitudes.

  12. An integral test on time dependent local extinction for super-coalescing Brownian motion with Lebesgue initial measure

    He, Hui; Zhou, Xiaowen


    This paper concerns the almost sure time dependent local extinction behavior for super-coalescing Brownian motion $X$ with $(1+\\beta)$-stable branching and Lebesgue initial measure on $\\bR$. We first give a representation of $X$ using excursions of a continuous state branching process and Arratia's coalescing Brownian flow. For any nonnegative, nondecreasing and right continuous function $g$, put \\tau:=\\sup \\{t\\geq 0: X_t([-g(t),g(t)])>0 \\}. We prove that $\\bP\\{\\tau=\\infty\\}=0$ or 1 according as the integral $\\int_1^\\infty g(t)t^{-1-1/\\beta} dt$ is finite or infinite.

  13. Anastomose mamária-coronária: análise de 2923 casos


    Foi a partir de 1972 que, no Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia, se iniciou o emprego da anastomose mamária-coronária associada, ou não, a pontes de safena, ou a outros procedimentos. Nessa época, apenas a artéria mamária interna esquerda (AMIE) foi usada (57 casos) para a revascularização da descendente anterior (DA) ou diagonal. No período 1973/1974 (386 casos), já ocorreram as primeiras anastomoses seqüenciais AMIE-DA/DA, assim como a artéria mamária interna direita (AMID) passou a s...

  14. Testing initiatives increase rates of HIV diagnosis in primary care and community settings: an observational single-centre cohort study.

    Prini Mahendran

    Full Text Available The primary objective was to examine trends in new HIV diagnoses in a UK area of high HIV prevalence between 2000 and 2012 with respect to site of diagnosis and stage of HIV infection.Single-centre observational cohort study.An outpatient HIV department in a secondary care UK hospital.1359 HIV-infected adults.Demographic information (age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, site of initial HIV diagnosis (Routine settings such as HIV/GUM clinics versus Non-Routine settings such as primary care and community venues, stage of HIV infection, CD4 count and seroconversion symptoms were collated for each participant.There was a significant increase in the proportion of new HIV diagnoses made in Non-Routine settings (from 27.0% in 2000 to 58.8% in 2012; p<0.001. Overall there was a decrease in the rate of late diagnosis from 50.7% to 32.9% (p=0.001. Diagnosis of recent infection increased from 23.0% to 47.1% (p=0.001. Of those with recent infection, significantly more patients were likely to report symptoms consistent with a seroconversion illness over the 13 years (17.6% to 65.0%; p<0.001.This is the first study, we believe, to demonstrate significant improvements in HIV diagnosis and a shift in diagnosis of HIV from HIV/GUM settings to primary practice and community settings due to multiple initiatives.

  15. Development and initial evaluation of a lateral flow dipstick test for antigen detection of Entamoeba histolytica in stool sample.

    Saidin, Syazwan; Yunus, Muhammad Hafiznur; Othman, Nurulhasanah; Lim, Yvonne Ai-Lian; Mohamed, Zeehaida; Zakaria, Nik Zairi; Noordin, Rahmah


    Entamoeba histolytica infection remains a public health concern in developing countries. Early diagnosis of amoebiasis can avoid disease complications, thus this study was aimed at developing a test that can rapidly detect the parasite antigens in stool samples. Rabbits were individually immunized with recombinant pyruvate phosphate dikinase (rPPDK) and E. histolytica excretory-secretory antigens to produce polyclonal antibodies. A rapid dipstick test was produced using anti-rPPDK PAb lined on the dipstick as capture reagent and anti-EhESA PAb conjugated to colloidal gold as the detector reagent. Using E. histolytica-spiked in stool sample of a healthy individual, the detection limit of the dipstick test was found to be 1000 cells ml(-1). Meanwhile when rPPDK was spiked in the stool sample, the minimum concentration detected by the dipstick test was 0.1 μg ml(-1). The performances of the dipstick, commercial Techlab E. histolytica II enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and real-time PCR were compared using 70 stool samples from patients infected with Entamoeba species (n = 45) and other intestinal pathogens (n = 25). When compared to real-time PCR, the diagnostic sensitivity of the dipstick for detection of E. histolytica was 65.4% (n = 17/26); while the diagnostic specificity when tested with stool samples containing other intestinal pathogens was 92% (23/25). In contrast, Techlab E. histolytica II ELISA detected 19.2% (5/26) of the E. histolytica-positive samples as compared to real-time PCR. The lateral flow dipstick test produced in this study enabled rapid detection of E. histolytica, thus it showed good potential to be further developed into a diagnostic tool for intestinal amoebiasis.


    Pedro Nunes de Castro


    Full Text Available Leitura e memória são realidades que se coadunam, na medida em que são interdependentes. Esse artigo nasce a partir de uma afirmação de Ivan Izquierdo, neurologista e especialista em memória. Ele assevera que a leitura é a forma mais completa de exercitar a memória. Busco subsídios, essencialmente na Psicologia Cognitiva, para entender essa categórica afirmação. Relaciono alguns aspectos sobre o processamento de textos, e classifico as memórias conforme a função, conteúdo e tempo de duração. A partir disso, delineio a interface comum e intrínseca entre essas duas realidades.

  17. BRCA1/2 testing: uptake, phenocopies, and strategies to improve detection rates in initially negative families.

    Fischer, C; Engel, C; Sutter, C; Zachariae, S; Schmutzler, R; Meindl, A; Heidemann, S; Grimm, T; Goecke, T O; Debatin, I; Horn, D; Wieacker, P; Gadzicki, D; Becker, K; Schäfer, D; Stock, F; Voigtländer, T


    In families with clustering of breast and ovarian cancer, molecular testing of the major susceptibility genes BRCA1/2 helps to identify patients with disease mutations and healthy persons at high risk who can participate in targeted intervention programs. We investigated 5559 families from the German Consortium for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer included between 1997 and 2008 and treated under clinical routine conditions. In each family an index patient/person had been screened for deleterious mutations in BRCA1/2. Healthy relatives agreed to predictive testing in 888 of 1520 BRCA1/2 mutation-positive families (58%). Of 2646 eligible unaffected first-degree relatives 1143 decided to be tested (43%). In 325 families with BRCA1/2-positive index patients one related BC/OC patient was tested and 39 (12.0%; 95% confidence interval: 8.7-16.0%) discrepant cases found. A second related individual was screened in 163 of 3388 (4.9%) families with BRCA1/2-negative index patient and in eight families a BRCA1/2 mutation was found. In BRCA1/2 mutation-positive families, BC/OC patients lacking the familial mutation have to be expected at a rather high rate. In families with BRCA1/2-negative index patient we recommend a second screening if another patient with a high probability of carrying a BRCA1/2 mutation is available.

  18. Initial Development and Testing of a State-of-the-Art Method to Quantify Hydrologic Model Uncertainty


    Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation ...F. ter Braak, C.G.H. Diks, B.A. Robinson, J.M. Hyman, and D. Higdon. 2009. Accelerating Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation by Differential...independent implementation and testing of the Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm Differential Evolution Markov Chain (DE-MC).

  19. Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth Anxiety Outperform Usual Care in Community Clinics? An Initial Effectiveness Test

    Southam-Gerow, Michael A.; Weisz, John R.; Chu, Brian C.; McLeod, Bryce D.; Gordis, Elana B.; Connor-Smith, Jennifer K.


    Objective: Most tests of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for youth anxiety disorders have shown beneficial effects, but these have been efficacy trials with recruited youths treated by researcher-employed therapists. One previous (nonrandomized) trial in community clinics found that CBT did not outperform usual care (UC). The present study used…

  20. 40 CFR 63.7732 - What test methods and other procedures must I use to demonstrate initial compliance with the...


    ... metal melting furnaces, sample only during times when the cupola is on blast. (4) For electric arc and... during times when the cupola is on blast. (4) For electric arc and electric induction metal melting...(a)(11) for a TEA cold box mold or core making line, follow the test methods in 40 CFR part...

  1. 40 CFR 63.1450 - What test methods and other procedures must I use to demonstrate initial compliance with the...


    ... volumetric flow rate of the stack gas. (iii) Method 3, 3A, or 3B to determine the dry molecular weight of the stack gas. (iv) Method 4 to determine the moisture content of the stack gas. (v) Method 5, 5D, or 17, as... method used to monitor the parameter, and the data recorded during the performance test and used to...

  2. Development and Initial Testing of Instrumentation To Measure Five Functions of Schooling. Final Report. Volume I--Summary Report.

    Northwest Regional Educational Lab., Portland, OR.

    The development and testing of an instrument used to measure the five major societal functions of schooling are described. These functions, as defined by William Spady, include: custody or control over students, course selection, student evaluation and certification, instructional processes, and socialization. The following sequence of events took…

  3. Clinical Performance of Aspergillus PCR for Testing Serum and Plasma: a Study by the European Aspergillus PCR Initiative.

    White, P Lewis; Barnes, Rosemary A; Springer, Jan; Klingspor, Lena; Cuenca-Estrella, Manuel; Morton, C Oliver; Lagrou, Katrien; Bretagne, Stéphane; Melchers, Willem J G; Mengoli, Carlo; Donnelly, J Peter; Heinz, Werner J; Loeffler, Juergen


    Aspergillus PCR testing of serum provides technical simplicity but with potentially reduced sensitivity compared to whole-blood testing. With diseases for which screening to exclude disease represents an optimal strategy, sensitivity is paramount. The associated analytical study confirmed that DNA concentrations were greater in plasma than those in serum. The aim of the current investigation was to confirm analytical findings by comparing the performance of Aspergillus PCR testing of plasma and serum in the clinical setting. Standardized Aspergillus PCR was performed on plasma and serum samples concurrently obtained from hematology patients in a multicenter retrospective anonymous case-control study, with cases diagnosed according to European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer/Invasive Fungal Infections Cooperative Group and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Mycoses Study Group (EORTC/MSG) consensus definitions (19 proven/probable cases and 42 controls). Clinical performance and clinical utility (time to positivity) were calculated for both kinds of samples. The sensitivity and specificity for Aspergillus PCR when testing serum were 68.4% and 76.2%, respectively, and for plasma, they were 94.7% and 83.3%, respectively. Eighty-five percent of serum and plasma PCR results were concordant. On average, plasma PCR was positive 16.8 days before diagnosis and was the earliest indicator of infection in 13 cases, combined with other biomarkers in five cases. On average, serum PCR was positive 10.8 days before diagnosis and was the earliest indicator of infection in six cases, combined with other biomarkers in three cases. These results confirm the analytical finding that the sensitivity of Aspergillus PCR using plasma is superior to that using serum. PCR positivity occurs earlier when testing plasma and provides sufficient sensitivity for the screening of invasive aspergillosis while maintaining methodological simplicity.


    Silvia Lima de Aquino


    Neste artigo realizamos uma análise da trajetória migratória de pequenos agricultores brasileiros em direção ao Paraguai e seu retorno ao Brasil, a partir do ingresso em acampamentos organizados por agricultores sem-terra. Nesta análise, consideraremos as percepções dos próprios migrantes a respeito de suas trajetórias migratórias e, em especial, sobre o retorno ao Brasil. Assim, nos interessou examinar os fatores que propiciaram a migração desses indivíduos ou de seus antepassados ao campo n...

  5. Engaging African and Caribbean Immigrants in HIV Testing and Care in a Large US City: Lessons Learned from the African Diaspora Health Initiative.

    Kwakwa, Helena A; Wahome, Rahab; Goines, Djalika S; Jabateh, Voffee; Green, Arraina; Bessias, Sophia; Flanigan, Timothy P


    The lifting in 2010 of the HIV entry ban eliminated an access point for HIV testing of the foreign-born. The African Diaspora Health Initiative (ADHI) was developed to examine alternative pathways to testing for African and Caribbean persons. The ADHI consists of Clinics Without Walls (CWW) held in community settings. HIV testing is offered to participants along with hypertension and diabetes screening. A survey is administered to participants. Descriptive data were analyzed using SAS 9.2. Between 2011 and 2015, 4152 African and Caribbean individuals participated in 352 CWW. Participants were mostly (67.7 %) African. HIV rates were lowest in Caribbean women (0.4 %) and highest in Caribbean men (8.4 %). Efforts to engage African and Caribbean communities in HIV testing are important given the elimination of the HIV entry ban and continued immigration to the US from areas of higher prevalence. The ADHI offers a successful model of engagement.

  6. Psychological distress in newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients following microsatellite instability testing for Lynch syndrome on the pathologist's initiative.

    Landsbergen, K M; Prins, J B; Brunner, H G; van Duijvendijk, P; Nagengast, F M; van Krieken, J H; Ligtenberg, M; Hoogerbrugge, N


    According to the Dutch Guideline on Hereditary Colorectal Cancer published in 2008, patients with recently diagnosed colorectal cancer (CRC) should undergo microsatellite instability (MSI) testing by a pathologist immediately after tumour resection if they are younger than 50 years, or if a second CRC has been diagnosed before the age of 70 years, owing to the high risk of Lynch syndrome (MIPA). The aim of the present MIPAPS study was to investigate general distress and cancer-specific distress following MSI testing. From March 2007 to September 2009, 400 patients who had been tested for MSI after newly diagnosed CRC were recruited from 30 Dutch hospitals. Levels of general distress (SCL-90) and cancer-specific distress (IES) were assessed immediately after MSI result disclosure (T1) and 6 months later (T2). Response rates were 23/77 (30%) in the MSI-positive patients and 58/323 (18%) in the MSI-negative patients. Levels of general distress and cancer-specific distress were moderate. In the MSI-positive group, 27% of the patients had high general distress at T1 versus 18% at T2 (p = 0.5), whereas in the MSI-negative group, these percentage were 14 and 18% (p = 0.6), respectively. At T1 and T2, cancer-specific distress rates in the MSI-positive group and MSI-negative group were 39 versus 27% (p = 0.3) and 38 versus 36% (p = 1.0), respectively. High levels of general distress were correlated with female gender, low social support and high perceived cancer risk. Moderate levels of distress were observed after MSI testing, similar to those found in other patients diagnosed with CRC. Immediately after result disclosure, high cancer-specific distress was observed in 40% of the MSI-positive patients.

  7. Measurement of coronary calcium scores by electron beam computed tomography or exercise testing as initial diagnostic tool in low-risk patients with suspected coronary artery disease

    Geluk, Christiane A.; Perik, Patrick J.; Tio, Rene A.; Goette, Marco J.W.; Hillege, Hans L.; Zijlstra, Felix [University Medical Center Groningen, Thoraxcenter, Department of Cardiology, Groningen (Netherlands); Dikkers, Riksta; Vliegenthart, Rozemarijn; Houwers, Janneke B.; Willems, Tineke P.; Oudkerk, Matthijs [University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Radiology, Groningen (Netherlands)


    We determined the efficiency of a screening protocol based on coronary calcium scores (CCS) compared with exercise testing in patients with suspected coronary artery disease (CAD), a normal ECG and troponin levels. Three-hundred-and-four patients were enrolled in a screening protocol including CCS by electron beam computed tomography (Agatston score), and exercise testing. Decision-making was based on CCS. When CCS{>=}400, coronary angiography (CAG) was recommended. When CCS<10, patients were discharged. Exercise tests were graded as positive, negative or nondiagnostic. The combined endpoint was defined as coronary event or obstructive CAD at CAG. During 12{+-}4 months, CCS{>=}400, 10-399 and <10 were found in 42, 103 and 159 patients and the combined endpoint occurred in 24 (57%), 14 (14%) and 0 patients (0%), respectively. In 22 patients (7%), myocardial perfusion scintigraphy was performed instead of exercise testing due to the inability to perform an exercise test. A positive, nondiagnostic and negative exercise test result was found in 37, 76 and 191 patients, and the combined endpoint occurred in 11 (30%), 15 (20%) and 12 patients (6%), respectively. Receiver-operator characteristics analysis showed that the area under the curve of 0.89 (95% CI: 0.85-0.93) for CCS was superior to 0.69 (95% CI: 0.61-0.78) for exercise testing (P<0.0001). In conclusion, measurement of CCS is an appropriate initial screening test in a well-defined low-risk population with suspected CAD. (orig.)

  8. Heat-shock inducible polyubiquitin gene UbI undergoes alternative initiation and alternative splicing in mature chicken testes.

    Mezquita, J; Pau, M; Mezquita, C


    Ubiquitin, a heat-shock protein highly expressed during spermatogenesis, plays an essential role in the differentiation of the germinal cells, particularly in the structural changes of chromatin taking place at the end of the process. To shed light on the mechanisms that modulate transcriptional activity of the heat-shock inducible polyubiquitin gene UbI during spermatogenesis and stabilize the message when transcription is not longer active, we have compared the characteristics of UbI transcripts in mature and immature testes and somatic cells. In mature chicken testes, transcription starts at a site placed closer to the heat-shock promoters than in somatic tissues. This site is upstream from the TATA box used in somatic cells. In addition, UbI transcript undergoes an alternative splicing that produces a longer 5' untranslated region in mature testis. These findings may provide a basis for the observed increase in expression of UbI in mature chicken testes and for the stability of the message when transcription ceases at the end of spermatogenesis.

  9. On the status and comparison of glucose intolerance in female breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis and during chemotherapy through an oral glucose tolerance test.

    Lin-jie Lu

    Full Text Available AIMS: This study is to estimate the status and comparison of glucose intolerance in female breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis and during chemotherapy through an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT, as well as to learn the effect of chemotherapy on the glucose metabolism of breast cancer patients. METHODS: All the 79 breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis, with the mean age of 53.2 years, and 96 breast cancer patients before the 5th or 6th cycle of chemotherapy, with the mean age of 51.5 years, participated in the study from December 2012 to October 2013. After an overnight fast, participants underwent OGTT test, and fasting and 2-hour glucose levels were measured to identify undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes (i.e., impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance in them. Previously diagnosed diabetes among the female breast cancer patients was determined on the self-report and the medical record. RESULTS: The overall incidences of total normal glucose tolerance, prediabetes, diabetes in female breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis and during chemotherapy were 24.1% and 38.5% (p0.05, respectively, and the differences of normal glucose tolerance and prediabetes instead of diabetes between the two groups were statistically significant. About 84% of the total diabetes and prediabetes in the female breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis and 79.7% of those during chemotherapy need to be diagnosed with OGTT. CONCLUSIONS: Breast cancer patients have high incidences of diabetes and prediabetes. After chemotherapy even with steroids, some breast cancer patients with abnormal glucose metabolism may even become normal. Isolated hyperglycemia 2 hours after glucose loading is common, and OGTT should be made for breast cancer patients at initial diagnosis and during chemotherapy.

  10. Asynchronous P300-based brain-computer interface to control a virtual environment: initial tests on end users.

    Aloise, Fabio; Schettini, Francesca; Aricò, Pietro; Salinari, Serenella; Guger, Christoph; Rinsma, Johanna; Aiello, Marco; Mattia, Donatella; Cincotti, Febo


    Motor disability and/or ageing can prevent individuals from fully enjoying home facilities, thus worsening their quality of life. Advances in the field of accessible user interfaces for domotic appliances can represent a valuable way to improve the independence of these persons. An asynchronous P300-based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) system was recently validated with the participation of healthy young volunteers for environmental control. In this study, the asynchronous P300-based BCI for the interaction with a virtual home environment was tested with the participation of potential end-users (clients of a Frisian home care organization) with limited autonomy due to ageing and/or motor disabilities. System testing revealed that the minimum number of stimulation sequences needed to achieve correct classification had a higher intra-subject variability in potential end-users with respect to what was previously observed in young controls. Here we show that the asynchronous modality performed significantly better as compared to the synchronous mode in continuously adapting its speed to the users' state. Furthermore, the asynchronous system modality confirmed its reliability in avoiding misclassifications and false positives, as previously shown in young healthy subjects. The asynchronous modality may contribute to filling the usability gap between BCI systems and traditional input devices, representing an important step towards their use in the activities of daily living.

  11. Design and Initial Tests of the Tracker-Converter ofthe Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope

    Atwood, W.B.; Bagagli, R.; Baldini, L.; Bellazzini, R.; Barbiellini, G.; Belli, F.; Borden, T.; Brez, A.; Brigida, M.; Caliandro, G.A.; Cecchi, C.; Cohen-Tanugi, J.; De; Drell, P.; Favuzzi, C.; Fukazawa, Y.; Fusco, P.; Gargano, F.; Germani, S.; Giannitrapani, R.; Giglietto, N.; /UC, Santa Cruz /INFN, Pisa /Pisa U. /INFN, Trieste /INFN,


    The Tracker subsystem of the Large Area Telescope (LAT) science instrument of the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) mission has been completed and tested. It is the central detector subsystem of the LAT and serves both to convert an incident gamma-ray into an electron-positron pair and to track the pair in order to measure the gamma-ray direction. It also provides the principal trigger for the LAT. The Tracker uses silicon strip detectors, read out by custom electronics, to detect charged particles. The detectors and electronics are packaged, along with tungsten converter foils, in 16 modular, high-precision carbon-composite structures. It is the largest silicon-strip detector system ever built for launch into space, and its aggressive design emphasizes very low power consumption, passive cooling, low noise, high efficiency, minimal dead area, and a structure that is highly transparent to charged particles. The test program has demonstrated that the system meets or surpasses all of its performance specifications as well as environmental requirements. It is now installed in the completed LAT, which is being prepared for launch in early 2008.

  12. A Laboratory Test Setup for in Situ Measurements of the Dielectric Properties of Catalyst Powder Samples under Reaction Conditions by Microwave Cavity Perturbation: Set up and Initial Tests

    Markus Dietrich


    Full Text Available The catalytic behavior of zeolite catalysts for the ammonia-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR of nitrogen oxides (NOX depends strongly on the type of zeolite material. An essential precondition for SCR is a previous ammonia gas adsorption that occurs on acidic sites of the zeolite. In order to understand and develop SCR active materials, it is crucial to know the amount of sorbed ammonia under reaction conditions. To support classical temperature-programmed desorption (TPD experiments, a correlation of the dielectric properties with the catalytic properties and the ammonia sorption under reaction conditions appears promising. In this work, a laboratory test setup, which enables direct measurements of the dielectric properties of catalytic powder samples under a defined gas atmosphere and temperature by microwave cavity perturbation, has been developed. Based on previous investigations and computational simulations, a resonator cavity and a heating system were designed, installed and characterized. The resonator cavity is designed to operate in its TM010 mode at 1.2 GHz. The first measurement of the ammonia loading of an H-ZSM-5 zeolite confirmed the operating performance of the test setup at constant temperatures of up to 300 °C. It showed how both real and imaginary parts of the relative complex permittivity are strongly correlated with the mass of stored ammonia.

  13. A laboratory test setup for in situ measurements of the dielectric properties of catalyst powder samples under reaction conditions by microwave cavity perturbation: set up and initial tests.

    Dietrich, Markus; Rauch, Dieter; Porch, Adrian; Moos, Ralf


    The catalytic behavior of zeolite catalysts for the ammonia-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxides (NOX) depends strongly on the type of zeolite material. An essential precondition for SCR is a previous ammonia gas adsorption that occurs on acidic sites of the zeolite. In order to understand and develop SCR active materials, it is crucial to know the amount of sorbed ammonia under reaction conditions. To support classical temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) experiments, a correlation of the dielectric properties with the catalytic properties and the ammonia sorption under reaction conditions appears promising. In this work, a laboratory test setup, which enables direct measurements of the dielectric properties of catalytic powder samples under a defined gas atmosphere and temperature by microwave cavity perturbation, has been developed. Based on previous investigations and computational simulations, a resonator cavity and a heating system were designed, installed and characterized. The resonator cavity is designed to operate in its TM010 mode at 1.2 GHz. The first measurement of the ammonia loading of an H-ZSM-5 zeolite confirmed the operating performance of the test setup at constant temperatures of up to 300 °C. It showed how both real and imaginary parts of the relative complex permittivity are strongly correlated with the mass of stored ammonia.

  14. Characteristics of patients with primary and late latent syphilis patients who were initially non-reactive to the rapid plasma reagin test.

    Jun, Li; He-Yi, Zheng


    We aimed at determining the characteristics of patients with primary and late latent syphilis who were non-reactive on initial screening by rapid plasma reagin (RPR) but reactive by treponemal tests. We collected the RPR test results of all primary and late latent syphilis patients in our hospital from December 2000 to March 2012. The characteristics of syphilis patients who were non-reactive by RPR testing were compared to those of reactive patients. Multiple logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with non-reactive RPR results. Among primary syphilis patients, 37 (16.5%) were non-reactive on initial RPR and were compared with the 187 reactive cases. Age >35 years was an independent factor associated with a non-reactive result in primary cases (odds ratio [OR], 95% confidence intervals [CI] = 3.55 [1.39-9.07]). Of the late latent patients, 61 (8.8%) were non-reactive by RPR and 636 were reactive. Age >34 years was also an independent factor associated with a non-reactive result in late latent cases (OR [95% CI] = 4.30 [2.28-8.12]). This study suggests that RPR testing alone is insufficient to diagnose primary and late latent infections, especially in middle-aged and elderly individuals. Syphilis detection was lower for patients with primary syphilis than for those with late latent syphilis based on the results of the RPR.

  15. Development And Initial Testing Of Off-Gas Recycle Liquid From The WTP Low Activity Waste Vitrification Process - 14333

    McCabe, Daniel J.; Wilmarth, William R.; Nash, Charles A.; Taylor-Pashow, Kathryn M.; Adamson, Duane J.; Crawford, Charles L.; Morse, Megan M.


    The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) process flow was designed to pre-treat feed from the Hanford tank farms, separate it into a High Level Waste (HLW) and Low Activity Waste (LAW) fraction and vitrify each fraction in separate facilities. Vitrification of the waste generates an aqueous condensate stream from the off-gas processes. This stream originates from two off-gas treatment unit operations, the Submerged Bed Scrubber (SBS) and the Wet Electrospray Precipitator (WESP). Currently, the baseline plan for disposition of the stream from the LAW melter is to recycle it to the Pretreatment facility where it gets evaporated and processed into the LAW melter again. If the Pretreatment facility is not available, the baseline disposition pathway is not viable. Additionally, some components in the stream are volatile at melter temperatures, thereby accumulating to high concentrations in the scrubbed stream. It would be highly beneficial to divert this stream to an alternate disposition path to alleviate the close-coupled operation of the LAW vitrification and Pretreatment facilities, and to improve long-term throughput and efficiency of the WTP system. In order to determine an alternate disposition path for the LAW SBS/WESP Recycle stream, a range of options are being studied. A simulant of the LAW Off-Gas Condensate was developed, based on the projected composition of this stream, and comparison with pilot-scale testing. The primary radionuclide that vaporizes and accumulates in the stream is Tc-99, but small amounts of several other radionuclides are also projected to be present in this stream. The processes being investigated for managing this stream includes evaporation and radionuclide removal via precipitation and adsorption. During evaporation, it is of interest to investigate the formation of insoluble solids to avoid scaling and plugging of equipment. Key parameters for radionuclide removal include identifying effective precipitation or ion

  16. SU-E-QI-06: Design and Initial Validation of a Precise Capillary Phantom to Test Perfusion Systems

    Wood, R; Iacobucci, G; Khobragade, P; Ying, L; Snyder, K; Wack, D; Rudin, S; Ionita, C [University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (United States)


    Purpose: To design a precise perfusion phantom mimicking capillaries of the brain vasculature which could be used to test various perfusion protocols and algorithms which generate perfusion maps. Methods: A perfusion phantom was designed in Solidworks and built using additive manufacturing. The phantom was an overall cylindrical shape of diameter and height 20mm and containing capillaries of 200μm or 300μm which were parallel and in contact making up the inside volume where flow was allowed. We created a flow loop using a peristaltic pump and contrast agent was injected manually. Digital Subtraction Angiographic images and low contrast images with cone beam CT were acquired after the contrast was injected. These images were analyzed by our own code in LabVIEW software and Time-Density Curve, MTT and TTP was calculated. Results: Perfused area was visible in the cone beam CT images; however, individual capillaries were not distinguishable. The Time-Density Curve acquired was accurate, sensitive and repeatable. The parameters MTT, and TTP offered by the phantom were very sensitive to slight changes in the TDC shape. Conclusion: We have created a robust calibrating model for evaluation of existing perfusion data analysis systems. This approach is extremely sensitive to changes in the flow due to the high temporal resolution and could be used as a golden standard to assist developers in calibrating and testing of imaging perfusion systems and software algorithms. Supported by NIH Grant: 2R01EB002873 and an equipment grant from Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation.

  17. Design and initial 1D radiography tests of the FANTOM mobile fast-neutron radiography and tomography system

    Andersson, P.; Valldor-Blücher, J.; Andersson Sundén, E.; Sjöstrand, H.; Jacobsson-Svärd, S.


    The FANTOM system is a tabletop sized fast-neutron radiography and tomography system newly developed at the Applied Nuclear Physics Division of Uppsala University. The main purpose of the system is to provide time-averaged steam-and-water distribution measurement capability inside the metallic structures of two-phase test loops for light water reactor thermal-hydraulic studies using a portable fusion neutron generator. The FANTOM system provides a set of 1D neutron transmission data, which may be inserted into tomographic reconstruction algorithms to achieve a 2D mapping of the steam-and-water distribution. In this paper, the selected design of FANTOM is described and motivated. The detector concept is based on plastic scintillator elements, separated for spatial resolution. Analysis of pulse heights on an event-to-event basis is used for energy discrimination. Although the concept allows for close stacking of a large number of detector elements, this demonstrator is equipped with only three elements in the detector and one additional element for monitoring the yield from the neutron generator. The first measured projections on test objects of known configurations are presented. These were collected using a Sodern Genie 16 neutron generator with an isotropic yield of about 1E8 neutrons per second, and allowed for characterization of the instrument's capabilities. At an energy threshold of 10 MeV, the detector offered a count rate of about 500 cps per detector element. The performance in terms of spatial resolution was validated by fitting a Gaussian Line Spread Function to the experimental data, a procedure that revealed a spatial unsharpness in good agreement with the predicted FWHM of 0.5 mm.

  18. Utilização de modelos de regressão aleatória para produção de leite no dia do controle, com diferentes estruturas de variâncias residuais Random regression test-day models for milk yield records, with different structure of residual variances

    Lenira El Faro


    Full Text Available Foram utilizados quatorze modelos de regressão aleatória, para ajustar 86.598 dados de produção de leite no dia do controle de 2.155 primeiras lactações de vacas Caracu, truncadas aos 305 dias. Os modelos incluíram os efeitos fixos de grupo contemporâneo e a covariável idade da vaca ao parto. Uma regressão ortogonal de ordem cúbica foi usada para modelar a trajetória média da população. Os efeitos genéticos aditivos e de ambiente permanente foram modelados por meio de regressões aleatórias, usando polinômios ortogonais de Legendre, de ordens cúbicas. Diferentes estruturas de variâncias residuais foram testadas e consideradas por meio de classes contendo 1, 10, 15 e 43 variâncias residuais e de funções de variâncias (FV usando polinômios ordinários e ortogonais, cujas ordens variaram de quadrática até sêxtupla. Os modelos foram comparados usando o teste da razão de verossimilhança, o Critério de Informação de Akaike e o Critério de Informação Bayesiano de Schwar. Os testes indicaram que, quanto maior a ordem da função de variâncias, melhor o ajuste. Dos polinômios ordinários, a função de sexta ordem foi superior. Os modelos com classes de variâncias residuais foram aparentemente superiores àqueles com funções de variância. O modelo com homogeneidade de variâncias foi inadequado. O modelo com 15 classes heterogêneas foi o que melhor ajustou às variâncias residuais, entretanto, os parâmetros genéticos estimados foram muito próximos para os modelos com 10, 15 ou 43 classes de variâncias ou com FV de sexta ordem.Fourteen random regression models were used to adjust 86,595 test-day milk records of 2,155 first lactation of native Caracu cows. The models include fixed effects of contemporary group and age of cow as covariable. A cubic regression on Legendre orthogonal polynomial of days in milk was used to model the mean trend and the additive genetic and permanent environmental regressions

  19. Diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection before initiation of anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy using both tuberculin skin test and QuantiFERON-TB Gold In Tube assay.

    Kim, Ho-Cheol; Jo, Kyung-Wook; Jung, Young Ju; Yoo, Bin; Lee, Chang-Keun; Kim, Yong-Gil; Yang, Suk-Kyun; Byeon, Jeong-Sik; Kim, Kyung-Jo; Ye, Byong Duk; Shim, Tae Sun


    Reactivation of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is an important complication in patients treated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) blocking agents. However, the best method for LTBI detection before initiation of anti-TNF therapy remains to be determined. From January 2010 to August 2013, anti-TNF therapy was initiated in 426 patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs). Tuberculin skin test (TST) and Quantiferon-TB Gold In Tube (QFT-GIT) assay were performed before starting anti-TNF treatment. LTBI was defined as a positive TST (induration ≥ 10 mm) or as a positive QFT-GIT result. Patients were followed up until December 2013. The positive TST and QFT-GIT rates were 22.3% (95/426) and 16.0% (68/426), respectively, yielding a total of 27.0% (115/426) of positive LTBI results. LTBI treatment was initiated in 25.1% (107/426) and was completed in 100% (107/107) of patients. During a median 294 days of follow-up, active TB occurred in 1.4% (6/426) of the patients with negative TST and QFT-GIT results at baseline. The either test positive strategy, using both TST and QFT-GIT assay, is acceptable for LTBI screening before commencing anti-TNF therapy in patients with IMIDs.

  20. Voluntary HIV counseling and testing during prenatal care in Brazil Aconselhamento e testagem voluntária para o HIV durante a assistência pré-natal

    Marcelo Zubaran Goldani


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Voluntary HIV counseling and testing are provided to all Brazilian pregnant women with the purpose of reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission. The purpose of the study was to assess characteristics of HIV testing and identify factors associated with HIV counseling and testing. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was carried out comprising 1,658 mothers living in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Biological, reproductive and social variables were obtained from mothers by means of a standardized questionnaire. Being counseling about HIV testing was the dependent variable. Confidence intervals, chi-square test and hierarchical logistic model were used to determine the association between counseling and maternal variables. RESULTS: Of 1,658 mothers interviewed, 1,603 or 96.7% (95% CI: 95.7-97.5 underwent HIV testing, and 51 or 3.1% (95% CI: 2.3-4.0 were not tested. Four (0.2% refused to undergo testing after counseling. Of 51 women not tested in this study, 30 had undergone the testing previously. Of 1,603 women tested, 630 or 39.3% (95% CI: 36.9-41.7 received counseling, 947 or 59.2% (95% CI: 56.6-61.5 did not, and 26 (1.6% did not inform. Low income, lack of prenatal care, late beginning of prenatal care, use of rapid testing, and receiving prenatal in the public sector were variables independently associated with a lower probability of getting counseling about HIV testing. CONCLUSIONS: The study findings confirmed the high rate of prenatal HIV testing in Porto Alegre. However, women coming from less privileged social groups were less likely to receive information and benefit from counseling.OBJETIVO: O aconselhamento e teste voluntário para o HIV foram instituídos no Brasil para todas as gestantes com o objetivo de reduzir a transmissão materno-infantil do vírus. O objetivo do estudo é verificar as características de testagem do HIV e identificar os fatores associados com a oportunidade da gestante ser aconselhada para esse teste. M

  1. Tests of the Galactic planetary nebula distance scale with the initial Gaia parallax distances of their central stars

    Stanghellini, Letizia; Lattanzi, Mario G; Morbidelli, Roberto


    We used the "primary dataset" of Gaia Data Release 1 (DR1) to search for parallax measurements of central stars (CSs) of Galactic planetary nebulae (PNe), to determine PN distances. We found that a trigonometric parallax is available for 16 CSs, seven of which with relative uncertainty below 80%. The limited comparison of these trigonometric distances to other reliable individual determinations discloses good correlation between the two sets, with the Gaia parallax distances being lower by a factor of ~0.1 dex in the logarithmic distances. We tested with the Gaia parallaxes the most popular Galactic PN distance scales, namely, the physical radius vs. surface brightness, and the ionized mass vs. inverse optical thickness scales. While the number of available calibrators may still be too low, and their relative uncertainties too high, to derive a working distance scale, we were able to assess the current sample and to reveal the very promising potential of the future Gaia releases for a recalibration of the dis...

  2. Towards an operational system for oil-spill forecast over Spanish waters: initial developments and implementation test.

    Sotillo, M G; Fanjul, E Alvarez; Castanedo, S; Abascal, A J; Menendez, J; Emelianov, M; Olivella, R; García-Ladona, E; Ruiz-Villarreal, M; Conde, J; Gómez, M; Conde, P; Gutierrez, A D; Medina, R


    The ESEOO Project, launched after the Prestige crisis, has boosted operational oceanography capacities in Spain, creating new operational oceanographic services and increasing synergies between these new operational tools and already existing systems. In consequence, the present preparedness to face an oil-spill crisis is enhanced, significantly improving the operational response regarding ocean, meteorological and oil-spill monitoring and forecasting. A key aspect of this progress has been the agreement between the scientific community and the Spanish Search and Rescue Institution (SASEMAR), significantly favoured within the ESEOO framework. Important achievements of this collaboration are: (1) the design of protocols that at the crisis time provide operational state-of-the-art information, derived from both forecasting and observing systems; (2) the establishment, in case of oil-spill crisis, of a new specialized unit, named USyP, to monitor and forecast the marine oceanographic situation, providing the required met-ocean and oil-spill information for the crisis managers. The oil-spill crisis scenario simulated during the international search and rescue Exercise "Gijón-2006", organized by SASEMAR, represented an excellent opportunity to test the capabilities and the effectiveness of this USyP unit, as well as the protocols established to analyze and transfer information. The results presented in this work illustrate the effectiveness of the operational approach, and constitute an encouraging and improved base to face oil-spill crisis.

  3. Direct and indirect effects of enablers on HIV testing, initiation and retention in antiretroviral treatment and AIDS related mortality


    Background An enabling environment is believed to have significant and critical effects on HIV and AIDS program implementation and desired outcomes. This paper estimates the paths, directionality, and direct and indirect associations between critical enablers with antiretroviral treatment (ART) coverage and to AIDS-related mortality. Methods Frameworks that consider the role of enablers in HIV and AIDS programs were systematically reviewed to develop a conceptual model of interaction. Measurements for constructs of the model were pooled from the latest publicly available data. A hypothetical model, including latent/unobserved factors and interaction of enablers, program activities and outcomes, was analyzed cross-sectionally with structural equation modeling. Coefficients of the model were used to estimate the indirect associations of enablers to treatment coverage and the subsequent associated impact on AIDS related mortality. Findings The model’s fit was adequate (RMSEA = 0·084, 90% CI [0·062, 0·104]) and the indirect effects of enablers on outcomes were measured. Enablers having significant associations with increased ART coverage were social/financial protection, governance, anti-discrimination, gender equality, domestic AIDS spending, testing service delivery, and logistics. Interpretation Critical enablers are significantly correlated to outcomes like ART coverage and AIDS related mortality. Even while this model does not allow inference on causality, it provides directionality and magnitude of the significant associations. PMID:28225790

  4. Tools for assessing the quality and accessibility of online health information: initial testing among breast cancer websites.

    Whitten, Pamela; Nazione, Samantha; Lauckner, Carolyn


    Health websites are used frequently, but there are many concerns about their value as information sources. Additionally, there are numerous personal barriers that prevent individuals from wholly benefitting from them. In order to assess the quality of health websites and their accessibility to users, we created tools based on previous research that examine design aspects, information validity, motivational health content and literacy content. To test these tools, we examined 155 breast cancer websites and created scores for each assessment tool to describe the percent of constructs on the average website. Results demonstrated that websites performed best on the design tool followed by the information validity, motivational health content and literacy assessment tools. The average website contained the majority of the design and information validity constructs, but only about a third of the motivational health or literacy constructs. Multiple items from the motivational health content and literacy assessment tools were not found on any of the websites, and many were only represented on a handful of sites. Overall, the assessment tools were useful in evaluating the quality of websites, and could serve as valuable resources for health website developers in the future.

  5. A bioequivalency study of two trifluoperazine tablet formulations using RIA and GC-MS.

    Midha, K K; Hawes, E M; Korchinski, E D; Hubbard, J W; McKay, G; Cooper, J K; Roscoe, R M


    Two sensitive analytical procedures, a radioimmunoassay (RIA) and a mass fragmentographic (GC-MS) method, were used to quantitate plasma trifluoperazine concentrations over 24 h in five healthy male volunteers following single 5 mg doses of two trifluoperazine tablet formulations (A and B) in a two-way cross-over design. Bioavailability in terms of area under the plasma concentration versus time curve to 24h or extrapolated to infinity, maximum plasma concentration and time to maximum plasma concentration using either RIA or GC-MS was not statistically significantly different from one formulation to the other. Also, there were no statistically significant differences between GC-MS and RIA values for AUC24(0) and Cmax for each of the two formulations examined. However, the mean AUC24(0) RIA/GC-MS ratios for formulations A and B were 3.1 and 3.4, respectively, while the mean Cmax RIA/GC-MS ratios were 1.7 and 2.1, respectively. These differences in AUC and Cmax are probably mainly due to the relative non-specificity of the RIA antiserum. Thus, where GC-MS is preferred for pharmacokinetic studies, both analytical procedures can be used for comparative single-dose bioequivalence studies of trifluoperazine. However, both the methods should be tested in patients in order to establish the suitability of one procedure over the other for the study of plasma level versus clinical response correlations.

  6. Relationship between a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded HIV testing initiative and past-year testing by race/ethnicity: a multilevel analysis of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

    Gaines, Tommi L; Caldwell, Julia T; Ford, Chandra L; Mulatu, Mesfin S; Godette, Dionne C


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) expanded testing initiative (ETI) aims to bolster HIV testing among populations disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic by providing additional funding to health departments serving these communities. ETI prioritizes testing in clinical settings; therefore, we examined the relationship between state-level ETI participation and past-year HIV testing among a racially/ethnically diverse sample of adult respondents to the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System who accessed health services within the 12 months prior to being interviewed. Controlling for individual- and state-level characteristics in a multilevel logistic regression model, ETI participation was independently and positively associated with past-year testing, but this association varied by race/ethnicity. Hispanics had higher odds (adjusted odds ratio [AOR]: 1.49; 95% CI: 1.11-2.02) and American Indian/Alaska Natives had lower odds (AOR: 0.66; 95% CI: 0.43-0.99) of testing if they resided in states with (vs. without) ETI participation. State-level ETI participation did not significantly alter past-year testing among other racial/ethnic groups. Prioritizing public health resources in states most affected by HIV can improve testing patterns, but other mechanisms likely influence which racial/ethnic groups undergo testing.

  7. Primary screening of blood donors by nat testing for HCV-RNA: development of an "in-house" method and results Triagem primária de doadores de sangue por teste de ácidos nucléicos: desenvolvimento de um método não-comercial e resultados

    Silvano Wendel


    Full Text Available An "in-house" RT-PCR method was developed that allows the simultaneous detection of the RNA of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV and an artificial RNA employed as an external control. Samples were analyzed in pools of 6-12 donations, each donation included in two pools, one horizontal and one vertical, permitting the immediate identification of a reactive donation, obviating the need for pool dismembering. The whole process took 6-8 hours per day and results were issued in parallel to serology. The method was shown to detect all six HCV genotypes and a sensitivity of 500 IU/mL was achieved (95% hit rate. Until July 2005, 139,678 donations were tested and 315 (0.23% were found reactive for HCV-RNA. Except for five false-positives, all 310 presented the corresponding antibody as well, so the yield of NAT-only donations was zero, presenting a specificity of 99.83%. Detection of a window period donation, in the population studied, will probably demand testing of a larger number of donations. International experience is showing a rate of 1:200,000 - 1:500,000 of isolated HCV-RNA reactive donations.Desenvolveu-se uma metodologia própria ("in-house" baseada em RT-PCR, que permite detectar simultaneamente o RNA do vírus HCV e de um RNA artificial empregado como controle externo. As amostras são analisadas em pools de 6-12 doações, cada doação sendo incluída em dois pools diferentes, um horizontal e um vertical, permitindo a identificação imediata de uma doação reativa, sem a necessidade de desmembrar-se um pool reativo. O processo todo consumiu de 6-8 horas diárias e os resultados foram emitidos em paralelo à sorologia. O método detectou os seis genótipos de HCV, com um limite de sensibilidade de 500 UI/mL (95% hit rate. Até julho de 2005 haviam sido testadas 139.678 doações com a detecção de 315 (0,23% doações reativas para HCV-RNA. Exceto cinco falso-positivas, todas estas doações também apresentavam o respectivo anticorpo, portanto

  8. Use of laboratory tests to guide initiation of autologous hematopoietic progenitor cell collection by apheresis: results from the multicenter hematopoietic progenitor cell collection by Apheresis Laboratory Trigger Survey.

    Makar, Robert S; Padmanabhan, Anand; Kim, Haewon C; Anderson, Christina; Sugrue, Michele W; Linenberger, Michael


    Limited literature describes the value of laboratory "triggers" to guide collection of peripheral blood (PB) hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) by apheresis [HPC(A)]. We used a web-based survey to determine which parameters are used to initiate autologous HPC(A) collection in adult and pediatric patients and to identify common practice patterns. Members of the AABB Cellular Therapy Product Collection and Clinical Practices Subsection and the American Society for Apheresis HPC Donor Subcommittee drafted and developed relevant survey questions. A web link to the survey was distributed by electronic newsletter or email. Responses from 67 programs that perform autologous HPC(A) collections, including academic medical centers (n = 46), blood centers (n = 10), community hospitals (n = 5), and a variety of other medical institutions (n = 6), were analyzed. Ninety-three percent (62/67) of programs used a laboratory parameter to initiate HPC(A) collection. In both adult (40/54, 74%) and pediatric (29/38, 76%) patients, the PB CD34+ cell count was the most common parameter used to initiate HPC(A) collection. The median PB CD34+ trigger value was 10/μL for both patient populations. Among centers routinely using the PB CD34+ cell count to initiate apheresis, 51% (22/43) first sent the test before the patient presented for collection. Although more than 90% of centers used a laboratory test to trigger apheresis in cytokine-mobilized (44/48) or chemomobilized patients (50/53), only 57% (30/53) used a laboratory trigger if the patient was mobilized with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor plus plerixafor. Forty-two percent (21/50) of programs that routinely measured the PB CD34+ count before collection and discontinued further HPC(A) collection based on product CD34+ cell yield also stopped if the PB CD34+ value before apheresis was considered too low to proceed. Most programs use the PB CD34+ cell count to trigger autologous HPC(A) collection. Some centers also use this

  9. Posthole Sensor Performance in the USArray Transportable Array - Results from Testing and Initial Deployments in Alaska and Canada

    Frassetto, A.; Busby, R. W.; Hafner, K.; Sauter, A.; Woodward, R.


    To prepare for the deployment of EarthScope's USArray Transportable Array (TA) in Alaska and adjacent Canada over the next several years, IRIS has evaluated different strategies for emplacing posthole seismometers. The goal of this work has been to maintain or enhance a TA station's noise performance while reducing the weight and logistical considerations required for its installation. Motivating this research are developments in posthole broadband seismometer design and the unique conditions for operating in this region, where many potential sites are located on frost-fractured outcrops or underlain by permafrost, in either case only accessible by helicopter. Current emplacement methods use a portable rig to auger or hammer-drill a hole 2.5-5 meters deep, in unconsolidated materials and permafrost, or by diamond bit coring 1-3 meters into rock. These emplacements are used at new TA installations and upgrades to existing AK network stations, and we compare their performance to the lower-48 TA vault installations. Through July 2014 there are eight TA and six upgraded AK stations operating under USArray; including five since at least October 2012, providing a detailed record of seasonal and/or site-specific behavior. We also discuss testing of different downhole configurations for 13 stations deployed at Piñon Flat Observatory in California since April 2014. Station performance is presented and compared using probability density functions summed from hourly power spectral density calculations. These are computed for the continuous time series of seismic data recorded on each seismic channel. Our results show that the noise performance of seismometers in Alaska with cased- or core- hole installations sometimes exceeds that of the quietest TA stations in the lower-48, particularly for the horizontal channels at long periods. We analyze and discuss the performance of example stations, comparing to other nearby seismometers. We also examine the performance of AK

  10. Initiating the Validation of CCIM Processability for Multi-phase all Ceramic (SYNROC) HLW Form: Plan for Test BFY14CCIM-C

    Maio, Vince [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    This plan covers test BFY14CCIM-C which will be a first–of–its-kind demonstration for the complete non-radioactive surrogate production of multi-phase ceramic (SYNROC) High Level Waste Forms (HLW) using Cold Crucible Induction Melting (CCIM) Technology. The test will occur in the Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) CCIM Pilot Plant and is tentatively scheduled for the week of September 15, 2014. The purpose of the test is to begin collecting qualitative data for validating the ceramic HLW form processability advantages using CCIM technology- as opposed to existing ceramic–lined Joule Heated Melters (JHM) currently producing BSG HLW forms. The major objectives of BFY14CCIM-C are to complete crystalline melt initiation with a new joule-heated resistive starter ring, sustain inductive melting at temperatures between 1600 to 1700°C for two different relatively high conductive materials representative of the SYNROC ceramic formation inclusive of a HLW surrogate, complete melter tapping and pouring of molten ceramic material in to a preheated 4 inch graphite canister and a similar canister at room temperature. Other goals include assessing the performance of a new crucible specially designed to accommodate the tapping and pouring of pure crystalline forms in contrast to less recalcitrant amorphous glass, assessing the overall operational effectiveness of melt initiation using a resistive starter ring with a dedicated power source, and observing the tapped molten flow and subsequent relatively quick crystallization behavior in pans with areas identical to standard HLW disposal canisters. Surrogate waste compositions with ceramic SYNROC forming additives and their measured properties for inductive melting, testing parameters, pre-test conditions and modifications, data collection requirements, and sampling/post-demonstration analysis requirements for the produced forms are provided and defined.

  11. Acceptance of Provider Initiated HIV Testing and Counseling among Tuberculosis Patients in East Wollega Administrative Zone, Oromia Regional State, Western Ethiopia

    Wakjira Kebede


    Full Text Available Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV is a powerful risk factor for the development of tuberculosis. This study assessed the acceptance and associated factors that can affect provider initiated HIV testing and counseling (PITC among tuberculosis patients at the East Wollega administrative zone, Oromia regional state, western Ethiopia, from January to August, 2010. A single population proportion formula is used to calculate the total sample size of 406 and the cluster sampling technique was used to select 13 health centers that provide PITC services. The sample size was proportionally allocated to each health center. The study participants were selected using a simple random sampling technique using the lottery method. Structured questionnaire was used for collection of sociodemographic data. From the total of study subjects, 399 (98.2% TB patients were initiated for HIV test and 369 (92.5% patients accepted the initiation. Of those, 353 (95.5% patients had taken HIV test and received their results. According to the reviewed documents, the prevalence of HIV among tuberculosis (TB patients in the study area was 137 (33.7%. The logistic regression result showed the PITC was significantly associated with their knowledge about HIV (AOR = 3.22, 95% CI: 1.3–7.97, self-perceived risk (AOR = 2.93, 95% CI: 1.12–7.66, educational status (AOR = 3.51, 95% CI: 1.13–10.91, and knowledge on transmission of HIV/AIDS (AOR = 7.56, 95% CI: 1.14–40.35 which were significantly associated with the acceptance of PITC among TB patients. Therefore, this study’s results showed, the prevalence of HIV among TB patient was high; to enhance the acceptance of PITC among TB patients, health extension workers must provide health education during home-to-home visiting. TB treatment supervisors also provide counseling intensively for all forms of TB patients during their first clinical encounter.

  12. A colangiografia peroperatória

    Eduardo Lemos de Souza Bastos

    Full Text Available Os autores revisam 96 procedimentos colangiográficos peroperatórios realizados no Departamento de Cirurgia da Faculdade de Medicina de Marília (FAMEMA entre janeiro de 1993 e fevereiro de 1995. Dos exames estudados, setenta foram considerados normais, 23 alterados e três inconclusivos. Os autores apresentam casos onde a colangiografia peroperatória (CPO não confirmou a suspeita pré-operatória, o que evitou explorações desnecessárias da via biliar (6,25% ou não permitiu diagnóstico incorreto (9,36%. Do exposto, os autores concluem que a CPO continuará sendo rotina nas operações sobre a vesícula e vias biliares e sugerem a necessidade do estabelecimento de padrão técnico para a realização do exame.

  13. Development of computerised adaptive testing (CAT) for the EORTC QLQ-C30 dimensions - general approach and initial results for physical functioning

    Petersen, Morten Aa; Groenvold, Mogens; Aaronson, Neil K;


    Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaires should ideally be adapted to the individual patient and at the same time scores should be directly comparable across patients. This is achievable using a computerised adaptive test (CAT). Basing the CAT on an existing instrument enables measur...... measurement within an established HRQOL framework and allows backward-compatibility with studies using the original instrument. Because of these advantages the EORTC Quality of Life Group (QLG) has initiated a project to develop a CAT version of the widely used EORTC QLQ-C30....

  14. A memória de Borges

    Eneida Maria Souza


    nefasta ou de outra ordem? Sem atribuir algum juízo de valor ao debate, pretende-se apontar um dos pontos da poética borgiana responsável por sua consagração mundial, qual seja, o da autonomia literária. A presença/ausência da imagem do escritor/autor transforma-se em tema literário, intriga que se enreda/desenreda como espelho reduplicador da vida literária e da literatura.

  15. Lost opportunities to identify and treat HIV-positive patients: results from a baseline assessment of provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling (PITC) in Malawi.

    Ahmed, Saeed; Schwarz, Monica; Flick, Robert J; Rees, Chris A; Harawa, Mwelura; Simon, Katie; Robison, Jeff A; Kazembe, Peter N; Kim, Maria H


    To assess implementation of provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC) for HIV in Malawi. A review of PITC practices within 118 departments in 12 Ministry of Health (MoH) facilities across Malawi was conducted. Information on PITC practices was collected via a health facility survey. Data describing patient visits and HIV tests were abstracted from routinely collected programme data. Reported PITC practices were highly variable. Most providers practiced symptom-based PITC. Antenatal clinics and maternity wards reported widespread use of routine opt-out PITC. In 2014, there was approximately 1 HIV test for every 15 clinic visits. HIV status was ascertained in 94.3% (5293/5615) of patients at tuberculosis clinics, 92.6% (30,675/33,142) of patients at antenatal clinics and 49.4% (6871/13,914) of patients at sexually transmitted infection clinics. Reported challenges to delivering PITC included test kit shortages (71/71 providers), insufficient physical space (58/71) and inadequate number of HIV counsellors (32/71) while providers from inpatient units cited the inability to test on weekends. Various models of PITC currently exist at MoH facilities in Malawi. Only antenatal and maternity clinics demonstrated high rates of routine opt-out PITC. The low ratio of facility visits to HIV tests suggests missed opportunities for HIV testing. However, the high proportion of patients at TB and antenatal clinics with known HIV status suggests that routine PITC is feasible. These results underscore the need to develop clear, standardised PITC policy and protocols, and to address obstacles of limited health commodities, infrastructure and human resources. © 2016 The Authors. Tropical Medicine & International Health Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  16. Provider-Initiated HIV Testing for Migrants in Spain: A Qualitative Study with Health Care Workers and Foreign-Born Sexual Minorities.

    Barbara Navaza

    Full Text Available Provider-initiated HIV testing (PITC is increasingly adopted in Europe. The success of the approach at identifying new HIV cases relies on its effectiveness at testing individuals most at risk. However, its suitability to reach populations facing overlapping vulnerabilities is under researched. This qualitative study examined HIV testing experiences and perceptions amongst Latin-American migrant men who have sex with men and transgender females in Spain, as well as health professionals' experiences offering HIV tests to migrants in Barcelona and Madrid.We conducted 32 in-depth interviews and 8 discussion groups with 38 Latin-American migrants and 21 health professionals. We imported verbatim transcripts and detailed field work notes into the qualitative software package Nvivo-10 and applied to all data a coding framework to examine systematically different HIV testing dimensions and modalities. The dimensions analysed were based on the World Health Organization "5 Cs" principles: Consent, Counselling, Connection to treatment, Correctness of results and Confidentiality.Health professionals reported that PITC was conceptually acceptable for them, although their perceived inability to adequately communicate HIV+ results and resulting bottle necks in the flow of care were recurrent concerns. Endorsement and adherence to the principles underpinning the rights-based response to HIV varied widely across health settings. The offer of an HIV test during routine consultations was generally appreciated by users as a way of avoiding the embarrassment of asking for it. Several participants deemed compulsory testing as acceptable on public health grounds. In spite of--and sometimes because of--partial endorsement of rights-based approaches, PITC was acceptable in a population with high levels of internalised stigma.PITC is a promising approach to reach sexual minority migrants who hold high levels of internalised stigma but explicit extra efforts are needed

  17. Importância do modelo animal para testar hipóteses sobre a fisiopatologia do binômio diabetes e incontinência urinária feminina = Importance of animal model to test hypotheses about the pathophysiology of the binomial diabetes and female urinary incontinence



    Objetivos: discutir a importância do estudo de modelos animais para testar hipóteses sobre os mecanismos de continência urinária e fisiopatologia do binômio diabetes incontinência urinária Fonte de Dados: foi realizada revisão de literatura no PubMed e SciELO. Os descritores utilizados foram diabetes, urinary incontinence, urethra, human e rats Síntese dos Dados: existe forte correlação entre a gênese da incontinência urinária e o diabetes mellitus. Devido à similaridade entre a distrib...

  18. Development of a centrifugal downhold separator with in-situ recycle of produced water (initial tests with 34.1 API gravity crude)

    Walker, J.F.; Jubin, R.T.; Robinson, S.M.


    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is currently developing a Centrifugal Downhole Separator (CDHS) which will extend the application of remotely operated separations equipment developed for the nuclear industry to in-well recovery of oil with in-situ recycle of the produced water. These units have been successfully used for surface treatment of produced water and wastewater generated during environmental clean-up operations. Performance data has shown that centrifugal units are capable of separating stable emulsions into ``single-phase`` streams with generally less than 1% cross-phase contamination. Initial testing will be conducted with a bench-scale separator to determine the separation efficiency of various crude oils and to provide information necessary to scale up the separator. Information from the bench-scale unit will be used in the design of a larger prototype, which will have a much larger height/diameter ratio and will incorporate some of the components necessary for down-hole operations. The prototype separator will be operated in the lab to verify scale-up parameters and separation efficiencies, as well as to provide information necessary to design a full-scale system. The full-scale system will be fabricated, installed in the field, and operated to demonstrate the technology. This paper discusses the initial testing of the bench-scale separator with a crude oil having an API gravity of 34.06{degrees}.

  19. Operational lessons learned in conducting a multi-country collaboration for vaccine safety signal verification and hypothesis testing: The global vaccine safety multi country collaboration initiative.

    Guillard-Maure, Christine; Elango, Varalakshmi; Black, Steven; Perez-Vilar, Silvia; Castro, Jose Luis; Bravo-Alcántara, Pamela; Molina-León, Helvert Felipe; Weibel, Daniel; Sturkenboom, Miriam; Zuber, Patrick L F


    Timely and effective evaluation of vaccine safety signals for newly developed vaccines introduced in low and middle- income countries (LMICs) is essential. The study tested the development of a global network of hospital-based sentinel sites for vaccine safety signal verification and hypothesis testing. Twenty-six sentinel sites in sixteen countries across all WHO regions participated, and 65% of the sites were from LMIC. We describe the process for the establishment and operationalization of such a network and the lessons learned in conducting a multi-country collaborative initiative. 24 out of the 26 sites successfully contributed data for the global analysis using standardised tools and procedures. Our study successfully confirmed the well-known risk estimates for the outcomes of interest. The main challenges faced by investigators were lack of adequate information in the medical records for case ascertainment and classification, and access to immunization data. The results suggest that sentinel hospitals intending to participate in vaccine safety studies strengthen their systems for discharge diagnosis coding, medical records and linkage to vaccination data. Our study confirms that a multi-country hospital-based network initiative for vaccine safety monitoring is feasible and demonstrates the validity and utility of large collaborative international studies to monitor the safety of new vaccines introduced in LMICs. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  20. Development and initial testing of functional task exercise on older adults with cognitive impairment at risk of Alzheimer's disease--FcTSim programme--a feasibility study.

    Law, Lawla L F; Barnett, Fiona; Yau, Matthew K; Gray, Marion A


    The purpose of this study was to illustrate the development of a new functional task-based exercise programme and initially test its feasibility as well as effectiveness for older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This study used a single-group repeated-measures design. A total of 11 patients (mean age 71.8 years) were recruited to participate in a structured functional task exercise programme for 10 weeks. All outcome measures were undertaken at baseline, post-intervention and post-3-month follow-up using the Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination (NCSE), Verbal Fluency Test (VFT), Chinese Version Verbal Learning Test (CVVLT), Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (Lawton IADL) and Problems in Everyday Living test (PEDL). Data were analysed using a repeated-measures analysis of variance. Cohen's d effect size was used to assess the practical significant effects. The participants showed significant improvement in NCSE composite score, VFT, CVVLT total free recall, CVVLT 10-minute delayed free recall, Lawton IADL and PEDL. Results of this study demonstrate that the newly designed functional task exercise programme, which uses simulated tasks, is feasible and beneficial to cognitive functions and functional status of older persons with MCI. The findings of the current study further reinforce occupational therapy practitioners' understanding that "occupation" is a "means" and an "end". Further study with a larger population is needed to draw more definitive conclusions. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  1. Assessment of the Effects of Cold Work on Crack Initiation in a Light Water Environment Using the Small-Punch Test

    Isselin, Jerome; Kai, Akira; Sakaguchi, Kazuhiko; Shoji, Tetsuo


    Work hardening induced by manufacturing processes has important consequences for the resistance to the stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of low-carbon stainless steel in high-temperature water conditions. It is of great importance to understand the mechanisms and the factors promoting environmentally assisted cracking in such environments. In this study, the effect of work hardening on 316L austenitic stainless steel was studied using a small-punch SCC test facility applied to miniaturized specimens. Tests were performed in a boiling water reactor (BWR) environment with trapezoidal loading. After the tests, the fracture faces and the surfaces of the samples were examined with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Focused ion beam (FIB) etching was used to prepare samples for the SEM observations. Identification of the oxide was done using a Raman spectroscope and comparison of the data to reference spectra. The results showed the unfavorable effect of cold rolling against crack initiation. The oxide composition is affected by work hardening. Hence, the ferrous oxide formation is promoted by Fe diffusion caused by the dislocation density increase associated with an active strain during the test.

  2. Community burden of undiagnosed HIV infection among adolescents in Zimbabwe following primary healthcare-based provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling: A cross-sectional survey.

    Victoria Simms


    Full Text Available Children living with HIV who are not diagnosed in infancy often remain undiagnosed until they present with advanced disease. Provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC in health facilities is recommended for high-HIV-prevalence settings, but it is unclear whether this approach is sufficient to achieve universal coverage of HIV testing. We aimed to investigate the change in community burden of undiagnosed HIV infection among older children and adolescents following implementation of PITC in Harare, Zimbabwe.Over the course of 2 years (January 2013-January 2015, 7 primary health clinics (PHCs in southwestern Harare implemented optimised, opt-out PITC for all attendees aged 6-15 years. In February 2015-December 2015, we conducted a representative cross-sectional survey of 8-17-year-olds living in the 7 communities served by the study PHCs, who would have had 2 years of exposure to PITC. Knowledge of HIV status was ascertained through a caregiver questionnaire, and anonymised HIV testing was carried out using oral mucosal transudate (OMT tests. After 1 participant taking antiretroviral therapy was observed to have a false negative OMT result, from July 2015 urine samples were obtained from all participants providing OMTs and tested for antiretroviral drugs to confirm HIV status. Children who tested positive through PITC were identified from among survey participants using gender, birthdate, and location. Of 7,146 children in 4,251 eligible households, 5,486 (76.8% children in 3,397 households agreed to participate in the survey, and 141 were HIV positive. HIV prevalence was 2.6% (95% CI 2.2%-3.1%, and over a third of participants with HIV were undiagnosed (37.7%; 95% CI 29.8%-46.2%. Similarly, among the subsample of 2,643 (48.2% participants with a urine test result, 34.7% of those living with HIV were undiagnosed (95% CI 23.5%-47.9%. Based on extrapolation from the survey sample to the community, we estimated that PITC over 2 years identified

  3. Postoperative chest physical therapy prevents respiratory complications in patients undergoing esophagectomy Fisioterapia respiratória pós-operatória previne complicações respiratórias em pacientes submetidos à esofagectomia

    Adriana C. Lunardi


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Esophagectomy presents the highest rate of postoperative pulmonary complications among all types of upper abdominal surgery. The benefits of chest physical therapy in patients undergoing upper abdominal surgery have been shown by many studies; however, its specific effect in patients receiving esophagectomy has been seldom investigated. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to compare the frequency of respiratory complications in patients undergoing esophagectomy receiving chest physical therapy compared to no treatment. METHODS: 70 consecutive patients were evaluated retrospectively and allocated to two groups: control group (CG=no physical therapy; n=30 and chest physical therapy group (PTG; n=40. Patients received chest physical therapy which includes lung re-expansion and airway clearance maneuvers. They were not submitted to either noninvasive ventilation or exercises with devices that generate airways positive pressure. All patients were instructed to early mobilization. Information about pre-operative and respiratory complications were collected. Statistic analysis to compare the frequency of respiratory complications was performed by the Z test. The significance level was set to 5%. RESULTS: Patients in the CG and PTG were similar in terms of age, BMI, smoking and drinking status, malignant diseases, surgical and anesthesia duration and types of esophagectomy (p>0.05. Our results show that patients received chest physical therapy after esophagectomy had a lower frequency of respiratory complications (15% vs. 37%, pCONTEXTUALIZAÇÃO: A esofagectomia apresenta a maior taxa de complicações pulmonares pós-operatórias dentre as cirurgias abdominais altas. Os benefícios da fisioterapia respiratória em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia abdominal alta convencional têm sido mostrados na literatura, porém esse efeito na esofagectomia tem sido pouco investigado. OBJETIVOS: Comparar a frequência de complicações respiratórias em dois

  4. Fuel failure and fission gas release in high burnup PWR fuels under RIA conditions

    Fuketa, Toyoshi; Sasajima, Hideo; Mori, Yukihide; Ishijima, Kiyomi


    To study the fuel behavior and to evaluate the fuel enthalpy threshold of fuel rod failure under reactivity initiated accident (RIA) conditions, a series of experiments using pulse irradiation capability of the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR) has been performed. During the experiments with 50 MWd/kg U PWR fuel rods (HBO test series; an acronym for high burnup fuels irradiated in Ohi unit 1 reactor), significant cladding failure occurred. The energy deposition level at the instant of the fuel failure in the test is 60 cal/g fuel, and is considerably lower than those expected and pre-evaluated. The result suggests that mechanical interaction between the fuel pellets and the cladding tube with decreased integrity due to hydrogen embrittlement causes fuel failure at the low energy deposition level. After the pulse irradiation, the fuel pellets were found as fragmented debris in the coolant water, and most of these were finely fragmented. This paper describes several key observations in the NSRR experiments, which include cladding failure at the lower enthalpy level, possible post-failure events and large fission gas release.


    Elisabete Alfeld Rodrigues


    Full Text Available Em O caminho das nuvens, Vicente Amorim conta a história da retirada de uma família do interior nordestino para a região sudeste. Uma história que já foi muitas vezes contada, por exemplo, em Vidas Secas: primeiro, na literatura, por Graciliano Ramos e, depois, no cinema, por Nélson Pereira dos Santos. Na retirada contada por Amorim, a migração não ocorre pelos passos na aridez do sertão; ela acontece por bicicletas nas rodovias, estradas e pequenas cidades que a família – pai, mãe e cinco filhos – percorre para chegar à cidade do Rio de Janeiro. A família se desloca da Paraíba em busca de um emprego de mil reais por mês que só pode ser encontrado no sudeste do Brasil – este motivo desencadeador parte de uma história factual. O filme é uma releitura que resgata a literatura, o cinema e a história factual promovendo uma relação dialógica construída por fragmentos das várias histórias.

  6. Semiclassical modelling of finite-pulse effects on non-adiabatic photodynamics via initial condition filtering: The predissociation of NaI as a test case

    Martínez-Mesa, Aliezer [Departmento de Física Teórica, Universidad de la Habana, San Lázaro y L, La Habana 10400 (Cuba); Institut für Chemie, Universität Potsdam, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, D-14476 Potsdam-Golm (Germany); Saalfrank, Peter [Institut für Chemie, Universität Potsdam, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, D-14476 Potsdam-Golm (Germany)


    Femtosecond-laser pulse driven non-adiabatic spectroscopy and dynamics in molecular and condensed phase systems continue to be a challenge for theoretical modelling. One of the main obstacles is the “curse of dimensionality” encountered in non-adiabatic, exact wavepacket propagation. A possible route towards treating complex molecular systems is via semiclassical surface-hopping schemes, in particular if they account not only for non-adiabatic post-excitation dynamics but also for the initial optical excitation. One such approach, based on initial condition filtering, will be put forward in what follows. As a simple test case which can be compared with exact wavepacket dynamics, we investigate the influence of the different parameters determining the shape of a laser pulse (e.g., its finite width and a possible chirp) on the predissociation dynamics of a NaI molecule, upon photoexcitation of the A(0{sup +}) state. The finite-pulse effects are mapped into the initial conditions for semiclassical surface-hopping simulations. The simulated surface-hopping diabatic populations are in qualitative agreement with the quantum mechanical results, especially concerning the subpicosend photoinduced dynamics, the main deviations being the relative delay of the non-adiabatic transitions in the semiclassical picture. Likewise, these differences in the time-dependent electronic populations calculated via the semiclassical and the quantum methods are found to have a mild influence on the overall probability density distribution. As a result, the branching ratios between the bound and the dissociative reaction channels and the time-evolution of the molecular wavepacket predicted by the semiclassical method agree with those computed using quantum wavepacket propagation. Implications for more challenging molecular systems are given.

  7. Avaliação da memória sob anestesia venosa total

    Gulistan Aktas


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Neste estudo, objetivamos avaliar a memória implícita e explícita em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia abdominal sob anestesia venosa total (AVT com propofol e remifentanil, na qual o nível de anestesia foi controlado pelo monitoramento do índice bispectral (BIS. MÉTODO: Anestesia venosa total foi administrada a 60 pacientes adultos para obter níveis de BIS de 40-60. Os pacientes foram randomicamente divididos em três grupos, de acordo com as gravações que ouviram. Os pacientes do grupo categoria (CT ouviram uma fita gravada contendo cinco nomes de animais. Os pacientes do grupo recordar palavras (RP ouviram uma fita gravada contendo cinco palavras de frequência média na língua turca, depois de adaptadas. Os pacientes do grupo controle (GC ouviram os sons do mar até o fim da cirurgia. Duas horas após a cirurgia, os testes foram administrados a cada paciente na sala de recuperação para avaliar a memória. RESULTADOS: Houve uma diferença entre os escores dos grupos CT e GC no Miniexame do Estado Mental (MMSE; todos os escores foram > 20. Os resultados dos testes de categoria e recordar palavras, aplicados para avaliar a memória implícita, não foram estatisticamente diferentes entre os grupos. Não houve evidência de memória implícita em nenhum dos pacientes. Um paciente lembrou-se de ouvir "o som de água" como uma prova de memória explícita. Onze pacientes declararam não ter sonhado. CONCLUSÕES: Apesar de não termos encontrado nenhuma evidência de memória implícita sob anestesia adequada com AVT, um paciente apresentou memória explícita. Embora a profundidade adequada da anestesia fornecida pelo monitoramento do BIS corrobore nossos resultados para a memória implícita, ela não explica os resultados para a memória explícita.

  8. Parent-Initiated Motivational Climate, Self-Esteem, and Autonomous Motivation in Young Athletes: Testing Propositions from Achievement Goal and Self-Determination Theories

    Daniel J. O'Rourke


    Full Text Available Interactions with parents are known to have a significant impact on children's self-esteem. In this study, designed to test propositions derived from Achievement Goal Theory and Self-Determination Theory, we assessed the influence of perceived parent-initiated mastery and ego motivational climates on self-esteem and self-esteem change in competitive youth swimmers over the course of a 32-week sport season. At each of three measurement points (early, mid, and late season, mastery climate scores on the Parent-Initiated Motivational Climate Questionnaire-2 scale were positively related to global self-esteem scores and to a measure of relative motivational autonomy that reflects the intrinsic-extrinsic motivation continuum, whereas ego climate scores were negatively related to self-esteem and autonomy. Longitudinal analyses revealed that early-season mastery climate predicted positive changes in self-esteem over the course of the season, whereas ego climate predicted decreased self-esteem. Consistent with predictions derived from Self-Determination Theory, a meditational analysis revealed that these self-esteem changes were mediated by changes in autonomous motivation.

  9. Test

    Bendixen, Carsten


    Bidrag med en kortfattet, introducerende, perspektiverende og begrebsafklarende fremstilling af begrebet test i det pædagogiske univers.......Bidrag med en kortfattet, introducerende, perspektiverende og begrebsafklarende fremstilling af begrebet test i det pædagogiske univers....

  10. Anastomose mamária-coronária: análise de 2923 casos Mammary-coronary artery anastomosis: analysis of 2923 cases

    Jarbas J Dinkhuysen


    ção entre 5 a 10 anos, apenas com mamária isolada, em 55 reestudos constataram-se 94,4% (50 de mamárias permeáveis e 5,6% (3 de ocluidas. A mortalidade intra-hospitalar, nos 2923 casos, foi de 3,45%.At the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiollogia, the use of mammary-coronary anastomosis was iniciated in 1972, isolated or with saphenous vein by-pass or other procedure. Initially only left internal mammary artery LAD anastomosis was employed in a few (57 cases. In 1973/1974, the aplication of this technique was intensified-386 cases. The method was practically descontinued between 1975 to 1982 - only 43 cases were performed. Since then, its use increased steadily and the right internal mammary artery has been used as well. In 1984, studying 177 patients, we observed that this technique does not influence the incidence of external dehiscence on the reoperation for bleeding; but in 25% occurred an elevation of hemolateral diaphragm, in 17% atelectasis, and in 27.6% pleural effusion. In 654 patients with mammary-coronary anastomoses and saphenous vein grafts followed up to nine years; patency was 91.5% for mammaries and 70.6% for saphenous veins. In another group of 102 patients with isolated mammarycoronary anastomosis patency was 94.4% in a period between 5 and 10 years. The mortality rate of all 2923 cases was 3.45%.

  11. Microcapillary blood sampling for serological examinations by radioimmunoassay (RIA) and enzyme immunoassay (ELISA)

    Rodak, L.; Smid, B.; Valicek, L.; Jurak, E. (Vyzkumny Ustav Veterinarniho Lekarstvi, Brno-Medlanky (Czechoslovakia))


    Methods were tested of sampling blood and blood serum for serological examinations on filtration paper and into heparinized glass capillaries with transfer into the dilution solution of the given composition. Samples were also examined for ACH virus antibodies. The suitability of the sampling was verified by an examination of samples using ELISA and RIA methods. The results showed the suitability of sampling using microcapillaries. The titres of virus antibodies found using the ELISA and RIA methods were identical and the sensitivity of antibody detection was not reduced even after the sample had been stored for 60 days at a temperature of 20 degC.


    Teixeira, Jéssica Cristina Caretta; Granduanda em Enfermagem. Bióloga. Especialista em Gestão em Saúde. Laboratório de Patologia Clínica do Hospital Veterinário da FAFRAM/FE, Ituverava, SP; Chicote, Sérgio Renato Macedo; Biomédico. Mestre em Patologia Experimental. Professor da FAFRAM/FE e FFCL/FE, Ituverava, SP; Daneze, Edmilson Rodrigo; Médico Veterinário. Mestrando em Medicina Veterinária (Patologia Animal). Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias (FCAV/UNESP), Jaboticabal, SP; Machado, Maura Matos; Biomédica. Responsável Técnica do Laboratório Municipal de Ituverava, Ituverava, SP.


    O objetivo do presente trabalho foi determinar a resistência da bactéria Escherichia coli, proveniente de uroculturas de pacientes a antibióticos de relevância. Para tanto, foi feito um levantamento dos microorganismos encontrados e respectivos testes antibióticos de pacientes atendidos em um laboratório público municipal. Durante o período analisado foram realizadas 3335 uroculturas, e em 328 (64,7%) delas foi identificada a bactéria Escherichia coli. No antibiograma, a ceftazidina e o clora...

  13. Distúrbios de memória em pacientes epilépticos



    Full Text Available O autor estudou distúrbios de memória em pacientes epilépticos com crises parciais complexas (CPC, com os objetivos de: 1 identificar estes distúrbios; e 2 comparar os resultados dos pacientes com os dos controles. Foram estudados 50 pacientes adultos e 20 sujeitos sem enfermidades neuropsiquiátricas. Os métodos consistiram em: 1 investigação da atividade mnemônica através do Teste de Memória de Wechsler (subtestes: Armazenamento e Recuperação, Memória Recente e Memória Imediata; e 2 comparação entre os resultados de ambos os grupos. 3 associação entre SPECT Cerebral e atividade mnemônica. Nos três subtestes, os pacientes apresentaram desempenho cognitivo significativamente inferior ao dos controles (p <0,05. Constatou-se a associação entre hipofluxo em região temporal esquerda e distúrbio da memória nos três subtestes. Concluiu-se que há associação entre CPC e distúrbios da atividade mnemônica.

  14. Factors affecting acceptance of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling services among outpatient clients in selected health facilities in Harar Town, Eastern Ethiopia

    Abdurahman S


    Full Text Available Sami Abdurahman,1 Berhanu Seyoum,2 Lemessa Oljira,2 Fitsum Weldegebreal2 1Harari Regional Health Bureau, 2Haramaya University, College of Health and Medical Sciences, Harar, Ethiopia Purpose: To improve the slow uptake of HIV counseling and testing, the World Health Organization (WHO and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS have developed draft guidelines on provider-initiated testing and counseling (PITC. Both in low- and high-income countries, mainly from outpatient clinics and tuberculosis settings, indicates that the direct offer of HIV testing by health providers can result in significant improvements in test uptake. In Ethiopia, there were limited numbers of studies conducted regarding PITC in outpatient clinics. Therefore, in this study, we have assessed the factors affecting the acceptance of PITC among outpatient clients in selected health facilities in Harar, Harari Region State, Ethiopia. Materials and methods: Institutional-based, cross-sectional quantitative and qualitative studies were conducted from February 12–30, 2011 in selected health facilities in Harar town, Harari Region State, Ethiopia. The study participants were recruited from the selected health facilities of Harar using a systematic random sampling technique. The collected data were double entered into a data entry file using Epi Info version 3.5.1. The data were transferred to SPSS software version 16 and analyzed according to the different variables. Results: A total of 362 (70.6% clients accepted PITC, and only 39.4% of clients had heard of PITC in the outpatient department service. Age, occupation, marital status, anyone who wanted to check their HIV status, and the importance of PITC were the variables that showed significant associations with the acceptance of PITC upon bivariate and multivariate analyses. The main reasons given for not accepting the tests were self-trust, not being at risk for HIV, not being ready, needing to consult their

  15. A visão de um núcleo de assessoria jurídica popular universitária e algumas experiências de trabalho / Aspects of a univertity’s legal aid initiative and some work experiences

    Marília Passos Gomes


    Full Text Available Resumo Este trabalho suscita a discussão sobre o que é a Assessoria Jurídica Popular (AJP para o Núcleo de Assessoria Jurídica Comunitária – NAJUC/UFC. Discorre-se sobre o histórico do núcleo, através da exposição de algumas de suas experiências mais relevantes. Neste trabalho, é evidenciado o fundamento de sua prática, qual seja a transformação da realidade através da libertação-emancipação dos oprimidos. Palavras-chave: Assessoria Jurídica Popular, NAJUC, Direito Crítico. Abstract This paper analyzes what it is Popular Juridical Advisement to “Núcleo de Assessoria Jurídica Popular” - NAJUC/UFC. Adresses the historic of the group, with an explanation about some of its more important experiences. It aproaches the fundamental principle of its pratice, what is the reality´s transformation throught the liberation-emancipation of the opressed people. Keywords: Popular Juridical Advisement, NAJUC, Critical Law. 

  16. Validity of the RIAS for assessing children with traumatic brain injury: sensitivity to TBI and comparability to the WISC-III and WISC-IV.

    Allen, Daniel N; Stolberg, Paul C; Thaler, Nicholas S; Sutton, Griffin; Mayfield, Joan


    Intelligence tests are commonly administered to children following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) is a recently developed measure of intellectual ability that has a number of appealing features for assessing individuals with brain damage, but as yet has little validity information when applied to children with TBI or other forms of brain injury. It is therefore unclear whether RIAS scores are sensitive to brain injury and how they compare to older more well-established tests such as the Wechsler scales. The current article reports two studies that examine these matters in youth with TBI. The first study examined sensitivity of the RIAS to TBI in 110 children. Results indicated the TBI sample performed significantly worse compared with the standardization sample on all RIAS index scores. The second study included 102 children who were administered either the RIAS, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition (WISC-III), or WISC-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV; 34 children in each group). Comparisons among the RIAS, WISC-III, and WISC-IV groups indicated no significant differences among the measures on verbal, nonverbal, and Composite Index/Full-Scale IQs. Results provide support for the sensitivity of the RIAS to TBI in children and also suggest that IQs produced by the RIAS, WISC-III, and WISC-IV do not significantly vary from one test to the other, which is particularly true of the verbal and Composite Index/Full-Scale IQs.

  17. Clustering high dimensional data using RIA

    Aziz, Nazrina [School of Quantitative Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah (Malaysia)


    Clustering may simply represent a convenient method for organizing a large data set so that it can easily be understood and information can efficiently be retrieved. However, identifying cluster in high dimensionality data sets is a difficult task because of the curse of dimensionality. Another challenge in clustering is some traditional functions cannot capture the pattern dissimilarity among objects. In this article, we used an alternative dissimilarity measurement called Robust Influence Angle (RIA) in the partitioning method. RIA is developed using eigenstructure of the covariance matrix and robust principal component score. We notice that, it can obtain cluster easily and hence avoid the curse of dimensionality. It is also manage to cluster large data sets with mixed numeric and categorical value.

  18. Melancolia, memória e subjetividade

    Giele Rocha Dorneles


    A proposta desta tese é estabelecer, através de uma perspectiva comparatista, relações entre três temas articuladores: a melancolia, a memória e a subjetividade, de modo a constituir entrelaçamentos possíveis, além de buscar indicar o modo como essas três temáticas são apresentadas e representadas em diferentes formas de expressão das artes, partindo de obras literárias - como “A maior flor do mundo” e “As pequenas memórias”, entre outras de José Saramago, e de autores como Charles Baudelaire...

  19. Camptocormia secundária à polimiosite

    Melina Andrade Mattar; Joara Martins da Silva Gordo; Ari Stiel Radu Halpern; Samuel Katsuyuki Shinjo


    A camptocormia é uma doença postural caracterizada por flexão anormal da coluna toracolombar que surge na posição ereta, aumenta durante a caminhada e desaparece na posição supina. Na literatura, há descrição de apenas cinco casos de camptocormia secundária a miopatias inflamatórias idiopáticas. No presente relato de caso, descrevemos um paciente do sexo masculino, de 67 anos, com polimiosite há 18 anos, cursando com quadro compatível com camptocormia (estável e sem progressão do quadro clíni...

  20. The Effect of Motivational Interviewing-Based Counseling During Outpatient Provider Initiated HIV Testing on High-Risk Sexual Behavior in Rural Uganda.

    Kiene, Susan M; Bateganya, Moses H; Lule, Haruna; Wanyenze, Rhoda K


    Provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling (PITC) has rapidly expanded in many countries including Uganda. However, because it provides HIV prevention information without individualized risk assessment and risk reduction counseling it may create missed opportunities for effective HIV prevention counseling. Our objective was to assess the effect of a brief motivational interviewing-based intervention during outpatient PITC in rural Uganda compared to Uganda's standard-of-care PITC at reducing HIV transmission-relevant sexual risk behavior. We enrolled 333 (160 control, 173 intervention) participants in a historical control trial to test the intervention vs. standard-of-care. Participants received PITC and standard-of-care or the intervention counseling and we assessed sexual risk behavior at baseline and 3 and 6 months follow-up. The intervention condition showed 1.5-2.4 times greater decreases in high risk sexual behavior over time compared to standard-of-care (p = 0.015 and p = 0.004). These data suggest that motivational interviewing based counseling during PITC may be a promising intervention to reduce high-risk sexual behavior and potentially reduce risk of HIV infection.

  1. Test of the consistency of various linearized semiclassical initial value time correlation functions in application to inelastic neutron scattering from liquid para-hydrogen

    Miller, William; Liu, Jian; Miller, William H.


    The linearized approximation to the semiclassical initial value representation (LSC-IVR) is used to calculate time correlation functions relevant to the incoherent dynamic structure factor for inelastic neutron scattering from liquid para-hydrogen at 14 K. Various time correlations functions were used which, if evaluated exactly, would give identical results, but they do not because the LSC-IVR is approximate. Some of the correlation functions involve only linear operators, and others involve non-linear operators. The consistency of the results obtained with the various time correlation functions thus provides a useful test of the accuracy of the LSC-IVR approximation and its ability to treat correlation functions involving both linear and nonlinear operators in realistic anharmonic systems. The good agreement of the results obtained from different correlation functions, their excellent behavior in the spectral moment tests based on the exact moment constraints, and their semi-quantitative agreement with the inelastic neutron scattering experimental data all suggest that the LSC-IVR is indeed a good short-time approximation for quantum mechanical correlation functions.

  2. Failure behavior of plutonium-uranium mixed oxide fuel under reactivity-initiated accident condition

    Abe, T.; Nakae, N.; Kodato, K.; Matsumoto, M.; Inabe, T.


    Two series of in-pile tests on MOX fuels were performed in the NSRR to study failure behavior under RIA (reactivity-initiated accident) conditions in water cooled reactors. PWR type MOX test rods were pulsed in a first series. The test rods were designed to have dimensions identical to standard UO 2 fuel, on which a large number of tests had been conducted previously. The test result was that the failure mechanism and the threshold of MOX fuel was consistent with those of UO 2 fuel. ATR-type MOX test rods with PuO 2 particles as well as reference rods without PuO 2 particles were subjected to pulsing in a second series. PuO 2 particles of 400 and 1100 μm in diameter were artificially embedded at the surface of MOX pellets. No effect of particles appeared on the threshold, and no significant indication of their effect was observed on the cladding.



    Este artigo pretende mostrar os fatos e caminhos seguidos pela empresa de computadores Apple e seus fundadores no decorrer de sua história. Tem também o objetivo de relatar os desfechos e as grandes idéias que fizeram da Apple uma das maiores empresas fabricantes de softwares e computadores pessoais, desde sua criação em 1976.


    Gustavo Franco


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende mostrar os fatos e caminhos seguidos pela empresa de computadores Apple e seus fundadores no decorrer de sua história. Tem também o objetivo de relatar os desfechos e as grandes idéias que fizeram da Apple uma das maiores empresas fabricantes de softwares e computadores pessoais, desde sua criação em 1976.

  5. Perfis Diferenciais de Perda de Memória entre a Demência Frontotemporal e a do Tipo Alzheimer

    Allegri Ricardo F.


    Full Text Available Os estados iniciais da demência tipo Alzheimer (DTA caracterizam-se classicamente por deterioração da memória enquanto que as mudanças de conduta e de personalidade aparecem nas etapas iniciais da demência frontotemporal (DFT. Entretanto, na prática clínica, o diagnóstico diferencial é difícil. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi estudar o rendimento da memória de pacientes com DTA (n= 20 e com DFT (n= 20 comparando-o com um grupo de controles (n = 20. Os pacientes, emparelhados por idade e escolaridade, foram avaliados com uma bateria neuropsicológica exaustiva. Para a avaliação da memória, examinou-se a "queixa subjetiva" de perda de memória (memória subjetiva, a aprendizagem de uma lista de palavras (memória episódica e o desempenho no teste de denominação de Boston (memória semântica. As pontuações de ambos os grupos de pacientes, na grande maioria das provas, foram significativamente inferiores às dos controles. Os pacientes com DTA mostraram uma deterioração global da memória episódica (tipo amnésia e semântica com um alto nível de queixa subjetiva. Os sujeitos com DFT, por outro lado, apresentaram um déficit de memória importante na recuperação da informação, mas com melhores capacidades de registro da informação, apesar das dificuldades de reconhecimento do seu distúrbio.

  6. RIA Beam Dynamics Comparing TRACK to IMPACT

    Mustapha, Brahim; Ostroumov, Peter; Qiang, Ji; Ryne, Robert D


    In order to benchmark the newly developed beam dynamics code TRACK we have performed comparisons with well established existing codes. During code development, codes like TRANSPORT, COSY, GIOS and RAYTRACE were used to check TRACK's implementation of the different beam line elements. To benchmark the end-to-end simulation of the RIA driver linac, the simulation of the low-energy part (from the ion source to the entrance of the SC linac) was compared with PARMTEQ and found to agree well. For the simulation of the SC linac the code IMPACT is used. Prior to these simulations, the code IMPACT had to be updated to meet the special requirements of the RIA driver linac. Features such as multiple charge state acceleration, stripper simulation and beam collimation were added to the code. IMPACT was also modified to support new types of rf cavities and to include fringe fields for all the elements. This paper will present a comparison of the beam dynamics simulation in the RIA driver linac between the codes TRACK and I...

  7. Camptocormia secundária à polimiosite

    Melina Andrade Mattar


    Full Text Available A camptocormia é uma doença postural caracterizada por flexão anormal da coluna toracolombar que surge na posição ereta, aumenta durante a caminhada e desaparece na posição supina. Na literatura, há descrição de apenas cinco casos de camptocormia secundária a miopatias inflamatórias idiopáticas. No presente relato de caso, descrevemos um paciente do sexo masculino, de 67 anos, com polimiosite há 18 anos, cursando com quadro compatível com camptocormia (estável e sem progressão do quadro clínico. A polimiosite é uma miopatia inflamatória idiopática caracterizada clinicamente por fraqueza muscular simétrica predominantemente proximal dos membros. Entretanto, sendo uma doença autoimune sistêmica, é plausível que ocorra acometimento de musculatura esquelética de forma difusa, incluindo a paravertebral, podendo manifestar-se com camptocormia.

  8. Contando uma bela história: a trajetória da ABEn - Bahia

    Ieda Pessoa de Alcântara


    Full Text Available Trata este trabalho de contar a história da ABEn-Ba desde sua criação até os dias atuais, traçando um paralelo com a trajetória da ABEn Nacional e destacando os grandes marcos deste caminhar de cinqüenta e três anos. Fica evidente que a história repetiu-se ao colocar no destino da ABED/ABEn - Ba um começo relacionado à fundação da Escola de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal da Bahia, pois a vivência na Associação experimentada pelas professoras - enfermeiras em seus estados de origem, que as impulsionou para a criação da Seção Ba. História semelhante teve a Regional Feira de Santana, também formada após a criação do Curso da Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana. Ao longo da sua história a ABEn - Ba vem primando por ser uma entidade democrática sempre atenta às lutas da categoria, na defesa da saúde da população brasileira, bem como, na busca do fortalecimento da Entidade.

  9. Comparison of Quick Lactose Intolerance Test in duodenal biopsies of dyspeptic patients with single nucleotide polymorphism LCT-13910C>T associated with primary hypolactasia/lactase-persistence Comparação do Teste Quick de Intolerância à Lactose em biópsias duodenais de pacientes dispépticos com polimorfismo de nucleotídeo único LCT-13910C>T associado com hipolactasia primária/lactase persistente

    Rejane Mattar


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To analyze the usefulness of Quick Lactose Intolerance Test in relation to the genetic test based on LCT-13910C>T genotypes, previously validated for clinical practice, for primary hypolactasia/lactase-persistence diagnosis. METHODS: Thirty-two dyspeptic patients that underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy entered the study. Two postbulbar duodenal biopsies were taken for the Quick test, and gastric antral biopsy for DNA extraction and LCT-13910C>T polymorphism analysis. DNA was also extracted from biopsies after being used in the Quick Test that was kept frozen until extraction. RESULTS: Nine patients with lactase-persistence genotype (LCT-13910CT or LCT-13910TT had normolactasia, eleven patients with hypolactasia genotype (LCT-13910CC had severe hypolactasia, and among twelve with mild hypolactasia, except for one that had LCT-13910CT genotype, all the others had hypolactasia genotype. The agreement between genetic test and quick test was high (pOBJETIVO: Analisar a aplicabilidade do Teste Quick de Intolerância à Lactose em relação ao teste genético baseado nos genótipos LCT-13910C>T, previamente validado para a prática clínica, para diagnóstico de má digestão primária de lactose/digestão de lactose. MÉTODOS: Trinta e dois pacientes dispépticos submetidos à endoscopia digestiva entraram no estudo. Duas biópsias duodenais pós-bulbares foram empregadas no Teste Quick, e biópsia do antro gástrico para extração de DNA e análise do polimorfismo LCT-13910C>T. DNA também foi extraído de biópsias depois de terem sido usadas no teste Quick, e conservadas congeladas. RESULTADOS: Nove pacientes com genótipo de lactase persistente (LCT-13910CT ou LCT-13910TT tinham normolactasia, onze pacientes com genótipo de hipolactasia (LCT-13910CC tinham hipolactasia severa, e entre doze com hipolactasia leve, com exceção de uma que tinha genótipo LCT-13910CT, todos os demais tinham genótipo de hipolactasia. A concord

  10. Memórias e posições enunciativas na formação de professores para as séries iniciais do ensino fundamental Enunciative memories and positions in teachers education for the initial grades of elementary school

    Silvania Sousa do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Este artigo visa identificar, através das memórias discursivas e das posições enunciativas de licenciandos em Pedagogia, os indicadores da construção de uma posição de professor autor. A metodologia de análise está calcada nas reflexões de Pêcheux (1999 e Foucault (2000. O universo analisado foi constituído de 121 portfolios, selecionados aleatoriamente de um universo de cerca de 268 licenciandos em Pedagogia matriculados nos anos de 2002 e 2005, nas disciplinas de Fundamentos de Ciências da Natureza e Metodologia do Ensino de Ciências Físicas. A análise dos portfolios das turmas indicam uma variação na posição discursiva dos licenciandos que aponta para uma progressiva construção de uma identidade docente.This article aims at identifying, through the discoursive memories and enunciative positions of Pedagogy undengraduate students, the indicators of the construction of a teacher-author. The method of analysis is based on the reflections of Pêcheux (1999 and Foucault (2000. The universe studied consisted of 121 portfolios, selected randomly from 268 students in Pedagogy between 2002 and 2005, taking the Principles of the Science of Nature and Methodology of Phy-sics Education subjects. The analysis of the portfolios of the classes indicates a change in the discoursive position of licensing pointing to a gradual creation of a professor identity.

  11. Comparação entre o teste de despertar e a monitoração neurofisiológica intra-operatória com potencial evocado somato-sensitivo nas cirurgias de escoliose Comparación entre el teste de despertar y la monitorización neurofisiológica intraoperatoria con potencial evocado somato sensorial en las cirugías de escoliosis Comparison between the wake-up test and the intra-operative neurophysiologic monitoring with somato-sensitive evoked potentials in surgery for scoliosis

    Eduardo Barros Puertas


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: comparar a incidência de lesões neurológicas em cirurgias corretivas de curvas rígidas de escoliose idiopática, utilizando-se somente o teste do despertar e utilizando-se a monitoração neurofisiológica intra-operatória por meio dos Potenciais Evocados Somato-Sensitivo (PESS. MÉTODOS: foram realizadas 111 cirurgias para correção de escoliose idiopática, com curvas rígidas por meio de instrumentação e artrodese pela via posterior, no período de janeiro de 1985 a maio de 2001. Os procedimentos foram divididos em dois grupos, sendo 80 pacientes operados sem a monitoração intra-operatória, utilizando somente o teste do despertar, no período de janeiro de 1985 a janeiro de 1998. A partir de maio de 1998, as cirurgias passaram a ser monitoradas com potencial evocado somato-sensitivo (PESS, para prevenção de lesão neurológica, formando um segundo grupo de 31 pacientes. RESULTADOS: no primeiro grupo, um paciente teve lesão neurológica irreversível e quatro pacientes tiveram lesão neurológica reversível. Entre os 31 pacientes do segundo grupo, com monitoração neurofisiológica sensitiva durante a cirurgia, oito apresentaram lesão neurológica reversível constatada no intra-operatório, sem nenhuma repercussão clínica após o procedimento. CONCLUSÃO: os resultados apresentados sugerem a eficácia da monitoração intra-operatória, com o potencial evocado somato-sensitivo, para a prevenção de lesões neurológicas, nas cirurgias corretivas de curvas rígidas na escoliose idiopática.OBJETIVO: comparar la incidencia de lesiones neurológicas en cirugías correctivas de curvas rígidas de escoliosis idiopática, utilizado la prueba del despertar y la monitoración neurofisiológica intra-operatória de por medio de Potenciais Evocados Somato-Sensitivos (PESS. MÉTODOS: fueron ejecutadas 111 cirugías correctivas de escoliosis idiopática rígida, por medio de instrumentación y artrodesis por vía posterior

  12. Memórias do Cárcere: história, memória e literatura

    Kamilly Barros de Abreu Silva


    Full Text Available This work aims to articulatethe triad history / memory / literaturein the masterpiece composed byGraciliano Ramos, Memórias doCárcere (Memories of prision. Theconcept of literature of testimonyappears as the articulator of the triad,demanding a new treatment in theconsideration of the relations betweenhistory and memory and history andliterature. The testimony of the authorexposes the past in its fragmented face:in the fissures of history, many timesnot reached by the historian, anothermemory emerges – a memory capableof contributing to the movement ofhistory’s self-reflection.

  13. Geografia, História e História da Geografia

    Antonio Carlos Robert Moraes


    Full Text Available Vale iniciar colocando a necessidade de bem caracterizar os dois campos disciplinares - história e geografia - e de bem equacionar suas relações e articulações. Em outros termos, cabe delimitar o universo de investigação enfocado e explicitar as motivações teóricas de seu estudo, evitando o fascínio do empirismo historiográfico, postura com possibilidade de ampla difusão num campo ainda pouco explorado em termos de levantamentos empíricos como o da história da geografia no Brasil. De imediato...

  14. Study and simulation of irradiated zirconium alloys fracture under type RIA accidental loading conditions; Comprehension et modelisation de la rupture d'alliages de zirconium irradies en conditions accidentelles de type RIA

    Le Saux, M. [CEA Saclay, Dept. des Materiaux pour le Nucleaire (DEN/DANS/DMN/SEMI), 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    The thesis aims to study and simulate the mechanical behavior under Reactivity Initiated Accident loading conditions, of the Zircaloy 4 fuel claddings, irradiated or not. It also aims to characterize and simulate the behavior and the fracture under RIA loading conditions of hydrided Zircaloy 4 non irradiated. This study proposes an experimental approach and a simulation. (A.L.B.)

  15. Controlling Mercury Release from Source Zones to Surface Water: Initial Results of Pilot Tests at the Y-12 National Security Complex

    Southworth, George R [ORNL; Brooks, Scott C [ORNL; Peterson, Mark J [ORNL; Bogle, Mary Anna [ORNL; Miller, Carrie L [ORNL; Liang, Liyuan [ORNL; Elliott, Mike [Y-12 National Security Complex


    This report presents initial results obtained during year 2008 and satisfies a deliverable listed in the work breakdown structure (WBS) element OR081301. Broad objectives of the multi-year project are: (1) evaluation of remediation technologies for waterborne mercury, (2) development of treatment methods for soil mercury, and (3) source identification, characterization and analyses to improve mass balance on mercury estimates. This report presents the results of pilot tests, conducted in summer and fall 2008, which focused on remediation of waterborne mercury. The goal of this task is to develop strategies and treatment technologies that reduce the concentration and loading of waterborne mercury discharges to the UEFPC, thus minimizing mercury uptake by fish. The two specific studies are: (1) reducing flow augmentation in UEFPC to lessen mercury mobilization from contaminated stream sediments, and (2) treatment of contaminated source waters with a chemical reductant to convert dissolved mercury to a volatile form that can be removed by air stripping or natural evasion. Diversion of 50% of the flow currently added to UEFPC by the flow management system appeared to reduce mercury inputs from a localized, highly contaminated streambed by 0.6-1.5 grams per day (g/d). A reduction of 0.6 g/d represents {approx} 7-10% decrease in mercury input to UEFPC. Mercury concentrations within UEFPC did not rise proportionately with the loss of dilution, in part because of the reduction in input from the streambed source and in part because of reduced flow from the Y-12 NSC storm drain system. A longer-term test that includes seasonal variability will be the next step to validate these initial field observations of the flow diversion experiment. Preliminary laboratory experiments show that a large fraction ({approx} 90%) of the mercury can be chemically reduced to Hg(0) by addition of low concentrations of tin, Sn(II). Conversion of mercury to volatile Hg(0) in UEFPC was also

  16. Regulatory research / Pesquisa regulatória

    Altair Souza de Assis


    Full Text Available We present in this paper the concept, importance, and scope of research into the regulatory framework of regulation and legislation, with a particular focus on legislation related to legal metrology. This study also describes a comparative analysis of the various forms of regulation and the associated regulatory research, with the ultimate goal of better defi ning the concept and to validate the need to have research groups within a country’s regulatory bodies. Based on this work, we conclude that regulatory research is a key factor in the success of any regulatory body’s activities. Such research helps to avoid the creation of absurd or impractical regulatory barriers to a country’s technological development, or worse, to permit “orphans,” that is, technologies that are outside regulatory control, as is currently the case. Indeed, for a country to have a robust technological infrastructure, especially if it is still a developing country, strong and competent regulatory control is essential. However, this must be balanced by an atmosphere that fosters continuous and consistent technological innovation, and such development must also be self-sustainable from economic, social, and environmental viewpoints. ------------------------------------------------ Apresenta-se neste trabalho o conceito, a importância e a abrangência da pesquisa regulatória no âmbito da regulação e da regulamentação, com foco particular na regulamentação relacionada à metrologia legal. Faz-se também uma análise comparativa entre as várias formas de regular e regulamentar, e as suas pesquisas regulatórias afi ns, tendo como meta principal situar melhor o conceito e validar a necessidade de se fazer pesquisa nos órgãos e agências regulatórias do país. Com base neste trabalho, concluímos que a pesquisa regulatória é um fator chave para o sucesso de qualquer plano de ação de regulação para os agentes regulatórios do país. Ela ajuda a

  17. Kinetics of the QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube test during treatment of patients with sputum smear-positive tuberculosis in relation to initial TST result and severity of disease

    Idh, Jonna; Abate, Ebba; Westman, Anna


    The QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube test (QFN) measures interferon-gamma production in response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens. Our aim was to assess the kinetics of the QFN and initial tuberculin skin test (TST) result in relation to severity of disease in a tuberculosis (TB) endemic area...

  18. Os teares da memória

    Ana Luísa Amaral


    Full Text Available Partindo da ideia de que a verdade do texto e a verdade da vida não são coincidentes, mas que a uni‑las está um rasto de verdade, forçosamente diverso daquilo a que se convencionou designar por fingimento, debato aqui a questão de uma identidade de mulher no texto e ainda o papel que a memória desempenha na construção de identidades mais latas, as que ao humano dizem respeito.

  19. Psicologia social comunitária profissional


    O presente texto aborda questões relativas à construção da psicologia social comunitária no Brasil e as interfaces deste processo histórico com a formação profissional. Para tanto, apóia-se em dados sobre o contexto histórico e social brasileiro no decorrer da efetivação das práticas psicológicas em comunidades. Finalmente, o estudo propõe reflexões quanto ao descompasso entre a formação e os fenômenos sociais contemporâneos.

  20. Meningeoma da goteira olfatória

    Tella Jr Osvaldo Inácio de; Paiva Neto Manoel Antonio; Herculano Marco Antonio; Faedo Neto Atílio


    Meningeomas da goteira olfatória representam 8-18% dos meningeomas intracranianos e geralmente são diagnosticados quando alcançam grande tamanho. Relatamos uma série de 13 casos consecutivos de meningeomas de goteira olfativa operados nos Hospitais São Paulo (UNIFESP) e Professor Edmundo Vasconcelos no período de 1995 a 2003, estudados retrospectivamente quanto ao quadro clínico, resultados cirúrgicos e complicações. Os pacientes foram submetidos a ressecção cirúrgica destes tumores pela via ...

  1. Importância do modelo animal para testar hipóteses sobre a fisiopatologia do binômio diabetes e incontinência urinária feminina = Importance of animal model to test hypotheses about the pathophysiology of the binomial diabetes and female urinary incontinence

    Marini, Gabriela


    Conclusões: o uso de ratas como modelo animal é apropriado para estudos experimentais que testam hipóteses sobre os mecanismos de continência e a fisiopatologia do binômio diabetes mellitus e incontinência urinária, possibilitando assim, soluções de grande valia na prática clínica

  2. História da ultra-sonografia intra-operatória

    Machado Márcio Martins


    Full Text Available A ultra-sonografia intra-operatória foi realizada especialmente a partir de 1960, com alguns relatos de experiências iniciais nos anos 50. Inicialmente foram avaliados tumores cerebrais, posteriormente estudando-se também cálculos de vias biliares e cálculos renais. Entretanto, a ultra-sonografia intra-operatória em modo A ou modo B estático não adquiriu grande aceitação no meio médico. Não obstante, os primeiros estudos forneceram as bases para o desenvolvimento da moderna ultra-sonografia intra-operatória, com a utilização dos equipamentos ultra-sonográficos em modo B em tempo real. Os autores discorrem sobre a utilização da ultra-sonografia intra-operatória desde o seu início até os dias atuais.

  3. Considerações sobre eficiência administrativa relacionado aos exames de ultra-sonografia, tomografia computadorizada e ressonância magnética nas afecções orbitárias Reasons for the administrative efficiency related to ultrassonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging tests in orbital diseases

    Magno Watanabe


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Enfocar os exames de ultra-sonografia (US, tomografia computadorizada (TC e ressonância magnética (RM, levantando, revisando e discutindo as seguintes medidas na melhoria da eficiência destes procedimentos na órbita: 1- Defasagem dos honorários médicos; 2- Vantagens e desvantagens dos exames; 3- Diretrizes clínicas. MÉTODOS: No período de julho de 2002 a março de 2003, realizou-se um levantamento dos valores dos exames orbitários de US, TC e RM pagos pelo Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS, operadoras de planos e seguros de saúde e particulares cobrados em três clínicas oftalmológicas e três clínicas radiológicas referenciadas. Pesquisa bibliográfica e revisão na literatura dos referidos exames e suas diretrizes clínicas nas afecções orbitárias. RESULTADOS: 1- Valores dos exames em reais (R$: US: 9,05 - SUS / 81,77 - AMB 90 / 57,01 - AMB/CIEFAS 93 / 102,00 - AMB/LPM 99 / 158,33 - particular. TC: 86,76 - SUS / 193,70 - AMB 90 / 196,30 - AMB/CIEFAS 93 / 204,12 - AMB/LPM 99 / 255,33 - particular. RM: 268,75 - SUS / 475,80 - AMB 90 e AMB/CIEFAS 93 / 472,50 - AMB/LPM 99 / 563,33 - particular; 2- Vantagens e desvantagens dos exames descritos de acordo com a revisão da literatura; 3- As doenças da órbita não têm ainda listadas suas diretrizes. CONCLUSÃO: Estes exames são os mais utilizados e consagrados pela sua eficácia no estudo da órbita. Para uma maior eficiência, devemos considerar as seguintes recomendações administrativas: 1- Modernização e atualização das tabelas de honorários com índices mínimos e mais justos na remuneração dos exames com reembolso dos insumos utilizados como filmes radiológicos e contrastes: 2- Promover e estimular a educação médica continuada, evitando o excesso de exames desnecessários ou inapropriados: 3- Elaboração e implementação de diretrizes e protocolos clínicos baseados em evidências nas principais doenças orbitárias que possam ser utilizados como refer

  4. História da educação: qual história?

    José Licínio Backes


    Full Text Available  Este artigo reflete sobre uma concepção de história que privilegie uma história da educação que leve em conta as inúmeras diferenças que existem numa sociedade. A partir de Chartier. Busca­-se entender que a diferença está para além das da ordem de fortuna (raça, gênero, crença. Junto com este entendimento defende-se também uma história que englobe as vozes marginais, que não absolutize suas verdades e leve em conta que as pessoas não agem/reagem da mesma forma às imposições de uma estrutura, dando espaço para sujeitos singulares e diferentes.Palavras-chave: história da educação, Chrtier, história.   Abstract This article reflects about a conception of history which privileges a history of education that considers the innumerous differences existing in society. Departing from Chartier, we try to understand that the difference exists beyond the order of fortune (it includes race, gender, faith. Together with this understanding, we also advocate a history that comprises the marginal voices. which does not consider as absolute its truths and takes into account that different people don't act/react in the same way to the impositions of a structure, giving space to single and different subjects. Keywords: history of education, Chartier, history.   

  5. A biotecnologia na agropecuária

    João Lúcio de Azevedo


    Full Text Available This review reports the use of biotechnology in agriculture and animal husbandry. The main techniques and the most important products both in experimental stage or in commercial use are reported. The work intends to give a global vision to the theme, chronologically and spacely, showing the main lines of research and what has been obtained in this area. The techniques and products that are related to genetics and breeding are emphasized. Revisão Bibliográfica do emprego da biotecnologia na agropecuária, mostrando um levantamento das técnicas mais promissoras e de seus principais produtos, tanto em fase experimental como em uso comercial. Pretende-se dar uma visão global do assunto, cronológica e espacialmente, não se prendendo à detalhes, mostrando, em Unhas gerais, o que foi feito e o que se faz, atualmente, em biotecnologia. As técnicas e produtos que influenciam a área de genética e melhoramento genético na agropecuária, são enfatizadas.


    CAMPOS Edson Nascimento


    Full Text Available Este artigo trata as fontes primárias à luz de uma epistemologia que submete a investigação e a pesquisa à ação desconstrutora dos sujeitos: as fontes, por isso, saem da posição de "ponto primacial" para a de "ponto relacional". E, aí, a linguagem se transforma em relação de intertextualidade, pois a contradição marca o sentido da interdependência e, nisso, a significação põe a força da instabilidade na relação do sujeito com o objeto. Este, aliás, aberto à abordagem múltipla do real, integra a relação de interdisciplinaridade, e, assim, vêm surgindo, por exemplo, explicações iluminadoras com as articulações de Educação, Pedagogia, Linguagem, História.


    Aziz Xavier Beiruth


    Full Text Available O presente estudo teve por objetivo analisar o desempenho das ofertas públicas de ações primárias ou Initial Public Offering (IPO no que consiste a verificação de retornos anormais. Tais retornos foram capturados em seis intervalos de tempo (30, 90, 180, 365, 730 e 1095 dias, respectivamente comparados ao benchmark (Ibovespa no curto e médio/longo prazo (1 mês até 3 anos. Foram estudadas emissões primárias do período de 2005 a 2013. Os resultados encontrados sugerem que estatisticamente não se pode dizer que existam diferenças que se mantenham ao longo do tempo, observação condizente a hipótese de mercados eficientes. Entretanto testes de médias individuais entre as amostras e gráficos das estatísticas descritivas revelaram a presença de retornos anormais positivos em uma janela de 90 dias contados a partir do IPO, seguidos por retornos negativos em um lapso temporal de 90 a 365 dias e anulando-se as diferenças acima de um ano. Tais resultados indicam uma diferença temporal no qual as ações, frutos de emissões primárias, recebem apreçamento por parte dos investidores, criando-se assim um caminho interessante para aferimento de ganhos acima da média.

  8. Fístula arteriovenosa safeno-femoral superficial como acesso à hemodiálise: descrição de técnica operatória e experiência clínica inicial Superficial saphenofemoral arteriovenous fistula as access to hemodialysis: description of operative technique and initial clinical experience

    João Antônio Corrêa


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever uma técnica de confecção de fístula arteriovenosa para acesso à hemodiálise, avaliando os aspectos técnicos de sua confecção, eficácia e complicações. MÉTODO: Foram realizadas 16 fístulas arteriovenosas safeno-femoral superficial em 15 pacientes, no período de agosto de 1998 a outubro de 2000. Esses procedimentos foram efetuados em pacientes sem opções de acesso em membros superiores. A técnica utilizada foi a anteriorização e superficialização da veia safena magna, anastomosando-a na artéria femoral superficial distal. As fístulas arteriovenosas safeno-femoral superficial foram avaliadas quanto à facilidade de punção, fluxo adequado, pressão venosa espontânea, adequação de diálise e complicações no intra-operatório. RESULTADOS: Todas as fístulas puderam ser concluídas com sucesso, sem complicações no intra-operatório. Houve um óbito precoce, porém as demais estavam aptas às punções no 30º dia pós-operatório. Quatorze fístulas foram utilizadas e, na evolução, três pacientes foram submetidos a transplante renal, quatro apresentaram trombose, dois apresentaram pseudoaneurisma de punção. CONCLUSÃO: As fístulas arteriovenosas safeno-femoral superficial mostram-se como boa alternativa para pacientes que não possuem outras possibilidades de acesso em membros superiores, permitindo tratamento hemodialítico eficaz, com boa taxa de perviedade em médio prazo.OBJECTIVE: To describe a technique for creating an arteriovenous fistula as an access to hemodialysis, evaluating its technical aspects, efficacy and complications. METHOD: From August 1998 to October 2000, 16 superficial saphenofemoral arteriovenous fistulas were performed in 15 patients. These procedures were used in patients without access options in upper limbs. The surgical technique consisted of an anteriorization and a superficialization of the saphenous vein anastomosed to the superficial femoral artery in the

  9. Introduction to Use of RIA with REST of WebGIS Research%浅谈利用 RIA 与 REST 的 WebGIS 研究



    Aiming at the deficiency of traditional WebGIS , this paper introduces the ability to create highly interactive rich Internet application ( RIA, Rich Internet Applications ) , through the research of RIA technology and REST style , designed the WebGIS system framework, on the basis of programming test , a test system, experimental results show that the application of RIA and REST can effec-tively to improve the efficiency of WebGIS , greatly improving the experience of users , it is good to meet the modern needs of users .%针对传统WebGIS的不足,本文引入了能够创建高交互性的富互联网应用程序( RIA,Rich Internet Appli-cations),通过对RIA技术和REST风格的研究,设计了WebGIS系统框架,在此基础上编程测试了一个试验系统,实验结果表明利用RIA和REST能有效地提高WebGIS的运行效率,极大提高了用户的体验性,很好地满足了现代用户的需求。

  10. Angra 1 high burnup fuel behaviour under reactivity initiated accident conditions

    Gomes, Daniel de Souza; Silva, Antonio Teixeira e, E-mail: dsgomes@ipen.b, E-mail: teixeira@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The 16x16 NGF (Next Generation Fuel) fuel assembly, comprising of highly corrosive-resistant ZIRLO clad fuel rods, been replacing the current 16x16 Standard (16STD) fuel assembly in the Angra 1, a pressurized water reactor, with a net output of 626 MWe. The 16x16 NGF fuel assemblies are designed for a peak rod average burnup of up to 75 GWd/MTU, thus improving fuel utilization and reducing spent fuel storage issues. A design basis accident, the Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA), became a concern for a further increase in burnup as the simulated RIA tests revealed a lower enthalpy threshold for fuel failure. Two fuel performance codes, FRAPCON and FRAPTRAN, were used to predict high burnup behavior of Angra 1, during an RIA. The maximum average linear fuel rating used was 17.62 KW/m. The FRAPCON 3.4 code was applied to simulate the steady-state performance of the 16 NGF fuel rods up to a burnup of 55 GWd/MTU. With FRAPTRAN-1.4 the fuel behavior was simulated for an RIA power pulse of 4.5 ms (FHWH), and enthalpy peak of 130 Cal/g. With FRAPCON-3.4, the corrosion and hydrogen pickup characteristics of the advanced ZIRLO clad fuel rods were added to the code by modifying the actual corrosion model for Zircaloy-4 through the multiplication of empirical factors, which were appropriate to each alloy, and by means of reducing the current hydrogen pickup fraction. (author)

  11. Correlação entre Testes para Avaliação da Vitalidade Fetal, pH da Artéria Umbilical e os Resultados Neonatais em Gestações de Alto Risco Correlation between the Assessment of Fetal Well-being, Umbilical Artery pH at Birth and the Neonatal Results in High-risk Pregnancies

    Rossana Pulcineli Vieira Francisco


    Full Text Available Objetivos: analisar a relação entre valores de pH no nascimento, testes de vitalidade fetal e resultados neonatais. Métodos: foram incluídas 1346 pacientes com gestação de alto risco atendidas no Setor de Vitalidade Fetal do HCFMUSP. Para estudo do bem-estar fetal foram realizados exames de cardiotocografia, perfil biofísico fetal e índice de líquido amniótico. Após o parto foram obtidos os seguintes parâmetros dos recém-nascidos: idade gestacional no parto, sexo e peso dos recém-nascidos, índices de Apgar de 1º e 5º minutos, pH da artéria umbilical no nascimento e a ocorrência de óbito neonatal. Para estudo destes resultados neonatais, os casos foram divididos em quatro grupos: G1 (pH ou = 7,20. Resultados: a cardiotocografia anormal relacionou-se com valores de pH inferiores a 7,20 (p = 0,001. Resultados anormais do perfil biofísico fetal (Purpose: to analyze the relationship between the values of pH at birth, fetal surveillance examinatios and neonatal results. Methods: one thousand, three hundred and forty-six high-risk pregnancies were evaluated at the Fetal Surveillance Unit. The assessment of fetal well-being included cardiotocography, fetal biophysical profile and amniotic fluid index. After birth, the perinatal results (gestational age at birth, birth weight, Apgar scores at 1st and 5th minutes, umbilical cord pH at birth were collected. To study the results, the patients were divided into four groups: G1 (pH or = 7.20. Results: the abnormal patterns of cardiotocography were associated with pH at birth inferior to 7.20 (p = 0.001. Abnormal results of the fetal biophysical profile (<=4 were related to decrease in pH values at birth (p<0.001. The adverse neonatal outcomes were associated with acidosis at birth, and they were selected to be analyzed by the logistic regression model, showing that the odds ratio of each adverse neonatal outcome increases significantly when the values of pH at birth decrease. Conclusions

  12. Measurement of coronary calcium scores or exercise testing as initial screening tool in asymptomatic subjects with ST-T changes on the resting ECG: An evaluation study

    C.A. Geluk (Christiane); R. Dikkers (Riksta); J.A. Kors (Jan); R.A. Tio (René); R.H.J.A. Slart (Riemer); R. Vliegenthart (Rozemarijn); H.L. Hillege (Hans); T.P. Willems (Tineke); P. de Jong (Paul); W.H. van Gilst (Wiek); M. Oudkerk (Matthijs); F. Zijlstra (Felix)


    textabstractBackground: Asymptomatic subjects at intermediate coronary risk may need diagnostic testing for risk stratification. Both measurement of coronary calcium scores and exercise testing are well established tests for this purpose. However, it is not clear which test should be preferred as in

  13. Parâmetros genéticos para a produção de leite de controles individuais de vacas da raça Gir estimados com modelos de repetibilidade e regressão aleatória Estimation of genetic parameters for test day milk records of first lactation Gyr cows using repeatability and random regression animal models

    Claudio Napolis Costa


    número de estimativas negativas entre as PLC do início e fim da lactação do que a FAS. Exceto para a FAS, observou-se redução das estimativas de correlação genética próximas à unidade entre as PLC adjacentes para valores negativos entre as PLC no início e no fim da lactação. Entre os polinômios de Legendre, o de quinta ordem apresentou um melhor o ajuste das PLC. Os resultados indicam o potencial de uso de regressão aleatória, com os modelos LP5 e a FAS apresentando-se como os mais adequados para a modelagem das variâncias genética e de efeito permanente das PLC da raça Gir.Data comprising 8,183 test day records of 1,273 first lactations of Gyr cows from herds supervised by ABCZ were used to estimate variance components and genetic parameters for milk yield using repeatability and random regression animal models by REML. Genetic modelling of logarithmic (FAS, exponential (FW curves was compared to orthogonal Legendre polynomials (LP of order 3 to 5. Residual variance was assumed to be constant in all (ME=1 or some periods of lactation (ME=4. Lactation milk yield in 305-d was also adjusted by an animal model. Genetic variance, heritability and repeatability for test day milk yields estimated by a repeatability animal model were 1.74 kg2, 0.27, and 0.76, respectively. Genetic variance and heritability estimates for lactation milk yield were respectively 121,094.6 and 0.22. Heritability estimates from FAS and FW, respectively, decreased from 0,59 and 0.74 at the beginning of lactation to 0.20 at the end of the period. Except for a fifth-order LP with ME=1, heritability estimates decreased from around 0,70 at early lactation to 0,30 at the end of lactation. Residual variance estimates were slightly smaller for logarithimic than for exponential curves both for homogeneous and heterogeneous variance assumptions. Estimates of residual variance in all stages of lactation decreased as the order of LP increased and depended on the assumption about ME

  14. Stable life predection for Mentha haplocalyx by initial average rate stability test%初匀速法测定中药薄荷有效期

    王金梅; 李昌勤; 康文艺


    目的:用化学动力学方法预测中药薄荷的有效期,为质量评价提供依据.方法:采用固相微萃取与气质联用技术提取并分析薄荷的挥发性成分,采用因子分析法对薄荷的挥发性成分进行主成分分析.以挥发油和薄荷的主要挥发性成分的含量为指标,采用初匀速温度加速实验法预测其有效期.结果:主成分分析结果表明胡薄荷酮及异薄荷酮可以充分描述饮片的质量,以挥发油和胡薄荷酮及异薄荷酮为指标,薄荷各自t0.9,20℃分别为5.49,2.88年.结论:建议中药薄荷20℃下保存,有效期为2.88年.%Objective: To predict the stable life for Mentha haplocalyx. Method: The volatiles in M. haplocalyx were analyzed by head-space solid micro-extraction, coupled with GC-MS and a comprehensive evaluation of essential oil in M. haplocalyx was analyzed using the factor analysis. The prediction was carried out by initial average rate stability tests using the content of essential oil and the main volatiles as indices. Result: Principal component analysis indicated that pulegone and isomenthone can fully describe the quality of prepared slices. The t0.9,20℃ was 5. 49 years and 2. 88 years respectively, carried out by essential oil, pulegone and isomenthone. Conclusion: The stable life for M. haplocalyx under 20 ℃ was 2. 88 years.

  15. Aptidão cardiorrespiratória em adolescentes

    A. Pelegrini


    Conclusão: Conclui‐se que a maioria dos adolescentes apresentam níveis inadequados de aptidão cardiorrespiratória, e a associação entre composição corporal e aptidão cardiorrespiratória inadequadas independe dos aspectos sociodemográficos dos adolescentes.


    Sandra Djambolakdjian Torossian


    Full Text Available O presente artigo se constrói na interface entre reflexões sobre a escrita e a temática da subjetividade. Para isso, apresenta-se uma análise realizada a partir de textos escritos por pessoas que sofrem de toxicomanias durante seu processo de tratamento. Nesta trajetória, traçam-se algumas considerações sobre a noção de subjetividade para a Psicanálise, discutindo o entrelaçamento entre o processo de escrita e a construção subjetiva. Focalizam-se, ainda, as possibilidades de invenção de subjetividade tendo a escrita como um dos possíveis dispositivos de tratamento.

  17. Museu, Memória e Poder

    Renata Andreoni


    Full Text Available Este trabalho pretende desenvolver uma apreciação referente às imbricações entre Museu, Poder e Memória dentro da esfera empresarial. Objetiva-se compreender como a prática memorialística é utilizada na construção de um discurso pela busca de uma aura histórica legitimadora. No contexto da Hipermodernidade (Lipovetsky,2004, para problematizar a reflexão sobre os museus empresariais, destacaremos o posicionamento de Baudrillard em relação aos processos de simulação e branqueamento de um passado sem máculas.

  18. Em nome da memória

    Maria Auxiliadora de Almeida Cunha Arantes

    Full Text Available Este texto apresenta cinco breves estórias sobre o assassinato de psicólogas e de estudantes de Psicologia que se engajaram na luta de resistência. Todas foram executadas durante a ditadura civil militar, na década de 70, e um dos casos contou com a participação da Operação Condor. As práticas extremamente cruéis de tortura, o ocultamento de provas, a simulação de morte por suicídio, o abandono de corpos em locais públicos na tentativa de desresponsabilizar os executores tornaram-se evidentes nos laudos necroscópicos posteriormente acessados e/ou em depoimentos de advogados e familiares. A intenção do texto é permitir aos psicólogos e psicólogas o acesso às histórias de jovens mulheres que também escolheram a Psicologia como profissão e que foram impedidas precocemente de viver e de realizar projetos próprios. Disponibilizar informações sobre esses fatos e oferecer esclarecimentos sobre a prática da tortura convida à participação cidadã no processo de aperfeiçoamento do Estado Democrático de Direito que avança em nosso país com a instalação da Comissão da Verdade.

  19. Aprendizado e memória Learning and memory

    Paul Lombroso


    A memória é dividida de duas grandes formas: explícita e implícita. O hipocampo é necessário para a formação das memórias explícitas, ao passo que várias outras regiões do cérebro, incluindo o estriado, a amígdala e o nucleus accumbens, estão envolvidos na formação das memórias implícitas. A formação de todas as memórias requer alterações morfológicas nas sinapses: novas sinapses devem ser formadas ou antigas precisam ser fortalecidas. Considera-se que essas alterações reflitam a base celular...

  20. Enxerto livre de artéria mamária interna: resultados imediatos e tardios


    Em nosso Serviço, temos dado preferência pelo uso da artéria mamária interna na cirurgia de revascularização miocárdica, utizizando-a em 93% dos pacientes com menos de 65 anos, durante este último ano. Quando, por motivos anatômicos, torna-se impossível seu uso in situ, temos lançado máo de sua utilização como enxerto livre. De abril de 1986 a setembro de 1988, este procedimento foi realizado em 58 pacientes submetidos à cirurgia de revascularização miocárdica isolada e pela primeira vez (for...

  1. Efeito da aplicação de nitrato na redução biogênica de sulfeto sob diferentes concentrações iniciais de bactérias redutoras de nitrato e sulfato Effect of nitrate application on reduction of biogenic sulphide under different initial concentrations of nitrate and sulphate-reducing bacteria

    Kally Alves de Sousa


    Full Text Available The effect of sodium nitrate application in the reduction of biogenic sulphide was evaluated through a 2k complete factorial design, using as variable response the production of sulfide at intervals of incubation of 7, 14 and 28 days. The most effective condition for reducing the sulphide production (final concentrations from 0.4 to 1.6 mg S2- L-1 was obtained with an initial population of sulphate-reducing bacteria and nitrate-reducing bacteria of 10(4 MPN mL-1 and 427.5 mg L-1 nitrate. The results also suggested that the applications of nitrate to control the process of souring should follow a continuous scheme.

  2. Impact on ART initiation of point-of-care CD4 testing at HIV diagnosis among HIV-positive youth in Khayelitsha, South Africa

    Patten, Gabriela E M; Wilkinson, Lynne; Conradie, Karien; Isaakidis, Petros; Harries, Anthony D; Edginton, Mary E; De Azevedo, Virginia; van Cutsem, Gilles


    ...) CD4 testing has shown promising results in improving linkage to ART care. In Khayelitsha township, South Africa, POC CD4 testing was implemented at a clinic designated for youth aged 12-25 years...

  3. A história estrutural: trajetória, conceitos e aplicabilidade

    Júlia Silveira Matos


    Full Text Available Na França, o movimento posteriormente intitulado de Annalistes exerceu uma verdadeira hegemonia no processo de renovação dos métodos e problemáticas da História. Entretanto, suas reflexões permaneceram muito mais no campo da epistemologia do que propriamente da teoria histórica. Somente as gerações posteriores a Marc Bloch e Lucien Febvre, chamados os pais fundadores dos Annales, buscaram a sistematização de metodologias e esboços de uma possível teoria, inspirada por diversas ciências – lingüística, geografia, psicologia, antropologia, sociologia, entre outras. A partir dessa percepção, propomos no presente artigo, debruçados sobre o texto-manifesto de Fernando Braudel “História e Ciências Sociais”, a discussão do desenvolvimento das análises de cunho estrutural na história, não apenas enquanto teoria, mas principalmente enquanto método, de forma que possamos perceber as possibilidades de aplicação da abordagem estrutural na pesquisa histórica.


    Guilherme Moreira Fernandes


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, fazemos uma breve reflexão sobre os mecanismos de projeção e formação identitárias presentes no espaço "Mural de Histórias", do portal da minissérie Maysa: quando fala o coração, exibida em 2009 pela TV Globo. A metodologia da análise de conteúdo nos permitiu categorizar as várias facetas da cantora comentadas pelos internautas. Utilizando os estudos de Aluizio Trinta sobre os mecanismos de projeção-identificação, pudemos inferir que parcela dos internautas se dispôs a refletir sobre a identidade deles. Também percebemos que as múltiplas plataformas criadas pela emissora permitem uma aproximação maior do público e um espaço para manifestações de alegrias e angústias.

  5. Avaliação pré-operatória do paciente pneumopata

    Luiza Helena Degani-Costa


    Full Text Available Justificativa e objetivos: Na prática clínica diária, complicações pulmonares relacionadas ao procedimento cirúrgico são comuns, o que aumenta a morbidade e mortalidade dos pacientes. A ponderação do risco de complicações pulmonares é um importante passo da avaliação pré-operatória. Dessa forma, fizemos uma revisão dos aspectos mais relevantes da avaliação pré-operatória do paciente pneumopata. Conteúdo: A estratificação do risco pulmonar depende dos sintomas clínicos e do estado físico do doente. Idade, doenças respiratórias preexistentes, estado nutricional e tratamento médico continuado são, geralmente, mais importantes do que exames complementares. Testes de função pulmonar assumem grande relevância quando procedimentos torácicos ou abdominais alto são propostos, especialmente se considerada a realização de ressecção pulmonar. Conclusões: A compreensão da avaliação perioperatória acerca do risco para potencial complicação pulmonar permite à equipe médica escolher adequada técnica anestésica e cuidados clínicos e cirúrgicos que se adequem a cada paciente, o que reduz, portanto, desfechos respiratórios desfavoráveis.

  6. Fishes of the Vitória-Trindade Chain: Biodiversity, Biogeography and Evolution

    Pinheiro,Hudson Tercio


    Studies on the ecology and biogeography of seamounts and oceanic islands have advanced substantially in the last 60 years. However, few seamounts have been scientifically characterized, with basic aspects of their biodiversity still unknown and many hypotheses not empirically tested. Consequently, the role of seamounts in the evolution for marine species is still unclear. In the south Atlantic, the Vitória-Trindade Chain (VTC) extends ca. 1,200 km offshore the Brazilian coast. For a long time...

  7. Memória e história: Hannah Arendt em diálogo com Walter Benjamin

    Magalhães, Marionilde Brepohl de


    Full Text Available A autora tem como proposta refletir sobre o papel da memória e da História em nossa cultura contemporânea, através de uma aproximação ao pensamento de Hannah Arendt e Walter Benjamin

  8. Recidiva de urticária crônica decorrente de reinfecção por Helicobacter pylori

    Dayanne Mota V. Bruscky


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever, em uma adolescente do sexo feminino, o caso clínico de urticária crônica associado à infecção por Helicobacter pylori confirmado em dois momentos distintos, com melhora após a terapêutica antibacteriana. DESCRIÇÃO DO CASO: Paciente do sexo feminino, 13 anos, procurou atendimento médico com urticária crônica e dores epigástricas sem resposta ao tratamento medicamentoso. Os exames solicitados para investigação complementar apresentaram-se normais, exceto a endoscopia digestiva alta com biópsia, que evidenciou gastrite crônica ativa moderada associada ao Helicobacter pylori. Foi iniciado o tratamento adequado para a bactéria em questão e a paciente apresentou remissão dos sintomas. Nova endoscopia digestiva alta para controlar o tratamento após nove meses estava normal. Cinco anos depois, a paciente procurou novamente o ambulatório queixando-se de retorno do quadro de urticária e dores epigástricas. Ela se encontrava em uso de anti-histamínico, sem melhora. Foi novamente submetida a protocolo de exames para investigar urticária crônica, com resultados dentro da normalidade. Foi submetida à endoscopia digestiva alta, que apresentou teste da urease positivo. Iniciou-se então novo tratamento para Helicobacter pylori por sete dias, com desaparecimento da urticária crônica e das dores epigástricas. COMENTÁRIOS: O caso relatado sugere relação causal entre o diagnóstico positivo para o Helicobacter pylori e a ocorrência do quadro de urticária crônica, com instituição de terapêutica eficaz para tal bactéria e remissão dos sintomas. A urticária crônica é uma doença de etiopatogenia complexa e, apesar das controvérsias, as evidências do envolvimento do Helicobacter pylori com doenças extraintestinais vêm crescendo, entre elas a urticária crônica.

  9. Irradiation Effects on RIA Fragmentation Cu Beam Dump

    Reyes, Susana; Boles, Jason; Stein, Werner; Wirth, Brian


    Within the scope of conceptual R&D activities in support of the Rare-Isotope Accelerator (RIA) facility, high priority is given to the development of high-power fragmentation beam dumps. A pre-study was made of a static water-cooled Cu beam dump that can meet requirements for a 400 MeV/u uranium beam. The issue of beam sputtering was addressed and found to be not a significant issue. Preliminary radiation transport simulations show significant damage (dpa) in the vicinity of the Bragg peak of uranium ions. Experimental data show that defects in Cu following neutron or high-energy particle irradiation tend to saturate at doses between 1 and 5 dpa, and this saturation in defect density also results in saturation of mechanical property degradation. However, effects of swift heavy ion irradiation and the production of gaseous and solid transmutant elements still need to be addressed. Initial calculations indicate that He concentrations on the order of 100 appm are produced in the beam dump after several weeks...

  10. Reportagem, memória e história no jornalismo brasileiro

    Alexandre Bergamo


    Full Text Available O presente artigo procura demonstrar de que modo mudanças recentes no exercício da profissão de jornalista estão sendo capazes de redefinir a forma como esses profissionais olham para si mesmos no presente e, consequentemente, para seu passado, para sua própria "história". Para tanto, me apoio em minha própria e em outras etnografias do jornalismo - em particular do espaço da redação - na especificidade da "notícia" e, principalmente, da "reportagem" enquanto "documento" histórico, discussão necessária para a compreensão da vinculação que se estabelece entre a "memória jornalística" e a "memória nacional"; e nos efeitos que a imposição de um "estilo jornalístico", a exigência do diploma e a reorganização do mercado de trabalho tiveram - e têm - sobre a organização e a escrita, cada vez mais sistematizada, das trajetórias consideradas exemplares para a área.The present article explores how recent changes in journalism have redefined the way in which the area's professionals see themselves in the present and so how they see their past, their own 'history.' I draw from my own and other ethnographies of journalism, particularly those focused on the editorial office, in order to examine the specificity of 'news' and especially 'reporting' as a historical 'document,' a discussion essential to understanding the link between 'journalistic memory' and 'national memory.' The text also discusses the effects that the imposition of a 'journalistic style,' the need for formal qualifications and the reorganization of the work market have had - and continue to have - on the increasingly systemized organization and description of careers now considered emblematic in the profession.

  11. Incidentes críticos nas trajetórias profissionais de gestores escolares

    Jurema Silvia de Souza Alves


    Full Text Available School management is considered one of the greatest challenges in achieving quality standards of contemporary education. Knowing the path of its main protagonist, the manager, with time experienced and in different contexts from those where he/she acts, is essential to guide the continued career management as well as to re-advise the initial career of teachers, future managers. In order to contribute to this knowledge, we present the result of a biographical-narrative research that seeks to identify the critical incidents present in the professional life of school managers of a medium-sized municipality in the state of São Paulo region, Brazil. The answers to a questionnaire allowed the characterization of 25 managers, of 32 school units in the city, and the selection of nine for interview. The interviews, transcribed and organized into biograms, showed that these professionals, mostly women, unlike men surveyed, did not direct their careers to the management function. Most of the regular critical incidents on professional paths refer to the influence of supervisors that indicated their name or encouraged them to study for admission tests related to management; the birth of their children, which motivated them to progress on their career and/or promoting a break for future investment; their initial training, for many the Faculty of Education, considered by participants as insufficient for the exercise of management. It is considered that the career in management must be intensified as a continued career and revised/altered from its initial background, so that managing activities correspond to the objectives of a high quality education. A gestão escolar constitui um dos grandes desafios para a qualidade da educação na contemporaneidade. Conhecer a trajetória de seu protagonista, o gestor, vivenciada em tempo e contexto diversos daqueles em que ele atua, é fundamental para orientar a formação continuada, assim como para reorientar a forma

  12. Relationship between Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT)) Battery Test Scores and Composite Scores in the Initial en Route Air Traffic Control Qualification Training Course at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy

    Kelley, Ronald Scott


    Scope and Method of Study: This study focused on the development and use of the AT-SAT test battery and the Initial En Route Qualification training course for the selection, training, and evaluation of air traffic controller candidates. The Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was used to measure the linear relationship between the…

  13. Cord factor detection and macroscopic evaluation of mycobacterial colonies: an efficient combined screening test for the presumptive identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex on solid media Detecção do fator corda e avaliação do aspecto macroscópico das colônias de micobactérias: um eficiente teste de triagem combinado para a identificação presuntiva do complexo Mycobacterium tuberculosis em meios só

    Fernanda Cristina dos Santos Simeão


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The rapid differentiation between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteria is fundamental for patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV. To that end, we use two methods in our laboratory: detection of cord factor and PCR-restriction enzyme analysis (PRA. The objective of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of a screening test on solid medium as a rapid method for the presumptive identification of M. tuberculosis complex, considering costs and turnover time. METHODS: A total of 152 strains were submitted to a combined screening test, consisting of the detection of cord factor under microscopy (Ziehl-Neelsen staining and evaluation of the macroscopic aspect of colonies, as well as to PRA, which was used as the gold standard. Costs were estimated by calculating the price of all of the materials needed for each test. RESULTS: The overall accuracy of cord factor detection alone was 95.4% (95% CI: 90.7-98.1%, and that of the combined screening test was 99.3% (95% CI: 96.4-100%. Cord factor detection costs US$ 0.25, whereas the PRA costs US$ 7.00. Results from cord factor detection are ready in 2 days, whereas PRA requires 4 days to yield results. CONCLUSIONS: The presumptive identification of M. tuberculosis using the macroscopic evaluation of colonies combined with cord factor detection under microscopy is a simple, rapid and inexpensive test. We recommend the combined screening test to rapidly identify M. tuberculosis in resource-poor settings and in less well-equipped laboratories while awaiting a definite identification by molecular or biochemical methods.OBJETIVO: A diferenciação rápida entre Mycobacterium tuberculosis e micobactérias não-tuberculosas é fundamental para os pacientes coinfectados com tuberculose e HIV. Para tanto, utilizamos duas metodologias em nosso laboratório: detecção do fator corda e PCR-restriction enzyme analysis (PRA. O objetivo do estudo foi avaliar a acurácia desse teste

  14. Specifying the Role of Exposure to Violence and Violent Behavior on Initiation of Gun Carrying: A Longitudinal Test of Three Models of Youth Gun Carrying

    Spano, Richard; Pridemore, William Alex; Bolland, John


    Two waves of longitudinal data from 1,049 African American youth living in extreme poverty are used to examine the impact of exposure to violence (Time 1) and violent behavior (Time 1) on first time gun carrying (Time 2). Multivariate logistic regression results indicate that (a) violent behavior (Time 1) increased the likelihood of initiation of…

  15. Specifying the Role of Exposure to Violence and Violent Behavior on Initiation of Gun Carrying: A Longitudinal Test of Three Models of Youth Gun Carrying

    Spano, Richard; Pridemore, William Alex; Bolland, John


    Two waves of longitudinal data from 1,049 African American youth living in extreme poverty are used to examine the impact of exposure to violence (Time 1) and violent behavior (Time 1) on first time gun carrying (Time 2). Multivariate logistic regression results indicate that (a) violent behavior (Time 1) increased the likelihood of initiation of…

  16. Prevention Effects Moderate the Association of 5-HTTLPR and Youth Risk Behavior Initiation: Gene x Environment Hypotheses Tested via a Randomized Prevention Design

    Brody, Gene H.; Beach, Steven R. H.; Philibert, Robert A.; Chen, Yi-Fu; Murry, Velma McBride


    A randomized prevention design was used to investigate a moderation effect in the association between a polymorphism in the "SCL6A4"("5HTT") gene at 5-HTTLPR and increases in youths' risk behavior initiation. Participation in the Strong African American Families (SAAF) program was hypothesized to attenuate the link between 5-HTTLPR status and risk…

  17. Prevention Effects Moderate the Association of 5-HTTLPR and Youth Risk Behavior Initiation: Gene x Environment Hypotheses Tested via a Randomized Prevention Design

    Brody, Gene H.; Beach, Steven R. H.; Philibert, Robert A.; Chen, Yi-Fu; Murry, Velma McBride


    A randomized prevention design was used to investigate a moderation effect in the association between a polymorphism in the "SCL6A4"("5HTT") gene at 5-HTTLPR and increases in youths' risk behavior initiation. Participation in the Strong African American Families (SAAF) program was hypothesized to attenuate the link between 5-HTTLPR status and risk…

  18. Evaluation of the Coat-A-Count sup 125 I fentanyl RIA: Comparison of sup 12 5I RIA and GC/MS-SIM for quantification of fentanyl in case urine specimens

    Watts, V.W.; Caplan, Y.H. (Mesa Police Crime Laboratory, AZ (USA))


    The Coat-A-Count solid phase {sup 125}I Fentanyl Radioimmunoassay was evaluated with respect to linearity and precision using equine urine fortified with fentanyl and then compared with a gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric method for quantification of fentanyl in urine. The RIA assay was found to be linear over the urine fentanyl concentration range of 0.25 to 7.5 ng/mL and precise with coefficients of variation (CV) ranging from 9.6 to 19.3%. The RIA calibrators, ranging in fentanyl concentrations from 0.25 to 7.5 ng/mL, and controls, at mean fentanyl concentrations of 0.46 and 1.32 ng/mL, were compared by both the RIA and GC/MS methods. The cross-reactivity with the {sup 125}I RIA test was determined for the fentanyl metabolites, norfentanyl and hydroxyfentanyl, and found to be 5% and 35%, respectively. The illicit fentanyl analogs were found to show significant cross-reactivity, ranging from 20 to 100%. The {sup 125}I RIA was compared to GC/MS quantifications of fentanyl in 35 positive and 20 negative case urine specimens.

  19. Memória de trabalho e desempenho em tarefas de L2

    Ingrid Fontanini


    Full Text Available O presente artigo examina se a natureza da relação entre memória de trabalho e desempenho em tarefas de língua estrangeira (L2 é geral ou específica. Uma bateria de quatro testes de memória de trabalho em inglês e quatro tarefas de desempenho foi aplicada em doze estudantes universitários de nível elementar em inglês como L2. A análise mostrou uma correlação significativa entre a medida geral de memória de trabalho e as tarefas de leitura, sintaxe e produção oral. Quanto às tarefas de memória de trabalho específicas, a medida de amplitude de leitura correlacionou significativamente com a tarefa de sintaxe, e a medida de amplitude oral correlacionou tanto com as tarefas de produção oral, quanto com as de sintaxe. Os resultados do presente estudo sinalizam para uma natureza híbrida da relação entre memória de trabalho e desempenho em tarefas em L2.This paper examines whether the nature of the relationship between working memory and the performance in L2 tasks is domain-free or task-specific. A set of four working memory tests in English and four L2 performance tasks was applied to twelve undergraduate beginner students of English as a second language. Correlational analyses showed significant correlation between the operation-word span test and the reading, syntactic and speaking tasks. As for the specific span tests, the reading span test correlated significantly with the syntactic task, and the speaking span test correlated both with the speech production task and the syntactic task. The results of the present study point to a hybrid nature of the relationship between working memory capacity and L2 task performance.

  20. Assessment of utilization of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling as an intervention for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and associated factors among pregnant women in Gondar town, North West Ethiopia

    Malaju Marelign


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Detection of maternal HIV infection early in pregnancy is critical for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Most efforts have focused on VCT as the primary means of encouraging people to become aware of their HIV status. However, its uptake is low in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa including Ethiopia. Provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling provides a critical opportunity to diagnose HIV infection, to begin chronic care, and to prevent mother to child transmission. However, little is known about its acceptance and associated factors among pregnant women in the country and particularly in the present study area. Methods Health institution based cross-sectional quantitative study was conducted in Gondar town from July 22-August 18, 2010. A total of 400 pregnant women were involved in the study using stratified sampling technique and multiple logistic regression analysis was employed using SPSS version 16. Results A total of 400 pregnant women actively participated in this study and 330 (82.5% of them accepted provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling to be tested for HIV and 70(17.5% of them refused. Acceptance of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling was positively associated with greater number of antenatal care visits [Adj. OR (95%CI=2.64(1.17, 5.95], residing in the urban areas[Adj. OR (95%CI=2.85(1.10, 7.41], having comprehensive knowledge on HIV [Adj. OR (95%CI=4.30(1.72, 10.73], positive partners reaction for HIV positive result [Adj. OR (95%CI=8.19(3.57, 18.80] and having knowledge on prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV[Adj. OR (95%CI=3.27(1.34, 7.94], but negatively associated with increased maternal age and education level. Conclusion Utilization of provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling during antenatal care was relatively high among pregnant women in Gondar town. Couple counseling and HIV testing should be strengthened to promote provider-initiated HIV

  1. História da Escola Itinerante Caminhos do Saber

    Paulo Roberto Urbinatti Urquiza


    O presente estudo tem como objetivo sistematizar a história de constituição da Escola Itinerante Caminhos do Saber, situada no Acampamento Maila Sabrina, Brigada Che Guevara, em Ortigueira no Paraná a partir de fontes primárias. O estudo foi predominantemente qualitativo, tomando como fontes primárias a análise de documentos tais como produção bibliográfica do próprio Movimento, trabalhos de pesquisa e legislações pertinentes à temática. A originalidade da pesquisa é definida pela utilização ...

  2. As normas de competência tributária

    Follador, Guilherme Broto


    Resumo: O objetivo principal deste trabalho é analisar, criticamente, o conceito de competência tributária e as propostas doutrinárias de formalização das normas de competência tributária, expondo, a partir das lições colhidas sobre o tema, na Teoria Geral do Direito, os principais problemas encontrados nas tentativas de reconstruílas como típicas normas prescritivas. No primeiro capítulo, o estudo é dedicado ao exame das noções de "norma" e de "norma jurídica", e tem por principal finalidade...

  3. Trajetória dos estudos de velhice no Brasil

    Barros,Myriam Moraes Lins de


    Este artigo pretende traçar a trajetória das pesquisas antropológicas sobre velhice realizadas no Brasil desde a década de 1970, e apresentar as discussões atuais e seus desdobramentos em projetos de investigação. Dentro do campo de estudos sobre velhice foram escolhidas algumas temáticas: identidade social, memória, trajetória de vida, sociabilidade, espaço urbano, trabalho e aposentadoria, gênero, família e corpo. O recorte histórico procurou apontar as questões teóricas que foram sendo inc...

  4. Estimating initial contaminant mass based on fitting mass-depletion functions to contaminant mass discharge data: Testing method efficacy with SVE operations data

    Mainhagu, J.; Brusseau, M. L.


    The mass of contaminant present at a site, particularly in the source zones, is one of the key parameters for assessing the risk posed by contaminated sites, and for setting and evaluating remediation goals and objectives. This quantity is rarely known and is challenging to estimate accurately. This work investigated the efficacy of fitting mass-depletion functions to temporal contaminant mass discharge (CMD) data as a means of estimating initial mass. Two common mass-depletion functions, exponential and power functions, were applied to historic soil vapor extraction (SVE) CMD data collected from 11 contaminated sites for which the SVE operations are considered to be at or close to essentially complete mass removal. The functions were applied to the entire available data set for each site, as well as to the early-time data (the initial 1/3 of the data available). Additionally, a complete differential-time analysis was conducted. The latter two analyses were conducted to investigate the impact of limited data on method performance, given that the primary mode of application would be to use the method during the early stages of a remediation effort. The estimated initial masses were compared to the total masses removed for the SVE operations. The mass estimates obtained from application to the full data sets were reasonably similar to the measured masses removed for both functions (13 and 15% mean error). The use of the early-time data resulted in a minimally higher variation for the exponential function (17%) but a much higher error (51%) for the power function. These results suggest that the method can produce reasonable estimates of initial mass useful for planning and assessing remediation efforts.

  5. Tratamento cirúrgico da artéria coronária direita intra-atrial

    José Carlos R. IGLÉZIAS


    Full Text Available A localização intracavitária da artéria coronária é rara. Segundo Ochsner & Mills (1, ela ocorreu com a artéria coronária direita em 0,9% e com o ramo interventricular em 0,2%. A localização da lesão e as condições patológicas relacionadas ao comprimento e diâmetro da coronária podem auxiliar na exposição da coronária intracavitária para uma revascularização apropriada. Freqüentemente os cirurgiões não estão habituados com a posição intracavitária e, durante a dissecção, podem abrir uma câmara cardíaca onde o vaso penetra. Os problemas que podem advir dai são a entrada de ar para a cavidade, a dificuldade na exposição do vaso, o sangramento e a obstrução da artéria durante o fechamento da miotomia. São relatados os casos de 3 pacientes que necessitaram de revascularização cirúrgica do miocárdio e que apresentavam a artéria coronária direita intracavitária. A localização e o comprimento da porção intracavitária da artéria auxiliam no manejo intra-operatório. A técnica utilizada para o fechamento da cavidade variou entre a anastomose na posição intracavitária com o fechamento da miotomia ao redor do enxerto (Figura 1, a liberação da artéria coronária para uma posição superficial (Figura 2, seguida da anastomose e fechamento da cavidade com sutura simples, feita subepicárdica.An intracavitary location of a coronary artery is rare in our surgical experience with revascularization. This variant has occured in the right coronary artery (0.01% and in left anterior descending coronary artery (0.2%. The location of the lesion and the pathological condition, length and size of the coronary may dictate exposure of an intracavitary coronary artery for proper revascularization; more commonly surgeons are anaware of the intracavitary position and during intramyocardial dissection of an artery will open a cardiac chamber where the vessel traverses the cavity. Problems that arise are introducion

  6. Variação no Índice de Massa Corporal em Usuárias de Terapia de Reposição Hormonal Variations in the Body Mass Index in Users of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    José Alaércio de Toledo Lima-Junior


    Full Text Available Objetivo: avaliar os efeitos da terapia de reposição hormonal sobre o índice de massa corporal de mulheres na pós-menopausa. Casuística e Métodos: foram avaliadas retrospectivamente, por um período de três anos, 166 usuárias e 136 não-usuárias de reposição hormonal, acompanhadas no Ambulatório de Menopausa do Centro de Atenção Integral à Saúde da Mulher da Universidade Estadual de Campinas, avaliando-se a variação desse parâmetro ao final de cada ano em relação ao inicial. A análise dos dados foi realizada usando-se o testechi², o teste t de Student e o teste de Mann-Whitney para amostras independentes. Resultados: não foram observadas variações significativas no índice de massa corporal, quando se compararam as usuárias e não-usuárias durante os três anos de observação. Conclusão: a terapia de reposição hormonal não produziu alterações no índice de massa corporal em mulheres adequadamente acompanhadas durante o seu uso.Purpose: to evaluate the effects of hormone replacement therapy on the body mass index of postmenopausal women. Methods: for this purpose, 166 users and 136 non-users of hormone replacement were evaluated retrospectively during a period of three years. All women were assisted at the Menopause Outpatient Clinic of CAISM - UNICAMP, where the variations in this parameter were evaluated at the end of each year in relation to the initial parameters. The data analysis was performed through chi² test, Student's t test, and Mann-Whitney test. Results: we observed no significant variations in the body mass index, when comparing users and non-users during the three years of observation. Conclusion: hormone replacement therapy did not produce changes in this parameter in women properly assisted during its use.

  7. Entre a modernidade e a tradição: a iniciação sexual de adolescentes piauienses universitárias Entre la modernidad y la tradición: la inicialización sexual de los adolescentes de las universidades de Piauí Between modernity and tradition: sexual initiation of university teens originally from Piauí

    Maria Rosilene Cândido Moreira


    noviembre de 2009. Se han revelado cosas en común entre el comportamiento sexual y cultural permitiendo visualizar el poder ejercido por los sistemas de representación social. Es importante poner en punto sobre la necesidad de mirar meticulosamente sobre el asunto, pues son emergentes en los varios escenarios del existir humano.Sexuality as a phenomenon that provides unique moments for people discover each other, it means oneself and another, allowing the realization of permeated practices by acquired symbolizations in adolescence. Being influenced by genetic, social and cultural rights factors, adolescent sexual behavior is often permeated by conflict situations. This study aimed to disclose sexual behaviors of Nursing University female students from Federal University of Piauí, as well as their mechanisms of influence and understanding the aspect that surrounds sexual initiation, considering the obstacles caused by the traditional training and modernizing aspirations. We adopted an ethnography method, by applying profound interviews with twelve students in the months of October and November, 2009. Interviews stood out intersection between sexual behavior and culture, allowing you to see the power exercised by the systems of social representation. It is important to emphasize the need for more importance and attention to the subject for being emergent in several scenes of human existence.

  8. Biblioteca universitária proativa

    Maria de Fátima Pereira Raposo


    Full Text Available O trabalho visa apresentar alguns procedimentos que podem caracterizar uma postura proativa em bibliotecas universitárias. Para tanto, apresenta aspectos do conceito de proatividade em um contexto onde o uso e a aplicação das tecnologias de informação (TI constituem-se ferramentas essenciais para promover a inclusão social/digital no Brasil. O trabalho é abordado no contexto das bibliotecas do Centro Universitário da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro – UNIVER CIDADE. A adoção de procedimentos pró-ativos no Sistema de Bibliotecas da UNIVER CIDADE possibilitou um maior alcance dos problemas de informação de seus usuários, oferecendo, assim, subsídios para uma gestão eficiente da informação. Conseqüentemente, a confiança nos serviços da biblioteca e a participação nos programas instituídos cresceram proporcionalmente às ações pró-ativas adotadas pelo Sistema de Bibliotecas.

  9. Outras verdades, muito extraordinárias

    Waldecy Tenório


    Full Text Available QUEM É A personagem enigmática a quem se dirige Riobaldo? Partindo de conceitos desenvolvidos pelo teólogo G. Crespy, por lingüistas como Julia Kristeva, A. J. Greimas e Roman Jakobson, assim como pelo crítico Wolfgang Iser, o autor deste ensaio percorre as páginas de Grande sertão: veredas para descobrir "outras verdades, muito extraordinárias": "Nonada" é uma invocação ou uma prece e a personagem enigmática do romance é Deus, a quem Riobaldo narra toda a sua vida, transformando a narrativa numa confissão geral. "Senhor o que acha?".WHO IS THE enigmatic character to whom Riobaldo speaks? Starting from the concepts developed by the theologian G. Crespy, by linguists such as Julia Kristeva, A. J. Greimas and Roman Jakobson, as well as by the critic Wolfgang Iser, the author goes through the pages of Grande sertão: veredas to discover "other, very extraordinary, truths": "Nonada" is an entreaty or prayer and the novel's enigmatic character is God, to whom Riobaldo narrates all his life, transforming the narrative in a general confession. "Sir, what do you think?"* * In Portuguese, the polite form that shows respect "Senhor" is used to address both: a man who is older, richer or more powerful and God. So, the same sentence could be translated in English to: "Lord, what do thou think?".

  10. Meningeoma da goteira olfatória

    Tella Jr Osvaldo Inácio de


    Full Text Available Meningeomas da goteira olfatória representam 8-18% dos meningeomas intracranianos e geralmente são diagnosticados quando alcançam grande tamanho. Relatamos uma série de 13 casos consecutivos de meningeomas de goteira olfativa operados nos Hospitais São Paulo (UNIFESP e Professor Edmundo Vasconcelos no período de 1995 a 2003, estudados retrospectivamente quanto ao quadro clínico, resultados cirúrgicos e complicações. Os pacientes foram submetidos a ressecção cirúrgica destes tumores pela via subfrontal, em 9 casos a ressecção foi completa incluindo dura-máter e osso infiltrado por tumor e em 4 a dura-máter foi somente coagulada. Um paciente morreu devido a infarto cerebral e três pacientes evoluíram com fístulas liquóricas. Não houve recorrência sintomática no período que variou de 11 meses a 8 anos. Com as técnicas microcirúrgicas atuais, estes tumores podem ser removidos com baixa morbidade.

  11. Massimo Bontempelli: trajetória intelectual

    Arivane Augusta Chiarelotto


    Full Text Available O italiano Massimo Bontempelli [1878-1960] é um escritor que, ao longo da carreira, conquistou uma fama controversa. Classificado de intelectual a serviço do fascismo, sua abordagem no campo literário é de natureza contestadora em relação a tradição Oitocentista. Além disso, sua trajetória resulta polêmica porque demarca a associação às vanguardas italianas insurgentes nas primeiras décadas do século XX. Tomadas as vanguardas pela sua gênese conceitual, Bontempelli esteve ligado a dois movimentos de grande impacto no contexto italiano: o futurismo e o fascismo. Neste trabalho abordaremos a sua inserção política, analisando aspectos de sua participação no cenário italiano que envolve a adesão e, posteriormente, o rompimento com o partido fascista.

  12. Qualidade de vida de idosos atendidos em programa de assistência domiciliária


    OBJETIVO: Avaliar a qualidade de vida de idosos em assistência domiciliária. MÉTODO: estudo transversal analítico. Foram avaliados idosos de um programa de assistência domiciliária quanto aos dados sociodemográficos, clínicos, funcionais e de qualidade devida pelo instrumento WHOQOL-Bref. Foram excluídos idosos com déficit cognitivo e/ou déficit auditivo grave. Utilizou-se o teste de Mann Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis e correlação de Spearman para verificar a associação do WHOQOL-Bref com as variáv...

  13. Simulation testing the robustness of stock assessment models to error: some results from the ICES strategic initiative on stock assessment methods

    Deroba, J. J.; Butterworth, D. S.; Methot, R. D.


    The World Conference on Stock Assessment Methods (July 2013) included a workshop on testing assessment methods through simulations. The exercise was made up of two steps applied to datasets from 14 representative fish stocks from around the world. Step 1 involved applying stock assessments......-testing and cross-testing of models are a useful diagnostic approach, and suggested that estimates in the most recent years of time-series were the least robust. Results from the simulation exercise provide a basis for guidance on future large-scale simulation experiments and demonstrate the need for strategic...... investments in the evaluation and development of stock assessment methods...

  14. Impact of patient adherence on the cost-effectiveness of noninvasive tests for the initial diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in the United States

    Boklage SH


    Full Text Available Susan H Boklage,1 Allen W Mangel,2 Varun Ramamohan,2 Deirdre Mladsi,2 Tao Wang1 1Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc, Princeton, NJ, 2RTI Health Solutions, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA Objective: Previous US-based economic models of noninvasive tests for diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection did not consider patient adherence or downstream costs of continuing infection. This analysis evaluated the long-term cost-effectiveness of the urea breath test (UBT, fecal antigen test (FAT, and serology for diagnosis of H. pylori infection after incorporating information regarding test adherence.Materials and methods: A decision-analytic model incorporating adherence information evaluated the cost-effectiveness of the UBT, FAT, and serology for diagnosis of H. pylori infection. Positive test results led to first-line triple therapy; no further action was taken for nonadherence or negative results. Excess lifetime costs and reduced quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs were estimated for patients with continuing H. pylori infection.Results: In the base-case scenario with estimated adherence rates of 86%, 48%, and 86% for the UBT, monoclonal FAT, and serology, respectively, corresponding expected total costs were US$424.99, $466.41, and $404.98/patient. Test costs were higher for the UBT, but were fully or partially offset by higher excess lifetime costs for the monoclonal FAT and serology. The QALYs gained/patient with the UBT vs monoclonal FAT and serology were 0.86 and 0.27, respectively. The UBT was dominant vs the monoclonal FAT, leading to lower costs and higher QALYs; the UBT was cost-effective vs serology (incremental cost/QALY gained $74.Conclusion: Based on a comprehensive modeled analysis that included consideration of patient test adherence and long-term consequences resulting from continuing H. pylori infection, the UBT provided the greatest economic value among noninvasive tests for diagnosis of H. pylori infection, because of high patient

  15. Introduction of laser initiation for the 48-inch Advanced Solid Rocket Motor (ASRM) test motors at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

    Zimmerman, Chris J.; Litzinger, Gerald E.


    The Advanced Solid Rocket Motor is a new design for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster. The new design will provide more thrust and more payload capability, as well as incorporating many design improvements in all facets of the design and manufacturing process. A 48-inch (diameter) test motor program is part of the ASRM development program. This program has multiple purposes for testing of propellent, insulation, nozzle characteristics, etc. An overview of the evolution of the 48-inch ASRM test motor ignition system which culminated with the implementation of a laser ignition system is presented. The laser system requirements, development, and operation configuration are reviewed in detail.

  16. Fábulas fabulosas: denúncia, história e memória

    Maria Angélica de Oliveira


    Full Text Available mo “Pelas mãos” do sujeito-autor Millôr Fernandes, as fábulas clássicas transitam por outros gêneros, são parodiadas, carnavalizadas, postas às avessas, transfigurando-se em fábulas fabulosas, um “outro gênero” em que a ironia, a sátira e a paródia fazem sítio. Estas estratégias irreverentes do dizer abrigam, nesses enunciados, um universo de vozes sociais que só se deixam entrever no diálogo com as condições de produção, com o contexto sócio-histó- rico-ideológico. Com o auxílio dos pressupostos teóricos da Análise de Discurso de linha francesa, procuramos identificar nessas fábulas fabulosas cicatrizes denunciadoras de sua identidade de pequenos repositórios de sabedoria que transitam entre a moral e a denúncia, entre as técnicas de si e as estratégias de resistência. Nossa pesquisa visa, ainda, evidenciar, nessas irreverentes e satíricas historietas, jogos de verdade, que materializados a cada novo acontecimento, na atualização da memória discursiva, domínios do intradiscurso, transformam-nas em argutas denúncias da história brasileira, conduzindo-as, pois, do gênero fá- bula fabulosa ao gênero monumento histórico. Palavras-chave: memória, técnicas de si, estratégias de resistência

  17. Memórias de Sefarad: o marrano como performance identitária na contemporaneidade

    Vívien Gonzaga e Silva


    Full Text Available A partir da leitura de poemas que compõem o livro Memórias de Sefarad, de Leonor Scliar-Cabral, no qual se evidenciam vários traços da tradição sefardita, pretende-se abordar o fenômeno do “marranismo”. No século 15, ao mesmo tempo em que se instituía a designação de “cristão-novo” para o judeu convertido por ordem dos reis de Espanha, o rótulo “marrano” ‒ implicando aquele que simulava a conversão ao catolicismo enquanto mantinha a prática clandestina da fé judaica ‒ parece infiltrar-se no imaginário lentamente construído em torno do judeu de origem ibérica. Assim, o que poderia ficar circunscrito a um episódio da história do povo judeu, parece migrar no tempo e no espaço, acompanhando-o na diáspora, da sombra dos tribunais da Inquisição até os nossos dias. Acredita-se que a literatura pode constituir um espaço de problematização do marranismo como performance identitária, à medida que, no espaço da linguagem, como se verá na poesia de Scliar-Cabral, permite estabelecer um diálogo entre presente e passado como estratégia de resistência.

  18. Effect of point-of-care CD4 cell count tests on retention of patients and rates of antiretroviral therapy initiation in primary health clinics: an observational cohort study.

    Jani, Ilesh V; Sitoe, Nádia E; Alfai, Eunice R; Chongo, Patrina L; Quevedo, Jorge I; Rocha, Beatriz M; Lehe, Jonathan D; Peter, Trevor F


    Loss to follow-up of HIV-positive patients before initiation of antiretroviral therapy can exceed 50% in low-income settings and is a challenge to the scale-up of treatment. We implemented point-of-care counting of CD4 cells in Mozambique and assessed the effect on loss to follow-up before immunological staging and treatment initiation. In this observational cohort study, data for enrolment into HIV management and initiation of antiretroviral therapy were extracted retrospectively from patients' records at four primary health clinics providing HIV treatment and point-of-care CD4 services. Loss to follow-up and the duration of each preparatory step before treatment initiation were measured and compared with baseline data from before the introduction of point-of-care CD4 testing. After the introduction of point-of-care CD4 the proportion of patients lost to follow-up before completion of CD4 staging dropped from 57% (278 of 492) to 21% (92 of 437) (adjusted odds ratio [OR] 0·2, 95% CI 0·15-0·27). Total loss to follow-up before initiation of antiretroviral treatment fell from 64% (314 of 492) to 33% (142 of 437) (OR 0·27, 95% CI 0·21-0·36) and the proportion of enrolled patients initiating antiretroviral therapy increased from 12% (57 of 492) to 22% (94 of 437) (OR 2·05, 95% CI 1·42-2·96). The median time from enrolment to antiretroviral therapy initiation reduced from 48 days to 20 days (pCD4 staging, which decreased from 32 days to 3 days (pantiretroviral therapy initiation did not change significantly (OR 0·84, 95% CI 0·49-1·45). Point-of-care CD4 testing enabled clinics to stage patients rapidly on-site after enrolment, which reduced opportunities for pretreatment loss to follow-up. As a result, more patients were identified as eligible for and initiated antiretroviral treatment. Point-of-care testing might therefore be an effective intervention to reduce pretreatment loss to follow-up. Absolute Return for Kids and UNITAID. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier

  19. Terapia Comunitária e Resiliência: histórias de mulheres

    Braga,Lucineide Alves Vieira


    Muitas de nós, mulheres, resistimos firmes, apesar de muitos sofrimentos ao longo da vida. É essa superação que denominamos de resiliência, ou seja, a capacidade humana de enfrentar situações difíceis e sair delas, fortalecendo-se e transformando a realidade em que se vive. Através deste estudo, objetivamos conhecer as experiências resilientes das mulheres que frequentam as rodas de Terapia Comunitária Integrativa Sistêmica (TC), identificar as fontes de forças que elas utiliza...

  20. In vitro susceptibility testing of dermatophytes isolated from pediatric cases in Nigeria against five antifungals Teste de susceptibilidade in vitro de dermatófitos isolados de casos pediátricos na Nigéria contra cinco antifúngicos

    E.I. Nweze


    Full Text Available The antifungal activities of itraconazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole, terbinafine and griseofulvin were tested by broth microdilution methods against 71 isolates of dermatophytes isolated from Nigerian children. Most drugs were very active against all the dermatophytes and the MIC 90 ranged from 0.03 to 8.0 µg/mL. This appears to be the first documented data on the antifungal susceptibility testing of isolates of dermatophytes from Nigerian children.Atividades antifúngicas de itraconazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole, terbinafine e griseofulvina foram testadas por métodos de microdiluição em caldo contra 71 isolados de dermatófitos de crianças nigerianas. A maioria das drogas foi muito ativa contra todos os dermatófitos e o MIC 90 variou de 0,03 a 8,0 µg/mL. Estes parecem ser os primeiros dados documentados sobre os testes de susceptibilidade antifúngica de isolados de dermatófitos de crianças nigerianas.

  1. Histórias (co movedoras: História oral e estudos de migração

    Thomson Alistair


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende rever a contribuição dada pela história oral aos estudos sobre migração nos últimos vinte e cinco anos, especialmente entre a Grã-Bretanha e a Austrália. O título "histórias (co movedoras" é um útil jogo de palavras sobre a história oral da migração porque está centrado na experiência pessoal de mudança entre lugares, assim como indica a natureza comovedora dos relatos para o narrador e sua audiência.

  2. As estações viárias lusitanas nas fontes itinerárias da Antiguidade

    Vasco Gil Mantas


    Full Text Available As fontes itinerárias essenciais do estudo das vias romanas da Lusitânia, Itinerário de Antonino, Cosmografia do Anónimo de Ravena e Itinerário de Barro de Astorga indicam um total de 56 estações viárias, 27 das quais ainda não identificadas com segurança. O presente artigo aborda os diferentes problemas que ainda subsistem e as suas causas e procura actualizar o quadro da geografia viária lusitana. 

  3. Vozes da memória : o contador de histórias em narrativas orais urbanas

    Alessandra Bittencourt Flach


    Contar histórias é uma prática que atravessa os tempos e faz parte da natureza humana. Portanto, a área de Letras deve fazer desse tema objeto de estudo, com enfoque especial nas narrativas orais. Esta tese se propõe a discutir o papel do contador de histórias na pós-modernidade. Para tanto, serão analisados registros audiovisuais de um morador do bairro Restinga, em Porto Alegre (RS), com o intuito de demonstrar que ainda há espaço para ouvir e contar histórias, desde que isso seja pensado a...

  4. Literatura, história e memória : uma leitura da poesia de Mario Benedetti

    Corrêa, Maria de Nazaré Fonseca


    Este trabalho tem como objetivo estudar o entrelaçamento de literatura, história e memória na poesia de Mario Benedetti, cujos temas abordam os fatos sociais e políticos acontecidos no Uruguai durante o período de ditadura (1973-1985). A realidade dos abusos e excessos cometidos nesses anos se manifesta nos poemas como uma forma de resistência e enfrentamento da dor. Na poesia de Benedetti, a memória assume o papel fundamental d...

  5. Design of a Channel Error Simulator using Virtual Instrument Techniques for the Initial Testing of TCP/IP and SCPS Protocols

    Horan, Stephen; Wang, Ru-Hai


    There exists a need for designers and developers to have a method to conveniently test a variety of communications parameters for an overall system design. This is no different when testing network protocols as when testing modulation formats. In this report, we discuss a means of providing a networking test device specifically designed to be used for space communications. This test device is a PC-based Virtual Instrument (VI) programmed using the LabVIEW(TM) version 5 software suite developed by National Instruments(TM)TM. This instrument was designed to be portable and usable by others without special, additional equipment. The programming was designed to replicate a VME-based hardware module developed earlier at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and to provide expanded capabilities exceeding the baseline configuration existing in that module. This report describes the design goals for the VI module in the next section and follows that with a description of the design of the VI instrument. This is followed with a description of the validation tests run on the VI. An application of the error-generating VI to networking protocols is then given.

  6. Replacement of HIV p24 Ag test by a multiplex RT-PCR method for primary screening of blood donors Substituição do teste de p24 Ag (HIV por um RT-PCR multiplex na triagem primária de doadores de sangue

    José Eduardo Levi


    Full Text Available Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT as a tool for primary screening of blood donors became a reality in the end of the 1990 decade. We report here the development of an "in-house" RT-PCR method that allows the simultaneous (multiplex detection of HCV and HIV-RNA in addition to an artificial RNA employed as an external control. This method detects all HIV group M subtypes, plus group N and O, with a detection threshold of 500 IU/mL. After validation, the method replaced p24 Ag testing, in use for blood donation screening since 1996 at our services. From July 2001 to February 2006, 102,469 donations were tested and 41 (0.04% were found HIV-RNA reactive. One NAT-only reactive donation (antibody non-reactive was observed, with subsequent seroconversion of the implied donor, giving a yield of 1:102,469. This rate is in contrast to the international experience that reports a detection of approximately 1:600,000 - 1:3,100,000 of isolated HIV-RNA donations.O uso de testes de ácidos nucleicos (NAT na rotina de triagem de doadores de sangue tornou-se uma realidade ao final da década de 1990. Descreve-se aqui uma metodologia de RT-PCR multiplex "in-house" que permite a detecção simultânea dos RNAs dos vírus HIV e HCV além de uma molécula artificial de RNA usada como controle externo. O método detecta todos os subtipos de HIV do grupo M e também do grupo N e O, com uma sensibilidade de 500 UI/mL. Após validação, este teste substituiu o do antígeno p24, até então na rotina de triagem em nosso laboratório, desde 1996. De julho de 2001 a fevereiro de 2006 foram testadas 102.469 doações e 41 (0.04% foram NAT reativas. Uma doação NAT isoladamente reativa (anticorpo não-reativa foi detectada com soroconversão subseqüente do doador, portanto, o rendimento do NAT nesta população até o presente momento é de 1:102.469. Este número contrasta com a experiência obtida internacionalmente, onde taxas de 1:600.000 - 1:3.100.000 foram descritas.

  7. Advanced Beam-Dynamics Simulation Tools for RIA

    Garnett, Robert; Crandall, Kenneth; Ostroumov, Peter; Qiang, Ji; Ryne, Robert D; Wangler, Thomas; York, Richard; Zhao, Qiang


    Understanding beam losses is important for the high-intensity RIA driver linac. Small fractional beam losses can produce radioactivation of the beamline components that can prevent or hinder hands-on maintenance, reducing facility availability. Operational and alignment errors in the RIA driver linac can lead to beam losses caused by irreversible beam-emittance growth and halo formation. We are developing multiparticle beam-dynamics simulation codes for RIA driver-linac simulations extending from the low-energy beam transport (LEBT) line to the end of the linac. These codes run on the NERSC parallel supercomputing platforms at LBNL, which allow us to run simulations with large numbers of macroparticles for the beam-loss calculations. The codes have the physics capabilities needed for RIA, including transport and acceleration of multiple-charge-state beams, and beam-line elements such as high-voltage platforms within the linac, interdigital accelerating structures, charge-stripper foils, and capabilities for h...

  8. Reabsorção dentária

    Koval, Anna


    Projeto de Pós-Graduação/Dissertação apresentado à Universidade Fernando Pessoa como parte dos requisitos para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Medicina Dentária Este trabalho científico no âmbito de conclusão do curso de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Dentária na Universidade Fernando Pessoa teve como principal objetivo, a realização de uma revisão bibliográfica acerca de reabsorções dentárias. Os objetivos particulares foram: classificar na sua generalidade as reabsorções dentárias, analisa...

  9. Epistemologia pluralizada e história da psicologia

    José Antônio Damásio Abib


    Full Text Available Tomam-se, aqui, obras de Wilhelm Wundt e William James para mostrar que a psicologia nasce como projeto científico no final do século XIX. Esse projeto diferencia psicologia como ciência de psicologia como metafísica. Dessa perspectiva, a história da psicologia é concebida como história da psicologia científica e a pré-história da psicologia é concebida como história da psicologia metafísica. Mas as concepções de ciência de Wundt e James são diferentes. Da perspectiva da epistemologia unitária, a psicologia não se constitui como ciência. Nesse caso, a história da psicologia é concebida como pré-história dessa disciplina e sua história como ciência só começará se ela adquirir unidade. Da perspectiva da epistemologia pluralizada, a história da psicologia é história da cultura, o que significa dizer que é história das tradições de pensamento psicológico e filosófico e, também, história das ideias. Conclui-se que, da perspectiva da epistemologia pluralizada, epistemologia e história da psicologia adquirem uma perspectiva antropológica, o que equivale a dizer que a pré-história da psicologia não existe, e que a história dessa disciplina pode começar em qualquer época e lugar. E, finalmente, que o esclarecimento da psicologia como ciência depende da história da ciência e da cultura psicológica.Wilhelm Wundt and William James opus are used here to argue that psychology emerges as scientific project in the end of nineteenth-century. Psychology as science and as metaphysics is distinguished by this project. From this point of view, history of psychology is to be conceived as history of scientific psychology and prehistory of psychology is to be conceived as history of metaphysical psychology. But Wundt and James conceptions of sciences are different. From the unitary epistemological view, psychology is not constituted as science. In this case, history of psychology is to be conceived as prehistory of

  10. Initial Study

    Torp, Kristian


    Congestion is a major problem in most cities and the problem is growing (Quiroga, 2000) (Faghri & Hamad, 2002). When the congestion level is increased the drivers notice this as delays in the traffic (Taylor, Woolley, & Zito, 2000), i.e., the travel time for the individual driver is simply...... increased. In the initial study presented here, the time it takes to pass an intersection is studied in details. Two major signal-controlled four-way intersections in the center of the city Aalborg are studied in details to estimate the congestion levels in these intersections, based on the time it takes...

  11. Integrating e-Payment Services with RIA Applications

    Mihai Pricope


    Full Text Available Given the expansion of RIA technologies, it is highly important to deliver a set of best practices for developers in order to integrate e-business applications with e-payment systems. In this article we present a solution for the integration of PayPal Express with a RIA application developed on Flex. We focus both on security and functionality issues.

  12. Photogrammetric, Geometrical, and Numerical Strategies to Evaluate Initial and Current Conditions in Historical Constructions: A Test Case in the Church of San Lorenzo (Zamora, Spain

    Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio


    Full Text Available Identifying and quantifying the potential causes of damages to a construction and evaluating its current stability have become an imperative task in today’s world. However, the existence of variables, unknown conditions and a complex geometry hinder such work, by hampering the numerical results that simulate its behavior. Of the mentioned variables, the following can be highlighted: (i the lack of historical information; (ii the mechanical properties of the material; (iii the initial geometry and (iv the interaction with other structures. Within the field of remote sensors, the laser scanner and photogrammetric systems have become especially valuable for construction analysis. Such sensors are capable of providing highly accurate and dense geometrical data with which to assess a building’s condition. It is also remarkable, that the latter provide valuable radiometric data with which to identify the properties of the materials, and also evaluate and monitor crack patterns. Motivated by this, the present article investigates the potential offered by the combined use of photogrammetric techniques (DIC and SfM, as well as geometrical (NURBs and Hausdorff distance and numerical strategies (FEM to assess the origin of the damage (through an estimation of the initial conditions and give an evaluation of the current stability (considering the deformation and the damage.

  13. Transpondo muros, construindo relações: uma reflexão sobre bibliotecas universitárias e extensão no Brasil

    Rubens da Silva Ferreira


    Full Text Available Discute sobre algumas ações de extensão das bibliotecas universitárias direcionadas à comunidade externa aos campi. Objetiva refletir sobre a extensão realizada por bibliotecas universitárias no Brasil. Utiliza a pesquisa bibliográfica para a coleta de evidências. Mostra que as bibliotecas universitárias brasileiras têm assumido o papel de agentes em iniciativas de extensão, embora essa ainda seja uma realidade incipiente. Verifica que tais experiências têm privilegiado as ações voltadas para fortalecer o hábito de leitura. Coloca o letramento informacional como outra possibilidade de intervenção bibliotecária. Como conclusão, enfatiza que as bibliotecas universitárias podem mudar o modo como se relacionam com a sociedade por meio da extensão. Palavras-chave Biblioteca universitária; Extensão bibliotecária; Extensão universitária; Brasil Abstract It discusses some actions of extension of the university libraries directed to the community outside their own campi. It aims to reflect on the extension of university libraries in Brazil. It reveals that the Brazilian’s university libraries have assumed the role of agents through these initiatives, though they are still incipient. It shows that such experiences focus on actions dedicated to strength the habit of reading. It puts the information literacy as another possibility for librarian intervention. As conclusion, it is highlighted that the university libraries can change the way how they relate with the society through the extension. Keywords Library extension; University library; University extension; Brazil

  14. Uma teoria do abuso da História

    Antoon De Baets


    Full Text Available Este ensaio pretende esboçar uma teoria coerente sobre o abuso e o uso irresponsável da história. Ainda não existe de forma acabada uma teoria como essa, com a qual historiadores possam identificar, provar, explicar e avaliar abusos da história. O texto começa com uma discussão sobre a delimitação do problema, ou seja, como distinguir uma história irresponsável e abusiva, de um lado, de uma história perigosa, não científica, incompetente, nociva e desprovida de sentido, de outro. Em seguida, define-se o abuso da história como a sua utilização com o intuito de ludibriar, e o conceito mais amplo de uso irresponsável da história como o seu uso negligente ou enganador. Finalmente, vários desdobramentos da teoria serão desenvolvidos, desde uma tipologia dos abusos e dos usos irresponsáveis, questões relativas a sua evidência, explicação e avaliação, até medidas para sua prevenção.

  15. Assessing handedness in pre-schoolers: Construction and initial validation of a hand preference test for 4-6-year-olds



    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to develop and validate a test for measuring the handedness of pre-school children. The newly developed test consists of 14 activities for checking various aspects of hand preference and was administered to a Viennese sample of 120 children of the ages 4 to 6.5 (18 left-handed, 17 ambidextrous and 85 right-handed. For the purpose of validation, the handedness of the children was assessed via a questionnaire given to parents, observation of the hand used to draw and testing of visual-motor skills as well as general level of development using the Viennese Development Test (WET, Kastner-Koller & Deimann, 2002. The hand preference test proved to be reliable (α=0.97. The inter-correlations of the handedness measures gathered (parent’s estimate as well as observation of drawing hand with the hand preference test substantiates the concurrent validity of the procedure. Right-handers exhibited the most pronounced hand preference; while the hand use of left-handers was significantly less lateralized. Irrespective of the direction of handedness, children with a consistent hand preference had higher total development scores than children with inconsistent use, i.e. frequent changes in hand used for a specific activity. Compared to ambidextrous and right-handed children, left-handers achieved significantly lower scores in the field of visual-motor skills. The results highlight the necessity of a reliable method for differentiated measurement of handedness as early as pre-school.


    Eliane Moura da Silva


    Full Text Available Esse artigo trata as relações entre religião, cultura e papéis de gênero entre 1870 e 1920 tendo como objeto de estudo as missionárias protestantes americanas durante colonialismo e imperialismo. Trabalhando com a perspectiva das relações entre gênero, cultura e religião têm como objetivo apresentar algumas reflexões teóricas sobre a história cultural das religiões e de gênero. Parte-se do pressuposto analítico de que as missões cristãs em geral, e as protestantes em particular, foram mais do que colonizações culturais: a mesma missão que converteu o Outro trouxe o Outro para dentro de si e construíram novas culturas e fronteiras e relações entre gênero e religião.

  17. Test site predicts HIV care linkage and antiretroviral therapy initiation: a prospective 3.5 year cohort study of HIV-positive testers in northern Tanzania

    Reddy, Elizabeth A.; Agala, Chris Bernard; Maro, Venance P.; Ostermann, Jan; Pence, Brian W.; Itemba, Dafrosa K.; Safley, Donna; Yao, Jia; Thielman, Nathan M.; Whetten, Kathryn


    Background Linkage to HIV care is crucial to the success of antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs worldwide, loss to follow up at all stages of the care continuum is frequent, and long-term prospective studies of care linkage are currently lacking. Methods Consecutive clients who tested HIV-positive were enrolled from four HIV testing centers (1 health facility and 3 community-based centers) in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania as part of the larger Coping with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania (CHAT) pr...

  18. Esquizofrenia refratária Refractory schizophrenia

    Helio Elkis


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: O propósito deste artigo é o de revisar vários aspectos da esquizofrenia refratária levando em conta questões relacionadas à definição, aspectos clínicos, correlatos psicobiológicos, tratamentos farmacológicos e não farmacológicos, assim como preditores de resposta terapêutica. MÉTODO: Pesquisa no Medline, assim como artigos dos autores. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: Pelo menos um terço dos pacientes com esquizofrenia são refratários a tratamento com antipsicóticos e as evidências apontam a clozapina em monoterapia como a principal opção nesses casos. A politerapia com antipsicóticos não tem apoio em evidências. Ensaios clínicos recentes mostraram que a potencialização da clozapina com outros antipsicóticos não é superior ao placebo.OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present paper is to review the various aspects of refractory schizophrenia regarding issues such as definitions, clinical aspects, psychobiological correlates, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options and predictors of treatment response. METHOD: Medline search as well as articles of the authors. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Refractory schizophrenia affects at least one third of patients with schizophrenia and the best evidence shows that is monotherapy with clozapine remains the mainstay for the treatment of such condition. Antipsychotic polipharmacy is not supported by current evidence and recent clinical trials have shown that clozapine augmentation with antipsychotics has no benefit over placebo.

  19. Cinética de degradação da matéria orgânica de biossólidos após aplicação no solo e relação com a composição química inicial Degradation kinetics of biosolids organic matter after soil application and its relationship with initial chemical composition

    Cristiano Alberto de Andrade


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a degradação de biossólidos após aplicação no solo, relacionando com a composição química inicial da matéria orgânica (MO desses resíduos. Foram utilizados quatro biossólidos e um composto orgânico à base de lodo de esgoto, provenientes de diferentes sistemas de tratamento de esgotos e/ou estabilização do lodo e/ou condicionamento químico para desidratação e/ou etapa complementar visando à melhor adequação ao uso agrícola. A degradação dos biossólidos foi determinada com quantificação do CO2 emanado a partir de experimento de incubação de misturas de amostras de um Latossolo, com dose dos resíduos correspondente a 40 t ha-1. As taxas de degradação da fração orgânica dos resíduos variaram entre 5% e 22%. De modo geral, a degradação da fração orgânica dos biossólidos foi descrita por equação de cinética química com duas fases: a primeira fase caracterizou-se pela elevada velocidade de degradação de compostos orgânicos presentes em quantidades limitadas, cuja exaustão do substrato ocorreu em poucos dias (2 a 20 dias; a segunda fase caracterizouse pela redução da velocidade da reação de degradação e aumento da quantidade de carbono mineralizado (65% do total de C mineralizado no período. A proteína bruta, expressa como porcentagem do conteúdo orgânico dos resíduos, foi o parâmetro que melhor correlacionou com a taxa de degradação dos biossólidos no fim de 70 dias de incubação (r = 0,999 e Prob. > t inferior a 10-4, sendo promissora sua utilização na previsão da taxa de degradação da MO de biossólidos após aplicação no solo. A participação do compartimento protéico foi crescente com o tempo de incubação, comprovando que no início do período de avaliação outros compostos orgânicos mais lábeis funcionaram como fonte de carbono e de energia para a microbiota edáfica.The aim of this study was to evaluate biosolids degradation

  20. Reatividade vascular da artéria mamária interna: estudos farmacológicos comparativos entre artérias caninas direita e esquerda


    Para estudos comparativos da reatividade vascular entre artéria mamária interna (AMI) canina direita e esquerda, realizaram-se experimentos "in vitro" utilizando-se banhos orgânicos ("organ chambers") e ensaios biológicos: 1) os produtos plaquetários ADP e 5-HT induziram, respectivamente, vasodilatação dependente e independente do endotélio; 2) os autacóides, bradicinina e histamina, também induziram vasodilatação, respectivamente, dependente e independente do endotélio; 3) o A23187, vasodila...

  1. M109 Family of Vehicles, Paladin Integrated Management (PIM): Operational Assessment of the Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT and E)


    Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) at Fort Hood, Texas , with a six-howitzer firing battery and support personnel during the period of September 25...points. Further logistical analysis will occur as part of a second IOT&E. Resupply operations for repair parts and petroleum products reflected a

  2. Using Logistic Regression for Validating or Invalidating Initial Statewide Cut-Off Scores on Basic Skills Placement Tests at the Community College Level

    Secolsky, Charles; Krishnan, Sathasivam; Judd, Thomas P.


    The community colleges in the state of New Jersey went through a process of establishing statewide cut-off scores for English and mathematics placement tests. The colleges wanted to communicate to secondary schools a consistent preparation that would be necessary for enrolling in Freshman Composition and College Algebra at the community college…

  3. Development and Reliability of Items Measuring the Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs for the Youth Risk Behavior Survey: Results Froman Initial Pilot Test

    Howard, Melissa M.; Weiler, Robert M.; Haddox, J. David


    Background: The purpose of this study was to develop and test the reliability of self-report survey items designed to monitor the nonmedical use of prescription drugs among adolescents. Methods: Eighteen nonmedical prescription drug items designed to be congruent with the substance abuse items in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's…

  4. Measurement of coronary calcium scores by electron beam computed tomography or exercise testing as initial diagnostic tool in low-risk patients with suspected coronary artery disease

    Geluk, Christiane A.; Dikkers, Riksta; Perik, Patrick J.; Tio, Rene A.; Gotte, Marco J. W.; Hillege, Hans L.; Vliegenthart, Rozemarijn; Houwers, Janneke B.; Willems, Tineke P.; Oudkerk, Matthijs; Zijlstra, Felix


    We determined the efficiency of a screening protocol based on coronary calcium scores (CCS) compared with exercise testing in patients with suspected coronary artery disease (CAD), a normal ECG and troponin levels. Three-hundred-and-four patients were enrolled in a screening protocol including CCS b

  5. Development of computerised adaptive testing (CAT) for the EORTC QLQ-C30 dimensions: general approach and initial results for physical functioning

    Petersen, M.A.; Groenvold, M.; Aaronson, N.K.; Chie, W.C.; Conroy, T.; Costantini, A.; Fayers, P.; Helbostad, J.; Holzner, B.; Kaasa, S.; Singer, S.; Velikova, G.; Young, T.


    Background Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaires should ideally be adapted to the individual patient and at the same time scores should be directly comparable across patients. This is achievable using a computerised adaptive test (CAT). Basing the CAT on an existing instrument

  6. Testing for high risk human papilloma virus in the initial follow-up of women treated for high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions.

    Smart, Olivia Catherine; Sykes, Peter; Macnab, Helene; Jennings, Lance


    The follow-up schedule of women who have undergone treatment for high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) is a crucial part of the cervical screening programme. The ability to detect residual disease or early recurrence enables the provision of timely secondary intervention. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of High Risk HPV and cytological abnormalities at first follow-up visit post treatment. The feasibility, safety and cost benefit of omitting routine colposcopy as a first line investigation were evaluated. A total of 100 women with histologically confirmed and treated HSIL were recruited prior to first follow-up visit. Colposcopic assessment, cervical cytology using LBC and HR HPV testing was carried out on all women. In all, 75% of the study group had both a negative HR HPV test and a normal cervical cytology at first follow-up visit. Mean time interval to first follow-up was 9 months. The rate of residual/recurrent high-grade disease within this cohort was 4% followed up to 18 months post treatment. HR HPV had a sensitivity of 100% to detect persistent HSIL. High-risk human papilloma virus testing in combination with cytology at first follow-up visit in women treated for HSIL has a very high sensitivity and negative predictive value. Colposcopy does not improve specificity in this cohort and could be omitted in patients who have a negative smear and HPV test.

  7. Combining functional scales and cognitive tests in screening for mild cognitive impairment at a university-based memory clinic in Brazil Combinação de escalas funcionais e testes cognitivos para rastreio de comprometimento cognitivo leve em ambulatório universitário de memória no Brasil

    Izabella Dutra de Abreu


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of the Mini-Mental State Examination combined to the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly for the identification of mild cognitive impairment. METHOD: 191 elderly subjects were assessed with the Mini-Mental State Examination, and their informants were assessed with the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly. Subjects were divided into three groups according to their cognitive state (controls: n = 67, mild cognitive impairment: n = 65 and dementia: n = 59, which was ascertained by clinical and neuropsychological evaluation. The diagnostic accuracy of each test in the discrimination of diagnostic groups (mild cognitive impairment vs. controls, mild cognitive impairment vs. dementia and dementia vs. controls was examined with the aid of ROC curves. We additionally verified if the combination of both tests would increase diagnostic accuracy for mild cognitive impairment and control identification. RESULTS: The combination of the Mini-Mental State Examination and the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly scores did not increase the Mini-Mental State Examination diagnostic accuracy in the identification of patients with mild cognitive impairment. CONCLUSIONS: The present data do not warrant the combination of the Mini-Mental State Examination and the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly as a sufficient diagnostic tool in the diagnostic screening for mild cognitive impairment.OBJETIVO: Avaliar a acurácia diagnóstica do Mini-Exame do Estado Mental combinado ao Questionário do Informante sobre Declínio Cognitivo na identificação de casos de comprometimento cognitivo leve. MÉTODO: 191 indivíduos idosos foram avaliados com o Mini-Exame do Estado Mental e seus informantes com o Questionário do Informante sobre Declínio Cognitivo. Os indivíduos foram divididos em três grupos de acordo com o estado cognitivo

  8. Síndromes autoinflamatórias hereditárias na faixa etária pediátrica Pediatric hereditary autoinflammatory syndromes

    Adriana Almeida Jesus


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever as principais síndromes autoinflamatórias hereditárias na faixa etária pediátrica. FONTES DOS DADOS: Foi realizada uma revisão da literatura nas bases de dados PubMed e SciELO, utilizando as palavras-chave "síndromes autoinflamatórias” e "criança”, e incluindo referências bibliográficas relevantes. SÍNTESE DOS DADOS: As principais síndromes autoinflamatórias são causadas por defeitos monogênicos em proteínas da imunidade inata, sendo consideradas imunodeficiências primárias. Elas são caracterizadas clinicamente por sintomas inflamatórios sistêmicos recorrentes ou contínuos e devem ser diferenciadas das doenças infecciosas, autoimunes e outras imunodeficiências primárias. Nesta revisão, foram enfatizadas características epidemiológicas, manifestações clínicas, alterações laboratoriais, prognóstico e terapia das principais síndromes autoinflamatórias: febre familiar do Mediterrâneo; síndrome periódica associada ao receptor de fator de necrose tumoral; criopirinopatias; deficiência de mevalonato-quinase; artrite granulomatosa pediátrica; síndrome de pioderma gangrenoso, artrite piogênica e acne; síndrome de Majeed; e deficiência do antagonista do receptor de interleucina-1. As criopirinopatias discutidas foram: doença inflamatória multissistêmica de início neonatal ou síndrome neurológica, cutânea e articular crônica infantil, síndrome de Muckle-Wells e síndrome autoinflamatória familiar associada ao frio. CONCLUSÕES: É importante que o pediatra reconheça as síndromes autoinflamatórias hereditárias mais prevalentes, pois o encaminhamento ao reumatologista pediátrico pode permitir um diagnóstico precoce e uma instituição de tratamento adequado, possibilitando uma melhora da qualidade de vida dos pacientes.OBJECTIVE: To describe the most prevalent pediatric hereditary autoinflammatory syndromes. SOURCES: A review of the literature including relevant references

  9. História, memória e esquecimento: Implicações políticas

    Maria Paula Nascimento Araújo


    Full Text Available Pesquisadores têm colocado em questão a recuperação de situações traumáticas como as que ocorreram no Holocausto, no bombardeio a Hiroshima, na guerra do Vietnam ou nos massacres fratricidas da Iugoslávia. Embora algumas contribuições clássicas tenham assinalado aspectos importantes relativos à história e memória, há várias formas de lidar com o passado e todas elas envolvem interesse, poder e exclusões. A política da justa memória a ser realizada sobre crimes cometidos passados, debate que vem sendo travado não só em diversas áreas acadêmicas, como na sociedade em geral, depende de processos seletivos, bem como de elementos que excedem o escopo da razão humana. É preciso encontrar o equilíbrio entre a obsessão pelo passado e as tentativas de imposição do esquecimento. Nosso intuito, portanto, é o expandir o conhecimento sobre história, memória e esquecimento, ressaltando limites, bem como implicações éticas e morais.

  10. Histórias de aprendiz: memórias, narrativas e formação docente

    Lúcia Gracia Ferreira


    Full Text Available Este estudo tem como objetivo relatar histórias de aprendiz produzidas no âmbito do curso de extensão “Formação de professores: um desafio da contemporaneidade”, desenvolvido na Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia, Campus de Itapetinga, e os aspectos formativos presentes nas histórias. A discussão do curso incidia sobre a formação de professores na contemporaneidade e os encontros eram realizados semanalmente. Assim, este trabalho buscou identificar nas histórias de aprendiz narradas, memórias e nessas as experiências formativas nela presente. Para alguns eram apenas histórias, para outros lembranças, aqui mostro que é mais que isso, é formação. A partir da análise das narrativas foi possível perceber como sujeitos mudaram, formaram, viveram. Assim, considero as histórias de aprendiz, narrativas de fragmentos da vida, que possibilita reflexão, que possibilita a autoformação.

  11. Clinical experience of a sensitive immunoradiometric thyrotropin (TSH) assay kit (RIA-gnost hTSH)

    Nakamura, Saeko; Jibiki, Kazuko; Demura, Reiko; Koike, Sachiko; Kurihara, Shigeko; Odagiri, Emi; Demura, Hiroshi


    A commercially available immunoradiometric thyrotropin (TSH) assay kit (RIA-gnost hTSH) was used to study the concentration of TSH in serum in a series of 124 patients with thyroid dysfunction and 35 normal controls. Laboratory test for RIA-gnost hTSH showed a detection limit for TSH to be 0.03 The basal serum concentration of TSH in normal controls ranged from 0.17 to 3.21, with a mean of 0.74 It was less than 0.04 in all 28 untreated patients with Graves' disease, indicating the discrimination between normal and hyperthyroid subjects. In the case of untreated 7 patients with hypothalamic hypopituitarism, the basal TSH concentration ranged from 0.80 to 13.5 There was no consistent tendency for changes in TSH levels with normalization of free thyroxine in 8 treated patients with Graves' disease. The basal serum concentration of TSH reflected the response of TSH to thyrotropin releasing hormone in 10 treated patients with Graves' disease. The use of the RIA-gnost hTSH would be of clinical significance in the diagnosis and management of patients with Graves' disease or hypopituitarism. (Namekawa, K.).

  12. Chlamydia and HIV testing, contraception advice, and free condoms offered in general practice: a qualitative interview study of young adults’ perceptions of this initiative

    Jones, Leah Ffion; Ricketts, Ellie; Town, Katy; Rugman, Claire; Lecky, Donna; Folkard, Kate; Nardone, Anthony; Hartney, Thomas Nathan; McNulty, Cliodna


    Background Opportunistic chlamydia screening is actively encouraged in English general practices. Based on recent policy changes, Public Health England piloted 3Cs and HIV in 2013–2014, integrating the offer of chlamydia testing with providing condoms, contraceptive information, and HIV testing (referred to as 3Cs and HIV) according to national guidelines. Aim To determine young adults’ opinions of receiving a broader sexual health offer of 3Cs and HIV at their GP practice. Design and setting Qualitative interviews were conducted in a general practice setting in England between March and June 2013. Method Thirty interviews were conducted with nine male and 21 female patients aged 16–24 years, immediately before or after a routine practice attendance. Data were transcribed verbatim and analysed using a thematic framework. Results Participants indicated that the method of testing, timing, and the way the staff member approached the topic were important aspects to patients being offered 3Cs and HIV. Participants displayed a clear preference for 3Cs and HIV to be offered at the GP practice over other sexual health service providers. Participants highlighted convenience of the practice, assurance of confidentiality, and that the sexual health discussion was appropriate and routine. Barriers identified for patients were embarrassment, unease, lack of time, religion, and patients believing that certain patients could take offence. Suggested facilitators include raising awareness, reassuring confidentiality, and ensuring the offer is made in a professional and non-judgemental way at the end of the consultation. Conclusion General practice staff should facilitate patients’ preferences by ensuring that 3Cs and HIV testing services are made available at their surgery and offered to appropriate patients in a non-judgemental way. PMID:28533198

  13. Initial adaptation testing of the bidimensionally self-adapting wall of the French T2 wind tunnel, around a three-dimensional object

    Archambaud, J. P.; Dor, J. B.; Mignosi, A.; Lamarche, L.


    The test series was carried out at ONERA/CERT at the T2 wind tunnel in September 1984. The objective of this series was to minimize wall interference through a bidimensional adaptation around the models, inducing tridimensional flows. For this, three different models were used, measuring either the pressures or the forces and moment of pitch (balance). The adaptation was derived from a correction computation in the compressible axisymmetric tridimensional.

  14. Initial testing for the recommendation of improved gas metal arc welding procedures for HY-80 steel plate butt joints at Norfolk Naval Shipyard

    Rice, Veronika J.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited Hull cut welding proficiency is an essential skill maintained by personnel at naval shipyards. This thesis explores arc weld theory to develop ideal submarine hull butt joint designs and recommends preliminary testing to be used to develop improved butt joint welding procedures at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Pulsed gas metal arc welding (GMAW-P) is the ideal process for shipboard hull welding applications, theoretically. Butt joint samples...

  15. FY 2013 Summary Report: Post-Irradiation Examination of Zircaloy-4 Samples in Target Capsules and Initiation of Bending Fatigue Testing for Used Nuclear Fuel Vibration Integrity Investigations

    Howard, Richard H [ORNL; Yan, Yong [ORNL; Wang, Jy-An John [ORNL; Ott, Larry J [ORNL; Howard, Rob L [ORNL


    This report documents ongoing work performed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the Department of Energy, Office of Fuel Cycle Technology Used Fuel Disposition Campaign (UFDC), and satisfies the deliverable for milestone M2FT-13OR0805041, “Data Report on Hydrogen Doping and Irradiation in HFIR.” This work is conducted under WBS, Work Package FT-13OR080504 ST “Storage and Transportation-Experiments – ORNL.” The objectives of work packages that make up the S&T Experiments Control Account are to conduct the separate effects tests (SET) and small-scale tests that have been identified in the Used Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Data Gap Prioritization (FCRD-USED-2012-000109). In FY 2013, the R&D focused on cladding and container issues and small-scale tests as identified in Sections A-2.9 and A-2.12 of the prioritization report.




    Full Text Available O efeito antibiótico de extrato aquoso de própolis, em várias concentrações, foi avaliado para cinco espécies de bactérias fitopatogênicas. Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis e Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli foram completamente inibidas em meio de cultura contendo 10% de extrato de própolis. Erwinia chrysanthemi foi parcialmente inibida, enquanto Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci se mostrou insensível ao extrato, desenvolvendo colônias idênticas àquelas observadas em meios livres de própolis. Concentrações menores não foram suficientes para exercer um efeito antimicrobiano desejável sobre as bactérias pertencentes a todas as espécies testadas. Resultados idênticos foram obtidos quando própolis foi incorporado ao meio antes ou após a autoclavagem, demonstrando que a substância ativa presente no extrato não é termosensível. Foi demonstrado, portanto, o uso potencial do própolis como antibiótico para o controle de bactérias fitopatogênicas.The antibiotic effect of aqueous extract of propolis was evaluated in vitro against five species of bacteria. The growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis and Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli was completely inhibited in a medium containing 10% of propolis. Erwinia chrysanthemi was partially inhibited and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci was not affected. Lower concentration of the aqueous extract was not effective to promote a desirable antibiotic action against all bacterial species tested. The active ingredient present in the propolis was thermostable. The potential use of the propolis to control phytopathogenic bacteria was demonstrated.

  17. A Strategic Defense Initiative Organization Software Testing Initiative


    Pentagon Washir gton, DC 20301-7100 Other Defense Technical Information Center 2 Cameron Station Alexandria, VA 22314 Dr. Dan Alpert , Director Program in...Science, Technology & Society University of Illinois Room 201 912-1/2 West Illinois Street Urbana, Illinois 61801 IDA General Larry D. Welch, HQ 1 Mr

  18. História prévia de realização de teste de Papanicolaou e câncer do colo do útero: estudo caso-controle na Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Previous history of Pap smears and cervical cancer: a case-control study in the Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

    Maria Isabel do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Este estudo caso-controle hospitalar foi realizado de 2007 a 2010 para estimar a associação de história prévia de colpocitologia e câncer do colo do útero na Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A amostra consistiu de 152 casos histologicamente confirmados e 169 controles selecionados no mesmo hospital dos casos. A análise foi feita de acordo com um modelo em três níveis hierárquicos; considerando as variáveis sociodemográficas (nível distal, sexual/reprodutivas e de estilo de vida (nível intermediário e a história prévia de colpocitologia (nível proximal. Odds ratios (OR e respectivos intervalos de 95% de confiança (IC95% foram calculados pela regressão logística não condicional. Ter história prévia de três ou mais colpocitologias conferiu uma proteção de 84% (OR = 0,16; IC95%: 0,074; 0,384 após ajuste pelas variáveis selecionadas. Os resultados acentuam a importância do exame preventivo ginecológico no risco desse câncer e fortalecem a necessidade de aumentar a aderência às normas do programa brasileiro, bem como de identificar e capturar mulheres relutantes para o rastreamento da doença.This hospital-based case-control study (2007-2010 aimed to estimate the association between previous Pap smear and cervical cancer diagnosis in the Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The sample consisted of 152 histologically confirmed cases and 169 controls from the same hospital as the cases. The analysis was conducted according to a model in three hierarchical levels considering sociodemographic characteristics (distal, sexual/reproductive and lifestyle factors (intermediate, and previous Pap smear (proximal. Odds ratios (OR and respective 95% confidence intervals (95%CI were calculated using unconditional logistic regression. History of three or more Pap smears was associated with an 84% reduction in cervical cancer risk (OR = 0.16; 95%CI: 0.074; 0.384 after adjusting for selected variables. The

  19. Openness initiative

    Duncan, S.S. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    Although antinuclear campaigns seem to be effective, public communication and education efforts on low-level radioactive waste have mixed results. Attempts at public information programs on low-level radioactive waste still focus on influencing public opinion. A question then is: {open_quotes}Is it preferable to have a program focus on public education that will empower individuals to make informed decisions rather than trying to influence them in their decisions?{close_quotes} To address this question, a case study with both quantitative and qualitative data will be used. The Ohio Low-Level Radioactive Waste Education Program has a goal to provide people with information they want/need to make their own decisions. The program initiated its efforts by conducting a statewide survey to determine information needed by people and where they turned for that information. This presentation reports data from the survey and then explores the program development process in which programs were designed and presented using the information. Pre and post data from the programs reveal attitude and knowledge shifts.

  20. Versões Alternativas do Subteste Memória Lógica da WMS-R: Análise de Desempenho de uma Amostra Saudável da Cidade de São Paulo

    Marjorie R. Martins


    Full Text Available O teste Memória Lógica da Wechsler Memory Scale - Revised (WMS-R é amplamente utilizado na prática clínica como instrumento de avaliação da memória verbal. O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar as propriedades psicométricas iniciais de versões alternativas das histórias traduzidas e livremente adaptadas da WMS-R empregadas no Brasil: três histórias equiparáveis à história Ana Soares e três à de Roberto Mota. A amostra foi constituída de 655 universitários, com idades entre 18 e 35 anos. Foi solicitada a recordação livre imediata e tardia (após 30 min de cada história, original e alternativas. A análise de equivalência entre a recordação imediata e tardia das histórias alternativas e originais mostrou que cinco histórias foram memorizadas de forma equiparável às histórias originais se aplicadas individualmente. A recordação de três pares dessas histórias alternativas também foi equivalente à recordação do par original. Uma análise utilizando a Teoria de Resposta ao Item apontou os itens com melhor índice discriminativo. Assim, propõe-se histórias alternativas às do WMS-R que poderão ser usadas em estudos de normatização.