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  1. Comentario de Orden al I Tomo del Tratado Cirugía plástica, Reconstructiva y Estética.

    Tito Tulio Roa Roa


    Extirpar la giba de la nariz es, en cierto modo, realizar un algo de cirugía estética, pero se trata de un alto de exéresis. Extirpar una giba nasal pero respetando su revestimiento mucoso, rellenar el espacio residual dejado colocando un injerto óseo o cartilaginoso es actuar como un cirujano plástico...

  2. ALS Association

    ... toward a world without ALS! Walk to Defeat ALS® Walk to Defeat ALS® draws people of all ... We need your help. I Will Advocate National ALS Registry The National ALS Registry is a congressionally ...

  3. Familial ALS

    Boylan, Kevin


    Synopsis Genes linked to ALS susceptibility are being identified at an increasing rate owing to advances in molecular genetic technology. Genetic mechanisms in ALS pathogenesis appear to exert major effects in ~10% of patients, but genetic factors at some level may be important components of disease risk in most ALS patients. Identification of gene variants associated with ALS has informed concepts of the pathogenesis of ALS, aided the identification of therapeutic targets, facilitated research to develop new ALS biomarkers, and supported the establishment of clinical diagnostic tests for ALS-linked genes. Translation of this knowledge to ALS therapy development is ongoing. PMID:26515623

  4. Ti, Al

    In the present study, authors report on the effect that substrate bias voltage has on the microstructure and mechanical properties of (Ti, Al)N hard coatings deposited with cathodic arc evaporation (CAE) technique. The coatings were deposited from a Ti0.5Al0.5 powder metallurgical target in a reactive nitrogen atmosphere at ...

  5. AL Amyloidosis

    Desport Estelle


    Full Text Available Abstract Definition of the disease AL amyloidosis results from extra-cellular deposition of fibril-forming monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig light chains (LC (most commonly of lambda isotype usually secreted by a small plasma cell clone. Most patients have evidence of isolated monoclonal gammopathy or smoldering myeloma, and the occurrence of AL amyloidosis in patients with symptomatic multiple myeloma or other B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders is unusual. The key event in the development of AL amyloidosis is the change in the secondary or tertiary structure of an abnormal monoclonal LC, which results in instable conformation. This conformational change is responsible for abnormal folding of the LC, rich in β leaves, which assemble into monomers that stack together to form amyloid fibrils. Epidemiology AL amyloidosis is the most common type of systemic amyloidois in developed countries with an estimated incidence of 9 cases/million inhabitant/year. The average age of diagnosed patients is 65 years and less than 10% of patients are under 50. Clinical description The clinical presentation is protean, because of the wide number of tissues or organs that may be affected. The most common presenting symptoms are asthenia and dyspnoea, which are poorly specific and may account for delayed diagnosis. Renal manifestations are the most frequent, affecting two thirds of patients at presentation. They are characterized by heavy proteinuria, with nephrotic syndrome and impaired renal function in half of the patients. Heart involvement, which is present at diagnosis in more than 50% of patients, leading to restrictive cardiopathy, is the most serious complication and engages prognosis. Diagnostic methods The diagnosis relies on pathological examination of an involved site showing Congo red-positive amyloid deposits, with typical apple-green birefringence under polarized light, that stain positive with an anti-LC antibody by immunohistochemistry and

  6. Abordaje transconjuntival más transcaruncular: amplia exposición de la pared medial orbitaria. Una alternativa al abordaje coronal Transconjunctival, transcaruncular approach: enlarged orbital medial wall exposure. An alternative to the coronal approach

    J. Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Los pliegues nasolabiales prominentes son uno de los aspectos que más preocupan a los pacientes candidatos a un lifting facial, y han sido descritas muchas técnicas que intentan atenuar este signo distintivo del envejecimiento. Las sustancias de relleno tienen limitaciones inherentes. Las disecciones amplias del SMAS y su posterior suspensión no tienen efecto después de transcurridas 24 horas. La suspensión de la almohadilla grasa malar tiene un efecto que se extiende como máximo a los dos años de duración. La extirpación directa de la grasa lateralmente al surco nasolabial, aunque debe hacerse con mucha cautela, es la única técnica que proporciona resultados permanentes. Técnicamente, esta resección grasa se ha descrito realizada valiéndose de pinzas y tijeras, con cánulas de liposucción o con curetas. Este procedimiento requiere un control muy preciso, táctil y visual, de la localización y profundidad de la extirpación, control que puede mejorarse usando una gubia ósea con una mano para extirpar la grasa a eliminar de la dermis, mientras la otra mano maneja el colgajo cutáneo de la mejilla, para un control alternativo interno y externo del efecto escultural de la extirpación y para permitir una guía táctil externa.Prominent nasolabial folds are of concern to many face lift candidates. Many techniques have been described which tackle this distinct sign of ageing. Crease fillers have inherent limitations. Extended SMAS dissection and suspension has no effect after 24 hours. Malar fat pad suspension has an effect which extends maximally to 2 years. Direct fat excision lateral to the crease must be done cautiously. However, it is the only technique providing permanent results. Fat removal can be done with tweezers and scissors, with liposuction canules, and with curettes. Tactile and visual control over location and depth of the resection is required. Such is possible when using a bone rongeur in one hand to reduce the fat

  7. All About ALS

    ... Subscribe August 2015 Print this issue All About ALS Understanding a Devastating Disorder En español Send us ... Sports Concussions Wise Choices How Can I Help ALS Research? If you have ALS, join the National ...

  8. Traducción al español y validación de la escala de autoevaluación de quejas cognitivas en esquizofrenia

    Daniel Serrani Azcurra


    Full Text Available Abstract The aim of the study from which this research paper derives is to translate into Spanish and to validate the Self-Assessment Scale of Subjective Cognitive Complaints in Schizophrenia (SASCCS. A reverse translation was made from the original scale based on 5 factors memory, attention, executive functions, language and practice with 21 items and its psychometric properties were analyzed on 157 schizophrenic outpatients using factorial analysis that offered two scales with 5 and 6 factors, this last factor being the one which better adjusts. The factors were named semantic memory, working memory, difficulties in everyday life, metacognition, executive skills and distractibility. Convergent validity was assessed with several instruments that confirmed its reliability (Cronbach alpha coefficient= .89, intra-class correlation coefficient= .87. SCCS is a useful instrument to assess subjective cognitive complaints in schizophrenic patients, allowing them to express those cognitive matters that interfere with their quality of life. Resumen El objetivo del estudio del que deriva este artículo de investigación consistió en traducir al español y validar la Escala de Autoevaluación de Quejas Cognitivas Subjetivas en Esquizofrenia (EQCE, se realizó la traducción revertida de la escala original, que cubre cinco dominios (memoria, atención, funciones ejecutivas, lenguaje y praxias con 21 ítems, y se analizaron sus propiedades psicométricas en 157 pacientes ambulatorios con diagnóstico de esquizofrenia. Todo esto, mediante un análisis factorial que ofreció dos escalas con 5 y 6 factores, esta última con mejor ajuste. Los factores se denominaron Memoria semántica, Memoria de trabajo, Dificultades en la vida cotidiana, Metacognición, Habilidades ejecutivas y Distractibilidad. La validez convergente se estudió con varios instrumentos que confirmaron su confiabilidad (alfa de Cronbach= .89, coeficiente de correlación intra-clase= .87. Se

  9. /Cu-Al System

    Kish, Orel; Froumin, Natalya; Aizenshtein, Michael; Frage, Nachum


    Wettability and interfacial interaction of the Ta2O5/Cu-Al system were studied. Pure Cu does not wet the Ta2O5 substrate, and improved spreading is achieved when relatively a high fraction of the active element (~40 at.% Al) was added. The Al2O3 and AlTaO4 phases were observed at the Ta2O5/Cu-Al interface. A thermodynamic evaluation allowed us to suggest that the lack of wetting bellow 40 at.% Al is due to the presence of a native oxide, which covers the drop. The conditions of the native oxide decomposition and the formation of the volatile Al2O suboxide strongly depend on the vacuum level during sessile drop experiments and the composition of the Cu-Al alloy. In our case, Al contents greater than 40% provides thermodynamic conditions for the formation of Al2O (as a result of Al reaction with Al2O3) and the drop spreading. It was suggested that the final contact angle in the Ta2O5/Cu-Al system (50°) is determined by Ta adsorption on the newly formed alumina interlayer.

  10. Bankole et al (2)


    Relationships of Clay-filled Channels on the Delta Flanks (Modified after Doust and Omatsola, 1990 and Lawrence et al., 2002). ... and in the Indo-Malaysian area (Germeraad et al.,. 1968). The genus ..... Upper Cretaceous of British Guiana.

  11. Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)

    ... disease. Who Gets ALS? Although this disease can strike anyone, ALS is extremely rare in kids. According ... home to provide care that the family cannot handle alone. Living With Lou Gehrig's Disease Living with ...

  12. Aussprache als motorische Fertigkeit

    Bonner, Maria


    Authentische Aussprache gilt im Fremdsprachenunterricht als schwer erreichbares Ziel, fremdsprachlicher Akzent wird als nahezu unvermeidbar gesehen. Weder die Hypothese einer kritischen Periode für den Erwerb einer authentischen Aussprache noch das Konzept der Fossilierung im Sprachlernprozess...

  13. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Lou Gehrig disease; ALS; Upper and lower motor neuron disease; Motor neuron disease ... One out of 10 cases of ALS is due to a genetic defect. The cause is unknown in most other cases. In ALS, motor nerve cells (neurons) waste away ...

  14. 143 - 148_Makeri et al.



    Jun 1, 2015 ... Yuan et al., 2003), antimicrobial activity (Sundarrao et al., 1993; Betancur-Galvis et al., 1999; Takashi et al., 2006), anti-parasitic, anti-malarial activities (Alali et al., 1998; Jaramillo et al., 2000; Luna et al.,. 2005). This study evaluates the antibacterial activity of extract of stem –bark and leaf extracts of Annona.

  15. Abu al-Layth al-Libi


    success. As an Arab participant acknowledged very early on, “the situation was really harsh. All the brothers were tired,” as they lacked food and... glorious battles that occurred during the early Islamic period.133 He stressed the importance of the battlefield as the path to achieve honor and dignity...diaspora in Waziristan. In the words of Walid Othmani, a French jihadi trained by al-Qa`ida in Waziristan in 2008, “[Al-Libi] was someone well-known and

  16. Pornographie als Metapher

    Caroline Schubarth


    Full Text Available In diesem Artikel werden unterschiedliche metaphorische Verwendungen des Pornografiebegriffs und deren Implikationen untersucht. Während die Existenz von Pornografie der feministischen Anti-Porno-Bewegung als Erklärung für die anhaltende Diskriminierung von Frauen in westlichen Gesellschaften dient, nutzen rechtskonservative Kräfte den Pornografievorwurf als Rechtfertigung für die Zensur von als deviant empfundenen Identitäten und sexuellen Praktiken.

  17. Alles is al uitgevonden

    J.G.M. van Marrewijk (Charles)


    textabstractDe voordelen van vrijhandel zijn zeer beperkt, al-thans als we de empirische schattingen van vooraanstaande economen en internationale organisaties mogen geloven. Zo worden de voordelen van liberalisatie voor de Europese Unie geraamd op ongeveer 0,5% van het bnp 1. De door het IMF

  18. Lukman et al. (5)


    1 Civil Engineering Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife- Nigeria and Corresponding author. 2Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru, Zaria- Nigeria s Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hafr Al-Batin, Hafr Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia.

  19. Interview als Text vs. Interview als Interaktion

    Arnulf Deppermann


    Full Text Available Das Interview ist nach wie vor das beliebteste sozialwissenschaftliche Verfahren des Datengewinns. Ökonomie der Erhebung, Vergleichbarkeit und die Möglichkeit, Einsicht in Praxisbereiche und historisch-biografische Dimensionen zu erhalten, die der direkten Beobachtung kaum zugänglich sind, machen seine Attraktivität aus. Zugleich mehren sich Kritiken, die seine Leistungsfähigkeit problematisieren, indem sie auf die begrenzte Reichweite der Explikationsfähigkeiten der Befragten, die Reaktivität der Erhebung oder die Differenz zwischen Handeln und dem Bericht über Handeln verweisen. Im Beitrag wird zwischen Ansätzen, die das Interview als Text, und solchen, die es als Interaktion verstehen, unterschieden. Nach dem Text-Verständnis werden Interviews unter inhaltlichen Gesichtspunkten analysiert und als Zugang zu einer vorgängigen sozialen oder psychischen Wirklichkeit angesehen. Das Interaktions-Verständnis versteht Interviews dagegen als situierte Praxis, in welcher im Hier und Jetzt von InterviewerInnen und Befragten gemeinsam soziale Sinnstrukturen hergestellt werden. Anhand ubiquitärer Phänomene der Interviewinteraktion – Fragen, Antworten und die Selbstpositionierung von InterviewerInnen und Befragten – werden Praktiken des interaktiv-performativen Handelns im Interview dargestellt. Ihre Relevanz für die Interviewkonstitution und ihre Erkenntnispotenziale für die Interviewauswertung werden aufgezeigt. Es wird dafür plädiert, die interaktive Konstitutionsweise von Interviews empirisch zu erforschen und methodisch konsequent zu berücksichtigen. URN:

  20. Universitat popular al Cabanyal

    Ribés Granell, Juan Miguel


    La intención es dotar al barrio de un gran espacio verde y de un edificio de interés para los vecinos que enriquezca al Cabanyal, ya que actualmente se encuentra en proceso de degradación. Se pretende desarrollar un proyecto que signifique una mejora en la predisposición del visitante, cubriendo sus necesidades. Al mismo tiempo, se busca crear un espacio arquitectónico que mejore la relación entre las actividades que incluye y su entorno. El proyecto está condicionado por cuatro aspectos fund...

  1. Advanced Light Source (ALS)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Advanced Light Source (ALS), a world leader in soft x-ray science, generates light in the wavelengths needed for examining the atomic and electronic structure of...

  2. Taiwo et al (15)

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    geometric rise in preference for commercial aquaculture .... content, malondialdehyde level and lipid content of the muscle of the .... other researchers on the gilthead sea bream (Mnari et al., 2007), the .... 23, Orlando, Florida, USA, pp. 18–28.

  3. Okusanya et al (5)


    rainfall and number of days with rain per month were obtained from Meteorological Institute, Oshodi, Lagos- ... Central and South America, Australia, West. Indies, Africa, (Orwa et al., 2009) and in Florida .... dominant forest tree species. In this ...

  4. Initial Symptoms of ALS

    ... have trouble grasping a pen or lifting a coffee cup, while another person may experience a change ... Start your own fundraising event & help create a world without ALS Start an Event Site Map | Press ...

  5. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

    ... FDA) has approved the drugs riluzole (Rilutek) and edaravone (Radicava) to treat ALS. Riluzole is believed to ... reverse the damage already done to motor neurons. Edaravone has been shown to slow the decline in ...

  6. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

    ... found for ALS. However, the drugs riluzole and edaravone have approved by the Food and Drug Administration ( ... 2-3 months but does not relieve symptoms. Edaravone can slow the clinical decline in daily functioning ...

  7. Obuotor et al (16)


    fractions and essential oils from the leaves of Eugenia uniflora were investigated on some multidrug resistant pathogens. ... et al., 1987), a reduction in blood pressure measured ..... from E. uniflora suggests high efficacy against this bacterium.

  8. Fakinle et al (11)


    management issues; there is however a concern about air emissions from the ... poses risks to humans and animals through ... Nigeria have focused on cement industries. (Adejumo et al. ... based MCA which controls the sample holder and.

  9. Ogunyemi et al (17)


    The results of physicochemical analysis revealed that the concentrations of ... scientific basis for regulating the discharge of potentially ... method for genotocity evaluation using Allium cepaand it ..... al., 2013). National agency for food and drug.

  10. Omotayo et al (4)


    using biochemical technique and API 20E identification system. The isolates were .... sulphate, phosphate, ammonia and appearance. Heavy metals ... technique as described by Collee et al. (1989) was ..... enzymatic methods. Water Res. 36,.

  11. David et al (12)


    larger mesophyll cells, xylem tissues, vascular bundles and bundle sheaths than other cultivars. Thus, larger ... mechanism to cope with drought stress. There was an ... where solar radiation is intense (Løe et al., 2007). Most ecological studies ...

  12. Cartas al editor

    Facultad de Medicina Revista


    Full Text Available Con respecto al ensayo "Evaluación del aprendizaje en la educación superior" de la Dra. Análida Pinilla / Ciencia y conciencia en la medicina colombiana / Farmacovigilancia: Una necesidad urgente

  13. Kulturmorphologie als Zivilisationskritik

    Peters, Rikke Alberg


    Der Untergang des Abendlandes wird oft als dasjenige Werk betrachtet, das am tiefsten die national gefärbte Gegenüberstellung von Kultur und Zivilisation in der Zwischenkriegszeit geprägt und propagiert hat. Wie auch bei anderen Autoren der Konservativen Revolution, vor allem bei Thomas Mann und...... Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, tritt der Begriff ‚Kultur’ bei Spengler als normativer Wertbegriff auf, der im Kontrast zu einer degenerierten und seelenlosen Zivilisation steht....

  14. Coupled growth of Al-Al2Cu eutectics in Al-Cu-Ag alloys

    Hecht, U; Witusiewicz, V; Drevermann, A


    Coupled eutectic growth of Al and Al 2 Cu was investigated in univariant Al-Cu-Ag alloys during solidification with planar and cellular morphology. Experiments reveal the dynamic selection of small spacings, below the minimum undercooling spacing and show that distinct morphological features pertain to nearly isotropic or anisotropic Al-Al 2 Cu interfaces.

  15. Pornographie als Metapher

    Caroline Schubarth


    Full Text Available In diesem Artikel werden unterschiedliche metaphorische Verwendungen des Pornografiebegriffs und deren Implikationen untersucht. Während die Existenz von Pornografie der feministischen Anti-Porno-Bewegung als Erklärung für die anhaltende Diskriminierung von Frauen in westlichen Gesellschaften dient, nutzen rechtskonservative Kräfte den Pornografievorwurf als Rechtfertigung für die Zensur von als deviant empfundenen Identitäten und sexuellen Praktiken.This article examines different metaphorical uses of the term pornography and the resulting implications. While the existence of pornography for the feminist anti-porno movement serves as factor in the continuing discrimination of women in western societies, conservative powers on the right use the allegation of pornography as a justification for censorship of those identities and sexual practices deemed deviant.

  16. BERKELEY: ALS ring



    Everybody at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Center for Beam Physics is pleased with the rapid progress in commissioning LBL's Advanced Light Source (ALS) electron storage ring, the foundation for this third-generation synchrotron radiation facility. Designed for a maximum current of 400 mA, the ALS storage ring reached 407 mA just 24 days after storing the first beam on 16 March. ALS construction as a US Department of Energy (DOE) national user facility to provide high-brightness vacuum ultra-violet and soft x-ray radiation began in October 1987. One technical requirement marking project completion was to accumulate a 50-mA current in the storage ring. The ALS passed this milestone on 24 March, a week ahead of the official deadline. Once injected, the electron beam decays quasi-exponentially primarily because of interactions with residual gas molecules in the storage-ring vacuum chamber. Eventually, when the pressure in the vacuum chamber with beam decreases toward the expected operating level of 1 nano Torr, it will only be necessary to refill the storage ring at intervals of four to eight hours. At present the vacuum is improving rapidly as surfaces are irradiated (scrubbed) by the synchrotron radiation itself. At 100 mA, beam lifetime was about one hour (9 April)

  17. Alimba et al (5)


    There was significant (p<0.05) increase in erythrocytes, haemoglobin ... for its anti-hemorrhoid and anti-inflammatory properties (Afolabi et al., 2008), ... genome instability which may lead to genetic related diseases ... membrane, behavioral pattern, morbidity and mortality. ..... extracts of Phyllanthus amarus in mice and rats.

  18. Taiwo et al (8)


    Ife Journal of Science. (2016) vol. 18, no. 4. SPATIAL ... Ogun State. On the contrary, published work in some parts of Nigeria had ..... Prevalence among. Age Group (%). Cause of Infection. (%). Adeoye et al.,. 2007. Lagos. Kato-Katz. A. lumbricoides =29.7. Hookworm = 0.7. T. Trichiura = 18.4. S. stercoralis =0.3. Total =49.1.

  19. Rossie et al


    ing onto the torso for bike riders (Blocken et al., 2013) or it might ... designing new vehicles as well as for drawing up specific training ... These models were chosen because they repre- ..... muscles is relevant since the bio-mechanical workload ...

  20. aboagye et al.2


    14 Aboagye et al. wide variety of birds, including chickens, by piercing the quills of feathers and gnawing the epidermis. In doing so, they can spread disease and lower .... evolution. Oikos, 97: 223-228. Nordenfors, H. and Chirico, J. (2001). Evalua- tion of a sampling trap for Dermanyssus gal- linae (Acari: Dermanyssidae).

  1. Fadimu et al

    coconut water has the potential to increase growth and nutritional value of S. mombin(Linn.) so that S. mombin ... of plant growth and development, including seed maturation and ... et al., 2000). Auxins are primary regulators of plant form while ...

  2. Bello et al (9)

    Timade VENTURE

    family Solanaceae and it is one of the largest and ... al.,2004). The taxonomy of this important genus is of ... importance of numerical taxonomic method in ..... SME. SAE. SAM. SNI. SER. SWR. SMA. SGI. -6.4. -4.8. -3.2. -1.6. 0. 1.6. 3.2. 4.8.

  3. Iraq and Al Qaeda

    Katzman, Kenneth


    .... The Administration assertions were derived from U.S. intelligence showing a pattern of contacts with Al Qaeda when its key founder, Osama bin Laden, was based in Sudan in the early to mid-1990s and continuing after he relocated to Afghanistan in 1996...

  4. Iraq and Al Qaeda

    Katzman, Kenneth


    .... The Administration's assertions were derived from U.S. intelligence showing a pattern of contacts with Al Qaeda when its founder, Osama bin Laden, was based in Sudan in the early to mid-1990s and continuing after he relocated to Afghanistan in 1996...

  5. Ojo et al (2)


    network geometry hence control how the samples' ... generate different permeability curves from wire- ... occupy in the reservoir pore system (McPhee et. ..... Fig.3. Poroperm cross-plot for a homogenous reservoir. Ojo et al.: Rock Type Based ...

  6. Agwu et al (6)


    Enterobacteriaceae, the bacteria Escherichia coli is regarded as non-halophilic, and cannot tolerate high salt concentrations (Abdulkarim et al., 2009). Nevertheless, some strains of E. coli are halo- tolerant and survive in high salt concentrations. The ability to demonstrate such high osmotic pressure is possibly due to the ...

  7. Dichtung als Erfahrungsmetaphysik

    Magnusson, Gisli

    Rilkeforskning. Fordi Rilke ikke – uden at gøre vold mod hans værk – kan fortolkes ud fra et traditionelt religiøst verdensbillede, har man fortolket ham som en antimetafysisk mo­dernist. Afhandlingen Dichtung als Erfahrungsmetaphysik. Esoterische und okkultistische Modernität bei R. M. Rilke argumenterer for...

  8. Nucleosynthesis of 26Al

    Casse, M.


    A burst of interest has followed the discovery in the galactic plane of the 1.8 MeV gamma line attached to the decay of 26 Al. We discuss the relative merits of supernovae, novae, massive and supermassive mass-losing stars as potential sources of this expressive isotope

  9. Njukeng et al. + DOI


    3 Institute of Agricultural Research and Development (IRAD), Bambui, North West Province, Cameroon. ... Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is an important cash-food crop, which is widely ... production in Africa nearly tripled over the past 35 years ... Njukeng et al, Prevalence of Viruses in Potato Seed Tubers in the North West ...

  10. Comentarios al Salto Social

    Facultad de Ciencias Económicas


    Full Text Available 1. El Plan considera que la política social es un componente central de la estrategia macroeconómica. A diferencia de la administración Gaviria, lo social ha dejado de ser un asunto marginal, es consustancial al desarrollo y, por tanto, se le confiere una dimensión cualitativamente diferente.

  11. Hamid et al (24)


    acne, and eye problems (Diaz-Bolio, 1975). Cnidoscolus aconitifolius roots and leaves have been taken as a laxative, diuretic, circulation stimulant, to increase digestion, stimulant for lactation, and to harden the fingernails (Rowe, 1994; Kuti, and. Torres, 1996). Oyagbemi et al., (2011) reported the proximate analysis and ...

  12. Esuuman et al (17)

    big timmy

    ether (Sathe et al., 2002). Various extraction conditions such as pH, solvent types (NaOH, NaCl or Ethanol), solvent concentration, extraction time, solvent/flour ratio, may affect the final properties of the extracted protein. When many factors and interactions affect desired responses in a certain process design, Response.

  13. BERKELEY: ALS ring



    Everybody at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Center for Beam Physics is pleased with the rapid progress in commissioning LBL's Advanced Light Source (ALS) electron storage ring, the foundation for this third-generation synchrotron radiation facility. Designed for a maximum current of 400 mA, the ALS storage ring reached 407 mA just 24 days after storing the first beam on 16 March. ALS construction as a US Department of Energy (DOE) national user facility to provide high-brightness vacuum ultra-violet and soft x-ray radiation began in October 1987. One technical requirement marking project completion was to accumulate a 50-mA current in the storage ring. The ALS passed this milestone on 24 March, a week ahead of the official deadline. Once injected, the electron beam decays quasi-exponentially primarily because of interactions with residual gas molecules in the storage-ring vacuum chamber. Eventually, when the pressure in the vacuum chamber with beam decreases toward the expected operating level of 1 nano Torr, it will only be necessary to refill the storage ring at intervals of four to eight hours. At present the vacuum is improving rapidly as surfaces are irradiated (scrubbed) by the synchrotron radiation itself. At 100 mA, beam lifetime was about one hour (9 April)

  14. Proton irradiation studies on Al and Al5083 alloy

    Bhattacharyya, P.; Gayathri, N.; Bhattacharya, M.; Gupta, A. Dutta; Sarkar, Apu; Dhar, S.; Mitra, M. K.; Mukherjee, P.


    The change in the microstructural parameters and microhardness values in 6.5 MeV proton irradiated pure Al and Al5083 alloy samples have been evaluated using different model based techniques of X-ray diffraction Line Profile Analysis (XRD) and microindendation techniques. The detailed line profile analysis of the XRD data showed that the domain size increases and saturates with irradiation dose both in the case of Al and Al5083 alloy. The corresponding microstrain values did not show any change with irradiation dose in the case of the pure Al but showed an increase at higher irradiation doses in the case of Al5083 alloy. The microindendation results showed that unirradiated Al5083 alloy has higher hardness value compared to that of unirradiated pure Al. The hardness increased marginally with irradiation dose in the case of Al5083, whereas for pure Al, there was no significant change with dose.

  15. Factores asociados al bajo peso al nacer

    Georgina J Peraza Roque


    Full Text Available El bajo peso al nacer (BPN ha constituido un enigma en la ciencia a través de los tiempos. Múltiples son las investigaciones realizadas acerca de las causas que lo producen y las consecuencias que provoca. Su importancia no solo radica en lo que significa en la morbilidad y la mortalidad infantil, sino que estos niños tienen habitualmente múltiples problemas posteriores. El Programa para la Reducción del BPN señala que los niños nacidos con un peso inferior a los 2 500 g presentan riesgo de mortalidad 14 veces mayor durante el primer año de vida, en comparación con los niños que nacen con un peso normal a término. Dentro de los factores de riesgo del BPN se han encontrado con mayor frecuencia en estudios realizados por diferentes autores, los siguientes: el embarazo en la adolescencia, la desnutrición en la madre, el hábito de fumar, la hipertensión arterial durante el embarazo, la sepsis cervicovaginal, la anemia y los embarazos gemelares, entre otros. Es innegable la influencia que el BPN tiene sobre las futuras generaciones, por lo que debe constituir la diana de los esfuerzos que el médico y la enfermera deben desarrollar en su prevención, sobre todo en la comunidadLow birth weight has been an enigma for Science through times. A lot of research works have been carried out about its causes and consequences. The importance of LBW not only lies in its meaning for infant mortality and morbidity but also in the many problems that low birth weight children regularly face in the future. The program for the reduction of LBW points out that newborns weighing under 2500g have during his/her first year of life a mortality risk 14 times higher than newborns with a normal weight at term. Among the low birth weight risk factors, a number of studies by various authors have frequently found the following; pregnancy at adolescence; undernourishment in mothers, smoking, blood hypertension during pregnancy, cervix-vaginal sepsis; anemia, twin

  16. De GPS al mapa

    Esteban Dörries


    Full Text Available Las coordenadas Lambert obtenidas a partir de mediciones con equipos GPS de mano, llamados a veces navegadores, en ciertos casos confunden al usuario, por diferir claramente de su posición real al ser graficadas en un mapa del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN: Esto puede resolverse con suficiente exactitud mediante una transformación de Molodensky, seguida de la correspondiente proyección cartográfica. Sin embargo, los tres parámetros necesarios para la transformación, supuestamente válidos para Costa Rica, se encuentran en muchas variantes y producen obviamente resultados diferentes. En este trabajo se analizan los fundamentos del problema y sus posibles soluciones, culminando con un estudio comparativo de ocho casos, que permite seleccionar los valores más adecuados para los parámetros.

  17. ALS insertion devices

    Hoyer, E.; Chin, J.; Halbach, K.; Hassenzahl, W.V.; Humphries, D.; Kincaid, B.; Lancaster, H.; Plate, D.


    The Advanced Light Source (ALS), the first US third generation synchrotron radiation source, is currently under construction at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. The low-emittance, 1.5 GeV electron storage ring and the insertion devices are specifically designed to produce high brightness beams in the UV to soft X-Ray range. The planned initial complement of insertion devices includes four 4.6 m long undulators, with period lengths of 3.9 cm, 5.0 cm (2) and 8.0 cm, and a 2.9 m long wiggler of 16 cm period length. Undulator design is well advanced and fabrication has begun on the 5.0 cm and 8.0 cm period length undulators. This paper discusses ALS insertion device requirements; general design philosophy; and design of the magnetic structure, support structure/drive systems, control system and vacuum system. 18 refs., 9 figs., 5 tabs

  18. Adekola et al (7)

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    the South Atlantic between Latitudes 31° and 33.5 ... South Atlantic Ocean in the Early Cretaceous, around 136 Ma (Brown et al., 1996; Reeves and de. Wit, 2000 ..... 3244. 3246.70. L o w e r C re ta c e o u s. P e rio d. /E p o c h. 3244. 3246.70. B a ..... moderate counts of forest species such as ... The other, near shore is rich.

  19. Flipped Classroom al laboratori

    Molés Bort, Jaume


    L'article presenta una experiència d'aprenentatge de la geologia mitjançant el treball en grups d'experts. Els alumnes han d'indagar i promoure el seu propi aprenentatge per a assolir un repte que se'ls proposa, i consensuar els criteris per els que avaluaran els seus propis resultats mitjançant rúbriques. L'activitat inclou aspectes artístics, TIC i matemàtics, i segueix un esquema similar al de les WebQuest. Els resultats de l'activitat es presenten juntament amb una enquesta realitzada ent...

  20. Teatro al aire libre

    Philippe Canac


    Full Text Available Siendo cada vez más frecuentes y numerosas las peregrinaciones a la basílica de Notre Dame, de Laus (Altos Alpes, su capacidad resultaba hace tiempo insuficiente para acoger a sus peregrinos. Este fue el motivo de crear, en un terreno situado ante el atrio de la basílica, un conjunto, que permitiese celebrar misas al aire libre, ceremonias litúrgicas o representaciones de teatro religioso y que dispusiese de todas las posibilidades para conseguir la libertad del juego escénico.

  1. Architektur als Vermittlung

    Ott, Konrad


    Mit Anbruch der Moderne hat sich die Architektur bewußt von den Stilen vorangegangener Epochen losgesagt und sich fortan als Ausdruck einer neuen Kultur, eines neuen Zeitgeistes legitimiert. Der Philosoph Konrad Ott setzt sich mit dem Spannungsfeld zwischen den humanistischen und ästhetischen Ansprüchen der modernen Architektur, wie sie etwa von LeCorbusier formuliert worden sind, und der Realität, die sich etwa in der "Behältnis-Architektur" der Großstädte zeigt, auseinander. Die kritische T...

  2. Salvar al planeta

    Thomas Sancton


    El desastre de Exxon Valdez en Canadá (1989)en que derramaron 262 mil barriles de petróleo en las aguas de Alaska cambió la conciencia de los norteamericanos para bien. Comienzan a preocuparse, les gusta ser ecologistas. Se espera que no sea moda o novelería y que asuman el liderazgo para salvar al planeta, pues la deforestación, el incremento de la población, la quema de combustibles fósiles, el calentamiento global, el agujero de ozono sobre la Antártida dejan intuir que la Tierra está en g...

  3. Programa Padres al Colegio

    Viñeglas Fernández, Sandra


    El presente trabajo, es un proyecto orientado a la promoción de la salud, en referencia al virus del papiloma humano (VPH), ya que este virus es el causante de una de las infecciones de transmisión sexual más frecuentes en el mundo, el objetivo de este trabajo, es diseñar una serie de intervenciones que contribuyan a sensibilizar e informar a la ciudadanía, para lograr mejorar la prevención del virus del papiloma humano y el cáncer de cérvix. Como ya es sabido, cualquier intervención sobre...

  4. Del Pasadismo al Futurismo

    Agudo-Martínez, M. J.


    Uno de los habituales prejuicios a la hora de abordar el análisis del movimiento futurista, al igual que sucede con el constructivismo, es la consideración del contexto político en el que se desarrollaron ambas vanguardias. Sin embargo, y dejando a un lado un enfoque del arte con finalidad política de signo diverso, habría que insistir en el hecho de que posiblemente sean tanto el futurismo italiano como el constructivismo ruso, los movimientos que con mayor entusiasmo se manifestaron, en un ...

  5. Synthesizing (ZrAl3 + AlN)/Mg-Al composites by a 'matrix exchange' method

    Gao, Tong; Li, Zengqiang; Hu, Kaiqi; Han, Mengxia; Liu, Xiangfa


    A method named 'matrix exchange' to synthesize ZrAl3 and AlN reinforced Mg-Al composite was developed in this paper. By inserting Al-10ZrN master alloy into Mg matrix and reheating the cooled ingot to 550 °C, Al and Mg atoms diffuse to the opposite side. As a result, liquid melt occurs once the interface areas reach to proper compositions. Then dissolved Al atoms react with ZrN, leading to the in-situ formation of ZrAl3 and AlN particles, while the Al matrix is finally replaced by Mg. This study provides a new insight for preparing Mg composites.

  6. Appiah-Adjei et al


    ing, sale of automobile spare parts, and metal fabrication. Some of these activities generate huge ... Keywords: Groundwater quality, pollution, waste disposal, Suame, Ghana ... of fertilizers (Chen et al., 2007; Parris, 2011;. Shen et al., 2011), ...

  7. AL-USRCRN Station Information

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Documentation of United States Alabama Regional Climate Reference Network (AL-USRCRN) installations in 2006. Installations documented are for AL-USRCRN pilot project...

  8. Derivados vinculados al seguro.

    De Paz Cobo, Sonia


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo la presentación de los derivados financieros como instrumentos de cobertura de los riesgos del seguro, así como de los principales proyectos que se desarrollan a través de los mismos, como por ejemplo los derivados sobre el clima. Hay que tener presente las pérdidas multimillonarias ocasionadas en casos como el de la banca Baring’s, o el de Orange County, por citar algunas, que si bien ciertos autores afirman que están en relación directa con el uso de estos productos, no podemos olvidar que los instrumentos derivados se desarrollaron con el objetivo principal de proteger al usuario de la posible volatilidad del activo subyacente. Ya en la industria aseguradora los derivados vinculados a tal actividad son instrumentos donde el pago se condiciona a la ocurrencia de su suceso de siniestro, o serie de sucesos múltiples que disparen las pérdidas. Tras el repaso efectuado y la descripción que este tipo de instrumentos puede tener en la gestión del riesgo por parte de la industria aseguradora, concluiremos con la exposición de las relaciones con el reaseguro tradicional así como una breve referencia al futuro de este tipo de instrumentos

  9. Bukti Kebenaran Al-quran

    Aliyah, Sri


    Al Quran is the greatest miracles of Muhammad SAW as the direction of humankind in order to reach eternal happiness. Scientific evidences show that Al Quran has the truth massages, although it was released far before the finding of modern sciences. The researches continue to study the truth of Al Quran an it revealed the historical fact.

  10. Salvar al planeta

    Thomas Sancton


    Full Text Available El desastre de Exxon Valdez en Canadá (1989en que derramaron 262 mil barriles de petróleo en las aguas de Alaska cambió la conciencia de los norteamericanos para bien. Comienzan a preocuparse, les gusta ser ecologistas. Se espera que no sea moda o novelería y que asuman el liderazgo para salvar al planeta, pues la deforestación, el incremento de la población, la quema de combustibles fósiles, el calentamiento global, el agujero de ozono sobre la Antártida dejan intuir que la Tierra está en grave peligro. Se recomienda entonces optar por un desarrollo sustentable.


    Alberto Contreras Clunes


    Full Text Available El fallo en el caso Pinochet tiene distintas formas de ser analizado. De partida, desde un punto de vista político, también constitucional, del derecho penal. Sin embargo, nos abocaremos al estudio desde el punto de vista procesal, en especial a lo referido al Debido Proceso. Para ello se analizará los presupuestos, la solución dada por la Excma. Corte Suprema y las consecuencias del mismo. Además, se criticará la solución dada, desde la óptica de las garantías procesales del imputado, contenidas en el nuevo proceso penal y lo dispuesto en la Constitución y la Convención Americana de Derechos Humanos. Finalmente, se argumentará en favor de una interpretación finalista y armónica de la Constitución y los tratados internacionales de derechos humanos.The verdict of the Pinochet Case has different ways of being analyzed: from the political, the constitutional, and the penal law points of view. However, we will approach this study from the legal point of view, especially to that referred to as the Proper Process. To do this, the budgets, the solution given by the Most Excellent Supreme Court, and its consequences will be analyzed. Furthermore, the given solution will be criticized from the point of view of the legal guarantees of the accused contained in the new penal process and what is contained in the Constitution and in the American Convention of Human Rights. In conclusion, we will argue in favor of a final and harmonious interpretation of the Constitution and the international agreement of human rights.

  12. Carta al Editor

    Darío Maldonado Romero


    Full Text Available

    Bogotá, 01 de Agosto de 1990
    Miembros del Consejo Editorial
    Academia Nacional de Medicina

    Señores doctores:

    Con toda consideración y respeto me permito agregar algunas anotaciones al escrito del Académico Alberto Cárdenas Escobar, aparecido en el No. 22 de Medicina, para destacar algunos aspectos de la personalidad del doctor Alberto Schweitzer galardonado con el Premio Nobel de la Paz.

    A los 30 años de edad tomó una decisión dramática: Estudiar Medicina para trabajaren el África Ecuatorial. Cuando terminó sus investigaciones sobre enfermedades tropicales y sus prácticas hospitaLarias, partió para el Gabon al pequeño pueblo de Lambarené. La tarea era desconsoladora; La atención médica había que prestarla al aire libre; iba con su esposa, como enfermera y amanuense, y no se encontraba ni un intérprete, ni un ayudante. Cuando le llegaron la medicina y el equipaje hubo que acomodarlos en un viejo gallinero abandonado; el calor era insoportable y le venían enfermos de varias millas a la redonda, a pie o en Canoas.

    Las enfermedades más difundidas eran Malaria, Disentería, estreptococias y la más mortífera, la Tripanosomiasis Gambiense, para la que empezaban a llegar medicinas nuevas eficaces y las medidas preventivas como el suministro de agua potable y enmallado de ventanas impedían muchas contaminaciones.

    Pero la que causaba mayores dificultades y trabajo era la Mycobacteriasis Anestesiante, incurable, de difícil diagnóstico, afectando a varios miembros de la misma familia, de aspecto horripilante, con complicaciones neuríticas muy dolorosas, frecuente ceguera, e invalideces y procesos erisepelatososacrotéricos, que exigían acompañante para el cambio y lavado de vendas y suministro de alimentos.

    A menos de un año de

  13. Idaaratu al Wahdah al Namthiyah li at Tathwiri al Tarbiyah al Islamiyah

    Ahmad Danusiri


    Full Text Available Islam, through the Quran, proclaims that its mission includes the teachings to the whole universe, Everything in the universe is maintained by Islam, and none of the symptoms are ignored. The revelations also include the traditions of the Prophet that are authentic (shahih and good (hasan in quality. Both the Quran and maqbulah hadiths are accepted by Muslims on the basis of faith. When some experts of UIN Walisongo from various disciplines try to understand the sacred words of these two resources, their understanding continues, reaching the paradigm of the unity of science which essentially unites the normative, social, and natural sciences. The effect of this paradigm has brought up an issue for the author. Is there any hadiths or Prophetic traditions that can be used as a grand theory in the management disciplines of Islamic education.To address this issue, the authors conducted a literature research with the title Development of Islamic Education Management Module. Sources of data were focused on nine books of Hadiths : Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan at-Turmudzi, Sunan an-Nasai, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan ad-Darimi, Muwatta Malik, and Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in the form of digital data Lidwa Reader Software Book 9 Imam Hadith. The findings of the study stated that the meaning of the word Rabb includes: creating, nurturing, maintaining, teaching, educating, and organizing. Thus, in an academic term, the word Rabb implies a manager or leader. Meanwhile, in the concept of comprehensive manager it contains at least 14 nomenclature denotations: planning, responsibility, organization, coordination, system of employee payroll, learning, resources, humanity, principle of making it easier for the manager to the employee, motivated to achieve optimal performance, preventing unproductivity, education participation, institutional costs, monitoring, and evaluation system. Each nomenclature has numerous hadiths that could serve

  14. Malamih al-Ashwat al-'Arabiyyah wa Makharijaha

    Amrah Muhammad Kasim


    Full Text Available This writing discusses on al-ashwat al-‘arabiyyah that is known with “phonetic” term. It talks and interprets makharij al-huruf or place for producing sounds and also processing production of sounds by parts of mouth in Arabic language. The problems of sounds and its systems in Arabic language have been conducted by the scholars of al-ashwat al-‘arabiyyah attractively, neatly, and detail and gotten ahead the phonetic western scholars. Part of their analysis results formulate the study about al-ashwat al-sakinah (al-Shamit is known with vocal and consonant sounds in research questions shawait – shawamit. Ibnu Jinni has formulated “harakat”(wowel in Arabic language and dimension of letter  mad and liyn on alif  letter - waw - ya’ (ا و ي, from these letters create  harakat fathah, dammah, and kasrah. Moreover, in this writing also exist the description of hija’i letters and its makhraj that are correct from parts of mouth and the unity of coordinative sounds that produce sounds in morphemes arrangement, in one word that produces meaning. The result of phonological study has divided al-ashwat to be kinds of sound like the pronounced sounds, produced sounds from mouth, and heard sound.

  15. Morton et al. Reply

    Morton, Douglas C.; Nagol, Jyoteshwar; Carabajal, Claudia C.; Rosette, Jacqueline; Palace, Michael; Cook, Bruce D.; Vermote, Eric F.; Harding, David J.; North, Peter R. J.


    Multiple mechanisms could lead to up-regulation of dry-season photosynthesis in Amazon forests, including canopy phenology and illumination geometry. We specifically tested two mechanisms for phenology-driven changes in Amazon forests during dry-season months, and the combined evidence from passive optical and lidar satellite data was incompatible with large net changes in canopy leaf area or leaf reflectance suggested by previous studies. We therefore hypothesized that seasonal changes in the fraction of sunlit and shaded canopies, one aspect of bidirectional reflectance effects in Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data, could alter light availability for dry-season photosynthesis and the photosynthetic capacity of Amazon forests without large net changes in canopy composition. Subsequent work supports the hypothesis that seasonal changes in illumination geometry and diffuse light regulate light saturation in Amazon forests. These studies clarify the physical mechanisms that govern light availability in Amazon forests from seasonal variability in direct and diffuse illumination. Previously, in the debate over light limitation of Amazon forest productivity, seasonal changes in the distribution of light within complex Amazon forest canopies were confounded with dry-season increases in total incoming photosynthetically active radiation. In the accompanying Comment, Saleska et al. do not fully account for this confounding effect of forest structure on photosynthetic capacity.

  16. Alternativen als Programm

    Paulina Dobroć


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Artikel soll einen Beitrag zu theoretischen Überlegungen einer Technikfolgenabschätzung (TA der Alternativen leisten. Ausgehend von der Annahme, dass TA seit ihrer Entstehung den Anspruch auf die Entwicklung von (technischen Alternativen erhoben hat, wird hier der Versuch unternommen, die Rolle der TA im Rahmen aktueller Innovationsprozesse zu reflektieren und (neu zu definieren. Dies scheint vor allem im Hinblick auf aktuelle gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen notwendig. Zu diesem Zweck wird eine Grundannahme Lothar Hacks über das Verhältnis von Gesellschaft und Technik herangezogen. Seine Annahme besagt, dass die kontinuierliche Überführung von sozialen Problemen und Leitbildern in enge technische Lösungsansätze in hochindustrialisierten Ländern dominant und Teil der aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Probleme ist. Diese These wird im vorliegenden Artikel im Hinblick auf einen Perspektivenwechsel als Ausgangspunkt eines zukünftigen Forschungsprogramms der TA fruchtbar gemacht. Hierbei bildet das Denken in Alternativen von gesellschaftlichen Zukünften den zentralen Fokus.

  17. Undulators at the ALS

    Hoyer, E.; Akre, J.; Chin, J.


    At Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's (LBL) Advanced Light Source (ALS), three 4.6 m long undulators have been completed, tested and installed. A fourth is under construction. The completed undulators include two 5.0 cm period length, 89 period devices (U5.0s) which achieve a 0.85 T effective field at a 14 mm minimum gap and a 8.0 cm period length, 55 period device (U8.0) that reaches a 1.2 T effective field at a 14 mm minimum gap. The undulator under construction is a 10.0 cm period length, 43 period device (U10.0) that is designed to achieve 0.98 T at a 23 mm gap. Undulator magnetic gap variation (rms) is within 25 microns over the periodic structure length. Reproducibility of the adjustable magnetic gap has been measured to be within +/- 5 microns. Gap adjusting range is from 14 mm to 210 mm, which can be scanned in one minute. The 5.1 m long vacuum chambers are flat in the vertical direction to within 0.74 mm and straight in the horizontal direction to within 0.08 mm over the 4.6 m magnetic structure sections. Vacuum chamber base pressures after UHV beam conditioning are. in the mid 10 -11 Torr range and storage ring operating pressures with full current are in the low 10 -10 Torr range. Measurements show that the uncorrelated magnetic field errors are 0.23%, and 0.20% for the two U5.Os and the U8.0 respectively and that the field integrals are small over the 1 cm by 6 cm beam aperture. Device description, fabrication, and measurements are presented

  18. Diffusion-induced quadrupole relaxation of 27Al nuclei in dilute Al-Ti, Al-Cr, Al-Mn, and Al-Cu alloys at high temperatures

    Bottyan, L.; Beke, D.L.; Tompa, K.


    The temperature dependence of the laboratory frame spin-lattice relaxation time of 27 Al nuclei is measured in 5N Al and in dilute Al-Ti, Al-Cr, Al-Mn, and Al-Cu alloys at 5.7 and 9.7 MHz resonance frequencies. The relaxation in pure aluminium is found to be purely due to the conduction electrons. An excess T 1 -relaxation contribution is detected in all Al-3d alloys investigated above 670 K. The excess relaxation rate is proportional to the impurity content and the temperature dependence of the excess contribution is of Arrhenius-type with an activation energy of (1.3 +- 0.3) eV for all of the investigated alloys. The relaxation contribution is found to be quadrupolar in origin and is caused by the relative diffusional jumps of solute atoms and Al atoms relatively far from the impurity. (author)

  19. Deformation mechanisms of nanotwinned Al

    Zhang, Xinghang [Texas A & M Univ., College Station, TX (United States)


    The objective of this project is to investigate the role of different types of layer interfaces on the formation of high density stacking fault (SF) in Al in Al/fcc multilayers, and understand the corresponding deformation mechanisms of the films. Stacking faults or twins can be intentionally introduced (via growth) into certain fcc metals with low stacking fault energy (such as Cu, Ag and 330 stainless steels) to achieve high strength, high ductility, superior thermal stability and good electrical conductivity. However it is still a major challenge to synthesize these types of defects into metals with high stacking fault energy, such as Al. Although deformation twins have been observed in some nanocrystalline Al powders by low temperature, high strain rate cryomilling or in Al at the edge of crack tip or indentation (with the assistance of high stress intensity factor), these deformation techniques typically introduce twins sporadically and the control of deformation twin density in Al is still not feasible. This project is designed to test the following hypotheses: (1) Certain type of layer interfaces may assist the formation of SF in Al, (2) Al with high density SF may have deformation mechanisms drastically different from those of coarse-grained Al and nanotwinned Cu. To test these hypotheses, we have performed the following tasks: (i) Investigate the influence of layer interfaces, stresses and deposition parameters on the formation and density of SF in Al. (ii) Understand the role of SF on the deformation behavior of Al. In situ nanoindentation experiments will be performed to probe deformation mechanisms in Al. The major findings related to the formation mechanism of twins and mechanical behavior of nanotwinned metals include the followings: 1) Our studies show that nanotwins can be introduced into metals with high stacking fault energy, in drastic contrast to the general anticipation. 2) We show two strategies that can effectively introduce growth twins in

  20. Deformation mechanisms of nanotwinned Al

    Zhang, Xinghang


    The objective of this project is to investigate the role of different types of layer interfaces on the formation of high density stacking fault (SF) in Al in Al/fcc multilayers, and understand the corresponding deformation mechanisms of the films. Stacking faults or twins can be intentionally introduced (via growth) into certain fcc metals with low stacking fault energy (such as Cu, Ag and 330 stainless steels) to achieve high strength, high ductility, superior thermal stability and good electrical conductivity. However it is still a major challenge to synthesize these types of defects into metals with high stacking fault energy, such as Al. Although deformation twins have been observed in some nanocrystalline Al powders by low temperature, high strain rate cryomilling or in Al at the edge of crack tip or indentation (with the assistance of high stress intensity factor), these deformation techniques typically introduce twins sporadically and the control of deformation twin density in Al is still not feasible. This project is designed to test the following hypotheses: (1) Certain type of layer interfaces may assist the formation of SF in Al, (2) Al with high density SF may have deformation mechanisms drastically different from those of coarse-grained Al and nanotwinned Cu. To test these hypotheses, we have performed the following tasks: (i) Investigate the influence of layer interfaces, stresses and deposition parameters on the formation and density of SF in Al. (ii) Understand the role of SF on the deformation behavior of Al. In situ nanoindentation experiments will be performed to probe deformation mechanisms in Al. The major findings related to the formation mechanism of twins and mechanical behavior of nanotwinned metals include the followings: 1) Our studies show that nanotwins can be introduced into metals with high stacking fault energy, in drastic contrast to the general anticipation. 2) We show two strategies that can effectively introduce growth twins in


    Juan Pablo Acuña, Dr.


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: La dependencia o adicción a sustancias de uso profesional es un problema que puede afectar gravemente a médicos de diferentes especialidades. En la anestesiología hay mayor riesgo de dependencia a opioides e hipnóticos que en otras especialidades y puede llegar a afectar al 1% de los médicos anestesiólogos.La fisiopatología del trastorno por uso de sustancias tiene hechos comunes para diferentes drogas. Interactúan la vulnerabilidad genética y factores psicosociales como predisponentes y los efectos psicobiológicos de la sustancia como factor gatillante. En el caso de los anestesiólogos, la sustancia se encuentra en el lugar de trabajo y por lo tanto, el individuo está constantemente expuesto.Una disfunción previa del sistema de recompensa en el circuito mesocorticolímbico o causada por la exposición a la sustancia adictiva es la piedra central de la neurobiología de las adicciones. Los opioides, anfetaminas, canabinoides, alcohol y nicotina, son algunas de las sustancias exógenas que activan el circuito y causan inicialmente un efecto hedónico que reforzará la conducta por repetir la experiencia. Con el tiempo la interacción con la droga será para evitar los síntomas de abstinencia.Dada la exposición laboral de los anestesiólogos, es necesario prevenir, detectar y tratar precozmente a quienes están abusando de sustancias durante su ejercicio profesional.Por las características de estos fármacos, aspectos psicológicos especiales de los médicos y el contexto laboral se hace necesario un tratamiento especializado y en anestesiólogos la reinserción laboral debe ser un proceso controlado, gradual y con un seguimiento prolongado. SUMMARY: Prescription drugs dependence seriously impairs doctors from differents fields of medicine. Anesthesiology has greater risk than other specialties to opioids and hypnotics dependence, with prevalence up to 1%.Substances use disorder has common mechanisms of disease regardless

  2. 117 - 122 Omoniyi et al


    Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 8(2): 117 – 122. Received: ... FOLLOWING MILD EXPOSURE. Omoniyi ... People who work with materials containing mere traces .... obscured physical effect in the animal model (Omoniyi et al.

  3. 150 - 159_Salisu et al.


    of interaction occurring in this natural system (Dube et al.,2000). Many soils ... minerals including gold, copper, zinc etc. The Zamfara ... contain unusually problematic concentration of lead and other ..... Copper (Cu) is an essential micronutrient ...

  4. 142 - 149_Safiyanu et al.,


    insecticides producing industries whose daily challenge is minimization of malaria burden across the globe. Larvae of ... emerge and currently represents the major threat to ..... eastern Thailand (Pimsamurna et al., 2009) and resistance to ...

  5. 24 - 28_Suleiman et al.


    larval instar. Keywords: Antlion, Construction, Density, Distribution, Hunger, Larvae, Pit. INTRODUCTION ... 1987), moisture (Gotelli 1993; Morrison 1994), and shade (scharfet al. .... Pit building was virtually the same in all three instar, and no ...

  6. Laniyan et al (1).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    Pollution of groundwater has become a major environmental problem. Anthropogenic ... drinking water comes from aquifers (Forster et al.,. 1998). Aquifers ... improvement in public health. ..... Arsenic (As): Chemical properties,. Health and ...

  7. Radiation detection with Nb/Al-AlOx/Al/Nb superconducting tunnel junctions

    Matsumura, Atsuki; Takahashi, Toru; Kurakado, Masahiko


    Superconductor radiation detectors have the possibility of 20-30 times better energy resolution than that of a high resolution Si detector. We fabricated Nb/Al-AlOx/Al/Nb superconducting tunnel junctions with low leakage current. X rays were detected with large area junctions of 178x178 μm 2 . High energy resolution of 160 eV for 5.9 keV was obtained. We also fabricated series connected junctions which covers a rather large area of 4x4 mm 2 . α particles injected into the rear substrate were detected using nonthermal phonons induced by the radiations in the substrate. (author)

  8. Al clamor de les vuvuzeles

    Javier Olivera Betrán


    Full Text Available El Mundial de Futbol de Sud-àfrica ha situat l’Àfrica al mapa mundial i ha mostrat al món el triomf de l’estil de futbol d’Espanya basat en la col·lectivitat, l’esperit d’equip, la humilitat, la cohesió interna i el joc bonic. L’organització africana, seriosa i eficaç, ha sabut mobilitzar i il·lusionar la població del país que ha participat en el mundial des de l’orgull de ser africà, amb l’esperit alegre, festiu i també reivindicatiu de la gent de l’Àfrica. Aquest esdeveniment suposa el llançament de la marca “Sud-àfrica” al món amb un avís clar d’optar a l’organització d’uns primers Jocs Olímpics a Àfrica (potser els de 2020. S’obre una finestra d’esperança al segle xxi per al continent perdut de la mà de l’esport espectacle tan universal, massiu, emocional i mercantil que també es juga a la canxa de la política i de l’economia.

  9. Combustion synthesis of AlB2-Al2O3 composite powders with AlB2 nanowire structures

    Yang, Pan; Xiao, Guoqing; Ding, Donghai; Ren, Yun; Yang, Shoulei; Lv, Lihua; Hou, Xing


    Using of Al and B2O3 powders as starting materials, and Mg-Al alloy as additives, AlB2-Al2O3 composite powders with AlB2 nanowire structures were successfully fabricated via combustion synthesis method in Ar atmosphere at a pressure of 1.5 MPa. The effect of different amount of Mg-Al alloy on the phase compositions and morphology of the combustion products was investigated. The results revealed that AlB2 and Al2O3 increased, whereas Al decreased with the content of Mg-Al alloy increasing. The impurities MgAl2O4 and AlB12 would exist in the sample with adding of 18 wt% Mg-Al alloy. Interestingly, FESEM/TEM/EDS results showed that AlB2 nanowires were observed in the products when the content of Mg-Al alloy is 6 wt% and 12 wt%. The more AlB2 nanowires can be found as the content of Mg-Al alloy increased. And the yield of AlB2 nanowires with the diameter of about 200 nanometers (nm) and the length up to several tens of micrometers (μm) in the combustion product is highest when the content of Mg-Al alloy is 12 wt%. The vapor, such as Mg-Al (g), B2O2 (g), AlO (g) and Al2O (g), produced during the process of combustion synthesis, reacted with each other to yield AlB2 nanowires by vapor-solid (VS) mechanism and the corresponding model was also proposed.


    Misbakhudin Misbakhudin


    Full Text Available One of the most precious achievement in qur’anic studies was the book of Al-Ittijâhât al-Munharifah fî al-Tafsîr: Dawâfi’uha wa Daf’uha written by A great Islamic scholar, Muhammad Husein al-Dzahabî. He was succeeded in discussing several issues of corruptions of the exegesis of the holy Qur’an. This article is aimed to explain and to describe his analysis toward several corrupted linguist interpretations in their originations and such corrupted linguistic interpretations of the holy Qur’an which are ignoring Arabic structures and grammers

  11. Conjuntivitis alérgica

    Alejandro Tello Hernández


    Full Text Available La conjuntivitis alérgica es una de las causas más comunesde consulta externa en oftalmología y tiene una muy altarelación con las reacciones alérgicas sistémicas. Lafisiopatología de las reacciones de hipersensibilidad noshace entender los cuadros clínicos característicos de estapatología y sus diferentes grados de severidad. Eldiagnostico diferencial es amplio, sin embargo hay clavesdiagnosticas que nos orientan rápidamente al diagnosticocorrecto. El tratamiento se enfoca en las medidasfarmacológicas y no farmacológicas, utilizándolas enconjunto para disminuir la recurrencia del cuadro y prevenirsecuelas visuales.


    Syamsul Kurniawan


    Full Text Available Education reform efforts typically begin with a conceptual perspective before implementation. Thus, developing Islamic education usually begins with a study of a figure and his educational thought. And one of the most influential figures whose thought which has Sufi religious pattern has dominated educational thinking atmosphere over the centuries since his death. The purpose of education according to al-Ghazali was to get closer to Allah. He came with a view that the most noble job is to educate: to become a teacher. Al-Ghazali advised that his students, in the learning process, aim to become scientists who could disseminate their knowledge for the sake of humanity values. Keywords: Al-Ghazali, Thought, Islamic Education.

  13. A united refinement technology for commercial pure Al by Al-10Ti and Al-Ti-C master alloys

    Ma Xiaoguang [Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jinan 250061 (China); Liu Xiangfa [Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jinan 250061 (China)], E-mail:; Ding Haimin [Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jinan 250061 (China)


    Because flake-like TiAl{sub 3} particles in Al-Ti-C master alloys prepared in a melt reaction method dissolve slowly when they are added into Al melt at 720 deg. C, Ti atoms cannot be released rapidly to play the assistant role of grain refinement, leading to a poor refinement efficiency of Al-Ti-C master alloys. A united refinement technology by Al-10Ti and Al-Ti-C master alloys was put forward in this paper. The rational combination of fine blocky TiAl{sub 3} particles in Al-10Ti and TiC particles in Al-Ti-C can improve the nucleation rate of {alpha}-Al. It not only improves the grain refinement efficiency of Al-Ti-C master alloys, but also reduces the consumption.

  14. A united refinement technology for commercial pure Al by Al-10Ti and Al-Ti-C master alloys

    Ma Xiaoguang; Liu Xiangfa; Ding Haimin


    Because flake-like TiAl 3 particles in Al-Ti-C master alloys prepared in a melt reaction method dissolve slowly when they are added into Al melt at 720 deg. C, Ti atoms cannot be released rapidly to play the assistant role of grain refinement, leading to a poor refinement efficiency of Al-Ti-C master alloys. A united refinement technology by Al-10Ti and Al-Ti-C master alloys was put forward in this paper. The rational combination of fine blocky TiAl 3 particles in Al-10Ti and TiC particles in Al-Ti-C can improve the nucleation rate of α-Al. It not only improves the grain refinement efficiency of Al-Ti-C master alloys, but also reduces the consumption

  15. estigma tolerable al estigma intolerable

    Nelson Arteaga Botello


    cristalización pasa por dos referentes de interacción y relación social al interior del espacio escolar. El primero está constituido por parámetros de normalidad y anormalidad a partir de la localización de estigmas. El segundo se encuentra, a contrapelo de la tendencia anterior, tratando de diluir los efectos de los estigmas al señalarlos como una práctica de tipificación social intolerable o inaceptable.

  16. De la contingencia al destino

    Heller, Agnes


    Full Text Available Not available.

    La modernidad no ha podido dar respuesta al problema de la contingencia histórica, El texto muestra, por medio de metáforas, que el abandono necesario de esta cuestión no significa que estemos abocados al relativismo respecto a la contingencia existencial. La contingencia existencial, individual, sigue presente en la vida de todo individuo. Se sostiene que podemos dar un destino a nuestras vidas, y ésta es la tarea principal del filósofo.

  17. Tailoring ultrafine grained and dispersion-strengthened Ti 2 AlC/TiAl ...

    In situ Ti 2 AlC/TiAl composite was fabricated by hot-pressing method via the reaction system of Ti 3 AlC 2 and Ti-Al pre-alloyed powders at low temperature of 1150 ∘ C. The composite mainly consisted of TiAl, Ti 3 Al and Ti 2 AlC phases. Fine Ti 2 AlC particles were homogeneously distributed and dispersed in the matrix.


    Luis Alberto Girón Murillo


    Full Text Available Es complejo para gestores y administradores conocer las implicaciones que la adopción de modelos de desarrollo de software tendría para una región. Este artículo ofrece una evaluación de las implicaciones dinámicas que para el desarrollo de software de una región tendría el apostar de forma excluyente al software libre, al software de fuente abierta y al software propietario. Se desarrolló un modelo de simulación en Vensim de la dinámica de sistemas en donde se evaluaron 3 escenarios: uno en donde se adopta de forma excluyente el software libre, uno en donde se adopta el software propietario y uno en donde se adopta el software de fuente abierta. Se ofrecen descripciones y explicaciones de los resultados que sugieren las potencialidades de cada uno de los modelos de desarrollo evaluados.

  19. AlN/Al dual protective coatings on NdFeB by DC magnetron sputtering

    Li Jinlong; Mao Shoudong; Sun Kefei [Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Magnetic Materials and Application Technology, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo 315201 (China); Li Xiaomin [Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050 (China); Song Zhenlun [Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Magnetic Materials and Application Technology, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo 315201 (China)], E-mail:


    AlN/Al dual protective coatings were prepared on NdFeB by DC magnetron sputtering in a home-made industrial apparatus. Comparing with Al coating, AlN/Al coatings have a denser structure of an outmost AlN amorphous layer following an inner Al columnar crystal layer. The coatings and NdFeB substrate combine well, and moreover, there is occurrence of metallurgy bonding in the interface layer. Both Al and AlN/Al coatings have a good protective ability to NdFeB. Especially, the corrosion resistance of AlN/Al coated NdFeB is improved largely. AlN/Al and Al protective coatings not only do not deteriorate the magnetic properties of NdFeB, but contribute to their slight increase.

  20. AlN/Al dual protective coatings on NdFeB by DC magnetron sputtering

    Li Jinlong; Mao Shoudong; Sun Kefei; Li Xiaomin; Song Zhenlun


    AlN/Al dual protective coatings were prepared on NdFeB by DC magnetron sputtering in a home-made industrial apparatus. Comparing with Al coating, AlN/Al coatings have a denser structure of an outmost AlN amorphous layer following an inner Al columnar crystal layer. The coatings and NdFeB substrate combine well, and moreover, there is occurrence of metallurgy bonding in the interface layer. Both Al and AlN/Al coatings have a good protective ability to NdFeB. Especially, the corrosion resistance of AlN/Al coated NdFeB is improved largely. AlN/Al and Al protective coatings not only do not deteriorate the magnetic properties of NdFeB, but contribute to their slight increase.

  1. 34 - 38 Ashiru et al.


    INTRODUCTION. Commercial fish feeds are usually expensive because the traditional or conventional protein source ingredient such as fish meal, soyabean ... consumption (Madu et al., 2003). Fish feed constitute for about 60-80% of management cost in agricultural production (Igonifagha, 1979). Periodic scarcity and.

  2. 39 - 47_Aminu et al.


    estimated 453, 000 resulting in the death of a child younger than five years. In Sub-Saharan Africa and. Asia, according to Kotloff et al., (2013), rotavirus is one of the four most common causes of moderate to severe diarrhea among children <5 years of age. Diarrhea is one of the documented '10 killer conditions' among ...

  3. Oyebola et al (23).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    3+ described elsewhere (Oyebola et al., 2010). Ho absorption peaks were obtained from transmission studies carried out with a Cary 5000. UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer and corresponding absorption coefficients deduced using the Beer-Lambert law. Spectral emission measurements were carried out using the schematic ...

  4. 180 - 184_ Farouk et al.,


    College of Arts, Science and Remedial Studies, Kano, Nigeria aceutical and Medicinal ... d out to determine the levels of Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) in m ... and soil. Contamination of als may be due to natural, activities (Wilkinson et ation of ...

  5. Adewale et al (18).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    MATERIAL IN SOIL AND MINE TAILINGS OF AWO AND EDE, OSUN-STATE,. NIGERIA. 1*. 1. 2 ... The materials may be original (such as uranium and thorium) or decay .... following equation (Beck et al., 1972). D = 0.042A (K) + 0.429A.

  6. Idowu et al (19).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    aquifer flow (MacDonald et al., 2005). Typically, it travels vertically downwards through the unsaturated zone to the water table, from where it flows according to the hydraulic gradient, until it reaches an area of discharge where it occurs as springs or seepages, providing part of the dry season flow and constituting part of the.

  7. 94 - 99_Nafiu et al.


    destination for tourist, it promotes tourism and ecotourism in .... Malaysia. It is also similar with the work of Abuessaila et al., (2011) who reported Trichostrongylus spp. (13.5%) ... animals that tend to receives medical attention were reported to ...

  8. Derecho humano al agua y al saneamiento: derechos estrechamente vinculados al derecho a la vida

    Fernández Aller, Maria Celia; Luis Romero, Elena de; Guzmán Acha, Cristina


    Los derechos humanos al agua y al saneamiento están íntimamente relacionados con otros derechos esenciales para la vida, como la alimentación o la salud. Su reconocimiento como derechos humanos en 2010 marca un hito importante en el respeto, protección y realización de estos derechos, que se encuentran seriamente vulnerados para una mayoría de población más vulnerable y empobrecida, sobre todo en el ámbito rural. Mucho camino queda aún para conseguir no sólo la disponibilidad de agua y saneam...

  9. Personalidad y tolerancia al dolor



    Full Text Available Se examina la relación de algunas variables de personalidad -EPQ-A (Eysenck y Eysenck, 1975, NEO-PI (McCrae y Costa, 1988 y STA -personalidad esquizotípica- y STB -personalidad límite-, de Claridge y Broks (1984, con la tolerancia al dolor experimental inducido mediante agua fría (cold pressor test, según el procedimiento de Staats, Heckmat y Staats (1998 en una muestra filtrada mediante un cuestionario sobre dolor crónico, dolores de cabeza, de espalda, artritis, síndrome de Raynaud, y personas bajo medicación. La tolerancia al dolor experimental se evaluó mediante el Umbral del dolor (tiempo en segundos desde la introducción de la mano en el agua hasta el primer informe de dolor, Mantenimiento del dolor (duración en segundos de la inmersión de la mano desde la aparición del umbral hasta su retirada y Tolerancia al dolor (duración total en segundos de la inmersión de la mano desde su introducción hasta su retirada. Un análisis correlacional, factorial y de regresión por pasos mostraron un efecto cruzado entre medidas de ansiedad (tolerancia negativa al dolor y psicoticismo, siendo psicoticismo junto con control emocional predictores de tolerancia positiva al dolor. En cuanto a psicoticismo, parece que son sus elementos de naturaleza paranoide y de "dureza" los que afectan a una percepción atenuada del dolor.

  10. Large rectification magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic Al/Ge/Al heterojunctions.

    Zhang, Kun; Li, Huan-Huan; Grünberg, Peter; Li, Qiang; Ye, Sheng-Tao; Tian, Yu-Feng; Yan, Shi-Shen; Lin, Zhao-Jun; Kang, Shi-Shou; Chen, Yan-Xue; Liu, Guo-Lei; Mei, Liang-Mo


    Magnetoresistance and rectification are two fundamental physical properties of heterojunctions and respectively have wide applications in spintronics devices. Being different from the well known various magnetoresistance effects, here we report a brand new large magnetoresistance that can be regarded as rectification magnetoresistance: the application of a pure small sinusoidal alternating-current to the nonmagnetic Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions can generate a significant direct-current voltage, and this rectification voltage strongly varies with the external magnetic field. We find that the rectification magnetoresistance in Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions is as large as 250% at room temperature, which is greatly enhanced as compared with the conventional magnetoresistance of 70%. The findings of rectification magnetoresistance open the way to the new nonmagnetic Ge-based spintronics devices of large rectification magnetoresistance at ambient temperature under the alternating-current due to the simultaneous implementation of the rectification and magnetoresistance in the same devices.

  11. Large rectification magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic Al/Ge/Al heterojunctions

    Zhang, Kun; Li, Huan-huan; Grünberg, Peter; Li, Qiang; Ye, Sheng-tao; Tian, Yu-feng; Yan, Shi-shen; Lin, Zhao-jun; Kang, Shi-shou; Chen, Yan-xue; Liu, Guo-lei; Mei, and Liang-mo


    Magnetoresistance and rectification are two fundamental physical properties of heterojunctions and respectively have wide applications in spintronics devices. Being different from the well known various magnetoresistance effects, here we report a brand new large magnetoresistance that can be regarded as rectification magnetoresistance: the application of a pure small sinusoidal alternating-current to the nonmagnetic Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions can generate a significant direct-current volt...

  12. Jongerenwerk als werkplaats voor professionalisering

    Judith Metz


    met wetenschappelijke experimentele kennis als norm, is dat zij niet altijd goed aansluiten bij de complexiteit en flexibiliteit van de uitvoeringspraktijk. Vraag is: wat dan wel? In Amsterdam richten opleidingen en werkveld in 2008 Youth Spot op, het onderzoek- en praktijkcentrum voor jongerenwerk, met als doel om gezamenlijk te werken aan de profilering, professionalisering en praktijkontwikkeling van het jongerenwerk. Dit artikel belicht de aanleiding voor het ontstaan van Youth Spot, de structuur van de samenwerking, de ervaringen met de wijze van samen werken en de meerwaarde voor de professionalisering van het grootstedelijk jongerenwerk. Daarmee biedt dit artikel enerzijds een kijkje in de keuken van het (grootstedelijke jongerenwerk en anderzijds biedt zij inzicht in ervaringen met alternatieve professionalisering strategieën.

  13. Response to Lefebvre et al.

    Takeda, K; Kou, I; Kawakami, N; Yasuhiko, Y; Ogura, Y; Imagawa, E; Miyake, N; Matsumoto, N; Sudo, H; Kotani, T; Nakamura, M; Matsumoto, M; Watanabe, K; Ikegawa, S


    Congenital scoliosis (CS) is a common vertebral malformation with incidence of up to 1 of 1000 births worldwide. Recently, TBX6 has been reported as the first disease gene for CS: about 10% of CS patients are compound heterozygotes of rare null mutations and a common haplotype composed by 3 SNPs in TBX6. Lefebvre et al in this journal reported that 2 patients with spondylocostal dysostosis (SCD), a rare skeletal dysplasia affecting spine and ribs also have TBX6 mutations: 1 carried the microdeletion and a rare missense variant, and another 2 rare missense variants. We investigated the pathogenicity of the 3 missense variants in SCD by a luciferase assay. The results were negative for the proposal of Lefebvre et al. We consider these 2 SCD patients are more probably compound heterozygotes of null mutations and a common risk haplotype just as CS patients with TBX6 mutations. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. Transient oxidation of Al-deposited Fe-Cr-Al alloy foil

    Andoh, A.


    The oxide phases formed on an Al-deposited Fe-Cr-Al alloy foil and an Fe-Cr-Al alloy foil of the same levels of Al and (La+Ce) contents, and their oxidation kinetics have been studied in air at 1173 and 1373 K using TGA, XRD and SEM. Al deposition promotes the growth of metastable aluminas (θ-Al 2 O 3 , γ-Al 2 O 3 ). Scales consisting of θ-Al 2 O 3 and a small amount of α-Al 2 O 3 develop on the Al-deposited foil at 1173 K and exhibit the whisker-type morphology. In the early stage of oxidation at 1373 K, thick scales consisting of θ-Al 2 O 3 and α-Al 2 O 3 grow rapidly on the Al-deposited foil. The transformation from θ-Al 2 O 3 to α-Al 2 O 3 is very fast, and the scales result in only α-Al 2 O 3 . In contrast, α-Al 2 O 3 scales containing a minor amount of FeAl 2 O 4 develop on the alloy foil. The growth rate of α-Al 2 O 3 scales on the Al-deposited foil is smaller than that on the alloy foil and very close to that on NiAl at 1373 K. (orig.)

  15. Response to Lisovski et al.

    Streby, Henry M.; Kramer, Gunnar R.; Peterson, Sean M.; Lehman, Justin A.; Buehler, David A.; Andersen, David


    Lisovski et al. [1] describe the widely recognized limitations of light-level geolocator data for identifying short-distance latitudinal movements, recommend that caution be used when interpreting such data, intimated that we did not use such caution and argued that environmental shading likely explained the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) movements described in our 2015 report [2] . Lisovski et al. [1] conclude that the bird movements we reported could not be disentangled from estimation error in stationary animals caused by environmental shading. We argue that, to the contrary, these hypotheses can easily be disentangled because the premise that environmental shading caused synchronous and parallel error among geolocators is false. With their assertion that our location estimates could be biased by >3,500 km on a day with no observable local sources of shading, Lisovski et al. [1] have taken a position of incredulity toward all geolocator-based animal movement data published to date.

  16. Vormundschaftsrecht als Grundlage politischer Herrschaft

    Arne Duncker


    Full Text Available In ihrer beachtlichen und sehr gewissenhaft dokumentierten Arbeit über vormundschaftliche Regentschaften im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert beschreibt Pauline Puppel unter ausführlichem Bezug auf zeitgenössische Literatur und Archivalien sowohl die allgemeine Rechtslage im damaligen Reich als auch die Anwendungsfälle in Hessen, wo zwischen 1500 und 1700 insgesamt viermal eine Landgräfin als Vormünderin des Fürsten zur Regentin ihres Landes wurde. Dies steht exemplarisch für eine bereits in der Frühen Neuzeit mögliche und nicht einmal ganz seltene Form politischer Frauenherrschaft, die bisher oft nicht hinreichend gewürdigt wurde. Puppels Untersuchung ist in zwei Hauptteile gegliedert. Der erste Teil (Das juristische Regelwerk“, S. 34-143 behandelt die zeitgenössischen Rahmenbedingungen der durch Frauen ausgeübten Vormundschaft und Regentschaft. Der zweite Abschnitt („Die Landgräfinnen von Hessen als Regentinnen“, S. 144-307 befasst sich mit der Ausfüllung dieser Regeln durch konkrete Fallbeispiele in Gestalt von Leben und Regentschaft der regierenden Landgräfinnen von Hessen.

  17. Stem cells therapy for ALS.

    Mazzini, Letizia; Vescovi, Angelo; Cantello, Roberto; Gelati, Maurizio; Vercelli, Alessandro


    Despite knowledge on the molecular basis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) having quickly progressed over the last few years, such discoveries have not yet translated into new therapeutics. With the advancement of stem cell technologies there is hope for stem cell therapeutics as novel treatments for ALS. We discuss in detail the therapeutic potential of different types of stem cells in preclinical and clinical works. Moreover, we address many open questions in clinical translation. SC therapy is a potentially promising new treatment for ALS and the need to better understand how to develop cell-based experimental treatments, and how to implement them in clinical trials, becomes more pressing. Mesenchymal stem cells and neural fetal stem cells have emerged as safe and potentially effective cell types, but there is a need to carry out appropriately designed experimental studies to verify their long-term safety and possibly efficacy. Moreover, the cost-benefit analysis of the results must take into account the quality of life of the patients as a major end point. It is our opinion that a multicenter international clinical program aime d at fine-tuning and coordinating transplantation procedures and protocols is mandatory.

  18. Comparison of one and two-neutron transfer near the Coulomb barrier for the 27Al(18O, 16O)29Al, 27Al(18O, 17O)28Al and 27Al(13C, 12C)28Al reactions

    Schiller, S.A.; Eck, J.S.


    Total reaction cross sections for the transfer reactions 27 Al( 18 O, 16 O) 29 Al, 27 Al( 18 O, 17 O) 28 Al and 27 Al( 13 C, 12 C) 28 Al are reported for center-of-mass energies between 13 and 20 MeV for 18 O projectiles and between 11 and 17.5 MeV for 13 C projectiles. The reaction products, 29 Al, and 28 Al, beta decay to 29 Si and 28 Si, respectively, and the subsequent γ decays of 29 Si and 28 Si were measured. Due to the relatively long beta decay half lives, data were taken in a beam-off mode, resulting in very clean spectra. Total cross sections were calculated and compared with a theoretical model for barrier penetration proposed by C.Y. Wong. Differences between 18 O induced one and two-neutron total transfer reaction cross sections are discussed. (orig.) [de

  19. AlN nanoparticle-reinforced nanocrystalline Al matrix composites: Fabrication and mechanical properties

    Liu, Y.Q.; Cong, H.T.; Wang, W.; Sun, C.H.; Cheng, H.M.


    To improve the specific strength and stiffness of Al-based composites, AlN/Al nanoparticles were in-situ synthesized by arc plasma evaporation of Al in nitrogen atmosphere and consolidated by hot-pressing to fabricate AlN nanoparticle-reinforced nanocrystalline Al composites (0-39 vol.% AlN). Microstructure characterization shows that AlN nanoparticles homogeneously distribute in the matrix of Al nanocrystalline, which forms atomically bonded interfaces of AlN/Al. The hardness and the elastic modulus of the nanocomposite have been improved dramatically, up to 3.48 GPa and 142 GPa, respectively. Such improvement is believed to result from the grain refinement strengthening and the interface strengthening (load transfer) between the Al matrix and AlN nanoparticles

  20. Armaflex in Burj al Arab; Armaflex im Burj al Arab

    Steiner, B.


    This article describes the Burj al Arab in Dubai, the unique seven-star high-rise hotel. The construction of the hotel, that is built on 250 piles driven into the sand of an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, is described. In particular, various special materials used in the building are described, as are the luxurious fittings and furnishings of the hotel. The cooling and air-conditioning installations that are necessary as a result of the desert climate of Dubai are described and the use of 'Armaflex' elastomer insulating material for the insulation of refrigeration machines and cold-water piping is discussed.

  1. Structural stability and electronic properties of AlCu3, AlCu2Zr in AlZr3: Stabilnost strukture in elektronske lastnosti AlCu3, AlCu2Zr in AlZr3:

    Cheng, Rong; Wu, Xiao-Yu


    First-principles calculations were performed to study the alloying stability and electronic structure of the Al-based intermetallic compounds AlCusub3, AlCusub{2}Zr and AlZrsub3. The results show that the lattice parameters obtained after the full relaxation of the crystalline cells are consistent with the experimental data, and these intermetallics have a strong alloying ability and structural stability due to their negative formation energies and their cohesive energies. A further analysis ...

  2. A study of ion damage in Al, Al/Cu and Al/Ag

    Marikar, P.


    Specimens of pure aluminium, aluminium-copper and aluminium-silver have been irradiated with 20 keV helium ions and/or 100 keV aluminium ions and the nature of the damage assessed using transmission electron microscopy. Irradiation with 20 keV helium ions to a dose of 2.7 x 10 15 ions cm -2 results in the formation of interstitial loops and helium gas bubbles. The helium bubbles were detectable only after annealing at a high temperature following irradiation. When the helium preinjected aluminium specimens were irradiated with 100 keV Al + ions to a dose of 84 dpa at temperatures above 150 0 C, voids were observed to form. At a lower dose of 64 dpa, only a high density of dislocation loops was observed. Al-1 wt% Cu alloy containing partially coherent theta' precipitates resists void formation to a considerable extent, and Al-10 wt% Ag alloy containing coherent G.P. zones offers complete resistance to both dislocation loop nucleation and void formation. The experimental results are discussed in the light of the current theories of irradiation induced damage in metals. The importance of the dislocation-sink efficiency for point defects, the gaseous impurity and the alloying elements in determining void formation is highlighted. (author)

  3. Investigations of Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat meteorites

    Gismelseed, A. M., E-mail: [Sultan Qaboos University, College of Science (Oman); Abdallah, S. B. [University of Khartoum, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science (Sudan); Al-Rawas, A. D.; Al-Mabsali, F. N.; Widatallah, H. M.; Elzain, M. E.; Yousif, A. A. [Sultan Qaboos University, College of Science (Oman); Ericsson, T. [Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Material Sciences (Sweden); Annersten, H. [Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences (Sweden)


    Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, and electron microprobe analysis (EMPA) have been performed on two meteorites named Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat after identifying their falling sites in the Western region of Sudan. These two meteorites are ordinary chondrites with similar mineralogy. XRD and EMPA show that the two specimens consist of primary olivine, ortho-pyroxene and later crystallising clino-pyroxene as reaction rims against plagioclase. Fe-metal phases are dominated by kamacite (≈6 wt.% Ni) and minor amounts of tetrataenite (≈52 wt.% Ni). Troilite (FeS) and alabandite (MnS) are optically observed as sulphide phases. The Mössbauer measurements at 295 and 78 K are in agreement with the above characterizations, showing at least two paramagnetic doublets which are assigned to olivine and pyroxene and magnetic sextets assigned to kamacite (hyperfine field ≈33.5 T) and troilite FeS (hyperfine field ≈31 T).

  4. FTD and ALS: genetic ties that bind.

    Orr, Harry T


    Curiously, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), seemingly disparate neurodegenerative disorders, can be inherited together. Two groups (DeJesus-Hernandez et al. and Renton et al.) show that the long sought after ALS/FTD mutation on chromosomal region 9p is a hexanucleotide expansion in C90RF72. These studies, plus a study on X-linked ALS/FTD, provide molecular starting points for identifying pathways that link ALS and FTD pathogenesis. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. United modification of Al-24Si alloy by Al-P and Al-Ti-C master alloys

    韩延峰; 刘相法; 王海梅; 王振卿; 边秀房; 张均艳


    The modification effect of a new type of Al-P master alloy on Al-24Si alloys was investigated. It is foundthat excellent modification effect can be obtained by the addition of this new type of A1-P master alloy into Al-24Simelt and the average primary Si grain size is decreased below 47 μm from original 225 μm. It is also found that theTiC particles in the melt coming from Al8Ti2C can improve the modification effect of the Al-P master alloy. Whenthe content of TiC particles in the Al-24Si melt is 0.03 %, the improvement reaches the maximum and keeps steadywith increasing content of TiC particles. Modification effect occurs at 50 min after the addition of the Al-P master al-loy and TiC particles, and keeps stable with prolonging holding time.

  6. The ALS gun electronics system

    Lo, C.C.


    The ALS Gun Electronics system has been designed to accommodate the gun with a custom made socket and a high speed electronics circuit which is capable of producing single and multiple electron bunches with time jitters measured at better than 50 PS. The system generates the gated RF signal at ground level before sending it up to the 120 KV-biased gun deck via a fiber optic cable. The current pulse width as a function of grid bias, using an Eimac 8847A planar triode simulating an electron gun, was measured to show the relationship between the two parameters

  7. The ALS Gun Electronics system

    Lo, C.C.


    The ALS Gun Electronics system has been designed to accommodate gun with a custom made socket and high speed electronics circuit which is capable of producing single and multiple electron bunches with time jitters measured at better than 50 PS. The system generates the gated RF signal at ground level before sending it up to the 120 KV-biased gun deck via a fiber optic cable. The current pulse width as a function of grid bias, using an Eimac 8847A planar triode simulating an electron gun, was measured to show the relationship between the two parameters

  8. Aportes amazonicos al formativo andino*

    Morales Chocano, Daniel


    RESUMEN La tesis de J.C Tello sobre los orígenes amazónicos de la cultura Chavín ha tenido en la iconografía amazónica presente en Chavin sus argumentos mas fuertes, sin embargo, falta mucho por investigar el aspecto ideológico que representan esos iconos como el jaguar, las cabezas trofeo y el uso de alucinógenos, los cuales indudablemente se vinculan al chamanismo amazónico.

  9. Gettysburg: Monumento al mundo libre

    Neutra, Richard J.


    Full Text Available En el verano del año 1958 fui invitado, por las autoridades de la Universidad de Arizona, en Tucson, a la colocación de la primera piedra de su futuro taller, construido para favorecer el desarrollo técnico del Estado. Varios alcaldes y ministros presenciaron la ceremonia, que fue muy interesante, y uno de los periodistas presentes, John Riddick, del "Tucson Daily Citizen", invitó cordialmente, a mi esposa y a mí, a atravesar, al día siguiente, la frontera mejicana, que cruzaba un vasto desierto.

  10. A melancolia em Al Berto

    Camila Emanuele Martins de Souza


    Este trabalho objetiva estudar, sob a perspectiva da melancolia, os livros Salsugem (1984) e Horto de Incêndio (1997), de Al Berto. O autor português produz escritos em que a temática da melancolia atravessa a palavra, o que justifica o debruçar-se sobre as construções textuais da poética albertiana, a fim de traçar-lhe novas possibilidades de leitura por esse ângulo. Para isso, com o intuito de compreender o discurso melancólico segue-se o embasamento teórico: de Klibansky, Panosfsky e Saxl ...

  11. Nanoporous Al sandwich foils using size effect of Al layer thickness during Cu/Al/Cu laminate rolling

    Yu, Hailiang; Lu, Cheng; Tieu, A. Kiet; Li, Huijun; Godbole, Ajit; Kong, Charlie


    The roll bonding technique is one of the most widely used methods to produce metal laminate sheets. Such sheets offer interesting research opportunities for both scientists and engineers. In this paper, we report on an experimental investigation of the 'thickness effect' during laminate rolling for the first time. Using a four-high multifunction rolling mill, Cu/Al/Cu laminate sheets were fabricated with a range of thicknesses (16, 40, 70 and 130 μm) of the Al layer. The thickness of the Cu sheets was a constant 300 μm. After rolling, TEM images show good bonding quality between the Cu and Al layers. However, there are many nanoscale pores in the Al layer. The fraction of nanoscale pores in the Al layer increases with a reduction in the Al layer thickness. The finite element method was used to simulate the Cu/Al/Cu rolling process. The simulation results reveal the effect of the Al layer thickness on the deformation characteristics of the Cu/Al/Cu laminate. Finally, we propose that the size effect of the Al layer thickness during Cu/Al/Cu laminate rolling may offer a method to fabricate 'nanoporous' Al sandwich laminate foils. Such foils can be used in electromagnetic shielding of electrical devices and noisy shielding of building.

  12. Betaalde arbeid als verdringer van vrijwilligerswerk? Overbelasting als mogelijke verklaring

    Angela Kok-Van Meer


    Full Text Available Do paid work activities displace volunteering? A potential explanation from role overload theoryRecent changes in Dutch society might lead to a shortage of volunteers. On the one hand, the demand for volunteers is increasing: in the social welfare domain because of governmental austerity policies and in other domains such as sports because of the higher supervision intensity of activities. On the other hand, the supply of volunteers is likely to decrease as more and more women and older workers are active in the labor market, which reduces the time that is available for volunteering. Role overload theory would suggest that the increasing labor participation rate of certain categories of workers goes along with a decline of participation in voluntary work. The secondary data analysis shows that various role loads (work, care for children living at home are associated with differences in participation in voluntary work. However, while a higher number of contractual work hours and hours spent on work-related training are negatively associated with volunteer work, care for children living at home is positively associated with volunteering. These results provide only limited support for role overload theory.Betaalde arbeid als verdringer van vrijwilligerswerk? Overbelasting als mogelijke verklaringDe afgelopen jaren hebben zich enkele maatschappelijke veranderingen voorgedaan, die wellicht tot schaarste op de Nederlandse vrijwilligersmarkt zouden kunnen leiden. Enerzijds neemt de vraag naar vrijwilligers toe doordat subsidieregelingen versoberen (bijvoorbeeld in zorg en welzijn en de begeleidingsintensiteit in bepaalde organisaties stijgt (bijvoorbeeld in sport. Anderzijds neemt het aanbod van vrijwilligers af doordat vrouwen en ouderen meer en langer op de arbeidsmarkt actief zijn, waardoor minder tijd beschikbaar is voor vrijwilligerswerk. In dit artikel wordt aan de hand van de role overload theorie nagegaan of het al dan niet deelnemen aan

  13. Muflikhah et al., Afr., J. Infect. Dis.



    Oct 13, 2017 ... Human infection occurs mainly by ingesting food or water ... Humans can be infected by consumption of uncooked meat, contaminated food or water, ..... Malaysia, Alvarado-Esquivel et al., (2011) in Mexico, Wang et al., (2014) ...

  14. Heterotopia als sociaal-ruimtelijke constructie

    Lengkeek, J.


    Uitleg van het begrip heterotopia, waar het gaat om het gebruik van de ruimte. Volgens de auteur wordt heterotopia als persoonlijke ruimte en als vrijetijdsruimte op tal van manieren tot stand gebracht; het is een georganiseerde wereld

  15. Benefits for Military Veterans with ALS

    ... Chapters Certified Centers and Clinics Support Groups About ALS About Us Our Research In Your Community Advocate ... Veterans Resources for Military Veterans, Families & Survivors The ALS Association is working everyday to support people with ...

  16. con bajo peso al nacer

    Adriana Mora Antó


    Full Text Available Esta investigación dio cuenta de la relación entre el estilo de funcionamiento familiar, los patrones de crianza y las edades de desarrollo evolutivo en niños, nacidos con bajo peso. El estudio descriptivo correlacional se realizó con 41 niños y sus madres, aplicándose cuestionarios sobre funcionamiento familiar, prácticas de crianza y desarrollo infantil. Los resultados señalaron la existencia de un funcionamiento familiar caracterizado por una cohesión amalgamada y una adaptabilidad caótica, una disciplina complaciente, falta de control y de límites claros en la díada madre-hijo. Se trataba de familias monoparentales, donde la temprana edad de concepción, el madresolterismo y el apoyo de la familia extensa eran constantes. Las edades evolutivas registradas indicaron un desarrollo inferior a la edad cronológica, en la mayor parte de los casos; sin embargo, éstas tendieron a ser superiores al compararlas con la edades reales de los infantes. No se encontró una correlación estadísticamente significativa entre la edad de desarrollo y los diferentes factores del funcionamiento familiar para algunos de los rangos de edad considerados; sin embargo, no se lo descartó por completo, especialmente en lo referente al optimismo familiar

  17. Rekonstruksi Konsep Ijtihad: Studi Pemikiran Ben’umar tentang al-Ijtihad fi al-Waqi’

    Duski Ibrahim


    Full Text Available This paper is the result of a research that evaluating the reconstruction the concept of ijtihad, by discuss the idea of al-Ijtihad Ben'umar fi al-waqi’. This paper concludes that Al-Ijtihad fi al-waqi’ is actually a form of collective ijtihad (al ijtihad al-jama'i, by gathering the experts of shari'ah law (fuqaha` ash-shar'i and experts Researchers and scientists (khubara` al-'ashr. Because experts know the nash purposes, while researchers and scientists (al-khubara` know the reality (al-waqi’, the effects in the future (ma'alat = future effect and challenges (tahaddiyat. The idea of formulating the concept of al-ijtihad fi al-waqi’ emerged based on a premise that ijtihad is a creation of experts to implement Islamic law in society. Therefore, the concept of ijtihad experienced a significant development, start from using the nash from the language aspects, continue to the using of logic. At the moment when the situation people are increasingly develop, then the creation of ijtihad become a necessary to developed, for example in the form of al-ijtihad fi al-waqi’ . About the source of the formation of the concept of al -ijtihad fi al-waqi’ comes from theory about the functions of nash, al-manath theory in Islamic law, and supported by the theory of al-mashlalah al-mursalah.

  18. Al-quran dalam Perspektif Budaya

    Sudrajat, Ajat


    Al-Quran merupakan kitab suci terakhir yang diturunkan kepada manusia. Tujuan utama diturunkannya al-Quran adalah sebagai kitab petunjuk yang meliputi bidang akidah, syariah, dan akhlak. Akan tetapi di luar ketiga petunjuk tersebut, al-Quran telah memberikan motivasi dan inspirasi kepada umat Islam dalam berbagai bidang kehidupan sehingga melahirkan jenis budaya tertentu. Dialog intelektual yang dilakukan secara kreatif oleh umat Islam terhadap al-Quran ternyata telah menghasilkan lahirnya ge...

  19. A study of the Al-rich part of the Al-Re alloy system

    Balanetskyy, S.; Grushko, B.


    The Al-rich part of the Al-Re phase diagram was reinvestigated by scanning and transmission electron microscopy, powder X-ray diffraction and differential thermal analysis. The earlier reported Al 12 Re, Al 6 Re, and Al 11 Re 4 phases were confirmed. Close to the Al 4 Re composition a high-temperature h-Al 4 Re and a low-temperature l-Al 4 Re phase were found to be formed at slightly different compositions. Both exhibited compositional ranges. A new phase was revealed close to the Al 3 Re composition. The Al 11 Re 4 phase is formed congruently at 1650 deg. C, Al 3 Re peritectically at 1610 deg. C, h-Al 4 Re peritectically at 1410 deg. C, l-Al 4 Re peritectically at ∼1000 deg. C, Al 6 Re peritectically at 813 deg. C and Al 12 Re peritectically at 746 deg. C. Finally, the Al 12 Re-(Al) eutectic is formed at 658 deg. C. The Al 3 Re and h-Al 4 Re are decomposed by eutectoid reactions at ∼946 and 833 deg., respectively. The structure of the h-Al 4 Re phase has not yet been clarified, but it is distinctly different from the Al 4 W phase suggested earlier. The structure of l-Al 4 Re was confirmed. The Al 3 Re phase was found to have a monoclinic structure with a = 0.5180(4) nm, b = 3.97641(9) nm, c = 0.4955(3) nm and β = 99.55(7) o

  20. Laser alloyed Al-Ni-Fe coatings

    Pityana, SL


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to produce crack-free thin surface layers consisting of binary (Al-Ni, Al-Fe) and ternary (Al-Ni-Fe) intermetallic phases by means of a high power laser beam. The laser surface alloying was carried out by melting Fe and Ni...

  1. Bipolar characteristics of AlGaN/AlN/GaN/AlGaN double heterojunction structure with AlGaN as buffer layer

    Peng, Enchao; Wang, Xiaoliang; Xiao, Hongling; Wang, Cuimei; Yin, Haibo; Chen, Hong; Feng, Chun; Jiang, Lijuan; Hou, Xun; Wang, Zhanguo


    Highlights: •2DEG and 2DHG coexist in the AlGaN/AlN/GaN/AlGaN DH-structure. •The sheet densities of 2DEG and 2DHG vary with buffer Al content and GaN thickness. •The conditions for the disappearance of 2DHG are discussed. •Increasing buffer Al content provides better electron confinement. •Dislocation scattering is reduced in the DH-structure. -- Abstract: This is a theoretical study of AlGaN/AlN/GaN/AlGaN double heterojunction (DH) structure with AlGaN as buffer layer. Our calculation shows that as the buffer Al content increases, though two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) sheet density decreases, the channel back-barrier caused by polarization-induced electric field in GaN provides better electron confinement. And under certain conditions the DH-structure shows bipolar characteristics, with an additional two-dimensional hole gas (2DHG) formed at GaN/AlGaN interface. The influence of the buffer Al content and GaN channel thickness on the 2DEG and 2DHG sheet densities are investigated, and the conditions for the disappearance of 2DHG are discussed. Also, the mobility inhibited by dislocation scattering is enhanced in DH-structure due to the enhancement of screening effect of the 2DEG

  2. The effects of boron in TiAl/Ti3Al

    Feng, C.R.; Michel, D.J.; Crowe, C.R.


    The authors discuss the TiAl/Ti 3 Al interfacial misfit dislocations structures investigated by TEM in Ti-45Al alloy and Ti-45Al/TiB 2 composite. For TiAl with c/a = 1.02, only a single set of misfit dislocation arrays are crystallographically possible; these were observed in Ti-45Al alloy. However, the observation of three sets of misfit dislocation arrays in the Ti-45Al/TiB 2 composite suggests that the occupation of octahedral sites in the TiAl structure by excess boron was responsible for a decrease in the c/a ratio leading to an increased fcc character of the TiAl at the TiAl/Ti 3 Al interface

  3. Opportunity's 'Rub al Khali' Panorama


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Click on the image for Opportunity's 'Rub al Khali' Panorama (QTVR) This panoramic image, dubbed 'Rub al Khali,' was acquired by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity on the plains of Meridiani during the period from the rover's 456th to 464th sols on Mars (May 6 to May 14, 2005). Opportunity was about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) south of 'Endurance Crater' at a place known informally as 'Purgatory Dune.' The rover was stuck in the dune's deep fine sand for more than a month. 'Rub al Khali' (Arabic translation: 'the empty quarter') was chosen as the name for this panorama because it is the name of a similarly barren, desolate part of the Saudi Arabian desert on Earth. The view spans 360 degrees. It consists of images obtained in 97 individual pointings of the panoramic camera. The camera took images with five camera filters at each pointing. This 22,780-by-6,000-pixel mosaic is an approximately true-color rendering generated using the images acquired through filters admitting light wavelengths of 750, 530, and 480 nanometers. Lighting varied during the nine sols it took to acquire this panorama, resulting in some small image seams within the mosaic. These seams have been smoothed in sky parts of the mosaic to better simulate the vista that a person would see if able to view it all at the same time on Mars. Opportunity's tracks leading back to the north (center of the panorama) are a reminder of the rover's long trek from Endurance Crater. The deep ruts dug by Opportunity's wheels as it became stuck in the sand appear in the foreground. The crest and trough of the last ripple the rover crossed before getting stuck is visible in the center. These wind-formed sand features are only about 10 to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches) tall. The crest of the actual ripple where the rover got stuck can be seen just to the right of center. The tracks and a few other places on and near ripple crests can be seen in this color image to

  4. Trato verbal paterno al adolescente

    Rodríguez Juan Carlos


    Full Text Available

    En alguna ocasión se ha escuchado una palabra, que causa un sentimiento y a la vez un recuerdo, que lleva a evocar la adolescencia o la infancia, se recuerda quien la pronunciaba y en que ocasión la decía. Este es el poder que tiene una palabra y más aún si es dicha por el padre, puesto que este es la figura significativa que se lleva en la memoria. De aquí nace el interés de realizar un estudio, en donde se describe y analice la percepción y el sentimiento del adolescente, quien en esta etapa es vulnerable al cambio, ya que está buscando su propia identidad; que con el trato verbal paterno la encontrara sin ninguna dificultad o por el contrario nunca la encontrará.


  5. Compliance als Schutz vor Verbandsverantwortlichkeit?

    Alexander Tipold


    Full Text Available Compliance bedeutet nicht nur Einhaltung und Beachtung von Vorschriften, sondern betrifft auch Maßnahmen, die die Einhaltung der Rechtsnormen absichern sollen und läuft somit auf eine Übererfüllung von Verpflichtungen hinaus. Wenn es keinen klaren Maßstab für Kontroll- und Überwachungspflichten gibt, besteht die Gefahr, dass Strafverfolgungsbehörden die Compliance-Maßnahmen als Maßstab heranziehen und so eine Verschärfung der Pflichten erzeugen. Nach den Regeln des Verbandsverantwortlichkeitsgesetzes schließt im Übrigen das beste Compliance-System nicht zwingend die Verbandsverantwortlichkeit aus, steht aber unter Umständen einem Verfahren gegen den Verband entgegen.

  6. Orientation of Al3Ti platelets in Al-Al3Ti functionally graded material manufactured by centrifugal method

    Watanabe, Y.; Fukui, Y.


    Al-Al 3 Ti functionally graded materials (FGMs) were manufactured by the centrifugal method with a commercial ingot of Al-5 mass% Ti master alloy. The alloy was melted at a liquid/solid coexisting temperature, at which Al 3 Ti remains as a solid, and then it was cast into a thick-walled ring. It was found that the Al-Al 3 Ti functionally graded material can be successfully fabricated by the centrifugal method. It was also found that the volume fraction of the Al 3 Ti can be increased by repetition of the centrifugal method. Since the shape of Al 3 Ti particles in a commercial alloy ingot is that of a platelet, the Al 3 Ti particles are arranged with their platelet planes nearly perpendicular to the radial direction. The orientation effects become stronger when the G number becomes larger. Although the final centrifugal casting was conducted under a very large centrifugal force for the specimen cast three times, the orientation effects were weaker than those in the specimen cast one time. From these observations, it is concluded that the origin of orientation of Al 3 Ti platelets can be attributed to the angular velocity gradient of the melt along the radial direction produced by the difference in the viscosity. (orig.)

  7. Eutectic microstructures of Al-ThA13 and Al-UA14 alloys

    Vieira, R.R.; Ambrozio Filho, F.


    This paper deals on the microstructures of systems Al-ThAl3 and Al-UAL4, which are composed by a non faceted phase (aluminium) and an intermetallic phase (ThAl3 or UAL4) which is normally faceted phase. (C.M.)

  8. Cryptanalysis of Lin et al.'s Efficient Block-Cipher-Based Hash Function

    Liu, Bozhong; Gong, Zheng; Chen, Xiaohong; Qiu, Weidong; Zheng, Dong


    Hash functions are widely used in authentication. In this paper, the security of Lin et al.'s efficient block-cipher-based hash function is reviewed. By using Joux's multicollisions and Kelsey et al.'s expandable message techniques, we find the scheme is vulnerable to collision, preimage and second

  9. TEM characterization of Al-C-Cu-Al2O3 composites produced by mechanical milling

    Santos-Beltran, A.; Gallegos-Orozco, V.; Estrada-Guel, I.; Bejar-Gomez, L.; Espinosa-Magana, F.; Miki-Yoshida, M.; Martinez-Sanchez, R.


    Novel Al-based composites (Al-C-Cu-Al 2 O 3 ) obtained by mechanical milling (MM), were characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). Analyses of composites were carried out in both, the as-milled and the as-sintered conditions. C nanoparticles were found in the as-milled condition and Al 2 O 3 nanofibers were found in as-sintered products, as determined by EELS. C and Cu react with Al to crystallize in Al 3 C 4 and Al 2 Cu structures, respectively

  10. La "historia de los omeyas de al-Andalus" en los Masalik al-Absar

    Molina, Luis


    [ES]Los Masalik al-absar de Ibn Fadl Allah al-`Umari incluyen un breve resumen de la Historia de los omeyas de al-Andalus. En este trabajo se analizan las relaciones textuales entre ese pasaje y el Muqtabis de Ibn Hayyan, crónica que resulta ser la fuente casi única utilizada por al-`Umari para redactar ese capítulo. [EN]The Masalik al-absar by Ibn Fadl Allah al-`Umari contains a brief summary of the Umayyad history in al-Andalus. In this article, the textual relationship between this p...

  11. Atomistic simulations of diffusion mechanisms in off-stoichiometric Al-rich Ni3Al

    Duan, Jinsong


    This paper presents dynamics simulation results of diffusion in off-stoichiometric Al-rich Ni 3 Al (Ni 73 Al 27 ) at temperature ranging from 1300 to 1550 K. The interatomic forces are described by the Finnis-Sinclair type N-body potentials. Particular attention is devoted to the effect of the extra 2% of Al atoms sitting on the Ni sublattice as antisite point defects (Al Ni ) on diffusion. Simulation results show that Ni atoms mainly diffuse through the Ni sublattice at the temperatures investigated. Al atoms diffuse via both the intrasublattice and antistructure bridge (ASB) mechanisms. The contribution to Al diffusion from the ASB mechanism decreases at the lower temperature (T Ni ) enhances both Al and Ni diffusion in Ni 73 Al 27 . The Ni-Al coupled diffusion effect is observed and understood at the atomic level for the first time

  12. Piezo-tunnel effect in Al/Al2O3/Al junctions elaborated by atomic layer deposition

    Rafael, R.; Puyoo, E.; Malhaire, C.


    In this work, the electrical transport in Al/Al2O3/Al junctions under mechanical stress is investigated in the perspective to use them as strain sensors. The metal/insulator/metal junctions are elaborated with a low temperature process (≤200 °C) fully compatible with CMOS back-end-of-line. The conduction mechanism in the structure is found to be Fowler-Nordheim tunneling, and efforts are made to extract the relevant physical parameters. Gauge factors up to -32.5 were found in the fabricated devices under tensile stress. Finally, theoretical mechanical considerations give strong evidence that strain sensitivity in Al/Al2O3/Al structures originates not only from geometrical deformations but also from the variation of interface barrier height and/or effective electronic mass in the tunneling oxide layer.

  13. Al-Qurû’ fi Al-Qur’an ‘Inda Al-Anbary fi Al-Adhdâd

    Raushani Azza


    Full Text Available This study examines about the term al-Qurû in the Qur’an. Al-Qurû is one of the most popular discussions among muslim scholars and mufasir, both in terms of language and fiqh. However, there is a bate among muslim scholar and mufasir about the meaning of al-Qurû. It’s because al-Qurû is one of the sentence of al-Adhdâd wich has two meaning, especially in the Qur’an, namely haid (menstruation and thahr. One of the most popular muslim scholar who concern in Qur’an and Arabic is al-Anbari with his book al-Adhdâd. Al-Anbari explains that Qurû has two meanings, First, al-Qurû in etymology is the form of Jama’ from aqra and qurû. Second, al-Qurû has a meaning of menstruation, thahr, or the period of iddah as a sign of being allowed to remarry after certain period of time.

  14. Interfacial phenomena in the reactions of Al-B, Al-Ti-B, and Al-Zr-B alloys with KF-AlF3 and NaF-AlF3 melts

    Lee, M.S.; Terry, B.S.; Grieveson, P.


    The interfacial phenomena occurring during the contacting of liquid Al-B, Al-Ti-B, and Al-Zr-B melts with KF-AlF 3 liquid fluxes have been investigated by optical examination of quenched metal drops previously immersed in the liquid fluxes. Reactions in the Al-B/KF-AlF 3 system involve the formation of metastable AlB 12 at the metal/flux interface. At high KBF 4 levels in the flux, the AlB 12 is dispersed in the flux and also at low KBF 4 levels in the metal. Reactions in the Al-Ti-B/KF-AlF 3 system involve the formation of TiB 2 , which may be dispersed in either the metal or the flux depending upon the composition of the flux. The results obtained for the Al-Ti-B/NaF-AlF 3 and Al-Zr-B/KF-AlF 3 systems were similar to those observed for the Al-Ti-B/KF-AlF 3 system

  15. Al-Si/Al2O3 in situ composite prepared by displacement reaction of CuO/Al system

    Zhang Jing


    Full Text Available Al2O3 particle-reinforced ZL109 composite was prepared by in situ reaction between CuO and Al. The microstructure was observed by means of OM, SEM and TEM. The Al2O3 particles in sub-micron sizes distribute uniformly in the matrix, and the Cu displaced from the in situ reaction forms net-like alloy phases with other alloy elements. The hardness and the tensile strength of the composites at room temperature have a slight increase as compared to that of the matrix. However, the tensile strength at 350 ℃ has reached 90.23 MPa, or 16.92 MPa higher than that of the matrix. The mechanism of the reaction in the CuO/Al system was studied by using of differential scanning calorimetry(DSC and thermodynamic calculation. The reaction between CuO and Al involves two steps. First, CuO reacts with Al to form Cu2O and Al2O3 at the melting temperature of the matrix alloy, and second, Cu2O reacts with Al to form Cu and Al2O3 at a higher temperature. At ZL109 casting temperature of 750–780 ℃, the second step can also take place because of the effect of exothermic reaction of the first step.

  16. Plastic deformation of Al13Fe4 particles in Al-Al13Fe4 by high-speed compression

    Yoneyama, N.; Mizoguchi, K.; Kumai, S.; Sato, A.; Kiritani, M.


    Spray-formed Al-Fe alloys having undergone high-speed deformation were examined under a high-voltage electron microscope. Two types of specimens were examined; one containing fine Al 13 Fe 4 particles, and the other containing large particles. In the former specimen, deformation is found to proceed in three patterns, depending on specimen thickness and strain rate: (1) without deformation of the Al 13 Fe 4 ; (2) breaking of the Al 13 Fe 4 ; or (3) melting of the Al 13 Fe 4 . Local melting is found to alter some of the Al 13 Fe 4 particles, to impart five-fold symmetry in diffraction or an amorphous structure. In the latter specimen, introduction of glide dislocations enabled us to determine a shear system in the mc102 monoclinic c2/m crystal of Al 13 Fe 4 . On the bases of these observations, the mechanism of high-speed deformation is discussed while taking into account the highly stressed and/or heated states of Al 13 Fe 4 embedded in Al matrix

  17. Entrevista al narrador Tommaso Pincio

    Franco Zangrilli


    Full Text Available El autor Tommaso Pincio, seudónimo di Marco Colapietro (Roma, 1963, es sin lugar a dudas uno de los narradores de mayor proyección en el panorama literario de los últimos tiempos. Iniciada su carrera en 1999 con M., ha publicado títulos como Lo spazio sfinito (2000 y Un amore dell'altro mondo (2002, en el que narra la vida de Kurt Cobain, líder del grupo Nirvana, a través de la visión de un amigo imaginario. A estas dos novelas siguieron La ragazza che non era lei (2005, Gli alieni (2006 o Cinacittà. Memorie del mio delitto efferato (2008, ambientada en una Roma colonizada por los chinos y abandonada por los mismos romanos a causa de problemas medioambientales. Títulos como L'hotel a zero stelle (2011, un ensayo autobiográfico en el que plantea diálogos ficticios con algunos de los grandes nombres de la literatura o la más reciente Panorama (2015, le han hecho valerse un hueco provilegiado entre los nuevos narradores surgidos en estas primeras décadas de siglo. Justamente la publicación de esta última novela, Panorama, ha servido de excusa al profesor Franco Zangrilli, gran conocedor de su obra, a plantearle algunas preguntas sobre temas clave de su producción.

  18. Comentario al libro: ACADEMIA MUTISIANA

    Efraím Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available Por tercera vez en un quinquenio ocupo este podio para ocuparme de uno de los libros del grupo de inmunogenética (o de anti-inmunohistoria, diría yo de la Universidad Javeriana, esta vez enriquecido con la presencia del P. Ortiz Valdivieso, orquídeologo y mutisiólogo y del Dr. Uribe Angel notable historiador educativo, y presentado admirablemente por el P. Durán Casas, Vicerrector Académico de la Universidad Javeriana. En el prólogo, citando desde Sarton y Ziman en los 70s. hasta Mauro Torres en el 2011 afirmo que, aunque suene extraño, parece como si las Academias florecieran entre las guerras. Tal sucedió con la de Platón, “la máxima institución de enseñanza superior surgida en el mundo”, -al decir de Sartonenmarcada desde las guerras del Peloponeso, hasta el final de la dominación espartana de Atenas en el siglo IV antes de Cristo. Según dichos autores, las Academias han simbolizado una manera de continuar la vida espiritual entre uno y otro conflicto.

  19. Structural features in Ni-Al alloys

    Abylkalykova, R.B.; Kveglis, L.I.; Rakhimova, U.A.; Nasokhova, Sh.B.; Tazhibaeva, G.B.


    Purpose of the work is study of structural transformations under diverse memory effect in Ni-Al alloys. Examination were conducted in following composition samples: Ni -75 at.% and Al - 25 at.%. The work is devoted to clarification reasons both formation atom-ordered structures in inter-grain boundaries of bulk samples under temperature action and static load. Revealed inter-grain inter-boundary layers in Ni-Al alloy both bulk and surface state have complicated structure

  20. Fabrication of AlN-TiC/Al composites by gas injection processing

    YU Huashun; CHEN Hongmei; MA Rendian; MIN Guanghui


    The fabrication of AlN-TiC/Al composites by carbon-and nitrogen-containing gas injection into Al-Mg-Ti melts was studied. It was shown that AlN and TiC particles could be formed by the in situ reaction of mixture gas (N2+C2H2+NH3) with Al-Mg-Ti melts. The condition for the formation of AlN was that the treatment temperature must be higher than 1373 K, and the amounts of AlN and TiC increased with the increase of the treatment temperature and the gas injection time.It was considered that AlN was formed by the direct reaction of Al with nitrogen-containing gas at the interface of the gas bubble and the melt. However, the mechanism of TiC formation is a combination mechanism of solution-precipitation and solid-liquid reaction.

  1. Electrodeposition of Al from a 1-butylpyrrolidine-AlCl3 ionic liquid

    Giridhar Pulletikurthi


    Full Text Available The addition of 1-butylpyrrolidine to AlCl3 results in the formation of an electrolyte that is suited to Al deposition. The feasibility of electrodepositing Al from the synthesized electrolyte was investigated. Several compositions of AlCl3 and 1-butylpyrrolidine were prepared for this purpose. These mixtures show a different phase behavior at various compositions of AlCl3 and 1-butylpyrrolidine. IR, Raman and NMR spectroscopy were employed to characterize the synthesized liquids. Among the prepared compositions, 1:1.2 mol ratio of 1-butylpyrrolidine:AlCl3 and the upper phase of 1:1.3 mol ratio of 1-butylpyrrolidine:AlCl3 were found to be suitable for Al electrodeposition at room temperature (RT. Uniform and thick (~µm thick layers of Al were obtained on copper at RT. Al deposition occured from the cationic species of AlCl3−xLy+ (where x≤2, y=1–2, and L=1-butylpyrrolidine in this electrolyte. This behavior is contrary to the well investigated classic AlCl3 based ionic liquids, where the deposition of Al occurs mainly from anionic Al2Cl7− ions.

  2. Superbend era begins swiftly at the ALS

    Robinson, Art; Tamura, Lori


    The successful installation and commissioning of high-field superconducting bend magnets (superbends) in three curved sectors of ALS storage ring was the first time the magnet lattice of an operating synchrotron light source has been retrofitted in this fundamental way. As a result, the ALS now offers an expanded spectral range well into the hard x-ray region without compromising either the number of undulators or their high brightness in the soft x-ray region for which the ALS design was originally optimized. In sum, when the superbend-enhanced ALS started up for user operations in October 2001, it marked the beginning of a new era in its history.

  3. Referral bias in ALS epidemiological studies.

    Logroscino, Giancarlo; Marin, Benoit; Piccininni, Marco; Arcuti, Simona; Chiò, Adriano; Hardiman, Orla; Rooney, James; Zoccolella, Stefano; Couratier, Philippe; Preux, Pierre-Marie; Beghi, Ettore


    Despite concerns about the representativeness of patients from ALS tertiary centers as compared to the ALS general population, the extent of referral bias in clinical studies remains largely unknown. Using data from EURALS consortium we aimed to assess nature, extent and impact of referral bias. Four European ALS population-based registries located in Ireland, Piedmont, Puglia, Italy, and Limousin, France, covering 50 million person-years, participated. Demographic and clinic characteristics of ALS patients diagnosed in tertiary referral centers were contrasted with the whole ALS populations enrolled in registries in the same geographical areas. Patients referred to ALS centers were younger (with difference ranging from 1.1 years to 2.4 years), less likely to present a bulbar onset, with a higher proportion of familial antecedents and a longer survival (ranging from 11% to 15%) when compared to the entire ALS population in the same geographic area. A trend for referral bias is present in cohorts drawn from ALS referral centers. The magnitude of the possible referral bias in a particular tertiary center can be estimated through a comparison with ALS patients drawn from registry in the same geographic area. Studies based on clinical cohorts should be cautiously interpreted. The presence of a registry in the same area may improve the complete ascertainment in the referral center.

  4. Decoding ALS: From Genes to Mechanism

    Taylor, J. Paul; Brown, Robert H.; Cleveland, Don W.


    Preface Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive and uniformly fatal neurodegenerative disease. A plethora of genetic factors underlying ALS have now been identified that drive motor neuron degeneration, increase susceptibility to the disease, or influence the rate of progression. Emerging themes include dysfunction in RNA metabolism and protein homeostasis, with specific defects in nucleocytoplasmic trafficking, induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress, and impaired dynamics of ribonucleoprotein bodies such as RNA granules that assemble through the process of liquid-liquid phase separation. Extraordinary recent progress in understanding the biology of ALS provides new grounds for optimism that meaningful therapies for ALS will be identified. PMID:27830784

  5. Genetics of Familial and Sporadic ALS


    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis With Frontotemporal Dementia; Lou Gehrig's Disease; Motor Neuron Disease; Primary Lateral Sclerosis


    Benny Afwadzi


    Full Text Available This paper explores the understanding of tarbawi (education hadith from one of the major influential clerics in the Islamic educational system, especially in pesantren. He is Burhan al Islam al Zarnuji with his landmark book Ta’lim al Muta’allim. The conclusion that can be drawn is that al Zarnuji has shades of sufistical view in understanding tarbawi hadith. This can be seen in his understanding of hadith on obligation to seek knowledge (thalab al ilmi faridhatun ‘ala kulli muslimin wa muslimatin, which is interpreted as ilm al hal, the science concerning the condition of the human religious or simplistically said as the religious sciences; and the hadith of intention of studying (innama al a’malu bi al niyyat with the intention for the sake of the hereafter and religion, not mundane. Such an understanding is not something taken for granted, but it can be reinterpreted and perfected in accordance with the spirit of the times of context.

  7. The code of light: al-ghazali and al-suhrawardi

    Gediminaitė, Barbora


    The Code of Light: Al-Ghazali and Al-Suhrawardi The Bachelor’s thesis The Code of Light in Islam: al-Ghazali and al-Suhrawardi presents a comparative study of light. The study analyses the philosophical systems of al-Ghazali and al-Suhrawardi through the reconstruction of the image of light and its operation principles. The main subject of the thesis are the attributes of light. The main problem of the research is the semantics and contextuality of light in Islamic theology and philosophy. Th...

  8. Formation of AlFeSi phase in AlSi12 alloy with Ce addition

    S. Kores


    Full Text Available The influence of cerium addition on the solidification sequence and microstructure constituents of the Al-Si alloys with 12,6 mass % Si was examined. The solidification was analyzed by a simple thermal analysis. The microstructures were examined with conventional light and scanning electron microscopy. Ternary AlSiCe phase was formed in the Al-Si alloys with added cerium during the solidification process. AlSiCe and β-AlFeSi phases solidified together in the region that solidified the last. Cerium addition influenced on the morphology of the α-AlFeSi phase solidification.

  9. Tadris Al Mufradat Li Tathbiq Maharah Al Kalam Fi Madrasah Al Muallimin Al Islamiyyah Li Mahad Bait Al Arqam Balong Jember

    Muhammad Ardy Zaini


    Full Text Available There are four  skills in teaching Arabic. Ie listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Among these four, speaking considered one of the most important objectives of learning foreign language. In order to speak properly, one must know the vocabulary and apply it in a sentence. The aims of this research is to describe the teaching of vocabulary to apply the speaking skill in the school of Islamic teachers in the Institute of Bait al Arqom Balong Jember. This study used qualitative approach. The data collection was taken trough observation, personal interview, history and documentation. The teaching of vocabulary to apply the speaking skill at the Islamic Teachers' School at the Institute of Bait Al Arqam Balong Jember has gone well in terms of planning (general objectives and specific objectives, implementation (materials, use of the teaching method and teaching aids, and evaluation (assessment and evaluation. This teaching is to apply the speaking skill in terms of conversation or dialogue and lecture.

  10. Kritik al-Ghazali terhadap Kekekalan Alam

    Sahidi Mustafa


    Full Text Available The concept of the creation of universe offered by Neo-Platonism philosopher such as al-Kindi, al-Farabi, and Ibnu Sina are philosophical concept existed and came as an early moment of development of Islamic philosophy interrelated to God, ultimately about his Existence and Characteristics. One of the topics is how God created the universe. According to al-Farabi and Ibnu Sina, God created this universe by way of emanation in order to prevent Himself from the new attitudes. Consequently, universe has eternal feature (qadim as God as well, in the case of everything overflowed from qadim is also qadim. Al-Ghazali refuted this theory because it contradicted with al Qur’an’s thought which clearly explained that God created the entire universe. The universe should not qadim and it means that God existed in the first, and then created universe later as we know today. On the contrary, in the view of Muslim philosopher, the universe should be qadim because God created it from all eternity. For them, it is impossible that God existed by Himself without any creation before. God, according to them is impossible to be changed, so that is impossible as well if God changed from did not create yet before and then creates. Al-Ghazali persistently opposed the concept of eternity. Al Ghazali saw if this universe is qadim so it is impossible that universe created by God. The concept of qadim will led to the conclusion that universe born by itself, it was not created by God. This critique has been written by al-Ghazali in Tahafut al-Falasifah. This paper will present the concept of eternity which was discussed by al-Farabi and Ibn Sina and al Ghazali’s critique toward it as well.

  11. ALS and other motor neuron diseases.

    Tiryaki, Ezgi; Horak, Holli A


    This review describes the most common motor neuron disease, ALS. It discusses the diagnosis and evaluation of ALS and the current understanding of its pathophysiology, including new genetic underpinnings of the disease. This article also covers other motor neuron diseases, reviews how to distinguish them from ALS, and discusses their pathophysiology. In this article, the spectrum of cognitive involvement in ALS, new concepts about protein synthesis pathology in the etiology of ALS, and new genetic associations will be covered. This concept has changed over the past 3 to 4 years with the discovery of new genes and genetic processes that may trigger the disease. As of 2014, two-thirds of familial ALS and 10% of sporadic ALS can be explained by genetics. TAR DNA binding protein 43 kDa (TDP-43), for instance, has been shown to cause frontotemporal dementia as well as some cases of familial ALS, and is associated with frontotemporal dysfunction in ALS. The anterior horn cells control all voluntary movement: motor activity, respiratory, speech, and swallowing functions are dependent upon signals from the anterior horn cells. Diseases that damage the anterior horn cells, therefore, have a profound impact. Symptoms of anterior horn cell loss (weakness, falling, choking) lead patients to seek medical attention. Neurologists are the most likely practitioners to recognize and diagnose damage or loss of anterior horn cells. ALS, the prototypical motor neuron disease, demonstrates the impact of this class of disorders. ALS and other motor neuron diseases can represent diagnostic challenges. Neurologists are often called upon to serve as a "medical home" for these patients: coordinating care, arranging for durable medical equipment, and leading discussions about end-of-life care with patients and caregivers. It is important for neurologists to be able to identify motor neuron diseases and to evaluate and treat patients affected by them.

  12. Optical phonon scattering on electronic mobility in Al2O3/AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructures

    Zhou, X. J.; Qu, Y.; Ban, S. L.; Wang, Z. P.


    Considering the built-in electric fields and the two-mode property of transverse optical phonons in AlGaN material, the electronic eigen-energies and wave functions are obtained by solving Schrödinger equation with the finite difference method. The dispersion relations and potentials of the optical phonons are given by the transfer matrix method. The mobility of the two dimensional electron gas influenced by the optical phonons in Al2O3/AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructures is investigated based on the theory of Lei-Ting force balance equation. It is found that the scattering from the half-space phonons is the main factor affecting the electronic mobility, and the influence of the other phonons can be ignored. The results show that the mobility decreases with increasing the thicknesses of Al2O3 and AlN layers, but there is no definite relationship between the mobility and the thickness of AlGaN barrier. The mobility is obviously reduced by increasing Al component in AlGaN crystal to show that the effect of ternary mixed crystals is important. It is also found that the mobility increases first and then decreases as the increment of the fixed charges, but decreases always with increasing temperature. The heterostructures constructed here can be good candidates as metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron-mobility-transistors since they have higher electronic mobility due to the influence from interface phonons weakened by the AlN interlayer.

  13. Experimental investigation of the Al-Y phase diagram

    Liu Shuhong; Du Yong; Xu Honghui; He Cuiyun; Schuster, Julius C.


    The Al-Y phase diagram has been reinvestigated with 16 key alloys over its whole composition range by means of differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray techniques. The existence of five intermetallic phases, Al 3 Y, Al 2 Y, AlY, Al 2 Y 3 , and AlY 2 , has been confirmed. Al 2 Y and Al 2 Y 3 melt congruently at 1490 ± 2 and 1105 ± 2 deg. C, respectively. Al 3 Y, AlY, and AlY 2 are formed via the peritectic reactions L + Al 2 Y ↔ Al 3 Y at 980 ± 2 deg. C, L + Al 2 Y ↔ AlY at 1138 ± 2 deg. C, and L + Al 2 Y 3 ↔ AlY 2 at 977 ± 2 deg. C, respectively. Three eutectic reactions L ↔ (Al) + Al 3 Y at 637 ± 2 deg. C, L ↔ AlY + Al 2 Y 3 at 1081 ± 2 deg. C, and L ↔ AlY 2 + (αY) at 955 ± 2 deg. C , are observed. The previously reported Al 3 Y 5 , AlY 3 compounds were not found. A revised Al-Y phase diagram is presented mainly based on the present experimental results

  14. Explosive destruction of "2"6Al

    Kahl, D.; Yamaguchi, H.; Shimizu, H.


    The γ-ray emission associated with the radioactive decay of "2"6Al is one of the key pieces of observational evidence indicating stellar nucleosynthesis is an ongoing process in our Galaxy, and it was the first such radioactivity to be detected. Despite numerous efforts in stellar modeling, observation, nuclear theory, and nuclear experiment over the past four decades, the precise sites and origin of Galactic "2"6Al remain elusive. We explore the present experimental knowledge concerning the destruction of "2"6Al in massive stars. The precise stellar rates of neutron-induced reactions on "2"6Al, such as (n,p) and (n,α), have among the largest impacts on the total "2"6Al yield. Meanwhile, reactions involving the short-lived isomeric state of "2"6Al such as radiative proton capture are highly-uncertain at present. Although we presented on-going experimental work from n TOF at CERN with an "2"6Al target, the present proceeding focuses only on the "2"6Al isomeric radioactive beam production aspect and the first experimental results at CRIB.

  15. Handlung und Kommunikation als Grundbegriffe der Soziologie

    Martens, W.P.M.; Albert, H.; Greshoff, R.; Schützeichel, R.


    Handlung und Kommunikation gelten in der Soziologie manchmal als alternative, konkurrierende Grundbegriffe für die Beschreibung und Erklärung sozialer Zusammenhänge (siehe u.a. Luhmann 1984; 1990; Schneider 1994; Stichweh 2000; Greshoff 1999; Schwinn 2001; Albert et. al. 2003). Eine Soziologie,

  16. Kus on al-Zarqawi? / Aadu Hiietamm

    Hiietamm, Aadu, 1954-


    Suurbritannia nädalalehe Sunday Times andmetel on Iraagi tagaotsituim mässaja, terrorivõrgustiku al Qaeda liitlane Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi pärast USA raketirünnakus haavatasaamist riigist põgenenud

  17. Miércoles al cine

    Aguado Franco, Juan Carlos


    Se analiza un caso concreto de demanda ante una iniciativa empresarial: los miércoles al cine. Se analiza un caso concreto de demanda ante una iniciativa empresarial: los miércoles al cine. Fundamentos del Análisis Económico

  18. Oke et al 2 (12).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    The study revealed that PES contained calcium, aluminum, and iron as part of its major components. 2+. 2+ ... carbon (Chan et al., 1994) , chitosan (Schmub et al., .... (1.735 g of nickel chloride) in 200 ml of distilled. ÷. ÷. ר. צ. ח. ח. ט. ז. -. = 1. 2. 1. 100. (%). W. W. W. Mc. ÷. ÷. ר. צ. ח. ח. ט. ז. -. = 2. 3. 2. 100. (%). W. W. W. VS. ÷. ÷.

  19. Abdullah G M Al-Sehemi

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. Abdullah G M Al-Sehemi. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 121 Issue 6 November 2009 pp 983-987. Multifunctional switches based on bis-imidazole derivative · Abdullah M A Asiri Gameel A Baghaffar Khadija O Badahdah Abdullah G M Al-Sehemi ...

  20. Primary (AL) amyloidosis with gastrointestinal involvement

    Madsen, Lone Galmstrup; Gimsing, Peter; Schiødt, Frank V


    OBJECTIVE: Immunoglobulin light-chain (AL) amyloidosis is a rare disease that can affect several organs. The aim of this study was to characterize patients with gastrointestinal manifestations of AL amyloidosis, in terms of symptoms, biochemistry, and outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Retrospectivel...

  1. Kultur als Ordnungshypothese über Raum?

    Klüter, Helmut


    Inhalt: 1 Einleitung 2 Zur Attraktivität von Kultur 3 Kulturologische Methodik 4 Schnittmengen mit und Bindearme zur Kulturgeographie 5 Kritische Argumente gegen Kultur als Ordnungshypothese über Raum 6 Räumliche Abstraktion als Ordnungsstrategie über „Kultur“? 7 Zusammenfassung

  2. Al-Biruni: A Muslim Critical Thinker

    Mohammad Noviani Ardi


    Full Text Available As an academic course, critical thinking has emerged in the last century as the one of the important subjects, especially in the second half. But as a kind of thinking and a process of the human reason, it was exist as old as mankind. What are known, nowadays, as (standards of critical thinking or (characteristic of critical thinker were used by some ancient Greek philosophers, e.g. Socrates, Aristotle, as well as great Muslim scholars, e.g. al-Biruni, al-Ghazali, etc. al-Biruni was known as a great Muslim scholar due to objectively scientific method in his works. Moreover, he also was famed in comparative religion which early in history of discipline of comparative religion. However, this study attempts to talk about al-Biruni, one of greatest Muslim scholar in history from another side of previously discussion. It is tries to analyze al-Biruni as a Muslim critical thinker based on his monumental work of Tahqiq ma li al-Hind min Maqulah Maqbulah fi al-‘Aql aw Mardhulah or it is known by Kitab al-Hind.

  3. Studies on SiC(p) reinforced Al-Al sub 3 Ni eutectic matrix composites

    Masrom, A.K.; Foo, L.C.; Ismail, A.B.


    An investigation on processing of Al-5.69wt% Ni eutectic with SiC particulate composites is reported. The intermetallic composites are prepared by elemental powder metallurgy route and sintered at two different temperatures, i.e., 600 degree C and 620 degree C. Results show that the metal matrix was Al-Al sub 3 Ni eutectic. The phase analysis by XRD identified the presence of Al sub 3 Ni and Al as dominant phases together with silicon and Al sub 4 C sub 3 phase as minor phases. The Al sub 4 C sub 3 and Si phases are formed during sintering due to SiC-Al interface reaction. SEM micrographs also reveal the formation of microvoid surrounding the SiC particle

  4. Data supporting Al-Abed et al., Environ. Sci.: Nano, 2016,

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Data files representing each of the Figures and Tables published in Al-Abed et al., Environ. Sci.: Nano, 2016, 3, 593. The data file names identify the Figure or...

  5. Konsepsi Ibnu Jarir Al-Tabari Tentang Al-Qur’an, Tafsir Dan Ta’wil

    A.M Ismatulloh


    Full Text Available The objective of this research is to describe the concept of Ibnu Jarir al-Tabari about al-Qur’an, tafsir and ta’wil. Ibn Jarir al-Tabari is an outstanding expert in the classic Islamic tradition. His knowledge in hadits, fiqh, lughah, history, and tafseer is unquestionable. This study uses an analytical descriptive design. The findings show that: Firstly, in defining al-Qur’an, al-Tabari focused on the al-Qur’an as an Arabic language text, not in other language. Secondly, al-Qur’an is written in sab’ah ahruf. It means that there are 7 different kinds of language with the same meaning. Thirdly, al-Qur’an comes from seven heaven’s door. Fourthly, there is no different word between tafseer and ta’wil. They have same meaning. These concepts are different to other concepts proposed by other ulama.

  6. Synthesis and structural transformations of hydrotalcite-like materials Mg-Al and Zn-Al

    Prihod'ko, R.V.; Sychev, M.V.; Astrelin, I.M.; Erdmann, K.; Mangel, A.; Santen, van R.A.


    Mg-Al and Zn-Al hydrotalcite-like layered double hydroxides of various compositions were synthesized and characterized. A detailed comparative analysis of the structure and composition of starting and reconstructed layered double hydroxides was made

  7. Tailoring ultrafine grained and dispersion-strengthened Ti2AlC/TiAl ...

    and Ti-Al pre-alloyed powders at low temperature of 1150◦C. The composite mainly consisted ... Metal–matrix composites; mechanical properties; microstructures; sintering. 1. Introduction γ-TiAl-based intermetallic alloys have been extensively.

  8. Electric quadrupole moments of neutron-rich nuclei {sup 32}Al and {sup 31}Al

    Kameda, D., E-mail:; Ueno, H. [RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan); Asahi, K.; Nagae, D.; Takemura, M.; Shimada, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physics (Japan); Yoshimi, A.; Nagatomo, T.; Sugimoto, T. [RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan); Uchida, M.; Arai, T.; Takase, K.; Suda, S.; Inoue, T. [Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physics (Japan); Murata, J.; Kawamura, H. [Rikkyo University, Department of Physics (Japan); Watanabe, H. [Australian National University, Department of Nuclear Physics (Australia); Kobayashi, Y.; Ishihara, M. [RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan)


    The electric quadrupole moments for the ground states of {sup 32}Al and {sup 31}Al have been measured by the {beta} ray-detected nuclear quadrupole resonance method. Spin-polarized {sup 32}Al and {sup 31}Al nuclei were obtained from the fragmentation of {sup 40}Ar projectiles at E/A = 95 MeV/nucleon, and were implanted in a single crystal {alpha}-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} stopper. The measured Q moment of {sup 32}Al, |Q({sup 32}Al)| = 24(2) mb, is in good agreement with a conventional shell-model calculation with a full sd model space and empirical effective charges, while that of {sup 31}Al is considerably smaller than the sd calculations.

  9. The Y-Cu-Al system

    Krachan, T.; Stel'makhovych, B.; Kuz'ma, Yu.


    The phase diagram of the Y-Cu-Al system at 820 K has been constructed using X-ray powder diffraction. The existence of earlier known ternary aluminides has been confirmed and their homogeneity regions and atomic distributions in the structures have been determined: YCu 4.6-4.0 Al 7.4-8.0 (ThMn 12 -type R I =0.049), Y 2 Cu 12.0-10.5 Al 5.0-6.5 (Th 2 Zn 17 -type R I =0.092), YCu 1.0-1.1 Al 1.0-0.9 (Fe 2 P-type R I =0.068). It has been shown that the structure of Y(Cu,Al) 3 is characterized by an ordered distribution of the Cu and Al atoms and it should be referred as Ca 3 Cu 2 Al 7 structure type (R I =0.060) besides the PuNi 3 structure type with statistical occupancies of the smaller atoms. At the investigated temperature the compound YCu 1.0-0.25 Al 3.0-3.75 (BaAl 4 -type) was not observed. However, we found the ternary aluminide with composition Y 3 Cu 2.7-2.0 Al 8.3-9.0 and related La 3 Al 11 -type (space group Immm, a=0.4192-0.4228, b=1.2423-1.2557, c=0.9812-0.9895 nm, R I =0.069). The compounds YCu 6.8 Al 4.2 (space group Fddd, Tb(Cu 0.58 Al 0.42 ) 11 -type, a=1.42755, b=1.48587, c=0.65654 nm, R I =0.062) and YCu 6.5 Al 4.5 (space group I4 1 /amd, BaCd 11 -type, a=1.02774, c=0.65838 nm, R I =0.071) have been found and structurally refined for the first time

  10. Pemikiran Filosofis Sadra Dalam Tafsir Al-Qur’an Al-Karim : Surah Al-’A‘la

    Kerwanto Kerwanto


    Full Text Available Abstrak : Dalam tafsir atas Surah al-’A‘lā, Mulla Sadra, melalui karyanya Tafsīr al Qur’ān al-Karīm, mengajak jiwa kita berpetualang menuju lapisan makna terdalam untuk mengenali realitas ketauhidan (al- mabdā’, kenabian (shirāth atau nubuwwah dan kebangkitan (ma‘ād dan mengulasnya secara filosofis. Penelitian ini merupakan suatu upaya untuk menggali manfaat dari aspek-aspek penting dari sumber-sumber keagamaan yang tergali dari petunjuk al Qur’an yang berpadu dengan prinsip- prinsip rasional filosofis dan pengalaman mistik (intuitif Sadra. Setiap bab pada tafsir ini diberikan judul dengan tasbīḥ (pernyataan pemujian dan pensucian, dengan tetap memaparkan beragam pokok persoalan terkait metafisika al-Qur’an. Prinsip-prinsip filosofis yang digunakan dalam risalah tafsir ini bisa menjadi salah satu bukti ketidakberjarakan antara filsafat dengan teks-teks keagamaan. Sadra menggunakan metode tafsir yang tetap menerima sisi lahiriah al-Qur’an, dan selanjutnya mencari misteri-misteri, rahasia-rahasia, dan dengan bantuan intelek (akal, intuisi dan iluminasi Tuhan untuk memperoleh realitas-realitas dan makna- makna dibalik selaput ekternalnya (aspek literalnyaKata kunci : Ḥikmah Muta’āliyah, irfan, al-mabdā’, kebangkitan setelah mati, nubuwwah, takwīl, gerak substansial (ḥarakah jawhariyyah, denotasi utama (al-maqshūd al-ashlī, penyempurnaan diri (takammul, tasbīḥ.  Abstract : In his commentary on Surah al-’ A‘lā, Mulla Sadra, through his Tafsīr al-Qur’ān al-Karīm invites our souls to ventureinto the deepest layers of meaning to recognize the reality of Divinity (al- mabdā’, prophethood (Ṣirāṭ or nubuwwah and resurrection (ma‘ād and discusses it in a more philosophical manner. This study is an attempt to explore the benefits of these important aspects of religious sources unearthed from Qur’anic injunctions combined with rational principles of philosophical and mystical experiences

  11. KRITIK ATAS KRITIK EPISTEMOLOGI TAFSIR M. ABIED AL JABIRI: Studi Kritis atas Madkhal ila al Quran al Karim

    Ahmad Fawaid


    Full Text Available This paper critically views the epistemology of Muhammad Abid al Jabiri’s interpretation in his book, Madkhal ila al Quran al Karim. His latest work is projected to make the Quran relevant to mankind today and with certainly critiquing classical Quranic studies that have been constructed by previous scholars. Starting from Arab criticism, which is expected to synergize the gap between Turath and modernity, al Jabiri tried out his theory in the realm of Quranic studies oriented to maintain its originality and interpretation from sectarian influence. Focusing on al Jabiri’s review on the Quran, this paper examines and associates some of the problems with the epistemology of critique in Arab reasoning. Finally, it is inferred that the epistemologic offer of al Jabiri used in Turath is not fully applicable in Quranic studies for several reasons. First, the Quranic studies existed within the chain of sanad in its formation. Secondly, at the application stage, al Jabri often overlooked the sanad and narrations from the companions.

  12. Micromechanisms of fracture and fatigue in Ti3Al based and TiAl based intermetallics

    James, A.W.; Chave, R.A.; Hippsley, C.A.; Bowen, P.


    Micromechanisms of fracture and fatigue crack growth resistance in specific Ti 3 Al based and TiAl based intermetallics are reviewed. Effects of test temperature, environment and microstructure on crack growth resistance are considered in detail for several Ti 3 Al and Ti'Al based intermetallic systems under development. The implications of these studies for the structural reliability of these materials is also addressed briefly. (orig.)

  13. Density and atomic volume in liquid Al-Fe and Al-Ni binary alloys

    Plevachuk, Yu. [Ivan Franko National Univ., Lviv (Ukraine). Dept. of Metal Physics; Egry, I.; Brillo, J.; Holland-Moritz, D. [Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt, Koeln (Germany). Inst. fuer Raumsimulation; Kaban, I. [Chemnitz Univ. of Technolgy (Germany). Inst. of Physics


    The density of liquid Al-Fe and Al-Ni binary alloys have been determined over a wide temperature range by a noncontact technique combining electromagnetic levitation and optical dilatometry. The temperature and composition dependences of the density are analysed. A negative excess volume correlates with the negative enthalpy of mixing, compound forming ability and chemical short-range ordering in liquid Al-Fe and Al-Ni alloys. (orig.)

  14. AL(0) in municipal waste incinerator ash

    Stipp, S. L.; Ronsbo, J. G.; Zunic, T. B.; Christensen, T. H.


    Disposal of municipal waste is a challenge to society. Waste volume is substantially decreased by incineration but residual ash usually contains a number of toxic components which must be immobilised to insure environmental protection. One element, chromium, is mobile and toxic in its oxidised state as Cr(VI) but it can be reduced to Cr(III) and immobilised. Reduction can be promoted by ash treatment with Fe(0) or Fe(II), but recent evidence shows that at least some Cr(VI) is reduced spontaneously in the ash. Aspects of ash behaviour suggest metallic aluminium as the reducing agent, but no direct evidence of Al(0) has been found until now. We examined filter ash from an energy-producing, municipal-waste incinerator (Vest-forbrænding) near Copenhagen. X-ray diffraction (XRD) identified expected salts of Na, K and Ca such as halite, sylvite, calcite, anhydrite and gypsum as well as quartz, feldspar and some hematite. Wave-dispersive electron microprobe produced elemen-tal maps of the ash; Al-rich areas were analysed quantitatively by comparison with standards. We identified metallic Al particles, averaging 50 to 100 micrometers in di-ameter, often with a fractured, glassy border of aluminum oxide. The particles were porous, explaining fast Cr(VI) reduction and they contained thin exsolution lamellae of Al-alloys of Pb and Cu or Mn, Fe and Ag, which provide clues of the Al(0) origin in the waste. Sometimes Al(0) occurred inside glassy globes of Al2O3. Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy (TOF-SIMS) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) proved that surface Al concentrations on ash particles were below detection, confirming reactivity of the Al(0) bulk. The persistence of reduced Al through the highly oxidising combustion procedure comes as a surprise and is a benefit in the immobilisation of Cr(VI) from municipal-waste incineration residues.


    Guillermo Rueda Montaña


    ósitos. Jamás concibió nada pequeño, ni en lo material, ni en lo espiritual. Su propio mundo de acción y movimiento, tallado a su imagen y semejanza, no le permitía detenerse en pequeñeces. Cabalgaba
    contra el tiempo, y este no le era suficiente para sus designios. Por eso no podía detenerse en minucias, jamás fue mediocre, ni toleró la mediocridad.

    JORGE CAVELIER pasa al Panteón de los grandes de Colombia, su excepcional condición humana así lo impone, sus valiosos servicios a la Patria así lo demandan, y el profundo rastro que deja de su paso por la vida, así lo decide.

    La CRUZ ROJA COLOMBIANA, que le debe casi todo, ya no será la misma. Será imposible ocupar el inmenso vacío que deja la desaparición del titán. Ocuparemos su sitio, mas no lo reemplazaremos.
    Como las criaturas del bosque milenario, permaneceremos silenciosos y cavilantes ante el majestuoso y doloroso espectáculo de su caída.

    Descanse en Paz.

  16. Magnetic tunnel junctions with AlN and AlNxOy barriers

    Schwickert, M. M.; Childress, J. R.; Fontana, R. E.; Kellock, A. J.; Rice, P. M.; Ho, M. K.; Thompson, T. J.; Gurney, B. A.


    Nonoxide tunnel barriers such as AlN are of interest for magnetic tunnel junctions to avoid the oxidation of the magnetic electrodes. We have investigated the fabrication and properties of thin AlN-based barriers for use in low resistance magnetic tunnel junctions. Electronic, magnetic and structural data of tunnel valves of the form Ta (100 Aa)/PtMn (300 Aa)/CoFe 20 (20 Aa - 25 Aa)/barrier/CoFe 20 (10 - 20 Aa)/NiFe 16 (35 - 40 Aa)/Ta (100 Aa) are presented, where the barrier consists of AlN, AlN x O y or AlN/AlO x with total thicknesses between 8 and 15 Aa. The tunnel junctions were sputter deposited and then lithographically patterned down to 2 x 2μm 2 devices. AlN was deposited by reactive sputtering from an Al target with 20% - 35% N 2 in the Ar sputter gas at room temperature, resulting in stoichiometric growth of AlN x (x=0.50±0.05), as determined by RBS. TEM analysis shows that the as-deposited AlN barrier is crystalline. For AlN barriers and AlN followed by natural O 2 oxidation, we obtain tunnel magnetoresistance >10% with specific junction resistance R j down to 60Ωμm 2 . [copyright] 2001 American Institute of Physics

  17. Dakwah Kultural Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Kayu Khas Melayu Palembang

    Reza Pahlevi


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini berusaha mengungkap berbagai fenomena yang menggambarkan serangkaian kegiatan dakwah kultural Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang. Sehingga dapat diperoleh sejumlah informasi mengenai berbagai upaya penerapan program yang dimaksud. Penelitian ini dapat disimpulkan, pertama kontribusi Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang terhadap perkembangan metode dakwah kultural adalah dakwah melalui seni. Kedua, Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang sebagai tempat Wisata Religi yang sangat signifikan.   This research tries to reveal the various phenomenon that describe a series of cultural propaganda activities Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang. In order to obtain some informations about the efforts of the implementation of the program in question. It can be concluded, the first contribution of Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang on the development of methods of cultural propaganda is propaganda through art. Second Bayt al-Qur’an al-Akbar Ukiran Khas Melayu Palembang as a very significant Religious Tourism.

  18. SAP-like ultrafine-grained Al composites dispersion strengthened with nanometric AlN

    Balog, M.; Krizik, P.; Yan, M.; Simancik, F.; Schaffer, G.B.; Qian, M.


    This paper reports the development of novel Sinter-Aluminum-Pulver (SAP)-like Al–AlN nanocomposites via replacing the native Al 2 O 3 thin films on fine Al powder with a large volume fraction of in situ formed nanometric AlN dispersoids. Fine gas-atomized Al powder (d 50 =1.3 µm) compacts were first partially nitrided at 590 °C in flowing nitrogen, controlled by a small addition of Sn (0.3–0.4 wt%), and subsequently consolidated by hot direct extrusion. The resulting Al–AlN composites consisted of submicrometric Al grains reinforced with nanometric AlN dispersoids together with some nanometric Al 2 O 3 dispersoids. An Al–13 vol% AlN nanocomposite fabricated this way achieved exceptional ultimate tensile strength of 227 MPa, yield strength of 195 MPa and Young's modulus of 66 GPa at 300 °C, superior to typical SAP materials and coarse grained Al–AlN composites. In addition, the Al–13 vol% AlN nanocomposite exhibited good thermal stability up to 500 °C. The strengthening mechanism is discussed

  19. Computer aided cooling curve analysis for Al-5Si and Al-11Si alloys ...

    The effect of grain refiner, modifier, and combination of grain refiner cum modifier was studied on Al-5Si and Al-11Si alloys using computer aided cooling curve analysis. For combined grain refinement and modification effect, Al-Ti-B-Sr single master alloy was developed that acted as both grain refiner and modifier.

  20. Assessing behavioural changes in ALS: cross-validation of ALS-specific measures.

    Pinto-Grau, Marta; Costello, Emmet; O'Connor, Sarah; Elamin, Marwa; Burke, Tom; Heverin, Mark; Pender, Niall; Hardiman, Orla


    The Beaumont Behavioural Inventory (BBI) is a behavioural proxy report for the assessment of behavioural changes in ALS. This tool has been validated against the FrSBe, a non-ALS-specific behavioural assessment, and further comparison of the BBI against a disease-specific tool was considered. This study cross-validates the BBI against the ALS-FTD-Q. Sixty ALS patients, 8% also meeting criteria for FTD, were recruited. All patients were evaluated using the BBI and the ALS-FTD-Q, completed by a carer. Correlational analysis was performed to assess construct validity. Precision, sensitivity, specificity, and overall accuracy of the BBI when compared to the ALS-FTD-Q, were obtained. The mean score of the whole sample on the BBI was 11.45 ± 13.06. ALS-FTD patients scored significantly higher than non-demented ALS patients (31.6 ± 14.64, 9.62 ± 11.38; p ALS-FTD-Q was observed (r = 0.807, p ALS-FTD-Q. Good construct validity has been further confirmed when the BBI is compared to an ALS-specific tool. Furthermore, the BBI is a more comprehensive behavioural assessment for ALS, as it measures the whole behavioural spectrum in this condition.

  1. Japanese version of the ALS-FTD-Questionnaire (ALS-FTD-Q-J).

    Watanabe, Yasuhiro; Beeldman, Emma; Raaphorst, Joost; Izumi, Yuishin; Yoshino, Hiide; Masuda, Michihito; Atsuta, Naoki; Ito, Satoru; Adachi, Tadashi; Adachi, Yoshiki; Yokota, Osamu; Oda, Masaya; Hanashima, Ritsuko; Ogino, Mieko; Ichikawa, Hiroo; Hasegawa, Kazuko; Kimura, Hideki; Shimizu, Toshio; Aiba, Ikuko; Yabe, Hayato; Kanba, Makoto; Kusumi, Kimiyoshi; Aoki, Tetsuya; Hiroe, Yu; Watanabe, Hirohisa; Nishiyama, Kazutoshi; Nomoto, Masahiro; Sobue, Gen; Nakashima, Kenji


    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) share common clinical, genetic and neuropathological features. Some ALS patients have behavioral/personality changes, which could result in significant obstacles in the care provided by family members and caregivers. An easy screening tool would contribute greatly to the evaluation of these symptoms. We translated the ALS-FTD-Questionnaire, developed in the Netherlands, into Japanese (ALS-FTD-Q-J) and examined the clinimetric properties (internal consistency, construct and clinical validity). Patients with ALS and/or behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD) were evaluated alongside healthy controls in this multicenter study. All ALS patients, regardless of bvFTD status, were further evaluated by the frontal behavioral inventory (FBI) and for frontal/executive function, cognition, anxiety/depression, and motor functions. Data from 146 subjects were analyzed: ALS (92), ALS-bvFTD (6), bvFTD (16), and healthy controls (32). The internal consistency of the ALS-FTD-Q-J was good (Cronbach α=0.92). The ALS-FTD-Q-J showed construct validity as it exhibited a high correlation with the FBI (r=0.79). However, correlations were moderate with anxiety/depression and low with cognitive scales, in contrast to the original report, i.e. a moderate correlation with cognition and a low correlation with anxiety/depression. The ALS-FTD-Q-J discriminated ALS patients from (ALS-)bvFTD patients and controls. Thus, the ALS-FTD-Q-J is useful for evaluating Japanese ALS/FTD patients. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Does Al Qaeda Central Still Matter?

    Kangil Lee


    Full Text Available El artículo discute si Al Qaeda central es todavía relevante o no. Tras estudiar la actividades de Al Qaeda central cuyo objetivo es provocar la violencia en Afganistán y Pakistán, así como los planes continuos de ataques directos contra los Estados Unidos, el artículo muestra que la capacidad operativa de Al Qaeda es más sólida y fuerte que la que Estados Unidos y otros investigadores y eruditos han anticipado. Además, el apoyo virulento y la contribución Al Qaeda en la Península Arábiga a la red de Al Qaeda muestra que la longevidad de Al Qaeda depende de la relación con sus afiliados. El artículo concluye que, en estas condiciones, Al Qaeda central todavía ocupa un lugar en las discusiones de seguridad global.

  3. Al cation induces aggregation of serum proteins.

    Chanphai, P; Kreplak, L; Tajmir-Riahi, H A


    Al cation is known to induce protein fibrillation and causes several neurodegenerative disorders. We report the spectroscopic, thermodynamic analysis and AFM imaging for the Al cation binding process with human serum albumin (HSA), bovine serum albumin (BSA) and milk beta-lactoglobulin (b-LG) in aqueous solution at physiological pH. Hydrophobicity played a major role in Al-protein interactions with more hydrophobic b-LG forming stronger Al-protein complexes. Thermodynamic parameters ΔS, ΔH and ΔG showed Al-protein bindings occur via hydrophobic and H-bonding contacts for b-LG, while van der Waals and H-bonding interactions prevail in HSA and BSA adducts. AFM clearly indicated that aluminum cations are able to force BSA and b-LG into larger or more robust aggregates than HSA, with HSA 4±0.2 (SE, n=801) proteins per aggregate, for BSA 17±2 (SE, n=148), and for b-LG 12±3 (SE, n=151). Thioflavin T test showed no major protein fibrillation in the presence of Al cation. Al complexation induced major alterations of protein conformations with the order of perturbations b-LG>BSA>HSA. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Strength of Al and Al-Mg/alumina bonds prepared using ultrahigh vacuum diffusion bonding

    King, W.E.; Campbell, G.H.; Wien, W.L.; Stoner, S.L.


    The authors have measured the cross-breaking strength of Al and Al-Mg alloys bonded with alumina. Diffusion bonding of Al and Al-Mg alloys requires significantly more bonding time than previously thought to obtain complete bonding. In contrast to previous diffusion bonding studies, fracture morphologies are similar to those obtained in bonds formed by liquid phase reaction; i.e., bonds are as strong or stronger than the ceramic; and fracture tends to propagate in the metal for pure Al and near the interface in the ceramic for the alloys. There are indications that the fracture morphology depends on Mg content and therefore on plasticity in the metal

  5. [Lessons from Guam ALS/PDC study].

    Asao, Hirano


    An extraordinarily high incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and parkinsonism-dementia complex (PDC) affecting the native population was discovered on the island of Guam a half century ago. Guam ALS is identical to classic ALS clinically and pathologically while PDC is marked by progressive parkinsonism and dementia. The unusual histological finding in these fetal neurodegenerative diseases is the presence of numerous neurofibrillary tangles in a selective topographic distribution unassociated with senile plaques. There have been remarkable advances in field of age-associated neurodegenerative disease after our initial study of Guam cases. Four noteworthy topics are presented in this communication. 1) Clinically, the coexistence of parkinsonism and dementia was frequently recognized in Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease. Some other new disease entities characterized by coexistence of parkinsonism and dementia have been reported. These include progressive supranuclear palsy, frontotemporal dementia and parkinsonism linked to chromosome 17. 2) Neuropathologically, abundant neurofibrillary tangles unassociated with senile plaques were demonstrated in many diseases such as aftermath of boxing and tangle-only dementia. Furthermore, tau-positive structures were recognized not only in neurons but in glial cells in certain diseases. Tauopathy is one of the current hot research subjects. 3) Familial aggregation of Guam ALS patients provoked investigation of familial ALS elsewhere. Familial motor neuron disease with SOD1 mutation is the target of worldwide intense investigation at the present time. SOD1 gene mutation is, however, not found in Guam ALS. 4) The most striking findings of the Guam study is the gradual decline in the incidence of ALS on Guam during a quarter century and virtual disappearance of new patients. This may be linked to a remarkable change in environment and life style of the Chamorro population. The etiology of ALS is still unknown and

  6. Al-Âyah al-Mutasyâbihât al-Lafzhiyyah fi Sûrah al-An’âm ‘Inda al-Kirmâny

    Hikmatiar Pasya


    Full Text Available This paper discusses about the verses of mutasyâbihât in the Quran. The debate of this verses caused various opinions. The meaning of the mutasyâbihât in this paper is the similarity and difference of the words in the Qur'an. Mufasir have different opinion about the meaning of the verse of mutasyâbihât al-lafdzi. In addition, many Hufadz of the Quran who are confused from one verse to another, or one chapter to another. It’s because similarity of verses in the Qur'an with other verses. So the writer wants to explain the verses mutasyâbihât al-lafdzi in the perspective of Hamzh al-Karmani in Surah al-An'âm. In this discussion the author discovers some passages in mutasyâbihât al-lafdzi, namely Asrâru al-balaghah fi mutasyabih al-lafdzi, Asrar al-balaghah fi mutasyabih al-hurf, and murâ'ah al-ikhtilâfmurâd bi al-lafdzi al-mukarrar.

  7. Tracing Al Shabaab’s Decision to Cooperate with Al Qaeda in Somalia (2008

    Adlini Ilma Ghaisany Sjah


    Full Text Available 'Al Shabaab, a Somali insurgent with predominantly nationalistic causes (alongside transnational [global Jihad] and Islamic goals made the choice to fight on behalf of Al Qaeda in 2008. The decision to do so contrasted with Al Shabaab’s previous behaviour of actively denying cooperation and distancing itself from Al Qaeda. This study aims to uncover factors that contributed to Al Shabaab’s decision through the use of process-tracing. The results show that Al Shabaab’s declaration of cooperation with Al Qaeda in August 2008 was brought about by a series of events that traced back to four factors: public reactions to the implementation of a Salafi ideology, the shift to a radical leadership, Al Shabaab’s inability to maintain stability in areas under its control and its increasing attacks by Al Shabaab on the Somali public. Al Shabaab pursued cooperation with Al Qaeda after realizing that their nationalistic preference was no longer achievable in the near future.' ' '

  8. Optical, structural, and nuclear scientific studies of AlGaN with high Al composition

    Lin, Tse Yang; Chung, Yee Ling; Li, Lin; Yao, Shude; Lee, Y. C.; Feng, Zhe Chuan; Ferguson, Ian T.; Lu, Weijie


    AlGaN epilayers with higher Al-compositions were grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) on (0001) sapphire. Trimethylgallium (TMGa), trimethylaluminium (TMAl) and NH3 were used as the source precursors for Ga, Al, and N, respectively. A 25 nm AlN nucleation layer was first grown at low-temperature of 590 °C at 300 Torr. Followed, AlxGa1-xN layers were grown at 1080 °C on low-temperature AlN nucleation layers. The heterostructures were characterized by a series of techniques, including x-ray diffraction (XRD), Rutherford backscattering (RBS), photoluminescence (PL), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Raman scattering. Precise Al compositions were determined through XRD, RBS, and SEM combined measurements. Room Temperature Raman Scattering spectra shows three major bands from AlGaN alloys, which are AlN-like, A1 longitudinal optical (LO) phonon modes, and E2 transverse optical (TO) band, respectively, plus several peak comes from the substrate. Raman spectral line shape analysis lead to an optical determination of the electrical property free carrier concentration of AlGaN. The optical properties of AlGaN with high Al composition were presented here.

  9. Formation of epitaxial Al 2O 3/NiAl(1 1 0) films: aluminium deposition

    Lykhach, Y.; Moroz, V.; Yoshitake, M.


    Structure of epitaxial Al 2O 3 layers formed on NiAl(1 1 0) substrates has been studied by means of reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED). The elucidated structure was compared to the model suggested for 0.5 nm-thick Al 2O 3 layers [K. Müller, H. Lindner, D.M. Zehner, G. Ownby, Verh. Dtsch. Phys. Ges. 25 (1990) 1130; R.M. Jaeger, H. Kuhlenbeck, H.J. Freund, Surf. Sci. 259 (1991) 235]. The stepwise growth of Al 2O 3 film, involving deposition and subsequent oxidation of aluminium onto epitaxial 0.5 nm-thick Al 2O 3 layers, has been investigated. Aluminium was deposited at room temperature, whereas its oxidation took place during annealing at 1070 K. The Al 2O 3 thickness was monitored by means of Auger electron spectroscopy (AES). It was found that Al 2O 3 layer follows the structure of 0.5 nm thick Al 2O 3 film, although a tilting of Al 2O 3(1 1 1) surface plane with respect to NiAl(1 1 0) surface appeared after Al deposition.

  10. Structural and electrical characterization of AuPtAlTi ohmic contacts to AlGaN/GaN with varying annealing temperature and Al content

    Fay, Mike W.; Han, Y.; Brown, Paul D.; Harrison, Ian; Hilton, K.P.; Munday, A.; Wallis, D.; Balmer, R.S.; Uren, M.J.; Martin, T.


    The effect of varying annealing temperature and Al layer thickness on the structural and electrical characteristics of AuPtAlTi/AlGaN/GaN ohmic contact structures has been systematically investigated. The relationship between annealing temperature, Al content, interfacial microstructure, surface planarity and contact resistance is\\ud examined. In particular, the presence of a detrimental low temperature Pt-Al reaction is identified. This is implicated in both the requirement for a higher Al:T...

  11. Some aspects of anelastic and microplastic creep of pure Al and two Al-alloys

    Sgobba, S.; Kuenzi, H.U.; Ilschner, B.


    Anelastic creep of pure Al, commercial Al-Cu and a binary Al-Cu alloy has been measured at room temperature by means of a high resolution laser interferometer. The irreversible component of the deformation was also quantified from measurements of the anelastic creep recovery. The dependence of the deformation-time curves on thermal treatment and cold work is analyzed. The mechanisms responsible for the room temperature anelastic creep are discussed. Materials loaded below their elastic limit can present either a pure anelastic behavior (commercial Al-Cu) or additional viscoelastic creep (pure Al, high purity Al-Cu). For commercial Al-Cu, the presence of an irreversible deformation appears to be mainly related to the state of the surface. A viscoelastic after effect has been measured for this alloy after a Cu-electroplating treatment. As a typical result for room temperature creep, the irreversible deformation depends logarithmically on load time. (orig.)

  12. Some aspects of anelastic and microplastic creep of pure Al and two Al-alloys

    Sgobba, S. (Lab. de Metallurgie Mecanique, Dept. des Materiaux, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)); Kuenzi, H.U. (Lab. de Metallurgie Mecanique, Dept. des Materiaux, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)); Ilschner, B. (Lab. de Metallurgie Mecanique, Dept. des Materiaux, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland))


    Anelastic creep of pure Al, commercial Al-Cu and a binary Al-Cu alloy has been measured at room temperature by means of a high resolution laser interferometer. The irreversible component of the deformation was also quantified from measurements of the anelastic creep recovery. The dependence of the deformation-time curves on thermal treatment and cold work is analyzed. The mechanisms responsible for the room temperature anelastic creep are discussed. Materials loaded below their elastic limit can present either a pure anelastic behavior (commercial Al-Cu) or additional viscoelastic creep (pure Al, high purity Al-Cu). For commercial Al-Cu, the presence of an irreversible deformation appears to be mainly related to the state of the surface. A viscoelastic after effect has been measured for this alloy after a Cu-electroplating treatment. As a typical result for room temperature creep, the irreversible deformation depends logarithmically on load time. (orig.).

  13. Analisis Kecenderungan Manhaj Akidah Shaykh Shams al-Din al-Sumatera’i



    Full Text Available Shaykh Shams al-Din al-Sumatera'i is a very great and respected scholar during 16th and 17th century of Acheh. His knowledge in various fields recognized by local and international scholars. He had been a Qadi Malik al-’Adil, a religious leader, who became a referred by communities and country during the reign of the three Sultans of Aceh. He has authored nearly 40 pieces of books related to the theology and sufism. This study focuses on the methods used by Shaykh Shams al-Din al-Sumatera'i in his theological writings. This study found that Shaykh Shams al-Din al-Sumatera'i had used six methods in the such writings.

  14. ALS-Plus Syndrome: Non-Pyramidal Features in a Large ALS Cohort

    McCluskey, Leo; Vandriel, Shannon; Elman, Lauren; Van Deerlin, Vivianna M.; Powers, John; Boller, Ashley; Wood, Elisabeth McCarty; Woo, John; McMillan, Corey T.; Rascovsky, Katya; Grossman, Murray


    Objective Autopsy studies show widespread pathology in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but clinical surveys of multisystem disease in ALS are rare. We investigated ALS-Plus syndrome, an understudied group of patients with clinical features extending beyond pyramidal and neuromuscular systems with or without cognitive/behavioral deficits. Methods In a large, consecutively-ascertained cohort of 550 patients with ALS, we documented atypical clinical manifestations. Genetic screening for C9orf72 hexanucleotide expansions was performed in 343 patients, and SOD1, TARDBP, and VCP were tested in the subgroup of patients with a family history of ALS. Gray matter and white matter imaging was available in a subgroup of 30 patients. Results Seventy-five (13.6%) patients were identified with ALS-Plus syndrome. We found disorders of ocular motility, cerebellar, extrapyramidal and autonomic functioning. Relative to those without ALS-Plus, cognitive impairment (8.0% vs 2.9%, p=0.029), bulbar-onset (49.3% vs 23.2%, pALS-Plus. Survival was significantly shorter in ALS-Plus (29.66 months vs 42.50 months, p=0.02), regardless of bulbar-onset or mutation status. Imaging revealed significantly greater cerebellar and cerebral disease in ALS-Plus compared to those without ALS-Plus. Conclusions ALS-Plus syndrome is not uncommon, and the presence of these atypical features is consistent with neuropathological observations that ALS is a multisystem disorder. ALS-Plus syndrome is associated with increased risk for poor survival and the presence of a pathogenic mutation. PMID:25086858

  15. High Temperature AL-Nanocrystal Alloy Synthesis

    Perepezko, J


    Aluminum-rich metallic glasses containing transition metals and rare earth elements have been found to yield finely mixed microstructures of Al nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous matrix and exhibit...

  16. Landbouwprotectie als middel tot politieke integratie.

    Noort, van den P.C.


    In acht hoofdstukken is dit beleid uiteengezet. 1. Landbouwprotectie als middel tot politieke integratie. 2. Eigenbelang van een meer marktgericht landbouwbeleid. 3. uitdagingen voor landbouwcooperaties. 4. Het westers landbouwbeleid en het wereldvoedselprobleem. 5. Landbouw heeft nu een eigen

  17. (14) Akinwole et al Influence of Culture

    Adeyinka Odunsi

    Influence of Culture Water Draw-off on Growth of the African ... 1Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, University of ... areas (Eyo et al., 2003). .... systems. Nigerian Journal of Rural. Extension and Development. 6: 38-. 42.

  18. Al Qaeda: Statements and Evolving Ideology

    Blanchard, Christopher M


    ... [April and October 2004] have led some terrorism analysts to speculate that the messages may signal a new attempt by him to create a lasting political leadership role for himself and Al Qaeda as the vanguard...

  19. Grain boundaries in Ni3Al. 2

    Kung, H.; Sass, S.L.


    This paper discusses the dislocation structure of small angle tilt and twist boundaries in ordered Ni 3 Al, with and without boron, investigated using transmission electron microscopy. Dislocation with Burgers vectors that correspond to anti-phase boundary (APB)-coupled superpartials were found in small angle twist boundaries in both boron-free and boron-doped Ni 3 Al, and a small angle tilt boundary in boron-doped Ni 3 Al. The boundary structures are in agreement with theoretical models proposed by Marcinkowski and co-workers. The APB energy determined from the dissociation of the grain boundary dislocations was lower than values reported for isolated APBs in Ni 3 Al. For small angle twist boundaries the presence of boron reduced the APB energy at the interface until it approached zero. This is consistent with the structure of these boundaries containing small regions of increased compositional disorder in the first atomic plane next to the interface

  20. 12th Annual ALS Users' Association Meeting

    Robinson, Arthur L.


    Science took the front seat as 219 Advanced Light Source (ALS) users and staff gathered on Monday and Tuesday, October 18 and 19 for the twelfth annual users' meeting. The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to reports on science at the ALS. Packed into two busy days were 31 invited oral presentations and 80 submitted poster presentations, as well as time to visit 24 vendor booths. The oral sessions were dedicated to environmental science, chemical dynamics, biosciences, magnetic materials, and atomic and molecular science. In addition, there was an ALS highlights session that emphasized new results and a session comprising highlights from the young scientists who will carry the ALS into the future

  1. AL Amyloidosis Complicated by Persistent Oral Bleeding

    Luiz Antonio Liarte Marconcini


    Full Text Available A case of amyloid light chain (AL amyloidosis is presented here with uncontrolled bleeding after a nonsurgical dental procedure, most likely multifactorial in nature, and consequently treated with a multidisciplinary approach.

  2. Arfiputri et al., Afr., J. Infect. Dis.

    Dharin Serebrina Arfiputri


    Oct 20, 2017 ... Diagnosis of VVC are from history taking, physical examination (Linhares et al, 2001; ... From the appearance of vaginal discharge usually minimal, ... (69.48%), and the rest are not yet married, divorce and widow, not yet.

  3. Ayinmode et al., Afr., J. Infect. Dis.

    Ayinmode, Adekunle

    Brucella abortus antibodies using Rose Bengal test and Competitive Enzyme Linked ... milk production in both dairy and beef cattle (Hernandez et al., 2001; Dubey and Schares, 2011). ..... Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. Paris ...


    Zaenuddin Mansyur


    Full Text Available Abstract:   In order to answer a variety of issues faced by human being in the current era, such as human rights abuses, social disintegration, and terrorism, the renewal of Islamic law in the level of theoretical and practical aspects is very urgent. This paper aims to examine one of the Islamic legal reform efforts, namely to build a more technical understanding of the concept of maṣlaḥah contained in the maqāṣīd sharī‘ah, called the al-kulliyat al-khamsah. Therefore, the concept of maṣlaḥah in ḥifẓ al-dīn is technically defined as al-ḥurriyah al-i‘tiqād (freedom of religion and schools; in ḥifẓ al-nafs as al-karamat al-insān (human being breeding; in ḥifẓ al-nasl as ḥifẓ al-usrah (wholeness and harmony of the family; in ḥifẓ al-māl as al-taḍammun al-insān (social solidarity , and in ḥifẓ al-‘aql as al-ḥuqūq as al-tarbiyāt (increasing human resources quality.Abstrak: Demi menjawab aneka persoalan zaman yang dihadapi manusia era sekarang, seperti penyelewengan terhadap HAM, disintegrasi sosial, dan terorisme, maka pembaharuan hukum Islam dalam tataran teoretis dan praktis urgen dilakukan. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji salah satu upaya pembaruan hukum Islam, yaitu membangun pemahaman yang lebih teknis terhadap konsep maṣlaḥah yang terkandung dalam maqāṣīd sharī‘ah, yang disebut dengan al-kulliyāt al-khamsah. Oleh karena itu, konsep maṣlaḥah dalam ḥifẓu al-dīn secara teknis dimaknai sebagai ḥurriyah al-i‘tiqād (kebebasan untuk beragama dan beraliran; dalam ḥifẓu al-nafs sebagai al-karāmāt al-insān (pemuliaan kemanusiaan; dalam ḥifẓu al-nasl sebagai ḥifẓu al-usrah (keutuhan dan keharmonisan keluarga; dalam ḥifẓu al-māl sebagai al-taḍammun al-insān (solidaritas sosial; dan dalam ḥifẓu al-‘aql sebagai al-ḥuqūq al-tarbiyāt (peningkatan sumber daya manusia.

  5. In Situ Fabrication of AlN Coating by Reactive Plasma Spraying of Al/AlN Powder

    Mohammed Shahien


    Full Text Available Reactive plasma spraying is a promising technology for the in situ formation of aluminum nitride (AlN coatings. Recently, it became possible to fabricate cubic-AlN-(c-AlN based coatings through reactive plasma spraying of Al powder in an ambient atmosphere. However, it was difficult to fabricate a coating with high AlN content and suitable thickness due to the coalescence of the Al particles. In this study, the influence of using AlN additive (h-AlN to increase the AlN content of the coating and improve the reaction process was investigated. The simple mixing of Al and AlN powders was not suitable for fabricating AlN coatings through reactive plasma spraying. However, it was possible to prepare a homogenously mixed, agglomerated and dispersed Al/AlN mixture (which enabled in-flight interaction between the powder and the surrounding plasma by wet-mixing in a planetary mill. Increasing the AlN content in the mixture prevented coalescence and increased the nitride content gradually. Using 30 to 40 wt% AlN was sufficient to fabricate a thick (more than 200 µm AlN coating with high hardness (approximately 1000 Hv. The AlN additive prevented the coalescence of Al metal and enhanced post-deposition nitriding through N2 plasma irradiation by allowing the nitriding species in the plasma to impinge on a larger Al surface area. Using AlN as a feedstock additive was found to be a suitable method for fabricating AlN coatings by reactive plasma spraying. Moreover, the fabricated coatings consist of hexagonal (h-AlN, c-AlN (rock-salt and zinc-blend phases and certain oxides: aluminum oxynitride (Al5O6N, cubic sphalerite Al23O27N5 (ALON and Al2O3. The zinc-blend c-AlN and ALON phases were attributed to the transformation of the h-AlN feedstock during the reactive plasma spraying. Thus, the zinc-blend c-Al

  6. Performance of the ALS injection system

    Kim, C.H.


    The authors started commissioning the Advanced Light Source (ALS) storage ring on January 11, 1993. The stored beam reached 60 mA on March 24, 1993 and 407 mA on April 9, 1993. The fast pace of storage ring commissioning can be attributed partially to the robust injection system. In this paper they describe the operating characteristics of the ALS injection system

  7. The evolving genetic risk for sporadic ALS.

    Gibson, Summer B; Downie, Jonathan M; Tsetsou, Spyridoula; Feusier, Julie E; Figueroa, Karla P; Bromberg, Mark B; Jorde, Lynn B; Pulst, Stefan M


    To estimate the genetic risk conferred by known amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)-associated genes to the pathogenesis of sporadic ALS (SALS) using variant allele frequencies combined with predicted variant pathogenicity. Whole exome sequencing and repeat expansion PCR of C9orf72 and ATXN2 were performed on 87 patients of European ancestry with SALS seen at the University of Utah. DNA variants that change the protein coding sequence of 31 ALS-associated genes were annotated to determine which were rare and deleterious as predicted by MetaSVM. The percentage of patients with SALS with a rare and deleterious variant or repeat expansion in an ALS-associated gene was calculated. An odds ratio analysis was performed comparing the burden of ALS-associated genes in patients with SALS vs 324 normal controls. Nineteen rare nonsynonymous variants in an ALS-associated gene, 2 of which were found in 2 different individuals, were identified in 21 patients with SALS. Further, 5 deleterious C9orf72 and 2 ATXN2 repeat expansions were identified. A total of 17.2% of patients with SALS had a rare and deleterious variant or repeat expansion in an ALS-associated gene. The genetic burden of ALS-associated genes in patients with SALS as predicted by MetaSVM was significantly higher than in normal controls. Previous analyses have identified SALS-predisposing variants only in terms of their rarity in normal control populations. By incorporating variant pathogenicity as well as variant frequency, we demonstrated that the genetic risk contributed by these genes for SALS is substantially lower than previous estimates. © 2017 American Academy of Neurology.

  8. Thermoluminescence properties of AlN ceramics

    Trinkler, L.; Christensen, P.; Agersnap Larsen, N.


    The paper describes thermoluminescence (TL) properties of AlN:Y2O3 ceramics irradiated with ionising radiation. A high TL sensitivity of AlN:Y2O3 ceramics to radiation encouraged a study of the AlN ceramics for application as a dosimetric material. The paper presents experimental data on: glow...... curve, emission spectrum, dose response, energy dependence, influence of heating rate and fading rate. The measured TL characteristics were compared with those of well-known, widely used TLDs, i.e. LiF:Mg,Ti, LiF:Mg,Cu,P and Al2O3:C. It is concluded that AlN:Y2O3 ceramics showing a radiation sensitivity...... which is approximately 50 times greater than that of LiF:Mg,Ti is an interesting dosimetry material; however due to a high fading rate of the TL of AlN:Y2O3 on storage at room temperature, a further development of the material for improving the fading characteristics is needed for its application...

  9. Clinical trials for neuroprotection in ALS.

    Siciliano, G; Carlesi, C; Pasquali, L; Piazza, S; Pietracupa, S; Fornai, F; Ruggieri, S; Murri, L


    Owing to uncertainty on the pathogenic mechanisms underlying motor neuron degeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) riluzole remains the only available therapy, with only marginal effects on disease survival. Here we review some of the recent advances in the search for disease-modifying drugs for ALS based on their putative neuroprotective effetcs. A number of more or less established agents have recently been investigated also in ALS for their potential role in neuroprotection and relying on antiglutamatergic, antioxidant or antiapoptotic strategies. Among them Talampanel, beta-lactam antibiotics, Coenzyme Q10, and minocycline have been investigated. Progress has also been made in exploiting growth factors for the treatment of ALS, partly due to advances in developing effective delivery systems to the central nervous system. A number of new therapies have also been identified, including a novel class of compounds, such as heat-shock protein co-inducers, which upregulate cell stress responses, and agents promoting autophagy and mitochondriogenesis, such as lithium and rapamycin. More recently, alterations of mRNA processing were described as a pathogenic mechanism in genetically defined forms of ALS, as those related to TDP-43 and FUS-TLS gene mutations. This knowledge is expected to improve our understanding of the pathogenetic mechanism in ALS and developing more effective therapies.

  10. The fecal microbiome of ALS patients.

    Brenner, David; Hiergeist, Andreas; Adis, Carolin; Mayer, Benjamin; Gessner, André; Ludolph, Albert C; Weishaupt, Jochen H


    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative motor neuron disease accompanied by both systemic and central nervous system-specific inflammation as well as deregulated energy metabolism. These potential pathogenetic factors have recently been found to mutually interact with the gut microbiota, raising the hypothesis of a link between microbiome alterations and ALS pathogenesis. The aim of our study was to assess whether ALS is associated with an altered composition of the fecal microbiota. We compared the fecal microbiota of 25 ALS patients with 32 age- and gender-matched healthy persons using 16S rRNA gene sequencing analysis. Confounding factors and secondary disease effects on the microbiome were minimized by selection of patients without dysphagia, gastrostomy, noninvasive ventilation, or reduced body mass index. Comparing the 2 carefully matched groups, the diversity and the abundance of the bacterial taxa on the different taxonomic levels as well as PICRUSt-predicted metagenomes were almost indistinguishable. Significant differences between ALS patients and healthy controls were only observed with regard to the overall number of microbial species (operational taxonomic units) and in the abundance of uncultured Ruminococcaceae. Conclusively, ALS patients do not exhibit a substantial alteration of the gut microbiota composition. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Heterogeneous nucleation of solid Al from the melt by Al 3 Ti : Molecular dynamics simulations

    Wang, Junsheng; Horsfield, Andrew; Lee, Peter D.; Brommer, Peter


    It has been known experimentally for some time that Al3 Ti is a powerful nucleant for the solidification of aluminum from the melt; however, a full microscopic understanding is still lacking. To develop this understanding, we have performed molecular dynamics simulations of the nucleation and early stages of growth using published embedded atom method potentials for Al-Ti, but modified by us to stabilize the D 022 structure. We discover that Al3 Ti can indeed be very effective in promoting the growth of solid Al but the manner in which growth takes place depends sensitively on the surface on which the Al nucleates. In particular, complete growth of solid Al from the liquid on the (001) and (110) surfaces of Al3 Ti occurs at a lower temperature than on the (112) surface. This anisotropy agrees with observations in previous experiments. We explain this observation in terms of interfacial energies. On the preferential (111) surface of Al the solid-liquid interfacial energy is highest while the solid-vacuum energy is lowest. Our simulations also show that the extent of ordering taking place in liquid Al close to the Al 3 Ti substrate above the melting point correlates well with the effectiveness of the substrate as a nucleant below the melting temperature: this could provide a computationally efficient scheme to identify good nucleants. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

  12. Compressive performance and crack propagation in Al alloy/Ti{sub 2}AlC composites

    Hanaor, D.A.H., E-mail: [School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006 (Australia); Hu, L. [Ames Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Ames, Iowa 50011 (United States); Kan, W.H.; Proust, G. [School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006 (Australia); Foley, M. [Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006 (Australia); Karaman, I.; Radovic, M. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Texas A& M University, College Station, TX 77843 (United States)


    Composite materials comprising a porous Ti{sub 2}AlC matrix and Al 6061 alloy were fabricated by a current-activated pressure assisted melt infiltration process. Coarse, medium and fine meso-structures were prepared with Al alloy filled pores of differing sizes. Materials were subjected to uniaxial compressive loading up to stresses of 668 MPa, leading to the failure of specimens through crack propagation in both phases. As-fabricated and post-failure specimens were analysed by X-ray microscopy and electron microscopy. Quasi-static mechanical testing results revealed that compressive strength was the highest in the fine structured composite materials. While the coarse structured specimens exhibited a compressive strength of 80% relative to this. Reconstructed micro-scale X-ray tomography data revealed different crack propagation mechanisms. Large planar shear cracks propagated throughout the fine structured materials while the coarser specimens exhibited networks of branching cracks propagating preferentially along Al alloy-Ti{sub 2}AlC phase interfaces and through shrinkage pores in the Al alloy phase. Results suggest that control of porosity, compensation for Al alloy shrinkage and enhancement of the Al alloy-Ti{sub 2}AlC phase interfaces are key considerations in the design of high performance metal/Ti{sub 2}AlC phase composites.

  13. The formation of AlB2 in an Al-B master alloy

    Wang Xiaoming


    The formation of borides in an Al-3 wt.%B master alloy, produced via chemical reactions of KBF 4 and aluminium has been investigated. The chemical reactions produce boron, which dissolves into molten aluminium and subsequently forms aluminium borides. Backscattered electron imaging (BEI) of the Al-3 wt.%B master alloy under a scanning electron microscope (SEM) revealed the presence of two types of phases that contain different levels of boron. Combined with X-ray diffraction (XRD) results, the two types of phases are identified as AlB 2 on AlB 12 . This gives a direct evidence for a peritectic reaction of AlB 12 and aluminium, which produces AlB 2 . The thermodynamic properties of the reactions that may be involved are examined, and the presence of AlB 12 phase in the master alloy explained. The observed microstructure is explained according to the peritectic reaction in an Al-B phase diagram. The stability of AlB 2 and AlB 12 at lower temperature than 975 deg. C is clarified

  14. Heterogeneous nucleation of solid Al from the melt by Al 3 Ti : Molecular dynamics simulations

    Wang, Junsheng


    It has been known experimentally for some time that Al3 Ti is a powerful nucleant for the solidification of aluminum from the melt; however, a full microscopic understanding is still lacking. To develop this understanding, we have performed molecular dynamics simulations of the nucleation and early stages of growth using published embedded atom method potentials for Al-Ti, but modified by us to stabilize the D 022 structure. We discover that Al3 Ti can indeed be very effective in promoting the growth of solid Al but the manner in which growth takes place depends sensitively on the surface on which the Al nucleates. In particular, complete growth of solid Al from the liquid on the (001) and (110) surfaces of Al3 Ti occurs at a lower temperature than on the (112) surface. This anisotropy agrees with observations in previous experiments. We explain this observation in terms of interfacial energies. On the preferential (111) surface of Al the solid-liquid interfacial energy is highest while the solid-vacuum energy is lowest. Our simulations also show that the extent of ordering taking place in liquid Al close to the Al 3 Ti substrate above the melting point correlates well with the effectiveness of the substrate as a nucleant below the melting temperature: this could provide a computationally efficient scheme to identify good nucleants. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

  15. Predicting glass-forming compositions in the Al-La and Al-La-Ni systems

    Gargarella, P.; de Oliveira, M.F.; Kiminami, C.S.; Pauly, S.; Kuehn, U.; Bolfarini, C.; Botta, W.J.; Eckert, J.


    Research highlights: → The glass-forming ability of the Al-La and Al-La-Ni systems was studied using the λ* and the λ.Δe criteria. → Both criteria predicted with just 1% at. of error the best glass-former verified so far in the Al-La system. → Four new glass-former compositions could be predicted in the Al-La-Ni system using the λ.Δe criterion. → The best glass-former reported so far in the Al-La-Ni system was found. - Abstract: In this work, a criterion considering the topological instability (λ) and the differences in the electronegativity of the constituent elements (Δe) was applied to the Al-La and Al-Ni-La systems in order to predict the best glass-forming compositions. The results were compared with literature data and with our own experimental data for the Al-La-Ni system. The alloy described in the literature as the best glass former in the Al-La system is located near the point with local maximum for the λ.Δe criterion. A good agreement was found between the predictions of the λ.Δe criterion and literature data in the Al-La-Ni system, with the region of the best glass-forming ability (GFA) and largest supercooled liquid region (ΔT x ) coinciding with the best compositional region for amorphization indicated by the λ.Δe criterion. Four new glassy compositions were found in the Al-La-Ni system, with the best predicted composition presenting the best glass-forming ability observed so far for this system. Although the λ.Δe criterion needs further refinements for completely describe the glass-forming ability in the Al-La and Al-La-Ni systems, the results demonstrated that this criterion is a good tool to predict new glass-forming compositions.

  16. Phase relationships in the Al-rich region of the Al-Cu-Er system

    Zhang Ligang; Masset, Patrick J.; Cao Fuyong; Meng Fangui; Liu Libin; Jin Zhanpeng


    Research highlights: → One ternary phase τ 1 -Al 8 Cu 4 Er in Al-rich region with a composition of 59.4-60.4 at.% Al, 32.2-33.8 at.% Cu, and 6.4-7.7 at.% Er is observed in both as-cast and annealed alloys. At 673 K, the binary Al 3 Er phase dissolves about 3.51 at.% Cu. → The calculated solidification paths (based on the CALPHAD method) of as-cast alloys are in agreement with the experimental results. → It can be found that the resultant thermodynamic database can be applied to case studies of as-cast alloys, showing that the literature thermodynamic description of the Al-Cu-Er system is reliable as a working basis for computer-assisted alloy design. - Abstract: The Al-rich region of the ternary Al-Cu-Er system is investigated using the method of X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Phase equilibria in the Al-rich region of the Al-Cu-Er system at 673 K have been obtained, and the microstructures of as-cast alloys in the Al-rich region are also investigated. One ternary phase τ 1 -Al 8 Cu 4 Er with a composition of 59.4-60.4 at.% Al, 32.2-33.8 at.% Cu, and 6.4-7.7 at.% Er is observed in both as-cast and annealed alloys. At 673 K, the binary Al 3 Er phase dissolves about 3.51 at.% Cu. The calculated solidification paths (based on the CALPHAD method) of as-cast alloys are in agreement with the experimental results.

  17. Liquidus projection of the Nb-Cr-Al system near the Al3(Nb,Cr) + Cr(Al,Nb) eutectic region

    Souza, S.A.; Ferrandini, P.L.; Nunes, C.A.; Coelho, A.A.; Caram, R.


    The system Nb-Cr-Al was investigated in the region near the Al 3 (Nb,Cr) + Cr(Al,Nb) eutectic and the liquidus projection of that region was determined based on the microstructural characterization of arc melted alloys. The characterization utilized scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), differential thermal analysis (DTA) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results allowed one to determine three primary solidification liquidus surfaces ((Cr,Al) 2 Nb, Cr(Al,Nb) and Al 3 (Nb,Cr)), that are originated from the binary systems Cr-Nb, Cr-Al and Al-Nb. It is proposed the occurrence of the invariant reaction L + (Cr,Al) 2 Nb ↔ Al 3 (Nb,Cr) + Cr(Al,Nb) and of a point of minimum, which involves a three phase reaction, L ↔ Al 3 (Nb,Cr) + Cr(Al,Nb). All alloys studied showed formation of the Al 3 (Nb,Cr) + Cr(Al,Nb) eutectic as the last solidification step with Al(Nb)Cr 2 precipitating from Cr(Al,Nb)

  18. Effect of elevated Al and pH on the growth and root morphology of Al-tolerant and Al-sensitive wheat seedlings in an acid soil

    Md. Toufiq Iqbal


    Full Text Available Aluminium ion (Al3+ toxicity and hydrogen ion (H+ activity are the major constraints for plant growth in acid soil. This study was undertaken to determine the effect of pH and Al on the growth response and changes in root morphology of Al-tolerant (ET8 and Al-sensitive (ES8 wheat seedlings. Different levels of AlCl3 and CaCO3 were added to the soils to manipulate soil pH and extractable Al. The results showed that the bulk soil pH remained constant at pH 4.1 with further applications of AlCl3, and that the seedlings died at the 200 mg AlCl3/kg treatments. The ET8 seedlings responded better than the ES8 seedlings in both low and high Al and pH. The ET8 seedlings had higher root surface areas and root tip numbers than the ES8 seedlings in the Al treatment. In contrast, the ES8 had higher root diameters than the ET8 seedlings due to the elevated Al supply. Apoplast Al increased with the increase of soil available extractable Al, and declined with the decrease of soil extractable Al. The ET8 seedlings accumulated more Al in their apoplast than the ES8 seedlings. This study concluded that accumulation of Al in the apoplast is also involved in Al tolerance mechanism with the addition of organic acid exudation.

  19. Disordered crystal structure of 20H-AlON, Al10O3N8

    Banno, Hiroki; Funahashi, Shiro; Asaka, Toru; Hirosaki, Naoto; Fukuda, Koichiro


    The disordered crystal structure of 20H-AlON (Al 10 O 3 N 8 ) was determined by combined use of X-ray powder diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. The title compound is hexagonal with space group P6 3 /mmc (Z=2) and the unit-cell dimensions are a=0.307082(5) nm, c=5.29447(8) nm and V=0.432376(12) nm 3 . The structural model showed the positional disordering of three of the six Al sites in the unit cell. The reliability indices calculated from the Rietveld method were R wp =6.97%, S (=R wp /R e )=1.68, R p =5.45%, R B =5.13% and R F =4.56%. We interpreted the disordered structure of 20H-AlON as a statistical average of six different types of ordered structural configurations, which are composed of an octahedral [Al(O, N) 6 ] layer and tetrahedral [Al(O, N) 4 ] layers. We demonstrated the high correlations between the hexagonal unit-cell dimensions and the octahedral layer concentrations for AlON and SiAlON polytypoids. - Graphical abstract: Variations of a and c/(n O +n T ) with n O /(n O +n T ). The a and c are the hexagonal unit-cell dimensions of AlON, SiAlON and AlN. The n O and n T are, respectively, the numbers of octahedral and tetrahedral layers in the unit cells. The unit-cell dimensions in literature are plotted in black plus for AlON and black cross for SiAlON. The unit-cell dimensions of AlN are a=0.3110 nm and c=0.4980 nm. - Highlights: • Crystal structure of Al10O3N8 is determined by laboratory X-ray powder diffraction. • The atom arrangements are represented by the split-atom model. • Six types of ordered atom arrangements are derived from the disordered structure. • Hexagonal unit-cell dimensions changed systematically for AlON and SiAlON compounds

  20. Ilhaq al-Masa'il bi Nazairiha dan Penerapannya dalam Bahth al-Masa'il

    Luthfi Hadi Aminuddin


    Full Text Available Abstract: Ilh}a>q al-Masa>’il bi Naz}a>iriha is one of the methods used by Nahdlatul Ulama in resisting the opinion based on (manhaji analytical concept of Islamic jurisprudence (the solution for complex social problems as the main purpose of Islamic shari’ah. As known that, up to now, ilh}a>q has been understood as a process of answering a new case by the way of equating to the old one which is written in the book called al-mu’tabarah. Such ilh}a>q has got many criticisms both from the definitions, procedures and its epistemogical footing. This paper is about to reveal how the NU clerics of Islam understand the concept of Ilh}a>q}, what its epistemological footing was and how the concept was applied in discussing many cases (bah}th al-masa>’il. Based on the writer’s study to several documents of decision results of NU that Ilh}a>q did not only simplify to equate the new cases with the old ones that have been freely discussed in the books of al-mu’tabarah, but both cases should have similar legal substance, that is, both should be under the decrees of laws of al-qawa> ‘id al-fiqhi>yah. Thus, Ilh}a>q is actually answering the problem by applying al-qawa>‘id al-fiqhi>yah, whereas the formulation al-qawa>‘id al-fiqhi>yah itself was set off from the examination of a number of furu>’ generated by qiya> s. This paper also found three variations of the implementation of Ilh}a>q in bah}th al-masa>’il. First, the application of Ilh}a>q was without mentioning al-qawa> ‘id al-fiqhi>yah which covered new cases (mulh}aq and the old case law that has been known in the books of fiqh (mulh}aq bih/attached to. Second, the application of Ilh}a>q was accompanied by mentioning mulh}aq bih and al-qawa> ‘id al-fiqhi>yah. Third, the application of Ilh}a>q, was only by the mentioning al-qawa> ‘id al-fiqhi>yah.

  1. Prinsip Pendidikan Karakter dalam Islam: Studi Komparasi Pemikiran Al-Ghazali dan Burhanuddin Al-Zarnuji

    Agus Setiawan


    Full Text Available The impelemtantion of character education that is done by the Indonesian government recently has been provoked by al-Ghazali and Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji long ago. It was proven by some written thoughts of al-Ghazali and Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji. They were very famous scientists in their era and widely welknown as educational experts who produced some phenomenal thoughts many people use today. Al-Ghazali and Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji lived in the era of Bani Abbasiyah monarchy, but Both of them lived in different era. Al-Ghazali was born first, then Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji. They had different mazhab, al-Ghazali went to the traditional principle of mazhab Syafi’I and Burhanuddin al-Zarnuji went to the modern principle of mazhab Hanafi. The differences, of course, would create a different thought. Still, they might have a similar principle of Islamic character education. The thoughts of character education of al-Ghazali have been poured in the “Ayyuha Walad” focusing to the students’ character building characterized by religiously obedient, skillfull of general and religious knowledge, socially helpful, affectionate, generous, good citizen, and coloring the society. Some applicable thoughts of character education of Ayyuha al-Walad of al-Gazhali to the contemporary education are: the balance of the happiness purposes of the recent life and the life after death, qana’ah and tawakal, affectionate, caring other, patience, honesty, philanthrophy, social works, generousity, democratic, peace makers, and patriotic. Those characters are also directed in the islamic character education nowdays. So that, the thoughts of al-Ghazali positively and responsively are absorbed by the Indonesian government to build the national character widely implementing in the national curriculum based on the local wisdom and the Islamic values. In the end, the students are able to live happily based on the Islamic rules by implementing the good behavior. Similar to the al

  2. Alpha and beta stabilizer character of Al in Zr-Nb-Al alloys

    Peruzzi Bardella, A.; Bolcich, J.C.


    The T β/α+β of Zr5Nb and Zr5Nb2Al (weight %) were determined in order to observe the alpha-stabilizer character of Al in ternary Zr-Nb-Al alloys. Techniques employed were change of resistivity with temperature in dynamic experiences, and metallography of samples quenched to room temperature after isothermal annealings. The T β/α+β of the ternary resulted 17 ± 8 deg C higher than that of the binary alloy. In addition, taking into account the results of previous investigations of the transformation of beta on quenching Zr-Nb-Al alloys from the beta field to room temperature, it is concluded that the beta-stabilizer character of Nb is stronger than the alpha-stabilizer character of Al in these Zr alloys, and that the Al can have important influence on the mechanical properties by the appearance of TRIP effect. (Author) [es


    Muhammad Ardy Zaini


    Full Text Available Islam hadir dengan beberapa tujuan, diantaranya adalah terciptanya khoirul ummah dan rahmatan lil’alamin dengan al-Qur’an dan al-Hadits sebagai penuntun umat Islam demi tercapainya tujuan tersebut. Sebagai pedoman hidup, al-Qur’an dan al-Hadits memberikan berbagai petunjuk tentang keteraturan dan permasalahan hidup, termasuk didalamnya mengenai perbankan yang telah memenuhi hampir separuh sisi-sisi kehidupan manusia. Untuk memaksimal ajaran syariah secara kaffah, maka nilai-nilai yang terdapat dalam al-Quran harus mampu diturunkan pada tataran praktis. Salah satu usaha dan langkah dalam rangka menemukan formula perbankan masa depan, al-Quran dan Hadits memiliki konsepsi dalam kegiatan operasional Bank Syariah. Hal ini dilakukan untuk membentuk sikap mental atau watak yang terjabarkan dalam pola berpikir, cara berbicara, dan etika bertingkah laku, sebagai ekspresi jiwa dari manusia yang beriman dan bertakwa kepada Allah Swt. Agar umat Islam mampu menjadi umat yang unggul (khayr ummah.

  4. Effects of Al(III and Nano-Al13 Species on Malate Dehydrogenase Activity

    Rong Fu Chen


    Full Text Available The effects of different aluminum species on malate dehydrogenase (MDH activity were investigated by monitoring amperometric i-t curves for the oxidation of NADH at low overpotential using a functionalized multi-wall nanotube (MWNT modified glass carbon electrode (GCE. The results showed that Al(III and Al13 can activate the enzymatic activity of MDH, and the activation reaches maximum levels as the Al(III and Al13 concentration increase. Our study also found that the effects of Al(III and Al13 on the activity of MDH depended on the pH value and aluminum speciation. Electrochemical and circular dichroism spectra methods were applied to study the effects of nano-sized aluminum compounds on biomolecules.

  5. Effects of Al(III) and nano-Al13 species on malate dehydrogenase activity.

    Yang, Xiaodi; Cai, Ling; Peng, Yu; Li, Huihui; Chen, Rong Fu; Shen, Ren Fang


    The effects of different aluminum species on malate dehydrogenase (MDH) activity were investigated by monitoring amperometric i-t curves for the oxidation of NADH at low overpotential using a functionalized multi-wall nanotube (MWNT) modified glass carbon electrode (GCE). The results showed that Al(III) and Al(13) can activate the enzymatic activity of MDH, and the activation reaches maximum levels as the Al(III) and Al(13) concentration increase. Our study also found that the effects of Al(III) and Al(13) on the activity of MDH depended on the pH value and aluminum speciation. Electrochemical and circular dichroism spectra methods were applied to study the effects of nano-sized aluminum compounds on biomolecules.

  6. 60Co gamma radiation effect on AlGaN//AlN/GaN HEMT devices

    Wang Yanping; Luo Yinhong; Wang Wei; Zhang Keying; Guo Hongxia; Guo Xiaoqiang; Wang Yuanming


    The testing techniques and experimental methods of the 60 Co gamma irradiation effect on AlGaN/AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are established. The degradation of the electrical properties of the device under the actual radiation environment are analyzed theoretically, and studies of the total dose effects of gamma radiation on AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs at three different radiation bias conditions are carried out. The degradation patterns of the main parameters of the AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs at different doses are then investigated, and the device parameters that were sensitive to the gamma radiation induced damage and the total dose level induced device damage are obtained. (authors)

  7. 27Al NMR studies of NpPd5Al2

    Chudo, H.; Sakai, H.; Tokunaga, Y.; Kambe, S.; Aoki, D.; Homma, Y.; Shiokawa, Y.; Haga, Y.; Ikeda, S.; Matsuda, T.D.; Onuki, Y.; Yasuoka, H.


    We present 27 Al NMR studies for a single crystal of the Np-based superconductor NpPd 5 Al 2 (T c =4.9K). We have observed a five-line 27 Al NMR spectrum with a center line and four satellite lines separated by first-order nuclear quadrupole splittings. The Knight shift clearly drops below T c . The temperature dependence of the 27 Al nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate shows no coherence peak below T c , indicating that NpPd 5 Al 2 is an unconventional superconductor with an anisotropic gap. The analysis of the present NMR data provides evidence for strong-coupling d-wave superconductivity in NpPd 5 Al 2 .

  8. Potential skin involvement in ALS: revisiting Charcot's observation - a review of skin abnormalities in ALS.

    Paré, Bastien; Gros-Louis, François


    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons of the brain and spinal cord, leading to progressive paralysis and death. Interestingly, many skin changes have been reported in ALS patients, but never as yet fully explained. These observations could be due to the common embryonic origin of the skin and neural tissue known as the ectodermal germ layer. Following the first observation in ALS patients' skin by Dr Charcot in the 19th century, in the absence of bedsores unlike other bedridden patients, other morphological and molecular changes have been observed. Thus, the skin could be of interest in the study of ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. This review summarizes skin changes reported in the literature over the years and discusses about a novel in vitro ALS tissue-engineered skin model, derived from patients, for the study of ALS.

  9. A note on Wang et al's attack on Zhang et al's multiparty quantum secret sharing

    Gao Gan


    Recently, Wang et al (2008 Phys. Lett. A 373 65) proposed an attack on Zhang et al's (2007 Opt. Commun. 269 418) multiparty quantum secret sharing scheme, in which the first and the last agent are reported to be able to cooperatively eavesdrop on all the secret messages without being detected. In this paper, we show that in Wang et al's attack, on average no more than half the secret messages can be eavesdropped. (paper)

  10. Effect of the interface in laminated composites of Al-1100 and Al-2024

    Godefroid, L.B.


    Laminated composites consisting of alternating layers of Al-1100 and Al-2024 were produced by hot rolling, with 45% Al-2024 volume fraction. These composites were subjected to cyclic thermal treatment (various numbers of cycles) and to isothermal treatment (various numbers of cycles) and to isothermal treatment (at peak temperature and for times equivalent to those of the thermal cycles. Microhardness, tensile and fatigue crack arrester modes) were studied in the initial state and after treatments. (E.G.) [pt

  11. Generation and evolution of nanoscale AlP and Al{sub 13}Fe{sub 4} particles in Al-Fe-P system

    Qiao, Huan; Gao, Tong; Zhu, Xiangzhen; Wu, Yuying; Qian, Zhao; Liu, Xiangfa, E-mail:


    Highlights: • Diffusion and gradual solid reactions between Al and Fe{sub x}P phases in Al-Fe-P alloy were investigated. • Nanoscale AlP clusters are in-situ generated and evolve during the whole process. • This novel Al-Fe-P alloy has an excellent low-temperature refining performance on hypereutectic Al-Si alloy. - Abstract: In this paper, the gradual solid reactions between Al and Fe{sub x}P phases in Al-Fe-P alloy were investigated. The results show that the whole reaction process undergoes four main stages: the diffusion of Al atom, the generation of (Al, Fe, P) intermediate compound, the precipitation of nano AlP and Al{sub 13}Fe{sub 4} clusters and their growth to submicron particles. The microstructure of Fe-P particles evolves from the “egg-type”, the “sponge-type” to the “sesame-cake” structure. AlP and Al{sub 13}Fe{sub 4} nano phases have in-situ generated and evolved during the whole process. The gradual reaction mechanism has been discussed. Furthermore, a novel Al-Fe-P alloy which contains (Al, Fe, P) intermediate compounds and nano AlP particles has been synthesized and its low-temperature refining performance on A390 alloy has also been investigated.

  12. Solutional Landforms of Gabal Al-Qaraha, the Oasis of Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia

    Embabi, Nabil S.


    Jabal Al-Qarah is one of the small outlier hills at the Oasis of Al-Hasa, lying at about lOkm ENE of Al-Hafuf Town. The solutional forms of Al-Qarah hill discussed in this paper are as follows : 1. A calcareous duricrust which covers the top and some of the slopes of the hill. 2. Rock Pillars which are long columns of white lime-stone. 3. Huge crevasses which are wide erosional openings along vertical joints. 4. Narrow, sinuous caves inside the hill. 5. Pedestal rocks with mushroo...

  13. Tetragonal phase in Al-rich region of U-Fe-Al system

    Meshi, L.; Zenou, V.; Ezersky, V.; Munitz, A.; Talianker, M.


    A new ternary aluminide U 2 FeAl 20 with the approximate composition Al-4.2at% Fe-8.5at% U was observed in the Al-rich corner of the U-Al-Fe system. Transmission electron microscopy and electron microdiffraction technique were used for characterization of the structure of this phase. It has a tetragonal unit cell with the parameters a=12.4A and c=10.3A and can be described by the space group I4-bar 2m

  14. Study on Mg/Al Weld Seam Based on Zn–Mg–Al Ternary Alloy

    Liming Liu


    Full Text Available Based on the idea of alloying welding seams, a series of Zn–xAl filler metals was calculated and designed for joining Mg/Al dissimilar metals by gas tungsten arc (GTA welding. An infrared thermography system was used to measure the temperature of the welding pool during the welding process to investigate the solidification process. It was found that the mechanical properties of the welded joints were improved with the increasing of the Al content in the Zn–xAl filler metals, and when Zn–30Al was used as the filler metal, the ultimate tensile strength could reach a maximum of 120 MPa. The reason for the average tensile strength of the joint increasing was that the weak zone of the joint using Zn–30Al filler metal was generated primarily by α-Al instead of MgZn2. When Zn–40Al was used as the filler metal, a new transition zone, about 20 μm-wide, appeared in the edge of the fusion zone near the Mg base metal. Due to the transition zones consisting of MgZn2- and Al-based solid solution, the mechanical property of the joints was deteriorated.

  15. The effectiveness of ERC advanced life support (ALS) provider courses for the retention of ALS knowledge.

    Fischer, Henrik; Strunk, Guido; Neuhold, Stephanie; Kiblböck, Daniel; Trimmel, Helmut; Baubin, Michael; Domanovits, Hans; Maurer, Claudia; Greif, Robert


    Out-of-hospital emergency physicians in Austria need mandatory emergency physician training, followed by biennial refresher courses. Currently, both standardized ERC advanced life support (ALS) provider courses and conventional refresher courses are offered. This study aimed to compare the retention of ALS-knowledge of out-of-hospital emergency physicians depending on whether they had or had not participated in an ERC-ALS provider course since 2005. Participants (n=807) from 19 refresher courses for out-of-hospital emergency physicians answered eight multiple-choice questions (MCQ) about ALS based on the 2005 ERC guidelines. The pass score was 75% correct answers. A multivariate logistic regression analyzed differences in passing scores between those who had previously participated in an ERC-ALS provider course and those who had not. Age, gender, regularity of working as an out-of-hospital emergency physician and the self-reported number of real resuscitation efforts within the last 6months were entered as control variables. Out-of-hospital emergency physicians who had previously attended an ERC-ALS provider course had a significantly higher chance of passing the MCQ test (OR=1.60, p=0.015). Younger age (OR=0.95, pERC-ALS provider course since 2005 had a higher retention of ALS knowledge compared to non-ERC-ALS course participants. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Chemical failure modes of AlQ3-based OLEDs: AlQ3 hydrolysis.

    Knox, John E; Halls, Mathew D; Hratchian, Hrant P; Schlegel, H Bernhard


    Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum(III), AlQ3, is used in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) as an electron-transport material and emitting layer. The reaction of AlQ3 with trace H2O has been implicated as a major failure pathway for AlQ3-based OLEDs. Hybrid density functional calculations have been carried out to characterize the hydrolysis of AlQ3. The thermochemical and atomistic details for this important reaction are reported for both the neutral and oxidized AlQ3/AlQ3+ systems. In support of experimental conclusions, the neutral hydrolysis reaction pathway is found to be a thermally activated process, having a classical barrier height of 24.2 kcal mol(-1). First-principles infrared and electronic absorption spectra are compared to further characterize AlQ3 and the hydrolysis pathway product, AlQ2OH. The activation energy for the cationic AlQ3 hydrolysis pathway is found to be 8.5 kcal mol(-1) lower than for the neutral reaction, which is significant since it suggests a role for charge imbalance in promoting chemical failure modes in OLED devices.

  17. Al-matrix composite materials reinforced by Al-Cu-Fe particles

    Bonneville, J; Laplanche, G; Joulain, A; Gauthier-Brunet, V; Dubois, S


    Al-matrix material composites were produced using hot isostatic pressing technique, starting with pure Al and icosahedral (i) Al-Cu-Fe powders. Depending on the processing temperature, the final reinforcement particles are either still of the initial i-phase or transformed into the tetragonal ω-Al0 0.70 Cu 0.20 Fe 0.10 crystalline phase. Compression tests performed in the temperature range 293K - 823K on the two types of composite, i.e. Al/i and Al/ω, indicate that the flow stress of both composites is strongly temperature dependent and exhibit distinct regimes with increasing temperature. Differences exist between the two composites, in particular in yield stress values. In the low temperature regime (T ≤ 570K), the yield stress of the Al/ω composite is nearly 75% higher than that of the Al/i composite, while for T > 570K both composites exhibit similar yield stress values. The results are interpreted in terms of load transfer contribution between the matrix and the reinforcement particles and elementary dislocation mechanisms in the Al matrix.

  18. Rupture of Al matrix in U-Mo/Al dispersion fuel by fission induced creep

    Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Sohn, Dong Seong [UNIST, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Yeon Soo [Argonne National Laboratory, Argonnge (United States); Lee, Kyu Hong [KAERI, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    This phenomenon was found specifically in the dispersion fuel plate with Si addition in the Al matrix to suppress interaction layer (IL) formation between UMo and Al. It is known that the stresses induced by fission induced swelling in U-Mo fuel particles are relieved by creep deformation of the IL, surrounding the fuel particles, that has a much higher creep rate than the Al matrix. Thus, when IL growth is suppressed, the stress is instead exerted on the Al matrix. The observed rupture in the Al matrix is believed to be caused when the stress exceeded the rupture strength of the Al matrix. In this study, the possibility of creep rupture of the Al matrix between the neighboring U-Mo fuel particles was examined using the ABAQUS finite element analysis (FEA) tool. The predicted rupture time for a plate was much shorter than its irradiation life indicating a rupture during the irradiation. The higher stress leads Al matrix to early creep rupture in this plate for which the Al matrix with lower creep strain rate does not effectively relieve the stress caused by the swelling of the U-Mo fuel particles. For the other plate, no rupture was predicted for the given irradiation condition. The effect of creeping of the continuous phase on the state of stress is significant.

  19. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP): An Al Qaeda Affiliate Case Study


    Villarosa, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Carnegie Endowment, July 7, 2009, event-1372. 53 Brian Whitaker...73 Khaled Fattah, “Yemen’s Insecurity Dilemma,” Yemen Times, February 11, 2014, http:// carnegie, and Shari Villarosa, “Al-Qaeda in Yemen.” Carnegie Endowment. July 7, 2009. yemen-event


    Zakiyah Zakiyah


    Tulisan ini mereview buku yang berjudul al-Sanī al-Maṭālib yang ditulis oleh Kiai Nur Iman Mlangi Yogyakarta. Buku ini ditulis dalam bahasa Arab yang me­ngandung interkoneksi antara ilmu Nahwu (tata bahasa Arab dengan mis­tisis­me. Buku ini sangat menarik karena kenyataan bahwa kedua pengetahuan tersebut memiliki aturan sendiri-sendiri. Selain itu, sangat sedikit penulis yang menulis dengan gaya seperti itu. Salah satunya adalah Syaikh Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad al-Kuhany dengan karyanya yang berjudul Manniyat al-Fāqir al-Munjarid wa Sayrat al-Murīd al-Mutafarrid. Buku al-Saniy al-Muthalib diduga telah ditulis pada akhir abad ke-18 atau awal abad ke-19, menurut periode kehidupan Kiai Nur Iman yaitu sekitar pertengahan abad ke-18. Aturan Nahwu dalam buku ini dijelaskan secara teosofi yang dimulai dengan penjelasan mengenai tauhid (keesaan Tuhan sebagai kajian dasar bagi orang Islam, yang diikuti dengan makna dari masing-masing aturan bahasa Arab dalam aspek mistiknya.

  1. Growth of CdTe: Al films; Crecimiento de peliculas de CdTe: Al

    Gonzalez A, M.; Zapata T, M. [CICATA-IPN, 89600 Altamira, Tamaulipas (Mexico); Melendez L, M. [CINVESTAV-IPN, A.P. 14-740, 07000 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Pena, J.L. [CINVESTAV-IPN, A.P. 73 Cordemex, 97310 Merida, Yucatan (Mexico)


    CdTe: AI films were grown by the close space vapor transport technique combined with free evaporation (CSVT-FE). The Aluminum (Al) evaporation was made by two kinds of sources: one made of graphite and the other of tantalum. The films were deposited on glass substrates. The Al source temperature was varied maintaining the CdTe source temperature fixed as well as the substrate temperature. The films were characterized by x-ray energy dispersive analysis (EDAX), x-ray diffraction and optical transmission. The results showed for the films grown with the graphite source for Al evaporation, the Al did not incorporate in the CdTe matrix, at least to the level of EDAX sensitivity; they maintained the same crystal structure and band gap. For the samples grown with the tantalum source, we were able to incorporate the Al. The x-ray diffraction patterns show that the films have a crystal structure that depends on Al concentration. They were cubic up to 2.16 at. % Al concentration; for 19.65 at. % we found a mixed phase; for Al concentration higher than 21 at. % the films were amorphous. For samples with cubic structure it was found that the lattice parameter decreases and the band gap increases with Al concentration. (Author)

  2. Phenotypic and genotypic studies of ALS cases in ALS-SMA families.

    Corcia, Philippe; Vourc'h, Patrick; Blasco, Helene; Couratier, Philippe; Dangoumau, Audrey; Bellance, Remi; Desnuelle, Claude; Viader, Fausto; Pautot, Vivien; Millecamps, Stephanie; Bakkouche, Salah; Salachas, FranÇois; Andres, Christian R; Meininger, Vincent; Camu, William


    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) are the most frequent motor neuron disorders in adulthood and infancy, respectively. There is a growing literature supporting common pathophysiological patterns between those disorders. One important clinical issue for that is the co-occurrence of both diseases within a family. To collect families in which ALS and SMA patients co-exist and describe the phenotype and the genotype of ALS patients. Nine families with co-occurrence of SMA and ALS have been gathered over the last 15 years. Epidemiological, phenotype and genetic status were collected. Out of the nine families, six corresponded to the criteria of familial ALS (FALS). Clinical data were available for 11 patients out of the 15 ALS cases. Mean age of onset was 58.5 years, site of onset was lower limbs in nine cases (81.8%), median duration was 22 months. Four ALS patients carried a mutation: three mutations in SOD1 gene (G147N in two cases and one with E121G) and one repeat expansion in the C9ORF72 gene. Three patients had abnormal SMN1 copy numbers. While the high proportion of familial history of ALS cases in these ALS-SMA pedigrees could have suggested that these familial clusters of the two most frequent MND rely on a genetic background, we failed to exclude that this occurred by chance.

  3. Characterization of N-polar AlN in GaN/AlN/(Al,Ga)N heterostructures grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

    Li, Haoran; Mazumder, Baishakhi; Bonef, Bastien; Keller, Stacia; Wienecke, Steven; Speck, James S.; Denbaars, Steven P.; Mishra, Umesh K.


    In GaN/(Al,Ga)N high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMT), AlN interlayer between GaN channel and AlGaN barrier suppresses alloy scattering and significantly improves the electron mobility of the two-dimensional electron gas. While high concentrations of gallium were previously observed in Al-polar AlN interlayers grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition, the N-polar AlN (Al x Ga1-x N) films examined by atom probe tomography in this study exhibited aluminum compositions (x) equal to or higher than 95% over a wide range of growth conditions. The also investigated AlN interlayer in a N-polar GaN/AlN/AlGaN/ S.I. GaN HEMT structure possessed a similarly high x content.

  4. 26Al in the interstellar medium

    Clayton, D.D.; Leising, M.D.


    Several different lines of physical reasoning have converged on the importance of the radioactive nucleus 26 Al. The sciences of meteoritics, nucleosynthesis, gamma-ray astronomy, galactic chemical evolution, solar system formation, and interstellar chemistry all place this nucleus in a central position with possible profound implications. Perhaps more importantly the study of this radioactivity can unite these diverse fields in a complicated framework which will benefit all of them. This review traces the evolution of ideas concerning 26 Al in the context of these disciplines. 26 Al was first discussed for the possibility that its decay energy could melt meteorite parent bodies, and its daughter, 26 Mg, was later found in meteorites with enhanced abundance. It was also among the first radioactivities expected to be synthesized in interestingly large quantities in nulceosynthetic events. The first definitive detection of gamma-rays from an interstellar radioactivity is that of 1.809 MeV gamma-rays from 26 Al. This discovery has many implications, some of which are outlined here. The whole problem of isotopic anomalies in meteorites is greatly influenced by the specific issues surrounding excess 26 Mg, whether it represents in situ decay of 26 Al or memory of conditions of the ISM. The relationships among these ideas and their implications are examined. (orig.)

  5. Kerja Perspektif Al-Qur'an

    Ahmad Munir


    Full Text Available The moslem ethics of life is based on movement as ex­pressed in certain terms like al-sharī’ah, al-tarīqah, al-sirāt, al-sabīl and al-manhaj, that make sense of way and teachings to achieve good life. Islam obliges and gives appreciation of the achievements of Mus­lims. The Qur’an uses several terms to refer to such work; ‘charity, kasb, juhd, ibtighâ’, sa ’yu and su ’âl. From this concept, the Qur’an considers work as nob­le, while begging is despicable. Work means thankful to God for the potential He bestows. The Qur’an promotes work not only because it is the way to achieve the wealth, but also because it possesses the its sacred value for the benefit of fulfilling livelihood. Therefore the work should also be done based on ethical values .

  6. Neuropsychoanalyse: Hirntätigkeit als Zeichenprozess

    Milan Scheidegger


    Full Text Available Fassen wir Geist und Natur nicht als Dichotomie sondern im Sinne von Peirce als Kontinuität auf, dann lässt die genauere Betrachtung des Körpers semiotische Leibphänomene als Zeichen einer Sprache erkennen, deren Grammatik es – im Sinne einer «Bioarchäologie» – zu entschlüsseln gilt. Hierfür stellen die Neurowissenschaften mit modernen Visualisierungstechniken geeignete epistemische Hilfsmittel bereit: Sie machen körperliche Vorgänge des Informationsaustausches sichtbar und heben die semiotisch wenig erschlossene Ebene komplexer neuronaler Zeichentransformationen ans Licht. Um eine Integration der physiologischen und psychologischen Perspektive bemüht sich das transdisziplinäre Projekt der «Neuropsychoanalyse». Sie hebt die Relevanz natürlicher Verarbeitungsmechanismen des Körpers für die subjektiv geprägten Zeichentransformationen des mentalen Erlebens hervor und weicht eine semiotisch allzu undurchlässige Grenzziehung zwischen Psycho- und Neurodynamik etwas auf. Die Hirntätigkeit als potenziell erkenntnisleitenden Zeichenprozess zu verstehen, darf aber nicht in einer unreflektierten Bezugnahme auf neuronale Zeichensysteme münden, wenn die Neuropsychoanalyse mehr als nur eine medienwirksame Neurokarikatur psychodynamischer Konzepte erreichen will.

  7. Threshold states in /sup 26/Al revisited

    Champagne, A E; McDonald, A B; Wang, T F; Howard, A J; Magnus, P V; Parker, P D


    Threshold states in /sup 26/Al have been re-examined using the /sup 27/Al(/sup 3/He,..cap alpha..)/sup 26/Al and /sup 25/Mg(/sup 3/He,d..gamma..)/sup 26/Al reactions in order to resolve apparent ambiguities in some of the previously reported properties of these states. In particular, the s-wave resonance strength reported at E=37 keV is now found to be located at E/sub c.m./=57.54 keV, and the proton width for the 374 keV resonance has been revised to GAMMA/sub p/=0.82 eV. These results have been used to calculate a new resonance strength of gamma..= 1.6 x 10/sup -13/ eV for the 57.54 keV resonance. As a result, the stellar production rate for /sup 26/Al is increased by a factor approx.=3-38 for temperatures T/sub 9/=0.05-0.1.

  8. Deletion of ALS5, ALS6 or ALS7 increases adhesion of Candida albicans to human vascular endothelial and buccal epithelial cells



    C. albicans yeast forms deleted for ALS5, ALS6 or ALS7 are more adherent than a relevant control strain to human vascular endothelial cell monolayers and buccal epithelial cells. In the buccal and vaginal reconstituted human epithelium (RHE) disease models, however, mutant and control strains caused a similar degree of tissue destruction. Deletion of ALS5 or ALS6 significantly slowed growth of the mutant strain; this phenotype was not affected by addition of excess uridine to the culture medi...


    Imriyanti Imriyanti


    Full Text Available Abstract Mosque Architecture is a part of Islamic architecture. Mosque should be fused with elements of nature because its function as a place to pray to God who created the universe. Al Markas Al Islamic Makassar mosque is used as a center of Islamic aspirations of the people and the government to accommodate all the activities of moslems in Makassar. Through this function, the provision of Al Markas Al Islamic mosque began from the desire of Islamic societies in Makassar, which wants the Islamic center to be equipped with facilities and infrastructure as well as architectural, monumental buildings and structures that can be last for hundreds of years (continuous, blend with the environment, and also can be used by the public. Having regard to the function of a mosque especially at the Al Markas Al Islamic Makassar mosque, then the problem that arise is how the Al Markas Al Islamic mosque can be survived/sustainable  in order  to function  as a place  of worship  and  as a center  of Islam.  This research  is a descriptive qualitative research that is trying to generate data in the form of systematic and accurate picture of the object of study. The sustaiprophetlity  of Al Markas AL Islamic mosque can be known through the concept of Islam  in accordance with the view of Islam as well as the sustaiprophetlity of the buildings that seen in the spatial pattern of the mosque, appearance, natural lighting, natural ventilation, and user behavior of the mosque. Keywords: mosque architecture, sustaiprophetlity, view of Islam     Abstrak Arsitektur masjid merupakan bagian dari arsitektur Islam. Bangunan masjid sebaiknya dapat menyatu dengan unsur alam karena masjid difungsikan sebagai wadah dalam bersujud/sembahyang  kepada Allah SWT yang menciptakan alam semesta ini. Masjid Al Markas Al Islamic Makassar merupakan kompleks kegiatan Islam yang digunakan sebagai pusat aspirasi masyarakat  dan pemerintahan  yang dapat menampung

  10. Ultrasonic spot welding of Al/Mg/Al tri-layered clad sheets

    Macwan, A.; Patel, V.K.; Jiang, X.Q.; Li, C.; Bhole, S.D.; Chen, D.L.


    Highlights: • The optimal welding condition is achieved at 100 J and 0.1 s. • Failure load first increases and then decreases with increasing welding energy. • The highest failure load after welding is close to that of the clad sheets. • At low energy levels failure occurs in the mode of interfacial failure. • At high energy levels failure takes place at the edge of nugget region. - Abstract: Solid-state ultrasonic spot welding (USW) was used to join Al/Mg/Al tri-layered clad sheets, aiming at exploring weldability and identifying failure mode in relation to the welding energy. It was observed that the application of a low welding energy of 100 J was able to achieve the optimal welding condition during USW at a very short welding time of 0.1 s for the tri-layered clad sheets. The optimal lap shear failure load obtained was equivalent to that of the as-received Al/Mg/Al tri-layered clad sheets. With increasing welding energy, the lap shear failure load initially increased and then decreased after reaching a maximum value. At a welding energy of 25 J, failure occurred in the mode of interfacial failure along the center Al/Al weld interface due to insufficient bonding. At a welding energy of 50 J, 75 J and 100 J, failure was also characterized by the interfacial failure mode, but it occurred along the Al/Mg clad interface rather than the center Al/Al weld interface, suggesting stronger bonding of the Al/Al weld interface than that of the Al/Mg clad interface. The overall weld strength of the Al/Mg/Al tri-layered clad sheets was thus governed by the Al/Mg clad interface strength. At a welding energy of 125 J and 150 J, thinning of weld nugget and extensive deformation at the edge of welding tip caused failure at the edge of nugget region, leading to a lower lap shear failure load

  11. Core electron binding energy shifts of AlBr3 and Al2Br6 vapor

    Mueller, Astrid M.; Plenge, Juergen; Leone, Stephen R.; Canton, Sophie E.; Rude, Bruce S.; Bozek, John D.


    The Al 2p and Br 3d inner-shell photoelectron spectra of aluminum tribromide monomer and dimer vapor were measured at 90 and 95 eV photon energy, respectively, to determine the core electron binding energies of the atoms in the two molecular species. While AlBr 3 has three identical Br atoms, Al 2 Br 6 exhibits four terminal and two bridging Br atoms. The species are identified by their distinct valence photoelectron spectra. Comparison of the observed Al 2p 1/2 and Al 2p 3/2 electron binding energies of AlBr 3 with those of Al 2 Br 6 shows that there is a chemical shift of (0.15 ± 0.03) eV to lower energy in the dimer. In Al 2 Br 6 , an assignment is proposed in which the Br 3d 3/2 and Br 3d 5/2 binding energies of terminal Br atoms are (1.18 ± 0.03) eV lower than those of bridging Br atoms. This assignment assumes that both types of Br atoms have similar cross-sections for ionization. With this result, the Br 3d 3/2 and Br 3d 5/2 binding energies of Br atoms in AlBr 3 are (0.81 ± 0.03) eV lower than those of bridging Br atoms of the dimer but (0.37 ± 0.03) eV higher than those of terminal Br atoms of the dimer. The obtained chemical shifts are considered in terms of the binding relations and electron density distributions in both molecules. Chemical shifts that are larger than a few hundred millielectron volts, as observed in the Al 2 Br 6 /AlBr 3 system, offer potential to study the dissociation dynamics of the dimer in a femtosecond visible or ultraviolet-pump/XUV-probe experiment

  12. Solute trapping of Ge in Al

    Smith, P.M.; West, J.A.; Aziz, M.J.


    This paper reports on partitioning during rapid solidification of dilute Al-Ge alloys. Implanted thin films of Al have been pulsed-laser melted to obtain solidification at velocities in the range of 0.01 ms to 3.3 m/s, as measured by the transient conductance technique. Previous and subsequent Rutherford Backscattering depth profiling of the Ge solute in the Al alloys has been used to determine the nonequilibrium partition coefficient k. A significant degree of lateral film growth during solidification confines determination of k to the placing of an upper bound of 0.22 on k for solidification velocities in this range. The authors place a lower limit of 10 m/s on the diffusive velocity, which locates the transition from solute partitioning to solute trapping in the Continuous Growth Model

  13. Al- Khwarizmi and axiomatic foundation of algebra

    Fares, N.


    This paper intends to investigate the axiomatic foundations of algebra, as they were presented in the book of algebra of al-Khwarizmi (9 th century), and as they were developed in many subsequent Arabic works. The paper gives also a description of algebra evolution towards a discipline independent ofgeometry and arithmetic: the two disciplines whosemarriage had led to its birth.By an in depth reading of some details in the text of al Khwarizmi , we concluded that this mathematician intended to lay down the axiomatic foundations of that new discipline. His resort to arithmetical and geometrical means was a way of making his theory more accessible. He used them to justify the axioms: those that were not explicitly introduced per se, and those that were remained implicit. The paper also relies on some unedited writingsof al-Khwarizmi's successors, which could shedlight on the ways they used to consolidate the foundations of algebra and improve its methods. (author)

  14. Superbends expand the scope of Berkeley's ALS

    Robin, David S.; Robinson, Arthur L.; Tamura, Lori S.


    While the ALS has turned out to be a world-leader in providing beams of soft X-rays -- indeed, furnishing these beams remains its core mission -- there has nonetheless been a steadily growing demand from synchrotron radiation users for harder X-rays with higher photon energies. The clamor has been strongest from protein crystallographers whose seemingly insatiable appetite for solving structures of biological macromolecules could not be satisfied by the number of crystallography beamlines available worldwide. But how to provide these X-rays in a cost-effective way without disrupting the thriving research programs of the existing ALS users was the problem. Superconducting bend magnets (superbends) provided the answer for the ALS, which adopted a proposal to replace some of the normal combined-function (gradient) magnets in the curved arcs of the storage ring with superconducting dipoles that could generate higher magnetic fields and thus synchrotron light with a higher critical energy

  15. Evaluation of Functional Disability in ALS

    Akbar Soltan-Zadeh


    Full Text Available Objective: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS is a progressive degenerative fatal disorder of motor neuron. In this research course of functional disability and possible underlying factors affecting disability were studied. Materials & Methods: First 59 patients with definite ALS were selected and for each patient ALSFRS (ALS Functional Rating Scale was determined at Initial and the end of a six month period. Results: During this period 9 patients expired. Bulbar onset localization showed a more rapid course than non-bulbar onset group. Conclusion: There was no significant relationship between the age group or gender with progression of disability. In expired group, mean survival in bulbar onset and older patients were significantly less than those with non-bulbar onset and younger ones. There was no significant relationship between survival and gender.

  16. Grain refinement of Al wrought alloys with newly developed AlTiC master alloys; Kornfeinung von Al-Knetlegierungen mit neu entwickelten AlTiC-Vorlegierungen

    Schneider, W. [Vereinigte Aluminium-Werke AG, Bonn (Germany). Forschung und Entwicklung


    AlTiC master alloys are a new grain refiner type to produce an equiaxed grain structure of cast extrusion and rolling ingots. These master alloys contain Ti carbides which act as nucleants of the {alpha} solid solution during solidification. The TiC content is lower than the TiB{sub 2} content of the industrial proved AlTiB master alloys. Benefits of the AlTiC master alloys are the low agglomeration tendency of the Ti carbides in the melt and that no Zr poisoning takes place. Despite of the low Ti carbide content the grain refinement performance can be very efficient, if low melt temperatures during casting will be used and as result of this a sufficient constitutional supercooling at the solidification front is achieved. (orig.)

  17. Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for AL Amyloidosis

    Vivek Roy


    Full Text Available AL amyloidosis is caused by clonal plasma cells that produce immunoglobulin light chains which misfold and get deposited as amyloid fibrils. Therapy directed against the plasma cell clone leads to clinical benefit. Melphalan and corticosteroids have been the mainstay of treatment for a number of years and the recent availability of other effective agents (IMiDs and proteasome inhibitors has increased treatment options. Autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT has been used in the treatment of AL amyloidosis for many years. It is associated with high rates of hematologic response and improvement in organ function. However, transplant carries considerable risks. Careful patient selection is important to minimize transplant related morbidity and mortality and ensure optimal patient outcomes. As newer more affective therapies become available the role and timing of ASCT in the overall treatment strategy of AL amyloidosis will need to be continually reassessed.

  18. [Al-Biruni--a universal scientist].

    Kujundzić, E; Masić, I


    Al-Biruni's was of Persian descent. He was born in Horesmiya and had studied mathematics, history and medicine. Acquiring knowledge from these sciences, he wrote an outstanding work on chronology of several nations and devoted it to Ziyarit ruler Kabus. He made a chronological overview of calendars from many nations, including Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Jews, Melkitian and Nestorian Christians, Sabeyaans as well as the old Arabs. Data presented in the work, according to the later authors, were taken from very reliable sources. He was contemporary of Ibn-Sina, and thanks to their friendship, they have discussed very much miscellaneous topics. He belonged to the group of scholars, taken by Gaznevian Soultan Mahmud to a long journey to India. Afterwards Al-Biruni wrote and published detailed work "Description of India"--a work on cultural history of India. Due to excellent abilities of Al-Biruni as a philosopher and scholar, there are still significant and reliable notes about buddhistic philosophy, structure of castes and Brahmans' life style. In this Al-Biruni's masterpiece, there are many comparative analysis of Suffism and certain Indian philosophical methods. Al-Biruni's most important work is "Pharmacopoeia"--"Kitab al-saydala", which brilliantly describes all medicaments. This work has been published in many languages. He also wrote few works on astronomy and astrology. In those works he has explained some astrological events through scientific approach in a such peculiar way that nobody has ever explained before. He was also interested in sciences like geology, mineralology, geography, mathematics, psychology and many others.

  19. Instability of TiC and TiAl3 compounds in Al-10Mg and Al-5Cu alloys by addition of Al-Ti-C master alloy


    The performance of Al-Ti-C master alloy in refining Al-10Mg and A1-5Cu alloys was studied by using electron probe micro-analyzer (EPMA) and X-ray diffractometer (XRD) analysis.The results indicate that there are obvious fading phenomena in both Al-10Mg and Al-5Cu alloys with the addition of Al-5Ti-0.4C refiner which contains TiC and TiAl3 compounds.Mg element has no influence on the stability of TiC and TiAl3, while TiC particles in Al-10Mg alloy react with Al to form Al4C3 particles, resulting in the refinement fading.However, TiC particles are relatively stable in Al-5Cu alloy, while TiAl3 phase reacts with Al2Cu to produce a new phase Ti(Al, Cu)2, which is responsible for the refinement fading in Al-5Cu alloy.These indicate that the refinement fading will not occur only when both the TiC particles and TiAl3 compound of Al-Ti-C refiner are stable in Al alloys.

  20. Magnetic Properties of NdAl2

    Bak, P.


    The magnetic properties of NdAl2 are calculated using a Hamiltonian including crystal-field and isotropic exchange interaction terms. A two-dimensional mean-field theory is evaluated to calculate single-crystal magnetization curves. It is shown that the magnetic properties can be understood using...... the crystal-field parameters derived from the magnetic exciton spectrum measured by Houmann et al. by means of inelastic neutron scattering. The combined lambda -Schottky anomaly in the heat capacity is explained. No additional parameters are introduced....


    Moreno, José Eduardo; Marcaccio, Antonela


    El objetivo del presente trabajo es evaluar la relación existente entre los valores relativos al trabajo y algunos perfiles profesionales (contabilidad y administración, marketing y ventas, y recepción). El instrumento utilizado es la Escala Argentina de Valores Relativos al Trabajo (Moreno & Marcaccio, 2012) que contiene cuatro subescalas de cinco ítems cada una, a saber: Realización Personal, Reconocimiento Social, Altruismo y Aspiraciones Económicas. La muestra incluye a 425 sujetos (40% v...

  2. Trastornos temporomandibulares en adictos al qat

    Orlando Guerra Cobián; Raúl J Pupo Triguero; Humberto Sarracent Pérez; Kirenia M Rabilero Salgado


    Introducción: los trastornos temporomandibulares se asocian frecuentemente al hábito de masticar qat, pero se carece de estudios que detallan sus particularidades, por lo que se realiza este trabajo, con los objetivos de determinar la prevalencia de trastornos temporomandibulares en pacientes adictos al qat, identificar los hallazgos clínicos- radiográficos asociados y clasificar los trastornos temporomandibulares presentes en la población estudiada. Métodos: se realizó un estudio prospectivo...

  3. Complementary and Alternative Therapies in ALS

    Bedlack, Richard S.; Joyce, Nanette; Carter, Gregory T.; Pagononi, Sabrina; Karam, Chafic


    Synopsis Given the severity of their illness and lack of effective disease modifying agents, it is not surprising that most patients with ALS consider trying complementary and alternative therapies. Some of the most commonly considered alternative therapies include special diets, nutritional supplements, cannabis, acupuncture, chelation and energy healing. This chapter reviews these in detail. We also describe 3 models by which physicians may frame discussions about alternative therapies: paternalism, autonomy and shared decision making. Finally, we review a program called ALSUntangled which using shared shared decision making to review alternative therapies for ALS. PMID:26515629

  4. Surface study and thickness control of thin Al2O3 film on Cu-9%Al(111) single crystal

    Yamauchi, Yasuhiro; Yoshitake, Michiko; Song Weijie


    We were successful in growing a uniform flat Al 2 O 3 film on the Cu-9%Al(111) surface using the improved cleaning process, low ion energy and short time sputtering. The growth of ultra-thin film of Al 2 O 3 on Cu-9%Al was investigated using Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The Al 2 O 3 film whose maximum thickness was about 4.0 nm grew uniformly on the Cu-9%Al surface. The Al and O KLL Auger peaks of Al 2 O 3 film shifted toward low kinetic energy, and the shifts were related to Schottky barrier formation and band bending at the Al 2 O 3 /Cu-9%Al interface. The thickness of Al 2 O 3 film on the Cu-9%Al surface was controlled by the oxygen exposure

  5. Isothermal cross-sections of Sr-Al-Ge and Ba-Al-Ge systems at 673 K

    Kutsenok, N.L.; Yanson, T.I.


    X-ray and microstructural analyses are used to study phase equilibria in Sr-Al-Ge and Ba-Al-Ge systems. Existence of SrAl 2 Ge 2 , Sr(Al, Ge) 2 Ba(Al, Ge) 2 , Sr 3 Al 2 Ge 2 , Ba 3 Al 2 Ge 2 ternary compounds is confirmed, a new BaGe 4 binary compound and also new ternary compounds of approximate composition Sr 57 Al 30 Ge 13 and Ba 20 Al 40 Ge 40 , which crystal structure is unknown, are detected. Aluminium solubility in SrAl 4 and BaAl 4 binary compounds (0.05 atomic fraction) is determined. Ba(Al, Ge) 2 compound homogeneity region is defined more exactly (aluminium content varies from 0.27 to 0.51 at. fractions)

  6. A study on preparation and hydriding of β-Mg2Al3 and γ-Mg17Al12

    Hadi Suwarno


    The mechanism of the synthetic formation of β-Mg 2 Al 3 and γ-Mg 17 Al 12 has been studied. Mechanical alloying of Mg and Al powders with the atomic ratio of Mg:Al = 2:3 in toluene solution yields β-Mg 2 Al 3 compound after milling for 30 h. The γ-Mg 17 Al 12 can be formed by heating the β-Mg 2 Al 3 at 430°C under high vacuum. The measured hydrogen capacities of β-Mg 2 Al 3 and γ-Mg 17 Al 12 as hydride at 300°C are 3.2 and 4.9 wt%, respectively. Microstructure of the Mg-Al specimen shows that on hydriding at 300°C the polygonal shape of the γ-Mg 17 Al 12 changes into irregular shapes which are composed of γ-MgH 2 and Al. (author)

  7. Computer aided cooling curve analysis for Al-5Si and Al-11Si alloys


    fine fibrous form (Hess and Blackmun, 1975; Dahle et al., 2005). ..... grain structure in the casting (Apelian et al., 1984), which in turn are supported in the present work by a decreased ..... Liao H., Zhang M., Wu Q., Wang H. and Sun G., 2007.

  8. Preparation, deformation, and failure of functional Al-Sn and Al-Sn-Pb nanocrystalline alloys

    Noskova, N. I.; Vil'Danova, N. F.; Filippov, Yu. I.; Churbaev, R. V.; Pereturina, I. A.; Korshunov, L. G.; Korznikov, A. V.


    Changes in the structure, hardness, mechanical properties, and friction coefficient of Al-30% Sn, Al-15% Sn-25% Pb, and Al-5% Sn-35% Pb (wt %) alloys subjected to severe plastic deformation by equal-channel angular pressing (with a force of 40 tonne) and by shear at a pressure of 5 GPa have been studied. The transition into the nanocrystalline state was shown to occur at different degrees of plastic deformation. The hardness exhibits nonmonotonic variations, namely, first it increases and subsequently decreases. The friction coefficient of the Al-30% Sn, Al-15% Sn-25% Pb, and Al-5% Sn-35% Pb alloys quenched from the melt was found to be 0.33; the friction coefficients of these alloys in the submicrocrystalline state (after equal-channel angular pressing) equal 0.24, 0.32, and 0.35, respectively. The effect of disintegration into nano-sized powders was found to occur in the Al-15% Sn-25% Pb, and Al-5% Sn-35% Pb alloys after severe plastic deformation to ɛ = 6.4 and subsequent short-time holding.

  9. Sintering Behavior of CNT Reinforced Al6061 and Al2124 Nanocomposites

    Nouari Saheb


    Full Text Available Ball milling and spark plasma sintering were successfully used to produce carbon nanotube reinforced Al6061 and Al2124 nanocomposites which have potential applications in the fields of aerospace, automotive, electronics, and high precision instrumentation. Al2124 and Al6061 nanocomposite powders containing 0.5 to 2 wt.% CNTs prepared through sonication and wet ball milling were spark plasma sintered at 400, 450, and 500°C for 20 minutes under a pressure of 35 MPa. CNTs were better dispersed, and less agglomerated and had good adhesion to the matrix in composites containing 1 wt.% CNTs. The increase of CNT content to 2 wt.% led to the formation of CNT clusters which resulted in less uniform and homogenous composite powders. Almost full densification of Al6061 reinforced with CNTs was achieved at 500°C. Also, CNTs reinforced Al2124 nanocomposites reached very high densities at 500°C. Composites reinforced with 1 wt.% CNTs displayed better densification compared to composites containing 2 wt.% CNTs. The increase of CNTs content from 0.5 to 1 wt.% increased the hardness of the Al6061 and Al2124 alloys to maximum values. Further increase of CNTs content to 2 wt.% decreased the hardness to values lower than that of the monolithic alloys.

  10. Al-muammar et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1 ...


    Al-muammar et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1):17- .... Feed and water were provided ad libitum for one week before the start of experiment for adaptation. The basal .... The mean value of feed intake (g/day/rat) for all treated groups was slightly reduced as compared to the negative control group. On the.

  11. Mechanical properties and deformation behavior of Al/Al7075, two-phase material

    Sherafat, Z.; Paydar, M.H.; Ebrahimi, R.; Sohrabi, S.


    In the present study, mechanical properties and deformation behavior of Al/Al7075, two-phase material were investigated. The two-phase materials were fabricated by mixing commercially pure Al powder with Al7075 chips and consolidating the mixture through hot extrusion process at 500 o C. Mechanical properties and deformation behavior of the fabricated samples were evaluated using tensile and compression tests. A scanning electron microscope was used to study the fracture surface of the samples including different amount of Al powder, after they were fractured in tensile test. The results of the tensile and compression tests showed that with decreasing the amount of Al powder, the strength increases and ductility decreases. Calculation of work hardening exponent (n) indicated that deformation behavior does not follow a regular trend. In a way that the n value was approved to be variable and a strong function of strain and Al powder wt% of the sample. The results of the fractography studies indicate that the type of fracture happened changes from completely ductile to nearly brittle by decreasing the wt% of Al powder from 90% to 40%.

  12. Surface modified Al2O3 in fluorinated polyimide/Al2O3 ...

    guest group into a host structure without a major struc- tural modification of the ... on nano-structure size (Li et al 2009). Among ... naocomposite by the decrease of interfacial areas between ... pling agent which usually has a long alkyl tail shows a good ... the mechanical and thermal properties of polymers (Li et al. 2010).

  13. The ALS-FTD-Q: A new screening tool for behavioral disturbances in ALS

    Raaphorst, J.; Beeldman, E.; Schmand, B.; Berkhout, J.; Linssen, W.H.J.P.; Van den Berg, L.H.; Pijnenburg, Y.A.L.; Grupstra, H.F.; Weikamp, J.G.; Schelhaas, H.J.; Papma, J.M.; van Swieten, J.C.; de Visser, M.; de Haan, R.J.


    Objective: The assessment of behavioral disturbances in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is important because of the overlap with the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (ALS-bvFTD). Motor symptoms and dysarthria are not taken into account in currently used behavioral questionnaires. We

  14. The ALS-FTD-Q: a new screening tool for behavioural disturbances in ALS

    Raaphorst, J.; Beeldman, E.; Schmand, B.; Berkhout, J.; Linssen, W.H.J.P.; van den Berg, L.H.; Pijnenburg, Y.A.; Grupstra, H.F.; Weikamp, J.G.; Schelhaas, H.J.; Papma, J.M.; van Swieten, J.C.; de Visser, M.; de Haan, R.J.


    Objective: The assessment of behavioral disturbances in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is important because of the overlap with the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (ALS-bvFTD). Motor symptoms and dysarthria are not taken into account in currently used behavioral questionnaires. We

  15. The ALS-FTD-Q A new screening tool for behavioral disturbances in ALS

    Raaphorst, Joost; Beeldman, Emma; Schmand, Ben; Berkhout, Joris; Linssen, Wim H. J. P.; van den Berg, Leonard H.; Pijnenburg, Yolande A.; Grupstra, Hepke F.; Weikamp, Janneke G.; Schelhaas, H. Jurgen; Papma, Janne M.; van Swieten, John C.; de Visser, Marianne; de Haan, Rob J.


    Objective: The assessment of behavioral disturbances in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is important because of the overlap with the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (ALS-bvFTD). Motor symptoms and dysarthria are not taken into account in currently used behavioral questionnaires. We

  16. The ALS-FTD-Q: a new screening tool for behavioral disturbances in ALS

    Raaphorst, J.; Beeldman, E.; Schmand, B.A.; Berkhout, J.; Linssen, W.H.J.P.; Berg, L.H. van den; Pijnenburg, Y.A.; Grupstra, H.F.; Weikamp, J.G.; Schelhaas, H.J.; Papma, J.M.; van Swieten, J.C.; Visser, M. de; Haan, R.J. de


    OBJECTIVE: The assessment of behavioral disturbances in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is important because of the overlap with the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (ALS-bvFTD). Motor symptoms and dysarthria are not taken into account in currently used behavioral questionnaires. We

  17. InAlGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells: line widths, transition energies and segregation

    Jensen, Jacob Riis; Hvam, Jørn Märcher; Langbein, Wolfgang


    We investigate the optical properties of InAlCaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells pseudomorphically grown on GaAs using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The transition energies, measured with photoluminescence (PL), are modelled solving the Schrodinger equation, and taking into account segregation in the group...

  18. Direct observations of grain boundary phenomena during indentation of Al and Al-Mg thin films

    Soer, WA; De Hosson, JTM; Minor, AM; Stach, EA; Morris, Joan K.; Corcoran, SG; Joo, YC; Moody, NR; Suo, Z


    The deformation behaviour of Al and Al-Mg thin films has been studied with the unique experimental approach of in-situ nanoindentation in a transmission electron microscope. This paper concentrates on the role of solute Mg additions in the transfer of plasticity across grain boundaries. The

  19. Burden of rare variants in ALS genes influences survival in familial and sporadic ALS.

    Pang, Shirley Yin-Yu; Hsu, Jacob Shujui; Teo, Kay-Cheong; Li, Yan; Kung, Michelle H W; Cheah, Kathryn S E; Chan, Danny; Cheung, Kenneth M C; Li, Miaoxin; Sham, Pak-Chung; Ho, Shu-Leong


    Genetic variants are implicated in the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but it is unclear whether the burden of rare variants in ALS genes has an effect on survival. We performed whole genome sequencing on 8 familial ALS (FALS) patients with superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) mutation and whole exome sequencing on 46 sporadic ALS (SALS) patients living in Hong Kong and found that 67% had at least 1 rare variant in the exons of 40 ALS genes; 22% had 2 or more. Patients with 2 or more rare variants had lower probability of survival than patients with 0 or 1 variant (p = 0.001). After adjusting for other factors, each additional rare variant increased the risk of respiratory failure or death by 60% (p = 0.0098). The presence of the rare variant was associated with the risk of ALS (Odds ratio 1.91, 95% confidence interval 1.03-3.61, p = 0.03), and ALS patients had higher rare variant burden than controls (MB, p = 0.004). Our findings support an oligogenic basis with the burden of rare variants affecting the development and survival of ALS. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. First-principles study of L10 Ti-Al and V-Al alloys

    Chubb, S.R.; Papaconstantopoulos, D.A.; Klein, B.M.


    As a first step towards understanding the reduced embrittlement of L1 0 Ti-Al alloys which accompanies the introduction of small concentrations of V, we have determined from first principles, using full-potential linearized--augmented-plane-wave calculations, the equilibrium values of the structural parameters and the associated electronic structure for the stoichiometric (L1 0 ) Ti-Al (tetragonal) compound. Our calculated values of c/a and a are in good agreement with experiment. Using the same method of calculation, we have also studied the electronic structure associated with the (hypothetical) L1 0 V-Al alloy that would form when V is substituted for Ti. We find that (1) the electronic structures of these V-Al alloys are relatively insensitive to variations of c/a and a; (2) near the Ti-Al equilibrium geometry, the electronic structures of the V-Al and Ti-Al alloys are very similar; and (3) that a rigid-band model involving substitution of V for Ti can be used to gain a qualitative understanding of the reduction in c/a which accompanies the introduction of small concentrations of V. We relate the reduction in c/a to important changes in the bonding that accompany the occupation of bands immediately above the Fermi level of the stoichiometric Ti-Al compound

  1. NEK1 genetic variability in a Belgian cohort of ALS and ALS-FTD patients.

    Nguyen, Hung Phuoc; Van Mossevelde, Sara; Dillen, Lubina; De Bleecker, Jan L; Moisse, Matthieu; Van Damme, Philip; Van Broeckhoven, Christine; van der Zee, Julie


    We evaluated the genetic impact of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) risk gene never in mitosis gene a-related kinase 1 (NEK1) in a Belgian cohort of 278 patients with ALS (n = 245) or ALS with frontotemporal dementia (ALS-FTD, n = 33) and 609 control individuals. We identified 2 ALS patients carrying a loss-of-function (LOF) mutation, p.Leu854Tyrfs*2 and p.Tyr871Valfs*17, that was absent in the control group. A third LOF variant p.Ser1036* was present in 2 sibs with familial ALS but also in an unrelated control person. Missense variants were common in both patients (3.6%) and controls (3.0%). The missense variant, p.Arg261His, which was previously associated with ALS risk, was detected with a minor allele frequency of 0.90% in patients compared to 0.33% in controls. Taken together, NEK1 LOF variants accounted for 1.1% of patients, although interpretation of pathogenicity and penetrance is complicated by the observation of occasional LOF variants in unaffected individuals (0.16%). Furthermore, enrichment of additional ALS gene mutations was observed in NEK1 carriers, suggestive of a "second hit" model were NEK1 variants may modify disease presentation of driving mutations. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. The Genyornis Egg: Response to Miller et al.'s commentary on Grellet-Tinner et al., 2016

    Grellet-Tinner, Gerald; Spooner, Nigel A.; Handley, Warren D.; Worthy, Trevor H.


    Williams (1981) and Williams and Rich (1991) attributed Australian Quaternary fossil eggshell that differed from that of emu Dromaius novaehollandiae to the extinct bird Genyornis newtoni without any osteological or embryonic support. Such association by proximity or abundance mirrors the case of the mistaken association of oviraptor eggs to Protoceratops in the 1920's by Andrews (Grellet-Tinner and Makovicky, 2006). No other candidate species was considered, and this attribution has been unchallenged and followed by everyone thereafter. Much research has been done on this Australian eggshell, with one result being that the extinction of the parent of this eggshell is the most well documented for a taxon in Australia (e.g., Miller et al., 1999, 2005). Grellet-Tinner et al. (2016) raised several problems with the identity of the eggshell Williams (1981) attributed to Genyornis newtoni and suggested that extinct megapodes of the genus Progura were the more likely layer of this eggshell type, therein referred to as ;putative Genyornis oological material; (PGOM). Miller et al. (2017) challenged our hypothesis stating that ;Based on the dimensions of the reconstructed Spooner Egg,Grellet-Tinner et al. (2016)argue that PGOM is too small for a bird with the body mass estimated for Genyornis (168-275 kg) … …[and] …. None of the additional PGOM observations reported byGrellet-Tinner et al. (2016)are inconsistent with a Genyornis parent;. Here we take the opportunity to respond to their critique, the basis of which resolves into a few points, which we address in turn.

  3. Fluctuations of charge variance and interaction time for dissipative processes in 27 Al + 27 Al collision

    Berceanu, I.; Andronic, A.; Duma, M.


    The systematic studies of dissipative processes in light systems were completed with experiments dedicated to the measurement of the excitation functions in 19 F + 27 Al and 27 Al + 27 Al systems in order to obtain deeper insight on DNS configuration and its time evolution. The excitation function for 19 F + 27 Al system evidenced fluctuations larger than the statistical errors. Large Z and angular cross correlation coefficients supported their non-statistical nature. The energy dependence of second order observables, namely the second moment of the charge distribution and the product ω·τ (ω - the angular velocity of the DNS and τ its mean lifetime) extracted from the angular distributions were studied for 19 F + 27 Al case. In this contribution we are reporting the preliminary results of similar studies performed for 27 Al + 27 Al case. The variance of the charge distribution were obtained fitting the experimental charge distribution with a Gaussian centered on Z = 13 and the product ω·τ was extracted from the angular distributions. The results for 19 F + 27 Al case are confirmed by a preliminary analysis of the data for 27 Al + 27 Al system. The charge variance and ω·τ excitation functions for Z = 11 fragment are represented together with the excitation function of the cross section. One has to mention that the data for 27 Al + 27 Al system were not corrected for particle evaporation processes. The effect of the evaporation corrections on the excitation function was studied using a Monte Carlo simulation. The α particle evaporation was also included and the evaluation of the particle separation energies was made using experimental masses of the fragments. The excitation functions for 27 Al + 27 Al system for primary and secondary fragments were simulated. No structure due to particle evaporation was observed. The correlated fluctuations in σ Z and ω·τ excitation functions support a stochastic exchange of nucleons as the main mechanism for

  4. 26Mg(p,n)26Al and 23Na(α,n)26Al reactions

    Skelton, R.T.


    Cross sections for the 26 Mg(p,n) 26 Al reaction were measured from threshold at 4.988 MeV to 5.820 MeV. Cross sections for the 23 Na(α,n) 26 Al reaction were measured from threshold at 3.483 MeV to 4.597 MeV. In each case, separate measurements were to the ground state and to the first and second excited states of 26 Al. Cross sections for the inverse reactions were calculated and reaction rate factors relating to the destruction of 26 Al in a supernova environment were determined. Astrophysical implications relating to the observation of live and extinct 26 Al are discussed. Excitation functions for several additional exit channels for the 26 Mg + rho and 23 Na + α reactions are reported

  5. Grain refinement of 7075Al alloy microstructures by inoculation with Al-Ti-B master alloy

    Hotea, V.; Juhasz, J.; Cadar, F.


    This paper aims to bring some clarification on grain refinement and modification of high strength alloys used in aerospace technique. In this work it was taken into account 7075 Al alloy, and the melt treatment was carried out by placing in the form of master alloy wire ternary AlTiB the casting trough at 730°C. The morphology of the resulting microstructures was characterized by optical microscopy. Micrographs unfinished and finished with pre-alloy containing ternary Al5Ti1B evidence fine crystals, crystal containing no columnar structure and highlights the size of the dendrites, and intermetallic phases occurring at grain boundaries in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy. It has been found that these intermetallic compounds are MgZn2 type. AlTiB master alloys finishing ensures a fine eutectic structure, which determines the properties of hardware and improving the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys used in aeronautical engineering.

  6. Al2O3 adherence on CoCrAl alloys

    Kingsley, L.M.


    Adherence of protective oxides on NiCrAl and CoCrAl superalloys has been promoted by a dispersion of a highly oxygen reactive element or its oxide being produced within the protection system. Two aspects of this subject are investigated here: the use of Al 2 O 3 as both the dispersion and protective oxide; and the production of an HfO 2 dispersion while simultaneously aluminizing the alloy. It was found that an Al 2 O 3 dispersion will act to promote the adherence of an external scale of Al 2 O 3 to a degree comparable to previously tested dispersions and an HfO 2 dispersion comparable to that produced by a Rhines pack treatment is produced during aluminization

  7. Production of 26Al by spallation of Fe, Si, Al nuclei

    Paillard, P.


    Cross sections for 7 Be, 10 Be and 26 Al formation in Al, Si and Fe targets bombarded with 0.6 and 24GeV protons have been measured by using highly selective chemical separation and low level background counters. Results for 26 Al at 0.6GeV are in mb: 17.9 + or - 2.7 in Al, 12.5 + or - 2.5 in Si and 0.45 + or - 0.14 in Fe; at 24GeV 2.6 + or - 0.5mb in Fe. Results for 10 Be are not valid on account of experimental difficulties. It is deduced from these values of aluminium in cosmic ray propagation that 26 Al is not yet cosmic ray chronometer [fr

  8. Different magnetic behaviour of the Kondo compounds Al3Ce and Al11Ce3

    Benoit, A.; Flouquet, J.; Palleau, J.; Buevoz, J.L.


    Neutron diffraction experiments on the Al 3 Ce and Al 11 Ce 3 compounds have been performed on the multidetector of the I.L.L. high flux reactor. No magnetic structure has been detected on the Al 3 Ce compound down to 20 mK. This confirms the non magnetic ground state of Al 3 Ce. For Al 11 Ce 3 , two magnetic structures have been observed: a ferromagnetic one at 4.2 K and an antiferromagnetic one at 2 K. The antiferromagnetic structure, which corresponds to a propagation vector (0,0,1/3), implies a strong reduction of the magnetic moment of determined sites; this reflects the Kondo character of the compounds

  9. Phase constituents and microstructure of laser cladding Al2O3/Ti3Al reinforced ceramic layer on titanium alloy

    Li Jianing; Chen Chuanzhong; Lin Zhaoqing; Squartini, Tiziano


    Research highlights: → In this study, Fe 3 Al has been chosen as cladding powder due to its excellent properties of wear resistance and high strength, etc. → Laser cladding of Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 /Al 2 O 3 pre-placed alloy powder on Ti-6Al-4V alloy substrate can form the Ti 3 Al/Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 /Al 2 O 3 ceramic layer, which can increase wear resistance of substrate. → In cladding process, Al 2 O 3 can react with TiB 2 leading to formation of Ti 3 Al and B. → This principle can be used to improve the Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 laser-cladded coating. - Abstract: Laser cladding of the Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 /Al 2 O 3 pre-placed alloy powder on Ti-6Al-4V alloy can form the Ti 3 Al/Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 /Al 2 O 3 ceramic layer, which can greatly increase wear resistance of titanium alloy. In this study, the Ti 3 Al/Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 /Al 2 O 3 ceramic layer has been researched by means of electron probe, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and micro-analyzer. In cladding process, Al 2 O 3 can react with TiB 2 leading to formation of amount of Ti 3 Al and B. This principle can be used to improve the Fe 3 Al + TiB 2 laser cladded coating, it was found that with addition of Al 2 O 3 , the microstructure performance and micro-hardness of the coating was obviously improved due to the action of the Al-Ti-B system and hard phases.

  10. The Existence of a Designer Al=Al Double Bond in the LiAl2 H4- Cluster Formed by Electronic Transmutation.

    Lundell, Katie A; Zhang, Xinxing; Boldyrev, Alexander I; Bowen, Kit H


    The Al=Al double bond is elusive in chemistry. Herein we report the results obtained via combined photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio studies of the LiAl 2 H 4 - cluster that confirm the formation of a conventional Al=Al double bond. Comprehensive searches for the most stable structures of the LiAl 2 H 4 - cluster have shown that the global minimum isomer I possesses a geometric structure which resembles that of Si 2 H 4 , demonstrating a successful example of the transmutation of Al atoms into Si atoms by electron donation. Theoretical simulations of the photoelectron spectrum discovered the coexistence of two isomers in the ion beam, including the one with the Al=Al double bond. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  11. Microstructural defects modeling in the Al-Mo system

    Pascuet, Maria I.; Fernandez, Julian R.; Monti, Ana M.


    In this work we have utilized computer simulation techniques to study microstructural defects, such as point defects and interfaces, in the Al-Mo alloy. Such alloy is taken as a model to study the Al(fcc)/U-Mo(bcc) interface. The EAM interatomic potential used has been fitted to the formation energy and lattice constant of the AlMo 3 intermetallic. Formation of vacancies for both components Al and Mo and anti-sites, Al Mo and Mo Al , as well as vacancy migration was studied in this structure. We found that the lowest energy defect complex that preserves stoichiometry is the antisite pair Al Mo +Mo Al , in correspondence with other intermetallics of the same structure. Our results also suggest that the structure of the Al(fcc)/Mo(bcc) interface is unstable, while that of the Al(fcc)/Al 5 Mo interface is stable, as observed experimentally. (author) [es

  12. The constitution of alloys in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system

    Markoli, B.; Spaic, S.; Zupanic, F.


    The constitution of alloys and the liquidus surface in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system were determined by the examination of controlled heated and cooled specimens, as well as heat-treated specimens by means of optical and scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction. The Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system comprises five regions of primary crystallisation (α Al , β Si , Al 3 Sm, Al 2 Si 2 Sm and AlSiSm) with following characteristic invariant reaction sequences: ternary eutectic reaction L → α Al + β Si + Al 2 Si 2 Sm, and two liquidus transition reactions, i. e., L + Al 3 Sm → α Al + AlSiSm, and L + AlSiSm → α Al + Al 2 Si 2 Sm. Along with the position of ternary eutectic and both interstitial points in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system, the temperatures for each reaction were determined. (orig.)

  13. The constitution of alloys in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system

    Markoli, B.; Spaic, S. [Ljubljana Univ. (Slovenia). Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering; Zupanic, F. [Maribor Univ. (Slovenia). Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


    The constitution of alloys and the liquidus surface in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system were determined by the examination of controlled heated and cooled specimens, as well as heat-treated specimens by means of optical and scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction. The Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system comprises five regions of primary crystallisation ({alpha}{sub Al}, {beta}{sub Si}, Al{sub 3}Sm, Al{sub 2}Si{sub 2}Sm and AlSiSm) with following characteristic invariant reaction sequences: ternary eutectic reaction L {yields} {alpha}{sub Al} + {beta}{sub Si} + Al{sub 2}Si{sub 2}Sm, and two liquidus transition reactions, i. e., L + Al{sub 3}Sm {yields} {alpha}{sub Al} + AlSiSm, and L + AlSiSm {yields} {alpha}{sub Al} + Al{sub 2}Si{sub 2}Sm. Along with the position of ternary eutectic and both interstitial points in the Al-rich corner of the Al-Si-Sm ternary system, the temperatures for each reaction were determined. (orig.)

  14. Electronic Structures and Bonding Properties of Ti2AlC and Ti3AlC2

    MIN Xinmin; REN Yi


    The relation among electronic structure, chemical bond and property of Ti2AlC, Ti3AlC2 and doping Si into Ti2AlC was studied by density function and the discrete variation (DFT-DVM) method. After adding Si into Ti2AlC, the interaction between Si and Ti is weaker than that between Al and Ti, and the strengths of ionic and covalent bonds decrease both. The ionic and covalent bonds in Ti3AlC2, especially in Ti-Al, are stronger than those in Ti2AlC. Therefore, in synthesis of Ti2AlC, the addition of Si enhances the Ti3AlC2 content instead of Ti2AlC. The density of state (DOS) shows that there is mixed conductor characteristic in Ti2AlC and Ti3AlC2. The DOS of Ti3AlC2 is much like that of Ti2AlC. Ti2SixAl1-x C has more obvious tendency to form a semiconductor than Ti2AlC, which is seen from the obvious difference of partial DOS between Si and Al3p.

  15. NMR evidence for Co-Al-Co molecular groups trapped in cages of Co4Al13

    Jeglic, P.; Heggen, M.; Feuerbacher, M.; Bauer, B.; Gille, P.; Haarmann, F.


    We present the results of 27 Al nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments on the phase Co 4 Al 13 . These results are compared to a recent structure model [1], which demonstrates a unique bonding for Al atoms in the Co-Al-Co molecular groups. In our measurement, two 27 Al signals were identified. The first one originates from Al atoms forming cages. The second signal corresponds to Al sites with exceptionally large almost axially symmetric quadrupole coupling. This finding is in perfect agreement with isolated Co-Al-Co molecular groups in accordance to Ref. [1].

  16. Control al doping Compromiso de Colombia

    Claudia Prieto


    Full Text Available Este documento da a conocer la importante noticia de la aprobación, por parte del Comité Olímpico Internacional (COl, de un laboratorio colombiano, para el control al doping, a la vez que aprovecha la oportunidad para ampliar alguna información sobre este tema.


    EXPERIMENT AL AND THEORETICAL STUDY OF PRECAST BEAM-SLAB. CONSTRUCTION. Girma Zerayohannes and Adil Zekaria. Department of Civil Engineering. Addis Ababa University. ABSTRACT. The use of partially precast beam elements ivith shear connectors in slab construction relieves the requirement of ...


    Harizal Anhar


    Full Text Available Education is an interaction activity between teachers and students in a classroom learning. Harmonious interaction between teachers and students greatly affect the success of learning. But in reality, the issue of today's educational interaction is less attention of the education stakeholder. The evidence is that some educators develop bad relationship with the students as being arrogant and violent means in resolving problems in the classroom. These conditions depreciate the relation between the teacher and the students in or outside the class that it is not surprising some students attack the teachers. In fact, the problem of educational interaction is not a new problem in educational world. Al-Ghazali is an Islamic education leaders who concentrated on the issue since the 5th century H. This article aims at examining a depth theory of al-Ghazali on educational interaction in a number of work related to education. This research is library research through ccontent analysis to find its relevance to the world of Islamic education at the moment. The results show that Al-Ghazali has a major contribution in developing the concept of educational interaction in Islamic education. The concept of Al-Ghazali can be reference in overcoming the problems of educational interaction nowadays through an approach which is in line with the the latest developments.

  19. Management of respiratory symptoms in ALS.

    Hardiman, Orla


    Respiratory insufficiency is a frequent feature of ALS and is present in almost all cases at some stage of the illness. It is the commonest cause of death in ALS. FVC is used as important endpoint in many clinical trials, and in decision-making events for patients with ALS, although there are limitations to its predictive utility. There are multiple causes of respiratory muscle failure, all of which act to produce a progressive decline in pulmonary function. Diaphragmatic fatigue and weakness, coupled with respiratory muscle weakness, lead to reduced lung compliance and atelectasis. Increased secretions increase the risk of aspiration pneumonia, which further compromises respiratory function. Bulbar dysfunction can lead to nutritional deficiency, which in turn increases the fatigue of respiratory muscles. Early recognition of respiratory decline and symptomatic intervention, including non-invasive ventilation can significantly enhance both quality of life and life expectancy in ALS. Patients with respiratory failure should be advised to consider an advance directive to avoid emergency mechanical ventilation.

  20. Management of respiratory symptoms in ALS.

    Hardiman, Orla


    Respiratory insufficiency is a frequent feature of ALS and is present in almost all cases at some stage of the illness. It is the commonest cause of death in ALS. FVC is used as important endpoint in many clinical trials, and in decision-making events for patients with ALS, although there are limitations to its predictive utility. There are multiple causes of respiratory muscle failure, all of which act to produce a progressive decline in pulmonary function. Diaphragmatic fatigue and weakness, coupled with respiratory muscle weakness, lead to reduced lung compliance and atelectasis. Increased secretions increase the risk of aspiration pneumonia, which further compromises respiratory function. Bulbar dysfunction can lead to nutritional deficiency, which in turn increases the fatigue of respiratory muscles. Early recognition of respiratory decline and symptomatic intervention, including non-invasive ventilation can significantly enhance both quality of life and life expectancy in ALS. Patients with respiratory failure should be advised to consider an advance directive to avoid emergency mechanical ventilation.




    Full Text Available În lucrare se prezintă o metodă analitică pentru calculul cinetostatic al mecanismului planetarmonomobil cu două roţi dinţate centrale. Se consideră mai întâi cazul general al schemelor cinematice cu douăroţi dinţate solidare tip satelit, în două variante practice (multiplicator şi reductor de turaţie. Este menţionatcazul particular al mecanismelor planetare cu o singură roată satelit cu angrenare dublă (exterioară şiinterioară. Pe baza modelului de analiză cinetostatică a mecanismului planetar monomobil cu două roţi dinţatecentrale, în finalul lucrării se abordează o problemă practică de calcul cinetostatic al unui mecanism planetarcilindric simplu folosit la capul de frezat pentru prelucrarea roţilor dinţate cilindrice cu dinţi curbi înhipocicloidă.

  2. Niedermolekulare Verbindungen aus Spinnen als chemische Sensoren

    Olsen, Christian Adam; Kristensen, Anders S.; Strømgaard, Kristian


    sie als Leitstrukturen für die Entwicklung, Synthese und biologische Untersuchung synthetischer Analoga verwendet. Weit weniger erforscht sind hingegen Verbindungen, die der Kommunikation von Spinnen dienen. Vor kurzem wurden jedoch auf dem Gebiet der Pheromone und Allomone aus Spinnen neue...

  3. Olawumi et al., Afr. J. Infect. Dis.



    Aug 31, 2011 ... Consequently pathogen reduction using riboflavin and UV light, which is a method by which infectious pathogens, including plasmodium in blood for transfusion are inactivated by adding riboflavin and irradiating with UV light , is another effort in transfusion medicine to ensure blood safety. (Hardwick et al,.

  4. Studentopinie als onderdeel van Cursuskwaliteit : Quickscan

    Elzinga, Hanny; Groenewoud, Jan; Ike, Paul; Loth, Betram; Reitsma, Sieuwke; Schotanus, Janke; Schuurman, Mieke; Steur, Jessica


    In het kader van dit onderzoek is een quickscan (15 vragen) opgesteld met als doel die informatie te verzamelen die nodig is om een eerste indicatie te krijgen van de kwaliteit van een cursus (vak). De quickscan is gebaseerd op literatuuronderzoek en best practices van de faculteiten van de

  5. 68 - 75 Galadanchi et al.c


    Restricted HartreeFock (RHF) and Density Functional Theory (DFT) studies were carried out on the organic semi ... arrays), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), solar cells and low-cost devices (Kitamura,Arakawa, 2008;. Hwan et al.2004; Byoungnan,2008). Organic semiconductors are materials with semiconducting.

  6. Al Qaeda: Profile and Threat Assessment

    Katzman, Kenneth


    .... interests abroad, and against Western countries. But many believe that the Al Qaeda organization and its leadership are no longer as relevant to assessing the global Islamic terrorist threat as they were on September 11, 2001. Some believe U.S...

  7. 75 FR 3895 - Yale University, et al.;


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration Yale University, et al.; Notice of Consolidated Decision on Applications for Duty-Free Entry of Electron Microscopes This is a decision consolidated pursuant to Section 6(c) of the Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Materials Importation Act of...

  8. 76 FR 62481 - Incapital LLC, et al.


    ... SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION [Investment Company Act Release No. 29828; File No. 812-13922] Incapital LLC, et al.; Notice of Application September 30, 2011. AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission (``Commission''). ACTION: Notice of application for an order under section 12(d)(1)(J) of the Investment Company...

  9. Correction to Rothermund et al. (2005)

    Rothermund, Klaus; Wentura, Dirk; De Houwer, Jan


    This article reports an error in the article "Retrieval of Incidental Stimulus-Response Associations as a Source of Negative Priming" by Rothermund et al. ("Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition," Vol 31(3) May 2005, 482-495). Table 1 (p. 484) was incorrectly typeset. The correct layout is provided. (The following…

  10. Kinematics of Disease Progression in Bulbar ALS

    Yunusova, Yana; Green, Jordan R.; Lindstrom, Mary J.; Ball, Laura J.; Pattee, Gary L.; Zinman, Lorne


    The goal of this study was to investigate the deterioration of lip and jaw movements during speech longitudinally in three individuals diagnosed with bulbar amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The study was motivated by the need to understand the relationship between physiologic changes in speech movements and clinical measures of speech…

  11. Uses of a Myth: al-Andalus

    Serafín Fanjul


    Full Text Available In the last two decades, the Spanish press treatment of the Muslim world reflects a change of tone from unsympathetic to enthusiastic, although the information is still marred by confusion and ignorance. This change of attitude has occurred in other Western countries as well, and it is due in part to immigration trends, control over oil resources, and the relativism of official discourses towards the Third World. In the case of Spain, however, there is an additional internal element at play: the mass-media reinvention of a mythical al-Andalus as a tolerant and pluralistic society. This idealized interpretation of seven centuries of Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula is fraught with ignorance and distortion of the historical record but is not new. The mystification of al-Andalus has its precedent in romantic accounts that saw in “Muslim Spain” a differential fact that reinforced the exotic image of the country. It can be attributed also to the strategy to “hispanicize” al-Andalus employed by Arabists and historians to make the subject matter appealing to unsympathetic Spanish audiences conditioned by the myth of the Reconquest. Intended or not, the manipulation of the myth of al-Andalus as a historical fact has ideological and political implications that demand an objective and balanced consideration.

  12. The wobbler mouse, an ALS animal model

    Moser, Jakob Maximilian; Bigini, Paolo; Schmitt-John, Thomas


    This review article is focused on the research progress made utilizing the wobbler mouse as animal model for human motor neuron diseases, especially the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The wobbler mouse develops progressive degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons and shows striking...

  13. Thermoluminescence of LaAlO3

    Morales H, A.; Zarate M, J.; Rivera M, T.; Azorin N, J.


    In this paper the thermoluminescent properties of doped lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO 3 ) with dysprosium ion (Dy) were studied. The thermoluminescence characteristics in the samples were obtained using an ultraviolet radiation of 220 nm. The LaAlO 3 :Dy samples were prepared by the modified Pechini method (Spray Dryer). The structural and morphological characterization was obtained by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (Sem) techniques respectively. The size particle composing the agglomerate was determined by Sem, agglomerated particles composed size of 2μm were observed. The thermoluminescence response of LaAlO 3 :Dy was compared with that obtained with the undoped sample. Thermoluminescence brightness curves of LaAlO 3 :Dy showed a peak centered at 185 grades C. Sensitivity of doped sample was greater, about 100 times compared with the undoped sample. Thermoluminescence response in function of the wavelength showed a maximum at 220 nm. Also the fading in thermoluminescence response was studied. (Author)

  14. Casting of particulate Al-base composites

    Moustafa, S.F.


    A molten Al-4 wt.% Cu as well as a Al-13 wt.% Si alloy have been mixed mechanically with particulate of SiC, Al 2 O 3 , or graphite. After the completion of mixing, each mixture was poured into a permanent mould to solidify. To overcome the problem of non-wettability that exists between the investigated particulate and the molten aluminum alloys the particulate was chemically treated by impregnation in a solution containing Na + ions. The loading of SiC or Al 2 O 3 particulate in the produced composites can be as high as 40 wt.%, and for graphite particles it can be 20 wt.%. The mixing time required to introduce and distribute the investigated particles into the molten matrix was as low as five minutes to recluce chemical reactions at the interfaces between them. Processing details and parameters controlling this technique are described. Metallographic examinations as well as tensile tests were carried out to characterize the microstructure, the distribution of the particles and the strength of these composites. The results display that the composites made by this technique have good microstructure and tensile properties. (orig.)


    Ike Odimegwu

    ... was conquered and pacified by European arms, ensuring caravans could travel .... eventually attacked the Order (at Qiru) in 1902 (at which time al-Mahdi passed ... Ottoman rule was nominal, with real power in the hands of the local rulers ...

  16. Una ventana al mundo de Kafka.

    Guillermo Sánchez Medina


    Full Text Available



    Fui invitado en forma comedida, por el doctor Adolfo De Francisco, para comentar su obra: "El Mundo Psicológico de Kafka". Respondí que no era literato y menos crítico de Kafka. Sin embargo, acepté
    hacerlo siendo consciente de las limitaciones que me acompañan y para las que pido de todos ustedes su consideración. Tenía sí el deseo al reto de lo incógnito.
    Además sus argumentos fueron contundentes, pues se referían al compromiso con la Academia y, sin decírmelo, era también con él en nuestra historia compartida. Mis motivaciones y expectativas personales conscientes eran múltiples para sumergirme en sus ideas que mueven el espíritu desde la piel a lo trascendente, de lo interno a lo externo y viceversa, y en que cada palabra puede ser objeto de análisis profundo, pues esa es su esencia. Por ejemplo cuando el doctor De Francisco se refiere a la sublimación y a la estética, a la política, a la religiosidad, a la burguesía, al campesinado, a la nobleza, al absolutismo, al arte o a la historia, a la cosmovisión sociológica y literaria, al psicoanálisis para afrontar la realidad interna y externa, entonces el autor penetra en el mundo de la fantasía y del psiquismo, para entender el simbolismo implícito de Kafka.
    Las motivaciones personales inconscientes, pertenecen a las tendencias irracionales de hundirme en espacios complejos para luego intentar'ordenarlos; en medio está
    la contratransferencia que me une con el autor Adolfo De Francisco y otra la que se refiere a la temática kafkiana...

  17. Study of the 27Al(n,2,)26Al reaction via accelerator mass spectrometry

    Wallner, A.


    The excitation function for the 27 Al(n,2n) 26 Al reaction is expected to show a strongly non-linear behavior in the neutron-energy region around 14 MeV, the neutron energy in D-T plasmas; thus the production rate of 26 Al (t 1/2 =7.2*10 5 a) in D-T fusion environments can in principle be used to measure the temperature of such plasmas. Existing measurements, however, are strongly discordant. Therefore, a new accurate measurement of the 27 Al(n,2n) 26 Al cross sections in the near threshold region (E n =13.5-14.8 MeV) was performed with the goal to achieve relative cross sections with the highest accuracy possible. In addition, the measurements were also designed to provide good absolute cross-section values, as absolute cross sections are important for radioactive waste predictions. Samples of Al metal were irradiated with neutrons in the energy range near threshold (E th =13.55 MeV) at the Radiuminstitutes of both Vienna and St. Petersburg, and in Tokai-mura, Japan. In Tuebingen irradiations with neutrons of higher energies (17 and 19 MeV) were performed. The amount of 26 Al produced during the irradiations was measured via accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) at the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator (VERA). This work represents the first 26 Al measurements for this new facility. With this system, a background as low as 3*10 -15 for 26 Al/ 27 Al isotope ratios was obtained, corresponding to a (n,2n) cross section of 0.04 mb. Utilizing AMS, cross sections with much higher precision and considerably closer to the threshold than in previous investigations could be measured. The prerequisite for its application as a temperature monitor, namely a very well known shape of the excitation function was met. A quantitative prediction of the sensitivity of this method for monitoring the temperature in a D-T fusion plasma was therefore possible. For thermal plasmas temperature changes in the order of 5 to 15 % should be detectable. An even higher sensitivity was found

  18. Medien als Lernform und die Trimediale Redaktion

    Wolf Hilzensauer


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Artikel beschreibt ein Konzept für eine handlungsorientierte Medienpädagogik im Bildungsbereich. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei die SO!-Campusredaktion, die als Methode für expansives Lernen die Möglichkeit bietet, unabhängig von Thema oder Medium die Verantwortung für den Lernprozess in die Hände der Lernenden zu legen. Der Dokumentation von Reflexion über den Lernprozess wird dabei eine besondere Bedeutung zugesprochen. Gleichzeitig werden unterschiedliche mediale Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten (Audio/Radio, Video/Fernsehen und Zeitung – sowohl als Print- als auch als Onlinemedium vorgestellt, die durch das Konzept BYOD – bring your own device – auch einfach und niederschwellig im Bildungskontext umsetzbar sind. Dadurch ergeben sich innovative Möglichkeiten, einen Lernprozess sichtbar zu machen und gleichzeitig eine Grundlage für eine alternative Leistungsbeurteilung anzubieten. Die SO!-Campusredaktion wird derzeit an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Salzburg in Kooperation mit dem Communitysender FS1 und der Radiofabrik entwickelt und erprobt. Community Medien nehmen als MedienpartnerInnen eine bedeutende Stellung ein: Durch ihren offenen Zugang zu Know How und Equipment sowie durch die Möglichkeit, Medienproduktionen über die verfügbaren Distibutionskanäle (Radiofrequenz oder Sendeplatz einer breiten Bevölkerung zugänglich zu machen, gewinnt die Medienpädagogik einen wichtigen Mehrwert in ihrer schulischen und außerschulischen Arbeit. (Dieser Artikel knüpft an den Artikel "BYOD, Smartphonefilme und webbasierte Videoschnittprogramme" der Medienimpulse, Ausgabe 2/2014, an.

  19. Mechanochemical synthesis of Cu-Al and methyl orange intercalated Cu-Al layered double hydroxides

    Qu, Jun, E-mail: [School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Luoshi Road 122, Wuhan, Hubei 430070 (China); He, Xiaoman; Chen, Min; Hu, Huimin [School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Luoshi Road 122, Wuhan, Hubei 430070 (China); Zhang, Qiwu, E-mail: [School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Luoshi Road 122, Wuhan, Hubei 430070 (China); Liu, Xinzhong [College of Ecological Environment and Urban Construction, Fujian University of Technology, Fuzhou 350118 China (China)


    In this study, a mechanochemical route to synthesize a Cu-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) and a methyl orange (MO) intercalated one (MO-LDH) was introduced, in which basic cupric carbonate (Cu{sub 2}(OH){sub 2}CO{sub 3}) and aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH){sub 3}) with Cu/Al molar ratio at 2/1 was first dry ground for 2 h and then agitated in water or methyl orange solution for another 4 h to obtain the LDH and MO-LDH products without any heating operation. The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Thermogravimetry (TG), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The products showed high crystallinity phase of Cu-Al and MO intercalated Cu-Al LDH with no evident impurities, proving that the craft introduced here was facile and effective. The new idea can be applied in other fields to produce organic-inorganic composites. - Highlights: • A facile mechanochemical route to synthesize Cu-Al and MO intercalated Cu-Al LDH. • The products possesses high crystalline of LDH phase with no impure phases. • The dry milling process induces the element substitution between the raw materials. • The agitation operation helps the grain growth of LDH.

  20. Mechanochemical synthesis of Cu-Al and methyl orange intercalated Cu-Al layered double hydroxides

    Qu, Jun; He, Xiaoman; Chen, Min; Hu, Huimin; Zhang, Qiwu; Liu, Xinzhong


    In this study, a mechanochemical route to synthesize a Cu-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) and a methyl orange (MO) intercalated one (MO-LDH) was introduced, in which basic cupric carbonate (Cu_2(OH)_2CO_3) and aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)_3) with Cu/Al molar ratio at 2/1 was first dry ground for 2 h and then agitated in water or methyl orange solution for another 4 h to obtain the LDH and MO-LDH products without any heating operation. The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Thermogravimetry (TG), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The products showed high crystallinity phase of Cu-Al and MO intercalated Cu-Al LDH with no evident impurities, proving that the craft introduced here was facile and effective. The new idea can be applied in other fields to produce organic-inorganic composites. - Highlights: • A facile mechanochemical route to synthesize Cu-Al and MO intercalated Cu-Al LDH. • The products possesses high crystalline of LDH phase with no impure phases. • The dry milling process induces the element substitution between the raw materials. • The agitation operation helps the grain growth of LDH.


    W.H. Tian; K. Ohishi; M. Nemoto


    Microstructural variations and correlated hardness changes in B2-ordered NiAl containing fine precipitation of Ni2AlTi have been investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and hardness tests. The amount of age hardening is not large as compared to the large microstructural variations during aging. TEM observations have revealed that the L21-type Ni2AlTi precipitates keep a lattice coherency with the NiAl matrix at the beginning of aging. By longer periods of aging Ni2AlTi precipitates lose their coherency and change their morphology to the globular ones surrounded by misfit dislocations. The temperature dependence of the yield strength of precipitate-containing B2-ordered NiAl was investigated by compression tests over the temperature range of 873-1273K. The fine precipitation of Ni2AlTi was found to enhance greatly the yield strength and the high-temperature strength is comparison with that of superalloy Mar-M200.``

  2. Superstructure formation in PrNi_2Al_3 and ErPd_2Al_3

    Eustermann, Fabian; Hoffmann, Rolf-Dieter; Janka, Oliver; Oldenburg Univ.


    The intermetallic phase ErPd_2Al_3 was obtained by arc-melting of the elements and subsequent annealing for crystal growth. The sample was studied by X-ray diffraction on powders and single crystals. The structure of ErPd_2Al_3 was refined from X-ray diffraction data and revealed a superstructure of PrNi_2Al_3 - a CaCu_5 derivative (P6/m, a=1414.3(1), c=418.87(3) pm wR=0.0820, 1060 F"2 values, 48 variables). The same superstructure was subsequently found for PrNi_2Al_3 (P6/m, a=1407.87(4), c=406.19(2) pm, wR=0.0499, 904 F"2 values, 47 variables). In the crystal structure, the aluminium and transition metal atoms form a polyanionic network according to [T_2Al_3]"δ"-, while rare earth atoms fill cavities within the networks. They are coordinated by six transition metal and twelve aluminum atoms. In contrast to the PrNi_2Al_3 type structure reported so far, two crystallographic independent rare-earth sites are found of which one (1b) is shifted by 1/2 z, causing a distortion in the structure along with a recoloring of the T and Al atoms in the network.

  3. Stagnation of the exploitation of Al ores and the depression of world prices of Al

    Slavkovský Jozef


    Full Text Available In the contribution, data on Al – a metal of the 20th century are compiled together with the problems of genesis of the Al mineral raw ma-terials as well as types of bauxite and Al-laterite deposits. Furthermore, an overview of the world exploitation of bauxite during 1935-1980 is given along with the prognoses to 2000 and present situation (1992-1996. Overviews of the production of Al follows, providing its rela-tion to the bauxite exploitation. Contrary to the prognoses, a stabilization or stagnation has been observed in the exploitation of bauxite and production of Al during nineties, which a tendency is directly reflected in the world price of this commodity. When analyzing the Al prices for a longer period, some serious deviations can be noticed, that however presently represent a long-term minimum. We hope the stagnation of the production and the price decline are only temporary and new possibilities of the utilization of Al will be found soon.

  4. Pemikiran Politik al-Shawkânî dalam Fath al-Qadîr

    Yusuf Hanafi


    Full Text Available Muhammad b. ‘Alî Muhammad b. ‘Abd Allâh al-Shawkânî al-San‘ânî. He was born in the Hijrah in Shawkân village, Yemen on Monday 28 Dhû al-Qa‘dah 1172 H and died on Tuesday, 27 Jumâd al-Akhîr 1250 H at the age about 78 years. Al-Shawkânî grew up in the San‘a city, it is the capital of the republic of Yemen now. He study first time about religion from his father, then from renowed scholars in San‘a and its surrounding, he was known as a scolar who mastered the various branches of religious sciences. Such as tafsîr, h}adîth, fiqh, us}ûl al-fiqh, history, science of kalâm, philosophy, balâghah, mant}iq etc. the main issue in this article is how political thought in the book of tafsir Fath al-Qadîr is the work of Shawkânî. At the end of article, the authors found that the intended political thinking in the study of Fath al-Qadîr is about constitutional ideas. These ideas about the constitution is limited to the concept of leadership and deliberation, the concept of the right of citizen to obtain justice, and the concept pf the right of citizens to live association and assembly

  5. Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Neutron Irradiated Cold-worked Al-1050 and Al-6063 Alloys

    Munitz, A.; Cotler, A; Talianker, M.


    The impact of neutron irradiation on the internal microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture morphology of cold-worked Al-1050 and Al-6063 alloys was studied, using scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and tensile measurements. Specimens consisting of 50 mm long and 6 mm wide gauge sections, were punched out from Al-1050 and Al-6063 23% cold-worked tubes. They were exposed to prolonged neutron irradiation of up to 4.5x10 25 and 8x10 25 thermal neutrons/m 2 (E -3 s -1 . In general, the uniform and total elongation, the yield stress, and the ultimate tensile strength increase as functions of fluence. However, for Al-1050 a decrease in the ultimate tensile strength and yield stress was observed up to a fluence of 1x10 25 thermal neutrons/m 2 which then increase with thermal neutrons fluence. Metallographic examination and fractography for Al-6063 revealed a decrease in the local area reduction of the final fracture necking. This reduction is accompanied by a morphology transition from ductile transgranular shear rupture to a combination of transgranular shear with intergranular dimpled rupture. The intergranular rupture area increases with fluence. In contrast, for Al-1050, fracture morphology remains ductile transgranular shear rupture and the final local area reduction remains almost constant No voids could be observed in either alloy up to the maximum fluence. The dislocation density of cold-worked Al was found to decrease with the thermal neutron fluence. Prolonged annealing of unirradiated cold-worked Al-6063 at 52 degree led to similar results. Thus, it appears that, under our irradiation conditions, whereby the temperature encompassing the samples increases the exposure to this thermal field is the major factor influencing the mechanical properties and microstructure of aluminum alloys

  6. Thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Ru system

    Prins, SN


    Full Text Available describes the order disorder transformation with one Gibbs energy function. The RuAl6 phase was described as a stoichiometric phase and the remaining intermetallic phases (Ru4Al13, RuAl2 and Ru2Al3) were modelled with the sublattice model. The solubility...

  7. Calculation of Gibbs energy of Zr-Al-Ni, Zr-Al-Cu, Al-Ni-Cu and Zr-Al-Ni-Cu liquid alloys based on quasiregular solution model

    Li, H.Q.; Yang, Y.S.; Tong, W.H.; Wang, Z.Y.


    With the effects of electronic structure and atomic size being introduced, the mixing enthalpy as well as the Gibbs energy of the ternary Zr-Al-Cu, Ni-Al-Cu, Zr-Ni-Al and quaternary Zr-Al-Ni-Cu systems are calculated based on quasiregular solution model. The computed results agree well with the experimental data. The sequence of Gibbs energies of different systems is: G Zr-Al-Ni-Cu Zr-Al-Ni Zr-Al-Cu Cu-Al-Ni . To Zr-Al-Cu, Ni-Al-Cu and Zr-Ni-Al, the lowest Gibbs energy locates in the composition range of X Zr 0.39-0.61, X Al = 0.38-0.61; X Ni = 0.39-0.61, X Al = 0.38-0.60 and X Zr = 0.32-0.67, X Al = 0.32-0.66, respectively. And to the Zr-Ni-Al-Cu system with 66.67% Zr, the lowest Gibbs energy is obtained in the region of X Al = 0.63-0.80, X Ni = 0.14-0.24

  8. Mechanical properties and electronic structures of Fe-Al intermetallic

    Liu, YaHui; Chong, XiaoYu; Jiang, YeHua, E-mail:; Zhou, Rong; Feng, Jing, E-mail:


    Using the first-principles calculations, the elastic properties, anisotropy properties, electronic structures, Debye temperature and stability of Fe-Al (Fe{sub 3}Al, FeAl, FeAl{sub 2}, Fe{sub 2}Al{sub 5} and FeAl{sub 3}) binary compounds were calculated. The formation enthalpy and cohesive energy of these Fe-Al compounds are negative, and show they are thermodynamically stable structures. Fe{sub 2}Al{sub 5} has the lowest formation enthalpy, which shows the Fe{sub 2}Al{sub 5} is the most stable of Fe-Al binary compounds. These Fe-Al compounds display disparate anisotropy due to the calculated different shape of the 3D curved surface of the Young’s modulus and anisotropic index. Fe{sub 3}Al has the biggest bulk modulus with the value 233.2 GPa. FeAl has the biggest Yong’s modulus and shear modulus with the value 296.2 GPa and 119.8 GPa, respectively. The partial density of states, total density of states and electron density distribution maps of the binary Fe-Al binary compounds are analyzed. The bonding characteristics of these Fe-Al binary compounds are mainly combination by covalent bond and metallic bonds. Meanwhile, also exist anti-bond effect. Moreover, the Debye temperatures and sound velocity of these Fe-Al compounds are explored.

  9. High temperature properties of the Cr-Nb-Al-N coatings with increasing Al contents

    Li, W. Z.; Polcar, T.; Evaristo, M.; Cavaleiro, A.


    Cr-Nb-Al-N coatings with Al content from 0 to 12 at.% were deposited by d.c. reactive magnetron sputtering. The coatings were annealed in protective atmosphere at 800 and 900 °C for 1 h and exposed to air at 800, 900 and 1200 °C for different times. The chemical composition, structure, microstructure, hardness and adhesive/cohesive strength of the coatings, in as-deposited and annealed conditions, were investigated and the oxidation resistance was evaluated. As expected, the Al content increa...

  10. Structure of 26Al studied by one - nucleon transfer reaction 27Al(d,t

    Srivastava Vishal


    Full Text Available The excited states of 26Al have been produced and studied using 27Al(d,t reaction with 25 MeV deuteron as projectile. Optical model potential parameters were extracted from the measured elastic scattering angular distribution. Zero range distorted wave Born approximation analysis for the ground and 0.223 MeV states of 26Al have been done. The spectroscopic factors calculated for these states are found to be in good agreement with the previously reported values.


    Himmah Istomah


    Full Text Available One of human personalities is humanist. Based on the understanding of Maslow’s theory of motivation, researcher seeks to uncover kinds of motivational needs of Muhammad Saw contained in Maulid Al-Barzanjiy (the work of Ja 'far bin Hasan al-Barzanji (d. 1763 M. The goal is realized through a descriptive qualitative approach with  text analysis  about Psycholiterature of Endraswara. The results of this study indicate that in Maulid Al-Barzanji there are Muhammad Saw’s five needs and how their satisfying perfectly,  namely: physiological needs, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Thus, it can be interpreted that Muhammad SAW as an ordinary human having motivational needs. His prophetic and apostleship honor is not a direct blessing from Allah, but he had been through some complicated processes in life. This can be applied by his followers, so they can complete their motivational needs to reach the satiation as a caliph and to be useful person in this world.

  12. Solidification processing of intermetallic Nb-Al alloys

    Smith, Preston P.; Oliver, Ben F.; Noebe, Ronald D.


    Several Nb-Al alloys, including single-phase NbAl3 and the eutectic of Nb2Al and NbAl3, were prepared either by nonconsumable arc melting in Ar or by zone processing in He following initial induction melting and rod casting, and the effect of the solidification route on the microstructure and room-temperature mechanical properties of these alloys was investigated. Automated control procedures and melt conditions for directional solidification of NbAl3 and the Nb2Al/Nb3Al eutectic were developed; high purity and stoichiometry were obtained. The effects of ternary additions of Ti and Ni are described.

  13. Environmental embrittlement of intermetallic compounds in Fe-Al alloys

    张建民; 张瑞林; S.H.YU; 余瑞璜


    First,it is proposed that hydrogen atoms occupy the interstitial sites in Fe3Al and FeAl.Then the environmental embrittlement of intermetallic compounds in Fe-Al alloys is studied in the light of calculated valence electron structures and bond energy of Fe3Al and FeAl containing hydrogen atoms.From the analyses it is found that the states of metal atoms will change,in which more lattice electrons will become covalent electrons to bond with hydrogen atoms when the atomic hydrogen diffuses into the intermetallic compounds in Fe-Al alloys,which will result in the decrease of local metallicity in Fe3Al and FeAl.Meanwhile,it is found that the crystal will easily cleave since solute hydrogen bonds with metal atoms and severely anisotropic bonds form.As a conclusion,these factors result in the environmental embrittlement of Fe3Al and FeAl.

  14. Gate length scaling effect on high-electron mobility transistors devices using AlGaN/GaN and AlInN/AlN/GaN heterostructures.

    Liao, S Y; Lu, C C; Chang, T; Huang, C F; Cheng, C H; Chang, L B


    Compared to AlGaN/GaN HEMT with 0.15 μm T-gate length, the AlInN/AlN/GaN one exhibits much higher current density and transconductance of 1558 mA/mm at Vd = 2 V and 330 mS/mm, respectively. The high extrinsic ft and fmax of 82 GHz and 70 GHz are extracted from AlInN/AlN/GaN HEMT. Besides, we find that the transconductance roll-off is significant in AlGaN/GaN, but largely improved in AlInN/AlN/GaN HEMT, suggesting that the high carrier density and lattice-matched epitaxial heterostructure is important to reach both large RF output power and high operation frequency, especially for an aggressively gate length scaling.

  15. Study of the AlON-VN composite ceramic

    Sainbaatar; Zhang Zuotai; Li Wenchao; Wang Xidong [Dept. of Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy, Univ. of Science and Technology Beijing, BJ (China)


    Aluminium oxynitride-vanadium nitride (AlON-VN) composite ceramic was fabricated based on thermodynamic analysis of V-Al-O-N systems. The results indicated that the VN dispersed homogeneously in AlON matrix and can reinforce AlON matrix. Oxidation behavior was studied and the results showed that it belongs to self-protective oxidation due to the good adherence of oxidation product. Therefore, AlON-VN composites have excellent oxidation resistance. (orig.)

  16. ALS1 and ALS3 gene expression and biofilm formation in Candida albicans isolated from vulvovaginal candidiasis

    Shahla Roudbarmohammadi


    Conclusion: The results attained indicated that there is an association between the expression of ALS1 and ALS3 genes and fluconazole resistance in C. albicans. A considerable percent of the isolates expressing the ALS1 and ALS3 genes may have contributed to their adherence to vagina and biofilm formation.

  17. Studies in the Crystalline Electric Field in Pr2 Al and Pr Al by the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Method

    Slisenko, V.I.; Ivanitskij, P.G.; Vasil'kevich, A.A.; Krotenko, V.T.; Majstrenko, A.N.


    Results of inelastic neutron scattering in polycrystalline Pr 2 Al and Pr Al are reported. The parameters of the crystal field Hamiltonian for the orthorhombic point symmetry of the Pr 3+ ions in Pr 2 Al and Pr Al are derived from neutron spectra. Using These parameters the magnetic contribution to the specific heat is calculated

  18. The extraordinary role of the AlN interlayer in growth of AlN sputtered on Ti electrodes

    Tran, Tuan; Pandraud, G.; Tichelaar, F.D.; Nguyen, Duc Minh; Schellevis, H.; Sarro, P.M.


    The structure of AlN layers grown on Ti with and without an AlN interlayer between the Si substrate and the Ti layer is investigated. The AlN grains take over the orientation of the Ti columnar grains in both cases. Surprisingly, the Ti grains do not take over completely the orientations of the AlN

  19. Metodologi Kitab Ma‘alim al-Tanzil Karya Al-Bagawiy

    M. Rusydi Khalid


    This study aims to describe the metodology of Ma'a> lim al-tanzi>l book by al-Bagawi. The book is one of the books of exegesis written on the basis of hadith, which by the commentary scholars recognized avoided from heresy and weak hadith. The author of this book is Imam Abu Humaid Hussein bin Mas‘u>d al-Farra>’ Al-Bagawi al-Syafi‘i>, died in the year 510 H. This exegesis book combines the interpretation of the companions, tabi‘i>n, and tabi‘i> tabi‘i>n. Interpretation is broken down with easy, simple, and concise diction choices. The stoning of the interpretation of the salaf scholars without mentioning the sanad as already mentioned in the introduction to his book. This book was first printed in one edition with the exegesis book of Ibn Kas}i>r and al-kha>zin. This book interprets the Qur'an analytically from the beginning to the end of the surah by using the method of interpretation based on the hadith, namely by mentioning the arguments of the hadith sahih, the fatwa of the companions and the tabi‘i>n. The characteristic or purpose of this book is fiqh oriented, which tends to the Shafi‘i fiqh.   Abstrak Tulisan ini mendeskripsikan metode penafsiran dalam kitab Ma’a>lim al-tanzi>l karya al-bagawi. Kitab tafsir ini merupakan salah satu di antara kitab-kitab tafsir yang ditulis berdasarkan riwayat, yang oleh para ulama tafsir diakui terhindar dari bid’ah dan hadis dhaif (lemah. Penulis buku ini adalah Imam Abu Muhammad Husain bin Mas‘u>d al-Farra>‘ al-Bagawi al-Syafi‘i>, wafat pada tahun 510 H. Kitab ini adalah kitab pertengahan yang mengutip penafsiran para Sahabat, ta>bi‘i>n, dan tabi‘i ta>bi‘i>n. Penafsiran diuraikan dengan pilihan diksi yang mudah, sederhana, dan ringkas. Penukilan dari interpretasi ulama salaf tanpa menyebutkan sanad karena telah disebutkan dalam pendahuluan bukunya. Buku ini pertama kali dicetak dalam satu edisi dengan tafsir Ibn Kas\\i>r dan tafsir al-Kha>zin. Kitab ini menafsirkan al-Qur’an secara

  20. Room-Temperature Quantum Ballistic Transport in Monolithic Ultrascaled Al-Ge-Al Nanowire Heterostructures.

    Sistani, Masiar; Staudinger, Philipp; Greil, Johannes; Holzbauer, Martin; Detz, Hermann; Bertagnolli, Emmerich; Lugstein, Alois


    Conductance quantization at room temperature is a key requirement for the utilizing of ballistic transport for, e.g., high-performance, low-power dissipating transistors operating at the upper limit of "on"-state conductance or multivalued logic gates. So far, studying conductance quantization has been restricted to high-mobility materials at ultralow temperatures and requires sophisticated nanostructure formation techniques and precise lithography for contact formation. Utilizing a thermally induced exchange reaction between single-crystalline Ge nanowires and Al pads, we achieved monolithic Al-Ge-Al NW heterostructures with ultrasmall Ge segments contacted by self-aligned quasi one-dimensional crystalline Al leads. By integration in electrostatically modulated back-gated field-effect transistors, we demonstrate the first experimental observation of room temperature quantum ballistic transport in Ge, favorable for integration in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor platform technology.

  1. KISAH DZULQARNAIN DALAM AL-QUR’AN SURAT AL-KAHFI: 83-101 (Pendekatan Hermeneutik

    Rukimin Rukimin


    ingkar hendaknya diajak bertobat dan kembali kepada keimanan dengan diperingatkan akan kekufurannya bahwa Allah akan mengazab orang-orang yang ingkar. Kata Kunci: Dzhulqarnai; al-Qu’an; hermeneutika

  2. Electroluminescence of erbium in Al/α-Si:H(Er)/p-c-Si/Al structure

    Kon'kov, I.O.; Kuznetsov, A.N.; Pak, P.E.; Terukov, E.I.; Granitsyna, L.S.


    It is informed for the first time on the observation of the erbium intensive electroluminescence from the amorphous hydrated silicon layer by application of the Al/α-Si:H(Er)/p-c-Si/Al structure in the direct shift mode. The above structure is the n-p-heterostructure with the barrier values of 0.3-0.4 eV for the electrons and 0.9-1.1 eV for the holes. The electroluminescence efficiency is evaluated at the level ∼ 2 x 10 -5 . The electroluminescence effect in the Al/α-Si:H(Er)/p-c-Si/Al structure is connected with the hole tunneling from the crystal silicon by the amorphous silicon localized states with the subsequent release into the valent zone [ru

  3. Strain Balanced AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN nanomembrane HEMTs.

    Chang, Tzu-Hsuan; Xiong, Kanglin; Park, Sung Hyun; Yuan, Ge; Ma, Zhenqiang; Han, Jung


    Single crystal semiconductor nanomembranes (NM) are important in various applications such as heterogeneous integration and flexible devices. This paper reports the fabrication of AlGaN/GaN NMs and NM high electron mobility transistors (HEMT). Electrochemical etching is used to slice off single-crystalline AlGaN/GaN layers while preserving their microstructural quality. A double heterostructure design with a symmetric strain profile is employed to ensure minimal residual strain in freestanding NMs after release. The mobility of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG), formed by the AlGaN/GaN heterostructure, is noticeably superior to previously reported values of many other NMs. AlGaN/GaN nanomembrane HEMTs are fabricated on SiO 2 and flexible polymeric substrates. Excellent electrical characteristics, including a high ON/OFF ratio and transconductance, suggest that III-Nitrides nanomembranes are capable of supporting high performance applications.

  4. Corrosion of Zn5Al and Zn55Al alloys with cerium, praseodymium and neodymium

    Alikhanova, S.D.


    The present work is devoted to corrosion of Zn5Al and Zn55Al alloys with cerium, praseodymium and neodymium. The purpose of present work is elaboration of optimal composition of zinc-aluminium alloys Zn5Al and Zn55Al alloyed by rare-earth metals of cerium subgroup which are used as anode covers for protection of steel from corrosion. Therefore, the regularities of change of corrosion-electrochemical properties in various corrosive mediums have been determined; processes mechanisms of high temperature oxidation of alloys in solid state have been studied; in the products of alloys oxidation their phase components have been defined and their role in the corrosion process have been revealed; the optimal compositions of zinc-aluminium alloys alloyed by rare earth metals, which are protected by two patents of the Republic of Tajikistan have been elaborated.

  5. Die Welt als Puppenhaus. Die verzauberten Filme des Wes Anderson als Retrospektive im Kino Xenix

    Binotto, Johannes


    Nur gerade sieben Filme hat der Regisseur und Autor Wes Anderson bisher gemacht, damit aber ein einzigartiges Œuvre geschaffen. Das Xenix zeigt diese melancholischen und verspielten Kunstwerke, zusammen mit Filmen, die als Inspiration dienten.


    Abdul Sattar


    Popularitas Imam Bukhari sebagai penyusun kitab Hadits memiliki posisi yang tinggi di kalangan masyarakat muslim. Kitab Al-Jami ‘al-Shahih karya Imam  Bukhari dianggap sebagai koleksi hadits terbaik setelah Quran. Namun, tidak ada banyak informasi tentang kemampuannya di bidang Hukum Islam (fiqh. Ada beberapa pertanyaan yang dapat diajukan dalam hal tersebut;  pertama, apakah pemikiran Imam Bukhari dipengaruh salah satu dari empat fuqaha Sunni saat menulis al-Jami ‘al-Shahih?. Kedua, apa yang diupayakan Imam Bukhari untuk mengartikulasikan pemikirannya tentang hukum Islam? Dengan menggunakan pendekatan eksploratif, verifikatif dan hermenetical, artikel ini akan mengungkapkan bahwa Imam Bukhari tidak berada di bawah pengaruh madhab tertentu dalam mengartikulasikan pemikirannya tentang hukum Islam. Dia mengartikulasikan pandangannya dengan cara yang unik dan execelent berdasarkan kapasitasnya sebagai muhaddits.

  7. Impedance measurements of components for the ALS

    Corlett, J.N.; Rimmer, R.A.


    The high current and short bunch length of the ALS beam make the machine susceptible to beam instabilities over a frequency range extending to 13 GHz and beyond. All components of the storage ring have been carefully designed to minimize the impedance presented to the beam, and assemblies have been laid out to avoid resonant enclosures between components. Novel bellows shields allowing considerable mechanical movement while maintaining a low impedance are described. Results are presented of impedance measurements of ALS components and assemblies of components, using a precision coaxial wire technique in frequency domain, extending to frequencies beyond cut-off. All measurements were performed at the Lambertson Beam Electrodynamics Laboratory of the Center for Beam Physics at LBL

  8. Ni{sub 3}Al technology transfer

    Sikka, V.K.; Santella, M.L.; Alexander, D.J. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN (United States)] [and others


    Ductile Ni{sub 3}Al and Ni{sub 3}Al-based alloys have been identified for a range of applications. These applications require the use of material in a variety of product forms such as sheet, plate, bar, tubing, piping, and castings. Although significant progress has been made in the melting, casting, and near-net-shape forming of nickel aluminides, some issues still remain. These include the need for (1)high-strength castable composition for turbochargers, furnace furniture, and hot-die applications; (2) castability (fluidity, hot-shortness, porosity, etc.); (3) weld reparability of castings; and (4) hot fabricability of cast ingots. All of the issues listed above can be {open_quotes}show stoppers{close_quotes} for the commercial application of nickel aluminides. This report describes work completed to address some of these issues during the fourth quarter of FY 1994.

  9. Structure analysis of NiAl martensite

    Noda, Y.; Shapiro, S.M.; Shirane, G.; Yamada, Y.; Fuchizaki, K.; Tanner, L.E.


    Neutron elastic scattering experiments were performed in order to investigate the structure of the low temperature martensitic phase of Ni 62.5 Al 37.5 alloy. The average structure analyzed from the integrated intensity was approximately described by the (5,-2) structure proposed by Martynov et al. Small deviation from the exact (5,-2) model in the positional parameters and the anomalously large Debye-Waller factor were obtained. The observed satellite profiles show asymmetrical broadening, and the peak positions shift from the regular reciprocal lattice points. These anomalous features of scattering profiles were tentatively interpreted by introducing spatial modulation of the strain and order parameters. 12 refs., 2 figs., 1 tab

  10. Al nanogrid electrode for ultraviolet detectors.

    Ding, G; Deng, J; Zhou, L; Gan, Q; Hwang, J C M; Dierolf, V; Bartoli, F J; Mazuir, C; Schoenfeld, W V


    Optical properties of Al nanogrids of different pitches and gaps were investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain simulation predicted that surface plasmons at the air/Al interface would enhance ultraviolet transmission through the subwavelength gaps of the nanogrid, making it an effective electrode on GaN-based photodetectors to compensate for the lack of transparent electrode and high p-type doping. The predicted transmission enhancement was verified by confocal scanning optical microscopy performed at 365 nm. The quality of the nanogrids fabricated by electron-beam lithography was verified by near-field scanning optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Based on the results, the pitch and gap of the nanogrids can be optimized for the best trade-off between electrical conductivity and optical transmission at different wavelengths. Based on different cutoff wavelengths, the nanogrids can also double as a filter to render photodetectors solar-blind.

  11. Impact of superbends at the ALS

    Nishimura, H.; Robin, D.


    To satisfy a demand for high energy, high brightness x-ray sources at the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a plan is in place to replace three 1.3 Tesla normal conducting bending magnets with three 5 Tesla superconducting magnets (superbends) in the year 2001. In this paper they discuss the impact of the superbends on the ALS beam parameters and particle dynamics. In particular they show the effect on the emittance, energy spread, and lifetime. They find that by adjusting the dispersion to be positive in the straight section they are able to largely restore the horizontal emittance. The vertical emittance can be adjusted independently to control the lifetime. The particle dynamics are investigated through particle tracking with a frequency analysis postprocessor. They find that by placing the three superbends symmetrically around the ring there is ample dynamic aperture for injection and lifetime

  12. DFT study of Al doped armchair SWCNTs

    Dhiman, Shobhna, E-mail: [Department of Applied Science, PEC, University of Technology, Chandigarh -160012 (India); Rani, Anita [Guru Nanak College for Girls, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab-152026 (India); Kumar, Ranjan; Dharamvir, Keya [Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh-160014 (India)


    Electronic properties of endohedrally doped armchair single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) with a chain of six Al atoms have been studied using ab-initio density functional theory. We investigate the binding energy/atom, ionization potential, electron Affinity and Homo-Lumo gap of doped armchair SWNTs from (4,4) to (6,6) with two ends open. BE/dopant atom and ionization potential is maximum for (6, 6) doped armchair carbon nanotube; suggest that it is more stable than (4, 4) and (5, 5) doped tubes. HOMO - LUMO gap of Al doped arm chair carbon nanotubes decreases linearly with the increase in diameter of the tube. This shows that confinement induce a strong effect on electronic properties of doped tubes. These combined systems can be used for future nano electronics. The ab–initio calculations were performed with SIESTA code using generalized gradient approximation (GGA).

  13. Ni{sub 3}Al technology transfer

    Sikka, V.K.; Viswanathan, S.; Santella, M.L. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)] [and others


    Ductile Ni{sub 3}Al and Ni{sub 3}Al-based alloys have been identified for a range of applications. These applications require the use of material in a variety of product forms such as sheet, plate, bar, wire, tubing, piping, and castings. Although significant progress has been made in the melting, casting, and near-net-shape forming of nickel aluminides, some issues still remain. These include the need for: (1) high-strength castable composition for many applications that have been identified; (2) castability (mold type, fluidity, hot-shortness, porosity, etc.); (3) weld reparability of castings; and (4) workability of cast or powder metallurgy product to sheet, bar, and wire. The four issues listed above can be {open_quotes}show stoppers{close_quotes} for the commercial application of nickel aluminides. This report describes the work completed to address some of these issues during FY 1996.

  14. Communication Support for People with ALS

    David Beukelman


    Full Text Available Almost all people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS experience a motor speech disorder, such as dysarthria, as the disease progresses. At some point, 80 to 95% of people with ALS are unable to meet their daily communication needs using natural speech. Unfortunately, once intelligibility begins to decrease, speech performance often deteriorates so rapidly that there is little time to implement an appropriate augmentative and alternative communication (AAC intervention; therefore, appropriate timing of referral for AAC assessment and intervention continues to be a most important clinical decision-making issue. AAC acceptance and use have increased considerably during the past decade. Many people use AAC until within a few weeks of their deaths.

  15. Hot Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steel with Al-Si/Al-Si-Cr Coating

    Fu, Guangyan; Wu, Yongzhao; Liu, Qun; Li, Rongguang; Su, Yong


    The 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel with Al-Si/Al-Si-Cr coatings is prepared by slurry process and vacuum diffusion, and the hot corrosion behavior of the stainless steel with/without the coatings is studied under the condition of Na2SO4 film at 950 °C in air. Results show that the corrosion kinetics of stainless steel, the stainless steel with Al-Si coating and the stainless steel with Al-Si-Cr coating follow parabolic laws in several segments. After 24 h corrosion, the sequence of the mass gain for the three alloys is the stainless steel with Al-Si-Cr coating coating coating. The corrosion products of the three alloys are layered. Thereinto, the corrosion products of stainless steel without coating are divided into two layers, where the outside layer contains a composite of Fe2O3 and FeO, and the inner layer is Cr2O3. The corrosion products of the stainless steel with Al-Si coating are also divided into two layers, of which the outside layer mainly consists of Cr2O3, and the inner layer is mainly SiO2. The corrosion film of the stainless steel with Al-Si-Cr coating is thin and dense, which combines well with substrate. Thereinto, the outside layer is mainly Cr2O3, and the inside layer is Al2O3. In the matrix of all of the three alloys, there exist small amount of sulfides. Continuous and protective films of Cr2O3, SiO2 and Al2O3 form on the surface of the stainless steel with Al-Si and Al-Si-Cr coatings, which prevent further oxidation or sulfide corrosion of matrix metals, and this is the main reason for the much smaller mass gain of the two alloys than that of the stainless steel without any coatings in the 24 h hot corrosion process.

  16. Electronic structure and interatomic bonding in Al10V

    Jahnatek, M; Krajci, M; Hafner, J


    On the basis of ab initio calculations we analysed the electron density distribution in the elementary cell of the compound Al 10 V. We found covalent bonding between certain atoms. The Al-V bonds of enhanced covalency are linked into -Al-V-Al-V- chains that extend over the whole crystal. The chains intersect at each V site and together form a Kagome network of corner-sharing tetrahedra. The large voids of this network are filled by Z 16 Friauf polyhedra consisting of Al atoms only. The skeleton of the Friauf polyhedron has the form of a truncated tetrahedron and consists of 12 strongly bonded Al atoms. These Al-Al bonds also have covalent character. The bonding is dominated by sp 2 hybridization. The centre of the Friauf polyhedron may be empty or occupied by an Al atom. The thermodynamic stability of the phase is investigated. The Al 21 V 2 phase with occupied voids is at low temperatures less stable than Al 10 V. The Al 10 V structure can be considered as a special case of the Al 18 Cr 2 Mg 3 structural class. We have found the same picture of bonding as we report here for Al 10 V for several other aluminium-rich alloys belonging to the Al 18 Cr 2 Mg 3 structural class also

  17. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS and Adenosine Receptors

    Ana M. Sebastião


    Full Text Available In the present review we discuss the potential involvement of adenosinergic signaling, in particular the role of adenosine receptors, in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS. Though the literature on this topic is not abundant, the information so far available on adenosine receptors in animal models of ALS highlights the interest to continue to explore the role of these receptors in this neurodegenerative disease. Indeed, all motor neurons affected in ALS are responsive to adenosine receptor ligands but interestingly, there are alterations in pre-symptomatic or early symptomatic stages that mirror those in advanced disease stages. Information starts to emerge pointing toward a beneficial role of A2A receptors (A2AR, most probably at early disease states, and a detrimental role of caffeine, in clear contrast with what occurs in other neurodegenerative diseases. However, some evidence also exists on a beneficial action of A2AR antagonists. It may happen that there are time windows where A2AR prove beneficial and others where their blockade is required. Furthermore, the same changes may not occur simultaneously at the different synapses. In line with this, it is not fully understood if ALS is a dying back disease or if it propagates in a centrifugal way. It thus seems crucial to understand how motor neuron dysfunction occurs, how adenosine receptors are involved in those dysfunctions and whether the early changes in purinergic signaling are compensatory or triggers for the disease. Getting this information is crucial before starting the design of purinergic based strategies to halt or delay disease progression.

  18. Corrosion of Al-7075 by uranium hexafluoride


    The results of the Al-7075 corrosion by uranium hexafluoride are presented in this work. The kinetic study shows that corrosion process occurs by two temperature dependent mechanism and that the alloy can be safely used up to 140 0 C. The corrosion film is formed by uranium oxifluoride with variable composition in depth. Two alternative corrosion models are proposed in order to explain the experimental results, as well as the tests taht will be carried out to confirm one of them [pt

  19. Laughter, crying and sadness in ALS.

    Thakore, Nimish J; Pioro, Erik P


    Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) is prevalent in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but there is limited information on its associations and course. Explore prevalence, associations, course and manifestations of PBA in outpatient cohort of patients with ALS and examine its relationship to depression. Self-reported measures of PBA and depression (Center for Neurologic Study-Lability Scale (CNS-LS) and Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), respectively) were obtained from consecutive patients with ALS using tablet devices in waiting rooms (Knowledge Program). PBA (CNS-LS ≥13) was seen in 209/735 patients (28.4%). PBA was associated with bulbar onset and dysfunction, upper motor neuron dysfunction, cognitive impairment, depression and lower quality of life. A multivariable model that included lower bulbar and gross motor subscores, female gender, younger age and shorter duration of disease predicted PBA with 74% accuracy. CNS-LS scores increased only slowly with time. Women with PBA reported more crying than men. Crying (but not laughter) correlated with depression, and crying was associated with poorer quality of life. Exploratory factor analysis of pooled questions of CNS-LS and PHQ-9 identified three underlying factors (laughter, crying and depression) loaded on appropriate questions of the respective instruments. This study identifies associations of PBA and additionally finds PBA (especially crying-predominant PBA) more prevalent in women with ALS. Although the two self-report instruments (CNS-LS and PHQ-9) discriminate well between PBA and depression, there is significant overlap between depression and crying in PBA. Studies of PBA should stratify for gender, examine crying and laughter as separate outcomes and adjust for depression. © Article author(s) (or their employer(s) unless otherwise stated in the text of the article) 2017. All rights reserved. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise expressly granted.

  20. Treating ALS by Targeting Pathological TDP-43


    43) is the major aggregating disease protein in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Our previous work demonstrated pS409/410 TDP-43 mediates motor...or are likely to make an impact on the base of knowledge, theory , and research in the principal disciplinary field(s) of the project. Summarize using...provide the name only and indicate “no change.” Example: Name: Mary Smith Project Role : Graduate Student Researcher Identifier (e.g

  1. Problemas epistemológicos al historiar

    Alvar Ezquerra, Alfredo


    Full Text Available Not available.Se sintetiza los grandes problemas de la historiografía del XVI y deja al lector la reflexión abierta sobre la situación historiográfica actual. Las similitudes y divergencias entre las angustias y apuestas de aquellos historiadores y los de hoy, esto es, la percepción de la realidad y del pasado por medio de la Historia, ¿son aún iguales?

  2. μ+ depolarization in AlGd alloys

    Kohn, S.; Brown, J.A.; Heffner, R.H.; Huang, C.Y.; Kitchens, T.A. Jr.; Leon, M.; Olsen, C.E.; Schillaci, M.E.


    The μ + depolarization rate in dilute AlGd alloys containing 50 and 450 atomic ppm Gd was measured in a transverse field of 80 Oe over the temperature range 6-300 K. For both alloys, Λ increased dramatically above 200 K, reaching values of 0.69 and 0.93 μs -1 , respectively, near room temperature. The results are interpreted as providing evidence for a thermally-activated trapping mechanism. (Auth.)

  3. Estado nutricional materno y peso al nacer

    Marianela de la C Prendes Labrada


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio analítico de cohorte en el Policlínico "Raúl Gómez" entre enero de 1996 y septiembre de 1997 con el objetivo de relacionar el estado nutricional materno con el peso al nacer. Concluyeron el estudio 305 gestantes en las que se determinó edad, hábito de fumar, peso, talla, valoración ponderal inicial, incremento transgestacional y peso al nacer. Se aplicó Chi cuadrado y se determinó el riesgo relativo. El peso adecuado, el incremento transgestacional de 8 kg o más y la talla > o = 150 cm se asociaron con el peso al nacer > o = 3 000 g. La talla menor de 150 cm, peso bajo III y IV y las fumadoras aportaron con mayor frecuencia recién nacidos con peso entre 2 500 y 2 999 g. El riesgo de bajo peso al nacer fue mayor entre las gestantes con peso bajo I-II-III-IV, con incremento transgestacional menor de 8 kg y en las fumadorasAn analytic cohort study was conducted in "Raúl Gómez" Polyclinic between January, 1996, and September, 1997, aimed at relating the maternal nutritional status with birth weight. Age, smoking habit, weight, height, initial ponderal assessment, transgestational weight gain and birth weight were determined among the 305 pregnant women that concluded the study. The adequate weight, the transgestational weight gain of 8 kg or more and the height > or = 150 cm were associated with a birth weight > or = 3000 g. Women with the lowest height of 150 cm, low weight III and IV and the smokers had more frequently newborn infants between 2 500 and 2 999 g. The low birth weight risk was higher among the expectants with low weight I-II-II-IV, with a transgestational weight gain under 8 kg and among smokers

  4. Corrosion analysis of AlMg2 and AlMgSi using electrochemical method

    Dian A; Maman Kartaman; Rosika K; Yanlinastuti


    Corrosion test of cladding materials and structures of research reactor fuel, AlMgSi and AlMg2 have been performed in demineralized water of pH 2 and 6.7 using an electrochemical method. Corrosion phenomenon is affected by several factor such as composition and condition of solution. The purpose of this activity is to investigate the corrosion phenomena through the determination of the parameters of corrosion and polarization curve. The materials used are AlMg2 and AlMgSi alloy in circular dish shape with an area of 1 Cm"2. Preparation of the test sample is performed through several stages polishing, cleaning and drying procedures followed ASTM G3. The electrochemical method is done by measuring the open circuit potential (OCP), polarization resistance and potentiodynamic in demineralized water of pH 2 and pH 6.7 at temperature of 25°C. The results of the OCP is the corrosion potential (Ecorr) of AlMg2 and AlMgSi each of -906.1 mV and -619.8 mV at pH 2 and -868.6 and -756.7 mV at pH 6.7 mV. The results of measurements by polarization resistance technique showed that the corrosion rate of AlMg2 and AlMgSi in safe category (<2 mpy) at pH 6.7 and at pH 2 corrosion rate increased significantly, but still in the lightweight category (<20 mpy). Potentiodynamic curves showed that the passivation at pH 6.7 is very low while the passivation at pH 2 occurs within a relatively short range potential and followed events corroded. (author)

  5. Al-Qaeda-Syria (AQS): An Al-Qaeda Affiliate Case Study


    Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict CT Counterterrorism FF Foreign Fighter FSA Free Syrian Army GEC Global Engagement Center HTS Hay’at...war as an opportunity for the global jihadist movement, an opportunity that paralleled the one Iraq had offered a decade earlier.11 He was initially...Zawahiri’s vision of Al-Qaeda franchises oriented toward winning popular support. When al-Zawahiri published his “General Guidelines for Jihad” in

  6. Al Sahawa - The Awakening. Volume 4: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Topeka, Ramadi


    simultaneously and he had our message resonating out, including music , popular music , we had video of people dancing in the streets to the music ; it was...As Abd al-hakim Muhammad Rashid, the mayor of Had- ithah indicated, “there was no popular militia to fight the sahawa” in Hadithah as there was in the city from AQI led insurgent dominance, and 2) build Iraqi security forces, espe- cially police, along with a municipal structure and popular

  7. Chemical interaction of the In-Ga eutectic with Al and Al-base alloys

    Trenikhin, M.V.; Bubnov, A.V.; Duplyakin, V.K.; Nizovskij, A.I.


    The chemical interaction of the indium-gallium eutectic with Al and Al-base alloys is studied by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, and electron microscopy. Experimental data are presented that shed light on the reaction mechanism and the diffusion processes responsible for the subsequent disintegration of the material and its dissolution in water. Mechanical tests show that the activation of aluminum leads to a transition from plastic to brittle fracture [ru

  8. Al-Shebab: An Al-Qaeda Affiliate Case Study (2Rev)


    deputies responsible for finance , administration, and security. Coordination among regional groups is common.10 The deputy leader of al-Shebab, Mukhtar...Maaliya (Ministry of Finance ) controlled taxation. A complex court system also emerged. Multiple training camps were built that focused on hand-to-hand...Nathan Chandler, Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency in Somalia: Assessing the Campaign Against Al Shabaab, Rand Corporation , 2016, accessed 6/5

  9. Three-Dimensional FIB/EBSD Characterization of Irradiated HfAl3-Al Composite

    Hua, Zilong; Guillen, Donna Post; Harris, William; Ban, Heng


    A thermal neutron absorbing material, comprised of 28.4 vol% HfAl3 in an Al matrix, was developed to serve as a conductively cooled thermal neutron filter to enable fast flux materials and fuels testing in a pressurized water reactor. In order to observe the microstructural change of the HfAl3-Al composite due to neutron irradiation, an EBSD-FIB characterization approach is developed and presented in this paper. Using the focused ion beam (FIB), the sample was fabricated to 25µm × 25µm × 20 µm and mounted on the grid. A series of operations were carried out repetitively on the sample top surface to prepare it for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). First, a ~100-nm layer was removed by high voltage FIB milling. Then, several cleaning passes were performed on the newly exposed surface using low voltage FIB milling to improve the SEM image quality. Last, the surface was scanned by Electron Backscattering Diffraction (EBSD) to obtain the two-dimensional image. After 50 to 100 two-dimensional images were collected, the images were stacked to reconstruct a three-dimensional model using DREAM.3D software. Two such reconstructed three-dimensional models were obtained from samples of the original and post-irradiation HfAl3-Al composite respectively, from which the most significant microstructural change caused by neutron irradiation apparently is the size reduction of both HfAl3 and Al grains. The possible reason is the thermal expansion and related thermal strain from the thermal neutron absorption. This technique can be applied to three-dimensional microstructure characterization of irradiated materials.

  10. Mechanical properties of laminated composites of Al 1100/Al 2024 in three aging states

    Pessoa, C.S.


    Laminated composites consisting of alternating layers of Al 2024 were produced by hot rolling, with a volume fraction of 49% of Al 2024. These composites used in nuclear reactor tecnology, were given under-aging, aging and over-aging heat treatments at 448k for 1h, 4h and 96h, respectively. Tests of microhardness, tension and fatigue in the divider orientation were performed. (Author) [pt

  11. NQRS Data for AlDO2 [Al(OD)O] (Subst. No. 0032)

    Chihara, H.; Nakamura, N.

    This document is part of Subvolume A `Substances Containing Ag … C10H15' of Volume 48 `Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy Data' of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III `Condensed Matter'. It contains an extract of Section `3.2 Data tables' of the Chapter `3 Nuclear quadrupole resonance data' providing the NQRS data for AlDO2 [Al(OD)O] (Subst. No. 0032)

  12. Application of Al-2La-1B Grain Refiner to Al-10Si-0.3Mg Casting Alloy

    Jing, Lijun; Pan, Ye; Lu, Tao; Li, Chenlin; Pi, Jinhong; Sheng, Ningyue


    This paper reports the application and microstructure refining effect of an Al-2La-1B grain refiner in Al-10Si-0.3Mg casting alloy. Compared with the traditional Al-5Ti-1B refiner, Al-2La-1B refiner shows better performances on the grain refinement of Al-10Si-0.3Mg alloy. Transmission electron microscopy analysis suggests that the crystallite structure features of LaB6 are beneficial to the heterogeneous nucleation of α-Al grains. Regarding the mechanical performances, tensile properties of Al-10Si-0.3Mg casting alloy are prominently improved, due to the refined microstructures.

  13. Dielectronic Recombination of Al-Like Ions

    Abdel-Naby, Shahin; Nikolic, Dragan; Gorczyca, Thomas W.; Badnell, Nigel R.; Savin, Daniel W.


    Accurate dielectronic recombination (DR) data are important for cosmic and laboratory plasma modeling. Over the past few years, our group has computed reliable DR data for all isoelectronic sequences up through Mg-like ions. Recently, we have focused our work on the complex third-row M-shell isoelectronic sequences, especially Al-like. Previous calculations for the DR rate coefficient for S^3+ were performed only within a non-relativistic LS-coupling approximation. Fe^13+ DR calculations, including semi-relativistic effects, have been completed and tested against the Heidelberg heavy-ion Test Storage Ring facility measurements. Here we present semi-relativistic DR rate coefficient calculations for a wide range of Al-like ions using AUTOSTRUCTURE, a level-resolved distorted-wave program package. The important effect of fine structure splitting in the Al-like ground state will be discussed. Finally, our results are fitted into a simple formula for use by astrophysical plasma modelers.This work was funded in part by NASA (APRA), NASA (SHP) SR&T, and UK PPARC grants.

  14. De la vigilancia convencional al monitoreo participativo

    Jaime Breilh

    Full Text Available La necesidad de transformar el monitoreo de la salud de un instrumento funcional al sistema dominante de poder en una herramienta del poder colectivo, y de negociación del desarrollo de la salud laboral y el bienestar, implica la urgente transformación de la vieja vigilancia epidemiológica en un monitoreo participativo. Debe superarse el sistema convencional de información en salud, que observa fundamentalmente los "factores de enfermedad" y sus efectos mórbidos aislados, invisibilizando los procesos de determinación integrales. Este trabajo analiza el proceso de derrota de los derechos sociales y laborales, lo cual sitúa el desafío planteado en un escenario de profundo retroceso social y asalto a los derechos conquistados por los/as trabajadores/as en años de lucha. Con el propósito de esclarecer dicho argumento, al autor comienza contrastando los modelos de vigilancia clásicos, algunas propuestas transicionales, hasta arribar al monitoreo participativo. La aplicación de la categoría "perfil epidemiológico" permite sistematizar los dominios y dimensiones del monitoreo y establecer los sujetos sociales de esa mirada crítica e intercultural del pueblo sobre su salud, mediante la construcción de una matriz de procesos críticos.

  15. L'Hemisferic: Una ventana al mundo

    Calatrava Valls, Santiago


    Full Text Available The "Hemisféric-Planetario" building is located in the center line East-West of the "Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias" complex, flanked by two rectangular lakes, in the north and in the south, respectively. In the East side we can find a promenade between the Museum and its south lake. Nevertheless its West side is virtual. and located in the area of the "Hermanos Marista 's" viaducto The building is visited, daily, by about 3.000 people, distributed between its 8 duties. The showing room holds 321 seats, four of those for wheel-chairs. The building has a possible room of 999 people (at the same time.El edificio Hemisféric-Planetarío está situado sobre el eje Este-Oeste del complejo de la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias; está flanqueado por dos estanques rectangulares, al Norte y al Sur, respectivamente. Por el Este, un paseo limita la parcela con el Museo y su estanque Sur. El limite Oeste, sin embargo. es virtual y se encuentra en la proyección del viaducto de Hermanos Maristas. Este edificio es visitado diariamente por unos 3.000 personas, distribuyéndose en 8 funciones. La sala de proyección dispone de 321 butacas, con posibilidad de alojar 4 sillas de ruedas. La capacidad de acogida del edificio (al mismo tiempo es de 999 personas.

  16. Diet and dietetics in al-Andalus.

    Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Huetos-Solano, Maria D; García-Lorda, Pilar; Bulló, Mònica


    Al-Andalus society (711-1492) based its idea of health on the wisdom of Classical Greece, the Hippocratic-Galenic theories, as well as the Persian and Hindu cultures. The twelfth century in al-Andalus is considered to be the most prolific period for works of a scientific and technical nature. At the time, the main treatises on dietetics were written and this science reached its widest expression with such leading figures as Ibn Wāfīd, Avenzoar, Averroes and Maimonides, whose works revealed the first scientific knowledge on the nutritional processes of the human body. Diet was regarded as being essential for health and the prevention of disease. Dietary guidelines were written for different age groups, different body types and different seasons of the year. The amount of food to be ingested, the number of meals recommended and the order in which the food should be consumed were all issues that were discussed. A variety of foods were thought to have medicinal properties, some of which are known today. The diet in al-Andalus was varied and very probably made a substantial contribution to the origin of the present-day Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, wholemeal cereals, fruit and vegetables, fish, lamb, poultry, nuts and spices. We also find that many of the terms in current use in diet and agriculture are a living testimony to the Arabic influence, as are many of the dishes of our varied Mediterranean gastronomy.

  17. Studies on Al Kidirate and Kapoeta meteorites

    Gismelseed, A.M.; Khangi, F.; Ibrahim, A.; Yousif, A.A.; Worthing, M.A.; Rais, A.; Elzain, M.E.; Brooks, C.K.; Sutherland, H.H.


    Moessbauer spectroscopy (20-300 K), magnetic susceptibility measurements (77-350 K), scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction experiments have been performed on two meteorite samples: one from an old fall (Kapoeta) and another from a very recent fall (Al Kidirate). The two specimens differ in their mineralogy. Chondrules appear to be absent in Kapoeta and it is probably a pyroxene-plagioclase achondrite with ferrohypersthene as the most abundant mineral. On the other hand, the Al Kidirate meteorite is an ordinary chondrite and the specimen consists of olivine, orthopyroxene, troilite and kamacite. The Moessbauer measurements confirm the above characterization, showing a paramagnetic doublet for the Kapoeta sample and at least two paramagnetic doublets and magnetic sextets for the Al Kidirate specimens. The former were assigned to Fe in pyroxene sites, while the latter was assigned to Fe in pyroxene, olivine, Fe-S and Fe-Ni alloys. The difference in the mineralogy of the two meteorites has also been reflected in the temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility. The magnetization and the hyperfine interaction parameters will be discussed in relation to the mineralogy. (orig.)

  18. Keanekaragaman dalam al-Qur’an

    Muhammad Chirzin


    Full Text Available The diversity of race, language, class, and culture is a wealth; basically, it is a beautiful gift in this life. However, the reality is precesely the social conflict among the society. This article explores the issue of diversity contained in al Qur’an. Some of the key themes included: diversity as sunnatullah, diversity in unity, religious and ethnic diversity, and diversity of professions. Al Qur’an has mentioned several groups of religious believers and provided guidance association order among religious believers. Religious diversity certainly makes Muslim necessitates acknowledging and respecting other religion save Islam. Al Qur’an has mentioned also a variety of occupations based on interests, talents, expertise, and particular skills. The fragmentation and understanding diversity have caused by egoism and truth claiming of each group and individual, but no one has knowledge covering everything from different sides or corners. Above all knowledge is the Almighty owner off all knowledge. With feeling most true someone or group tends to feel the best and have the right to insult any others. That is the base of the dispute and spiritual decline. Mukmin has to preserve the noble character in association, and keep away from bad manner. Among mukmin must love each other and maintain good manners. Finally, this study is intended to promote the establishment of harmony, peace and happiness of living together.

  19. Devitrification of Al-Y-Ni Glasses

    Vasiliev, A. L.; Aindow, M.


    Crystallization of gas-atomized Al-4.3Y-3.8Ni alloy powder during consolidation has been studied ex-situ in a transmission electron microscope using high-resolution lattice imaging together with the image simulations, selected-area diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry experiments. The as-atomized powder is predominantly amorphous but some particles others show evidence of decomposition. On the application of heat and pressure two types of decomposition product are formed initially; equiaxed nanoscale α-Al grains embedded in an amorphous matrix, and dendritic aluminum grains containing complex ordered structures. The ordered structures in the α-Al were identified as Guinier-Preston like zones: thin sheets of solute rich material parallel to {100} and {110} aluminum planes with ordered cubic symmetry. Amorphous and micro-crystalline phases are in between the aluminum-rich regions. The second and third stages of crystallization involve the conversion of these ordered phases and embryonic precipitates to the better-known binary and ternary compounds

  20. Microplastic flow in SIC/AL composites

    Shi, N. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States); Arsenault, R.J. [Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States)


    Experimentally it has been determined that if a composite containing a reinforcement which has a different (in general lower) thermal coefficient of expansion as compared to the matrix, then upon cooling from the processing or annealing temperature, plastic relaxation of the misfit strain will occur. Also, experimentally it has been shown that as the size of the reinforcement is increased, i.e., from small spheres to large spheres, there is a decrease in the summation of the effective plastic strain in the matrix. In other words there is a decrease in the average dislocation density in the matrix. However, if the shape of the reinforcement is changed from spherical to short fiber to continuous filament, then the dislocation density increases. This experimental data is obtained at a constant volume fraction. A very simple model of plastic relaxation based on prismatic punching of dislocations from the interface can account for the decrease in the dislocation density with an increase reinforcement size, and the increase in dislocation density when changing the shape from a sphere to a continuous filament. A FEM analysis of the shape factor is also capable of predicting the correct trend. However, at present the continuum mechanics methods that have been investigated can not predict the size dependence. A simple model to explain the size effect in Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/NiAl composites based on the deformation characteristics of NiAl will be discussed.

  1. Resistencia al esfuerzo cortante en rellenos sanitarios

    Eimar Andrés Sandoval-Vallejo


    Full Text Available Los rellenos sanitarios son obras ingenieriles conformadas con un material específico, cuyas propiedades de resistencia al cor te pueden determinarse de manera similar a la de un material geotécnico. Este artículo presenta resultado s de un programa experimental r ealizado con el fin de obtener los paráme tros de resistencia al corte de l relleno sanitario Presidente en el Valle del Cauca (Colombia . El programa experimental involucró ensayos d e corte directo no consolidado no drenado (UU sobre muestras reconstituidas en laboratorio. L a variación del ángulo de fricción interna y de la cohesión, como una funci ón del peso específico, profundidad, y tiempo de descomposición del relleno fue evaluada. También se compararon los resu ltados con valores internacionales usados para diseñ o. Los resultados mostraron un a marcada influencia del tiempo de descom posición en la resistencia al co rte. También se encontró ciert a dependencia con la profundidad. Los parámetros de resistencia obtenidos se encuentran dentro de ran gos internacionales recomendados para diseño.

  2. Trastornos temporomandibulares en adictos al qat

    Orlando Guerra Cobián


    Full Text Available Introducción: los trastornos temporomandibulares se asocian frecuentemente al hábito de masticar qat, pero se carece de estudios que detallan sus particularidades, por lo que se realiza este trabajo, con los objetivos de determinar la prevalencia de trastornos temporomandibulares en pacientes adictos al qat, identificar los hallazgos clínicos- radiográficos asociados y clasificar los trastornos temporomandibulares presentes en la población estudiada. Métodos: se realizó un estudio prospectivo, descriptivo, de corte transversal, en una muestra de 352 pacientes, del total de pacientes adictos, atendidos en el Departamento de Cirugía, Colegio Dental. Ibb,Yemen en el periodo octubre 2010-abril 2011. Se determinaron los hallazgos clínicos y radiográficos presentes, y se diagnosticó el tipo de trastorno temporomandibular. Resultados: se evidenció que estaban afectados por trastornos temporomandibulares el 55,7 % de los pacientes. Se encontró dolor articular agudo en 14,1 % y aplanamiento condilar anterior en 35,6 %. Conclusiones: los trastornos temporomandibulares afectaron más de la mitad de la población estudiada, adicta al qat. Los desórdenes en la relación cóndilo-disco fueron los más encontrados (41 %. El aplanamiento condilar anterior dominó en el análisis radiográfico.

  3. Evaluation of aerial microbial pollutants in Al-Haram Al-Nabawi during pilgrimage of 2013

    Kholoud M. Alananbeh


    Full Text Available Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah is the second holiest site in Islam. The possibility of new emerging microbes is valid due to the increased number of pilgrims. The objectives of the current study were to estimate the numbers of fungi and bacteria inside and outside Al-Haram Al-Nabawi and to find whether new bacterial and fungal species have emerged compared to previous studies. Air samples were collected twice a day from 12 spots and four directions during the pilgrim year of 2013 for four consecutive weeks by using the sedimentation method. Thirty five genera and fifty eight species were identified. The most recovered bacterial genera were Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Bacillus, and Dermacoccus with 32.47%, 18.18%, 12.85%, and 11.23%, respectively. Fifty nine isolates of fungi were molecularly identified. Aspergillus species had the highest percentage (78%. The other fungal genera identified (Alternaria triticina, Emericella nidulans, Emericella striata, Mucor circinelloides, Penicillium chrysogenum, Penicillium minioluteum, Rhizopus arrhizus, Rhizopus oryzae, and Syncephalastrum racemosum had less than 5% frequency. In places such as Al-Haram Al-Nabawi, a large and crowded public (millions exist especially during pilgrimages and Ramadan, thus, exposure to microorganisms is high. On the other hand, microorganism infectivity depends on many factors including their virulence, landing site, and person’s immunity. For those reasons, many aspects should be considered to avoid aerosol contaminants.

  4. A comparative wear study on Al-Li and Al-Li/SiC composite

    Okumus, S. Cem, E-mail:; Karslioglu, Ramazan, E-mail:; Akbulut, Hatem, E-mail: [Sakarya University Engineering Faculty, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Esentepe Campus, 54187, Sakarya (Turkey)


    Aluminum-lithium based unreinforced (Al-8090) alloy and Al-8090/SiCp/17 vol.% metal matrix composite produced by extrusion after spray co-deposition. A dry ball-on disk wear test was carried out for both alloy and composite. The tests were performed against an Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} ball, 10 mm in diameter, at room temperature and in laboratory air conditions with a relative humidity of 40-60%. Sliding speed was chosen as 1.0 ms{sup −1} and normal loads of 1.0, 3.0 and 5.0 N were employed at a constant sliding distance of 1000 m. The wear damage on the specimens was evaluated via measurement of wear depth and diameter. Microstructural and wear characterization was carried out via scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed that wear loss of the Al-8090/SiC composite was less than that of the Al-8090 matrix alloy. Plastic deformation observed on the wear surface of the composite and the matrix alloy, and the higher the applied load the greater the plastic deformation. Scanning electron microscopy examinations of wear tracks also reveal that delamination fracture was the dominant wear mechanism during the wear progression. Friction coefficient was maximum at the low applied load in the case of the Al-8090/SiC composite while a gradual increase was observed with applied load for the matrix alloy.

  5. Nanoindentation studies of ex situ AlN/Al metal matrix nanocomposites

    Fale, Sandeep; Likhite, Ajay; Bhatt, Jatin


    Highlights: • Formation of in-situ phases nucleated on AlN particles strengthens the matrix. • Formation of in-situ phases increases with AlN content in nanocomposites. • Stronger in-situ phases results in increased hardness and modulus of elasticity. - Abstract: Nanocrystalline Aluminium nitride (AlN) powder is dispersed in different weight ratio in Aluminum matrix to fabricate metal matrix nanocomposite (MMNC) using ex situ melt metallurgy process. The synthesized Al–AlN nanocomposites are studied for phase analysis using high resolution scanning electron microscopy (FEG-SEM) and for hardness behavior using microindentation and nanoindentation tests. Quantitative analysis of the oxide phases is calculated from thermodynamic data and mass balance equation using elemental data obtained from energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) results. Role of oxide phases in association with AlN particles is investigated to understand the mechanical behavior of composites using nanoindentation tester. Load–displacement profile obtained from nanoindentation test reveals distribution of oxide phases along with AlN particle and their effect on indent penetration

  6. Precipitation and strengthening phenomena in Al-Si-Ge and Al-Cu-Si-Ge alloys

    Mitlin, D.; Morris, J.W.; Dahmen, U.; Radmilovic, V.


    The objective of this work was to determine whether Al rich Al-Si-Ge and 2000 type Al-Cu-Si-Ge alloys have sufficient hardness to be useful for structural applications. It is shown that in Al-Si-Ge it is not possible to achieve satisfactory hardness through a conventional heat treatment. This result is explained in terms of sluggish precipitation of the diamond-cubic Si-Ge phase coupled with particle coarsening. However, Al-Cu-Si-Ge displayed a uniquely fast aging response, a high peak hardness and a good stability during prolonged aging. The high hardness of the Cu containing alloy is due to the dense and uniform distribution of fine θ' precipitates (metastable Al 2 Cu) which are heterogeneously nucleated on the Si-Ge particles. High resolution TEM demonstrated that in both alloys all the Si-Ge precipitates start out, and remain multiply twinned throughout the aging treatment. Since the twinned section of the precipitate does not maintain a low index interface with the matrix, the Si-Ge precipitates are equiaxed in morphology. Copyright (2000) AD-TECH - International Foundation for the Advancement of Technology Ltd

  7. [Al3+ Absorption and Assimilation by Four Ectomycorrhizal Fungi].

    Wang, Ming-xia; Yuan, Ling; Huang, Jian-guo; Zhou, Zhi-feng


    The present experiment was carried out in order to know the resistance mechanism of the ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi under Al stress, to establish the theoretical foundation to alleviate the Al toxicity of trees, to guide the selection of Al-resisted ECM fungi and preserve forest health. The absorption and assimilation of Al3+ by four ECM fungi [Pisolithus tinctorius (Pt 715), Suillus luteus (Sl 08 and Sl 14), Gyroporus cyanescens (Gc 99)], which were isolated from different forest soils, were investigated in pure culture in liquid media. The growths of Pt 715 and Sl 08 were less affected by Al3+, but growths of S114 and Gc 99 were obviously inhibited by Al3+. With the increasing of Al3+ concentration in culture, the absorption and assimilation of Al3+ by four ECM fungi increased. It indicated that the concentration of Al3+ in environments might be the primary factor determining the Al3+ content in the cell of each tested fungi. Amounts of Al3+ absorbed (in total or calculated in unit hyphae) by the Al3+ tolerant strains (Pt 715 and Sl 08) were significantly lower than those by the Al3+ sensitive strains (S1 14 and Gc 99), which illustrated that reducing the absorption of Al3+ under Al3+ stress environment might be an effective approach to alleviate the Al3+ poison for these Al3+ tolerant strains. Furthermore, Al3+ stress could stimulate the ECM fungi to assimilate more N, P, and K, which might indicate that increasing requirement of the nutrients also could be helpful for ECM fungi to fight against the harmful effects caused by Al3+ stress.

  8. Aspectos biopsicosociales asociados al embarazo adolescente

    Regina Cogollo Jiménez


    Full Text Available Introducción: El embarazo en la adolescencia, es un evento inesperado, sorpresivo. Este artículo establece la importancia de identificar los aspectos biopsicosociales asociados al embarazo adolescente en las embarazadas asistentes al programa de Control Prenatal de una Empresa Social del Estado de nivel 1 en Montería en 2009, para comprender las actitudes y los comportamientos asociados a esta etapa tan temprana. Materiales y Métodos: Es un estudio descriptivo, cuantitativo, de corte transversal. Población y muestra: 30 adolescentes embarazadas asistentes al Programa, el muestreo por conveniencia. Se utilizó la encuesta y la observación directa, previa autorización del Director de la empresa. Resultados: Caracterización de la población: predominó la edad de 15 a 19 años (adolescencia tardía, uniones libres, baja escolaridad debido a la deserción escolar, ingreso económico menor al salario mínimo legal vigente. Aspectos Biológicos: la menarquía a temprana edad (9 a 14 años, y en ella la mitad de los embarazos. La mayoría de los segundos embarazos terminaron en parto, la minoría en cesárea y aborto. La captación para los controles prenatales fue tardía, algunas no cumplieron con las citas programadas. Aspectos Psicológicos: inestabilidad con la pareja al enterarse del embarazo, tuvieron soporte familiar moral y económico, abandonaron sus estudios y presentaron malestares como estrés, depresión y tristeza. Aspectos Sociales: predominó la convivencia con la familia extensa. Hubo aceptación en el colegio y en los amigos. Discusión y Conclusiones: Se plantean estrategias para disminuir estos aspectos: elaboración de una cartilla sobre “Cuidado de la adolescente embarazada”, creación de espacios de reflexión, jornadas lúdicas educativas, entre otros. (Rev Cuid 2012; 3(3:385-93.Palabras clave: Embarazo en Adolescencia, Bienestar Materno, Atención Prenatal. (Fuente: De

  9. Thermodynamic properties of Al-Mn, Al-Cu, and Al-Fe-Cu melts and their relations to liquid and quasicrystal structure

    Zaitsev, A I; Zaitseva, N E; Shimko, R Yu; Arutyunyan, N A; Dunaev, S F; Kraposhin, V S; Lam, Ha Thanh


    Thermodynamic properties of molten Al-Mn, Al-Cu and Al-Fe-Cu alloys in a wide temperature range of 1123-1878 K and the whole range of concentrations have been studied using the integral effusion method and Knudsen mass spectrometry. Thermodynamic functions of melts were described by the associated solution model. The possibility of icosahedral quasicrystal (i-QC) precipitation from liquid Al-Mn and Al-Cu-Fe alloys was found to be a consequence of the existence in liquid associates (clusters). A geometric model is suggested for the structure of associates in liquid

  10. Motivasi Berpikir Menurut al-Qur’an

    Dwi Andriyani


    Full Text Available Kitab Suci Al-Qur’an merupakan kitab Allah yang diturunkan kepada umat manusia sebagai petunjuk bagi kita semua, yang mana diturunkan kepada umat Nabi Muhammad Saw mulai dari berabad-abad yang lalu, hingga sampai sekarang ini. Al-Qur’an di dalamnya banyak sekali mengandung isyarat ilmiah yang berguna bagi umat manusia. Oleh karena itu, sebagai makhluk Allah yang dikarunia akal pikiran, sudah seharusnya menjadi tugas kita untuk mengungkap apa yang ada di dalam al-Qur’an yang menjadi isyarat ilmiah bagi kemajuan ilmu pengetahuan. Al-Qur’an banyak memberikan motivasi bagi umat manusia, terutama motivasi berpikir. Berpikir adalah olah kerja otak yang yang berfungsi mencari hakekat dari sesuatu. Namun, dalam al-Qur’an berpikir juga tidak semuanya dilakukan oleh akal pikiran, melainkan juga dapat dilakukan dengan hati. Ketika mengkaji lebih dalam mengenai berpikir, maka akan didapatkan beberapa lafadz yang mempunyai pengertian yang sama, yaitu berpikir. Seperti lafadz nazara, tadabbara atau tadabbur, tafakkara atau tafakkur, faqiha atau fiqh atau tafaqquh, tazakkara, dan faham. Semua yang disebutkan di atas adalah mempunyai pengertian yang hampir sama. Membangkitkan motivasi berpikir dalam mengkaji ayat-ayat al-Qur’an sangatlah bermanfaat dalam menambah wawasan, dan juga dapat menambah keimanan kita kepada Allah Swt. Beberapa penemuan yang ada pada saat sekarang ini merupakan bukti dari kebenaran al-Qur’an, isyarat ilmiahnya dapat dibuktikan dengan beberapa penemuan di bidang ilmu pengetahuan.   The Holy Qur'an is a book of God revealed to mankind as a guide for all of us, which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad's people from many centuries ago until now. The Qur'an contains a lot of useful scientific cue for mankind. Therefore, as a creature of Allah endowed with a mind, it should be our duty to reveal what is in the Qur’an becomes the scientific cue to the advancement of knowledge. The Holy Qur'an has provided motivation for

  11. Determination of Al concentration in Al doped ZnO using Auger spectra excited by Mo X-rays

    Toth, J.; Koever, L.; Cserny, I.; Varga, D.


    Complete text of publication follows. A good conductor with excellent transparency is of crucial importance for the window layer of CIGS solar cells. Al doped ZnO is a good candidate for this purpose, its conductivity depends on the concentration and chemical state of the Al dopant atoms. It was demonstrated that the non-conventional XPS using Mo X-rays for excitation is a very sensitive tool for the detection of Al, P, Si [1, 2, 3]. The present paper compares the experimental ratios for Zn/Al photoinduced peak intensity ratios obtained using both Al and Mo X-ray excitations. The Mo excited Zn/Al intensity ratios can be determined with higher selectivity and sensitivity than the Zn/Al intensity ratios excited by Al X-rays. The experiments were performed with a hemispherical deflector electron spectrometer [4]. The chemical state of the Al was identified to be close to that in Al 2 O 3 . The atomic concentrations were determined using a calibration curve based on ZnO/Al samples with known composition of Al. The energy dependent efficiency of the electron spectrometer was determined comparing REELS spectra of Cu specimen to standard spectra measured by K. Goto (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan). For evaluation of the Al atomic concentrations from the measured photoelectron intensities the photoionisation cross-sections of Band et al [5] and the IMFP data of S. Tanuma et al [6] and C.J. Powell and A. Jablonski [7] were used. (author)

  12. Elevated temperature wear of Al6061 and Al6061-20%Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}

    Singh, J.; Alpas, A.T. [Univ. of Windsor, Ontario (Canada)


    Both current and potential applications of particulate reinforced aluminum alloys involve components which are required to operate under sliding contact conditions at elevated temperatures. Examples include brake rotors, piston and cylinder liners in automotive engines where operating temperatures can reach 0.5--0.8 of the melting temperature of the matrix alloy. For this reason, study of the high temperature wear resistance of aluminum alloys reinforced by Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} or SiC particles is important. These studies are also of interest for the problem of die wear during hot extrusion of aluminum matrix composites and to rationalize the process of frictional welding involved in joining of the composites. Although the room temperature tribological and mechanical behaviors of aluminum matrix composites have received considerable attention, their high temperature properties have only recently started being considered. It has been shown that Al-Si-Mg (A356) alloys with or without SiC particles show a transition from mild to severe wear when a critical temperature (at about 0.4 T{sub m}, where T{sub m} is the melting temperature of aluminum) is reached as a result of frictional heating under dry sliding conditions. In this work, high temperature wear of A16061 and A16061-20%Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} was studied at temperatures between 25--500 C. The microstructural changes that occurred during wear have been delineated in order to understand the wear mechanisms that operate at high temperatures.

  13. Relationship between Al content and substitution mechanism of Al-bearing anhydrous bridgmanites

    Noda, M.; Inoue, T.; Kakizawa, S.


    It is considered that two substitution mechanisms, Tschermak substitution and oxygen vacancy substitution, exist in MgSiO3 bridgmanite for the incorporation of Al in anhydrous condition. Kubo and Akaogi (2000) has conducted the phase equilibrium experiment in the system MgSiO3-Al2O3, and established the phase diagram up to 28 GPa. However the careful observation in the bridgmanite shows that the chemical compositions are slightly deviated from Tschermak substitution join. The same tendency can be also observed in the run products by Irifune et al. (1996). This result indicates that pure Tschermak substitution bridgmanite cannot be stable even in the MgSiO3-Al2O3 join experiment. However, the previous studies used powder samples as the starting materials, so the absorbed water may affect the results. Therefore, we tried to conduct the experiment in the join MgSiO3-Al2O3 in extremely anhydrous condition to clarify whether the pure Tschermak substitution bridgmanite can be stable or not. In addition, we also examined the stability of oxygen vacancy bridgmanite in the extremely anhydrous condition for the comparison. The high pressure synthesis experiments were conducted at 28 GPa and 1600-1700° for 1hour using a Kawai-type multi-anvil apparatus. Four different Al content samples were prepared as the starting materials along the ideal substitution line of Tschermak (Al=0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15 mol) and oxygen-vacancy (Al=0.025, 0.05, 0.075, 0.1 mol) substitutions, respectively (when total cation of 2). The glass rods were used as the starting materials to eliminate the absorbed water on the sample surface. The chemical compositions of the synthesized bridgmanite could not be measured by EPMA because of small grain size less than submicron. Therefore the chemical compositions were estimated from the result of the XRD pattern by subtracting the amount of the other phases. The estimated chemical compositions of Tschermak substitution bridgmanites were consistent with the

  14. Study of the 26Al(n,p)26Mg and 26Al(n,α)23Na reactions using the 27Al(p,p')27Al inelastic scattering reaction

    Benamara, S; De Séréville, N; Hammache, F; Stefan, I; Roussel, P; Ancelin, S; Assié, M; Guillot, J; Le Crom, B; Lefebvre, L; Adsley, P; Laird, A M; Barton, C; Diget, C; Fox, S; Coc, A; Deloncle, I; Hamadache, C; Kiener, J; Lefebfre-Schuhl, A


    26 Al was the first cosmic radioactivity ever detected in the galaxy as well as one of the first extinct radioactivity observed in refractory phases of meteorites. Its nucleosynthesis in massive stars is still uncertain mainly due to the lack of nuclear information concerning the 26 Al(n,p) 26 Mg and 26 Al(n,α) 23 Na reactions. We report on a single and coincidence measurement of the 27 Al(p,p') 27 Al(p) 26 Mg and 27 Al(p,p') 27 Al(α) 23 Na reactions performed at the Orsay TANDEM facility aiming at the spectroscopy study of 27 Al above the neutron threshold. Fourteen states are observed for the first time within 350 keV above the 26 Al+n threshold. (paper)

  15. The Calculation of Fe-Al-O Interaction Coefficient

    Kuo, Chin-Guo


    Aluminum is a very common deoxidizer in steel-making processes. The solubility of oxygen in molten iron decreases with increasing aluminum content. For the deoxidation process, the solubility of oxygen in Fe-Al melts decreases with increasing aluminum content. When %Al is increased to 0.34 wt.%, %O decreases to 6.4 ppm, which is the lowest point of the FeAl 2 O 4 curve. Then the Al 2 O 3 curve appears and replaces the FeAl 2 O 4 curve, where the interconnection point of the two curves is the coexistence point of FeAl 2 O 4 and Al 2 O 3 phases. When %Al is increased to 0.4%, the %O decreases to 6.35 ppm, which is the lowest point of the Al 2 O 3 curve. The solubility of oxygen in Fe-Al alloys is about 6.35 ppm with 0.4 wt.% aluminum at 1873 K. Liquid FeO-Al 2 O 3 , hercynite (FeAl 2 O 4 ), and alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) are three possible products during the deoxidation process. Based on thermodynamic calculation, the value of the interaction coefficient of e o Al was determined as -0.75 at 1873 K. This value is in good agreement with experimental curves in the literature.

  16. AlGaN nanocolumns and AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN nanostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy

    Ristic, J.; Sanchez-Garcia, M.A.; Ulloa, J.M.; Calleja, E. [Departamento de Ingenieria Electronica, ETSI Telecomunicacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid (Spain); Sanchez-Paramo, J.; Calleja, J.M. [Departamento de Fisica de Materiales, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid (Spain); Jahn, U.; Trampert, A.; Ploog, K.H. [Paul-Drude-Institut fuer Festkoerperelektronik, Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, 10117 Berlin (Germany)


    This work reports on the characterization of hexagonal, single crystal AlGaN nanocolumns with diameters in the range of 30 to 100 nm grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(111) substrates. The change of the flux ratio between the Al and the total III-element controls the alloy composition. The Al composition trend versus the Al flux is consistent both with the E{sub 2} phonon energy values measured by inelastic light scattering and the luminescence emission peaks position. High quality low dimensional AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN heterostructures with five GaN quantum discs, 2 and 4 nm thick, embedded into the AlGaN columns, were designed in order to study the quantum confinement effects. (Abstract Copyright [2002], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  17. Structure and phase composition of Al-Ce-Cu system alloys in range of quasi-binary Al-Al8CeCu4 section

    Belov, N.A.; Khvan, A.V.


    The phase diagram of the Al-Cu-Ce system in the quasibinary section area of Al-Al 8 CeCu 4 has been investigated by metallographic, thermal, micro-X-ray spectral and X-ray structural analyses. The parameters of the eutectic reaction L→(Al)+CeCu 4 Al 8 : T=610 Deg C were found out; the composition was 14% Cu and 7% Ce. This eutectics is of a disperse structure and the ternary compound contained is capable of fragmentation and spheroidizing in the heating process (starting from 540 Deg C). It was demonstrated that the area of optimal (Al)+CeCu 4 Al 8 eutectics-based alloy compositions was within the narrow limits. That is related to the fact that at a comparatively little variation of the Cu:Ce=2 ratio solidus sharply decreases and, as a result, the crystallization interval considerably extends [ru

  18. Oxidation behavior of Al/Cr coating on Ti2AlNb alloy at 900 °C

    Yang, Zhengang; Liang, Wenping; Miao, Qiang; Chen, Bowen; Ding, Zheng; Roy, Nipon


    In this paper, the Al/Cr coating was fabricated on the surface of Ti2AlNb alloy via rf magnetron sputtering and double glow treatment to enhance oxidation resistance. The protective coating with an outer layer of Al and inner layer of Cr has great bonding strength due to the in-diffusion of Cr and the inter-diffusion between Al and Cr to form Al-Cr alloyed layer which has great hardness. Acoustic emission curve which was detected via WS-2005 scratch tester indicates the bonding strength between Al/Cr coating and substrate is great. Morphology of Ti2AlNb alloy with Al/Cr coating after scratch test shows that the scratch is smooth without disbanding, and the depth and breadth of scratch are changed uniformly. The mass change was reduced after oxidation test due to the Al/Cr protective coating. Isothermal oxidation test at 900 °C was researched. Results indicate that Al/Cr coating provided oxidation resistance of Ti2AlNb alloy with prolonged air exposure at 900 °C. Al2O3 was detected by XRD patterns and SEM images, and was formed on the surface of Ti2AlNb alloy to protect substrate during oxidation test. A certain content of Cr is beneficial for the formation of Al2O3. Besides, Cr2O3 was produced under Al2O3 by outward diffusion of Cr to protect substrate sequentially, no cracks were discovered on Al/Cr protective coating. The process of Ti outward diffusion into surface was suppressive due to integration of Cr-Ti and Al-Ti intermetallics. A steady, adherent and continuous coated layer of Al/Cr on Ti2AlNb alloy increases oxidation resistance.

  19. Effects of Al content on structure and mechanical properties of hot-rolled ZrTiAlV alloys

    Liang, S.X.; Yin, L.X.; Che, H.W.; Jing, R.; Zhou, Y.K.; Ma, M.Z.; Liu, R.P.


    Highlights: • Phase structure is greatly dependent on the Al content. • Intermetallic compound will precipitates while Al content is over 6.9 wt%. • Equiaxed α-phase grains present in the hot-rolled alloy with 6.9 wt% Al. • Alloys with Al content from 3.3 wt% to 5.6 wt% have good mechanical properties. - Abstract: Zirconium alloys show attractive properties for astronautic applications where the most important factors are anti-irradiation, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidant, very good strength-to-weight ratio. The effects of Al content (2.2–6.9 wt%) on structure and mechanical properties of the hot-rolled ZrTiAlV alloy samples were investigated in this study. Each sample of the hot-rolled ZrTiAlV alloys with Al contents from 2.2 wt% to 5.6 wt% is composed of the α phase and β phase, meanwhile, the relative content of the α phase increased with the Al content. However, the (ZrTi) 3 Al intermetallic compound was observed as the Al content increased to 6.9 wt%. Changes of phase compositions and structure with Al content distinctly affected mechanical properties of ZrTiAlV alloys. Yield strength of the alloy with 2.2 wt% Al is below 200 MPa. As Al content increased to 5.6 wt%, the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation of the examined alloy are 1088 MPa, 1256 MPa and 8%, respectively. As Al content further increased to 6.9 wt%, a rapid decrease in ductility was observed as soon as the (ZrTi) 3 Al intermetallic compound precipitated. Results show that the ZrTiAlV alloys with Al contents between 3.3 wt% and 5.6 wt% have excellent mechanical properties

  20. In situ synthesis of Ti{sub 2}AlC–Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/TiAl composite by vacuum sintering mechanically alloyed TiAl powder coated with CNTs

    Wang, Jian [Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Composite and Functional Materials, Tianjin 300072 (China); Zhao, Naiqin, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety, Tianjin (China); Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Composite and Functional Materials, Tianjin 300072 (China); Nash, Philip [Thermal Processing Technology Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, IL (United States); Liu, Enzuo; He, Chunnian; Shi, Chunsheng; Li, Jiajun [Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Composite and Functional Materials, Tianjin 300072 (China)


    Highlights: •Using zwitterionic surfactant to enhance the dispersion of the CNTs on the powder surface. •CNTs as carbon source decreased the formation temperature of Ti{sub 2}AlC. •Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} was generated in situ from the oxygen atoms introduced in the drying procedure. •Nanosized Ti{sub 3}Al was precipitated at 1250 °C and distribute in the TiAl matrix homogeneously. •Ti{sub 2}AlC–Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/TiAl composite was synthesized in situ by sintering pre-alloy Ti–Al coated with CNTs. -- Abstract: Bulk Ti{sub 2}AlC–Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/TiAl composites were in situ synthesized by vacuum sintering mechanically alloyed Ti–50 at.% Al powders coated with carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The pre-alloyed Ti–50 at.% Al powder was obtained by ball milling Ti and Al powders. The multi-walled carbon nanotubes as the carbon resource were covered on the surface of the pre-alloyed powders by immersing them into a water solution containing the CNTs. A zwitterionic surfactant was used to enhance the dispersion of the CNTs on the powder surface. The samples were cold pressed and sintered in vacuum at temperatures from 950 to 1250 °C, respectively. The results show that the reaction of forming Ti{sub 2}AlC can be achieved below 950 °C, which is 150 °C lower than in the Ti–Al–TiC system and 250 °C lower than for the Ti–Al–C system due to the addition of CNTs. Additionally, the reinforcement of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} particles was introduced in situ in Ti{sub 2}AlC/TiAl by the drying process and subsequent sintering of the composite powders. Dense Ti{sub 2}AlC–Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/TiAl composites were obtained by sintering at 1250 °C and exhibited a homogeneous distribution of Ti{sub 2}AlC, Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} and precipitated Ti{sub 3}Al particles and a resulting high hardness.

  1. Contacto piel a piel al nacimiento

    P.K. García May


    Full Text Available Resumen: Introducción: El contacto piel a piel (CPP es la colocación del recién nacido desnudo sobre el pecho materno, cubierto solamente con un gorro, sábana o campo. Objetivo: Conocer el efecto del CPP en la lactancia materna de los recién nacidos del Instituto Nacional de Perinatología. Material y métodos: Estudio prospectivo, descriptivo, observacional, transversal. Búsqueda de la información en la base de datos de la unidad de cuidados inmediatos al recién nacido del 01/agosto/2015 al 31/julio/2016. Se obtuvieron datos como: Edad gestacional, peso, Apgar, enfermedad materna, CPP, duración y alimentación. Resultados: Hubo 3175 nacimientos, 2228 RN a término, se realizó el CPP en 1486 RN (78.95%. Con un peso de 2,045 hasta 4,200 g. La mayoría de los pacientes que fueron alimentados al seno materno (78.7% habían tenido contacto piel con piel. Asimismo, se observó que el CPP favorecía significativamente la lactancia al seno materno (RR = 143.28; IC 95%: 75.5-271.7. Discusión: El CPP favorece la lactancia materna (99.2% logrando que su primer alimento sea leche materna, disminuyendo el uso de sucedáneo. Conclusiones: El CPP es la mejor oportunidad para el inicio de una lactancia materna. La separación de las madres con sus hijos al nacer se ha convertido en una práctica habitual en las salas de parto y quirófano por rutinas hospitalarias, colocando al RN en una cuna de calor radiante, iniciando la lactancia materna después de la hora de vida. Abstract: Introduction: Skin-to-skin contact (CPP is the placement of the naked newborn on the mother's breast, covered only with a cap, sheet or gown. Objective: To determine the effect of skin-to-skin contact in the breastfeeding of infants in the National Institute of Perinatology. Material and methods: Prospective, descriptive, observational, and cross-sectional study was performed, including a search for the information in

  2. Interdiffusion between U(Mo,Pt) or U(Mo,Zr) and Al or Al A356 alloy

    Komar Varela, C.; Mirandou, M.; Arico, S.; Balart, S.; Gribaudo, L.


    Solid state reactions in chemical diffusion couples U-7 wt.%Mo-0.9 wt.%Pt/Al at 580 deg. C and U-7 wt.%Mo-0.9 wt.%Pt/Al A356 alloy, U-7 wt.%Mo-1 wt.%Zr/Al and U-7 wt.%Mo-1 wt.%Zr/Al A356 alloy at 550 deg. C were characterized. Results were obtained from optical and scanning electron microscopy, electron probe microanalysis and X-ray diffraction. The UAl 3, UAl 4 and Al 20 Mo 2 U phases were identified in the interaction layers of γU(Mo,Pt)/Al and γU(Mo,Zr)/Al diffusion couples. Al 43 Mo 4 U 6 ternary compound was also identified in γU(Mo,Zr)/Al due to the decomposition of γU(Mo,Zr) phase. The U(Al,Si) 3 and U 3 Si 5 phases were identified in the interaction layers of γU(Mo,Pt)/Al A356 and γU(Mo,Zr)/Al A356 diffusion couples. These phases are formed due to the migration of Si to the interaction layer. In the diffusion couple U(Mo,Zr)/Al A356, Zr 5 Al 3 phase was also identified in the interaction layer. The use of synchrotron radiation at Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS, CNPq, Campinas, Brazil) was necessary to achieve a complete crystallographic characterization.

  3. Tolerancia al co en celdas de combustible



    Full Text Available El entendimiento completo del proceso de adsorción y posterior oxidación de moléculas de CO en platino es de fundamental importancia para el desarrollo de celdas de combustible poliméricas que operan a baja temperatura. En este trabajo se presenta una revisión de las cinco estrategias experimentales más importantes en la búsqueda de mejorar la tolerancia al CO: disminución del potencial de inicio de la reacción de oxidación, reducción de la cantidad de CO adsorbido, utilización de pequeñas cantidades de oxígeno en la corriente de alimentación al ánodo, aumento de la temperatura de operación y limpieza del CO a la entrada. Aunque se han desarrollado catalizadores bastante promisorios (PtMo y PdAu, todavía se sigue considerando a la mezcla Pt-Ru como el catalizador anódico más eficiente para combustibles que contienen 10 ppm de CO o más. La estrategia de inyectar oxígeno al ánodo parece promisoria pero requiere el desarrollo de nuevas membranas más resistentes y de la implementación de condiciones más seguras de operación de la celda. El diseño estructural de ánodos especiales con múltiples capas soportando catalizadores específicos para cada tipo de combustible puede ser una estrategia muy atractiva.

  4. Altern als Widerstand Aging as Resistance

    Roberta Maierhofer


    Full Text Available Gullettes kulturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung Aged by Culture ist wie bereits ihre zwei vorangehenden Werke, die sich mit Altern beschäftigen – Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 und Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997 –, von großem persönlichen Engagement und durch ein politisches Anliegen motiviert. Sowohl die Dringlichkeit als auch der Widerstand, den Gullette, die sich als „age critic“ definiert, als moralische und politische Notwendigkeit postuliert, werden in der Zweiteilung der Abhandlung angesprochen: „Cultural Urgencies“ und „Theorizing Age Resistantly“. Während Gullette den Begriff „aged by culture“ bereits in Declining to Decline einführt, stellt sie ihn nun in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Untersuchung. Das Buch ist einerseits einer gesellschaftspolitischen Analyse der USA gewidmet, andererseits wird eine Theorie des Widerstands gegenüber Altersdiskriminierung entwickelt.Gullette’s cultural studies based analysis Aged by Culture is marked by great personal engagement and motivated by political goals, as are her two previous texts that deal with aging: Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 and Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997. Both the urgency as well as the resistance that Gullette, who defines herself as an “age critic,” postulates as a moral and political necessity are addressed in the two parts of the text: “Cultural Urgencies” and “Theorizing Age Resistantly.” Whereas Gullette had already introduced the concept “aged by culture” in Declining to Decline, now she has placed it at the center of her examination. On the one hand, the book is devoted to a sociopolitical analysis of the USA; on the other hand, it develops a theory of resistance to age discrimination.

  5. Formation of Nb3Al in powder processed Nb-Al superconductors

    Johnson, P.E.


    In high magnetic fields, the critical current density is strongly dependent on the upper critical field, which is determined primarily by the stoichiometry of the Nb 3 Al. The critical temperature (T/sub c/), like the upper critical field, is considered to be a measure of the ''intrinsic'' quality of the superconductor, indicating the stoichiometry, order, and strain. If the A15 phase is stoichiometric and well ordered, a high T/sub c/ (and high H/sub C 2 /) is expected, regardless of the volume fraction of superconductor. On the other hand, if sigma phase is present with the A15, the resultant composition gradient across the sigma-A15 interface(s) requires that some of the A15 be off-stoichiometric, and therefore that the T/sub c/ (and H/sub C 2 /) be low. Thus the extent of the A15 (Nb 3 Al) reaction and the quality of the A15 formed are interdependent. This work focuses on the factors that control the extent of Nb 3 Al formation in Nb/Al powder wires. The morphology and content of the reacted and unreacted wires are studied in optical, SEM, and TEM micrographs. Critical current density data and its dependence on processing are explained in terms of the unreacted microstructure and its effect on the extent of Nb 3 Al formation. As a method of improving the critical current density, a new variation of the conventional powder process for wire manufacturing is developed and tested

  6. Magnetostrictive properties of FeAl/polyester and FeAl/silicone composites

    Riesgo, G. [Dpto. de Ciencias y Técnicas de la Navegación, Universidad de Oviedo, Campus universitario de Gijón, 33203 Gijón (Spain); Carrizo, J. [Dpto. de Física de la Universidad de Oviedo, c/ Calvo Sotelo s/n, 33007 Oviedo (Spain); Elbaile, L., E-mail: [Dpto. de Física de la Universidad de Oviedo, c/ Calvo Sotelo s/n, 33007 Oviedo (Spain); Crespo, R.D. [Dpto. de Física de la Universidad de Oviedo, c/ Calvo Sotelo s/n, 33007 Oviedo (Spain); Sepúlveda, R. [Dpto. de Ingeniería Mecánica y de los Materiales, Universidad de Sevilla, Isla Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla (Spain); García, J.A. [Dpto. de Física de la Universidad de Oviedo, c/ Calvo Sotelo s/n, 33007 Oviedo (Spain)


    Highlights: • Nanocrystalline powders of FeAl have been obtained from the Fe{sub 81}Al{sub 19} ribbon produced by melt spinning. • The method allows the obtainment of a FeAl solid solution from the starting process. • The microstructure and magnetic properties of the powders were investigated. • Composites with a magnetostriction of 45 ppm have been obtained. - Abstract: Ribbons of composition Fe{sub 81}Al{sub 19} obtained by the melt spinning method have been used to yield powder by mechanical milling. Using this method, a rapid nanocrystallization and a FeAl solid solution phase was obtained from the start of the process. The microstructural and magnetic properties as well as the XRD patterns of the powders were studied in function of the milling time. Grain refinement and an increase of the coercive field were the main transformations resulting from increasing the milling time. Two sets of magnetostrictive composites were produced from the 100 h-milled powder. In one of them polyester was used as matrix and in the other one silicone. In the case of the silicone composites cured in a magnetic field of 140 mT in the longitudinal direction a saturation magnetostriction as high as 45 ppm was obtained.

  7. Compactibility of Al/Al2O3 Isotropic Composite with Variation of Holding Time Sintering.

    Eddy S Siradj


    Full Text Available The requirement of component with structural ability, light weight and also strength is increasing base on Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs by aluminum as matrix (AMCs. A structural ability is connected to composites compactibility which is depend on quality of interfacial bounding. Powder metallurgy is one of method to produce composite with powder mixing, compacting and sintering. Volume fractions reinforced and sintering time can influence composites compactibility. Volume fractions reinforced variable can produce different reinforcement effect. Beside that, on sintering enables the formation of new phase during sintering time. In this research, Al/Al2O3 isotropic composites are made with aluminum as matrix and alumina (Al2O3 as reinforced. Volume fraction reinforced used 10%. 20%. 30% and 40%. Sintering temperature and compaction pressure are each 600oC and 15 kN. The tests that applied are compression and metallographic test. The result that obtained is optimum compactibility of Al/Al2O3 composite reached at holding time 2 hour. During sintering, new phase can occur that is aluminum oxides (alumina, with unstable properties. The best volume fraction reinforced and holding time sintering are 40% and 2 hours.

  8. Tribological Properties of Ti(Al,O)/Al2O3 Composite Coating by Thermal Spraying

    Salman, Asma; Gabbitas, Brian; Cao, Peng; Zhang, Deliang

    The use of thermal spray coatings provides protection to the surfaces operating in severe environments. The main goal of the current work is to investigate the possibility of using a high velocity air fuel (HVAF) thermally sprayed wear resistant Ti(Al,O)/Al2O3 coating on tool steel (H13) which is used for making dies for aluminium high pressure die casting and dummy blocks aluminium extrusion. A feedstock of Ti(Al,O)/Al2O3 composite powder was produced from a mixture of Al and TiO2 powders by high energy mechanical milling, followed by a thermal reaction process. The feedstock was then thermally sprayed using a high velocity air-fuel (HVAF) technique onto H13 steel substrates to produce a composite coating. The present study describes and compares the tribological properties such as friction and sliding wear rate of the coating both at room and high temperature (700°C). The wear resistance of the coating was investigated by a tribometer using a spherical ended alumina pin as a counter body under dry and lubricating conditions. The results showed that composite coating has lower wear rate at high temperature than at room temperature without using lubricant. The composite coating was characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical microscopy and X-ray diffractometry (XRD). This paper reports the experimental observations and discusses the wear resistance performance of the coatings at room and high temperatures.

  9. Machining of {gamma}-TiAl

    Aust, E.; Niemann, H.-R. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (Germany). Inst. fuer Werkstofforschung


    Knowledge of the machining parameters for titanium aluminides of the type {gamma}-TiAl is essential for the acceptance and application of this new heat-resistant light-weight material for high performance components in automobile and aircraft engines. This work evaluates drilling, turning, sawing, milling, electroerosion, grinding, and high-pressure water-jetting of primary castings. The results indicate that there is a potential for each machining process, but a high quality of surface finish can only be achieved by some of the processes. (orig.)

  10. First principles study of AlBi

    Amrani, B.; Achour, H.; Louhibi, S.; Tebboune, A.; Sekkal, N.


    Using the first principles method of the full potential linear augmented plane waves (FPLAPW), the structural and the electronic properties of AlBi are investigated. It is found that this compound has a small and direct semiconducting gap at Γ. Through the quasi-harmonic Debye model, in which the phononic effects are considered, the dependences of the volume, the bulk modulus, the variation of the thermal expansion α, as well as the Debye temperature θ D and the heat capacity C v are successfully obtained in the whole range from 0 to 30 GPa and temperature range from 0 to 1200 K. (author)

  11. Ekonomi Perspektif Imam al-Shatibi

    Zainil Ghulam


    Full Text Available Development of Islamic Economic Thought has begun since Muhammad SAW was appointed as Rasulullah (messanger of God. Muhammad SAW has issued a number of policies that concerning various matters was related with social matters, in addition is legal issues (fiqh, politics (siyasah, as well as commercial or economic matters (muamalah. The economic problems of the people are part of concerning of the Prophet SAW, because economic problems are the pillars of the faith which must be observed. Furthermore, the policies of the Prophet Muhammad SAW made the guidelines by the Caliphs as their successors in deciding economic issues. Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith used as the basis of economic theory by the caliphs are also used by his followers in organizing the economic life of the country. Islamic economic thinking is the response of Muslim thinkers to the economic challenges of their time. The Islamic economic thought is inspired and guided by the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah as well by their ijtihad (thought and empirical experience. Ijtihad is a process of humanity, but the teachings of the Qur'an and sunna are not human thoughts. The object of study in Islamic economic thought is not the Qur'anic and Sunnah teachings about economics but the Islamic scholars think about the economy in history or how they understand the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah about economics. The object of Islamic economic thought also includes how Islamic economic history takes place in historical practice. Discourse of economic history in Islam in now, was less respond because most of Muslim scholars have studied and conceptualize in such a way. They are the conceptors of Islamic economics actuallya, although the Islamic economic term in Indonesia has only grown rapidly in the last three decades. The study of Islamic economics gradually developed as an interdisciplinary field of science which is the subject of study of fuqaha, mufassir, philosopher, sociologist, and

  12. The Ag-Al-Cu system

    Witusiewicz, V.T. [ACCESS e. V., Intzestr. 5, D-52072 Aachen (Germany)]. E-mail:; Hecht, U. [ACCESS e. V., Intzestr. 5, D-52072 Aachen (Germany); Fries, S.G. [ACCESS e. V., Intzestr. 5, D-52072 Aachen (Germany); Rex, S. [ACCESS e. V., Intzestr. 5, D-52072 Aachen (Germany)


    The thermodynamic description of the Ag-Al-Cu system is obtained by modelling the Gibbs energy of all individual phases in the system using the CALPHAD approach. The model parameters have been evaluated, by means of a computer optimisation technique, based on the descriptions of the constituent binaries proposed in the first part of the work and relevant experimental information for ternary alloys both from literature and own experimental measurements. Several vertical and isothermal sections, the liquidus surface and some thermodynamic properties are calculated using the evaluated parameters. A good agreement between the calculations and the experimental data is achieved.

  13. Del mito creacionista al mito futurista

    Fernando Uhía


    Full Text Available La primera foto tomada a la Tierra desde el espacio, en 1946, es uno de los signos de la reprogramación mitológica que está afectando la percepción actual de las ciencias y las artes. Esta reprogramación opone a Dios como artífice y al artista como dios creador: un superhumano tecnólogo y un artista administrador de la Tierra. Se repasa en esta reprogramación el papel de las academias de arte, de las revoluciones científicas, del arte de vanguardia y del arte pop.

  14. Ibn al-Haytham and geometry

    Rashed, Roshdi


    Theory of Conics, Geometrical Constructions and Practical Geometry: A History of Arabic Sciences and Mathematics Volume 3, provides a unique primary source on the history and philosophy of mathematics and science from the mediaeval Arab world. The present text is complemented by two preceding volumes of A History of Arabic Sciences and Mathematics, which focused on founding figures and commentators in the ninth and tenth centuries, and the historical and epistemological development of 'infinitesimal mathematics' as it became clearly articulated in the oeuvre of Ibn al-Haytham.

  15. Operating experience with the ALS linac

    Selph, F.; Massoletti, D.


    The linac injector for the Advanced Light Source (ALS) at LBL was recently put into operation. Energy is 50 MeV, frequency 3 GHz. The electron gun delivers up to 6nC in a 3.0-ns bunch at 120 kV. A train of bunches is injected into a 1-Hz booster and accelerated to 1.5 GHz for storage ring injection. A magnetic analysis system is used for optimizing the linac. Measured beam properties from the gun and after acceleration in the linac are described. 9 refs., 3 figs

  16. ALS insertion device block measurement and inspection

    Marks, S.; Carrieri, J.; Cook, C.; Hassenzahl, W.V.; Hoyer, E.; Plate, D.


    The performance specifications for ALS insertion devices require detailed knowledge and strict control of the Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet blocks incorporated in these devices. This paper describes the measurement and inspection apparatus and the procedures designed to qualify and characterize these blocks. A detailed description of a new, automated Helmholtz coil facility for measurement of the three components of magnetic moment is included. Physical block inspection and magnetic moment measurement procedures are described. Together they provide a basis for qualifying blocks and for specifying placement of blocks within an insertion devices' magnetic structures. 1 ref., 4 figs

  17. First total synthesis of (-)-AL-2.

    Miyakoshi, Naoki; Mukai, Chisato


    Treatment of the 3,4-dioxygenated-9-hydroxy-1-nonyn-5-one derivative, derived from diethyl l-tartrate, with a palladium catalyst in methanol under a CO atmosphere effected an intramolecular acetalization and a stereoselective construction of the (E)-methoxycarbonylmethylidene functionality resulting in formation of the core framework of the diacetylenic spiroacetal enol ether natural products. Chemical transformations of the 1,6-dioxaspiro[4.5]decane derivative thus formed led to the first total synthesis of (-)-AL-2. [reaction: see text


    Siti Kusrini


    Full Text Available By studying the history of Prophet Muhammad SAW then it can be understood that he was a leading man in that time because it has implemented a moral revolution so as to lift the human level from the valley of moral damage to the highest level of morality. This historical approach can be gained by understanding that the Qur'an contains the most powerful force in helping human beings reach the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual heights that are central to the manifestation of the welfare of mankind and the whole of nature. To achieve the level of human morality in realizing the welfare of life is not enough just to read, interpret, and praise the Koran. More than that, the next important thing is we must observe, research, search, and explore the most powerful values in the Qur'an. The Qur'an as a source of knowledge about Islam, God, man, and nature, contains God's commands to humans in the form of the most holy values. These values become the foundation of life that requires application in the form of behavior, which its validity is not limited by time, place and certain atmosphere.   Dengan menelaah sejarah Nabi Muhammad SAW maka dapat dipahami bahwa beliau adalah orang terkemuka pada zaman itu karena telah melaksanakan revolusi moral sehingga mampu mengangkat derajat manusia dari lembah kerusakan moral ke tingkat akhlak yang paling tinggi. Pendekatan dari segi sejarah tersebut dapat diperoleh pemahaman bahwa al Quran mengandung kekuatan yang maha dahsyat dalam membantu manusia mencapai ketinggian spiritual, moral, sosial dan intelektual yang merupakan inti dalam perwujudan kesejahteraan umat manusia dan keseluruhan isi alam. Untuk mencapai tingkat akhlak manusia dalam mewujudkan kesejahteraan hidup itu tidak cukup hanya dengan membaca, menafsirkan, dan memuji al Quran. Lebih dari itu, hal penting berikutnya adalah kita wajib mengamati, meneliti, mencari, dan menggali nilai-nilai yang maha dahsyat dalam al Quran. Al Quran sebagai sumber

  19. Respuesta inmunológica al trauma

    José María Acosta-Madiedo V.


    Full Text Available Desde 1904 se documentaron los efectos del trauma sobre el sistema inmunológico. Es evidente que el sistema inmunológico se afecta profundamente después del trauma, sea éste quirúrgico accidental o quemaduras. Se ha demostrado también que el grado de afectación del sistema inmunológico se correlaciona directamente con la severidad del trauma. La afectación principal es a nivel de la inmunidad celular, pero al afectarse ésta susbsecuentemente se afectará la inmunidad humoral.

  20. Orbit stability of the ALS storage ring

    Keller, R.; Nishimura, H.; Biocca, A.


    The Advanced Light Source (ALS) storage ring, a synchrotron light source of the third generation, is specified to maintain its electron orbit stable within one tenth of the rms beam size. In the absence of a dedicated orbit feed-back system, several orbit-distorting effects were investigated, aided by a new interactive simulation tool, the code TRACY V. The effort has led to a better understanding of the behavior of a variety of accelerator subsystems and in consequence produced a substantial improvement in day-to-day orbit stability

  1. Fabrication and thermal characterization of amorphous and nanocrystalline Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti compound

    Tavoosi, Majid, E-mail:


    In this study, the fabrication and structural characterization of amorphous/nanocrystalline Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti phase has been performed. In this regards, milling and annealing processes were applied on Al{sub 80}Fe{sub 10}Ti{sub 5}Ni{sub 5} (at. %) powder mixture for different periods of time. The prepared samples were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and differential scanning calorimetery (DSC). According to the results, supersaturated solid solution, nanocrystalline Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti (with average crystallite size of about 7 nm) and amorphous phases indicated three different microstructures which can be formed in Al{sub 80}Fe{sub 10}Ti{sub 5}Ni{sub 5} system during milling process. The formed supersaturated solid solution and amorphous phases were unstable and transformed to Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti intermetallic compound during annealing process. It is shown that, Al{sub 9}FeNi phase in Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti intermetallic compound can decompose into Al{sub 3}Ni, Al{sub 13}Fe{sub 4} and liquid phases during a reversible peritectic reaction at 809 °C. - Highlights: • We study the effect of milling process on Al{sub 80}Fe{sub 10}Ti{sub 5}Ni{sub 5} alloy. • We study the effect of annealing on Al{sub 80}Fe{sub 10}Ti{sub 5}Ni{sub 5} supersaturated solid solution phase. • We study the effect of annealing on Al{sub 80}Fe{sub 10}Ti{sub 5}Ni{sub 5} amorphous phase. • We study the thermal behaviour of Al{sub 9}FeNi/Al{sub 3}Ti compound.

  2. Theory and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy for Aluminum Coordination Complexes – Al K-Edge Studies of Charge and Bonding in (BDI)Al, (BDI)AlR2, and (BDI)AlX2 Complexes.

    Altman, Alison B; Pemmaraju, C D; Camp, Clément; Arnold, John; Minasian, Stefan G; Prendergast, David; Shuh, David K; Tyliszczak, Tolek


    Polarized aluminum K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy and first-principles calculations were used to probe electronic structure in a series of (BDI)Al, (BDI)AlX2, and (BDI)AlR2 coordination compounds (X = F, Cl, I; R = H, Me; BDI = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl-β-diketiminate). Spectral interpretations were guided by examination of the calculated transition energies and polarization-dependent oscillator strengths, which agreed well with the XANES spectroscopy measurements. Pre-edge features were assigned to transitions associated with the Al 3p orbitals involved in metal-ligand bonding. Qualitative trends in Al 1s core energy and valence orbital occupation were established through a systematic comparison of excited states derived from Al 3p orbitals with similar symmetries in a molecular orbital framework. These trends suggested that the higher transition energies observed for (BDI)AlX2 systems with more electronegative X(1-) ligands could be ascribed to a decrease in electron density around the aluminum atom, which causes an increase in the attractive potential of the Al nucleus and concomitant increase in the binding energy of the Al 1s core orbitals. For (BDI)Al and (BDI)AlH2 the experimental Al K-edge XANES spectra and spectra calculated using the eXcited electron and Core-Hole (XCH) approach had nearly identical energies for transitions to final state orbitals of similar composition and symmetry. These results implied that the charge distributions about the aluminum atoms in (BDI)Al and (BDI)AlH2 are similar relative to the (BDI)AlX2 and (BDI)AlMe2 compounds, despite having different formal oxidation states of +1 and +3, respectively. However, (BDI)Al was unique in that it exhibited a low-energy feature that was attributed to transitions into a low-lying p-orbital of b1 symmetry that is localized on Al and orthogonal to the (BDI)Al plane. The presence of this low-energy unoccupied molecular orbital on electron-rich (BDI)Al distinguishes

  3. Effect of Al and AlP on the microstructure of Mn-30 wt.%Si alloy

    Wu Yuying [Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jing Shi Road 73, Jinan 250061 (China); Liu Xiangfa [Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jing Shi Road 73, Jinan 250061 (China)], E-mail:


    Effect of Al and AlP particles on the microstructure of near eutectic Mn-Si alloy (Mn-30 wt.%Si) was studied by Electron Probe Micro-analyzer (EPMA) and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). Crystal lattice correspondence analyses show that both Al and AlP have good lattice matching coherence relationships with MnSi phase, and the addition of Al and AlP particles results in an abnormal eutectic structure, i.e. the eutectic constitution MnSi and Mn{sub 5}Si{sub 3} precipitate separately: MnSi precipitates firstly, and then the Mn{sub 5}Si{sub 3} phase.

  4. Elastocaloric effect in CuAlZn and CuAlMn shape memory alloys under compression

    Qian, Suxin; Geng, Yunlong; Wang, Yi; Pillsbury, Thomas E.; Hada, Yoshiharu; Yamaguchi, Yuki; Fujimoto, Kenjiro; Hwang, Yunho; Radermacher, Reinhard; Cui, Jun; Yuki, Yoji; Toyotake, Koutaro; Takeuchi, Ichiro


    This paper reports the elastocaloric effect of two Cu-based shape memory alloys: Cu68Al16Zn16 (CuAlZn) and Cu73Al15Mn12 (CuAlMn), under compression at ambient temperature. The compression tests were conducted at two different rates to approach isothermal and adiabatic conditions. Upon unloading at a strain rate of 0.1 s−1 (adiabatic condition) from 4% strain, the highest adiabatic temperature changes (ΔTad) of 4.0 K for CuAlZn and 3.9 K for CuAlMn were obtained. The maximum stress and hystere...

  5. Luminescence dynamics in AlGaN with AlN content of 20%

    Soltani, Sonia; Bouzidi, Mouhamed; Touré , Alhousseynou; Gerhard, Marina; Halidou, Ibrahim; Chine, Zied; El Jani, Belgacem; Shakfa, Mohammad Khaled


    Optical properties and carrier dynamics of an AlGaN layer with an AlN content of 20% have been studied using time-resolved photoluminescence (TR-PL). Despite the high density of defects due to the relatively high AlN content, an intense PL emission from the sample has been detected. Low-temperature PL spectra exhibit several features, accompanied by a strong emission-wavelength dependence of the PL decay time. A significant red-shift of more than 200 meV from the band edge is recorded for the PL emission from localized states. Temperature-dependent PL spectra of the sample are dominated by the emission from localized states and, furthermore, show a relatively slight decrease by almost an order of magnitude with increasing temperature from 45 to 300 K. Our observations indicate strong, spatial localization effects of carriers, resulting in an increase in the radiative recombination rate.

  6. An independent assessment of Groeneveld et al.'s 1995 CHF look-up table

    Baek, W.-P.; Kim, H.-C.; Heung Chang, S.


    The prediction capability of the 1995 CHF look-up table (Groeneveld D.C., et al., Nucl. Eng. Des. 163 (1996) 1-23) is independently assessed based on the KAIST data base consisting of 10822 data for uniformly-heated, vertical, round tubes. This confirms the error statistics for the heat balance method reported by Groeneveld et al. and shows overall average and RMS errors of 4.2 and 36.7%, respectively, for the direct substitution method. The new 1995 table shows better prediction capability than the 1986 AECL-UO table (Groeneveld et al., 1986), especially for the low-pressure, low-flow region. The error analysis indicates the length effect even for significantly long tubes. (orig.)


    Taufik Luthfi


    Full Text Available The researcher attempts to identify the thoughts of Tamman Hassan concerning Tadhafur Al-Qarain and Amil theories in Arabic language grammar. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The data of this reseach based on Tamman Hassan’s legacy concerning the subject of tadhafur al-qarain. This study is based upon two main subjects, namely analysis of the content of the book and compares with the thoughts of other scholars. The study concluded that the new concept devised by Tammam Hassan called tadhafur al-qarain theory. This theory rejects the concept of ‘amil from classic grammar experts in grammatical analysis and understanding of Arabic texts. Tammam Hassan then replaces the concept of ‘amil, by analysis of the link between ma’na and mabna.DOI : 10.15408/a.v3i1.2911

  8. Luminescence dynamics in AlGaN with AlN content of 20%

    Soltani, Sonia


    Optical properties and carrier dynamics of an AlGaN layer with an AlN content of 20% have been studied using time-resolved photoluminescence (TR-PL). Despite the high density of defects due to the relatively high AlN content, an intense PL emission from the sample has been detected. Low-temperature PL spectra exhibit several features, accompanied by a strong emission-wavelength dependence of the PL decay time. A significant red-shift of more than 200 meV from the band edge is recorded for the PL emission from localized states. Temperature-dependent PL spectra of the sample are dominated by the emission from localized states and, furthermore, show a relatively slight decrease by almost an order of magnitude with increasing temperature from 45 to 300 K. Our observations indicate strong, spatial localization effects of carriers, resulting in an increase in the radiative recombination rate.

  9. Communication: The Al + CO2 → AlO + CO reaction: Experiment vs. theory

    Sun, Zhi; Moore, Kevin B.; Schaefer, Henry F.


    Based on their highly sophisticated crossed-beam experimental studies of the Al + CO2 → AlO + CO reaction, Honma and Hirata have directly challenged the results of earlier theoretical studies of this system. We report high level theoretical studies of this system. It is shown that, consistent with Honma-Hirata experimental conclusions, the previous theoretical prediction of a substantial barrier height for this reaction was incorrect. However, for the structures of the possible intermediates, in agreement with the 1992 theoretical study of Sakai, we find striking disagreement with the experimental conclusion that the O-C-O moiety is nearly linear. The energies of the three entrance channel intermediates lie 14.4, 15.2, and 16.4 kcal mol-1 below separated Al + CO2.

  10. The core structures of transformation dislocations at TiAl/Ti3Al interfaces

    Penisson, J.M.; Loubradou, M.; Derder, C.; Bonnet, R.


    A Ti-40%Al alloy is investigated using High Resolution Electron Microscopy. The alloy structure consists mainly of alternate lamellae of γ(TiAl, L1 0 structure) and α 2 (Ti 3 Al, DO 19 structure) phases. These lamellae are parallel to each other and the interfaces between them are flat and parallel to the densest planes of the crystals. It is found that, among the variety of interfacial dislocations relieving the misfit, some have cores involving four (111) planes in height. The elastic displacement fields around these interfacial ledges, compared with the experimental atomic positions determined from HREM images, are in agreement with Burgers vector contents 1/6 left angle 112 right angle . (orig.)

  11. Short-wavelength InAlGaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot superluminescent diodes

    Liang, De-Chun; An, Qi; Jin, Peng; Li, Xin-Kun; Wei, Heng; Wu, Ju; Wang, Zhan-Guo


    This paper reports the fabrication of J-shaped bent-waveguide superluminescent diodes utilizing an InAlGaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot active region. The emission spectrum of the device is centred at 884 nm with a full width at half maximum of 37 nm and an output power of 18 mW. By incorporating an Al composition into the quantum dot active region, short-wavelength superluminescent diode devices can be obtained. An intersection was found for the light power-injection current curves measured from the straight-waveguide facet and the bent-waveguide facet, respectively. The result is attributed to the conjunct effects of the gain and the additional loss of the bent waveguide. A numerical simulation is performed to verify the qualitative explanation. It is shown that bent waveguide loss is an important factor that affects the output power of J-shaped superluminescent diode devices.

  12. Microstructure and properties of Mg-Al binary alloys

    ZHENG Wei-chao


    Full Text Available The effects of different amounts of added Al, ranging from 1 % to 9 %, on the microstructure and properties of Mg-Al binary alloys were investigated. The results showed that when the amount of added Al is less than 5%, the grain size of the Mg-Al binary alloys decreases dramatically from 3 097 μm to 151 μm with increasing addition of Al. Further addition of Al up to 9% makes the grain size decrease slowly to 111 μm. The α-Mg dendrite arms are also refined. Increasing the amount of added Al decreases the hot cracking susceptibility of the Mg-Al binary alloys remarkably, and enhances the micro-hardness of the α-Mg matrix.

  13. Al-Jazeera... varsti BBC asemel / Merle Krigul

    Krigul, Merle


    Ülemaailmne televisiooni-impeerium, mille üks osa on ka uudistekanal Al-Jazeera, kavatseb laieneda. Tulemas on uus Al-Jazeera lastekanal ja spordikanal, rahvusvaheline inglisekeelse uudistekanal. Lisa: BBC püüab araabiakeelset turgu

  14. Atomic scale onset of Al adhesion on Mo2BC

    Bolvardi, Hamid; Music, Denis; Schneider, Jochen M.


    We have explored interfacial interactions between a Mo–C terminated Mo 2 BC(040) surface and an Al cluster using ab initio molecular dynamics. The Al cluster is disrupted and wets the Mo 2 BC(040) surface. This can be understood based on the electronic structure. Across the Al–MoC interface C s–Al s hybridized states are formed. These bonds are stronger than the Al–Al intra-cluster bonds. Hence, the onset of Al adhesion is caused by bond formation across the Al–MoC interface. - Highlights: • Interfacial interactions between Mo 2 BC and an Al cluster were explored. • Al forms bonds to C constituting the onset of Al adhesion on Mo 2 BC. • These data are relevant for other carbide coatings

  15. Heat Treatment of Al 7075 for Ejection Seat Shear Wire

    Wong, Catherine


    .... Current lots of Al 6061 could not duplicate the double shear breaking load values and so it was attempted to achieve the required double shear breaking load in the Al 7075 alloy with a stable microstructure...

  16. CarbAl Heat Transfer Material

    Fink, Richard


    The increasing use of power electronics, such as high-current semiconductor devices and modules, within space vehicles is driving the need to develop specialty thermal management materials in both the packaging of these discrete devices and the packaging of modules consisting of these device arrays. Developed by Applied Nanotech, Inc. (ANI), CarbAl heat transfer material is uniquely characterized by its low density, high thermal diffusivity, and high thermal conductivity. Its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is similar to most power electronic materials, making it an effective base plate substrate for state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) super junction transistors. The material currently is being used to optimize hybrid vehicle inverter packaging. Adapting CarbAl-based substrates to space applications was a major focus of the SBIR project work. In Phase I, ANI completed modeling and experimentation to validate its deployment in a space environment. Key parameters related to cryogenic temperature scaling of CTE, thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength. In Phase II, the company concentrated on improving heat sinks and thermally conductive circuit boards for power electronic applications.

  17. Mujeres musulmanas situadas en torno al poder

    Paulina López Pita


    Full Text Available Aunque sabemos que en el Islam la mujer, en términos generales, estaba excluida del poder, encontramos haciendo un breve repaso en el Islam medieval que muchas mujeres desempeñaron un papel político de cierta importancia, de manera especial, entre las dinastías nacidas en Asia Central. Asimismo, fueron también numerosas las mujeres que ejercieron una notable influencia en el gobierno tanto a través de sus maridos como actuando como regentes de sus hijos en al-Andalus y en el norte de África. Es por tanto a estas mujeres que ejercieron el poder entre los musulmanes a las que dedicamos estas líneas.Although it is known that in the Islamic worid, women in general, couldn't access to power, we find that looking back at the middie age period, women didn't only particípate in military campaigns, but as well they played their role of certain importance in politics, specially among dynasties coming from Central Asia. At the same time, there were a number of women who had influence in the political power, both acting through their husbands, and as regents of their children in Al - Andalus, and in North África. Therefore, we dedícate the following text to these women with political power among the Muslims.

  18. Antiferromagnetism and magnetoleasticity of UNiAl

    Sechovsky, V.; Honda, F.; Svoboda, P.; Prokes, K.; Chernyavsky, O.; Doerr, M.; Rotter, M.; Loewenhaupt, M.


    We report on a thermal-expansion (TE) and magnetostriction (MS) study of the antiferromagnet UNiAl at temperatures 2-90 K and in magnetic fields up to 16.5 T applied along the c-axis. The TE along the c-axis (in 0 T) exhibits a broad valley centered around 35 K. This anomaly is nearly removed in 16.5 T. For T≤7 K a sharp metamagnetic transition (MT) observed in UNiAl at 11.4 T and it is accompanied by abrupt MS effects of +1.3x10 -4 and -1.8x10 -4 along the a- and c-axis, respectively. In fields above the MT a negligible additional negative MS is induced along c-axis whereas the a-axis and consequently the volume expand considerably, which indicates a field-induced enhancement of the U magnetic moment. T>7 K, the MT becomes gradually smeared out but a non-negligible MS is observed even for T>T N . In the light of these results the TE anomaly measured in zero field may be attributed to AF that survives at temperatures far above T N

  19. Del marketing transaccional al marketing relacional

    José Fernando Córdoba López


    Full Text Available En las últimas décadas hemos presenciado un cambio dinámico en la naturaleza de las relaciones. El marketing transaccional, donde los intereses individuales de las partes priman sobre los beneficios conjuntos, ha dado paso al marketing de relaciones, cuyo objetivo consiste en maximizar el valor que ambas partes obtienen de la relación en la que están inmersas. El establecimiento, desarrollo y mantenimiento de relaciones orientadas al largo plazo representa un paso decisivo para alcanzar una ventaja competitiva. Los clientes leales constituyen una de las principales fuentes de rentabilidad de las empresas y se convierten en su activo más valioso. La evolución de los escenarios competitivos justifica que la naturaleza de las relaciones entre los miembros del canal de distribución se encuentre sometida a un continuo proceso de cambio. El incremento en la competencia y los cambios en los comportamientos de los consumidores finales son factores que están modificando la situación tradicional de los canales de distribución.

  20. Berkeley Lab's ALS generates femtosecond synchrotron radiation

    Robinson, A L


    A team at Berkeley's Advanced Light Source has shown how a laser time-slicing technique provides a path to experiments with ultrafast time resolution. A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory team has succeeded in generating 300 fs pulses of synchrotron radiation at the ALS synchrotron radiation machine. The team's members come from the Materials Sciences Division (MSD), the Center for Beam Physics in the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division and the Advanced Light Source (ALS). Although this proof-of principle experiment made use of visible light on a borrowed beamline, the laser "time-slicing" technique at the heart of the demonstration will soon be applied in a new bend magnet beamline that was designed specially for the production of femtosecond pulses of X-rays to study long-range and local order in condensed matter with ultrafast time resolution. An undulator beamline based on the same technique has been proposed that will dramatically increase the flux and brightness. The use of X-rays to study the c...

  1. Precipitation of Kr after implantation into Al

    Birtcher, R.C.; Jaeger, W.


    Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to perform a systematic study of the microstructural evolution in Al as a function of the fluence received during 65 keV Kr + ion implantation at room temperature. At the lower fluences (2 x 10 16 to 2 x 10 19 Kr + m -2 ), isolated dislocation loops and the evolution of a dislocation network was observed by TEM. Above fluences of 10 19 Kr + m -2 , the microstructure is dominated by a high density of Kr bubbles whose average size increases with dose. The appearance of additional electron diffraction reflections indicates that the majority of the bubbles contain solid fcc Kr that is epitaxially aligned with the fcc Al matrix. Above fluences of 2 x 10 20 Kr + m -2 an increasing fraction of the Kr is in a liquid or gas-like phase. The thermal stability of the microstructure, characteristic of the different fluence regimes, was investigated up to 640 0 C by in situ TEM annealing experiments


    Rusmala Dewi


    Full Text Available Abstract: Hasan al Banna, one of Islamic prominent figures,was born at the end of 20 tahun century. His ideas andmovement together with ikhwanul Muslimin had arousedfighting spirit of Islamic society in order not be left behind.Returning to the life inspired by al-quran and as sunnah is themission of the movement led by Hasan al Banna. Although thisIslamic renewal figure had passed away, his thoughts still existin Islamic society’s life. Therefore, Hasan al-Banna’s thoughtswill be discussed in this article especially his political ideas .ملخص: ولد حسن البنا، واحدة من الشخصیات البارزة الإسلامیة ، في نھایة القرن20 . قد أفكاره و الحركة جنبا إلى جنب مع" الإخوان والمسلمین" أثار الروح القتالیةللمجتمع الإسلامي لكي لا أن تترك وراءھا. وبالعودة إلى الحیاة مستوحاة من آل القرآنو السنة كما ھي مھمة الحركة التي یقودھا حسن البنا. على الرغم من أن ھذا الرقمالتجدید الإسلامي قد وافتھ المنیة، أفكاره لا تزال موجودة في الحیاة المجتمع الإسلامي.لذلك، سیتم مناقشة الأفكار حسن البنا في ھذه المقالة خاصة أفكاره السیاسیةKata Kunci: Hasan al-Banna, Islam dan Politik.

  3. Directional solidification and characterization of the Al Nb2 - Al3 Nb eutectic system

    Trevisan, Eduardo A.O.; Andreotti, Fabio; Caram, Rubens


    The manufacturing of components to operate at high temperatures requires the use of metallic materials which can keep satisfactory mechanical and chemical properties, even at temperatures beyond 1000 deg C. An interesting alternative is the use of directionally solidified eutectic alloys. The eutectic alloy solidification makes possible the production of 'in situ' composite. A potentially useful system for manufacturing structural materials is the Al-Nb eutectic system. The aim of this work is to present the directional solidification of the Al-Nb eutectic alloy. (author)

  4. Fenomena Pragmatis Dalam Al-qur’an (Kajian Atas Bentuk Imperatif pada Surah Al-Nur

    Moh Mukhlas


    Full Text Available Meskipun secara bentuk ungkapan sudah dianggap selesai, Al-Qur’an masih bersifat terbuka terhadap interpretasi beragam yang sesuai dengan konteksnya, salah satunya adalah dengan mengkaji secara pragmatis. Pragmatik merupakan salah satu disiplin ilmu bahasa yang memfokuskan kajiannya pada makna yang tidak terlepas dari konteks. Pragmatik juga merupakan kajian dari hubungan antara bahasa dan konteks yang mendasari penjelasan pengertian. Mengingat setiap huruf, kata, bahkan alenia yang ada dalam Al-Qur’an sarat dengan makna, maka kajian fenomena pragmatis di dalam Al-Qur’an perlu dilakukan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan dan menjelaskan fenomena pragmatis dalam Al-Qur’an yang difokuskan pada kajian imperatif pada surah al-Nur. Secara khusus, penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan dan menjelaskan (1 struktur imperatif, (2 makna bentuk imperatif, dan (3 faktor yang melatarbelakangi bentuk imperatif dalam surah al-Nur. Untuk menjawab permasalahan di atas, penelitian ini menggunakan jenis penelitian kualitatif. Datanya berupa paparan teks yang diambil dari surah al-Nur. Data dikumpulkan dengan teknik dokumentasi dengan berpedoman pada keabsahan dokumentasi yang berfungsi sebagai instrumen penelitian. Sedangkan analisis data yang digunakan adalah analisis data model alir yang diadopsi dari Milles dan Huberman yang memiliki beberapa langkah kegiatan yang terjadi secara bersamaan, yakni (a pengumpulan data, (b reduksi data, (c penyajian data, dan (d penyimpulan/verifikasi. Dari analisis data ditemukan bahwa: (1 bentuk imperatif tidak selalu menggunakan struktur imperative verb (fi’il amar, tetapi juga menggunakan struktur fi’il mudhari’ yang dijazamkan dengan lam amar, struktur kalimat deklaratif, dan struktur fi’il nahyi (negative imperative; (2 bentuk imperatif yang menggunakan struktur fi’il amar dan fi’il nahyi memiliki makna lokusi yang menyatakan suatu keharusan, baik keharusan melaksanakan atau

  5. Preparation and characterization of carbonate terminated polycrystalline Al2O3/Al films

    Tornow, C.; Noeske, P.-L.M.; Dieckhoff, S.; Wilken, R.; Gaertner, K.


    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was applied to investigate the surface reactivity of polycrystalline Al films in contact with a gas mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen at room temperature. Based on the characterization of interactions between these substrates and the individual gases at selected exposures, various surface functionalities were identified. Simultaneously dosing both carbon dioxide and oxygen is shown to create surface-terminating carbonate species, which contribute to inhibiting the formation of an Al 2 O 3 layer. Finally, a reaction scheme is suggested to account for the observed dependence of surface group formation on the dosing conditions

  6. MUDHARABAH PERSPEKTIF AVERROES (Studi Analisis Kitab Bidayat al-Mujtahid Wa Nihayat al-Muqtashid

    Abdul Mukti Thabrani


    Full Text Available Tulisan ini akan menganalisa pemikiran Ibn Rusyd (Averroes, seorang pemikir, filosof, dan ulama besar asal Spanyol yang hidup pada 1126 – 1198 M, tentang konsep mudharabah dalam bidang fikih muamalah yang tertuang dalam karya monumentalnya yang terkenal sampai sekarang, Bidayat al-Mujtahid wa Nihayat al-Muqtashid. Pemikiran beliau dalam bidang ini ternyata masih sangat relevan dengan konteks kekinian, utamanya dalam bidang keuangan dan perbankan Islam secara umum yang diadaptasi oleh negara-negara “Islam” seperti Malaysia, Pakistan, dan Indonesia.


    Noorazmah Hidayati


    Full Text Available Today, concept of jihad disposed wrong to be understood. Jihad mean as a war, even must destroyed some people and creatures with in the name of Islam. As a consequence Islam refer to a terorist religion. This opinion must be corrected, because Islam is “rahmatan lil ‘alamiin”. In fact, in independent time jihad should be manifested to protect equitable and moral of humanbeing. This article describes some essences of education of jihad in surah al Anfâl and al Taubah with the result that every action will valued as jihad and humanbeing values will protected.

  8. The oxidation behaviour of sprayed MCrAlY coatings

    Brandl, W.; Toma, D.; Krueger, J.


    Turbine blades are protected against high temperature oxidation by thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems, which consist of a ceramic top coating (ZrO 2 /Y 2 O 3 ) and a metal bond coating (MCrAlY, M = Ni, Co). At high temperatures and under oxidative conditions, between the MCrAlY and the ceramic top coating an oxide scale is formed, which protects the metal against further oxidation. The oxidation behaviour of the thermally sprayed MCrAlY is influenced by the coating process and the composition of the metal alloys. This work is concerned with the isothermal oxidation behaviour of vacuum plasma sprayed (VPS) MCrAlY coatings. The MCrAlY powders used have different aluminium contents: 8 and 12 wt.%. The MCrAlY specimens are oxidized at 1050 C in air as well as in helium with 1% O 2 and the oxidation kinetics are determined thermogravimetrically. The microstructure, morphology and thickness of the oxide scales formed are characterized by metallography, SEM, TEM and XRD. After short time oxidation (6 h) θ-Al 2 O 3 is the main constituent of the oxide scale. Exposure times of 500 h and more lead to oxide scales consisting of α-Al 2 O 3 . Moreover, after a long time oxidation, Cr 2 O 3 and CoO (CoO on the coatings with 8 wt.% Al) are formed. The oxidation rates of both MCrAlY coatings are the same. Beneath the oxide scale an Al-depleted zone is formed and this zone is considerably thicker within the coating with 8 wt.% Al, because the amount of β-NiAl phase in this coating is lower than that in the coating with 12 wt.% Al. The oxide scale formed in He-1% O 2 consists of α-Al 2 O 3 and Cr 2 O 3 on both MCrAlY coatings. (orig.)

  9. Comparison on the interaction of Al3+/nano-Al13 with calf thymus DNA /salmon sperm DNA

    Ma, Fei; Ma, Yue; Du, Changwen; Yang, Xiaodi; Shen, Renfang


    The conformation change, binding mode and binding site between Al3+/nano-Al13 and calf thymus DNA/salmon sperm DNA were investigated by UV-vis absorption, FTIR spectra, Raman spectroscopy and CD spectra, as well as melting curves measurement. The UV-vis spectra and circular dichroism spectra results suggested that the phosphate group structure was changed when Al3+ interacted with DNA, while the double-helix was distorted when nano-Al13 interacted with DNA. The FTIR and Raman spectroscopy revealed that the binding sites were Al3+ … PO2, Al3+ … N7/guanine PO2 … Al13 … N7-C8/guanine with calf thymus DNA, and Al3+ … N3-O2/cytosine, Al3+ … N7-C8/guanine, PO2 … Al13 … N7-C8/guanine, PO2 … Al13 … N1/adenine with salmon sperm DNA, respectively. The electrostatic binding was existed between Al3+ and DNA, and the electrostatic binding and complexing were found between nano-Al13 and DNA.

  10. Advanced life support (ALS) instructors experience of ALS education in Western Australia: a qualitative exploratory research study.

    Taplin, John; McConigley, Ruth


    When cardiac arrest occurs, timely competent advanced life support (ALS) interventions by nursing staff can influence patient outcomes. Ongoing ALS education influences maintenance of competency and avoids skill decay. To explore the methods of ALS education delivery for nurses in the workplace; describe the issues relating to maintaining ALS competency; explore ALS competency decay for nurses and develop recommendations for the provision of continuing ALS education. A qualitative exploratory design was used to study ALS education provision in the workplace. Data were collected from ALS nurse experts in Western Australia by face-to-face and phone interviews. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and organised around a set of predetermined questions. Two major themes were identified; the first theme Demand and Supply describes the increasing demand for ALS education for nurses and the challenges with providing timely cost effective traditional face-to-face ALS education. The second theme, Choosing The Best Education Options describes new ways to provide ALS education using emerging technologies. The study suggested that using e-learning methods would assist with educating the maximum amount of nurses in a timely manner and e-learning and teleconferencing offer opportunities to reach nurses in distant locations. Delivering ALS education more frequently than annually would increase skills maintenance and lessen skill decay. Further research is required to explore which blended e-learning model is best suited to ALS education. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Methodology and Characteristics of Zad al-masir fi ‘ilm al-tafsirby AllamaIbn al-Jawzī (Urdu

    Dr. Muhammad Riaz al Azhari


    Full Text Available This article describes the methodology and characteristics of Zad al-masir fi ‘ilm al-tafsir. This is one the finest work of AllamaIbn al-Jawzī, a 6th century prominent Interpreter. Several editions of this Tafsir have been published. However, the edition of dar al-kitab al-‘arbi, Beirut published in four volumes is selected for this study. This exegesis is based on conventional narrations, authentic quotations from the Islamic Scholars and lingual & grammatical discussions. As a witness, causes of verses (asbabal-Nuz┴l,Makki and MadaniSurah’s (chapters, the abrogating and abrogated verses (al-nasikhwal-mans┴kh and Islamic jurisprudence have been discussed in it where needed. The quality of this translation which is admirable is that mostly authentic Ahadith from original sources, and references to well known basic books in relevant discussions have been described. `

  12. ATXN2 trinucleotide repeat length correlates with risk of ALS

    Sproviero, William; Shatunov, Aleksey; Stahl, Daniel; Shoai, Maryam; van Rheenen, Wouter; Jones, Ashley R; Al-Sarraj, Safa; Andersen, Peter M.; Bonini, Nancy M; Conforti, Francesca L; Van Damme, Philip; Daoud, Hussein; Del Mar Amador, Maria; Fogh, Isabella; Forzan, Monica; Gaastra, Ben; Gellera, Cinzia; Gitler, Aaron D; Hardy, John; Fratta, Pietro; La Bella, Vincenzo; Le Ber, Isabelle; Van Langenhove, Tim; Lattante, Serena; Lee, Yi-Chung; Malaspina, Andrea; Meininger, Vincent; Millecamps, Stéphanie; Orrell, Richard W; Rademakers, Rosa; Robberecht, Wim; Rouleau, Guy A.; Ross, Owen A; Salachas, Francois; Sidle, Katie; Smith, Bradley N; Soong, Bing-Wen; Sorarù, Gianni; Stevanin, Giovanni; Kabashi, Edor; Troakes, Claire; van Broeckhoven, Christine; Veldink, Jan H.; van den Berg, Leonard H.; Shaw, Christopher E; Powell, John F.; Al-Chalabi, Ammar


    We investigated a CAG trinucleotide repeat expansion in the ATXN2 gene in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Two new case-control studies, a British dataset of 1474 ALS cases and 567 controls, and a Dutch dataset of 1328 ALS cases and 691 controls were analyzed. In addition, to increase power, we

  13. Damping behavior of Mg–Zn–Al casting alloys

    Jun, Joong-Hwan


    Damping capacities exhibited a decreasing tendency in the order of Mg–8%Zn–2%Al, Mg–6%Zn–4%Al and Mg–9%Al–1%Zn alloys both in the strain-amplitude independent and dependent regions. This is ascribed to the increased values of (Zn+Al) atomic concentration in α-(Mg) matrix and the amount of precipitates, respectively.

  14. Catalytic Methane Decomposition over Fe-Al2O3

    Zhou, Lu; Enakonda, Linga Reddy; Saih, Youssef; Loptain, Sergei; Gary, Daniel; Del-Gallo, Pascal; Basset, Jean-Marie


    The presence of a Fe-FeAl2O4 structure over an Fe-Al2O3 catalysts is demonstrated to be vital for the catalytic methane decomposition (CMD) activity. After H2 reduction at 750°C, Fe-Al2O3 prepared by means of a fusion method, containing 86.5wt% Fe

  15. Microstructure and wear behaviour of FeAl-based composites ...

    FeAl-based composites; precipitation; mechanical properties; wear. 1. Introduction. Fe–Al alloys ... ground to 1500 grit and polished with alumina powder. (0.5 μm). ... Alloy-2 (figure 2) consists of cuboid-shaped ZrC (region C), an FeAl matrix ...

  16. Deuterium absorption property of Al/Zr-V/Mo multifilms

    Wang Haifeng; Peng Shuming; Zhang Xiaohong; Long Xinggui; Yang Benfu


    Deuterium absorption property of Al/Zr-V/Mo multifilms was studied experimentally to explore the effect of Al film. There is only one desorption peak at 320 degree C for Al film, two desorption peaks at 220 degree C and 350 degree C for Zr-V film. When the average thickness of Al film is less than 0.6 μm, the desorption property of Al/Zr-V multifilms is just as Zr-V film, when it is more than 0.6 μm, just as Al film. Deuterium absorption by Al/Zr-V multifilms decreases as the thickness of Al film increases until 0.7 μm, then the deuterium absorption no longer changes significantly. The Al film of multifilms cracks on desorbing, so the absorption rate varies as Zr-V film when the thickness of Al film is less than 0.6 μ. When the thickness of Al film is more than 0.6 μm, the deuterium absorption rate of multifilm does not change with the thickness of Al film. (author)

  17. Dynamics of H2 on Ti/Al(100) surfaces

    Chen, Jian-Cheng


    What is the catalytic role played by titanium in the hydrogen storage material NaAlH4? This thesis aims at unraveling the dynamics of an elementary reaction: H2 dissociation on Ti/Al(100) surfaces. Although this reaction is not the rate limiting step in the hydrogen storage of NaAlH4, it is an

  18. Teeltomstandigheden en Fusarium als oorzaak van uitval bij komkommer

    Paternotte, Pim; Janse, Jan


    Fusarium in komkommer is al vele jaren een probleem in de glastuinbouw. In 2006 was de aantasting op sommige bedrijven binnen een aantal maanden na het planten al zeer ernstig. Het leek er op dat de belangrijkste oorzaak gezocht moest worden in een mindere plantconditie als gevolg van minder

  19. Al-Zarqawi - terrorist või kangelane? / Kalev Kask

    Kask, Kalev


    Ilmunud ka: Meie Maa 29. juuni lk. 5. Jordaanias sündinud palestiinlane Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, õige nimega Ahmed Fadel al-Khalaylah, on rühmituse Jama'at al-Tawhid wal Jihad juht ja hetkel kuulsaim sõjapealik Iraagis, kes on pühendanud oma elu võitlusele USA vastu

  20. Synthesis and characterization of pillared bentonite with Al, AL/Fe and impregnated with Pd; Sintese e caracterizacao de bentonitas pilarizadas com Al, AL/Fe e impregnadas com Pd

    Silva, Marcus Vinicius Costa; Pizarro, Alejandro Herrero; Molina, Carmen Belen, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Instituto de Tecnologia. Faculdade de Engenharia Quimica; Seccion de Ingenieria Quimica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Autonoma de Madri (Spain)


    In this work, a north american bentonite was pillared with Al and Al/Fe, creating the Al-PILC and Al-Fe-PILC, respectively. Then the Pd was impregnated in the materials, generating Pd-Al-PILC and Pd-Al-Fe-PILC, respectively. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetric and N{sub 2} adsorption at 77 K to determine the specific surface area by BET method (Brunauer - Emmett - Teller). There was an increase in the basal spacing of bentonite from 12.4Å in the original sample to 17.81Å in the Al-Fe-PILC, 17.20Å in Pd-Al-PILC and 17.05Å in the Pd-Al-Fe-PILC. The specific surface area increased from 19.05m{sup 2}/g in the original sample to 173.49m{sup 2}/g in Al-Fe-PILC, 101.31m{sup 2}/g to Pd-Al-PILC and 92m{sup 2}/g in Pd-Al-Fe-PILC. The pillaring process was successful and the synthesized materials have great potential for use as catalysts. (author)

  1. 77 FR 67689 - Fidelity Aberdeen Street Trust, et al.;


    ...] Fidelity Aberdeen Street Trust, et al.; Notice of Application November 6, 2012. AGENCY: Securities and... arrangements (``Prior Order'').\\1\\ \\1\\ Colchester Street Trust, et al., Investment Company Act Release Nos... Trust, et al., Investment Company Act Release Nos. 23787 (Apr. 15, 1999) (notice) and 23831 (May 11...

  2. Mixing of Al into uranium silicides reactor fuels

    Ding, F.R.; Birtcher, R.C.; Kestel, B.J.; Baldo, P.M.


    SEM observations have shown that irradiation induced interaction of the aluminum cladding with uranium silicide reactor fuels strongly affects both fission gas and fuel swelling behaviors during fuel burn-up. The authors have used ion beam mixing, by 1.5 MeV Kr, to study this phenomena. RBS and the 27 Al(p, γ) 28 Si resonance nuclear reaction were used to measure radiation induced mixing of Al into U 3 Si and U 3 Si 2 after irradiation at 300 C. Initially U mixes into the Al layer and Al mixes into the U 3 Si. At a low dose, the Al layer is converted into UAl 4 type compound while near the interface the phase U(Al .93 Si .07 ) 3 grows. Under irradiation, Al diffuses out of the UAl 4 surface layer, and the lower density ternary, which is stable under irradiation, is the final product. Al mixing into U 3 Si 2 is slower than in U 3 Si, but after high dose irradiation the Al concentration extends much farther into the bulk. In both systems Al mixing and diffusion is controlled by phase formation and growth. The Al mixing rates into the two alloys are similar to that of Al into pure uranium where similar aluminide phases are formed

  3. MCrAlY bond coat with enhanced Yttrium layer

    Jablonski, Paul D; Hawk, Jeffrey A


    One or more embodiments relates to an MCrAlY bond coat comprising an MCrAlY layer in contact with a Y--Al.sub.2O.sub.3 layer. The MCrAlY layer is comprised of a .gamma.-M solid solution, a .beta.-MAl intermetallic phase, and Y-type intermetallics. The Y--Al.sub.2O.sub.3 layer is comprised of Yttrium atoms coordinated with oxygen atoms comprising the Al.sub.2O.sub.3 lattice. Both the MCrAlY layer and the Y--Al.sub.2O.sub.3 layer have a substantial absence of Y--Al oxides, providing advantage in the maintainability of the Yttrium reservoir within the MCrAlY bulk. The MCrAlY bond coat may be fabricated through application of a Y.sub.2O.sub.3 paste to an MCrAlY material, followed by heating in a non-oxidizing environment.

  4. Fracture toughness of Ti-Al3Ti-Al-Al3Ti laminate composites under static and cyclic loading conditions

    Patselov, A. M.; Gladkovskii, S. V.; Lavrikov, R. D.; Kamantsev, I. S.


    The static and cyclic fracture toughnesses of a Ti-Al3Ti-Al-Al3Ti laminate composite material containing at most 15 vol % intermetallic compound are studied. Composite specimens are prepared by terminating reaction sintering of titanium and aluminum foils under pressure. The fracture of the titanium layers is quasi-cleavage during cyclic crack growth and is ductile during subsequent static loading.

  5. U-Mo/Al-Si interaction: Influence of Si concentration

    Allenou, J.; Palancher, H.; Iltis, X.; Cornen, M.; Tougait, O.; Tucoulou, R.; Welcomme, E.; Martin, Ph.; Valot, C.; Charollais, F.; Anselmet, M.C.; Lemoine, P.


    Within the framework of the development of low enriched nuclear fuels for research reactors, U-Mo/Al is the most promising option that has however to be optimised. Indeed at the U-Mo/Al interfaces between U-Mo particles and the Al matrix, an interaction layer grows under irradiation inducing an unacceptable fuel swelling. Adding silicon in limited content into the Al matrix has clearly improved the in-pile fuel behaviour. This breakthrough is attributed to an U-Mo/Al-Si protective layer around U-Mo particles appeared during fuel manufacturing. In this work, the evolution of the microstructure and composition of this protective layer with increasing Si concentrations in the Al matrix has been investigated. Conclusions are based on the characterization at the micrometer scale (X-ray diffraction and energy dispersive spectroscopy) of U-Mo7/Al-Si diffusion couples obtained by thermal annealing at 450 deg. C. Two types of interaction layers have been evidenced depending on the Si content in the Al-Si alloy: the threshold value is found at about 5 wt.% but obviously evolves with temperature. It has been shown that for Si concentrations ranging from 2 to 10 wt.%, the U-Mo7/Al-Si interaction is bi-layered and the Si-rich part is located close to the Al-Si for low Si concentrations (below 5 wt.%) and close to the U-Mo for higher Si concentrations. For Si weight fraction in the Al alloy lower than 5 wt.%, the Si-rich sub-layer (close to Al-Si) consists of U(Al, Si) 3 + UMo 2 Al 20 , when the other sub-layer (close to U-Mo) is silicon free and made of UAl 3 and U 6 Mo 4 Al 43 . For Si weight concentrations above 5 wt.%, the Si-rich part becomes U 3 (Si, Al) 5 + U(Al, Si) 3 (close to U-Mo) and the other sub-layer (close to Al-Si) consists of U(Al, Si) 3 + UMo 2 Al 20 . On the basis of these results and of a literature survey, a scheme is proposed to explain the formation of different types of ILs between U-Mo and Al-Si alloys (i.e. different protective layers).

  6. Khajeh Nasir al-Din al-Tusi’s Role in the Interaction of Triple Paradigms of Islamic Philosophy

    r Mohammadzadeh


    Full Text Available Our aim in this article is to investigate Khajeh Nasir`s effective role in emergence, growth and development of triple paradigms of Islamic philosophy, that are, Masha’, Ishraq and al-Hekmah al-Motealiyeh. Thus, first we present a summary of the meaning of “paradigm” and then discuss Tusi`s role in the development of triple paradigms of Islamic philosophy. We believe that, by using an interactive approach, Khajeh Nasir has attained a new approach to understand the paradigms. He is the first thinker in Islamic world who created a constructive and effective interaction between two paradigms of Masha’ and Ishraq, and paved the way for the emergence of al-Hekmah al-Motealiyeh. This can be explained with regard to either the conceptualization of al-Hekmat al-Motealiyeh or epistemological approach. Al-Hekmah Al-Motealiyah was influenced a lot by Tusi.

  7. Synthesis and characterization of high volume fraction Al-Al2O3 nanocomposite powders by high-energy milling

    Prabhu, B.; Suryanarayana, C.; An, L.; Vaidyanathan, R.


    Al-Al 2 O 3 metal matrix composite (MMC) powders with volume fractions of 20, 30, and 50% Al 2 O 3 were synthesized by high-energy milling of the blended component powders. The particle sizes of Al 2 O 3 studied were 50 nm, 150 nm, and 5 μm. A uniform distribution of the Al 2 O 3 reinforcement in the Al matrix was successfully obtained after milling the powders for a period of 20 h at a ball-to-powder ratio of 10:1 in a SPEX mill. The uniform distribution of Al 2 O 3 in the Al matrix was confirmed by characterizing these nanocomposite powders by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), X-ray mapping, and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques

  8. Experimental evidence of structural transition at the crystal-amorphous interphase boundary between Al and Al2O3

    Yang, Z.Q.; He, L.L.; Zhao, S.J.; Ye, H.Q.


    High-resolution transmission electron microscopy observations on the structure of the interphase boundary between crystalline Al and amorphous Al 2 O 3 coating reveal that an interfacial melting transition of Al occurs at 833 K, which is distinctly lower than the bulk melting point of Al. The crystalline lattice planes of Al near the interface bend or small segments of crystalline Al deviated from the matrix Al grains are formed. Stand-off dislocations formed at the interphase boundary are also observed. The amorphous Al 2 O 3 coating plays an important role in retaining the evidence for structural transition at high temperature to room temperature, which makes it possible to make experimental observations. (author)

  9. Lubrication performance and mechanisms of Mg/Al-, Zn/Al-, and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide nanoparticles as lubricant additives

    Li, Shuo; Bhushan, Bharat


    Highlights: • Mg/Al-, Zn/Al- and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide were synthesized. • Mg/Al-LDH had superior tribological performance compared to other LDHs. • The best thermal stability of Mg/Al-LDH was responsible for its friction property. - Abstract: Solid lubricant particles are commonly used as oil additives for low friction and wear. Mg/Al-, Zn/Al-, and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxides (LDH) were synthesized by coprecipitation method. The benefits of LDH nanoparticles are that they can be synthesized using chemical methods where size and shape can be controlled, and can be modified organically to allow dispersal in fluids. The LDH nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, thermogravimetry, and differential scanning calorimetry. A pin-on-disk friction and wear tester was used for evaluating the friction and wear properties of LDH nanoparticles as lubricant additives. LDH nanoparticles have friction-reducing and anti-wear properties compared to oil without LDHs. Mg/Al-LDH has the best lubrication, possibly due to better thermal stability in severe conditions.

  10. Lubrication performance and mechanisms of Mg/Al-, Zn/Al-, and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide nanoparticles as lubricant additives

    Li, Shuo [School of Materials Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), 29 Xueyuan Road, Haidian Distract, Beijing 100083 (China); Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics (NLBB), The Ohio State University, 201 W. 19th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1142 (United States); Bhushan, Bharat, E-mail: [Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics (NLBB), The Ohio State University, 201 W. 19th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1142 (United States)


    Highlights: • Mg/Al-, Zn/Al- and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide were synthesized. • Mg/Al-LDH had superior tribological performance compared to other LDHs. • The best thermal stability of Mg/Al-LDH was responsible for its friction property. - Abstract: Solid lubricant particles are commonly used as oil additives for low friction and wear. Mg/Al-, Zn/Al-, and Zn/Mg/Al-layered double hydroxides (LDH) were synthesized by coprecipitation method. The benefits of LDH nanoparticles are that they can be synthesized using chemical methods where size and shape can be controlled, and can be modified organically to allow dispersal in fluids. The LDH nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, thermogravimetry, and differential scanning calorimetry. A pin-on-disk friction and wear tester was used for evaluating the friction and wear properties of LDH nanoparticles as lubricant additives. LDH nanoparticles have friction-reducing and anti-wear properties compared to oil without LDHs. Mg/Al-LDH has the best lubrication, possibly due to better thermal stability in severe conditions.

  11. Characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded AlMg5- Al_2O_3 nanocomposites

    Babu, N. Kishore; Kallip, Kaspar; Leparoux, Marc; AlOgab, Khaled A.; Reddy, G.M.; Talari, M.K.


    In the present study, powder metallurgy processed unmilled AlMg5, milled AlMg5 and milled AlMg5-0.5 vol% Al_2O_3 nanocomposite have been successfully friction stir welded (FSW). The effect of friction stir welding on the evolution of weld microstructures; hardness and tensile properties were studied and discussed in detail. FSW of unmilled AlMg5 resulted in significant grain refinement and strain hardening in the nugget zone induced by the thermo-mechanical processing, thereby increasing the stir zone hardness and tensile strengths to 100 HV and 324 MPa when compared to 80 HV and 300 MPa of base metal, respectively. In contrast, the FSW of milled AlMg5 and milled AlMg5-0.5 vol% Al_2O_3 samples showed a reduction in UTS values to 375 MPa and 401 MPa in the stir zone compared to 401 MPa and 483 MPa of respective base metal values. Transmission electron microscopic (TEM) investigation of weld stir zones revealed the homogenous distribution of Al_4C_3 nanophases in milled AlMg5 and Al_2O_3 nanoparticles in milled AlMg5-0.5 vol% Al_2O_3 samples throughout the aluminium matrix. It was revealed that the pre-stored energy from the prior ball milling and hot pressing processes, higher deformation energy and grain boundary pinning effect due to the presence of reinforcement particles has resulted in a higher recrystallization tendency and retarded grain growth during FSW of milled samples. The welds prepared with milled AlMg5-0.5 vol% Al_2O_3 exhibited higher hardness and tensile strength in the stir zone when compared to all other conditions which was attributed to Hall Petch effect due to fine grain size and Orowan strengthening effect due to Al_2O_3 reinforcements.

  12. Microstructure of two phases alloy Al3Ti/Al3Ti0.75Fe0.25

    Angeles, C.; Rosas, G.; Perez, R.


    The titanium-aluminium system presents three intermetallic compounds from those Al 3 Ti is what less attention has received. The objective of this work is to generate and characterize the microstructure of multiphase alloys nearby to Al 3 Ti compound through Fe addition as alloying. This is because it has been seen that little precipitates of Al 2 Ti phase over Al 3 Ti intermetallic compound increases its ductility. (Author)

  13. Grain refining mechanism of Al-containing Mg alloys with the addition of Mn-Al alloys

    Qin, Gaowu W.; Ren Yuping; Huang Wei; Li Song; Pei Wenli


    Graphical abstract: Display Omitted Research highlights: The ε-AlMn phase acts as the heterogeneous nucleus of α-Mg phase during the solidification of the AZ31 Mg alloy, not the γ-Al 8 Mn 5 phase. The grain refinement effect is very clear with the addition of only 0.5 wt% Mn-28Al alloy (pure ε-AlMn). The grain refinement does not deteriorate up to the holding time of 60 min at 740 o C. - Abstract: The effect of manganese on grain refinement of Al-containing AZ31 Mg alloy has been investigated by designing a series of Mn-Al alloys composed of either pure ε-AlMn, γ 2 -Al 8 Mn 5 or both of them using optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction. It is experimentally clarified that the grain refinement of the AZ31 Mg alloy is due to the existence of the ε-AlMn phase in the Mn-Al alloys, not the γ 2 -Al 8 Mn 5 phase. The grain size of AZ31 Mg alloy is about 91 μm without any addition of Mn-Al alloys, but remarkably decreases to ∼55 μm with the addition of either Mn-34 wt% Al or Mn-28 wt% Al. With a minor addition of 0.5 wt% Mn-28Al alloy, the grain size of AZ31 alloy decreases to ∼53 μm, and the Mn-28Al alloy can be active as grain refiner for holding time up to 60 min for the melt AZ31 alloy at 750 o C.

  14. Grain refining mechanism of Al-containing Mg alloys with the addition of Mn-Al alloys

    Qin, Gaowu W., E-mail: [Key Laboratory for Anisotropy and Texture of Materials (Ministry of Education), Northeastern University, Wenhu Road 3-11, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, Liaoning Province (China); Ren Yuping; Huang Wei; Li Song; Pei Wenli [Key Laboratory for Anisotropy and Texture of Materials (Ministry of Education), Northeastern University, Wenhu Road 3-11, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, Liaoning Province (China)


    Graphical abstract: Display Omitted Research highlights: The {epsilon}-AlMn phase acts as the heterogeneous nucleus of {alpha}-Mg phase during the solidification of the AZ31 Mg alloy, not the {gamma}-Al{sub 8}Mn{sub 5} phase. The grain refinement effect is very clear with the addition of only 0.5 wt% Mn-28Al alloy (pure {epsilon}-AlMn). The grain refinement does not deteriorate up to the holding time of 60 min at 740 {sup o}C. - Abstract: The effect of manganese on grain refinement of Al-containing AZ31 Mg alloy has been investigated by designing a series of Mn-Al alloys composed of either pure {epsilon}-AlMn, {gamma}{sub 2}-Al{sub 8}Mn{sub 5} or both of them using optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction. It is experimentally clarified that the grain refinement of the AZ31 Mg alloy is due to the existence of the {epsilon}-AlMn phase in the Mn-Al alloys, not the {gamma}{sub 2}-Al{sub 8}Mn{sub 5} phase. The grain size of AZ31 Mg alloy is about 91 {mu}m without any addition of Mn-Al alloys, but remarkably decreases to {approx}55 {mu}m with the addition of either Mn-34 wt% Al or Mn-28 wt% Al. With a minor addition of 0.5 wt% Mn-28Al alloy, the grain size of AZ31 alloy decreases to {approx}53 {mu}m, and the Mn-28Al alloy can be active as grain refiner for holding time up to 60 min for the melt AZ31 alloy at 750 {sup o}C.

  15. Reviewing Medical Education in KamelAl-Senaat Al-Tebieh

    Shahla Moradi


    Full Text Available Background and Objective: Among the human sciences, medicine is superior to all other sciences. One of the effective factors in education, especially in medical education is using appropriate textbooks. This study aims to consider a classic book of medical education and find its relevance to modern medicine. Materials and Methods: Reviewing and analyzing parts of Kamel Al-Senaat Al-Tebieh medical textbook. Results: This book has about four hundred thousand words and it was divided into twenty articles, each consisting of several chapters, first ten topics of which are about theoretical medicine, and others are information related to practical medicine. Conclusion: One of the most important obligations of every nation is to protect and preserve written and unwritten cultural and scientific resources Kamel Al-Senaat Al-Tebieh was written in one of the glorious periods of Iranian Medical History by Ali Ibn Abbas. It has a dignified position because of its recording method. This method is one of the best methods that is used after Ahvazi. Even today it is a valuable source of medical education.

  16. Weldability of Al4C3-Al composites via diffusion welding technique

    Arik, Halil; Aydin, Mustafa; Kurt, Adem; Turker, Mehmet


    In this study, Al-Al 4 C 3 composites, produced by powder metallurgy in situ techniques, were joined by diffusion welding technique at 250 MPa pressure with various welding temperatures and durations. Microstructures and shear strengths of the joined areas were determined. Al powders were mixed with 2% carbon black and milled in a high energy ball mill (mechanical alloying) for up to 20 h. In order to obtain cylindrical blanks with 10 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height, powders were compacted in a single action press at 1000 MPa. Samples were sintered in Ar atmosphere at 650 deg C and metal matrix composite (MMC) containing 8% Al 4 C 3 particles were produced. Products were then joined to each other by using diffusion welding techniques. Scanning electron microscopy examination was carried out on the welded interfaces and shear tests were conducted to the sample interfaces to find out the effect of welding temperatures and duration on the weldability properties. It was found that high welding temperatures resulted in increase of both joined strength and shear properties. However, increase in welding duration did not make any detectable changes. Results indicated that MMC could be joined by diffusion welding technique successfully with the 88% strength of base material

  17. Microstructure and oxidation behaviour of TiAl(Nb)/Ti2AlC ...

    siderable attention over the past few decades because of their excellent properties ... to each other, so that all these benefits make the Ti2AlC particles a superior can- ..... divide curve oxidation into several stages [36,37]. From the curve of ...


    Fathul Mufid


    Full Text Available This essay will describe the transformation process of the interpretation of al Quran from the literal perspectives towards hermeneutics interpretations method, in a line with the recent globalization changes. Globalization is an era after modern where the world like a small village (global village, which makes interaction among countries, civilizations, religions, and cultures become more intens, fast and easy. This golbal changes is a medium which influencing cultures, countries, civilizations, and even religions aspects. Al Quran intepretation method which has been used by classical scholars stress more on the literal approach (tahlili was considered to be irrelevant to answer and respon the current human problems in this globalization era. The advanced of the global information technology has brought positive impact for human life to fullfil their live needs. However, on the other side, golbalization brings negatives effect as well. For instance, since the information centers are controlled by advanced secular  countries, the understanding of the Al Quran from various dimensions has shift and lose its function. These negatives effects are unavoidable for moslems which getting more influence on their religius life, including their understanding on the Holly Quran. Therefore, whether like or not, scholars in the intepretaion fields should adjust and inovate according to the current needs and trends using heurmenutics approach. Heurmenutics is a classical text critics method  which is used to understand al Quran that contains God’s messages that should be understood, and used in our life practically and empirically.

  19. Natural radioactivity survey in Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi Mountain Region Libya

    Askouri, N.A.; Hussain, M.O.; Al-Ojaily, A.S.


    The measurement of natural radioactivity in a given region or country is essential to provide a reference base-line map to follow up a possible variation in future. In order to perform such measurement, the natural radioactivity was measured in different locations. The locations (50 sites) were distributed over Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi Mountain, starting from the city Al-Azeeziah in the eastern part to Wazen on the Tunisian border in the west. The measurements showed obvious variation from one site to another. The levels were fluctuating from (12.8 counts/minute) in Bir-Ayad to (45.7 counts/minute) in Gherian. In order to investigate the cause for such variation, samples were collected from (27) sites for detailed study. The levels of natural radioactivity were determined in the laboratory, and were ranging from (58.7 Bq/kg) in Bir-Ayad to (102.1 Bq/kg) in Gherian. The variation in measured radioactivity was related to the geological structures taken in six perpendicular sections, namely, Gharian, Yevren, Zintan, Nalut, Wazen and Al-Azeeziah taking the naturally occurred radioisotopes concentration of 4 0K, 232 Th and 238 U present in consideration.

  20. Josephson effect in Al/Bi{sub 2}Se{sub 3}/Al coplanar hybrid devices

    Galletti, L., E-mail: [Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, I-80126 Napoli (Italy); CNR-SPIN Napoli, Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant’Angelo, 80126 Napoli (Italy); Charpentier, S. [Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-41296 Göteborg (Sweden); Lucignano, P.; Massarotti, D. [Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, I-80126 Napoli (Italy); CNR-SPIN Napoli, Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant’Angelo, 80126 Napoli (Italy); Arpaia, R. [Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, I-80126 Napoli (Italy); Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-41296 Göteborg (Sweden); Tafuri, F. [CNR-SPIN Napoli, Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant’Angelo, 80126 Napoli (Italy); Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione, Seconda Università di Napoli, I-81031 Aversa (CE) (Italy); Bauch, T. [Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-41296 Göteborg (Sweden); Suzuki, Y. [University of Tsukuba, Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba 305, Ibaraki (Japan); Tagliacozzo, A. [Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, I-80126 Napoli (Italy); Kadowaki, K. [University of Tsukuba, Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba 305, Ibaraki (Japan); Lombardi, F. [Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-41296 Göteborg (Sweden)


    Highlights: • Superconducting proximity effect induced in Al/Bi{sub 2}Se{sub 3}/Al coplanar hybrid devices. • Comparative study of Al/Bi{sub 2}Se{sub 3} interfaces with various buffer layers. • Towards a Josephson super-current through the edge states of topological insulators. - Abstract: The edge states of Topological Insulators (TI) are protected against backscattering, thanks to the topological properties arising from their band structure. Coupling a TI to a superconductor (S) can induce unconventional effects, including the creation of Majorana bound states (MBS). The fabrication of coplanar hybrid devices is a fundamental step to pave the way to the understanding of proximity effects in topologically non-trivial systems, and to a large variety of experiments aimed at the possible detection of MBS. We discuss the feasibility and some relevant properties of Al–Bi{sub 2}Se{sub 3}–Al coplanar proximity devices. Special attention is devoted to the design of the junction, aimed at enhancing the coupling between the electrodes and the TI.