Sample records for retention des ions

  1. Study of sorption mechanisms of europium(3) and uranium(6) ions on clays : impact of silicates; Etude des mecanismes de retention des ions U(6) et Eu(3) sur les argiles: influence des silicates

    Kowal-Fouchard, A


    Bentonite clay has been selected as a potential buffer or backfill material in a number of disposal programmes for high level waste. In order to enhance the thermodynamic database of sorption phenomena at the solid-water interface, we have investigated sorption mechanisms of europium(III) and uranium(VI) ions onto montmorillonite and bentonite. Thermodynamic data were obtained for different ions concentrations, different background electrolytes and different ionic strengths. The structural identification of the surface complexes and sorption sites was carried out using two spectroscopies, XPS and TRLIFS, while sorption edges were performed using batch experiments. However, clays are complex minerals and in order to understand these sorption mechanisms we have studied europium(III) and uranium(VI) retention on a silica and an alumina because these solids are often considered as basic components of clays. The comparison of structural results shows that europium ions are significantly sorbed on permanently charged sites of clay until pH 7. But this ion is also sorbed on {identical_to}SiOH and {identical_to}AlOH sites of montmorillonite at pH higher than 6. Uranyl ions sorption on montmorillonite is mainly explained by retention of three complexes on {identical_to}SiOH sites. Moreover, we have shown that nitrate ions and dissolved silicates affect on uranium(VI) sorption mechanisms onto alumina. Nevertheless, uranyl ions sorption on montmorillonite and bentonite only decreases with increasing carbonate concentration. Finally, all the sorption edges were then modeled using these results and a surface complexation model (2 pK and constant capacitance models). (author)

  2. Study of the retention of radionuclides by ion-exchange resins contained in the circuits of a Pressurized Water Reactor; Etude de la retention des radionucleides dans les resines echangeuses d'ions des circuits d'une centrale nucleaire a eau sous pression

    Gressier, F.


    Physico-chemical quality of fluids in nuclear power plant circuits must be maintained in order to limit contamination and dose rate especially when the shutdown takes place. Nevertheless, an optimum between diminishing liquid waste and limiting solid waste production has to be reached, but at affordable costs. Ion-exchange resins of purification circuits are used to fulfill this goal. In this work, different resin types have been characterized (exchange capacity, water and electrolyte sorption) and their selectivity towards Co{sup 2+}, Ni{sup 2+}, Cs{sup +} and Li{sup +} cations have been studied. We have shown that the two cation-exchange resins selectivity varies according to the nature and concentrations of their counter-ions. Moreover, flow rate (and thus hydro-kinetics) impact on species retention in a column has been characterized: the more the flow rate, the more the ionic leakage (output concentration divided by input concentration) is fast and the more the output concentration front is spread. A literature revue has enabled to put in light advantages and drawbacks of the models of interest to simulate operations of ion-exchange resins. Thus, the pure end-members mixing model associated to a non-ideality description of the resin phase based on the regular solutions model has been retained for modelling ion-exchange equilibrium. Ion-exchange kinetics has been described by mass transfer coefficients. Using the experimental results to determine model parameters, these last ones have been implemented in a speciation code CHESS, coupled with a hydrodynamic code in HYTEC. On the one hand, equilibrium experiments of ion retention have been simulated and, on the other hand, column retention tests have been modelled. Finally, selectivity variations and hydro-kinetics impacts have been simulated on some test cases so as to demonstrate the importance of taking these into account when simulating ion-exchange resins operations. (author)

  3. Les applications des faisceaux d'ions dans la physique des polymères

    Ratier, B.; Moliton, A.; Lucas, B.; Guille, B.; Clamadieu, M.


    Experimental configurations of ions beams are illustrated by diagrams in the case of low energy implantation, Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE), Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) of molecular layers (or oligomers). Nous présentons les configurations expérimentales (illustrées par des schémas) de trois applications des faisceaux d'ions au traitement physique des polymères : dopage par implantation (cité pour mémoire), gravure par faisceaux d'ions réactifs (RIBE), dépôt des couches moléculaires (ou oligomères) assistés par faisceau (IBAD).

  4. Enhanced methodology for porting ion chromatography retention data.

    Park, Soo Hyun; Shellie, Robert A; Dicinoski, Greg W; Schuster, Georg; Talebi, Mohammad; Haddad, Paul R; Szucs, Roman; Dolan, John W; Pohl, Christopher A


    Porting is a powerful methodology to recalibrate an existing database of ion chromatography (IC) retention times by reflecting the changes of column behavior resulting from either batch-to-batch variability in the production of the column or the manufacture of new versions of a column. This approach has been employed to update extensive databases of retention data of inorganic and organic anions forming part of the "Virtual Column" software marketed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, which is the only available commercial optimization tool for IC separation. The current porting process is accomplished by performing three isocratic separations with two representative analyte ions in order to derive a porting equation which expresses the relationship between old and new data. Although the accuracy of retention prediction is generally enhanced on new columns, errors were observed on some columns. In this work, the porting methodology was modified in order to address this issue, where the porting equation is now derived by using six representative analyte ions (chloride, bromide, iodide, perchlorate, sulfate, and thiosulfate). Additionally, the updated porting methodology has been applied on three Thermo Fisher Scientific columns (AS20, AS19, and AS11HC). The proposed approach showed that the new porting methodology can provide more accurate and robust retention prediction on a wide range of columns, where average errors in retention times for ten test anions under three eluent conditions were less than 1.5%. Moreover, the retention prediction using this new approach provided an acceptable level of accuracy on a used column exhibiting changes in ion-exchange capacity.

  5. Trapping, retention and laser cooling of Th3+ ions in a multisection linear quadrupole trap

    Borisyuk, P. V.; Vasil'ev, O. S.; Derevyashkin, S. P.; Kolachevsky, N. N.; Lebedinskii, Yu. Yu.; Poteshin, S. S.; Sysoev, A. A.; Tkalya, E. V.; Tregubov, D. O.; Troyan, V. I.; Khabarova, K. Yu.; Yudin, V. I.; Yakovlev, V. P.


    A multisection linear quadrupole trap for Th3+ ions is described. Multiply charged ions are obtained by the laser ablation method. The possibility of trapping and retention of ˜103 ions is demonstrated in macroscopic time scales of ˜30 s. Specific features of cooling Th3+ ions on the electron transitions with wavelengths of 1088, 690 and 984 nm in Th3+ ion are discussed; a principal scheme of a setup for laser cooling is presented.




    Les industries du textile rejettent de grandes quantités d‘eaux usées présentant un risque de toxicité. Il existe déjà des traitements tels que l‘adsorption sur charbon actif qui est un processus efficace mais onéreux et qui produit une boue constituant elle même une menace environnementale. Les argiles, les poly (4-vinylpyridine) et ses dérivées pourraient être des matériaux adsorbants alternatifs à la fois économiques et moins polluants. Beaucoup d‘auteurs ont étudié l‘adsorptio...

  7. Selective retention of basic compounds by metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography.

    Asakawa, Yoshiki; Yamamoto, Eiichi; Asakawa, Naoki


    A novel metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography has been developed for the analysis of basic compounds using heat-treated silica gel containing hydrated metal cations (metal aquo-ions) as the packing material. The packing materials of the metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography were prepared by the immobilization of a single metal component such as Fe(III), Al(III), Ag(I), and Ni(II) on silica gel followed by extensive heat treatment. The immobilized metals form aquo-ions to present cation-exchange ability for basic analytes and the cation-exchange ability for basic analytes depends on pKa of the immobilized metal species. In the present study, to evaluate the retention characteristics of metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography, the on-line solid-phase extraction of drugs was investigated. Obtained data clearly evidence the selective retention capability of metal aquo-ion affinity chromatography for basic analytes with sufficient capacity.

  8. The temperature and ion energy dependence of deuterium retention in lithium films

    Buzi, Luxherta; Koel, Bruce E.; Skinner, Charles H.


    Lithium conditioning of plasma facing components in magnetic fusion devices has improved plasma performance and lowered hydrogen recycling. For applications of lithium in future high heat flux and long pulse duration machines it is important to understand and parameterize deuterium retention in lithium. This work presents surface science studies of deuterium retention in lithium films as a function of surface temperature, incident deuterium ion energy and flux. Initial experiments are performed on thin (3-30 ML) lithium films deposited on a single crystal molybdenum substrate to avoid effects due to grain boundaries, intrinsic defects and impurities. A monoenergetic and mass-filtered deuterium ion beam was generated in a differentially pumped Colutron ion gun. Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy were used to identify the elemental composition and temperature programmed desorption was used to measure the deuterium retention under the different conditions. Support was provided through DOE Contract Number DE-AC02-09CH11466.

  9. Retention Behavior of Lead Ion in Soil Bentonite Liner Megha

    N Kulkarni


    Full Text Available In this study, it is proposed to obtain breakthrough curves for commonly occurring lead ions in any effluents through locally available soil amended with 10% bentonite and determine the diffusion coefficients. The theoretical breakthrough curves of migrating ions in the soil column experiment are generated using mathematical equation considering effective diffusion coefficients , knowing soil parameters and hydraulic head. These curves are then compared with experimental curves. In cases where the theoretical and experimental breakthrough curve do not match, there would be need to consider other parameter retardation factor along with diffusion coefficient. Theoretical curves are generated for sets of diffusion coefficient and retardation factor. The sets which give theoretical curve close to experimentally determined breakthrough curves are accepted. Thus it may be possible to bring out the condition for the dominance of diffusion coefficient and retardation factor. Then knowing the values of diffusion coefficient and retardation factor along with soil porosity and hydraulic gradient it is possible to predict the breakthrough times of different ions in the soil. In this work the breakthrough times of lead ion for the soil of 1m and 0.5m are established. The studies can be extended for any ion or soil after establishing diffusion coefficient and retardation for the considered ions in the selected liner under different hydrological regimes.

  10. Influence of surface modification on protein retention in ion-exchange chromatography. Evaluation using different retention models.

    Bruch, Thomas; Graalfs, Heiner; Jacob, Lothar; Frech, Christian


    A large number of different stationary phases for ion-exchange chromatography (IEC) from different manufacturers are available, which vary significantly in a number of chemical and physical properties. As a consequence, binding mechanisms may be different as well. In the work reported here, the retention data of model proteins (alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin A, bovine serum albumin and alcohol dehydrogenase) were determined for three anion-exchange adsorbents based on synthetic copolymer beads with differences in the functional group chemistry. Fractogel EMD DEAE and Fractoprep DEAE consist of functional groups bound to the surface via "tentacles", ToyopearlDEAE by a short linker. Three models which describe chromatographic retention were used to analyse the characteristic parameters of the protein/stationary-phase interactions. The number of electrostatic interaction between the stationary phase and the model proteins, the protein specific surface charge densities and the interacting surface of the proteins with the adsorptive layer of the chromatographic media depend on the surface modification as well as on the molecular mass of the model proteins. In general, protein retention of the model proteins on the weak anion exchangers was found to be greater if the stationary phase carries tentacles and protein mass is above 60 kDa.

  11. Effect of noble gas ion pre-irradiation on deuterium retention in tungsten

    Cheng, L.; Zhao, Z. H.; De Temmerman, G.; Yuan, Y.; Morgan, T. W.; Guo, L. P.; Wang, B.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, B. Y.; Zhang, P.; Cao, X. Z.; Lu, G. H.


    Impurity seeding of noble gases is an effective way of decreasing the heat loads onto the divertor targets in fusion devices. To investigate the effect of noble gases on deuterium retention, tungsten targets have been implanted by different noble gas ions and subsequently exposed to deuterium plasma

  12. Relating chromatographic retention and electrophoretic mobility to the ion distribution within electrosprayed droplets.

    Bökman, C Fredrik; Bylund, Dan; Markides, Karin E; Sjöberg, Per J R


    Ions that are observed in a mass spectrum obtained with electrospray mass spectrometry can be assumed to originate preferentially from ions that have a high distribution to the surface of the charged droplets. In this study, a relation between chromatographic retention and electrophoretic mobility to the ion distribution (derived from measured signal intensities in mass spectra and electrospray current) within electrosprayed droplets for a series of tetraalkylammonium ions, ranging from tetramethyl to tetrapentyl, is presented. Chromatographic retention in a reversed-phase system was taken as a measure of the analyte's surface activity, which was found to have a large influence on the ion distribution within electrosprayed droplets. In addition, different transport mechanisms such as electrophoretic migration and diffusion can influence the surface partitioning coefficient. The viscosity of the solvent system is affected by the methanol content and will influence both diffusion and ion mobility. However, as diffusion and ion mobility are proportional to each other, we have, in this study, chosen to focus on the ion mobility parameter. It was found that the influence of ion mobility relative to surface activity on the droplet surface partitioning of analyte ions decreases with increasing methanol content. This effect is most probably coupled to the decrease in droplet size caused by the decreased surface tension at increasing methanol content. The same observation was made upon increasing the ionic strength of the solvent system, which is also known to give rise to a decreased initial droplet size. The observed effect of ionic strength on the droplet surface partitioning of analyte ions could also be explained by the fact that at higher ionic strength, a larger number of ions are initially closer to the droplet surface and, thus, the contribution of ionic transport from the bulk liquid to the liquid/air surface interface (jet and droplet surface), attributable to

  13. Effets de structure dans la diffusion des ions lourds

    El-Djalil-Kadi-Hanifi, M


    Nous avons analyse les distributions angulaires de la diffusion elastique pour differents systemes a des energies proches de la barriere de Coulomb au moyen d'un potentiel semi phenomenologique. Les distributions radiales calculees au moyen de ces potentiels montrent sans ambiguite qu'aux energies proches de la barriere de Coulomb, l'absorption se produit dans un etroit domaine de distances de la surface du potentiel nucleaire. Utilisant une modelisation simple de la theorie de Feshbach du potentiel optique, nous avons calcule la contribution a l'absorption due a un nombre reduit d'etats collectifs de surface facilement excitables. L'inclusion d'un terme d'absorption phenomenologique pour decrire des processus plus peripheriques que les excitations inelastiques, nous a permis de reproduire de maniere satisfaisante les distributions angulaires experimentales de la diffusion elastique. Aux plus hautes energies (793 MeV et 1503 MeV), et pour le systeme 16O+208Pb, nous avons utilise un potentiel reel obtenu moyen...

  14. Deuterium retention after deuterium plasma implantation in tungsten pre-damaged by fast C+ ions

    Efimov, V. S.; Gasparyan, Yu M.; Pisarev, A. A.; Khripunov, B. I.; Koidan, V. S.; Ryazanov, A. I.; Semenov, E. V.


    Thermal desorption of deuterium from W was investigated. Virgin samples and samples damaged by 10 MeV C 3+ ions were implanted from plasma in the LENTA facility at 370 K and 773 K. In comparison with the undamaged sample, deuterium retention in the damaged sample slightly increased in the case of deuterium implantation at RT, but decreased in the case of deuterium implantation at 773 K. At 773 K, deuterium was concluded to diffuse far behind the D ion range in the virgin sample, while C implantation region was concluded to be a barrier for D diffusion in the damaged sample.

  15. The influence of salt type on the retention of bovine serum albumin in ion-exchange chromatography

    Al-Jibbouri, Sattar


    that the mechanism of protein retention in ion-exchange chromatography (IEC) involves interactions between the protein solute, the mobile phase constituents and the stationary phase. The effect of protein activity coefficient in the mobile phase on the protein retention volumes is verified....

  16. A two level hierarchical model of protein retention in ion exchange chromatography.

    Salvalaglio, Matteo; Paloni, Matteo; Guelat, Bertrand; Morbidelli, Massimo; Cavallotti, Carlo


    Predicting protein retention in ion exchange chromatography (IEX) from first principles is a fascinating perspective. In this work a two level hierarchical modeling strategy is proposed in order to calculate protein retention factors. Model predictions are tested against experimental data measured for Lysozyme and Chymotrypsinogen A in IEX columns as a function of ionic strength and pH. At the highest level of accuracy Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations in explicit water are used to determine the interaction free energy between each of the two proteins and the IEX stationary phase for a reference pH and ionic strength. At a lower level of accuracy a linear response model based on an implicit treatment of solvation and adopting a static protein structure is used to calculate interaction free energies for the full range of pHs and ionic strengths considered. A scaling coefficient, determined comparing MD and implicit solvent simulations, is then introduced in order to correct the linear response model for errors induced by the adoption of a static protein structure. The calculated free energies are then used to compute protein retention factors, which can be directly compared with experimental data. The possibility to introduce a third level of accuracy is explored testing the predictions of a semiempirical model. A quantitative agreement between the predicted and measured protein retention factors is obtained using the coupled MD-linear response models, supporting the reliability of the proposed approach. The model allows quantifying the electrostatic, van der Waals, and conformational contributions to the interaction free energies. A good agreement between experiments and model is obtained also using the semiempirical model that, although requiring parameterization over higher level models or experimental data, proves to be useful in order to rapidly determine protein retention factors across wide pH and ionic strength ranges as it is computationally inexpensive.

  17. Erosion and deuterium retention in ion-irradiated tungsten under plasma exposure

    Khripunov, B., E-mail: [NRC Kurchatov Institute, Kurchatov Sq. 1, Moscow 123182 (Russian Federation); Gureev, V.; Koidan, V.; Kornienko, S.; Latushkin, S.; Petrov, V.; Ryazanov, A.; Semenov, E.; Stolyarova, V.; Danelyan, L. [NRC Kurchatov Institute, Kurchatov Sq. 1, Moscow 123182 (Russian Federation); Kulikauskas, V.; Zatekin, V. [Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov University, Moscow 119991 (Russian Federation); Unezhev, V. [NRC Kurchatov Institute, Kurchatov Sq. 1, Moscow 123182 (Russian Federation)


    Effect of radiation damage on tungsten response to plasma exposure is examined. Samples of tungsten W 99.95 wt% were irradiated with fast {sup 12}C{sup 3+} ions at 10 MeV to fluence of (1–2) × 10{sup 17} ion/cm{sup 2} to produce damage in the range 1–40 dpa relevant to the level of interest for fusion research. Exposure of the irradiated tungsten to deuterium plasma on linear simulator in erosion condition provided D-ion total fluence (1–3) × 10{sup 21} D{sup +}/cm{sup 2} at ion energy 250 eV. Swelling effect has been observed, and important changes in the structure of the irradiated material have been found (SEM). Erosion of the damaged layer was evaluated at Y{sub d-w} ≅ (3–5) ⋅ 10{sup −3} at/ion. The retained deuterium profiles have been taken by ERDA, maximal deuterium concentration reached 6–8 at.% in the layer ∼30 nm deep corresponding to 2–3 dpa. Comparison of D-retention was made for C- and He-irradiated tungsten for this level of damage.

  18. Model-based prediction of monoclonal antibody retention in ion-exchange chromatography.

    Guélat, Bertrand; Delegrange, Lydia; Valax, Pascal; Morbidelli, Massimo


    In order to support a model-based process design in ion-exchange chromatography, an adsorption equilibrium model was adapted to predict the protein retention behavior from the amino acid sequence and from structural information on the resin. It is based on the computation of protein-resin interactions with a colloidal model and accounts for the contribution of each ionizable amino acid to the protein charge. As a verification of the protein charge model, the experimental titration curve of a monoclonal antibody was compared to its predicted net charge. Using this protein charge model in the computation of the protein-resin interactions, it is possible to predict the adsorption equilibrium constant (i.e. retention factor or Henry constant) with an explicit pH and salt dependence. The application of the model-based predictions for an in silico screening of the protein retention on various stationary phases or, alternatively, for the comparison of various monoclonal antibodies on a given cation-exchanger was demonstrated. Furthermore, considering the structural differences between charge variants of a monoclonal antibody, it was possible to predict their individual retention times. The selectivity between the side variants and the main isoform of the monoclonal antibody were computed. The comparison with the experimental data showed that the model was reliable with respect to the identification of the operating conditions maximizing the selectivity, i.e. the most promising conditions for a monoclonal antibody variant separation. Such predictions can be useful in reducing the experimental effort to identify the parameter space.

  19. Temperature dependence of deuterium retention in tungsten deposits by deuterium ion irradiation

    Katayama, K., E-mail: [Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science, Kyushu University, 6-1, Kasuga-koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580 (Japan); Uehara, K.; Date, H.; Fukada, S. [Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science, Kyushu University, 6-1, Kasuga-koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580 (Japan); Watanabe, H. [Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, 6-1, Kasuga-koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580 (Japan)


    Tungsten (W) deposits were formed by hydrogen plasma sputtering and blisters were observed on the surface. The W deposits and W foils were exposed to deuterium ions with 2 keV-D{sup 2+} to doses of 1.0 × 10{sup 21} D{sup 2+}/m{sup 2} at 294 and 773 K in addition to 573 K in the present authors’ previous work. Hydrogen isotopes release behaviors from the W deposits and W foils were observed by the thermal desorption spectroscopy method. The amount of deuterium released from the W deposit was considerably larger than that from W foil. The obtained deuterium retention in D/m{sup 2} was in the range of deuterium retention in polycrystalline tungsten. Not only implanted deuterium but also hydrogen, which was incorporated during the sputtering-deposition process, were released from the W deposits. A hydrogen release peak at around 1100 K was observed for the W deposits. This is considered to be due to the rupture of the blisters.

  20. Production of intense metallic ion beams in order of isotopic separations; Production de faisceaux intenses d'ions metalliques en vue de la separation des isotopes

    Sarrouy, J.L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We describe an isotope separator with magnetic sector of 60 deg that permits, with a process of neutralization of the space charge, to use efficiently intense ion beams. The sources of realized ions provide ionic debits of 10 mA. This present work deals who to obtain intense ion beams (10 to 15 mA), different processes of ion currents measurement, as well as the study of the phenomenon of space charge neutralization. The second part of this memory will be on the survey and the adaptation on the source of various type of oven permitting to spray and to ionize metals directly. By order of increasing difficulty of vaporization, we reached the chromium. (M.B.) [French] 0n decrit un separateur d'isotope a secteur magnetique de 60 deg qui permet, grace a un procede de neutralisation de la charge d'espace, d'utiliser efficacement des faisceaux d'ions intenses. Les sources d'ions realisees fournissent des debits ioniques de 10 mA. Ce present travail porte sur l'obtention de faisceaux d'ions faisceaux d'ions intenses (10 a 15 mA), des differents procedes de mesures des courants d'ions, ainsi que l'etude du phenomene de neutralisation de charge d'espace. La deuxieme partie de ce memoire portera sur l'etude et l'adaptation sur la source de divers type de four permettant de vaporiser et d'ioniser directement les metaux. Par ordre de difficulte croissantes de vaporisations, nous avons atteint le chrome. (M.B.)

  1. Production of intense metallic ion beams in order of isotopic separations; Production de faisceaux intenses d'ions metalliques en vue de la separation des isotopes

    Sarrouy, J.L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We describe an isotope separator with magnetic sector of 60 deg that permits, with a process of neutralization of the space charge, to use efficiently intense ion beams. The sources of realized ions provide ionic debits of 10 mA. This present work deals who to obtain intense ion beams (10 to 15 mA), different processes of ion currents measurement, as well as the study of the phenomenon of space charge neutralization. The second part of this memory will be on the survey and the adaptation on the source of various type of oven permitting to spray and to ionize metals directly. By order of increasing difficulty of vaporization, we reached the chromium. (M.B.) [French] 0n decrit un separateur d'isotope a secteur magnetique de 60 deg qui permet, grace a un procede de neutralisation de la charge d'espace, d'utiliser efficacement des faisceaux d'ions intenses. Les sources d'ions realisees fournissent des debits ioniques de 10 mA. Ce present travail porte sur l'obtention de faisceaux d'ions faisceaux d'ions intenses (10 a 15 mA), des differents procedes de mesures des courants d'ions, ainsi que l'etude du phenomene de neutralisation de charge d'espace. La deuxieme partie de ce memoire portera sur l'etude et l'adaptation sur la source de divers type de four permettant de vaporiser et d'ioniser directement les metaux. Par ordre de difficulte croissantes de vaporisations, nous avons atteint le chrome. (M.B.)

  2. Characterization of drug-eluting stent (DES) materials with cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)

    Mahoney, Christine M.; Patwardhan, Dinesh V.; Ken McDermott, M.


    Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) employing an SF 5+ polyatomic primary ion source was utilized to analyze several materials commonly used in drug-eluting stents (DES). Poly(ethylene- co-vinyl acetate) (PEVA), poly(lactic- co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and various poly(urethanes) were successfully depth profiled using SF 5+ bombardment. The resultant molecular depth profiles obtained from these polymeric films showed very little degradation in molecular signal as a function of increasing SF 5+ primary ion dose when experiments were performed at low temperatures (signal was maintained for doses up to ˜5 × 10 15 ions/cm 2). Temperature was determined to be an important parameter in both the success of the depth profiles and the mass spectral analysis of the polymers. In addition to the pristine polymer films, paclitaxel (drug released in Taxus™ stent) containing PLGA films were also characterized, where it was confirmed that both drug and polymer signals could be monitored as a function of depth at lower paclitaxel concentrations (10 wt%).

  3. Influence of additives on the retention of metal ions in a soil of Bangalore, India

    Dr Maya Naik


    Full Text Available Liners play an important role in minimizing migration of contaminants and are frequently constructed with natural materials serving as the primary barrier to contain chemicals and potentially harmful pollutants from municipal toxic waste leachates. To improve the performance of liners, additives like lime and cement at low percentages were added to Red Soil of Bangalore. Heavy metals like hexavalent chromium, copper and zinc and alkali metals like sodium and potassium were taken as contaminants. Batch leaching tests on 50 samples were performed according to ASTM D 3987 – 85 for soil and soil mixtures with contaminants. The heavy metals were potentiometrically monitored using ion selective mercury and platinum electrodes. The alkali metals were determined using a Flame Photometry. It has been observed that the retention of heavy metals elements followed the order copper> zinc>chromium over a period of 7 to 28 days. Chromium, zinc and copper attained equilibrium in this period as confirmed based on conductivity and pH data. Cement and lime had significant effect on copper and zinc. Specific adsorption of Cu onto CaCO3 surfaces may control Cu concentration in solution. Zn adsorption increases with pH; Zinc hydrolysed at pH > 7.7 and these hydrolyzed species are strongly adsorbed to soil surfaces. Cr was retained only by 50% and additives did not have much effect as it is subjected to nonspecific adsorption (temporary. Cr was found to be highly mobile in alkaline soils. It was observed that the retention of alkali metals follows the order: K > Na. Cement and lime had positive effect on the retention of Na and K. Sodium ion retarded immediately due to the removal of exchangeable cations, whereas potassium retarded more than sodium due to the lower hydrated radius of potassium. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM characterization tests were performed to understand the soil mineral structure. Regular porous, sponge like, particles were detected in

  4. Etude de la photosensibilite dans la silice implantee avec des ions de haute energie

    Verhaegen, Marc

    La photosensibilite est la propriete par laquelle une materiau donne voit son indice de refraction changer sous l'effet d'une exposition lumineuse. Malgre le nombre croissant de dispositif base sur ce phenomene, les mecanismes a la base de la photosensibilite sont encore debattus. Nous apportons dans cette these un eclairage original sur ce sujet en etudiant la matrice de silice pure non dopee rendue photosensible par implantation d'ion de haute energie. L'implantation d'ions silicium de S MeV modifie l'indice de refraction principalement en densifiant une couche mince dont l'epaisseur est de l'ordre de quelques microns. Nos mesures montrent qu'un guide plan supportant les modes TEi et TMi (i = 0,1) est forme et que l'indice effectif du mode TE0 suit l'evolution de la densification en fonction de la dose de silicium implantee. Nous montrerons egalement que l'augmentation d'indice et la densification produites par implantation atteignent un palier pour une dose de 3 x 1014Si/cm 2, alors que la production de defauts par implantation atteint son palier pour une dose plus faible d'un ordre de grandeur soit 3 x 1013Si/cm2. Le profil d'indice longitudinal produit par l'implantation ionique est calcule a partir des mesures des indices effectifs des modes guides. Ce profil suggere que l'augmentation d'indice comprend une contribution dues collisions et une contribution dues aux pertes d'energie par ionisation. La contribution des pertes par ionisation influence significativement le profil d'indice pour des valeurs de pertes d'energie par unite de longueur (dE/dx) de l'ordre de 2 keV/nm. Lorsque la silice implantee est soumise a un rayonnement ultraviolet d'un laser a excimeres, il en resulte une diminution d'indice de refraction de l'ordre de 10-3 avec une efficacite plus grande si la longueur d'onde d'exposition est 193nm (ArF) plutot que 248nm (KrF). Deux regimes d'exposition lumineuse de la silice implantee a 193nm sont observes. Le premier regime produit une diminution

  5. Alignment of retention time obtained from multicapillary column gas chromatography used for VOC analysis with ion mobility spectrometry.

    Perl, Thorsten; Bödeker, Bertram; Jünger, Melanie; Nolte, Jürgen; Vautz, Wolfgang


    Multicapillary column (MCC) ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) are increasingly in demand for medical diagnosis, biological applications and process control. In a MCC-IMS, volatile compounds are differentiated by specific retention time and ion mobility when rapid preseparation techniques are applied, e.g. for the analysis of complex and humid samples. Therefore, high accuracy in the determination of both parameters is required for reliable identification of the signals. The retention time in the MCC is the subject of the present investigation because, for such columns, small deviations in temperature and flow velocity may cause significant changes in retention time. Therefore, a universal correction procedure would be a helpful tool to increase the accuracy of the data obtained from a gas-chromatographic preseparation. Although the effect of the carrier gas flow velocity and temperature on retention time is not linear, it could be demonstrated that a linear alignment can compensate for the changes in retention time due to common minor deviations of both the carrier gas flow velocity and the column temperature around the MCC-IMS standard operation conditions. Therefore, an effective linear alignment procedure for the correction of those deviations has been developed from the analyses of defined gas mixtures under various experimental conditions. This procedure was then applied to data sets generated from real breath analyses obtained in clinical studies using different instruments at different measuring sites for validation. The variation in the retention time of known signals, especially for compounds with higher retention times, was significantly improved. The alignment of the retention time--an indispensable procedure to achieve a more precise identification of analytes--using the proposed method reduces the random error caused by small accidental deviations in column temperature and flow velocity significantly.

  6. Influence des ions étrangers et de la matière organique sur la cristallisation des carbonates de calcium Influence of Foreign Ions and of Organic Matter on the Crystallization of Calcium Carbonates

    Cailleau P.


    Full Text Available On présente les résultats d'un travail de recherche entrepris pour des aspects de la diagenèse des roches carbonatées : la cimentation cal le rôle est capital pour la conservation ou le colmatage de la porosit de ce type de sédiments. Après une synthèse bibliographique des connaissances actuelles sur et la cimentation du CaC03 en milieu naturel et en laboratoire, on a mentalement l'influence des ions étrangers et de la matière organique sur germination et la croissance des carbonates de calcium. Les principaux résultats obtenus peuvent se résumer comme suit a En ce qui concerne les ions étrangers. Leur action se traduit en général par une augmentation du temps de germination et une réduction de la vitesse de croissance des cristaux de CaCO3; l'apparition de faciès particuliers pour certains des minéraux formés ; l'inhibition des transformations d'une variété en une autre. On obtient un classement par ordre d'efficacité croissante action à peu près nulle: K+, CI-; action modérée : Bat+, Na+, AI3+, Cul+, Sr2+, SO2 , P0;-; action dominante de Mg'+. b Pour les matières organiques. Seules l'acide citrique et, dans une moindre mesure, l'acide tartrique, ont une influence notable, d'ailleurs analogue à celle des ions étrangers en ce qui concerne les cinétiques de germination et de croissance du CaCO. L'adsorption de certains de ces produits se traduit en outre par des faciès particuliers des minéraux formés et éventuellement par l'inhibition des transformations d'une variété en une autre. This article gives the results of a research project undertaken to study one of the aspects of the diagénesis of carbonate rocks, 1. e. calcite cementing, which plays a capital role in preserving or plugging up the original porosity of such sediments.After making a bibliographic synthesis of what is now known about the origin and cementation of CaC03 in a natural environment and in the laboratory, the article experimentally

  7. Soft Landing of Mass-Selected Gold Clusters: Influence of Ion and Ligand on Charge Retention and Reactivity

    Johnson, Grant E.; Laskin, Julia


    Herein, we employ a combination of reduction synthesis in solution, soft landing of mass-selected precursor and product ions, and in situ time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) to examine the influence of ion and the length of diphosphine ligands on the charge retention and reactivity of ligated gold clusters deposited onto self-assembled monolayer surfaces (SAMs). Product ions (Au10L42+, (10,4)2+, L = 1,3-bis(diphenyl-phosphino)propane, DPPP) were prepared through in-source collision induced dissociation (CID) and precursor ions [(8,4)2+, L = 1,6-bis(diphenylphosphino)hexane, DPPH] were synthesized in solution for comparison to (11,5)3+ precursor ions ligated with DPPP investigated previously (ACS Nano 2012, 6, 573 and J. Phys. Chem. C. 2012, 116, 24977). Similar to (11,5)3+ precursor ions, the (10,4)2+ product ions are shown to retain charge on 1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorodecanethiol monolayers (FSAMs). Additional abundant peaks at higher m/z indicative of reactivity are observed in the TOF-SIMS spectrum of (10,4)2+ product ions that are not seen for (11,5)3+ precursor ions. The abundance of (10,4)2+ on 16-mercaptohexadecanoic acid (COOH-SAMs) is demonstrated to be lower than on FSAMs, consistent with partial reduction of charge. The (10,4)2+ product ion on 1-dodecanethiol (HSAMs) exhibits peaks similar to those seen on the COOH-SAM. On the HSAM, higher m/z peaks indicative of reactivity are observed similar to those on the FSAM. The (8,4)2+ DPPH precursor ions are shown to retain charge on FSAMs similar to (11,5)3+ precursor ions prepared with DPPP. An additional peak corresponding to attachment of one gold atom to (8,4)2+ is observed at higher m/z for DPPH-ligated clusters. On the COOH-SAM, (8,4)2+ is less abundant than on the FSAM consistent with partial neutralization. The results indicate that although retention of charge by product ions generated by CID is similar to precursor ions their reactivity during analysis with SIMS is different

  8. Etude preliminaire des equilibres de distribution de l'eau et des ions au cours de l'ovogenese de Solea solea

    Gallis, J; Lemenn, F; Lebrun, A; NUNEZ R


    Les mécanismes d'évolution de l'eau et des ions K+ et Na + dans 1'ovocyte , étudiés- chez Solea so lea L . au¿cours de l'ovogenèse, paraissent liés aux processus d'accumulation des réserves vitellines. Dans l'ovocyte.le ralentissement de l'accumulation de l'eau, parallèle à une accélération de son accumulation dans le milieu péricellulaire, est concomitant de l'entrée de vitellogénine. Ces processus sont associés à une baisse de la teneur en K intraovocytaire. La teneur ovocytaire en Na dimin...

  9. Observation of a helium ion energy threshold for retention in tungsten exposed to hydrogen/helium mixture plasma

    Thompson, M.; Deslandes, A.; Morgan, T. W.; Elliman, R. G.; De Temmerman, G.; Kluth, P.; Riley, D.; Corr, C. S.


    Helium retention is measured in tungsten samples exposed to mixed H/He plasma in the Magnum-PSI linear plasma device. It is observed that there is very little He retention below helium ion impact energies of 9.0+/- 1.4 eV, indicating the existence of a potential barrier which must be overcome for implantation to occur. The helium retention in samples exposed to plasma at temperatures  >1000 K is strongly correlated with nano-bubble formation measured using grazing incidence small-angle x-ray scattering. The diameters of nano-bubbles were not found to increase with increasing helium concentration, indicating that additional helium must be accommodated by increasing the bubble concentration or an increase in bubble pressure. For some samples pre-irradiation with heavy ions of 2.0 MeV energy is investigated to simulate the effects of neutron damage. It is observed that nano-bubble sizes are comparable between samples pre-irradiated with heavy-ions, and those without heavy-ion pre-irradiation.

  10. Retention model of protein for mixed-mode interaction mechanism in ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

    WEI, Yin-Mao; LUO, Quan-Zhou; LIU,Tong; GENG, Xin-Du


    A unified retention equation of proteins was proved to be valid for a mixed-mode interaction mechanism in ion exchange chromatography (IEC) and hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). The reason to form a “U” shape retention curve of proteins in both HIC and IEC was explained and the concentration range of the strongest elution ability for the mobile phase was determined with this equation. The parameters in this equation could be used to characterize the difference for either HIC or IEC adsorbents and the changes in the molecular conformation of proteins. With the parameters in this equation, the contributions of salt and water in the mobile phase to the protein retention in HIC and IEC were discussed,respectively. In addition, the comparison between the unified equation and Melander's three-parameter equation for mixedmode interaction chromatography was also investigated and better results were obtained in former equation.

  11. Damage and deuterium retention in LiAlO 2 single crystals irradiated with deuterium ions using ion-beam techniques and optical absorption measurements

    Katsui, H.; Nagata, S.; Tsuchiya, B.; Zhao, M.; Shikama, T.


    Ion beam analysis techniques and optical absorption measurements were employed to quantitatively examine the damage and deuterium retention in LiAlO 2 single crystals irradiated with 10 keV D2+. Rutherford backscattering spectrometry in channeling geometry revealed that the lattice atoms were disordered by the incident deuterium ions in the ratio O/Al of 2.5. Elastic recoil detection analysis showed that all the incident deuterium ions were retained near the end of their trajectories with a maximum concentration of 0.7 D/Al at room temperature. The depth profiles of the disordered atoms were nearly identical to those of the retained deuterium atoms. The release of the retained deuterium atoms and the annihilation of the ion-induced color centers, which contributed to an optical absorption band at 5.25 eV, were observed in the same temperature range. A correlation was established between the oxygen vacancies and the retained deuterium atoms.

  12. A Computer-Based Undergraduate Exercise Using Internet-Accessible Simulation Software for the Study of Retention Behavior and Optimization of Separation Conditions in Ion Chromatography

    Haddad, Paul R.; Shaw, Matthew J.; Madden, John E.; Dicinoski, Greg W.


    The ability to scan retention data over a wide range of eluent composition opens up the possibility of a computerized selection of the optimal separation conditions. The major characteristics of retention behavior, peak-shape effects and pH effects evident in ion chromatography (IC) using common stationary phases and eluents are illustrated.

  13. Retention of metal and sulphate ions from acidic mining water by anionic nanofibrillated cellulose.

    Venäläinen, Salla H; Hartikainen, Helinä


    We carried out an adsorption experiment to investigate the ability of anionic nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) to retain metal and SO4(2-) ions from authentic highly acidic (pH3.2) mining water. Anionic NFC gels of different consistencies (1.1-%, 1.4-% and 1.8-% w/w) were allowed to react for 10min with mining water, after which NFC-induced changes in the metal and SO4(2-) concentrations of the mining water were determined. The sorption capacities of the NFC gels were calculated as the difference between the element concentrations in the untreated and NFC-treated mining water samples. All the NFCs efficiently co-adsorbed both metals and SO4(2-). The retention of metals was concluded to take place through formation of metal-ligand complexes. The reaction between the NFC ligand and the polyvalent cations renders the cellulose nanofibrils positively charged and, thus, able to retain SO4(2-) electrostatically. Adsorption capacity of the NFC gels substantially increased upon decreasing DM content as a result of the dilution-induced weakening of the mutual interactions between individual cellulose nanofibrils. This outcome reveals that the dilution of the NFC gel not only increases its purification capacity but also reduces the demand for cellulosic raw material. These results suggest that anionic NFC made of renewable materials serves as an environmentally sound and multifunctional purification agent for acidic multimetal mining waters or AMDs of high ionic strength. Unlike industrial minerals traditionally used to precipitate valuable metals from acidic mining effluents before their permanent disposal from the material cycle, NFC neither requires mining of unrenewable raw materials nor produces inorganic sludges. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. Protection des ions organiques contre les dommages induits a l'ADN par les electrons de basse energie

    Dumont, Ariane

    Il a ete demontre que les electrons de basse energie (EBE) peuvent induire des cassures simple brin (CSB) a l'ADN, via la formation d'anions transitoires qui decroissent par attachement dissociatif, ou dans d'autres etats electroniques dissociatifs menant a la fragmentation. Afin d'effectuer une etude complete des effets des electrons de basse energie sur la matiere biologique, il est necessaire de comprendre leur mecanismes d'interaction non seulement avec l'ADN, mais avec les constituants de son environnement. Les histones sont une composante importante de l'environnement moleculaire de l'ADN. Leur charge positive leur permet de s'associer aux groupements phosphate anionique de l'ADN. Le role principal de ces proteines basiques consiste a organiser l'ADN et l'empaqueter afin de former la chromatine. Les cations sont une autre composante importante de la cellule; ils jouent un role dans la stabilisation de la conformation B de l'ADN in vitro par leurs interactions avec les petits et grands sillons de l'ADN, ainsi qu'avec le groupement phosphate charge negativement. Avec les histones, ils participent egalement a la compaction de l'ADN pour former la chromatine. Cette etude a pour but de comprendre comment la presence d'ions organiques (sous forme de Tris et d'EDTA) a proximite de l'ADN modifie le rendement de cassures simple brin induit par les electrons de basse energie. Le Tris et l'EDTA ont-ete choisis comme objet d'etude, puisqu'en solution, ils forment le tampon standard pour solubiliser l'ADN dans les experiences in vitro (10mM Tris, 1mM EDTA). De plus, la molecule Tris possede un groupement amine alors que l'EDTA possede 4 groupements carboxyliques. Ensembles, ils peuvent se comporter comme un modele simple pour les acides amines. Le ratio molaire de 10 :1 de Tris par rapport a l'EDTA a pour but d'imiter le comportement des histones qui sont riches en arginine et lysine, acides amines possedant un groupement amine charge positivement additionnel. Des films d

  15. Retention of PWR primary coolant trace elements by cation exchange resins during cold shutdown with oxygenation: modelling and experimental results for silver behavior; Retention des elements traces du fluide primaire des REP par les resines echangeuses de cations lors des mises en arret a froid avec oxygenation: modelisation et resultats experimentaux relatifs au comportement de l'argent

    Elain, L.; Doury-Berthod, M. [CEA Saclay, INSTN, Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Genin, J.B. [CEA Cadarache, Dir. de l' Energie Nucleaire (DEN), 13 - Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France); Berger, M. [Electricite de France (EDF/SEPTEN), 69 - Villeurbanne (France)


    In order to minimize the radiochemical impact of the corrosion products on the operation of Pressurized Water Reactors, on-line purification of the primary coolant is carried out. The purification system arranged on the Chemical and Volume Control System is made up of mechanical filters and demineralizers packed with a mixed bed of cation and anion exchange resins. This paper proposes an update on the retention of primary coolant trace elements by the cation exchange resins of the demineralizers during cold shutdowns with oxygenation. The study is first of all devoted to the description of the concentration profiles of the various cation constituents which settle in the demineralizer during purification after oxygenation. For a number of trace elements, localized enrichment zones at the Li{sup +}/Ni(Il) exchange zone are expected to appear in the column. The case of silver is afterwards discussed in detail. Thermodynamic modelling shows that the theoretical retention volume of the metallic element and its degree of enrichment in the column are dependent on the basic composition of the primary coolant and the specific characteristics of the demineralizer cation exchanger. At the Ag{sup +} ion concentration expected in the reactor coolant after oxygenation (between 10{sup -8} mol.L{sup -1} and 10{sup -6} mol.L{sup -1}), the breakthrough of silver should be near-simultaneous with that of nickel. The experimental results, obtained in the laboratory and with a 'Mini-CVCS' pilot instrumentation recently used during the cold shutdown of Tricastin Unit 2,900 MWe PWR NPP, confirm the validity of these theoretical forecasts and enable new hypotheses to be advanced for explaining silver release from a demineralizer. (authors)

  16. Propriétés de luminescence des ions de terres rares dopés dans des nanoparticules diélectriques incorporées dans une matrice vitreuse

    Blanc, Wilfried


    International audience; Les ions de TR sont des éléments chimiques uniques couvrant un très large éventail d'applications. En particulier, ils ont permis de nombreuses applications innovantes dans le domaine de la photonique. Afin de développer de nouvelles fonctionnalités, un intérêt croissant réside dans l'utilisation de nanoparticules dopées d'ions de terres rares, qu'il s'agisse des nanoparticules utilisées pour l'imagerie médicale ou des nanoparticules contenues dans un matériau comme da...

  17. The influence of retention on the plate height in ion-exchange chromatography

    Hansen, Ernst; Mollerup, Jørgen


    The plate heights for the amino acid tyrosine (anion exchange) and the polypeptide aprotinin (cation exchange) were determined on a porous media (Resource 15) and a get filled media (HyperD 20) at salt concentrations ranging from weak to strong retention. At a constant velocity, measurements show...

  18. Influence of tungsten microstructure and ion flux on deuterium plasma-induced surface modifications and deuterium retention

    Buzi, L., E-mail: [Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institut für Energie – und Klimaforschung - Plasmaphysik, Partner of the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC), 52425 Jülich (Germany); FOM Institute DIFFER – Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Partner in the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (Netherlands); Gent University, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Gent (Belgium); Université de Lorraine, Institut Jean Lamour, CNRS UMR 7198, Bvd. des Aiguillettes, F-54506 Vandoeuvre (France); De Temmerman, G. [FOM Institute DIFFER – Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Partner in the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (Netherlands); Unterberg, B.; Reinhart, M.; Dittmar, T.; Matveev, D.; Linsmeier, Ch. [Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institut für Energie – und Klimaforschung - Plasmaphysik, Partner of the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC), 52425 Jülich (Germany); Breuer, U. [Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics, ZEA-3 Analytics, Research Centre Jülich GmbH, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Kreter, A. [Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institut für Energie – und Klimaforschung - Plasmaphysik, Partner of the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC), 52425 Jülich (Germany); Van Oost, G. [Gent University, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Gent (Belgium)


    The influence of surface temperature, particle flux density and material microstructure on the surface morphology and deuterium retention was studied by exposing tungsten targets (20 μm and 40 μm grain size) to deuterium plasma at the same particle fluence (10{sup 26} m{sup −2}) and incident ion energy (40 eV) to two different ion fluxes (low flux: 10{sup 22} m{sup −2} s{sup −1}, high flux: 10{sup 24} m{sup −2} s{sup −1}). The maximum of deuterium retention was observed at ∼630 K for low flux density and at ∼870 K for high flux density, as indicated from the thermal desorption spectroscopy data (TDS). Scanning electron microscopy observations revealed the presence of blisters with a diameter of up to 1 μm which were formed at high flux density and high temperature (1170 K) contrasting with previously reported surface modification results at such exposure conditions.

  19. Influence of carboxylic ion-pairing reagents on retention of peptides in thin-layer chromatography systems with C18 silica-based adsorbents.

    Gwarda, Radosław Ł; Aletańska-Kozak, Monika; Klimek-Turek, Anna; Ziajko-Jankowska, Agnieszka; Matosiuk, Dariusz; Dzido, Tadeusz H


    One of the main problems related to chromatography of peptides concerns adverse interactions of their strong basic groups with free silanol groups of the silica based stationary phase. Influence of type and concentration of ion-pairing regents on peptide retention in reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) systems has been discussed before. Here we present influence of these mobile phase additives on retention of some peptide standards in high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) systems with C18 silica-based adsorbents. We prove, that due to different characteristic of adsorbents used in both techniques (RP HPLC and HPTLC), influence of ion-pairing reagents on retention of basic and/or amphoteric compounds also may be quite different. C18 silica-based HPTLC adsorbents provide more complex mechanism of retention and should be rather considered as mixed-mode adsorbents. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Chemical, spectroscopic, and ab initio modelling approach to interfacial reactivity applied to anion retention by siderite; Approche couplee chimique, spectroscopique et de modelisation ab initio a la reactivite de surface: application a la retention des anions par la siderite

    Badaut, V.


    Among the many radionuclides contained in high-level nuclear waste, {sup 79}Se was identified as a potential threat to the safety of long term underground storage. However, siderite (FeCO{sub 3}) is known to form upon corrosion of the waste container, and the impact of this mineral on the fate of selenium was not accounted for. In this work, the interactions between selenium oxyanions - selenate and selenite - and siderite were investigated. To this end, both experimental characterizations (solution chemistry, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy - XAS) and theoretical studies (ab initio modelling using Density Functional Theory - DFT) were performed. Selenite and selenate ({<=} 10{sup 3} M) retention experiments by siderite suspensions (75 g/L) at neutral pH in reducing glovebox (5 % H{sub 2}) showed that selenite is quantitatively immobilized by siderite after 48 h of reaction time, when selenate is only partly immobilized after 10 days. In the selenite case, XAS showed that immobilized selenium is initially present as Se(IV) probably sorbed on siderite surface. After 10 days of reaction, selenite ions are quantitatively reduced and form poorly crystalline elementary selenium. Selenite retention and reduction kinetics are therefore distinct. On the other hand, the fraction of immobilized selenate retained in the solid fraction does not appear to be significantly reduced over the probed timescale (10 days). For a better understanding of the reduction mechanism of selenite ions by siderite, the properties of bulk and perfect surfaces of siderite were modelled using DFT. We suggest that the properties of the valence electrons can be correctly described only if the symmetry of the fundamental state electronic density is lower than the experimental crystallographic symmetry. We then show that the retention of simple molecules as O{sub 2} or H{sub 2}O on siderite and magnesite (10{sup -14}) perfect surfaces (perfect cleavage plane, whose surface energy is the lowest according

  1. Etude structurale et optique de la précipitation des ions de terres-rares et des nanoparticules de silicium dans la silice pour des applications optiques

    Beainy, Georges


    As a material of choice in the modern microelectronics, silicon has attracted increasingattention in the last decade with the aim to integrate both optoelectronic and microelectronicfunctionalities on a same silicon chip. Due to its physical properties, bulk silicon is a poorlight emitter. The development of an efficient silicon based light emitter is therefore achallenging issue. Rare earth ions incorporated silicon nanoparticles in silica thin films haveemerged as promising route to obtain ...

  2. On the retention of uranyl and thorium ions from radioactive solution on peat moss.

    Humelnicu, Doina; Bulgariu, Laura; Macoveanu, Matei


    The efficiency of the radioactive uranyl and thorium ions on the peat moss from aqueous solutions has been investigated under different experimental conditions. The sorption and desorption of uranyl and thorium ions on three types (unmodified peat moss, peat moss treated with HNO(3) and peat moss treated with NaOH) of peat moss were studied by the static method. Peat moss was selected as it is available in nature, in any amount, as a cheap and accessible sorbent. Study on desorption of such ions led to the conclusion that the most favourable desorptive reagent for the uranyl ions is Na(2)CO(3) 1M while, for the thorium ions is HCl 1M. The results obtained show that the parameters here under investigation exercise a significant effect on the sorption process of the two ions. Also, the investigations performed recommend the peat moss treated with a base as a potential sorbent for the uranyl and thorium ions from a radioactive aqueous solution.

  3. Native SDS-PAGE: High Resolution Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins With Retention of Native Properties Including Bound Metal Ions

    Nowakowski, Andrew B.; Wobig, William J.; Petering, David H.


    Sodium dodecyl-sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is commonly used to obtain high resolution separation of complex mixtures of proteins. The method initially denatures the proteins that will undergo electrophoresis. Although covalent structural features of resolved proteins can be determined with SDS-PAGE, functional properties are destroyed, including the presence of non-covalently bound metal ions. To address this shortcoming, blue-native (BN)-PAGE has been introduced. This method retains functional properties but at the cost of protein resolving power. To address the need for a high resolution PAGE method that results in the separation of native proteins, experiments tested the impact of changing the conditions of SDS-PAGE on the quality of protein separation and retention of functional properties. Removal of SDS and EDTA from the sample buffer together with omission of a heating step had no effect on the results of PAGE. Reduction of SDS in the running buffer from 0.1% to 0.0375% together with deletion of EDTA also made little impact on the quality of the electrophoretograms of fractions of pig kidney (LLC-PK1) cell proteome in comparison with that achieved with the SDS-PAGE method. The modified conditions were called native (N)SDS-PAGE. Retention of Zn2+ bound in proteomic samples increased from 26 to 98% upon shifting from standard to modified conditions. Moreover, seven of nine model enzymes, including four Zn2+ proteins that were subjected to NSDS-PAGE retained activity. All nine were active in BN-PAGE, whereas all underwent denaturation during SDS-PAGE. Metal retention after electrophoresis was additionally confirmed using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry and in-gel Zn-protein staining using the fluorophore TSQ. PMID:24686569

  4. Retention behavior of amino acids and peptides on protoporphyrin-silica stationary phases with varying metal ion centers.

    Xiao, J; Meyerhoff, M E


    Various metalloprotoporphyrins (MProP) covalently linked to silica supports are examined as novel immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) stationary phases for separations of amino acids/peptides. Under reversed-phase HPLC conditions, the MProP-silicas exhibit high affinity toward L-histidine via metal-nitrogen axial ligation interactions, with an increasing degree of histidine retention highly dependent on the specific metal ion (M) in the center of the protoporphyrin (ProP) structure: Fe(III) > Ni(II) > Cu(II) > Zn (II) approximately Cd(II). Aromatic amino acids (i.e., L-trytophan and L-phenylalanine) are also retained on MProP columns through pi-pi interactions with the immobilized porphyrins, with the greatest affinity for L-trytophan observed on CuProP-silica columns. Peptides rich in L-histidine and L-tryptophan residues are selectively retained on most of the MProP-silica phases examined; however, the addition of an organic modifier and/or lowering the pH of the mobile phase can be used independently to attenuate the pi-pi and metal ion-nitrogen ligation interactions, respectively. Reproducible separations of His-Phe and trytophan releasing hormone are achieved on a FeProP-silica column even after extensive washing with 50 mM EDTA, demonstrating a fundamental advantage of the new MProP-silica over existing IMAC stationary phases, in which the metal ion is anchored weakly to the support via immobilized iminodiacetate and related ligands.

  5. From the coupling between ion beam analysis techniques and physico-chemical characterization methods to the study of irradiation effects on materials behaviour; Du couplage des techniques d'analyse par faisceaux d'ions et des methodes de caracterisation physico-chimique a l'etude des effets d'irradiation sur le comportement des materiaux

    Millard-Pinard, N


    The general purpose of my research work is to follow and to interpret the surface evolution of materials, which have received several treatments. During my PhD and my post-doc work, my field of research was tribology. Since I arrived in the 'Aval du Cycle Electronucleaire' group of the Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon, my research activities are in line with the CNRS program 'PACE ' (Programme sur l'Aval du Cycle Electronucleaire) within the ACTINET network. They are coordinated by the PARIS (Physico-chimie des actinides et autres radioelements en solution et aux interfaces) and NOMADE (NOuveaux MAteriaux pour les DEchets) GDR with ANDRA (Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Dechets RAdioactifs), EDF and IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire) as partner organisations. My work focused on the study of fission products and actinides migration in barrier materials, which may be capable of assuring the long term safety of deep geological repositories. Until now, it was necessary to use the coupling of ion beam analysis techniques and physico-chemical characterization techniques. During the last few months, I have became interested in understanding radiolytic effects. This new orientation has led us to use ion beams as an irradiating tool. These irradiation experiments are pursued in three major projects. The study of cobalt sulfide inhibition effects of radiolysis gas production during the irradiation of model organic molecules. This is a collaboration with the IRSN, the Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne. A PhD, co-directed by M. Pijolat from ENSMSE and myself, concerning this study will start in October 2003. Water radiolysis effects on iron corrosion are also studied in the particular case of vitrified nuclear waste containers, which will be stored in deep geological repositories. One ANDRA financed PhD, co-directed by Nathalie Moncoffre and myself, is

  6. Magnetic properties of Kramers rare earth ions in aluminium and gallium garnets; Proprietes magnetiques des ions de kramers des terres rares dans les grenats de terres rares et d'aluminium et les grenats de terres rares et de gallium

    Capel, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The magnetic properties of Kramers rare earth ions in aluminium and gallium garnets (MAlG and MGaG) are discussed by means of a molecular field treatment. The symmetry properties of the space group permit to establish a parametrization for the magnetic dipolar and exchange couplings. The magnetic properties of the system can be expressed in terms of these parameters and the g factors of the rare earth ions. We have calculated the transition temperatures, the sub-lattice magnetizations, the susceptibility in the paramagnetic region and the antiferromagnetic susceptibility for a special type of magnetic ordering. The influence of the excited Kramers doublets is described by means of a generalization of the usual g tensor. (authors) [French] Les proprietes magnetiques des ions de Kramers des terres rares dans les grenats de terre rare et d'aluminium et les grenats de terre rare et de gallium sont discutees a l'aide d'un traitement du champ moleculaire. Les proprietes de symmetrie du groupe d'espace permettent d'exprimer les couplages dipolaires et les interactions d'echange en fonction de quelques parametres. Les proprietes magnetiques peuvent etre exprimees en fonction de ces parametres et les facteurs g des ions de terre rare. Nous avons calcule les temperatures de transition, les aimantations des sous-reseaux pour 0des doublets de Kramers superieurs a ete estimee par l'introduction des facteurs g generalises. Ulterieurement nous donnerons une etude sommaire pour des ions non de Kramers. (auteurs)

  7. Tritium Retention and Permeation in Ion- and Neutron-Irradiated Tungsten under US-Japan PHENIX Collaboration

    Shimada, Masashi; Taylor, Chase N.; Kolasinski, Robert D.; Buchenauer, Dean A.; Chikada, Takumi; Oya, Yasuhisa; Hatano, Yuji


    A critical challenge for long-term operation of ITER and beyond to a FNSF, a DEMO and future fusion reactor will be the development of plasma-facing components (PFCs) that demonstrate erosion resistance to intense heat and neutral/ion particle fluxes under the extreme fusion nuclear environment, while minimizing in-vessel inventories and ex-vessel permeation of tritium. Recent work at Tritium Plasma Experiment demonstrated that tritium diffuses in bulk tungsten at elevated temperatures, and can be trapped in radiation-induced trap site (up to 1 at. % T/W) in tungsten [M. Shimada,, Nucl. Fusion 55 (2015) 013008]. US-Japan PHENIX collaboration (2013-2019) investigates irradiation response on tritium behavior in tungsten, and performs one-of-a-kind neutron-irradiation with Gd thermal neutron shield at High Flux Isotope Reactor, ORNL. This presentation describes the challenge in elucidating tritium behavior in neutron-irradiated PFCs, the PHENIX plans for neutron-irradiation and post irradiation examination, and the recent findings on tritium retention and permeation in 14MeV neutron-irradiated and Fe ion irradiated tungsten. This work was prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, under the DOE Idaho Field Office contract number DE-AC07-05ID14517.

  8. Determination of the maximum retention of cobalt by ion exchange in h-zeolites

    A. S. Zola


    Full Text Available This work aimed to determine the maximum content of cobalt that can be incorporated by ion exchange in zeolites H-USY, H-Beta, H-Mordenite, and H-ZSM-5. To reach this goal, batch isotherms at 75ºC were constructed after addition of zeolite samples in flasks filled with cobalt nitrate solution. The equilibrium data were fitted to Langmuir, Freundlich, and Tóth adsorption isotherm models. Langmuir was the best model for zeolites H-Beta, H-Mordenite, and H-ZSM-5, whereas experimental data for H-USY were better fitted to the Freundlich isotherm model. From the isotherms, it was possible to determine the maximum cobalt exchange level (q max that can be incorporated in each zeolite through ion exchange. In this sense, H-USY presented the highest q max value (2.40 meq/g zeol, while H-ZSM-5 showed the lowest one (0.64 meq/g zeol. These results also show the influence of the zeolite framework related to the channel system, pore opening, presence of cavities and secondary porosity and SiO2/Al2O3 ratio (SAR on the maximum capacity and behavior of cobalt ion exchange in protonic zeolites.

  9. Study of the effect of positive ions impinging sensitive emulsions in mass spectrography; Etude de l'action des ions positifs sur les emulsions sensibles en spectrographie de masse

    Cavard, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Experimental relationships have been established between the blackening of emulsions by impinging ions and the following parameters: number, mass and energy of impinging particles. Mean energy ions (about twenty keV) give rise to a latent image probably made of small specks of metallic silver located at the surface or in the bulk of the silver halide grain. A specific developer for ion sensitive emulsion was perfected. Sensitivity and detection threshold are increased by a factor of two or three, compared with values observed using a classical developer. Low energy particles sputtered from superficial layers of the emulsion by the impinging twenty keV ions, produce a latent image close to the surface of the silver halide grain. An oxidizing process bleaches superficial latent image and then reduces background fog. The improved signal over background ratio allows to observe lines undetectable when the plates are developed by usual process. (author) [French] On a etabli les relations experimentales entre le noircissement resultant de l'action des ions sur l'emulsion sensible et les parametres suivants: nombre de particules incidentes, masse et energie de ces particules. L'effet sur les grains d'halogenure d'argent a ete examine: les ions d'energie moyenne (de l'ordre de 20 keV) creent une image latente vraisemblablement constituee d'argent, situee a la fois a la surface et a l'interieur du grain. Un revelateur specifique pour le developpement des emulsions sensibles exposees aux ions a ete mis au point: il accroit la sensibilite d'un facteur deux a trois et le facteur de contraste par rapport a un revelateur usuel. Les particules de faible energie, emises par pulverisation des couches superficielles de l'emulsion au cours de l'enregistrement des spectres de masse des ions d'energie moyenne, creent essentiellement dans les grains d'halogenure d'argent, une image latente superficielle

  10. Soil contamination. part 1. changes in the humidity of non saturated soils after reject in a limited space. part 2. movements of radioactive ions in non saturated soils after reject in a limited space; Contamination des sols (1. partie). Evolution de l'humidite dans les sols non satures apres rejets sur une surface limitee. (2. partie). Comportement des ions radioactifs dans les sols non satures apres rejets d'eau sur une surface limitee

    Rancon, D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Cadarache (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    upon the counting rate of radioactivity. This method which have allowed to get various results about {sup 131}I and {sup 85}Sr can be generalized to other radioisotopes and other soils. They are applicable to radiological safety of sites studies : Testing storage plants, estimate of accidents hazards and protection of subterranean waters. (author) [French] II est important, dans les etudes de surete radiologique de sites, de connaitre les mouvements d'eau dans les terrains non satures surmontant la nappe aquifere, cette tranche de terrain aere pouvant servir de protection contre la contamination de la nappe. L'utilisation d'humidimetres a neutrons a permis de construire graphiquement les coupes des etats hydriques du terrain et les evolutions dans le temps du volume du sol mouille a partir d'un rejet affectant une superficie restreinte. On mesure aussi les gradients d'humidite, les cinetiques d'assechement, la capacite de retention du sol et la teneur en eau gravifique suspendue en en equilibre avec la charge d'eau. L'etat hydrique initial influence la vitesse d'infiltration et non la vitesse d'avancement du front d'humectation, on peut donc calculer la quantite d'eau accumulable par le terrain. Apres l'arret du rejet, le volume de sol mouille evolue jusqu'a un etat d'equilibre limite par le front d'humectation, les redistributions d'humidite s'effectuant seulement au sein de ce volume; ainsi, en cas de rejet de liquide radioactif, les ions contaminants resteront confines dans un volume mesurable limite par le front d'humectation. Partie 2. Pour faire suite au rapport sur les mouvements d'eau dans les sols non satures apres rejet sur une surface limitee - CEA R 3635 (1) - on etudie les mouvements des ions radioactifs dans ces sols en utilisant un anion et un cathion caracteristiques: l'iode 131 et le strontium 85. La methode est basee sur la mesure simultanee des

  11. Retention of phosphorous ions on natural and engineered waste pumice: Characterization, equilibrium, competing ions, regeneration, kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic study

    Karimaian, Kamal Aldin [Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Faculty of Health, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sannandaj (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Amrane, Abdeltif [Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, Université Rennes 1, CNRS, UMR 6226, Avenue du Général Leclerc, CS 50837, 35708 Rennes Cedex 7 (France); Kazemian, Hossein [Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Western University, London, ON, Canada N6A 5B9 (Canada); Panahi, Reza [Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Zarrabi, Mansur, E-mail: [Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Faculty of Health, Alborz University of Medical Sciences, Karaj (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Natural and Mg{sup 2+} modified pumice were used for the removal of phosphorous. The adsorbents were characterized using XRF, XRD, SEM and FTIR instrumental techniques. In the optimal conditions, namely at equilibrium time (30 min), for a phosphorus concentration of 15 mg/L and pH 6, 69 and 97% phosphorus removals were achieved using 10 g/L of natural and modified pumice adsorbents, respectively. Maximum adsorption capacities were 11.88 and 17.71 mg/g by natural and modified pumice, respectively. Pseudo-second order kinetic model was the most relevant to describe the kinetic of phosphorus adsorption. External mass transfer coefficient decreased for increasing phosphorous concentration and film diffusion was found to be the rate-controlling step. Only a very low dissolution of the adsorbent was observed, leading to a low increase in conductivity and turbidity. Removal efficiency decreased for increasing ionic strength. It also decreased in the presence of competing ions; however modified pumice remained effective, since 67% of phosphorus was removed, versus only 17% for the natural pumice. The efficiency of the modified pumice was confirmed during the regeneration tests, since 96% regeneration yield was obtained after 510 min experiment, while only 22% was observed for the raw pumice.

  12. Absorptions UV dans le fonctionnement des sources lasers solides à ions de terres rares

    Moncorgé, R.; Margerie, J.; Doualan, J. L.; Nagtegaele, P.; Guyot, Y.


    L'article donne une description et analyse les phénomènes d'absorption UV à l'origine des mécanismes de solarisation et de variation d'indice de réfraction observés dans certains matériaux dopés terres rares étudiés pour leurs propriétés laser UV ou infrarouge lorsqu'ils sont soumis à de fortes densités d'excitation optique.

  13. Chromatographic retention prediction and octanol-water partition coefficient determination of monobasic weak acidic compounds in ion-suppression reversed-phase liquid chromatography using acids as ion-suppressors.

    Ming, Xin; Han, Shu-ying; Qi, Zheng-chun; Sheng, Dong; Lian, Hong-zhen


    Although simple acids, replacing buffers, have been widely applied to suppress the ionization of weakly ionizable acidic analytes in reversed-phase liquid chromatography (RPLC), none of the previously reported works focused on the systematic studies about the retention behavior of the acidic solutes in this ion-suppression RPLC mode. The subject of this paper was therefore to investigate the retention behavior of monobasic weak acidic compounds using acetic, perchloric and phosphoric acids as the ion-suppressors. The apparent octanol-water partition coefficient (K" ow) was proposed to calibrate the octanol-water partition coefficient (K(ow)) of these weak acidic compounds, which resulted in a better linear correlation with log k(w), the logarithm of the hypothetical retention factor corresponding to neat aqueous fraction of hydroorganic mobile phase. This log K" ow-log k w linear correlation was successfully validated by the results of monocarboxylic acids and monohydrating phenols, and moreover by the results under diverse experimental conditions for the same solutes. This straightforward relationship not only can be used to effectively predict the retention values of weak acidic solutes combined with Snyder-Soczewinski equation, but also can offer a promising medium for directly measuring K(ow) data of these compounds via Collander equation. In addition, the influence of the different ion-suppressors on the retention of weak acidic compounds was also compared in this RPLC mode.

  14. Study of retention properties of fluoro-apatite carbonate relative to Ni(II), Am(III) and Th(IV); Etude des proprietes de retention des carbonate fluoroapatites vis-a-vis de Ni(II), Am(III) et Th(IV)

    Perrone, Jane [Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France)


    Apatite minerals and particularly the carbonated species (francolites), are characterized by their chemical and geological stability and also by their capacity to retain durably a large number of elements. Therefore, they should be able to improve the retention properties of the engineered barriers of a deep geological nuclear waste repository. But there is a wide variety of francolites, so we focused our study on a synthetic carbonate fluoro-apatite of formula: Ca{sub 10}(PO{sub 4}){sub 5}(CO{sub 3})(F,OH){sub 3} and on a natural apatite. We first studied their solubility which is an important criterion for the choice of the materials. A particular attention was also paid to the determination of their surface characteristics and to the study of the radionuclide/solution interactions. Sorption experiments have been performed for the three radionuclides and the influence of various parameters has been investigated. The modelling of the sorption isotherms with surface complexation models leads us to estimate the values of the constants associated to the equilibria under consideration. We have also demonstrated that the phosphate ions of the solution participate to the immobilization of americium as the AmPO{sub 4},xH{sub 2}O compound. Both apatites show high retention levels for the actinides: the sorption is quite total over all the pH range studied and the Kd values are close to 10{sup 4} m{sup 3} kg{sup -1}. Consequently, the use of apatites could be considered as a specific solution for the immobilisation of heavy elements, specially actinides. Moreover, the results indicate that high amounts of carbonates and impurities do not alter the retention properties of francolites. This bears out the feasibility of the use of natural apatites as additives for the engineered barrier materials. (author)

  15. Contribution à l'étude de l'immobilisation des ions plomb en solution ...


    aqueuse par l'adsorption sur le phosphate naturel. Contribution to the study of the immobilization of lead ions from aqueous solution by adsorption on ...... Adsorption of. Naphthalene on Zeolite from Aqueous Solution, Journal of Colloid and ...

  16. Sulfone-carbonate ternary electrolyte with further increased capacity retention and burn resistance for high voltage lithium ion batteries

    Xue, Leigang; Lee, Seung-Yul; Zhao, Zuofeng; Angell, C. Austen


    Safety and high energy density are the two focus issues for current lithium ion batteries. For safety, it has been demonstrated that sulfone electrolytes are much less flammable than the prevailing all-carbonate type, and they are also promising for high voltage batteries due to the high oxidization resistance. However, the high melting points and viscosities greatly restricted their application. Based on our previous work on use of fluidity-enhancing cosolvents to make binary sulfone-carbonate electrolytes, we report here a three-component system that is more conductive and should be even less flammable while additionally having better low temperature stability. The conductivity-viscosity relations have been determined for this electrolyte and are comparable to those of the "standard" carbonate electrolyte. The additional component also produces much improved capacity retention for the LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode. As with carbonate electrolytes, increase of temperature to 55 °C leads to rapid capacity decrease during cycling, but the capacity loss is due to the salt, not the solvent. The high discharge capacity observed at 25 °C when LiBF4 replaces LiPF6, is fully retained at 55 °C.

  17. Deuterium retention in W and W-Re alloy irradiated with high energy Fe and W ions: Effects of irradiation temperature

    Y. Hatano


    Full Text Available Neutron irradiation to W induces defects acting as traps against hydrogen isotopes and transmutation elements such as Re and Os. To investigate synergetic effects on radiation-induced defects and Re, deuterium (D retention in W and W–5% Re samples were examined after irradiation with 6.4MeV Fe ions at 523–1273K followed by exposure to D2 gas at 673K. The value of D retention in W–5% Re was lower than that in W by orders of magnitude after the irradiation at high temperatures (≥1073K, while no significant effects of Re addition was observed after irradiation at 523K. Irradiation with 20MeV W ions at room temperature followed by exposure to D plasma at 443–743K also resulted in small difference in D retention between W and W–5% Re samples. The results of positron lifetime measurements showed that the reduced D retention by Re observed after high temperature irradiation was due to suppression of formation of vacancy-type defects (monovacancies and vacancy clusters by Re.

  18. The search for super-heavy ions; La quete des noyaux super-lourds

    Grevy, St. [Grand Accelerateur National d' Ions Lourds (GANIL-LPC), IN2P3 - CNRS / Ensicaen et Universite, 14 - Caen (France); Stodel, Ch. [Grand Accelerateur National d' Ions Lourds (GANIL), CEA-CNRS-IN2P3, 14 - Caen (France)


    The authors present the search for heavy nuclei, they briefly draw a historical review of the production of heavy isotopes and then describe the means and possibilities the French GANIL (national great accelerator of heavy ions) facility offers. The different steps of the experimental process are described: production, selection, detection and identification. The production cross-sections are so weak that every parameter involved in the production process has to be optimized. It appears that the limit of our technological knowledge has been reached and unless an important technical step forward it seems impossible to go down below the pico-barn (10{sup -12}*10{sup -24} cm{sup 2}) for production cross-sections. The 2 remaining ways to improve the situation are: 1) to increase the intensity of the incident particle beam (today we have < 10{sup 13} pps), this implies that an important development about accelerators and ion sources has to be achieved, 2) the other way is to use radioactive ion beams, the excess of neutrons of the incident ion gives a better production rate and will allow us to reach the neutron-rich part of the stability island. (A.C.)

  19. Fragmentation study of isolated and nano-solvated biomolecules induced by collision with multiply charged ions and neutral particles; Etude de la fragmentation de molecules d'interet biologique isolees et nano-solvatees induite par collision avec des ions multicharges et des particules neutres

    Bernigaud, V.


    This thesis concerns a gas phase study of the fragmentation of bio-molecular systems induced by slow collisions with multiply charged ions (in the keV-region), alkali atoms and rare gases. The main objective was to study the physical processes involved in the dissociation of highly electronically excited systems. In order to elucidate the intrinsic properties of certain biomolecules (porphyrins and amino acids) we have performed experiments in the gas phase with isolated systems. The obtained results demonstrate the high stability of porphyrins after electron removal and attachment. Furthermore, a dependence of the fragmentation pattern produced by multiply charged ions on the isomeric structure of the alanine molecule has been shown. In a second part of the thesis, a strong influence of the environment of the biomolecule on the fragmentation channels, their modification and their new opening, has been clearly proven. This phenomenon occurs in the presence of other surrounding biomolecules (clusters of nucleobases) as well as for molecules of a solvent (molecules of water, methanol and acetonitrile) in which the biomolecule is embedded. In order to extend these studies to larger systems, a new experimental set-up, based on an electro-spray ion source combined with a quadrupole mass filter has been developed. Due to the successful tests and proposed improvements of the device future experiments will become available concerning the fragmentation of large charged and solvated bio-molecular systems induced by collision processes. (author) [French] Cette these est une etude de la fragmentation en phase gazeuse de molecules d'interet biologique soumises a des collisions avec des ions multicharges de basse energie (energie cinetique de quelques keV) et des atomes alcalins ou de gaz rare. L'objectif est d'etudier les processus physique qui conduisent a la dissociation de ces systemes soumis a une excitation electronique intense. Afin de mettre en evidence

  20. Absorption of hydrogen in vanadium, enhanced by ion bombardment; Ionenbeschussunterstuetzte Absorption des Wasserstoffs in Vanadium

    Paulus, H.; Lammers, M. [Inst. fuer Technologie- und Wissenstransfer, Soest (Germany); Mueller, K.H. [Inst. fuer Technologie- und Wissenstransfer, Soest (Germany)]|[Paderborn Univ. (Gesamthochschule), Soest (Germany). Fachbereich 16 - Elektrische Energietechnik; Kiss, G.; Kemeny, Z. [Technical Univ. Budapest (Hungary)


    Prior to hydrogen implantation into vanadium, the vanadium specimen usually is exposed to an activation process and is then heated at 1 atm hydrogen to temperatures between 500 and 600 C, subsequently cooled down in several steps. Within this temperature range, hydrogen solubility increases with declining temperature. A decisive factor determining hydrogen absorption is the fact that at temperatures above 250 C, oxygen desorbs from the material surface and thus no longer inhibits hydrogen absorption. Therefore a different approach was chosen for the experiments reported: Hydrogen absorption under UHV conditions at room temperature. After the usual activation process, the vanadium surface was cleaned by 5 keV Ar{sup +} ion bombardment. Thus oxygen absorption at the specimen surface (and new reactions with oxygen from the remaining gas) could be avoided, or removed. By means of thermal desorption mass spectrometry (TDMS), hydrogen absorption as a function of argon ion dose was analysed. TDMS measurements performed for specimens treated by ion bombardment prior to H{sup 2} exposure showed two H{sup 2} desorption peaks, in contrast to the profiles measured with specimens not exposed to ion bombardment. It is assumed that the ion bombardment disturbs the crystal structure so that further sites for hydrogen absorption are produced. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Bei der Beladung von Vandium mit Wasserstoff wird ueblicherweise die Probe nach einer Aktivierungsprozedur bei 1 atm Wasserstoff auf Temperaturen im Bereich von 500 bis 600 C hochgeheizt und danach schrittweise abgekuehlt. In diesem Temperaturbereich nimmt die Wasserstoffloeslichkeit mit abnehmender Temperatur zu. Entscheidend fuer die Beladung ist aber auch die Tatsache, dass bei Temperaturen groesser 250 C Sauerstoff von der Oberflaeche desorbiert und dadurch die Absorption von Wasserstoff nicht mehr blockieren kann. Im Rahmen der hier beschriebenen Untersuchungen sollte die Wasserstoffbeladung unter UHV-Bedingungen bei

  1. Light ions radiobiological effects on human tumoral cells: measurements modelling and application to hadron-therapy; Mesures et modelisation des effets radiobiologiques des ions legers sur des cellules tumorales humaines: application a l'hadrontherapie

    Jalade, P


    In classical radiotherapy, the characteristics of photons interactions undergo limits for the treatment of radioresistant and not well located tumours. Pioneering treatments of patients at the Lawrence Laboratory at Berkeley has demonstrated two advantages of hadrons beams: the Relative Biologic Effect (the RBE) and the ballistic of the beams. Since 1994, the clinical centre at Chiba, has demonstrated successfully the applicability of the method. A physics group, managed by G. Kraft, at Darmstadt in Germany, has underlined the advantages of carbon beams. An European pool, called ENGIGHT (European Network for LIGHt ion Therapy) has been created in which the French ETOILE project appeared. The purpose of the thesis concerns measurements and models of 'in vitro' human cells survival. In the first part, the nowadays situation in particles interactions, tracks and cells structures and radiobiology is presented here. The second is devoted to the models based on the beam tracks and localization of the physical dose. Discussion of sensitivity to various parameters of the model has been realized with the help of numerical simulations. Finally the predictions of the improved model has been compared to experimental irradiations of human cells with argon and carbon beams of the GANIL machine. Conclusion of such study shows the performance and limits of a local model for predicting the radiobiological efficiency of light ions in hadron-therapy. (author)

  2. Etude du mecanisme de predissociation de l'ion moleculaire de protoxyde d'azote par la mesure de l'energie cinetique des fragments de l'oxyde nitrique et de l'oxygene

    Delisle, Claude

    La reaction N2 + O+ ↔ NO + + N, laquelle joue un role important dans la physique de la haute atmosphere, a ete le sujet de plusieurs etudes. Bien que cette reaction ait ete l'objet d'une quantite importante de travaux, ces derniers ne permettent toutefois pas de comprendre entierement le mecanisme d'un point de vue quantique, particulierement les niveaux d'energie excites des fragments qui permettent cette reaction. Puisque cette reaction n'est pas tres facile a reproduire en laboratoire, nous avons utilise la spectroscopie laser sur faisceaux d'ions rapides afin d'explorer les limites de dissociation de l'ion moleculaire intermediaire de cette reaction, a savoir l'ion N2O+. Le faisceau d'ions N2O+ rapides, apres excitation de l'ion moleculaire vers un niveau predissocie de l'etat A2Sigma+, se dissocie pour produire les fragments ioniques O+ et NO+. Par la mesure de la variation du nombre de fragments ioniques en fonction de l'energie cinetique des ions N2O+, nous avons enregistre les spectres de predissociation de l'ion N2O+. Lorsque c'etait possible, nous avons procede a l'analyse de ces spectres de dissociation afin d'en tirer les constantes moleculaires. Pour certaines des transitions rotationnelles intenses, nous avons mesure l'energie cinetique acquise par les fragments lors de la predissociation de l'ion N 2O+. Afin d'analyser les distributions en energie cinetique, nous avons developpe une simulation de l'experience en considerant, entre autres choses, la position des niveaux de vibration et de rotation des fragments diatomiques de chacune des limites de dissociation de N2O+. Les resultats de l'analyse sont exprimes en termes de population des niveaux de vibration des fragments diatomiques pour une distribution donnee de la population des niveaux de rotation des fragments. Les resultats ainsi obtenus, montrent que les fragments diatomiques sont produits dans des niveaux de vibration fortement excites. De tels niveaux d'excitation ne correspondent pas aux

  3. Brain-targeted distribution and high retention of silver by chronic intranasal instillation of silver nanoparticles and ions in Sprague-Dawley rats.

    Wen, Ruoxi; Yang, Xiaoxi; Hu, Ligang; Sun, Cheng; Zhou, Qunfang; Jiang, Guibin


    The wide applications of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have been concerned regarding their unintentional toxicities. Different exposure modes may cause distinct accumulation, retention and elimination profiles, which are closely related with their toxicities. Unlike silver accumulation profiles through other regular administration modes, the biodistribution, accumulation and elimination of AgNPs by intranasal instillation are not fully understood. This study conducted intranasal instillation of polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated AgNPs in neonatal Sprague-Dawley rats at doses of 1 and 0.1 mg kg(-1) day(-1) for 4 and 12 weeks, respectively. The 4-week recovery was also designed after the 12-week exposure. Silver concentrations in the main tissues or organs were periodically monitored. Parallel exposures using silver ion were performed for the comparative studies. No physiological alterations were observed in AgNP exposures. In comparison, 1 mg kg(-1) day(-1) silver ions decreased body weight gain and caused mortality of 18.2%, showing ionic silver had a relatively higher toxicity than AgNPs. A relatively higher silver accumulation was observed in silver ion groups than AgNP groups. The silver ion release could not fully explain silver accumulation in AgNP exposures, showing silver distribution caused by particulate silver occurred in vivo. The highest silver concentration was in the liver at week 4, while it shifted to the brain after a 12-week exposure. Dose-related silver accumulation occurred for both AgNP and silver ion groups. The time course revealed a uniquely high concentration and retention of brain silver, implying chronic intranasal instillation caused brain-targeted silver accumulation. These findings provided substantial evidence on the potential neuronal threat from the intranasal administration of AgNPs or silver colloid-based products.

  4. Overview of the US-Japan collaborative investigation on hydrogen isotope retention in neutron-irradiated and ion-damaged tungsten

    Masashi Shimada; Y. Hatano; Y. Oya; T. Oda; M. Hara; G. Cao; M. Kobayashi; M. Sokolov; H. Watanabe; B. Tyburska; Y. Ueda; P. Calderoni


    Plasma-facing components (PFCs) will be exposed to 14 MeV neutrons from deuterium-tritium (D-T) fusion reactions, and tungsten, a candidate PFC for the divertor in ITER, is expected to receive a neutron dose of 0.7 displacement per atom (dpa) by the end of operation in ITER. The effect of neutron-irradiation damage has been mainly simulated using high-energy ion bombardment. While this prior database of results is quite valuable for understanding the behavior of hydrogen isotopes in PFCs, it does not encompass the full range of effects that must be considered in a practical fusion environment due to short penetration depth, damage gradient, high damage rate, and high PKA energy spectrum of the ion bombardment. In addition, neutrons change the elemental composition via transmutations, and create a high radiation environment inside PFCs, which influence the behavior of hydrogen isotope in PFCs, suggesting the utilization of fission reactors is necessary for neutron irradiation. Therefore, the effort to correlate among high-energy ions, fission neutrons, and fusion neutrons is crucial for accurately estimating tritium retention under a neutron-irradiation environment. Under the framework of the US-Japan TITAN program, tungsten samples (99.99 at. % purity from A.L.M.T. Co.) were irradiated by neutron in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), ORNL, at 50 and 300C to 0.025, 0.3, and 1.2 dpa, and the investigation of deuterium retention in neutron-irradiation was performed in the INL Tritium Plasma Experiment (TPE), the unique high-flux linear plasma facility that can handle tritium, beryllium and activated materials. This paper reports the recent results from the comparison of ion-damaged tungsten via various ion species (2.8 MeV Fe2+, 20 MeV W2+, and 700 keV H-) with that from neutron-irradiated tungsten to identify the similarities and differences among them.

  5. Overview of the US-Japan collaborative investigation on hydrogen isotope retention in neutron-irradiated and ion-damaged tungsten

    Shimada, Masashi, E-mail: [Fusion Safety Program, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Hatano, Y. [Hydrogen Isotope Research Center, University of Toyama, Toyama (Japan); Oya, Y. [Radioscience Research Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan); Oda, T. [Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan); Hara, M. [Hydrogen Isotope Research Center, University of Toyama, Toyama (Japan); Cao, G. [Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (United States); Kobayashi, M. [Radioscience Research Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan); Sokolov, M. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Watanabe, H. [Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan); Tyburska-Pueschel, B. [Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (United States); Institute fuer Plasmaphysik, EURATOM Association, Garching (Germany); Ueda, Y. [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka (Japan); Calderoni, P. [Fusion Safety Program, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Okuno, K. [Radioscience Research Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan)


    The effect of neutron-irradiation damage has been mainly simulated using high-energy ion bombardment. A recent MIT report (PSFC/RR-10-4, An assessment of the current data affecting tritium retention and its use to project towards T retention in ITER, Lipschultz et al., 2010) summarizes the observations from high-energy ion bombardment studies and illustrates the saturation trend in deuterium concentration due to damage from ion irradiation in tungsten and molybdenum above 1 displacement per atom (dpa). While this prior database of results is quite valuable for understanding the behavior of hydrogen isotopes in plasma facing components (PFCs), it does not encompass the full range of effects that must be considered in a practical fusion environment due to short penetration depth, damage gradient, high damage rate, and high primary knock-on atom (PKA) energy spectrum of the ion bombardment. In addition, neutrons change the elemental composition via transmutations, and create a high radiation environment inside PFCs, which influences the behavior of hydrogen isotope in PFCs, suggesting the utilization of fission reactors is necessary for neutron-irradiation. Under the framework of the US-Japan TITAN program, tungsten samples (99.99 at.% purity from A.L.M.T. Co.) were irradiated by fission neutrons in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), at 50 and 300 Degree-Sign C to 0.025, 0.3, and 2.4 dpa, and the investigation of deuterium retention in neutron-irradiated tungsten was performed in the Tritium Plasma Experiment (TPE), the unique high-flux linear plasma facility that can handle tritium, beryllium and activated materials. This paper reports the recent results from the comparison of ion-damaged tungsten via various ion species (2.8 MeV Fe{sup 2+}, 20 MeV W{sup 2+}, and 700 keV H{sup -}) with that from neutron-irradiated tungsten to identify the similarities and differences among them.

  6. Le Parti des Paysans de Bessarabie et la rivalite entre Pantelimon Halippa et Ion Inculeţ

    Andrei Cemârtan


    Full Text Available L’effervescence du mouvement national en Bessarabie en 1917 a apporté en premier plan la question de l’organisation de la vie politique. Anterieurement il n’y avait pas des partis politiques proprement dits et en étant animés par le meme but, les leaders de ce mouvement ont formé Le Parti National Moldave. Halippa a été un des représentants marquants qui a contribué à la formation de la vie politique en Bessarabie, il a fondé le Parti National Moldave, ulterieurement transformé en Parti des Paysans de Bessarabie, dont Halippa a été le président durant toute sa vie (1918-1926. Cet étude souligne le rôle joué par Halippa dans Le Parti des Paysans de Bessarabie et sa contribution à la fusion avec le Parti des Paysans dans le Vieux Royaume. Le conflit d’opinions entre Halippa et Inculeţ et, plus précisément le conflit entre les visions liés à l’avenir du parti, ont influencé l’évolution de l’organisation. L’intégration du Parti des Paysans de Bessarabie dans le système politique roumain a été la suite naturelle de l’Union et des processus complexes de formation de la Grande Roumanie, mais la formation d’un parti des paysans uni a représenté un progrès pour la vie politique roumaine.

  7. A study of the aptitude of soils under natural conditions to retain radiostrontium; Etude de la vocation des sols en place a la retention du radiostrontium

    Bovard, P.; Grauby, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Independently of the theoretical study of the propagation of radioactivity in the soil as a result of submersions or of radioactive rain, the authors have studied directly and practically how this radioactivity can vary in the actual soil. To this end a simple, rapid method has been perfected; it makes it possible to maintain for each soil sample the natural parameters (structure, humidity, etc.) without introducing boundary effects. In the laboratory, after charging the soil samples, part of the study of the propagation of radioactivity is done by autoradiography; finally, as a practical application, the study of an atomic site illustrates the methods described. (author) [French] Independamment de l'etude theorique de la propagation de la radioactivite dans le sol a la suite de submersions ou de pluies radioactives, les auteurs ont etudie directement et pratiquement comment pourrait evoluer cette radioactivite dans les sols en place. Pour cela, une methode simple et rapide a ete mise au point; elle permet de conserver pour chaque echantillon de sol, les parametres naturels (structure, humidite, etc...), sans introduire d'effets de paroi. En laboratoire, apres mise en charge des massifs preleves, une partie de l'etude de la propagation des radioelements est realisee par autoradiographie; enfin, une application pratique, l'etude d'un site atomique, illustre l'expose. (auteur)

  8. Influence of tungsten microstructure and ion flux on deuterium plasma-induced surface modifications and deuterium retention

    Buzi, L.; De Temmerman, G.; Unterberg, B.; M. Reinhart,; Dittmar, T.; Matveev, D.; Linsmeier, C.; Breuer, U.; Kreter, A.; Van Oost, G.


    The influence of surface temperature, particle flux density and material microstructure on the surface morphology and deuterium retention was studied by exposing tungsten targets (20 μm and 40 μm grain size) to deuterium plasma at the same particle fluence (1026 m−2) and i

  9. A contribution to the physical and chemical model of long-lived radioactive wastes by clayey materials; Contribution a la modelisation physico-chimique de la retention de radioelements a vie longue par des materiaux argileux

    Gorgeon, L.


    This work deals with the high-level and long-lived radioactive wastes confinement which come from the irradiated fuels reprocessing. These wastes are generally coated in a deep geological structure confinement matrix. The radiation protection of a such storage requires that the coating matrix, the technological barriers which separate the storage and the geological medium and the reception rock does not let the radioactive wastes pass. The materials used in this work for the confinement studies are clayey minerals and the retention mechanisms studies are realized on cesium 135, neptunium 237, americium 241 and uranium 233. The first part of this thesis concerns the clayey minerals retention properties towards ions in aqueous solutions. More particularly the relations between these properties and the chemical structure of these solids are investigated. In the second part are presented the experimental works which have allowed to specify the intrinsic characteristics of the studied minerals. Indeed the knowledge of these parameters is essential to quantitatively explain the results of the radionuclides retention. The adsorption mechanisms are described in a third part. (O.L.). 112 refs., 59 figs., 51 tabs.

  10. Influence des ions monohydrogénophosphates et fluorophosphates sur les propriétés des phosphogypses et la réactivité des phosphoplâtres.


    240 pages; Phosphogypsum is a by-product resulting from the phosphoric acid synthesis, used for the fertilizers production. This thesis deals with the study of the major impurities influence, i.e. monohydrogenophosphate ions HPO42- and fluorophosphate ions FPO32-, on phosphogypsums properties and phosphoplasters reactivity, in order to recover them in plaster industry. Therefore, we have:- determined this ions role with regard to the phase diagram CaO-SO3-H20 at ambient temperature- determine...

  11. Process for ion exchange resins from radioactive materials reprocessing plants. Procede d'immobilisation de resines echangeuses d'ions provenant des centres de retraitement des produits radioactifs

    Magnin, G.; Magnin, M.F.; Aubert, V.; Jaouen, C.


    Prior to encapsulation in cement spent ion exchange resins are treated with an aqueous solution containing NO{sub 3}{sup -} and Na{sup +} ions. Nitrate ion amount is determined for saturation of all resin sites as if all the resins were anionic and sodium ion amount for on the one hand a basic pH of the medium and on the other hand the saturation of all cationic resin sites.

  12. Contribution à la Modélisation et à la Gestion Thermique des Batteries Lithium-Ion pour des Applications de Véhicules Electriques

    samba, ahmadou


    disponible: Bibliothèque : Université de Caen Normandie. Bibliothèque universitaire Sciences - STAPS; Advanced research on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries has allowed for large format and high-energy batteries to be largely used in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). For transportation applications, beside limitations of driving range, long charging time is still considered as an important barrier for a wide use of BEVs. The increase of the charging current amplitude may however subject the ...

  13. [Influences of ion-suppressors on retention behaviors of nine food additives in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic separation].

    Zhao, Yonggang; Chen, Xiaohong; Li, Xiaoping; Yao, Shanshan; Jin, Micong


    The influences of ion-suppressors on retention behaviors of nine food additives, i.e., acesulfame, saccharin, caffeine, aspartame, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, stevioside, dehydroacetic acid and neotame in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic (RP-HPLC) separation were investigated. The organic modification effects of acids, i. e. , trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) and buffer salts, i. e. , TFA-ammonium acetate (AmAc) were studied emphatically. The relationships between retention factors of solutes and volume percentages of ion-suppressors in the mobile phase systems of acetonitrile-TFA aqueous solution and acetonitrile-TFA-AmAc aqueous solution were quantitatively established, separately. The separation of nine food additives was completed by a gradient elution with acetonitrile-TFA (0.01%, v/v)-AmAc (2. 5 mmol/L) aqueous solution as the mobile phases. An RP-HPLC method was established for the simultaneous determination of nine food additives in red wine. In the range of 10. 0 - 100. 0 mg/L, nine food additives showed good linearity with the correlation coefficients ( r2 ) larger than 0. 999 1. The limits of detection (LODs) were in the range of 0. 33 - 2. 36 mg/L and the limits of quantification (LOQs) were in the range of 1. 11 - 7. 80 mg/L. The spiked recoveries were between 87. 61% and 108. 4% with the relative standard deviations (RSDs) of 2. 2% -9. 4%. These results are of referential significance for the rapid establishment and accu- rate optimization of RP-HPLC separation for the simultaneous determination of food additives in other foods.

  14. Retention and damage in 3C-β SiC irradiated with He and H ions

    Deslandes, Alec, E-mail: [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Locked Bag 2001, Kirrawee DC, New South Wales 2232 (Australia); Guenette, Mathew C. [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Locked Bag 2001, Kirrawee DC, New South Wales 2232 (Australia); Thomsen, Lars [Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 (Australia); Ionescu, Mihail; Karatchevtseva, Inna; Lumpkin, Gregory R. [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Locked Bag 2001, Kirrawee DC, New South Wales 2232 (Australia)


    3C-β SiC was implanted with He and H ions using plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII). Regions of damage were created at various depths by applying a sample stage bias of 5 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV or 30 kV. Raman spectroscopy results indicate that He irradiation leads to more damage compared to H irradiation, as observed via increased disordered C and Si signals, as well as broadening of the SiC peaks. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and near edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (NEXAFS) results indicate significant change to the SiC structure and that surface oxidation has occurred following irradiation, with the degree of change varying dependent on impinging He fluence. The distributions of implanted species were measured using elastic recoil detection analysis. Despite the varying degree and depth of damage created in the SiC by the He ion irradiations, the retained H distribution was observed to not be affected by preceding He implantation.

  15. Surface modification and deuterium retention in reduced-activation steels under low-energy deuterium plasma exposure. Part II: steels pre-damaged with 20 MeV W ions and high heat flux

    Ogorodnikova, O. V.; Zhou, Z.; Sugiyama, K.; Balden, M.; Pintsuk, G.; Gasparyan, Yu.; Efimov, V.


    The reduced-activation ferritic/martensitic (RAFM) steels including Eurofer (9Cr) and oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steels by the addition of Y2O3 particles investigated in Part I were pre-damaged either with 20 MeV W ions at room temperature at IPP (Garching) or with high heat flux at FZJ (Juelich) and subsequently exposed to low energy (~20-200 eV per D) deuterium (D) plasma up to a fluence of 2.9  ×  1025 D m-2 in the temperature range from 290 K to 700 K. The pre-irradiation with 20 MeV W ions at room temperature up to 1 displacement per atom (dpa) has no noticeable influence on the steel surface morphology before and after the D plasma exposure. The pre-irradiation with W ions leads to the same concentration of deuterium in all kinds of investigated steels, regardless of the presence of nanoparticles and Cr content. It was found that (i) both kinds of irradiation with W ions and high heat flux increase the D retention in steels compared to undamaged steels and (ii) the D retention in both pre-damaged and undamaged steels decreases with a formation of surface roughness under the irradiation of steels with deuterium ions with incident energy which exceeds the threshold of sputtering. The increase in the D retention in RAFM steels pre-damaged either with W ions (damage up to ~3 µm) or high heat flux (damage up to ~10 µm) diminishes with increasing the temperature. It is important to mention that the near surface modifications caused by either implantation of high energy ions or a high heat flux load, significantly affect the total D retention at low temperatures or low fluences but have a negligible impact on the total D retention at elevated temperatures and high fluences because, in these cases, the D retention is mainly determined by bulk diffusion.

  16. A conditioning process for ion exchanger resins contaminated with radioactive elements. Procede de conditionnement de resines echangeuses d'ions contaminees par des elements radioactifs

    Legros, R.; Wiegert, B.; Zeh, J.L.


    Ion exchanger resins are embedded in a pre-polymer syrup prepared from acrylic monomers having high boiling point. A curing catalyst (a peroxide) and an activation agent (a tertiary amine) are added. 12 examples are given. 9 p.

  17. Block containing contaminated ion exchange resins and preparation process. Bloc contenant des resines echangeuses d'ions contaminees et son procede de preparation

    Kertesz, C.; Da Silva, P.


    The invention concerns a block containing contaminated ion exchange resins for storage in a repository. Ion exchange resins are incorporated, after water saturation, in a composite matrix made of hardened epoxide resin and cement chosen among Clinker slag cements and slag-ashes cements. The presence of cement in composite matrix allows to limit the temperature in such block below 63 degree C, during their preparation.

  18. Charge density deposited in silicon by high velocity heavy ions. Densite de charges deposees par des ions lourds a haute vitesse dans le silicium

    Vidiella, G.; Patin, Y. (CEA Centre d' Etudes de Bruyeres-le-Chatel, 91 (FR)); Touati, A. (Institut Curie, 75 - Paris (FR))


    For high velocity collisions, Doubly Differential Cross Sections for target ionisation (the main primary process), are well described by a recent refined theory. This allows ab initio calculation of the structure of the energy deposition in the incident ion track. Such a calculation first developed for radiobiological purpose has been applied to the case of a silicium target. Charge density profiles for various ions are presented here.

  19. Copper ion-mediated liposomal encapsulation of mitoxantrone: the role of anions in drug loading, retention and release.

    Li, Chunlei; Cui, Jingxia; Li, Yingui; Wang, Caixia; Li, Yanhui; Zhang, Lan; Zhang, Li; Guo, Wenmin; Wang, Jinxu; Zhang, Hongwu; Hao, Yanli; Wang, Yongli


    Besides pH gradient, other transmembrane gradients such as metal ion gradient could be also employed to load drugs into liposomes. In pH gradient method, anions have an important role since they could form specific aggregates with drugs, and then affect drug release kinetics from vesicles. To explore the role of anions in metal ion gradient method, copper ion-mediated mitoxantrone (MIT) loading was investigated systematically. When empty liposomes exhibiting a transmembrane copper ion gradient (300 mM) were mixed with MIT in a molar ratio of 0.2:1, after 5 min incubation at 60 degrees C, >95% MIT could be loaded into vesicles and the encapsulation was stable, regardless of the kinds of anions and initial intraliposomal pH values. The encapsulation ratio decreased with increased MIT/lipid molar ratio. But even when the molar ratio increased to 0.4, >90% encapsulation could still be achieved. In the presence of nigericin and ammonium, the drug loading profiles were affected to different degree with respect to both drug loading rate and encapsulation ratio. Relative to CuSO(4)-containing systems, CuCl(2) mediated MIT loading was unstable. Both nigericin and ammonium could alter the absorption spectra of liposomal MITs loaded with CuSO(4) gradient. In vitro release studies were performed in glucose/histidine buffer and in 50% human plasma using a dialysis method. In both of release media, CuCl(2)-containing vesicles displayed rapid release kinetics in comparison with CuSO(4) systems; and during the experiment period, MIT was lost from the vesicles continuously. When the formulations were injected into BDF1 mice at a dose of 4 mg/kg, all the liposomal formulations exhibited enhanced blood circulation time, with half-life values of 6.8-7.2h, significantly compared to the rapid clearance of free-MIT. In L1210 ascitic model, CuCl(2) formulation was more therapeutically active than CuSO(4) formulation. At a dose of 6 mg/kg, the treatment with CuCl(2) formulation resulted in

  20. Quantum electrodynamics tests and X-rays standards using pionic atoms and highly charged ions; Tests d'electrodynamique quantique et etalons de rayons-X a l'aide des atomes pioniques et des ions multicharges

    Martino, Trassinelli


    The object of this thesis is to present a new measurement of the pion mass using pionic nitrogen X-ray spectroscopy and results on helium-like argon and sulphur spectroscopy. The new pion mass has been measured with an accuracy of 1.7 ppm, 30% better that the present world average value, and it is obtained from Bragg spectroscopy of 5 ->4 pionic nitrogen transitions using the theoretical predictions provided by quantum electrodynamics. We have got: m({pi}{sup -}) = (139.571042 {+-} 0.000210 {+-} 0.000110) where the first error is due to the statistics and the second is the systematic error. I present the calculation of the hyperfine structure and recoil corrections for pionic atoms using a new perturbation method for the Klein-Gordon equation. The spectrometer used for this measurement has been characterized with the relativistic M1 transitions from helium-like ions produced with a new device, the Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Ion Trap. High statistics spectra from these ions have enabled us to measure transition energies with an accuracy of some ppm which has allowed us to compare theoretical predictions with experiment data. X-ray emission from pionic atoms and multicharged ions can be used to define new types of X-ray standards for energies of a few keV.

  1. Prospective outcome of the influence of complexation by natural organic matter on enhanced or retarded transport of radionuclides: case of humic substances retention; Bilan prospectif sur l'influence de la complexation par la matiere sur l'effet accelerant ou retard du transport des radionucleides: cas de la retention des substances humiques

    Reiller, P.


    This document takes a prospective stock of the natural organic matter influence on the possible effects on radionuclide migration, as well as a brief critical analysis of the literature data. A comparison with the retention of the 'simple' organic complexing agents is done in order to fix the limit of the 'simplistic' analogies done in the literature very often. It appears that the magnitude of the effects is function of the residence time in the medium, and of the possibilities for the organic complexes to be retained on the mineral surfaces. The contact time between radionuclides and the natural organic matter is also an influent parameter, as it influences part of the reversibility of this interaction vis-a-vis surface retention. Modelling of the metal-organic-surface systems is only satisfying up to now when accounting fractions of organic matter that are less susceptible to form colloidal aggregates, i.e., fulvic acids. These non-aggregated fractions could be considered as simple ligands in a first approximation. Conversely, when it comes to aggregated colloids of organic origin, i.e., humic acids, modelling are limited by the lack of theoretical understanding of their structure and of their evolution in response to geochemical condition variations, as ionic strength (harsh meteoric events), acidity or water composition (non-saturated water table). (author)

  2. Formation and evolution of point defects created in alkali halogen compounds irradiated by heavy ions; Formation et evolution des defauts ponctuels crees dans certains halogenures alcalins irradies par des ions lourds

    Hourdequin, E. [Nantes Univ., 44 (France)


    The goal of this study was to achieve a better understanding of the heavy-ion material interaction. Alkali halogen crystals were chosen since the color centers produced by heavy ions can be distinguished easier from those generated by X rays. Measurements on KI irradiated at low temperature showed that the usual process of non radiative de-excitation of self-captured exciton is not prevailing. As the main objective of this work was the exact determination of the defects created by accelerated heavy ions, an important effort was dedicated to the spectrum deconvolution. Due to the high quality of the obtained spectra the V band analyse was possible. The defect stability was found to have the same nature in all the cubical alkali halogens and depend essentially on the crystal type. The defect evolution after irradiation is related to the diffusion coefficients corresponding to each mobile species and to the crystal lattice in which they move. Based on measurements made at different temperatures a simple modeling of the recombination kinetics was proposed. This effect was found to be specific to irradiation by heavy ions. It is difficult to determine the initial processes from the fossil defects, so, the defect history must be known as the described investigation methods do not permit to establish the transient aspect of defect creation. The important role of impurities should be stressed as the third intruder in the ion/crystal configuration; it can modify significantly the final state of the irradiated crystal, as it was found in KI, for instance. The open problems underlined in this study will probably be solved by using the atomic force microscopy and diffraction or on-line Raman measurements in ISOC chamber to avoid the passage to ambient conditions of the crystals irradiated at low temperatures 60 refs.

  3. Effects of heavy ion impact on power diodes; Effets de l'impact des ions lourds sur les diodes de puissance

    Busatto, G. [Universita Degli Studi di Cassino, DAEIMI, Cassino (Italy); Lannuzzo, F. [Universita di Napoli, Dipt. di Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecommunicazioni, Napoli (Italy); Wyss, J. [European Center of Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, ECT, Trento (Italy); Pantano, D.; Bisello, D. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, INFN, Universita, Dipt. di Fisica, G. Galilei, Padova (Italy)


    At the sea level a significant amount of muons, pions, protons and neutrons coming from the outer space, can impact a semiconductor device with a significant probability. This impact may result in the production of a cascade of highly ionizing ions within the device, mainly silicon or aluminium, which is the main responsible of its single event burn-out (SEB). Many authors have, then, proposed to study the effects of cosmic rays on power devices, both at the sea level and into the space, by irradiating them with heavy ions reproducing this cascade. The aim of this paper is to present the experimental results of the bombardment with high-energy {sup 28}Si ions (108 MeV. 156 MeV) on 1700 V power diodes. In particular, it is shown that a multiplication mechanism enhances the charge generated during the ion impact by a large amount. This mechanism is strongly affected by the applied reverse voltage and the charge increases even, more than 10 times as the applied voltage rises from 50% to 65% of the device blocking voltage. For larger values the diode breaks-down (the destruction took place at only 1200 V during irradiation with 156 MeV ions). The paper presents a complete collection of the observed waveforms during the ion impact and shows that the multiplication mechanism causes an enormous increase of the peak current flowing through the device. Due to the very small area involved into the generation process, the local current density reaches so high values to trigger instabilities, like double injection, which can cause the device failure in a similar manner as during Second-Breakdown of power devices. The 15 MV Tandem of the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro was used for the experiment reported in this paper. (authors)

  4. Zonal rate model for stacked membrane chromatography part II: characterizing ion-exchange membrane chromatography under protein retention conditions.

    Francis, Patrick; von Lieres, Eric; Haynes, Charles


    The Zonal Rate Model (ZRM) has previously been shown to accurately account for contributions to elution band broadening, including external flow nonidealities and radial concentration gradients, in ion-exchange membrane (IEXM) chromatography systems operated under nonbinding conditions. Here, we extend the ZRM to analyze and model the behavior of retained proteins by introducing terms for intra-column mass transfer resistances and intrinsic binding kinetics. Breakthrough curve (BTC) data from a scaled-down anion-exchange membrane chromatography module using ovalbumin as a model protein were collected at flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 20 mL min(-1). Through its careful accounting of transport nonidealities within and external to the membrane stack, the ZRM is shown to provide a useful framework for characterizing putative protein binding mechanisms and models, for predicting BTCs and complex elution behavior, including the common observation that the dynamic binding capacity can increase with linear velocity in IEXM systems, and for simulating and scaling separations using IEXM chromatography. Global fitting of model parameters is used to evaluate the performance of the Langmuir, bi-Langmuir, steric mass action (SMA), and spreading-type protein binding models in either correlating or fundamentally describing BTC data. When combined with the ZRM, the bi-Langmuir, and SMA models match the chromatography data, but require physically unrealistic regressed model parameters to do so. In contrast, for this system a spreading-type model is shown to accurately predict column performance while also providing a realistic fundamental explanation for observed trends, including an observed increase in dynamic binding capacity with flow rate.

  5. The use of fuel cell ion exchange membranes in electrolytic cells les membranes echangeuses d'ions des piles a combustibles

    Damien, A.; Sohm, J.C.


    Ion exchange membranes, previously used in fuel cells, were studied in order to examine their application to water electrolysis. State-of-the-art is reviewed from the bibliography, comparing this process with a classic one. Results show that only the cationic membranes are adequate for electrolytic cell use, being sufficiently resistant to heat and oxidation.

  6. Current signal of silicon detectors facing charged particles and heavy ions; Reponse en courant des detecteurs silicium aux particules chargees et aux ions lourds

    Hamrita, H


    This work consisted in collecting and studying for the first time the shapes of current signals obtained from charged particles or heavy ions produced by silicon detectors. The document is divided into two main parts. The first consisted in reducing the experimental data obtained with charged particles as well as with heavy ions. These experiments were performed at the Orsay Tandem and at GANIL using LISE. These two experiments enabled us to create a data base formed of current signals with various shapes and various times of collection. The second part consisted in carrying out a simulation of the current signals obtained from the various ions. To obtain this simulation we propose a new model describing the formation of the signal. We used the data base of the signals obtained in experiments in order to constrain the three parameters of our model. In this model, the charge carriers created are regarded as dipoles and their density is related to the dielectric polarization in the silicon detector. This phenomenon induces an increase in permittivity throughout the range of the incident ion and consequently the electric field between the electrodes of the detector is decreased inside the trace. We coupled with this phenomenon a dissociation and extraction mode of the charge carriers so that they can be moved in the electric field. (author)

  7. Swift heavy ion irradiation effects in {alpha} poly(vinylidene fluoride); Etude des effets induits par les ions lourds energetiques dans le poly(fluorure de vinylidene)

    Le Bouedec, A


    The goal of this study is to characteristic and to localised defects created in {alpha} Poly (vinylidene fluoride) after swift heavy ion irradiations. PVDF films are irradiated with several Swift Heavy Ions (SHI), in the electronic stopping power (dE/dx){sub e}, in order to study the influence of irradiation parameters (absorbed dose, ion). These irradiated films are studied by different analysis techniques such as FTIR, ESR (X and Q band) spectroscopies and DSC. The crystalline level of PVDF is about 50% and we follow it destruction and amorphization as the absorbed dose increase by DSC and FTIR studies. The variation of the various FTIR bands allow us to observe the unsaturations induced by SHI radiations. Two sets of defects are observed: those which yield is sensitive to an increase of (dE/dx){sub e} and those that are not. A spatial distribution of the various defects within the talent track is provided and defects that are difficult to create are the closest of the ion path. The different kind of radicals created after irradiations are studied by ESR spectroscopy. Alkyl, peroxy and polyenyl radicals are detected after SHI radiations like after electron or {gamma} irradiations. Their yield of creation is independent of (dE/dx){sub e} and their localised in the crystalline zone or/and at the interfacial zone between crystalline and amorphous one. An other kind of radicals is created only after SHI radiations that are specific of the SHI-polymer interaction. We observe that these radicals are localised on a carbon cluster, in the core of the latent track for low doses and highly sensitive at the (dE/dx){sub e} of the ion. (author)

  8. Influence des ions sur le pouvoir hydratant de l'ure e: e tude sur peau de porc ex vivo.

    Dupuis, L; Manfait, M; Serpier, H; Capon, F; Kalis, B


    This study deals with the influence of ions (NaCl and MgSO4) in a W/O emulsion containing 10% urea. Moisturization kinetics are assessed by corneometry on pig skin ex vivo. The formula's influence on urea penetration is measured by infrared spectrometry with an ATR device and the stripping method. Corneometry and spectroscopy were chosen to record simultaneously the hydratation levels and urea localization into superficial cell layers. Urea crystallization after evaporation of emulsions and aqueous solutions is described. Results show that urea does not hydrate nor penetrate when applied to the skin through an aqueous gel. In a W/O emulsion, sodium chloride increases the ability of urea to moisturize without improving penetration. In vitro urea crystallization is disturbed by sodium chloride or magnesium sulphate for solutions and emulsions. This stabilization by ions is correlated with good moisturization values. The stabilization of urea in the solute state provided by ions increases its water epidermal binding capacity without enhancing penetration.

  9. Study of heavy ions collision at SIS energies with the detector FOPI; Etude des collisions d'ions lourds aux energies de SIS avec le detecteur FOPI

    Bastid, N


    The present work has been carried out in the framework of experiments performed with the FOPI detector at the SIS/ESR accelerator facility of GSI-Darmstadt. It is devoted to the study of central and semi-central heavy ion collisions at beam energies ranging from 100 MeV to 2 GeV per nucleon. We present first generalities on relativistic heavy ion collisions then the FOPI detector with a special attention to the FOPI Inner Wall constructed by the Clermont-Ferrand group. The main results of the FOPI collaboration obtained with light and intermediate mass fragments and kaons are presented. A systematic study of the different forms of collection motion of nuclear matter, radial flow in very central reactions, sideward flow and squeeze-out in semi-central collisions, is performed. Further exciting possibilities concerning production and propagation of strangeness at SIS energies will be offered soon with the upgrade of the FOPI detector. The FOPI data have introduced constraints on parameters of theoretical models. Important progress concerning the knowledge of the properties of nuclear matter, the dynamics of the collisions and in-medium effects have been achieved. (author)

  10. Intermediate energies heavy ion collisions : study of the charged particles emission dynamics and emitters characterization; Collisions d`ions lourds aux energies intermediaires: etude de la dynamique d`emission des particules chargees et caracterisation des emetteurs

    Bauge, E.


    In heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies, reaction processes are ranging from slow processes where equilibrium is achieved between every emission, up to direct processes where nucleon nucleon scattering and phase space availability are the deciding factors. In order to investigate this transition, both the emission dynamics and the characteristics of the emitter have been studied, both theoretically and experimentally in the AMPHORA detector, for the systems 7, 17, 27 and 34 AMeV, {sup 40}Ar+Al, {sup 40}Ar+Cu and {sup 40}Ar+Ag. First, the linear momentum transfer of the most central collisions has been evaluated for these systems, by measuring the velocity of heavy residues. Then, by measuring azimuthal angle correlations functions, and by comparing them with statistical model predictions, the average angular momentum of the emitter has been evaluated. To study the charged particles emission dynamics, experimental azimuthal angle and relative momentum correlation functions have been compared with simulations based on a classical trajectory model. Finally, predictions of an advanced BUU model have been studied for the system 34 AMeV 40 Ar+Al. (authors). 69 refs., 52 figs., 5 tabs.

  11. Chromatographic separation process with pellicular ion exchange resins that can be used for ion or isotope separation and resins used in this process. Procede de separation chromatographique au moyen de resines echangeuses d'ions pelliculaires, utilisable notamment pour la separation des isotopes ou des ions, et resines utilisables dans ce procede

    Carles, M.; Neige, R.; Niemann, C.; Michel, A.; Bert, M.; Bodrero, S.; Guyot, A.


    For separation of uranium, boron or nitrogen isotopes, an isotopic exchange is carried out betwen an isotope fixed on an ion exchange resin and another isotope of the same element in the liquid phase contacting the resin. Pellicular resins are used comprising composite particulates with an inert polymeric core and a surface layer with ion exchange groups.

  12. A combined chemical, spectroscopic and ab initio modelling approach to surface reactivity: application to the retention of anions by siderite; Approche couplee chimique, spectroscopiques et de modelisation ab initio a la reactivite de surface: application a la retention des anions par la siderite

    Badaut, V.; Schlegel, M.; Zeller, Ph.; Moutiers, G.


    {sup 79}Selenium may be one of the few radioelements possibly migrating out of nuclear geological repositories. Selenium may yet be retain this Se, but the possible interactions between Se and siderite are yet poorly known. In this work, the interactions between selenium oxi-anions - selenate and selenite - and siderite were investigated. Solution experiments have showed that dissolved selenite ({<=} 10{sup -3} M) is quantitatively immobilized by siderite (75 g/L) after 48 h of reaction time, when selenate is only partly immobilized after 10 days. In the selenite case, XAS showed that immobilized selenium is initially present as Se(IV) probably sorbed on siderite surface. After 10 days of reaction, selenite ions are quantitatively reduced and form poorly crystalline elementary selenium. On the other hand, selenate retained b y siderite does not appear to be significantly reduced over the probed timescale (10 days). To better understand the mechanism of selenite reduction by siderite, the properties of bulk and perfect surfaces of siderite were modelled using DFT. The properties of the valence electrons could be correctly described only if the symmetry of the fundamental state electronic density is lower than the experimental crystallographic symmetry. We we modelled the retention of simple molecules as O{sub 2} or H{sub 2}O on siderite and magnesite (10-14) perfect surfaces. Our results are in good agreement with the literature. Finally, the modelling of selenite surface complexes on magnesite is performed with and without hydration. (authors)

  13. SiO{sub 2} on silicon: behavior under heavy ion irradiation; SiO{sub 2} sur silicium: comportement sous irradiation avec des ions lourds

    Rotaru, C


    Heavy ion irradiation was performed on a-SiO{sub 2} layers deposited on Si. Damage of the surface was studied by means of Atomic Force Microscopy. Hillocks appear for an electronic stopping power higher than 16 keV/nm. The height of the hillocks decreases with the thickness of the oxide layer. Infrared Spectroscopy studies show that the damage threshold for a-SiO{sub 2} is at an electronic stopping power of 2 keV/nm. Therefore it is probable that the origin of the hillocks comes from the silicon layer. This could be explain within the frame of thermal spike model. The theoretical thresholds are 8 keV/nm and 1.8 keV/nm for silicon and a-SiO{sub 2} respectively. Chemical etching after irradiation gives a technical possibility to create nano-pits, whose size and shape can be controlled. Additionally, these structures allowed to determine the AFM tip radius. (author)

  14. Study of neutron migration ion a multiplying medium according to the intensity and distribution of absorptions; Etude de la migration des neutrons dans un milieu multiplicateur en fonction de l'intensite et de la distribution des captures

    Naudet, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The calculation of the neutron migration area assumes a simple form in two limiting cases: the case of pure slowing down and the case of purely thermal diffusion. In a thermal reactor, through these two schemes can be more or less applied at the start and finish of the life of the neutron, we must also consider a transition zone, in which the phenomena are obviously far more complex. How is the link to be made, and in what way does it depend on the distribution law of the captures? Two different methods have been developed to solve this problem. In the first one, the neutron is tracked through successive collisions, and attention is particularly concentrated on the variation of the absorption probability; in the second one, the spectrum is considered as a whole, the balance of neutrons arriving and disappearing at each velocity being written down. It is proved, moreover, that the two methods are based on the same formulation. The first one gives rise to interesting interpretations which permit a deep understanding of the physical phenomena; the second produces easier calculation, through the new thermalization operators developed at Saclay, The parameters of the problem are being studied successively (thermalization model, absorption law, variation law of the diffusion coefficient, geometrical parameters of the cell, relative importance of the leakages) For each of then, numerical applications are presented. (author) [French] Le calcul de l'aire de migration des neutrons se formule simplement dans deux cas limites: celui du ralentissement pur, et celui de la diffusion purement thermique. Dans un reacteur thermique, si on peut a la rigueur utiliser ces deux schemas au debut et a la fin de la vie des neutrons, il faut bien aussi considerer une zone de transition ou les phenomenes sont visiblement plus complexes. Comment effectuer le raccordement, et comment depend-il de la loi de repartition des captures? Deux methodes differentes ont ete etudiees pour resoudre

  15. Dzeramā ūdens kvalitāte centralizētajās ūdens apgādes sistēmās Latgales reģionā

    Smirnova, Olita


    Maģistra darba mērķis ir novērtēt dzeramā ūdens kvalitāti centralizētajās ūdens apgādes sistēmās Latgales reģionā. Mērķa sasniegšanai tika ievākti dzeramā ūdens paraugi no centralizētās ūdens apgādes sistēmas Varakļānos kā modeļobjektā, iegūti Latgales reģiona ķīmisko un mikrobioloģisko analīžu dati, veikta to analīze un interpretācija. Atslēgvārdi: dzeramā ūdens kvalitāte, centralizētās ūdensapgādes sistēmas, ūdens kvalitātes indikatori

  16. Vacuum Pyrolysis of Fluoride Retention in Electrode Active Material of Lithium Ion Battery%废旧锂电池电极活性材料真空热解固氟研究

    谢光炎; 凌云; 孙水裕


    以废旧锂离子电池电极活性材料为研究对象,在真空热解过程中加入CaO作为固氟剂,用以吸收电极活性材料在真空热解的回收工艺中产生的氟磷化合物,能有效减轻二次污染.研究了温度、CaO添加量、停留时间等热解条件对真空热解固氟效果的影响.结果表明固氟效果随温度的增加而增加,在温度500℃以上变化不大,并略有下降;CaO添加量对固氟效果有促进作用,30%可达到很高的固氟效果;30 min的停留时间对于含氟化合物的分解已经足够.得到CaO固氟工序的最佳操作参数:CaO添加量30%左右,温度500~600℃,停留时间30 min.%With electrode active materials of lithium ion batteries (LIBs)as research objects, CaO as a fluoride retention additive in the vacuum pyrolysis process, fluoride phosphorus compounds produced in the vacuum pyrolysis of electrode active materials can be effectively absorbed, which would reduce the secondary pollution. Effects of pyrolysis conditions such as pyrolysis temperature, CaO addition and residence time on fluoride retention were investigated. Results showed that effects of fluoride retention increased with temperature, and effect of fluoride retention changed a little and slightly decreased above 500 t. CaO addition is helpful to fluoride retention, with 30% of addition quantity to a satisfactory result. 30min residence time for fluoride and phosphorus compound decomposition is sufficient. The optimum conditions of fluoride and phosphorus retention by CaO were 30% CaO addition quantity, temperature 500-600 ℃ and residence time 30 min.

  17. Du couplage des techniques d'analyse par faisceaux d'ions et des méthodes de caractérisation physico-chimique à l'étude des effets d'irradiation sur le comportement des matériaux

    Millard-Pinard, N.


    ACE; La thématique générale de mes recherches est le suivi et l'interprétation de l'évolution des surfaces de matériaux soumis à différents traitements. Lors de mon travail de thèse et pendant mes recherches post - doctorales, le domaine visé était la tribologie. Depuis mon intégration au groupe « Aval du Cycle Electronucléaire » de l'Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon, mes activités de recherche s'inscrivent dans le cadre du programme CNRS “ PACE ” (Programme sur l'Aval du Cycle Electron...

  18. Multi-scale study of the interaction mechanisms of aquo-uranyl ions with titanium oxide surfaces (powders and monocrystals); Etude multi-echelle des mecanismes d'interaction des ions aquo uranyle avec les surfaces de l'oxyde de titane (poudres et monocristaux)

    Vandenborre, J


    The aim of this work is the study, at a molecular scale, of the sorption mechanisms corresponding to UO{sub 2}{sup 2+} /TiO{sub 2} system. The first step of the study is the hydrated solid characterization and the second step is the sorption mechanisms study. The work is performed using a multi-scale approach, which is composed by three parts. At first, we have obtained macroscopic data corresponding to the uranyl retention on the solid. Moreover, we have used CD-MUSIC model in order to calculate the surface acidity constants of the hydrated solid. In a second part, we have performed a multi-spectroscopic study (TRLFS, XPS, DRIFT, SHG) in order to characterize the system at a molecular scale. Finally, all these results were obtained on the solid TiO{sub 2} under different forms (rutile or anatase phases and (110), (001), (111) rutile single crystals). From the structural results, we have determined that there are two sorption sites towards the free uranyl ion onto the titania surface, whatever the studied solid (powder and single crystal). Moreover, these two reactive sorption sites don't present the same reactivity towards free uranyl ion: the more reactive sorption site is assigned to a bridging-bridging oxygen atoms and the less reactive sorption site is assigned to a bridging-top oxygen atoms. Thus, using this methodology, we can conclude that it is possible to understand the powder surface properties using the single crystals surface results. Finally, with the multi-scale approach, we have used the spectroscopic results obtained on UO{sub 2}{sup 2+}/TiO{sub 2} system as constraints during macroscopic data simulation using a surface complexation model (CCM). (author)

  19. Multi-criteria decision making development of ion chromatographic method for determination of inorganic anions in oilfield waters based on artificial neural networks retention model.

    Stefanović, Stefica Cerjan; Bolanča, Tomislav; Luša, Melita; Ukić, Sime; Rogošić, Marko


    This paper describes the development of ad hoc methodology for determination of inorganic anions in oilfield water, since their composition often significantly differs from the average (concentration of components and/or matrix). Therefore, fast and reliable method development has to be performed in order to ensure the monitoring of desired properties under new conditions. The method development was based on computer assisted multi-criteria decision making strategy. The used criteria were: maximal value of objective functions used, maximal robustness of the separation method, minimal analysis time, and maximal retention distance between two nearest components. Artificial neural networks were used for modeling of anion retention. The reliability of developed method was extensively tested by the validation of performance characteristics. Based on validation results, the developed method shows satisfactory performance characteristics, proving the successful application of computer assisted methodology in the described case study.

  20. Dynamics of water and ions in clays of type montmorillonite by microscopic simulation and quasi-elastic neutron scattering; Dynamique de l'eau et des ions dans des argiles de type montmorillonite par simulation microscopique et diffusion quasi-elastique des neutrons

    Malikova, N


    Montmorillonite clays in low hydration states, with Na{sup +} and Cs{sup +} compensating counter ions, are investigated by a combination of microscopic simulation and quasi-elastic neutron scattering to obtain information on the local structure and dynamics of water and ions in the interlayer. At first predictions of simulation into the dynamics of water and ions at elevate temperatures are shown (0 deg C 80 deg C, pertinent for the radioactive waste disposal scenario) Marked difference is observed between the modes of diffusion of the Na{sup +} and C{sup +} counter ions. In water dynamics, a significant step towards bulk water behaviour is seen on transition from the mono- to bilayer states. Secondly, a detailed comparison between simulation and quasi-elastic neutron scattering (Neutron Spin Echo and Time-of-Flight) regarding ambient temperature water dynamics is presented. Overall, the approaches are found to be in good agreement with each other and limitations of each of the methods are clearly shown. (author)

  1. Création d'atomes d'argon excités dans des états de Rydberg en vue de l'étude de l'autodétachement électronique d'ions moléculaires SF6 -6 dans un piège quadrupolaire radiofréquence

    Brincourt, G.; Vedel, M.; Zerega, Y.; André, J; Vedel, F.


    Nous décrivons dans ce travail les conditions expérimentales d'obtention d'atomes d'argon excités dans des états de Rydberg par bombardement électronique. Nous précisons certaines de leurs propriétés qu'il est nécessaire de connaître dans la perspective de l'étude de l'auto-détachement électronique d'ions moléculaires SF6-dans un piège quadrupolaire radiofréquence. Ces ions sont créés par interaction, à énergie quasi-nulle, de molécules SF6 avec des atomes excités dans des états de Rydberg. D...

  2. Interaction between fast ions and ion cyclotron heating in a tokamak plasma; Interaction des ions rapides avec les ondes a la frequence cyclotronique ionique dans un plasma de tokamak

    Bergeaud, V


    In an ignited fusion reactor, the plasma temperature is sustained by the fusion reactions. However, before this regime is reached, it is necessary to bring an additional power to the plasma. One of the methods that enables the coupling of power is the use of an electromagnetic wave in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF). This thesis deals with the interaction between ICRF heating and the fast ions. The thesis contains a theoretical study of the influence of ICRF heating on the ion distribution function. A particular emphasis is put on the importance of the toroidal spectrum of the modes of propagation of the wave in the tokamak. It is necessary to take into account all these modes in order to correctly assess the strength of the wave particle interaction, especially for high energy particles (of the order of hundreds of keV). The classical treatment of the wave particle interaction is based on the hypothesis that the cyclotron phase of the particle and the wave phase are de-correlated between successive resonant interactions. One is therefore led to consider ICRF heating as a diffusive process. This hypothesis is reconsidered in this thesis and it is shown that strong correlations exist in a large part of the velocity space. For this study, a numerical code that computes the full trajectory of particles interacting with a complete electromagnetic field has been developed. The thesis also deals with the problem of fast ion losses due to the breaking of the toroidal symmetry of the confinement magnetic field (called the ripple modulation). Between two toroidal coils, local magnetic wells exist, and particles can be trapped there. When trapped they undergo a vertical drift that makes them quit the plasma rapidly. The ripple modulation also causes an enhancement of the radial diffusion, thereby increasing the losses. A Monte Carlo model describing these mechanisms is presented. This model is validated thanks to a comparison with an experimental database from

  3. Interaction of fast ions with ion cyclotron electromagnetic waves in tokamak plasma; Interaction des ions rapides avec les ondes a la frequence cyclotronique ionique dans un plasma de tokamak

    Bergeaud, V


    In an ignited fusion reactor, the plasma temperature is sustained by the fusion reactions. However, before this regime is reached, it is necessary to bring an additional power to the plasma. One of the methods that enables the coupling of power is the use of an electromagnetic wave in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF). This thesis deals with the interaction between ICRF heating and the fast ions. The thesis contains a theoretical study of the influence of ICRF heating on the ion distribution function. A particular emphasis is put on the importance of the toroidal spectrum of the modes of propagation of the wave in the tokamak. It is necessary to take into account all these modes in order to correctly assess the strength of the wave particle interaction, especially for high energy particles (of the order of hundreds of keV). The classical treatment of the wave particle interaction is based on the hypothesis that the cyclotron phase of the particle and the wave phase are de-correlated between successive resonant interactions. One is therefore led to consider ICRF heating as a diffusive process. This hypothesis is reconsidered in this thesis and it is shown that strong correlations exist in a large part of the velocity space. For this study, a numerical code that computes the full trajectory of particles interacting with a complete electromagnetic field has been developed. The thesis also deals with the problem of fast ion losses due to the breaking of the toroidal symmetry of the confinement magnetic field (called the ripple modulation). Between two toroidal coils, local magnetic wells exist, and particles can be trapped there. When trapped they undergo a vertical drift that makes them quit the plasma rapidly. The ripple modulation also causes an enhancement of the radial diffusion, thereby increasing the losses. A Monte Carlo model describing these mechanisms is presented. This model is validated thanks to a comparison with an experimental database from

  4. Study of uranium (VI) in carbonate solution by potentiometric titrations and ion-exchange; Etude des solutions d'uranium (VI) en milieu carbonate par titrages potentiometriques et echange d'ions

    Billon, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present work is devoted to the fixation of uranium (VI) on the conventional anion-exchange resin Dowex 2 X 8 in carbonate and hydrogen-carbonate media. Both media were successfully used for the recuperation of uranium (VI) from very dilute solutions. Equilibrium constant of the exchange [UO{sub 2}(CO{sub 3}){sub 3}{sup 4+}]{sub S} + 2 [CO{sub 3}{sup 2-}]{sub R} {r_reversible} [UO{sub 2}(CO{sub 3}){sub 3}{sup 4-}]{sub R} + 2[CO{sub 3}{sup 2-}]{sub S} is determined for carbonate concentration range 0.1 M to 0.6 M from partition curves. A markedly increase in the relative fixation of uranium results with: - increasing free carbonate concentration of the solution, - decreasing uranium concentration. A study in the same conditions of the fixation of molybdenum has made it possible to separate the latter from uranium by elution, the carbonate concentration being molar. It is suggested a possibility of separation on a larger scale, based upon molybdenum displacement by uranium in hydrogen-carbonate medium. (author) [French] Le present travail precise la fixation de l'uranium (VI) sur la resine echangeuse d'anions Dowex 2 X 8, en milieu carbonate et hydrogeno-carbonate. Nous en avons deduit que ces deux milieux sont egalement favorables a la recuperation de l'uranium a partir de solutions tres diluees. La constante d'equilibre de la reaction d'echange [UO{sub 2}(CO{sub 3}){sub 3}{sup 4+}]{sub S} + 2 [CO{sub 3}{sup 2-}]{sub R} {r_reversible} [UO{sub 2}(CO{sub 3}){sub 3}{sup 4-}]{sub R} + 2[CO{sub 3}{sup 2-}]{sub S} a ete determinee pour le milieu carbonate 0.1 M a 0.6 M, a partir deb courbes de partage. La fixation relative de l'uranium augmente considerablement lorsque: - la concentration du carbonate libre (respectivement hydrogenocarbonate) diminue, - la concentration de l'uranium en solution diminue. Le comportement du molybdene a ete etudie en vue de la separation uranium-molybdene. L'ion fixe sur la resine est l'ion

  5. Mechanisms of hydrogen retention in metallic beryllium and beryllium oxide and properties of ion-induced beryllium nitride; Rueckhaltemechanismen fuer Wasserstoff in metallischem Beryllium und Berylliumoxid sowie Eigenschaften von ioneninduziertem Berylliumnitrid

    Oberkofler, Martin


    In the framework of this thesis laboratory experiments on atomically clean beryllium surfaces were performed. They aim at a basic understanding of the mechanisms occurring upon interaction of a fusion plasma with a beryllium first wall. The retention and the temperature dependent release of implanted deuterium ions are investigated. An atomistic description is developed through simulations and through the comparison with calculations based on density functional theory. The results of these investigations are compared to the behaviour of hydrogen upon implantation into thermally grown beryllium oxide layers. Furthermore, beryllium nitride is produced by implantation of nitrogen into metallic beryllium and its properties are investigated. The results are interpreted with regard to the use of beryllium in a fusion reactor. (orig.)

  6. Des tuiles, des toits et des couleurs

    Bonnot, Thierry


    La Bourgogne est une des régions françaises dont l’image de marque est le plus imprégnée par la notion de tradition. Elle est présentée comme un terroir où il fait bon vivre, où la gastronomie demeure à travers les siècles une valeur de base, où les paysages sont majestueux et où la gloire passée est sans cesse rappelée par de somptueux monuments. Parmi quelques emblèmes, l’hôtel-Dieu de Beaune et ses toitures de tuiles colorées sont très souvent mobilisés pour représenter ces valeurs « tradi...

  7. Enhanced Retention of Chelating Reagents in Octadecylsilyl Silica Phase by Interaction with Residual Silanol Groups in Solid Phase Extraction of Divalent Metal Ions.

    Ohmuro, Satoshi; Fujii, Kan; Yasui, Takashi; Takada, Kazutake; Yuchi, Akio; Kokusen, Hisao


    Solid-phase extraction (SPE) of divalent metal ions with a lipophilic and potentially divalent hexadentate chelating reagent (H2L), with which octadecylsilyl silica (ODS), was impregnated with was studied to gain more insight into and develop the potential of this methodology. This is the first time to demonstrate that this reagent as well as other common nitrogen-containing reagents were retained both by adsorption due to hydrogen bonding between nitrogen atoms of the reagent and residual silanol groups in the ODS phase and by simple distribution into the hydrophobic space. An appreciably large amount of this reagent could be retained by the adsorption mechanism even with a relatively thin loading solution. The divalent metal ions of Mn(2+), Co(2+) and Zn(2+) were extracted as 1:1 neutral complexes ([ML]), while Ni(2+) and Cu(2+) as ion-pairs of 1:1 cationic complex ([MHL](+)) with anion in SPE with H2L. The extractability and selectivity were substantially the same as that in liquid-liquid extraction.

  8. Structural study of the uranyl and rare earth complexation functionalized by the CMPO; Etude structurale de la complexation de l'uranyle et des ions lanthanides par des calixarenes fonctionnalises par le CMPO

    Cherfa, S


    In view of reducing the volume of nuclear waste solutions, a possible way is to extract simultaneously actinide and lanthanide ions prior to their ulterior separation.. Historically, the two extractant families used for nuclear waste reprocessing are the phosphine oxides and the CMPO (Carbamoyl Methyl Phosphine Oxide). For a better understanding of the complexes formed during extraction, we undertook structural studies of the complexes formed between uranyl and lanthanide (III) ions and the two classes of ligands cited above. These studies have been performed by X-ray diffraction on single crystals. Recently, a new type of extractants of lanthanide (III) and actinide (III) ions has been developed. When the Organic macrocycle called calixarene (an oligomeric compound resulting from the poly-condensation of phenolic units) is functionalized by a CMPO ligand, the extracting power, in terms of yield and selectivity towards lightest lanthanides, is greatly enhanced compared to the one measured for the single CMPO. Our X-ray diffraction studies allowed us to characterise, in terms of stoichiometry and monodentate or bidentate coordination mode of the CMPO functions, the complexes of calix[4]arene-CMPO (with four phenolic units) with lanthanide nitrates and uranyl. These different steps of characterisation enabled us to determine the correlation between the structures of the complexes and both selectivity and exacerbation of the extracting power measured in the liquid phase. (author)

  9. Développement d'un système de gestion de batterie lithium-ion à destination de véhicules "mild hybrid" : détermination des indicateurs d'état (SoC, SoH et SoF)

    LIEVRE, Aurélien


    Les véhicules hybrides se démocratisent avec une utilisation croissante des éléments de stockage à base de lithium-ion. Dans ce contexte d'exploitation, le type d'usage est atypique et dépend fortement des stratégies de répartition des énergies au sein du véhicule. Parmi les hybridations, la catégorie "mild hybrid" conserve la motorisation thermique pour l'autonomie qu'elle apporte, et lui adjoint une machine électrique associée à un élément de stockage réversible, afin de permettre une récup...

  10. Observation of single-ion multiple-bit upsets in memories in space; Observation en vol, d'upsets multiples mono-ioniques, sur des memoires

    Buchner, S.; Campbell, A.B.; Meehan, T.; McMorrow, D. [Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC (United States); Buchner, S. [SFA, Inc Largo, MD (United States); Dyer, C.; Sanderson, C.; Comber, C. [EDS Defense Limited, Hants (United Kingdom)


    Single-ion multiple-bit upsets (SIMBU) have been observed in 2 different types of memories aboard a spacecraft. There are 3 recognized mechanisms responsible for SIMBUs: 1) charge diffusing away from an ion track and collected by adjacent SEU-sensitive nodes (single event upset), 2) charge collected from an ion track passing through the circuit just below the surface and intersecting a number of memory cells in a straight line, and 3) ion strikes to control circuitry. All the SIMBUs from MPTB (microelectronics and photonics test-bed) have been attributed to one of the 3 mechanisms described above. Bit-maps of the memories are essential for determining the physical locations of the upsets. For this study the bit-maps have been obtained with pulsed lasers. (A.C.)

  11. Charge exchange and energy loss of slowed down heavy ions channeled in silicon crystals; Echanges de charge et perte d'energie d'ions lourds ralentis, canalises dans des cristaux de silicium

    Testa, E


    This work is devoted to the study of charge exchange processes and of the energy loss of highly charged heavy ions channeled in thin silicon crystals. The two first chapters present the techniques of heavy ion channeling in a crystal, the ion-electron processes and the principle of our simulations (charge exchange and trajectory of channeled ions). The next chapters describe the two experiments performed at the GSI facility in Darmstadt, the main results of which follow: the probability per target atom of the mechanical capture (MEC) of 20 MeV/u U{sup 91+} ions as a function of the impact parameter (with the help of our simulations), the observation of the strong polarization of the target electron gas by the study of the radiative capture and the slowing down of Pb{sup 81+} ions from 13 to 8,5 MeV/u in channeling conditions for which electron capture is strongly reduced. (author)

  12. Effets des electrons secondaires sur l'ADN

    Boudaiffa, Badia

    Les interactions des electrons de basse energie (EBE) representent un element important en sciences des radiations, particulierement, les sequences se produisant immediatement apres l'interaction de la radiation ionisante avec le milieu biologique. Il est bien connu que lorsque ces radiations deposent leur energie dans la cellule, elles produisent un grand nombre d'electrons secondaires (4 x 104/MeV), qui sont crees le long de la trace avec des energies cinetiques initiales bien inferieures a 20 eV. Cependant, il n'y a jamais eu de mesures directes demontrant l'interaction de ces electrons de tres basse energie avec l'ADN, du principalement aux difficultes experimentales imposees par la complexite du milieu biologique. Dans notre laboratoire, les dernieres annees ont ete consacrees a l'etude des phenomenes fondamentaux induits par impact des EBE sur differentes molecules simples (e.g., N2, CO, O2, H2O, NO, C2H 4, C6H6, C2H12) et quelques molecules complexes dans leur phase solide. D'autres travaux effectues recemment sur des bases de l'ADN et des oligonucleotides ont montre que les EBE produisent des bris moleculaires sur les biomolecules. Ces travaux nous ont permis d'elaborer des techniques pour mettre en evidence et comprendre les interactions fondamentales des EBE avec des molecules d'interet biologique, afin d'atteindre notre objectif majeur d'etudier l'effet direct de ces particules sur la molecule d'ADN. Les techniques de sciences des surfaces developpees et utilisees dans les etudes precitees peuvent etre etendues et combinees avec des methodes classiques de biologie pour etudier les dommages de l'ADN induits par l'impact des EBE. Nos experiences ont montre l'efficacite des electrons de 3--20 eV a induire des coupures simple et double brins dans l'ADN. Pour des energies inferieures a 15 eV, ces coupures sont induites par la localisation temporaire d'un electron sur une unite moleculaire de l'ADN, ce qui engendre la formation d'un ion negatif transitoire

  13. Fuel nozzle tube retention

    Cihlar, David William; Melton, Patrick Benedict


    A system for retaining a fuel nozzle premix tube includes a retention plate and a premix tube which extends downstream from an outlet of a premix passage defined along an aft side of a fuel plenum body. The premix tube includes an inlet end and a spring support feature which is disposed proximate to the inlet end. The premix tube extends through the retention plate. The spring retention feature is disposed between an aft side of the fuel plenum and the retention plate. The system further includes a spring which extends between the spring retention feature and the retention plate.

  14. Stress, microstructure and evolution under ion irradiation in thin films grown by ion beam sputtering: modelling and application to interfacial effects in metallic multilayers; Contraintes, microstructure et sollicitation sous irradiation aux ions de films minces elabores par pulverisation ionique: modelisation et application a l'etude des effets interfaciaux dans des multicouches metalliques

    Debelle, A


    We have investigated the formation of the interfacial chemical mixing in Mo/Ni multilayers, and particularly the influence of ballistic effects during the growth. For this purpose, hetero-epitaxial b.c.c./f.c.c. Mo(110)/Ni(111) multilayers were grown by two deposition methods: thermal evaporation and direct ion beam sputtering. As a preliminary, an accurate description of the stress state in pure sputtered Mo thin films was required. Microstructural and stress state analyses were essentially carried out by X-ray diffraction, and ion irradiation was used as a powerful tool to control the stress level. We showed that thermal evaporated thin films exhibit a weak tensile growth stress ({approx} 0.6 GPa) that can be accounted for by the grain boundary relaxation model, whereas sputtered thin films develop large compressive growth stress (- 2 to - 4 GPa). This latter results from the bombardment of the growing film by the energetic particles involved during the sputtering process (atomic peening phenomenon), which induces the formation of defects in the layers, generating volume distortions. We thus developed a stress model that includes a hydrostatic stress component to account for these volume strains. This model allowed us to determine the 'unstressed and free of defects lattice parameter' a{sub 0}, solely linked to chemical effects. For epitaxial Mo layers, it was possible to separate coherency stress from growth stress due to their distinct kinetic evolution during ion irradiation. Therefore, the stress analysis enabled us to determine the a{sub 0} values in Mo sub-layers of Mo/Ni superlattices. A tendency to the formation of an interfacial alloy is observed independently of the growth conditions, which suggests that thermodynamic forces favour the exchange mechanism. However, the extent of the intermixing effect is clearly enhanced by ballistic effects. (author)

  15. Solution-combustion synthesized nickel-substituted spinel cathode materials (LiNixMn2-xO4; 0≤x≤0.2) for lithium ion battery: enhancing energy storage, capacity retention, and lithium ion transport

    Kebede, MA


    Full Text Available Spherically shaped Ni-substituted LiNi(subx)Mn(sub2-x)O(sub4) (x=0, 0.1, 0.2) spinel cathode materials for lithium ion battery with high first cycle discharge capacity and remarkable cycling performance were synthesized using the solution...

  16. Loin des sciences sociales.

    René-Éric Dagorn


    Full Text Available Plusieurs numéros de Livres Hebdo et du Monde des Livres des mois de janvier-février 2002 permettent de proposer un rapide survol des grandes ventes de l’année 2001 et de quelques tendances éditoriales de l’année 2002. Quelques points ressortent particulièrement de la lecture des articles de ces deux sources : l’intérêt de la nouvelle méthode d’estimation des ventes proposée par l’institut Ipsos et Livres Hebdo , le tableau des grandes ventes en 2001 (et ...

  17. Etude des defauts microscopiques et des proprietes optiques, electroniques et magnetiques du compose neodyme cerium oxyde de cuivre

    Richard, Pierre

    La presente these, qui combine des mesures de diffusion Raman, de transmission infrarouge, de conductivite hyperfrequence et d'interferometrie ultrasonore sur les composes Nd 2-xCexCuO 4, traite des defauts d'oxygene, ainsi que des proprietes optiques, electroniques et magnetiques de ces materiaux. Les resultats experimentaux obtenus sont correles avec plusieurs donnees experimentales disponibles dans la litterature. D'abord, la caracterisation des modes Raman et des niveaux d'energie de champ cristallin de l'ion Nd3+ au moyen de techniques optiques, en fonction du dopage en cerium et du contenu en oxygene, permettent de conclure a la presence de defauts lies a une non-stoechiometrie en oxygene dans ces composes. En effet, des excitations de champ cristallin assignees a des ions Nd3+ en sites irreguliers sont observees, en plus des bandes d'absorption associees aux ions Nd3+ en site regulier, dans les spectres correspondant aux multiplets 4I11/2, 4I13/2 et 4I 15/2 de l'ion Nd3+. Les resultats experimentaux indiquent que, contrairement a la croyance largement repandue, les oxygenes apicaux, bien que presents dans les echantillons dopes, ne sont pas enleves lors du processus de reduction des echantillons necessaire pour faire apparaitre la supraconductivite dans cette famille de cuprates. Au contraire, des lacunes d'oxygene, dont le type varie en fonction du dopage, sont creees lors de ce processus. En particulier, il est montre dans ce travail que la reduction des echantillons dopes de maniere optimale conduit a la creation de lacunes d'oxygene dans les plans CuO2. Les consequences de telles lacunes sont largement discutees. En outre, il est suggere que de telles lacunes sont responsables de la perte de l'ordre antiferromagnetique a longue portee des ions Cu2+. Finalement, l'interaction d'echange anisotrope Nd3+-Cu 2+ dans le compose nondope est caracterisee au moyen de la transmission infrarouge sous champ magnetique. L'eclatement des doublets de Kramers mesure

  18. Thermodynamic study on the complexation of Trivalent actinide and lanthanide cation by N-donor ligands in homogeneous conditions; Etude thermodynamique de la complexation des ions actinide (III) et lanthanide (III) par des ligands polyazotes en milieu homogene

    Miguirditchian, M


    Polydentate N-donor ligands, alone or combined with a synergic acid, may selectively extract minor actinides(III) from lanthanide(III) ions, allowing to develop separation processes of long-live radioelements. The aim of the researches carried out during this thesis was to better understand the chemical mechanisms of the complexation of f-elements by Adptz, a tridentate N-donor ligand, in homogeneous conditions. A thermodynamic approach was retained in order to estimate, from an energetic point of view, the influence of the different contributions to the reaction, and to acquire a complete set of thermodynamic data on this reaction. First, the influence of the nature of the cation on the thermodynamics was considered. The stability constants of the 1/1 complexes were systematically determined by UV-visible spectrophotometry for every lanthanide ion (except promethium) and for yttrium in a mixed solvent methanol/water in volume proportions 75/25%. The thermodynamic parameters ({delta}H{sup 0} {delta}{sup S}) of complexation were estimated by the van't Hoff method and by micro-calorimetry. The trends of the variations across the lanthanide series are compared with similar studies. The same methods were applied to the study of three actinide(III) cations: plutonium, americium and curium. The comparison of these values with those obtained for the lanthanides highlights the increase of stability of these complexes by a factor of 20 in favor of the actinide cations. This gap is explained by a more exothermic reaction and is associated, in the data interpretation, to a higher covalency of the actinide(III)-nitrogen bond. Then, the influence of the change of solvent composition on the thermodynamic of complexation was studied. The thermodynamic parameters of the complexation of europium(III) by Adptz were determined for several fractions of methanol. The stability of the complex formed increases with the percentage of methanol in the mixed solvent, owing to an

  19. La metamorphose des cypris femelles des Rhizocephales

    Veillet, A.


    Depuis la découverte de la métamorphose des cypris de Sacculina carcini Thompson par Delage, peu de biologistes se sont intéressés au développement des Rhizocéphales. On admet aujourd'hui que tous les Cirripèdes parasites ont, comme Sacculina carcini, une forme kentrogone qui inocule le parasite au

  20. ALIDISSI, a Research Program to Evaluate Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a SoC and SoH Diagnosis Tool for Li-ion Batteries ALIDISSI, un programme de recherche destiné à évaluer la spectroscopie d’impédance électrochimique comme outil de détermination de l’état de charge et de l’état de santé des batteries lithium-ion

    Sauvant-Moynot V.


    Full Text Available ALIDISSI is a French research project aiming at evaluating Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS as a diagnosis tool for Li-ion batteries to be used in future Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV and on-grid photovoltaic (PV systems. This paper describes the project methodology. A review of ageing mechanisms in lithium-ion batteries is proposed first to point out the main processes reported in the literature and their related accelerating factors. The accelerating ageing profiles developed in this project to accelerate ageing in lithium-ion batteries are described next for both applications. Preliminary results obtained on 3-electrode prototype pouch cells made with traditional electrode couple like LiNiCoAlO2/LiC6 and a promising electrode couple (LiFePO4/Li4Ti5O12 are also presented in the last part of this work. ALIDISSI est un projet de recherche français dont l’objectif est d’évaluer l’utilité de la Spectroscopie d’Impédance Électrochimique (SIE comme outil de diagnostic pour les batteries Li-ion. Cet outil pourra être utilisé pour le diagnostic des batteries de véhicules hybrides et des systèmes de stockage de l’énergie d’origine photovoltaïque. Cet article a pour objectif de présenter le projet ALIDISSI. Il décrit la méthodologie mise en place et les procédures originales définies pour accélérer le vieillissement d’éléments de batteries Li-ion. Les profils de vieillissement ont été définis pour être représentatifs de l’application et font suite à une étude bibliographique des mécanismes de vieillissement et des facteurs influençant le vieillissement. Les premiers résultats d’impédance obtenus à partir d’un couple d’électrodes conventionnel (LiNiCoAlO2/graphite et d’un couple émergent (LiFePO4/Li4Ti5O12 sont présentés ici. Ils ont été obtenus sur des éléments prototypes ensachés de petite capacité incluant une électrode de référence.

  1. Enregistrement Optique dans des Couches Minces de Tellure Modifiees Par Implantation

    Beauvais, Jacques

    Cette etude des proprietes d'enregistrement optique des couches minces de tellure a porte sur l'introduction d'impuretes dans le materiau par le mecanisme d'implantation ionique. Les travaux ont revele des caracteristiques importantes de l'influence de l'implantation d'ions de gaz rares (He ^{+} et Ne^ {+}) et d'ions de Li^{+ } sur les proprietes du milieu enregistreur. Lors de l'implantation des ions de gaz rares, une dose implantee critique et une energie ionique critique ont ete identifiees demarquant des discontinuites dans le comportement des seuils d'ecriture, des coefficients optiques et de la structure cristalline des couches minces de tellure. Ces valeurs critiques dependent fortement des conditions de preparation du materiau et de l'espece d'ions implantee. De plus, l'implantation d'ions Li^{+} a demontre qu'une amelioration importante de la stabilite a long terme des couches minces peut etre obtenue par le processus d'implantation.

  2. Influence des ions lithium et borate sur l'hydratation de ciments sulfo-alumineux : application au conditionnement de résines échangeuses d'ions boratées


    In pressurized water reactors, a solution of boric acid, the pH of which is controlled by the addition of lithium hydroxide, is injected in the primary circuit. Boron acts as a neutron moderator and helps controlling the fission reactions. The primary coolant is purified by flowing through columns of ion exchange resins. These resins are periodically renewed and constitute a low-level radioactive waste. In addition to radionuclides, they mainly contain borate and lithium ions. They are curren...

  3. Oxydes de titane nanostructure comme matériau actif de l'électrode négative des accumulateurs Li-ion

    Fehse, Marcus


    Titania based electrode materials are promising candidates to replace widely used graphite as negative electrode material in lithium ion batteries (LIB), due to their increased safety, volumetric capacity, and high rate performance.In this thesis different low-cost synthesis approaches are evaluated to prepare nanostructured TiO2 with various phase composition and morphology. The influence of these parameters on its ability to reversibly insert lithium are studied in electrochemical measureme...



    L'étude de l'art et des biens culturels en général est longtemps restée en ... en économie et management), Université d'Angers / Chef de projet chez Arterial Network. ... culturelles publiques sont apparues à partir de la fin des années 1990.

  5. Des racines et des ailes

    Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin


    Full Text Available Les mobilités pendulaires semblent être en augmentation en Europe depuis une dizaine d’années. Cette croissance du temps passé à se déplacer amène à remettre en question la conjecture de Zahavi et apparaît relativement inexplicable en regard du paradigme classique de l’acteur rationnel traditionnellement utilisé dans le champ des transports. Si, dans la littérature, les temps de déplacements sont principalement expliqués par le contexte résidentiel, la forme urbaine et le travail, ce cadre explicatif ne dit rien des processus de décision eux-mêmes qui amènent aux pendularités intensives.À partir d’une enquête qualitative menée auprès de pendulaires français, suisses et belges, cette contribution propose d’analyser les arbitrages et les éléments déterminants des processus de la grande pendularité. Les mobilités quotidiennes pendulaires apparaissent comme le résultat de compromis entre activité professionnelle, attachement résidentiel et choix de vie et prennent ainsi la forme de stratégies de conciliation entre vie privée et vie professionnelle. Ces mobilités spatiales permettent alors paradoxalement la préservation des ancrages résidentiels, sociaux et familiaux.Roots and wings. Long-distance commuting patterns, or how to conciliate professional and personal lifeLong-distance commuting patterns appear to be increasing in Europe over the last ten years. These raising mobility patterns lead to reappraise the Zahavi conjecture and appear largely inexplicable by the classical rational actor paradigm traditionally used in transportation research. In literature, commuting is mainly explained by residential contexts, urban forms and job. Nevertheless this theoretical frame says little about the decision-making processes themselves. Based on a qualitative survey conducted in three European countries - France, Belgium and Switzerland – among a population of high commuters, this paper proposes an analysis of

  6. Atomic mixing of metallic bilayers Ni/Ti irradiated with high energy heavy ions; Etude du melange ionique de bicouches metalliques Ni/Ti irradiees avec des ions lourds de haute energie

    Leguay, R.


    We have studied the ionic mixing of Nl(105 angstrom) bilayers irradiated, at 80 and 300 K. with GeV heavy ions. In this energy range, the energy transfer from the incident ions to the target occurs mainly through electronic excitations. We have shown that this energy transfer induces a strong ionic mixing at the Nl/Ti interface. The thickness of the mixed interlayer increases with the fluence. At low fluences (10{sup 12} ions/cm{sup 2}), the Nl/Ti interface is rough ; at higher fluences (10{sup 13} ions/cm{sup 2}) a homogeneous mixed interlayer appears ; and at even higher fluences (some 10{sup 13} ions/cm{sup 2}) a preferential diffusion of Ni into Ti is clearly seen. The characterization techniques used are: (1) electrical resistivity measurements which allow to follow in situ the damage kinetic. (II) neutron and X-ray reflectometry. (III) elaboration of transverse cuts on which was performed energy loss spectroscopy. (II) and (III) allow the determination of the concentration profiles of the different species present in the sample. (IV) transmission electron microscopy on the transverse cuts which gives a direct image of the different layers. (author). 11 refs., 103 figs., 23 tabs., 2 appends.

  7. Surface modification of the hard metal tungsten carbide-cobalt by boron ion implantation; Oberflaechenmodifikation des Hartmetalls Wolframkarbid-Kobalt durch Bor-Ionenimplantation

    Mrotchek, I.


    In the present thesis ion beam implantation of boron is studied as method for the increasement of the hardness and for the improvement of the operational characteristics of cutting tools on the tungsten carbide-cobalt base. For the boron implantation with 40 keV energy and {approx}5.10{sup 17} ions/cm{sup 2} fluence following topics were shown: The incoerporation of boron leads to a deformation and remaining strain of the WC lattice, which possesses different stregth in the different directions of the elementary cell. The maximum of the deformation is reached at an implantation temperature of 450 C. The segregation of the new phases CoWB and Co{sub 3}W was detected at 900 C implantation temperature. At lower temperatures now new phases were found. The tribological characteristics of WC-Co are improved. Hereby the maxiaml effect was measured for implantation temperatures from 450 C to 700 C: Improvement of the microhardness by the factor 2..2.5, improvement of the wear resistance by the factor 4. The tribological effects extend to larger depths than the penetration depth of the boron implantation profile. The detected property improvements of the hard metal H3 show the possibility of a practical application of boron ion implantation in industry. The effects essential for a wer decreasement are a hardening of the carbide phase by deformation of the lattice, a hardening of the cobalt binding material and the phase boundaries because of the formation of a solid solution of the implanted boron atoms in Co and by this a blocking of the dislocation movement and the rupture spreading under load.

  8. Applications of ion cyclotron-resonance to stable isotope separation; Les applications de la resonance cyclotron ionique a la separation des isotopes stables

    Louvet, P.; Metayer, L. [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. des Procedes d`Enrichissement


    The principles and the technological basic concepts of the ion cyclotron-resonance process applied to the separation of metallic isotopes which mass ranges from 40 to 200 for medical and nuclear applications, are reviewed. The CEA (France) has developed a prototype plant, ERIC; first results showing high separation factors allow to consider higher production in the future. A modular code has been developed (RICAN) in order to assess the technic-economical feasibility of the process for various isotopes; examples of calculated results (costs and production) for calcium 48 and gadolinium 157 production are presented. 4 figs., 1 tab., 4 refs.

  9. Modeling of retention of some fission products and actinides by ion-exchange chromatography with a complexing agent. Application to the determination of selectivity coefficients; Modelisation de la retention de quelques produits de fission et d'actinides en chromatographie d'echange d'ions en presence d'un agent complexant. Application a la determination de constantes d'echange

    Gurdale-Tack, K.; Aubert, M.; Chartier, F. [CEA Saclay, Dept. d' Entreposage et de Stockage des Dechets (DCC/DPE/SPCP/LAIE), 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    For an accurate determination of the isotopic and elemental composition of americium (Am), curium (Cm), neodymium (Nd) and cesium (Cs) in spent nuclear fuels, performed by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), it is necessary to separate these elements before analysis. This separation is mandatory because of isobaric interferences between americium and curium, neodymium and samarium (Sm) and between cesium and barium (Ba). This is the reason why Ba and Sm are analyzed with the other four elements. Separation is carried out by cation-exchange chromatography on a silica-based stationary phase in the presence of a complexing eluent. The complexing agent is 2-hydroxy-2-methyl butanoic acid (HMB), a monoprotic acid (HL) with a pK{sub a} of 3.6. Cations (M{sup n+}) interact with it to form ML{sub y}{sup (n-y)+} complexes. Optimization of chromatographic separation conditions requires monitoring of the pH and eluent composition. The influence of each parameter on metal ion retention and on selectivity was investigated. The first studies on standard solutions with Sm(III), Nd(III), Cs(I) and Ba(II) showed that four conditions allow efficient separation. However, only one allows good separation with a real solution of spent nuclear fuels. This condition is a chelating agent concentration of 0.1 mol.l{sup -1} and a pH of 4.2. With the other conditions, co-elution is observed for Cs(I) and Am(III). The overall results were used to study the retention mechanisms. The aim of this modeling is a closer knowledge of the form in which (M{sup n+} and/or ML{sub y}{sup (n-y)+}...) each cationic element is extracted into the stationary phase. In fact, while cations can exist in the eluent in various forms depending on the analytical conditions, their forms may be different in the stationary phase. (authors)

  10. Study of structural modifications induced by ion implantation in austenitic stainless steel; Etude des modifications structurales induites par implantation ionique dans les aciers austenitiques

    Dudognon, J


    Ion implantation in steels, although largely used to improve the properties of use, involves structural modifications of the surface layer, which remain still prone to controversies. Within this context, various elements (N, Ar, Cr, Mo, Ag, Xe and Pb) were implanted (with energies varying from 28 to 280 keV) in a 316LVM austenitic stainless steel. The implanted layer has a thickness limited to 80 nm and a maximum implanted element concentration lower than 10 % at. The analysis of the implanted layer by grazing incidence X ray diffraction highlights deformations of austenite lines, appearance of ferrite and amorphization of the layer. Ferritic phase which appears at the grain boundaries, whatever the implanted element, is formed above a given 'threshold' of energy (produced of fluency by the energy of an ion). The formation of ferrite as well as the amorphization of the implanted layer depends only on energy. In order to understand the deformations of austenite diffraction lines, a simulation model of these lines was elaborated. The model correctly describes the observed deformations (broadening, shift, splitting) with the assumption that the expansion of the austenitic lattice is due to the presence of implanted element and is proportional to the element concentration through a coefficient k'. This coefficient only depends on the element and varies linearly with its radius. (author)

  11. Application of the in-beam PET therapy monitoring on precision irradiations with helium ions; Anwendung des in-beam PET Therapiemonitorings auf Praezisionsbestrahlungen mit Helium-Ionen

    Fiedler, F.


    The main goal of the present dissertation was to extend the in-beam PET method to new ion types. It was shown that the in-beam PET method can also be applied for {sup 3}He irradiations. For this experiments on a {sup 3}He beam were performed. The activity yield is at equal applied dose about three times larger than at {sup 12}C irradiations. The reachable range resolution is smaller than 1 mm. At the irradiation of an inhomogeneous phantom it was shown that a contrast between different materials is resolvable. From the experimentally determined reaction rates cross sections for the reactions leading to positron emitters were performed. The data taken in the {sup 3}He experiments were compared those obtained in carbon-ion experiments as well as literature data for proton irradiations. A comparison with the calculations of the simulation program SHIELD-HIT was performed. A collection of cross-section models and the established requirements for a simulation program applicable for in-beam PET are preparing for further work.

  12. Multi-scale modeling of the behaviour of water and ions clays; Modelisation multi-echelles du comportement de l'eau et des ions dans les argiles

    Rotenberg, B


    Predicting the fate of radioactive waste stored in a clay formation requires a good understanding of the transport properties of water and ions in clays. Their diffusion in this charged porous medium is described by empirical parameters such as their partitioning coefficient Kd which accounts for the interactions with the mineral surfaces. The present work deals with the relevance of this concept and its definition based on microscopic grounds. We have first modeled the ionic contribution to the dielectric properties of clays and suggested an experimental determination of Kd from dielectric spectroscopy measurements. Using microscopic simulations (Monte-Carlo and Molecular Dynamics), we then have computed the Gibbs free energy and enthalpy for ionic exchange in the case of alkaline cations. They control the value of Kd and its evolution with the temperature. The results for cesium are in good agreement with both microcalorimetric measurements and the determination of Kd at different temperatures. We have participated in the development of a new lattice simulation method (Lattice Fokker-Planck), which we have then used to link explicitly the microscopic dynamics of ions to the diffusion-reaction model underlying the definition of Kd. Finally, we have used Molecular Dynamics to investigate the kinetics of exchange of water and ions between clay particles (interlayer) and the extra-particle porosity. The results confirm the generally admitted idea that water and ions can explore the whole porosity, whereas anions are excluded from the interlayers. (author)

  13. Quantitative evaluation of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) drugs for boron delivery and retention at subcellular-scale resolution in human glioblastoma cells with imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).

    Chandra, S; Ahmad, T; Barth, R F; Kabalka, G W


    Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) of cancer depends on the selective delivery of a sufficient number of boron-10 ((10)B) atoms to individual tumour cells. Cell killing results from the (10)B (n, α)(7) Li neutron capture and fission reactions that occur if a sufficient number of (10)B atoms are localized in the tumour cells. Intranuclear (10)B localization enhances the efficiency of cell killing via damage to the DNA. The net cellular content of (10)B atoms reflects both bound and free pools of boron in individual tumour cells. The assessment of these pools, delivered by a boron delivery agent, currently cannot be made at subcellular-scale resolution by clinically applicable techniques such as positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. In this study, a secondary ion mass spectrometry based imaging instrument, a CAMECA IMS 3f ion microscope, capable of 500 nm spatial resolution was employed. Cryogenically prepared cultured human T98G glioblastoma cells were evaluated for boron uptake and retention of two delivery agents. The first, L-p-boronophenylalanine (BPA), has been used clinically for BNCT of high-grade gliomas, recurrent tumours of the head and neck region and melanomas. The second, a boron analogue of an unnatural amino acid, 1-amino-3-borono-cyclopentanecarboxylic acid (cis-ABCPC), has been studied in rodent glioma and melanoma models by quantification of boron in the nucleus and cytoplasm of individual tumour cells. The bound and free pools of boron were assessed by exposure of cells to boron-free nutrient medium. Both BPA and cis-ABCPC delivered almost 70% of the pool of boron in the free or loosely bound form to the nucleus and cytoplasm of human glioblastoma cells. This free pool of boron could be easily mobilized out of the cell and was in some sort of equilibrium with extracellular boron. In the case of BPA, the intracellular free pool of boron also was affected by the presence of phenylalanine in the nutrient medium. This

  14. Quantitative evaluation of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) drugs for boron delivery and retention at subcellular scale resolution in human glioblastoma cells with imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)

    Chandra, S.; Ahmad, T.; Barth, R. F.; Kabalka, G. W.


    Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) of cancer depends on the selective delivery of a sufficient number of boron-10 (10B) atoms to individual tumor cells. Cell killing results from the 10B (n, α)7Li neutron capture and fission reactions that occur if a sufficient number of 10B atoms are localized in the tumor cells. Intranuclear 10B localization enhances the efficiency of cell killing via damage to the DNA. The net cellular content of 10B atoms reflects both bound and free pools of boron in individual tumor cells. The assessment of these pools, delivered by a boron delivery agent, currently cannot be made at subcellular scale resolution by clinically applicable techniques such as PET and MRI. In this study, secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) based imaging instrument, a CAMECA IMS 3f ion microscope, capable of 500 nm spatial resolution was employed. Cryogenically prepared cultured human T98G glioblastoma cells were evaluated for boron uptake and retention of two delivery agents. The first, L-p-boronophenylalanine (BPA), has been used clinically for BNCT of high grade gliomas, recurrent tumors of the head and neck region and melanomas. The second, a boron analogue of an unnatural amino acid, 1-amino-3-borono-cyclopentanecarboxylic acid (cis-ABCPC), has been studied in rodent glioma and melanoma models by quantification of boron in the nucleus and cytoplasm of individual tumor cells. The bound and free pools of boron were assessed by exposure of cells to boron-free nutrient medium. Both BPA and cis-ABCPC delivered almost 70% of the pool of boron in the free or loosely bound form to the nucleus and cytoplasm of human glioblastoma cells. This free pool of boron could be easily mobilized out of the cell and was in some sort of equilibrium with extracellular boron. In the case of BPA, the intracellular free pool of boron also was affected by the presence of phenylalanine in the nutrient medium. This suggests that it might be advantageous if patients were placed on a

  15. Retention of oral microorganisms on conventional and resin-modified glass-ionomer cements Retenção de microrganismos bucais em cimentos de ionômero de vidro convencionais e modificados por resina

    Denise PEDRINI


    Full Text Available Secondary caries are a worldwide public and socioeconomic problem. The placement of restorations can lead to the development of environmental conditions favorable to microbial colonization, especially on the tooth/restoration interface, which is a predisposing factor for secondary caries. The aim of this study was to evaluate microbial retention on conventional (Chelon-Fil and Vidrion R and resin-modified (Vitremer and Fuji II LC glass-ionomer cements, in situ, using a hybrid composite resin (Z100 as a control. Twelve volunteers wore Hawley appliances with specimens made of all tested filling materials for 7 days. The specimens were then removed from the appliances and transferred to tubes containing 2.0 ml of Ringer-PRAS. Microorganisms from the samples were inoculated onto blood agar and Mitis Salivarius Bacitracin agar and incubated under anaerobiosis (90% N2, 10% CO2, at 37°C, for 10 and 2 days, respectively. The resin-modified glass-ionomer cements and the composite resin retained the same levels of microorganisms on their surfaces. The resin-modified glass-ionomers retained less mutans streptococci than the composite resin and conventional glass-ionomer cements. The conventional glass-ionomer cements retained less mutans streptococci than the composite resin, but that difference was not statistically significant.A cárie secundária representa problema de saúde pública e socioeconômico no mundo. A restauração de dentes acometidos por cárie pode criar condições favoráveis à proliferação microbiana na superfície do material restaurador ou na interface dente/restauração, criando ambiente propício para o estabelecimento de cárie secundária. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a capacidade de retenção de placa bacteriana em cimentos de ionômero de vidro convencionais (Chelon-Fil e Vidrion R e modificados por resina (Vitremer e Fuji II LC e de resina composta híbrida (Z100, utilizada como controle. Nos testes de reten

  16. V.U.V. plasma spectroscopy diagnostic of electron cyclotron resonance multicharged ion sources; Diagnostic de plasmas crees dans des sources d'ions multicharges a resonance cyclotronique electronique par spectroscopie V.U.V

    Berreby, R


    To characterize the multicharged ions within the plasma of an E.C.R. ion source, the V.U.V. spectroscopy is used as a non invasive diagnostic of excited matter. In E.C.R.I. S. (electron cyclotron resonance ion source) electrons are heated and magnetically confined within the mirror machine to overcome the successive ionization potentials of the desired elements. As the electrons bounce inside the magnetic configuration in their gyration movement, they interact with the microwaves injected into the source at the resonance frequency. To enhance the performances in high charge states and extracted currents delivered by E.C.R.I.S., the fundamental parameters of the plasma created in these machines must be known. The goal of spectroscopic diagnostics in the V.U.V. range installed on the sources is to determine electron density and temperature on one hand, and the ionic densities and confinement time on the other hand. We used microchannel plates as detector on a 3 meter grazing incidence spectrometer equipped with a 600 lines/mm holographic grating. The calibration of the whole grating with detector was performed by two different methods. These are the branching ratio and charge exchange methods. Identification of lines emitted by a plasma, which gather the whole charge states of ions is necessary to make an exhaustive study of the plasma state. And finally, the determination of plasma parameters like electron density and temperature and ion densities and confinement times that uses theoretical models were the aim of this work. (author)

  17. Dependence of proton beam polarization on ion source transition configurations; Determination de la polarisation du faisceau de protons pour les quatre configurations des transitions de la source d`ions

    Arvieux, J.; Ausset, P.; Ball, J.; Beauvais, P.Y.; Bedfer, Y.; Chamouard, P.A.; Fontaine, J.M.; Kunne, R.; Lagniel, J.M.; Sans, J.L. [Laboratoire National Saturne - Centre d`Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Allgower, Ch.; Kasprzyk, T.E.; Spinka, H.M. [ANL-HEP, Argonne (United States); Bystricky, J.; Lehar, F.; Lesquen, A. de [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. d`Astrophysique, de la Physique des Particules, de la Physique Nucleaire et de l`Instrumentation Associee; Demiere, Ph.; Rapin, D.; Teglia, A. [Geneva Univ. (Switzerland). Dept. de Physique Nucleaire et Corpusculaire; Janout, Z. [Czech Technical Univ., Prague (Czech Republic). Faculty of Civil Engineering; Kalinnikov, V.A.; Khachaturov, B.A.; Popov, A.A. [Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, JINR, Moscow (Russian Federation); Prokofiev, A.N.; Vikhrov, V.V.; Zhdanov, A.A. [Nuclear Physics Inst., St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)


    Considerable anomalies were observed in recorded pp elastic scattering spin dependent data at several proton beam energies at SATURNE II. These results suggested that the discrepancies are related to the polarized ion source. In order to understand the observed effects, the proton beam polarizations for each ion source state were determined separately. Convenient procedures, allowing to determine the beam polarization from a beam-line polarimeter are presented. Two distinct experiments are necessary for this purpose. In the first one the LEFT-RIGHT instrumental asymmetry of the beam polarimeter arms is determined. In the second one this correction factor is applied to asymmetries measured with the beam from the polarized ion source in different polarization states. Both experiments determined the scattering asymmetries for all four polarized source states as functions of different source parameters. The measurements were carried out at the proton beam kinetic energy 0.80 GeV, where the pp elastic scattering analyzing power is at its maximum. Results show that the so called `unpolarized states` of the source are polarized, whereas the absolute values of the beam polarizations in `polarized states` are equal. It was observed that the hexapole lens of the ion source provides some beam polarization in the absence of any transition. The beam polarization as function of the hexapole current, of the transition efficiencies and of the rotation solenoid current has been studied. It is also shown, how one way obtain a strictly unpolarized beam using the polarized source only. The results obtained with the SATURNE II ion source HYPERION may be also valid for other accelerators and sources. (authors) 10 refs.

  18. Les effets des interfaces sur les proprietes magnetiques et de transport des multicouches nickel/iron et cobalt/silver

    Veres, Teodor

    Cette these est consacree a l'etude de l'evolution structurale des proprietes magnetiques et de transport des multicouches Ni/Fe et nanostructures a base de Co et de l'Ag. Dans une premiere partie, essentiellement bibliographique, nous introduisons quelques concepts de base relies aux proprietes magnetiques et de transport des multicouches metalliques. Ensuite, nous presentons une breve description des methodes d'analyse des resultats. La deuxieme partie est consacree a l'etude des proprietes magnetiques et de transport des multicouches ferromagnetiques/ferromagnetiques Ni/Fe. Nous montrerons qu'une interpretation coherente de ces proprietes necessite la prise en consideration des effets des interfaces. Nous nous attacherons a mettre en evidence, a evaluer et a etudier les effets de ces interfaces ainsi que leur evolution, et ce, suite a des traitements thermiques tel que le depot a temperature elevee et l'irradiation ionique. Les analyses correlees de la structure et de la magnetoresistance nous permettront d'emettre des conclusions sur l'influence des couches tampons entre l'interface et le substrat ainsi qu'entre les couches elles-memes sur le comportement magnetique des couches F/F. La troisieme partie est consacree aux systemes a Magneto-Resistance Geante (MRG) a base de Co et Ag. Nous allons etudier l'evolution de la microstructure suite a l'irradiation avec des ions Si+ ayant une energie de 1 MeV, ainsi que les effets de ces changements sur le comportement magnetique. Cette partie debutera par l'analyse des proprietes d'une multicouche hybride, intermediaire entre les multicouches et les materiaux granulaires. Nous analyserons a l'aide des mesures de diffraction, de relaxation superparamagnetique et de magnetoresistance, les evolutions structurales produites par l'irradiation ionique. Nous etablirons des modeles qui nous aideront a interpreter les resultats pour une serie des multicouches qui couvrent un large eventail de differents comportements magnetiques

  19. Psychologist Retention Factors.


  20. Photon spectroscopy of X{sup 7+} ions (X= Ne, Ar, Kr). Applications to the study of the single electron capture in low energy X{sup 8+}-Li collisions; Spectroscopie photonique des ions X{sup 7+} (X=Ne, Ar, Kr). Applications a l`etude de la simple capture electronique lors des collisions X{sup 8+}-Li a basse energie

    Pascale, J. [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. de Recherche sur l`Etat Condense, les Atomes et les Molecules; Jacquet, E. [Caen Univ., 14 (France). Lab. de Spectroscopie Atomique


    The effect of the electronic core of the projectile ion on the single capture electron n1 final states during collisions between X{sup 8+} ions (X= Ne, Ar, Kr) and Li(2s). Experimental cross sections are obtained from X{sup 7+} emission line measurements and are compared to calculations using the Monte Carlo type classical trajectory method. 3 figs., 6 refs.

  1. Characteristics of transitory multi-charged molecular ions produced by an intense femtosecond laser impulse; Etats electroniques des ions moleculaires multicharges transitoires produits par une impulsion laser femtoseconde intense

    Quaglia, L


    The study of the molecular multi-ionization is narrowly linked to the dynamics of excitation and fragmentation for which the experimental observables rest on the characteristics of the fragmentation products, these characteristics are: intern energy, kinetic energy and charge states. The first chapter sets the problem. The second chapter presents the experimental tools used and developed in this work, the technologies of the detection of ions or of fluorescence are also described. The chapter 3 gathers the theoretical aspects: quantum chemistry and CASSCF (complete active space self consistent field) methods have been used to compute the potential energy curves of multi-charged ions, the two-dimensional hydrodynamic model derived from the Thomas-Fermi model is introduced to tackle the molecular re-orientation. The chapter 4 presents the experimental study of highly excited states by using fluorescence detection methods. The chapter 5 is dedicated to the study of low excited states by measuring kinetic energy spectra and by comparison with potential energy curves of molecular multi-charged ions. The chapter 6 presents experiments with 2 impulses and the results given by the Thomas-Fermi model applied to the re-orientation of the N{sub 2}O molecule. (A.C.)

  2. Relation between the swelling and the disordering in ionic crystals irradiated by fast heavy ions; Relation entre le gonflement et la creation de defauts dans les cristaux ioniques irradies par des ions lourds rapides

    Boccanfuso, M


    When fast heavy ions penetrate in matter, they slow down essentially by depositing their energy on the electrons. This can lead to strong electronic excitation densities in the solid and then to structural modifications. In this work, calcium fluoride (CaF{sub 2}) was used to look further into the damage induced by irradiation with fast heavy ions in ionic crystals. Four techniques were mainly employed to characterise this damage. These techniques of analysis are wide angle X-ray diffraction, surface profilometry, Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and UV-visible optical absorption spectroscopy. The results of this work show that CaF{sub 2} answers in a multiple way to the electronic excitations. For stopping powers higher than approximately 5 keV/nm, a polygonization seems to occur. This causes a structural disorder, a swelling of 0.27 % and the formation of fractures in the material. A second damage mechanism is caused above approximately 13 keV/nm and results in a loss of the initial crystalline structure. However, optical centres appear whatever the ion stopping power, which indicates that these defects cannot be the cause of the two above mentioned damage mechanisms. According to a thermal spike model, the two thresholds can be linked to melting and sublimation energy of the material, respectively. (author)

  3. Ionisation and dissociation of water induced by swift multicharged ions; Etude de l'ionisation et de la dissociation d'H{sub 2}O induites par collision avec des ions multicharges rapides

    Legendre, S


    Ionization and dissociation of water molecules and water clusters induced by 11.7 MeV/A Ni{sup 25+} ions were carried out by imaging techniques. Branching ratios, ionisation cross sections and Kinetic Energy Released distributions have been measured together with fragmentation dynamics studies. Multiple ionization represents approximately 30% of the ionizing events. Double ionization produces in significant way atomic oxygen, considered as a possible precursor of the large production of HO{sub 2} radical in liquid water radiolysis by ions of high Linear Energy Transfer. We evidence a strong selectivity of bond breakage in the case of ion-induced HOD fragmentation. Once the molecule doubly ionized, the breakage of the O-H bond is found 6.5 times more probable than that of the O-D bond. A semi-classical calculation simulating the fragmentation dynamics on the potential energy surface of the ground-state of di-cation H{sub 2}O{sup 2+} makes possible to as well reproduce the preferential nature of the breakage of the O-H bond as the position and the shift of the kinetic energy distributions. First results concerning interaction with water clusters are also reported. Measurements in coincidence are carried out giving access to correlation, with the distributions in energy and angle of the emitted fragments. Mass spectrum points fast intra-cluster proton transfer, leading to the emission of protonated clusters. (author)

  4. Experimental study of high current negative ion sources D{sup -} / H{sup -}. Analysis based on the simulation of the negative ion transport in the plasma source; Etude experimentale de sources a fort courant d`ions negatifs D{sup -} / H{sup -}. Analyse fondee sur la simulation du transport des ions dans le plasma de la source

    Riz, D.


    In the frame of the development of a neutral beam injection system able to work the ITER tokamak (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), two negative ion sources, Dragon and Kamaboko, have been installed on the MANTIS test bed in Cadarache, and studies in order to extract 20 mA/cm{sup 2} of D{sup -}. The two production modes of negative ions have been investigated: volume production; surface production after cesium injection in the discharge. Experiments have shown that cesium seeding is necessary in order to reach the requested performances for ITER. 20 mA/cm{sup 2} have been extracted from the Kamaboko source for an arc power density of 2.5 kW/liter. Simultaneously, a code called NIETZSCHE has been developed to simulate the negative ions transport in the source plasma, from their birth place to the extraction holes. The ion trajectory is calculated by numerically solving the 3D motion equation, while the atomic processes of destruction, of elastic collisions H{sup -}/H{sup +} and of charge exchange H{sup -}/H{sup 0} are handled at each time step by a Monte Carlo procedure. The code allows to obtain the extraction probability of a negative ion produced at a given location. The calculations performed with NIETZSCHE have allowed to explain several phenomena observed on negative ion sources, such as the isotopic effect H{sup -}/D{sup -} and the influence of the polarisation of the plasma grid and of the magnetic filter on the negative ions current. The code has also shown that, in the type of sources contemplated for ITER, working with large arc power densities (> 1 kW/liter), only negative ions produced in volume at a distance lower that 2 cm from the plasma grid and those produced at the grid surface have a chance of being extracted. (author). 122 refs.

  5. Liste des intrants 2015

    Speiser, Bernhard; Tamm, Lucius; Maurer, Veronika; Berner, Alfred; Schneider, Claudia; Chevillat, Véronique


    La liste des intrants contient tous les produits phytosanitaires, les engrais, les substrats du commerce, les produits de lutte contre les mouches des étables, les agents d'ensilage, les aliments minéraux et complémentaires, les produits pour la désinfection des stabulations et les produits contre les maladies des abeilles autorisés pour l'agriculture biologique. Cette liste est contraignante pour les producteurs de Bio Suisse. Sur les fermes Bio Suisse, seuls les produits mentionnés sont aut...

  6. Development and testing of a fast digital electronic system for ion identification and spectroscopy; Etude et realisation d'une chaine d'instrumentation numerique rapide pour l'identification des ions

    Legou, Th


    This report deals with a fast digital electronic system developed for ion identification and spectroscopy. The system, called IRIS, has been conceived for the super heavy element research program: FUSION. In order to observe a super heavy element, the energy of the compound nucleus implanted in a silicon detector must be measured, and the alpha decay also registered. The associated electronics must therefore handle a very wide range of energies and also exhibit a small recovery time after the implantation of the compound nucleus. IRIS is connected to the output of a charge preamplifier. It digitizes the signal and then executes two digital signal processes: the first to detect the particle, and the second to determine the energy deposited in the silicon detector. The use of programmed processing allows for the adjustment of the digital processing parameters, as well as a choice of other digital signal processing procedures, depending the application. After having explained why a conventional electronic system cannot be used for the detection of super-heavy ions, IRIS' structure is detailed and a number of digital signal processing procedures are studied and tested. (author)

  7. The Alice experiment for the study of ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions; Experience ALICE pour l'etude des collisions d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes au CERN-LHC

    Forestier, B


    Alice is the detector dedicated to the study of heavy ions at the LHC (large hadron collider). It will allow scientists to investigate all the signatures of quark-gluon plasma (QGP). The spectrometer of the dimuon arm of Alice has been designed to study the production of high mass resonances through their dimuon decay. The first chapter is dedicated to some aspects of the physics of ultra-relativistic heavy ion: confinement and de-confinement of quarks, the absence of heavy resonances as a signature for the presence of QGP. The second chapter presents Alice and its ancillary detectors. The third chapter deals with the trigger system of the dimuon spectrometer, a detailed algorithm of this system is given. A method for the optimization of the trigger response is presented in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter describes the testing of a prototype of the trigger system, this testing with muons has shown that the efficiency of the track reconstruction of the trigger system and the efficiency of the resistive plate chamber reach 98%.In the sixth chapter the author comments the simulations of the production of heavy resonances from Pb-Pb collisions as a function of centrality. (A.C.)

  8. Plasma diagnostics of the SIMPA Ecr ion source by X-ray spectroscopy, Collisions of H-like Neon ions with Argon clusters; Diagnostic du plasma de la source d'ions ECR SIMPA par spectroscopie X, Collision d'ions neon hydrogenoides avec des agregats d'argon

    Adrouche, N


    The first part of this thesis is devoted to the SIMPA ECR ion source characterization, first, I explored the ion source's capacities on the point of view of extracted currents for three elements, argon, krypton and neon. By analyzing the Bremsstrahlung spectra, I determined the electronic temperature in the plasma and the electronic and ionic densities. In a second time, I recorded high resolution X-spectra of argon and krypton plasma's. By taking into account the principal mechanisms of production of a K hole in the ions inside the plasma, I determined the ionic densities of the high charge states of argon. Lastly, I highlighted a correlation between the ions charge states densities with the intensities of extracted currents. The second part of the thesis is devoted to Ne{sup 9+-} argon clusters collisions. First, I presented simple and effective theoretical models allowing to describe the phenomena occurring during a collision, from the point of view of the projectile. I carried out a simulation for a collision of an ion Ne{sup 9+} with an argon cluster of a given size, which has enabled us to know the energy levels populated during the electronic capture and to follow the number of electrons in each projectile shell. Lastly, I presented the first results of a collision between a Ne{sup 9+} beam and argon clusters. These results, have enabled me by using projectile X-ray spectroscopy during the ions-clusters collision, to evidence a strong clustering of targets atoms and to highlight an electronic multi-capture in the projectile ion excited states. (author)

  9. Secondary electron emission of thin carbon foils under the impact of hydrogen atoms, ions and molecular ions, under energies within the MeV range; Multiplicite des electrons secondaires emis par des cibles minces de carbone sous l'impact de projectiles H0, H2+, H3+ d'energie de l'ordre du MeV

    Vidovic, Z


    This work focuses on the study of the emission statistics of secondary electrons from thin carbon foils bombarded with H{sup 0}, H{sub 2}{sup +} and H{sub 3}{sup +} projectiles in the 0.25-2.2 MeV energy range. The phenomenon of secondary electron emission from solids under the impact of swift ions is mainly due to inelastic interactions with target electrons. The phenomenological and theoretical descriptions, as well as a summary of the main theoretical models are the subject of the first chapter. The experimental set-up used to measure event by event the electron emission of the two faces of a thin carbon foil traversed by an energetic projectile is described in the chapter two. In this chapter are also presented the method and algorithms used to process experimental spectra in order to obtain the statistical distribution of the emitted electrons. Chapter three presents the measurements of secondary electron emission induced by H atoms passing through thin carbon foils. The secondary electron yields are studied in correlation with the emergent projectile charge state. We show the peculiar role of the projectile electron, whether it remains or not bound to the incident proton. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the secondary electron emission induced by H{sub 2}{sup +} and H{sub 3}{sup +} polyatomic ions. The results are interpreted in terms of collective effects in the interactions of these ions with solids. The role of the proximity of the protons, molecular ion fragments, upon the amplitude of these collective effects is evidenced from the study of the statistics of forward emission. These experiences allowed us to shed light on various aspects of atom and polyatomic ion inter-actions with solid surfaces. (author)

  10. Experimental studies of ions and atoms interaction with insulating surface; Etude experimentale de l'interaction rasante d'atomes et d'ions sur des surfaces isolantes

    Villette, J


    Grazing collisions (<3 deg.) of keV ions and atoms: H{sup +}, Ne{sup +}, Ne{sup 0}, Na{sup +} on LiF (001) single crystal, an ionic insulator, are investigated by a time of flight technique. The incident beam is chopped and the scattered particles are collected on a position sensitive detector providing differential cross section while the time of flight gives the energy loss. Deflection plates allow the charge state analysis. Secondary electrons are detected in coincidence allowing direct measurements of electron emission yield, angular and energetic distribution through time of flight measurements. The target electronic structure characterized by a large band gap, governs the collisional processes: charge exchange, electronic excitations and electron emission. In particular, these studies show that the population of local target excitations surface excitons is the major contribution to the kinetic energy transfer (stopping power). Auger neutralization of Ne{sup +} and He{sup +} ions reveals the population of quasi-molecular excitons, an exciton bound on two holes. Referenced in the literature as trion. A direct energy balance determines the binding energy associated with these excited states of the surface. Besides these electronic energy loss processes, two nuclear energy loss mechanisms are characterized. These processes imply momentum transfer to individual target atoms during close binary collisions or, if the projectile is charged, to collective mode of optical phonons induced by the projectile coulomb field. The effect of the temperature on the scattering profile, the contribution of topological surface defects to the energy loss profile and to skipping motion on the surface are analyzed in view of classical trajectory simulations. (author)

  11. Gestion des risques

    Louisot, Jean-Paul


    Depuis le début du lie siècle, la gestion des risques connaît une véritable révolution culturelle. Jusqu'alors fonction technique, centrée autour de l'achat de couverture d'assurances, elle est devenue une discipline managériale et transversale : une valise d'instruments que chaque manager doit connaître et appliquer quels que soient son domaine de compétence et ses missions au sein de l'organisation. En effet, la gestion des risques est une culture qui doit être assimilée par chacun des acteurs. C'est précisément l'ambition des 101 questions rassemblées dans cet ouvrage : apporter à chaque manager d'entreprise, de collectivité, d'établissement de santé..., des réponses claires au " pourquoi " et au " comment " : Comment identifier les risques ? Comment analyser les risques ? Quels sont les objectifs de la gestion des risques ? Une carte des risques pour quoi faire ? Pourquoi faut-il financer les risques ? Les entreprises ont-elles des responsabilités pénales ? En quoi consiste la gestion...

  12. Drug Retention Times

    Center for Human Reliability Studies


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user.

  13. Drug Retention Times

    Center for Human Reliability Studies


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user

  14. Liquid Effluent Retention Facility

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (LERF) is located in the central part of the Hanford Site. LERF is permitted by the State of Washington and has three liquid...

  15. Characterization of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and refractory metals in binary and ternary silicon-based films using ion beam methods; Caracterisation des elements: carbone, azote, oxygene et metal refractaire dans des depots binaires et ternaires a base de silicium par methodes d'analyse utilisant les faisceaux d'ions

    Somatri-Bouamrane, R. [Lyon-1 Univ., 69 - Villeurbanne (France). Inst. de Physique Nucleaire]|[Universite Claude Bernard, 69 - Lyon (France)


    Ion beam methods (non Rutherford backscattering, nuclear reactions) have been carried out in order to characterize silicon-based films. The cross sections for the reactions {sup 12}C({alpha},{alpha}), {sup 14}N({alpha},{alpha}), {sup 16}O({alpha},{alpha}), {sup 28}Si({alpha},{alpha}) and {sup 14}N({alpha},p) have been measured within 2 and 7 MeV. CVD beta SiC films could be analyzed and the interface between silicon carbide and the (100) silicon substrate was studied. The epitaxial growth of the beta SiC film could be modelled by comparing the results obtained with ion beam analysis, infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy. Moreover, the stoichiometry of low pressure CVD Me-Si-N (Me=Re, W, Ti, Ta) ternary systems was studied. The evolution of the nitrogen content in W-Si-N systems allowed to study their stability with respect to the annealing conditions. (N.T.)

  16. Le dialogisme intertextuel des contes des Grimm


    « Le caractère le plus important de l’énoncé, ou en tous cas le plus ignoré, est son dialogisme, c’est-à-dire sa dimension intertextuelle », constate Todorov en référence à la conception dialogique du langage proposée par Bakthine. Cet article introductif postule que ce constat s’applique aussi aux contes des Grimm. En partant des recherches déjà menées sur Apulée, Straporola, Basile, Perrault, La Fontaine et Lhéritier, il présente des concepts (réponse intertextuelle, reconfiguration génériq...

  17. Study of the interactions between alumina and metallic ion in solution at the liquid/oxide interface during catalysts synthesis; Etude des interactions alumine/ion metallique en solution a l`interface oxyde/liquide lors de la preparation des catalyseurs

    Mertens de Wilmars, D.


    This work concerns the formation of compounds including metal and Al(III) ions during impregnation of gamma alumina with a solution of the metal precursor. Formation of Li/Al hydroxy-carbonate (Li/Al HDC) on alumina during impregnation by a neutral or basic solution containing Li{sup +} is established. Zeta potential measurements are used to determine the ratio overlay of the alumina by HDC Li/Al. By this technique, residual positive charges are observed on HDC Li/Al surface. The formation of two different compounds including Mo(VI) and Al(III) ions during impregnation of alumina with molybdate or hepta-molybdate solution is reported here for the first time. The use of sodium molybdate solution as impregnation precursor leads to the formation of hydroxy-molybdo-luminate, while the ammonium hepta-molybdate solution forms ammonium hexa-molybdo-aluminate by contact with alumina.Dissolution kinetics of alumina in aqueous solution in absence or in presence of metal ions (Li{sup +}, K{sup +}, Zn{sup 2+}, MoO{sub 4}{sup 2-}, Mo{sub 7}O{sub 24}{sup 6-}) are investigated at different pH. Results show that the support is not inert in aqueous solution, even at neutral pH (near ZPC). The homogeneous nucleation of Li/Al HDC observed for Li/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} system evidence the permeability of the solid/solution interface: diffusion processus through the interface is more important than previously reported. A dissolution-precipitation mechanism is proposed to account for the formation of Al(III)-containing compounds on alumina surface. Alumina dissolves when contacted with aqueous solution. When Al(III) ions concentration in solution is bigger than the sur-saturation needed for heterogenous nucleation of the Al(III) containing compounds, this one precipitates. This mechanism agrees with all our results. (author) 169 refs.

  18. Physico-chemical study of the thermal degradation of ions exchange resins of nuclear origin: research of conditions to limit the pollution transfer, application to electric cables; Etude physico-chimique de la degradation thermique des resines echangeuses d'ions d'origine nucleaire: recherche des conditions limitant le transfert de pollution, application aux cables electriques

    Antonetti, P


    The ions exchange resins are one solid form of radioactive wastes. They are found mainly during the demineralization operations of the water from reactors cooling systems. This study aims to determine the conditions of a thermal processing leading to the production of a smaller residue, containing the whole activity. A protocol is proposed and validated on resins allowing a decrease of the volume of 63% for 99,93% of the activity. (A.L.B.)

  19. Ion-exchange membranes based on aromatic polymers for fuel cells; Preparation et caracterisation de membranes echangeuses d'ions basees sur des polymeres aromatiques pour pile a combustible

    Kosmala, B.


    Poly(2,6- dimethyl-1,4- phenylene oxide) was sulfonated to different degrees. New ion-exchange membranes were prepared either from sulfonated poly(2,6- dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) (SPPO) alone or by mixing solutions of SPPO in the ammonium form and of poly-benzimidazole or poly(2-ethyl-aniline), casting the solution as a thin film, evaporating the solvent and treating the membrane with aqueous hydrochloric acid. The polymer-blend membranes were insoluble in organic solvents as they were crosslinked by interactions of sulfonic acid groups and basic groups of the other polymer. A very small amount of either polymer in the blend will bring about crosslinking of the membrane. The membranes were tested in a H{sub 2}/O{sub 2} fuel cells. Their performance in the fuel cell increased with increasing concentration of SPPO sulfonic acid groups in the blend, but the membranes formed with the highly sulfonated SPPO alone or predominating, which swelled excessively in water, did not give reproducible results and their performance was usually inferior to that of the membranes having an optimum ratio of both components. (author)

  20. Contribution aux Methodes Analytiques des Substances a L'aide de Faisceaux de Particules Chargees

    Saidi, Abdelmajid

    Nous avons vu les possibilites d'analyse par particules chargees des aerosols recueillis sur des filtres de type MILLIPORE. La meme technique a ete utilisee pour des filtres ayant servi a la filtration de l'eau du fleuve Saint-laurent. Deux techniques ont ete utilisees: (1) FAST (Forward Alpha Scattering Technique): pour analyser l'hydrogene, le carbone, l'oxygene et puis l'azote. Des alpha de 12 MeV ont ete utilises. (2) PIXE (Particle Induced X-ray Emission): pour analyser les elements moyens et lourds, dans ce cas des protons de 3 MeV ainsi que des ions d'argon de 1 et 1.6 MeV ont ete utilises. Les etudes ont montre que sous vide, la majorite des problemes proviennent des dommages causes par l'echauffement du a l'impact du faisceau sur le filtre. L'analyse quantitative par l'intermediaire du faisceau extrait peut presenter des difficultes en ce qui concerne les elements legers pour lesquels l'absorption des rayonnements caracteristiques dans l'atmosphere externe est importante. Les ions lourds se pretent mal aux analyses des aerosols du fait de leur limite de sensibilite. L'analyse directe de liquides par des protons est particulierement interessante puisqu'elle ne necessite aucune preparation prealable des echantillons. A cet effet, un programme de calcul de concentration des elements dans la solution a analyser a ete mis au point. Nous avons determine la limite de sensibilite de la methode PIXE pour les cibles minces (filtre) et pour le cas ou la matrice est de l'eau. Enfin, la technique FAST peut etre un complement de la technique PIXE.

  1. Dynamical effects and fission in the heavy ion collisions at incident energies near the Fermi energy; Effets dynamiques et fission dans les collisions d`ions lourds a des energies incidentes voisines de l`energie de Fermi

    Jean Colin [Lab. de Physique Corpusculaire, Caen Univ., 14 (France)


    In this work we have studied the reaction mechanisms implied in the heavy ion collisions at energies near the Fermi level. We have observed the predominance of binary processes (2 principal nuclei in the exit channel) and selected events leading to the fission of one of the two fragmentation products. On the basis of the study of angular distributions of fission fragments and associated light particles, we have determined the angular momentum of the nucleus in the moment of fission and the angular momentum transfer in the interaction. The comparison of experimental values of the angular momentum transferred with the theoretical models enables the characterization of projectile-target interaction. For the different systems studied, the spin of fissioning nucleus ranges between 30 {Dirac_h} and 60 {Dirac_h} while the transferred angular momentum may reach 90 {Dirac_h}. For these studies the determinant parameter is the sequence of emission of light particles and fragments, hence the lifetime associated to each processes. For central collisions we have measured pre-fission lifetimes lower then 10{sup -21} sec. These values are very short in comparison with the statistical fission processes, what prompted to search for off-equilibrium (non-statistical) phenomena in the data. Taking into account the charges of the fission fragments we were able to isolate a dynamical component and a statistical component in the fission process. We have compared these two classes of events and showed that there is a relative excess of energy between the fragments when the origin of scission is dynamical. We hope to derive of this observable the nuclear deformation velocity and constrain the value of the nuclear matter viscosity in comparison with the theoretical models 54 refs., 27 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Simultaneous excitement of electron and ion resonances in a magnetoplasma by a high frequency electromagnetic field low frequency modulated; Excitation simultanee des resonances electronique et ionique dans un plasma dans un champ magnetique statique, produite par un champ electromagnetique HF module a une basse frequence

    Zilli, E. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A single-particle, collisionless, non-relativistic theory is exposed, in which the possibility is shown of exciting electron and ion resonances in a magnetoplasma, by means of a high frequency electromagnetic field, whose amplitude is low frequency modulated. Two solutions of this problem are given in this report. The first one rests on the possibility of exciting the ion cyclotron resonance taking into account the low frequency electromagnetic field low frequency modulated. In the second solution the possibility of exciting the electron and ion resonances is considered in an electromagnetic field, whose magnetic component parallel to vector B{sub 0} is low frequency modulated. The results are discussed in the field of a cylindrical wave guide driven in the TE{sub 01}-mode, vector B{sub 0} being parallel to the axis. (Author) [French] On montre dans l'etude du mouvement d'une particule, lorsqu'on neglige les effets relativistes et les collisions, qu'il est possible d'exciter la resonance des electrons et des ions dans un plasma place dans un champ magnetique statique et dans un champ electromagnetique HF module en amplitude a une basse frequence. Dans cette note on presente deux solutions de ce probleme. La premiere repose sur la possibilite d'exciter la resonance cyclotron des ions en prenant en consideration le champ electromagnetique BF produit par les electrons qui tournent transversalement au champ magnetique statique B{sub 0}, sous l'influence d'un champ electromagnetique HF module a basse frequence. La deuxieme est celle ou le champ BF est une modulation, appliquee de l'exterieur, de l'amplitude de la composante magnetique du champ HF. On considere le cas ou cette composante magnetique oscillante est parallele a celle du champ magnetique statique. On discute les resultats dans le cas d'un mode TE{sub 01} se propageant dans un guide circulaire en presence d'un champ magnetique statique axial. (auteur)

  3. Photonique des Morphos

    Berthier, Serge


    La photonique est déjà présente dans notre vie quotidienne, et on attend maintenant que la manipulation des photons permette aussi le traitement logique des informations. Cependant, l’élément de base qui permet cette manipulation de la lumière, le cristal photonique, est d’une réalisation complexe et mal contrôlée. Dans la course à la maîtrise de la lumière, les structures photoniques naturelles ont beaucoup à nous apprendre. C’est ce que nous montre Serge Berthier qui étudie dans ce livre la structure des écailles des Morphos. Tenant compte de l’essor récent des approches biomimétiques, il présente de manière détaillée plus de dix-huit techniques expérimentales utilisées pour ses analyses, ainsi que les diverses approches théoriques développées pour la modélisation de structures multi-échelles complexes. Première étude quasi-exhaustive des structures fines d’un genre et des propriétés optiques ainsi que colorimétriques générées, ce livre fournit aux entomologiste...

  4. Droit des organisations internationales

    Sorel, Jean-Marc; Ndior, Valère


    Cet ouvrage collectif offre aux enseignants et chercheurs en droit international, aux praticiens et aux étudiants, une analyse actualisée du droit des organisations internationales. Il dresse en cinq parties un tableau, illustré par des exemples variés, des problématiques que soulève le phénomène polymorphe d institutionnalisation de la société internationale. La première partie est consacrée au phénomène des « organisations internationales », sous l angle à la fois de l institutionnalisation progressive des relations internationales et de la difficulté à cerner une catégorie unifiée. La deuxième partie rend compte de la création, de la disparition et des mutations des organisations internationales, ici envisagées comme systèmes institutionnels et ordres juridiques dérivés. La troisième partie analyse l autonomie que l acquisition de la personnalité juridique et de privilèges et immunités, un organe administratif intégré, un personnel ou un budget propres confèrent aux organi...

  5. U(VI) and Eu(III) ion sorption in the interface solution-phosphate solids: Structural study and mechanisms; Sorption des ions U(VI) et Eu(III) a l`interface solution - solides phosphates: Etude structurale et mechanismes

    Drot, Romuald [Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France)


    As part of the storage of nuclear wastes in a deep underground disposal, radionuclides sorption on geological or engineered barriers is one of the most important factor which could enhance retardation. Thus, the knowledge of such mechanisms is needed. For this purpose, we chose to experimentally define sorption equilibria before performing simulation of retention data. Several phosphate compounds are potential candidates as engineered barrier additives. We considered Th{sub 4}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, Zr{sub 2}O(PO{sub 4}){sub 2} which allow to study the effect of PO{sub 4} and P{sub 2}O{sub 7} groups separately. Eu(III) and U(IV) ions were used as structural probes in order to simulate actinides (III) and (VI) behavior. X-ray powder diffraction, IR spectroscopy and electron probe microanalysis were used to characterized the synthesized solids. Electrophoretic measurements showed an amphoteric behavior of surface sites. Moreover, laser spectro-fluorimetry experiments indicated that no diffusion phenomena of the sorbed ion inside the solid occurs. Thus, we considered that a surface complexation model should be applied. Laser spectro-fluorimetry and XPS allowed to determine the nature of surface sites. ZrP{sub 2}O{sub 7} presents only one single site (P{sub 2}O{sub 7} groups) whereas Th{sub 4}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}P{sub 2}O{sub 7} and Zr{sub 2}O(PO{sub 4}){sub 2} admit two types of sites (PO{sub 4}/P{sub 2}O{sub 7} and PO{sub 4}/oxo groups, respectively). Sorbed species were identified using laser spectro-fluorimetry which indicate that, in KNO{sub 3} 0.5 M medium and for a known surface site, there are two surface complexes for U(VI) (sorption of UO{sup 2+}{sub 2} et de UO{sub 2}NO{sup +}{sub 3} species) and only one for Eu(III) (sorption of EuNO{sup 2+}{sub 3}). They are linked to the substrate as bidentate inner sphere complexes (EXAFS study). Surface acidity constants were determined by simulation of potentiometric titration curves obtained for each solid

  6. Meningitis retention syndrome

    Abhishek Krishna


    Full Text Available A 50-year-old Caucasian woman presented with signs and symptoms of meningitis preceded by a 3 day history of flu-like symptoms and progressive difficulty with urination. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF analysis was consistent with aseptic meningitis. She was found to have a significant urinary retention secondary to atonic bladder. MRI of the brain and spine were normal and CSF-PCR (polymerase chain reaction was positive for HSV-2. Urinary retention in the context of meningitis and CSF pleocytosis is known as Meningitis Retention Syndrome (MRS. MRS is a rare but important complication of meningitis most commonly associated with HSV-2. Involvement of central pathways may have a role in the pathogenesis of MRS but this is poorly documented. MRS is different from Elsberg syndrome wherein patients display features of lumbosacral polyradiculitis or radiculomyelitis. Early treatment with antiviral therapy was associated with a favorable outcome in our patient.

  7. Performance of the Alice muon spectrometer. Weak boson production and measurement in heavy-ion collisions at LHC; Performance du spectrometre a muons d'ALICE. Production et mesure des bosons faibles dans des collisions d'ions lourds aupres du LHC

    Conesa del valle, Z


    Lattice QCD predicts a transition from a hadronic phase to a Quark Gluon Plasma phase, QGP, for temperatures above 10{sup 13} K. Heavy-ion collisions are proposed to recreate it in laboratory. With such a purpose, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will provide Pb-Pb collisions at 5.5 TeV/u, and the ALICE experiment will permit to explore them. In particular, the ALICE muon spectrometer will permit to investigate the muon related probes (quarkonia, open beauty,...). The expected apparatus performances to measure muons and dimuons are discussed. A factorization technique is employed to unravel the different contributions to the global efficiency. Results indicate that the detector should be able to measure muons up to pT {approx} 100 GeV/c with a resolution of about 10 per cent. We show that weak bosons production could be measured for the first time in heavy-ion collisions. Single muon p{sub T} and dimuons invariant mass distributions will probe W and Z production. As mainly muons from b- and c-quarks decays will populate the intermediate-p{sub T} of 5 - 25 GeV/c, heavy quark in-medium energy loss calculations indicate that the single muon spectra would be suppressed by a factor 2-4 in the most central 0 - 10% Pb-Pb collisions at 5.5 TeV. However, for p{sub T} > 35 GeV/c the weak boson decays are predominant, and no suppression is expected. Estimations indicate that the b- and W-muons crossing point shifts down in transverse momenta by 5 to 7 GeV/c in the most central 0 - 10% Pb-Pb collisions at 5.5 TeV. (author)

  8. Dental Encounter System (DES)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Dental Encounter System (DES) is an automated health care application designed to capture critical data about the operations of VA Dental Services. Information on...

  9. Table des illustrations


    Tableaux Dates d’inauguration des grands hôtels japonais entre 1860 et 1945… 19 Histoire, tourisme et hôtellerie en Corée depuis les années 1870… 59-60 Dates d’inauguration des grands hôtels chinois depuis 1863… 84 Les hôtels de luxe et leurs capacités d’hébergement en Corée en 2000… 103 Les flux de personnes suscités par les hôtels « super luxe » de Séoul en 2000… 105 L’activité des grands hôtels à Séoul en 1999 (en wons)… 106 Propriété et gestion des grands hôtels à Séoul en 1999…. 110 La c...

  10. Chimie des processus biologiques

    Fontecave, Marc


    La chimie du vivant : enzymes et métalloenzymes, des biocatalyseurs fascinants La catalyse enzymatique, ce pouvoir que possèdent certaines protéines d’accélérer de façon extraordinaire et d’orienter avec une précision fascinante les réactions chimiques de la cellule, reste, encore aujourd’hui, l’un des grands mystères des systèmes vivants. Les réactions dont il est question vont de la simple hydrolyse de liaisons peptidiques à des processus poly-électroniques d’une très grande complexité, com...




    L’objectif principal de notre travail, consistait à l’origine en : La préparation d’un adsorbant à partir d’un polymère naturel, le chitosane et d’un matériau inorganique la bentonite. La préparation d’un adsorbant à partir d’un polymère naturel le chitosane modifié par l’ajout de l’épichlorhydrine et d’un matériau inorganique la bentonite. Ces deux matériaux avec le chitosane seul et la bentonite seule sont utilisés comme adsorbants pour l’orange de télon Dans un premier temps, n...

  12. Vom Ort des Philosophierens

    Damir Barbaric


    Im Aufsatz wird versucht, den ursprünglichen Sinn der Platonischen Bestimmung vom Staunen als Anfang der Philosophie zu ermitteln, und zwar durch eine kritischen Abhebung von ihrer Umdeutung bei Aristoteles, und dann insbesondere in der Stoa wie auch bei Spinoza und Hegel. Dabei wird auf die frühgriechische Erfahrung vom Staunen als _______ aufmerksam gemacht, wo es vor allem die Grundstimmung des Dabeiseins des Göttlichen und der menschlichen Teilnahme am Göttlichen bedeutet. Dem entspricht ...

  13. Liste des auteurs


    Fariba Adelkhah est chargée de recherche à la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI) [] Jean-Marie Bouissou est chargé de recherche à la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI) [] Jean-Louis Briquet est chargé de recherche au CNRS, Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI) [...

  14. La revolution des savants

    Chavanne, A


    Premiere cassette : - 1666 : impact de la creation de l'Academie des Sciences par Colbert, trente ans apres le proces de Galile, et au moment des disparitions de Pascal, Descartes et Fermat. Elle dirigee par le hollandais Huyggens jusqu'a sa fuite de France au moment de la revocation de l'Edit de Nantes. - 1750 : l'Encyclopedie (ou "Dictionnaire raisonne des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers") de Diderot et d'Alembert, soutenus par Malherbes, Buffon, Condorcet et Rousseau. - 1789 : Revolution francaise. - 8 aout 1793 : l'Assemblee, par une declaration de Marat, dissout l'Academie des Sciences. Celle-ci continue cependant ses travaux pour les poids et mesures jusqu'en 1795. - la Terreur : la condamnation a mort, pas au nom d'une "Revolution qui n'a pas besoin de savants" mais pour d'autres raisons, de trois grands hommes de science : Lavoisier, Bailly et Condorcet. - 1793-1794 : Au printemps 93, le Comite de Salut Publique s'inquiete du demi-million de soldats etrangers de toutes les pays frontaliers qui essai...

  15. Developpement des betons semi autoplacants a rheologie adaptee pour des infrastructures

    Sotomayor Cruz, Cristian Daniel

    BSAP-I optimisés à travers une caractérisation complète des propriétés mécaniques et de la durabilité a été réalisée. A la suite de cette étude, les résultats obtenus nous permettent de conclure que : (1) L'utilisation d'un BSAP-I avec un gros granulat de 5 - 14 mm, des rapports E/L = 0,37 et S/G = 0,52 et une teneur en air de 6 à 9% a été possible en conférant un équilibre optimal fluidité / stabilité à l'état frais, ainsi qu'un niveau de thixotropie adéquate au chantier permettant d'optimiser la conception du coffrage des piliers de pont et de conférer des qualités de surfaces très acceptables de ces infrastructures. (2) La méthode adaptée pour l'essai L-Box contenant 2 barres et une vibration de 5 secondes a permis de bien caractériser la capacité de remplissage d'un BSAP-I. (3) L'utilisation d'un plan factoriel 23 a permis d'obtenir des modèles statistiques fiables, capables de prédire les propriétés rhéologiques à l'état frais et les résistances en compression des BSAP-I avec des dosages en liant entre 370 et 420 kg/m3, des rapports E/L entre 0,34 et 0,40 et S/G entre 0,47 et 0,53. (4) Des mesures de vitesse d'écoulement T40 d'un BSAP-I sont très semblables à celles d'un BAP. En plus, des valeurs T40 montrent une bonne corrélation linéaire avec celles de T400 mesurés dans la boîte L-Box. (5) À la frontière du BAP et du BCV, une bande rhéologique possédant un τ0 entre 30 et 320 Pa et un η entre 10 et 140 Pa.s a été trouvée pour la conception optimale des BSAP-I. (6) Les BSAP-I optimisés ont également conféré une très bonne performance à l'état frais, en permettant maintenir un bon équilibre entre la rhéologie et la stabilité dans le temps, lorsqu'on utilise une énergie de vibration minimale pour amorcer son écoulement. (7) À l'état durci Les BSAP-I ont conféré une bonne performance présentant des résistances mécaniques élevées et des niveaux négligeables de pénétration aux ions chlores

  16. Chemical and dynamics properties of heavy ion collisions at RHIC energies by the measurement of the production of the doubly strange baryons in the STAR experiment; Proprietes chimiques et dynamiques des collisions d'ions lourds aux energies du RHIC par la mesure de la production des baryons doublement etranges dans l'experience STAR

    Estienne, M


    Lattice QCD calculations predict, at {mu}{sub B} {approx} 0, a crossover from ordinary hadronic matter to a Quark Gluon Plasma. Heavy ion collisions have been proposed to recreate it in the laboratory and to study its properties. The Au+Au, d+Au collisions at {radical}(S{sub NN}) = 200 GeV and the Au+Au ones at 62.4 GeV delivered at RHIC have been probed by the measurement of the {xi} particles in the STAR experiment. Their yield evolution with collision energy and system size gives size to the chemical properties of the reaction in the framework of hadronic and statistical models. The {xi} R{sub CP} shows: (1) a meson/baryon dependence for 2 < {sub pT} < 5 GeV/c well reproduced by quark coalescence and recombination models, (2) the formation of a dense matter signed by a R{sub CP} suppression at {sub pT} > 3 GeV/c, (3) strong interactions between constituents suggesting the existence of strong collectivity in the medium. The {xi} transverse flow seems to be interesting to probe the early stage the collision with presumably partonic degrees of freedom. (author)

  17. Le dialogisme intertextuel des contes des Grimm


    Loin d'être « purement allemands », nombre de contes des Grimm réécrivent les contes français largement diffusés en Allemagne au XVIIIe siècle en les « reconfigurant » selon leurs propres paradigmes esthétiques et idéologiques. L'étude introductive de la comparatiste Ute Heidmann montre que ce dialogisme européen est resté peu exploré en raison d’une « scénographie en trompe-l’œil » qui les présente comme issus du « terroir » hessois. Toutefois, les notes des Grimm (constituées en volume auto...

  18. Maladie des vibrations

    Shen, Shixin (Cindy); House, Ronald A.


    Résumé Objectif Permettre aux médecins de famille de comprendre l’épidémiologie, la pathogenèse, les symptômes, le diagnostic et la prise en charge de la maladie des vibrations, une maladie professionnelle importante et courante au Canada. Sources d’information Une recherche a été effectuée sur MEDLINE afin de relever les recherches et comptes rendus portant sur la maladie des vibrations. Une recherche a été effectuée sur Google dans le but d’obtenir la littérature grise qui convient au contexte canadien. D’autres références ont été tirées des articles relevés. Message principal La maladie des vibrations est une maladie professionnelle répandue touchant les travailleurs de diverses industries qui utilisent des outils vibrants. La maladie est cependant sous-diagnostiquée au Canada. Elle compte 3 éléments : vasculaire, sous la forme d’un phénomène de Raynaud secondaire; neurosensoriel; et musculosquelettique. Aux stades les plus avancés, la maladie des vibrations entraîne une invalidité importante et une piètre qualité de vie. Son diagnostic exige une anamnèse minutieuse, en particulier des antécédents professionnels, un examen physique, des analyses de laboratoire afin d’éliminer les autres diagnostics, et la recommandation en médecine du travail aux fins d’investigations plus poussées. La prise en charge consiste à réduire l’exposition aux vibrations, éviter les températures froides, abandonner le tabac et administrer des médicaments. Conclusion Pour assurer un diagnostic rapide de la maladie des vibrations et améliorer le pronostic et la qualité de vie, les médecins de famille devraient connaître cette maladie professionnelle courante, et pouvoir obtenir les détails pertinents durant l’anamnèse, recommander les patients aux cliniques de médecine du travail et débuter les demandes d’indemnisation de manière appropriée. PMID:28292812

  19. Expression, receptor binding, and biophysical characterization of guinea pig insulin desB30

    Engholm, Ebbe; Hansen, Thomas Hesselhøj; Johansson, Eva;


    not indicate the formation of any larger structures of GI desB30 in the presence of various divalent metal ions, but did indicate that GI desB30 has an affinity towards Mn, Co, and Cu ions. Finally, the low affinity for the insulin receptor and the very low affinity for the IGF-I receptor by GI desB30 were......Here we report, for the first time, the heterologous expression of desB30 guinea pig insulin (GI desB30) in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The affinities of GI desB30 for the insulin receptor A and the IGF-I receptor were also quantified for the first time. Small-angle X-ray scattering...... and analytical ultracentrifugation studies confirmed that GI desB30 did not form dimers or hexamers, in contrast to human insulin. Sizeexclusion chromatography connected to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry revealed that GI desB30 has affinity towards several divalent metal ions. These studies did...

  20. La convergence des rôles respectifs des relationnistes et des journalistes influence-t-elle la perception qu'ils ont les uns des autres?

    Valentini, Chiara


    la convergence des rôles respectifs des praticiens des relations publiques et des journalistes a un effet favorable sur la perception qu’ils ont les uns des autres. L’effet est plus marqué chez les praticiens des relations publiques, car leur vision de la profession en journalisme correspond à celle...

  1. Basic Retention Mechanisms

    Jensen, Bror Skytte; Jensen, H.


    . The data for kaolinite were similarly interpreted as adsorption of hydroxylated complexes of the polyvalent cations, a mechanism which has previously been suggested for the adsorption of heavy metals onto muds, sludges and organic debris. In the case of kaolinite, indications of additional reactions like......The effect of multiple cation competition on the adsorption of Sr onto two synthetic ion-exchange resins, i. e. DOWEX 50W and DOWEX CCR-2, as well as onto the clay mineral, kaolinite has been studied. The results for DOWEX 50W, and under certain experimental conditions also for DOWEX CCR-2 were...... in good agreement with theoretical predictions for multielement ion-exchange taking the limiting effect of ion-exchange capacity into account. In the case of very low cation adsorption, DOWEX CCR-2 showed an unexpected behavior which is interpreted as ion-pair or ion-cluster adsorption of polyvalent ions...

  2. General Reviews of Vocabulary Retention

    ZHANG Yuan


    This paper will try to review two important theories (repletion and retrieval) which are crucial for vocabulary retention. These two methods are well connected and each of them cannot lead to successful vocabulary retention without sensible utilization of the other.

  3. phosphorus retention data and metadata

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — phosphorus retention in wetlands data and metadata. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Lane , C., and B. Autrey. Phosphorus retention of...

  4. À propos des occasionnalismes

    Dal Georgette


    Full Text Available Les occasionnalismes (nonce formations ou contextual formations dans la terminologie anglo-saxonne, qu’on définira provisoirement comme de “new complex word[s] created by a speaker/writer on the spur of the moment to cover some immediate need” (Bauer, 1983 : 45 ont, à notre connaissance, peu retenu l’attention des morphologues du domaine francophone. Pourtant, toutes les conditions sont désormais réunies pour que cet objet, invisible lorsqu’il s’agissait de décrire le système morphologique du français (ou d’autres langues à partir de ressources dictionnairiques, émerge en tant qu’observable dans une morphologie puisant ses données dans le réel langagier des locuteurs. Par définition en effet, on s’attend à ce qu’un occasionalisme soit absent des dictionnaires (nous verrons que, dans les faits, la situation est plus complexe que cela, et que ces contextual formations ne puissent pas être étudiées en dehors du contexte dans lequel elles ont été produites. À cet égard, la Toile et les produits qui en dérivent constituent des ressources de choix. C’est particulièrement vrai des forums, dans lesquels les internautes s’expriment librement, laissant libre cours à leur potentiel créatif (ou ce qu’ils pensent tel. Dans la présente communication, après avoir défini la notion d’occasionalisme, nous utiliserons un corpus constitué au fil d’autres recherches pour dégager des motifs récurrents propices à leur apparition, autrement dit pour établir une grammaire des occasionnalismes.

  5. Des Vents et des Jets Astrophysiques

    Sauty, C.

    well expected result from the theory. Although, collimation may be conical, paraboloidal or cylindrical (Part 4), cylindrical collimation is the more likely to occur. The shape of outflows may then be used as a tool to predict physical conditions on the flows or on their source. L'éjection continue de plasma autour d'objets massifs est un phénomène largement répandu en astrophysique, que ce soit sous la forme du vent solaire, de vents stellaires, de jets d'étoiles en formation, de jets stellaires autour d'objets compacts ou de jets extra-galactiques. Cette zoologie diversifiée fait pourtant l'objet d'un commun effort de modélisation. Le but de cette revue est d'abord de présenter qualitativement le développement, depuis leur origine, des diverses théories de vents (Partie 1) et l'inter disciplinarité dans ce domaine. Il s'agit d'une énumération, plus ou moins exhaustive, des idées proposées pour expliquer l'accélération et la morphologie des vents et des jets, accompagnée d'une présentation sommaire des aspects observationnels. Cette partie s'abstient de tout aspect faisant appel au formalisme mathématique. Ces écoulements peuvent être décrits, au moins partiellement, en résolvant les équations magnétohydrodynamiques, axisymétriques et stationnaires. Ce formalisme, à la base de la plupart des théories, est exposé dans la Partie 2. Il permet d'introduire quantitativement les intégrales premières qu'un tel système possède. Ces dernières sont amenées à jouer un rôle important dans la compréhension des phénomènes d'accélération ou de collimation, en particulier le taux de perte de masse, le taux de perte de moment angulaire ou l'énergie du rotateur magnétique. La difficulté de modélisation réside dans l'existence de points critiques, propres aux équations non linéaires, qu'il faut franchir. La nature physique et la localisation de ces points critiques fait l'objet d'un débat important car ils sont la clef de voute de la r

  6. Soil Water Retention Curve

    Johnson, L. E.; Kim, J.; Cifelli, R.; Chandra, C. V.


    Potential water retention, S, is one of parameters commonly used in hydrologic modeling for soil moisture accounting. Physically, S indicates total amount of water which can be stored in soil and is expressed in units of depth. S can be represented as a change of soil moisture content and in this context is commonly used to estimate direct runoff, especially in the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) curve number (CN) method. Generally, the lumped and the distributed hydrologic models can easily use the SCS-CN method to estimate direct runoff. Changes in potential water retention have been used in previous SCS-CN studies; however, these studies have focused on long-term hydrologic simulations where S is allowed to vary at the daily time scale. While useful for hydrologic events that span multiple days, the resolution is too coarse for short-term applications such as flash flood events where S may not recover its full potential. In this study, a new method for estimating a time-variable potential water retention at hourly time-scales is presented. The methodology is applied for the Napa River basin, California. The streamflow gage at St Helena, located in the upper reaches of the basin, is used as the control gage site to evaluate the model performance as it is has minimal influences by reservoirs and diversions. Rainfall events from 2011 to 2012 are used for estimating the event-based SCS CN to transfer to S. As a result, we have derived the potential water retention curve and it is classified into three sections depending on the relative change in S. The first is a negative slope section arising from the difference in the rate of moving water through the soil column, the second is a zero change section representing the initial recovery the potential water retention, and the third is a positive change section representing the full recovery of the potential water retention. Also, we found that the soil water moving has traffic jam within 24 hours after finished first

  7. Enhancing retention of partial dentures using elastomeric retention rings

    Kakkirala Revathi


    Full Text Available This report presents an alternative method for the retention of partial dentures that relies on the engagement of tooth undercuts by a lining material. The lab procedures are also presented. A new maxillary and mandibular acrylic partial dentures were fabricated using elastomeric retention technique for a partially dentate patient. A partially dentate man reported difficulty in retaining his upper removable partial denture (RPD. The maxillary RPD was designed utilizing elastomeric retention technique. During follow-up, it was necessary to replace the retention rings due to wear. The replacement of the retention rings, in this case, was done through a chairside reline technique. Elastomeric retention technique provides exceptionally good retention can be indicated to stabilize, cushion, splint periodontally involved teeth, no enough undercut for clasps, eliminate extractions, single or isolated teeth.

  8. Effect of des-Tyr1-[gamma]-endorphin and des-enkephalin-[gamma]-endorphin on active and passive avoidance behavior of rats; A dose-response relationship study

    Gaffori, O.; Wied, D. de


    The potency of two β-endorphin fragments, des-Tyr1-γ-endorphin (DTγE, βE-(2–17)) and des-enkephalin-γ-endorphin (DEγE, βE-(6–17)) was compared on extinction of pole-jumping avoidance behavior and on retention of a one-trial step-through passive avoidance procedure. Both peptides facilitated the exti

  9. Table des illustrations


    Intégrer les Tsiganes Hongrie, 1970 (photo DR) 34 Discuter entretient la fraternité. (photo M. Stewart) 35 La veille du mariage (photo M. Stewart) 36 Le « salon » (photo M. Stewart) 37 Les activités économiques des Tsiganes sont conçues comme des jeux. (photo M. Stewart) 39 Lev cheval (photo I. Nemeth) 41 Le cortège d’un mariage (photo M. Stewart) 43 Avant le mariage (photo M. Stewart) 43 C’est par le chant (photo M. Stewart) 45 Des « frères » boivent en harmonie (photo M. Stewart) 46 Les che...

  10. Geschichte des SIN

    Pritzker, Andreas


    Dieses Buch erzählt die Geschichte des Schweizerischen Instituts für Nuklearforschung (SIN). Das Institut wurde 1968 gegründet und ging 1988 ins Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) über. Die Gründung des SIN erfolgte in einer Zeit, als die Physik weitherum als Schlüsseldisziplin für die technologische und gesellschaftliche Entwicklung galt. Der Schritt war für ein kleines Land wie die Schweiz ungewöhnliche und zeugte von Mut und Weitsicht. Ungewöhnlich waren der Folge die Leistungen des SIN im weltweiten Vergleich sowie sein Einfluss auf die schweizerische, teils auf die internationale Wissenschaftspolitik.

  11. Les lueurs des sables

    Les lueurs des sables


    Two CERN ladies are getting ready for the “Trophée Roses des Sables” rally adventure: Julie and Laetitia are finalizing the last details before setting off on Monday 7th October 2013. Julie from EN-MEF group and Laetitia from DGS-SEE group, met at the CERN Rugby club. This year, they are participating in the 100 % female rally which will take place in Morocco from 10 to 20 October. They will be carrying along 100 kg of humanitarian donation for children such as some clothes, books and medical material. Do not hesitate to show your support at their farewell party to be held on Monday 7 October, from 4 to 6 pm in front of the St Genis-Pouilly Mairie (city Hall). Follow their exciting adventure on the blog and on their association’s Facebook page Les Lueurs des Sables.

  12. Des Groupes et des Œuvres

    Grojnowski, Daniel


    À la fin du xixe siècle, les groupes de bohèmes se multiplient et se diversifient, des salons privés aux tavernes ou cabarets. Une étude aussi attentive que possible de trois d’entre eux (les Zutiques, les Hydropathes, les Incohérents) montre la diversité de leurs configurations, ainsi que l’importance déterminante que leurs productions revêt au regard de la postérité.

  13. Differentialdiagnose des Ulcus cruris

    Binder B


    Full Text Available Das Ulcus cruris ist eine Erkrankung vor allem des höheren Lebensalters. Ungefähr 1 % der Bevölkerung leidet an einer chronischen Wunde. An die 90 % der Ulzera sind vaskulärer Genese, doch gibt es vielfältige weitere Ursachen. Die Kenntnis der relevanten Differentialdiagnosen ist insbesondere bei therapierefraktären Verläufen von Bedeutung. Dazu gehören Neuropathien, myeloproliferative Erkrankungen, Infektionen, Medikamente oder Hauttumore. Für eine erfolgreiche Behandlung des Ulcus cruris ist die Identifikation der Genese von entscheidender Bedeutung, um eine kausale, interdisziplinäre Therapie zu ermöglichen.

  14. Liste des Auteurs


    Amor Hakima, Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des sciences Semlalia, Département de biologie, Laboratoire d’écologie humaine, Marrakech, Maroc. Angeli Aurora, Universita degli studi di Bologna, Dipartimento di scienze statiche “Paolo Fortunati”, Bologne, Italie. Baali Abdellatif, Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des sciences Semlalia, Département de biologie, Laboratoire d’écologie humaine, Marrakech, Maroc. Bachtarzi T., Hôpital Ibn Sina, CHU Annaba, Algérie. Baudot Patrick, Université de Proven...

  15. Liste des Auteurs


    Amor Hakima, Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des sciences Semlalia, Département de biologie, Laboratoire d’écologie humaine, Marrakech, Maroc. Angeli Aurora, Universita degli studi di Bologna, Dipartimento di scienze statiche “Paolo Fortunati”, Bologne, Italie. Baali Abdellatif, Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des sciences Semlalia, Département de biologie, Laboratoire d’écologie humaine, Marrakech, Maroc. Bachtarzi T., Hôpital Ibn Sina, CHU Annaba, Algérie. Baudot Patrick, Université de Proven...

  16. Deuterium retention in VPS-W coated vanadium alloy (V–4Cr–4Ti)

    Ueda, Yoshio, E-mail: [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Suita, Osaka (Japan); Uekita, Kazuhiro; Oya, Makoto; Ohtsuka, Yusuke [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Suita, Osaka (Japan); Nagasaka, Takuya [National Institute for Fusion Science, Gifu 509-5292 (Japan); Kasada, Ryuta; Kimura, Akihiko [Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Kyoto 611-0011 (Japan); Tokunaga, Tomonori; Yoshida, Naoaki [Interdisciplinary School of Engineering Science, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 812-8581 (Japan)


    D retention in a VPS W coated V alloy (V–4Cr–4Ti, NIFS Heat 2) was investigated by an ion beam irradiation with a HiFIT device. Irradiation temperature changed from 473 K to 773 K and ion fluence was 10{sup 24} m{sup −2}. In addition, during ion irradiation atmospheric pressure was 0.5 mTorr. It was found that ambient gas absorption was the dominant process for D retention. Ion irradiation could enhance gas absorption probably due to surface modification (oxide layer removal) and could produce ion induced trapping sites. Although these ion induced processes can be avoided by W coating layers, D retention is still significant for VPS-W coated V alloy. D trapping could be done mainly in V-alloy and its mechanisms could be related to some intrinsic defects in V alloy and formation of titanium hydride at elevated temperature.

  17. Die lebensvision des semonides

    Milivoj Sironić


    Full Text Available Der Autor analysiert die Weibersatire des Semonides und andere seiner kurzen Fragmente. Dabei kommt er zu der Schlussfolgerung, dass sich die Verse der Satire durch eine gute Technik auszeich­ nen, dass aber auch eine unnötige Weitschweifigkeit nicht zu Ubersehen ist. Trotzdem kann man jedoch dem Dichter nicht die künstlerische Überzeugungskraft absprechen, wie auch die Ten­ denz nach Detailschilderungen und die Feinheit geistreicher Charakterisierungen. Die Aussage beinhaltet manchmal eine be­ stimmte innere Ironie in der Einfachheit der Wörter.In kurzen Fragmenten wird die Fähigkeit des Semonides sichtbar, sich sehr präzise auszudrücken. Seine ironisch-epische Sprache ist sehr reich  und verdient vom linguistischen Standpunkt aus Auf­ merksamkeit wegen ihres reichhaltigen lexischen und termino­ logischen Materials, insbesondere was die Bereiche der Tier­ welt und des Essens anbelangt.Die Weltanschauung des Dichters ist in dem ersten Fragment recht deutlich erkennbar. Da sieht man, dass er düster und pessimistisch auf das Leben blickt. Das Fehlen jeglicher positiven Einstellung hat dann den Sar­ kasmus zur Folge, mit dem der Dichter die Darstellung der Weiber einkleidet, ihn aber auch auf die Menschen schlechthin ausweitet.

  18. La physique des infinis

    Bernardeau, Francis; Laplace, Sandrine; Spiro, Michel


    Écrire l'histoire de l'Univers, tel est l'objectif commun des physiciens des particules et des astrophysiciens. Pour y parvenir, deux approches s'épaulent : la voie de l'infiniment petit, que l'on emprunte via de gigantesques accélérateurs de particules, et celle de l'infiniment grand, dont le laboratoire est l'Univers. Un Univers qui est bien loin d'avoir livré tous ses secrets. On connaît à peine 4,8 % de la matière qui le constitue, le reste étant composé de matière noire (25,8 %) et d'énergie noire (69,4 %), toutes deux de nature inconnue. Et si la récente découverte du boson de Higgs valide le Modèle standard de la physique des particules, celui-ci est toujours incomplet et doit être étendu à ou dépassé. Est-on arrivé au bout du jeu de poupées russes de la matière ? Quelles sont les particules manquantes ? Faut-il revoir les lois fondamentales ? Quels instruments faut-il mettre en œuvre pour accéder à cette « nouvelle physique » ? Comment parler de Super Big Science aux citoye...



    The annual gala dinner of Chaine des Rotisseurs was hosted by Hilton Beijing. The “Ballet Dinner” - a great creation for both art and fine dining lovers was taken place in varies places within the hotel, including hotel lobby, 3rd floor and lobby lounge.


    Club de Yoga


    REPRISE DES COURS – Venez nombreux ! Yoga, Sophrologie, Tai Chi La liste des cours pour le semestre allant du 1er septembre 2015 au 31 janvier 2016 est disponible sur notre site web : Lieu Les cours ont lieu dans la salle des clubs, à l’entresol du restaurant No 2, Bât. 504 (dans la salle no 3 pour la Sophrologie). Prix des cours Le prix pour le semestre (environ 18 leçons) est fixé à 220 CHF plus 10 CHF d’adhésion annuelle au Club. Couple : 200 CHF par personne. 2 cours par semaine : 400 CHF. Inscriptions Les inscriptions aux cours seront prises directement auprès du professeur, lors de la 1ère séance. Avant de s’inscrire pour le semestre, il est possible d’essayer une séance gratuitement. Informations : -----------------------------------------

  1. Potenziale des Mobile Commerce

    Turowski, Klaus


    Potenziale des Mobile Commerce / B. Bazijanec, K. Turowski. - In: Mobile economy : 4. Workshop Mobile Commerce, 02.-03. Februar 2004, Univ. Augsburg / Key Pousttchi ... (Hrsg.). - Bonn : Ges. für Informatik, 2004. - S. 7-11. - (GI-Edition : Proceedings ; 42)

  2. Vom Ort des Philosophierens

    Damir Barbaric


    Full Text Available Im Aufsatz wird versucht, den ursprünglichen Sinn der Platonischen Bestimmung vom Staunen als Anfang der Philosophie zu ermitteln, und zwar durch eine kritischen Abhebung von ihrer Umdeutung bei Aristoteles, und dann insbesondere in der Stoa wie auch bei Spinoza und Hegel. Dabei wird auf die frühgriechische Erfahrung vom Staunen als _______ aufmerksam gemacht, wo es vor allem die Grundstimmung des Dabeiseins des Göttlichen und der menschlichen Teilnahme am Göttlichen bedeutet. Dem entspricht die bei Platon stark hervorgehobene Rolle des “Pathetischen” am Staunen, das in der nachkommenden Tradition grundsätzlich verlorengegangen ist. Für Platon entspringt das Staunen einem nie zu überwindenden Zustand der wesentlichen philosophischen “Weglosigkeit” (_____, welche schon bei Aristoteles nur noch im Sinne eines unbedingt zu verlassenden Ausgangspunkts der methodisch sicher fortfahrenden philosophischen Wissenschaft verstanden wird. Durch ein Zurückgreifen auf die Diotimas Lehre im Dialog Symposion wird dementgegen die Sokratisch-Platonische “Weglosigkeit” als der einzig angemessene “Ort” des echten Philosophierens bestimmt, welchen es, als das “Zwischen” für das Weltspiel der Unsterblichen und Sterblichen, um jeden Preis zu bewahren und offen zu halten gilt.

  3. Injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans des milieux fissures

    Mnif, Thameur

    Le travail presente ici est un bilan du travaux de recherche effectues sur l'injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans lu milieux fissures. Un certain nombre de coulis a base de ciment Portland et microfin ont ete selectionnes afin de caracteriser leur capacite a penetrer des milieux fissures. Une partie des essais a ete menee en laboratoire. L'etude rheologique des differents melanges a permis de tester l'influence de l'ajout de superplastifiant et/ou de fumee de silice sur la distribution granulometrique des coulis et par consequent sur leur capacite a injecter des colonnes de sable simulant un milieu fissure donne. La classe granulometrique d'un coulis, sa stabilite et sa fluidite sont apparus comme les trois facteurs principaux pour la reussite d'une injection. Un facteur de finesse a ete defini au cours de cette etude: base sur la classe granulometrique du ciment et sa stabilite, il peut entrer dans la formulation theorique du debit d'injection avant application sur chantier. La deuxieme et derniere partie de l'etude presente les resultats de deux projets de recherche sur l'injection realises sur chantier. L'injection de dalles de beton fissurees a permis le suivi de l'evolution des pressions avec la distance au point d'injection. L'injection de murs de maconnerie a caractere historique a montre l'importance de la definition de criteres de performance des coulis a utiliser pour traiter un milieu donne et pour un objectif donne. Plusieurs melanges peuvent ainsi etre predefinis et mis a disposition sur le chantier. La complementarite des ciments traditionnels et des ciments microfins devient alors un atout important. Le choix d'utilisation de ces melanges est fonction du terrain rencontre. En conclusion, cette recherche etablit une methodologie pour la selection des coulis a base de ciment et des pressions d'injection en fonction de l'ouverture des fissures ou joints de construction.

  4. Application of the laser induced fluorescence to the investigation of highly magnetized plasmas, heated by ion cyclotron resonance; Fluorescence induite par laser sur des plasmas fortement magnetises, chauffes par resonnance cyclotron ionique

    Pailloux, A. [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. des Procedes d`Enrichissement]|[Universite Louis Pasteur, 67 - Strasbourg (France)


    This work has been achieved in the frame of isotopic separation studies by in cyclotron resonance. For this purpose, in a highly magnetized (2 to 3 Tesla) and non-collisional (10{sup 12} ions/cm{sup 3}) plasma, composed of metallic ions, a wave near the ion cyclotron frequency is thrown in order to heat selectively a given species. A laser induced fluorescence (LIP) has been developed on barium and gadolinium plasmas. The Larmor gyration of ions greatly modifies the interaction, which has been modelled through the time-dependent Schroedinger equation. The obtained excitation probably has been integrated over all the ions excited in the measurement volume in order to check that the LIF still leads to the distribution function of ion velocities. The influence of the Larmor motion of ions on the spectral distribution of LIF has been derived both theoretically and experimentally. The LIF diagnostics has been achieved with a dye O`ring laser. The barium ion has been excited on the transition 6142 angstrom, using rhodamine 6G dye, and the gadolinium ion on the pseudo-triplet 3861 angstrom, using exalite dye. Data treatment has been developed taking into account the Zeeman effect and the different heating of isotopes. The ionic temperature (from 1 eV to some hundreds eV) has been measured as a function of radiofrequency heating. Our experimental results are in good agreement with the selective heating theory. Also, the ion velocity distribution function has been found locally Maxwellian. And the behaviour of the plasma has been studied as a function of control parameters of the plasma source. (author) 62 refs.

  5. Detection and analysis of neutral and charged particles. Application to the study of hot plasmas; Detection et analyse des particules chargees et neutres appliquees a l'etude des plasmas chauds

    Renaud, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. Groupe de recherches de l' association EURATOM-CEA sur la fusion controlee


    To measure the energy spectrum of ions in a plasma, one must extract the ions without altering the spectrum. For a dense plasma this presents difficulties, one method is the measurement of the energy spectrum of atoms produced by charge-exchange reactions of ions with residual gas. The measurements of both the energy spectrum and the flux of atoms leaving the magnetic configuration of the device DECA II (Dispositif d'Etude de Compression Adiabatique) are made by: an ion detector which permits the measurement of ion currents {>=} 10{sup -16} A, an electrostatic analyser of energy range 10 eV - 10 keV, a magnetic analyser for ion momentum {<=} 10{sup 5} gauss-cm, and a gas cell to convert fast atoms into ions. (author) [French] Pour mesurer le spectre en energie des ions dans un plasma on doit extraire des ions sans en modifier l'energie. Dans le cas de plasmas denses cela presente certaines difficultes. Une mesure du spectre en energie des ions est alors possible a partir du spectre en energie des atomes produits par collision d'echange de charge entre les ions du plasma et le gaz residuel. Pour effectuer la mesure du spectre en energie et du flux d'atomes s'echappant de la configuration magnetique du Dispositif d'Etude de Compression Adiabatique (DECA II) nous avons mis au point: un detecteur d'ions permettant la mesure de courant {>=} 10{sup -16} A, d'un analyseur electrostatique dont la gamme d'analyse en energie est comprise entre 10 eV et 10 keV, d'un analyseur magnetique capable d'analyser des ions d'une quantite de mouvement {<=} 10{sup 5} gauss cm, ainsi qu'une cellule a gaz permettant l'ionisation des atomes rapides. (auteur)

  6. Dopage et protection des jeunes sportifs : Loin des affaires

    Guy, Daniel


    National audience; Loin des affaires et des révélations polémiques de la presse, les jeunes plébiscitent massivement les activités sportives. Sport compétition, sport participation, sport détente... Pourtant, quand la pratique devient intense, que les entraînements et les compétitions s'enchaînent à un rythme soutenu, l'ombre des conduites dopantes vient déchirer la quiétude des uns et des autres. Or, que savons-nous réellement de la pratique des jeunes sportifs ? Comment préparent-ils les co...

  7. Analyseur de spectre RF présentant une bande passante de 10 GHz ainsi qu'une résolution sub-MHz basé sur le creusement spectral dans des cristaux Tm3+:YAG

    Gorju, G.; Chauve, A.; Crozatier, V.; Lorgeré, I.; Le Gouët, J.-L.; Bretenaker, F.


    Nos travaux s'inscrivent dans le cadre des expériences de traitement optique des signaux hyperfréquence utilisant des ions de terres rares en matrice cristalline excités par des sources lasers agiles en fréquence. Nous présentons la réalisation d'un analyseur de spectre avec une bande passante de 10 GHz et une résolution ultime en dessous du MHz.

  8. Flux dependence of deuterium retention in single crystal tungsten

    Poon, M; Davis, J W; Haasz, A A


    The retention of deuterium in single crystal tungsten has been measured as a function of the incident ion flux in the range of 1x10 sup 1 sup 7 -5x10 sup 1 sup 9 D sup + /m sup 2 s at 300 K. Incident D sub 3 sup + ions were implanted to fluences of 10 sup 2 sup 1 , 10 sup 2 sup 2 , and 10 sup 2 sup 3 D sup + /m sup 2 with ion energies (500 eV/D sup +) below the threshold energy for elastic collision damage. Above 3x10 sup 1 sup 8 D sup + /m sup 2 s, little or no flux dependence is seen. However, a rapid decrease in retention is seen for incident fluxes below 10 sup 1 sup 8 D sup + /m sup 2 s at the 10 sup 2 sup 1 D sup + /m sup 2 fluence, suggesting a threshold value below which retention is strongly reduced. Flux dependence at the higher fluences show a smaller decrease in retention with decreasing flux. The observed results are consistent with trapping and trap evolution by cluster and cavity formation. The effect of specimen surface preparation has proved to be very significant, especially for the lower fl...

  9. Drug Retention Times

    None, None


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user. Based on anecdotal evidence, most people “party” during extended time away from the work environment. Therefore, the following scenarios were envisioned: (1) a person uses an illicit drug at a party on Saturday night (infrequent user); (2) a person uses a drug one time on Friday night and once again on Saturday night (infrequent user); and (3) a person uses a drug on Friday night, uses a drug twice on Saturday night, and once again on Sunday (frequent user).

  10. Le corps des anges



    Ce séminaire fait suite à un cycle de conférences données en 2014 sur la notion de corps de chair dans le premier christianisme. Cette année la recherche a porté sur le corps spécifique des anges dans la patristique grecque et latine. Sur la base d’un corpus de textes délimité, j’ai essayé de montrer deux choses principales : d’un côté, on ne peut pas comprendre la spécificité du corps des anges sans l’inscrire dans le champ de l’angélologie chrétienne, qui assimile l’ange et l’âme, et d’un a...

  11. Typologie des Accidents Cyclistes

    Amoros, Emmanuelle; BILLOT-GRASSET, Alice; Hours, Martine


    L'usage du vélo est en hausse en ville ; cette pratique est encouragée dans le cadre du développement durable et de la lutte contre la sédentarité. Pour accompagner cela, il faut réduire les risques d'accident, et pour ce faire, mieux les connaître. Nous utilisons le Registre des victimes de la circulation routière du Rhône, basé sur les services hospitaliers (dont les urgences) ; il est quasi-exhaustif : env. 1100 blessés à vélo/an versus 120 dans les données officielles. L'ensemble des cycl...

  12. Table des tableaux


    Présentation schématique de la production et de la transformation de l’acier 16 Chronologie des nationalisations en France 33 Importations de coke de la France 48 Comparaison entre les prix de l’acier en Allemagne et en France, août 1949 99 Prix du marché intérieur et du marché mondial pour les laminés marchands (qualité Thomas) 101 Évolution de la production allemande et française d’acier brut 119 Comparaison des coûts de l’extraction de charbon en Allemagne et en France, 1949 138 Évolution ...

  13. Table des illustrations


    Illustration de couverture : Dolmen n° 2 des Géandes avec le Mont Ventoux en arrière-plan, octobre 2006 (cliché Wolfgang Pape). Illustration de la quatrième de couverture : René Gilles sur le dolmen n° 5 des Géandes en mars 1989 (cliché Wolfgang Pape). Fig. 1 - Gorges de l’Ardèche au niveau de la grotte de Saint-Marcel (cliché Bernard Gély) 21 Fig. 2 - Doline de Bidon (cliché Wolfgang Pape) 21 Fig. 3 - Paysage de garrigue (cliché Wolfgang Pape) 22 Fig. 4 - Données radio-chronométriques de l’A...

  14. Direction des Publications


    accroissement des pressions sur les écosystèmes et les espèces qu‟ils renferment. La pollution de ... Exacerbée par le changement climatique, cette anthropisation .... majeure partie de son aire de répartition. .... de cette région. .... savoir les impacts à plus grande échelle et ..... habitats et la totalité de l'aire géographique.

  15. Influence des défauts de la structure du verre sur la résistance mécanique des fibres optiques

    Chmel, A.; Baptizmanski, V. V.; Kharshak, A. A.


    For silica (pure and doped) optical fibers prepared from preforms irradiated by thermal neutrons and Ar^+ ions, the measurements of lifetime under transverse stress were carried out. It is found that the neutron bombardment leads to decrease of the lifetime and the strength of fiber while the ion implantation results in increasing of these parameters. The influence of particle irradiation on the glass strength is explained by the generation of structural defects which were observed by the infrared an Raman spectroscopy methods. The direction of the change of mechanical properties of fibers is determined by the type of defects and their distribution in the cross-section of fiber. Des préformes de fibres optiques de silice ont été exposées à un bombardement par des faisceaux de neutrons thermiques et d'ions Ar^+ à énergie de 40 keV afin d'engendrer des défauts de la structure respectivement dans le volume ou dans la couche superficielle des échantillons. Les fibres obtenues des préformes irradiées et non irradiées ont été mises en charge de flexion. On a déterminé leur temps de rupture sous diverses contraintes de traction sur la surface extérieure de la fibre en flexion. On a observé une diminution du temps de rupture des fibres après le bombardement neutronique et une augmentation après l'implantation ionique. L'analyse de la nature des défauts en faisant appel à la spectroscopie infrarouge et Raman a fait ressortir que l'irradiation aux ions entraînait essentiellement des liaisons chimiques dans une fine couche superficielle de l'échantillon alors que l'irradiation aux neutrons occasionnait une déformation des zones du réseau silicique dans toute la section de la préforme et de la fibre. L'amélioration de la résistance mécanique s'explique par une augmentation de la mobilité des éléments structuraux de la matrice de verre par suite d'une rupture partielle des liaisons chimiques et sa diminution par l'apparition de concentrateurs

  16. 5 CFR 9901.356 - Pay retention.


    ... retention. (b) Pay retention will be based on the employee's rate of base salary in effect immediately... the range of rates of base salary applicable to the employee's position. (c) Pay retention will be... the 104-week retention limit. (d) Under NSPS, pay retention will be granted when an employee's base...

  17. Le vernis des apparences

    Grazia Nicosia


    Full Text Available Le but de cet article est de comprendre l’incidence sémiotique du nettoyage d’un tableau ainsi que la résultante cognitive induite sur l’observateur. Cette étude confronte l’analyse des phénomènes visuels engendrés par le jaunissement du vernis et son retrait, à des entretiens réalisés à dessein. Le retrait d’un vernis jauni change considérablement l’image. L’heure, le climat, la saison et l’activité même des personnages s’en trouvent ainsi modifié. La patine peut être perçue, soit comme un obstacle à l’exploration, soit pour ceux qui l’apprécient, comme le medium d’une relation plus intime entre l’œuvre et l’observateur.The purpose of this article is to understand the semiotic impact of the cleaning of a painting and the cognitive effects induced on the observer. This study analyses conjointly the visual phenomenon generated by yellowing varnish and its removal and controlled interviews of observers.The removal of yellowing varnish modifies considerably the perception of the picture. Daytime, climate, season and characters activities are modified. The patina may be perceived either as an obstacle to the painting exploration, or, for those who appreciate it, as a medium for a closer relationship between the painting and the observer.

  18. Dictionnaire des risques psychosociaux

    Zawieja, Philippe


    Stress, suicide, harcèlement, épuisement professionnel, workaholism... Au-delà de la souffrance qu'elles désignent, ces notions souvent récentes constituent une approche inédite, et demandent à mieux être comprises, dans leur ensemble et isolément. C'est tout l'enjeu de ce dictionnaire, pionnier en son genre. Le lecteur y trouvera représentés, avec les 314 entrées (rédigées par 251 contributeurs) qui le composent, tous les champs disciplinaires s'intéressant à la souffrance au travail : psychologie du travail et des organisations, psychologie sociale et psychosociologie, psychanalyse, psychopathologie et psychiatrie, ergonomie, sociologie du travail et des organisations, médecine du travail, droit du travail et de la sécurité sociale, sciences de gestion, philosophie... Y sont détaillés les principaux concepts, notions, approches, méthodes, théories, outils, études, etc., ayant cours dans l'étude des risques psychosociaux, mais aussi certaines professions emblématiques (infirmières,...

  19. Grundlagen des Tissue Engineering

    Mayer, Jörg; Blum, Janaki; Wintermantel, Erich

    Die Organtransplantation stellt eine verbreitete Therapie dar, um bei krankheitsoder unfallbedingter Schädigung eines Organs die Gesamtheit seiner Funktionen wieder herzustellen, indem es durch ein Spenderorgan ersetzt wird. Organtransplantationen werden für die Leber, die Niere, die Lunge, das Herz oder bei schweren grossflächigen Verbrennungen der Haut vorgenommen. Der grosse apparative, personelle und logistische Aufwand und die Risiken der Transplantationschirurgie (Abstossungsreaktionen) sowie die mangelnde Verfügbarkeit von immunologisch kompatiblen Spenderorganen führen jedoch dazu, dass der Bedarf an Organtransplantaten nur zu einem sehr geringen Teil gedeckt werden kann. Sind Spenderorgane nicht verfügbar, können in einzelnen Fällen lebenswichtige Teilfunktionen, wie beispielsweise die Filtrationsfunktion der Niere durch die Blutreinigung mittels Dialyse ersetzt oder, bei mangelnder Funktion der Bauchspeicheldrüse (Diabetes), durch die Verabreichung von Insulin ein normaler Zustand des Gesamtorganismus auch über Jahre hinweg erhalten werden. Bei der notwendigen lebenslangen Anwendung apparativer oder medikamentöser Therapie können für den Patienten jedoch häufig schwerwiegende, möglicherweise lebensverkürzende Nebenwirkungen entstehen. Daher werden in der Forschung Alternativen gesucht, um die Funktionen des ausgefallenen Organs durch die Implantation von Zellen oder in vitro gezüchteten Geweben möglichst umfassend wieder herzustellen. Dies erfordert biologisch aktive Implantate, welche die für den Stoffwechsel des Organs wichtigen Zellen enthalten und einen organtypischen Stoffwechsel entfalten.

  20. Toward a Record Retention Policy

    Vaughan, Jason


    An academic library working group was charged in 2005 to create a records retention schedule and policy applicable to records containing personally identifiable information of library patrons. This group conducted a survey and extensive research, culminating in an adopted library records retention schedule and policy implemented in 2006.

  1. In-situ measurement of deuterium retention in W under plasma exposure

    Watanabe, T., E-mail: [Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8603 (Japan); Kaneko, T. [Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8603 (Japan); Matsunami, N. [Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University, Nagoya 468-0073 (Japan); Ohno, N. [Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8603 (Japan); Kajita, S.; Kuwabara, T. [EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8603 (Japan)


    The time dependence of the deuterium (D) retention in tungsten (W) was investigated by conducting successive D and hydrogen (H) plasma exposure using the plasma surface dynamics with ion beam analysis (PS-DIBA) device, which can conduct in-situ D retention measurement. At the sample temperature of 450 K, D retention rapidly dropped after the termination of D plasma exposure. On the other hand, at the sample temperature of 350 K, a slow decay of D retention after termination of D plasma was observed. The results indicate that the sample temperature has a strong influence on the dynamic behavior of D retention in W. Furthermore, by successive H plasma exposure to D retained W, D retention in W decreased exponentially in time. The result suggests that successive H plasma exposure is one of effective methods to remove tritium in W.

  2. Military Retention. A Comparative Outlook

    Vasile Sminchise


    Full Text Available One of the main goals for human resources management structures and for armed forces leaders is to maintain all necessary personnel, both qualitatively and quantitatively for operational needs or for full required capabilities. The retention of military personnel is essential to keep morale and unit readiness and to reduce the costs for recruiting, training, replacement of manpower. Retention rates depend not only on money or other social measures. The goal for retention is to keep in use the most valuable resource that belongs to an organization: the human beings and their knowledge. The aim pf this paper is to provide a comparative analysis of retention measures in various countries based on Research and Technology Organisation report released in 2007 and, thus, provide more examples of retention measures as far as the Romanian military system is concerned.

  3. Reticulation des fibres lignocellulosiques

    Landrevy, Christel

    Pour faire face à la crise économique la conception de papier à valeur ajoutée est développée par les industries papetières. Le but de se projet est l'amélioration des techniques actuelles de réticulation des fibres lignocellulosiques de la pâte à papier visant à produire un papier plus résistant. En effet, lors des réactions de réticulation traditionnelles, de nombreuses liaisons intra-fibres se forment ce qui affecte négativement l'amélioration anticipée des propriétés physiques du papier ou du matériau produit. Pour éviter la formation de ces liaisons intra-fibres, un greffage sur les fibres de groupements ne pouvant pas réagir entre eux est nécessaire. La réticulation des fibres par une réaction de « click chemistry » appelée cycloaddition de Huisgen entre un azide et un alcyne vrai, catalysée par du cuivre (CuAAC) a été l'une des solutions trouvée pour remédier à ce problème. De plus, une adaptation de cette réaction en milieux aqueux pourrait favoriser son utilisation en milieu industriel. L'étude que nous désirons entreprendre lors de ce projet vise à optimiser la réaction de CuAAC et les réactions intermédiaires (propargylation, tosylation et azidation) sur la pâte kraft, en milieu aqueux. Pour cela, les réactions ont été adaptées en milieu aqueux sur la cellulose microcristalline afin de vérifier sa faisabilité, puis transférée à la pâte kraft et l'influence de différents paramètres comme le temps de réaction ou la quantité de réactifs utilisée a été étudiée. Dans un second temps, une étude des différentes propriétés conférées au papier par les réactions a été réalisée à partir d'une série de tests papetiers optiques et physiques. Mots Clés Click chemistry, Huisgen, CuAAC, propargylation, tosylation, azidation, cellulose, pâte kraft, milieu aqueux, papier.

  4. Collimator system for the stabilization of the dynamical residual-gas pressure in the heavy-ion synchrotron SIS18; Kollimatorsystem zur Stabilisierung des dynamischen Restgasdruckes im Schwerionensynchrotron SIS18

    Omet, Carsten


    In order to achieve higher beam intensities of heavy ion beams in ring accelerators, low charge state ions can be used. By lowering the charge state, the space charge limit is shifted to higher particle numbers and stripping losses can be avoided. During test operation of the SIS18 at GSI with high intensity low charge state heavy ion beams, strong intensity dependent beam losses have been observed. It was found that these beam losses are originated to a large extent by the change of charge state of the circulating ions during collisions with residual gas atoms. The resulting deviation of m/q relative to the reference ion leads, in combination with dispersive elements in the ion optic lattice, to a modified trajectory, followed by the loss of the ion on the beam pipe. At the impact position, loosely bound residual gas molecules are released by ion stimulated desorption which increases the residual gas pressure locally. This pressure rise itself enhances the charge exchange rate, which can develop into a self amplifying process of pressure rise and subsequent beam loss. A method for the stabilization of the dynamic residual gas pressure is the use of special catcher systems, which minimize the production of desorption gases and remove them by strong pumping. Therefore, the pressure on the beam axis should remain as stable as possible. Other processes, e.g. Coulomb scattering of the beam ions by residual gas particles and unavoidable systematic beam losses can increase the gas pressure additionally. The pressure in the accelerator is further subjected to ionization of the residual gas atoms themselves, thermal out gassing of the beam pipes, insertions and pumps. In this work, a detailed numerical model of the interplay between the residual gas pressure dynamics in the accelerator, possible stabilization measures, e.g. by catchers and the resulting beam life time has been developed. The forecasted beam life times and pressures are verified by machine experiments, as

  5. Etude des cas: Gestion alternatîves des conflits

    Lo, H.


    Metadata only record Pour mieux consolider les acquis consensuels pour la gestion alternative des conflits, il nous paraît essentiel de maîtriser un certain nombre de facteurs ayant trait au "partage" des gommeraies entre autres: Available in SANREM office, FS

  6. Retention in orthodontics.

    Johnston, C D; Littlewood, S J


    Retention is necessary following orthodontic treatment to prevent relapse of the final occlusal outcome. Relapse can occur as a result of forces from the periodontal fibres around the teeth which tend to pull the teeth back towards their pre-treatment positions, and also from deflecting occlusal contacts if the final occlusion is less than ideal. Age changes, in the form of ongoing dentofacial growth, as well as changes in the surrounding soft tissues, can also affect the stability of the orthodontic outcome. It is therefore essential that orthodontists, patients and their general dental practitioners understand the importance of wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment. This article will update the reader on the different types of removable and fixed retainers, including their indications, duration of wear, and how they should be managed in order to minimise any unwanted effects on oral health and orthodontic outcomes. The key roles that the general dental practitioner can play in supporting their patients wearing orthodontic retainers are also emphasised.

  7. Missile Aerodynamics (Aerodynamique des Missiles)


    guerre froide la production des missiles a baisse’, avec pour consequence une diminution des budgets de d6veloppement. Les nouveaux types de conflits ...Roma) Directeur - Gestion de l’information LUXEMBOURG (Recherche et developpement) - DRDGI 3 Voir Belgique Ministbre de la Difense nationale NORVEGE

  8. Data Retention and Anonymity Services

    Berthold, Stefan; Böhme, Rainer; Köpsell, Stefan

    The recently introduced legislation on data retention to aid prosecuting cyber-related crime in Europe also affects the achievable security of systems for anonymous communication on the Internet. We argue that data retention requires a review of existing security evaluations against a new class of realistic adversary models. In particular, we present theoretical results and first empirical evidence for intersection attacks by law enforcement authorities. The reference architecture for our study is the anonymity service AN.ON, from which we also collect empirical data. Our adversary model reflects an interpretation of the current implementation of the EC Directive on Data Retention in Germany.

  9. Therapie des Status epilepticus

    Trinka E


    Full Text Available Der Status epilepticus (SE ist nach dem Schlaganfall der häufigste neurologische Notfall. Er stellt als generaliserter konvulsiver SE (GKSE die schwerste Ausprägung eines epileptischen Anfalls dar, der mit einer signifikanten Morbidität und einer ca. 20%igen Letalität verbunden ist. Nur bei der Hälfte der Patienten mit SE besteht zuvor eine Epilepsie; die meisten Fälle sind symptomatisch, wobei Schädel- Hirn-Traumata, zerebrovaskuläre Erkrankungen, ZNS-Infektionen und metabolische Ursachen führend sind. Bei Patienten mit vorbestehender Epilepsie lässt sich eine frühe Phase des GKSE erkennen, in der die Anfälle crescendoartig zunehmen, bis sie in kontinuierliche Anfallsaktivität münden (etablierte Phase. Das Management eines GKSE verlangt rasches und beherztes Vorgehen. Neben der sofort einzuleitenden Therapie muss gleichzeitig die artdiagnostische Zuordnung des SE und die Ursache erkannt und behandelt werden. Als Therapie der ersten Wahl sind Benzodiazepine etabliert, wobei intravenösem (i.v. Lorazepam gegenüber Diazepam der Vorzug zu geben ist. Versagt die Therapie mit Benzodiazepinen, muss rasch und konsequent nach einem Stufenschema vorgegangen werden. Phenytoin/Fosphenytoin, Valproinsäure, Levetiracetam und Lacosamid sind als i.v. Formulierung erhältliche Antiepileptika. Obwohl Vergleichsstudien hier fehlen, wird Phenytoin bevorzugt. Valproat und Levetiracetam sind nicht sedierend und kardiovaskulär gut verträglich, sodass hier Alternativen zu Phenytoin vorhanden sind. Lacosamid ist eine neue Therapieoption, deren Stellenwert erst bestimmt werden muss. Versagt auch die zweite Therapiestufe, so muss der Patient intubiert und in Allgemeinanästhesie intensivmedizinisch behandelt werden. Dafür stehen Thiopental, Propofol oder hoch dosiertes Midazolam zu Verfügung. Durch den eklatanten Mangel an randomisierten Studien bleibt die Therapie des GKSE empirisch und durch den Off-label-Einsatz gekennzeichnet.

  10. Mécanique des fluides

    Cengel, Y A


    La mécanique des fluides est un outil performant qui permet d'expliquer les phénomènes qui nous entourent de l'échelle microscopique à l'échelle macroscopique. Elle est aussi à la base du développement de nombreuses technologies. Cet ouvrage à destination des étudiants donne une vision complète de la mécanique des fluides. Bien que la mécanique des fluides puisse souvent paraître rébarbative aux yeux des étudiants, cet ouvrage valorise ce domaine d'enseignement en l'illustrant de nombreux exemples issus de l'ingénierie navale, l'aéronautique, la météorologie, etc.

  11. Molekulare Formen des PSA in der Diagnostik des Prostatakarzinoms

    Lein M


    Full Text Available Das prostataspezifische Antigen ist die wichtigste Kenngröße in der Diagnostik und Therapieüberwachung des Prostatakarzinoms. Zur besseren Abgrenzung zwischen Männern mit und ohne Prostatakarzinom, aber auch zur Früherkennung, haben sich die molekularen Formen des PSA als wertvolle Entscheidungshilfen erwiesen. Es wird eine Übersicht über bisher vorliegende Informationen zur Aussagekraft des freien PSA, des an alpha 1-Antichymotrypsin gebundenen PSA und des komplexierten PSA (cPSA zusammen mit eigenen Resultaten gegeben. Der Quotient aus freiem und Gesamt-PSA hat sich als eine wichtige Entscheidungsgröße in der urologischen Praxis etabliert, mit der Sensitivität und Spezifität der Prostatakarzinomdiagnostik verbessert werden. Die Zahl von Prostatastanzbiopsien im Gesamt-PSA-Bereich von 4–10 ng/ml kann damit reduziert werden. Ein diagnostischer Vorteil der alleinigen Bestimmung des komplexierten PSA bzw. der entsprechenden Quotienten im Vergleich zum Gesamt-PSA und des Quotienten freies PSA zu Gesamt-PSA konnte bisher nicht sicher nachgewiesen werden.

  12. Fuzzy indicators for customer retention

    Valenzuela-Fernández, Leslier; Nicolas, Carolina; Gil-Lafuente, Jaime; Merigó, José M


    .... Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the existence of a gap on how to measure this relationship. Following this idea, this study proposes six fuzzy key performance indicators that aims to measure customer retention and loyalty of the portfolio...

  13. Post-operative urinary retention.

    Steggall, Martin; Treacy, Colm; Jones, Mark

    Urinary retention is a common complication of surgery and anaesthesia. The risk of post-operative urinary retention is increased following certain surgical procedures and anaesthetic modalities, and with patients' advancing age. Patients at increased risk of post-operative urinary retention should be identified before surgery or the condition should be identified and treated in a timely manner following surgery. If conservative measures do not help the patient to pass urine, the bladder will need to be drained using either an intermittent catheter or an indwelling urethral catheter, which can result in catheter-associated urinary tract infections. This article provides an overview of normal bladder function, risk factors for developing post-operative urinary retention, and treatment options. Guidance drawn from the literature aims to assist nurses in identifying at-risk patients and inform patient care.

  14. Mécanique des sols et des roches

    Vullier, Laurent; Zhao, Jian


    La mécanique des sols et la mécanique des roches sont des disciplines généralement traitées séparément dans la littérature. Pour la première fois, un traité réunit ces deux spécialités, en intégrant également les connaissances en lien avec les écoulements souterrains et les transferts thermiques. A la fois théorique et pratique, cet ouvrage propose tout d'abord une description détaillée de la nature et de la composition des sols et des roches, puis s'attache à la modélisation de problèmes aux conditions limites et présente les essais permettant de caractériser les sols et les roches, tant d'un point de vue mécanique qu'hydraulique et thermique. La problématique des sols non saturés et des écoulements multiphasiques est également abordée. Une attention particulière est portée aux lois de comportement mécanique et à la détermination de leurs paramètres par des essais in situ et en laboratoire, et l'ouvrage offre également une présentation détaillée des systèmes de classi...

  15. Turnover: strategies for staff retention.

    SnowAntle, S


    This discussion has focused on a number of areas where organizations may find opportunities for more effectively managing employee retention. Given the multitude of causes and consequences, there is no one quick fix. Effective management of employee retention requires assessment of the entire human resources process, that is, recruitment, selection, job design, compensation, supervision, work conditions, etc. Regular and systematic diagnosis of turnover and implementation of multiple strategies and evaluation are needed (Mobley, 1982).

  16. Annealing effects on deuterium retention behavior in damaged tungsten

    S. Sakurada


    Full Text Available Effects of annealing after/under iron (Fe ion irradiation on deuterium (D retention behavior in tungsten (W were studied. The D2 TDS spectra as a function of heating temperature for 0.1dpa damaged W showed that the D retention was clearly decreased as the annealing temperature was increased. In particular, the desorption of D trapped by voids was largely reduced by annealing at 1173K. The TEM observation indicated that the size of dislocation loops was clearly grown, and its density was decreased by the annealing above 573K. After annealing at 1173K, almost all the dislocation loops were recovered. The results of positron annihilation spectroscopy suggested that the density of vacancy-type defects such as voids, was decreased as the annealing temperature was increased, while its size was increased, indicating that the D retention was reduced by the recovery of the voids. Furthermore, it was found that the desorption temperature of D trapped by the voids for damaged W above 0.3dpa was shifted toward higher temperature side. These results lead to a conclusion that the D retention behavior is controlled by defect density. The D retention in the samples annealed during irradiation was less than that annealed after irradiation. This result shows that defects would be quickly annihilated before stabilization by annealing during irradiation.

  17. Le silence des agneaux



    Full Text Available Ce texte est avant tout une réflexion sur la notion d'obéissance, initiée à partir de deux évènements impliquant étroitement des membres de la profession infirmière. L'auteur se réjouit de la prise de parole et de l'implication directe d'infirmières dans le contexte du printemps érable. Il estime que la posture de ces infirmières s'inscrit dans ce que l'éthicien Guy Durand, appelle une obéissance autonome qui peut, du coup, mener à la désobéissance civile, à l'objection de conscience. En prenant exemple sur le silence des infirmières dans le contexte de la fermeture de postes d'infirmières en Minganie, l'auteur estime que cette posture est marginale chez les infirmières qui, majoritairement, adoptent une position de soumission et d'obéissance hétéronome.

  18. La médicalisation des humeurs des enfants

    Monzée, Joël


    Les enfants qui ont des comportements dérangeants ou qui souffrent de problèmes neurologiques, comme le trouble déficitaire de l’attention avec ou sans hyperactivité (TDAH), remettent en question nos moyens d’intervention pour les aider. Alors que le contexte européen tend à privilégier une intervention psychoéducative, les milieux nord-américains recourent davantage aux psychostimulants pour réduire les effets des problèmes comportementaux des enfants. Cet article aborde quelques problématiq...

  19. 207-A retention basins system design description

    Wahlquist, R.A.


    The 242-A Evaporator is a waste treatment facility designed to reduce liquid waste volumes currently stored in the Hanford Area double shell Waste Storage Tanks. The evaporator uses evaporative concentration to achieve this volume reduction, returning the concentrated slurry to the double-shell tanks for storage. The process effluent is transferred to various retention/treatment facilities for eventual release to the environment. The process utilizes an evaporator vessel and various supporting systems for heating, evaporating, and condensing low-heat-generating liquid waste produced it the Hanford Site. The process reduces the total volume of the liquid waste requiring storage in a double shell tank, making it more manageable for current storage as well as for future treatment and disposal. The main components of the 242-A Evaporator are the Reboiler, Vapor-Liquid Separator, Recirculation Pump and Pump Loop, Slurry System, Condenser System, Steam Jet Vacuum System, Condensate Collection Tank, and Ion Exchange System.

  20. Ejecting intact large molecular structures by C{sub 60} ion impact upon bio-organic solids; Ejection de tres grandes structures moleculaires intactes par impact de C{sub 60} sur des solides bioorganiques

    Brunelle, A.; Della Negra, S.; Deprun, C.; Depauw, J.; Jacquet, D.; Le Beyec, Y.; Pautrat, N. [Experimental Research Division, Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France); Haakansson, P. [Division of Ion Physics, Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala Univ. Uppsala (Sweden)


    C{sub 60} molecules accelerated to MeV energies (20 MeV) have been used to induce the desorption-ionization of large bio-molecules from solid samples. In the case of the trypsin molecules, the secondary molecular ion emission yield is about two orders of magnitude larger than with MeV atomic ions. This is a consequence of the very high energy density deposited in solids by 20 MeV C{sub 60} projectiles that gives rise to a large amount of matter ejected after each impact. Although time-of-flight mass spectra can be recorded within a few seconds, it is more the mechanistic aspects in comparison with other particle induced desorption methods, which are the objective of these first results with energetic fullerenes. (authors) 1 fig.

  1. Influence of hydrologic loading rate on phosphorus retention and ecosystem productivity in created wetlands. Final report

    Mitsch, W.J.; Cronk, J.K.


    Four 2- to 3-ha constructed freshwater riparian wetlands in Lake County, Illinois, were subjected to two hydrologic regimes of pumped river water to simulate nonpoint source pollution. The experimental wetlands at the Des Plaines River Wetland Demonstration Project were designed to develop and test wetland design principles, construction methods, and management programs needed to create and maintain wetlands for the purposes of water quality management, flood control, and fish and wildlife habitat. High-flow wetlands (HFW) with short retention times received 34 to 38 cm of river water per week, and low-flow wetlands (LFW) with high retention times received 10 to 15 cm per week. This report summarizes research results for phosphorus dynamics and retention, macrophyte development, periphyton productivity, and overall water column metabolism through 1992. All of these functions were hypothesized to be related to hydrologic conditions.

  2. Caractérisation de l'usage des batteries Lithium-ion dans les véhicules électriques et hybrides. Application à l'étude du vieillissement et de la fiabilité

    Devie, Arnaud


    Lithium-ion batteries are being used as energy storage systems in recent electric and hybrid elec-tric vehicles coming to market. Current cycle-life estimation techniques show evidence of discre-pancy between laboratory results and real-world results. This work is aimed at characterizing actual battery usage in electrified transportation applica-tions. Factors such as temperature, State Of Charge, Depth Of Discharge, current and voltage have to be carefully considered for accurate cycle-life ...

  3. Ion implanted dielectric elastomer circuits

    O'Brien, Benjamin M.; Rosset, Samuel; Anderson, Iain A.; Shea, Herbert R.


    Starfish and octopuses control their infinite degree-of-freedom arms with panache—capabilities typical of nature where the distribution of reflex-like intelligence throughout soft muscular networks greatly outperforms anything hard, heavy, and man-made. Dielectric elastomer actuators show great promise for soft artificial muscle networks. One way to make them smart is with piezo-resistive Dielectric Elastomer Switches (DES) that can be combined with artificial muscles to create arbitrary digital logic circuits. Unfortunately there are currently no reliable materials or fabrication process. Thus devices typically fail within a few thousand cycles. As a first step in the search for better materials we present a preliminary exploration of piezo-resistors made with filtered cathodic vacuum arc metal ion implantation. DES were formed on polydimethylsiloxane silicone membranes out of ion implanted gold nano-clusters. We propose that there are four distinct regimes (high dose, above percolation, on percolation, low dose) in which gold ion implanted piezo-resistors can operate and present experimental results on implanted piezo-resistors switching high voltages as well as a simple artificial muscle inverter. While gold ion implanted DES are limited by high hysteresis and low sensitivity, they already show promise for a range of applications including hysteretic oscillators and soft generators. With improvements to implanter process control the promise of artificial muscle circuitry for soft smart actuator networks could become a reality.

  4. Habilitations à diriger des recherches


    Full Text Available Pierre Corbin, Avec des dictionnaires pour compagnons.Habilitation à diriger des recherches soutenue le 24 novembre 2006.Composition du juryHenri Béjoint (Lyon 2Franz Josef Hausmann (Erlangen-NürnbergBenoît Habert (Paris 10Pierre Rézeau (CNRSMichel Roché (Toulouse 2Danièle Van de Velde (Lille 3, UMR STL, Directrice d'habilitation.Philippe Sabot, La philosophie, entre pratiques de lecture et pratiques d'écritureHabilitation à diriger des recherches soutenue le 24 novembre 2006.Compositio...

  5. Des cartes dans la classe…

    R. Gimeno


    Full Text Available La majorité des enseignants qui veulent faire des cartes — et les faire réaliser aux élèves — pour répondre aux exigences des instructions officielles, doivent surmonter leur manque de compétences en cartographie et en didactique ainsi que les difficultés propres aux logiciels de cartographie encore peu performants. Ces compétences et la réflexion qui les accompagne sont pourtant accessibles aux enfants de l’école élémentaire…

  6. Wider die Verherrlichung des Weiblichen : Kritik des Ökofeminismus

    Attia, Iman


    Die Studie ist eine Kritik am Frauen- und Gesellschaftsbild des Ökofeminismus. Nach der Darstellung wesentlicher theoretischer Kategorien des Ökofeminismus, die sich zentrieren im Ideal der Hausarbeit als wichtigste Form von Subsistenzarbeit, stellt die Autorin zusammenfassend fest, daß der Ökofeminismus die gesellschaftlichen Unterschiede und historischen Veränderungen ignoriert, indem er den Weiblichkeitsbegriff aus der Gebärfähigkeit ableitet. Jede Ausbeutungsform wird reduziert auf biolog...

  7. Inorganic ion composition in Tardigrada

    Halberg, Kenneth Agerlin; Larsen, Kristine Wulff; Jørgensen, Aslak


    are indicative of a powerful ion-retentive mechanism in Tardigrada. Moreover, our data indicate that cryptobiotic tardigrades contain a large fraction of unidentified organic osmolytes, the identification of which is expected to provide increased insight into the phenomenon of cryptobiosis....

  8. La fabrique des extraterrestres

    Poulain, Sébastien


    Grâce à différentes stratégies discursives et médiatiques, Radio Ici et Maintenant joue un rôle dans la fabrication de la rumeur de l’existence des extraterrestres. Cette rumeur, teintée de complot, doit servir à légitimer l’utopie messianique et millénariste de cette radio New Age qui dispose de 5 000 auditeurs au quotidien. Cette radio prophétique et thérapeutique participe donc, jusqu’à un certain degré, au renouvellement de l’espace du politico-religieux. Thanks to various media and di...

  9. Therapie des Harnwegsinfekts

    Stoiser B


    Full Text Available Harnwegsinfektionen gehören zu den häufigsten entzündlichen Erkrankungen im niedergelassenen Bereich. Eine intelligente Therapiestrategie stellt damit nicht nur eine klinische Herausforderung dar, sondern ermöglicht rasche Heilung, Vermeidung von Resistenzbildungen sowie oft unnötiger, teurer diagnostischer Schritte. Der erste entscheidende Schritt ist die genaue Klassifizierung des Harnweginfektes – asymptomatische Bakteriurie bis zur komplizierten Pyelonephritis. Hier entscheiden sich bereits Aggressivität der Behandlung sowie diagnostischer Aufwand. Für die Entwicklung einer empirischen antimikrobiellen Therapie ist die Kenntnis der häufigsten Erreger sowie lokaler Resistenzmuster wichtig. Bei gezieltem Vorgehen können die meisten Harnwegsinfekte ohne erhöhten diagnostischen Aufwand therapiert werden.


    Samira MOUTAKIL


    Full Text Available L’idée de cet article nous est venue d’un cours qu’on assure pour les futurs guides touristiques en Jordanie. En traduisant des textes - français-arabe ou arabe-français, les étudiants se heurtent à certains problèmes pour rendre le texte vers la langue cible et qui soit convenable syntaxiquement et sémantiquement. On a remarqué donc que la traduction des prépositions vers l’une ou l’autre langue présente un dilemme pour les apprenants. On a décidé de composer un corpus de phrases contenant les propositions en français, « à » avec toutes ses formes, « dans et sur » et de l'arabe "على", "في" . Dans un premier temps, on a constitué le corpus avec 25 phrases dans les deux langues et on les a soumises aux étudiants, la liste en français aux étudiants du niveau A2 et la liste ne arabe aux étudiants du niveau A1. Par la suite, on a dégagé ce qui ressort de leurs traductions ce qui nous a permis de faire une analyse sémantico-syntaxique assez détaillée. En conclusion de cet article, on présente les résultats de cette expérience très intéressante.

  11. Mobile Learning and Student Retention

    Bharat Inder Fozdar


    Full Text Available Student retention in open and distance learning (ODL is comparatively poor to traditional education and, in some contexts, embarrassingly low. Literature on the subject of student retention in ODL indicates that even when interventions are designed and undertaken to improve student retention, they tend to fall short. Moreover, this area has not been well researched. The main aim of our research, therefore, is to better understand and measure students’ attitudes and perceptions towards the effectiveness of mobile learning. Our hope is to determine how this technology can be optimally used to improve student retention at Bachelor of Science programmes at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU in India. For our research, we used a survey. Results of this survey clearly indicate that offering mobile learning could be one method improving retention of BSc students, by enhancing their teaching/ learning and improving the efficacy of IGNOU’s existing student support system. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. Moreover, as mobile phone usage in India explodes, it offers IGNOU easy access to a larger number of learners. This study is intended to help inform those who are seeking to adopt mobile learning systems with the aim of improving communication and enriching students’ learning experiences in their ODL institutions.

  12. Marais Des Cygnes Wildlife Area

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This brochure is for the Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area, managed by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, and located in the floodplain of the Marais...

  13. Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas)

    Gruber, Marion


    Gruber, M. R. (2011, 13 December). Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas). Guest lecture at the IPMZ - Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, Devision Media Change & Innovation, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

  14. Effect of Clay Mineralogy and Exchangeable Cations on Permeability of Saudi Sandstone Reservoirs Effet de la minéralogie des argiles et des cations échangeables sur la perméabilité des réservoirs gréseux d'Arabie Saoudite

    Dahab A. S.


    Full Text Available Reservoir rocks are susceptible to formation damage during secondary recovery operations due to the particular mineralogical, textural and electrochemical properties of the clay minerals they contain. This damage can be explained by the swelling of indigeneous clays present, resulting in the constricting of pores, or by the dispersion of indigeneous nonswelling particle rearrangements during fluid flow, resulting in the plugging of the pore system, or by a combination of the two. This article describes a laboratory study showing the effect of clay mineralogy on the permeability of actual Saudi sandstone reservoirs during water flooding operations. The study shows that the permeability damage of Saudi sandstone reservoirs depends upon the amount of swelling clays and exchangeable ions as well as on the nature of these ions. Monovalent cations cause more damage than multivalent ones but within the same group of metals, those with smaller atomic mass cause more damage. Les roches réservoirs peuvent être endommagées pendant les opérations de récupération secondaire à cause des propriétés minéralogiques, texturales et électrochimiques particulières des minéraux argileux qu'elles contiennent. Cet endommagement peut s'expliquer, soit par le gonflement des argiles qui conduit à un rétrécissement des pores, soit par la migration de particules non gonflantes pendant l'écoulement des fluides qui entraîne le colmatage des milieux poreux, soit par une combinaison des deux mécanismes. Cet article présente une étude de laboratoire montrant l'effet de la minéralogie des argiles sur la perméabilité des roches réservoirs réelles d'Arabie Saoudite pendant des opérations d'injection d'eau. L'étude montre que l'endommagement de la perméabilité des roches réservoirs d'Arabie Saoudite dépend de la quantité d'argiles gonflantes et d'ions échangeables, ainsi que de la nature de ces ions. Les cations monovalents provoquent plus d

  15. Use of quartz crystal microbalance to study the effect of chloride, sulphate and magnesium ions on the scaling rate; Apport de la microbalance a quartz dans l'etude de l'influence des ions sulfate, chlorure et magnesium sur la cinetique d'entartrage

    Ben Amor, Y.; Triki, E. [Ecole Nationale d' Ingenieurs de Tunis, Unite de Recherche Corrosion et Protection des Metalliques (Tunisia); Bousselmi, I. [Institut National de Recherche Scientifique et Technologique, Lab. des Eaux et Environnement, Hammam-Lif (Tunisia); Sutter, E.; Labbe, J.P.; Fiaud, C. [Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Lab. de Genie des Procedes Plasmas et Traitements de Surface, 75 - Paris (France)


    In this work, an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance was used to study the effect of chloride, sulphate and magnesium ions on the scaling rate of gold in synthesized water. The chrono-electro-gravimetric results allow the evaluation of the nucleation and crystal growth steps. Infrared analysis of deposits was used to interpret the kinetic data, particularly in SO{sub 4}{sup 2-} and Mg{sup 2+} containing. Threshold effects were identified in each situation and essentially attributed to adsorption phenomena of ions on the metal and/or on the scale layers, as indicated by the influence of electrode potential and concentration of ions in solutions. (authors)

  16. Resonant ionization by laser beams: application to ions sources and to study the nuclear structure of radioactive tellurium isotopes; Ionisation resonante par faisceaux laser: application aux sources d'ions et a l'etude de la structure des noyaux radioactifs de tellure

    Sifi, R


    The radioactive ion beams that are produced through current isotope separators are well separated according to the A mass but not according to the Z parameter. The resonant ionization through laser beams applied to ion sources allows the production of radioactive ion beam in a very selective and efficient way by eliminating the isobaric contamination. The first chapter is dedicated to the resonant ionization by laser beams, we describe the principle, the experimental setting, the lasers used, the ionization schemes and the domain of application. The second chapter deals with the application of resonant ionization to laser ion sources for the production of radioactive ion beams. We present experimental tests performed for getting copper ion beams. Resonant ionization through laser is also used in the spectroscopy experiments performed at the Isolde (isotope separation on-line device) installation in CERN where more than 20 elements are ionized very efficiently. The technique is based on a frequency scanning around the excitation transition of the atoms in order to probe the hyperfine structure. Laser spectroscopy allows the determination of the hyperfine structure as well as the isotopic shift of atoms. In the third chapter the method is applied to the spectroscopy of tellurium atoms. First, we define the 2 parameters on which the extraction is based: charge radius and nuclear moments, then we present several theoretical models that we have used to assess our experimental results. (A.C.)

  17. Experimental study of multi-electronic processes on grazing incidence ions collision with LiF(001) surface; Etude experimentale des processus multi-electroniques lors de collisions d'ions en incidence rasante sur une surface de LiF(001)

    Momeni, A


    This manuscript deals with different experimental studies on grazing incidence (< 3 degrees) collisions of mono-charged ions at low energies (< 3 keV). The incident beam is chopped. Deflection plates allow a charge analysis of scattered particles after collision detected on a position sensitive detector. Secondary particles (electrons and ions) are collected on a 2{pi} detector made of 16 detection units (2 microchannel plates) Energy loss measurement (translational spectroscopy) associated to the detection of scattered particles in coincidence with secondary electrons emitted during the collision of neon lead to characterization of excited states of the target. Theses excited surface states, when localised at one halogen site are namely excitons and when localised at two holes are known as trions. This is the first characterisation of these states by ion impact at surfaces. For neon ions the capture is mediated by Auger neutralisation. Fluorine atoms collision confirmed the established threshold behaviour for the formation of negative fluorine ions. For positive incident fluorine, observation of negative ions under this threshold is an experimental evidence that double capture occurs at least under this threshold. According to the energy loss, interaction between two holes left at neighbouring sites on the surface is obvious. The statistical correlation is accompanied by spatial correlation where electron captures are made into neighbouring halogen sites. There is no experimental evidence to distinguish between bi-electronic capture and second order mono-electronic capture. A theoretical study seems to indicate that second order transition dominates the interaction. (author)

  18. Maslow's Hierarchy and Student Retention.

    Brookman, David M.


    Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs offers perspective on student motivation and a rationale for college retention programing. Student affairs and faculty interventions addressing student safety needs and engaging students' sense of purpose reinforce persistence. A mentor program is a possible cooperative effort between student personnel and…

  19. Lake retention of manufactured nanoparticles

    Koelmans, A.A.; Quik, J.T.K.; Velzeboer, I.


    For twenty-five world lakes and three engineered nanoparticles (ENP), lake retention was calculated using a uniformly mixed lake mass balance model. This follows similar approaches traditionally used in water quality management. Lakes were selected such that lake residence times, depths and areal hy

  20. Strategies for improving employee retention.

    Verlander, Edward G; Evans, Martin R


    This article proposes a solution to the perennial problem of talent retention in the clinical laboratory. It includes the presentation of 12 strategies that may be used to significantly improve institutional identity formation and establishment of the psychological contract that employees form with laboratory management. Identity formation and psychological contracting are deemed as essential in helping reduce employee turnover and increase retention. The 12 conversational strategies may be used as a set of best practices for all employees, but most importantly for new employees, and should be implemented at the critical moment when employees first join the laboratory. This time is referred to as "retention on-boarding"--the period of induction and laboratory orientation. Retention on-boarding involves a dialogue between employees and management that is focused on the psychological, practical, cultural, and political dimensions of the laboratory. It is placed in the context of the modern clinical laboratory, which is faced with employing and managing Generation X knowledge workers. Specific topics and broad content areas of those conversations are outlined.

  1. Lake retention of manufactured nanoparticles

    Koelmans, A.A.; Quik, J.T.K.; Velzeboer, I.


    For twenty-five world lakes and three engineered nanoparticles (ENP), lake retention was calculated using a uniformly mixed lake mass balance model. This follows similar approaches traditionally used in water quality management. Lakes were selected such that lake residence times, depths and areal hy

  2. Institutionalization of a Retention Model

    Davis, E. J.; Campbell, A.


    Bowie State University and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have, for the past 10 years, worked diligently together to enhance the science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SMET) domain. Efforts made, because of a Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) Award, have changed the landscape of the SMET domain by increasing the retention and graduation rates, the number of students entering graduate and professional schools, and the number of students entering SMET related careers for minorities and women. Several initiatives a Scholarship Program, PRISEM Tutoring Center, Safety-net Program, Research emphasis, Focused Mentoring, a Summer Academy for accepted incoming students, a Bridge Program for students needing assistance being admitted to the University, the RISE Program and the Bowie State Satellite Operations and Control Center (BSOCC) provide the nurturing, mentoring, and opportunities for our students. As a result of efforts made, the retention rate has increase to approximately 80%, the graduation rate has increased 40%, and 85% of the SMET students are now interested or entering graduate and professional schools. Successes that have been documented by various assessment activities have led to the institutionalization of the Retention Model of the MIE Initiative. It is anticipated that University-wide application of the retention model will prove the incentives necessary to obtain similar results as the MIE Initiative.

  3. Maslow's Hierarchy and Student Retention.

    Brookman, David M.


    Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs offers perspective on student motivation and a rationale for college retention programing. Student affairs and faculty interventions addressing student safety needs and engaging students' sense of purpose reinforce persistence. A mentor program is a possible cooperative effort between student personnel and…

  4. Terre des hommes

    Staff Association


    Transformez votre téléphone portable en geste de solidarité ! Collecte du 12 au 23 novembre 2012   Faites un geste simple et utile en déposant vos téléphones portables inutilisés dans les urnes installées dans les trois restaurants du CERN. En Suisse, une personne change tous les 12 à 18 mois de téléphone portable. La plupart de nos vieux appareils sont simplement laissés à l’abandon avec comme seule fonction de parer une éventuelle panne à venir. On  estime ainsi que 8 millions de portables sont inutilisés, alors qu'entre 30 et 50% peuvent être réutilisés. L'action Solidarcomm leur offre une deuxième vie ! Terre des Hommes Suisse, dans le cadre de la campagne Solidarcomm, collecte et valorise vos téléphones inutilis&...

  5. Onlinespieler abseits des Mainstreams

    Harald Baumgartlinger


    Full Text Available MMO(RPGs „Massively Multiplayer Online (Role-Playing Games“ nehmen einen Sonderstatus unter den Onlinespielen ein, welcher durch den wachsenden wirtschaftlichen Erfolg, insbesondere durch den „breakthrough hit“ (Duchenaut et al. 2006: 407 World of Warcraft (WoW, auch an Bedeutung für die Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft gewinnt (vgl. Inderst 2009: 15; vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 297. Der Primus des Genres, WoW, repräsentiert gemeinsam mit einigen nahezu identen Titeln insgesamt 85 Prozent der gespielten MMOGs (vgl. Williams et al. 2008: 999. Daher befasst sich auch die Mehrheit der vorliegenden Studien mit eben diesen Spielen. Neue Formen von MMO(Gs können jedoch zu ebenso neuartigen Spielerfahrungen führen und damit unterschiedliche Nutzungsmotive befriedigen (vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 309 und folglich zu einem gänzlich anderen Spielerleben führen. Während im Mainstream die kooperativen Spielerbeziehungen überwiegen, dominiert in Darkfall Online der soziale Wettbewerb. Der von Williams et al. 2008 verwendete Fragebogen diente als Rohling für die Kreation eines für die speziellen Anforderungen adaptierten Erhebungstools zur Erforschung der Spielertypologie und der Motive der Darkfall-Online-SpielerInnen. Die in der Onlinebefragung (N = 506 gesammelten Daten belegen, dass sich sowohl die Spielerdemographie, als auch die Motive der Spieler von den Mainstream MMOs unterscheiden. Zudem konnten realweltliche Eigenschaften der Spieler als signifikante Einflussfaktoren für die Spielzuwendung identifiziert werden.

  6. Peste des petits ruminants.

    Parida, S; Muniraju, M; Mahapatra, M; Muthuchelvan, D; Buczkowski, H; Banyard, A C


    Peste des petits ruminants virus causes a highly infectious disease of small ruminants that is endemic across Africa, the Middle East and large regions of Asia. The virus is considered to be a major obstacle to the development of sustainable agriculture across the developing world and has recently been targeted by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for eradication with the aim of global elimination of the disease by 2030. Fundamentally, the vaccines required to successfully achieve this goal are currently available, but the availability of novel vaccine preparations to also fulfill the requisite for differentiation between infected and vaccinated animals (DIVA) may reduce the time taken and the financial costs of serological surveillance in the later stages of any eradication campaign. Here, we overview what is currently known about the virus, with reference to its origin, updated global circulation, molecular evolution, diagnostic tools and vaccines currently available to combat the disease. Further, we comment on recent developments in our knowledge of various recombinant vaccines and on the potential for the development of novel multivalent vaccines for small ruminants. Copyright © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. CCC/WPA study : Des Lacs NWR

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Summary of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp at Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge from July 1935-May 1942 to carry on restoration and development of Des...

  8. LithoRec. Recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Within the R and D program ''Promotion of research and development in the field of electric mobility''. Final report; LithoRec. Recycling von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Im Rahmen des FuE-Programms ''Foerderung von Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich der Elektromobilitaet''. Abschlussbericht

    Kwade, Arno [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Partikeltechnik; Baerwaldt, Gunnar [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Niedersaechsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik


    In the project ''LithoRec - Recycling of lithium-ion batteries'' several methods were evaluated for recycling of traction batteries. The planning of dismantling of the battery systems in LithoRec comprised besides the pure system planning also first investigations of the automation of dismantling steps, inter alia, with the prototypical realization of a gripper system for the removal of the battery cells. Processes for disassembling the cells and separating the active materials of the metal foils has been investigated in the laboratory and established with respect to the shredding of the cells in the pilot-plant scale. For hydrometallurgical treatment of separated coating powder of lithium-ion batteries in LithoRec a pilot plant has been realized. Ecological and economical balances on the basis of investigations carried out in the laboratory or pilot plant scale showed positive results. For the separation of the battery systems to the levels of the cathodic active material powder, a consistent approach was developed, which showed very good results in laboratory equipment. [German] In dem Projekt ''LithoRec - Recycling von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien'' wurden mehrere Verfahrenswege zum Recycling von Traktionsbatterien evaluiert. Die Planung der Demontage der Batteriesysteme in LithoRec umfasste neben der reinen Systemplanung auch erste Untersuchungen der Automatisierbarkeit der Demontageschritte, u.a. mit der prototypischen Realisierung eines Greifersystems zur Entnahme von Batteriezellen. Prozesse fuer das Zerlegen der Zellen und das Abtrennen der Aktivmaterialien von den Metallfolien wurden im Labor sowie hinsichtlich des Shredderns der Zellen auch im Technikumsmassstab etabliert und untersucht. Zur hydrometallurgischen Aufbereitung separierter Beschichtungspulver aus Lithium-Ionen-Batterien wurde in LithoRec eine Pilotanlage realisiert. Oekologische und oekonomische Bilanzen auf Basis der im Labor- oder Technikumsmassstab

  9. Current algebra; Algebre des courants

    Jacob, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The first three chapters of these lecture notes are devoted to generalities concerning current algebra. The weak currents are defined, and their main properties given (V-A hypothesis, conserved vector current, selection rules, partially conserved axial current,...). The SU (3) x SU (3) algebra of Gell-Mann is introduced, and the general properties of the non-leptonic weak Hamiltonian are discussed. Chapters 4 to 9 are devoted to some important applications of the algebra. First one proves the Adler- Weisberger formula, in two different ways, by either the infinite momentum frame, or the near-by singularities method. In the others chapters, the latter method is the only one used. The following topics are successively dealt with: semi leptonic decays of K mesons and hyperons, Kroll- Ruderman theorem, non leptonic decays of K mesons and hyperons ( {delta}I = 1/2 rule), low energy theorems concerning processes with emission (or absorption) of a pion or a photon, super-convergence sum rules, and finally, neutrino reactions. (author) [French] La premiere partie de ce cours (trois premiers chapitres), traite des generalites concernant l'algebre de courants. Apres une definition rapide des courants faibles et un rappel de leurs proprietes (hypothese V-A, conservation du courant vecteur, regles de selection, courant axial partiellement conserve,...), l'on introduit l'algebre de Gell-Mann SU (3) x SU (3), et discute les proprietes generales de l'Hamiltonien faible non leptonique. Les chapitres IV a IX sont consacres a des applications importantes de l'algebre des courants. En premier lieu l'on demontre la formule de Adler et Weisberger, par deux methodes differentes, celle dite du repere de moment infini et celle des singularites proches. Cette derniere est seule utilisee dans la suite. Puis, l'on traite successivement les problemes suivants: desintegrations semi-leptoniques des mesons K et des hyperons, theoreme de Kroll

  10. La théorie des industries culturelles (et informationnelles, composante des SIC

    Bernard Miège


    Full Text Available Inaugurer le Cahier central de la Revue des SIC est certes une forme de reconnaissance, mais cela comporte des obligations, au premier rang desquelles la nécessité d’intéresser des lecteurs a priori pas immédiatement concernés par la thématique.Si la théorie des industries culturelles est devenue progressivement une approche marquante des SIC, en France, en Europe et plus largement encore (avec des dénominations variables et des modalités spécifiques, ce n’est en effet ni en le proclamant ha...

  11. Neologismen des Lettischen anhand des schriftstellerischen Werkes von Zigmunds Skujins

    Javojss, Skaidrite


    Untersuchung: Aus acht Werken des zeitgenössischen Schriftstellers Zigmunds Skujins wurden 500 lettische Wörter untersucht, die in den drei umfangreichsten lettischen Wörterbüchern nicht verzeichnet und somit möglicherweise Neologismen des Autors sind. Analysiert werden die Wortarten, die Komposita, die Herkunft der assimilierten Lehnwörter, orthographische und andere Varianten bereits lexikalisierter Wörter, die Arten der Diminutivbildung und der Präfigierung. Außerdem werden Aussagen über d...

  12. Characterization of the internal ion environment of biofilms based on charge density and shape of ion.

    Kurniawan, Andi; Tsuchiya, Yuki; Eda, Shima; Morisaki, Hisao


    Biofilm polymers contain both electrically positively and negatively charged sites. These charged sites enable the biofilm to trap and retain ions leading to an important role of biofilm such as nutrient recycling and pollutant purification. Much work has focused on the ion-exchange capacity of biofilms, and they are known to adsorb ions through an exchange mechanism between the ions in solution and the ions adsorbed to the charged sites on the biofilm polymer. However, recent studies suggest that the adsorption/desorption behavior of ions in a biofilm cannot be explained solely by this ion exchange mechanism. To examine the possibility that a substantial amount of ions are held in the interstitial region of the biofilm polymer by an electrostatic interaction, intact biofilms formed in a natural environment were immersed in distilled water and ion desorption was investigated. All of the detected ion species were released from the biofilms over a short period of time, and very few ions were subsequently released over more time, indicating that the interstitial region of biofilm polymers is another ion reserve. The extent of ion retention in the interstitial region of biofilms for each ion can be determined largely by charge density, |Z|/r, where |Z| is the ion valence as absolute value and r is the ion radius. The higher |Z|/r value an ion has, the stronger it is retained in the interstitial region of biofilms. Ion shape is also a key determinant of ion retention. Spherical and non-spherical ions have different correlations between the condensation ratio and |Z|/r. The generality of these findings were assured by various biofilm samples. Thus, the internal regions of biofilms exchange ions dynamically with the outside environment.

  13. Development of methodics for the characterization of the composition of the ion-collision-induced secondary-particle flux by comparison of the yield contributions of photoinduced ion formation processes; Entwicklung einer Methodik zur Charakterisierung der Zusammensetzung des ionenbeschussinduzierten Sekundaerteilchenflusses durch Vergleich der Ausbeuteanteile photoinduzierter Ionenbildungsprozesse

    Vering, Guido


    The aim of this work was to develop a method to distinguish between different ion formation processes and to determine the influence of these processes on the total number of detected monatomic ions of a certain element. A vector/matrix-formalism was developed, which describes the physical processes of sputtering, ion formation, mass separation and detection in laser-SNMS. In the framework of the method developed, based on this theoretic formalism, changes in the secondary flux contribution of the respective element were observed by comparing the detected monatomic ion yield obtained in specifically aligned (SIMS and) laser-SNMS experiments. The yields resulting from these experiments were used to calculate characteristic numbers to compare the flux composition from different surfaces. The potential of the method was demonstrated for the elements boron, iron and gadolinium by investigating the changes in the flux composition of secondary particles sputtered from metallic surfaces, as a function of the oxygen concentration at the surface. Finally, combined laser-SNMS depth profiles and images, obtained with both laser systems, were presented to demonstrate how the parallel detection of the three differently originated ion signals of the same element can be used to get additional information about the composition of the flux of secondary particles synchronously during the analysis of elemental distributions. In this respect the presented method can be a very helpful tool to prevent misleading interpretations of SIMS or laser-SNMS data. (orig.)

  14. Experimental study and simulation of the extraction conditions of a multicharged ion beam from an electron cyclotron resonance source; Etude experimentale et simulation des conditions d`extraction d`un faisceau d`ions multicharges d`une source a resonance cyclotronique electronique

    Mandin, J.


    This thesis concerns the beam extraction studies of ECR Ion Sources for the SPIRAL project at GANIL (France). The optical properties (i.e. the emittances) of the radioactive ion beam production source is a crucial point in this project. We performed emittance measurements with a very high transport efficiency and developed a computer code for simulating the extraction and transport conditions. This simulation takes into account all the parameters acting on the extraction process: the characteristics of the ions and electrons emitted by the plasma, their space and energy distributions, the space charge, the magnetic filed of the source and the accelerating electric field. We explained the evolution of the emittances for two different types of ECR Ion Source. The simulation-experiment comparison showed us that the magnetic field and the intrinsic energy of the ions seem to be the most important parameters for explaining the overall emittance behaviour of the ECRIS. We precise their values and comment them. (author). 530refs.

  15. Study of the diffusion of lithium and sodium ions in solids under regardment of the dimensionality of the crystal lattice; Untersuchung der Diffusion von Lithium- und Natrium-Ionen in Festkoerpern unter Beruecksichtigung der Dimensionalitaet des Kristallgitters

    Volgmann, Kai Tristan


    Low-dimensional diffusion was investigated to improve the understanding of the fundamentals of ion movement in condensed matter. Different model systems with different dimensionality of cation migration pathways were investigated using solidstate nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and impedance spectroscopy. Both experimental methods made it possible to complementarily study both Li and Na mobility over a wide range of jump rates. Metallic lithium as a well-known model system for isotropic diffusion was investigated using {sup 7}Li field-cycling NMR. The spin-lattice relaxation (SLR) rates were separated into an electronic contribution and a diffusion-induced contribution. The Korringa product was calculated from the actual measurements. The main focus was the comparison of different theoretical models describing the Li motion in metallic lithium. The well-known model by Bloembergen, Purcell and Pound already reproduced the data well, but two models by Sholl improved the results taking into account the type of crystal lattice and jump correlation effects. A single-vacancy diffusion mechanism was observed, but a double-vacancy mechanism was not excluded as elevated temperatures near the melting point of lithium were not available. Li{sub 0.7}Nb{sub 3}S{sub 4} is isostructural to Li{sub 0.7}Nb{sub 3}Se{sub 4} which was reported as possible 1D Li ion conductor due to its channel structure. Thus, Li{sub 0.7}Nb{sub 3}S{sub 4} was investigated as 1D model system using solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Multinuclear NMR spectroscopy gave insights into structural properties. Li dynamics was observed by several NMR methods over a wide temperature range. {sup 7}Li NMR motional narrowing led to an estimate of the activation energy for local Li hopping. {sup 7}Li NMR spin-alignment echo (SAE) was used for the determination of Li jump rates on a macroscopic scale. Possible dimensionality effects were investigated by {sup 7}Li NMR SLR. Out of the phase system Li{sub 2}O

  16. Evaluer des études de gestion des entreprises : combiner des éléments principales avec des éléments pratiques

    Pennink, B.J.W.


    Evaluer la recherche de gestion demande une combinaison des critères classiques et des critères pratiques. Par cette combinaison il est possible de trouver une réponse cerrecte concernant la validité et l'effet de la recherche. Dans cet article nous allons décrire comment une combinaison des

  17. Deuterium Retention and Physical Sputtering of Low Activation Ferritic Steel

    T. Hino; K. Yamaguchi; Y. Yamauchi; Y. Hirohata; K. Tsuzuki; Y.Kusama


    Low activation materials have to be developed toward fusion demonstration reactors. Ferritic steel, vanadium alloy and SiC/SiC composite are candidate materials of the first wall,vacuum vessel and blanket components, respectively. Although changes of mechanical-thermal properties owing to neutron irradiation have been investigated so far, there is little data for the plasma material interactions, such as fuel hydrogen retention and erosion. In the present study,deuterium retention and physical sputtering of low activation ferritic steel, F82H, were investigated by using deuterium ion irradiation apparatus.After a ferritic steel sample was irradiated by 1.7 kev D+ ions, the weight loss was measured to obtain the physical sputtering yield. The sputtering yield was 0.04, comparable to that of stainless steel. In order to obtain the retained amount of deuterium, technique of thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) was employed to the irradiated sample. The retained deuterium desorbed at temperature ranging from 450 K to 700 K, in the forms of DHO, D2, D2O and hydrocarbons. Hence, the deuterium retained can be reduced by baking with a relatively low temperature. The fluence dependence of retained amount of deuterium was measured by changing the ion fluence. In the ferritic steel without mechanical polish, the retained amount was large even when the fluence was low. In such a case, a large amount of deuterium was trapped in the surface oxide layer containing O and C. When the fluence was large, the thickness of surface oxide layer was reduced by the ion sputtering, and then the retained amount in the oxide layer decreased. In the case of a high fluence, the retained amount of deuterium became comparable to that of ferritic steel with mechanical polish or SS 316 L, and one order of magnitude smaller than that of graphite. When the ferritic steel is used, it is required to remove the surface oxide layer for reduction of fuel hydrogen retention.Ferritic steel sample was

  18. Designing Online Courses to Promote Student Retention

    Dietz-Uhler, Beth; Fisher, Amy; Han, Andrea


    Although the issue of student retention is a campus-wide one, it is of special interest in online distance learning courses, where retention rates are reported to be lower than in face-to-face classes. Among the explanations and theories of retention rates in online courses, one that struck us as most useful is a structural one, namely, course…

  19. 5 CFR 351.404 - Retention register.


    ... FORCE Scope of Competition § 351.404 Retention register. (a) When a competing employee is to be released from a competitive level under this part, the agency shall establish a separate retention register for... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention register. 351.404 Section 351...

  20. Alimentation des tortues terrestres herbivores

    Morin, Nicolas


    Chez les tortues, la plupart des affections rencontrées sont directement ou indirectement liées à un défaut dans les conditions d’entretien et notamment à une alimentation inadéquate. Les ouvrages de référence ne proposent généralement que des rations qualitatives déterminées empiriquement. Ce travail se veut une synthèse bibliographique des différents travaux qui ont été menés sur les tortues terrestres herbivores, dont le but est de dégager les paramètres physiologiques sous-jacents au ...


    Deaconu Alecxandrina


    Full Text Available Les préoccupations pour bien comprendre la complexité des organisations sont bien connues dans la théorie et la pratique du management. La motivation la plus fréquente pour toutes les recherches et les investigationes faites a été fondée sur le besoin de savoir gérer les situations diverses en vue de maximiser la performance organisationnelle. En ce qui nous concerne, pour enrichir les informations disponibles, nous voulons élargir, dans notre communication, les approches traditionelles, focaliser l’attention sur la dimension psychologiques des organisations et présenter les mécanismes qui favorisent l’implication des salariés.

  2. L’Internet des objets

    Benghozi, Pierre-Jean; Bureau, Sylvain; Massit-Folléa, Françoise


    L’ « internet des objets » est une dimension majeure de l’internet du futur. Mais tout le monde ne s’accorde pas encore sur sa définition, ni sur la mesure de son importance économique ou des risques qu’il induit. L’étude de nombreux rapports prospectifs et l’observation des innovations d’ores et déjà engagées a permis de mettre en relief les incertitudes techniques, économiques et socio-politiques qui pèsent sur cette véritable mutation programmée de l’internet et de proposer une approche eu...

  3. L’Internet des objets

    Benghozi, Pierre-Jean; Bureau, Sylvain; Massit-Folléa, Françoise


    L’ « internet des objets » est une dimension majeure de l’internet du futur. Mais tout le monde ne s’accorde pas encore sur sa définition, ni sur la mesure de son importance économique ou des risques qu’il induit. L’étude de nombreux rapports prospectifs et l’observation des innovations d’ores et déjà engagées a permis de mettre en relief les incertitudes techniques, économiques et socio-politiques qui pèsent sur cette véritable mutation programmée de l’internet et de proposer une approche eu...

  4. Quantification of ion or atom transfer phenomena in materials implanted by nuclear methods; Quantification de phenomenes de transferts ioniques ou atomiques dans des materiaux implantes par la mise en oeuvre de methodes nucleaires

    Oudadesse, Hassane [Clermont-Ferrand-2 Univ., 63 - Aubiere (France)


    Knowledge of transfer of the constituents of a system from regions of higher to lower concentration is of interest for implanted bio-materials. It allows determining the rate at which this material is integrated in a living material. To evaluate the ossification kinetics and to study the bio-functionality in corals of Ca and Sr, irradiations with a 10{sup 13}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} was performed, followed by the examination of changes in the localization of these elements. By using PIXE analysis method the distribution of Ca, P, Sr, Zn and Fe in the implant, bone and bone-implant interfaces were determined. Thus, it was shown that resorption of coral in sheep is achieved in 5 months after implantation and is identical to the cortical tissues 4 months after implantation in animals as for instance in hares. We have analyzed the tissues from around the prostheses extracted from patients. The samples were calcined and reduced to powder weighting some milligrams. We have adopted for this study the PIXE analysis method. The samples were irradiated by a proton beam of 3 MeV and about 400 {mu}m diameter. The results show the presence of the elements Ti, Fe, Cr, Ni or Zn according to the type of the implanted prosthesis. This dispersal of the metallic ions and atoms contaminate the tissues. The transfer factors translate the exchanges between bone and the implanted material. The solvatation phenomenon and the electric charge equilibrium explain the transfer order of cations Mg{sup 2+}, Ca{sup 2+} and Sr{sup 2+} and of the anion PO{sub 4}{sup 3-}. We have also determined these factors for the elements Ti, Cr and Ni. An original technique to study the bone bio-functionality was used. Use of phosphate derivatives labelled by {sup 99m}Tc allows obtaining information about the fixation of radioactive tracer. It was found that only after the eighth month at the implantation the neo-formed bone fixes the MDP (methyl diphosphate) labelled by {sup 99m}Tc in a similar way as in the

  5. 1. contribution of the dynamics on the reactions mechanisms in the heavy ions collisions at the intermediary energies (20-100 MeV/A) for the light systems. 2. management of radioactive wastes by new options: nuclear data measurement programme between 20 and 150 MeV; 1. role de la dynamique sur les mecanismes de reactions dans les collisions d'ions lourds aux energies intermediaires (20-100 MeV/A) pour des systemes legers. 2. gestion des dechets radioactifs par des options nouvelles: programme de mesures de donnees nucleaires entre 20 et 150 MeV

    Eudes, Ph


    The first part concerns the features of emitted charged particles in heavy ions reactions that have been studied in the framework of the semi classical Landau-Vlasov approach for the light system Ar + Al at 65 MeV/nucleon incident energy. The second part is devoted to the radioactive waste management (transmutation), but it was necessary to increase the data banks evaluated in neutrons up to 150-200 MeV and to create a data bank in protons. In the European framework it was decide to focus on three representative elements: lead (spallation target), iron (structure material) and uranium (actinide). (N.C.)

  6. Géographie des cryptarchies

    Gilles Fumey


    Full Text Available Si toute la surface du globe est appropriée, certains territoires sont encore revendiqués par des personnes ou petits groupes usurpateurs, conquérants ou aventuriers. Leur «conquête» porte sur des espaces physiques ou virtuels (internet. Elle traduit avec constance dans l'histoire le rôle considérable de l'ancrage territorial qui reste, pour l'homme, un antidote à toutes les formes d'organisation qui le dépassent.

  7. Cardiotoxicité des psychotropes

    TAHIRI, Abdallah


    Même à dose thérapeutique, les médicaments psychotropes sont susceptibles d'engendrer des troubles du rythme cardiaque graves avec risque létal concourant à expliquer la pré valence de la mort subite dans la population psychiatrique. Les situations cliniques à risque telles que poly médication (des psychotropes entre eux ou d'un psychotrope avec un non psychotrope allongeur de QTc), interactions médicamenteuses aussi bien pharmacodynamiques que pharmacocinétiques, traitement pa...

  8. Physique statistique des Fluides Classiques

    Aslangul, Claude


    0 - Préambule.Préambule, table des matières1 - Rappels sur la description d'un système à l'équilibre thermodynamiqueQuelques propriétés des systèmes macroscopiques. Nature statistique de l'entropie. Grandeurs internes et grandeurs externes. Relations thermodynamiques fondamentales. Potentiels thermodynamiques. Ensembles microcanonique, canonique, grand-canonique et isotherme - isobare. Exemple: fonction de partition d'un fluide classique. Principe variationnel pour l'énergie libre.2 - Stabili...

  9. Retention of Root Canal Posts

    Sahafi, A; Benetti, Ana Raquel; Flury, S;


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the cement film thickness of a zinc phosphate or a resin cement on retention of untreated and pretreated root canal posts. Prefabricated zirconia posts (CosmoPost: 1.4 mm) and two types of luting cements (a zinc phosphate cement [DeTrey Zinc......] and a self-etch adhesive resin cement [Panavia F2.0]) were used. After removal of the crowns of 360 extracted premolars, canines, or incisors, the root canals were prepared with a parallel-sided drill system to three different final diameters. Half the posts did not receive any pretreatment. The other half...... received tribochemical silicate coating according to the manufacturer's instructions. Posts were then luted in the prepared root canals (n=30 per group). Following water storage at 37°C for seven days, retention of the posts was determined by the pull-out method. Irrespective of the luting cement...

  10. LithoRec. Recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Within the R and D program ''Promotion of research and development in the field of electric mobility''. Final report; LithoRec. Recycling von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Im Rahmen des FuE-Programms ''Foerderung von Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich der Elektromobilitaet''. Abschlussbericht

    Kwade, Arno [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Partikeltechnik; Baerwaldt, Gunnar [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Niedersaechsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik


    In the project ''LithoRec - Recycling of lithium-ion batteries'' several methods were evaluated for recycling of traction batteries. The planning of dismantling of the battery systems in LithoRec comprised besides the pure system planning also first investigations of the automation of dismantling steps, inter alia, with the prototypical realization of a gripper system for the removal of the battery cells. Processes for disassembling the cells and separating the active materials of the metal foils has been investigated in the laboratory and established with respect to the shredding of the cells in the pilot-plant scale. For hydrometallurgical treatment of separated coating powder of lithium-ion batteries in LithoRec a pilot plant has been realized. Ecological and economical balances on the basis of investigations carried out in the laboratory or pilot plant scale showed positive results. For the separation of the battery systems to the levels of the cathodic active material powder, a consistent approach was developed, which showed very good results in laboratory equipment. [German] In dem Projekt ''LithoRec - Recycling von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien'' wurden mehrere Verfahrenswege zum Recycling von Traktionsbatterien evaluiert. Die Planung der Demontage der Batteriesysteme in LithoRec umfasste neben der reinen Systemplanung auch erste Untersuchungen der Automatisierbarkeit der Demontageschritte, u.a. mit der prototypischen Realisierung eines Greifersystems zur Entnahme von Batteriezellen. Prozesse fuer das Zerlegen der Zellen und das Abtrennen der Aktivmaterialien von den Metallfolien wurden im Labor sowie hinsichtlich des Shredderns der Zellen auch im Technikumsmassstab etabliert und untersucht. Zur hydrometallurgischen Aufbereitung separierter Beschichtungspulver aus Lithium-Ionen-Batterien wurde in LithoRec eine Pilotanlage realisiert. Oekologische und oekonomische Bilanzen auf Basis der im Labor- oder Technikumsmassstab

  11. Effect of grain size on the behavior of hydrogen/helium retention in tungsten: a cluster dynamics modeling

    Zhao, Zhe; Li, Yonggang; Zhang, Chuanguo; Pan, Guyue; Tang, Panfei; Zeng, Zhi


    Reducing ion retention in materials is a key factor in the management of tritium inventory, the selection of compatible plasma-facing materials (PFMs), and thus the future development of fusion reactors. In this work, by introducing the cellular sink strength of grain boundaries (GBs) into the cluster dynamics model, the behavior of hydrogen (H) and helium (He) retention in W with different grain sizes is studied under various irradiation conditions systematically. It is found that the H/He retention increases dramatically with decreasing grain size at typical service temperatures, due to the enhancement of H/He capture ratio by GBs. Generally, He retention exists in three forms: He in GBs, in dislocations and in clusters (He m V n , He n and He n I). Our further study shows that, under the irradiation of low energy and low fluence ions, the contribution of He in clusters is negligible. The total He retention is thus dominated by the competing absorption of GBs and dislocations, that is, changing from the dislocation-based to grain boundary-based retention with decreasing grain size. H retention also presents the same behavior. In view of these grain size-related behaviors of H/He retention in W, it is suggested that coarse-grained crystals should be selected for W-based PFMs in practice.

  12. Investigations on multigap pseudospark switches for the kicker magnets of the SIS100/300 heavy ion synchrotron (GSI); Untersuchungen an mehrstufigen Pseudofunkenschaltern fuer den Einsatz an den Kickermagneten des SIS100/300 Schwerionensynchrotrons der GSI

    Petzenhauser, I.J.


    There is an increasing demand for reliable and fast high-voltage switches in the field of pulsed-power technology, especially in accelerator technology. Low-pressure gas discharge switches (e. g. thyratron or pseudospark switch) using only one gap are limited to voltages up to about 35 kV. Multigap thyratrons are commercially available for voltages up to 200 kV for many years. On the other hand, Multigap Pseudospark switches are still at the beginning of their development. The intention of this work was to evaluate the suitability of multigap pseudospark switches for switching the kickermagnets of the projected SIS 100/300 heavy ion synchrotron of the GSI. The requirements for these switches include a hold-off voltage of 70 kV, an ampacity of around 6 kA with pulse durations up to 7 {mu}s. For this application a three-stage switch will be necessary. The step in development that is presented in this work is a fundamental investigation of a two-stage prototype. From the results conclusions can be drawn for the adaptability of the pseudospark design to the projected application. The usability of a single gap pseudospark switch as a switching device for a kickermagnet was tested with very good results. The only drawback was a slightly high forward voltage of the switch due to the low current flow of several hundred amperes. Pseudosparks typically need currents above one kiloampere to reach an optimal mode of operation. Nevertheless the voltage and current development was acceptable. The switching behaviour of a two-gap switch was examined for different external circuitry with special emphasis on the triggering of such a system. Basically, two different kinds of trigger modules were compared, the highdielectric trigger and a carbon nanotube based triggersystem. The first generation of high-dielectric triggers in Erlangen suffered from an insufficient lifetime. In this work, a new generation of these modules is presented. New and thicker materials lead to a significantly

  13. Study of uranium dioxyde sputtering induced by multicharged heavy ions at low and very low kinetic energy: projectile charge effect; Etude de la pulverisation du dioxyde d'uranium induite par des ions lourds multicharges de basse et tres basse energie cinetique; effet de la charge du projectile

    Haranger, F


    Ion beam irradiation of a solid can lead to the emission of neutral or ionized atoms, molecules or clusters from the surface. This comes as a result of the atomic motion in the vicinity of the surface, induced by the transfer of the projectile energy. Then, the study of the sputtering process appears as a means to get a better understanding of the excited matter state around the projectile trajectory. In the case of slow multicharged ions, a strong electronic excitation can be achieved by the projectile neutralization above the solid surface and / or its deexcitation below the surface. Parallel to this, the slowing down of such ions is essentially related to elastic collision with the target atoms. The study of the effect of the initial charge state of slow multicharged ions, in the sputtering process, has been carried out by measuring the absolute angular distributions of emission of uranium atoms from a uranium dioxide surface. The experiments have been performed in two steps. First, the emitted particles are collected onto a substrate during irradiation. Secondly, the surface of the collectors is analyzed by Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS). This method allows the characterization of the emission of neutrals, which are the vast majority of the sputtered particles. The results obtained provide an access to the evolution of the sputtering process as a function of xenon projectile ions charge state. The measurements have been performed over a wide kinetic energy range, from 81 down to 1.5 keV. This allowed a clear separation of the contribution of the kinetic energy and initial projectile charge state to the sputtering phenomenon. (author)

  14. Surface morphology and deuterium retention in tungsten exposed to high flux D plasma at high temperatures

    Jia, Y.Z. [Laboratory of Advanced Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (China); De Temmerman, G. [FOM Institute DIFFER-Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Edisonbaan 14, 3439 MN Nieuwegein (Netherlands); ITER Organization, Route de Vinon-sur-Verdon-CS90046, 13067 St Paul Lez Durance Cedex (France); Luo, G.-N. [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031 (China); Xu, H.Y. [Science and Technology on Surface Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, Mianyang, Sichuan 621907 (China); Li, C.; Fu, B.Q. [Laboratory of Advanced Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (China); Liu, W., E-mail: [Laboratory of Advanced Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (China)


    Surface modifications and deuterium retention induced in tungsten by high fluxes (10{sup 24} m{sup −2} s{sup −1}) low energy (38 eV) deuterium ions were studied as a function of surface temperature. Blister formation was studied by scanning electron microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction, while deuterium retention was measured by thermal desorption spectroscopy. Blisters are observed on the surface exposed at different temperatures, ranging from 493 K to 1273 K. The blister density and D retention decrease with the increasing exposure temperature. The formation of blisters at high temperatures is attributed to the high flux of D plasma. At 943 K, with the increasing fluence, there is trend to the saturation of D retention and blister density. The defects caused by plasma exposure have an important effect on the D trapping and blistering behavior. The formation of blisters has a strong relationship with slipping system of tungsten.

  15. La maison des mathématiques

    Villani, Cédric; Moncorgé, Vincent


    Comment travaillent les mathématiciens ? C'est peut-être en se promenant dans les couloirs de la première des " maisons des mathématiques " de France, l'institut Henri Poincaré, que l'on trouvera quelques réponses. Le mathématicien Cédric Villani et le physicien Jean-Philippe Uzan nous invitent à découvrir cette discipline et ses acteurs. Au fil des pages on suit, à travers de superbes images signées du photographe Vincent Moncorgé, la façon dont se fabrique cette science qui reste souvent mystérieuse. Toutes les dimensions, scientifique, esthétique et poétique, des mathématiques sont convoquées grâce à des regards croisés : la diversité des inspirations des chercheurs, la source de leur créativité, l'imaginaire littéraire et artistique des mathématiques, la drôle de tribu des mathématiciens. Un voyage au cœur de cette " auberge espagnole " des mathématiques, campus " à la française " accueillant des centaines de chercheurs du monde entier, devenu un lieu d'émulation et d'éc...

  16. La compaction des sols forestiers en Wallonie

    Destain, Marie-France


    Dans nos pays industrialisés, l’exploitation forestière fait appel à des machines de plus en plus lourdes pour assurer la vidange des coupes et le débardage des grumes. Lorsque des charges élevées sont appliquées sur des sols sensibles, une compaction du sol peut se produire entraînant une réduction de porosité, avec des conséquences néfastes sur la vitalité des peuplements. Au niveau environnemental, du fait de la compaction, l’infiltration de l’eau dans le sol est réduite, principalement...

  17. Etude des erreurs d'estimation des populations par la méthode des captures successives (DeLURY, 2 captures et des captures-recaptures (PETERSEN



    Full Text Available L'estimation des populations naturelles par capture-recapture et par captures successives est souvent entachée d'erreur car, dans de nombreux cas, l'hypothèse fondamentale d'égalité des probabilités de captures pour tous les individus dans le temps et dans l'espace n'est pas respectée. Dans le cas des populations de poissons envisagés ici, les captures ont lieu par la pêche électrique. On a pu chiffrer l'ordre de grandeur des erreurs systématiques faites sur l'estimation des peuplements, en fonction des conditions particulières, biotiques et abiotiques, des différents milieux inventoriés.

  18. Recherche des oscillations de Neutrinos $\

    Gangler, E


    Le detecteur nomad, place sur le faisceau de neutrinos wide-band-beam du sps, de contamination en neutrino tau marginale, permet de rechercher des oscillations neutrino muon - tau dans la region de pertinence cosmologique et de distinguer statistiquement les courants charges des neutrinos tau essentiellement par leur mesure cinematique. Une large part du travail de these a donc ete consacree a la reconstruction des evenements dans les chambres a derive, cible instrumentee et cur de l'experience, dont la physique de detection est decrite. Une methode de recherche de traces fut developpee, utilisant certaines informations d'un autre sous-detecteur de nomad, le trd. Pour combler une perte d'efficacite de reconstruction, une methode de recherche de traces courtes s'appuyant sur des vertex deja constitues fut developpee en exploitant les potentialites du filtre de kalman, algorithme iteratif d'ajustement de traces. Ces methodes sont utilisees en production par la collaboration. Cette these porte sur la recherche d...

  19. Reduction des effectifs ou licenciements

    Maiani, Luciano


    "Vous faites un amalgame entre la reduction en cours des effectifs du CERN (organisation europeenne pour la recherche nucleaire) et les economies que le laboratoire doit realiser dans les cinq ans a venir pour financer le projet de grand collisionneur de hadrons (Le Monde du 4 septembre)" (1/2 page).

  20. Bangalore, ville des nouvelles technologies

    Clarisse Didelon


    Full Text Available Bangalore est devenue la Silicon Valley de l’Inde. Une partie de ses habitants y vit à l’occidentale mais le reste de la population souffre de la croissance spectaculaire de la ville. Face à l’insuffisance des infrastructures, Bangalore devient de moins en moins attractive pour les entreprises internationales.

  1. Saturation of deuterium retention in self-damaged tungsten exposed to high-flux plasmas.

    't Hoen, M. H. J.; Tyburska-Pueschel, B.; Ertl, K.; Mayer, M.; Rapp, J.; Kleijn, A.W.; Zeijlmans van Emmichoven, P.A.


    Polycrystalline, annealed tungsten targets were bombarded with 12.3 MeV W4+ ions to various damage levels. Deuterium was implanted by high-flux plasmas in Pilot-PSI (>1024 m−2 s−1) at a surface temperature below 525 K. Deuterium retention has been studied by nuclear reaction analysis and by thermal

  2. Saturation of deuterium retention in self-damaged tungsten exposed to high-flux plasmas

    Hoen, M. H. J. 't; Tyburska-Puschel, B.; Ertl, K.; Mayer, M.; Rapp, J.; Kleyn, A. W.; van Emmichoven, P. A. Zeijlma


    Polycrystalline, annealed tungsten targets were bombarded with 12.3MeV W4+ ions to various damage levels. Deuterium was implanted by high-flux plasmas in Pilot-PSI (>10(24) m(-2) s(-1)) at a surface temperature below 525 K. Deuterium retention has been studied by nuclear reaction analysis and by

  3. Effect of neon plasma pre-irradiation on surface morphology and deuterium retention of tungsten

    Cheng, L.; De Temmerman, G.; van Emmichoven, P. A. Zeijlma; Ji, G.; Zhou, H. B.; Wang, B.; Yuan, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Lu, G. H.


    Neon and deuterium plasma irradiation of polycrystalline tungsten targets have been performed at high fluxes of ∼1024 ions m−2 s−1 to study the interaction of neon with tungsten and the influence of neon on deuterium retention. Tungsten exposure to neon plasma leads to the

  4. Surface morphology and deuterium retention in tungsten exposed to high flux D plasma at high temperatures

    Jia, Y. Z.; De Temmerman, G.; Luo, G. N.; Xu, H.Y.; Li, C.; Fu, B. Q.; Liu, W.


    Surface modifications and deuterium retention induced in tungsten by high fluxes (1024 m−2 s−1) low energy (38 eV) deuterium ions were studied as a function of surface temperature. Blister formation was studied by scanning electron microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction, while deuterium ret

  5. Osteoporose und Genetik des Knochenstoffwechsels

    Obermayer-Pietsch B


    Full Text Available Osteoporose ist in hohem Maß genetisch determiniert. Neue Wege der molekularbiologischen Forschung haben sich in den letzten Jahren auf diesem Gebiet etabliert. "Gene mapping" mit polymorphen genetischen Markern auf der Suche nach Phänotyp-assoziierten Genen ist ein aufwendiges, aber vielversprechendes Verfahren und wird durch die Erkenntnisse des Human Genome Projects beschleunigt. So wurde jüngst u. a. das Low-density Lipoprotein 5-Gen als wichtig für den Knochenstoffwechsel identifiziert. Kandidaten-gene wie Hormonrezeptor-, Cytokin- oder Kollagen-Gene werden hinsichtlich ihrer Gen-Gen- und Gen-Umwelt- Interaktionen untersucht und erlauben neue funktionelle Einsichten in Erkrankungen des Knochenstoffwechsels. Mutationen der Kollagen-Gene sind bei einigen seltenen Erkrankungen, wie dem Osteoporose-Pseudogliom-Syndrom oder der Osteogenesis imperfecta gefunden worden, könnten aber auch für häufige Varianten von Bindegewebsstörungen wie der congenitalen Hüftdysplasie verantwortlich sein, die etwa 10 % der weiblichen kaukasischen Bevölkerung in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß betrifft. Osteoporose am Schenkelhals und erhöhte Gelenkslaxizität sowie andere generalisierte Veränderungen des Knochen- und Kollagenstoffwechsels können hier möglicherweise ebenfalls durch Störungen des Kollagen I alpha 1-Gens erklärt werden. In Summe können wir zahlreiche neue Einsichten in die Pathophysiologie des Skelettsystems erwarten, die uns auch neue Zugangswege für Diagnostik und Therapie unserer Patienten ermöglichen werden.

  6. L'astronomie des Anciens

    Nazé, Yaël


    Quelle que soit la civilisation à laquelle il appartient, l'être humain cherche dans le ciel des réponses aux questions qu'il se pose sur son origine, son avenir et sa finalité. Le premier mérite de ce livre est de nous rappeler que l'astronomie a commencé ainsi à travers les mythes célestes imaginés par les Anciens pour expliquer l'ordre du monde et la place qu'ils y occupaient. Mais les savoirs astronomiques passés étaient loin d'être négligeables et certainement pas limités aux seuls travaux des Grecs : c'est ce que l'auteur montre à travers une passionnante enquête, de Stonehenge à Gizeh en passant par Pékin et Mexico, fondée sur l'étude des monuments anciens et des sources écrites encore accessibles. Les tablettes mésopotamiennes, les annales chinoises, les chroniques médiévales, etc. sont en outre d'une singulière utilité pour les astronomes modernes : comment sinon remonter aux variations de la durée du jour au cours des siècles, ou percer la nature de l'explosion qui a frappé tant d'observateurs en 1054 ? Ce livre offre un voyage magnifiquement illustré à travers les âges, entre astronomie et archéologie.

  7. Tambov. Le camp des Malgré Nous alsaciens et mosellans prisonniers des Russes

    Claerr-Stamm, Gabrielle


    « La faim, le froid, l’injustice. Et puis le silence… Tambov égale silence. Silence de la grande majorité de ceux qui en sont revenus, silence dans les familles, silence des historiens, silence des archives, silence des écrivains et des artistes, silence de l’opinion publique ». « Il a fallu l’opiniâtre courage de poignées d’individus – anciens prisonniers, responsables d’associations, quelques élus, des historiens et des journalistes – pour que la parole et la reconnaissance trouvent progres...

  8. Vers une typologie des formes spatiales des limites de l’Europe

    de Ruffray, Sophie


    Penser l’Europe et ses limites consiste souvent à rechercher une identité européenne, un projet ou des comportements communs dans l’espace. L’approche par les représentations mentales permet de compléter par des perspectives plus subjectives, la perception des frontières. Cet article, réalisé à partir des résultats de l’enquête du projet de recherches Eurobroadmap sur la vision de l’Europe dans le monde permet de mettre en évidence une typologie des formes spatiales des limites de l’Europe. D...

  9. 离子抑制剂对苯甲酸等9种食品添加剂的反相液相色谱行为的影响%Influences of ion-suppressors on retention behaviors of nine food additives in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic separation

    赵永纲; 陈晓红; 李小平; 姚珊珊; 金米聪


    The influences of ion-suppressors on retention behaviors of nine food additives, I.e., acesulfame, saccharin, caffeine, aspartame, benzole acid, sorbic acid, stevioside, dehydroacetic acid and neotame in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic (RP-HPLC) separation were investigated. The organic modification effects of acids, I.e. , trif-luoroacetic acid (TFA) and buffer salts, I. E. , TFA-ammonium acetate (AmAc) were studied emphatically. The relationships between retention factors of solutes and volume percentages of ion-suppressors in the mobile phase systems of acetonitrile-TFA aqueous solution and acetoni-trile-TFA-AmAc aqueous solution were quantitatively established, separately. The separation of nine food additives was completed by a gradient elution with acetonitrile-TFA (0.01%, v/v)-AmAc (2. 5 mmol/L) aqueous solution as the mobile phases. An RP-HPLC method was established for the simultaneous determination of nine food additives in red wine. In the range of 10. 0 - 100. 0 mg/L, nine food additives showed good linearity with the correlation coefficients (r2) larger than 0. 999 1. The limits of detection (LODs) were in the range of 0. 33 - 2. 36 mg/L and the limits of quantification (LOQs) were in the range of 1. 11 - 7. 80 mg/L. The spiked recoveries were between 87.61% and 108.4% with the relative standard deviations (RSDs) of 2. 2% -9. 4%. These results are of referential significance for the rapid establishment and accu-rate optimization of RP-HPLC separation for the simultaneous determination of food additives in other foods.%研究了反相高效液相色谱(RP-HPLC)流动相中酸性离子抑制剂三氟乙酸(TFA)与缓冲盐离子抑制剂TFA-乙酸铵( AmAc)对安赛蜜、糖精、咖啡因、阿斯巴甜、苯甲酸、山梨酸、甜菊糖苷、脱氢乙酸和纽甜等9种食品添加剂色谱保留行为的影响.着重探讨了TFA与TFA-AmAc作为离子抑制剂的有机调节剂作用,考察了乙腈-TFA水溶液和乙腈-TFA-Am

  10. Gastro retention using polymer cocoons.

    Arnold, Julien; Hunkeler, David


    A gastro-retentive capsule has been prepared which is retained in the stomach for a period of 24h, providing a vehicle for the controlled delivery to the upper intestines. These "gastro cocoons" can resist passage through the sphincter of the stomach, and can retain a high drug payload (30%). They are made from oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and can swell to twice their initial volume. They are strong and also can resist 550 N of compressive force. They are based on filled pharmaceutical capsules which are visible to X-rays. Using ambroxol hydrochloride as a model drug linear, zero-order, release curves were obtained.

  11. Administration et gestion des contrats XL

    Senouf, J


    Les grands contrats de travaux génèrent un grand nombre de commandes (OSVC) passées par un grand nombre de responsables techniques. Ils sont généralement basés sur des bordereaux de prix associés à un éventail de conditions économiques adaptées aux besoins complexes et variés des multiples utilisateurs du CERN nécessitant des calculs sophistiqués. L'administration des commandes, le suivi des travaux et de la facturation doivent répondre aux besoins de tous les acteurs. Les responsables techniques doivent jouir de la plus large indépendance administrative dans le respect des règlements CERN et des conditions contractuelles. Le contrôle des métrés et décomptes doit être rigoureux et d'une traçabilité complète. L'utilisation des bases de données Oracle a déjà permis l'intégration des données administratives et techniques. Le Web nous invite à une communication totale et transparente entre les utilisateurs, les services techniques et les contractants. De nouveaux types de contrat so...

  12. Enquête de satisfaction des restaurants

    Staff Association


    Comité de surveillance des restaurants L’Association du personnel est représentée dans plusieurs comités dont le Comité de surveillance des restaurants (CSR) qui a pour mandat : de donner son avis sur toute question relative à la politique générale de l’Organisation en matière de restauration sur le site, y compris en ce qui concerne les termes et l’attribution des contrats d’exploitation des restaurants ; de définir dans le cadre des contrats d’exploitation des restaurants, les prestations correspondant aux besoins et, dans la mesure du possible, aux désirs du personnel ; de surveiller les prestations des restaurants, y compris en ce qui concerne la qualité et la préparation des produits ; de négocier avec les concessionnaires des restaurants au sujet des tarifs et de surveill...

  13. Ion-Ion Neutralization.


    plasma were identified using a downstream quadrupole mass spectrometer. In these experimento it is a simple matter to establish H+(H 2 0):f as the...pressure as predicted by the Thomson t2rnary mechanism whicK hzr been suownr to be valid experimentally at hiTh rrsurs (,han and Peron, 1:EI4 hereafter t...of NO , NO2 ions in various gases and the ternary recombination coefficients of these ions in the higher pres:;ure ( Thomson ) re"ie. Equation (5) cr>n

  14. La territorialisation des politiques environnementales

    Amédée Mollard


    Full Text Available Le point de départ de cet article est la grande variabilité de la pollution nitrique diffuse de l’eau due à l’agriculture. Celle-ci dépend en particulier du climat, des types de sol et des systèmes de production agricole. Nos recherches réalisées de façon interdisciplinaire à partir de deux sites différents en France, montrent que cette hétérogénéité spatio-temporelle conditionne les pratiques agricoles mises en œuvre pour réduire la pollution au niveau de la norme admise. De ce fait, les pratiques les plus « coût-efficaces » diffèrent d’un territoire à l’autre, en fonction des caractéristiques locales. Ces résultats mettent donc en évidence une efficacité potentielle d’une territorialisation des politiques publiques. En théorie, de telles politiques sont considérées comme optimales par les économistes, car elles incitent les agents à moduler leurs efforts en fonction de la sensibilité du milieu. Mais, selon les études empiriques, cet avantage serait annulé par un coût élevé de mise en œuvre, de contrôle et de surveillance. Pour maintenir leur avantage sur des politiques uniformes, les politiques territorialisées devraient être mises en œuvre à un niveau spatial optimal. Un tel niveau devrait au minimum atteindre un compromis entre l’économie réalisée grâce à une modulation adaptée aux conditions locales et les sur-coûts dus à la décentralisation des solutions mises en œuvre. Cet article analyse la pertinence d’une prise en compte de ces spécificités par des politiques territorialisées. L’efficacité d’une régulation différenciée de la pollution nitrique est étudiée ici en évaluant l’importance de la variabilité spatiale des paramètres physiques et des coûts de la territorialisation.The paper starts with the wide variability of nonpoint water nitrogenous pollution generated by agriculture. This variability depends especially on climate, soil types and farming

  15. Evaluation des systèmes existants pour le suivi à long terme des déformations des ponts

    BURDET, Olivier; Muttoni, Aurelio


    Le projet de recherche Evaluation des systèmes existants pour le suivi à long terme des déformations des ponts a été initié dans le but de préparer sous forme condensée une présentation et une évaluation des systèmes de mesure existants pour le suivi à long terme des déformations de ponts ainsi que des recommandations en vue d’applications particulières. Ce sujet est d’actualité car d’une part il importe de gérer au mieux les ouvrages et les ressources et d’autre part parce que plusieurs cas ...

  16. Géographie des interfaces. Une nouvelle vision des territoires

    Marie Redon


    Full Text Available Littéralement, une interface est une surface de séparation entre deux états distincts de la matière. Le terme, ayant cheminé de la physique à la biologie, et aussi désormais d’usage répandu en informatique. En géographie, l’usage du mot s’est développé dans les années 1980 et peut être défini comme un espace permettant la mise en relation de deux espaces/territoires différents, influencé par des échanges entre l’un et l’autre, et se distinguant par là-même des deux espaces contigus. Intégrant...

  17. Evaluation des performances des protocoles de routage Ad hoc

    Boushaba, Abdelali; Oumsis, Mohammed; Benabbou, Rachid


    International audience; L'objectif de ce travail est d'une part, de confronter par la simulation, à l'aide de NS-2, les performances de quatre protocoles de routage Ad hoc: DSR, AODV, OLSR et DSDV et d'autre part, d'examiner l'impact de la charge du trafic, de la mobilité et de la densité des nœuds sur le comportement de ces protocoles. Les résultats montrent qu'il n'y a pas un protocole qui est favori pour tous les critères d'évaluation. En effet, chaque protocole a des comportements différe...

  18. Heavy metals and color retention by a synthesized inorganic membrane

    A. Chougui


    The ceramic membranes were tested for the removal of cadmium, zinc, Methylene Blue and Malachite Green from water under a pressure of 5 bar and a treatment time of 2 h. Liquid filtration and flow tests through these membranes resulted in a rejection rate of 100% for Methylene Blue and Malachite Green. This paper also presents the ability of the tubular membrane prepared to separate heavy metals (cadmium and zinc from their synthetic aqueous solutions. The influence of the applied pressure, feed solute concentration, feed pH on the rejection of cadmium and zinc ions was studied. Retention rates of cadmium and zinc ions of 100% were observed for an initial feed concentration of 10−4 mol/L.

  19. Radionuclide Retention in Concrete Wasteforms

    Wellman, Dawn M.; Jansik, Danielle P.; Golovich, Elizabeth C.; Cordova, Elsa A.


    Assessing long-term performance of Category 3 waste cement grouts for radionuclide encasement requires knowledge of the radionuclide-cement interactions and mechanisms of retention (i.e., sorption or precipitation); the mechanism of contaminant release; the significance of contaminant release pathways; how wasteform performance is affected by the full range of environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the process of wasteform aging under conditions that are representative of processes occurring in response to changing environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the effect of wasteform aging on chemical, physical, and radiological properties; and the associated impact on contaminant release. This knowledge will enable accurate prediction of radionuclide fate when the wasteforms come in contact with groundwater. Data collected throughout the course of this work will be used to quantify the efficacy of concrete wasteforms, similar to those used in the disposal of LLW and MLLW, for the immobilization of key radionuclides (i.e., uranium, technetium, and iodine). Data collected will also be used to quantify the physical and chemical properties of the concrete affecting radionuclide retention.

  20. Marie-Pierre Lassus, Gaston Bachelard musicien. Une philosophie des silences et des timbres

    Marida Rizzuti


    Marie-Pierre Lassus, Gaston Bachelard musicien. Une philosophie des silences et des timbres (Villeneuve d’Ascq, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2010, 268 pp. ISBN: 978-275-740-1613) di     Marida Rizzuti

  1. Study of the heavy ions (Au+Au at 150 AMeV) collisions with the FOPI detector. Comparison with the Landau-Vlasov model; Etude des collisions d`ions lourds AU+AU a 150 A.MeV avec le detecteur FOPI. Comparaison avec le modele de Landau-Vlasov

    Boussange, S.


    In this thesis, heavy ions (Au+Au) collisions experiments are made at 150 AMeV.In the first part, a general study of the nuclear matter equation is presented. Then the used Landau-Vlasov theoretical model is describe. The third part presents the FOPI experience and the details of how to obtain this theoretical predictions (filter, cuts, corrections, possible centrality selections).At the end, experimental results and comparisons with the Landau-Vlasov model are presented. (TEC). 105 refs., 96 figs., 14 tabs.

  2. Fission-product retention in HTGR fuels

    Homan, F.J.; Kania, M.J.; Tiegs, T.N.


    Retention data for gaseous and metallic fission products are presented for both Triso-coated and Biso-coated HTGR fuel particles. Performance trends are established that relate fission product retention to operating parameters, such as temperature, burnup, and neutron exposure. It is concluded that Biso-coated particles are not adequately retentive of fission gas or metallic cesium, and Triso-coated particles which retain cesium still lose silver. Design implications related to these performance trends are identified and discussed.

  3. A Study on Employee Retention Techniques

    Savarimuthu, Dr. A; Hemalatha, N


    The objective of perusing this study is to assess the level of satisfaction of employee retention techniques at GB Engineering Enterprises PVT Limited., Trichy.This study gains significance because of employee retention techniques can be approached from various angles. It is desirable state of existence involving retention strategies generally fall in to one of four categories salary, working conditions, job enrichment and education. These four elements together constitute. The structure of e...

  4. Tree retention in boreal pine forest

    Santaniello, Francesca


    Tree retention forestry aims at increasing structural diversity in managed forests. In this study, I have investigated the influence of tree retention forestry on delivery of two ecosystem services (wood production and carbon sequestration) and dead wood (as a proxy for biodiversity). Furthermore, habitat requirements of lichens dependent on dead wood were investigated. The study was conducted in 15 Scots pine forest stands with five various tree retention levels, in which four...

  5. Étude des impacts écologiques du dynamisme spatio-temporel des ...

    4 nov. 2013 ... du changement des habitats naturels sur les espèces menacées de sa faune. ... le contexte des changements climatiques. La situation de la .... naturels des espèces de la faune menacée dans la région évo- luent au cours du ... distribution des espèces cibles a ensuite été cartographiée sur la couche ...

  6. Beeinflussung des Essentiellen Tremors und des Tremors beim Morbus Parkinson durch transkranielle Gleichstromstimulation

    Hellriegel, Helge


    Ziel dieser Arbeit war es die Rolle des primärmotorischen Kortex bei der Entstehung und Weiterleitung des Essentiellen Tremors und des Tremors beim Morbus Parkinson zu untersuchen. Hierzu wurde eine transkranielle Gleichstromstimulation über dem primärmotorischen Kortex bei Patienten mit oben genannten Tremorsyndromen durchgeführt und die klinischen sowie elektrophysiologisch messbaren Änderungen des Tremors beurteilt.

  7. Contribution à la Gestion des Cercosporioses du bananier dues à ...


    31 mai 2017 ... the state of disease progression after each treatment. Results and applications ..... 2007, des logiciels SPSS (Statistical Package for Social. Sciences) version ... un facteur suivies d'un test de comparaison des moyennes des ...

  8. La gestion des adoptions internationales

    Boéchat, Hervé


    Après les rumeurs nées lors du tsunami et le désastre avéré de L’Arche de Zoé, l’adoption – et plus généralement le sort des enfants – est devenue une préoccupation majeure en cas de catastrophe naturelle ou de conflit. Haïti, pays depuis longtemps ouvert à l’adoption internationale, n’a pas échappé à la polémique. Hervé Boéchat nous livre l’appréciation de son institution sur cet épisode qui n’a sans doute pas contribué à apaiser le ressentiment des Haïtiens contre la « communauté internati...

  9. Catalogue ostéologique des oiseaux

    Oort, van E.D.


    Je le crois utile de faire précéder le présent Catalogue par quelques remarques. J’ai énuméré autant que possible les parties, qui font défaut aux squelettes. L’absence de plusieurs osselets, comme des doigts, des vertèbres caudales, des côtes etc. au même échantillon, est indiqué par „incomplet” ou

  10. Le piratage des biens d'information

    Paul Belleflamme


    Où se situe le juste milieu entre les propos alarmistes des uns (“le piratage tue la production musicale!”) et les appels libertaires des autres (“l'accès à toute information doit être libre!”) ? Une analyse économique simple nous permet de mieux comprendre les enjeux et de dégager des pistes de réflexion pour l'avenir.

  11. 79 Influences des rejets des eaux usées domestiques dans les ...


    L'usage agricole d'effluents liquides peut être considéré comme une ... Rares sont celles qui sont alimentées par une eau de source [8]. ... nutriments, des Eléments Traces Métalliques (ETM) [9], des micro- ... essentiels pour la croissance des plantes ; ils provoquent cependant une prolifération excessive d' algues. La.

  12. Présentation des textes

    Freitag, Michel


    Les textes choisis n’ont pas pour but la reconstitution ou le survol d’une carrière, mais la mise en valeur des étapes saillantes d’une double éclosion, celle d’Elizabeth Cady Stanton comme féministe et avec elle celle du mouvement de défense des droits des femmes aux États-Unis. Un tel objectif implique donc des limites temporelles en amont et en aval de l’événement fondateur que fut la Convention de Seneca Falls en 1848, origine du texte non moins fondateur de la Déclaration de sentiments r...

  13. Annuaire du Bureau des longitudes - 2006

    Imcce; Bureau Des Longitudes


    This annual publication provides ephemerides and data to the use of professionnal and amateur astronomers. Divided in 11 chapters it covers concordance of various calendars, explanation of fondamental astronomy and various time scales, explanation for the use of ephemerides; tables provide ephemerides (positions, rise/set/passage) of the Sun and the Moon, planets, planetary satellites, asteroids, comets, bright stars; data and explanation for the physical observation of the surface of the Sun, the Moon, and planets; chart of the sky and a list of constellations and galaxies; prediction and ephemerides for astronomical phenomenon: occultation by the moon, stellar occultations by asteroids and appulses, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses; and an additional review about a hot scientific topic, this year: "Legendre et le méridien terrestre, 200 ans après". Cette publication annuelle fournit des éphémérides et des données à l'usage des astronomes professionnels et des astronomes amateurs. Composée de 11 chapitres elle comprend les rubriques sur les différents calendriers et leurs concordance, les fêtes légales en France, les dates et décrets sur les heures légales en France métropolitaine ; une introduction à l'astronomie fondamentale et aux différentes échelles de temps, des explications sur l'utilisation des éphémérides ; des tables fournissent les éphémérides (positions, heures de lever/coucher/passage) du Soleil et de la Lune, de planètes, de satellites naturels, d'astéroïdes, de comètes, d'étoiles brillantes ; des données pour l'observation de la surface du Soleil, de la Lune, et des planètes ; des cartes du ciel ainsi qu'une liste de constellations et de galaxies ; des prédictions des phénomènes astronomiques : occultation par la Lune, occultation stellaires par des astéroïdes et appulses, éclipses de Soleil et de la Lune; la liste et les coordonnées des observatoires astronomiques les plus connus ; et enfin un cahier th

  14. Vivre et survivre au bord des villes

    Michel Péraldi


    Full Text Available De quels revenus vivent, ou plutôt survivent, les populations des quartiers dits défavorisés ? Telle est, malgré son apparente banalité, la question qui initie aujourd'hui une partie de nos recherches. Question banale en effet puisque les médias et le débat politique nous donnent une réponse sans appel, statistiquement fiable : dans ces univers sociaux où se croisent des communautés issues des plus récentes migrations et les fractions les plus fragiles économiquement des classes populaires fr...

  15. La compaction des sols agricoles en Wallonie

    Destain, Marie-France


    Dans nos pays industrialisés, l’agriculture fait appel à des machines de plus en plus lourdes. Lorsque des charges élevées sont appliquées sur des sols sensibles, une compaction du sol peut se produire conduisant à des diminutions de rendements suite aux difficultés que rencontrent les racines pour prélever l’eau et les nutriments et à la perturbation de l’activité de la pédofaune. Au niveau environnemental, du fait de la compaction, l’infiltration de l’eau dans le sol est réduite, princip...


    D Slimani


    Full Text Available Des couches minces du titane pur ont été déposées avec la méthode de pulvérisation cathodique sur des substrats en acier, type FF80 K-1 contenants ~1% mass. en carbone. La réaction entre les deux parties du système substrat-couche mince est activée avec des traitements thermiques sous vide dans l’intervalle de températures de 400 à900°Cpendant 30 minutes. Les Spectres de diffraction de rayons x confirment l’inter- diffusion des éléments  chimiques du système résultants la formation et la croissance des nouvelles phases en particulier le carbure binaire TiC ayant des caractéristiques thermomécaniques importantes. L’analyse morphologique des échantillons traités  avec le microscope électronique à balayage (MEB montre l’augmentation du flux de diffusion atomique avec la température de recuit, notamment la diffusion du manganèse et du fer vers la surface libre des échantillons aux températures élevées provoquant la dégradation des propriétés mécaniques des revêtements contrairement au premiers stades d’interaction où on a obtenu des bonnes valeurs de la microdureté.

  17. Breastfeeding reduces postpartum weight retention

    Baker, Jennifer Lyn; Gamborg, Michael; Heitmann, Berit L


    BACKGROUND: Weight gained during pregnancy and not lost postpartum may contribute to obesity in women of childbearing age. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine whether breastfeeding reduces postpartum weight retention (PPWR) in a population among which full breastfeeding is common and breastfeeding...... duration is long. DESIGN: We selected women from the Danish National Birth Cohort who ever breastfed (>98%), and we conducted the interviews at 6 (n = 36 030) and 18 (n = 26 846) mo postpartum. We used regression analyses to investigate whether breastfeeding (scored to account for duration and intensity......) reduced PPWR at 6 and 18 mo after adjustment for maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG). RESULTS: GWG was positively (P Breastfeeding was negatively associated with PPWR in all women but those...

  18. The Medical School Retention Game

    O'Neill, Lotte Dyhrberg; Hartvigsen, Jan; Wallstedt, Birgitta


    grades (quota 1), while the other half went through a composite non-grade based admission test (quota 2). Educational as well as social predictor variables (doctor parent, origin in the developed world, parenthood, parents live together, parent on benefit, university educated parents) were also examined...... association between admission-test survival and program retention – a program specific admission test survivability factor - regardless of admission-test content, prior education, and program priority. The generalisability and other important limitations of the results (e.g. missing data, potential...... scores and dropout. REFERENCES 1.O’Neill L, Wallstedt B, Eika B, Hartvigsen J. Factors associated with dropout in medical education: a literature review. Med Educ (In press). 2.Urlings-Strop LC, Stijnen T, Themmen APN, Splinter TAW. Selection of medical students: a controlled experiment. Med Educ 2009...

  19. Transport quantique dans des nanostructures

    Naud, C.


    structure des oscillations de conductance en fonction du flux du champ magnétique de période h/e dont l'amplitude est beaucoup plus importante que celle mesurée sur un réseau carré de même dimension. Cette différence constitue une signature d'un effet de localisation induit par le champ magnétique sur la topologie mathcal{T}3. Pour des valeurs spécifiques du champ magnétique, du fait des interférences destructives Aharonov-Bohm, la propagation des fonctions d'ondes est limitée à un ensemble fini de cellule du réseau appelé cage. De la dépendance en température des oscillations de période h/e mesurées sur le réseau mathcal{T}3 nous avons tiré une longueur caractéristique qui peut être rattachée au périmètre des cages. Un phénomène inattendu fut l'observation, pour des champs magnétiques plus importants, d'un doublement de fréquence des oscillations. Ces oscillations de période h/2e pouvant avoir une amplitude supérieure aux oscillations de période h/e, une interprétation en terme d'harmonique n'est pas possible. Enfin, l'influence de la largeur électrique des fils constituant le réseau et donc celle du nombre de canaux par brin a été étudiée en réalisant des grilles électrostatique. Les variations de l'amplitude des signaux en h/e et h/2e en fonction de la tension de grille ont été mesurés.

  20. Solvent Retention Capacities of Oat Flour

    Qianwen Niu


    Full Text Available This study measured the solvent retention capacities (SRCs of flours from eight oat varieties and one wheat variety against different solvents to explore the swelling volume of oat flour with different solvents, and thus provide a theoretical basis for quick β-glucan analysis. The SRC profile consists of water SRC (WSRC, 50% sucrose SRC (SSRC, 5% lactic acid SRC (LASRC, 5% Na2CO3 SRC (SCASRC, NaCl SRC (SCSRC, CaCl2 SRC (CCSRC, FeCl3 SRC (FCSRC, sodium cholate SRC (SCHSRC, NaOH (pH 10 SRC (SHSRC, Na2CO3 (pH 10 SRC (SCABSRC and SDS (pH 10 SRC (SDSSRC values, and a Chopin SRC kit was used to measure the SRC value. SRCs of the oat flours increased when the solvents turned from neutral (water and NaCl to acidic (5% lactic acid or alkaline (5% Na2CO3, CaCl2, FeCl3, NaOH and pH 10 Na2CO3, and rose as the metal ion valencies of the metal salts (NaCl, CaCl2 and FeCl3 increased. The β-glucan contents were significantly positively correlated with the SCSRC (0.83**, CCSRC (0.82**, SCHSRC (0.80** and FCSRC (0.78*. SRC measurements of β-glucan in oat flours revealed that the CCSRC values were related with β-glucan (0.64* but not related with protein and starch. CaCl2 could therefore potentially be exploited as a reagent for β-glucan assay.

  1. Solvent Retention Capacities of Oat Flour

    Niu, Qianwen; Pu, Yu; Li, Xiaoping; Ma, Zhen; Hu, Xinzhong


    This study measured the solvent retention capacities (SRCs) of flours from eight oat varieties and one wheat variety against different solvents to explore the swelling volume of oat flour with different solvents, and thus provide a theoretical basis for quick β-glucan analysis. The SRC profile consists of water SRC (WSRC), 50% sucrose SRC (SSRC), 5% lactic acid SRC (LASRC), 5% Na2CO3 SRC (SCASRC), NaCl SRC (SCSRC), CaCl2 SRC (CCSRC), FeCl3 SRC (FCSRC), sodium cholate SRC (SCHSRC), NaOH (pH 10) SRC (SHSRC), Na2CO3 (pH 10) SRC (SCABSRC) and SDS (pH 10) SRC (SDSSRC) values, and a Chopin SRC kit was used to measure the SRC value. SRCs of the oat flours increased when the solvents turned from neutral (water and NaCl) to acidic (5% lactic acid) or alkaline (5% Na2CO3, CaCl2, FeCl3, NaOH and pH 10 Na2CO3), and rose as the metal ion valencies of the metal salts (NaCl, CaCl2 and FeCl3) increased. The β-glucan contents were significantly positively correlated with the SCSRC (0.83**), CCSRC (0.82**), SCHSRC (0.80**) and FCSRC (0.78*). SRC measurements of β-glucan in oat flours revealed that the CCSRC values were related with β-glucan (0.64*) but not related with protein and starch. CaCl2 could therefore potentially be exploited as a reagent for β-glucan assay. PMID:28335393

  2. 12 CFR 609.945 - Records retention.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Records retention. 609.945 Section 609.945 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION FARM CREDIT SYSTEM ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Standards for Boards and Management § 609.945 Records retention. Records stored electronically must be accurate,...

  3. 5 CFR 353.302 - Retention protections.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention protections. 353.302 Section... TO DUTY FROM UNIFORMED SERVICE OR COMPENSABLE INJURY Compensable Injury § 353.302 Retention protections. An injured employee enjoys no special protection in a reduction in force. Separation by reduction...

  4. Managing human resources to improve employee retention.

    Arnold, Edwin


    Managers face increased challenges as the demand for health care services increases while the supply of employees with the requisite skills continues to lag. Employee retention will become more important in the effort to service health care needs. Appropriate human resource management strategies and policies implemented effectively can significantly assist managers in dealing with the employee retention challenges ahead.

  5. 76 FR 24089 - Credit Risk Retention


    ... Department of Housing and Urban Development 24 CFR Part 267 Credit Risk Retention; Proposed Rule #0;#0..., and HUD (the Agencies) are proposing rules to implement the credit risk retention requirements of... securitizer of asset-backed securities to retain not less than five percent of the credit risk of the...

  6. Positive Youth Development and Undergraduate Student Retention

    Demetriou, Cynthia; Powell, Candice


    The primary theoretical tradition in the study of college retention has been sociological. A review and synthesis of common themes of development among traditional-age, college students suggests that a developmental perspective on the retention of youth in college may have more to offer than the dominant sociological paradigm. This article argues…

  7. 12 CFR 219.24 - Retention period.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention period. 219.24 Section 219.24 Banks...) Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Funds Transfers and Transmittals of Funds § 219.24 Retention period. All records that are required to be retained by this subpart shall be retained for a period of five...

  8. Novel Word Retention in Sequential Bilingual Children

    Kan, Pui Fong


    Children's ability to learn and retain new words is fundamental to their vocabulary development. This study examined word retention in children learning a home language (L1) from birth and a second language (L2) in preschool settings. Participants were presented with sixteen novel words in L1 and in L2 and were tested for retention after…

  9. African Retentions in Blues and Jazz.

    Meadows, Eddie S.


    The perseverance of African musical characteristics among American Blacks is an historic reality. African retentions have been recorded in Black music of the antebellum period. Various African scales and rhythms permeate Black American music today as evidenced in the retentions found in blues and jazz. (RLV)

  10. Impact de la preparation des anodes crues et des conditions de cuisson sur la fissuration dans des anodes denses

    Amrani, Salah

    La fabrication de l'aluminium est realisee dans une cellule d'electrolyse, et cette operation utilise des anodes en carbone. L'evaluation de la qualite de ces anodes reste indispensable avant leur utilisation. La presence des fissures dans les anodes provoque une perturbation du procede l'electrolyse et une diminution de sa performance. Ce projet a ete entrepris pour determiner l'impact des differents parametres de procedes de fabrication des anodes sur la fissuration des anodes denses. Ces parametres incluent ceux de la fabrication des anodes crues, des proprietes des matieres premieres et de la cuisson. Une recherche bibliographique a ete effectuee sur tous les aspects de la fissuration des anodes en carbone pour compiler les travaux anterieurs. Une methodologie detaillee a ete mise au point pour faciliter le deroulement des travaux et atteindre les objectifs vises. La majorite de ce document est reservee pour la discussion des resultats obtenus au laboratoire de l'UQAC et au niveau industriel. Concernant les etudes realisees a l'UQAC, une partie des travaux experimentaux est reservee a la recherche des differents mecanismes de fissuration dans les anodes denses utilisees dans l'industrie d'aluminium. L'approche etait d'abord basee sur la caracterisation qualitative du mecanisme de la fissuration en surface et en profondeur. Puis, une caracterisation quantitative a ete realisee pour la determination de la distribution de la largeur de la fissure sur toute sa longueur, ainsi que le pourcentage de sa surface par rapport a la surface totale de l'echantillon. Cette etude a ete realisee par le biais de la technique d'analyse d'image utilisee pour caracteriser la fissuration d'un echantillon d'anode cuite. L'analyse surfacique et en profondeur de cet echantillon a permis de voir clairement la formation des fissures sur une grande partie de la surface analysee. L'autre partie des travaux est basee sur la caracterisation des defauts dans des echantillons d'anodes crues

  11. Using XML to encode TMA DES metadata

    Oliver Lyttleton


    Full Text Available Background: The Tissue Microarray Data Exchange Specification (TMA DES is an XML specification for encoding TMA experiment data. While TMA DES data is encoded in XML, the files that describe its syntax, structure, and semantics are not. The DTD format is used to describe the syntax and structure of TMA DES, and the ISO 11179 format is used to define the semantics of TMA DES. However, XML Schema can be used in place of DTDs, and another XML encoded format, RDF, can be used in place of ISO 11179. Encoding all TMA DES data and metadata in XML would simplify the development and usage of programs which validate and parse TMA DES data. XML Schema has advantages over DTDs such as support for data types, and a more powerful means of specifying constraints on data values. An advantage of RDF encoded in XML over ISO 11179 is that XML defines rules for encoding data, whereas ISO 11179 does not. Materials and Methods: We created an XML Schema version of the TMA DES DTD. We wrote a program that converted ISO 11179 definitions to RDF encoded in XML, and used it to convert the TMA DES ISO 11179 definitions to RDF. Results: We validated a sample TMA DES XML file that was supplied with the publication that originally specified TMA DES using our XML Schema. We successfully validated the RDF produced by our ISO 11179 converter with the W3C RDF validation service. Conclusions: All TMA DES data could be encoded using XML, which simplifies its processing. XML Schema allows datatypes and valid value ranges to be specified for CDEs, which enables a wider range of error checking to be performed using XML Schemas than could be performed using DTDs.

  12. Using XML to encode TMA DES metadata.

    Lyttleton, Oliver; Wright, Alexander; Treanor, Darren; Lewis, Paul


    The Tissue Microarray Data Exchange Specification (TMA DES) is an XML specification for encoding TMA experiment data. While TMA DES data is encoded in XML, the files that describe its syntax, structure, and semantics are not. The DTD format is used to describe the syntax and structure of TMA DES, and the ISO 11179 format is used to define the semantics of TMA DES. However, XML Schema can be used in place of DTDs, and another XML encoded format, RDF, can be used in place of ISO 11179. Encoding all TMA DES data and metadata in XML would simplify the development and usage of programs which validate and parse TMA DES data. XML Schema has advantages over DTDs such as support for data types, and a more powerful means of specifying constraints on data values. An advantage of RDF encoded in XML over ISO 11179 is that XML defines rules for encoding data, whereas ISO 11179 does not. We created an XML Schema version of the TMA DES DTD. We wrote a program that converted ISO 11179 definitions to RDF encoded in XML, and used it to convert the TMA DES ISO 11179 definitions to RDF. We validated a sample TMA DES XML file that was supplied with the publication that originally specified TMA DES using our XML Schema. We successfully validated the RDF produced by our ISO 11179 converter with the W3C RDF validation service. All TMA DES data could be encoded using XML, which simplifies its processing. XML Schema allows datatypes and valid value ranges to be specified for CDEs, which enables a wider range of error checking to be performed using XML Schemas than could be performed using DTDs.

  13. Staff nurse retention: strategies for success.

    Lassiter, S S


    At the same time the demand for nurses is on the rise, the supply is dwindling. Recruitment and retention are the two main factors which can be adjusted to affect supply. Recruitment has become increasingly difficult in the past two or three years due to decreasing enrollment in nursing education programs and increased demand for nurses in alternative delivery systems. Therefore staff nurse retention has become an issue of major importance. This article will begin by briefly delineating need and expectancy theories which in part explain job satisfaction and, hence, retention. Secondly, findings from the Magnet Hospital Study are summarized. Creative retention strategies will then be explored, concluding with a framework for developing a strategic plan for successful staff nurse retention.




    L’article est consacré aux problématiques liées à l’acquisition des compétences lexicales à partir des textes littéraires et des œuvres de coloriage de l’art-thérapie. En s’appuyant sur l’analyse psycholinguistique du fonctionnement des émotions dans la production des images mentales des mots, on propose une méthode pédagogique, basée sur la synergie des émotions, sensations et cognition. La méthode peut être utilisée dans le cadre institutionnel (collège, lycée, université), ainsi que pour l...

  15. Vers une meilleure comprehension des savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants ou Ie paradigme retrouve

    Stephane Martineau


    Full Text Available eet article se veut essentieUement un travail de synthese sous la forme d 'une breve revue de litterature au sujet des savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires en enseignement. Plus specifiquement, il vise a determiner queUes sont les principales conclusions qui se degagent de la lecture des recherches empiriques sur les savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants des ordres d'enseignement primaire et secondaire. Il propose donc une classification des differentes dimensions constitutives du rapport entre les savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires et la pratique enseignante. Les resultats mis au jour permettent d 'une part, d'identifier les facteurs qui entrainent des differences dans les connaissances disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants et d'autre part, de mieux saisir comment ces connaissances de l'enseignant peuvent influencer en retour sa pratique.

  16. GENOMIQUE ET LIPIDES Génomique et métabolisme des lipides des plantes

    Delseny Michel


    Full Text Available Il existe dans les bases de données publiques une énorme quantité de séquences d’ADN dérivées de plantes, et notamment la séquence complète du génome d’Arabidopsis thaliana, une plante modèle pour les oléagineux, proche parente du colza. Ces données constituent une ressource importante non seulement pour la compréhension de métabolisme lipidique et de sa régulation, mais aussi pour la sélection et le développement de variétés nouvelles d’oléagineux produisant davantage d’huiles ou des huiles de composition nouvelle. Cette abondance de séquences peut être exploitée, en utilisant les recherches d’homologies, pour identifier les gènes, pour obtenir des informations sur leur fonction, comme pour repérer des gènes candidats codant des fonctions nouvelles. L’analyse de ces bases de données a révélé que la majeure partie des gènes codant des enzymes impliquées dans le métabolisme lipidique appartient à des petites familles multigéniques, reflétant la diversification des fonctions des isoformes. Une analyse du catalogue des ADNc séquencés en aveugle reflète les niveaux d’expression des différents gènes et fournit un aperçu des régulations des flux au travers des voies métaboliques conduisant à la biosynthèse des lipides de réserve. La disponibilité de mutants et de lignées transgéniques d’Arabidopsis et le développement de puces à ADN qui permettent l’analyse simultanée de plusieurs milliers de gènes conduiront à une meilleure compréhension des facteurs qui régulent le métabolisme des huiles dans les graines. Une telle connaissance facilitera la manipulation de la composition des huiles et des quantités produites dans les graines.

  17. Determination of the excitation energy and angular momentum of the quasi-projectiles produced in the heavy ion collisions Xe + Sn; Determination de l'energie d'excitation et du moment angulaire des quasi-projectiles produits dans les collisions d'ions lourds Xe + Sn

    Genouin-Duhamel, Emmanuel [Lab. de Physique Corpusculaire, Caen Univ., 14 Caen (France)


    This work is a contribution to the study of properties of hot nuclei formed in heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies. The experiment has been performed with the INDRA multidetector. It is shown that most of the reaction cross section is associated with binary dissipative collisions, accompanied by the production of particles from a region between the two reaction partners. This study is focussed on excitation energy and angular momentum of projectile-like fragment (PLF) in {sup 129}Xe + {sup nat}Sn reactions from 25 to 50 MeV per nucleon. Several methods are used to characterize hot nuclei (velocity, charge, mass and excitation energy). All these methods are compared between them and indicate that high energies are deposited in the nuclei during collision (it may exceed the nucleus binding energy). The angular momentum transferred into intrinsic spin to PLF in the peripheral collisions has been deduced from angular distributions and kinetic energies of the emitted light charged particles (atomic number smaller ar equal to 2). Both methods agree qualitatively. The spin values decrease with the violence of the collision. These values correspond to values averaged over the whole deexcitation chain of nuclei. The predictions of transport models reproduce qualitatively the most peripheral collisions and suggest that high spins are transferred to PLF (from 30 to 50 {Dirac_h}). Larger angular momentum values are observed at the lowest incident energy. The time hierarchy in the evaporation process and the role of mid-rapidity emission are also discussed.

  18. Strange particle correlations measured by the Star experiment in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions a RHIC; Etude des correlations de particules etranges mesurees par l'experience STAR dans les collisions d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes au RHIC

    Renault, G


    Non-identical correlation functions allow to study the space-time evolution of the source of particles formed in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. The STAR experiment is dedicated to probe the formation of a new state of nuclear matter called Quark Gluon Plasma. The proton - lambda correlation function is supposed to be more sensitive to bigger source sizes than the proton - proton because of the absence of the final state Coulomb interaction. In this thesis, proton - lambda, anti-proton - anti-lambda, anti-proton - lambda and proton - anti-lambda correlation functions are studied in Au+Au collisions at {radical}S{sub NN} = 200 GeV using an analytical model. The proton - lambda and anti-proton - anti-lambda correlation functions exhibit the same behavior as in previous measurements. The anti-proton - lambda and proton - anti-lambda correlation functions, measured for the first time, show a very strong signal corresponding to the baryon - anti-baryon annihilation channel. Parameterizing the correlation functions has allowed to characterize final state interactions. (author)

  19. Catégorisation aspectuelle des concepts

    Karolak Stanisław


    Full Text Available (francuski Le contenu de l'article est le problème connu en aspectologie comme celui de la dépendance entre le sens lexical des verbes et l'aspect. Les contraintes qu'imposent les langues à la distribution des grammèmes d'aspect ont fait supposer qu'il existe des règles de leur co-occurrence avec les sémantèmes. Le problème est posé ici dans une perspective conceptuelle. Dans cette perspective, les verbes dont les sémantèmes ont tel ou tel aspect n'exigent pas la co-occurrence avec des grammèmes qui véhiculent le même aspect. En revanche, ils peuvent se combiner avec des grammèmes de sens aspectuel opposé pour dériver des catégories de verbes secondaires à partir des catégories primaires. On postule l'existence d'un mécanisme dérivationnel qui engendre des verbes polyaspectuels.

  20. Supply Chain et Gestion des ressources humaines

    Nondonfaz, Robert


    Rappels de quelques exigences de la Supply Chain en matière de gestion des ressources humaines; spécificités de certains métiers : chauffeur, magasinier, acheteur, gestionnaire de stock, gestion des imprévus

  1. internationalisation et nouvelles implantations des firmes ...


    de disparités culturelles ou dans les pratiques des affaires ou encore dans le .... plus pertinents afin d'expliquer l'évolution du modèle (cas de la distance psychique par ..... Elles constituent plutôt une lecture globale et intégrée des processus.

  2. Cesium and strontium ion specific exchangers

    Yates, S.


    This work is one of two parallel projects that are part of an ESP task to develop high-capacity, selective, solid extractants for cesium, strontium, and technetium from nuclear wastes. In this subtask, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is collaborating with AlliedSignal, Inc. (Des Plaines, Illinois) to develop inorganic ion exchangers that are selective for strontium and cesium from alkaline high-level waste and groundwater streams.

  3. La tuberculose des amygdales palatines

    Oudidi Abdelatif


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION:La localisation tuberculeuse des amygdales palatines est très rare même dans un pays d’endémie tuberculeuse. Le diagnostic peut être suspecté cliniquement dans un contexte évocateur, mais il ne peut être certifié qu’au stade histologique. PATIENTS ET METHODES:Cinq cas de tuberculose des amygdales palatine ont été diagnostiqués sur une période de 5 ans et inclus dans une étude rétrospective. Nous avons recensé trois hommes et deux femmes (âge moyen de 28 ans. La dysphagie haute était le maître symptôme. L’examen a objectivé une hypertrophie amygdalienne chez tous les patients avec des ulcérations chez trois d’entre eux. Une biopsie a été effectuée chez trois patients et une amygdalectomie a été réalisée chez les deux autres. L’étude anatomopathologique a posé le diagnostic chez tous les patients. Un traitement médical antituberculeux selon un régime court allant de 6 à 9 mois a été instauré. Dans tous les cas, l’évolution à long terme a été favorable avec un recul moyen de 13 mois. CONCLUSION: La tuberculose amygdalienne est rare. Son diagnostic repose essentiellement sur le résultat anatomopathologique de la biopsie où de l’amygdalectomie. L’évolution sous traitement anti-bacillaire est souvent favorable, la récidive est exceptionnelle.

  4. Schopenhauer und die Paradoxien des Erhabenen

    François Arnaud


    Full Text Available Hauptunterscheidung zwischen den Schopenhauerschen und Kantschen Auffassungen des Erhabenen liegt nach diesem Artikel darin, dass der Zuschauer im letzten Fall zu einer nur möglichen Gefahr muss unterworfen werden, während er im Ersten wirklich erschreckt sein muss. Die Haupttriebfeder des Gefühls des Erhabenen ist nämlich bei Schopenhauer der Einsatz des Willens, der also wirklich bedroht werden muss. Daraus folgen einige Paradoxien und Originalitäten der Schopenhauerschen Lehre des Erhabenen, hauptsächlich aus dem ethischen Aussichtspunkt, deren Spuren ich zu folgen versuche.

  5. Improved Mask Protected DES using RSA Algorithm

    Asha Latha S.


    Full Text Available The data encryption standard is a pioneering and farsighted standard which helped to set a new paradigm for encryption standards. But now DES is considered to be insecure for some application. Asymmetric mask protected DES is an advanced encryption method for effectively protecting the advanced DES. There are still probabilities to improve its security. This paper propose a method, which introduce a RSA key generation scheme in mask protected DES instead of plain key, which result in enhancement in the security of present asymmetric mask protected DES. We further propose a Vedic mathematical method of RSA implementation which reduce the complexity of computation in RSA block thereby resulting in reduced delay (four timesthat improves the performance of overall system. The software implementation was performed using Xilinx 13.2 and Model-Sim was used for the simulation environment.

  6. Des fantômes

    Sjef Houppermans


    Full Text Available La première pièce de théâtre de Laurent Mauvignier, Tout mon amour, est créée en 2012 par la compagnie Les Possédés. La thématique habituelle de Mauvignier (secrets des familles, solitude, violence sociale s’y retrouve, mais tout en utilisant pleinement les moyens de la scène (distanciation, présence physique, espace théâtral, discours rythmés.

  7. Des pauvres de la politique à la politique des pauvres

    Ratiba Hadj-Moussa


    Full Text Available S’attachant aux nouvelles modalités de production du politique issues des études subalternes, l’article situe dans un premier temps ces travaux et, dans un deuxième temps, en fait une présentation en s’appuyant sur les éléments qui y sont privilégiés et qui font le lien entre « les pauvres et la production du politique ». Cette présentation s’appuie essentiellement sur les travaux portant sur les pays du Sud, en particulier l’Inde et quelques pays du Moyen Orient (l’Égypte et l’Iran. Elle réfère aussi au Maghreb qui est le terrain principal de l’analyse. La présentation tient compte en particulier des travaux qui s’appuient sur des recherches empiriques substantielles mais dont la portée théorique est très peu discutée. Enfin, si le renvoi aux études subalternes ou postcoloniales est dans ce texte non négligeable, il est aussi fait recours à des travaux produits dans des contextes pluralistes, comme la France.Poor Policy to the Policy of the PoorThis article has its origins in the new methods of production of policy based on subaltern studies. Firstly, it will locate these studies and then it will present its main arguments as well as the relationship between “the poor and policy production”. This presentation is based essentially on the works on countries of the south, particularly India, and few other countries from the Middle East (Egypt and Iran. It also refers to North Africa, which is the major fieldwork of this analysis. This presentation takes into account the works that rely upon substantial empirical research but for which the theoretical range is very little. Finally, if the referral to subaltern or postcolonial studies is significant in this article, it also refers to works produced in pluralistic contexts such as France.De los pobres de la política a la política de los pobresBasándose en estudios subalternos, el artículo se sitúa dentro del marco de los nuevos modos de producci

  8. Clay particle retention in small constructed wetlands.

    Braskerud, B C


    Constructed wetlands (CWs) can be used to mitigate non-point source pollution from arable fields. Previous investigations have shown that the relative soil particle retention in small CWs increases when hydraulic load increases. This paper investigates why this phenomenon occurs, even though common retention models predict the opposite, by studying clay and silt particle retention in two Norwegian CWs. Retention was measured with water flow proportional sampling systems in the inlet and outlet of the wetlands, and the texture of the suspended solids was analyzed. The surface area of the CWs was small compared to the watershed area (approximately 0.07%), giving high average hydraulic loads (1.1 and 2.0 md(-1)). One of the watersheds included only old arable land, whereas the other included areas with disturbed topsoil after artificial land leveling. Clay particle retention was 57% for the CW in the first watershed, and 22% for the CW in the disturbed watershed. The different behavior of the wetlands could be due to differences in aggregate size and stability of the particles entering the wetlands. Results showed that increased hydraulic loads did affect CW retention negatively. However, as runoff increased, soil particles/aggregates with higher sedimentation velocities entered the CWs (e.g., the clay particles behaved as silt particles). Hence, clay particle settling velocity is not constant as assumed in many prediction models. The net result was increased retention.

  9. Search for (exotic) strange matter in the Star and Alice experiments with the ultra-relativistic heavy ion colliders RHIC and LHC; Recherche de matiere etrange (exotique) dans les experiences STAR et ALICE aupres des collisionneurs d'ions lourds ultra-relativistes RHIC et LHC

    Vernet, R


    Ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions offer the possibility to create conditions of temperature and density that could lead nuclear matter to a state of deconfined partons, the quark-gluon plasma. Strange baryon production is one of the essential observables to understand the mechanisms involved in the medium. Furthermore, theories predict a possible production of strange dibaryons, still hypothetical particles, from which one could draw important inferences in nuclear physics and astrophysics. The experiments STAR at RHIC, and, soon, ALICE at LHC, allow one to search for strange baryons and dibaryons. The STAR sensitivity to the metastable dibaryon H{sup 0} in the {lambda}p{pi}{sup -} decay mode was calculated thanks to a dedicated simulation. The search for the H{sup 0}, and for the {xi}{sup -}p resonance as well, was performed in the STAR Au+Au data at {radical}(s{sub NN}) = 62.4 and 200 GeV energies. Within the framework of the preparation of ALICE to the first Pb+Pb data, the detector ability to identify strange baryons {lambda}, {xi} and {omega}, was estimated via several simulations. So as to favour the reconstruction efficiency in a large range of transverse momentum while keeping a reasonable S/B ratio, the influence of the geometrical selections and the size of the reconstruction zone was emphasized. The ALICE sensitivities to the metastable strange dibaryons H{sup 0} and ({xi}{sup 0}p){sub b} and to the {lambda}{lambda} resonance were calculated as well. (author)

  10. Fusion-Fission process and gamma spectroscopy of binary products in light heavy ion collisions (40 {<=} A{sub CN} {<=} 60); Processus de fusion-fission et spectroscopie gamma des produits binaires dans les collisions entre ions lourds legers (40 {<=} A{sub NC} {<=} 60)

    Nouicer, Rachid [Institut de Recherche Subatomique, CNRS-IN2P3 - Universite Louis Pasteur, 67 - Strasbourg (France)


    During the work on which this Thesis is based, the significant role of the Fusion-Fission Asymmetric mechanism in light heavy ion collisions (A{sub NC} {<=} 60) has been emphasized. The Spin Dis-alignment in the oblate-oblate system has supplied evidence for the first time for the Butterfly mode in a resonant-like reaction. These two aspects, one macroscopic and the other more closely related to microscopic effects are certainly different from a conceptual point of view but are quite complementary for a global understanding of dinuclear systems. In the first part, inclusive and exclusive measurements of the {sup 35}Cl + {sup 12}C and {sup 35}Cl + {sup 24}Mg reaction have been performed at 8 MeV/nucleon in the Saclay experiment. These measurements have permitted us to verify the origin of products which have given rise of the asymmetric fusion-fission mechanism and which have demonstrated that the three-body process in this energy range is very weak. In the second part the {sup 28}Si + {sup 28}Si reaction has been performed at the resonance energy E{sub lab}> = 111.6 MeV at Strasbourg with the Eurogam phase II multi-detector array and VIVITRON accelerator. An angular momentum J{sup {pi}} 38{sup +} for inelastic and mutual channels of the {sup 28}Si + {sup 28}Si exit channel has been measured and has supplied evidence for a spin dis-alignment which has been interpreted in the framework of a molecular model by Butterfly motion. The spectroscopic study of {sup 32}S nucleus, has revealed the occurrence of a new {gamma}-ray transition 0{sup +}(8507.8 keV) {yields} 2{sub 1}{sup +}(2230.2 keV). (author) 105 refs., 116 figs., 26 tabs.

  11. Effect of neon plasma pre-irradiation on surface morphology and deuterium retention of tungsten

    Cheng, L., E-mail: [School of Physics & Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191 (China); De Temmerman, G.; Zeijlmans van Emmichoven, P.A. [FOM Institute DIFFER, Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research, Association EURATOM-FOM, Trilateral Euregion Cluster, Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Ji, G. [Unité Matériaux et Transformations, UMR CNRS 8207, Université Lille 1, 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq (France); Zhou, H.B. [School of Physics & Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191 (China); Wang, B. [College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124 (China); Yuan, Y., E-mail: [School of Physics & Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191 (China); Zhang, Y. [School of Physics & Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191 (China); Lu, G.H., E-mail: [School of Physics & Nuclear Energy Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191 (China)


    Neon and deuterium plasma irradiation of polycrystalline tungsten targets have been performed at high fluxes of ∼10{sup 24} ions m{sup −2} s{sup −1} to study the interaction of neon with tungsten and the influence of neon on deuterium retention. Tungsten exposure to neon plasma leads to the formation of wavy nanostructures on the surface. Subsequent exposure to high-flux deuterium plasma leads to blister formation of micrometer size on top of the wavy structures. The total deuterium retention is decreased by neon pre-irradiation for all surface temperatures used in the present experiments. It is suggested that a barrier of trapped Ne is formed that interrupts the D transport and reduces D retention.

  12. Molecular mechanism of strict substrate specificity of an extradiol dioxygenase, DesB, derived from Sphingobium sp. SYK-6.

    Keisuke Sugimoto

    Full Text Available DesB, which is derived from Sphingobium sp. SYK-6, is a type II extradiol dioxygenase that catalyzes a ring opening reaction of gallate. While typical extradiol dioxygenases show broad substrate specificity, DesB has strict substrate specificity for gallate. The substrate specificity of DesB seems to be required for the efficient growth of S. sp. SYK-6 using lignin-derived aromatic compounds. Since direct coordination of hydroxyl groups of the substrate to the non-heme iron in the active site is a critical step for the catalytic reaction of the extradiol dioxygenases, the mechanism of the substrate recognition and coordination of DesB was analyzed by biochemical and crystallographic methods. Our study demonstrated that the direct coordination between the non-heme iron and hydroxyl groups of the substrate requires a large shift of the Fe (II ion in the active site. Mutational analysis revealed that His124 and His192 in the active site are essential to the catalytic reaction of DesB. His124, which interacts with OH (4 of the bound gallate, seems to contribute to proper positioning of the substrate in the active site. His192, which is located close to OH (3 of the gallate, is likely to serve as the catalytic base. Glu377' interacts with OH (5 of the gallate and seems to play a critical role in the substrate specificity. Our biochemical and structural study showed the substrate recognition and catalytic mechanisms of DesB.

  13. Retention Models on Core-Shell Columns.

    Jandera, Pavel; Hájek, Tomáš; Růžičková, Marie


    A thin, active shell layer on core-shell columns provides high efficiency in HPLC at moderately high pressures. We revisited three models of mobile phase effects on retention for core-shell columns in mixed aqueous-organic mobile phases: linear solvent strength and Snyder-Soczewiński two-parameter models and a three-parameter model. For some compounds, two-parameter models show minor deviations from linearity due to neglect of possible minor retention in pure weak solvent, which is compensated for in the three-parameter model, which does not explicitly assume either the adsorption or the partition retention mechanism in normal- or reversed-phase systems. The model retention equation can be formulated as a function of solute retention factors of nonionic compounds in pure organic solvent and in pure water (or aqueous buffer) and of the volume fraction of an either aqueous or organic solvent component in a two-component mobile phase. With core-shell columns, the impervious solid core does not participate in the retention process. Hence, the thermodynamic retention factors, defined as the ratio of the mass of the analyte mass contained in the stationary phase to its mass in the mobile phase in the column, should not include the particle core volume. The values of the thermodynamic factors are lower than the retention factors determined using a convention including the inert core in the stationary phase. However, both conventions produce correct results if consistently used to predict the effects of changing mobile phase composition on retention. We compared three types of core-shell columns with C18-, phenyl-hexyl-, and biphenyl-bonded phases. The core-shell columns with phenyl-hexyl- and biphenyl-bonded ligands provided lower errors in two-parameter model predictions for alkylbenzenes, phenolic acids, and flavonoid compounds in comparison with C18-bonded ligands.

  14. A strategic approach to employee retention.

    Gering, John; Conner, John


    A sound retention strategy should incorporate a business plan, a value proposition, progress measures, and management influences. The business plan will indicate whether a healthcare organization will achieve a return on investment for its effort. A value proposition will showcase an organization's strengths and differentiate it from its competitors. Measuring progress toward meeting retention goals at regular intervals will help keep an organization on track. The best managers require accountability, rewarding employees for their successes and taking corrective action as necessary. Retention rate targets must be at a level that will achieve a competitive advantage in the served market.

  15. Évaluation des émissions de gaz à effet de serre des filières de traitement et de valorisation des boues issues du traitement des eaux usées

    Reverdy, A.L.; Pradel, M.


    / Ce rapport présente l'inventaire des différentes consommations énergétiques, en consommables et des GES pour chaque poste de traitement et de valorisation des boues issues du traitement des eaux usées.

  16. Distribution spatiale intra-urbaine des particules fines : monitoring ...


    30 sept. 2014 ... Intra-urban spatial distribution of particulate matter: monitoring by leaf Saturation Isothermal Remanent ... les changements microclimatiques au sein des villes ... déterminer l'impact des saisons sur la teneur des ... Ce District jouit d'un climat de type ... Sélection et description des espèces : Un inventaire.

  17. Performances de production des cobayes (Cavia porcellus L.) en ...

    Au Cameroun, l'élevage des cobayes se pratique encore dans les cuisines et à même le sol et leur ..... Figure 1 : Evolution des poids des mères allaitantes de la naissance au sevrage des petits. .... lecture critique du manuscrit ; EM a participé.




    Full Text Available Des méthodes relativement récentes, comme l’échange d’ions et l’extraction liquide-liquide, ont été largement utilisées pour séparer des métaux à l’état de traces. Pour ceux qui présentent notamment des propriétés analogues, la complexation par des agents chélatants s’avère nécessaire. Du fait de leur grande stabilité thermique et de la diversité des groupements fonctionnels des produits commerciaux disponibles, les résines ont été d’une grande utilité en analyse et dans l’industrie. Cette étude a trait à la rétention de métaux comme le cadmium et le zinc sur les résines acides Amberlite IRC-50, Dowex-50 X8 et Permutit C‑67. Les études en flacon ont mis en évidence une grande affinité de ces éléments pour les résines utilisées, et que l’équilibre est atteint rapidement (30 à 60 min. Les ions Zn2+ et Cd2+ n’utilisaient au maximum que 88 à 91 % de capacité totale des résines étudiées. Le traitement des résultats pour les faibles concentrations a montré que les isothermes sont du type Langmuir comme ceux obtenus par ailleurs sur des échangeurs minéraux.

  19. Isomers chart; Table des isomeres

    Dupont-Gautier, P.; Chantelot, S.; Moisson, N. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The nuclear isomers are nuclides offering the same mass number and the same atomic number, but different energy levels. In the following chart the zero energy ground states are omitted and the metastable isomers, i.e. of non-zero energy, known and of measurable lifetime, are listed. The lower limit of this lifetime was set here to 0.1 x 10{sup -6} s. The various isomers were classified in increasing lifetimes. (authors) [French] Les isomeres nucleaires sont des nucleides presentant le meme nombre de masse et le meme numero atomique, mais des niveaux energetiques differents. Dans la table suivante, on a neglige les etats fondamentaux d'energie nulle et on a recense les isomeres metastables, c'est-a-dire d'energie non nulle, connus et de periode mesurable. La limite inferieure de cette periode a ete fixee ici a 0,1 x 10{sup -6} s. Les differents isomeres ont ete classes par periodes croissantes. (auteurs)

  20. Isomers chart; Table des isomeres

    Dupont-Gautier, P.; Chantelot, S.; Moisson, N. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The nuclear isomers are nuclides offering the same mass number and the same atomic number, but different energy levels. In the following chart the zero energy ground states are omitted and the metastable isomers, i.e. of non-zero energy, known and of measurable lifetime, are listed. The lower limit of this lifetime was set here to 0.1 x 10{sup -6} s. The various isomers were classified in increasing lifetimes. (authors) [French] Les isomeres nucleaires sont des nucleides presentant le meme nombre de masse et le meme numero atomique, mais des niveaux energetiques differents. Dans la table suivante, on a neglige les etats fondamentaux d'energie nulle et on a recense les isomeres metastables, c'est-a-dire d'energie non nulle, connus et de periode mesurable. La limite inferieure de cette periode a ete fixee ici a 0,1 x 10{sup -6} s. Les differents isomeres ont ete classes par periodes croissantes. (auteurs)

  1. Comparison of hydrogen isotope retention for tungsten probes in LHD vacuum vessel during the experimental campaigns in 2011 and 2012

    Oya, Y., E-mail: [Graduate School of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan); Masuzaki, S.; Tokitani, M. [National Institute for Fusion Science, Gifu (Japan); Sato, M.; Toda, K.; Uchimura, H. [Graduate School of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan); Yoshida, N.; Watanabe, H. [Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Kasuga, Fukuoka (Japan); Yamauchi, Y.; Hino, T. [Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan); Miyamoto, M. [Department of Material Science, Shimane University, Matsue, Shimane (Japan); Hatano, Y. [Hydrogen Isotope Research Center, University of Toyama, Toyama (Japan); Okuno, K. [Graduate School of Science, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka (Japan)


    Highlights: • Hydrogen isotope retention enhancement for W exposed to LHD 2011 and 2012 campaigns were evaluated. • Large hydrogen retention enhancement was derived for all the samples compared to that for pure W. • The carbon-dominated mixed-material layer would control the hydrogen isotope retention for all the area except for erosion-dominated area. • The chemical structure for carbon-dominant mixed-material layer may govern the H and D retention enhancement for most area. - Abstract: To evaluate hydrogen isotope retention enhancement in W by plasma exposure, the stress relieved tungsten samples were placed at three or four different positions, namely PI (sputtering erosion dominated area), DP (deposition dominated area), HL (Higher heat load area) and ER (erosion dominated area) during 2011 (15th) or 2012 (16th) plasma experiment campaign in Large Helical Device (LHD) at National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), Japan and were exposed to ∼6700 shots of hydrogen plasma in a 2011 plasma experiment campaign and ∼5000 shots in a 2012 plasma campaign. Thereafter, additional 1.0 keV deuterium ion implantation was performed to evaluate the change of hydrogen isotope retention capacity by plasma exposure. It was found that more than 50 times of hydrogen retention enhancement for DP sample was derived compared to that for pure W. In especially, the carbon-dominated mixed-material layer would control the hydrogen isotope retention for all the area except for erosion-dominated area, indicating that the chemical structure for carbon-dominant mixed-material layer would govern the H and D retention enhancement for most area by long-term plasma exposure. Therefore, the surface area for carbon material would be one of key issues for the determination of hydrogen isotope retention in first wall, even if all tungsten first walls will be used.

  2. Etude des effets du martelage repetitif sur les contraintes residuelles

    Hacini, Lyes

    L'assemblage par soudage peut engendrer des contraintes residuelles. Ces contraintes provoquent des fissurations prematurees et un raccourcissement de la duree de vie des composants. Dans ce contexte, le martelage robotise est utilise pour relaxer ces contraintes residuelles. Trois volets sont presentes: le premier est l'evaluation des effets des impacts unitaires repetes sur le champ de contraintes developpe dans des plaques d'acier inoxydable austenitique 304L vierges ou contenant des contraintes residuelles initiales. Dans la deuxieme partie de ce projet, le martelage est applique grace au robot SCOMPI. Les contraintes residuelles induites et relaxees par martelage sont ensuite mesurees par la methode des contours, qui a ete adaptee a cet effet. Dans la troisieme partie, le martelage est modelise par la methode des elements finis. Un modele axisymetrique developpe grace au logiciel ANSYS permet de simuler des impacts repetes d'un marteau elastique sur une plaque ayant un comportement elastoplastique.

  3. X-ray structure of putative acyl-ACP desaturase DesA2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

    Dyer, David H.; Lyle, Karen S.; Rayment, Ivan; Fox, Brian G. (UW)


    Genome sequencing showed that two proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv contain the metal binding motif (D/E)X{sub 2}HX{sub {approx}100}(D/E)X{sub 2}H characteristic of the soluble diiron enzyme superfamily. These putative acyl-ACP desaturase genes desA1 and desA2 were cloned from genomic DNA and expressed in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3). DesA1 was found to be insoluble, but in contrast, DesA2 was a soluble protein amenable to biophysical characterization. Here, we report the 2.0 {angstrom} resolution X-ray structure of DesA2 determined by multiple anomalous dispersion (MAD) phasing from a Se-met derivative and refinement against diffraction data obtained on the native protein. The X-ray structure shows that DesA2 is a homodimeric protein with a four-helix bundle core flanked by five additional helices that overlay with 192 structurally equivalent amino acids in the structure of stearoyl-ACP {Delta}9 desaturase from castor plant with an rms difference 1.42 {angstrom}. In the DesA2 crystals, one metal (likely Mn from the crystallization buffer) was bound in high occupancy at the B-site of the conserved metal binding motif, while the A-site was not occupied by a metal ion. Instead, the amino group of Lys-76 occupied this position. The relationships between DesA2 and known diiron enzymes are discussed.

  4. Ion Colliders

    Fischer, W


    High-energy ion colliders are large research tools in nuclear physics to study the Quark-Gluon-Plasma (QGP). The range of collision energy and high luminosity are important design and operational considerations. The experiments also expect flexibility with frequent changes in the collision energy, detector fields, and ion species. Ion species range from protons, including polarized protons in RHIC, to heavy nuclei like gold, lead and uranium. Asymmetric collision combinations (e.g. protons against heavy ions) are also essential. For the creation, acceleration, and storage of bright intense ion beams, limits are set by space charge, charge change, and intrabeam scattering effects, as well as beam losses due to a variety of other phenomena. Currently, there are two operating ion colliders, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at BNL, and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

  5. Influence of particle flux density and temperature on surface modifications of tungsten and deuterium retention

    Buzi, Luxherta, E-mail: [Ghent University, Department of Applied Physics, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Ghent (Belgium); FOM Institute DIFFER-Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Edisonbaan 14, 3439 MN, PO Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Université de Lorraine, Institut Jean Lamour, CNRS UMR 7198, Bvd. des Aiguillettes, F-54506 Vandoeuvre (France); Temmerman, Greg De [FOM Institute DIFFER-Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Edisonbaan 14, 3439 MN, PO Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Unterberg, Bernhard; Reinhart, Michael; Litnovsky, Andrey; Philipps, Volker [Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Oost, Guido Van [Ghent University, Department of Applied Physics, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Ghent (Belgium); Möller, Sören [Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany)


    Systematic study of deuterium irradiation effects on tungsten was done under ITER – relevant high particle flux density, scanning a broad surface temperature range. Polycrystalline ITER – like grade tungsten samples were exposed in linear plasma devices to two different ranges of deuterium ion flux densities (high: 3.5–7 · 10{sup 23} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} s and low: 9 · 10{sup 21} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} s). Particle fluence and ion energy, respectively 10{sup 26} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} and ∼38 eV were kept constant in all cases. The experiments were performed at three different surface temperatures 530 K, 630 K and 870 K. Experimental results concerning the deuterium retention and surface modifications of low flux exposure confirmed previous investigations. At temperatures 530 K and 630 K, deuterium retention was higher at lower flux density due to the longer exposure time (steady state plasma operation) and a consequently deeper diffusion range. At 870 K, deuterium retention was found to be higher at high flux density according to the thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) measurements. While blisters were completely absent at low flux density, small blisters of about 40–50 nm were formed at high flux density exposure. At the given conditions, a relation between deuterium retention and blister formation has been found which has to be considered in addition to deuterium trapping in defects populated by diffusion.

  6. À l’aube des dieux

    Pascal Semonsut


    Full Text Available De l’avis même des préhistoriens, la Préhistoire assiste à la naissance du sentiment religieux. Cette religion des origines, quelle image en ont les Français ? Telle est la question que cet article aborde à partir de l’étude des manuels scolaires et des œuvres de fiction (littérature, cinéma et bande dessinée de la seconde moitié du XXe siècle. Si l’enseignement et la fiction n’accordent pas la même place à ce thème, en revanche tous deux font des préhistoriques des polythéistes adorant le soleil, construisant des mégalithes et prenant le plus grand soin de leurs morts. Ce mélange d’obscurantisme et de vraie spiritualité n’a qu’un but : montrer que notre espèce ne pouvait être que victorieuse dans ce combat qu’est l’humanisation.

  7. Sleep physiology predicts memory retention after reactivation

    Macdonald, Kevin J; Cote, Kimberly A


    ...) received reminders designed to leave these memories in a stable state. No significant differences in memory retention were found between blocks or groups the following morning. Frontal delta (0.5–4 Hz...

  8. International perspectives on retention and persistence

    Gary Burkholder


    Full Text Available Access to higher education globally is increasing dramatically; attainment of tertiary degrees is a high priority, as educational attainment is associated with increased personal incomes as well as growth of the middle class in developing countries. The purpose of this essay is to briefly examine retention and persistence issues from a global perspective, review some retention strategies that have been employed at schools outside the United States, and to identify several key factors that related to retention and persistence globally, including access, infrastructure, financial consideration, and readiness for tertiary education.  There exists an opportunity to utilize knowledge gained in the evolution of the higher education system in the United States to help address the problems associated with retention and persistence.   DOI: 10.18870/hlrc.v4i2.208

  9. Employee Retention Strategies And Organizational Performance ...

    The study empirically examines the relationship between employee retention ... in form of enhanced and regular monthly Salary package, workers participation in ... and provision of incentives that bothers on staff family welfare retains and ...

  10. Retention practices in education human resources management ...

    The review of retention practices for teachers is premised on the principles of quality ... of business principles and public service management principles based on legal and statutory provision. An increase in customer satisfaction is necessary.

  11. Retention models for programmed gas chromatography.

    Castello, G; Moretti, P; Vezzani, S


    The models proposed by many authors for the prediction of retention times and temperatures, peak widths, retention indices and separation numbers in programmed temperature and pressure gas chromatography by starting from preliminary measurements of the retention in isothermal and isobaric conditions are reviewed. Several articles showing the correlation between retention data and thermodynamic parameters and the determination of the optimum programming rate are reported. The columns of different polarity used for the experimental measurement and the main equations, mathematical models and calculation procedures are listed. An empirical approach was used in the early models, followed by the application of thermodynamic considerations, iterative calculation procedures and statistical methods, based on increased computing power now available. Multiple column arrangements, simultaneous temperature and pressure programming, applications of two-dimensional and fast chromatography are summarised.

  12. Spinal morphine anesthesia and urinary retention.

    Mahan, K T; Wang, J


    Spinal anesthetic is a common form of surgical anesthetic used in foot and ankle surgery. Spinal morphine anesthetic is less common, but has the advantage of providing postoperative analgesia for 12 to 24 hr. A number of complications can occur with spinal anesthesia, including urinary retention that may be a source of severe and often prolonged discomfort and pain for the patient. Management of this problem may require repeated bladder catheterization, which may lead to urinary tract infections or impairment of urethrovesicular function. This study reviews the incidence of urinary retention in 80 patients (40 after general anesthesia and 40 after spinal anesthesia) who underwent foot and ankle surgery at Saint Joseph's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Twenty-five percent of the patients who had spinal anesthesia experienced urinary retention, while only 7 1/2% of the group who had general anesthesia had this complication. Predisposing factors, treatment regimen, and recommendations for the prevention and management of urinary retention are presented.

  13. 75 caracteristiques et evolution des operations de fusions ...

    Nous décrivons dans un premier temps l'évolution de l'économie tunisienne et ..... grossistes, a réalisé en 2004 près de 88 % du chiffre d'affaires des transactions .... d'actions reste une opération soumise au droit commun des contrats et au droit des ..... tairement des opérations horizontales mettant en relation des entrepri-.

  14. L'espace mondial des grandes manifestations sportives internationales

    Daniel MATHIEU


    Full Text Available La carte des grandes manifestations sportives mondiales montre une forte concentration des épreuves dans un petit nombre de pays développés, en particulier l'Europe occidentale. L'examen des nations concernées par les tournois majeurs du tennis et par le cyclisme professionnel soulignent, avec les nuances propres à chacun des sports, l'étroitesse des espaces intéressés.

  15. De la manipulation des images 3D

    Geneviève Pinçon


    Full Text Available Si les technologies 3D livrent un enregistrement précis et pertinent des graphismes pariétaux, elles offrent également des applications particulièrement intéressantes pour leur analyse. À travers des traitements sur nuage de points et des simulations, elles autorisent un large éventail de manipulations touchant autant à l’observation qu’à l’étude des œuvres pariétales. Elles permettent notamment une perception affinée de leur volumétrie, et deviennent des outils de comparaison de formes très utiles dans la reconstruction des chronologies pariétales et dans l’appréhension des analogies entre différents sites. Ces outils analytiques sont ici illustrés par les travaux originaux menés sur les sculptures pariétales des abris du Roc-aux-Sorciers (Angles-sur-l’Anglin, Vienne et de la Chaire-à-Calvin (Mouthiers-sur-Boëme, Charente.If 3D technologies allow an accurate and relevant recording of rock art, they also offer several interesting applications for its analysis. Through spots clouds treatments and simulations, they permit a wide range of manipulations concerning figurations observation and study. Especially, they allow a fine perception of their volumetry. They become efficient tools for forms comparisons, very useful in the reconstruction of graphic ensemble chronologies and for inter-sites analogies. These analytical tools are illustrated by the original works done on the sculptures of Roc-aux-Sorciers (Angles-sur-l’Anglin, Vienne and Chaire-à-Calvin (Mouthiers-sur-Boëme, Charente rock-shelters.

  16. Best practices in doctoral retention: Mentoring

    Brill, Judie L.; Balcanoff, Karen K.; Denise Land; Maurice Gogarty; Freda Turner


    The aim of this critical literature review is to outline best practices in doctoral retention and the successful approach of one university to improve graduation success by providing effective mentorship for faculty and students alike. The focus of this literature review is on distance learning relationships between faculty and doctoral students, regarding retention, persistence, and mentoring models. Key phrases and words used in the search and focusing on mentoring resulted in over 20,000 s...

  17. Retention and release of deuterium implanted in copper coatings on Al-6061

    Inal, M Y; Kurz, K L; Cowgill, D F; Causey, R


    To mitigate the problem of retention and permeation of tritium implanted in Al-6061, the use of copper coatings was investigated. Copper coatings (having weights of 0.03, 0.06 and 0.088 kg/m sup 2) deposited on Al-6061 substrates by the RF Magnetron sputtering method were implanted with deuterium (D) in an accelerator at 350 K, and the resulting D profiles were monitored using negative SIMS and the D( sup 3 He,p) sup 4 He nuclear reaction. The retention characteristics of deuterium were subsequently studied as a function of coating weight, D sup + fluence (varied in the 1-3x10 sup 2 sup 1 D sup + /m sup 2 range) and D sup + ion energy (40 and 120 keV). Under identical implantation conditions, deuterium retention in Al-6061 was higher than in Al-6061 coated with 0.088 kg/m sup 2 Cu. In the various coatings implanted under different conditions, deuterium retention ranged between 1.2% and 5.4% of the implanted amount. The deuterium retention decreased with increasing coating weight and then leveled off with furt...

  18. Superheated water ion-exchange chromatography: an experimental approach for interpretation of separation selectivity in ion-exchange processes.

    Shibukawa, Masami; Shimasaki, Tomomi; Saito, Shingo; Yarita, Takashi


    Cation-exchange selectivity for alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions and tetraalkylammonium ions on a strongly acidic sulfonic acid cation-exchange resin has been investigated in the temperature range of 40-175 degrees C using superheated water chromatography. Dependence of the distribution coefficient (ln KD) on the reciprocal of temperature (1/T) is not linear for most of the ions studied, and the selectivity coefficient for a pair of alkali metal ions or that of alkaline-earth metal ions approaches unity as temperature increases. On the other hand, the retention order of tetraalkylammonium ions is reversed at 160 degrees C or above when eluted with Na2SO4 aqueous solution and the larger ions are eluted faster than the smaller ones contrary to the retention order obtained at ambient temperature. The change in ion-exchange selectivity with temperature observed with superheated water chromatography has been discussed on the basis of the effect of temperature on hydration of the ions and specific adsorption or distribution of ionic species between the external solution and ion-exchange resin. In superheated water, the electrostatic interaction or association of the ions with the fixed ion becomes a predominant mechanism resulting in different separation selectivity from that obtained at ambient temperature.

  19. Simulating retention in gas-liquid chromatography

    Martin, M.G.; Siepmann, J.I.; Schure, M.R.


    Accurate predictions of retention times, retention indices, and partition constants are a long sought-after goal for theoretical studies in chromatography. Configurational-bias Monte Carlo (CBMC) simulations in the Gibbs ensemble using the transferable potentials for phase equilibria-united atom (TraPPE-UA) force field have been carried out to obtain a microscopic picture of the partitioning of 10 alkane isomers between a helium vapor phase and a squalane liquid phase, a protypical gas-liquid chromatography system. The alkane solutes include some topological isomers that differ only in the arrangement of their building blocks (e.g., 2,5-dimethylhexane and 3,4-dimethylhexane), for which the prediction of the retention order is particularly difficult. The Kovats retention indices, a measure of the relative retention times, are calculated directly from the partition constants and are in good agreement with experimental values. The calculated Gibbs free energies of transfer for the normal alkanes conform to Martin's equation which is the basis of linear free energy relationships used in many process modeling packages. Analysis of radial distribution functions and the corresponding energy integrals does not yield evidence for specific retention structures and shows that the internal energy of solvation is not the main driving force for the separation of topological isomers in this system.

  20. Retention Benefit Based Intelligent Cache Replacement

    李凌达; 陆俊林; 程旭


    The performance loss resulting from different cache misses is variable in modern systems for two reasons: 1) memory access latency is not uniform, and 2) the latency toleration ability of processor cores varies across different misses. Compared with parallel misses and store misses, isolated fetch and load misses are more costly. The variation of cache miss penalty suggests that the cache replacement policy should take it into account. To that end, first, we propose the notion of retention benefit. Retention benefits can evaluate not only the increment of processor stall cycles on cache misses, but also the reduction of processor stall cycles due to cache hits. Then, we propose Retention Benefit Based Replacement (RBR) which aims to maximize the aggregate retention benefits of blocks reserved in the cache. RBR keeps track of the total retention benefit for each block in the cache, and it preferentially evicts the block with the minimum total retention benefit on replacement. The evaluation shows that RBR can improve cache performance significantly in both single-core and multi-core environment while requiring a low storage overhead. It also outperforms other state-of-the-art techniques.

  1. Best practices in doctoral retention: Mentoring

    Judie L. Brill


    Full Text Available The aim of this critical literature review is to outline best practices in doctoral retention and the successful approach of one university to improve graduation success by providing effective mentorship for faculty and students alike. The focus of this literature review is on distance learning relationships between faculty and doctoral students, regarding retention, persistence, and mentoring models. Key phrases and words used in the search and focusing on mentoring resulted in over 20,000 sources. The search was narrowed to include only doctoral study and mentoring. Research questions of interest were: Why do high attrition rates exist for doctoral students? What are the barriers to retention? What are the benefits of doctoral mentoring? What programs do institutions have in place to reduce attrition? The researchers found a key factor influencing doctoral student retention and success is effective faculty mentorship. In particular, the design of a mentoring and faculty training program to increase retention and provide for success after graduation is important. This research represents a key area of interest in the retention literature, as institutions continue to search for ways to better support students during their doctoral programs and post-graduation. DOI: 10.18870/hlrc.v4i2.186

  2. Mécanique des fluides fondamentale

    Zeytounian, Radyadour K


    Ce cours de mecanique des fluides est avant tout un cours theorique qui repond aux questions fondamentales de ce sujet de recherche. Les quatre premiers chapitres presentent les equations propres a determiner l'ecoulement de fluide considere et diverses solutions. Les chapitres 5 et 6sont consacres aux problemes lies la stabilite, aux bifurcations et aux comportements chaotiques. Le livre donne un vision globale des questions traitees en mecanique des fluides qui sont a la base de toute la recherche, de la modelisation et de toutes les applications dans ce domaine.

  3. Écriture scientifique et évolution des croyances, des connaissances ou des conceptions des enseignants en reprise d’étude

    Delarue-Breton Catherine


    Full Text Available Si l’on s’accorde assez unanimement – c’est à dire aux plans simultanément scientifique et institutionnel – à reconnaitre que l’initiation à la recherche est devenue nécessaire dans la formation des enseignants, les modalités de cette initiation, ses visées et ses effets font cependant peu l’objet, encore, d’un consensus, et dans certains cas, divisent. Nous avons pu étudier à diverses reprises, à partir de différentes versions des mémoires, le rôle de l’écriture scientifique dans l’appropriation des concepts théoriques par les étudiants de master MEEF (Métiers de l’Enseignement, de l’Éducation, de la Formation en formation initiale, autrement dit par les étudiants issus de licence, se destinant au métier de professeur des écoles. Nous avons ainsi pu mettre au jour d’une part la diversité de ces modes d’appropriation conceptuelle, et, en corrélation avec celle-ci, la diversité des modes d’analyse des situations scolaires, et d’autre part des formes d’évolution ou de stagnation des croyances, connaissances, conceptions de ces futurs enseignants sur le métier, sur les élèves, sur les disciplines, sur l’apprentissage. Notre propos est ici de nous poser des questions comparables, concernant le rapport entre appropriation théorique et évolution des conceptions non pas d’enseignants en formation initiale, mais d’enseignants titulaires en reprise d’étude, parfois eux-mêmes formateurs, inscrits en master MEEF avec validation des acquis. Nous questionnons ainsi le rôle de la recherche et de l’écriture scientifique dans la formation continue des enseignants.


    Renaud, Angèle; Berland, Nicolas


    International audience; L'engagement des entreprises dans le développement durable consiste à conjuguer performance et responsabilité. La performance financière ne suffit plus à apprécier la performance d'une entreprise. Dès lors, les entreprises doivent mesurer leurs progrès à partir d'une performance plus globale incluant, en dehors de la dimension économique, des dimensions sociale et environnementale. A présent, comment mesurer cette performance globale ? Existe-il des outils de mesure gl...

  5. A l'écoute des professionnels

    Lebre-Peytard, Monique


    Cet ouvrage s'adresse aux étudiants de niveau moyen ou avancé en français. Il propose un travail d'écoute, de réflexion et d'expression autour d'interview authentiques. Des professionnels parlent de leur métier, des entreprises où ils travaillent, des fonctions qu'ils occupent... Ils appartiennent à divers secteurs de l'économie : banque, mode, tourisme, agriculture, télécommunications, etc.

  6. Effect of dislocations on helium retention in deformed pure iron

    Gong, Y. H.; Cao, X. Z.; Jin, S. X.; Lu, E. Y.; Hu, Y. C.; Zhu, T.; Kuang, P.; Xu, Q.; Wang, B. Y.


    The effects of dislocations created by deformation on helium retention in pure iron, including the helium atoms diffusion along the dislocation line and desorption from dislocation trapping sites, were investigated. The dislocation defect was introduced in specimens by cold-rolling, and then 5 keV helium ions were implanted into the deformed specimens. Slow positron beam technology and thermal desorption spectroscopy were used to investigate the evolution of dislocation defects and the desorption behavior of helium atoms under influence of dislocation. The behaviors of S-E, W-E and S-W plots indicate clearly that lots of helium atoms remain in the deformed specimen and helium atoms combining with dislocation change the distribution of electron density. The helium desorption plot indicates that dislocation accelerates helium desorption at 293 K-600 K and facilitates helium dissociation from HenVm (n/m = 1.8) cluster.

  7. Contribution to the study of Li{sub x}(Co,M)O{sub 2} phases used as cathodes in Li-ion batteries. Combined effects of the lithium sur-stoichiometry and of the substitution (M = Ni, Mg); Contribution a l'etude des phases Li{sub x}(Co,M)O{sub 2} en tant que materiaux d'electrode positive des batteries Li-ion. Effets combines de la surstoechiometrie en lithium et de la substitution (M = Ni, Mg)

    Levasseur, St.


    Li{sub x0}(Co,M)O{sub 2} (M = Ni, Mg; x0 {<=} 1.0) materials used as positive electrode for Li-ion batteries have been prepared at high temperature (900 degrees C) and characterized by X-ray diffraction, galvano-static measurements, {sup 7}Li MAS NMR spectroscopy and electrical properties measurements. If the results on the LiCoO{sub 2} phase agree with the literature, the adding of an excess of lithium during synthesis leads to the presence in the actual materials to the presence of oxygen vacancies and intermediate spin Co{sup 3+} ions (Co{sup 3+(IS)}) in a square-based environment. This defect suppresses all the phase transitions usually observed upon lithium de-intercalation in Li{sub x}CoO{sub 2}. The partial substitution by Ni ions allows us to separate the relative contribution of Ni(III) and Co{sup 3+(IS)} ions in the suppression of the various phase transitions upon cycling. Mg doping, even without any lithium excess, systematically induces some oxygen vacancies and Co{sup 3+(IS)} ions in the material. This observation had been correlated to the behaviour of the Li{sub x}(Co,Mg)O{sub 2} system upon cycling. (author)

  8. Contrôle des Circuits Auxiliaires des PFW (arrêt machines 2002/2003)

    Ottaviani, J


    Les PFW sont des nappes polaires installées sur les pôles des aimants du PS. Elles sont au nombre de 4 par unité d aimant et constituées d un circuit principal (dans lequel circule le courant désiré selon le cycle magnétique utilisé) et de circuits auxiliaires. Les circuits auxiliaires sont des enroulements de correction (boucles de tour et pick-up brasés sur les enroulements). Pendant la variation du champ magnétique de l aimant PS, on utilise des tensions induites dans ces circuits auxiliaires pour corriger les erreurs de champ dues aux courants de Foucault dans la chambre à vide. Chaque année, pendant l arrêt machine, on vérifie si les caractéristiques des circuits auxiliaires correspondent aux normes (mesures des résistances des boucles de tours, résistances entre pick-up et isolation des circuits) afin de faire un suivi. Les 404 PFW sont ainsi vérifiées. Dans cette note, on ne relèvera que les PFW ayant des défauts (valeurs hors tolérances, boucles ouvertes ou en court-circuit, déf...

  9. Exploitation des connaissances issues des processus de retour d'expérience industriels

    Jabrouni, Hicham


    Depuis plusieurs années, dans le secteur industriel, l’amélioration continue constitue un aspect important de la famille de normes ISO 9000 maintenue par l’organisation ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Elle se concentre sur l’amélioration de la satisfaction du client en passant par des améliorations continues et incrémentales des produits, des services et des processus. Afin de répondre à ces exigences, un point clé consiste à optimiser le processus de résolution de probl...

  10. Des changements concevables pour le secteur des transports dans l'objectif "Facteur 4"

    Raux, Charles


    Au niveau mondial, les transports consomment 20% de l'énergie, dont 80% dans les transports routiers et 10% dans les transports aériens, et 95% de cette énergie est à base de pétrole. Le secteur des transports est l'un des principaux émetteurs de gaz à effet de serre dans la plupart des pays, et notamment du CO2 issu de la combustion des carburants fossiles. Pour que les transports contribuent significativement à l'objectif du « Facteur 4 » en 2050, trois pistes différentes mais complémentair...

  11. Typologie des investisseurs institutionnels et performance des firmes dans le contexte français

    Jean-Michel SAHUT; Othmani Gharbi, Hidaya


    L’objet de cet article est d’analyser la relation entre les investisseurs institutionnels et la performance financière des firmes. Dans ce contexte, nous proposons une nouvelle typologie fondée sur la variété des comportements des institutionnels (passifs ou engagés (actifs)) vis-à-vis de la gestion et du gouvernement des firmes qu’ils détiennent en portefeuille, et identifions les principaux facteurs pouvant influencer ces comportements. Nos résultats corroborent, en général, un impact posit...

  12. Etude structurale des sites de nodulation et induction des nodules caulinaires chez Sesbania pubescens

    TOMEKPE, Kodjo; Traore, A S; Ndiaye, S.; Spencer-Barreto, M.M.; Détrez, C.


    #Sesbania pubescens$ est une légumineuse annuelle voisine de #Sesbania rostrata$ qui se rencontre généralement sur les sols temporairement inondés de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Des sites de nodulation préformes ont été mis en évidence sur sa tige et ses branches. Ces sites prennent naissance à l'aisselle des cotylédons et des feuilles. Comme chez la plupart des légumineuses à nodules de tige, les sites de nodulation caulinaire de #S. pubescens$ se développent en racines lorsque les tiges sont imme...

  13. Molekularbiologische Untersuchungen des Leitgewebes und der Stressphysiologie des Breitwegerichs (Plantago major L.)

    Pommerrenig, Benjamin


    Die Leitbündel Höherer Pflanzen stellen die wesentlichen Gewebe zur Verteilung von Assimilaten, zum Transport von Wasser und zur Übermittlung von Informationen innerhalb und zwischen den einzelnen pflanzlichen Organen dar. Die Zellen des vaskulären Gewebes unterscheiden sich von denen des Mesophylls nicht nur in ihrer Gestalt und Funktion, sondern vor allem in ihrer Genexpression. In dieser Arbeit wurde zur Untersuchung des vaskulären Transkriptoms des Breitwege-richs (Plantago major) eine cD...

  14. Les lexiques des jeunes dans les discours écrits des blogs : pour une approche descriptive

    Lorenz Paulina


    Full Text Available S’il ne faut pas confondre ce qui est appelé communément « langage SMS » et « langage des jeunes », nous avancerons toutefois que les pratiques langagières écrites des jeunes sur les supports modernes de communication, et notamment dans les blogs, présentent des particularités encore peu étudiées. Les traits observables les plus saillants sont ceux de la morphologie graphique, mais il n’en reste pas moins que certains jeunes utilisent des lexiques particuliers dans les blogs qui méritent une attention particulière. Nous nous proposons donc d’étudier les différents lexiques utilisés par des jeunes de 12 à 22 ans dans les blogs de la plateforme aux niveaux de sa diversité, de ses usages sémantiques variable d’un scripteur à l’autre pour un même mot, et de ses particularités morphosyntaxiques. En effet, nous observerons des lexiques divers allant des lexiques perçus comme relevant des cités à des lexiques perçus comme étant « branchés-jeunes », ou encore à des lexiques propres aux supports modernes de communication. Ainsi, nous analyserons des lexiques variés dans leurs usages écrits tels que bolos, bédave, gérer, ouf, tigen, ou encore des lexiques empruntés tels que mouv, full, etc., ainsi que des emplois particuliers de séquences autonomes comme lol. Quelques questions périphériques complèteront notre analyse telle que celles qui concerne l’influence des usages lexicaux entre pairs et le savoir partagé, la distinction de différentes communautés en fonction des lexiques utilisés, ou encore la variabilité des représentations graphiques d’un même mot.

  15. 5 CFR 575.309 - Payment of retention incentives.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Payment of retention incentives. 575.309... RECRUITMENT, RELOCATION, AND RETENTION INCENTIVES; SUPERVISORY DIFFERENTIALS; AND EXTENDED ASSIGNMENT INCENTIVES Retention Incentives § 575.309 Payment of retention incentives. (a) An authorized agency official...

  16. 5 CFR 575.306 - Authorizing a retention incentive.


    ... a retention incentive; (2) Determine when a group or category of employees has unusually high or... in the absence of a retention incentive; (3) Approve a retention incentive for an employee (or group... the limitation on the maximum amount of a retention incentive for an employee (or group or category of...

  17. Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus.

    Baron, M D; Diallo, A; Lancelot, R; Libeau, G


    Peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) causes a severe contagious disease of sheep and goats and has spread extensively through the developing world. Because of its disproportionately large impact on the livelihoods of low-income livestock keepers, and the availability of effective vaccines and good diagnostics, the virus is being targeted for global control and eventual eradication. In this review we examine the origin of the virus and its current distribution, and the factors that have led international organizations to conclude that it is eradicable. We also review recent progress in the molecular and cellular biology of the virus and consider areas where further research is required to support the efforts being made by national, regional, and international bodies to tackle this growing threat. © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Utilisation des mousses et des pâtes syntactiques pour combler les lacunes des poteries archéologiques

    Viviane Bechoux


    Full Text Available Filling potteries missing parts with plaster raises now complex problems during the de-restoration treatments. Ceramics restorers have recurrently questions on the use of plaster in the field of archaeological ceramics restoration. Some researches point to the choice of other filling materials. At the present time other methods can be devised by proposing plaster replacement by a lightened composite material: syntactic foams and pastes.Le comblement des lacunes des poteries à partir du plâtre pose actuellement des problèmes complexes lors des traitements de dérestauration. Les restaurateurs de céramiques s'interrogent de manière récurrente sur l'utilisation du plâtre dans le domaine de la restauration des céramiques archéologiques. Des recherches s'orientent vers le choix d'autres matériaux d'obturation. Actuellement, d'autres méthodes peuvent être mises en place en proposant le remplacement du plâtre par un matériau composite allégé, les mousses et les pâtes syntactiques.

  19. Geochemical investigations into the retention of reactive carbon compounds for toxic heavy metals. Final report; Geochemische Untersuchungen zur Retention von reaktiven Kohlenstoffverbindungen fuer toxische Schwermetalle. Abschlussbericht

    Kupsch, H.; Mansel, A.; Crustewitz, C.


    The composition, reactivity and stability of reactive organic carbon compounds adsorbed on geogenic matrices was investigated. The surface deposits of NOM and its dependence on geochemical parameters was investigated in selected geomatrices. The retention of toxic heavy metals on these surface deposits of NOM was investigated in consideration of the presence of hydroxy species and inorganic ligands. The investigations of the reactivity of the NOM species requires analyses of these compounds and of the heavy metals in the ultratracer region. This was possible by means of radiochemical methods that were further developed in the context of this project. Radioactive labeling of identified reactive carbon compounds, e.g. with radioactive iodine, on the one hand, and the use of radioactive Cu, Pb, Hg isotopes on the other hand enabled speciation analyses in the binary systems (heavy metal + geomatrix, heavy metal + reactive carbon compounds, reactive carbon compounds + geomatrix) and especially in the ternary system (heavy metal + geomatrix + reactive carbon compounds) in defined conditions. The special labelling techniques were a precondition for distribution measurements in the near-natural, low concentration range. (orig.) [German] Ziel des Projektes war es, mit der vorhandenen Analytik und Expertise die Zusammensetzung, die Reaktivitaet und die Stabilitaet der auf den geogenen Matrizes sorbierten reaktiven organischen Kohlenstoffverbindungen und die damit verbundenen Stoffumsaetze aufzuklaeren. An ausgewaehlten Geomatrizes wurde die Ausbildung von Oberflaechendepositen des NOM und deren Abhaengigkeit gegenueber geochemischen Parametern untersucht. Unter der Beruecksichtigung der Gegenwart von Hydroxyspezies und anorganischen Liganden wurde die Retention toxischer Schwermetalle an diesen Oberflaechendepositen des NOM untersucht. Die Untersuchungen zur Reaktivitaet der NOM-Spezies setzt eine Analytik dieser Verbindungen und der Schwermetalle im Ultraspurenbereich

  20. Chromatographic separation of inorganic ions on thin layers of titanium phosphate ion-exchanger.

    Ghoulipour, Vanik; Safari, Moharram


    The chromatographic behavior of 30 inorganic cations has been studied on thin layers of titanium phosphate ion-exchanger using several aqueous, organic and mixed mobile phases. The separation of one ion from several other ions and also ternary and binary separations have been developed. Some important analytical separations are reported. The effect of pH of the mobile phase on retention factor (Rf) values of the cations in the presence of complex-forming anion along with the separation power of the ion-exchanger were studied. This ion-exchanger exhibits high sorption capacity and varying selectivity towards metal ions and makes it a suitable stationaiy phase in thin layer chromatography.

  1. Chromatographic separation of inorganic ions on thin layers of titanium phosphate ion-exchanger

    Vanik GHOULIPOUR; Moharram SAFARI


    The chromatographic behavior of 30 inorganic cations has been studied on thin layers of titanium phosphate ion-exchanger using several aqueous,organic and mixed mobile phases. The separation of one ion from several other ions and also ternary and binary separations have been developed. Some important analytical separations are reported. The effect of pH of the mobile phase on retention factor(Rf)values of the cations in the presence of complex-forming anion along with the separation power of the ion-exchanger were studied. This ion-exchanger exhibits high sorption capacity and varying selectivity towards metal ions and makes it a suitable stationary phase in thin layer chromatography.

  2. Descriptors for ions and ion-pairs for use in linear free energy relationships.

    Abraham, Michael H; Acree, William E


    The determination of Abraham descriptors for single ions is reviewed, and equations are given for the partition of single ions from water to a number of solvents. These ions include permanent anions and cations and ionic species such as carboxylic acid anions, phenoxide anions and protonated base cations. Descriptors for a large number of ions and ionic species are listed, and equations for the prediction of Abraham descriptors for ionic species are given. The application of descriptors for ions and ionic species to physicochemical processes is given; these are to water-solvent partitions, HPLC retention data, immobilised artificial membranes, the Finkelstein reaction and diffusion in water. Applications to biological processes include brain permeation, microsomal degradation of drugs, skin permeation and human intestinal absorption. The review concludes with a section on the determination of descriptors for ion-pairs.

  3. Des Balkans About the Balkans

    Predrag Matvejević


    Full Text Available Les Balkans témoignent de contradictions géographiques et politiques, perceptibles dans le changement d’appellation des lieux au cours de l’Histoire : de la péninsule illyrienne, grecque, byzantine à la « Turquie d’Europe » plus récente. Il est resté une dénomination venue des Turcs, les « Balkans ». Cette presqu’île n’offre pas de frontières naturelles difficiles à franchir. Les délimitations des géographes et historiens sont relatives et souvent arbitraires, et donc contestées. Sa définition est difficile, car, étant associée à la progression des troupes ottomanes, cette « zone de turbulences » garde aux yeux de certains un caractère négatif. Marqués par les bouleversements telluriques et historiques, les Balkans témoignent d’une pluralité et d’une variété démographiques, ce qui pose un grand nombre de questions en termes de rapports ethniques, de constructions identitaires et territoriales. Les revendications s’appuient aussi bien sur le mythe que sur l’Histoire. L’apparition de l’État-nation a constitué dans ces régions de multiples fractures à l’image du schisme chrétien de 1054, divisant Églises et croyances, empires et pouvoirs, styles et écritures. L’islam a engendré de nouvelles oppositions ou intolérances. Les puissances étrangères sont intervenues dans ce jeu pour tenter de le stabiliser tout en déterminant leurs sphères d’influence, figeant par le jeu des traités une multitude de questions irrésolues ou conflictuelles, sans apporter de réponse durable. Cet inachevé, dans une histoire faite de partages, suscite des frustrations, et nécessite une réécriture qui tarde à se faire jour, faute d’apaisement entre les différentes sensibilités. La littérature se fait l’écho de ces situations par l’évocation de la cruauté, sous l’occupation ottomane (cf. Ivo Andrić notamment, mais aussi dans l’actualité récente. « Cet espace qui produit

  4. La reputation scientifique contestee des freres Bogdanov

    Morin, H


    "Les celebres jumeaux sont revenus a la television apres avoir obtenu des theses en mathematiques et physique theorique. Depuis, ils sont la cible de virulentes critiques portant sur la qualite reelle de leurs travaux" (1 page).

  5. The enhancement of existing DES Maplet interface

    Abdullah, Nur Lina; Mutalip, Rasidah Abdull; Abdullah, Kamilah


    This study pertains to the process of Data Encryption Standard, DES. DES consists of encryption and decryption processes linked with mathematical elements such as algebra and number theory. Preliminary, studies revealed that most of mathematics students face a problem in understanding the complicated process of DES. In modern learning methods, learning environment becomes more interesting with the use of computer and a variety of mathematical software packages. Several mathematical softwares such as Maple, Mathematica, Mathlab and Sage were developed in order to fulfill the specific calculation requirements. Correspondingly, motivated from that, this study incorporated with Maple to enhance the existing DES Maplet interface to be more interactive and user-friendly compared to the original version.




    Cette étude prospective succincte nous a permis de réunir les informations suivantes - La grande fréquence des grossesses gémellaires dans le mois de septembre. - L'âge jeune des mamans. - La plupart des jumeaux occupent la première ou la deuxième place dans la fratrie. - Le bon état de santé des mamans avant la grossesse par l'absence d'antécédents pathologiques chez elles. - Un très faible tôt d'antécédent personnel de grossesse gémellaire antérieure contre une...

  7. Pyrotechnie : une évaluation des risques

    Aufauvre, Lionel; Marlair, Guy; Michot, Christian


    Depuis une dizaine d'années, la pyrotechnie tend à se démocratiser, comme en témoigne le développement du marché des artifices de divertissement pour le grand public en France. Elle touche de même l'ensemble de la population dans des applications comme les équipements de sécurité des véhicules automobiles de type airbags ou prétensionneurs de ceinture de sécurité. En effet, ces équipements mettent en oeuvre des matériaux énergétiques adaptés au temps de réaction, extrêmement court, nécessaire...

  8. Wood duck studies : Des Lacs NWR

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This memorandum summarizes wood duck studies on Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge and provides a brief history on the status of wood ducks on the edge of their...

  9. Table des abréviations


    A Textes juridiques al. : alinéa art. : article A.u.-Com. : Acte uniforme portant droit commercial général A.u.-Compt. : Acte uniforme portant harmonisation des comptabilités des entreprises A.u.-Proc.coll. : Acte uniforme portant organisation des procédures collectives d’apurement du passif A.u.-Soc. : Acte uniforme relatif aux sociétés commerciales et au groupement d’intérêt économique C.ass. : Code des assurances C.civ. : Code civil : Code de commerce C.E.S.D.H. : Convention europée...

  10. L 'Analyse des Organisations en Afrique:

    croissance économique, développement des techniques industrielles, nécessité d'une plus ... légale se caractérise par la consécration des règles de droit et d'un certain nombre ..... mais un système ouvert qui entretient avec son environnement une relation .... C'est l'affaire de tous, que l'on soit supérieur ou subordonné.

  11. Tabanidae (Diptera) des pays-bas

    Leclercq, M.


    INTRODUCTION Cette mise au point des Tabanides des Pays-Bas a été rendue possible grâce à la collaboration de M. V. S. van der Goot, département d'Entomologie, Zoölogisch Museum, Amsterdam, que nous remercions pour son amabilité. Nous avons pu étudier aussi les collections du Rijksmuseum van Natuurl

  12. Probleme des elektiven Mutismus bei Jugendlichen


    Nach einem Exkurs zur Terminologie des Begriffs elektiver Mutismus und zur Symptomatologie dieser Erkrankung wird anhand einer Krankengeschichte die Hauptproblematik der Psychotherapie mit einem jugendlichen Mutisten erörtert. Besondere Erwähnung finden dabei 1. der äußerst schwierige Abschnitt von der Kontaktaufnahme bis zur "regelrechten" Gesprächspsychotherapie und 2. der Konflikt, der in diesem speziellen Fall der Entstehung des Mutismus zugrunde liegt. Hinweise zur Arbeit mit de...

  13. Der Machtmensch: zur Dramatologie des Politikers

    Hitzler, Ronald


    Der Beitrag erörtert das Anforderungsprofil des modernen Politikers, wobei unter anderem folgende Aspekte beleuchtet werden: (1) Die Darstellungskompetenz, (2) Machiavellismus, (3) die typische Persönlichkeit des Politikers (Harold D. Laswell), (4) Politik als Beruf (M. Weber), (5) die wichtigsten Bedingungen für eine erfolgreiche Politikerkarriere, (6) politisches Handeln verstanden als Inszenierungsarbeit, (7) Politik als Ritual (Murray Edelman), (8) die Dramatologie der Politik sowie (9) d...

  14. Analyse de la mobilité des paysages et des systèmes sociaux en Thessalie : l’apport des images Landsat TM

    Bernard Helly


    Full Text Available Une équipe pluridisciplinaire tente d’identifier la répartition des sites observables ou enfouis dans la plaine de Larissa. L’analyse d’image Landsat TM a permis d’identifier l’extension réelle des épandages, des systèmes de failles mais aussi des trames anthropiques qu’aucun autre document n’illustre.

  15. Caracterisation des proprietes acoustiques des materiaux poreux a cellules ouvertes et a matrice rigide ou souple

    Salissou, Yacoubou

    L'objectif global vise par les travaux de cette these est d'ameliorer la caracterisation des proprietes macroscopiques des materiaux poreux a structure rigide ou souple par des approches inverses et indirectes basees sur des mesures acoustiques faites en tube d'impedance. La precision des approches inverses et indirectes utilisees aujourd'hui est principalement limitee par la qualite des mesures acoustiques obtenues en tube d'impedance. En consequence, cette these se penche sur quatre problemes qui aideront a l'atteinte de l'objectif global precite. Le premier probleme porte sur une caracterisation precise de la porosite ouverte des materiaux poreux. Cette propriete en est une de passage permettant de lier la mesure des proprietes dynamiques acoustiques d'un materiau poreux aux proprietes effectives de sa phase fluide decrite par les modeles semi-phenomenologiques. Le deuxieme probleme traite de l'hypothese de symetrie des materiaux poreux selon leur epaisseur ou un index et un critere sont proposes pour quantifier l'asymetrie d'un materiau. Cette hypothese est souvent source d'imprecision des methodes de caracterisation inverses et indirectes en tube d'impedance. Le critere d'asymetrie propose permet ainsi de s'assurer de l'applicabilite et de la precision de ces methodes pour un materiau donne. Le troisieme probleme vise a mieux comprendre le probleme de transmission sonore en tube d'impedance en presentant pour la premiere fois un developpement exact du probleme par decomposition d'ondes. Ce developpement permet d'etablir clairement les limites des nombreuses methodes existantes basees sur des tubes de transmission a 2, 3 ou 4 microphones. La meilleure comprehension de ce probleme de transmission est importante puisque c'est par ce type de mesures que des methodes permettent d'extraire successivement la matrice de transfert d'un materiau poreux et ses proprietes dynamiques intrinseques comme son impedance caracteristique et son nombre d'onde complexe. Enfin, le


    Xiuwu Hou; Xiaofan Zhou; Rui Peng; Fei Wang


    The retention and drainage performances of microparticle retention system were studied in this paper, through measuring the improvement of beaten degree and retention ratio of slurry. The effects the retention system on paper sheet were discussed by measuring physical properties of paper. Compared with the influence of Hydrocol system (CPAM/bentonite) on the aspects of retention aid and drainage properties as well as increased product cost per ton paper, the developed nonionic system has some superiority and better practicability.

  17. Study on the Retention Behavior of Aromatic Carboxylic and Sulfonic acid on a New Anion Exchange Column

    SHI,Ya-Li; CAI,Ya-Qi; MOU,Shi-Fen


    Ion chromatography (IC) has gradually developed into a preferred method for the determination of inorganic anions. And in recent years some low molecular aliphatic acid can be also separated in the ion exchange column with the development of stationary phase. But for the determination of aromatic ionic compounds there are some problems. The aromatic anions show enhanced retention due to interaction with the π electrons of the aromatic backbone. Although the addition of an organic modifier can alleviate the difficulty, it is not the ultimate solution.IonPac AS20 column was developed using a unique polymer bonding technology and its substrate coating is aliphatic backbone. The polymer is completely free of any π electron-containing substituents in the AS20 column. In this paper, the retention behavior of aromatic carboxylic and sulfonic acid on two hydroxide-selective columns,IonPac AS11-HC, AS16, and the new column AS20 was also studied. The result showed that the retentions of ten compounds on three columns were different with each other because of their different column characteristics.Among them 4-chlorobenzene sulfonic acid, 3,5-dihydric benzoic acid and salicylic acid obviously exhibited the weakest retention on the IonPac AS20. It was showed that π-π bond function between anion and stationary phases was weakened in AS20 column because its polymer was completely free of any π electron-containing substituents.So in this paper the AS20 was selected as an analytical column to separate ten aromatic ionic compounds, fumaric acid with conjugate bond included. The retention behavior, separation of the ten compounds and effect of temperature on their retention in the anion-exchange column AS20 (2 mm) were studied. The result showed that those compounds could be separated with each other when running in gradient program and the organic modifier was unnecessary during the separation. So it is showed that AS20 column can be used as a separating column because its


    George NICULESCU


    Full Text Available Les activités de services sont difficiles à gérer dans le cadre du marketing-mix traditionnel car, contrairement aux biens tangibles produits la qualité des services est très dépendante de facteurs personnels. De même, la nature intangible des services n’est pas prise en compte dans la plupart des analyses du marketing-mix. Par exemple, la distribution physique ne coïncide pas avec la distribution d’éléments invisibles et la politique de communication de l’approche traditionnelle du marketingmix (4P’s ne reconnaît pas la communication des services établie sur le lieu de rencontre entre le personnel de contact de la firme et les clients. Même si les opinions sont partagées et que le débat n’est pas clos, on peut considérer que des éléments supplémentaires s’imposent pour élaborer un marketing qui permette de satisfaire les attentes des parties contractantes de la façon la plus satisfaisante possible

  19. Nursing Student Retention in Associate Degree Nursing Programs Utilizing a Retention Specialist

    Schrum, Ronna A.


    The purpose of this study was to examine specific variables associated with nursing student retention in Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Programs. Jeffreys (2004) Nursing Undergraduate Retention and Success (NURS) conceptual model provided the framework for this descriptive correlational study. One hundred sixty eight pre-licensure associate degree…

  20. Wiktor Stoczkowski, Des hommes, des dieux et des extraterrestres. Ethnologie d’une croyance moderne

    Lepoutre, David


    Voici un ouvrage qui nous fait entrer de plain-pied dans une subculture contemporaine généralement perçue comme marginale et qui s’avère pourtant être d’une importance sociale considérable. Il s’agit de l’univers, exotique s’il en est, des parasciences et de la pensée occultiste. Le lecteur curieux y trouvera un ensemble de développements remarquablement bien documentés et ordonnés sur un certain nombre de sujets et de thèmes liés à cette pensée contemporaine dont les ramifications tentaculai...

  1. Situational Determinants of Retention Decisions,


    I, Tile u s t - I l l C c , vih ,ir-h t imer .’ is ,‘oImnunicat ion aund 1 rmms t ammon~ members nIl 0 wo rK w t ‘ .‘r , I S.’ as l n,m.sp...i ’ . A P u 19 E l *l’..IROS ‘Clmn(ino. OIl 151151 ’ l.. aId . if n.r...a,y and ImSm nCIfy by f.!, , A , ,OltT bSh, ‘ ‘ 1 ‘ ‘ I ” 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 U...I’ I ’ - 1 I I I I (iii i l l I ’ll ’ - . ‘.1 ’ i.,iI1,I; ~.‘ m , l ’i 20 A B S T R A C T (Co f l f I l ’ u T , . um ~4 / ~~ t C ~~~• aids IF

  2. Employee retention: a customer service approach.

    Gerson, Richard F


    Employee retention is a huge problem. There are staff shortages in radiology because not enough people are entering the profession; too many people are leaving the profession for retirement, higher-paying jobs or jobs with less stress; and there are not enough opportunities for career advancement. Staff shortages are exacerbated by difficulty in retaining people who enter the profession. While much work has been focused on recruitment and getting more people "in the front door," I suggest that the bulk of future efforts be focused on employee retention and "closing the back door." Employee retention must be an ongoing process, not a program. Approaches to employee retention that focus on external things, i.e., things that the company can do to or for the employee, generally are not successful. The truth is that employee retention processes must focus on what the employee gets out of the job. The process must be a benefits-based approach that helps employees answer the question, "What's in it for me?" The retention processes must be ongoing and integrated into the daily culture of the company. The best way to keep your employees is to treat them like customers. Customer service works for external customers. We treat them nicely. We work to satisfy them. We help them achieve their goals. Why not do the same for our employees? If positive customer service policies and practices can satisfy and keep external customers, why not adapt these policies and practices for employees? And, there is a service/satisfaction link between employee retention and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Customers prefer dealing with the same employees over and over again. Employee turnover destroys a customer's confidence in the company. Just like a customer does not want to have to "train and educate" a new provider, they do not want to do the same for your "revolving door" employees. So, the key is to keep employees so they in turn will help you keep your customers. Because the

  3. Contribution a la comprehension de la durabilite a l'ecaillage des betons contenant de la cendre volante et du laitier

    Houehanou, Ernesto C.

    similaires apres 4 et 6 annees de service. La microstructure des betons en service a ete analysee au moyen du microscope a balayage electronique (MEB). Les resultats montrent que la qualite du murissement influence grandement la durabilite a l'ecaillage des betons contenant de la cendre volante et de laitier surtout lorsqu'ils sont soumis ' aux essais acceleres en laboratoire. La duree du pretraitement humide est un parametre cle de la durabilite a l'ecaillage des betons testes en laboratoire. Le pretraitement humide correspond a la duree totale du murissement humide (100% HR) et de la periode de presaturation. Pour les deux methodes d'essai, l'allongement du pretraitement humide a 28 jours ameliore la resistance a l'ecaillage de tous les types de betons et en particulier celle des betons avec cendres volantes. Pour les deux methodes d'essai, l'allongement du pretraitement humide a 28 jours ameliore la resistance a l'ecaillage de tous les types de betons et en particulier celle des betons avec cendres volantes. La periode de presaturation de 7 jours de la procedure NQ 2621-900 a un effet similaire a celui d'un murissement humide de meme longueur. Un murissement humide de 28 jours apparait optimal et conduit a une estimation plus realiste de la resistance a l'ecaillage reelle des betons. Pour une meme duree de pretraitement humide, les procedures NQ 2621-900 et ASTM C672 donnent des resultats equivalents. L'utilisation d'un moule a fond drainant n'a pas d'effet sur la resistance a l'ecaillage des betons de cette etude. Bien que le murissement dans l'eau saturee de chaux offre toute l'eau requise pour favoriser le developpement des proprietes du beton et l'amelioration de sa durabilite a l'ecaillage, elle lessive cependant les ions alcalins ce qui diminue defavorablement l'alcalinite et le pH de la solution interstitielle de la pate de ciment pres de la surface exposee. L'utilisation d'un agent de murissement protege mieux les betons contenant de la cendre volante et ameliore

  4. Healthcare Learning Community and Student Retention

    Sherryl W. Johnson, PhD


    Full Text Available Teaching, learning, and retention processes have evolved historically to include multifaceted techniques beyond the traditional lecture. This article presents related results of a study using a healthcare learning community in a southwest Georgia university. The value of novel techniques and tools in promoting student learning and retention remains under review. This study includes a healthcare learning community as a cutting-edge teaching and learning modality. The results of an introspective survey of 22 students in a learning community explore strategies to enhance culturally relevant teaching, learning, and retention. Although learning and retention studies have been conducted at numerous universities, few have included feedback from students in a healthcare learning community. Frequencies from student responses were tabulated using five thematic factors: social support, career knowledge/opportunities, academic support, networking and faculty rapport/relationship building. Of the five theme areas, social support was identified most frequently by students as a means to support their learning and retention in the university setting.

  5. Ion Chromatography.

    Mulik, James D.; Sawicki, Eugene


    Accurate for the analysis of ions in solution, this form of analysis enables the analyst to directly assay many compounds that previously were difficult or impossible to analyze. The method is a combination of the methodologies of ion exchange, liquid chromatography, and conductimetric determination with eluant suppression. (Author/RE)

  6. 127 Impact des rejets urbains et industriels sur la qualité des eaux ...


    rejets industriels et urbains sur l'évolution de la qualité des eaux de surface et ... 1,0205= 11820, sa principale activité est l'agriculture, visible surtout dans la partie Sud là .... Ils sont également indicateurs d'une pollution par des eaux usées.

  7. Marine Traffic Project, un outil d’observation des routes et des ports maritimes

    Hervé Théry


    Full Text Available Le site Marine Traffic fournit, gratuitement et en temps réel, des informations sur les mouvements des navires dans le monde entier. Il fait partie d’un projet universitaire qui a pour but la collecte et la diffusion de ces données en vue de leur exploitation dans divers domaines…

  8. Mechanisms for dose retention in conformal arsenic doping using a radial line slot antenna microwave plasma source

    Ueda, Hirokazu; Ventzek, Peter L. G.; Oka, Masahiro; Kobayashi, Yuuki; Sugimoto, Yasuhiro


    Topographic structures such as Fin FETs and silicon nanowires for advanced gate fabrication require ultra-shallow high dose infusion of dopants into the silicon subsurface. Plasma doping meets this requirement by supplying a flux of inert ions and dopant radicals to the surface. However, the helium ion bombardment needed to infuse dopants into the fin surface can cause poor dose retention. This is due to the interaction between substrate damage and post doping process wet cleaning solutions required in the front end of line large-scale integration fabrication. We present findings from surface microscopy experiments that reveal the mechanism for dose retention in arsenic doped silicon fin samples using a microwave RLSA™ plasma source. Dilute aqueous hydrofluoric acid (DHF) cleans by themselves are incompatible with plasma doping processes because the films deposited over the dosed silicon and ion bombardment damaged silicon are readily removed. Oxidizing wet cleaning chemistries help retain the dose as silica rich over-layers are not significantly degraded. Furthermore, the dosed retention after a DHF clean following an oxidizing wet clean is unchanged. Still, the initial ion bombardment energy and flux are important. Large ion fluxes at energies below the sputter threshold and above the silicon damage threshold, before the silicon surface is covered by an amorphous mixed phase layer, allow for enhanced uptake of dopant into the silicon. The resulting dopant concentration is beyond the saturation limit of crystalline silicon.

  9. Services de transfert des savoirs

    Albert Simard


    Full Text Available Le présent article décrit un modèle visant à faciliter la compréhension du processus de transfert du contenu depuis sa source jusqu’à son utilisation. Un groupe de travail de Ressources naturelles Canada a étudié la nature du transfert des savoirs à l’aide d’un modèle de services, afin de découvrir et comprendre les modèles et processus sous-jacents. Les services de savoir sont des programmes qui créent et fournissent des produits organisationnels basés sur un contenu et ayant une valeur intégrée. Ces programmes sont destinés à être utilisés en interne ou transférés pour répondre aux souhaits et besoins d’un utilisateur externe. Les critères de conception du modèle sont les suivants : indépendance par rapport au contenu, concentration sur l’organisation, évolutivité, deux pilotes et deux niveaux de résolution. Le modèle est basé sur une chaîne de valeur dans laquelle la valeur est intégrée, déplacée ou extraite. Un système de services de savoir se divise en neuf étapes : générer, transformer, gérer, utiliser en interne, transférer, ajouter de la valeur, utiliser professionnellement, utiliser personnellement et évaluer. Les services de savoir sont fournis par l’intermédiaire d’un spectre de distribution allant de complexe à accessible. À chaque région du spectre de distribution correspond une série d’attributs qui influencent la manière dont les services sont fournis.This paper describes a model intended to increase understanding of how content is transferred from its source to its use. A Natural Resources Canada task group explored the nature of knowledge transfer with a services paradigm to discover and understand underlying patterns and processes. Knowledge Services are programs that produce and pro-vide content-based organizational outputs with embedded value that are intended to be used internally or transferred to meet external user wants or needs. Model design criteria

  10. Analysis of Native-Like Ions Using Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations.

    Allen, Samuel J; Eaton, Rachel M; Bush, Matthew F


    Ion mobility separation of native-like protein and protein complex ions expands the structural information available through native mass spectrometry analysis. Here, we implement Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations (SLIM) for the analysis of native-like ions. SLIM has been shown previously to operate with near lossless transmission of ions up to 3000 Da in mass. Here for the first time, SLIM was used to separate native-like protein and protein complex ions ranging in mass from 12 to 145 kDa. The resulting arrival-time distributions were monomodal and were used to determine collision cross section values that are within 3% of those determined from radio-frequency-confining drift cell measurements. These results are consistent with the retention of native-like ion structures throughout these experiments. The apparent resolving powers of native-like ions measured using SLIM are as high as 42, which is the highest value reported directly from experimental data for the native-like ion of a protein complex. Interestingly, the apparent resolving power depends strongly on the identity of the analyte, suggesting that the arrival-time distributions of these ions may have contributions from an ensemble of structures in the gas phase that is unique to each analyte. These results suggest that the broad range of emerging SLIM technologies may all be adaptable to the analysis of native-like ions, which will enable future applications in the areas of structural biology, biophysics, and biopharmaceutical characterization.

  11. Retention and failure morphology of prefabricated posts

    Sahafi, Alireza; Peutzfeldt, Anne; Asmussen, Erik;


    PURPOSE: This study evaluated the effect of cement, post material, surface treatment, and shape (1) on the retention of posts luted in the root canals of extracted human teeth and (2) on the failure morphology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Posts of titanium alloy (ParaPost XH), glass fiber (Para......Post Fiber White), and zirconia (Cerapost) received one of several surface treatments-sandblasting, CoJet treatment, application of Metalprimer II, or sandblasting followed by silane application-and were then luted in the prepared root canal of human incisors and canines (n = 10). Following water storage...... at 37 degrees C for 7 days, retention was determined by extraction of the posts. Failure morphology of extracted posts was analyzed and quantified stereomicroscopically. RESULTS: Type of luting cement, post material, and shape of post influenced the retention and failure morphology of the posts. Because...

  12. Safeguards Workforce Repatriation, Retention and Utilization

    Gallucci, Nicholas [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Poe, Sarah [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    Brookhaven National Laboratory was tasked by NA-241 to assess the transition of former IAEA employees back to the United States, investigating the rate of retention and overall smoothness of the repatriation process among returning safeguards professionals. Upon conducting several phone interviews, study authors found that the repatriation process went smoothly for the vast majority and that workforce retention was high. However, several respondents expressed irritation over the minimal extent to which their safeguards expertise had been leveraged in their current positions. This sentiment was pervasive enough to prompt a follow-on study focusing on questions relating to the utilization rather than the retention of safeguards professionals. A second, web-based survey was conducted, soliciting responses from a larger sample pool. Results suggest that the safeguards workforce may be oversaturated, and that young professionals returning to the United States from Agency positions may soon encounter difficulties finding jobs in the field.

  13. Mercury retention, a trait of chickens

    Miller, V.L.; Bearse, G.E.; Hammermeister, K.E.


    Experiments were performed in order to gain further information on the mercury retention of two strains of chickens, the reciprocal crosses of these lines and sex differences in retention. White Leghorns were selected for resistance and susceptibility to the avian leukosis complex. Approximately 6 males and 6 females from each of the strains and reciprocal crosses were injected in the breast muscle with phenylmercury acetate at the rate of 3.0 mg. mercury per kg. body weight. The kidneys were excised and analyzed for total mercury. Results indicate that the first generation cross chicks resembled the parent that retained mercury poorly more closely than they did the one retaining large amounts of mercury. There was no significant differences between sexes in mercury retention. 4 references, 1 table.

  14. Height, Relationship Satisfaction, Jealousy, and Mate Retention

    Gayle Brewer


    Full Text Available Male height is associated with high mate value. In particular, tall men are perceived as more attractive, dominant and of a higher status than shorter rivals, resulting in a greater lifetime reproductive success. Female infidelity and relationship dissolution may therefore present a greater risk to short men. It was predicted that tall men would report greater relationship satisfaction and lower jealousy and mate retention behavior than short men. Ninety eight heterosexual men in a current romantic relationship completed a questionnaire. Both linear and quadratic relationships were found between male height and relationship satisfaction, cognitive and behavioral jealousy. Tall men reported greater relationship satisfaction and lower levels of cognitive or behavioral jealousy than short men. In addition, linear and quadratic relationships were found between male height and a number of mate retention behaviors. Tall and short men engaged in different mate retention behaviors. These findings are consistent with previous research conducted in this area detailing the greater attractiveness of tall men.

  15. Effets perturbateurs endocriniens des pesticides organochlores.

    Charlier, C; Plomteux, G


    Xenoestrogens such organochlorine pesticides are known to induce changes in reproductive development, function or behaviour in wildlife. Because these compounds are able to modify the estrogens metabolism, or to compete with estradiol for binding to the estrogen receptor, it may be possible that these products affect the risk of developing impaired fertility, precocious puberty or some kinds of cancer in man. Le plus ancien récit de lutte contre la pollution remonte à une légende indienne racontant que la divinité Sing-bonga était incommodée par les émanations des fours dans lesquels les Asuras fondaient leurs métaux (1). Evidemment depuis, la problématique n-a cessé de s-accroître et la contamination de la Terre par de nombreux polluants est devenue aujourd-hui un problème majeur de notre Société. La protection de notre environnement est une question capitale qui doit être respectée malgré la pression économique actuelle et qui ne cessera de croître au cours des prochaines années même si l-identification objective et indiscutable de ce qui est essentiel - donc devant être prioritairement garanti sur la planète - est difficile à cerner (2). « Un oiseau en mauvais état ne pond pas de bons oeufs » disait un proverbe grec. Mais ce n-est qu-à partir de la seconde moitié du XXème siècle que les toxicologues ont commencé à identifier les effets qu-avaient entraînés à l-échelle mondiale les pollutions émises aux XIXème siècle sur la faune sauvage et sur le cheptel (3). L-histoire contemporaine des pesticides industriels commence vers 1874 (synthèse des organochlorés) et se poursuit tout au long de ces 2 siècles en passant par la synthèse des organophosphorés (1950), des carbamates (1970) et des pyréthroïdes (1975) (4). Le dichlorodiphényltrichloroéthane (DDT) a été synthétisé pour la première fois par un étudiant en cours de préparation de sa thèse de doctorat : Othmer Zeidler. La production, reprise par les

  16. Micro Blog:un monde des rumeurs%Micro Blog : un monde des rumeurs



    Quel est le divertissement le plus populaire sur Internet depuis ao(u)t 2009 en Chine ? Ce serait le Micro Blog du site web Sina.Avec 100 millions d'utilisateurs,ce Micro Blog est une plate-forme où l'on peut partager,diffuser et obtenir des informations immédiatement.En comparaison d'autres micro blogs tels que twitter et facebook,celui de Sina nous offre plus de services.Avec 140 mots,nous pouvons bien exprimer au moins une idée en chinois.De plus,en diffusant des critiques,des photos,des vidéos et des chansons,chacun devient jourr(n)aliste en observant et enregistrant les nouvelles de la vie.

  17. Vom Bürger zum Kunden. Der Strukturwandel des Bildungssystems und der demokratischen Kultur in Deutschland

    Zymek, Bernd


    Der Artikel analysiert aus einer bildungs- und sozialhistorischen Perspektive die Ursachen und Konsequenzen des auffälligen Begriffswandels und Strategiewechsels in den bildungspolitischen Debatten Deutschlands. die aktuelle Konjunktur ökonomischer Begriffe und betriebswirtschaftlicher Strategien wird im Zusammenhang des langfristigen Strukturwandels des deutschen Bildungssystems, des Funktionsverlusts des Berechtigungswesens und der Expansion kommerzieller Bildungsangebote im Umfeld des staa...

  18. La gestion des eaux souterraines et des steppes en Syrie : une ouverture internationale sous contrôle

    Saadé-Sbeih, Myriam; Jaubert, Ronald; Al-Dbiyat, Mohamed


    À partir de la fin des années 1990, dans un contexte d’ouverture à l’international, les autorités syriennes adoptèrent une posture conforme au discours des organisations internationales de développement en redéfinissant les politiques d’exploitation des eaux souterraines et des parcours steppiques. Si les programmes mis en œuvre semblent dans un premier temps correspondre à l’adoption des principes et instruments de régulation et de gestion des ressources naturelles promus par les organisatio...

  19. Multistatic Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Sensor, Signals and Data Fusion (Surveillance et Reconnaissance Multistatiques : Fusion des capteurs, des signaux et des donnees)


    capteurs , des signaux et des données) Research and Technology Organisation (NATO) BP 25, F-92201 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France RTO-EN-SET-133...this new paradigm, each radar/sonar can receive and process its own signal and/or the signal of other local sources. The application of bi-/multistatic...Multistatiques : Fusion des capteurs , des signaux et des données) The material in this publication was assembled to support a Lecture Series under the

  20. USAR Nurse Referral and Retention Program.

    Foley, J E; Foley, B J


    In 1987, the 804th Hospital Center made alleviating the shortfall of registered nurses in the Command a priority. The Command had only 79% of its registered nurse positions filled at the time. Using the recruitment strategies of an employee referral program and a mailing list, the Command reached 100% fill in 2 years and maintained those gains for an additional year. Retention strategies were also implemented which lowered the attrition rate. This paper describes the Army Nurse Referral and Retention Program developed and implemented at the 804th Hospital Center that relieved the shortfall of registered nurses in the United States Army Reserve in New England.

  1. Nitrogen Saturation in Highly Retentive Watersheds?

    Daley, M. L.; McDowell, W. H.


    Watershed managers are often concerned with minimizing the amount of N delivered to N-limited estuaries and coastal zones. A major concern is that watersheds might reach N saturation, in which N delivered to coastal zones increases due to declines in the efficiency of N retention despite constant or even reduced N inputs. We have quantified long-term changes in N inputs (atmospheric deposition, imported food and agricultural fertilizers), outputs (N concentration and export) and retention in the urbanizing Lamprey River watershed in coastal NH. Overall, the Lamprey watershed is 70% forested, receives about 13.5 kg N/ha/yr and has a high rate of annual N retention (85%). Atmospheric deposition (8.7 kg/ha/yr) is the largest N input to the watershed. Of the 2.2 kg N/ha/yr exported in the Lamprey River, dissolved organic N (DON) is the dominant form (50% of total) and it varies spatially throughout the watershed with wetland cover. Nitrate accounts for 30% of the N exported, shows a statistically significant increase from 1999 to 2009, and its spatial variability in both concentration and export is related to human population density. In sub-basins throughout the Lamprey, inorganic N retention is high (85-99%), but the efficiency of N retention declines sharply with increased human population density and associated anthropogenic N inputs. N assimilation in the vegetation, denitrification to the atmosphere and storage in the groundwater pool could all be important contributors to the current high rates of N retention. The temporal and spatial patterns that we have observed in nitrate concentration and export are driven by increases in N inputs and impervious surfaces over time, but the declining efficiency of N retention suggests that the watershed may also be reaching N saturation. The downstream receiving estuary, Great Bay, already suffers from low dissolved oxygen levels and eelgrass loss in part due to N loading from the Lamprey watershed. Targeting and reducing

  2. A Kalman Filter Integrated Navigation Design for the IAR Twin Otter Atmospheric Research Aircraft (Methode de Navigation Integree a Filtre de Kalman Destinee au Twin Otter de L’Ira Charge des Recherches Atmospheriques)


    A FILTRE DE KALMAN DESTINEE AU TWIN OTTER DE LIRA CHARGE DES RECHERCHES ATMOSPHERIQUES A4%.’s~ion o by :Di RATAI B.W. Leach____________ Institute for...navigation ant fait I’objet de travaux ant~rieurs de mise au point qui ant ddmantr6 qu’un dispositif de navigation int~gr6e A filtre Kalman pr~sentait...I’ensembls des d6tecteurs instafls A bard du Twin Otter s’est traduite par la passibilit6 de g~n~rer, par le biais d’un filtre de Kalman , des donn~es

  3. Aimant PS: controle de l'etat des sertissages internes des PFW mesures effectues surl'ensemble des aimants du PS pendant le grand arret 2004/2006

    Ottaviani, J


    Les sertissages (douilles), utilisés pour raccorder les méplats du circuit principal des PFW à leurs câbles d’alimentation, présentent parfois des défauts de réalisation qui entraînent une résistance électrique anormale. Pour mettre en évidence ces défauts, la résistance des 4 sertissages des nappes polaires est mesurée. Les nappes sont alimentées avec un courant efficace nominal de 80A.Les mesures sont effectuées entre le bornier de connexions des 4 câbles d’alimentation des PFW et les circuits auxiliaires correspondants (Pick-ups brasés sur les enroulements). De ces mesures (câble d’alimentation et une courte partie du circuit principal) est déduite la valeur de la résistance du sertissage qui en assure la liaison. A la mesure des résistances des sertissages des nappes polaires supérieures s’ajoute la résistance des câbles qui assurent la liaison entre borniers. Dans le cadre de la rénovation des aimants du PS, les 100 unités on été mesurées.

  4. Dans le tourbillon des particules

    Zito, Marco


    Accélérateurs géants, détecteurs complexes, particules énigmatiques... La physique subatomique peut sembler bien intimidante pour le novice. Et pourtant, qui n a jamais entendu parler du boson de Higgs et du CERN, le laboratoire européen où il a été découvert en 2012 ? Nul besoin d être un spécialiste pour comprendre de quoi il s agit. Aujourd hui, une théorie extraordinairement élégante, le Modèle Standard, décrit tous les résultats des expériences dans le domaine. Trente-sept particules élémentaires et quatre forces fondamentales : c est tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour expliquer la matière et l Univers ! Ce livre, destiné à un large public, raconte sans équations le long parcours qui a abouti au Modèle Standard. Ce parcours, parfois sinueux, a été entamé lorsque les Grecs anciens, et peut-être d autres avant eux, ont imaginé que la matière est composée de petites « billes ». Il faudra attendre plusieurs siècles pour qu on réalise que la matière, à l échelle micros...

  5. Running Club - Nocturne des Evaux

    Running club


    Les coureurs du CERN sont encore montés sur les plus hautes marches du podium lors de la course interentreprises. Cette course d’équipe qui se déroule de nuit et par équipe de 3 à 4 coureurs est unique dans la région de par son originalité : départ groupé toutes les 30 secondes, les 3 premiers coureurs doivent passer la ligne d’arrivée ensemble. Double victoire pour le running club a la nocturne !!!! 1ère place pour les filles et 22e au classement général; 1ère place pour l'équipe mixte et 4e au général, battant par la même occasion le record de l'épreuve en mixte d'environ 1 minute; 10e place pour l'équipe homme. Retrouvez tous les résultats sur

  6. Dictionnaire d'analyse et de gestion des risques

    Desroches, Alain


    Ce dictionnaire présente les principaux termes utilisés en analyse et gestion des risques, pour tous les secteurs d'activité industrielle ou de service. Il permet de clarifier des terminologies existantes présentant des variations plus ou moins importantes et parfois des contradictions de sens. Il propose : premièrement, la définition des auteurs, définition correspondant à l'usage le plus courant du terme , deuxièmement, les différences avec les terminologies existantes (essentiellement des normes) , troisièmement, des compléments à la définition, lorsque cela semble nécessaire et notamment lorsqu'il est important de préciser le contexte d'utilisation du terme , en dernier lieu, des exemples pratiques d'application, lorsque cela peut apporter un éclairage complémentaire pertinent.

  7. Refuge development report : Des Lacs Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Report on the development of Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge. This report introduces the physical and biological characteristics of the Des Lacs area. This report...

  8. [Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge habitat improvement to combat botulism

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This documents discusses the possibilities of ditching the Upper Des Lacs lake as a means of combating botulism on the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge.

  9. Stabilisation de la formule des traces tordue

    Moeglin, Colette


    Ce travail en deux volumes donne la preuve de la stabilisation de la formule des trace tordue. Stabiliser la formule des traces tordue est la méthode la plus puissante connue actuellement pour comprendre l'action naturelle du groupe des points adéliques d'un groupe réductif, tordue par un automorphisme, sur les formes automorphes de carré intégrable de ce groupe. Cette compréhension se fait en réduisant le problème, suivant les idées de Langlands, à des groupes plus petits munis d'un certain nombre de données auxiliaires; c'est ce que l'on appelle les données endoscopiques. L'analogue non tordu a été résolu par J. Arthur et dans ce livre on suit la stratégie de celui-ci. Publier ce travail sous forme de livre permet de le rendre le plus complet possible. Les auteurs ont repris la théorie de l'endoscopie tordue développée par R. Kottwitz et D. Shelstad et par J.-P. Labesse. Ils donnent tous les arguments des démonstrations même si nombre d'entre eux se trouvent déjà dans les travaux d'Ar...

  10. Positionsbestimmung des Unternehmens: Interne und externe Analyse

    Bergmann, Lars; Crespo, Isabel; Portmann, Stefan

    Die Initiierung und Lenkung von Maßnahmen zur integrierten Modernisierung zielen auf die Verbesserung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens ab. Damit diese Maßnahmen zielgerichtet die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit verbessern können, ist Wissen über die bestehende Wettbewerbsfähigkeit sowie über die bestehenden Fähigkeiten eine zentrale Voraussetzung. Eine zielgerichtete Auswahl problemadäquater Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bedarf daher im Vorfeld einer Bewertung der aktuellen Situation des Unternehmens im Sinne einer Positionsbestimmung. Erst wenn die internen Stärken und Schwächen sowie die externen Chancen und Risiken identifiziert sind, kann ein ganzheitliches Bild von der Position eines Unternehmens in seiner Umwelt gewonnen werden. Auf Basis der Kenntnisse über die Position des Unternehmens können anschließend zielgerichtet Maßnahmen ausgewählt werden, die einen Beitrag zur Verbesserung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des Unternehmens haben. Damit kommt der Positionsbestimmung als initialer Schritt des Prozesses der strategischen Unternehmensplanung eine zentrale Bedeutung im Rahmen der integrierten Modernisierung zu. Erfolgt die Auswahl von Maßnahmen ohne eine vorherige Positionsbestimmung, also lediglich auf Basis drängender Probleme, so besteht die Gefahr einer unbedachten und nur auf das "hier und heute“ bezogenen Schwerpunktbildung ohne Berücksichtigung der mittel- und langfristigen Ziele des Unternehmens.

  11. Alternative paradigms for ion channelopathies: disorders of ion channel membrane trafficking and posttranslational modification.

    Curran, Jerry; Mohler, Peter J


    Channelopathies are a diverse set of disorders associated with defects in ion channel (and transporter) function. Although the vast majority of channelopathies are linked with inherited mutations that alter ion channel biophysical properties, another group of similar disorders has emerged that alter ion channel synthesis, membrane trafficking, and/or posttranslational modifications. In fact, some electrical and episodic disorders have now been identified that are not defects in the ion channel but instead reflect dysfunction in an ion channel (or transporter) regulatory protein. This review focuses on alternative paradigms for physiological disorders associated with protein biosynthesis, folding, trafficking, and membrane retention. Furthermore, the review highlights the role of aberrant posttranslational modifications in acquired channelopathies.

  12. Ion focusing

    Cooks, Robert Graham; Baird, Zane; Peng, Wen-Ping


    The invention generally relates to apparatuses for focusing ions at or above ambient pressure and methods of use thereof. In certain embodiments, the invention provides an apparatus for focusing ions that includes an electrode having a cavity, at least one inlet within the electrode configured to operatively couple with an ionization source, such that discharge generated by the ionization source is injected into the cavity of the electrode, and an outlet. The cavity in the electrode is shaped such that upon application of voltage to the electrode, ions within the cavity are focused and directed to the outlet, which is positioned such that a proximal end of the outlet receives the focused ions and a distal end of the outlet is open to ambient pressure.

  13. The Case for Focusing on Millennial Retention.

    Koppel, Jenna; Deline, Marisa; Virkstis, Katherine

    A concern for nurse leaders is rapid turnover of engaged, early-tenure millennial nurses. In this 1st article in a 2-part series, the authors describe why leaders should supplement their organization's current investments in engagement with retention strategies targeted at millennial nurses.

  14. 5 CFR 293.511 - Retention schedule.


    ... RECORDS Employee Medical File System Records § 293.511 Retention schedule. (a) Temporary EMFS records must... accordance with General Records Schedule (GRS) 1, item 21, issued by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). (b) Occupational Medical Records considered to be long-term records must be maintained...

  15. Studies on nitrogen retention in growing pigs

    Thorbek, G; Henckel, S; Chwalibog, André;


    Nitrogen retention (RN) was measured in 60 barrows of Danish Landrace and a total of 470 balance periods was carried out during the growth period from 20 to 85 kg live weight. In the first serie (Expt A) six different feed compounds of high biological value (HBV) were fed to 48 barrows, while...... in the second serie (Expt B) 12 barrows were measured on feed compounds of HBV or low biological value (LBV). Three different levels of gross energy were used in Expt B. Individual differences of 10-20% in the pigs capability for nitrogen retention were observed. Nitrogen retention increased from 12 to 21 g N....../d on the HBV-compounds and was not influenced by increasing nitrogen or energy intake. Nitrogen retention was curvilinear in relation to metabolic live weight (kg0.75) in both series. A parabolic function on kg0.75 gave the best fit to the data with the following regression equations: Expt A + B: RN, g/d = 1...

  16. Relationship of Personality Traits to Student Retention

    Liang, John Paul


    Carl Jung's theory of psychological types has been the basis for the development of personality categorization, including tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This study analyzed the extent of the relationship between MBTI and Tinto (1993) retention factors that influence Oriental medicine students' choice of staying or dropping out…

  17. Relationship of Personality Traits to Student Retention

    Liang, John Paul


    Carl Jung's theory of psychological types has been the basis for the development of personality categorization, including tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This study analyzed the extent of the relationship between MBTI and Tinto (1993) retention factors that influence Oriental medicine students' choice of staying or dropping out…

  18. Healthcare Learning Community and Student Retention

    Johnson, Sherryl W.


    Teaching, learning, and retention processes have evolved historically to include multifaceted techniques beyond the traditional lecture. This article presents related results of a study using a healthcare learning community in a southwest Georgia university. The value of novel techniques and tools in promoting student learning and retention…

  19. Water retention in mushroom during sustainable processing

    Paudel, E.


    This thesis deals with the understanding of the water holding capacity of mushroom, in the context of a redesign of their industrial processing. For designing food process the retention of food quality is of the utmost importance. Water holding capacity is an important quality aspect of mushrooms. A

  20. Structural Information Retention in Visual Art Processing.

    Koroscik, Judith Smith

    The accuracy of non-art college students' longterm retention of structural information presented in Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was tested. Seventeen female undergraduates viewed reproductions of the painting and copies that closely resembled structural attributes of the original. Only 3 of the 17 subjects reported having viewed a reproduction…

  1. Employee Retention: A Challenge of the Nineties.

    Zeiss, Tony


    Considers ways in which community colleges can help employers implement programs to improve the work environment and retain trained workers. Presents a model for employee retention that has worked effectively in Pueblo, Colorado. Describes Pueblo Community College's cooperative program with the Wats Marketing Group to help reduce employee…

  2. 5 CFR 293.404 - Retention schedule.


    ... RECORDS Employee Performance File System Records § 293.404 Retention schedule. (a)(1) Except as provided... in this system, including transfer with the employee who changes positions, shall be as agencies... performance-related documents five years old or less shall be forwarded in the Employee Performance File...

  3. Recruitment and Retention with a Spin

    Lindgren, Rita; Hixson, Carla Braun


    Strategic planning and innovation at Bismarck State College (BSC) found common ground in the college's goal to recruit and retain employees in an environment of low unemployment and strong competition for skilled employees. BSC's strategic plan for 2007-09 included the objective "to increase retention of employees." One of the strategies…

  4. Managing talent retention: an ROI approach

    Phillips, Jack J; Edwards, Lisa


    .... Employee retention will continue to be an important issue for most job groups in the next decade. Unwanted talent departure continues to be one of the most unappreciated and undervalued issues facing business leaders. This stems from several important assumptions and conclusions about turnover: 1. All stakeholders involved in the issue, including human ...

  5. Water retention in mushroom during sustainable processing

    Paudel, E.


    This thesis deals with the understanding of the water holding capacity of mushroom, in the context of a redesign of their industrial processing. For designing food process the retention of food quality is of the utmost importance. Water holding capacity is an important quality aspect of mushrooms. A

  6. Structural Information Retention in Visual Art Processing.

    Koroscik, Judith Smith

    The accuracy of non-art college students' longterm retention of structural information presented in Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was tested. Seventeen female undergraduates viewed reproductions of the painting and copies that closely resembled structural attributes of the original. Only 3 of the 17 subjects reported having viewed a reproduction…

  7. Tribune: Retention Policy for Ethnic Minority Students

    Herfs, Paul


    The question of the retention of ethnic minority university students in universities in the Netherlands, especially at the University of Utrecht, is examined. In particular, the cases of Surinamese, Antillian, and Aruban students, foreign refugee students, particularly medical doctors, and Turkish a

  8. Nigerian Federal Civil Service: Employee Recruitment, Retention ...

    This study delved into the recruitment and retention of employees in the ... Civil Service (NFCS), to establish their impact on the effectiveness of the service. ... the study found that the service lagged behind in providing adequate incentives to ... its application should also pay attention to the merit of prospective employees.

  9. Testing to Enhance Retention in Human Anatomy

    Logan, Jessica M.; Thompson, Andrew J.; Marshak, David W.


    Recent work in cognitive psychology has shown that repeatedly testing one's knowledge is a powerful learning aid and provides substantial benefits for retention of the material. To apply this in a human anatomy course for medical students, 39 fill-in-the-blank quizzes of about 50 questions each, one for each region of the body, and four about the…

  10. Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Teacher Retention

    Gerald, Grant Ronald


    This mixed methods, explanatory design study focused on determining if the emotional intelligence of principals affects the retention of new teachers. In phase one, a non-random cluster sample of 138 public school principals in the state of Louisiana was surveyed using a quantitative instrument. A Factor Analysis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and…

  11. Conjoint Retention of Maps and Related Discourse.

    Kulhavy, Raymond, W.; And Others


    Two experiments used fifth grade students to test the hypothesis that conjointly presented verbal/spatial information facilitates retrieval from either stimulus format. Results support the notion of conjoint retention which assumes that related verbal/spatial arrays are stored in a fashion which allows separate use of both formats during…

  12. 78 FR 57927 - Credit Risk Retention


    .... Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Conduits 5. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 6. Government-Sponsored... purchaser in commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) transactions and an exemption that would permit... purchasers to hold risk retention in commercial mortgage-backed securitizations instead of sponsors (as...

  13. Retention--A Pseudo-Problem?

    Geis, George L.


    Discusses retention of learning; training methods; maintenance issues; the effect of punishment; reinforcement; the performance environment; transfer of training; forgetting; implications for designers of instructional materials or designers of training programs; and the division between training and on-the-job performance. (LRW)

  14. Attrition and Retention among Special Education Paraprofessionals

    Hall, Kimberly D.


    The purpose of the study was to obtain information about issues of turnover and retention among former and current special education paraprofessionals in one school district. Survey data and findings indicated ways to retain staff and reduce turnover. Information from this study was shared within the district and will be considered in creating…

  15. Recent Advances on Hydrogenic Retention in ITER's Plasma-Facing Materials: BE, C, W.

    Skinner, C H; Alimov, Kh; Bekris, N; Causey, R A; Clark, R.E.H.; Coad, J P; Davis, J W; Doerner, R P; Mayer, M; Pisarev, A; Roth, J


    Management of tritium inventory remains one of the grand challenges in the development of fusion energy and the choice of plasma-facing materials is a key factor for in-vessel tritium retention. The Atomic and Molecular Data Unit of the International Atomic Energy Agency organized a Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on the overall topic of tritium inventory in fusion reactors during the period 2001-2006. This dealt with hydrogenic retention in ITER's plasma-facing materials, Be, C, W, and in compounds (mixed materials) of these elements as well as tritium removal techniques. The results of the CRP are summarized in this article together with recommendations for ITER. Basic parameters of diffusivity, solubility and trapping in Be, C and W are reviewed. For Be, the development of open porosity can account for transient hydrogenic pumping but long term retention will be dominated by codeposition. Codeposition is also the dominant retention mechanism for carbon and remains a serious concern for both Be and C containing layers. Hydrogenic trapping in unirradiated tungsten is low but will increase with ion and neutron damage. Mixed materials will be formed in a tokamak and these can also retain significant amounts of hydrogen isotopes. Oxidative and photon-based techniques for detritiation of plasma-facing components are described.


    Shingo Yokota


    Full Text Available The retention behavior of polymers having the specific affinities of glyco-hydrolases for pulp fibers was investigated with regard to paper-strength enhancement in contaminated papermaking systems. Carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs of cellulases derived from Trichoderma viride and T. reesei, and of xylanase from Thermomyces lanuginosus, were obtained by site-directed digestion with papain, then introduced into anionic polyacrylamide (A-PAM via a peptide condensation reaction. Three types of CBM-conjugated A-PAMs (CBM-A-PAMs displayed different retention behavior, depending on the kind of pulp substrates, i.e. hardwood and softwood fibers. The CBM-A-PAM from T. viride demonstrated good additive retention for hardwood pulp fibers, resulting in high tensile strength of paper sheets, even under contaminated conditions in the presence of Ca2+ ions and ligninsulfonate. The CBM-A-PAM from T. reesei showed better performance for softwood than for hardwood sheets. The xylanase CBM-A-PAM was preferentially retained on hardwood fibers in which hemicelluloses might be present. Such an additive retention system, with inherent affinities of enzymes for pulp fibers, is expected to expand the application range of CBM-polymers in practical wet-end processes.


    Lachachi, Abdelhaq


    Cette étude traite la problématique de la contribution des savoirs dans la performance d’entreprise. En d’autres termes, quel est l’impact des pratiques du management des connaissances (catalyseurs et processus) dans la performance organisationnelle ? Plusieurs études ont montré que les catalyseurs du management des connaissances (Culture organisationnelle, structure organisationnelle, leadership, stratégie et vision et les technologies de l’information et de la communication) ...

  18. Ion irradiated graphite exposed to fusion-relevant deuterium plasma

    Deslandes, Alec, E-mail: [Institute of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia); Institute for Environmental Research, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia); Guenette, Mathew C. [Institute of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia); Corr, Cormac S. [Plasma Research Laboratory, Research School of Physics and Engineering, The Australian National University, Canberra 0200 (Australia); Karatchevtseva, Inna [Institute of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia); Thomsen, Lars [Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 (Australia); Ionescu, Mihail [Institute for Environmental Research, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia); Lumpkin, Gregory R.; Riley, Daniel P. [Institute of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney (Australia)


    Graphite samples were irradiated with 5 MeV carbon ions to simulate the damage caused by collision cascades from neutron irradiation in a fusion environment. The ion irradiated graphite samples were then exposed to a deuterium plasma in the linear plasma device, MAGPIE, for a total ion fluence of ∼1 × 10{sup 24} ions m{sup −2}. Raman and near edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy were used to characterize modifications to the graphitic structure. Ion irradiation was observed to decrease the graphitic content and induce disorder in the graphite. Subsequent plasma exposure decreased the graphitic content further. Structural and surface chemistry changes were observed to be greatest for the sample irradiated with the greatest fluence of MeV ions. D retention was measured using elastic recoil detection analysis and showed that ion irradiation increased the amount of retained deuterium in graphite by a factor of four.

  19. Deuterium implantation into Y2O3-doped and pure tungsten: Deuterium retention and blistering behavior

    Zhao, M.; Jacob, W.; Manhard, A.; Gao, L.; Balden, M.; von Toussaint, U.; Zhou, Z.


    The blistering and near-surface deuterium retention of a Y2O3-doped tungsten (W) and two different pure W grades were studied after exposure to deuterium (D) plasma at elevated temperatures (370, 450 and 570 K). Samples were exposed to a deuterium fluence of 6 × 1024 D m-2 applying a moderate ion flux of about 9 × 1019 D m-2 s-1 at an ion energy of 38 eV/D. Morphological modifications at the surface were analyzed by confocal laser scanning microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The D depth profiles and the accumulated D inventories within the topmost 8 μm were determined by nuclear reaction analysis. Blistering and deuterium retention were strongly dependent on the implantation temperature. In addition, blistering was sensitively influenced by the used tungsten grade, although the total amount of retained D measured by nuclear reaction analysis was comparable. Among the three different investigated tungsten grades, Y2O3-doped W exhibited the lowest degree of surface modification despite a comparable total D retention.

  20. L’impact de la participation bancaire dans le capital des entreprises sur la politique de distribution des dividendes

    Naoel Mezgani


    Full Text Available L’objectif de ce papier est de tester l’incidence de la participation bancaire dans le capital des entreprises non financières sur la politique de distribution des dividendes. En utilisant des données de panel des trente entreprises tunisiennes durant la période de 1999 à 2004, nous vérifions si en détenant le capital et la dette, la banque a la possibilité de contraindre la distribution des dividendes pour garantir le remboursement de ses fonds prêtés. Les résultats empiriques obtenus ne confirment pas l’impact significatif des banques actionnaires majoritaires et principaux créditeurs sur la distribution des dividendes dans les entreprises tunisiennes. Ces dernières soutiennent surtout la stabilité du niveau des dividendes payés d’une année à une autre.