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  1. Inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP)-like protein lacks a baculovirus IAP repeat (BIR) domain and attenuates cell death in plant and animal systems. (United States)

    Kim, Woe Yeon; Lee, Sun Yong; Jung, Young Jun; Chae, Ho Byoung; Nawkar, Ganesh M; Shin, Mi Rim; Kim, Sun Young; Park, Jin Ho; Kang, Chang Ho; Chi, Yong Hun; Ahn, Il Pyung; Yun, Dae Jin; Lee, Kyun Oh; Kim, Young-Myeong; Kim, Min Gab; Lee, Sang Yeol


    A novel Arabidopsis thaliana inhibitor of apoptosis was identified by sequence homology to other known inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) proteins. Arabidopsis IAP-like protein (AtILP) contained a C-terminal RING finger domain but lacked a baculovirus IAP repeat (BIR) domain, which is essential for anti-apoptotic activity in other IAP family members. The expression of AtILP in HeLa cells conferred resistance against tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α/ActD-induced apoptosis through the inactivation of caspase activity. In contrast to the C-terminal RING domain of AtILP, which did not inhibit the activity of caspase-3, the N-terminal region, despite displaying no homology to known BIR domains, potently inhibited the activity of caspase-3 in vitro and blocked TNF-α/ActD-induced apoptosis. The anti-apoptotic activity of the AtILP N-terminal domain observed in plants was reproduced in an animal system. Transgenic Arabidopsis lines overexpressing AtILP exhibited anti-apoptotic activity when challenged with the fungal toxin fumonisin B1, an agent that induces apoptosis-like cell death in plants. In AtIPL transgenic plants, suppression of cell death was accompanied by inhibition of caspase activation and DNA fragmentation. Overexpression of AtILP also attenuated effector protein-induced cell death and increased the growth of an avirulent bacterial pathogen. The current results demonstrated the existence of a novel plant IAP-like protein that prevents caspase activation in Arabidopsis and showed that a plant anti-apoptosis gene functions similarly in plant and animal systems.

  2. The structure of XIAP BIR2: understanding the selectivity of the BIR domains

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lukacs, Christine, E-mail:; Belunis, Charles; Crowther, Robert; Danho, Waleed; Gao, Lin; Goggin, Barry; Janson, Cheryl A.; Li, Shirley; Remiszewski, Stacy; Schutt, Andrew [Hoffmann-La Roche, 340 Kingsland Street, Nutley, NJ 07110 (United States); Thakur, Manish K.; Singh, Saroj K.; Swaminathan, Srinivasan; Pandey, Rajat; Tyagi, Rajiv; Gosu, Ramachandraiah; Kamath, Ajith V. [Jubilant Biosys Ltd, Bangalore (India); Kuglstatter, Andreas, E-mail: [Hoffmann-La Roche, 340 Kingsland Street, Nutley, NJ 07110 (United States)


    The high-resolution crystal structures of apo and peptide-bound XIAP BIR2 are presented and compared with BIR3 structures to understand their selectivity. This crystal system can be used to determine the structures of BIR2–inhibitor complexes. XIAP, a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis family of proteins, is a critical regulator of apoptosis. Inhibition of the BIR domain–caspase interaction is a promising approach towards treating cancer. Previous work has been directed towards inhibiting the BIR3–caspase-9 interaction, which blocks the intrinsic apoptotic pathway; selectively inhibiting the BIR2–caspase-3 interaction would also block the extrinsic pathway. The BIR2 domain of XIAP has successfully been crystallized; peptides and small-molecule inhibitors can be soaked into these crystals, which diffract to high resolution. Here, the BIR2 apo crystal structure and the structures of five BIR2–tetrapeptide complexes are described. The structural flexibility observed on comparing these structures, along with a comparison with XIAP BIR3, affords an understanding of the structural elements that drive selectivity between BIR2 and BIR3 and which can be used to design BIR2-selective inhibitors.

  3. Determination of the sequence specificity of XIAP BIR domains by screening a combinatorial peptide library. (United States)

    Sweeney, Michael C; Wang, Xianxi; Park, Junguk; Liu, Yusen; Pei, Dehua


    Inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) proteins regulate programmed cell death by inhibiting members of the caspase family of proteases. The X-chromosome-linked IAP (XIAP) contains three baculovirus IAP repeat (BIR) domains, which bind directly to the N-termini of target proteins including those of caspases-3, -7, and -9. In the present study, we defined the consensus sequences of the motifs that interact with the three BIR domains in an unbiased manner. A combinatorial peptide library containing four random residues at the N-terminus was constructed and screened using BIR domains as probes. We found that the BIR3 domain binds a highly specific motif containing an alanine or valine at the N-terminus (P1 position), an arginine or proline at the P3 position, and a hydrophobic residue (Phe, Ile, and Tyr) at the P4 position. The BIR2-binding motif is less stringent. Although it still requires an N-terminal alanine, it tolerates a wide variety of amino acids at P2-P4 positions. The BIR1 failed to bind to any peptides in the library. SPR analysis of individually synthesized peptides confirmed the library screening results. Database searches with the BIR2- and BIR3-binding consensus sequences revealed a large number of potential target proteins. The combinatorial library method should be readily applicable to other BIR domains or other types of protein modular domains.

  4. Disease-causing mutations in the XIAP BIR2 domain impair NOD2-dependent immune signalling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Damgaard, Rune Busk; Fiil, Berthe Katrine; Speckmann, Carsten;


    X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis (XIAP) is an essential ubiquitin ligase for pro-inflammatory signalling downstream of the nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing (NOD)-1 and -2 pattern recognition receptors. Mutations in XIAP cause X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome type-2 (XLP2......), an immunodeficiency associated with a potentially fatal deregulation of the immune system, whose aetiology is not well understood. Here, we identify the XIAP baculovirus IAP repeat (BIR)2 domain as a hotspot for missense mutations in XLP2. We demonstrate that XLP2-BIR2 mutations severely impair NOD1/2-dependent...... immune signalling in primary cells from XLP2 patients and in reconstituted XIAP-deficient cell lines. XLP2-BIR2 mutations abolish the XIAP-RIPK2 interaction resulting in impaired ubiquitylation of RIPK2 and recruitment of linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) to the NOD2-complex. We show...

  5. Expansion of protein domain repeats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asa K Björklund


    Full Text Available Many proteins, especially in eukaryotes, contain tandem repeats of several domains from the same family. These repeats have a variety of binding properties and are involved in protein-protein interactions as well as binding to other ligands such as DNA and RNA. The rapid expansion of protein domain repeats is assumed to have evolved through internal tandem duplications. However, the exact mechanisms behind these tandem duplications are not well-understood. Here, we have studied the evolution, function, protein structure, gene structure, and phylogenetic distribution of domain repeats. For this purpose we have assigned Pfam-A domain families to 24 proteomes with more sensitive domain assignments in the repeat regions. These assignments confirmed previous findings that eukaryotes, and in particular vertebrates, contain a much higher fraction of proteins with repeats compared with prokaryotes. The internal sequence similarity in each protein revealed that the domain repeats are often expanded through duplications of several domains at a time, while the duplication of one domain is less common. Many of the repeats appear to have been duplicated in the middle of the repeat region. This is in strong contrast to the evolution of other proteins that mainly works through additions of single domains at either terminus. Further, we found that some domain families show distinct duplication patterns, e.g., nebulin domains have mainly been expanded with a unit of seven domains at a time, while duplications of other domain families involve varying numbers of domains. Finally, no common mechanism for the expansion of all repeats could be detected. We found that the duplication patterns show no dependence on the size of the domains. Further, repeat expansion in some families can possibly be explained by shuffling of exons. However, exon shuffling could not have created all repeats.

  6. TRAF2-binding BIR1 domain of c-IAP2/MALT1 fusion protein is essential for activation of NF-kappaB. (United States)

    Garrison, J B; Samuel, T; Reed, J C


    Marginal zone mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) B-cell lymphoma is the most common extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The t(11;18)(q21;q21) translocation occurs frequently in MALT lymphomas and creates a chimeric NF-kappaB-activating protein containing the baculoviral IAP repeat (BIR) domains of c-IAP2 (inhibitor of apoptosis protein 2) fused with portions of the MALT1 protein. The BIR1 domain of c-IAP2 interacts directly with TRAF2 (TNFalpha-receptor-associated factor-2), but its role in NF-kappaB activation is still unclear. Here, we investigated the role of TRAF2 in c-IAP2/MALT1-induced NF-kappaB activation. We show the BIR1 domain of c-IAP2 is essential for NF-kappaB activation, whereas BIR2 and BIR3 domains are not. Studies of c-IAP2/MALT1 BIR1 mutant (E47A/R48A) that fails to activate NF-kappaB showed loss of TRAF2 binding, but retention of TRAF6 binding, suggesting that interaction of c-IAP2/MALT1 with TRAF6 is insufficient for NF-kappaB induction. In addition, a dominant-negative TRAF2 mutant or downregulation of TRAF2 achieved by small interfering RNA inhibited NF-kappaB activation by c-IAP2/MALT1 showing that TRAF2 is indispensable. Comparisons of the bioactivity of intact c-IAP2/MALT1 oncoprotein and BIR1 E47A/R48A c-IAP2/MALT1 mutant that cannot bind TRAF2 in a lymphoid cell line provided evidence that TRAF2 interaction is critical for c-IAP2/MALT1-mediated increases in the NF-kappaB activity, increased expression of endogenous NF-kappaB target genes (c-FLIP, TRAF1), and resistance to apoptosis.

  7. The evolution of filamin – A protein domain repeat perspective


    Light, Sara; Sagit, Rauan; Ithychanda, Sujay S.; Qin, Jun; Elofsson, Arne


    Particularly in higher eukaryotes, some protein domains are found in tandem repeats, performing broad functions often related to cellular organization. For instance, the eukaryotic protein filamin interacts with many proteins and is crucial for the cytoskeleton. The functional properties of long repeat domains are governed by the specific properties of each individual domain as well as by the repeat copy number. To provide better understanding of the evolutionary and functional history of rep...

  8. The evolution of filamin – A protein domain repeat perspective (United States)

    Light, Sara; Sagit, Rauan; Ithychanda, Sujay S.; Qin, Jun; Elofsson, Arne


    Particularly in higher eukaryotes, some protein domains are found in tandem repeats, performing broad functions often related to cellular organization. For instance, the eukaryotic protein filamin interacts with many proteins and is crucial for the cytoskeleton. The functional properties of long repeat domains are governed by the specific properties of each individual domain as well as by the repeat copy number. To provide better understanding of the evolutionary and functional history of repeating domains, we investigated the mode of evolution of the filamin domain in some detail. Among the domains that are common in long repeat proteins, sushi and spectrin domains evolve primarily through cassette tandem duplications while scavenger and immunoglobulin repeats appear to evolve through clustered tandem duplications. Additionally, immunoglobulin and filamin repeats exhibit a unique pattern where every other domain shows high sequence similarity. This pattern may be the result of tandem duplications, serve to avert aggregation between adjacent domains or it is the result of functional constraints. In filamin, our studies confirm the presence of interspersed integrin binding domains in vertebrates, while invertebrates exhibit more varied patterns, including more clustered integrin binding domains. The most notable case is leech filamin, which contains a 20 repeat expansion and exhibits unique dimerization topology. Clearly, invertebrate filamins are varied and contain examples of similar adjacent integrin-binding domains. Given that invertebrate integrin shows more similarity to the weaker filamin binder, integrin β3, it is possible that the distance between integrin-binding domains is not as crucial for invertebrate filamins as for vertebrates. PMID:22414427

  9. The evolution of filamin-a protein domain repeat perspective. (United States)

    Light, Sara; Sagit, Rauan; Ithychanda, Sujay S; Qin, Jun; Elofsson, Arne


    Particularly in higher eukaryotes, some protein domains are found in tandem repeats, performing broad functions often related to cellular organization. For instance, the eukaryotic protein filamin interacts with many proteins and is crucial for the cytoskeleton. The functional properties of long repeat domains are governed by the specific properties of each individual domain as well as by the repeat copy number. To provide better understanding of the evolutionary and functional history of repeating domains, we investigated the mode of evolution of the filamin domain in some detail. Among the domains that are common in long repeat proteins, sushi and spectrin domains evolve primarily through cassette tandem duplications while scavenger and immunoglobulin repeats appear to evolve through clustered tandem duplications. Additionally, immunoglobulin and filamin repeats exhibit a unique pattern where every other domain shows high sequence similarity. This pattern may be the result of tandem duplications, serve to avert aggregation between adjacent domains or it is the result of functional constraints. In filamin, our studies confirm the presence of interspersed integrin binding domains in vertebrates, while invertebrates exhibit more varied patterns, including more clustered integrin binding domains. The most notable case is leech filamin, which contains a 20 repeat expansion and exhibits unique dimerization topology. Clearly, invertebrate filamins are varied and contain examples of similar adjacent integrin-binding domains. Given that invertebrate integrin shows more similarity to the weaker filamin binder, integrin β3, it is possible that the distance between integrin-binding domains is not as crucial for invertebrate filamins as for vertebrates. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. The diversity and evolution of Wolbachia ankyrin repeat domain genes.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefanos Siozios

    Full Text Available Ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes are common in the eukaryotic and viral domains of life, but they are rare in bacteria, the exception being a few obligate or facultative intracellular Proteobacteria species. Despite having a reduced genome, the arthropod strains of the alphaproteobacterium Wolbachia contain an unusually high number of ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes ranging from 23 in wMel to 60 in wPip strain. This group of genes has attracted considerable attention for their astonishing large number as well as for the fact that ankyrin proteins are known to participate in protein-protein interactions, suggesting that they play a critical role in the molecular mechanism that determines host-Wolbachia symbiotic interactions. We present a comparative evolutionary analysis of the wMel-related ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes present in different Drosophila-Wolbachia associations. Our results show that the ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes change in size by expansion and contraction mediated by short directly repeated sequences. We provide examples of intra-genic recombination events and show that these genes are likely to be horizontally transferred between strains with the aid of bacteriophages. These results confirm previous findings that the Wolbachia genomes are evolutionary mosaics and illustrate the potential that these bacteria have to generate diversity in proteins potentially involved in the symbiotic interactions.

  11. Repeatability of Perimacular Ganglion Cell Complex Analysis with Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography


    Ng, Dorothy S. K.; Preeti Gupta; Yih Chung Tham; Chye Fong Peck; Tien Yin Wong; Mohammad Kamran Ikram; Cheung, Carol Y.


    Purpose. To assess the repeatability of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography to measure macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thicknesses and compare retinal ganglion cell parameters between algorithms. Methods. Ninety-two nonglaucomatous eyes from 92 participants underwent macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thickness measurement using OCT-HS100 Glaucoma 3D algorithm and these measurements were repeated for 34 subjects. All subjects also had macular ganglion cell-in...

  12. NMR studies on domain diffusion and alignment in modular GB1 repeats. (United States)

    Walsh, Joseph D; Meier, Katlyn; Ishima, Rieko; Gronenborn, Angela M


    Modular proteins contain individual domains that are often connected by flexible, unstructured linkers. Using a model system based on the GB1 domain, we constructed tandem repeat proteins and investigated the rotational diffusion and long-range angular ordering behavior of individual domains by measuring NMR relaxation parameters and residual dipolar couplings. Although they display almost identical protein-solvent interfaces, each domain exhibits distinct rotational diffusion and alignment properties. The diffusion tensor anisotropy of the N-terminal domain (NTD) is D(‖)/D(⊥) = 1.5-1.6, similar to that of single-GB1 domains (D(‖)/D(⊥) = 1.6-1.7), whereas the value for the C-terminal domain (CTD) is D(‖)/D(⊥) = 2.0-2.2. In addition, the two domains have different rotational correlation times. These effects are observed for linkers of three to 24 residues, irrespective of linker length. The NTD and CTD also differ in their degree of magnetic alignment, even with a flexible linker of 18 residues, exhibiting D(a) values of 7.7 Hz and 9.7 Hz, respectively. Our results suggest that diffusion differences and long-range influences may persist in modular protein systems, even for systems that have highly flexible linkers and exhibit no domain-domain or domain-linker interactions.

  13. Gorunmezler Dunyasinda Bir Ali

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erdem Özkara


    Full Text Available Bu kaçıncı denemem bilmiyorum, ama yazamıyorum bir türlü... Nasıl yazacağımı bilemiyorum ama yazmam gerekiyor. Çünkü O’nu tanıma şansına sahip olduğum için kendimi borçlu hissediyorum. O’nu bilmeyenlere anlatmam gerekiyor. Hani derler ya iyi insanların ardından “Bir yıldız daha kaydı bu dünyadan” diye. Ali Abi yalnızca “iyi” değildi aynı zamanda “asil” idi. Hayata karşı bakışı ve kendisini bekleyen ölümü çok iyi bildiği halde ölüme karşı mağrur ve metanetli duruşu ile gerçekten bize zarafeti gösterdi. John Mc Creery’nin sözü hislerimi anlatıyor: “Ölüm yoktur! Yıldızlar başka bir kıyıda doğmak için batarlar.” Evet Ali Yemişcigil artık başka bir boyutta, dün gece bir yıldız daha kaydı bu dünyadan ve başka bir yerde belki de “görünmezler dünyasında” parlayacak yeniden... Ve kalanlar; metanetli ailesi, üzerine titrediği ailesi, başta sevgili eşi Lale Abla, kızı Serra, oğlu Sefa, annesi, kardeşleri, yakınları, bizler... Onu yakından tanıyanlar olarak gerçekten çok acı çekiyoruz şu anda ama bir yandan da onun yaşama bakışını ve güzelliğini gördüğümüz için de şanslıyız aslında. I Iayat yolculuğunda kaç kişinin yolu böyle bir “Ali insan” ile kesişebilir, kaçımız böyle bir bilgeye rastlayabiliriz? Adının anlamını taşıyordu kişiliğiyle; “yüce” idi. İki gün sonra doğum günü, kırk beş yaşını bitirecekti, sürpriz doğum günü planlarken, sıkça verdiği mesajı bir daha hatırlatarak son dersi verdi Ali Abi; “Carpe diem-Anı yaşa, geleceği planlama, çünkü düşündüğün gibi olmayabilir” derdi hep. Haklısın Abi olmuyormuş, bir kere daha haklısın, maalesef... O’nu genç yaşta kaybettiğimiz için üzgünüz ama her anını dolu dolu yaşamaya çalıştığı hayatıyla kimilerinin 80 yıla sığdıramadıklarını yapabildi ve bu yönüyle örnek oldu. Martin Luther King

  14. Alternative conformations of the Tau repeat domain in complex with an engineered binding protein. (United States)

    Grüning, Clara S R; Mirecka, Ewa A; Klein, Antonia N; Mandelkow, Eckhard; Willbold, Dieter; Marino, Stephen F; Stoldt, Matthias; Hoyer, Wolfgang


    The aggregation of Tau into paired helical filaments is involved in the pathogenesis of several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer disease. The aggregation reaction is characterized by conformational conversion of the repeat domain, which partially adopts a cross-β-structure in the resulting amyloid-like fibrils. Here, we report the selection and characterization of an engineered binding protein, β-wrapin TP4, targeting the Tau repeat domain. TP4 was obtained by phage display using the four-repeat Tau construct K18ΔK280 as a target. TP4 binds K18ΔK280 as well as the longest isoform of human Tau, hTau40, with nanomolar affinity. NMR spectroscopy identified two alternative TP4-binding sites in the four-repeat domain, with each including two hexapeptide motifs with high β-sheet propensity. Both binding sites contain the aggregation-determining PHF6 hexapeptide within repeat 3. In addition, one binding site includes the PHF6* hexapeptide within repeat 2, whereas the other includes the corresponding hexapeptide Tau(337-342) within repeat 4, denoted PHF6**. Comparison of TP4-binding with Tau aggregation reveals that the same regions of Tau are involved in both processes. TP4 inhibits Tau aggregation at substoichiometric concentration, demonstrating that it interferes with aggregation nucleation. This study provides residue-level insight into the interaction of Tau with an aggregation inhibitor and highlights the structural flexibility of Tau. © 2014 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  15. Bir Kartagener Sendromu Olgusu


    Mıkla, Şerare; Aydın, Ahmet; Birtane, Nügürt; Çam, Halit; Fıçıcıoğlu, Can; Yılmazer, Sema; Akaslan, İlhan


    Bu makalede immobil silya sendromu situs inversus totalis Kartagener sendromu tanısı konulan 4 yaşında erkek hasta sunulmuştur Bronş silyasında ultrastrüktürel incelemesinde iç ve veya dış dynein kollarında tam ya da kısmi defektler saptanmıştır Olgunun bir özelliği de Kartagener sendromunda şimdiye kadar bildirilmemiş olan malrotasyon anomalisine sahip olmasıdır Anahtar kelimeler: İmmobil Silya Sendromu Kartagener Sendromu Malrotasyon

  16. Mechanism of intermediate filament recognition by plakin repeat domains revealed by envoplakin targeting of vimentin (United States)

    Fogl, Claudia; Mohammed, Fiyaz; Al-Jassar, Caezar; Jeeves, Mark; Knowles, Timothy J.; Rodriguez-Zamora, Penelope; White, Scott A.; Odintsova, Elena; Overduin, Michael; Chidgey, Martyn


    Plakin proteins form critical connections between cell junctions and the cytoskeleton; their disruption within epithelial and cardiac muscle cells cause skin-blistering diseases and cardiomyopathies. Envoplakin has a single plakin repeat domain (PRD) which recognizes intermediate filaments through an unresolved mechanism. Herein we report the crystal structure of envoplakin's complete PRD fold, revealing binding determinants within its electropositive binding groove. Four of its five internal repeats recognize negatively charged patches within vimentin via five basic determinants that are identified by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Mutations of the Lys1901 or Arg1914 binding determinants delocalize heterodimeric envoplakin from intracellular vimentin and keratin filaments in cultured cells. Recognition of vimentin is abolished when its residues Asp112 or Asp119 are mutated. The latter slot intermediate filament rods into basic PRD domain grooves through electrosteric complementarity in a widely applicable mechanism. Together this reveals how plakin family members form dynamic linkages with cytoskeletal frameworks.

  17. Structural Analyses of the Ankyrin Repeat Domain of TRPV6 and Related TRPV Ion Channels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Phelps, C.B.; Huang, R.J.; Lishko, P.V.; Wang, R.R.; Gaudet, R. (Harvard)


    Transient receptor potential (TRP) proteins are cation channels composed of a transmembrane domain flanked by large N- and C-terminal cytoplasmic domains. All members of the vanilloid family of TRP channels (TRPV) possess an N-terminal ankyrin repeat domain (ARD). The ARD of mammalian TRPV6, an important regulator of calcium uptake and homeostasis, is essential for channel assembly and regulation. The 1.7 A crystal structure of the TRPV6-ARD reveals conserved structural elements unique to the ARDs of TRPV proteins. First, a large twist between the fourth and fifth repeats is induced by residues conserved in all TRPV ARDs. Second, the third finger loop is the most variable region in sequence, length and conformation. In TRPV6, a number of putative regulatory phosphorylation sites map to the base of this third finger. Size exclusion chromatography and crystal packing indicate that the TRPV6-ARD does not assemble as a tetramer and is monomeric in solution. Adenosine triphosphate-agarose and calmodulin-agarose pull-down assays show that the TRPV6-ARD does not interact with either ligand, indicating a different functional role for the TRPV6-ARD than in the paralogous thermosensitive TRPV1 channel. Similar biochemical findings are also presented for the highly homologous mammalian TRPV5-ARD. The implications of the structural and biochemical data on the role of the ankyrin repeats in different TRPV channels are discussed.

  18. The Bordetella Adenylate Cyclase Repeat-in-Toxin (RTX) Domain Is Immunodominant and Elicits Neutralizing Antibodies* (United States)

    Wang, Xianzhe; Maynard, Jennifer A.


    The adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT) is a multifunctional virulence factor secreted by Bordetella species. Upon interaction of its C-terminal hemolysin moiety with the cell surface receptor αMβ2 integrin, the N-terminal cyclase domain translocates into the host cell cytosol where it rapidly generates supraphysiological cAMP concentrations, which inhibit host cell anti-bacterial activities. Although ACT has been shown to induce protective immunity in mice, it is not included in any current acellular pertussis vaccines due to protein stability issues and a poor understanding of its role as a protective antigen. Here, we aimed to determine whether any single domain could recapitulate the antibody responses induced by the holo-toxin and to characterize the dominant neutralizing antibody response. We first immunized mice with ACT and screened antibody phage display libraries for binding to purified ACT. The vast majority of unique antibodies identified bound the C-terminal repeat-in-toxin (RTX) domain. Representative antibodies binding two nonoverlapping, neutralizing epitopes in the RTX domain prevented ACT association with J774A.1 macrophages and soluble αMβ2 integrin, suggesting that these antibodies inhibit the ACT-receptor interaction. Sera from mice immunized with the RTX domain showed similar neutralizing activity as ACT-immunized mice, indicating that this domain induced an antibody response similar to that induced by ACT. These data demonstrate that RTX can elicit neutralizing antibodies and suggest it may present an alternative to ACT. PMID:25505186

  19. MSH2 ATPase domain mutation affects CTG*CAG repeat instability in transgenic mice.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphanie Tomé


    Full Text Available Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1 is associated with one of the most highly unstable CTG*CAG repeat expansions. The formation of further repeat expansions in transgenic mice carrying expanded CTG*CAG tracts requires the mismatch repair (MMR proteins MSH2 and MSH3, forming the MutSbeta complex. It has been proposed that binding of MutSbeta to CAG hairpins blocks its ATPase activity compromising hairpin repair, thereby causing expansions. This would suggest that binding, but not ATP hydrolysis, by MutSbeta is critical for trinucleotide expansions. However, it is unknown if the MSH2 ATPase activity is dispensible for instability. To get insight into the mechanism by which MSH2 generates trinucleotide expansions, we crossed DM1 transgenic mice carrying a highly unstable >(CTG(300 repeat tract with mice carrying the G674A mutation in the MSH2 ATPase domain. This mutation impairs MSH2 ATPase activity and ablates base-base MMR, but does not affect the ability of MSH2 (associated with MSH6 to bind DNA mismatches. We found that the ATPase domain mutation of MSH2 strongly affects the formation of CTG expansions and leads instead to transmitted contractions, similar to a Msh2-null or Msh3-null deficiency. While a decrease in MSH2 protein level was observed in tissues from Msh2(G674 mice, the dramatic reduction of expansions suggests that the expansion-biased trinucleotide repeat instability requires a functional MSH2 ATPase domain and probably a functional MMR system.

  20. Stages and conformations of the Tau repeat domain during aggregation and its effect on neuronal toxicity. (United States)

    Kumar, Satish; Tepper, Katharina; Kaniyappan, Senthilvelrajan; Biernat, Jacek; Wegmann, Susanne; Mandelkow, Eva-Maria; Müller, Daniel J; Mandelkow, Eckhard


    Several neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the aggregation and posttranslational modifications of Tau protein. Its "repeat domain" (TauRD) is mainly responsible for the aggregation properties, and oligomeric forms are thought to dominate the toxic effects of Tau. Here we investigated the conformational transitions of this domain during oligomerization and aggregation in different states of β-propensity and pseudo-phosphorylation, using several complementary imaging and spectroscopic methods. Although the repeat domain generally aggregates more readily than full-length Tau, its aggregation was greatly slowed down by phosphorylation or pseudo-phosphorylation at the KXGS motifs, concomitant with an extended phase of oligomerization. Analogous effects were observed with pro-aggregant variants of TauRD. Oligomers became most evident in the case of the pro-aggregant mutant TauRDΔK280, as monitored by atomic force microscopy, and the fluorescence lifetime of Alexa-labeled Tau (time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC)), consistent with its pronounced toxicity in mouse models. In cell models or primary neurons, neither oligomers nor fibrils of TauRD or TauRDΔK280 had a toxic effect, as seen by assays with lactate dehydrogenase and 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide, respectively. However, oligomers of pro-aggregant TauRDΔK280 specifically caused a loss of spine density in differentiated neurons, indicating a locally restricted impairment of function. © 2014 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  1. LRR conservation mapping to predict functional sites within protein leucine-rich repeat domains.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Helft

    Full Text Available Computational prediction of protein functional sites can be a critical first step for analysis of large or complex proteins. Contemporary methods often require several homologous sequences and/or a known protein structure, but these resources are not available for many proteins. Leucine-rich repeats (LRRs are ligand interaction domains found in numerous proteins across all taxonomic kingdoms, including immune system receptors in plants and animals. We devised Repeat Conservation Mapping (RCM, a computational method that predicts functional sites of LRR domains. RCM utilizes two or more homologous sequences and a generic representation of the LRR structure to identify conserved or diversified patches of amino acids on the predicted surface of the LRR. RCM was validated using solved LRR+ligand structures from multiple taxa, identifying ligand interaction sites. RCM was then used for de novo dissection of two plant microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMP receptors, EF-TU RECEPTOR (EFR and FLAGELLIN-SENSING 2 (FLS2. In vivo testing of Arabidopsis thaliana EFR and FLS2 receptors mutagenized at sites identified by RCM demonstrated previously unknown functional sites. The RCM predictions for EFR, FLS2 and a third plant LRR protein, PGIP, compared favorably to predictions from ODA (optimal docking area, Consurf, and PAML (positive selection analyses, but RCM also made valid functional site predictions not available from these other bioinformatic approaches. RCM analyses can be conducted with any LRR-containing proteins at, and the approach should be modifiable for use with other types of repeat protein domains.

  2. Tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9A is an interacting protein for tropomyosin Tm5NM-1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ho Gay


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9A (TTC9A protein is a recently identified protein which contains three tetratricopeptide repeats (TPRs on its C-terminus. In our previous studies, we have shown that TTC9A was a hormonally-regulated gene in breast cancer cells. In this study, we found that TTC9A was over-expressed in breast cancer tissues compared with the adjacent controls (P Methods Breast samples from 25 patients including the malignant breast tissues and the adjacent normal tissues were processed for Southern blot analysis. Yeast-two-hybrid assay, GST pull-down assay and co-immunoprecipitation were used to identify and verify the interaction between TTC9A and other proteins. Results Tropomyosin Tm5NM-1 was identified as one of the TTC9A partner proteins. The interaction between TTC9A and Tm5NM-1 was further confirmed by GST pull-down assay and co-immunoprecipitation in mammalian cells. TTC9A domains required for the interaction were also characterized in this study. The results suggested that the first TPR domain and the linker fragment between the first two TPR domains of TTC9A were important for the interaction with Tm5NM-1 and the second and the third TPR might play an inhibitory role. Conclusion Since the primary function of tropomyosin is to stabilize actin filament, its interaction with TTC9A may play a role in cell shape and motility. In our previous results, we have found that progesterone-induced TTC9A expression was associated with increased cell motility and cell spreading. We speculate that TTC9A acts as a chaperone protein to facilitate the function of tropomyosins in stabilizing microfilament and it may play a role in cancer cell invasion and metastasis.

  3. Stages and Conformations of the Tau Repeat Domain during Aggregation and Its Effect on Neuronal Toxicity* (United States)

    Kumar, Satish; Tepper, Katharina; Kaniyappan, Senthilvelrajan; Biernat, Jacek; Wegmann, Susanne; Mandelkow, Eva-Maria; Müller, Daniel J.; Mandelkow, Eckhard


    Several neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the aggregation and posttranslational modifications of Tau protein. Its “repeat domain” (TauRD) is mainly responsible for the aggregation properties, and oligomeric forms are thought to dominate the toxic effects of Tau. Here we investigated the conformational transitions of this domain during oligomerization and aggregation in different states of β-propensity and pseudo-phosphorylation, using several complementary imaging and spectroscopic methods. Although the repeat domain generally aggregates more readily than full-length Tau, its aggregation was greatly slowed down by phosphorylation or pseudo-phosphorylation at the KXGS motifs, concomitant with an extended phase of oligomerization. Analogous effects were observed with pro-aggregant variants of TauRD. Oligomers became most evident in the case of the pro-aggregant mutant TauRDΔK280, as monitored by atomic force microscopy, and the fluorescence lifetime of Alexa-labeled Tau (time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC)), consistent with its pronounced toxicity in mouse models. In cell models or primary neurons, neither oligomers nor fibrils of TauRD or TauRDΔK280 had a toxic effect, as seen by assays with lactate dehydrogenase and 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide, respectively. However, oligomers of pro-aggregant TauRDΔK280 specifically caused a loss of spine density in differentiated neurons, indicating a locally restricted impairment of function. PMID:24825901

  4. Repeatability of Perimacular Ganglion Cell Complex Analysis with Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography. (United States)

    Ng, Dorothy S K; Gupta, Preeti; Tham, Yih Chung; Peck, Chye Fong; Wong, Tien Yin; Ikram, Mohammad Kamran; Cheung, Carol Y


    Purpose. To assess the repeatability of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography to measure macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thicknesses and compare retinal ganglion cell parameters between algorithms. Methods. Ninety-two nonglaucomatous eyes from 92 participants underwent macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thickness measurement using OCT-HS100 Glaucoma 3D algorithm and these measurements were repeated for 34 subjects. All subjects also had macular ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thickness measured by Cirrus HD-OCT Ganglion Cell Analysis algorithm. Intraclass correlation coefficient and Pearson's correlation analyses were performed. Results. Subfields of both macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thicknesses had high intraclass correlation coefficient values between 0.979 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.958-0.989) and 0.981 (95% CI: 0.963, 0.991) and between 0.70 (95% CI: 0.481-0.838) and 0.987 (95% CI: 0.956-0.989), respectively. The overall average ganglion cell complex and macular average ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thicknesses were strongly correlated (r = 0.83,  P HS100 Glaucoma 3D algorithm is highly repeatable, and strongly correlates to retinal ganglion cell parameters assessed by Ganglion Cell Analysis algorithm. A comprehensive evaluation of retinal ganglion cells may be possible with OCT-HS100.

  5. Repeatability of Perimacular Ganglion Cell Complex Analysis with Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorothy S. K. Ng


    Full Text Available Purpose. To assess the repeatability of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography to measure macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thicknesses and compare retinal ganglion cell parameters between algorithms. Methods. Ninety-two nonglaucomatous eyes from 92 participants underwent macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thickness measurement using OCT-HS100 Glaucoma 3D algorithm and these measurements were repeated for 34 subjects. All subjects also had macular ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thickness measured by Cirrus HD-OCT Ganglion Cell Analysis algorithm. Intraclass correlation coefficient and Pearson’s correlation analyses were performed. Results. Subfields of both macular and perimacular ganglion cell complex thicknesses had high intraclass correlation coefficient values between 0.979 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.958–0.989 and 0.981 (95% CI: 0.963, 0.991 and between 0.70 (95% CI: 0.481–0.838 and 0.987 (95% CI: 0.956–0.989, respectively. The overall average ganglion cell complex and macular average ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thicknesses were strongly correlated (r=0.83, P<0.001.  Conclusions. The assessment of macular and perimacular retinal ganglion cell parameters by OCT-HS100 Glaucoma 3D algorithm is highly repeatable, and strongly correlates to retinal ganglion cell parameters assessed by Ganglion Cell Analysis algorithm. A comprehensive evaluation of retinal ganglion cells may be possible with OCT-HS100.

  6. Positive selection in the leucine-rich repeat domain of Gro1 genes in Solanum species

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Valentino Ruggieri; Angelina Nunziata; Amalia Barone


    In pathogen resistant plants, solvent-exposed residues in the leucine-rich repeat (LRR) proteins are thought to mediate resistance by recognizing plant pathogen elicitors. In potato, the gene Gro1-4 confers resistance to Globodera rostochiensis. The investigation of variablity in different copies of this gene represents a good model for the verification of positive selection mechanisms. Two datasets of Gro1 LRR sequences were constructed, one derived from the Gro1-4 gene, belonging to different cultivated and wild Solanum species, and the other belonging to paralogues of a resistant genotype. Analysis of non-synonymous to synonymous substitution rates $(K_{a}/K_{s})$ highlighted 14 and six amino acids with $K_{a}/K_{s} \\gt 1$ in orthologue and paralogue datasets, respectively. Selection analysis revealed that the leucine-rich regions accumulate variability in a very specific way, and we found that some combinations of amino acids in these sites might be involved in pathogen recognition. The results confirm previous studies on positive selection in the LRR domain of R protein in Arabidopsis and other model plants and extend these to wild Solanum species. Moreover, positively selected sites in the Gro1 LRR domain show that coevolution mainly occurred in two regions on the internal surface of the three-dimensional horseshoe structure of the domain, albeit with different evolutionary forces between paralogues and orthologues.

  7. The crystal structure of a partial mouse Notch-1 ankyrin domain: Repeats 4 through 7 preserve an ankyrin fold

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lubman, Olga Y.; Kopan, Raphael; Waksman, Gabriel; Korolev, Sergey (Birbeck); (St. Louis-MED); (WU-MED)


    Folding and stability of proteins containing ankyrin repeats (ARs) is of great interest because they mediate numerous protein-protein interactions involved in a wide range of regulatory cellular processes. Notch, an ankyrin domain containing protein, signals by converting a transcriptional repression complex into an activation complex. The Notch ANK domain is essential for Notch function and contains seven ARs. Here, we present the 2.2 {angstrom} crystal structure of ARs 4-7 from mouse Notch 1 (m1ANK). These C-terminal repeats were resistant to degradation during crystallization, and their secondary and tertiary structures are maintained in the absence of repeats 1-3. The crystallized fragment adopts a typical ankyrin fold including the poorly conserved seventh AR, as seen in the Drosophila Notch ANK domain (dANK). The structural preservation and stability of the C-terminal repeats shed a new light onto the mechanism of hetero-oligomeric assembly during Notch-mediated transcriptional activation.

  8. Quantification of interaction strengths between chaperones and tetratricopeptide repeat domain-containing membrane proteins. (United States)

    Schweiger, Regina; Soll, Jürgen; Jung, Kirsten; Heermann, Ralf; Schwenkert, Serena


    The three tetratricopeptide repeat domain-containing docking proteins Toc64, OM64, and AtTPR7 reside in the chloroplast, mitochondrion, and endoplasmic reticulum of Arabidopsis thaliana, respectively. They are suggested to act during post-translational protein import by association with chaperone-bound preprotein complexes. Here, we performed a detailed biochemical, biophysical, and computational analysis of the interaction between Toc64, OM64, and AtTPR7 and the five cytosolic chaperones HSP70.1, HSP90.1, HSP90.2, HSP90.3, and HSP90.4. We used surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy in combination with Interaction Map® analysis to distinguish between chaperone oligomerization and docking protein-chaperone interactions and to calculate binding affinities for all tested interactions. Complementary to this, we applied pulldown assays as well as microscale thermophoresis as surface immobilization independent techniques. The data revealed that OM64 prefers HSP70 over HSP90, whereas Toc64 binds all chaperones with comparable affinities. We could further show that AtTPR7 is able to bind HSP90 in addition to HSP70. Moreover, differences between the HSP90 isoforms were detected and revealed a weaker binding for HSP90.1 to AtTPR7 and OM64, showing that slight differences in the amino acid composition or structure of the chaperones influence binding to the tetratricopeptide repeat domain. The combinatory approach of several methods provided a powerful toolkit to determine binding affinities of similar interaction partners in a highly quantitative manner.

  9. Differential antibiosis against Helicoverpa armigera exerted by distinct inhibitory repeat domains of Capsicum annuum proteinase inhibitors. (United States)

    Joshi, Rakesh S; Gupta, Vidya S; Giri, Ashok P


    Plant defensive serine proteinase inhibitors (PIs) are known to have negative impact on digestive physiology of herbivore insects and thus have a crucial role in plant protection. Here, we have assessed the efficacy and specificity of three previously characterized inhibitory repeat domain (IRD) variants from Capsicum annuum PIs viz., IRD-7, -9 and -12 against gut proteinases from Helicoverpa armigera. Comparative study of in silico binding energy revealed that IRD-9 possesses higher affinity towards H. armigera serine proteinases as compared to IRD-7 and -12. H. armigera fed on artificial diet containing 5 TIU/g of recombinant IRD proteins exhibited differential effects on larval growth, survival rate and other nutritional parameters. Major digestive gut trypsin and chymotrypsin genes were down regulated in the IRD fed larvae, while few of them were up-regulated, this indicate alterations in insect digestive physiology. The results corroborated with proteinase activity assays and zymography. These findings suggest that the sequence variations among PIs reflect in their efficacy against proteinases in vitro and in vivo, which also could be used for developing tailor-made multi-domain inhibitor gene(s).

  10. Successful conversion of the Bacillus subtilis BirA Group II biotin protein ligase into a Group I ligase

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Henke, Sarah K; Cronan, John E


    ...: bioWAFDBI, yuiG and yhfUTS. Moreover, unlike the paradigm Group II BPL, E. coli BirA, the N-terminal DNA binding domain can be deleted from Bacillus subtilis BirA without adverse effects on its ligase function...

  11. BIR 2014 - Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This first “Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval” (BIR 2014) workshop1 aims to engage with the IR community about possible links to bibliometrics and scholarly communication. Bibliometric techniques are not yet widely used to enhance retrieval processes in digital libraries, although...... analysis of co-authorship network, can improve retrieval services for specific communities, as well as for large, cross-domain collections. This workshop aims to raise awareness of the missing link between information retrieval (IR) and bibliometrics / scientometrics and to create a common ground...... for the incorporation of bibliometric-enhanced services into retrieval at the digital library interface. Our interests include information retrieval, information seeking, science modelling, network analysis, and digital libraries. The goal is to apply insights from bibliometrics, scientometrics, and informetrics...

  12. Novel Mutations of the Tetratricopeptide Repeat Domain 7A Gene and Phenotype/Genotype Comparison

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reyin Lien


    Full Text Available The gastrointestinal tract contains the largest lymphoid organ to react with pathogenic microorganisms and suppress excess inflammation. Patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs can suffer from refractory diarrhea. In this study, we present two siblings who began to suffer from refractory diarrhea with a poor response to aggressive antibiotic and immunosuppressive treatment after surgical release of neonatal intestinal obstruction. Their lymphocyte proliferation was low, but superoxide production and IL-10 signaling were normal. Candidate genetic approach targeted to genes involved in PIDs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD-like manifestation was unrevealing. Whole-genome sequencing revealed novel heterozygous mutations Glu75Lys and nucleotide 520–521 CT deletion in the tetratricopeptide repeat domain 7A (TTC7A gene. A Medline search identified 49 patients with TTC7A mutations, of whom 20 survived. Their phenotypes included both multiple intestinal atresia (MIA and combined T and/or B immunodeficiency (CID in 16, both IBD and CID in 14, isolated MIA in 8, MIA, IBD, and CID complex in 8, and isolated IBD in 3. Of these 98 mutant alleles over-through the coding region clustering on exon 2 (40 alleles, exon 7 (12 alleles, and exon 20 (10 alleles, 2 common hotspot mutations were c.211 G>A (p.E71K in exon 2 in 26 alleles and AAGT deletion in exon 7 (+3 in 10 alleles. Kaplan–Meier analysis showed that those with biallelic missense mutations (p = 0.0168, unaffected tetratricopeptide repeat domains (p = 0.0311, and developing autoimmune disorders (p = 0.001 had a relatively better prognosis. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT restored immunity and seemed to decrease the frequency of infections; however, refractory diarrhea persisted. Clinical improvement was reported upon intestinal and liver transplantation in a child with CID and MIA of unknown genetic etiology. In conclusion, patients with TTC7A mutations

  13. Structural analysis of the KRIT1 ankyrin repeat and FERM domains reveals a conformationally stable ARD-FERM interface

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Rong [Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States); Li, Xiaofeng [Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States); Boggon, Titus J. [Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States)


    Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCM) are vascular dysplasias that usually occur in the brain and are associated with mutations in the KRIT1/CCM1, CCM2/MGC4607/OSM/Malcavernin, and PDCD10/CCM3/ TFAR15 genes. Here we report the 2.9 Å crystal structure of the ankyrin repeat domain (ARD) and FERM domain of the protein product of KRIT1 (KRIT1; Krev interaction trapped 1). The crystal structure reveals that the KRIT1 ARD contains 4 ankyrin repeats. There is also an unusual conformation in the ANK4 repeat that is stabilized by Trp-404, and the structure reveals a solvent exposed ankyrin groove. Domain orientations of the three copies within the asymmetric unit suggest a stable interaction between KRIT1 ARD and FERM domains, indicating a globular ARD–FERM module. It resembles the additional F0 domain found N-terminal to the FERM domain of talin. Structural analysis of KRIT1 ARD–FERM highlights surface regions of high evolutionary conservation, and suggests potential sites that could mediate interaction with binding partners. The structure therefore provides a better understanding of KRIT1 at the molecular level.

  14. Structural analysis of the KRIT1 ankyrin repeat and FERM domains reveals a conformationally stable ARD-FERM interface. (United States)

    Zhang, Rong; Li, Xiaofeng; Boggon, Titus J


    Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCM) are vascular dysplasias that usually occur in the brain and are associated with mutations in the KRIT1/CCM1, CCM2/MGC4607/OSM/Malcavernin, and PDCD10/CCM3/TFAR15 genes. Here we report the 2.9 Å crystal structure of the ankyrin repeat domain (ARD) and FERM domain of the protein product of KRIT1 (KRIT1; Krev interaction trapped 1). The crystal structure reveals that the KRIT1 ARD contains 4 ankyrin repeats. There is an unusual conformation in the ANK4 repeat that is stabilized by Trp-404, and the structure reveals a solvent exposed ankyrin groove. Domain orientations of the three copies within the asymmetric unit suggest a stable interaction between KRIT1 ARD and FERM domains, indicating a globular ARD-FERM module. This resembles the additional F0 domain found N-terminal to the FERM domain of talin. Structural analysis of KRIT1 ARD-FERM highlights surface regions of high evolutionary conservation, and suggests potential sites that could mediate interaction with binding partners. The structure therefore provides a better understanding of KRIT1 at the molecular level.

  15. Plasmodium alveolins possess distinct but structurally and functionally related multi-repeat domains. (United States)

    Al-Khattaf, Fatimah S; Tremp, Annie Z; Dessens, Johannes T


    The invasive and motile life stages of malaria parasites (merozoite, ookinete and sporozoite) possess a distinctive cortical structure termed the pellicle. The pellicle is characterised by a double-layered 'inner membrane complex' (IMC) located underneath the plasma membrane, which is supported by a cytoskeletal structure termed the subpellicular network (SPN). The SPN consists of intermediate filaments, whose major constituents include a family of proteins called alveolins. Here, we re-appraise the alveolins in the genus Plasmodium with respect to their repertoire, structure and interrelatedness. Amongst 13 family members identified, we distinguish two domain types that, albeit distinct at the primary structure level, are structurally related and contain tandem repeats with a consensus 12-amino acid periodicity. Analysis in Plasmodium berghei of the most divergent alveolin, PbIMC1d, reveals a zoite-specific expression in ookinetes and a subcellular localisation in the pellicle, consistent with its predicted role as a SPN component. Knockout of PbIMC1d gives rise to a wild-type phenotype with respect to ookinete morphogenesis, tensile strength, gliding motility and infectivity, presenting the first example of apparent functional redundancy amongst alveolin family members.

  16. Increased leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin- like domains 1 expression enhances chemosensitivity in glioma

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Baohui Liu; Shenqi Zhang; Dong Ruan; Xiaonan Zhu; Zhentao Guo; Huimin Dong; Mingmin Yan; Qianxue Chen; Daofeng Tian; Liquan Wu; Junmin Wang; Qiang Cai; Heng Shen; Baowei Ji; Long Wang


    Leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains 1 (LRIG1) is an anti-oncogene.LRIG1 is correlated with Bcl-2 in ependymomas.Decreased Bcl-2 and manganese superoxide dismutase expression can improve the chemosensitivity of glioma.In the present study, a tissue microarray of human brain astrocytomas was constructed.To investigate the relationship of LRIG1 with Bcl-2 and manganese superoxide dismutase, LRIG1, Bcl-2 and manganese superoxide dismutase expression in our tissue microarray was determined using immunohistochemistry.In addition, we constructed the LRIG1-U251 cell line, and its responses to doxorubicin and temozolomide were detected using the MTT assay.Results showed that LRIG1 expression was significantly negatively correlated with Bcl-2 and manganese superoxide dismutase expression in glioma.Also, proliferation of LRIG1-U251 cells exposed to doxorubicin or temozolomide was significantly inhibited, the LRIG1-U251 cell line, the chemosensitivity to doxorubicin and temozolomide was increased.This indicates that increased LRIG1 expression produces a chemosensitivity in glioma.

  17. Hybrid Sterility in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Involves the Tetratricopeptide Repeat Domain Containing Protein. (United States)

    Yu, Yang; Zhao, Zhigang; Shi, Yanrong; Tian, Hua; Liu, Linglong; Bian, Xiaofeng; Xu, Yang; Zheng, Xiaoming; Gan, Lu; Shen, Yumin; Wang, Chaolong; Yu, Xiaowen; Wang, Chunming; Zhang, Xin; Guo, Xiuping; Wang, Jiulin; Ikehashi, Hiroshi; Jiang, Ling; Wan, Jianmin


    Intersubspecific hybrid sterility is a common form of reproductive isolation in rice (Oryza sativa L.), which significantly hampers the utilization of heterosis between indica and japonica varieties. Here, we elucidated the mechanism of S7, which specially causes Aus-japonica/indica hybrid female sterility, through cytological and genetic analysis, map-based cloning, and transformation experiments. Abnormal positioning of polar nuclei and smaller embryo sac were observed in F1 compared with male and female parents. Female gametes carrying S7(cp) and S7(i) were aborted in S7(ai)/S7(cp) and S7(ai)/S7(i), respectively, whereas they were normal in both N22 and Dular possessing a neutral allele, S7(n) S7 was fine mapped to a 139-kb region in the centromere region on chromosome 7, where the recombination was remarkably suppressed due to aggregation of retrotransposons. Among 16 putative open reading frames (ORFs) localized in the mapping region, ORF3 encoding a tetratricopeptide repeat domain containing protein was highly expressed in the pistil. Transformation experiments demonstrated that ORF3 is the candidate gene: downregulated expression of ORF3 restored spikelet fertility and eliminated absolutely preferential transmission of S7(ai) in heterozygote S7(ai)/S7(cp); sterility occurred in the transformants Cpslo17-S7(ai) Our results may provide implications for overcoming hybrid embryo sac sterility in intersubspecific hybrid rice and utilization of hybrid heterosis for cultivated rice improvement.

  18. Programmable DNA-binding proteins from Burkholderia provide a fresh perspective on the TALE-like repeat domain. (United States)

    de Lange, Orlando; Wolf, Christina; Dietze, Jörn; Elsaesser, Janett; Morbitzer, Robert; Lahaye, Thomas


    The tandem repeats of transcription activator like effectors (TALEs) mediate sequence-specific DNA binding using a simple code. Naturally, TALEs are injected by Xanthomonas bacteria into plant cells to manipulate the host transcriptome. In the laboratory TALE DNA binding domains are reprogrammed and used to target a fused functional domain to a genomic locus of choice. Research into the natural diversity of TALE-like proteins may provide resources for the further improvement of current TALE technology. Here we describe TALE-like proteins from the endosymbiotic bacterium Burkholderia rhizoxinica, termed Bat proteins. Bat repeat domains mediate sequence-specific DNA binding with the same code as TALEs, despite less than 40% sequence identity. We show that Bat proteins can be adapted for use as transcription factors and nucleases and that sequence preferences can be reprogrammed. Unlike TALEs, the core repeats of each Bat protein are highly polymorphic. This feature allowed us to explore alternative strategies for the design of custom Bat repeat arrays, providing novel insights into the functional relevance of non-RVD residues. The Bat proteins offer fertile grounds for research into the creation of improved programmable DNA-binding proteins and comparative insights into TALE-like evolution.

  19. Terminal-repeat retrotransposons with GAG domain in plant genomes: a new testimony on the complex world of transposable elements. (United States)

    Chaparro, Cristian; Gayraud, Thomas; de Souza, Rogerio Fernandes; Domingues, Douglas Silva; Akaffou, Sélastique; Laforga Vanzela, Andre Luis; Kochko, Alexandre de; Rigoreau, Michel; Crouzillat, Dominique; Hamon, Serge; Hamon, Perla; Guyot, Romain


    A novel structure of nonautonomous long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons called terminal repeat with GAG domain (TR-GAG) has been described in plants, both in monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous and basal angiosperm genomes. TR-GAGs are relatively short elements in length (element into the virus-like particle. GAG precursors show similarities with both Copia and Gypsy GAG proteins, suggesting evolutionary relationships of TR-GAG elements with both families. Despite the lack of the enzymatic machinery required for their mobility, strong evidences suggest that TR-GAGs are still active. TR-GAGs represent ubiquitous nonautonomous structures that could be involved in the molecular diversities of plant genomes.

  20. A conserved gene family encodes transmembrane proteins with fibronectin, immunoglobulin and leucine-rich repeat domains (FIGLER

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haga Christopher L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In mouse the cytokine interleukin-7 (IL-7 is required for generation of B lymphocytes, but human IL-7 does not appear to have this function. A bioinformatics approach was therefore used to identify IL-7 receptor related genes in the hope of identifying the elusive human cytokine. Results Our database search identified a family of nine gene candidates, which we have provisionally named fibronectin immunoglobulin leucine-rich repeat (FIGLER. The FIGLER 1–9 genes are predicted to encode type I transmembrane glycoproteins with 6–12 leucine-rich repeats (LRR, a C2 type Ig domain, a fibronectin type III domain, a hydrophobic transmembrane domain, and a cytoplasmic domain containing one to four tyrosine residues. Members of this multichromosomal gene family possess 20–47% overall amino acid identity and are differentially expressed in cell lines and primary hematopoietic lineage cells. Genes for FIGLER homologs were identified in macaque, orangutan, chimpanzee, mouse, rat, dog, chicken, toad, and puffer fish databases. The non-human FIGLER homologs share 38–99% overall amino acid identity with their human counterpart. Conclusion The extracellular domain structure and absence of recognizable cytoplasmic signaling motifs in members of the highly conserved FIGLER gene family suggest a trophic or cell adhesion function for these molecules.

  1. Crystal structures of the human G3BP1 NTF2-like domain visualize FxFG Nup Repeat Specificity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vognsen, Tina Reinholdt; Möller, Ingvar Rúnar; Kristensen, Ole


    Ras GTPase Activating Protein SH3 Domain Binding Protein (G3BP) is a potential anti-cancer drug target implicated in several cellular functions. We have used protein crystallography to solve crystal structures of the human G3BP1 NTF2-like domain both alone and in complex with an FxFG Nup repeat...... crystal form might indicate a novel ligand binding site that, however, remains to be validated. The crystal structures give insight into the nuclear transportation mechanisms of G3BP and provide a basis for future structure based drug design....

  2. Repeat organization and epigenetic regulation of the DH-Cmu domain of the immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene locus. (United States)

    Chakraborty, Tirtha; Chowdhury, Dipanjan; Keyes, Amanda; Jani, Anant; Subrahmanyam, Ramesh; Ivanova, Irina; Sen, Ranjan


    The first steps of murine immunoglobulin heavy-chain (IgH) gene recombination take place within a chromosomal domain that contains diversity (D(H)) and joining (J(H)) gene segments, but not variable (V(H)) gene segments. Here we show that the chromatin state of this domain is markedly heterogeneous. Specifically, only 5'- and 3'-most D(H) gene segments carry active chromatin modifications, whereas intervening D(H)s are associated with heterochromatic marks that are maintained by ongoing histone deacetylation. The intervening D(H)s form part of a tandemly repeated sequence that expresses tissue-specific, antisense oriented transcripts. We propose that the intervening D(H) genes are actively suppressed by repeat-induced epigenetic silencing, which is reflected in their infrequent representation in DJ(H) junctions compared to the flanking D(H) genes.

  3. Functional definition of BirA suggests a biotin utilization pathway in the zoonotic pathogen Streptococcus suis. (United States)

    Ye, Huiyan; Cai, Mingzhu; Zhang, Huimin; Li, Zhencui; Wen, Ronghui; Feng, Youjun


    Biotin protein ligase is universal in three domains of life. The paradigm version of BPL is the Escherichia coli BirA that is also a repressor for the biotin biosynthesis pathway. Streptococcus suis, a leading bacterial agent for swine diseases, seems to be an increasingly-important opportunistic human pathogen. Unlike the scenario in E. coli, S. suis lacks the de novo biotin biosynthesis pathway. In contrast, it retains a bioY, a biotin transporter-encoding gene, indicating an alternative survival strategy for S. suis to scavenge biotin from its inhabiting niche. Here we report functional definition of S. suis birA homologue. The in vivo functions of the birA paralogue with only 23.6% identity to the counterpart of E. coli, was judged by its ability to complement the conditional lethal mutants of E. coli birA. The recombinant BirA protein of S. suis was overexpressed in E. coli, purified to homogeneity and verified with MS. Both cellulose TLC and MALDI-TOFF-MS assays demonstrated that the S. suis BirA protein catalyzed the biotinylation reaction of its acceptor biotin carboxyl carrier protein. EMSA assays confirmed binding of the bioY gene to the S. suis BirA. The data defined the first example of the bifunctional BirA ligase/repressor in Streptococcus.

  4. PRR repeats in the intracellular domain of KISS1R are important for its export to cell membrane. (United States)

    Chevrier, Lucie; de Brevern, Alexandre; Hernandez, Eva; Leprince, Jérome; Vaudry, Hubert; Guedj, Anne Marie; de Roux, Nicolas


    Inactivating mutations of KISS-1 receptor (KISS1R) have been recently described as a rare cause of isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism transmitted as a recessive trait. Few mutations have been described, and the structure-function relationship of KISS1R remains poorly understood. Here, we have taken advantage of the discovery of a novel mutation of KISS1R to characterize the structure and function of an uncommon protein motif composed of 3 proline-arginine-arginine (PRR) repeats located within the intracellular domain. A heterozygous insertion of 1 PRR repeat in-frame with 3 PRR repeats leading to synthesis of a receptor bearing 4 PRR repeats (PRR-KISS1R) was found in the index case. Functional analysis of PRR-KISS1R showed a decrease of the maximal response to kisspeptin stimulation, associated to a lower cell surface expression without modification of total expression. PRR-KISS1R exerts a dominant negative effect on the synthesis of the wild-type (WT)-KISS1R. This effect was due to the nature of inserted residues but also to the difference of the length of the intracellular domain between PRR-KISS1R and WT-KISS1R. A molecular dynamic analysis showed that the additional PRR constrained this arginine-rich region into a polyproline type II helix. Altogether, this study shows that a heterozygous insertion in KISS1R may lead to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism by a dominant negative effect on the WT receptor. An additional PRR repeat into a proline-arginine-rich motif can dramatically changed the conformation of the intracellular domain of KISS1R and its probable interaction with partner proteins.

  5. Comparative genome analysis of cortactin and HS1: the significance of the F-actin binding repeat domain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seggelen Vera


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In human carcinomas, overexpression of cortactin correlates with poor prognosis. Cortactin is an F-actin-binding protein involved in cytoskeletal rearrangements and cell migration by promoting actin-related protein (Arp2/3 mediated actin polymerization. It shares a high amino acid sequence and structural similarity to hematopoietic lineage cell-specific protein 1 (HS1 although their functions differ considerable. In this manuscript we describe the genomic organization of these two genes in a variety of species by a combination of cloning and database searches. Based on our analysis, we predict the genesis of the actin-binding repeat domain during evolution. Results Cortactin homologues exist in sponges, worms, shrimps, insects, urochordates, fishes, amphibians, birds and mammalians, whereas HS1 exists in vertebrates only, suggesting that both genes have been derived from an ancestor cortactin gene by duplication. In agreement with this, comparative genome analysis revealed very similar exon-intron structures and sequence homologies, especially over the regions that encode the characteristic highly conserved F-actin-binding repeat domain. Cortactin splice variants affecting this F-actin-binding domain were identified not only in mammalians, but also in amphibians, fishes and birds. In mammalians, cortactin is ubiquitously expressed except in hematopoietic cells, whereas HS1 is mainly expressed in hematopoietic cells. In accordance with their distinct tissue specificity, the putative promoter region of cortactin is different from HS1. Conclusions Comparative analysis of the genomic organization and amino acid sequences of cortactin and HS1 provides inside into their origin and evolution. Our analysis shows that both genes originated from a gene duplication event and subsequently HS1 lost two repeats, whereas cortactin gained one repeat. Our analysis genetically underscores the significance of the F-actin binding domain in

  6. A nested leucine rich repeat (LRR domain: The precursor of LRRs is a ten or eleven residue motif

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matsushima Norio


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Leucine rich repeats (LRRs are present in over 60,000 proteins that have been identified in viruses, bacteria, archae, and eukaryotes. All known structures of repeated LRRs adopt an arc shape. Most LRRs are 20-30 residues long. All LRRs contain LxxLxLxxNxL, in which "L" is Leu, Ile, Val, or Phe and "N" is Asn, Thr, Ser, or Cys and "x" is any amino acid. Seven classes of LRRs have been identified. However, other LRR classes remains to be characterized. The evolution of LRRs is not well understood. Results Here we describe a novel LRR domain, or nested repeat observed in 134 proteins from 54 bacterial species. This novel LRR domain has 21 residues with the consensus sequence of LxxLxLxxNxLxxLDLxx(N/L/Q/xxx or LxxLxCxxNxLxxLDLxx(N/L/xxx. This LRR domain is characterized by a nested periodicity; it consists of alternating 10- and 11- residues units of LxxLxLxxNx(x/-. We call it "IRREKO" LRR, since the Japanese word for "nested" is "IRREKO". The first unit of the "IRREKO" LRR domain is frequently occupied by an "SDS22-like" LRR with the consensus of LxxLxLxxNxLxxLxxLxxLxx or a "Bacterial" LRR with the consensus of LxxLxLxxNxLxxLPxLPxx. In some proteins an "SDS22-like" LRR intervenes between "IRREKO" LRRs. Conclusion Proteins having "IRREKO" LRR domain are almost exclusively found in bacteria. It is suggested that IRREKO@LRR evolved from a common ancestor with "SDS22-like" and "Bacterial" classes and that the ancestor of IRREKO@LRR is 10 or 11 residues of LxxLxLxxNx(x/-. The "IRREKO" LRR is predicted to adopt an arc shape with smaller curvature in which β-strands are formed on both concave and convex surfaces.

  7. Long-range effects and functional consequences of stabilizing mutations in the ankyrin repeat domain of IκBα. (United States)

    Cervantes, Carla F; Handley, Lindsey D; Sue, Shih-Che; Dyson, H Jane; Komives, Elizabeth A


    Protein domains containing three or more ankyrin repeats (ARs) are ubiquitous in all phyla. Sequence alignments previously identified certain conserved positions, which have been shown to stabilize AR domains and promote their folding. Consensus mutations [Y254L/T257A (YLTA) and C186P/A220P (CPAP)] stabilize the naturally occuring AR domain of human IκBα to denaturation; however, only the YLTA mutations stabilize the protein to proteasomal degradation. We present results from NMR experiments designed to probe the roles of these consensus mutations in IκBα. According to residual dipolar coupling analysis, the gross structures of the AR domains of both mutants appear to be similar to the wild type (WT). Comparison of chemical shifts of mutant and WT proteins reveals that the YLTA and CPAP consensus mutations cause unexpected long-range effects throughout the AR domains. Backbone dynamics experiments reveal that the YLTA mutations in the sixth AR order the C-terminal PEST sequence on the picosecond-to-nanosecond timescale, compared to either the WT or the CPAP mutant IκBαs. This property is likely the mechanism by which the half-life of YLTA IκBα is extended in vivo.

  8. Short consensus repeat domains extend the E-selectin structure in order to grab cells out of flow

    KAUST Repository

    Aleisa, Fajr


    Selectins are key adhesion molecules responsible for initiating a multistep process that leads a cell out of the blood circulation and into a tissue or organ. They are composed of an N-terminal extracellular C-type lectin like domain, followed by an Endothelial Growth Factor like domain (EGF), a defined number of short consensus repeats SCR (also called “sushi” domains), a transmembrane domain and a C-terminal cytoplasmic tail. The adhesion of cells (expressing ligands) to the endothelium (expressing the selection i.e., E-selectin) occurs through the interaction between the lectin domain of selectins and sLeX presenting ligands. Structural/function studies to date have mainly focused on investigating the influence of the lectin domain of E-selectin on its ability to bind its ligands while other domains received less atention. We prepared a number of different recombinant E-selectin proteins with changes in the SCR units. Specifically we generated wild-type E-selectin proteins as monomeric or dimeric structures, mutant proteins with varied numbers of SCRs as well as proteins where strategic residues were mutated to change the conformation of the selectin. Using a novel real time immunoprecipitation surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based in vitro binding study developed in our lab, the interaction of recombinant E-selectin proteins with immunoprecipitated endogenous ligands (i.e. CD44) captured on a CM-5 chip was assessed. These studies provided quantitative binding kinetics with on and off rates of selectin-ligand interactions and suggested that robust binding is dependent on the presence of the SCRs and oligomerization. These results provide significant implications on the functional mechanism of E-selectin binding to its ligands.

  9. Terminal-Repeat Retrotransposons with GAG Domain in Plant Genomes: A New Testimony on the Complex World of Transposable Elements (United States)

    Chaparro, Cristian; Gayraud, Thomas; de Souza, Rogerio Fernandes; Domingues, Douglas Silva; Akaffou, Sélastique; Laforga Vanzela, Andre Luis; de Kochko, Alexandre; Rigoreau, Michel; Crouzillat, Dominique; Hamon, Serge; Hamon, Perla; Guyot, Romain


    A novel structure of nonautonomous long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons called terminal repeat with GAG domain (TR-GAG) has been described in plants, both in monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous and basal angiosperm genomes. TR-GAGs are relatively short elements in length (<4 kb) showing the typical features of LTR-retrotransposons. However, they carry only one open reading frame coding for the GAG precursor protein involved for instance in transposition, the assembly, and the packaging of the element into the virus-like particle. GAG precursors show similarities with both Copia and Gypsy GAG proteins, suggesting evolutionary relationships of TR-GAG elements with both families. Despite the lack of the enzymatic machinery required for their mobility, strong evidences suggest that TR-GAGs are still active. TR-GAGs represent ubiquitous nonautonomous structures that could be involved in the molecular diversities of plant genomes. PMID:25573958

  10. Single-molecule FRET reveals the native-state dynamics of the IκBα ankyrin repeat domain. (United States)

    Lamboy, Jorge A; Kim, Hajin; Dembinski, Holly; Ha, Taekjip; Komives, Elizabeth A


    Previous single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET) studies in which the second and sixth ankyrin repeats (ARs) of IκBα were labeled with FRET pairs showed slow fluctuations as if the IκBα AR domain was unfolding in its native state. To systematically probe where these slow dynamic fluctuations occur, we now present data from smFRET studies wherein FRET labels were placed at ARs 1 and 4 (mutant named AR 1-4), at ARs 2 and 5 (AR 2-5), and at ARs 3 and 6 (AR 3-6). The results presented here reveal that AR 6 most readily detaches/unfolds from the AR domain, undergoing substantial fluctuations at room temperature. AR 6 has fewer stabilizing consensus residues than the other IκBα ARs, probably contributing to the ease with which AR 6 "loses grip". AR 5 shows almost no fluctuations at room temperature, but a significant fraction of molecules shows fluctuations at 37 °C. Introduction of stabilizing mutations that are known to fold AR 6 dampen the fluctuations of AR 5, indicating that the AR 5 fluctuations are likely due to weakened inter-repeat stabilization from AR 6. AR 1 also fluctuates somewhat at room temperature, suggesting that fluctuations are a general behavior of ARs at ends of AR domains. Remarkably, AR 1 still fluctuates in the bound state, but mainly between 0.6 and 0.9 FRET efficiency, whereas in the free IκBα, the fluctuations extend to <0.5 FRET efficiency. Overall, our results provide a more complete picture of the energy landscape of the native state dynamics of an AR domain.

  11. The Non-canonical Tetratricopeptide Repeat (TPR) Domain of Fluorescent (FLU) Mediates Complex Formation with Glutamyl-tRNA Reductase. (United States)

    Zhang, Min; Zhang, Feilong; Fang, Ying; Chen, Xuemin; Chen, Yuhong; Zhang, Wenxia; Dai, Huai-En; Lin, Rongcheng; Liu, Lin


    The tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing protein FLU is a negative regulator of chlorophyll biosynthesis in plants. It directly interacts through its TPR domain with glutamyl-tRNA reductase (GluTR), the rate-limiting enzyme in the formation of δ-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). Delineation of how FLU binds to GluTR is important for understanding the molecular basis for FLU-mediated repression of synthesis of ALA, the universal tetrapyrrole precursor. Here, we characterize the FLU-GluTR interaction by solving the crystal structures of the uncomplexed TPR domain of FLU (FLU(TPR)) at 1.45-Å resolution and the complex of the dimeric domain of GluTR bound to FLU(TPR) at 2.4-Å resolution. Three non-canonical TPR motifs of each FLU(TPR) form a concave surface and clamp the helix bundle in the C-terminal dimeric domain of GluTR. We demonstrate that a 2:2 FLU(TPR)-GluTR complex is the functional unit for FLU-mediated GluTR regulation and suggest that the formation of the FLU-GluTR complex prevents glutamyl-tRNA, the GluTR substrate, from binding with this enzyme. These results also provide insights into the spatial regulation of ALA synthesis by the membrane-located FLU protein.

  12. Crystal structures of ryanodine receptor SPRY1 and tandem-repeat domains reveal a critical FKBP12 binding determinant. (United States)

    Yuchi, Zhiguang; Yuen, Siobhan M Wong King; Lau, Kelvin; Underhill, Ainsley Q; Cornea, Razvan L; Fessenden, James D; Van Petegem, Filip


    Ryanodine receptors (RyRs) form calcium release channels located in the membranes of the sarcoplasmic and endoplasmic reticulum. RyRs play a major role in excitation-contraction coupling and other Ca(2+)-dependent signalling events, and consist of several globular domains that together form a large assembly. Here we describe the crystal structures of the SPRY1 and tandem-repeat domains at 1.2-1.5 Å resolution, which reveal several structural elements not detected in recent cryo-EM reconstructions of RyRs. The cryo-EM studies disagree on the position of SPRY domains, which had been proposed based on homology modelling. Computational docking of the crystal structures, combined with FRET studies, show that the SPRY1 domain is located next to FK506-binding protein (FKBP). Molecular dynamics flexible fitting and mutagenesis experiments suggest a hydrophobic cluster within SPRY1 that is crucial for FKBP binding. A RyR1 disease mutation, N760D, appears to directly impact FKBP binding through interfering with SPRY1 folding.

  13. BIRS - Bioterrorism Information Retrieval System. (United States)

    Tewari, Ashish Kumar; Rashi; Wadhwa, Gulshan; Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar; Jain, Chakresh Kumar


    Bioterrorism is the intended use of pathogenic strains of microbes to widen terror in a population. There is a definite need to promote research for development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic methods as a part of preparedness to any bioterror attack in the future. BIRS is an open-access database of collective information on the organisms related to bioterrorism. The architecture of database utilizes the current open-source technology viz PHP ver 5.3.19, MySQL and IIS server under windows platform for database designing. Database stores information on literature, generic- information and unique pathways of about 10 microorganisms involved in bioterrorism. This may serve as a collective repository to accelerate the drug discovery and vaccines designing process against such bioterrorist agents (microbes). The available data has been validated from various online resources and literature mining in order to provide the user with a comprehensive information system. The database is freely available at

  14. Identification of multiple binding sites for the THAP domain of the Galileo transposase in the long terminal inverted-repeats. (United States)

    Marzo, Mar; Liu, Danxu; Ruiz, Alfredo; Chalmers, Ronald


    Galileo is a DNA transposon responsible for the generation of several chromosomal inversions in Drosophila. In contrast to other members of the P-element superfamily, it has unusually long terminal inverted-repeats (TIRs) that resemble those of Foldback elements. To investigate the function of the long TIRs we derived consensus and ancestral sequences for the Galileo transposase in three species of Drosophilids. Following gene synthesis, we expressed and purified their constituent THAP domains and tested their binding activity towards the respective Galileo TIRs. DNase I footprinting located the most proximal DNA binding site about 70 bp from the transposon end. Using this sequence we identified further binding sites in the tandem repeats that are found within the long TIRs. This suggests that the synaptic complex between Galileo ends may be a complicated structure containing higher-order multimers of the transposase. We also attempted to reconstitute Galileo transposition in Drosophila embryos but no events were detected. Thus, although the limited numbers of Galileo copies in each genome were sufficient to provide functional consensus sequences for the THAP domains, they do not specify a fully active transposase. Since the THAP recognition sequence is short, and will occur many times in a large genome, it seems likely that the multiple binding sites within the long, internally repetitive, TIRs of Galileo and other Foldback-like elements may provide the transposase with its binding specificity.

  15. Taxonomic distribution, repeats, and functions of the S1 domain-containing proteins as members of the OB-fold family. (United States)

    Deryusheva, Evgeniia I; Machulin, Andrey V; Selivanova, Olga M; Galzitskaya, Oxana V


    Proteins of the nucleic acid-binding proteins superfamily perform such functions as processing, transport, storage, stretching, translation, and degradation of RNA. It is one of the 16 superfamilies containing the OB-fold in protein structures. Here, we have analyzed the superfamily of nucleic acid-binding proteins (the number of sequences exceeds 200,000) and obtained that this superfamily prevalently consists of proteins containing the cold shock DNA-binding domain (ca. 131,000 protein sequences). Proteins containing the S1 domain compose 57% from the cold shock DNA-binding domain family. Furthermore, we have found that the S1 domain was identified mainly in the bacterial proteins (ca. 83%) compared to the eukaryotic and archaeal proteins, which are available in the UniProt database. We have found that the number of multiple repeats of S1 domain in the S1 domain-containing proteins depends on the taxonomic affiliation. All archaeal proteins contain one copy of the S1 domain, while the number of repeats in the eukaryotic proteins varies between 1 and 15 and correlates with the protein size. In the bacterial proteins, the number of repeats is no more than 6, regardless of the protein size. The large variation of the repeat number of S1 domain as one of the structural variants of the OB-fold is a distinctive feature of S1 domain-containing proteins. Proteins from the other families and superfamilies have either one OB-fold or change slightly the repeat numbers. On the whole, it can be supposed that the repeat number is a vital for multifunctional activity of the S1 domain-containing proteins. Proteins 2017; 85:602-613. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. The repeat domain of the type III effector protein PthA shows a TPR-like structure and undergoes conformational changes upon DNA interaction. (United States)

    Murakami, Mário Tyago; Sforça, Mauricio Luis; Neves, Jorge Luiz; Paiva, Joice Helena; Domingues, Mariane Noronha; Pereira, André Luiz Araujo; Zeri, Ana Carolina de Mattos; Benedetti, Celso Eduardo


    Many plant pathogenic bacteria rely on effector proteins to suppress defense and manipulate host cell mechanisms to cause disease. The effector protein PthA modulates the host transcriptome to promote citrus canker. PthA possesses unusual protein architecture with an internal region encompassing variable numbers of near-identical tandem repeats of 34 amino acids termed the repeat domain. This domain mediates protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, and two polymorphic residues in each repeat unit determine DNA specificity. To gain insights into how the repeat domain promotes protein-protein and protein-DNA contacts, we have solved the structure of a peptide corresponding to 1.5 units of the PthA repeat domain by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and carried out small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and spectroscopic studies on the entire 15.5-repeat domain of PthA2 (RD2). Consistent with secondary structure predictions and circular dichroism data, the NMR structure of the 1.5-repeat peptide reveals three α-helices connected by two turns that fold into a tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-like domain. The NMR structure corroborates the theoretical TPR superhelix predicted for RD2, which is also in agreement with the elongated shape of RD2 determined by SAXS. Furthermore, RD2 undergoes conformational changes in a pH-dependent manner and upon DNA interaction, and shows sequence similarities to pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR), a nucleic acid-binding motif structurally related to TPR. The results point to a model in which the RD2 structure changes its compactness as it embraces the DNA with the polymorphic diresidues facing the interior of the superhelix oriented toward the nucleotide bases.

  17. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of a Novel Globular Domain in RBM10 Containing OCRE, the Octamer Repeat Sequence Motif. (United States)

    Martin, Bryan T; Serrano, Pedro; Geralt, Michael; Wüthrich, Kurt


    The OCtamer REpeat (OCRE) has been annotated as a 42-residue sequence motif with 12 tyrosine residues in the spliceosome trans-regulatory elements RBM5 and RBM10 (RBM [RNA-binding motif]), which are known to regulate alternative splicing of Fas and Bcl-x pre-mRNA transcripts. Nuclear magnetic resonance structure determination showed that the RBM10 OCRE sequence motif is part of a 55-residue globular domain containing 16 aromatic amino acids, which consists of an anti-parallel arrangement of six β strands, with the first five strands containing complete or incomplete Tyr triplets. This OCRE globular domain is a distinctive component of RBM10 and is more widely conserved in RBM10s across the animal kingdom than the ubiquitous RNA recognition components. It is also found in the functionally related RBM5. Thus, it appears that the three-dimensional structure of the globular OCRE domain, rather than the 42-residue OCRE sequence motif alone, confers specificity on RBM10 intermolecular interactions in the spliceosome.

  18. The relationship between the L1 and L2 domains of the insulin and epidermal growth factor receptors and leucine-rich repeat modules

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ward Colin W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Leucine-rich repeats are one of the more common modules found in proteins. The leucine-rich repeat consensus motif is LxxLxLxxNxLxxLxxLxxLxx- where the first 11–12 residues are highly conserved and the remainder of the repeat can vary in size Leucine-rich repeat proteins have been subdivided into seven subfamilies, none of which include members of the epidermal growth factor receptor or insulin receptor families despite the similarity between the 3D structure of the L domains of the type I insulin-like growth factor receptor and some leucine-rich repeat proteins. Results Here we have used profile searches and multiple sequence alignments to identify the repeat motif Ixx-LxIxx-Nx-Lxx-Lxx-Lxx-Lxx- in the L1 and L2 domains of the insulin receptor and epidermal growth factor receptors. These analyses were aided by reference to the known three dimensional structures of the insulin-like growth factor type I receptor L domains and two members of the leucine rich repeat family, porcine ribonuclease inhibitor and internalin 1B. Pectate lyase, another beta helix protein, can also be seen to contain the sequence motif and much of the structural features characteristic of leucine-rich repeat proteins, despite the existence of major insertions in some of its repeats. Conclusion Multiple sequence alignments and comparisons of the 3D structures has shown that right-handed beta helix proteins such as pectate lyase and the L domains of members of the insulin receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor families, are members of the leucine-rich repeat superfamily.

  19. The nebulette repeat domain is necessary for proper maintenance of tropomyosin with the cardiac sarcomere. (United States)

    Bonzo, Jeremy R; Norris, Andrea A; Esham, Michael; Moncman, Carole L


    Nebulette is a cardiac-specific isoform of the giant actin-binding protein nebulin. Nebulette, having a mass of approximately 100 kDa, is only predicted to extend 150 nm from the edge of the Z-lines. Overexpression of the nebulette C-terminal linker and/or SH3 domains in chicken cardiomyocytes results in a loss of endogenous nebulette with a concomitant loss of tropomyosin (TPM) and troponin, as well as a shortening of the thin filaments. These data suggest that nebulette's position in the sarcomere is important for the maintenance of TPM, troponin and thin filament length. To evaluate this hypothesis, N-terminal nested truncations tagged with GFP were expressed in chicken cardiomyocytes and the cells were analyzed for the distribution of myofilament proteins. Minimal effects on the myofilaments were observed with N-terminal deletions of up to 10 modules; however, deletion of 15 modules replicated the phenotype observed with expression of the C-terminal fragments. Expression of internal deletions of nebulette verifies that a site between module 10 and 15 is important for TPM maintenance within the sarcomeric lattice. We have additionally isolated TPM cDNAs from a yeast two hybrid (Y2H) analysis. These data indicate the importance of the nebulette-TPM interactions in the maintenance and stability of the thin filaments.

  20. The repeat domain of the melanosome fibril protein Pmel17 forms the amyloid core promoting melanin synthesis. (United States)

    McGlinchey, Ryan P; Shewmaker, Frank; McPhie, Peter; Monterroso, Begoña; Thurber, Kent; Wickner, Reed B


    Pmel17 is a melanocyte protein necessary for eumelanin deposition 1 in mammals and found in melanosomes in a filamentous form. The luminal part of human Pmel17 includes a region (RPT) with 10 copies of a partial repeat sequence, pt.e.gttp.qv., known to be essential in vivo for filament formation. We show that this RPT region readily forms amyloid in vitro, but only under the mildly acidic conditions typical of the lysosome-like melanosome lumen, and the filaments quickly become soluble at neutral pH. Under the same mildly acidic conditions, the Pmel filaments promote eumelanin formation. Electron diffraction, circular dichroism, and solid-state NMR studies of Pmel17 filaments show that the structure is rich in beta sheet. We suggest that RPT is the amyloid core domain of the Pmel17 filaments so critical for melanin formation.

  1. Toxic PR poly-dipeptides encoded by the C9orf72 repeat expansion target LC domain polymers (United States)

    Lin, Yi; Mori, Eiichiro; Kato, Masato; Xiang, Siheng; Wu, Leeju; Kwon, Ilmin; McKnight, Steven L.


    Summary Two complementary approaches were used in search of the intracellular targets of the toxic PR poly-dipeptide encoded by the repeat sequences expanded in the C9orf72 form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The top categories of PRn-bound proteins include constituents of non-membrane invested cellular organelles and intermediate filaments. PRn targets are enriched for the inclusion of low complexity (LC) sequences. Evidence is presented indicating that LC sequences represent the direct target of PRn binding, and that interaction between the PRn poly-dipeptide and LC domains is polymer-dependent. These studies indicate that PRn-mediated toxicity may result from broad impediments to the dynamics of cell structure and information flow from gene to message to protein. PMID:27768897

  2. Toxic PR Poly-Dipeptides Encoded by the C9orf72 Repeat Expansion Target LC Domain Polymers. (United States)

    Lin, Yi; Mori, Eiichiro; Kato, Masato; Xiang, Siheng; Wu, Leeju; Kwon, Ilmin; McKnight, Steven L


    Two complementary approaches were used in search of the intracellular targets of the toxic PR poly-dipeptide encoded by the repeat sequences expanded in the C9orf72 form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The top categories of PRn-bound proteins include constituents of non-membrane invested cellular organelles and intermediate filaments. PRn targets are enriched for the inclusion of low complexity (LC) sequences. Evidence is presented indicating that LC sequences represent the direct target of PRn binding and that interaction between the PRn poly-dipeptide and LC domains is polymer-dependent. These studies indicate that PRn-mediated toxicity may result from broad impediments to the dynamics of cell structure and information flow from gene to message to protein.

  3. Structural and Biochemical Consequences of Disease-Causing Mutations in the Ankyrin Repeat Domain of the Human TRPV4 Channel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Inada, Hitoshi; Procko, Erik; Sotomayor, Marcos; Gaudet, Rachelle (Harvard-Med); (Harvard)


    The TRPV4 calcium-permeable cation channel plays important physiological roles in osmosensation, mechanosensation, cell barrier formation, and bone homeostasis. Recent studies reported that mutations in TRPV4, including some in its ankyrin repeat domain (ARD), are associated with human inherited diseases, including neuropathies and skeletal dysplasias, probably because of the increased constitutive activity of the channel. TRPV4 activity is regulated by the binding of calmodulin and small molecules such as ATP to the ARD at its cytoplasmic N-terminus. We determined structures of ATP-free and -bound forms of human TRPV4-ARD and compared them with available TRPV-ARD structures. The third inter-repeat loop region (Finger 3 loop) is flexible and may act as a switch to regulate channel activity. Comparisons of TRPV-ARD structures also suggest an evolutionary link between ARD structure and ATP binding ability. Thermal stability analyses and molecular dynamics simulations suggest that ATP increases stability in TRPV-ARDs that can bind ATP. Biochemical analyses of a large panel of TRPV4-ARD mutations associated with human inherited diseases showed that some impaired thermal stability while others weakened ATP binding ability, suggesting molecular mechanisms for the diseases.

  4. The molecular chaperone Hsp70 activates protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) by binding the tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain. (United States)

    Connarn, Jamie N; Assimon, Victoria A; Reed, Rebecca A; Tse, Eric; Southworth, Daniel R; Zuiderweg, Erik R P; Gestwicki, Jason E; Sun, Duxin


    Protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) is auto-inhibited by intramolecular interactions with its tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain. Hsp90 has been shown to bind PP5 to activate its phosphatase activity. However, the functional implications of binding Hsp70 to PP5 are not yet clear. In this study, we find that both Hsp90 and Hsp70 bind to PP5 using a luciferase fragment complementation assay. A fluorescence polarization assay shows that Hsp90 (MEEVD motif) binds to the TPR domain of PP5 almost 3-fold higher affinity than Hsp70 (IEEVD motif). However, Hsp70 binding to PP5 stimulates higher phosphatase activity of PP5 than the binding of Hsp90. We find that PP5 forms a stable 1:1 complex with Hsp70, but the interaction appears asymmetric with Hsp90, with one PP5 binding the dimer. Solution NMR studies reveal that Hsc70 and PP5 proteins are dynamically independent in complex, tethered by a disordered region that connects the Hsc70 core and the IEEVD-TPR contact area. This tethered binding is expected to allow PP5 to carry out multi-site dephosphorylation of Hsp70-bound clients with a range of sizes and shapes. Together, these results demonstrate that Hsp70 recruits PP5 and activates its phosphatase activity which suggests dual roles for PP5 that might link chaperone systems with signaling pathways in cancer and development.

  5. Effects of pH on aggregation kinetics of the repeat domain of a functional amyloid, Pmel17 (United States)

    Pfefferkorn, Candace M.; McGlinchey, Ryan P.; Lee, Jennifer C.


    Pmel17 is a functional amyloidogenic protein whose fibrils act as scaffolds for pigment deposition in human skin and eyes. We have used the repeat domain (RPT, residues 315–444), an essential luminal polypeptide region of Pmel17, as a model system to study conformational changes from soluble unstructured monomers to β-sheet-containing fibrils. Specifically, we report on the effects of solution pH (4 → 7) mimicking pH conditions of melanosomes, acidic organelles where Pmel17 fibrils are formed. Local, secondary, and fibril structure were monitored via intrinsic Trp fluorescence, circular dichroism spectroscopy, and transmission electron microscopy, respectively. We find that W423 is a highly sensitive probe of amyloid assembly with spectral features reflecting local conformational and fibril morphological changes. A critical pH regime (5 ± 0.5) was identified for fibril formation suggesting the involvement of at least three carboxylic acids in the structural rearrangement necessary for aggregation. Moreover, we demonstrate that RPT fibril morphology can be transformed directly by changing solution pH. Based on these results, we propose that intramelanosomal pH regulates Pmel17 amyloid formation and its subsequent dissolution in vivo. PMID:21106765

  6. Ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes in the wPip strain of Wolbachia from the Culex pipiens group

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parkhill Julian


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Wolbachia are obligate endosymbiotic bacteria maternally transmitted through the egg cytoplasm that are responsible for several reproductive disorders in their insect hosts, such as cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI in infected mosquitoes. Species in the Culex pipiens complex display an unusually high number of Wolbachia-induced crossing types, and based on present data, only the wPip strain is present. Results The sequencing of the wPip strain of Wolbachia revealed the presence of 60 ankyrin repeat domain (ANK encoding genes and expression studies of these genes were carried out in adult mosquitoes. One of these ANK genes, pk2, is shown to be part of an operon of three prophage-associated genes with sex-specific expression, and is present in two identical copies in the genome. Another homolog of pk2 is also present that is differentially expressed in different Cx. pipiens group strains. A further two ANK genes showed sex-specific regulation in wPip-infected Cx. pipiens group adults. Conclusion The high number, variability and differential expression of ANK genes in wPip suggest an important role in Wolbachia biology, and the gene family provides both markers and promising candidates for the study of reproductive manipulation.

  7. Gorlin Goltz sendromu: Bir olgu sunumu


    Kestane, Recep; Yurttutan, Mehmet; Şentürk, Mehmet; Koçer, Atilla; Keskin, Ahmet


    Gorlin Goltz sendromu esas olarak kutanöz bazal hücreli karsinom, çoklu keratokistik odontojenik tümörler ve iskeletsel anomaliler ile karakterize otozomal dominant bir rahatsızlıktır. Gorlin ve Goltz tarafından tanımlanan bu klasik triada ek olarak diğer nörolojik, oftalmolojik, endokrin ve genital bulgular da sendromun özellikleri arasında yer almaktadır. Bu raporda 12 yaşındaki Gorlin Goltz sendromlu erkek hastanın tedavisi ve 1,5 yıllık takibi sunulmuştur. Bu olgu deride herhangi bir lezy...

  8. BIR 2014 - Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This first “Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval” (BIR 2014) workshop1 aims to engage with the IR community about possible links to bibliometrics and scholarly communication. Bibliometric techniques are not yet widely used to enhance retrieval processes in digital libraries, although...... for the incorporation of bibliometric-enhanced services into retrieval at the digital library interface. Our interests include information retrieval, information seeking, science modelling, network analysis, and digital libraries. The goal is to apply insights from bibliometrics, scientometrics, and informetrics...

  9. Structure and Membrane Binding Properties of the Endosomal Tetratricopeptide Repeat (TPR) Domain-containing Sorting Nexins SNX20 and SNX21. (United States)

    Clairfeuille, Thomas; Norwood, Suzanne J; Qi, Xiaying; Teasdale, Rohan D; Collins, Brett M


    Sorting nexins (SNX) orchestrate membrane trafficking and signaling events required for the proper distribution of proteins within the endosomal network. Their phox homology (PX) domain acts as a phosphoinositide (PI) recognition module that targets them to specific endocytic membrane domains. The modularity of SNX proteins confers a wide variety of functions from signaling to membrane deformation and cargo binding, and many SNXs are crucial modulators of endosome dynamics and are involved in a myriad of physiological and pathological processes such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and inflammation. Here, we have studied the poorly characterized SNX20 and its paralogue SNX21, which contain an N-terminal PX domain and a C-terminal PX-associated B (PXB) domain of unknown function. The two proteins share similar PI-binding properties and are recruited to early endosomal compartments by their PX domain. The crystal structure of the SNX21 PXB domain reveals a tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-fold, a module that typically binds short peptide motifs, with three TPR α-helical repeats. However, the C-terminal capping helix adopts a highly unusual and potentially self-inhibitory topology. SAXS solution structures of SNX20 and SNX21 show that these proteins adopt a compact globular architecture, and membrane interaction analyses indicate the presence of overlapping PI-binding sites that may regulate their intracellular localization. This study provides the first structural analysis of this poorly characterized subfamily of SNX proteins, highlighting a likely role as endosome-associated scaffolds.

  10. Probing the mechanism of amyloidogenesis through a tandem repeat of the PI3-SH3 domain suggests a generic model for protein aggregation and fibril formation. (United States)

    Bader, Reto; Bamford, Richard; Zurdo, Jesús; Luisi, Ben F; Dobson, Christopher M


    Aggregation of the SH3 domain of the PI3 kinase, both as a single domain and as a tandem repeat in which the C terminus of one domain is linked to the N terminus of another by a flexible linker of ten glycine/serine residues, has been studied under a range of conditions in order to investigate the mechanism of protein aggregation and amyloid formation. The tandem repeat was found to form amyloid fibrils much more readily than the single domain under the acidic conditions used here, and the fibrils themselves have higher morphological homogeneity. The folding-unfolding transition of the PI3-SH3 domain shows two-state behaviour and is pH dependent; at pH 3.6, which is near the pH mid-point for folding and only slightly below the isoelectric point of the protein, both the single domain and the tandem repeat spontaneously form broad distributions of soluble oligomers without requirement for nucleation. Under prolonged incubation under these conditions, the oligomers convert into thin, curly fibrils that interact with thioflavin-T, suggesting that they contain an organised beta-sheet structure. Under more acidic conditions (pH 2.0) where the proteins are fully denatured and carry a positive net charge, long, straight fibrils are formed in a process having a pronounced lag phase. The latter was found to be reduced dramatically by the addition of oligomers exceeding a critical size of approximately 20 molecules. The results suggest that the process of aggregation of these SH3 domains can take place by a variety of mechanisms, ranging from downhill formation of relatively amorphous species to nucleated formation of highly organised structures, the relative importance of which varies greatly with solution conditions. Comparison with the behaviour of other amyloidogenic systems suggests that the general mechanistic features outlined here are likely to be common to at least a wide variety of peptides and proteins.

  11. The ankyrin repeats and DHHC S-acyl transferase domain of AKR1 act independently to regulate switching from vegetative to mating states in yeast.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piers A Hemsley

    Full Text Available Signal transduction from G-protein coupled receptors to MAPK cascades through heterotrimeric G-proteins has been described for many eukaryotic systems. One of the best-characterised examples is the yeast pheromone response pathway, which is negatively regulated by AKR1. AKR1-like proteins are present in all eukaryotes and contain a DHHC domain and six ankyrin repeats. Whilst the DHHC domain dependant S-acyl transferase (palmitoyl transferase function of AKR1 is well documented it is not known whether the ankyrin repeats are also required for this activity. Here we show that the ankyrin repeats of AKR1 are required for full suppression of the yeast pheromone response pathway, by sequestration of the Gβγ dimer, and act independently of AKR1 S-acylation function. Importantly, the functions provided by the AKR1 ankyrin repeats and DHHC domain are not required on the same molecule to fully restore WT phenotypes and function. We also show that AKR1 molecules are S-acylated at locations other than the DHHC cysteine, increasing the abundance of AKR1 in the cell. Our results have important consequences for studies of AKR1 function, including recent attempts to characterise S-acylation enzymology and kinetics. Proteins similar to AKR1 are found in all eukaryotes and our results have broad implications for future work on these proteins and the control of switching between Gβγ regulated pathways.

  12. Cross-talk between the epidermal growth factor-like repeats/fibronectin 6-8 repeats domains of Tenascin-R and microglia modulates neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation. (United States)

    Liao, Hong; Huang, Wenhui; Niu, Rui; Sun, Lixin; Zhang, Luyong


    Mounting evidence has demonstrated that the microenvironment of stem/progenitor cells plays an important role in their proliferation and commitment to their fate. However, it remains unclear how all elements, such as astrocytes, microglia, extracellular matrix molecules, soluble factors, and their cross-talk interactions in the microenvironments, affect neural stem/progenitor cell fate. This work explored the influences of cross-talk between Tenascin-R (TN-R) and microglia on neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation. Our results show that microglia triggered by TN-R distinct domains EGF-like repeats (EGFL) and fibronectin 6-8 repeats (FN6-8) significantly enhanced the proliferation of neural stem/progenitor cells and also obviously induced the differentiation into neurons but not oligodendrocytes. Neurite processes of neurons generated from neural progenitor cells were promoted by both EGFL and FN6-8 domains-activated microglia. Microglia triggered by EGFL and FN6-8 secreted brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta); interestingly, FN6-8 could activate microglia to secrete nerve growth factor in addition to BDNF and TGF-beta, but EGFL domain could not. All these data implied that the cross-talk between TN-R distinct domains EGFL/FN6-8 and microglia promoted neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and induced their differentiation into neurons.

  13. Anchoring skeletal muscle development and disease: The role of ankyrin repeat domain containing proteins in muscle physiology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J-M. Tee (Jin-Ming); M.P. Peppelenbosch (Maikel)


    textabstractThe ankyrin repeat is a protein module with high affinity for other ankyrin repeats based on strong Van der Waals forces. The resulting dimerization is unusually resistant to both mechanical forces and alkanization, making this module exceedingly useful for meeting the extraordinary dema

  14. One repeat of the cell wall binding domain is sufficient for anchoring the Lactobacillus acidophilus surface layer protein

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smit, E.; Pouwels, P.H.


    The N-terminal repeat (SAC1) of the S-protein of Lactobacillus acidophilus bound efficiently and specifically to cell wall fragments (CWFs) when fused to green fluorescent protein, whereas the C-terminal repeat (SAC2) did not. Treatment of CWFs with hydrofluoric acid, but not phenol, prevented bindi

  15. A Two-amino Acid Mutation Encountered in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Decreases Stability of the Rod Domain 23 (R23) Spectrin-like Repeat of Dystrophin. (United States)

    Legardinier, Sébastien; Legrand, Baptiste; Raguénès-Nicol, Céline; Bondon, Arnaud; Hardy, Serge; Tascon, Christophe; Le Rumeur, Elisabeth; Hubert, Jean-François


    Lack of functional dystrophin causes severe Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The subsarcolemmal location of dystrophin, as well as its association with both cytoskeleton and membrane, suggests a role in the mechanical regulation of muscular membrane stress. In particular, phenotype rescue in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy mice model has shown that some parts of the central rod domain of dystrophin, constituted by 24 spectrin-like repeats, are essential. In this study, we made use of rare missense pathogenic mutations in the dystrophin gene and analyzed the biochemical properties of the isolated repeat 23 bearing single or double mutations E2910V and N2912D found in muscle dystrophy with severity grading. No dramatic effect on secondary and tertiary structure of the repeat was found in mutants compared with wild type as revealed by circular dichroism and NMR. Thermal and chemical unfolding data from circular dichroism and tryptophan fluorescence show significant decrease of stability for the mutants, and stopped-flow spectroscopy shows decreased refolding rates. The most deleterious single mutation is the N2912D replacement, although we observe additive effects of the two mutations on repeat stability. Based on three-dimensional structures built by homology molecular modeling, we discuss the modifications of the mutation-induced repeat stability. We conclude that the main forces involved in repeat stability are electrostatic inter-helix interactions that are disrupted following mutations. This study represents the first analysis at the protein level of the consequences of missense mutations in the human dystrophin rod domain. Our results suggest that it may participate in mechanical weakening of dystrophin-deficient muscle.

  16. Inducible polymerization and two-dimensional assembly of the repeats-in-toxin (RTX) domain from the Pseudomonas aeruginosa alkaline protease. (United States)

    Zhang, Liang; Franks, Jonathon; Stolz, Donna B; Conway, James F; Thibodeau, Patrick H


    Self-assembling proteins represent potential scaffolds for the organization of enzymatic activities. The alkaline protease repeats-in-toxin (RTX) domain from Pseudomonas aeruginosa undergoes multiple structural transitions in the presence and absence of calcium, a native structural cofactor. In the absence of calcium, this domain is capable of spontaneous, ordered polymerization, producing amyloid-like fibrils and large two-dimensional protein sheets. This polymerization occurs under near-physiological conditions, is rapid, and can be controlled by regulating calcium in solution. Fusion of the RTX domain to a soluble protein results in the incorporation of engineered protein function into these macromolecular assemblies. Applications of this protein sequence in bacterial adherence and colonization and the generation of biomaterials are discussed.

  17. The ACR11 encodes a novel type of chloroplastic ACT domain repeat protein that is coordinately expressed with GLN2 in Arabidopsis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hsu Chih-Ping


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The ACT domain, named after bacterial aspartate kinase, chorismate mutase and TyrA (prephenate dehydrogenase, is a regulatory domain that serves as an amino acid-binding site in feedback-regulated amino acid metabolic enzymes. We have previously identified a novel type of ACT domain-containing protein family, the ACT domain repeat (ACR protein family, in Arabidopsis. Members of the ACR family, ACR1 to ACR8, contain four copies of the ACT domain that extend throughout the entire polypeptide. Here, we describe the identification of four novel ACT domain-containing proteins, namely ACR9 to ACR12, in Arabidopsis. The ACR9 and ACR10 proteins contain three copies of the ACT domain, whereas the ACR11 and ACR12 proteins have a putative transit peptide followed by two copies of the ACT domain. The functions of these plant ACR proteins are largely unknown. Results The ACR11 and ACR12 proteins are predicted to target to chloroplasts. We used protoplast transient expression assay to demonstrate that the Arabidopsis ACR11- and ACR12-green fluorescent fusion proteins are localized to the chloroplast. Analysis of an ACR11 promoter-β-glucuronidase (GUS fusion in transgenic Arabidopsis revealed that the GUS activity was mainly detected in mature leaves and sepals. Interestingly, coexpression analysis revealed that the GLN2, which encodes a chloroplastic glutamine synthetase, has the highest mutual rank in the coexpressed gene network connected to ACR11. We used RNA gel blot analysis to confirm that the expression pattern of ACR11 is similar to that of GLN2 in various organs from 6-week-old Arabidopsis. Moreover, the expression of ACR11 and GLN2 is highly co-regulated by sucrose and light/dark treatments in 2-week-old Arabidopsis seedlings. Conclusions This study reports the identification of four novel ACT domain repeat proteins, ACR9 to ACR12, in Arabidopsis. The ACR11 and ACR12 proteins are localized to the chloroplast, and the expression

  18. Leucine-rich repeat, immunoglobulin-like and transmembrane domain 3 (LRIT3) is a modulator of FGFR1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kim, S.D.; Liu, J.L.; Roscioli, T.; Buckley, M.F.; Yagnik, G.; Boyadjiev, S.A.; Kim, J.


    Fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs) play critical roles in craniofacial and skeletal development via multiple signaling pathways including MAPK, PI3K/AKT, and PLC-?. FGFR-mediated signaling is modulated by several regulators. Proteins with leucine-rich repeat (LRR) and/or immunoglobulin (IG)

  19. Alternative splicing of the angiogenesis associated extra-domain B of fibronectin regulates the accessibility of the B-C loop of the type III repeat 8.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisa Ventura

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Fibronectin (FN is a multi-domain molecule involved in many cellular processes, including tissue repair, embryogenesis, blood clotting, and cell migration/adhesion. The biological activities of FN are mediated by exposed loops located mainly at the interdomain interfaces that interact with various molecules such as, but not only, integrins. Different FN isoforms arise from the alternative splicing of the pre-mRNA. In malignancies, the splicing pattern of FN pre-mRNA is altered; in particular, the FN isoform containing the extra-domain B (ED-B, a complete FN type III repeat constituted by 91 residues, is undetectable in normal adult tissues, but exhibits a much greater expression in fetal and tumor tissues, and is accumulated around neovasculature during angiogenic processes, thus making ED-B one of the best markers and targets of angiogenesis. The functions of ED-B are still unclear; however, it has been postulated that the insertion of an extra-domain such as ED-B modifies the domain-domain interface and may unmask loops that are otherwise cryptic, thus giving FN new potential activities. METHODOLOGY: We used the mAb C6, which reacts with ED-B containing FN, but not with ED-B-free FN and various recombinant FN fragments containing mutations, to precisely localize the epitopes recognized by the mAb C6. CONCLUSION: We formally demonstrated that the inclusion of the alternatively spliced angiogenesis-associated ED-B leads to the unmasking of the FNIII 8 B-C loop that is cryptic in FN molecules lacking ED-B. Thus, the mAb C6, in addition to providing a new reagent for angiogenesis targeting, represents a new tool for the study of the potential biological functions of the B-C loop of the repeat FNIII 8 that is unmasked during angiogenic processes.

  20. Regulation of Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (Btk) through a Novel SH3-Dependent Interaction with Ankyrin Repeat Domain 54 (ANKRD54) (United States)

    Hussain, Alamdar; Mohammad, Dara K.; Mohamed, Abdalla J.; Nguyen, Vivian; Metalnikov, Pavel; Colwill, Karen; Pawson, Tony; Nore, Beston F.


    Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk), belonging to the Tec family of tyrosine kinases (TFKs), is essential for B-lymphocyte development. Abrogation of Btk signaling causes human X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) and murine X-linked immunodeficiency (Xid). We employed affinity purification of Flag-tagged Btk, combined with tandem mass spectrometry, to capture and identify novel interacting proteins. We here characterize the interaction with ankryin repeat domain 54 protein (ANKRD54), also known as Lyn-interacting ankyrin repeat protein (Liar). While Btk is a nucleocytoplasmic protein, the Liar pool was found to shuttle at a higher rate than Btk. Importantly, our results suggest that Liar mediates nuclear export of both Btk and another TFK, Txk/Rlk. Liar-mediated Btk shuttling was enriched for activation loop, nonphosphorylated Btk and entirely dependent on Btk's SH3 domain. Liar also showed reduced binding to an aspartic acid phosphomimetic SH3 mutant. Three other investigated nucleus-located proteins, Abl, estrogen receptor β (ERβ), and transcription factor T-bet, were all unaffected by Liar. We mapped the interaction site to the C terminus of the Btk SH3 domain. A biotinylated, synthetic Btk peptide, ARDKNGQEGYIPSNYVTEAEDS, was sufficient for this interaction. Liar is the first protein identified that specifically influences the nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of Btk and Txk and belongs to a rare group of known proteins carrying out this activity in a Crm1-dependent manner. PMID:22527282

  1. Boeing infrared sensor (BIRS) calibration facility (United States)

    Hazen, John D.; Scorsone, L. V.


    The Boeing Infrared Sensor (BIRS) Calibration Facility represents a major capital investment in optical and infrared technology. The facility was designed and built for the calibration and testing of the new generation large aperture long wave infrared (LWIR) sensors, seekers, and related technologies. Capability exists to perform both radiometric and goniometric calibrations of large infrared sensors under simulated environmental operating conditions. The system is presently configured for endoatmospheric calibrations with a uniform background field which can be set to simulate the expected mission background levels. During calibration, the sensor under test is also exposed to expected mission temperatures and pressures within the test chamber. Capability exists to convert the facility for exoatmospheric testing. The configuration of the system is described along with hardware elements and changes made to date are addressed.

  2. Interplay between I308 and Y310 residues in the third repeat of microtubule-binding domain is essential for tau filament formation. (United States)

    Naruto, Keiko; Minoura, Katsuhiko; Okuda, Ryouhei; Taniguchi, Taizo; In, Yasuko; Ishida, Toshimasa; Tomoo, Koji


    Investigation of the mechanism of tau polymerization is indispensable for finding inhibitory conditions or identifying compounds preventing the formation of paired helical filament or oligomers. Tau contains a microtubule-binding domain consisting of three or four repeats in its C-terminal half. It has been considered that the key event in tau polymerization is the formation of a β-sheet structure arising from a short hexapeptide (306)VQIVYK(311) in the third repeat of tau. In this paper, we report for the first time that the C-H⋯π interaction between Ile308 and Tyr310 is the elemental structural scaffold essential for forming a dry "steric zipper" structure in tau amyloid fibrils.

  3. Bipartite Topology of Treponema pallidum Repeat Proteins C/D and I: OUTER MEMBRANE INSERTION, TRIMERIZATION, AND PORIN FUNCTION REQUIRE A C-TERMINAL β-BARREL DOMAIN. (United States)

    Anand, Arvind; LeDoyt, Morgan; Karanian, Carson; Luthra, Amit; Koszelak-Rosenblum, Mary; Malkowski, Michael G; Puthenveetil, Robbins; Vinogradova, Olga; Radolf, Justin D


    We previously identified Treponema pallidum repeat proteins TprC/D, TprF, and TprI as candidate outer membrane proteins (OMPs) and subsequently demonstrated that TprC is not only a rare OMP but also forms trimers and has porin activity. We also reported that TprC contains N- and C-terminal domains (TprC(N) and TprC(C)) orthologous to regions in the major outer sheath protein (MOSP(N) and MOSP(C)) of Treponema denticola and that TprC(C) is solely responsible for β-barrel formation, trimerization, and porin function by the full-length protein. Herein, we show that TprI also possesses bipartite architecture, trimeric structure, and porin function and that the MOSP(C)-like domains of native TprC and TprI are surface-exposed in T. pallidum, whereas their MOSP(N)-like domains are tethered within the periplasm. TprF, which does not contain a MOSP(C)-like domain, lacks amphiphilicity and porin activity, adopts an extended inflexible structure, and, in T. pallidum, is tightly bound to the protoplasmic cylinder. By thermal denaturation, the MOSP(N) and MOSP(C)-like domains of TprC and TprI are highly thermostable, endowing the full-length proteins with impressive conformational stability. When expressed in Escherichia coli with PelB signal sequences, TprC and TprI localize to the outer membrane, adopting bipartite topologies, whereas TprF is periplasmic. We propose that the MOSP(N)-like domains enhance the structural integrity of the cell envelope by anchoring the β-barrels within the periplasm. In addition to being bona fide T. pallidum rare outer membrane proteins, TprC/D and TprI represent a new class of dual function, bipartite bacterial OMP.

  4. A repeat sequence domain of the ring-exported protein-1 of Plasmodium falciparum controls export machinery architecture and virulence protein trafficking. (United States)

    McHugh, Emma; Batinovic, Steven; Hanssen, Eric; McMillan, Paul J; Kenny, Shannon; Griffin, Michael D W; Crawford, Simon; Trenholme, Katharine R; Gardiner, Donald L; Dixon, Matthew W A; Tilley, Leann


    The malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum dramatically remodels its host red blood cell to enhance its own survival, using a secretory membrane system that it establishes outside its own cell. Cisternal organelles, called Maurer's clefts, act as a staging point for the forward trafficking of virulence proteins to the red blood cell (RBC) membrane. The Ring-EXported Protein-1 (REX1) is a Maurer's cleft resident protein. We show that inducible knockdown of REX1 causes stacking of Maurer's cleft cisternae without disrupting the organization of the knob-associated histidine-rich protein at the RBC membrane. Genetic dissection of the REX1 sequence shows that loss of a repeat sequence domain results in the formation of giant Maurer's cleft stacks. The stacked Maurer's clefts are decorated with tether-like structures and retain the ability to dock onto the RBC membrane skeleton. The REX1 mutant parasites show deficient export of the major virulence protein, PfEMP1, to the red blood cell surface and markedly reduced binding to the endothelial cell receptor, CD36. REX1 is predicted to form a largely α-helical structure, with a repetitive charge pattern in the repeat sequence domain, providing potential insights into the role of REX1 in Maurer's cleft sculpting.

  5. Structural and biochemical analysis of nuclease domain of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR)-associated protein 3 (Cas3). (United States)

    Mulepati, Sabin; Bailey, Scott


    RNA transcribed from clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPRs) protects many prokaryotes from invasion by foreign DNA such as viruses, conjugative plasmids, and transposable elements. Cas3 (CRISPR-associated protein 3) is essential for this CRISPR protection and is thought to mediate cleavage of the foreign DNA through its N-terminal histidine-aspartate (HD) domain. We report here the 1.8 Å crystal structure of the HD domain of Cas3 from Thermus thermophilus HB8. Structural and biochemical studies predict that this enzyme binds two metal ions at its active site. We also demonstrate that the single-stranded DNA endonuclease activity of this T. thermophilus domain is activated not by magnesium but by transition metal ions such as manganese and nickel. Structure-guided mutagenesis confirms the importance of the metal-binding residues for the nuclease activity and identifies other active site residues. Overall, these results provide a framework for understanding the role of Cas3 in the CRISPR system.

  6. Global analysis of ankyrin repeat domain C3HC4-type RING finger gene family in plants.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaowei Yuan

    Full Text Available Ankyrin repeat (ANK C3HC4-type RING finger (RF genes comprise a large family in plants and play important roles in various physiological processes of plant life. In this study, we identified 187 ANK C3HC4-type RF proteins from 29 species with complete genomes and named the ANK C3HC4-type RF proteins the XB3-like proteins because they are structurally related to the rice (Oryza sativa XB3. A phylogenetic relationship analysis suggested that the XB3-like genes originated from ferns, and the encoded proteins fell into 3 major groups. Among these groups, we found that the spacing between the metal ligand position 6 and 7, and the conserved residues, which was in addition to the metal ligand amino acids, in the C3HC4-type RF were different. Using a wide range of protein structural analyses, protein models were established, and all XB3-like proteins were found to contain two to seven ANKs and a C3HC4-type RF. The microarray data for the XB3-like genes of Arabidopsis, Oryza sative, Zea mays and Glycine max revealed that the expression of XB3-like genes was in different tissues and during different life stages. The preferential expression of XB3-like genes in specified tissues and the response to phytohormone and abiotic stress treatments of Arabidopsis and Zea mays not only confirmed the microarray analysis data but also demonstrated that the XB3-like proteins play roles in plant growth and development as well as in stress responses. Our data provide a very useful reference for the identification and functional analysis of members of this gene family and also provide a new method for the genome-wide analysis of gene families.

  7. Intronic mutations outside of Alu-repeat-rich domains of the LDL receptor gene are a cause of familial hypercholesterolemia. (United States)

    Amsellem, Sabine; Briffaut, Dorothée; Carrié, Alain; Rabès, Jean Pierre; Girardet, Jean Philippe; Fredenrich, Alexandre; Moulin, Philippe; Krempf, Michel; Reznik, Yves; Vialettes, Bernard; de Gennes, Jean Luc; Brukert, Eric; Benlian, Pascale


    Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), a frequent monogenic condition complicated by premature cardiovascular disease, is characterized by high allelic heterogeneity at the low-density lipoprotein receptor ( LDLR) locus. Despite more than a decade of genetic testing, knowledge about intronic disease-causing mutations has remained limited because of lack of available genomic sequences. Based on the finding from bioinformatic analysis that Alu repeats represent 85% of LDLR intronic sequences outside exon-intron junctions, we designed a strategy to improve the exploration of genomic regions in the vicinity of exons in 110 FH subjects from an admixed population. In the first group of 42 patients of negative mutation carriers, as previously established by former screening strategies (denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing with former primers overlapping splice-sites, Southern Blotting), about half ( n=22) were found to be carriers of at least one heterozygous mutation. Among a second group of 68 newly recruited patients, 27% of mutation carriers ( n=37) had a splicing regulatory mutation. Overall, out of the 54 mutations identified, 13 were intronic, and 18 were novel, out of which nearly half were intronic. Two novel intronic mutations (IVS8-10G-->A within the polypyrimidine tract and IVS7+10G-->A downstream of donor site) might create potential aberrant splice sites according to neural-network computed estimation, contrary to 31 common single nucleotide variations also identified at exon-intron junctions. This new strategy of detecting the most likely disease-causing LDLR mutations outside of Alu-rich genomic regions reveals that intronic mutations may have a greater impact than previously reported on the molecular basis of FH.

  8. Expression and sub-cellular localization of leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains are related to antioxidant enzymes in human ependymoma and oligodendroglioma

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wei Yi; Lin Liu; Okechi Humphrey; Qianxue Chen; Shulan Huang


    The current study investigated correlations between the expression of leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domain 1 (LRIG1) and antioxidant enzymes and related proteins, including manganese superoxide dismutase, glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic or regulatory subunit, thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase, in both human ependymoma and oligodendroglioma. Results revealed that the cytoplasmic expression of LRIG1 was associated with expression of glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic subunit in the human ependymoma, while the nuclear expression of LRIG1 was associated with expression of thioredoxin reductase. In human oligodendroglioma, the cytoplasmic expression of LRIG1 was associated with expression of the glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic subunit. Both the nuclear and perinuclear expressions of LRIG1 were associated with expression of glutamate cysteine ligase regulatory subunit. These results indicated that several antioxidant enzymes and related proteins contributed to LRIG1 expression, and that these may participate in the antioxidation of the cells.

  9. A novel bispecific peptide HIV-1 fusion inhibitor targeting the N-terminal heptad repeat and fusion peptide domains in gp41. (United States)

    Jiang, Xifeng; Jia, Qiyan; Lu, Lu; Yu, Fei; Zheng, Jishen; Shi, Weiguo; Cai, Lifeng; Jiang, Shibo; Liu, Keliang


    HIV-1 fusion with the target cell is initiated by the insertion of the gp41 fusion peptide (FP) into the target cell membrane and the interaction between the gp41 N- and C-terminal heptad repeats (NHR and CHR), followed by the formation of the six-helix bundle (6-HB) fusion core. Therefore, both FP and NHR are important targets for HIV-1 fusion inhibitors. Here, we designed and synthesized a dual-target peptidic HIV-1 fusion inhibitor, 4HR-LBD-VIRIP, in which 4HR-LBD is able to bind to the gp41 NHR domain, while VIRIP is able to interact with gp41 FP. We found that 4HR-LBD-VIRIP is about tenfold more potent than 4HR-LBD and VIRIP in inhibiting HIV-1IIIB infection and HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein (Env)-mediated cell-cell fusion, suggesting that this dual-target HIV-1 fusion inhibitor possesses a strong synergistic antiviral effect. A biophysical analysis indicates that 4HR-LBD-VIRIP can interact with N70 peptide that contains the gp41 NHR and FP domains and binds with lipid membrane. This study provides a new approach for designing novel viral fusion inhibitors against HIV and other enveloped viruses with class I membrane fusion proteins.

  10. A small peptide modeled after the NRAGE repeat domain inhibits XIAP-TAB1-TAK1 signaling for NF-κB activation and apoptosis in P19 cells.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer A Rochira

    Full Text Available In normal growth and development, apoptosis is necessary to shape the central nervous system and to eliminate excess neurons which are not required for innervation. In some diseases, however, apoptosis can be either overactive as in some neurodegenerative disorders or severely attenuated as in the spread of certain cancers. Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs transmit signals for regulating cell growth, differentiation, and apoptosis. Responding to BMP receptors stimulated from BMP ligands, neurotrophin receptor-mediated MAGE homolog (NRAGE binds and functions with the XIAP-TAK1-TAB1 complex to activate p38(MAPK and induces apoptosis in cortical neural progenitors. NRAGE contains a unique repeat domain that is only found in human, mouse, and rat homologs that we theorize is pivotal in its BMP MAPK role. Previously, we showed that deletion of the repeat domain inhibits apoptosis, p38(MAPK phosphorylation, and caspase-3 cleavage in P19 neural progenitor cells. We also showed that the XIAP-TAB1-TAK1 complex is dependent on NRAGE for IKK-α/β phosphorylation and NF-κB activation. XIAP is a major inhibitor of caspases, the main executioners of apoptosis. Although it has been shown previously that NRAGE binds to the RING domain of XIAP, it has not been determined which NRAGE domain binds to XIAP. Here, we used fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET to determine that there is a strong likelihood of a direct interaction between NRAGE and XIAP occurring at NRAGE's unique repeat domain which we also attribute to be the domain responsible for downstream signaling of NF-κB and activating IKK subunits. From these results, we designed a small peptide modeled after the NRAGE repeat domain which we have determined inhibits NF-κB activation and apoptosis in P19 cells. These intriguing results illustrate that the paradigm of the NRAGE repeat domain may hold promising therapeutic strategies in developing pharmaceutical solutions for combating harmful

  11. Creation of a novel telomere-cutting endonuclease based on the EN domain of telomere-specific non-long terminal repeat retrotransposon, TRAS1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yoshitake Kazutoshi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The ends of chromosomes, termed telomeres consist of repetitive DNA. The telomeric sequences shorten with cell division and, when telomeres are critically abbreviated, cells stop proliferating. However, in cancer cells, by the expression of telomerase which elongates telomeres, the cells can continue proliferating. Many approaches for telomere shortening have been pursued in the past, but to our knowledge, cutting telomeres in vivo has not so far been demonstrated. In addition, there is lack of information on the cellular effects of telomere shortening in human cells. Results Here, we created novel chimeric endonucleases to cut telomeres by fusing the endonuclease domain (TRAS1EN of the silkworm's telomere specific non-long terminal repeat retrotransposon TRAS1 to the human telomere-binding protein, TRF1. An in vitro assay demonstrated that the TRAS1EN-TRF1 chimeric endonucleases (T-EN and EN-T cut the human (TTAGGGn repeats specifically. The concentration of TRAS1EN-TRF1 chimeric endonucleases necessary for the cleavage of (TTAGGGn repeats was about 40-fold lower than that of TRAS1EN alone. When TRAS1EN-TRF1 endonucleases were introduced into human U2OS cancer cells using adenovirus vectors, the enzymes localized at telomeres of nuclei, cleaved and shortened the telomeric DNA by double-strand breaks. When human U2OS and HFL-1 fibroblast cells were infected with EN-T recombinant adenovirus, their cellular proliferation was suppressed for about 2 weeks after infection. In contrast, the TRAS1EN mutant (H258A chimeric endonuclease fused with TRF1 (ENmut-T did not show the suppression effect. The EN-T recombinant adenovirus induced telomere shortening in U2OS cells, activated the p53-dependent pathway and caused the senescence associated cellular responses, while the ENmut-T construct did not show such effects. Conclusions A novel TRAS1EN-TRF1 chimeric endonuclease (EN-T cuts the human telomeric repeats (TTAGGGn specifically in

  12. Repeatability and Reproducibility of Retinal Neuronal and Axonal Measures on Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Patients with Cognitive Impairment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edwin Hong-Teck Loh


    Full Text Available BackgroundWith increasing interest in determining if measurement of retinal neuronal structure with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT is useful in accessing neurodegenerative process in cognitive decline and development of dementia, it is important to evaluate whether the SD-OCT measurements are repeatable and reproducible in these patients.MethodsThis is a retrospective cohort study. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD or mild cognitive impairment (MCI with no change in global clinical dementia rating (CDR score at 1-year follow-up were eligible to be included. Ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer (GC-IPL and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL parameters were measured with SD-OCT at baseline, 6-month, and 1-year follow-up visits. At baseline, SD-OCT scans were repeated to access intra-visit repeatability of the SD-OCT measurement. SD-OCT measurement over three visits was used to access inter-visit reproducibility. We calculated intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC and coefficients of variation (CoVs.ResultsWe included 32 patients with stable AD and 29 patients with stable MCI in the final analysis. For GC-IPL measures, the average intra-visit ICC was 0.969 (range: 0.948–0.985, and CoV was 1.81% (range: 1.14–2.40; while the average inter-visit ICC was 0.968 (0.941–0.985, and CoV was 1.91% (range: 1.24–2.32. The average ICC and CoV of intra-visit RNFL measured were 0.965 (range: 0.937–0.986 and 2.32% (range: 1.34–2.90%, respectively. The average ICC and CoV of inter-visit RNFL measures were 0.927 (range: 0.845–0.961 and 3.83% (range: 2.71–5.25%, respectively.ConclusionBoth GC-IPL and RNFL measurements had good intra-visit repeatability and inter-visit reproducibility over 1 year in elderly patients with no decline in cognitive function, suggesting that SD-OCT is a reliable tool to assess neurodegenerative process over time.

  13. The C-terminal pentapeptide of Nanog tryptophan repeat domain interacts with Nac1 and regulates stem cell proliferation but not pluripotency. (United States)

    Ma, Tianhua; Wang, Zhe; Guo, Yunqian; Pei, Duanqing


    Overexpression of Nanog in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells has been shown to abrogate the requirement of leukemia inhibitory factor for self-renewal in culture. Little is known about the molecular mechanism of Nanog function. Here we describe the role of the tryptophan repeat (WR) domain, one of the two transactivators at its C terminus, in regulating stem cell proliferation as well as pluripotency. We first created a supertransactivator, W2W3x10, by duplicating repeats W2W3 10 times and discovered that it can functionally substitute for wild type WR at sustaining pluripotency, albeit with a significantly slower cell cycle, phenocopying Nanog(9W) with the C-terminal pentapeptide (WNAAP) of WR deleted. ES cells carrying both W2W3x10 and Nanog(9W) have a longer G1 phase, a shorter S phase in cell cycle distribution and progression analysis, and a lower level of pAkt(Ser473) compared with wild type Nanog, suggesting that both mutants impact the cell cycle machinery via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway. Both mutants remain competent in dimerizing with Nanog but cannot form a complex with Nac1 efficiently, suggesting that WNAAP may be involved in Nac1 binding. By tagging Gal4DBD with WNAAP, we demonstrated that this pentapeptide is sufficient to confer Nac1 binding. Furthermore, we can rescue W2W3x10 by placing WNAAP at the corresponding locations. Finally, we found that Nanog and Nac1 synergistically up-regulate ERas expression and promote the proliferation of ES cells. These results suggest that Nanog interacts with Nac1 through WNAAP to regulate the cell cycle of ES cells via the ERas/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway, but not pluripotency, thus decoupling cell cycle control from pluripotency.

  14. Pleckstrin Homology (PH) Domain Leucine-rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase Controls Cell Polarity by Negatively Regulating the Activity of Atypical Protein Kinase C. (United States)

    Xiong, Xiaopeng; Li, Xin; Wen, Yang-An; Gao, Tianyan


    The proper establishment of epithelial polarity allows cells to sense and respond to signals that arise from the microenvironment in a spatiotemporally controlled manner. Atypical PKCs (aPKCs) are implicated as key regulators of epithelial polarity. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the negative regulation of aPKCs remains largely unknown. In this study, we demonstrated that PH domain leucine-rich repeat protein phosphatase (PHLPP), a novel family of Ser/Thr protein phosphatases, plays an important role in regulating epithelial polarity by controlling the phosphorylation of both aPKC isoforms. Altered expression of PHLPP1 or PHLPP2 disrupted polarization of Caco2 cells grown in 3D cell cultures as indicated by the formation of aberrant multi-lumen structures. Overexpression of PHLPP resulted in a decrease in aPKC phosphorylation at both the activation loop and the turn motif sites; conversely, knockdown of PHLPP increased aPKC phosphorylation. Moreover, in vitro dephosphorylation experiments revealed that both aPKC isoforms were substrates of PHLPP. Interestingly, knockdown of PKCζ, but not PKCι, led to similar disruption of the polarized lumen structure, suggesting that PKCζ likely controls the polarization process of Caco2 cells. Furthermore, knockdown of PHLPP altered the apical membrane localization of aPKCs and reduced the formation of aPKC-Par3 complex. Taken together, our results identify a novel role of PHLPP in regulating aPKC and cell polarity. © 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  15. Genetic analysis of the leucine-rich repeat and lg domain containing Nogo receptor-interacting protein 1 gene in essential tremor. (United States)

    Liang, Hui; Song, Zhi; Deng, Xiong; Xu, Hongbo; Zhu, Anding; Zheng, Wen; Zhao, Yongxiang; Deng, Hao


    Variants in the leucine-rich repeat and lg domain containing nogo receptor-interacting protein 1 gene (LINGO1) have been identified to be associated with the increased risk of essential tremor (ET), especially among Caucasians. To explore whether the LINGO1 gene plays a role in ET susceptibility, we performed a systematic genetic analysis of the coding region in the LINGO1 gene. Four nucleotide variants have been genotyped, including three known variants (rs2271398, rs2271397, and rs3743481), and a novel G → C transition (ss491228439). Extended analysis showed no significant difference in genotypic and allelic distributions between 151 patients and 301 control subjects for these four variants (all P > 0.05). However, further sex-stratified analysis revealed that the C allele of rs2271397 and ss491228439 contributed the risk of ET in female (P = 0.017, OR = 2.139, 95 % CI 1.135 ~ 4.030 for rs2271397 and P = 0.038, OR = 1.812, 95 % CI 1.027 ~ 3.194 for ss491228439). Haplotype analysis indicated that A465-C474-C714 haplotype was significantly associated with increased risk of ET in female (P = 0.041, OR = 1.800, 95 % CI 1.020 ~ 3.178). Our results indicate that the LINGO1 variants are associated with ET in Chinese Han female patients.

  16. A tetratricopeptide repeat domain-containing protein SSR1 located in mitochondria is involved in root development and auxin polar transport in Arabidopsis. (United States)

    Zhang, Min; Wang, Cuiping; Lin, Qingfang; Liu, Aihua; Wang, Ting; Feng, Xuanjun; Liu, Jie; Han, Huiling; Ma, Yan; Bonea, Diana; Zhao, Rongmin; Hua, Xuejun


    Auxin polar transport mediated by a group of Pin-formed (PIN) transporters plays important roles in plant root development. However, the mechanism underlying the PIN expression and targeting in response to different developmental and environmental stimuli is still not fully understood. Here, we report a previously uncharacterized gene SSR1, which encodes a mitochondrial protein with tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domains, and show its function in root development in Arabidopsis thaliana. In ssr1-2, a SSR1 knock-out mutant, the primary root growth was dramatically inhibited due to severely impaired cell proliferation and cell elongation. Significantly lowered level of auxin was found in ssr1-2 roots by auxin measurement and was further supported by reduced expression of DR5-driven reporter gene. As a result, the maintenance of the root stem cell niche is compromised in ssr1-2. It is further revealed that the expression level of several PIN proteins, namely, PIN1, PIN2, PIN3, PIN4 and PIN7, were markedly reduced in ssr1-2 roots. In particular, we showed that the reduced protein level of PIN2 on cell membrane in ssr1-2 is due to impaired retrograde trafficking, possibly resulting from a defect in retromer sorting system, which destines PIN2 for degradation in vacuoles. In conclusion, our results indicated that SSR1 is functioning in root development in Arabidopsis, possibly by affecting PIN protein expression and subcellular targeting.

  17. Lateral agenezisi olan bir hastanın multidisipliner bir yaklaşımla rehabilitasyonu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nihal Hamamcı


    Full Text Available

    Lateral incisor agenesis is an important cause for the esthetic smile disharmony due to strategic location. These clinical cases besides multidisciplinary are always treated under the strong influence of either the orthodontic or the prosthodontic discipline. The first approach consists of orthodontic mesial replacement of the missing lateral with the existing canine and giving it an incisor shape, whereas the last approach constitutes a conventional fixed-partial-denture treatment or implant supported prostheses for the missing incisors. This clinical report represents the multidisciplinary rehabilitation of a 21-year-old male with bilateral congenitally missing upper lateral incisors. After orthodontic therapy and providing the necessary space for the laterals, bilateral implant placement and prosthetic treatment was carried out. Incorporation of zirconium reinforced abutments and all ceramic crowns to the therapy had provided attractive and confident smile for the patient.

    Keywords: Lateral incisor agenesis, orthodontic therapy, single tooth implant therapy, esthetics.



    Lateral diş agenezisi gülümsemedeki stratejik pozisyondan dolayı büyük bir estetik sorun yaratmaktadır. Bu olgularda estetik rehabilitasyon, multidisipliner olmakla birlikte, genelde ya ortodontik ya da protetik tedavi yaklaşımlarının etkisi altında yapılmaktadır. Birinci yaklaşım kanin dişin lateral diş boşluğuna ortodontik tedaviyle getirilip lateral diş formunda restore edilmesinden ibarettir. İkincisi ise lateral diş boşluğunun ortodontik tedaviyle sağlanmasından sonra tek diş implant restorasyonu veya geleneksel köprü protezi ile restore edilmesi şeklindedir. Bu olgu raporunda, çift taraflı üst lateral diş agenezisi olan 21 yaşındaki erkek hastanın multidisipliner yaklaşımla tedavisi anlatılmaktadır. Ortodontik tedavi ile lateral dişler için oluşturulan boşluklara tek di

  18. Down-regulation of Leucine-rich Repeats and Immunoglobulin-like Domain Proteins (LRIG1-3) in HP75 Pituitary Adenoma Cell Line

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GUO Dongsheng; HAN Lin; SHU Kai; CHEN Jian; LEI Ting


    Three human leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains (LRIG) genes and proteins, named LRIG1-3, has been previously characterized and it was proposed that they may act as suppressors of tumor growth. The LRIG1 protein can inhibit the growth of tumors of glial cells and the down-regulation of the LRIG1 gene may be involved in the development and progression of the tumor. Real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is a recently developed technique for quantitative assessment of specific RNA levels. In the current study, it was demonstrated that LRIG1-3 and EGFR mRNA was detected in human pituitary adenoma cell lines and a normal pituitary sample, with differences in the expression levels. Compared to the normal pituitary samples, the expression of LRIG1-3 in HP75 cell line was lower, but the expression of EGFR in HP75 cell line was higher. The results are consistent with LRIG1-3 being tumour suppressor genes, and LRIG genes decreasing the expression of EGFR. The ratio of EGFR/LRIG1 was increased at least 13-fold in HP75 cells compared with the normal pituitary cells, which was also the case for the ratio of EGFR/LRIG2 (14-fold increase in HP75) and EGFR/LRIG3 (11-fold increase in HP75). Further studies were needed to elucidate the explicit role of LRIG genes as negative regulators of oncogenesis in human pituitary adenoma.

  19. New type of starch-binding domain: the direct repeat motif in the C-terminal region of Bacillus sp. no. 195 alpha-amylase contributes to starch binding and raw starch degrading. (United States)

    Sumitani, J; Tottori, T; Kawaguchi, T; Arai, M


    The alpha-amylase from Bacillus sp. no. 195 (BAA) consists of two domains: one is the catalytic domain similar to alpha-amylases from animals and Streptomyces in the N-terminal region; the other is the functionally unknown domain composed of an approx. 90-residue direct repeat in the C-terminal region. The gene coding for BAA was expressed in Streptomyces lividans TK24. Three active forms of the gene products were found. The pH and thermal profiles of BAAs, and their catalytic activities for p-nitrophenyl maltopentaoside and soluble starch, showed almost the same behaviours. The largest, 69 kDa, form (BAA-alpha) was of the same molecular mass as that of the mature protein estimated from the nucleotide sequence, and had raw-starch-binding and -degrading abilities. The second largest, 60 kDa, form (BAA-beta), whose molecular mass was the same as that of the natural enzyme from Bacillus sp. no. 195, was generated by proteolytic processing between the two repeat sequences in the C-terminal region, and had lower activities for raw starch binding and degrading than those of BAA-alpha. The smallest, 50 kDa, form (BAA-gamma) contained only the N-terminal catalytic domain as a result of removal of the C-terminal repeat sequence, which led to loss of binding and degradation of insoluble starches. Thus the starch adsorption capacity and raw-starch-degrading activity of BAAs depends on the existence of the repeat sequence in the C-terminal region. BAA-alpha was specifically adsorbed on starch or dextran (alpha-1,4 or alpha-1,6 glucan), and specifically desorbed with maltose or beta-cyclodextrin. These observations indicated that the repeat sequence of the enzyme was functional in the starch-binding domain (SBD). We propose the designation of the homologues to the SBD of glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger as family I SBDs, the homologues to that of glucoamylase from Rhizopus oryzae as family II, and the homologues of this repeat sequence of BAA as family III.

  20. The N-terminal repeat and the ligand binding domain A of SdrI protein is involved in hydrophobicity of S. saprophyticus. (United States)

    Kleine, Britta; Ali, Liaqat; Wobser, Dominique; Sakιnç, Türkân


    Staphylococcus saprophyticus is an important cause of urinary tract infection, and its cell surface hydrophobicity may contribute to virulence by facilitating adherence of the organism to uroepithelia. S. saprophyticus expresses the surface protein SdrI, a member of the serine-aspartate repeat (SD) protein family, which has multifunctional properties. The SdrI knock out mutant has a reduced hydrophobicity index (HPI) of 25%, and expressed in the non-hydrophobic Staphylococcus carnosus strain TM300 causes hydrophobicity. Using hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), we confined the hydrophobic site of SdrI to the N-terminal repeat region. S. saprophyticus strains carrying different plasmid constructs lacking either the N-terminal repeats, both B or SD-repeats were less hydrophobic than wild type and fully complemented SdrI mutant (HPI: 51%). The surface hydrophobicity and HPI of both wild type and the complemented strain were also influenced by calcium (Ca(2+)) and were reduced from 81.3% and 82.4% to 10.9% and 12.3%, respectively. This study confirms that the SdrI protein of S. saprophyticus is a crucial factor for surface hydrophobicity and also gives a first significant functional description of the N-terminal repeats, which in conjunction with the B-repeats form an optimal hydrophobic conformation.

  1. Prokaryotic BirA ligase biotinylates K4, K9, K18 and K23 in eukaryotic histone H3 (United States)

    BirA ligase, a prokaryotic ortholog of human holocarboxylase synthetase (HCS), is known to biotinylate proteins. Here, we tested the hypothesis that BirA ligase may also catalyze biotinylation of eukaryotic histones. If so, this would render recombinant BirA ligase a useful surrogate for HCS in stud...

  2. The near-infrared spectroscopy-derived deoxygenated haemoglobin breaking-point is a repeatable measure that demarcates exercise intensity domains. (United States)

    Iannetta, Danilo; Qahtani, Ahmad; Mattioni Maturana, Felipe; Murias, Juan Manuel


    A breaking-point in the near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-derived deoxygenated haemoglobin ([HHb]) profile towards the end of a ramp incremental (RI) cycling test has been associated to the respiratory compensation point (RCP). Despite the physiological value of this measure, its repeatability remains unknown. The aim was to examine the repeatability of the [HHb] breaking-point ([HHb]BP) and its association to RCP during a RI cycling test. A repeated measures design was performed on 11 males (30.5±8.4 year; 76.5±8.4kg) and 4 females (30.5±5.9 year; 61.9±4.4 Kg). Gas exchange and NIRS [HHb] data were collected during RI tests performed on two different days separated by 48h. The [HHb]BP and the RCP were determined and compared for each trial. The [HHb]BP and the respiratory compensation point (RCP) occurred at the same VO2 in test 1 and test 2 ([HHb]BP: 3.49±0.52Lmin(-1) test 1; 3.48±0.45Lmin(-1) test 2; RCP: 3.38±0.40Lmin(-1) test 1; 3.38±0.44Lmin(-1) test 2) (P>0.05). The VO2 associated with the [HHb]BP and the VO2 at RCP were not significantly different from each other either in test 1 as well as in test 2 (P>0.05). Neither test 1 nor test 2 showed significant mean average error between the VO2 at the [HHb]BP and RCP using Bland & Altman plots. The [HHb]BP is a repeatable measure that consistently occurs towards the end of a RI test. The association between the [HHb]BP and the RCP reinforces the idea that these parameters may share similar mechanistic basis. Copyright © 2017 Sports Medicine Australia. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Identification of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry3Aa toxin domain II loop 1 as the binding site of Tenebrio molitor cadherin repeat CR12. (United States)

    Zúñiga-Navarrete, Fernando; Gómez, Isabel; Peña, Guadalupe; Amaro, Itzel; Ortíz, Ernesto; Becerril, Baltazar; Ibarra, Jorge E; Bravo, Alejandra; Soberón, Mario


    Bacillus thuringiensis Cry toxins exert their toxic effect by specific recognition of larval midgut proteins leading to oligomerization of the toxin, membrane insertion and pore formation. The exposed domain II loop regions of Cry toxins have been shown to be involved in receptor binding. Insect cadherins have shown to be functionally involved in toxin binding facilitating toxin oligomerization. Here, we isolated a VHH (VHHA5) antibody by phage display that binds Cry3Aa loop 1 and competed with the binding of Cry3Aa to Tenebrio molitor brush border membranes. VHHA5 also competed with the binding of Cry3Aa to a cadherin fragment (CR12) that was previously shown to be involved in binding and toxicity of Cry3Aa, indicating that Cry3Aa binds CR12 through domain II loop 1. Moreover, we show that a loop 1 mutant, previously characterized to have increased toxicity to T. molitor, displayed a correlative enhanced binding affinity to T. molitor CR12 and to VHHA5. These results show that Cry3Aa domain II loop 1 is a binding site of CR12 T. molitor cadherin.

  4. C6: A Monoclonal Antibody Specific for a Fibronectin Epitope Situated at the Interface between the Oncofoetal Extra-Domain B and the Repeat III8


    Elisa Ventura; Cinzia Cordazzo; Rodolfo Quarto; Luciano Zardi; Camillo Rosano


    Background Fibronectin (FN) is a large multidomain molecule that is involved in many cellular processes. Different FN isoforms arise from alternative splicing of the pre-mRNA including, most notably, the FN isoform that contains the “extra-domain-B” (ED-B). The FN isoform containing ED-B (known as B-FN) is undetectable in healthy adult tissues but is present in large amounts in neoplastic and foetal tissues as well as on the blood vessels during angiogenesis. Thus, antibodies specific for B-F...

  5. The calcium-induced conformation and glycosylation of scavenger-rich cysteine repeat (SRCR) domains of glycoprotein 340 influence the high affinity interaction with antigen I/II homologs. (United States)

    Purushotham, Sangeetha; Deivanayagam, Champion


    Oral streptococci adhere to tooth-immobilized glycoprotein 340 (GP340) via the surface protein antigen I/II (AgI/II) and its homologs as the first step in pathogenesis. Studying this interaction using recombinant proteins, we observed that calcium increases the conformational stability of the scavenger-rich cysteine repeat (SRCRs) domains of GP340. Our results also show that AgI/II adheres specifically with nanomolar affinity to the calcium-induced SRCR conformation in an immobilized state and not in solution. This interaction is significantly dependent on the O-linked carbohydrates present on the SRCRs. This study also establishes that a single SRCR domain of GP340 contains the two surfaces to which the apical and C-terminal regions of AgI/II noncompetitively adhere. Compared with the single SRCR domain, the three tandem SRCR domains displayed a collective/cooperative increase in their bacterial adherence and aggregation. The previously described SRCRP2 peptide that was shown to aggregate several oral streptococci displayed limited aggregation and also nonspecific adherence compared to SRCR domains. Finally, we show distinct species-specific adherence/aggregation between Streptococcus mutans AgI/II and Streptococcus gordonii SspB in their interaction with the SRCRs. This study concludes that identification of the metal ion and carbohydrate adherence motifs on both SRCRs and AgI/II homologs could lead to the development of anti-adhesive inhibitors that could deter the adherence of pathogenic oral streptococci and thereby prevent the onset of infections.

  6. The conserved residue Arg46 in the N-terminal heptad repeat domain of HIV-1 gp41 is critical for viral fusion and entry.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaoyi Wang

    Full Text Available During the process of HIV-1 fusion with the target cell, the N-terminal heptad repeat (NHR of gp41 interacts with the C-terminal heptad repeat (CHR to form fusogenic six-helix bundle (6-HB core. We previously identified a crucial residue for 6-HB formation and virus entry--Lys63 (K63 in the C-terminal region of NHR (aa 54-70, which forms a hydrophobic cavity. It can form an important salt bridge with Asp121 (D121 in gp41 CHR. Here, we found another important conserved residue for virus fusion and entry, Arg46 (R46, in the N-terminal region of NHR (aa 35-53, which forms a hydrogen bond with a polar residue, Asn43 (N43, in NHR, as a part of the hydrogen-bond network. R46 can also form a salt bridge with a negatively charged residue, Glu137 (E137, in gp41 CHR. Substitution of R46 with the hydrophobic residue Ala (R46A or the negatively charged residue Glu (R46E resulted in disruption of the hydrogen bond network, breakage of the salt bridge and reduction of 6-HB's stability, leading to impairment of viral fusion and decreased inhibition of N36, an NHR peptide. Similarly, CHR peptide C34 with substitution of E137 for Ala (E137A or Arg (E137R also exhibited reduced inhibitory activity against HIV-1 infection and HIV-1-mediated cell-to-cell fusion. These results suggest that the positively charged residue R46 and its hydrogen bond network, together with the salt bridge between R46 and E137, are important for viral fusion and entry and may therefore serve as a target for designing novel HIV fusion/entry inhibitors.

  7. Revisiting the TALE repeat. (United States)

    Deng, Dong; Yan, Chuangye; Wu, Jianping; Pan, Xiaojing; Yan, Nieng


    Transcription activator-like (TAL) effectors specifically bind to double stranded (ds) DNA through a central domain of tandem repeats. Each TAL effector (TALE) repeat comprises 33-35 amino acids and recognizes one specific DNA base through a highly variable residue at a fixed position in the repeat. Structural studies have revealed the molecular basis of DNA recognition by TALE repeats. Examination of the overall structure reveals that the basic building block of TALE protein, namely a helical hairpin, is one-helix shifted from the previously defined TALE motif. Here we wish to suggest a structure-based re-demarcation of the TALE repeat which starts with the residues that bind to the DNA backbone phosphate and concludes with the base-recognition hyper-variable residue. This new numbering system is consistent with the α-solenoid superfamily to which TALE belongs, and reflects the structural integrity of TAL effectors. In addition, it confers integral number of TALE repeats that matches the number of bound DNA bases. We then present fifteen crystal structures of engineered dHax3 variants in complex with target DNA molecules, which elucidate the structural basis for the recognition of bases adenine (A) and guanine (G) by reported or uncharacterized TALE codes. Finally, we analyzed the sequence-structure correlation of the amino acid residues within a TALE repeat. The structural analyses reported here may advance the mechanistic understanding of TALE proteins and facilitate the design of TALEN with improved affinity and specificity.

  8. Prokaryotic BirA ligase biotinylates K4, K9, K18 and K23 in histone H3. (United States)

    Kobza, Keyna; Sarath, Gautam; Zempleni, Janos


    BirA ligase is a prokaryotic ortholog of holocarboxylase synthetase (HCS) that can biotinylate proteins. This study tested the hypothesis that BirA ligase catalyzes the biotinylation of eukaryotic histones. If so, this would mean that recombinant BirA ligase is a useful surrogate for HCS in studies of histone biotinylation. The biological activity of recombinant BirA ligase was confirmed by enzymatic biotinylation of p67. In particular, it was found that BirA ligase biotinylated both calf thymus histone H1 and human bulk histone extracts. Incubation of recombinant BirA ligase with H3-based synthetic peptides showed that lysines 4, 9, 18, and 23 in histone H3 are the targets for the biotinylation by BirA ligase. Modification of the peptides (e.g., serine phosphorylation) affected the subsequent biotinylation by BirA ligase, suggesting crosstalk between modifications. In conclusion, this study suggests that prokaryotic BirA ligase is a promiscuous enzyme and biotinylates eukaryotic histones. Moreover the biotinylation of histones by BirA ligase is consistent with the proposed role of human HCS in chromatin.

  9. DAO Spectroscopic classification of SN 2016bir in SDSS J131405.16+335510.1 (United States)

    Balam, D. D.; Graham, M. L.


    A noisy spectrum was obtained of SN 2016bir (ATEL #8857) on Apr. 10.36 UT using the 1.82-m Plaskett telescope (National Research Council of Canada) covering the range 405-710 nm (resolution 0.32 nm). Cross-correlation with a template library using SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024) shows 2016bir to most resemble the spectrum of a type-Ib supernova approximately 1 week pre-maximum light.

  10. bir1 deletion causes malfunction of the spindle assembly checkpoint and apoptosis in yeast

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qun eRen


    Full Text Available Cell division in yeast is a highly regulated and well studied event. Various checkpoints are placed throughout the cell cycle to ensure faithful segregation of sister chromatids. Unexpected events, such as DNA damage or oxidative stress, cause the activation of checkpoint(s and cell cycle arrest. Malfunction of the checkpoints may induce cell death. We previously showed that under oxidative stress, the budding yeast cohesin Mcd1, a homolog of human Rad21, was cleaved by the caspase-like protease Esp1. The cleaved Mcd1 C-terminal fragment was then translocated to mitochondria, causing apoptotic cell death. In the present study, we demonstrated that Bir1 plays an important role in spindle assembly checkpoint and cell death. Similar to H2O2 treatment, deletion of BIR1 using a BIR1-degron strain caused degradation of the securin Pds1, which binds and inactivates Esp1 until metaphase-anaphase transition in a normal cell cycle. BIR1 deletion caused an increase level of ROS and mis-location of Bub1, a major protein for spindle assembly checkpoint. In wild type, Bub1 was located at the kinetochores, but was primarily in the cytoplasm in bir1 deletion strain. When BIR1 was deleted, addition of nocodazole was unable to retain the Bub1 localization on kietochores, further suggesting that Bir1 is required to activate and maintain the spindle assembly checkpoint. Our study suggests that the BIR1 function in cell cycle regulation works in concert with its anti-apoptosis function.

  11. Peptides corresponding to the predicted heptad repeat 2 domain of the feline coronavirus spike protein are potent inhibitors of viral infection.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I-Jung Liu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP is a lethal immune-mediated disease caused by feline coronavirus (FCoV. Currently, no therapy with proven efficacy is available. In searching for agents that may prove clinically effective against FCoV infection, five analogous overlapping peptides were designed and synthesized based on the putative heptad repeat 2 (HR2 sequence of the spike protein of FCoV, and the antiviral efficacy was evaluated. METHODS: Plaque reduction assay and MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide cytotoxicity assay were performed in this study. Peptides were selected using a plaque reduction assay to inhibit Feline coronavirus infection. RESULTS: The results demonstrated that peptide (FP5 at concentrations below 20 μM inhibited viral replication by up to 97%. The peptide (FP5 exhibiting the most effective antiviral effect was further combined with a known anti-viral agent, human interferon-α (IFN-α, and a significant synergistic antiviral effect was observed. CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that the synthetic peptide FP5 could serve as a valuable addition to the current FIP prevention methods.

  12. Hedonik tüketim: Kavramsal bir inceleme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ebru Özlem GÜVEN


    Full Text Available Tüketimin insanlar için vazgeçilmez bir eylem olduğu günümüz küresel dünyasında pek çok araştırma, farklı ya da benzer koşullar altında tüketimi etkileyen faktörlerin nedenleri ile bunların etkilerini ve tüketim eylemini gerçekleştiren tüketicilerin özellikleri bakımından benzerlikleri ve farklılıklarını irdelemektedir. Bu noktada farklı nedenlerle tüketim yapan tüketicilerin - tüketim biçimi dikkate alınarak - farklı kavramsal başlıklar altında toplandığı görülmektedir. Bu tüketim şekillerinden biri olan ve alışveriş eylemini hazza ve mutluluğa giden yol olarak gösteren hedonik tüketim özellikle de alternatif ürün ve marka sayısının arttığı günümüz pazar koşullarında tüketicinin satın alma eylemine ve satın alacağı markaya atfettiği hazza ve mutluluğa yönelik düşlerinin ortaya çıkarılması bakımından incelemeye değer bir kavramdır. Bu çalışmada, kavramsal düzeyde hedonik tüketim eylemi irdelenmeye çalışılmıştır.

  13. The Pentapeptide Repeat Proteins

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vetting,M.; Hegde, S.; Fajardo, J.; Fiser, A.; Roderick, S.; Takiff, H.; Blanchard, J.


    The Pentapeptide Repeat Protein (PRP) family has over 500 members in the prokaryotic and eukaryotic kingdoms. These proteins are composed of, or contain domains composed of, tandemly repeated amino acid sequences with a consensus sequence of [S, T,A, V][D, N][L, F]-[S, T,R][G]. The biochemical function of the vast majority of PRP family members is unknown. The three-dimensional structure of the first member of the PRP family was determined for the fluoroquinolone resistance protein (MfpA) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The structure revealed that the pentapeptide repeats encode the folding of a novel right-handed quadrilateral {beta}-helix. MfpA binds to DNA gyrase and inhibits its activity. The rod-shaped, dimeric protein exhibits remarkable size, shape and electrostatic similarity to DNA.

  14. (1)H, (15)N and (13)C resonance assignments for free and IEEVD peptide-bound forms of the tetratricopeptide repeat domain from the human E3 ubiquitin ligase CHIP. (United States)

    Zhang, Huaqun; McGlone, Cameron; Mannion, Matthew M; Page, Richard C


    The ubiquitin ligase CHIP catalyzes covalent attachment of ubiquitin to unfolded proteins chaperoned by the heat shock proteins Hsp70/Hsc70 and Hsp90. CHIP interacts with Hsp70/Hsc70 and Hsp90 by binding of a C-terminal IEEVD motif found in Hsp70/Hsc70 and Hsp90 to the tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain of CHIP. Although recruitment of heat shock proteins to CHIP via interaction with the CHIP-TPR domain is well established, alterations in structure and dynamics of CHIP upon binding are not well understood. In particular, the absence of a structure for CHIP-TPR in the free form presents a significant limitation upon studies seeking to rationally design inhibitors that may disrupt interactions between CHIP and heat shock proteins. Here we report the (1)H, (13)C, and (15)N backbone and side chain chemical shift assignments for CHIP-TPR in the free form, and backbone chemical shift assignments for CHIP-TPR in the IEEVD-bound form. The NMR resonance assignments will enable further studies examining the roles of dynamics and structure in regulating interactions between CHIP and the heat shock proteins Hsp70/Hsc70 and Hsp90.

  15. NMR studies of the R2 repeat and related peptide fragments of the DNA binding domain of c-Myb. New light on the structure and folding of R2. (United States)

    Ségalas, I.; Desjardins, S.; Oulyadi, H.; Prigent, Y.; Tribouillard, S.; Bernardi, E.; Schoofs, A. R.; Davoust1, D.; Toma, F.


    The solution structure of the R2 repeat of the DNA binding domain of the protooncogene c-Myb contains a N-terminal structural motif comprising two antiparallel helices. The motif is stabilized by interactions involving conserved residues. The recognition region in C-terminal position is flexible. This structure differs from that of R2 of another c-Myb protein. La structure en solution de la répétition R2 du domaine de liaison à l'ADN du protooncogène c-Myb possède un motif à deux hélices antiparallèles dans la moitié N-terminale, stabilisé par des interactions entre résidus conservés. La région de reconnaissance à l'ADN en position C-terminale est flexible. Cette structure diffère de celle montrée pour la répétition R2 d'une autre protéine c-Myb.

  16. Deployment Repeatability (United States)


    controlled to great precision, but in a Cubesat , there may be no attitude determination at all. Such a Cubesat might treat sun angle and tumbling rates as...could be sensitive to small differences in motor controller timing. In these cases, the analyst might choose to model the entire deployment path, with...knowledge of the material damage model or motor controller timing precision. On the other hand, if many repeated and environmentally representative

  17. An immobilized biotin ligase: surface display of Escherichia coli BirA on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (United States)

    Parthasarathy, Ranganath; Bajaj, Jitin; Boder, Eric T


    The Escherichia coli biotin ligase enzyme BirA has been extensively used in recent years to generate site-specifically biotinylated proteins via a biotin acceptor peptide tag. In the present study, BirA was displayed for the first time on the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the Aga1p-Aga2p platform and assayed using a peptide-tagged protein as the substrate. The enzyme is fully functional and resembles the soluble form in many of its properties, but the yeast-displayed enzyme demonstrates stability and reusability on the time scale of weeks. Thus, the yeast-displayed BirA system represents a facile and highly economical alternative for producing site-specifically biotinylated proteins.

  18. Struktur Nalar Arab-Islam menurut ‘Âbid Al-Jâbirî

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Faishol


    Full Text Available The project of ‘Âbid Al-Jâbirî’s thoughts has become epistemological critic to traditional frame of Islam-Arab knowledge through analyzing socio-political background on the logic of Arab formulation. According to Al-Jâbirî, the logic of Arabic thought could be devised into three methods: bayâni, ‘irfâni and burhâni. Therefore, the structure of Islam-Arab culture has occurred based on: (1 authoritative texts—because the logic of Arab is exceedingly based on religious texts, (2 authoritative salaf, that is, focused on ‘ulama’s considerations, and (3 authoritative permissivism along with anti-causality (sult}ah at-tajwîz al-lâsababiyyah. Hence, Arabic culture becomes unproductive, poor of concept and theory. As a solution, Al-Jâbirî invites to contextualize the spirit of critic such as rational-empiricism of Ibn H{azm and al-Shât}ibî on fiqh, Ibn Rushd on philosophy, Ibn Khaldûn on sociology, etc. This article will probe specifically about ‘Âbid Al-Jâbirî’s reform thought. Al-Jâbirî’s thinking distinctiveness lies in the epistemological critique conducted on the science that develops in the Arab-Islamic civilization. The epistemological critique becomes a realm of science that not much attention, especially by Muslim thinkers. Al-Jâbirî’s epistemological critique offers to the Muslim world an attempt to reconstruct the building of reason-epistemic knowledge to keep pace and change its Islamic world towards the progress of civilization.

  19. birääkijad löövad oma lubaduste hinda kokku / Argo Ideon

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ideon, Argo, 1966-


    Isamaa ja Res Publica Liidu ning Reformierakonna võimuläbirääkimised on lõppfaasis, edasistel läbirääkimistel võib võtmerolli tõusta rahandusministeeriumi koostatud tabel, kus on täpsustatud lepingupunktide hind

  20. 重组BirA酶的原核表达及其活性鉴定%Expression of Recombinant BirA in Prokaryotic System and Identification of Its Activity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵爽佳; 鲍如梦; 唐海科; 杨洪鸣; 唐金宝


    构建含有rTEV酶切位点的原核表达载体pUC18-His-BirA,利用E coli DH5α表达重组BirA酶,并通过酶切获得不含His标签肽的BirA酶.PCR方式扩增BirA基因片段重组至质粒pUC18,构建原核表达载体pUC18-His-BirA并转化E coli DH5α;采用冻融法释放菌体蛋白,SDS-PAGE分析目的蛋白的存在形式;冻融上清经金属离子亲和色谱纯化获得目的蛋白His-BirA酶,利用rTEV酶切除His标签肽,并采用HABA方法进行BirA酶活鉴定分析.经双酶切验证、基因测序结果表明重组载体构建正确,SDS-PAGE结果显示表达产物可溶部分比例约占50%;利用rTEV酶将标签切除,经HABA测定该酶相对酶活性可达4 365 U/μg.该研究通过构建pUC18-His-BirA质粒表达载体,实现了重组BirA酶较高比例的可溶性表达.表达产物经rTEV酶酶切后具有较高的酶活性,为实现BirA酶的经济、高效制备奠定了一定的实验基础.

  1. The Problem of Anonymity in Archives: A Literature Review=Arşivlerde Anonimlik Sorunu: Bir Literatür Değerlendirmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emily Ross


    Full Text Available Archivists processing documents rely on factors such as authorship and provenance to contextualize their materials and render them searchable. But in my past experience as an archives user, I repeatedly came across instances of anonymity: letters and diaries by unnamed authors or to unknown recipients, photographs of unknown subjects. In some cases this anonymity is a loss of information that was once there, but in other case it enabled the material to come into existence in the first place: such as in the case of satirical political poetry, for which a writer might face legal censure. In this literature review, the issue of anonymity in the archives is explored, both in a pragmatic sense (recommended strategies for managing it, and a philosophical sense (according anonymous documents the same status as documents with known authors./Arşivcilikte belgelerin işlenmesi, materyallerin kavramsallaştırılması ve aranabilir hale gelmesinde önemli olan yazarlık ve kaynak (menşe gibi faktörlere dayanmaktadır. Ancak bir arşiv kullanıcısı olarak deneyimlerimizde defalarca isimsiz yazarlar tarafından bilinmeyen kişilere atfedilmiş mektuplar ve günlükler, bilinmeyen konuların fotoğrafları gibi anonim eserlerle karşılaşmaktayız. Bir zamanlar bu anonimlik bazen bir bilgi kaybı olarak görülürken bazen de belgenin yazarının yasal kınamaya maruz kalabildiği hicivli siyasi bir şiir örneğinde olduğu gibi eserin ilk etapta ortaya çıkmasını sağlamaktaydı. Bu literatür taramasında arşivlerde anonimlik sorunu hem pragmatik anlamda (konunun yönetimi için önerilen stratejiler hem de felsefi anlamda (anonim belgelere uygun olarak bilinen yazarlı belgelerle aynı statüde ele alınmaktadır.

  2. SOT1, a pentatricopeptide repeat protein with a small MutS-related domain, is required for correct processing of plastid 23S-4.5S rRNA precursors in Arabidopsis thaliana. (United States)

    Wu, Wenjuan; Liu, Sheng; Ruwe, Hannes; Zhang, Delin; Melonek, Joanna; Zhu, Yajuan; Hu, Xupeng; Gusewski, Sandra; Yin, Ping; Small, Ian D; Howell, Katharine A; Huang, Jirong


    Ribosomal RNA processing is essential for plastid ribosome biogenesis, but is still poorly understood in higher plants. Here, we show that SUPPRESSOR OF THYLAKOID FORMATION1 (SOT1), a plastid-localized pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) protein with a small MutS-related domain, is required for maturation of the 23S-4.5S rRNA dicistron. Loss of SOT1 function leads to slower chloroplast development, suppression of leaf variegation, and abnormal 23S and 4.5S processing. Predictions based on the PPR motif sequences identified the 5' end of the 23S-4.5S rRNA dicistronic precursor as a putative SOT1 binding site. This was confirmed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay, and by loss of the abundant small RNA 'footprint' associated with this site in sot1 mutants. We found that more than half of the 23S-4.5S rRNA dicistrons in sot1 mutants contain eroded and/or unprocessed 5' and 3' ends, and that the endonucleolytic cleavage product normally released from the 5' end of the precursor is absent in a sot1 null mutant. We postulate that SOT1 binding protects the 5' extremity of the 23S-4.5S rRNA dicistron from exonucleolytic attack, and favours formation of the RNA structure that allows endonucleolytic processing of its 5' and 3' ends. © 2016 The Authors The Plant Journal © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  3. Discovery of a Highly Potent, Cell-Permeable Macrocyclic Peptidomimetic (MM-589) Targeting the WD Repeat Domain 5 Protein (WDR5)–Mixed Lineage Leukemia (MLL) Protein–Protein Interaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karatas, Hacer; Li, Yangbing; Liu, Liu; Ji, Jiao; Lee, Shirley; Chen, Yong; Yang, Jiuling; Huang, Liyue; Bernard, Denzil; Xu, Jing; Townsend, Elizabeth C.; Cao, Fang; Ran, Xu; Li, Xiaoqin; Wen, Bo; Sun, Duxin; Stuckey, Jeanne A; Lei, Ming; Dou, Yali; Wang, Shaomeng (Michigan)


    We report herein the design, synthesis, and evaluation of macrocyclic peptidomimetics that bind to WD repeat domain 5 (WDR5) and block the WDR5–mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) protein–protein interaction. Compound 18 (MM-589) binds to WDR5 with an IC50 value of 0.90 nM (Ki value <1 nM) and inhibits the MLL H3K4 methyltransferase (HMT) activity with an IC50 value of 12.7 nM. Compound 18 potently and selectively inhibits cell growth in human leukemia cell lines harboring MLL translocations and is >40 times better than the previously reported compound MM-401. Cocrystal structures of 16 and 18 complexed with WDR5 provide structural basis for their high affinity binding to WDR5. Additionally, we have developed and optimized a new AlphaLISA-based MLL HMT functional assay to facilitate the functional evaluation of these designed compounds. Compound 18 represents the most potent inhibitor of the WDR5–MLL interaction reported to date, and further optimization of 18 may yield a new therapy for acute leukemia.

  4. Expert vs. Novices Dimensions of Tagging Behaviour in an Educational Setting = Bir Akademik Çevrede Uzman ve Deneyimsiz Kullanıcıların Etiketleme Davranışlarının Boyutları

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Špiranec, Sonja


    Full Text Available The organization and representation of information and knowledge have always beenexclusively in the domain of professionals and experts. This has begun to change with the development of folksonomies as alternative, user-generated models of organizing information. The aim of this paper is to research the efficiency in tagging and folksonomy. The flexibility oftagging allows users to classify their collections of items in the ways that they find useful, but the personalized variety of terms can present challenges when searching and browsing. In order to determine the efficiency of tagging research evidence about the nature of tagging and tagging behaviour of specific user groups is needed. This paper contributes to research findings in this domain by presenting findings from a study exploring differences in expert and novices tagging. The research was conducted by giving freshman students, with no prior knowledge of tagging or indexing and therefore determined as novices, an article in the social bookmarking service Delicious. Based only on title, subtitle and abstract of the article every student was supposed to assign tags to that article and do the same after reading the whole article. The same procedure was repeated with postgraduate students from the Department of Information Sciences with sufficiently experience and knowledge in tagging and indexing. In this way differences or similarities between tagging by more advanced users and tagging by average/amateur users could be analyzed and compared. The research has surfaced differences in tag numbers and tag distributions. The findings indicate more precision and consistency in tagging of the expert group, indicating that education in tagging could raise the quality of folksonomies on the long term. / Bilginin düzenlenmesi ve sunulması özellikle uzmanların ilgi alanını oluşturmuştur. Bu durum, bilginin düzenlenmesinde bir seçenek sunan ve kullanıcı tarafından üretilen modeller

  5. birääkijate viis lemmikviga / Max H. Bazerman, Don A Moore

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bazerman, Max H.


    Harvardi Ärikooli professorid annavad nõu, mida teha siis, kui jäädakse läbirääkimistel liigselt pidama esimese pakkumise külge, ollakse jäärapäine, minnakse liiale enesekindlusega või keskendutakse liiga kitsale eesmärgile

  6. Frontotemporal demansa ikincil olarak ortaya çıkan bir mani olgusu

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    TURAN, Engin D; ÖZDEL, Kadir; KIZIL, Erguvan Tuğba Özel


    ... bildirilmiştir. Bu yazıda da frontotemporal demansa ikincil ortaya çıkan bir mani olgusu tartışılmıştır. Late-onset bipolar disorders are generally reported to be associated with general medical conditions...

  7. birääkijate viis lemmikviga / Max H. Bazerman, Don A Moore

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bazerman, Max H.


    Harvardi Ärikooli professorid annavad nõu, mida teha siis, kui jäädakse läbirääkimistel liigselt pidama esimese pakkumise külge, ollakse jäärapäine, minnakse liiale enesekindlusega või keskendutakse liiga kitsale eesmärgile

  8. Põhja-Korea lahkus tuumaläbirääkimistelt / Jüri Piirisild

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Piirisild, Jüri


    Põhja-Korea teatas tuumaprogrammi alaste läbirääkimiste tähtajatust katkestamisest. Analüütikute arvates peaks USA pehmendama oma jäika hoiakut Põhja-Korea suhtes ning püüdma senisest aktiivsemalt leida kriisile lahendust

  9. Kas sugu on läbirääkimistel tähtis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ülevaade Harvard Business Schooli uudiskirja Working Knowledge 2006. aasta veebruari numbris ilmunud Dina W. Pradel'i, Hannah Riley Bowles'i ja Kathleen L. McGinn'i artiklist inimese soo mõjust läbirääkimistele

  10. Kas sugu on läbirääkimistel tähtis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ülevaade Harvard Business Schooli uudiskirja Working Knowledge 2006. aasta veebruari numbris ilmunud Dina W. Pradel'i, Hannah Riley Bowles'i ja Kathleen L. McGinn'i artiklist inimese soo mõjust läbirääkimistele

  11. Üç Faz Transformatörlerde Harmonik Analizler İçin Geliştirilen Bir Uygulama Programı


    ZİLE, M.


    Bu çal mada, güç sistemlerinde do rusal olmayan yük ak mlar n n neden oldu u harmonik etkilerini tahmin eden bir uygulama program geli tirilmi tir. Yaz l m program için analitik mant k, basit bir güç sistem ebekesi için geli tirilmi tir. Bu sistem bir transformatör, iki paralele kondansatör, iki iletim hatt , bir güç kayna Windows temelli bir uygulamad r. Bu uygulama program harmonik analizler yapmak için, Microsoft Visual C++ programlama dili kullan larak geli tirilmi tir. Benzetim sonuçlar ...

  12. Origin and fate of repeats in bacteria. (United States)

    Achaz, G; Rocha, E P C; Netter, P; Coissac, E


    We investigated 53 complete bacterial chromosomes for intrachromosomal repeats. In previous studies on eukaryote chromosomes, we proposed a model for the dynamics of repeats based on the continuous genesis of tandem repeats, followed by an active process of high deletion rate, counteracted by rearrangement events that may prevent the repeats from being deleted. The present study of long repeats in the genomes of Bacteria and Archaea suggests that our model of interspersed repeats dynamics may apply to them. Thus the duplication process might be a consequence of very ancient mechanisms shared by all three domains. Moreover, we show that there is a strong negative correlation between nucleotide composition bias and the repeat density of genomes. We hypothesise that in highly biased genomes, non-duplicated small repeats arise more frequently by random effects and are used as primers for duplication mechanisms, leading to a higher density of large repeats.

  13. Güneş Enerjisi Kaynaklı Bir Stirling Motorunun Matlab-Simulink ile Modellenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ş. Melih AKYOL


    Full Text Available Sürdürülebilir bir kalkınma için yerli ve yenilenebilir enerji kaynaklarının kullanılması gereklidir.Yenilenebilir Enerji Genel Müdürlüğü (YEGM’nin ölçümlerine göre, ülkemiz günde yeryüzüne düşen ortalama 3600 Wh/m2 ‘lik güneş ışınımı ile önemli bir güneş enerjisi kullanım potansiyeline sahiptir. Bu çalışmada ısı kaynağı olarak güneş enerjisini kullanan beta tipi krank hareket mekanizmalı bir Stirling motoru teorik olarak Matlab-Simulink ortamında modellenmiştir. Hazırlanan model, ülkemizdeki farklı bölgeler için, yılın herhangi bir gününde, yatay veya açılı yüzeylere düşen güneş ışınımı değerlerini tahminleyen bir alt model ile desteklenmiştir. Geliştirilen model ile, Stirling motorunun farklı boyutlandırmaları için güç, çalışma frekansı, verim gibi performans özellikleri hesaplanabilmekte, iş gazının da sıcaklık basınç gibi termodinamik özelliklerinin çevrim boyunca değişimi izlenebilmektedir.

  14. Seedling Lethal1, a Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Lacking an E/E+ or DYW Domain in Arabidopsis, Is Involved in Plastid Gene Expression and Early Chloroplast Development1[C][W (United States)

    Pyo, Young Jae; Kwon, Kwang-Chul; Kim, Anna; Cho, Myeon Haeng


    Chloroplasts are the site of photosynthesis and the biosynthesis of essential metabolites, including amino acids, fatty acids, and secondary metabolites. It is known that many seedling-lethal mutants are impaired in chloroplast function or development, indicating the development of functional chloroplast is essential for plant growth and development. Here, we isolated a novel transfer DNA insertion mutant, dubbed sel1 (for seedling lethal1), that exhibited a pigment-defective and seedling-lethal phenotype with a disrupted pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) gene. Sequence analysis revealed that SEL1 is a member of the PLS subgroup, which is lacking known E/E+ or DYW domains at the C terminus, in the PLS subfamily of the PPR protein family containing a putative N-terminal transit peptide and 14 putative PPR or PPR-like motifs. Confocal microscopic analysis showed that the SEL1-green fluorescent protein fusion protein is localized in chloroplasts. Transmission electron microscopic analysis revealed that the sel1 mutant is impaired in the etioplast, as well as in chloroplast development. In sel1 mutants, plastid-encoded proteins involved in photosynthesis were rarely detected due to the lack of the corresponding transcripts. Furthermore, transcript profiles of plastid genes revealed that, in sel1 mutants, the transcript levels of plastid-encoded RNA polymerase-dependent genes were greatly reduced, but those of nuclear-encoded RNA polymerase-dependent genes were increased or not changed. Additionally, the RNA editing of two editing sites of the acetyl-CoA carboxylase beta subunit gene transcripts in the sel1 mutant was compromised, though it is not directly connected with the sel1 mutant phenotype. Our results demonstrate that SEL1 is involved in the regulation of plastid gene expression required for normal chloroplast development. PMID:24144791

  15. Roc, a Ras/GTPase domain in complex proteins

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosgraaf, Leonard; Haastert, Peter J.M. van


    We identified a novel group of the Ras/GTPase superfamily, termed Roc, that is present as domain in complex proteins together with other domains, including leucine-rich repeats (LRRs), ankyrin repeats, WD40 repeats, kinase domains, RasGEF and RhoGAP domains. Roc is always succeeded by a novel 300–40

  16. Endometrium clear cell karsinomlu bir olguda achromobacter xylosoxidans'ın sebep olduğu ürosepsis



    Amaç: Achromobacter xylosoxidans, diğer adıyla Alcaligenes xylosoxidans gram negatif, aerob, oksidaz pozitif, nonfermentatif, hareketli, çomak şeklinde bir bakteridir. Doğada, toprak ve suda bulunabilen bir mikroorganizma olup, immün sistemi baskılanmış kişilerde fırsatçı enfeksiyonlara neden olmaktadır.

  17. Tekrarlayan akciğer infeksiyonunun nadir bir nedeni: Kartagener sendromu


    ÇELİKSOY, Mehmet; Güner, Şükrü; ÇALIŞKAN, Burcu; Sancak, Recep; Söğüt, Ayhan


    Kartagener sendromu otozomal resesif geçişli sinüzit, bronşektazi, situs inversus ile karakterize bir hastalıktır. Primer silier diskinezili olguların % 50’sini Kartagener sendromu oluşturur. Primer silier diskinezinin temel özellikleri sıklıkla hayatın ilk ayında başlayan üst ve alt solunum sistemi bulgularıdır, ancak tanı gecikir, çünkü bu özellikler diğer pediatrik hastalıklarla karıştırılır. Bu vaka raporunda, Kartagener sendromlu bir olgunun klinik ve radyolojik özelliklerini tartı...

  18. Comparative study of factors controlling the groundwater occurrence in Bir Kiseiba and Bir El Shab areas, south western desert, Egypt using hydrogeological and geophysical techniques (United States)

    Abu Risha, U. A.; Al Temamy, A. M. M.


    This research presents a clear example of the significant role of basement relief on the formation of aquifers and the impact of geologic structures on groundwater occurrence. A basement relief map was constructed using the depth to basement data acquired from 20 vertical electrical soundings (VESes), 3 land magnetic profiles, and 27 drilled wells tapping the basement rocks in addition to the elevations of the basement outcrops in the area of study. The map shows three basins underlying the area. The geoelectric survey shows that these basins were formed as a result of series of step faults. The largest basin underlies El-Shab area. The medium basin underlies the area of Bir Kiseiba whereas the smallest one underlies Bir Abu El-Hussein area. The Nubian Sandstone aquifer occurs only in El-Shab basin whereas the other basins are filled completely with the confining layer of Kiseiba Formation. The depth to basement in El-Shab basin ranges from 11 m. (ves-20) to 197 m. (ves-1) m.b.g.s. The depth to basement in Kiseiba basin ranges from 20 m. (Bir Kurayim magnetic profile) to 122 m. (ves-13) m.b.g.s. The depth to basement in Abu El-Husein basin ranges from 0 (basement outcrops) to 64 m. (Abu El-Husein magnetic profile) m.b.g.s. The aquifer thickness ranges from 0 m (where the aquitard rests directly on the basement) to 153 m. (El Shab well No. 79). The aquifer is uncoformably overlain by Kiseiba Formation which represents the aquitard layer at Bir El-Shab. The thickness of the aquitard ranges from 0 (in areas covered by the Nubian Sandstone) to 120 m (ves-13). Each of the aquifer and aquitard consist of three layers. Two of the aquitard layers are water-bearing. However, the estimated transmissivity of the aquitard is very low (11.9 m2/d). The groundwater moves vertically into the overlying aquitard at Bir El-Shab and subsequently flows in concentric pattern into the surrounding areas. Faulting controls groundwater occurrence and quality. Some springs lie on the

  19. Domains and domain loss

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haberland, Hartmut


    The domain concept, originally suggested by Schmidt-Rohr in the 1930’s (as credited in Fishman’s writings in the 1970s), was an attempt to sort out different areas of language use in multilingual societies, which are relevant for language choice. In Fishman’s version, domains were considered...... not described in terms of domains, and recent research e.g. about the multilingual communities in the Danish-German border area seems to confirm this....

  20. Repeat-until-success quantum repeaters (United States)

    Bruschi, David Edward; Barlow, Thomas M.; Razavi, Mohsen; Beige, Almut


    We propose a repeat-until-success protocol to improve the performance of probabilistic quantum repeaters. Conventionally, these rely on passive static linear-optics elements and photodetectors to perform Bell-state measurements (BSMs) with a maximum success rate of 50%. This is a strong impediment for entanglement swapping between distant quantum memories. Every time a BSM fails, entanglement needs to be redistributed between the corresponding memories in the repeater link. The key ingredients of our scheme are repeatable BSMs. Under ideal conditions, these turn probabilistic quantum repeaters into deterministic ones. Under realistic conditions, our protocol too might fail. However, using additional threshold detectors now allows us to improve the entanglement generation rate by almost orders of magnitude, at a nominal distance of 1000 km, compared to schemes that rely on conventional BSMs. This improvement is sufficient to make the performance of our scheme comparable to the expected performance of some deterministic quantum repeaters.

  1. Görme Agnozisi İle Seyreden Bir Oksipital İnfrakt Olgusu


    TUNALI, G.


    SUMMARY A CASE WITH VISUAL AGNOSIA DUE TO OCCIPITAL INFARCT In this paper, a case who had visual agnosia, alexia and complex visual halusinations was presented. CT scan showed left occipi¬tal infarct which also involved posterior temporal lobe. The propable mechanism of visual agnosia was discussed in wiev of the literature. ÖZET Bu yazıda görme agnozisi, aleksi ve kompleks görme halüsinasyonları olan bir vaka sunuldu. Bu vakada BT sol tarafta posterior temporal loba da yayılan...

  2. Butterfly Species Diversity of Bir-Billing Area of Dhauladhar Range of Western Himalayas in Northern India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sangeeta Chandel


    Full Text Available The present study of butterfly species diversity was carried out in the Bir-Biling area of Dhauladhar Range of the Western Himalayas in Northern India. The study was done since April 2012 to March 2013, throughout the year during the routine field visits to Bir-Billing. A total of 50 butterfly species were recorded from the study areas which belonge to five families i.e. Nymphalidae, Pieridae, Papilionidae, Lycaenidae and Hesperiidae and 39 genera. The Nymphalidae family was the most dominant family in the study area having 32 species and followed by Lycaenidae family with 7 species.

  3. Türkiye'de Yükselen Bir Turizm Çeşidi: Helal Turizm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nazlı Kardeş


    Full Text Available Turizm, günümüzde gittikçe önemi artan sektörlerin başında gelmektedir. Dünya’da turizm her geçen gün büyümekte, alternatif turizm çeşitleri artmakta ve her yıl daha çok insan küresel düzeyde turizm hareketinin bir parçası haline gelmektedir. Teknolojide, iletişimde, refah seviyesin de, eğitim düzeyinde görülen ilerleme Müslüman kesimin yaşamdan beklentilerini artırmış ve Müslüman kesimi dinin gereklerine uyarak tatil yapmaya yönlendirmiştir. Turizm sektöründeki yoğun rekabet ortamı turistlerin taleplerinin çeşitlenmesine yol açmıştır. Bu gelişmelere bağlı olarak bir turistik ürün çeşidi olarak ortaya çıkan “Helal Turizm”, gün geçtikçe önemi artan bir kavram olarak ortaya çıkmaktadır. Helal turizm, konaklama, seyahat, ulaşım, rekreasyon vb. turizm faaliyetlerinden doğan ihtiyaçların İslami kural ve inanışlara uygun şekilde karşılanması ile ilgili faaliyetlerdir. Bu araştırmanın amacı Türkiye’nin helal turizm açısından mevcut durumunu değerlendirmek, gün geçtikte rekabetin arttığı helal turizm alanında Türkiye’nin potansiyelini kullanarak bu turizm çeşidinin nasıl geliştirebileceğine yönelik düşünceleri ortaya koymak ve gelecek çalışmalara yol göstermektir. Bu amaç doğrultusunda konuyla ilgili geniş bir literatür taraması yapılarak helal turizmin kavramsal çerçevesi ortaya konmuş ve derinlemesine incelenen literatür çalışmaları, istatistik verileri ile Türkiye’nin mevcut kültürü ve Müslüman bir ülke olmasına rağmen diğer ülkelerden geride olduğu ve mevcut potansiyelini iyi kullanamadığı sonucuna varılmıştır. Bu sonuca yönelik öneriler getirilmiştir.

  4. Bir Yüzü Sanat, Bir Yüzü Bilime Dönük Adam: Mehmed Çavuşoğlu


    Yılmaz, Durali


    bunların ağzından hiç şiir duymadım. Ezberlerinde bir mısra bile yoktur çün— kü,’ diye dert yanar. Prof. Dr. Bali, Çavuşoğlu’nun sınıf arkadaşıdır. Tıpkı Çavuşoğlu gibi, onun da hafızasında yüzlerce şiir vardır. Bunlara, Çavuş-— oğlu’ nunkiler de dahildir. Şimdi İstanbul Kültür ÜniYersiteSinde birlikte görev yapmaktayız. Muhan Hocamız, Çavuşoğlu’nun yukarıdaki şiinni okudııktan sonra genellikle ekler: “Bunu kendisine okuduğumda, yüzüme sevecenlikle baktı, benim bile unuttüğuın bu şiiri ...

  5. Malezya’da Din-Devlet İlişkisine Kısa Bir Bakış

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Özay


    Full Text Available AbstractStarting from the second half of the 1960s onwards, socio-religious youth movements, which are regarded as the initial element of civil expressions on university campuses, were constructively influential on the perception of the political elites’ understanding of Islam and political evolution of the Islamisation policies in the process in Malaysia. There are opinions that this effect encompassed the efforts of Islamisation particularly in the 1980s. In this process, the task of the state apparatus, as a political power, which managed the religious domain mostly considered belonging to the civil sector, deserves to be scrutinized in relation with at least some influential factors in the near and distant past of the Muslim Malay community. And, it cannot be overseen that the functions of the traditional Malay rulers, say, Sultans, were transferred, to some or larger extent, to the Federal government after the independence. With regard to this, in this article, the present writer will focus on some aspects of the policies of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who has molded majorily the history of modern Malaysia, regarding his Islamisation policy aligned with the state-religion relationship.ÖzetMalezya’da 1960’lı yılların ikinci yarısından itibaren üniversite kampüslerinde başlayan ve sivilleşmenin bir unsuru olarak telâkki edilen dini-toplumsal hareketlerin İslam’ın ülke siyasi elitince algılanmasında ve pratikte İslamlaştırma adıyla anılabilecek politikalara evrilmesinde önemli etkisi olmuştur. Bu etkinin, özellikle 1980’li yıllarda devlet eliyle İslamlaştırma çabalarına yol açtığı konusunda görüşler bulunmaktadır. Bu süreçte, yani devletin siyasi bir güç olarak sivil alana dahil olan dini çekip çevirme işini üstlenmesinde, özellikle Müslüman Malay toplumunun yakın ve uzak geçmişindeki kimi faktörler dikkate alınmayı hak etmektedir. Bu bağlamda, geleneksel Malay devletlerinde Sultanlar

  6. Bussijuhtide ja Go Busi läbirääkimised jätkuvad / Jano Purga

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Purga, Jano


    Maakonnaliinide turuvalitseja Go Bus katkestab lepingud Hiiumaal, Valgamaal ja Saaremaal, kuid jätkab läbirääkimisi bussijuhtide ametiühinguga palgatõusu üle, samas teeb ametiühing ettevalmistusi streigiks, mis algab 11. detsembril

  7. FLS2-BAK1 extracellular domain interaction sites required for defense signaling activation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Koller

    Full Text Available Signaling initiation by receptor-like kinases (RLKs at the plasma membrane of plant cells often requires regulatory leucine-rich repeat (LRR RLK proteins such as SERK or BIR proteins. The present work examined how the microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMP receptor FLS2 builds signaling complexes with BAK1 (SERK3. We first, using in vivo methods that validate separate findings by others, demonstrated that flg22 (flagellin epitope ligand-initiated FLS2-BAK1 extracellular domain interactions can proceed independent of intracellular domain interactions. We then explored a candidate SERK protein interaction site in the extracellular domains (ectodomains; ECDs of the significantly different receptors FLS2, EFR (MAMP receptors, PEPR1 (damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP receptor, and BRI1 (hormone receptor. Repeat conservation mapping revealed a cluster of conserved solvent-exposed residues near the C-terminus of models of the folded LRR domains. However, site-directed mutagenesis of this conserved site in FLS2 did not impair FLS2-BAK1 ECD interactions, and mutations in the analogous site of EFR caused receptor maturation defects. Hence this conserved LRR C-terminal region apparently has functions other than mediating interactions with BAK1. In vivo tests of the subsequently published FLS2-flg22-BAK1 ECD co-crystal structure were then performed to functionally evaluate some of the unexpected configurations predicted by that crystal structure. In support of the crystal structure data, FLS2-BAK1 ECD interactions were no longer detected in in vivo co-immunoprecipitation experiments after site-directed mutagenesis of the FLS2 BAK1-interaction residues S554, Q530, Q627 or N674. In contrast, in vivo FLS2-mediated signaling persisted and was only minimally reduced, suggesting residual FLS2-BAK1 interaction and the limited sensitivity of co-immunoprecipitation data relative to in vivo assays for signaling outputs. However, Arabidopsis plants

  8. Dünya Denizcilik Eğitim Faaliyetleriyle İlgili Genel Bir Kıyaslama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feramuz AŞKIN


    Full Text Available Deniz taşımacılığındaki artan profesyonelleşme gereksinimleri bu alanda hizmet veren personel ve mürettebatın aynı düzeyde eğitim alması ile cevap bulacaktır. Bu da eğitim veren kurum ve üniversitelerin belirli bir standartta eğitim vermesi ile mümkün olacaktır. Burada üzerinde durulması gereken konu eğitim veren kurumların eğitim düzeylerinin alt ve üst noktası arasındaki farkın mümkün mertebede birbirine yakın olması ile belirli bir kalite düzeyinde tutulabilecek olmasıdır. Bunun için eğitim veren kurumların uyması gereken başta STCW Manila kararları gibi uluslararası standartlar olmak üzere, iç mevzuatlar, çeşitli idarelerin önerileri ve kararları, EMSA gibi denetleyici birimlerin üzerinde durmuş olduğu çeşitli standartlar bir dayanak noktası oluşturacaktır. Bu çalışmada yazarlar, farklı düzeylerde eğitim veren örnek eğitim sistemlerinin karşılaştırılması yolu ile bu standartların uygulanması hususunu göz önüne sermeyi hedeflemektedir. Böylece bu bildirinin yazım amacı olan ve standartlarla genel kaideleri belirlenmiş daha kaliteli ve profesyonel eğitim sistemine geçişe katkıda bulunulabilecektir.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murat KOC


    Full Text Available Günümüzde, rekabet kavramı daha çok firma düzeyinde bir kavram olmakla beraber, artık ulusal düzeyde de ele alınmaya başlanmıştır. Rekabet şartlarının değişken bir yapı içerisinde olması ve yaşanan küreselleşme, bir ulusun rekabet üstünlüğünün analiz edilebilmesi açısından yeni yöntemlerin uygulanması gerekliliğini ortaya koymuştur. Bu kapsamda Michael E. Porter, kapsamlı bir araştırma niteliği taşımakta olan, Elmas Modeli (Diamond Model’ni ortaya koymuştur. “Bazı ulusların neden diğerlerine göre belirli sektörlerde daha rekabetçi olduğu” sorusuna yanıt vermeye çalışılan model, belirli bir sektörde ulusal rekabet gücünü belirleyen bazı unsurların birbirleriyle ilişkili olarak incelenmesini öngörmektedir. Bu çalışmanın amacı, ulusların rekabet üstünlüğü sağlamasında Porter’ın literatüre kazandırdığı “Elmas Modeli” yaklaşımının değerlendirilmesi ve modele yönelik eleştirilerin ortaya konulmasıdır.

  10. Liderlikte post-modern bir paradigma: dönüşümcü liderlik

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Levent Eraslan


    Full Text Available Heraklitos’un “Her şey akıştadır ve hiçbir şey duruşta değildir.” deyişi  ile insanlığın değişimi anlama, algılama ve ona uyum sağlama sürecinin başladığı kabul edilir. Değişim denen bu karmaşık  olgu, günümüzde bütün sosyal sistemlerin yaşama ilişkin kültürlerini ve yönetim biçimlerini hızlı bilgi artışı, hızlı gelişme ve hızlı iletişim ile birlikte derinden etkilemektedir. Bu değişim sürecinin  yükümlülüğü oluşturmak ve bunu başarmak için “liderlik” olgusu önemli bir rol oynamaktadır. Dönüşümü sağlamada geleneksel liderlik anlayışının yeterli olmadığının bilinmesi de, değişimin etkisinin yoğun olarak hissedildiği günümüzde, değişim temelli bir liderlik anlayışının yapılandırılması gerekliliğini ortaya çıkarmıştır. Bu  liderlik anlayışının da "Dönüşümcü Liderlik" olduğu ileri sürülmektedir. Aralıksız devam eden değişim sürecinde, dönüşümcü liderliğin tüm sektörlerde önemi gittikçe artmaktadır. Dönüşümcü liderler, vizyon yaratarak ve bu vizyonu paylaşarak izleyenleri ile sürekli iletişim kuran, güvenilir, saygı duyulan sosyal mimarlardır. Yeni zorlukların yaşanacağı  yeni çağda; "dönüşümcü liderlik"  bu zorlukların aşılmasında en iyi çözüm yolu olarak kabul edilmektedir. Tarihsel sürece baktığımızda ise Dönüşümcü liderliğe verilecek en büyük örneğin Türkiye Cumhuriyetinin Kurucusu M.Kemal Atatürk olduğunu görmekteyiz. Büyük Lider Atatürk dönüşümcü liderliğin  bütün karakteristik özelliklerini taşımaktadır. Yıkılmış bir imparatorluktan, her şeyi ile yeni bir devlet kurarak, yönetsel,sosyal,ekonomik ve kültürel yaşamda köklü bir dönüşüm süreci gerçekleştirmiştir. Atatürk’te Dönüşümcü liderliğin başat özelliklerinden;  Ortak Vizyon Oluşturma ve Paylaşma, Zihinsel Uyarım ve Yaratıcı olma, Karizmatik Etkiye Sahip

  11. Radyonun Demokratikleştirilmesinde Yeni Bir Olanak: İnternet Radyoculuğu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ersoy Soydan


    Full Text Available Radyonun yazılı basından sonra geniş kitlelere seslenen en eski kitle iletişim aracı olduğu kabul edilmektedir. Radyo, 1920-1960 yılları arasında da en yaygın kitle iletişim aracı olmuştur. Radyo yayınlarının başlamasıyla birlikte işlevi de sorgulanmaya başlamıştır. Özellikle radyo yayınlarının hükümetin denetiminde olduğu Avrupa ülkelerinde yayın kuruluşları maddi açıdan hükümetlere bağımlı olmuş, bu durum doğal olarak hükümetlerin radyo yayınlarına karışması sonucunu doğurmuştur. Uzun yıllar boyunca Avrupa'da radyoculuk alanında devlet tekeli olduğu için toplumun büyük bir kesimi radyoda kendisine yeterince yer bulamamıştır. Hükümetlerin denetimindeki radyo yayıncılığına karşı muhalefet ve işlevinin değiştirilmesi talebi ise çok geçmeden dillendirilmeye başlamıştır. Örneğin Alman yazar Bertolt Brecht daha 1932 yılında radyonun işlevinin değiştirilerek demokratikleştirilmesi gerektiğini, yani radyoyu bir iletim aygıtı olmaktan çıkarıp, iletişim aygıtına dönüştürmek gerektiğini söylemiştir.1950’li yıllardan sonra televizyonun yaygınlaşmasıyla birlikte radyonun insan yaşamındaki yeri kaçınılmaz olarak gerilemiştir. Bunun sonucu olarak ta tüm dünyada “radyo öldü mü?” tartışması yaşanmıştır. Ancak korsan yayınlarla başlayıp devlet tekellerinin yıkılmasıyla sonuçlanan alternatif radyo akımı daha önce radyodan sesini duyuramayan toplulukların seslerini duyurabilmesini ve radyonun demokratikleşerek yeniden gündeme gelmesini sağlamıştır. Radyonun demokratikleştirilmesi tartışması internetin yaygınlaşmasıyla birlikte bir kez daha gündeme gelmiştir. İnternet teknolojisi radyodan sesini duyurmak isteyen herkesin son derece basit ve ucuz bir şekilde dünyanın dört bir tarafına sesini duyurmasını sağlayarak, radyonun daha önce olmadığı kadar demokratikleşmesinin yolunu açmıştır.

  12. Quantum repeated games revisited

    CERN Document Server

    Frackiewicz, Piotr


    We present a scheme for playing quantum repeated 2x2 games based on the Marinatto and Weber's approach to quantum games. As a potential application, we study twice repeated Prisoner's Dilemma game. We show that results not available in classical game can be obtained when the game is played in the quantum way. Before we present our idea, we comment on the previous scheme of playing quantum repeated games.

  13. Domain analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjørland, Birger


    The domain-analytic approach to knowledge organization (KO) (and to the broader field of library and information science, LIS) is outlined. The article reviews the discussions and proposals on the definition of domains, and provides an example of a domain-analytic study in the field of art studie....... Varieties of domain analysis as well as criticism and controversies are presented and discussed....

  14. Ortodonti ve periodontoloji işbirliği. Modern biyolojik ortodontide periodontal konular

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tancan Uysal


    ;">    Ortodontistlerin ve periodontologların yaptıkları klinik tedavilerde periodontoloji ile ortodonti arasındaki ilişkinin biyolojik temellerinin farkında olması gerekmektedir. İki uzmanlık dalı arasındaki uyum, tedavi sonuçlarının olumlu olmasını sağlamaktadır. Bölümler arasında gerçekleştirilen işbirliği ile ortodontik tedavi periodontal sağlığı geliştirdiği gibi periodontal tedavi de ortodontik tedavi sonuçlarını daha da başarılı hale getirebilmektedir. Teknoloji, uzmanlık dalları arasında etkileşimi sağlarken, tedavinin temelini biyoloji oluşturmaktadır. Yeni yüzyılın ortodontisti; bilgili, deneyimli ve sorumluluk sahibi periodontolog ile beraber çalışmalıdır. Ortodontik tedavi görecek hastalar, periodontal riskler, dişeti büyümeleri ve olası alveolar kemik kaybından haberdar edilmelidir. Bu derlemede, aselüler dermal matriks, mine matriks proteinleri, periodontal plastik cerrahi ve yeni bir ortognatik cerrahi alternatifi olan “periodontal olarak hızlandırılmış osteojenik ortodonti” gibi güncel tedaviler ile geleneksel tedaviler tartışılacaktır. Ayrıca aşağıdaki sorulara cevaplar bulunmaya çalışılacaktır; “Ortodontik tedavi periodontal hastalığa sebep olur mu?”, “Periodontal olarak enfekte olan hastalar ortodontik diş hareketleri ile tedavi edilebilir mi?”, “Hastalara ne zaman ve hangi cerrahi yaklaşımlar yapılmaktadır?”, “Hangi tedavi seçenekleri en iyi sonuçları verir ve periodontal dokulara daha az zarar verir?”, “Ne sıklıkla ortodonti hastaları periodontolog tarafından takip edilmelidir?”. Ayrıca periodontal açıdan ortodontik tedavinin endikasyonları, kontrendikasyonları, sınırlamaları, avantaj ve dezavantajları tartışılacaktır.

    repeat scroll 0% 0

  15. Kültürel ve Estetik Bakımdan “Vav” Harfine Analitik Bir Yaklaşım An Analytical Approach To Letter “Waw” As Cultural And Aesthetic Component

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatih ÖZKAFA


    Full Text Available All letters in an alphabet are of high importance and are necessary for the language. However, it is certain that some letters in a language are used more frequently compared to others. It is possible to notice this even by taking a glance at dictionaries. Also, it can be argued that some letters are of vital importance in some languages due to grammar rules. Letter ‘waw’ serves several purposes especially in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish. In terms of its attributionswithin Turkish-Islamic culture and art, it can be easily realized that thesymbolic value of the letter is very high.In addition to its functions in grammar, throughout the historyletter waw has represented all Islamic art in general and aesthetic ofcalligraphy in particular; furthermore, metaphysical, religious, andcultural meanings were also designated to the letter. Since as a letter itsymbolizes both God and human being, it brought about the idea that itcan be seen as the manifestation of the thought ‘unity of existence’which has an important place within Islamic Mysticism. Letter ‘waw’especially with the style written according to the jaly thuluth principles,is a form frequently seen both in architectural and literal works of art.Calligraphers produced various works in which letter ‘waw’ isemphasized or centered. Since some of the compositions have becomevintage samples, almost every calligrapher re-wrote them repeatedly.This study tries to analyze the aesthetical dimensions of letter ‘waw’within the art of Islamic calligraphy along with its grammatical andsymbolic meanings. Bir alfabede yer alan bütün harfler o dil için önemli ve gereklidir. Ancak her dilde bazı harflerin diğer dillerdekine nispetle daha fazla kullanıldığı da bir gerçektir. Sözlüklere göz atıldığında bile bunu fark etmek mümkündür. Yine, dilbilgisi kuralları gereğince bazı harflerin bazı dillerde hayati bir önem taşıdığı söylenebilir. Vav harfi de

  16. Reconfigurable multiport EPON repeater (United States)

    Oishi, Masayuki; Inohara, Ryo; Agata, Akira; Horiuchi, Yukio


    An extended reach EPON repeater is one of the solutions to effectively expand FTTH service areas. In this paper, we propose a reconfigurable multi-port EPON repeater for effective accommodation of multiple ODNs with a single OLT line card. The proposed repeater, which has multi-ports in both OLT and ODN sides, consists of TRs, BTRs with the CDR function and a reconfigurable electrical matrix switch, can accommodate multiple ODNs to a single OLT line card by controlling the connection of the matrix switch. Although conventional EPON repeaters require full OLT line cards to accommodate subscribers from the initial installation stage, the proposed repeater can dramatically reduce the number of required line cards especially when the number of subscribers is less than a half of the maximum registerable users per OLT. Numerical calculation results show that the extended reach EPON system with the proposed EPON repeater can save 17.5% of the initial installation cost compared with a conventional repeater, and can be less expensive than conventional systems up to the maximum subscribers especially when the percentage of ODNs in lightly-populated areas is higher.

  17. Kosovo albaanlaste imelootus hääbub läbirääkimiste kiuste / Triin Oppi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Oppi, Triin


    Serbia ja Kosovo provintsi esindajate läbirääkimistest Viinis ning ÜRO esindaja Martti Ahtisaari ettepanekust Kosovo suhtes, kus välditakse sõna "iseseisvus". Euroopa Liit üritab Kosovot juhtida iseseisvuse teele, pakkudes Serbiale võimalust mitte anda välja Haagi sõjatribunalile Ratko Mladicit. Vt. samas: Kosovo äärmuslased õhkisid kolm ÜRO sõidukit. Kaart

  18. Recursive quantum repeater networks

    CERN Document Server

    Van Meter, Rodney; Horsman, Clare


    Internet-scale quantum repeater networks will be heterogeneous in physical technology, repeater functionality, and management. The classical control necessary to use the network will therefore face similar issues as Internet data transmission. Many scalability and management problems that arose during the development of the Internet might have been solved in a more uniform fashion, improving flexibility and reducing redundant engineering effort. Quantum repeater network development is currently at the stage where we risk similar duplication when separate systems are combined. We propose a unifying framework that can be used with all existing repeater designs. We introduce the notion of a Quantum Recursive Network Architecture, developed from the emerging classical concept of 'recursive networks', extending recursive mechanisms from a focus on data forwarding to a more general distributed computing request framework. Recursion abstracts independent transit networks as single relay nodes, unifies software layer...

  19. An Evaluation on Library Cooperation in Turkey Türkiye'de Kütüphanelerarası İşbirliği Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Emin Küçük


    Full Text Available No library in the world has the sufficient budget, space, and professionals to acquire all existing information sources, and to organise and serve the acquired materials. For this reason, libraries cooperate in collection development, cata loguing, providing access to the others' collections and document delivery. Aiming at evaluating the co-operation efforts during the Republican era from the perspective of the historical, organisational and practicable fields of implementation, this paper examines the library co-operation in Turkey. To determine the present situation, the Turkish National Library, General Directorate of Libraries and Publications, National Academic Network and Information Centr, and some special and school libraries in Ankara, Ministry of National Education, university libraries, consortia, and professional associations are examined, and the data gathered from literature and interviews are evaluated. In conclusion, it has been observed that in recent years, co-operation effort has gained momentum, two consortia have emerged to provide access to the electronic information sources, document delivery projects between university libraries have been started, but efforts in some practicable fields of co-operation, such as preparing union catalogues, sharing bibliographic data, and developing authority files have been unsuccessful. It has also been observed that there is lack of co-operation except among university libraries, and that institutions have failed in establishing a "common wisdom" and consequently in developing the skills of planning and organisation. Inadequacy of resources, legislation, and infrastructure, and most importantly the lack of dedication resulted in discontinuity of the ongoing projects and the production of the new ones. Dünyadaki hiç bir kütüphane varolan tüm bilgi kaynaklarını sağlama, düzenleme ve hizmete sunmada yeterli bütçe, bina ve profesyonele sahip değildir. Bu nedenle k

  20. Etkili Bir Halkla İlişkiler Aracı Olarak Sosyal Medya


    aslan, mahmut mert


    Etkili Bir Halkla İlişkiler Aracı Olarak Sosyal MedyaÖZETDünyanın İnternet teknolojisi iletanışması, 90’lı yıllara rastlamaktadır. Sonradan mobil iletişim ile İnternetteknolojisinin bütünleşmesi, iletişimde mesafeleri ortadan kaldırmıştır. Çokgeçmeden bu yeniliklerin iş dünyasında ürünlerin tanıtım ve pazarlamasında biraraç olarak kullanılabileceği fikri ortaya atılmış olsa da, o dönemde bununilgililer tarafından dikkate alındığını söylemek pek mümkün değildir. Bununnedeni, olasılıkla, o döne...

  1. Türkiye’de Leasıng Sözleşmesi ve Bir Uygulama


    Taşabatlı, Gökhan


    Leasing ilk kez, 1930’lu yıllarda Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde ekonomik bunalım sonrası yaşanan finansman güçlüklerini gidermek amacıyla ortaya çıkmış ve II.Dünya Savaşı sonrası diğer Avrupa ülkelerine hızla yayılmaya başlamıştır. Leasing’in Kıta Avrupası ülkelerine yayılması 1960’lı yıllara rastlamaktadır. 1970 sonrası petrol şoku ile beraber birçok firma finansman darboğazı ile karşı karşıya kalmıştır. Bu gelişmeler işletmeleri mülkiyet yerine kullanım olanağı veren leasing müessesesine ...

  2. İşletmelerin Rekabet Stratejilerinin Eşbiçimliliği ve Bir Uygulama



    Bu çalışma, Türkiye’de faaliyet gösteren işletmelerin stratejilerini neye göre ve nasıl oluşturduklarını ortaya koyarak, kurumsal baskıların örgütsel yapıları, stratejileri ve uygulamaları nasıl etkilediği ve işleri yürütme biçimleri bakımından birbirine benzer örgütleri nasıl ortaya çıkardığını belirlemeye yöneliktir. Örgütlerin varlık nedenlerini ya da işleyiş biçimlerini geçmişte ele alan pek çok çalışmaya karşılık, teknik ve sosyal bir olgu olarak örgütlerin incelenmesinde ortaya çıka...

  3. Assessing long-term water demand of constantine province in Kébir-Rhumel Mediterranean catchment (United States)

    Kiniouar, H.; Hani, A.; Younsi, A.


    By mid-century, in the southern Mediterranean countries, levies probably reach the limit level of renewable water resources. Algeria is one of the poorest countries in renewable water resources, with an annual storage capacity of 14.6 million m3 in the Mediterranean coastal watersheds, representing 7% of the land area and accounts for 90 % of total surface runoff of the country. In this paper, we assess water demand to meet the needs of water users in Constantine province. The latter is located in the Kébir-Rhumel Mediterranean basin under semi-arid climate with relatively high growth rate of population, agricultural and industrial activities. Using Water Evaluation And Planning system (WEAP), we built a model for managing water demand of Constantine province. A business as usual and five scenarii of «water demand " were calculated by WEAP model to simulate the uncertainties over the period of 20 years (2008-2027) : (1) Population growth, (2) increase in irrigated crop lands, (3) decrease in basic drinking water consumption, (4) decrease in basic irrigation water consumption and (5) increase in basic industrial water consumption. The results showed that scenario 3 is the best alternative scenario and the most efficient by reducing drinking water demand for about 12 Mm3 in 20 years, and thus preserve reaching the limits of water resources potentialities.

  4. Repeating the Past (United States)

    Moore, John W.


    As part of the celebration of the Journal 's 75th year, we are scanning each Journal issue from 25, 50, and 74 years ago. Many of the ideas and practices described are so similar to present-day "innovations" that George Santayana's adage (1) "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" comes to mind. But perhaps "condemned" is too strong - sometimes it may be valuable to repeat something that was done long ago. One example comes from the earliest days of the Division of Chemical Education and of the Journal.

  5. 锚蛋白重复和激酶域1基因多态性与精神分裂症的关联研究%Association study of schizophrenia and ankyrin repeat and kinase domain containing 1 gene polymorphism

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭娟; 陈元堂; 何长江; 张丽; 吴瑜; 行养玲; 敖磊


    目的 探讨锚蛋白重复和激酶域1(ANKK1)基因多态性与精神分裂症的相关性.方法 收集符合美国DSM-Ⅳ精神分裂症诊断标准的112个先证者及其父母组成的核心家系,运用聚合酶链反应扩增及单核苷酸多态性的分子生物学技术,对ANK K1基因的rs4938015、rs7118900、rs2734849、rs1800497多态性分型,进行精神分裂症与锚蛋白重复和激酶域1基因多态性的关联分析和单体型相对风险率分析.结果 rs2734849等位基因与精神分裂症相关联(P=0.026),其中等位基因T是保护因素(Z=-2.19),A为危险因素(Z=2.19);rs4938015、rs7118900、rs1800497与精神分裂症无关联.三种单体型rs7118900-rs2734849的G/A、rs 2734849-rs1800497的A/C、rs7118900-rs2734849-rs1800497中的G/A/C与精神分裂症有关联(P值分别为0.032,0.041,0.046,基因型频率分别为0.36,0.29,0.17).结论 ANKK1基因与精神分裂症相关联.%Objective To detect the genetic association between schizophrenia and polymorphism of Ankyrin repeat and kinase domain containing 1 ( ANKK1 ) gene. Methods Observed in a sample of 112 parent/offspring trios where the proband net the American Classification and diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders The Forth Revised Edition, criteria for schizophrenia using correlation analysis and haplotype relative risk analysis. The polymorphism of Ankyrin repeat and kinase domain containing 1 gene was detected with PCR methods and SNP typing in all nucleus families. Results The rs2734849 allele was connected with schizophrenia(P= 0. 026). Allele T was protective factor( Z= -2.19) and allele A was the hazard factor( Z=2. 19). The rs4938015,rs7118900 and rs1800497 allele were independence with schizophrenia. Three kinds haplotypes of G/A in the rs7118900 -rs2734849, A/C in the rs2734849 -rs1800497, G/A/C in the rs7118900 -rs2734849 -rs1800497 were associated with schizophrenia ( The P values were 0.032,0. 041,0.046, the genotype frequencies were 0. 36,0.29,0. 17

  6. Osmanlı Devleti’nde Teknik Bir Yenilik: Skafander Makinesi A Technical Innovation In The Ottoman State: Scaphandre Machine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cihan ÖZGÜN


    Full Text Available Sponge was an important natural source in the Ottoman seas.Sponge divers were gathering sponges different ways and a new methodof sponge hunting began to be applied after the mid-nineteenth century.This method was sponge hunting with the help of scaphandre whichwas called generally “machine” by Ottoman offical records and spongedivers. Scaphandre was consisted of heavy metal helmets thatconnected to a air pump with hose on shipboard, boots and a garmentthat surrounds the whole body. Scaphandre was a costume or devicewhich was designed to remain a sponge hunter undersea longer time.These devices allowed sponge hunters to work at least 1 hour undersea.Thanks to the scaphandre, sponge divers began to hunt more spongesand to gain more profits compared to sponge hunters who don’t use thisdevice. The use of scaphandre in the sponge hunting, as a technicalinnovation in the Ottoman state, led to start a painfull process amongthe sponge hunters. The process of implementation of this method,negative reactions based on social and economic interests occuredamong sponge divers. These reactions firstly began as a little fight butthen they turned into a serious rebellions. In addition, accidents anddiseases were occuring depend on the use of this machine. There wereespecially motor accidents, joint pain, chest pain, speech disorders,dyspnea, visual disturbance, skin complaints among these diseases andaccidents. Some of these accidents resulted in death. Because of thesediseases, accidents and accumulated reactions, Ottoman Statesometimes banned the use of scaphandre. This study examines theproblem of sponge hunting with the use of scaphandre which istechnical innovation in the Ottoman territorial waters. For this study,data and information were collected Ottoman archive documents,commercial reports concerning this period, official statistics and otherpublications. Sünger, Osmanlı denizlerinde önemli bir doğal kaynaktı. Sünger avcıları s

  7. 8051 Mikrodenetleyicili Bir Sumo Robot Tasarımı ve Uygulaması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet ALBAYRAK


    Full Text Available Bu çalısmada, 8051 mikrodenetleyici kontrollü bir sumo robotun mekanik tasarımı, kontrol kartı ve yazılımı gerçeklestirilmistir. Robot, yarısma ve egitim amaçlı tasarlandıgı için hücum amaçlı strateji içeren yazılım gelistirilerek yüklenmistir. 8051 mikrodenetleyici içindeki kontrol yazılımı PC 'nin seri portuna baglı mikrodenetleyici programlama kartına takılıp, kolaylıkla güncellenebildigi için yazılım stratejisi her yarısma için degistirilebilir niteliktedir. Microdenetleyici yazılımı μVision Keil derleyicisinde C kodu kullanılarak hazırlanmıstır. Mekanik tasarım asamasında robot dıs yüzeyinin darbelere dayanıklı malzemeden seçilmesine ve tekerleklerin sürtünmesinin fazla (kaymaz olmasına özen gösterilmistir. Robotun gücünü belirlenen agırlık sınırları içinde en fazla hale getirebilmek için 4 ayrı disli DC motor ve 4 amperlik akü kullanılmıstır. Rakip algılama mesafe sensörü ve kontrast sensörü (beyaz algılama seçiminde cevap verme süresi çok az olan sensörler tercih edilmistir.

  8. All-optical repeater. (United States)

    Silberberg, Y


    An all-optical device containing saturable gain, saturable loss, and unsaturable loss is shown to transform weak, distorted optical pulses into uniform standard-shape pulses. The proposed device performs thresholding, amplification, and pulse shaping as required from an optical repeater. It is shown that such a device could be realized by existing semiconductor technology.

  9. Bidirectional Manchester repeater (United States)

    Ferguson, J.


    Bidirectional Manchester repeater is inserted at periodic intervals along single bidirectional twisted pair transmission line to detect, amplify, and transmit bidirectional Manchester 11 code signals. Requiring only 18 TTL 7400 series IC's, some line receivers and drivers, and handful of passive components, circuit is simple and relatively inexpensive to build.

  10. RepeatsDB 2.0: improved annotation, classification, search and visualization of repeat protein structures (United States)

    Paladin, Lisanna; Hirsh, Layla; Piovesan, Damiano; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A.; Kajava, Andrey V.; Tosatto, Silvio C.E.


    RepeatsDB 2.0 (URL: is an update of the database of annotated tandem repeat protein structures. Repeat proteins are a widespread class of non-globular proteins carrying heterogeneous functions involved in several diseases. Here we provide a new version of RepeatsDB with an improved classification schema including high quality annotations for ∼5400 protein structures. RepeatsDB 2.0 features information on start and end positions for the repeat regions and units for all entries. The extensive growth of repeat unit characterization was possible by applying the novel ReUPred annotation method over the entire Protein Data Bank, with data quality is guaranteed by an extensive manual validation for >60% of the entries. The updated web interface includes a new search engine for complex queries and a fully re-designed entry page for a better overview of structural data. It is now possible to compare unit positions, together with secondary structure, fold information and Pfam domains. Moreover, a new classification level has been introduced on top of the existing scheme as an independent layer for sequence similarity relationships at 40%, 60% and 90% identity. PMID:27899671

  11. Random Forests Yöntemi ve Sağlık Alanında Bir Uygulama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammet AKMAN


    Full Text Available Amaç: Veri madenciliği, genel olarak tanımlayıcı ve tahmin edici olmak üzere iki ana başlıkta incelenmektedir. Özellikle tıp alanında veri madenciliği daha çok tahmin edici yönüyle kullanılmaktadır. Bu çalışmada, ağaç tabanlı veri madenciliği yöntemlerinden birisi olan Random Forests (RF yönteminin incelenmesi ve sağlık alanından elde edilen bir veri seti üzerine uygulaması yapılarak sonuçlarının tartışılması amaçlanmıştır. Gereç ve Yöntemler: RF yönteminde, karar ormanını oluşturan karar ağaçları orijinal veri setinden bootstrap yöntemiyle seçilen farklı örneklerden oluşturulmaktadır. Her karar ağacında veri setindeki tüm değişkenlerden rastgele seçilen az sayıda değişken kullanılmaktadır. Her ağaç bir sınıf için oy vermektedir ve orman sınıflayıcısı bütün ağaçların verdiği oyları toplayarak bir sınıf için son tahminini yapmaktadır. Yöntemin uygulanması amacıyla Diş hekimliği alanından elde edilen bir veri seti kullanılmıştır. Bulgular: Toplam 43 tane demografik, dental ve serolojik özelliklere ait veriler kullanılarak RF yöntemi ile %95.4 oranında başarılı bir sınıflandırma yapılmıştır. Bu karar ormanının hata oranı ise %3.33 olarak bulunmuştur. Aynı veri seti için Bagging ve CART yöntemi ile de sınıflama yapılmış ve Bagging yöntemi ile hata oranı %5.4, CART yöntemi ile %8.75 olarak bulunmuştur. Sonuç: RF yöntemi ile veri setindeki değişken sayısı ve örnek sayısı ne kadar çok olursa olsun genellikle hata oranı düşük sınıflamalar yapılmaktadır. Hata oranının düşüklüğü ise bir topluluk yöntemi olmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Özelikle çok sayıda değişkenin olduğu DNA veri seti gibi binlerce gen arasından önemli olanları tespit etmek için kullanılabilir.

  12. Yeni Medya Gazeteciliğinde Etik Bir Paradigma Belirlemenin Kapsamı ve Sınırları

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İlker ERDOĞAN


    Full Text Available Yeni medya gazeteciliği, çok büyük iletişim potansiyeliyle, modern bir haber toplama ve yayımlama biçimidir ya da pek çok farklı katılımcının bağlanabildiği çevrimiçi (online bir forumdur. Ayrıca, bu biçim ya da forum, dijital ya da çevrimiçi (online gazetecilik olarak adlandırılan, medya profesyonellerine sınırsız kaynaklar ve teknolojik olanaklar sunan internet üzerinde ve internet aracılığıyla gerçekleştirilen internete özgü bir gazetecilik türüne gönderme yapmaktadır. Yeni medya, teknolojik gelişmelerin ve değişimlerin paralelinde gelişim sürecini sürdürmekte, hızlı olduğu kadar da belirli kurallara bağlı kalmadan geliştiği için yeni sorunları beraberinde getirmekte ve bu nedenle, yeni medya gazeteciliğinin etik düzenlemelere acil olarak kavuşturulması gerekmektedir. Yeni medya gazeteciliğindeki etik sorunları ya da ikilemleri, genel olarak, editöryal bağımsızlık, editöryal kontrol eksikliği, enformasyonun yeniden dağıtılması-telif hakları, haber-reklam-ticari enformasyon ilişkisi, çevrimiçi (online içeriğin yayımlanma hızı, ticari baskı, köprülerin (hyperlink kullanımı, doğruluk ve güvenilirlik, kaynaklar, mahremiyet, düzenleme, haber toplama yöntemleri, kaynak şeffaflığı, bloggerlar, yurttaş gazeteciler, profesyonel olmayan gazeteciler, dijital manipülasyon ile nefret söylemi ve saldırgan içerik olmak üzere on sekiz ayrı kategoride sınıflandırmak mümkündür. Bu çalışmada, yeni medya gazeteciliğinde etik bir model önerisinin oluşturulması açısından etik sorunlar iletişim etiği bağlamında değerlendirilerek kuramsal çerçevenin belirlenmesine çalışılmakta ve modern iletişimin vazgeçilmez bir alanı olan yeni medya gazeteciliğinde etik bir paradigma belirlemenin kapsamı ve sınırları tartışılmaktadır.

  13. Multi-domain proteins in the three kingdoms of life: orphan domains and other unassigned regions. (United States)

    Ekman, Diana; Björklund, Asa K; Frey-Skött, Johannes; Elofsson, Arne


    Comparative studies of the proteomes from different organisms have provided valuable information about protein domain distribution in the kingdoms of life. Earlier studies have been limited by the fact that only about 50% of the proteomes could be matched to a domain. Here, we have extended these studies by including less well-defined domain definitions, Pfam-B and clustered domains, MAS, in addition to Pfam-A and SCOP domains. It was found that a significant fraction of these domain families are homologous to Pfam-A or SCOP domains. Further, we show that all regions that do not match a Pfam-A or SCOP domain contain a significantly higher fraction of disordered structure. These unstructured regions may be contained within orphan domains or function as linkers between structured domains. Using several different definitions we have re-estimated the number of multi-domain proteins in different organisms and found that several methods all predict that eukaryotes have approximately 65% multi-domain proteins, while the prokaryotes consist of approximately 40% multi-domain proteins. However, these numbers are strongly dependent on the exact choice of cut-off for domains in unassigned regions. In conclusion, all eukaryotes have similar fractions of multi-domain proteins and disorder, whereas a high fraction of repeating domain is distinguished only in multicellular eukaryotes. This implies a role for repeats in cell-cell contacts while the other two features are important for intracellular functions.

  14. Metode Pembacaan Turâts Arab-Islam: Perspekti Muhammad ‘Abid al-Jâbirî

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdul Mukti Ro’uf


    Full Text Available The way how turâts (a term only found in contemporary Arabic-Islam or tradition is viewed has been a critical problem. This is because queries about it imply rise and or fall of a civilization. This thesis has at least been proved by facts of history that since the midst 19th century the world of Arabic-Islam thoughts have been moving backward compared to that in the Western-modern thoughts. This research will analyze Muhammad ‘Âbid al-Jâbirî’s thoughts that represented contemporary thinkers. Al-Jâbirî was a muslim intellectual born in Feiji Southeast-Marocco in 1936. His initial acquaintance with philosophical thoughts related to three prominent figures of Karl Marx (1818-1890, Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962, and Louis Althusser (1918-1990. He was grown up in a setting of Maghribi thoughts (Marocco-Andalusia, which was influenced by traditions of French philosophy of Marxian. However, he doubted Marxian approaches in Islamic history context.Abstrak: Cara bagaimana turâts—sebuah terma yang hanya ditemukan dalam tradisi Arab-Islam kontemporer—dipahami telah menjadi suatu problem yang amat mendesak. Hal itu karena pengabaian atasnya akan berimplikasi pada kebangkitan atau kejatuhan suatu peradaban. Tesis itu setidaknya telah dibuktikan oleh kenyataan sejarah bahwa semenjak pertengahan abad XIX pemikiran Arab-Islam mengalami kemunduran dibandingkan dengan pemikiran-pemikiran Barat moderen. Kajian ini akan menganalisis pemikiran Muhammad ‘Âbid al-Jâbirî’s yang merepresentasikan para pemikir kontemporer. Al-Jâbirî adalah seorang intelektual muslim yang terlahir di Feiji, Maroko Tenggara, pada tahun 1936.  Perkenalan awalnya dengan pemikiran filosofis berkaitan dengan tiga figur penting, yaitu Karl Marx (1818-1890, Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962, and Louis Althusser (1918-1990. Dia tumbuh besar dalam latar pemikiran-pemikiran Maghribi (Marocco-Andalusia, yang dipengaruhi oleh tradisi filsafat Perancis yang Marxian. Namun demikian

  15. Örgütsel İmaj Yönetim Sisteminin İncelenmesi ve Bir Uygulama


    Küçükaslan, Aslı


    Bu çalışma işletmelerin paydaşları tarafından nasıl algılandıklarını ölçmeye çalışmaktadır. Çalışanların, müşterilerin ve işletme sisteminin diğer unsurlarının algılamalarını etkileyen birçok faktör vardır.

  16. Duct Leakage Repeatability Testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walker, Iain [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Sherman, Max [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)


    Duct leakage often needs to be measured to demonstrate compliance with requirements or to determine energy or Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) impacts. Testing is often done using standards such as ASTM E1554 (ASTM 2013) or California Title 24 (California Energy Commission 2013 & 2013b), but there are several choices of methods available within the accepted standards. Determining which method to use or not use requires an evaluation of those methods in the context of the particular needs. Three factors that are important considerations are the cost of the measurement, the accuracy of the measurement and the repeatability of the measurement. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the repeatability of the three most significant measurement techniques using data from the literature and recently obtained field data. We will also briefly discuss the first two factors. The main question to be answered by this study is to determine if differences in the repeatability of these tests methods is sufficient to indicate that any of these methods is so poor that it should be excluded from consideration as an allowed procedure in codes and standards.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Berkant SELEK


    Full Text Available Bu çalısmada, İzmir ili Bornova ilçesindeki Ege Üniversitesi Günes Enerjisi Enstitüsü bünyesinde kurulan bir yenilenebilir enerji sisteminin elektrik akısını kontrol eden bir mikroislemci kartı tasarlanmıs ve bilgisayar yazılımı gelistirilmistir. Bu amaçla, anahtarlama görevi yapan güç elektronigi devre elemanlarının bulundugu ayrı bir elektronik kartın kontrol islemini üstlenen PIC18F452 mikrodenetleyicisi kullanan bir elektronik devre gerçeklestirilmistir. Piyasadaki standart kontrol kartları tek seviyeli eviricilerin anahtarlanmasına olanak saglamaktadır. Gelistirilen kontrol kartı ise çok seviyeli eviricilerle çalısmak üzere tasarlanmıstır. Bunun yanı sıra, günes enerjisi panellerinin verimleri oldukça düsük oldugundan, günes panellerinin maksimum güç noktasında (MPP çalıstırmak çok önemlidir. Bu yüzden, tasarlanan kontrol kartı üzerinde MPP algoritması da bulunmaktadır. Ayrıca, tasarlanan kontrol kartının üzerinde RS232 seri haberlesme arabirimi mevcuttur. Böylece, kontrol kartı üzerinde gerçeklestirilen tüm fonksiyonların kullanıcının istegine göre bir bilgisayar yazılımı aracılıgı ile seçilebilmesine ve istenirse kullanıcıya rapor olarak verilebilmesine olanak tanınmıstır. Son olarak, gelistirilen kontrol kartının, gelistirdigimiz yazılım ile haberlesebilmesi için bir komut seti olusturulmustur. Böylece, kendi kontrol kartını gelistirmek isteyen veya daha görsel bir yazılım gelistirmek isteyen diger arastırmacılar için ortak bir taban olusturulması hedeflenmistir.

  18. Plasmodium interspersed repeats: the major multigene superfamily of malaria parasites (United States)

    Janssen, Christoph S.; Phillips, R. Stephen; Turner, C. Michael R.; Barrett, Michael P.


    Functionally related homologues of known genes can be difficult to identify in divergent species. In this paper, we show how multi-character analysis can be used to elucidate the relationships among divergent members of gene superfamilies. We used probabilistic modelling in conjunction with protein structural predictions and gene-structure analyses on a whole-genome scale to find gene homologies that are missed by conventional similarity-search strategies and identified a variant gene superfamily in six species of malaria (Plasmodium interspersed repeats, pir). The superfamily includes rif in P.falciparum, vir in P.vivax, a novel family kir in P.knowlesi and the cir/bir/yir family in three rodent malarias. Our data indicate that this is the major multi-gene family in malaria parasites. Protein localization of products from pir members to the infected erythrocyte membrane in the rodent malaria parasite P.chabaudi, demonstrates phenotypic similarity to the products of pir in other malaria species. The results give critical insight into the evolutionary adaptation of malaria parasites to their host and provide important data for comparative immunology between malaria parasites obtained from laboratory models and their human counterparts. PMID:15507685

  19. Nef’î Hakkında Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi An Essay Of Bibliography About Nef’i

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halil Sercan KOŞİK


    Full Text Available Nef’î who lived in the first half of 17th century was born in Hasankale one of districts of Erzurum. The poet whose real name was Ömer had a life full of struggles but he managed to produce some important works through his life. Nef’î, one of the leading poets of divan poetry was celebrated much at his age and after his death. Such a reputation is originated from the sharpness of his pen, his talent as well as his wit. Nef’î whose usage of praise and satire is extreme is known forhis mastership in using rhythm and rhyme in his poems. While attaching importance to meaning and utterance he tried to use a new language and accomplished that to a great degree. His knowledge of Persian Language and Literature played a considerable role.A lot has been written so far about Nef’î and a great many research exists about his works too. However it is obvious that there will be many works about Nef’î, a productive poet. In this study a classification of Nef’î’s works and scientific studies about him and his works will be presented. Our research focuses to illustrate which part of his works is the center of modern researches and which parts are not. In addition, it is expected that our research will provided useful information to researchers studying Nef’î as a guide for sources regarding him. On yedinci yüzyılın ilk yarısında yaşamış olan Nef’î, Erzurum’un Hasankale ilçesinde doğmuştur. Asıl adı Ömer olan şair, oldukça mücadele dolu bir hayat geçirmiş ve bu hayata aynı zamanda önemli denilebilecek eserler de sığdırabilmeyi başarmıştır. Divan şiirinin önde gelen şairlerden biri olan Nef’î, adından hem yaşadığı dönemde hem de sonrasında çokça söz ettirmiştir. Nef’î’nin böyle bir şöhrete kavuşması onun edebi yeteneği ve kıvrak zekası yanında kaleminin keskin olmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Övdüğünü çok iyi öven, yerdiğini de çok kötü bir şekilde yeren Nef

  20. Godot Üzerine Bir Karşılaştırma A Comparison On Godot Summary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halil ADIYAMAN


    Full Text Available The top works in world literature are composed by the way of imitation or endorsement (zeyl Samuel Beckett’s absurd theatre “waiting for Godot” is called as incongruous theatres in Turkish Literature. ”Waiting for Godot” which was written by Cahit Atay resembles in many ways when compared about fiction, place, time and characters. In Turkish Literature Ferhan Şensoy also writes about this topic, but Cahit Atay doesn’t change the things about basic fiction. But when looking at the basic difference, Beckett’s work is based on the waiting for Godot, while Atay doesn’t care about the fact of waiting forGodot. For Atay it doesn’t matter you can wait or not, but for BeckettGodot is an important thing to be waited. Godot who is waited to comein any time frightens people. It isn’t clear that who is Godot, what kindof things Godot bring or take away and what kind of character is Godot.For Atay, Godot is figured as a character which carries humanisticfeatures. Even if you can draw the portrait of Godot, Atay’s Godot isalso an abstract character.In the Works which include different facts about places, thecommon place is based on the property of a foreign person. For specialmeaning in two Works which include different cultures and civilizationsplace differs. Atay talks about different thing like concrete?Environment and the matters of our time. About characters, he changesthe names of them but he doesn’t change the mood and the attitudes ofthem. Dünya edebiyatındaki zirve eserler, taklit veya zeyl yoluyla yeniden oluşturulmaktadır. Samuel Beckett’in Godot’yu Beklerken isimli absürt oyunu Türk edebiyatında uyumsuz tiyatro oyunları olarak kaleme alınır. Cahit Atay’ın kaleme aldığı Godot’yu Beklerken kurgu, mekân, zaman ve şahıs kadrosu açısından değerlendirildiğinde birçok unsur bakımından benzerlikler gösterir. Türk edebiyatında Ferhan Şensoy’un da eser verdiği bu alanda, Cahit Atay temel

  1. Zinc-finger directed double-strand breaks within CAG repeat tracts promote repeat instability in human cells. (United States)

    Mittelman, David; Moye, Christopher; Morton, Jason; Sykoudis, Kristen; Lin, Yunfu; Carroll, Dana; Wilson, John H


    Expanded triplet repeats have been identified as the genetic basis for a growing number of neurological and skeletal disorders. To examine the contribution of double-strand break repair to CAG x CTG repeat instability in mammalian systems, we developed zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) that recognize and cleave CAG repeat sequences. Engineered ZFNs use a tandem array of zinc fingers, fused to the FokI DNA cleavage domain, to direct double-strand breaks (DSBs) in a site-specific manner. We first determined that the ZFNs cleave CAG repeats in vitro. Then, using our previously described tissue culture assay for identifying modifiers of CAG repeat instability, we found that transfection of ZFN-expression vectors induced up to a 15-fold increase in changes to the CAG repeat in human and rodent cell lines, and that longer repeats were much more sensitive to cleavage than shorter ones. Analysis of individual colonies arising after treatment revealed a spectrum of events consistent with ZFN-induced DSBs and dominated by repeat contractions. We also found that expressing a dominant-negative form of RAD51 in combination with a ZFN, dramatically reduced the effect of the nuclease, suggesting that DSB-induced repeat instability is mediated, in part, through homology directed repair. These studies identify a ZFN as a useful reagent for characterizing the effects of DSBs on CAG repeats in cells.

  2. Repeatability of Cryogenic Multilayer Insulation (United States)

    Johnson, W. L.; Vanderlaan, M.; Wood, J. J.; Rhys, N. O.; Guo, W.; Van Sciver, S.; Chato, D. J.


    Due to the variety of requirements across aerospace platforms, and one off projects, the repeatability of cryogenic multilayer insulation has never been fully established. The objective of this test program is to provide a more basic understanding of the thermal performance repeatability of MLI systems that are applicable to large scale tanks. There are several different types of repeatability that can be accounted for: these include repeatability between multiple identical blankets, repeatability of installation of the same blanket, and repeatability of a test apparatus. The focus of the work in this report is on the first two types of repeatability. Statistically, repeatability can mean many different things. In simplest form, it refers to the range of performance that a population exhibits and the average of the population. However, as more and more identical components are made (i.e. the population of concern grows), the simple range morphs into a standard deviation from an average performance. Initial repeatability testing on MLI blankets has been completed at Florida State University. Repeatability of five GRC provided coupons with 25 layers was shown to be +/- 8.4 whereas repeatability of repeatedly installing a single coupon was shown to be +/- 8.0. A second group of 10 coupons have been fabricated by Yetispace and tested by Florida State University, through the first 4 tests, the repeatability has been shown to be +/- 16. Based on detailed statistical analysis, the data has been shown to be statistically significant.

  3. Bir İlkokul 4. Sınıf Öğrencisinin Okuma Bozukluğu ve Anlama Güçlüğü: Bir Durum Çalışması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Bu araştırmanın amacı, okuma güçlüğü çeken bir ilkokul dördüncü sınıf öğrencisinin okuma alanındaki sorunlarının ortaya konulması ve bu sorunların giderilmesine yönelik uygulamalar gerçekleştirilmesidir. Bu amaç doğrultusunda öğrencinin okuma alanındaki sorunlarını çözmeye yönelik “Paragrafın önceden dinlenmesi stratejisi” ve “Eşli okuma stratejisi” kullanılmıştır. Nitel araştırma yaklaşımının kullanıldığı bu araştırma, 2013–2014 eğitim öğretim yılının toplam 13 saatlik sürecini kapsamaktadır. Araştırma, bütüncül tek durum desenli bir durum araştırmasında nitel bir araştırmadır. Gözlemler ve doküman incelemesi veri toplama araçları olarak kullanılmaktadır. Uygulama öncesinde, öğrencinin tekrar ederek, heceleyerek, heceleri ve sözcükleri atlayarak okuduğu, okurken eklemeler yaptığı, yanlış okuduğu ve noktalama işaretlerine dikkat etmeden okuduğu tespit edilmiştir. Elde edilen bu veriler doğrultusunda Türkçe ders ve hikâye kitaplarından öğrencinin düzeyine uygun metinler seçilmiştir. Tüm bu çalışmalar ses kaydına alınmıştır. Bu çalışmalar sonucunda okuma ve okuduğunu anlama sorunlarında kullanılan stratejilerle öğrencinin problemleri azalmıştır.

  4. Partiklid jah, jaa ning jajaa naaberpaari järelliikmena müügiläbirääkimistes / Riina Kasterpalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kasterpalu, Riina


    Vastavate partiklite funktsionaalsetest ülesannetest, kasutamisest ja tähendustest müügivestlustes telefoni teel peetud müügiläbirääkimisi analüüsides. Järgneb: Keel ja Kirjandus, 2005, nr. 12

  5. Partiklid jah, jaa ning jajaa naaberpaari järelliikmena müügiläbirääkimistes / Riina Kasterpalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kasterpalu, Riina


    Vastavate partiklite funktsionaalsetest ülesannetest, kasutamisest ja tähendustest müügivestlustes telefoni teel peetud müügiläbirääkimisi analüüsides. Järgneb: Keel ja Kirjandus, 2005, nr. 12

  6. Riiklik lepitaja tahab vahepeal läbirääkimistele joone alla tõmmata / Henn Pärn ; interv. Peep Talimaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pärn, Henn, 1941-


    Riiklik lepitaja Henn Pärn vastab küsimustele tervishoiutöötajate alampalgaläbirääkimiste kohta. Vt. ka Eesti Arstide Liidu ja Eesti Keskastme Tervishoiutöötajate Kutseliidu avalikku pöördumist riikliku lepitaja poole, lk. 4

  7. Trusted Domain

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjorth, Theis Solberg; Torbensen, Rune


    that enables secure end-to-end communication with home automation devices, and it supports device revocations as well as a structure of intersecting sets of nodes for scalability. Devices in the Trusted Domain are registered in a list that is distributed using a robust epidemic protocol optimized...

  8. Domain crossing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schraefel, M. C.; Rouncefield, Mark; Kellogg, Wendy


    In CSCW, how much do we need to know about another domain/culture before we observe, intersect and intervene with designs. What optimally would that other culture need to know about us? Is this a “how long is a piece of string” question, or an inquiry where we can consider a variety of contexts a...

  9. Yağ dokusu İçeren Nadir Bir Stafne Kemik Kavitesi Olgusu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erman Şenel


    nerilmektedir. Manyetik rezonans görüntüleme (MR, bu kavitelerin içeriği hakkında cerrahlara ayrıntılı bilgi vermektedir. Bu makalede, yağlı içeriğe sahip nadir bir Stafne Kemik Kavitesi olgusu sunulmaktadır. Ayırıcı tanısı, DBT ve MR ile gerçekleştirilmiştir.

  10. Çok Katlı Yapılarda Uniform Olmayan Burulma Nedeniyle Oluşan Tesirlerin Belirlenmesi için Bir Yöntem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tuncay Aydoğuş


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, yüksek yapılarda yatay yükler etkisinde oluşan, Vlasov uniform olmayan burulması nedeniyle taşıyıcı yapı elemanlarda oluşan tesirlerin belirlenmesi için bir yöntem önerilmiştir. Bu yöntemde, mevcut yöntemlerde yapıya yüksekliği boyunca uniform yayılı bir yatay yük etkimesi kabulü yerine, daha gerçekçi olan kat seviyelerinde farklı büyüklüklere sahip yatay yüklerin etkimesi kabulü yapılmıştır. Önerilen yöntemde, herhangi bir enkesitin kesit özelliklerinin hesaplandığı ve birim çapılma diyagramının çizildiği bir algoritma hazırlanmış ve bu algoritma MATHCAD programında yazılmış ve böylece zaman alıcı diferansiyel denklem çözümüne gerek kalmadan kısa sürede sonuçların elde edilmesi sağlanmıştır. Yöntem Taranath, Smith ve Coull'un çalışmaları ile karşılaştırılmış, hassaslığını tespit için konsol bir kiriş ele alınarak ANSYS ve CONSTEEL analiz programları ile karşılaştırma yapılmıştır.

  11. Orta Ölçekli Bir İşletmenin Enerji İzleme Sisteminin Tasarlanması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erdal Irmak


    Full Text Available Bu uygulamada, orta ölçekli bir işletmenin gerçek zamanlı ve geçmişe yönelik enerji takibinin bilgisayar ara yüzünden izlenmesi gerçekleştirilmiştir. Enerjinin ölçülmesi için akım ve gerilim bilgilerini Programlanabilir Lojik Kontrolörün ( PLC algılayacağı seviyeye getiren bir kart tasarlanmıştır. Bu karttan alınan akım ve gerilim bilgileri, PLC'nin analog kanalları ile okunmaktadır. Sistemin güç katsayısının algılanması için, bir sıfır geçiş detektörü tasarlanmıştır. Sıfır geçiş detektöründen elde edilen sinyaller arasındaki zaman farkı FM 350-1 sayıcı modül kullanılarak ölçülmüştür. Alınan bilgiler, PLC tarafından RS485/RS232 dönüştürme protokolü kullanarak, bilgisayarın seri iletişim kanalı aracılığı ile veritabanına aktarılmaktadır. Elde edilen veriler, C# programlama dili kullanılarak tasarlanan bir arayüz ile anlık takip edilebilmektedir. Elde edilen veriler sürekli olarak kaydedilerek geçmişe yönelik enerji analizleri yapma olanağı sağlanmıştır. Böylece, istenildiğinde belirlenen zaman aralığında kullanılan aktif, reaktif ve görünür güçler gözlemlenebilmektedir. Geçmişe yönelik enerji izleme sistemi kullanılarak işletmelerin fazla enerji harcadığı zamanlar tespit edilebilmektedir. Böylece, yoğun çalışma saatleri enerjinin ucuz olduğu zamanlara kaydırılarak kullanılan enerjinin işletmeye olan maliyetinin azaltılması gibi olanaklar sağlanmaktadır.

  12. Bir tekstil sanayi sevkiyat bölümünde R’WOT analizi uygulaması


    Gürbüz, Feyza; ÖZTÜRK, Emrah


    Kurumsal yapının bir takım kriterlere tabi tutularak incelenmesi teknikleri, modern iş yönetiminin elinden düşmeyen araçlardır. Bu sayede o kurumun şu anki durumu, doğru işleyip işlemediği kolaylıkla belirlenmiş olur. Bu tekniklerden biri olan "SWOT Analizi", firmanızın kurumsal işlerliği, rekabet gücü, sektördeki konumu, piyasadaki dış tehditlerin varlığı vs. gibi iç ve dış değerlendirmelerin yapılabildiği en etkili değerlendirme yöntemlerinden biridir. Ancak swot analizi sonuçları...

  13. Pratique de l’extranéité dans l’écriture d’Abdelkébir Khatibi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassan Moustir


    Full Text Available Promoted to the rank of operational concept in writing, the notion of "foreign professional" means in both fictional and critical work of Abdelkébir Khatibi (1938-2009 this cosmopolitan otherness that reduces identity disparities and cultural differences. Late Khatibi’s fictions, including Un été à Stockholm (1990 and Féerie d’un mutant (2005 represent an ontological extraneous out with all cultural and identity anchors and discourse representations. Op-erating in a global space, and private of a fixed identity and separated cultural roots, the characters of these two fictions embody the thought of foreignness and border crossing practice, at the linguistic and the cultural levels. This fact grows to reflect on what would be writing and deterritorialized identity.

  14. Electromagnetic, magnetic, and gravimetric surveys at the Bi'r Jarbuah gold prospect, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (United States)

    Miller, C.H.; Showail, A.A.; Bazzari, M.A.; Khoja, J.A.; Hajour, M.O.


    Bi'r Jarbuah is a potential gold-bearing site located east of the Ishmas gold district in the southeastern part of the Arabian Shield. Surface rocks are mostly diorite and granodiorite plutons and the metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks they have intruded. Extensive thin alluvial deposits cover approximately 40 percent of the area studied. Diorite, granodiorite, aplite porphyry, granite, granite pegmatite, and mafic dikes intrude the plutons and the metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks. Veins of quartz, carbonate materials, and associated carbonate-altered rocks containing limonite and hematite cut all rock types. The veins were extensively mined by ancient people, and recent trenching has revealed small amounts of free gold associated with these veins and adjacent altered country rocks.

  15. Sıçan testisinde subakut deltametrin maruziyetinin etkileri: Histopatolojik bir çalışma


    Kılıç, Kubilay Doğan; Çavuşoğlu, Türker; Yiğittürk, Gürkan; Erbaş, Oytun; Çetin, Emel Öykü; Uyanıkgil, Yiğit


    Amaç: Bu çalışmada bir hayvan modelinde deltametrinin toksisitenin testis histolojisi üzerindeki etkileri değerlendirildi.Gereç ve yöntemler: Ağırlıkları 200-220 gram olan toplam 36 yetişkin erkek Sprague-Dawley albino cinsi sıçan dört gruba ayrıldı. Grup 1 sıçanlara deltametrin 15 mg/kg/gün, grup 2 sıçanlara deltametrin 30 mg/kg/gün, grup 3 sıçanlara deltametrin 60 mg/kg/gün ve grup 4 sıçanlara (kontrol grubu) %0.9 sodyum klorür 1 mL/kg/gün 30 gün boyunca oral gavaj yolu ile verildi.B...

  16. Sezai Karakoç'un Bir Sorusu Üzerine On A Question Of Sezai Karakoç

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fırat CANER


    Full Text Available The voice in Sezai Karakoç’s Hızırla Kırk Saat says that he learned how to break the idols made of rocks from Abraham, but he doesn’t know how to destroy the idols made of words. This voice constitutes a typical 20th century philosopher concerned with pornography. Those philosophers who live in the age of images, and whose minds areblurred by the excessive bombardment of images, generally act as ifthey were iconaclasts in the age of Byzantium. Philosophers and literarywriters of our age are hopeless because of the pornographic patternswhich determine our lives. This hopelessness is driven by volontarismwhen they speak about the future, and/but by determinism when theyspeak about the past. But we should take the historical necessities intoaccount when what’s at stake is a consideration of the future. Thencewe can foresee that pornography will lose its effect on our lives becauseof the historical necessities. As a result of the coexistence of thousandsof images, no image can sufficiently satisfy or provoke the eye. That’swhy iconaclasts are not different from romantic revolutionists whohopefully dream that they can change the world in a moment.Consequently we can say that satisfying the eye is a stage within theprocess of images’ losing their effect on out minds. Sezai Karakoç’un Hızırla Kırk Saat adlı eserindeki ses, mermer putları nasıl devireceğini Hz. İbrahim’den öğrendiğini, buna karşılık, nesnesi olmayan putları, örneğin sözlerle, yani zihinlerde inşa edilen putları nasıl devireceğini bilmediğini, bunu kimsenin öğretmediğini söyler. Sözlerle inşa edilen putların nasıl kırılacağını bilmediğini söyleyen ses, pornografi hakkında yazan tipik bir 20. yüzyıl düşünürü sesidir. İmaj çağının imaj bombardımanı altında zihni bulanan bu düşünürler, genel olarak, Bizans tarihindeki put kırıcıların tavrını benimsemişlerdir. Günümüz felsefe ve edebiyatının günlük ya

  17. CRISPR/Cas9系统在腺样囊性癌细胞中编辑纤连蛋白基因EDA片段的研究%Knocking-out extra domain A alternative splice fragment of fibronectin using a clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats/associated proteins 9 system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨月; 王海丞; 许舒宇; 彭靖; 江久汇; 李翠英


    目的 利用成簇的规律间隔的短回文重复序列(clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats,CRISPR)/常间回文重复序列丛集关联蛋白系统(associated proteins,Cas)编辑纤连蛋白(fibronectin)基因抑制其可变剪接片段基因外显子A(extra domain A,EDA),并观察对腺样囊性癌(adenoid cystic carcinoma,ACC)的促肿瘤作用.方法 根据纤连蛋白序列设计两段互补于EDA上游和一段与下游互补的引导RNA (single guide RNA,sgRNA,20 bp),分别连接至PX330质粒的U6启动子下游.质粒转染至ACC细胞系SACC-83,PCR扩增基因组并测序验证其定点敲除EDA结果及效率.质粒转染后的细胞进行稳定株的筛选及鉴定,将筛选后的稳定株作为EDA敲除实验组,SACC-83细胞为对照组,进行CCK-8细胞增殖和Transwell侵袭能力检测,每组实验重复3次.结果 sgRNA连接至PX330质粒U6启动子下游,成功构建了质粒敲除模型;SACC-83的基因组EDA外显子被敲除,敲除效率达70%以上,但纤连蛋白总量未发生明显变化.筛选出3株EDA敲除稳定株(A+C-2、A+C-6、B+C-10),并通过PCR鉴定证实其可靠性.划痕实验中实验组细胞运动速率[A+C-2 (21.67±1.87) μm/h;A+C-6(12.22±2.13) μm/h;B+C-10(20.00±2.56) μm/h]相对对照组[(27.78±3.20) μm/h]降低;增殖实验显示EDA敲除组细胞倍增时间增加[对照组SACC-83 (38.52±4.26)h,实验组A+C-2(62.05±5.80)h,A+C-6(46.32±6.35)h,B+C-10(40.7±3.88)h].结论 在sgRNA的引导下,CRISPR/Cas系统能简洁、高效地敲除细胞基因组中的EDA可变剪接外显子,EDA敲除对肿瘤细胞运动和侵袭有明显抑制作用.%Objective To investigate the effect of the fibronectin extra domain A on the aggressiveness of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma (SACC) cells,via the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/associated proteins (Cas) system.Methods One sgRNA was designed to target the upstream of the genome sequences of extra domain A

  18. PILER-CR: Fast and accurate identification of CRISPR repeats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edgar Robert C


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sequencing of prokaryotic genomes has recently revealed the presence of CRISPR elements: short, highly conserved repeats separated by unique sequences of similar length. The distinctive sequence signature of CRISPR repeats can be found using general-purpose repeat- or pattern-finding software tools. However, the output of such tools is not always ideal for studying these repeats, and significant effort is sometimes needed to build additional tools and perform manual analysis of the output. Results We present PILER-CR, a program specifically designed for the identification and analysis of CRISPR repeats. The program executes rapidly, completing a 5 Mb genome in around 5 seconds on a current desktop computer. We validate the algorithm by manual curation and by comparison with published surveys of these repeats, finding that PILER-CR has both high sensitivity and high specificity. We also present a catalogue of putative CRISPR repeats identified in a comprehensive analysis of 346 prokaryotic genomes. Conclusion PILER-CR is a useful tool for rapid identification and classification of CRISPR repeats. The software is donated to the public domain. Source code and a Linux binary are freely available at

  19. Identification and Analysis of Novel Amino-Acid Sequence Repeats in Bacillus anthracis str. Ames Proteome Using Computational Tools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Satyanarayana Rao


    Full Text Available We have identified four repeats and ten domains that are novel in proteins encoded by the Bacillus anthracis str. Ames proteome using automated in silico methods. A “repeat” corresponds to a region comprising less than 55-amino-acid residues that occur more than once in the protein sequence and sometimes present in tandem. A “domain” corresponds to a conserved region with greater than 55-amino-acid residues and may be present as single or multiple copies in the protein sequence. These correspond to (1 57-amino-acid-residue PxV domain, (2 122-amino-acid-residue FxF domain, (3 111-amino-acid-residue YEFF domain, (4 109-amino-acid-residue IMxxH domain, (5 103-amino-acid-residue VxxT domain, (6 84-amino-acid-residue ExW domain, (7 104-amino-acid-residue NTGFIG domain, (8 36-amino-acid-residue NxGK repeat, (9 95-amino-acid-residue VYV domain, (10 75-amino-acid-residue KEWE domain, (11 59-amino-acid-residue AFL domain, (12 53-amino-acid-residue RIDVK repeat, (13 (a 41-amino-acid-residue AGQF repeat and (b 42-amino-acid-residue GSAL repeat. A repeat or domain type is characterized by specific conserved sequence motifs. We discuss the presence of these repeats and domains in proteins from other genomes and their probable secondary structure.

  20. DWI Repeaters and Non-Repeaters: A Comparison. (United States)

    Weeber, Stan


    Discussed how driving-while-intoxicated (DWI) repeaters differed signigicantly from nonrepeaters on 4 of 23 variables tested. Repeaters were more likely to have zero or two dependent children, attend church frequently, drink occasionally and have one or more arrests for public intoxication. (Author)

  1. To Repeat or Not to Repeat a Course (United States)

    Armstrong, Michael J.; Biktimirov, Ernest N.


    The difficult transition from high school to university means that many students need to repeat (retake) 1 or more of their university courses. The authors examine the performance of students repeating first-year core courses in an undergraduate business program. They used data from university records for 116 students who took a total of 232…

  2. Sanayi-î Nefise Mektebinden Üniversiteye Bir Mekânın Tasarım ve Değişimi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nezih R. Aysel


    Full Text Available Kuruluşundan, 1927 yılında Fındıklı’da Sultan Abdülmecid’in kızları Cemile ve Münire Sultan için yapılmış olan Çifte Saraydan Osmanlı’nın son meclisi olarak da kullanılan Cemile Sultan Sarayına taşınana değin çok farklı binalarda eğitim yapan Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi Alisi, bu tarihinde ilk kez yerleşik bir düzene geçiyordu. Bu rahatlama 1948 yılına dek sürecek, bir yangın ile Akademi’nin kurmaya çalıştığı düzen bir süreliğine bozulacaktır. 1953 yılında yenilenen Akademi binası, saray yapısının planlama ilkelerini modern mimari ilkeleri ile birleştirmiştir.Bu yazıya konu olan Konferans Salonu, binanın saray döneminde üst sofası’dır. 1954 yenilemesinde de aynı yerde benzer bir anlayışla sergi ve toplantı amaçlı bir salon planlanır. Akademi’nin yükselme devri olarak anılabilecek olan 1960’lı yıllarda salon projelendirilerek çok amaçlı kullanıma yönelik esnek bir çözüm getirilir. Daha sonraları ise mekan ihtiyaçları, derslik sorunları ve bahçeye yapılan yeni toplantı salonunun da etkisiyle Konferans Salonu giderek küçülmeye ve kurum içindeki önemini yitirmeye başlar.Bu yazı, Konferans Salonunun 1927 yılından günümüze kadar uzanan mekansal değişimini, Akademi ortamı ile aktarmaya çalışmaktadır.

  3. Endüstriyel İşletmelerde Franchising Model Önerisi: Hazır Beton Sektöründe Bir Uygulama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İpek Kazançoğlu


    Full Text Available Endüstriyel pazarda faaliyet gösteren firmaların daha hızlı büyüyerek, yeni pazarlara açılmasında franchising sistemi bir yeni bir satış, dağıtım kanalı olarak değerlendirilmektedir. Bu araştırmada amaç,  hazır beton sektöründe faaliyet gösteren bir firmanın franchising sistemini bir iş modeli olarak benimseme kararında dikkat etmesi gereken unsurları ve karşılaşılan zorlukları incelemektedir. Örnek olay çalışması olarak ele alınan çalışmada,  BATIBETON A.Ş. firmasının yedi yöneticiyle BATIBETON markasının franchising uygulamalarına ilişkin görüşlerini öğrenmek amacıyla derinlemesine görüşmeler yapılmıştır. Bu görüşmeler sonucunda, franchising sisteminin hazır beton sektöründe bir model önerisi olarak uygulanıp/uygulanmayacağı değerlendirilmiştir. Yapılan görüşmelerden elde edilen bulguların diğer endüstriyel işletmeler içinde geliştirilebilecek bir franchising iş modeli kararında etkili olabilecek faktörlerin anlaşılması yönünden uygulamaya katkı sağlayacağı düşünülmektedir.

  4. Nifty Nines and Repeating Decimals (United States)

    Brown, Scott A.


    The traditional technique for converting repeating decimals to common fractions can be found in nearly every algebra textbook that has been published, as well as in many precalculus texts. However, students generally encounter repeating decimal numerals earlier than high school when they study rational numbers in prealgebra classes. Therefore, how…

  5. Nifty Nines and Repeating Decimals (United States)

    Brown, Scott A.


    The traditional technique for converting repeating decimals to common fractions can be found in nearly every algebra textbook that has been published, as well as in many precalculus texts. However, students generally encounter repeating decimal numerals earlier than high school when they study rational numbers in prealgebra classes. Therefore, how…

  6. Türk Bankacılık Sistemi İçin Çok Kriterli Karar Alma Analizine Dayalı Bir Erken Uyarı Modelinin Tahmini

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    KILIÇ, Süleyman Bilgin


    ... (ÇKKA) dayanan bir erken uyarı modelinin tahmin edilmesi amaçlanmıştır. Çalışmada, öncelikle mali başarısızlığın yaşanmasından bir yıl öncesi için, başarısız olan ve faaliyetini...

  7. All-photonic quantum repeaters (United States)

    Azuma, Koji; Tamaki, Kiyoshi; Lo, Hoi-Kwong


    Quantum communication holds promise for unconditionally secure transmission of secret messages and faithful transfer of unknown quantum states. Photons appear to be the medium of choice for quantum communication. Owing to photon losses, robust quantum communication over long lossy channels requires quantum repeaters. It is widely believed that a necessary and highly demanding requirement for quantum repeaters is the existence of matter quantum memories. Here we show that such a requirement is, in fact, unnecessary by introducing the concept of all-photonic quantum repeaters based on flying qubits. In particular, we present a protocol based on photonic cluster-state machine guns and a loss-tolerant measurement equipped with local high-speed active feedforwards. We show that, with such all-photonic quantum repeaters, the communication efficiency scales polynomially with the channel distance. Our result paves a new route towards quantum repeaters with efficient single-photon sources rather than matter quantum memories. PMID:25873153

  8. RTVue傅里叶光学相干断层扫描仪测量角膜参数的重复性和准确性评价%Repeatability and accuracy of corneal parameters measured by RTVue Fourier-domain optical coherence topography

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    华焱军; 黄锦海; 潘超; 王勤美


    膜地形图仪略大;RTVue FD-OCT获得的Rposterior/Ranterior比Gullstrand模型眼小,可能为建立更准确的标准化模型眼提供依据.%Background Corneal parameters (such as curvature,thickness,etc) are essential to the diagnosis of corneal related diseases,contact lenses fitting and corneal refractive surgery.Objective The aim of this study was to assess the repeatability and accuracy of corneal parameters obtained by RTVue Fourier-domain optical coherence topography (FD-OCT).Methods In this prospective study,77 eyes of 43 subjects with the refraction from-1.25 D to-10.00 D and astigmatism <2 D were enrolled in keratorefractive surgery center,Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College.The anterior and posterior corneal curvature in 3 mm central zone (Ranterior and Rposterior),the ratio of posterior and anterior curvature (Rposterior/Ranterior),corneal central thickness (CCT),total corneal power(Knet),the simulated corneal power (Sim K),the anterior and posterior corneal power (Kanterior,Kposterior)were measured by FD-OCT.Corneal power (Km) was obtained by Topolyzer topography based on Placido ring.Three consecutive scans were acquired in every tested eye.Repeatability of FD-OCT measurement was assessed using the coefficient of variation CV),Cronbach Alpha and intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC).Repeated measure ANOVA was used to analyze the differences among SimK,Knet and Km.Pearson correlation analysis was used to analysis the correlation between SimK and K Knet and Km,SimK and Km.The agreement between Sim K and K Knet and Km,SimK and Km was assessed by Bland-Altman plots analysis.All the subjects understood the purpose of this investigation and written informed consent was obtained prior to the medical examination.Results The Ranterior,Rposterior,Rposterior/Ranterior,Kanterior,Kposterior,Sim K,Knet and CCT were (7.691 ±0.302) mm,(6.532±0.276) mm,0.849±0.014,(48.97±1.92)D,(-6.13±0.26)D,(43.95±1.72) D,(42.95±1.68) D and (545.20± 35.04) μm,respectively.The CV of all

  9. Sosyal Öyküler: Otistik Çocuklara Yönelik Bir Sağaltım

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Selda Özdemir


    Full Text Available Sosyal öyküler bir özel eğitim öğretmeni olan Carol Gray (1994 tarafından otizmden etkilenmiş çocukların sosyal durumları daha iyi anlamaları için geliştirilmiş kısa ve bireyselleştirilmiş öykülerdir. Bu öyküler farklı sosyal durumlar ile ilgili sosyal bilgi ve ipuçlarını çocuğun doğru olarak anlamasına yardımcı olur ve sosyal durumun kim, ne, nerede, ve kiminle gibi özel sorularına yönelik olarak bilgi aktarır. Sosyal öyküler rutin durumlarda ortaya çıkan değişiklikleri açıklamak, akademik becerileri öğretmek, uyum becerileri edindirmek, sosyal durumları ürkütücü olmayan bir yolla açıklamak, ve saldırgan ya da takıntılı davranış gibi problem davranışların üstesinden gelmek gibi farklı amaçlar için kullanılabilirler. Bu makalenin amacı otistik çocuklarla özellikle eğitim ortamlarında yaygınlıkla kullanılan sosyal öyküleri tanıtmak ve sosyal öykülerin bir sağaltım tekniği olarak yazım ve uygulama kuralları hakkında bilgi vermektir. Sosyal hikaleyelerin etkililiğinin değerlendirilmesi sürecinin nasıl uygulanacağı da ayrıca bu makalede incelenmiştir. Social Stories are short and individualized stories developed by Carol Gray (1994, a special education teacher, intended for children with autism to understand social situations. Social Stories attempt to help ensure a child’s accurate understanding of social information and social cues for a given setting and gives instruction regarding the who, what, when, where, and why of a social situation. Social stories can be used for a variety of purposes including explaining changes in routines, teaching academic skills, training adaptive skills, describing social situations in a way that is non-intimidating, and dealing with difficult behaviors, including aggression or obsessive behavior. The purpose of this study was to present social stories used commonly by educators and provide information on how to write and

  10. Süreç Yönetimi Olgunluk Modelleri ve Bir Organizasyonun ve Süreç Yönetimi Olgunluğunun Değerlendirilmesi


    Özveri, Onur; Kabak, Muhammed


    Süreç yönetimi olgunluk modelleri işletmelerin süreç yönetimi olgunluk seviyelerini belirleyen ve bir üst olgunluk aşamasına ulaşmak adına atılması gereken adımlarla ilgili işletme yöneticilerine rehberlik eden modellerdir. Süreç yönetimi olgunluk modelleri açısından işletmenin bulunduğu seviyeye göre bir üst olgunluk seviyesi, süreç yönetimine ilişkin daha başarılı uygulama ve sonuçları ifade etmektedir. Literatürde süreç olgunluğunun değerlendirilmesi amacıyla geliştirilmiş çok ...

  11. SIP Tabanlı Telefon Servislerinin IPTV Sistemine Bütünleştirilebilmesi İçin Yeni Bir Protokol Önerisi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Yükselten


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, oturum başlatma protokolü (SIP tabanlı çağrı sunucusuyla sağlanan telefon servislerinin IPTV sistemiyle bütünleşmesini sağlayacak yeni bir mimari yapı önerilmiş ve bu amaca yönelik yeni bir protokol (Bağımsız Bildirim Protokolü tasarlanarak geliştirilen mimari yapının avantajları incelenmiştir. Önerilen mimari yapı ve bunu destekleyen protokoller, bildirim mimarisinde arabirim katmanına (middleware olan gereksinimi ortadan kaldırmaktadır. Böylece, bildirim mimari yapısı bir katman azaltılmakta, arabirim katmanına olan bağımlılık sona ermekte, her türlü arabirim katmanı ile bildirim mimarisi kurulabilmektedir. Geliştirilen mimari yapı ve protokolün testleri sonucunda, bildirim bant genişliğinin, mevcut bildirim mimari yapılarındakinin %10’una kadar düştüğü ve önerilen mimari yapının başarılı bir şekilde çalıştığı görülmüştür.

  12. Filamin repeat segments required for photosensory signalling in Dictyostelium discoideum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed Afsar U


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Filamin is an actin binding protein which is ubiquitous in eukaryotes and its basic structure is well conserved – an N-terminal actin binding domain followed by a series of repeated segments which vary in number in different organisms. D. discoideum is a well established model organism for the study of signalling pathways and the actin cytoskeleton and as such makes an excellent organism in which to study filamin. Ddfilamin plays a putative role as a scaffolding protein in a photosensory signalling pathway and this role is thought to be mediated by the unusual repeat segments in the rod domain. Results To study the role of filamin in phototaxis, a filamin null mutant, HG1264, was transformed with constructs each of which expressed wild type filamin or a mutant filamin with a deletion of one of the repeat segments. Transformants expressing the full length filamin to wild type levels completely rescued the phototaxis defect in HG1264, however if filamin was expressed at lower than wild type levels the phototaxis defect was not restored. The transformants lacking any one of the repeat segments 2–6 retained defective phototaxis and thermotaxis phenotypes, whereas transformants expressing filaminΔ1 exhibited a range of partial complementation of the phototaxis phenotype which was related to expression levels. Immunofluorescence microscopy showed that filamin lacking any of the repeat segments still localised to the same actin rich areas as wild type filamin. Ddfilamin interacts with RasD and IP experiments demonstrated that this interaction did not rely upon any single repeat segment or the actin binding domain. Conclusion This paper demonstrates that wild type levels of filamin expression are essential for the formation of functional photosensory signalling complexes and that each of the repeat segments 2–6 are essential for filamins role in phototaxis. By contrast, repeat segment 1 is not essential provided the mutated

  13. .Gov Domains API (United States)

    General Services Administration — This dataset offers the list of all .gov domains, including state, local, and tribal .gov domains. It does not include .mil domains, or other federal domains outside...

  14. Hayvan Islahında Güncel Bir Yaklaşım: CRISPR/Cas9 Genom Modifikasyon Sistemi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatih Bilgi


    Full Text Available Genom modifikasyonları, verimin arttırılmasında ve hastalıklara karşı direncin kazandırılması konusunda önemli avantajlar sağlama potansiyeli içermektedir. Bireyin zaten sahip olduğu bir genin susturulmasını ya da ifade edilmesini sağlayan gen düzenlenmesi yöntemleri (gene editing çevreyi en az etkileyerek genetik yapının geliştirilmesi konusunda önemli olanaklar sağlamaktadır. Son zamanlarda yeni genetik düzenleme yöntemleri geliştirilmiştir. Bunlar ZFN (Zinc Finger Nuclease’ler, TALEN (Transcription Activator-like Effector Nuclease’ler ve CRISPR/Cas nükleaz sistemleridir. CRISPR/Cas sistemi yabancı genetik materyalleri yok etmek için RNA güdümlü nükleazları kullanan bir mikrobiyal immün sistem olup, bu sistemin günümüzde hayvanlarda basit ve etkili bir gen düzenleme mekanizması olarak kullanılabilme potansiyeli değerlendirilmektedir. Bu derlemede CRISPR/Cas9 sistemi ve hayvan ıslahında kullanılabilirliği özetlenmiştir.

  15. Internet kullanicilarinin demografik özellikleri ile önde gelen web arama motorlari tercihleri arasindaki ilişki üzerine bir araştirma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evren AYRANCI


    Full Text Available Günümüzde milyarlarca insan interneti farklı amaçlar için kullanmaktadır. Web arama motorları internet kullanıcıları arasında, ihtiyaç duyulan bilgiyi bulmak için çok popülerdir. Bu makale, internet kullanıcılarının bazı demografik özellikleri ile önde gelen web arama motorları tercihleri arasında bir ilişkinin olup olmadığını anlamak için yapılan bir araştırmayı içermektedir. Elde edilen sonuçlara göre demografik özelliklerin çoğu önde gelen web arama motorları tercihleri ile bir takım bağlantılara sahiptir.

  16. Internet kullanicilarinin demografik özellikleri ile önde gelen web arama motorlari tercihleri arasindaki ilişki üzerine bir araştirma


    Evren AYRANCI


    Günümüzde milyarlarca insan interneti farklı amaçlar için kullanmaktadır. Web arama motorları internet kullanıcıları arasında, ihtiyaç duyulan bilgiyi bulmak için çok popülerdir. Bu makale, internet kullanıcılarının bazı demografik özellikleri ile önde gelen web arama motorları tercihleri arasında bir ilişkinin olup olmadığını anlamak için yapılan bir araştırmayı içermektedir. Elde edilen sonuçlara göre demografik özelliklerin çoğu önde gelen web arama motorları tercihleri ile bir takım bağla...

  17. Veri Zarflama Analizi Tabanlı Yeni Bir Hibrid İki Gruplu Sınıflandırma Modeli

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Hasan ÖRKCÜ


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada iki gruplu sınıflandırma problemlerinin çözümünde kullanılabilecek yeni bir sınıflandırma modeli geliştirilmiştir. Bu model Veri Zarflama Analizi BCC modeline dayanan Pendharkar ve Troutt (2014 modeli ile Sueyoshi (2004 tarafından önerilen iki aşamalı sınıflandırma modelinin bir karmasıdır. Çalışmanın amacı, BCC modelindeki parçalı doğrusal etkinlik sınırı ve iki aşamalı detaylı inceleme fikri sayesinde iki gruplu sınıflandırma problemlerini ele almaktır. Önerilen yeni yaklaşım Pendharkar ve Troutt (2014’den alınan bir örnek üzerinde ayrıntılı olarak incelenmiş ve ayrıca yapılan simülasyon çalışmasından önerilen yöntemin sınıflandırma performansının diğer iki yöntemden daha iyi olduğu gözlenmiştir.

  18. Türkiye’de göç yönetişimi: Kurumsal yapı ve işbirliği



    Göç özünde yer değişikliğini içeren bir hareketliliktir. Bu hareketliliğin sebebi bazen doğal bir afet, bazen savaşlar, bazen ekonomik gerekçeler, bazen zulüm korkusu olabilir. Göç zamanla sınır aşan bir sorun haline gelmiş ve artan uluslararası göç hareketleri göç yönetiminin yeniden şekillenmesini ve küresel göç yönetişimin ortaya çıkmasını sağlamıştır. Uluslararası göç hareketlerinde en fazla etkilenen ülkelerden Türkiye de göç yönetişimine uyum sağlayacak yasal ve kurums...

  19. Effects of Repeated Practice and Contextual-Writing Experiences on College Students' Writing Skills. (United States)

    Johnstone, Karla M.; Ashbaugh, Hollis; Warfield, Terry D.


    Examined the effects of both general and task-specific writing experiences on college students' writing-skill development. As predicted, repeated practice was associated with superior writing skills and after controlling for repeated practice, writing within a specific test domain was associated with superior writing skills. Implications for…

  20. HIV-1CRF07_BC毒株gp41NHR结构域N51的表达及结构分析%Expression, structure and antigenicity analysis of N51 derived from the N-terminal heptad repeat domain in gp41 of HIV-1 CRF07_BC strain

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邵继平; 姜世勃; 刘叔文


    Objective To express N51 derived from the N-terminal heptad repeat (NHR) domain in gp41 of the HIV-1 CRF07_BC strain and analyze its molecular structure and antigenicity. Methods Overlapping PCR was used to amplify the DNA fragment encoding N51Fd gene, which was then subcloned into the vector pFUSE-hIgGl-Fc2. The construct was confirmed by DNA sequencing. The structure and antigenicity of the recombinant protein N51FdFc-BC were analyzed using bioinformatic software, circular dichroism, and Western blotting. Results A recombinant expression vector pFUSE/N51Fd-BC was successfully constructed. N51FdFc-BC recombinant protein with a relative molecular mass of about 35 000 was effectively expressed in mammalian 293T cells and could be recognized by rabbit antibodies against HIV-1 gp41 N/C peptides as shown by Western blotting. Bioinformatic analysis showed that the recombinant protein N51FdFc-BC, with a relative molecular mass of 34 315.1 and a PI of 7.59, formed a secondary structure of random coil to allow its interactions as an antigen with antibodies. Circular dichroism measurement confirmed the random coil structure of N51FdFc-BC protein. Conclusion The recombinant protein N51FdFc-BC has a random coil structure and can be used as an immunogen for development of HIV-1 subunit vaccine.%目的 对来源于HIV-1中国流行株CRF07 BC的包膜糖蛋白gp41 NHR结构域的N51进行表达和结构及抗原性分析.方法 运用重叠延伸PCR方法扩增出N51Fd基因,将其插入真核表达载体pFUSE-hIgG1-Fc2,并进行核苷酸序列测定.利用生物信息学软件、圆二色谱法、免疫印迹法对表达的N51FdFc-BC重组蛋白进行结构和抗原性分析.结果 成功构建pFUSE/N51Fd-BC表达载体,并在真核表达体系实现了目的蛋白的高效表达.免疫印迹结果显示该重组蛋白大小约为35 000,可与抗HIV-1 gp41 N/C多肽的抗体反应.生物信息学分析显示N51 FdFc-BC重组蛋白相对分子质量为34 315.1,等电点PI为7

  1. Analysis of repeated measures data

    CERN Document Server

    Islam, M Ataharul


    This book presents a broad range of statistical techniques to address emerging needs in the field of repeated measures. It also provides a comprehensive overview of extensions of generalized linear models for the bivariate exponential family of distributions, which represent a new development in analysing repeated measures data. The demand for statistical models for correlated outcomes has grown rapidly recently, mainly due to presence of two types of underlying associations: associations between outcomes, and associations between explanatory variables and outcomes. The book systematically addresses key problems arising in the modelling of repeated measures data, bearing in mind those factors that play a major role in estimating the underlying relationships between covariates and outcome variables for correlated outcome data. In addition, it presents new approaches to addressing current challenges in the field of repeated measures and models based on conditional and joint probabilities. Markov models of first...

  2. Macaristan Türkolojisi Üzerine Bir Biyo-Biyografi Denemesi An Attempt At A Bioagrapy of Hungarian Turkology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Hungary is the place where Turcology studies started in modern terms. For many years Hungarian scientists have been engaged in Turkish studies- as a part of their research of their own roots -. Theyhad great contribution to Turkish language, history, literature,geography, ethnography and music. It may also be supposed thatTurkish Hungarian relations were better than now. However, todayTurkish Hungarian relations have been enjoying a revival again.Considering the closeness of Hungarians and Turks, it is obvious thatthe two nations share some responsibilities in improving their relations.In this article, after organizing the names of all the HungarianTurcologs who have conducted studies on Turks after the foundation ofmodern Turcology in alphabetical order, their articles on Turcologyfromoldest to newest will be presented as well as their career lives.Also the lists of some of the studies on some of the Turcologs will begiven. The Hungarian scientists and their studies mentioned in thisarticle do not encompass all of them. If we include other articles, books,presentations, credits, reviews and the studies of other scientists thatwe haven’t been able to mention here, the number will swell and gobeyond the limits of this article. In the future, we hope that furtherdetailed studies will be conducted on Hungarian Turcology. Through anattempt at biyo biography, we have tried to touch briefly on theimportance Hungarians give to Turks.Undoubtedly in the future, Turkish Hungarian relations andfriendship will further improve with the help of further detailed studies.This article will serve its purpose if we have a tiny contribution. Modern anlamda Türkoloji çalışmalarının başladığı yer Macaristan’dır. Macar bilim adamları yıllar boyu -bir bakıma kendi köklerini de arama çabaları sebebiyle- Türklük bilimiyle uğraştılar. Türk diline, tarihine, kültürüne, edebiyatına, coğrafyasına, etnoğrafyasına, musikîsine b

  3. Yenidoğanda Nadir Bir Enterokolit Nedeni: İnek Sütü Entoleransı


    Kutlu, Tufan; Erkan, Tülay; Çokuğraş, Fügen; Göksel, Süha; T.Tümay, Güngör


    Otuzsekiz günlük bir kız çocuğu inek sütü içeren hazır mama ile beslenmeye başlandıktan sonra ortaya çıkan kusma kanlı ishal ve karın şişliği nedeniyle getirildi İnce barsak biyopsisinde total villus atrofisi bulunması betalaktoglobulin antikorları pozitifliği ve inek sütü içeren mamanın diyetten çıkarılması ile semptomların kaybolması üzerine enterokolit tablosunun inek sütü entoleransına bağlı olduğu düşünüldü Bu olgu bize yenidoğanlarda kusma ve kanlı ishal varlığında ayırıcı tanıda inek s...

  4. (Yeni) Bir Sözlükbilim Teorisine İhtiyacımız Var mı?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tarp, Sven


    sorusu gündeme gelmiştir. Bu soruyu cevaplamak için öncelikle bu makale, bir sözlükbilim teorisinin var olup olmadığını mümkün olduğu ölçüde tartışmaktadır. Çeşitli yaklaşımlar sözlükbilimsel daire çerçevesinde özellikle teori kavramının yaygın olarak tartışmalı olduğunu göstermektedir. Bu bağlamda......, kısaca, sadece doğal olaylarla ilgili olan, sanat ve zanaatın etki alanına atıfta bulunan bilime göre Anglo-Sakson akademik gelenek tartışılmakta ve bu geleneğin yaygın olarak dünyanın diğer bölgelerindeki gelenekler tarafından karşı olduğunu göstermektedir. Bu temel üzerine makale, sözlükbilimsel...

  5. Correlation of fine needle aspiration cytology with histopathology findings in cases of thyroid lesions in Bir Hospital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    PB Thapa


    Full Text Available Aims: To correlate the findings of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC with the histopathology( HPE of the excised nodule or specimen and to assess the accuracy and efficacy of FNAC in the diagnosis of the thyroid nodules. Materials and methods: This is a prospective study conducted at the Department of Ear Nose Throat (ENT & Head & NecK Surgery( HNS, National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital, Kathmandu from 2nd January 2009 to 29th December 2011. One hundred patients with thyroid nodule were included in the study. Results: Out of 100 patients 77 were females and 23 males. The age ranged from 11-60 years. Statistical analysis of results for Benign Thyroid lesion showed 98.6% sensitivity, 75 % specificity. Likewise, results for Malignant thyroid lesions showed 75 % sensitivity, 98.6 % specificity . Conclusion: FNAC has high accuracy in the diagnostic evaluation of thyroid lesions. Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal, 2013, Vol-9, No-1, 23-29 DOI:

  6. Computational study of the human dystrophin repeats: interaction properties and molecular dynamics. (United States)

    Legrand, Baptiste; Giudice, Emmanuel; Nicolas, Aurélie; Delalande, Olivier; Le Rumeur, Elisabeth


    Dystrophin is a large protein involved in the rare genetic disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). It functions as a mechanical linker between the cytoskeleton and the sarcolemma, and is able to resist shear stresses during muscle activity. In all, 75% of the dystrophin molecule consists of a large central rod domain made up of 24 repeat units that share high structural homology with spectrin-like repeats. However, in the absence of any high-resolution structure of these repeats, the molecular basis of dystrophin central domain's functions has not yet been deciphered. In this context, we have performed a computational study of the whole dystrophin central rod domain based on the rational homology modeling of successive and overlapping tandem repeats and the analysis of their surface properties. Each tandem repeat has very specific surface properties that make it unique. However, the repeats share enough electrostatic-surface similarities to be grouped into four separate clusters. Molecular dynamics simulations of four representative tandem repeats reveal specific flexibility or bending properties depending on the repeat sequence. We thus suggest that the dystrophin central rod domain is constituted of seven biologically relevant sub-domains. Our results provide evidence for the role of the dystrophin central rod domain as a scaffold platform with a wide range of surface features and biophysical properties allowing it to interact with its various known partners such as proteins and membrane lipids. This new integrative view is strongly supported by the previous experimental works that investigated the isolated domains and the observed heterogeneity of the severity of dystrophin related pathologies, especially Becker muscular dystrophy.

  7. Computational study of the human dystrophin repeats: interaction properties and molecular dynamics.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baptiste Legrand

    Full Text Available Dystrophin is a large protein involved in the rare genetic disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD. It functions as a mechanical linker between the cytoskeleton and the sarcolemma, and is able to resist shear stresses during muscle activity. In all, 75% of the dystrophin molecule consists of a large central rod domain made up of 24 repeat units that share high structural homology with spectrin-like repeats. However, in the absence of any high-resolution structure of these repeats, the molecular basis of dystrophin central domain's functions has not yet been deciphered. In this context, we have performed a computational study of the whole dystrophin central rod domain based on the rational homology modeling of successive and overlapping tandem repeats and the analysis of their surface properties. Each tandem repeat has very specific surface properties that make it unique. However, the repeats share enough electrostatic-surface similarities to be grouped into four separate clusters. Molecular dynamics simulations of four representative tandem repeats reveal specific flexibility or bending properties depending on the repeat sequence. We thus suggest that the dystrophin central rod domain is constituted of seven biologically relevant sub-domains. Our results provide evidence for the role of the dystrophin central rod domain as a scaffold platform with a wide range of surface features and biophysical properties allowing it to interact with its various known partners such as proteins and membrane lipids. This new integrative view is strongly supported by the previous experimental works that investigated the isolated domains and the observed heterogeneity of the severity of dystrophin related pathologies, especially Becker muscular dystrophy.

  8. İletişim Çalışmalarında Yeni Bir Mecra: Finansal İletişim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gökhan Gökgöz


    Full Text Available 1970’li yıllar toplumsal ve politik tarih açısından önemli bir uğrağı temsil eder. Bu yılların başında yaşanan kriz, ekonominin işleyiş süreçlerini, devletin yapısını ve toplumsal alanın tasavvur edilme biçimini büyük ölçüde değiştirmiştir. Bu dönemde, finansal sermaye, kapitalizm içerisinde bir hegemonik lider olarak ön plana çıkmış; devlet, bir yandan üretimin çekirdeğinden uzak bir yerde konumlandırılırken diğer yandan paranın dolaşım kanallarının rehabilitasyonu işine odaklanmış; insana ilişkin değerler, kültürel mefhumlar ve toplumsal pratikler ise birer değişken olarak ekonomi-politikanın merkezine taşınmıştır. Kültür ile ekonomi arasındaki geleneksel ilişki bozulmuş; bir ekonomi-politikanın başarısı, toplumsal aktörlere temas etme kabiliyeti ile paralel hale gelmiştir. Finansallaşma sürecinde bu temas, iletişim politikaları vasıtasıyla sağlanır; ekonomi-politika ve bundan sorumlu merkezi kurumlarla toplumsal alan arasındaki bağ, iletişim stratejileri üzerinden kurulur; ekonomik alan ile kültürel alan arasındaki boşluk, iletişim kanalları içerisinden taşınan enformasyon marifetiyle doldurulur; insana ilişkin öngörülemezlikler, iletişim süreçleri vasıtasıyla öngörülebilir kılınır. Bu çalışmada, iletişim çalışmaları içerisinde yeni bir mecra olarak çağrılan “finansal iletişim”in farklı temas noktalarına işaret edilecek ve her bir uğrağın finansal iletişim alanına bağlandığı nokta, modeller üzerinden gösterilecektir. 

  9. Limitations on quantum key repeaters. (United States)

    Bäuml, Stefan; Christandl, Matthias; Horodecki, Karol; Winter, Andreas


    A major application of quantum communication is the distribution of entangled particles for use in quantum key distribution. Owing to noise in the communication line, quantum key distribution is, in practice, limited to a distance of a few hundred kilometres, and can only be extended to longer distances by use of a quantum repeater, a device that performs entanglement distillation and quantum teleportation. The existence of noisy entangled states that are undistillable but nevertheless useful for quantum key distribution raises the question of the feasibility of a quantum key repeater, which would work beyond the limits of entanglement distillation, hence possibly tolerating higher noise levels than existing protocols. Here we exhibit fundamental limits on such a device in the form of bounds on the rate at which it may extract secure key. As a consequence, we give examples of states suitable for quantum key distribution but unsuitable for the most general quantum key repeater protocol.

  10. Hysteresis of magnetostructural transitions: Repeatable and non-repeatable processes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Provenzano, Virgil [National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 (United States); Della Torre, Edward; Bennett, Lawrence H. [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052 (United States); ElBidweihy, Hatem, E-mail: [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052 (United States)


    The Gd{sub 5}Ge{sub 2}Si{sub 2} alloy and the off-stoichiometric Ni{sub 50}Mn{sub 35}In{sub 15} Heusler alloy belong to a special class of metallic materials that exhibit first-order magnetostructural transitions near room temperature. The magnetic properties of this class of materials have been extensively studied due to their interesting magnetic behavior and their potential for a number of technological applications such as refrigerants for near-room-temperature magnetic refrigeration. The thermally driven first-order transitions in these materials can be field-induced in the reverse order by applying a strong enough field. The field-induced transitions are typically accompanied by the presence of large magnetic hysteresis, the characteristics of which are a complicated function of temperature, field, and magneto-thermal history. In this study we show that the virgin curve, the major loop, and sequentially measured MH loops are the results of both repeatable and non-repeatable processes, in which the starting magnetostructural state, prior to the cycling of field, plays a major role. Using the Gd{sub 5}Ge{sub 2}Si{sub 2} and Ni{sub 50}Mn{sub 35}In{sub 15} alloys, as model materials, we show that a starting single phase state results in fully repeatable processes and large magnetic hysteresis, whereas a mixed phase starting state results in non-repeatable processes and smaller hysteresis.

  11. The International Framework of Information Policies Enformasyon Politikalarına Küresel Bir Bakış

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nick Moore


    Full Text Available The emergence of information societies is one of the defining characteristics of the last decade of the twentieth century. Countries all over the world are repositioning themselves to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the information age. They share common objectives although there are significant differences in the motivations underlying the re-positioning and in the mechanisms chosen to implement information society developments. Formal frameworks of policy are being established to steer the development of information societies. There can be few other examples of technological change stimulating formal policy creation in order to bring about social change. This paper surveys the approaches to information policy in various countries all over the world and forecasts future progress with views as to how to ensure that the information society will work for the good of every one. 20. yüzyılın son on yılının belirleyici karakteristiklerinden biri enformasyon toplumlarının ortaya çıkması olmuştur. Dünyanın dört bir yanında ülkeler, enformasyon çağının yarattığı olanaklardan yararlanabilmek için konumlarını gözden geçirmektedirler. Bu ülkelerin hedefleri aynı olmakla birlikte, yönelimlerinin ardındaki motivasyonlar her zaman aynı değildir ve enformasyon toplumu gelişmelerini uygulamaya sokmak için seçtikleri mekanizmalar önemli farklılıklar göstermektedir. Enformasyon toplumuna geçişi harekete geçirmek için resmi politikalar saptanmaktadır. Bunun dışında, teknolojik değişimin, bağlantılı bir toplumsal değişimi sağlamak için resmi politikalar belirlenmesini zorladığı çok ender görülmüştür. Bu bildiride dünyanın çeşitli ülkelerinde enformasyon politikalarına yaklaşımların neler olduğu gözden geçirilmekte, geleceğe yönelik görüşler sunulmakta ve enformasyon toplumunun herkesin yararına gelişmesi için neler yapılması gerektiği konusu işlenmektedir.

  12. Molecular phylogeny of the kelch-repeat superfamily reveals an expansion of BTB/kelch proteins in animals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adams Josephine C


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The kelch motif is an ancient and evolutionarily-widespread sequence motif of 44–56 amino acids in length. It occurs as five to seven repeats that form a β-propeller tertiary structure. Over 28 kelch-repeat proteins have been sequenced and functionally characterised from diverse organisms spanning from viruses, plants and fungi to mammals and it is evident from expressed sequence tag, domain and genome databases that many additional hypothetical proteins contain kelch-repeats. In general, kelch-repeat β-propellers are involved in protein-protein interactions, however the modest sequence identity between kelch motifs, the diversity of domain architectures, and the partial information on this protein family in any single species, all present difficulties to developing a coherent view of the kelch-repeat domain and the kelch-repeat protein superfamily. To understand the complexity of this superfamily of proteins, we have analysed by bioinformatics the complement of kelch-repeat proteins encoded in the human genome and have made comparisons to the kelch-repeat proteins encoded in other sequenced genomes. Results We identified 71 kelch-repeat proteins encoded in the human genome, whereas 5 or 8 members were identified in yeasts and around 18 in C. elegans, D. melanogaster and A. gambiae. Multiple domain architectures were identified in each organism, including previously unrecognised forms. The vast majority of kelch-repeat domains are predicted to form six-bladed β-propellers. The most prevalent domain architecture in the metazoan animal genomes studied was the BTB/kelch domain organisation and we uncovered 3 subgroups of human BTB/kelch proteins. Sequence analysis of the kelch-repeat domains of the most robustly-related subgroups identified differences in β-propeller organisation that could provide direction for experimental study of protein-binding characteristics. Conclusion The kelch-repeat superfamily constitutes a

  13. Zihin Kuramı ve Dil Arasındaki İlişki: Bir Derleme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahar Keçeli Kaysılı


    Full Text Available Diğerlerinin duygularını, düşüncelerini ve isteklerini anlama yani zihin kuramı başarılı bir iletişim için gereklidir. Bu derleme çalışmasında normal gelişen çocuklarda zihin kuramı ve dil ilişkisi ele alınmıştır. Zihin kuramı kazanımını açıklayan teorilerden biri sözdizimi ve zihinsel durum ifade eden eylemlerin, yanlış inancın temsiline olanak sağladığını belirterek bu ilişkiyi incelemektedir. Bu varsayım dil ile zihin kuramı arasındaki ilişkinin doğasını tanımladığı için önemli görülmektedir. Alanyazından derlenen bu çalışmanın çocukların iletişim ve dil gelişimlerini desteklemede, öğretmenlere yol göstereceği düşünülmektedir. Understanding of others’ feelings, thoughts and wishes or a ‘theory of mind’ is essential for competent communication. This study described how language and theory of mind development are related in typically developing children. One of the hypothesis that explains the acquisition of theory of mind, proposed that syntax and mental states verbs provides children to understand representational thoughts like false belief. Because this hypothesis aimed to identify more specifically the nature of this role it is thought to be important. This review of selected literature will help teachers enhance children’s communication and language development.

  14. /ı/ Türkçede Bir Anasesbirim midir? Is The Letter of /ı/ Archiphoneme In Turkish?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatih ÖZEK


    Full Text Available We can mention two letters of /ı/ in world languages. One ofthem is /ı/ (ы vowel called "yeri" in Russian language and the other is/ı/ vowel that is designated with [ï] in alphabet of internationaltranscription and that almost belongs to the Turkish language. The /ı/vowel of the Turkish language is a velarized, narrow, flat velum vowel interms of its characteristic features. It has normal duration. /a/, /i/ and/u/ vowels are generally deemed as cardinal vowels of the Turkishlanguage. According to this common view, eight vowels in the Turkishlanguage derived from these vowels. However, A.N. Baskakov thinksthat /ı/ is an archiphoneme and [i,u,ü] vowels are variants of the /ı/phoneme. This different view has had an influence on issuance of thispaper. It is possible to define the archiphoneme as main voicecontaining characteristics of more than one voice or first known voicesof a language. The archiphonemes are strong voices. They usually retaintheir existences. However, such characteristics are not seen in /ı/phoneme. Following determinations can be considered as evidenceshereof:1. qlıç (~ qılıç [cliç, cliz/kiliç] writings in Codex Cumanicus,2. Front palatalization of the /ı/ vowel in the first syllable (Uigur biş- ~ bış-‘mature, age out ’; Khorezm biş-; Kipchak biş- ~ piş-; Chagatai piş-; ETT piş-; Bashkir,Tatar, Turkmen, Azerbaijani biş-; Kazakh pis-; Uzbek, New Uigur, Gagauz, Trk. piş- Dünya dillerinde iki tane /ı/’dan bahsedilebilir. Bunlardan bir tanesi Rusça “yeri” adı verilen /ı/ (ы ünlüsü, diğeri ise uluslar arası transkripsiyon alfabesinde [ï] işaretiyle gösterilen ve neredeyse tamamen Türkçeye ait olan /ı/ ünlüsüdür. Türkçeye has /ı/ ünlüsü nitelik özellikleri bakımından kalın, dar, düz bir art damak ünlüsüdür. Nicelik bakımından ise normal sürelidir. /a/, /i/ ve /u/ ünlüleri genel olarak Türkçenin temel ünlüleri olarak kabul edilir. Bu yaygın görüşe g

  15. Temettü Ödemelerinin Belirleyicileri ve Firma Değeri: Kavramsal Bir Model ve Tahminlemesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Şaban Çelik


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmanın amacı temettü politikalarının belirleyicileri ile firma değeri arasındaki ilişkiyi kavramsal bir model çerçevesinde açıklayıp tahminlemesini yapmaktır. Bu kapsamda üç temel hipotez grubu oluşturulup test edilmiştir. Birinci hipotez grubu risk faktörü ile temettü politikaları; ikinci hipotez grubu kurumsal yönetim faktörü ile temettü politikaları ve üçüncü hipotez grubu da temettü polikaları ile firma değeri ilişkisi şeklinde oluşturulmuştur. Birinci ve ikinci hipotez gruplarının test sonuçlarına göre, risk ve kurumsal yönetimin temettü politikaları arasındaki ilişkinin, analiz edilen veri seti ve zaman aralığı kısıtları çerçevesinde red edilmediği görülmüştür. Buna karşın üçüncü hipotez grubu olan temettü politikası ve firma değeri ilişkisi kısmi olarak red edilememiştir.

  16. Ekonomik gerikalmışlık ve ekonomik dengesizlik kavramları üzerine bir deneme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet Ali KARACA


    Full Text Available Bu makalede öncelikle azgelişmişlik kavramı üzerinde durulmuş bu konuda en önde gelen yerli ve yabancı kaynaklar belirlenmiştir. Ardından da bu kaynaklarda yer alan çalışmalar incelenmiş ve özellikle daha güncel tarihli çalışmalarda ele alınan ana ve alt konular üzerinde durulmuştur. Ayrıca azgelişmişlik düzeyini ölçen kriterler ayrıntılı olarak incelenmiştir. Özellikle; Dünya ekonomisine entegrasyon kriterleri, endüstrileşme kriterleri, sosyo-ekonomik kriterler, jeo-politik kriterler başlıklarında detaylı bilgiler verilmiştir. Literatürde ekonomik gerikalmışlık kriterlerini inceleyen çok çeşitli makaleler vardır. Bu makaleler genelde geri kalmışlık yaklaşımlarını genel değerlendirme perspektifinden aktarmaktadırlar. Bu makalede ise ekonomik geri kalmışlık kavramı ekonomik kalkınma iktisadı açısından incelenmiş ve ekonomik dengesizlikler ve kriterleri detaylı bir şekilde verilmiştir.

  17. Tezkire Niteliğinde Bir Şiir Mecmuası A Macmua Of Poem Feature Of Periodical (Tazkirah

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Uğur ÖZTÜRK


    Full Text Available Connotating compiled, collected, gathered, "majmuas" among betwixt "poem majmuas" are of major sources as for being enjoyed to compose history of Ottoman literature. In general terms, it is appropriate to classify the majmuas in recordinds of selected poems inreference to a certain alphabetical order or poem majmuas. Biographicdetails of a majmua which is retained in Atatürk Kitaplığı, MuallimCevdet Section No: K.479 and distinctive for the era written in has beenworken on. From the scripts in the introduction, partially in the middleand at the end of the majmua, as understood, disconnexion exists.Identity of writer and inking time are precarious. It has been inferedfrom the scripts in the majmua that it has been written in the last 15years of era of Suleyman The Great.Author of the majmua placed famous writers before his day andboth fameless and famous during his day. In general, he presentedshort biographic information before poems, even sometimes madeassessments about poets in this informations. What makes a majmuahere is of biographic information in and poets never mentioned intezkires. Poems chosen for majmua show parallelism with ones in 16.centuriy and have generally characteristics of "berceste" Poets likeHayali Bey, Baki, Ahmed Paşa, Necati Bey, Atayi, Muhibbi, Nazmi arepredominant in these majmuas. The others like Savmi, Hazani Bey,Halisi Bey have no records in majmuas. Bir araya getirilmiş, toplamış manasını taşıyan mecmualar içerisinde şiir mecmuları Osmanlı edebiyatı tarihine kaynaklık etmesi açısından birincil kaynaklar arasında yer almaktadır. Şiir mecmualarına genel olarak bakıldığında bu mecmuaları belli bir harf düzenine göre yazılmış seçme şiirlerden oluşan şiir defterleri veya nazire mecmuası diye adlandırmak yerindedir. Atatürk Kitaplığı Muallim Cevdet Bölümü K.479 numarada yer alan ve yazıldığı dönemin açısından önemli olan bir şiir mecmuasının biyografik bilgileri

  18. Cronbach’ın Alfası, Tek Boyutluluğun veya Benzeşikliğin (Homojenliğin) Bir Ölçüsü Değildir


    BADEMCİ, Vahit


    Güvenirlik, testler veya ölçme araçlarının değil, ölçümlerin bir özelliğidir. Cronbach’ın alfası katsayısı yöntemi, bir test ya da ölçme aracından elde edilen ölçümlerin güvenirliğini kestirme yöntemlerinden biridir. Başka bir ifadeyle, Cronbach’ın alfası, [madde] ölçümler[i] arasındaki iç tutarlılık üzerine temellenmiş bir ölçüm güvenirliğinin kestirilmesidir. Bunun yanı sıra, Cronbach’ın alfası katsayısı, ölçme aracının benzeşikliğinin (homojenliğinin) bir göstergesi olarak alınmamalı veya ...

  19. EAMJ Dec. Repeatability.indd

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Dec 12, 2008 ... Results:Kappa values for four-week repeatability for the wheeze and asthma questions were 0.61 ... for logistic, cultural and ethical reasons, to use ... individual with baseline forced expiratory volume in .... period is likely to also include the effects of true ... data, the writing of the manuscript or the decision.

  20. Sıcak Presleme Yöntemi Kullanılarak Kompozit Malzemelerin Üretilebilirliği Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Engin Nas, ,


    Full Text Available Araştırmacılar, endüstriyel malzemelerin dayanım özelliklerini, gün geçtikçe artan endüstriyel beklentileri karşılamak amacıyla, sürekli geliştirme çalışmalarına devam etmektedirler. Bu çalışmaların birçoğu; kompozit malzemelerin (KM geliştirilmesi üzerinedir. Bu malzemeler, günümüzde geleneksel malzemelerden ayrı düşünülemez bir malzeme grubunu oluşturmaktadır. Kompozit; metal, seramik, plastik ve refrakter gibi geleneksel malzeme gruplarına, çoğunlukla fiber, kılcal kristal, pulcuk, parçacık vd., formlarda takviye elemanı ilavesiyle elde edilen karma yapılı bir malzemedir. Kompozit malzemelerin genel üretim yöntemleri, ana fazın hal durumuna bağlı olarak sıvı, katı ve katı~sıvı hal olmak üzere üç ana grupta toplanır. Günümüzde, katı hal üretim tekniklerinden toz metalürjisi (TM kompozitlerin üretiminde yaygın kullanım alanına sahiptir. Bu çalışmada, toz metalürji üretim tekniğinde kullanılan sıcak presleme (SP yönteminin, kompozit malzemelerin üretilebilirliği üzerindeki etkileri değerlendirilmiştir.

  1. Örgütsel Çekicilik : Bir Ölçek Uyarlama Çalışması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seda DURAL


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmanın amacı, Highhouse vd. (2003 tarafından geliştirilen Örgütsel Çekicilik Ölçeğini (ÖÇÖ Türkçe’ye kazandırmak ve geçerlik ve güvenirlik analizlerini yapmaktır. Ölçek, öncelikle araştırmacılar ve bir dil uzmanı tarafından Türkçe’ye çevrilmiş, ardından ifadeler iki dilli 15 uzmanın görüşüne başvurularak dil ve anlam uygunluğu bakımından değerlendirilmiştir. Öneriler doğrultusunda son şeklini alan Türkçe form iki aşamada uygulanmıştır. İlk aşamada, test-tekrar test güvenirliğini sınamak amacıyla ölçek iki hafta ara ile 50 öğrenciye uygulanmıştır. Test tekrar-test güvenirlik katsayısı birincil değerlendirme için 0,85, ikincil değerlendirme için 0,89 olarak bulunmuştur. Uygulamanın ikinci aşamasında anket 257 öğrenciye uygulanarak ölçeğin iç tutarlılık katsayısı 0,89 olarak bulunmuştur. Yapılan analizler sonucunda ÖÇÖ’nün özgün ölçekte olduğu gibi üç faktörlü bir yapı gösterdiği belirlenmiştir. Hiçbir madde atılmadan 15 madde ile üç boyutu ölçen geçerli ve güvenilir bir ölçek elde edilmiştir.

  2. Mahalli Fıkra Tipine Bir Örnek: Erzurumlu Naim Hoca One Type of Anecdote of Local Example: Hoca Erzurumlu Naim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuf KOTAN


    Full Text Available One of the important types of folk literature satire, in a large geographical area consisting of many thousands of years, products of oral tradition of folk literaturen. These products, although oral edebiyatımız as a kind of took its place in the literature long ago, particularly after the Tanzimat era has gained vitality. This vitality,though no doubt in some quarters that the jokes have suffered tab, inalmost every nation acquires an important social and cultural life.Feeling and thinking, of a nation, intelligence, humor, and mostimportantly the power of judgment to reflect the common opinion is ofgreat importance in terms of paragraphs. One of the important elementsin the formation of these clauses in the clause types. These types, asdescribed in the paragraph is the hero, as well as to express thecommon characteristics of living is important for society. These typeswith almost every region of Anatolia, and they faced a yararlanmaktayızthis narrative. Who live in this very important region in terms ofreflecting the properties of typecasting, giving expressions to represent aparticular feature of the local stage.Erzurum folklore, is a rich resource for Turkish folklore. Althoughthis has been a rich source folklorumuzun on the part of many researchstudies conducted on jokes is almost negligible. Based on theseapproaches, we also provide a contribution to the folklore of Erzurum inboth types of clause in Erzurum, an important place in the memory ofour people who had said Naim Hodja jokes we introduce this valuableanecdotes of people will try to share with you. Halk edebiyatımızın önemli türlerinden biri olan fıkralar, çok geniş bir coğrafi alan içinde oluşan binlerce yıldan beri sözlü gelenekte yaşayan halk edebiyatı ürünleridir. Bu ürünler, sözlü edebiyatımız içerisinde yerini çok öncelerden almış olsa da bir tür olarak edebiyatımızda bilhassa Tanzimat döneminden sonra canlılık kazanmıştır. Bu canl

  3. ‘Play Time’ Filmi ve Modern Mimarlık Kuramlarına İlişkin Eleştirel Bir Deneme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Şener


    Full Text Available ÖzJacques Tati sineması, gerek dünya sinema tarihinde, gerek de mimarlık (tarihi sinema ilişkisi bağlamında çok önemli bir yere sahiptir. Tati’nin 1967 yılında çektiği ‘Play Time’ filmi de, mimari ve kentsel unsurlar üzerine şekillenir ve dönemine bu çerçevelerden ışık tutan bir filmdir. Bu makalede, Tati’nin ‘Play Time’ filmi üzerinden yapılacak mekânsal analizler doğrultusunda modern mimarlık ve şehircilik kuramları üzerine eleştirel bir bakış getirilmesi amaçlanmaktadır. Bu çerçevede, ilk bölümde Jacques Tati filmlerinin sinema dünyası ve tarihindeki yeri ile ‘Play Time’ filminin sinematografik yapısı incelenecektir. Bundan sonraki kısımlarda filme dair mekansal analiz ve bulgular üzerine değerlendirmeler yapılacak olup; öncelikle modern mimarinin başat unsurlarından olan “prizmatik” kamusal yapılar ve “kutu mekanlar”, sonrasında da filmde yer alan sergi mekânı, mobilya tasarımı bağlamında yabancılaşma metaforu üzerinden ele alınacaktır. Bunu müteakip, filmdeki sembolik mimari ifade araçlarından biri olan “cam”, modern yaşamda ifade ettiği anlam çerçevesinde; konut yaşantısının resmedildiği sahneler de, modern yaşamın konut ve yapı mahremiyetine etkileri üzerinden analiz edilecektir. Son kısımda da, restoran sahnelerinin incelenmesi üzerinden modern tasarım anlayışına dair eleştirel bir inceleme yapılacak ve sonuç kısmıyla makale tamamlanacaktır.     

  4. Eğitimde Özelleştirme Tartışmaları: Kavramsal Bir Analiz Disscussions on Privatization in Education: A conceptual Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramazan YİRCİ


    politika alanında önemli düşünce değişimlerin meydana geldiği bir dönem olmuştur. Bu değişimler toplumun hayatında önemli bir yere sahip olan eğitim sisteminde de değişik uygulamaların uygulanıp uygulanamayacağı sorusunu gündeme getirmiştir. Bu çalışma ile ekonomi alanında pek çok ülkede yaygın bir şekilde kullanılan özelleştirme kavramını ele almak, eğitimde özelleştirme ve finansman ilişkisini incelemek, eğitimde özelleştirmenin dünyadaki örneklerine göz atmak amaçlanmıştır. Eğitim insana yatırım yapan ve çıktısı yine insan olan önemli bir hizmet koludur. Devletin iyi eğitimli bireyler yetiştirmesi toplumun kalkınmasını sağlayacaktır. Bireylerin iyi yetiştirilmesi işi eğitim sistemi içinde faaliyet gösteren okulların etkili performanslarına bağlıdır. Bu çalışmada eğitimde özelleştirme uygulamalarının değişik ülkelerde gerçekleşme biçimine, eğitimin finansmanında devletin ve özel sektörün konumuna, eğitimde özelleştirmeyi destekleyenlerin ve karşı çıkanların görüşlerine yer verilmiştir. Eğitim gibi önemli bir konuda özel sektörün etkinliğini artırması devletin yükünü hafifletebilir. Burada dikkat edilecek husus özel kesimin daha fazla eğitim alanında faaliyet göstermesini sağlarken, eğitim kalitesinden ödün vermeden, toplumdaki sosyal adalet duygusunu incitmeden adımlar atabilmektir. Dünyadaki en iyi yüz üniversite sıralamasında özelleştirme uygulamalarının büyük ölçüde uygulandığı Amerika, İngiltere, Japonya gibi ülkelerden pek çok üniversitenin bulunması dikkat çekici bir durumdur. Aynı listeye Türkiye’den hiçbir üniversitenin girememiş olması da eğitim sisteminin yapısında yeniden yapılanmanın ne kadar büyük bir ihtiyaç olduğunu göstermektedir. Bu bağlamda özelleştirme eğitimde ülkemiz okullarının yaşadığı nitelik sorununa alternatif bir çözüm yolu geliştirmeye yardımcı olabilir.

  5. Potential Role of the Last Half Repeat in TAL Effectors Revealed by a Molecular Simulation Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hua Wan


    Full Text Available TAL effectors (TALEs contain a modular DNA-binding domain that is composed of tandem repeats. In all naturally occurring TALEs, the end of tandem repeats is invariantly a truncated half repeat. To investigate the potential role of the last half repeat in TALEs, we performed comparative molecular dynamics simulations for the crystal structure of DNA-bound TALE AvrBs3 lacking the last half repeat and its modeled structure having the last half repeat. The structural stability analysis indicates that the modeled system is more stable than the nonmodeled system. Based on the principle component analysis, it is found that the AvrBs3 increases its structural compactness in the presence of the last half repeat. The comparison of DNA groove parameters of the two systems implies that the last half repeat also causes the change of DNA major groove binding efficiency. The following calculation of hydrogen bond reveals that, by stabilizing the phosphate binding with DNA at the C-terminus, the last half repeat helps to adopt a compact conformation at the protein-DNA interface. It further mediates more contacts between TAL repeats and DNA nucleotide bases. Finally, we suggest that the last half repeat is required for the high-efficient recognition of DNA by TALE.

  6. Potential Role of the Last Half Repeat in TAL Effectors Revealed by a Molecular Simulation Study (United States)

    Wan, Hua; Chang, Shan; Hu, Jian-ping; Tian, Xu-hong


    TAL effectors (TALEs) contain a modular DNA-binding domain that is composed of tandem repeats. In all naturally occurring TALEs, the end of tandem repeats is invariantly a truncated half repeat. To investigate the potential role of the last half repeat in TALEs, we performed comparative molecular dynamics simulations for the crystal structure of DNA-bound TALE AvrBs3 lacking the last half repeat and its modeled structure having the last half repeat. The structural stability analysis indicates that the modeled system is more stable than the nonmodeled system. Based on the principle component analysis, it is found that the AvrBs3 increases its structural compactness in the presence of the last half repeat. The comparison of DNA groove parameters of the two systems implies that the last half repeat also causes the change of DNA major groove binding efficiency. The following calculation of hydrogen bond reveals that, by stabilizing the phosphate binding with DNA at the C-terminus, the last half repeat helps to adopt a compact conformation at the protein-DNA interface. It further mediates more contacts between TAL repeats and DNA nucleotide bases. Finally, we suggest that the last half repeat is required for the high-efficient recognition of DNA by TALE. PMID:27803930

  7. The autolytic activity of the recombinant amidase of Staphylococcus saprophyticus is inhibited by its own recombinant GW repeats. (United States)

    Hell, Wolfgang; Reichl, Sylvia; Anders, Agnes; Gatermann, Sören


    The Aas (autolysin/adhesin of Staphylococcus saprophyticus) is a multifunctional surface protein containing two enzymatic domains an N-acetyl-muramyl-L-alanine amidase, an endo-beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase, and two different regions of repetitive sequences, an N-terminal and a C-terminal repetitive domain. The C-terminal repetitive domain is built up by the repeats R1, R2 and R3, which interconnect the putative active centers of the amidase and glucosaminidase. To investigate the influence of the C-terminal repeats and the N-terminal repeats on the amidase activity, the repetitive domains and fragments of them were cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. The influence of the different fragments on the activity of the recombinant amidase of the Aas, consisting of the active center of the enzyme and repeat R1, was investigated in a turbidimetric microassay. The different fragments derived from the C-terminal repeats inhibited the amidase activity, while the N-terminal repeats did not influence the activity of the enzyme. The inhibiting activity increased with the number of GW repeats the recombinant fragment contained. Thus we conclude, that the C-terminal GW repeats and not the N-terminal repeats are necessary for the cell wall targeting and the autolytic function of the amidase.

  8. Geniş Bir Skalp Defektinin Onarımında Doku Genişleticilerin İntraoperatif Mükerrer Kullanımı Olgu Sunumu


    Demir, Canser Y.; Gürlek, Ali; Çoban, Y.Kenan; Alaybeyoğlu, Nezih; Aydoğan, Hakan; Ersöz, Ayşe


    Doku genişletme uygulamaları günümüzde skalp rekonstrüksiyonunda sık tercih edilen bir yöntemdir. Bu teknik 1950 li yılların sonlarında Argenta ve Manders tarafından skalp defektlerinin onarımı için kullanılmıştır. Geniş saçlı deri defektlerinin, normal saçla kapanmasına olanak sağladığı ve vücudun başka bir yerinde donör alan morbiditesi oluşturmadığı için son derecede önemli ve efektif bir tedavi yöntemidir. Bu makalede, patoz yaralanmasına bağlı çok geniş skalp defektinin d...

  9. Directionality switchable gain stabilized linear repeater (United States)

    Ota, Takayuki; Ohmachi, Tadashi; Aida, Kazuo


    We propose a new approach to realize a bidirectional linear repeater suitable for future optical internet networks and fault location in repeater chain with OTDR. The proposed approach is the linear repeater of simple configuration whose directionality is rearranged dynamically by electrical control signal. The repeater is composed of a magneto-optical switch, a circulator, a dynamically gain stabilized unidirectional EDFA, and control circuits. The repeater directionality is rearranged as fast as 0.1ms by an electrical control pulse. It is experimentally confirmed that OTDR with the directionality switchable repeater is feasible for repeater chain. The detailed design and performance of the repeater are also discussed, including the multi-pass interference (MPI) which may arise in the proposed repeater, the effect of the MPI on SNR degradation of the repeater chain and the feed-forward EDFA gain control circuit.

  10. Protein domain prediction

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ingolfsson, Helgi; Yona, Golan


    Domains are considered to be the building blocks of protein structures. A protein can contain a single domain or multiple domains, each one typically associated with a specific function. The combination of domains determines the function of the protein, its subcellular localization and the interacti

  11. Measurement-based quantum repeaters

    CERN Document Server

    Zwerger, M; Briegel, H J


    We introduce measurement-based quantum repeaters, where small-scale measurement-based quantum processors are used to perform entanglement purification and entanglement swapping in a long-range quantum communication protocol. In the scheme, pre-prepared entangled states stored at intermediate repeater stations are coupled with incoming photons by simple Bell-measurements, without the need of performing additional quantum gates or measurements. We show how to construct the required resource states, and how to minimize their size. We analyze the performance of the scheme under noise and imperfections, with focus on small-scale implementations involving entangled states of few qubits. We find measurement-based purification protocols with significantly improved noise thresholds. Furthermore we show that already resource states of small size suffice to significantly increase the maximal communication distance. We also discuss possible advantages of our scheme for different set-ups.

  12. A Repeating Fast Radio Burst

    CERN Document Server

    Spitler, L G; Hessels, J W T; Bogdanov, S; Brazier, A; Camilo, F; Chatterjee, S; Cordes, J M; Crawford, F; Deneva, J; Ferdman, R D; Freire, P C C; Kaspi, V M; Lazarus, P; Lynch, R; Madsen, E C; McLaughlin, M A; Patel, C; Ransom, S M; Seymour, A; Stairs, I H; Stappers, B W; van Leeuwen, J; Zhu, W W


    Fast Radio Bursts are millisecond-duration astronomical radio pulses of unknown physical origin that appear to come from extragalactic distances. Previous follow-up observations have failed to find additional bursts at the same dispersion measures (i.e. integrated column density of free electrons between source and telescope) and sky position as the original detections. The apparent non-repeating nature of the fast radio bursts has led several authors to hypothesise that they originate in cataclysmic astrophysical events. Here we report the detection of ten additional bursts from the direction of FRB121102, using the 305-m Arecibo telescope. These new bursts have dispersion measures and sky positions consistent with the original burst. This unambiguously identifies FRB121102 as repeating and demonstrates that its source survives the energetic events that cause the bursts. Additionally, the bursts from FRB121102 show a wide range of spectral shapes that appear to be predominantly intrinsic to the source and wh...

  13. Repeatability of Harris Corner Detector

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HU Lili


    Interest point detectors are commonly employed to reduce the amount of data to be processed. The ideal interest point detector would robustly select those features which are most appropriate or salient for the application and data at hand. This paper shows that interest points are geometrically stable under different transformations.This property makes interest points very successful in the context of image matching. To measure this property quantatively, we introduce a evaluation criterion: repeatability rate.

  14. Membrane binding domains


    Hurley, James H.


    Eukaryotic signaling and trafficking proteins are rich in modular domains that bind cell membranes. These binding events are tightly regulated in space and time. The structural, biochemical, and biophysical mechanisms for targeting have been worked out for many families of membrane binding domains. This review takes a comparative view of seven major classes of membrane binding domains, the C1, C2, PH, FYVE, PX, ENTH, and BAR domains. These domains use a combination of specific headgroup inter...



    Yapıcı, Asım


    Bu makaleMüslüman-Türk toplumunda inanç gelişiminin nasıl gerçekleştiğini araştırmakistemektedir. Çünkü insanı sadece Batılı paradigma, kuram ve modellerleanlamaya çalışmak Doğulu bilinci ve Doğu insanının öznelliğini yok saymaanlamına gelmektedir. Bu durum, gerek Müslüman gerekse Hıristiyan bir çevrededoğup büyüyen bir kişinin inanç gelişiminin aynı ya da benzer süreçlerdengeçerek şekillendiği iddiasına dayanmaktadır. Kuşkusuz Doğulu ve Batılıbireylerin dini gelişim süreçlerinde bazı hususla...

  16. Bir Tutundurma Aracı Olarak Sosyal Medyanın Marka Bağlılığına Etkileri


    Yüksel KÖKSAL


    Tutundurma kanallarının artması işletmeler açısından rekabeti daha geniş alanlara yaymaktadır. İşletmecilikte geleneksel yaklaşımlarla devam ederek, yükselen trendleri yakalayamama ve o alanda geri kalma rekabet koşulları açısından önemli bir kayıptır. Günümüzün yeni trendlerinden olan sosyal medyanın, pazarlamadaki rolü ve önemi işletmeler için bir merak konusudur. Bu çalışmada sosyal medyanın marka bağlılığı üzerindeki etkileri araştırılmıştır. Araştırma; ülkemizin saygın markaların...

  17. Disiplinler Arası Bir Disiplin Olarak Türkçe Eğitimi Turkish Education as an Interdisciplinary Discipline

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Namık Kemal ŞAHBAZ


    , grammarteaching, first reading and writing teaching, children’s literature,training Turkish teachers and historical development of Turkisheducation. Disiplinler arasılık, günümüz sosyal bilimleri için bir gerekliliktir. Çoğu kez, herhangi bir soruna bir tek disiplinin çerçevesinden bakmak yetersiz olabilir. Disiplinler arası araştırmalar, bilgiye farklı bakış açıları sunar. Bu çalışmada görece yeni bir bilimsel disiplin olan Türkçe eğitiminin disiplinler arası niteliği gerek kuramsal gerek de uygulama boyutuyla betimlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Bu amaçla öncelikle Türkçe eğitiminin araştırma alanları (Okuma eğitimi, konuşma eğitimi, yazma eğitimi, dinleme eğitimi, dil bilgisi öğretimi, ilk okuma ve yazma öğretimi, çocuk edebiyatı, Türkçe öğretmeni yetiştirme, Türkçe eğitimi tarihi açıklanmış, daha sonra Türkçe eğitiminin disiplinler arası araştırmalara neden gereksinim duyduğu tartışılmıştır. Çalışmada, araştırılması amaçlanan olgu ve olgular hakkında bilgi içeren yazılı materyallerin analizini kapsayan doküman inceleme yöntemi kullanılmıştır. Türkçe eğitimi ile eğitim bilimleri, dilbilim, yazınbilim, sosyoloji, psikoloji, tarih ve tıp disiplinleri arasındaki disiplinler arası ilişkiler irdelenmiştir. Bilimsel bir disiplin olarak ele alınmasa da kişisel gelişim konularıyla (ikna, etkili iletişim, yapay zekâ, duygusal zekâ, NLP Türkçe eğitimi arasındaki etkileşim, bu çalışmada açıklanmaya çalışılmıştır. Bu çalışma, Türkçe eğitimi alanında yapılacak yeni araştırmalara farklı bir boyut ve bir bakış açısı kazandıracak olması nedeniyle önemlidir. Araştırmanın sonuçları itibariyle hâlihazırda Türkçe eğitimine yönelik disiplinler arası çalışmalar yapılmaktadır. Ancak okuma eğitimi, konuşma eğitimi, yazma eğitimi, dinleme eğitimi, dil bilgisi öğretimi, ilkokuma ve yazma öğretimi, çocuk edebiyatı, Türkçe

  18. Structure and carboxyl-terminal domain (CTD) binding of the Set2 SRI domain that couples histone H3 Lys36 methylation to transcription. (United States)

    Vojnic, Erika; Simon, Bernd; Strahl, Brian D; Sattler, Michael; Cramer, Patrick


    During mRNA elongation, the SRI domain of the histone H3 methyltransferase Set2 binds to the phosphorylated carboxyl-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II. The solution structure of the yeast Set2 SRI domain reveals a novel CTD-binding fold consisting of a left-handed three-helix bundle. NMR titration shows that the SRI domain binds an Ser2/Ser5-phosphorylated CTD peptide comprising two heptapeptide repeats and three flanking NH2-terminal residues, whereas a single CTD repeat is insufficient for binding. Residues that show strong chemical shift perturbations upon CTD binding cluster in two regions. Both CTD tyrosine side chains contact the SRI domain. One of the tyrosines binds in the region with the strongest chemical shift perturbations, formed by the two NH2-terminal helices. Unexpectedly, the SRI domain fold resembles the structure of an RNA polymerase-interacting domain in bacterial sigma factors (domain sigma2 in sigma70).

  19. Kitle İletişiminde Çağdaş Söylen Üretimi: Kuramsal Bir Değerlendirme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Birol Demircan


    Full Text Available Söylenler, iktidarın uygulamalarının rasyonelleştirilmesi ve meşrulaştırılması ile toplumsal bir iletişim gerçekleşmesine hala kaynaklık etmektedir. Bu amaçla çalışmada, kitle iletişimi ile dolayımlanan söylenler aracılığıyla yaratılan karizmatik otoriter öznelerin oluşturulma süreci üzerinde durulmuştur. Kitle iletişimin sahte doğallığı ile toplumun gerçekliğini çarpıttığı iddiası bu çalışmanın incelemek istediği temel sorundur. Bu doğrultuda, kitle iletişim ve mitoloji arasında kavramsal ilişki kurarak mitolojinin meşrulaştırma işlevinin izlerini kitle iletişim süreçlerinde aranmıştır. Kitle iletişim araçları ile dolayımlanan iletişim biçimleri ile söylenlerin oluşturulduğunu ve bu söylenlerin iktidar ilişkileri içerisinde bir meşrulaştırma işlevini yerine getirdiği savunulmuştur. Bu savunu doğrultusunda, kullanılan propaganda teknikleri ile özellikle politik liderlerin kahramanlaştırılmasında etkin bir söylen kullanımının varlığı amaçlı örneklem yöntemi ile seçilen örnekler üzerinden tartışılmıştır. Böylelikle, medya ve söylen üretimi arasındaki bağ kurulmak istenmiştir.  Özellikle, kahramanlık mitinin haber dilinde ideolojik belirlenimle üretilmesi sürecinde örtük bir çabanın varlığı tespit edilmiştir. Sonuç olarak, kitle iletişimi ile dolayımlanan söylenler aracılığıyla yaratılan karizmatik otoritenin dönemsel iktidar ilişkileri içersinde en çok rıza gösterilen sistemik bir efsane insan haline geldiği açıklanmıştır.

  20. A new method of social marketing: Community based social marketingYeni bir sosyal pazarlama yöntemi: “Toplumsal tabanlı sosyal pazarlama”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabahattin Çelik


    Full Text Available Especially in developed and developing countries, social marketing practises is used which is an innovative approach for the problems that require social change. Community based social marketing as a new method of social merketing, can be defined as making analysis and planning, implementing and the assessment of the programmes which are all designed to affect the behaviors of the target group to be made voluntarily in order to increase the welfare of the community of the individuals and the community that they exist in. “Community based social marketing” approach aims to create a positive behavior by starting up the behavioral change tools and eliminating the barriers in front of the target groups in order to have a positive attitude for a sustainable future. Community based social marketing tools and techniques provide provides a very important event that organize the behavior change, regardless of collecting knowledge in the area of conventional commercial marketing. The main purpose of the article within the framework of this information is to explain what ‘community based social marketing’ is and show how effective it is on the positive behavior change of the communities. For this purpose, a detailed literature review has been conducted and relevant concepts and examples have been examined.   Özet Özellikle gelişmiş ve gelişmekte olan ülkelerde sosyal değişim gerektiren problemler için yenilikçi bir yaklaşım olan sosyal pazarlama uygulamaları kullanılmaktadır. Yeni bir sosyal pazarlama yöntemi olan “Toplumsal Tabanlı Sosyal Pazarlama” ise bireylerin ve içinde bulundukları toplumun refahını arttırmak için, hedef kitlenin gönüllü olarak yapacakları davranışları etkilemek üzere tasarlanan programların analizi, planlanması, uygulanması ve değerlendirilmesi için pazarlama teknolojilerine başvurulması olarak tanımlanabilir. “Toplumsal Tabanlı Sosyal Pazarlama” (TTSP yaklaşımı, s

  1. Improving repeatability by improving quality

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ronen, Shuki; Ackers, Mark; Schlumberger, Geco-Prakla; Brink, Mundy


    Time lapse (4-D) seismic is a promising tool for reservoir characterization and monitoring. The method is apparently simple: to acquire data repeatedly over the same reservoir, process and interpret the data sets, then changes between the data sets indicate changes in the reservoir. A problem with time lapse seismic data is that reservoirs are a relatively small part of the earth and important reservoir changes may cause very small differences to the time lapse data. The challenge is to acquire and process economical time lapse data such that reservoir changes can be detected above the noise of varying acquisition and environment. 7 refs., 9 figs.

  2. Coordinated hybrid automatic repeat request

    KAUST Repository

    Makki, Behrooz


    We develop a coordinated hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) approach. With the proposed scheme, if a user message is correctly decoded in the first HARQ rounds, its spectrum is allocated to other users, to improve the network outage probability and the users\\' fairness. The results, which are obtained for single- and multiple-antenna setups, demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed approach in different conditions. For instance, with a maximum of M retransmissions and single transmit/receive antennas, the diversity gain of a user increases from M to (J+1)(M-1)+1 where J is the number of users helping that user.

  3. Domains via Graphs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Guoqiang; CHEN Yixiang


    This paper provides a concrete and simple introduction to two pillars of domain theory: (1) solving recursive domain equations, and (2) universal and saturated domains. Our exposition combines Larsen and Winskel's idea on solving domain equations using information systems with Girard's idea of stable domain theory in the form of coherence spaces, or graphs.Detailed constructions are given for universal and even homogeneous objects in two categories of graphs: one representing binary complete, prime algebraic domains with complete primes covering the bottom; the other representing ω-algebraic, prime algebraic lattices. The backand-forth argument in model theory helps to enlighten the constructions.

  4. Polarization discrimination between repeater false-target and radar target

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHI LongFei; WANG XueSong; XIAO ShunPing


    High fidelity repeater false-target badly affects a radar system's detecting, tracking, and data processing. It is an available approach of confronting false-target for radar that discriminates firstly and then eliminates. Whereas for the technique progress about the repeater false-target jam, it is more and more difficult to discriminate this jam in the time-domain, frequency-domain, or space-domain. The technique using polarization information to discriminate the target and false-target is discussed in this paper. With the difference that false-target signal vector's polarization ratio is fixed and target echo signal vector's polarization ratio is variational along with radar transmission signal's polarization, we transform the discrimination problem to beeline distinguish problem in the 2-dim complex space. The distributing characteristic expression of the false-target discrimination statistic is constructed, with which the discrimination ratio of false-target is analyzed. For the target case, the decomposed model of target scattering matrix and the concept of distinguish quantity are proposed. Then, the discrimination ratio of target can be forecasted according to target distinguish quantity. Thus, the performance of discrimination method has been analyzed integrally. The simulation results demonstrate the method in this paper is effective on the discrimination of target and false-target.

  5. Crowding by a repeating pattern. (United States)

    Rosen, Sarah; Pelli, Denis G


    Theinability to recognize a peripheral target among flankers is called crowding. For a foveal target, crowding can be distinguished from overlap masking by its sparing of detection, linear scaling with eccentricity, and invariance with target size.Crowding depends on the proximity and similarity of the flankers to the target. Flankers that are far from or dissimilar to the target do not crowd it. On a gray page, text whose neighboring letters have different colors, alternately black and white, has enough dissimilarity that it might escape crowding. Since reading speed is normally limited by crowding, escape from crowding should allow faster reading. Yet reading speed is unchanged (Chung & Mansfield, 2009). Why? A recent vernier study found that using alternating-color flankers produces strong crowding (Manassi, Sayim, & Herzog, 2012). Might that effect occur with letters and reading? Critical spacing is the minimum center-to-center target-flanker spacing needed to correctly identify the target. We measure it for a target letter surrounded by several equidistant flanker letters of the same polarity, opposite polarity, or mixed polarity: alternately white and black. We find strong crowding in the alternating condition, even though each flanker letter is beyond its own critical spacing (as measured in a separate condition). Thus a periodic repeating pattern can produce crowding even when the individual elements do not. Further, in all conditions we find that, once a periodic pattern repeats (two cycles), further repetition does not affect critical spacing of the innermost flanker.

  6. Photon-activated charge domain in high-gain photoconductive switches

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wei Shi(施卫); Huiying Dai(戴慧莹); Xiaowei Sun(孙小卫)


    We report our experimental observation of charge domain oscillation in semi-insulating GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSSs). The high-gain PCSS is intrinsically a photon-activated charge domain device. It is the photon-activated carriers that satisfy the requirement of charge domain formation on carrier concentration and device length product of 1012 cm-2. We also show that, because of the repeated process of domain formation, the domain travels with a compromised speed of electron saturation velocity and the speed of light. As a result, the transit time of charge domains in PCSS is much shorter than that of traditional Gunn domains.

  7. Malezya’da Din-Devlet İlişkisine Kısa Bir Bakış / A Short Overview of the Relationship between Religion and State in Malaysia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Özay


    Full Text Available Abstract Starting from the second half of the 1960s onwards, socio-religious youth movements, which are regarded as the initial element of civil expressions on university campuses, were constructively influential on the perception of the political elites’ understanding of Islam and political evolution of the Islamisation policies in the process in Malaysia. There are opinions that this effect encompassed the efforts of Islamisation particularly in the 1980s. In this process, the task of the state apparatus, as a political power, which managed the religious domain mostly considered belonging to the civil sector, deserves to be scrutinized in relation with at least some influential factors in the near and distant past of the Muslim Malay community. And, it cannot be overseen that the functions of the traditional Malay rulers, say, Sultans, were transferred, to some or larger extent, to the Federal government after the independence. With regard to this, in this article, the present writer will focus on some aspects of the policies of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who has molded majorily the history of modern Malaysia, regarding his Islamisation policy aligned with the state-religion relationship. Özet Malezya’da 1960’lı yılların ikinci yarısından itibaren üniversite kampüslerinde başlayan ve sivilleşmenin bir unsuru olarak telâkki edilen dini-toplumsal hareketlerin İslam’ın ülke siyasi elitince algılanmasında ve pratikte İslamlaştırma adıyla anılabilecek politikalara evrilmesinde önemli etkisi olmuştur. Bu etkinin, özellikle 1980’li yıllarda devlet eliyle İslamlaştırma çabalarına yol açtığı konusunda görüşler bulunmaktadır. Bu süreçte, yani devletin siyasi bir güç olarak sivil alana dahil olan dini çekip çevirme işini üstlenmesinde, özellikle Müslüman Malay toplumunun yakın ve uzak geçmişindeki kimi faktörler dikkate alınmayı hak etmektedir. Bu bağlamda, geleneksel Malay devletlerinde

  8. Seyyid Vehbi'nin Divanında Yer Almayan Bir Kasidesi The Kaside That Doesn’t Take Place In Divan Of Seyyid Vehbi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haluk GÖKALP


    Full Text Available Perodicals include kinds of poems. In addition they comprise artistic and cultural accumulation when they were written. Pastiche collections give knowledge abaut pastiche tradition and interactions between poets. Poem notebooks which can collect diffrent subjects contribute to history of literatüre. So, pastiche collections or other collections are one of the main source of classical poetry. Contributions of periodicals to classical school of poetry investigating, may be collected with three groups. Firsh of all, periodicals reflect the plcasure of poem when they were written and poems which were approued can be determined. Second one, they contribute to recognition of poets who weren’t mentioned in history of literature. Third one, investigetors can benefit from periodicals for poems which weren’t mentioned in poet’s divan which include their poems. By this way, investigators can collect all poems of poet. İn this study, we evalvated the contributions of periodicals to classical poetry investigators. And than we are going to publish Seyyid Vehbi’s kaside in “Sıhhatname ve Sur-ı Hıtana Müteallik Kasaid” which was found from Topkapı Palace Library. With this study, Seyyid Vehbi’s poem which weren’t mentioned in other 31 copy is going to be presented to investigator’s advantage. Şiir mecmuaları çeşitli şiirleri derlemekle birlikte yazıldığı devrin sanat ve kültür birikimini de bir araya getirirler. Nazire mecmuaları nazire geleneğini ve şairler arası etkileşimi örnekleriyle gözler önüne sererken, farklı konular etrafında toplanan ya da -tamamen okuyucunun zevkine göre gelişigüzel toplanan- şiir defterleri edebiyat tarihini bir bütünlük içinde görmemize olumlu katkılar sağlar. Bu nedenle nazire mecmuaları ya da diğer şiir mecmuaları, divan şiiri araştırmalarının başlıca kaynaklarındandır. Genel olarak baktığımızda mecmuaların divan edebiyatı araştırmalarına katk

  9. Türkçede Edatlar Üzerine Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi A Bibliografphy Study about Particles İn Turkish

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Birol İPEK


    Full Text Available Many bibliographies on various topics was conducted in Turkey Turkish. This study was conducted on Turkey Turkish prepositions include bibliographies. Particles are the words making a sense when used together with other words with no meaning on their own. Particles are one of the eight types of words being used in Turkish. Particleswithin Turkish words rank as auxiliary word class. Because they areauxiliary words, they have a wide usage area. Several studies have beencarried out in respect to the roots, functions and usage area ofparticles. However, no bibliography study on particles has been done sofar. We have created a particles bibliography by gathering, to someextend we can reach, the studies carried out on particles. Whenchoosing bibliography studies have included working more directly tothe subject of particles.Bibliography attempt study contains articles published inperiodicals, statements of congress, convention and symposium, masterand doctoral studies, and books related to particles. This studycontains publications discussing the subject of particles from oldTurkish to the present day. With regard to integrity of the subject, itwas also given place to study discussing particles in ContemporaryTurkish Dialects and Turkey’s Turkish Dialects. We aimed at suchstudy to provide more convenient access to particles bibliography forscientists and researchers who want to do research on particles.Studies ordered by the authors last name. Articles and papers names inquotation marks "...", are given in the track of the names are written initalics. In this study, Bibliography, particles scanned resources andconstraints sections. The study included a total of 114 given in thebibliography. Türkiye Türkçesinde çeşitli konularda birçok bibliyografya çalışması yapılmıştır. Bu çalışma, Türkiye Türkçesinde edatlarla ilgili yapılmış bibliyografyaları içermektedir. Edatlar tek başlarına anlamları olmayan diğer kelimelerle

  10. Automatization and familiarity in repeated checking

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dek, Eliane C P; van den Hout, Marcel A.; Giele, Catharina L.; Engelhard, Iris M.


    Repeated checking paradoxically increases memory uncertainty. This study investigated the underlying mechanism of this effect. We hypothesized that as a result of repeated checking, familiarity with stimuli increases, and automatization of the checking procedure occurs, which should result in decrea

  11. CDC Vital Signs: Preventing Repeat Teen Births (United States)

    ... file Error processing SSI file Preventing Repeat Teen Births Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir On this ... Too many teens, ages 15–19, have repeat births. Nearly 1 in 5 births to teens, ages ...

  12. Domains of laminin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engvall, E; Wewer, U M


    Extracellular matrix molecules are often very large and made up of several independent domains, frequently with autonomous activities. Laminin is no exception. A number of globular and rod-like domains can be identified in laminin and its isoforms by sequence analysis as well as by electron...... microscopy. Here we present the structure-function relations in laminins by examination of their individual domains. This approach to viewing laminin is based on recent results from several laboratories. First, some mutations in laminin genes that cause disease have affected single laminin domains, and some...... laminin isoforms lack particular domains. These mutants and isoforms are informative with regard to the activities of the mutated and missing domains. These mutants and isoforms are informative with regard to the activities of the mutated and missing domains. Second, laminin-like domains have now been...

  13. Võidukas läbirääkija Vladimir Panov : Keskerakonna koalitsioonis püsides tagan veehinna stabiilsuse 2010 aastani / Vladimir Panov ; interv. Allan Alaküla

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Panov, Vladimir, 1941-


    Ilmunud ka: Stolitsa 30.august lk.3. AS Tallinna Vesi ja Tallinna linn leppisid kokku uues tariifi muutmise struktuuris järgmisteks aastateks. Tallinna abilinnapea Vladimir Panov vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad läbirääkimisi Tallinna Vee ja Tallinna linna vahel

  14. Expanded complexity of unstable repeat diseases


    Polak, Urszula; McIvor, Elizabeth; Dent, Sharon Y.R.; Wells, Robert D.; Napierala, Marek.


    Unstable Repeat Diseases (URDs) share a common mutational phenomenon of changes in the copy number of short, tandemly repeated DNA sequences. More than 20 human neurological diseases are caused by instability, predominantly expansion, of microsatellite sequences. Changes in the repeat size initiate a cascade of pathological processes, frequently characteristic of a unique disease or a small subgroup of the URDs. Understanding of both the mechanism of repeat instability and molecular consequen...

  15. Râzî’nin, Kur’an’daki Yeryüzü (Arz Âyetleriyle İlgili Tefsir-i Kebir’deki Yorumları: Modern Jeoloji Biliminin Verileriyle Kısa Bir Mukayese

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enver Bayram


    Full Text Available ÖzetBatı dünyasında bilimsel buluş ve keşiflerin yeni başladığı bir dönemde, İslam dünyasında birçok bilimsel buluş ve keşif Müslüman bilim adamları tarafından ortaya konulmuştur. Bu buluş ve keşiflerin yapıldığı alanlardan biri de Jeoloji (yer ilmidir. Bu konuyu tefsirinde etraflıca ele alan Râzî (ö. 606/1210, yer ile ilgili âyetleri kendi döneminin ilmi verileri doğrultusunda ayrıntılı bir şekilde tefsir etmiştir. Bu yüzden onun bazı açıklamaları, zaman zaman modern Jeoloji ilminin verilerine ters düşebilmektedir. Onun, bu âyetleri tefsir ederken en temel amacı, bunları Allah’ın varlığına ve birliğine delil getirmesi olmuştur.AbstractDuring a period when the scientific inventions and discoveries were just beginning in the West, many inventions and discoveries had been done by Muslim Scientists in Muslim world. One of the areas where these inventions and discoveries were carried out was Geology the science of the Earth. Al-Râzî (606/1210 who discussed this subject in his commentary, translates the verses about the Earth with the help of the scientific knowledges of his age in a detailed way.Therefore, some of his explanations may be the opposite of the facts of modern Geology from time to time. His main goal -while commenting these verses- was to make them an evidence for the existence and oneness of Allah.RésuméA une époque où les nouvelles inventions et les découvertes scientifiques ont commencé à apparaître dans le monde occidental, plusieurs inventions et découvertes scientifiques étaient déjà découvertes par les scientifiques musulmans dans le monde islamique. L’un des domaines de ces inventions et découvertes est la géologie. Râzi (m. 606/1210, qui a examiné ce sujet en détail dans son exégèse coranique, a interprété les versets concernés à la terre d’une manière détaillée conformément aux données scientifiques de son temps. De ce fait, certaines

  16. İki Spor Kulübünün Hisse Senedi Getirileri Üzerine Bir İnceleme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deniz PARLAK


    Full Text Available Futbol, günümüz dünyasında bir eğlence unsuru olmaktan çıkarak endüstri kolu haline gelmiştir. Bu sporun Türkiye’deki en önemli temsilcileri olan Fenerbahçe ve Galatasaray’ın arasındaki rekabet hem takım düzeyinde sahada hem de şirket düzeyinde borsada yaşanmaktadır. Çalışmanın amacı bu iki futbol takımının yaptıkları karşılaşmalarda aldıkları sonuçların borsada işlem gören hisselerine ait fiyatlara etkisini incelemektir. Takımların kendi sonuçlarının yanı sıra rakibinin aldığı sonuçların da şirketin hisse senedi getirisine etki edip etmediği araştırılmıştır. Kullanılan üç günlük olay etüdü analizi ile maç sonuçlarına ait beklentilerin maçtan bir gün önce, maç sonuçlarının ise maçtan bir gün sonra kümülatif anormal getiri yarattığını göstermiştir. Kümülatif anormal getirinin rakibin elde ettiği sonuçlara göre farklılık göstermediği saptanmıştır.

  17. Çocuklar İçin Felsefe Eğitimi Üzerine Nitel Bir Araştırma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nihan Akkocaoğlu Çayır


    Full Text Available Çocuklar için felsefe çocukların, bir metin, öykü ya da örnek olaydan yola çıkarak bilgi, doğru, gerçek, güzel, adalet gibi felsefi kavramları bir yetişkin rehberliğinde tartışmalarıdır. Bu araştırma çocuklar için felsefe eğitiminin, ilkokul üçüncü sınıf öğrencilerini bilişsel, duyuşsal ve sosyal alanlarda nasıl etkilediğini tespit etmek amacıyla on dört hafta toplam yirmi sekiz saat sürecinde nitel araştırma yöntemi kullanılarak yürütülmüştür. Çocuklarla felsefe yapmak üzere hazırlanan ders planları iki ayrı sınıfta, kırk sekiz öğrenciye, iki öğretmen tarafından uygulanmıştır. Süreç sonunda öğrencilerde bilişsel alanda, felsefe, felsefe soruları ve filozofların özelliklerini anlama, kavramlar arası ilişki kurma, kavramları günlük hayatla ilişkilendirme, düşünme hatalarını kavrama, düşünmeye yönelme, farklı açılardan düşünme gibi değişimler gözlemlenmiştir. Duyuşsal alanda ise filozoflardan, felsefeden hoşlanma ve kavramlara yönelik farkındalıklar söz konusu olmuştur. Sosyal alanda ise öğrencilerin sorun çözme ve birbirlerini tanımaları noktasında değişimler yaşanmıştır. Çocuklar için felsefe, okul öncesinden liseye kadar farklı yaş düzeylerindeki pek çok dersin programlarıyla bütünleştirilebilir ya da ayrı bir ders olarak okutulabilir.

  18. 47 CFR 97.205 - Repeater station. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Repeater station. 97.205 Section 97.205... SERVICE Special Operations § 97.205 Repeater station. (a) Any amateur station licensed to a holder of a Technician, General, Advanced or Amateur Extra Class operator license may be a repeater. A holder of...

  19. 47 CFR 22.1015 - Repeater operation. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Repeater operation. 22.1015 Section 22.1015... Offshore Radiotelephone Service § 22.1015 Repeater operation. Offshore central stations may be used as repeater stations provided that the licensee is able to maintain control of the station, and in...

  20. ProtRepeatsDB: a database of amino acid repeats in genomes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chauhan Virander S


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Genome wide and cross species comparisons of amino acid repeats is an intriguing problem in biology mainly due to the highly polymorphic nature and diverse functions of amino acid repeats. Innate protein repeats constitute vital functional and structural regions in proteins. Repeats are of great consequence in evolution of proteins, as evident from analysis of repeats in different organisms. In the post genomic era, availability of protein sequences encoded in different genomes provides a unique opportunity to perform large scale comparative studies of amino acid repeats. ProtRepeatsDB is a relational database of perfect and mismatch repeats, access to which is designed as a resource and collection of tools for detection and cross species comparisons of different types of amino acid repeats. Description ProtRepeatsDB (v1.2 consists of perfect as well as mismatch amino acid repeats in the protein sequences of 141 organisms, the genomes of which are now available. The web interface of ProtRepeatsDB consists of different tools to perform repeat s; based on protein IDs, organism name, repeat sequences, and keywords as in FASTA headers, size, frequency, gene ontology (GO annotation IDs and regular expressions (REGEXP describing repeats. These tools also allow formulation of a variety of simple, complex and logical queries to facilitate mining and large-scale cross-species comparisons of amino acid repeats. In addition to this, the database also contains sequence analysis tools to determine repeats in user input sequences. Conclusion ProtRepeatsDB is a multi-organism database of different types of amino acid repeats present in proteins. It integrates useful tools to perform genome wide queries for rapid screening and identification of amino acid repeats and facilitates comparative and evolutionary studies of the repeats. The database is useful for identification of species or organism specific

  1. Genes and pathways affected by CAG-repeat RNA-based toxicity in Drosophila


    Shieh, Shin-Yi; Bonini, Nancy M.


    Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 is one of the polyglutamine (polyQ) diseases, which are caused by a CAG-repeat expansion within the coding region of the associated genes. The CAG repeat specifies glutamine, and the expanded polyQ domain mutation confers dominant toxicity on the protein. Traditionally, studies have focused on protein toxicity in polyQ disease mechanisms. Recent findings, however, demonstrate that the CAG-repeat RNA, which encodes the toxic polyQ protein, also contributes to the ...

  2. Solution properties of the archaeal CRISPR DNA repeat-binding homeodomain protein Cbp2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kenchappa, Chandra; Heiðarsson, Pétur Orri; Kragelund, Birthe;


    in facilitating high affinity DNA binding of Cbp2 by tethering the two domains. Structural studies on mutant proteins provide support for Cys(7) and Cys(28) enhancing high thermal stability of Cbp2(Hb) through disulphide bridge formation. Consistent with their proposed CRISPR transcriptional regulatory role, Cbp2......Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) form the basis of diverse adaptive immune systems directed primarily against invading genetic elements of archaea and bacteria. Cbp1 of the crenarchaeal thermoacidophilic order Sulfolobales, carrying three imperfect repeats, binds...... specifically to CRISPR DNA repeats and has been implicated in facilitating production of long transcripts from CRISPR loci. Here, a second related class of CRISPR DNA repeat-binding protein, denoted Cbp2, is characterized that contains two imperfect repeats and is found amongst members of the crenarchaeal...

  3. Solution properties of the archaeal CRISPR DNA repeat-binding homeodomain protein Cbp2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kenchappa, Chandra; Heiðarsson, Pétur Orri; Kragelund, Birthe


    Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) form the basis of diverse adaptive immune systems directed primarily against invading genetic elements of archaea and bacteria. Cbp1 of the crenarchaeal thermoacidophilic order Sulfolobales, carrying three imperfect repeats, binds...... specifically to CRISPR DNA repeats and has been implicated in facilitating production of long transcripts from CRISPR loci. Here, a second related class of CRISPR DNA repeat-binding protein, denoted Cbp2, is characterized that contains two imperfect repeats and is found amongst members of the crenarchaeal...... in facilitating high affinity DNA binding of Cbp2 by tethering the two domains. Structural studies on mutant proteins provide support for Cys(7) and Cys(28) enhancing high thermal stability of Cbp2(Hb) through disulphide bridge formation. Consistent with their proposed CRISPR transcriptional regulatory role, Cbp2...

  4. Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins in plants. (United States)

    Barkan, Alice; Small, Ian


    Pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins constitute one of the largest protein families in land plants, with more than 400 members in most species. Over the past decade, much has been learned about the molecular functions of these proteins, where they act in the cell, and what physiological roles they play during plant growth and development. A typical PPR protein is targeted to mitochondria or chloroplasts, binds one or several organellar transcripts, and influences their expression by altering RNA sequence, turnover, processing, or translation. Their combined action has profound effects on organelle biogenesis and function and, consequently, on photosynthesis, respiration, plant development, and environmental responses. Recent breakthroughs in understanding how PPR proteins recognize RNA sequences through modular base-specific contacts will help match proteins to potential binding sites and provide a pathway toward designing synthetic RNA-binding proteins aimed at desired targets.

  5. Two-dimensional quantum repeaters (United States)

    Wallnöfer, J.; Zwerger, M.; Muschik, C.; Sangouard, N.; Dür, W.


    The endeavor to develop quantum networks gave rise to a rapidly developing field with far-reaching applications such as secure communication and the realization of distributed computing tasks. This ultimately calls for the creation of flexible multiuser structures that allow for quantum communication between arbitrary pairs of parties in the network and facilitate also multiuser applications. To address this challenge, we propose a two-dimensional quantum repeater architecture to establish long-distance entanglement shared between multiple communication partners in the presence of channel noise and imperfect local control operations. The scheme is based on the creation of self-similar multiqubit entanglement structures at growing scale, where variants of entanglement swapping and multiparty entanglement purification are combined to create high-fidelity entangled states. We show how such networks can be implemented using trapped ions in cavities.

  6. General benchmarks for quantum repeaters

    CERN Document Server

    Pirandola, Stefano


    Using a technique based on quantum teleportation, we simplify the most general adaptive protocols for key distribution, entanglement distillation and quantum communication over a wide class of quantum channels in arbitrary dimension. Thanks to this method, we bound the ultimate rates for secret key generation and quantum communication through single-mode Gaussian channels and several discrete-variable channels. In particular, we derive exact formulas for the two-way assisted capacities of the bosonic quantum-limited amplifier and the dephasing channel in arbitrary dimension, as well as the secret key capacity of the qubit erasure channel. Our results establish the limits of quantum communication with arbitrary systems and set the most general and precise benchmarks for testing quantum repeaters in both discrete- and continuous-variable settings.

  7. Hungarian repeat station survey, 2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Péter Kovács


    Full Text Available The last Hungarian repeat station survey was completed between October 2010 and February 2011. Declination, inclination and the total field were observed using one-axial DMI fluxgate magnetometer mounted on Zeiss20A theodolite and GSM 19 Overhauser magnetometer. The magnetic elements of the sites were reduced to the epoch of 2010.5 on the basis of the continuous recordings of Tihany Geophysical Observatory. In stations located far from the reference observatory, the observations were carried out in the morning and afternoon in order to decrease the effect of the distant temporal correction. To further increase the accuracy, on-site dIdD variometer has also been installed near the Aggtelek station, in the Baradla cave, during the survey of the easternmost sites. The paper presents the technical details and the results of our last campaign. The improvement of the accuracy of the temporal reduction by the use of the local variometer is also reported.

  8. Quality control during repeated fryings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cuesta, C.


    Full Text Available Most of the debate ¡s about how the slow or frequent turnover of fresh fat affects the deterioration, of fat used in frying. Then, the modification of different oils used in repeated fryings of potatoes without or with turnover of fresh oil, under similar frying conditions, was evaluated by two criteria: by measuring the total polar component isolated by column chromatography and by the evaluation of the specific compounds related to thermoxidative and hydrolytic alteration by High Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography (HPSEC. The results indicate that with frequent turnover of fresh oil, the critical level of 25% of polar material is rarely reached, and there are fewer problems with fat deterioration because the frying tended to increase the level of polar material and thermoxidative compounds (polymers and dimers of triglycerides and oxidized triglycerides in the fryer oil during the first fryings, followed by minor changes and a tendency to reach a near-steady state in successive fryings. However, in repeated frying of potatoes using a null turnover the alteration rate was higher being linear the relationship found between polar material or the different thermoxidative compounds and the number of fryings. On the other hand chemical reactions produced during deep-fat frying can be minimized by using proper oils. In addition the increased level of consumers awareness toward fat composition and its impact on human health could had an impact on the selection of fats for snacks and for industry. In this way monoenic fats are the most adequate from a nutritional point of view and for its oxidative stability during frying.

  9. Yüzde tabanlı String Eşleme Problemi için yeni bir donanım modülü tasarımı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İbrahim Şahin


    Full Text Available Bir verinin bir dizgi içerisinde veya bir gen yapısının bir DNA gen dizilimi içerisinde arama işleminin gerçekleştirilmesi için çeşitli algoritmalar kullanılmaktadır. Kullanılan bu algoritmalardan bazıları bize mutlak eşleşme olmadığı durumlarda olumsuz dönüt vermekte, bazıları ise “bunu mu arıyorsunuz” diye alternatifler sunmaktadır. Her iki algoritma da genel amaçlı PC’lerde saniyeler süren işlemler sonucunda bize dönüt verebilmektedir. Bu çalışmada bize hem mutlak eşleşmeyi hem de hedef dizgi içinde yüzdelik eşleşme oranlarının gerçekleştiği konumu veren FPGA çiplerine yönelik yüksek performanslı bir donanım modülü tasarlanmıştır. Geliştirilen modülün veri işleme hızı farklı PC’lerle karşılaştırılmış ve 2300 kata kadar daha hızlı arama gerçekleştirdiği karşılaştırma sonuçlarından elde edilen veriler ile doğrulanmıştır.

  10. Yapay Sinir Ağları ile Çok Aşamalı Fiyat Tahmini: BIST30 Senetleri Üzerine Bir Araştırma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Özçalıcı


    Full Text Available Zaman serileri tahmini literatürde ilgi gören bir konudur. Hisse senedi fiyatları da zaman serisi oluşturmaktadır ve hisse senedi fiyat tahmininin birçok avantajlı tarafı mevcuttur. Literatürde hisse senedi fiyat tahmini üzerine yapılan çalışmalarda genellikle bir gün sonraki fiyatların veya eğilimin tahmin edildiği görülmektedir. Bu çalışmada literatürden farklı olarak 1 gün sonraki, 2 gün sonraki ve 20 gün sonraki hisse senedi kapanış fiyatları tahmin edilmiştir. Veri seti olarak Borsa Istanbul 30 endeksinde listelenen hisse senetlerinin Ocak 2010 ile Kasım 2015 tarihleri arasındaki fiyat ve hacim bilgileri kullanılmış ve girdi olarak teknik göstergeler hesaplanmıştır. Çalışmada tahmin yöntemi olarak yapay sinir ağları kullanılmıştır. Sonuçta hisse senetlerindeki fiyat hareketleri %72.88 e varan oranda 20 gün önceden doğru bir şekilde tahmin edilebilmiştir. Araştırmada elde edilen bulgular, orta dönemli fiyat tahminlerinin de derinlemesine inceleme gerektiren önemli bir potansiyele sahip olduğu sonucunu ortaya çıkarmaktadır.

  11. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP and an Application: The Selection of a Library Director as a Leader Analitik Hiyerarşi Süreci (AHS ve Bir Uygulama: Lider bir Kütüphane Müdürü Seçimi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murat Yılmaz


    Full Text Available The librarians have to take various decisions to deal with the problems met in library and information centers. Before having made the decisions, the librarians should firstly define the problem with all details. If the librarians have clear information about the relevant problem, they can easily define and solve it. But the problems met by librarians in library and information centers sometimes may have a complex and an unclear structure. The librarians need a powerful method to deal with such a problem having a complex and an unclear structure. This method may be Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP. The main purpose of this study is to explain how to use the AHP. Furthermore, in this study it is also explained how to select a library director as a leader. Kütüphane ve bilgi merkezlerinde karşılaşılan problemlerin üstesinden gelmek için kütüphaneciler, çeşitli kararlar almak zorundadır. Karar vermek için kütüphanecilerin öncelikle problemi tanımlaması gerekir. Kütüphanecilerin problemle ilgili net verilere sahip olmaları söz konusu problemin tanımlanmasını ve çözümünü kolaylaştırır. Fakat kütüphanecilerin kütüphane ve bilgi merkezlerinde karşılaştıkları sorunlara ilişkin veriler bazen karmaşık ve belirsiz bir yapıda olabilir. Kütüphanecilerin karmaşık ve belirsiz bir yapıya sahip bu tür problemlerin üstesinden gelmeleri için güçlü bir yöntemden yararlanması gerekir. Bu yöntem, Analitik Hiyerarşi Süreci (AHS olabilir. Bu araştırmanın temel amacı, AHS yönteminden nasıl yararlanılacağını açıklamaktır. Araştırmamızda ayrıca AHS yöntemiyle lider bir kütüphane müdürünün nasıl seçileceği de açıklanmıştır.

  12. Dereceli Puanlama Anahtarı Kullanan Öğrencilerin Başarıları Üzerine Bir İnceleme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayşegül BAYRAKTAR


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmanın genel amacı, performans ödevlerini hazırlarken Derecelendirilmiş Puanlama Anahtarı (DPA kullanan ortaokul öğrencileriyle kullanmayan öğrencilerin başarıları arasında fark olup olmadığını belirlemektir. Çalışma grubu, aynı Türkçe öğretmeninden ders alan ve Türkçe dersindeki akademik başarıları birbirine denk iki 6 sınıf öğrencisinden (n=44 oluşmaktadır. Bu gruplardan birisi rastlantısal atama yoluyla deney grubu (n=22, diğeri ise kontrol grubu (n=22 olarak belirlenmiştir. Araştırmanın verileri öğrencilerin performans ödevlerinden aldıkları puanlardan toplanmıştır. Çalışmanın ilk aşamasında öğrencilerin düzeyine ve 6. Sınıf Türkçe Öğretimi Programı’nın kazanımlarına uygun bir performans ödevi hazırlanmıştır. Daha sonra bu ödevin nasıl yapılacağını açıklayan ve her iki gruptaki öğrencilere de verilen ayrıntılı bir yönerge ile alanyazın taraması, uzmanların görüş ve önerileri doğrultusunda 9 boyutu olan çözümleyici (analitik bir DPA hazırlanmıştır. Ayrıntılı yönerge her iki gruba, DPA ise yalnızca deney grubuna verilmiştir. Öğrencilerin hazırladıkları ödevler bu DPA’nın belirlenen 9 boyutuna göre deneyimli iki Türkçe öğretmeni tarafından değerlendirilmiştir. Shapiro-Wilk testine göre dağılımların normal olduğu belirlenmiş, bu nedenle Pearson korelasyon katsayısı hesaplanmış ve değerlendiriciler arasındaki tutarlılık (0,77. olarak belirlenmiştir. Bu değer .05 düzeyinde anlamlı olup, aynı zamanda iki puanlayıcı uyumu için yeterli düzeydedir. İki grubun performans ödevlerindeki başarı puanları arasında fark olup olmadığına Mann-Whitney U testi ile bakılmış; sonuçta yalnızca Dil ve Anlatım boyutlarında deney grubu öğrencilerinin lehine anlamlı bir fark olduğu görülmüştür.

  13. A Pragmatic Approach to the National Information Policy Issue Ulusal Bilgi Politikası Sorunsalına Pragmatik Bir Yaklaşım

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Selma Alpay Aslan


    Full Text Available The paper argues that development of a national information policy in a country is closely related with other policies, priorities and preferences of governments. Recently developed national information policies have a tendency to concentrate on information industry and information society, where library and information services receive only lip service, if mentioned at all. Global trends play an important role in the way information policy issues are handled. Governments in some countries like Turkey have no wish to produce a comprehensive national policy, and some priority areas such as intellectual property or information infrastructure are handled individually in a piecemeal approach. Under these circumstances, it may be wiser for information professionals to discuss policy issues amongst themselves, develop views and work on individual issues rather than trying to impose that it is a need to develop a national information policy. Bu makalede, bir ülkede ulusal bilgi politikası oluşturulmasının hükümetlerin diğer politikaları, öncelikleri ve tercihleri ile yakından ilgili olduğu savunulmaktadır, tartışılmaktadır. Son yıllarda geliştirilen ulusal bilgi politikaları bilgi endüstrisi ve bilgi toplumu konularında yoğunlaşmaktadır. Kütüphane ve bilgi hizmetlerine bazen hiç değinilmemekte ya da yalnızca bazı yönlerine değinilmektedir. Küresel eğilimler bilgi politikalarına yaklaşımlarda önemli rol oynamaktadır. Türkiye gibi bazı ülkelerde hükümetler kapsamlı bir bilgi politikası oluşturmaya istekli görünmemekte olup, politika geliştirmeye gerek duyulan telif hakları, teknolojik altyapı gibi bazı konuları tek tek ele almışlardır. Bu koşullarda bilgi hizmetleri alanında çalışanlar, kendi aralarında politika konularını tartışarak görüşler oluşturmaları ve bir ulusal bilgi politikası geliştirilmesi gerektiği konusunda yoğunlaşmak yerine, öncelikli olarak politika geli

  14. Wilson İlkeleri’nin Türk Dış Politikasına Yansımaları: Realist ve Pragmatist Bir Perspektif

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asena Boztaş


    Full Text Available Türk dış politikası ve uluslararası politikanın yapılanarak günümüze evrilmesinde mihenk taşı olarak addedilen Birinci Dünya Savaşı sonrası süreçte özellikle Wilson İlkeleri büyük önem taşımaktadır. On dört maddeden oluşan ve aslında ifade ettikleri ve hedefledikleri farklılıklar gösteren Wilson İlkeleri 1918 yılında ilan edilmiştir. İlanıyla birlikte savaşın mağlup ülkelerinin tamamında olduğu gibi Genç Türkiye’de de büyük heyecan ve umut yaratan İlkeler, çalışma kapsamında farklı bir perspektiften değerlendirilerek günümüz Türk dış politikasına etkileri nezdinde incelenecektir. Wilson İlkeleri’nin kısaca dönemin Amerikan başkanı Thomas Woodrow Wilson tarafından açıklanan, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (ABD’nin Birinci Dünya Savaşı’na ilişkin on dört maddelik savaş amaçları bildirisi olduğu ifade edilebilir. Self-determinasyon ilkesi temelinde uluslararası bir yapılanmayı önermesi bakımından dönemin Türk aydınları tarafından da kabul görmüş olan İlkeler, aslında gizli amaçları çerçevesinde kendi ülkesine hizmet etmeyi planlayan bir zihniyetin çalışması olarak değerlendirilebilir. Bu bağlamda çalışma kapsamında Birinci Dünya Savaşı sonrası büyük güçler tarafından oldukça önemli olduğu bilinen Genç Türkiye’nin Wilson İlkeleri’nin özellikle beşinci ve on ikinci maddeleriyle değerlendirilerek, günümüzde Wilson İlkeleri benzeri içtihadi normlar kapsamında Türkiye’nin uluslararası ve özellikle Kürt meselesi bağlamında bölgesel politikalarının nasıl şekillendiği analiz edilecektir. Bu değerlendirmede öncelikle tarihsel arka plana yer verilecek ve günümüzde de benzeri nitelikte yaşanan bir sürecin varlığına işaret edilerek, Türk dış politikasının nasıl şekillendiği, bu politikaların olumlu ve olumsuz yönleri ele alınacaktır.

  15. Tedarik zinciri yönetiminde scor modelin dcor ve ccor model ile genişletilmesi ve mobilya sektöründe bir uygulama


    TORUL, Yağmur; Kalender, Fatma Yeşim


    Bugüne kadar geliştirilen analitik ve sayısal modeller tedarik zincirini bir bütün olarak ele almakta yetersiz kalmıştır. 1996 yılında Tedarik Zinciri Konseyi tedarik zinciri yönetimi için endüstriler arası standart olarak Tedarik Zinciri İşletim Referans Modelini (SCOR) geliştirmiştir. Bu çalışmada 2005 yılında geliştirilen Costumer Chain Operation Reference Model (CCOR) ve Design Chain Operation Reference Model (DCOR) kullanılarak SCOR modelinin kapsamı nasıl genişletildiği anlatılmıştır. D...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadir TUNA


    Full Text Available Bu makale, portföy yatırımlarında bir karar destek sistemi olarak rejim geçişken modellerin ne şekilde kullanılabileceğini gelişmekte olan hisse senedi piyasalarına ait zaman serilerini ve Gauss yazılım programını kullanarak incelemektedir. Yönetim bilişim sistemlerinde, model riskinin minimize edilmesi, karar destek siteminin uygulanacağı problemin net olarak tanımlanması ve bu problemin çözümünde kullanılacak modelin doğru seçilmesi ile mümkündür. Ekonometrik testlerin sonuçları, Ukrayna hariç, gelişmekte olan ekonomilerde hisse senetleri piyasalarında 09/01/2004-13/09/2007 tarihleri arasında, ABD hisse senedi piyasaları ile karşılaştırıldığında kalıcı bir volatilitenin gözlemlendiğini ortaya koymaktadır. Bu kapsamda, Türkiye, Rusya, Ukrayna, Brezilya, Lübnan, ABD (Dow Jones Industrial Average ve MSCI (Morgan Stanley Composite Index hisse senedi piyasalarında rejim geçişkenliği ekonometrik olarak karşılaştırmalı incelenmiştir.

  17. Biyodizel ve Karışımlarının Kullanıldığı bir Dizel Motorda Performans ve Emisyon Analizi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet Necati ÖZSEZEN


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, atık palmiye yağı kökenli biyodizel ve petrol kökenli dizel yakıtı (PKDY ile karışımlarının, bir dizel motordaki performans ve emisyon karakteristikleri üç boyutlu haritalar üzerinden analiz edilmiştir. Biyodizel ve karışımlarının performans ve emisyon karakterlerini belirlemek amacıyla, motor tam yük ve değişik devir testlerine tabi tutulmuştur. Analiz sonucunda, karışımdaki biyodizel oranı arttıkça PKDY'a göre özgül yakıt tüketiminde artış olduğu, motorun döndürme momentinde ise azalma meydana geldiği tespit edilmiştir. Emisyon analizi sonucunda ise, karışımdaki biyodizel oranı ile ilişkili olarak PKDY'a kıyasla yanmamış hidrokarbon (HC, karbon monoksit (CO ve duman koyuluğu emisyonlarında iyileşmeler olduğu, bununla birlikte karbon dioksit (CO2 ve azot oksit (NOx emisyonlarının motor devrine göre kararlı bir yapı sergilemediği belirlenmiştir.

  18. Rational design of alpha-helical tandem repeat proteins with closed architectures (United States)

    Doyle, Lindsey; Hallinan, Jazmine; Bolduc, Jill; Parmeggiani, Fabio; Baker, David; Stoddard, Barry L.; Bradley, Philip


    Tandem repeat proteins, which are formed by repetition of modular units of protein sequence and structure, play important biological roles as macromolecular binding and scaffolding domains, enzymes, and building blocks for the assembly of fibrous materials1,2. The modular nature of repeat proteins enables the rapid construction and diversification of extended binding surfaces by duplication and recombination of simple building blocks3,4. The overall architecture of tandem repeat protein structures – which is dictated by the internal geometry and local packing of the repeat building blocks – is highly diverse, ranging from extended, super-helical folds that bind peptide, DNA, and RNA partners5–9, to closed and compact conformations with internal cavities suitable for small molecule binding and catalysis10. Here we report the development and validation of computational methods for de novo design of tandem repeat protein architectures driven purely by geometric criteria defining the inter-repeat geometry, without reference to the sequences and structures of existing repeat protein families. We have applied these methods to design a series of closed alpha-solenoid11 repeat structures (alpha-toroids) in which the inter-repeat packing geometry is constrained so as to juxtapose the N- and C-termini; several of these designed structures have been validated by X-ray crystallography. Unlike previous approaches to tandem repeat protein engineering12–20, our design procedure does not rely on template sequence or structural information taken from natural repeat proteins and hence can produce structures unlike those seen in nature. As an example, we have successfully designed and validated closed alpha-solenoid repeats with a left-handed helical architecture that – to our knowledge – is not yet present in the protein structure database21. PMID:26675735

  19. Rational design of α-helical tandem repeat proteins with closed architectures. (United States)

    Doyle, Lindsey; Hallinan, Jazmine; Bolduc, Jill; Parmeggiani, Fabio; Baker, David; Stoddard, Barry L; Bradley, Philip


    Tandem repeat proteins, which are formed by repetition of modular units of protein sequence and structure, play important biological roles as macromolecular binding and scaffolding domains, enzymes, and building blocks for the assembly of fibrous materials. The modular nature of repeat proteins enables the rapid construction and diversification of extended binding surfaces by duplication and recombination of simple building blocks. The overall architecture of tandem repeat protein structures--which is dictated by the internal geometry and local packing of the repeat building blocks--is highly diverse, ranging from extended, super-helical folds that bind peptide, DNA, and RNA partners, to closed and compact conformations with internal cavities suitable for small molecule binding and catalysis. Here we report the development and validation of computational methods for de novo design of tandem repeat protein architectures driven purely by geometric criteria defining the inter-repeat geometry, without reference to the sequences and structures of existing repeat protein families. We have applied these methods to design a series of closed α-solenoid repeat structures (α-toroids) in which the inter-repeat packing geometry is constrained so as to juxtapose the amino (N) and carboxy (C) termini; several of these designed structures have been validated by X-ray crystallography. Unlike previous approaches to tandem repeat protein engineering, our design procedure does not rely on template sequence or structural information taken from natural repeat proteins and hence can produce structures unlike those seen in nature. As an example, we have successfully designed and validated closed α-solenoid repeats with a left-handed helical architecture that--to our knowledge--is not yet present in the protein structure database.

  20. An archaeological data assessment of Persian ethnicity in LydiaLydia’da Pers etnisitesine ait arkeolojik bir veri değerlendirmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice Kalkan


    ğerlendirilmektedir.Gömü hediyesi olarak iki lekythos, bir bronz Akhaimenid kâsenin saptandığı buluntu grubunun bu bölgede geç dönemde varlığından haberdar olduğumuz Pers etnisitesi açısından anlamı sorgulanmaktadır. 2014 yılında Ödemiş Müze Müdürlüğü tarafından yapılan Beydağ tümülüs kazılarında da parçalar halindeki benzer bir lahitle birlikte ele geçirilmiş  Akhaimenid kâseler bu alanda olası bir Anahita bağlantılı ölü kült geleneğinin araştırılmasını gerektirmiştir. Benzer bir durumun Nif Dağı araştırmalarında da ortaya çıkmış olması ve kontekstlerden gömü beraberinde bu kase tipinin ele geçmesi ön görümüzü güçlendirmektedir. Bölgedeki Hellenistik ve Roma Dönemlerinde var olan Pers etnisitesinin yazıt, sikke ve antik kaynaklardaki kanıtları bilinmektedir. Bunun  yanı sıra materyal kültür açısından  burada konu edilen yeni izlerin gömü geleneklerinde  takip edilebilmesi, Pers etkisinin başka bir yansıması olarak önem taşımaktadır. Anahita inancının Akhaimenid dönemden Roma dönemine kadar sürmüş olan popülerliği, burada sadece “Lydialı İranlılar” değil tüm yerli ve Romalı nüfus üzerinde etki yaratmış görünmektedir. Ancak Pers nüfusunun mevcudiyeti büyük ölçüde Anahita inanç ve kült pratikleri ile ilişkilidir. Bu nedenle Akhaimenid kültürünün en bilinen kültik formu phialelerin ise zaman zaman gömüler beraberinde ele geçiyor olmasının Hellenistik Dönemde özellikle Pers etnisitesinin belirlenmesinde güçlü bir arkeolojik veri olduğu göz önünde tutulmalıdır.

  1. Memet Baydur Tiyatrosu ve Dramatik Bir Pazarlık Oyunu: Kamyon Memet Baydur Theatre A Dramatic Bargain Play: The Lorry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kemal EROL


    Full Text Available Memet Baydur (1951-2001 is a playwright who appointed hisplace in Modern Turkish Theatre with 23 of his plays written in thesocial realist approach, in the last 20 years of his life. His plays coverthe 1980’s. Baydur reflected on the events and facts experiencedduring this historical period, writing his plays through a critic’s eye.Baydur’s plays tell us about the class conflict in society through theinner world conflict of social classes and life conditions of people whocame from different classes. These conditions create the main points ofhis plays, not the events themselves. These texts, each of which wereperformed in private and state theatres, question some problematicrealities about humans and society.The Lorry (1990, is his 9thplay after his first play Lemon (1982. Itfocuses on the difficult working conditions of a certain part of societyduring that era. This work evokes sadness in the controversialeconomical relations. It is the raw story of people who are bored withdespair, lacking alternatives, shown through needy immigrant peasantsin tough life conditions. It is the drama of the New World’s peonsyearning to live like a human, who put their lives in danger to maintainhis family and put their strength in bargain. In this aspect, The Lorry, is“a bargain play, a bargain of life” in Baydur’s words. The work aims todemonstrate the social realities while adding some conventional senseof humor, instead of just saying the social realities as they are.In this work, document searching method has been used. Thepurpose of this paper is to introduce Memet Baydur Theatre in generalterms and to analyze The Lorry in terms of subject, fiction, time,characters and theme and to determine its scientific value. Memet Baydur (1951-2001, ömrünün son yirmi yılında sosyal gerçekçi sanat anlayışı çizgisinde yazdığı 23 oyunla çağdaş Türk tiyatrosundaki yerini tayin eden bir yazardır. Onun tiyatro oyunları, dönem olarak 1980

  2. Production of Slit2 LRR domains in mammalian cells for structural studies and the structure of human Slit2 domain 3. (United States)

    Morlot, Cecile; Hemrika, Wieger; Romijn, Roland A; Gros, Piet; Cusack, Stephen; McCarthy, Andrew A


    Slit2 and Roundabout 1 (Robo1) provide a key ligand-receptor interaction for the navigation of commissural neurons during the development of the central nervous system. Slit2 is a large multidomain protein containing an unusual domain organization of four tandem leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domains at its N-terminus. These domains are well known to mediate protein-protein interactions; indeed, the Robo1-binding region has been mapped to the concave face of the second LRR domain. It has also been shown that the fourth LRR domain may mediate Slit dimerization and that both the first and second domains can bind heparin. Thus, while roles have been ascribed for three of the LRR domains, there is still no known role for the third domain. Each of the four LRR domains from human Slit2 have now been successfully expressed in milligram quantities using expression in mammalian cells. Here, the crystallization of the second and third LRR domains and the structure of the third LRR domain are presented. This is the first structure of an LRR domain from human Slit2, which has an extra repeat compared with the Drosophila homologue. It is proposed that a highly conserved patch of surface residues on the concave face may mediate any protein-protein interactions involving this LRR domain, a result that will be useful in guiding further studies on Slit2.

  3. Eskişehir Devlet Demir Yolları Yerleşkesi Lojman Konutları Plan Tipolojileri Üzerine bir Çalışma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berna Üstün


    Full Text Available Sanayi yapıları yalnızca makineleri barındıran binalar değil, yeni bir yaşam tarzının ve kültürünün topluma tanıtılmasının ve yayılmasının araçlarıdırlar. Sanayi yapıları, modern sanayinin ortaya çıkardığı sınıfsal yapıdan başlayarak, işyeri ilişkilerine uzanan toplumsal dönüşümlerin ortak mekânı olarak kabul edilebilir (Doğan, 2009:77. Bu kapsamda, İngiltere, Almanya ve ABD’de endüstri devrimi ile birlikte artan üretim mekânları ile yaygınlık kazanan, sanayi yapıları kurucuları, çalışanlardan daha etkin bir biçimde yararlanmak ve daha verimli şartlar sunma kaygısı ile Company Town’ları (Şirket Kentlerini oluşturmuşlardır.Sanayileşme, Batıda olduğu gibi Modern Türkiye’nin kurucu öğelerinden olmuş, bir yandan toplumu dönüştürüp farklılaştırırken, diğer yandan toplumu örgütlemenin ve onun iç dinamiklerine müdahale etmenin bir aracı olarak kullanılmıştır.  Aynı zamanda sanayi kuruluşları ile konut kurguları, kentin konut kültürünün anlaşılmasında önemli bir veri teşkil etmiştir. Bu kapsamda ele alınan, Eskişehir Devlet Demir Yolları (Tülomsaş Yerleşkesi; günümüz endüstriyel mirasının fonksiyonel ve mekânsal bağlamda öncü örneklerindendir. Eskişehir kenti için bir prototip olma özelliği taşıyan yerleşke; çalışanlarının çalışma dışında, barınma, sosyal, kültürel ve eğitime yönelik gereksinimlerini karşılayan mikro ölçekli bir kent modeli ortaya koyan ilk yapılanmalardan biri olma özelliği taşımaktadır. Eskişehir kenti için özellikle inşa edildiği dönemde ve sonrasında önemli bir ekonomik ve sosyal dinamik oluşturmuştur.Makale kapsamında; Batıda 1800’lü yıllarda ortaya çıkan Türkiye’de ise Cumhuriyetin ilanı ile örneklerini veren Şirket Kentlerinin gelişimi özetlenerek Eskişehir’de bir şirket kenti Company Town örneği olan Devlet Demir Yolları (T

  4. Mehmed Enisî Yalkı’nın Alman Ruhu Adlı Seyahatnamesine İmgebilimsel Bir Yaklaşım An Imagologist Approach To Mehmet Enisi Yalkı's Travelbook

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yılmaz DAŞCIOĞLU


    Full Text Available The period of second constitutional is very important in terms of providing transition between Reorganization and Republic period. Besides this, it is a pioneer period in that it encloses determinants which play an important role in bulding a new national identity. It is a clear fact that literary works take a crucial assignment in creation of a new national identity. In this respect, to asses that some literary works published during second contitutional had very important functions to build up western-type turkish identity which was systematized later by Republic period would not be wrong. In this research, one of abroad travelbook after second constitutional is scrutinized, using imagology as a method. Mehmed Enisi Yalkı, jounalist and writer from the time ofconstitutional, proposes German/Germany model in order to build up a newnation, a western type Turk, in his travelbook Alman Ruhu which is still nottranscripted from Arabic Alphabet to Latin. This model is analysed in terms ofimagery. Being resound as a background, the exclamations such as work like aGerman, immovable like a German, fortify your spirit like a German, run afterjustice like a German are the signs of proposing Germany as a model. At theend of research it is determined that ottoman intellectuals who experienced thecrisis of building a new nation wrote travelbook to educate and direct society, topresent an alternative life or culture for it rather than literary concern duringthe time from Reorganization to Republic. II. Meşrutiyet dönemi, Tanzimat ile Cumhuriyet arasındaki geçişi sağlaması yönüyle son derece önemli bir evre olduğu gibi, yeni bir ulusun kimliğinin oluşumunda rol oynayan etkenleri barındırması yönüyle de öncü bir dönemdir. Bir ulusun kimliğinin oluşmasında edebiyat eserlerinin çok önemli bir görev üstlendiği açık bir gerçektir. Bu bağlamda II. Meşrutiyet dönemi gibi kritik bir zaman zarfında ortaya konan kimi edebi eserlerin

  5. Translation domains in multiferroics


    Meier, D; Leo, N; Jungk, T.; Soergel, E.; Becker, P.; Bohaty, L.; Fiebig, M.


    Translation domains differing in the phase but not in the orientation of the corresponding order parameter are resolved in two types of multiferroics. Hexagonal (h-) YMnO$_3$ is a split-order-parameter multiferroic in which commensurate ferroelectric translation domains are resolved by piezoresponse force microscopy whereas MnWO$_4$ is a joint-order-parameter multiferroic in which incommensurate magnetic translation domains are observed by optical second harmonic generation. The pronounced ma...

  6. Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation

    CERN Document Server

    Daumé, Hal


    We describe an approach to domain adaptation that is appropriate exactly in the case when one has enough ``target'' data to do slightly better than just using only ``source'' data. Our approach is incredibly simple, easy to implement as a preprocessing step (10 lines of Perl!) and outperforms state-of-the-art approaches on a range of datasets. Moreover, it is trivially extended to a multi-domain adaptation problem, where one has data from a variety of different domains.

  7. Staggered domain wall fermions

    CERN Document Server

    Hoelbling, Christian


    We construct domain wall fermions with a staggered kernel and investigate their spectral and chiral properties numerically in the Schwinger model. In some relevant cases we see an improvement of chirality by more than an order of magnitude as compared to usual domain wall fermions. Moreover, we present first results for four-dimensional quantum chromodynamics, where we also observe significant reductions of chiral symmetry violations for staggered domain wall fermions.

  8. Estetik Bir Öğe Olarak Sinemada Ses Tasarımı Ve Örnek Bir Film Çözümlemesi Sound Design As An Aesthetical Element In Cinema And An Example Of A Film Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa SÖZEN


    Full Text Available It is a well-known fact that the image itself, even in a film having the simplest story, does not provide enough message. Due to a spesific aesthetic predication of audio phonemena, the films, right from the beginning, started to be shown in accompany with sound. The soundelement in cinematography which produces the semantic expression asa parlance by means of images and sounds has its own ways of use.The sound universe of cinematography is composed of dialogs, effectsand music each having different ontologies. In today’s cinematography,all these three elements were given in. For all that, in some filmsproduced for certain aesthetic considerations and in limited numbersthe usage of effects and music are avoided. Looking at the elementsmaking up the universe of sound in a film from the perspective ofessential functions it is seen that the dialogs are used to provideinformation, effects to create a real spatial and temporal feeling, andmusic to conceive the ambiance required by narrative. By doing so,matching the sounds in harmony with images is achieved and so theenhancement of the narrative’s reality illusion is expected. Somedirectors on the other hand, by pushing the sound out of its basicfunctions, rendering images and sounds contrary oppose this approachgo in search of producing different and new meanings. This studyinvestigates the how the sound universe design of the film “Deli DeliOlma” directed by Murat Saracoğlu, as an aesthetic element ismanipulated. In analysis, sound universe has been assesed either bystructural or dramatic functional dimensions. En basit öyküye sahip bir filmde bile sadece görüntülerin yeteri kadar ileti sağlamadığı bilinen bir gerçekliktir. Ses olgusunun kendine özgü estetik bir yükleme sahip oluşundan ötürü, sinemanın ilk anlarından itibaren filmler ses eşliğinde gösterilmeye başlanmıştır. Bir dil olarak anlamsal ifadeyi görüntü ve sesler aracılığıyla üreten sinemada ses

  9. Turistlerin destinasyon seçiminde rol oynayan bir etken olarak yerel mutfaklar: İzmir Yarımadası’nı ziyaret eden turistlerin algılamaları üzerine bir araştırma


    ZAĞRALI, Egem; AKBABA, Atilla


    Bu çalışmada İzmir Yarımada örneği üzerinde yerel yemeklerin turistler açısından ne derecede çekicilik unsuru oluşturduğu araştırılmıştır. Çalışma kapsamında İzmir Yarımadası’nı ziyaret eden yerli ve yabancı turistler üzerinde (n=430) bir alan araştırması yapılarak, turistlerin düşünceleri ve algılamaları çerçevesinde ortaya çıkan veriler irdelenmiştir. Çalışma sonucunda turistlerin Yarımada’yı tercihlerinde yerel yemeklerin belirleyici bir rol oynamadığı, ancak yerel yemekleri beğendikleri v...

  10. Characterization of rDNAs and Tandem Repeats in the Heterochromatin of Brassica rapa

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lim, K.B.; Jong, de J.H.S.G.M.; Yang, T.J.; Park, J.Y.; Kwon, S.J.; Kim, J.S.; Lim, M.H.; Kim, J.A.; Jin, M.; Jin, Y.M.; Kim, S.H.; Lim, Y.P.; Bang, J.W.; Kim, H.I.; Park, B.S.


    We describe the morphology and molecular organization of heterochromatin domains in the interphase nuclei, and mitotic and meiotic chromosomes, of Brassica rapa, using DAPI staining and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of rDNA and pericentromere tandem repeats. We have developed a simple me

  11. Nucleoporin domain topology is linked to the transport status of the nuclear pore complex. (United States)

    Paulillo, Sara M; Phillips, Erica M; Köser, Joachim; Sauder, Ursula; Ullman, Katharine S; Powers, Maureen A; Fahrenkrog, Birthe


    Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) facilitate macromolecular exchange between the nucleus and cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. The vertebrate NPC is composed of approximately 30 different proteins (nucleoporins), of which around one third contain phenylalanine-glycine (FG)-repeat domains that are thought to mediate the main interaction between the NPC and soluble transport receptors. We have recently shown that the FG-repeat domain of Nup153 is flexible within the NPC, although this nucleoporin is anchored to the nuclear side of the NPC. By using domain-specific antibodies, we have now mapped the domain topology of Nup214 in Xenopus oocytes and in human somatic cells by immuno-EM. We have found that whereas Nup214 is anchored to the cytoplasmic side of the NPC via its N-terminal and central domain, its FG-repeat domain appears flexible, residing on both sides of the NPC. Moreover, the spatial distribution of the FG-repeat domains of both Nup153 and Nup214 shifts in a transport-dependent manner, suggesting that the location of FG-repeat domains within the NPC correlates with cargo/receptor interactions and that they concomitantly move with cargo through the central pore of the NPC.

  12. The evolution and function of protein tandem repeats in plants. (United States)

    Schaper, Elke; Anisimova, Maria


    Sequence tandem repeats (TRs) are abundant in proteomes across all domains of life. For plants, little is known about their distribution or contribution to protein function. We exhaustively annotated TRs and studied the evolution of TR unit variations for all Ensembl plants. Using phylogenetic patterns of TR units, we detected conserved TRs with unit number and order preserved during evolution, and those TRs that have diverged via recent TR unit gains/losses. We correlated the mode of evolution of TRs to protein function. TR number was strongly correlated with proteome size, with about one-half of all TRs recognized as common protein domains. The majority of TRs have been highly conserved over long evolutionary distances, some since the separation of red algae and green plants c. 1.6 billion yr ago. Conversely, recurrent recent TR unit mutations were rare. Our results suggest that the first TRs by far predate the first plants, and that TR appearance is an ongoing process with similar rates across the plant kingdom. Interestingly, the few detected highly mutable TRs might provide a source of variation for rapid adaptation. In particular, such TRs are enriched in leucine-rich repeats (LRRs) commonly found in R genes, where TR unit gain/loss may facilitate resistance to emerging pathogens.

  13. Pragmatic circuits frequency domain

    CERN Document Server

    Eccles, William


    Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain goes through the Laplace transform to get from the time domain to topics that include the s-plane, Bode diagrams, and the sinusoidal steady state. This second of three volumes ends with a-c power, which, although it is just a special case of the sinusoidal steady state, is an important topic with unique techniques and terminology. Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain is focused on the frequency domain. In other words, time will no longer be the independent variable in our analysis. The two other volumes in the Pragmatic Circuits series include titles on DC

  14. Persistent Mappings in Cross-Domain Analogical Learning of Physics Domains (United States)


    ms. What is the value of I? (Problem 21-37, Giancoli 1991). This problem is represented by a case of 14 facts, defining the entities, For example, Giancoli (1991) introduces rotational motion over an entire chapter, coming back to the analogy with linear motion repeatedly...retrieval? 6.1 Materials The problems were selected from a variety of physics resources, (Shearer et al. 1971; Giancoli 1991; Ogata 1997; Fogiel

  15. A versatile palindromic amphipathic repeat coding sequence horizontally distributed among diverse bacterial and eucaryotic microbes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glass John I


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Intragenic tandem repeats occur throughout all domains of life and impart functional and structural variability to diverse translation products. Repeat proteins confer distinctive surface phenotypes to many unicellular organisms, including those with minimal genomes such as the wall-less bacterial monoderms, Mollicutes. One such repeat pattern in this clade is distributed in a manner suggesting its exchange by horizontal gene transfer (HGT. Expanding genome sequence databases reveal the pattern in a widening range of bacteria, and recently among eucaryotic microbes. We examined the genomic flux and consequences of the motif by determining its distribution, predicted structural features and association with membrane-targeted proteins. Results Using a refined hidden Markov model, we document a 25-residue protein sequence motif tandemly arrayed in variable-number repeats in ORFs lacking assigned functions. It appears sporadically in unicellular microbes from disparate bacterial and eucaryotic clades, representing diverse lifestyles and ecological niches that include host parasitic, marine and extreme environments. Tracts of the repeats predict a malleable configuration of recurring domains, with conserved hydrophobic residues forming an amphipathic secondary structure in which hydrophilic residues endow extensive sequence variation. Many ORFs with these domains also have membrane-targeting sequences that predict assorted topologies; others may comprise reservoirs of sequence variants. We demonstrate expressed variants among surface lipoproteins that distinguish closely related animal pathogens belonging to a subgroup of the Mollicutes. DNA sequences encoding the tandem domains display dyad symmetry. Moreover, in some taxa the domains occur in ORFs selectively associated with mobile elements. These features, a punctate phylogenetic distribution, and different patterns of dispersal in genomes of related taxa, suggest that the

  16. Structure and Notch receptor binding of the tandem WWE domain of Deltex. (United States)

    Zweifel, Mark E; Leahy, Daniel J; Barrick, Doug


    Deltex is a cytosolic effector of Notch signaling thought to bind through its N-terminal domain to the Notch receptor. Here we report the structure of the Drosophila Deltex N-terminal domain, which contains two tandem WWE sequence repeats. The WWE repeats, which adopt a novel fold, are related by an approximate two-fold axis of rotation. Although the WWE repeats are structurally distinct, they interact extensively and form a deep cleft at their junction that appears well suited for ligand binding. The two repeats are thermodynamically coupled; this coupling is mediated in part by a conserved segment that is immediately C-terminal to the second WWE domain. We demonstrate that although the Deltex WWE tandem is monomeric in solution, it forms a heterodimer with the ankyrin domain of the Notch receptor. These results provide structural and functional insight into how Deltex modulates Notch signaling, and how WWE modules recognize targets for ubiquitination.

  17. Strengthening concept learning by repeated testing. (United States)

    Wiklund-Hörnqvist, Carola; Jonsson, Bert; Nyberg, Lars


    The aim of this study was to examine whether repeated testing with feedback benefits learning compared to rereading of introductory psychology key-concepts in an educational context. The testing effect was examined immediately after practice, after 18 days, and at a five-week delay in a sample of undergraduate students (n = 83). The results revealed that repeated testing with feedback significantly enhanced learning compared to rereading at all delays, demonstrating that repeated retrieval enhances retention compared to repeated encoding in the short- and the long-term. In addition, the effect of repeated testing was beneficial for students irrespectively of working memory capacity. It is argued that teaching methods involving repeated retrieval are important to consider by the educational system.

  18. Birliktelik Kısıtları Altında Montaj Hattı Dengeleme Problemi İçin Bir Çözüm Yaklaşımı Önerisi ve Bir İşletmede Uygulama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Serkan Altuntaş


    Full Text Available Montaj Hattı Dengelemesinde, -çeşitli nedenlerle- belli iş elemanlarının birbirinden ayrılmaması ve aynı istasyona atanması istenebilir. Bu tür problemler, 'Birliktelik Kısıtları Altında Montaj Hattı Dengeleme (BKAMHD Problemi' olarak tanınmaktadır. Bu birliktelik kısıtı sayesinde, havaleli ürün imali, birlikte işlem görme gereği gibi özel isteklerden veya takım-kolaylık benzeri kaynakların ortak kullanımı düşüncesinden kaynaklanan 'konum ve bölge kısıtları' da karşılanabilmektedir. Bu tür hatlarda ayrıca, malzeme aktarma, takım ve kolaylık maliyetleri, yürüyüş mesafeleri, ayar süreleri ile tedarik süreleri de azalmaktadır. Uygulamada BKAMHD yapısındaki problemlerle yaygın olarak karşılaşılmasına karşın, bunlar üzerinde yapılan çalışmaların klasik montaj hattı dengeleme problemi ile ilgili yayınlara göre daha az olduğu görülmektedir. Bu çalışmanın amacı, özel konum kısıtları dolayısıyla-, bilinen Montaj Hattı Dengeleme yöntemlerinin uygulanamadığı büyük ölçekli bir montaj hattı için uygun bir hat dengeleme yöntemi geliştirmek ve bu yöntem ile söz konusu hattı dengelemek olmuştur. Çalışmanın başında, bu problemin çözümünde kullanılabilecek basit fakat etkili bir yol olarak tanınan 'En Büyük Aday' algoritmasında bazı değişiklikler yapılarak yeni bir yöntem geliştirilmiştir. Bu yöntemin uyarlanabilmesi için de montaj işlemlerinin yapıldığı atölyede çok yoğun bir metot ve zaman etüdü çalışması yürütmek gerekmiştir. Bu çalışma sonucunda derlenen verilerin geliştirilen yönteme uyarlanması sonucunda türetilen seçenekler değerlendirilerek karar vericiye sunulmuştur.

  19. Visualizing domain wall and reverse domain superconductivity. (United States)

    Iavarone, M; Moore, S A; Fedor, J; Ciocys, S T; Karapetrov, G; Pearson, J; Novosad, V; Bader, S D


    In magnetically coupled, planar ferromagnet-superconductor (F/S) hybrid structures, magnetic domain walls can be used to spatially confine the superconductivity. In contrast to a superconductor in a uniform applied magnetic field, the nucleation of the superconducting order parameter in F/S structures is governed by the inhomogeneous magnetic field distribution. The interplay between the superconductivity localized at the domain walls and far from the walls leads to effects such as re-entrant superconductivity and reverse domain superconductivity with the critical temperature depending upon the location. Here we use scanning tunnelling spectroscopy to directly image the nucleation of superconductivity at the domain wall in F/S structures realized with Co-Pd multilayers and Pb thin films. Our results demonstrate that such F/S structures are attractive model systems that offer the possibility to control the strength and the location of the superconducting nucleus by applying an external magnetic field, potentially useful to guide vortices for computing application.

  20. Mevlana’nın Menkıbeleri Üzerine Folklorik Bir İnceleme A Folkloric Analysis on the Legends of Mevlana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gülay KARAMAN


    article these topics are determined in Menâkıbu’l-Ârifîn to analysis: Places, occupations, belongings, manner of dressing, food and drinks, custom and traditions, medical treatments. Arapça bir kelime olan menkabe sözlükte övünülecek güzel iş, davranış anlamına gelmektedir. Çoğulu menâkıb olan kelime bu anlamıyla ilk defa, IX. yüzyıldan itibaren yazılıp derlenmeye başlayan hadis külliyatlarında Hz. Peygamber ve ashabının faziletlerini anlatmak için kullanılmıştır. Bundan başka tarihî şahsiyetlerin hal tercümeleri, önemli kişilerin övülecek işleri ve hatta bazı mukaddes şehirlerin tasvirinden ibaret yazılara da menâkıb denilmiştir. Başlangıçta, Hz. Peygamber ve sahabelerinin üstün ahlâkını ve yaşantılarını anlatmak üzere oluşturulan menâkıbnâmeler daha sonraları tasavvuf ve tarikat erbabının hayatlarını da konu edinmişlerdir. Türk menâkıbnâme edebiyatının bilinen ilk örneği Karahanlı dönemine ait Tezkire-i Satuk Buğra Han isimli eserdir. Tezkire-i Satuk Buğra Han’la başlayan Türk menâkıbnâme edebiyatı, göçlerle Anadolu’ya gelip yerleşen Müslüman Türkler arasında hızlı bir biçimde yayılmaya devam etmiştir. Yazar kendi toplumunun bir üyesi olduğu için doğal olarak eser de kendi çağının sosyal, kültürel ekonomik, politik yaşamına ayna olacaktır. Velilerin olağanüstü hayat hikâyelerini anlatan menâkıbnâmeler bu sebepten dolayı; özellikle tarih, kültür, halkbilimi ve edebiyat için çok önemli bilgi kaynaklarıdır. Menkıbeler üzerinde yapılacak dikkatli çalışmalar sonucunda çok zengin bir bilgi kaynağına ulaşmak mümkün olacaktır. Türkiye’de menâkıbnâmelerin bilimsel çalışmalarda kullanılmasına dikkat çeken ilk isim Türk Edebiyatında İlk Mutasavvıflar adlı eseriyle Fuad Köprülü’dür. Bu çalışmada Mevlana ve diğer Mevlevi büyüklerinin menkıbelerini anlatan bir menâkıbnâme olan Men

  1. Repeat concussions in the national football league. (United States)

    Casson, Ira R; Viano, David C; Powell, John W; Pellman, Elliot J


    Repeat concussion is an important issue in the National Football League (NFL). An initial description of repeat injuries was published for 6 years (1996-2001). The characteristics and frequency of repeat concussion in the NFL have not changed in the subsequent 6 years (2002-2007). Case control. From 1996 to 2007, concussions were reported using a standardized form documenting signs and symptoms, loss of consciousness and medical action taken. Data on repeat concussions were analyzed for the 12 years and compared between the 2 periods. In 2002-2007, 152 players had repeat concussions (vs 160 in 1996-2001); 44 had 3+ head injuries (vs 52). The positions most often associated with repeat concussion in 2002-2007 were the defensive secondary, kick unit, running back, and linebacker. The odds for repeat concussion were elevated for wide receivers, tight ends, and linebackers but lower than in the earlier period. During 2002-2007, over half of players with repeat concussion were removed from play, and fewer immediately returned (vs 1996-2001). The average duration between concussions was 1.25 years for 2002-2007 and 1.65 years for the 12-year period. Over 12 years, 7.6% of all repeat concussions occurred within 2 weeks of the prior concussion. The defensive secondary, kick unit, running back, and linebacker have the highest incidence of repeat concussion. During 2002-2007, more than half of players with repeat concussion were removed from play, and only a fraction immediately returned. Although concussion was managed more conservatively by team physicians in the recent 6 years, repeat concussions occurred at similar rates during both periods.

  2. Automated quality checks on repeat prescribing.


    Rogers, Jeremy E; Wroe, Christopher J; Roberts, Angus; Swallow, Angela; Stables, David; Cantrill, Judith A; Rector, Alan L.


    BACKGROUND: Good clinical practice in primary care includes periodic review of repeat prescriptions. Markers of prescriptions that may need review have been described, but manually checking all repeat prescriptions against the markers would be impractical. AIM: To investigate the feasibility of computerising the application of repeat prescribing quality checks to electronic patient records in United Kingdom (UK) primary care. DESIGN OF STUDY: Software performance test against benchmark manual...

  3. Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet Database (United States)

    SRD 130 Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet Database (Web, free access)   Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet Database is intended to benefit research and application of short tandem repeat DNA markers for human identity testing. Facts and sequence information on each STR system, population data, commonly used multiplex STR systems, PCR primers and conditions, and a review of various technologies for analysis of STR alleles have been included.

  4. Production of Slit2 LRR domains in mammalian cells for structural studies and the structure of human Slit2 domain 3

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Morlot, C.; Hemrika, W.; Romijn, R.A.; Gros, P.; Cusack, S.; McCarthy, A.A.


    Slit2 and Roundabout 1 (Robo1) provide a key ligand-receptor interaction for the navigation of commissural neurons during the development of the central nervous system. Slit2 is a large multidomain protein containing an unusual domain organization of four tandem leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domains at

  5. Replication Stalling and Heteroduplex Formation within CAG/CTG Trinucleotide Repeats by Mismatch Repair

    KAUST Repository

    Viterbo, David


    Trinucleotide repeat expansions are responsible for at least two dozen neurological disorders. Mechanisms leading to these large expansions of repeated DNA are still poorly understood. It was proposed that transient stalling of the replication fork by the repeat tract might trigger slippage of the newly-synthesized strand over its template, leading to expansions or contractions of the triplet repeat. However, such mechanism was never formally proven. Here we show that replication fork pausing and CAG/CTG trinucleotide repeat instability are not linked, stable and unstable repeats exhibiting the same propensity to stall replication forks when integrated in a yeast natural chromosome. We found that replication fork stalling was dependent on the integrity of the mismatch-repair system, especially the Msh2p-Msh6p complex, suggesting that direct interaction of MMR proteins with secondary structures formed by trinucleotide repeats in vivo, triggers replication fork pauses. We also show by chromatin immunoprecipitation that Msh2p is enriched at trinucleotide repeat tracts, in both stable and unstable orientations, this enrichment being dependent on MSH3 and MSH6. Finally, we show that overexpressing MSH2 favors the formation of heteroduplex regions, leading to an increase in contractions and expansions of CAG/CTG repeat tracts during replication, these heteroduplexes being dependent on both MSH3 and MSH6. These heteroduplex regions were not detected when a mutant msh2-E768A gene in which the ATPase domain was mutated was overexpressed. Our results unravel two new roles for mismatch-repair proteins: stabilization of heteroduplex regions and transient blocking of replication forks passing through such repeats. Both roles may involve direct interactions between MMR proteins and secondary structures formed by trinucleotide repeat tracts, although indirect interactions may not be formally excluded.

  6. İki Lazer Demeti İle Zamana-Bağlı Etkileşim Altındaki Üç-Düzeyli Bir Tuzaklanmış İyonun Kuantum Dinamiği ve Kuantum Dolaşıklığı


    Deveci, Bekir


    Bir üniter transformasyon kullanılan sunumunda iki lazer demeti ile etkileşen üç düzeyli bir iyonun zamana bağlı hamiltonyeni hesaplandı. Kullanılan üniter transformasyon metot titreşen fonon geçişleri için sunumunun bir dönüşümüdür. Grafiklerdeki beli bir zaman periyodunda Lamb-Dicke rejimine ulaştıktan sonra olasılık genlikleri için analitik sonuçlarımız tamdı. Bu işlemden sonra iyon-fonon sisteminde meydana gelen kuantum dolaşıklık incelendi. Zamandan bağımsız daha önceden yapılmış b...

  7. The enterprise engineering domain

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    De Vries, M


    Full Text Available representation of the EE domain within the emerging EE discipline. We used a questionnaire to gather the views of EE and enterprise architecture (EA) researchers and practitioners on the EE domain. The main contributions of this article include: (1...

  8. Domain wall filters

    CERN Document Server

    Bär, O; Neuberger, H; Witzel, O; Baer, Oliver; Narayanan, Rajamani; Neuberger, Herbert; Witzel, Oliver


    We propose using the extra dimension separating the domain walls carrying lattice quarks of opposite handedness to gradually filter out the ultraviolet fluctuations of the gauge fields that are felt by the fermionic excitations living in the bulk. This generalization of the homogeneous domain wall construction has some theoretical features that seem nontrivial.

  9. Domain Walls on Singularities

    CERN Document Server

    Halyo, Edi


    We describe domain walls that live on $A_2$ and $A_3$ singularities. The walls are BPS if the singularity is resolved and non--BPS if it is deformed and fibered. We show that these domain walls may interpolate between vacua that support monopoles and/or vortices.

  10. Domains of Learning. (United States)

    Gagne, Robert M.

    In planning educational research, recognition needs to be made of five domains of learning: (1) motor skills, (2) verbal information, (3) intellectual skills, (4) cognitive strategies, and (5) attitudes. In being cognizant of these domains, the researcher is able to distinguish the parts of a content area which are subject to different…

  11. A Domain Analysis Bibliography (United States)


    Bauhaus , a prototype CASE workstation for D-SAPS development. [ARAN88A] Guillermo F. Arango. Domain Engineering for Software Reuse. PhD thesis...34 VITA90B: Domain Analysis within the ISEC Rapid Center 48 CMU/SEI-90-SR-3 Appendix III Alphabetical by Organization/Project BAUHAUS * ALLE87A

  12. Standart Türkçeye Bir Katkı: us+(uk- A Contribution To The Literary Turkish: us+(uk-

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İ. Gülsel SEV


    Full Text Available A language has two dimensions namely colloquial and literary. Dialects within the colloquial language have important places. Literary language, which is static and resistant to changes, improves and gets richer with the help of dialects. The best examples of this process wereobserved during the language revolution when words, notions andterms were transferred to the literary language from with collectionsfrom dialects.The focus of the present study is the usuk- verb which means‘become wise, to get silent, to calm down’ in the dialects of Turkish.usuk- was derived with the deverbal suffix +(Ik- from the noun us‘wisdom’. Us is related both u- which means to understand and -ū whichmeans ‘to be able to, to have the power’.The suffix +(Ik- is not widely used in Turkish, there are a fewexamples such as acık-, birik-, gecik-, gözük-. However, there are manyexamples of this suffix in the historical and modern or with the forms in dialects as usukmak ve usuhmah hasseveral meanings such as ‘to get wise, to calm down after an offence oranger, to get silent because of astonishment, not to be able to talk, toget calm’. It is stated in the article that usuk whose implied meaningwere nor encountered in the historical dialects must be transferred tothe literary language with the meanings of ‘to get wise, to get silent andto calm down’. Besides, it is expected to take a step to increase thenumber of example verbs derived with +(Ik-, considering the examplesin the historical dialects. Dilin yazı dili ve konuşma dili olmak üzere iki yönü vardır. Konuşma dili içerisinde yer alan ağızlar apayrı bir yere sahiptir. Kolay kolay değişmeyen, durgun bir yapıya sahip olan yazı dili; canlı, gelişime ve değişime açık ağızlardan beslenerek gelişir ve zenginleşir. Bunun en güzel örneklerini dil devrimi sırasında halk ağızlarından yapılan derlemelerin, sözcük, terim ve kavram olarak yazı diline kazand

  13. Hatay’da Entelektüel Bir Kadro Hareketi Olarak Hatay Halkevi Dergisi Journal of Intellectual Community Center in Hatay Hatay as a Squad Movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haktan BİRSEL


    Full Text Available The Turkish cultural struggle and the activities to be a part ofTurkey were carried out by an intellectual group of people in Sanjak ofIskenderun, Turkey. In the post-rule phase, the same intellectual groupplayed an important role in execution and coordination of the struggle,this time within the Community Center.Hatay Community Center has continued its studies after Sanjakhas joined the Mainland to both spread the Turkish culture and othergroups to appropriate the Turkish culture.In this framework, the journal, “Hatay”, published by theCommunity Center has played a critical role in adaptation of the localcommunity in Hatay to the Turkish culture. The journal was publishedfor about a year and then was stopped. However, important means ofinformation was shared throughout this short timeframe of publication.The journal of Hatay Community Center is acknowledged in Hatayas a carrier of the revolution movement accepted by Modern Turkey.This mission has caused a reconstruction of almost every aspect of lifein Hatay and has shaped an educational path as well as a culturalrevolution within the new era. The Community Journal, that constitutean important field for the intellectuals of Hatay, played a substantialrole in gaining public awareness and educating the local communitythrough articles on contemporary and modern life. The journal of HatayCommunity Center and Misak-I Milli have progressed activities to voicethe identity of Hatay by publishing Hatay’s iconic history throughKemalist ideology and through Ataturk’s reforms. İskenderun Sancağı’nda, Sancağın Bağımsızlık, Türk kültürmücadelesi ve Türkiye’ye iltihakın gerçekleşmesi yönünde faaliyetlerentelektüel bir kadro tarafından yürütülmüştür. Bu mücadelelerinyürütülmesinde ve koordine edilmesinde İltihak sonrası süreçte aynıentelektüel kadro bu defa Hatay Halk Evi bünyesinde önemli bir rolüstlenmiştir.Hatay Halk Evi, faaliyetlerine Sancak b

  14. II.Abdülhamid Döneminde Zirai Eğitime Bir Bakış An Outlook on Agricultural Education in The Reign of Abdulhamid II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özgür YILDIZ


    ülhamid’in saltanatı uzun ve sıkıntılarla dolu bir siyasi yaşamın yansıması olarak görülmektedir. Padişah büyük siyasi sorunlarla uğraşırken ülkenin kalkınması ve modernleşmesi için de çaba harcamıştır.II. Abdülhamid eğitimle yakından ilgilenen bir padişahtır. Yönetimde kaldığı süre içinde eğitimin her alanında yenilikler yaptığı bilinmektedir. Padişah II. Abdülhamid’in şehzadeliği döneminde ziraat işleriyle meşgul olması ve çiftlik sahibi olarak servet elde etmesi ziraat eğitimiyle de doğrudan ilgilenmesine neden olmuştur.Osmanlı Devleti’nin çeşitli vilayetlerinde ziraat mektebi açmak suretiyle Sultan II. Abdülhamid bu konudaki hassasiyetini göstermiştir. İstanbul, Selanik ve Bursa’da açtırdığı ziraat okulları modern tarımın gelişmesinde etkili olmuştur.Ziraat mekteplerine öğrenci seçimi, sınavlarda merkezi sınav uygulanması hatta merkezi sınavdan sonra da öğrencilerin okul öğretmenleri tarafından tekrar bir sınava tabi tutulmaları da dönemin eğitim anlayışı hakkında ipuçları vermektedir.Öğrencilere ödül verilerek eğitimin özendirilmesi, sınavların çok sıkı kuralarla göre yapılması, eğitimin uygulamalı olması, öğretmenlerin de özenle seçilmesi ziraat eğitimine verilen önem ve değeri ortaya koymaktadır.1884 tarihli nizamname ve diğer arşiv belgeleri ışığında hazırlanan araştırmanın giriş bölümünde; II. Abdülhamid döneminde eğitim anlayışına kısa bir şekilde yer verilmiştir. Birinci bölümde; II. Abdülhamid döneminde ziraat meselesine bakış, ziraat mekteplerinin teşkili ve mekteplere öğrenci seçim usullerine değinilmiştir. İkinci bölümde; ziraat okullarında talim ve tedris hakkında bilgi verilmiş, üçüncü bölümde; ziraat mekteplerinin idaresi ve mektepte çalışan diğer memurlar hakkında bilgi verilerek II. Abdülhamid döneminde ziraat eğitimi hakkında bir değerlendirme yapılmaya çalışılmıştır.

  15. Domain Modeling: NP_001092096.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_001092096.1 chr19 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats o...f murine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr19/NP_001092096.1/NP_001092096.1_holo_175-290.pdb blast 3

  16. Domain Modeling: NP_085116.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_085116.2 chr5 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of mu...rine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr5/NP_085116.2/NP_085116.2_holo_209-322.pdb blast 216C,218E,21

  17. Domain Modeling: NP_940886.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_940886.1 chr3 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of mu...rine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr3/NP_940886.1/NP_940886.1_holo_320-436.pdb psi-blast 321C,323

  18. Domain Modeling: NP_852466.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_852466.1 chr3 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of mu...rine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr3/NP_852466.1/NP_852466.1_holo_673-813.pdb blast 926R,928P,92

  19. Domain Modeling: NP_056154.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_056154.1 chr20 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr20/NP_056154.1/NP_056154.1_holo_623-739.pdb psi-blast 624C,6

  20. Domain Modeling: NP_065184.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_065184.2 chr1 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of mu...rine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr1/NP_065184.2/NP_065184.2_holo_267-376.pdb psi-blast 274A,276

  1. Domain Modeling: NP_066971.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_066971.2 chr7 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of mu...rine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr7/NP_066971.2/NP_066971.2_holo_341-454.pdb blast 348C,350E,35

  2. Domain Modeling: NP_006291.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_006291.2 chr19 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr19/NP_006291.2/NP_006291.2_holo_163-276.pdb blast 170C,172E,

  3. Domain Modeling: NP_071911.3 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_071911.3 chr10 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr10/NP_071911.3/NP_071911.3_holo_111-217.pdb psi-blast 112C,1

  4. Domain Modeling: NP_775751.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_775751.1 chr19 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr19/NP_775751.1/NP_775751.1_holo_331-443.pdb blast 338C,340H,

  5. Domain Modeling: NP_064562.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_064562.1 chr5 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr5/NP_064562.1/NP_064562.1_apo_474-612.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  6. Domain Modeling: NP_065070.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_065070.1 chr4 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr4/NP_065070.1/NP_065070.1_apo_969-1098.pdb blast 0 ...

  7. Domain Modeling: NP_149417.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_149417.1 chr6 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr6/NP_149417.1/NP_149417.1_apo_1-124.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  8. Domain Modeling: NP_060314.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_060314.2 chr2 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr2/NP_060314.2/NP_060314.2_apo_19-138.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  9. Domain Modeling: NP_075392.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_075392.2 chr2 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr2/NP_075392.2/NP_075392.2_apo_402-524.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  10. Domain Modeling: NP_653309.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_653309.2 chr2 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr2/NP_653309.2/NP_653309.2_apo_357-481.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  11. Domain Modeling: NP_064562.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_064562.1 chr5 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr5/NP_064562.1/NP_064562.1_apo_314-468.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  12. Domain Modeling: NP_932326.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_932326.2 chr10 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 Prese...rve an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr10/NP_932326.2/NP_932326.2_apo_230-367.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  13. Domain Modeling: NP_060405.3 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_060405.3 chr4 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr4/NP_060405.3/NP_060405.3_apo_653-782.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  14. Domain Modeling: NP_569058.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_569058.1 chr3 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr3/NP_569058.1/NP_569058.1_apo_128-246.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  15. Domain Modeling: NP_064562.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_064562.1 chr5 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr5/NP_064562.1/NP_064562.1_apo_174-308.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  16. Domain Modeling: NP_004534.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_004534.2 chr2 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr2/NP_004534.2/NP_004534.2_apo_2171-2302.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  17. Domain Modeling: NP_001007472.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_001007472.2 chr9 Crystal Structure of the Ankyrin Repeat Domain of Trpv1 p2pnna_ chr9/NP_001007472....2/NP_001007472.2_holo_484-756.pdb psi-blast 491L,536Y,539V,540R,570Y,575T,578R,583Y,586L,587F,607R ATP 0 ...

  18. Domain Modeling: NP_057199.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_057199.1 chr2 The Crystal Structure of a Partial Mouse Notch-1 Ankyrin Domain: Repeats 4 Through 7 an Ankyrin Fold p1ympb_ chr2/NP_057199.1/NP_057199.1_apo_239-364.pdb psi-blast 0 ...

  19. Domain Modeling: NP_037512.3 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_037512.3 chr19 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr19/NP_037512.3/NP_037512.3_holo_542-655.pdb blast 549C,551E,

  20. Domain Modeling: NP_060142.3 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_060142.3 chr15 Crystal structure of the ankyrin repeat domain of TRPV2 p2etcb_ chr15/NP_060142.3.../NP_060142.3_apo_483-742.pdb p2etba_ chr15/NP_060142.3/NP_060142.3_holo_483-742.pdb psi-blas

  1. Domain Modeling: NP_001098547.2 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_001098547.2 chr3 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of... murine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr3/NP_001098547.2/NP_001098547.2_holo_540-654.pdb psi-blast

  2. Domain Modeling: NP_954871.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_954871.1 chr17 Solution structure of three tandem repeats of zf-C2H2 domains fro...m human Kruppel-like factor 5 p2ebta_ chr17/NP_954871.1/NP_954871.1_holo_244-338.pdb blast 256C,258I,261C,26

  3. Domain Modeling: NP_001074421.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_001074421.1 chr6 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of... murine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr6/NP_001074421.1/NP_001074421.1_holo_6-118.pdb blast 6C,8L

  4. Domain Modeling: NP_006201.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_006201.1 chr19 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr19/NP_006201.1/NP_006201.1_holo_165-272.pdb psi-blast 1308P,

  5. Domain Modeling: NP_899051.1 [SAHG[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available NP_899051.1 chr17 Solution structure of the tandem four zf-C2H2 domain repeats of m...urine GLI-Kruppel family member HKR3 c2dlqa_ chr17/NP_899051.1/NP_899051.1_holo_199-297.pdb psi-blast 200L,2

  6. Repeatability & Workability Evaluation of SIGMOD 2009

    KAUST Repository

    Manegold, Stefan


    SIGMOD 2008 was the first database conference that offered to test submitters\\' programs against their data to verify the repeatability of the experiments published [1]. Given the positive feedback concerning the SIGMOD 2008 repeatability initiative, SIGMOD 2009 modified and expanded the initiative with a workability assessment.

  7. Association of condensin with chromosomes depends on DNA binding by its HEAT-repeat subunits. (United States)

    Piazza, Ilaria; Rutkowska, Anna; Ori, Alessandro; Walczak, Marta; Metz, Jutta; Pelechano, Vicent; Beck, Martin; Haering, Christian H


    Condensin complexes have central roles in the three-dimensional organization of chromosomes during cell divisions, but how they interact with chromatin to promote chromosome segregation is largely unknown. Previous work has suggested that condensin, in addition to encircling chromatin fibers topologically within the ring-shaped structure formed by its SMC and kleisin subunits, contacts DNA directly. Here we describe the discovery of a binding domain for double-stranded DNA formed by the two HEAT-repeat subunits of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae condensin complex. From detailed mapping data of the interfaces between the HEAT-repeat and kleisin subunits, we generated condensin complexes that lack one of the HEAT-repeat subunits and consequently fail to associate with chromosomes in yeast and human cells. The finding that DNA binding by condensin's HEAT-repeat subunits stimulates the SMC ATPase activity suggests a multistep mechanism for the loading of condensin onto chromosomes.

  8. Üstün Yetenekli Dijital Yerlilerin Sosyal Medya Kullanımları Üzerine Nitel Bir Çalışma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İbrahim Şamil Köroğlu


    Full Text Available Ağ neslinin yeni medya teknolojilerine ilişkin algısına ve teknolojiyi kullanma motivasyonuna ilişkin yapılan nicel çalışmalar dijital antropoloji alanına ilgi duyanlar için ufuk açıcı niteliktedir. Ağ neslinin özellikli bir grubunu teşkil eden üstün yetenekli dijital yerliler ise interneti ve mobil iletişim teknolojilerini bir dil gibi kullanabilen, içerik üretimi ve paylaşımı konusunda katılımcı, bilgi edinme, eğlenme ve sosyalleşme amacıyla birincil kaynak olarak sanal ortamı gören üstün yetenekli çocuklardır. Üstün yetenekli dijital yerlilerin sosyal medya kullanım motivasyonlarını Kullanımlar ve Doyumlar Yaklaşımı ile inceleyen bu çalışma, betimsel nitelikli tarama modelinde bir araştırmadır. Araştırma grubu, 2012-2013 eğitim yılında İstanbul Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi, Beşiktaş Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi ve Beyazıt Ford Otosan İlköğretim Okulu’nda öğrenim gören 401 üstün yetenekli öğrencidir. Grupta yer alan üstün yeteneklilerin 231’i (%57,6 9–11; 148’i (%36,9 12–14; 22’si (%5,5 ise 15–17 yaş grubundadır. Araştırmaya katılan üstün yeteneklilerin 247’si erkek (%61,6; 154’ü (%38,4 kız öğrencilerden oluşmaktadır. Çalışmada üstün yetenekli dijital yerlilerin sosyal medya kullanım sıklıkları; internet kullanım amaçları ile sosyal medya kullanım amaçları ve sık kullandıkları sosyal medya sitelerinin hangileri olduğu incelenmiştir. Çalışmada elde edilen bulgular üstün yetenekli dijital yerlilerin sosyal medya kullanım sıklığının akranlarına oranla Türkiye ortalamasının altında kaldığını; internet kullanım amaçlarıyla sosyal medya kullanım amaçlarının örtüştüğünü, ayrıca YouTube, Facebook ve Twitter’ın üstün yetenekli dijital yerlilerin en sık kullandıkları sosyal medya siteleri olduğunu ortaya koymaktadır.

  9. Sosyolojinin Peşinde Geçen Bir Ömür: Prof. Dr. Sami ŞENER ile Söyleşi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mine Doğan


    Full Text Available Sosyoloji Bölümünün temel problemlerine çözüm önerileri üretmeye çalışan 3. Ulusal Sosyoloji Çalıştayı bu sene Karabük Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Bölümü tarafından düzenlendi. Çalıştayın oturum başkanlarından Sakarya Üniversitesi Bölüm Başkanı Prof. Dr Sami Şener’e, Türkiye’deki sosyoloji çalışmalarına bakışı ile sosyolojinin temel problemlerini teşhis etme ve çözüm yolları üretme konusundaki düşüncelerinin neler olduğu konusunda sorular sorduk. Sosyoloji eğitiminin kalitesini yükseltebilmek için neler yapılabileceği üzerinde konuşan ŞENER hoca: “Türk üniversitelerinde eğitim alan sosyoloji öğrencilerinin, hem pratik bir çalışma ve iş üretme yeteneğine nasıl sahip olacakları ve hem de hükümetin karşı karşıya geldiği sosyal problemlerin çözümünde neden sosyologlardan daha fazla yararlanılmadığının gün yüzüne çıkarılması için bu çalıştayların yapılması gerekmektedir” dedi. Bu konuda önemli adımlardan birini atan Prof Dr. Sami ŞENER hocamız Türkiye’deki sosyologları birleştirici bir faaliyet içerisine girerek SOSYODER’i (Sosyologlar Derneğini kurmuştur. Dernek yakın bir tarihte kurulmasına rağmen ŞENER hocanın ve çok sayıda değerli akademisyenin destekleri ile Türkiye’de sesini duyurmayı başarmıştır. The 3rd National Sociology Workshop, which tries to find answers to major problems of the Sociology Department, has been held this year by the department of sociology at Karabuk University. Some questions have been addressed to Prof. Dr. Sami Şener, the head of the department of Sociology at Sakarya University, concerning his point of view on sociology, together with identifying the basic problems in the field of sociology and then determining the ways of solutions. Having proposed the way to increase the efficiency of the quality of sociology education, Prof. Dr. Sami Sener has said: “The sociology students that

  10. A problem peculiar to women: Mental health in menopauseKadına özgü bir sorun: Menopozda ruh sağlığı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Şükran Ertekin Pınar


    Full Text Available Menopause ranked among reproductive health is one of the issues that requires special consideration because of the position of women. In terms of the elimination of inequalities in gender-related health, it is important to investigate this issue in a holistic approach. Today with the increasing length of life, the time that spent in menopause period is increasing too. Accepted physiological event menopause leads to changes in physiological, mental, social and sexual ways. Changes in the levels of reproductive hormones lead to menstrual cycle disruption, vasomotor symptoms, sleep disorders and mood changes. As menopause period develops with pathological events which threaten life, impair quality of life and affect marriage relationship, it is an important period needs to be addressed by health professionals. In this context, identifying mental problems gone through in menopause period is important in terms of holistic approach. Women in menopause periods should be addressed in the biopsychosocial and cultural integrity and health professionals should determine women who are at risk of mental problems at an early stage and should provide support in a mental aspect.   Özet Üreme sağlığı içinde yer alan menopoz, kadınların konumlarından dolayı özel yaklaşım gerektiren konulardan biridir. Cinsiyete bağlı sağlıkta eşitsizlik durumunun ortadan kaldırması açısından bütüncül yaklaşım içerisinde bu konunun araştırılmış olması önemlidir. Günümüzde yaşam süresinin uzaması ile birlikte menopoz döneminde geçirilen süre de artmaktadır. Fizyolojik bir olay olarak kabul edilen menopoz kadında fizyolojik, mental, sosyal ve cinsel yönden birçok değişimler yaşanmasına neden olmaktadır. Üreme hormonlarının düzeylerindeki değişiklikler sonucu adet döngüsünde bozulma, vazomotor belirtiler, uyku bozuklukları, duygu durum değişiklikleri görülebilmektedir. Menopoz dönemi yaşamı tehdit edici, ya

  11. Yükseköğretim öğrencilerinin işlevsel yazma becerilerinin geliştirilmesine yönelik bir eylem araştırması


    Nohutçu, Ufuk


    Bireylerin üniversitelere gitme sebeplerine bakıldığında ilk sırada herhangi bir devlet kurumunda ya da özel kurum ve kuruluşlarda iş sahibi olabilmek amacı yer almaktadır. Her yıl ülkemizin farklı yerlerinden binlerce öğrenci bu amacına ulaşabilmek için üniversitelere girmektedir. Bu öğrencilerin günlük ve meslek hayatlarında onlara katkı sağlayacak olan işlevsel yazma türlerinden resmi yazışma türlerini iyi bir şekilde bilmeleri gerekmektedir. Bu amaçla hangi bölüm olursa olsun her üniversi...

  12. Taklit ve esinlenme ambalajın tüketici satın alma kararları üzerindeki etkisi ve Karaman’da bir uygulama


    Öz, Murat; Kazak, Mustafa


    Ambalaj insanoğlunun yiyecek, içecek ve kullanım nesnelerini korumak, saklamak ve taşımak için geliştirdiği bir malzemedir. Gelişimi esnasında yeni malzemelerin bulunmasıyla farklı biçimler kazanmış ve gelişen teknoloji sayesinde Sanayi Devrimi ile seri üretime geçmiştir. Sanayi Devrimi’nden sonra rekabet ortamı ve gelişen ihtiyaçlar doğrultusunda modern ambalaj tasarımı kavramı ortaya çıkmış, son yıllarda çok önemli bir hale gelmiştir. Ambalajlamanın günümüzdeki önemi, self-servis sistemi il...

  13. Reward modulation of contextual cueing: Repeated context overshadows repeated target location. (United States)

    Sharifian, Fariba; Contier, Oliver; Preuschhof, Claudia; Pollmann, Stefan


    Contextual cueing can be enhanced by reward. However, there is a debate if reward is associated with the repeated target-distractor configurations or with the repeated target locations that occur in both repeated and new displays. Based on neuroimaging evidence, we hypothesized that reward becomes associated with the target location only in new displays, but not in repeated displays, where the repeated target location is overshadowed by the more salient repeated target-distractor configuration. To test this hypothesis, we varied the reward value associated with the same target location in repeated and new displays. The results confirmed the overshadowing hypothesis in that search facilitation in repeated target-distractor configurations was modulated by the variable value associated with the target location. This effect was observed mainly in early learning.

  14. Childhood experiences and repeated suicidal behavior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krarup, Gertrud; Nielsen, Bent; Rask, P


    The aim of this study was to elucidate the influence of various events in childhood on suicidal behavior in adult age. For this purpose, 99 patients admitted to the Department of Psychiatry of Odense University Hospital after making a suicide attempt were followed for 5 years, to register repeated...... suicidal behavior. The results showed that three fourths of the patients attempted suicide more than once (62% nonfatal and 14% fatal outcome). The sex distribution was about the same among the first-evers as among the repeaters. Most repeaters were younger people in their twenties and thirties......, and the first-evers on average were past the age of 40. Somewhat unexpectedly, significantly more repeaters than first-evers had grown up with both their parents. However, the results also showed that significantly more repeaters than first-evers had had an unhappy childhood. This indicates...

  15. UK 2009-2010 repeat station report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas J.G. Shanahan


    Full Text Available The British Geological Survey is responsible for conducting the UK geomagnetic repeat station programme. Measurements made at the UK repeat station sites are used in conjunction with the three UK magnetic observatories: Hartland, Eskdalemuir and Lerwick, to produce a regional model of the local field each year. The UK network of repeat stations comprises 41 stations which are occupied at approximately 3-4 year intervals. Practices for conducting repeat station measurements continue to evolve as advances are made in survey instrumentation and as the usage of the data continues to change. Here, a summary of the 2009 and 2010 UK repeat station surveys is presented, highlighting the measurement process and techniques, density of network, reduction process and recent results.

  16. Discovery, Characterization, and Functional Study of a Novel MEF2D CAG Repeat in Duck (Anas platyrhynchos). (United States)

    Wang, Yushi; Wang, Jiwen; Liu, Hehe; Zhang, Rongping; Zhang, Tao; Gan, Xiang; Huang, Huilan; Chen, Da; Li, Liang


    Myocyte enhancer transcription factor 2D (MEF2D) is an important transcription factor for promoting the growth and development of muscle. CAG repeats have been found in the coding sequence (CDS) of avian MEF2D; however, their functions remain unknown and require further investigation. Here, we examined the characteristics and functional role of MEF2D CAG repeat in duck. The full-length CDS of duck MEF2D was cloned for the first time, and a novel CAG repeat was identified and located in exon 9. Sequence analysis indicated that the protein domains of duck MEF2D are highly conserved relative to other vertebrates, whereas MEF2D CAG repeats with variable repeat numbers are specific to avian species. Furthermore, sequencing has revealed polymorphisms in MEF2D CAG repeat at both DNA and mRNA levels. Four MEF2D CAG repeat genotypes and 10 MEF2D cDNA variants with different CAG repeat numbers were detected in two duck populations. A t-test showed that the expanded CAG repeat generated significantly longer transcription products (p analysis demonstrated positive correlations between the expansion of the CAG repeat and five muscle-related traits. By using protein structure prediction, we suggested that the polymorphisms of the CAG repeat affect protein structures within protein domains. Taken together, these findings reveal that duck MEF2D CAG repeat is a potential functional element with polymorphisms and may cause differences in MEF2D function between duck and other vertebrate species.

  17. Arap Dili Fonetiğinde Bazı Kavramların Yansıttığı ‘Ses Üretiminde Süre’ Olgusu Üzerine Bir Deneme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yrd.Doç.Dr. Nazife İnce


    Full Text Available Dünya üzerindeki hemen hemen bütün diller dil çalışmalarında fonetiğe bir şekilde yer ayırmıştır. Arap dilinin fonetiğe gösterdiği ihtimam ise birçok dile nazaran daha fazla olmuştur. Fonetik incelemeler umumiyetle seslerin artikülasyon nitelikleri yani mahreç ve sıfatlar üzerinde yoğunlaşır. Buna mukabil gerek sıfat gerçeğinin ima ettiği her bir ses için farklı güç ihtiyacı düşüncesi gerekse ünlü seslerin uzatmaya elverişli oluşu ses-süre ilişkisini de zihinlere getirmektedir. Bu çalışmada Arap dili geleneğinde artikülasyon sürelerini ifade eden kavramların ve buna benzer verilerin yardımıyla konuyu ele alan disiplinlerin ses miktarı konusundaki tutumunu aydınlatmayı amaçladık. Çalışmamızın sonunda bazı tecvit eserlerinin yer verdiği ve seslerin ölçülerini korumayı işleyen bölümlerde kullandığı kavramlardan ve diğer olgulardan hareketle en azından uygulama hedefi olarak ses sürelerinin korunması ile ses niteliklerinin korunmasına yönelik dengeli bir bakışın olduğu neticesine ulaştık.

  18. Thermal stability of chicken brain {alpha}-spectrin repeat 17: a spectroscopic study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brenner, Annette K. [University of Bergen, Department of Chemistry (Norway); Kieffer, Bruno [Ecole Superieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, IGBMC Biomolecular NMR Group, CNRS UMR 7104 (France); Trave, Gilles [Ecole Superieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, Equipe Oncoproteines, IREBS, UMR 7242 (France); Froystein, Nils Age [University of Bergen, Department of Chemistry (Norway); Raae, Arnt J., E-mail: [University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology (Norway)


    Spectrin is a rod-like multi-modular protein that is mainly composed of triple-helical repeats. These repeats show very similar 3D-structures but variable conformational and thermodynamical stabilities, which may be of great importance for the flexibility and dynamic behaviour of spectrin in the cell. For instance, repeat 17 (R17) of the chicken brain spectrin {alpha}-chain is four times less stable than neighbouring repeat 16 (R16) in terms of Increment G. The structure of spectrin repeats has mainly been investigated by X-ray crystallography, but the structures of a few repeats, e.g. R16, have also been determined by NMR spectroscopy. Here, we undertook a detailed characterization of the neighbouring R17 by NMR spectroscopy. We assigned most backbone resonances and observed NOE restraints, relaxation values and coupling constants that all indicated that the fold of R17 is highly similar to that of R16, in agreement with previous X-ray analysis of a tandem repeat of the two domains. However, {sup 15}N heteronuclear NMR spectra measured at different temperatures revealed particular features of the R17 domain that might contribute to its lower stability. Conformational exchange appeared to alter the linker connecting R17 to R16 as well as the BC-loop in close proximity. In addition, heat-induced splitting was observed for backbone resonances of a few spatially related residues including V99 of helix C, which in R16 is replaced by the larger hydrophobic tryptophan residue that is relatively conserved among other spectrin repeats. These data support the view that the substitution of tryptophan by valine at this position may contribute to the lower stability of R17.

  19. Changes in nucleoporin domain topology in response to chemical effectors. (United States)

    Paulillo, Sara M; Powers, Maureen A; Ullman, Katharine S; Fahrenkrog, Birthe


    Nucleoporins represent the molecular building blocks of nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), which mediate facilitated macromolecular trafficking between the cytoplasm and nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Phenylalanine-glycine (FG) repeat motifs are found in about one-third of the nucleoporins, and they provide major binding or docking sites for soluble transport receptors. We have shown recently that localization of the FG-repeat domains of vertebrate nucleoporins Nup153 and Nup214 within the NPC is influenced by its transport state. To test whether chemical effectors, such as calcium and ATP, influence the localization of the FG-repeat domains of Nup153 and Nup214 within the NPC, we performed immuno-electron microscopy of Xenopus oocyte nuclei using domain-specific antibodies against Nup153 and Nup214, respectively. Ca2+ and ATP are known to induce conformational changes in the NPC architecture, especially at the cytoplasmic face, but also at the nuclear basket of the NPC. We have found concentrations of calcium in the micromolar range or 1 mM ATP in the surrounding buffer leaves the spatial distribution of the FG-repeat of Nup153 and Nup214 largely unchanged. In contrast, ATP depletion, calcium store depletion by EGTA or thapsigargin, and high concentrations of divalent cation (i.e. 2 mM Ca2+ and 2 mM Mg2+) constrain the distribution of the FG-repeats of Nup153 and Nup214. Our data suggest that the location of the FG-repeat domains of Nup153 and Nup214 is sensitive to chemical changes within the near-field environment of the NPC.

  20. Maksimum Yagıslar için Süreden Bagımsız Bir Bölgesel Model Yaklasımı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ömer Levend AŞIKOĞLU


    Full Text Available Bu çalısmada, Ege Bölgesi örneginde belli tekerrürlü standart süreli yıllık maksimum yagıs (SSMY tahmininde kullanılabilecek, Lognormal tabanlı bir bölgesel model gelistirilmistir. Bölgesel modellerin temel amacı, proje alanına yakın birkaç istasyondaki noktasal veri ve bilgilerin proje alanına aktarılması ile ortaya çıkacak sakıncaları en aza indirmektir. Ayrıca, bölgesel modeller yardımıyla plüvyografsız istasyon bulunan veya hiç istasyon bulunmayan proje alanlarına da bilgi aktarma olanagı mevcuttur. Çalısmada, Lognormal dagılım fonksiyonunun tanımlanması için gerekli olan degiskenlik katsayısının yagıs süresinden bagımsız oldugu belirlenmis, tüm bölge için süreden bagımsız bir "bölgesel degiskenlik katsayısı" kullanılmıstır. Bölgesel degiskenlik katsayısının kullanımıyla gelistirilen "boyutsuz bölgesel tekerrür egrisi", proje alanında ortalama yagıs yüksekligi bilinen her noktada verilen tekerrüre karsılık gelecek yagıs yüksekliginin hesaplanmasını saglayacaktır. Böylelikle bölgede daha etkin boyutsuz yagıs tahminleri yapılabilmesine imkan verecektir. Bu model, yagıs ölçüm istasyonlarının standart süreli yagısları Lognormal frekans dagılım modeline uyan bölgelerde, bölgesel model kurma açısından büyük kolaylıklar getirecektir.

  1. Kitap İncelemesi: Thomas Piketty'nin 21. YY'da Eşitsizlik Dinamiklerini Bir Kıt'a Avrupası Bakış Açısından Değerlendirmesi



    Thomas Piketty’nin, “21.yy’da Sermaye” başlıklı kitabı dünya ekonomi literatüründe çok ses getirdi. Uzun zamandan beri Anglosakson hâkimiyetinde olan ekonomi literatüründe bir Kıt’a Avrupası bakış açısının ses getirmesi dikkat çekicidir. Yazarın Fransız olması ve ağırlıklı olarak Fransız ekolünden gelmesi kitabı ayrıcalıklı kılan bir nedendir. Fransız ekolünden gelen bir akademisyen olarak kitabı orijinal dili olan Fransızca okuma ayrıcalığına sahip oldum. Bu yazı, “Thomas Piketty, Le Capital...

  2. İstanbul’daki 5 Yıldızlı Otellerde Kültürel Zeka Ölçeğine İlişkin Bir Uygulama


    Aslan, Sevinç; ASLAN, Özgür


    Dünya artık daha fazla kültürün etkileşim içinde olduğu bir yer haline gelmektedir. Bu durum, örgütlerin ve çalışanların bu değişim karşısında stratejik bir unsur olarak, kültürel anlamda daha yetkin ve başarılı olmaya çalışmaları gerekliliğini ortaya koymaktadır. İşletmeleri başarıya ulaştıracak bu stratejik unsurlardan bir tanesi de çalışanların kültürel zeka seviyeleridir. Bu çalışmada da belirtildiği üzere yüksek kültürel zekaya sahip çalışanlar işletmeye önemli katkılar sağlamaktadırlar....

  3. Research Methods Used in Library and Information Science Theses: An Evaluation Kütüphanecilik ve Bilgi Bilim Tezlerinde Kullanılan Bilimsel Araştırma Yöntemleri : Bir Değerlendirme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Serap Kurbanoğlu


    Full Text Available A literature analysis and an evaluation are made on the findings of researches which examine the research methods employed in library science and information science dissertations. The data suggest some changes regarding to research methods used in library science dissertations. Separate examinations of library science dissertations and information science dissertations suggest that there are differences as much assimilarities between these sister disciplines. Kütüphanecilik ve bilgi bilim tezlerinde kullanılan araştırma yöntemleri konusunda yapılan araştırmaların bulguları üzerine bir literatür çalışması ve bir değerlendirme yapılmıştır. Bulgular kütüphanecilik tezlerinde kullanılan araştırma yöntemleri konusunda zaman içinde bir çeşitlenme olduğunu göstermektedir. Kütüphanecilik ve bilgi bilim tezleri üzerinde ayrı ayrı yürütülen incelemeler ise bu iki kardeş disiplin arasında benzerlikler kadar farklılıklar da olduğunu ortaya koymaktadır.

  4. Chromatin structure of repeating CTG/CAG and CGG/CCG sequences in human disease. (United States)

    Wang, Yuh-Hwa


    In eukaryotic cells, chromatin structure organizes genomic DNA in a dynamic fashion, and results in regulation of many DNA metabolic processes. The CTG/CAG and CGG/CCG repeating sequences involved in several neuromuscular degenerative diseases display differential abilities for the binding of histone octamers. The effect of the repeating DNA on nucleosome assembly could be amplified as the number of repeats increases. Also, CpG methylation, and sequence interruptions within the triplet repeats exert an impact on the formation of nucleosomes along these repeating DNAs. The two most common triplet expansion human diseases, myotonic dystrophy 1 and fragile X syndrome, are caused by the expanded CTG/CAG and CGG/CCG repeats, respectively. In addition to the expanded repeats and CpG methylation, histone modifications, chromatin remodeling factors, and noncoding RNA have been shown to coordinate the chromatin structure at both myotonic dystrophy 1 and fragile X loci. Alterations in chromatin structure at these two loci can affect transcription of these disease-causing genes, leading to disease symptoms. These observations have brought a new appreciation that a full understanding of disease gene expression requires a knowledge of the structure of the chromatin domain within which the gene resides.

  5. The different roles of aggrecan interaction domains

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aspberg, Anders


    is vital in that it binds the proteoglycan to hyaluronan in ternary complex with link protein, retaining the proteoglycan in the tissue. The importance of the C-terminal G3 domain interactions has recently been emphasized by two different human hereditary disorders: autosomal recessive aggrecan......The aggregating proteoglycans of the lectican family are important components of extracellular matrices. Aggrecan is the most well studied of these and is central to cartilage biomechanical properties and skeletal development. Key to its biological function is the fixed charge of the many......-type spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia and autosomal dominant familial osteochondritis dissecans. In these two conditions, different missense mutations in the aggrecan C-type lectin repeat have been described. The resulting amino acid replacements affect the ligand interactions of the G3 domain, albeit with widely different...

  6. Domain-Specific Multimodeling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hessellund, Anders

    Enterprise systems are complex artifacts. They are hard to build, manage, understand, and evolve. Existing software development paradigms fail to properly address challenges such as system size, domain complexity, and software evolution when development is scaled to enterprise systems. We propose...... domain-specific multimodeling as a development paradigm to tackle these challenges in a language-oriented manner. The different concerns of a system are conceptually separated and made explicit as independent domain-specific languages. This approach increases productivity and quality by raising...... the overall level of abstraction. It does, however, also introduce a new problem of coordinating multiple different languages in a single system. We call this problem the coordination problem. In this thesis, we present the coordination method for domain-specific multimodeling that explicitly targets...

  7. Conserved Domain Database (CDD) (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — CDD is a protein annotation resource that consists of a collection of well-annotated multiple sequence alignment models for ancient domains and full-length proteins.

  8. Identification of conserved, centrosome-targeting ASH domains in TRAPPII complex subunits and TRAPPC8

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schou, Kenneth Bødtker; Morthorst, Stine Kjær; Christensen, Søren Tvorup;


    , and -13 as novel ASH domain-containing proteins. In addition to a C-terminal ASH domain region, we predict that the N-terminus of TRAPPC8, -9, -10, and -11, as well as their yeast counterparts, consists of an alpha-solenoid bearing stretches of multiple tetratricopeptide (TPR) repeats. Immunofluorescence...

  9. Length variations amongst protein domain superfamilies and consequences on structure and function.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sankaran Sandhya

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Related protein domains of a superfamily can be specified by proteins of diverse lengths. The structural and functional implications of indels in a domain scaffold have been examined. METHODOLOGY: In this study, domain superfamilies with large length variations (more than 30% difference from average domain size, referred as 'length-deviant' superfamilies and 'length-rigid' domain superfamilies (<10% length difference from average domain size were analyzed for the functional impact of such structural differences. Our delineated dataset, derived from an objective algorithm, enables us to address indel roles in the presence of peculiar structural repeats, functional variation, protein-protein interactions and to examine 'domain contexts' of proteins tolerant to large length variations. Amongst the top-10 length-deviant superfamilies analyzed, we found that 80% of length-deviant superfamilies possess distant internal structural repeats and nearly half of them acquired diverse biological functions. In general, length-deviant superfamilies have higher chance, than length-rigid superfamilies, to be engaged in internal structural repeats. We also found that approximately 40% of length-deviant domains exist as multi-domain proteins involving interactions with domains from the same or other superfamilies. Indels, in diverse domain superfamilies, were found to participate in the accretion of structural and functional features amongst related domains. With specific examples, we discuss how indels are involved directly or indirectly in the generation of oligomerization interfaces, introduction of substrate specificity, regulation of protein function and stability. CONCLUSIONS: Our data suggests a multitude of roles for indels that are specialized for domain members of different domain superfamilies. These specialist roles that we observe and trends in the extent of length variation could influence decision making in modeling of new superfamily

  10. The child accident repeater: a review. (United States)

    Jones, J G


    The child accident repeater is defined as one who has at least three accidents that come to medical attention within a year. The accident situation has features in common with those of the child who has a single accident through simple "bad luck", but other factors predispose him to repeated injury. In the child who has a susceptible personality, a tendency for accident repetition may be due to a breakdown in adjustment to a stressful environment. Prevention of repeat accidents should involve the usual measures considered appropriate for all children as well as an attempt to provide treatment of significant maladjustment and modification of a stressful environment.

  11. Etkin bir yönetim için vizyoner liderliğin önemi: Hatay'daki kamu kurumları üzerinde bir uygulama/Importance Of Vısıonary Leadershıp For An Actıve Admınıstratıon: An Applıcaton In Publıc Instıtutıons In Hatay


    Bulut, Yakup BULUT; uygun, serdar vural


    Özet Liderlik, insanlık tarihi kadar eski bir kavram olmakla beraber, bu konudaki çalışmaların sanayi devrimi sonrasında hız kazandığı görülmektedir. Günümüze kadar bu konuda birçok araştırmalar yapılmış, ulaşılan bulgular yorumlanmış ve kavramla ilgili çeşitli teoriler ortaya atılmıştır. Değişen yönetim anlayışları, beraberinde yeni yönetici ve lider tiplemelerini de getirmiştir. Vizyoner liderlik, diğer yönetim tiplemelerinden farklı olarak, son dönemde ortaya çıkan yeni bir anlayıştır. Bu ...

  12. Cardiac ankyrin repeat protein and atherosclerosis%心锚重复蛋白与冠状动脉粥样硬化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ 心锚重复蛋白(cardiac ankyrin repeat protein,CARP)也常被称为ANKRD1蛋白(cardiac ankyrin repeat domain1protein),其他别名有C-193、MCARP等,是1985年发现的一个核转录辅助因子,属于锚蛋白(ANK)重复序列蛋白家族(muscle ankyrin repeat proteins,MARP)的保守基因.

  13. Telomere and ribosomal DNA repeats are chromosomal targets of the bloom syndrome DNA helicase

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paric Enesa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Bloom syndrome is one of the most cancer-predisposing disorders and is characterized by genomic instability and a high frequency of sister chromatid exchange. The disorder is caused by loss of function of a 3' to 5' RecQ DNA helicase, BLM. The exact role of BLM in maintaining genomic integrity is not known but the helicase has been found to associate with several DNA repair complexes and some DNA replication foci. Results Chromatin immunoprecipitation of BLM complexes recovered telomere and ribosomal DNA repeats. The N-terminus of BLM, required for NB localization, is the same as the telomere association domain of BLM. The C-terminus is required for ribosomal DNA localization. BLM localizes primarily to the non-transcribed spacer region of the ribosomal DNA repeat where replication forks initiate. Bloom syndrome cells expressing the deletion alleles lacking the ribosomal DNA and telomere association domains have altered cell cycle populations with increased S or G2/M cells relative to normal. Conclusion These results identify telomere and ribosomal DNA repeated sequence elements as chromosomal targets for the BLM DNA helicase during the S/G2 phase of the cell cycle. BLM is localized in nuclear bodies when it associates with telomeric repeats in both telomerase positive and negative cells. The BLM DNA helicase participates in genomic stability at ribosomal DNA repeats and telomeres.

  14. Telomere and ribosomal DNA repeats are chromosomal targets of the bloom syndrome DNA helicase. (United States)

    Schawalder, James; Paric, Enesa; Neff, Norma F


    Bloom syndrome is one of the most cancer-predisposing disorders and is characterized by genomic instability and a high frequency of sister chromatid exchange. The disorder is caused by loss of function of a 3' to 5' RecQ DNA helicase, BLM. The exact role of BLM in maintaining genomic integrity is not known but the helicase has been found to associate with several DNA repair complexes and some DNA replication foci. Chromatin immunoprecipitation of BLM complexes recovered telomere and ribosomal DNA repeats. The N-terminus of BLM, required for NB localization, is the same as the telomere association domain of BLM. The C-terminus is required for ribosomal DNA localization. BLM localizes primarily to the non-transcribed spacer region of the ribosomal DNA repeat where replication forks initiate. Bloom syndrome cells expressing the deletion alleles lacking the ribosomal DNA and telomere association domains have altered cell cycle populations with increased S or G2/M cells relative to normal. These results identify telomere and ribosomal DNA repeated sequence elements as chromosomal targets for the BLM DNA helicase during the S/G2 phase of the cell cycle. BLM is localized in nuclear bodies when it associates with telomeric repeats in both telomerase positive and negative cells. The BLM DNA helicase participates in genomic stability at ribosomal DNA repeats and telomeres.

  15. Strongly Semicontinuous Domains and Semi-FS Domains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qingyu He


    Full Text Available We are mainly concerned with some special kinds of semicontinuous domains and relationships between them. New concepts of strongly semicontinuous domains, meet semicontinuous domains and semi-FS domains are introduced. It is shown that a dcpo L is strongly semicontinuous if and only if L is semicontinuous and meet semicontinuous. It is proved that semi-FS domains are strongly semicontinuous. Some interpolation properties of semiway-below relations in (strongly semicontinuous bc-domains are given. In terms of these properties, it is proved that strongly semicontinuous bc-domains, in particular strongly semicontinuous lattices, are all semi-FS domains.

  16. ClIfford Geertz’e Göre Kültürel Bir Sistem Olarak Din Religion as a Cultural System by Clifford Geertz




    ÖZETBu makale Clifford Geertz’in, dini kültürel bir sistem olarak incelemek üzere geliştirdiğikendi tanım ve metotlarına dayanan görüşlerini ele almaktadır. Makale Geertz’inyorumlayıcı yaklaşımını ve kültürü yorumlama yöntemi üzerine yoğunlaşmaktadır.Çalışma aynı zamanda Geertz’in dine nasıl yaklaştığını ve dinle toplumsal hayatı nasılilişkilendirdiğini incelemektedir. Makalede Geertz’in düşüncelerinin ve metodolojisininönemi ve dini yorumlamada başarısız olduğu noktalar da genel hatlarıyla b...

  17. Çocuk Kitaplarına Yeni Bir Yaklaşım: İnternet'te Resimli Çocuk Kitapları (e-books

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mübeccel Gönen


    Full Text Available Elektronik kitaplar (e-books yurtdışında oldukça yaygın bir biçimde kullanılmakta ve kullanıcı sayısı da giderek artmaktadır. İnternette yer alan bu kitaplar, her yaştaki insanın ilgi alanına hizmet edecek kadar çok ve çeşitlidir. Bu tür kitaplara internette yer alan kütüphanelerden, yayınevlerinden ve yazarlardan ulaşılmaktadır. Çocuk edebiyatı ile ilgili sitelerden de her konuda resimli çocuk kitaplarına ulaşılabilir. İnternette Türkçe resimli çocuk kitapları ve çocuk edebiyatı ile ilgili sitelere rastlanmamaktadır. Ancak elektronik çocuk kitaplarına yabancı sitelerden ulaşılabilir ve bazı sitelerden ücretsiz olarak da temin edilebilir. Bu yeni uygulama ile ülkemizde bulunan yayınevleri ve yazarların, iletişim ve bilgi teknolojisinden yararlanarak daha fazla aileye, okul ve çocuğa hizmet götürebileceği düşünülmektedir.

  18. Iznīqī and Jābir, Sirr and Miftāḥ: Two Authors, Four Titles, One Alchemical Treatise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Carusi


    Full Text Available An alchemical Arabic treatise alternatively entitled Miftāḥ al-ḥikma, Miftāḥ jannāt al-khuld, Sirr al-asrār and Sirr al-sārr wa-sirr al-asrār is attributed in its manuscripts to two different authors: al-Iznīqī and Jābir b. Ḥayyān. In this article I briefly discuss some characteristic aspects of the treatise and its significance for the history of alchemy. These aspects include its ancient and important sources, such as the Muṣḥaf al-jamā‛a (Turba philosophorum and the Kitāb al-Ḥabīb, and its connection with the tradition of the artists and the activity of the workshop and laboratory, which first comes to the fore in Greek alchemy and later in Islamic alchemy. Furthermore, the work includes references to alchemical physical theories in which the influence of Islamic theology may perhaps be traced. This article, which summarises the results of investigations carried out over the last few years, could be considered as a kind of introduction to the edition and translation of the text currently in progress.

  19. Domains in Ferroelectric Nanostructures (United States)

    Gregg, Marty


    Ferroelectric materials have great potential in influencing the future of small scale electronics. At a basic level, this is because ferroelectric surfaces are charged, and so interact strongly with charge-carrying metals and semiconductors - the building blocks for all electronic systems. Since the electrical polarity of the ferroelectric can be reversed, surfaces can both attract and repel charges in nearby materials, and can thereby exert complete control over both charge distribution and movement. It should be no surprise, therefore, that microelectronics industries have already looked very seriously at harnessing ferroelectric materials in a variety of applications, from solid state memory chips (FeRAMs) to field effect transistors (FeFETs). In all such applications, switching the direction of the polarity of the ferroelectric is a key aspect of functional behavior. The mechanism for switching involves the field-induced nucleation and growth of domains. Domain coarsening, through domain wall propagation, eventually causes the entire ferroelectric to switch its polar direction. It is thus the existence and behavior of domains that determine the switching response, and ultimately the performance of the ferroelectric device. A major issue, associated with the integration of ferroelectrics into microelectronic devices, has been that the fundamental properties associated with ferroelectrics, when in bulk form, appear to change quite dramatically and unpredictably when at the nanoscale: new modes of behaviour, and different functional characteristics from those seen in bulk appear. For domains, in particular, the proximity of surfaces and boundaries have a dramatic effect: surface tension and depolarizing fields both serve to increase the equilibrium density of domains, such that minor changes in scale or morphology can have major ramifications for domain redistribution. Given the importance of domains in dictating the overall switching characteristics of a device

  20. The Moral Maturity of Repeater Delinquents. (United States)

    Petronio, Richard J.


    Differences in moral development (as conceived by Kohlberg) were examined in a sample of delinquent teenagers. The repeater group was not found, as had been hypothesized, to be lower on moral maturity than those who engaged in less delinquency. (GC)

  1. “Miskînlik” Dairesinde “Devreden” Bir Derviş: Yûnus Emre An Ascetic “Turning” in Circle of “Slothfulness”:Yunus Emre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayşegül AKDEMİR


    Full Text Available “Slothful” is a word which we come across its negative concept from past to present. Therefore, the aforementioned a word finds its place as a “contrast” point in life and language. In the first place that the negative associations “slothful” word, a different viewpoint than the one that would allow a positive nature appears to be perceived and evaluated. This difference in understanding, however, pointed out that the word “inactivity/ stasis” with regards to which one aspect of physical or mental condition of people is very closely related. The physical aspect of fact, when seen in relation to a negative value with a “slothful” word, is the psychological aspects of peeling off a positive value when negative value is loaded.But in the Poetry of Yunus Emre, though we come across the word, “slothful” with its literal meaning, it goes beyond of this and exceeds its meaning indeed. The aforementioned word comes up to another dimension as its meaning and value with these kinds of usages.In this work, the underlying meaning and value of the word, “slothful” which has negative connotation values when it's considered superficially are questioned. While doing this, we base on the poems of Yunus Emre, who often characterizes himself as “slothful” in his poems, and put emphasis on possible relevance and relations between his real and mystical identity and the aforementioned word. “Miskîn” kelimesi, geçmişten günümüze kadar uzanan çizgide olumsuz bir kavram alanına sahip bir kelime olarak karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Buna bağlı olarak da söz konusu kelime, dilde ve yaşamda kendisine ancak “karşıt” bir noktada yer bulabilmektedir.İlk planda olumsuz çağrışımlar yapan “miskîn” kelimesi, daha farklı bir bakış açısından bakıldığında ise olumlu olarak algılanmaya ve değerlendirilmeye imkân verecek bir mahiyette karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Algılayıştaki bu farklılık, söz konusu

  2. Star repeaters for fiber optic links. (United States)

    McMahon, D H; Gravel, R L


    A star repeater combines the functions of a passive star coupler and a signal regenerating amplifier. By more effectively utilizing the light power radiated by a light emitting diode, the star repeater can, when used with small diameter channels, couple as much power to all receivers of a multiterminal link as would be coupled to the single receiver of a simple point-to-point link.

  3. Digital repeat analysis; setup and operation. (United States)

    Nol, J; Isouard, G; Mirecki, J


    Since the emergence of digital imaging, there have been questions about the necessity of continuing reject analysis programs in imaging departments to evaluate performance and quality. As a marketing strategy, most suppliers of digital technology focus on the supremacy of the technology and its ability to reduce the number of repeats, resulting in less radiation doses given to patients and increased productivity in the department. On the other hand, quality assurance radiographers and radiologists believe that repeats are mainly related to positioning skills, and repeat analysis is the main tool to plan training needs to up-skill radiographers. A comparative study between conventional and digital imaging was undertaken to compare outcomes and evaluate the need for reject analysis. However, digital technology still being at its early development stages, setting a credible reject analysis program became the major task of the study. It took the department, with the help of the suppliers of the computed radiography reader and the picture archiving and communication system, over 2 years of software enhancement to build a reliable digital repeat analysis system. The results were supportive of both philosophies; the number of repeats as a result of exposure factors was reduced dramatically; however, the percentage of repeats as a result of positioning skills was slightly on the increase for the simple reason that some rejects in the conventional system qualifying for both exposure and positioning errors were classified as exposure error. The ability of digitally adjusting dark or light images reclassified some of those images as positioning errors.

  4. Quantum Key Distribution over Probabilistic Quantum Repeaters

    CERN Document Server

    Amirloo, Jeyran; Majedi, A Hamed


    A feasible route towards implementing long-distance quantum key distribution (QKD) systems relies on probabilistic schemes for entanglement distribution and swapping as proposed in the work of Duan, Lukin, Cirac, and Zoller (DLCZ) [Nature 414, 413 (2001)]. Here, we calculate the conditional throughput and fidelity of entanglement for DLCZ quantum repeaters, by accounting for the DLCZ self-purification property, in the presence of multiple excitations in the ensemble memories as well as loss and other sources of inefficiency in the channel and measurement modules. We then use our results to find the generation rate of secure key bits for QKD systems that rely on DLCZ quantum repeaters. We compare the key generation rate per logical memory employed in the two cases of with and without a repeater node. We find the cross-over distance beyond which the repeater system outperforms the non-repeater one. That provides us with the optimum inter-node distancing in quantum repeater systems. We also find the optimal exci...

  5. Remarkable selective constraints on exonic dinucleotide repeats. (United States)

    Haasl, Ryan J; Payseur, Bret A


    Long dinucleotide repeats found in exons present a substantial mutational hazard: mutations at these loci occur often and generate frameshifts. Here, we provide clear and compelling evidence that exonic dinucleotides experience strong selective constraint. In humans, only 18 exonic dinucleotides have repeat lengths greater than six, which contrasts sharply with the genome-wide distribution of dinucleotides. We genotyped each of these dinucleotides in 200 humans from eight 1000 Genomes Project populations and found a near-absence of polymorphism. More remarkably, divergence data demonstrate that repeat lengths have been conserved across the primate phylogeny in spite of what is likely considerable mutational pressure. Coalescent simulations show that even a very low mutation rate at these loci fails to explain the anomalous patterns of polymorphism and divergence. Our data support two related selective constraints on the evolution of exonic dinucleotides: a short-term intolerance for any change to repeat length and a long-term prevention of increases to repeat length. In general, our results implicate purifying selection as the force that eliminates new, deleterious mutants at exonic dinucleotides. We briefly discuss the evolution of the longest exonic dinucleotide in the human genome--a 10 x CA repeat in fibroblast growth factor receptor-like 1 (FGFRL1)--that should possess a considerably greater mutation rate than any other exonic dinucleotide and therefore generate a large number of deleterious variants. © 2014 The Author(s). Evolution © 2014 The Society for the Study of Evolution.

  6. Dynamic combinatorial libraries of artificial repeat proteins. (United States)

    Eisenberg, Margarita; Shumacher, Inbal; Cohen-Luria, Rivka; Ashkenasy, Gonen


    Repeat proteins are found in almost all cellular systems, where they are involved in diverse molecular recognition processes. Recent studies have suggested that de novo designed repeat proteins may serve as universal binders, and might potentially be used as practical alternative to antibodies. We describe here a novel chemical methodology for producing small libraries of repeat proteins, and screening in parallel the ligand binding of library members. The first stage of this research involved the total synthesis of a consensus-based three-repeat tetratricopeptide (TPR) protein (~14 kDa), via sequential attachment of the respective peptides. Despite the effectiveness of the synthesis and ligation steps, this method was found to be too demanding for the production of proteins containing variable number of repeats. Additionally, the analysis of binding of the individual proteins was time consuming. Therefore, we designed and prepared novel dynamic combinatorial libraries (DCLs), and show that their equilibration can facilitate the formation of TPR proteins containing up to eight repeating units. Interestingly, equilibration of the library building blocks in the presence of the biologically relevant ligands, Hsp90 and Hsp70, induced their oligomerization into forming more of the proteins with large recognition surfaces. We suggest that this work presents a novel simple and rapid tool for the simultaneous screening of protein mixtures with variable binding surfaces, and for identifying new binders for ligands of interest.

  7. Just how versatile are domains?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bornberg-Bauer Erich


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Creating new protein domain arrangements is a frequent mechanism of evolutionary innovation. While some domains always form the same combinations, others form many different arrangements. This ability, which is often referred to as versatility or promiscuity of domains, its a random evolutionary model in which a domain's promiscuity is based on its relative frequency of domains. Results We show that there is a clear relationship across genomes between the promiscuity of a given domain and its frequency. However, the strength of this relationship differs for different domains. We thus redefine domain promiscuity by defining a new index, DV I ("domain versatility index", which eliminates the effect of domain frequency. We explore links between a domain's versatility, when unlinked from abundance, and its biological properties. Conclusion Our results indicate that domains occurring as single domain proteins and domains appearing frequently at protein termini have a higher DV I. This is consistent with previous observations that the evolution of domain re-arrangements is primarily driven by fusion of pre-existing arrangements and single domains as well as loss of domains at protein termini. Furthermore, we studied the link between domain age, defined as the first appearance of a domain in the species tree, and the DV I. Contrary to previous studies based on domain promiscuity, it seems as if the DV I is age independent. Finally, we find that contrary to previously reported findings, versatility is lower in Eukaryotes. In summary, our measure of domain versatility indicates that a random attachment process is sufficient to explain the observed distribution of domain arrangements and that several views on domain promiscuity need to be revised.

  8. Data repeatability and acquisition techniques for Time-Domain Spectral Induced Polarization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Legaz, Aurélie; Fiandaca, Gianluca; Pedersen, Jesper Bjergsted;


    A direct current (DC) resistivity and time domaininduced polarization (TDIP) survey was undertaken at a decommissionedlandfill site situated in Hørløkke, Denmark,for the purpose of mapping the waste deposits and to discriminateimportant geological units that control the hydrology ofthe surroundin...

  9. Axion domain wall baryogenesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daido, Ryuji; Kitajima, Naoya [Department of Physics, Tohoku University,Sendai 980-8578 (Japan); Takahashi, Fuminobu [Department of Physics, Tohoku University,Sendai 980-8578 (Japan); Kavli IPMU, TODIAS, University of Tokyo,Kashiwa 277-8583 (Japan)


    We propose a new scenario of baryogenesis, in which annihilation of axion domain walls generates a sizable baryon asymmetry. Successful baryogenesis is possible for a wide range of the axion mass and decay constant, m≃10{sup 8}–10{sup 13} GeV and f≃10{sup 13}–10{sup 16} GeV. Baryonic isocurvature perturbations are significantly suppressed in our model, in contrast to various spontaneous baryogenesis scenarios in the slow-roll regime. In particular, the axion domain wall baryogenesis is consistent with high-scale inflation which generates a large tensor-to-scalar ratio within the reach of future CMB B-mode experiments. We also discuss the gravitational waves produced by the domain wall annihilation and its implications for the future gravitational wave experiments.

  10. Automated genotyping of dinucleotide repeat markers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perlin, M.W.; Hoffman, E.P. [Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (United States)]|[Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    The dinucleotide repeats (i.e., microsatellites) such as CA-repeats are a highly polymorphic, highly abundant class of PCR-amplifiable markers that have greatly streamlined genetic mapping experimentation. It is expected that over 30,000 such markers (including tri- and tetranucleotide repeats) will be characterized for routine use in the next few years. Since only size determination, and not sequencing, is required to determine alleles, in principle, dinucleotide repeat genotyping is easily performed on electrophoretic gels, and can be automated using DNA sequencers. Unfortunately, PCR stuttering with these markers generates not one band for each allele, but a pattern of bands. Since closely spaced alleles must be disambiguated by human scoring, this poses a key obstacle to full automation. We have developed methods that overcome this obstacle. Our model is that the observed data is generated by arithmetic superposition (i.e., convolution) of multiple allele patterns. By quantitatively measuring the size of each component band, and exploiting the unique stutter pattern associated with each marker, closely spaced alleles can be deconvolved; this unambiguously reconstructs the {open_quotes}true{close_quotes} allele bands, with stutter artifact removed. We used this approach in a system for automated diagnosis of (X-linked) Duchenne muscular dystrophy; four multiplexed CA-repeats within the dystrophin gene were assayed on a DNA sequencer. Our method accurately detected small variations in gel migration that shifted the allele size estimate. In 167 nonmutated alleles, 89% (149/167) showed no size variation, 9% (15/167) showed 1 bp variation, and 2% (3/167) showed 2 bp variation. We are currently developing a library of dinucleotide repeat patterns; together with our deconvolution methods, this library will enable fully automated genotyping of dinucleotide repeats from sizing data.

  11. Spinoza’da İnsan Doğası-Siyaset İlişkisi Üzerine Bir Deneme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Yıldız


    Full Text Available ÖzetBu makalenin başlıca amacı, siyaset ile insan doğası arasındaki ilişkiye dikkat çekmektir. Bu konu ile ilgili görüşlerini incelediğimiz Spinoza, insan doğasına en uygun yönetim biçiminin demokrasi olduğunu ileri sürdüğü gibi bunun ontolojik ve epistemolojik temellerini de ortaya koyar. Ontolojik temelde insan, doğanın bir parçası olduğu ölçüde kendi doğasından kaynaklanan her şeyi yapmaya hakkı vardır. Epistemolojik temelde ise insan, doğanın bilgisine sahip olduğu ölçüde var olan doğasını ikinci bir doğaya ulaştıracak siyasal bir örgütlenmeye ihtiyaç duyar. Sonuç olarak Spinoza siyaseti olabildiğince nesnel bir zeminde ele almaya çalışarak evrensel bir siyaset kuramı geliştirir. Siyasal alanda aşılması gereken yol, anlama yetisinin yetkinleşmesiyle hem bireysel hem de toplumsal düzlemde insan doğasının ikinci bir doğaya ulaşmasıdır. AbstractThe main purpose of this article is to point to the relationship between politics and human nature. In this regard, as Spinoza pronounces the most appropriate regime to the human nature as democracy, he presents ontological and epistemological basics of this. Human beings, in the ontological basis, are allowed to do anything they desire in the nature as long as they stay a part of the nature. As to in the epistemological basis, human beings are in need of a political organization that will convey its nature to the second nature, to a degree where they possess an acknowledge of the nature. To sum up, Spinoza tries to exhibit a universal ethical and political theory by taking human nature on the objective ground. The way that must be overcome in the political structure is the attainment of the human nature to a second nature where both individual and societal level by maturation of the understanding.RésuméLe but principal de cet article est d’attirer l’attention sur la relation entre la politique et la nature de l’homme. A cet

  12. Measuring the Activity of Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2: A Kinase Involved in Parkinson's Disease (United States)

    Lee, Byoung Dae; Li, Xiaojie; Dawson, Ted M.; Dawson, Valina L.


    Mutations in the LRRK2 (Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2) gene are the most common cause of autosomal dominant Parkinson's disease. LRRK2 has multiple functional domains including a kinase domain. The kinase activity of LRRK2 is implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. Developing an assay to understand the mechanisms of LRRK2 kinase activity is important for the development of pharmacologic and therapeutic applications. Here, we describe how to measure in vitro LRRK2 kinase activity and its inhibition. PMID:21960214

  13. LRIG1 extracellular domain: structure and function analysis. (United States)

    Xu, Yibin; Soo, Priscilla; Walker, Francesca; Zhang, Hui Hua; Redpath, Nicholas; Tan, Chin Wee; Nicola, Nicos A; Adams, Timothy E; Garrett, Thomas P; Zhang, Jian-Guo; Burgess, Antony W


    We have expressed and purified three soluble fragments of the human LRIG1-ECD (extracellular domain): the LRIG1-LRR (leucine-rich repeat) domain, the LRIG1-3Ig (immunoglobulin-like) domain, and the LRIG1-LRR-1Ig fragment using baculovirus vectors in insect cells. The two LRIG1 domains crystallised so that we have been able to determine the three-dimensional structures at 2.3Å resolution. We developed a three-dimensional structure for the LRIG1-ECD using homology modelling based on the LINGO-1 structure. The LRIG1-LRR domain and the LRIG1-LRR-1Ig fragment are monomers in solution, whereas the LRIG1-3Ig domain appears to be dimeric. We could not detect any binding of the LRIG1 domains or the LRIG1-LRR-1Ig fragment to the EGF receptor (EGFR), either in solution using biosensor analysis or when the EGFR was expressed on the cell surface. The FLAG-tagged LRIG1-LRR-1Ig fragment binds weakly to colon cancer cells regardless of the presence of EGFRs. Similarly, neither the soluble LRIG1-LRR nor the LRIG1-3Ig domains nor the full-length LRIG1 co-expressed in HEK293 cells inhibited ligand-stimulated activation of cell-surface EGFR.

  14. Structure and organization of the mitochondrial DNA control region with tandemly repeated sequence in the Amazon ornamental fish. (United States)

    Terencio, Maria Leandra; Schneider, Carlos Henrique; Gross, Maria Claudia; Feldberg, Eliana; Porto, Jorge Ivan Rebelo


    Tandemly repeated sequences are a common feature of vertebrate mitochondrial DNA control regions. However, questions still remain about their mode of evolution and function. To better understand patterns of variation in length and to explore the existence of previously described domain, we have characterized the control region structure of the Amazonian ornamental fish Nannostomus eques and Nannostomus unifasciatus. The control region ranged from 1121 to 1142 bp in length and could be separated into three domains: the domain associated with the extended terminal associated sequences, the central conserved domain, and the conserved sequence blocks domain. In the first domain, we encountered a sequence repeated 10 times in tandem (variable number tandem repeat (VNTR)) that could adopt an "inverted repetitions" type structural conformation. The results suggest that the VNTR pattern encountered in both N. eques and N. unifasciatus is consistent with the prerequisites of the illegitimate elongation model in which the unequal pairing of the chains near the 5'-end of the control region favors the formation of repetitions.

  15. Hybrid time/frequency domain modeling of nonlinear components

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wiechowski, Wojciech Tomasz; Lykkegaard, Jan; Bak, Claus Leth


    model is used as a basis for its implementation. First, the linear network part is replaced with an ideal voltage source and a time domain (EMT) simulation is performed. During the initial oscillations, harmonic content of the converter currents is calculated at every period by a fast Fourier transform...... and the periodic steady state is identified. Obtained harmonic currents are assigned to current sources and used in the frequency domain calculation in the linear network. The obtained three-phase bus voltage is then inverse Fourier transformed and assigned to the voltage source and the time domain simulation...... is performed again. This process is repeated until the change in the magnitudes and phase angles of the fundamental and low order characteristic harmonics of the bus voltage is smaller then predefined precision indexes. The method is verified against precise time domain simulation. The convergence properties...

  16. On Binding Domains

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Everaert, M.B.H.


    In this paper I want to explore reasons for replacing Binding Theory based on the anaphor-pronoun dichotomy by a Binding Theory allowing more domains restricting/defining anaphoric dependencies. This will, thus, have consequences for the partitioning of anaphoric elements, presupposing more types of

  17. Cellulose binding domain proteins (United States)

    Shoseyov, Oded; Shpiegl, Itai; Goldstein, Marc; Doi, Roy


    A cellulose binding domain (CBD) having a high affinity for crystalline cellulose and chitin is disclosed, along with methods for the molecular cloning and recombinant production thereof. Fusion products comprising the CBD and a second protein are likewise described. A wide range of applications are contemplated for both the CBD and the fusion products, including drug delivery, affinity separations, and diagnostic techniques.

  18. Domain: Labour market

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oude Mulders, J.; Wadensjö, E.; Hasselhorn, H.M.; Apt, W.

    This domain chapter is dedicated to summarize research on the effects of labour market contextual factors on labour market participation of older workers (aged 50+) and identify research gaps. While employment participation and the timing of (early) retirement is often modelled as an individual

  19. Normed Domains of Holomorphy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steven G. Krantz


    Full Text Available We treat the classical concept of domain of holomorphy in ℂn when the holomorphic functions considered are restricted to lie in some Banach space. Positive and negative results are presented. A new view of the case n=1 is considered.

  20. Domain: Labour market

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oude Mulders, J.; Wadensjö, E.; Hasselhorn, H.M.; Apt, W.


    This domain chapter is dedicated to summarize research on the effects of labour market contextual factors on labour market participation of older workers (aged 50+) and identify research gaps. While employment participation and the timing of (early) retirement is often modelled as an individual deci

  1. Gözleme Dayalı Çalışmalarda Eğilim Skoru (Propensity Score ve Tıp Bilimleri'nde Bir Uygulama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elif Çiğdem KASPAR


    Full Text Available Amaç: Gözlemsel çalışmalarda ve/veya retrospektif çalışmalarda, araştırmacının olgu ve kontrol gruplarındaki birimleri rastlantısal olarak gruplara atama işleminde kontrolü yoktur. Bu nedenle, olgu-kontrol gruplarına düşen bireylerin ortak değişkenlerinde bazı farklılıklar gözlemlenebilir ve bu farklılıklarda tedavi etkisinin yanlı (biased tahminlerine neden olabilmektedir. Bir dengeleme skoru olarak tanımlayabileceğimiz eğilim skoru (ES, tedavinin gözlenen ortak değişkenlere göre koşullu olasılığı olarak ifade edilir. ES tahmin ettikten sonra eşleştirme, tabakalara ayırma ve regresyon düzeltmesi yöntemleriyle yeniden örnekleme yapılarak retrospektif gözlemsel çalışmalarda örneklemedeki yanlılığın azaltılmasında, prospektif çalışmalardaki gibi kesinliğin artmasında, kanıt seviyesi bakımından göreli düşük olan olgu-kontrol çalışmalarının, prospektif bir çalışmanın kanıt seviyesine çıkartılması ve bazı ortak değişkenlerin etkilerini ortaya koymak amacıyla kullanılır. Çalışmamızda ES öncesi ve sonrası örneklem için olgu ve kontrol bireylerine lojistik regresyon uygulanarak risk faktörlerinin anlamlılıklarındaki farkları ortaya koymak amaçlanmıştır. Gereç ve Yöntemler: Çalışmamızda, göğüs cerrahisi ameliyatı geçirmiş n=478 hasta kullanılmıştır. Ameliyat sonrası delirium tanısı alan ve almayan hastalara ait, 24 risk faktörüne lojistik regresyon uygulanmış ve sonuçlar elde edilmiştir. ES lojistik regresyon ile hesaplanmış, tabakalara ayırma yöntemi kullanılarak oluşan yeni örneğe istatistik analiz uygulanmış ve değerlendirilmiştir. Bulgular: ES ile oluşturulmuş yeni örneklemdeki olgu ve kontrol grupları hemen hemen aynı karakteristiklere sahip olmuş ve yanlılık azalmıştır. Sonuç: ES öncesi ve sonrası örneklem için olgu ve kontrol bireylerine uygulanan lojistik regresyon sonucunda risk fakt

  2. T2 mapping with magnetization-prepared 3D TSE based on a modified BIR-4 T2 preparation. (United States)

    Weidlich, Dominik; Schlaeger, Sarah; Kooijman, Hendrik; Börnert, Peter; Kirschke, Jan S; Rummeny, Ernst J; Haase, Axel; Karampinos, Dimitrios C


    The purpose of this work was to investigate the performance of the modified BIR-4 T2 preparation for T2 mapping and propose a method to remove T2 quantification errors in the presence of large B1 and B0 offsets. The theoretical investigation of the magnetization evolution during the T2 preparation in the presence of B1 and B0 offsets showed deviations from a mono-exponential T2 decay (two parameter fit). A three parameter fit was used to improve T2 accuracy. Furthermore, a two parameter fit with an additional saturation preparation scan was proposed to improve T2 accuracy and precision. These three fitting methods were compared based on simulations, phantom measurements and an in vivo healthy volunteer study of the neck musculature using a 3D TSE readout. The results based upon the pure two parameter fit overestimated T2 in regions with high B0 offsets (up to 40% in phantoms). The three parameter fit T2 values were robust to B0 offsets but with higher standard deviation (up to 40% in simulations). The two parameter fit with the saturation preparation yielded high robustness towards B0 offsets with a noise performance comparable to that of the two parameter fit. In the volunteer study the T2 values obtained by the pure two parameter fit showed a dependence on the field inhomogeneities, whereas the T2 values from the proposed fitting approach were shown to be insensitive to B0 offsets. The proposed method enabled accurate and precise T2 mapping in the presence of large B1 and B0 offsets. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  3. Petrogenesis of Bir Madi Gabbro-Diorite and Tonalite-Granodiorite Intrusions in Southeastern Desert, Egypt: Implications for Tectono-Magmatic Processes at the Neoproterozoic Shield

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. A. OBEID


    Full Text Available The Neoproterozoic rocks of the Bir Madi area, south eastern desert, comprise a Metagabbro-Diorite Complex (GDC and a Tonalite-Granodiorite Suite (TGrS. The GDC has a weak tonalitic to strong calc-alkaline character and is made up of olivine gabbro, hornblende gabbro, diorite and monzodiorite. The olivine gabbro is characterized by abun-dance of augite and labradorite with pseudomorphic serpentine. The hornblende gabbro is mainly composed of horn-blende, labradorite, andesine and minor amounts of quartz with or without augite. The diorite consists essentially of andesine, hornblende, biotite and quartz. The GDC is compositionally broad, with a wide range of SiO2 (46-57 % and pronounced enrichment in the LILE (Ba and Sr relative to the HFSE (Nb, Y and Zr. The GDC rocks exhibit petrological and geochemical characteristics of arc-related mafic magmas, derived possibly from partial melting of a mantle wedge above an early Pan-African subduction zone of the Neoproterozoic Shield. The tonalite and granodiorite have a calc-alkaline affinity and show the geochemical signatures of I-type granitoids. The TGrS contains amphibolite enclaves and foliated gabbroic xenoliths. Based on the field evidence and geochemical data, the GDC and TGrS are not related to a single magma type through fractional crystallization. The presence of microgranular amphibolite enclaves in the tonalitic rocks suggest against their generation by partial melting of a mantle-derived basaltic source. The tonalitic magma originated from partial melting of an amphibolitic lower crust by anatexis process at a volcanic arc regime during construction of the Arabian-Nubian Shield. Fractional crystallization of K-feldspar and biotite gave more developed granodiorite variety from the tonalitic magma. The gabbroic xenoliths are similar in the chemical composition to the investigated metagabbros. They are incompletely digested segments from the adjacent metagabbro rocks incorporated into the

  4. Information Requirements of Landscape Architects Çağdaş Bir Mesleğin Belge-Bilgi Gereksinimi: Peyzaj Mimarlığı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oya Akkan


    Full Text Available Text of a speech given on 1 April 1993 during the Library Week . Difficulties faced by landcape architects, who do research work, in access to information have been expressed as lack of guidance on how and where to find information; limited open hours or not being able to take photocopies even if the service is open beyond office hours; lack of a thesaurus for landscape architecture to choose the right terms for an online literature search; insufficiency of the number of periodicals available in the country; lack of copying facilities for nonbook materials such as plans, slides, engravings, sound and video cassettes. Konuşmada, peyzaj mimarlarının bilgi edinme konusunda karşılaştıkları sorunlar, hangi bilginin nerede bulunduğunu saptamada karşılaşılan güçlükler, yöneltici rehber kaynakların eksikliği; kütüphane ve bilgi merkezlerinin açık olduğu saatlerin resmi çalışma saaatleri ile çakışması ya da bu saatlerin dışında açık olsalar bile fotokopi alınamaması, çevrimiçi yayın taraması yaptırabilmek için doğru anahtar sözcükleri seçmek için bir gömünün olmayışı; konuyla ilgili yeterli sayıda dergi bulunmaması; kitap dışı materyallere erişim ve kopya almada karşılaşılan güçlükler olarak dile getirilmiştir.

  5. Mining of simple sequence repeats in the Genome of Gentianaceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R Sathishkumar


    Full Text Available Simple sequence repeats (SSRs or short tandem repeats are short repeat motifs that show high level of length polymorphism due to insertion or deletion mutations of one or more repeat types. Here, we present the detection and abundance of microsatellites or SSRs in nucleotide sequences of Gentianaceae family. A total of 545 SSRs were mined in 4698 nucleotide sequences downloaded from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI. Among the SSR sequences, the frequency of repeat type was about 429 -mono repeats, 99 -di repeats, 15 -tri repeats, and 2 --hexa repeats. Mononucleotide repeats were found to be abundant repeat types, about 78%, followed by dinucleotide repeats (18.16% among the SSR sequences. An attempt was made to design primer pairs for 545 identified SSRs but these were found only for 169 sequences.

  6. Human mitochondrial mTERF wraps around DNA through a left-handed superhelical tandem repeat. (United States)

    Jiménez-Menéndez, Nereida; Fernández-Millán, Pablo; Rubio-Cosials, Anna; Arnan, Carme; Montoya, Julio; Jacobs, Howard T; Bernadó, Pau; Coll, Miquel; Usón, Isabel; Solà, Maria


    The regulation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) processes is slowly being characterized at a structural level. We present here crystal structures of human mitochondrial regulator mTERF, a transcription termination factor also implicated in replication pausing, in complex with double-stranded DNA oligonucleotides containing the tRNA(Leu)(UUR) gene sequence. mTERF comprises nine left-handed helical tandem repeats that form a left-handed superhelix, the Zurdo domain.

  7. PolyQ repeat expansions in ATXN2 associated with ALS are CAA interrupted repeats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhenming Yu

    Full Text Available Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS is a devastating, rapidly progressive disease leading to paralysis and death. Recently, intermediate length polyglutamine (polyQ repeats of 27-33 in ATAXIN-2 (ATXN2, encoding the ATXN2 protein, were found to increase risk for ALS. In ATXN2, polyQ expansions of ≥ 34, which are pure CAG repeat expansions, cause spinocerebellar ataxia type 2. However, similar length expansions that are interrupted with other codons, can present atypically with parkinsonism, suggesting that configuration of the repeat sequence plays an important role in disease manifestation in ATXN2 polyQ expansion diseases. Here we determined whether the expansions in ATXN2 associated with ALS were pure or interrupted CAG repeats, and defined single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs rs695871 and rs695872 in exon 1 of the gene, to assess haplotype association. We found that the expanded repeat alleles of 40 ALS patients and 9 long-repeat length controls were all interrupted, bearing 1-3 CAA codons within the CAG repeat. 21/21 expanded ALS chromosomes with 3CAA interruptions arose from one haplotype (GT, while 18/19 expanded ALS chromosomes with <3CAA interruptions arose from a different haplotype (CC. Moreover, age of disease onset was significantly earlier in patients bearing 3 interruptions vs fewer, and was distinct between haplotypes. These results indicate that CAG repeat expansions in ATXN2 associated with ALS are uniformly interrupted repeats and that the nature of the repeat sequence and haplotype, as well as length of polyQ repeat, may play a role in the neurological effect conferred by expansions in ATXN2.

  8. İşitme Engelli Bir Çocuğun Okuma Yazma Becerilerinin Dil Deneyim Yaklaşımı İle Desteklenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Pelin Karasu


    Full Text Available Dil Deneyim Yaklaşımı; dinleme, konuşma, okuma ve yazma becerilerinin bir arada kullanılması ve okuma materyallerinin öğrencilerin deneyimleriyle oluşturulması temeline dayanmaktadır. Bu araştırmanın amacı, işitme engelli bir çocuğun okuma yazma becerilerinin gelişiminin Dil Deneyim Yaklaşımı ile desteklenme sürecinin incelenmesidir. Araştırma, bu amaç doğrultusunda, eylem araştırması şeklinde desenlenmiştir. Araştırmanın katılımcıları; araştırmacı öğretmen, geçerlik komitesi üyeleri, ilkokul 2. sınıfa devam eden işitme engelli bir öğrenci ve sınıf öğretmenidir. Araştırma verileri; araştırmacı günlüğü, belgeler, görüşmeler, uygulama planları, uygulama videoteyp kayıtları ve formel olmayan değerlendirmeler kullanılarak elde edilmiştir. Araştırma bulguları, sürecin iki evrede gerçekleştiğini göstermektedir. Bu evreler; sıralı kartlardaki olayların sözlü ve yazılı dille paylaşılması ile kelime bankası ve sözdizimi etkinliğidir. Araştırma sonuçları; dil deneyim uygulamalarının sözlü dilin gelişmesi için fırsatlar sağladığını, sözel ipuçlarının kullanılmasına, düşüncelerin sözlü ve yazılı dille ifade edilmesine olanak verdiğini, sözcük dağarcığı ve sözdizimine ilişkin ihtiyaçların belirlenmesini sağlayarak öğrencinin düzeyine uygun etkinliklerin hazırlanmasına fırsat sağladığını göstermektedir.Anahtar Sözcükler: Dil deneyim yaklaşımı, okuma yazma becerileri, işitme engelli çocuk Supporting a Hearing Impaired Child’s Literacy Development With Language Experience Approach Abstract Language Experience Approach (LEA emphasizes the synergy among listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and suggests considering learners’ experiences while preparing reading materials. The aim of the current study is to investigate LEA’s supportive role in a hearing impaired child’s literacy development. In

  9. Akademisyen Ücretlerine İlişkin Karşılaştırmalı Bir Analiz A Comparative Analysis Concerned With Academic Salaries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hilmi SÜNGÜ


    Full Text Available It is proved fact through scientific studies that the pay has adirect influence on productivity and job satisfaction at the same time.The pay gained as a result of the performance is considered asinterrelated both with the increase in the productivity and improvementin the quality of the service. It is vital for the organizational justice thatpeople who have similar statues and who are performing similar tasksshould receive balanced payments. However, the diversity of the publicservices, redundancy of people and formal institutions providing publicservices make it hard to guarantee a fair payment policy. It is observedas a result of comparative studies that academicians are one of theseoccupational groups who are profoundly affected by the injustice in thepayments. In order to remove the injustice in the formal officers’incomes and attain the defined goals for the 100th anniversary of thefoundation of the Republic within the scope of 2023 vision, talentedindividuals must be encouraged to become academicians. When acomparison made between public officials on the national basis, it isrealized that academic staff working at public universities are not ableto benefit from yearly increases as much as the other public officers andit leads for the fresh academicians to move away from academicprofession. As for the international point of view, it is stated that thepayments that the Turkish academicians get are below the average incomparison to their colleagues. In this study, current situation ofmonthly income of the academicians working at public universities inTurkey and it’s the yearly increases in the payment in time arementioned, national comparisons are made between differentprofessions together with international comparisons betweenacademicians from different countries. Ücretin verimlilik ve iş doyumuna etkisi yapılan akademik çalışmalarda ortaya konulmuş bir gerçektir. Çalışanın verimliliğinin artırılması ve

  10. Repeatability of peripheral aberrations in young emmetropes. (United States)

    Baskaran, Karthikeyan; Theagarayan, Baskar; Carius, Staffan; Gustafsson, Jörgen


    The purpose of this study is to assess the intrasession repeatability of ocular aberration measurements in the peripheral visual field with a commercially available Shack-Hartmann aberrometer (complete ophthalmic analysis system-high definition-vision research). The higher-order off-axis aberrations data in young healthy emmetropic eyes are also reported. The aberrations of the right eye of 18 emmetropes were measured using an aberrometer with an open field of view that allows peripheral measurements. Five repeated measures of ocular aberrations were obtained and assessed in steps of 10° out to ±40° in the horizontal visual field (nasal + and temporal -) and -20° in the inferior visual field. The coefficient of repeatability, coefficient of variation, and the intraclass correlation coefficient were calculated as a measure of intrasession repeatability. In all eccentric angles, the repeatability of the third- and fourth-order aberrations was better than the fifth and sixth order aberrations. The coefficient of variation was coefficient was >0.90 for the third and fourth order but reduced gradually for higher orders. There was no statistical significant difference in variance of total higher-order root mean square between on- and off-axis measurements (p > 0.05). The aberration data in this group of young emmetropes showed that the horizontal coma (C(3)(1)) was most positive at 40° in the temporal field, decreasing linearly toward negative values with increasing off-axis angle into the nasal field, whereas all other higher-order aberrations showed little or no change. The complete ophthalmic analysis system-high definition-vision research provides fast, repeatable, and valid peripheral aberration measurements and can be used efficiently to measure off-axis aberrations in the peripheral visual field.

  11. Safety of Repeated Yttrium-90 Radioembolization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lam, Marnix G. E. H.; Louie, John D. [Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Interventional Radiology (United States); Iagaru, Andrei H.; Goris, Michael L. [Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Nuclear Medicine (United States); Sze, Daniel Y., E-mail: [Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Interventional Radiology (United States)


    Purpose: Repeated radioembolization (RE) treatments carry theoretically higher risk of radiation-induced hepatic injury because of the liver's cumulative memory of previous exposure. We performed a retrospective safety analysis on patients who underwent repeated RE. Methods: From 2004 to 2011, a total of 247 patients were treated by RE. Eight patients (5 men, 3 women, age range 51-71 years) underwent repeated treatment of a targeted territory, all with resin microspheres (SIR-Spheres; Sirtex, Lane Cove, Australia). Adverse events were graded during a standardized follow-up. In addition, the correlation between the occurrence of RE-induced liver disease (REILD) and multiple variables was investigated in univariate and multivariate analyses in all 247 patients who received RE. Results: Two patients died shortly after the second treatment (at 84 and 107 days) with signs and symptoms of REILD. Both patients underwent whole liver treatment twice (cumulative doses 3.08 and 2.66 GBq). The other 6 patients demonstrated only minor toxicities after receiving cumulative doses ranging from 2.41 to 3.88 GBq. All patients experienced objective tumor responses. In the whole population, multifactorial analysis identified three risk factors associated with REILD: repeated RE (p = 0.036), baseline serum total bilirubin (p = 0.048), and baseline serum aspartate aminotransferase (p = 0.043). Repeated RE proved to be the only independent risk factor for REILD in multivariate analysis (odds ratio 9.6; p = 0.002). Additionally, the administered activity per target volume (in GBq/L) was found to be an independent risk factor for REILD, but only in whole liver treatments (p = 0.033). Conclusion: The risk of REILD appears to be elevated for repeated RE. Objective tumor responses were observed, but establishment of safety limits will require improvement in dosimetric measurement and prediction.

  12. Repeat Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aubuchon, Adam C., E-mail: [Department of Radiation Oncology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States); Chan, Michael D. [Department of Radiation Oncology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States); Lovato, James F. [Department of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States); Balamucki, Christopher J. [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (United States); Ellis, Thomas L.; Tatter, Stephen B. [Department of Neurosurgery, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States); McMullen, Kevin P.; Munley, Michael T.; Deguzman, Allan F.; Ekstrand, Kenneth E.; Bourland, J. Daniel; Shaw, Edward G. [Department of Radiation Oncology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States)


    Purpose: Repeat gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery (GKRS) for recurrent or persistent trigeminal neuralgia induces an additional response but at the expense of an increased incidence of facial numbness. The present series summarized the results of a repeat treatment series at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, including a multivariate analysis of the data to identify the prognostic factors for treatment success and toxicity. Methods and Materials: Between January 1999 and December 2007, 37 patients underwent a second GKRS application because of treatment failure after a first GKRS treatment. The mean initial dose in the series was 87.3 Gy (range, 80-90). The mean retreatment dose was 84.4 Gy (range, 60-90). The dosimetric variables recorded included the dorsal root entry zone dose, pons surface dose, and dose to the distal nerve. Results: Of the 37 patients, 81% achieved a >50% pain relief response to repeat GKRS, and 57% experienced some form of trigeminal dysfunction after repeat GKRS. Two patients (5%) experienced clinically significant toxicity: one with bothersome numbness and one with corneal dryness requiring tarsorraphy. A dorsal root entry zone dose at repeat treatment of >26.6 Gy predicted for treatment success (61% vs. 32%, p = .0716). A cumulative dorsal root entry zone dose of >84.3 Gy (72% vs. 44%, p = .091) and a cumulative pons surface dose of >108.5 Gy (78% vs. 44%, p = .018) predicted for post-GKRS numbness. The presence of any post-GKRS numbness predicted for a >50% decrease in pain intensity (100% vs. 60%, p = .0015). Conclusion: Repeat GKRS is a viable treatment option for recurrent trigeminal neuralgia, although the patient assumes a greater risk of nerve dysfunction to achieve maximal pain relief.

  13. Genes and pathways affected by CAG-repeat RNA-based toxicity in Drosophila. (United States)

    Shieh, Shin-Yi; Bonini, Nancy M


    Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 is one of the polyglutamine (polyQ) diseases, which are caused by a CAG-repeat expansion within the coding region of the associated genes. The CAG repeat specifies glutamine, and the expanded polyQ domain mutation confers dominant toxicity on the protein. Traditionally, studies have focused on protein toxicity in polyQ disease mechanisms. Recent findings, however, demonstrate that the CAG-repeat RNA, which encodes the toxic polyQ protein, also contributes to the disease in Drosophila. To provide insights into the nature of the RNA toxicity, we extracted brain-enriched RNA from flies expressing a toxic CAG-repeat mRNA (CAG100) and a non-toxic interrupted CAA/G mRNA repeat (CAA/G105) for microarray analysis. This approach identified 160 genes that are differentially expressed specifically in CAG100 flies. Functional annotation clustering analysis revealed several broad ontologies enriched in the CAG100 gene list, including iron ion binding and nucleotide binding. Intriguingly, transcripts for the Hsp70 genes, a powerful suppressor of polyQ and other human neurodegenerative diseases, were also upregulated. We therefore tested and showed that upregulation of heat shock protein 70 mitigates CAG-repeat RNA toxicity. We then assessed whether other modifiers of the pathogenic, expanded Ataxin-3 polyQ protein could also modify the CAG-repeat RNA toxicity. This approach identified the co-chaperone Tpr2, the transcriptional regulator Dpld, and the RNA-binding protein Orb2 as modifiers of both polyQ protein toxicity and CAG-repeat RNA-based toxicity. These findings suggest an overlap in the mechanisms of RNA and protein-based toxicity, providing insights into the pathogenicity of the RNA in polyQ disease.

  14. Copy number of tandem direct repeats within the inverted repeats of Marek's disease virus DNA. (United States)

    Kanamori, A; Nakajima, K; Ikuta, K; Ueda, S; Kato, S; Hirai, K


    We previously reported that DNA of the oncogenic strain BC-1 of Marek's disease virus serotype 1 (MDV1) contains three units of tandem direct repeats with 132 base pair (bp) repeats within the inverted repeats of the long regions of the MDV1 genome, whereas the attenuated, nononcogenic viral DNA contains multiple units of tandem direct repeats (Maotani et al., 1986). In the present study, the difference in the copy numbers of 132 bp repeats of oncogenic and nononcogenic MDV1 DNAs in other strains of MDV1 was investigated by Southern blot hybridization. The main copy numbers in different oncogenic MDV1 strains differed: those of BC-1, JM and highly oncogenic Md5 were 3, 5 to 12 and 2, respectively. The viral DNA population with two units of repeats was small, but detectable, in cells infected with either the oncogenic BC-1 or JM strain. The MDV1 DNA in various MD cell lines contained either two units or both two and three units of repeats. The significance of the copy number of repeats in oncogenicity of MDV1 is discussed.

  15. Time Domain Induced Polarization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fiandaca, Gianluca; Auken, Esben; Christiansen, Anders Vest


    Time-domain-induced polarization has significantly broadened its field of reference during the last decade, from mineral exploration to environmental geophysics, e.g., for clay and peat identification and landfill characterization. Though, insufficient modeling tools have hitherto limited the use...... of time-domaininduced polarization for wider purposes. For these reasons, a new forward code and inversion algorithm have been developed using the full-time decay of the induced polarization response, together with an accurate description of the transmitter waveform and of the receiver transfer function......%. Furthermore, the presence of low-pass filters in time-domain-induced polarization instruments affects the early times of the acquired decays (typically up to 100 ms) and has to be modeled in the forward response to avoid significant loss of resolution. The developed forward code has been implemented in a 1D...

  16. Expression of Anaplasma marginale ankyrin repeat-containing proteins during infection of the mammalian host and tick vector (United States)

    Using searches of the NCBI conserved domain database and SMART genomic architecture analysis, we identified three ankyrin repeat-containing genes in Anaplasma marginale: AM705, AM926 and AM638. Recombinant protein was used to immunize mice and generate fusion hybridomas secreting protein-specific mo...

  17. Structural Determinants at the Interface of the ARC2 and LRR Domains Control the Activation of the NB-LRR Plant Immune Receptors Rx1 and Gpa2

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Slootweg, E.J.; Spiridon, L.N.; Roosien, J.; Butterbach, P.B.E.; Pomp, H.; Westerhof, L.B.; Wilbers, R.H.P.; Bakker, E.H.; Bakker, J.; Petrescu, A.J.; Smant, G.; Goverse, A.


    Many plant and animal immune receptors have a modular NB-LRR architecture in which a nucleotide-binding switch domain (NB-ARC) is tethered to a leucine-rich repeat sensor domain (LRR). The cooperation between the switch and sensor domains, which regulates the activation of these proteins, is poorly

  18. Y Se Repite = And It Repeats Itself (United States)

    Katzew, Adriana


    In this article, the author discusses Y Se Repite [And It Repeats Itself], a project she conceptualized due to the growing number of Latino/a Mexican migrant workers in dairy farms in the state of Vermont. In 2006, approximately 2,000 Latinos/as--most of them undocumented Mexican migrant workers--worked throughout the state's dairy farms, yet…

  19. Repeater For A Digital-Communication Bus (United States)

    Torres-Guzman, Esteban; Olson, Stephen; Heaps, Tim


    Digital repeater circuit designed to extend range of communication on MIL-STD-1553 bus beyond original maximum allowable length of 300 ft. Circuit provides two-way communication, one way at time, and conforms to specifications of MIL-STD-1553. Crosstalk and instability eliminated.

  20. Episodes of repeated sudden deafness following pregnancies. (United States)

    Pawlak-Osinska, Katarzyna; Burduk, Pawel K; Kopczynski, Andrzej


    Sex hormones influence and provoke changes in hearing levels. Sudden deafness is rarely observed in pregnant women. The effective treatment of sudden deafness in pregnant women is a challenging problem. We present a case of repeatable, completely regressed sudden deafness in a woman during her first and second pregnancies.

  1. Repeated sprint training in normobaric hypoxia. (United States)

    Galvin, Harvey M; Cooke, Karl; Sumners, David P; Mileva, Katya N; Bowtell, Joanna L


    Repeated sprint ability (RSA) is a critical success factor for intermittent sport performance. Repeated sprint training has been shown to improve RSA, we hypothesised that hypoxia would augment these training adaptations. Thirty male well-trained academy rugby union and rugby league players (18.4 ± 1.5 years, 1.83 ± 0.07 m, 88.1 ± 8.9 kg) participated in this single-blind repeated sprint training study. Participants completed 12 sessions of repeated sprint training (10 × 6 s, 30 s recovery) over 4 weeks in either hypoxia (13% FiO₂) or normoxia (21% FiO₂). Pretraining and post-training, participants completed sports specific endurance and sprint field tests and a 10 × 6 s RSA test on a non-motorised treadmill while measuring speed, heart rate, capillary blood lactate, muscle and cerebral deoxygenation and respiratory measures. Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Level 1 test performance improved after RS training in both groups, but gains were significantly greater in the hypoxic (33 ± 12%) than the normoxic group (14 ± 10%, prepeated aerobic high intensity workout than an equivalent normoxic training. Performance gains are evident in the short term (4 weeks), a period similar to a preseason training block.

  2. Adaptation and complexity in repeated games

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Maenner, Eliot Alexander


    The paper presents a learning model for two-player infinitely repeated games. In an inference step players construct minimally complex inferences of strategies based on observed play, and in an adaptation step players choose minimally complex best responses to an inference. When players randomly ...

  3. A Structured Group Program for Repeat Dieters. (United States)

    McNamara, Kathleen


    Describes a structured group program for women who repeatedly diet and may be at risk of developing more serious eating disorders. Discusses sessions focusing on eating behavior as well as internal factors that contribute to low body esteem and food and weight preoccupation. Evaluates effectiveness of program by self-reports of members of two…

  4. Why Do Students Repeat Admissions Tests? (United States)

    Jones, Martha S.

    Attitudes and beliefs about the admissions process, especially the role of standardized testing in admissions, were examined for students who took a standardized admissions test more than once. Their attitudes were compared with those of students who did not repeat the test. About 200 preveterinary students who had taken the Veterinary Aptitude…

  5. The Effect of Repeaters on Equating (United States)

    Kim, HeeKyoung; Kolen, Michael J.


    Test equating might be affected by including in the equating analyses examinees who have taken the test previously. This study evaluated the effect of including such repeaters on Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) equating using a population invariance approach. Three-parameter logistic (3-PL) item response theory (IRT) true score and…

  6. Triggering of repeating earthquakes in central California (United States)

    Wu, Chunquan; Gomberg, Joan; Ben-Naim, Eli; Johnson, Paul


    Dynamic stresses carried by transient seismic waves have been found capable of triggering earthquakes instantly in various tectonic settings. Delayed triggering may be even more common, but the mechanisms are not well understood. Catalogs of repeating earthquakes, earthquakes that recur repeatedly at the same location, provide ideal data sets to test the effects of transient dynamic perturbations on the timing of earthquake occurrence. Here we employ a catalog of 165 families containing ~2500 total repeating earthquakes to test whether dynamic perturbations from local, regional, and teleseismic earthquakes change recurrence intervals. The distance to the earthquake generating the perturbing waves is a proxy for the relative potential contributions of static and dynamic deformations, because static deformations decay more rapidly with distance. Clear changes followed the nearby 2004 Mw6 Parkfield earthquake, so we study only repeaters prior to its origin time. We apply a Monte Carlo approach to compare the observed number of shortened recurrence intervals following dynamic perturbations with the distribution of this number estimated for randomized perturbation times. We examine the comparison for a series of dynamic stress peak amplitude and distance thresholds. The results suggest a weak correlation between dynamic perturbations in excess of ~20 kPa and shortened recurrence intervals, for both nearby and remote perturbations.

  7. A Repeater in the Language Laboratory (United States)

    Griffiths, B. T.


    Discusses the feasilility of the use of repeater devices in the language laboratory in order to enable the student to "recapitulate effortlessly and and indefinitely any utterance of any length which is causing him difficulty or is of special interest. (FWB)

  8. The Differential Effects of Repeating Kindergarten (United States)

    Burkam, David T.; LoGerfo, Laura; Ready, Doug; Lee, Valerie E.


    We use the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study to investigate national patterns addressing (a) who repeats kindergarten, and (b) the subsequent cognitive effects of this event. Using OLS regression techniques, we investigate 1st-time kindergartners who are promoted, 1st-time kindergartners who are retained, and children who are already repeating…

  9. Preventing Repeat Teen Births PSA (:60)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This 60 second public service announcement is based on the April 2013 CDC Vital Signs report, which discusses repeat teen births and ways teens, parents and guardians, health care providers, and communities can help prevent them.  Created: 4/2/2013 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   Date Released: 4/2/2013.

  10. Epigenetics and triplet repeat neurological diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sathiji eNageshwaran


    Full Text Available The term ‘junk DNA’ has been reconsidered following the delineation of the functional significance of repetitive DNA regions. Typically associated with centromeres and telomeres, DNA repeats are found in nearly all organisms throughout their genomes. Repetitive regions are frequently heterchromatinised resulting in silencing of intrinsic and nearby genes. However, this is not a uniform rule, with several genes known to require such an environment to permit transcription. Repetitive regions frequently exist as dinucleotide, trinucleotide and tetranucleotide repeats. The association between repetitive regions and disease was emphasised following the discovery of abnormal trinucleotide repeats underlying spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (Kennedy’s disease and fragile X syndrome of mental retardation (FRAXA in 1991. In this review we provide a brief overview of epigenetic mechanisms and then focus on several diseases caused by DNA triplet-repeat expansions, which exhibit diverse epigenetic effects. It is clear that the emerging field of epigenetics is already generating novel potential therapeutic avenues for this group of largely incurable diseases.

  11. Costly renegotiation in repeated Bertand games

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersson, Ola; Wengström, Erik Roland


    This paper extends the concept of weak renegotiation-proof equilibrium (WRP) to allow for costly renegotiation and shows that even small renegotiation costs can have dramatic effects on the set of equilibria. More specifically, the paper analyzes the infinitely repeated Bertrand game. It is shown...


    NARCIS (Netherlands)


    The history of the abundant repeat elements in the bovine genome has been studied by comparative hybridization and PCR. The Bov-A and Bov-B SINE elements both emerged just after the divergence of the Camelidae and the true ruminants. A 31-bp subrepeat motif in satellites of the Bovidae species

  13. Building Fluency through the Repeated Reading Method (United States)

    Cohen, Joshua


    For the last two years the author has used Repeated Reading (RR) to teach reading fluency in English as a Foreign Language classrooms in colleges and universities in Japan. RR is a method where the student reads and rereads a text silently or aloud from two to four times to reach a predetermined level of speed, accuracy, and comprehension. RR…

  14. History repeats itself: genomic divergence in copepods. (United States)

    Renaut, Sébastien; Dion-Côté, Anne-Marie


    Press stop, erase everything from now till some arbitrary time in the past and start recording life as it evolves once again. Would you see the same tape of life playing itself over and over, or would a different story unfold every time? The late Steven Jay Gould called this experiment replaying the tape of life and argued that any replay of the tape would lead evolution down a pathway radically different from the road actually taken (Gould 1989). This thought experiment has puzzled evolutionary biologists for a long time: how repeatable are evolutionary events? And if history does indeed repeat itself, what are the factors that may help us predict the path taken? A powerful means to address these questions at a small evolutionary scale is to study closely related populations that have evolved independently, under similar environmental conditions. This is precisely what Pereira et al. (2016) set out to do using marine copepods Tigriopus californicus, and present their results in this issue of Molecular Ecology. They show that evolution can be repeatable and even partly predictable, at least at the molecular level. As expected from theory, patterns of divergence were shaped by natural selection. At the same time, strong genetic drift due to small population sizes also constrained evolution down a similar evolutionary road, and probably contributed to repeatable patterns of genomic divergence.

  15. Costly renegotiation in repeated Bertand games

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersson, Ola; Wengström, Erik Roland


    This paper extends the concept of weak renegotiation-proof equilibrium (WRP) to allow for costly renegotiation and shows that even small renegotiation costs can have dramatic effects on the set of equilibria. More specifically, the paper analyzes the infinitely repeated Bertrand game. It is shown...

  16. Photometric Repeatability of Scanned Imagery: UVIS (United States)

    Shanahan, Clare E.; McCullough, Peter; Baggett, Sylvia


    We provide the preliminary results of a study on the photometric repeatability of spatial scans of bright, isolated white dwarf stars with the UVIS channel of the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). We analyze straight-line scans from the first pair of identical orbits of HST program 14878 to assess if sub 0.1% repeatability can be attained with WFC3/UVIS. This study is motivated by the desire to achieve better signal-to-noise in the UVIS contamination and stability monitor, in which observations of standard stars in staring mode have been taken from the installation of WFC3 in 2009 to the present to assess temporal photometric stability. Higher signal to noise in this program would greatly benefit the sensitivity to detect contamination, and to better characterize the observed small throughput drifts over time. We find excellent repeatability between identical visits of program 14878, with sub 0.1% repeatability achieved in most filters. These! results support the initiative to transition the staring mode UVIS contamination and photometric stability monitor from staring mode images to spatial scans.

  17. Repeat surgery after failed midurethral slings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foss Hansen, Margrethe; Lose, Gunnar; Kesmodel, Ulrik Schiøler


    MUS from 1998 through 2007. The outcome was repeat surgery with any subsequent procedure code for urinary incontinence within a 5-year period of the first procedure. RESULTS: A total of 5,820 women (mean age 55.4 years, ± 12.1) were registered with a synthetic MUS, and 354 (6 %) underwent reoperation...


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    The history of the abundant repeat elements in the bovine genome has been studied by comparative hybridization and PCR. The Bov-A and Bov-B SINE elements both emerged just after the divergence of the Camelidae and the true ruminants. A 31-bp subrepeat motif in satellites of the Bovidae species cattl

  19. Multivariate linear models and repeated measurements revisited

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dalgaard, Peter


    Methods for generalized analysis of variance based on multivariate normal theory have been known for many years. In a repeated measurements context, it is most often of interest to consider transformed responses, typically within-subject contrasts or averages. Efficiency considerations leads...

  20. On balanced minimal repeated measurements designs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shakeel Ahmad Mir


    Full Text Available Repeated Measurements designs are concerned with scientific experiments in which each experimental unit is assigned more than once to a treatment either different or identical. This class of designs has the property that the unbiased estimators for elementary contrasts among direct and residual effects are obtainable. Afsarinejad (1983 provided a method of constructing balanced Minimal Repeated Measurements designs p < t , when t is an odd or prime power, one or more than one treatment may occur more than once in some sequences and  designs so constructed no longer remain uniform in periods. In this paper an attempt has been made to provide a new method to overcome this drawback. Specifically, two cases have been considered                RM[t,n=t(t-t/(p-1,p], λ2=1 for balanced minimal repeated measurements designs and  RM[t,n=2t(t-t/(p-1,p], λ2=2 for balanced  repeated measurements designs. In addition , a method has been provided for constructing              extra-balanced minimal designs for special case RM[t,n=t2/(p-1,p], λ2=1.

  1. Service Quality Research as a Marketing Tool for a University Library Üniversite Kütüphanesinde Bir Pazarlama Aracı Olarak Hizmet Kalitesi Araştırması



    In this study the attitudes of library users were solicited using SERVQUAL, a marketing research technique. As the management spent all its resources for the development of the library, the impact of this policy on the service quality has been measured. At this stage the evaluation of faculty with regard to those items on the questionnaire dealing with quality of service has been tested statistically and the results evaluated accordingly. Bu çalışma için bir pazarlama araştırması tekniği olan...

  2. Homojen Karışımlı Sıkıştırma Ateşlemeli (HCCI bir motorun tek-bölgeli modelleme yöntemi kullanılarak analizi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halit Yaşar


    Full Text Available HCCI motorların modellenmesinde sıfır-boyutlu modeller yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır. Bu modeller tek veya çok bölge içerebilirler. Bununla birlikte, en basit yaklaşım yanmış ve yanmamış gazı içeren tek bölge yaklaşımıdır. Bu tip sıfır-boyutlu modellerde yanma olayı Wiebe fonksiyonu ile modellenmektedir. Bu makalede, HCCI prensibine göre çalışan tek silindirli bir Ricardo Hydra motoru tek bölge yaklaşımı kullanılarak modellenmiştir. Analiz çalışmalarında SPICE (Simulated Petrol Internal Combustion Engine yazılımının modifiye edilmiş bir versiyonu olan TRICE yazılımı kullanılmıştır. Yanma analizlerinde, HCCI yanma modellerinde standart Wiebe fonksiyonu kullanımının maksimum silindir basıncının yüksek olarak tahmin edilmesi sonucunu doğurması nedeniyle, standart Wiebe fonksiyonunun modifiye edilmiş bir şekli olan Double-Wiebe fonksiyonu kullanılmıştır. Analizler, n-Heptan-Toluen karışımı için üç hava fazlalık katsayısı değerinde gerçekleştirilmiş ve elde edilen sonuçlar bir Avrupa Komisyonu Marie Curie destek programı (FP-6 projesi kapsamında Shell Araştırma Merkezine ait motor test laboratuvarında ölçülen deneysel verilerle karşılaştırılmıştır.

  3. Kök hücrede gen transferi ile istenen bir genin aktivasyonu veya susturulması uygulamalarının rejeneratif tıpta kullanımı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zehra Dilşad Çoban


    Full Text Available İnsan kök hücresi kendine benzeyen hücreler oluşturabilen ve farklılaşma potansiyeline sahip özellikte hücrelerdir. Embriyonik kök hücreler farlı hücre tiplerine dönüşebildiği için kök hücre biyolojisinde ve rejeneratif tıpta paha biçilmez bir araçtır. Yeni gelişen gen teknolojileri ile ökaryot hücreye gen aktarımı mümkündür. Bu teknolojiler ile hücrede istenilen genlerin aktiflenmesi veya susturulması olasıdır. Uygun ortam sağlandığında normalde kapalı olan bazı genlerin aktif formlarının hücre çekirdeğine aktarılması ile farklanmış bir insan hücresinden indüklenmiş pluripotent kök hücreler elde edilmektedir. Bilindiği gibi, “small interference RNA” ve “micro RNA” lar hücrede gen fonksiyonlarını düzenlerler. Bu moleküller ökaryot hücrede gen susturulması amacı ile genellikle viral ve viral olmayan metodlar ile aktarılarak kullanılırlar. Gen susturulması teknolojisi, embriyonik kök hücre veya indüklenmiş pluripotent kök hücrelerin istenilen yönde örneğin bir nöron, pankreas veya kalp hücresi yönünde farklanmasında önemli bir araçtır. Tüm bu gelişmeler bize doku mühendisliği alanında hasta bazlı rejeneratif tıp uygulamalarının yapılabileceğini, kişiye özgü doku ve organ temininin mümkün olabileceğini göstermektedir.

  4. Dinamik üretim sistemleri için kanban sayısının belirlenmesi: Bütünleşik bir yöntem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özlem Uzun Araz


    Full Text Available Tam zamanında üretim sistemleri (TZÜ, işletmelerin doğru zamanda, müşterinin istediği miktarda üretim yapmalarına olanak sağlayan, böylelikle stoklarını azaltmaya teşvik eden bir yönetim felsefesidir. TZÜ felsefesinin en önemli parçası, malzeme hareketlerini gerçekleştirmek için kullanılan kanban sistemleridir. Kanban sistemlerinde, iş istasyonlarında kullanılacak kanban sayılarının belirlenmesi en temel problem olarak karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Kullanılacak kanban sayıları üretim sisteminin performansı üzerinde etkilidir. Bu çalışmanın temel amacı, Kanban sistemlerinde, kart sayılarının dinamik belirlenebilmesi için kullanılabilecek bir yöntem geliştirmektir. Önerilen yöntemin temelinde, üretim sisteminin anlık veri alınarak izlenmesi ve sistem durum değişkenlerinde meydana gelen farklılıkların dikkate alınarak Kanban sayılarının yeniden düzenlemesi yatmaktadır. Bu amaçla yapılan çalışmada benzetim, yapay sinir ağları ve Mamdani tipi bulanık çıkarsama sistemleri entegre edilerek bütünleşik bir dinamik kanban sayıları belirleme yöntemi geliştirilmiştir. Önerilen yöntem, benzetim ortamımda modellenen hipotetik bir üretim sistemine uygulanmıştır. Elde edilen sonuçlar, önerilen yöntemin verimliliğini ve etkinliğini göstermiştir.

  5. Supplier Selection within the Process of Analytical Hierarchy in a Business Bir Üretim İşletmesinde Analitik Hiyerarşi Süreci İle Tedarikçi Seçimi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kezban KAPAR


    Full Text Available Supplier selection is one of the most critical activities in today's competitive businessworld. Selecting the supplier is a very difficult task to carry out. For determining the bestsupplier selection while assessing all the cases to choose the best approach, the AnalyticalHierarchy Process (AHP is used.AHP is a method used for systematic comparison, evaluation and selection of theoptions via determining the strengths and weaknesses of options. In this study, AHP methodwas utilized in the supplier selection and Expert Choice 11.5 was used while utilizing AHPmethod. The suppliers' superiorities were determined by Expert Choice and they werecompared systematically.Tedarikçi seçimi, günümüz rekabetçi iş dünyasında en kritik faaliyetlerden biridir. Birtedarikçi seçiminde en iyi olanı seçmek zor bir iştir. En iyi tedarikçi seçiminin belirlenmesiiçin çok amaçlı karar verme tekniklerinden birisi olan ve alternatif tedarikçilerdeğerlendirilerek bütün durumlar içinden en iyi olanı seçebilen Analitik Hiyerarşi Süreci(AHS, tedarikçi seçiminde yaygın olarak kullanılan bir yöntemdir.AHS, seçim aşamasında seçeneklerin üstünlüklerinin belirlenmesi ve sistematik olarakkarşılaştırılıp değerlendirilmesini sağlayan bir yöntemdir. Bu çalışmada, bir işletmenintedarikçi seçiminde AHS yönteminden yararlanılmış ve AHS yönteminin kullanılmasındaExpert Choice 11.5 programı kullanılmıştır. Expert Choice ile tedarikçilerin üstünlükleribelirlenmiştir ve sistematik olarak karşılaştırılmıştır.

  6. Dini ve Kültürel Çoğulculukta Varoluş Mücadelesine Bir Bakış: Malezya Tecrübesi / An Overview towards the Existence Struggle in Religious and Cultural Pluralism: Malaysia Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saim Kayadibi


    Dini ve Kültürel Çoğulculukta Varoluş Mücadelesine Bir Bakış: Malezya Tecrübesi Öz Malezya sosyo-kültürel yapısı itibari ile çok dinli, çok dilli ve çok kültürlü toplumların barış ve huzur içerisinde yaşayabilme özelliğini göstermesinden dolayı birçok ülkeye örnek oluşturabilecek nadide birlikteliklerden biridir. Bu çok kültürlülük, çok dinlilik ve çok dillilik özelliklerini bir zenginlik olarak görüp, birlikte güçlü bir toplum oluşturabilmenin çabası içerisindedir. Birçok sahada, örneğin İslam Ekonomisi ve Bankacılığı, Helal Gıda, modern bir devlette İslam Hukuku kurallarının uygulanabilme özelliğinde öncü rol oynayabilen, hatta merkez ülke olma yarışında ciddi çalışmaları vardır. Tarihi tecrübe açısından Malezya, konum itibariyle ciddi işgallerin merkezi olmuş, birçok sömürge devletinin izlerini atabilmenin, sömürge psikolojisinden kurtulabilmenin, yaralarını sarabilmenin mücadelesini veren bir ülkedir. Geçmişte sömürge ülkelerinden kalan acı hatıraya rağmen Osmanlı devletinden gördüğü kardeş ve dost yardımlar hafızasının derinliklerinde sağlam izler bırakmıştır. Şimdi ise farklı etnik yapısını huzur ve barış içerisinde birlikte götürebilmenin mücadelesini veren ve diğer ülkelere de örnek oluşturabilecek model bir yapıya sahiptir. Bunun yanında Malezya’yı Türkiye ile karşılaştırmaya çalışmak yanlış sonuçlar doğurabilir. Sömürge geçmişi olmayan, gayr-i Müslim nüfusu neredeyse yok denecek kadar az olan Türkiye’nin Malezya ile kıyaslanması düşünülemez. Bu makalemizde çok dinli toplumlarda Müslümanlar incelenirken Malezya örnek olarak alınacak, onların yaşamları, tarihi ve sosyal evreleri, dini hayatın yaşanmasında sorunların olup olmadığı, milli bir bilinç oluşturmak için nasıl bir strateji geliştirildiği, topyekûn bir bakış açısı ile problemlerin neler olduğu ve ne tür

  7. Comparison of the domain and frequency domain state feedbacks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, S.Y.


    In this paper, we present explicitly the equivalence of the time domain and frequency domain state feedbacks, as well as the dynamic state feedback and a modified frequency domain state feedback, from the closed-loop transfer function point of view. The difference of the two approaches is also shown.

  8. An examination of the origin and evolution of additional tandem repeats in the mitochondrial DNA control region of Japanese sika deer (Cervus Nippon). (United States)

    Ba, Hengxing; Wu, Lang; Liu, Zongyue; Li, Chunyi


    Tandem repeat units are only detected in the left domain of the mitochondrial DNA control region in sika deer. Previous studies showed that Japanese sika deer have more tandem repeat units than its cousins from the Asian continent and Taiwan, which often have only three repeat units. To determine the origin and evolution of these additional repeat units in Japanese sika deer, we obtained the sequence of repeat units from an expanded dataset of the control region from all sika deer lineages. The functional constraint is inferred to act on the first repeat unit because this repeat has the least sequence divergence in comparison to the other units. Based on slipped-strand mispairing mechanisms, the illegitimate elongation model could account for the addition or deletion of these additional repeat units in the Japanese sika deer population. We also report that these additional repeat units could be occurring in the internal positions of tandem repeat regions, possibly via coupling with a homogenization mechanism within and among these lineages. Moreover, the increased number of repeat units in the Japanese sika deer population could reflect a balance between mutation and selection, as well as genetic drift.

  9. Domains of Disoriented Chiral Condensate

    CERN Document Server

    Amado, R D; Lu, Yang


    The probability distribution of neutral pion fraction from independent domains of disoriented chiral condensate is characterized. The signal for the condensate is clear for a small number of domains but is greatly reduced for more than three.

  10. 47 CFR 80.1179 - On-board repeater limitations. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false On-board repeater limitations. 80.1179 Section... On-board repeater limitations. When an on-board repeater is used, the following limitations must be met: (a) The on-board repeater antenna must be located no higher than 3 meters (10 feet) above...

  11. Summarization by domain ontology navigation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Troels; Bulskov, Henrik


    of the subject. In between these two extremes, conceptual summaries encompass selected concepts derived using background knowledge. We address in this paper an approach where conceptual summaries are provided through a conceptualization as given by an ontology. The ontology guiding the summarization can...... be a simple taxonomy or a generative domain ontology. A domain ontology can be provided by a preanalysis of a domain corpus and can be used to condense improved summaries that better reflects the conceptualization of a given domain....

  12. Genome cartography through domain annotation. (United States)

    Ponting, C P; Dickens, N J


    The evolutionary history of eukaryotic proteins involves rapid sequence divergence, addition and deletion of domains, and fusion and fission of genes. Although the protein repertoires of distantly related species differ greatly, their domain repertoires do not. To account for the great diversity of domain contexts and an unexpected paucity of ortholog conservation, we must categorize the coding regions of completely sequenced genomes into domain families, as well as protein families.

  13. Ligand binding by PDZ domains


    Celestine N. Chi; Bach, Anders; Stromgaard, Kristian; Gianni, Stefano; Jemth, Per


    The postsynaptic density protein-95/disks large/zonula occludens-1 (PDZ) protein domain family is one of the most common proteinprotein interaction modules in mammalian cells, with paralogs present in several hundred human proteins. PDZ domains are found in most cell types, but neuronal proteins, for example, are particularly rich in these domains. The general function of PDZ domains is to bring proteins together within the appropriate cellular compartment, thereby facilitating scaffolding, s...

  14. Structural Studies of a Four-MBT Repeat Protein MBTD1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eryilmaz, Jitka; Pan, Patricia; Amaya, Maria F.; Allali-Hassani, Abdellah; Dong, Aiping; Adams-Cioaba, Melanie A.; MacKenzie, Farrell; Vedadi, Masoud; Min, Jinrong; (Toronto); (Toronto)


    The Polycomb group (PcG) of proteins is a family of important developmental regulators. The respective members function as large protein complexes involved in establishment and maintenance of transcriptional repression of developmental control genes. MBTD1, Malignant Brain Tumor domain-containing protein 1, is one such PcG protein. MBTD1 contains four MBT repeats. We have determined the crystal structure of MBTD1 (residues 130-566aa covering the 4 MBT repeats) at 2.5 {angstrom} resolution by X-ray crystallography. The crystal structure of MBTD1 reveals its similarity to another four-MBT-repeat protein L3MBTL2, which binds lower methylated lysine histones. Fluorescence polarization experiments confirmed that MBTD1 preferentially binds mono- and di-methyllysine histone peptides, like L3MBTL1 and L3MBTL2. All known MBT-peptide complex structures characterized to date do not exhibit strong histone peptide sequence selectivity, and use a 'cavity insertion recognition mode' to recognize the methylated lysine with the deeply buried methyl-lysine forming extensive interactions with the protein while the peptide residues flanking methyl-lysine forming very few contacts. Nevertheless, our mutagenesis data based on L3MBTL1 suggested that the histone peptides could not bind to MBT repeats in any orientation. The four MBT repeats in MBTD1 exhibits an asymmetric rhomboid architecture. Like other MBT repeat proteins characterized so far, MBTD1 binds mono- or dimethylated lysine histones through one of its four MBT repeats utilizing a semi-aromatic cage.

  15. Anterior segment biometry: a study and review of resolution and repeatability data. (United States)

    Reinstein, Dan Z; Gobbe, Marine; Archer, Timothy J


    To obtain comparable resolution and repeatability data for a selection of anterior segment imaging devices. A standard letter of request was sent in May 2008 to each device manufacturer requesting resolution and repeatability data for its device to be provided according to specific definitions and protocol; if this was not already published in the peer-reviewed domain, compliant raw data were required. Where applicable, repeatability data were reported for corneal vertex corneal thickness; epithelial and flap thickness; minimum corneal thickness; corneal, epithelial and flap thickness mapping for the central 6-mm diameter; minimum residual stromal thickness; angle-to-angle diameter; sulcus-to-sulcus diameter; and anterior chamber depth. To summarize published repeatability data, a complete review of the peer-reviewed literature waas performed. Nine of the 13 manufacturers contacted agreed to take part and provided the data requested: Pentacam HD (Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH), Galilei (Ziemer), Visante OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec), SL-OCT (Haag-Streit), RTVue (Optovue), Artemis (ArcScan), Vumax (Sonomed), HiScan (Opticon), and Eye Cubed (Ellex/Innovative). Only one (Carl Zeiss Meditec) of 9 manufacturers was able to provide the data directly upon request, without performing a prospective study. Five of the 9 manufacturers were able to provide a complete set of repeatability data for all parameters measurable with their device; the remaining 4 manufacturers admitted that repeatability of some parameters was unknown. Both literature and manufacturers' data on file were lacking and required the study to be performed. This report provides an imperfect, but most comprehensive to date, resolution and repeatability data review of biometric devices intended for surgical planning. Copyright 2012, SLACK Incorporated.

  16. Tandem repeat markers as novel diagnostic tools for high resolution fingerprinting of Wolbachia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Riegler Markus


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Strains of the endosymbiotic bacterium Wolbachia pipientis are extremely diverse both genotypically and in terms of their induced phenotypes in invertebrate hosts. Despite extensive molecular characterisation of Wolbachia diversity, little is known about the actual genomic diversity within or between closely related strains that group tightly on the basis of existing gene marker systems, including Multiple Locus Sequence Typing (MLST. There is an urgent need for higher resolution fingerprinting markers of Wolbachia for studies of population genetics, horizontal transmission and experimental evolution. Results The genome of the wMel Wolbachia strain that infects Drosophila melanogaster contains inter- and intragenic tandem repeats that may evolve through expansion or contraction. We identified hypervariable regions in wMel, including intergenic Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTRs, and genes encoding ankyrin (ANK repeat domains. We amplified these markers from 14 related Wolbachia strains belonging to supergroup A and were successful in differentiating size polymorphic alleles. Because of their tandemly repeated structure and length polymorphism, the markers can be used in a PCR-diagnostic multilocus typing approach, analogous to the Multiple Locus VNTR Analysis (MLVA established for many other bacteria and organisms. The isolated markers are highly specific for supergroup A and not informative for other supergroups. However, in silico analysis of completed genomes from other supergroups revealed the presence of tandem repeats that are variable and could therefore be useful for typing target strains. Conclusions Wolbachia genomes contain inter- and intragenic tandem repeats that evolve through expansion or contraction. A selection of polymorphic tandem repeats is a novel and useful PCR diagnostic extension to the existing MLST typing system of Wolbachia, as it allows rapid and inexpensive high-throughput fingerprinting of

  17. Torus mandibularis varlığında kısmi dişsiz bir hastanın protetik rehabilitasyonu: olgu sunumu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arife Dogan


    Full Text Available

    The torus mandibularis is the one of the most common intraoral exostoses. It is often bilateral, occurs at the canin to premolar region on the lingual aspect of the mandible. It has been reported that the factors such as genetic and environmental factors, masticator hiperfunction, nutrition, race and ethnic groups might play role in occurence of them. Such type of bony protuberances may present many challenges when fabricating a removable partial or complete

    dentures. In this case report, after a general knowledge about mandibular tori, the prosthetic rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient had bilaterally mandibular tori has been presented.


    Torus mandibularis ağız içinde en sık görülen eksostoz türlerinden biridir. Genellikle, mandibulanın lingual yüzeyinde, kanin ve premolar bölgesinde yerleşim göstermesiyle karakterizedir. Etyolojisinde kalıtım, çevresel faktörler, artmış çiğneme fonksiyonu, beslenme, ırk ve etnik grup farklılıklarının etkili olduğu düşünülmektedir. Bu tür kemik büyümeleri hareketli parsiyel veya tam protez yapımında güçlüklere neden olabilir. Bu olgu sunumunda kısmi dişsiz ve çift taraflı mandibular torusa sahip bir hastanın protetik tedavisi bildirilmiş ve toruslar hakkında genel bilgi verilmiştir.

    Anahtar sözcükler: Torus mandibularis, kısmi dişsiz hasta

  18. Preliminary geological investigation of the Bir Hayzan diatomite deposit, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a section on selected physical properties and implications for future geophysical exploration (United States)

    Whitney, J.W.; Gettings, M.E.


    A 2.2-m-thick lake bed composed entirely of diatomite was found in the southwestern arm of the Nafud sand sea, about 67 km east of Tayma in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Its stratigraphic position above eolian sand and below a large barchanoid dune indicates deposition during an exceptional period of pluvial climate in an otherwise arid sand desert. Radiocarbon-dated carbonate lake beds found in similar stratigraphic settings in other parts of the Nafud suggest that the diatomite was deposited in the late Pleistocene epoch sometime between 32,000 and 20,000 years ago. Diatomite of the same pluvial episode has also been found in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Four samples of the diatomite were analyzed for major chemical components and 32 minor and trace elements. Two of the samples appeared to be representative of the lake bed. These samples contained about 85 percent SiO2, 2.34 percent Fe2O3, 1 4 percent Al2O3, and 8.27 percent ignition loss, with only traces of CaO, P2O5, MgO, Na2O, and TiO2. The high content of silica and low contents of alumina, iron oxide, lime, and other constituents indicate low contamination. Analyses of samples from the two atypical units indicate a small amount of contamination, probably clay or mica, in the basal unit and addition of iron oxide and carbonate by ground water in an isolated green-colored unit. Chemically the Bi'r Hayzan diatomite compares favorably with commercial deposits from other parts of the world. Low bulk densities of 0.64 g/cm3 (30-40 lbs/ft3) and an average porosity of 63 percent for five samples also suggest the deposit is of industrial grade. Further studies are recommended to determine: (1) the size and extent of the deposit and (2) the suitability of the diatomite for commercial applications. As means to these ends, electrical-resistivity surveys following winter rains are suggested to determine both the extent and thickness of the lake bed beneath the overlying sand dunes. A complete species identification of the

  19. Chaotic domains: A numerical investigation


    Cross, M. C.; Meiron, D.; Tu, Yuhai


    We study the chaotic domain state in rotating convection using a model equation that allows for a continuous range of roll orientations as in the experimental system. Methods are developed for extracting the domain configuration from the resulting patterns that should be applicable to a wide range of domain states. Comparison with the truncated three mode amplitude equation description is made.

  20. Gershgorin domains for partitioned matrices

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sluis, A. van der


    Inclusion domains for the eigenvalues of a partitioned matrix are specified in terms of perturbations of its diagonal blocks. The size of such perturbations is measured using the Kantorovitch-Robert-Deutsch vectorial norms. The inclusion domains obtained thereby are compared with inclusion domains o

  1. Feature-level domain adaptation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kouw, Wouter M.; Van Der Maaten, Laurens J P; Krijthe, Jesse H.


    Domain adaptation is the supervised learning setting in which the training and test data are sampled from different distributions: training data is sampled from a source domain, whilst test data is sampled from a target domain. This paper proposes and studies an approach, called feature...

  2. Classification of Noncommutative Domain Algebras

    CERN Document Server

    Arias, Alvaro


    Noncommutative domain algebras are noncommutative analogues of the algebras of holomorphic functions on domains of $\\C^n$ defined by holomorphic polynomials, and they generalize the noncommutative Hardy algebras. We present here a complete classification of these algebras based upon techniques inspired by multivariate complex analysis, and more specifically the classification of domains in hermitian spaces up to biholomorphic equivalence.

  3. CTCF regulates the local epigenetic state of ribosomal DNA repeats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    van de Nobelen Suzanne


    Full Text Available Abstract Background CCCTC binding factor (CTCF is a highly conserved zinc finger protein, which is involved in chromatin organization, local histone modifications, and RNA polymerase II-mediated gene transcription. CTCF may act by binding tightly to DNA and recruiting other proteins to mediate its various functions in the nucleus. To further explore the role of this essential factor, we used a mass spectrometry-based approach to screen for novel CTCF-interacting partners. Results Using biotinylated CTCF as bait, we identified upstream binding factor (UBF and multiple other components of the RNA polymerase I complex as potential CTCF-interacting partners. Interestingly, CTCFL, the testis-specific paralog of CTCF, also binds UBF. The interaction between CTCF(L and UBF is direct, and requires the zinc finger domain of CTCF(L and the high mobility group (HMG-box 1 and dimerization domain of UBF. Because UBF is involved in RNA polymerase I-mediated ribosomal (rRNA transcription, we analyzed CTCF binding to the rDNA repeat. We found that CTCF bound to a site upstream of the rDNA spacer promoter and preferred non-methylated over methylated rDNA. DNA binding by CTCF in turn stimulated binding of UBF. Absence of CTCF in cultured cells resulted in decreased association of UBF with rDNA and in nucleolar fusion. Furthermore, lack of CTCF led to reduced binding of RNA polymerase I and variant histone H2A.Z near the rDNA spacer promoter, a loss of specific histone modifications, and diminished transcription of non-coding RNA from the spacer promoter. Conclusions UBF is the first common interaction partner of CTCF and CTCFL, suggesting a role for these proteins in chromatin organization of the rDNA repeats. We propose that CTCF affects RNA polymerase I-mediated events globally by controlling nucleolar number, and locally by regulating chromatin at the rDNA spacer promoter, similar to RNA polymerase II promoters. CTCF may load UBF onto rDNA, thereby forming

  4. Stability of dental waxes following repeated heatings. (United States)

    Kotsiomiti, E; McCabe, J F


    The flow and strength properties of dental waxes were examined following excessive and repeated heatings of the materials. For one product, the flow at 40 +/- 0.5 degrees C was reduced by 25.3% following heating above 200 degrees C. A decrease of the elastic modulus at 20 +/- 1 degree C by approximately 66% was observed in some cases after the heating temperature had been increased to 300 degrees C. Property variations were related to compositional changes, which were investigated by infrared spectoscopy and thermal analysis. Exposure of dental waxes to temperatures higher than 200 degrees C, particularly if it is repeated, may affect the composition and properties, resulting in inferior materials.

  5. Learning with repeated-game strategies. (United States)

    Ioannou, Christos A; Romero, Julian


    We use the self-tuning Experience Weighted Attraction model with repeated-game strategies as a computer testbed to examine the relative frequency, speed of convergence and progression of a set of repeated-game strategies in four symmetric 2 × 2 games: Prisoner's Dilemma, Battle of the Sexes, Stag-Hunt, and Chicken. In the Prisoner's Dilemma game, we find that the strategy with the most occurrences is the "Grim-Trigger." In the Battle of the Sexes game, a cooperative pair that alternates between the two pure-strategy Nash equilibria emerges as the one with the most occurrences. In the Stag-Hunt and Chicken games, the "Win-Stay, Lose-Shift" and "Grim-Trigger" strategies are the ones with the most occurrences. Overall, the pairs that converged quickly ended up at the cooperative outcomes, whereas the ones that were extremely slow to reach convergence ended up at non-cooperative outcomes.

  6. Learning With Repeated-Game Strategies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christos A. Ioannou


    Full Text Available We use the self-tuning Experience Weighted Attraction model with repeated-game strategies as a computer testbed to examine the relative frequency, speed of convergence and progression of a set of repeated-game strategies in four symmetric 2x2 games: Prisoner's Dilemma, Battle of the Sexes, Stag-Hunt, and Chicken. In the Prisoner's Dilemma game, we fi□nd that the strategy with the most occurrences is the Grim-Trigger. In the Battle of the Sexes game, a cooperative pair that alternates between the two pure-strategy Nash equilibria emerges as the one with the most occurrences. In the Stag-Hunt and Chicken games, the Win-Stay, Lose-Shift and Grim-Trigger strategies are the ones with the most occurrences. Overall, the pairs that converged quickly ended up at the cooperative outcomes, whereas the ones that were extremely slow to reach convergence ended up at non-cooperative outcomes.

  7. Quantum repeaters with entangled coherent states

    CERN Document Server

    Sangouard, Nicolas; Gisin, Nicolas; Laurat, Julien; Tualle-Brouri, Rosa; Grangier, Philippe


    Entangled coherent states can be prepared remotely by subtracting non-locally a single photon from two quantum superpositions of coherent states, the so-called "Schroedinger's cat" state. Such entanglement can further be distributed over longer distances by successive entanglement swapping operations using linear optics and photon-number resolving detectors. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the performance of this approach to quantum repeaters for long distance quantum communications. Despite many attractive features at first sight, we show that, when using state-of-the-art photon counters and quantum memories, they do not achieve higher entanglement generation rates than repeaters based on single-photon entanglement. We discuss potential developments which may take better advantage of the richness of entanglement based on continuous variables, including in particular efficient parity measurements.

  8. Quantum repeaters based on heralded qubit amplifiers

    CERN Document Server

    Minář, Jiří; Sangouard, Nicolas


    We present a quantum repeater scheme based on the recently proposed qubit amplifier [N. Gisin, S. Pironio and N. Sangouard, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 070501 (2010)]. It relies on a on-demand entangled-photon pair source which uses on-demand single-photon sources, linear optical elements and atomic ensembles. Interestingly, the imperfections affecting the states created from this source, caused e.g. by detectors with non-unit efficiencies, are systematically purified from an entanglement swapping operation based on a two-photon detection. This allows the distribution of entanglement over very long distances with a high fidelity, i.e. without vacuum components and multiphoton errors. Therefore, the resulting quantum repeater architecture does not necessitate final postselections and thus achieves high entanglement distribution rates. This also provides unique opportunities for device-independent quantum key distribution over long distances with linear optics and atomic ensembles.

  9. Nonparametric additive regression for repeatedly measured data

    KAUST Repository

    Carroll, R. J.


    We develop an easily computed smooth backfitting algorithm for additive model fitting in repeated measures problems. Our methodology easily copes with various settings, such as when some covariates are the same over repeated response measurements. We allow for a working covariance matrix for the regression errors, showing that our method is most efficient when the correct covariance matrix is used. The component functions achieve the known asymptotic variance lower bound for the scalar argument case. Smooth backfitting also leads directly to design-independent biases in the local linear case. Simulations show our estimator has smaller variance than the usual kernel estimator. This is also illustrated by an example from nutritional epidemiology. © 2009 Biometrika Trust.

  10. Repeat-PPM Super-Symbol Synchronization (United States)

    Connelly, J.


    To attain a wider range of data rates in pulse position modulation (PPM) schemes with constrained pulse durations, the sender can repeat a PPM symbol multiple times, forming a super-symbol. In addition to the slot and symbol synchronization typically required for PPM, the receiver must also properly align the noisy super-symbols. We present a low-complexity approximation of the maximum-likelihood method for performing super-symbol synchronization without use of synchronization sequences. We provide simulation results demonstrating performance advantage when PPM symbols are spread by a pseudo-noise sequence, as opposed to simply repeating. Additionally, the results suggest that this super-symbol synchronization technique requires signal levels below those required for reliable communication. This validates that the PPM spreading approach proposed to CCSDS can work properly as part of the overall scheme.

  11. High-bandwidth hybrid quantum repeater. (United States)

    Munro, W J; Van Meter, R; Louis, Sebastien G R; Nemoto, Kae


    We present a physical- and link-level design for the creation of entangled pairs to be used in quantum repeater applications where one can control the noise level of the initially distributed pairs. The system can tune dynamically, trading initial fidelity for success probability, from high fidelity pairs (F=0.98 or above) to moderate fidelity pairs. The same physical resources that create the long-distance entanglement are used to implement the local gates required for entanglement purification and swapping, creating a homogeneous repeater architecture. Optimizing the noise properties of the initially distributed pairs significantly improves the rate of generating long-distance Bell pairs. Finally, we discuss the performance trade-off between spatial and temporal resources.

  12. The UBC Domain Is Required for BRUCE to Promote BRIT1/MCPH1 Function in DSB Signaling and Repair Post Formation of BRUCE-USP8-BRIT1 Complex. (United States)

    Ge, Chunmin; Che, Lixiao; Du, Chunying


    BRUCE is implicated in the regulation of DNA double-strand break response to preserve genome stability. It acts as a scaffold to tether USP8 and BRIT1, together they form a nuclear BRUCE-USP8-BRIT1 complex, where BRUCE holds K63-ubiquitinated BRIT1 from access to DSB in unstressed cells. Following DSB induction, BRUCE promotes USP8 mediated deubiquitination of BRIT1, a prerequisite for BRIT1 to be released from the complex and recruited to DSB by binding to γ-H2AX. BRUCE contains UBC and BIR domains, but neither is required for the scaffolding function of BRUCE mentioned above. Therefore, it remains to be determined whether they are required for BRUCE in DSB response. Here we show that the UBC domain, not the BIR domain, is required for BRUCE to promote DNA repair at a step post the formation of BRUCE-USP8-BRIT1 complex. Mutation or deletion of the BRUCE UBC domain did not disrupt the BRUCE-USP8-BRIT1 complex, but impaired deubiquitination and consequent recruitment of BRIT1 to DSB. This leads to impaired chromatin relaxation, decreased accumulation of MDC1, NBS1, pATM and RAD51 at DSB, and compromised homologous recombination repair of DNA DSB. These results demonstrate that in addition to the scaffolding function in complex formation, BRUCE has an E3 ligase function to promote BRIT1 deubiquitination by USP8 leading to accumulation of BRIT1 at DNA double-strand break. These data support a crucial role for BRUCE UBC activity in the early stage of DSB response.

  13. Do Gamma-Ray Burst Sources Repeat?


    Meegan, Charles A.; Hartmann, Dieter H.; Brainerd, J. J.; Briggs, Michael S.; Paciesas, William S.; Pendleton, Geoffrey; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Fishman, Gerald; Blumenthal, George; Brock, Martin


    The demonstration of repeated gamma-ray bursts from an individual source would severely constrain burst source models. Recent reports (Quashnock and Lamb 1993; Wang and Lingenfelter 1993) of evidence for repetition in the first BATSE burst catalog have generated renewed interest in this issue. Here, we analyze the angular distribution of 585 bursts of the second BATSE catalog (Meegan et al. 1994). We search for evidence of burst recurrence using the nearest and farthest neighbor statistic and...

  14. 2D Metals by Repeated Size Reduction. (United States)

    Liu, Hanwen; Tang, Hao; Fang, Minghao; Si, Wenjie; Zhang, Qinghua; Huang, Zhaohui; Gu, Lin; Pan, Wei; Yao, Jie; Nan, Cewen; Wu, Hui


    A general and convenient strategy for manufacturing freestanding metal nanolayers is developed on large scale. By the simple process of repeatedly folding and calendering stacked metal sheets followed by chemical etching, free-standing 2D metal (e.g., Ag, Au, Fe, Cu, and Ni) nanosheets are obtained with thicknesses as small as 1 nm and with sizes of the order of several micrometers.

  15. Repeatability and Workability Evaluation of SIGMOD 2011

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bonnet, Philippe


    SIGMOD has offered, since 2008, to verify the experiments published in the papers accepted at the conference. This year, we have been in charge of reproducing the experiments provided by the authors (repeatability), and exploring changes to experiment parameters (workability). In this paper, we a...... find that most experiments are distributed as Linux packages accompanied by instructions on how to setup and run the experiments. We are still far from the vision of executable papers...

  16. Repeatability of Response to Asthma Medications (United States)

    Wu, Ann; Tantisira, Kelan; Li, Lingling; Schuemann, Brooke; Weiss, Scott


    Background Pharmacogenetic studies of drug response in asthma assume that patients respond consistently to a treatment but that treatment response varies across patients, however, no formal studies have demonstrated this. Objective To determine the repeatability of commonly used outcomes for treatment response to asthma medications: bronchodilator response, forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1), and provocative concentration of methacholine producing a 20% decline in FEV1 (PC20). Methods The Childhood Asthma Management Program (CAMP) was a multi-center clinical trial of children randomized to receiving budesonide, nedocromil, or placebo. We determined the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for each outcome over repeated visits over four years in CAMP using mixed effects regression models. We adjusted for the covariates: age, race/ethnicity, height, family income, parental education, and symptom score. We incorporated each outcome for each child as repeated outcome measurements and stratified by treatment group. Results The ICC for bronchodilator response was 0.31 in the budesonide group, 0.35 in the nedocromil group, and 0.40 in the placebo group, after adjusting for covariates. The ICC for FEV1 was 0.71 in the budesonide group, 0.60 in the nedocromil group, and 0.69 in the placebo group, after adjusting for covariates. The ICC for PC20 was 0.67 in the budesonide and placebo groups and 0.73 in the nedocromil group, after adjusting for covariates. Conclusion The within treatment group repeatability of FEV1 and PC20 are high; thus these phenotypes are heritable. FEV1 and PC20 may be better phenotypes than bronchodilator response for studies of treatment response in asthma. PMID:19064281

  17. Repeated extraction of DNA from FTA cards

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stangegaard, Michael; Ferrero, Laura; Børsting, Claus


    Extraction of DNA using magnetic bead based techniques on automated DNA extraction instruments provides a fast, reliable and reproducible method for DNA extraction from various matrices. However, the yield of extracted DNA from FTA-cards is typically low. Here, we demonstrate that it is possible...... to repeatedly extract DNA from the processed FTA-disk. The method increases the yield from the nanogram range to the microgram range....

  18. Repeated extraction of DNA from FTA cards


    Stangegaard, Michael; Ferrero, Laura; Børsting, Claus; Frank-Hansen, Rune; Hansen, Anders Johannes; Morling, Niels


    Extraction of DNA using magnetic bead based techniques on automated DNA extraction instruments provides a fast, reliable and reproducible method for DNA extraction from various matrices. However, the yield of extracted DNA from FTA-cards is typically low. Here, we demonstrate that it is possible to repeatedly extract DNA from the processed FTA-disk. The method increases the yield from the nanogram range to the microgram range.

  19. Repeated extraction of DNA from FTA cards

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stangegaard, Michael; Ferrero, Laura; Børsting, Claus


    Extraction of DNA using magnetic bead based techniques on automated DNA extraction instruments provides a fast, reliable and reproducible method for DNA extraction from various matrices. However, the yield of extracted DNA from FTA-cards is typically low. Here, we demonstrate that it is possible...... to repeatedly extract DNA from the processed FTA-disk. The method increases the yield from the nanogram range to the microgram range....

  20. A Central Limit Theorem for Repeating Patterns

    CERN Document Server

    Abrams, Aaron; Landau, Henry; Landau, Zeph; Pommersheim, James


    This note gives a central limit theorem for the length of the longest subsequence of a random permutation which follows some repeating pattern. This includes the case of any fixed pattern of ups and downs which has at least one of each, such as the alternating case considered by Stanley in [2] and Widom in [3]. In every case considered the convergence in the limit of long permutations is to normal with mean and variance linear in the length of the permutations.