Sample records for resourses water res


    Adrian ZUGRAVU


    Full Text Available The informational system for aquaculture activities provide a financial planning and analysis tool.The software can also be of assistance to land-based farmers who want to more thoroughly utilizetheir water resources by developing small-scale fish farm systems to provide supplementary income.Informational model has been enhanced to produce a comprehensive software package foraquaculture feasibility modeling, financial planning, sales and harvesting planning and managementinformation tools.

  2. Coupling of HEC-HMS and HEC-ResSim in Modeling the Fluctuation of Water Level in Devils Lake Using Heterogeneous Data

    Munna, H. S.; Lim, Y. H.


    Devils Lake, located in Ramsey and Benson County in North Dakota is a sub-basin of the Red River of the North. Although it lies entirely within the Red River Basin, it has no natural outlet at current water levels. Since its inception during the glacier period, Devils Lake has been either rising or falling over the last 10,000 years. Geologic evidence shows that the water level in Devils Lake has fluctuated widely from completely dry (about 1400 feet AMSL) to overflowing into the Sheyenne River (about 1459 feet AMSL). The uncontrolled growth of the lake has been an alarming issue for North Dakota for the past few years as it causes continuous flooding in the surrounding areas. A hydro-climatic model that can provide simulations of the water level of this lake for a 20 or 50 year time frame can be a useful decision making tool. In a mission to achieve that, heterogeneous data obtained from various sources were used to model the lake. Runoff from precipitation is one of the major inputs to the lake and to model that, eight major watersheds that feed directly to the lake were identified using Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of thirty meter resolution in ArcGIS environment. Hydrology and Arc Hydro tools were used to delineate the watersheds and sub-basins to generate the runoff using the HEC HMS model. The precipitation time series data collected from both NASA and ground stations were used separately to calibrate the runoff model. The generation of time series runoff values for individual basins for four consecutive years (2001-2004) was applied into HEC-ResSim, a reservoir simulation model, to estimate the lake level series considering the elevation-area-storage relationship and evaporation series from previous USGS studies. It is eminent that seepage under the lake played a key role in calibrating the model with observed elevations. The value of seepage flow was varied over increasing elevations as it depends on the height of water column. The model showed an

  3. In medias res

    Foote, Jonathan


    nor does he begin the Trojan War ab ovo (with the egg) but always he hurries to the action and snatches the listener in medias res (into the middle of things)      Horace, Ars Poetica 145–147 Good epic poets do not commence their tale from the beginning—ab ovo (with the egg)—as Horace states......, but rather descend in medias res (into the middle of things), a reference to the Illiad opening already many years into the Trojan War. Perhaps this sentiment of plunging into the middle of action was felt by researchers in 1976 when, upon the walls of the San Lorenzo New Sacristy in Florence, they uncovered...

  4. 我国科技人力资源统计应用的问题与思考%Problems and considerations of science and technology human resourse

    朱云鹃; 夏小玲; 许鹏远


    近年来我国开始重视人才发展战略,加强了对科技人力资源的统计和研究。在回顾科技人力资源界定理论的基础上,针对我国统计应用中存在的主要问题进行了分析与思考,提出了加速科技人力资源的理论研究、设立专门的科技人力资源统计年鉴、加强科技人力资源的统计分类、细分指标等改进建议。%China has already valued the strategy of talented personnel development and strengthened the statistics and research of ST human resourse recently.This paper reviews the definition theory of ST human resourse.Simultaneously it analyzes and considers the main problems of China's statistics application.Based on that,it offers some suggestions and considerations to accelerate the theory studies to set up special statistical yearbook of ST human resourse.It also brings forward some suggestions about improvement of the statistics categories and detailed index,etc.

  5. Res Publica aps / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    Autori sõnul tekitavad tänavatel ülesseatud postrid, kus peaminister Juhan Parts kutsub üles ütlema "jah" Euroopa Liidule, kummastust, sest ehkki on tegemist Res Publica kampaaniaga, on tavainimesel raske vahet teha valitsuse justkui neutraalse referendumikampaania ja Res Publica "jah"-kampaania vahel

  6. Lõhe Res Publicas / Eve Heinla

    Heinla, Eve, 1966-


    Tallinna linnapea Tõnis Palts on vastu Tallinna volikogu Res Publica fraktsiooni esimehe Toomas Tautsi abikaasa Kristina Tautsi tööleasumisele Lääne-Tallinna keskhaigla haldusjuhina. T. Paltsi kirjast Res Publica Tallinna piirkonna juhatusele. Lisa: Kuidas lahvatas pealinna võimutüli. Kommenteerivad: Maret Maripuu, Tõnis Palts, Vladimir Maslov

  7. A European Res publica

    Ola Zetterquist


    Full Text Available The article analyses the fundamental constitutional enigma of the European Union (EU, namely whether the EU can be considered as a (from its Member States separate and independent constitutional legal order. The EU is often referred to as a legal order sui generis, i.e. of a unique character that defies traditional definitions. More specifically, the notion of an independent and separate EU is at odds with the idea of the sovereign state. The notion of the EU as a legal order sui generis is too much influenced by the models of the sovereign state and sovereignty (in the vein of Thomas Hobbes. The key component in the Hobbesian idea of sovereignty is freedom as non-interference. A sovereign state is consequently a state that is free from, i.e. not interfered with by, external actors like, for example, the EU. Put differently, either the EU is sovereign or the Member States are sovereign. By shifting the perspective to a neo-Roman republican understanding of freedom as non-domination the constitutional picture of the EU will become more nuanced. Res publica is best understood as what citizens hold in common and above their narrow self-interest. According to a republican notion of the constitution the purpose of the law is to eliminate the possibility of arbitrary domination. For that reason, not all interference is to be considered as a restriction of freedom but only those restrictions that cannot be justified according to the res publica. Viewed through the republican prism it can be argued that the EU represents an important advancement in securing freedom as non-domination without implying that the EU must become a state. The fundamental enigma can thus be rephrased as a clash between two diverging concepts of freedom. Whereas the EU will always be at odds with the idea of sovereignty (however framed it will be much easier to reconcile with the republican ideal. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  8. Res Publica objedinjajetsja s Sojuzom Otetshestva


    Res Publica ja Isamaaliidu liitumisel tekib uus erakond - Eesti Eest!. Ida-Viru Isamaaliidu ja Res Publica esimeeste Hans Pindre, Vladislav Ponjatovski ning Narva Res Publica endise liidri Nikolai Golubevi arvamused

  9. Hypoglycemic depression of RES function.

    Buchanan, B J; Filkins, J P


    The intravascular removal rates of colloidal carbon and of biologically active endotoxin by the reticuloendothelial system (RES) were evaluated as a function of blood-glucose levels. There was a significant negative correlation of carbon clearance half time on blood glucose in both saline-treated and insulin-treated rats. Insulin hypoglycemia depressed RES carbon clearance with the maximal effect occurring at blood glucose values below 30 mg/dl. Insulin hypoglycemia also severely impaired the intravascular removal of endotoxin as evaluated by lethality bioassay in lead-sensitized rats. It is concluded that blood glucose may modulate RES phagocytic function and that the hypoglycemia of endotoxin shock may augment the shock state due to impairment of RES host defense clearance functions.

  10. Res Cover Aug 07

    soil and the water body into which they are discharged, decreases. – sometimes to a ... industry to take up measures to overcome the effects of polluting effluents ... samples, they have three-dimensional crystalline microporous channels in ...

  11. 企业资源规划系统文档管理模块的设计%Design of Document Management Module in Enterprise Resourse Planning System



    随着信息技术的发展,文档管理在企业资源规划(Enterprise Resourse Planning,ERP)系统中的作用越来越重要.基于文档管理模块的总体架构,从实现角度分析ERP系统文档管理涉及到的主要技术问题并给出了解决方案,从而为ERP系统中的文档管理功能提供了设计思想.

  12. Res Publica v respublike / Roman Gornev

    Gornev, Roman


    Järg 29. november nr. 48 lk. 7. Res Publica - uue poliitika partei. Res Publica Ida-Virumaal, partei juhtfiguurid, Res Publica Kohtla-Järvel. Koalitsioonileping Keskerakonnaga viis konfliktini partei juhtkonnaga. Kohtla-Järve Res Publica kohaliku organisatsiooni konflikti partei juhtkonnaga kommenteerib Hants Hint

  13. Res Publica kogub uut hoogu / Andres Jalak

    Jalak, Andres, 1953-


    Kommenteerides Res Publica senise esimehe ja endise peaministri Juhan Partsi ning uueks esimeheks valitud Taavi Veskimäe kõnet Res Publica üldkogul, väljendab Res Publica fraktsiooni aseesimees usku, et Res Publica juhtimisel suudetakse 2007. aasta parlamendivalimistel taastada tulevikku suunatud mõtlemisega valitsus

  14. BioMagResBank.

    Ulrich, E.L.; Akutsu, H.; Doreleijers, J.; Harano, Y.; Ioannidis, Y.E.; Lin, J.; Livny, M.; Mading, S.; Maziuk, D.; Miller, Z.; Nakatani, E.; Schulte, C.F.; Tolmie, D.E.; Wenger, R.K.; Yao, H.; Markley, J.L.


    The BioMagResBank (BMRB: is a repository for experimental and derived data gathered from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic studies of biological molecules. BMRB is a partner in the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB). The BMRB archive consists of four main data

  15. Resúmenes Conferencias Magistrales

    Editor Gabriel Vargas Arana


    Full Text Available En este artículo se pueden encontrar los resúmenes de las conferencias magistrales del III Congreso Latinoamericano de Plantas Medicinales, desarrollado del 12 al 14 de agosto de 2015 en la ciudad de Iquitos, Perú.

  16. Resúmenes Presentaciones Orales

    Editor Gabriel Vargas Arana


    Full Text Available En este artículo se pueden encontrar los resúmenes de las presentaciones orales del III Congreso Latinoamericano de Plantas Medicinales, desarrollado del 12 al 14 de agosto de 2015 en la ciudad de Iquitos, Perú.

  17. RES: Regularized Stochastic BFGS Algorithm

    Mokhtari, Aryan; Ribeiro, Alejandro


    RES, a regularized stochastic version of the Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno (BFGS) quasi-Newton method is proposed to solve convex optimization problems with stochastic objectives. The use of stochastic gradient descent algorithms is widespread, but the number of iterations required to approximate optimal arguments can be prohibitive in high dimensional problems. Application of second order methods, on the other hand, is impracticable because computation of objective function Hessian inverses incurs excessive computational cost. BFGS modifies gradient descent by introducing a Hessian approximation matrix computed from finite gradient differences. RES utilizes stochastic gradients in lieu of deterministic gradients for both, the determination of descent directions and the approximation of the objective function's curvature. Since stochastic gradients can be computed at manageable computational cost RES is realizable and retains the convergence rate advantages of its deterministic counterparts. Convergence results show that lower and upper bounds on the Hessian egeinvalues of the sample functions are sufficient to guarantee convergence to optimal arguments. Numerical experiments showcase reductions in convergence time relative to stochastic gradient descent algorithms and non-regularized stochastic versions of BFGS. An application of RES to the implementation of support vector machines is developed.

  18. Mida ootame Res Publica poliitikutelt? / Andreas Kaju

    Kaju, Andreas


    Res Publica Juventus on piirkondadele saadetud küsitlustega otsinud vastuseid mitmetele probleemidele. Eesmärk Res Publica poliitilise käitumise raamide määramine. Tabel: Juventuse küsimused piirkondadele

  19. Rahvaliit likvideerib Res Publica veeuputust / Janno Reiljan

    Reiljan, Janno, 1951-2018


    Ilmunud ka: Molodjozh Estonii 1. august lk. 5. Selgitused Res Publica esimehe Taavi Veskimägi artiklile 25. juuli Postimehes "Pärast meid tulgu või veeuputus". Res Publica ja Rahvaliidu poliitika võrdlus

  20. Miks Res Publica kaotas / Juhan Parts

    Parts, Juhan, 1966-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje, 29. juuni 2004, lk. 2; Koit, 29. juuni 2004, lk. 6. Europarlamendi valimiste tulemused erakonnale Res Publica. Juhan Partsi kõne 26. juunil Pärnus toimunud Res Publica volikogul. Lühendatult

  1. Padenije Res Publica / Viktoria Jürmann

    Jürmann, Viktoria


    Res Publica üks rajajatest, Rein Taagepera, lahkus parteist, süüdistades erakonda paremtsentristlikust maailmavaatest loobumises. Res Publica Riigikogu fraktsioon tahab avaldada umbusaldust haridus- ja teadusminister Mailis Repsile

  2. Res Publica esitas avalduse kaposse / Virkko Lepassalu

    Lepassalu, Virkko, 1971-


    Kaposse jõudis Res Publica avaldus, milles palutakse uurida erakonda seadusvastaselt anonüümselt sponsoreerima kutsuva kirja tagamaid. Vt. ka Äripäev 19. veebruar lk. 6 "Kapo ei alustanud Res Publica avalduse peale kriminaalmenetlust"

  3. Rein Taagepera lahkub Res Publicast / Kristjan Roos

    Roos, Kristjan, 1978-


    Res Publica asutaja Rein Taagepera, Jaan Einasto, Mare Taagepera ja Lauri Aaspõllu lahkuvad Res Publicast, kuna erakond on nende väitel muutunud paremtsentrist paremäärmuslikuks. Vt. samas: Erakonnad hoiavad uksed valla

  4. 10 teesi Res Publica valitsemisprogrammist aastani 2007


    Ilmunud ka: Ottshjot narodu Estonii. Res Publica 2003, 2004, lk. 4-5, 8-9. Res Publica valitsemisprogrammi lubadustest ja täitmisest. Vt. lk. 8-9 Res Publica ministrite olulisemad tegevused 2004. aastal - lühiülevaate teevad Ken-Marti Vaher, Taavi Veskimägi, Marko Pomerants, Toivo Maimets

  5. Teine Res Musica ilmunud / Jaan Ross

    Ross, Jaan, 1957-


    Artiklikogumikust: Res musica [2] : Eesti Muusikateaduse Seltsi ja Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia muusikateaduse osakonna aastaraamat / peatoimetaja Urve Lippus. Tallinn : Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia, 2010

  6. The natural and social-economic resourses of the Republic of Komi

    Fridman, Anton; Yakovleva, Maya; Kuchkina, Ekaterina; Lyaskovskiy, Sergey; Ievlev, Nikolay


    North-West of Russian Federation, include 11 subjects of Russian Federation. One of the most interesting regions is republic of Komi.. The native population of North - korely, rusichi, komi, ved', permyaki and other peoples are living here. Main characteristics of region are pollution-free territory, low population concentration, material wealth and huge forest and water resources. Flora and fauna are also interesting. Successful fishing and hunting are possible because of great variety of animals and fish. There are 240 protected natural areas in Republic of Komi (information on the 1st January 2010). All these features let organize scientific expeditions, tourists' routes helping to know unique nature and ethnical culture of North.

  7. Frontières sociales, frontières culturelles, frontières techniques


    Full Text Available Les sociétés démocratiques modernes ont basé leur unité sur l'égalité des chances et sur la mobilité sociale. Or, ce modèle d'intégration est fortement mis à l'épreuve aujourd'hui. Des discriminations structurelles viennent contredire le principe l'égalité de traitement. Des barrières difficilement franchissables, quel que soit le niveau, viennent contrecarrer la possibilité de promotion sociale. Un double phénomène est ainsi observable. D'une part, la société se fractionne en des espaces soc...

  8. Compostos orgânicos hidrossolúveis de resíduos vegetais e seus efeitos nos atributos químicos do solo Water-soluble organic compounds in plant residue and the effects on soil chemical properties

    Raquel Cátia Diehl


    Full Text Available Compostos orgânicos hidrossolúveis de resíduos vegetais depositados na superfície do solo podem melhorar a fertilidade do subsolo, pela neutralização da acidez e transporte de Ca e Mg. Com o objetivo de avaliar o efeito dos compostos orgânicos hidrossolúveis de materiais vegetais nos atributos químicos de um Latossolo Vermelho distroférrico, foi desenvolvido um experimento no Instituto Agronômico do Paraná (IAPAR, Londrina, com amostras de solo acondicionadas em colunas nas quais se aplicaram os tratamentos: água destilada, calcário incorporado na camada 0-5 cm de profundidade, calcário e percolação com extratos de nabo forrageiro, aveia preta, palha de trigo, milho e soja. No extrato percolado, foram determinados os teores de ligantes orgânicos hidrossolúveis (LOH por potenciometria com eletrodo seletivo de Cu2+; ácidos orgânicos tituláveis (AOT por titulação ácido-base e ânions orgânicos (AO pela soma de bases. As concentrações de AO e AOT variaram de 7,0 a 32,0 mmol L-1 e de LOH de 0,60 a 2,23 mmol L-1. Todos os extratos vegetais aumentaram o pH, os teores de Ca, Mg e K trocável e diminuíram a acidez potencial e o Al trocável até 15 cm de profundidade, enquanto o efeito da calagem sem extrato foi observado somente até 10 cm de profundidade. A concentração de compostos orgânicos solúveis oriundos dos materiais vegetais correlacionou-se com o pH, Al trocável, H+Al e V % do solo na camada de 0-20 cm, confirmando a participação destes na melhoria dos atributos químicos do solo e ação da calagem superficial quando o material vegetal está presente.The water-soluble organic compounds of plant residues released on the soil surface can improve the subsoil fertility, due to the neutralization of acidity and Ca and Mg transport. An experiment was conducted at the Instituto Agronomico do Parana (IAPAR, Londrina, to evaluate the effect of water-soluble organic compounds of plant extracts on the chemical

  9. Res Publica soolo rikkus tavasid / Kai Kalamees

    Kalamees, Kai


    Riigikogu aseesimeheks valiti Res Publica liige Taavi Veskimägi, nüüd on Riigikogu juhatuses kaks ühe partei liiget. Riigikogu aseesimeheks tagasi valitud Toomas Vareki hinnangul näitab see samm nii Res Publica kogenematust kui ka Eesti poliitilise kultuuri kehva taset

  10. Res Publica otsib kandepinda / Mirko Ojakivi

    Ojakivi, Mirko


    Res Publica peasekretäri Ott Lumi sõnul on erakond teinud tõsised järeldused Euroopa Parlamendi valimiste tulemusest. Res Publica parlamendifraktsiooni väljasõidul pidas kriitilise kõne erakonna esimees Juhan Parts

  11. Caracterização e incorporação de resíduos provenientes de Estação de Tratamento de Água em cerâmica argilosa Characterization and incorporation of wastes from Water Treatment Plant into clayey ceramic

    J. P. D. Vitorino


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é caracterizar e incorporar, em cerâmica argilosa, três tipos de resíduos provenientes das etapas de desarenação, decantação e de filtração de uma estação de tratamento de água - ETA. Os resíduos foram caracterizados por difração de raios X, fluorescência de raios X, análise termogravimétrica e térmica diferencial, microscopia eletrônica de varredura e técnicas de peneiramento e sedimentação. As propriedades físicas e mecânicas avaliadas das cerâmicas incorporadas com até 10% em peso de resíduos e queimadas a 700 ºC foram retração linear, absorção de água e compressão diametral. Os resultados mostraram que os resíduos do decantador e do filtro possuem composição química e mineralógica semelhantes, formados por minerais argilosos, hidróxidos de alumínio e de ferro, mica e quartzo. O resíduo do desarenador é formado basicamente de quartzo com traços de mica e de caulinita. Os três tipos de resíduos apresentaram potencialidade para utilização em cerâmica vermelha. Entretanto, o resíduo arenoso do desarenador foi o tipo de resíduo que possibilitou benefícios diretos como a melhoria da trabalhabilidade da massa bem como redução da retração linear e da absorção de água da cerâmica queimada.This work has for objective to characterize and to incorporate into a clayey body three types of wastes from the stage of sand collecting, decantation and filtration of a water treatment plant. The wastes were characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses as well as by sieving and sedimentation. The evaluated physical and mechanical properties of the ceramics, incorporated with up to 10 wt.% of wastes and fired at 700 ºC, were linear shrinkage, water absorption and diametrical compression. The results showed that the wastes from the decantation and filter have chemical and mineralogical compositions similar to clays

  12. Isamaaliidu ühinemisjutt ajas Res Publica keema / Toomas Sildam

    Sildam, Toomas, 1961-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 14. nov., lk 3. Isamaaliidu esimehe Tõnis Lukase ettepanekut Isamaaliidu ja Res Publica ühinemiseks pooldavad ka Res Publica eestseisuse liikmed Juhan Parts ja Tõnis Palts, kuid Res Publica esimehe Taavi Veskimäe kinnitusel läheb Res Publica 2007. aasta parlamendivalimistele vastu iseseisvalt. Lisa: Isamaaliit ja Res Publica

  13. Influência de resíduo de serragem de mármore na condutividade hidráulica do solo e na qualidade da água Influence of marble cutting waste on soil hydraulic conductivity and water quality

    Ana Paula Almeida Bertossi


    Full Text Available A grande quantidade de resíduos gerada na serragem de rochas ornamentais e as características destes materiais indicam possibilidades de uso no enriquecimento mineral e na correção de acidez de solos. No entanto, seus efeitos no meio ambiente são ainda desconhecidos, sendo necessário realizar estudos que garantam sua utilização de forma segura, sem oferecer riscos à qualidade da água e do solo. Nesse sentido, com objetivo de avaliar a influência da adição de resíduos provenientes da serragem de mármore na condutividade hidráulica de solos e na qualidade da água percolada, foram realizados ensaios em colunas preenchidas com misturas de solo e resíduo, interligadas a um permeâmetro de carga constante. Os valores de condutividade hidráulica obtidos nas misturas de solo e resíduo de mármore, comparados com solo sem adição de resíduo mostraram que não houve influência na velocidade de percolação da água. Na água percolada houve aumento da condutividade elétrica, do pH e dos teores de Ca e Mg, e diminuição do Mn. Os parâmetros de qualidade da água foram comparados com a normatização do Conselho Nacional de Meio Ambiente (CONAMA, que fixa os limites aceitáveis para a água subterrânea. Também foram feitas comparações quanto ao grau de restrição do uso da água para irrigação, buscando verificar possíveis riscos ao crescimento vegetal.The high quantities of wastes that have been produced by dimension stone industry and the characteristics of these materials indicate possibilities of using them as soil enriching and corrective of soil acidity. However, their environmental effects are not known requiring studies to guarantee a safe utilization. Tests using a constant head permeameter interconnected to columns filled with mixture of soil and marble waste were conducted aiming to analyze the influence of wastes on soil hydraulic conductivity and quality of percolated water. Results showed that the aggregation

  14. Caracterização Estrutural e da Capacidade de Absorção de Água em Bloco de Cimento com Adição de Resíduo de Pneu (Ecobloco = Water Absorption Capacity and Structural Characterization of Cement Block with Addition of Tire Residue (Ecobloco.

    Maria da Conceição S. Gomes


    Full Text Available Foram feitos caracterizações estruturais com ensaios em corpo de prova, medidas granulométricas do resíduo, docimento, do pó de brita e da areia, e a medida da capacidade de absorção de água em blocos de cimento (chamados de ecoblocos com adição de 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% e 35% de resíduo de pneu, obtido por meio de raspagem de pneus automotivos inservíveis. A geometria de confecção dos ecoblocos foi projetada para serem encaixados no empilhamento vertical, requerendo o mínimo de massa de cimento para a confecção de parede de vedação. = Experiment for structural characterizations were made in test body as well as measurements of the capacity of water absorption in cement blocks (called ecoblocos with the addition of 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% and 35% of tire residue.These additions are obtained by means of worn out tire’s scratching. The ecoblocos´ design was projected for them to be inserted in the vertical piling up, requesting the minimum of mortar for the construction of walls.

  15. ResStock Analysis Tool | Buildings | NREL

    Energy and Cost Savings for U.S. Homes Contact Eric Wilson to learn how ResStock can benefit your approach to large-scale residential energy analysis by combining: Large public and private data sources uncovered $49 billion in potential annual utility bill savings through cost-effective energy efficiency

  16. Water hyacinth biomass stabilization by its composting with swine wasterwater and slaugther house wasters / Estabilização da biomassa de aguapé através da compostagem com águas resíduárias de suínos e resíduos de frigorífico

    Silvio César Sampaio


    Full Text Available The objective of the present research was to evaluate the composting of water hyacinth (E. crassipes biomass, after its usage for the removal of pollutants from the effluent of a swine slaughter house wastewater treatment system, recycling the waste water used for swine transportation trucks and piggery hygienic cleaning and the cellulosic gut generated in the sausage processing . The composting was evaluated by building eight composting piles measuring approximately 0,60m3 each; the piles consisted of four distinct treatments that were done twice. The treatments were: T1 – Water hyacinth (E. crassipes, T2 – Water hyacinth and swine excrement, T3 – Water hyacinth, swine excrement and earth, T4 – Water hyacinth, swine excrement and cellulosic gut, for a period of 90 days. Considering the C:N ratio as a compost maturity indicator, it was observed that the T4 treatment (water hyacinth, excrement and cellulosic gut had the shorter period of stabilization, 60 days. Regarding the biostabilization rate, the statistic analysis showed that there was no significant difference at 5% level by the F test between the four treatments evaluated during 90 days. The total organic carbon and the nitrogen biostabilization average rates were 1,8x10-2 day-1 and 0,8x10-3 day-1, respectively. O presente trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a compostagem da biomassa de aguapé (E. crassipes, após sua utilização na remoção de poluentes em sistema de tratamento de efluente de uma Unidade Frigorífica de suínos, com o aproveitamento de águas residuárias provenientes da higienização de pocilgas e dos caminhões que transportam os suínos, e das tripas celulósicas geradas no processamento de salsichas. Avaliou-se a compostagem, montando-se oito leiras com aproximadamente 0,60m3, com quatro tratamentos distintos e duas repetições, sendo: T1 – Aguapé (E. crassipes, T2 – Aguapé e dejeto suíno, T3 – Aguapé, dejeto suíno e terra, T4 – Aguap

  17. The purifying bridge of Res Publica / Rein Taagepera

    Taagepera, Rein, 1933-


    Res Publica edust Eesti poliitilisel maastikul. Autor käsitleb Res Publicat kui puhastava toimega ja silla funktsiooni täitvat parteid, mis üritab siduda tervikuks Keskerakonna ja Reformierakonna seisukohad

  18. Parts ei soovi Res Publica esimehe ametit / Tuuli Koch

    Koch, Tuuli


    Kõige tõenäolisem kandidaat Res Publica juhi kohale on Taavi Veskimägi, aseesimeesteks kandideerivad Marko Mihkelson ja Henn Pärn. Res Publica fraktsiooni koosolekul leidis Mihhail Lotman, et erakond võiks olla feminiinsem

  19. Res Publica meelitab valla- ja linnajuhte / Henrik Roonemaa

    Roonemaa, Henrik


    Valitsusliidu regionaalpoliitikas pettunud 30 omavalitsusjuhti on astunud ühenduse Res Publica liikmeks, lootes selle põhjal tekkiva partei abil kohaliku ja riigivõimu taas omavahel suhtlema panna. Vt. samas Res Publica liikmetest omavalitsusjuhid

  20. Juhan Parts soovib Res Publica tagasi tippu viia / Toomas Sildam

    Sildam, Toomas, 1961-


    Res Publica esimees peaminister Juhan Parts plaanib minna oma erakonnaga kohalikele valimistele ning uurib võimalusi paremerakondade ühinemiseks. Rakveres toimunud erakonna üldkogust. Lisad: Peaministri neli rasket hetke; Res Publica ministrid said parteilt toetuse. Vt. samas: Reformierakond kiitis Res Publicat hea koostöö eest; Parts: 191 vastuhäält on hea tulemus

  1. Kes tegelikult lõid Res Publica? / Valeri Kalabugin

    Kalabugin, Valeri


    Enne erakonnaks kuulutamist oli Res Publica Eesti iseseisvust ja demokraatiat taotlev ühendus, kuhu on kuulunud mitmed poliitika- ning ühiskonnategelased. Vt. samas: Ühendus Res Publica avaldus. Küsimustele vastavad Res Publica avalike suhete juht Riina Vändre, Riigikogu liige Mart Nutt, ajakirjanik Toomas Kümmel

  2. Farm Shop : Augmenter l'accès aux matières premières agricoles au ...

    Farm Shop est un modèle de franchise social novateur qui permet d'obtenir des matières premières d'excellente qualité à des prix abordables grâce à des économies d'échelle. Il forme également des franchisés et des agriculteurs sur la façon d'utiliser les matières premières. Au cours de ses trois premières années ...

  3. The coordinated development of China' s inland water transport%The coordinated development of China' s inland water transport

    Deng Aimin; Tian Feng; Haasis H.D; Mao Lang; Cai Jia


    The coordinated development is the core of sustainable development and the hot issue of international research. Inland water transport (IWT) is an important part of the water resources exploiting system and comprehensive transport system under socio-economic context of river basin, and also the country' s sustainable development priorities to achieve resource-conserving and environment-friendly strategy. Based on the coordinated development content, the paper combined Germany' s successful development experience, explored the elements and problem of the coordinated development of IWT system of China' s national economic strategy and basin economy, water resourse system, comprehensive transport system, and system itself, and their countermeasures and suggestions, in order to facilitate rapid and coordinated development of China' s inland water transport.

  4. Correction: Whiley, H., et al. Detection of Legionella, L. pneumophila and Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC along Potable Water Distribution Pipelines. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2014, 11, 7393–7405

    Harriet Whiley


    Full Text Available The authors wish to add the following amendments and corrections to their paper published in IJERPH [1].Page 7398, Table 1: The average water temperature measured in summer is 24.3 °C not 4.3 °C. The correct Table 1 should therefore be: [...

  5. RES-E-NEXT: Next Generation of RES-E Policy Instruments

    Miller, M.; Bird, L.; Cochran, J.; Milligan, M.; Bazilian, M. [National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO (United States); Denny, E.; Dillon, J.; Bialek, J.; O’Malley, M. [Ecar Limited (Ireland); Neuhoff, K. [DIW Berlin (Germany)


    The RES-E-NEXT study identifies policies that are required for the next phase of renewable energy support. The study analyses policy options that secure high shares of renewable electricity generation and adequate grid infrastructure, enhance flexibility and ensure an appropriate market design. Measures have limited costs or even save money, and policies can be gradually implemented.

  6. Afrique : ressources minières, environnement et gouvernance ...

    25 janv. 2011 ... ils regorgent de richesses inouïes », assure Bonnie Campbell, directrice du Groupe de recherche sur les activités minières en Afrique (GRAMA) et titulaire de la Chaire C.-A. Poissant de recherche sur la gouvernance et l'aide au développement, faisant référence aux ressources minières et pétrolières dont ...

  7. Resúmenes de proyectos de grado

    Revista Ingeniería e Investigación


    Full Text Available Para la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Bogotá los trabajos desarrollados por los estudiantes con la dirección de docentes como condición para obtener su título profesional, expresan la dinámica de las investigaciones y las áreas de conocimiento en la que están comprometidos los diferentes estamentos de la facultad, Es por esta razón que la revista Ingeniería e Investigación comenzará a publicar, a partir de la fecha los resúmenes de los trabajos de pregrado y las tesis de posgrado que permanentemente se están desarrollando en la Facultad de Ingeniería.

  8. CaMKII binding to GluN2B is important for massed spatial learning in the Morris water maze [v1; ref status: indexed,

    Ivar S. Stein


    Full Text Available Learning and memory as well as long-term potentiation (LTP depend on Ca2+ influx through the NMDA-type glutamate receptor (NMDAR and the resulting activation of the Ca2+ and calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CaMKII. Ca2+ influx via the NMDAR triggers CaMKII binding to the NMDAR for enhanced CaMKII accumulation at post-synaptic sites that experience heightened activity as occurring during LTP. Previously, we generated knock-in (KI mice in which we replaced two residues in the NMDAR GluN2B subunit to impair CaMKII binding to GluN2B. Various forms of LTP at the Schaffer collateral synapses in CA1 are reduced by 50%. Nevertheless, working memory in the win-shift 8 arm maze and learning of the Morris water maze (MWM task was normal in the KI mice although recall of the task was impaired in these mice during the period of early memory consolidation. We now show that massed training in the MWM task within a single day resulted in impaired learning. However, learning and recall of the Barnes maze task and contextual fear conditioning over one or multiple days were surprisingly unaffected. The differences observed in the MWM compared to the Barnes maze and contextual fear conditioning suggest a differential involvement of CaMKII and the specific interaction with GluN2B, probably depending on varying degrees of stress, cognitive demand or even potentially different plasticity mechanisms associated with the diverse tasks.

  9. Res Publica Euroopas / Eiki Berg, Marko Mihkelson ; interv. Lauri Lugna

    Berg, Eiki, 1970-


    Res Publica välispoliitika eksperdid Eiki Berg ja Marko Mihkelson vastavad küsimustele, mis käsitlevad Res Publica saamist Euroopa Rahvapartei (ERP) liikmeks, koostööd ERP-ga, EL-i põhiseaduslikku lepet

  10. Res Publica viskab Oleg Rebase välja


    Res Publica Tallinna piirkonna juhatus leidis, et Oleg Rebane läks Keskerakonna provokatsiooniga kaasa minnes vastuollu Res Publica põhimõtetega. Tallinna linnapea Jüri Ratase suhtes algatatud umbusaldushääletuse põhjustest. Sven Sester vastab küsimusele, mis seotud Oleg Rebase ja Tõnis Bittmani juhtumiga

  11. Res Publica lükkas tagasi Isamaaliidu ühinemisettepaneku / Mirko Ojakivi

    Ojakivi, Mirko


    Kuigi Res Publica juhid lükkasid tagasi idee ühineda Isamaaliiduga, on Res Publica valmis koostööks nii Isamaaliidu kui ka kõigi teiste erakondadega. Res Publica parlamendifraktsiooni esimehe Marko Pomerantsi arvamus

  12. Isamaa ja Res Publica Liidu plaan / Juhan Parts

    Parts, Juhan, 1966-


    Ilmunud ka: Eesti Eest = Za Estoniju : Izdanije objedinenija "Sojuz Otetshestva i Res Publica" 15. mai 2008, lk. 4-5. Eesti majanduse uutest ülesannetest. Kommenteerib: Mart Laar. Vt. samas: IRL-i ettepanekud koalitsioonileppe täienduseks

  13. Comentário sobre as Res Gestae Divi Avgvsti

    Maria Luiza Corassin


    Full Text Available This article studies an epigraphic source, Augustus's Res gestae, which provides elements that elucidate the construction of the imperial power system and the relationship between ruler and ruled.

  14. Resíduos de agrotóxicos na água de rios da Depressão Central do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Residues of pesticides in the water of the Depression Central rivers in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Enio Marchesan


    Full Text Available A atividade orizícola é conduzida com uso intensivo de agrotóxicos, os quais, dependendo do manejo e das precipitações pluviais, podem chegar até os rios. O objetivo do trabalho foi determinar resíduos dos herbicidas clomazona, quincloraque, propanil, bentazona, 2,4-D e imazethapyr e dos inseticidas carbofurano e fipronil nos rios Vacacaí e Vacacaí-Mirim, situados na Depressão Central do Rio Grande do Sul, nas safras de 2003/04 a 2007/08, com coletas realizadas de novembro a fevereiro (cultivo do arroz. As análises dos herbicidas e do carbofurano foram realizadas por HPLC-DAD, e a análise do fipronil foi realizada por GC-ECD. Na safra 2003/04, em ambos os rios, os herbicidas clomazona, 2,4-D e propanil foram os mais frequentes nas amostras de água. Na safra 2004/05, o quincloraque foi detectado em maior número de amostras, já nas safras 2005/06 e 2006/07 fipronil foi o agrotóxico mais frequente nas amostras nos rios Vacacaí e Vacacaí-Mirim. Na safra de 2007/08, houve menor presença de resíduos de agrotóxicos nos rios Vacacaí e Vacacaí-Mirim. Há presença de agrotóxicos utilizados na lavoura de arroz nos rios Vacacaí e Vacacaí-Mirim durante o período de cultivo de arroz irrigado, destacando-se, entre os analisados, os herbicidas clomazona e quincloraque e o inseticida fipronil.The rice-growing activity is conducted out with intensive use of agrochemicals, which, depending on the management and rainfall can reach rivers. The study aimed to determine the residues of herbicides clomazone, quinclorac, propanil, bentazone, 2,4-D and imazethapyr and insecticides carbofuran and fipronil in the Vacacaí and Vacacaí-Mirim rivers, located in the Central Depression of Rio Grande do Sul, in the crop of 2003/04 untill 2007/08. Samples were collected from November to February (rice growing season. Analysis of herbicides and carbofuran were performed by HPLC-DAD and fipronil by GC-ECD. During 2003/04, in both rivers, the herbicide

  15. Comment rendre les villes plus sûres

    qui travaillent à l'initiative Villes sûres et inclusives font la lumière sur ce qui fonctionne – et ne fonctionne pas – pour rendre les villes plus sûres. Le présent compte rendu comporte certains enseignements tirés de leur travail, ainsi que les lacunes dans les connaissances et les domaines où il faut poursuivre la recherche.

  16. Soil as a Sustainable Resource for the Bioeconomy - BonaRes

    Wollschläger, Ute; Amelung, Wulf; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Brunotte, Joachim; Gebbers, Robin; Grosch, Rita; Heinrich, Uwe; Helming, Katharina; Kiese, Ralf; Leinweber, Peter; Reinhold-Hurek, Barbara; Veldkamp, Edzo; Vogel, Hans-Jörg; Winkelmann, Traud


    Fertile soils are a fundamental resource for the production of biomass and provision of food and energy. A growing world population and latest climate targets lead to an increasing demand for bio-based products which require preserving and - ideally - improving the long-term productivity of soils as a bio-economic resource. At the same time, other soil functions and ecosystem services need to be maintained: filter for clean water, carbon sequestration, provision and recycling of nutrients, and habitat for biological activity. All these soil functions result from the interaction of a multitude of physical, chemical and biological processes which are insufficiently understood. In addition, we lack understanding about the interplay between the socio-economic system and the soil system and how soil functions benefit human wellbeing, including SDGs. However, a solid and integrated assessment of soil quality requires the consideration of the ensemble of soil functions and its relation to soil management. To make soil management sustainable, we need to establish a scientific knowledge base of complex soil system processes that allows for developing models and tools to quantitatively predict the impact of a multitude of management measures on soil functions. This will finally allow for the provision of options for a site-specific, sustainable soil management. To face this challenge, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) recently launched the funding program "Soil as a Sustainable Resource for the Bioeconomy - BonaRes". In a joint effort, ten collaborative projects and the coordinating BonaRes Centre are engaged to close existing knowledge gaps for a profound and systemic assessment and understanding of soil functions and their sensitivity to soil management. In BonaRes, the complete process chain of sustainable soil use in the context of a sustainable bio-economy is being addressed: from understanding of soil processes using state-of the art and

  17. Electricity market models and RES integration: The Greek case

    Simoglou, Christos K.; Biskas, Pandelis N.; Vagropoulos, Stylianos I.; Bakirtzis, Anastasios G.


    This paper presents an extensive analysis of the Greek electricity market for the next 7-year period (2014–2020) based on an hour-by-hour simulation considering five different RES technologies, namely wind, PV, small hydro, biomass and CHP with emphasis on PV integration. The impact of RES penetration on the electricity market operation is evaluated under two different models regarding the organization of the Greek wholesale day-ahead electricity market: a mandatory power pool for year 2014 (current market design) and a power exchange for the period 2015–2020 (Target Model). An integrated software tool is used for the simulation of the current and the future day-ahead market clearing algorithm of the Greek wholesale electricity market. Simulation results indicate the impact of the anticipated large-scale RES integration, in conjunction with each market model, on specific indicators of the Greek electricity market in the long-term. - Highlights: • Analysis of the Greek electricity market for the next 7-year period (2014–2020) based on hour-by-hour simulation. • Five different RES technologies are considered with emphasis on PV integration. • A power pool (for 2014) and a power exchange (for 2015–2020) are considered. • Various market indicators are used for the analysis of the impact of the RES integration on the Greek electricity market. • Two alternative tariff schemes for the compensation of the new ground-mounted PV units from 2015 onwards are investigated

  18. Intricate Resonant Raman Response in Anisotropic ReS2.

    McCreary, Amber; Simpson, Jeffrey R; Wang, Yuanxi; Rhodes, Daniel; Fujisawa, Kazunori; Balicas, Luis; Dubey, Madan; Crespi, Vincent H; Terrones, Mauricio; Hight Walker, Angela R


    The strong in-plane anisotropy of rhenium disulfide (ReS 2 ) offers an additional physical parameter that can be tuned for advanced applications such as logic circuits, thin-film polarizers, and polarization-sensitive photodetectors. ReS 2 also presents advantages for optoelectronics, as it is both a direct-gap semiconductor for few-layer thicknesses (unlike MoS 2 or WS 2 ) and stable in air (unlike black phosphorus). Raman spectroscopy is one of the most powerful characterization techniques to nondestructively and sensitively probe the fundamental photophysics of a 2D material. Here, we perform a thorough study of the resonant Raman response of the 18 first-order phonons in ReS 2 at various layer thicknesses and crystal orientations. Remarkably, we discover that, as opposed to a general increase in intensity of all of the Raman modes at excitonic transitions, each of the 18 modes behave differently relative to each other as a function of laser excitation, layer thickness, and orientation in a manner that highlights the importance of electron-phonon coupling in ReS 2 . In addition, we correct an unrecognized error in the calculation of the optical interference enhancement of the Raman signal of transition metal dichalcogenides on SiO 2 /Si substrates that has propagated through various reports. For ReS 2 , this correction is critical to properly assessing the resonant Raman behavior. We also implemented a perturbation approach to calculate frequency-dependent Raman intensities based on first-principles and demonstrate that, despite the neglect of excitonic effects, useful trends in the Raman intensities of monolayer and bulk ReS 2 at different laser energies can be accurately captured. Finally, the phonon dispersion calculated from first-principles is used to address the possible origins of unexplained peaks observed in the Raman spectra, such as infrared-active modes, defects, and second-order processes.

  19. Copépodes, Cladocères et Rotifères du lac Sidi M'hamed Benali (Algérie Nord-Occidentale

    Mohamed Ali Bouzidi


    Full Text Available En 2008, 33 espèces de Cladocères, Copépodes et Rotifères ont été observées dans le lac Sidi M'hamed Benali (contre 12 seulement en 1992.Les Copépodes dominent en mars, avril, juillet, août et septembre, avec respectivement des dominances (Do égales à : 56,6 %, 55,0 %, 55,0 %, 46,4 % et 90,0 %. Les Cladocères dominent en février (Do = 37,2 %, mai (Do = 47,4 % et décembre (Do = 48,6 %. Les Rotifères sont extrêmement abondants et présentent une large dominance en janvier (Do = 95,3 %. La population zooplanctonique est très faible en juillet et en août. Au cours de l'année le peuplement varie en fonction de la température, des conditions hydrologiques, de l'abondance de la nourriture et de la prédation par les poissons.In 2008, 33 species of Cladocers, Copepods and Rotifers have been observed in Sidi M’hamed Benali Lake (against only 12 species in 1992. The Copepods dominate in March, April, July, August and September, respectively with dominance (Do equal to 56.6 %, 55.0 %, 55.0 %, 46.4 % and 90.0 %. Cladocers dominated in February (Do = 37.2 %, May (Do = 47.4 % and December (Do = 48.6 %. The rotifers are extremely abundant and have a wide dominance in January (Do = 95.3%. The zooplankton population is very low in July and August. During the year, the population varies with temperature, water conditions, abundance of food and predation by fishes.

  20. Energy Resources of Water-Bearing Geopressured Reservoirs-Tertiary Formations, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (Summary Ressources énergétiques des réservoirs aquifères à pressions géostratégiques dans les formations tertiaires du golfe du Mexique (résumé

    Bebout D. G.


    Full Text Available Estimates for the total gas resource in place in geopressured Tertiary sandstone reservoirs along the United States Gulf Coast range from 3,000 to 100,000 tcf 185 to 2,832 trillion cu m. This wide range in estimates was the incentive for initiative research effort in Texas and Louisiane to obtain more reliable data on all aspects of developing the available heat and hydraulic energy present in these aquifers in addition to the methane. All resource calculations are based on interpretations of total sandstone thickness, lateral extent of reservoirs, porosity and permeability, reservoir drive, salinity, temperature, pressure, and methane solubility. Diverse estimates arise from inadequate knowledge concerning these critical parameters. Regional and detailed local geologic studies have been conducted ta delineate prospective areas for testing the geopressured resource. A prospective area should have reservoir volume of 3 Cu mi (12 cu km, minimum permeability of 20 mD, and fluid temperatures of 300°F (150°C. A geothermal designed test well has been drilled in Brazoria County, Texas, in order to test the potential of producing up to 40,000 barrels of water per day from a geopressured reservoir. The reservoir consists of 250 to 300 ft (75 to 90 m of sandstone with core permeabilities between 40 and 60 mD and fluid temperatures from 300 to 350°F (159 to 177°C. The test period will continue for a 2-year period and, with other designed tests in Texas and Louisiana will provide invaluable data concerning high-volume production over long periods of time. Les estimations pour les ressources totales de gaz dans les réservoirs sableux tertiaires à pressions géostatiques le long de la Gulf Coast des Etats-Unis sont corises entre 3000 et 100 000 tcf, soit 85 à 2832. 10. 12 m3. Cette large incertitude a incité la mise en oeuvre d'un effort extensif de recherche au Texas et en Louisiane en vue d'obtenir des données plus sûres sur tous les aspects du d

  1. 黄河流域水资源短缺与水资源管理方式的转变%Shortage of Water Resourses in the Reaches of the Yellow River and Adjustment of the Administrative Means of Water Resourses

    常云昆; 肖六亿



  2. Reinsalu : Res Publica lisab kiirust / Urmas Reinsalu ; interv. Lauri Tankler

    Reinsalu, Urmas, 1975-


    Ilmunud ka: Võta Võim : na russkom jazõke, 28. apr. 2004, lk. 4. Res Publica esikandidaat Urmas Reinsalu erakonna valimiskampaania eesmärkidest, võimalustest nende eesmärkide saavutamiseks ja erakonna valimisprogrammi ning kandidaatide eelistest konkurentide ees

  3. Resúmenes Presentaciones de Pósteres

    Editor Gabriel Vargas Arana


    Full Text Available En este artículo se pueden encontrar los resúmenes de las presentaciones de pósteres del III Congreso Latinoamericano de Plantas Medicinales, desarrollado del 12 al 14 de agosto de 2015 en la ciudad de Iquitos, Perú.

  4. Medical negligence and res ipsa loquitur in South Africa | Patel ...

    The inter-relationship between Medicine and Law is most commonly brought to the fore by cases involving medical negligence. This relationship needs to protect all parties concerned based on the probability of reasonableness in terms of who performs the act as well as the patient affected by the act in question. The res ...

  5. Pettumus Res Publicas algas kirikus antud vandest / Margus Tsahkna

    Tsahkna, Margus, 1977-


    Autori sõnul on Res Publica petnud inimeste põhiväärtustele tuginevaid ootusi, Eesti riik kaugeneb kodanikust ja tema elulistest huvidest. Isamaaliit paneb ette asuda tegelike probleemide lahendamisele ning kutsub erakondi üles kaitsma rahvuslikke huve

  6. Au Cern, premières collisions de protons hier

    Galeazzi, Juliette


    "Hier, les scientifiques du monde entier ont salué le redémarrage du LHC, grand collisionneur de hadrons, au Cern à Genève. Après quatorze mois d'arrêt, à la suite d'une panne, les expériences ont pris et les premières collisions ont eu lieu" (2 pages)

  7. Physic-chemical evaluation of leach and water from the Borba Gato streamlet within the catchment area of the urban waste landfill of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil=Avaliação físico-química do lixiviado e da água do ribeirão Borba Gato na área de influência do aterro de resíduos de Maringá, Estado do Paraná, Brasil

    Carlos de Barros Júnior


    Full Text Available The physic-chemical characteristics of leach deposited in the landfill waste pond and of water from the Borba Gato streamlet are evaluated. Twenty-six physic-chemical parameters were analyzed from three collection sites, or rather, two in the streamlet, one upstream (P-01 and one downstream (P-02 of the landfill waste pond, and one in the leach deposit pond (P-03. The streamlet area under analysis was impacted due to being in an agricultural area and for its urban waste deposits. Parameter concentrations of aluminum, iron and mercury were reported above the quality standard of freshwater, according to Conama 357/2005 resolution (class 2. Further, throughout the rainy period, the ammoniac nitrogen content was above the resolution quality standard for fresh water. Moreover, landfill leach was above standards of effluent discharge established by Conama 357/2005. An efficient treatment for the effluent generated in Maringá is required since there is evidence of leach pollution of the Borba Gato streamlet.Este estudo teve como objetivo avaliar as características físico-químicas do lixiviado depositado na lagoa do aterro e da água do ribeirão Borba Gato. Foram analisados 26 parâmetros físico-químicos de três pontos de coletas, dois no ribeirão, a montante (P-01 e a jusante (P-02 do aterro de resíduos, e um na lagoa de depósito de percolado do aterro (P-03. A área do ribeirão estudada se apresentou impactada, por ser uma região agrícola e pela deposição dos resíduos de Maringá. Dentre os parâmetros estudados, registrou-se que, na maioria dos meses, concentrações de alumínio, ferro e mercúrio estavam acima do padrão de qualidade de água doce da resolução do Conama 357/2005 (Classe 2. Além disso, verificou-se que no período chuvoso, P-02 registrou teores de nitrogênio amoniacal acima do padrão de qualidade de água doce da resolução, assim como o lixiviado do aterro apresentou-se acima do padrão do lançamento de

  8. Res Publica tähistab sünnipäeva konverentsiga / Lauri Tankler

    Tankler, Lauri


    Ilmunud ka: Võta Võim : na russkom jazõke 3. dets. lk. 3. Res Publica saab 2-aastaseks, mille puhul korraldatakse konverents "Riik ja Res Publica". Vt. samas: Selle aasta veebruaris said kuldmärgid

  9. Res Publica kärbiks võimuorganite koosseise / Argo Ideon

    Ideon, Argo, 1966-


    Res Publica taotleb Riigikogu kärpimist 61 liikmeni, lubab kahandada kohalike volikogude koosseise, Tallinna abilinnapeade arvu ja kaotada portfellita ministrite kohad. Vt. samas: Res Publica valimisnimekiri Tallinnas

  10. Res Publica asus Reformierakonda Tallinna võimuliidust tõrjuma / Mirko Ojakivi

    Ojakivi, Mirko


    Res Publica Tallinna piirkonna juhatuse liikme Siim Roode sõnul teeb Res Publica Keskerakonna Tallinna piirkonna juhatusele ettepaneku koalitsiooniläbirääkimiste alustamiseks. Lisa: Paltsu ettekäändeks Unicom

  11. Res Publica hakkab kaaluma Kohtla-Järve võimuliidust lahkumist / Erik Gamzejev

    Gamzejev, Erik, 1967-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje 19. nov. lk. 1. Res Publica eestseisuse ettepanek Kohtla-Järve osakonnale lahkuda koalitsioonist. Osakonna juhatuse otsus esitada Hants Hint volikogu esimehe kandidaadiks. Res Publica liikmete käitumise arutelu aukohtus

  12. Res Publica presidendikandidaatide nimed selguvad neljapäevaks / Rauno Veri, Urmo Kübar

    Veri, Rauno, 1978-


    Res Publica, Isamaaliit, Reformierakond, SDE ja Keskerakond otsivad ühist presidendikandidaati, ainsa parlamendierakonnana ei osale läbirääkimistel Rahvaliit. Reformierakonna, SDE presidendikandidaatidest; Res Publica naiskogu ja Väärikate Kogu ühisavaldusest

  13. Sisetülides Res Publica heitis liidu Keskerakonnaga kõrvale / Urmas Seaver

    Seaver, Urmas, 1973-


    Res Publica juhatus otsustas toetada senise koalitsiooni jätkamist Tallinnas. Res Publica ja Reformierakonna täiendatud koalitsioonileppest. Reformierakonna Tallinna piirkonna juhi Keit Pentuse hinnang võimutülile. Lisa: Võimuleppe lisa

  14. Res Publica : umbusaldamine võib lõpetada senise koalitsiooni / Villy Paimets

    Paimets, Villy, 1972-


    Res Publica erakorraline volikogu avaldas toetust justiitsministrile ja andis peaministrile volitused lõpetada justiitsministri umbusaldamise korral senine koalitsioon ning alustada läbirääkimisi Isamaaliiduga. Lisa: Res Publica toetab Vaherit

  15. Res Publica andis kolmele poliitikule fiktiivse elukoha / Kärt Karpa

    Karpa, Kärt, 1973-


    Väidetavalt lasi Res Publica enne kohalikke valimisi ühte Pirita eramajja sisse registreerida Jaanus Rahumäe ja veel kaks Res Publica liiget, et nad saaksid kandideerida Tallinna volikogusse ja Pirita halduskogusse

  16. Riigikogu aseesimeeste valimine tekitas paksu verd : Res Publical riigikogu juhatuses kaks kohta / Katrin Pauts

    Pauts, Katrin, 1977-


    Riigikogu aseesimeesteks valiti Res Publica liige Taavi Veskimägi ja Keskerakonna liige Toomas Varek. Opositsiooniparteil Res Publica on nüüd juhatuses kaks kohta. Erakondade juhtpoliitikute kommentaare

  17. RES scintigraphy in polycythemia vera and secondary or relative polycythemia

    Rudberg, U. (Depts. of Diagnostic Radiology and Internal Medicine, St. Goeran' s Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden)); Skaarberg, K.O. (Depts. of Diagnostic Radiology and Internal Medicine, St. Goeran' s Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden))


    Scintigraphy of the reticuloendothelial system (RES) was performed in 19 patients with polycythemia vera (PCV) and in 18 with secondary or relative polycythemia (PS). Bone marrow extension was found in all patients with PCV and in 11 of 18 patients with PS. The patients with PCV had a higher degree of extension than those with PS. Increased pelvic bone marrow activity was found in 16 of 19 PCV patients, but in none with PS. Splenomegaly was found in 9 patients with PCV, and in none with PS. It is concluded that RES scintigraphy in the majority of patients may differentiate between PCV and PS using the parameters pelvic bone marrow activity, bone marrow extension and splenic size. (orig.).

  18. RES scintigraphy in polycythemia vera and secondary or relative polycythemia

    Rudberg, U.; Skaarberg, K.O.


    Scintigraphy of the reticuloendothelial system (RES) was performed in 19 patients with polycythemia vera (PCV) and in 18 with secondary or relative polycythemia (PS). Bone marrow extension was found in all patients with PCV and in 11 of 18 patients with PS. The patients with PCV had a higher degree of extension than those with PS. Increased pelvic bone marrow activity was found in 16 of 19 PCV patients, but in none with PS. Splenomegaly was found in 9 patients with PCV, and in none with PS. It is concluded that RES scintigraphy in the majority of patients may differentiate between PCV and PS using the parameters pelvic bone marrow activity, bone marrow extension and splenic size. (orig.)

  19. Further developments of the RES3T sorption database

    Brendler, V.


    RES 3 T - the Rossendorf expert system for surface and sorption thermodynamics currently under development has been expanded towards the provision of comprehensive sorption data sets suitable for complex natural systems of rocks and soils. Also a statistical evaluation of the available SCM (surface complexation model) data is now implemented. Finally, a normalization of SCM parameters to a standard site density has been incorporated. (orig.)

  20. Res Publica pakub sponsoritele anonüümsust / Virkko Lepassalu

    Lepassalu, Virkko, 1971-


    Mõnede tõenäoliselt Res Publica lähedaste ettevõtjate seas levib erakonna nimel rahapalumiskiri, mis lubab sponsorile anonüümsust. Vt. samas: Telefonikõne ettevõtja ja Res Publica aseesimehe Ken-Marti Vaheri vahel ; Teisedki on saanud rahaallikaid varjates ; Res Publica on loobunud reklaamibroneeringutest

  1. Res Publica aukohus heidab juhtidele ette eetikavääratust / Toomas Mattson

    Mattson, Toomas, 1970-


    Ilmunud ka: Põhjarannik ; Severnoje Poberezhje 22. november lk. 3;4. Res Publica aukohus arvab, et Res Publica juhid on rikkunud erakonna põhikirja, sisekorda ja eetikakoodeksit Kohtla-Järve juhtumi lahendamisel. Kohtla-Järvel sai linnapeaks riisumiskahtlusega uurimise all olev Valeri Korb tänu Keskerakonna ja Res Publica koalitsioonileppele. Kommenteerib Juhan Kivirähk

  2. Res Publica toetus pole aastaga üle viie protsendi tõusnud / Tuuli Koch

    Koch, Tuuli


    Emori jaanuarikuu küsitluse põhjal on 22 protsendiga suurim toetajaskond Keskerakonnal, Res Publica reiting on aasta aega püsinud viie ja kolme toetusprotsendi vahel. Vt. samas: Taavi Veskimägi. 2 küsimust. Diagrammid: Res Publica valiks riigikogusse tagasi vaid kolm protsenti valijaist; Toetus Res Publicale

  3. Res Publica ladvikus hõõgub võimutüli / Tuuli Koch

    Koch, Tuuli


    22. aprillil kogunenud Res Publica volikogu toetas 60 poolthäälega ühe vastu Res Publica ja Isamaaliidu ühinemist. Tõnis Palts teatas volikogul esinedes, et Taavi Veskimägi ei sobi Res Publica poolseks läbirääkimiste juhiks

  4. Res Publicas käärib mäss / Hants Hint

    Hint, Hants


    Res Publica eestseisuse liige ja Ida-Viru piirkonna esimees Hants Hint vastab küsimustele Res Publica ja Keskerakonna võimuliidu moodustamisega tekkinud skandaali, Res Publica esimehe Juhan Partsiga kohtumise kohta. Vt. samas: "Korbi toetajaid ootab hukkamõist"

  5. Utilização do planejamento experimental na incorporação do resíduo da indústria cerâmica em argamassas para obtenção da capacidade de retenção de água Use of the experimental design in the incorporation of the ceramic waste in mortars for obtaining water retention capacity

    A. V. Bahiense


    Full Text Available O município de Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, possui um pólo cerâmico com mais de 100 indústrias cerâmicas e uma produção mensal estimada de 90 milhões de peças compreendidas entre lajotas, blocos e telhas. Muitos desses artefatos acabam gerando resíduos e impactos ambientais na região devido às falhas no processo produtivo e logístico das indústrias. Este trabalho propõe a incorporação do resíduo cerâmico em argamassas, avaliando as diversas proporções dos constituintes por meio do planejamento de experimentos em rede simplex buscando soluções técnicas, sem o tradicional empirismo existente na indústria, com o objetivo de alcançar um desempenho satisfatório da propriedade analisada, capacidade de retenção de água e, sem dúvida, favorecendo o desenvolvimento sustentável. O procedimento experimental foi baseado nas normas ABNT 13276, 13277 e 13281. A partir destes ensaios foram tomados dez pontos experimentais cujos teores máximos de cimento, areia e resíduo cerâmico são 20, 80 e 20% em massa, respectivamente, que delimitou a superfície de resposta para as argamassas de índice de consistência 265±30 mm. Este índice mostrou-se mais próximo da aplicação real para o modelo estatístico, porém, pouco acima do valor normalizado. O modelo em rede simplex cúbico especial mostrou melhor ajuste aos resultados experimentais, estimando respostas estatisticamente mais adequadas para as misturas. A superfície de resposta gerada apresentou capacidade de retenção de água da argamassa de 88 a 94,5%, classificando-a como normal e alta, segundo a norma ABNT 13281. Mesmo com valor superior ao índice de consistência padrão (valor acima do estabelecido por norma conseguiu-se uma capacidade de retenção padronizada com adição de resíduo na argamassa.The district of the Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil, has a ceramic pole with more than 100 ceramic industries, with a 90 million monthly production (brick masonry

  6. The progress of RES environment in the most recent member states of the EU

    Patlitzianas, Konstantinos [Management and Decision Support Systems Lab (EPU-NTUA), School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 9, Iroon Polytechniou str., 15773, Athens (Greece); Karagounis, Konstantinos [National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Dental School, 2 Thivon Str., Goudi, 11527 Athens (Greece)


    The most recent EU member states seem to have important Renewable Energy Sources (RES) potential. However, they have serious structural difficulties in development and integration of RES policies. Indeed, the balanced development of RES between the member states is urgent today. The penetration of the RES in these member states is related to the existence of an appropriate environment (political, economical, social, and technological). The current paper is based on an analytical review and specific PEST analysis aiming to assess the current RES environment and the progress so far in each of these most recent EU members. (author)

  7. Tesis doctorales 2012-2013 : Serie resúmenes

    Di Gregori, María Cristina


    En continuidad con la publicación de Serie Resúmenes, Tesis Doctorales, la Universidad Nacional de La Plata presenta un nuevo libro que contiene información sobre las tesis defendidas y aprobadas correspondiente a los doctores titulados en el período 2012-2013. Como señalarámos en nuestro volumen inaugural, esta publicación se inscribe en el marco de la revalorización que sostiene nuestra institución respecto del valor de la comunicación y difusión del conocimiento; en este caso, la producció...

  8. Resúmenes de los trabajos sobre las Enfermedades Neuromusculares

    Congreso Nacional de Neurología


    Las enfermedades neuromusculares constituyen un conjunto de afectaciones que afectan las neuronas motoras periférica, las vías motoras eferentes o los efectores (músculos esqueléticos). Sus manifestaciones clínicas son muy variadas y dependen de la causa y de los niveles de afectación. En este acápite se pueden encontrar los resúmenes de trabajos relacionados con el síndrome de Guillain Barre, polineuropatía diabética, Atrofia Muscular Espinal, Distrofia miotónica y otros todos presentados en...

  9. Making cities energy efficient. Urban and regional planning adopting RES

    Ahonen, A.-M.; David, T.; Dorfner, J. [and others


    This report summarises the outcomes of a 30 months duration continuing education project entitled 'Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills' (UP-RES). The project was carried out by a multi-disciplinary international consortium with the aim of informing planners and related professionals about energy-efficient and CO{sub 2} reducing technologies, practices and systems that can be developed across urban areas to serve whole communities. This report provides an overview of the key issues: The overall project approach to devising a training program based on preceding training needs analysis The key tasks involved in creating the training materials The marketing of the training as well as evaluation results Best practise examples of RES in urban planning. The UP-RES project has focused on several major target groups. These include those groups directly involved in taking forward renewable energy projects for whom the UP-RES training was principally focused; those who wish to deliver such training programmes; and policy makers who are ultimately responsible for the decisions that govern how widely such technologies will be implemented. Each of these groups has its own perspective concerning renewable energy technologies so the report is structured accordingly: For professionals involved in implementation: Among those professions that are likely to become involved with renewable energy initiatives in urban areas are urban planners, architects, energy suppliers, developers, building owners, and consulting engineers. For these professionals chapters 3.2 (summary of training need analysis) and 4 (best practise examples) are most likely to appeal. For training experts and organisations: Training programmes that address the relevance of renewable energies in urban areas require a comprehensive set of materials. As an example of how to organise training courses and lessons learnt, chapter 3 might be interesting. For the generally interested: Renewable energies are

  10. Water

    ... Home Nutrition Nutrition basics Water Water Did you know that water makes up more ... to drink more water Other drinks How much water do you need? top Water is very important, ...

  11. Renewables portfolio, individual preferences and social values towards RES technologies

    Kontogianni, Areti; Tourkolias, Christos; Skourtos, Michalis


    The massive deployment of renewable energy sources represents a high priority for Greece in order to comply with the Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources by 2020. In this perspective, Aegean islands especially Lesvos, are endowed with a considerable potential of a portfolio of renewables, a fact that the entrepreneurial interest has already been targeted. However, regulatory attempts for a massive penetration of renewables do not take seriously into account preferences and risk perceptions of local communities where the proposed projects are to be installed. The aim of this study is to investigate individual preferences and social values towards specific technologies of renewables in Lesvos island. We apply an open-ended contingent valuation survey in order to analyze factors shaping public attitudes towards a portfolio of renewable technologies and estimate the economic welfare (Willingness To Pay) of the preferred technologies. We argue that such information is relevant for energy policy design and the establishment of effective measures for the promotion of renewable energy sources. - Highlights: ► We investigate individual preferences and attitudes towards a portfolio of RES technologies. ► We elicit public acceptance for investing in specific RES technologies. ► We analyze factors shaping public preferences of the preferred technologies. ► We estimate the economic welfare of the preferred technologies

  12. Écuyères and "doing gender"

    Hedenborg, Susanna; Pfister, Gertrud Ursula


    masculinity and horsemanship conveys the impression that women had nothing to do with horses. This is true for many situations. The circus arena, however, seems to have been an exception as women could perform there. At the heart of the performances was not only equestrianism, but also the notion of gender......The purpose of this article is to analyse gender relations in equestrianism from the beginning of the 19th to the first decades of the 20th century. Focus will be on the female horse riding circus artists, the écuyères. The fact that women were circus riders at this time is interesting as in many....... It is even likely that ”doing gender” was an indispensable part of the show, as the allure of the écuyères depended on the embodiment and presentation of seemingly incompatible features: beauty, grace and femininity as well as mastery of an art that was a traditionally male domain....

  13. 100% RES communities. Steps towards 100% renewable energy at local level in Europe. Motivations, approaches, examples

    Regnier, Yannick; Pidana, Paulina; Hanisch, Angela; Priesner, Georg C.; Mc Kinney, Simon; Buschmann, Pia; Csanaky, Lilla; Praillet, Frederic; Zanchini, Edoardo; Lefevre, Christelle; ); Marincek, Gorazd; Meiffren, Isabelle; Toplice, Liliana


    Enhanced in 2014, the energy and climate goals for 2030 of the European Union require the mobilization of everyone, everywhere. In a dynamic set to intensify rural territories, as well as cities, the communities have a major role to play. As the principal trustees of renewable resource deposits, they are the vanguard of the energy transition. Their strengths? Wind and water in abundance (very often), the sun of course, biomass - agricultural, forest, woodland, domestic, food processing - geothermal energy. With the desire to make this renewable capital live, it made some decide to take or regain control of the energy issue, reduce their energy bills and those of their inhabitants. Attracted by the opportunity to revitalize local economies and rural communes (alone or in groups) they are more likely to want to become 100% RES. But how to move from intention to action when faced with the lack of knowledge, or means, or when you feel too small to act? It is to assist you in developing your energy policy that this guide was written. Pragmatic, practical, it brings together the return on experience from partners and communities involved in 100% RES Communities project. For three years, elected representatives from rural areas, some experienced and some less, together with experts from 10 countries in Europe, have sought the best organizational, technical and financial means to reduce consumption and produce renewable energy. If because of the administrative, cultural, economic differences within the Union, all the territories do not enjoy the same facilities, the 100% RES Communities project has defined pragmatic methods, practices and tools which will make your work easier. You will find in this guide the key steps in defining your strategy and building your action plan. This is a feasible action plan to be shared and implemented with the stakeholders. A final note: because it is within networks that we discover new solutions, which can replenish the practices and

  14. In media res: commenting on the trajectory of lives.

    Bishop, Jeffery; Barina, Rachelle; Stahl, Devan


    The stories in this issue of Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics demonstrate two important things. First these stories explore the space between bodily impairment and the social structures that both enable and constrain the flourishing of those who are differently embodied. The authors of these narratives resist the dominant biomedical interpretation of their impairments, but also demonstrate their dependency upon others--social, medical, or familial others. Second, in writing these narratives, the authors are also engaged in an act of identity formation, which sometimes challenge and sometimes embrace the label of disability. By telling their stories in the middle of the action of their lives--in media res, taking up or resisting the label of disability-they also demonstrate the way in which lives can be lived open to new possibilities and interpretations.

  15. Aquaporins and root water uptake

    Water is one of the most critical resources limiting plant growth and crop productivity, and root water uptake is an important aspect of plant physiology governing plant water use and stress tolerance. Pathways of root water uptake are complex and are affected by root structure and physiological res...

  16. 78 FR 54669 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed RES Americas Moapa Solar Energy Center...


    ... Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed RES Americas Moapa Solar Energy Center, Clark County, Nevada... environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the proposed RES Americas Moapa Solar Energy Center on the Moapa River... Progress and on the following Web site: . In order to be fully considered...

  17. Res Publica kõrvaldas mässaja / Kristjan Roos

    Roos, Kristjan, 1978-


    Tallinna linnavolikogu Res Publica fraktsiooni juhi kohalt, Res Publica Tallinna piirkonna juhatusest ja erakonna eestseisusest end taandanud Toomas Tautsi sõnul esitati talle erakonna eestseisuses mitmeid süüdistusi, mis kokkuvõtvalt olid etteheited tema vastuseisule võimalikule koalitsioonile Keskerakonnaga. Lisa: Abilinnapeadeks saavad Promm, Reivik ja Pevkur

  18. Res Publica Ida-Viru piirkond valis uue juhatuse / Erik Gamzejev

    Gamzejev, Erik, 1967-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje 4. dets. lk. 1. Res Publica Ida-Viru piirkonna üldkogul valiti uus juhatus, Vladimir Sarantsevi sõnul oli koosolek enamiku Kohtla-Järve osakonna liikmete arvates õigustühine. Res Publica peasekretäri Tõnis Konsi kommentaare

  19. Res Publica seisab vastu homse arvel elamisele / Siim Männik

    Männik, Siim


    Ilmunud ka: Vabariik (venek.) 30. august lk. 1. Res Publica koostab praegu kohalikeks valimisteks nimekirju. Erakond ei plaani korraldada mitte ühte üleriigilist valimiskampaaniat, vaid 120 kohalikku kampaaniat, peale selle on kavas üleriigiline n.-ö. foonikampaania. Lisa: Miks valida Res Publica? Vt. samas: Sisevalimised 1.-3. septembrini

  20. Presidendilossis pidutses ka üks Res Publica liige / Kadri Jakobson

    Jakobson, Kadri, 1970-


    SL Õhtulehele presidendilossis toimunud noortepidudest rääkinud neiu on Res Publica liige, kuid tema sõnul pole tema parteiline kuuluvus pidudega seotud. Arvamust avaldavad Res Publica juhatuse liige Andreas Kaju, erakonna esimees Taavi Veskimägi, ERL-i pressiesindaja Agu Uudelepp jt.

  1. Res Publica mängis topeltmängu / Risto Berendson

    Berendson, Risto, 1975-


    Res Publica jätkab koostööd Tallinna linnavalitsuses Reformierakonnaga. Tallinna linnapea Tõnis Paltsi sõnul oli paralleelsete läbirääkimiste pidamine Keskerakonna ja Reformierakonnaga Res Publica Tallinna piirkonna juhatuse valitud taktika. Kommenteerib Jaanus Piirsalu

  2. Ühendpartei Res Publica tiib oli häältekogumisel Isamaast pisut edukam


    Ühenderakonna Res Publica tiiva kandidaadid said Riigikogu valimistel umbes tuhat häält rohkem kui Isamaaliidu tiiva kandidaadid, samas oli IRL-i valimisnimekirjas Res Publica tiiva kandidaate ka mõne inimese võrra rohkem. Isamaaliidu edukaimad hääletoojad

  3. Res Publica lihtliikmed tõrjuvad Veskimäge / Tuuli Koch

    Koch, Tuuli


    Ilmunud ka: Pärnu Postimees 17. okt. lk. 6. Isamaa ja Res Publica liidu peaministrikandidaadiks sai Mart Laar, kuid pinged erakondade sees kestavad edasi. Res Publica opositsioon toetab isamaaliitlast Mart Laari ja on Taavi Veskimäe vastu. Lisa: Otsitakse peaministrit

  4. Epidemiology of Chronic Wasting Disease: PrP(res) Detection, Shedding, and Environmental Contamination

    Williams, Elizabeth S; Miller, Michael W; Lewis, Randolf V; Raisbeck, Merl F; Cook, Walter W


    .... The specific goals of these studies are to develop sensitive as says for PrP(exp res) as a marker for infectivity, and use these techniques to monitor the dynamics and modes of shedding of PrP(exp res...

  5. Res Publica nõuab veel üht abilinnapea kohta / Urmas Seaver

    Seaver, Urmas, 1973-


    Tallinna linnapea Tõnis Palts on seisukohal, et Reformierakond surus koalitsiooni moodustamisel Res Publicale peale ebaõiglase vastutusvaldkondade jaotuse. Res Publica peasekretär Ott Lumi ei välista võimuliidu loomist Keskerakonnaga, kui Reformierakond järeleandmisi ei tee. ERL tegi ettepaneku kokku kutsuda erakondade ümarlaud. Vt. samas intervjuud Ott Lumiga

  6. Implantação de um programa de gerenciamento de resíduos químicos e águas servidas nos laboratórios de ensino e pesquisa no CENA/USP Establishment of a management program for chemical residues and waste water, generated in laboratories of the centro de energia nuclear na agricultura (CENA/USP

    Glauco Arnold Tavares


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is to establish a program for the treatment of chemical residues and waste waters at the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA/USP, for environmental preservation and training of staff. Five tons of stored residues and the ones currently generated in the laboratories have to be treated. Rational use of water is also part of the program. The traditional purification by distillation has been replaced by purification with ion exchange resins. Lower energy consumption and better water quality were achieved.

  7. Hi-Res scan mode in clinical MDCT systems: Experimental assessment of spatial resolution performance.

    Cruz-Bastida, Juan P; Gomez-Cardona, Daniel; Li, Ke; Sun, Heyi; Hsieh, Jiang; Szczykutowicz, Timothy P; Chen, Guang-Hong


    The introduction of a High-Resolution (Hi-Res) scan mode and another associated option that combines Hi-Res mode with the so-called High Definition (HD) reconstruction kernels (referred to as a Hi-Res/HD mode in this paper) in some multi-detector CT (MDCT) systems offers new opportunities to increase spatial resolution for some clinical applications that demand high spatial resolution. The purpose of this work was to quantify the in-plane spatial resolution along both the radial direction and tangential direction for the Hi-Res and Hi-Res/HD scan modes at different off-center positions. A technique was introduced and validated to address the signal saturation problem encountered in the attempt to quantify spatial resolution for the Hi-Res and Hi-Res/HD scan modes. Using the proposed method, the modulation transfer functions (MTFs) of a 64-slice MDCT system (Discovery CT750 HD, GE Healthcare) equipped with both Hi-Res and Hi-Res/HD modes were measured using a metal bead at nine different off-centered positions (0-16 cm with a step size of 2 cm); at each position, both conventional scans and Hi-Res scans were performed. For each type of scan and position, 80 repeated acquisitions were performed to reduce noise induced uncertainties in the MTF measurements. A total of 15 reconstruction kernels, including eight conventional kernels and seven HD kernels, were used to reconstruct CT images of the bead. An ex vivo animal study consisting of a bone fracture model was performed to corroborate the MTF results, as the detection of this high-contrast and high frequency task is predominantly determined by spatial resolution. Images of this animal model generated by different scan modes and reconstruction kernels were qualitatively compared with the MTF results. At the centered position, the use of Hi-Res mode resulted in a slight improvement in the MTF; each HD kernel generated higher spatial resolution than its counterpart conventional kernel. However, the MTF along the

  8. Regulatory design for RES-E support mechanisms: Learning curves, market structure, and burden-sharing

    Batlle, C.; Pérez-Arriaga, I.J.; Zambrano-Barragán, P.


    Drawing from relevant experiences in power systems around the world, this paper offers a review of existing policy support mechanisms for RES-E, with a detailed analysis of their regulatory implications. While recent studies provide an account of current RES-E support systems, in this paper we focus on some of the impacts these mechanisms have on the overall energy market structure and its performance. Given the rising importance of RES-E in systems everywhere, these impacts should no longer be overlooked. - Highlights: ► This paper offers a critical review of RES-E support mechanisms and their regulatory implications. ► The discussion focuses on how the different schemes impact the performance of the energy markets. ► We propose to redesign of current RES-E mechanisms to optimize incentives and market performance. ► Our recommendation is also to gradually move from price-based mechanisms to auctions.

  9. Study of immobilization of waste from treatment of acid waters of a uranium mining facility; Estudo de imobilização de resíduo proveniente de tratamento de águas ácidas de uma instalação de mineração de urânio

    Goda, R.T.; Oliveira, A.P. de; Silva, N.C. da; Villegas, R.A.S., E-mail: [Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear (LAPOC/CNEN), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Laboratorio de Pocos de Caldas; Ferreira, A.M. [Universidade Federal de Alfenas (ICT/UNIFAL), Poços de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia


    This study aimed to produce scientific and technical knowledge aiming at the development of techniques to immobilize the waste generated in the treatment of acid waters in the UTM-INB Caldas uranium mining and processing facility using Portland cement. This residue (calcium diuranate - DUCA) contains uranium compounds and metal hydroxides in a matrix of calcium sulfate. It is observed that this material, in contact with the lake of acid waters of the mine's own pit, undergoes resolubilization and, therefore, changes the quality of the acidic water contained therein, changing the treatment parameters. For the study of immobilization of this residue, the mass of water contained in both the residue deposited in the pit of the mine and in the pulp resulting from the treatment of the acid waters was determined. In addition, different DUCA / CEMENT / WATER ratios were used for immobilization and subsequent mechanical strength and leaching tests. The results showed that in the immobilized samples with 50% cement mass condition, no uranium was detected in the leaching tests, and the mechanical strength at compression was 9.4 MPa, which indicates that more studies are needed, but indicate a good capacity to immobilize uranium in cement.

  10. RES hyperphagocytosis by rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus.

    Cornell, R P


    In contrast to previous studies of neutrophils from diabetic animals and humans in vitro and of macrophages from diabetic humans in vivo, which reported phagocytic depression, reticuloendothelial system (RES) hyperphagocytosis of colloidal carbon was observed in rats at 14 and 28 days after diabetes induction with streptozotocin (STZ). Carbon clearance half times were significantly enhanced to 6.3 +/- 0.79 and 8.1 +/- 1.04 min at 14 and 28 days post-STZ, respectively, compared with the nondiabetic value (12.7 +/- 0.98 min). The severity of uncontrolled STZ-induced diabetes in rats was confirmed by significant hypoinsulinemia, hyperglucagonemia, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia. Although body weights of STZ-diabetic animals declined progressively, liver weights as a percent of body weight increased above the control value at 14 and 28 days post-STZ. In fact, expression of carbon phagocytosis as the corrected phagocytic index, which accounts for changes in liver and spleen weights relative to body weight, eliminated the significant difference between STZ-diabetic and nondiabetic animals. Antibiotic treatment of diabetic rats failed to alter the hyperphagocytosis, implying that a chronic bacterial infection was not the cause of phagocytic stimulation. Daily insulin replacements, but not a single large insulin dose to 14-day post-STZ rats, reversed the enhanced phagocytosis of colloidal carbon.

  11. Les frontières de la violence au Kenya

    Claire Médard


    Full Text Available Au cours des violences post électorales récentes, au Kenya, de nombreux observateurs ont été surpris par la forme prise par les protestations partisanes. Elle nous rappelle que la fabrique territoriale de l’ethnicité est toujours d’actualité dans ce pays. La réactivation de frontières internes qui portent la marque des violences du passé, certaines héritées de la colonisation et d’autres renégociées depuis l’indépendance, ont mis en péril l’Etat.During the recent post electoral crisis in Kenya, the turn of the protest took many by surprise. We were reminded that the making of ethnicity is on ongoing process in which violence plays a part. New boundaries have appeared, re-enacting old divisions and creating new rifts. Once the mark of administration, internal boundaries now threaten the existence of the State.

  12. Intelligent energy buildings based on RES and nanotechnology

    Kaplanis, S., E-mail:; Kaplani, E. [R.E.S. Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece M. Alexandrou 1, Koukouli 26 334, Patra (Greece)


    The paper presents the design features, the energy modelling and optical performance details of two pilot Intelligent Energy Buildings, (IEB). Both are evolution of the Zero Energy Building (ZEB) concept. RES innovations backed up by signal processing, simulation models and ICT tools were embedded into the building structures in order to implement a new predictive energy management concept. In addition, nano-coatings, produced by TiO2 and ITO nano-particles, were deposited on the IEB structural elements and especially on the window panes and the PV glass covers. They exhibited promising SSP values which lowered the cooling loads and increased the PV modules yield. Both pilot IEB units were equipped with an on-line dynamic hourly solar radiation prediction model, implemented by sensors and the related software to manage effectively the energy source, the loads and the storage or the backup system. The IEB energy sources covered the thermal loads via a south façade embedded in the wall and a solar roof which consists of a specially designed solar collector type, while a PV generator is part of the solar roof, like a compact BIPV in hybrid configuration to a small wind turbine.

  13. Cardiovascular Small Heat Shock Protein HSPB7 Is a Kinetically Privileged Reactive Electrophilic Species (RES) Sensor.

    Surya, Sanjna L; Long, Marcus J C; Urul, Daniel A; Zhao, Yi; Mercer, Emily J; EIsaid, Islam M; Evans, Todd; Aye, Yimon


    Small heat shock protein (sHSP)-B7 (HSPB7) is a muscle-specific member of the non-ATP-dependent sHSPs. The precise role of HSPB7 is enigmatic. Here, we disclose that zebrafish Hspb7 is a kinetically privileged sensor that is able to react rapidly with native reactive electrophilic species (RES), when only substoichiometric amounts of RES are available in proximity to Hspb7 expressed in living cells. Among the two Hspb7-cysteines, this RES sensing is fulfilled by a single cysteine (C117). Purification and characterizations in vitro reveal that the rate for RES adduction is among the most efficient reported for protein-cysteines with native carbonyl-based RES. Covalent-ligand binding is accompanied by structural changes (increase in β-sheet-content), based on circular dichroism analysis. Among the two cysteines, only C117 is conserved across vertebrates; we show that the human ortholog is also capable of RES sensing in cells. Furthermore, a cancer-relevant missense mutation reduces this RES-sensing property. This evolutionarily conserved cysteine-biosensor may play a redox-regulatory role in cardioprotection.

  14. Hydrogen-induced structural transition in single layer ReS2

    Yagmurcukardes, M.; Bacaksiz, C.; Senger, R. T.; Sahin, H.


    By performing density functional theory-based calculations, we investigate how structural, electronic and mechanical properties of single layer ReS2 can be tuned upon hydrogenation of its surfaces. It is found that a stable, fully hydrogenated structure can be obtained by formation of strong S-H bonds. The optimized atomic structure of ReS2H2 is considerably different than that of the monolayer ReS2 which has a distorted-1T phase. By performing phonon dispersion calculations, we also predict that the Re2-dimerized 1T structure (called 1T {{}\\text{R{{\\text{e}}2}}} ) of the ReS2H2 is dynamically stable. Unlike the bare ReS2 the 1T {{}\\text{R{{\\text{e}}2}}} -ReS2H2 structure which is formed by breaking the Re4 clusters into separated Re2 dimers, is an indirect-gap semiconductor. Furthermore, mechanical properties of the 1T {{}\\text{R{{\\text{e}}2}}} phase in terms of elastic constants, in-plane stiffness (C) and Poisson ratio (ν) are investigated. It is found that full hydrogenation not only enhances the flexibility of the single layer ReS2 crystal but also increases anisotropy of the elastic constants.

  15. Res Publica jäi järjekordselt ilma mitmest nimekast liikmest / Tuuli Koch, Kärt Anvelt

    Koch, Tuuli


    Oma lahkumiset Res Publicast teatasid erakonna esimene esimees Rein Taagepera, tema abikaasa Mare Taagepera, akadeemik Jaan Einasto ja 2002. aastal erakonna esimeheks kandideerinud Lauri Aaspõllu. Rein Taagepera põhjendas otsust Res Publica liikumisega paremtsentrist paremäärmusse. Lisa: Tuntud inimesi, kes seni Res Publicast lahkunud. Vt. samas lühiintervjuud Jaan Einastoga: Res Publica peab tegema koostööd

  16. Gestão integrada de resíduos : o impacto ambiental

    Oliveira, Rosário


    Faz-se uma introducão à politica de gestão integrada de resíduos para enquadrar a valorização de resíduos como política desejável para assegurar um desenvolvimento sustentado. Referem-se de seguida metodologias para avaliação do impacto ambiental da utilização de resíduos que possam ser usados como materiais de construção civil e obras públicas, ressalvando-se alguma falta de enquadramento legal.

  17. Dynamique de fréquentation des grands mammifères dans une ...


    31 juil. 2016 ... RÉSUMÉ. Objectifs : Dans le but de connaitre les animaux fréquentant les clairières (ou Baï) forestières au Gabon, une étude sur la fréquentation du Baï de Momba par les grands mammifères a été conduite durant la petite saison des pluies pendant deux mois du 19 février au 13 mars 2012. Méthodologie ...

  18. Res Publicat on täna vaja rohkem kui kunagi varem / Taavi Veskimägi

    Veskimägi, Taavi, 1974-


    Res Publica esimees seab erakonnale ülesandeks selgitada inimestele, et Res Publicat võib usaldada. Ta selgitab, et Res Publica parempoolne poliitika tähendab ka hoolimist nendest, kes ei saa endaga hakkama. Vt. samas: Viimased kampaaniapäevad

  19. Gerenciamento de resíduos químicos e águas servidas no laboratório de isótopos estáveis do CENA/USP Chemistry waste and residues waters management at the stable isotope laboratory of the CENA/USP

    José Albertino Bendassolli


    Full Text Available A system for disposal and recovery of the main effluents and chemical waist from isotope separation plants and enriched compounds-15N and 34S production has been carried out at the Stable Isotope Laboratory (LIE of the CENA/USP. Around four hundred thousand liters of effluents has been recovered yearly. Among the recovered chemical wastes, the more relevant are: ammonia; brome; ammonium and sodium sulfate; sodium hydroxide; sulfur dioxide; and hydrochloric acid. Chemical wastes containg recoverable heavy metals (Ag, Cr and Cu and solvents (methanol, ethanol and acetone are processed and recovered. Gaseous emissions, mainly H2S are used for recovery of heavy metals solutions. The minimization of the residues waters, as well the reduction of electric energy consume was established using a water deionization system. A cost/effect balance of the process is reported.

  20. Diagnóstico dos resíduos sólidos do setor agrossilvopastoril : resíduos sólidos inorgânicos

    Rosseto, Renato


    Este trabalho buscou realizar o diagnóstico preliminar dos resíduos sólidos inorgânicos gerados no setor agrossilvopastoril, especialmente nos segmentos de agrotóxicos, fertilizantes, insumos farmacêuticos veterinários, além dos resíduos sólidos domésticos (RSDs) rurais Os assuntos foram separados em seções. De forma geral, a ausência de informações oficiais sistematizadas seguiu como a principal dificuldade em realizar o diagnóstico dos resíduos sólidos inorgânicos presentes no setor agrossi...

  1. Water

    ... drink and water in food (like fruits and vegetables). 6. Of all the earth’s water, how much is ocean or seas? 97 percent of the earth’s water is ocean or seas. 7. How much of the world’s water is frozen? Of all the water on earth, about 2 percent is frozen. 8. How much ...

  2. Res Publica ja Isamaaliit ühendavad jõud / Urmo Kübar, Rauno Veri

    Kübar, Urmo, 1978-


    Res Publica esimees Taavi Veskimägi ja Isamaaliidu esimees Tõnis Lukas kirjutasid alla ühiste kavatsuste deklaratsioonile, milles nad teevad ettepaneku moodustada ühine erakond. Lisad: Erakonna Eesti Eest deklaratsioon; Lühiülevaade ajaloost

  3. Res Publica üldkogu hääletab poliitilisi resolutsioone / Lauri Tankler

    Tankler, Lauri


    Res Publica üldkogul hääletusele pandavate resolutsioonide eesmärgiks on teavitada avalikkust erakonna seisukohtadest. Olulisemad resolutsioonid on ette valmistatud ideoloogia, majanduse, hariduse ja sotsiaalpoliitika valdkonnas

  4. RES-E Support Policies In The Baltic States: Development Aspect (Part I

    Bobinaite V.


    Full Text Available Despite quite similar conditions (natural resources for electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES-E in three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, significant differences exist in these countries as to the RES-E production volume. In Latvia this volume is the highest, while in Estonia and Lithuania it is half as high. One of the factors that determine the RES-E production volumes is support policies, which in the Baltic States are different. The main objective of this work was to analyze and compare these support policies. The results have shown that for rapid RES-E development the most effective policy is to be market-oriented (as in Estonia, whereas for more stable development such policy should be producer-oriented (as in Lithuania.

  5. Res Publica nõuab Leinatammelt 44 600 krooni / Kadri Jakobson

    Jakobson, Kadri, 1970-


    Res Publica nõuab Reformierakonda üle läinud Tarmo Leinatammelt maksmata jäänud liikmemaksu, fraktsioon kutsub teda üles loobuma kohast Riigikogus. Erakonna pressiesindaja Riina Vändre selgitus

  6. Res Publica tahab muuta Riigikogu kuluhüvitiste süsteemi / Alari Rammo

    Rammo, Alari


    Riigikogu Res Publica fraktsiooni ettepanekutest reformida Riigikogu liikmetele ette nähtud kuluhüvitiste süsteemi. Tabel: Kasutatud kuluhüvitised seisuga 15. oktoober 2003. Kommenteerib Urmo Kübar

  7. Water

    Chovanec, A.; Grath, J.; Kralik, M.; Vogel, W.


    An up-date overview of the situation of the Austrian waters is given by analyzing the status of the water quality (groundwater, surface waters) and water protection measures. Maps containing information of nitrate and atrazine in groundwaters (analyses at monitoring stations), nitrate contents and biological water quality of running waters are included. Finally, pollutants (nitrate, orthophosphate, ammonium, nitrite, atrazine etc.) trends in annual mean values and median values for the whole country for the years 1992-1999 are presented in tables. Figs. 5. (nevyjel)

  8. Rationales for technology-specific RES support and their relevance for German policy

    Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Purkus, Alexandra; Söderholm, Patrik; Witte, Katherina


    In order to achieve cost-effective RES-E deployment it is often argued that technology-neutral support schemes for renewables are indispensable. Against this background, RES-E support policies making widely use of technology differentiation in remuneration settings, e.g. across the EU, are frequently criticized from a theoretical point of view. However, in this paper we provide a systematic critique of the technology neutrality concept as a foundation for designing policy support schemes in the RES-E technology field. Specifically, the main objective of the paper is to scrutinize the arguments for technology-neutrality, and discuss three conceptual arguments for why technology-specific support schemes could in fact help minimize the societal costs of reaching future RES-E targets. We also briefly address different political economy concerns, which could constrain the choice of cost-effective policy support schemes, and that have to be taken into account for economic policy advice. For empirical illustration of the key arguments we refer to the case of German RES-E policy-making. The central conclusion from this paper is that technology-specific RES-E support schemes may generate significant economic benefits, particularly if technology markets work imperfectly and in second-best policy settings with additional non-internalized market failures. - Highlights: • Three theoretical cost-effectiveness reasons for technology-specific RES-E support. • German case study to show relevance of theoretical arguments for policy-making. • Political economy constraints to technology-neutral support are demonstrated. • Technology-specific RES-E support may generate significant economic benefits.

  9. Comment rendre les villes plus sûres | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    29 oct. 2015 ... À mi-chemin d'un programme quinquennal de recherche, les experts qui travaillent à l'initiative Villes sûres et inclusives font la lumière sur ce qui fonctionne – et ne fonctionne pas – pour rendre les villes plus sûres. Le présent compte rendu présente certains enseignements tirés de leur travail, ainsi que ...

  10. Ressources minières en Afrique : Quelle réglementation pour le ...

    Ressources minières en Afrique : Quelle réglementation pour le développement ? Couverture du livre Ressources minières en Afrique : Quelle réglementation pour le développement ? Directeur(s):. Bonnie Campbell. Maison(s) d'édition: Presses de l'Université du Québec, CRDI. 6 juillet 2009. ISBN : 9782760525214.

  11. The performances of standard and ResMed masks during bag-valve-mask ventilation.

    Lee, Hyoung Youn; Jeung, Kyung Woon; Lee, Byung Kook; Lee, Seung Joon; Jung, Yong Hun; Lee, Geo Sung; Min, Yong Il; Heo, Tag


    A tight mask seal is frequently difficult to obtain and maintain during single-rescuer bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation. The ResMed mask (Bella Vista, NSW, Australia) is a continuous-positive-airway-pressure mask (CM) designed for noninvasive ventilation. In this study, we compared the ventilation performances of a standard mask (SM) and a ResMed CM using a simulation manikin in an out-of-hospital single-rescuer BVM ventilation scenario. Thirty emergency medical technicians (EMTs) performed two 2-minute attempts to ventilate a simulation manikin using BVM ventilation, alternatively, with the SM or the ResMed CM in a randomized order. Ventilation parameters including tidal volume and peak airway pressure were measured using computer analysis software connected to the simulation manikin. Successful volume delivery was defined as delivery of 440-540 mL of tidal volume in accord with present cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines. BVM ventilation using the ResMed CM produced higher mean (± standard deviation) tidal volumes (452 ± 50 mL vs. 394 ± 113 mL, p = 0.014) and had a higher proportion of successful volume deliveries (65.3% vs. 26.7%, p < 0.001) than that using the SM. Peak airway pressure was higher in BVM ventilation using the ResMed CM (p = 0.035). Stomach insufflation did not occur during either method. Twenty-nine of the participants (96.7%) preferred BVM ventilation using the ResMed CM. BVM ventilations using ResMed CM resulted in a significantly higher proportion of successful volume deliveries meeting the currently recommended range of tidal volume. Clinical studies are needed to determine the value of the ResMed CM for BVM ventilation.

  12. Isamaa ja Res Publica liit tõotab neile kõrget kohta edetabelis / Rasmus Kagge

    Kagge, Rasmus, 1977-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 10. apr. lk. 7. TNS Emori märtsikuu erakondade populaarsusuuringu tulemused näitavad, et Res Publicaga liituda otsustanud Isamaaliit on tõusnud poliitedetabelis kolmandale kohale. Res Publica reiting on endiselt madal, edetabelit juhib Keskerakond. Diagrammid: Isamaaliit kogub toetajaid tõusvas tempos. Vt. samas: Ühendpartei Eesti Eest! otsib endale uut nime

  13. Water

    ... can be found in some metal water taps, interior water pipes, or pipes connecting a house to ... reduce or eliminate lead. See resources below. 5. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the ...

  14. Biossorção de azul de metileno utilizando resíduos agroindustriais

    Andressa C. Honorato


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho avaliou a capacidade de adsorção do corante azul de metileno nos resíduos da palha de milho e da bainha do palmito pupunha in natura. A caracterização dos resíduos foi determinada utilizando-se a microscopia eletrônica de varredura e espectroscopia na região do infravermelho a qual indicou a presença de grupos carboxílicos, hidroxila e carbonila. O tempo necessário para que o sistema atingisse o equilíbrio para ambos os resíduos foi de 240 min, seguindo uma cinética descrita pelo modelo de pseudo-segunda ordem. A capacidade máxima de adsorção foi de 102,8 mg g-1 para o resíduo da palha de milho, seguindo o modelo de isoterma de Langmuir e 50,9 mg g-1 para o resíduo de palmito pupunha, sendo que o modelo que melhor se ajusta foi Freundlich. Desta forma, esses resíduos são promissores para a adsorção do corante azul de metileno em efluentes.

  15. Revisiting long-run relations in power markets with high RES penetration

    Gianfreda, Angelica; Parisio, Lucia; Pelagatti, Matteo


    Electricity generation from renewable energy resources (RES) has become increasingly significant to reach EU and emissions reduction targets. At the same time, one of the main EU policy goals has been the creation of a common internal energy market for Europe. In this paper, we focus on these two issues previously studied separately, considering their possible interactions. We first analyze the long-run relationship between day-ahead electricity prices and fuel prices (natural gas and coal) looking at two samples of years characterized by low and high RES penetration, then we explore the integration of EU markets. We show that the electricity–fuel nexus found over 2006–2008 changed dramatically over 2010–2014 for the majority of countries considered. In particular, the long-run dependence of electricity from gas and coal prices is much lower in recent years. Furthermore, our results confirm that the considered EU countries are becoming less integrated as RES-E increases. Our findings suggest that nationally implemented policies to support renewables are successful in increasing RES penetration, but they have lessened the linkage among EU markets, then making integration more difficult to obtain. - Highlights: •RES lower the intra-daily electricity dependence from coal and natural gas. •RES affect the EU wholesale electricity market integration, studied at hourly level. •Overlapping national and supranational policies tackle the achievement of EU targets. •Strong policy coordination is required to avoid that the “greens” promote the “dirtiest”.

  16. Mastery of Content Representation (CoRes) Related TPACK High School Biology Teacher

    Nasution, W. R.; Sriyati, S.; Riandi, R.; Safitri, M.


    The purpose of this study was to determine the mastery of Content Representation (CoRes) teachers related to the integration of technology and pedagogy in teaching Biology (TPACK). This research uses a descriptive method. The data were taken using instruments CoRes as the primary data and semi-structured interviews as supporting data. The subjects were biology teacher in class X MIA from four schools in Bandung. Teachers raised CoRes was analyzed using a scoring rubric CoRes with coding 1-3 then categorized into a group of upper, middle, or lower. The results showed that the two teachers in the lower category. This results means that the control of teachers in defining the essential concept in the CoRes has not been detailed and specific. Meanwhile, two other teachers were in the middle category. This means that the ability of teachers to determine the essential concepts in the CoRes are still inadequate so that still needs to be improved.

  17. Epitaxial growth of ReS2(001) thin film via deposited-Re sulfurization

    Urakami, Noriyuki; Okuda, Tetsuya; Hashimoto, Yoshio


    In this paper, we present the formation of large-size rhenium disulfide (ReS2) films via the sulfurization of Re films deposited on sapphire substrates. The effects of sulfurization temperature and pressure on the crystal quality were investigated. A [001]-oriented single crystal of ReS2 films with 6 × 10 mm2 area was realized. By sulfurizing Re films at 1100 °C, ReS2 films with well-defined sharp interfaces to c-plane sapphire substrates could be formed. Below and above the sulfurization temperature of 1100 °C, incomplete sulfurization and film degradation were observed. The twofold symmetry of the monocrystalline in-plane structure composed of Re-Re bonds along with Re-S bonds pointed to a distorted 1T structure, indicating that this structure is the most stable atomic arrangement for ReS2. For a S/Re compositional ratio equal to or slightly lower than 2.0, characteristic Raman vibrational modes with the narrowest line widths were observed. The typical absorption peak of ReS2 can be detected at 1.5 eV.

  18. Estudo exploratório sobre a utilização dos recursos de informática por alunos do curso de graduação em enfermagem Exploratory study about the use of informatic resourses by undergraduate nursing students

    Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres


    Full Text Available Atualmente a influência da informatização na educação é uma realidade irreversível. Isto obriga-nos a repensar o método de ensino-aprendizagem tradicionais. Frente a isto a Comissão de Informática da EEUSP desenvolveu um estudo exploratório-descritivo dos alunos de graduação em relação ao conhecimento dos recursos de informática e habilidades em seu manuseio. Os resultados revelaram que há uma relação direta entre o tempo de utilização e a habilidade no manuseio do computador. A aquisição de conhecimentos, até o momento, ocorre independentemente da política institucional. Pode-se perceber a importância da informatização no ensino de enfermagem e a necessidade das instituições de ensino adequarem a metodologia educacional às novas tecnologias.Nowdays influence of informatization in education is an irreversible reality. This situation obligate us to reconsider the tradicional teaching - learning method. Face that the Informatic Commission of EEUSP developed ari exploratory - descriptive study of undergraduate nursing students relating to knowledge of informatic resourses and habilities on it. The results revealed that there is a straight relationship between time of use and hability on using computer. The acquirement of knowlendges, until now, occurs independently of institutional policy. It permitted perceive the significance of informatization on teaching nursing and that teaching institutions need to adapt its educational methodology to the new technology.

  19. Avaliação de técnica eletroquímica na remoção de resíduos orgânicos em água com emprego de unidade em escala de laboratório Evaluation of electrochemical technique for removal of organic waste from water by using a laboratory scale unit

    Eliandro Rezende da Silva


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho são apresentados os resultados preliminares da avaliação de técnica eletroquímica na remoção de compostos orgânicos em água, em escala laboratorial. Cela eletroquímica simples foi construída para os testes e uma metodologia básica foi empregada. O método consiste em provocar a migração de espécies polares ou ionizadas em direção ao eletrodo de carga oposta. Fenol e o herbicida atrazina foram os contaminantes avaliados. Os ensaios foram realizados em função do tempo de aplicação de carga, acompanhada a evolução do pH entre os eletrodos e as concentrações relativas avaliadas por medidas de absorbância na região do ultra-violeta. Os melhores resultados foram conseguidos para operações acima de 30 minutos, indicando migração proporcional a 62% para o fenol, mas inferior a 30% para a atrazina.In this work the preliminary results of a lab scale evaluation of electrokinetic technique for the removal of organic contaminants in water are presented. A simple cell was constructed and a basic methodology was followed. The method consists in provoke the migration of ionized or polar specimens solved in aqueous solution in direction of the opposite charged electrode. Phenol (C6H5OH and herbicide atrazine (6-chlorine-N-ethyl-N'-(1-methylethyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4 diamine, was chosen as standard contaminants. The testes were performed in function of charge application time, mapping the pH between electrodes and the concentration assessed by absorbance measurements in ultra-violet region. The best results were attained after 30 minutes operation, showing migration proportional to 62% for phenol, but inferior to 30% atrazine.

  20. Water

    Van Wyk, Llewellyn V


    Full Text Available Water scarcity is without a doubt on of the greatest threats to the human species and has all the potential to destabilise world peace. Falling water tables are a new phenomenon. Up until the development of steam and electric motors, deep groudwater...

  1. Water

    Hertie School of Governance


    All human life depends on water and air. The sustainable management of both is a major challenge for today's public policy makers. This issue of Schlossplatz³ taps the streams and flows of the current debate on the right water governance.

  2. Unraveling the Raman Enhancement Mechanism on 1T'-Phase ReS2 Nanosheets.

    Miao, Peng; Qin, Jing-Kai; Shen, Yunfeng; Su, Huimin; Dai, Junfeng; Song, Bo; Du, Yunchen; Sun, Mengtao; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Hsing-Lin; Xu, Cheng-Yan; Xu, Ping


    2D transition metal dichalcogenides materials are explored as potential surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates. Herein, a systematic study of the Raman enhancement mechanism on distorted 1T (1T') rhenium disulfide (ReS 2 ) nanosheets is demonstrated. Combined Raman and photoluminescence studies with the introduction of an Al 2 O 3 dielectric layer unambiguously reveal that Raman enhancement on ReS 2 materials is from a charge transfer process rather than from an energy transfer process, and Raman enhancement is inversely proportional while the photoluminescence quenching effect is proportional to the layer number (thickness) of ReS 2 nanosheets. On monolayer ReS 2 film, a strong resonance-enhanced Raman scattering effect dependent on the laser excitation energy is detected, and a detection limit as low as 10 -9 m can be reached from the studied dye molecules such as rhodamine 6G and methylene blue. Such a high enhancement factor achieved through enhanced charge interaction between target molecule and substrate suggests that with careful consideration of the layer-number-dependent feature and excitation-energy-related resonance effect, ReS 2 is a promising Raman enhancement platform for sensing applications. © 2018 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  3. A study on the electronic and interfacial structures of monolayer ReS2-metal contacts.

    Wang, Jin; Yang, Guofeng; Sun, Rui; Yan, Pengfei; Lu, Yanan; Xue, Junjun; Chen, Guoqing


    In this paper, we perform a systematic and rigorous study to evaluate the Ohmic nature of the top-contact formed by the monolayer ReS 2 (mReS 2 ) and metals (gold, silver, platinum, nickel, titanium, and scandium) by means of first-principles density functional theory calculations. We investigate the potential barrier, charge transfer and atomic orbital overlap at the mReS 2 -metal interface in consideration of van der Waals forces to understand how efficiently carriers could be injected from the metal contact to the mReS 2 channel. ReS 2 is physisorbed on Au and Ag, which leads to little perturbation of its electronic structures and forms a larger Schottky contact and a higher tunnel barrier at the interface. ReS 2 is chemisorbed on Ti and Sc, where the bonding strongly perturbs the electronic structures and is found to be purely Ohmic. The bonding of ReS 2 on Pt and Ni lies between these two extreme cases, demonstrating an intermediate behavior. These findings not only provide an insight into the mReS 2 -metal interfaces but may also prove to be instrumental in the future design of ReS 2 -based devices with good performance.

  4. Water

    E. Sanmuga Priya


    Full Text Available Phytoremediation through aquatic macrophytes treatment system (AMATS for the removal of pollutants and contaminants from various natural sources is a well established environmental protection technique. Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes, a worst invasive aquatic weed has been utilised for various research activities over the last few decades. The biosorption capacity of the water hyacinth in minimising various contaminants present in the industrial wastewater is well studied. The present review quotes the literatures related to the biosorption capacity of the water hyacinth in reducing the concentration of dyestuffs, heavy metals and minimising certain other physiochemical parameters like TSS (total suspended solids, TDS (total dissolved solids, COD (chemical oxygen demand and BOD (biological oxygen demand in textile wastewater. Sorption kinetics through various models, factors influencing the biosorption capacity, and role of physical and chemical modifications in the water hyacinth are also discussed.

  5. Room temperature synthesis of ReS2 through aqueous perrhenate sulfidation

    Borowiec, Joanna; Gillin, William P.; Willis, Maureen A. C.; Boi, Filippo S.; He, Y.; Wen, J. Q.; Wang, S. L.; Schulz, Leander


    In this study, a direct sulfidation reaction of ammonium perrhenate (NH4ReO4) leading to a synthesis of rhenium disulfide (ReS2) is demonstrated. These findings reveal the first example of a simplistic bottom-up approach to the chemical synthesis of crystalline ReS2. The reaction presented here takes place at room temperature, in an ambient and solvent-free environment and without the necessity of a catalyst. The atomic composition and structure of the as-synthesized product were characterized using several analysis techniques including energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry. The results indicated the formation of a lower symmetry (1Tʹ) ReS2 with a low degree of layer stacking.

  6. Hierarchical architecture of ReS_2/rGO composites with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium-ion batteries

    Qi, Fei; Chen, Yuanfu; Zheng, Binjie; He, Jiarui; Li, Qian; Wang, Xinqiang; Lin, Jie; Zhou, Jinhao; Yu, Bo; Li, Pingjian; Zhang, Wanli


    Highlights: • The ReS_2/rGO composites have been synthesized by a facile one-pot method. • The ReS_2/rGO composites exhibit hierarchical architecture. • The ReS_2/rGO composites deliver better electrochemical performances than ReS_2. • The enhanced performance is due to porous and conductive structure of ReS_2/rGO. - Abstract: Rhenium disulfide (ReS_2), a two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor, has attracted more and more attention due to its unique anisotropic electronic, optical, mechanical properties. However, the facile synthesis and electrochemical property of ReS_2 and its composite are still necessary to be researched. In this study, for the first time, the ReS_2/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) composites have been synthesized through a facile and one-pot hydrothermal method. The ReS_2/rGO composites exhibit a hierarchical, interconnected, and porous architecture constructed by nanosheets. As anode for lithium-ion batteries, the as-synthesized ReS_2/rGO composites deliver a large initial capacity of 918 mAh g"−"1 at 0.2 C. In addition, the ReS_2/rGO composites exhibit much better electrochemical cycling stability and rate capability than that of bare ReS_2. The significant enhancement in electrochemical property can be attributed to its unique architecture constructed by nanosheets and porous structure, which can allow for easy electrolyte infiltration, efficient electron transfer, and ionic diffusion. Furthermore, the graphene with high electronic conductivity can provide good conductive passageways. The facile synthesis approach can be extended to prepare other 2D transition metal dichalcogenides semiconductors for energy storage and catalytic application.

  7. Valorisation par voie hydrométallurgique de Matières Premières Secondaires Valorization of Secondary Raw Materials by hydrometallurgical way

    Meux Eric


    Full Text Available Cet exposé s'intéressera à la récupération par voie hydrométallurgique de métaux contenus dans les Matières Premières Secondaires. Dans un premier temps seront abordées des généralités sur les Métaux Critiques, leur taux de recyclage et les gisements identifiés. Deux exemples de traitement seront ensuite développés : le traitement de catalyseurs d'hydrotraitement et le traitement de poudres métallifères issues de broyats d'accumulateurs par couplage électrolixiviation/électrodéposition. This talk will focus on the hydrometallurgical recovery of metals contained in secondary raw materials. At first, generalities about critical metals, their recycling rate and their identified supply will be addressed. Two examples of hydrometallurgical treatment will be then developed: the treatment of spent hydrotreating catalysts and the treatment of electrodes powders coming from grinding of spent batteries by coupling electroleaching/electrodeposition.

  8. Revisiting support policies for RES-E adulthood: Towards market compatible schemes

    Huntington, Samuel C.; Rodilla, Pablo; Herrero, Ignacio; Batlle, Carlos


    The past two decades of growth in renewable energy sources of electricity (RES-E) have been largely driven by out-of-market support policies. These schemes were designed to drive deployment on the basis of specific subsidies sustained in time to allow for the larger costs as well as to limit investor risk. While these policies have proven to be effective, the way they have been designed to date has led to costly market distortions that are becoming more difficult to ignore as penetrations reach unpreceded levels. In the context of this growing concern, we provide a critical analysis of the design elements of RES-E support schemes, focusing on how they affect this trade-off between promoting and efficiently integrating RES-E. The emphasis is on the structure of the incentive payment, which in the end turns to be the cornerstone for an efficient integration. We conclude that, while needed, a well-designed and further developed capacity-based support mechanism complemented with ex-post compensations defined for reference benchmark plants, such as the mechanism currently implemented in Spain, is an alternative with good properties if the major goal is truly market integration. The approach is robust to future developments in technology cost, performance and market penetration of RES-E. - Highlights: • Market distortions due to RES support mechanisms are becoming difficult to ignore. • This paper provides a critical analysis of the design elements of RES support schemes. • The emphasis is on the structure of the incentive, key for an efficient integration. • We argue in favor of a further developed capacity-based support mechanism. • The incentive should be combined with the design of a set of reference plants.

  9. Long-term decline of the populations of Fucales (Cystoseira spp. and Sargassum spp.) in the Albères coast (France, North-western Mediterranean).

    Thibaut, Thierry; Pinedo, Susana; Torras, Xavier; Ballesteros, Enric


    Only five of fourteen species of Fucales reported at the end of the XIXth century are currently present in the Albères Coast (France, NW Mediterranean). According to historical data there has been a steady decrease of all the populations since the 1940s. Seven taxa now extinct (Cystoseira crinita, Cystoseira barbata, Cystoseira foeniculacea f. tenuiramosa, Cystoseira spinosa, Cystoseira spinosa var. compressa, Sargassum hornschuchii and Sargassum vulgare) were considered frequent and some of them were the dominant and engineering species in several phytobenthic assemblages. Moreover, only one of the five species left, shows no signs of regression (Cystoseira compressa), two are considered as rare (Cystoseira caespitosa, Cystoseira zosteroides), and one is very rare (Cystoseira elegans). Cystoseira mediterranea, a species that was reported to make a continuous belt along the shores of the Albères coast, has almost disappeared from some areas. Overgrazing by sea urchins, outcompetition by mussels, habitat destruction, scientific research sampling and, probably, human trampling and chemical pollution are to be blamed for the decline of populations thriving in shallow waters. Deep-water species have been affected by an increase in water turbidity and, probably, chemical pollution and direct plant destruction attributed to net fishing. If degradation of the environmental conditions continues, the remaining Cystoseira species will face a most unwelcome prospect. Even after the removal of the causes that led to its die-off, natural restoration of extinct species seems not to be possible because the decline has also affected populations from nearby areas and zygotes are unable to disperse over long distances. Urgent management actions have to be designed in order to improve the current situation of the populations of Fucales in the Albères coast.

  10. PolyRES: A polygon-based Richards equation solver

    Hills, R.G.


    This document describes the theory, implementation, and use of a software package designed to solve the transient, two-dimensional, Richards equation for water flow in unsaturated-saturated soils. This package was specifically designed to model complex geometries with minimal input from the user and to simulate groundwater flow related to assessment of low-level radioactive waste disposal sites and engineered facilities. The spatial variation of the hydraulic properties can be defined across individual polygon-shaped subdomains, called objects. These objects combine to form a polygon-shaped model domain. Each object can have its own distribution of hydraulic parameters. The resulting model domain and polygon-shaped internal objects are mapped onto a rectangular, finite-volume, computational grid by a preprocessor. This allows the user to specify model geometry independently of the underlying grid and greatly simplifies user input for complex geometries. In addition, this approach significantly reduces the computational requirements since complex geometries are actually modeled on a rectangular grid. This results in well-structured, finite difference-like systems of equations that require minimal storage and are very efficient to solve. The documentation for this software package includes a user's manual, a detailed description of the underlying theory, and a detailed discussion of program flow. Several example problems are presented that show the use and features of the software package. The water flow predictions for several of these example problems are compared to those of another algorithm to test for prediction equivalency

  11. Energy and climate hand-in-hand: Financing RES-E support with carbon revenues

    Verde, Stefano F.; Pazienza, Maria Grazia


    In Italy, the cost of support for renewable electricity (RES-E) is largely recovered through the “A3 surcharge”, which weighs heavily on electricity bills. Using household survey data, we show the A3 surcharge is markedly regressive. Carbon taxation in the non-ETS sector is envisaged as a means to reduce CO_2 emissions cost-effectively and generate revenue to lower the A3 surcharge. A non-ETS carbon tax would be less regressive than the A3 surcharge and its cost would be more evenly distributed across households. We calculate the revenue of a €20/tCO_2 non-ETS carbon tax would have allowed a cut in the A3 surcharge of about 68% in 2011, and 39% in 2012. The impact of the carbon tax plus the reduced A3 surcharge would have been less regressive, but the cost higher for most households. The restrictions imposed in the simulations mean the results are only appropriate to render first-round effects of the reform. Policy relevance: In the vast majority of the EU Member States, the cost of RES-E support is largely paid by electricity consumers, most often through specific surcharges. Rising electricity prices are a common concern given the implications for competitiveness and equity. The Member States facing this issue could conveniently address it through environmental tax reforms consistent with the Climate and Energy Package. Replacing RES-E surcharges with carbon taxes in the non-ETS sector would permit cost-effective reduction of CO_2 emissions while allocating the cost of RES-E support more equitably. The difference in regressivity would stem from the different consumption patterns of home fuels (including electricity) and motor fuels across income distribution. A cross-country comparison of energy household budget shares proves the structural nature of this difference between home fuels and motor fuels. Moreover, the notion that electricity consumers should pay for RES-E support is questioned on the grounds that electricity is a basic necessity good and RES

  12. Gestão de resíduos sólidos em restaurante escola

    Bianca Peruchin


    Full Text Available Um dos maiores problemas ambientais da atualidade é a excessiva geração de resíduos e a sua destinação final ambientalmente adequada. As Instituições de Ensino Superior (IES são importantes fontes geradoras devido à diversidade de atividades de ensino, pesquisa e extensão realizadas no seu âmbito. Os Restaurantes Escola (RE atendem à comunidade acadêmica dos campi universitários, e caracterizam-se por produzir resíduos similares aos domésticos, mas em maior quantidade. Este estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de investigar a composição gravimétrica dos resíduos produzidos em um RE de uma IES localizada no sul do país, bem como conhecer a situação atual do gerenciamento dos resíduos. Os dados foram obtidos através da caracterização dos resíduos do RE durante cinco dias, de entrevista com os gestores responsáveis pelo estabelecimento e da observação direta no local. Averiguou-se a inexistência de um Plano de Gerenciamento dos Resíduos Sólidos no RE, bem como a ausência de práticas efetivas relacionadas ao manejo destes. A segregação dos resíduos é prejudicada devido à falta de lixeiras específicas e a sobrecarga dos funcionários quanto às atividades desempenhadas. Ao longo do período experimental foram caracterizados 547,068 Kg de resíduos, dos quais mais de 80% corresponderam à matéria orgânica. Conclui-se que o montante de resíduo orgânico gerado pode ser destinado à compostagem. Recomenda-se a implantação de uma infraestrutura adequada para o manejo dos resíduos, que pode ser feita através da elaboração e aplicação de um plano de gestão integrada dos resíduos sólidos no RE.Abstract Nowadays, the amount of waste generated and its proper final destination is one of the greatest environmental issues. Higher education institutions are an important source of waste due to the diversity of teaching, researching and extension activities performed in their facilities. The university

  13. Study of the enthalpy-entropy mechanism from water sorption of orange seeds (C. sinensis cv. Brazilian for the use of agro-industrial residues as a possible source of vegetable oil production Estudo do mecanismo entálpico-entrópico de sorção da água de sementes de laranja (C. sinensis cv. Brasileira, para a utilização de resíduos agroindustriais como uma possível fonte de produção de óleo vegetal

    Daniele Penteado Rosa


    Full Text Available Orange seeds are a promising agroindustry-waste which can be implemented in the extraction and production of vegetable oil. The relationship between moisture content and water activity provides useful information for the processing and storage of this waste item. The aim of this study was to determine the mechanism of water sorption enthalpy-entropy of orange seeds (C. sinensis cv. Brazilians according to the moisture content. Therefore, desorption isotherms were determined at five different temperature (30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 ºC under a wide range of moisture content (0.005-0.057 kg kg-1 d.b. and water activity (0.02-0.756. Theoretical and empirical models were used for modeling the desorption isotherms. An analytical solution of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation was proposed to compute the isosteric heat of sorption, the differential entropy, and Gibbs free energy using the Oswin model when the effect of temperature on the hygroscopic equilibrium was considered.As sementes de laranja são resíduos promissores da agroindústria com um alto potencial de aplicação na produção de óleo vegetal. A relação entre o conteúdo de umidade de equilíbrio e a atividade de água fornece informações úteis para seu processamento e armazenamento. O objetivo deste trabalho foi determinar o mecanismo entalpia-entropia de sorção da água de sementes de laranja (C. sinensis cv. Brasileiros em função do teor de umidade. Para isso, isotermas de dessorção das sementes de laranja foram determinados em cinco níveis de temperaturas (30, 40, 50, 60 e 70 ºC em um intervalo de umidade de equilíbrio (0.005-0.057 kg kg-1 d.b. e atividade de água de 0,02-0,756. Modelos teóricos e empíricos foram usados para a modelagem das isotermas de dessorção. A solução analítica da equação de Clausius-Clapeyron foi proposta para calcular o calor isostérico de sorção, a entropia diferencial e a energia livre de Gibbs através do modelo de Oswin quando o

  14. Electronic and optoelectronic device applications based on ReS2

    Liu, Erfu; Long, Mingsheng; Wang, Yaojia; Pan, Yiming; Ho, Chinghwa; Wang, Baigeng; Miao, Feng

    Rhenium disulfide (ReS2) is a unique semiconducting TMD with distorted 1T structure and weak interlayer coupling. We have previously investigated its in-plane anisotropic property and electronic applications on FET and digital inverters. In this talk, we will present high responsivity phototransistors based on few-layer ReS2. Depending on the back gate voltage, source drain bias and incident optical light intensity, the maximum attainable photoresponsivity can reach as high as 88,600 A W-1, which is one of the highest value among individual two-dimensional materials with similar device structures. Such high photoresponsivity is attributed to the increased light absorption as well as the gain enhancement due to the existence of trap states in the few-layer ReS2 flakes. The existence of trap states is proved by temperature dependent transport measurements. It further enables the detection of weak signals. Our studies underscore ReS2 as a promising material for future electronic and sensitive optoelectronic applications.

  15. Modèles de gestion des ressources forestières du massif ...

    Expérimentation Participative et Adaptative de Modèles de Gestion des Ressources Forestières dans la Chaine Montagneuse de l'Atlas (Algérie, Maroc, Tunisie) : rapport final (17 mars 2009 au 18 septembre 2012). Download PDF. Reports. Unité de transformation de cire d'abeille (Commune de M'Sara). Download PDF ...

  16. Res, aliquid and nihil in Suárez and modern philosophy

    Leopoldo Prieto López


    Full Text Available the main relevant philosophical aspect in Suárez’s interpretation of the transcendentals is his doctrine of the notions res and aliquid. therefore, after analyzing the nature and the number of the transcendentals, as well as the relationship between them and the first principles, the article goes into a detailed historical analysis of the notions res and aliquid. With precedents in Avicenna and Duns Scotus, the ens is understood according to Suarez, negatively, as it is not nothing and, in such sense, it is something (aliquid and, positively, as it has got a quidditas and, therefore, it is res. the question of nothing (nihil is thus introduced into modern metaphysics. What’s more, the said interpretation is one of the fundamental conditions of the transformation of metaphysics in modern ontology. thus, in the post- Cartesian context of Schulmetaphysik, and its aliquitas (as non-nihil and its quiditative character (as res being presumed, the ens will be understood as an intelligible. through that, a Copernican revolution commenced that anticipated Kant himself.

  17. Res Publica murrab läbi / Urmo Kübar

    Kübar, Urmo, 1978-


    Ilmunud ka: Võta Võim : na russkom jazõke, 28. apr. 2004, lk. 1. 18. aprillil 2004 Tallinnas toimunud Res Publica valimiskonverentsist, kus kinnitati programm ja kandidaadid Euroopa Parlamendi valimisteks. Esinesid Urmas Reinsalu ja Juhan Parts. Vt. samas: Kust tuli 'Murrame läbi'?

  18. Res Publica alustas Tallinnas koostööd Keskerakonnaga / Siim Männik

    Männik, Siim


    Ilmunud ka: Vabariik (venek.) 18. apr. lk. 2. Koalitsioonivahetusest Tallinnas. Linnavolikogu Res Publica fraktsiooni esimehe Andres Korgi, linnapea Tõnis Paltsi nõuniku Jaano Martin Otsa kommentaare. Tallinna linnapea hinnangul on sügisel koalitsiooni asudes seatud eesmärgid praeguseks peaaegu saavutatud

  19. Médecins Sans Frontières moves to protect refugee healthcare

    As Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) spurned all European Union (EU) fund ing for its projects worldwide after a series of cynical EUcountry moves to choke inward refugee flow, South African. (SA) activists in Johannesburg this June protes ted the proposed stiffening of local refugee laws. The People's Coalition Against ...

  20. Dynamique de fréquentation des grands mammifères dans une ...


    31 juil. 2016 ... 2016 Dynamique de fréquentation des grands mammifères dans une clairière ... 2Ecole Régionale Post-Universitaire d'Aménagement et de gestion Intégrés des Forêts et ..... épidémiologique et contrôle des stomoxes à la.

  1. Distribution of costs induced by the integration of RES-E power

    Barth, Ruediger; Weber, Christoph; Swider, Derk J.


    This article focuses on the distribution of costs induced by the integration of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E). The treatment to distribute these costs on different market actors is crucial for its development. For this purpose, individual actors of electricity markets and several cost categories are identified. According to the defined cost structure, possible treatments to distribute the individual cost categories on different relevant actors are described. Finally, an evaluation of the cost distribution treatments based on an economic analysis is given. Economic efficiency recommends that clearly attributable (shallow) grid connection as well as (deep) grid costs are charged to the corresponding RES-E producer and that the RES-E producers are also charged the regulating power costs. However, deep grid integration costs should be updated to reflect evolving scarcities. Also regulating power costs should reflect actual scarcity and thus be symmetric and based on real-time prices, taking into account the overall system imbalance. Moreover, the time span between the closure of the spot market and actual delivery should be chosen as short as possible to enable accurate RES-E production forecasts

  2. Res-Parity: Parity Violation in Inelastic scattering at Low Q2

    Paul Reimer; Peter Bosted; John Arrington; Hamlet Mkrtchyan; Xiaochao Zheng


    Parity violating electron scattering has become a well established tool which has been used, for example, to probe the Standard Model and the strange-quark contribution to the nucleon. While much of this work has focused on elastic scattering, the RES-Parity experiment, which has been proposed to take place at Jefferson Laboratory, would focus on inelastic scattering in the low-Q 2 , low-W domain. RES-Parity would search for evidence of quark-hadron duality and resonance structure with parity violation in the resonance region. In terms of parity violation, this region is essentially unexplored, but the interpretation of other high-precision electron scattering experiments will rely on a reasonable understanding of scattering at lower energy and low-W through the effects of radiative corrections. RES-Parity would also study nuclear effects with the weak current. Because of the intrinsic broad band energy spectrum of neutrino beams, neutrino experiments are necessarily dependent on an untested, implicit assumption that these effects are identical to electromagnetic nuclear effects. RES-Parity is a relatively straight forward experiment. With a large expected asymmetry (∼ 0.5 x 10 -4 ) these studies may be completed with in a relatively brief period

  3. Taani ristisõjad Läänemere ääres / Linda Kaljundi

    Kaljundi, Linda


    Raamatututvustus: Taani ristisõjad - sõda ja misjon Läänemere ääres / John H. Lind, Carsten Selch Jensen, Kurt Villads Jensen, Ane L. Bysted ; tõlkijad Ivar Rüütli ja Kalle Kroon ; teaduslik toimetaja ja järelsõna: Linda Kaljundi. Tallinn : Argo, 2007

  4. Proposta de um desenho da cadeia reversa para resíduos eletroeletrônicos

    Reinaldo Alves de Sá Ferreira Júnior


    Full Text Available Com o crescimento da demanda dos equipamentos eletroeletrônicos e de sua rápida obsolescência, gera-se grande volume de resíduos, os quais possuem metais pesados altamente tóxicos, como o mercúrio, cobre, chumbo, arsênio, entre outros. A implantação da Logística Reversa (LR tem sido uma forma de gestão de grande sucesso, tanto no contexto internacional como nacional, e aliada a Politica Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (PNRS tornou-se uma forma mais eficaz para o gerenciamento desses resíduos. Este artigo teve como objetivo, a partir da revisão na literatura referente à LR, PNRS e REEE apresentar atores, atribuições e processos associados, propondo, desta forma, uma estrutura geral para a cadeia de suprimentos reversa de pós-consumo associada aos REEE. A principal contribuição do artigo é proposição de um desenho da cadeia reversa para resíduos Eletroeletrônicos.

  5. Res Publica nõuab rea võimulubaduste täitmist / Rasmus Kagge

    Kagge, Rasmus, 1977-


    Res Publica lubas koalitsioonipartneritele mitte minna koalitsioonileppe kallale, kui nad toetavad toppama jäänud lubaduste täitmist - haridusreformi, presidendi otsevalimiste seadustamist, riigikontrollile ka omavalitsuste kontrollimiseks õiguse andmist ja lapsevanema tulumaksuvaba miinimumi kahekordistamist alates pere teisest lapsest. Lisa: Võimuliitlaste soovid

  6. Res Publica soovib riigikogulaste kuluhüvitiste korra muutmist / Siim-Valmar Kiisler ; interv. Kalle Muuli

    Kiisler, Siim, 1965-


    Res Publica saadikud teevad Riigikogu juhatusele ettepaneku muuta kuluhüvitiste korda, teatas intervjuus Res Publica saadikurühma esimees Siim-Valmar Kiisler. Kommenteerivad: Jaanus Männik, Toomas Varek. Vt. samas: Riigikogu liikmete vastuseid küsimustele tööga seotud kulude kohta: Robert Lepikson, Reet Roos, Janno Reiljan

  7. Experience of the Canary Islands in the development of insular 100% RES systems and micro-grids

    Piernavieja, Gonzalo; Suarez, Salvador; Henriquez, Daniel [Instituto Tecnologico de Canarias (Canary Islands Institute of Technology - ITC), Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain). RandD Div.


    Given the mentioned circumstances, conventional energy planning in the Canary Islands is a very complex task. The Regional Energy Plan PECAN (2007-2015) tries to correct the existing critical situation setting, among others, the ambitious goal of >25% electricity from RES (mostly wind) for 2015. In parallel to this conventional energy planning, outstanding initiatives in the distributed generation field are underway. ITC vision is that the Canarian Archipelago, given its particular characteristics (insular systems of different sizes, abundant RES potential -different sources-, important natural and biodiversity heritage, etc.), are a laboratory for testing and demonstrating new energy technologies in real conditions, as well as their commercial implementation. These new technologies include energy storage (particularly for excess RES that cannot be absorbed by the grids), development of 100% energy self- sufficiency models (with exclusive use of RES) and micro-/minigrids with high RES penetration and RES forecasting, including advanced ICTs and sustainable mobility concepts (e.g. V2G technologies). Given the high conventional generation costs and the relatively low RES costs (wind electricity production cost is less than 0.03 Euro/kWh), the Canary Islands could in the short term achieve grid parity, and in this sense pioneer the change to a RES based energy system. Models tested on the islands could be exported or extrapolated to our islands, regions of developing countries and even other regions in continental Europe. (orig.)

  8. Analüütikud ennustavad Res Publicale mõõnast pääsu / Rasmus Kagge

    Kagge, Rasmus, 1977-


    Poliitikavaatlejate hinnangul ületab Res Publica mõõna ja saab järgmistel parlamendivalimistel kuni 12 kohta, kui nad loobuvad "uue poliitika" stiilis loosungitest ja kõrkusest. Lisa: Mõõna põhjusi. Vt. samas: Taavi Veskimägi lubas lõpetada Res Publica peataoleku

  9. Blocos solo-cal utilizando resíduo da construção civil Soil-lime bricks using building waste

    S. M. R. Patricio


    Full Text Available Novas técnicas vêm sendo desenvolvidas com o objetivo de incentivar o desenvolvimento sustentável e tentar minimizar a degradação ambiental causada pela extração indiscriminada de recursos naturais além da constante geração de resíduos de construção e demolição. Esta pesquisa objetiva avaliar a utilização de resíduos da construção civil, oriundos de demolição, como agente pozolânico na fabricação de blocos solo-cal. As matérias primas convencionais e alternativas (resíduos foram caracterizados por meio dos seguintes ensaios: massa especifica real, área específica, análise granulométrica por peneiramento e por difração á laser,limites de liquidez e plasticidade, análise química e difração de raios X. Para os ensaios tecnológicos foram confeccionados corpos de prova solo-cal no traço 1:10 em peso, com substituição da cal por resíduos nas seguintes proporções: 0, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 e 75%. Os corpos de prova foram curados por períodos de 28, 60 e 90 dias, em câmara úmida com 100% de umidade relativa, em seguida determinada sua resistência à compressão simples e absorção de água. Com os melhores resultados de resistência a compressão simples, foram moldados blocos solo-cal e solo-cal-resíduo. Os resultados obtidos com os blocos solo-cal incorporados com resíduo evidenciaram valores dentro das especificações das normas da ABNT, apontando que existe viabilidade técnica no aproveitamento de resíduos de demolição para uso na fabricação de blocos solo-cal sem função estrutural.New techniques have been developed with the aim of encouraging sustainable development and try to minimize the environmental degradation caused by indiscriminate extraction of natural resources and the constant generation of building waste. This research aims to evaluate the use building waste, as pozzolanic agent in the soil-lime bricks manufacture. Raw materials conventional and alternatives (waste were

  10. ResStock - Targeting Energy and Cost Savings for U.S. Homes

    Wilson, Eric J [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    The ResStock analysis tool is helping states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers identify which home upgrades save the most energy and money. Across the country there's a vast diversity in the age, size, construction practices, installed equipment, appliances, and resident behavior of the housing stock, not to mention the range of climates. These variations have hindered the accuracy of predicting savings for existing homes. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) developed ResStock. It's a versatile tool that takes a new approach to large-scale residential energy analysis by combining: large public and private data sources, statistical sampling, detailed subhourly building simulations, high-performance computing. This combination achieves unprecedented granularity and most importantly - accuracy - in modeling the diversity of the single-family housing stock.

  11. Gerenciamento de resíduos odontológicos no serviço público

    Lídia Regina da Costa Hidalgo

    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Verificar o processo de gerenciamento dos resíduos odontológicos do serviço público de saúde em 11 municípios brasileiros. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Uma única pesquisadora realizou as visitas e as observações foram anotadas em um roteiro previamente elaborado e testado. RESULTADO: Foram visitadas 50 unidades de saúde, sendo que nenhuma apresentou cópia do plano de gerenciamento de resíduos. Do total de estabelecimentos, 62% realizavam a correta segregação dos resíduos no momento da sua geração. A presença de recipientes adequados a cada tipo de resíduo gerado no consultório odontológico foi observada em 74% dos estabelecimentos e, destes, 94% apresentavam capacidade adequada ao tipo de resíduo gerado. A identificação do tipo de resíduo nas embalagens plásticas bem como anotações identificando o estabelecimento gerador dos resíduos foram encontradas em 8% e 6%, respectivamente. Somente 21% dos estabelecimentos apresentavam locais apropriados, de acordo com as normas vigentes, para o armazenamento dos resíduos até que fosse feita a coleta externa. CONCLUSÃO: Constatou-se na presente pesquisa que a rotina adotada pela rede pública de saúde bucal, no que tange ao gerenciamento de resíduos de saúde, apresentou falhas.

  12. The future has come: the 100% RES driven power system is reality

    Orths, Antje; Borre Eriksen, Peter


    The Danish political energy and climate targets fixed in the RES (Renewable Energy Sources) directive require Denmark to reach a 30 % RES share of its total energy consumption in 2020. Besides, Danish national targets aim at wind power production to correspond to 50 % of domestic gross electricity consumption (status in 2015: 42 %). For 2050, the political target is to be free of fossil fuels in the whole energy sector - i.e. including transportation. The major part of variable RES in Denmark is wind energy, the remaining power consumption mainly based on biomass, gas and coal fired central power stations and local CHP plants. Some key figures: at the end of 2015, 5,076 MW wind power capacity and 783 MW of solar power capacity were installed in Denmark, with Danish peak load at ∼6.400 MW and the total electricity consumption at 33.6 TWh. Wind power is split into 3,805 MW onshore and 1.272 MW offshore installations. In 2015, wind power produced 14.1 TWh electricity (9.3 TWh onshore, 4.8 TWh offshore), which made a ∼42 % share of the Danish electricity consumption, while solar power produced 0.6 TWh. The high RES level is already today challenging the system e.g. concerning the need for flexibility on the one hand, or by pushing power plants delivering important system services out of the market on the other hand. To fulfill the political ambitions, new arrangements concerning the technical and market design incentivizing flexibility or ancillary services, such as frequency control and voltage control, are needed and currently under development. This article gives examples and illustrates the urgency by showing a real dispatch in a windy week. (authors)

  13. Les Dynamiques Transfrontalières En Afrique De L'ouest

    Si l'approche « classique » de l'intégration régionale, qui a jusqu'à ... mettre en exergue une réalité territoriale matérialisée par l'existence d'une frontière ...... La demande alimentaire des métropoles côtières stimule ainsi la production des ...

  14. EPRI/NRC-RES fire PRA guide for nuclear power facilities. Volume 1, summary and overview


    This report documents state-of-the-art methods, tools, and data for the conduct of a fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) for a commercial nuclear power plant (NPP) application. The methods have been developed under the Fire Risk Re-quantification Study. This study was conducted as a joint activity between EPRI and the U. S. NRC Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) under the terms of an EPRI/RES Memorandum of Understanding (RS.1) and an accompanying Fire Research Addendum (RS.2). Industry participants supported demonstration analyses and provided peer review of this methodology. The documented methods are intended to support future applications of Fire PRA, including risk-informed regulatory applications. The documented method reflects state-of-the-art fire risk analysis approaches. The primary objective of the Fire Risk Study was to consolidate recent research and development activities into a single state-of-the-art fire PRA analysis methodology. Methodological issues raised in past fire risk analyses, including the Individual Plant Examination of External Events (IPEEE) fire analyses, have been addressed to the extent allowed by the current state-of-the-art and the overall project scope. Methodological debates were resolved through a consensus process between experts representing both EPRI and RES. The consensus process included a provision whereby each major party (EPRI and RES) could maintain differing technical positions if consensus could not be reached. No cases were encountered where this provision was invoked. While the primary objective of the project was to consolidate existing state-of-the-art methods, in many areas, the newly documented methods represent a significant advancement over previously documented methods. In several areas, this project has, in fact, developed new methods and approaches. Such advances typically relate to areas of past methodological debate.

  15. Resíduos de aves e suínos: Potencialidades

    Tiago Luan Hachmann


    Full Text Available O crescimento intenso da população mundial aumenta a demanda por alimentos. As carnes de frango e de suíno são as fontes mais exploradas de proteína na alimentação humana. Porém, com os métodos intensivos de produção, esses sistemas tem gerado insatisfação quanto ao aspecto ambiental e tem sido questionados quanto à sua sustentabilidade. A disposição inadequada dos resíduos gerados nos criatórios de suínos e aves afeta diretamente a qualidade do meio ambiente e a saúde pública. Assim deve-se buscar alternativas para minimizar os impactos causados ao meio, melhorando o aproveitamento e destinação desses resíduos. A aplicação desses resíduos nas áreas de produção agrícola é favorável à, tendo em vista que são uma fonte de nutrientes de grande demanda pelas culturas. Além disso é uma forma sustentável para destinação dos resíduos, já que promove seu reaproveitamento de forma a não poluir o ambiente e com alto retorno econômico. Dessa forma é possível aliar preservação ambiental com progresso econômico, promovendo uma produção sustentável.

  16. Bajenu Gox : une approche communautaire pour la santé des mères ...

    initiative de Bajenu Gox à l'amélioration de la santé des mères et des enfants dans tout le Sénégal. L'ancien président Abdoulye Wade a fondé ce programme communautaire destiné aux travailleurs de la santé en vue de donner à des femmes ...

  17. Culture et exercice du pouvoir par les femmes dans les sphères de ...

    Culture et exercice du pouvoir par les femmes dans les sphères de décisions en Afrique de l'Ouest. Cette recherche s'inscrit dans le contexte d'une superposition de deux faits : l'existence d'un arsenal juridique et de dispositions nationales et internationales favorables à une intégration des femmes dans les instances de ...

  18. Innovative method of RES integration into the regional energy development scenarios

    Klevas, Valentinas; Biekša, Kestutis; Murauskaitė, Lina


    Scarcity or abundance of energy resources usually depends on physical and geographical conditions in the region. However, the energy flow in the region also depends on the efficient use of energy resources, the consumption rate of energy and the possibility to use local renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Production, distribution and the use of energy resources in the region are the challenges for central and local government, business and social service, customers and other stakeholders. Development of regional energy economy should be optimized according to the available energy flow in the region using a network system analysis method, which provides solutions for developing sustainable energy economy models. The network system analysis method enables to optimize the use of local and renewable resources at the regional level and reveals available local energy resources. An efficient use of available regional resources and the use of renewable energy sources (RES) should be the main goals for the development of regional energy system. RES can compete with traditional fossil fuel with the condition that all hidden aspects are revealed. The network system analysis method enables to indicate energy flows in the region as well as indicate pros and cons of using renewable energy technologies. - Highlights: • RES integration into the regional energy development scenarios is done. • Innovative process network system (PNS) analysis method is used. • PNS method is used to optimize the use of local and renewable resources. • Analysis of energy flow in region using PNS method is done

  19. The Response Regulator ResD Plays a Role in Metabolism of Listeria monocytogenes

    Larsen, Marianne Halberg; Sørensen, Martine; Ingmer, Hanne

    to be transmitted to food processing plants from where it can establish and survive for extended periods of time contaminating processed food products. Recently we have identified the response regulator ResD of L. monocytogenes and showed that it is important for growth in laboratory media and for sugar uptake...... in the upstream regulatory region of several genes of L. monocytogenes and the binding of the ResD protein to some of these regulatory regions upstream putative target genes is analysed by electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSAs). In conclusion, the response regulator ResD act is important for metabolisme...

  20. Valorização de resíduos em materiais de construção

    Pinho, Paulo André Martins de


    O trabalho desenvolvido nesta dissertação enquadra-se no objetivo geral de valorização de resíduos provenientes de unidades de pasta Kraft de eucalipto, nomeadamente cinzas de fundo e cinzas volantes das fornalhas de biomassa. Atualmente uma das mais graves preocupações das sociedades dos países desenvolvidos passa por encontrar um destino adequado para resíduos gerados. A construção civil, aliada com a indústria da produção de pasta e papel que por ano gera milhares de toneladas de resídu...

  1. Heterozygous Mutations in TREX1 Cause Familial Chilblain Lupus and Dominant Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome

    Rice, Gillian; Newman, William G.; Dean, John; Patrick, Teresa; Parmar, Rekha; Flintoff, Kim; Robins, Peter; Harvey, Scott; Hollis, Thomas; O’Hara, Ann; Herrick, Ariane L.; Bowden, Andrew P.; Perrino, Fred W.; Lindahl, Tomas; Barnes, Deborah E.; Crow, Yanick J.


    TREX1 constitutes the major 3′→5′ DNA exonuclease activity measured in mammalian cells. Recently, biallelic mutations in TREX1 have been shown to cause Aicardi-Goutières syndrome at the AGS1 locus. Interestingly, Aicardi-Goutières syndrome shows overlap with systemic lupus erythematosus at both clinical and pathological levels. Here, we report a heterozygous TREX1 mutation causing familial chilblain lupus. Additionally, we describe a de novo heterozygous mutation, affecting a critical catalytic residue in TREX1, that results in typical Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. PMID:17357087

  2. US defensive operations against Libya and the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Markup before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-Ninth Congress, Second Session on H. Res. 424 and H. Res 440, May 1, 1986



    The House Foreign Affairs Committee met to mark up two resolutions: H. Res. 424 and H. Res. 440. H. Res. 424 thanks the United Kingdom for its assistance in the April 14, 1986 operation against Libya. Despite objections to the raid and to including the British, as well as questions about the quality of the US response and about the President's compliance with the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, the resolution passed. H. Res. 440 expresses sympathy to the victims of the Chernobyl accident and asks the Soviet Union to relax restrictions on communications and the transfer of whatever technology and assistance will be helpful. It also criticizes the Soviet handling of information about the accident. An amendment strengthened the wording of the criticism, and the resolution passed. The report includes the committee discussion and the tests of the two resolutions

  3. Mapeamento da deposição irregular dos resíduos provenientes da construção civil na cidade de Mossoró-RN

    Giordanio Bruno Silva Oliveira


    Full Text Available A construção civil tem sido considerada uma das mais importantes atividades para o desenvolvimento da sociedade, porém é uma atividade que causa impactos ambientais, pois utiliza recursos naturais, modifica o meio ambiente e gera um grande volume de resíduos. Nota-se que as atividades ligadas à construção civil no município de Mossoró-RN, são responsáveis por gerar uma quantidade considerável de resíduos de construção civil (RCC, que na maioria das vezes, são depositados em locais irregulares, por não haver na cidade um local específico para esse fim. Esses resíduos constituem um grave problema, tanto para o meio ambiente quanto para qualidade de vida da população. A pesquisa foi realizada com o objetivo de mapear áreas de depósito irregular de resíduos provenientes da construção civil na cidade de Mossoró-RN. Foi realizada a demarcação dos pontos de acordo com a localização do despejo dos resíduos, com a finalidade de identificar e indicar sua localização dentro da zona urbana de Mossoró-RN. No presente estudo, foi possível identificar 11 pontos de deposição irregular de resíduos provenientes da construção civil, espalhados em diferentes locais da cidade, alguns situando-se próximo de áreas residenciais, o que caracteriza sérios riscos à saúde pública, e outros dispostos próximos de cursos d’água, o que provoca degradação do meio ambiente.Mapping of irregular dumping of solid waste from construction industry at Mossoró-RN, BrazilAbstract: Construction industry has been considered one of the most important activities regarding to society development, however it causes environmental impacts, because it uses natural resources, modifies the environment and generate a huge amount of waste. It was observed that in Mossoró, RN, Brazil, a large amount of construction waste is often deposed in unauthorized sites because the municipality does not provide a specific site for this purpose. Such waste

  4. Assessing coastal flooding hazard in urban areas: the case of estuarian villages in the city of Hyères-les-Palmiers

    Le Roy Sylvestre


    Full Text Available This study, conducted on the city of Hyéres-les-Palmiers (French Riviera to guide the future land use planning, aimed to evaluate how sea level rise could modify coastal flooding hazards in urban areas located near small estuaries in a microtidal context. A joint probability approach allowed establishing typical storm parameters for specific return periods (30, 50 and 100 years, integrating offshore conditions (sea level and significant wave height and the river level. Storm scenarios have been established from these parameters and the chronology of the most impacting recent storm. Sea level rise has been integrated (20 cm for year 2030 and 60 cm for year 2100, and the coastal flooding has been simulated with a non-hydrostatic non-linear shallow-water model (SWASH. The calculations have been realized on high resolution DEM (1 to 5 m mesh size, integrating buildings and coastal protections. The approach has been validated by reproducing a recent flooding event. Obtained results show the importance of wave overtopping in current coastal flooding hazard in this area. Nevertheless, if Hyéres-les-Palmiers is currently little exposed to coastal flooding, these simulations highlight an increasing role of overflowing due to sea level rise, leading to significant flooding in 2100, even for quite frequent events.

  5. Uso de resíduos de gesso como corretivo em solo salino-sódico

    Santos, Paulo Medeiros dos; Rolim, Mario Monteiro; Duarte, Anamaria Sousa; Barros, Maria de Fátima Cavalcanti; Silva, Ênio Farias de França e


    Um dos grandes problemas enfrentados pelo setor da construção civil é a destinação final de resíduos, principalmente os resíduos de gesso, que têm sua aptidão para reciclagem restringida. No entanto, tais resíduos possuem altos teores de cálcio, em sua composição, podendo ser uma alternativa ao uso de gesso de jazida, na recuperação de solos salino-sódicos. Esta pesquisa objetivou avaliar a eficiência do uso de resíduos de gesso provenientes da construção civil, em relação ao gesso de jazida,...

  6. Power utility generation portfolio optimization as function of specific RES and decarbonisation targets – EPBiH case study

    Kazagic, Anes; Merzic, Ajla; Redzic, Elma; Music, Mustafa


    Highlights: • Guidelines for power utilities to reach specific decarbonisation targets offered. • Optimization model of RES share to be introduced into power system is proposed. • Single criteria analysis and multicriteria sustainability assessment are applied. • The optimization method has been demonstrated on a real power system. • In the considered case, HIGH RES scenario showed to be the preferable one. - Abstract: This paper provides guidelines and principles for power utilities to reach specific energy and decarbonisation targets. Method of power generation portfolio optimization, as function of sustainability and decarbonisation, along with appropriate criteria, has been proposed. Application of this optimization method has been demonstrated on a real power system – power utility JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo (EPBiH), a typical example of South East European power system. The software tool WASP IV has been employed in the analysis, in order to define the dynamics and an optimized expansion of generation portfolio of the power system under consideration for the next period. The mid-term generation portfolio development plan for the EPBiH power system until year 2030 has been made during this research, taking into account the shutdown dynamics of existing power units and commissioning new ones, in order to provide safe supply of electric and heat energy for local consumers. Three basic scenario of renewable energy sources (RES) expansion have been analysed to reach specific RES and decarbonisation targets set for 2030, including RES share increase from the current level of 18% up to 35% (LOW RES), 45% (MID RES) and 55% (HIGH RES). Effects to the sustainability are considered through environmental, economic and social indicators. Multicriteria sustainability assessment gave an advantage to the HIGH RES, under assumption of equal weighting factors of economic and environment groups of indicators. Also, single criteria analysis has been

  7. Innovation pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique | CRDI ...

    L'initiative Innovation pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique (ISMEA) cherche à améliorer la santé des mères, des nouveau-nés et des enfants en ... Cette initiative de 36 millions de dollars sur sept ans – financée conjointement par les Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Affaires mondiales Canada et le ...

  8. Mobilidade de metais pesados em solo tratado com resíduo siderúrgico ácido

    N. M. B. Amaral Sobrinho


    Full Text Available Amostras do horizonte Bt de um Podzólico Vermelho-Amarelo (PV, predominante no aterro-piloto de resíduos industriais (ARSI da Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN, foram acondicionadas, em 1992, em colunas de vidro com 5,4 cm de diâmetro e 37 cm de altura. Sobre essas amostras de solo foram colocadas amostras de um resíduo ácido da CSN na proporção solo-resíduo de 4:1 (conforme a concepção básica do projeto do ARSI. Tal sistema resíduo-solo foi lixiviado com 50 volumes-poro de água deionizada, com pH 4,5, com o objetivo de avaliar a movimentação de Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd e Pb nas colunas. Depois da lixiviação, removeu-se o resíduo do topo das colunas, e seccionaram-se as amostras de solo em 4 partes iguais. Os metais pesados das amostras do resíduo e do solo foram extraídos seqüencialmente. 0 Pb, Cu e Cr mobilizados do resíduo ficaram retidos nos primeiros 5 cm da coluna de solo. 0 Zn, Mn, Ni e Cd tiveram aumento da concentração em profundidade. Nos efluentes das colunas com o resíduo, foram observadas concentrações de Mn e Ni bem superiores aos padrões permitidos pela Fundação Estadual de Engenharia do Meio Ambiente (FEEMA, 1985.

  9. 195 Evaluation de la charge polluante des rivières des eaux usées ...


    ressources financières des pouvoirs publics au niveau local et l'absence de réelles politiques environnementales sont parmi les ... sont collectés vers les quatre rivières. Généralement les aides de la gestion des déchets adéquates protègent la santé humaine et l'environnement et conserve les ressources naturelles [3].

  10. South Asian Water (SAWA) Leadership Program on Climate Change ...

    South Asian Water (SAWA) Leadership Program on Climate Change. Selon le cinquième rapport du Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat, les principaux risques en Asie du Sud seraient une augmentation du débordement des rivières, des inondations côtières et des inondations en milieu urbain ...

  11. Importance of Integrated Watershed Management on Water Quality

    BABUR, Emre; KARA, Ömer


    Themanagement and planning of water resources recently become important andincreasingly complex. While the most of the developed countries managed theirwater source with sustainable plans to water production, our country has newlystarted the work within its watershed management principles. Due to excessivepopulation growth the environmental problems blow out after industrialization,land degradation, wrong agricultural and forestry applications. Thesemisapplications negatively affect water res...

  12. Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Degenerate p-Type Mo-Doped ReS2 Films and Their Homojunction.

    Qin, Jing-Kai; Shao, Wen-Zhu; Xu, Cheng-Yan; Li, Yang; Ren, Dan-Dan; Song, Xiao-Guo; Zhen, Liang


    Substitutional doping of transition metal dichalcogenide two-dimensional materials has proven to be effective in tuning their intrinsic properties, such as band gap, transport characteristics, and magnetism. In this study, we realized substitutional doping of monolayer rhenium disulfide (ReS 2 ) with Mo via chemical vapor deposition. Scanning transmission electron microscopy demonstrated that Mo atoms are successfully doped into ReS 2 by substitutionally replacing Re atoms in the lattice. Electrical measurements revealed the degenerate p-type semiconductor behavior of Mo-doped ReS 2 field effect transistors, in agreement with density functional theory calculations. The p-n diode device based on a doped ReS 2 and ReS 2 homojunction exhibited gate-tunable current rectification behaviors, and the maximum rectification ratio could reach up to 150 at V d = -2/+2 V. The successful synthesis of p-type ReS 2 in this study could largely promote its application in novel electronic and optoelectronic devices.

  13. Loading Intensity Prediction by Velocity and the OMNI-RES 0-10 Scale in Bench Press.

    Naclerio, Fernando; Larumbe-Zabala, Eneko


    Naclerio, F and Larumbe-Zabala, E. Loading intensity prediction by velocity and the OMNI-RES 0-10 scale in bench press. J Strength Cond Res 32(1): 323-329, 2017-This study examined the possibility of using movement velocity and the perceived exertion as indicators of relative load in the bench press (BP) exercise. A total of 308 young, healthy, resistance trained athletes (242 men and 66 women) performed a progressive strength test up to the one repetition maximum for the individual determination of the full load-velocity and load-exertion relationships. Longitudinal regression models were used to predict the relative load from the average velocity (AV) and the OMNI-Resistance Exercise Scales (OMNI-RES 0-10 scale), considering sets as the time-related variable. Load associated with the AV and the OMNI-RES 0-10 scale value expressed after performing a set of 1-3 repetitions were used to construct 2 adjusted predictive equations: Relative load = 107.75 - 62.97 × average velocity; and Relative load = 29.03 + 7.26 × OMNI-RES 0-10 scale value. The 2 models were capable of estimating the relative load with an accuracy of 84 and 93%, respectively. These findings confirm the ability of the 2 calculated regression models, using load-velocity and load-exertion from the OMNI-RES 0-10 scale, to accurately predict strength performance in BP.

  14. Polytypism and unexpected strong interlayer coupling in two-dimensional layered ReS2

    Qiao, Xiao-Fen; Wu, Jiang-Bin; Zhou, Linwei; Qiao, Jingsi; Shi, Wei; Chen, Tao; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Jun; Ji, Wei; Tan, Ping-Heng


    Anisotropic two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) layered materials, with both scientific interest and application potential, offer one more dimension than isotropic 2D materials to tune their physical properties. Various physical properties of 2D multi-layer materials are modulated by varying their stacking orders owing to significant interlayer vdW coupling. Multilayer rhenium disulfide (ReS2), a representative anisotropic 2D material, was expected to be randomly stacked and lack interlayer coupling. Here, we demonstrate two stable stacking orders, namely isotropic-like (IS) and anisotropic-like (AI) N layer (NL, N > 1) ReS2 are revealed by ultralow- and high-frequency Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence and first-principles density functional theory calculation. Two interlayer shear modes are observed in AI-NL-ReS2 while only one shear mode appears in IS-NL-ReS2, suggesting anisotropic- and isotropic-like stacking orders in IS- and AI-NL-ReS2, respectively. This explicit difference in the observed frequencies identifies an unexpected strong interlayer coupling in IS- and AI-NL-ReS2. Quantitatively, the force constants of them are found to be around 55-90% of those of multilayer MoS2. The revealed strong interlayer coupling and polytypism in multi-layer ReS2 may stimulate future studies on engineering physical properties of other anisotropic 2D materials by stacking orders.Anisotropic two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) layered materials, with both scientific interest and application potential, offer one more dimension than isotropic 2D materials to tune their physical properties. Various physical properties of 2D multi-layer materials are modulated by varying their stacking orders owing to significant interlayer vdW coupling. Multilayer rhenium disulfide (ReS2), a representative anisotropic 2D material, was expected to be randomly stacked and lack interlayer coupling. Here, we demonstrate two stable stacking orders, namely isotropic-like (IS) and

  15. Resíduos da agroindústria de chá preto como substrato para produção de mudas de hortaliças Agroindustry residues of the black tea as substrate for growing seedlings of vegetable crops

    Juliana Domingues Lima


    Full Text Available O objetivo do trabalho foi determinar o efeito do resíduo do chá preto como substrato na produção de mudas de alface, tomate e pepino. Para tal, foram conduzidos testes de germinação e ensaios de crescimento empregando, respectivamente, extrato aquoso e diferentes tipos de resíduo. Nos testes de germinação, sementes de alface, tomate e pepino foram colocadas em bandejas sobre papel de filtro umedecido com água ou extrato aquoso na concentração de 1, 5 e 10%. Nos ensaios de crescimento, sementes das mesmas espécies foram colocadas em bandejas contendo: 1. vermiculita; 2. resíduo decomposto mais vermiculita; 3. resíduo decomposto e 4. resíduo bruto lavado mais vermiculita. O resíduo decomposto foi obtido após processo de decomposição do resíduo bruto e o resíduo bruto lavado foi obtido a partir da lavagem do resíduo bruto em água. Nos testes de germinação e ensaios de crescimento, foi adotado o delineamento experimental inteiramente casualizado com quatro tratamentos e quatro repetições com 30 sementes cada. Os resultados indicaram que o extrato aquoso inibiu a germinação das sementes e o crescimento das plântulas de alface, tomate e penino. O uso do resíduo bruto lavado mais vermiculita reduziu a emergência das plântulas. O resíduo decomposto e o resíduo decomposto mais vermiculita estimularam a emergência e o crescimento das plântulas. O processo de decomposição tornou viável a utilização do resíduo da indústria de chá preto como substrato para produção de mudas de hortaliças.This research was aimed at determining the effects of black tea industry residues as substrate on germination and growth of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. For such, germination and growth assays were carried out using, respectively, aqueous extract and different types of residues. In the germination assays, seeds were placed in trays on filter paper humidified with water or aqueous extract in the concentrations of 1, 5 and 10

  16. Polymères en ambiance nucléaire comportement à long terme

    Audouin, Ludmila; Fayolle, Bruno; Richaud, Emmanuel; Verdu, Jacques


    Ce livre présente des outils théoriques originaux, indispensables pour ta prédiction de la durée de vie des matériaux polymères en ambiance nucléaire. Le problème de vieillissement des polymères est avant tout un problème d'ingénieur, dont la préoccupation majeure est la prédiction de durée de vie selon des critères pertinents du point de vue de l'application. Partant de ce constat, les auteurs ont focalisé leur intérêt sur les aspects les plus souvent négligés dans les ouvrages classiques mais cruciaux : la modélisation cinétique de l'oxydation radio-amorcée à faible débit de dose et les conséquences de l'irradiation sur les propriétés thermomécaniques. Ces deux aspects font l'objet de développements qui confèrent à l'ouvrage son originalité, lui permettant d'être un complément utile aux ouvrages classiques. Présenté de manière claire et pédagogique, cet ouvrage permettra à l'étudiant de Master, au jeune chercheur comme à l'ingénieur de rejoindre un courant de reche...

  17. Rahvaliitlaste rahalaevad roostetavad kai ääres / Sten-Aleks Pihlak

    Pihlak, Sten-Aleks


    Rahvaliidule lähedal seisvad ärimehed müüsid riigile maha vanu kalalaevu, et neid õppelaevadena kasutada, kuid nüüd roostetavad laevad kai ääres. Vt. samas: Lobby ekstraklass - minister tegi kõik, mis soovitud; Kalurite liit on tänaseks laiali jooksnud; Undrest jr võitles toetuse välja kohtus; Üheksast õppelaevaks muudetud alusest õpitakse päriselt vaid mõnel. Küsimustele vastab endine põllumajandusminister Ester Tuiksoo. Kommenteerivad Toivo Orgussaar ja Jüri Lember

  18. Des compagnes, des épouses, des mères

    Robert-Guiard, Claudine


    Compagnes, épouses et mères sont pour les femmes les rôles attendus par les hommes, voire par elles-mêmes et aussi par les États. Quand il s’agit de peupler un territoire, un gouvernement a besoin, encore plus impérativement qu’en situation normale, que les femmes remplissent au mieux ces fonctions qui leur sont traditionnellement, et génétiquement pour la maternité, dévolues. Dans ces rôles les femmes sont pratiquement indissociables de leurs enfants et de leur compagnon ou mari. Étudier les...

  19. HiRes camera and LIDAR ranging system for the Clementine mission

    Ledebuhr, A.G.; Kordas, J.F.; Lewis, I.T. [and others


    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed a space-qualified High Resolution (HiRes) imaging LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) system for use on the DoD Clementine mission. The Clementine mission provided more than 1.7 million images of the moon, earth, and stars, including the first ever complete systematic surface mapping of the moon from the ultra-violet to near-infrared spectral regions. This article describes the Clementine HiRes/LIDAR system, discusses design goals and preliminary estimates of on-orbit performance, and summarizes lessons learned in building and using the sensor. The LIDAR receiver system consists of a High Resolution (HiRes) imaging channel which incorporates an intensified multi-spectral visible camera combined with a Laser ranging channel which uses an avalanche photo-diode for laser pulse detection and timing. The receiver was bore sighted to a light-weight McDonnell-Douglas diode-pumped ND:YAG laser transmitter that emmitted 1.06 {micro}m wavelength pulses of 200 mJ/pulse and 10 ns pulse-width, The LIDAR receiver uses a common F/9.5 Cassegrain telescope assembly. The optical path of the telescope is split using a color-separating beamsplitter. The imaging channel incorporates a filter wheel assembly which spectrally selects the light which is imaged onto a custom 12 mm gated image intensifier fiber-optically-coupled into a 384 x 276 pixel frame transfer CCD FPA. The image intensifier was spectrally sensitive over the 0.4 to 0.8 {micro}m wavelength region. The six-position filter wheel contained 4 narrow spectral filters, one broadband and one blocking filter. At periselene (400 km) the HiRes/LIDAR imaged a 2.8 km swath width at 20-meter resolution. The LIDAR function detected differential signal return with a 40-meter range accuracy, with a maximum range capability of 640 km, limited by the bit counter in the range return counting clock.

  20. Oil Companies and Reserves | Compagnies et réserves pétrolières


    Full Text Available Top 20 World Oil CorporationsTop 20 des compagnies pétrolières mondialesSources: OPEC, Annual Statistical Bulletin, 2009; 2009 official reports of oil companies; British Petroleum, BP Statistical Review of Word Energy, 2010.Crude Oil Exports per Area (in Million Tonnes, 2009Exportations de pétrole brut par région (en millions de tonnes, 2009Sources :;;; British Petroleum, BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2010.China’s Crude Oil Imports from Afr...

  1. rendre les villes urbaines sûres et inclusives au Venezuela

    ont étudié ces institutions et leur lien avec le taux de criminalité et la cohésion sociale dans quatre villes : Caracas, Ciudad Guayana, San Cristóbal et San Antonio del Táchira. Leur objectif était de trouver des solutions favorisant la sécurité et l'inclusivité dans ces villes. Histoire à succès | Villes sûres et inclusiVes. FLiC kr.

  2. Technical and economic analysis of the European electricity system with 60% RES

    Burtin, Alain; Silva, Vera


    This document examines the impacts of the integration of a large share of variable renewable generation into the generation mix of the European interconnected electricity system. The analysis, which is based on the results of long term studies performed by EDF R and D, aims at improving the current understanding of the technical and economic feasibility of a massive deployment of wind and PV across the European system. The document addresses several aspects of the system integration of variable generation in particular, including the characterization of variable RES generation, the need for generation and interconnection infrastructure, the impacts on short-term system operation and market profitability. (authors)

  3. Bilan des flux de matières particulaires et dissoutes du Sassandra à ...

    Ce travail a pour objectif l'estimation des apports du fleuve Sassandra. C'est dans ce cadre que les flux de matières particulaires et dissoutes ont été mesurés au cours de l'année 2003 sur le fleuve Sassandra, à la station hydrométrique de Gaoulou. La méthodologie adoptée a consisté à déterminer d'abord les ...

  4. A Hybrid RES Distributed Generation System for Autonomous Islands: A DER-CAM and Storage-Based Economic and Optimal Dispatch Analysis

    Michalitsakos, Panagiotis; Mihet-Popa, Lucian; Xydis, George


    -CAM (Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Model) decision support tool was used for the multi-objective analysis conducted, which proposes a set of optimal solutions defining the appropriate Distributed Generation (DG) technologies, the capacities of storage and other technologies and the optimal......The possibility of replacing the existing autonomous thermal power plants by Distributed Energy Resources (DER) based on renewable energy sources (RES), along with the appropriate energy storage technologies in order to deal with the major problems that autonomous islands usually face...... was investigated. A case study of a small Greek island, which is confronted by various energy and water shortages, was studied for assessing the feasibility of DER deployment. The main objectives investigated were cost minimization, CO2 emissions minimization and DER reliability maximization. The DER...

  5. Coherent Control of Nanoscale Ballistic Currents in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide ReS2.

    Cui, Qiannan; Zhao, Hui


    Transition metal dichalcogenides are predicted to outperform traditional semiconductors in ballistic devices with nanoscale channel lengths. So far, experimental studies on charge transport in transition metal dichalcogenides are limited to the diffusive regime. Here we show, using ReS2 as an example, all-optical injection, detection, and coherent control of ballistic currents. By utilizing quantum interference between one-photon and two-photon interband transition pathways, ballistic currents are injected in ReS2 thin film samples by a pair of femtosecond laser pulses. We find that the current decays on an ultrafast time scale, resulting in an electron transport of only a fraction of one nanometer. Following the relaxation of the initially injected momentum, backward motion of the electrons for about 1 ps is observed, driven by the Coulomb force from the oppositely moved holes. We also show that the injected current can be controlled by the phase of the laser pulses. These results demonstrate a new platform to study ballistic transport of nonequilibrium carriers in transition metal dichalcogenides.

  6. Anomalous Polarized Raman Scattering and Large Circular Intensity Differential in Layered Triclinic ReS2.

    Zhang, Shishu; Mao, Nannan; Zhang, Na; Wu, Juanxia; Tong, Lianming; Zhang, Jin


    The Raman tensor of a crystal is the derivative of its polarizability tensor and is dependent on the symmetries of the crystal and the Raman-active vibrational mode. The intensity of a particular mode is determined by the Raman selection rule, which involves the Raman tensor and the polarization configurations. For anisotropic two-dimensional (2D) layered crystals, polarized Raman scattering has been used to reveal the crystalline orientations. However, due to its complicated Raman tensors and optical birefringence, the polarized Raman scattering of triclinic 2D crystals has not been well studied yet. Herein, we report the anomalous polarized Raman scattering of 2D layered triclinic rhenium disulfide (ReS 2 ) and show a large circular intensity differential (CID) of Raman scattering in ReS 2 of different thicknesses. The origin of CID and the anomalous behavior in polarized Raman scattering were attributed to the appearance of nonzero off-diagonal Raman tensor elements and the phase factor owing to optical birefringence. This can provide a method to identify the vertical orientation of triclinic layered materials. These findings may help to further understand the Raman scattering process in 2D materials of low symmetry and may indicate important applications in chiral recognition by using 2D materials.

  7. Predicting Power Output of Upper Body using the OMNI-RES Scale

    Bautista Iker J.


    Full Text Available The main aim of this study was to determine the optimal training zone for maximum power output. This was to be achieved through estimating mean bar velocity of the concentric phase of a bench press using a prediction equation. The values for the prediction equation would be obtained using OMNI-RES scale values of different loads of the bench press exercise. Sixty males ( voluntarily participated in the study and were tested using an incremental protocol on a Smith machine to determine one repetition maximum (1RM in the bench press exercise. A linear regression analysis produced a strong correlation (r = -0.94 between rating of perceived exertion (RPE and mean bar velocity (Velmean. The Pearson correlation analysis between real power output (PotReal and estimated power (PotEst showed a strong correlation coefficient of r = 0.77, significant at a level of p = 0.01. Therefore, the OMNI-RES scale can be used to predict Velmean in the bench press exercise to control the intensity of the exercise. The positive relationship between PotReal and PotEst allowed for the identification of a maximum power-training zone.

  8. Predicting Power Output of Upper Body using the OMNI-RES Scale.

    Bautista, Iker J; Chirosa, Ignacio J; Tamayo, Ignacio Martín; González, Andrés; Robinson, Joseph E; Chirosa, Luis J; Robertson, Robert J


    The main aim of this study was to determine the optimal training zone for maximum power output. This was to be achieved through estimating mean bar velocity of the concentric phase of a bench press using a prediction equation. The values for the prediction equation would be obtained using OMNI-RES scale values of different loads of the bench press exercise. Sixty males (age 23.61 2.81 year; body height 176.29 6.73 cm; body mass 73.28 4.75 kg) voluntarily participated in the study and were tested using an incremental protocol on a Smith machine to determine one repetition maximum (1RM) in the bench press exercise. A linear regression analysis produced a strong correlation (r = -0.94) between rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and mean bar velocity (Velmean). The Pearson correlation analysis between real power output (PotReal) and estimated power (PotEst) showed a strong correlation coefficient of r = 0.77, significant at a level of p = 0.01. Therefore, the OMNI-RES scale can be used to predict Velmean in the bench press exercise to control the intensity of the exercise. The positive relationship between PotReal and PotEst allowed for the identification of a maximum power-training zone.

  9. The res judicata rule in jurisdictional decisions of the international Court of justice

    Kreća Milenko


    Full Text Available The author discusses the effects of the res judicata rule as regards jurisdictional decisions of the International Court of Justice. He finds that there exists a special position of a judgment on preliminary objection in respect to both aspects of the res judicata rule - its binding force and finality. A perception of distinct relativity of a jurisdictional decision of the Court, expressing its interlocatory character pervades, in his opinion, the body of law regulating the Court's activity. Preliminary objections as such do not exhaust objections to the jurisdiction of the Court, as evidenced by non-preliminary objections to the jurisdiction of the Court giving rise to the application of the principle compétence de la compétence understood in the narrow sense. With regard to the binding force of a judgment on preliminary objections, it does not create legal obligations stricto sensu. The author finds that the relative character of jurisdictional decisions of the Court as compared with a judgment on the merits is justified on a number of grounds.

  10. Electric personnel carrier introduced : RES Equipment Sales spearheads development of electric underground vehicle

    Tollinsky, N.


    RES Equipment Sales of Dryden, Ontario is leading the development of a battery-powered personnel utility vehicle for underground mining applications. Among the advantages of the battery-powered personnel carrier are quietness of the carrier and zero emissions, which eliminates particulates from diesel engines and reduces the need for ventilation. This article discussed the design and building of the vehicle. It was designed to accommodate up to 3 battery packs, depending on the frequency of use. Swapping batteries takes between 2 or 3 minutes. Spent batteries must be plugged in for 6 hours and rest for another 6 to 8 hours before being ready for service. The vehicle accommodates 2 or 3 people and travels at speeds of 6 to 8 miles per hour. This article also provided background information on RES Equipment Sales. The company remanufactures underground mining equipment, including load-haul-dump machines, jumbos, haul trucks and utility vehicles. In addition, the company sells and services new equipment, including Oldenburg Cannon jumbos, scalers and utility vehicles, as well as Canun International pneumatic rock drills and NPK rock breakers. 1 ref., 1 fig.

  11. Land disposal potential of tobacco processing residues Potencial de uso agrícola de dois resíduos de agroindústria fumageira

    Marino José Tedesco


    Full Text Available Brazil is one of the leaders in the production and trading of tobacco leaves in the global market, which results in a large amount of residues that would be recycled and used as soil fertilizers in agriculture. This research aimed to study the land disposal potential and agricultural use of tobacco processing residues (TPRs, their mineralization and the nutrient supply to the plants. The study was carried out in an open area using pots with 32dm³ of a sandy soil (Paleudult, provided with water drainage collectors and tilled with three corn plants each. Eighteen treatments were tested with mineral fertilization, poultry manure (PM, earthworm compost (EC and increasing rates (0, 7.5, 15, 30 e 60t ha-1 of TPR D (dust and TPR S (stem fibers.Treatments with TPRs (15t ha-1 plus mineral supplementation two by two (NP, NK and PK were also tested, with four replications each. The experiment started in 01/15/2004 and conducted until 03/16/2004, when corn plants were harvested. The response curves showed that the residues application rates between 15 and 20t ha-1 are most adequate for the studied soil. The results indicated that both TPRs may be important sources of biomass and potash and have potential to be recycled in the soil, supplying part of the macronutrients required for proper plant growth.O Brasil é um dos maiores produtores e exportadores mundiais de tabaco em folha, resultando em grandes quantidaes de resíduos que poderiam ser utilizados como fertilizantes na agricultura. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o potencial de reciclagem agrícola de dois resíduos de agroindústria fumageira (RAF's, sua mineralização no solo e liberação de nutrientes às plantas. O experimento foi conduzido a céu aberto utilizando como unidades experimentais vasos com capacidade de 32 litros de solo, adaptados com tubo coletor de lixiviado e um argissolo (PVAd, cultivado com três plantas de milho. Foram feitos 18 tratamentos com adubo mineral, cama

  12. Facteurs de risque et dépistage du cancer chez les Premières Nations en Ontario

    Maegan V. Mazereeuw


    Full Text Available Introduction : L'absence d'identificateurs, dans les bases de données administratives sur la santé, nous empêche de bien comprendre le fardeau du cancer chez les Premières Nations. Notre étude compare les facteurs de risque et le dépistage du cancer chez les membres des Premières Nations en Ontario (vivant dans des réserves et hors réserves et chez les Ontariens non autochtones, en s'appuyant sur deux enquêtes sur la santé. Méthodologie : Les taux normalisés selon l'âge ont été calculés en utilisant la phase 2 de l'Enquête régionale sur la santé des Premières Nations (ERS de 2008-2010 pour les Premières Nations dans des réserves et l'Enquête sur la santé dans les collectivités canadiennes (ESCC de 2007-2013 pour les membres des Premières Nations hors réserves et les Ontariens non autochtones. Des rapports de taux (RT et des tests du chi carré de Pearson (pour les différences de proportion ont été utilisés pour comparer les estimations entre les membres des Premières Nations (dans des réserves et hors réserves et les Ontariens non autochtones. Résultats : Une proportion plus élevée d'hommes, de femmes et d'adolescents des Premières Nations vivant dans des réserves fumaient (RT = 1,97, 2,78 et 7,21 respectivement et souffraient d'obésité (RT = 1,73, 2,33 et 3,29 respectivement, comparativement à leurs homologues non autochtones. Des tendances similaires ont été observées chez les membres des Premières Nations vivant hors réserves. La consommation excessive ponctuelle d'alcool fréquente était également plus répandue chez les hommes et les femmes des Premières Nations vivant dans des réserves (RT = 1,28 et 2,22, respectivement et hors réserves (RT = 1,70 et 1,45, respectivement que chez les Ontariens non autochtones. Les hommes et les femmes des Premières Nations vivant dans des réserves étaient deux fois moins susceptibles de consommer des fruits au moins deux fois par jour et des l

  13. Large-Area CVD-Grown Sub-2 V ReS2 Transistors and Logic Gates.

    Dathbun, Ajjiporn; Kim, Youngchan; Kim, Seongchan; Yoo, Youngjae; Kang, Moon Sung; Lee, Changgu; Cho, Jeong Ho


    We demonstrated the fabrication of large-area ReS 2 transistors and logic gates composed of a chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-grown multilayer ReS 2 semiconductor channel and graphene electrodes. Single-layer graphene was used as the source/drain and coplanar gate electrodes. An ion gel with an ultrahigh capacitance effectively gated the ReS 2 channel at a low voltage, below 2 V, through a coplanar gate. The contact resistance of the ion gel-gated ReS 2 transistors with graphene electrodes decreased dramatically compared with the SiO 2 -devices prepared with Cr electrodes. The resulting transistors exhibited good device performances, including a maximum electron mobility of 0.9 cm 2 /(V s) and an on/off current ratio exceeding 10 4 . NMOS logic devices, such as NOT, NAND, and NOR gates, were assembled using the resulting transistors as a proof of concept demonstration of the applicability of the devices to complex logic circuits. The large-area synthesis of ReS 2 semiconductors and graphene electrodes and their applications in logic devices open up new opportunities for realizing future flexible electronics based on 2D nanomaterials.

  14. Avaliação do gerenciamento dos resíduos de medicamentos e demais resíduos de serviços de saúde na Região Serrana de Santa Catarina

    Juliana Aparecida Souza Amarante


    Full Text Available RESUMO A gestão de resíduos dos serviços de saúde (RSS constitui um grande desafio para o poder público, pois, apesar do avanço nos aspectos legislativos, ainda há grandes deficiências, especialmente relacionadas aos resíduos de medicamentos descartados inadequadamente. Este estudo teve como objetivo caracterizar o processo de descarte de drogas e resíduos dos serviços de saúde humana e veterinária em uma cidade de médio porte da Região Serrana de Santa Catarina. Foram realizadas visitas às unidades participantes, selecionadas por critérios de conveniência, contemplando unidades de saúde municipais, pet shops , clínicas veterinárias, hospital de atendimento humano, hospital de atendimento veterinário e empresas coletoras, totalizando 15 unidades participantes. A coleta de dados ocorreu de março a maio de 2014, com aplicação de questionários e roteiro de observação de campo. Os resultados evidenciaram deficiências no gerenciamento dos resíduos de medicamentos, assim como dos demais resíduos, nas etapas de segregação e armazenamento em instituições de atendimento humano e veterinário, com poucas exceções. As maiores dificuldades foram observadas nos estabelecimentos de atendimento veterinário, especialmente quanto à segregação e ao armazenamento dos resíduos contaminados, à falta de cuidado com material perfurocortante e às normas de biossegurança. A inexistência do Plano de Gerenciamento de Resíduos de Serviços de Saúde nas unidades de saúde e no hospital veterinário, assim como a falta de capacitações aos profissionais, a dissimilaridade no descarte de medicamentos entre os estabelecimentos e a falta de fiscalização por parte dos órgãos competentes foram os principais responsáveis pelo atual cenário de descarte inadequado dos resíduos na região.

  15. Les objectifs et les critères de sélection. Les aptitudes bouchères : croissance, efficacité alimentaire et qualité de la carcasse

    SELLIER, Pierre; BOUIX, J.; Renand, Gilles; MOLENAT, M.


    Les programmes de sélection sur les aptitudes bouchères ont un double objectif : l’abaissement du coût de production et l’amélioration de la qualité du produit. Cet article rappelle un certain nombre de données de base sur les aptitudes bouchères : courbe de croissance, évolution de la composition chimique et tissulaire chez l’animal en croissance (notion d’allométrie), énergétique de la croissance (relation entre efficacité alimentaire et croissance musculaire), développement des tissus musc...

  16. El aprendizaje basado en problemas: De herejía artificial a res popularis Problem based learning: From artificial heresy to res popularis

    L.A. Branda


    Full Text Available La extensa implementación del aprendizaje basado en problemas (ABP en el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje ha resultado en su transformación de herejía artificial a res popularis con la consecuente proliferación de publicaciones, libros y congresos sobre el tema. A menudo, esta avalancha de información, ha creado una confusión en la comprensión de qué es el ABP como estrategia de aprendizaje. Este artículo presenta al lector una definición de lo que se consideró que era el ABP y su extensión, además de incluir la resolución de problemas. Se indica la importancia de los objetivos de aprendizaje (resultados del aprendizaje y se presentan algunos pasos que se deben seguir en la preparación de situaciones/escenarios/problemas/casos. De forma general, se describen la evaluación de los estudiantes fundamentalmente formativa, basada en las observaciones hechas en las sesiones de tutoría, y la evaluación de carácter sumativo. La descripción de las etapas más comunes en el ABP tiene el propósito de indicar lo que los estudiantes pueden hacer y no que deben hacer. Si se consideran las limitaciones de recursos que tienen la mayoría de las instituciones que desean implementar el ABP, se describe la aplicación de esta estrategia en grupos grandes. Se discute el rol del tutor facilitador y se indican las características de sus intervenciones en un continuo que va desde jerárquica a facilitadora de la autonomía del estudiante en su aprendizaje. Este artículo finaliza con una reflexión sobre el aprendizaje autodirigido y su relación con el aprendizaje autorregulado.The vast use of problem based learning (PBL in the teaching-learning process has resulted in its transformation from an artificial heresy to a res popularis with the subsequent proliferation of publications, books and congresses on the subject. This deluge of information, very often, has created confusion on the comprehension of what PBL is as learning strategy. This

  17. MitoRes: a resource of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes and their products in Metazoa.

    Catalano, Domenico; Licciulli, Flavio; Turi, Antonio; Grillo, Giorgio; Saccone, Cecilia; D'Elia, Domenica


    Mitochondria are sub-cellular organelles that have a central role in energy production and in other metabolic pathways of all eukaryotic respiring cells. In the last few years, with more and more genomes being sequenced, a huge amount of data has been generated providing an unprecedented opportunity to use the comparative analysis approach in studies of evolution and functional genomics with the aim of shedding light on molecular mechanisms regulating mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism. In this context, the problem of the optimal extraction of representative datasets of genomic and proteomic data assumes a crucial importance. Specialised resources for nuclear-encoded mitochondria-related proteins already exist; however, no mitochondrial database is currently available with the same features of MitoRes, which is an update of the MitoNuc database extensively modified in its structure, data sources and graphical interface. It contains data on nuclear-encoded mitochondria-related products for any metazoan species for which this type of data is available and also provides comprehensive sequence datasets (gene, transcript and protein) as well as useful tools for their extraction and export. MitoRes consolidates information from publicly external sources and automatically annotates them into a relational database. Additionally, it also clusters proteins on the basis of their sequence similarity and interconnects them with genomic data. The search engine and sequence management tools allow the query/retrieval of the database content and the extraction and export of sequences (gene, transcript, protein) and related sub-sequences (intron, exon, UTR, CDS, signal peptide and gene flanking regions) ready to be used for in silico analysis. The tool we describe here has been developed to support lab scientists and bioinformaticians alike in the characterization of molecular features and evolution of mitochondrial targeting sequences. The

  18. Effective RES blood flow changes in children with homozygous β-thalassemia in relation to blood transfusion

    Karpathios, T.; Dimitriou, P.; Giamouris, J.; Nicolaidou, P.; Antipas, S.E.; Matsaniotis, N.


    Denatured radioiodinated human serum albumin (DHA) clearance studies at a dose of 1 mg/kg body wt., were carried out in 16 thalassemic children, prior to and 7-10 days following blood transfusion, to investigate changes of the effective RES blood flow which might accompany the posttransfusion spleen size diminution. A statistically significant increase (P<0.001) of the DHA plasma clearance rate was observed 7-10 days following blood transfusion denoting an increase of the blood flow to the effective RES while at the same time the spleen diminished in size. It is suggested that changes in the effective RES blood flow in these patients are directly related to changes in the intrasplenic circulatory capacity. (orig.)

  19. Who benefits from cooperation? A numerical analysis of redistribution effects resulting from cooperation in European RES-E support

    Unteutsch, Michaela


    This paper numerically analyzes redistribution effects resulting from cooperation among European countries in achieving the 2020 targets for electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E). The quanti cation of redistribution effects builds on the theoretical analysis by Unteutsch (2014), who shows that cooperation in RES-E support increases overall welfare but is not beneficial for all groups. In this paper, we use a dynamic investment and dispatch optimization model of the European electricity system to investigate which groups potentially benefit from cooperation and which groups would be worse off compared to a situation in which national RES-E targets are reached solely by domestic RES-E production. In the analysis, cooperation in RES-E support is implemented as a European-wide green certificate trading scheme. Main findings of the analysis include that in the European electricity system, effects of the change in the certificate price in most countries would overcompensate for the effects of the change in the wholesale electricity price. Thus, in most countries with comparatively high (low) generation costs for renewable energies, consumer rents increase (decrease) due to cooperation and producers yield lower (higher) profits. In addition, it is found that the magnitude of redistribution effects between the individual groups is quite large: In some countries, the change in consumer rents or producer profits resulting from cooperation is nearly twice as high as the overall welfare effect of cooperation in the whole European electricity system. Moreover, we find that the sign, but not always the magnitude, of redistribution effects is quite robust to different developments of interconnector extensions, the CO 2 price and RES-E investment costs.

  20. Who benefits from cooperation? A numerical analysis of redistribution effects resulting from cooperation in European RES-E support

    Unteutsch, Michaela


    This paper numerically analyzes redistribution effects resulting from cooperation among European countries in achieving the 2020 targets for electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E). The quanti cation of redistribution effects builds on the theoretical analysis by Unteutsch (2014), who shows that cooperation in RES-E support increases overall welfare but is not beneficial for all groups. In this paper, we use a dynamic investment and dispatch optimization model of the European electricity system to investigate which groups potentially benefit from cooperation and which groups would be worse off compared to a situation in which national RES-E targets are reached solely by domestic RES-E production. In the analysis, cooperation in RES-E support is implemented as a European-wide green certificate trading scheme. Main findings of the analysis include that in the European electricity system, effects of the change in the certificate price in most countries would overcompensate for the effects of the change in the wholesale electricity price. Thus, in most countries with comparatively high (low) generation costs for renewable energies, consumer rents increase (decrease) due to cooperation and producers yield lower (higher) profits. In addition, it is found that the magnitude of redistribution effects between the individual groups is quite large: In some countries, the change in consumer rents or producer profits resulting from cooperation is nearly twice as high as the overall welfare effect of cooperation in the whole European electricity system. Moreover, we find that the sign, but not always the magnitude, of redistribution effects is quite robust to different developments of interconnector extensions, the CO{sub 2} price and RES-E investment costs.

  1. CoRes utilization for building PCK in pre-service teacher education on the digestive system topic

    Nugraha, Ikmanda


    Knowledge of teachers in learning activities in the classroom has a close relationship with how well and how much students learn. Recently, a promising development in teacher education has appeared that centers on the academic construct of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). This study was an exploratory study into a science teacher education program that seeks to build the foundations on which pre-service teachers can begin to build their pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). The program involved the use of Content Representations (CoRes), which was initially applied as component of a strategy for exploring and gaining insights into the PCK of in-service science teachers. This study involved the researcher and 20 students (third year) in a pre-service teacher education course (School Science I) in science education when the students worked to make content analysis on the digestive system topic. During the course, the students make their own CoRes through a workshop for digestive system topic individually, in pairs and whole class discussion. Data were recorded from students' CoRes, student reflective journals, interviews, and field notes recorded in the researcher's reflective journal. Pre-service teachers' comments from interviews and reflective journals were coded in relation to references about: (1) the effectiveness of variety strategies in building the knowledge bases required to design a CoRes and (2) their awareness and/or development of tentative components of future PCK for a digestive system topic as a result of CoRes construction. Observational data were examined for indications of increasing independence and competency on the part of student teachers when locating appropriate information for designing their CoRes. From this study, it is hoped that the pre-service science teachers are able to build knowledge and then transform it into a form of PCK for digestive system topic for their first classroom planning and teaching to teach digestive system

  2. Chemical amendment and phytostabilization of an industrial residue contaminated with Zn and Cd Correção química e fitoestabilização de um resíduo industrial contaminado com Zn e Cd

    Fabiana Soares dos Santos


    Full Text Available Phytostabilisation of a contaminated soil with heavy metals is considered a very appropriate technology to reduce erosion and dispersion of contaminants. A greenhouse study was conducted to evaluate the effects of both chemical amendments (calcium silicate and brewery sludge, and phytoremediation using the grass Brachiaria decumbens, on an industrial residue contaminated with Zn and Cd (industrial residue. Industrial residue samples placed into 30 L containers were amended with 20% brewery sludge, calcium silicate (2%, 3%, and 20% of brewery sludge + calcium silicate (2.5%, 4%, and were compared to the control treatment (non-amended residue. After pH stabilization, B. decumbens plants were grown on all treatments in order to evaluate the ability of the species to tolerate high Zn and Cd concentrations from the residue. Samples were collected twice, at planting and harvesting, for pH determination and simple extractions with water, sodium nitrate, acetic acid and DTPA. Differences in Zn and Cd concentrations in extracts allowed to estimate the concentrations of these elements in the most likely chemical forms they are found in the residue. Alkaline and organic industrial amendments reduced Zn and Cd percentages, both in the soluble and exchangeable fractions, as well as caused the predominance of Zn and Cd in the most stable chemical fractions, such as complexed and precipitated compounds. B. decumbens was tolerant to Zn and Cd from the industrial residue after addition of the amendments.A fitoestabilização de solos contaminados com metais pesados é considerada uma boa alternativa para reduzir a erosão e dispersão de contaminantes no ambiente. Foi conduzido um experimento em casa-de-vegetação com o objetivo de avaliar a contenção química (silicato de cálcio e lodo do biodigestor de uma cervejaria e a fitorremediação pela Brachiaria decumbens, de um resíduo industrial contaminado com Zn e Cd, utilizando vasos de 30 L. Os tratamentos

  3. Influencia de preservantes químicos sobre la vida de anaquel de carne de res molida

    Santos, R.; Beldarraín, T.; Ramos, M.; Chang, L.; Martínez, C.; Bruselas, A.


    En este trabajo se emplearon lactato de sodio, metabisulfito de sodio, acetato de sodio y sorbato de potasio para la conservación de picadillo de carne de res. Se elaboró picadillo de res que se mezcló durante 5 a 10 min con los siguientes preservantes químicos: 1000 mg/kg de sorbato de potasio (Variante 2), 2 % de lactato de sodio más 0,3 % de acetato de sodio (Variante 3) y 450 mg/kg de SO2 adicionado como metabisulfito de sodio (Variante 4) y se hizo una variante co...

  4. Long-term Field Experiments as Important Source of Knowledge - Aims of the BonaRes Data Centre

    Grosse, Meike; Hierold, Wilfried


    BonaRes is short for "soil as a sustainable resource for the bioeconomy". It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the umbrella of the National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030. BonaRes consists of ten interdisciplinary research project consortia and the 'BonaRes - Centre for Soil Research' (see also Wollschläger et al 2016). It is one task of the BonaRes Data Centre as part of the 'BonaRes - Centre for Soil Research', to collect data and meta-data of agricultural long-term field experiments (LTFE) in Germany. The definition of LTFE in the context of BonaRes is a minimum duration of twenty years and a static design. LTFE are essential research infrastructures for agricultural sciences and soil sciences amongst other disciplines. Some LTFE run since a very long time; the start of the oldest one in Germany was 1878. Therefore, in many cases valuable time series exist. Data sets of LTFE shall be compiled and made publicly available by the BonaRes Data Centre. The public availability together with an easy access will lead to an enhanced usability of the data. This probably makes the LTFE itself more valuable through an improved visibility and may also help to maintain the LTFE. Beyond the data compilation there is the possibility for every data owner to make a data publication, which offers an additional value for the data owner after his first right of use. A first step towards a joint database is a compilation of all existing LTFE in Germany with meta information to each trial. This information is shown in an interactive web map, what is completely new in that context. Besides the exact position of the LTFE the following metadata are shown: name of the LTFE, website (if available), institution, land use category, participation in existing networks, research theme, start (and maybe end) of the trial, and research parameters. Details on the meta information will be presented in the speech. Literature Wollschläger, U; Helming

  5. Resúmenes de trabajos clínicos, VI Congreso AEXMUN

    Carlos E. Peña


    Full Text Available Resúmentes de los siguientes trabajos: Criterios de muerte cerebral ; Simposio sobre enfermedades del músculo estriado. Avances recientes en enfermedadesmusculares ; Selección y estudio del candidato atrasplante cardíaco ; Histopatología de la polimiositis ; Estructura molecular y mecanismo de acciónde los receptores de hormonas esteroides ; Histopatología de las distrofias musculares ; Tiroideopatías en la vejez; Función tiroidea en pacientes eutiroideos con enfermedad no tiroidea "Síndrome del paciente eutiroideo" ; Hipertensión arterial y endotelio ; Hipertensión renovascular

  6. Comparison of auctions and alternative policy options for RES-E support

    Kitzing, Lena; Islam, Marco; Fitch-Roy, Oscar


    benefits of RES, there may be valid reasons for policy makers not to employ auctions, since under particular circumstances it may be desirable not to control quantities but the price. As such, they raise the question whether pure support cost minimisation should be the only goal when implementing......This report concludes the work carried out in the course of Task 6.2 of the AURES project. It is its aim to compare auctions with alternative policy instruments and in particular, to examine under which circumstances auctions may be superior and inferior to achieve intended policy targets....... For that purpose, we identify a number of potential drivers that might affect an instrument’s effectiveness, its efficiency and further success criteria. Among this list of relevant drivers, the basis for our analysis is the factor risk, where our core focus is on risk for policy makers. Assuming a world...

  7. Développement folliculaire ovarien et ovulation chez les mammifères

    Monniaux , Danielle; Caraty , Alain; Clement , Frederique; Dalbiès-Tran , Rozenn; Dupont , J.; Fabre , Stéphane; Gérard , N.; Mermillod , Pascal; Monget , Philippe; Uzbekova , Svetlana


    Cette revue présente l’état des connaissances sur la folliculogenèse et l’ovulation chez les mammifères. La folliculogenèse basale est une phase de croissance folliculaire lente, au cours de laquelle l’ovocyte acquiert la compétence méiotique. La folliculogenèse terminale est une phase de développement rapide, au cours de laquelle le follicule ovulatoire est sélectionné et termine sa maturation, tandis que l’ovocyte acquiert la compétence au développement. La revue décrit les différents chang...

  8. Les premières années de The Himalayan Journal (1929-1940

    Michel Raspaud


    Full Text Available IntroductionLa création de The Himalayan Club, sur le territoire de l’Empire des Indes à la fin de l’année 1927, s’accompagne presque aussitôt de la publication de The Himalayan Journal, en février 1929, soit mois de dix-huit mois après la création officielle de l’institution. L’objet du présent texte concerne donc la vie de The Himalayan Club lors de ses premières années d’existence, depuis la date de sa création jusqu’au début de la seconde guerre mondiale. Cependant, l’intérêt se focaliser...

  9. Tratamento do lixiviado de aterro de resíduos sólidos urbanos por processo Fenton

    Victor Wegner Maus


    Full Text Available O lixiviado gerado em aterros sanitários pela decomposição dos resíduos sólidos com presença de água de infiltração possuigrande potencial poluidor, devido à elevada concentração de substâncias tóxicas e a sua baixa biodegradabilidade. A coagulaçãoquímica pode ser uma alternativa para o tratamento de efluentes com essas características. O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar aeficiência do processo Fenton no tratamento de lixiviado gerado em aterros sanitários de resíduos sólidos urbanos. As amostras delixiviado foram coletadas no aterro controlado do município de Santa Maria – RS. No experimento foram testados cincotratamentos com diferentes proporções de reagentes (H2O2 e FeSO4 TH2O2/FeSO4: T0,8, T2,0, T3,0, T4,0 e T6,0. Pelos resultados doexperimento com processo Fenton verifica-se uma eficiência média na remoção da demanda química de oxigênio (DQO de47,9%, na turbidez de 53,0% e na cor de 70,7%. Os valores médios da demanda bioquímica de oxigênio (DBO e dacondutividade elétrica aumentaram em 31,3% e 27,1%, respectivamente. No tratamento T0,8 constatou-se a maior remoção daDQO e o maior aumento da biodegradabilidade. O processo Fenton aplicado no tratamento de lixiviado reduz a DQO e aumenta aDBO, em outras palavras, aumenta a biodegradabilidade do efluente. Esse processo pode ser utilizado como pré-tratamento de umsistema biológico para efluentes de aterros sanitários.Abstract The leachate generated on sanitary landfill bysolid waste decomposition with rainfall water infiltration hashigh potential of pollution, due to high concentration oftoxic substances and low biodegradability. The chemistrycoagulation can be an alternative to treat effluents with thesecharacteristics. The work aimed to evaluate the efficiency ofFenton process in the treatment of leachate landfill fromurban solid waste. The leachate samples were collected fromthe controlled landfill of Santa Maria Council – RS. In theexperiment

  10. Genetic variation of response to water deficit in parental genotypes ...


    In this study, we investigated morphological and photosynthetic responses to water deficit in parental genotypes of M. ... for adaptation to water deficit in legumes is a prerequisite for any research aiming to improve legume yields. ...... tolerant genotypes in rainfed lowland rice. Field Crop. Res. 99:48-58. Rouached A, Slama I, ...

  11. An RES-Based Model for Risk Assessment and Prediction of Backbreak in Bench Blasting

    Faramarzi, F.; Ebrahimi Farsangi, M. A.; Mansouri, H.


    Most blasting operations are associated with various forms of energy loss, emerging as environmental side effects of rock blasting, such as flyrock, vibration, airblast, and backbreak. Backbreak is an adverse phenomenon in rock blasting operations, which imposes risk and increases operation expenses because of safety reduction due to the instability of walls, poor fragmentation, and uneven burden in subsequent blasts. In this paper, based on the basic concepts of a rock engineering systems (RES) approach, a new model for the prediction of backbreak and the risk associated with a blast is presented. The newly suggested model involves 16 effective parameters on backbreak due to blasting, while retaining simplicity as well. The data for 30 blasts, carried out at Sungun copper mine, western Iran, were used to predict backbreak and the level of risk corresponding to each blast by the RES-based model. The results obtained were compared with the backbreak measured for each blast, which showed that the level of risk achieved is in consistence with the backbreak measured. The maximum level of risk [vulnerability index (VI) = 60] was associated with blast No. 2, for which the corresponding average backbreak was the highest achieved (9.25 m). Also, for blasts with levels of risk under 40, the minimum average backbreaks (<4 m) were observed. Furthermore, to evaluate the model performance for backbreak prediction, the coefficient of correlation ( R 2) and root mean square error (RMSE) of the model were calculated ( R 2 = 0.8; RMSE = 1.07), indicating the good performance of the model.

  12. The Nordic welfare model providing energy transition? A political geography approach to the EU RES directive

    Westholm, Erik; Beland Lindahl, Karin


    The EU Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) Directive requires that each member state obtain 20% of its energy supply from renewable sources by 2020. If fully implemented, this implies major changes in institutions, infrastructure, land use, and natural resource flows. This study applies a political geography perspective to explore the transition to renewable energy use in the heating and cooling segment of the Swedish energy system, 1980–2010. The Nordic welfare model, which developed mainly after the Second World War, required relatively uniform, standardized local and regional authorities functioning as implementation agents for national politics. Since 1980, the welfare orientation has gradually been complemented by competition politics promoting technological change, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This combination of welfare state organization and competition politics provided the dynamics necessary for energy transition, which occurred in a semi-public sphere of actors at various geographical scales. However, our analysis, suggest that this was partly an unintended policy outcome, since it was based on a welfare model with no significant energy aims. Our case study suggests that state organization plays a significant role, and that the EU RES Directive implementation will be uneven across Europe, reflecting various welfare models with different institutional pre-requisites for energy transition. - Highlights: ► We explore the energy transition in the heating/cooling sector in Sweden 1980–2000. ► The role of the state is studied from a political geography perspective. ► The changing welfare model offered the necessary institutional framework. ► Institutional arrangements stand out as central to explain the relative success. ► The use of renewables in EU member states will continue to vary significantly.

  13. A novel protein-protein interaction in the RES (REtention and Splicing) complex.

    Tripsianes, Konstantinos; Friberg, Anders; Barrandon, Charlotte; Brooks, Mark; van Tilbeurgh, Herman; Seraphin, Bertrand; Sattler, Michael


    The retention and splicing (RES) complex is a conserved spliceosome-associated module that was shown to enhance splicing of a subset of transcripts and promote the nuclear retention of unspliced pre-mRNAs in yeast. The heterotrimeric RES complex is organized around the Snu17p protein that binds to both the Bud13p and Pml1p subunits. Snu17p exhibits an RRM domain that resembles a U2AF homology motif (UHM) and Bud13p harbors a Trp residue reminiscent of an UHM-ligand motif (ULM). It has therefore been proposed that the interaction between Snu17p and Bud13p resembles canonical UHM-ULM complexes. Here, we have used biochemical and NMR structural analysis to characterize the structure of the yeast Snu17p-Bud13p complex. Unlike known UHMs that sequester the Trp residue of the ULM ligand in a hydrophobic pocket, Snu17p and Bud13p utilize a large interaction surface formed around the two helices of the Snu17p domain. In total 18 residues of the Bud13p ligand wrap around the Snu17p helical surface in an U-turn-like arrangement. The invariant Trp(232) in Bud13p is located in the center of the turn, and contacts surface residues of Snu17p. The structural data are supported by mutational analysis and indicate that Snu17p provides an extended binding surface with Bud13p that is notably distinct from canonical UHM-ULM interactions. Our data highlight structural diversity in RRM-protein interactions, analogous to the one seen for nucleic acid interactions. © 2014 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  14. Integrated electrification solution for autonomous electrical networks on the basis of RES and energy storage configurations

    Kaldellis, J.K.


    Most medium and small islands of the Aegean Archipelagos face serious infrastructure problems, strongly related with the limited electrical energy available at extremely high cost. On the other hand, the area is characterized by very high wind speeds and abundant solar energy, thus the exploitation of the available renewable energy sources (RES) may significantly contribute to the fulfillment of the local societies energy demand at minimum environmental and macroeconomic cost. However, the stochastic availability of wind energy and the variable availability of solar energy, the daily and seasonal electricity demand fluctuations, as well as the limited local electrical network capacity result in serious restrictions concerning the maximum renewable power penetration. In this context, the present paper investigates the possibility of creating a combined electricity generation facility based on the exploitation of wind or/and solar potential of an area as well as on the utilization of an appropriate energy storage configuration in order to replace the existing thermal power stations with rational investment requirements. For this purpose, the major parameters of the proposed integrated configuration are firstly calculated and its financial viability is accordingly analyzed. One of the main targets of the proposed solution is to maximize the RES exploitation of the area at a minimum electricity generation cost, while special emphasis is given in order to select the most cost-efficient energy storage device available. According to the results obtained the proposed solution is not only financially attractive but also improves the quality of the electricity offered to the local communities, substituting the expensive and heavily polluting existing thermal power stations

  15. 有限资源博奕%Infinite Resourse Game





    O. M. Pshinko


    Full Text Available Purpose. The study analyzed the possibility and conditions for the effective operation of heating systems during the transition of the heat-generating capacity to biofuels energy. The straw of cereal crops, which are prevailing in Dnipro region, is used for this. The main purpose is scientific calculation of opportunities and cost of specific measures for such a transition. As an example it was taken the boiler-room of campus at Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan (DNURT that consumes natural gas. Methodology. The work analyses the legislative base of Ukraine, which promotes the using of renewable energy sources as fuel, as well as the incentive mechanisms for the development of this trend. The paper identifies opportunities of Prydniprovsk region to ensure straw supply for the boiler-room. Cost parameters of cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine in 2016, which depend on the distance and the size of the trucks, are analysed. These indicators, as well as indicators related to its purchase, are considered together with energy potential of using the straw as fuel. Findings. With existing in Ukraine (as of 2016 the grain yielding capacity in the agriculture and cost indicators in the field of transportations, the transition of capacity share to biofuel is sufficiently profitable. The thermal power unit cost can be reduced fourfold. Originality. For the first time it is proposed to use the new integrated approaches to assess the cost of thermal power unit boiler with its transition to the use of renewable energy sources. The authors also proposed a new logistics delivery of these sources to the place of their application. From a technical and cost points of view it was determined the optimal order of capacity transfer for new renewable sources of energy in a given region depending on the structure of areas under crops and their productivity. Originality. The introduction of the proposed solutions and approaches to capacity boiler renewable energy sources can be realized with a relatively small investment and can provide significant economic benefits.


    P. D. Polovinkin


    Full Text Available At current society development stage, efficient use of entrepreneurship provides for stable production and high living standards. Entrepreneurship is a specific type of economic activities, entrepreneur is a special subject of management. Entrepreneurship’s objective prerequisites and possibilities to get efficiently adapted to postindustrial economic conditions lay in its very essence. Personal and professional qualities of a successful entrepreneur make him effective both as capital owner and manager. The state must create favorable conditions for Russian entrepreneurship.

  18. Risk Analysis and Prediction of Floor Failure Mechanisms at Longwall Face in Parvadeh-I Coal Mine using Rock Engineering System (RES)

    Aghababaei, Sajjad; Saeedi, Gholamreza; Jalalifar, Hossein


    The floor failure at longwall face decreases productivity and safety, increases operation costs, and causes other serious problems. In Parvadeh-I coal mine, the timber is used to prevent the puncture of powered support base into the floor. In this paper, a rock engineering system (RES)-based model is presented to evaluate the risk of floor failure mechanisms at the longwall face of E 2 and W 1 panels. The presented model is used to determine the most probable floor failure mechanism, effective factors, damaged regions and remedial actions. From the analyzed results, it is found that soft floor failure is dominant in the floor failure mechanism at Parvadeh-I coal mine. The average of vulnerability index (VI) for soft, buckling and compressive floor failure mechanisms was estimated equal to 52, 43 and 30 for both panels, respectively. By determining the critical VI for soft floor failure mechanism equal to 54, the percentage of regions with VIs beyond the critical VI in E 2 and W 1 panels is equal to 65.5 and 30, respectively. The percentage of damaged regions showed that the excess amount of used timber to prevent the puncture of weak floor below the powered support base is equal to 4,180,739 kg. RES outputs and analyzed results showed that setting and yielding load of powered supports, length of face, existent water at face, geometry of powered supports, changing the cutting pattern at longwall face and limiting the panels to damaged regions with supercritical VIs could be considered to control the soft floor failure in this mine. The results of this research could be used as a useful tool to identify the damaged regions prior to mining operation at longwall panel for the same conditions.

  19. A micro-grid operation analysis for cost-effective battery energy storage and RES plants integration

    Barelli, L.; Bidini, G.; Bonucci, F.


    Penetration of renewable energy is strongly slowed by its characteristic intermittency and fluctuating trend and by the inadequacy of electricity networks. These issues can be addressed through the development of new or improved storage technologies with higher performance, availability, durability, safety and lower costs. In the present work, micro-grids characterized by the presence of different subsections including renewable plants coupled with batteries storage solution are investigated through the development of a suitable code. Several design conditions and features, related to RES plant, storage system and users, were considered in order to realize a sensitivity analysis aimed to examine, on a yearly base and with one minute time step, interactions among the different micro-grid subsections and to identify the best solutions from both economic and energy point of views. - Highlights: • Storage systems coupling to RES plants is investigated for micro-grids. • Interactions between RES plants, storage batteries and users are analyzed. • Self-consumption increases with storage installation. • Investment pay-back analysis is performed varying plant configurations. • Pay-back reduction up to 30–40% for new RES/Storage integrated installations.

  20. Toxoplasmosis in a bar-shouldered dove (Geopelia humeralis) from the zoo of Clères, France

    Toxoplasmosis causes mortality in several avian species, especially passerine birds. Toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in a bar-shouldered dove (Geopelia humeralis) found dead at the zoo of Clères (France). The bird had necrotizing pneumonia and nephritis with intralesional tachyzoites of Toxoplasma gondi...

  1. Venelastest Res Publica toetajad Ida-Virus võivad uuele parteile selja pöörata / Erik Kalda

    Kalda, Erik, 1969-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje 6. apr. lk. 3, Narvskaja Nedelja 8. apr. lk. 2. Suur osa Ida-Virumaal elavatest Res Publica liikmetest ning toetajatest ei poolda erakonna ühinemist Isamaaliiduga, sest paljude venelaste meelest on Isamaaliit nende huve eirav partei

  2. Impact of Mézières Rehabilitative Method in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Teresa Paolucci


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of Mézières method in improving trunk flexibility of the back muscles and balance in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD. Materials and Methods. Thirty-six patients were randomized into 2 groups: the Mézières treatment group and the control group (home exercise group. The primary outcome was the improvement in balance per the Berg Balance Scale (BBS and the trunk flexibility of the back for the anterior flexion trunk test. Also, we evaluated pain, gait balance for the Functional Gait Assessment (FGA, disease-related disability for the Modified Parkinson’s Activity Scale and the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS, the quality of life, and the functional exercise capacity. All the measures were evaluated at baseline (T0, at the end of the rehabilitative program (T1, and at the 12-week follow-up (T2. Results. In the Mézières group, the BBS (p<.001 and trunk flexion test (p<.001 improved significantly at T1 and remained the same at T2. Between groups, significant changes were reported in FGA (p=.027 and UPDRS Total (p=.007 at T1 and in FGA (p=.03 at T2. Conclusion. The Mézières approach is efficacious in improving the flexibility of the trunk and balance in PD patients.

  3. SANTÉ PUBLIQUE Les troubles de santé font fi des frontières – les ...

    SANTÉ PUBLIQUE Les troubles de santé font fi des frontières – les connaissances et les solutions devraient elles ... Dangers du tabac et des narguilés pour la santé ... ÉTUDE DE CAS : Nouvelles armes dans la guerre contre le paludisme.

  4. Emissão de metano por decomposição de resíduo florestal inundado

    Maria M. V. Zanoni


    Full Text Available A construção de represas pode aumentar a emissão de gases do efeito estufa (GEE, principalmente metano (CH4 pela decomposição anaeróbica dos resíduos florestais, como galhos, ramos, folhas e miscelânea inundados. Objetivou-se, neste estudo, avaliar a emissão de CH4 após a inundação do solo coberto com resíduos florestais. Unidades experimentais foram construídas com tubos de PVC contendo solo e diferentes combinações de dose (0; 21,2; 42,3 e 64,1 Mg ha-1 e tipo de resíduos (folhas, ramos e miscelânea, galhos e composição original e água de rio. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado com arranjo fatorial e três repetições. As taxas de emissão de CH4 foram monitoradas em 19 eventos durante um ano (Fevereiro/2012 a Março/2013. Cerca de 75 dias após a incubação do solo com resíduos florestais verificou-se aumento das emissões de CH4, ocorrendo dois picos de emissão, aos 111 e aos 249 dias. A emissão acumulada de CH4 no primeiro ano de alagamento foi de 200 g C m-2 na dose zero, passando a valores próximos a 400 g C m-2 nas doses de 21,2 Mg ha-1 e maiores, não havendo efeito do tipo de resíduo, apenas da dose, como fator isolado.





  6. Current experience with support schemes for RES-E in Europe. A regulatory point of view

    Lackner, Ursula


    The need to reduce the dependence of the European economy on imported primary energy and the impact of fossil fuels on the environment has encouraged countries to increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) for electricity supply. EU Directive 2001/77/EC requires EU Member States to take appropriate steps to introduce new incentive mechanisms in order to reach the target of generating 21 % of the electricity in the EU from RES. At the same time EU Directive 2003/54/EC takes significant steps towards establishing a single market in electricity across the EU. Under this directive, European energy regulators have a number of responsibilities. These include the avoidance of discrimination and the promotion of effective competition along with an efficient functioning of the market. One of their main tasks is to ensure that European consumers pay a final electricity price that is as cost reflective as possible. The final price shall also reflect the social and the environmental costs. At the current stage it is not unlikely that the promotion of renewable energy sources will create significant barriers and distortions on the liberalized electricity market. Several issues arising from the implementation of renewable incentive schemes and policies can be identified and are analysed below; - Conflicting targets on EU-Level; - The variation in the level of incentives may be greater among Member States than is justified by the real level of technology costs, or other factors; - Unbalanced burden sharing for final consumers, due to different allocation mechanisms and designs of support schemes; -The regulation and charges for relevant items of the electricity chain, such as connection and balancing costs, vary significantly among Member States and may introduce competitive advantages. The contents of the paper is as follows: 1 Background; 2 Conflicting targets on EU-Level; 3 Different support levels; 4 Unbalanced burden sharing of final customers; 5 Allocation of

  7. Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Power-Frequency Characteristic Regulation in High-RES Power Systems

    Evangelos Rikos


    Full Text Available Future power systems control will require large-scale activation of reserves at distribution level. Despite their high potential, distributed energy resources (DER used for frequency control pose challenges due to unpredictability, grid bottlenecks, etc. To deal with these issues, this study presents a novel strategy of power frequency characteristic dynamic adjustment based on the imbalance state. This way, the concerned operators become aware of the imbalance location but also a more accurate redistribution of responsibilities in terms of reserves activations is achieved. The proposed control is based on the concept of “cells” which are power systems with operating capabilities and responsibilities similar to control areas (CAs, but fostering the use of resources at all voltage levels, particularly distribution grids. Control autonomy of cells allows increased RES hosting. In this study, the power frequency characteristic of a cell is adjusted in real time by means of a fuzzy controller, which curtails part of the reserves, in order to avoid unnecessary deployment throughout a synchronous area, leading to a more localised activation and reducing losses, congestions and reserves exhaustion. Simulation tests in a four-cell reference power system prove that the controller significantly reduces the use of reserves without compromising the overall stability.

  8. In Search of the 'New Informal Legitimacy' of Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Calain, Philippe


    FOR MEDICAL HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATIONS, MAKING THEIR SOURCES OF LEGITIMACY EXPLICIT IS A USEFUL EXERCISE, IN RESPONSE TO: misperceptions, concerns over the 'humanitarian space', controversies about specific humanitarian actions, challenges about resources allocation and moral suffering among humanitarian workers. This is also a difficult exercise, where normative criteria such as international law or humanitarian principles are often misrepresented as primary sources of legitimacy. This essay first argues for a morally principled definition of humanitarian medicine, based on the selfless intention of individual humanitarian actors. Taking Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a case in point, a common source of moral legitimacy for medical humanitarian organizations is their cosmopolitan appeal to distributive justice and collective responsibility. More informally, their legitimacy is grounded in the rightfulness of specific actions and choices. This implies a constant commitment to publicity and accountability. Legitimacy is also generated by tangible support from the public to individual organizations, by commitments to professional integrity, and by academic alliances to support evidence-based practice and operational research.

  9. Opportunity and prospect analysis of RES utilization for sustainable development of Ekaterinburg city in Russia

    Volkov, A.; Aristova, A.


    Recently megalopolises have become centres of economy development worldwide. Gradual growth in energy consumption and thereafter - enormous power production and delivery to sustain metropolis’ needs entailed, rapid increase in emissions of hazardous substances in quantities, no longer tolerable for secure residence in majority of these cities. Ekaterinburg, is one of them. In order to abridge harmful pollution in Ekaterinburg and further centralize economic importance of the city, this paper proposes to implement the concept of urban sustainable development/ref. / by introducing alternative energy sources, which would progressively displace traditional fossil fuels. A number of actual cases, where the concept was successfully implemented, were studied and analysed to demonstrate how different shares of renewables can become effective substitutes to conventional energy sources in the cities strongly dependent on them: 1. Energy strategy of Pecs (Hungary); 2. International low carbon city (ILCC) project (Shenzhen, China); 3. Electric power system template of Tangshan city (China). Further, regional environmental and economic specifics of Ekaterinburg were studied to understand power consumption needs and energy generation possibilities, which led authors to conclude on the alternative energy sources feasibility, plot specific flow chart for RES implementation in Ekaterinburg’s power network and outline recommendations for future works.

  10. Réflexions sur les rotifères en tant qu'indicateurs biologiques



    Full Text Available Quelques espèces de Rotifères fournissent un bon exemple d'indicateurs écologiques pour un facteur limitant : Synchaeta lakowitziana, Conochitoides natans, Notholca spp (température, Brachionus plicatilis (salinité. Le système d'indexation des espèces à la qualité des eaux est discuté. Les espèces strictement édaphiques (non aquatiques, les espèces rares appartenant à des genres où la variabilité est grande et les espèces euryoecques, peu caractéristiques, devraient être exclues des listes d'indicateurs établies par SLADECEK (1973, car elles ne facilitent pas l'application de ce système. Il s'avère nécessaire d'améliorer le poids indicatif et la valeur de saprobité des espèces, de ne conserver que les plus caractéristiques par leur constance et leur fidélité. Il serait, de plus, intéressant de se référer à des index plus dynamiques que statiques.

  11. The Union and Médecins Sans Frontières approach to operational research.

    Harries, A D; Rusen, I D; Reid, T; Detjen, A K; Berger, S D; Bissell, K; Hinderaker, S G; Edginton, M; Fussell, M; Fujiwara, P I; Zachariah, R


    Operational research (OR) has become a hot topic at national meetings, international conferences and donor fora. The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Operational Centre Brussels strongly promote and implement OR with colleagues in low- and middle-income countries. Here we describe how the two organisations define OR, and explain the guiding principles and methodology that underpin the strategy for developing and expanding OR in those countries. We articulate The Union's and MSF's approach to supporting OR, highlighting the main synergies and differences. Then, using the Malawi National Tuberculosis Control Programme as an example, we show how OR can be embedded within tuberculosis control activities, leading to changes in policy and practice at the national level. We discuss the difficult, yet vitally important, issue of capacity building, and share our vision of a new paradigm of product-related training and performance-based OR fellowships as two ways of developing the necessary skills at country level to ensure research is actually performed. Finally, we highlight the need to consider and incorporate into practice the ethical components of OR. This is a key moment to be involved in OR. We are confident that in partnership with interested stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, we can stimulate the implementation of quality, relevant OR as an integral part of health service delivery that in turn will lead to better health for people, particularly for those living in the poorer parts of the world.

  12. Politique d’acquisitions foncières et protection de la ressource en eau

    LAMOUREUX, Ludovic


    Full Text Available La préservation des eaux souterraines et des rivières est un enjeu majeur pour les opérateurs en charge de l'alimentation en eau potable sur un territoire. Eau de Paris, l'opérateur public qui produit et distribue l'eau dans Paris mobilise de nombreux dispositifs pour protéger et restaurer la qualité de l'eau. Depuis plus de vingt ans, il conduit notamment une politique de maîtrise foncière des terrains ruraux situés dans les zones vulnérables des aires d’alimentation des captages, qui vise principalement à limiter les risques de pollution des nappes, mais également à servir de modèle et de levier pour des pratiques agricoles favorisant la préservation de la ressource en eau. Cet article nous présente ici l'intérêt d'une telle démarche, mais également les difficultés rencontrées par l'opérateur pour mener cette politique d'acquisition foncière en milieu rural.

  13. Recherche de marqueurs lipidiques aptes à montrer l’absence de tissus nerveux dans les matières premières des gélatines d’os

    Combe Nicole


    Full Text Available La gélatine est fabriquée à partir de deux catégories de matières premières, dénommées « os lourds » et « os légers », obtenues après dégraissage, séchage, broyage, puis tamisage d’os frais de bœuf, à l’exclusion de matériaux à risques vis-à-vis de l’encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine (cerveaux, yeux, amygdales et moelle épinière. L’objectif de cette étude était d’identifier un ou plusieurs constituants lipidiques spécifiques des tissus nerveux, et principalement de la moelle épinière, permettant de vérifier l’absence de tissus nerveux dans les matières premières utilisées pour la fabrication de gélatine. Pour cela, la composition lipidique de la moelle épinière a été comparée à celle des matières premières de gélatine. La pertinence d’un paramètre (p, vis-à-vis d’une source donnée, a été évaluée par la valeur du facteur : F (p = [p]moelle épinière/[p] OS, qui est le rapport entre sa concentration dans les lipides de moelle épinière et celle dans la source osseuse considérée. Plus la valeur de F est élevée, plus le paramètre est pertinent. Trois paramètres ont été ciblés sur la base de leur caractère spécifique des tissus nerveux par rapport aux graisses d’os : (1 les phospholipides (PL; (2 les acides gras à très longues chaînes (AGTLC = 20:0 + 20:1 + 22:0 + 22:1 n-9 + 23:0 + 24:0 + 24:1 n-9 ; (3 les alcools gras, analysés sous la forme de dérivés diméthyl acétals (DMA. Eu égard aux matières premières servant à la fabrication de gélatine, la valeur de FPL varie de 8 à 15, celle de FAGTLC de 25 à 41. La valeur de FDMA est égale à 26 vis-à-vis des « os légers », elle est infiniment grande vis-à-vis des « os lourds » puisque, dans cette matière première, les DMA sont indétectables. Ainsi pour cette catégorie de matière première, le paramètre DMA s’avère le plus adapté pour détecter du matériel d’origine nerveuse (moelle épinière.

  14. Composição de resíduos de varrição e resíduos carreados pela rede de drenagem, em uma bacia hidrográfica urbana

    Neves,Marllus Gustavo Ferreira Passos das; Tucci,Carlos Eduardo Morelli


    Apresentam-se aqui resultados de estudo sobre a composição física de resíduos sólidos de varrição e também daqueles vindos por uma rede de drenagem, em uma bacia hidrográfica urbana, identificando, dentre outros, influências da frequência do serviço de varrição e da época do ano. Os resíduos de varrição foram provenientes de várias partes do solo da bacia e os da rede de drenagem eram retirados de um poço de casa de bombas, para onde convergia todo o escoamento da rede. Alguns resultados inte...

  15. Choose your business partners carefully. The bankruptcy of the current inverter producer RES affected many of its business partners; Drum pruefe, wer sich bindet. Wie die Insolvenz des Wechselrichterherstellers RES eine Vielzahl an Geschaedigten schafft

    Rutschmann, I.


    Customers of the RES GmbH current inverter producer complained about disturbances, outages, and low yields. Now, the producer has filed for insolvency; business partners will probably lose their warranty claim and also their contact for repair and replacement parts. IPE, a partner fitter's company, even fears of going bankrupt too. All partners agree that in the future, they will limit their business activities to partners they know better. (orig.)

  16. Les déterminants de l’attractivité territoriale des entreprises manufacturières et logistiques étrangères : application à la ville de Tanger – Maroc

    Abbes Elhasbi


    Full Text Available L’objectif de cet article est de proposer les principaux facteurs d’attractivité des investisseurs étrangers dans les secteurs manufacturiers et logistiques de la ville de Tanger au Maroc. Notre modèle conceptuel a été élaboré à partir d’une revue de littérature et d’entretiens avec un échantillon de dirigeants des petites et moyennes entreprises (PME étrangères. Notre analyse empirique est réalisée à partir des données issues d’une enquête menée auprès des dirigeants des entreprises étrangères (manufacturières et logistiques installées à la ville de Tanger. L’utilisation de l’approche Partial least squares (PLS nous a permis de tester les liens de causalité entre les divers facteurs politiques, économiques, sociaux, technologiques, environnementaux et juridiques (Pestel. L’intérêt scientifique de notre modèle est de présenter aux décideurs de la ville de Tanger des recommandations afin d’améliorer le développement et l’attractivité des investissements étrangers dans les deux secteurs logistique et manufacturier.

  17. Low-Frequency Noise in Layered ReS2 Field Effect Transistors on HfO2 and Its Application for pH Sensing.

    Liao, Wugang; Wei, Wei; Tong, Yu; Chim, Wai Kin; Zhu, Chunxiang


    Layered rhenium disulfide (ReS 2 ) field effect transistors (FETs), with thickness ranging from few to dozens of layers, are demonstrated on 20 nm thick HfO 2 /Si substrates. A small threshold voltage of -0.25 V, high on/off current ratio of up to ∼10 7 , small subthreshold swing of 116 mV/dec, and electron carrier mobility of 6.02 cm 2 /V·s are obtained for the two-layer ReS 2 FETs. Low-frequency noise characteristics in ReS 2 FETs are analyzed for the first time, and it is found that the carrier number fluctuation mechanism well describes the flicker (1/f) noise of ReS 2 FETs with different thicknesses. pH sensing using a two-layer ReS 2 FET with HfO 2 as a sensing oxide is then demonstrated with a voltage sensitivity of 54.8 mV/pH and a current sensitivity of 126. The noise characteristics of the ReS 2 FET-based pH sensors are also examined, and a corresponding detection limit of 0.0132 pH is obtained. Our studies suggest the high potential of ReS 2 for future low-power nanoelectronics and biosensor applications.

  18. A problemática dos resíduos em sistemas gelificados para a limpeza de pinturas

    Teresa Moreira Braga Teves Reis


    Full Text Available A limpeza de superfícies pictóricas com sistemas gelificados tem vindo a levantar diversas questões e opiniões contraditórias que se prendem com a deposição de resíduos de alguns componentes dos géis, nomeadamente os surfactantes, nas superfícies tratadas, e com potenciais riscos que ditos sistemas gelificados podem apresentar para os materiais constituintes das pinturas. Propôs-se neste artigo fazer uma revisão generalizada da informação já publicada acerca dos resíduos de géis, numa tentativa de informar outros colegas da profissão acerca deste assunto e assim fomentar tomadas de decisões mais esclarecidas relativamente a uma das operações que mais riscos apresenta para uma pintura: a sua limpeza.

  19. Impact of war on child health in northern Syria: the experience of Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Meiqari, Lana; Hoetjes, Maartje; Baxter, Louisa; Lenglet, Annick


    Few data are available to evaluate the impact of Syrian war on civilian population; to describe this impact on child health, this article uses data from Médecins Sans Frontières-Operational Centre Amsterdam's activities in Tal-Abyad and Kobane cities, northern Syria (2013-2016). Data were obtained from routine medical datasets and narrative reports, for out-patient clinics, immunisation, nutritional monitoring and assessments, and in-patient care, and were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. Infections were the largest contributor to morbidity. The proportion of war on the health of children; • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-OCA) has worked in northern Syria during different times since 2013. What is New • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of MSF's routine medical data and situtation reports show that one fifth of all consultations in children war, e.g. thalassemia.

  20. Tombes et cimetières éthiopiens : des rois, des saints, des anonymes1

    Derat, Marie-Laure


    L’histoire des tombes et cimetières éthiopiens, dans la longue durée, en est encore à ses balbutiements. Si les tombes des saints et des rois nous sont un peu mieux connus grâce à des textes témoignant à la fois des enjeux entourant les sépultures de ces personnages hors du commun et des soins apportés à leur inhumation, en revanche, les cimetières ordinaires échappent encore largement à l’enquête, en grande partie parce que le commun des mortels est inhumé dans l’anonymat et dans un grand dé...

  1. Modelo de valoração ambiental da reciclagem de resíduos sólidos urbanos

    Lima, Guilherme Cardim Gouveia de


    gestão dos resíduos sólidos vem se tornando um tema cada vez mais relevante, uma vez que os espaços para disposição final do lixo nos centros urbanos são escassos e valorizados. A prática da reciclagem desponta como uma das melhores alternativas para a redução do volume de resíduos enviados aos lixões e aterros sanitários, ao mesmo tempo em que possibilita seu reaproveitamento, preservando os recursos naturais e gerando economia de energia. Como forma de promoção dessa prática,...

  2. Costs and risks of the import of RES statistics by the Dutch government

    Klessmann, C.; De Jager, D.; Gephart, M.; Winkel, T.


    This paper presents a first estimate of the costs and risks of a potential import of renewable energy statistics by the Dutch Government in order to meet the binding renewable energy (RE) target of 14% by 2020. Recently, the new government has announced that it will increase the ambition from 14% to 16%. Progress so-far has been slow however and meeting these targets requires near to maximum realisable deployment rates of all relevant technologies. It points at the necessity to increase national policy measures (spatial, political, financial, etc.) for all renewable energy technologies or alternatively, to apply the cooperation mechanisms and/or import RES statistics from other countries. It is generally assumed that imported RE statistics, through the cooperation mechanisms of the European RES Directive, will have lower costs than supporting the potentially more expensive domestic technologies that would be needed to meet the targets fully by domestic production. This paper shows that this assumption is questionable, and that the risks of pursuing an import-strategy may be significant. The analysis shows that the use of statistical transfers, which in principle may be a viable option for realising part of the Dutch RE target, is linked to high uncertainties. Important aspects contributing to these uncertainties are: The effectiveness and efficiency of policies in the European Member States to meet domestic RE targets by and up to 2020, and hence the related surplus/shortfall of RE production and resulting market prices for statistical transfers; The price setting mechanisms that will be established between Member States, including the anticipated cost of infringement in case of non-fulfilment of the 2020 targets. Imports will likely be charged against the market prices for (statistical) transfers, not against the cost prices of RE technologies. The price of statistical transfers can be expected to be higher in the case of a clear 'buyer market' in which

  3. La dissection spontanée des artères coronaires: à propos de 2 cas ...

    La dissection spontanée des artères coronaires (DSAC) est une cause rare du syndrome coronarien aigu (SAC); sa prévalence est de moins de 3%. Elle se définit par une séparation au sein de la paroi artérielle coronaire secondaire à une hémorragie intra murale, avec ou sans déchirure de l'intima, créant un faux chenal.

  4. Maturação de Compostos Orgânicos de Resíduos Agroindustriais

    Rafaela Alves Pereira


    Full Text Available Os resíduos agroindustriais geralmente apresentam grandes concentrações de materiais orgânicos que, se manejados de forma inadequada, podem poluir e/ou contaminar o solo, a água e o ar. A técnica de compostagem tem se mostrado um processo eficiente na busca pela minimização da problemática ambiental associada aos resíduos orgânicos e na redução do volume de resíduos descartados em lixões e aterros sanitários. O principal objetivo deste trabalho consiste na utilização de parâmetros físico-químicos para verificar a maturação de compostos orgânicos obtidos a partir de resíduos agroindustriais da região de Pombal, um município localizado no semiárido paraibano. Para obtenção dos compostos orgânicos, cascas de bananas, estercos ovinos e podas de marmeleiro e jurema-preta foram triturados e misturados para montar duas pilhas de compostagem, sendo uma depositada em solo compactado e outra sobre um pátio pavimentado com concreto. Os parâmetros utilizados na avaliação da maturação foram: temperatura, relação C/N, condutividade elétrica, pH e demanda química de oxigênio. Os resultados sugerem que os compostos orgânicos estudados estão maturados, indicando que estes simples métodos são considerados seguros para verificação de processos de compostagem conduzidos em regiões sujeitas às condições semiáridas. 

  5. Immunoreactive serum opsonic alpha 2 sb glycoprotein as a noninvasive index of RES systemic defense after trauma.

    Kaplan, J E; Saba, T M


    Reticuloendothelial system (RES) depression has been correlated with diminished resistance to trauma, shock, and sepsis in man and animals. Previous studies have related the depression of RES hepatic Kupffer cell phagocytic function after trauma to diminished bioassayable opsonic activity. The present study determined if the loss of biological activity and RES alteration correlated with immunoreactive serum opsonic alpha 2 SB glycoprotein levels after trauma. Serum opsonic activity was measured by liver slice bioassay, and immunoreactive opsonic protein was measured by rocket electroimmunoassay. RE function was determined by colloid clearance over a 24-hour post-trauma period. Anesthetized rats (250-300 gm) subjected to sublethal or severe (greater than LD50) whole-body NCD trauma were the shock models investigated. Immunoreactive levels in 63 rats prior to injury were 518 +/- 24 microgram/ml. Neither biological nor immunoreactive levels were altered over 24 hours in anesthetized sham-traumatized controls. Temporal alteration in the initial decrease and recovery pattern of biologically active and immunoreactive opsonic protein levels significantly correlated following both sublethal and severe injury. Moreover, the patterns of immunoreactive levels of the opsonic protein correlated with the functional phagocytic activity of the RES as determined by vascular clearance of a test dose of blood-borne radiolabeled particulates. This glycoprotein falls after trauma, and the magnitude and duration of the decline increases with severity of injury. Immunoreactive opsonic alpha 2 SB glycoprotein appears to be an accurate measurement of circulating opsonic activity and RE Kupffer cell function after trauma, especially with respect to clearance. Thus, immunoreactive opsonic protein warrants clinical consideration as a noninvasive measure of reticuloendothelial systemic defense in patients after trauma and burn.

  6. Innova on pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique

    19 janv. 2018 ... Les conclusions révèlent des similitudes parmi les cas de divers contextes na onaux, fournissant une riche base de preuves afin d'inspirer des ini a ves visant à améliorer l'équité en ma ère de santé. OUVRIR LE PDF | COMMANDER LE LIVRE. Innova on pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique.

  7. Villes sûres et inclusives — recherche visant la réduction de la ...

    Afrique du Sud. La cohésion sociale, le chaînon manquant dans la lutte sans trêve contre la violence et les inégalités ? Gloria Perdomo de Farías. Laboratorio de Ciencias Sociales,. LASCO, Venezuela. Renforcement des institutions en vue de villes plus sûres : résultats de travaux menés à Sucre, à Libertador et à Chacao,.

  8. EmployRES. The impact of renewable energy policy on economic growth and employment in the European Union. Final report

    Ragwitz, M.; Schade, W.; Breitschopf, B.; Walz, R.; Helfrich, N.; Rathmann, M.; Resch, G.; Panzer, C.; Faber, T.; Haas, R.; Nathani, C.; Holzhey, M.; Konstantinaviciute, I.; Zagame, P.; Fougeyrollas, A.; Le Hir, B.


    This study aims to meet the need for scientifically robust information on the gross effects (direct and indirect) as well as on the net effects (including both conventional replacement and budget effects) of renewable energy policies in Europe. Furthermore, the future development of RES in Europe will take place against the background of a global market for RES technology. This global market and the potential share of European industries in it will play a critical role in the potentials for growth and employment. This study aims to provide a sound scientific analysis of these issues. This report is divided into four main parts, A, B, C and D. While the first three covers the introduction, the theoretical approach, the modelling steps and structure of the report, the fourth part, part D, discusses in detail the models and results of the projects. It begins with chapter D 1 which describes past RES deployment and its costs. Then follows the past macroeconomic impacts presented by gross effects on employment and value added (D 2). Thereafter, the future potential (D 3) and future deployment (D 4) of renewable energy sources (RES) are discussed. Before the presentation of the future gross and net effects, the five scenarios used in the macro-economic models (D 5) are explained in detail. Finally we depict the future gross and net impacts on employment and GDP in D 6 and D 7, respectively. The comparison between the results of the two models and our conclusion for the study follows in chapter D 8 and 9

  9. M e Multidr enriche rug-res ed for sistant CD133 of TG t hepa 3 subp ...


    apy is a m apy failure, a a small sub apy. Some s m of chemoth ment could m of chemot resistant (MD el (PTX) repe termine cellu e CSCs mark ads signalin nt of subline hed CSCs fr signaling res ay activity at cells are e of TGF-β1/S for HCC. Hepatocellul. N carcinoma ( author. E-mail: CSCs, Cancer ance; PTX, pac that this ...

  10. Clinical and Molecular Phenotype of Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome

    Rice, Gillian ; Patrick, Teresa ; Parmar, Rekha ; Taylor, Claire F. ; Aeby, Alec ; Aicardi, Jean ; Artuch, Rafael ; Montalto, Simon Attard ; Bacino, Carlos A. ; Barroso, Bruno ; Baxter, Peter ; Benko, Willam S. ; Bergmann, Carsten ; Bertini, Enrico ; Biancheri, Roberta ; Blair, Edward M. ; Blau, Nenad ; Bonthron, David T. ; Briggs, Tracy ; Brueton, Louise A. ; Brunner, Han G. ; Burke, Christopher J. ; Carr, Ian M. ; Carvalho, Daniel R. ; Chandler, Kate E. ; Christen, Hans-Jürgen ; Corry, Peter C. ; Cowan, Frances M. ; Cox, Helen ; D’Arrigo, Stefano ; Dean, John ; De Laet, Corinne ; De Praeter, Claudine ; Déry, Catherine ; Ferrie, Colin D. ; Flintoff, Kim ; Frints, Suzanna G. M. ; Garcia-Cazorla, Angels ; Gener, Blanca ; Goizet, Cyril ; Goutières, Françoise ; Green, Andrew J. ; Guët, Agnès ; Hamel, Ben C. J. ; Hayward, Bruce E. ; Heiberg, Arvid ; Hennekam, Raoul C. ; Husson, Marie ; Jackson, Andrew P. ; Jayatunga, Rasieka ; Jiang, Yong-Hui ; Kant, Sarina G. ; Kao, Amy ; King, Mary D. ; Kingston, Helen M. ; Klepper, Joerg ; van der Knaap, Marjo S. ; Kornberg, Andrew J. ; Kotzot, Dieter ; Kratzer, Wilfried ; Lacombe, Didier ; Lagae, Lieven ; Landrieu, Pierre Georges ; Lanzi, Giovanni ; Leitch, Andrea ; Lim, Ming J. ; Livingston, John H. ; Lourenco, Charles M. ; Lyall, E. G. Hermione ; Lynch, Sally A. ; Lyons, Michael J. ; Marom, Daphna ; McClure, John P. ; McWilliam, Robert ; Melancon, Serge B. ; Mewasingh, Leena D. ; Moutard, Marie-Laure ; Nischal, Ken K. ; Østergaard, John R. ; Prendiville, Julie ; Rasmussen, Magnhild ; Rogers, R. Curtis ; Roland, Dominique ; Rosser, Elisabeth M. ; Rostasy, Kevin ; Roubertie, Agathe ; Sanchis, Amparo ; Schiffmann, Raphael ; Scholl-Bürgi, Sabine ; Seal, Sunita ; Shalev, Stavit A. ; Corcoles, C. Sierra ; Sinha, Gyan P. ; Soler, Doriette ; Spiegel, Ronen ; Stephenson, John B. P. ; Tacke, Uta ; Tan, Tiong Yang ; Till, Marianne ; Tolmie, John L. ; Tomlin, Pam ; Vagnarelli, Federica ; Valente, Enza Maria ; Van Coster, Rudy N. A. ; Van der Aa, Nathalie ; Vanderver, Adeline ; Vles, Johannes S. H. ; Voit, Thomas ; Wassmer, Evangeline ; Weschke, Bernhard ; Whiteford, Margo L. ; Willemsen, Michel A. A. ; Zankl, Andreas ; Zuberi, Sameer M. ; Orcesi, Simona ; Fazzi, Elisa ; Lebon, Pierre ; Crow, Yanick J. 


    Aicardi-Goutières syndrome (AGS) is a genetic encephalopathy whose clinical features mimic those of acquired in utero viral infection. AGS exhibits locus heterogeneity, with mutations identified in genes encoding the 3′→5′ exonuclease TREX1 and the three subunits of the RNASEH2 endonuclease complex. To define the molecular spectrum of AGS, we performed mutation screening in patients, from 127 pedigrees, with a clinical diagnosis of the disease. Biallelic mutations in TREX1, RNASEH2A, RNASEH2B, and RNASEH2C were observed in 31, 3, 47, and 18 families, respectively. In five families, we identified an RNASEH2A or RNASEH2B mutation on one allele only. In one child, the disease occurred because of a de novo heterozygous TREX1 mutation. In 22 families, no mutations were found. Null mutations were common in TREX1, although a specific missense mutation was observed frequently in patients from northern Europe. Almost all mutations in RNASEH2A, RNASEH2B, and RNASEH2C were missense. We identified an RNASEH2C founder mutation in 13 Pakistani families. We also collected clinical data from 123 mutation-positive patients. Two clinical presentations could be delineated: an early-onset neonatal form, highly reminiscent of congenital infection seen particularly with TREX1 mutations, and a later-onset presentation, sometimes occurring after several months of normal development and occasionally associated with remarkably preserved neurological function, most frequently due to RNASEH2B mutations. Mortality was correlated with genotype; 34.3% of patients with TREX1, RNASEH2A, and RNASEH2C mutations versus 8.0% RNASEH2B mutation–positive patients were known to have died (P=.001). Our analysis defines the phenotypic spectrum of AGS and suggests a coherent mutation-screening strategy in this heterogeneous disorder. Additionally, our data indicate that at least one further AGS-causing gene remains to be identified. PMID:17846997

  11. Les manières de salle de garde, un patrimoine menacé

    Docteur Emmanuelle Godeau


    Full Text Available La recherche sur laquelle repose cet article analyse la place des coutumes des marges de l’apprentissage universitaire dans la construction du personnage du médecin spécialiste français, dans lequel l’internat et les manières à y apprendre sont centrales. Environ cent entretiens ethnographiques avec des spécialistes d’âges et d’exercices variés ont été menés. L’internat concerne les futurs spécialistes, reçus au concours de l’internat qui donne accès, après 6 années d’étude communes à tous les médecins, à une formation propre de 4-6 années supplémentaires, pendant laquelle ils apprennent non seulement leur profession auprès de malades et de patrons, mais aussi les manières constitutives du personnage du spécialiste, en fréquentant internes et internats. Chaque midi à table, les internes acquièrent ces manières de salle de garde. À travers l’apprentissage de règles contraignantes et souvent paradoxales, de savoir-dire et de savoir-faire, autrement dit de savoir-être propres au groupe, ils vont acquérir une compétence spécifique : nouveau calendrier, nouvelle langue, nouveau code comportemental, nouvelle hiérarchie, nouveaux devoirs… dont le non-respect est sanctionné par des gages codifiés. La mise en place de rituels collectifs fondant la communauté, l’application de codes précis, la valorisation de modèles identificatoires permettent à chacun de prendre place, de s’impliquer selon une organisation concentrique, de donner sens aux expériences en cours en les intégrant dans une logique initiatique. Cet apprentissage se singularise par le fait qu’il coexiste avec celui d’un langage médical parfois complexe, d’attitudes professionnelles codifiées, d’un sens de la hiérarchie aiguisé, d’un code de déontologie rigoureux… autant de caractéristiques propres au monde hospitalo-universitaire.This paper is based on a research on the importance of customs learned in the

  12. Probing in-plane anisotropy in few-layer ReS2 using low frequency noise measurement

    Mitra, Richa; Jariwala, Bhakti; Bhattacharya, Arnab; Das, Anindya


    ReS2, a layered two-dimensional material popular for its in-plane anisotropic properties, is emerging as one of the potential candidates for flexible electronics and ultrafast optical applications. It is an n-type semiconducting material having a layer independent bandgap of 1.55 eV. In this paper we have characterized the intrinsic electronic noise level of few-layer ReS2 for the first time. Few-layer ReS2 field effect transistor devices show a 1/f nature of noise for frequency ranging over three orders of magnitude. We have also observed that not only the electrical response of the material is anisotropic; the noise level is also dependent on direction. In fact the noise is found to be more sensitive towards the anisotropy. This fact has been explained by evoking the theory where the Hooge parameter is not a constant quantity, but has a distinct power law dependence on mobility along the two-axes direction. The anisotropy in 1/f noise measurement will pave the way to quantify the anisotropic nature of two-dimensional (2D) materials, which will be helpful for the design of low-noise transistors in future.

  13. Applying Rock Engineering Systems (RES approach to Evaluate and Classify the Coal Spontaneous Combustion Potential in Eastern Alborz Coal Mines

    Amir Saffari


    Full Text Available Subject analysis of the potential of spontaneous combustion in coal layers with analytical and numerical methods has been always considered as a difficult task because of the complexity of the coal behavior and the number of factors influencing it. Empirical methods, due to accounting for certain and specific factors, have not accuracy and efficiency for all positions. The Rock Engineering Systems (RES approach as a systematic method for analyzing and classifying is proposed in engineering projects. The present study is concerned with employing the RES approach to categorize coal spontaneous combustion in coal regions. Using this approach, the interaction of parameters affecting each other in an equal scale on the coal spontaneous combustion was evaluated. The Intrinsic, geological and mining characteristics of coal seams were studied in order to identifying important parameters. Then, the main stages of implementation of the RES method i.e. interaction matrix formation, coding matrix and forming a list category were performed. Later, an index of Coal Spontaneous Combustion Potential (CSCPi was determined to format the mathematical equation. Then, the obtained data related to the intrinsic, geological and mining, and special index were calculated for each layer in the case study (Pashkalat coal region, Iran. So, the study offers a perfect and comprehensive classification of the layers. Finally, by using the event of spontaneous combustion occurred in Pashkalat coal region, an initial validation for this systematic approach in the study area was conducted, which suggested relatively good concordance in Pashkalat coal region.

  14. Photoresponse Enhancement in Monolayer ReS2 Phototransistor Decorated with CdSe-CdS-ZnS Quantum Dots.

    Qin, Jing-Kai; Ren, Dan-Dan; Shao, Wen-Zhu; Li, Yang; Miao, Peng; Sun, Zhao-Yuan; Hu, PingAn; Zhen, Liang; Xu, Cheng-Yan


    ReS 2 films are considered as a promising candidate for optoelectronic applications due to their direct band gap character and optical/electrical anisotropy. However, the direct band gap in a narrow spectrum and the low absorption of atomically thin flakes weaken the prospect for light-harvesting applications. Here, we developed an efficient approach to enhance the performance of a ReS 2 -based phototransistor by coupling CdSe-CdS-ZnS core-shell quantum dots. Under 589 nm laser irradiation, the responsivity of the ReS 2 phototransistor decorated with quantum dots could be enhanced by more than 25 times (up to ∼654 A/W) and the rising and recovery time can be also reduced to 3.2 and 2.8 s, respectively. The excellent optoelectronic performance is originated from the coupling effect of quantum dots light absorber and cross-linker ligands 1,2-ethanedithiol. Photoexcited electron-hole pairs in quantum dots can separate and transfer efficiently due to the type-II band alignment and charge exchange process at the interface. Our work shows that the simple hybrid zero- and two-dimensional hybrid system can be employed for photodetection applications.

  15. Ingestão de resíduos antropogênicos por tartarugas marinhas no litoral norte do estado da Bahia, Brasil

    Macedo,Gustavo Rodamilans; Pires,Thaís Torres; Rostán,Gonzalo; Goldberg,Daphne Wrobel; Leal,Danielle Custódio; Garcez Neto,Américo Fróes; Franke,Carlos Roberto


    Este trabalho descreve a presença de resíduos antropogênicos no trato digestório de tartarugas marinhas no Litoral Norte da Bahia, Brasil. Foram realizadas necropsias no trato digestório de 45 tartarugas marinhas encontradas mortas (Chelonia mydas n=36; Eretmochelys imbricata n=9), no período de janeiro de 2006 a outubro de 2007. Em 60% (27/45) das tartarugas necropsiadas foram encontrados resíduos, especialmente aqueles relacionados à atividade de pesca. Os resíduos encontravam-se ao longo d...

  16. Ingestão de resíduos antropogênicos por tartarugas marinhas no litoral norte do estado da Bahia, Brasil

    Macedo, Gustavo Rodamilans; Pires, Thaís Torres; Rostán, Gonzalo; Goldberg, Daphne Wrobel; Leal, Danielle Custódio; Garcez Neto, Américo Fróes; Franke, Carlos Roberto


    p.1938-1943 Este trabalho descreve a presença de resíduos antropogênicos no trato digestório de tartarugas marinhas no Litoral Norte da Bahia, Brasil. Foram realizadas necropsias no trato digestório de 45 tartarugas marinhas encontradas mortas (Chelonia mydas n=36; Eretmochelys imbricata n=9), no período de janeiro de 2006 a outubro de 2007. Em 60% (27/45) das tartarugas necropsiadas foram encontrados resíduos, especialmente aqueles relacionados à atividade de pesca. Os resíduos enc...

  17. Análise normativa para descarte de resíduos de medicamentos - Estudo de caso da Região Sudeste do Brasil

    Falqueto, Elda; Kligerman, Débora Cynamon


    O objetivo deste artigo é analisar aspectos normativos para o gerenciamento de resíduos de medicamentos numa região do Brasil e descrever os elementos fundamentais para a sua prática, valendo-se de exemplos bem-sucedidos e das principais políticas nacionais que norteiam o tema. Este trabalho analisa a legislação federal e da Região Sudeste em relação ao descarte de resíduos de medicamentos visando verificar em que medida as proposições legais contribuem para um gerenciamento eficaz de resíduo...

  18. Avaliação da viabilidade de reintegração de resíduos de PET pós-consumo ao meio produtivo

    Tassio Francisco Lofti Matos


    Entre os materiais presentes nos resíduos sólidos domiciliares, os resíduos poliméricos pósconsumo representam cerca de 27% do volume total da coleta convencional, segundo Matos (2006), com o agravante da degradação lenta, comprometendo a vida útil dos aterros sanitários e poluindo o meio urbano. Dos resíduos poliméricos, destaca-se o Poli (tereftalato de etileno) PET. O PET é utilizado em embalagens alimentícias e, preferencialmente, no envasamento de bebidas carbonatadas e água mineral com...

  19. Plants in water-controlled ecosystems: active role in hydrologic processes and response to water stress. I. Scope and general outline

    Rodriguez-Iturbe, I.; Porporato, A.; Laio, F.; Ridolfi, L.

    This series of four papers studies the complex dynamics of water-controlled ecosystems from the hydro-ecological point of view [e.g., I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, Water Resour. Res. 36 (1) (2000) 3-9]. After this general outline, the role of climate, soil, and vegetation is modeled in Part II [F. Laio, A. Porporato, L. Ridolfi, I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, Adv. Water Res. 24 (7) (2001) 707-723] to investigate the probabilistic structure of soil moisture dynamics and the water balance. Particular attention is given to the impact of timing and amount of rainfall, plant physiology, and soil properties. From the statistical characterization of the crossing properties of arbitrary levels of soil moisture, Part III develops an expression for vegetation water stress [A. Porporato, F. Laio, L. Ridolfi, I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, Adv. Water Res. 24 (7) (2001) 725-744]. This measure of stress is then employed to quantify the response of plants to soil moisture deficit as well as to infer plant suitability to given environmental conditions and understand some of the reasons for possible coexistence of different species. Detailed applications of these concepts are developed in Part IV [F. Laio, A. Porporato, C.P. Fernandez-Illescas, I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, Adv. Water Res. 24 (7) (2001) 745-762], where we investigate the dynamics of three different water-controlled ecosystems.

  20. Aproveitamento do resíduo da produção de etanol a partir de farelo de mandioca, como fonte de fibras dietéticas Utilization of the residue of the ethanol production from cassava fibrous waste, as source for fibre



    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo analisar resíduos do farelo de mandioca resultantes de processos de hidrólise enzimática para obtenção de etanol; visando o aproveitamento destes como fonte de fibras dietéticas. Foram realizados quatro ensaios enzimáticos utilizando as enzimas amilolíticas, a-amilase e amiloglucosidase, complementadas ou não com celulase e/ou pectinase. Os resíduos foram caracterizados quanto à composição centesimal, pH, acidez, perfil de açúcares e quanto às fibras (FDA, FDN, celulose, hemicelulose, lignina, açúcares neutros. Realizou-se também a análise microscópica dos resíduos. Pelos resultados obtidos na caracterização dos resíduos calculou-se a energia metabolizável aparente (EM. Observou-se que independente do ensaio enzimático todos os resíduos podem ser usados como fonte de fibras insolúveis. Os resíduos resultantes dos ensaios com pectinase apresentaram uma proporção aproximada de 1:1:1 de amido, fibras e açúcares, sendo a glicose o açúcar majoritário, e com energia metabolizável aparente de cerca de 2,6 kcal/g. Já os resíduos, onde não se utilizou a pectinase a proporção foi de 2:1:1 aproximadamente e a energia 3,1 kcal/g. A análise microscópica dos resíduos mostrou a presença de amido não hidrolisado preso às células em todos os ensaios enzimáticos sendo que, nos resíduos dos ensaios com pectinase a quantidade observada foi bem inferior aos demais. Uma possível alternativa para diminuir o valor calórico dos resíduos seria a lavagem com água após a prensagem para extração do hidrolisado para fermentação.The research had as propose to evaluate the residues of the enzymatic hydrolysis process of the ethanol production from cassava fibrous waste by dietetic fibers. Four hydrolysis process were carried out using the amylases, a-amylase and amyloglucosidase, with or without pectinase and/or cellulase. Proximate percent composition, pH, acidity, sugars and

  1. Escoamento superficial e desagregação do solo em entressulcos em solo franco-argilo-arenoso com resíduos vegetais Interrill surface runoff and soil detachment on a sandy clay loam soil with residue cover

    Elemar Antonino Cassol


    Full Text Available A presença de resíduos vegetais sobre a superfície do solo altera as características do escoamento superficial gerado pela chuva e a desagregação e transporte de sedimento resultantes do processo erosivo. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar as condições hidráulicas e as relações de desagregação do solo e de resistência ao escoamento com a presença de resíduos vegetais na erosão em entressulcos. O experimento foi realizado no laboratório, com um Argissolo Vermelho distrófico típico, em parcelas com 0,10 m m-1 de declive sob chuva simulada. O solo foi coberto por resíduos vegetais de palha de soja, nas doses de 0, 0,05, 0,1, 0,2, 0,4 e 0,8 kg m-2. O aumento na cobertura do solo (CS com resíduos vegetais elevou a altura da lâmina de escoamento e a rugosidade hidráulica e reduziu a velocidade média do escoamento, provocada pelo aumento das forças viscosas promovida pela interposição física dos resíduos ao escoamento. O resultado é a redução na taxa de desagregação do solo (Di. A Di foi de 5,35x10-4 kg m-2 s-1 para solo descoberto e 1,50x10-5 kg m-2 s-1 em solo com 100% de cobertura na maior dose de palha. Os modelos de Laflen e potencial foram adequados para estimar o coeficiente de cobertura para resíduo em contato direto com a superfície do solo em função da cobertura do solo.Soil surface cover with crop residue modifies surface flow characteristics, generated by excess rainfall, and soil detachment and sediment transport resulting from the erosion process. The objective of this study was to evaluate the hydraulic conditions, detachment and flow resistance on interrill erosion on soil covered with residue. The experiment was conducted in the laboratory, on a Hapludult soil at a slope of 0.10 m m-1, under simulated rainfall and soil surface covered with soybean residue at the rates of 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.8 kg m-2. The increase in soil surface cover (SC with residue, caused an increase in water flow

  2. A water soluble heteropolyoxotungstate as a selective, efficient and ...


    In the catalytic system described here product isolation is easy, and the aqueous catalyst solution can be re-used several times with little loss in ... tle loss in the total amount of the heavy metal, which makes the overall process green ..... Chem. Res. 27 387. 12. Waters T, O'Hair R A J and Wedd A G 2003 J. Am. Chem. Soc.

  3. The evaporation of the charged and uncharged water drops ...

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    The evaporation of the charged and uncharged water drops suspended in a wind tunnel. Rohini V Bhalwankar, A B Sathe and A K Kamra∗. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India. ∗e-mail: A laboratory experiment has been performed to study the effect of ventilation on the rate of evap-.

  4. ResDE Two-Component Regulatory System Mediates Oxygen Limitation-Induced Biofilm Formation by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SQR9.

    Zhou, Xuan; Zhang, Nan; Xia, Liming; Li, Qing; Shao, Jiahui; Shen, Qirong; Zhang, Ruifu


    Efficient biofilm formation and root colonization capabilities facilitate the ability of beneficial plant rhizobacteria to promote plant growth and antagonize soilborne pathogens. Biofilm formation by plant-beneficial Bacillus strains is triggered by environmental cues, including oxygen deficiency, but the pathways that sense these environmental signals and regulate biofilm formation have not been thoroughly elucidated. In this study, we showed that the ResDE two-component regulatory system in the plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain SQR9 senses the oxygen deficiency signal and regulates biofilm formation. ResE is activated by sensing the oxygen limitation-induced reduction of the NAD + /NADH pool through its PAS domain, stimulating its kinase activity, and resulting in the transfer of a phosphoryl group to ResD. The phosphorylated ResD directly binds to the promoter regions of the qoxABCD and ctaCDEF operons to improve the biosynthesis of terminal oxidases, which can interact with KinB to activate biofilm formation. These results not only revealed the novel regulatory function of the ResDE two-component system but also contributed to the understanding of the complicated regulatory network governing Bacillus biofilm formation. This research may help to enhance the root colonization and the plant-beneficial efficiency of SQR9 and other Bacillus rhizobacteria used in agriculture. IMPORTANCE Bacillus spp. are widely used as bioinoculants for plant growth promotion and disease suppression. The exertion of their plant-beneficial functions is largely dependent on their root colonization, which is closely related to their biofilm formation capabilities. On the other hand, Bacillus is the model bacterium for biofilm study, and the process and molecular network of biofilm formation are well characterized (B. Mielich-Süss and D. Lopez, Environ Microbiol 17:555-565, 2015,; L. S. Cairns, L. Hobley, and

  5. Ken-Marti Vaher : Paremjõudude ühinemine on Res Publica esmane ülesanne / Ken-Marti Vaher ; interv. Tanel Mazur

    Vaher, Ken-Marti, 1974-


    Ilmunud ka: Narvskaja Gazeta, 6. nov. 2004, lk. 2. Ida-Virumaad külastanud justiitsminister Ken-Marti Vaher Rakveres ja Narvas arutatust, praeguse võimupartei Res Publica seisukohtadest, tulevikuplaanidest

  6. A reciclagem de resíduos plásticos pós-consumo em oito empresas do Rio Grande do Sul

    Aline Marques Rolim


    O tema do presente estudo é a reciclagem de resíduos plásticos pós-consumo. Resíduos pósconsumo são resíduos provenientes do descarte de produtos pelos consumidores A sua reciclagem permite a recuperação do seu valor econômico, através do seu reaproveitamento como matéria-prima, e a redução do volume de resíduos a serem dispostos em aterros, contribuindo para o desenvolvimento sustentável. Além disso, esta atividade tende a crescer, uma vez que o consumo do plástico vem aumentando no Brasil, ...

  7. Gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos industriais em uma empresa de usinagem sobre o enfoque da produção mais limpa

    Juliana Simião


    As atividades industriais geram resíduos sólidos, de diferentes características e quantidades, que precisam ser gerenciados adequadamente para não causar poluição ambiental e danos à saúde do homem. A Lei n.o 12.305/2010, que institui a Política Nacional dos Resíduos Sólidos, estabelece a seguinte ordem de prioridade no gerenciamento dos resíduos: não geração, redução, reutilização, reciclagem, tratamento dos resíduos e disposição final ambientalmente adequada dos rejeitos. A adoção destas es...

  8. El aprendizaje basado en problemas: De herejía artificial a res popularis

    L.A. Branda

    Full Text Available La extensa implementación del aprendizaje basado en problemas (ABP en el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje ha resultado en su transformación de herejía artificial a res popularis con la consecuente proliferación de publicaciones, libros y congresos sobre el tema. A menudo, esta avalancha de información, ha creado una confusión en la comprensión de qué es el ABP como estrategia de aprendizaje. Este artículo presenta al lector una definición de lo que se consideró que era el ABP y su extensión, además de incluir la resolución de problemas. Se indica la importancia de los objetivos de aprendizaje (resultados del aprendizaje y se presentan algunos pasos que se deben seguir en la preparación de situaciones/escenarios/problemas/casos. De forma general, se describen la evaluación de los estudiantes fundamentalmente formativa, basada en las observaciones hechas en las sesiones de tutoría, y la evaluación de carácter sumativo. La descripción de las etapas más comunes en el ABP tiene el propósito de indicar lo que los estudiantes pueden hacer y no que deben hacer. Si se consideran las limitaciones de recursos que tienen la mayoría de las instituciones que desean implementar el ABP, se describe la aplicación de esta estrategia en grupos grandes. Se discute el rol del tutor facilitador y se indican las características de sus intervenciones en un continuo que va desde jerárquica a facilitadora de la autonomía del estudiante en su aprendizaje. Este artículo finaliza con una reflexión sobre el aprendizaje autodirigido y su relación con el aprendizaje autorregulado.

  9. The impact of rhetoric and education on the "Res Gestae" of Ammianus Marcellinus

    Alvarez, Pablo

    The aim of this thesis is to explore and underline the impact of education and rhetoric on the Res Gestae of Ammianus Marcellinus. I will examine the concept of education in two different aspects. First, I will determine the role of education in regards to Ammianus' early life by describing the cultural climate in the East in the fourth century (Introduction and chapter 1). In this analysis, I will argue that the historian's familiarity with Latin suggests an early acquaintance with the language, indicating that he should not be invariably associated with earlier Greek historians. Second, I will look at how the content of the curriculum is reflected in the RG, explaining how literary sources shaped the composition of the historian's digressions on geography (Chapter 3) and astronomy (Chapter 4). In the past, scholars have examined Ammianus' cultural digressions as an example of the tension between things seen and things read. In my argumentation, I will concentrate on explaining the reasons why Ammianus often tended to rely on literary works rather than observation. I will show that the explanation greatly lies in the content of the curriculum. Concerning the role of rhetoric, I will examine how rhetorical training is articulated in the RG. In Chapter 2, I will show that Ammianus' selection of historical material can be explained in light of the ancient theory of styles. In this context, I will study the role of a rhetorical device designed to raise the emotions of readers by bringing the scene before their eyes: enargeia. In Chapters 3 and 4, I will demonstrate that the cultural digressions in the RG are mostly the product of cultural stereotypes and literary influences. In Chapter 5, I will show the impact of rhetorical treatises on some passages of the RG, arguing that the traditional classification of oratory into deliberative, epideictic and judicial is echoed in both the speeches and the historical narrative. To conclude: the main purpose of my dissertation

  10. Teneurs azotée et minérale des espèces fourragères dominantes et ...


    31 mars 2016 ... sous abri, bien aérés, sans contact direct avec le soleil. Ils doivent être compacts et durs. RESULTATS. Teneur en Matières Azotées : Les résultats des analyses de la teneur en matières azotées des espèces. Bulbostylis laniceps,. Hyparrhenia wombaliensisi, Trachypogon spicatus et Ctenium newtonii.

  11. Alpha low activity determination from limitter isotopes of uranium, thorium ands radium in natural waters

    Gascon, J.L.; Crespo, M.T.; Acena, M.L.


    A method to concentrate uranium, thorium and radium in natural waters has been developed. The method, based on the adsorbing propert-ies of manganes dioxide, has been applied to determine the alpha emitter isotopes of these elements in drinking water of Madrid. In this work we present the description of the method, the analytical procedu-res and the obtained results. (Author)

  12. Stover removal effects on seasonal soil water availability under full and deficit irrigation

    Removing corn (Zea mays L.) stover for livestock feed or bioenergy feedstock may impact water availability in the soil profile to support crop growth. The role of stover in affecting soil profile water availability will depend on annual rainfall inputs as well as irrigation level. To assess how res...

  13. Germinação carpogênica de Sclerotinia sclerotiorum sob diferentes resíduos e extratos de plantas cultivadas

    Francimar Perez Matheus da Silva


    Full Text Available Os efeitos de resíduos de plantas cultivadas e seus extratos sobre Sclerotinia sclerotiorum são poucos conhecidos. Três experimentos foram conduzidos, com resíduos de plantas cultivadas e seus extratos etanólicos e suas partições. Resíduos e extratos de culturas de aveia, ervilhaca, feijão, milheto, milho e trigo foram avaliados em condições controladas. Escleródios cobertos com resíduos de aveia, ervilhaca, feijão e milheto não germinaram carpogenicamente. Extratos etanólicos de resíduos de aveia e ervilhaca mostraram-se eficientes na inibição da germinação carpogênica, enquanto que do milheto e do trigo não diferiram da testemunha. Todas as partições de extratos etanólicos avaliadas reduziram a germinação carpogênica. Resíduos vegetais afetaram negativamente o número de apotécios emitidos por escleródio.

  14. Application of the RES methodology for identifying features, events and processes (FEPs) for near-field analysis of copper-steel canister

    Vieno, T.; Hautojaervi, A.; Raiko, H.; Ahonen, L.; Salo, J.P.


    Rock Engineering Systems (RES) is an approach to discover the important characteristics and interactions of a complex problem. Recently RES has been applied to identify features, events and processes (FEPs) for performance analysis of nuclear waste repositories. The RES methodology was applied to identify FEPs for the near-field analysis of the copper-steel canister for spent fuel disposal. The aims of the exercise were to learn and test the RES methodology and, secondly, to find out how much the results differ when RES is applied by two different groups on the same problem. A similar exercise was previously carried out by a SKB group. A total of 90 potentially significant FEPs were identified. The exercise showed that the RES methodology is a practicable tool to get a comprehensive and transparent picture of a complex problem. The approach is easy to learn and use. It reveals the important characteristics and interactions and organizes them in a format easy to understand. (9 refs., 5 figs., 3 tabs.)

  15. Impacto do manejo dos resíduos da colheita, do preparo do solo e da adubação na produtividade de eucalipto

    Frederico Alfenas Silva Valente Paes


    Full Text Available Tem sido cada vez maior a preocupação das empresas do setor florestal em adotar práticas pautadas na conservação do solo e da água. Nesse sentido, este trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar o impacto do manejo dos resíduos da colheita, do preparo do solo e do uso de resíduos industriais, na fertilidade do solo e produtividade de eucalipto. O experimento foi iniciado após o corte raso de um plantio comercial de EUCALYPTUS GRANDIS, onde os resíduos da colheita foram manejados (retirada de todo o resíduo; remoção da casca e dos galhos com diâmetro superior a 3,0 cm; e manutenção de todos os resíduos na superfície do solo. Em seguida, realizaram-se o preparo do solo (com subsolador de uma e três hastes, a aplicação dos resíduos industriais (resíduo de celulose e cinzas na superfície do solo e o plantio de mudas de EUCALYPTUS GRANDIS X E. UROPHYLLA Foi utilizado o delineamento em blocos ao acaso, contendo oito tratamentos e quatro repetições. Os tratamentos consistiram da combinação dos diferentes tipos de manejo dos resíduos da colheita, preparo do solo e aplicação dos resíduos industriais. Cada parcela experimental foi composta por cinco linhas com 19 plantas cada. Aos 83 meses após o plantio, foram medidos o DAP (diâmetro à altura do peito e a altura das árvores, para cálculo do volume de madeira. A fertilização e a manutenção dos resíduos da colheita florestal elevaram os teores de Ca2+ e Mg2+ trocáveis no solo. A manutenção total dos resíduos vegetais na área após a colheita resultou em aumento de 71,7 m³ ha-1 de madeira, quando comparado à remoção de todos os resíduos. Não houve diferença entre os modos de preparo do solo com subsolador de uma e três hastes, quanto ao volume de madeira. Os maiores volumes de madeira foram obtidos dos tratamentos que receberam as maiores quantidades de resíduo de celulose e cinzas, ao mesmo tempo em que foi mantida parte do resíduo vegetal após a colheita

  16. Caracterização da matriz orgânica de resíduos de origens diversificadas Characterization of the organic matrix of residues from different origins

    Leônidas Carrijo Azevedo Melo


    Full Text Available Vários fatores controlam a velocidade de decomposição e a liberação de nutrientes por resíduos orgânicos. Dentre esses fatores, destacam-se o grau de humificação e a natureza química dos resíduos. Com este trabalho, objetivou-se caracterizar a matriz orgânica de amostras de lodo de esgoto, estercos de galinha, suíno, codorna e bovino, além de composto, substrato orgânico e material húmico comerciais. Analisaram-se o pH, condutividade elétrica (CE, capacidade de troca de cátions (CTC, capacidade de retenção de água (CRA, teores de N total e N-mineral, matéria orgânica, carbono orgânico total (COT e as frações de COT: C-fração ácido húmico (C-FAH, C-fração ácido fúlvico (C-FAF, C solúvel em água (CSA, C lábil e teor e diversidade de ácidos orgânicos de baixa massa molar (AOBMM. Quanto maior o teor de C-fração ácido húmico, mais elevada é a capacidade de adsorver cátions dos resíduos orgânicos. Considerando-se o índice de humificação (IH, a razão de humificação (RH e a CTC, e seus respectivos valores críticos (19 %, 28 % e 67 cmol c kg-1 para separar materiais decompostos daqueles suscetíveis à decomposição, os estercos de suíno, bovino, galinha e codorna, a amostra de composto e o lodo de esgoto 1 podem ser classificados como resíduos ainda não completamente humificados. O C lábil não foi adequado para predizer a biodisponibilidade dos resíduos avaliados. Os estercos de galinha e de codorna foram os materiais mais ricos em ácidos orgânicos de baixa massa molar.The humification degree and the chemical nature of organic residues are essential factors controlling their degradation and nutrient release. To characterize the organic matrix, samples of sewage sludge, poultry, pig, cattle and quail manure, besides commercial compost, organic substrate and humic material were analyzed for: pH, electric conductivity, cation exchange capacity (CEC, water retention capacity, concentration of

  17. Acompanhamento da hidratação de cimento Portland simples com resíduo de bauxita

    R. C. O. Romano

    Full Text Available Resumo A substituição parcial de cimento Portland por resíduo de bauxita (RB resulta em produtos com, no mínimo, propriedades similares às dos produtos fabricados com o ligante puro. No entanto, as interações físico-químicas entre os diferentes tipos de cimento e o RB durante a reação de hidratação ainda é pouco explorada em literatura. A elevada quantidade de sódio e a presença de Al2O3, SiO2 e Fe2O3 são fatores que afetam a formação dos produtos hidratados e dependem do tipo de cimento utilizado na mistura. Sendo assim, este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar o impacto da presença do resíduo de bauxita em associação ao cimento Portland simples nas primeiras idades de hidratação. Calorimetria de condução isotérmica, difração de raios X, análise termogravimétrica e espectroscopia de infravermelho foram as técnicas escolhidas para o monitoramento. Os resultados ilustraram que a presença do resíduo coletado na planta da Alcoa (Poços de Caldas aumenta o tempo de indução, o consumo de portlandita, e as quantidades de etringita e monossulfoaluminato formadas. Ao mesmo tempo, houve formação de silicoaluminato de sódio e bicarbonato de sódio, devido às reações com silicatos, aluminatos e com o carbonato do cimento.


    Manuel Vicente Ganchoso Espinoza


    Full Text Available La investigación se realizó con el objetivo de obtener una salchicha mixta, utilizando como principales ingredientes carne de chame y carne de res, que cumpla con los requisitos establecidos por el Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización (INEN 1338:96. Se formularon tres combinaciones (p/p:kg/kg de carnes chame:res, obteniendo los tratamientos A1 (10:60, A2 (20:50, A3(30:40 y un tratamiento testigo (A4 compuesto de carne de res (0:70, la unidad experimental fue de un kilogramo. Se evaluaron parámetros bromatológicos (proteína, grasa, humedad, cenizas y pH, microbiológicos (Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacteriaceae, Escherichia coli y Recuento estándar en Placas (REP para aerobios mesófilos y propiedades térmicas de la salchicha (calor específico, difusividad térmica y conductividad térmica aplicando el modelo matemático de Choi y Okos. En las características bromatológicas se encontró diferencias significativas (p<0.01 en todas las formulaciones; en los microbiológicos alcanzaron lo establecido por la norma INEN 133. El calor específico se incrementa en función de la temperatura. Se concluye que la salchicha con menor porcentaje de carne de chame (A1 presenta parámetros bromatológicos apropiados. Las propiedades térmicas variaron a diferentes temperaturas, demostrando que a mayor temperatura aumenta su calor específico, difusividad y conductividad térmica.

  19. Can Energy Cost During Low-Intensity Resistance Exercise be Predicted by the OMNI-RES Scale?

    Vianna, Jefferson M.; Reis, Victor M.; Saavedra, Francisco; Damasceno, Vinicius; Silva, Sérgio G.; Goss, Fredric


    The aim of the present study was to assess the precision of the OMNI-RES scale to predict energy cost (EC) at low intensity in four resistance exercises (RE). 17 male recreational body builders (age = 26.6 ± 4.9 years; height = 177.7 ± 0.1 cm; body weight = 79.0 ± 11.1 kg and percent body fat = 10.5 ± 4.6%) served as subjects. Initially tests to determine 1RM for four resistance exercises (bench press, half squat, lat pull down and triceps extension) were administered. Subjects also performed resistance exercise at 12, 16, 20, and 24% of 1RM at a rate of 40 bpm until volitional exhaustion. Oxygen uptake (VO2) and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) using the OMNI-RES were obtained during and after all RE. EC was calculated using VO2 and the caloric values of VO2 for non-protein RER. Regression analyses were performed for every RE, using EC as the dependent and RPE as the predictor variable. The triceps extension, lat pull down and bench press, RPE correlated strongly with EC (R > 0.97) and predicted EC with a error of less than 0.2 kcal.min−1. In conclusion, RPE using the OMNI-RES scale can be considered as an accurate indicator of EC in the bench press, lat pull down and triceps extension performed by recreational bodybuilders, provided lower intensities are used (up to 24% of 1-RM) and provided each set of exercise is performed for the maximal sustainable duration. It would be interesting in future studies to consider having the subjects exercise at low intensities for longer durations than those in the present study. PMID:23486188


    Kirvis Torres


    Full Text Available Listeria monocytogenes es un microorganismo zoonótico emergente en la industria de alimentos, resultando degran interés para la salud pública. El objetivo de este trabajo fue validar la técnica de PCR para la detecciónde este microorganismo en carnes crudas de res y pollo. El procedimiento de extracción de ADN fue realizadocon lisozima, proteinasa K y fenol-cloroformo a partir de muestras contaminadas artificialmente. La especificidadde los cebadores LI1 y U1 fue comprobada por la amplificación de una banda de 938pb correspondiente a unfragmento del ADNr 16S; de igual manera los cebadores LF y LR amplificaron una banda del gen hlyA de750pb; lo que permitió la identificación de género (banda 938pb y especie (banda de 750pb respectivamente.Las cepas de los otros géneros bacterianos ensayados no amplificaron ninguna de las bandas específicas. Ellímite de detección para la PCR fue de 102 y 104 UFC/gr para carnes de res y pollo respectivamente; el «GoldStandard» reportó 102 UFC/ml para ambos alimentos. La comparación de la PCR vs., el método «Gold Standard»reportó en carne de pollo una concordancia observada de 98.43%, una sensibilidad del 96.9%, una especificidadde 100%, un valor predictivo positivo del 100% y un valor predictivo negativo del 97%; para la carne de restodos los parámetros anteriores fueron del 100%. Estos resultados demostraron la factibilidad de la PCR parael control de calidad de carnes crudas de res y pollo.

  1. The BonaRes Centre - A virtual institute for soil research in the context of a sustainable bio-economy

    Wollschläger, Ute; Helming, Katharina; Heinrich, Uwe; Bartke, Stephan; Kögel-Knabner, Ingrid; Russell, David; Eberhardt, Einar; Vogel, Hans-Jörg


    Fertile soils are central resources for the production of biomass and provision of food and energy. A growing world population and latest climate targets lead to an increasing demand for both, food and bio-energy, which require preserving and improving the long-term productivity of soils as a bio-economic resource. At the same time, other soil functions and ecosystem services need to be maintained. To render soil management sustainable, we need to establish a scientific knowledge base about complex soil system processes that allows for the development of model tools to quantitatively predict the impact of a multitude of management measures on soil functions. This, finally, will allow for the provision of site-specific options for sustainable soil management. To face this challenge, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research recently launched the funding program "Soil as a Natural Resource for the Bio-Economy - BonaRes". In a joint effort, ten collaborative projects and the coordinating BonaRes Centre are engaged to close existing knowledge gaps for a profound and systemic understanding of soil functions and their sensitivity to soil management. This presentation provides an overview of the concept of the BonaRes Centre which is responsible for i) setting up a comprehensive data base for soil-related information, ii) the development of model tools aiming to estimate the impact of different management measures on soil functions, and iii) establishing a web-based portal providing decision support tools for a sustainable soil management. A specific focus of the presentation will be laid on the so-called "knowledge-portal" providing the infrastructure for a community effort towards a comprehensive meta-analysis on soil functions as a basis for future model developments.

  2. Resíduos culturais e resultado de análise de solo coletado com diferentes amostradores no sistema de plantio direto

    Escosteguy Pedro Alexandre Varella


    Full Text Available Uma das características do sistema de plantio direto é o acúmulo de resíduos culturais na superfície do solo. Embora as recomendações técnicas preconizem a remoção desses resíduos antes da amostragem de solo, isso não ocorre quando a amostragem é efetuada utilizando o quadriciclo. Os resíduos culturais também podem ser misturados com a amostra de solo quando esse é amostrado com o trado manual e esses resíduos não são removidos da superfície do solo. Neste trabalho, estudou-se a influência dos resíduos culturais da superfície do solo nos resultados da análise de solo sob plantio direto. Amostraram-se solos com e sem a remoção de resíduos culturais da superfície. Esses procedimentos foram testados em solos contendo baixo e alto teor de argila, amostrados com o trado calador e o quadriciclo, após o cultivo de soja e milho. A influência dos resíduos culturais no resultado da análise de solo foi, em geral, pouco expressiva, variando com o tipo de amostrador, de resíduo e teor de argila do solo. Nas amostras coletadas com o quadriciclo, foi possível detectar diferenças no teor de matéria orgânica (MO em função dos procedimentos de amostragem testados, entretanto, isso não ocorreu nas amostras coletadas com o calador. Na presença dos resíduos culturais, o teor de MO aumentou em 4g kg-1 (solo com baixo teor de argila e cultivado com soja e em 5g kg-1 (solo com alto teor de argila e cultivado com milho. Com exceção dos teores de MO, a presença dos resíduos culturais não interferiu na interpretação dos outros atributos analisados.

  3. Efeito dos resíduos de café seco e fermentado por Monascus ruber no metabolismo de camundongos Apo E

    Larissa Froede Brito


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTO: A aterosclerose é uma doença inflamatória crônica de origem multifatorial que ocorre em resposta à agressão endotelial. O fungo Monascus ruber apresenta atividade hipocolesterolêmica e polifenóis presentes no resíduo de café apresentam atividade antioxidante, podendo auxiliar na prevenção de doenças cardiovasculares. O resíduo de café possui quantidade significativa de açúcares fermentescíveis, constituindo-se em substrato apropriado para o cultivo de fungos. OBJETIVO: O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o efeito dos resíduos de café seco e fermentado por Monascus ruber no metabolismo lipídico de camundongos knockout Apo E. MÉTODOS: O ensaio biológico foi realizado com 30 camundongos knockout para o gene Apo E, divididos em cinco grupos e submetidos a diferentes tratamentos. Foi realizada a prospecção fitoquímica e quantificação de compostos fenólicos dos resíduos fermentado e sem fermentar. O soro dos animais foi analisado utilizando kits enzimáticos e o tecido aórtico incluso em parafina e corado com H/E para realização da análise histopatológica. RESULTADOS: O resíduo de café sem fermentar 2%, em relação ao grupo controle, diminuiu em 42% o nível sérico de triacilgliceróis e em aproximadamente 41% a fração VLDL-c. Os grupos dos animais alimentados com 10% de resíduo não fermentado e 2% de resíduo fermentado diminuíram a área de lesão 10,5% e 15,4%, respectivamente, quando comparados ao controle. O resíduo fermentado apresentou um teor de compostos fenólicos superior ao resíduo não fermentado. CONCLUSÃO: O presente estudo mostra que a fermentação do resíduo de café apresenta potencial efeito benéfico sobre as doenças cardiovasculares, especialmente a aterosclerose.

  4. Santé des mères et des adolescentes en Afrique de l'Ouest : vers ...

    Un nombre élevé de femmes et d'adolescentes continuent de mourir en couches au Niger et au Bénin. Le défi réside dans la façon de régler ce problème. Ce projet vise à améliorer la piètre qualité des services de santé destinés aux mères et aux adolescentes afin de trouver une solution durable à la mortalité évitable.

  5. Mutations involved in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome implicate SAMHD1 as regulator of the innate immune response.

    Rice, Gillian I; Bond, Jacquelyn; Asipu, Aruna; Brunette, Rebecca L; Manfield, Iain W; Carr, Ian M; Fuller, Jonathan C; Jackson, Richard M; Lamb, Teresa; Briggs, Tracy A; Ali, Manir; Gornall, Hannah; Couthard, Lydia R; Aeby, Alec; Attard-Montalto, Simon P; Bertini, Enrico; Bodemer, Christine; Brockmann, Knut; Brueton, Louise A; Corry, Peter C; Desguerre, Isabelle; Fazzi, Elisa; Cazorla, Angels Garcia; Gener, Blanca; Hamel, Ben C J; Heiberg, Arvid; Hunter, Matthew; van der Knaap, Marjo S; Kumar, Ram; Lagae, Lieven; Landrieu, Pierre G; Lourenco, Charles M; Marom, Daphna; McDermott, Michael F; van der Merwe, William; Orcesi, Simona; Prendiville, Julie S; Rasmussen, Magnhild; Shalev, Stavit A; Soler, Doriette M; Shinawi, Marwan; Spiegel, Ronen; Tan, Tiong Y; Vanderver, Adeline; Wakeling, Emma L; Wassmer, Evangeline; Whittaker, Elizabeth; Lebon, Pierre; Stetson, Daniel B; Bonthron, David T; Crow, Yanick J


    Aicardi-Goutières syndrome is a mendelian mimic of congenital infection and also shows overlap with systemic lupus erythematosus at both a clinical and biochemical level. The recent identification of mutations in TREX1 and genes encoding the RNASEH2 complex and studies of the function of TREX1 in DNA metabolism have defined a previously unknown mechanism for the initiation of autoimmunity by interferon-stimulatory nucleic acid. Here we describe mutations in SAMHD1 as the cause of AGS at the AGS5 locus and present data to show that SAMHD1 may act as a negative regulator of the cell-intrinsic antiviral response.

  6. Retention of Rotavirus Infectivity in Mussels Heated by Using the French Recipe Moules Marinières.

    Souza, Doris Sobral Marques; Miura, Takayuki; Le Mennec, Cécile; Barardi, Célia Regina Monte; Le Guyader, Françoise S


    To evaluate the persistence of infectious virus after heating, mussels contaminated with a rotavirus strain were prepared following the French recipe moules marinières (mariner's mussels). Rotavirus was then quantified by real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) and a cell culture infectivity assay. Results showed the persistence of infectious virus after 3 min of cooking. After 5 min, when no infectious virus could be detected, the RT-qPCR approach showed a 1-log decrease compared with concentrations detected after 1 min of cooking.

  7. Some successful financing mechanisms for energy efficiency projects (EE) and projects using renewable energy sources (RES) - the experience of Bulgaria

    Uzunova, Boriana


    The paper analysis some of the most promising financial mechanisms for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) projects in Bulgaria - the TPF mechanism, the KIDS Fund, delivered by the EBRD fund the EE fund of the WB, established on the floor of the EE act, as well as a number of some of the pre accession and European energy programs used for financing this area. All data its rich intensive international and in -home work in the are of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. (Author)

  8. Compósitos à base de gesso com resíduos de EVA e vermiculita Gypsum-based composites with EVA waste and vermiculite

    Marilia P. de Oliveira


    Full Text Available O gesso é um dos materiais de construção mais antigos de que se tem conhecimento. Algumas de suas propriedades lhes conferem vantagens, tais como resistência ao fogo e isolamentos térmico e acústico. Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, avaliar as propriedades físico-mecânicas de compósitos à base de gesso com a incorporação de resíduos da indústria de calçados, o etileno acetato de vinila (EVA e a vermiculita. O desenvolvimento desses compósitos tem como propósito a produção de elementos de revestimento para proteção térmica de alvenarias. Para determinar a influência dos teores de resíduo de EVA e vermiculita e da relação água/gesso nas propriedades massa específica aparente e nas resistências a flexão e a compressão, foram incorporados cinco diferentes percentuais desses materiais, combinados com três relações água/gesso. Os resultados foram analisados por meio da estatística multivariável e indicaram que a massa específica aparente de ambos os compósitos e a resistência à flexão do compósito com vermiculita, mostraram maior dependência da relação água/gesso; por sua vez, o percentual de agregado apresentou maior influência na resistência à flexão do compósito com EVA e na resistência a compressão de ambos os compósitos.Gypsum is one of the oldest known building materials. Some of its properties confer advantages such as fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation. This work aims to study the physical and mechanical properties of gypsum-based composite with the incorporation of residues from the footwear industry ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA and vermiculite. The aim to develop these composites is to produce components for thermal protection of masonry. To determine the influence of different residue levels of EVA and vermiculite, and the water/plaster ratio on the bulk density, flexural and compressive strength, five different percentages of these materials were incorporated combined with

  9. Prières et service public Prayers and the civil service

    Gilles J. Guglielmi


    Full Text Available La marque de la séparation des Eglises et de l’Etat semble en France suffisamment forte pour que les points de contact entre service public et prière soient rares et plutôt indirects, à partir de comportements qui n’ont en général pas pour objet d’opposer le seul acte de prière aux normes juridiques et sociales environnantes. Néanmoins à partir des systèmes juridiques et des pratiques d’autres pays d’Europe, les arrêts pragmatiques de la Cour européenne des droits de l'homme révèlent une retenue comparable, même si leur fondement est nécessairement différent.Dans son ensemble, la jurisprudence de la Cour permet de constater que les Etats membres du Conseil de l’Europe ont parfois à l’égard de la prière des attitudes restrictives qui dépendent soit d’une sorte de protection de la religion dominante par rapport aux cultes minoritaires, soit d’un refus implicite de l’athéisme. En revanche, la notion de service public, n’étant pas universellement reconnue en Europe, ne fournit pas un cadre de raisonnement juridique signifiant dans les arrêts, ce qui ne permet d’identifier les rapports entre prières et service public que par le biais du contexte dans lequel se produisent les actes de prière.The mark of the separation between the Church and the State seems sufficiently strong in France so that the points of contact between the civil service and prayer are rare and rather indirect, starting with behaviours which do not have in general aim to oppose the sole act of prayer to the legal and social standards surrounding (First part. Nevertheless the legal systems and practices of other countries of Europe reveal the pragmatic judgements of the European Court of Human Rights and their comparable reserve, even if their base is necessarily different (Second part.As a whole, the decisions of the Court make it possible to note that the Member States of the Council of Europe sometimes have restrictive attitudes

  10. Russian Arctic Petroleum Resources Ressources pétrolières de l’Arctique russe

    Zolotukhin A.


    sur le rythme auquel la production provenant des zones nordiques incluant l’Arctique sera activée – que ce soit du fait de la politique nationale, du développement d’infrastructures ou d’investissement par l’état et les compagnies pétrolières. Ces zones englobent celles où une exploitation a déjà été entamée (au large de l’île Sakhaline, dans le Timan Péchora du nord et celles en attente d’une implication à venir, comme les mers de Barents et de Péchora, la Sibérie orientale, la péninsule de Yamal, la mer de Kara et le Kamchatka. Les niveaux de production offshore vont probablement être très importants pour la Russie à moyen et long terme, particulièrement du fait que la plupart (sinon la totalité de la production sera exportée et, ce faisant, ouvrira des portes vers de nouveaux marchés. De cette manière, la production offshore introduira une composante nouvelle et très significative à la stratégie d’exportation de la Russie. Toutefois, une implication active des ressources arctiques russes dans le processus global de fourniture d’énergie exige une analyse détaillée et une compréhension claire du potentiel du marché du gaz et de l’huile russes (volumes demandés, calendrier d’exécution, voies de transports; elle exige aussi une attention soutenue de la part du gouvernement sur les points les plus importants qui devront être mis en place, tels que des normes et directives nationales pour l’exploitation des ressources arctiques, une législation stable, transparente et sans surprise à titre de condition préalable nécessaire à des investissements massifs dans l’exploration et la production et, notamment, une implication active de compagnies étrangères dans l’exploitation des ressources arctiques qui pourrait apporter en même temps que les investissements une compétence et une expérience indispensables, une technologie disponible et des principes d’Hygiène, Sécurité et Environnement (HSE. L

  11. Hidrocarbonetos policíclicos aromáticos em resíduos sólidos industriais: uma avaliação preliminar do risco potencial de contaminação ambiental e humana em áreas de disposição de resíduos

    Cristina L. S. Sisinno

    Full Text Available A disposição adequada dos resíduos sólidos é importante para evitar que os mesmos se transformem em fonte de contaminação ambiental e humana. A NBR 10.004 - Classificação de Resíduos - lista vários hidrocarbonetos policíclicos aromáticos (HPAs e indica que, a presença de pelo menos um deles na massa bruta do resíduo é suficiente para classificá-lo como resíduo perigoso. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a presença de HPAs em amostras de resíduos sólidos provenientes de alguns segmentos industriais, para se obter uma avaliação preliminar do potencial de contaminação que estes resíduos podem representar, caso não recebam destino adequado. Pelo menos um dos HPAs previstos na NBR 10.004 (benzo[a]antraceno, benzo[a]pireno, benzo[b]fluoranteno, benzo[k]fluoranteno, indeno[1,2,3-c,d]pireno, criseno ou fluoranteno foi identificado em todos os resíduos estudados, classificando-os como perigosos. Nossos resultados indicam que todos os resíduos estudados continham HPAs de importância toxicológica, o que implica que sua disposição final seja feita em locais adequados para minimizar os riscos à saúde humana e ambiental oriundos das áreas de disposição de resíduos.

  12. Hidrocarbonetos policíclicos aromáticos em resíduos sólidos industriais: uma avaliação preliminar do risco potencial de contaminação ambiental e humana em áreas de disposição de resíduos

    Sisinno Cristina L. S.


    Full Text Available A disposição adequada dos resíduos sólidos é importante para evitar que os mesmos se transformem em fonte de contaminação ambiental e humana. A NBR 10.004 - Classificação de Resíduos - lista vários hidrocarbonetos policíclicos aromáticos (HPAs e indica que, a presença de pelo menos um deles na massa bruta do resíduo é suficiente para classificá-lo como resíduo perigoso. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a presença de HPAs em amostras de resíduos sólidos provenientes de alguns segmentos industriais, para se obter uma avaliação preliminar do potencial de contaminação que estes resíduos podem representar, caso não recebam destino adequado. Pelo menos um dos HPAs previstos na NBR 10.004 (benzo[a]antraceno, benzo[a]pireno, benzo[b]fluoranteno, benzo[k]fluoranteno, indeno[1,2,3-c,d]pireno, criseno ou fluoranteno foi identificado em todos os resíduos estudados, classificando-os como perigosos. Nossos resultados indicam que todos os resíduos estudados continham HPAs de importância toxicológica, o que implica que sua disposição final seja feita em locais adequados para minimizar os riscos à saúde humana e ambiental oriundos das áreas de disposição de resíduos.

  13. Water usage characteristics of car wash facilities in Ortahisar district of Trabzon province

    Karabacak, Volkan; Topbaş, Murat; Karakullukçu, Serdar; Demirtaş, Yusuf; Çankaya, Sertaç; Çan, Gamze; Beyhun, N. Ercüment


    Introduction. Water management is ontop of the agenda for all countries Aimof the study. The aim of this study was to determine the water usage in thecar wash facilities of Ortahisar district of Trabzon province, such as thefeatures of the water used in drinking and car washing, the disposal ofwastewater and case of water interruption situation in the facilities. Material and methods. This descriptivestudy was conducted in Ortahisar district of Trabzon province. The studypopulation of the res...

  14. Resíduos sólidos em um sistema de drenagem urbana no município de Santa Maria (RS

    Delmira Beatriz Wolff


    Full Text Available RESUMO Com o crescimento da população e o consequente aumento da urbanização, o lançamento de resíduos sólidos nos sistemas de drenagem urbana tem aumentado nos últimos anos, principalmente nas regiões periféricas das cidades. Este estudo teve como objetivo qualificar e quantificar os resíduos sólidos no arroio Cancela-Tamandai, localizado em área urbana, no município de Santa Maria (RS. Foram coletados ao todo 1.153,2 kg de resíduos sólidos com uma precipitação pluviométrica total para o período de novembro de 2012 a janeiro de 2013 de 518,94 mm, sendo, desses, 93,9% composto por matéria orgânica, sendo a maioria vegetação. O arroio Cancela-Tamandai apresentou uma carga de resíduos sólidos igual a 17,27 ou 0,424 kg.hab-1.ano-1. A curva de previsão de resíduos sólidos orgânicos drenados em função da precipitação pluviométrica apresentou correlação de 76,4%, um parâmetro importante para a tomada de decisão dos gestores municipais em relação aos resíduos sólidos gerados. Assim, conceber estratégias para o monitoramento desses resíduos representa passo importante na busca de soluções que visem um melhor gerenciamento de bacias hidrográficas urbanas.

  15. Resposta da soja e da biomassa de carbono do solo aos resíduos de cinco genótipos de sorgo

    C. A. Vasconcellos


    Full Text Available O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a influência de resíduos de cinco cultivares de sorgo (Sorghum bicolor L.: CMS XS 376, CMS XS 365, BR 304, BR 700 e CMS XS 755 no crescimento e no desenvolvimento da soja. Esses resíduos foram colhidos em três estádios do desenvolvimento reprodutivo do sorgo: florescimento, enchimento de grãos e maturação. Os tratamentos estudados constaram da deposição desses resíduos na superfície do solo ou da sua total incorporação na proporção de 4 g kg-1 de matéria seca no solo (LEd, fase cerrado. Nos tratamentos com planta, mantiveram-se três plantas de soja (cv. Doko em vasos com capacidade para 3 kg de solo. Nos tratamentos sem planta, o solo foi amostrado semanalmente para avaliação das formas de N. Após a colheita da soja, amostras de planta e de solo, de cada tratamento, foram retiradas para determinar a absorção total de N e a influência desses resíduos no N disponível extraído com KCl 2 mol L-1. Os resultados revelaram que alguns resíduos culturais de sorgo afetaram, independentemente do estádio de colheita, o desenvolvimento da soja, a absorção de N, o peso de nódulos e a biomassa microbiana do solo. Tais efeitos também foram dependentes do método de incorporação do resíduo. O teor de carbono imobilizado pela biomassa foi maior quando os resíduos de sorgo foram distribuídos na superfície do solo.

  16. Perfil da sociedade natalense frente aos resíduos sólidos urbanos sob o olhar do gari

    Brunna Soares Rodrigues


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem como objetivo mostrar uma análise crítica referente a postura da sociedade da cidade do Natal/RN diante dos resíduos sólidos urbanos por meio do olhar do gari. As pesquisas se baseiam no estudo da percepção de garis que trabalham em quatro locais distintos, sendo estes: O Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte - IFRN Campus Natal Central, o Parque das Dunas, o centro comercial do Alecrim e a praia de Ponta Negra, onde foram entrevistados individualmente tendo por base uma entrevista semi-estruturada. Através das análises das respostas obtidas percebeu-se que a população natalense seja ela infantil, jovem ou adulta necessita que uma educação ambiental seja trabalhada a fim de que o quadro relacionado aos resíduos mude, melhorando, portanto, a qualidade do meio ambiente e da vida das pessoas.

  17. O aproveitamento do resíduo da indústria do sisal no controle de larvas de mosquitos

    Pizarro Ana Paula B.


    Full Text Available Descreve-se o aproveitamento do resíduo do desfibramento das folhas de Agave sisalana, como um larvicida para o combate a mosquitos transmissores de doenças tropicais. Durante 24 horas, larvas de Aedes aegypti e Culex quinquefasciatus foram expostas a concentrações diferentes do extrato da planta para determinar as concentrações letais. Para A. aegypti foi constatada a CL50 em 322ppm e para C. quinquefasciatus em 183ppm. Foi investigada a ação de saponinas existentes na planta, ficando evidenciado que o resíduo de A. sisalana é ativo através da interação de vários dos seus componentes. Este extrato poderá ser utilizado em campo, na concentração de 100ppm para C. quinquefasciatus com um aumento do tempo de exposição para três dias, obtendo-se uma mortalidade de 100% das larvas. Este produto, porém, não é recomendado para o controle de A. aegypti, devido à necessidade de uma alta concentração para a obtenção de 100% de mortalidade das larvas e ao fato destas se desenvolverem preferencialmente em água potável.

  18. Modulation of LINE-1 and Alu/SVA Retrotransposition by Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome-Related SAMHD1

    Ke Zhao


    Full Text Available Long interspersed elements 1 (LINE-1 occupy at least 17% of the human genome and are its only active autonomous retrotransposons. However, the host factors that regulate LINE-1 retrotransposition are not fully understood. Here, we demonstrate that the Aicardi-Goutières syndrome gene product SAMHD1, recently revealed to be an inhibitor of HIV/simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV infectivity and neutralized by the viral Vpx protein, is also a potent regulator of LINE-1 and LINE-1-mediated Alu/SVA retrotransposition. We also found that mutant SAMHD1s of Aicardi-Goutières syndrome patients are defective in LINE-1 inhibition. Several domains of SAMHD1 are critical for LINE-1 regulation. SAMHD1 inhibits LINE-1 retrotransposition in dividing cells. An enzymatic active site mutant SAMHD1 maintained substantial anti-LINE-1 activity. SAMHD1 inhibits ORF2p-mediated LINE-1 reverse transcription in isolated LINE-1 ribonucleoproteins by reducing ORF2p level. Thus, SAMHD1 may be a cellular regulator of LINE-1 activity that is conserved in mammals.

  19. Mécanismes d'écoulement des charges à la surface des polymères granulaires

    M. Kachi


    Full Text Available Les forces électriques s’exerçant sur des polymères granulaires chargés sont mises à profit dans plusieurs processus électrostatiques. La dynamique de charges de surface de ces matériaux est très importante pour ce type de processus. Le but de ce papier est d’analyser l’écoulement des charges à la surface de couches compactes de polymères granulaires, en interprétant les mesures sans contact réalisées par trois sondes de potentiel, de champ et de charge, ayant chacune une taille différente. Des mesures du profile de potentiel à différents instants sont également réalisées afin d’expliquer les différences entre les vitesses de déclin de potentiel, de champ et de charge mesurées par les trois sondes. Les résultats mettent en évidence un écoulement transversal et longitudinal de la charge surfacique.

  20. Règles formelles et pratiques informelles des caissières d’un hypermarché

    Sophie Bernard


    Full Text Available Depuis la loi Aubry de Réduction Collective du Temps de Travail à trente-cinq heures, les discours sur la flexibilité abondent. Nous concentrerons ici notre analyse sur l’organisation du temps de travail des caissières d’un hypermarché en nous basant sur les résultats obtenus suite à une enquête de cinq mois (observation participante suivie d’entretiens réalisée dans un hypermarché de la banlieue parisienne. Outre le fait d’être essentiellement féminine à temps partiel flexible, cette population présente l’intérêt de fonctionner selon une gestion du temps de travail en « îlots-caisse », dont nous rappellerons les caractéristiques. Cette étude nous permettra ainsi de saisir à partir d’un cas concret les stratégies de résistance opposées par les caissières à une gestion du temps de travail extrêmement rigide et réglementée propre au secteur de la grande distribution.

  1. Salinização do solo e desenvolvimento de meloeiro com a aplicação de resíduo de caranguejo Effects of crab residue in soil salinization and development of melon

    Francisco J. Ferreira


    Full Text Available Os resíduos de caranguejo apresentam potencial como adubo orgânico. Buscou-se neste trabalho, avaliar os efeitos da aplicação de resíduo de caranguejo Uçá na salinização do solo, no crescimento e nos teores de clorofila e solutos orgânicos e inorgânicos de plantas de melão. O experimento foi conduzido em casa de vegetação no período de maio a junho de 2010. Utilizaram-se oito tratamentos correspondendo às percentagens de 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 e 30% de resíduo de caranguejo e um tratamento contendo adubação mineral (solução de Hoagland, todos com seis repetições. Trinta dias após o plantio foram avaliados em extrato solo : água (1:1 o pH, a condutividade elétrica (CE e os teores de Na+ e K+. Nas plantas foram avaliados a produção de massa seca da parte aérea, área foliar, massa seca da raiz e os teores foliares de clorofila e de solutos orgânicos e inorgânicos. O incremento nas concentrações de resíduos de caranguejo aumentou significativamente os valores de pH, CE, Na+ e K+ do solo. Foram observadas tendências quadráticas para as variáveis de crescimento e os teores de clorofila na planta. O aumento na CE e no teor de Na+ contribuiu para reduzir o crescimento das plantas nos níveis mais elevados de resíduos de caranguejo.The residue of crab show potencial as organic fertilizer. This study evaluated the effect of applying concentrations of residue of crab Uçá in sanilization of soil, on growth, chlorophyll and organic and inorganic solutes in melon. This experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions from May to June in 2010. Eight treatments were used corresponding to percentage of 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30% crab residue and a treatment containing mineral fertilizers (Hoagland solution, each with six replications. Thirty days after sowing in the soil : water (1:1 extract: pH, electrical conductivity (EC, and K+ and Na+ were evaluated. In plants dry mass of shoot, leaf area, root dry mass and leaf

  2. Automatic white blood cell classification using pre-trained deep learning models: ResNet and Inception

    Habibzadeh, Mehdi; Jannesari, Mahboobeh; Rezaei, Zahra; Baharvand, Hossein; Totonchi, Mehdi


    This works gives an account of evaluation of white blood cell differential counts via computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system and hematology rules. Leukocytes, also called white blood cells (WBCs) play main role of the immune system. Leukocyte is responsible for phagocytosis and immunity and therefore in defense against infection involving the fatal diseases incidence and mortality related issues. Admittedly, microscopic examination of blood samples is a time consuming, expensive and error-prone task. A manual diagnosis would search for specific Leukocytes and number abnormalities in the blood slides while complete blood count (CBC) examination is performed. Complications may arise from the large number of varying samples including different types of Leukocytes, related sub-types and concentration in blood, which makes the analysis prone to human error. This process can be automated by computerized techniques which are more reliable and economical. In essence, we seek to determine a fast, accurate mechanism for classification and gather information about distribution of white blood evidences which may help to diagnose the degree of any abnormalities during CBC test. In this work, we consider the problem of pre-processing and supervised classification of white blood cells into their four primary types including Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Lymphocytes, and Monocytes using a consecutive proposed deep learning framework. For first step, this research proposes three consecutive pre-processing calculations namely are color distortion; bounding box distortion (crop) and image flipping mirroring. In second phase, white blood cell recognition performed with hierarchy topological feature extraction using Inception and ResNet architectures. Finally, the results obtained from the preliminary analysis of cell classification with (11200) training samples and 1244 white blood cells evaluation data set are presented in confusion matrices and interpreted using accuracy rate, and false

  3. Compostagem de resíduos sólidos de frigorífico Composting of slaughterhouse solid waste

    Mônica S. S. de M. Costa


    Full Text Available Em virtude da compostagem ser uma alternativa viável e eficiente no tratamento de resíduos agroindustriais, objetivou-se avaliá-la em resíduos provenientes do abate de bovinos e suínos. Confeccionaram-se 12 leiras de compostagem utilizando-se resíduos de frigorífico, palha de trigo e serragem de madeira. O processo foi avaliado pelo monitoramento diário da temperatura, observação da ocorrência de parâmetros indesejáveis (presença de odores desagradáveis e/ou amoniacais, formação de chorume e presença de moscas e larvas e pela capacidade de reciclagem de nutrientes. Os parâmetros indesejáveis foram observados, em média, nos primeiros cinco dias após a confecção das leiras; as temperaturas se elevaram, atingindo picos acima de 70 ºC; quanto à composição química do composto, esta apresentou teores relevantes de macro e micronutrientes demonstrando alto potencial de reciclagem. Recomenda-se a utilização de piso impermeável e estrutura de cobertura durante a compostagem. A freqüência de revolvimentos adotada (15 dias após a confecção da leira, seguida de revolvimentos semanais foi adequada. A melhor relação de peso encontrada foi de 7,2 kg de resíduos para cada kg de palha e 16,6 kg de resíduos para cada kg de serragem.Composting has been a viable and efficient alternative treatment to agroindustrial waste. This experiment was installed with the objective of analyzing the process of composting for slaughterhouse waste. Twelve piles of composting were prepared, using slaughterhouse waste, wheat straw and wood sawdust. The process was evaluated by daily temperature monitoring, observations of the occurrence of undesirable parameters (bad smell and/or ammoniacal smell, grease formation and presence of grubs and flies, as well as the capacity of recycling nutrients. The undesirable parameters were observed, on average, for the first five days after pile building; the temperatures increased, reaching 70 º

  4. Resíduos de agrotóxicos em frutos de tomate Pesticide residues in tomato fruits

    Leslie Maria Segura Zavatti


    Full Text Available O uso intensivo de agrotóxicos em culturas de tomates tem causado preocupações quanto à provável contaminação do produto final. Este trabalho teve como objetivo monitorar, por dois anos consecutivos, em quatro propriedades de uma área altamente tecnificada, o uso de agrotóxicos em tomate irrigado durante seu desenvolvimento, quantificar os resíduos dos principais princípios ativos utilizados, e avaliar o grau de contaminação dos frutos colhidos. Foram analisados metamidofós, clorpirifós, captan, clorotalonil, endosulfan, lambda-cialotrina, e cobre. Para avaliar o grau de contaminação dos frutos foi validado um método de análise de resíduos múltiplos capaz de quantificar esses compostos. Os resíduos encontrados foram de fungicidas e inseticidas aplicados nas fases de frutificação e maturação: captan, 0,35 mg/kg, na Fazenda 2; clorotalonil, 0,16 mg/kg e 0,95 mg/kg, nas Fazendas 1 e 2, respectivamente; lambda-cialotrina, 0,03 mg/kg, na Fazenda 2; cobre, 2,03 mg/kg, 3,75 mg/kg e 1,44mg/kg, nas Fazendas 1, 2 e 3, respectivamente, e 0,95 mg/kg, 1,70 mg/kg e 2,31 mg/kg, na Fazenda 4. Não ocorreram resíduos dos inseticidas organofosforados, aplicados principalmente durante o desenvolvimento vegetativo da cultura. Não houve contaminação dos tomates pelos agrotóxicos analisados. Os resíduos que devem ser monitorados são os dos agrotóxicos aplicados na fase de maturação da cultura.The intensive use of pesticide in tomato crops have been causing concern about a possible contamination of the final product. This work aimed at monitoring, for two years, in four farms located in a high technology area, the use of pesticides in irrigated tomato crops, quantifying the main active ingredient residues and evaluating the contamination level of the fruits. The components analised were: methamidophos, chlorpyrifos, captan, chlorothalonil, endosulfan, lambda-cyhalothrin and copper oxychloride. In order to evaluate the contamination

  5. Alternativas de utilização de resíduos sólidos alcalinos na disposição de resíduos contaminados: estudo de caso no estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Alkaline residues alternatives for use in the landfill of a contaminated solid residues: case study from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Wilma de Carvalho Pereira


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo o estudo dos elementos potencialmente contaminantes presentes nos rejeitos industriais que são dispostos no meio ambiente e, por processo de lixiviação, carreados para os corpos hídricos. Dois tipos de resíduos foram estudados. Um deles, proveniente da indústria de produção de aço (escória da aciaria, de características alcalina. Este rejeito é considerado relativamente estável pelos padrões vigentes devido às suas características (CdThe goal of this work is to study the potentially contaminating trace elements present in industrial waste that is discharged into the environment though lixiviation process to water resources. Two types of waste were studied. The first one, a refuse slag from steel industry, an alkaline residue. Even though this waste is considered relatively stable within the established standards set by current legislation due to its characteristics (Cd<0.5 mg/Kg, Pb<10 mg/Kg, Co<5 mg/Kg, Cu=61 mg/Kg, Ni<1.5 mg/Kg, Zn=75 mg/Kg, there is so far no feasible alternative for its total reutilization. The other one a residue from the electroplating industry (Class I: ABNT, 1987, closed down in 1998.

  6. Combining interventions: improved chimney stoves, kitchen sinks and solar disinfection of drinking water and kitchen clothes to improve home hygiene in rural Peru L’association d’interventions - améliorer les cuisinières à bois, mettre en place des éviers, désinfecter l’eau domestique et le linge de cuisine par le solaire – permet d’améliorer l’hygiène dans les foyers ruraux du Pérou Intervenciones combinadas: mejorar las cocinas a leña, instalar fregaderos y desinfectar el agua para beber y los paños de cocina con energía solar para mejorar la higiene en hogares rurales en Perú

    Ana I. Gil


    Full Text Available Home based interventions are advocated in rural areas against a variety of diseases. The combination of different interventions might have synergistic effects in terms of health improvement and cost effectiveness. However, it is crucial to ensure cultural acceptance. The aim of the study was to develop an effective and culturally accepted home-based intervention package to reduce diarrhoea and lower respiratory illnesses in children. In two rural Peruvian communities we evaluated the performance and acceptance of cooking devices, household water treatments (HWT and home- hygiene interventions, with qualitative and quantitative methods. New ventilated stove designs reduced wood consumption by 16%. The majority of participants selected solar water disinfection as HWT in a blind tasting. In-depth interviews on hygiene improvement further revealed a high demand for kitchen sinks. After one year of installation the improved chimney stoves and kitchen sinks were all in use.  The intervention package was successfully adapted to local customs, kitchen-, home- and hygiene management. High user satisfaction was primarily driven by convenience gains due to the technical improvements and only secondarily by perceived health benefits.Les interventions à domicile sont recommandées dans les zones rurales pour éviter diverses maladies. L’association de différentes interventions entraîne une synergie en termes d’amélioration de la santé et de rapport coût-efficacité. Il est cependant crucial d’obtenir l’adhésion de la population. Le but de l’étude était d'élaborer un programme d’interventions à domicile, efficaces et acceptées par la population, visant à réduire la diarrhée et les affections des voies respiratoires basses chez l’enfant. Nous avons évalué, dans deux communautés rurales du Pérou, l’efficacité et l’acceptation d’appareils de cuisson, des traitements de l’eau domestique (HWT et d’interventions d

  7. Resíduos de estações de tratamento de água e a ISO 24512: desafio do saneamento brasileiro

    Cali Laguna Achon


    Full Text Available O advento da ISO 24512:2007 suscita discussões muito interessantes em relação ao funcionamento dos sistemas de abastecimento de água em âmbito mundial. No Brasil, a maioria das estações de tratamento de água é convencional de ciclo completo, gerando resíduos complexos e de difícil manejo e disposição. Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar de forma crítica a problemática dos resíduos das estações de tratamento de água no Brasil, mediante o estudo da viabilidade de construção e uso de indicadores, tais como aqueles preconizados pela ISO 24512. A grande maioria das estações de tratamento de água analisadas, que refletem um quadro comum no Brasil, não dimensiona a quantidade de resíduos gerados, poucas avaliam suas características e destinam adequadamente esses resíduos, o que dificulta e, em muitos casos, pode impossibilitar o uso de indicadores como ferramentas de gestão. Esse cenário remete ao desafio enfrentado na área de saneamento em relação à gestão dos resíduos em consonância com as normas internacionais.

  8. Renewable energy sources (RES) projects and their barriers on a regional scale: The case study of wind parks in the Dodecanese islands, Greece

    Oikonomou, Emmanouil K.; Kilias, Vassilios; Goumas, Aggelos; Rigopoulos, Alexandrous; Karakatsani, Eirini; Damasiotis, Markos; Papastefanakis, Dimitrios; Marini, Natassa


    The increasing energy challenges faced, in particular, by isolated communities, such as insular communities, call for an integrated, flexible and easy-to-apply methodology aiming at providing a list of renewable energy sources) (RES) projects capable to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions, satisfy future energy forecasts and reach the objectives of international/national energy directives and obligations, as, for example, the ones set by the Kyoto Protocol by 2010. The EU project EMERGENCE 2010 developed such a methodology that is implemented here in the case study of wind parks in the Dodecanese islands in Greece. The results obtained consist of a final list of financially viable RES wind projects, for which various barriers have been previously identified and assessed. The additional advantages of the proposed methodology is that besides providing as an end result a comprehensive list of RES projects adopted to specific criteria and regional priorities, it also allows space for involving - from early stages - the local community and stakeholders in the decision-making process (participatory planning); in this way, the EMERGENCE 2010 methodology may assist towards the RES promotion and public acceptance, the profitability of RES investments and the regional sustainable development.

  9. Gerenciamento de resíduos de serviço de saúde de animais de produção: revisão

    Evelyne Cazarotto Farezin


    Full Text Available A demanda por produtos de origem animal vem aumentando gradativamente no mundo, e a expectativa é que haja um incremento nos próximos anos, juntamente com a produção. Em consequência disso, ocorre também acréscimo na geração de diferentes tipos de resíduos nas propriedades. Um dos resíduos que são gerados na produção animal são os resíduos de serviço de saúde animal (RSSA. Diante deste cenário, objetivou-se realizar uma revisão sobre o gerenciamento de RSSA. Os RSSA mesmo que produzidos em menor quantidade devem receber cuidado especial devido à capacidade de infectar e contaminar o meio ambiente e o ser humano. O gerenciamento de RSSA é importante para mitigar os impactos ambientais e sanitários. Nas propriedades rurais, é ainda pouco discutido e realizado. É importante buscar medidas para realizar a correta segregação e posterior reciclagem dos RSSA. A disposição final da maior parte destes resíduos é efetuada de forma inadequada. É de fundamental importância à implantação de um plano de gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos e que mais estudos sejam realizados na área.

  10. Avaliação de resíduos lignocelulósicos para a produção de Pleurotus eryngii, Lentinus sajor caju e Lentinula edodes

    Claudia Paganelli Lacerda de Azevedo


    Pleurotus eryngii, Lentinus sajor caju e Lentinula edodes foram produzidos, em condições controladas, com resíduos lignocelulósicos em seis composições; (1) resíduo sólido de indústria de cerveja+ bagaço de cana de açúcar + sais minerais (2) resíduo sólido de indústria de cerveja + serragem de euca/yptus + sais minerais (3) resíduo sólido de indústria de cerveja + palha de arroz + sais minerais (4) resíduo sólido de indústria de cerveja + bagaço de cana de açúcar (5) resíduo sólido de indústr...

  11. Characterization of food bars manufactured with agroindustrial by-products and waste Caracterização de barras alimentícias elaboradas com subprodutos e resíduos agroindustriais

    Andréa Paolucci Paiva


    Full Text Available Food bars are products obtained from the union of a number of components, standing out in the snack category due to their portability attribute with a focus on convenience and health. Utilization of by-products and agroindustrial food waste as ingredients in the making of food bars is highly important due to the utilization of leftovers of marked nutritional and functional value and decrease of the production cost. This work intended to evaluate the chemical and physicochemical aspects of food bars made with the by-products broken rice (BR and pequi nut (PN, soybean extract residue (SER, and pineapple waste (PW. Distinct proportions of BR: SER respectively were used, amounting to five treatments: 1:0 (A; 3:1 (B; 1:1 (C; 1:3 (D and 0:1(E and fixed amounts of the other components. For the statistical analysis, variance analysis and the Tukey test were performed to 5% significance. The moisture, protein, lipid, ash, mineral, and dietary fiber contents were directly increased as the SER was increased and the amount of BR was decreased. However, the opposite was found with both carbohydrates and calories. The soluble solids, pH and water activity values presented increases with the increased soybean extract residue. All the treatments presented slightly acidic pH and water activity bellow 0.6, favoring microbiological safety. In the chemical score, treatment A presented lysine as the limiting aminoacid in relation to the Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO/WHO reference (1990. The food bars can be considered rich in dietary fiber and with considerable nutritional support. Treatments D and E proved better in the set of the variables studied for human consumption.Barras alimentícias são produtos obtidos a partir da junção de vários componentes, destacando-se na categoria dos snacks em razão do atributo portabilidade com foco em conveniência e saúde. A utilização de subprodutos e de resíduos agroindustriais alimentícios como ingredientes

  12. Potencial poluidor de resíduo sólido da Samarco Mineração: estudo de caso da barragem de Germano

    Pires,José Maurício Machado; Lena,Jorge Carvalho de; Machado,Carlos Cardoso; Pereira,Reginaldo Sérgio


    Foram estudadas amostras de resíduo sólido da Barragem de Germano, da Samarco Mineração S.A. Tal barragem localiza-se no município de Mariana-MG. Sua principal função é coletar os efluentes do tratamento do minério de ferro processado no Complexo de Germano. Este resíduo foi submetido a testes de classificação, de acordo com as Normas ABNT 10004, 10005, 10006 e 10007. Constatou-se que o resíduo é classe III (inerte) e que os testes mostraram a grande capacidade deste material na retenção de m...

  13. Análise da aplicação de resíduo de borracha de pneus em piso tátil intertravado de concreto

    Fabiana Maria da Silva


    Resumo: O reaproveitamento de resíduos na construção civil tem sido uma alternativa viável para diminuir o consumo de materiais naturais e a disposição inadequada dos resíduos no meio ambiente. Neste trabalho avaliou-se o reaproveitamento de resíduo de borracha de pneus, proveniente do processo de recauchutagem, em substituição parcial do agregado miúdo natural, para a produção de pisos táteis intertravados de concreto. O piso tátil de concreto é uma peça utilizada na pavimentação, que permit...

  14. Sorcières, 1976-1981. Etude d’une revue féministe. Master 1, Université de Lille III, (dir. Florence Tamagne, 2009

    Caroline Goldblum


    Full Text Available L’aventure Sorcières est une véritable épopée ; celle d’une revue de femmes qui voit le jour en 1976 au beau milieu de la décennie dite « des femmes » et en plein cœur de l’explosion de la presse féministe. Sorcières fut fondée par Xavière Gauthier dans le but de donner ou rendre la parole aux femmes pour qu’elles puissent exprimer leur créativité : « Je voudrais que Sorcières soit un lieu ouvert pour toutes les femmes qui luttent en tant que femmes, qui cherchent et disent (écrivent, chanten...

  15. First results of functional RES scintigraphy using sup(99m)-Tc-labeled human serum albumin millimicrospheres in progressive scleroderma: Possibility of early diagnosis of lung involvement

    Munz, D.L.; Altmeyer, P.; Ehrenheim, C.; Tuengerthal, S.; Holzmann, H.; Hoer, G.; Frankfurt Univ.


    Functional RES scintigraphy with sup(99m)Tc-labeled human serum albumin millimicrospheres (sup(99m)Tc-HSA-MM) was conducted in 11 female patients suffering from progressive scleroderma. The RES scan revealed abnormalities in the bone marrow in eight patients as well as pathological changes of the liver in 2 cases. 7 patients showed diffusely enhanced concentrations of sup(99m)Tc-HSA-MM in the lung, whereas X-ray picture and pulmonary function test revealed pathological findings in only 4 patients, respectively. Humoral inflammatory and immunologic parameters, too, indicated abnormalities less frequently than the lung scan. Thus functional RES scintigraphy seems to be a very sensitive approach to the assessment and possibly to the early diagnosis of lung involvement in progressive scleroderma. (orig.) [de

  16. First results of functional RES scintigraphy using sup(99m)-Tc-labeled human serum albumin millimicrospheres in progressive scleroderma: Possibility of early diagnosis of lung involvement

    Munz, D.L.; Altmeyer, P.; Ehrenheim, C.; Tuengerthal, S.; Holzmann, H.; Hoer, G.


    Functional RES scintigraphy with sup(99m)Tc-labeled human serum albumin millimicrospheres (sup(99m)Tc-HSA-MM) was conducted in 11 female patients suffering from progressive scleroderma. The RES scan revealed abnormalities in the bone marrow in eight patients as well as pathological changes of the liver in 2 cases. 7 patients showed diffusely enhanced concentrations of sup(99m)Tc-HSA-MM in the lung, whereas X-ray picture and pulmonary function test revealed pathological findings in only 4 patients, respectively. Humoral inflammatory and immunologic parameters, too, indicated abnormalities less frequently than the lung scan. Thus functional RES scintigraphy seems to be a very sensitive approach to the assessment and possibly to the early diagnosis of lung involvement in progressive scleroderma.

  17. Optimization of Subcritical Water Extraction of Resveratrol from Grape Seeds by Response Surface Methodology

    Yajie Tian


    Full Text Available The subcritical water extraction (SWE is a high-efficiency and environment-friendly extraction method. The extraction of resveratrol (RES of grape seeds obtained from the wine production process was proposed using subcritical water extraction (SWE. The effects of different extraction process parameters on RES yield were investigated by single factors. Extraction optimization was conducted using response surface methodology (RSM. Extraction temperature was proven to be the most significant factor influencing RES yield. The optimal conditions was as follows: extraction pressure of 1.02 MPa, temperature of 152.32 °C, time of 24.89 min, and a solid/solvent ratio of 1:15 g/mL. Under these optimal conditions, the predicted extraction RES yield was 6.90 μg/g and the recoveries was up to 91.98%. Compared to other previous studies, this method required less pollution and less treatment time to extract RES from grape seeds. From these results, added economic value to this agroindustrial residue is proposed using environmentally friendly extraction techniques.

  18. Reaproveitamento do resíduo de gesso na execução de revestimento interno de vedação vertical

    Yêda Vieira Póvoas Tavares

    Full Text Available O gesso está sendo utilizado em larga escala como revestimento interno de paredes por ser um material barato e de alto desempenho. No entanto, há uma grande geração de resíduo, o que constitui um problema econômico e ambiental. Embora se observe um interesse crescente no uso desse resíduo como revestimento de vedação interna, há um grande desconhecimento a respeito de sua tecnologia de produção, bem como de seu comportamento. O objetivo desta pesquisa é estudar o desempenho desse material através dos ensaios de dureza superficial, resistência à compressão e de aderência, além da apresentação da técnica de execução do revestimento a partir do aproveitamento do resíduo de gesso. Foram realizados ensaios utilizando-se misturas com 0%, 5% e 10% de resíduo com 0,6 mm de diâmetro máximo, e também realizadas visitas técnicas aos canteiros de obras para a avaliação e a determinação da técnica de execução mais apropriada para a aplicação do revestimento. Os resultados mostraram que a adição de resíduos não prejudica excessivamente as propriedades estudadas, sendo admissível até 10% de resíduo de gesso na produção da nova argamassa, respeitando-se as recomendações da técnica construtiva.

  19. Incorporação de resíduo do tratamento de drenagem ácida em massa de cerâmica vermelha Incorporation of acid drainage treatment sludge waste into red ceramic products

    S. L. Galatto


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, apresenta-se o estudo experimental em escala laboratorial e industrial da incorporação de resíduo do tratamento de Drenagem Ácida de Mina (DAM na formulação de massa de cerâmica vermelha, com substituição parcial das argilas. Foram realizados algumas análises e ensaios nas amostras dos blocos cerâmicos: análise dilatométrica a verde, absorção de água, resistência à compressão, eflorescência de sais solúveis e emissões atmosféricas (MP e SOx. Os resultados das análises nos corpos de prova ensaiados indicam aumento de resistência a compressão. Os ensaios de eflorescência de sais solúveis indicam maior intensidade de cristalização de sais solúveis na superfície dos corpos de prova e blocos cerâmicos à medida que se aumenta o percentual de resíduo. As análises realizadas nos blocos cerâmicos ensaiados em escala industrial, recomendam uma proporção de até 2,5% de resíduo na massa cerâmica.An experimental laboratory and industry scale study of the incorporation of residue from Acid Drainage Mine (ADM in the ceramics mass, with partial substitution of clays, is presented. Some analyses and assays of the ceramic blocks were been carried out: dilatometry, water absorption, compressive strength, efflorescence and emissions (MP and SOx. The results show an increase of compressive strength. The efflorescence assays indicate greater intensity of crystallization of soluble salts in the surface of the ceramic blocks for increasing residue content. The analyses in the ceramic blocks in industrial scale recommend a ratio of up to 2.5% of waste in bulk ceramics.

  20. com resíduos de uma indústria de celulose

    Cristiane Pedrazzi


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to investigate the quality of particleboards made with Eucalyptus saligna wood residues, resulting from the chiping of logs for pulp production. The boards were producted with two types of residues, sticks and sawdust, used pure. The adhesive used was urea-formaldehyde resin in proportions of 4, 8 and 12% (based on ovendry weight of wood particles and the nominal densities were 0.55, 0.65 and 0.75 g/cm3. Bending properties, internal bond, screw withdrawal, water absorption and thickness swelling ware evaluated. The results indicated that the bending properties, internal bond and screw withdrawal were slightly higher with the sawdust type residue than boards made with sticktype residue. For water absorption, the values increased with the reduction of the density, for both type of particles. Thickness swelling increased with the reduction of resin proportion, independent of the type of residue used. Results showed that using both particles type with larger resin proportion and larger densities, boards with acceptable quality can be made.

  1. Isolamento do ruído de impacto com resíduos de PET e PNEU - Análise preliminar de dados

    Maria Luiza de U. Carvalho


    Full Text Available O crescimento populacional tem gerado diversos problemas na sociedade contemporânea. Dentre eles estão o aumento do descarte de resíduos urbanos e a carência de moradia de baixo custo. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi estudar a potencialidade da utilização de dois resíduos sólidos na confecção de pisos flutuantes para redução do ruído de impacto através de parcerias com Furnas Centrais Elétricas e UFG. As amostras foram confeccionadas com o flake de garrafas PET e a raspa de pneus inservíveis aplicados em misturas cimentícias nas proporções de 1:4 e 1:5 (cimento: resíduo. Estas tinham espessuras diferentes sobre as quais tiveram a colocação de um contrapiso móvel com dois tipos de revestimento cerâmico. Para os ensaios foram consultadas a ISO 140-7 quanto aos procedimentos de medição para os níveis de pressão sonora de impacto (L’nT e a ISO 717-2 para a determinação do valor único ponderado (L’nT,w. Dentre os resultados, 5 amostras com PET obtiveram L’nT,w superior às demais amostras. Conclui-se que as amostras com resíduo de PET tiveram desempenho superior às amostras com resíduo de pneu. Contudo, ambos resíduos possuem um uso potencial na aplicação de pisos flutuantes nas proporções estudadas, porém necessitam maiores estudos para aplicação técnica. Palavras-Chave: isolamento do ruído de impacto, resíduo de PET, resíduo de pneu.

  2. Reaproveitamento do resíduo de gesso na execução de revestimento interno de vedação vertical

    Tavares, Yêda Vieira Póvoas; Lordsleem Júnior, Alberto Casado; Schmitz, Italo Benjamin Telles Arruda; John, Vanderley Moacyr


    O gesso está sendo utilizado em larga escala como revestimento interno de paredes por ser um material barato e de alto desempenho. No entanto, há uma grande geração de resíduo, o que constitui um problema econômico e ambiental. Embora se observe um interesse crescente no uso desse resíduo como revestimento de vedação interna, há um grande desconhecimento a respeito de sua tecnologia de produção, bem como de seu comportamento. O objetivo desta pesquisa é estudar o desempenho desse material atr...

  3. Resíduo agroindustrial na formação de mudas ornamentais irrigadas com água residuária

    Aline Costa Ferreira; Viviane F. Silva; Kalyne S. A. de Brito; Elka Costa Nascimento


    O reuso de água de esgoto tratada juntamente com o uso de resíduos industriais para a formação de mudas de girassol ornamental vem sendo uma alternativa econômica para o estado da Paraíba. Nesse contexto, a pesquisa foi realizada objetivando-se a utilização de resíduo agroindustrial na formação de mudas ornamentais irrigadas com água residuária. Desenvolvido em ambiente protegido na Universidade Federal de Campina Grande – UFCG, localizado no Estado da Paraíba-PB, utilizaram-se os seguintes t...

  4. Resíduos da construção civil em Araguari-MG : do diagnóstico à proposta de um modelo gerencial proativo

    Marques, Rogério Borges


    Levantamentos recentes realizados em diversas cidades brasileiras mostram que os RCD Resíduos da Construção e Demolição representam, em alguns casos, mais de 50% da massa dos resíduos sólidos urbanos. Os municípios têm encontrado dificuldades para gerenciar de forma eficaz as grandes quantidades de RCD e solucionar o problema das deposições irregulares que comprometem a qualidade de vida da população e ocasionam sérios problemas sócio-ambientais e sanitários. Este trabalho fe...

  5. Resíduos sólidos e meio ambiente : a sistematização do lixo no direito brasileiro

    Cecília Toscano Vieira Pinto, Ana


    Os resíduos sólidos conhecidos vulgarmente como lixo , é um problema que afeta todos os setores da sociedade, encontrando-se vinculado à degradação do meio ambiente. Apesar de estudado por outras áreas, principalmente a de Engenharia e a de Medicina, não recebeu da seara jurídica o devido enfoque, o que só aumenta a dramaticidade da questão. A presente dissertação possui como objetivo descrever a normatização relativa ao tratamento dos resíduos sólidos no Direito Brasileiro e ...

  6. Ocorrência e comportamento ambiental de resíduos de antibióticos de uso veterinário

    Rafael Marques Pereira Leal


    Muitos antibióticos de uso veterinário não são totalmente metabolizados no organismo animal, ocasionando a presença de resíduos destes compostos em várias matrizes ambientais, tais como estercos animais, solos e sedimentos fluviais. A ocorrência destes resíduos no ambiente pode favorecer a resistência de microrganismos aos agentes antibióticos, ocasionar problemas de ordem toxicológica em determinados organismos e, além disso, interferir nos ciclos biogeoquímicos mediados por microrganismos. ...

  7. The Theos/ComRes survey into public perception of Darwinism in the UK: a recipe for confusion.

    Baker, Sylvia


    A survey of the general public in the UK, conducted in 2008, suggested that more than half of the British population are unconvinced by Darwinism. That survey, conducted by the polling company ComRes on behalf of the theological think-tank Theos, reported its full findings in March 2009 and found them to be "complex and confused." This paper argues that the confusion identified may have been partly engendered by the way in which the survey questionnaire was constructed and that the survey itself, not simply its respondents, was confused. A source of the confusion, it is argued, could be found, first, in the definitions used for the four positions of young earth creationism, theistic evolution, atheistic evolution and intelligent design. Second, a failure to define the key terms "evolution" and "science," used in some of the survey questions, resulted in responses that were difficult to interpret.

  8. Cinética de secagem do resíduo de abacaxi enriquecido Drying kinetics of enriched pineapple residue

    Hofsky V. Alexandre


    Full Text Available O Brasil é um dos maiores produtores de abacaxi do mundo e o maior da América do Sul. O fruto é a parte comercializável da planta enquanto o restante é formado por caule, folha, casca, coroa e talos, considerado resíduo agrícola e não tem sido devidamente aproveitado, resultando em perdas econômicas. Caracterizar e avaliar a cinética de secagem do resíduo (casca de abacaxi (Ananas comosus L. enriquecido utilizando a levedura Saccharomyces cerevisiae em leito estático, em camada fina de secagem, utilizando-se de planejamento experimental fatorial, foi o objetivo deste estudo. A temperatura (40 a 60 ºC e a velocidade do ar de secagem (0,8 a 1,3 m s-1 são as variáveis do processo. O resíduo enriquecido e caracterizado apresentou alto teor de matéria seca (90,27% e elevado teor de proteína (20,21% em relação ao resíduo in natura (7,61%. A cinética de secagem ocorreu no período de taxa decrescente. Os modelos Page, Henderson & Pabis e Lewis, ajustaram os dados experimentais satisfatoriamente, sendo Page discretamente superior aos demais. Verificou-se influência da variável temperatura apenas para a variável resposta umidade, não sendo observada influência estatisticamente significativa da velocidade do ar de secagem.Brazil is the largest producer of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. in South America and one of the largest in the world. The fruit is the marketable part of the plant, while the rest formed by stem, leaves, peel, crowns and shafts is considered as agricultural residue and is not properly used, resulting in economic loss. The aim of this study was to characterize and to evaluate the drying kinetics of enriched pineapple residue (peel using Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in static bed in fine layer, using of experimental factorial planning. The temperature (40 to 60 ºC and the wind speed (0.8 to 1.3 m s-1 were the process variables. The characterized enriched residue exhibited a high dry matter content (90.27% and a

  9. Estudo da durabilidade de argamassas alternativas contendo resíduos Durability study of alternative mortars containing wastes

    J. Farias Filho


    Full Text Available O interesse pela preservação dos recursos naturais e a busca pelo desenvolvimento sustentável tem despertado interesse de um grande número de pesquisadores visando obter materiais de construção não convencionais. Dentre essas possibilidades, destacam-se os resíduos produzidos pela construção civil e pela indústria de beneficiamento de granito, em virtude do volume gerado e os impactos ambientais do seu descarte inadequado. Este trabalho tem como objetivo estudar a durabilidade das argamassas alternativas incorporadas com resíduos de construção civil e da serragem do granito. Para quantificar a durabilidade dos materiais estudados, foram realizados ensaios de envelhecimento natural e ensaios de envelhecimento acelerado através de ciclos de molhagem e secagem, visando simular condições de utilização e avaliar sua degradação. Nos estudos da durabilidade foram utilizados traços de argamassas para alvenaria de elevação, com percentagens de substituição, em peso, da cal por resíduo de 30% e 50%. Os resultados para o envelhecimento natural evidenciaram o comprometimento da durabilidade do material após 60 dias com redução no comportamento mecânico, sendo os melhores resultados para os corpos-de-prova com 30% e 50% de resíduo de construção. No envelhecimento acelerado, para os tratamentos adotados, os resultados evidenciaram a ação da formação de silicoaluminatos de cálcio e potássio que favoreceram um aumento do comportamento mecânico e, além disso, não foi observado o comprometimento da sua durabilidade.The preservation of natural resources and search for sustainable development are increase in interest by the researchers with the aim to obtain knowledge of non conventional materials. Among these possibilities stand out the recycling of residues from civil construction and from granite industry, which are producers of large amount of residues and causing great environmental impacts. The aim of this work is to

  10. Comparative study on the effect of RES-stimulating and blockading agents on the immunological response after irradiation

    Mori, Kazuhiro; Seto, Akira; Ito, Yohei


    The effects of carbon particles and bacterial endotoxins on immunological recovery after irradiation were compared in relation to the radioprotective effects of the agents. When mice were injected with 10 mg of carbon particles (sufficient to protect the animals from radiation-induced death) 24 hrs prior to the administration of sheep red blood cells, the recovery of their immune response to the antigen was not significantly affected. Administration of 1 mg of carbon particles caused a slight enhancement of immune response. Previous treatment of animals with endotoxin resulted in a significant suppression of the immune response regardless of irradiation, the degree of suppression depending on the dose given. These results strongly suggest that the radioprotective effect of carbon- or endotoxin-treatment is attributable to the apparent RES-blockade and to the enhancement of hemopoietic recovery rather than to the enhancement of immunological recovery after irradiation. (auth.)

  11. Compósitos à base de gesso com resíduos de EVA e vermiculita

    Oliveira,Marilia P. de; Barbosa,Normando P.; Torres,Sandro M.; Leal,Antonio F.; Silva,Cibelle G.


    O gesso é um dos materiais de construção mais antigos de que se tem conhecimento. Algumas de suas propriedades lhes conferem vantagens, tais como resistência ao fogo e isolamentos térmico e acústico. Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, avaliar as propriedades físico-mecânicas de compósitos à base de gesso com a incorporação de resíduos da indústria de calçados, o etileno acetato de vinila (EVA) e a vermiculita. O desenvolvimento desses compósitos tem como propósito a produção de elementos de rev...

  12. Enriquecimento proteico do resíduo de abacaxi mediante fermentação semissólida

    Gabriela Muricy de Souza Silva


    Full Text Available A fermentação em estado semissólido executa um papel importante no aproveitamento de resíduos sólidos, devido à síntese de diferentes compostos, cujo grande interesse seja voltado para segmentos industriais. Objetivou-se estudar o processo de fermentação semissólida do resíduo de abacaxi, utilizando a levedura Saccharomyces cerevisiae, com 10% de inoculo e avaliando o efeito da concentração inicial da levedura, assim como o tempo de fermentação sobre o teor proteico. O processo foi acondicionado em estufa de circulação de ar forçada a 55 °C, durante 48 horas, sendo feita pesagens nos intervalos de 0, 14, 18, 24, 38, 42 e 48 h e realizadas analises físico-químicas e granulométrica. Mediante os resultados, observou-se uma diminuição da umidade com o passar do tempo chegando a atingir 0,91% ao final do estudo, já o teor proteico, aumentou consideravelmente, com proteína bruta de 14% para 20,56%, após 48 h, o teor de sólidos solúveis totais apresentou um declínio possivelmente devido o consumo de carboidratos pela levedura. Foi realizada a análise granulométrica do resíduo, onde se observou que cerca de 80% das partículas apresentaram diâmetro maior que 2,4 milímetros. Através da fermentação semissólida dos resíduos de abacaxi foi possível elevar o teor proteico e aumentar a concentração de nutrientes, transformando um rejeito em um possível produto para destino humano ou animal com alto valor agregado.Protein enrichment of pineapple residue by semisolid fermentationAbstract: The fermentation in state semissólido executes an important paper in the use of solid residues, due to the synthesis of different compounds, which great interest is turned for industrial segments. The objective of this work studied the process of fermentation semissólida of the pineapple residues, using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with 10 % of inoculo and value the effect of the initial concentration of the yeast, as well

  13. Comparative study on the effect of RES-stimulating and blockading agents on the immunological response after irradiation

    Mori, K; Seto, A; Ito, Y [Kyoto Univ. (Japan). Faculty of Medicine


    The effects of carbon particles and bacterial endotoxins on immunological recovery after irradiation were compared in relation to the radioprotective effects of the agents. When mice were injected with 10 mg of carbon particles (sufficient to protect the animals from radiation-induced death) 24 hrs prior to the administration of sheep red blood cells, the recovery of their immune response to the antigen was not significantly affected. Administration of 1 mg of carbon particles caused a slight enhancement of immune response. Previous treatment of animals with endotoxin resulted in a significant suppression of the immune response regardless of irradiation, the degree of suppression depending on the dose given. These results strongly suggest that the radioprotective effect of carbon- or endotoxin-treatment is attributable to the apparent RES-blockade and to the enhancement of hemopoietic recovery rather than to the enhancement of immunological recovery after irradiation.

  14. La sexualité des adolescents: quelle évolution ces 40 dernières années?

    Michaud, P.A.; Akre, C.


    Le contexte : Pour comprendre la manière dont a évolué la sexualité des adolescents ces dernières décennies, il importe de tenir compte de plusieurs changements sociaux qui ont considérablement modifié le contexte dans lequel les jeunes se développent du point de vue affectif et sexuel. La famille telle qu’Ariès en a décrit l’avènement au cours du XVIIIème et XIXème siècle cède de plus en plus le pas à une famille nucléarisée voire recomposée(1). Le cadre relativement strict qui prévalait ...

  15. Quantificação de resíduos sólidos na drenagem urbana

    Marllus Gustavo Ferreira Passos das Neves


    O objetivo deste trabalho é quantificar os resíduos sólidos que atingem a rede de drenagem de águas pluviais, isto é, plásticos, vidros, papéis e outros que podem ter destinação mais adequada do que a mais comum nos países em desenvolvimento: cursos d’água, ruas e outros locais inadequados. A quantificação do lixo foi realizada a partir da pesagem do material que atingiu o poço da casa de bombas de número 12, situada o parque Marinha do Brasil em Porto Alegre. Logo a montante desta casa de bo...

  16. Typologie et dynamique forestières: Un exemple en Barousse (Hautes Pyrénées

    Mazars, Jacqueline


    Full Text Available An ecological analysis of the Pyrenean beech groves (Barousse points to hydric conditions as the main factor determining different ecological units on a same geological substratum. This approach, completed by the historical research that brings to light the manmade actions in the fir elimination of this area, can in part generate the knowledge of the real potential forestry (Fir-Beech, Fir. The structural analysis of stands, disturbed in the past by overexploitation, indicates that the upper stratum has closed, and that, often through pioneer phases, these woods have extended their area.

    [fr] L'analyse phytoécologique de hêtraies des Pyrénées Centrales (Barousse montre que ce sont surtout les variations des conditions hydriques qui déterminent, sur un même substrat colluvial, les différentes unités stationnelles observées. Cette approche, complétée par des études historiques 'mettant en lumière le déterminisme anthropique de la disparition presque totale du Sapin de cette région, permet, en partie, de connaître les potentialités forestières réelles (hêtraiesapinière, sapinière. L'analyse structurale des peuplements, anciennement ouverts par surexploitation, indique une fermeture généralisée du couvert et une dynamique d'extension de ces formations souvent par l'intermédiaire de phases pionnières.

  17. Prédiction du comportement à long terme des matériaux polymères

    Lemaire, J.


    Most of the world activity on research, development and control of polymer durability is still based on empirical techniques developed in the early ages of polymer uses. Those techniques should be critically analysed considering the state of the art in the fundamental understanding of these complex phenomena. A more rational approach is described, especially to predict the lifetime of polymeric materials in environmental conditions. That approach is based on the recognition of the chemical evolution mechanisms. Les activités de recherche, développement et contrôle de durabilité des matériaux polymères sont encore, pour une part très importante, basées sur l'emploi de techniques empiriques dont les principes ont été énoncés dès le début de l'exploitation de ces matériaux. Une analyse critique de ces méthodes s'impose aujourd'hui en tenant compte de l'avancement des connaissances. Une approche plus rationnelle est décrite, approche basée sur la reconnaissance des mécanismes d'évolution chimique. A titre d'exemple, le mécanisme d'évolution du PVC sous contraintes conjuguées de l'UV, de la chaleur et de l'oxygène, est décrit. Des études récentes de photooxydation de polymères conducteurs au sein de polyéthylène sont également succinctement rapportées.

  18. Market optimization of a cluster of DG-RES, micro-CHP, heat pumps and energy storage within network constraints: The Power Matching City field test

    Bliek, F.W.; Van den Noort, A. [KEMA, Arnhem (Netherlands); Roossien, B.; Kamphuis, I.G. [ECN Efficiency and Infrastructure, Petten (Netherlands); De Wit, J.; Van de Velde, J. [HumiQ, Barendrecht (Netherlands); Eijgelaar, M. [Essent, Arnhem (Netherlands)


    The share of renewable energy resources for electricity production, in a distributed setting (DG-RES), increases. The amount of energy transported via the electricity grid by substitution of fossil fuels for mobility applications (electric vehicles) and domestic heating (heat pumps) increases as well. Apart from the volume of electricity also the simultaneity factor increases at all grid levels. This poses unprecedented challenges to capacity management of the electricity infrastructure. A solution for tackling this challenge is using more active distribution networks, intelligent coordination of supply and demand using ICT and using the gas distribution network to mitigate electricity distribution bottlenecks. In the EU FP6 Energy Program Integral project, a large scale heterogeneous field test has been designed for application of the software agent based PowerMatcher technology. The test is conducted in a suburb of Groningen, Hoogkerk, and entails approximately 30 homes with either a 'dual fuel' heating system (electrical heat pump with gas-fired peak-burners) or a micro-CHP. Homes also may have PV. Furthermore, a wind production facility and nodes with electricity chargers for EVs and electricity storage are part of the Virtual Power Plant cluster, constructed in this way. Domestic heating systems have intrinsic operational flexibility in comfort management through the thermal mass of the dwellings. Furthermore, the field test comfort systems are equipped with possibilities for hot water storage for central heating as well as for tap-water. Finally, having additional gas-fired heating capacity for electrical heat pumps adds to increasing flexibility by switching the energy source dependent on the status of the electricity grid. Purpose of the field test is using this flexibility to react to phenomena in the electricity system. From a commercial perspective, the aggregated cluster reacts on small-time scale events like real-time portfolio imbalance

  19. Reciclagem dos Resíduos Sólidos de Rochas Ornamentais

    Cheila Gonçalves Mothé


    Full Text Available Dimension stone industry produces a great amount of effluents, about 200,000 ton/year per solid residue. Espírito Santo State has about 600 companies, and their average consume per industry is around are 10,000 l/ day of water. Those rejects are displaced in decant lagoons, and landfill. In this work was used material provided by marble & granite industry from Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES. Those residues were characterized by chemical and mineral composition, physical properties, sintering process, and point load test. The results provided from physical indices and sintering material were compared with the results of commercial granite named in Industry as “granito rosa bavena”. Analysis allowed us to get a conclusion about the reject. These analyses showed that reject could be used as a source for ceramic material, with the possibility of choosing for a greater or lower resistance.

  20. Análise experimental de blocos intertravados de concreto com adição de resíduos do processo de recauchutagem de pneus = Analysis of experimental interlocking blocks of concrete with addition of residues of process the tires retreading production

    Cesar Fabiano Fioriti


    Full Text Available Com o aumento da população nos últimos anos, a indústria de modo geral tem se adequado à demanda resultante. A indústria do processo de recauchutagem de pneus gera resíduos que em sua maioria têm sido descartados sem nenhum controle. Este fato contribui para aumentar a poluição ambiental e favorecer a proliferação de vetores nocivos àsaúde. Visando encontrar uma aplicação para esse tipo de resíduo, neste trabalho serão apresentados resultados experimentais de blocos intertravados para pavimentos de concreto, com traços adicionados de resíduos de pneus. Foram confeccionados blocos intertravados em que se determinou, por meio de ensaios laboratoriais, a necessidade de se fixar o traço que desse maior retorno quanto às características analisadas. Verificaram-se quatro tipos de traços de concreto com resíduos de pneus. Procedeu-se aos ensaios de resistência mecânicaà compressão, absorção de água e resistência ao impacto. Pelos resultados preliminares obtidos, verificou-se que são satisfatórios, confirmando-se a possibilidade de aplicação desse tipo de bloco intertravado em ambientes com solicitações baixas, o que traria, além da economia das fontes naturais de agregados, benefícios ecológicos pela reutilização dos resíduos da recauchutagem de pneus.With the population growth in recent years, industry in general has ajusted itself to resulting demand. the industry of tire retreading generates residues that have been discarded without any control. this adds to environmental pollution and promotes the proliferation of vectors harmful to health. aiming to find an application for this type of residues, this study presents experimental results to interlocking concrete block pavements, with addition of residuestires. interlocking blocks were built up and we determined, through laboratory tests, the need to set the mark that provide greater return regarding analyzed characteristics. there are four types of dosage

  1. Manejo de resíduos gerados na assistência domiciliar pela Estratégia de Saúde da Familia

    Sergiane Bisinoto Alves


    Full Text Available O estudo objetivou analisar o manejo dos resíduos gerados pela assistência domiciliar. A coleta de dados ocorreu pela observação da assistência prestada pelos profissionais e usuários e/ou cuidadores. Os dados foram registrados em check list construído conforme recomendações da RDC 306. Os resíduos gerados foram: seringas (38,1%, agulhas (36,5%, esparadrapos (31,7%, gazes (31,7% e lancetas (28,5%. Os resíduos do grupo A não foram segregados em todas as oportunidades e os do grupo E foram segregados 100% e 10,5% pelos profissionais e usuários, respectivamente. Conclui-se que, diante das inadequações encontradas, é necessária uma ampla discussão coletiva para a proposta de políticas públicas que atendam às especificidades do manejo dos resíduos de serviços de saúde nos domicílios, com intuito de dar segurança aos trabalhadores, comunidade e ambiente.

  2. A percepção dos trabalhadores de enfermagem sobre o manejo dos resíduos químicos perigosos

    Taiza Florêncio Costa


    Full Text Available Este estudo objetivou identificar a percepção dos trabalhadores de enfermagem sobre o manejo dos resíduos químicos perigosos no Hospital Universitário da Universidade de São Paulo e elaborar uma proposta para o manejo desses resíduos. Trata-se de pesquisa de abordagem qualitativa, cuja amostra foi intencional, composta por dezoito trabalhadores de enfermagem. A coleta de dados foi realizada por meio da técnica de grupo focal. Com a análise temática foram identificadas quatro categorias que evidenciaram a deficiência de treinamento nas etapas do manejo, como a primeira dificuldade expressa, tendo aparecido ainda o desconhecimento da exposição e impactos, assim como o uso dos equipamentos de proteção individual em detrimento da proteção coletiva, seguidos das sugestões quanto às medidas de competência institucional e dos trabalhadores para o manejo seguro dos resíduos químicos perigosos. Esses dados permitiram recomendar propostas para o manejo adequado dos resíduos químicos perigosos pela enfermagem.

  3. A percepção dos trabalhadores de enfermagem sobre o manejo dos resíduos químicos perigosos

    Taiza Florêncio Costa

    Full Text Available Este estudo objetivou identificar a percepção dos trabalhadores de enfermagem sobre o manejo dos resíduos químicos perigosos no Hospital Universitário da Universidade de São Paulo e elaborar uma proposta para o manejo desses resíduos. Trata-se de pesquisa de abordagem qualitativa, cuja amostra foi intencional, composta por dezoito trabalhadores de enfermagem. A coleta de dados foi realizada por meio da técnica de grupo focal. Com a análise temática foram identificadas quatro categorias que evidenciaram a deficiência de treinamento nas etapas do manejo, como a primeira dificuldade expressa, tendo aparecido ainda o desconhecimento da exposição e impactos, assim como o uso dos equipamentos de proteção individual em detrimento da proteção coletiva, seguidos das sugestões quanto às medidas de competência institucional e dos trabalhadores para o manejo seguro dos resíduos químicos perigosos. Esses dados permitiram recomendar propostas para o manejo adequado dos resíduos químicos perigosos pela enfermagem.

  4. Astrocytes produce interferon-alpha and CXCL10, but not IL-6 or CXCL8, in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome

    van Heteren, Jane T.; Rozenberg, Flore; Aronica, Eleonora; Troost, Dirk; Lebon, Pierre; Kuijpers, Taco W.


    Aicardi-Goutières syndrome (AGS) presents as a severe autosomal recessively inherited neurological brain disease. Clinical and neurological manifestations closely resemble those of congenital viral infection and are generally attributed to a perturbation of innate immunity including a long lasting

  5. Comment on 'Water footprint of marine protein consumption—aquaculture's link to agriculture'

    Troell, M.; Metian, M.; Beveridge, M.; Verdegem, M.C.J.; Deutsch, L.


    In their article ‘Freshwater savings from marine protein consumption’ (2014 Environ. Res. Lett. 9 014005), Gephart and her colleagues analyzed how consumption of marine animal protein rather than terrestrial animal protein leads to reduced freshwater allocation. They concluded that future water

  6. Water, Water Everywhere

    Keeler, Rusty


    Everybody knows that children love water and how great water play is for children. The author discusses ways to add water to one's playscape that fully comply with health and safety regulations and are still fun for children. He stresses the importance of creating water play that provides children with the opportunity to interact with water.

  7. Bringing Europe and Third countries closer together through renewable Energies (BETTER). D2.1. EU RES cooperation initiatives with third Countries. North Africa, West Balkans and Turkey

    Uslu, A.; Dalla Longa, F.; Veum, K.C.; Straver, K. [ECN Policy Studies, Petten (Netherlands); Karakosta, C [National Technical University of Athens, Athens (Greece)


    One major element of EU's external energy policy is expanding its energy norms and regulations to neighbourhood countries and beyond to achieve its energy policy priorities - safe, secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply. The importance of external energy policy has been acknowledged in the European Union's 2007 'energy package', and Second Strategic Energy Review and the European Commission's Communication on security of energy supply and international cooperation. The EU Renewable Energy Directive provides another element to crossborder cooperation by allowing Member States to fulfil their 2020 renewable energy (RES) targets by implementing joint projects in third countries. Even though the Member States' national renewable energy action plans (NREAPs) to reach their RES targets do not indicate any significant use of this mechanism, the RES Directive acknowledges the importance of renewable energy as part of external energy policy. This report aims at presenting the political framework between the EU and the BETTER project target regions (North Africa, Western Balkans and Turkey) with regards to (renewable) energy and the relevant initiatives and the projects to set the scene for RES joint projects as defined in Article 9 of the RES Directive. The main objectives of this study report are (1) to review energy treaties, agreements, and partnerships to assess their relevance to cooperation mechanism with Third countries; and (2) to analyse the relevance of the recent projects and initiatives to BETTER project and improve and trigger the communication and synergies between BETTER project partners and the relevant projects.

  8. Utilização de resíduos de materiais cerâmicos na adsorção de corante azul de metileno

    L. Dominguini


    Full Text Available Este trabalho estuda a viabilidade de utilização de resíduos de materiais cerâmicos como agentes de adsorção de corantes utilizados em indústrias têxteis. Resíduos de materiais cerâmicos, oriundos de quebras de tijolos, azulejos e pisos foram selecionados, triturados e moídos a uma granulometria adequada, o que possibilitou o estudo da influência do tipo de material cerâmico (resíduo e da sua granulometria sobre a adsorção do corante azul de metileno. Os resíduos cerâmicos foram separados em três diferentes granulometrias, fina (0,15 mm < Dfino< 0,30 mm, média (0,30 mm < Dmédio< 1,18 mm e grossa (1,18 mm resíduo de tijolo, em uma granulometria fina, foi possível adsorver aproximadamente 76% do corante azul de metileno presente na amostra ensaiada. No entanto, os resultados também mostram que a absorção de água do material cerâmico pode não ser somente o fator que influencia na adsorção do corante.

  9. Gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos no município de pombal – PB - Brasil

    Wanessa Alves Martins


    Full Text Available RESUMO - Os resíduos quando disposto de forma incorreta, sem qualquer tratamento, pode poluir o solo, alterando suas características físicas, químicas e biológicas, se tornando também em um problema de ordem estética e uma ameaça à saúde pública. A destinação inadequada dos resíduos sólidos proveniente das diversas atividades humanas é, atualmente, um dos significativos problemas enfrentado pela administração pública no Brasil e em países em desenvolvimento. Este trabalho tem por objetivo diagnosticar o atual processo de gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos realizados no município de Pombal – PB, e propor o gerenciamento dos mesmos de maneira mais adequada diante das condições locais. O método de diagnosticar fundamentou-se num levantamento bibliográfico, entrevista ao órgão competente e a aplicação de questionários a população, em todos os bairros do município. Com o resultado deste estudo foi perceptível que a maioria da população necessita ser informada sobre as questões ambientais, para que desta forma gerencie adequadamente seus resíduos. O poder público municipal já está tomando algumas providencias para diminuir os impactos gerados pela falta de um correto gerenciamento dos seus resíduos, mas alguns pontos ainda precisam ser levados em consideração, como trabalhar principalmente a conscientização da população.Palavras chave: Destino final, Conscientização, Poder publico. 

  10. The Rock Engineering System (RES) applied to landslide susceptibility zonation of the northeastern flank of Etna: methodological approach and results

    Apuani, Tiziana; Corazzato, Claudia


    Ground deformations in the northeastern flank of Etna are well known. Despite only a few landslide events have been documented, these have significantly involved and damaged lifelines and buildings. These events are mainly related to the activity of the volcano-tectonic structures and associated seismicity, as in the case of the 2002 reactivation of the Presa landslide during an increased activity of the Pernicana fault system. In order to highlight the areal distribution of potentially unstable slopes based on a detailed, site-specific study of the factors responsible for landslide, and to ultimately contribute to risk management, a landslide susceptibility analysis of the northeastern flank of Etna in the Pernicana area was carried out, and a susceptibility map at 1:10.000 scale was produced, extending over an area of 168 km2. Different methods are proposed in the literature to obtain the regional distribution of potentially unstable slopes, depending on the problem scale, the slope dynamic evolution in the geological context, and the availability of data. Among semi-quantitative approaches, the present research combines the Rock Engineering System (RES) methodology with parameter zonation mapping in a GIS environment. The RES method represents a structured approach to manage a high number of interacting factors involved in the instability problem. A numerically coded, site-specific interaction matrix (IM) analyzes the cause-effect relationship in these factors, and calculates the degree of interactivity of each parameter, normalized by the overall interactivity of the system (weight factor). In the specific Etna case, the considered parameters are: slope attitude, lithotechnical properties (lithology, structural complexity, soil and rock mass quality), land use, tectonic structures, seismic activity (horizontal acceleration) and hydrogeological conditions (groundwater and drainage). Thematic maps are prepared at 1:10.000 scale for each of these parameters, and

  11. Les polymères auto-renforcés à cristaux liquides Self-Reinforcing Liquid-Crystal Polymers

    Dorbon M.


    Full Text Available Les polymères auto-renforcés à cristaux liquides (PARCL sont des matériaux dont les molécules, des polymères organiques, sont susceptibles de s'auto-orienter les unes par rapport aux autres. Cette propriété leur confère des caractéristiques mécaniques proches de celles des acier: pour des poids plus faibles sans qu'il soit nécessaire d'avoir recours à des fibres renforçantes. Il existe deux types de PARCL: ceux pouvant s'orienter en solution, qualifiés de lyotropiques, et ceux pouvant s'orienter à l'état fondu, appelés thermotropiques. Des fibres en poly (p-phénylène térephtalamide PPT, PARCL de type lyotropique, sont disponibles commercialement et connaissent déjà de nombreuses applications. Les PARCL thermotropiques n'existent pas encore sur le marché mais sont porteurs de nombreux espoirs car ils sont susceptibles d'être moulés et donc de prendre les formes les plus diverses, ce qui n'est pas le cas de ceux de type lyotropique. Self-reinforcing liquid-crystal polymers are materials in which the molecules, i. e. organic polymers, are capable of orienting themselves in relation to one another. This property gives them mechanical characteristics close to those of steels yet of much less weight without having to use reinforcing fibers. There are two types of self-reinforcing liquid-crystal polymers: (i those capable of orienting themselves in solution, called Iyotropic, and (ii those capable of orienting themselves in a molten state, called thermotropic. Poly (p-phenylene terephthalamide fibers, self-reinforcing liquid-crystal polymers of the Iyotropic type, are commercially available and have already found numerous applications. Thermotropic self-reinforcing liquid-crystal polymers are not yet on the market but seem to be very promising because they are capable of being molded and hence of taking on a wide variety of shapes, which is not the case of those of the lyotropic type.

  12. Le groupe de recherches transfusionnelles d’Afrique francophone: bilan des cinq premières années

    Tagny, Claude Tayou; Murphy, Edward L.; Lefrère, Jean-Jacques


    Les travaux de recherches sur la sécurité transfusionnelle en Afrique sub-saharienne sont peu nombreux, souvent limités à des initiatives locales avec des conclusions difficilement représentatives de cette région. Le Groupe de recherches transfusionnelles en Afrique sub-saharienne francophone a été créé en mai 2007 avec pour objectif de développer des stratégies globales d’amélioration de la sécurité transfusionnelle mais adaptables à la situation de chaque pays. Les activités du Groupe à ce jour ont porté essentiellement sur l’obtention de données épidémiologiques et de laboratoire sur la transfusion sanguine et à proposer des stratégies de sécurité transfusionnelle dans le domaine des infections transmissibles par la transfusion. Pour mener à bien ces activités de recherche, le Groupe travaille en étroite collaboration avec les Centres nationaux de transfusion sanguine (CNTS), les Centres régionaux de transfusion sanguine (CRTS), les banques de sang hospitalières (BSH) et les postes de collecte de sang. Pour les 5 premières années, quatre priorités de recherche ont été identifiées: (i) des études descriptives sur les caractéristiques des donneurs de sang et des centres de transfusion; (ii) une estimation du risque résiduel post-transfusionnel des principales infections virales transmissibles par la transfusion; (iii) une analyse des stratégies de sélection médicale des donneurs de sang; et (iv) une description des stratégies de dépistage des ITT et une description du système d’assurance qualité externe existant. Durant cette période, sept projets ont été mis en œuvre au niveau national et publiés et cinq études multicentriques ont été réalisées et publiées. La présente étude rapporte les principales observations et recommandations de ces études. PMID:24360798

  13. Simulation of the 2008 Iowa Flood using HiResFlood-UCI Model with Remote Sensing Data

    Nguyen, P.; Thorstensen, A. R.; Hsu, K. L.; AghaKouchak, A.; Sanders, B. F.; Sorooshian, S.


    Precipitation is a key forcing variable in hydrological modeling of floods and being able to accurately observe precipitation is extremely important in mitigating flood impacts. The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission, launched in Feb 2014 also presents an opportunity for high-quality real-time precipitation data and improved flood warnings. The PERSIANN-CCS developed by the scientists at the Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS) at the University of California, Irvine is one algorithm integrated in the IMERG of PMM/GPM. In this research, the high resolution coupled hydrologic/hydraulic model named HiResFlood-UCI was applied to simulate the historical 2008 Iowa flood in the Cedar River basin. HiResFlood-UCI is a coupling of the NWS's distributed hydrologic model HL-RDHM and the hydraulic model BreZo developed by the Computational Hydraulics Group at the University of California, Irvine. The model was forced with the real-time PERSIANN-CCS and NEXRAD Stage 2 precipitation data. Simulations were evaluated based on 2 criteria: hydrographs within the basin and the areal extent of the flooding. Streamflow hydrographs were compared at 7 USGS gages, and simulated inundation maps were evaluated using USDA AWiFS 56m resolution areal flood imagery. The results show reasonable simulated hydrographs compared to USGS streamflow observations when simulating with PERSIANN-CCS and NEXRAD Stage 2 as forcing inputs. The simulation driven by NEXRAD Stage 2 slightly outperforms the PERSIANN-CCS simulation as the latter marginally underestimated the observed hydrographs. The simulation in both cases shows a good agreement (0.672 and 0.727 CSI for Stage 2 and PERSIANN-CCS simulations respectively) with the AWiFS image over the most impacted area in the Cedar Rapids region. Since the PERSIANN-CCS simulation slightly underestimated the discharge, the probability of detection (0.925) is lower than that of the Stage 2 simulation (0.965). As a trade-off, the false

  14. Estudo do sistema de gerenciamento integrado de resíduos de construção e demolição do município de São Carlos - SP

    Rodrigo Eduardo Córdoba


    Com a intensificação da geração de resíduos sólidos urbanos, as autoridades, pesquisadores e sociedade têm voltado seus esforços para enfrentar as dificuldades de manejo e disposição final adequada desses resíduos. Neste sentido, é coerente afirmar que os resíduos de construção e demolição (RCD) fazem parte dessa problemática, pois geralmente representam a maioria dos resíduos sólidos gerados no meio urbano. A ausência de políticas públicas em relação à gestão e gerenciamento desses resíduos ...

  15. Efeito da adição de resíduo de rocha ornamental nas propriedades tecnológicas e microestrutura de piso cerâmico vitrificado Effect of the addition of ornamental rock waste on the technological properties and microstructure of vitrified ceramic floor tiles

    A. J. Souza


    Full Text Available A indústria de rochas ornamentais gera grandes quantidades de resíduos sólidos na forma de pós finos. Estes resíduos, quando descartados no ambiente, provocam impacto ambiental negativo. Foi feito um estudo sobre a influência de um resíduo de rocha ornamental nas propriedades e microestrutura de piso cerâmico vitrificado. Foi preparada uma série de massas cerâmicas contendo até 30% em peso de resíduo de rocha ornamental. Peças cerâmicas foram preparadas por prensagem uniaxial e sinterizadas entre 1190 e 1250 ºC em um ciclo de queima rápida. As seguintes propriedades tecnológicas foram determinadas: retração linear, absorção de água, massa específica aparente, e tensão de ruptura a flexão. A evolução da microestrutura e a análise de fases foram acompanhadas por microscopia eletrônica de varredura e difração de raios X. Os resultados mostraram que adições de até 30% em peso de resíduo de rocha ornamental causaram variações significativas na generalidade das propriedades tecnológicas da massa cerâmica de referência. A microestrutura das peças cerâmicas também foi influenciada com a incorporação do resíduo estudado. Os resultados também mostram que a substituição de feldspato sódico por resíduo de rocha ornamental nas massas cerâmicas tende a melhorar a qualidade do piso cerâmico.The ornamental rock industries generate huge amounts of solid wastes (fine powders. These wastes as disposed in the environment generate negative environmental impacts. In this work a study was done on the influence of an ornamental rock waste in the technological properties and microstructure of vitrified floor tile. A series of ceramic pastes were prepared with additions of up to 30 wt% of waste. Ceramic pieces were prepared by uniaxial pressing and sintered between 1190 and 1250 ºC using a fast-firing cycle. The following technological properties were determined: linear shrinkage, water absorption, apparent density

  16. Influência da adição de resíduo de caulim nas propriedades tecnológicas de uma massa padrão de porcelanato produzido em escala industrial Influence of kaolin waste addition on technological properties of a standard stoneware formulation produced in industrial scale

    M. L. Varela


    Full Text Available Atualmente existe uma grande preocupação por parte das indústrias com a disposição dos resíduos gerados ao longo do processo produtivo. No setor mineral não é diferente, pois este gera grande volume de resíduos. Verificou-se que a indústria de beneficiamento do caulim descarta grandes volumes de resíduo constituído basicamente de caulinita, mica muscovita e quartzo, ocasionando um impacto ambiental, o que tem justificado os esforços de pesquisas para sua solução. Deste modo, foi estudado o efeito da incorporação de um resíduo proveniente do beneficiamento de caulim sobre as propriedades físicas e tecnológicas de revestimentos cerâmicos de alta qualidade. O objetivo é caracterizar e estudar o processamento do resíduo proveniente da indústria de beneficiamento do caulim com adição de uma "massa padrão", fornecida por uma indústria de revestimento cerâmico. O resíduo foi caracterizado por meio de análises de difração de raios X, fluorescência de raios X e determinação do tamanho de partículas. Foram realizados ensaios de absorção de água, porosidade aparente, retração linear após queima, massa específica aparente e tensão de ruptura à flexão, para determinação das propriedades tecnológicas destes materiais. Os resultados mostram que o resíduo estudado pode ser considerado como matéria-prima de grande potencial para a indústria de pisos e revestimentos cerâmicos.There is a great concern by the industrial area on the disposal of waste generated during the production process. In the mineral sector the situation is the same, because large volumes of waste are disposed. The kaolin processing industry generates waste consisting mainly of kaolinite, mica and quartz muscovite, causing an environmental impact, justifying the research efforts to find a solution for this problem. The effect of the waste from the kaolin processing incorporation on the technological and physical properties of high quality

  17. Within-subjects comparison of the HiRes and Fidelity120 speech processing strategies: speech perception and its relation to place-pitch sensitivity.

    Donaldson, Gail S; Dawson, Patricia K; Borden, Lamar Z


    Previous studies have confirmed that current steering can increase the number of discriminable pitches available to many cochlear implant (CI) users; however, the ability to perceive additional pitches has not been linked to improved speech perception. The primary goals of this study were to determine (1) whether adult CI users can achieve higher levels of spectral cue transmission with a speech processing strategy that implements current steering (Fidelity120) than with a predecessor strategy (HiRes) and, if so, (2) whether the magnitude of improvement can be predicted from individual differences in place-pitch sensitivity. A secondary goal was to determine whether Fidelity120 supports higher levels of speech recognition in noise than HiRes. A within-subjects repeated measures design evaluated speech perception performance with Fidelity120 relative to HiRes in 10 adult CI users. Subjects used the novel strategy (either HiRes or Fidelity120) for 8 wks during the main study; a subset of five subjects used Fidelity120 for three additional months after the main study. Speech perception was assessed for the spectral cues related to vowel F1 frequency, vowel F2 frequency, and consonant place of articulation; overall transmitted information for vowels and consonants; and sentence recognition in noise. Place-pitch sensitivity was measured for electrode pairs in the apical, middle, and basal regions of the implanted array using a psychophysical pitch-ranking task. With one exception, there was no effect of strategy (HiRes versus Fidelity120) on the speech measures tested, either during the main study (N = 10) or after extended use of Fidelity120 (N = 5). The exception was a small but significant advantage for HiRes over Fidelity120 for consonant perception during the main study. Examination of individual subjects' data revealed that 3 of 10 subjects demonstrated improved perception of one or more spectral cues with Fidelity120 relative to HiRes after 8 wks or longer

  18. Aproveitamento Energético dos Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos em Aterro Sanitário

    Geslaine Frimaio da Silva


    Full Text Available Em países em desenvolvimento os aterros sanitários se destacam como a técnica de disposição final de resíduos sólidos urbanos por apresentar menor custo e apresentar técnicas de engenharia que visam minimizar os impactos à saúde pública e ambientais. Nesse sentido este estudo realiza a síntese em emergia de um aterro sanitário na cidade de São Paulo, que possui um projeto de compensação ambiental e geração de energia elétrica por meio da queima do biogás. A emergia total do sistema corresponde a 1,22x10 20 sej, as transformidades do RSU e da energia elétrica foram correspondem a 8,36x10 11 sej/J e 4,67x10 3.

  19. In Search of the ‘New Informal Legitimacy’ of Médecins Sans Frontières

    Calain, Philippe


    For medical humanitarian organizations, making their sources of legitimacy explicit is a useful exercise, in response to: misperceptions, concerns over the ‘humanitarian space’, controversies about specific humanitarian actions, challenges about resources allocation and moral suffering among humanitarian workers. This is also a difficult exercise, where normative criteria such as international law or humanitarian principles are often misrepresented as primary sources of legitimacy. This essay first argues for a morally principled definition of humanitarian medicine, based on the selfless intention of individual humanitarian actors. Taking Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a case in point, a common source of moral legitimacy for medical humanitarian organizations is their cosmopolitan appeal to distributive justice and collective responsibility. More informally, their legitimacy is grounded in the rightfulness of specific actions and choices. This implies a constant commitment to publicity and accountability. Legitimacy is also generated by tangible support from the public to individual organizations, by commitments to professional integrity, and by academic alliances to support evidence-based practice and operational research. PMID:22442647

  20. Ethical dilemmas in medical humanitarian practice: cases for reflection from Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Sheather, Julian; Shah, Tejshri


    Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent medical humanitarian organisation working in over 70 countries. It has provided medical assistance for over 35 years to populations vulnerable through conflict, disease and inadequate health systems. Medical ethics define the starting point of the relationship between medical staff and patients. The ethics of humanitarian interventions and of research in conflict settings are much debated. However, less is known about the ethical dilemmas faced by medical humanitarian staff in their daily work. Ethical dilemmas can be intensified in humanitarian contexts by insecure environments, lack of optimum care, language barriers, potentially heightened power discrepancies between care providers and patients, differing cultural values and perceptions of patients, communities and medical staff. Time constraints, stressful conditions and lack of familiarity with ethical frameworks can prevent reflection on these dilemmas, as can frustration that such reflection does not necessarily provide instant solutions. Lack of reflection, however, can be distressing for medical practitioners and can reduce the quality of care. Ethical reflection has a central role in MSF, and the organisation uses ethical frameworks to help with clinical and programmatic decisions as well as in deliberations over operational research. We illustrate and discuss some real ethical dilemmas facing MSF teams. Only by sharing and seeking guidance can MSF and similar actors make more thoughtful and appropriate decisions. Our aim in sharing these cases is to invite discussion and dialogue in the wider medical community working in crisis, conflict or with severe resource limitations.

  1. Flora Tristan: De la nécessité de faire bon accueil aux femmes étrangères

    Martine Reid


    Full Text Available Dans son traité De la nécessité de faire bon accueil aux femmes étrangères (1835, Flora Tristan (1803-1844, l’écrivaine française qui adopte l’état psychologique d’une étrangère dans son propre pays, traite de la situation des femmes “étrangères” qui voyagent seules en France et/ou commencent une nouvelle vie dans le pays, en particulier à Paris. Politiquement engagée auprès des plus défavorisés à partir du socialisme, Tristan propose la création d’une association pour ces femmes. En assimilant les deux groupes d'"étrangères” (nationales et non nationales, car elle pense que le même type d’accueil doit être fourni à toutes, Tristan préconise l’aide à la voisine nécessiteuse, voisine qui est à la fois un sujet national ou un sujet en transit, une femme sans-papiers ou une réfugiée.

  2. Aux frontières de l'astrophysique et de la philosophie entre infiniment grand et infiniment petit

    CERN. Geneva


    « L’Univers est en changement. Nous ne sommes pas des étrangers dans l’Univers : les récentes découvertes en astrophysique apportent la preuve de notre lien étroit avec tout ce qui brille dans le ciel ». par Hubert Reeves Conférence en français – Traduction simultanée en anglais À vos agendas ! Hubert Reeves, astrophysicien, philosophe et grand communicateur, est de retour au Globe de la science et de l’innovation, deux ans après la découverte du boson de Higgs au CERN, pour parler des frontières de la physique, de l’astronomie et de la philosophie. Si vous vous êtes déjà demandé dans quelle mesure cette découverte a changé notre connaissance de l’Univers et renforcé le lien entre le monde infinime...

  3. Influence of Low Molecular Weight Polymers on the Rheology of Bentonite Suspensions Influence de polymères de faible masse moléculaire sur la rhéologie de suspensions de bentonite

    Rossi S.


    Full Text Available In this communication we demonstrate how relatively low molecular weight synthetic polymers significantly alter the rheological properties of Bentonite/water suspensions depending upon the polymer dosage and/or degree of surface coverage on the clay particle. The behaviour of two types of nonionic polymers are reported; a series of nonylphenol poly(propylene oxide poly(ethylene oxide polymers with varying EO chain length and a series consisting of an ABA block copolymer of poly(propylene oxide-poly(ethylene oxide with varying EO chain length. Adsorption isotherms of dilute clay suspensions showed a higher uptake of the lowest molecular weight polymer (in µmol/m² for each series. The adsorbed amount G increases in the order NPE > PEO > PE. The oscillatory shear and steady state shear stress-shear rate measurements of concentrated clay suspensions (3-6% w/v facilitate the interpretation of the particle-particle interactions. The yield stress, plastic viscosity and elastic modulus showed a maximum at about 50% surface coverage by the NPE polymers, and a subsequent decrease due to stabilisation of the suspension. For the PE polymers these parameters continously decreased as the surface of the clay particle was covered. Scaling of the elastic modulus with increasing clay content allows the determination of the exponent n from a power-law fit G = Kon which qualitatively describes the degree of dispersion for the different polymers. Preliminary results of the effect of temperature and pressure on Bentonite/polymer suspensions are also presented. Dans cette communication, nous démontrons comment les polymères synthétiques de masse moléculaire relativement faible modifient notablement les propriétés rhéologiques de suspensions de bentonite dans l'eau en fonction de polymère et/ou du degré de couverture superficielle de la particule d'argile. Les comportements de deux types de polymères non ioniques sont décrits: une série de polymères

  4. Análise da co-utilização do resíduo do beneficiamento do caulim e serragem de granito para produção de blocos e telhas cerâmicos Analysis of the use of kaolin processing waste and granite sawing waste together for the production of ceramic bricks and roof tiles

    R. R. Menezes


    Full Text Available O volume de resíduos gerado pela mineração e o beneficiamento mineral vêm se intensificando a cada dia, em virtude do aumento da demanda causado pelo crescimento da economia mundial. As indústrias do beneficiamento do caulim e da serragem do granito são importantes segmentos econômicos do Estado da Paraíba, entretanto produzem enormes quantidades de resíduos. Assim, este trabalho tem por objetivo caracterizar os resíduos do beneficiamento do caulim e da serragem do granito e avaliar a viabilidade de sua co-utilização para produção de blocos e telhas cerâmicos. Os resíduos foram caracterizados através da determinação de sua composição química e mineralógica, pelo uso de difração de raios X e análise térmica diferencial e gravimétrica, distribuição e tamanho de partículas e análise morfológica por microscopia eletrônica de varredura. Foram formuladas composições contendo os resíduos e confeccionados corpos de prova por extrusão. Os corpos de prova foram queimados e em seguida determinou-se sua absorção de água e módulo de ruptura à flexão. Pode-se observar que o resíduo do caulim é constituído por caulinita, mica e quartzo, que o resíduo de granito é constituído por quartzo, mica, albita e calcita e, que os resíduos apresentam distribuições granulométricas significativamente diferentes. Concluiu-se também que é possível a incorporação de até 50% de resíduo em formulações para produção de blocos e telhas cerâmicas e que a co-utilização do resíduo de granito e de caulim possibilita obter propriedades físicas superiores às observadas nos corpos de prova com incorporação de apenas resíduo de caulim.The amount of wastes generated by the miner and mineral processing industries has increasing day by day due to the high demand cause by the global economy grow up. The processing kaolin ad sawing granite industries are important economic segments in the state of Paraíba, but generate

  5. Evolução e desafios no gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos no Brasil

    Victor Fernandez Nascimento


    Full Text Available A geração dos resíduos sólidos urbanos (RSU no Brasil vem aumentando ao longo do tempo, com alterações na qualidade do resíduo, o que levanta discussões a respeito do gerenciamento e da importância em se destinar estes resíduos adequadamente. Atualmente as questões que envolvem a gestão dos RSU têm enfoque central no cumprimento de políticas públicas. A partir da implementação efetiva da Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (PNRS - lei nº 12.305/2010 é que se esperam mudanças no panorama dos resíduos sólidos no Brasil. Por conta disso, este trabalho faz um levantamento bibliográfico que tem como objetivo abordar aspectos sobre os RSU no Brasil, considerando aqueles esperados para acontecer no setor público após a implementação da PNRS. Os dados apresentados e discutidos permitiram entender a evolução da gestão dos RSU no Brasil e alguns desafios para o cumprimento das determinações da PNRS, como, por exemplo, a expansão da coleta e tratamento dos RSU, o papel mais ativo da sociedade nos processos que envolvem a separação dos resíduos e a dificuldade da erradicação de lixões e sua substituição por aterros sanitários. Em geral, apesar de terem ocorrido melhoras no gerenciamento dos RSU, estas não foram suficientes para que as mudanças propostas pela PNRS fossem cumpridas e para que se estabeleça uma gestão integrada de RSU mais eficaz e sustentável tanto ao meio ambiente quanto à sociedade, denotando a emergência de soluções estruturais no setor de gerenciamentos dos RSU no Brasil.

  6. Caractéristiques biologiques de la truite de mer (Salmo trutta L. au Nord de l'Espagne, dans deux rivières des Asturies

    TOLEDO Ma Del Mar


    Full Text Available Une première caractérisation des truites de mer des rivières du Nord de l'Espagne (Asturies est réalisée à partir de l'analyse de la structure de taille et d'âge, ainsi que celle de l'alimentation et des paramètres reproducteurs des poissons adultes. Les truites proviennent des captures réalisées à la ligne (de juin à août sur les rivières Cares et Narcea et par pêche électrique sur les zones de frayères du Narcea durant la saison de reproduction (novembre à janvier. Les truites de mer échantillonnées durant la saison de pêche ont une structure d'âge semblable sur les deux cours d'eau. Environ 85% des individus sont restés deux ans en eau douce avant de descendre en mer, et plus de 95% d'entre eux appartiennent aux classes d'âge de mer 0 + et 1 + . L'importance relative des poissons de 0 + de mer (finnock est légèrement plus élevée dans le Cares (68% que dans le Narcea (51 %. Le rapport des sexes est en faveur des femelles, quelle que soit la classe d'âge de mer. La structure d'âge marin des truites capturées en période de reproduction ne diffère pas de celle observée durant la saison de pêche, bien que montrant une haute proportion de 0 + de mer (32% de l'ensemble des poissons matures. Le taux de maturation chez les truites de 0 + de mer est particulièrement élevé ( 81% parmi les femelles et 100% chez les mâles et tous les individus des autres classes d'âge de mer sont matures. Le nombre d'oeufs (de 571 à 2086 oeufs par femelle et l'index gonadosomatique sont positivement corrélés à la taille et à l'âge de mer des femelles. La truite de mer se nourrit activement en eau douce durant la remontée estivale, puisque 81 % des estomacs examinés étaient pleins. Elle consomme principalement des Epheméroptères, des Diptères et des Trichoptères, mais son alimentation inclut également des proies d'origine terrestre, essentiellement des Arthropodes.

  7. Mineralização de nitrogênio em latossolos adubados com resíduos orgânicos

    Waldete Japiassu de Oliveira Carneiro


    Full Text Available A taxa de mineralização do nitrogênio (N varia de um resíduo orgânico para outro, evidenciando-se dependente da sua composição química e interação do material orgânico com o solo. Este estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar a dinâmica de mineralização de N de resíduos orgânicos incubados em Latossolos. O experimento foi conduzido no período de julho de 2007 a abril de 2008, sendo incubadas amostras de estercos, lodos, compostos, substrato e turfa em areia lavada, Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo (LVA e Latossolo Vermelho distroférrico (LVdf, com 240 e 670 g kg-1 de argila, respectivamente. O N mineralizado foi avaliado medindo-se os teores de N-NH4+ e N-NO3- em lixiviados coletados aos 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 e 270 dias de incubação. A mineralização de N ocorreu a maiores taxas nos períodos iniciais de incubação. O N mineralizado (33 a 199,2 mg kg-1 após 270 dias de incubação é regulado pelos teores de N total e de carbono solúvel em água dos resíduos orgânicos. Independentemente do meio utilizado para incubação, os estercos de galinha e de codorna propiciaram os maiores teores de N mineralizado nos Latossolos. À exceção dos estercos de galinha e codorna, há imobilização líquida de N no LVA; mineralização líquida de N é verificada no LVdf, para todos os resíduos orgânicos. Em relação às formas de N disponibilizadas pelos resíduos, predomina o N-nitrato, sendo a proporção N-nítrico/N-amoniacal dependente da mistura solo-resíduo estudada.

  8. A utilização de resíduos de pneus inservíveis em argamassa de revestimento = The use of scrap rubber tire residues in finishing mortar for construction

    José Aparecido Canova


    Full Text Available Este trabalho avalia uma argamassa de revestimento com resíduos de pneus inservíveis, produzida com cimento, cal virgem e areia, no traço 1: 1,5: 9 (em volume e adição de pó de borracha moída, nas proporções 0, 6, 8, 10 e 12% do volume de agregado. Avaliou-se a massa específica, o teor de ar incorporado e a retenção de água no estado plástico e em corpos de prova cilíndricos, a resistência à compressão axial, a resistência à tração por compressão diametral, o módulo de deformação estática e a absorção de água por imersão no estado endurecido; e a resistência de aderência à tração e a fissuração em corpos de prova aplicados sobre substrato. A argamassa com resíduo apresentou menores incidências de fissuras no revestimento, redução no módulo e na resistência e aumento noteor de ar incorporado. O produto estudado é uma alternativa que contribui para a redução de fissuras em revestimentos argamassados.This work evaluates a finishing mortar containing residues of discarded rubber tires, produced with cement, lime and sand, in a ratio of 1:1.5: 9, mixed by volume, with the addition of crushed rubber powder in the proportions of 0, 6, 8, 10 and 12% ofaggregate volume. Specific mass, the level of air content and water retention were evaluated in the plastic state. In cylindrical specimens, the axial compressive strength, traction resistance by diametral compression, static deformation module and water absorption by immersion were evaluated in the dry state; and the tensile bond strength and the fissuration in the specimens applied on substratum. The mortar with tire residues presented lower incidences of visible fissures in the finishing, reduction in the deformation module andresistance, and an increase in the level of air content. The studied product is an alternative that can contribute to the reduction of fissures in cemented coverings.

  9. Resíduos Sólidos na Bacia do Rio Ivinhema-MS | Solid Waste in River Basin Ivinhema-MS

    Flávia Akemi Ikuta


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false PT-BR X-NONE X-NONE Introdução: O trabalho apresenta parte dos resultados da pesquisa intitulada “Geração e disposição de resíduos sólidos urbanos e as formas de organização dos trabalhadores catadores de resíduos recicláveis nos municípios localizados na bacia do rio Ivinhema-MS”, realizada com apoio do CNPq. A área estudada compreende um conjunto de 25 municípios, localizados na bacia do Rio Ivinhema, na região sudeste do Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, com uma população total aproximada de 675.569 habitantes, sendo 81,92% urbana (IBGE, Censo 2010. Dentre os principais objetivos destacam-se: realizar um diagnóstico da situação da produção e destinação de resíduos sólidos; e contribuir para a identificação de ações prioritárias a serem desenvolvidas na área, tendo em vista o melhor gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos. Metodologia/Desenvolvimento: O desenvolvimento da pesquisa apoiou-se em ampla revisão bibliográfica sobre as principais questões teórico-metodológicas ligadas ao tema escolhido, o que fundamentou sua melhor compreensão e orientação da pesquisa, bem como a coleta de dados de fontes secundárias. Os principais instrumentos utilizados para a coleta de dados foram: questionários, aplicados junto às prefeituras municipais, empresas envolvidas no manejo de resíduos e organizações de catadores (associações ou cooperativas; entrevistas não estruturadas, para esclarecimento de dúvidas sobre os questionários e complementação de informações; e observações realizadas em trabalho de campo nos locais de disposição dos diversos tipos de resíduos sólidos urbanos, para complementar dados, obter informações com registros fotográficos e confrontar os dados informados em questionários. Após a coleta, foi realizada a tabulação e sistematização, facilitando a verificação de semelhanças, diferenças, relações e inter-relações entre os dados. Em

  10. Uso de resíduos de couro wet-blue como componente de substrato para plantas The use of residues of wet blue leather as a growing media component

    Rafael Henrique Schüür Daudt


    Full Text Available O resíduo de rebaixamento de couro wet-blue (RR, também denominado de "serragem de couro", resulta do processo de padronização do couro na indústria de curtimento. Na virada do século, a indústria nacional descartou cerca de 131 mil toneladas do RR na natureza. Neste estudo, investigou-se a possibilidade de uso de RR como um componente de substratos para plantas ornamentais de jardim. Mudas de Tagetes patula L. "Aurora" foram cultivadas em recipientes de 6 cm de altura e 216mL de volume, contendo RR + a mistura CACV (casca de arroz carbonizada e vermiculita superfina, 6:1, v:v nas seguintes proporções volumétricas: 0:1 (100% CACV, 1:3, 1:1, 3:1, 1:0 (100% RR. As mudas foram cultivadas por 23 dias, até o ponto de transplante. A caracterização dos substratos testados baseou-se nos valores de pH, salinidade, densidade seca e nas curvas de retenção de água. A adição de RR reduziu a densidade, aumentou a porosidade e a água retida nas misturas, proporcionando boas condições físicas para o desenvolvimento das mudas de Tagetes. A elevada salinidade do RR (>7g L-1 como KCl e o baixo valor de pH natural do resíduo (3,7, em H2O são características que precisam ser observadas nesta proposta de uso. De forma geral, as mudas mostraram boa tolerância à presença de RR até fração de 50% da mistura. Aumentando a proporção do resíduo, as plantas apresentaram tombamento, menor comprimento do sistema de raízes e menor estabilidade do torrão, que se desagregava ao ser retirada a muda para transplante. Os resultados sugerem a possibilidade de uso de RR como componente de substrato para plantas, desde que observados suas características limitantes e a adição em volumes menores que 50% na mistura.The industrial wet-blue leather standardization process generates a by-product called leather sawdust (RR. At the beginning of this century, the Brazilian tanning industry rejected about 131 thousand tons of RR in the environment. The

  11. Potentialités écologiques des carrières de quartzite après exploitation : l'exemple de la carrière de Cheffois (Vendée, France

    François Bétard


    Full Text Available Dans les carrières de roches massives abandonnées après l'exploitation, l'aridité du sol et le caractère oligotrophe du milieu, conjugués à la présence de parois rocheuses et de plans d'eau au niveau des excavations les plus profondes, sont des éléments favorables à l'expression d'une biodiversité renouvelée et originale. Un inventaire écologique mené sur la carrière de quartzite de Cheffois, située dans le sud du Massif Armoricain, a révélé la richesse biologique de ce type de milieu semi-naturel. Les résultats de l'inventaire ont conduit à distinguer six types d'habitats néoformés correspondant à d'anciens secteurs d'exploitation : (1 un plan d'eau de fosse, (2 une zone de carreau humide, (3 une zone de carreau sec, (4 des fronts de taille d'expositions variées, (5 des remblais boisés, et (6 une galerie souterraine. Ces six types de milieux sont eux-mêmes subdivisés en une mosaïque de petits habitats, favorisant au final une grande biodiversité avec le développement de nombreuses espèces végétales et animales, dont certaines à forte valeur patrimoniale. Replacé dans le contexte du Bas-Bocage vendéen, l'apport écologique de la carrière de quartzite est évalué et confronté aux pertes en biodiversité engendrées par l'ouverture de la carrière. Avec les autres carrières de quartzite situées sur les sites rocheux des environs, elles constituent, ensemble, un réseau de carrières partiellement inondées pouvant contribuer à la création d'un véritable corridor écologique, dans une matrice bocagère actuellement en perte de biodiversité.In abandoned quarries of massive rocks, the aridity and oligotrophic character of soils, combined with the presence of rock walls and water bodies in the deeper excavations, are favourable to the expression of a renewed, original biodiversity. An ecological survey carried out on the quartzite quarry of Cheffois, located in the southern Armorican Massif, revealed the

  12. Caracterização bromatológica e mineral dos resíduos de broto de bambu, visando a sua utilização como alimento animal Mineral and bromatologic characterization of bamboo shoot residues as animal food

    Anisio Azzini


    Full Text Available Nesse estudo, realizado em 1992, nos Institutos Agronômico, de Tecnologia de Alimentos e de Zootecnia, procedeu-se à caracterização bromatológica e mineral dos resíduos de broto de bambu (Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro, a fim de utilizá-los como alimento animal. Os resultados mostraram que tais resíduos, constituídos basicamente por bainhas e pedaços tenros de colmo, apresentaram elevados teores de proteína (131,4 g/kg, açúcares (115,3 g/kg, fibras (235,4 g/kg e ácido cianídrico (213 mg/kg. Essa concentração de ácido cianídrico pode causar efeito tóxico em animais, devendo-se, portanto, eliminá-lo, adotando o mesmo procedimento utilizado para a fração comestível do broto, o qual se resume no cozimento em água fervente durante 20 minutos. Após esse tratamento, os resíduos de broto de bambu podem ser utilizados como alimento animal.The mineral and bromatologic characterization of bamboo shoot residues (Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro were determined as animal food. The results showed that the bamboo shoot residues (sheaths and pieces of soft culms presented hight contents of protein (131.4 g/kg, sugars (115.3 g/kg, fibers (235.4 g/kg and hydrocyanic acid (213 mg/kg. This hydrocyanic acid concentration can be toxic for animals, then this cyanogenic componed must be eliminated using boiling water during 20 minutes. This treatment is similar to the treatment used for edible parts of bamboo shoot. After this treatment for hydrocyanic acid elimination the bamboo shoot residues can be used as animal food.

  13. Reaproveitamento de resíduo sólido proveniente do setor siderúrgico em cerâmica vermelha

    Oliveira,G. E.; Holanda,J. N. F.


    Este trabalho mostra os resultados de um estudo sobre a incorporação de resíduo sólido proveniente do setor siderúrgico na formulação de uma massa argilosa utilizada na fabricação de cerâmica vermelha. As massas preparadas continham os seguintes teores de resíduo de siderurgia: 0; 0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5 e 3,0% em peso. Os resultados de difração de raios X, distribuição de tamanho de partículas e limites de Atterberg são apresentados para as massas argilosas. Os corpos-de-prova foram conforma...

  14. Etat des lieux et leviers pour réduire les pertes alimentaires dans les filières françaises

    Redlingshofer, Barbara; Coudurier, Bernard; Georget, Martine


    A ce jour, peu de données existent sur l’ampleur des pertes alimentaires aux stades amont des filières, en France, en Europe et au-delà. L’étude transversale de l’Inra réalisée par ses Groupes Filières a comme objectif d’apporter des connaissances, pour la France, sur les pertes alimentaires, aux stades de la production agricole jusqu’à la distribution, sur les raisons imputables et sur le devenir de ces pertes. Les leviers d’action d’ores et déjà actionnables pour réduire ces pertes sont ...

  15. Obtenção de biodiesel a partir de resíduos gordurosos obtidos de gordura animal - vísceras de frango

    Mateus Afonso Gomes


    O foco principal do projeto foi estudar e avaliar os parâmetros da obtenção de Biodiesel tendo como matéria prima o resíduo gorduroso (OGR) obtido de gordura animal, particularmente a de frango. Os objetivos do projeto vão ao encontro de questões intimamente ligadas a área ambiental e socioeconômica que cercam a produção do biodiesel. Para isso, tornou-se necessário seguir as etapas do trabalho proposto e assim, determinar a viabilidade do projeto. Foi necessário obter os resíduos gordurosos ...

  16. Les filières de traitement et de valorisation des boues d'épuration en France. Rapport d'enquête

    Richard, M.; Pradel, M.


    / Irstea, en partenariat avec l'Onema, étudie les impacts environnementaux des filières de traitement et de valorisation/élimination des boues d'épuration présentes dans les stations de traitement des eaux usées (STEU) en France. Dans le cadre de la conception et de la structuration d'un outil ACV simplifié, la connaissance des filières boues mises en place en France est nécessaire. Ainsi, une enquête au niveau national a été menée en 2014. L'objectif de cette enquête est dans un premier t...

  17. Liberação de potássio em latossolos tratados com resíduos orgânicos

    Oliveira, Waldete Souza Japiassu de


    A taxa de liberação de K varia de um resíduo orgânico para outro e se mostra dependente do grau de humificação, da composição química e do teor e das formas de K no material estudado. Este estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar o potencial e a dinâmica de liberação de potássio de diferentes resíduos e adubos orgânicos incubados em amostras de areia e de latossolos. O experimento foi conduzido no Departamento de Ciência do Solo/UFLA, no Laboratório de Estudo da Matéria Orgânica do Solo...

  18. Estudo do resíduo fosfogesso na formulação de uma pasta para revestimento interno de edifícios

    Oliveira, Jorge Ivan de


    O objeto da pesquisa é o fosfogesso, um resíduo da indústria de ácido fosfórico, matéria prima para a produção de fertilizantes fosfatados, detergentes, rações animais, aditivos em alimentos, pesticidas e outros produtos químicos, mais comumente aplicados na agricultura para correção do solo. O fosfogesso resulta da lixiviação ácida da rocha fosfatada com ácido sulfúrico concentrado e água. Como produto dessa reação, tem-se o ácido fosfórico e o resíduo, sulfato de cálcio dihidratado (fosfoge...

  19. Dynamique de transfert des matières organiques et inorganiques le long du continuum fluvial de la Garonne : impact de la retenue de Malause

    Mamoudou, Mohamadou


    Les fleuves sont à l'origine des transferts de matières organiques et inorganiques des continents vers les océans. Ces matières peuvent être séparées par filtration (généralement à 0,45 ou 0,22µm) entre une phase particulaire et une phase dissoute. Le devenir des formes organiques va dépendre de leurs origines. Les formes labiles sont souvent rapidement minéralisées lors de leur transfert tandis que les formes réfractaires ont un comportement conservatif. Nous avons étudié la dynamique de tou...

  20. Evaluation the total exposure of soil sample in Adaya site and the obtain risk assessments for the worker by Res Rad code program

    Mahadi, A. M.; Khadim, A. A. N.; Ibrahim, Z. H.; Ali, S. A.


    The present study aims to evaluation the total exposure to the worker in Adaya site risk assessment by using Res Rad code program. The study including 5 areas soil sample calculate in the site and analysis it by High Pure Germaniums (Hg) system made (CANBERRA) company. The soil sample simulation by (Res Rad) code program by inter the radioactive isotope concentration and the specification of the contamination zone area, depth and the cover depth of it. The total exposure of same sample was about 9 mSv/year and the (Heast 2001 Morbidity, FGR13 Morbidity) about 2.045 state every 100 worker in the year. There are simple different between Heast 2001 Morbidity and FGR13 Morbidity according to the Dose Conversion Factor (DCF) use it. The (FGR13 Morbidity) about 2.041 state every 100 worker in the year. (Author)

  1. A geração de resíduos sólidos no festival gastronômico de Carlos Barbosa : o Festiqueijo

    Néry, Carlos Henrique Cardona


    Um evento (festa gastronômica) possui características de um empreendimento turístico que consome água, energia e insumos, gerando resíduos sólidos, emissões gasosas e água residuária. Assim, é importante a identificação das diferentes formas de impactos ambientais decorrentes de festas dessa natureza, no sentido de melhor contemplar a variável ambiental no planejamento das mesmas. O presente estudo se propõe avaliar a geração de resíduos sólidos em um festival gastronômico, que faz parte de u...

  2. Avaliação da retenção de gases em camadas de cobertura de aterros de resíduos sólidos

    Odete Holanda Mariano, Maria


    As camadas de cobertura das células dos aterros para RSU funcionam como um isolante entre a massa de resíduos e o ambiente externo. Esta camada também é responsável por evitar a entrada de água na massa de resíduos, bem como, a saída de gases para a atmosfera. Esses fatos por si só, revelam a importância do correto dimensionamento e da adequada execução destes elementos dos aterros. A presente pesquisa aborda o comportamento do solo em relação à retenção dos gases pela camad...

  3. Desenvolvimento de modelo conceitual de telha ecológica a partir de resíduos de PET e gesso da construção

    S. Teske


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta o gesso na construção civil, suas aplicações, características e o desperdício associado. É exposta a legislação brasileira pertinente ao gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos na construção, e mais especificamente as resoluções CONAMA 307/02 e 431/11, em que o resíduo de gesso passou a ter uma reclassificação quanto a sua destinação. Assim, esse passou a ser considerado um material passível de reutilização e reciclagem. Dessa forma, o objetivo do trabalho foi investigar a viabilidade técnica de aproveitamento de resíduos de gesso como matéria-prima para materiais de construção, no caso, pela incorporação deste em telhas. Assim, é feita uma descrição dos tipos de telhas, suas características e métodos de fabricação, como também a exposição de dois tipos de telhas recicladas. É descrito também o albedo, associado com o benefício de telhados brancos na redução da temperatura dentro das edificações nos dias de maior calor. Foi feita uma lista com as formas e cobrimentos possíveis para a adaptação do gesso na telha, e a partir de características favoráveis às telhas foi escolhido o modelo a ser detalhado, a partir de uma matriz avaliativa. O modelo escolhido foi o Colonial Gigante, com capa polimérica feita de resíduo de PET (politereftaleno de etileno envolvendo o resíduo de gesso. Um modelo 3D foi desenvolvido, e a telha foi nomeada de Telha GePET. Foram definidas em laboratório a umidade e a massa específica aparente e unitária do resíduo de gesso. Diversas características da telha foram descritas, como suas dimensões, massa, fonte de matéria-prima, produção, instalação no telhado, manutenção e durabilidade, o descarte após sua vida útil, o albedo, o isolamento térmico e o valor da telha. Concluiu-se que é possível a fabricação de uma telha com resíduos de gesso, juntamente com o resíduo de PET, tornando-a um produto mais sustentável e 100% reciclável.

  4. Les peintures marines antisalissures à base de polymères organostanniques Antifouling Marine Paints Containing Organo-Tin Polymers

    Dawans F.


    Full Text Available Le dépôt des salissures marines sur les ouvrages immergés est influencé par plusieurs facteurs et il entraîne des conséquences néfastes, en particulier pour la maintenance des supports de plates-formes de production du pétrole en mer et pour la consommation d'énergie requise pour la propulsion des navires. Divers moyens de lutte antisalissure ont été envisagés parmi lesquels les peintures marines antisalissures occupent une place de choix. Ces peintures contiennent, en général, un composé métallique toxique envers les organismes marins d'origine animale ou végétale et différents mécanismes d'action ont été proposés. Les dérivés organostanniques sont des agents biocides très efficaces et lorsqu'ils sont liés chimiquement sur un polymère, en particulier sous forme de greffons, on obtient un contrôle amélioré de leur lixiviation dans la phase aqueuse et par conséquent la durée de vie du revêtement antisalissure est prolongée. La synthèse de polymères comportant un cation organostannique toxique peut être effectuée, soit par la polymérisation ou la copolymérisation de monomères insaturés organostanniques, soit par la réaction chimique de composés organostanniques avec un substrat polymère comportant des groupes fonctionnels appropriés. Les avantages et les inconvénients de diverses formulations de peintures à base de dérivés organostanniques sont discutés. Marine fouling deposits on submerged structures are influenced by several factors and bring about harmful consequences, especially with regard to offshore oil-production platform structures and for the energy consumption required for ship propulsion. Various antifouling methods have been considered, including antifouling marine coatings in particular. Such paints generally contain a metallic compound which is toxic with regard to marine organisms of animal or vegetable origin, and various action mechanisms have been proposed. Organo

  5. Armastuse Armee süütab täna Snelli tiigi ääres südame / Askur Alas

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    Valgusfestivali üritustest Tallinnas. 14. jaanuaril Shnelli tiigi ääres toimuval tuleskulptuuride võistlusel osaleva Rootsi võistkonna Armastuse Armee tuleetendusest räägivad võistkonna juht skulptor Gunnar Carl Nilsson ja maalikunstnik Ola Öhlin. Veebruari algul vanalinna kohale kerkiva valguskupli idee autorid on hollandlased Winy Maas ja Rogier van der Heide. 25. jaanuaril seatakse üles büroo Kavakava installatsioon "Tallinna talje"

  6. Fitodisponibilidade de metais utilizando ácidos orgânicos após sucessiva aplicação de resíduos no solo

    Maria A. G. da Silva


    Full Text Available Conduziu-se este estudo com o objetivo de avaliar a concentração de metais pesados no solo, provenientes de resíduos orgânicos, bem como a ocorrência de fitotoxicidade de metais em soja. Os metais no solo foram extraídos por ácidos orgânicos, comumente presentes na rizosfera das plantas. A soja foi cultivada sucessivamente, durante oito anos, e recebeu repetidamente, a aplicação dos resíduos de origem urbana, como lodo de esgoto biodigerido (LB e lodo de esgoto centrifugado (LC, e de origem industrial, como escória de aciaria (E e a lama cal (LCal. O experimento foi conduzido em Latossolo Vermelho distrófico (Oxisolo na UNESP, Botucatu, SP, onde recebeu os resíduos nas doses de zero (controle 2, 4, e 8 Mg ha-1, antes da semeadura da soja, de 2002 a 2010, a cada dois anos, totalizando quatro aplicações. Nas profundidades analisadas de 0 a 0,10 m e de 0,10 a 0,20 m, ficou evidente que o resíduo que mais acrescentou metais ao solo e às folhas e grãos da soja, foi o LB, aumentando a concentração de Ni, Cd, Pb e Zn, enquanto que nos tratamentos em que se aplicou a escória (E, o principal metal liberado ao solo foi o Cr. A aplicação da LCal não aumentou a concentração dos metais e a soja apresentou uma concentração de Cr, Ni e Zn acima dos limites máximos permitidos para grãos alimentícios, quando recebeu LB, principalmente na dose de 8,0 Mg ha-1.

  7. Success factors for sustainable private business operation of decentralised rural electrification with PV - Results from the project "DELTA PRO RES" in the lower Delta Mekong countries

    Gölz, S.; Vogt, G.; Maigne, Y.; Mozas, K.


    The project Delta PRO RES is the response to the wave of electricity sector reform in developing countries in South East Asia which provides opportunities for a new approach: bankable rural electrification. The project prepares the ground for this future track by developing a methodology and markets to increase rural access to energy with decentralized renewable energy systems in the Lower Delta Mekong countries Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR. Private entrepreneurship and venture capital inves...

  8. Sustentabilidade na indústria da construção: uma logística para reciclagem dos resíduos de pequenas obras

    Joel Vieira Baptista Junior


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho são discutidos os principais aspectos relacionados à geração de resíduos da construção civil, sob ponto de vista de sustentabilidade das edificações. Esse conceito exige, das novas construções, a adoção de projetos criativos e eficientes, com soluções adequadas para as diversas fases de vida da obra, incluindo a previsão do reaproveitamento e descarte de materiais ao fim de sua vida útil. Um dos problemas atuais da gestão de resíduos da construção civil é que a segregação dos materiais por classe, visando à sua posterior reciclagem ou descarte, só acontece na cidade do Rio de Janeiro em grandes obras com canteiros instalados, embora mais da metade da quantidade produzida seja proveniente de pequenas obras com resíduos descartados em caçambas de rua ou simplesmente lançados em vias públicas ou terrenos baldios. É sugerido um plano de gestão circular, especialmente voltado para os pequenos geradores, com obrigatoriedade de segregação dos materiais, instalação de pontos de recolhimento pelos bairros da cidade e implantação de centros de tratamento de resíduos da construção civil, operados por associações de catadores, com objetivo de produção de materiais reciclados. O sucesso da proposta depende da efetiva participação de todos os agentes envolvidos no processo, como o poder público, proprietários, empresas e demais profissionais da indústria da construção civil.

  9. Crescimento de mudas de pupunheira (Bactris gasipaes Kunth utilizando resíduo de mineração de areia como componente de substratos

    Valéria Augusta Garcia


    Full Text Available objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o crescimento de mudas de pupunheira quando utilizado o resíduo fino de mineração de areia na composição de substratos. O experimento constou de cinco tratamentos, sendo quatro composições de diferentes proporções de resíduo de mineração de areia e casca de arroz carbonizada: 1:0; 3:1; 1:1; 1:3 e um substrato padrão composto por latossolo amarelo podzólico álico e esterco de búfalo curtido, na proporção 3:1. Utilizou-se o delineamento experimental de blocos ao acaso com cinco repetições e 10 mudas por parcela. Repicou-se uma plântula de pupunheira por recipiente (sacos plásticos de polietileno preto de 8 x 20 cm, volume 1,1 L, os quais foram preenchidos com os diferentes substratos. Foram determinadas mensalmente as variáveis diâmetro do coleto, altura da haste, número de folhas e taxa de crescimento relativo e, após 180 dias da repicagem, os valores SPAD (Soil and Plant Analysis Development, dinâmica da assimilação de CO2, da transpiração e da condutividade estomática. O resíduo de mineração de areia puro como substrato não proporcionou mudas de qualidade, visto que esse material apresenta alta densidade e baixa granulometria. Seu uso pode ser indicado como um dos componentes de substratos, pois as plantas que cresceram nas misturas de resíduo e casca de arroz carbonizada apresentaram resultados semelhantes ao do considerado padrão.

  10. Interventions pour améliorer la santé des mères, des nouveau-nés ...

    Améliorer la qualité des soins. - Assurer la bonne continuité de la prise en charge des mères et des enfants. - S'attaquer aux problèmes financiers et géographiques liés au paludisme saisonnier. De la grossesse à l'accouchement. Dans les deux pays visés, les chercheurs évalueront le rôle de quatre interventions sur les ...

  11. Acquis et défis de la gestion participative des ressources forestières : Cas du Parc National d’Ifrane

    Larbi Aziz


    Full Text Available Les ressources forestières constituent un capital naturel pour l’approvisionnement des populations locales, en bois, en plantes aromatiques et médicinales et en parcours pour le pâturage. Ces multiples usages ont conduit ces populations à mettre en place une gestion communautaire et très ancienne de ces ressources. Depuis 2002, l’administration des Eaux et Forêts a mis en place une politique forestière basée sur une stratégie de gestion participative. Nous avons étudié les formes de gestion communautaire et par l’administration des ressources forestières dans quatre communes rurales du Parc National d’Ifrane. L’administration organise une mise en défens, fondée sur l’implication et la responsabilisation des populations usagères, organisée en associations sylvo-pastorales ou en coopératives forestières, à travers une incitation financière sous forme de compensation. Ce mécanisme a permis d’obtenir un certain nombre d’acquis : conscientisation des populations vis-à-vis de la mise en défens, investissement des sommes de la compensation dans des projets de développement local, etc. Cependant, ce mécanisme présente certaines fragilités, notamment un risque de non durabilité des mises en défens (du fait que celles-ci ne sont financées que par le budget de l’Etat et un contrôle social plus faible dans les nouvelles associations qui n’ont pas la même légitimité pour prendre des décisions au nom du collectif que les anciennes jmaa.

  12. Gerenciamento de resíduos em empresas do setor hortifrúti localizadas na região do Cariri – Ceará

    Leyna Bezerra de Moura


    Full Text Available O Brasil está entre os 10 países que mais desperdiçam alimentos no mundo. Aproximadamente 35% da produção agrícola nacional tornam-se lixo, que representa quantitativamente valores acima de 10 milhões de toneladas de alimentos, e caso estes não sejam considerados a alguma finalidade, podem comprometer o meio ambiente.Mediante o grande desperdício de alimentos ocorridos na região do Cariri, dentre eles os de maior destaque são as frutas e hortaliças, com consequente geração de resíduos originários das etapas de produção, distribuição e comercialização. Ressalta-se a importância de conhecimentos acerca da adoção de práticas em respeito ao ambiente, portanto, o presente estudo teve como objetivo analisar o gerenciamento de resíduos provenientes de determinadas empresas do setor hortifrúti da região do Cariri. Diante dos resultados encontrados neste estudo observou-se que todas as empresas geram resíduos e que estão sendo capazes de utilizá-los atribuindo aos mesmos finalidades como alimentação animal e compostagem, o que nos garante que tais empresas, preconizam condutas de gerenciamento de resíduos adequadas, adotando uma postura ética de comprometimento com o social e o meio ambiente.Palavras-chave: desperdício, compostagem, meio ambiente.

  13. Les entrevues sont axées sur la création de villes sûres et inclusives ...

    19 juin 2015 ... Cette série vidéo Entretien avec est une collection de brèves entrevues avec des partenaires de recherche du CRDI qui travaillent à créer des villes sûres et inclusives en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique latine. Elle porte sur trois questions importantes et présente les observations de 15 équipes de ...

  14. La Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières en Afrique de lÓuest : líntroduction en bourse

    Bayala, B.S.A.


    La présente recherche est une des premières sur la BRVM par conséquent dans l’océan des connaissances elle correspond à une épave dans la mer. Le message majeur est que : les éclairages de la finance moderne et les théories ne sont pas totalement transposables d’un contexte à un autre. La

  15. Proposta de melhoria na gestão de resíduos em empresa de construção civil

    Augusto da Cunha Reis


    Full Text Available A indústria de construção civil demanda uma grande variedade de resíduos ao longo de todo processo produtivo. O descarte destes materiais de forma correta contribui para um convívio sustentável entre a produção e o meio ambiente, bem como a redução de custos. O presente trabalho visa analisar e propor melhorias para atual gestão de resíduos de uma empresa de construção civil com sede no município de Maricá. A partir da análise dos dados dispostos pela empresa, busca-se formas adequadas para descarte, reciclagem e reutilização de materiais provenientes de suas obras. O objetivo é orientar e conscientizar a todos quanto ao modo correto de armazenar seus insumos, oferecendo melhor finalidade aos seus resíduos. Para este estudo de caso, foram realizadas entrevistas e visitas aos galpões da empresa a fim de coletar informações para o desenvolvimento da pesquisa. Como resultado, o trabalho oferece a empresa, funcionários e a população local, a redução dos riscos de degradação do meio ambiente, adequação às leis e normas ambientais vigentes, além do descarte adequado de resíduos e utilização de materiais alternativos.

  16. Continuous Flow Hygroscopicity-Resolved Relaxed Eddy Accumulation (Hy-Res REA) Method of Measuring Size-Resolved Sea-Salt Particle Fluxes

    Meskhidze, N.; Royalty, T. M.; Phillips, B.; Dawson, K. W.; Petters, M. D.; Reed, R.; Weinstein, J.; Hook, D.; Wiener, R.


    The accurate representation of aerosols in climate models requires direct ambient measurement of the size- and composition-dependent particle production fluxes. Here we present the design, testing, and analysis of data collected through the first instrument capable of measuring hygroscopicity-based, size-resolved particle fluxes using a continuous-flow Hygroscopicity-Resolved Relaxed Eddy Accumulation (Hy-Res REA) technique. The different components of the instrument were extensively tested inside the US Environmental Protection Agency's Aerosol Test Facility for sea-salt and ammoniums sulfate particle fluxes. The new REA system design does not require particle accumulation, therefore avoids the diffusional wall losses associated with long residence times of particles inside the air collectors of the traditional REA devices. The Hy-Res REA system used in this study includes a 3-D sonic anemometer, two fast-response solenoid valves, two Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs), a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS), and a Hygroscopicity Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer (HTDMA). A linear relationship was found between the sea-salt particle fluxes measured by eddy covariance and REA techniques, with comparable theoretical (0.34) and measured (0.39) proportionality constants. The sea-salt particle detection limit of the Hy-Res REA flux system is estimated to be 6x105 m-2s-1. For the conditions of ammonium sulfate and sea-salt particles of comparable source strength and location, the continuous-flow Hy-Res REA instrument was able to achieve better than 90% accuracy of measuring the sea-salt particle fluxes. In principle, the instrument can be applied to measure fluxes of particles of variable size and distinct hygroscopic properties (i.e., mineral dust, black carbon, etc.).

  17. Relativization of the material “res judicata” in the brazilian civil suit Relativização da coisa julgada material no processo civil brasileiro

    Maria Isabel Araujo


    Full Text Available It also addresses the debate about the revitalization of the res judicata in the civil suit of the individual cognitive tutelage when the sentence goes against constitutional norms or principles. It highlights that only the existent sentences, which lead to res judicata unconstitutional or unjust, may be relativized. It sees the principle of proportionality as a method or criterion adequate to solve the conflict of values that arises when the law enforcer is faced with an unfair or unconstitutional sentence. Only the consideration upon values, in a true case, is able to determine whether the res judicata must be kept or not in the juridical order. To relativize the res judicata unconstitutional a de-constitutive action is proposed, with the same characteristics of a rescinding action, but not subject to terms of duration.Trata da polêmica sobre a relativização da coisa julgada no processo civil de tutela cognitiva individual, quando a sentença afronta normas ou princípios constitucionais. Enfoca que somente as sentenças existentes, que produzem coisa julgada inconstitucional ou injusta, podem ser relativizadas. Aponta o princípio da proporcionalidade como método ou critério adequado para resolver o conflito de valores. Somente a ponderação de valores, no caso concreto, é capaz de determinar se a coisa julgada deve ser mantida ou não na ordem jurídica. Para relativizar a coisa julgada inconstitucional propõe o cabimento de uma ação desconstitutiva, com as mesmas características da ação rescisória, mas não sujeita a prazo.

  18. Experimental determination of the hydrothermal solubility of ReS2 and the Re–ReO2 buffer assemblage and transport of rhenium under supercritical conditions

    Wood Scott A


    Full Text Available To understand the aqueous species important for transport of rhenium under supercritical conditions, we conducted a series of solubility experiments on the Re–ReO2 buffer assemblage and ReS2. In these experiments, pH was buffered by the K–feldspar–muscovite–quartz assemblage; in sulfur-free systems was buffered by the Re–ReO2 assemblage; and and in sulfur-containing systems were buffered by the magnetite–pyrite–pyrrhotite assemblage. Our experimental studies indicate that the species ReCl40 is dominant at 400°C in slightly acidic to near-neutral, and chloride-rich (total chloride concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 M environments, and ReCl3+ may predominate at 500°C in a solution with total chloride concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 M. The results also demonstrate that the solubility of ReS2 is about two orders of magnitude less than that of ReO2. This finding not only suggests that ReS2 (or a ReS2 component in molybdenite is the solubility-controlling phase in sulfur-containing, reducing environments but also implies that a mixing process involving an oxidized, rhenium-containing solution and a solution with reduced sulfur is one of the most effective mechanisms for deposition of rhenium. In analogy with Re, TcS2 may be the stable Tc-bearing phase in deep geological repositories of radioactive wastes.

  19. Qualidade de chapas de partículas de madeira aglomerada fabricadas com resíduos de uma indústria de celulose.

    Cristiane Pedrazzi


    Full Text Available Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a qualidade de chapas aglomeradas fabricadas com resíduos da madeira de Eucalyptus saligna, resultantes da picagem das toras para a confecção de cavacos utilizados na produção de celulose. As chapas foram produzidas com dois tipos de resíduos, palitos e serragem, sendo utilizados puros. O adesivo usado foi à base de uréia-formaldeído em proporções de 4; 8 e 12%, com base na massa seca das partículas, e as densidades nominais das chapas foram de 0,55; 0,65 e 0,75 g/cm3. Foram avaliadas propriedades de flexão estática, ligação interna, arrancamento de parafusos, absorção d'água e inchamento em espessura. Os valores obtidos das propriedades de flexão estática, ligação interna e arrancamento de parafusos aumentaram com a densidade da chapa, assim como com o teor de adesivo, independentemente do tipo de resíduo. No caso da absorção d'água, os valores aumentaram com a redução da densidade, tanto para chapas produzidas com partículas tipo palitos como para serragem. Para inchamento em espessura, os valores aumentaram com a diminuição do teor de adesivo, sem considerar o do tipo de resíduo utilizado. Os resultados permitem concluir que, usando-se tanto partículas tipo palitos quanto serragem com maiores percentagens de adesivo e maiores densidades, podem ser produzidas chapas com qualidade satisfatória.

  20. Pratiques foncières à l'ombre du droit : l'application du droit foncier urbain à Ziguinchor, Sénégal

    Hesseling, G.S.C.M.


    Dans cette étude l'auteur analyse les problèmes liés à l'application du droit foncier dans la ville de Ziguinchor, capitale de la région méridionale du Sénégal. Le titre de cet ouvrage évoque les pratiques foncières de tous les acteurs: l'État (composé de différents groupes, tendances, fractions) et

  1. Effets de l'audit clinique basé sur des critères sur de la qualité de la ...

    Effets de l'audit clinique basé sur des critères sur de la qualité de la prise en charge de la prééclampsie sévère dans le Département de Gynécologie Obstétrique du Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouédraogo, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). Sibraogo Kiemtoré, Adama Dembélé, Adama Ouattara, Hyacinthe1,2 ...

  2. Provision of antiretroviral treatment in conflict settings: the experience of Médecins Sans Frontières.

    O'Brien, Daniel P; Venis, Sarah; Greig, Jane; Shanks, Leslie; Ellman, Tom; Sabapathy, Kalpana; Frigati, Lisa; Mills, Clair


    Many countries ravaged by conflict have substantial morbidity and mortality attributed to HIV/AIDS yet HIV treatment is uncommonly available. Universal access to HIV care cannot be achieved unless the needs of populations in conflict-affected areas are addressed. From 2003 Médecins Sans Frontières introduced HIV care, including antiretroviral therapy, into 24 programmes in conflict or post-conflict settings, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV care and treatment activities were usually integrated within other medical activities. Project data collected in the Fuchia software system were analysed and outcomes compared with ART-LINC data. Programme reports and other relevant documents and interviews with local and headquarters staff were used to develop lessons learned. In the 22 programmes where ART was initiated, more than 10,500 people were diagnosed with HIV and received medical care, and 4555 commenced antiretroviral therapy, including 348 children. Complete data were available for adults in 20 programmes (n = 4145). At analysis, 2645 (64%) remained on ART, 422 (10%) had died, 466 (11%) lost to follow-up, 417 (10%) transferred to another programme, and 195 (5%) had an unclear outcome. Median 12-month mortality and loss to follow-up were 9% and 11% respectively, and median 6-month CD4 gain was 129 cells/mm 3.Patient outcomes on treatment were comparable to those in stable resource-limited settings, and individuals and communities obtained significant benefits from access to HIV treatment. Programme disruption through instability was uncommon with only one program experiencing interruption to services, and programs were adapted to allow for disruption and population movements. Integration of HIV activities strengthened other health activities contributing to health benefits for all victims of conflict and increasing the potential sustainability for implemented activities. With commitment, simplified treatment and monitoring, and adaptations for potential

  3. Resíduo desidratado de cervejaria para suínos em terminação

    D.M.N. Albuquerque


    Full Text Available Determinaram-se os coeficientes de digestibilidade e de metabolizabilidade da matéria seca (MS, da energia bruta (EB, da proteína bruta (PB e da fibra bruta (FB e as energias digestível e metabolizável do resíduo desidratado de cervejaria (RDC para suínos na fase de terminação, e avaliaram-se o desempenho e as características da carcaça desses animais, alimentados com dietas que continham porcentagens de inclusão do RDC - 0, 5, 10, 15 e 20% -, bem como estudaram-se os parâmetros fisiológicos. No ensaio de digestibilidade, foram utilizados 12 leitões, machos, com média de peso de 57,3±5,6kg. Seis deles receberam a ração referência, à base de milho e farelo de soja, e seis a ração teste. No ensaio de desempenho, foram utilizados 40 leitões, com média de peso de 60,8±1,98kg. Os coeficientes de digestibilidade aparente da MS, EB, PB e FB foram, respectivamente, de 53,9%, 73,9%, 53,3% e 62,5%, e os valores das energias digestível e metabolizável do RDC de 2.628 e 2.623kcal/kg, respectivamente. A inclusão de RDC até a proporção de 20% não influenciou os parâmetros de desempenho e fisiológicos, nem as características de carcaça de suínos em terminação.

  4. Surgeons without borders: a brief history of surgery at Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Chu, Kathryn; Rosseel, Peter; Trelles, Miguel; Gielis, Pierre


    Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a humanitarian organization that performs emergency and elective surgical services in both conflict and non-conflict settings in over 70 countries. In 2006 MSF surgeons departed on approximately 125 missions, and over 64,000 surgical interventions were carried out in some 20 countries worldwide. Historically, the majority of MSF surgical projects began in response to conflicts or natural disasters. During an emergency response, MSF has resources to set up major operating facilities within 48 h in remote areas. One of MSF strengths is its supply chain. Large pre-packaged surgical kits, veritable "operating theatres to go," can be readied in enormous crates and quickly loaded onto planes. In more stable contexts, MSF has also strengthened the delivery of surgical services within a country's public health system. The MSF surgeon is the generalist in the broadest sense and performs vascular, obstetrical, orthopaedic, and other specialized surgical procedures. The organization aims to provide surgical services only temporarily. When there is a decrease in acute needs a program will be closed, or more importantly, turned over to the Ministry of Health or another non-governmental organization. The long-term solution to alleviating the global burden of surgical disease lies in building up a domestic surgical workforce capable of responding to the major causes of surgery-related morbidity and mortality. However, given that even countries with the resources of the United States suffer from an insufficiency of surgeons, the need for international emergency organizations to provide surgical assistance during acute emergencies will remain for the foreseeable future.

  5. Provision of antiretroviral treatment in conflict settings: the experience of Médecins Sans Frontières

    Ellman Tom


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Many countries ravaged by conflict have substantial morbidity and mortality attributed to HIV/AIDS yet HIV treatment is uncommonly available. Universal access to HIV care cannot be achieved unless the needs of populations in conflict-affected areas are addressed. Methods From 2003 Médecins Sans Frontières introduced HIV care, including antiretroviral therapy, into 24 programmes in conflict or post-conflict settings, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV care and treatment activities were usually integrated within other medical activities. Project data collected in the Fuchia software system were analysed and outcomes compared with ART-LINC data. Programme reports and other relevant documents and interviews with local and headquarters staff were used to develop lessons learned. Results In the 22 programmes where ART was initiated, more than 10,500 people were diagnosed with HIV and received medical care, and 4555 commenced antiretroviral therapy, including 348 children. Complete data were available for adults in 20 programmes (n = 4145. At analysis, 2645 (64% remained on ART, 422 (10% had died, 466 (11% lost to follow-up, 417 (10% transferred to another programme, and 195 (5% had an unclear outcome. Median 12-month mortality and loss to follow-up were 9% and 11% respectively, and median 6-month CD4 gain was 129 cells/mm 3. Patient outcomes on treatment were comparable to those in stable resource-limited settings, and individuals and communities obtained significant benefits from access to HIV treatment. Programme disruption through instability was uncommon with only one program experiencing interruption to services, and programs were adapted to allow for disruption and population movements. Integration of HIV activities strengthened other health activities contributing to health benefits for all victims of conflict and increasing the potential sustainability for implemented activities. Conclusions With commitment, simplified

  6. Res Cover Aug 07

    capability of simultaneously applying high pressure and high temperature in a .... IR and luminescence spectroscopy, optical reflectivity, positron and Mössbauer ... positron annihilation studies under high pressure using a DAC. The Fe sample ...

  7. Res Cover Sep 07


    precursor which leads to the forma- tion of the FeVI complex containing a Fe N triple bond. The structural characterization of the FeVI complex has been achieved by a variety of spectroscopic techniques including. Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Experimentally it is found that the FeVI complex ...

  8. Res Cover Aug 07

    History has also shown us that scientific and technological prowess is the engine of economic growth for all round development. Today ... enormous talent in rural India, we need to provide educational opportunities for students from ... discussion about reservation in our institutions of higher learning, what we really need is a.

  9. Res Cover Oct 07

    radiation (CR) bombarding the earth consists of a variety of different nuclei. ..... Microchemistry to concentrate the extraordinarily small samples (one is always dealing with ... At that time the only radioactive nuclei on earth were those of the heavy elements of the natural ... could make contact with the soil and adhere to it.

  10. Res Cover Sep 07



    Sep 19, 2007 ... Objectives and Structure: The principal objec- tives are to identify and nurture students with special talent in Mathematics. About 30 of the top performers in KRMO are selected for participation in the INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olym- piad). About 30 of the top performers in INMO are awarded a ...

  11. Res Cover Sep 07


    Page 1. Resonance - September 2007. ISSN 0971-8044. Oswald T Avery. (1877 – 1955). Regn No. CPMG/KA/BGE-340/2006-08 WPP No.6. Posted at RT Nagar Head Post Office, Bangalore 12.09.07. Registered with Registrar of Newspapers in India vide Regn. No. 66273/96. THOLASI PRINTS INDIA PVT. LTD.

  12. Res Cover Sep 07


    [1] N D Kazarinoff, Analytic Inequalities, Holt, New York, pp.63–64, 1961. [2] D S Mitrinovic, Analytic Inequalities, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 272–. 273, 1970. [3] B C Carlson, Amer. Math. Monthly, Vol.79, pp.615–618, 1972. [4] Tung-Po Lin, Amer. Math. Monthly, Vol.81, pp.879–883, 1974. From (2) and (3),w e have log p ! 0.

  13. Res Cover Sep 07


    w hich statis- ticians refer to as the \\root m ean-square". If a and b represent deviations of tw o observations (say x and y) from their m ean,the expression for M 2 rep resen ts sta n - dard deviation of x and y (w e agree to take positive square-root only). N ote that in this case, one of the num bers can be negative. A n illum ...

  14. Res Cover Sep 07


    Acacia polycantha Willd. (White cutch) of Fabaceae is a moderate sized deciduous tree with white or ash colored bark that peels off in papery flakes. Leaves are compound with many leaflets, spines on either side of the leaf base and a gland on the petiole. Flowers are small, white or pale yellow and are densely arranged ...

  15. XSpRES

    Mainka, Christian; Jensen, Meiko; Iacono, Luigi Lo


    XML Encryption and XML Signature are fundamental security standards forming the core for many applications which require to process XML-based data. Due to the increased usage of XML in distributed systems and platforms such as in SOA and Cloud settings, the demand for robust and effective security...... mechanisms increased as well. Recent research work discovered, however, substantial vulnerabilities in these standards as well as in the vast majority of the available implementations. Amongst them, the so-called XML Signature Wrapping attack belongs to the most relevant ones. With the many possible...... instances of this attack type, it is feasible to annul security systems relying on XML Signature and to gain access to protected resources as has been successfully demonstrated lately for various Cloud infrastructures and services. This paper contributes a comprehensive approach to robust and effective XML...

  16. Res Cover Sep 07


    T he algebra of congruences is easy to construct, as the congruence sym ... possess solutions; the form er congruence has solutions x ´ § 1 (m od 3),the ... for this habit of his! An easily proved ..... ing the summer break of 2006. I would also like ...

  17. Res Cover Aug 07

    Being a theist and also realizing the social-political climate of the then England,. Newton probably ..... These historical writings reveal another facet of his personality, the psychological. It is well ... Scientific community was, however, shocked ...

  18. Res Cover Oct 07

    space, independent of wind-induced rotation of the balloon clusters. ... facilities built up at the TIFR, presented a unique combination for research on many other basic ... The several hundred particles created in our event were incompatible.

  19. RES COVER FEB 08


    The derivation of embryonic stem cells from mice and the development of .... This allows one to screen for animals that arise solely from ES cell-derived germ ... the drug gancyclovir, which is poisonous for cells expressing this enzyme – this is ...

  20. Res jancov 07 Print

    School graduation, they make a big song and dance, I mean, literallyB High School ... who go on for further academic studies, learning from a teacher ... Institutes of Technology are some of the Institutions spawned during the early years of .... ConseEuently, he often asked elementary, and sometimes even stupid, Euestions.


    and working of a very great physicist (for instance ... provides a thumb-nail sketch of his life and work. The story is told with affection and humour. ... the 'only private verbal exchange' that .... areas of the sectors ASB and BSC is roughly.

  2. Res Cover Sep 07


    and Koch2, the primary focus of attention at that time was the involvement of microbes in .... When Griffith was making the startling discovery described above, Avery had already .... decision awaiting more evidence. A life long bachelor, Avery.

  3. Res Cover Oct 07

    catalysts help reduce pollution, cut costs of production, etc., that are ... Selective Monomethyl Esterification of a Dicarboxylic. Acid [3] ... However, selective adsorption of one of .... bound to draw increasing attention of the concerned scientists.



    betw een w avelengths ¸ and ¸ + d¸ w ith energy dQ ¸ is incident on a ...... “For it is work which is the favourable wind that makes the ship of human life sail the high seas, ... tion therefore had to be found atany cost,no m atter how high.... T his ...

  5. Res Jan 08 Print

    effectively promoted Neurospora as an experimental organism, ... research program, as an Emeritus Professor “recalled to active duty,” after his official ... Perkins' guidance on basic Neurospora genetics methodology. Several of ... Perkins was a true .... colonies into separate sterile envelopes, 7–10 samples from each site.

  6. Res jancov 07 Print

    as a doctoral student in the laboratory of Antoine Falard at the. Gcole Jormale .... Though he was sixty years old and not in the best of health, in. 1..2, %asteur ... This rebuired great mental strength on his part as he had not undertaken a human ...

  7. Res Nov 07 Print

    marlstone from the Great River formation in south-west Wyo- ming, USA. ... body size although afterwards, the two suborders were shown to exhibit profound differences in anatomy, behaviour and ... occur in South and Southeast Asia. Protein ..... less than 40 people contacted rabies from bats in the United States during the ...

  8. Res Cover Aug 07

    In the von N eum ann m odel,program s and data reside in ... larger boxes. In its purest form , data in a functional program °ows ... T he basic types in H askellcorrespond to those in m any .... instance, for values of type Bool, the operator && de-.

  9. Res Jan 08 Print

    biology, earth sciences, computer simulation and computer .... northern and southern latitudes respectively (spectacular colour displays or 'paintings in the sky' caused by .... oscillations from colourless→golden yellow→blue→colourless.

  10. Res Jan 08 Print

    A ll the standard law s of arithm etic w hich hold for real num bers hold for com plex num bers as w ell. N ote that there are tw o very sp ecialcom plex num b ers viz. .... [0;z1 ]through an angle µ2 and then expand/contract it by a factor r2 : In p a rticu la r, if w is a positive realnum - ber then there is no rotation to be perform ed.

  11. L'évolution des messages publicitaires des entreprises financières installées en Equateur


    Full Text Available L'analyse des messages publicitaires insérés dans la presse écrite et télévisée par les institutions financières de 1960 à 1991 permet d'approcher l'influence socio-culturelle de ce secteur de l'économie sur les modes de vie des strates aisées et moyennes de la population équatorienne à partir de l'exemple quiténien. Si le message a vu son support évoluer depuis trois décennies (dessin dans les années soixante, photographie durant les années soixante- dix puis images de synthèse au cours des années quatre- vingt, son image projetée se caractérise par une relative continuité thématique. Toutefois, il semble que les campagnes publicitaires financières délaissent progressivement les éléments importés et intègrent (« récupèrent » ? des caractères régionaux ou nationaux. Enfin, si dans les années soixante le système financier avait recours à un langage spécifique, il s'oriente aujourd'hui vers l'utilisation de symboles et d'éléments écrits ou visuels qui sont tout à fait intégrés à la mondialisation de la communication. LA EVOLUCIÓN DE LOS ANUNCIOS PUBLICITARIOS DE LAS EMPRESAS FINANCIERAS RADICADAS EN EL ECUADOR: UN INDICADOR DE LA MUNDIALIZACIÓN DE LA COMUNICACIÓN (1960- 1991. El análisis de los anuncios publicitarios que transmitieron las instituciones financieras por la prensa (diarios y televisión desde 1960 hasta 1991 permite enfocar la influencia sociocultural de esta área de la economía sobre los modos de vida de las categorías pudientes y medianas de la población ecuatoriana a partir del ejemplo quiteño. Si el soporte del mensaje ha cambiado rápidamente desde tres décadas (dibujo en los años sesenta, fotografía durante los años setenta e imágenes producidas a partir de computadora en el transcurso de los años ochenta, su imagen proyectada se caracteriza por una relativa continuidad temática. Sin embargo, las campañas publicitarias financieras dejan paulatinamente de lado los

  12. Polarization sensitive behaviour of the band-edge transitions in ReS2 and ReSe2 layered semiconductors

    Ho, C H; Lee, H W; Wu, C C


    The polarization sensitive behaviour of the band-edge transitions in ReS 2 and ReSe 2 layered compounds was studied using polarized-transmission and polarized-thermoreflectance (PTR) measurements with polarization angles from θ = 0 deg. (Evector parallel b-axis) to θ = 90 deg. (Evector perpendicular b-axis) at 300 K. The polarization dependence of the polarized energy gaps of ReS 2 and ReSe 2 shows a sinusoidal-like variation with respect to the angular change of the linearly polarized light. The angular dependences of the polarized energy gaps of ReS 2 and ReSe 2 were evaluated. The polarization sensitive behaviour of the band-edge excitons in rhenium disulfide and diselenide was characterized using angular dependent PTR measurements from θ = 0 deg. to 90 deg. The polarized transition intensities of the band-edge excitons (E 1 ex and E 2 ex ) of ReX 2 (X = S, Se) demonstrate a sinusoidal variation with respect to the angular change of the linearly polarized light. The angular dependence of the polarized transition probabilities of E 1 ex and E 2 ex is analysed. The polarization sensitive behaviours of ReX 2 (X = S, Se) layers are discussed

  13. Conférence | À quelle distance sommes-nous des Lumières ? | Etienne Klein et François-Xavier Verger | 4 mars


    À quelle distance sommes-nous des Lumières ?, par Etienne Klein et François-Xavier Verger.   Mercredi 4 mars 2015 à 20h30 Globe de la science et de l'innovation Route de Meyrin, 1211 Genève Soirée en français Etienne Klein : L'esprit des Lumières promeut l’autonomie de l’entendement et la primauté de l’esprit scientifique. Il pose également la finalité humaine de nos actes – on ne vise pas Dieu, mais les hommes –, et l’universalité, notamment celle des droits de l’homme. Nous nous considérons volontiers comme les héritiers des Lumières. Mais à quelle distance sommes-nous réellement de leur esprit ? Etienne Klein est physicien, directeur de recherches au CEA et docteur en philosophie des sciences. Il est professeur &a...

  14. Electronic structures of ReS sub 2 , ReSe sub 2 and TcS sub 2 in the real and the hypothetical undistorted structures

    Fang, C M; Haas, C; Groot, R A D


    The transition-metal dichalcogenides ReX sub 2 (X = S or Se) and TcS sub 2 with a d sup 3 electron configuration have distorted CdCl sub 2 and Cd(OH) sub 2 structures, respectively, with the Re(Tc) atoms in each layer forming parallelogram-shaped connected clusters (diamond chain). Ab-initio band-structure calculations were performed for ReX sub 2 and TcS sub 2 , and the hypothetical undistorted 1T-TcS sub 2 and 3R-ReX sub 2 structures. The calculations show that ReS sub 2 , ReSe sub 2 and TcS sub 2 are semiconductors with energy gaps of about 1.0 eV, 0.5 eV and 0.7 eV, respectively, while for the undistorted structures the Fermi level is in the partly filled band of d sub x sub sup 2 sub - sub y sub sup 2 and d sub x sub y orbitals of the t sub 2 sub g manifold. X-ray photoemission spectra for the core levels and valence band of ReSe sub 2 and ReS sub 2 are presented. The valence x-ray photoemission spectra showed that ReS sub 2 is a p-type semiconductor with an energy gap of about 1.5 eV, while ReSe sub 2 i...

  15. Developing Design Criteria and Scale Up Methods for Water-Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks for Adsorption Applications


    Berthelot mixing rules were applied to calculate intermolecular van der Waals interactions between water and framework atoms. All transition state...Rodrigues, A. E. J. Chem. Eng. Data 2004, 49 (4), 1095-1101. (7) Franchi , R. S.; Harlick, P. J. E.; Sayari, A. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2005, 44 (21), 8007

  16. ANÁLISE Multimétodo de Percepções de Agentes Intervenientes na Pesquisa e no Gerenciamento de Agregados Reciclados de Resíduos da Construção Civil



    O gerenciamento dos resíduos de construção civil apresenta limitações tanto pela iniciativa privada quanto pelo setor público. Isso ocorre nos canteiro de obras, nas usinas de reciclagem e na reutilização desses resíduos, em larga escala, em substituição aos agregados naturais para fabricação de materiais de construção. Este trabalho objetiva identificar e analisar os elementos que dificultam o desenvolvimento do setor da reciclagem de resíduos da construção civil, bem como utilizar os result...

  17. Geração de resíduos de madeira e derivados da indústria moveleira em função das variáveis de produção

    Hillig,Éverton; Schneider,Vania Elisabete; Pavoni,Eloide Teresa


    Os processos produtivos da cadeia madeira-móveis geram quantidades significativas de resíduos de madeira, os quais nem sempre têm uma destinação correta. O potencial de aproveitamento destes resíduos é significativo, quer seja como matéria-prima secundária, quer seja pelo seu potencial energético. O gerenciamento dos resíduos é um dos desafios à gestão e ao desempenho ambiental das empresas. Neste trabalho, utilizou-se a análise multivariada, com extração de componentes principais, para anali...

  18. Avaliação de diferentes concentrações de adubo orgânico produzido a partir de resíduos de pescados e vegetais no desenvolvimento da cultura da cebolinha (Allium schoenoprasum)

    Bruno, Fillipe Herbert Sales; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Sales, Ronaldo de Oliveira; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Oliveira, André Luiz Torres de; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Freitas, João Batista Santiago; Universidade Federal do Ceará


    O crescimento populacional nos centros urbanos tem agravado o problema do gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos gerados pelos habitantes, causados principalmente, pelo volume de lixo produzido e pelo estilo de vida consumista. Neste contexto a reciclagem de resíduos, seja de origem agrícola ou industrial, oriundos das mais diversas cadeias produtivas, cujos descartes indevidos podem causar impactos negativos ao ambiente, como é o caso dos resíduos provenientes da indústria pesqueira e dos vegeta...

  19. Avaliação da composição mineral do adubo orgânico produzido a partir de resíduos de pescados e vegetais no desenvolvimento da cultura da cebolinha (Allium schoenoprasum)

    Bruno, Fillipe Herbert Sales; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Sales, Ronaldo de Oliveira; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Oliveira, André Luiz Torres de; Universidade Federal do Ceará; Freitas, João Batista Santiago; Universidade Federal do Ceará


    O crescimento populacional nos centros urbanos tem agravado o problema do gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos gerados pelos habitantes, causados principalmente, pelo volume de lixo produzido e pelo estilo de vida consumista. Neste contexto a reciclagem de resíduos, seja de origem agrícola ou industrial, oriundos das mais diversas cadeias produtivas, cujos descartes indevidos podem causar impactos negativos ao ambiente, como é o caso dos resíduos provenientes da indústria pesqueira e dos vegeta...

  20. Barreira capilar construída com resíduo pré-tratado mecânica e biologicamente

    Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo


    Full Text Available O controle da entrada de água de chuva no interior do aterro de resíduos sólidos urbanos durante sua construção e após seu fechamento é crucial para manter o controle da geração de lixiviado. Este fator pode contribuir para a elevação de gastos com tratamento e monitoramento e para a instabilidade mecânica do aterro. Por esta razão, o sistema de cobertura final de um aterro de resíduos sólidos urbanos é decisivo ao controle da entrada de água no mesmo. Na maioria dos casos, o sistema de cobertura final é composto por solo compactado. Frequentemente, um solo adequado para a cobertura não é encontrado nos arredores do aterro; portanto, recursos têm que ser despendidos para o transporte do mesmo até o devido local. Uma alternativa seria a utilização de uma barreira capilar construída com resíduos pré-tratados mecânica e biologicamente. No entanto, o uso deste material para esta construção ainda não foi bem estudado, e as diversas variáveis envolvidas no funcionamento de uma barreira capilar construída com resíduos sólidos pré-tratados mecânica e biologicamente são desconhecidas. O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar os parâmetros envolvidos no funcionamento de uma barreira capilar construída exclusivamente de resíduos sólidos urbanos pré-tratados mecânica e biologicamente. Observou-se que este utilizado como material de uma barreira capilar pode funcionar de maneira equivalente àquela construída com solo, sendo boa a sua capacidade de retenção da água de chuva.

  1. Análise normativa para descarte de resíduos de medicamentos - Estudo de caso da Região Sudeste do Brasil

    FALQUETO, Elda


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é analisar aspectos normativos para o gerenciamento de resíduos de medicamentos numa região do Brasil e descrever os elementos fundamentais para a sua prática, valendo-se de exemplos bem-sucedidos e das principais políticas nacionais que norteiam o tema. Este trabalho analisa a legislação federal e da Região Sudeste em relação ao descarte de resíduos de medicamentos visando verificar em que medida as proposições legais contribuem para um gerenciamento eficaz de resíduos. São também avaliadas experiências bem-sucedidas de descarte de medicamentos vencidos. Observou-se que nas legislações existentes há lacunas. Elas estabelecem responsabilidades para os fabricantes, distribuidores e serviços de saúde, mas não instituem ações para o descarte de medicamentos pelos usuários, nem determinam o tipo de tratamento em função das diferentes classes de medicamentos, o que pode prejudicar o correto gerenciamento desses resíduos. Quanto às experiências bem-sucedidas, observou-se que houve articulação entre diferentes atores sociais e esferas de governo para o descarte de medicamentos vencidos. O artigo finaliza com propostas de ações em relação às duas lacunas identificadas. Quanto à conscientização dos usuários, é sugerida ação articulada com programas que têm inserção comunitária como Saúde da Família. A respeito do tratamento específico para classes farmacêuticas, propõe-se ação conjunta universidade- empresa-governo na pesquisa desses tratamentos. Por fim, sugere-se revisão das normas relacionadas aos resíduos de medicamentos.

  2. Comportamento de estacas escavadas compostas de solocimento e resíduo de beneficiamento de pedras preciosas a partir de provas de carga estática

    Patrícia Edler

    Full Text Available A utilização de resíduos e subprodutos industriais na construção civil apresenta-se como uma alternativa efetiva para diminuição do impacto ambiental deste setor. O presente trabalho tem como principal objetivo avaliar a viabilidade do emprego de solo-cimento e resíduo de beneficiamento de pedras preciosas em estacas escavadas (SCR para utilização em habitação unifamiliar. Inicialmente foi definida uma mistura ótima com os materiais que constituiriam as estacas. A mistura que melhor atendeu as características de resistência e trabalhabilidade foi àquela composta por 50% de resíduo de beneficiamento de pedras preciosas e 50% de solo, com 10% de teor de cimento Portland, em relação a massa seca dos materiais. Para os ensaios de campo foram executadas três estacas escavadas de 0,23m de diâmetro e 3 metros de profundidade. Os resultados obtidos através das provas de carga estática foram comparados a resultados de estacas escavadas com mesmas características geométricas e compostas por concreto convencional. O estudo concluiu que o emprego da mistura de solo-cimento e resíduo de beneficiamento de pedras preciosas em estacas escavadas moldadas in loco é tecnicamente viável, uma vez que apresentam capacidade de carga semelhante às executadas com concreto convencional. Além disso, a partir da análise de custos, onde se comparou o valor de execução para estacas de concreto e estacas de solo-cimento e resíduo, verificou-se que o custo final de uma estaca escavada produzida com a mistura proposta apresenta uma economia de 38%, se comparado ao custo final de uma estaca escavada composta por concreto convencional.

  3. Utilização do resíduo da extração de esmeraldas em uma formulação de massa de revestimento cerâmico Use of the extraction residue of emeralds in a formulation mass of ceramic tiles

    R. F. Cavalcante


    Full Text Available Empresas envolvidas na mineração de esmeralda e beneficiamento representam uma importante área de desenvolvimento industrial no Brasil, com significativa contribuição para a produção mundial desse minério. Como resultado, grandes volumes de resíduos de esmeralda são constantemente gerados e abandonados no ambiente, contribuindo negativamente para a sua preservação. Por outro lado o interesse no uso do resíduo de mineração como aditivo na produção de material cerâmico tem crescido entre os pesquisadores nos últimos anos. A indústria cerâmica está constantemente buscando a ampliação do mercado para o setor e tentando aperfeiçoar a qualidade dos produtos e aumentar a variedade de aplicações. A tecnologia de obtenção de cerâmica de revestimento que usa resíduos de mineração é um mercado ainda pouco explorado. Neste cenário, o objetivo do presente estudo foi caracterizar o resíduo gerado a partir de mineração de esmeralda, bem como para avaliar seu potencial uso como matéria-prima fundente para a produção de revestimentos cerâmicos. Misturas cerâmicas foram preparadas a partir de matérias-primas caracterizadas por fluorescência de raios X e difração de raios X. Cinco composições foram preparadas utilizando índices de resíduos de esmeraldas de 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% e 40%. As amostras foram preparadas por prensagem, sinterizadas em 1000, 1100 e 1200 ºC e caracterizadas visando estabelecer sua composição mineralógica, absorção de água, retração linear e módulo de ruptura à flexão. Os resultados mostraram que o resíduo de esmeraldas estudado pode ser incorporado na massa de revestimento cerâmico até 20% em substituição ao feldspato sem comprometimento das propriedades do produto final.Companies involved in mining and beneficiation of emerald represent an important area of industrial development in Brazil, with a significant contribution to world production of this ore. As a result, large

  4. Microbiological and physicochemical characterization of surimi obtained from waste of piramutaba fillet Caracterização físico-química e microbiológica de surimi obtido de resíduos da filetagem de piramutaba

    Giane Célia dos Santos Galvão


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to perform the microbiological and physicochemical characterization of surimi made from waste of piramutaba filleting. The results of physicochemical characterization of the waste and surimi were: moisture (76.37 and 79.11%, total lipids (5.35 and 0.74%, proteins (14.92 and 10.79%, ash (3.03 and 2.35%, pH (6.9 and 7.4, caloric value (109.15 and 77.86 kcal.g-1, and water activity (both 0.98, respectively. The results of the levels of total volatile bases were 7.29 mgN/100-1 g (waste and 7.01% carbohydrate (surimi. The values of total lipids and proteins were reduced during the preparation of surimi, probably due to successive washes during the processing. Waste and surimi were examined microbiologically and are in compliance with required parameters. The results show a loss of red (a* parameter and yellow (b* parameter color. On the other hand, the L* parameter (lightness increased after the processing of surimi. It can be concluded that piramutaba waste can be used for surimi preparation and as a source of nutrients for human consumption, providing an alternative use of these wastes avoiding their disposal polluting the environment.O objetivo deste trabalho foi realizar a caracterização físico-química e microbiológica do surimi obtido de resíduos da filetagem de piramutaba. Os resultados da caracterização físico-química dos resíduos e surimi foram: umidade (76,37 e 79,11%, lipídios totais (5,35 e 0,74%, proteínas (14,92 e 10,79%, cinzas (3,03 e 2,35%, pH (6,9 e 7,4, valor calórico (109,15 e 77,86 kcal.g-1 e atividade de água (ambos 0,98, respectivamente. Os resultados dos valores de bases voláteis totais foi de 7,29 mgN/100-1 g (resíduos e carboidratos de 7,01% (surimi. Os valores de lipídios totais e proteínas foram reduzidos durante o preparo do surimi, provavelmente, devido a sucessivas lavagens durante o processamento. Os resíduos e o surimi foram analisados microbiologicamente estando em

  5. Liberação de fósforo e potássio durante a decomposição de resíduos culturais em plantio direto Phosphorus and potassium release during decomposition of crops residues in no-tillage system

    Sandro José Giacomini


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a liberação de P e K de resíduos culturais de aveia-preta, ervilhaca comum e nabo forrageiro e de consórcios de aveia e ervilhaca, em plantio direto. Os resíduos culturais foram dispostos em bolsas de nylon com 20x20 cm e malha de 0,5 mm, as quais foram distribuídas na superfície do solo e coletadas após 15, 29, 43, 59, 71, 82, 112 e 182 dias. Em cada coleta o material foi secado a 65ºC, determinando-se as quantidades remanescentes de matéria seca e a sua concentração em P e potássio. Aos valores observados para as quantidades remanescentes de P (Pr e K (Kr foi ajustado o modelo assintótico [(Pr e Kr = Ae-kt + (100 - A] a partir do qual estimou-se a taxa (k de liberação de P e K e a proporção desses nutrientes dos compartimentos lábil (A e recalcitrante (100 - A dos resíduos culturais. A taxa de liberação do K foi 4,5 vezes maior do que a do fósforo. A quantidade de P remanescente na fase inicial da decomposição foi inversamente proporcional à concentração do P solúvel em água dos resíduos culturais. Nos resíduos culturais do consórcio aveia + ervilhaca, o P e o K foram liberados mais lentamente do que o observado nessas espécies em cultivo solteiro. Esses resultados indicam um maior potencial de sincronismo entre a demanda de P e K pelas culturas comerciais e a liberação desses nutrientes dos resíduos culturais provenientes de consórcios entre aveia e ervilhaca do que dos provenientes do cultivo isolado de ervilhaca.The objective of this work was to evaluate the release of P and K from residues of single oat, vetch and forage radish and from mixtures of oat and vetch, under notillage system. The residues were placed in 0.5 mm mesh nylon bags (20x20 cm, which were placed on soil surface and taken out at 15, 29, 43, 59, 71, 82, 112 and 182 days after. At each sampling date the material was dried at 65ºC and the amount of dry matter remaining and its concentration of P

  6. Geração de resíduos de madeira e derivados da indústria moveleira em função das variáveis de produção Generation of wood waste and derivatives on furniture industry related to production's variables

    Éverton Hillig


    Full Text Available Os processos produtivos da cadeia madeira-móveis geram quantidades significativas de resíduos de madeira, os quais nem sempre têm uma destinação correta. O potencial de aproveitamento destes resíduos é significativo, quer seja como matéria-prima secundária, quer seja pelo seu potencial energético. O gerenciamento dos resíduos é um dos desafios à gestão e ao desempenho ambiental das empresas. Neste trabalho, utilizou-se a análise multivariada, com extração de componentes principais, para analisar os carregamentos de cada variável original e identificar as principais variáveis que apresentam similaridades em relação à geração de resíduos. As variáveis de produção consideradas foram: quantidade de matéria-prima consumida, número de colaboradores, número de máquinas, consumo de energia e consumo de água. Por meio de regressão linear, utilizando o método stepwise, foram obtidas as equações de estimativa dos resíduos em função das variáveis de produção originais, resultando na quantidade de resíduo gerado por classe de matéria-prima, para determinada empresa ou determinado município pesquisado. A estimativa de geração foi aplicada ao Pólo Moveleiro da Serra Gaúcha/RS.The production processes of furniture industry generate significant amounts of wood waste, which has not always a correct destination. The potential for exploitation of these residues is significant, whether as secondary raw material, whether by its energy potential. The management of this waste is one of the challenges for the management and environmental performance of companies. This work used multivariate analysis with the extraction of key components, to analyze the load of each original variable and identify key variables that have similarities in relation to the waste generation. The variables of production considered was: quantity of raw materials consumed, number of employees, number of machines, energy consumption and water

  7. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of winery wastes seeds of Vitis labrusca Atividade antioxidante e anti-inflamatória de sementes de resíduos de vinificação de Vitis labrusca

    Gustavo Scola


    Full Text Available There are many studies about the biological activities of Vitis vinifera grape seeds, which are rich in phenolic compounds, known by their several health beneficial effects. However, until now there is no data about biological activities of the seeds of V. labrusca, specie found in South and North America. Every year, the global wine production (around 260 million hL generates about 19.5 million ton of wastes, which are usually discarded in the environment. The aim of this research was to evaluate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of aqueous extracts of seeds from wine wastes of Vitis labrusca (cv. 'Bordo' and 'Isabella'. Both extracts showed significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, which are positively correlated with total phenolic content, suggesting that these compounds might be the major contributors to the biological activity of these extracts. These results indicate that water extraction from winery wastes is an option to obtain phenolic compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities helping to maintain environmental balance.Apesar de existirem vários estudos sobre a atividade biológica de sementes de uva de Vitis vinifera, ricas em compostos fenólicos com reconhecidos efeitos benéficos à saúde, não existem, até o momento, dados a respeito da atividade biológica de sementes de V. labrusca, espécie amplamente encontrada na América do Sul e do Norte. A cada ano, a produção mundial de vinho (cerca de 260 milhões de hL gera, aproximadamente, 19,5 milhões de toneladas de resíduos, usualmente descartados no meio ambiente. Em vista disso, o objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar as atividades antioxidante e anti-inflamatória de extratos aquosos de sementes de resíduos de vinificação de V. labrusca (cv. 'Bordo' e 'Isabel'. Os resultados mostraram que ambos os extratos apresentam significante atividade antioxidante e anti-inflamatória, as quais apresentam correlação positiva com o

  8. Improving GC-PPC-SAFT equation of state for LLE of hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds with water

    Nguyen, Thanh-Binh; Jean-Charles, De Hemptinne; Creton, Benoit


    , uαβ, and wαβ are fitted on mutual solubilities of water and organic compounds. The regressed values which are obtained for each chemical family, are subsequently used for predicting infinite dilution activity coefficient in water and n-octanol/water partition coefficient.In general, the results...... obtained are very much improved compared to the predictive approach discussed previously [Nguyen et al. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 52 (2013) 7014-7029]. The global deviation values on the decimal log scale for infinite dilution activity coefficient in water, water solubility and n-octanol/water partition...

  9. Avaliação da estabilidade da emulsão óleo/água proveniente dos resíduos de uma indústria beneficiadora de gemas frente ao uso de diferentes surfactantes

    Simone Stülp


    Full Text Available A reutilização dos resíduos gerados pelos diversos setores industriais é uma prática que cada dia é mais utilizado, devido ao comprometimento das indústrias com sua responsabilidade social (proteção ao ambiente ou a exigências dos órgãos de proteção ambiental, já que muitos resíduos não possuem o devido descarte. Na indústria de beneficiamento de gemas a busca pelo reaproveitamento dos resíduos também tem se tornado uma realidade. O presente trabalho tem como objetivo avaliar o reaproveitamento do óleo utilizado como lubrificante na indústria de beneficiamento de gemas, juntamente com água, surfactantes e anticorrosivos. Para preparo das emulsões foram utilizadas amostras de óleo diesel utilizado como lubrificante no setor de corte deste tipo de indústria, mais os seguintes surfactantes: Tween 20, Tween 80, Lauril Éter Sulfato de Sódio (SLES e Cetiol HE. Depois de realizadas análises de pH, viscosidade, densidade e separação de fases nestas emulsões, chegou-se a conclusão que o surfactante Lauril Éter Sulfato de Sódio proporcionava a melhor formulação. Utilizando-se deste resultado, foram preparadas novas emulsões com o surfactante Lauril Éter Sulfato de Sódio e um anticorrosivo, neste caso, o molibdato de sódio. Nestas soluções contendo molibdato de sódio mais óleo e surfactante foram realizadas análises de resistência à corrosão deste sistema, utilizando-se de placas de aço SAE 1020, pela análise de perda de massa. Após estas análises, verificou-se que a adição de um anticorrosivo pode reduzir ou inibir a oxidação, mas em outros casos, como neste estudo, pode promover uma oxidação ainda maiorAbstract The reuse of waste generated by various industrial sectors is a practice that has been increasingly used due to impairment of industries with their social responsibility (environmental protection or the requirements of the protection of the environment, since many residues do not have

  10. Tratamento térmico de resíduos da indústria calçadista : estudo da gaseificação, tratamento dos gases e aproveitamento das cinzas

    Bruno München Wenzel


    Na gestão dos resíduos sólidos prioriza-se o emprego de técnicas capazes valorizarem os resíduos. Dentre as tecnologias para recuperação energética de resíduos (waste-to-energy), a gaseificação com posterior combustão dos gases vem sendo investigada para o tratamento térmico de resíduos de couro curtidos com sais de cromo, que possibilita a reciclagem do cromo contido nas cinzas. Este trabalho foi desenvolvido com o objetivo geral de contribuir com a qualificação, valorização e viabilização d...

  11. Plants in water-controlled ecosystems: active role in hydrologic processes and response to water stress. III. Vegetation water stress

    Porporato, A.; Laio, F.; Ridolfi, L.; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I.

    The reduction of soil moisture content during droughts lowers the plant water potential and decreases transpiration; this in turn causes a reduction of cell turgor and relative water content which brings about a sequence of damages of increasing seriousness. A review of the literature on plant physiology and water stress shows that vegetation water stress can be assumed to start at the soil moisture level corresponding to incipient stomatal closure and reach a maximum intensity at the wilting point. The mean crossing properties of these soil moisture levels crucial for water stress are derived analytically for the stochastic model of soil moisture dynamics described in Part II (F. Laio, A. Porporato, L. Ridolfi, I. Rodriguez-Iturbe. Adv. Water Res. 24 (7) (2001) 707-723). These properties are then used to propose a measure of vegetation water stress which combines the mean intensity, duration, and frequency of periods of soil water deficit. The characteristics of vegetation water stress are then studied under different climatic conditions, showing how the interplay between plant, soil, and environment can lead to optimal conditions for vegetation.

  12. Características Morfogênicas e Acúmulo de Forragem do Capim-Tanzânia (Panicum maximum Jacq. cv. Tanzânia em Dois Resíduos Forrageiros Pós-Pastejo

    Barbosa Rodrigo Amorim


    Full Text Available O experimento foi conduzido no Centro Nacional de Gado de Corte da Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa Gado de Corte. Foram avaliadas as características morfogênicas de folhas e perfilhos, acúmulo de matéria seca verde e índices de crescimento do capim-tanzânia em dois resíduos forrageiros pós-pastejo (Resíduo alto -- RA 3,6 t de MS/ha e Resíduo baixo -- RB 2,3 t de MS/ha, até os 35 dias após o pastejo. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos casualizados completos com os tratamentos no esquema de parcelas subdivididas com três repetições. Para a dinâmica de perfilhamento houve diferença entre resíduos somente no aparecimento de novos perfilhos basilares. A taxa de aparecimento de novos perfilhos, tanto basilares quanto aéreos, decresceu linearmente com os dias de rebrotação após o pastejo. As taxas de alongamento e senescência de folhas não diferiram entre resíduos e tipos de perfilho. Em contrapartida, a duração de alongamento foliar foi menor no resíduo baixo e no perfilho novo, porém produzindo folhas com menor comprimento final. Houve interação entre resíduo e tipo de perfilho para a taxa de aparecimento de folhas, com maiores valores para o resíduo baixo no perfilho novo e remanescente. O acúmulo de matéria seca verde não diferiu entre resíduos, sendo, em média, 61,4 e 47,9 kg/ha.dia, nos resíduos baixo e alto, respectivamente. A taxa de crescimento relativo e o índice de área foliar não apresentaram diferenças entre resíduos forrageiros, porém apresentaram comportamento inverso em função dos dias após o pastejo.

  13. Congés… pour « prières » Prayers and days off

    Claudine Viard


    Full Text Available Les premiers combats de la classe ouvrière se sont portés sur la demande d’une journée de repos, qui par tradition chrétienne a été fixée le dimanche en 1906. Quatre journées de congé à caractère chrétien ont en outre été retenues par le législateur. L’exercice du culte est donc concrètement garanti pour les chrétiens. Avec l’arrivée sur le territoire de la République  de populations de confessions variées, cette organisation du travail apparaît inégalitaire, voire de nature à porter atteinte à la liberté religieuse. Il a été proposé de reconnaître les jours de prières d’autres confessions. Pour l’instant, le législateur n’a pas adopté ces propositions. Mais la question reste posée. Or, la jurisprudence des tribunaux judiciaires et administratifs admet le droit de prier des fidèles des cultes minoritaires, ils peuvent prétendre à un congé lors des fêtes de leur religion dans la mesure où cela n’occasionne pas de perturbation. La consécration de cette jurisprudence souple par le législateur serait de nature à calmer le débat.At the turn of the century, the working classes fought for a day off in the week, which was granted on Sundays by the legislator in 1906. Four additional christian holidays are also legal. So the right to pray is garanteed for christians. As different populations with various faiths settled in France, this organisation has seemed to violate the principle of equality, and religious freedom. There has been a debate on the question whether some of the days of minority religions should also be observed by all the population. But so far, the legislator has not voted any of these proposals. It remains an issue. The French judge has consistently decided that the people of non christian faiths had the right to be granted a day off to pray on these special days, provided it would not cause prejudice to the organisation they work for. It might help to calm the debate if this

  14. La haute mer : un espace aux frontières de la recherche géographique

    Camille Parrain


    Full Text Available La haute mer est un espace encore peu étudié au sein de la géographie. Ses caractéristiques en font un espace complexe et reflètent son altérité. L’océan est un terrain difficile et original permettant de se confronter à l’interdisciplinarité (géographie, océanographie, climatologie, biologie, histoire, économie. Les approches menées au sein de la géographie sont souvent régionales, sectorielles, côtières et appliquées et peu cherchent à s’orienter vers des approches théoriques ou vers la haute mer. Nous ferons ici un état des lieux de la place de l’océan au sein de la géographie et tâcherons d’ouvrir des perspectives de recherche en prenant l’exemple de la navigation à voile et de la notion de territoire en haute mer que nous qualifierons de « merritoire ». Pour le définir, nous proposons d’ouvrir sur les notions de mobilité, discontinuités, réseaux et de paysage marin. Le paysage, reflet de l’interdisciplinarité, apparaît également comme étant une piste pour la gestion de l’espace maritime.The high sea has been little studied within geography. Its characteristics show that it is a complex space and do reflect its alterity. The ocean is a difficult and original fieldwork that invites to be analyzed with interdisciplinary methods (geography, oceanography, climatology, biology, history, economy. The geographical approach has so far mainly been an applied geography and has focused on regional, sectorial and coastal aspects. Few are aiming at theoretical approaches or on the high seas. We will overview the position of the ocean within geography and will try to explore new research perspectives by taking into account sailing and the concept of territory in the high sea that we will define as « maritory ». To define it, we offer to discuss on the terms of mobility, discontinuity, network and seascape. Seascape - example of an interdisciplinary tool- could appear as a method for marine

  15. Avaliação do potencial de aproveitamento energético dos resíduos de madeira e derivados gerados em fábricas do polo moveleiro de Ubá - MG

    Rogério Machado Pinto Farage


    Full Text Available presente estudo avaliou o potencial de reaproveitamento energético dos resíduos de madeira e seus derivados gerados no Polo Moveleiro de Ubá, MG. Painéis reconstituídos de MDF (medium density fiberboard, aglomerado e compensado foram caracterizados e classificados, identificando assim as oportunidades e possíveis limitações quanto à sua utilização. Por meio de diagnóstico realizado em 11 fábricas de móveis, verificou-se que os resíduos de madeira compreendem mais de 90 % do total dos resíduos sólidos gerados. Além da grande quantidade gerada, não foi identificada nenhuma ação integrada entre as fábricas do Polo para o adequado gerenciamento dos resíduos, negligenciando seus riscos ambientais e sanitários, bem como seu potencial energético. Contudo, os teores de umidade e poder calorífico dos resíduos demonstraram potencial para o seu reaproveitamento energético através da produção de briquetes. Os gases gerados em ensaios de combustão dos resíduos não apresentaram substâncias ou compostos tóxicos acima dos limites preconizados pelas normas ambientais, verificando, neste aspecto, um bom desempenho ambiental para o aproveitamento destes resíduos conforme proposto pelo presente estudo. Entretanto, as cinzas dos resíduos de aglomerado BP (baixa pressão e FF (finish foil apresentaram elevadas concentrações de cromo, enquadrando-se como Classe I (perigosos, segundo a ABNT/NBR 10004/2004.

  16. Water And Waste Water Processing

    Yang, Byeong Ju


    This book shows US the distribution diagram of water and waste water processing with device of water processing, and device of waste water processing, property of water quality like measurement of pollution of waste water, theoretical Oxygen demand, and chemical Oxygen demand, processing speed like zero-order reactions and enzyme reactions, physical processing of water and waste water, chemical processing of water and waste water like neutralization and buffering effect, biological processing of waste water, ammonia removal, and sludges processing.

  17. Water Contamination

    ... Statistics Training & Education Policy & Recommendations Fast Facts Healthy Water Sites Healthy Water Drinking Water Healthy Swimming Global ... type=”submit” value=”Submit” /> Healthy Water Home Water Contamination Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir On ...

  18. Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources towards the 20% Target by 2020, and beyond. D5.3. Key recommendations from the RES4LESS roadmap

    Dalla Longa, F. [ECN Policy Studies, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Raimundo, C. [IT Power, Bristol, Avon (United Kingdom)


    In its Directive 2009/28/EC the European Commission (EC) set an ambitious 20% target on the final consumption of energy from renewable sources (RES) in 2020 (European Commission, 2009). This EU-level target is divided into different domestic targets for each single Member State (MS). The MS-level targets do not always reflect the domestic RES potentials, creating a situation where certain MSs will have to deploy very expensive technologies in order to meet their target, while other countries are expected to reach their target at lower costs and even produce a RES surplus. In order to promote a more balanced distribution of costs, the Directive allows MSs to establish cooperation mechanisms. Three types of cooperation mechanisms are defined: a MS could buy the RES-credits associated with the surplus potential of other MSs via statistical transfers, could finance additional RES deployment in other MSs by engaging in joint projects, or could share (part of) its RES potential with other MSs by establishing joint support schemes.

  19. Avaliação do potencial fertilizante de dois resíduos da indústria florestal Assessement of two residues from forestry industry as fertilizers

    Carmo Horta


    Full Text Available A indústria florestal produz resíduos com características e potenciais de utilização muito distintos. Por um lado, a queima de biomassa florestal para obtenção de energia conduz à produção de grandes quantidades de cinzas como produto final e, por outro lado, durante o processo de produção da pasta de papel e na sequência do tratamento por causticação é também produzido um resíduo em quantidades significativas. O objectivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o potencial fertilizante destes dois resíduos, ou seja, das cinzas provenientes da incineração de biomassa florestal e das cinzas provenientes da causticação da pasta de papel, resíduos provenientes da indústria florestal. Num ensaio em vasos estudou-se a resposta do azevém à aplicação de doses crescentes destes resíduos que corresponderiam à aplicação ao solo de 0, 0,5, 1, 3 e 5 toneladas por ha. Verificou-se que a cinza de biomassa florestal pode ser aplicada ao solo, não se observando efeitos negativos na produção ou propriedades do solo. Esta aplicação conduzirá ao fornecimento de alguns nutrientes, nomeadamente K e Ca. Em solos com relação Ca/Mg elevada aconselha-se a aplicação simultânea de Mg. O resíduo proveniente da causticação da pasta de papel, deve ser incorporado no solo com antecedência relativamente à sementeira devido à sua causticidade. Nas culturas plurianuais não deverá ser utilizado. Apresentou valor como correctivo alcalinizante, possuindo elevado teor em Na que conduziu a um aumento significativo da condutividade eléctrica e do Na de troca, não se aconselhando uma aplicação em quantidades superiores a 1 t/ha.Forestry industry originates residues with distinct properties which can have also differences in its management reutilization. This study aimed at evaluating the fertilizer potential of forestry biomass burning ashes and causticizing lime mud from pulp and paper industry process, which are both residues from forestry

  20. Gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos no município de São Bentinho-PB – Brasil

    Katherine da Silva Sousa


    Full Text Available O gerenciamento inadequado dos resíduos sólidos urbanos acarreta inúmeros impactos no meio ambiente, alterando suas características físicas, químicas e biológicas. A ausência de tratamentos adequados para resíduos sólidos urbanos aliados a disposição incorreta torna-se um grande problema de ordem estética e uma alarmante ameaça à saúde pública. Assim, para que o gerenciamento adequado dos resíduos sólidos urbanos seja executado de acordo a legislação vigente é necessários mecanismo e estratégias para o manejo dos resíduos desde sua origem até sua disposição ambientalmente adequada. Este trabalho tem por objetivo diagnosticar o atual processo de gerenciamento dos resíduos sólidos urbanos do município de São Bentinho-PB, e propor o gerenciamento dos mesmos de maneira mais adequada diante das condições locais. A metodologia de diagnóstico fundamentou-se num levantamento bibliográfico, entrevista ao órgão competente e a aplicação de questionários a população do município. Com o resultado deste estudo foi notório que a maioria da população necessita ser informada sobre as questões ambientais, para que exerçam sua responsabilidade no gerenciamento do lixo. O poder público municipal não tem tomado nenhuma providência para minimizar os impactos relacionados ao gerenciamento impróprio de seus resíduos, é necessário incentivos e ações para conscientização da população em relação à educação ambiental.Management of municipal solid waste in the city of São Bentinho-PB – Brazil Inadequate management of municipal solid waste entails numerous impacts on the environment by changing its physical, chemical and biological characteristics. The absence of appropriate treatments for solid urban waste coupled with incorrect disposal becomes a problem of aesthetic and an alarming threat public health. So for the proper management of municipal solid waste is implemented in accordance with current

  1. Avaliação dos resíduos de uma serraria para a produção de celulose kraft

    Lucas Cândido Barbosa


    Full Text Available indústrias de base florestal apresentam baixo rendimento e geram grande quantidade de resíduos, especialmente as indústrias de transformação primária como, por exemplo, as serrarias. No Brasil, estão sendo criadas iniciativas para aliar a utilização desses resíduos à produção de celulose. Dentro deste propósito, o presente trabalho teve como objetivos avaliar o rendimento de uma serraria de médio porte localizada no município de Rio Grande, RS, e promover análises físico-químicas dos resíduos gerados na etapa de desdobro. Foram utilizadas 20 toras de Pinus elliottii, divididas em duas classes diamétricas. Os resíduos, com exceção da serragem, coletados para análises, encontravam-se dispostos no pátio da empresa, na forma de cavacos. As seguintes propriedades físico-químicas dos cavacos foram analisadas: densidade básica, teor de extrativos solúvel em acetona, grupos acetilas, lignina solúvel e insolúvel em ácido (lignina Klason, grupos urônicos e carboidratos. Como principais resultados verificou-se um ligeiro aumento do rendimento em madeira serrada das madeiras de maiores diâmetros em relação às de menores diâmetros. Das análises físico-químicas foram obtidos os seguintes resultados: densidade básica de 0,402 g/cm³, teor de celulose de 37,42% e de 24,37% para hemiceluloses, lignina Klason de 26,75% e teor de extrativos de 3,80%. Concluiu-se, nesse estudo, que o baixo rendimento da serraria foi devido à falta de uma classificação diamétrica e diagramas de cortes apropriados para as toras, o que resulta em maior perda de madeira na forma de resíduos. Em relação às características química e física dos resíduos madeireiros, os resultados mostraram-se dentro dos padrões de qualidade da madeira utilizada para a produção de celulose kraft de fibra longa e, em algumas situações, apresentando vantagens em relação às madeiras mais jovens usualmente

  2. Water, Water, Everywhere.

    Selinger, Ben


    Water is a major component in many consumer products. Azeotropic distillation of products such as detergents and foodstuffs to form a two-phase distillate is a simple experimental method to determine the percentage of water in the product. (Author/GA)

  3. Water, water everywhere

    Moxon, Suzanne


    Although there is an abundance of water in Lesotho, it is argued that future development of the Lesotho Highlands water project is not yet required. Lesotho exports water to arid regions in South Africa. However, some South Africans believe that further development of the scheme is unnecessary and they argue that Gauteng Province has enough water for the immediate future provided the demand is managed effectively - this being the case, there would be no urgency for completing what is termed phase 1B. It is argued that if 1B is completed before the water is required, then costs to the consumer would increase. It was also argued that proceeding with 1B would give South Africa greater flexibility in augmenting supply to the Vaal river system. Some disadvantages to Lesotho if 1B does not proceed would be loss of royalties and job opportunities and a curb on development of its infrastructure

  4. Os restos na história: percepções sobre resíduos Waste over history: perceptions about residues

    Marta Pimenta Velloso


    Full Text Available O artigo busca, em diferentes períodos da história, as percepções sobre os resíduos resultantes da atividade humana. Está dividido em três partes: 1 narra o episódio da peste negra do século XIV, mostrando como ela foi associada aos resíduos produzidos pelo corpo humano; 2 explicita como as prenoções sobre resíduos, ainda hoje, remetem à sujeira, à doença e à morte; 3 descreve as medidas de higiene, a partir do renascimento e a saúde pública no início do século XX, que começa combatendo os agentes microbianos das doenças infecciosas e os seus vetores.This article describes how Man, over history, felt about the residues produced by human activity. The text is divided into three parts: In the first part it tells the story of the black plague pandemic during the XIV century, showing how this disease was associated with the residues produced by the human body. In the second part it explains how the first notions of waste were, and still are, related to dirt, disease and death. Finally, in the third part, it describes the first measures of hygiene in the Renaissance and refers to the first public health actions at the beginning of the XX century, starting to combat the agents of infectious diseases and their vectors.

  5. Resíduos biológicos nos Institutos de Medicina Legal de Goiás: implicações para os trabalhadores

    Izildinha Pedreira Barros


    Full Text Available Os objetivos deste estudo foram identificar o manejo dos resíduos biológicos nos Institutos de Medicina legal, segundo as diferentes etapas previstas na legislação nacional vigente; verificar a situação de risco biológico ocupacional para os trabalhadores dos Institutos de Medicina Legal (IML do Estado de Goiás A coleta de dados foi realizada por meio de observação direta, entrevista e questionário com os trabalhadores. Apesar desses serviços gerarem resíduos semelhantes ao de qualquer instituição de saúde, estes não são segregados, acondicionados e dispostos conforme as normas legais vigentes. O manejo de perfurocortantes foi o principal risco para o trabalhador, gerando exposição percutânea. Embora, haja uma consciência, entre os trabalhadores, acerca do risco biológico envolvido em suas atividades, há baixa adesão às medidas de proteção. A maioria não usa os equipamentos de proteção individual recomendados, e não têm esquema completo para as vacinas contra o vírus da hepatite B e contra o tétano. Os resultados mostram a ausência de uma política voltada para o gerenciamento dos resíduos biológicos nos IML, a vulnerabilidade dos profissionais quanto aos riscos com material biológico e a premente necessidade de educação permanente em relação às medidas de biossegurança.

  6. Resíduos biológicos nos institutos de medicina legal de Goiás: implicações para os trabalhadores

    Izildinha Pedreira Barros


    Full Text Available Os objetivos deste estudo foram identificar o manejo dos resíduos biológicos nos Institutos de Medicina legal, segundo as diferentes etapas previstas na legislação nacional vigente; verificar a situação de risco biológico ocupacional para os trabalhadores dos Institutos de Medicina Legal (IML do Estado de Goiás A coleta de dados foi realizada por meio de observação direta, entrevista e questionário com os trabalhadores. Apesar desses serviços gerarem resíduos semelhantes ao de qualquer instituição de saúde, estes não são segregados, acondicionados e dispostos conforme as normas legais vigentes. O manejo de perfurocortantes foi o principal risco para o trabalhador, gerando exposição percutânea. Embora, haja uma consciência, entre os trabalhadores, acerca do risco biológico envolvido em suas atividades, há baixa adesão às medidas de proteção. A maioria não usa os equipamentos de proteção individual recomendados, e não têm esquema completo para as vacinas contra o vírus da hepatite B e contra o tétano. Os resultados mostram a ausência de uma política voltada para o gerenciamento dos resíduos biológicos nos IML, a vulnerabilidade dos profissionais quanto aos riscos com material biológico e a premente necessidade de educação permanente em relação às medidas de biossegurança.

  7. O Papel da Universidade na Gestão de Resíduos Sólidos: O Caso da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG

    Raphael Tobias de Vasconcelos Barros


    Full Text Available Este século trouxe muitas demandas novas para a gestão dos resíduos sólidos no Brasil. Concernente a alguns geradores específicos (como, por exemplo, serviços de saúde e empresas indus- triais, as leis são muito mais rígidas e existe uma pressão forte para reciclagem de resíduos domésticos - embora seu cumprimento possa levar muito tempo. As universidades desempenham um papel fundamental na sociedade: ao mesmo tempo criam e difundem o conhecimento, e devem ser uma referência em termos de atitudes, formando alunos, quer como profissionais, quer como cidadãos. Este estudo procura relacionar o que acontece na Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, e na cidade de Belo Horizonte em termos de gestão dos resíduos sólidos. O ensaio considerou exigências externas (leis federais, estadu- ais e locais, as ações gestão ambiental e urbana da cidade, do judiciário - na figura dos promotores públicos - e da sociedade e disposições internas (administração da universidade e comunidade acadêmica, tentando estabelecer elos entre a cidade e a Universidade. A premissa é que os membros da comunidade acadêmica tendem a se comportar do mesmo modo que o cidadão comum, não exercendo o poder de difusor de conhecimentos transformadores da sociedade.

  8. Bacillus cereus Fnr binds a [4Fe-4S] cluster and forms a ternary complex with ResD and PlcR

    Esbelin Julia


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Bacillus cereus is a facultative anaerobe that causes diarrheal disease in humans. Diarrheal syndrome may result from the secretion of various virulence factors including hemolysin BL and nonhemolytic enterotoxin Nhe. Expression of genes encoding Hbl and Nhe is regulated by the two redox systems, ResDE and Fnr, and the virulence regulator PlcR. B. cereus Fnr is a member of the Crp/Fnr family of iron-sulfur (Fe-S proteins. Only its apo-form has so far been studied. A major goal in deciphering the Fnr-dependent regulation of enterotoxin genes is thus to obtain and characterize holoFnr. Results Fnr has been subjected to in vitro Fe-S cluster reconstitution under anoxic conditions. UV-visible and EPR spectroscopic analyses together with the chemical estimation of the iron content indicated that Fnr binds one [4Fe-4S]2+ cluster per monomer. Atmospheric O2 causes disassembly of the Fe-S cluster, which exhibited a half-life of 15 min in air. Holo- and apoFnr have similar affinities for the nhe and hbl promoter regions, while holoFnr has a higher affinity for fnr promoter region than apoFnr. Both the apo- and holo-form of Fnr interact with ResD and PlcR to form a ternary complex. Conclusions Overall, this work shows that incorporation of the [4Fe-4S]2+ cluster is not required for DNA binding of Fnr to promoter regions of hbl and nhe enterotoxin genes or for the formation of a ternary complex with ResD and PlcR. This points to some new unusual properties of Fnr that may have physiological relevance in the redox regulation of enterotoxin gene regulation.

  9. Indicadores de resíduos de construção e demolição para construções residenciais novas

    Miguel Mália

    Full Text Available A indústria da construção representa um dos maiores e mais activos sectores da União Europeia (UE, consumindo mais matérias-primas e energia do que qualquer outra actividade económica. Da mesma forma, os resíduos das suas actividades corespondem a uma elevada parcela dos resíduos produzidos em toda a UE. A actual legislação na UE visa criar condições para a implementação de medidas de prevenção e reciclagem de RCD. No entanto, carece de instrumentos que acelerem o desenvolvimento de um sector tão tradicional como o da construção. O presente trabalho tem por objectivo determinar indicadores que possibilitem estimar a quantidade de RCD gerados, ao nível da obra, tanto globalmente como por fluxo de resíduos. A geração de RCD foi estimada para seis sectores específicos: nova construção residencial, nova construção não residencial, demolição residencial, demolição não residencial, reabilitação residencial e reabilitação não residencial. Neste artigo, apresentam-se os resultados para a nova construção residencial. Os dados necessários ao desenvolvimento dos indicadores foram obtidos através de um levantamento exaustivo dos dados de estudos anteriores.

  10. Identificação de fontes de geração de resíduos sólidos em uma unidade de alimentação e nutrição

    Mariana Gardin Alves


    Full Text Available O serviço de alimentação coletiva é identificado como uma grande fonte de desperdício de alimentos. Para obter dados detalhados de perdas de alimentos e geração de resíduos neste setor, os resíduos de uma unidade de alimentação e nutrição (UAN foram classificados em categorias: perdas no estoque e armazenamento, perdas no processamento dos alimentos, na distribuição e na devolução. O estudo teve como objetivo identificar e quantificar os resíduos gerados em uma UAN inserida em uma multinacional produtora de peças automobilísticas, localizada no município de Taubaté, SP, durante cinco dias e propor ações pertinentes à redução do impacto ambiental baseado no princípio dos três “Erres”. Para servir 2.740 refeições foram gerados 486,6 kg de resíduos sólidos, resultando em um per capita médio de 0,177 kg/comensal/dia de resíduos. A geração de resíduos ficou distribuída em: 58,0% no processamento de alimentos, 31,9% na devolução e o 10,1% no estoque e armazenamento. Do total de resíduos 85% eram orgânicos e derivados de: remoção de partes indesejáveis de hortaliças e carnes, restos de alimentos, sobras dos comensais, alimentos vencidos e amostras de alimentos e 15% eram resíduos compostos de papel/papelão, plásticos e latas. A maior geração de resíduos se deu no descarte de partes não comestíveis dos alimentos, sobras de alimentos produzidos e resto-ingestão, resultados esses relacionados ao desperdício dos alimentos, 100% destinados à compostagem. Quanto aos demais resíduos 80% eram destinados à reciclagem e 20% para o aterro sanitário.

  11. Trojan Horses and Friendly Faces: Irish Gaelic Typography as Propaganda Comment former les caractères : la typographie gaélique comme instrument de propagande

    Mathew D. Staunton


    Full Text Available Dans son livre Cinq cents ans d’imprimerie, l’historien S. H. Steinberg plaide pour l’élimination des caractères non-latin et cite le gaélique d’Irlande comme l’exemple même d’une typographie devenue désuète. Si cette critique peut être considérée comme malveillante par certains commentateurs, elle n’en fournit pas moins un cadre utile à une étude des caractères typographiques gaéliques et de leur signification.Comme Steinberg, nous pouvons envisager la typographie gaélique de trois manières.Premièrement, loin d’avoir été développées en Irlande, les fontes gaéliques furent d’abord conçues et fabriquées en Angleterre. Des formes plus tardives apparurent en Belgique, France, Italie, Australie et aux Etats-Unis. Ont-elles une identité essentiellement irlandaise ?Deuxièmement, la création de ces fontes découla, à l’origine, de la politique religieuse d’Elizabeth Ière. Elles devinrent plus tard un instrument de la Contre-réforme et plus tard encore du nationalisme irlandais. En dehors de son utilisation à des fins de propagande, la typographie gaélique a-t-elle jamais véritablement existé ?Enfin, les inventeurs des caractères typographiques gaéliques se sont toujours montrés hostiles à toute évolution susceptible de parvenir à une plus grande lisibilité. La forme de chaque caractère répond davantage à un critère d’authenticité visuelle qu’à une quelconque notion d’efficacité.  Comment l’irlandité est-elle ainsi véhiculée par la typographie ?

  12. Fornecimento de cálcio para plantas de eucalyptus saligna por meio de aplicação de resíduo industrial lama de cal

    Simonete,Marcia Aparecida; Chaves,Djalma Miler; Teixeira,Claudia Fernanda Almeida; Moro,Leticia; Neves,Cíntia Urbano


    O resíduo industrial lama de cal, originado da produção de papel kraft branqueada de eucalipto, apresenta em sua composição quantidade considerável de cálcio (Ca), o que pode contribuir para reduzir o consumo de fertilizantes em plantios florestais. Com o objetivo de avaliar o efeito da lama de cal como fonte de Ca e seus efeitos sobre a disponibilidade de nutrientes e produção de matéria seca da parte aérea de plantas de eucalipto, foram conduzidos dois ensaios em vasos, em casa de vegetação...

  13. Estudo de misturas asf?lticas com res?duo de constru??o e demoli??o oriundo do munic?pio de Manaus-AM.

    Melo, Diego Meneses de


    A disserta??o ora apresentada tem por objetivo realizar estudo sobre a utiliza??o de res?duos de constru??es e demoli??es (RCD) como agregado gra?do em concreto asf?ltico, buscando solu??o t?cnica e ambiental para a car?ncia hist?rica de agregados p?treos no munic?pio de Manaus-AM. A pesquisa exp?e caracter?sticas peculiares do material alternativo, comparando com o seixo rolado, elemento usual nas misturas asf?lticas utilizadas regionalmente. Realizouse a dosagem de uma mistur...

  14. Penser la sollicitude : les Écrits politiques d'Olympe de Gouges ou les Lumières en héritage (1788-1791)

    Sinquin, Claire


    Le Siècle des Lumières a produit un grand nombre de bouleversements, non seulement dans le domaine politique, mais aussi les domaines économiques et sociaux. C’est dans ce contexte qu’Olympe de Gouges marque l’histoire. Par le biais de lettres, brochures, articles ou encore affiches placardées, Olympe de Gouges a cherché à influencer non seulement les institutions mais aussi l’opinion publique. En commençant par la dramaturgie, elle s’engage aux côtés des abolitionnistes de l’esclavage et lut...

  15. Caracterización y análisis del abasto de carne de res a carnicerías en la ciudad de Xicotepec, Puebla.

    Dávila Robledo, José


    El consumo de carne de res es uno de los principales productos de la dieta de los mexicanos, sin embargo poco se sabe sobre sus procesos de comercialización, especialmente cuando se busca emitir recomendaciones a productores primarios. La presente investigación tuvo como objetivo identificar los productos, animales en pie y/o canales así como volúmenes y características que requieren las carnicerías y minisúper. La encuesta se realizó en la ciudad de Xicotepec, Puebla donde actualmente existe...

  16. Detección fotométrica de residuos de antimicrobianos en leche mediante el sistema microbiológico ResScreen

    Gasparotti, María Laura; Gasparotti, María Laura


    Para evitar los efectos perjudiciales que producen los residuos de antibióticos sobre la salud del consumidor y la industria láctea, se utilizan métodos de inhibición microbiológica. El sistema microbiológico ResScreen® permite detectar e identificar en forma específica antibióticos betalactámicos, tetraciclinas y sulfonamidas en un tiempo de 4 horas, mediante la utilización simultánea de los bioensayos BT (púrpura) y BS (negro). El objetivo del presente trabajo fue implementar un lector foto...

  17. Cooperation under the RES Directive - Case study on a joint project: An offshore wind park in the North Sea (cooperation between the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and Luxembourg)

    Kitzing, Lena; Nysten, Jana; Gephart, Malte

    .The joint project consists of a 1000 MW offshore wind park located on Dutch territory, to beconnected to an offshore hub on Belgian territory. Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK will togetherundertake the joint project and share the production and the RES benefits. Belgium will be the drivingforce...... of the joint project, organising the necessary negotiations and initiatives. The country will alsoassume most risks related to the development of the wind park. Therefore, we assume that the jointproject will be shared in the following way: 40% to Belgium, 30% to the Netherlands, and 30% tothe UK. We further...

  18. Les facteurs de réussite des banques étrangéres sur le marché Algérien

    Frifra, Amel


    Ce mémoire se développe en trois parties :la premiére partie reprends les fondements du marketing des services et les défis du marketing bancaire, la deuxiéme partie comprend les outils de réussite des banques étrangéres ( comportement du consommateur, la maitrise du management, comportement organisationnel), le troisiéme chapitre présente l'étude de marché SGA.

  19. Aspects récents de la thermodynamique des solutions de polymères Recent Aspects of the Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions

    Dayantis J.


    Full Text Available On examine dans cet article différentes approches de la thermodynamique des solutions de polymères placées dans leur contexte historique. On rappelle d'abord le modèle du réseau de Flory-Huggins et on en souligne les déficiences. On traite ensuite brièvement de la mécanique statistique des solutions de polymères introduite par Prigogine en 1957 et on montre qu'elle constitue un progrès qualitatif par rapport à la théorie du réseau, mais qu'elle ne prévoit cependant pas de manière quantitative les propriétés de ces solutions. On montre ensuite que le concept de volume libre, qui permet un traitement simplifié de certaines quantités, permet également d'expliquer tout naturellement l'existence d'une deuxième température de séparation en phase lorsque l'on élève la température, propriété qui différencie les solutions de polymères des mélanges de liquidés simples. Enfin, dans une dernière partie, on mentionne brièvement les travaux récents de l'École de Paris, qui traite les solutions de polymères par analogie avec les transitions magnétiques. This article examines différent approaches ta the thermodynamics of polymer solutions set in their historical context. First of all, the Flory-Huggins network model is described and ifs deficiencies are pointed out. Then attention is briefly drawn to the statistical mechanics of polymer solutions as introduced by Prigogine in 1957, and this mechanics is shown to be a qualitative advance compared with the network theory, but it nonetheless does not quantitatively predict the properties of such solutions. It is then shown that the concept of free volume, enabling some quantifies to be treated in a simplified way, also serves to provide a quite natural explanation for the existence of a second phase separation temperature when the temperature is raised, i. e. a property that differentiates polymer solutions from simple liquid mixtures. In the final part, brief mention is made

  20. Relation entre la faune de quelques rivières du nord-ouest de l'Angleterre et les activités humaines

    MACAN T. T.


    Full Text Available MINSHALL et KUEHNE ont signalé que, dans la « Région des lacs » en Angleterre, alors que la faune typique d'un ruisseau à fond pierreux peut monter jusqu'aux sources dans les montagnes, il y a des zones où la faune est pauvre, hormis les Plécoptères. Dans ces dernières eaux, le pH et le taux en calcium sont faibles, comme l'ont montré SUTCLIFFE et CARRICK qui pensent qu'il s'agit d'une pollution atmosphérique. De telles communautés habitent les affluents de la Rivière Lune. La rivière elle-même traverse une gorge où, grâce aux éboulis, le fond est stable. La faune actuelle est riche en espèces et en individus, surtout en larves de Tricoptères avec filet. C'est presque la seule région où les mollusques ne risquent pas d'être écrasés par les pierres roulantes. En aval, dans une longue plaine alluviale, le substrat est instable et, en conséquence, les espèces sont peu nombreuses bien que les individus de quelques-unes soient abondants. Une augmentation de l'enrichissement actuel provenant des villes et des prairies cultivées pourrait provoquer une croissance excessive des algues filamenteuses. Celles-ci font disparaître la vraie faune lithicole et disparaissent elles-mêmes en temps de crue, en emportant vers l'aval les animaux qu'elles hébergent. Au-delà de la plaine, la rivière traverse une région à pierre meulière, sur un lit plat et lisse. Entre deux barrages, ce lit est couvert de mousses habitées par 4 espèces d'éphémères qui ne se trouvent ailleurs, que dans de petites baies où le courant est faible. On a remarqué dans une rivière voisine la disparition de telles espèces après l'amélioration du lit par les ingénieurs.