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  1. 42 CFR 73.9 - Responsible Official.


    ... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Responsible Official. 73.9 Section 73.9 Public Health PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES QUARANTINE, INSPECTION, LICENSING... Attorney General, (2) Be familiar with the requirements of this part, (3) Have authority and responsibility...

  2. 9 CFR 121.9 - Responsible official.


    ...) The responsible official must report the identification and final disposition of any select agent or toxin contained in a specimen presented for diagnosis or verification. (1) The identification of any of... virus, foot-and-mouth disease virus, Hendra virus, virulent Newcastle disease virus, Nipah virus, Rift...

  3. 36 CFR 907.4 - Designation of responsible Corporation official.


    ... Corporation official. 907.4 Section 907.4 Parks, Forests, and Public Property PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY § 907.4 Designation of responsible Corporation official. The Development Director is the Corporation official responsible for implementation and operation of the Corporation's...

  4. CERN 50th Anniversary Official Celebration : welcome by CERN Director General Robert Aymar to French President Jacques Chirac, to King of Spain Juan Carlos and to President of the Swiss Confederation Joseph Deiss

    Patrice Loiez; Michel Blanc


    CERN 50th Anniversary Official Celebration : welcome by CERN Director General Robert Aymar to French President Jacques Chirac, to King of Spain Juan Carlos and to President of the Swiss Confederation Joseph Deiss

  5. The British official response to Chernobyl

    Webster, D.


    The author criticizes the British authorities' response to Chernobyl fallout, briefly examines the deficiencies in monitoring arrangements in Scotland, in particular the lack of weather radar cover for that region, and comments on the new National Response Plan and monitoring network, with reference to venison, rainwater, freshwater fish and game, and milk. (U.K.)

  6. 29 CFR Appendix A to Part 71 - Responsible Officials


    ... address for OSHA's Directorate of Training and Education is 2020 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington..., Chicago Regional Director, Dallas Regional Director, San Francisco Mine Safety and Health Administration... responsible official in the Mine Safety and Health Administration is: 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington...

  7. 25 CFR 39.408 - What are the responsibilities of administrative officials?


    ... 25 Indians 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false What are the responsibilities of administrative officials... INDIAN SCHOOL EQUALIZATION PROGRAM Accountability § 39.408 What are the responsibilities of administrative officials? Administrative officials have the following responsibilities: (a) Applying the...

  8. 44 CFR 8.3 - Senior FEMA official responsible for the information security program.


    ... 44 Emergency Management and Assistance 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Senior FEMA official... Senior FEMA official responsible for the information security program. The Director of the Security Division, has been designated as the senior official to direct and administer the FEMA information security...

  9. Komunikasi Corporate Social Responsibility pada Official Website Perusahaan Badan Usaha Milik Negara

    Nurjannah Nurjannah


    Full Text Available This study describes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR message on official website of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs and features of official website as CSR communication medium. Quantitative content analysis is used as the method. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics. This study selected 55 Indonesian SOEs official website. The result shows that state-owned companies have not applied transparency of CSR communication messages on their official website. The study finds that a number of state-owned companies do not present CSR information on their official website. In general, CSR communication on the official website of state-owned companies is limited to presenting information related to government program called Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL. The official websites of state-owned companies have not utilized potential use of the website as communication medium of CSR. State-owned companies have not fully realized the role of official website as strategic media in conveying CSR communication message.

  10. 20 CFR 702.211 - Notice of employee's injury or death; designation of responsible official.


    ... facilitate the filing of notices, each employer shall designate at least one individual responsible for...; designation of responsible official. 702.211 Section 702.211 Employees' Benefits EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS... of responsible official. (a) In order to claim compensation under the Act, an employee or claimant...

  11. Robert's rules of order

    Robert, Henry M; Balch, Thomas J; Seabold, Daniel E; Gerber, Shmuel


    The only authorized edition of the classic work on parliamentary procedure, with new and enhanced features, including how to conduct electronic meetings. Robert's Rules of Order is the book on parliamentary procedure for parliamentarians and anyone involved in an organization, association, club, or group and the authoritative guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings and assemblies. This newly revised edition is the only book on parliamentary procedure to have been updated since 1876 under the continuing program of review established by General Henry M. Robert himself, in cooperation with the official publisher of Robert's Rules. The eleventh edition has been thoroughly revised to address common inquiries and incorporate new rules, interpretations, and procedures made necessary by the evolution of parliamentary procedure, including new material relating to electronic communication and "electronic meetings."

  12. The criminal law responsibility of officials under environmental criminal law

    Winkelbauer, W.


    The legal application of environmental criminal law has attributed to office-bearers of the environmental administration a determining function in the field of criminal protection of legal objects. Criminal law shall prevent the misuse of official authority. In this connection law has to observe the limits of admissible procedure of the administration. (CW) [de

  13. 7 CFR 1940.316 - Responsible officials for the environmental review process.


    ... submitted to the approval official for final determinations. The SEC will review the assessment and provide... adequacy of the assessment or the recommendations reached, the State Director, whether or not the approving... Law 103-354 official responsible for executing the environmental impact determination and...

  14. Robert Boyle, Transmutation, and the History of Chemistry before Lavoisier: A Response to Kuhn.

    Newman, William R


    In an influential article of 1952, Thomas Kuhn argued that Robert Boyle had little or no influence on the subsequent development of chemistry. This essay challenges Kuhn's view on two fronts. First, it shows that Johann Joachim Becher developed his hierarchical matter theory under the influence of Boyle and then transmitted it to the founder of the phlogiston theory, G. E. Stahl. Second, this essay argues that transmutational matter theories were not necessarily opposed to the existence of stable chemical species, pace Kuhn. Boyle's corpuscular theory descended largely from the tradition of "chymical atomism," which often advocated both chrysopoeia and the reality of robust chemical substances.

  15. Robert Oppenheimer

    Rival, M.


    Graduate from Harvard, reputed professor, founder of the first theoretical physics high school of the Usa, Robert Oppenheimer is nominated in 1942 scientific director of the ''Y project'', the research program for the nuclear weapon fabrication. This book describes its life and the evolution of the Los Alamos researches up to the first test, its opposition to the thermo-nuclear weapon, and the maccarthysm period. (A.B.)

  16. Romanticizing Bureaucratic Leadership? The Politics of How Elected Officials Attribute Responsibility for Performance

    Nielsen, Poul A.; Moynihan, Donald P.


    A core task for elected officials is to hold bureaucratic leaders responsible, but how do they determine if public managers actually influence outcomes? We propose that partisan and leadership heuristics affect how politicians apply a logic of individualized responsibility, i.e. focus on individu...

  17. 41 CFR 301-71.201 - What are the reviewing official's responsibilities?


    ... Travel Regulation System TEMPORARY DUTY (TDY) TRAVEL ALLOWANCES AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES 71-AGENCY TRAVEL ACCOUNTABILITY REQUIREMENTS Travel Claims for Reimbursement § 301-71.201 What are the reviewing official's..., statements, justifications, etc. are attached to the travel claim, or once the agency fully deploys ETS and...

  18. 45 CFR 630.400 - What are my responsibilities as a(n) National Science Foundation awarding official?


    ....400 What are my responsibilities as a(n) National Science Foundation awarding official? As a(n... 45 Public Welfare 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false What are my responsibilities as a(n) National Science Foundation awarding official? 630.400 Section 630.400 Public Welfare Regulations Relating to...

  19. Analysis of twitter users' sharing of official new york storm response messages.

    Genes, Nicholas; Chary, Michael; Chason, Kevin


    Twitter is a social network where users read, send, and share snippets of text ("tweets"). Tweets can be disseminated through multiple means; on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, over ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular networks. This redundancy positions Twitter as a useful tool for disseminating information to the public during emergencies or disasters. Previous research on dissemination of information using Twitter has mostly investigated the characteristics of tweets that are most effective in raising consumer awareness about a new product or event. In particular, they describe characteristics that increase the chance the messages will be shared ("retweeted") by users. In comparison, little has been published on how information from municipal or state government agencies spreads on Twitter during emergency situations. Retweeting these messages is a way to enhance public awareness of potentially important instructions from public officials in a disaster. The aim of this study is to (1) describe the tweets of select New York State and New York City agencies by public officials surrounding two notable recent winter storms that required a large-scale emergency response, and (2) identify the characteristics of the tweets of public officials that were most disseminated (retweeted). For one week surrounding Superstorm Sandy (October 2012) and the winter blizzard Nemo (February 2013), we collected (1) tweets from the official accounts for six New York governmental agencies, and (2) all tweets containing the hashtags #sandy (or #nemo) and #nyc. From these data we calculated how many times a tweet was retweeted, controlling for differences in baseline activity in each account. We observed how many hashtags and links each tweet contained. We also calculated the lexical diversity of each tweet, a measure of the range of vocabulary used. During the Sandy storm, 3242 shared (retweeted) messages from public officials were collected. The lexical diversity of official

  20. Analysis of Twitter Users’ Sharing of Official New York Storm Response Messages

    Chary, Michael; Chason, Kevin


    Background Twitter is a social network where users read, send, and share snippets of text (“tweets”). Tweets can be disseminated through multiple means; on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, over ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular networks. This redundancy positions Twitter as a useful tool for disseminating information to the public during emergencies or disasters. Previous research on dissemination of information using Twitter has mostly investigated the characteristics of tweets that are most effective in raising consumer awareness about a new product or event. In particular, they describe characteristics that increase the chance the messages will be shared ("retweeted") by users. In comparison, little has been published on how information from municipal or state government agencies spreads on Twitter during emergency situations. Retweeting these messages is a way to enhance public awareness of potentially important instructions from public officials in a disaster. Objective The aim of this study is to (1) describe the tweets of select New York State and New York City agencies by public officials surrounding two notable recent winter storms that required a large-scale emergency response, and (2) identify the characteristics of the tweets of public officials that were most disseminated (retweeted). Methods For one week surrounding Superstorm Sandy (October 2012) and the winter blizzard Nemo (February 2013), we collected (1) tweets from the official accounts for six New York governmental agencies, and (2) all tweets containing the hashtags #sandy (or #nemo) and #nyc. From these data we calculated how many times a tweet was retweeted, controlling for differences in baseline activity in each account. We observed how many hashtags and links each tweet contained. We also calculated the lexical diversity of each tweet, a measure of the range of vocabulary used. Results During the Sandy storm, 3242 shared (retweeted) messages from public officials were

  1. Comments on ''Geomagnetic response to magnetic clouds'' by Robert M. Wilson; and reply

    Gonzalez, W.D.; Gonzalez, A.L.C.; Wilson, R.M.


    The paper 'Geomagnetic Response to Magnetic Clouds' by Wilson (1987) tried to show an association between geomagnetic storm intervals and the passage of interplanetary magnetic clouds at the Earth's magnetosphere. The association is shown through a superposed epoch analysis of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)-B Z component and the D st geomagnetic storm index for 19 cloud events occurring between 1973 and 1978. Two aspects of the magnetic cloud-storm relationship are challenged. The first concerns the northward-southward rotation of the IMF-B Z component which is known to exist but not accounted for in Wilson's article. The second concerns the magnitude of the storms associated with the passage of magnetic clouds. In a reply Wilson explains the distinction between N-turning and S-turning clouds of the 19 clouds studied 12 were southward and 7 northward turning. The average behaviour of both is similar, the differences being due to the different onset values of D st . The second problem is attributed to a misunderstanding of the meaning of the I-bars given in the original article. The original results of Wilson are reaffirmed. The comment on the reply suggests that the average peak D st value for S-N clouds is larger by 30% than for the N-S clouds and that the final intensity of the storm can be altered by the type of cloud involved (S-N) or (N-S). (U.K.)

  2. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Search How We Work Our Focus Areas About RWJF Search Menu How We Work Grants ... Learn more For Grantees and Grantseekers The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds a wide array of programs ...

  3. The authority and responsibility of school officials in responding to cyberbullying.

    Willard, Nancy E


    Online social aggression, or cyberbullying, involves speech. Many incidents involve off-campus online speech that either creates or has the potential to create disruption at school or that may interfere with the targeted student's ability to participate in educational activities and programs. Addressing these situations requires an assessment of the extent of authority and responsibility of school officials to respond. "Authority" refers to the legally justified right to impose formal discipline. Because cyberbullying involves online speech, the question of legal authority necessarily involves addressing the balance between the student right of free speech and student safety and security. "Responsibility" refers to the legal obligation under negligence theory and civil rights laws to exercise reasonable precautions to protect students from online social aggression and to intervene in response to reports of actual incidents.

  4. Official Time Usage in the Federal Government Fiscal Year 2005 Survey Responses

    Office of Personnel Management — Section 7131 of title 5, United States Code, defines and authorizes official time for unions representing Federal employees. Official time, broadly defined, is paid...

  5. Conference "Internet, Web, What's next?" on 26 June 1998 at CERN : Robert Verrue, Director general of the DGXIII of the European Commission, responsible for telecommunication in Europe, outlines the Commission's vision on the Information Society in Europe


    Conference "Internet, Web, What's next?" on 26 June 1998 at CERN : Robert Verrue, Director general of the DGXIII of the European Commission, responsible for telecommunication in Europe, outlines the Commission's vision on the Information Society in Europe

  6. Monitoring Salivary Immunoglobulin A Responses to Official and Simulated Matches In Elite Young Soccer Players

    Freitas Camila G.


    Full Text Available The purpose of the present study was to examine SIgA responses (concentration [SIgAabs] and a secretion rate [SIgArate] to official and simulated competitive matches in young soccer players. The sample was composed of 26 male soccer players (age 15.6 ± 1.1 yrs, stature 177.0 ± 6.1 cm, body mass 70.5 ± 5.7 kg. Four soccer matches (two simulated matches [SM] and two official matches [OM] were conducted. The matches consisted of two halves of 35 min with a 10 min rest interval. Each assessed player participated in only one SM and one OM. All matches were performed in the same week, during the competitive season, and at the same time of the day (9:00 am, separated by 48 h. Saliva samples were collected before and after every match. The session rating of perceived exertion was reported 30 min after each match in order to determine the internal training load (ITL. A significant decrease in SIgAabs and SIgArate after OM was observed when compared to the pre-match value. In addition, the SIgArate was higher at pre-OM when compared to pre-SM. A higher ITL for OM was observed compared to SM. The current findings indicate that OM may lead to a decrease in the main mucosal immunity function parameter of young soccer players that could increase the risk of URTI. Coaches should be aware of it in order to plan appropriate training loads and recovery procedures to avoid or minimize the likelihood of upper respiratory tract infection occurrences.

  7. 45 CFR 2508.9 - What officials are responsible for the security, management and control of Corporation record...


    ..., management and control of Corporation record keeping systems? 2508.9 Section 2508.9 Public Welfare... IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 § 2508.9 What officials are responsible for the security, management and control of Corporation record keeping systems? (a) The Director of Administration and Management...

  8. Robert W Floyd

    scientists - Zohar Manna, an authority on the verification of software systems, Robert. Tarjan ... He began as a self taught computer operator, and then went ... important subfields of computer science: the theory of parsing, the semantics of.

  9. 21 CFR 1405.400 - What are my responsibilities as a(n) Office of National Drug Control Policy awarding official?


    ...) Responsibilities of Office of National Drug Control Policy Awarding Officials § 1405.400 What are my... 21 Food and Drugs 9 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false What are my responsibilities as a(n) Office of National Drug Control Policy awarding official? 1405.400 Section 1405.400 Food and Drugs OFFICE OF NATIONAL...

  10. Physiological and perceptual responses to three consecutive official matches in female boxer. A case study

    Obmiński Zbigniew


    Full Text Available Study aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the physiological cost of three consecutive official boxing fights played during a 3-day tournament and two non-contact specific drills against handheld pads of the same time-profile as the contest, 4 × 2 minutes with 1-minute intervals between them. This assessment was based on the determination of selected hormones and metabolites in the blood sampled directly prior to the contests and throughout short-term post-contest recovery.

  11. Robert Aymar, Director-General of CERN

    Patrice Loïez


    Robert Aymar, photographed in 2003 before taking his position as Director-General at CERN, succeeding Luciano Maiani in 2004. At this time, Aymar was director of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) although he had already been involved with developments at CERN, chairing the External Review Committee, set up in 2001 in response to the increased cost of the LHC.

  12. Remembering Robert Seydel

    Lauren van Haaften­-Schick


    Full Text Available This January, while preparing a new course, Robert Seydel was struck and killed by an unexpected heart attack. He was a critically under-appreciated artist and one of the most beloved and admired professors at Hampshire College.At the time of his passing, Seydel was on the brink of a major artistic and career milestone. His Book of Ruth was being prepared for publication by Siglio Press. His publisher describes the book as: “an alchemical assemblage that composes the life of his alter ego, Ruth Greisman— spinster, Sunday painter, and friend to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp. Through collages, drawings, and journal entries from Ruth’s imagined life, Seydel invokes her interior world in novelistic rhythms.”This convergence of his professional triumph with the tragedy of his death makes now a particularly appropriate time to think about Robert Seydel and his work. This feature contains a selection of excerpts from Book of Ruth (courtesy of Siglio Press alongside a pair of texts remembering him and giving critical and biographical insights into his art and his person. These texts, from a former student and a colleague respectively, were originally prepared for Seydel's memorial at Hampshire College and have since been revised for publication in continent.

  13. Response Burden in Official Business Surveys: Measurement and Reduction Practices of National Statistical Institutes

    Bavdaž Mojca


    Full Text Available Response burden in business surveys has long been a concern for National Statistical Institutes (NSIs for three types of reasons: political reasons, because response burden is part of the total administrative burden governments impose on businesses; methodological reasons, because an excessive response burden may reduce data quality and increase data-collection costs; and strategic reasons, because it affects relations between the NSIs and the business community. This article investigates NSI practices concerning business response burden measurement and reduction actions based on a survey of 41 NSIs from 39 countries. Most NSIs monitor at least some burden aspects and have implemented some actions to reduce burden, but large differences exist between NSIs’ methodologies for burden measurement and actions taken to reduce burden. Future research should find ways to deal with methodological differences in burden conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement, and provide insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of burden-reduction actions.

  14. ‘Shameless Woman’ and ‘Responsible Traitor’: Problematizing Gender Representations in Official HIV/AIDS Television Advertisements

    Dagmar Estermann Meyer


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the views of public health workers from the Family Health Program of Porto Alegre/RS on the HIV/AIDS television advertisements which played a role in the official HIV/ AIDS prevention campaigns in Brazil from 1994 to 2000. The aim of this discussion is to contribute to the critical reading of this sort of educative enterprise, with attention to the gender relations represented in such advertisements. Working from a cultural analysis perspective, the authors analyze the discourses that constitute two representations: the ‘shameless woman’ and the ‘responsible traitor’. The authors argue that these representations are produced, among other manners, through the very knowledge that informs the prevention campaigns, and that these representations end up reinforcing behaviors and gender and sexual practices that they intend to transform or to sever.

  15. Delaware Estuary situation reports. Emergency response: How do emergency management officials address disasters in the Delaware Estuary

    Sylves, R.T.


    From hurricanes and other natural threats to oil spills and other manmade emergencies, the Delaware Estuary has experienced a variety of disasters over the years. The toll that these events take on the estuary and those who live on its shores depends largely upon the degree of emergency preparedness, speed of response, and effectiveness of recovery operations. In Emergency Response: How Do Emergency Management Officials Address Disasters in the Delaware Estuary, the latest addition to its Delaware Estuary Situation Report series, the University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program defines emergency management; examines the roles that the Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, and Environmental Protection Agency play in an emergency; and reviews how each of these federal agencies operated during an actual disaster--the 1985 Grand Eagle oil spill. The report was written by Dr. Richard T. Sylves, a professor of political science at the University of Delaware. Sylves has been studying emergency management for the past 15 years, with special emphasis on oil spill preparedness and response in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The Delaware Estuary Situation Report is 12 pages long and contains maps and photographs, as well as a detailed account of response and recovery operations undertaken during the Grand Eagle oil spill. A comparison of the 1985 Grand Eagle spill and the 1989 Presidente Rivera spill also is included

  16. Robert Cailliau honoured by Belgium


    On 15 November, Robert Cailliau received the distinction of Commandeur de l'Ordre de Léopold from Belgium, his home country, for his pioneering work in developing the World Wide Web. Robert Cailliau worked closely with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web.

  17. Official Apologies

    Villadsen, Lisa Storm

    as strategic maneuvers regarding influence and power and as a form of political discourse chiefly concerned with reframing or recuperating particular values and norms pertinent to a community’s self-understanding. “Collective Apologies and Reconstituting Citizenship” Jason A. Edwards, Bridgewater State...... these apologies are not only how they work rhetorically, but also how they reconfigure and reconstitute citizenship domestically and internationally. For example, an official apology may allow a group of people to finally feel like they can take their place as full citizens of a particular nation-state or part...... of Social Affairs’ Reasons for not Apologizing” Lisa S. Villadsen, University of Copenhagen While official apologies issued by governments and other state representatives are more and more common in many countries, the same is not true for Denmark. A case in point is a recent case about mistreatment...


    Syukra Alhamda


    Full Text Available Objective: Primary survey was conducted on November 10, 2012 at The State Hospitals Bukittinggi, with randomly selected of 100 hospital medical records. There were incomplete contents of 61.66% and 48.33% of late files. This issue is very disturbing process for management of recording medical data, therefore, disrupting functions of medical recorders.Method: This study applied cross-sectionalstudy to determine the correlation between respect, responsibility, interpersonal relations, supervisionand compensation for the performance of official recorders at The State Hospitals Bukittinggi West-Sumatra Indonesia. Questionnaires from the subjects were proceed and computed by applying chisquare test.Results: The results showed that there were significant correlation between the performance of official award recorders (p = 0.003 and OR = 9.208, responsibilities (p = 0.012 and OR = 6.094, interpersonal (p = 0.0025 and OR = 5.417, performance of official (p = 0.012 and OR = 6.094, and compensation of official recorders (p = 0.025 and OR = 5.417 to recorders performance. Conclusion: In this research, we observed that there was a significant correlation between respect, responsibility, interpersonal relations, supervision and compensation to the performance of official recorders. A greater

  19. Official showguide


    This national petroleum show was an opportunity for companies from around the world to showcase their products and services and to demonstrate the world's best in energy technologies. This official showguide lists the technical presentations made at the show, and provides an exhibitor profile for each company, including the company name, address, phone and fax number, and a brief description of the product or services they offer. An alphabetical listing of approximately 900 companies and their booth locations is also included


    Ratna Nurhayati


    Full Text Available Tujuan Penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui apakah tindakan pemerintahan (bestuurshandeling berdasarkan diskresi dapat dikategorikan telah melakukan tindak pidana korupsi ataukah tidak. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan yuridis doktrinal. Hasil penelitian menjelaskan bahwa ditinjau baik secara legal formal yang berupa UU PTUN, UU ASN, UU Administrasi Pemerintahan, doktrin-doktrin hukum serta adanya Putusan judicial review Mahkamah Konstitusi RI Nomor: 25/PUU-XIV/2016, Pertanggungjawaban tindakan pemerintahan (bestuurshandeling yang bersumber dari diskresi (Freies ermessen yang mengandung unsur penyalahgunaan wewenang berakibat pada kerugian negara tetapi tidak terdapat unsur korupsi seperti gratifikasi, suap, maka dapat dipertanggungjawabkan dengan sanksi administrasi sesuai dengan ketentuan UU Administrasi Pemerintah Pasal 20 ayat (6 dan Pasal 80 ayat (1 Jo Pasal 81 ayat (3 secara seimbang dan kasuistik. Apabila terdapat unsur penyalahgunaan wewenang yang berakibat pada kerugian negara serta terdapat unsur korupsi seperti gratifikasi, suap, maka dipertanggungjawabkan secara hukum pidana khususnya tindak pidana korupsi. The purpose of this research was to whether the actions of government (bestuurshandeling based on its discretion can be classified as a criminal act of corruption or not. The Methodology of this research used juridical doctrinal. The result showed that based on legal frame such as Law of The Administrative Court, Law of ASN, Law of Government Administration and legal doctrines as well as the Decision of the judicial review of the Constitutional Court Number: 25 / PUU-XIV / 2016 responsibility of governmental actions (bestuurshandeling, which comes from discretionary (Freies ermessen containing elements of abuse of authority resulting state loss but there is no element of corruption such as gratifications, bribe, then it can be accounted for by the administrative sanctions under the Law of Government administration Article

  1. Robert Priddle talking straight



    A keynote speaker at Outlook 2001 conference, Robert Priddle, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, provided a realistic assessment of the opportunities for a change in the energy supply mix in the light of the growing international debate about the design of a sustainable energy future. World energy supply today is based firmly on fossil fuels. Furthermore, projections of future supply, such as that made in the reference case of the recent World Energy Outlook by the IEA, indicate little change. Yet government's remain deeply engaged in efforts to reshape energy markets including (despite the failure of COP-6 in The Hague last November) efforts to curb national emissions of greenhouse gases, in particular from the energy sector. Australia has made considerable progress in developing and applying life cycle analysis to the energy sector. This effort demonstrates opportunities to combine, for example, coal seam methane capture, coal and biomass co-combustion, coal power generation and steel production and thus to reduce emissions by up to 15%. The prospect is that even with effective carbon constraints reflected in fuel prices, coal can remain a competitive fuel choice for longer than many analysts imagine. The outcome does not rely on exotic technology development, rather it requires the necessary market signals to create new business partnerships

  2. Robert Smithsoni ülevaade


    Ameerika maakunstniku Robert Smithsoni (1938-1973) retrospektiivnäitus 12. sept.-ni Stockholmi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumis. Kunstnikule maailmakuulsuse toonud tööst, 1970. a. Utah' osariigi Suurde Soolajärve ehitatud spiraalmuulist "Spiral Jetty".

  3. Genetics Home Reference: Roberts syndrome

    ... feet are located very close to the body (phocomelia). People with Roberts syndrome may also have abnormal ... may live into adulthood. A condition called SC phocomelia syndrome was originally thought to be distinct from ...

  4. Robert Lepiksoni maailm / Eha Komissarov

    Komissarov, Eha, 1947-


    Näitus "Minu maailm. Robert Lepikson fotograafina ja kollektsionäärina" galeriis "Vaal". Väljas on loodusfotod, fotod autodest, kunstikogust Eduard Steinbergi (1937) ja Vladimir Nemuhhini (1925) maalid, paar Salvador Dali värvilist litograafiat

  5. Official Centre Hospitality

    Sylvain Dufour

    Approved by the Management Executive Committee. - 1 -. Version 3.1.0 effective 2017-06-28. Official Centre Hospitality. 1. Objective. 2. Application. 3. Definitions. 4. Roles and Responsibilities. 5. Authorization. 6. Consultants and Contractors. 7. Reimbursement. 1. Objective. To define the circumstances under which ...

  6. Official control through AUDIT: implementation and responses in food industries falling within a Local Health Unit of Turin Province

    Bartolomeo Griglio


    Full Text Available This communication reports the results of audit activity on a number of food processing plants pertaining to ASLTO5. The activities, undertaken between 2008 and 2010, are related to an audit programme planning, implemented with 2 official controls for each plant, in 48 premises recognized under the Regulation (CE 854/2004, among those, 34 processing plants (cutting and processing of food of animal origin and 14 abattoirs. Data included in audit reports have been analyzed with Excel software, classifying detected non compliances (n.c. in 8 categories linked to specific food safety risk factors (structure, operative hygiene, personnel hygiene, pest control, temperature control, management of by-products, traceability, HACCP/records. By the time of the audit 83% of the inspected premises showed structural n.c.; structural aspects are the most critical point (121 n.c. out of 264, followed by operative hygiene (25% of total n.c. and pest control (13.6%. By the time of the second audit series, however, occurred a significant reduction of n.c. in both processing plants and abattoirs, falling from 264 to152, with a reduction of n.c. detection of more than 40%. The best response capacity among operators is related to pest control and HACCP plan/records. The audit procedure implemented, a part from providing a comprehensive and objective evaluation method of the food safety management system put in place by the operators, allowed, if compared to former procedures, a more objective and comprehensive evaluation of the n.c. trend and therefore of the food safety risk factors, estimating the efficacy of the control activity.

  7. 31 CFR 0.104 - Designated Agency Ethics Official and Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Designated Agency Ethics Official and Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official. 0.104 Section 0.104 Money and Finance: Treasury Office of the... Responsibilities § 0.104 Designated Agency Ethics Official and Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official. The...

  8. [Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome].

    Musfeld, D A; Bühler, E M; Heinzl, S


    The Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder clinically manifested by tetraphocomelia, pre- and postnatal growth retardation, and craniofacial abnormalities (skull, eyes, lip, and palate), accompanied at times by centromer puffing and splitting, renal abnormalities, heart defect, clitoral or penile enlargement, and bilateral corneal opacities. Mental retardation is common in surviving patients.

  9. Max Weber and Robert Michels.

    Scaff, Lawrence A.


    This paper investigates the unique intellectual partnership of Max Weber and Robert Michels, with particular emphasis on Weber's influence on Michel's inquiry into the sociology of parties and organization. Concludes with an evaluation of the import of Weber's critique of Michels' work. (DB)

  10. Robert Wilson's Invitation to Insanity.

    Stephens, Judith L.

    The plays of stage director Robert Wilson are devices presenting alternative modes of perception to theatre audiences accustomed to verbal/aural structures of experience. Uniting his interests in the arts and therapy, his plays create a theatrical event promoting empathy with the perceptions of the mentally or physically handicapped and…

  11. Steven Hawking with Robert Aymar

    Maximilien Brice


    Steven Hawking is seen meeting with CERN's Director-General, Robert Aymar. Hawking visited CERN between 24 September and 1 October 2006. During his stay he gave two lectures and toured the LHC, which may provide insights into Hawking's most famous area of study, black holes.

  12. Robert Wiltrout Says Goodbye to NCI in 2015 | Poster

    After 34 years at NCI, Robert Wiltrout, Ph.D., said he is looking forward to trading his I-270 commute for another type of commute: exploring the waterways of Maryland, Alaska, and Wyoming to fulfill his love of fishing. Wiltrout officially retired as director of the NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR) on July 2 of last year. Throughout his college academic career, Wiltrout had an interest in science, but it was not until he was working on a research project for his master’s degree that he considered a career in scientific research.

  13. Non-official mail


    The Mail Office wishes to remind users of the mail service that the latter is reserved exclusively for the Organization's official mail. Private mail, even if stamped, does not fall into this category, and any mail of this nature found in the 'Outgoing Mail' or 'Départ Courrier' boxes will no longer be collected or accepted by the Meyrin or Prévessin Mail Offices. The Mail Office declines all responsibility in the event of losses, delays or any other problems arising as a result of private mail being placed in these boxes. Thank you for your understanding. The Mail Office


    Luiz Felipe Netto de Andrade e Silva Sahd


    Full Text Available the present article aims at reconstructing Robert Nozick’s cen-tral arguments about the extreme positions held by North American li-bertarians who do not distinguish between Welfare state and totalitarian state. Despite divergences on a pivotal question, that of the state, there are some affinities between Nozick and this current of thought. Contrary to the anarchist theory, the Minimal state is preferable to the state of nature as described by John locke.O presente artigo tem como objetivo reconstruir argumentos cen-trais, desenvolvidos por Robert Nozick, acerca das posições extremas que não diferenciam Estado-providência e Estado totalitário na política dos libertarianos norte-americanos, isto é, sobre as afinidades percebidas por Nozick com as teses desta corrente de pensamento, embora se afastando num ponto essencial: a questão do Estado. Ao contrário da teoria anar-quista, o Estado mínimo é preferível ao estado de natureza, tal como John locke o descreve.

  15. Sports officials and officiating : Science and practice

    MacMahon, Clare; Mascarenhas, Duncan; Plessner, Henning; Pizzera, Alexandra; Oudejans, Raôul R D; Raab, Markus


    Sports officials (umpires, referees, judges) play a vital role in every sport, and sports governing bodies, fans, and players now expect officials to maintain higher professional standards than ever before. In this ground-breaking book, a team of leading international sport scientists and top level

  16. Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome.

    Maheshwari, A; Kumar, P; Dutta, S; Narang, A


    A severely growth retarded baby was born at 38 weeks gestation. He had multiple craniofacial anomalies, microbrachycephaly, phocomelia in the upper limbs and renal cysts visible on ultrasound. He died of recurrent apneas. The autopsy showed left sided multicystic dysplastic kidney and absence of one testis. Cytogenetic studies did not reveal any abnormality. The phenotypic features match those described in the Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome. A literature review revealed that 50% of these patients have chromosomal defects and antenatal detection is possible on ultrasound and by chromosome analysis of the amniocytes.

  17. Robert Hooke, 1635-1703.

    Rowbury, Robin


    Robert Hooke was a polymath whose expertise during the 17th century spanned many different scientific areas. As a schoolboy on the Isle of Wight he was obsessed with the possibility of human flight and later became equally absorbed in cosmology and planetary motion. His skills as an artist were put to good use both as an architect following the Great Fire of London and before that in Micrographia. Although that book is best known for demonstrating the power of Hooke's microscope, Micrographia describes distant planetary bodies, the wave theory of light, the organic origin of fossils, and various other philosophical and scientific interests of its author The following thumbnail sketches of Hooke reveal him to be a man of enormous energy and imagination whose ideas were often pirated or under-rated.

  18. Robert Lawson (?1846-1896).

    Larner, A J; Gardner-Thorpe, C


    Various descriptions of what would now be called Korsakoff Syndrome may be found in the medical literature predating the eponymous reports of Sergei Korsakoff (1854-1900) that date from 1887 onwards. Of these, it has been stated that the "most promising account" (Draaisma in Disturbances of the mind 163-164, 2009) may be that of Dr. Robert Lawson, published in 1878 in the journal Brain in its inaugural year of publication (Lawson in Brain 1:182-194, 1878). As Lawson is likely to be an unfamiliar name to most neurologists, and does not appear in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, we offer this brief account of his life and work.

  19. Must Officials Microblog?


    Nowadays,Twitter-like microblogging is no longer strange for government officials in China.China Youth Daily reported more than 1,300 officials have opened real-name microblogs on Sina microblog. And there are now more than 2,000 microblogs of government

  20. Kirjavahetus Kaarel Robert Pustaga / Karl Ast Rumor

    Rumor, Karl, pseud., 1886-1971


    Kirjavahetus Rio de Janeiros elava Karl Ast Rumori ja New Yorgis elava Kaarel Robert Pusta vahel Eesti kongressi kokkukutsumise vajalikkuse, väliseesti ühingute ja nõukogude, ajakirjanduse ning üldise poliitilise olukorra teemadel

  1. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch

    Robert Koch was a German physician and scientist who made wide-ranging .... methods of bacterial staining so that bacteria could be visualized more easily and .... of whom became outstanding scientists in their own right, such as Friedrich.

  2. Éloge to Robert Fox

    Efthymios Nicolaidis


    Full Text Available The 20th Alexandre Koyré Medal awarded since 1968 to prominent historians of science was awarded to Robert Fox, leading historian of European science of the period from the 18th to the beginnings of the 20th century. The Medal was presented to Robert Fox during the 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, Prague, 23 September 2016, and the Éloge describes his career and work.

  3. 38 CFR 0.735-1 - Agency ethics officials.


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Agency ethics officials... STANDARDS OF ETHICAL CONDUCT AND RELATED RESPONSIBILITIES General Provisions § 0.735-1 Agency ethics officials. (a) Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO). The Assistant General Counsel (023) is the...

  4. 31 CFR 0.105 - Deputy Ethics Official.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Deputy Ethics Official. 0.105 Section... EMPLOYEE RULES OF CONDUCT General Provisions Responsibilities § 0.105 Deputy Ethics Official. The Chief Counsel or Legal Counsel for a bureau, or a designee, is the Deputy Ethics Official for that bureau. The...

  5. Robert Aumann

    Hansen, Pelle Guldborg


    In this interview Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann talks about how he was initially drawn into game theory, when he came to think of formalizing the folk-theorem, the proper role of game theory in relation to other disciplines and why behavioral game theory probably won't last long.......In this interview Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann talks about how he was initially drawn into game theory, when he came to think of formalizing the folk-theorem, the proper role of game theory in relation to other disciplines and why behavioral game theory probably won't last long....

  6. Robert Henry Thurston: Professionalism and Engineering Education

    Nienkamp, Paul


    Robert Henry Thurston is presented in this article. He provides one the most significant examples of professionalizing engineering through innovative education and promoting scientific education practices in the late nineteenth century. The son of a draftsmen and steam engine mechanic, Thurston spent his early years in Providence, Rhode Island.…

  7. Robert Frost: Teacher "Earner, Learner, Yearner."

    Vogel, Nancy Sue

    An account of Robert Frost's teaching, along with an assessment of it, are presented. Material consulted includes Frost's published letters, prose, and poetry; Lawrance Thompson's authorized biography; Lesley Frost's "New Hampshire's Child: The Derry Journals of Lesley Frost;" and additional sources such as films and periodicals,…

  8. Roberts syndrome: clinical and cytogenetic aspects

    Mann, N P; Fitzsimmons, J; Fitzsimmons, E; Cooke, P


    Roberts syndrome is reported in two sibs of consanguineous parents. Both infants had severe tetraphocomelia, facial clefting, and other serious malformations. In addition they were found to have an unusual cytogenetic abnormality with distortion of the normal sister chromatid relationship in many chromosomes.

  9. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 11; Issue 9. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch - Founder of Medical Microbiology. Jaya S Tyagi. General Article Volume 11 Issue 9 September 2006 pp 20-28. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  10. Gay theatre, AIDS, and taboo: reconsidering Robert Chesley.

    Gavrila, Rebecca


    Theatre was among the first popular culture forms to address HIV/AIDS and did so memorably in such works as The Normal Heart, As Is, Love! Valor! Compassion!, and March of the Falsettos. As a response to criticisms of stage dramas focusing on HIV/AIDS in the main as undifferentiated and melodramatic, the author suggests critical consideration of two works by playwright Robert Chesley. In her analysis of Night Sweats and Jerker, the author argues Chesley offers an alternative perspective that is both liberatory and sex-positive.

  11. Aitab hädaldamisest / Robert Antropov

    Antropov, Robert, 1965-


    Endine politseijuht on seisukohal, et politseinike ja päästjate nappuses ei saa süüdistada ainult väikseid palku, küsimus on valikutes: kuidas ja millesse ressursse paigutada. Kalle Laanet ja Raivo Aeg vastavad küsimusele, mis on nende haldusalas konkreetselt kavas, et politsei saaks täita oma tegevusprioriteeti 100% ja tagada sisejulgeoleku. Vt. ka Robert Antropovi kommentaari 7. aug. Eesti Päevaleht lk. 2

  12. Introduction : The scope of Robert Buijtenhuis' work

    Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Konings, P.J.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.; Konings, P.J.J.; Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.


    Cet ouvrage présente onze contributions rédigées par des africanistes qui ont collaboré étroitement avec l'anthropologue politique néerlandais Robert Buijtenhuijs et ont été influencés par ses travaux et sa personnalité. Le livre est un hommage à un auteur qui a été productif dans beaucoup de

  13. Architecture of (impossibilities: Robert Smithson's expositive spaces

    Bráulio Romeiro


    Full Text Available This work investigates the North American artist Robert Smithson’s considerations on traditional expositive spaces: the museum and art gallery, as well as unusual and unexplored spaces by art up to that time. Looking through his texts we notice some enhanced perspectives and reset others, increasing limitation set on White Cube’s abstract and neutral quality and the substantiation on ideologies behind of these spaces manifestation.

  14. Intrapartum diagnostic of Roberts syndrome - case presentation.

    Socolov, Răzvan Vladimir; Andreescu, Nicoleta Ioana; Haliciu, Ana Maria; Gorduza, Eusebiu Vlad; Dumitrache, Florentin; Balan, Raluca Anca; Puiu, Maria; Dobrescu, Mihaela Amelia; Socolov, Demetra Gabriela


    Roberts syndrome is a rare disease, with multiple limb and skeletal abnormalities (called "pseudothalidomide disease"). There are only around 150 cases described in literature. We present a case of Roberts syndrome, diagnosed in moment of delivery, after a pregnancy without prenatal follow-up. The stillborn baby was naturally delivered by a 17-year-old primiparous woman at 38 weeks of amenorrhea. The pregnancy was not followed due to socioeconomic and family situation, and no prenatal ultrasound was performed. The male baby has 2650 g and presented several morphological abnormalities and tight double umbilical abdominal loop. The macroscopic evaluation showed: dolichocephaly, hypoplastic inferior maxilla with micrognathia, antimongoloid palpebral slant, pterygium colli, abnormal and lower implanted ears, superior limbs phocomelia, syndactyly at lower left limb and tetradactyly in all limbs, bilateral cryptorchidism, pancreatic aplasia. Roberts syndrome is a rare genetic disease with recessive autosomal transmission generated by mutations in ESCO2 gene, located on chromosome 8. The disease should be easy to diagnose by antenatal ultrasound examination, but in our case, the lack of prenatal follow-up determined the diagnostic at term. We believe consider this case is an argument towards introducing ultrasound-screening compulsory to all pregnancies. To identify a possible genetic mutation, further investigations of the parents are in progress, but classically the disease has a recessive autosomal transmission.

  15. Obituary: Robert Fleischer, 1918-2001

    Boyce, Peter Bradford; Saffell, Mary E.


    Robert Fleischer was born 20 August 1918 to Leon and Rose Fleischer in Flushing, NY. He was educated at Harvard, receiving his BS in 1940, MA in 1947, and PhD in 1949. He specialized in geophysics and solar-terrestrial relations. Fleischer joined the faculty at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute advancing from Assistant to Full professor in 1958. As Director of the RPI Observatory, Fleischer attempted to bring modern astronomy to the institutions in the Albany area by procuring the funds to build a radio telescope. He left for the National Science Foundation (NSF) before the observatory was completed. It is a testament to his character that without his enormous energy, organizational, and fundraising abilities, the radio telescope project languished after he left. Fleischer joined the NSF in 1962 as the Program Director for Solar-Terrestrial Research. He was the government-wide Coordinator for the International Quiet Sun Years, and coordinated the 1966 South American Eclipse expeditions. Thereafter, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Office of International Science Activities. Fleischer is most notably remembered as the head of the Astronomy Section at the National Science Foundation. He brought astronomy into its own at NSF and involved the community in a major way through use of advisory committees. He was dedicated to helping the astronomical community understand the funding system, the political environment, and the various factors in how money is allocated. Fleischer truly believed in the concept that scientists should be making the important decisions about their field. He was instrumental in injecting science into the oversight of the National Observatories. Relations with the community say a lot about the man, the complexities of his character, and the forces that drove him. Fleischer was passionate in his beliefs and in his devotion to doing the best for astronomy. His strong approach and belief in himself served him well in many ways, but caused him grief


    Darko Majhosev


    Full Text Available The paper analyzes the legal provisions of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia relating to crimes against official duty. Crimes against official duty represent a group of criminal offenses that occupy a special place in criminal law. This kind of crimes is also called civil servants crimes, that is, they are defined as a violation of duty made by an official in performing his/her official duty. In this paper we will analyze all articles of the Criminal Code that regulate the group of criminal offenses against official duty. Most frequent cases of misuse of official duty are cases of misuse of official position and authorization, unprincipled operation within the service, defraud in the service, receiving a bribe, giving a bribe, unlawful mediation, disclosing an official secret, falsifying an official document and other. The paper will define the terms official and responsible person. In the context of the paper we will show the research referring to the number of registered and accused of crimes against official duty in the Republic of Macedonia in the period from 2004 to 2013.

  17. Ravel and Robert-Houdin, Magicians

    Fillerup, Jessie


    ,” which resonates with accounts of Ravel's Baudelairean artifice in life and work. For magicians, “illusion” was interchangeable with “effect.” The word “effect” recurs in both Ravel's writings and “The Philosophy of Composition,” a theoretical-didactic essay by Edgar Allan Poe, whom Ravel cited as one...... of his most important artistic influences. Ravel's appreciation of Poe has a much richer grain than has been imagined, extending beyond compositional artisanship to include literary and theatrical stratagems. Robert-Houdin, who started his career as a clockmaker, featured automata at his Soiréé...

  18. Sprawl: A Compact History (Author: Robert Bruegmann)

    Hayter, Jason Alexander


    Search a well-stocked library or bookstore for works on urban form and you might reach the same conclusion drawn by Robert Bruegmann: "Most of what has been written about sprawl to date has been written about com­ plaints" (p. 3). But what separates Bruegmann, a professor of art history, architecture, and urban planning at the University of Illinois at Chicago, from most people is what he does next. "[S]o many 'right-minded' people were so vociferous on the subject that I began to suspect tha...

  19. Unusually Gothic : Robert Sigl's Laurin (1987)

    Stiglegger, Marcus


    Marcus Stiglegger revives a lost Gothic treasure in this brief discussion of Robert Sigl's Laurin—a rare case of German genre film-making and the heir to FW Murnau's legacy. Phantastic genre cinema is very rare in contemporary Germany—especially in the 1980s, the time when Italian horror reached another peak with Dario Argento's Opera (1985). The cliché of the German "easy comedy" ruled mainstream film production at the time, and so it appeared a kind of miracle when 27-year-old writer/direct...

  20. ROBERT autonomous navigation robot with artificial vision

    Cipollini, A.; Meo, G.B.; Nanni, V.; Rossi, L.; Taraglio, S.; Ferjancic, C.


    This work, a joint research between ENEA (the Italian National Agency for Energy, New Technologies and the Environment) and DIGlTAL, presents the layout of the ROBERT project, ROBot with Environmental Recognizing Tools, under development in ENEA laboratories. This project aims at the development of an autonomous mobile vehicle able to navigate in a known indoor environment through the use of artificial vision. The general architecture of the robot is shown together with the data and control flow among the various subsystems. Also the inner structure of the latter complete with the functionalities are given in detail

  1. Basic concept of the nuclear emergency preparedness and response in Japan after the accident of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station. The plain explanation for regional officials and emergency workers

    Sato, Sohei; Yamamoto, Kazuya


    After the accident of TEPCO's Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station occurred on March 11, 2011, actions for controlling the accident and protective actions for the residents like evacuation were taken. In parallel with this, it has been developed to reform the nuclear regulatory systems and the emergency preparedness and response systems in Japan. Especially the Nuclear Regulation Authority's Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Guidelines were adopted with the introducing the basic concepts and the criteria on the basis of the IAEA's safety standards and differed greatly from the prior guidelines. Thus the arrangement of emergency response systems, resources and the operational procedures will be developed complying with according to the guidelines in municipalities around the nuclear power station sites. This work attempts to provide a plain explanation as possible for the regional officials and emergency workers about the basic concepts of the new guidelines. (author)

  2. Official holidays in 2011

    HR Department


    (Application of Article R II 4.39 of the Staff Regulations) Official holidays in 2011 (in addition to the special leave during the annual closure): Saturday 1 January\t(New Year) Friday 22 April\t(Good Friday) Monday 25 April\t(Easter Monday) Sunday 1 May Thursday 2 June\t(Ascension day) Friday 3 June\t(compensation granted for 1 May) Monday 13 June\t(Whit Monday) Thursday 8 September\t(“Jeûne genevois”)  Thursday 22 December\t(compensation granted for 24 December, Christmas Eve) Friday 23 December\t(compensation granted for 25 December, Christmas) Saturday 24 December\t(Christmas Eve) Sunday 25 December\t(Christmas) Thursday 29 December\t(compensation granted for 31 December, New Year’s Eve) Friday 30 December\t(compensation granted for 1 January 2012, New Year) Saturday 31 December\t(New Year’s Eve) Tel. 73903

  3. Robert Adrian X / Robert Adrian X ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Adrian X, Robert


    1997. a. Ljubljanas tehtud intervjuu 1972. aastast Viinis elava kanada kunstniku Robert Adrian X-ga (sünd. 1935), kes töötas 1970-ndate lõpul ja 1980-ndate alguses telefoni, faksi ja varaste kirjakstisüsteemidega kunstiprojektide kallal, osales 1970-ndate ja 1980-ndate multimeediaprojektides

  4. The meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Banco, Lindsey Michael


    He called the first atomic bomb “technically sweet,” yet as he watched its brilliant light explode over the New Mexico desert in 1945 in advance of the black horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he also thought of the line from the Hindu epic The Bhagavad Gita: “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, the single most recognizable face of the atomic bomb, and a man whose name has become almost synonymous with Cold War American nuclear science, was and still is a conflicted, controversial figure who has come to represent an equally ambivalent technology. The Meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer examines how he has been represented over the past seven decades in biographies, histories, fiction, comics, photographs, film, television, documentaries, theater, and museums. Lindsey Michael Banco gathers an unprecedented group of cultural texts and seeks to understand the multiple meanings Oppenheimer has held in American popul...

  5. Obituary: Robert C. Bless (1927 - 2015)

    Surrounded by his loving family, Robert Charles Bless died at home on November 29th, three days before his 88th birthday. He was born in Ithaca, NY on Dec. 3, 1927 to a Russian father, Arthur Aaron Bless, and a French mother, Eva Chantrell Bless. Bob spent many summers on the family farm in the South of France, where he gained a great pride and joy in his French heritage, large extended family, and mother tongue. As a child growing up in Gainesville, FL, Bob's first job was snake wrangling, earning 10 cents per foot, with an added bonus for the more venomous species. Young Robbie took daily adventures in the Florida woods and swamps, armed only with pockets full of pecans and oranges. He enjoyed spending time at the family's lake cabin, where he learned to sail and helped his father plant acres of trees to grow their timber plantation. As a first generation immigrant, Bob's father received a PhD in physics, which inspired Bob to pursue an extensive educational route in astrophysics. Bob excelled in academics, graduating high school at the age of 16 and the University of Florida (B.Sc.) at 19. His path to graduate school was interrupted by a diagnosis of tuberculosis that forced him into a Florida sanitorium for one year. During this time, Bob made the most of what he described as the most dismal part of life by advocating for patient rights, initiating an inter-sanitorium newsletter, and gaining skills and experience in community organization and leadership - qualities that would later inform his leadership in academe. After being one of the first successfully treated tuberculosis patients in the US, Bob went on to earn a M.Sc. from Cornell University, and received his PhD degree in Astronomy from the University of Michigan in 1958. That same year, Bob joined the staff of the Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison. It was there that Bob met Diane McQueen. Despite Bob's Dodge Dart and what has been described as the worst first date in

  6. Introduction to special issue: Robert Jay Kastenbaum (1932-2013).

    Fulton, Robert; Klass, Dennis; Doka, Kenneth J; Kastenbaum, Beatrice

    The three pieces in this section introduce the Festschrift celebrating the works and influence of Omega: Journal of Death and Dying's founding editor, Robert Kastenbaum. Robert Fulton, an early Associate Editor of the Journal begins with some personal reflections on Kastenbaum. Klass and Doka then describe the nature of the Festschrift. A closing coda by Robert Kastenbaum's wife, Beatrice Kastenbaum, reminds us of the person behind the work.

  7. Official Union Time Tracking System

    Social Security Administration — Official Union Time Tracking System captures the reporting and accounting of the representational activity for all American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)...

  8. CERN welcomes Korea as an official collaborator


    His Excellency Mr. Won-Hwa Park, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Switzerland, with CERN's Director-General at the signature ceremony to mark Korea as an official collaborator. On 25 October, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Switzerland, His Excellency Mr Won-Hwa Park, visited CERN. He came to sign, together with the Director-General Dr Robert Aymar, a formal Cooperation Agreement between CERN and the Government of the Republic of Korea, witnessed by Dr Joo-Han Kim of the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. With this agreement that covers the development of scientific and technical cooperation in high-energy physics, Korea's participation in the experimental physics programme of CERN has now been formalised. Two days earlier, Dr Myung-Bak Lee, the former Mayor of Seoul, paid a visit to CERN, accompanied by ten members of his staff and fifteen Korean journalists. CERN was one of the destinations in Europe (together with GSI in Germany) on Dr Lee's agenda to gain information and to estab...

  9. NAGWS Softball Guide 1989. Official Rules/Officiating.

    Matson, Janis

    This booklet, written for coaches of women's softball teams, contains the official National Association for Girls and Women in Sports (NAGWS) rules for the game. Recent rule modifications are included. Statements of philosophy and standards for NAGWS officials are also included. (JD)

  10. 5 CFR 2638.204 - Deputy ethics official.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Deputy ethics official. 2638.204 Section 2638.204 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS GOVERNMENT ETHICS OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS AND EXECUTIVE AGENCY ETHICS PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES Designated Agency Ethics Official § 2638.204...

  11. 45 CFR 73.735-202 - Management officials.


    ...) Department Ethics Counselor. The Assistant General Counsel, Business and Administrative Law Division, shall... 45 Public Welfare 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Management officials. 73.735-202 Section 73.735... Responsibilities § 73.735-202 Management officials. (a) The Department has an obligation to enforce the...

  12. Color and Contingency in Robert Boyle's Works.

    Baker, Tawrin


    This essay investigates the relationship between color and contingency in Robert Boyle's Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664) and his essays on the unsuccessfulness of experiments in Certain Physiological Essays (1661). In these two works Boyle wrestles with a difficult practical and philosophical problem with experiments, which he calls the problem of contingency. In Touching Colours, the problem of contingency is magnified by the much-debated issue of whether color had any deep epistemic importance. His limited theoretical principle guiding him in Touching Colours, that color is but modified light, further exacerbated the problem. Rather than theory, Boyle often relied on craftsmen, whose mastery of color phenomena was, Boyle mentions, brought about by economic forces, to determine when colors were indicators of important 'inward' properties of substances, and thus to secure a solid foundation for his experimental history of color.

  13. Robert Williams Wood: pioneer of invisible light.

    Sharma, Shruti; Sharma, Amit


    The Wood's lamp aids in the diagnosis of multiple infectious, inflammatory and neoplastic dermatologic conditions. Although the Wood's lamp has many applications, which have improved both the diagnosis and management of disease, the man credited for its invention is relatively unknown in medicine. Robert Williams Wood, a prominent physicist of the early 20th century, is credited for the invention of the Wood's lamp. Wood was the father of infrared and ultraviolet photography and made significant contributions to other areas in optics and spectroscopy. Wood's work encompassed the formative years of American Physics; he published over 200 original papers over his lifetime. A few years after the invention of the Wood's lamp for ultraviolet photography, physicians in Europe adopted the Wood's lamp for dermatologic applications. Wood's lamp remains popular in clinics globally, given its ease of use and ability to improve diagnostic precision. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. The strange trial of Robert Oppenheimer

    Kevles, D.J.


    Robert Oppenheimer has become the symbol of the scientist tormented and anguished by the consequences of his discoveries. R.Oppenheimer took a major part in the Manhattan project for the designing of the first atomic bomb. During this period he considered the thermonuclear bomb as the next step to reach but after Japan's surrender he reconsidered his position and favoured a more moderate atomic policy. R.Oppenheimer began to militate in favour of an international control of nuclear energy and wanted that Usa relinquish to design the hydrogen bomb. In 1953 in full Mac-Carthysm era, he was accused of being a communist and of spying for Ussr and as a consequence he was deprived of his office in AEC (atomic energy committee) but in 1963 president Lyndon Johnson rehabilitated him and R.Oppenheimer was awarded the highest reward of AEC: the Enrico Fermi prize. (A.C.)

  15. Anthony ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008

    TS Department


    We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr Anthony ROBERTS on 16 January 2008. Mr ROBERTS, born on 05.03.1948, worked in the HR Department and had been employed at CERN since 01.06.1973. The Director-General has sent his family a message of condolence on behalf of the CERN staff. Social Affairs Service Human Resources Department

  16. Role definition among public officials and emergency workers in a nuclear evacuation

    Metz, W.C.


    How public officials and emergency workers will resolve conflict between their official duties and assigned tasks and their family and conscience responsibilities is discussed in the context of the Indian Point nuclear station, and the Shoreham nuclear station

  17. Robert Hooke: early respiratory physiologist, polymath, and mechanical genius.

    West, John B


    Robert Hooke (1635-1703) was a polymath who made important contributions to respiratory physiology and many other scientific areas. With Robert Boyle, he constructed the first air pump that allowed measurements on small animals at a reduced atmospheric pressure, and this started the discipline of high-altitude physiology. He also built the first human low-pressure chamber and described his experiences when the pressure was reduced to the equivalent of an altitude of ∼2,400 m. Using artificial ventilation in an animal preparation, he demonstrated that movement of the lung was not essential for life. His book Micrographia describing early studies with a microscope remains a classic. He produced an exquisite drawing of the head of a fly, showing the elaborate compound eye. There is also a detailed drawing of a flea, and Hooke noted how the long, many-jointed legs enable the insect to jump so high. For 40 years, he was the curator of experiments for the newly founded Royal Society in London and contributed greatly to its intellectual ferment. His mechanical inventions covered an enormous range, including the watch spring, the wheel barometer, and the universal joint. Following the Great Fire of London in 1666, he designed many of the new buildings in conjunction with Christopher Wren. Unfortunately, Hooke had an abrasive personality, which was partly responsible for a lack of recognition of his work for many years. However, during the last 25 years, there has been renewed interest, and he is now recognized as a brilliant scientist and innovator. ©2014 Int. Union Physiol. Sci./Am. Physiol. Soc.

  18. Finding official British information official publishing in the digital age

    Inman, Jane; Purushothama, B


    Examining the different bodies that publish official material, this book describes the types of material published, how it is made available and how it is recorded. Finding Official British Information focuses on the digital availability of official information and considers how much is now freely available on the web and how to locate it as well as addressing issues of web only publishing. It covers public bodies in the UK and includes publications issued by central and local government as well as the devolved assemblies and the many other organisations that issue official publications. Quick 'how to find' section for each area Designed for the non-specialist Covering central and local government, the devolved assemblies and other public bodies in the UK.

  19. Robert Aymar awarded Global Energy prize


    CERN Director-General Robert Aymar was recently named one of three laureates of the 2006 Global Energy International Prize for 'the development of scientific and engineering foundation for the ITER project.' ITER is an experiment planned to be built in Europe at Cadarache (South of France) and designed to show the scientific and technological feasibility of a full-scale fusion power reactor. The other two laureates, who worked with Aymar on the project, are former President of the ITER Council, Russian Academician Evgeny Velikhov, and Japan's Dr Masaji Yoshikawa, ITER's former Vice President. Aymar headed ITER from 1994 to 2003. 'This prize is not only a great honour for me and my friends and colleagues of many years at ITER, Evgeny Velikhov and Masaji Yoshikawa,' Aymar said. 'It is above all a recognition of the effort of all those who have been involved with the ITER project and worked over the years to ensure the first step in proving that fusion will provide a new sustainable energy source for the plane...

  20. Temperature and salinity profiles from CTD casts from the ROBERT D. CONRAD from the SW Atlantic (limit-20 W) as part of the International Decade of Ocean Exploration / International Ocean Studies / First Dynamic Response and Kinematics Experiment in the Drake Passage (IDOE/ISOS/FDRAKE) from 1974-01-06 to 1975-03-06 (NODC Accession 7900291)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Temperature and salinity profiles were collected from CTD casts in the SW Atlantic (limit-20 W) from the ROBERT D. CONRAD from 06 January 1974 to 06 March 1975. Data...

  1. A global model of malaria climate sensitivity: comparing malaria response to historic climate data based on simulation and officially reported malaria incidence

    Edlund Stefan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The role of the Anopheles vector in malaria transmission and the effect of climate on Anopheles populations are well established. Models of the impact of climate change on the global malaria burden now have access to high-resolution climate data, but malaria surveillance data tends to be less precise, making model calibration problematic. Measurement of malaria response to fluctuations in climate variables offers a way to address these difficulties. Given the demonstrated sensitivity of malaria transmission to vector capacity, this work tests response functions to fluctuations in land surface temperature and precipitation. Methods This study of regional sensitivity of malaria incidence to year-to-year climate variations used an extended Macdonald Ross compartmental disease model (to compute malaria incidence built on top of a global Anopheles vector capacity model (based on 10 years of satellite climate data. The predicted incidence was compared with estimates from the World Health Organization and the Malaria Atlas. The models and denominator data used are freely available through the Eclipse Foundation’s Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeller (STEM. Results Although the absolute scale factor relating reported malaria to absolute incidence is uncertain, there is a positive correlation between predicted and reported year-to-year variation in malaria burden with an averaged root mean square (RMS error of 25% comparing normalized incidence across 86 countries. Based on this, the proposed measure of sensitivity of malaria to variations in climate variables indicates locations where malaria is most likely to increase or decrease in response to specific climate factors. Bootstrapping measures the increased uncertainty in predicting malaria sensitivity when reporting is restricted to national level and an annual basis. Results indicate a potential 20x improvement in accuracy if data were available at the level ISO 3166–2

  2. Magnetohydrodynamics and the earth's core selected works by Paul Roberts

    Soward, Andrew M


    Paul Roberts'' research contributions are remarkable in their diversity, depth and international appeal. Papers from the Paul Roberts'' Anniversary meeting at the University of Exeter are presented in this volume. Topics include geomagnetism and dynamos, fluid mechanics and MHD, superfluidity, mixed phase regions, mean field electrodynamics and the Earth''s inner core. An incisive commentary of the papers puts the work of Paul Roberts into historical context. Magnetohydrodynamics and the Earth''s Core provides a valuable source of reference for graduates and researchers working in this area of geoscience.

  3. Obituary: Robert H. Koch (1929-2010)

    Koch, Joanne; Corcoran, Michael; Holenstein, Bruce; Sion, Edward


    Robert H. Koch, emeritus professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, passed away at his home in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on 11 October 2010 after a brief illness. Bob was 80 years old and remained sharp and intellectually engaged with the astronomical community up until the onset of complications from a brain tumor. Bob was born in York, Pennsylvania on 19 December 1929, and graduated from York Catholic High School in 1947. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a senatorial scholarship, graduating in 1951. After two years in the United States Army, he enrolled in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, doing his doctoral research on the photoelectric photometry of R CMa, AO Cas, AS Eri, and XY Leo at the Steward Observatory, University of Arizona in Tucson. Bob would continue this exploration of close binary stars, their atmospheres and interactions, for the rest of his career. Bob met his future spouse, Joanne C. Underwood, while in graduate school in 1957 and they were married in 1959. Bob received his PhD in astronomy in 1959 and moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, where he taught as a member of the Four College Astronomy Department until 1966. Following a year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Bob joined the Astronomy Department at Penn, teaching and doing research there until his retirement in 1996. Bob's main interests were the study of close and eclipsing binary stars, stellar envelopes and winds, intrinsic variables, transits and occultations, and the Milky Way Galaxy, producing well over 100 refereed publications. Bob was partial to photoelectric photometry and polarimetry, conducting most of his observational research at the University of Pennsylvania Flower and Cook Observatory, and at other ground- and space-based observatories. As an international figure in the area of binary stars, Bob had widespread collaborations with scientists at other institutions, in the US and throughout the world, and

  4. Caruso St John y Robert Smithson: Interferencias

    Emilia Hernández Pezzi


    Full Text Available Resumen Los discursos cruzados son el soporte común del presente número de Cuadernos. El cruce que planteamos tiene como protagonistas al artista Robert Smithson y a los arquitectos Adam Caruso y Peter St John. Estos últimos hacen mención del trabajo del artista norteamericano para explicar su proyecto de remodelación de Stortorget, la plaza de la catedral en el centro de Kalmar, Suecia. A partir de aquí, comenzamos una exploración del trabajo y las preocupaciones de ambos que nos permite dibujar convergencias y sintonías procesuales por encima de las diferencias temáticas, ideológicas y estilísticas. Al disponer en paralelo la obra de Smithson y Caruso St John descubrimos vibraciones y resonancias que muestran una interacción productiva de sus preocupaciones. La materia se convierte en sus propuestas en un objeto activo y sensible, un depósito energético con el que operar. El traslado de piedras en Stortorget convoca la memoria de la ciudad del mismo modo que el basalto y la sal del Spiral Jetty, erosionados por el tiempo, nos hablan de procesos abiertos. El tiempo y la memoria pasan a ser soportes estratégicos con los que construyen sus miradas. Los objetos se disuelven en las relaciones que establecen con su entorno produciendo equilibrios frágiles e instantáneos. De esta manera el artículo pretende generar un vórtice de reflexión, una espiral en cuyo recorrido se manifiesten las tensiones parciales del cruce propuesto, sus fijezas momentáneas.

  5. Obituary: Robert Mowbray Walker, 1929-2004

    Schoenherr, Neil T.


    Robert M. Walker, PhD, Professor of Physics in Arts & Sciences and a faculty fellow of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, died of stomach cancer Thursday, 12 February 2004, in Brussels, Belgium. He was 75. Walker worked on the frontiers of space research for more than four decades. Robert Walker was born in Philadelphia on 6 February 1929. His mother was Dorothy Potter and he considered Roger Potter his father though he was not his biological father. His early years were spent in New York City and in upstate New York. He attended the Bronx High School of Science, earned his BS in physics from Union College and in 1954, he received his PhD in particle physics from Yale University. He subsequently joined the General Electric Laboratory in Schenectady, New York where he studied the radiation effects in solids. His work on defects in irradiated copper is still regarded as the definitive work on the topic. In the early 1960s, Walker's discovery of fossil nuclear particle tracks in minerals was instrumental to new developments in geo-chronology and cosmic ray physics. In particular, his discovery of tracks from nuclei heavier than iron opened a new frontier of cosmic ray physics. He subsequently pioneered the use of plastics to detect and count such nuclei in cosmic ray balloon flights. Beginning in 1966, when he moved to Washington University and became the first McDonnell Professor of Physics, his research interests turned more toward space physics. He was the inaugural director of the McDonnell Center, which was established in 1975 by a gift from aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell. Walker was a member of the NASA committee that allocated samples of the first returned lunar materials, and his laboratory led the way in deciphering their record of lunar, solar system and galactic evolution. Together with Ghislaine Crozaz and other colleagues, Walker made path breaking laboratory studies of the first moon rocks revealing the history of solar radiation and

  6. 25 CFR 700.509 - Duties of the designated agency ethics official.


    ... 25 Indians 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Duties of the designated agency ethics official. 700.509... RELOCATION PROCEDURES Employee Responsibility and Conduct § 700.509 Duties of the designated agency ethics official. The Designated Agency Ethics Official shall coordinate and manage the agency's ethics program...

  7. STS-65 Columbia, OV-102, IML-2 Official crew portrait


    STS-65 Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102, International Microgravity Laboratory 2 (IML-2) Official crew portrait shows its seven crewmembers wearing launch and entry suits (LESs). The six NASA astronauts and a Japanese payload specialist take a break from STS-65 training to pose for their portrait. Left to right are Mission Specialist (MS) and Payload Commander (PLC) Richard J. Hieb, holding mission insignia, MS Leroy Chiao, Pilot James D. Halsell, Jr, Commander Robert D. Cabana, Payload Specialist Chiaki Mukai, MS Donald A. Thomas, holding launch and entry helmet (LEH), and Carl E. Walz. Mukai represents the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan.Portrait made by NASA JSC contract photographer Scott A. Wickes.

  8. TBT recommends : Vera Bila. The No Smoking Orchestra. Robert Plant


    Mustlasansambli Kale ja Vera Bila kontserdist 8. apr Tallinnas. Bosnia filmirežissööri Emir Kusturica ja tema ansambli No Smoking Orchestra kontserdist 12. apr. Riias. Inglise rocklaulja Robert Planti kontserdist 10. apr. Vilniuses

  9. Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data, Quality Controlled

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data (delayed ~10 days for quality control) are from the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and...

  10. Robert Eisenstein joins the ATLAS collaboration at CERN

    Maximilien Brice


    Robert Eisenstein, former assistant director for mathematical and physical sciences (MPS) at the US National Science Foundation (NSF), has stepped down from the job to spend a year at CERN as a member of the ATLAS collaboration.

  11. Sir Robert Sidney’s Poems Revisited: the alternative sequence

    Relvas, Maria de Jesus C.


    The essay approaches the lyric sequence written by Sir Robert Sidney (1563-1626) in the Elizabethan age, by mainly exploring its unique formal structure, which encloses an alternative sequence formed by a re-numbering of several poems.

  12. Robert Rodrigueze verejugadega õudusfilm tuleb Igavuse planeedilt / Mihkel Raud

    Raud, Mihkel, 1969-


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. R. Rodrigueze filmist

  13. Astronaut Robert L. Crippen prepares for underwater training session


    Astronaut Robert L. Crippen, STS-7 crew commander, adjusts his extravehicular mobility unit's (EMU) gloves prior to donning his helmet for a training session in the weightless environment test facility (WETF).

  14. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First ...

    Tahir M. Malla


    /licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/). 1. Introduction. Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome is an autosomal recessive developmental disorder characterized by pre and postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, craniofacial anomalies,.

  15. Two autographs: Cecile Dewitt and Robert Hawking (for Steven Hawking)

    Gaina, Alex


    Two autographs given to author by professor Cecile Dewitt and Robert Hawking (the son of Steven Hawking for his father) in 1987 during the Quantum Gravity Seminar in Moscow are presented. The first was given during a visit to Physical Institute of the Academy of sciences of the USSR, where a seminar held in the Theoretical department. the second was given during a lunch with Steven Hawking, Andrei Linde and Robert Hawking at the 2-nd floor of the Conference floor.

  16. Leaving Libertarianism: : Social Ties in Robert Nozick's New Philosophy

    Herbjørnsrud, Dag


    SUMMARY This thesis Leaving Libertarianism: Social Ties in Robert Nozick s New Philosophy challenges the general and most widespread portrayals of the American philosopher Robert Nozick (1938-2002) by studying the notion of social ties in his later philosophy. The point of departure is the present descriptions of Nozick s philosophy. Mostly these depictions are based upon three postulates: That Nozick is an extreme individualist, that the libertarian Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1...

  17. Tetra-amelia and splenogonadal fusion in Roberts syndrome

    Ravel, T.J.L. de; Seftel, M.D.; Wright, C.A. [Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa)


    Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome comprises limb deficiencies of variable severity, facial clefts, and other anomalies. Tetra-amelia may also be associated with facial clefts and similar anomalies. We report on a female infant with severe tetra-amelia, micrognathia, cleft palate, splenogonadal fusion, and premature centromere separation. We propose that this represents the severe expression of the Roberts-SC phocomelia syndrome. 18 refs., 6 figs.

  18. Lieutenant General Robert L. Bullard: Understanding Small and Large Conflicts


    Publishing, 1925). 11 Robert L. Bullard, American Soldiers Also Fought ( Garden City, NY: Longmens and Green, 1936). 12 Ibid., V. 13 Ibid., VI...2005, 41-45. 53 Robert L. Bullard, “Among the Savage Moros,” Metropolitan Magazine, vol. XXIV:III (June 1906), 264. 19 increased during his...59 Bullard, “Among the Savage Moros,” 264. 22 intuitively knew that if he was to assist a partner, help the deprived, or fight an adversary, he

  19. Robert Lowell’s Culturally Coded Lexis

    Lidija Davidovska


    Full Text Available In this paper, I will examine how a vital ele­ment of Robert Lowell’s descriptive and narrative struc­tures, i.e., the lexis, promise to unfold the “layers” of the culture that served as context for Life Studies. This in­volves exploring both the denotations and connotations of his culturally encoded lexis, that is, the external mean­ings of certain words and phrases before they “en­ter” the poem and the internal meanings they acquire after entering the poem. This process of “verbal osmo­sis”, when words absorb meaning from these different contexts, is, what I believe, critic and linguist Winifred Nowottny describes as “give and take between those patterns” (Fowler, 2009: 31. My analysis will focus on the sociolinguistic patina accrued on certain units of Lowell’s poetic lexis, such as names of historical people, events and concepts belonging to American and Euro­pean spiritual cultures and traditions, as well as brand names from popular material culture of the first half of the twentieth century. The analysis will also dwell on the use of idioms, catch phrases and other verbal clichés which reflect the culture that generated them. They func­tion as verbal “ready-mades” that additionally rein­force Lowell’s well-known anecdotal, colloquial and infor­mal poetic language. The choice of these particular lexical items is significant as they reflect the categoriza­tion of the world and the experience of the poetic voice or the “language user” in broader linguistic terms. At the same time, the categorization of the experience reflects the ideational position, the worldview of the language user. In the context of his poetics of immanence and experi­ence, this culturally coded poetic diction is ana­lyzed as another authentic and documented presenta­tion of immanent narrator’s “lived experience”.

  20. NAGWS Softball Guide 1991: Official Rules/Officiating.

    Matson, Janis

    This softball guide presents information on: the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS), rule modifications, softball playing rules, and officiating. Section 1 explains the purpose, beliefs, and services of the NAGWS; provides information on the association's committees and membership application; and explains use of the…

  1. Robert Lévy-Mandel (1923-2010)


    Former CERN Director Robert Lévy-Mandel passed away on 3 July at the age of 87.   After obtaining a diploma from the Institut polytechnique in Grenoble, in 1948 he started work at the CEA, and was involved in the development and construction of the Saclay institute's first particle accelerator, a Van de Graaff machine. From 1954 to 1957 he was responsible for the coordination, development and construction of the CEA’s Saturne synchrotron, which entered service in 1958. In 1963 he was appointed head of the Saturne Synchrotron Department. The team led the construction of the Gargamelle bubble chamber, which was installed at CERN, and made contributions to other major facilities, including the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC). In 1971 he was invited to come to Geneva by John Adams, who was in charge of the SPS accelerator project. With the start of the SPS project, CERN had two laboratories, one at Meyrin and one at Prévessin, each with its own Director General: ...

  2. Anthony (Tony) ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008


    Tony came from Netherton, a small town near Birmingham in the English West Midlands, where he grew up with his parents, who ran the local grocery store, "T.W. Roberts & Son". This is where he regularly liked to return, firstly to help his parents and later simply to spend time with them. Here undoubtedly lie the roots of his organizational skills and his ability to get on so well with others. He soon became interested in the rapidly-developing field of computing and this was how he first came to CERN, during the summer of 1973, at the age of 25. He joined the DD Division as an operator responsible for the "calculators" of that time, where he stayed until 1979 when he joined the Fellows and Associates Section of Personnel Division. He participated in the general computerisation of the Administration and continued his career in the Records Office of HR Department, a post he held until the end. Though still very British – ob...

  3. American Prometheus. The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Biography; J. Robert Oppenheimer. Die Biographie

    Bird, Kai; Sherwin, Martin J.


    A definitive portrait of legendary scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the ''father'' of the atomic bomb, discusses his seminal role in the twentieth-century scientific world, as well as his lesser-known roles as family man, supposed communist, and head of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies. ''American Prometheus'' is a rich evocation of America in mid-century and a compelling portrait of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, a man shaped by its major events--the Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. (orig.) [German] J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), der ''Vater der Atombombe'', zaehlt zu den schillerndsten Figuren der juengeren Zeitgeschichte. Fuer ihre glaenzende Biographie des ''amerikanischen Prometheus'' erhielten der Journalist Kai Bird und der Historiker Martin J. Sherwin den Pulitzer-Preis. Exemplarisch lassen sie das Drama eines Forschers lebendig werden, der sich zwischen Erkenntnisdrang und ethischer Verantwortung entscheiden muss. Oppenheimer leitete das streng geheime Manhattan-Projekt in der Wueste von New Mexico, wo am 16. Juli 1945 die erste Atombombe gezuendet wurde. Kurz darauf starben in Hiroshima und Nagasaki mehr als 200 000 Menschen durch die neue ''Wunderwaffe'' - die Menschheit war ins Atomzeitalter eingetreten. Erschuettert von der Zerstoerungskraft seiner Schoepfung, engagierte sich Oppenheimer fortan gegen den Einsatz nuklearer Waffen. Das machte ihn im Amerika der McCarthy-Aera verdaechtig. Er geriet ins Visier des FBI, wurde als Spion der Sowjetunion verleumdet und musste den Staatsdienst quittieren. Sein Privatleben wurde an die Oeffentlichkeit gezerrt, seine Wohnung verwanzt, sein Telefon abgehoert. Erst 1963 rehabilitierte ihn Praesident Kennedy. Ueber dreissig Jahre hinweg haben die Autoren Interviews mit Oppenheimers Angehoerigen, Freunden und Kollegen gefuehrt, FBI-Akten gesichtet, Tonbaender von Reden und Verhoeren

  4. 43 CFR 20.201 - Ethics officials.


    ... 43 Public Lands: Interior 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Ethics officials. 20.201 Section 20.201... Department Ethics Program § 20.201 Ethics officials. (a) Designated Agency Ethics Official refers to the official designated under 5 CFR 2638.201 to coordinate and manage the Department's ethics program. (b) The...

  5. 30 CFR 1.1 - Official emblem.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Official emblem. 1.1 Section 1.1 Mineral Resources MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OFFICIAL EMBLEM AND OMB CONTROL NUMBERS... OFFICIAL EMBLEM § 1.1 Official emblem. The following emblem is established and shall be used as the...

  6. [Robert Koch was right. Towards a new interpretation of tuberculin therapy].

    Cardona, Pere J


    At the centenary of Robert Koch's Nobel Prize award, tuberculosis treatment with tuberculin, which was announced in Berlin in 1890, is still considered a failure. Nevertheless, there is now sufficient information supporting the idea that tuberculin therapy was widely used until the second half of the twentieth century; thus, the impact of this treatment should be studied and related to the decrease in tuberculosis-related mortality recorded in that period. Moreover, tuberculin therapy has inspired at least two new immunotherapies; these, however, were directed toward precisely the opposite effect: suppression of the Koch phenomenon. Thus, inoculation of Mycobacterium vaccae polarizes the immune response towards the Th1 type; and inoculation of RUTI avoids local immunodepression after short-term chemotherapy without inducing toxicity. For this reason, Robert Koch's work on antituberculosis therapy should be reread and proper recognition given to his contribution in this field.

  7. Invited commentary on 'Robert G Edwards and the Roman Catholic Church'.

    Head, Ivan Francis


    In this issue of Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Benagiano, Carrara and Filippi have produced a clearly written and comprehensive account of why the Roman Catholic Church has not welcomed the award of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine to Dr Robert G Edwards for the development of human IVF. I commend the article for its clarity and lucidity but attempt to point out some areas where disagreement even with its nuanced opposition to IVF may be legitimate. I try to make some simple comments that explain why this is so and I suggest some areas to which contemporary theology and philosophy can commit itself. But it is good to see even a nuanced response to the work of Robert G Edwards rather than a blanket condemnation. Copyright © 2011 Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. The strange trial of Robert Oppenheimer; L'etrange proces de Robert Oppenheimer

    Kevles, D.J. [Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States); Institut de Technologie de Californie (United States)


    Robert Oppenheimer has become the symbol of the scientist tormented and anguished by the consequences of his discoveries. R.Oppenheimer took a major part in the Manhattan project for the designing of the first atomic bomb. During this period he considered the thermonuclear bomb as the next step to reach but after Japan's surrender he reconsidered his position and favoured a more moderate atomic policy. R.Oppenheimer began to militate in favour of an international control of nuclear energy and wanted that Usa relinquish to design the hydrogen bomb. In 1953 in full Mac-Carthysm era, he was accused of being a communist and of spying for Ussr and as a consequence he was deprived of his office in AEC (atomic energy committee) but in 1963 president Lyndon Johnson rehabilitated him and R.Oppenheimer was awarded the highest reward of AEC: the Enrico Fermi prize. (A.C.)

  9. [Big data in official statistics].

    Zwick, Markus


    The concept of "big data" stands to change the face of official statistics over the coming years, having an impact on almost all aspects of data production. The tasks of future statisticians will not necessarily be to produce new data, but rather to identify and make use of existing data to adequately describe social and economic phenomena. Until big data can be used correctly in official statistics, a lot of questions need to be answered and problems solved: the quality of data, data protection, privacy, and the sustainable availability are some of the more pressing issues to be addressed. The essential skills of official statisticians will undoubtedly change, and this implies a number of challenges to be faced by statistical education systems, in universities, and inside the statistical offices. The national statistical offices of the European Union have concluded a concrete strategy for exploring the possibilities of big data for official statistics, by means of the Big Data Roadmap and Action Plan 1.0. This is an important first step and will have a significant influence on implementing the concept of big data inside the statistical offices of Germany.

  10. Obituary: Peter Robert Wilson, 1929-2007

    Snodgrass, Herschel B.


    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Peter Robert Wilson, a well-known and well-loved figure in the solar physics community. Peter was on the faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney for 39 years, and Chair of the department for 24 of these years. He was the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific research papers and a book, Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles (1994), published by Cambridge University Press. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at his home in Glebe, Australia, in the early morning of 11 November 2007. Peter was an organizer of, and participant in, many international conferences and workshops. He traveled extensively, holding visiting appointments at the University of Colorado (JILA), at Cambridge University, at the College de France (Paris), and at the California Institute of Technology [CalTech]. Most of his work was in the field of solar physics, but he also did some work on the philosophy of science and on tides. Peter came from a line of mathematicians. His father, Robert Wilson, immigrated to Australia from Glasgow in 1911, and became a mathematics teacher at Scotch College, a private school in Melbourne. There his name was changed to 'Bill' because 'Bob' was already taken." Peter's enjoyment of this story as characteristic of Australian academia (as any fan of Monty Python would understand) is indicative of his infectious sense of humor. In a similar vein, he claimed ancestry traced back to the eighteenth-century Scottish mathematician Alexander Wilson, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. That Wilson is famous in the solar physics community for his discovery, known as the "Wilson Effect," of the photospheric depressions associated with sunspots. Peter himself could not resist writing a paper on this subject, and was delighted when the bait was taken by some less-informed colleagues who chided him for "naming an effect after himself." "Bill" Wilson married Naomi

  11. Roberts 22: a bipolar nebula with OH emission

    Allen, D.A.; Hyland, A.R.; Caswell, J.L.


    Roberts 22 is a bipolar reflection nebula illuminated by a hidden A2 Ie star. Most of its energy is radiated at infrared wavelengths. It also shows strong OH maser emission (OH 284.18 - 0.79) on the 1612 and 1665 MHz transitions, generally similar to the masers associated with M stars having infrared excesses. But the system contains no late-type star. This remarkable assemblage of attributes makes Roberts 22 unique; however, it is probably a key member of the newly-recognized population of bipolar nebulae. From an analysis of the properties of Roberts 22 some published interpretations of other bipolar nebulae are questioned, in particular the derivation of spectral types for their underlying stars by the assumption of photo-ionization of the gas, and their evolutionary description as proto-planetary nebulae. (author)

  12. The inauguration of Robert-Bourassa Park at James Bay

    Valiquette, M.


    Robert Bourassa's contributions to the hydroelectric development at James Bay were acknowledged with the inauguration of a park in the ex-prime minister's name. Phase 1 of the James Bay hydroelectric project constituted the world's biggest construction site, employing more than 180,000 people from beginning to project completion. The James Bay project allowed Hydro-Quebec to gain one of the world's largest electric power utilities and to gain significant competitive edge over its competitors. The Robert Bourassa Park contains a picnic area and a visitor interpretation centre which describes the history of the project. A sequence of 5 signposts summarize the contributions that Robert Bourassa made to the megaproject which cost over $20.6 billion. The complex consists of 65 turbines which produce 15,235 megawatts of electricity. 1 fig

  13. Double trisomy (48,XXX,+18) with features of Roberts syndrome

    Descartes, M.; Longshore, J.W.; Crawford, E. [Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, AL (United States)] [and others


    We report an infant with double trisomy 48,XXX,+18, who also displayed features of Roberts syndrome. All previously published cases with similar double trisomy have presented with features of trisomy 18 syndrome. The chromosome analysis done at birth revealed the double trisomy; parental chromosomes were normal. The proband presented with microbrachycephaly, unilateral cleft lip and palate, choanal atresia, midfacial capillary hemanioma, thin nares, shallow orbits, malformed ears, sparse hair, hypomelia of the upper limbs, rocker-bottom feet, auricular septal defect and agenesis of the corpus callosum. Characteristic features of Roberts syndrome included hypomelia, midfacial defects, and severe growth deficiency. Among the many different features reported in the literature for patients with trisomy 18 syndrome, the most consistent were growth deficiency, clenched fingers and congenital heart defects (e.g. VSD, ASD, PDA). Although some of our patient`s features such as cleft lip and cleft palate, low-set malformed ears, ASD, defects of the corpus callosum, choanal atresia, radial aplasia could also be seen in trisomy 18 syndrome (in 10-50% of the cases), her phenotype was more typical of Roberts syndrome because of symmetrical hypomelia and midfacial defects. Our patient`s chromosomes did not show premature separation of centromeric heterochromatin, a feature reported to occur in approximately one-half of individuals with Roberts syndrome. Sporadic aneuploidy involving different chromosomes has been found in lymphocyte cultures from some Roberts syndrome patients and is considered by some authors as a mitotic mutant. This aneuploidy is most likely to be chromosome gain. The simultaneous occurrence of trisomy X and 18 is extremely rare with only 11 cases having been reported in the literature. Our patient is unique since she has the double trisomy in addition to the characteristic features of Roberts syndrome.

  14. LEP Celebration : the official programme

    CERN. Geneva


    At 14:00: Groupe de Jazz "Wolfgang & The Werewolves" . The official programme begins at 15:00 with an introduction from the Director General, and Professor Martinus Veltman will give the keynote speech. Heads of national delegations represented at ministerial level will then make their speeches, following which a commemorative plaque will be unveiled. A specially commissioned ballet by Maurice Béjart will bring the ceremony to a close.

  15. Robert Nemiroff: Communicating Astronomy 365 Days a Year

    Pullen, L.; Russo, P.


    Few astronomy communication projects are as well known or as widely disseminated as the Astronomy Picture of the Day (or APOD for short). Since its creation in 1995, it has popularised thousands of images and helped to explain the cosmos through informative captions. Impressively, the site shows no signs of slowing down and has amassed many loyal supporters. This success can be attributed to the two astronomers behind the project: Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell. CAPjournal has interviewed Robert to discover his view of APOD, and the lesser known issues that surround it.

  16. Stylistic Analysis of Robert Browning's Poem "Patriot into Traitor

    Ahmed, Mumtaz; Irshad, Ayesha


    The stylistic analysis of Robert Browning's poem "Patriot into Traitor" is done by using graphological, phonological, morphological and lexico-syntactic patterns. This analysis is helpful in decoding the underlying meanings of the poem. It clearly brings to surface what the poet really wants to impart.

  17. Robert Sternberg's mental self-government theory and its ...

    Robert Sternberg's mental self-government theory and its contribution to our understanding of first-year distance learners' multiple thinking style preferences. ... This intelligence (the perception we have of information systems and the way we manage them) will influence the way we think and learn. This also applies to ...

  18. Zombilood / Robert Kirkman ; intervjueerinud Margit Tõnson, Peeter Helme

    Kirkman, Robert


    Režissöör George A. Romero kultusfilmid zombidest "Elavate surnute öö", "Surnute koidik", "Surnute päev" jpt. on inspiratsiooniks koomiksikirjutaja Robert Kirklandile. Režissöör Frank Darabont on teinud tema tuntuimast koomiksiseeriast "The Walking Dead" teleseriaali "Kõndivad surnud". Zombiteema kasvavast populaarsusest ning intervjuu koomiksikirjutajaga

  19. Conceptualising Childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses."

    Webb, Jean


    Discusses the construct of childhood in Robert Louis Stevenson's collection of poems, "A Child's Garden of Verses," by employing notions of child development drawn from Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Finds, from a literary perspective, Stevenson's collection located on the boundaries of romanticism and modernism. (BT)

  20. Discovering Moral Engagement: An Interview with Robert Coles.

    Scott, Bradwell D.


    Educator Robert Coles argues that there is a need for a basis on which to teach and cultivate moral awareness in parents and children. Active parenting requires both inner-directed and outer-directed focuses to take advantage of the everyday events through which morality is developed. (SLD)

  1. De 'wraak van de geografie' volgens Robert D. Kaplan

    Mamadouh, V.


    De Amerikaanse publicist Robert D. Kaplan heeft een nieuwe bestseller, De wraak van de geografie, waarin hij het belang van geografie voor de internationale politiek uit de doeken doet. Zijn roep om meer aandacht voor geografie is echter erg eenzijdig en een miskenning van alles waar ons vak voor

  2. A Pedagogy of Sight: Microscopic Vision in Robert Hooke's "Micrographia"

    Jack, Jordynn


    Robert Hooke's "Micrographia" (1665) holds an important place in the history of scientific visual rhetoric. Hooke's accomplishment lies not only in a stunning array of engravings, but also in a "pedagogy of sight"--a rhetorical framework that instructs readers how to view images in accordance with an ideological or epistemic program. Hooke not…

  3. Doctor Julius Robert Mayer and Energy Processes in Living Systems

    Erlichson, Herman


    The overwhelming majority of important papers in physics are written by physicists. But the physician Julius Robert Mayer (1814-1878, see photo) did a valid theoretical calculation of the mechanical equivalent of heat just before Joule reported on his results from his well-known paddle-wheel experiments. Joule is well-known to physics people and…

  4. Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau


    "The name Robert Caillau may not ring a bell to the general pbulic, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium." (9 pages)

  5. Percy Julian, Robert Robinson, and the Identity of Eserethole

    Ault, Addison


    The Nova production "Percy Julian--Forgotten Genius" included the very public disagreement between Percy Julian, an unknown American chemist, and Robert Robinson, possibly the best known organic chemist of the day, as to the identity of "eserethole", the key intermediate for the synthesis of the alkaloid physostigmine. The Nova production,…

  6. Robert Schuman, principal architect of the European Union

    Margriet Krijtenburg


    A tangible proof of the meaning and scope of human flourishing that can change not only organizations but also entire societies, is given by Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs who launched the Schuman Declaration (1950) that gave birth to the EU. His leitmotiv was to be a

  7. A biography of Robert de Kersauson, French volunteer with the ...

    One of the most colourful foreign volunteers in the Boer army in 1900-1902 was Robert de Kersauson de Pennendreff; young, handsome, gallant and devoted to the Boer cause until the bitter end of the war. His love for South Africa brought him after an absence of almost 40 years back to this country to find a quiet place to ...

  8. Robert Spitzer and psychiatric classification: technical challenges and ethical dilemmas.

    Jacob, K S


    Dr Robert Leopold Spitzer (May 22, 1932-December 25, 2015), the architect of modern psychiatric diagnostic criteria and classification, died recently at the age of 83 in Seattle. Under his leadership, the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals (DSM) became the international standard.

  9. Education and Utopia: Robert Owen and Charles Fourier

    Leopold, David


    The aims of education, and the appropriate means of realising them, are a recurring preoccupation of utopian authors. The utopian socialists Robert Owen (1771-1858) and Charles Fourier (1772-1837) both place human nature at the core of their educational views, and both see education as central to their wider objective of social and political…

  10. Robert Aymar seals the last interconnect in the LHC

    Maximilien Brice


    The LHC completes the circle. On 7 November, in a brief ceremony in the LHC tunnel, CERN Director General Robert Aymar (Photo 1) sealed the last interconnect between the main magnets of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Jean-Philippe Tock, leader of the Interconnections team, tightens the last bolt (Photos 4-8).

  11. Robert Nozick's entitlement theory of justice: a critique | Nnajiofor ...

    The burden of this paper is to critique Robert Nozick's entitlement theory of justice which was drafted as an argument against traditional distribution theories. Nozick's theory of justice claims that whether a distribution is just or not depend entirely on how it came about. By contrast, justice according to equality, need, desert or ...

  12. 5 CFR 9701.523 - Official time.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official time. 9701.523 Section 9701.523... MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Labor-Management Relations § 9701.523 Official time. (a) Any employee representing an... authorized official time for such purposes, including attendance at impasse proceedings, during the time the...

  13. 7 CFR 51.17 - Official sampling.


    ... 7 Agriculture 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official sampling. 51.17 Section 51.17 Agriculture... Inspection Service § 51.17 Official sampling. Samples may be officially drawn by any duly authorized... time and place of the sampling and the brands or other identifying marks of the containers from which...

  14. Norris Bradbury Tribute by J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Meade, Roger Allen [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Stored on a reel of microfilm are three faint and barely readable letters written on the occasion of Norris Bradbury’s fifteen-year anniversary as Director of the (then) Los Alamos Science Laboratory. The first letter, written by Los Alamos Public Relations Officer John V. Young, asks Oppenheimer to send a “congratulatory message to be read at a ceremony honoring Bradbury’s tenure as Laboratory Director. The second letter is Oppenheimer’s response to Young, and the third is Oppenheimer’s congratulatory message to Bradbury. The three letters are transcribed below.

  15. Robert Putnam : miks peaksime naabritega rohkem rääkima? / Robert Putnam ; interv. Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Putnam, Robert


    26. mail Tallinnas toimuva Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumi peaesineja, Harvardi Ülikooli professor väidab, et mida paremini tuntakse oma naabreid, mida aktiivsemalt osaletakse kohalikus elus ning mida rohkem inimesed omavahel suhtlevad, seda paremaks ja turvalisemaks muutub nende elukeskkond. Lisad: Robert Putnam (sünd 1941); Kuidas kasvatada sotsiaalset kapitali?

  16. 29 CFR 2703.2 - Designated agency ethics official and alternate designated agency ethics official.


    ... 29 Labor 9 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Designated agency ethics official and alternate designated agency ethics official. 2703.2 Section 2703.2 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) FEDERAL... agency ethics official and alternate designated agency ethics official. The Chairman shall appoint an...

  17. Official statistics and Big Data

    Peter Struijs


    Full Text Available The rise of Big Data changes the context in which organisations producing official statistics operate. Big Data provides opportunities, but in order to make optimal use of Big Data, a number of challenges have to be addressed. This stimulates increased collaboration between National Statistical Institutes, Big Data holders, businesses and universities. In time, this may lead to a shift in the role of statistical institutes in the provision of high-quality and impartial statistical information to society. In this paper, the changes in context, the opportunities, the challenges and the way to collaborate are addressed. The collaboration between the various stakeholders will involve each partner building on and contributing different strengths. For national statistical offices, traditional strengths include, on the one hand, the ability to collect data and combine data sources with statistical products and, on the other hand, their focus on quality, transparency and sound methodology. In the Big Data era of competing and multiplying data sources, they continue to have a unique knowledge of official statistical production methods. And their impartiality and respect for privacy as enshrined in law uniquely position them as a trusted third party. Based on this, they may advise on the quality and validity of information of various sources. By thus positioning themselves, they will be able to play their role as key information providers in a changing society.

  18. Lahkunud maailmaparandaja Robert Lepikson jäi igavesti otsijaks / Kai Kalamees

    Kalamees, Kai


    Ülevaade riigikogu liikme, endise siseministri, Tallinna linnapea ja Võru maavanema Robert Lepiksoni elukäigust, meenutused tuntud ühiskonnategelastelt. Lisad: Robert Lepikson; Kõva sõnaga mees. Vt. samas: Turvavaatleja vastutusrikas töö viimasel rallil; Ivar Raidam: Lepiksoni panus autosporti oli tohutu; Hans H. Luik: Respect, Robert!

  19. 76 FR 48898 - Robert Leigh Kale, M.D., Decision and Order


    ... DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Drug Enforcement Administration Robert Leigh Kale, M.D., Decision and Order... Enforcement Administration, issued an Order to Show Cause to Robert Leigh Kale, M.D. (Registrant), of Fort... Certificate of Registration, BK9514375, issued to Robert Leigh Kale, M.D., be, and it hereby is, revoked. I...

  20. Transitioning Natures: Robert Schuller’s Garden Grove Experiment

    Antonio Petrov


    Full Text Available Through the lens of Evangelist Reverend Robert H. Schuller’s Garden Grove drive-in walk-in church, this paper aims to exemplify how his architecture has transcended existing geographies that have long been anchored by the epistemology of what can be referred to as traditional “religious” architecture. This paper examines how Schuller instrumentalized broader imbrications of political contexts to change or manipulate the traditional religious subject. It also presents how Robert Schuller’s Garden Grove experiment reconceptualized “territory” as an evolving ideological dimension; not as a trajectory, or as transitory space, but as inhabitable third nature. My analysis challenges established readings of religious architecture as being interiorized manifestations. To do so, it poses the following questions: how does this meta-geographical dimension shed new light on questions of (traditional architectural aesthetics in Protestant architecture? What spaces and politics does it produce? Does the third nature have a history of its own?

  1. Antes de los Estudios Culturales. Robert Warshow y la experiencia

    Antonio Lastra


    Full Text Available Este artículo estudia la influencia del concepto de experiencia que desarrolla Robert Warshow. Warshow ha supuesto el contrapunto americano a las teorías desarrolladas por Walter Benjamien en Europa. Si bien ambos insistieron en la pobreza de la experiencia, como resultado de la tecnificación de la sociedad, Warshow supo introducir matizaciones que influyeron en todo el círculo de intelectuales concentrados en Nueva York durante la etapa de consolidación de los Estudios Culturales. This paper studies the influence of the experience concept by Robert Warshow. Warshow is the American counterpoint to theories developed by Walter Benjamin in Europe. Although both insisted in the poverty of experience, as a result of technique, Warshow knew how to introduce nuances that influenced intellectuals in New York as Cultural Studies emerged.

  2. Quality of life research: interview with Professor Robert Cummins

    Robert Cummins


    Full Text Available Health-related quality of life (HRQOL is a fundamental concept in the field of clinical medicine and has been studied during the last years by psychologists, sociologists, economists and managers. The concept of HRQOL includes those aspects of overall QOL that can be indicated to have an impact on patients’ health, either physical or psychological. Concerning the individuals, this incorporates physical and mental health cognitions, including sociodemographic factors, sexual functioning, fatigue, sleep disorders and functional status. One of the most eminent experts in the world in the field of QOL is Prof. Robert Cummins [Professor of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia (School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Victoria 3125 Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:] who kindly accepted to answer our questions in the con- text of this special edition.

  3. Robert Aymar receives one of the highest Finnish distinctions


    On 9 December 2008 Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General, was awarded the decoration of Commander, first class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland by the President of the Republic of Finland. This decoration, one of the highest of Finland, was presented in a ceremony by the Ambassador Hannu Himanen, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva. Robert Aymar was honoured for his service to CERN, the LHC, his role in the cooperation between Finland and CERN, as well as his contribution to science in general. In his speech the ambassador underlined CERN’s efforts in the field of education, mentioning the High school teachers programme.

  4. The auriferous placer at Mount Robert, Pietersburg Greenstone belt

    Saager, R.; Muff, R.


    The Mount Robert gold placer near Potgietersrus occurs in coarse, matrix-supported conglomerates of the Uitkyk Formation within the Pietersburg greenstone belt. Sedimentological and mineralogical investigations indicate that the conglomerates and the ore minerals were derived from a greenstone provenance, and that they were deposited in a braided river environment within a rapidly subsiding trough. Lack of sedimentological concentration of the heavy minerals is considered to be the main reason for the low and erratic gold grades encountered (usually below 1 g/t) and, thus, the failure of all past mining ventures. The mineralogical composition of the Mount Robert ore closely resembles that of the Witwatersrand deposits. However, uraninite is absent, probably as a result of its complete removal by weathering processes. Remaining small uranium concentrations can still be detected within the conglomerates where they occur associated with grains of carbonaceous matter, leucoxene aggregates, and secondary iron-hydroxides. U3O8 values found in the conglomerates are given

  5. Introduction : L'étendue des travaux de Robert Buijtenhuis

    Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Konings, P.J.J.; Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.


    Cet ouvrage présente onze contributions rédigées par des africanistes qui ont collaboré étroitement avec l'anthropologue politique néerlandais Robert Buijtenhuijs et ont été influencés par ses travaux et sa personnalité. Le livre est un hommage à un auteur qui a été productif dans beaucoup de

  6. Drawings of fossils by Robert Hooke and Richard Waller

    Kusukawa, Sachiko


    The drawings of fossils by Robert Hooke and Richard Waller that were the basis of the engravings in Hooke's Posthumous works (1705) are published here for the first time. The drawings show that both Hooke and Waller were proficient draftsmen with a keen eye for the details of petrified objects. These drawings provided Hooke with a polemic edge in making the case for the organic origins of ‘figured stones’.

  7. Robert J. Aumann - matemaatikust Nobeli preemia laureaat / Peeter Puusemp

    Puusemp, Peeter, 1947-


    2005. a. Nobeli preemia majanduse alal silmapaistva panuse eest mänguteooria ülesannete lahendamisse saanud Robert J. Aumannist ja D. Saari loetelu matemaatikutest - Nobeli preemia laureaatidest: John Nash'ist, Herbert Hauptman'ist, John Pople'ist, Bertrand Arthur William Russell'ist, Kenneth Joseph Arrow'ist, Gerard Debreu'ist, Leonid Vitaljevitš Kantorovitš'ist, Reinhard Selten'ist, Jan Tinbergen'ist

  8. Expanding the mutation and clinical spectrum of Roberts syndrome.

    Afifi, Hanan H; Abdel-Salam, Ghada M H; Eid, Maha M; Tosson, Angie M S; Shousha, Wafaa Gh; Abdel Azeem, Amira A; Farag, Mona K; Mehrez, Mennat I; Gaber, Khaled R


    Roberts syndrome and SC phocomelia syndrome are rare autosomal recessive genetic disorders representing the extremes of the spectrum of severity of the same condition, caused by mutations in ESCO2 gene. We report three new patients with Roberts syndrome from three unrelated consanguineous Egyptian families. All patients presented with growth retardation, mesomelic shortening of the limbs more in the upper than in the lower limbs and microcephaly. Patients were subjected to clinical, cytogenetic and radiologic examinations. Cytogenetic analysis showed the characteristic premature separation of centromeres and puffing of heterochromatic regions. Further, sequencing of the ESCO2 gene identified a novel mutation c.244_245dupCT (p.T83Pfs*20) in one family besides two previously reported mutations c.760_761insA (p.T254Nfs*27) and c.764_765delTT (p.F255Cfs*25). All mutations were in homozygous state, in exon 3. The severity of the mesomelic shortening of the limbs and craniofacial anomalies showed variability among patients. Interestingly, patient 1 had abnormal skin hypopigmentation. Serial fetal ultrasound examinations and measurements of long bones diagnosed two affected fetuses in two of the studied families. A literature review and case comparison was performed. In conclusion, we report a novel ESCO2 mutation and expand the clinical spectrum of Roberts syndrome. © 2015 Japanese Teratology Society.


    JL (Loot Pretorius


    Full Text Available SUMMARYA full sixteen years after the coming into force of the 1996 Constitution, Parliament responded to the constitutional obligation to regulate and monitor, by legislative and other means, the use of official languages by adopting the Use of Official Languages Act 12 of 2012. The Act represents a very limited normative appreciation of this constitutional instruction. The official language clause of the Constitution expresses a normative commitment regarding the positive affirmation of linguistic diversity, which is directly informed by and closely aligned to the core normative values of the Constitution. The Constitution’s positive evaluation of difference, including linguistic difference, inter alia, flows from the values of substantive equality, equal citizenship, dignity and proportionality. However, the way in which the Act institutionalises the promotion of inclusive linguistic diversity does not reflect an unambiguous recognition of this obligation being normatively embedded in the foundational value structure of the Constitution. The real responsibility for decisions regarding official language use is located in the policy-making competence of non-independent administrative bodies. The Act itself is devoid of instructive standards of its own to guide administrative decision-making regarding official language use. This results in the responsibility for making the most important normative choices regarding the use of official languages not being reserved for the legislative process, but entrusted to non-independent advisory administrative bodies. The nature of the Act confirms that it never was the intention of the government to be bound by legislation in this respect. This modus operandi is democratically deficient and compromises both the separation of powers and the principle of legal certainty as fundamental tenets of the rule of law.

  10. Vision in high-level football officials.

    Baptista, António Manuel Gonçalves; Serra, Pedro M; McAlinden, Colm; Barrett, Brendan T


    Officiating in football depends, at least to some extent, upon adequate visual function. However, there is no vision standard for football officiating and the nature of the relationship between officiating performance and level of vision is unknown. As a first step in characterising this relationship, we report on the clinically-measured vision and on the perceived level of vision in elite-level, Portuguese football officials. Seventy-one referees (R) and assistant referees (AR) participated in the study, representing 92% of the total population of elite level football officials in Portugal in the 2013/2014 season. Nine of the 22 Rs (40.9%) and ten of the 49 ARs (20.4%) were international-level. Information about visual history was also gathered. Perceived vision was assessed using the preference-values-assigned-to-global-visual-status (PVVS) and the Quality-of-Vision (QoV) questionnaire. Standard clinical vision measures (including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis) were gathered in a subset (n = 44, 62%) of the participants. Data were analysed according to the type (R/AR) and level (international/national) of official, and Bonferroni corrections were applied to reduce the risk of type I errors. Adopting criterion for statistical significance of pfootball officials were similar to published normative values for young, adult populations and similar between R and AR. Clinically-measured vision did not differ according to officiating level. Visual acuity measured with and without a pinhole disc indicated that around one quarter of participants may be capable of better vision when officiating, as evidenced by better acuity (≥1 line of letters) using the pinhole. Amongst the clinical visual tests we used, we did not find evidence for above-average performance in elite-level football officials. Although the impact of uncorrected mild to moderate refractive error upon officiating performance is unknown, with a greater uptake of eye examinations, visual

  11. Officially released mutant varieties in China

    Liu, L.; Van Zanten, L.; Shu, Q.Y.; Maluszynski, M.


    The use of mutation techniques for crop improvement in China has a long and well-established tradition of more than 50 years. As the result of intensive research in many institutes dealing with application of nuclear technologies more than 620 cultivars of 44 crop species have been released. Numerous mutant varieties have been grown on a large scale bringing significant economic impact, sustaining crop production and greatly contributing to increase of food production also in stress prone areas of the country. However, there is still missing information not only on the number of mutant varieties released in particular crop species but also on mutagens applied, selection approaches and on the use of mutants in cross breeding. Numerous Chinese scientists collected and systematized this information. Results of their work were often published in local scientific journals in the Chinese language and as such were unavailable to breeders from other countries. Having this in mind, we requested Dr. Liu Luxiang, the Director of the Department of Plant Mutation Breeding and Genetics, Institute for Application of Atomic Energy, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing to help us in finding as much information as possible on mutant varieties officially released in China. The data has been collected in close collaboration with his colleagues from various institutions all over the country and then evaluated, edited and prepared for publication by our team responsible for the FAO/IAEA Database of Officially Released Mutant Varieties. We would like to thank all Chinese colleagues who contributed to this list of Chinese mutant varieties. We hope that this publication will stimulate plant breeders in China to collect more information on released mutant varieties and especially on the use of mutated genes in cross breeding. (author)

  12. An Architecture for the Electronic Church: Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Grubiak, Margaret M


    More than a university, Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was also the headquarters for evangelist Oral Roberts's electronic church. The electronic church in America, dominated by Christian evangelicals, used technology to spread the Gospel over radio airways and television signals to a dispersed audience. Yet evangelicals like Roberts also constructed ambitious campuses in real space and time. The architecture of Oral Roberts University visualized a modern and "populuxe" image for the electronic church in the 1960s and 1970s. The university's Prayer Tower purposely alluded to the Seattle Space Needle, aligning religion and the Space Age, and the campus's white, gold, and black color palette on late modern buildings created an image of aspirational luxury, conveying Roberts's health and wealth gospel. Oral Roberts University served as a sound stage for Roberts's radio and television shows, a pilgrimage point for his audience, and a university dedicated to training evangelicals in the electronic church.

  13. Conferencias a la Memoria de la Dra. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973 (Conferences in Memory of Dr. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973).

    Puerto Rico Univ., Rio Piedras.

    This publication includes eleven lectures presented as part of a conference given honoring Dr. Lydia J. Roberts. Seven of the papers are written in the English language and four in Spanish. Most of the papers relate to the topic of nutrition, but a few pay tribute to Dr. Roberts in recognition of her distinguished leadership and teacher of human…

  14. 45 CFR 99.27 - Official transcript.


    ... 45 Public Welfare 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Official transcript. 99.27 Section 99.27 Public Welfare DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES GENERAL ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURE FOR HEARINGS FOR THE CHILD CARE AND DEVELOPMENT FUND Hearing Procedures § 99.27 Official transcript. The Department will...

  15. 7 CFR 37.10 - Official assessment.


    ... ASSESS ORGANIC CERTIFYING AGENCIES § 37.10 Official assessment. Official assessment of an applicant's certification program shall be granted upon successful completion of a two-step review process, as provided for... completion of an adequacy audit by the auditors. (b) Program assessment. Assessment of a certification...

  16. Albania economy toward official euroisation



    Full Text Available The euroisation issue in European Integration context, is a continuous process of discussions between different researchers and regulatory institutions. Nowadays, different aspects of collaboration and integration processes between countries in the region, are extended in all politics, economic and security dimensions. In this study, we are going to treat one of the aspects of this process integration for Albania: the possibility of substituting the Albanian Lek with Euro, beginning with the explanation of the concept of euroisation. Also we are going to identify the actual non-official replacement level of lek and how it is expected to be realized in the future. Albania like other developing countries is lack of a currency with which people can buy abroad and which can be used in short-run and long-run credit contracts. On the other hand, the exchange rate represents an important risk, especially for the business which realizes transactions in foreign currency. Here in we are focused on the measurement of the money replacement level in Albania through three main methods. For this purpose is used the regression analysis in order to test the hypothesis under evaluation in two directions: endogenous and exogenous potential factors affecting this replacement. Through the factor analysis identifying the pro and cons of the euroisation phenomenon, we will give the potential alternative in our county economy conditions. Finally, the replacement rate cannot be assessed without being related to the degree of money in circulation replacement and the degree of assets replacement and without being connected with the exchange rate between currencies.

  17. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2012 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2012

    Cherry, Simon; Ruffle, Jon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award the Roberts prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner is a two-stage process. First, a shortlist of contenders is drawn up based on those papers that had the best referees' quality assessments, with a further quality check and endorsement by the Editorial Board. The papers on the shortlist are then reviewed by a specially convened IPEM committee consisting of members with fellow status. This committee reads the shortlisted papers and selects the winner. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2012 is awarded to Michel Defrise, Ahmadreza Rezaei and Johan Nuyts from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium for their breakthrough paper that describes how the information needed for attenuation correction in PET imaging can be extracted, to within a constant, from time-of-flight emission data: Time-of-flight PET data determine the attenuation sinogram up to a constant 2012 Phys. Med. Biol. 57 885 Michel Defrise1, Ahmadreza Rezaei2 and Johan Nuyts2 1Department of Nuclear Medicine, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, B-1090 Brussels, Belgium 2Department of Nuclear Medicine, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium This paper represents an important and timely contribution to the literature as time-of-flight PET scanners are now offered by several manufacturers. In hybrid PET/CT scanners, the PET attenuation correction, necessary for quantitative reconstruction of the tracer distribution, can be derived directly from the CT data. Sometimes, however, the PET and CT scans may be poorly aligned due to patient motion and other approaches are needed. In addition, hybrid PET/MRI scanners also, have been developed recently, and in

  18. Summary Robert Noyce and the invention of Silicon Valley


    This work offers a summary of the book "THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROCHIP: Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley""by Leslie Berlin.The Man behind the Microchip is Leslie Berlin's first book. This author is project historian for the Silicon Valley Archives, a division of the Stanford University Department of Special Collections. This book tells the story of a giant of the high-tech industry: the multimillionaire Bob Noyce. This co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel co-invented the integrated circuit which became the electronic heart of every modern computer, automobile, advance

  19. The Impossibility of Maintaining the Minimal State of Robert Nozick

    Virgílio Queiroz de Paula


    Full Text Available In this paper we analyze how Robert Nozicks minimal state proposed would invariably end, unless its members were coerced by the central government to contribute to its maintenance. And, in this case, rights and freedom protected under the philosophers state would obviously be violated. We also analyze the flaws in Nozicks model through economic bias in order to show - through game theory and logic of collective action  how an organization that provides nonexclusive public goods is vulnerable to the action of free-riders, thus increasing the costs of its performance, and decreasing motivation for its existence.

  20. Robert Hooke (1635-1703), in his own words.

    Breathnach, C S


    The diaries and other writings of Robert Hooke (1635-1703), as well as those of his contemporaries, are drawn upon to sketch his social and scientific life. An account is presented of his involvement with the Royal Society from its earliest days, and of his relations with notable scientists. In exploring the similarity between combustion and respiration, he established that air is composed of different gases, and that it is not motion of the lungs but a supply of fresh air that is necessary for life.

  1. Robert Aymar awarded the Légion d’honneur

    CERN Bulletin


      On 24 May, Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General from 2004 to 2008, was awarded the Légion d’honneur by the French authorities in recognition of his outstanding scientific career. A renowned French physicist, he was Director of the superconducting tokamak Tore Supra from 1977 to 1988, Director of Material Sciences at the CEA in 1990 and Director of the ITER project in 1994. His term of office as CERN Director-General was marked in particular by the commissioning and start-up of the LHC machine, which he inaugurated on 21 October 2008.        

  2. Announcement: New Editor-in-Chief Robert C. Kennicutt

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not publish

  3. Announcement: New Editor-In Robert C. Kennicutt

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not publish

  4. Announcement: New Editor-In-Chief, Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr.

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr., Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not

  5. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010

    Webb, Steve; Harris, Simon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award an annual prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner has been made as thorough as possible, to try to ensure that an outstanding paper wins the prize. We started off with a shortlist of the 10 research papers published in 2010 which were rated the best based on the referees' quality assessments. Following the submission of a short 'case for winning' document by each of the shortlisted authors, an IPEM college of jurors of the status of FIPEM assessed and rated these 10 papers in order to choose a winner, which was then endorsed by the Editorial Board. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010 is awarded to M M Paulides et al from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for their paper on hyperthermia treatment: The clinical feasibility of deep hyperthermia treatment in the head and neck: new challenges for positioning and temperature measurement M M Paulides, J F Bakker, M Linthorst, J van der Zee, Z Rijnen, E Neufeld, P M T Pattynama, P P Jansen, P C Levendag and G C van Rhoon 2010 Phys. Med. Biol. 55 2465 Our congratulations go to these authors. Of course all of the shortlisted papers were of great merit, and the full top-10 is listed below (in alphabetical order). Steve Webb Editor-in-Chief Simon Harris Publisher References Alonzo-Proulx O, Packard N, Boone J M, Al-Mayah A, Brock K K, Shen S Z and Yaffe M J 2010 Validation of a method for measuring the volumetric breast density from digital mammograms Phys. Med. Biol. 55 3027 Bian J, Siewerdsen J H, Han X, Sidky E Y, Prince J L, Pelizzari C A and Pan X 2010 Evaluation of sparse-view reconstruction from flat-panel-detector cone-beam CT Phys. Med. Biol. 55 6575 Brun M-A, Formanek F, Yasuda A, Sekine M, Ando N

  6. Improvement on The Ellis and Roberts Viability Model

    Guoyan Zhou


    Full Text Available With data sets of germination percent and storage time of seed lot of wheat and sorghum stored at three different storage temperature(t, °C with three different water content (m, % of seeds, together with data set of buckwheat and lettuce reported in literatures, the possibility that seed survival curve were transformed into line by survival proportion and the relationship that logarithm of average viability period (logp50 and standard deviation of seed death distribution in time (δwith t, m and interaction between t and m were analysed. Result indicated that survival proportion transformed seed survival curve to line were much easier than the probability adopted by Ellis and Roberts, and the most important factor affecting logp50 and δ of seed lot was interaction between t and m. Thus, Ellis and Roberts viability model were suggested to be improved as Ki=Vi-p/10K-CWT (t×m to predict longevity of seed lot with initial germination percent unknown, a new model of Gi/G0=A-P/10K-CWT(t×m was constructed to predict longevity of seed lot with initial germination percent already known.

  7. Vision in high-level football officials.

    António Manuel Gonçalves Baptista

    Full Text Available Officiating in football depends, at least to some extent, upon adequate visual function. However, there is no vision standard for football officiating and the nature of the relationship between officiating performance and level of vision is unknown. As a first step in characterising this relationship, we report on the clinically-measured vision and on the perceived level of vision in elite-level, Portuguese football officials. Seventy-one referees (R and assistant referees (AR participated in the study, representing 92% of the total population of elite level football officials in Portugal in the 2013/2014 season. Nine of the 22 Rs (40.9% and ten of the 49 ARs (20.4% were international-level. Information about visual history was also gathered. Perceived vision was assessed using the preference-values-assigned-to-global-visual-status (PVVS and the Quality-of-Vision (QoV questionnaire. Standard clinical vision measures (including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis were gathered in a subset (n = 44, 62% of the participants. Data were analysed according to the type (R/AR and level (international/national of official, and Bonferroni corrections were applied to reduce the risk of type I errors. Adopting criterion for statistical significance of p<0.01, PVVS scores did not differ between R and AR (p = 0.88, or between national- and international-level officials (p = 0.66. Similarly, QoV scores did not differ between R and AR in frequency (p = 0.50, severity (p = 0.71 or bothersomeness (p = 0.81 of symptoms, or between international-level vs national-level officials for frequency (p = 0.03 or bothersomeness (p = 0.07 of symptoms. However, international-level officials reported less severe symptoms than their national-level counterparts (p<0.01. Overall, 18.3% of officials had either never had an eye examination or if they had, it was more than 3 years previously. Regarding refractive correction, 4.2% had undergone refractive surgery and

  8. [Subjective health and burden of disease in seniors: Overview of official statistics and public health reports].

    Bardehle, D


    There are different types of information on men's health in older age. High morbidity burden is offset by subjective assessments of "very good" and "good" health by 52% of men over 65 years. The aim of this study is to assess the health situation of seniors from official publications and public health reports. How can the quality of life in our male population be positively influenced so that they can actively participate in society in old age. Information on the health of seniors and burden of disease were taken from men's health reports and official publications from the Robert-Koch-Institute, the Federal Statistical Office, and the IHME Institute of the USA according to age groups and gender. Burden of disease in seniors is influenced by one's own health behavior and the social situation. The increase in life expectancy of seniors is characterized by longer life with chronic conditions. Official statistics indicate that about 50% of seniors are affected by disease or severe disability, while 50% assess their health status as "very good" or "good". Aging of the population requires diverse health promotion activities. Parallel with the inevitable increased multimorbidity in the elderly, maintaining and increase of physical fitness is required so that seniors have a positive "subjective health" or "wellbeing".

  9. National Statistical Commission and Indian Official Statistics*

    IAS Admin

    a good collection of official statistics of that time. With more .... statistical agencies and institutions to provide details of statistical activities .... ing several training programmes. .... ful completion of Indian Statistical Service examinations, the.

  10. Official portrait of astronaut Ronald J. Grabe


    Official portrait of Ronald J. Grabe, United States Air Force (USAF) Colonel, member of Astronaut Class 9 (1980), and space shuttle pilot. Grabe wears launch and entry suit (LES) with helmet displayed on table at his left.

  11. 28 CFR 68.41 - Official notice.


    ... ALIENS, UNFAIR IMMIGRATION-RELATED EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES, AND DOCUMENT FRAUD § 68.41 Official notice... so noticed, and shall be given adequate opportunity to show the contrary. [54 FR 48596, Nov. 24, 1989...

  12. Pioneering SESAME light source officially opened

    Caraban Gonzalez, Noemi


    Allan, Jordan, 16 May 2017. The SESAME light source was today officially opened by His Majesty King Abdullah II. An intergovernmental organization, SESAME is the first regional laboratory for the Middle East and neighbouring regions The laboratory’s official opening ushers in a new era of research covering fields ranging from medicine and biology, through materials science, physics and chemistry to healthcare, the environment, agriculture and archaeology.

  13. Accuracy evaluation of pendulum gravity measurements of Robert von Sterneck

    Alena Pešková


    Full Text Available The accuracy of first pendulum gravity measurements in the Czech territory was determined using both original surveying notebooks of Robert Daublebsky von Sterneck and modern technologies. Since more accurate methods are used for gravity measurements nowadays, our work is mostly important from the historical point of view. In previous  works, the accuracy of Sterneck’s gravity measurements was determined using only a small dataset. Here we process all Sterneck’s measurements from the Czech territory (a dataset ten times larger than in the previous works, and we complexly assess the accuracy of these measurements. Locations of the measurements were found with the help of original notebooks. Gravity in the site was interpolated using actual gravity models. Finally, the accuracy of Sterneck’s measurements was evaluated as the difference between the measured and interpolated gravity.

  14. Robert Heath Lock and his textbook of genetics, 1906.

    Edwards, A W F


    Robert Heath Lock (1879-1915), a Cambridge botanist associated with William Bateson and R. C. Punnett, published his book Recent Progress in the Study of Variation, Heredity, and Evolution in 1906. This was a remarkable textbook of genetics for one appearing so early in the Mendelian era. It covered not only Mendelism but evolution, natural selection, biometry, mutation, and cytology. It ran to five editions but was, despite its success, largely forgotten following Lock's early death in 1915. Nevertheless it was the book that inspired H. J. Muller to do genetics and was remembered by A. H. Sturtevant as the source of the earliest suggestion that linkage might be related to the exchange of parts between homologous chromosomes. Here we also put forward evidence that it had a major influence on the statistician and geneticist R. A. Fisher at the time he was a mathematics student at Cambridge.

  15. Robert Schumann and translation: poetic creativity, simultaneity and movement

    João Azenha Junior


    Full Text Available In diesem Aufsatz werden die Gesammelten Schriften über Musik und Musiker von Robert Schumann untersucht, insbesondere die Rezensionen, die der Komponist zwischen 1834 und 1836 verfasst hat. Es soll festgestellt werden, inwiefern sich darin die wichtigsten Auffassungen über Sprache und Übersetzung, die Ende des 18. und Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland entstanden, wiederfinden. Im Vordergrund der Untersuchung steht die Dimension der Bewegung, die sich sowohl im Individuum als auch in der Zeit festmachen lässt. Im Individuum manifestiert sich die Bewegung als ein sehr persönlicher Vorgang, da es sich innerhalb verschiedener Zeichensysteme bewegt, die seine Gedanken ausdrücken; oder aber es bewegt sich innerhalb verschiedener Sprachen. Die Zeitdimension wiederum bedeutet, in ein Umfeld einzutauchen, das die Zeitbarrieren überwindet und die Vergangenheit auf einen Schlag mit der Gegenwart und der Zukunft verbindet.

  16. [Margaret Cavendish vs Robert Hooke: An impossible duel].

    Aït-Touati, Frédérique


    In 1665, Robert Hooke published his major work in microscopy, Micrographia, a defense of experimental philosophy. The following year, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, published at her own expense a treatise and a novel that undermined the basis of this new science. The dispute broke out at the initiative of the Duchess, in the context of a vast controversy about the legitimacy and the efficiency of optical instruments in natural philosophy. All the figures of the dual are used, except one: the counterattack. Cavendish, indeed, was alone on the battlefield. Is it possible to call a dual a battle with only one combatant? This particular case of dispute that stops owing to the shortage of combatants is the subject of this article.

  17. The diffident naturalist Robert Boyle and the philosophy of experiment

    Sargent, Rose-Mary


    In a provocative reassessment of one of the quintessential figures of early modern science, Rose-Mary Sargent explores Robert Boyle's philosophy of experiment, a central aspect of his life and work that became a model for mid- to late seventeenth-century natural philosophers and for many who followed them. Sargent examines the philosophical, legal, experimental, and religious traditions-among them English common law, alchemy, medicine, and Christianity-that played a part in shaping Boyle's experimental thought and practice. The roots of his philosophy in his early life and education, in his religious ideals, and in the work of his predecessors-particularly Bacon, Descartes, and Galileo-are fully explored, as are the possible influences of his social and intellectual circle. Drawing on the full range of Boyle's published works, as well as on his unpublished notebooks and manuscripts, Sargent shows how these diverse influences were transformed and incorporated into Boyle's views on and practice of experiment.

  18. Between genres and styles in the films of Robert Bresson

    Luíza Beatriz Alvim


    Full Text Available The films of French director Robert Bresson are considered sober and transcendental. However, in A gentle woman (1969 and in Four nights of a dreamer (1972, he included extracts of quite different genres, like a libertine comedy (the extract of film Benjamim by Michel Deville, 1968, a Shakespearean tragedy (a performance of Shakespeare´s Hamlet and a gangster film (When love possesses us, produced by Bresson himself. In a way, those excerpts represent exactly the opposite of Bresson´s cinema. On the other hand, they still have some familiarity with it. We analyze the approach of those genres in the sequences in Bresson´s films, as well of the styles present in them by the use of music and images of paintings.

  19. Hooke's figurations: a figural drawing attributed to Robert Hooke.

    Hunter, Matthew C


    The experimental philosopher Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is known to have apprenticed to the leading painter Peter Lely on his first arrival in London in the late 1640s. Yet the relevance of Hooke's artistic training to his mature draughtsmanship and identity has remained unclear. Shedding light on that larger interpretive problem, this article argues for the attribution to Hooke of a figural drawing now in Tate Britain (T10678). This attributed drawing is especially interesting because it depicts human subjects and bears Hooke's name functioning as an artistic signature, both highly unusual features for his draughtsmanship. From evidence of how this drawing was collected and physically placed alongside images by leading artists in the early eighteenth century, I suggest how it can offer new insight into the reception of Hooke and his graphic work in the early Enlightenment.

  20. Sir Robert Ball: Victorian Astronomer and Lecturer par excellence

    Jones, R. I. G.


    Between 1875 and 1910 Sir Robert Stawell Ball gave an estimated 2,500 lectures in towns and cities all over the British Isles and abroad. This paper traces his lecturing career from its beginnings in Ireland to the triumphs of the Royal Institution, and on lecture tours in the United States of America. After a period in mathematics and mechanics, he became a populariser of science, especially astronomy, and found fame and fortune among the working classes and the aristocracy. What motivated him to tireless travels is uncertain, but it might have been that it was rewarding, financially and to his reputation. Whatever his motives, contemporary accounts are clear that BallÕs lectures were extremely popular and well-received.

  1. Robert Musil y los Estados desunificados de Europa

    Bayón, Fernando


    Full Text Available This article is a study of Robert Musil´s work “The Man Without Qualities” from philosophical sources. It is a novel that has produced so many overriding metaphors through which we can better understand the crises of the social identity on the horizont of the last modernity in Europe. Much of the key-concepts that helped in creating the so called “Leyend of Modernity” start to vanish in an irremediable way: not only did Musil trace the disappearance of the support for national aspirations and social cohesion, he also showed us how culture is a mad carrousel of collapsed expectations, and how the prevailing idea of “subjectivity” lacks today any solid or essential nucleus. In the middle of this disenchanted landscape of Europe, where all the modern and clasical illusions became nothing, appears however “a new human being”, since the man “without qualities” is the man with endless possibilities too.El presente ensayo es una interpretación de la novela de Robert Musil “El hombre sin atributos” a partir de fuentes filosóficas. Se trata de una obra que ha producido algunas metáforas decisivas para comprender las crisis de la identidad social en el horizonte de la última modernidad europea. Muchos de los conceptos clave que ayudaron a crear la leyenda de la modernidad empiezan a erosionarse de modo irreversible: se descomponen las aspiraciones nacionales, el sujeto pierde su núcleo sustancial y la cultura es un carrusel de esperanzas abortadas incapaces de responder a ninguna idea rectora. Y, sin embargo, en el paisaje de esta Europa tardomoderna en que se han agotado las pasadas ilusiones surge la idea de que el “hombre sin atributos” es también el “hombre de las posibilidades”.

  2. 75 FR 32740 - Action Affecting Export Privileges; Aaron Robert Henderson and Valhalla Tactical Supply


    ... Robert Henderson and Valhalla Tactical Supply In the Matter of: Aaron Robert Henderson, 740 Jessie St., North Liberty, IA 52317. Respondent and Valhalla Tactical Supply, 740 Jessie Street, North Liberty, IA... is the owner, operator and president of Valhalla Tactical Supply (``Valhalla''), Valhalla is related...

  3. Embracing the Humanistic Vision: Recurrent Themes in Peter Roberts' Recent Writings

    Reveley, James


    Running like a leitmotif through Peter Roberts' recently published philosophico-educational writings there is a humanistic thread, which this article picks out. In order to ascertain the quality of this humanism, Roberts is positioned in relation to a pair of extant humanisms: radical and integral. Points of comparability and contrast are…

  4. Statement of Robert Bernero, Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Accompanied by Robert Browning, Director, Division of High-Level Waste Management



    Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present the views of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on the Department of Energy's (DOE) program for disposal of civilian high-level wastes. I have with me Mr. Robert Browning, Director of NRC's Division of High-Level Waste Management. As you know, we are in the pre-licensing consultation phase of the repository program. DOE has the responsibility to conduct site characterization activities to acquire data necessary to evaluate the suitability of each candidate site for an application to the Commission for construction authorization. I would like to discuss some of our concerns about site characterization at the three sites recommended to an approved by the President for characterization as candidate sites. It will then discuss our comments on DOE's Draft Mission Plan Amendment dated January, 1987 and, more generally, our interaction with DOE. Finally, I would like to describe our quality assurance activities. I will be happy to respond to any questions from the Committee

  5. 78 FR 2627 - Fees for Official Inspection and Official Weighing Services Under the United States Grain...


    ... authority to charge and collect reasonable fees to cover the cost of performing official services. These fees also cover the costs associated with managing the program. After a financial review of GIPSA's Fees for Official Inspection and Weighing Services, including a comparison of the costs and revenues...

  6. 78 FR 22151 - Fees for Official Inspection and Official Weighing Services Under the United States Grain...


    ... Inspection Service (FGIS) with the authority to charge and collect reasonable fees to cover the cost of performing official services. The fees also cover the costs associated with managing the program. After a... associated administrative and supervisory costs. The fees for official inspection and weighing services were...

  7. The South Pacific in the works of Robert Dean Frisbie

    Nataša Potočnik


    In Tahiti he had ambitious writing plans but after four years of living in Tahiti, he left his plantation and sailed to the Cook Islands. He spent the rest of his life in the Cook Islands and married a local girl Ngatokorua. His new happiness gave him the inspiration to write. 29 sketches appeared in the United States in 1929, collected by The Century Company under the title of The Book of Puka-Puka. His second book My Tahiti, a book of memories, was published in 1937. After the death of Ropati 's beloved wife his goals were to bring up his children. But by this time Frisbie was seriously ill. The family left Puka-Puka and settled down on the uninhabited atoll of Suwarrow. Later on they lived on Rarotonga and Samoa where Frisbie was medically treated. Robert Dean Frisbie died of tetanus in Rarotonga on November 18, 1948. Frisbie wrote in a vivid, graceful style. His characters and particularly the atoll of Puka-Puka are memorably depicted. Gifted with a feeling for language and a sense of humor, he was able to capture on paper the charm, beauty, and serenity of life of the small islands in the South Pacific without exaggerating the stereotypical idyllic context and as such Frisbie's contribution to South Pacific literature went far deeper than that of many writers who have passed through the Pacific and wrote about their experiences. Frisbie's first book The Book of Puka-Puka was published in New York in 1929. It is the most endearing and the most original of his works. It was written during his lifetime on the atoll Puka-Puka in the Cook Islands. It is a collection of 29 short stories, episodic and expressively narrative in style. This is an account of life on Puka-Puka that criticizes European and American commercialism and aggressiveness, and presents the themes of the praise of isolation, the castigation of missionaries, and the commendation of Polynesian economic collectivism and sexual freedom. At the same time, the book presents a portrait of Frisbie himself

  8. Legal Regimes of Official Information in Ukraine

    Serhii Yesimov


    Full Text Available In the article on the basis of the methodology of system analysis the legal nature and sources of legal regulation of the legal regime of official information in Ukraine in the conditions of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Union are considered. A comparative legal analysis of official information in the public-law and private-law spheres in the context of legal regimes of restricted information, confidential information and information classified as state secrets has been conducted.

  9. Abstract – IT Robert Lepage: anatomia di un regista

    Giulio Boato


    Full Text Available Abstract – ITRobert Lepage è uno dei registi più rilevanti del panorama teatrale internazionale contemporaneo. L’articolo cerca di fornire una sintetica analisi della poetica del regista soffermandosi in particolar modo sulle nozioni di “montaggio” e di “immagine” al fine di definire il rapporto tra tecnologia e linguaggio in teatro. L’analisi di due spettacoli di Lepage presentati in occasione del Napoli Teatro Festival Italia(edizioni 2010 e 2011 alimenta la riflessione teorica che si snoda seguendo una metafora anatomica:analizzare separatamente (sezionando come il chirurgo le varie componenti narrative e formali del modus operandi lepagiano permette di comprendere più agevolmente l’architettura organica dell’insieme Abstract – FR Robert Lepage est un des metteurs en scène les plus remarqués de la scène théâtrale internationale contemporaine. L’article cherche à fournir une analyse synthétique de l’art poétique du metteur en scèneen se concentrant en particulier sur les notions de « montage » et « image » afin d’en définir le rapportentre technologie et langage au théâtre. L’analyse de deux spectacles de Lepage présentés pendant leNapoli Teatro Festival Italia (éditions 2010 et 2011 alimente la réflexion théorique qui se développeselon une métaphore anatomique : à la manière d'un chirurgien disséquant un corps, on analyseraséparément les différentes composantes narratives et formelles utilisées par Lepage afin de comprendreplus facilement l’architecture organique de l’ensemble. Abstract – EN Robert Lepage is one of the most significant directors on the international and contemporary theatrescene. The article tries to provide a synthetic analysis of the director’s work: focusing on the notions of “editing” and “image”, it defines the relation between technology and language in theatre. The analysis oftwo pieces of theatre presented at the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

  10. Robert J. Shiller: Nobel prize for 2013: Capital market efficiency

    Pantelić Svetlana


    Full Text Available In 2013 the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to the American economists, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller. The monetarists, Fama and Hansen, from the University of Chicago, and the Neo- Keynesian, Shiller, from the Yale University, according to the Swedish Royal Academy, won this prestigious prize for their research providing mathematical and economic models to determine (irregularities in the stock value trends at the stock exchanges. With his colleagues, in the 1960s Fama established that, in the short term, it is extremely difficult to forecast stock prices, given that new information gets embedded in the prices rather quickly. Shiller, however, determined that, although it is almost impossible to predict the stock prices for a period of few days, this is not true for a period of several years. He discovered that the stock prices fluctuate much more substantially than corporation dividents, and that the relationship between prices and dividends tends to decline when high, and to grow when low. This pattern does not apply only to stocks, but also to bonds and other forms of capital.

  11. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program leadership training.

    Campbell, Jacquelyn C; McBride, Angela Barron; Etcher, LuAnn; Deming, Katie

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program was created to address the nursing shortage via development of the next generation of national leaders in academic nursing. The leadership training combined development at the scholar's home institution with in-person didactic and interactive sessions with notable leaders in nursing and other disciplines. A curriculum matrix, organized by six domains, was evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. What set this program apart is that it immersed junior faculty in concerted leadership development with regard to all aspects of the faculty role so that teaching interactively, making use of the latest in information technology, giving testimony before a policy-making group, participating in strategic planning, and figuring out how to reduce the budget without jeopardizing quality were all envisioned as part of the faculty role. The domains covered by this program could easily be used as the framework to plan other leadership-development programs for the next generation of academic leaders. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Automatic program development a tribute to Robert Paige

    Danvy, Olivier; Mairson, Harry; Pettorossi, Alberto


    This work, a tribute to renowned researcher Robert Paige, is a collection of revised papers published in his honor in the Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation Journal in 2003 and 2005.Among them there are two key papers: a retrospective view of his research lines, and a proposal for future studies in the area of the automatic program derivation.The book also includes some papers by members of the IFIP Working Group 2.1 of which Bob was an active member.All of the papers are related to the research interests of Dr Paige, who died in 1999, and, in particular, to the transformational development of programs and their algorithmic derivation from formal specifications.His colleagues, who include Olivier Danvy of the University of Aarhus in Denmark, and Alberto Pettorossi of the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' in Italy, believe the book provides a renewed stimulus for continuing and deepening Dr Paige's research vision.Prof. Olivier Danvy is editor in chief of the Higher Order for Symbolic Computation journal.

  13. Statistical ultrasonics: the influence of Robert F. Wagner

    Insana, Michael F.


    An important ongoing question for higher education is how to successfully mentor the next generation of scientists and engineers. It has been my privilege to have been mentored by one of the best, Dr Robert F. Wagner and his colleagues at the CDRH/FDA during the mid 1980s. Bob introduced many of us in medical ultrasonics to statistical imaging techniques. These ideas continue to broadly influence studies on adaptive aperture management (beamforming, speckle suppression, compounding), tissue characterization (texture features, Rayleigh/Rician statistics, scatterer size and number density estimators), and fundamental questions about how limitations of the human eye-brain system for extracting information from textured images can motivate image processing. He adapted the classical techniques of signal detection theory to coherent imaging systems that, for the first time in ultrasonics, related common engineering metrics for image quality to task-based clinical performance. This talk summarizes my wonderfully-exciting three years with Bob as I watched him explore topics in statistical image analysis that formed a rational basis for many of the signal processing techniques used in commercial systems today. It is a story of an exciting time in medical ultrasonics, and of how a sparkling personality guided and motivated the development of junior scientists who flocked around him in admiration and amazement.

  14. Understanding Robert Lucas (1967-1981: his influence and influences

    Alexandre F.S. Andrada


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes Robert Lucas's contribution to economic theory between 1967 (year of his first solo publication and 1981 (the year before the emergence of Real Business Cycle approach, and it has two parts. The first one, using citation data from three different sources, we try to answer two questions: (i What are Lucas's most influential papers currently? (ii How has this influence changed through time? We show, for instance, that according to two of those three sources, Lucas's most influential paper today is not from his business cycle research agenda, which gave him his Nobel Prize in 1995. Moreover, it is clear the loss of influence of Lucas's macroeconomic theory since the early 1980s. In the second part, by cataloging all the works that Lucas had used as bibliographical references in his papers and separating them in two categories (positive and negative, we try to understand who exerted influence on him. We show that the author that Lucas most cited in a positive context were John Muth, Milton Friedman and Edmund Phelps. The authors more often cited in a negative context were John M. Keynes and A. W. Phillips. We discuss the reasons behind this data.

  15. Robert Boyle and the representation of imperceptible entities.

    Wragge-Morley, Alexander


    In this essay, I examine Robert Boyle's strategies for making imperceptible entities accessible to the senses. It is well known that, in his natural philosophy, Boyle confronted the challenge of making imperceptible particles of matter into objects of sensory experience. It has never been noted, however, that Boyle confronted a strikingly similar challenge in his natural theology - he needed to make an equally imperceptible God accessible to the senses. Taking this symmetrical difficulty as my starting point, I propose a new approach to thinking about the interconnections between Boyle's natural philosophy and natural theology. For the most part, studies of science and religion in the early modern period work by seeking out the influence of explicitly stated religious beliefs on scientific ideas. I argue, by contrast, that we need to focus on Boyle's representational practices, using his attempts to represent imperceptible entities as a means of uncovering metaphysical and theological presuppositions that he did not always articulate when stating his religious beliefs. With new interpretations of both A Discourse of Things Above Reason (1681) and Some Physico-Theological Considerations about the Possibility of the Resurrection (1675), I show that there were crucial similarities between Boyle's practices for representing both God and atoms. I go on to show, moreover, that Boyle used these practices to enact an ontological stance at odds with one of his most important professed beliefs.

  16. 16 CFR 5.59 - Presiding official.


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Presiding official. 5.59 Section 5.59 Commercial Practices FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ORGANIZATION, PROCEDURES AND RULES OF PRACTICE STANDARDS OF... Chief Administrative Law Judge, who shall appoint an Administrative Law Judge to preside over the...

  17. Are Teachers Public Officials for Defamation Purposes?

    Bjorklun, Eugene C.


    Analyzes the law of defamation as it applies to teachers with special attention to the public official status of teachers. Concludes that public school teachers who are accused of deficiencies in the performance of their duties appear to have very little protection from false accusations under the law of defamation. (MLF)

  18. Official portrait of Astronaut Anna L. Fisher


    Official portrait of Astronaut Anna L. Fisher. Fisher is posing with her helmet on the table in front of her and the American flag appears over the opposite shoulder (34357); Posing with an empty table in front of her and the American flag behind her (34358).

  19. Learning, Official Languages and Employment Equity Advisor ...

    Job Summary Plans and coordinates human resources services in the areas of Learning, Official Languages (OL) and Employment Equity (EE) while ensuring that management's needs are met. Provides operational services and advises managers and employees in determining their needs, analyzing problems, ...

  20. 9 CFR 355.8 - Official number.


    ... CERTIFICATION CERTIFIED PRODUCTS FOR DOGS, CATS, AND OTHER CARNIVORA; INSPECTION, CERTIFICATION, AND... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official number. 355.8 Section 355.8 Animals and Animal Products FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AGENCY...

  1. 20 CFR 405.360 - Official record.


    ... in making the decision under review and any additional evidence or written statements that the... 20 Employees' Benefits 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Official record. 405.360 Section 405.360 Employees' Benefits SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW PROCESS FOR ADJUDICATING INITIAL...

  2. 31 CFR 315.1 - Official agencies.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Official agencies. 315.1 Section 315.1 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations Relating to Money and Finance (Continued) FISCAL SERVICE.... Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 925 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64198 Dallas, San Francisco, Kansas...

  3. 31 CFR 353.1 - Official agencies.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Official agencies. 353.1 Section 353.1 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations Relating to Money and Finance (Continued) FISCAL SERVICE.... Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 925 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64198 Dallas, San Francisco, Kansas...

  4. 31 CFR 360.1 - Official agencies.


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Official agencies. 360.1 Section 360.1 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations Relating to Money and Finance (Continued) FISCAL SERVICE... Bank of Kansas City, 925 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64106 Dallas, San Francisco, Kansas City, St...

  5. 15 CFR 700.6 - Official actions.


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official actions. 700.6 Section 700.6 Commerce and Foreign Trade Regulations Relating to Commerce and Foreign Trade (Continued) BUREAU OF INDUSTRY AND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE NATIONAL SECURITY INDUSTRIAL BASE REGULATIONS DEFENSE...

  6. Official portrait of astronaut Stephen S. Oswald


    Official portrait of astronaut Stephen S. Oswald. Oswald, a member of Astronaut Class 11, wears launch and entry suit (LES) with launch and entry helmet (LEH) positioned at his side. In the background is the United States (U.S.) flag and a space shuttle orbiter model.

  7. 16 CFR 1502.33 - Official notice.


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official notice. 1502.33 Section 1502.33 Commercial Practices CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION FEDERAL HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES ACT REGULATIONS... notice may be taken of such matters as might be judicially noticed by the courts of the United States or...

  8. How Justice System Officials View Wrongful Convictions

    Smith, Brad; Zalman, Marvin; Kiger, Angie


    The wrongful conviction of factually innocent people is a growing concern within the United States. Reforms generated by this concern are predicated in part on the views of justice system participants. The authors surveyed judges, police officials, prosecutors, and defense lawyers in Michigan regarding their views of why wrongful convictions…

  9. 9 CFR 318.4 - Preparation of products to be officially supervised; responsibilities of official establishments...


    ... from inspection under § 303.1(d) of this subchapter and are conducted in a retail store in an... duties are related to the quality control system, an organizational chart showing that such people.... (Reporting requirements were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0583-0015...

  10. Intervjuu American Wind Symphony Orchestra dirigendi Robert Austin Boudreau'ga = Interview with Mr. Robert Austin Boudreau, director of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra / Robert Austin Boudreau ; interv. Heli Ojamaa

    Boudreau, Robert Austin


    11. IV 2007. a. tehtud telefoniintervjuu Robert A. Boudreau'ga, kellele arhitekt Louis I. Kahn disainis kontserdilaevad Point Counterpoint I (valmis 1961) ja Point Counterppoint II (kavandamist alustati 1966, valmis 1975). Louis I. Kahnist, koostööst arhitektiga ja laevadest. Selgitav kaaskiri arhitekt Heli Ojamaalt. Ill.: I laeva makett, II laeva joonised ja 4 värv. fotot

  11. 9 CFR 325.7 - Shipment of products requiring special supervision between official establishments under official...


    ... Animal Products FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AGENCY ORGANIZATION AND... subchapter, in railroad cars, trucks, or other means of conveyance sealed with the official seal of the...

  12. Robert Knox, transcendentální anatomie a imaginace rasové války / Robert Knox, transcendental anatomy and imagination of racial war

    Ivo Budil


    Full Text Available The main aim of the study is to emphasize the role and contribution of the Scottish physician and surgeon Robert Knox to the emergence and expansion of modern racial thinking and the concept of a racial war which became later influential as a result of the works of representatives of Social Darwinism. The main ideas outlined in the book The Races of Men: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Influence of Race over the Destinies of Nations, published by Robert Knox in 1850, will be analyzed in the historical and intellectual context of transcendental anatomy and Eurasian revolution.

  13. The importance of chromosome studies in Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia and other cohesinopathies.

    Gerkes, E.H.; Kevie-Kersemaekers, A.M. van der; Yakin, M.; Smeets, D.F.C.M.; Ravenswaaij-Arts, C.M.A. van


    Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia is a rare, autosomal recessive syndrome characterised by pre- and postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, craniofacial anomalies, mental retardation, and tetraphocomelia in varying degrees of severity. The clinical diagnosis can be challenging in phenotypically

  14. The importance of chromosome studies in Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia and other cohesinopathies

    Gerkes, Erica H.; van der Kevie-Kersemaekers, Anne-Marie F.; Yakin, Mariam; Smeets, Dominique F. C. M.; van Ravenswaaij-Arts, Conny M. A.


    Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia is a rare, autosomal recessive syndrome characterised by pre- and postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, craniofacial anomalies, mental retardation, and tetraphocomelia in varying degrees of severity. The clinical diagnosis can be challenging in phenotypically

  15. Must, valge + hall : Sam Wagstaffi ja Robert Mapplethorpe'i portree / Madis Palm

    Palm, Madis


    Dokumentaalfilm "Black, White & Gray: Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe" : autor ja režissöör James Crump : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. Filmi näidati filminädala "Art in America" raames Tallinnas

  16. Kollaaž ja kontekst. Robert Rumase liiklusmärgid Tallinnas / Hanno Soans

    Soans, Hanno, 1974-


    Sekkuv kunst. Poola kunstniku Robert Rumase (1966) rahvusvahelisest kunstiprojektist "Linnamanöövrid", Kai Kaljo videost "One way to see America", Krzysztof Wodicko "Kodutute projektsioonist" ja New York City Unioni väljaku ümberkorraldamisest

  17. Marian Roberts, Developing the Craft of Mediation: Reflections on Theory and Practice

    Ghislaine M. Lanteigne


    Full Text Available In Developing the Craft of Mediation, Marian Roberts proposes that mediation is akin to a craft with its focus on learning from experience and from others working in the field to develop and master knowledge and skills.

  18. Kventin Tarantino + Robert Rodriges = Grainhaus, ili Kinonostalgija po-amerikanski / Andrei Sozinov

    Sozinov, Andrei


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007

  19. 78 FR 51802 - Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “Robert Motherwell: The...


    ... ``Robert Motherwell: The Early Collages,'' imported from abroad for temporary exhibition within the United... the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York, from on or about September 27, 2013, until on or...

  20. Kablilt Casablancasse : Eesti suurim seikleja John Robert Ignace Lepp 100 / Vello Salo

    Salo, Vello, 1925-


    Eesti päritolu seikleja John Robert Lepp, Prantsusmaal tuntud kui katoliku kiriku preester Ignace Lepp, avaldas prantsuse ja saksa keeles hulgaliselt raamatuid psühholoogia, filosoofia ja religiooni valdkonnast

  1. Official CERN holidays | Restaurant opening hours


    Please note that the CERN Restaurants will have the following opening hours during the upcoming holidays: Restaurant #1 will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Wednesday 1 May, Thursday 9 May (Ascension Thursday) and Monday 20 May (Pentecost) - on Friday 10 May the restaurant will be open at the usual times. Restaurant #2 will be closed over the 3 official CERN holidays, but will be open on Friday 10 May at the usual times (brasserie will be closed). Restaurant #3 will be closed over the 3 official CERN holidays, as well as Friday 10 May.

  2. Radiographic Assessment of the Robert and Lateral Views in Trapeziometacarpal Osteoarthrosis.

    Oheb, Jonathan; Lansinger, Yuri; Jansen, Joshua A; Nguyen, Jimmy Q; Porembski, Margaret A; Rayan, Ghazi M


    To evaluate the effectiveness of the Robert view in assessing trapeziometacarpal arthrosis and to compare the accuracy of the Robert and lateral views in staging trapeziometacarpal (TM) joint arthrosis. Patient demographics were obtained. Four participating raters reviewed 62 randomly selected thumb x-rays of patients presenting with thumb TM joint pain. Lateral and Robert-hyperpronation views were assessed using an analysis of 13 criteria. X-rays of 62 thumbs for 58 patients were evaluated. The average patients' age was 64 (47-87) and 51 (80%) were females. The majority of X-rays evaluated fell into stage 3. Stage 2 was the second most common level of arthritis encountered and the least was stage 1. More osteophytes were encountered in the trapezium than metacarpal on both the Robert and lateral views. The Robert view was superior in detecting osteophytes on the trapezium than the lateral view. Osteophyte size varied from 1.7 to 2 mm. The lateral view displayed 61 cases with dorsal metacarpal subluxation (98%). The Robert view displayed 48 cases (77%) with radial metacarpal subluxation and 9 cases (15%) with ulnar metacarpal subluxation. Thumb metacarpal adduction deformity was encountered on the lateral view in 20 cases (32%) whereas on the Robert view it was encountered in 14 cases (23%). Subchondral sclerosis was encountered on the Robert view in 56 thumbs (90%) while it was seen on the lateral view in 52 thumbs (84%). Pantrapezial arthritis involving the STT joint was encountered equally in 16 cases (26%) on the Robert view and the lateral views. The study found a moderate level of interrater reliability on both the lateral and Robert views. With the exception of osteophytes encountered on the trapezium versus the metacarpal, there were no other statistically significant findings. This study confirms that each of the Robert and lateral views offer unique information and combining both views enhances the ability to assess radiographic disease severity, and

  3. Codetermination in case of official directive denied

    Ziegler, E.


    The contribution deals with a recent decision by the Federal Labour Court, concerning the right of codetermination of the works council in matters of security of nuclear installations and decisions taken in this field by an official directive. Codetermination, the Court decided, requires a right of determination by the employer alone, and in cases where this right is restricted by the law due to powers of a government authority, there is no right of codetermination of the works council. (orig.) [de

  4. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First report from Kashmir

    Tahir M. Malla; Arshad A. Pandith; Fayaz A. Dar; Mahrukh H. Zargar


    There are several syndromes in which specific mitotic chromosomal abnormalities can be seen, like premature centromere separation, premature (sister) chromatid separation, and somatic aneuploidies. Identifications of such specific cytogenetic findings can be the key factor that leads towards the diagnosis of syndromes like Roberts SC phocomelia. The case presented here as Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome was identified as a child with multiple congenital anomalies and dysmorphic features. Conve...



    nomination and later confirmation of Robert Kennedy as United States Attorney General. The second was the failure of the Bay of Pigs operation in...Cuba. In nominating his brother, the President defied popular opinion and made a decision that would prove integral to his presidency. Although...and in place prior to the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Together, these two events gave Robert Kennedy a position from which to advise

  6. Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage. Official Records


    These Official Records of the Conference contain the summary records of the plenary meetings and of the meetings of the Committee of the Whole, the text of the Convention, the Optional Protocol, the Final Act, the resolutions adopted by the Conference and the reports of the committees and sub-committees, as well as all other documents which were submitted to the plenary and the Committee of the Whole. These Official Records also contain a complete index of documents relevant to each Article of the Convention according to its number in the final text. The history of the preparatory studies and documents is summarized on pages 39, 40 and 65-86. The symbols of International Atomic Energy Agency documents are composed of capital letters combined with figures. Mention of such a symbol indicates a reference to an International Atomic Energy Agency document. The summary records of the plenary meetings and of the meetings of the Committee of the Whole contained in this volume were originally circulated in mimeographed form as documents CN-12/OR/1 to 7 and CN-12, CW/OR. 1 to 24 respectively. As printed in this volume they include the corrections to the provisional summary records that were requested by the delegations and such drafting and editorial changes as were considered necessary. These official records are available in English, French, Russian and Spanish. (author)

  7. Official Naming in Hå, Klepp and Time

    Inge Særheim


    Full Text Available Toponyms localize, reflect and give information about historical traditions and various phenomena in an area. They form part of the local heritage and culture. The relationship between place names, heritage and identity is often underlined in guidelines regarding official naming of streets and roads. In what way is heritage and local identity reflected in the road names of the three municipalities Hå, Klepp and Time (Southwest-Norway, and how is the special character of this area expressed in the names? More than half of the official road names in the three municipalities are either identical with a local toponym, or they consist of a word for ‘road’ and a local toponym (or an appellative describing the location. This shows that there is a strong commitment to base the official naming on local tradition and thus contribute to identity. Quite a few elements from the dialect, e.g. special pronunciation, grammatical forms or local words, appear in the names, especially in the road names from Hå, reflecting that the names are part of the local culture, and due to the fact that the dialect is unique. Consistency is a challenge, however; the same word is sometimes spelled in different ways in different names. It appears that, with some exceptions, cultural heritage and local tradition have been preferred principles and guidelines with regard to naming of roads in the three municipalities, due to a consciousness that heritage and tradition create identity.

  8. Robert Klopstock and Franz Kafka--the friends from Tatranské Matliare (the High Tatras).

    Mydlík, M; Derzsiová, K


    The paper summarises the accessible literature on the life and work of well-known American lung surgeon, Professor Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock, who was in the years 1920-1924 a friend Franz Kafka. Professor Klopstock was of Hungarian origin and he got acquainted with Franz Kafka at the end of the year 1920 in Tatranské Matliare (The High Tatras). They were both patients treated for lung tuberculosis. They became close friends and their mutual correspondence shows their real friendship. Robert Klopstock was present at Franz Kafka's death-bed on June 3, 1924 in Kierling, near Klosterneuburg, not far from Vienna. Robert Klopstock studied at Medical Faculties of the Universities in Budapest, Prague, Kiel and Berlin. After his graduation in 1933 in Berlin, he worked as a lung surgeon at various surgical clinics and departments in Budapest and Berlin. In 1936 Robert Klopstock together with his wife visited the High Tatras and Tatranské Matliare. In 1937 Robert Klopstock with his wife Gizela, a writer and a translator, who translated the first chapters of Franz Kafka's novel "Trial" into Hungarian language, went to United States of America. During his stay in U.S.A. Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock was very active as a lung surgeon and a scientist. He published 64 specialized scientific papers, mostly in American medical journals. He became Professor of Lung Surgery at Downstate Medical Centre in New York-Brooklyn. He died on June 15, 1972 in New York.

  9. Book review: The man who saved the whooping crane: The Robert Porter Allen story

    King, Sammy L.


    Kathleen Kaska has done a remarkable job of capturing the life of Robert Porter Allen, truly one of the premier biologist/conservationists of the twentieth century. Allen, born in 1905, grew up reading outdoor adventure books and playing in the woods of northern Pennsylvania with his brother. At a young age, he was encouraged to join the Junior Audubon club and his passion for ornithology soon crystallized. He attended Lafayette College to study ornithology, but he was disinterested in academics and fared poorly. He dropped out after two years and joined the Merchant Marines. Not an auspicious beginning for such a highly respected scientist and conservationist! Soon, however, he landed a librarian job with Audubon and his diligence, acumen, and communication skills allowed him to take more and more responsibilities. He became one of the youngest Audubon sanctuary directors ever appointed, and he was also able to secure a fellowship through Cornell to work on Roseate Spoonbills (Platalea ajaja). Audubon later appointed him to lead their Whooping Crane (Grus americana) studies.

  10. The relation between creation and salvation in the Trinitarian theology of Robert Jenson

    Anné H. Verhoef


    Full Text Available This article explored the relation between creation and salvation as acts of God in the theology of Robert Jenson, an American Lutheran theologian. This is important due to Jenson’s growing importance as theologian and because of the current importance of ecotheology (and related themes that were implicated by the relation between creation and salvation. Jenson’s theology is an effort to tell God’s particular story and it can be described as a Trinitarian, narrative and eschatological theology. His starting point is that God’s eternity must not be understood as timeless (this is unbiblical and incompatible with the story of creation and redemption and that creation (space and time takes place somehow within the being of God. Jenson qualified this ‘withinness’, but also emphasised that creation is an intelligible whole, a history with an intended end. It is important for him that God’s story – a story of dramatic coherence – is not separated from our own and creation’s story. Within this understanding of God’s story (as dramatic coherence, creation found its own dramatic teleology because salvation also includes creation. Creation is therefore not subjected to pointlessness any longer, but will find its final place within God. The implication of this is that we must value creation much more and act with more responsibility towards it. According to Jenson we must enjoy creation in an aesthetic fashion and delight in creation as a whole because of its dramatic teleology.

  11. Diagnostic Overlap between Fanconi Anemia and the Cohesinopathies: Roberts Syndrome and Warsaw Breakage Syndrome

    Petra van der Lelij


    Full Text Available Fanconi anemia (FA is a recessively inherited disease characterized by multiple symptoms including growth retardation, skeletal abnormalities, and bone marrow failure. The FA diagnosis is complicated due to the fact that the clinical manifestations are both diverse and variable. A chromosomal breakage test using a DNA cross-linking agent, in which cells from an FA patient typically exhibit an extraordinarily sensitive response, has been considered the gold standard for the ultimate diagnosis of FA. In the majority of FA patients the test results are unambiguous, although in some cases the presence of hematopoietic mosaicism may complicate interpretation of the data. However, some diagnostic overlap with other syndromes has previously been noted in cases with Nijmegen breakage syndrome. Here we present results showing that misdiagnosis may also occur with patients suffering from two of the three currently known cohesinopathies, that is, Roberts syndrome (RBS and Warsaw breakage syndrome (WABS. This complication may be avoided by scoring metaphase chromosomes—in addition to chromosomal breakage—for spontaneously occurring premature centromere division, which is characteristic for RBS and WABS, but not for FA.

  12. Overview of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program.

    Campbell, Jacquelyn; Ladden, Maryjoan D; McBride, Angela Barron; Cimino, Andrea; Kostas-Polston, Elizabeth; Deming, Katie

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program was created to address the nursing faculty shortage and thereby decrease the nursing shortage. The purpose of the study was to describe the program development, implementation, and ongoing outcome evaluation. Data on scholarly productivity, impact of research, research funding, and leadership positions were compiled, including an h-index (impact of publications) comparison with a comparison group of other interdisciplinary faculty at the same institutions of the 90 current and alumni scholars. There is evidence of the achievements of the individual scholars; however, the effect of the synergy of the multiple components of the program is difficult to capture in traditional evaluation strategies. The sense of possibility and responsibility (to the profession, to improving the health of all Americans, and to one's school of nursing and university) was a significant outcome of the program. Lessons learned from the program are important for the leadership development and retention of nursing faculty. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Turning point: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's effort to revitalize public health at the state level.

    Hassmiller, Susan


    The Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Foundation initiated Turning Point in collaboration with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Kellogg) in 1997. The purpose of this major national initiative was to strengthen the public health infrastructure in the United States so that states, local communities, and their public health agencies might respond to the challenge to protect and improve the public's health in the 21st century. RWJ funded 21 states and Kellogg funded 43 communities to work together to create a new way of thinking about how health could be improved and who should be involved. Although the ultimate outcome was to improve health, both foundations expected diverse partnerships to work together to create strategic health improvement plans at both the community and state levels. The foundations funded a variety of strategies within those health improvement plans during an implementation phase. The premise in funding partnerships, as opposed to a single entity, was that effective public health systems would be developed best through a shared responsibility (including the private sector) for the health of a community.

  14. Blazing the trail: Official Report : Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games


    The official report of the 1st Youth Olympic Games, “Blazing the trail: Official Report: Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games” consisted of one volume, published in French and English. The French version was published only in electronic form

  15. 7 CFR 37.8 - Financial interest of official.


    ... REGULATIONS PROGRAM TO ASSESS ORGANIC CERTIFYING AGENCIES § 37.8 Financial interest of official. No auditor or other Department official shall review any programs or documents concerning a certification program in...

  16. Obituary: Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., 1938-2005

    Hemenway, Mary Kay; Jefferys, William H.; Lambert, David L.


    Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., died on 2 December 2005, in Kyle, Texas. His wife, Maria Elena Robbins, his daughters Julia Robbins Kelso and Stephanie Juarez Balles, his son Matthew Juarez, and five grandchildren survive him. Bob was on the faculty at the University of Texas from 1968 until his retirement in 2003. Bob was born in Wichita, Kansas, on 2 September 1938, the only son of Mildred and Ralph Robert Robbins, Sr. Guided by his high school's policy to provide a practical education to children of working-class parents, Bob began high school with a heavy dose of vocational courses until the results of a test indicated his special talent in mathematics. He was awarded a full scholarship to Yale University, graduating magna cum laude in mathematics in 1960. He won the Warner Prize in Mathematics at Yale that year. He received his Ph.D. in 1966 with a dissertation entitled "The Triplet Spectrum of Neutral Helium in Expanding Nebulae" from the University of California at Berkeley. His interest in college teaching was ignited at this time through summer teaching positions at San Mateo California Junior College and the Ohio State University. Following a year at Texas as a McDonald Observatory Post-doctoral Fellow, Bob taught for a year in the physics department of the University of Houston before returning to the University of Texas at Austin as an Assistant Professor of Astronomy in 1968. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1972. Bob's research in the early 1970s on theoretical studies of helium was of vital importance to astronomers for over three decades. These pioneering calculations became vital to observational astronomers in the mid-1990s as interest grew in the primordial helium produced by the Big Bang. Bob's interest and influence in education was international in scope. In the summers 1968-1970, he was a government consultant in Mathematics in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He consulted with the government that was preparing a master plan for technical

  17. 12 CFR 328.3 - Official advertising statement requirements.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official advertising statement requirements... OF GENERAL POLICY ADVERTISEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP § 328.3 Official advertising statement requirements. (a... medium, that is designed to attract public attention or patronage to a product or business. (b) Official...

  18. 22 CFR 41.23 - Accredited officials in transit.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Accredited officials in transit. 41.23 Section... transit. An accredited official of a foreign government intending to proceed in immediate and continuous transit through the United States on official business for that government is entitled to the benefits of...

  19. 42 CFR 405.1834 - CMS reviewing official procedure.


    ... 42 Public Health 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false CMS reviewing official procedure. 405.1834 Section... Determinations and Appeals § 405.1834 CMS reviewing official procedure. (a) Scope. A provider that is a party to... Administrator by a designated CMS reviewing official who considers whether the decision of the intermediary...

  20. 9 CFR 590.30 - At official plants.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false At official plants. 590.30 Section 590... Authorities § 590.30 At official plants. (a) Requirements within the scope of the Act with respect to premises, facilities, and operations of any official plant which are in addition to or different than those made under...

  1. 32 CFR 1605.59 - Signing official papers.


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Signing official papers. 1605.59 Section 1605.59 National Defense Other Regulations Relating to National Defense SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM ORGANIZATION Local Boards § 1605.59 Signing official papers. Official papers issued by a local...

  2. 32 CFR 1605.28 - Signing official papers.


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Signing official papers. 1605.28 Section 1605.28 National Defense Other Regulations Relating to National Defense SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM ORGANIZATION District Appeal Boards § 1605.28 Signing official papers. Official documents issued...

  3. 13 CFR 105.403 - Designated Agency Ethics Officials.


    ... 13 Business Credit and Assistance 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Designated Agency Ethics Officials... Agency Ethics Officials. The Designated Agency Ethics Official and Alternates administer the program for... advice and counsel regarding matters relating to the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 and its...

  4. 7 CFR 91.102 - Form of official identification symbols.


    ... 7 Agriculture 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Form of official identification symbols. 91.102... LABORATORY TESTING PROGRAMS SERVICES AND GENERAL INFORMATION Designation of Approved Symbols for Identification of Commodities Officially Tested By AMS § 91.102 Form of official identification symbols. Two...

  5. 6 CFR 13.5 - Review by the Reviewing Official.


    ... 6 Domestic Security 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Review by the Reviewing Official. 13.5 Section 13.5 Domestic Security DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY PROGRAM FRAUD CIVIL REMEDIES § 13.5 Review by the Reviewing Official. (a) If, based on the report of the Investigating Official...

  6. 7 CFR 54.12 - Financial interest of official grader.


    ... SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (CONTINUED) REGULATIONS... Service § 54.12 Financial interest of official grader. No official grader shall grade or determine... 7 Agriculture 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Financial interest of official grader. 54.12 Section...

  7. KOP ion exchange plant officially opened



    The KOP ion exchange plant, which was officially opened in February 1982, can be seen as an important milestone in the history of Klipfontein Organic Products. The plant, erected at a cost of R7 million, has enabled South Africa to achieve virtual self-sufficiency as far as resins are concerned. It will produce R5 million worth of resins per annum, and it has been estimated that it will save the country R3 million per annum in foreign exchange. The plant is the only of its kind in Africa, and will be able to meet 98% of the ion exchange resin requirements of the Republic

  8. 14 CFR 1216.103 - Responsibilities of NASA officials.


    ... the coordination of all such activities; and (3) Establishing and maintaining working relationships... relationships for protection and enhancement of environmental quality and compliance with applicable laws and... environmental factors are properly considered in all proposals and decisions; (5) Establish and maintain working...

  9. Domestic Terrorism, Official Response and the Politics of Black Gold ...

    Modern societies are embroiled with varied levels of conflict. The type and intensity of conflict is often historically determined and the causative factors are also closely tied to the social dynamics of the global community. Many factors tend to account for modern conflict. Apart from having political, economic, and ...

  10. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2009 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2009

    Webb, Steve; Harris, Simon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award an annual prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner has been made as thorough as possible, to try to ensure that an outstanding paper wins the prize. We started off with a shortlist of the 10 research papers published in 2009 which were rated the best based on the referees' quality assessments. Following the submission of a short 'case for winning' document by each of the shortlisted authors, an IPEM college of jurors of the status of FIPEM assessed and rated these 10 papers in order to choose a winner, which was then endorsed by the Editorial Board. We have a clear, and very worthy, winner this year. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the 2009 Roberts Prize is awarded to E Z Zhang et al from University College London for their paper on photoacoustic tomography. In vivo high resolution 3D photoacoustic imaging of superficial vascular anatomy E Z Zhang, J G Laufer, R B Pedley and P C Beard 2009 Phys. Med. Biol. 54 1035-46 Our congratulations go to these authors. Of course all of the shortlisted papers were of great merit, and the full top-10 is listed below (in alphabetical order). Steve Webb Editor-in-Chief Simon Harris Publisher References Cheng Y-C N , Neelavalli J and Haacke E M 2009 Limitations of calculating field distributions and magnetic susceptibilities in MRI using a Fourier based method Phys. Med. Biol. 54 1169-89 Cho S, Ahn S, Li Q and Leahy R M 2009 Exact and approximate Fourier rebinning of PET data from time-of-flight to non time-of-flight 2009 Phys. Med. Biol. 54 467-84 Davidson S R H, Weersink R A, Haider M A, Gertner M R, Bogaards A, Giewercer D, Scherz A, Sherar M D, Elhilali M, Chin J L, Trachtenberg J and Wilson B C 2009 Treatment planning and dose analysis for interstitial

  11. 5 CFR 2638.203 - Duties of the designated agency ethics official.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Duties of the designated agency ethics official. 2638.203 Section 2638.203 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS GOVERNMENT ETHICS OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS AND EXECUTIVE AGENCY ETHICS PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES Designated Agency Ethics...

  12. English for University Administrative Work: English Officialization Policy and Foreign Language Learning Motivation

    Kim, Jeongyeon; Choi, Jinsook


    This study examines how the English officialization policy of higher education in an EFL context interplays with administrative workers' motivational orientations towards English learning. The data consisted of questionnaire responses of 117 administrative members with undergraduate degrees and qualitative interviews with 9 who answered the…

  13. Meeting of senior officials on managing nuclear knowledge. Meeting report


    In response to the recommendations of several Agency advisory committees, e.g. INSAG, SAGNE 2002, SAGNA, SAGTAC, to address issues related to nuclear knowledge management, the IAEA convened a meeting on Managing Nuclear Knowledge with senior representatives from Member States. The purpose of the meeting was to sharpen awareness and understanding of the emerging concerns about the maintenance and preservation of knowledge and expertise in nuclear science, technology and applications and to better comprehend the role of the Agency in this process. The meeting was attended by more than 70 participants from 35 Member States and 4 international organizations, representing academic leaders, senior level executives, managers and governmental officials. This report includes general recommendations, summary of the keynote of the Member States, statements on the role of the IAEA and International cooperation in managing nuclear knowledge

  14. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First report from Kashmir

    Tahir M. Malla


    Full Text Available There are several syndromes in which specific mitotic chromosomal abnormalities can be seen, like premature centromere separation, premature (sister chromatid separation, and somatic aneuploidies. Identifications of such specific cytogenetic findings can be the key factor that leads towards the diagnosis of syndromes like Roberts SC phocomelia. The case presented here as Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome was identified as a child with multiple congenital anomalies and dysmorphic features. Conventional cytogenetic analysis of the case revealed premature sister chromatid separation. The premature centromeric separation was also confirmed by C banding analysis of the child. It is the first and the only case of Roberts SC phocomelia diagnosed from this part of the world. The present case report emphasizes the importance of conventional cytogenetics in the diagnosis of such syndromes.

  15. Numerical Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling: The Andre J. Robert Memorial Volume

    Rosmond, Tom

    Most people, even including some in the scientific community, do not realize how much the weather forecasts they use to guide the activities of their daily lives depend on very complex mathematics and numerical methods that are the basis of modern numerical weather prediction (NWP). André Robert (1929-1993), to whom Numerical Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling is dedicated, had a career that contributed greatly to the growth of NWP and the role that the atmospheric computer models of NWP play in our society. There are probably no NWP models running anywhere in the world today that do not use numerical methods introduced by Robert, and those of us who work with and use these models everyday are indebted to him.The first two chapters of the volume are chronicles of Robert's life and career. The first is a 1987 interview by Harold Ritchie, one of Robert's many proteges and colleagues at the Canadian Atmospheric Environment Service. The interview traces Robert's life from his birth in New York to French Canadian parents, to his emigration to Quebec at an early age, his education and early employment, and his rise in stature as one of the preeminent research meteorologists of our time. An amusing anecdote he relates is his impression of weather forecasts while he was considering his first job as a meteorologist in the early 1950s. A newspaper of the time placed the weather forecast and daily horoscope side by side, and Robert regarded each to have a similar scientific basis. Thankfully he soon realized there was a difference between the two, and his subsequent career certainly confirmed the distinction.

  16. The official guide to the TOEFL test


    The new Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test is the best, most reliable guide to the test that is used to meet English-language proficiency requirements at more than 10,000 institutions worldwide, including top universities in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. This completely updated fifth edition includes real TOEFL test questions for practice, as well as explanations of all four sections of the test. The guide provides learners with information on how to integrate reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in order to construct effective answers that demonstrate university-level English proficiency. Inside you'll find: • Hundreds of authentic TOEFL test questions and essay topics from the test maker • Four authentic TOEFL iBT practice tests (available in the book and on DVD) • Test-taking strategies to help you do your very best on the test

  17. American Prometheus. The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Biography

    Bird, Kai; Sherwin, Martin J.


    A definitive portrait of legendary scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the ''father'' of the atomic bomb, discusses his seminal role in the twentieth-century scientific world, as well as his lesser-known roles as family man, supposed communist, and head of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies. ''American Prometheus'' is a rich evocation of America in mid-century and a compelling portrait of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, a man shaped by its major events--the Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. (orig.) [de

  18. Roberts-SC syndrome, a rare syndrome and cleft palate repair

    Murthy Jyotsna


    Full Text Available Roberts SC syndrome is a rare syndrome with only 17 previously recognized patients reported in medical literature. The syndrome is characterized by multiple malformations, particularly, symmetrical limb reduction, craniofacial anomalies such as bilateral cleft lip and palate, micrognathia, and severe growth and mental retardation. Our patient, a young child of five years having Roberts-SC, was successfully operated for cleft palate under general anesthesia. The main features of the syndrome and the technical problems of anesthesia and surgery are discussed in this report.

  19. Das Fortbildungsangebot der Bibliothek des Robert Koch-Instituts: Dienstleistung im Publikationsprozess

    Senst, Henriette


    Full Text Available [english] Robert Koch-Institute’s scientists are supported during the publishing process in different ways. Relating to frequently asked questions the library offers trainings, which are integrated in the training program of the institute.How does a good literature research work? How do I manage my literature and how do I cite correctly? What do I have to consider during the publishing process? These and other questions are answered in trainings on literature research, managing bibliographies with EndNote and “Scientific Publishing in the Robert Koch-Institute” which take place regularly.

  20. La Corte Roberts e la questione della “preghiera municipale”

    Adelaide Madera


     The Roberts Court and the “municipal prayer” Abstract: In the USA, few topics are more divisive than the government’s use of religious expressions and symbols. The Supreme Court has tried to find a balance between the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution and the inclusion of religious expressions in government activities. In Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Roberts Court upheld a town’s practice of opening board meetings with prayers from invited speakers. The essay critically examines the various opinions in the case, and looks at where this decision suggests the Establishment Clause doctrine is moving award.

  1. Robert Lacoste's the darker side practical applications for electronic design concepts from circuit cellar

    Lacoste, Robert


    Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side column has quickly become a must read among Circuit Cellar devotees. His column provides readers with succinct theoretical concepts and practical applications on topics as far reaching as digital modulation to antenna basics. Difficult concepts are demystified as Robert shines a light on complex topics within electronic design.This book collects sixteen Darker Side articles that have been enriched with new, exclusive content from the author. An intro into The Darker Side will give examples of material that can enhance and optimize the way you design. A

  2. Inactivating mutations in ESCO2 cause SC phocomelia and Roberts syndrome: no phenotype-genotype correlation.

    Schüle, Birgitt; Oviedo, Angelica; Johnston, Kathreen; Pai, Shashidhar; Francke, Uta


    The rare, autosomal recessive Roberts syndrome (RBS) is characterized by tetraphocomelia, profound growth deficiency of prenatal onset, craniofacial anomalies, microcephaly, and mental deficiency. SC phocomelia (SC) has a milder phenotype, with a lesser degree of limb reduction and with survival to adulthood. Since heterochromatin repulsion (HR) is characteristic for both disorders and is not complemented in somatic-cell hybrids, it has been hypothesized that the disorders are allelic. Recently, mutations in ESCO2 (establishment of cohesion 1 homolog 2) on 8p21.1 have been reported in RBS. To determine whether ESCO2 mutations are also responsible for SC, we studied three families with SC and two families in which variable degrees of limb and craniofacial abnormalities, detected by fetal ultrasound, led to pregnancy terminations. All cases were positive for HR. We identified seven novel mutations in exons 3-8 of ESCO2. In two families, affected individuals were homozygous--for a 5-nucleotide deletion in one family and a splice-site mutation in the other. In three nonconsanguineous families, probands were compound heterozygous for a single-nucleotide insertion or deletion, a nonsense mutation, or a splice-site mutation. Abnormal splice products were characterized at the RNA level. Since only protein-truncating mutations were identified, regardless of clinical severity, we conclude that genotype does not predict phenotype. Having established that RBS and SC are caused by mutations in the same gene, we delineated the clinical phenotype of the tetraphocomelia spectrum that is associated with HR and ESCO2 mutations and differentiated it from other types of phocomelia that are negative for HR.

  3. On Teaching Brains To Think: A Conversation with Robert Sylwester.

    Brandt, Ron


    Sylwester says education must begin relying more on biology than social and behavioral science. All brain systems move from a slow, awkward functional level to a fast, efficient level. Contributions of metacognition, self-regulation, emotions, reflective and reflexive responses, comparison, and classification to cognitive development are…

  4. Online and official price indexes: Measuring Argentina's inflation

    Cavallo, Alberto F.


    Prices collected from online retailers can be used to construct daily price indexes that complement official statistics. This paper studies their ability to match official inflation estimates in five Latin American countries, with a focus on Argentina, where official statistics have been heavily criticized in recent years. The data were collected between October 2007 and March 2011 from the largest supermarket in each country. In Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela, online price indexes ap...

  5. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) - Search Official Rulings

    Department of Transportation — The MUTCD Official Rulings is a resource that allows web site visitors to obtain information about requests for changes, experiments, and interpretations related to...

  6. Official Union Time Tracking System Operational Data Store

    Social Security Administration — Official Union Time Tracking System captures the reporting and accounting of the representational activity for all American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)...

  7. Tüli Robert Smithsoni "Spiraalse muuli" taastamise ümber / Rael Artel

    Artel, Rael, 1980-


    Ameerika maakunstniku Robert Smithsoni (1938-1973) töö "Spiral Jetty" / "Spiraalne muul", mis on ligi 30 aastat seisnud nähtamatult Utah' osariigis Suure Soolajärve põhjas, on praegu kogu ulatuses näha. Teose omanik Dia kunstikeskus on dilemma ees, kas muul restaureerida või mitte

  8. Changements à la tête du CERN - Robert Aymar aux commandes pour 5 ans.


    "Une nouvelle équipe prendra les rênes du CERN à partir du 1er janvier. Le Francais Robert Aymar, anciennement directeur du Projet de reacteur thermonucleaire experimental international (ITER), dirigera le centre de recherche pour la periode 2004-2008" (1 page).

  9. The molecular mechanism underlying Roberts syndrome involves loss of ESCO2 acetyltransferase activity

    Gordillo, Miriam; Vega, Hugo; Trainer, Alison H.; Hou, Fajian; Sakai, Norio; Luque, Ricardo; Kayserili, Hülya; Basaran, Seher; Skovby, Flemming; Hennekam, Raoul C. M.; Uzielli, Maria L. Giovannucci; Schnur, Rhonda E.; Manouvrier, Sylvie; Chang, Susan; Blair, Edward; Hurst, Jane A.; Forzano, Francesca; Meins, Moritz; Simola, Kalle O. J.; Raas-Rothschild, Annick; Schultz, Roger A.; McDaniel, Lisa D.; Ozono, Keiichi; Inui, Koji; Zou, Hui; Jabs, Ethylin Wang


    Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia (RBS) is an autosomal recessive disorder with growth retardation, craniofacial abnormalities and limb reduction. Cellular alterations in RBS include lack of cohesion at the heterochromatic regions around centromeres and the long arm of the Y chromosome, reduced growth

  10. Welcoming the Sunlight: A Conversation with Mary Kay Zabel and Robert Zabel

    Teagarden, James; Kaff, Marilyn


    Professors Emeriti Mary Kay and Robert Zabel share their reflections on their long and productive careers working with students and teachers. Their respective careers share much of the same history and complement each other. The Zabels share their advice with those entering the field and the challenges they see for the education of students with…

  11. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch

    Fraser, Hamish L.; Smith, David J.; Wittig, James E.


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. - Highlights: • Biographical sketch of Bob Sinclair • Biographical Sketch of Nestor Zaluzec • Scientific career highlights

  12. Fermilab's Helen Edwards receives prestigious 2003 Robert R. Wilson prize from the American Physical Society


    Helen Edwards has been awarded the 2003 Robert R. Wilson prize. She was cited for "her pivotal achievement and critical contribution as the leader in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the Tevatron, and for her continued contributions to the development of high gradient superconducting linear accelerators as well as bright and intense electron sources." (1/2 page).

  13. USA kaitseminister Robert Gates süüdistas liitlasvägesid oskamatuses / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    USA kaitseminister Robert Gates väitis ajalehes The Los Angeles Times avaldatud intervjuus, et Lõuna-Afganistani olukord on halvenenud seal võitlevate USA liitlasvägede puuduliku väljaõppe tõttu. Liitlasriikide reageeringuid. Arvamust avaldavad Jaak Aaviksoo, Kaarel Kaas

  14. USA mõtleja : vaid rikkus riiki koos ei hoia / Robert Putnam ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Putnam, Robert


    USA Harvardi ülikooli politoloogiaprofessori Robert Putnami arvates on etniliselt mitmekesistes riikides ühtsustunde loomine raske, selle saavutamisele aitaksid kaasa ühiskonna pingevabam enesemääratlus ning paindlikumad töögraafikud naistele ühendamaks pere tööga. Lisa: Üksi või koos?

  15. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch

    Fraser, Hamish L. [The Ohio State University (United States); Smith, David J., E-mail: [Arizona State University (United States); Wittig, James E. [Vanderbilt University (United States)


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. - Highlights: • Biographical sketch of Bob Sinclair • Biographical Sketch of Nestor Zaluzec • Scientific career highlights.

  16. Kolm vaadet Tallinna vanalinnale / Villem Tomiste, Martin Aunin, Robert Treufeldt ; intervjueerinud Ingrid Ruudi

    Tomiste, Villem, 1975-


    Tallinna vanalinna ja kesklinna piiril asuv kvartal 57B, mis piirneb Aia, Vana-Viru, Inseneri tänava ja Mere Puiesteega, ajendas vanalinna hoonestuspõhimõtete ja tulevikulahenduste üle arutama arhitekte Villem Tomistet, Martin Auninit ning arhitektuuriajaloolast, ICOMOSi Eesti komitee esimeest Robert Treufeldti. Pikemalt korterelamust Aia 4/Vana-Viru 13, Aia 6 ja 8 detailplaneeringu eskiisist

  17. An Environment for Treating Youthful Offenders: The Robert F. Kennedy Youth Center

    Johnson, V. Scott


    Describes goals of the Robert F. Kennedy Youth Center (KYC) and the philosophical stance and the implementation of that philosophy within the center. Issues discussed range from administrative structure through descriptions of inmate classification and treatment. Educational and vocational programs as well as the token economy systems are…

  18. Lydia J. Roberts's Nutrition Research and the Rhetoric of "Democratic" Science

    Jack, Jordynn


    This article examines nutritionist Lydia J. Roberts's use of the "democratic approach" as a rhetorical strategy both to build solidarity among scientists and to enact participatory research in a rural Puerto Rican community. This example suggests that participatory scientific methodologies are not necessarily democratic but may function…

  19. Problem in Two Unknowns: Robert Hooke and a Worm in Newton's Apple.

    Weinstock, Robert


    Discusses the place that Robert Hooke has in science history versus the scientific contributions he made. Examines the relationship between Hooke and his contemporary, Isaac Newton, and Hooke's claims that Newton built on his ideas without receiving Newton's recognition. (26 references) (MDH)

  20. Using Performance as an Interpretive Strategy in Teaching Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess."

    Schevera, Nicholas


    Uses role-playing, dramatic monologues, and "tableaux vivant" to interpret Robert Browning's poem "My Last Duchess" in an introductory literature class at Westchester Community College. Notes that performative strategies illustrate connections in the poem that often remain unnoticed on a first reading. (PA)

  1. CBO Testimony: Statement of Robert F. Hale, Assistant Director, National Security Division, Congressional Budget Office

    Hale, Robert F


    .... This testimony, by Robert F. Hale, Congressional Budget Office, covers the following topics: Socioeconomic Backgrounds of Enlisted Recruits, Racial Mix of Enlisted Recruits, Shifts in Recruiting during the 1980s, Altering the Composition of the Military: Reserve Mobilization and Conscription, and Should the Social Composition of the Military be a Concern?

  2. Robert Owen: A Historiographic Study of a Pioneer of Human Resource Development

    Hatcher, Tim


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the ideals and activities of the nineteenth century Welsh industrialist and reformer Robert Owen (1771-1858), and how they informed modern human resource development (HRD) concepts and practices and provided evidence of Owen as a HRD pioneer. Design/methodology/approach: Historiography provided…

  3. 76 FR 71369 - Robert G. Crummie, M.D.; Decision and Order


    ... agencies to perform meaningless tasks. See Layfe Robert Anthony, M.D., 67 FR 35582 (DEA 2002); Michael G.... Kirk v. Mullen, 749 F.2d 297 (6th Cir. 1984); Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Auth. v. EPA, 35 F.3d 600...

  4. Saksa filmilootusega tänavaelust ja hullusest / Robert Stadlober ; interv. Janno Zõbin

    Stadlober, Robert


    Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil näidatud saksa mängufilmis "Engel & Joe" (režissöör Vanessa Jopp) ühes peaosas esines festivali külastanud saksa näitleja Robert Stadlober (1982). Näitleja Engeli rollist ja oma elukogemusest, mis aitas seda rolli kehastada

  5. Hodorkovski advokaat : Venemaa ei ole õigusriik / Robert R. Amsterdam ; interv. Aleksei Günter

    Amsterdam, Robert R.


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 24. juuli lk. 10. Naftamagnaadi Mihhail Hodorkovski advokaat vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad ärimehe olukorda ja elamistingimusi vanglas ning tema võimalust ennetähtaegselt vabaneda. Lisa: Robert R. Amsterdam

  6. Remediating Language Deficient/Dyslexic College Students: An Interview with Robert Nash.

    Lundquist, Arlene J.; Nash, Robert


    Robert Nash responds to questions concerning his personal and professional background, the Simultaneous Multisensory Instructional Procedure for Teaching the Complete Sound Structure of the Language, problems associated with dyslexia, the social/emotional impact of learning disabilities, and the University of Wisconsin's Project Success for…

  7. Cosmic Thing: Astrology, Space Science, and Personal Cartography in Robert Rauschenberg's Autobiography

    Carey, C. L.


    The following paper undertakes an iconographic analysis of Robert Rauschenberg's large scale print, Autobiography (1967). The artist's interest in astronomy and astrology, visual metaphors aligning the body with the cosmos, and the cartographic representation of self are discussed. Autobiography is placed in cultural and historical context with other works by the artist, elaborated as a personal narrative-an alternative to traditional self portraiture.

  8. Underwater EVA training in the WETF with astronaut Robert L. Stewart


    Underwater extravehicular activity (EVA) training in the weightless environment training facility (WETF) with astronaut Robert L. Stewart. Stewart is simulating a planned EVA using the mobile foot restraint device and a one-G version of the Canadian-built remote manipulator system.

  9. Robert Frazure mälestuspuu Sõpruse pargis sai graniitpotil tähistuse / Raivo Feldmann

    Feldmann, Raivo


    Esimese USA suursaadiku sõjajärgses Eestis, Robert Frazure' mälestuspuu sai Sõpruse pargis tähise, vajaliku raha ettevõtmise heaks annetasid Ameerika Suursaatkonna töötajad, nende delegatsioon viibis Põltsamaal Sõpruse pargis toimunud üritusel

  10. Research, Learning Theory, and the Ideas of Robert G. Sidnell. Special Issue.

    Alexander, David, Ed.; And Others


    Intended as a memorial to Robert G. Sidnell, this special issue contains articles about areas of music education which he promoted. In "The Dimensions of Research in Music Education," Sidnell concluded that music education research encompasses all humanistic disciplines as well as the behavioral and social sciences. James Carlsen, in…

  11. The man behind the microchip Robert Noyce and the invention of Silicon Valley

    Berlin, Leslie


    Robert Noyce was a brilliant inventor, a leading entrepreneur and a daring risk taker, who piloted his own jets and skied mountains accessible only by helicopter. This book captures not only this colorful individual, but also the vibrant interplay of technology, business, money, politics and culture that defines the Silicon Valley.

  12. More Misbehavior of Organisms: A Psi Chi Lecture by Marian and Robert Bailey

    Bihm, Elson M.; Gillaspy, J. Arthur, Jr.; Abbott, Hannah J.; Lammers, William J.


    In 1992, Dr. Marian Breland Bailey, assisted by her husband Robert E. Bailey, gave the following presentation at the Psi Chi Banquet of the University of Central Arkansas. She and her first husband, Keller Breland, were students of B. F. Skinner and established Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE) in 1947 and the IQ Zoo in 1955. Unknown to many…

  13. American Community Colleges in Crisis--A Conversation with Robert H. McCabe.

    Dubocq, Tom


    Educational reform by Miami-Dade Community College is discussed by its president, Robert H. McCabe. In an action that is considered unusual for two-year schools, it has tightened controls on its curriculum, faculty, and students. A commitment to achieving higher levels of literacy is advocated. (MLW)

  14. [Robert Schweitzer. Finnland, das Zarenreich und die Deutschen] / Karsten Bgüggemann

    Brüggemann, Karsten, 1965-


    Arvustus: Robert Schweitzer. Finnland, das Zarenreich und die Deutschen : gesammelte Studien zum europäischen Nordosten. Festgabe zum 60. Geburtstag des Verfassers. Hrsg. von Uta-Maria Liertz. (Veröffentlichungen der Aue-Stiftung. Bd. 20) Verlag Schmidt-Römhild

  15. 78 FR 12357 - Brockway Mould, Inc., a Division of Ross International Ltd. Including Robert Lerch From BJR...


    ... Division of Ross International Ltd. Including Robert Lerch From BJR Trucking, Brockport, PA; Amended..., applicable to workers and former workers of Brockway Mould, Inc., a division of Ross International Ltd... Brockway Mould, Inc., a division of Ross International Ltd., including Robert Lerch from BJR Trucking...

  16. Looking Forward: Texas and Its Elderly. Highlights of the Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar (4th, Austin, Texas, May 12, 1984).

    Coleman, Marion Tolbert, Ed.; And Others

    This document presents the program agenda and highlights from the one-day Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar held to examine the current status and the future of the elderly population of Texas. Included is the speech, "The Longevity Revolution" by Robert N. Butler, in which is discussed the gain in life expectancy, the feminization of aging,…

  17. Official News relating to CERN Safety Rules

    HSE Unit


    The CERN Safety Rules listed below have been published on the official CERN Safety Rules website (see here).   Safety Regulation SR-WS Works and services: this SR-WS (version 1) will cancel and replace the corresponding provisions of Safety Instruction IS50 “Safety Coordination on CERN Worksites”. General Safety Instruction GSI-WS-1 Safety coordination for works and services: this GSI-WS-1 (version 1) will cancel and replace the corresponding provisions of Safety Instruction IS39 “Notice of Start of Works (AOC)” and of Safety Instruction IS50 “Safety Coordination on CERN Worksites” ​Specific Safety Instruction SSI-WS-1-1 Safety coordinator for category 1 operations: this SSI-WS-1-4 (version 1) will cancel and replace the corresponding provisions of Safety Instruction IS50 “Safety Coordination on CERN Worksites”.​ ​ In order to limit the impact on the end-of-year technical st...

  18. Official Portrait of Astronaut Neil Armstrong


    Neil Armstrong, donned in his space suit, poses for his official Apollo 11 portrait. Armstrong began his flight career as a naval aviator. He flew 78 combat missions during the Korean War. Armstrong joined the NASA predecessor, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), as a research pilot at the Lewis Laboratory in Cleveland and later transferred to the NACA High Speed Flight Station at Edwards AFB, California. He was a project pilot on many pioneering high speed aircraft, including the 4,000 mph X-15. He has flown over 200 different models of aircraft, including jets, rockets, helicopters, and gliders. In 1962, Armstrong was transferred to astronaut status. He served as command pilot for the Gemini 8 mission, launched March 16, 1966, and performed the first successful docking of two vehicles in space. In 1969, Armstrong was commander of Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing mission, and gained the distinction of being the first man to land a craft on the Moon and the first man to step on its surface. Armstrong subsequently held the position of Deputy Associate Administrator for Aeronautics, NASA Headquarters Office of Advanced Research and Technology, from 1970 to 1971. He resigned from NASA in 1971.

  19. 18 CFR 3a.12 - Authority to classify official information.


    ... efficient administration. (b) The authority to classify information or material originally as Top Secret is... classify information or material originally as Secret is exercised only by: (1) Officials who have Top... information or material originally as Confidential is exercised by officials who have Top Secret or Secret...

  20. 39 CFR 601.108 - SDR Official disagreement resolution.


    ... purchasing decisions and the administrative records concerning those decisions. All disagreements under § 601... time to lodge a disagreement lapses. (e) Disagreement decision process. The SDR Official will promptly...: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS OTHER THAN PATENTS PURCHASING OF PROPERTY AND SERVICES § 601.108 SDR Official...

  1. What Is Technology Education? A Review of the "Official Curriculum"

    Brown, Ryan A.; Brown, Joshua W.


    Technology education, not to be confused with educational technology, has an "official curriculum." This article explores this "official curriculum" and answers the following questions; what are the goals of technology education, what should technology education look like in classrooms, and why technology education is important. This article…

  2. Stressors among South African soccer officials: A profile analysis ...

    The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of selected stressors to the level of stress experienced by South African soccer officials. Forty-two South African Football Association (SAFA) accredited officials, attending a training camp in Potchefstroom, participated in this study. The group comprised of 40 male ...

  3. Training Law Enforcement Officials on Responding to Equine Calls

    Anderson, Kathleen P.; Stauffer, Gary; Stauffer, Monte; Anderson, Doug; Biodrowski, Kristie


    The occurrence of equine abuse/neglect cases is an ongoing issue. However, officials responding to equine cases are rarely experienced in handling horses. Therefore, workshops teaching basic horse husbandry were offered to better equip and prepare officials to respond to equine cases. Trainings consisted of both classroom and hands-on sessions.…

  4. 39 CFR 273.6 - Evaluation by reviewing official.


    ... supports the allegations of liability; (4) An estimate of the amount of money or the value of property or...)(4) and (5) of this section, the Reviewing Official recommends be demanded from the person alleged to... PROGRAM FRAUD CIVIL REMEDIES ACT § 273.6 Evaluation by reviewing official. (a) Based upon the...

  5. 7 CFR 97.900 - Form of official identification symbol.


    ... 7 Agriculture 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Form of official identification symbol. 97.900 Section... symbol. The symbol set forth in Figure 1, containing the words “Plant Variety Protection Office” and “U.S. Department of Agriculture,” shall be the official identification symbol of the Plant Variety Protection...

  6. Immunity ratione materiae of foreign state officials before Rwandan ...

    The article seeks to determine when, as a matter of international law, foreign state officials should be granted immunity ratione materiae when they are sued in civil and criminal proceedings in Rwanda. It also investigates the questions as to whether this immunity can be waived by the state on behalf of which the official ...

  7. 50 CFR 401.20 - Officials not to benefit.


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Officials not to benefit. 401.20 Section... ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE); ENDANGERED SPECIES COMMITTEE REGULATIONS SUBCHAPTER A ANADROMOUS FISHERIES CONSERVATION, DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT § 401.20 Officials not to benefit. No Member of, or...

  8. Official Statistics and Statistics Education: Bridging the Gap

    Gal Iddo


    Full Text Available This article aims to challenge official statistics providers and statistics educators to ponder on how to help non-specialist adult users of statistics develop those aspects of statistical literacy that pertain to official statistics. We first document the gap in the literature in terms of the conceptual basis and educational materials needed for such an undertaking. We then review skills and competencies that may help adults to make sense of statistical information in areas of importance to society. Based on this review, we identify six elements related to official statistics about which non-specialist adult users should possess knowledge in order to be considered literate in official statistics: (1 the system of official statistics and its work principles; (2 the nature of statistics about society; (3 indicators; (4 statistical techniques and big ideas; (5 research methods and data sources; and (6 awareness and skills for citizens’ access to statistical reports. Based on this ad hoc typology, we discuss directions that official statistics providers, in cooperation with statistics educators, could take in order to (1 advance the conceptualization of skills needed to understand official statistics, and (2 expand educational activities and services, specifically by developing a collaborative digital textbook and a modular online course, to improve public capacity for understanding of official statistics.

  9. Official Publications Section. Collections and Services Division. Papers.

    International Federation of Library Associations, The Hague (Netherlands).

    Papers on official publications (government documents), automation, and electronic publishing, which were presented at the 1983 International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) conference, include: (1) "The Automation of Documentation as It Relates to Official Publications and Its Importance in a Developing Country" by Ahmed…

  10. 9 CFR 77.34 - Official tuberculosis tests.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official tuberculosis tests. 77.34... AGRICULTURE INTERSTATE TRANSPORTATION OF ANIMALS (INCLUDING POULTRY) AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS TUBERCULOSIS Captive Cervids § 77.34 Official tuberculosis tests. (a) Single cervical tuberculin (SCT) test. (1) The SCT test...

  11. 5 CFR 610.123 - Travel on official time.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Travel on official time. 610.123 Section... DUTY Weekly and Daily Scheduling of Work Work Schedules § 610.123 Travel on official time. Insofar as practicable travel during nonduty hours shall not be required of an employee. When it is essential that this...

  12. 21 CFR 1316.63 - Official transcript; index; corrections.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 9 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Official transcript; index; corrections. 1316.63 Section 1316.63 Food and Drugs DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS, PRACTICES, AND PROCEDURES Administrative Hearings § 1316.63 Official transcript; index...

  13. Responding to Robert Wolff’s In Defense of Anarchism

    Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ani


    Full Text Available While I partly agree with earlier responses to Wolff’s anarchist proposal, I find them inadequate or counter-productive in one way or another. Partly in contrast and partly to supplement, I object to Wolff’s argument that individual autonomy is incompatible with state authority by arguing that this incompatibility is negated if individual autonomy is represented by internal moral and practical convictions for obeying state command. I fault Wolff’s avoidance of contractualism and his presentation ofstate as alien, and show that his definition of authority is actually a definition of power. I object to Wolff’s assumption that men are purely rational animals,and that rationality is the only component of human decisions, which is foundational to his proposal that men can exist without state or social organization. I argue that Wolff’s de jure attack on state ricochets into individual autonomy: if there is no state in the ideal sense, it is because there is no individual autonomy in the ideal sense.

  14. Discussing compliance. Summary report from discussions with Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple regarding compliance with the Swedish HLW Regulations from meetings in Stockholm May 3 and 4, 1999

    Jensen, Mikael


    Summary report from discussions with Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple regarding compliance with the Swedish HLW Regulations from meetings in Stockholm. The report also contains bibliographical information and preliminary observations made by Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple.

  15. Discussing compliance. Summary report from discussions with Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple regarding compliance with the Swedish HLW Regulations from meetings in Stockholm May 3 and 4, 1999

    Jensen, Mikael


    Summary report from discussions with Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple regarding compliance with the Swedish HLW Regulations from meetings in Stockholm. The report also contains bibliographical information and preliminary observations made by Robert Bernero and Chris Whipple

  16. 9 CFR 55.8 - Official CWD tests and approval of laboratories to conduct official CWD tests.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official CWD tests and approval of laboratories to conduct official CWD tests. 55.8 Section 55.8 Animals and Animal Products ANIMAL AND PLANT... on live or dead animals, and will base the approval or disapproval of a test on the evaluation by...

  17. Aiming at Targets: The Autobiography of Robert C. Seamans, Jr.

    Seamans, Robert C., Jr.


    . It is a good read. But it has its serious side. Bob's career wasn't all fun. The Apollo 204 fire, which killed three astronauts, was a terrible climax to his time at NASA. As one who lived through those days with him, I can recall the trauma and special sense of responsibility he felt. His account of this period and of the sad deterioration of his relationship with his boss, Jim Webb, is both fair and generous. Those were not happy times, but they should not be allowed to overshadow the fact that in his seven years at NASA, Bob Seamans led the agency to its first successes and laid the groundwork for the great successes that came later.

  18. BOOK REVIEW: Robert Hooke and the Royal Society

    Brown, Neil


    Many physics students only come across Hooke when they learn his law of stretching springs, which is a pity because it is just one of his contributions to progress in science, and a minor one at that. His, Micrographia, the first great book of microscopical observations, arouses admiration to this day. He was also active in horology, astronomy, geology and surveying, and he took part in biological experiments, transfusing blood between animals. Much of his work was done while he was curator of experiments for the Royal Society, in which he was involved almost from its foundation. This was by no means a full-time occupation, however. After the Great Fire of London, Hooke was appointed one of the three surveyors for the rebuilding of the city. One of the others was Christopher Wren, a lifelong friend. In this role Hooke was responsible for the design of several buildings, including the Monument. Nichols writes about all these activities, as well as Hooke's childhood, his education at Westminster School, the University of Oxford when Hooke was an undergraduate, and the founding of the Royal Society. The book draws on research for a master's degree. Turning a dissertation into a popular book is risky. The author has avoided the pitfall of making it too academic, but the result is not satisfying. Nichols seems overawed by Hooke and his work, frequently seeming to credit Hooke with a far-reaching influence that he did not necessarily have. There may be a case for lauding Hooke as the father of English microscopy, the father of English meteorology, and the founder of English geology and earth sciences, but it needs to be made much more critically, even in a popular work. Hooke was full of good ideas, but he rarely continued long enough to put them into practice. There is no doubt that Hooke proposed using a balance wheel and spring to improve the timekeeping of a watch, for example, but he did not have a watch made to his design until after Christiaan Huygens had

  19. Resolution of a disputed albendazole result in the UK Official Control System - time for more guidance?

    Walker, Michael; Gray, Kirstin; Hopley, Christopher; Mussell, Christopher; Clifford, Louise; Meinerikandathevan, Jayanie; Firpo, Leonardo; Topping, Joanna; Santacruz, Daniel


    Albendazole, one of the benzimidazole anthelmintics, is used in ruminants and has maximum residue limits in muscle, fat and other tissue owing to reported teratogenicity. Albendazole is extensively metabolised in domestic animals and humans with rapid conversion to a sulphoxide and subsequently sulphone and amino sulphone metabolites. Sulphoxide metabolites are responsible for the systemic biological activity of benzimidazole drugs. Herein we report a case of disputed results for albendazole in a consignment sampled at import in which the Official Analyst certified against the consignment for excess albendazole. A laboratory acting for the importer reported data below the MRL, including a finding of the parent drug which is not included in the residue definition. The Government Chemist has a statutory duty as a route of technical appeal in the UK Official Food Control system and the case was referred for referee analysis. We report our findings based on a LC-MS/MS method, which confirmed the official findings, did not reveal the presence of the parent drug but identified hot spots of albendazole marker residues in the consignment. We discuss the need for recommendations on official sampling at import and interpretation of results.

  20. The importance of chromosome studies in Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia and other cohesinopathies.

    Gerkes, Erica H; van der Kevie-Kersemaekers, Anne-Marie F; Yakin, Mariam; Smeets, Dominique F C M; van Ravenswaaij-Arts, Conny M A


    Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia is a rare, autosomal recessive syndrome characterised by pre- and postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, craniofacial anomalies, mental retardation, and tetraphocomelia in varying degrees of severity. The clinical diagnosis can be challenging in phenotypically mild cases. In the extremely mild case presented here, specific mitotic abnormalities were detected and proved to be very helpful, since Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia could be diagnosed after finding premature centromere separation and somatic aneuploidy at routine karyotyping. We discuss these and other mitotic cytogenetic abnormalities that can be of significant diagnostic importance, but which will be missed if only array studies are performed. We also discuss the difference between premature centromere separation and premature (sister) chromatid separation. Copyright (c) 2009 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  1. Robert Hooke, inventor of the vacuum pump and the first altitude chamber (1671).

    Harsch, Viktor


    Robert Hooke (1635-1703), an assistant researcher to Robert Boyle (1627-1691), invented the first functional British air pump. Applying it to scientific research, Hooke operated the world's first hypobaric chamber in 1671, using it for self-experimentation. He recorded the first physiological observations in an artificial altitude-equivalent environment up to 2400 m. Though Hooke's experiment showed some methodological insufficiencies, his imaginative experimental techniques were remarkable for their time and were indicative of the lively intellectual atmosphere of the Royal Society and the significant contributions of Hooke, who was a member. Two centuries passed before the French physiologist Paul Bert (1830-1886) conducted his famous laboratory-supported investigations of high altitude physiology. Bert played a decisive role in the discovery of the causes of decompression sickness; a contribution Hooke could not make due to the technical deficiencies of the 17th century.

  2. Business ethics and virtue: on Robert C. Solomon's many ways of being ethical.

    Gallego Salvador, Francisco


    The present Thesis explores the possibility of applying a virtue ethics framework, based upon the Aristotelian tradition, into business ethics. The purpose of the Thesis is twofold: to give an overview of virtue ethics through Richard Taylor’s portrait and to offer a specific account of virtue ethics focused on the business realm. The examination of this virtue ethics proposal is largely founded on Robert C. Solomon’s works, which constitute the cornerstone of this Thesis. However, the critic...

  3. Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: their dispute over the units of selection.

    Ruse, Michael


    Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently discovered the mechanism of natural selection for evolutionary change. However, they viewed the working of selection differently. For Darwin, selection was always focused on the benefit for the individual. For Wallace, selection was as much something of benefit for the group as for the individual. This difference is traced to their different background political-economic views, with Darwin in favor of Adam Smith's view of society and Wallace following Robert Owen in being a socialist.

  4. Análisis Epistemológico del Modelo de Aprendizaje Acumulativo de Robert Gagne

    Meza, Anibal; Lazarte, Carmen


    The authors review fundamental aspects of Robert Gagné's Leaming Theory, highlighting its philosophical (positivism and pragmatism) and scientific bases (behaviorism and information processing). Using an epistemological framework, these aspects are assessed in terrns of its theoretical and topical validity, as well as its technical efficiency. It is concluded that Gagné's Theory is eclectic and that its scientific contribution is taxonomic. It represents a theoretical model rather than a theo...

  5. A gift of prophecy essays in celebration of the life of Robert Eugene Marshak


    Robert Eugene Marshak (1916-92) devoted much of his life to helping other people carry out scientific research and gather to discuss their work. In addition to his scientific statesmanship, he was an extraordinarily gifted research scientist, and many of his scientific contributions have been prophetic. This book pays homage to his creativity and continuing work, with contributions from many of the people whose lives have been influenced by him.

  6. Robert Michels y las teorías elitista-competitivas de la democracia

    Caparrós Valderrama, Rafael


    Robert Michel's main work is "Political parties. A Sociological Study on the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy", issued in 1911, which is an analysis on the internal organization evolving dynamics of the German Social-Democrat Party (SDP), to which the author was intensely attached for several years. The aim of this essay is hte sociological study of the leadership emergence, power psicology and the organizational oligarchical tendencies. In it all argumentation can be found on the ...

  7. Science, Beliefs and Knowledge: A Personal Reflection on Robert J. Aumann’s Approach

    Gil Kalai


    On the occasion of Robert J. Aumann's being awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics, this paper gives a personal view on some of Aumann's contributions, and primarily on his approach to foundational issues in game theory, economics, and science as a whole. It is based on numerous discussions and e-mail exchanges we had in the 1990's, dealing with various scientific and political matters, including our long debate on the ``Bible Code'' controversy.

  8. Tim, Jan Lucas ja Karl Robert - vennad üheks kuuks / Maris Laurits

    Laurits, Maris


    Rakvere Teatri suvelavastuse "Vennad Lõvisüdamed" kaks Karli osatäitjat Jan Lucas Videvik ja Tim Leesnurm ning Joonatani osatäitja Karl Robert Saaremäe tegid Loksal Kaldmaa talus ratsasõiduproove. Üllar Saaremäe lavastuse "Vennad Lõvisüdamed" (Astrid Lindgreni samanimelise jutustuse järgi) esietendus on 11. juunil Rakvere teatri taga aias

  9. Empirical Asset Pricing: Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller

    Campbell, John Y.


    The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for 2013 was awarded to Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller for their contributions to the empirical study of asset pricing. Some observers have found it hard to understand the common elements of the laureates research, preferring to highlight areas of disagreement among them. This paper argues that empirical asset pricing is a coherent enterprise, which owes much to the laureates seminal contributions, and that important themes in ...

  10. Official regulations and perceptual aspects of bell ringing

    Kovačič Mojca


    Full Text Available Through the analytical approach of studying official and perception-related discourse on bell ringing I accentuate the complexity of aspects that the sound of church bell presents in contemporary society. I point out the misleading officially defined level of noise nuisance and reveal how, when and why bell ringing is perceived as a positive or negative part of the acoustic environment. The study argues for a holistic approach to the noise nuisance issues, still much underestimated in the official discourse, that co-create our everyday soundscape.

  11. The principle of public access to official documents in Sweden

    Persson, I.


    In Sweden, access to information is considered one of the cornerstones of the free democratic exchange of views. It is not enough that public authorities give information about their work. Public activities shall be open to the citizens and the media in such a way that they can choose the information they wish to obtain, without having to rely on public information services. An official document is public, it must be kept available to anyone who wishes to peruse it. Official documents are registered in a public register in order to allow to anyone to exercise their right of access to official document. (N.C.)

  12. From Quality to Information Quality in Official Statistics

    Kenett Ron S.


    Full Text Available The term quality of statistical data, developed and used in official statistics and international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, refers to the usefulness of summary statistics generated by producers of official statistics. Similarly, in the context of survey quality, official agencies such as Eurostat, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES, and Statistics Canada have created dimensions for evaluating the quality of a survey and its ability to report ‘accurate survey data’.

  13. Characteristics and Motivations of Sports Officials in the Province of Québec

    Denis Auger; Julie Fortier; André Thibault; Daniel Magny; François Gravelle


    Participation in sport and recreation is important for Quebecers’ health, both mentally and physically. Sports in the province of Québec are organised under the tutelage of Sports-Québec. This is a non-profit organization composed of and representing 63 provincial sports federations, supporting 90 sports and 17 regional leisure and sport units. Federations are responsible for the development of their coaches, instructors and officials. Most federations and associations identify difficulties i...

  14. Homosexual orientation-from nature, not abuse: A critique of Roberts, Glymour, and Koenen (2013).

    Rind, Bruce


    Roberts, Glymour, and Koenen (2013), using instrumental variable models, argued that child abuse causes homosexual orientation, defined in part as any same-sex attractions. Their instruments were various negative family environment factors. In their analyses, they found that child sexual abuse (CSA) was more strongly related to homosexual orientation than non-sexual maltreatment was, especially among males. The present commentary therefore focused on male CSA. It is argued that Roberts et al.'s "abuse model" is incorrect and an alternative is presented. Male homosexual behavior is common in primates and has been common in many human societies, such that an evolved human male homosexual potential, with individual variation, can be assumed. Cultural variation has been strongly influenced by cultural norms. In our society, homosexual expression is rare because it is counternormative. The "counternormativity model" offered here holds that negative family environment weakens normative controls and increases counternormative thinking and behavior, which, in combination with sufficient homosexual potential and relevant, reinforcing experiences, can produce a homosexual orientation. This is a benign or positive model (innate potential plus release and reinforcement), in contrast to Roberts et al.'s negative model (abuse plus emotional compensation or cognitive distortion). The abuse model is criticized for being based on the sexual victimological paradigm, which developed to describe the female experience in rape and incest. This poorly fits the gay male experience, as demonstrated in a brief non-clinical literature review. Validly understanding male homosexuality, it is argued, requires the broad perspective, as employed here.

  15. John Bingham Roberts and the first American monograph on human brain surgery.

    Stone, J L


    JOHN BINGHAM ROBERTS (1852-1924) of Philadelphia was an active general surgeon in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries. He made pioneering contributions to a number of areas of surgery. From 1880 until the end of his career, he was one of the few American surgeons to advocate an aggressive exploratory approach to cranial fractures in an effort to avoid consequences such as infection, delayed seizures, and insanity. In his 1885 article in the Transactions of the American Surgical Association titled "The Field and Limitation of the Operative Surgery of the Human Brain," he predicted that with antiseptic precautions and the growing knowledge of cerebral localization, operations on the brain would become commonplace. This work predated that of Horsley, Keen, and many others. Roberts had a continuing interest in head injuries, cranial fractures, and the development of trephines and burrs for reconstructive cranial work, but his active enthusiasm for brain surgery diminished in the 1890s. Nevertheless, Roberts was a very prolific teacher and leader in American surgery who is perhaps best remembered for his monographs and textbooks on general, orthopedic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

  16. HLT profile of the official South African languages

    Grover, AS


    Full Text Available Human Language technologies (HLT) have been identified as a priority area by South African government to enable its eleven official languages technologically. We present the results of a technology audit for the South African HLT landscape...

  17. 37 CFR 2.154 - Publication in Official Gazette.


    ..., DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE RULES OF PRACTICE IN TRADEMARK CASES Publication of Marks Registered Under 1905 Act § 2.154 Publication in Official Gazette. A notice of the claim of benefits under the Act of 1946 and a...

  18. The Use of Official Languages Act : Diversity Affirmed? | Pretorius ...

    Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad ... The Act represents a very limited normative appreciation of this constitutional ... the use of official languages not being reserved for the legislative process, but ...

  19. Official portrait of Astronaut Ronald E. McNair


    Official portrait of Astronaut Ronald E. McNair. McNair is in the blue shuttle flight suit, standing in front of a table which holds a model of the Space Shuttle. An American flag is visible behind him.

  20. The Official Radio and Television Institute in Spain

    Ruiz, Anibal Arias


    A description of the Official School of Radio and Television which is designed to train university graduates in the fields of journalism, the sciences of cinema, radio and television, and advertising. (JY)

  1. Challenges to the Reliability of Officially Published Statistics for ...

    Challenges to the Reliability of Officially Published Statistics for Extension Work. ... AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE (AJOL) · Journals · Advanced Search · USING ... of Nigeria based on the National Bureau of Statistics, for the period 1972-2007.

  2. U.S. Southern Command Official Website

    About Main Area of Responsibility Leadership SOUTHCOM Components and Units History SOUTHCOM Inspector Meteti, Panama. Blake, Thomas and Garced are credited with saving the life of a local Panamanian woman Three U.S. Air Force Airmen are credited with saving the life of a local Panamanian woman after she

  3. Occupational stress and cardiovascular risk factors in high-ranking government officials and office workers.

    Mirmohammadi, Seyyed Jalil; Taheri, Mahmoud; Mehrparvar, Amir Houshang; Heydari, Mohammad; Saadati Kanafi, Ali; Mostaghaci, Mehrdad


    Cardiovascular diseases are among the most important sources of mortality and morbidity, and have a high disease burden. There are some major well-known risk factors, which contribute to the development of these diseases. Occupational stress is caused due to imbalance between job demands and individual's ability, and it has been implicated as an etiology for cardiovascular diseases. This study was conducted to evaluate the cardiovascular risk factors and different dimensions of occupational stress in high-ranking government officials, comparing an age and sex-matched group of office workers with them. We invited 90 high-ranking officials who managed the main governmental offices in a city, and 90 age and sex-matched office workers. The subjects were required to fill the occupational role questionnaire (Osipow) which evaluated their personal and medical history as well as occupational stress. Then, we performed physical examination and laboratory tests to check for cardiovascular risk factors. Finally, the frequency of cardiovascular risk factors and occupational stress of two groups were compared. High-ranking officials in our study had less work experience in their current jobs and smoked fewer pack-years of cigarette, but they had higher waist and hip circumference, higher triglyceride level, more stress from role overload and responsibility, and higher total stress score. Our group of office workers had more occupational stress because of role ambiguity and insufficiency, but their overall job stress was less than officials. The officials have higher scores in some dimensions of occupational stress and higher overall stress score. Some cardiovascular risk factors were also more frequent in managers.


    M. Pourissa


    Full Text Available The Robert/SC (pseudothalidomide syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder, associated with phocomelia and craniofacial abnormalities. An anomalous fetus with lower limb phocomelia and micromelia, lumbar myeloschisis, upper limb and ribs defects and craniofacial abnormalities is reported whose diabetic mother took mebendazole and glibenclamide in early pregnancy. Ultrasonographic findings of syndromes with phocomelia are discussed as well as Robert/SC syndrome which is the most probable diagnosis. Robert/SC phocomelia syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive condition characterized by severe pre and postnatal growth deficiency, symmetric limb reductions of variable severity and craniofacial anomalies including hypertelorism, hypoplastic nasal alae, cleft lip and palate. About half of the reported cases presented chromosomal abnormalities. We think that findings in our case are consistent with Robert/SC syndrome with additional abnormalities.

  5. Official portrait of the STS 61-B crew


    Official portrait of the STS 61-B crew. Kneeling next to the Official mission emblam are Astronaut Brewster Shaw, Jr., (right), mission commander; and Bryan D. O'Conner (left), pilot. In the back row are (l.-r.) Charles D. Walker, McDonnell Douglas payload specialist; Jerry L. Ross, Mary L. Cleve and Sherwood C. Spring -- all mission specialists; and Rodolfo Neri, Morelos payload specialist.

  6. Sustainable procurement of official cars for the Dutch government

    Notenboom, M.


    The objectives of this study are to develop more strict sustainability criteria for procurement policy for official cars for the Dutch government, to examine the effects of alternative scenarios and to provide recommendations that can be used by the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment to stimulate the government in using more ambitious criteria in their latest tender for official cars. These recommendations involve both the government?s choice of vehicles and the government?s use of these vehicles. [nl

  7. “Trickster” and “Republican”: Robert Harley’s Political Career in the 1690s

    Kiselev Aleksandr


    Full Text Available Despite the fact that Robert Harley is known as Tory politician, he began his career as a Whig politician. His grandfather and father were Presbyterians, and Robert Harley himself was a Presbyterian during his entire life. Harley’s family supported the Glorious Revolution of 1688. In 1689 Robert Harley was first elected to the House of Commons as a representative of the Whig party. Thanks to his wife’s Foley family, Robert Harley was elected as a commissioner of public accounts in the House of Commons. In 1689 Britain entered the “war of King William” which was a burden for many gentry (Whigs or Tories. Robert Harley became famous in the parliament as a critic of the war and corruption in the army. In 1693 the Whig leaders headed the ministry and continued the war. Their policy divided the Whigs party in two factions: “Court Whigs” and “Country Whigs”. Robert Harley and his supporters became “Country Whigs”, and they criticized the “Court Whigs”. By 1700 Robert Harley joined the Tory party. The article also describes the evolution of historiography of Harley‘s policy. Victorian historians have called the Prime Minister a “stupid person”. The same opinion was repeated by Russian historians of the 19th century. But in the 20th century the assessment of Robert Harley’s activity was changed by the works of K. Feiling, G. Holmes, B.W. Hill and other historians. Soviet historians (for example M.A. Barg also called R.Harley a “mediocre politician”, but modern Russian historians (L.I. Ivonina, T.L. Labutina and others consider him a “clever statesman” and a “master of political intrigues and parliamentary diplomacy”.

  8. Criminal Sanctions Against Official Corruption and other Offences Against Official Duty Offenders in Kosovo for the Period 2008-2015

    Flutura Tahiraj


    Full Text Available The need to fight corruption, with the focus on official corruption in Kosovo continues to be addressed by both national and international reports. The objective of this paper is to find out the number of the cases and analyse the sactions against official corruption and other offences against official duty delivered by Municipality Courts in Kosovo during the period 2008-2015 with the aim to assess the developments during a period of eight years since most of the other researches are focused on annual performance of the courts. All data presented in this article are taken from the Kosovo Statistical Office and include statistical information on the types and frequency of criminal sanctions to perpetrators of the official corruption and other offences against official duty. Case study is also applied to analyse some court judgments. The study shows there is a slight incresase of the number of convicted perpetrators over years, the number of corruption cases addressed by the courts remained very limited, followed by low sentences or even prescription of cases. The findings will add additional scientific insights to the existing knowledge about preventing and fighting official corruption and it can be useful for scholars, policy makers and practitioners in Kosovo.

  9. Statistics of official personal dosimetry and monitoring activities of the period 1994-1995

    Boerner, E.; Wittmann, A.; Wahl, W.


    The measuring laboratory of the GSF in Neuherberg is the largest of the six official supervisory laboratories in Germany. It distributes the officially approved personal dosemeters and is responsible for personal dosimetry monitoring of about 140,000 persons in the German federal states of Bavaria, Hesse, Schleswig-Holstein, and, since 1989, Baden-Wuerttmeberg. Dosemeter readouts are recorded here in a database together with personal data and data describing activities, so that the information collected can be used as a source of reference for establishing general surveys of occupational exposure to external irradiation with ionizing radiation. The report first describes the dosemeter designs and the methods applied by the GSF lab for quality assurance, then explains results of the statistical evaluation of the recent data from 1994-1995, and concludes with explaining tendencies shown by long-term curves of the collective and average annual doses recorded in the years from 1986 until 1995. (orig./CB) [de

  10. Preparticipation Screening of Athletic Officials: SEC Football Referees at Risk.

    Turner, John L; Walters, Rod; Leski, Mark J; Saywell, Robert M; Wooldridge, J Scott


    Although preparticipation screening for athletes is commonplace, few studies have addressed the issue for those officiating at games. To review current data on physiologic stress on sports officials, to obtain prevalence data on health parameters for football officials, and to determine the outcomes when screening criteria are applied in preseason exams. A protocol was established using health history questionnaires and physical exams with laboratory screening to assess the health of all football officials working in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) from 1997 to 2000. The main outcome measure was the prevalence of cardiac risk factors as determined by American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. Initial screening of 102 football officials revealed that 10.1% of SEC referees had elevated systolic blood pressure, 13.9% had elevated diastolic blood pressure, and 3.8% had resting tachycardia. Average body mass index (BMI) was 28.6 kg/m2, with 87.3% having a BMI that exceeded 25 (overweight). About one-third (31.6%) had a BMI greater than 30 (obese). Total fasting cholesterol exceeded 200 mg/dL in 44.2%, HDL levels were below 35 mg/dL in 34.3%, and LDL levels were above 120 mg/dL in 62.3%. Compared with age-adjusted national data, there were more overweight and more obese officials, but they had lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures and lower mean total cholesterol levels. Using the Framingham Study prediction model to estimate coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, analysis revealed that referees had a lower risk than the national 10-year CHD risk but a higher risk compared with that of the low-risk population. These data reveal a greater need for graded exercise testing. The higher rates of obesity among officials will promote further screening for CHD risk factors.

  11. Modification of Roberts' Theory for Rocket Exhaust Plumes Eroding Lunar Soil

    Metzger, Philip T.; Lane, John E.; Immer, Christopher D.


    Roberts' model of lunar soil erosion beneath a landing rocket has been updated in several ways to predict the effects of future lunar landings. The model predicts, among other things, the number of divots that would result on surrounding hardware due to the impact of high velocity particulates, the amount and depth of surface material removed, the volume of ejected soil, its velocity, and the distance the particles travel on the Moon. The results are compared against measured results from the Apollo program and predictions are made for mitigating the spray around a future lunar outpost.

  12. Justice, Integrity and Fairness: Relevant Questions About Robert Nozick Political Theory

    Carlos Fernando Cruz da Silva


    Full Text Available The present work develops and analysis about Robert Nozick political theory based in thesis defended by Ronald Dworkin. The central objective of this paper is to investigate the validity or the invalidity of the justice principles proposed by Nozick under the integrity theory. The methodology utilized to construct the definitive hypothesis was based, initially, in a theoretical search, developed through of an bibliographical lifting of the principal involved authors texts. After the survey, a descriptive analysis of the texts was executed and, then, was executed and critical analysis. At the end, an definitive proposal was constructed with an deductive reasoning.

  13. The molecular mechanism underlying Roberts syndrome involves loss of ESCO2 acetyltransferase activity

    Gordillo, M.; Vega, H.; Trainer, A.H.


    Roberts syndrome/SC phocomelia (RBS) is an autosomal recessive disorder with growth retardation, craniofacial abnormalities and limb reduction. Cellular alterations in RBS include lack of cohesion at the heterochromatic regions around centromeres and the long arm of the Y chromosome, reduced growth...... and nonsense mutations associated with decreased levels of mRNA and absence of protein. We found decreased proliferation capacity in RBS cell lines associated with cell death, but not with increased cell cycle duration, which could be a factor in the development of phocomelia and cleft palate in RBS...

  14. Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage and multiple intracranial aneurysms in a patient with Roberts/SC phocomelia syndrome.

    Wang, Anthony C; Gemmete, Joseph J; Keegan, Catherine E; Witt, Cordelie E; Muraszko, Karin M; Than, Khoi D; Maher, Cormac O


    Roberts/SC phocomelia syndrome (RBS) is a rare but distinct genetic disorder with an autosomal recessive inheritance pattern. It has been associated with microcephaly, craniofacial malformation, cavernous hemangioma, encephalocele, and hydrocephalus. There are no previously reported cases of RBS with intracranial aneurysms. The authors report on a patient with a history of RBS who presented with a spontaneous posterior fossa hemorrhage. Multiple small intracranial aneurysms were noted on a preoperative CT angiogram. The patient underwent emergency craniotomy for evacuation of the hemorrhage. A postoperative angiogram confirmed the presence of multiple, distal small intracranial aneurysms.

  15. Robert Molesworth's An Account of Denmark as it was in 1692

    Olden-Jørgensen, Sebastian


    Robert Moleswort's An Account of Denmark as it was in 1692 is a violent political pamphlet in the early British Whig-tradition aimed at underscoring republican values by pointing to the dreadful example of Danish Absolutist slavery. It was a bestseller on an international scale. In his book...... of these was Ludvig Holberg's Description of Denmark and Norway (1729) which counters Molesworth on the basis of history and natural law - and in a witty style. Thus the republican manifesto of Molesworth became instrumental in shaping the political outlook and language of the very moderate, loyal and anything...

  16. Topics in mathematical economics and game theory essays in honor of Robert J. Aumann

    Wooders, Myrna H


    Since the publication of Theory of Games and Economic Behavior by von Neumann and Morgenstern, the concept of games has played an increasing role in economics. It also plays a role of growing importance in other sciences, including biology, political science, and psychology. Many scientists have made seminal advances and continue to be leaders in the field, including Harsanyi, Shapley, Shubik, and Selten. Professor Robert Aumann, in addition to his important contributions to game theory and economics, made a number of significant contributions to mathematics. This volume provides a collection

  17. Negotiating Primitivist Modernisms: Louis Armstrong, Robert Goffin, and the Transatlantic Jazz Debate

    Daniel Stein


    Full Text Available “Dear Pal Goffin,” Louis Armstrong wrote to his Belgian acquaintance, the lawyer, hobby journalist, and jazz historian Robert Goffin, on July 19, 1944. “‘Man—I’ve been trying to get in touch with you […]. Here’s another hundred dollars toward the five hundred. […] So accept this hundred and I’ll send the other before a ‘Black Cat can ‘Lick his ‘Bu‘hind’ ….. haw haw haw…” (80. Sending Goffin a batch of money along with this playfully worded missive, Armstrong was hoping for quick results. He ...


    Araújo Silveira, Whenry Hawlysson; Bruno da Silva, Alexandre Antônio


    Com o advento da Constituição Federal de 1988, foram implementados novos conceitos concernentes à Teoria do Direito por consequência de um fenômeno mundialmente conhecido como Neoconstitucionalismo. Uma destas mutações se dá por seu caráter axiológico e diz respeito à teoria dos direitos fundamentais. Robert Alexy inova seu pensamento a afirmar que o conflito entre direitos e garantias fundamentais deve ser resolvido pelo instituto da ponderação e afirma que esse instituto não se trata de um ...

  19. Wearing the crown of Solomon? Chief Justice Roberts and the Affordable Care Act "tax".

    Muise, Robert J; Yerushalmi, David


    Attempting to play the role of King Solomon in his PPACA decision, Chief Justice John Roberts split the baby perversely by ruling it was not a tax under the Anti-Injunction Act, which would have likely deprived the Court of jurisdiction to hear this pre-enforcement challenge to the individual mandate, but it was a tax for taxing and spending purposes even though Congress said it was a "penalty" and not a tax. And the Chief Justice had to twist further his "wisdom" to hold that it was not an unconstitutional direct tax, even though that is exactly what it is, if it is a tax in the first instance.

  20. An experimental ‘Life’ for an experimental life : Richard Waller's biography of Robert Hooke (1705)

    Moxham, Noah


    Richard Waller's ‘Life of Dr Robert Hooke’, prefixed to his edition of Hooke's Posthumous Works (1705), is an important source for the life of one of the most eminent members of the early Royal Society. It also has the distinction of being one of the earliest biographies of a man of science to be published in English. I argue that it is in fact the first biography to embrace the subject's natural-philosophical work as the centre of his life, and I investigate Waller's reasons for adopting thi...

  1. [Robert Koch, eminent medical bacteriologist, creator of the applied microbiology and its technnology].

    Suárez Fernández, Guillermo


    In our communication we wish consider to bring at a first instance the egregious figure of Robert Koch a hundred of years after his dead. Nobody else had contributed so much in the development of the bacteriology as unic and independent science. Several books and biographical sketchs had been published about Koch in german, english and french, mainly, with differents detais and interpretations, about his life. However, nobody doubred about his innovator spirit and scientist at highest level. This communication revise and discuss diverse chapters about his life as innovator, researcher, groups leader and Magister.

  2. The remarkable vision of Robert Hooke (1635-1703): first observer of the microbial world.

    Gest, Howard


    Robert Hooke played important roles in the early development of the Royal Society of London. As Curator of Experiments of the Society, he became a pioneering microscopist, prolific inventor, astronomer, geologist, architect, and an effective surveyor of the City of London following the Great Fire of 1666. Hooke's Micrographia (1665) revealed the microscopic structures of numerous biological and inorganic objects and became an important source of information for later studies. Aside from the body of detailed observations reported and depicted in Micrographia, the Preface is in itself an extraordinary document that exhibits Hooke's fertile mind, philosophical insights, and rare ability to look into the future.

  3. Robert Kramer: técnica, paixão e ideologia

    Jorge La Ferla


    Full Text Available Uma revisão crítica da obra do cineasta Robert Kramer, considerando as relações que propõe sua obra, a partir da utilização virtuosa de diversas máquinas audiovisuais em suas especificidades e combinações. O cinema, o vídeo, a televisão e as novas tecnologias constituem, em Kramer, processos de criação que dão origem a um trabalho expressivo com os dispositivos fotoquímicos, eletrônicos e digitais.

  4. Robert Mandell: a pioneer and giant in the art and science of contact lenses.

    Polse, Kenneth A


    Robert B. Mandell is the quintessential modern clinical scientist. Over his long academic career, he has pioneered many advances in contact lens practice, ranging from a more complete understanding of corneal shape to the effects of contact lenses on corneal health. His classic text, Contact Lens Practice, first published in 1965, was reprinted 14 times in four editions up to 1988. Mandell's contributions to the advancement of the profession of optometry have always been characterized by a genuine concern for the patient and a steadfast belief that his research must have relevance to the practice of optometry.

  5. Robert Beuka. American Icon: Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby in Critical and Cultural Context.

    Theodora Tsimpouki


    Full Text Available What new can another critical study on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby contribute to the already existing abundance of books concerning this national classic?  Yet, in this slim and elegant volume, Robert Beuka has managed to encompass not only the formal scholarship on Gatsby but also a complete and thorough survey of the impact of the novel into the world of popular culture. This parallel attempt throws light on the changing modes of interpretation that have affected our understandin...

  6. Der Schurke ist kein Schurke mehr. Form und Rollenkonzeption in Robert Walsers "Schneewittchen"

    Ochoa Savic, Tania


    Robert Walser (1878-1956) fue un escritor suizo que permaneció en el olvido durante décadas tanto para los lectores como para la crítica literaria. Siendo aún joven publicó varias obras como "Schneewittchen" (1901) y "Aschenbrödel" (1901) en revistas renombradas como Die Insel, pero sin llegar a alcanzar la fama literaria. Por otro lado, también intentó, durante su estancia en Stuttgart, probar suerte en el mundo del teatro como actor, mientras trabajaba como oficinista para p...

  7. The Poetry of Robert Burns: “A Melancholy not unallied to Mirth.”

    Karyn COSTA


    Full Text Available When Allan Cunningham concluded his 1834 Life of Burns with this critical judgement of Robert Burns’s poetry he was in fact summing up the schizophrenic nature of the Scottish character and identity. Scottish duality is still prevalent in the Highland-Lowland divide, the Catholic-Protestant rivalry, the linguistic differences Scots versus Gaelic, the English and Scottish competition for power, the past battling with the present in the search for a national identity free from myth and a sense ...

  8. Friedrich Robert Helmert, founder of modern geodesy, on the occasion of the centenary of his death

    Ihde, Johannes; Reinhold, Andreas


    Friedrich Robert Helmert died in Potsdam in 1917 at the age of 74 after serving for over 30 years as director of the Royal Prussian Geodetic Institute and of the Central Bureau of the Internationale Erdmessung, the forerunner of today's International Association of Geodesy. He dedicated his life and his scientific career to the field of geodesy. His teachings on theoretical and physical geodesy were incorporated into university curricula around the world and hence into international endeavours to measure planet Earth. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the impact he has had on the development of modern geodesy and on the related sciences.



    Robert Zemeckis, director/producer, and other Warner Bros. crew members oversee the filming of scenes for the movie 'Contact' at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39 Press Site on January 30. The screenplay for 'Contact' is based on the best-selling novel by the late astronomer Carl Sagan. The cast includes Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, John Hurt, James Woods, Tom Skerritt, David Morse, William Fichtner, Rob Lowe and Angela Bassett. Described by Warner Bros. as a science fiction drama, 'Contact' will depict humankind's first encounter with evidence of extraterrestrial life.

  10. Field building: lessons from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's anthology series.

    Isaacs, Stephen L; Knickman, James R


    As editors of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF's) anthology series, we have examined the entire range of the foundation's grant making since 1972. We found that the RWJF has enjoyed considerable success in building fields--from nurse practitioners to tobacco control to end-of-life care. The RWJF has done this by shaping fields as they were emerging, by adopting a wide-ranging "bear hug" approach, and by staying the course. The lessons from the RWJF's field-building efforts are relevant for both large and small foundations: Small funders can develop strategic plans aimed at building fields in their home state or locality.

  11. Quotation. Paratext and Romantic Orientalism: Robert Southey's "The Curse of Kehama" (1810

    Ourania Chatsiou


    Full Text Available To a considerable extent, Romantic Orientalist literature is founded on scholasticism, authentication, quotation of antiquarian sources, in other words, on paratext. It constitutes in many respects an oxymoronic, though fascinating and dynamic, symbiosis of repetition / replication and creative imagination / invention. By focusing on Robert Southey’s art of quotation in his extraordinarily abundant notes to his orientalist narrative verse this essay seeks to establish paratext as an integral, formative aspect of Romantic Orientalism and Romantic-period poetics, illustrating the hybridity of the Romantic genius and Romantic poetic creation, and challenging common assumptions about a sublime, universal Romantic-period poetry.

  12. The dilemmas of indefiniteness: Utopia, fluidity and subjectivity in Stone, by Adam Roberts

    André Cabral de Almeida Cardoso; Carla de Figueiredo Portilho

    2017-01-01 Ae, the narrator-protagonist of the novel Stone, by Adam Roberts, is the only criminal in a post-human utopian society in which the use of nanotechnology has allowed humanity to reach its plenitude. Isolated from the rest of society, one day Ae is offered freedom and wealth if he agrees to kill the population of a whole planet. After accepting this offer, Ae must try to fulfil his mission at the same time that he questions himself and trie...

  13. The Iraq war: official and unofficial history

    Marcelo Garcia Bonfin


    Full Text Available This paper aims to analyze the motivations and the soldiers who fought in the war in Iraq started in March 2003. The attacks of September 11, 2001 transformed the foreign policy of the United States, the years of relative peace conquered at the end of the cold war is over, Americans now had a new enemy, political Islam. Soon after the attacks, the Bush Administration (2001-2009 tried to relate Islamic fighters belonging to Al-Qaeda with the regime of Saddam Hussein, in a clear attempt to justify an invasion on Iraq internally. Externally, the American Government, along with the Briton, claimed that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, which inflicted the UN resolutions imposed on the Iraqi Government during the years 1990. However, neither the inspections and subsequently the invasion were able to find such weapons. What if you saw after the invasion was the huge profit obtained by private military and oil companies. In the research was analyzed as if formed the Middle East, the Empire of the United States on a global scale, the report of the Chief Inspector of UNMOVIC, the UN agency responsible for weapons inspections in Iraq, and the letters of soldiers who fought in Iraq. In historiography, as in what if notes is that there were three present interests in the war in Iraq, economic order first, with the possibility of profit of the private military companies and the opportunity to extract oil; second related to foreign policy, which had the interest in rearranging geopolitics of the region; and third of domestic politics, to which there was an increase in the popularity of the Bush administration, with the war on Terror.

  14. Could the United States Reinstitute an Official Torture Policy?

    Adam Jacobson


    Full Text Available In 2015, the United States passed legislation that reaffirmed its ban on using torture and abusive techniques in national security interrogations. However, the Republican president-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to revive torture as official policy, and the idea of torturing suspected terrorists is popular with the American public. Given these facts, what are the vulnerabilities within the current prohibition that makes a return to an official torture policy possible? This paper examines the weaknesses within each branch of government and other factors that could contribute to making a return to official torture by the United States more likely. It shows that the prohibition against torture does face vulnerabilities that can be exploited to reinstitute a torture policy, and that while this may not be likely in the current political environment, it is possible.

  15. Benefit and Risk Perceptions of Controversial Facilities: A Comparison between Local Officials and the Public in China

    Qingduo Mao


    Full Text Available This article investigates the perception biases of local government officials and the general public by comparing their benefit and risk perceptions towards controversial facilities. The analysis framework of Social Judgement Theory (SJT—i.e., (a economic benefits, (b environmental health, and (c social and political factors—was used to design the research. SJT is a widely recognized theoretical framework that includes experimental approaches to the study of cognitive conflicts. An experimental survey was conducted to collect data in order to make a comparison of the weight of different elements. Results demonstrate that there are perception differences between the general public and local officials on controversial facilities. Local officials responsible for endorsing and supervising plants attach more significance to environmental factors than the public, while the public focuses more on social and political factors than officials. There is no significant difference in the cognition of economic benefits. Factors such as demolition compensation and legitimacy may provoke these perception gaps. This paper enriches the current understanding of SJT and policy making for controversial facilities by investigating the perception gaps between officials and the general public.

  16. Problems of the current law concerning official plan approval

    Bluemel, W.


    The booklet presents lectures held in October 1985 at the Speyer University for Administration Science, on the subject of the law concerning official plan approval. The lectures have been selected for their common interest in the requirements of nature conservation and landscape protection. These requirements and the current practice of plan approval procedure are the main issue of the lectures which discuss aspects of environmental impact statements, consideration of ecological requirements, and the role of the landscape conservation plan accompanying official project planning documents. (HSCH) [de

  17. Using The Official Lamaze Guide in Childbirth Education Classes

    Hotelling, Barbara A.


    Normal birth has long been promoted by Lamaze International in its mission and vision statements and by the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth. The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence, a book by Judith Lothian and Charlotte DeVries, can be used by birth educators to alter the focus from learning what to expect when one fears the worst to empowering women to understand that birth is usually a healthy, normal process. In this column, the author suggests ways in which childbirth educators can use The Official Lamaze Guide in their classes. PMID:17541460

  18. Official Report of the XXVIII Olympiad: Athens 2004

    Skarvelē, Euharēs


    The “Official Report of the XXVIII Olympiad: Athens 2004” was published by ATHOC in English and Greek. Based on the same model as for Sydney 2000, this official report consisted of a box set of two printed volumes (Homecoming of the Games - organisation and operations; The Games) and a multimedia set, which offered two bilingual CD-ROMs containing the results, and a DVD of the film “Behind the scenes of the Athens 2004 Opening and Closing Ceremonies”. Vol. 1 Part I: Homecoming of the Games ; ...

  19. Teorizando o mundo contemporâneo: Robert Brenner; Giovanni Arrighi; David Harvey

    Moishe Postone


    Full Text Available O artigo busca apreender as profundas transformações sociais, políticas, econômicas e culturais que marcaram as três últimas décadas, em contraste com o período de prosperidade subseqüente à Segunda Guerra Mundial. Para tanto, o autor analisa criticamente três obras específicas que abordam o período: "The economics of global turbulence", de Robert Brenner, O longo século XX, de Giovanni Arrighi, e A condição pós-moderna, de David Harvey. O procedimento metateórico adotado permite apontar os requisitos de uma teoria crítica adequada ao capitalismo contemporâneo.The article aims to apprehend the deep social, political, economic and cultural transformations that characterized the three last decades, in contrast with the prosperity period following the Second World War. Therefore, the author critically analyses three specific works that deal with that period: "The economics of global turbulence", by Robert Brenner, The long Twentieth Century, by Giovanni Arrighi, and The conditions of postmodernity, by David Haravey. The metatheoric procedure adopted allows him to indicate the requisites of an adequate critical theory of contemporary capitalism.

  20. Robert Bartini and His Contribution to the Development of Transport and Aviation

    Težak, Sergej


    After the First World War, the young Soviet Union (USSR) desperately needed new engineers and scientists who would provide the new country with development of modern industry and transportation. At that time, Western European countries had knowledge and experience, especially in the field of aviation. One of the young engineers was Robert Bartini, who was educated in Austria-Hungary and Italy, and graduated from Milan Polytechnic Institute. In 1923, he fled Italy to escape Fascists and emigrated in Soviet Union. This article is a brief description of aircraft designer Robert Bartini and his role in the development of the military, passenger and transport aviation. In addition, it presents his vision of the intercontinental and continental high-speed transport, which was his focus in the last years of his work and creation. He worked as a researcher and expert in the former Soviet Union, therefore, more detailed and relevant information on his work has been revealed to the public in recent years. In Russia, he is very popular as a researcher and developer. There are many books about him in Russian and Italian language, but not in English. Thus, his work is still quite unknown in the West. He was born in Kanjiza (today Serbia) in 1897, and spent his youth in Fiume (Rijeka, today Croatia).

  1. James George Frazer’s Anthropologic Heritage in the Work of Robert Graves

    Tomislav M. Pavlović


    Full Text Available The works of Sir James George Frazer had an outstanding influence on the literature of modernism. Among those who benefited from Frazer’s ritualism were W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot. James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound, Mary Renault, Joseph Campbell, Robert Graves and many others. Robert Graves was known for his famous adaptation of Frazer’s concept of the sacred king who is sacrificed for the benefit of his subjects thus forming the narrative frame for the one of his most controversial novels. The dying king is also identified with the poet striving to attain the favour of the Triple Muse Goddess - who represents the embodiment of true poetic inspiration. The aforementioned concept is not the only thing that Graves inherited from his famous ancestor. In our analysis we laid stress on the customs, rituals, magic symbols and deities both authors dealt with. We also observed a striking resemblance of the style Greves and Frazer developed and their euchemeristic approach to myths as well.

  2. Who Guards the Guards? Understanding Deviance and Corruption of Law Enforcement Officials



    Full Text Available Law enforcement officials must be honest in performing both their judicial and administrative responsibilities and duties within the criminal justice system to maintain public tranquility, social trust and order, and securing the justice. There are, however, different kinds phenomena in which several kinds of deviance from acceptable norms of behavior is existing among the law enforcement professionals. Studies dealing with deviance of law enforcement officials have been limited in the Turkish context. This study, first, categorize the kinds of deviant behavior among the law enforcement officials as pointed out by numerous scientific studies. Etiology of these types of behavior, than, is examined based on the existing literature. First of all, as a kind of white collar crime which observing among deviant behavior of police personal will be categorized according to international literature. Finally, this study brings the general consensus on the preventive measures as applied in several countries on law enforcement officials’ deviant behaviors to the attention of the Turkish reader

  3. [Relations between official and private veterinary services in epidemiology and the control of contagious diseases].

    Moura, J A; Bedoya, M; Agudelo, M P


    Growing budget restrictions in many countries have meant that official Veterinary Services cannot assume responsibility for any new activities. The natural reaction is to turn to private veterinary services to provide the support needed to strengthen the control and surveillance of priority diseases and thereby support the development of the livestock sector and the establishment of safe international trade. In this context, official Veterinary Services must work together with private veterinarians, delegating various technical animal health activities, so that they may focus their efforts on those tasks that cannot be delegated: standardisation, control, auditing, general system co-ordination, epidemiological surveillance, etc., as well as organising veterinary policy in order to make best use of budget resources. For these relations to be efficient, a dynamic, two-way epidemiological information mechanism must be created, whereby private veterinarians periodically keep governments informed, on the basis of an agreed methodology. Moreover, the official Veterinary Services must systematically transmit information on List A and B diseases of the OIE (World organisation for animal health), and perform detailed analyses of epidemiologically significant events. The article proposes the establishment of relations between public and private veterinary services as a way in which to provide the livestock sector with the health and hygiene conditions that are necessary for effective disease control, which in turn provides greater security for international trade and increased consumer protection.

  4. 75 FR 53841 - Display of Official Sign; Permanent Increase in Standard Maximum Share Insurance Amount


    ... to replace the old version of the official sign with the revised official sign at required locations.... Additionally, a credit union must replace the old version of the official sign with the revised official sign... internet signs and deplete its stockpiles of other printed advertising materials. NCUA also believes that...

  5. Official Basketball Rules for Girls and Women. July 1972 - July 1973. Reprint.

    American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Washington, DC. Div. for Girls and Women's Sports.

    The official American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (AAHPER) rules for girls and women's basketball, July 1972 - July 1973 are listed. Exact court measurements are given as are official scoring rules, timing procedures, duties of officials, definition of playing terms, violations and penalties, and officials' signals.…

  6. 12 CFR 701.33 - Reimbursement, insurance, and indemnification of officials and employees.


    ... specifically excludes: (i) Payment (by reimbursement to an official or direct credit union payment to a third... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Reimbursement, insurance, and indemnification... Reimbursement, insurance, and indemnification of officials and employees. (a) Official. An official is a person...

  7. 75 FR 53861 - Airworthiness Directives; Robert E. Rust, Jr. Model DeHavilland DH.C1 Chipmunk 21, DH.C1 Chipmunk...


    ... Airworthiness Directives; Robert E. Rust, Jr. Model DeHavilland DH.C1 Chipmunk 21, DH.C1 Chipmunk 22, and DH.C1...). ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all Robert E. Rust... CFR part 39) to include an AD that would apply to all Robert E. Rust, Jr. Models DeHavilland DH.C1...

  8. 12 CFR 1700.3 - Official logo and seal.


    ... DEVELOPMENT OFHEO ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS § 1700.3 Official logo and seal. The... of a structure consisting of a solid two-tiered pedestal base topped by a solid triangular shape, which represents the roof of the structure. Placed between the base and the top are the letters “OFHEO...

  9. 14 CFR 1261.403 - Consultation with appropriate officials; negotiation.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 5 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Consultation with appropriate officials; negotiation. 1261.403 Section 1261.403 Aeronautics and Space NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION PROCESSING OF MONETARY CLAIMS (GENERAL) Collection of Civil Claims of the United States Arising Out of the Activities of the National Aeronautic...

  10. 78 FR 52431 - Amendments to ONRR's Service of Official Correspondence


    ... service is effected; (3) Private mailing service (e.g., United Parcel Service, or Federal Express), with...-2013-0001; DS63610300 DR2PS0000.CH7000 134D0102R2] RIN 1012-AA14 Amendments to ONRR's Service of...), Interior. ACTION: Direct final rule. SUMMARY: This rule will update the Service of Official Correspondence...

  11. 32 CFR 635.2 - Safeguarding official information.


    ... official information. (a) Military police records are unclassified except when they contain national security information as defined in AR 380-5. (b) When military police records containing personal... records transmitted outside DOD per AR 25-55. (c) Military police records may also be released to Federal...

  12. 18 CFR 1316.10 - Officials not to benefit.


    ... breach of this contract, and TVA shall have the right to exercise all remedies provided in this contract... GENERAL CONDITIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS FOR INCORPORATION IN CONTRACT DOCUMENTS OR ACTIONS Text of Conditions and Certifications § 1316.10 Officials not to benefit. When so indicated in TVA contract documents...

  13. 12 CFR 925.32 - Official membership insignia.


    ... the words “Member Federal Home Loan Bank System.” [58 FR 43542, Aug. 17, 1993. Redesignated at 61 FR... 12 Banks and Banking 7 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Official membership insignia. 925.32 Section 925.32 Banks and Banking FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE BOARD FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK MEMBERS AND HOUSING...

  14. 7 CFR 54.1017 - Authority to use official identification.


    ... MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (CONTINUED) REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS UNDER THE AGRICULTURAL MARKETING ACT OF 1946 AND THE EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT..., Processing, and Packaging of Livestock and Poultry Products § 54.1017 Authority to use official...

  15. 7 CFR 54.1015 - Official reports, forms, and certificates.


    ... MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (CONTINUED) REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS UNDER THE AGRICULTURAL MARKETING ACT OF 1946 AND THE EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT..., Processing, and Packaging of Livestock and Poultry Products § 54.1015 Official reports, forms, and...

  16. 21 CFR 1309.26 - Exemption of law enforcement officials.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 9 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exemption of law enforcement officials. 1309.26 Section 1309.26 Food and Drugs DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REGISTRATION OF MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS, IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS OF LIST I CHEMICALS Requirements for Registration § 1309.26 Exemption of law enforcement...

  17. 21 CFR 1301.24 - Exemption of law enforcement officials.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 9 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exemption of law enforcement officials. 1301.24 Section 1301.24 Food and Drugs DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REGISTRATION OF MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS, AND DISPENSERS OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Exceptions to Registration and Fees § 1301.24 Exemption of law enforcement...

  18. Environment conservation by way of official notice or recommendations

    Ossenbuehl, F.


    Official notice or recommendations belong to the self-evident instruments of government authorities to fulfill their functions. According to their typical type of effect, in the system of powers to act, these instruments belong to the group of the simple administrative acts of state. They are thus not of direct legal interest, at first sight. However, the Chernobyl accident and its consequences have just been the latest opportunity to realise that official notice or recommendations issued by state authorities may have a far-reaching impact on the consumers' behaviour, and hence on the market situation. The book in hand discusses legal problems in connection with such impact, taking as an example the field of environment conservation and related precautionary activities. The main issues dealt with refer to the permissibility by law and the formal status of official notice warning of the use of environmentally harmful products, to legal protection in case of unlawful warnings or recommendations, and to possible liabilities. The book in hand developed from a legal expertise made on behalf of the German Federation of Toilet Articles and Detergents Producers is intended to show that the increasingly used informal administrative instruments of official notice or recommendations ought to be integrated into the system of administrative law. (orig./HP) [de

  19. Mother tongue education in the official minority languages in ...

    The government of Zimbabwe officially declared that with effect from January 2002, it was to implement the use and teaching of the officia minority languages, namely Venda, Tonga, Nambya, Kalanga, Sotho and Shangani, as the media of instruction and subjects in primary schools in areas where they are spoken.

  20. Get with the System: General Systems Theory for Business Officials.

    Graczyk, Sandra L.


    An introduction to general systems theory and an overview of vocabulary and concepts are presented to introduce school business officials to systems thinking and to foster its use as an analytical tool. The theory is then used to analyze a sample problem: planning changes to a district's administrative computer system. (eight references) (MLF)

  1. Softball Guide with Official Rules. January 1972 - January 1974.

    Claussen, Connie, Ed.

    This guide, published by the Division for Girls and Women's Sports (DGWS) of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (AAHPER) presents a statement of DGWS beliefs, standards in sports, sources of information and international committee rules. It details various affiliated boards of officials and presents the…

  2. Requirements of the official permission of irradiation techniques

    Urban, A.


    The procedure and organization of the official licensing of radiation sources in Hungary are reviewed. Since January 1979 the radiation sources are qualified according to a uniform system of requirements for the Comecon countries. An example of qualification and the criteria of classification are detailed. (L.E.)

  3. 7 CFR 53.14 - Financial interest of official grader.


    ... SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (CONTINUED) REGULATIONS... (CONTINUED) LIVESTOCK (GRADING, CERTIFICATION, AND STANDARDS) Regulations Service § 53.14 Financial interest... 7 Agriculture 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Financial interest of official grader. 53.14 Section...

  4. 22 CFR 41.21 - Foreign Officials-General.


    ...) Definitions. In addition to pertinent INA definitions, the following definitions are applicable: (1... possessing a travel document or other evidence of intention to enter or transit the United States to transact official business for that government or international organization. (2) Attendants, as used in INA 101(a...

  5. 15 CFR 25.5 - Review by the reviewing official.


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Review by the reviewing official. 25.5 Section 25.5 Commerce and Foreign Trade Office of the Secretary of Commerce PROGRAM Fraud Civil Remedies... value of property, services, or other benefits, requested or demanded in violation of § 25.3 of this...

  6. Sport coaching officials and their stressors: Work overload, role ...

    Sport officials' concerns over job stressors have become common due to the adverse effect on health. The study sought to examine the associations of work overload, role ambiguity and role conflict, as well as their predictive influence on job satisfaction of sport coaches in Gauteng, South Africa. Data were collected from a ...

  7. 28 CFR 29.5 - Notification of law enforcement officials.


    ... 28 Judicial Administration 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Notification of law enforcement officials. 29.5 Section 29.5 Judicial Administration DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT PREVENTION ACT... program and with the conditions under which motor vehicles may be stopped. ...

  8. British Television and Official Film, 1946-1951.

    Wildy, Tom


    Discusses the relationships between the British Government's Information Services and both the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the commercial film trade after the BBC's television service resumed independent broadcasts in 1946. Examines proposals for using television as an alternative outlet for commercial and official films. (GEA)

  9. 29 CFR 801.74 - Retention of official record.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Retention of official record. 801.74 Section 801.74 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OTHER LAWS APPLICATION... part shall be maintained and filed under the custody and control of the Chief Administrative Law Judge. ...

  10. 29 CFR 801.75 - Certification of official record.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Certification of official record. 801.75 Section 801.75 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OTHER LAWS... Decision and Order issued under this part, the Chief Administrative Law Judge shall promptly certify and...

  11. Suspended Education Department Official Had Approved Waiver for Former Employer

    Basken, Paul


    Matteo Fontana, the student-aid official in the U.S. Department of Education who was suspended last month in an ethics case, issued a controversial high-stakes legal ruling in 2004 that benefited his former employer, Sallie Mae, on the day before the nation's top student lender completed its transition from a government-founded lender into a…

  12. 29 CFR 501.46 - Retention of official record.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Retention of official record. 501.46 Section 501.46 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS FOR TEMPORARY ALIEN AGRICULTURAL WORKERS ADMITTED UNDER SECTION 218 OF THE...

  13. 29 CFR 501.7 - Cooperation with Federal officials.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Cooperation with Federal officials. 501.7 Section 501.7 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS FOR TEMPORARY ALIEN AGRICULTURAL WORKERS ADMITTED UNDER SECTION 218 OF...

  14. 29 CFR 502.6 - Cooperation with DOL officials.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Cooperation with DOL officials. 502.6 Section 502.6 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS FOR TEMPORARY ALIEN AGRICULTURAL WORKERS ADMITTED UNDER SECTION 218 OF THE...

  15. 29 CFR 502.46 - Retention of official record.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Retention of official record. 502.46 Section 502.46 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS FOR TEMPORARY ALIEN AGRICULTURAL WORKERS ADMITTED UNDER SECTION 218 OF THE...

  16. 27 CFR 4.51 - Exhibiting certificates to Government officials.


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exhibiting certificates to Government officials. 4.51 Section 4.51 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO TAX AND TRADE BUREAU, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY LIQUORS LABELING AND ADVERTISING OF WINE Requirements for...

  17. Official emblem of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project


    This is the Official emblem of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) chosen by NASA and the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Of circular design, the emblem has the words Apollo in English and Soyuz in Russian around a center disc which depicts the two spacecraft docked together in Earth orbit. The Russian word 'soyuz' means 'union' in English.

  18. Aasta 2000 - meteoor, mis ohustab maailma : Nobeli majanduspreemia värske laureaat soovitab 1. detsembrist külmutada valuutakursid / Robert Mundell ; interv. Marshall Loeb

    Mundell, Robert


    Nobeli majanduspreemia laureaadi Robert Mundelli intervjuu ajakirja Fortune endisele toimetajale Marshall Loebile teleprogrammis Marketwatch. Aasta 2000 probleem rahaturgudel. Jack Kempi kiri USA presidendile Bill Clintonile

  19. Determining the environmental training needs and training preferences of tribal officials on reservations in the United States

    Saxena, Jeeta Lakhani

    The problem of this research was to determine the priority environmental management training needs (drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste), classroom training system preferences and related cultural factors of Native American tribal officials with environmental responsibilities living on reservations in the United States. The researcher conducted telephone interviews with 18 tribal officials on reservations in diverse geographic areas of the United States to determine their classroom training preferences. These officials also responded to a mail/fax survey comprised of 28 statements describing their environmental responsibilities in the areas of drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste. Tribal officials indicated how important the statements were according to them on a scale of 1--5 (1 being low importance and 5 being high importance). Tribal officials also indicated their ability to perform in the stated areas on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being low ability and 5 being high ability). It was found that tribal officials felt they needed training in the areas of: (1) Solid Waste: Awareness of conventional and alternative solid waste management strategies as well as assessing the reservation's need related to solid waste management. (2) Regional or Inter-Governmental Strategies : Working with the federal, and, state governments for enforcing and developing regulations. (3) Drinking water: Assessing the reservation's drinking water needs and awareness of conventional and alternative drinking water systems. (4) Training for environmental staff: Determining and planning training for environmental personnel is another area of need indicated by the responding tribal officials. (5) Wastewater : Assessing the reservations wastewater needs, compliance and liability issues and awareness of alternative and conventional wastewater systems. It was also found that tribal officials preferred: (1) Trainers who were knowledgeable about the subject matter and tribal culture

  20. The creativity of Crumb: research on the effects of psychedelic drugs on the comic art of Robert Crumb.

    Jones, Matthew T


    This article investigates the influence of perception that is altered by psychedelic drugs on processes of creativity through a case study of the work of well-known comic artist Robert Crumb. Samples of Crumb's work before, during, and after the period of his use of psychedelic drugs are content analyzed and compared according to the categorization offered by Janiger and Dobkin de Rios (1989). The results of the comparison indicate that Robert Crumb's drug use significantly altered the stylistic approach of his artwork not only during the period of his drug use, but long after he had stopped using drugs.

  1. Work and vulnerability: the social question on Robert Castel’s thought

    Fabrício Maciel


    Full Text Available The article emphasizes the centrality of the concept of work in the thought of the French sociologist Robert Castel. Despite being best known in Brazil for his concepts of social question and social disaffiliation, the concept of work is crucial in the articulation of the author's thought, notably in his latest writing. The article is divided into four parts. First, it provides a general introduction to the work of Castel. Then, it demonstrates how work can be considered the main social question of contemporary global capitalism. Following, it resumes the relationship between work and social vulnerability. The study concludes by pointing out the importance of understanding work as the main contemporary social issue.

  2. The Aspiring Adept: Robert Boyle and His Alchemical Quest (Lawrence M. Principe)

    Kovac, Jeffrey


    Robert Boyle is widely regarded as the Father of Modern Chemistry, who broke once and for all from the irrational, misguided alchemy that preceded him. One of the goals of this carefully researched and argued new book by Lawrence M. Principe, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology at The Johns Hopkins University, is to refute the two errors in this characterization of Boyle and to understand his life, thought, and work in the intellectual and social context of his time. This book is not for the casual reader; it is a detailed scholarly treatise in the history of science, but it provides a fresh and interesting perspective on Boyle and on the development of chemistry in the 17th century. Boyle is usually characterized as a modern scientist and his most famous book, The Skeptical Chymist, as a critique of traditional alchemy. Principe demonstrates that this characterization is based on a selective and sometimes incorrect reading of Boyle's works. Like Newton, Boyle was deeply involved in traditional transmutational alchemy, reading the works of other alchemists, performing experiments, and even witnessing transmutations. Alchemy, however, was not a monolith and Boyle adhered to what Principe tentatively identifies as a uniquely English school of supernatural alchemy. According to Principe, The Skeptical Chymist was mainly a criticism of the Paracelsians interested in chemical medicine rather than a defense of what we would now regard as modern chemistry. To further support his characterization of Boyle and to better reveal Boyle's involvement in alchemyparticularly the transmutation of base metals to gold, termed chrysopoeiaPrincipe has reconstructed from some 20 fragments one of Boyle's alchemical manuscripts, his Dialogue on the Transmutation of Metals. The full text of this lost work is included as Appendix 1. Two other primary sources, Interview Accounts of Transmutations and

  3. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars Program: An opportunity for junior nurse faculty

    Coffman, Maren J.; Goodman, Janice H.; Thomas, Tami L.; Roberson, Donna


    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program provides promising junior faculty extramural funding, expert mentoring, and the training needed to be successful in the academic role. The Nurse Faculty Scholars program, which admitted its first cohort in 2008, is designed to address the nursing faculty shortage by enhancing leadership, educational, and research skills in junior nursing faculty. This article provides an overview of the program, its purpose, and its eligibility requirements. The authors give strategies for selecting mentors, developing the written application, and preparing for an oral interview. Finally, the authors provide an analysis of funded institutions, research design and methods from current and recently funded projects, and rank and positions held by nursing mentors. PMID:22818282


    Bargheer, Stefan


    The concept of culture used in American anthropology has fundamentally transformed throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The changing resonance of the work of Robert H. Lowie offers revealing insights into this development. Lowie was part of the first generation of students of Franz Boas that highlighted the importance of individual variation for the study of both primitive and civilized societies. Yet, its initial resonance notwithstanding, the culture concept that prevailed in the discipline went into a different direction as the result of anthropologists' involvement in the war effort. It was advanced by the second generation of Boas' students such as Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead, who stressed the homogeneity of cultures. The contrast highlights the diversity of approaches available within anthropology in the first half of the century and the crucial impact of World War II in determining which of these possibilities became institutionalized in the decades after the war. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  5. Contemporary Hegelian Scholarship: Robert Stern’s Holistic Reading of Hegel

    Paniel Reyes Cardenas


    Full Text Available This is a monographic presentation in which the author depicts the guidelines of Professor Robert Stern’s interpretation of Hegelian Metaphysics by emphasizing in its characteristic holistic reading. The proposal is that some key fundamental topics of Hegelian scholarship will emerge with a clarified understanding after this reading: the concept of Truth and absolute knowledge are reassessed by showing the necessary connection of Epistemology and Metaphysics in Hegel. Hegelian Metaphysics, accordingly, appears ultimately as the principle for a reading of Hegel’s entire philosophy and illuminates its nature of general metaphysical inquiry. Finally, this reading allows drawing on the connection of Hegel’s Idealism with the Pragmatist tradition initiated by Peirce.


    Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade


    Full Text Available Analysing the unpublished correspondence of Robert Lowth, author of A Short Introduction to English Grammar (1762, this article attempts to find evidence of linguistic influence between people belonging to the same social network. Such evidence is used to try and determine where Lowth found the linguistic norm he presented in his grammar. Adding to the data presented by Nevalainen and Raumolin Bmnberg (2003 on the basis of their study of fourteen morphosyntactic items in the Corpus of Early English Correspondence, a detailed analysis is presented of eighteenth-century English. One of the results is an explanation for the presence in Lowth's grammar of the stricture against double negation at a time when double negation was no longer in current use.

  7. Homage to Robert Hooke (1635-1703): new insights from the recently discovered Hooke Folio.

    Gest, Howard


    Microorganisms were first observed by Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek between 1665 and 1678. In 1665, Hooke published Micrographia, which depicted the details of 60 objects as seen in the microscope. One chapter was devoted to the microfungus Mucor, the first microbe observed by the human eye. Leeuwenhoek, despite having no scientific training, became the first to observe protozoa, red blood cells, the sperm cells of animals, and bacteria, which he described in numerous letters to the Royal Society of London. In 1677, Hooke became Secretary of the Royal Society and, in the same year, confirmed some of Leeuwenhoek's discoveries. The discovery in 2006 of more than 650 pages of Hooke's missing records (the "Hooke Folio") allows us to verify the proceedings of Royal Society meetings and promises to be an important new source of Hooke's views on the renaissance of science in the 17th century.

  8. The discovery of microorganisms by Robert Hooke and Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, fellows of the Royal Society.

    Gest, Howard


    The existence of microscopic organisms was discovered during the period 1665-83 by two Fellows of The Royal Society, Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. In Micrographia (1665), Hooke presented the first published depiction of a microganism, the microfungus Mucor. Later, Leeuwenhoek observed and described microscopic protozoa and bacteria. These important revelations were made possible by the ingenuity of Hooke and Leeuwenhoek in fabricating and using simple microscopes that magnified objects from about 25-fold to 250-fold. After a lapse of more than 150 years, microscopy became the backbone of our understanding of the roles of microbes in the causation of infectious diseases and the recycling of chemical elements in the biosphere.


    Lawson, Ian


    This paper investigates the way in which Robert Hooke constructed his microscopical observations. His Micrographia is justifiably famous for its detailed engravings, which communicated Hooke's observations of tiny nature to his readers, but less attention has been paid to how he went about making the observations themselves. In this paper I explore the relationship between the materiality of his instrument and the epistemic images he produced. Behind the pictures lies an array of hidden materials, and the craft knowledge it took to manipulate them. By investigating the often counter-theoretical and conflicting practices of his ingenious microscope use, I demonstrate the way in which Hooke crafted the microworld for his readers, giving insight into how early modern microscopy was understood by its practitioners and audience.

  10. Análisis Epistemológico del Modelo de Aprendizaje Acumulativo de Robert Gagne

    Anibal Meza


    Full Text Available Se reseñan aspectos fundamentales de la psicología del aprendizaje de Robert Gagné, destacando sus bases filosóficas (positivismo y pragmatismo y científicas ( conductismo y modelo de procesamiento de la información y luego se evalúan dichos aspectos desde una perspectiva epistemológica en términos de sus <

  11. Análisis Epistemológico del Modelo de Aprendizaje Acumulativo de Robert Gagne

    Anibal Meza; Carmen Lazarte


    Se reseñan aspectos fundamentales de la psicología del aprendizaje de Robert Gagné, destacando sus bases filosóficas (positivismo y pragmatismo) y científicas ( conductismo y modelo de procesamiento de la información) y luego se evalúan dichos aspectos desde una perspectiva epistemológica en términos de sus <

  12. Number theory and modular forms papers in memory of Robert A Rankin

    Ono, Ken


    Robert A. Rankin, one of the world's foremost authorities on modular forms and a founding editor of The Ramanujan Journal, died on January 27, 2001, at the age of 85. Rankin had broad interests and contributed fundamental papers in a wide variety of areas within number theory, geometry, analysis, and algebra. To commemorate Rankin's life and work, the editors have collected together 25 papers by several eminent mathematicians reflecting Rankin's extensive range of interests within number theory. Many of these papers reflect Rankin's primary focus in modular forms. It is the editors' fervent hope that mathematicians will be stimulated by these papers and gain a greater appreciation for Rankin's contributions to mathematics. This volume would be an inspiration to students and researchers in the areas of number theory and modular forms.


    Fernanda Aquino Sylvestre


    Full Text Available Robert Coover é um importante escritor norte-americano preocupado com as perspectivas sociais, psicológicas, econômicas e políticas contemporâneas e com o modo como elas se configuram na formação da sociedade do seu país. Essa preocupação se reflete tanto nas técnicas de construção de suas histórias, quanto nas críticas apresentadas em suas narrativas. O trabalho em questão discute a reescrita que Coover faz de mitos bíblicos dentro do contexto pós-moderno, globalizado, compondo novos textos que subvertem os elementos tradicionais da narrativa. Mais especificamente, este artigo analisa a reescrita que o autor norte-americano empreende acerca da passagem bíblica da Arca de Noé no conto “The Brother”.

  14. Review: Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control by Colin Corpus, Mark Roberts, Rachel Wall

    Jonathan Carr-West


    Full Text Available Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control is a serious book and an important contribution to the scholarship around local government. It opens however, with a pleasingly comic tableau as academics from England, Portugal and Poland bicker amiably at a conference and on Twitter about whose country is really the most centralised. The rest of the book is devoted to showing why the English academics were right, why it matters and what should be done about it. The main thrust of the text is an analysis of the impact of the dominant policy narratives around centralism and localism. The argument that Copus, Wall and Roberts put forward could be boiled down to the assertion that the problem with local government in England is that it is neither local nor government. But to make this case they first helpfully unpack several sets of concepts that are all too often elided together.

  15. Lessons in power: Lyndon Johnson revealed. A conversation with historian Robert A. Caro.

    Caro, Robert A


    No one can lead who does not first acquire power, and no leader can be great who does not know how to use that power. The trouble is that the combination of the two skills is rare. Amassing power requires ambition, a focused pragmatism, and a certain ruthlessness that is often at odds with the daring, idealistic vision needed to achieve great things with that power. The tension is as real in business as it is in politics. This magazine is replete with examples of successful senior managers who could not make the switch from ambitious executive to corporate leader because they did not know what to do with the power they had so expertly accumulated. Robert Caro is a student of power. For the past 27 years, the two-time Pulitzer prize-winning biographer of Robert Moses and Lyndon Johnson has focused on the question of how Johnson amassed and wielded power. Caro's deep understanding of the inner workings of power offers senior executives a nuanced picture of leadership at the highest level. In this wide-ranging conversation, Caro shares his insights about the nature of power, the complexity of ambition, and the role that the greater good can play in the making of a leader. Power doesn't always corrupt, he insists. But what it invariably does is reveal a leader's true nature. "Today, when CEOs have acquired more and more power to change our lives," Caro says,"they have become like presidents in their own right, and they, too, need to align themselves with something greater than themselves if they hope to become truly great leaders."

  16. David Roberts en Córdoba. Vistas de paisaje y arquitectura hacia 1833

    Gámiz Gordo, Antonio


    Full Text Available David Roberts' views of Córdoba were carried out in 1833 and later redrafted as lithographs, engravings, and oils. These artworks enjoyed great commercial success and international diffusion due to their thematic and undoubted artistic value. The authors analyze their documentary value as a graphic record -prior to the advent of photography- of the urban landscape and architecture of Cordoba, a city now denominated a World Heritage Site. These images are studied here for the first time as a group, since they are either virtually untraceable or dispersed in museums throughout the world. In addition, these views have been contextualized with information concerning the artist and his Spanish journey, including a letter that he wrote from Córdoba. The documentary reliability of every image is also assessed, while the significant transformations of the places represented are indicated.Las vistas realizadas en Córdoba por David Roberts en 1833, reelaboradas como litografías, grabados y óleos, han gozado de gran éxito comercial y difusión internacional por su temática e indudable interés artístico. Esta investigación profundiza en su valor documental como registros gráficos previos a la aparición de la fotografía, del paisaje y la arquitectura de una ciudad hoy considerada Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Las imágenes presentadas se analizan por primera vez como conjunto, pues algunas son de difícil localización o están dispersas en museos de todo el mundo, y se contextualizan con datos sobre el pintor y su viaje por España, considerando una carta que éste escribió desde Córdoba. También se valora la fiabilidad documental de cada vista, a la vez que se detectan significativas transformaciones de los lugares representados.

  17. Implementation of Robert's Coping with Labor Algorithm© in a large tertiary care facility.

    Fairchild, Esther; Roberts, Leissa; Zelman, Karen; Michelli, Shelley; Hastings-Tolsma, Marie


    to implement use of Roberts' Coping with Labor Algorithm © (CWLA) with laboring women in a large tertiary care facility. this was a quality improvement project to implement an alternate approach to pain assessment during labor. It included system assessment for change readiness, implementation of the algorithm across a 6-week period, evaluation of usefulness by nursing staff, and determination of sustained change at one month. Stakeholder Theory (Friedman and Miles, 2002) and Deming's (1982) Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle, as adapted by Roberts et al (2010), provided the framework for project implementation. the project was undertaken on a labor and delivery (L&D) unit of a large tertiary care facility in a southwestern state in the USA. The unit had 19 suites with close to 6000 laboring patients each year. full, part-time, and per diem Registered Nurse (RN) staff (N=80), including a subset (n=18) who served as the pilot group and champions for implementing the change. a majority of RNs held a positive attitude toward use of the CWLA to assess laboring women's coping with the pain of labor as compared to a Numeric Rating Scale (NRS). RNs reported usefulness in using the CWLA with patients from a wide variety of ethnicities. A pre-existing well-developed team which advocated for evidence-based practice on the unit proved to be a significant strength which promoted rapid change in practice. this work provides important knowledge supporting use of the CWLA in a large tertiary care facility and an approach for effectively implementing that change. Strengths identified in this project contributed to rapid implementation and could be emulated in other facilities. Participant reports support usefulness of the CWLA with patients of varied ethnicity. Assessment of change sustainability at 1 and 6 months demonstrated widespread use of the algorithm though long-term determination is yet needed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Biochemical Differences Between Official and Simulated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Matches.

    Silveira Coswig, Victor; Hideyoshi Fukuda, David; de Paula Ramos, Solange; Boscolo Del Vecchio, Fabricio


    One of the goals for training in combat sports is to mimic real situations. For mixed martial arts (MMA), simulated sparring matches are a frequent component during training, but a there is a lack of knowledge considering the differences in sparring and competitive environments. The main objective of this study was to compare biochemical responses to sparring and official MMA matches. Twenty five male professional MMA fighters were evaluated during official events (OFF = 12) and simulated matches (SIM = 13). For both situations, blood samples were taken before (PRE) and immediately after (POST) matches. For statistical analysis, two-way analysis of variance (time x group and time x winner) were used to compare the dependent parametric variables. For non-parametric data, the Kruskal-Wallis test was used and differences were confirmed by Mann-Whitney tests. No significant differences were observed among the groups for demographic variables. The athletes were 26.5 ± 5 years with 80 ± 10 kg, 1.74 ± 0.05 m and had 39.4 ± 25 months of training experience. Primary results indicated higher blood glucose concentration prior to fights for OFF group (OFF= 6.1 ± 1.2 mmol/L and SIM= 4.4 ± 0.7 mmol/L; P < 0.01) and higher ALT values for OFF group at both time points (OFF: PRE = 41.2 ± 12 U/L, POST = 44.2 ± 14.1 U/L; SIM: PRE = 28.1 ± 13.8 U/L, POST = 30.5 ± 12.5 U/L; P = 0.001). In addition, the blood lactate showed similar responses for both groups (OFF: PRE= 4 [3.4 - 4.4] mmol/L, POST= 16.9 [13.8 - 23.5] mmol/L; SIM: PRE = 3.8 [2.8 - 5.5] mmol/L, POST= 16.8 [12.3 - 19.2] mmol/L; P < 0.001). In conclusion, MMA official and simulated matches induce similar high intensity glycolytic demands and minimal changes to biochemical markers of muscle damage immediately following the fights. Glycolytic availability prior to the fights was raised exclusively in response to official matches.

  19. Response

    Higgins, Chris


    This article presents the author's response to the reviews of his book, "The Good Life of Teaching: An Ethics of Professional Practice." He begins by highlighting some of the main concerns of his book. He then offers a brief response, doing his best to address the main criticisms of his argument and noting where the four reviewers (Charlene…

  20. AWS certified solutions architect official study guide associate exam

    Baron, Joe; Bixler, Tim; Gaut, Biff; Kelly, Kevin E; Senior, Sean; Stamper, John


    This is your opportunity to take the next step in your career by expanding and validating your skills on the AWS cloud. AWS has been the frontrunner in cloud computing products and services, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide for the Associate exam will get you fully prepared through expert content, and real-world knowledge, key exam essentials, chapter review questions, access to Sybex's interactive online learning environment, and much more. This official study guide, written by AWS experts, covers exam concepts, and provides key review on exam topics, including: * Mapping Multi-Tier Architectures to AWS Services, such as web/app servers, firewalls, caches and load balancers * Understanding managed RDBMS through AWS RDS (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, Aurora) * Understanding Loose Coupling and Stateless Systems * Comparing Different Consistency Models in AWS Services * Understanding how AWS CloudFront can make your application more cost efficient, faster and secure * Implem...

  1. Big Data as a Source for Official Statistics

    Daas Piet J.H.


    Full Text Available More and more data are being produced by an increasing number of electronic devices physically surrounding us and on the internet. The large amount of data and the high frequency at which they are produced have resulted in the introduction of the term ‘Big Data’. Because these data reflect many different aspects of our daily lives and because of their abundance and availability, Big Data sources are very interesting from an official statistics point of view. This article discusses the exploration of both opportunities and challenges for official statistics associated with the application of Big Data. Experiences gained with analyses of large amounts of Dutch traffic loop detection records and Dutch social media messages are described to illustrate the topics characteristic of the statistical analysis and use of Big Data.

  2. Corruption: Taking into account the psychological mimicry of officials

    Kolesin, Igor; Malafeyev, Oleg; Andreeva, Mariia; Ivanukovich, Georgiy


    A mathematical model of corruption with regard to psychological mimicry in the administrative apparatus with three forms of corruption is constructed. It is assumed that the change of officials forms of corruption is due to situational factors, and anti-corruption laws imply the change of the dominant form. Form's changing is modeled by the system of four differential equations (including groups of corrupt officials), describing the number of groups. The speed of the transition from group to group is expressed through the frequency of meetings. The controlling influence is expressed through the force of anticorruption laws. Two cases are discussed: strictly constant and variable (depending on the scope of one or another form). The equilibrium states that allow to specify the dominant form and investigate its stability, depending on the parameters of the psychological mimicry and rigor of anti-corruption laws are found and discussed.

  3. Professor Barrie Vernon-Roberts, AO, MD, BSc, PhD, FRCPath, FRCPA, FAOrthA (Hon), FRS.SA.

    Rainsford, K D; Haynes, D R


    This issue of Inflammopharmacology contains papers that have been submitted to commemorate the life and work of Professor Barrie Vernon-Roberts, an outstanding clinical scientist in the field of bone pathology and its pharmacological regulation. This review briefly summarizes his major works and achievements as well as a list of his publications.

  4. Study, Stance, and Stamina in the Research on Teachers' Lives: A Rejoinder to Robert V. Bullough, Jr.

    Kelchtermans, Geert


    Robert V. Bullough, Jr.'s article demonstrated in an impressive way how autobiographical accounts, as well as single person narratives, are intertwined with much larger issues in society, international politics, and economical interests, as well as consequences for people in general and educators in particular. The way he proves capable of…

  5. Brasil, estudos pós-coloniais e contracorrentes análogas: entrevista com Ella Shohat e Robert Stam

    dos Santos, E.R.S.; Schor, P.


    Interview with Ella Shohat and Robert Stam (Portuguese translation). Original version: Brazil is not Traveling Enough”: On Postcolonial Theory and Analogous Counter-Currents (

  6. Taasavatud mälestuskivi väärtustab Robert von Tolli tegemisi / Külli Kriis

    Kriis, Külli, 1961-


    26. juulil taasavati Kukruse külas mälestuskivi, mille Kukruse mõisa omanik Robert von Toll sinna aastal 1866 pargi rajamise puhul püstitas. Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje, 28. juuli 2007 (Vnov ustanovlennõi kamen - dan pamjati dejatelnosti Roberta fon Tollja)

  7. A diagnosis of modern life: Robert Musil’s Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften as a critical-utopian project

    de Cauwer, S.


    Robert Musil wrote Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften as a critical intervention in the intellectual debates of his time. There are three general questions which prevail in the Musil scholarship: 1. What exactly did he want to critique and how is this critique at work in the novel? 2. What were his aims

  8. Official Order and Ritual Disobedience in Transnistria’s Ghettos

    Ana Bărbulescu


    Full Text Available The study I propose approaches the world of Transnistria’s ghettos from a social perspective, my focus being on the reconstruction of the survival networks developed under the virtually exterminatory conditions of the ghettos as well as the parallel realities of official rules and inmates’ alternative social structures. The theoretical approach follows the line developed by Erwin Goffman and his conceptualization of the coercive systems as total institutions.

  9. Improvements to the Understanding of the Fire Performance of Wood over the Past 30 Years-A Tribute to Robert Hawthorne White

    Samuel L. Zelinka; Mark A. Dietenberger; Laura E. Hasburgh; Keith J. Bourne; Charles Boardman


    Dr. Robert Hawthorne White had a 31 year career researching the fire performance of wood and wood composites at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory. Over his career, Dr. White made substantial contributions to codes, standards, and regulations pertaining to the design of wood structures. This review article summarizes Robert’s major accomplishments as a tribute to his...

  10. Official dosimetry with individual electronic dosemeters - the concept in Germany

    Czarwinski, R.; Kaulard, J.; Pfeffer, W.


    Full text: Presently, in Germany passive dosemeters (film batches, RPL, TLD) are used for the official individual monitoring of occupational exposed personal. The application of electronic individual dosemeters (EPD) is carried out mainly for the operative radiation protection control particularly in nuclear power engineering companies, big hospitals und research centres. This means in such institutions double monitoring exists - legally and operatively. A crucial advantage of EPD compared to passive dosemeter is the possibility to adapt the monitoring period to the working time in the control area, e.g. a job related monitoring is available. Germany started a project for an optimized implementation of EPD into the official dosimetry. Objective of the project whose results will be described in the paper is the harmonization of radiation protection of companies workers and outside workers concerning the record of individual and job related exposures. The approval of the EPD by the Federal and Laender authorities as an official dosimetric system demands the implementation of special requirements concerning the data acquisition, data transfer and data evaluation. These issues are focuses of the Federal research project, supervised by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and performed by the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS), Cologne to develop a concept in the first stage. (author)

  11. Automation of Publications in Official Statistics using R

    Guido Schulz


    Full Text Available A key task of official statistical authorities is to collect and disseminate indicators periodically. Automation using a wide range of R packages bears massive potential to cut down the resources necessary for the creation of publications. Furthermore, automation in R has the potential to improve transparency, punctuality and coherence of statistical products. The dynamic reporting engine knitr in particular allows for an efficient combination of R’s functionalities of data retrieval, data manipulation and customizable plotting on the one hand, and the layout and typesetting flexibility of LaTex or other markup languages on the other. This allows official statistical authorities to produce either ready-to-print PDFs or interactive websites while adhering to their corporate design requirements. Furthermore, dynamic reporting makes it possible to update periodic publications automatically. A work in progress example of automated statistical country profiles – a product the German Federal Statistical Office regularly publishes based on a wide range of official international sources – will be presented to illustrate both advantages and challenges in the practical use of dynamic reporting using R and knitr in particular.

  12. Helping Raise the Official Statistics Capability of Government Employees

    Forbes Sharleen


    Full Text Available Both the production and the use of official statistics are important in the business of government. In New Zealand, concern persists about many government advisors’ low level of statistical capability. One programme designed specifically to enhance capability is New Zealand’s National Certificate of Official Statistics, first introduced in 2007 and originally targeted at government policy analysts and advisors. It now includes participants from many agencies, including the National Statistics Office. The competency-based 40-credit certificate comprises four taught units that aim to give students skills in basic official statistics and in critically evaluating statistical, research, policy, or media publications for their quality (of data, survey design, analysis, and conclusions and appropriateness for some policy issue (e.g., how to reduce problem gambling, together with an ‘umbrella’ workplace-based statistics project. Case studies are used to embed the statistics learning into the real-world context of these students. Several surveys of students and their managers were undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of the certificate in terms of enhancing skill levels and meeting organisational needs and also to examine barriers to completion of the certificate. The results were used to both modify the programme and extend its international applicability.

  13. Feature article: adoption of an official ISEA glossary

    Zartarian, Valerie; Bahadori, Tina; McKone, Thomas


    The International Society for Exposure Analysis (ISEA) and its Nomenclature Committee have been involved since the mid-1990s in an intermittent but ongoing effort to develop an official ISEA glossary. Several related activities have stimulated greater interest and discussion nationally and internationally on a common exposure language. Among these activities are a 1997 Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology feature article on exposure and dose definitions and a 1999-initiated project of the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) (WHO/ILO/UNEP) to confront terminology issues hindering harmonization in the area of exposure assessment. Recently the ISEA members voted in support of adopting the IPCS glossary as the official ISEA glossary, and the ISEA Executive Board agreed to accept this recommendation. In this feature article we (1) describe the process through which the ISEA adopted the IPCS glossary as the official ISEA glossary, (2) present the joint IPC S/ISEA glossary of terms and their definitions, and (3) discuss plans for how the glossary can be used by ISEA and updated over time by ISEA and IPCS. The glossary is intended to be a living document that reflects the latest usage and maintains international harmonization of exposure terminology that can be practically applied to improve communication in exposure and related fields.

  14. The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World

    Metrinko, Michael J


    "The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World" is a comprehensive guide for American military officers assigned as advisors to regional officials in places very different from the United States...

  15. Robert L. Oprisko’s Honor: A Phenomenology and Holden Caulfield

    Eliza Quincey


    Full Text Available Robert L. Oprisko’s book, “Honor: A Phenomenology” challenges ones of the most obvious social norms in contemporary society. The concept of honor is one that the “generic” as Sergei Prozorov would say, simply cannot comprehend, nor even make efforts to define. Though fluently used in infamous works such as “The Iliad”, honor has yet to be so explicitly dissected until now. Dr. Oprisko’s book takes a promiscuous and brutally honest approach to “Honor” en generale as well as the many facets associated with such. Similar to fine cuisine and wine, there are many literary accompaniments that serve as wonderful pairings to broaden the kaleidoscope perspectives presented in the book. The contested novel by J.D. Salinger, “The Catcher in the Rye”, although by no means consists of any political or metaphysical theory, contains a stark personification of what is actively presented in every chapter of Dr. Oprisko’s book. Holden Caufield serves as a terrific litmus test for the concepts defined in Oprisko’s work. Holden is by no means a likeable character in the literary world, but however he is raw enough to be able to internalize and beholden things like, “honorableness”, “dignity”, and most importantly for Holden, “face”. Though to the naked eye and untrained mind these “things” which Holden can in fact internalize may seem fairly simple; it challenges the reader to humble oneself and accept that which is the raw. There is no space for semantics and lies in Oprisko’s work. In fact it is so shockingly explicit, one may find themselves utterly offended. Holden Caufield offended readers for years after Sallinger brought him to life over the span of 200 or more so pages, so much that the book was condemned in certain places. Robert L. Oprisko’s, “Honor: A Phenomenology”, in my utmost opinion, contains this same potential. By critically engaging in Oprisko’s spar with “honor”, one may find themselves

  16. Bookshelf (Conceptual Foundations of Modern Particle Physics, by Robert E. Marshak)

    Fritzsch, Harald


    Particle physics really began as an independent scientific discipline after the Second World War. Robert Marshak was one of its pioneers on the theoretical front, starting out his career with important contributions on meson theory (together with Hans Bethe). The life of Marshak, who died in December 1992, was intimately interwoven with the post-war development of particle physics. His work on weak interaction theory was an important step towards the formulation of the V-A theory, the main pillar on which the modern electroweak theory rests erected. He is also remembered as the founder of the biennial 'Rochester' conference series (March 1993, page 24). Just before his death Robert Marshak finished writing his book on the concepts of particle physics. The book starts out with an historical account of the development of the field. He divides it into the startup period (1945-60) - the period of meson physics, the physics of strange particles, parity violation etc; the heroic period (1960-1975) when the Standard Model of the electroweak and strong interactions was developed; and finally the period of consolidation and speculation (since 1975). Marshak's recollection of the development of particle physics represents a personal view, worth reading by young researchers, although it does not attempt to provide a complete picture. After the historical chapter Marshak introduces the reader to the basics of quantum field theory (space-time symmetries, global internal symmetries and their breaking, gauge symmetries). Later he turns to a description of QCD and the gauge theory of the electroweak interactions. A whole chapter is devoted to the problems related to anomalies. In the last part of the book Marshak discusses various hypotheses of unifying the strong and electroweak interactions, especially the various facets of the SO(10) theory, followed by a long discussion of the fermion generation problem and of preon models. The book concludes with an extensive

  17. Twenty-one Ways to Develop Esprit De Corps Among Your Student Officials.

    Kovalakides, Nick

    Student officials for intramural sports can be given special training to enhance their aptitude in the field, but their attitude is more difficult to develop. This paper suggests 21 ways to develop attitude among student officials. Some of the suggestions are: Athletic departments should emphasize the role of the official in the intramural…

  18. 9 CFR 316.8 - Unmarked inspected products; moved between official establishments; moved in commerce.


    ... between official establishments; moved in commerce. 316.8 Section 316.8 Animals and Animal Products FOOD... establishment to another official establishment, for further processing, in a railroad car, truck, or other closed container, if the railroad car, truck, or container is sealed with an official seal of the...

  19. 7 CFR 56.35 - Authority to use, and approval of official identification.


    ... of labels or packaging materials bearing official identification or denial of the benefits of the Act.... No label, container, or packaging material bearing official identification may be printed or prepared... with this part. Packaging materials bearing official identification marks shall be approved pursuant to...

  20. 47 CFR 1.359 - Proof of official record; authentication of copy.


    ... 47 Telecommunication 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Proof of official record; authentication of copy. 1.359 Section 1.359 Telecommunication FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION GENERAL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE Hearing Proceedings Evidence § 1.359 Proof of official record; authentication of copy. An official...

  1. 9 CFR 590.412 - Form of official identification symbol and inspection mark.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Form of official identification symbol... PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT) Identifying and Marking Product § 590.412 Form of official identification symbol... official identification symbol for purposes of this part and, when used, imitated, or simulated in any...

  2. 9 CFR 592.310 - Form of official identification symbol and inspection mark.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Form of official identification symbol... Identifying and Marking Products § 592.310 Form of official identification symbol and inspection mark. (a) The shield set forth in Figure 1, containing the letters “USDA,” shall be the official identification symbol...

  3. Diversity dynamics: The experience of male Robert Wood Johnson Foundation nurse faculty scholars.

    Brody, Abraham A; Farley, Jason E; Gillespie, Gordon L; Hickman, Ronald; Hodges, Eric A; Lyder, Courtney; Palazzo, Steven J; Ruppar, Todd; Schiavenato, Martin; Pesut, Daniel J

    Managing diversity dynamics in academic or clinical settings for men in nursing has unique challenges resulting from their minority status within the profession. The purpose of this study was to share challenges and lessons learned identified by male scholars in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program and suggest strategies for creating positive organizations promoting inclusive excellence. Multiple strategies including informal mentored discussions and peer-to-peer dialogue throughout the program, formal online surveys of scholars and National Advisory Committee members, and review of scholar progress reports were analyzed as part of the comprehensive evaluation plan of the program. Diversity dynamic issues include concerns with negative stereotyping, microaggression, gender intelligence, and differences in communication and leadership styles. Male nurse faculty scholars report experiencing both opportunities and challenges residing in a predominately female profession. This article attempts to raise awareness and suggest strategies to manage diversity dynamics in service of promoting the development of a culture of health that values diversity and inclusive excellence for both men and women in academic, research, and practice contexts. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Sobre o Conceito de Justiça em John Rawls e Robert Nozick

    Keberson Bresolin


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem como objetivo apresentar o pensamento e o conceito de justiça como equidade presente na obra Uma Teoria da Justiça (1971 de John Rawls. Para isso, demonstraremos como o autor relaciona os conceitos de posição original e véu de ignorância como procedimento da escolha racional. Além disso, pretendemos apresentar também o conceito de justiça presente na obra Anarquia, estado e utopia (1974 de Robert Nozick. Por isso, abordaremos a concepção libertária nozickiana dos direitos individuais e o estado mínimo, o qual deve ser fundamentado para proteger estes direitos. Desta forma, procederemos expondo os princípios que subjazem no pensamento político de ambos os autores e como estes constroem seu arcabouço conceitual. Ao fazer isso, colocaremos as duas propostas em diálogo.

  5. Contemporary Studies Network Roundtable: Responding to Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Generation Anthropocene’

    Rachel Sykes


    Full Text Available In April 2016, 'The Guardian' published ‘Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet forever’ by the celebrated academic and nature writer Robert Macfarlane. Reflecting on the article’s importance as a critical experiment and, perhaps, a vital form of public engagement, Contemporary Studies Network (CSN asked six of its members, working across very different areas of literary and cultural studies, to respond to and extend Macfarlane’s article, mapping the different ways in which literary scholars might approach the age of the Anthropocene. Conducted via email, this roundtable conversation asks to what extent the Anthropocene marks a new era in literary criticism, how exactly it extends preexisting strands of ecocriticism and trauma studies, and what the global scope of the term might be beyond the confines of the Western literary canon. Discussion ranges from issues of temporality to genre and form and it also addresses Macfarlane’s rhetoric, his call to arms for those working in the humanities, for a more comprehensive investigation in to the roles of literature and art in responding to and representing what may become a new epoch.

  6. The two faces of Robert Fitzroy, Captain of HMS Beagle and governor of New Zealand.

    Paul, Diane B; Stenhouse, John; Spencer, Hamish G


    Robert FitzRoy, Captain of HMS Beagle and second governor of New Zealand, has two contradictory reputations among modern academics. Evolutionary biologists and Darwin scholars generally view FitzRoy as a supporter of slavery, famously quarrelling with the abolitionist Darwin over that topic during a Brazilian stopover early in the voyage of HMS Beagle. He is also regarded as a political and religious reactionary, taking a biblically creationist position at the infamous 1860 Oxford meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. New Zealand historians, however, view his record as governor much more positively. They emphasize that FitzRoy was wildly unpopular with the British settlers because of his enlightened insistence that the native Maori should be treated fairly. We outline the history of these seemingly inconsistent views and examine the evidence for each. We conclude by suggesting that a more nuanced account of FitzRoy's career would surely be more thought-provoking as well as respectful of the facts.

  7. Robert Plant (1818–1858: A Victorian plant hunter in Natal, Zululand, Mauritius and the Seychelles

    Donal P. McCracken


    Full Text Available In the 1850s Robert William Plant collected plants and other natural specimens in what is now KwaZulu-Natal. This one-time Englishman compiled a dictionary for gardeners before emigrating to Natal in 1850. There he worked as the agent for Samuel Stevens, the London dealer in ‘curiosities of natural history’. Though Plant collected mainly plants, he also sent consignments of beetles, butterflies, bird skins and shells back to Britain. He published the first scientific paper on Zululand and was requested by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to write the first Flora natalensis. It was while collecting for this never-to-be-completed treatise that Plant contracted malaria in Maputaland. He died in St Lucia in 1858 and in doing so became South Africa’s martyr to botany. What emerges from this study is a picture of the difficulties faced by plant hunters in mid-19th-century South Africa, the sort of plants they collected and the necessity for them sometimes to diversify into other natural history products to survive.

  8. A capital Scot: microscopes and museums in Robert E. Grant's zoology (1815-1840).

    Quick, Tom


    Early nineteenth-century zoology in Britain has been characterized as determined by the ideological concerns of its proponents. Taking the zoologist Robert E. Grant as an exemplary figure in this regard, this article offers a differently nuanced account of the conditions under which natural-philosophical knowledge concerning animal life was established in post-Napoleonic Britain. Whilst acknowledging the ideological import of concepts such as force and law, it points to an additional set of concerns amongst natural philosophers - that of appropriate tool use in investigation. Grant's studies in his native Edinburgh relied heavily on the use of microscopes. On his arrival in London, however, he entered a culture in which a different set of objects - museum specimens - held greater persuasive power. This article relates changes in Grant's ideas and practices to the uneven emphases on microscopic and museological evidence amongst European, Scottish and English natural philosophers at this time. In so doing, it identifies the reliance of London-based natural philosophers on museology as constituting a limiting effect on the kinds of claim that Grant sought to make regarding the nature of life.

  9. Establishment and characterization of Roberts syndrome and SC phocomelia model medaka (Oryzias latipes).

    Morita, Akihiro; Nakahira, Kumiko; Hasegawa, Taeko; Uchida, Kaoru; Taniguchi, Yoshihito; Takeda, Shunichi; Toyoda, Atsushi; Sakaki, Yoshiyuki; Shimada, Atsuko; Takeda, Hiroyuki; Yanagihara, Itaru


    Roberts syndrome and SC phocomelia (RBS/SC) are genetic autosomal recessive syndromes caused by establishment of cohesion 1 homolog 2 ( ESCO 2) mutation. RBS/SC appear to have a variety of clinical features, even with the same mutation of the ESCO2 gene. Here, we established and genetically characterized a medaka model of RBS/SC by reverse genetics. The RBS/SC model was screened from a mutant medaka library produced by the Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes method. The medaka mutant carrying the homozygous mutation at R80S in the conserved region of ESCO2 exhibited clinical variety (i.e. developmental arrest with craniofacial and chromosomal abnormalities and embryonic lethality) as characterized in RBS/SC. Moreover, widespread apoptosis and downregulation of some gene expression, including notch1a, were detected in the R80S mutant. The R80S mutant is the animal model for RBS/SC and a valuable resource that provides the opportunity to extend knowledge of ESCO2. Downregulation of some gene expression in the R80S mutant is an important clue explaining non-correlation between genotype and phenotype in RBS/SC. © 2012 The Authors Development, Growth & Differentiation © 2012 Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists.

  10. A Staged Reading of the Play: TRANSCENDENCE: Relativity and Its Discontents by Robert Marc Friedman

    Friedman, Robert Marc


    TRANSCENDENCE explores aspects of Einstein's life and his general theory of relativity at the time of the theory's creation and initial reception. While being faithful to historical scholarship, the play creates its own theatrical reality aiming to engage emotions and intellect. Those who strive for transcendence must nevertheless also confront the harsh realities of living in specific time-bound social contexts. Universal constants that anchor physical theory in an objective reality, as Einstein believed, do not readily have equivalents in notions of identity, duty, loyalty, and excellence. In November 1915 after toiling for years in Zurich, Prague, and now Berlin, Einstein achieved his general theory of relativity. When in 1919 British astronomers announced evidence for the bending of starlight by the sun as Einstein had predicted, he soon surprisingly found himself an international celebrity. Expectations arose that he would be called to Stockholm. But the Nobel Committee for Physics refused to acknowledge ``speculations'' such Einstein's. The dismissal of relativity entailed principled and biased opposition, and not simply mistakes in evaluation. Several committee members agreed that Einstein must not receive a Prize. Join us for a dramatic staged reading of TRANSCENDENCE, a play by the science historian Robert Marc Friedman ( and directed by James Glossman, Lecturer in Directing and Shakespeare, Johns Hopkins University. After the performance, the playwright, director and actors will be available for a talk-back audience discussion.

  11. Folk Narratives and the Reflection of (UTU Humanness in Shaaban Robert Adili na Nduzuze

    J.P. Madoshi


    Full Text Available This paper examines the novel Adili na Nduguze by Shaaban Robert. It seeks to explain how humanness is embedded in the plot of this prose fiction. The study uses Utu/Ubuntu as a theory of analyzing and explaining the events and the actions within this novel. The focus of the paper is to explore the plot of the novel in order to see how it reflects humanness (Utu/Ubuntu as it is perceived among the Bantu. The analysis is done by examining the reason of characters appellation and the author attention to diction which shows how royal characters intervene a conflict within this creative work. Also the study examines the novel in order to provide an account of the ontological conflict of two opposing beliefs in which a city is turned into stones (Mji Uliogeuka Mawe. Lastly, the paper attempts to inspect and explain reasons why Hasidi and Mwivu, Adili two brothers are turned into baboons, subjected to severe whipping from Adili and the cause of the removal of the curse placed upon them which subsequently makes them humans again.

  12. The 2008 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Robert Huber, Chemistry 1988. Interview by Klaus J. Korak.

    Huber, Robert


    Robert Huber and his colleagues, Johann Deisenhofer and Hartmut Michel, elucidated the three-dimensional structure of the Rhodopseudomonas viridis photosynthetic reaction center. This membrane protein complex is a basic component of photosynthesis - a process fundamental to life on Earth - and for their work, Huber and his colleagues received the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Because structural information is central to understanding virtually any biological process, Huber likens their discovery to "switching on the light" for scientists trying to understand photosynthesis. Huber marvels at the growth of structural biology since the time he entered the field, when crystallographers worked with hand-made instruments and primitive computers, and only "a handful" of crystallographers would meet annually in the Bavarian Alps. In the "explosion" of structural biology since his early days of research, Huber looks to the rising generation of scientists to solve the remaining mysteries in the field - such as the mechanisms that underlie protein folding. A strong proponent of science mentorship, Huber delights in meeting young researchers at the annual Nobel Laureate Meetings in Lindau, Germany. He hopes that among these young scientists is an "Einstein of biology" who, he says with a twinkle in his eye, "doesn't know it yet." The interview was conducted by JoVE co-founder Klaus J. Korak at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2008 in Lindau, Germany.

  13. Dr. Robert G. Heath: a controversial figure in the history of deep brain stimulation.

    O'Neal, Christen M; Baker, Cordell M; Glenn, Chad A; Conner, Andrew K; Sughrue, Michael E


    The history of psychosurgery is filled with tales of researchers pushing the boundaries of science and ethics. These stories often create a dark historical framework for some of the most important medical and surgical advancements. Dr. Robert G. Heath, a board-certified neurologist, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, holds a debated position within this framework and is most notably remembered for his research on schizophrenia. Dr. Heath was one of the first physicians to implant electrodes in deep cortical structures as a psychosurgical intervention. He used electrical stimulation in an attempt to cure patients with schizophrenia and as a method of conversion therapy in a homosexual man. This research was highly controversial, even prior to the implementation of current ethics standards for clinical research and often goes unmentioned within the historical narrative of deep brain stimulation (DBS). While distinction between the modern practice of DBS and its controversial origins is necessary, it is important to examine Dr. Heath's work as it allows for reflection on current neurosurgical practices and questioning the ethical implication of these advancements.

  14. Essay: Robert H. Siemann As Leader of the Advanced Accelerator Research Department

    Colby, Eric R.; Hogan, Mark J.; /SLAC


    Robert H. Siemann originally conceived of the Advanced Accelerator Research Department (AARD) as an academic, experimental group dedicated to probing the technical limitations of accelerators while providing excellent educational opportunities for young scientists. The early years of the Accelerator Research Department B, as it was then known, were dedicated to a wealth of mostly student-led experiments to examine the promise of advanced accelerator techniques. High-gradient techniques including millimeter-wave rf acceleration, beam-driven plasma acceleration, and direct laser acceleration were pursued, including tests of materials under rf pulsed heating and short-pulse laser radiation, to establish the ultimate limitations on gradient. As the department and program grew, so did the motivation to found an accelerator research center that brought experimentalists together in a test facility environment to conduct a broad range of experiments. The Final Focus Test Beam and later the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator provided unique experimental facilities for AARD staff and collaborators to carry out advanced accelerator experiments. Throughout the evolution of this dynamic program, Bob maintained a department atmosphere and culture more reminiscent of a university research group than a national laboratory department. His exceptional ability to balance multiple roles as scientist, professor, and administrator enabled the creation and preservation of an environment that fostered technical innovation and scholarship.

  15. Rahim and Robert, Stitched Together in Silence (Creative Intervention

    Monir Moniruzzaman


    Full Text Available Spare Parts ( is an art installation created collaboratively by Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Jim Ruxton, Camille Turner, and Monir Moniruzzaman. Based on Monir Moniruzzaman’s ethnographic research on the illicit organ trade, Spare Parts explores the ethics of organ trafficking and the emergence of bodily inequality in times of transplant tinkering. In this installation, the viewer is confronted with life sized video projections of Rahim Sheikh, a Bangladeshi kidney seller and Robert Zurrer, a Canadian kidney transplant recipient/buyer, whose kidneys were commodified in the marketplace. The video projections are installed so that the individuals sit in silence facing each other.  Spare Parts highlights the intimacy of spare parts, the economy of the global marketplace, the perils of techno-medicine, and what is means to be human in the 21st century. The installation captures that the buying and selling of body parts is not just a market transaction, but rather represents the desperation, dis/connection, and inequality that exists in the trade.

  16. White goddess--the unspeakable name. An inquiry into Robert Graves' King Jesus.

    Nakano, N


    Robert Graves is a poet-mythographer, well-known in the U. K. and the U. S. A., but not in Japan despite his huge amount of poetic, mythographical, prose and critical works. Furthermore, even in the U. S. A. and the U. K., some people have been shunning him politely as a versatile iconoclast possessed of the White Goddess. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that when King Jesus, a life story of Christ, was published, people were shocked at his extraordinary mythographical Christology derived from his enthusiasm towards the White Goddess Cult. In Christ he discovered the fragments of maternal doctrine as a new concept in opposition to the Apollonian theory of Judaism, but they seemed to be quite incomplete in the author's eyes lacking in something most essential in life, recognition of love and hatred discipline. This paper is an inquiry into how the author developed his own hermaneutics of Christ through his wide and thorough scholarship on mythology, history, the Bible and Celtic poetry.

  17. [Regulation of behavior in the period between the world wars: Robert Musil and Kurt Lewin].

    Innerhofer, Roland; Rothe, Katja


    The paper attempts to reconstruct the proto-cybernetic concept of regulation which emerged in early 20th century both in biology and psychology, and was critically reflected in literature. The basic premise is that Kurt Lewin's field-theoretical psychology played a crucial role in the development of behavioral self-regulation concepts. The goal is to show (1) that Lewin's early experiments and theories were based on the idea of a dynamic process of self-regulation determined by the actors and their personal motivation and interaction, (2) that this concept of self-regulation functioned as a camouflage for power-strategies that aimed to regulate and optimize the economic production and social reproduction processes, (3) that in Robert Musil's fragmentary, 'fringing' novel The Man without Qualities the attempt to optimize the social and economic behavior and to establish a homeostatic state proved to be a complete failure. As a notable result, this 'literary test' of behavioral self-regulation revealed the violence and imbalance of power inherent in this concept of self-regulation and its practical implementation.

  18. [Severe post-partum hemorrhage: descriptive study at the Robert-Debré Hospital maternity ward].

    Reyal, F; Deffarges, J; Luton, D; Blot, P; Oury, J F; Sibony, O


    To analyze the prevalence, cause, treatment, and risk factors of severe post-partum hemorrhage (transfusion, surgery, radiology) observed at the maternity ward of the Robert-Debré Hospital, Paris. Method. This retrospective cohort was collected from a database including 19182 deliveries from 1992 to 1998. The entire medical file was reviewed in cases of severe hemorrhage. The prevalence of severe post-partum hemorrhage was 23 per 10,000 deliveries (44 patients). Transfusion was performed in 44/44 and hysterectomy in 3/44. Three patients were transferred to the intensive care unit. There were no deaths. At multivariate analysis, risk factors for severe post-partum hemorrhage were: abnormal placental insertion (OR=7.2; 95CI: 2.18-18.3), cesarean (OR=5.8; 95CI: 2.9-11.6), multiple pregnancy (OR=3.2; 95CI: 1.3-7.8), prematurity (OR=3, 95CI: 1.5-6.2), hypertension (OR=2.9; 95CI: 1.3-6.3). Twenty-six percent of the patients had no risk factors. The prevalence of severe pot-partum hemorrhage is low in our experience. The methodology used for this retrospective cohort does not enable an explanation. Intensive obstetrical care is necessary in case of abnormal placenta insertion. In 10 out of 44 cases, severe post-partum hemorrhage occurred in a context of insufficient monitoring, late or erroneous diagnosis, or incorrect treatment.

  19. Robert Dicke and the naissance of experimental gravity physics, 1957-1967

    Peebles, Phillip James Edwin


    The experimental study of gravity became much more active in the late 1950s, a change pronounced enough be termed the birth, or naissance, of experimental gravity physics. I present a review of developments in this subject since 1915, through the broad range of new approaches that commenced in the late 1950s, and up to the transition of experimental gravity physics to what might be termed a normal and accepted part of physical science in the late 1960s. This review shows the importance of advances in technology, here as in all branches of natural science. The role of contingency is illustrated by Robert Dicke's decision in the mid-1950s to change directions in mid-career, to lead a research group dedicated to the experimental study of gravity. The review also shows the power of nonempirical evidence. Some in the 1950s felt that general relativity theory is so logically sound as to be scarcely worth the testing. But Dicke and others argued that a poorly tested theory is only that, and that other nonempirical arguments, based on Mach's Principle and Dirac's Large Numbers hypothesis, suggested it would be worth looking for a better theory of gravity. I conclude by offering lessons from this history, some peculiar to the study of gravity physics during the naissance, some of more general relevance. The central lesson, which is familiar but not always well advertised, is that physical theories can be empirically established, sometimes with surprising results.

  20. Essay: Robert H. Siemann As Leader of the Advanced Accelerator Research Department

    Colby, Eric R.; Hogan, Mark J.


    Robert H. Siemann originally conceived of the Advanced Accelerator Research Department (AARD) as an academic, experimental group dedicated to probing the technical limitations of accelerators while providing excellent educational opportunities for young scientists. The early years of the Accelerator Research Department B, as it was then known, were dedicated to a wealth of mostly student-led experiments to examine the promise of advanced accelerator techniques. High-gradient techniques including millimeter-wave rf acceleration, beam-driven plasma acceleration, and direct laser acceleration were pursued, including tests of materials under rf pulsed heating and short-pulse laser radiation, to establish the ultimate limitations on gradient. As the department and program grew, so did the motivation to found an accelerator research center that brought experimentalists together in a test facility environment to conduct a broad range of experiments. The Final Focus Test Beam and later the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator provided unique experimental facilities for AARD staff and collaborators to carry out advanced accelerator experiments. Throughout the evolution of this dynamic program, Bob maintained a department atmosphere and culture more reminiscent of a university research group than a national laboratory department. His exceptional ability to balance multiple roles as scientist, professor, and administrator enabled the creation and preservation of an environment that fostered technical innovation and scholarship.