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  1. Spectroscopic and asteroseismic analysis of the remarkable main-sequence A star KIC 11145123

    Takada-Hidai, Masahide; Kurtz, Donald W.; Shibahashi, Hiromoto


    A spectroscopic analysis was carried out to clarify the properties of KIC 11145123 - the first main-sequence star with a directly measured core-to-surface rotation profile - based on spectra observed with the High Dispersion Spectrograph (HDS) of the Subaru telescope. The atmospheric parameters (T...... slow rotation. In particular, we show that there is no evidence of any secondary companion star, and we put stringent limits on the possible mass of any such purported companion through the phase modulation technique....

  2. «Per viam obsidionis stricte»: fuori e dentro la città. Osservazioni conclusive «Per viam obsidionis stricte»: inside and outside the town. Concluding remarks

    Aldo A. Settia


    Full Text Available

    «Per viam obsidionis stricte»: fuori e dentro la città. Osservazioni conclusive a Città sotto assedio (Italia, secoli XIII-XV, a cura di Donata Degrassi e Gian Maria Varanini

    «Per viam obsidionis stricte»: inside and outside the town. Concluding remarks to City under siege (Italy, 13th-15th, ed. by Donata Degrassi and Gian Maria Varanini

  3. Sweet Conclusion

    Shirley, Britt M.; Wooldridge, Barbara Ross; Camp, Kerri M.


    Jen Harrington is the owner and pastry chef of Sweet Conclusion, a bakery in Tampa, Florida. Most of Harrington's business comes from baking wedding cakes, but she has been attempting to attract customers to her retail bakery, where she sells cupcakes, pies, ice cream, and coffee. Nearly four years she opened Sweet Conclusion, the retail part of…

  4. Concluding remarks

    Patrick, W.C.


    This section contains the concluding remarks of the workshop on rock mechanics issues in repository design and performance assessment. Technical issues such as spatial variability of rock properties, rock mass strength, measurement of loads, evaluation of long-term seal performance, and integration of data into design were discussed. Programmatic issues such as development of a coherent and consistent design methodology and implementation of that methodology were also reiterated.

  5. Introductory Remarks

    T-D. Truong (Thanh-Dam); D.R. Gasper (Des)


    textabstractDriven by diverse forces – economic pressures and opportunities, climate change, war, conquest, and transformation of political regimes – human migration has been central to circulation of knowledge and values, goods and labour. Yet, it has been subject to mainly disciplinary inquiries a


    Constantin Manea


    Full Text Available The present paper focuses on a number of specific issues (most of which are in fact challenges, misconceptions and rough ideas that are subject to what is generally called the feminist approach to linguistics. It presents some (strictly marginal contrastive notes on expressing gender in English and Romanian, among which: genderization and gender neutrality, the problems posed by the usual definitions of gender (cf. sex, etc., the existence of the epicenes in English, the idea of neutralization of grammatical oppositions (cf. also the idea of “language economy”, the possible existence of the “0 gender” (cf. the 0 / ø article in English. Illustrative examples are given with respect to the alleged “sexist tradition” – as perceived by feminist lingustics –, followed by a set of prominent counterexamples (amply provided mainly by lexicography, fallacies and inconsistencies. The actual existence of gender-oriented languages (vs. “gender-neutral” languages is then addressed, as well as a group of issues relating to usage and language didactics, mainly idiosyncrasies, grammatical and miscellaneous problems.

  7. [SENTIERI Project: discussion and conclusions].

    Pirastu, Roberta; Ricci, Paolo; Comba, Pietro; Bianchi, Fabrizio; Biggeri, Annibale; Conti, Susanna; Fazzo, Lucia; Forastiere, Francesco; Iavarone, Ivano; Martuzzi, Marco; Musmeci, Loredana; Pasetto, Roberto; Zona, Amerigo; Crocetti, Emanuele


    The SENTIERI Project represents the first comprehensive analysis of the health impact of residence in National Priority Contaminated Sites (NPCSs). For the first time, it considers three distinct health outcomes: mortality (2003-2010), cancer incidence (1996- 2005) and hospital discharges (2005-2010). The Report includes a commentary explaining methodology and approach, as well as remarks on the causal association between environmental exposures and investigated health outcomes based on the a priori assessments of the epidemiological evidence; the main implications for public health and scientific research priorities are also presented. The approach put forward by SENTIERI was among those sanctioned by the World Health Organization to conduct an initial description of the health status of residents of contaminated sites. Results relating to individual diseases that can be traced back to a single agent, such as asbestiform fibres, can be easily analysed. The Biancavilla NPCS (where the fluoro-edenite asbestiform fibre was found) displays excesses of pleural mesothelioma and its proxy, malignant pleural tumours, as does Priolo, where asbestos coexists with other pollutants. Increased risk was also recorded in NPCSs adjacent to the coast hosting harbour areas (such as Trieste, Taranto and Venice) or comprising industrial areas specialising in the production of chemicals (Laguna di Grado e Marano, Priolo and Venezia) and steel (Taranto, Terni, Trieste). Increases of pathologies, such as cancer and respiratory diseases, connected to more than one agent, in industrial sites with multiple and diverse sources of exposures, prove harder to interpret. There are also more complex cases in which results do not appear consistent in the three databases or by gender (such as lung cancer in Venice, where mortality and hospital discharges have only increased among women). In order to adequately examine these we must consider factors such as the appropriateness of the health outcome

  8. Conclusions

    Franklin, Mark; Nielsen, Julie Hassing


    Drawing on the findings of the previous chapters, we assess whether it continues to be helpful for European Parliament (EP) elections to be termed “second order” and/or “second rate”. The 2014 EP elections were indeed still second rate and also predominantly second order. Being “about Europe”, wh...... EP elections is likely to be reflected in later national elections and the circumstances in which those results could lead to substantial policy and/or membership changes in the European Union (EU)....

  9. Conclusion

    Dubasque, François


    Lorsque Jean Hennessy entre en politique, rien ne laisse présager un parcours si complexe et déroutant ! Les étapes marquantes d’un itinéraire politique Issu de la grande bourgeoisie négociante, il bénéficie d’un capital d’influence politique, économique et social légué par sa famille. Or, le processus de démocratisation du recrutement du personnel politique dans la première moitié du xxe siècle aboutit à la marginalisation progressive de ceux pour qui le moyen d’accéder aux échelons du pouvo...

  10. Conclusion

    Guibet-Lafaye, Caroline


    L’ensemble de ces analyses a permis de montrer que « le bonheur n’est ni une course effrénée au toujours plus et toujours tournée vers l’avenir, ni l’unique nostalgie du passé » (Proust) pas plus qu’il n’est la simple somme des plaisirs de la vie à laquelle seraient soustraits les maux subis. Le bonheur est bien plutôt un état – c’est-à-dire pas seulement un sentiment – de bien-être dépendant d’une pluralité de facteurs. Selon la perspective à partir de laquelle on l’appréhende (la psychologi...

  11. Conclusion

    Le Bart, Christian


    Résumons notre démonstration : La découverte des Beatles rend possibles des expériences intimes de plongée en soi. Le passionné a le sentiment de se découvrir au contact de la musique. Cette passion, à ce stade discrète, le singularise par rapport à son environnement immédiat (famille, amis…). On parlera de stratégie de différenciation. Cette stratégie peut conduire au sentiment d’une certaine incompréhension, d’une certaine solitude. La rencontre d’autres passionnés rassure dans un premier t...

  12. Conclusion

    Félix, Joël


    La politique économique et financière de L’Averdy s’est fortement inspirée des réflexions de l’administration et des idées des économistes du milieu du xviiie siècle. Sa principale ambition fut d’améliorer les réformes financières de Machault d’Arnouville pour justifier, d’abord, le principe de l’imposition des rentes et doter, ensuite, la monarchie d’une structure d’amortissement de ses dettes pour greffer le financement des dépenses publiques sur la croissance économique. Les contraintes fi...

  13. Conclusion


    @@ ASEAN has become one of the centers in India's foreign policies, strategic concerns and economic interest, and also an outpost for India to go east to the Asia Pacific Area.19 The first phase of India's "Look East" policy is to fully restore its engagement with ASEAN and concentrate on forging trade and investment ties with the ASEAN countries, this task has already been fulfilled.

  14. Conclusion

    Arnold, Steven M.; Wong, Terry T.


    This compilation of papers in this book represents approximately half of the works discussed at the MS&T 2010 symposium entitled Tools, Models, Databases, and Simulation Tools Developed and Needed to Realize the Vision of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering at Materials Science & Technology wherein five sessions comprised of 33 presentations was organized. The goal of the symposium was two fold To provide a forum in which current state-of-the-art methods for ICME (e.g., information informatics, experimentation, and modeling) could be openly discussed and critiqued by not only materials scientist but also structural engineers/researchers, component designers, industrial leaders and government program managers. To leave the symposium and in particular the panel discussion with a clear idea of the gaps and barriers (both technical, cultural and economical) that must be addressed in order for ICME to fully succeed. The organizers felt that these goals were met, as particularly evident by the standing room only attendance during a lively panel discussion session at the end of the Symposium. However it is the firm belief of the editors of this book that this symposium was merely a start in the right direction, and that subsequent conferences/symposium (e.g., First World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering to be held July 10-14, 2011 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania) must work hard to ensure that a truly diverse, multidisciplinary, community of researchers and practitioners are present and have ample opportunity for interaction. This will ensure that a proper balance between push and pull disciplines and technologies is maintained so that this emerging focus area, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), has the greatest potential for success and impact on "system-level" payoffs. Similarly, a pro-active approach is required to reform historical modes of operation in industry, government and the academic sectors so as to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and to clearly articulate the vision and scope of ICME.

  15. Conclusion

    Jørgensen, Christian Helms; Wallo, Andreas; Toiviainen, Hanna;


    production and knowledge-work offer growing learning opportunities to people throughout their active working life. In contrast to the stable and standardised modes of Fordist production, modern working life is characterised by rapid changes and employees interacting across globally distributed professional...... and spatial production networks. Based on continuous relationships of mutual exchange and knowledge building between customers, suppliers and producers, these kinds of learning environments are essentially different from those offered in a school setting. More research is needed to explore the opportunities...

  16. Conclusion


    @@ One of the major contributions of economic integration to European unification lies in its transformation of traditional European balance concepts and structures. This unification model shows that mere economic and trade ties cannot basically change state relations.

  17. Conclusion

    Sandøy, Helge; Kristiansen, Tore


    1. Comparing empirical findings with the “mountain peak model” In the introduction to this volume, we presented a “mountain peak model” of Nordic purism based on evidence showing that language scholars and lay people are very much in agreement as to where we find the more purist languages and com...

  18. Conclusion

    Sandøy, Helge; Kristiansen, Tore


    1. Comparing empirical findings with the “mountain peak model” In the introduction to this volume, we presented a “mountain peak model” of Nordic purism based on evidence showing that language scholars and lay people are very much in agreement as to where we find the more purist languages...

  19. Conclusion

    Miquel Strubell


    Full Text Available In this brief document, the director of the UOC's Humanities degree, Miquel Strubell, concludes the Dossier focusing on the subject that acted as the catalyst for the 1st Conference on "Humanities Professions in the Knowledge Society", highlighting those areas for debate that, from his point of view, are most interesting and attractive in terms of setting limits and facing up to the problems the degree has at this time of the coming together to form a European university space.

  20. The remarkable Dr Robertson

    Hammarton, Tansy C.


    Muriel Robertson (1883–1973) was a pioneering protozoologist who made a staggering number of important contributions to the fields of parasitology, bacteriology and immunology during her career, which spanned nearly 60 years. These contributions were all the more remarkable given the scientific and social times in which she worked. While Muriel is perhaps best known for her work on the life cycle and transmission of the African trypanosome, Trypanosoma brucei, which she carried out in Uganda ...

  1. Seven remarkable days

    This has been a truly remarkable seven days for CERN. Things have moved so fast that it has sometimes been hard to separate fact from fiction – all the more so since facts have often seemed too good to be true. It’s been a week of many firsts. Monday was the first time we’ve had two captured beams in the LHC. It’s the first time the LHC has functioned as a particle accelerator, boosting particles to the highest beam energy so far achieved at CERN. And it’s been a week in which we’ve seen the highest energy proton-proton collisions ever produced at CERN: our last hadron collider, the SPS was a proton-antiproton collider, a technically simpler machine than the LHC. This week’s successes are all the more remarkable precisely because of the complexity of the LHC. Unlike the SPS collider, it is two accelerators not one, making the job of commissioning nearly twice as difficult. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks and congra...

  2. Science cases, wavelength ranges, and strategies for ELTs: some remarks and conclusions

    Gustafsson, Bengt


    Discussions at the Symposium ELTs: Which wavelengths? in Lund in December 2007 are summarized and in particular comments are made on the relation between the optimization of the presently planned ELTs, and their corresponding background science cases. The division of labour between the ELTs and the JWST is commented on. The need for an ELT (and/or a future Space Telescope) for the optical wavelength region is stressed. Possible strategies for pursuing the ELT projects are commented on.

  3. Monograph: Concluding Remarks

    Ajai R. Singh


    recommend costly new therapies which have still not proved their effectiveness conclusively, nor get away with conflicted recommendations, which it is still not obligatory to reveal. A simple rider like making it mandatory for guideline groups to go into both effectiveness and cost effectiveness takes care that this is ensured.The AGREE Collaboration (AGREE stands for Appraisal of Guidelines, Research and Evaluation has created and validated tools by which clinicians can themselves rate guidelines by identifying factors that determine their quality. To facilitate this process, a body like the GAC (Guidelines Advisory Committee applies the AGREE criteria to individual guidelines and rates and endorses the best possible guideline. Clinical Practice Guidelines are another example of an excellent idea likely to go to seed due to sponsor manipulation and forces of the market place camouflaging as evidence based medicine. The need to weed out conflicted experts and make the process of therapy selection transparent must go hand in hand with laying down clear-cut criteria for guideline formulation and rejection of conflicted submissions by vigilant journal publication policies and editors. A number of disease-specific foundations are heavily funded by industry that creates serious conflict of interest likely to result in favourably recommending therapies of sponsors. The case of Alteplase and the American Heart Foundation is a recent example. Whistle blowing papers and research to expose misdemeanours must be undertaken and journals and their editors should welcome such papers as legitimate research, without encouraging a witch-hunt. The USP of journals and researchers is credibility. Credibility can be marketed, but it can't be bought. Sponsors will be forced to seek such credibility without allowing them to compromise it. Such is the game journal publishers/editors and genuine researchers will have to play with sponsors. But they can do so only if they are thoroughly competent

  4. Remarks on hamiltonian digraphs

    Gutin, Gregory; Yeo, Anders


    This note is motivated by A.Kemnitz and B.Greger, Congr. Numer. 130 (1998)127-131. We show that the main result of the paper by Kemnitz and Greger is an easy consequence of the characterization of hamiltonian out-locally semicomplete digraphs by Bang-Jensen, Huang, and Prisner, J. Combin. Theory...... of Fan's su#cient condition [5] for an undirected graph to be hamiltonian. In this note we give another, more striking, example of this kind, which disproves a conjecture from [6]. We also show that the main result of [6] 1 is an easy consequence of the characterization of hamiltonian out......-tournaments by Bang-Jensen, Huang and Prisner [4]. For further information and references on hamiltonian digraphs, see e.g. the chapter on hamiltonicity in [1] as well as recent survey papers [2, 8]. We use the standard terminology and notation on digraphs as described in [1]. A digraph D has vertex set V (D) and arc...

  5. Remarks on Higgs Inflation

    Atkins, Michael


    We discuss models where the Higgs boson of the electroweak standard model plays the role of the inflaton. We focus on the question of the violation of perturbative unitarity due to the coupling of the Higgs boson either to the Ricci scalar or to the Einstein tensor and discuss the background dependence of the unitarity bounds. Our conclusion is that the simplest model which restricts itself to the standard model Higgs boson without introducing further degrees of freedom has a serious problem. However, in the asymptotically safe gravity scenario, the Higgs boson of the standard model could be the inflaton and no physics beyond the standard model is required to explain both inflation and the spontaneous breaking of the electroweak symmetry of the standard model.

  6. Carbon Capture and Storage: concluding remarks.

    Maitland, G C


    This paper aims to pull together the main points, messages and underlying themes to emerge from the Discussion. It sets these remarks in the context of where Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) fits into the spectrum of carbon mitigation solutions required to meet the challenging greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets set by the COP21 climate change conference. The Discussion focused almost entirely on carbon capture (21 out of 23 papers) and covered all the main technology contenders for this except biological processes. It included (chemical) scientists and engineers in equal measure and the Discussion was enriched by the broad content and perspectives this brought. The major underlying theme to emerge was the essential need for closer integration of materials and process design - the use of isolated materials performance criteria in the absence of holistic process modelling for design and optimisation can be misleading. Indeed, combining process and materials simulation for reverse materials molecular engineering to achieve the required process performance and cost constraints is now within reach and is beginning to make a significant impact on optimising CCS and CCU (CO2 utilisation) processes in particular, as it is on materials science and engineering generally. Examples from the Discussion papers are used to illustrate this potential. The take-home messages from a range of other underpinning research themes key to CCUS are also summarised: new capture materials, materials characterisation and screening, process innovation, membranes, industrial processes, net negative emissions processes, the effect of GHG impurities, data requirements, environment sustainability and resource management, and policy. Some key points to emerge concerning carbon transport, utilisation and storage are also included, together with some overarching conclusions on how to develop more energy- and cost-effective CCS processes through improved integration of approach across the

  7. Power and Democracy in Denmark. Conclusions

    Andersen, Jørgen Goul; Christiansen, Peter Munk; Beck Jørgensen, Torben

    In 1997, the Danish Parliament decided to launch a power study, officially An Analysis of Democracy and Power in Denmark. A steering committee consisting of five independent researchers was assigned responsibility for the project. The Steering Committee has gathered the overall conclusions from...... the numerous projects under the Power Study, and this book is a short presentation of these conclusions.The main focus of the book is the state of democracy in Denmark at the dawn of the 21st century. How has democracy fared, has the development made things better or worse, and to which extent does...... contemporary democracy live up to our democratic ideals? The answer is that in many ways democracy is doing better than we might have expected, considering the intense pressure on the nation state and the democratic institutions in the postwar period. The Danish population is still full of democratic life...

  8. Remarks on the clump theory

    Krommes, J.A.


    Further details are provided of a soon-to-be published dialog (Phys. Fluids 29 (July, 1986)) which discussed the role of the small scales in fluid clump theory. It is argued that the approximation of the clump lifetime which is compatible with exponentially rapid separation of adjacent orbits is inappropriate for the description of the dynamically important large scales. Various other remarks are made relating to the analytic treatment of strong drift-wave-like turbulence.

  9. Epistemology applied to conclusions of expert reports.

    Lucena-Molina, Jose-Juan


    It is believed that to build a robust reasoning logic to make probabilistic inferences in forensic science from a merely mathematical or logistical viewpoint is not enough. Mathematical logic is the positive science of reasoning and as for that it is only interested in the positive calculus of its validity, regardless any prior ontological assumption. But without a determined ontology and epistemology which imply to define the concepts that they will use, it seems difficult that the proposed scientifically correct mathematical solution be successful as a European standard for making conclusions in forensic reports because it has to be based on judicial language. Forensic experts and Courts are not interested in the development of a positive science but in a practical science: in clarifying whether certain known facts are related to a possible crime. Therefore, not only the coherence of the demonstrative logic reasoning used (logic of propositions) is important, but also the precision of the concepts used by language and consistency among them in reasoning (logic of concepts). There is a linguistic level essential for a successful communication between the forensic practitioner and the Court which is mainly related, in our opinion, to semantics and figures of speech. The first one is involved because words used in forensic conclusions often have different meanings - it is said that they are polysemic - and the second one because there is often metonymy as well. Besides, semantic differences among languages regarding words with the same etymological root add another difficulty for a better mutual understanding. The two main European judicial systems inherit a wide and deep culture related to evidence in criminal proceedings and each of them has coined their own terminology but there are other two more abstract levels such as logical and epistemological, where we can find solid arguments by which terms used at legal level on conclusions of forensic reports could be

  10. Remarks on generalized toric codes

    Little, John B


    This note presents some new information on how the minimum distance of the generalized toric code corresponding to a fixed set of integer lattice points S in R^2 varies with the base field. The main results show that in some cases, over sufficiently large fields, the minimum distance of the code corresponding to a set S will be the same as that of the code corresponding to the convex hull of S. In an example, we will also discuss a [49,12,28] generalized toric code over GF(8), better than any previously known code according to M. Grassl's online tables, as of July 2011.

  11. Remarkable convergent evolution in specialized parasitic Thecostraca (Crustacea

    Crandall Keith A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Thecostraca are arguably the most morphologically and biologically variable group within the Crustacea, including both suspension feeders (Cirripedia: Thoracica and Acrothoracica and parasitic forms (Cirripedia: Rhizocephala, Ascothoracida and Facetotecta. Similarities between the metamorphosis found in the Facetotecta and Rhizocephala suggests a common evolutionary origin, but until now no comprehensive study has looked at the basic evolution of these thecostracan groups. Results To this end, we collected DNA sequences from three nuclear genes [18S rRNA (2,305, 28S rRNA (2,402, Histone H3 (328] and 41 larval characters in seven facetotectans, five ascothoracidans, three acrothoracicans, 25 rhizocephalans and 39 thoracicans (ingroup and 12 Malacostraca and 10 Copepoda (outgroup. Maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian analyses showed the Facetotecta, Ascothoracida and Cirripedia each as monophyletic. The better resolved and highly supported DNA maximum likelihood and morphological-DNA Bayesian analysis trees depicted the main phylogenetic relationships within the Thecostraca as (Facetotecta, (Ascothoracida, (Acrothoracica, (Rhizocephala, Thoracica. Conclusion Our analyses indicate a convergent evolution of the very similar and highly reduced slug-shaped stages found during metamorphosis of both the Rhizocephala and the Facetotecta. This provides a remarkable case of convergent evolution and implies that the advanced endoparasitic mode of life known from the Rhizocephala and strongly indicated for the Facetotecta had no common origin. Future analyses are needed to determine whether the most recent common ancestor of the Thecostraca was free-living or some primitive form of ectoparasite.

  12. Remarkable evolutionary conservation of SOX14 orthologues

    Jelena Popovic; Milena Stevanovic


    SOX proteins constitute a large family of diverse, well-conserved transcription factors present in vertebrates and invertebrates, and also implicated in control of many developmental processes. Our objectives have been to identify Sox14 gene of goat (Capra hircus), cow (Bos taurus) and rat (Rattus norvegicus), and to perform comparative analyses and mapping of SOX14 orthologues from numerous vertebrate species. PCR based approach was used to identify Sox14 of goat, cow and rat, while nucleotide and amino acid sequence alignments and mapping were performed using information currently available in public database. Comparative sequence analysis revealed remarkable identity among Sox14 orthologues and helped us to identify highly conserved motifs that represent molecular signatures of SOX14 protein that might have structural or functional significance. Further, we determined chromosomal locations of numerous predicted group B Sox genes and their neighbouring genes using currently available genome database. In conclusion, our study has not only supported the proposed model of group B Sox genes evolution in chicken and mammals, but has also revealed that additional evolutionary events split Sox B genes into different chromosomes in some mammals. Mapping data presented in this study could help in refining the understanding of the evolution of group B Sox genes in vertebrates.

  13. Main Memory

    P.A. Boncz (Peter); L. Liu (Lei); M. Tamer Özsu


    htmlabstractPrimary storage, presently known as main memory, is the largest memory directly accessible to the CPU in the prevalent Von Neumann model and stores both data and instructions (program code). The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them. It is also called Random

  14. Main Memory

    Boncz, Peter; Liu, Lei; Özsu, Tamer, M.


    Primary storage, presently known as main memory, is the largest memory directly accessible to the CPU in the prevalent Von Neumann model and stores both data and instructions (program code). The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them. It is also called Random Access Memory (RAM), to indicate that load/store instructions can access data at any location at the same cost, is usually implemented using DRAM chips, which are connected to the CPU and other peripherals (di...

  15. Results and conclusion; Resultados e conclusoes



    This chapter shows the results and conclusions of the ordered studies by the Science and Technology Ministry from Brazil to the Center of Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE), executed by a multidisciplinary team, most of UNICAMP - State University of Campinas, SP - for evaluation of Brazilian capacity and potential in the production of fuel bioethanol.

  16. Millian superiorities and the repugnant conclusion

    Jensen, Karsten Klint


    James Griffin has considered a form of superiority in value that is weaker than lexical priority as a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this article, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into the stronger form of superiority. And in a ......James Griffin has considered a form of superiority in value that is weaker than lexical priority as a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this article, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into the stronger form of superiority...... of these results for different interpretations of Griffin's suggestion regarding population ethics. None of them comes out very successful, but perhaps they nevertheless retain some interest....



    The Key to Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation should be placed on the FiveMajor Changes Based on analysis and forecasting on grain consumption influencing factors, production influencing factors and import influencing factors, the supply and demand of main sorts of grain in China is forecas- ted respectively, including paddy, wheat, corn and soybean. In 2020, grain consumption quantity, grain production quantity and grain import quantity of China is 693 million tons, 644 million tons and 49 million tons respectively. For grain security in future, new stratagem on food security should be im- plemented, grain import circumstance and global grain security. Father mechanism should be im- proved, and early warning and regulation on grain production capacity should be paid attention to sys- temically.

  18. Introductory Remarks to the "Edward Teller Lectures"

    Hora, Heinrich; Miley, George H.


    The following sections are included: * Overview * Big Laser Solution * Physics of the Fast Igniter * Fast Igniter for Electron Beam Fusion * Block Igniter for Producing Ion Beam Ignition * Concluding Remarks * References

  19. Feasibility studies for final disposal of low and intermediate radioactive waste - summary with main conclusions and recommendations from three parallel studies. Report to the cross-departmental working group for preparing a decision basis for establishing a Danish radioactive waste disposal facility; Forstudier til slutdepot for lav- og mellemaktivt affald - sammendrag indeholdende hovedkonklusionerne og anbefalinger fra tre parallelle studier. Rapport til den tvaerministerielle arbejdsgruppe vedr. udarbejdelse af beslutningsgrundlag med henblik paa etablering af et dansk slutdepot for lav- og mellemaktivt affald


    In 2003, the Danish Parliament in resolution No. B 48 on the dismantling of the nuclear facilities at Risoe gave consent to the government to begin preparation of a decision basis for a Danish final repository for low and intermediate level waste. As a result, a working group under the Ministry of Health and Prevention in 2008 prepared the report 'Decision basis for a Danish final repository for low and medium level radioactive waste'. In this report it was recommended to prepare three parallel preliminary studies: one about the repository concepts with the aim to obtain the necessary decision-making basis for selecting which concepts to analyze within the process of establishing a final repository, one on transportation of radioactive waste to the depot and one about regional mapping with the aim to characterize areas as suitable or unsuitable for locating a repository. The present report contains the main conclusions of each of the three parallel studies in relation to the further localization process. The preliminary studies suggest 22 areas, of which it is recommended to proceed with six in the selection process. The preliminary studies also show that all investigated storage concepts will be possible solutions from a security standpoint. However, there will be greater risks associated with depots near the surface, because they are more subjected to intentional or accidental intrusion. Overall, a medium deep repository will be the most appropriate solution, but it is also a more expensive solution than the near-surface repository. Both subsurface and the deep repositories may be reversible, but it is estimated to increase overall costs and may increase risk related to accidents. The preliminary studies establishes a set of conclusions and recommendations concerning future studies related to repository concepts and safety analyses, including in relation to the specific geology at the selected locations. The transportation studies show that radio



    The Scientific Classic and the Banner of Truth - Reading Manifesto of the Communist Party Hou Huiqin Manifesto of the Communist Party is the foundational piedce of the whole communist world view and theoretical system. The study of the Manifesto today should take communism as the ultimate goal, the basic idea of the Manifesto as the departure point, and grasp the fundamental tenets of Marxism. Reading the Manifesto can help strengthen the determination in the pursuit of the communist ideal because it supports the whole thought system of communism with three scientific achievements, namely, the scientific critique of capitalism, the scientific analysis of modem proletariat, and the scientific definition of the communist party. At the same time, we should enhance the understanding and development of some basic conclusions in the Manifesto under the new conditions, such as Marx's class theory, "the two necessities" and "the two absolute non-possibilities", etc., so as to increase the vitality and effectiveness of Marxism.

  1. Research use of patented inventions: opening remarks

    Fernández de Labastida, José M.


    Opening remarks for the 2006 conference in Madrid on the research use of patented inventions. The conference, which was held at CSIC on 18-19 May 2006, was jointly organised by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the OECD, with support from the European Patent Office (EPO) through its European Patent Academy. The conference brochure is also included as an attachment to the Opening remarks file.

  2. Superiority in value and the repugnant conclusion

    Jensen, Karsten Klint


    James Griffin has considered a weak form of superiority in value a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this paper, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into a stronger form of superiority. And in a context where value is non-additive, weak...... superiority does not amount to a radical value difference at all. I then spell out the consequences of these results for different interpretations of Griffin's suggestion regarding population ethics. None of them comes out very successful, but perhaps they nevertheless retain some interest....

  3. The Financial Crisis: Origins, Causes And Conclusions

    Eneida Permeti


    Full Text Available The crisis in recent years took start in response to a crisis of the real estate market in the United States in 2007. The year 2009 has seen an economic crisis and between 2010 and 2011 it was known the spreading of the crisis sovereign debt and public finances of many countries. The financial markets failed in their main task: the allocation of risk. The products and services traded in the financial market are characterized by the immateriality and legal complexity. It means a high uncertainty degree and a high risk. Therefore is very important to protect the investors and this means: give them the right information, right legislation, market confidence and a product that respond to their needs. The crisis causes are: weaknesses in the regulatory, malfunction of the rating agencies, political errors and conflicts of interest. This means that we need: more rules, more capital, less debt, more transparency. The financial markets and the economy have always moved in harmony and savers have undertaken a countercyclical behavior, against trend or against the cycle and for investing in financial markets with the probability in favor we need a map that comes from the statistics.


    Constantin MANEA


    Full Text Available The aim of the present paper is to briefly illustrate and assess the main uses of intensifiers and intensification in English and Romanian, trying to hint at the complexity of the phenomenon in the two languages, while sketchily suggesting ways to improve the teaching and learning activities in Romanian schools, as well as much of the activity of translators in this country. The authors’s illustrative treatment tackles the broader sphere of intensification, not only such intensifiers as very, terribly, awfully, really, definitely, kind of. The main subsections of the paper deal, respectively, with semantic aspects, word formation, syntactic aspects, stylistic issues, and a few remarks on usage.

  5. Only one simple conclusion about the climate

    Jaremko, G.


    Findings concerning climate change, by a three-man team of scientists from the North Dakota Geological Survey, which were presented in a paper read at the Eight International Williston Basin Horizontal Well Workshop, are discussed. The survey by the three scientists covered more than 6,000 scholarly publications. It reported that while the rise in the Earth's temperature is beyond argument, there is anything but agreement as to the causes, or whether the trend is unusual enough to justify concerted and costly actions to change lifestyles. It is shown by direct instrumental measurements that the average temperature at the Earth's surface increased about 0.8 degree Celsius between 1866 and 1998. During that time the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased from 280 to 353 parts per million. While it is generally assumed that the global warming was caused by human activities, new techniques of measurement such as glacier ice coring, dendrochronology (tree-growth rings), lichenometry (measuring the diameter of lichens) and counting concentrations of oxygen 18 and 16 (isotopes whose presence in marine fossils varies depending on temperature) suggest that most of the global warming took place before the increase in carbon dioxide concentration occurred, raising the possibility that the increase in average temperature had causes other than the increase in greenhouse gases. Some of the studies reviewed by the group show that in Europe between ice ages during the Eemian period, some 135,000 to 110,000 years ago, temperature variations of seven degrees Celsius took place; they dropped from two degree Celsius warmer than today to five degree Celsius colder than today. Based on these findings the group's only firm conclusion was that climate is in a continual flux.

  6. Conclusiones y recomendaciones Conclusions and recommendations

    María Saquero Martínez


    following technical conclusions and recommendations.This document, which is intended to be practical and operational, has been reviewed and agreed by all speakers and by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, and is written in the key of pending tasks to be addressed by both public authorities and companies in the sector and holders hazard installations.

  7. Remarks on the system of the Spermatophytes

    Pulle, A.


    For the group of plants treated in the “Compendium” I have used the name Spermatophyta. WETTSTEIN in his “Handbuch” remarks that this name is incorrect because in botany the word “sperma” is used for spermatozoids, and from the name Spermatophyta it might be concluded that by it “plants with spermat

  8. Concluding remarks: from match to flamethrower.

    Poliakoff, Martyn


    These remarks give some impressions of Faraday Discussion 152 from the point of view of an outsider and suggest a number of actions which might help bind the Gold Catalysis Community more strongly and increase the long term impact of their science.



    In this remark,we shall show some counter examples for the main results of the recent paper "Asymptotic Behavior of Delay 2-D Discrete Logistic Systems" (IEEE Trans.Circuits Systems,49(2002),1677-1682.)

  10. A remark for "Linearization, stability, and oscillation of the discrete delayed logistic system"

    Zhang, Binggen


    In this remark, we shall show three counter examples for the main results to the paper [Guanrong Chen, Shu Tang Liu, Linearization, stability, and oscillation of the discrete delayed logistic system, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. 50 (2003) 822-826].

  11. Some remarks on word formation in Danish

    Götzsche, Hans

    , there are some patterns for these Danish compounds concerning their internal semantics, in that the same lexical items may be used for different purposes depending on whether they are formed as a straightforward linear sequence (a word formation) or a reversed sequence (a phrase). The problem is (i) how the two......Abstract for the 25th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics Some remarks on wordformation in Danish Some Danish word formation phenomena pose a problem for the linguist, being a predicament for analysis. In Danish a train leaves the station when it afgår ‘leaves’, while a minister may gå af...

  12. A remarkable representation of the Clifford group

    Bengtsson, Ingemar


    The finite Heisenberg group knows when the dimension of Hilbert space is a square number. Remarkably, it then admits a representation such that the entire Clifford group --- the automorphism group of the Heisenberg group --- is represented by monomial phase-permutation matrices. This has a beneficial influence on the amount of calculation that must be done to find Symmetric Informationally Complete POVMs. I make some comments on the equations obeyed by the absolute values of the components of the SIC vectors, and on the fact that the representation partly suggests a preferred tensor product structure.

  13. Remarks on scale separation in flux vacua

    Gautason, F F; Van Riet, T; Williams, M


    We argue that the Maldacena-Nunez no-go theorem excluding Minkowski and de Sitter vacua in flux compactifications can be extended to exclude anti-de Sitter (AdS) vacua for which the Kaluza-Klein scale is parametrically smaller than the AdS length scale. As a practical application of this observation we demonstrate that the mechanism to resolve O6 singularities in massive type IIA at the classical level is likely not to occur in AdS compactifications with scale separation. We furthermore remark that a compactification to four observable dimensions implies a large cosmological hierarchy.

  14. Ethnobotanical remarks on Central and Southern Italy

    Lucia Leporatti


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The present paper is a brief survey on the ethnobotanical works published by the Authors since 1981, concerning the research carried out in some southern and central Italian regions. Before Roman domination these territories were first inhabited by local people, while the southern areas were colonized by the Greeks. These different cultural contributions left certain traces, both in the toponyms and in the vernacular names of the plants and, more generally, in the culture as a whole. Methods Field data were collected through open interviews, mainly of farmers, shepherds and elderly people, born or living in these areas for a long time. Voucher specimens of collected plants are preserved in the respective herbaria of the Authors and in the herbarium of "Roma Tre" University. Important contributions have been made by several students native to the areas under consideration. A comparative analysis with local specific ethnobotanical literature was carried out. Results The paper reports several examples concerning human and veterinary popular medicine and in addition some anti-parasitic, nutraceutic, dye and miscellaneous uses are also described. Moreover vernacular names and toponyms are cited. Eight regions of central and southern Italy (particularly Latium, Abruzzo, Marche and Basilicata were investigated and the data obtained are presented in 32 papers. Most of the species of ethnobotanical interest have been listed in Latium (368 species, Marche (274 and Abruzzo (203. The paper also highlights particularly interesting aspects or uses not previously described in the specific ethnobotanical literature. Conclusion Phyto-therapy in central and southern Italy is nowadays practised by a few elderly people who resort to medicinal plants only for mild complaints (on the contrary food uses are still commonly practised. Nowadays therapeutic uses, unlike in the past, are less closely or not at all linked to ritual aspects. Several

  15. Remarks on scale separation in flux vacua

    Gautason, F. F.; Schillo, M.; Van Riet, T.; Williams, M.


    We argue that the Maldacena-Nuñez no-go theorem excluding Minkowski and de Sitter vacua in flux compactifications can be extended to anti-de Sitter (AdS) vacua for which the Kaluza-Klein scale is parametrically smaller than the AdS length scale. In the absence of negative tension sources, scale-separated AdS vacua are ruled out in 11-dimensional supergravity; in 10-dimensional supergravity, we show that such vacua can only arise in conjunction with large dilaton gradients. As a practical application of this observation we demonstrate that the mechanism to resolve O6 singularities in massive type IIA at the classical level is likely not to occur in AdS compactifications with scale separation. We furthermore remark that a compactification to four observable dimensions implies a large cosmological hierarchy.

  16. Some Remarks on Gravitational Global Monopoles

    Maison, D; Maison, Dieter; Liebling, Steven L.


    Using mainly analytical arguments, we derive the exact relation static gravitational global monopoles. For this value, the global monopole bifurcates with the de Sitter solution obtained for vanishing Higgs field. In addition, we analyze the stability properties of the solutions.

  17. The European Food Consumption Validation Project: conclusions and recommendations

    de Boer, E. J.; Slimani, N.; van 't Veer, P.


    Background/Objectives: To outline and discuss the main results and conclusions of the European Food Consumption Validation (EFCOVAL) Project. Subjects/Methods: The EFCOVAL Project was carried out within the EU Sixth Framework Program by researchers in 11 EU countries. The activities focused on (1...... showed that two non-consecutive EPIC-Soft 24-HDRs are suitable to estimate the usual intake distributions of protein and potassium of European adult populations. The 2-day non-consecutive 24-HDRs in combination with a food propensity questionnaire also appeared to be appropriate to rank individuals...... according to their fish and fruit and vegetable intake in a comparable way in five European centers. Dietary intake of (young) children can be assessed by the combination of EPIC-Soft 24-HDRs and food recording booklets. The EPIC-Soft-standardized method of describing foods is useful to estimate dietary...

  18. Remarkable selective constraints on exonic dinucleotide repeats.

    Haasl, Ryan J; Payseur, Bret A


    Long dinucleotide repeats found in exons present a substantial mutational hazard: mutations at these loci occur often and generate frameshifts. Here, we provide clear and compelling evidence that exonic dinucleotides experience strong selective constraint. In humans, only 18 exonic dinucleotides have repeat lengths greater than six, which contrasts sharply with the genome-wide distribution of dinucleotides. We genotyped each of these dinucleotides in 200 humans from eight 1000 Genomes Project populations and found a near-absence of polymorphism. More remarkably, divergence data demonstrate that repeat lengths have been conserved across the primate phylogeny in spite of what is likely considerable mutational pressure. Coalescent simulations show that even a very low mutation rate at these loci fails to explain the anomalous patterns of polymorphism and divergence. Our data support two related selective constraints on the evolution of exonic dinucleotides: a short-term intolerance for any change to repeat length and a long-term prevention of increases to repeat length. In general, our results implicate purifying selection as the force that eliminates new, deleterious mutants at exonic dinucleotides. We briefly discuss the evolution of the longest exonic dinucleotide in the human genome--a 10 x CA repeat in fibroblast growth factor receptor-like 1 (FGFRL1)--that should possess a considerably greater mutation rate than any other exonic dinucleotide and therefore generate a large number of deleterious variants. © 2014 The Author(s). Evolution © 2014 The Society for the Study of Evolution.

  19. The end of a remarkable era


    An important era in particle physics is coming to an end: the US Department of Energy announced on Monday that it will not fund an extension to Tevatron running beyond 2011. It is a poignant moment for particle physics as we prepare to bid farewell to a machine that has changed our view of the Universe, and played a significant role in paving the way for the new era that is opening up with the LHC.   The Tevatron has been at the high-energy frontier of particle physics for over a quarter of a century. That’s a remarkable achievement by any account, and the physics results are there to prove it. As well as bringing us the discovery of the top quark in 1995, the Tevatron’s experiments have provided vitally important precision measurements covering the full spectrum of Standard Model physics, not to mention hints of what may lie beyond. With several months of running still to come, it would be a foolish gambler who bet against further new physics emerging before the Teva...

  20. Some Remarks on Planar Boussinesq Equations

    Xiao-jing CAI; Chun-yan XUE; Xian-jin LI; Ying LIU; Quan-sen JIU


    The main purpose of this paper is to prove the well-posedness of the two-dimensional Boussinesq equations when the initial vorticity ω0 ∈ L1(R2) (or the finite Radon measure space).Using the stream function form of the equations and the Schauder fixed-point theorem to get the new proof of these results,we get that when the initial vorticity is smooth,there exists a unique classical solutions for the Cauchy problem of the two dimensional Boussinesq equations.

  1. Remarks on Urban Spatial Growth Management Research


    "Urban spatial growth management(USGM)" is developed from "urban growth management(UGM)",and is more specific on urban space than UGM.An urban spatial plan can achieve its goals in virtue of USGM.This paper reviews the research on urban growth management both in China and abroad,and then puts forwards the development issue of USGM in China which requires further study in two main aspects:systemic research on the basic theories of USGM with Chinese characteristics,and the utilization of modern techniques to examine the effectiveness of USGM.In turn,the methods to develop the modeling and analysis techniques of USGM are discussed.

  2. The Social Interplay of Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity. Some Introductory Remarks

    Reinhold Hedtke


    Full Text Available Social Science Education as a subject field in schools is an intrinsic pluridisciplinary feature, whatever disciplines are included, however it may be organised and wherever it may be institutionalised. Civic education, economic education, social education and historical education each comprise several academic disciplines even if they are thought to be completely independent subjects. From the start on, disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity are on the agenda for any subject related to social science education and are one of its main problems. For these introductory remarks interdisciplinarity can be simply defined as relating two or more academic disciplines or school subjects to each other if this is done in a purposeful, systematic, explicit and reflective way. The overarching goal is to improve education that is to enhance students' understandings of the worlds and their abilities to act within and towards them. A relationship between disciplines or subjects which misses one or more of the four characteristics can be called pluridisciplinary or multidisciplinary (cf. Audigier 2006. In the following I first want to discuss some aspects of disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity at schools and at universities and the weakness of interdisciplinarity. I sketch some social science based ideas on the interrelationship between the subject structure of the academic world and the world of schools (3. and of some tendency to commonalities or even unification of social sciences and related competencies (4.. I conclude with some remarks on different kinds of knowledge (5.. Last but not least, I'll give an overview on the papers in this issue of the Journal of Social Science Education (6..

  3. Remarks on rotating shallow-water magnetohydrodynamics

    V. Zeitlin


    Full Text Available We show how the rotating shallow-water MHD model, which was proposed in the solar tachocline context, may be systematically derived by vertical averaging of the full MHD equations for the rotating magneto fluid under the influence of gravity. The procedure highlights the main approximations and the domain of validity of the model, and allows for multi-layer generalizations and, hence, inclusion of the baroclinic effects. A quasi-geostrophic version of the model, both in barotropic and in baroclinic cases, is derived in the limit of strong rotation. The basic properties of the model(s are sketched, including the stabilizing role of magnetic fields in the baroclinic version.

  4. A remark on the Generalized Hodge Conjecture

    Portelli, Dario


    Let X be a smooth, projective variety over the field of complex numbers. On the space H of its rational cohomology of degree i we have the arithmetic filtration F^p. On the other hand, on the space of cohomology of degree i of X with complex coefficients we have the Hodge filtration G^p. It is well known that F^p is contained in the intersection of G^p with H, and that, in general, this inclusion is strict. In this paper we propose a natural substitute S^p for the Hodge filtration space G^p such that the intersection of S^p with H is the space F^p of the arithmetic filtration. In particular, S^p is a complex subspace of G^p. This result leaves untouched Grothendieck's Generalized Hodge Conjecture. But the method used here to construct algebraic supports for suitable cohomology classes seems to me of some interest. The main technical tool is the use of semi-algebraic sets, which are available by the triangulation of complex projective algebraic varieties.

  5. Bioceramics and pharmaceuticals: A remarkable synergy

    Vallet-Regí, María; Balas, Francisco; Colilla, Montserrat; Manzano, Miguel


    The research on controlled drug delivery systems using bioceramics as host matrices presents two distinct sides; one route aims at embedding pharmaceuticals in biomaterials designed for the reconstruction or regeneration of living tissues, in order to counteract inflammatory responses, infections, bone carcinomas and so forth, while the other route deals with the more traditional drug introduction systems, i.e. oral administration. The incorporation of pharmaceuticals to bioceramic matrices could be very interesting in clinical practice. It is rather common in these days for an orthopedic surgeon working in bone reconstruction to use bioceramics. An added value to the production of these ceramics would be the optional addition of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-carcinogens, etc. In this sense, if we take into account the infections statistics at hip joint prostheses, the incidence varies between 2 and 4%, reaching up to a 45% in bolts used as external fixation. One of the main problems in these situations is the access to the infected area of the bone, in order to deliver the adequate antibiotic. If the pharmaceutical could be included within the implant itself, the added value would be straightforward. And if the bioceramic is bioactive, and therefore precursor of new bone tissue, the capability to introduce peptides, proteins or growth factors at its pores could accelerate the bone regeneration processes. We are facing a fine example of multidisciplinary research, where the so-called transversal supply of knowledge from and between the domains of materials science, biology and medicine will empower the know-how and applications that shall, undoubtedly, give rise to new advances in science and technology.

  6. A Remarkable Recent Transition in the Solar Dynamo

    de Jager, C.; Akasofu, S.-I.; Duhau, S.; Livingston, W. C.; Nieuwenhuijzen, H.; Potgieter, M. S.


    We summarize the major aspects of the remarkable, fairly long lasting period ( ˜ 2005 to ˜ 2010) of low solar activity, that we will call the Transition. It is the transitional stage between the Grand Maximum of the 20th century and a forthcoming (most probably Regular) episode of solar activity. The various kinds of activity in the functioning of the equatorial components of the solar dynamo before and during the Transition are summarized. While the behavior of unipolar magnetic regions and their rest-latitudes already gave very early indications - mid 20th century - of the forthcoming Transition, more such indications became available around 1995 and the main part of it occurred between 2005 and 2010. Some of the inferences are discussed. We submit the hypothesis that the solar tachocline undergoes pulsations and we present some helioseismic evidences. In that scenario we find that its equatorial part has moved downward over a fairly small semi-amplitude ( ˜ 0.03 solar radii) during the time of the Transition. There are several indications, apart from this `pulsation', that the tachocline may even be pulsating with still smaller amplitudes in more modes. We speculate about the physical mechanism(s).

  7. Number of objectives and conclusions in dissertations and thesis

    Liebano Richard Eloin


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To analyze the number of objectives and conclusions presented in dissertations and thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine (UNIFESP - EPM. METHODS: It was realized a search in the master degree dissertations and doctor degree thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine in the years 2002 and 2003 that were found available in the central library of this university. RESULTS: From 723 master dissertations analyzed, 62 (8,57% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 134 (18,53% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 527 (72,89% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion. From 502 doctor thesis analyzed, 23 (4,58% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 123 (24,50% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 376 (74,90% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion.. CONCLUSIONS: It wasn't found in researched literature the number of objectives and conclusions a scientific work must have. A highest number of thesis and dissertations presented more than one objective and more than one conclusion.

  8. 19 CFR 111.68 - Proposed findings and conclusions.


    ... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Proposed findings and conclusions. 111.68 Section 111.68 Customs Duties U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY; DEPARTMENT... Monetary Penalty in Lieu of Suspension or Revocation § 111.68 Proposed findings and conclusions....

  9. Writing to Climax: Strategies for Creating Effective Conclusions.

    Brown, Stephen G.


    Provides pointers for incorporating the use of metaphors, alliteration, restating of the thesis, answering questions by reiteration of the thesis, and other ideas for writing an effective conclusion in high school and college papers. (PA)

  10. A remarkable climate warming hiatus over Northeast China since 1998

    Sun, Xiubao; Ren, Guoyu; Ren, Yuyu; Fang, Yihe; Liu, Yulian; Xue, Xiaoying; Zhang, Panfeng


    Characteristics and causes of global warming hiatus (GWH) phenomenon have received much attention in recent years. Monthly mean data of land surface air maximum temperature (Tmax), minimum temperature (Tmin), and mean temperature (Tmean) of 118 national stations since 1951 in Northeast China are used in this paper to analyze the changes of land surface air temperature in recent 64 years with an emphasis on the GWH period. The results show that (1) from 1951 to 2014, the warming trends of Tmax, Tmin, and Tmean are 0.20, 0.42, and 0.34 °C/decade respectively for the whole area, with the warming rate of Tmin about two times of Tmax, and the upward trend of Tmean obviously higher than mainland China and global averages; (2) in the period 1998-2014, the annual mean temperature consistently exhibits a cooling phenomenon in Northeast China, and the trends of Tmax, Tmin, and Tmean are -0.36, -0.14, and -0.28 °C/decade respectively; (3) in the GWH period, seasonal mean cooling mainly occurs in northern winter (DJF) and spring (MAM), but northern summer (JJA) and autumn (SON) still experience a warming, implying that the annual mean temperature decrease is controlled by the remarkable cooling of winter and spring; (4) compared to the global and mainland China averages, the hiatus phenomenon is more evident in Northeast China, and the cooling trends are more obvious in the cold season; (5) the Northeast China cooling trend occurs under the circulation background of the negative phase Arctic Oscillation (AO), and it is also closely related to strengthening of the Siberia High (SH) and the East Asian Trough (EAT), and the stronger East Asian winter monsoon (EAWM) over the GWH period.

  11. Hypothesis, Prediction, and Conclusion: Using Nature of Science Terminology Correctly

    Eastwell, Peter


    This paper defines the terms "hypothesis," "prediction," and "conclusion" and shows how to use the terms correctly in scientific investigations in both the school and science education research contexts. The scientific method, or hypothetico-deductive (HD) approach, is described and it is argued that an understanding of the scientific method,…

  12. 20 CFR 901.48 - Proposed findings and conclusions.


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Proposed findings and conclusions. 901.48 Section 901.48 Employees' Benefits JOINT BOARD FOR THE ENROLLMENT OF ACTUARIES REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE PERFORMANCE OF ACTUARIAL SERVICES UNDER THE EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT INCOME SECURITY ACT OF 1974 Suspension...

  13. 22 CFR 18.18 - Proposed findings and conclusions.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Proposed findings and conclusions. 18.18 Section 18.18 Foreign Relations DEPARTMENT OF STATE PERSONNEL REGULATIONS CONCERNING POST EMPLOYMENT CONFLICT OF INTEREST Administrative Enforcement Proceedings § 18.18 Proposed findings and...

  14. Factors associated with results and conclusions of trials of thiazolidinediones.

    Gail Rattinger

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: When a sponsor funds a study of two competing drugs in a head-to-head comparison, the results and conclusions are likely to favor the sponsor's drug. Thiazolidinediones, oral medications used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, are one of the most costly choices of oral anti-diabetic medications, yet they do not demonstrate clinically relevant differences in achieving lower glycosylated hemoglobin levels compared to other oral antidiabetic drugs. Our aim is to examine associations between research funding source, study design characteristics aimed at reducing bias, and other factors with the results and conclusions of randomized controlled trials (RCTs of thiazolidinediones compared to other oral hypoglycemic agents. METHODS AND FINDINGS: This is a cross-sectional study of 61 published RCTs comparing a thiazolidinedione (glitazone to another anti-diabetic drug or placebo for treatment of type 2 diabetes. Data on study design characteristics, funding source, author's financial ties, results for primary outcomes, and author conclusions were extracted. Univariate logistic regression identified associations between independent variables and results and conclusions that favored the glitazone. Of the RCTs, 59% (36/61 were funded by industry, 39% (24/61 did not disclose any funding. Common study design weaknesses included inadequate blinding and lack of concealment of allocation. Trials that reported favorable glycemic control results for the glitazone were more likely to have adequate blinding (OR (95% CI = 5.42 (1.46, 21.19, p = 0.008 and have a corresponding author with financial ties to the glitazone manufacturer (OR (95% CI = 4.12 (1.05, 19.53; p = 0.04. Trials with conclusions favoring the glitazone were less likely to be funded by a comparator drug company than a glitazone company (OR (95% CI = 0.026 (0, 0.40, p = 0.003 and less likely to be published in journals with higher impact factors (OR (95% CI = 0.79 (0.62, 0.97, p = 0

  15. Maine's Employability Skills Program

    McMahon, John M.; Wolffe, Karen E.; Wolfe, Judy; Brooker, Carrie


    This Practice Report describes the development and implementation of the "Maine Employability Skills Program," a model employment program developed by the Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI). The program was designed to support the efforts of the chronically unemployed or underemployed. These consumers were either…

  16. Comparative hazard analysis of processes leading to remarkable flash floods (France, 1930-1999)

    Boudou, M.; Lang, M.; Vinet, F.; Cœur, D.


    Flash flood events are responsible for large economic losses and lead to fatalities every year in France. This is especially the case in the Mediterranean and oversea territories/departments of France, characterized by extreme hydro-climatological features and with a large part of the population exposed to flood risks. The recurrence of remarkable flash flood events, associated with high hazard intensity, significant damage and socio-political consequences, therefore raises several issues for authorities and risk management policies. This study aims to improve our understanding of the hazard analysis process in the case of four remarkable flood events: March 1930, October 1940, January 1980 and November 1999. Firstly, we present the methodology used to define the remarkability score of a flood event. Then, to identify the factors leading to a remarkable flood event, we explore the main parameters of the hazard analysis process, such as the meteorological triggering conditions, the return period of the rainfall and peak discharge, as well as some additional factors (initial catchment state, flood chronology, cascade effects, etc.). The results contribute to understanding the complexity of the processes leading to flood hazard and highlight the importance for risk managers of taking additional factors into account.

  17. EMU – Fiscal Challenges: Conclusions For the New EU Members.


    The aim of the paper is to evaluate fiscal challenges which are facing the Economic and Monetary Union countries after four years of monetary union functioning. Then, the author formulates conclusions for accession countries which are planning to become members of the Economic and Monetary Unions in the near future. The first part of the paper deals with the criteria of fiscal stabilization within EMU, their significance and links to economic growth. On the one hand, these criteria limit poss...

  18. Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Household and Municipal Recycling?

    Matthew Gunter


    Do economists reach a conclusion on household and municipal recycling? I explore the policy judgments of published economists on recycling and find that there is no broad consensus. The mainstream recycling literature is dominated by a guided-market approach; taxes and subsidies are advocated to correct for market failures. There are two less popular but still significant approaches: a minimal government laissez faire approach and a command and control regulatory approach. Laissez faire econo...

  19. Review conclusions by Ernst and Canter regarding spinal manipulation refuted

    Evans Roni


    Full Text Available Abstract In the April 2006 issue of the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, Ernst and Canter authored a review of the most recent systematic reviews on the effectiveness of spinal manipulation for any condition. The authors concluded that, except for back pain, spinal manipulation is not an effective intervention for any condition and, because of potential side effects, cannot be recommended for use at all in clinical practice. Based on a critical appraisal of their review, the authors of this commentary seriously challenge the conclusions by Ernst and Canter, who did not adhere to standard systematic review methodology, thus threatening the validity of their conclusions. There was no systematic assessment of the literature pertaining to the hazards of manipulation, including comparison to other therapies. Hence, their claim that the risks of manipulation outweigh the benefits, and thus spinal manipulation cannot be recommended as treatment for any condition, was not supported by the data analyzed. Their conclusions are misleading and not based on evidence that allow discrediting of a large body of professionals using spinal manipulation.

  20. Turbine main engines

    Main, John B; Herbert, C W; Bennett, A J S


    Turbine Main Engines deals with the principle of operation of turbine main engines. Topics covered include practical considerations that affect turbine design and efficiency; steam turbine rotors, blades, nozzles, and diaphragms; lubricating oil systems; and gas turbines for use with nuclear reactors. Gas turbines for naval boost propulsion, merchant ship propulsion, and naval main propulsion are also considered. This book is divided into three parts and begins with an overview of the basic mode of operation of the steam turbine engine and how it converts the pressure energy of the ingoing ste

  1. Conclusions from the Image Analysis of the VSOP Survey

    Dodson, R.; Fomalont, E.; Wiik, K.


    In February 1997, the Japanese radio astronomy satellite HALCA was launched to provide the space-bourne element for the VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP) mission. A significant fraction of the mission time was to be dedicated to the VSOP Survey of bright compact Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) at 5 GHz, which was lead by ISAS. The VSOP Survey Sources are an unbiased dataset of 294 targets, of which 82% were successfully observed. These are now undergoing statistical analysis to tease out the characteristics of typical AGN sources. We present here the summary of the imaging and conclusions we have reached.

  2. Maine Field Station

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — In 2000 NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service established the Maine Field Station in Orono, ME to have more direct involvement in the conservation of the living...

  3. 2004 Maine Lidar

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This metadata document describes the collection and processing of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data over an area along the coast of Maine. Data was collected...




    Full Text Available A short overwiev is given about the historical development of syntaxonomy of European beech forests. Different solutions of classification have been proposed, following more or less two main approaches: Division of alliances and suballiances by ecologically or geographically orientated species groups. A new classification of European beech forests is proposed with 8 (or more geographically orientated alliances, which can be further divided into suballiances by ecological species groups. For each alliance character and differential species, nomenclatural type and the area is mentioned, based on a (non puplished synthetic table, including 10.006 relevés from all parts of Europe. From this table also some overlapping species groups (a-n are given.

  5. The renewal of humanism in psychotherapy: summary and conclusion.

    Schneider, Kirk J; Längle, Alfried


    This article summarizes and discusses the main themes to emerge from this special section on the renewal of humanism in psychotherapy. It is concluded that (1) despite some controversies, humanism is both a viable and growing influence among the leading specialty areas of psychotherapy; (2) humanism is a foundational element of effectiveness among these specialty areas; and (3) humanistic training is essential to the development of trainees in the aforementioned specialty areas. The implications of these findings for each of the specialty areas, for the profession of psychotherapy, and for the public at large are elaborated, concluding with a call for a reassessment of priorities in the research, practice, and training of standardized mental health delivery. (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved.

  6. Conclusive quantum steering with superconducting transition edge sensors

    Smith, Devin H; de Almeida, Marcelo; Branciard, Cyril; Fedrizzi, Alessandro; Weinhold, Till J; Lita, Adriana; Calkins, Brice; Gerrits, Thomas; Nam, Sae Woo; White, Andrew G


    Quantum steering allows two parties to verify shared entanglement even if one measurement device is untrusted. A conclusive demonstration of steering through the violation of a steering inequality is of considerable fundamental interest and opens up applications in quantum communication. To date all experimental tests with single photon states have relied on post-selection, allowing untrusted devices to cheat by hiding unfavorable events in losses. Here we close this "detection loophole" by combining a highly efficient source of entangled photon pairs with superconducting transition edge sensors. We achieve an unprecedented $\\sim$62% conditional detection efficiency of entangled photons and violate a steering inequality with the minimal number of measurement settings by 48 standard deviations. Our results provide a clear path to practical applications of steering and to a photonic loophole-free Bell test.

  7. PREFACE: Introductory remarks from the Editors Introductory remarks from the Editors

    Knobloch, E.; Meseguer, A.; Marques, F.


    The local organizers of the 4th BIFD (Bifurcations and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics) Symposium held in Barcelona on 18-21 July 2011 would like to thank the editors of Fluid Dynamics Research for offering us the opportunity of publishing a peer-reviewed special issue of the journal with a selection of the contributions presented at this conference. We thank both the authors and the referees for working with us on the rather tight schedule necessary to release the issue within one year of the date of the conference. We also thank the invited speakers, B Eckhardt, L Tuckerman, and J M Vega, for contributing keynote papers to this special issue. The series of BIFD symposia started as a small workshop in Madeira, Portugal, in 2004 with no more than 20 participants. This number increased rapidly during the second and third symposia held in 2006 (Denmark) and 2009 (United Kingdom), with 40 and 110 participants, respectively. The 4th BIFD symposium has consolidated this event as one of the leading conferences in hydrodynamic stability, with nearly 200 participants from around the world. The main goal of this conference is to bring together scientists and engineers from different disciplines directly or indirectly related to fluid dynamics, bifurcation theory and hydrodynamic stability theory. The conference covered many research areas within the aforementioned fields, ranging from thermal, shear and centrifugal flows to biofluids, films, drops, viscoelastic flows and magnetohydrodynamics. The structure of the conference, with invited plenary talks and focused sessions, helped the participants find their home in the conference and share state-of-the-art knowledge within the field of hydrodynamic instabilities. The financial support from MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Grant no FIS2009-08065-E) and UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) is greatly appreciated. The local organizers would also like to thank ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture

  8. Some remarks on the two-electron atom

    Apostol, M


    New, approximate, two-electron wavefunctions are introduced for the two-electron atoms (cations), which account remarkably well for the ground-state energies and the lowest-excxited states (where available). A new scheme of electronic configurations is also proposed for the multi-electron atoms.

  9. Steiner versus Wittgenstein: Remarks on Differing Views of Mathematical Truth

    Charles SAYWARD


    Full Text Available Mark Steiner criticizes some remarks Wittgenstein makes about Gödel. Steiner takes Wittgenstein to be disputing a mathematical result. The paper argues that Wittgenstein does no such thing. The contrast between the realist and the demonstrativist concerning mathematical truth is examined. Wittgenstein is held to side with neither camp. Rather, his point is that a realist argument is inconclusive.

  10. Remarks on Nephrops norvegicus (L.) and its variety Meridionalis zariquiey

    Holthuis, L.B.


    In 1935 R. Zariquiey Cenarro published a paper in the Spanish language, in which he separated the specimens of Nephrops norvegicus occurring in the Mediterranean and the southern Atlantic Ocean as a separate variety meridionalis from the typical form of the northern Atlantic. In this paper he remark

  11. Discussant Remarks on Session: Statistical Aspects of Measuring the Internet

    Cottrell, Les


    These remarks will briefly summarize what we learn from the talks in this session, and add some more areas in Internet Measurement that may provide challenges for statisticians. It will also point out some reasons why statisticians may be interested in working in this area.

  12. A Remarkable Recent Transition in the Solar Dynamo

    de Jager, C.; Akasofu, S.-I.; Duhau, S.; Livingston, W.C.; Nieuwenhuijzen, H.; Potgieter, M.S.


    We summarize the major aspects of the remarkable, fairly long lasting period(∼ 2005 to ∼ 2010) of low solar activity, that we will call the Transition. It is the transitionalstage between the Grand Maximum of the 20th century and a forthcoming (most probablyRegular) episode of solar activity. The va

  13. Initial remarks on Sur la genèse

    G. M. Goshgarian


    Full Text Available G. M. Goshgarian describes historical and theoretical context in whichAlthusser’s note On Genesis has been written. Goshgarian indicated theoreticalsources of althusserian remarks in the theme of genesis. He invokes – next to Marx– such names as Montaigne or Spinoza.

  14. Concluding remarks: Faraday Discussion on chemistry in the urban atmosphere.

    Jimenez, Jose L


    This article summarises the Concluding remarks from the Faraday Discussion on Chemistry in the Urban Atmosphere. The following themes are addressed: (a) new results that inform our understanding of the evolving sources and composition of the urban atmosphere ("News"); (b) results that identify gaps in our understanding that necessitate further work ("Gaps");

  15. The main cubioid

    Blokh, Alexander; Oversteegen, Lex; Ptacek, Ross; Timorin, Vladlen


    The connectedness locus in the parameter space of quadratic polynomials is called the Mandelbrot set. A good combinatorial model of this set is due to Thurston. By definition, the principal hyperbolic domain of the Mandelbrot set consists of parameter values, for which the corresponding quadratic polynomials have an attracting fixed point. The closure of the principal hyperbolic domain of the Mandelbrot set is called the main cardioid. Its topology is completely described by Thurston's model. Less is known about the connectedness locus in the parameter space of cubic polynomials. In this paper, we discuss cubic analogues of the main cardioid and establish relationships between them.

  16. Financial Literacy of Latvian Citizens: Findings and Conclusions

    Guna Ciemleja


    Full Text Available The global financial crisis and financial stability issues of the Eurozone countries have demonstrated that the total of financial knowledge and skills of the population that lets people make informed and efficient decisions is of utmost importance. Considering high social importance of financial education, it is necessary to develop a knowledge platform to increase the level of financial literacy. The results obtained in the process of assessment of the level of individual's financial literacy provide information on the factors, which reduce financial efficiency and cause unnecessary costs. Despite a vast body of international experience in the field of financial literacy assessment, one of the main problems is to develop a measuring instrument, which can ensure valid results and can be adapted to the socio-economic and demographic conditions of a definite country. Therefore, in 2015, academic personnel of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of Riga Technical University conducted research within the project «Enhancing Latvian Citizens' Securitability through Development of the Financial Literacy» and developed an instrument for assessment of the level of financial literacy, which can be used to evaluate financial knowledge of the Latvian citizens taking into consideration all components of financial literacy. The results are briefly described in the current paper.

  17. Employee counseling services evaluation system: design, issues and conclusions.

    Masi, D A; Teems, L A


    Employee Counseling Services (ECS) programs have emerged as an effective method for dealing with employees whose job performance has deteriorated due to personal problems such as alcoholism or drug abuse. It is estimated that 18% of any work force is effected by such problems at any given time and that these employees cost industry billions of dollars annually in lost productivity, abuse of sick leave, etc. One of the critical concerns of this emerging field is the need for comprehensive evaluation that can demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and cost-benefits of ECS programs. This paper will describe the model Federal ECS developed at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as the components of the evaluation system designed to determine its effectiveness. The system is the first of its kind and will be a valuable contribution to the field. The paper then raises issues and develops conclusions about designing such an evaluation within the context of a large bureaucracy.

  18. Bionics in Engineering Education Considerations, Experiences and Conclusions

    Ralf Neurohr


    Full Text Available During recent years bionics, a new discipline which is in charge with the transfer of the principles of construction, regulation, interaction and organisation of biology into innovative technical solutions, has attracted significant interest from various industries. Based on this request for bionic expertise in engineering, the faculty for teaching engineering in foreign languages (FILS at ‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest started a course in bionics in SS 2007, which was supported by the expertise of the German ‘Bionik-Kompetenz-Netz’, one of the leading organizations in bionics. This is the report on the considerations involved in the course concept, the first experiences with the students' acceptance, some conclusions and future perspectives for extending bionics activities at ‘Politehnica’. Finally, within the last section, the evaluation of a questionnaire, filled in by the students at the end of the course, will be presented. In order to avoid any confusion, considering overlapping or mixing up with other bio-disciplines related to technology, the paper starts with a short introduction, explaining the principles of bionics and providing a clear definition of the field.

  19. Ladybugs of Maine

    Color images are presented for the 57 species of Coccinellidae, commonly known as ladybugs, that are documented from Maine. Images are displayed in taxonomic order. Information on each species includes its genus-species name, length, and an actual-size silhouette beside a grid matched to the scale...

  20. Abstracts of Main Essays


    On Engels'Dialectics of "Theoretical Thinking" Sun Zheng-yu The main significant contribution to Marxist dialectics of Engels is to formulate dialectics on the level of theoretical thinking. This contribution is expressed in three aspects: 1 ) generalizing thoroughly the historical evolution of the way of thinking embodied in science history, philosophy history and human history;

  1. Failure of Magnetic Fluid Seals Operating in Water: Preliminary Conclusions

    Matuszewski Leszek


    Full Text Available The article analyses properties of magnetic fluid seals installed in rotary sealing nodes which operate in the utility water environment. Seals of this type have been examined as a possible solution to the problem with ship manoeuvring propulsion sealing. The present analysis bases on laboratory durability tests of magnetic fluid seals exposed to longterm utility water loads, at different water pressures and shaft revolutions. The basic seal durability criterion was the number of revolutions made by the sealing node shaft until the appearance of water tightness loss (leakage. It was found that the main factor leading to the wear of the seal is the relative speed of the magnetic fluid with respect to that of the utility water, and this process is heavily affected by the pressure acting on the seal. The reported test results are presented in the form of diagrams showing the seal durability (time until water tightness loss as a function of rotational speed. The curves shown in the diagrams are regular, with two different rotational speed ranges: the highspeed range, when the tightness loss is relatively fast, and the low-speed range, with a clear tendency to prolong the seal lifetime. These diagrams were given the name of durability curves of the MF seal operating in water. The results of the performed tests suggest formal similarity between the experimental data distribution concerning tightness loss processes occurring in magnetic fluid seals operating in water environment and metal fatigue processes. The article proposes a preliminary simplified durability model to describe the examined phenomenon.

  2. Workshop observations, conclusions, and recommendations for moving forward



    Bangkok currently has enormous numbers of motorised vehicles. The number of motor vehicles registered in Bangkok in 1993 was about 2.6 million of which over 1 million were cars and around 1.1 million were motorcycles. The vehicle population is noticeably increasing at about 12% over the previous year, despite the traffic congestion which is nearly at gridlock. Overall average traffic speed in the Bangkok metropolitan area is around 10 km/h. However, during peak hours on some main roads in the central business area, the crawl rate is at 1-2 km/h, or only half walking pace. There are, however, several circumstances to be addressed before Bangkok can begin to overcome its air quality and congestion problems. The first is that many of the city`s transport planners that design transport projects, and the policymakers with investment authority appear to be caught in the same conventional transport planning paradigm as many other industrializing and industrialized countries. That paradigm, pioneered in the United States and exported to much of the world, defines the problems as a shortage of road space to meet demand for, private, vehicular mobility. The investment focus is almost exclusively on the construction of large road-based infrastructure to machines instead of people, while de-emphasizing other forms of transport such as rail, water, and non-motorized transport - even if they are a less expensive investment that can meet demand. The predominance of this paradigm results in a persistent myth held by many of Bangkok`s policymakers, transport and urban planners, financiers, and citizens. The myth is that the city does not have enough kilometers of roadways per person, and should focus on road and highway investment in order to solve their air quality and congestion problems.

  3. Highlights and Conclusions of the Unidata OGC Interoperability Day

    Domenico, B.; Davis, E.; Rew, R.; Caron, J.; Nativi, S.; Yang, W.; Falke, S.; Woolf, A.; Tandy, J.


    At the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Technical Committee meetings, Unidata hosted a special Interoperability Day workshop to address the use of web services via standard interfaces for accessing a broad range of environmental data. These interfaces include: WCS (Web Coverage Service), WFS (Web Feature Service, SOS (Sensor Observation Service, CS-W/ebRIM (Catalog Service for the Web / electronic business Registry Information Model) for providing access to data currently served via THREDDS (THematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services), OPeNDAP (Open source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol), netCDF-CF (network Common Data Form - Climate and Forecast conventions) and IDD/LDM (Internet Data Distribution / Local Data Manager) technologies. The primary data served includes weather, climate and ocean data from the community sometimes referred to as Fluid Earth Sciences (FES). An international set of representatives from industry, government, and academia, spanning many geosciences disciplines participated actively in the workshop and are committed to continued collaboration. The overall objective for the day was to come up with practical and concrete ideas for how to deliver various classes of FES data via web services through the standard interfaces. The primary focus was on gridded datasets (e.g., forecast model output) and station/observation/point datasets (e.g. the observational data collected at weather stations, ocean buoys, river gaging stations. As time allowed, other categories (profile/trajectory, swath, radial, unstructured grids) were addressed. The main objective was to come up with a realistic plan for dealing with gridded and station/observation/point datasets. Then the remaining categories can be addressed incrementally. This presentation summarizes the highlights of the Interoperability Day and the resulting plans for future implementation and testing.

  4. Collaborative Automation Reliably Remediating Erroneous Conclusion Threats (CARRECT)

    Lansey, Jonathan C.; Picciano, Paul; Yohai, Ian; Grant, Fred; Gern, Robert


    Objective The objective of the CARRECT software is to make cutting edge statistical methods for reducing bias in epidemiological studies easy to use and useful for both novice and expert users. Introduction Analyses produced by epidemiologists and public health practitioners are susceptible to bias from a number of sources including missing data, confounding variables, and statistical model selection. It often requires a great deal of expertise to understand and apply the multitude of tests, corrections, and selection rules, and these tasks can be time-consuming and burdensome. To address this challenge, Aptima began development of CARRECT, the Collaborative Automation Reliably Remediating Erroneous Conclusion Threats system. When complete, CARRECT will provide an expert system that can be embedded in an analyst’s workflow. CARRECT will support statistical bias reduction and improved analyses and decision making by engaging the user in a collaborative process in which the technology is transparent to the analyst. Methods Older approaches to imputing missing data, including mean imputation and single imputation regression methods, have steadily given way to a class of methods known as “multiple imputation” (hereafter “MI”; Rubin 1987). Rather than making the restrictive assumption that the data are missing completely at random (MCAR), MI typically assumes the data are missing at random (MAR). There are two key innovations behind MI. First, the observed values can be useful in predicting the missing cells, and thus specifying a joint distribution of the data is the first step in implementing the models. Second, single imputation methods will likely fail not only because of the inherent uncertainty in the missing values but also because of the estimation uncertainty associated with generating the parameters in the imputation procedure itself. By contrast, drawing the missing values multiple times, thereby generating m complete datasets along with the

  5. Renovating the Main Building

    CERN Bulletin


    CERN's "Main Building" is exactly that. The Organization's central hub, with hundreds of staff and visitors passing through its doors every day, will soon be getting a well-earned facelift. Refurbishment work will proceed in phases, starting with the Salle des Pas Perdus, the concourse between the Council Chamber and the Main Auditorium. By the end of August, informal seating areas will be installed, electronic display panels will provide practical information and improved sound insulation will enhance conditions in the auditoria and surrounding meeting rooms.   In light green the area that will undergo the facelift. Work will start in July. The ground floor is home to the entrance to Restaurant No. 1, the bank, the post office, the travel agent, the Users Office, the Staff Association, the notice boards etc. Step up to the first floor to access CERN's largest lecture theatre, the Council Chamber and its "Pas Perdus" lobby. Everyone who works at or visits CERN i...

  6. Maine coast winds

    Avery, Richard


    The Maine Coast Winds Project was proposed for four possible turbine locations. Significant progress has been made at the prime location, with a lease-power purchase contract for ten years for the installation of turbine equipment having been obtained. Most of the site planning and permitting have been completed. It is expect that the turbine will be installed in early May. The other three locations are less suitable for the project, and new locations are being considered.

  7. Lodging Update: Portland, Maine

    Rachel J. Roginsky


    Full Text Available Each quarter, Pinnacle Advisory Group prepares an analysis of the New England lodging industry, which provides a regional summary and then focuses in depth on a particular market. These reviews look at recent and proposed supply changes, factors affecting demand and growth rates, and the effects of interactions between such supply and demand trends. In this issue, the authors summarize regional performance for 2012, offer projections for 2013, and spotlight the lodging market in Portland, Maine.

  8. Anterior Chamber Contamination at the Conclusion of Phacoemulsification

    Mohammad-Reza Soleimani


    Full Text Available

    PURPOSE: To evaluate anterior chamber aspirates at the conclusion of phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation (PE+IOL for bacterial and fungal contamination. METHODS: We prospectively evaluated 80 eyes of 80 patients undergoing routine PE+IOL by performing bacterial and fungal culture on aspirates obtained from the anterior chamber at the end of the surgery. RESULTS: Anterior chamber fluid aspirates were positive for bacteria in 5 eyes (6.33% with coagulase-negative staphylococcus being the most common organism (three eyes. No instance of positive fungus culture was observed. One of the culture-positive eyes developed postoperative uveitis which resolved during a week of treatment with topical corticosteroids and antibiotics.  None of the eyes developed endophthalmitis. CONCLUSION: In the current series, the rate of anterior chamber contamination by bacteria at the end of phacoemulsification was in the lower range reported by previous studies.  

  1. A Few Remarks About Formal Development of Secure Systems

    Jaeger, Eric; 10.1109/HASE.2008.49


    Formal methods provide remarkable tools allowing for high levels of confidence in the correctness of developments. Their use is therefore encouraged, when not required, for the development of systems in which safety or security is mandatory. But effectively specifying a secure system or deriving a secure implementation can be tricky. We propose a review of some classical `gotchas' and other possible sources of concerns with the objective to improve the confidence in formal developments, or at least to better assess the actual confidence level.

  2. Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity

    Athanasiadis, Georgios; Cheng, Jade Y; Vilhjálmsson, Bjarni J;


    polygenic predictions of phenotypic traits in adolescents. We observed remarkable homogeneity across different geographic regions, although we could still detect weak signals of genetic structure reflecting the history of the country. Denmark presented genomic affinity with primarily neighboring countries...... with overall resemblance of decreasing weight from Britain, Sweden, Norway, Germany and France. A Polish admixture signal was detected in Zealand and Funen and our date estimates coincided with historical evidence of Wend settlements in the south of Denmark. We also observed considerably diverse demographic...

  3. Escaping the flybottle: solipsism and method in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Remarks

    Jônadas Techio


    Full Text Available The paper supports a dialectical interpretation of Wittgenstein's method focusing on the analysis of the conditions of experience presented in his Philosophical Remarks. By means of a close reading of some key passages dealing with solipsism I will try to lay bare their self-subverting character: the fact that they amount to miniature dialectical exercises offering specific directions to pass from particular pieces of disguised nonsense to corresponding pieces of patent nonsense. Yet, in order to follow those directions one needs to allow oneself to become simultaneously tempted by and suspicious of their all-too-evident "metaphysical tone" - a tone which, as we shall see, is particularly manifest in those claims purporting to state what can or cannot be the case, and, still more particularly, those purporting to state what can or cannot be done in language or thought, thus leading to the view that there are some (determinate things which are ineffable or unthinkable. I conclude by suggesting that in writing those remarks Wittgenstein was still moved by an ethical project, which gets conspicuously displayed in these reiterations of his attempts to cure the readers (and himself from some of the temptations expressed by solipsism.

  4. Remarkable symmetries in the Milky Way disk's magnetic field

    Kronberg, Philipp P


    We report new, remarkably coherent patterns of Faraday rotation (RM) at $b \\lesssim 15 \\deg$ in the inner Galactic plane, using an expanded extragalactic source RM compilation of unprecedented average accuracy. The patterns, relevant to RM pathlengths toward the inner Galactic disk, clearly indicate a global disk magnetic field structure, with remarkable reflection symmetry in RM. Sharply defined RM($l$) features replicate with the opposite sign on opposite sides of the Galactic center, confirming the bi-symmetric magnetic field pattern {\\it inward} of the Sagittarius-Carina arm originally found by Simard-Normandin and Kronberg (1979). The prevailing magnetic field points to $l = 79 \\pm 2\\deg$, very close to the general spiral arm direction. Additional sharp RM sign reversals in $b$, just below the Galactic plane, are consistent with an A0 galactic dynamo configuration. At all ``outer'' longitudes, there are no large scale RM sign reversals either {\\it at} the Galactic plane or near to it. The outer Galactic ...

  5. Practical remarks on the heart rate and saturation measurement methodology

    Kowal, M.; Kubal, S.; Piotrowski, P.; Staniec, K.


    A surface reflection-based method for measuring heart rate and saturation has been introduced as one having a significant advantage over legacy methods in that it lends itself for use in special applications such as those where a person’s mobility is of prime importance (e.g. during a miner’s work) and excluding the use of traditional clips. Then, a complete ATmega1281-based microcontroller platform has been described for performing computational tasks of signal processing and wireless transmission. In the next section remarks have been provided regarding the basic signal processing rules beginning with raw voltage samples of converted optical signals, their acquisition, storage and smoothing. This chapter ends with practical remarks demonstrating an exponential dependence between the minimum measurable heart rate and the readout resolution at different sampling frequencies for different cases of averaging depth (in bits). The following section is devoted strictly to the heart rate and hemoglobin oxygenation (saturation) measurement with the use of the presented platform, referenced to measurements obtained with a stationary certified pulsoxymeter.

  6. Burden in the main caregiver

    Fabiola Yonte Huete


    Full Text Available Objectives: The main objective is to determine the degree of burden in the main caregivers of dependent patients, to analyse the profile of informal caregivers and dependent patients. Their claims and help received with caring, the influence of mental deteriorate and duration of care giving regarding the burden of caregivers.Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional observational study amongst 50 caregivers and dependents. We used descriptive statistics and correlational studies. Results: 86 % of caregivers were women, middle aged, son/daughter of the dependent, married, with basic studies, no work outside the home, the average time in the role of caregiver was 16,96 hours a day and 2,1 free hours a day. 64 % of them received family support and 68 % wish to receive economic aid. It was found that for 38 % of the caregivers there was no burden at all, 34 % of them had a minimum burden and 28 % a greater burden.Conclusion: There are some caregivers with moderate or great burden. Our caregiver wishes to receive economic help. Our research shows that the decrease of mental health and the years of evolution do not have a significant statistically influence on caregivers. It is necessary prioritize the interventions and its recipients, provide solutions for caregivers with a greater burden, trying to keep away “caregiver syndrome”.

  7. A Remark on Contact Hypersurfaces of a Complex Hyperbolic Space



    A differentiable manifold is said to be contact if it admits a linear functional f on the tangent bundle satisfying f∧ (df)n-1≠0.This remark obtain the following the classification:Let M be a complete connected contact hyper-surface of CH2(-4),then M is congruent to one of the following:(i) A tube of redius r>0 around a totally geodesic,totally real hyperbolic space form H2(-1);(ii)A tube of radius r>0 around a totally geodesic complex hyperbolic space form CH1(-4);(iii)A geodesic hypersphere of radius r>0,or(iv)A horosphere.

  8. Charles Hard Townes: Remarkable Scientist and Inspiring Teacher

    Goldsmith, P. F.


    Charles Townes is renowned for his work elucidating the structure of molecules through microwave spectroscopy and for his invention of the maser and the laser. He also had a lifelong interest in astronomy, and in the later portion of his remarkable and long career devoted himself to astronomical research, pioneering the study of molecules in interstellar space and the development of infrared spectroscopy, first from the ground and then from airborne facilities. His interest in high angular resolution, as well as high spectral resolution observations, led to development of the first infrared spatial interferometer employing coherent signal processing techniques. In this short review I will only touch on some of Townes' many scientific contributions, concentrating on astronomy, and will also give some personal thoughts about how he inspired students in their research, helping to make the "Townes Group" at the University of California, Berkeley, an ideal environment in which to start a career in research.

  9. Remarkable NO oxidation on single supported platinum atoms.

    Narula, Chaitanya K; Allard, Lawrence F; Stocks, G M; Moses-DeBusk, Melanie


    Our first-principles density functional theoretical modeling suggests that NO oxidation is feasible on fully oxidized single θ-Al2O3 supported platinum atoms via a modified Langmuir-Hinshelwood pathway. This is in contrast to the known decrease in NO oxidation activity of supported platinum with decreasing Pt particle size believed to be due to increased platinum oxidation. In order to validate our theoretical study, we evaluated single θ-Al2O3 supported platinum atoms and found them to exhibit remarkable NO oxidation activity. A comparison of turnover frequencies (TOF) of single supported Pt atoms with those of platinum particles for NO oxidation shows that single supported Pt atoms are as active as fully formed platinum particles. Thus, the overall picture of NO oxidation on supported Pt is that NO oxidation activity decreases with decreasing Pt particle size but accelerates when Pt is present only as single atoms.

  10. Characterization of remarkable floods in France, a transdisciplinary approach applied on generalized floods of January 1910

    Boudou, Martin; Lang, Michel; Vinet, Freddy; Coeur, Denis


    emphasize one flood typology or one flood dynamic (for example flash floods are often over-represented than slow dynamic floods in existing databases). Thus, the selected criteria have to introduce a general overview of flooding risk in France by integrating all typologies: storm surges, torrential floods, rising groundwater level and resulting to flood, etc. The methodology developed for the evaluation grid is inspired by several scientific works related to historical hydrology (Bradzil, 2006; Benito et al., 2004) or extreme floods classification (Kundzewics et al. 2013; Garnier E., 2005). The referenced information are mainly issued from investigations realized for the PFRA (archives, local data),from internet databases on flooding disasters, and from a complementary bibliography (some scientists such as Maurice Pardé a geographer who largely documented French floods during the 20th century). The proposed classification relies on three main axes. Each axis is associated to a set of criteria, each one related to a score (from 0.5 to 4 points), and pointing out a final remarkability score. • The flood intensity characterizing the flood's hazard level. It is composed of the submersion duration, important to valorize floods with slow dynamics as flooding from groundwater, the event peak discharge's return period, and the presence of factors increasing significantly the hazard level (dykes breaks, log jam, sediment transport…) • The flood severity focuses on economic damages, social and political repercussions, media coverage of the event, fatalities number or eventual flood warning failures. Analyzing the flood consequences is essential in order to evaluate the vulnerability of society at disaster date. • The spatial extension of the flood, which contributes complementary information to the two first axes. The evaluation grid was tested and applied on the sample of 176 remarkable events. Around twenty events (from 1856 to 2010) come out with a high remarkability rate

  11. Eudragit E100 as a drug carrier: the remarkable affinity of phosphate ester for dimethylamine.

    Guzmán, M L; Manzo, R H; Olivera, M E


    Therapeutic agents containing phosphate groups in their molecules have increasing therapeutic impact. The object of this study was to characterize the cationic polyelectrolyte Eudragit E100 (EuE100) as a carrier for drugs containing phosphate groups, using dexamethasone phosphate (DP) as a model. A series of EuE100-DP complexes was obtained by acid-base reaction in which DP neutralized 12.5-75% of the basic groups of EuE100. The solids obtained after solvent evaporation revealed by spectroscopic characterization the complete reaction between the components through the ionic interaction between the amine groups of EuE100 and the phosphate groups of DP. The reversibility of the counterion condensation, evaluated through the proton-withdrawing effect produced by the ionic exchange generated by titration with NaCl, showed a remarkable high affinity between EuE100 and DP. In line, drug delivery in bicompartimental Franz cells toward water as receptor medium was very slow (2% in 6 h). However, it was increased as water was replaced by NaCl solution, which upon diffusion generates ionic exchange. A sustained release of DP with noticeable zero order kinetics accounted for a remarkable high affinity, mainly due to the electrostatic attraction. The release rate remains constant regardless of the saline concentration of the media. Besides, the delivery control is maintained even in gastric simulated fluid, a property not informed previously for EuE100 complexes.

  12. Remarkable reduction of thermal conductivity in phosphorene phononic crystal.

    Xu, Wen; Zhang, Gang


    Phosphorene has received much attention due to its interesting physical and chemical properties, and its potential applications such as thermoelectricity. In thermoelectric applications, low thermal conductivity is essential for achieving a high figure of merit. In this work, we propose to reduce the thermal conductivity of phosphorene by adopting the phononic crystal structure, phosphorene nanomesh. With equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, we find that the thermal conductivity is remarkably reduced in the phononic crystal. Our analysis shows that the reduction is due to the depressed phonon group velocities induced by Brillouin zone folding, and the reduced phonon lifetimes in the phononic crystal. Interestingly, it is found that the anisotropy ratio of thermal conductivity could be tuned by the 'non-square' pores in the phononic crystal, as the phonon group velocities in the direction with larger projection of pores is more severely suppressed, leading to greater reduction of thermal conductivity in this direction. Our work provides deep insight into thermal transport in phononic crystals and proposes a new strategy to reduce the thermal conductivity of monolayer phosphorene.

  13. Shared Voyage: Learning and Unlearning from Remarkable Projects

    Laufer, Alexander; Post, Todd; Hoffman, Edward J.


    Shared Voyage is about four remarkable projects: the Advanced Composition Explorer (NASA), the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (U.S. Air Force), the Pathfinder Solar-Powered Airplane (NASA), and the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (U.S.Air Force). Each project is presented as a case study comprised of stories collected from key members of the project teams. The stories found in the book are included with the purpose of providing an effective learning source for project management, encouraging the unlearning of outdated project management concepts, and enhancing awareness of the contexts surrounding different projects. Significantly different from project concepts found in most project management literature, Shared Voyage highlights concepts like a will to win, a results-oriented focus, and collaboration through trust. All four project teams researched in this study applied similar concepts; however, they applied them differently, tailoring them to fit the context of their own particular projects. It is clear that the one best way approach which is still the prevailing paradigm in project management literature should be replaced by a new paradigm: Even though general project management principles exist, their successful application depends on the specifics of the situation.

  14. Carbon nanocages: a new support material for Pt catalyst with remarkably high durability.

    Wang, Xiao Xia; Tan, Zhe Hua; Zeng, Min; Wang, Jian Nong


    Low durability is the major challenge hindering the large-scale implementation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) technology, and corrosion of carbon support materials of current catalysts is the main cause. Here, we describe the finding of remarkably high durability with the use of a novel support material. This material is based on hollow carbon nanocages developed with a high degree of graphitization and concurrent nitrogen doping for oxidation resistance enhancement, uniform deposition of fine Pt particles, and strong Pt-support interaction. Accelerated degradation testing shows that such designed catalyst possesses a superior electrochemical activity and long-term stability for both hydrogen oxidation and oxygen reduction relative to industry benchmarks of current catalysts. Further testing under conditions of practical fuel cell operation reveals almost no degradation over long-term cycling. Such a catalyst of high activity, particularly, high durability, opens the door for the next-generation PEMFC for "real world" application.

  15. Remarkable increase in fluoroquinolone-resistant Mycoplasma genitalium in Japan.

    Kikuchi, Mina; Ito, Shin; Yasuda, Mitsuru; Tsuchiya, Tomohiro; Hatazaki, Kyoko; Takanashi, Masaki; Ezaki, Takayuki; Deguchi, Takashi


    We determined the prevalence of macrolide and fluoroquinolone resistance-associated mutations in Mycoplasma genitalium DNA specimens from men with non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) and analysed their effects on antibiotic treatments of M. genitalium infections. In this retrospective study, we examined antibiotic resistance-associated mutations in the 23S rRNA, gyrA and parC genes of M. genitalium and the association of the mutations with microbiological outcomes of antibiotic treatments in men with M. genitalium-positive NGU. No macrolide resistance-associated mutations in the 23S rRNA gene were observed in 27 M. genitalium DNA specimens in 2011 and in 24 in 2012. However, 5 of 17 in 2013 had 23S rRNA mutations. Three of 15 in 2011, 6 of 19 in 2012 and 8 of 17 in 2013 had fluoroquinolone resistance-associated alterations in ParC. Three in 2013 had both the antibiotic resistance-associated alterations coincidentally. In two men with M. genitalium harbouring 23S rRNA mutations, the mycoplasma persisted after treatment with a regimen of 2 g of extended-release azithromycin (AZM-SR) once daily for 1 day. All nine men with mycoplasma harbouring ParC alterations were microbiologically cured with a regimen of 100 mg of sitafloxacin twice daily for 7 days. Macrolide- or fluoroquinolone-resistant M. genitalium appears to be increasing, and the increase in fluoroquinolone-resistant mycoplasmas is especially remarkable in Japan. Mycoplasmas harbouring 23S rRNA mutations would be resistant to the AZM-SR regimen, but those harbouring ParC alterations would still be susceptible to the sitafloxacin regimen. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  16. Remarks on forensically interesting Microsoft XBox 360 console features

    Luttenberger, Silas; Kröger, Knut; Creutzburg, Reiner


    This paper deals with forensically interesting features of the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. The construction and the internal structure are analysed more precisely. One of the main aspects of the study is to analyse the used file system which was examined for forensic features. Possible difficulties that might be of importance to the forensic investigator are discussed.

  17. Remarks on the Rayleigh-Benard Convection on Spherical Shells

    Wang, Shouhong


    The main objective of this article is to study the effect of spherical geometry on dynamic transitions and pattern formation for the Rayleigh-Benard convection. The study is mainly motivated by the importance of spherical geometry and convection in geophysical flows. It is shown in particular that the system always undergoes a continuous (Type-I) transition to a $2l_c$-dimensional sphere $S^{2lc}$, where lc is the critical wave length corresponding to the critical Rayleigh number. Furthermore, it has shown in [12] that it is critical to add nonisotropic turbulent friction terms in the momentum equation to capture the large-scale atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns. We show in particular that the system with turbulent friction terms added undergoes the same type of dynamic transition, and obtain an explicit formula linking the critical wave number (pattern selection), the aspect ratio, and the ratio between the horizontal and vertical turbulent friction coefficients.


    Constantin MANEA


    The aim of the present paper is to briefly illustrate and assess the main uses of intensifiers and intensification in English and Romanian, trying to hint at the complexity of the phenomenon in the two languages, while sketchily suggesting ways to improve the teaching and learning activities in Romanian schools, as well as much of the activity of translators in this country. The authors’s illustrative treatment tackles the broader sphere of intensification, not only such intensifiers as very,...

  19. Contrastive Remarks on Aspect in English and Romanian

    Constantin MANEA


    Aspect is a rather knotty issue. It is rarely dealt with and minutely defined in most Romance languages, including Romanian. On the other hand, it is, in a number of ways, highly specific to the English language. In both English and Romanian there is a profound, though not always obvious, interrelation of Aspect and Tense. The overall picture of this grammatical category is complicated and often sprinkled with tricky, elusive particular issues. In Romanian, Aspect is mainly marked from a lexi...

  20. Remarks on the Regularity to 3-D Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Equations

    Quan Sen JIU; Cheng HE


    In this paper we are interested in the sufficient conditions which guarantee the regularity of solutions of 3-D ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations in the arbitrary time interval [0,T]. Five sufficient conditions are given. Our results are motivated by two main ideas: one is to control the accumulation of vorticity alone; the other is to generalize the corresponding geometric conditions of 3-D Euler equations to 3-D ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations.

  1. Remarks on transient photon production in heavy ion collisions

    Fraga, E S; Schiff, D


    In this note, we discuss the derivation of a formula that has been used in the literature in order to compute the number of photons emitted by a hot or dense system during a finite time. Our derivation is based on a variation of the standard operator-based $S$-matrix approach. The shortcomings of this formula are then emphasized, which leads to a negative conclusion concerning the possibility of using it to predict transient effects for the photon rate.

  2. Financial and tax steps and actions for renewable energies. Conclusions of the 2. juridical-technical meeting on renewable energies

    Gomez Camacho, C. [Escuela Superior de Ingenieros, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Belloso Perez, M.E. [Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Gracia Navarro, S. [Compania Sevillana de Electricidad, Sevilla (Spain)


    The purpose of the juridical technical meetings on renewable energies, organized on a yearly period basis, is the discussion at expert level of every fiscal and technological question on renewable energy together with the dissemination of the expert`s conclusions. The intention with such a debate is anticipating to the problems that a development of such energies might present in accordance with their implicit resources and technology which, if not resolved, might lead to situations of undefined aspects and to contradictions of a very negative consequence to their progress. During the days of 18 and 19 November 1993, the `1. Juridical technical meeting on renewable energies` was held organized by the Seville University with the collaboration of Compania Sevillana de Electricidad and the Association for the Energy Development in Andalusia (SODEAN). Among their most relevant contents to be remarked those related to the jurdical and finance aspects of renewable energies, which are discussed in detail. (orig./AKF)

  3. Remarks on antipredator behavior and food chain dynamics

    Rinaldi, S.; Gragnani, A.; de Monte, Silvia


    When consumers feeding on a resource spend time in avoiding high risks of predation, the predator functional response declines with predator density. While this is well established, less attention has been paid to the dependence of the consumer functional response on predator density. Here we show...... to predation. Thus, the main characteristics of the standard Rosenzweig-MacArthur tritrophic food chain (logistic resource and Holling type 11 consumer and predator) remain valid also when consumers have weak antipredator behavior. Moreover, through numerical analysis, we show that in a particular...

  4. Remarks on antipredator behavior and food chain dynamics

    Rinaldi, S.; Gragnani, A.; de Monte, Silvia


    how the separation of behavioral and ecological timescales allows one to determine both responses starting from an explicit behavioral model. Within the general set-up considered in this paper, the two functional responses can tend toward Holling type II responses when consumers react only weakly...... to predation. Thus, the main characteristics of the standard Rosenzweig-MacArthur tritrophic food chain (logistic resource and Holling type 11 consumer and predator) remain valid also when consumers have weak antipredator behavior. Moreover, through numerical analysis, we show that in a particular...

  5. Remarks on the Variety and Significance of Advanced Learning Technologies

    Vladan Devedzic


    Full Text Available This paper provides a reflective overview of the eight papers collected in this special issue of Educational, Technology and Society that is based on ICALT-2003. We provide a very brief description of the conference and then discuss the eight papers in the context of a focus on learning and a focus on systems. In the conclusion, we offer our thoughts on the notion of borderless research and development, the inseparability of the different aspects of learning and instruction, and likely trends and innovations.

  6. Lipidomics reveals a remarkable diversity of lipids in human plasma.

    Quehenberger, Oswald; Armando, Aaron M; Brown, Alex H; Milne, Stephen B; Myers, David S; Merrill, Alfred H; Bandyopadhyay, Sibali; Jones, Kristin N; Kelly, Samuel; Shaner, Rebecca L; Sullards, Cameron M; Wang, Elaine; Murphy, Robert C; Barkley, Robert M; Leiker, Thomas J; Raetz, Christian R H; Guan, Ziqiang; Laird, Gregory M; Six, David A; Russell, David W; McDonald, Jeffrey G; Subramaniam, Shankar; Fahy, Eoin; Dennis, Edward A


    The focus of the present study was to define the human plasma lipidome and to establish novel analytical methodologies to quantify the large spectrum of plasma lipids. Partial lipid analysis is now a regular part of every patient's blood test and physicians readily and regularly prescribe drugs that alter the levels of major plasma lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides. Plasma contains many thousands of distinct lipid molecular species that fall into six main categories including fatty acyls, glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, sterols, and prenols. The physiological contributions of these diverse lipids and how their levels change in response to therapy remain largely unknown. As a first step toward answering these questions, we provide herein an in-depth lipidomics analysis of a pooled human plasma obtained from healthy individuals after overnight fasting and with a gender balance and an ethnic distribution that is representative of the US population. In total, we quantitatively assessed the levels of over 500 distinct molecular species distributed among the main lipid categories. As more information is obtained regarding the roles of individual lipids in health and disease, it seems likely that future blood tests will include an ever increasing number of these lipid molecules.

  7. Maine Agricultural Foods. Project SEED.

    Beaulieu, Peter; Ossenfort, Pat

    This paper describes an activity-based program that teaches students in grades 4-12 about the importance of Maine agriculture in their lives. Specifically, the goal is to increase student awareness of how the foods they eat are planted, harvested, and processed. The emphasis is on crops grown in Maine such as potatoes, broccoli, peas, blueberries,…

  8. The American Eider in Maine

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The American eider, Maine's only breeding sea duck, is known to have nested on 215 coastal islands of the State in 1976. In Maine, eiders seem to prefer to nest on...

  9. Main Propulsion Test Article (MPTA)

    Snoddy, Cynthia


    Scope: The Main Propulsion Test Article integrated the main propulsion subsystem with the clustered Space Shuttle Main Engines, the External Tank and associated GSE. The test program consisted of cryogenic tanking tests and short- and long duration static firings including gimbaling and throttling. The test program was conducted on the S1-C test stand (Position B-2) at the National Space Technology Laboratories (NSTL)/Stennis Space Center. 3 tanking tests and 20 hot fire tests conducted between December 21 1 1977 and December 17, 1980 Configuration: The main propulsion test article consisted of the three space shuttle main engines, flightweight external tank, flightweight aft fuselage, interface section and a boilerplate mid/fwd fuselage truss structure.

  10. A remarkable recurrent nova in M31 - The optical observations

    Darnley, M J; Bode, M F; Henze, M; Ness, J -U; Shafter, A W; Hornoch, K; Votruba, V


    Context. In late November 2013 a fourth outburst in five years of the M31 recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a was announced. Aims. In this Letter we address the optical lightcurve and progenitor system of M31N 2008-12a. Methods. Optical imaging data of the 2013 outburst from the Liverpool Telescope, La Palma, and Danish 1.54m Telescope, La Silla, and archival Hubble Space Telescope near-IR, optical and near-UV data are astrometrically and photometrically analysed. Results. Photometry of the 2013 outburst, combined with the previous three, enabled construction of a template lightcurve of a very fast nova (t2 (V) ~4 days). The archival data allowed recovery of the progenitor system in optical and near-UV data, indicating a red-giant secondary with bright accretion disk, or alternatively a system with a sub-giant secondary but dominated by a disk. Conclusions. The outbursts of M31N 2008-12a, plus a number of historic X-ray detections, indicate a unique system with a recurrence timescale of ~1 year. This implies the pre...

  11. Remarkable Hematological Laboratory Findings in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome

    Selçuk Sayılır


    Full Text Available Objective: In our study, we examined the role of mean platelet volume (MPV and red blood cell distribution width (RDW values with certain laboratory findings in Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS. This study is the first study which evaluates the relationship between MPV and RDW values in FMS patients. Materials and Methods: The study consisted of two groups; study group (n=36; FMS patients and control group (n=36. Patients not having hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia or diabetes, chronic inflammatory disease, history of thrombotic disease or not receiving anticoagulant agents, and as well as patients having body mass index of <30 kg/m2 were included in the study. Data were examined via computer-based software programs, retrospectively. Results: The study population consisted of 36 female FMS patients and 36 female control individuals. The mean ages of the patients in FMS and control groups were 44.6 years 42.5 years, respectively. There were not significant statistical differences between the groups in terms of hemoglobin levels, hematocrit levels, mean erythrocyte volume, platelet count, and RDW and MPV values. On the other hand, the RDW values were found to be statistically significant between the groups. Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that MPV levels were not significantly higher between the groups; however, statistically significant values of RDW might be considered in clinical practice.

  12. Remarkable Hydrogen Storage on Beryllium Oxide Clusters: First Principles Calculations

    Shinde, Ravindra


    Since the current transportation sector is the largest consumer of oil, and subsequently responsible for major air pollutants, it is inevitable to use alternative renewable sources of energies for vehicular applications. The hydrogen energy seems to be a promising candidate. To explore the possibility of achieving a solid-state high-capacity storage of hydrogen for onboard applications, we have performed first principles density functional theoretical calculations of hydrogen storage properties of beryllium oxide clusters (BeO)$_{n}$ (n=2 -- 8). We observed that polar BeO bond is responsible for H$_{2}$ adsorption. The problem of cohesion of beryllium atoms does not arise, as they are an integral part of BeO clusters. The (BeO)$_{n}$ (n=2 -- 8) adsorbs 8--12 H$_{2}$ molecules with an adsorption energy in the desirable range of reversible hydrogen storage. The gravimetric density of H$_{2}$ adsorbed on BeO clusters meets the ultimate 7.5 wt% limit, recommended for onboard practical applications. In conclusion,...

  13. Conclusions from the Mexican National Nutrition Survey 1999: translating results into nutrition policy

    Rivera Juan A


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: This article presents and overview of the main results and conclusions from the Mexican National Nutrition Survey 1999 (NNS-1999 and the principal nutrition policy implications of the findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The NNS-1999 was conducted on a national probabilistic sample of almost 18 000 households, representative of the national, regional, as well as urban and rural levels in Mexico. Subjects included were children <12 years and women 12-49 years. Anthropometry, blood specimens, diet and socioeconomic information of the family were collected. RESULTS: The principal public nutrition problems are stunting in children < 5 years of age; anemia, iron and zinc deficiency, and low serum vitamin C concentrations at all ages; and vitamin A deficiency in children. Undernutrition (stunting and micronutrient deficiencies was generally more prevalent in the lower socioeconomic groups, in rural areas, in the south and in Indigenous population. Overweight and obesity are serious public health problems in women and are already a concern in school-age children. CONCLUSIONS: A number of programs aimed at preventing undernutrition are currently in progress; several of them were designed or modified as a result of the NNS-1999 findings. Most of them have an evaluation component that will inform adjustments or modifications of their design and implementation. However, little is being done for the prevention and control of overweight and obesity and there is limited experience on effective interventions. The design and evaluation of prevention strategies for controlling obesity in the population, based on existing evidence, is urgently needed and success stories should be brought to scale quickly to maximize impact.

  14. Macroporous bioceramics: a remarkable material for bone regeneration.

    Lew, Kien-Seng; Othman, Radzali; Ishikawa, Kunio; Yeoh, Fei-Yee


    This review summarises the major developments of macroporous bioceramics used mainly for repairing bone defects. Porous bioceramics have been receiving attention ever since their larger surface area was reported to be beneficial for the formation of more rigid bonds with host tissues. The study of porous bioceramics is important to overcome the less favourable bonds formed between dense bioceramics and host tissues, especially in healing bone defects. Macroporous bioceramics, which have been studied extensively, include hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, alumina, and zirconia. The pore size and interconnections both have significant effects on the growth rate of bone tissues. The optimum pore size of hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone growth was found to be 300 µm. The existence of interconnections between pores is critical during the initial stage of tissue ingrowth on porous hydroxyapatite scaffolds. Furthermore, pore formation on β-tricalcium phosphate scaffolds also allowed the impregnation of growth factors and cells to improve bone tissues growth significantly. The formation of vascularised tissues was observed on macroporous alumina but did not take place in the case of dense alumina due to its bioinert nature. A macroporous alumina coating on scaffolds was able to improve the overall mechanical properties, and it enabled the impregnation of bioactive materials that could increase the bone growth rate. Despite the bioinertness of zirconia, porous zirconia was useful in designing scaffolds with superior mechanical properties after being coated with bioactive materials. The pores in zirconia were believed to improve the bone growth on the coated system. In summary, although the formation of pores in bioceramics may adversely affect mechanical properties, the advantages provided by the pores are crucial in repairing bone defects.

  15. The remarkable Red Rectangle: A Stairway to Heaven?


    responsible for the striking red colour of the Rectangle is not yet clear, but it is likely that they are some kind of hydrocarbon formed in the cool outflows from the central star. Another remarkable feature of the Red Rectangle, visible only with the superb resolution of the Hubble telescope, is the dark band passing across the central star. This is the shadow of a dense disc of dust that surrounds the star and obscures it from direct view. The light we see streams out along the axis of the disc, and is scattered towards us by dust particles. Astronomers have found that the central star is actually a close pair of stars orbiting each other with a period of about 10.5 months. Interactions between these stars have probably caused the ejection of the thick dust disc that obscures our view of the binary. The disc then funnels subsequent dust and gas outflows out along its axis, forming the bizarre bi-conical structure we see as the rung of the Red Rectangle. The reasons for these fresh periodic ejections of more gas and dust remain unknown. The Red Rectangle was first discovered during a rocket flight in the early 1970s, in which astronomers were searching for strong sources of infrared radiation. This infrared source lies about 2300 light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Monoceros. Stars surrounded by clouds of dust are often strong infrared sources because the dust is heated by the starlight and then re-radiates long-wavelength red light. Studies of HD 44179 with ground-based telescopes revealed a rectangular shape in the dust surrounding the star at the centre, leading to the name 'Red Rectangle', coined in 1973 by astronomers Martin Cohen and Mike Merrill. This image was made from observations taken on 17-18 March 1999 with Hubble’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.

  16. New porcine test-model reveals remarkable differences between algorithms for spectrophotometrical haemoglobin saturation measurements with VLS

    Gade, John; Greisen, Gorm


    The study created an 'ex vivo' model to test different algorithms for measurements of mucosal haemoglobin saturation with visible light spectrophotometry (VLS). The model allowed comparison between algorithms, but it also allowed comparison with co-oximetry using a 'gold standard' method. This has......  -32.8 to  +29.9 percentage points and from  -5.0 to  +9.2 percentage points, respectively. CONCLUSION: the algorithms showed remarkable in-between differences when tested on raw-spectra from an 'ex vivo' model. All algorithms had bias, more marked at high oxygenation than low oxygenation. Three...

  17. Reply to ``Remarks on the simulation of Cl electrosorption on Ag(100) reported in Electrochimica Acta 50 (2005) 5518"

    Rikvold, P A; Hamad, I A; Mitchell, S J; Brown, G; Wandlowski, Th.


    We reply to remarks by Lang and Horanyi on the meaning of the notion of "electrosorption valency" used in I. Abou Hamad et al., Electrochim. Acta 50 (2005) 5518. It is concluded that, contrary to the assertion of Lang and Horanyi, the magnitude of the current in the external circuit upon adsorption of an ion of charge ze with partial charge transfer is indeed given by an electrosorption valency gamma such that |gamma e| < |ze|. We believe the conclusion of Lang and Horanyi to the contrary is the result of an excessively severe charge-neutrality requirement.

  18. Development integration via real and technological convergence. Experience of Poland and conclusions for Ukraine

    Michał G. Woźniak


    Full Text Available The paper summarizes main achievements, losses and gains during the first decade of Poland's membership in the EU, while also aiming at development of suggestions for the Polish economic policy in the years to come, as well as draws conclusions for Ukraine, which has now elected the strategy of international economic cooperation. The first part of the paper presents an empirical analysis of Poland's both real and technological convergence with the developed EU countries. These data show that since 1994, as the process of Poland integration with the EU commenced, our country significantly reduced the income and technology gap as compared to the EU. During the financial crisis, Poland 'felt' better than most European countries. In the second part of the paper we attempt to answer the question as to the current conditions of Polish economy development. It is demonstrated that Poland's economic success was due to multiple factors such as endogenous and exogenous, historical and those derived from present events. However, it can be assumed that integration with the EU has been an important positive factor in development of Poland during recent 20 years. Great importance was also vested in the implementation of economic reforms in Poland as well as in policy of the government, although not faultless. The last section of the paper identifies problems now faced by the EU and individual member states, including Poland as regards future years till 2020

  19. A fine-grained analysis of the jumping-to-conclusions bias in schizophrenia

    Steffen Moritz


    Full Text Available Impaired decision behavior has been repeatedly observed in schizophrenia patients. We investigated several cognitive mechanisms that might contribute to the jumping-to-conclusions bias (JTC seen in schizophrenia patients: biases in information-gathering, information weighting and integration, and overconfidence, using the process tracing paradigm Mouselab. Mouselab allows for an in-depth exploration of various decision-making processes in a structured information environment. A total of 37 schizophrenia patients and 30 healthy controls participated in the experiment. Although showing less focused and systematic information search, schizophrenia patients practically considered all pieces of information and showed no JTC in the sense of collecting less pieces of evidence. Choices of patients and controls both approximated a rational solution quite well, but patients showed more extreme confidence ratings. Both groups mainly used weighted additive decision strategies for information integration and only a small proportion relied on simple heuristics. Under high stress induced by affective valence plus time pressure, however, schizophrenia patients switched to equal weighting strategies: less valid cues and more valid ones were weighted equally.

  20. Gulf of Maine intermediate water

    Hopkins, T.S. (Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY); Garfield, N. III


    The thermohaline dynamics of the Gulf of Maine are analyzed from the two year, eight cruise, data set of Colton, Marak, Nickerson, and Stoddard (1968). Six water masses are described: the Maine Surface Water, Maine Intermediate Water, and the Maine Bottom Water as interior water masses; and the Scotian Shelf Water, the Slope Water, and the Georges Bank Water as exterior water masses. Particular attention is given to the formation and disposition of the Maine Intermediate Water. Salt balance, T-S volume, and T-S drift analyses are used to provide transport and mixing estimates for the year 1966. The Slope Water entered at depth through the Northeast Channel at a rate of 2600 km/sup 3//yr; while the Scotian Shelf Water entered the surface and intermediate layers, mostly during winter intrusions, at a rate of 5200 km/sup 3//yr. The surface and intermediate layers exported a total of 7900 km/sup 3//yr in a 3:5 ratio, respectively. The Maine Intermediate Water tends to collect over the Wilkinson Basin during the stratified season, to exit via the Great South Channel during early spring, and to exit via the Northeast Channel during spring and summer. Comparisons are made between the estimated winter heat loss of 280 Ly/d and the observed heat losses of 230 Ly/d (surface layers) and 360 Ly/d (surface and intermediate layers). A limit for the Scotian Shelf Water contribution is about -70 Ly/d. It is concluded that the Maine Intermediate Water is produced locally and that it is exported in significant quantities.

  1. Non-main Stream Plays Main Role in Shipbuilding Market

    Qin Ping


    @@ Comparing with both the major shipyards and shipping companies that were facing an market decline and hard time,the non-mainstream ship types,non-mainstream ship manufacturers and non-mainstream ship owners,as main roles,made a wonderful show of living and developing in 2009.

  2. The theory of the rise of sap in trees: some historical and conceptual remarks

    Brown, Harvey R


    The ability of trees to suck water from roots to leaves, sometimes to heights of over a hundred meters, is remarkable given the absence of any mechanical pump. This study deals with a number of issues, of both an historical and conceptual nature, in the orthodox Cohesion Tension theory of the ascent of sap in trees. The theory relies chiefly on the exceptional cohesive and adhesive properties of water, the structural properties of trees, and the role of evaporation (transpiration) from leaves. But it is not the whole story. Plant scientists have been aware since the inception of the theory in the late 19th century that further processes are at work in order to prime the trees, the main such process (growth itself) being so obvious to them that it is often omitted from the story. Other factors depend largely on the type of tree, and are not always fully understood. For physicists, in particular, it may be helpful to see the fuller picture, which is what this study attempts to provide in nontechnical terms.

  3. Cold-rolled complex-phase steels: AHSS material with remarkable properties

    Hebesberger, T.; Pichler, A.; Walch, C.; Blaimschein, M. [voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz (Austria); Spiradek-Hahn, K. [ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH (Austria)


    The reduction of the body-in-white weight, in combination with stiffness and crash safety improvements is of fundamental interest in the automotive industry. Therefore, several Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) grades have been developed in the last several years, whereby the main focus was laid on dual-phase (DP) and TRIP steels. Recently, a new high strength steel grade - complex-phase (CP) steels - is gaining more and more interest. In contrast to DP grades of similar strength level, CP grades have a significantly higher yield strength and thus a higher yield ratio. Although, CP grades reach lower elongation values in the tensile test, they show an excellent bendability and stretch-flangeability. Due to this remarkable balance between strength, bendability and stretch-flangeability, complex-phase steels are potential candidates for roll-formed parts and parts where sharp radii and/or a good formability of punched edges are required. Therefore, the microstructure, the processing, and the formability of CP grades are discussed in detail in this work. (orig.)

  4. Remarkable improvement of methylglyoxal synthase thermostability by His-His interaction.

    Mohammadi, Malihe; Kashi, Mona Atabakhshi; Zareian, Shekufeh; Mirshahi, Manoochehr; Khajeh, Khosro


    Lately it has been proposed that interaction between two positively charged side chains can stabilize the folded state of proteins. To further explore this point, we studied the effect of histidine-histidine interactions on thermostability of methylglyoxal synthase from Thermus sp. GH5 (TMGS). The crystal structure of TMGS revealed that His23, Arg22, and Phe19 are in close distance and form a surface loop. Here, two modified enzymes were produced by site-directed mutagenesis (SDM); one of them, one histidine (TMGS-HH(O)), and another two histidines (TMGS-HHH(O)) were inserted between Arg22 and His23 (H(O)). In comparison with the wild type, TMGS-HH(O) thermostability increased remarkably, whereas TMGS-HHH(O) was very unstable. To explore the role of His23 in the observed phenomenon, the original His23 in TMGS-HHH(O) was replaced with Ala (TMGS-HHA). Our data showed that the half-life of TMGS-HHA decreased in relation to the wild type. However, its half-life increased in comparison with TMGS-HHH(O). These results demonstrated that histidine-histidine interactions at position 23 in TMGS-HH(O) probably have the main role in TMGS thermostability.

  5. Campylobacter jejuni sequence types show remarkable spatial and temporal stability in Blackbirds

    Petra Griekspoor


    Full Text Available Background: The zoonotic bacterium Campylobacter jejuni has a broad host range but is especially associated with birds, both domestic and wild. Earlier studies have indicated thrushes of the genus Turdus in Europe to be frequently colonized with C. jejuni, and predominately with host-associated specific genotypes. The European Blackbird Turdus merula has a large distribution in Europe, including some oceanic islands, and was also introduced to Australia by European immigrants in the 1850s. Methods: The host specificity and temporal stability of European Blackbird C. jejuni was investigated with multilocus sequence typing in a set of isolates collected from Sweden, Australia, and The Azores. Results: Remarkably, we found that the Swedish, Australian, and Azorean isolates were genetically highly similar, despite extensive spatial and temporal isolation. This indicates adaptation, exquisite specificity, and stability in time for European Blackbirds, which is in sharp contrast with the high levels of recombination and mutation found in poultry-related C. jejuni genotypes. Conclusion: The maintenance of host-specific signals in spatially and temporally separated C. jejuni populations suggests the existence of strong purifying selection for this bacterium in European Blackbirds.

  6. Gamma-Ray Attenuation Measurements as a Laboratory Experiment: Some Remarks

    Adamides, E.; Koutroubas, S. K.; Moshonas, N.; Yiasemides, K.


    In this article we make some significant remarks on the experimental study of the absorption of gamma radiation passing through matter. These remarks have to do with the seemingly unexpected trend of the measured intensity of radiation versus the thickness of the absorber, which puzzles students and its explanation eludes many laboratory…

  7. WE-AB-213-05: Closing Remarks

    Pipman, Y.


    physicist, whose degree of involvement is determined by the complexity of the radiological procedures and the associated radiation risks”. Details on how these requirements can be carried out in resource-limited settings will be described. IAEA support to medical physics in Africa and Latin America: achievements and challenges Ahmed Meghzifene (IAEA) Shortage of clinically qualified medical physicists in radiotherapy and imaging, insufficient and inadequate education and training programs, as well as a lack of professional recognition were identified as the main issues to be addressed by the IAEA. The IAEA developed a series of integrated projects aiming specifically at promoting the essential role of medical physicists in health care, developing harmonized guidelines on dosimetry and quality assurance, and supporting education and clinical training programs. The unique feature of the IAEA approach is support it provides for implementation of guidelines and education programs in Member States through its technical cooperation project. The presentation will summarize IAEA support to Latin America and Africa in the field of medical physics and will highlight how the new International Basic Safety Standards are expected to impact the medical physics practice in low and middle income countries. Learning Objectives: Learn about the shortage of qualified Medical Physicists in Africa and Latin America. Understand the reasons of this shortage. Learn about the ways to improve the situation and AAPM role in this process.

  8. Architectural Portfolio 2001: Main Winners.

    American School & University, 2001


    Presents descriptions and photographs of the following two American School and University Architectural Portfolio main winners for 2001: Chesterton, Indiana's Chesterton High School and Lied Library at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Included are each project's vital statistics, the architectural firm involved, and a list of designers.(GR)

  9. The four main LHC experiments

    AC Team


    This diagram shows the locations of the four main experiments (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb) that will take place at the LHC. Located between 50 m and 150 m underground, huge caverns have been excavated to house the giant detectors. The SPS, the final link in the pre-acceleration chain, and its connection tunnels to the LHC are also shown.

  10. A remarkably stable TipE gene cluster: evolution of insect Para sodium channel auxiliary subunits

    Li Jia


    -specific characteristics. Conclusions TipE-like genes form a remarkably conserved genomic cluster across all examined insect genomes. This study reveals likely structural and functional constraints on the genomic evolution of insect TipE gene family members maintained in synteny over hundreds of millions of years of evolution. The likely common origin of these NaV channel regulators with BKCa auxiliary subunits highlights the evolutionary plasticity of ion channel regulatory mechanisms.

  11. The BMB/ICES sea-going workshop "Fish diseases and parasites in the Baltic sea" - introduction and conclusions

    Lang, T.; Mellergaard, Stig


    General information on the rationale and objectives of the BMB/ICES Sea-going Workshop "Fish Diseases and Parasites in the Baltic Sea" (25 November to 8 December 1994), as well as cruise and methodological information, is presented as an introduction to a set of right contributions that describe...... the different studies carried out. Some main conclusions in relation to the objectives and results are highlighted. (C) 1999 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea....


    D. B. Smirnov


    Full Text Available Article tasks: defi ne main approaches to business development strategy formation. Methodology: methodological basis includes systemic, replication and dialectic general scientifi c approaches. Results: it is established that the activity approach as a leading methodology of strategy development assumes correlation between the activity category and the concepts: needs, interests, incentives, goals, refl ection (evaluation, and self-development. Systemic approach assumes to consider strategy as a system having a defi nite structure and interconnections within the system components. Conclusions/relevance: for Russian businesses the main goal in the management system is not a prompt response to current environmental changes, but formation of a strategic vision of the business’ future, elaboration of a fl exible and viable development strategy, to foresee tactical and strategic threats for the business activity, to remove them timely, as well as to use strategic management ideas in practice for sustainable growth.

  13. Cost optimizing of large-scale offshore wind farms. Summary and conclusion. Final report



    The project comprises investigation of the technical and economical possibilities of large-scale offshore wind farms at 3 locations in the eastern Danish waters: Roedsand and Gedser Rev located south of the islands of Falster and Lolland and Omoe Staagrunde located south-west of the island of Zealand plus experiences obtained from British and German offshore wind energy projects. The project included wind and wave measurements at the above 3 locations, data collection, data processing, meteorological analysis, modelling of wind turbine structure, studies of grid connection, design and optimisation of foundations plus estimates of investments and operation and maintenance costs. All costs are in ECU on 1997 basis. The main conclusion of the project financed by the European Commission is: Areas are available for large scale offshore wind farms in the Danish waters; A large wind potential is found on the sites; Park layouts of projects consisting of around 100 wind turbines each has been developed; Design of the foundations has been optimised radically compared to previous designs; A large potential for optimising of the wind turbine design and operation has been found; Grid connection of the first proposed large wind farms is possible with only minor reinforcement of the transmission system; The visual impact is not prohibitive for the projects; A production cost of 4-5 ECUcent/kWh is competitive with current onshore projects. All in all, the results from this project have proven to be very useful for the further development of large-scale wind farms in the Danish waters, and thereby an inspiration for similar projects in other (European) countries. (LN)

  14. Rapid diagnostic tests duo as alternative to conventional serological assays for conclusive Chagas disease diagnosis.

    Egüez, Karina E; Alonso-Padilla, Julio; Terán, Carolina; Chipana, Zenobia; García, Wilson; Torrico, Faustino; Gascon, Joaquim; Lozano-Beltran, Daniel-Franz; Pinazo, María-Jesús


    Chagas disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. It affects several million people, mainly in Latin America, and severe cardiac and/or digestive complications occur in ~30% of the chronically infected patients. Disease acute stage is mostly asymptomatic and infection goes undiagnosed. In the chronic phase direct parasite detection is hampered due to its concealed presence and diagnosis is achieved by serological methods, like ELISA or indirect hemagglutination assays. Agreement in at least two tests must be obtained due to parasite wide antigenic variability. These techniques require equipped labs and trained personnel and are not available in distant regions. As a result, many infected people often remain undiagnosed until it is too late, as the two available chemotherapies show diminished efficacy in the advanced chronic stage. Easy-to-use rapid diagnostic tests have been developed to be implemented in remote areas as an alternative to conventional tests. They do not need electricity, nor cold chain, they can return results within an hour and some even work with whole blood as sample, like Chagas Stat-Pak (ChemBio Inc.) and Chagas Detect Plus (InBIOS Inc.). Nonetheless, in order to qualify a rapidly diagnosed positive patient for treatment, conventional serological confirmation is obligatory, which might risk its start. In this study two rapid tests based on distinct antigen sets were used in parallel as a way to obtain a fast and conclusive Chagas disease diagnosis using whole blood samples. Chagas Stat-Pak and Chagas Detect Plus were validated by comparison with three conventional tests yielding 100% sensitivity and 99.3% specificity over 342 patients seeking Chagas disease diagnosis in a reference centre in Sucre (Bolivia). Combined used of RDTs in distant regions could substitute laborious conventional serology, allowing immediate treatment and favouring better adhesion to it.

  15. Musculoskeletal disorders in main battle tank personnel

    Nissen, Lars Ravnborg; Guldager, Bernadette; Gyntelberg, Finn


    PURPOSE: To compare the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders of personnel in the main battle tank (MBT) units in the Danish army with those of personnel in other types of army units, and to investigate associations between job function in the tank, military rank, and musculoskeletal problems......, and ankle. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: There were only 4 women in the MBT group; as a consequence, female personnel were excluded from the study. The participation rate was 58.0% (n = 184) in the MBT group and 56.3% (n = 333) in the reference group. The pattern of musculoskeletal disorders among personnel...

  16. Essays on the history of brazilian dipterology: III. Three remarkable notices from the 18th century, mainly related to myiasis-producing flies (Cochliomyia and Dermatobia

    Nelson Papavero


    Full Text Available This paper registers reports about dipterans made by three Portuguese who lived in Brazil during the 18th century. Luiz Gomes Ferreira, in his book "Erário mineral" ["Mineral revenue"], wrote curious passages related with myiasis-causing flies of the genus Cochliomyia. José Rodrigues de Mello registered, in Latin verses, the folklore for curing myiases caused by Cochliomyia hominivorax in cattle. Luiz dos Santos Vilhena, in the last of his twenty letters dealing with several aspects of life in Brazil, made reference to horseflies, human bot flies and mosquitos.

  17. Conclusions of the commission: property transfer of natural gas transport networks; Conclusions de la commission: transfert de propriete des reseaux de transport de gaz naturel



    This document deals with the evolution of the avoidance of the natural gas transport allowances and their transfers modalities. The first part recalls the juridical, technical and economical situation and the european context taking into account by the commission in this project. The commission choices of the evaluation methods are then presented. The evaluations and the conclusions of the commission are presented in the last part. (A.L.B.)


    Tatiana Goryacheva


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the etymological research of five East.-Slav. dialectal words: баланцы, воронéць, забуглáть, щáя и малофéйки, regarding all the scope of their phonetic and semantic variants. The word баланцы was analyzed in the meanings ‘chatter’ and ‘small icicles’. In the former meaning it is either onomatopoetic word, or it could be deduced from protoslav. *bal- ‘speak’; the latter one is, probably, derivative from the former, which could be confirmed with the typological data. Ukr. воронéць in the meaning ‘drink produced with vodka or horilka’ is motivated by the horse colour. Despite the drinks, the paper observes some features of herbs and plants, described by means of other horse-suit words. Rus. dial. забуглáть, meaning ‘cover with snow flakes’ is attributed to the root *bug- < i.-e. *bheug(h-/*bhoug(h ‘bend, bow’, ‘oppress, bring to ruin’, known with its semantic capacity. Ukr. слово щáя ‘time before dawn’ is connected with the verb щавити ‘press, oppress’. The meaning of Russ. dial. малофéйки ‘waves, ripple on a water surface’ is deduced from the Russ. slang малафья ‘cum, wet dreem’, descending from the Greek μαλακία. 

  19. Concluding Remarks

    in Kigali earlier this year, and the resulting journal issue dedicated to nursing and midwifery, are the first steps towards ... a leader in clinical care, research, and education. ... importance of measuring outcomes to improve future practice.

  20. Concluding remarks

    Kuiper, H.A.; König, A.; Kleter, G.A.; Hammes, W.P.; Knudsen, I.


    The most important results from the EU-sponsored ENTRANSFOOD Thematic Network project are reviewed, including the design of a detailed step-wise procedure for the risk assessment of foods derived from genetically modified crops based on the latest scientific developments, evaluation of topical risk

  1. Concluding remarks.

    Hafez, E S


    Focus in this discussion of IUDs is on types of IUD, fitting and insertion of IUDs, IUD management, physiology of IUDs, IUD pathology and management, and future development of IUDs. Several clinical trials are now underway in the effort to develop an IUD which will be able to lower the rate of pregnancies, expulsions, pain, bleeding, infections and other complications associated with IUD use. The use of proper techniques for insertion and placement of IUDs reduces the risk of uterine perforation, expulsion, pregnancy menstrual bleeding, pain and pelvic inflammatory disease. The device should be placed as high as possible in the endometrial cavity without perforating the uterine wall. In the absence of contraindications, IUDs can be used in adolescent females. The correct model should be selected and adapted individually to the sometimes underdeveloped uterine cavity. Side effects and complications of IUDs include uterine pain, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, expulsions, perforations, pelvic inflammatory disease, accidental intrauterine pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy. Novel approaches for future IUD improvement include medicated IUDs, medicated IUDs with compounds to reduce bleeding, IUDs designed to reduce expulsion after early postpartum and postabortion insertion, improved fit of IUD size and configuration to a given uterus, better insertion techniques and instrumentation, and application of biodegradables and polymeric delivery system.

  2. Opening Remarks


    @@To the respected Dr. Alex Malaspina, President of ILSI;Prof. Chen Chunming, principle organizer of the conference; distinguished guests and participants; ladies and gentlemen, welcome.   It is my great pleasure to address the Third Asian Conference on Food Safety and Nutrition on behalf of the Ministry of Health, the People's Republic of China. I would like to extend my sincere welcome to participants from Asia as well as participants from other continents.

  3. Concluding remarks

    Lerayer, Alda


    International audience; The focus of this Symposium was on bifidobacteria and propionibacteria for dairy and probiotic applications.Both genera have many similarities: being phylogenetically closely grouped within the Actinobacteria, they are high G+C branch Gram-positive bacteria, and share several physiological properties, despite having different industrial applications. It was highlighted in this Symposium that, from the point of view of consumers, consumer organizations, and government a...

  4. Introductory remarks

    Kiefer, Friedemann; Schulte-Merker, Stefan


    This introductory section briefly highlights the subsequent chapters in the context of recent findings and open questions in lymphatic vessel biology. It aims to provide a quick overview and orientation in the contents of this monograph collection.

  5. Zoogeographical remarks



    Much has been said of the geographical relations and the origin of the West Indian fauna, especially as to that of its vertebrates and mollusks. Mostly the islands off the Venezuelan coast, for the greater part within sight of the South American continent, remained out of question, although obvious

  6. Concluding remarks

    Bjørnholm, S.


    Viewing cluster science as the embryology of the full-grown forms of matter we encounter in our surroundings, makes it appear to a relative newcomer as a highly dynamic discipline. Lines of attack showing marked progress or potential promise are briefly reviewed, and a sketch of the vast field of still-open problems is presented.

  7. Concluding remarks

    Bjoernholm, S. (Niels Bohr Inst., Copenhagen (Denmark))


    Viewing cluster science as the embryology of the full-grown forms of matter we encounter in our surroundings, makes it appear to a relative newcomer as a highly dynamic discipline. Lines of attack showing marked progress or potential promise are briefly reviewed, and a sketch of the vast field of still-open problems is presented. (orig.).

  8. Concluding Remarks

    Bonnet, Roger M.


    Let me first express my warmest acknowledgements to Cesare Barbieri for having taken the initiative of convening this symposium. These two days offered a unique opportunity to celebrate the scientific achievements and the legacy of Galileo Galilei. It allowed not only celebrating the scientist but also the philosopher and the human being. It was a fantastic journey in the past, present and future exploration of our universe and a fantastic retrospection into the Renaissance world which no better city than Padova would be able to offer. During these two days we could listen to a well balanced and well prepared set of excellent papers and presentations. All participants should be congratulated for their very active interactions during the discussions in the aula and also during coffee and lunch breaks.

  9. Introductory Remarks

    Killian, James


    Honored guest, ladies and gentlemen. We at M.I.T. rejoice that so many of you from near and far are with us these two days in honoring our cherished colleague, Victor Weisskopf. I say Victor but that does not carry the appropriate ring -- the appropriate ring of affection. I am reminded of a story about the late Charles Evans Hughes, once the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and candidate for President, a man of formidable accomplishments in his profession and in public life. One day his young granddaughter boldly asked him what she should call him, and the Chief Justice replied: "Those who love me call me Charlie". And so, despite his formidable array of titles, responsibilities, accomplishments, honors, and accolades, we all feel more comfortable in addressing Victor as "Viki"...

  10. Main Elements for Upscaling Recreation

    Zandersen, Marianne; Termansen, Mette


    This report provides information on the main elements used to scale up modelled local visitor flow data to regional level based on recreational de-mand models. These models are described in Report #1. This report also provides information on data sources such as spatial data (e.g. land cov......-er/land use information), demographic information. The report is accom-pagnied with a spatial database for the regional case of forest recreation in Northern Zealand, Denmark. The spatial database contains forest polygons; forest attribute; estimation of total annual number of visits per site; and es...

  11. First report of charge-transfer induced heat-set hydrogel. Structural insights and remarkable properties

    Bhattacharjee, Subham; Maiti, Bappa; Bhattacharya, Santanu


    The remarkable ability of a charge-transfer (CT) complex prepared from a pyrene-based donor (Py-D) and a naphthalenediimide-based acceptor (NDI-A) led to the formation of a deep-violet in color, transparent hydrogel at room temperature (RT-gel). Simultaneously, the RT-gel was diluted beyond its critical gelator concentration (CGC) to obtain a transparent sol. Very interestingly, the resultant sol, on heating above 70 °C, transformed into a heat-set gel instantaneously with a hitherto unknown CGC value. Detailed studies revealed the smaller globular aggregates of the RT-gels fuse to form giant globules upon heating, which, in turn, resulted in heat-set gelation through further aggregation. The thermoresponsive property of Py-D alone and 1 : 1 Py-D : NDI-A CT complex was investigated in detail which revealed the hydrophobic collapse of the oxyethylene chains of the CT complex upon heating was mainly responsible for heat-set gelation. Thixotropy, injectability, as well as stimuli responsiveness of the RT-gels were also addressed. In contrast, heat-set gel did not show thixotropic behavior. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of the xerogel depicted lamellar packing of the CT stacks in the gel phase. Single crystal XRD studies further evidenced the 1 : 1 mixed CT stack formation in the lamellae and also ruled out orthogonal hydrogen bonding possibilities among the hydrazide unit in the CT gel although such interaction was observed in a single crystal of NDI-A alone. In addition, a Ag+-ion triggered metallogelation of NDI-A and nematic liquid-crystalline property of Py-D were also observed.The remarkable ability of a charge-transfer (CT) complex prepared from a pyrene-based donor (Py-D) and a naphthalenediimide-based acceptor (NDI-A) led to the formation of a deep-violet in color, transparent hydrogel at room temperature (RT-gel). Simultaneously, the RT-gel was diluted beyond its critical gelator concentration (CGC) to obtain a transparent sol. Very interestingly, the

  12. Some remarks on the genericity of unique range sets for meromorphic functions

    Ha Huy Khoai


    In this paper we relate the study of unique range sets for meromorphic functions (URSM) with the hyperbolic hypersurfaces and give some remarks on the genericity of unique range sets for meromorphic functions.

  13. Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership: Shared Voyage: Learning and Unlearning from Remarkable Projects

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Shared Voyage is about four remarkable projects:the Advanced Composition Explorer (NASA), the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (U.S. Air Force), the Pathfinder...

  14. Remarkable influence of microwave heating on Morita-baylis-Hillman reaction in PEG-200

    Aravind A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Morita Baylis Hillman (MBH reaction is used to introduce carbon-carbon or carbon-heteroatom bond in a molecule. The major drawback of this reaction is the relatively low product yield and long reaction time. Though notable changes have been made to improve the reaction rate and yield of MBH adduct by various groups, a reliable synthetic procedure under ambient temperature in presence moisture and air is remain unsolved. Continuing the effort to improve the rate and yield, we report here an eco-friendly and cost-effective method to generate MBH adducts. Non-volatile polyethylene glycol-200 is used as reusable solvents and the reaction was carried out under the influence of microwave energy. Results Microwave irradiation have a remarkable influence on PEG suspended 4-Diazabicyclo [2.2.2] octane (DABCO catalysed MBH reaction between aldehydes and ethyl acrylate. Molecular weight of the PEG is found to have a significant influence on the reaction yield. PEG-200 was the most efficient solvent and in combination with DABCO, the medium can be recycled upto three more runs. This reaction condition is successfully applied to obtain MBH adduct of five different aldehydes in very short time with excellent yield and the required catalyst concentration was very low compared to standard MBH reaction. Since the MBH adduct is an important reactive intermediates for many complex organic syntheses, this approach can be successfully utilised as an alternative to existing reaction conditions. Conclusion A new method was developed to improve the reaction rate and yield of MBH reaction The PEG 200-DABCO combination provides a sustainable, non-volatile, recyclable and environment friendly solvent medium to produce MBH adducts. This medium in combination with microwave energy proved to be very effective to introduce a new carbon-carbon or a carbon-heteroatom bond in a molecule.

  15. Methanolic Extract of Plumbago Zeylanica - A Remarkable Antibacterial Agent Against Many Human and Agricultural Pathogens

    Mukesh Kumar Singh


    Full Text Available Objectives: The current investigation was carried out to determine the cytotoxic and the antimicrobial activities of methanolic extracts of Plumbago zeylanica. Methods: The stems, leaves, and whole plants were air dried and extracted with methanol by using a Soxhlet extractor for 72 hours at 55 - 60°C. The antimicrobial activities were determined from the zones of inhibition, which were measured by using the agar well diffusion method, and the cytotoxicity assays were performed using the 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT assay method. Results: The methanolic extracts of the stem and the leaves of Plumbago zeylanica were tested against six bacterial species and nine fungal species, and both extracts showed antimicrobial activity in a dose-dependent manner. The leaf extract of Plumbago zeylanica showed maximum antimicrobial activity against both Staphylococcus aureus sub sp aureus and Fusarium oxysporum. The stem extract was found to be more antimicrobial against the Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the Penicillium expansum species. MTT assays were used to test the cytotoxicity of the whole plant extract in the HCT-116 and the K-562 cell lines, and that extract was shown to have weak cytotoxicity in both cell lines. Conclusion: In the present study, the methanolic stem extracts of Plumbago zeylanica were found to possess remarkable antibacterial activities against many human and agricultural pathogens. The extracts were also found to possess significant antifungal activities, but the antifungal activities were less than the antibacterial activities. Finally, the extracts were found to have weak cytotoxicities in the HCT-116 and the K-562 cell lines.

  16. Micro-array profiling exhibits remarkable intra-individual stability of human platelet micro-RNA.

    Stratz, C; Nührenberg, T G; Binder, H; Valina, C M; Trenk, D; Hochholzer, W; Neumann, F J; Fiebich, B L


    Platelets play an important role in haemostasis and thrombus formation. Latest research identified platelets harbouring so called microRNAs (miRNA). MiRNAs are short single-stranded RNAs modulating gene expression by targeting mRNAs. Limited data exist on inter-individual variability of platelet miRNA profile while no data are available on intra-individual variability. We assessed platelet miRNA profile in five volunteers at five time points over a time course of 10 days; 24 hours prior to the last blood sampling, subjects took 500 mg acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Platelet miRNA was isolated from leucocyte-depleted platelet-rich plasma, and miRNA array-analysis was performed. Temporal patterns and ASA effect were explored by a linear mixed effects model for each miRNA. For the 20 most abundantly expressed platelet miRNAs, target gene search was performed and an annotation network was created. MiRNA expression profiling of 1,281 human miRNAs revealed relevant expression of 221 miRNAs consistently expressed in all samples at all time points. Correlation of platelet miRNA ranks was highly significant to other studies. Global distribution of miRNA expression was relatively similar in all subjects. No miRNA exhibited a significant effect of time at level 0.05. After 24 hours, no significant effect of ASA was found. Concerning functional implications of the 20 most abundantly expressed miRNAs, we found six functional themes. In conclusion, platelet miRNA profile is remarkably stable over the time period studied. Single-point analysis of platelet miRNA profile is reasonable when inter-individual differences are studied. The functional annotation network points toward extra-platelet effects of platelet miRNAs.

  17. Methanolic Extract of Plumbago Zeylanica - A Remarkable Antibacterial Agent Against Many Human and Agricultural Pathogens

    Pandey, Ajit; Sawarkar, Hemant; Gupta, Anshita; Gidwani, Bina; Dhongade, Hemant; Tripathi, Dulal Krishna


    Objectives: The current investigation was carried out to determine the cytotoxic and the antimicrobial activities of methanolic extracts of Plumbago zeylanica. Methods: The stems, leaves, and whole plants were air dried and extracted with methanol by using a Soxhlet extractor for 72 hours at 55 - 60°C. The antimicrobial activities were determined from the zones of inhibition, which were measured by using the agar well diffusion method, and the cytotoxicity assays were performed using the 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay method. Results: The methanolic extracts of the stem and the leaves of Plumbago zeylanica were tested against six bacterial species and nine fungal species, and both extracts showed antimicrobial activity in a dose-dependent manner. The leaf extract of Plumbago zeylanica showed maximum antimicrobial activity against both Staphylococcus aureus sub sp aureus and Fusarium oxysporum. The stem extract was found to be more antimicrobial against the Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the Penicillium expansum species. MTT assays were used to test the cytotoxicity of the whole plant extract in the HCT-116 and the K-562 cell lines, and that extract was shown to have weak cytotoxicity in both cell lines. Conclusion: In the present study, the methanolic stem extracts of Plumbago zeylanica were found to possess remarkable antibacterial activities against many human and agricultural pathogens. The extracts were also found to possess significant antifungal activities, but the antifungal activities were less than the antibacterial activities. Finally, the extracts were found to have weak cytotoxicities in the HCT-116 and the K-562 cell lines.

  18. A Study on the Pragmatic Strategies of Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Remarks



    As an important diplomacy activity, Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s remarks represent national image and foreign pol-icy of a country which is absolutely significant. This article would analyze the pragmatic strategies of Foreign Ministry spokesper-son’s remarks from the perspective of journalist’s questioning types and spokesperson’s answering types in order to get a clear idea about how spokesperson tactfully employing pragmatic strategies to handle tough questions and safeguard national interests.


    Jose Rui Figueira


    Full Text Available We present main characteristics of Electre family methods, designed for multiple criteria decision aiding. These methods use as a preference model an outranking relation in the set of actions – it is constructed in result of concordance and non-discordance tests involving a specific input preference information. After a brief description of the constructivist conception in which the Electre methods are inserted, we present the main features of these methods. We discuss such characteristic features as: the possibility of taking into account positive and negative reasons in the modeling of preferences, without any need for recoding the data; using of thresholds for taking into account the imperfect knowledge of data; the absence of systematic compensation between “gains” and “losses”. The main weaknesses are also presented. Then, some aspects related to new developments are outlined. These are related to some new methodological developments, new procedures, axiomatic analysis, software tools, and several other aspects. The paper ends with conclusions.

  20. PREFACE: Introductory remarks Introductory remarks

    Bowler, D. R.; Alfe, D.


    This special issue contains papers related to the 2009 Thomas Young Centre Workshop at University College London 'Accessing large length and time scales with accurate quantum methods', in celebration of Professor Michael Gillan's 65th birthday. Mike Gillan won the 2006 Institute of Physics Dirac Medal and Prize, the citation reading: 'For his contributions to the development of atomic-scale computer simulations, which have greatly extended their power and effectiveness over an immense range of applications'. This rightly highlights Mike's seminal work on materials modelling, but misses out some of the many other areas he has enriched. After taking his PhD at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Oxford University, Mike went as a post-doc to Minneapolis. He then joined the Statistical Physics Group in the Theoretical Physics Division, Harwell, where he stayed for over 20 years, with a brief interlude in Saclay. In the late 1980s, Mike made a transition to become Professor of Physics at the University of Keele, where he stayed for a decade until University College London was fortunate in being able to tempt him to join the Condensed Matter and Material Physics Group, where there was already a significant materials modelling initiative. Over the years, Mike has made many important contributions, some with impact on other areas of science, others with significance in technology areas such as nuclear safety. Thus, he developed a form of quantum transition-state theory, generalizing Eyring's well-known classical transition-state theory to the case of quantum particles, such as hydrogen, diffusing in condensed matter. He pioneered quantum methods for calculating defect energetics in solids, and then molecular processes on surfaces. He synthesised these approaches into very general ways to calculate thermodynamic free energies of condensed matter from first principles, drawing on his early experience of statistical physics. These methods led to rapid advances in the study of matter under extreme conditions, as in the Earth's core. A further powerful development has been his input to linear-scaling quantum techniques for the properties of very large complex systems. In recent years, his attention has shifted towards increasing accuracy, touching areas such as quantum Monte Carlo and hierarchical quantum chemical techniques. In this journal issue, we have papers which both reflect topics from the workshop and address a number of areas which are directly in Mike's interests or which have been influenced by his work or assistance. There are papers addressing accuracy in quantum simulations [1-5], methods for applying quantum techniques to large systems [6, 7] and applications of quantum simulations to important problems [8-10]. We also have a viewpoint on magnetism in oxides and carbon [11], prompted by Mike's innovative work on oxides. References [1] Nolan S J, Bygrave P J, Allan N L and Manby F R 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074201 [2] Badinski A, Haynes P D, Trail J R and Needs R J 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074202 [3] Klimeš J, Bowler D R and Michaelides A 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074203 [4] Baroni S, Gebauer R, Malcιoğlu O B, Saad Y, Umari P and Xian J 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074204 [5] Toton D, Lorenz C D, Rompotis N, Martsinovich N and Kantorovich L 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074205 [6] Fujiwara T, Hoshi T, Yamamoto S, Sogabe T and Zhang S-L 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074206 [7] Bowler D R and Miyazari T 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074207 [8] Er S, van Setten M J, de Wijs G A and Brocks G 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074208 [9] Pan D, Liu L-M, Tribello G A, Slater B, Michaelides A and Wang E 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074209 [10] Choudhury R, Gattinoni C, Makov G and De Vita A 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074210 [11] Stoneham M 2010 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 074211

  1. 20 CFR 220.112 - Conclusions by physicians concerning the claimant's disability.


    ... claimant's impairment must result from anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities which are... are not within the expertise of medical sources. (b) Medical opinions that are conclusive. A...

  2. Proclus' Elaboration of Platonic Remarks on the Problem of Evils, and their Relation to Divine Providence and Efficiency

    Reza korrang beheshti


    Full Text Available Although there is not a fully developed theory of evil in Plato, some various remarks are interspersed throughout his dialogues which provided the main materials for subsequent Platonists to elaborate a systematic doctrine of evil. Proclus is the most distinguished philosopher of the later Neoplatonism whose view became authoritative within the School and thus is most representative of the Neoplatonic doctrine of evil. By a critical assessment of the antecedent theories of evil, Proclus attempts to give a monistic interpretation of Platonic remarks on the problem of evil. According to his explanation, the higher degrees and principles of Being are only and purely good and are not the causes of evils but the good things for all things alone. Evils, however, exist necessarily but only among particular beings in a relative, parasitic, accidental way and dependent upon the good. The parasitic accidental existence of evil does not have a real efficient cause. It arises due to an asymmetry between the activities of the several faculties or powers of a complex particular being. Moreover, the existence of evil is so mixed with and dependent upon the good that despite its opposition to the good, contributes, in its own manner, to the fulfillment of goodness of the whole Universe, being thus reconcilable with Divine Providence and Efficiency.

  3. Diffusion versus linear ballistic accumulation: different models but the same conclusions about psychological processes?

    Donkin, C.; Brown, S.; Heathcote, A.; Wagenmakers, E.-J.


    Quantitative models for response time and accuracy are increasingly used as tools to draw conclusions about psychological processes. Here we investigate the extent to which these substantive conclusions depend on whether researchers use the Ratcliff diffusion model or the Linear Ballistic

  4. Dravet syndrome: the main issues.

    Guerrini, Renzo


    Dravet syndrome (DS) is a severe form of infantile onset epilepsy characterized by multiple seizure types, prolonged convulsive seizures and frequent episodes of status epilepticus. Seizures precipitated by fever are a main characteristic. Affected children exhibit normal early development. Cognitive impairment, behavioral disturbances with hyperactivity and sometimes autistic traits occur after seizure onset. Seizures persist into adulthood but become less frequent. In about 85% of patients, a mutation of the SCN1A gene is present. DS fully illustrates the concept of epileptic encephalopathy. However, it is difficult to determine the causative role of the underlying sodium channel dysfunction and that of the consequent seizures in influencing cognitive outcome. An overwhelmingly high number of SCN1A mutations have been associated with DS. Intragenic or whole gene deletions, duplications and amplifications are additional rare molecular mechanisms. Most mutations are de novo, but familial mutations also occur. Somatic mosaic mutations should be considered when estimating the recurrence. MRI imaging is usually normal, and no neuropathologic signature of the condition seems to exist. In heterozygous Scn1a+/- mice, GABAergic interneurons exhibit substantially reduced sodium current density with reduced ability for sustained action potential firing. GABAergic output is reduced and excitability of downstream synaptic targets increased. Stiripentol was effective in combination with valproate and clobazam in two pivotal phase III trials. Phenytoin, carbamazepine, and lamotrigine can worsen seizures and should be avoided. Prospective studies will clarify to what extent earlier diagnosis and efforts at seizure control with the most appropriate drug combinations will reduce clinical deterioration.

  5. Main challenges of residential areas

    Oana Luca


    Full Text Available The present article is a position paper aiming to initiate a professional debate related to the aspects related to the urban dysfunctions leading to the wear of the residential areas. The paper proposes a definition of the wear process, identify the main causes leading to its occurrence and propose a number of solutions to neutralise the dysfunctions. The three wearing phases of residential areas components are emphasized, exploring their lifecycle. In order to perform the study of urban wear, the status of the residential areas components can be established and monitored, and also the variables of the function that can mathematically model the specific wear process may be considered. The paper is considered a first step for the model adjustment, to be tested and validated in the following steps. Based on the mathematical method and model, there can be created, in a potential future research, the possibility of determining the precarity degree for residential areas/neighbourhoods and cities, by minimising the subjective component of the analyses preceding the decision for renovation or regeneration.

  6. Conclusions of the presidency. European council of Barcelona, March 15 and 16 2002; Conclusions de la presidence. Conseil europeen de Barcelone 15 et 16 mars 2002



    This document summarizes the conclusions of the European Council held in Barcelona (Spain) on March 15 and 16, 2002. Among the priority actions listed by the council figure the integration of energy, transportation and communication networks at the European scale. In particular, the council commits the Parliament and itself to start the final phase of opening of gas and electricity markets: free choice of a supplier, obligation of public utility, security of supplies, separation between transmission and distribution and between production and supply, non-discriminatory access of consumers and suppliers to networks with transparent tariffs, establishment of a regulatory agency in each member state, agreement for a tariffing system for the international electricity trades etc.. Concerning the sustainable development strategy of the European union, the council is pressing the member states for the completion of the national procedures of ratification of the Kyoto protocol. However, new measures need to be taken to develop technologies respectful for the environment, in particular in the domain of energy and transports. (J.S.)

  7. The main cause of problematic ERP implementations : Bad management or functional mismatches?

    Koning, de W. Fred


    This paper describes the results of a multiple case study in which five ERP implementations were investigated. This case study led to some remarkable conclusions. Using the project implementation success of Wixom and Watson (2001) as a yardstick, only two out of the five cases could be considered as

  8. The main cause of problematic ERP implementations : Bad management or functional mismatches?

    Koning, de W. Fred


    This paper describes the results of a multiple case study in which five ERP implementations were investigated. This case study led to some remarkable conclusions. Using the project implementation success of Wixom and Watson (2001) as a yardstick, only two out of the five cases could be considered as

  9. Remarkable Improvement of Nail Changes in Alopecia Areata Universalis with 10 Months of Treatment with Tofacitinib: A Case Report

    Ferreira, Sineida Berbert; Scheinberg, Morton; Steiner, Denise; Steiner, Tatiana; Bedin, Gustavo Longhi; Ferreira, Rachel Berbert


    Alopecia areata (AA) is a chronic, autoimmune disease. The main symptom is massive hair loss, localized or diffuse, in the scalp and the whole body. However, nails may also be involved, and brittleness, fragility and pitting can be signs of nail dystrophy in AA patients. Here, we report the case of a male patient with AA refractory to various treatments, including oral, topical and intralesional corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, cyclosporin and PUVA (oxoralen plus ultraviolet light), all interrupted due to side effects. The patient's nails had erythematous blotches (striated lunulae) with regular and superficial pitting as well as fragility (trachyonychia), and he could no longer play the guitar because of these symptoms. With patient consent, we introduced tofacitinib (5 mg twice daily), which resulted in remarkable improvements not only regarding hair regrowth but also nail changes, with function recovery within 10 months. PMID:28101018

  10. First remarks on the nesting biology of Hypodynerus andeus (Packard (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae in the Azapa valley, northern Chile

    Felipe Méndez-Abarca


    Full Text Available First remarks on the nesting biology of Hypodynerus andeus (Packard (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae in the Azapa valley, northern Chile. Some aspects about the nesting biology of the potter wasp Hypodynerus andeus (Packard, 1869 are reported for the first time. Observations were carried out at the Azapa valley, coastal desert of northern Chile. A total of sixty nests were collected and examined, each composed by 1-14 cells, most of them found attached to concrete lamp posts. The only preys recorded in the cells were Geometridae (Lepidoptera caterpillars and the presence of the parasitoid Anthrax sp. (Diptera, Bombyliidae was also recorded. A number of arthropods belonging to different groups, mainly spiders, were found occupying empty nests.

  11. Eccentricity distribution in the main asteroid belt

    Malhotra, Renu


    The observationally complete sample of the main belt asteroids now spans more than two orders of magnitude in size and numbers more than 64,000 (excluding collisional family members). We undertook an analysis of asteroids' eccentricities and their interpretation with simple physical models. We find that Plummer's (1916) conclusion that the asteroids' eccentricities follow a Rayleigh distribution holds for the osculating eccentricities of large asteroids, but the proper eccentricities deviate from a Rayleigh distribution: there is a deficit of eccentricities smaller than $\\sim0.1$ and an excess of larger eccentricities. We further find that the proper eccentricities do not depend significantly on asteroid size but have strong dependence on heliocentric distance: the outer asteroid belt follows a Rayleigh distribution, but the inner belt is strikingly different. Eccentricities in the inner belt can be modeled as a vector sum of a primordial eccentricity vector of random orientation and magnitude drawn from a Ra...

  12. Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the Heart Electrical Axis Position Conclusion Modeling

    Bakanovskaya, L. N.


    The article touches upon building of a heart electrical axis position conclusion model using an artificial neural network. The input signals of the neural network are the values of deflections Q, R and S; and the output signal is the value of the heart electrical axis position. Training of the network is carried out by the error propagation method. The test results allow concluding that the created neural network makes a conclusion with a high degree of accuracy.

  13. Conclusions drawn from actions implemented within the first stage of the Cracow program of energy conservation and clean fossil fuels

    Bieda, J.; Bardel, J.; Pierce, B.


    Since 1992 Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL), acting on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, executed the first stage of the Cracow Program of Energy Conservation and Clean Fossil Fuels, called also American-Polish Program of Actions for Elimination of Low Emission Sources in Cracow. The main contractor for BNL and PNL was the Cracow Development Office (BRK). The interest in improving the condition of Cracow air results from the fact that the standard for permissible air pollution was exceeded several times in Cracow and especially within the central part of the town. Therefore, air pollution appeared one of the most important problems that faced the municipal authorities. It followed from monitoring investigations that the high level of air pollutant concentration is caused by in-home coal-fired tile stoves operated in winter seasons and by coal- and coke-fired boiler houses simulated mainly in the central part of the town. The results obtained in first stage are presented. This paper is an attempt to formulate conclusions drawn from these works and recommendations with regard to the future policy of the town authorities; selected results are presented to clarify or illustrate the conclusions.

  14. A fallacious jar? The peculiar relation between descriptive premises and normative conclusions in neuroethics.

    Wagner, Nils-Frederic; Northoff, Georg


    Ethical questions have traditionally been approached through conceptual analysis. Inspired by the rapid advance of modern brain imaging techniques, however, some ethical questions appear in a new light. For example, hotly debated trolley dilemmas have recently been studied by psychologists and neuroscientists alike, arguing that their findings can support or debunk moral intuitions that underlie those dilemmas. Resulting from the wedding of philosophy and neuroscience, neuroethics has emerged as a novel interdisciplinary field that aims at drawing conclusive relationships between neuroscientific observations and normative ethics. A major goal of neuroethics is to derive normative ethical conclusions from the investigation of neural and psychological mechanisms underlying ethical theories, as well as moral judgments and intuitions. The focus of this article is to shed light on the structure and functioning of neuroethical arguments of this sort, and to reveal particular methodological challenges that lie concealed therein. We discuss the methodological problem of how one can--or, as the case may be, cannot--validly infer normative conclusions from neuroscientific observations. Moreover, we raise the issue of how preexisting normative ethical convictions threaten to invalidate the interpretation of neuroscientific data, and thus arrive at question-begging conclusions. Nonetheless, this is not to deny that current neuroethics rightly presumes that moral considerations about actual human lives demand empirically substantiated answers. Therefore, in conclusion, we offer some preliminary reflections on how the discussed methodological challenges can be met.

  15. Searching did not change the conclusions of a systematic review.

    Wilson, Lisa M; Sharma, Ritu; Dy, Sydney M; Waldfogel, Julie M; Robinson, Karen A


    We assessed the effect of searching on the conclusions of a systematic review. We conducted this case study concurrently with a systematic review. We searched on March 9, 2016, to identify trial records eligible for inclusion in the review. Two independent reviewers screened records. We compared conclusions and strength of evidence grade with and without records for 31 comparisons and 2 outcomes. We identified 106 trials (53 in the peer-reviewed literature only, 23 in only, and 30 in both sources). For one comparison, the addition of results identified through reduced the pooled effect size. We found evidence of selective outcome reporting for two comparisons and suspected publication bias for another two comparisons. For all other comparisons, searching did not change conclusions or the strength of evidence grading for the two outcomes. Our search of bolstered suspicions of reporting biases but did not change either the conclusions or the strength of evidence grading. Further research is needed to determine the effect of searching on the conclusions of systematic reviews in different topic areas and as the new rules for registration of trial results take effect. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. The grand leap of the whale up the Niagara Falls: converting philosophical conclusions into policy prescriptions.

    Holm, Søren


    This article analyzes a neat conjuring trick employed in bioethics, that is, the immediate conversion of a philosophical conclusion into a policy prescription, and compares it to the "grand leap of the whale up the Niagara Falls" mentioned by Benjamin Franklin. It is shown that there is no simple and easy way to achieve the conversion, by considering arguments falling under four headings: (1) reasonable disagreement about values and theories, (2) general jurisprudential arguments, (3) the differences between policymaking and philosophy, and (4) the messy world of implementation. The particular issue used to illustrate the difficulties in moving from philosophical conclusion to policy description is infanticide of healthy infants, but the analysis is general, and the conclusion that the immediate move to policy is illegitimate is quite general.

  17. Optimal conclusive teleportation of a d-dimensional two-particle unknown quantum state

    Yang Yu-Guang; Wen Qiao-Yan; Zhu Fu-Chen


    A conclusive teleportation protocol of a d-dimensional two-particle unknown quantum state using three ddimensional particles in an arbitrary pure state is proposed. A sender teleports the unknown state conclusively to a receiver by using the positive operator valued measure(POVM) and introducing an ancillary qudit to perform the generalized Bell basis measurement. We calculate the optimal teleportation fidelity. We also discuss and analyse the reason why the information on the teleported state is lost in the course of the protocol.

  18. Biogeochemistry of the MAximum TURbidity Zone of Estuaries (MATURE): some conclusions

    Herman, P.M.J.; Heip, C.H.R.


    In this paper, we give a short overview of the activities and main results of the MAximum TURbidity Zone of Estuaries (MATURE) project. Three estuaries (Elbe, Schelde and Gironde) have been sampled intensively during a joint 1-week campaign in both 1993 and 1994. We introduce the publicly available

  19. Oklo: The fossil nuclear reactors. Physics study - Translation of chapters 6, 13 and conclusions

    Naudet, R. [CEA, Paris (France)


    Three parts of the 1991 book `Oklo: reacteurs nucleaires fossiles. Etude physique` have been translated in this report. The chapters bear the titles `Study of criticality`(45 p.), `Some problems with the overall functioning of the reactor zones`(45 p.) and `Conclusions` (15 p.), respectively.

  20. Tritium in precipitation of Vostok (Antarctica): conclusions on the tritium latitude effect.

    Hebert, Detlef


    During the Antarctic summer of 1985 near the Soviet Antarctic station Vostok, firn samples for tritium measurements were obtained down to a depth of 2.40 m. The results of the tritium measurements are presented and discussed. Based on this and other data, conclusions regarding the tritium latitude effect are derived.

  1. Jumping to the wrong conclusions? An investigation of the mechanisms of reasoning errors in delusions.

    Jolley, Suzanne; Thompson, Claire; Hurley, James; Medin, Evelina; Butler, Lucy; Bebbington, Paul; Dunn, Graham; Freeman, Daniel; Fowler, David; Kuipers, Elizabeth; Garety, Philippa


    Understanding how people with delusions arrive at false conclusions is central to the refinement of cognitive behavioural interventions. Making hasty decisions based on limited data ('jumping to conclusions', JTC) is one potential causal mechanism, but reasoning errors may also result from other processes. In this study, we investigated the correlates of reasoning errors under differing task conditions in 204 participants with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis who completed three probabilistic reasoning tasks. Psychotic symptoms, affect, and IQ were also evaluated. We found that hasty decision makers were more likely to draw false conclusions, but only 37% of their reasoning errors were consistent with the limited data they had gathered. The remainder directly contradicted all the presented evidence. Reasoning errors showed task-dependent associations with IQ, affect, and psychotic symptoms. We conclude that limited data-gathering contributes to false conclusions but is not the only mechanism involved. Delusions may also be maintained by a tendency to disregard evidence. Low IQ and emotional biases may contribute to reasoning errors in more complex situations. Cognitive strategies to reduce reasoning errors should therefore extend beyond encouragement to gather more data, and incorporate interventions focused directly on these difficulties.


    Stanciu D. C RPENARU


    Full Text Available The New Civil Code regulates in large the general rules regarding the conclusion of the contract. These rules regard the formation of the contract, between parties that are either present or at a distance. The rules in question have as foundation the classical principles regarding the formation of the contract and also reflect the realities of the modern society.

  3. 20 CFR 410.471 - Conclusion by physician regarding miner's disability or death.


    ... disability or death. 410.471 Section 410.471 Employees' Benefits SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION FEDERAL COAL MINE HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT OF 1969, TITLE IV-BLACK LUNG BENEFITS (1969- ) Total Disability or Death Due to Pneumoconiosis § 410.471 Conclusion by physician regarding miner's disability or death....

  4. Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder Show a Circumspect Reasoning Bias Rather than "Jumping-to-Conclusions"

    Brosnan, Mark; Chapman, Emma; Ashwin, Chris


    People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often take longer to make decisions. The Autism-Psychosis Model proposes that people with autism and psychosis show the opposite pattern of results on cognitive tasks. As those with psychosis show a jump-to-conclusions reasoning bias, those with ASD should show a circumspect reasoning bias.…

  5. On conclusive eavesdropping and measures of mutual information in quantum key distribution

    Rastegin, Alexey E.


    We address the question of quantifying eavesdropper's information gain in an individual attack on systems of quantum key distribution. It is connected with the concept of conclusive eavesdropping introduced by Brandt. Using the BB84 protocol, we examine the problem of estimating a performance of conclusive entangling probe. The question of interest depends on the choice of a quantitative measure of eavesdropper's information about the error-free sifted bits. The Fuchs-Peres-Brandt probe realizes a very powerful individual attack on the BB84 scheme. In the usual formulation, Eve utilizes the Helstrom scheme in distinguishing between the two output probe states. In conclusive eavesdropping, the unambiguous discrimination is used. Comparing these two versions allows to demonstrate serious distinctions between widely used quantifiers of mutual information. In particular, the so-called Rényi mutual information does not seem to be a completely legitimate measure of an amount of mutual information. It is brightly emphasized with the example of conclusive eavesdropping.

  6. The medical eye: Conclusions from eye tracking research on expertise development in medicine

    Jarodzka, Halszka; Jaarsma, Thomas; Dewhurst, Richard; Boshuizen, Els


    Jarodzka, H., Jaarsma, T., Dewhurst, R., & Boshuizen, H. P. A. (2012, October). The medical eye: Conclusions from eye tracking research on expertise development in medicine. Paper presented at the New tools and practices for seeing and learning in medicine ’12, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

  7. Highlights and conclusions from the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET) conference 2011.

    Al Nsour, M; Kaiser, R; Abd Elkreem, E; Walke, H; Kandeel, A; Bloland, R


    As a follow up of a short communication that the Eastern Mediterranean Health journal published in December 2011, this article reports on highlights and conclusions from scientific abstracts, methodology workshops and plenary sessions that were presented as part of the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET) conference held from 6 to 9 December 2011 in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt.

  8. The medical eye: Conclusions from eye tracking research on expertise development in medicine

    Jarodzka, Halszka; Jaarsma, Thomas; Dewhurst, Richard; Boshuizen, Els


    Jarodzka, H., Jaarsma, T., Dewhurst, R., & Boshuizen, H. P. A. (2012, October). The medical eye: Conclusions from eye tracking research on expertise development in medicine. Paper presented at the New tools and practices for seeing and learning in medicine ’12, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

  9. Some Remarks on the Restriction Theorems for the Maximal Operators on Rd

    Enji Sato∗


    The aim of this paper is to give a simple proof of the restriction theorem for the maximal operators on the d-dimensional Euclidean space Rd, whose theorem was proved by Carro-Rodriguez in 2012.Moreover, we shall give some remarks of the restriction theorem for the linear and the multilinear operators by Carro-Rodriguez and Rodriguez, too.

  10. Non-recursive expressions for even-index Bernoulli numbers: A remarkable sequence of determinants

    Van Malderen, Renaat


    Bernoulli numbers are usually expressed in terms of their lower index numbers (recursive). This paper gives explicit formulas for Bernoulli numbers of even index. The formulas contain a remarkable sequence of determinants. The value of these determinants for variable dimension is investigated.

  11. Padé approximant related to remarkable inequalities involving trigonometric functions

    Gabriel Bercu


    Full Text Available Abstract In this paper we, respectively, give simple proofs of some remarkable trigonometric inequalities, based on the Padé approximation method. We also obtain rational refinements of these inequalities. We are convinced that the Padé approximation method offers a general framework for solving many other similar inequalities.

  12. A remarkable new species of Eutrichopoda Townsend, 1908 (Diptera: Tachinidae: Phasiinae).

    Dios, Rodrigo De Vilhena Perez; Nihei, Silvio Shigueo


    A new Tachinidae species, Eutrichopoda flavipenna sp. nov. (Diptera: Tachinidae: Phasiinae), from Brazil and Paraguay is described and illustrated by photographs and line drawings. The remarkable yellow, feather-like setae on the hind tibia distinguishes the new species from all other species in the tribe Trichopodini.

  13. Remarks on the thermopreferendum of palearctic bats in their natural habitats

    Gaisler, Jiří


    This contribution comprises two remarks of ecological rather than physiological character. Contrary to Herter (1952), Herreid (1967), and Harmata (1969), I did not examine the temperature preference, or thermopreferendum, of bats under experimental conditions but concluded on it only on grounds of

  14. The Public University in South Africa: Philosophical Remarks on the Notion of "Elitist Knowledge" Production

    Waghid, Yusef


    In my remarks about elitist knowledge production, I firstly try to adjust the perspective from which the university could be analysed; I specifically explore the functions of the university in relation to Habermas's categorisation of knowledge. Secondly, with reference to Derrida's reflections on the university, I reformulate a conception of the…

  15. Remarks on the Distribution and Migration of Whales, based on Observations from Netherlands Ships

    Slijper, E.J.; Utrecht, van W.L.; Naaktgeboren, C.


    A. GENERAL REMARKS During three years 4500 reports of whales sighted from Netherlands ships were collected, bearing on approximately 11.000 individual animals. Most of the observations were made in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It was supposed that the species could be determined with a fairly high

  16. Remarks on the thermopreferendum of palearctic bats in their natural habitats

    Gaisler, Jiří


    This contribution comprises two remarks of ecological rather than physiological character. Contrary to Herter (1952), Herreid (1967), and Harmata (1969), I did not examine the temperature preference, or thermopreferendum, of bats under experimental conditions but concluded on it only on grounds of t

  17. Remarks on the Distribution and Migration of Whales, based on Observations from Netherlands Ships

    Slijper, E.J.; Utrecht, van W.L.; Naaktgeboren, C.


    A. GENERAL REMARKS During three years 4500 reports of whales sighted from Netherlands ships were collected, bearing on approximately 11.000 individual animals. Most of the observations were made in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It was supposed that the species could be determined with a fairly high

  18. The Public University in South Africa: Philosophical Remarks on the Notion of "Elitist Knowledge" Production

    Waghid, Yusef


    In my remarks about elitist knowledge production, I firstly try to adjust the perspective from which the university could be analysed; I specifically explore the functions of the university in relation to Habermas's categorisation of knowledge. Secondly, with reference to Derrida's reflections on the university, I reformulate a conception of the…

  19. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance potassium iodide

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State the Netherlands, for the pesticide active substance potassium iodide are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EU No 188/2011. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of potassium iodide as a fungicide on tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, eggplant, strawberries and ornamental flowers in greenhouse and field applications on strawberries. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  20. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance spiromesifen

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available

    The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State, the United Kingdom, for the pesticide active substance spiromesifen are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EU No 188/2011. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of spiromesifen as an insecticide and acaricide on cucumber, courgette, pepper, tomato, eggplant (aubergine, French bean, melon, strawberry and ornamentals in permanent greenhouses. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  1. Studying the Possibility of Conclusion of Time Proportional Contracts via Definite Contracts

    Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Tabatabaei


    Full Text Available Time proportional contracts are such contracts in which the ownership of the property or itsprofits is transferred to the contracting party, proportional to time. This means that the partywill have the right to use or operate the property in determined portion of the year and will beable to intervene in the property permanently or alternately according to the terms of thecontract. This kind of contracts could be formed as a contract of rent, partnership in either theproperty or its profits, common sale conditional to partnership in profits, and the contract ofcompromise. Concerning the essence of such contracts, conclusion in the form of loan,exchange, and the right to benefit is impossible. Hereby, we will try to examine thepossibility of conclusion of time proportional contracts in the form of determined contracts.

  2. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance sodium hypochlorite

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available

    The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State The Netherlands, for the pesticide active substance sodium hypochlorite are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EC No 2229/2004 as amended by Commission Regulation (EC No 1095/2007 and Commission Regulation (EU No 114/2010. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative use of sodium hypochlorite as a bactericide on mushrooms. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  3. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance pyridalyl

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State the Netherlands, for the pesticide active substance pyridalyl are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EUNo 188/2011. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of pyridalyl as an insecticide on field and glasshouse tomato, aubergine, sweet and chilli pepper, and on field cucurbits, lettuce and cotton. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  4. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance valifenalate

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State, Hungary, for the pesticide active substance valifenalate are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EU No 188/2011. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative use of valifenalate as a fungicide on grapes. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  5. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance pyrethrins

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State Italy, for the pesticide active substance pyrethrins are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Commission Regulation (EC No 2229/2004, as amended by Commission Regulation (EC No 1095/2007. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of pyrethrins as an insecticide on tomato, pepper, cucumber, melons, strawberries, potatoes, lettuce and ornamentals. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. Concerns are identified.

  6. View of Mission Control Center celebrating conclusion of Apollo 11 mission


    Overall view of the Mission Operations Control Room in the Mission Control Center, bldg 30, Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC), at the conclusion of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. The television monitor shows President Richard M. Nixon greeting the Apollo 11 astronauts aboard the U.S.S. Hornet in the Pacific recovery area (40301); NASA and MSC Officials join the flight controllers in celebrating the conclusion of the Apollo 11 mission. From left foreground Dr. Maxime A. Faget, MSC Director of Engineering and Development; George S. Trimble, MSC Deputy Director; Dr. Christopher C. Kraft Jr., MSC Director fo Flight Operations; Julian Scheer (in back), Assistant Adminstrator, Offic of Public Affairs, NASA HQ.; George M. Low, Manager, Apollo Spacecraft Program, MSC; Dr. Robert R. Gilruth, MSC Director; and Charles W. Mathews, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Manned Space Flight, NASA HQ (40302).

  7. Eccentricity distribution in the main asteroid belt

    Malhotra, Renu; Wang, Xianyu


    The observationally complete sample of the main belt asteroids now spans more than two orders of magnitude in size and numbers more than 64 000 (excluding collisional family members). We undertook an analysis of asteroids' eccentricities and their interpretation with simple physical models. We find that a century old conclusion that the asteroids' eccentricities follow a Rayleigh distribution holds for the osculating eccentricities of large asteroids, but the proper eccentricities deviate from a Rayleigh distribution; there is a deficit of eccentricities smaller than ∼0.1 and an excess of larger eccentricities. We further find that the proper eccentricities do not depend significantly on asteroid size but have strong dependence on heliocentric distance; the outer asteroid belt follows a Rayleigh distribution, but the inner belt is strikingly different. Eccentricities in the inner belt can be modelled as a vector sum of a primordial eccentricity vector of random orientation and magnitude drawn from a Rayleigh distribution of parameter ∼0.06, and an excitation of random phase and magnitude ∼0.13. These results imply that when a late dynamical excitation of the asteroids occurred, it was independent of asteroid size and was stronger in the inner belt than in the outer belt. We discuss implications for the primordial asteroid belt and suggest that the observationally complete sample size of main belt asteroids is large enough that more sophisticated model-fitting of the eccentricities is warranted and could serve to test alternative theoretical models of the dynamical excitation history of asteroids and its links to the migration history of the giant planets.

  8. Remotely triggered earthquakes following moderate main shocks

    Hough, S.E.


    Since 1992, remotely triggered earthquakes have been identified following large (M > 7) earthquakes in California as well as in other regions. These events, which occur at much greater distances than classic aftershocks, occur predominantly in active geothermal or volcanic regions, leading to theories that the earthquakes are triggered when passing seismic waves cause disruptions in magmatic or other fluid systems. In this paper, I focus on observations of remotely triggered earthquakes following moderate main shocks in diverse tectonic settings. I summarize evidence that remotely triggered earthquakes occur commonly in mid-continent and collisional zones. This evidence is derived from analysis of both historic earthquake sequences and from instrumentally recorded M5-6 earthquakes in eastern Canada. The latter analysis suggests that, while remotely triggered earthquakes do not occur pervasively following moderate earthquakes in eastern North America, a low level of triggering often does occur at distances beyond conventional aftershock zones. The inferred triggered events occur at the distances at which SmS waves are known to significantly increase ground motions. A similar result was found for 28 recent M5.3-7.1 earthquakes in California. In California, seismicity is found to increase on average to a distance of at least 200 km following moderate main shocks. This supports the conclusion that, even at distances of ???100 km, dynamic stress changes control the occurrence of triggered events. There are two explanations that can account for the occurrence of remotely triggered earthquakes in intraplate settings: (1) they occur at local zones of weakness, or (2) they occur in zones of local stress concentration. ?? 2007 The Geological Society of America.

  9. EMU Fiscal Challenges: Conclusions for the New Members of the EU


    The aim of the paper is to evaluate the fiscal challenges which have appeared before EMU (Economic and Monetary Union) countries after four years of monetary union functioning. Then the author formulates conclusions for accession countries, which plan to be members of EMU in the near future. The first part of the paper deals with criteria of fiscal stabilization within EMU, their meaning and connections with economic growth. The fiscal stabilization criteria were taken from the Pact of Stabil...

  10. Time & Law - Is it the nature of law to last? A Conclusion.

    Van Hoecke, Mark


    About conceptions of time (physical time, human time, legal time) and conceptions of time in law (founding time, timeless time of legal doctrine, instant time, longlasting time, consolidation time, voluntarist future time, aleatory time, anarchic time, alternating time). Conceptions of the future (the instant view - no future, the empty view - a completely open future, the half-full view : an open future, party determined by the past). Conclusion : towards a dialectical time conception.

  11. Advanced papillary serous carcinoma of the uterine cervix: a case with a remarkable response to paclitaxel and carboplatin combination chemotherapy

    Tomoyuki Shirase


    Full Text Available Papillary serous carcinoma of the uterine cervix (PSCC is a very rare tumor, and is a recently described variant of cervical adenocarcinoma. We experienced a case of stage IV PSCC. The main tumor existed in the uterine cervix and invaded one third of the inferior part of the anterior and posterior vaginal walls. Furthermore, it had metastasized from the para-aortic lymph nodes to bilateral neck lymph nodes. Immnoreactivity for CA125 was positive, whereas the staining for p53 and WT-1 were negative in both the original tumor and the metastatic lymph nodes. We administered six courses of paclitaxel and carboplatin combination chemotherapy against this advanced PSCC. The PSCC therefore dramatically decreased in size. The main tumor of the uterine cervix showed a complete response by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, and more than 95% of the tumor cells in the cervix had microscopically disapperared. This is the first report of PSCC in which combination chemotherapy was used and showed a remarkable response.

  12. Maine Students Learn to Appreciate Diversity.

    Flood, Pamela S.


    The Maine studies program at a rural Maine middle school begins in the sixth grade and expands through the eighth grade. Students camp out, explore Maine's geography, and learn about themselves, their state's history, and the state's diverse populations. Two multischool programs, Exchanging Maine's Cultures and the Curriculum Integration…

  13. Studies in the Justicia and Siphonoglossa (Acanthaceae species of southern Africa: final conclusions

    K. L. Immelman


    Full Text Available On the basis of seed surface micromorphology, pollen and inflorescence type, as well as characters of the capsule, seven sections can be distinguished in the southern African species of Justicia. The relationship of these to the sections recognised by Graham is discussed. A key to the sections and a synopsis of their main distinguishing characters are presented. One new section, sect. Minima lmmelman, is described. A short note on the generic position of the Siphonoglossa species of the region, following on from a previous paper, is also given.


    Alexander Sergeevich Dilkov


    Full Text Available The article considers the problem of corruption. The experience of anti-corruption activities in various countries shows convincingly that to completely get rid of corruption is impossible, as any other social evil, with solid foundations in economic, social and political system of society. You can put a question only about how to reduce the scale of corruption to the socially acceptable level. Corruption infringes upon interests and constitutional rights of citizens, undermines the rule of law and democratic principles, suggests discrediting the activities of the state apparatus, distorts the principle of legality, hinders economic reforms and therefore requires detailed investigation with the scientific side to find the most effective ways of countering this phenomenon. Corruption can be done in different ways and methods. The conclusion that corruption is not only a form of criminal enrichment bureaucratic state apparatus, it has always been the main source of criminalization of social life, its degradation.Corruption is both a prerequisite and a consequence of the functioning of the shadow economy, strengthening property differentiation of the society, the fall of morals and degradation of the socio-political life.

  15. Main-duct intraductal papillary mucinous adenoma of the pancreas

    Takuma Kensuke


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The prevalence of carcinoma in main-duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN is high, and surgical resection is recommended for all patients with a main-duct IPMN. Results A main-duct IPMN with typical imagings including protruding lesions in the dilated main pancreatic duct was resected, but the histology was intraductal papillary mucinous adenoma of the pancreas. Discussion It has been reported that the presence of mural nodules and dilatation of MPD are significantly higher in malignant IPMNs. The presented case had protruding lesions in the dilated main pancreatic duct on endoscopic ultrasonography, but the histology was adenoma. Conclusion Preoperative distinction between benign and malignant IPMNs is difficult.

  16. Enhancing the credibility of decisions based on scientific conclusions: transparency is imperative.

    Schreider, Jay; Barrow, Craig; Birchfield, Norman; Dearfield, Kerry; Devlin, Dennis; Henry, Sara; Kramer, Melissa; Schappelle, Seema; Solomon, Keith; Weed, Douglas L; Embry, Michelle R


    Transparency and documentation of the decision process are at the core of a credible risk assessment and, in addition, are essential in the presentation of a weight of evidence (WoE)-based approach. Lack of confidence in the risk assessment process (as the basis for a risk management decision), beginning with evaluation of raw data and continuing through the risk decision process, is largely because of issues surrounding transparency. There is a critical need to implement greater transparency throughout the risk assessment process, and although doing so will not guarantee the correctness of the risk assessment or that all risk assessors come up with the same conclusions, it will provide essential information on how a particular conclusion or decision was made, thereby increasing confidence in the conclusions. Recognizing this issue, the International Life Sciences Institute Health and Environmental Sciences Institute convened a multisector committee tasked with discussing this issue and examining existing guidance and recommendations related to transparency in risk assessment. The committee concluded that transparency is inextricably linked to credibility: credibility of the data, credibility of the risk assessment process, and credibility of the resulting decision making. To increase this credibility, existing guidance concerning criteria elements of transparency related to the risk assessment process must be more widely disseminated and applied, and raw data for studies used in human health and environmental risk assessment must be more widely available. Finally, the decision-making process in risk management must be better documented and a guidance framework established for both the process itself and its communication to the public.

  17. The Effect of State Anxiety on Paranoid Ideation and Jumping to Conclusions. An Experimental Investigation

    Lincoln, Tania M.; Lange, Jennifer; Burau, Julia; Exner, Cornelia; Moritz, Steffen


    Theoretical models of persecutory delusions have emphasized the impact of reasoning biases and negative emotion at the early stages of symptom formation. However, the causal mechanisms remain unclear. This study tests the hypothesis that state anxiety will increase paranoid ideation and that this increase will be moderated by the level of individual vulnerability and mediated by the tendency to jump to conclusions. Healthy participants (n = 90) with varying levels of vulnerability (psychosis symptoms assessed by the Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences) were randomly assigned to either an anxiety or a nonanxiety condition. Anxiety was induced by pictures from the International Affective Picture System and by in sensu exposure to individual anxiety-provoking situations. During each condition, symptoms of paranoia were assessed by a state-adapted version of the Paranoia Checklist. Jumping to conclusions (JTC) was assessed using a modified version of the beads task. Overall, participants in the anxiety condition reported significantly more paranoid thoughts and showed more JTC than participants in the neutral condition. Participants with higher baseline vulnerability were more likely to show an increase in paranoia as reaction to the anxiety manipulation. Moreover, the association of anxiety and paranoia was mediated by the increased tendency to jump to conclusions in the beads task. The results are in line with a threat anticipation conceptualization of paranoia and provide evidence for an interaction of anxiety and reasoning biases in the development of paranoid beliefs. A combination of meta-cognitive training directed at reasoning biases and promoting emotion regulation skills might prove beneficial in preventing symptoms. PMID:19429844

  18. One metric does not tell the whole story of scientific production. III. Management and conclusions



    Full Text Available Introduction: There are different strategies for scientific publication that can be addressed from the perspective of management, ahead of the assessment by national agencies. Rising of alternative metrics, services and suppliers. Method: Narrative review. Results: the characteristic features of the evaluation criteria of scientific publications by Spanish agencies evaluation are presented and described altmetrics services. Conclusions: The need for national evaluation systems of scientific production to avoid the current bias and ignorance of the publishing sector which suffer WoS and Scopus arises. And also the need for other altmetric systems, complementary to traditional, to expand the type of scientific products and evaluate the scientific social impact.


    Diana Olegovna YAMPOLSKAYA


    Full Text Available For several years the Russian market of soft drinks is growing rapidly. According to experts, this trend will continue in the future, but because our country is attrac-tive for brands large multinational companies. This article describes various ways to enter the Russian market brands world's largest companies, studied the experi-ence of promotion beverage company Coca-Cola, The peculiarities of the Russian perception of brands, shows how they are reflected in the advertising campaigns of the leading players in the market, formulate conclusions regarding behaviors of TNCs in various conditions.

  20. Venturing into the private sector: Conclusion. [US-Russia Agreement on highly enriched uranium


    From the very beginning, HEU has been a government-to-government deal. And right fully so. These weapons were produced by the US and Russia over the course of the Cold War. The two superpowers should play the main role in their dismantlement. After all, these aren't cars or microcomputers we're talking about. They are weapons of mass destruction. One day, private business will profit from their dismantlement. But it is truly the responsibility of the US and Russian governments to accomplish the larger objective of the HEU deal: To destroy these weapons, once and for all. But if government can fulfill the role of moral overseer, there's no reason why the private sector should not be involved in implementing the plan. And there is no shortage of companies lining up for a piece of the business. The Russians are all ears. While a deal with the US is their main priority, they've spoken to a number of private companies about blending down and marketing the HEU. In recent months, several US companies have signed preliminary agreements with the Russians. But what actual business these agreements will lead to is very unclear.

  1. A case study in explanatory power: John Snow's conclusions about the pathology and transmission of cholera.

    Tulodziecki, Dana


    In the mid-1800s, there was much debate about the origin or 'exciting cause' of cholera. Despite much confusion surrounding the disease, the so-called miasma theory emerged as the prevalent account about cholera's cause. Going against this mainstream view, the British physician John Snow inferred several things about cholera's origin and pathology that no one else inferred. Without observing the vibrio cholerae, however,-data unavailable to Snow and his colleagues-, there was no way of settling the question of what exactly was causing cholera and how, or if, it was passed on. The question then arises as to how Snow arrived at conclusions so systematically different from those of his opponents. In this paper, I want to look at Snow's reasoning in some detail, and show that there were certain principles, explanatory power in particular, that were epistemologically important to Snow in their own right. I will show that Snow himself takes explanatory power to be an epistemic property, and makes explicit links between explanatory power and confirmation. Systematically juxtaposing Snow's claims and his opponents', I will show that Snow was right to tout the explanatory power of his theory, and that his conclusions about the epistemic superiority of his theory over that of the miasmatists' were justified. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. Malaria Policy Advisory Committee to the WHO: conclusions and recommendations of eighth biannual meeting (September 2015).


    The Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) to the World Health Organization held its eighth meeting in Geneva, Switzerland from 16 to 18 September 2015. This article provides a summary of the discussions, conclusions and meeting recommendations. Meeting sessions included: recommendations from the Evidence Review Group (ERG) on mass drug administration; recommendations from the ERG on malaria in pregnancy; recommendations on when to scale back vector control; feedback on the Plasmodium vivax technical brief and the recommendation for G6PD testing before treatment; updates on artemisinin and artemisinin-based combination therapy resistance and the Greater Mekong Subregion elimination strategy; an update from the working group on malaria terminology; and updates on malaria elimination in the World Health Organization European region, the ERG on malaria elimination, and World Health Organization reform to support innovation, efficiency and quality in vector control tools. Policy statements, position statements, and guidelines that arise from the MPAC meeting conclusions and recommendations will be issued formally and disseminated to World Health Organization Member States by the World Health Organization Global Malaria Programme.

  3. Conclusions on motor control depend on the type of model used to represent the periphery.

    Pinter, Ilona J; van Soest, Arthur J; Bobbert, Maarten F; Smeets, Jeroen B J


    Within the field of motor control, there is no consensus on which kinematic and kinetic aspects of movements are planned or controlled. Perturbing goal-directed movements is a frequently used tool to answer this question. To be able to draw conclusions about motor control from kinematic responses to perturbations, a model of the periphery (i.e., the skeleton, muscle-tendon complexes, and spinal reflex circuitry) is required. The purpose of the present study was to determine to what extent such conclusions depend on the level of simplification with which the dynamical properties of the periphery are modeled. For this purpose, we simulated fast goal-directed single-joint movement with four existing types of models. We tested how three types of perturbations affected movement trajectory if motor commands remained unchanged. We found that the four types of models of the periphery showed different robustness to the perturbations, leading to different predictions on how accurate motor commands need to be, i.e., how accurate the knowledge of external conditions needs to be. This means that when interpreting kinematic responses obtained in perturbation experiments the level of error correction attributed to adaptation of motor commands depends on the type of model used to describe the periphery.

  4. Broken Robustness Analysis: How to make proper climate change conclusions in contradictory multimodal measurement contexts.

    Keyser, V.


    Philosophers of science discuss how multiple modes of measurement can generate evidence for the existence and character of a phenomenon (Horwich 1982; Hacking 1983; Franklin and Howson 1984; Collins 1985; Sober 1989; Trout 1993; Culp 1995; Keeley 2002; Staley 2004; Weber 2005; Keyser 2012). But how can this work systematically in climate change measurement? Additionally, what conclusions can scientists and policy-makers draw when different modes of measurement fail to be robust by producing contradictory results? First, I present a new technical account of robust measurement (RAMP) that focuses on the physical independence of measurement processes. I detail how physically independent measurement processes "check each other's results." (This account is in contrast to philosophical accounts of robustness analysis that focus on independent model assumptions or independent measurement products or results.) Second, I present a puzzle about contradictory and divergent climate change measures, which has consistently re-emerged in climate measurement. This discussion will focus on land, drilling, troposphere, and computer simulation measures. Third, to systematically solve this climate measurement puzzle, I use RAMP in the context of drought measurement in order to generate a classification of measurement processes. Here, I discuss how multimodal precipitation measures—e.g., measures of precipitation deficit like the Standard Precipitation Index vs. air humidity measures like the Standardized Relative Humidity Index--can help with the classification scheme of climate change measurement processes. Finally, I discuss how this classification of measures can help scientists and policy-makers draw effective conclusions in contradictory multimodal climate change measurement contexts.

  5. Four recent books on spirituality and the Psalms: some contextualising, analytical and evaluative remarks

    CJS Lombaard


    Full Text Available In the four years from 2002 to 2005, four new books on the Psalms and spirituality have been published. These are:� �� Stuhlmueller, C 2002.� The spirituality of the Psalms. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press. �� Brueggemann,� W 2002. Spirituality of the Psalms. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. �� Waaijman, K 2004. Mystiek in de psalmen. Baarn: Uitgeverij Ten Have. �� Firth, D G� 2005. Hear , o Lord. A spirituality of the Psalms. Calver: Cliff College Publishing. In this paper, brief remarks on the context within which this publication trend takes place, are made. Each of the works is then briefly described, and general evaluative remarks are concluded with.

  6. Remarkable discovery in a cave of south west Morocco: Siagona taggadertensis n.sp. (Carabidae: Siagoninae)

    Junger, Bernard; Faille, Arnaud


    [EN] Five species of the genus Siagona Latreille 1804 (Carabidae: Siagoninae) are known from Morocco. Siagona taggadertensis n. sp., a remarkable species of Carabidae from a Moroccan cave is described. This insect is spectacular by its large size (one of the largest species of the genus), its external morphology, which isolates it from all the north african representant of the genus, and for the conditions of its discovery: its only known from the remains of six specimens, all of them foun...

  7. Remarkable biomimetic chemoselective aerobic oxidation of flavano-ellagitannins found in oak-aged wine.

    Petit, Emilie; Lefeuvre, Dorothée; Jacquet, Rémi; Pouységu, Laurent; Deffieux, Denis; Quideau, Stéphane


    Under the auspices of Bacchus! Acutissimins, natural flavano-ellagitannins, occur in oak-aged wine as a result of a diastereoselective condensation reaction of the flavan-3-ol catechin, a component of grapes, with the C-glucosidic ellagitannin vescalagin, found in oak. The acutissimins are further converted into natural mongolicains and analogues of camelliatannin G in a remarkably chemoselective fashion by simple aerobic oxidation. Copyright © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  8. The Diamond Light Source and the challenges ahead for structural biology: some informal remarks.

    Ramakrishnan, V


    The remarkable advances in structural biology in the past three decades have led to the determination of increasingly complex structures that lie at the heart of many important biological processes. Many of these advances have been made possible by the use of X-ray crystallography using synchrotron radiation. In this short article, some of the challenges and prospects that lie ahead will be summarized.

  9. Remarks on the Existence and Uniqueness of Unbounded Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations.


    many more resu -s of this kind, including existence results in cases where nonuniqueness is possible and the existence of minimal solutions. We these works. -4- . .. . . . . . . . . * .. ..-.. .. ... . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . H CONTENTS I. Lipschitz Hamiltonians and the stationary...condition~s at infinity VII. Further remarks on the Cauchy problem V -5-r 1. LIPSCHITZ HAMILTONIANS AN-D THE STATIONARY PROBLEM. wilIn this section we

  10. Remarks on certain new methods for blind identification of FIR channels

    P. P. Vaidyanathan; Su, Borching


    This paper discusses a number of issues pertaining to blind identification of channels. The basics of blind identification are first discussed and a method called Vandermonde method is presented which is based on elementary linear system principles. Then some remarks are made about precoders with paraunitary antipodal preprocessors. It is argued that such preprocessors usually destroy signal richness which is a necessary feature in blind identification systems.

  11. The Remarkable Frequency of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Genetic Recombination


    Summary: The genetic diversity of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) results from a combination of point mutations and genetic recombination, and rates of both processes are unusually high. This review focuses on the mechanisms and outcomes of HIV-1 genetic recombination and on the parameters that make recombination so remarkably frequent. Experimental work has demonstrated that the process that leads to recombination—a copy choice mechanism involving the migration of reverse transcr...

  12. Additivity and Interactions in Ecotoxicity of Pollutant Mixtures: Some Patterns, Conclusions, and Open Questions

    Ismael Rodea-Palomares


    Full Text Available Understanding the effects of exposure to chemical mixtures is a common goal of pharmacology and ecotoxicology. In risk assessment-oriented ecotoxicology, defining the scope of application of additivity models has received utmost attention in the last 20 years, since they potentially allow one to predict the effect of any chemical mixture relying on individual chemical information only. The gold standard for additivity in ecotoxicology has demonstrated to be Loewe additivity which originated the so-called Concentration Addition (CA additivity model. In pharmacology, the search for interactions or deviations from additivity (synergism and antagonism has similarly captured the attention of researchers over the last 20 years and has resulted in the definition and application of the Combination Index (CI Theorem. CI is based on Loewe additivity, but focused on the identification and quantification of synergism and antagonism. Despite additive models demonstrating a surprisingly good predictive power in chemical mixture risk assessment, concerns still exist due to the occurrence of unpredictable synergism or antagonism in certain experimental situations. In the present work, we summarize the parallel history of development of CA, IA, and CI models. We also summarize the applicability of these concepts in ecotoxicology and how their information may be integrated, as well as the possibility of prediction of synergism. Inside the box, the main question remaining is whether it is worthy to consider departures from additivity in mixture risk assessment and how to predict interactions among certain mixture components. Outside the box, the main question is whether the results observed under the experimental constraints imposed by fractional approaches are a de fide reflection of what it would be expected from chemical mixtures in real world circumstances.

  13. Some Remarks on the Riccati Equation Expansion Method for Variable Separation of Nonlinear Models

    Zhang, Yu-Peng; Dai, Chao-Qing


    Based on the Riccati equation expansion method, 11 kinds of variable separation solutions with different forms of (2+1)-dimensional modified Korteweg-de Vries equation are obtained. The following two remarks on the Riccati equation expansion method for variable separation are made: (i) a remark on the equivalence of different solutions constructed by the Riccati equation expansion method. From analysis, we find that these seemly independent solutions with different forms actually depend on each other, and they can transform from one to another via some relations. We should avoid arbitrarily asserting so-called "new" solutions; (ii) a remark on the construction of localised excitation based on variable separation solutions. For two or multi-component systems, we must be careful with excitation structures constructed by all components for the same model lest the appearance of some un-physical structures. We hope that these results are helpful to deeply study exact solutions of nonlinear models in physical, engineering and biophysical contexts.

  14. Conclusions Regarding Cross-Group Differences in Happiness Depend on Difficulty of Reaching Respondents*

    Heffetz, Ori; Rabin, Matthew


    A growing literature explores differences in subjective well-being across demographic groups, often relying on surveys with high nonresponse rates. By using the reported number of call attempts made to participants in the University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers, we show that comparisons among easy-to-reach respondents differ from comparisons among hard-to-reach ones. Notably, easy-to-reach women are happier than easy-to-reach men, but hard-to-reach men are happier than hard-to-reach women, and conclusions of a survey could reverse with more attempted calls. Better alternatives to comparing group sample averages might include putting greater weight on hard-to-reach respondents or even extrapolating trends in responses. PMID:26316655

  15. Results and conclusions: perception sensor study for high speed autonomous operations

    Schneider, Anne; LaCelle, Zachary; Lacaze, Alberto; Murphy, Karl; Close, Ryan


    Previous research has presented work on sensor requirements, specifications, and testing, to evaluate the feasibility of increasing autonomous vehicle system speeds. Discussions included the theoretical background for determining sensor requirements, and the basic test setup and evaluation criteria for comparing existing and prototype sensor designs. This paper will present and discuss the continuation of this work. In particular, this paper will focus on analyzing the problem via a real-world comparison of various sensor technology testing results, as opposed to previous work that utilized more of a theoretical approach. LADAR/LIDAR, radar, visual, and infrared sensors are considered in this research. Results are evaluated against the theoretical, desired perception specifications. Conclusions for utilizing a suite of perception sensors, to achieve the goal of doubling ground vehicle speeds, is also discussed.

  16. Gasification of waste. Summary and conclusions of twenty-five years of development

    Rensfelt, Erik [TPS Termiska Processer AB, Nykoeping (Sweden); Oestman, Anders [Kemiinformation AB, Stockholm (Sweden)


    An overview of nearly thirty years development of waste gasification and pyrolysis technology is given, and some major general conclusions are drawn. The aim has been to give new developers an overview of earlier major attempts to treat MSW/RDF with thermochemical processes, gasification or pyrolysis. Research work in general is not covered, only R and D efforts that have led to substantial testing in pilot scale or demonstration. For further details, especially related to ongoing R and D, readers are referred to other recent reviews. The authors' view is that gasification of RDF with appropriate gas cleaning can play an important role in the future, for environmentally acceptable and efficient energy production. A prerequisite is that some of the major mistakes can be avoided, such as: (1) too rapid scale-up without experimental base, (2) unsuitable pretreatment of MSW to RDF and poor integration with material recycling, and (3) too limited gas/flue gas cleaning.

  17. The six most essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis: a pluralogue. Part 4: general conclusion

    Phillips James


    Full Text Available Abstract In the conclusion to this multi-part article I first review the discussions carried out around the six essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis – the position taken by Allen Frances on each question, the commentaries on the respective question along with Frances’ responses to the commentaries, and my own view of the multiple discussions. In this review I emphasize that the core question is the first – what is the nature of psychiatric illness – and that in some manner all further questions follow from the first. Following this review I attempt to move the discussion forward, addressing the first question from the perspectives of natural kind analysis and complexity analysis. This reflection leads toward a view of psychiatric disorders – and future nosologies – as far more complex and uncertain than we have imagined.

  18. Ham Sandwich with Mayo: A Stronger Conclusion to the Classical Ham Sandwich Theorem

    Elton, John H


    The conclusion of the classical ham sandwich theorem of Banach and Steinhaus may be strengthened: there always exists a common bisecting hyperplane that touches each of the sets, that is, intersects the closure of each set. Hence, if the knife is smeared with mayonnaise, a cut can always be made so that it will not only simultaneously bisect each of the ingredients, but it will also spread mayonnaise on each. A discrete analog of this theorem says that n finite nonempty sets in n-dimensional Euclidean space can always be simultaneously bisected by a single hyperplane that contains at least one point in each set. More generally, for n compactly-supported positive finite Borel measures in Euclidean n-space, there is always a hyperplane that bisects each of the measures and intersects the support of each measure.

  19. Adverbial stance marking in the introduction and conclusion sections of legal research articles

    Heather Adams


    Full Text Available Although scientific research articles have traditionally been taken as examples of an objective style of writing that aims to minimise researchers’ voices in their texts (Gilbert and Mulkay, 1984:42, authors inevitably adopt stances towards the information presented and the target audience when writing their papers. This article explores authorial stance as expressed by adverbial markers in the introduction and conclusion sections of legal research papers. Following Biber et al. (1999, and Conrad and Biber (1999, our aim is to identify the most frequent adverbial markers of stance present in each section as indicators of (i epistemicity, (ii attitude, and (iii style. We will try to show whether or not there are functional differences in the use of adverbial stance markers, and whether or not these are derived from the different communicative purposes of these sections.

  20. Sustainability of UK forestry: contemporary issues for the protection of freshwaters, a conclusion

    C. Neal


    Full Text Available This paper closes the Special Issue of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences entitled 'Sustainability of UK forestry: contemporary issues for the protection of freshwaters' by presenting conclusions from the contributions together with associated research findings. The volume deals largely with issues of upland water quality and biology in the context of environmental research and management. The studies are linked to an array of issues which affect the sustainability of UK forestry in the context of the protection of freshwaters, freshwater ecosystems and freshwater organisms. These issues include atmospheric and climate driven factors (acidification from atmospheric pollutants, critical loads, climate-change and climate variability, forestry practice and hydrobiogeochemical processing both within-catchments and within-rivers. The findings lie within the context of the science and relate to environmental management. Keywords: water quality, forestry, stream ecology, acidification, critical loads, nutrients

  1. Conclusions Regarding Cross-Group Differences in Happiness Depend on Difficulty of Reaching Respondents.

    Heffetz, Ori; Rabin, Matthew


    A growing literature explores differences in subjective well-being across demographic groups, often relying on surveys with high nonresponse rates. By using the reported number of call attempts made to participants in the University of Michigan's Surveys of Consumers, we show that comparisons among easy-to-reach respondents differ from comparisons among hard-to-reach ones. Notably, easy-to-reach women are happier than easy-to-reach men, but hard-to-reach men are happier than hard-to-reach women, and conclusions of a survey could reverse with more attempted calls. Better alternatives to comparing group sample averages might include putting greater weight on hard-to-reach respondents or even extrapolating trends in responses.

  2. Sex differences in moral reasoning: response to Walker's (1984) conclusion that there are none.

    Baumrind, D


    Data from the Family Socialization and Developmental Competence Project are used to probe Walker's conclusion that there are no sex differences in moral reasoning. Ordinal and nominal nonparametric statistics result in a complex but theoretically meaningful network of relationships among sex, educational level, and Kohlberg stage score level, with the presence and direction of sex differences in stage score level dependent on educational level. The effects on stage score level of educational level and working status are also shown to differ for men and women. Reasons are considered for not accepting Walker's dismissal of studies that use (a) a pre-1983 scoring manual, or (b) fail to control for education. The problems presented to Kohlberg's theory by the significant relationship between educational and stage score levels in the general population are discussed, particularly as these apply to the postconventional level of moral reasoning.

  3. Conclusive evidence of abrupt coagulation inside the void during cyclic nanoparticle formation in reactive plasma

    van de Wetering, F. M. J. H.; Nijdam, S.; Beckers, J.


    In this letter, we present scanning electron microscopy (SEM) results that confirm in a direct way our earlier explanation of an abrupt coagulation event as the cause for the void hiccup. In a recent paper, we reported on the fast and interrupted expansion of voids in a reactive dusty argon-acetylene plasma. The voids appeared one after the other, each showing a peculiar, though reproducible, behavior of successive periods of fast expansion, abrupt contraction, and continued expansion. The abrupt contraction was termed "hiccup" and was related to collective coagulation of a new generation of nanoparticles growing in the void using relatively indirect methods: electron density measurements and optical emission spectroscopy. In this letter, we present conclusive evidence using SEM of particles collected at different moments in time spanning several growth cycles, which enables us to follow the nanoparticle formation process in great detail.

  4. Highlights and Conclusions of the Chalonge Meudon Workshop Dark Matter in the Universe

    de Vega, H J


    The CIAS Chalonge Workshop `Dark Matter in the Universe and Universal Properties of Galaxies: Theory and Observations', was held at the Meudon Ch^ateau of Observatoire de Paris on 8-11 June 2010. The Workshop approached DM in a fourfold way: astronomical observations of DM structures (galaxy properties, halos, rotation curves and density profiles), DM numerical simulations (with and without baryons), theoretical astrophysics and cosmology (kinetic theory, Boltzmann-Vlasov evolution), astroparticle physics. Peter Biermann, Alfonso Cavaliere, Hector J. de Vega, Gianfranco Gentile, Chandra Jog, Andrea Lapi, Paolo Salucci, Norma G. Sanchez, Pasquale Serpico, Rainer Stiele, Janine van Eymeren and Markus Weber present here their highlights of the Workshop. The summary and conclusions by H. J. de Vega and N. G. Sanchez stress among other points the growing evidence that DM particles have a mass in the keV scale and that those keV scale particles naturally produce the small scale structures observed in galaxies. Wimp...

  5. On the possible physical mechanism of Chernobyl catastrophe and the unsoundness of official conclusion

    Rukhadze, A A; Filippov, D V


    The official conclusion about the origin and mechanism of the Chernobyl catastrophe is shown to essentially contradict experimental facts available from the accident. In the frame of existing physical models of nuclear fission reactor, it is shown analytically that under conditions of the accident the period of runaway of reactor at the fourth power generating unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP) should be either 10 times slower or 100 times faster than that observed. A self-consistent hypothesis is suggested for the probable birth of magnetic charges, during the turbine generator test under it's own momentum test, at the fourth power generating unit of CNPP, and for the impact of these charges on the reactivity coefficient.

  6. No Conclusive Evidence for Transits of Proxima b in MOST Photometry

    Kipping, David M.; Cameron, Chris; Hartman, Joel D.; Davenport, James R. A.; Matthews, Jaymie M.; Sasselov, Dimitar; Rowe, Jason; Siverd, Robert J.; Chen, Jingjing; Sandford, Emily; Bakos, Gáspár Á.; Jordán, Andrés; Bayliss, Daniel; Henning, Thomas; Mancini, Luigi; Penev, Kaloyan; Csubry, Zoltan; Bhatti, Waqas; Da Silva Bento, Joao; Guenther, David B.; Kuschnig, Rainer; Moffat, Anthony F. J.; Rucinski, Slavek M.; Weiss, Werner W.


    The analysis of Proxima Centauri’s radial velocities recently led Anglada-Escudé et al. to claim the presence of a low-mass planet orbiting the Sun’s nearest star once every 11.2 days. Although the a priori probability that Proxima b transits its parent star is just 1.5%, the potential impact of such a discovery would be considerable. Independent of recent radial velocity efforts, we observed Proxima Centauri for 12.5 days in 2014 and 31 days in 2015 with the Microwave and Oscillations of Stars space telescope. We report here that we cannot make a compelling case that Proxima b transits in our precise photometric time series. Imposing an informative prior on the period and phase, we do detect a candidate signal with the expected depth. However, perturbing the phase prior across 100 evenly spaced intervals reveals one strong false positive and one weaker instance. We estimate a false-positive rate of at least a few percent and a much higher false-negative rate of 20%–40%, likely caused by the very high flare rate of Proxima Centauri. Comparing our candidate signal to HATSouth ground-based photometry reveals that the signal is somewhat, but not conclusively, disfavored (1σ–2σ), leading us to argue that the signal is most likely spurious. We expect that infrared photometric follow-up could more conclusively test the existence of this candidate signal, owing to the suppression of flare activity and the impressive infrared brightness of the parent star.

  7. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance sulfoxaflor

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State Ireland and the co-rapporteur Member States Czech Republic, France and Poland for the pesticide active substance sulfoxaflor and the assessment of applications for maximum residue levels (MRLs are reported. The context of the peer review was that required by Regulation (EC No 1107/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of sulfoxaflor as an insecticide on fruiting vegetables (field use and glasshouse application; tomato, cherry tomato, pepper (bell and non bell, aubergine, cucurbits (field use and glasshouse application; cucumber, water melon, courgette, spring and winter cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, triticale and cotton. MRLs were assessed in almonds, pecans, apples, pears, cherries, peaches including nectarines, apricots, plums, wheat and barley grain, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, cabbage, leaf and head lettuce, spinach, celery, cotton seed, oilseed rape seed, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, melons, squash (winter and summer, cucumbers, potatoes, sugar beet, carrots, soya bean, beans (pulses, fresh beans with and without pods, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, wine and table grapes, and in animal commodities such as milk, eggs, muscle, fat, liver and kidney. The reliable endpoints concluded as being appropriate for use in regulatory risk assessment and the proposed MRLs, derived from the available studies and literature in the dossier peer reviewed, are presented. Missing information identified as being required by the regulatory framework is listed. With the available assessments a high risk to bees was not excluded for field uses and a high long-term risk was indicated for the small herbivorous mammal scenario for field uses in vegetables and in

  8. Definition of sampling units begets conclusions in ecology: the case of habitats for plant communities

    Martin A. Mörsdorf


    Full Text Available In ecology, expert knowledge on habitat characteristics is often used to define sampling units such as study sites. Ecologists are especially prone to such approaches when prior sampling frames are not accessible. Here we ask to what extent can different approaches to the definition of sampling units influence the conclusions that are drawn from an ecological study? We do this by comparing a formal versus a subjective definition of sampling units within a study design which is based on well-articulated objectives and proper methodology. Both approaches are applied to tundra plant communities in mesic and snowbed habitats. For the formal approach, sampling units were first defined for each habitat in concave terrain of suitable slope using GIS. In the field, these units were only accepted as the targeted habitats if additional criteria for vegetation cover were fulfilled. For the subjective approach, sampling units were defined visually in the field, based on typical plant communities of mesic and snowbed habitats. For each approach, we collected information about plant community characteristics within a total of 11 mesic and seven snowbed units distributed between two herding districts of contrasting reindeer density. Results from the two approaches differed significantly in several plant community characteristics in both mesic and snowbed habitats. Furthermore, differences between the two approaches were not consistent because their magnitude and direction differed both between the two habitats and the two reindeer herding districts. Consequently, we could draw different conclusions on how plant diversity and relative abundance of functional groups are differentiated between the two habitats depending on the approach used. We therefore challenge ecologists to formalize the expert knowledge applied to define sampling units through a set of well-articulated rules, rather than applying it subjectively. We see this as instrumental for progress in

  9. Conclusions of the DIRECT-MAT project: Dismantling and recycling techniques for road materials; Conclusiones del proyecto DIRECT-MAT: Tecnicas de demolicion y reciclado de materiales para la carretera

    Gonzalez Abadias, A. I.; Ruiz-Aucar Berlinches, E.; Sinis Fernandez, F.


    DIRECT-MAT (Dismantling and Recycling Techniques for road Materials) is a research project included in the 7{sup t}h Framework Programme of the EU, which counted with the participation of 20 partners from 15 different European countries. The Transport Research Centre of CEDEX (Spain) has been part of this project that began in January 2009. The aim of the DIRECT-MAT project has been to enable that national experience in the field of demolition and recycling of materials related to roads can be shared and disseminated among European countries for the benefit of all of them. In 2011 the paper the Direct-Mat Project: Dismantling and recycling techniques for road materials. Sharing knowledge and practices was published in the number 161 of Ingenieria Civil magazine. That paper consisted of an extensive description of the project, explaining in detail its structure, the status of the work in early 2011 and the conclusions drawn from the milestones (review of existing national documents). This paper is a continuation of the one previously published. This this article describes the work carried out since then and the collisions of the project. During this time, the main activities have been the compilation of several case studies and the developing of best practice guides. Regarding the results of the project, it is important to mention the database in which all the information gathered during the project is being uploads. Soon, it will have free online access. This database in perhaps the most remarkable results of the project, as it represents an invaluable reference tool for all the stake holders interested in the wide variety of recycling techniques that are being carried out today in Europe. (Author) 8 refs.

  10. Monitoring the Probation Measures and Alternative Penalties in the European Union. Critical Remarks

    Ion RUSU


    Full Text Available In the context of EU extension, the main way to prevent and fight against crime of all kinds is represented by the intensification in the specific activities of judicial cooperation in criminal mattersin all member states, based on a legislation anchored in the present realities. The most important form of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, based on mutual confidence in the decision taken by the competent judicial organisms is, in our opinion, the recognition and execution of foreign criminal decisions and judicial acts. One of the ways in which this type of cooperation is accomplished is represented by the mutual recognition and monitoring of suspended sentences, sentences with postponement of execution of the conviction, alternative penalties and decisions on probation, that have the purpose of increasing the chances for social reintegration of the convicted person. Recognizing and executing such an injunction in another member state than the one in which the conviction was established imposes, for the executing member state, the necessity of taking the most efficient measures for each singular case. The critical examination of the dispositions of the Council’s Decision Frame 2008/947/JAI, that regulates this procedure, as well as the special internal law leas to the conclusion of the existence of provisions that are at least debatable and the necessity of urgent transposition of theEuropean normative act’s provisions in our internal legislation.

  11. Tomatoes versus lycopene in oxidative stress and carcinogenesis: conclusions from clinical trials.

    Basu, A; Imrhan, V


    To review the effects of tomato product supplementation, containing lycopene, on biomarkers of oxidative stress and carcinogenesis in human clinical trials. Supplementation of tomato products, containing lycopene, has been shown to lower biomarkers of oxidative stress and carcinogenesis in healthy and type II diabetic patients, and prostate cancer patients, respectively. Processed tomato products like tomato juice, tomato paste, tomato puree, tomato ketchup and tomato oleoresin have been shown to provide bioavailable sources of lycopene, with consequent increases in plasma lycopene levels versus baseline. Dietary fats enhance this process and should be consumed together with food sources of lycopene. The mechanisms of action involve protection of plasma lipoproteins, lymphocyte DNA and serum proteins against oxidative damage, and anticarcinogenic effects, including reduction of prostate-specific antigen, upregulation of connexin expression and overall decrease in prostate tumor aggressiveness. There is limited in vivo data on the health benefits of lycopene alone. Most of the clinical trials with tomato products suggest a synergistic action of lycopene with other nutrients, in lowering biomarkers of oxidative stress and carcinogenesis. Consumption of processed tomato products, containing lycopene, is of significant health benefit and can be attributed to a combination of naturally occurring nutrients in tomatoes. Lycopene, the main tomato carotenoid, contributes to this effect, but its role per se remains to be investigated.

  12. Examining the structure of emotional intelligence at the item level: new perspectives, new conclusions.

    Maul, Andrew


    Despite twenty years of research, many unknowns remain regarding the Mayer-Salovey (e.g., 1997) model of emotional intelligence (EI) and the validity of tests that have been designed to measure it. Evidence relevant to the internal structure of EI has come mainly from factor-analytic studies of the MSCEIT and the MEIS, utilising parcelled task scores rather than individual test items. This approach has several deficiencies: in addition to the loss of item-level information, it results in an insufficient number of observed variables per factor and an inability to separate structural sources of local item dependence (i.e., method variance) from construct-related variance. The present study (N=707) employed multidimensional item response modelling to investigate the dimensional structure of the MSCEIT, at the item level, for the first time. It is shown that item format and the specific choice of task explain far more of the variance in response patterns than does the hypothesised dimensional structure of EI, to the point that there is no empirical reason to prefer a higher-dimensional model of EI over a unidimensional model. It is argued that the advantage of an item-level perspective can be fundamental, rather than merely incremental.

  13. Long-term ecological research on Italian forest ecosystems: perspectives and conclusions



    Full Text Available The paper summarises the contents of the present volume devoted to forest research in Italy, within the National Programme for Forest Ecosystem Monitoring (CONECOFOR, part of the Level II forest monitoring, and other linked regional and provincial monitoring activities. The coordination of the project, through a National Focal Centre and a Task Force for the Integrated and Combined Evaluation of results, made up of the foremost Italian experts working in the field, is outlined. No clear signals of strong negative impacts emerge from the papers, although the results of several studies indicate nitrogen and ozone as possible causes of disturbances in a number of plots. The effects of the deposition of acidity are largely buffered by the nature of the soils, while nitrate is leached from the plots where runoff is analysed, indicating N saturation of soils. This paper describes the main activities of the Task Force as regards data validation and elaboration, aimed at providing reliable information leading to sustainable forest management in Italy as well as making a useful contribution to international activities in a Pan-European context.

  14. [Misuse of drugs: conclusions of the pharmacovigilance workshops at La Baule, France].

    Fermont, I


    Drug iatrogeny is a current Public Health issue; it is often related to misuse and is therefore preventable. The congress "Les Ateliers de Pharmacovigilance de La Baule" (May 2001) bringing together pharmacovigilance staff from both the industry and Health authorities, showed that misuse concerns every step of the drug process--prescription, dispensing and administration--and all health professionals as well as the patient. New concepts have been brought to light with regard to the definition of misuse: the medical point of view should be preferred, based on the risk taken by a given patient without the expected benefit. product characteristics alone are inadequate and should be enlarged by relevent scientific data. the main goal is to improve the quality of healthcare by preventing misuse. A working group including Pharmacovigilance staff from the industry, the CRPV and the Afssaps has: to reach a consensus on definition in France and then propose it to EMEA; to analyse and propose specific prevention actions; to write a vademecum of those involved in this prevention.

  15. Rescue missions for totally buried avalanche victims: conclusions from 12 years of experience.

    Hohlrieder, Matthias; Thaler, Stephanie; Wuertl, Walter; Voelckel, Wolfgang; Ulmer, Hanno; Brugger, Hermann; Mair, Peter


    The planning and execution of avalanche rescue missions to search for totally buried avalanche victims are mostly based on personal experience and preference, as evidence-based information from literature is almost completely missing. Hence, the aim of this study was to identify major factors determining the survival probability of totally buried victims during avalanche rescue missions carried out by organized rescue teams (Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, Tyrol). During the 12-year period studied, 109 totally buried persons (56 off-piste, 53 backcountry), were rescued or recovered; 18.3% survived to hospital discharge. Median depth of burial was 1.25 m; median duration of burial was 85 min. The majority (61.6%) of the rescue missions were conducted under considerably dangerous avalanche conditions. The probability of survival was highest when located visually and lowest for those located by avalanche transceiver; survival did not significantly differ between those found by rescue dogs and those located with avalanche probes. Multivariate analysis revealed short duration of burial and off-piste terrain to be the two independent predictors of survival. Whenever companion rescue fails, snow burial in an avalanche is associated with extraordinarily high mortality. Searching the avalanche debris with probe lines seems to be equally effective as compared to searching with rescue dogs. The potential hazard for rescuers during avalanche rescue missions comes mainly from self-triggered avalanches, hence thorough mission planning and critical risk-benefit assessment are of utmost importance for risk reduction.

  16. Symbolic Spaces in Late Capitalism, Where Art is A Proposal and not a Conclusion

    Mariano O. de Blas


    Full Text Available Capitalism is the predominant conceptual system configuring and forming our reality. It is difficult, perhaps almost impossible, to imagine another one, because we are immersed in the conceptual approaches of this reality, the one of capitalism. Art is able to represent, symbolically and accurately this conceptual reality, but also to encourage us to imagine other realities even if it is only able display this one accurately (without critic. The concept of this reality is based now on consumption through virtual identities. The value of art is affected by this premise, meaning that the artist is valuable mainly because he is converted into a logo, a valuable signature on the work. This phenomenon not only reflects our conceptual approach to reality but also unveils it, revealing new aspects of our reality and what we think about it. However, art is able to go further and present different approaches to our concepts about reality. It could mean that art promotes us to imagine other realities, at least unconsciously, for both art producers and viewers. Finally, this scheme has to be included in a new revolutionary tool, the web, a virtual multidimensional space, where contemporary art takes part. Therefore, in the “space” of the web, art can communicate more than ever and can transform itself and present this transformation beyond the established limits, contributing to produce a more flexible and imaginative way of thinking.

  17. 30 CFR 57.6160 - Main facilities.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Main facilities. 57.6160 Section 57.6160...-Underground Only § 57.6160 Main facilities. (a) Main facilities used to store explosive material underground... facilities will not prevent escape from the mine, or cause detonation of the contents of another storage...

  18. Permutation entropy based time series analysis: Equalities in the input signal can lead to false conclusions

    Zunino, Luciano, E-mail: [Centro de Investigaciones Ópticas (CONICET La Plata – CIC), C.C. 3, 1897 Gonnet (Argentina); Departamento de Ciencias Básicas, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), 1900 La Plata (Argentina); Olivares, Felipe, E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), 23-40025 Valparaíso (Chile); Scholkmann, Felix, E-mail: [Research Office for Complex Physical and Biological Systems (ROCoS), Mutschellenstr. 179, 8038 Zurich (Switzerland); Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory, Department of Neonatology, University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich, 8091 Zurich (Switzerland); Rosso, Osvaldo A., E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL), BR 104 Norte km 97, 57072-970, Maceió, Alagoas (Brazil); Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) and CONICET, C1106ACD, Av. Eduardo Madero 399, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina); Complex Systems Group, Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Aplicadas, Universidad de los Andes, Av. Mons. Álvaro del Portillo 12.455, Las Condes, Santiago (Chile)


    A symbolic encoding scheme, based on the ordinal relation between the amplitude of neighboring values of a given data sequence, should be implemented before estimating the permutation entropy. Consequently, equalities in the analyzed signal, i.e. repeated equal values, deserve special attention and treatment. In this work, we carefully study the effect that the presence of equalities has on permutation entropy estimated values when these ties are symbolized, as it is commonly done, according to their order of appearance. On the one hand, the analysis of computer-generated time series is initially developed to understand the incidence of repeated values on permutation entropy estimations in controlled scenarios. The presence of temporal correlations is erroneously concluded when true pseudorandom time series with low amplitude resolutions are considered. On the other hand, the analysis of real-world data is included to illustrate how the presence of a significant number of equal values can give rise to false conclusions regarding the underlying temporal structures in practical contexts. - Highlights: • Impact of repeated values in a signal when estimating permutation entropy is studied. • Numerical and experimental tests are included for characterizing this limitation. • Non-negligible temporal correlations can be spuriously concluded by repeated values. • Data digitized with low amplitude resolutions could be especially affected. • Analysis with shuffled realizations can help to overcome this limitation.

  19. Reevaluating the carcinogenicity of ortho-toluidine: a new conclusion and its implications.

    Sellers, C; Markowitz, S


    The aromatic amine ortho-toluidine has been recognized by IARC as an animal carcinogen for the past decade. Three recent epidemiological studies of worker populations have now implicated this chemical as a human bladder carcinogen. In a study by E. Ward, A. Carpenter, S. Markowitz, D. Roberts, and W. Halperin ((1991), J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 83, 501-506), workers definitely exposed to ortho-toluidine for at least 10 years experienced a Standardized Incidence Ratio (SIR) of 27.2 (90% CI = 11.8-53.7). The other major exposure was to aniline, which significant epidemiological studies have failed to confirm as a human carcinogen. In retrospect, studies by G. F. Rubino, G. Scansetti, G. Piolatto ((1982) Environ. Res. 27, 241-254) and M. J. Stasik ((1988) Int. Arch. Occup. Environ. Health 60, 21-24) also support the hypothesis that ortho-toluidine is a human bladder carcinogen. Animal studies of both ortho-toluidine and its possible confounders in these epidemiological investigations further confirm this hypothesis. When evaluated in a suitably comprehensive way, according to the traditional standards for assessing causality outlined by A. B. Hill ((1977) A Short Textbook of Medical Statistics, pp. 288-294, Lippincott, Philadelphia) the evidence that ortho-toluidine causes human bladder cancer has become much more conclusive. In this case, animal tests have proven a good predictor of human carcinogenicity.

  20. The virucidal effect of platelet concentrates: preliminary study and first conclusions.

    Maurice, A; Marchand-Arvier, M; Edert, D; Le Faou, A; Gondrexon, G; Vigneron, C


    Despite the increased safety of blood components, achieved through improved donor selection and testing, transfusion recipients remain at risk of transfusion-associated diseases. Transfusion of cellular blood components has been implicated in transmission of viral, bacterial and protozoan diseases. Investigators have studied a myriad of processes for pathogen depletion and/or inactivation. No successful treatments, apart the leukodepletion, have already been identified for red cells and platelets. And more, several evidences indicate that platelets play a key role in host defence against infection. High levels of pathogens were added to single-donor platelet concentrates (PC) containing 3 to 5 10(11) platelets in 300 ml. The infectivity of each pathogen was measured with established biologic assays. The following levels of pathogen inactivation were achieved : >10(2.63) plaque-forming units (PFU) per ml of adenovirus 5 (ADV5), >10(5.6) PFU per ml of Poliovirus 1 (P1) and >10(4.1) PFU per ml of vaccinia virus (VaV). In conclusion, the PC show a potential virucidal effect. This inactivation process has been found with bacteria and still remains unknown for viruses.

  1. On an experimental curiosity that if undetected may lead to erroneous far-reaching conclusions

    Noninski, V.C.; Ciottone, J.L.; White, P.J. [Fitchburg State College, MA (United States)


    This letter gives a brief discussion of the possibilities of inducing nuclear effects by carrying out only chemical reactions. Undoubtedly, this interest is a result of the still unresolved problem of `cold fusion,` and some colleagues tend to see a clear connection, and even an extension of the studies, between cold fusion and the alleged chemical transmutation of elements. While we have already published thorough reports (negative so far) of our studies with regard to the claimed increase of gamma-ray emission and beta decay after burning of a mixture of chemicals, this letter informs the Fusion Technology readership of an experimental curiosity that is encountered during similar studies that initially led us to an erroneous conclusion. As in previous studies, we compared certain radiochemical properties of a mixture of chemicals before and after a chemical reaction (burning). Under discussion here is a peak that we observed in the range of 412 keV in the gamma spectrum in one of the burned samples after neutron activating it for 3 min at 1 kW. This peak was ostensibly not present in the same sample unburned. 4 refs., 2 figs.

  2. Pressure Measurement Techniques for Abdominal Hypertension: Conclusions from an Experimental Model

    Sascha Santosh Chopra


    Full Text Available Introduction. Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP measurement is an indispensable tool for the diagnosis of abdominal hypertension. Different techniques have been described in the literature and applied in the clinical setting. Methods. A porcine model was created to simulate an abdominal compartment syndrome ranging from baseline IAP to 30 mmHg. Three different measurement techniques were applied, comprising telemetric piezoresistive probes at two different sites (epigastric and pelvic for direct pressure measurement and intragastric and intravesical probes for indirect measurement. Results. The mean difference between the invasive IAP measurements using telemetric pressure probes and the IVP measurements was −0.58 mmHg. The bias between the invasive IAP measurements and the IGP measurements was 3.8 mmHg. Compared to the realistic results of the intraperitoneal and intravesical measurements, the intragastric data showed a strong tendency towards decreased values. The hydrostatic character of the IAP was eliminated at high-pressure levels. Conclusion. We conclude that intragastric pressure measurement is potentially hazardous and might lead to inaccurately low intra-abdominal pressure values. This may result in missed diagnosis of elevated abdominal pressure or even ACS. The intravesical measurements showed the most accurate values during baseline pressure and both high-pressure plateaus.

  3. Moves and Wrap-Up Sentences in Chinese Students’ Essay Conclusions

    Donghong Liu


    Full Text Available Whether L1 (first language rhetorical transfer affects L2 (second language writing remains a controversial issue. Based on Hyland’s move theory, this article focuses on the moves and the quality of wrap-up sentences in essay conclusions, exploring the impact of L1 rhetorical transfer. One hundred eighty-four expository essays written by Chinese college students were analyzed, as well as 20 English and 20 Chinese model essays. Besides, sentence-initial discourse markers in 100 Chinese model essays were collected and categorized to investigate why Chinese teachers and students favor certain English linking adverbials. The research results show that the Chinese students displayed their strategy use in Discourse Marker, Consolidation and Close, but the preference to certain sets of linking adverbials and Affirmation move can be attributed to the L1 rhetorical transfer at lexical level and text level. In this study, L1 rhetorical transfer has been found to go hand in hand with strategy use. For the students at tertiary level, strategy use might overweigh L1 rhetorical transfer.

  4. Correspondences between theory of mind, jumping to conclusions, neuropsychological measures and the symptoms of schizophrenia.

    Woodward, Todd S; Mizrahi, Romina; Menon, Mahesh; Christensen, Bruce K


    Tasks measuring reasoning biases and social cognition were originally applied to the study of schizophrenia in order to shed light on the cognitive underpinnings of positive symptoms. However, the empirical evidence for overlap between these tasks, and their association with positive symptoms, remains preliminary. In the current study we explore these associations using multivariate methodology, with primary interest in two commonly studied paradigms: jumping to conclusions (JTC) and theory of mind (ToM). We also included measures of memory, executive function and fluency performance, in order to relate the cognitive constructs to more traditional neuropsychological constructs. Forty-six schizophrenia inpatients were administered JTC, ToM, verbal fluency, executive functioning, and verbal memory tasks. A principal component analysis resulted in three components interpreted as Memory, Elaboration and Flexibility. ToM loaded with verbal fluency on the Elaboration component, whereas JTC loaded with executive functioning on the Flexibility component. The negative susbscale of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) correlated with the Elaboration component, but no other component-subscale correlations reached significance. Implications of these results are that impairments in elaboration may underlie the commonly observed correlation between ToM and negative symptoms, but argue against a common neurocognitive system for JTC, ToM and positive symptoms.

  5. Conclusion: The Politics of Numbers – Censuses in the Post-Yugoslav States

    Soeren Keil


    Full Text Available This conclusion poses a number of questions related to policy issues and the censuses in the post-Yugoslav states. It is argued that censuses are always more than just a technical counting exercise. Census discussions in Western Europe tend to focus on regional funding, infrastructure support and long-term policy planning, and can be as contested and heated as questions over identity, religion and mother tongue in the post-Yugoslav states. However, identity-related questions in an area in which identity is still in flux and in which fundamental demographic changes have taken place recently, prevent any focus on more policy-oriented discussions. In their EU integration process, all of the post-Yugoslav countries will have to concentrate on issues such as economic development, sustainable infrastructure planning, budgeting within the strict rules of the most recent EU agreements and hence policy discussions should be at the forefront of the debates about the results of the censuses. Instead, discussions over who is counted and how remain of key importance in all countries (even those that have joined the EU, and demonstrate unconsolidated nation-building projects.

  6. Highlights and Conclusions of the Chalonge 13th Paris Cosmology Colloquium

    de Vega, H J


    The 13th Chalonge Paris Cosmology Colloquium was held at the historic Perrault building of Observatoire de Paris on 23-25 July 2009. The Colloquium was held in the spirit of the Chalonge School, putting together real cosmological and astrophysical data and hard theory predictive approach in the framework of the Standard Model of the Universe. Peter Biermann, James Bullock, Claudio Destri, Hector de Vega, Massimo Giovannini, Sasha Kashlinsky, Eiichiro Komatsu, Anthony Lasenby and Norma G. Sanchez present here their highlights of the Colloquium. The summary and conclusions by H. J. de Vega, M. C. Falvella and N. G. Sanchez stress among other points: (i) the primordial CMB fluctuations are almost gaussian, large primordial non-gaussianity and large running index are strongly disfavored. The primordial graviton ratio r is predicted in the effective theory of inflation to be between 0.021 and 0.053, at reach of the next CMB observations. (ii) Dark energy observations are consistent with the cosmological constant. ...

  7. Where is the main source of Jupiter family comets situated?

    Kazantsev, A M


    An attempt to determine spatial location of the main source of short-period comet nuclei was made. There were carried out numerical calculations for orbit evolution of Jupiter family comets, comets with middle-period orbits and bodies of Centaur group. On the basis of the calculations it was shown, that orbital evolution of the solar system small bodies is mainly going in the direction of the semi-major axes increase. It belongs to the bodies which can undergo approaches the planets, and orbital evolution of which is mainly going due to the gravitational forces. Such result is confirmed by qualitative analysis of changes of small body semi-major axes under approaches the planets. The conclusion was drawn that the main source of nuclei of Jupiter family comets is apparently situated at distances from the Sun not more than 6 AU.

  8. Long term behavior of radiocaesium in moose: conclusions from 25 years of monitoring

    Weimer, R.; Sonesten, L.; Goedkoop, W. [Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment (Sweden); Sundell-Bergman, S.; Rosen, K. [Department of Soil and Environment (Sweden); Wikenros, C. [Department of Ecology (Sweden)


    Radiocesium ({sup 137}Cs) deposited after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, still persist in forest ecosystems in parts of Sweden at relatively high concentrations. In the forest, radiocaesium is assumed to be reversibly bound to the soil, which facilitates its uptake by plant roots and fungal mycelia thus making it available, as fodder, to wild animals. Even today this leads to contaminated meat from moose (Alces alces) and other game species. Around 100 000 moose, approximately 1/3 of the whole population, are shot each year in Sweden which makes moose the main source of consumed game meat. Hence understanding the long-term behavior of radiocaesium in forest ecosystems is important for the evaluation of future potential health risks to consumers. The two municipalities of Heby and Uppsala, in east-central Sweden, experienced relatively large deposition in 1986 (5 - 100 kBq/m{sup 2}). Monitoring of the {sup 137}Cs activity concentrations in meat from moose hunted in these areas was initiated already in autumn 1986 and is still continuing. Muscle samples from front leg of the slaughtered moose are received from local hunters during the hunting season and more than 3500 samples have been collected during the years. The samples are adjoined with a sampling protocol containing information on estimated age, sex and weight, as well as where and when each moose was shot. Gamma spectrometry of the {sup 137}Cs- activities is performed on fresh or frozen moose muscle samples using HPGe detectors. The main part of all the samples analyzed since 1986 are from the northern part of Heby municipality. This study area covers approximately 400 km{sup 2} and received a mean ground deposition of approximately 35 kBq/m{sup 2} of {sup 137}Cs in 1986. The area is dominated by managed coniferous forests, but also includes large parts of agricultural land. A database of > 3 500 moose samples collected from hunts between 1986 and 2010 was used in this study. The results of the

  9. The LIFE Project “Monitoring of insects with public participation” (MIPP: aims, methods and conclusions

    Giuseppe Maria Carpaneto


    Full Text Available The Life Project “Monitoring of insects with public participation” (LIFE11 NAT/IT/000252 had as the main objective to develop and test methods for the monitoring of five beetle species listed in the Annexes of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC: Osmoderma eremita (hermit beetle, Scarabaeidae, Lucanus cervus (European stag beetle, Lucanidae, Cerambyx cerdo (great capricorn beetle, Cerambycidae, Rosalia alpina (rosalia longicorn, Cerambycidae and Morimus asper/funereus (morimus longicorn, Cerambycidae. The data gathered represent an important contribution to the monitoring of these target species in Italy. The methods developed for monitoring of the target species are intended for use by the local management authorities and staff of protected areas. These developed methods are the result of extensive fieldwork and ensure scientific validity, ease of execution and limited labour costs. The detailed description of methods and the results for each species are published in separate articles of this special issue of Nature Conservation. A second objective of the project was to gather faunistic data with a Citizen Science approach, using the web and a mobile application software (app specifically built for mobile devices. The validation of the records collected by the citizens was carried out by experts, based on photographs, which were obligatory for all records. Dissemination activities represented the principal way to contact and engage citizens for the data collection and also offered the possibility of providing information on topics such as Natura 2000, the Habitats Directive, the role of monitoring in nature conservation, the importance of forest ecosystems and the ecological role of the saproxylic insects. An innovative method tested during the project was the training of a dog for searching and monitoring the elusive hermit beetle; the trained dog also added a “curiosity” factor to attract public attention towards this rare insect and

  10. Results and conclusions of pine treeline advanced project in subarctic Finland

    Siren, G.


    The original project components dealt with seed germination, soil conditions, competition, seedling ecology in and development. Subsequent research into flowering, seed maturation, dispersal and sexual development gained notable interest, as the uninhibited advance of the pine treeline continued. Since then the significant roles of repeated seed years and stand development became evident as stem numbers first increased and thereafter decreased. Improving bio-energy resources and quantifying the increasing CO{sub 2} sink dominated the sup-projects in the final stages. Ultimately the careful age and dry weight measurements and stem inventories prove decisively important in determining what factors were the main prerequisites for the advance of pine on forest-tundra and the development of the new CO{sub 2} sink. During the 20th century the favorable climate has promoted the advance of pine in the far north of Finland, which would appear to support the IPCC message of global warming. A consequence of this climate warming might be that the productive forest area in northernmost Finland will increase rather dramatically during the next century. Considering the longevity of pine, the standing productive forest stock and CO{sub 2} sink capacity would hence increase accordingly. It would therefore seem prudent to recommend the enhancement of conifer seed years and intensified experimentation with genetically tested conifer species throughout the circumpolar treeline regions. Consequently, through sustainable use of new biomass reserves, new areas south of the timberline could be opened to allow for potential ecological forestry practices and alternate energy sources could be developed. At the same time, this will create new employment opportunities for local people in all circumpolar regions.

  11. Twenty years of children’s health monitoring: organization, results, conclusions

    Aleksandra Anatol’evna Shabunova


    Full Text Available Deep understanding of human potential reproduction, presenting it as a continuous cycle and reflecting the continuity of generations, is significant for the formation of health and development of children. Today’s children will determine the future of Russian society. It is they who in 10–15 years will be a major part of the labor and creative population, a demographic base of the country. The research into children’s problems through the prism of socio-economic development helps identify targets of the state many-sided policy. The article presents results of the long-term medical sociological monitoring on the formation of child health carried out by the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS with the support of the Vologda Oblast Healthcare Department since 1995. The special monitoring study of health dynamics in real time is unique not only for the Vologda Oblast, but for Russia as well. It reveals the transformation of a personality and the dependence of these changes on direct and indirect factors. The work’s feature is that it addresses an extremely important and wide range of issues: whether man was born healthy or not, if he/she is unhealthy, then why and why he/she was born unhealthy; whether his/her health after the birth is improving or deteriorating; if health is changing, what causes the changes. The 15 year observations disclose the dynamics of child health in the conditions of transformation processes taking place in the country. If the official statistics only records certain health trends, the monitoring results allow us to talk about them at a qualitatively new level. They reveal the underlying causes of demographic processes. The conclusion is, on the one hand, obvious and, on the other hand, it can not be neglected: economic stability and orderly development of the social sphere are critical for family well-being and child health. The reverse situation leads to the destruction of the family

  12. Food, plant food, and vegetarian diets in the US dietary guidelines: conclusions of an expert panel.

    Jacobs, David R; Haddad, Ella H; Lanou, Amy Joy; Messina, Mark J


    We summarize conclusions drawn from a panel discussion at the "Fifth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition" about the roles of and emphasis on food, plant food, and vegetarianism in current and future US dietary guidelines. The most general recommendation of the panel was that future dietary guidelines, following the lead of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, should emphasize food-based recommendations and thinking to the full extent that evidence allows. Although nutrient-based thinking and Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) may help ensure an adequate diet in the sense that deficiency states are avoided, the emphasis on DRIs may not capture many important nutritional issues and may inhibit a focus on foods. More generally, in the context of the conference on vegetarian nutrition, this report focuses on the history and structure of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, on various plant food-oriented recommendations that are supported by literature evidence, and on mechanisms for participating in the process of forming dietary guidelines. Among recommendations that likely would improve health and the environment, some are oriented toward increased plant food consumption and some toward vegetarianism. The literature on health effects of individual foods and whole lifestyle diets is insufficient and justifies a call for future food-oriented research, including expanding the evidence base for plant-based and vegetarian diets. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's role should be carried forward to creation of a publicly accessible icon (eg, the current pyramid) and related materials to ensure that the science base is fully translated for the public.

  13. Employer Policies and Practices to Manage and Prevent Disability: Conclusion to the Special Issue.

    Main, Chris J; Shaw, William S


    Purpose Research of employer policies and practices to manage and prevent disability spans many disciplines and perspectives, and there are many challenges related to stakeholder collaboration, data access, and interventions. The purpose of this article is to synthesize the findings from a conference and year-long collaboration among a group of invited researchers intended to spur new research innovations in this field. Methods A multidisciplinary team of 26 international researchers with published research in employer-based disability management or related fields were invited to attend a 3-day conference in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA. The conference goals were to review the status of current research of workplace disability management and prevention, examine its relevance for employer decision-making, compare conceptual frameworks or theoretical perspectives, and recommend future research directions. In this paper, we summarize key points from the 6 resulting papers, compare them with an earlier 2005 conference on improving return-to-work research, and conclude with recommendations for further overarching research directions. Results/Conclusion In comparison with the 2005 conference, a greater emphasis was placed on organizational and social factors, employer roles and responsibilities, methods of implementation, non-clinical approaches, and facilitating stay-at-work as well as return-to-work. A special panel of employer consultants and representatives who were featured at the 2015 conference reinforced the importance of organizational culture, leadership style, and financial decision-making strategies at the employer level. Based on the conference proceedings, we recommend that future research in this area should strive for: (a) broader inclusion of workers and workplaces; (b) attention to multilevel influences in the workplace;

  14. Why Value Framework Assessments Arrive at Different Conclusions: A Multiple Myeloma Case Study.

    Westrich, Kimberly; Buelt, Lisabeth; Dubois, Robert W


    As the United States transitions from a volume-based health care system to one that rewards value, new frameworks are emerging to help patients, providers, and payers assess the value of medical services and biopharmaceutical products. These value assessment frameworks are intended to support various types of health care decision making. They have the potential to substantially affect patients, whether as tools for shared decision making with their doctors, as an input to care pathways used by providers, or through payer use of the frameworks to make coverage or reimbursement decisions. Prominent among current U.S. value assessment frameworks are those developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. These frameworks generally reflect the interests and expertise of the organizations that developed them. The evidence, methodology, and intended use differ substantially across frameworks, which can lead to highly variable determinations of value for the same treatment therapy. To demonstrate this variability, we explored how these frameworks assess the value of treatment regimens for multiple myeloma. Cross-framework comparisons of multiple myeloma assessments were conducted, and consistency of findings was examined for 3 case studies. A discussion of the analysis explores why different frameworks arrive at different conclusions, whether those differences are cause for concern, and the resulting implications for framework readiness to support health care decision making. Funding for this project was provided by the National Pharmaceutical Council. The authors are employees of the National Pharmaceutical Council, an industry-funded health policy research group that is not involved in lobbying or advocacy. Study concept and design were contributed by Westrich and Dubois, along with Buelt. Westrich took the lead in data

  15. Remarkable Impact of Acidic Ginsenosides and Organic Acids on Ginsenoside Transformation from Fresh Ginseng to Red Ginseng.

    Liu, Zhi; Xia, Juan; Wang, Chong-Zhi; Zhang, Jin-Qiu; Ruan, Chang-Chun; Sun, Guang-Zhi; Yuan, Chun-Su


    Panax ginseng contains many chemical components, including acidic ginsenosides and organic acids. However, whether these acidic substances play a role in ginsenoside transformation during steaming treatment has not yet been explored. In this paper, the content of neutral ginsenosides, acidic ginsenosides, and their degradation products in unsteamed and steamed P. ginseng were simultaneously quantified by high-performance liquid chromatography. We observed that neutral ginsenosides were converted to rare ginsenosides during the root steaming but not during the individual ginsenoside steaming. In contrast, acidic malonyl ginsenosides released malonic acid and acetic acid through demalonylation, decarboxylation, deacetylation reactions during the steaming at 120 °C. These malonyl ginsenosides not only were converted to rare ginsenosides but also promoted the degradation of neutral ginsenosides. Further studies indicated that a low concentration of organic acid was the determining factor for the ginsenoside conversion. The related mechanisms were deduced to be mainly acidic hydrolysis and dehydration. In summary, acidic ginsenosides and organic acids remarkably affected ginsenoside transformation during the steaming process. Our results provide useful information for precisely understanding the ginsenoside conversion pathways and mechanisms underlying the steaming process.

  16. Eugenol--from the remote Maluku Islands to the international market place: a review of a remarkable and versatile molecule.

    Kamatou, Guy P; Vermaak, Ilze; Viljoen, Alvaro M


    Eugenol is a major volatile constituent of clove essential oil obtained through hydrodistillation of mainly Eugenia caryophyllata (=Syzygium aromaticum) buds and leaves. It is a remarkably versatile molecule incorporated as a functional ingredient in numerous products and has found application in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, fragrance, flavour, cosmetic and various other industries. Its vast range of pharmacological activities has been well-researched and includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anticancer activities, amongst others. In addition, it is widely used in agricultural applications to protect foods from micro-organisms during storage, which might have an effect on human health, and as a pesticide and fumigant. As a functional ingredient, it is included in many dental preparations and it has also been shown to enhance skin permeation of various drugs. Eugenol is considered safe as a food additive but due to the wide range of different applications, extensive use and availability of clove oil, it is pertinent to discuss the general toxicity with special reference to contact dermatitis. This review summarises the pharmacological, agricultural and other applications of eugenol with specific emphasis on mechanism of action as well as toxicity data.

  17. Eugenol—From the Remote Maluku Islands to the International Market Place: A Review of a Remarkable and Versatile Molecule

    Alvaro M. Viljoen


    Full Text Available Eugenol is a major volatile constituent of clove essential oil obtained through hydrodistillation of mainly Eugenia caryophyllata (=Syzygium aromaticum buds and leaves. It is a remarkably versatile molecule incorporated as a functional ingredient in numerous products and has found application in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, fragrance, flavour, cosmetic and various other industries. Its vast range of pharmacological activities has been well-researched and includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anticancer activities, amongst others. In addition, it is widely used in agricultural applications to protect foods from micro-organisms during storage, which might have an effect on human health, and as a pesticide and fumigant. As a functional ingredient, it is included in many dental preparations and it has also been shown to enhance skin permeation of various drugs. Eugenol is considered safe as a food additive but due to the wide range of different applications, extensive use and availability of clove oil, it is pertinent to discuss the general toxicity with special reference to contact dermatitis. This review summarises the pharmacological, agricultural and other applications of eugenol with specific emphasis on mechanism of action as well as toxicity data.

  18. The velocity function of dark matter halos at r=20 kpc: Remarkably little evolution since z ~ 4

    Weinmann, Simone M; van Dokkum, Pieter; Bezanson, Rachel


    We investigate the evolution in the dark matter halo circular velocity function, measured at a fixed physical radius of 20 kpc (v_20), which is likely to be a good proxy for galaxy circular velocity, in the Millennium-II simulation. We find that the v_20 function evolves remarkably little since z ~ 4. We analyze the histories of the main progenitors of halos, and we find that the dark matter distribution within the central 20 kpc of massive halos has been in place since early times. This provides evidence for the inside-out growth of haloes. The constancy of the central circular velocity of halos may offer a natural explanation for the observational finding that the galaxy circular velocity is an excellent predictor of various galaxy properties. Our results also indicate that we can expect a significant number of galaxies with high circular velocities already at z=4 (more than one per 10^6 (Mpc/h)^3 with circular velocities in excess of 450 km/s, and more than one per 10^4.5 (Mpc/h)^3 with circular velocities...

  19. Trends of Agricultural Engineers Educational Basis According to the Conclusions from the IV World Congress of Agronomist

    Díaz Álvarez, M. C.; Saa Requejo, A.; Tarquis, A. M.; Garcia Moreno, R.


    The 4th World Congress of Agronomists and Professionals in Agronomy was held in Madrid between 28th and 31st October 2008 with the motto: "The Agronomist as technical and scientific nexus for conserving the Environment on the basis of rural development and food demand". The Congress was organised by the Spanish Association of Agronomists, the General Council of Spanish Agronomist Associations and the World Association of Agronomists, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, and with the support of numerous institutions and national and international companies. The objective was to analyse and discuss the achievement of food security in a context of environmental sustainability, rural development and a shortage of water and energy, as well as the role played by agronomists and other agronomy professionals, both now and in the future all over the world. The papers dealt with numerous aspects of the Agronomy profession related to food security, sustainability and rural development, with specific analyses relating to education and the professional role in the different fields in the actual changing context. As was to be expected in a field of activity as broad as that in which Agronomists and other Agronomy professionals work, the papers and presentations covered a very wide range of topics. The main conclusion was that Agricultural Engineers and other Agronomy professionals have played a very important role in the development of agriculture and agroindustry, after analysed all the successful achievements, for that reason the main recommendation was that Professional Associations and the educational Institutions must ensure the continuous capacity, professionalism and commitment of their members as a guarantee for the society.

  20. Epidemiological analysis of demographic characteristics and type of injuries in patients with multiple trauma with respect to conclusive treatment outcome

    Zagorac Slaviša


    Full Text Available Introduction Multiple trauma is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the population of people under 45 years of age. The consequences of multiple trauma have huge epidemiological, social and economic significance. Objective The aim of the paper was to analyze the conclusive treatment outcome of multiply traumatized patients with respect to their sex, age, injury mechanism and type. METHOD This retrospective study included 100 patients with multiple injuries (ISS>16 treated in the Emergency Room of the Clinical Centre of Serbia in the course of 2004. Clinical, X-ray, laboratory and numerical presentation methods - scores (ISS and GCS were used to show the injury severity. Results Most of the injured were males (80%, and the average age was 40±20 (5-83. Out of the total number of patients who died, 23 (82% were males, and 5 (18% were females. The average age of the patients with fatal outcomes was 48±21 (8-86. Traffic accidents were the leading cause of injury (59%. The median GCS was 10±3 (3-15. The average ISS was 30 (20-66 in the surviving patients, and 53 (27-77 in those who died. Conclusion With respect to sex, in most cases multiple trauma affects males (p<0.01, with the average age of about 40. With respect to injury mechanism, the main cause of the occurrence of multiple trauma is traffic accidents (p<0.01. There is a statistically significant difference in the values of GCS and ISS relative to the definitive outcome (p<0.01. Statistical data processing indicated that there was a statistically significant correlation between mortality and type of injury in a given organic system (p<0.01, but that there was no statistically significant correlation between mortality and age. .

  1. GBEP pilot Ghana. Very valuable and successful - a follow-up is suggested. Conclusions and recommendations

    Hanekamp, E.; Vissers, P.; De Lint, S. [Partners for Innovation, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    The Global Bio-Energy Partnership (GBEP) has developed a set of 24 sustainability indicators applicable to all forms of bio-energy and aimed at voluntary use by national governments. The GBEP indicators enable governments to assess the bio-energy sector and to develop new policies related to sustainable bio-energy production and use. These indicators have been piloted in Ghana. Modern bio-energy is a big opportunity for the region, which is why NL Agency adopted and supported the pilot, together with the Global Bio-Energy Partnership (GBEP). The pilot project also was supported by the ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) and has been coordinated by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The Ghana Energy Commission took the responsibility to involve policymakers. Partners for Innovation was commissioned by NL Agency to provide technical assistance for the pilot. The main aims of the project are: (a) Enhancing the capacity of the host country Ghana (and ECOWAS) to use the GBEP indicators as a tool for assessing the sustainability of its bio-energy sector and/or developing sustainable bio-energy policies; (b) Learning lessons on how to apply the indicators and how to enhance their practicality as a tool for policymakers and giving this as feedback to the GBEP community. Three Ghanaian research institutes (CSIR-FORIG, CSIR-IIR and UG-ISSER) have studied 11 out of the 24 GBEP indicators in the pilot. The pilot has been a success: the 24 sustainability criteria appear to be very valuable for Ghana. As such the indicators provide, also for other governments, a practical tool to assess sustainability of biomass sectors and policies. The report also shows important insights on data availability and quality, and on the applicability of the GBEP indicators in Ghana. The final report provides concrete recommendations on: (1) How Ghana can proceed with the GBEP sustainability indicators; and (2) The lessons learned for

  2. Important Conclusions on the Messinian Salinity Crisis Depositional History of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin

    Gunes, Pinar; Aksu, Ali; Hall, Jeremy


    The interpretation of a comprehensive set of high-resolution multi-channel seismic reflection profiles, multibeam bathymetry data and the litho- and bio-stratigraphic information from exploration wells across the Antalya Basin and Florence Rise revealed important conclusions on the Miocene to Recent tectonic evolution and the Messinian Salinity Crisis depositional history of the eastern Mediterranean Basin. This study clearly demonstrated the presence of a 4-division Messinian evaporite stratigraphy in the eastern Mediterranean, similar to that observed in the western Mediterranean, suggesting the existence of a similar set of depositional processes across the Mediterranean during the Messinian Salinity Crisis. However, the stratigraphic and depositional similarities of the evaporites between the eastern and western basins do not necessitate synchroneity in their depositional histories. The fact that the only saline water source for the eastern Mediterranean is the Atlantic Ocean and that the Sicily sill creates a physical barrier between the eastern and western Mediterranean impose several critical conditions. A simple 2-D model is developed which satisfies these conditions. The synchroneity of evaporite deposition across the eastern and western basins broke down as the Sicily Gateway became largely subaerial during a period when the Calabrian Arc area experienced uplift associated with slab break-off: the Sicily sill must have remained within a "goldilocks" zone to allow the right amount of saline water inflow into the eastern Mediterranean so that evaporites (massive halite) could be deposited. During this time, the sea level in western Mediterranean was at the breach-level of the Sicily sill, thus no evaporite deposition took place there. The model suggests that the eastern and western basin margins experienced a nearly synchronized gypsum deposition associated with the initial drawdown of the Mediterranean level, followed by the resedimentation in the deep

  3. Remarkable anatomic variations in paranasal sinus region and their clinical importance

    Kantarci, Mecit E-mail:; Karasen, R. Murat; Alper, Fatih; Onbas, Omer; Okur, Adnan; Karaman, Adem


    With the advent of functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and coronal computed tomography (CT) imaging, considerable attention has been directed toward paranasal region anatomy. Detailed knowledge of anatomic variations in paranasal sinus region is critical for surgeons performing endoscopic sinus surgery as well as for the radiologist involved in the preoperative work-up. To be in the known anatomical variants with some accompanying pathologies, directly influence the success of diagnostic and therapeutic management of paranasal sinus diseases. A review of 512 (1024 sides) paranasal sinus tomographic scans was carried out to expose remarkable anatomic variations of this region. We used only coronal sections, but for some cases to clear exact diagnosis, additional axial CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nasal endoscopy were also performed. In this pictorial essay, rates of remarkable anatomic variations in paranasal region were displayed. The images of some interesting cases were illustrated, such as the Onodi cell in which isolated mucocele caused loss of visual acuity, agger nasi cell, Haller's cell, uncinate bulla, giant superior concha bullosa, inferior concha bullosa, bilateral carotid artery protrusion into sphenoid sinus, maxillary sinus agenesis, bilateral secondary middle turbinate (SMT) and sphenomaxillary plate. The clinical importance of all these variations were discussed under the light of the literature. It was suggested that remarkable anatomic variations of paranasal region and their possible pathologic consequences should be well defined in order to improve success of management strategies, and to avoid potential complications of endoscopic sinus surgery. The radiologist must pay close attention to anatomical variations in the preoperative evaluation.

  4. A Remarkable Collection of Rare Scriptures in a Small University Library Setting

    Teresa Cardin Ellis


    Full Text Available Hardin-Simmons University was given two remarkable collections of rare Bibles and a Sefer Torah with the expressed desire of the donors for the collections to be shared with students, faculty and other constituencies of the university's Richardson Library. The library has tried to fulfill this request while attempting to preserve these treasures for future generations. As small university, without a trained archivist or preservationist, we have utilized resources outside our library and contiue to pursue sources to assist us in the maintenance of these special collections while still engaging them in the educational process.

  5. Concluding remarks and outlook: Europhysics conference on flavor-mixing in weak interactions

    Chau, L.L.


    Some comments are offered on the present knowledge of the mixing matrix of Kobayashi and Maskawa and of the dynamics of nonleptonic decay. Also, remarks are made concerning CP violation. Plans for research from 1984 to 1989 are listed briefly. The history of studies on weak interactions is briefly reviewed, and several unanswered questions are stated, such as where are the truth particles, how may they be discovered, what is the mass-generating mechanism for the gauge bosons, how many Z/sup 0/'s and W's are there, do neutrinos have mass, and how long do protons live. (LEW)

  6. Remarkable enhancement of the electrical conductivity of carbon nanostructured thin films after compression.

    Georgakilas, Vasilios; Koutsioukis, Apostolos; Petr, Martin; Tucek, Jiri; Zboril, Radek


    In this work, we demonstrate a significant improvement in the electrical conductivity of carbon nanostructured thin films, composed of graphene nanosheets and multiwalled carbon nanotubes, by compression/polishing. It is shown that the sheet resistance of compressed thin films of carbon nanostructures and hybrids is remarkably decreased in comparison with that of as-deposited films. The number of the interconnections, the distance between the nanostructures as well as their orientation are highly altered by the compression favoring the electrical conductivity of the compressed samples.

  7. A comprehensive strategy for the subtyping of patients with Fanconi anaemia: conclusions from the Spanish Fanconi Anemia Research Network

    Casado, José Antonio; Callén, Elsa; Jacome, Ariana; Río, Paula; Castella, Maria; Lobitz, Stephan; Ferro, Teresa; Muñoz, Arturo; Sevilla, Julián; Cantalejo, Ángeles; Cela, Elena; Cervera, José; Sánchez‐Calero, Jesús; Badell, Isabel; Estella, Jesús; Dasí, Ángeles; Olivé, Teresa; Ortega, Juan José; Rodriguez‐Villa, Antonia; Tapia, María; Molinés, Antonio; Madero, Luis; Segovia, José C; Neveling, Kornelia; Kalb, Reinhard; Schindler, Detlev; Hanenberg, Helmut; Surrallés, Jordi; Bueren, Juan A


    Background Fanconi anaemia is a heterogeneous genetic disease, where 12 complementation groups have been already described. Identifying the complementation group in patients with Fanconi anaemia constitutes a direct procedure to confirm the diagnosis of the disease and is required for the recruitment of these patients in gene therapy trials. Objective To determine the subtype of Fanconi anaemia patients in Spain, a Mediterranean country with a relatively high population (23%) of Fanconi anaemia patients belonging to the gypsy race. Methods Most patients could be subtyped by retroviral complementation approaches in peripheral blood T cells, although some mosaic patients were subtyped in cultured skin fibroblasts. Other approaches, mainly based on western blot analysis and generation of nuclear RAD51 and FANCJ foci, were required for the subtyping of a minor number of patients. Results and conclusions From a total of 125 patients included in the Registry of Fanconi Anaemia, samples from 102 patients were available for subtyping analyses. In 89 cases the subtype could be determined and in 8 cases exclusions of common complementation groups were made. Compared with other international studies, a skewed distribution of complementation groups was observed in Spain, where 80% of the families belonged to the Fanconi anaemia group A (FA‐A) complementation group. The high proportion of gypsy patients, all of them FA‐A, and the absence of patients with FA‐C account for this characteristic distribution of complementation groups. PMID:17105750

  8. Closing Remarks of the Workshop OnGlobal University System & E-Learning

    Ali YAIZCI


    Full Text Available The Workshop on Global University System & E-Learning was held on the 19th of October, 2006 at TOBB Economics & Technology University. The workshop attracted around 40 people from the Ministry of Education, Turkish Satellite Corporation (TURKSAT, Anadolu University, and various academic staff from different universities in Ankara. All together, there were 8 presentations each followed by a discussion. Main contributors, their brief CV’s, and the workshop program are included in the preceding part of this document.Here, I would try to put together various important points and remarks made by the speakers according to the order in the program.The first talk was presented by Professor Tapio Varis, Acting President of GUS, about the Global University System (GUS. He started his talk by reviewing the trends of the 21st Century in terms of education and technology. He emphasized the need to humanize the globalization process by adding “solidarity”, “sprit of caring for”, and “sharing with others”. It was stated that, content development, especially for educational purposes, is a difficult issue in achieving this process. Professor Varis, declared “digital literacy” as being a right for all. He mentioned “phonetic alphabet” as a tool to alleviate the problems associated with the communication among different nationalities. He mentioned the need to exchange ideas, opinions and experience to create a successful working environment and stressed the importance of cultural issues such as quality assurance, translation and assessment. He also talked about open courseware, “education for all”, offered by MIT and UNESCO. Finally, Professor Varis summarized the mission of GUS as to offer a global quality education (described as a renaissance education program for developing countries and/or regions by taking into account cultural sensitivities.The second talk was presented by Professor Takeshi Utsumi about the Global Collaborative

  9. The Conclusion of the Roman-Gothic Peace Treaty in 382

    Alenka Cedilnik


    Full Text Available Seeking to call attention to the possibilities raised by the available sources but so far left unexamined, the author indicates some possible interpretations, which, however, can be proved with no more certainty than the prevailing view. Assuming that they might be correct, the course of events which led to the peace treaty of 382 may be summarised as follows. After the crushing defeat suffered by the Roman army in the Battle of Adrianople on August 9th, 378, Emperor Gratian attempted to stem the hostile rampages of the Goths, Huns, and Alans by offering them a truce in the same year. Since he was unsuccessful, the appointment of Theodosius as the new Emperor in the eastern part of the Roman Empire implied that the latter, at the head of a reorganised eastern army, would bear the main burden and responsibility in the Gothic war. In keeping with this plan, Illyricum, previously annexed to the West in its entirety, was divided into the western and eastern parts. The eastern part with the dioceses of Dacia and Macedonia, perceived as more prone to invasions by the Goths and their associates, the Huns and Alans, was annexed to Theodosius’ East, while the western part remained subject to the western administrative structures. If the campaigns of Theodosius’ army proved successful, the West was presumably no longer expected to come under attack, so the troops stationed there were, in the unlikely event of an attack, meant to stop the enemy’s progress only if Theodosius’ army should fail to carry out its basic plan. Since the year 379 was marked by Roman successes, owing to the disorganised warfare of the enemy troops, the attack of Alatheus and Saphrax’ group on Pannonia in the spring of 380 came as a surprise, probably no longer seriously contemplated. The surprise may have been still enhanced if the members of the triethnic group did not invade Pannonia from the south, across the Sava River, as might have been expected from their sojourn

  10. A Remarkably Luminous Galaxy at z=11.1 Measured with Hubble Space Telescope Grism Spectroscopy

    Oesch, P A; van Dokkum, P G; Illingworth, G D; Bouwens, R J; Labbe, I; Franx, M; Momcheva, I; Ashby, M L N; Fazio, G G; Gonzalez, V; Holden, B; Magee, D; Skelton, R E; Smit, R; Spitler, L R; Trenti, M; Willner, S P


    We present Hubble WFC3/IR slitless grism spectra of a remarkably bright $z\\gtrsim10$ galaxy candidate, GN-z11, identified initially from CANDELS/GOODS-N imaging data. A significant spectroscopic continuum break is detected at $\\lambda=1.47\\pm0.01~\\mu$m. The new grism data, combined with the photometric data, rule out all plausible lower redshift solutions for this source. The only viable solution is that this continuum break is the Ly$\\alpha$ break redshifted to ${z_\\mathrm{grism}=11.09^{+0.08}_{-0.12}}$, just $\\sim$400 Myr after the Big Bang. This observation extends the current spectroscopic frontier by 150 Myr to well before the Planck (instantaneous) cosmic reionization peak at z~8.8, demonstrating that galaxy build-up was well underway early in the reionization epoch at z>10. GN-z11 is remarkably and unexpectedly luminous for a galaxy at such an early time: its UV luminosity is 3x larger than L* measured at z~6-8. The Spitzer IRAC detections up to 4.5 $\\mu$m of this galaxy are consistent with a stellar m...

  11. Remarkable magnetism and ferromagnetic coupling in semi-sulfuretted transition-metal dichalcogenides.

    Zhou, Yungang; Yang, Chengfei; Xiang, Xia; Zu, Xiaotao


    Motivated by recent investigations of semi-decorated two dimensional honeycomb structures, we demonstrated, via spin-polarized molecular-dynamics simulations and density-functional-theory calculations, that semi-sulfuretted transition-metal dichalcogenides of MX type (M = V, Nb, Ta; X = S, Se, Te) are stable and display remarkable magnetism. The unpaired d electron of the transition-metal atom arising from the breakage of the M-X bond is the mechanism behind the induction of the magnetism. The remarkable magnetism of the transition-metal atoms is caused by ferromagnetic coupling due to the competitive effects of through-bond interactions and through-space interactions. This implies the existence of an infinite ferromagnetic sheet with structural integrity and magnetic homogeneity. The estimated Curie temperatures suggest that the ferromagnetism can be achieved above room temperature in the VS, VSe, VTe, NbTe and TaTe sheets. Depending on the species of the M and X atoms, the MX sheet can be a magnetic metal, magnetic semiconductor or half-metal. Furthermore, in contrary to the recently reported semi-hydrogenated and semi-fluorinated layered materials consisting of B, C, N, etc., the MX sheets with many unpaired d electrons can offer a much stronger spin polarization and possess a more stable ferromagnetic coupling, which is critical for practical nanoscale device applications.

  12. Comprehension of direct and indirect sarcastic remarks in children and adolescents with Tourette's syndrome.

    Drury, Helena; Shah, Shivani; Stern, Jeremy S; Crawford, Sarah; Channon, Shelley


    Previous research has reported that aspects of social cognition such as nonliteral language comprehension are impaired in adults with Tourette's syndrome (TS), but little is known about social cognition in children and adolescents with TS. The present study aims to evaluate a measure of sarcasm comprehension suitable for use with children and adolescents (Experiment 1), and to examine sarcasm comprehension in children and adolescents with TS-alone or TS and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; Experiment 2). In Experiment 1, the measure of sarcasm comprehension was found to be sensitive to differences in nonliteral language comprehension for typically-developing children aged 10 to 11 years old compared to children aged 8 to 9 years old; the older group performed significantly better on the comprehension of scenarios ending with either direct or indirect sarcastic remarks, whereas the two age groups did not differ on the comprehension of scenarios ending with sincere remarks. In Experiment 2, both the TS-alone and TS+ADHD groups performed below the level of the control participants on the comprehension of indirect sarcasm items but not on the comprehension of direct sarcasm items and sincere items. Those with TS+ADHD also performed below the level of the control participants on measures of interference control and fluency. The findings are discussed with reference to the possible contribution of executive functioning and mentalizing to the patterns of performance.

  13. The remarkable convergence of skull shape in crocodilians and toothed whales.

    McCurry, Matthew R; Evans, Alistair R; Fitzgerald, Erich M G; Adams, Justin W; Clausen, Philip D; McHenry, Colin R


    The striking resemblance of long-snouted aquatic mammals and reptiles has long been considered an example of morphological convergence, yet the true cause of this similarity remains untested. We addressed this deficit through three-dimensional morphometric analysis of the full diversity of crocodilian and toothed whale (Odontoceti) skull shapes. Our focus on biomechanically important aspects of shape allowed us to overcome difficulties involved in comparing mammals and reptiles, which have fundamental differences in the number and position of skull bones. We examined whether diet, habitat and prey size correlated with skull shape using phylogenetically informed statistical procedures. Crocodilians and toothed whales have a similar range of skull shapes, varying from extremely short and broad to extremely elongate. This spectrum of shapes represented more of the total variation in our dataset than between phylogenetic groups. The most elongate species (river dolphins and gharials) are extremely convergent in skull shape, clustering outside of the range of the other taxa. Our results suggest the remarkable convergence between long-snouted river dolphins and gharials is driven by diet rather than physical factors intrinsic to riverine environments. Despite diverging approximately 288 million years ago, crocodilians and odontocetes have evolved a remarkably similar morphological solution to feeding on similar prey. © 2017 The Author(s).

  14. Testing strategies to establish the safety of nanomaterials: conclusions of an ECETOC workshop.

    Warheit, David B; Borm, Paul J A; Hennes, Christa; Lademann, Jürgen


    The European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) convened a workshop in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2005 to develop testing strategies to establish the safety of nanomaterials. It brought together about 70 scientific and clinical experts from industry, academia, government agencies, research institutes, and nongovernmental organizations. The primary questions to be addressed were the following: What can we do today, and what do we need tomorrow? The three major themes of the workshop were: (1) the need for enhanced efforts in nanomaterial characterization; (2) methodologies for assessments of airborne and internal exposures to nanomaterials; and (3) evaluation of the hazard potential--primarily focusing on pulmonary or dermal routes of exposures. Some of the summary conclusions of the workshop included the following: For the development of nanoparticle characterization, the working definition of nanoparticles was defined as < 100 nm in one dimension or < 1000 nm to include aggregates and agglomerates. Moreover, it was concluded that although many physical factors can influence toxicity, including nanoparticle composition, it is dissolution, surface area and characteristics, size, size distribution, and shape that largely determine the functional, toxicological and environmental impact of nanomaterials. In addition, most of the information on potential systemic effects has thus far been derived from combustion-generated particles. With respect to the assessment of external exposures and metrics appropriate for nanoparticles, the general view of the meeting was that currently it is not possible or desirable to select one form of dose metric (i.e., mass, surface area, or particle number) as the most appropriate measure source. However, it was clear that the surface area metric was likely to be of interest and requires further development. In addition, there is a clear and immediate need to develop instruments which are smaller, more

  15. Business Intelligence. A Presentation of the Current Lead Solutions and a Comparative Analysis of the Main Providers

    Bogdan-Andrei IONESCU


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to synthesize the concepts behind Business Intelligence, by studying the solutions available on the market provided by the main players. We will present the software solutions already provided by them emphasizing the main advantages and benefits of each of them, but also as a comparative analysis, designed to reveal the area in which each provider is more remarkable than the others.

  16. LC-MS/MS determination and interaction of the main components from the traditional Chinese drug pair Danshen-Sanqi based on rat intestinal absorption.

    Huang, Juan; Zhang, Jing; Bai, Junqi; Xu, Wen; Wu, Dinghong; Qiu, Xiaohui


    The Chinese drug pair Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza)-Sanqi (Panax ginseng) has been widely used for centuries treating various cardiovascular disorders, among which salvianlic acid B (SAB), ginsenoside Rg1 (GRg1 ), ginsenoside Rb1 (GRb1 ) and notoginsenoside R1 (NGR1 ) were identified as the major components. The present study focused on the interaction between these components based on investigating their intestinal absorption using the Ussing chamber technique. The concentrations of SAB, GRg1 , GRb1 and NGR1 in the intestinal perfusate were determined by LC-MS/MS method, followed by Q (accumulative quantity) and Papp (apparent permeability). The results showed that all these four main components displayed very low permeabilities, which implied their poor absorption in the rat intestine. The intestinal absorption level of SAB displayed regioselectivity: duodenum absorption of GRg1 and GRb1 in the different segments. The Q and Papp values of the four main components were obviously increased in jejunum when co-administrating Danshen extract with Sanqi extract. In conclusion, compatibility of Danshen and Sanqi could remarkably improve the intestinal absorption level of the main components in the pair. To some extent, this might explain the nature of the compatibility mechanisms of composite formulae in TCMs.

  17. Riigikogu maine ja armastus / Aune Past

    Past, Aune, 1954-


    Autor arutleb Riigikogu maine üle, toetudes TÜ ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni osakonna 2007. aastal tehtud uuringu tulemustele. Riigikogu liikmete maine paraneks, kui neil endil oleks selge, mis eesmärgil Toompeale mindi ja sellest siis ka rahvale kõneldaks

  18. Riigikogu maine ja armastus / Aune Past

    Past, Aune, 1954-


    Autor arutleb Riigikogu maine üle, toetudes TÜ ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni osakonna 2007. aastal tehtud uuringu tulemustele. Riigikogu liikmete maine paraneks, kui neil endil oleks selge, mis eesmärgil Toompeale mindi ja sellest siis ka rahvale kõneldaks

  19. 78 FR 34701 - Maine Disaster #ME-00037


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00037 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a notice of an Administrative declaration of a disaster for the State of Maine dated 05/30/2013. Incident: Commercial and Residential Building Complex Fire. Incident Period: 05/03/2013. Effective Date:...

  20. 78 FR 34701 - Maine Disaster #ME-00036


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00036 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a notice of an Administrative declaration of a disaster for the State of Maine dated 05/30/2013. Incident: Apartment Complex Fire. Incident Period: 04/29/2013. Effective Date: 05/30/2013. Physical...

  1. Maine's Employability Skills Program

    McMahon, John M.; Wolffe, Karen E.; Wolfe, Judy; Brooker, Carrie


    This Practice Report describes the development and implementation of the "Maine Employability Skills Program," a model employment program developed by the Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI). The program was designed to support the efforts of the chronically unemployed or underemployed. These consumers were either…

  2. Quarkonium production at the LHC: A data-driven analysis of remarkably simple experimental patterns

    Faccioli, Pietro; Lourenço, Carlos; Araújo, Mariana; Knünz, Valentin; Krätschmer, Ilse; Seixas, João


    The LHC quarkonium production data reveal a startling observation: the J / ψ, ψ (2S), χc1, χc2 and ϒ (nS)pT-differential cross sections in the central rapidity region are compatible with one universal momentum scaling pattern. Considering also the absence of strong polarizations of directly and indirectly produced S-wave mesons, we conclude that there is currently no evidence of a dependence of the partonic production mechanisms on the quantum numbers and mass of the final state. The experimental observations supporting this universal production scenario are remarkably significant, as shown by a new analysis approach, unbiased by specific theoretical calculations of partonic cross sections, which are only considered a posteriori, in comparisons with the data-driven results.

  3. Remarkable magnetic enhancement of type-M hexaferrite of barium in polystyrene polymer

    Adly H. El-Sayed


    Full Text Available We demonstrate that the promising effect of inclusion of single magnetic-domain type-M hexaferrite of barium (BaM particles in polystyrene (PS polymer (BaM/PS weight ratio = 2/1. The results show that the coercivity of BaM particles remarkably increases from 714 to 3772 Oe and remanence increases from 2.07 to 5.41 emu.g−1 when they embedded into PS. Moreover, magnetic coercivity and squareness of the BaM-PS are significantly larger, and is comparable with corresponding values of other BaM-polymer composites. Therefore, BaM-PS composite enforce itself as the modern potential materials with tendency of replacing existing composite materials in several applications.

  4. Closing remarks on Faraday Discussion 107: Interactions of acoustic waves with thin films and interfaces

    Martin, S.J.


    The papers in this Faraday Discussion represent the state-of-the-art in using acoustic devices to measure the properties of thin films and interfaces. Sauerbrey first showed that the mass sensitivity of a quartz crystal could be used to measure the thickness of vacuum-deposited metals. Since then, significant progress has been made in understanding other interaction mechanisms between acoustic devices and contacting media. Bruckenstein and Shay and Kanazawa and Gordon showed that quartz resonators could be operated in a fluid to measure surface mass accumulation and fluid properties. The increased understanding of interactions between acoustic devices and contacting media has allowed new information to be obtained about thin films and interfaces. These closing remarks will summarize the current state of using acoustic techniques to probe thin films and interfaces, describe the progress reported in this Faraday Discussion, and outline some remaining problems. Progress includes new measurement techniques, novel devices, new applications, and improved modeling and data analysis.

  5. Concluding Remarks: The Current Status and Future Prospects for GRB Astronomy

    Gehrels, Neil


    We are in a remarkable period of discovery in GRB astronomy. The current satellites including Swift, Fermi. AGILE and INTEGRAL are detecting and observing bursts of all varieties. Increasing capabilities for follow-up observations on the ground and in space are leading to rapid and deep coverage across the electromagnetic spectrum, The future will see continued operation of the current experiments and with future missions like SVOM plus possible rni_Ssions like JANUS and EXIST. An exciting expansion of capabilities is occurring in areas of gravitational waves and neutrinos that could open new windows on the GRB phenomenon. Increased IR capabilities on the ground and with missions like JWST will enable further exploration of high redshift bursts. The future is bright.

  6. Glycine hydrogen fluoride: Remarkable hydrogen bonding in the dimeric glycine glycinium cation

    Fleck, M.; Ghazaryan, V. V.; Petrosyan, A. M.


    Crystals of glycine hydrogen fluoride (Gly·HF) were prepared from an aqueous solution containing stoichiometric quantities of the components. The crystal structure of Gly·HF was determined, IR and Raman spectra were registered and are discussed. Gly·HF crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pbca with Z = 32. The most remarkable feature of the structure is the existence of symmetric dimeric glycine-glycinium cations with short hydrogen bonds (O⋯O distance of 2.446 Å), charge-counterbalanced by hydrogen bifluoride (F sbnd H⋯F) - anions - in addition to the expected glycinium cations and fluoride anions. These results were compared with previously published data on crystals grown in the system glycine-HF-H 2O.

  7. In situ green synthesis of biocompatible ginseng capped gold nanoparticles with remarkable stability.

    Leonard, Kwati; Ahmmad, Bashir; Okamura, Hiroaki; Kurawaki, Junichi


    We report herein an unprecedented one-step green synthesis of gold nanoparticles (G-AuNps), using naturally occurring Korean red ginseng root (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) without any special reducing/capping agents. The AuNps generated through this ginseng-mediated process did not aggregate suggesting that the phytochemicals present in them serve as excellent coatings on the nanoparticles and thus, provide robust shielding from aggregations. The ginseng-generated AuNps exhibit remarkable in vitro stability in various buffers including: cysteine, histidine, saline, sodium chloride and a host of pH ranges. Furthermore, the phytochemical coatings on the G-AuNps rendered them nontoxic as demonstrated through detailed cytotoxicity assays using WST-8 counting kit, performed on normal cervical cells lines. The present study opens up a new possibility of conveniently synthesizing AuNps using natural products which will be useful in optoelectronic and biomedical applications.

  8. Self-study program on HTML browser--application to Clinical Nursing General Remarks Course.

    Ochiai, N; Sota, Y; Ezumi, H


    We created a self-study program using HTML browser on the Clinical Nursing General Remarks Course, Eighty-three students each selected a published book on a personal history (written personal reflections from individuals who had undergone medical treatment and hospitalization), read it and submitted reports of their impressions of the histories. Their reports were arranged from a nursing perspective and entered on the home page of our college using HTML browser. We intended that the students would become more interested in reading of the personal histories, and that they would acquire new self-study skills and increase their interest in Internet through use of our program. In addition, we hoped that this program would encourage positive communication and mutual sharing of information. The students were able to easily refer to a personal history according to their interest from a nursing perspective. Therefore this program realized the mutual learning among students and other users.

  9. Durations of extended mental rehearsals are remarkably reproducible in higher level human performances.

    Brothers, L; Shaw, G L; Wright, E L


    It has been extremely difficult to quantify temporal aspects of higher level human brain function. We have found that mental rehearsals of musical performance of several minutes duration provide such a measure in that they can be highly reproducible, varying to less than 1%. These remarkable results pose fundamental neurophysiological problems. It is necessary to understand the underlying neuronal bases for this accuracy in the spatial-temporal activity of billions of neurons over minutes without sensory input. Further, they present a powerful constraint on neuronal models of brain function. Such highly reproducible (in duration) mental rehearsals might be used in conjunction with multielectrode EEG recordings to look for reproducible spatial-temporal patterns. Further, we suggest that our results may provide an extremely useful behavioural correlate for high level performance.

  10. A database approach to information retrieval: The remarkable relationship between language models and region models

    Hiemstra, Djoerd


    In this report, we unify two quite distinct approaches to information retrieval: region models and language models. Region models were developed for structured document retrieval. They provide a well-defined behaviour as well as a simple query language that allows application developers to rapidly develop applications. Language models are particularly useful to reason about the ranking of search results, and for developing new ranking approaches. The unified model allows application developers to define complex language modeling approaches as logical queries on a textual database. We show a remarkable one-to-one relationship between region queries and the language models they represent for a wide variety of applications: simple ad-hoc search, cross-language retrieval, video retrieval, and web search.

  11. Concluding Remarks: The Current Status and Future Prospects for GRB Astronomy

    Gehrels, Neil


    We are in a remarkable period of discovery in GRB astronomy. The current satellites including Swift, Fermi. AGILE and INTEGRAL are detecting and observing bursts of all varieties. Increasing capabilities for follow-up observations on the ground and in space are leading to rapid and deep coverage across the electromagnetic spectrum, The future will see continued operation of the current experiments and with future missions like SVOM plus possible rni_Ssions like JANUS and EXIST. An exciting expansion of capabilities is occurring in areas of gravitational waves and neutrinos that could open new windows on the GRB phenomenon. Increased IR capabilities on the ground and with missions like JWST will enable further exploration of high redshift bursts. The future is bright.

  12. Bacteriocin-like substance from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens shows remarkable inhibition of Acanthamoeba polyphaga.

    Benitez, Lisianne Brittes; Caumo, Karin; Brandelli, Adriano; Rott, Marilise Brittes


    The effectiveness of a bacteriocin-like substance (BLS) produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens was tested against Acanthamoeba polyphaga strains, and its cytotoxic potential on Vero cells was investigated. Amebicidal activity of the purified BLS was tested by plate bioassays with concentrations ranging from 12.5 to 6,400 AU mL(-1). Damage to A. pholyphaga cells was monitored using an inverted microscope and counted in a Fuchs-Rosenthal chamber after 24, 48, and 72 h. According to the results obtained, the BLS showed remarkable amebicidal and amebostatic effect on A. polyphaga and showed no cytotoxicity on the Vero cells. These results may have great relevance in the development of new acanthamoebicidal compounds.

  13. On the Motivation and Foundation of Natural Time Analysis: Useful Remarks

    Varotsos Panayiotis A.


    Full Text Available Since its introduction in 2001, natural time analysis has been applied to diverse fields with remarkable results. Its validity has not been doubted by any publication to date. Here, we indicate that frequently asked questions on the motivation and the foundation of natural time analysis are directly answered if one takes into account the following two key points that we have considered as widely accepted when natural time analysis was proposed: first, the aspects on the energy of a system forwarded by Max Planck in his Treatise on Thermodynamics; second, the theorem on the characteristic functions of probability distributions which Gauss called Ein Schönes Theorem der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung (beautiful theorem of probability calculus. The case of the time series of earthquakes and of the precursory Seismic Electric Signals are discussed as typical examples.

  14. Remarkable effect of chalcogen substitution on an enzyme mimetic for deiodination of thyroid hormones.

    Raja, Karuppusamy; Mugesh, Govindasamy


    Iodothyronine deiodinases are selenoenzymes which regulate the thyroid hormone homeostasis by catalyzing the regioselective deiodination of thyroxine (T4). Synthetic deiodinase mimetics are important not only to understand the mechanism of enzyme catalysis, but also to develop therapeutic agents as abnormal thyroid hormone levels have implications in different diseases, such as hypoxia, myocardial infarction, critical illness, neuronal ischemia, tissue injury, and cancer. Described herein is that the replacement of sulfur/selenium atoms in a series of deiodinase mimetics by tellurium remarkably alters the reactivity as well as regioselectivity toward T4. The tellurium compounds reported in this paper represent the first examples of deiodinase mimetics which mediate sequential deiodination of T4 to produce all the hormone derivatives including T0 under physiologically relevant conditions. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  15. Integrity assessment of pipelines - additional remarks; Avaliacao da integridade de dutos - observacoes adicionais

    Alves, Luis F.C. [PETROBRAS S.A., Salvador, BA (Brazil). Unidade de Negocios. Exploracao e Producao


    Integrity assessment of pipelines is part of a process that aims to enhance the operating safety of pipelines. During this task, questions related to the interpretation of inspection reports and the way of regarding the impact of several parameters on the pipeline integrity normally come up. In order to satisfactorily answer such questions, the integrity assessment team must be able to suitably approach different subjects such as corrosion control and monitoring, assessment of metal loss and geometric anomalies, and third party activities. This paper presents additional remarks on some of these questions based on the integrity assessment of almost fifty pipelines that has been done at PETROBRAS/E and P Bahia over the past eight years. (author)

  16. Biomimetic "water strider leg" with highly refined nanogroove structure and remarkable water-repellent performance.

    Bai, Fan; Wu, Juntao; Gong, Guangming; Guo, Lin


    The water strider is a wonderful case that we can learn from nature to understand how to stride on the water surface. Inspired by the unique hierarchical micro/nanostructure of the water strider leg, in this article, we designed and fabricated an artificial strider leg with refined nanogroove structure by using an electrospinning and sacrificial template method. A model water strider that was equipped with four artificial legs showed remarkable water-repellent performance; namely, it could carry a load that was about 7 times heavier than its own weight. Characterization demonstrated that, even though the artificial leg did not possess a superhydrophobic surface, the numerous nanogrooves could still provide a huge supporting force for the man-made model strider. This work enlightens the development of artificial water-walking devices for exploring and monitoring the surface of water. Because of the advances of the applied materials, the devices may fulfill tasks in a harsh aquatic environment.

  17. Thiamin Pyrimidine Biosynthesis in Candida albicans: A Remarkable Reaction between Histidine and Pyridoxal Phosphate

    Lai, Rung-Yi; Huang, Siyu; Fenwick, Michael K.; Hazra, Amrita; Zhang, Yang; Rajashankar, Kanagalaghatta; Philmus, Benjamin; Kinsland, Cynthia; Sanders, Jennie Mansell; Ealick, Steven E.; Begley, Tadhg P. (Cornell); (TAM)


    In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, thiamin pyrimidine is formed from histidine and pyridoxal phosphate (PLP). The origin of all of the pyrimidine atoms has been previously determined using labeling studies and suggests that the pyrimidine is formed using remarkable chemistry that is without chemical or biochemical precedent. Here we report the overexpression of the closely related Candida albicans pyrimidine synthase (THI5p) and the reconstitution and preliminary characterization of the enzymatic activity. A structure of the C. albicans THI5p shows PLP bound at the active site via an imine with Lys62 and His66 in close proximity to the PLP. Our data suggest that His66 of the THI5 protein is the histidine source for pyrimidine formation and that the pyrimidine synthase is a single-turnover enzyme.

  18. Trieste conference on digital microelectronics and microprocessors in particle physics: Summary and concluding remarks

    Nash, T.


    This paper is a written version of the Concluding Remarks presented at the International Conference on the Impact of Digital Microelectronics and Microprocessors on Particle Physics. The Conference emphasized on-line data acquisition and triggering problems in high energy physics. Among the participants there was a clearly growing consensus that as these real time systems become larger they require more attention from the beginning to overall system coherence and manageability issues. We consider what this means for SSC/LHC era detectors. Given the interesting results on pixel silicon, neural networks, and parallel microprocessor based computers presented at Trieste, we speculate on some surprisingly simple, though still very radical, ideas on systems solutions for those huge detectors.

  19. Case of parotid tumor showing remarkable regression following hyperthermo-chemo-radiotherapy

    Fujimura, T.; Yonemura, Y.; Kamata, T.


    A 72-year-old woman developed adenocarcinoma of the left parotid gland. Because of the excessive size of her tumor and the fact that she suffered from severe liver dysfunction, she was treated by hyperthermo-chemo-radiotherapy (HCR therapy). After ten sessions of radiofrequency hyperthermia with HEH 500 (13.56 MHz radiofrequency wave), 50-Gy irradiation from a linac and administration of 33.0 g of tegafur in suppository form, the tumor mass showed remarkable regression decreasing in size by as much as 84 % on computed tomography. Histologically, the tumor which was resected under local anesthesia, showed almost total necrosis. The multidisciplinary HCR therapy was well tolerated and effective as a therapy for cancer in this case.

  20. Data and product needs for influenza immunization programs in low- and middle-income countries: Rationale and main conclusions of the WHO preferred product characteristics for next-generation influenza vaccines.

    Neuzil, Kathleen M; Bresee, Joseph S; de la Hoz, Fernando; Johansen, Kari; Karron, Ruth A; Krishnan, Anand; Madhi, Shabir A; Mangtani, Punam; Spiro, David J; Ortiz, Justin R


    In 2017, WHO convened a working group of global experts to develop the Preferred Product Characteristics (PPC) for Next-Generation Influenza Vaccines. PPCs are intended to encourage innovation in vaccine development. They describe WHO preferences for parameters of vaccines, in particular their indications, target groups, implementation strategies, and clinical data needed for assessment of safety and efficacy. PPCs are shaped by the global unmet public health need in a priority disease area for which WHO encourages vaccine development. These preferences reflect WHO's mandate to promote the development of vaccines with high public health impact and suitability in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). The target audience is all entities intending to develop or to achieve widespread adoption of a specific influenza vaccine product in these settings. The working group determined that existing influenza vaccines are not well suited for LMIC use. While many developed country manufactures and research funders prioritize influenza vaccine products for use in adults and the elderly, most LMICs do not have sufficiently strong health systems to deliver vaccines to these groups. Policy makers from LMICs are expected to place higher value on vaccines indicated for prevention of severe illness, however the clinical development of influenza vaccines focuses on demonstrating prevention of any influenza illness. Many influenza vaccine products do not meet WHO standards for programmatic suitability of vaccines, which introduces challenges when vaccines are used in low-resource settings. And finally, current vaccines do not integrate well with routine immunization programs in LMICs, given age of vaccine licensure, arbitrary expiration dates timed for temperate country markets, and the need for year-round immunization in countries with prolonged influenza seasonality. While all interested parties should refer to the full PPC document for details, in this article we highlight data needs for new influenza vaccines to better demonstrate the value proposition in LMICs. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  1. Reframing the science and policy of nicotine, illegal drugs and alcohol – conclusions of the ALICE RAP Project

    Anderson, Peter; Berridge, Virginia; Conrod, Patricia; Dudley, Robert; Hellman, Matilda; Lachenmeier, Dirk; Lingford-Hughes, Anne; Miller, David; Rehm, Jürgen; Room, Robin; Schmidt, Laura; Sullivan, Roger; Ysa, Tamyko; Gual, Antoni


    In 2013, illegal drug use was responsible for 1.8% of years of life lost in the European Union, alcohol was responsible for 8.2% and tobacco for 18.2%, imposing economic burdens in excess of 2.5% of GDP. No single European country has optimal governance structures for reducing the harm done by nicotine, illegal drugs and alcohol, and existing ones are poorly designed, fragmented, and sometimes cause harm. Reporting the main science and policy conclusions of a transdisciplinary five-year analysis of the place of addictions in Europe, researchers from 67 scientific institutions addressed these problems by reframing an understanding of addictions.  A new paradigm needs to account for evolutionary evidence which suggests that humans are biologically predisposed to seek out drugs, and that, today, individuals face availability of high drug doses, consequently increasing the risk of harm.  New definitions need to acknowledge that the defining element of addictive drugs is ‘heavy use over time’, a concept that could replace the diagnostic artefact captured by the clinical term ‘substance use disorder’, thus opening the door for new substances to be considered such as sugar. Tools of quantitative risk assessment that recognize drugs as toxins could be further deployed to assess regulatory approaches to reducing harm. Re-designed governance of drugs requires embedding policy within a comprehensive societal well-being frame that encompasses a range of domains of well-being, including quality of life, material living conditions and sustainability over time; such a frame adds arguments to the inappropriateness of policies that criminalize individuals for using drugs and that continue to categorize certain drugs as illegal. A health footprint, modelled on the carbon footprint, and using quantitative measures such as years of life lost due to death or disability, could serve as the accountability tool that apportions responsibility for who and what causes drug

  2. A remarkably stable kissing-loop interaction defines substrate recognition by the Neurospora Varkud Satellite ribozyme.

    Bouchard, Patricia; Legault, Pascale


    Kissing loops are tertiary structure elements that often play key roles in functional RNAs. In the Neurospora VS ribozyme, a kissing-loop interaction between the stem-loop I (SLI) substrate and stem-loop V (SLV) of the catalytic domain is known to play an important role in substrate recognition. In addition, this I/V kissing-loop interaction is associated with a helix shift in SLI that activates the substrate for catalysis. To better understand the role of this kissing-loop interaction in substrate recognition and activation by the VS ribozyme, we performed a thermodynamic characterization by isothermal titration calorimetry using isolated SLI and SLV stem-loops. We demonstrate that preshifted SLI variants have higher affinity for SLV than shiftable SLI variants, with an energetic cost of 1.8-3 kcal/mol for the helix shift in SLI. The affinity of the preshifted SLI for SLV is remarkably high, the interaction being more stable by 7-8 kcal/mol than predicted for a comparable duplex containing three Watson-Crick base pairs. The structural basis of this remarkable stability is discussed in light of previous NMR studies. Comparative thermodynamic studies reveal that kissing-loop complexes containing 6-7 Watson-Crick base pairs are as stable as predicted from comparable RNA duplexes; however, those with 2-3 Watson-Crick base pairs are more stable than predicted. Interestingly, the stability of SLI/ribozyme complexes is similar to that of SLI/SLV complexes. Thus, the I/V kissing loop interaction represents the predominant energetic contribution to substrate recognition by the trans-cleaving VS ribozyme. © 2014 Bouchard and Legault; Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press for the RNA Society.

  3. Alcid Nesting Habitat on the Maine Coast

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Maine supports an extensive seabird population because of the abundance of relatively inaccessible rocky coastal islands which are ideal nesting grounds for many...

  4. Distributed PV Adoption in Maine Through 2021

    Gagnon, Pieter; Sigrin, Ben


    NREL has used its dSolar (distributed solar) model to generate low-medium-high estimates of distributed PV adoption in Maine through 2021. This presentation gives a high-level overview of the model and modeling results.

  5. Hillshades for the main 8 Hawaiian Islands

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These hillshade datasets were derived from USGS 7.5' DEM Quads for the main 8 Hawaiian Islands. Individual DEM quads were first converted to a common datum, and...

  6. Libraries in Maine: MedlinePlus

    ... 602-2386 Lewiston Bates College Ladd Library 48 Campus Avenue Lewiston, ME 04240-6087 207-786-6471 Central Maine Medical Center Gerrish-True ...

  7. Superconducting magnets for the LHC main lattice

    Rossi, L


    The main lattice of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will employ about 1600 main magnets and more than 4000 corrector magnets. All superconducting and working in pressurized superfluid helium bath, these impressive line of magnets will fill more than 20 km of the underground tunnel. With almost 70 main dipoles already delivered and 10 main quadrupoles almost completed, we passed the 5% of the production and now all manufacturers have fully entered into series production. In this paper the most critical issues encountered in the ramping up in such a real large scale fabrication will be addressed: uniformity of the coil size and of prestress, special welding technique, tolerances on curvature (dipoles) or straightness (quadrupoles) and of the cold mass extremities, harmonic content and, most important, the integrated field uniformity among magnets. The actual limits and the solution for improvements will be discussed. Finally a realistic schedule based on actual achievements is presented.

  8. Mercury in bird eggs from coastal Maine

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Maine's coastal islands and beaches provide important nesting habitat for piping plover (Charadrius melodus), least tern (Sterna antillarum), common tern (Sterna...

  9. Station Management Plan Maine Coastal Refuges

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This management plan outlines how four Maine refuges and twelve islands and one peninsula should be managed over the next three to five years. Plan results are...

  10. Investigation of Tidal Power, Cobscook Bay, Maine.


    240 megawatt project on the Rance River in France and a 400 kilowatt station on the Kislaya Guba Gulf in the Soviet Union. Recently, studies have taken...Tidal Power Project, Maine" October 1979. 44. Ploch, Lousi A. and Nelson L. LeRoy, "Social and Economic Consequen- ces of the Dickey- Lincoln School...Regional Planning Commission," Machias, Maine, 1977. 47. U.S. Department of Energy, Southeast Power Administration, Dickey- Lincoln School Project

  11. Molecular clusters of the main group elements

    Driess, Matthias


    ""To summarize, Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements is certainly not a popular science book, nor is it a textbook; it is a very good, up-to-date collection of articles for the specialist. Als Fazit bleibt: Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements ist sicher kein populissenschaftliches Werk, auch kein Lehrbuch, aber eine gelungene, hoch aktuelle Zusammenstellung fen interessierten Fachmann."" -Michael Ruck, TU Dresden, Angewandte Chemie, 2004 - 116/36 + International Edition 2004 - 43/36

  12. Aneurysm of the left main coronary artery

    Ênio E. Guérios


    Full Text Available Aneurysm of the left main coronary artery is a rare angiographic finding, with few cases described in the international literature. We report the case of a 42-year-old male with a previous history of acute myocardial infarction, whose coronariography indicated triple vessel coronary disease and an aneurysm of the left main coronary artery. A review of the etiology, clinical aspects, and surgical management of coronary arterial aneurysm is presented.

  13. Main Development Targets for CNOOC in 2000


    @@ In order to obtain stable reserves and create scope economic management, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) officially put forward the main development target and main sci-tech sector target of the Ninth Five-Year Plan in July, 1995. These targets aim to make CNOOC as an international group corporation,including exploration and development of oil and gas,refining, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizer, power generation, unitizing sales network of up and down stream.

  14. Remarkable reductions of PAKs in the brain tissues of scrapie-infected rodent possibly linked closely with neuron loss.

    Meng, Ge; Tian, Chan; Wang, Hui; Xu, Yin; Zhang, Bao-Yun; Shi, Qi; Gao, Chen; Chen, Cao; Fan, Xue-Yu; Wang, Jing; Xiao, Kang; Ren, Ke; Xue, Ming-Ming; Dong, Xiao-Ping


    Prion diseases are irreversible progressive neurodegenerative diseases characterized in the brain by PrP(Sc) deposits, neuronal degeneration, gliosis and by cognitive, behavioral and physical impairments, leading to severe incapacity and inevitable death. Proteins of the p21-activated kinase (PAK) family are noted for roles in gene transcription, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell cycle progression and survival signaling. In the present study, we aimed to identify the potential roles of PAKs during prion infection, utilizing the brains of scrapie agent-infected hamsters. Western blots and immunohistochemical assays showed that brain levels of PAK3 and PAK1, as well as their upstream activator Rac/cdc42 and downstream substrate Raf1, were remarkably reduced at terminal stage. Double-stained immunofluorescent assay demonstrated that PAK3 was expressed mainly in neurons. Dynamic analyses of the brain samples collected at the different time points during the incubation period illustrated successive decreases of PAK3, PAK1 and Raf1, especially phosphor Raf1, which correlated well with neuron loss. Rac/cdc42 in the brain tissues increased at early stage and reached to the top at mid-late stage, but diminished at final stage. Unlike the alteration of PAKs in vivo, PAK3 and PAK1, as well as Rac/cdc42 and Raf1 in the prion-infected cell line SMB-S15 remained unchanged compared with those of its normal cell line SMB-PS. Our data here indicate that the functions of PAKs and their associated signaling pathways are seriously affected in the brains of prion disease, which appear to associate closely with the extensive neuron loss.

  15. Geomagnetic field: Conclusions

    Gorodnitsky, A.M.; Subrahmanyam, A.S.

    stream_size 1 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name Mem_Geol_Soc_India_1998_39_38.pdf.txt stream_source_info Mem_Geol_Soc_India_1998_39_38.pdf.txt Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 Content-Type text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 ...

  16. Conclusion (The Mobile Future)

    Marcus, Aaron; Sala, Riccardo; Roibás, Anxo Cereijo

    There are a couple of fundamental beliefs that I hold about the future of technology and media. First, I believe that, absolutely, most, if not all, media will be delivered, at least intermittently in its lifecycle, over an IP network. It is an efficient carrier, it is scalable, and it can be organically evolved. Whether this is IPV6 or some other technology is inconsequential, it will just work.

  17. Out of Conclusion

    Dalsgaard, Anne Line; Frederiksen, Martin Demant


    Based on long-term fieldwork in Northeast Brazil and the Republic of Georgia, this article explores how open-endedness can be incorporated into ethnographic analysis and writing, not as the empirical object, but as a basic condition for our knowledge production. In the empirical contexts that we...... describe, daily life is marked by poor prospects and lack of possibility, especially for young people. Rather than letting this guide our analyses and ways of writing, this article argues for the necessity of paying attention to the openness and potential of experienced moments of change. We propose...... that even relapses into former habits and predicaments may present a potential for change on a subjective level, as they call for re-starting one’s personal life. As a meta-story to this discussion, we reflect upon the process of putting our informants’ stories into words and analysis. Revisiting both field...

  18. Conclusion: The balanced company


    This concluding chapter brings together the various research findings of the book "The balanced company - organizing for the 21st Century" and develops a general overview of their implications for our understanding of the balancing processes unfolding in companies and organizations....

  19. Conclusions and Further Readings.

    Lucas, John A.


    The components of a complete and effective marketing plan for higher education institutions are summarized. It is suggested that a marketing plan embrace all elements of the total marketing concept, and include curriculum evaluation, a retention program, and a scheme for evaluating the strategy's effectiveness. A bibliography is included.…

  20. 9.0 Conclusions

    Peter S. Murdoch; Jennifer C. Jenkins; Richard A. Birdsey


    The Delaware River Basin (DRB) CEMRI effort described in this document points to several opportunities for national and regional collaboration strategies that could greatly improve the interpretive power of our environmental monitoring programs.

  1. Instead of a Conclusion

    Dosenrode, Søren


    The findings of the book are summarised and commented upon. The concept of 'martyrdom' and the reluctance in the use of violence are discussed......The findings of the book are summarised and commented upon. The concept of 'martyrdom' and the reluctance in the use of violence are discussed...

  2. Conclusion et discussion

    Bertrand, Romain; Wachtel, Nathan; Berger, Laurent; Levi, Giovanni; Boucheron, Patrick; Calvo, Thomas


    M. Romain BERTRANDNous voilà désormais rendus au terme probablement très provisoire concernant les débats et les discussions des travaux de Nathan WACHTEL lors de cette rencontre. Il nous reste une trentaine de minutes pour engager le débat avec les participants de la dernière séance et, le cas échéant, faire valoir des remarques générales sur telle ou telle session. Je souhaiterais inviter Nathan WACHTEL à initier cet échange s’il le souhaite. M. Nathan WACHTELComme je l’expliquais à Romain,...

  3. Conclusions and recommendations

    Schaik, van H.; Kabat, P.; Connor, R.


    Work will continue. The Water-and-Climate ball is rolling and there is a strong commitment to keep it going. This wrapup chapter contains a ten-point action agenda for countries, river basin authorities, regional organisations and the international development community. Contents: 6.1 Undeniable evi

  4. Different Teams, Same Conclusions?

    Fuller, Thomas E; Haider, Haula F; Kikidis, Dimitris


    Background: Though clinical guidelines for assessment and treatment of chronic subjective tinnitus do exist, a comprehensive review of those guidelines has not been performed. The objective of this review was to identify current clinical guidelines, and compare their recommendations for the asses......Background: Though clinical guidelines for assessment and treatment of chronic subjective tinnitus do exist, a comprehensive review of those guidelines has not been performed. The objective of this review was to identify current clinical guidelines, and compare their recommendations...

  5. Summary and conclusions

    Rao, D.G.; Murthy, K.S.R.; Neprochnov, Y.P.; Subrahmanyam, C.

    stream_size 4 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name Mem_Geol_Soc_India_1998_39_233.pdf.txt stream_source_info Mem_Geol_Soc_India_1998_39_233.pdf.txt Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 Content-Type text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 ...

  6. Some remarks on the genus Echinogammarus Stebbing, 1899 with description of a new species E. valedictus from Algeria (Crustacea, Amphipoda)

    Pinkster, Sjouk; Platvoet, Dirk


    Some short remarks are made on taxonomic problems in the genus Echinogammarus and a description is given of a new species from mountain streams in Algeria, characterized by a onesegmented exopodite in uropod 3.

  7. Some remarks on the genus Echinogammarus Stebbing, 1899 with description of a new species E. valedictus from Algeria (Crustacea, Amphipoda)

    Pinkster, Sjouk; Platvoet, Dirk


    Some short remarks are made on taxonomic problems in the genus Echinogammarus and a description is given of a new species from mountain streams in Algeria, characterized by a onesegmented exopodite in uropod 3.

  8. Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Mainly by Acupuncture

    GUO Yan-ming


    It is considered that local points or points along meridians plus Ashi points are selected to treat diseases by acupuncture. For examples: Jianyu(LI 15), Jianneiling (Ex UE),Jianzhen(SI 9) are selected to treat shoulder joint diseases; Kunlun(BL 60), Zhaohai(KI 6),Qiuxu(GB 40), Bafeng (Ex LE 10) and Ashi points are selected to treat anklebone and phalange diseases, plus electroacupuncture and microwave radiation. We treated 118 cases of rheumatoid arthritis. The results showed cure in 12 cases, remarkable effect in 38 cases,improvement in 62 cases and failure in 6 cases. The total effective rate was 97.9%.%针刺病变局部与循经穴穴位为主,辅以阿是穴,如肩关节病变取肩髃,肩内陵和肩贞,踝及趾关节病变取昆仑,照海,丘墟,八风和阿是穴,并加用电针和微波照射.治疗了118例类风湿性关节炎患者,结果治愈12例,显效38例,好转62例,无效6例,总有效率97.9%.

  9. Rodízio de firmas de auditoria: a experiência brasileira e as conclusões do mercado Rotation of audit firms: the brazilian experience and the market's conclusions

    Alexandre Queiroz de Oliveira


    accounting errors and misstatements of financial statements, audit firm rotation affects the commercial and professional relationship of the auditors with their clients, as well as the whole structure of the audit firm market. The article was prepared on the basis of the historical concept of audit firm rotation, the evaluation of the surveys carried out on the subject in other countries, and the philosophical structures that determine the ethical principles associated to audits. Furthermore, a field survey was carried out on aspects related to audit firm rotation. This survey collected the opinions of 127 financial market professionals, 84 of whom were executives from companies that work on or influence the preparation of financial statements, and 43 independent auditors who work directly in the accounting record auditing process. The main conclusion was the confirmation that audit firm rotation cannot ensure the independence of the auditor in his work, nor does it diminish the risks of accounting errors or frauds in the financial statement preparation.

  10. Determination of Main Noise Sources in a Thermal Power plant

    M. Jahangiri


    Full Text Available Introduction: The Power plants are as the major industries that have a large number of workers, providing they health is important. Exposure to occupational noise is the pervasive physical agent in industries like power plants and may impact health and for safety status for people. Determination of the sources of noise in workplaces is important step in noise control plans. This study aimed to assess noise pollution and determine the main sources of noise in a power plant for. .Material and Method: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on the ground floor of the turbine unit of a thermal power plant. Measurements was done based on the ISO-9612 and ISO-11200 standard using by the calibrated sound level meter model TES-1389 on “A” frequency weighting and “Slow” mode for time response. Surfer V.10 software was used for interpolation and noise maps producing. Based on grid method measuring for indicating of noise propagation, we set buffer of danger areas to determine main sources of noise. Also, we used the minimized grid method for measuring and study of noise denotation in vertical surface in each main sources. .Result: The results showed that the measured indoor sound pressure level in all areas where at the risk category of the units. The highest average sound pressure level was belonged to the unit 2, with 93.1 dB(A. We find the feed water pumps were the main sources in all of the studied units. Among the four main components of the main sources, the highest noise levels associated with the main pump and the gearbox section with about 100 9B(L and dominant frequency of 2000 Hz. .Conclusion: Considering that feed water pumps had major sources in indoor power plant noise pollution, engineering noise control such as providing enclosures is necessary to reduce noise pollution to safe levels in the studied plant it is necessary.

  11. Main building fire drill safely concluded

    CERN Bulletin


    Last week, a simulated fire in the stairwell of the Main Building put CERN’s emergency response procedures to the test.   Firefighters descend the stairwell in the Main Building as the simulated fire rises.   At 2 p.m. on 22 September, alarms sounded around CERN’s Main Building as an evacuation exercise got underway. A simulated fire in the  stairwell, complete with very realistic smoke, led to the evacuation of one of the busiest places at CERN. The Main Building complex includes the Carlson Wagonlit travel agency, the post office, UBS, Uniqa, the Users Office, the Staff Association and the Novae restaurant as well as the Main Auditorium, the Council Chamber and the Charpak meeting room. It was impressive to see how quickly the smoke propagated in the staircase as well as into the corridors, and equally impressive to see how smoothly, quickly and efficiently the evacuation proceeded. The...

  12. Main Coast Winds - Final Scientific Report

    Jason Huckaby; Harley Lee


    The Maine Coast Wind Project was developed to investigate the cost-effectiveness of small, distributed wind systems on coastal sites in Maine. The restructuring of Maine's electric grid to support net metering allowed for the installation of small wind installations across the state (up to 100kW). The study performed adds insight to the difficulties of developing cost-effective distributed systems in coastal environments. The technical hurdles encountered with the chosen wind turbine, combined with the lower than expected wind speeds, did not provide a cost-effective return to make a distributed wind program economically feasible. While the turbine was accepted within the community, the low availability has been a negative.

  13. The double main sequence of Omega Centauri

    Bedin, L R


    Recent, high precision photometry of Omega Centauri, the biggest Galactic globular cluster, has been obtained with Hubble Space Telescope. The color magnitude diagram reveals an unexpected bifurcation of colors in the main sequence (MS). The newly found double MS, the multiple turnoffs and subgiant branches, and other sequences discovered in the past along the red giant branch of this cluster add up to a fascinating but frustrating puzzle. Among the possible explanations for the blue main sequence an anomalous overabundance of helium is suggested. The hypothesis will be tested with a set of FLAMES@VLT data we have recently obtained (ESO DDT program), and with forthcoming ACS@HST images.

  14. [Risk factors of main cancer sites].

    Uleckiene, Saule; Didziapetriene, Janina; Griciūte, Liudvika Laima; Urbeliene, Janina; Kasiulevicius, Vytautas; Sapoka, Virginijus


    Cancer prevention is a system of various measures devoted to avoid this disease. Primary cancer prevention means the identification, avoidance, or destruction of known risk factors. The main risk factors are smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, occupational factors, environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, infection, medicines, reproductive hormones, and lack of physical activity. Approximately one-third of cancers can be avoided by implementing various preventive measures. The aim of this article was to acquaint medical students, family doctors with risk factors of main cancer sites (lung, breast, colorectal, and prostate).

  15. 78 FR 42556 - Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company; Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant Issuance of Environmental...


    ... COMMISSION Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company; Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant Issuance of Environmental..., 2011, with various implementation dates for each of the rule changes. Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company... ADAMS, which provides text and image files of NRC's public documents. If you do not have access to...

  16. Warm dark matter in the galaxies:theoretical and observational progresses. Highlights and conclusions of the chalonge meudon workshop 2011

    de Vega, H J


    Warm Dark Matter (WDM) research is progressing fast, the subject is new and WDM essentially works, naturally reproducing the astronomical observations over all scales: small (galactic) and large (cosmological) scales (LambdaWDM). Evidence that Cold Dark Matter (LambdaCDM) and its proposed tailored cures do not work at small scales is staggering. Fedor Bezrukov, Pier-Stefano Corasaniti, Hector J. de Vega, Stefano Ettori, Frederic Hessmann, Ayuki Kamada, Marco Lombardi, Alexander Merle, Christian Moni Bidin, Angelo Nucciotti on behalf of the MARE collaboration, Sinziana Paduroiu, Henri Plana, Norma Sanchez, Patrick Valageas, Shun Zhou present here their highlights of the Workshop. LambdaWDM simulations with keV particles remarkably reproduce the observations, small and large structures and velocity functions. Cored DM halos and WDM are clearly determined from theory and astronomical observations, they naturally produce the observed structures at all scales. keV sterile neutrinos are the leading candidates, they...

  17. 76 FR 59177 - Maine Disaster #ME-00029


    ... ADMINISTRATION Maine Disaster ME-00029 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This is a Notice of the Presidential declaration of a major ] disaster for Public Assistance Only for the... Kingsport Road, Fort Worth, TX 76155. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: A. Escobar, Office of...

  18. Kommunikatsioon ja maaelu maine / Ants Laansalu

    Laansalu, Ants, 1938-2011


    Ilmunud ka: Agriculture and the development of rural life : overview 2004/2005. - Tallinn, 2005, lk. 156-159. Autori hinnangul mõjutas meedias EL-i põllumajanduspoliitika kohta loodud negatiivne maine oluliselt Eesti põllumajanduspoliitika kujundamist riigi tasandil kuni 2000. a. ja ettevõtlus tasandil kuni 2003. a.

  19. Water Hammer in Pumped Sewer Mains

    Larsen, Torben

    This publication is intended for engineers seeking an introduction to the problem of water hammer in pumped pressure mains. This is a subject of increasing interest because of the development of larger and more integrated sewer systems. Consideration of water hammer is essential for structural...

  20. Main Strategies for Autonomous Robotic Controller Design

    Paterega, I.


    This review gives an overall introduction to the artificial evolution mechanism. It presents the main strategies for robotic controller design. It gives a review of the pertinent literature, focusing on approaches that use neural networks, evolutionary computing, and fuzzy logic. Various applications of artificial evolution in robotics are surveyed and classified.

  1. Main facts 1995; Faits marquants 1995



    This report presents the main facts of the studies carried out by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches (DER) of Electricite de France: new applications of electricity, classical and nuclear thermal power plants, electrical equipment, environment protection, monitoring and plants operations.

  2. Few remarks on the Higgs boson decays in gauge-Higgs unification

    Hasegawa, K.; Lim, C. S.


    In the scenario of gauge-Higgs unification, the origin of the Higgs boson is the higher-dimensional gauge boson. Very characteristic predictions are made of the Higgs boson interactions in this scenario, reflecting its origin. In particular, a remarkable claim has been made: the contribution of nonzero Kaluza-Klein modes to the Higgs decay H →Z γ exactly vanishes in the minimal SU(3) electroweak unified model, at least at the one-loop level. In this brief paper, in order to see whether this prediction is a general feature of the scenario or the consequence of the specific choice of the model, matter content, or the order of perturbative expansion, we perform an operator analysis. We demonstrate that no relevant operator exists, respecting the gauge symmetry SU(3) in the bulk. We also comment on the possibly important contribution to the photonic decay H →γ γ due to the nonzero Kaluza-Klein modes of light quarks.

  3. Interpreting the Bible in the 'new' South Africa: Remarks on some problems and challenges

    D. J. Human


    Full Text Available Interpreting the Bible in the 'new' South Africa DJ Human Department of Biblical Studies (Sec B University of Pretoria The Bible plays an important role in South African society. The interpretation of this book within or outside the Christian community has become an increaslingly major source of debate. It has been used and misused in several spheres of society. This article does not intend providing an extensive and composite picture of the problems and character of biblical hermeneutics. Nor will it attempt to elaborate on or explain the origins, development and influences of all the different her-meneutical approaches. Rather, it poses to be an introduction to a few of the problem(s encountered in the attempt to understand the Bible, especially in terms of the 'new' South Africa. Within the framework of this scope, remarks will be made regarding the challenges involved in interpreting the Bible, the role of the interpreter in the interpretation process, the varied forms of literature to be found in Scripture, and in the last instance, to take cognisance of a few methodological approaches to the text analysis of the Bible.

  4. Luhman 16AB: A Remarkable, Variable L/T Transition Binary 2 pc from the Sun

    Burgasser, A J; Beletsky, Y; Plavchan, P; Gillon, M; Radigan, J; Jehin, E; Delrez, L; Opitom, C; Morrell, N; Osten, R; Street, R; Melis, C; Triaud, A; Simcoe, R


    Luhman (2013) has reported the discovery of a brown dwarf binary system only 2.01+/-0.15 pc from the Sun. The binary is well-resolved with a projected separation of 1.5", and spectroscopic observations have identified the components as late-L and early-T dwarfs. The system exhibits several remarkable traits, including a "flux reversal", where the T dwarf is brighter over 0.9-1.3 micron but fainter at other wavelengths; and significant (~10%) short-period (~4.9 hr) photometric variability with a complex light curve. These observations suggest spatial variations in condensate cloud structure, which is known to evolve substantially across the L dwarf/T dwarf transition. Here we report preliminary results from a multi-site monitoring campaign aimed at probing the spectral and temporal properties of this source. Focusing on our spectroscopic observations, we report the first detections of NIR spectral variability, present detailed analysis of K I lines that confirm differences in condensate opacity between the com...

  5. Monitoring the Remarkable Radio Spectral-Line/Continuum Outburst in Galaxy NGC 660

    Salter, Christopher J.; Ghosh, Tapasi; Minchin, Robert F.; Momjian, Emmanuel


    A radio continuum and spectral-line outburst in galaxy NGC660 was serendipitously discovered by us at Arecibo in 2007/8. From Feb. 2013, roughly bi-monthly Arecibo spectral-line and continuum monitoring of this remarkable event has been performed, with 28 observing epochs completed to Auguast 2016. Variability of the continuum spectrum, and of the detailed OH emission/absorption spectra at 4660, 4750, and 4765 MHz have been followed over this period. The rapid changes seen in the molecular emission from the nuclear region of this galaxy are unprecedented. To delineate the physical model of this complicated starburst system further, we have supplemented this Arecibo monitoring by two epochs of milliarcsecond-resolution HSA line and continuum imaging, (with Arecibo in this VLBI array). The VLBI images reveal jet structure consistent with a recent nuclear outburst. The OH features show association with the outburst hotspots. Both the continuum and OH maser intensities have been steadily declining since peaking at mid-2011.

  6. Remark on "Algorithm 916: Computing the Faddeyeva and Voigt functions": Efficiency Improvements and Fortran Translation

    Zaghloul, Mofreh R


    This remark describes efficiency improvements to Algorithm 916 [Zaghloul and Ali 2011]. It is shown that the execution time required by the algorithm, when run at its highest accuracy, may be improved by more than a factor of two. A better accuracy vs efficiency trade off scheme is also implemented; this requires the user to supply the number of significant figures desired in the computed values as an extra input argument to the function. Using this trade-off, it is shown that the efficiency of the algorithm may be further improved significantly while maintaining reasonably accurate and safe results that are free of the pitfalls and complete loss of accuracy seen in other competitive techniques. The current version of the code is provided in Matlab and Scilab in addition to a Fortran translation prepared to meet the needs of real-world problems where very large numbers of function evaluations would require the use of a compiled language. To fulfill this last requirement, a recently proposed reformed version o...

  7. The Remarkable Afterglow of GRB 061007: Implications for Optical Flashes and GRB Fireballs

    Mundell, C G; Guidorzi, C; Kobayashi, S; Steele, I A; Malesani, D; Amati, L; D'Avanzo, P; Bersier, D F; Gomboc, A; Rol, E; Bode, M F; Carter, D; Mottram, C J; Monfardini, A; Smith, R J; Malhotra, S; Wang, J; Bannister, N; O'Brien, P T; Tanvir, N R


    We present a multiwavelength analysis of Swift GRB 061007. The 2-m robotic Faulkes Telescope South (FTS) began observing 137 s after the onset of the gamma-ray emission, when the optical counterpart was already decaying from R~10.3 mag, and continued observing for the next 5.5 hours. These observations begin during the final gamma-ray flare and continue through and beyond a long, soft tail of gamma-ray emission whose flux shows an underlying simple power law decay identical to that seen at optical and X-ray wavelengths, with temporal slope alpha~1.7. This remarkably simple decay in all of these bands is rare for Swift bursts, which often show much more complex light curves. We suggest the afterglow emission begins as early as 30-100 s and is contemporaneous with the on-going variable prompt emission from the central engine, but originates from a physically distinct region dominated by the forward shock. The afterglow continues unabated until at least ~10^5 seconds showing no evidence of a break. The observed ...

  8. New URJC-1 Material with Remarkable Stability and Acid-Base Catalytic Properties

    Pedro Leo


    Full Text Available Emerging new metal-organic structures with tunable physicochemical properties is an exciting research field for diverse applications. In this work, a novel metal-organic framework Cu(HIT(DMF0.5, named URJC-1, with a three-dimensional non-interpenetrated utp topological network, has been synthesized. This material exhibits a microporous structure with unsaturated copper centers and imidazole–tetrazole linkages that provide accessible Lewis acid/base sites. These features make URJC-1 an exceptional candidate for catalytic application in acid and base reactions of interest in fine chemistry. The URJC-1 material also displays a noteworthy thermal and chemical stability in different organic solvents of different polarity and boiling water. Its catalytic activity was evaluated in acid-catalyzed Friedel–Crafts acylation of anisole with acetyl chloride and base-catalyzed Knoevenagel condensation of benzaldehyde with malononitrile. In both cases, URJC-1 material showed very good performance, better than other metal organic frameworks and conventional catalysts. In addition, a remarkable structural stability was proven after several consecutive reaction cycles.

  9. A Multi-band Study of the Remarkable Jet in Quasar 4C+19.44

    Harris, D. E.; Lee, N. P.; Schwartz, D. A.; Siemiginowska, A.; Massaro, F.; Birkinshaw, M.; Worrall, D. M.; Cheung, C. C.; Gelbord, J. M.; Jorstad, Svetlana G.; Marscher, Alan P.; Landt, H.; Marshall, H.; Perlman, E. S.; Stawarz, L.; Uchiyama, Y.; Urry, C. M.


    We present arcsecond-resolution data in the radio, IR, optical, and X-ray for 4C+19.44 (=PKS 1354+195), the longest and straightest quasar jet with deep X-ray observations. We report results from radio images with half to one arcsecond angular resolution at three frequencies, plus Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer data. The Chandra data allow us to measure the X-ray spectral index in 10 distinct regions along the 18″ jet and compare with the radio index. The radio and X-ray spectral indices of the jet regions are consistent with a value of α =0.80 throughout the jet, to within 2σ uncertainties. The X-ray jet structure to the south extends beyond the prominent radio jet and connects to the southern radio lobe, and there is extended X-ray emission, both in the direction of the unseen counter-jet, and also coincident with the northern radio lobe. This jet is remarkable because its straight appearance over a large distance allows the geometry factors to be taken as fixed along the jet. Using the model of inverse Compton scattering of the cosmic microwave background (iC/CMB) by relativistic electrons, we find that the magnetic field strengths and Doppler factors are relatively constant along the jet. If instead the X-rays are synchrotron emission, they must arise from a population of electrons distinct from the particles producing the radio synchrotron spectrum.

  10. Some remarks on the relevance of basic research in nursing inquiry.

    Lehtinen, Ullaliina; Ohlén, Joakim; Asplund, Kenneth


    The aim of this article was to illuminate the issue of basic research in nursing and to problematize its relevance for our discipline. First, we asked leading nursing scholars in the Nordic countries to share their views on basic research in nursing. Thereafter, the ideas, views and suggestions of the scholars were amalgamated with insights from the literature and from the discussions in our project team. Our two guiding questions were: What role can basic research be assigned? Which, if any, forms of basic research can be identified? We found that basic nursing research may be seen as a necessary basis for applied research, as a contribution to applied research, or that the whole issue is seen as a pseudo-issue. We further found that basic nursing research can be seen as either contextual or general as well as either intradisciplinary or multidisciplinary in form. We conclude by the following three succinct remarks or assertions: that basic nursing research is not to be equated with biomedical conceptions of basic research; that basic nursing research may take place on several theoretical levels; and finally, that an indiscriminate dismissal of basic research in nursing may affect the cognitive autonomy of our discipline.

  11. Foramen Magnum Meningioma: Some Anatomical and Surgical Remarks through Five Cases.

    Mostofi, Keyvan


    Foramen magnum meningioma foramen magnum meningioma (FMM) represents 2% all of meningiomas. The clinical symptomatology is usually insidious and consists of headache, neck pain and hypoesthesia in C2 dermatome. Because of their location, the management is challenging. The purpose of this paper is to present our experience in the surgery of FMM. Since 1938, numerous series have been published but they are very heterogeneous with high variability of location and surgical approaches. During two years, we operated 5 patients with FMM. All the patients had magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with angio-MRI to study the relationship between tumour and vertebral artery (VA). In all the cases, we used prone position. In one case, considering the tumour localization (posterior and pure intradural) the tumour was removed via a midline suboccipital approach with craniotomy and C1-C2 laminectomy. In all other cases, meningiomas were posterolateral (classification of George) with extradural extension in one case. In all cases, VA was surrounded by tumor. So, we opted for a modified postero-lateral approach with inverted L incision, craniotomy and C1-C2 laminectomy without resect occipital condyle. Epidural part of VA was identified and mobilized laterally. Once VA was identified we opened dura mater and began to remove the tumour. In this paper, we present five cases of operated FMM, describe our approaches, the reason of each approach and propose some surgical remarks.

  12. Microfabricated pseudocapacitors using Ni(OH)2 electrodes exhibit remarkable volumetric capacitance and energy density

    Kurra, Narendra


    Metal hydroxide based microfabricated pseudocapacitors with impressive volumetric stack capacitance and energy density are demonstrated. A combination of top-down photolithographic process and bottom-up chemical synthesis is employed to fabricate the micro-pseudocapacitors (μ-pseudocapacitors). The resulting Ni(OH)2-based devices show several excellent characteristics including high-rate redox activity up to 500 V s-1 and an areal cell capacitance of 16 mF cm-2 corresponding to a volumetric stack capacitance of 325 F cm-3. This volumetric capacitance is two-fold higher than carbon and metal oxide based μ-supercapacitors with interdigitated electrode architecture. Furthermore, these μ-pseudocapacitors show a maximum energy density of 21 mWh cm-3, which is superior to the Li-based thin film batteries. The heterogeneous growth of Ni(OH)2 over the Ni surface during the chemical bath deposition is found to be the key parameter in the formation of uniform monolithic Ni(OH)2 mesoporous nanosheets with vertical orientation, responsible for the remarkable properties of the fabricated devices. Additionally, functional tandem configurations of the μ-pseudocapacitors are shown to be capable of powering a light-emitting diode.

  13. Diversity in viral anti-PKR mechanisms: a remarkable case of evolutionary convergence.

    Elena Domingo-Gil

    Full Text Available Most viruses express during infection products that prevent or neutralize the effect of the host dsRNA activated protein kinase (PKR. Translation of Sindbis virus (SINV mRNA escapes to PKR activation and eIF2 phosphorylation in infected cells by a mechanism that requires a stem loop structure in viral 26S mRNA termed DLP to initiate translation in the absence of functional eIF2. Unlike the rest of viruses tested, we found that Alphavirus infection allowed a strong PKR activation and eIF2α phosphorylation in vitro and in infected animals so that the presence of DLP structure in mRNA was critical for translation and replication of SINV. Interestingly, infection of MEFs with some viruses that express PKR inhibitors prevented eIF2α phosphorylation after superinfection with SINV, suggesting that viral anti-PKR mechanisms could be exchangeable. Thus, translation of SINV mutant lacking the DLP structure (ΔDLP in 26S mRNA was partially rescued in cells expressing vaccinia virus (VV E3 protein, a known inhibitor of PKR. This case of heterotypic complementation among evolutionary distant viruses confirmed experimentally a remarkable case of convergent evolution in viral anti-PKR mechanisms. Our data reinforce the critical role of PKR in regulating virus-host interaction and reveal the versatility of viruses to find different solutions to solve the same conflict.

  14. A Few Observations and Remarks on Time Effectiveness of Interactive Electronic Testing

    Martin MAGDIN


    Full Text Available In the paper, we point out several observations and remarks on time effectiveness of electronic testing, in particular of its new form (interactive tests. A test is often used as an effective didactic tool for evaluating the extent of gained cognitive capabilities. According to authors Rudman (1989 and Wang (2003 it is provable that the relationship towards e-testing depends on the degree of previous experiences with this form of examination. Conducted experiments (not only by these authors show that students using the traditional testing form (putting answers down on a paper are happy to have the opportunity to use a computer for testing. The reason is the fact that they are usually used to a complete explanation of the educational content, frontal examination during the lesson and also in the course of the school year and more limited possibilities to use the Internet for educational purposes. Most of them do not even know about the possibilities of e-learning and electronic evaluation. On the other hand, the group of students who are being tested using the traditional form and at the same time using computers usually prefer the traditional form, while using multimedia tools is more or less normal to them.

  15. Eine außergewöhnliche Biographie A Remarkable Biography

    Andrea Rönz


    Full Text Available Erst im Alter von 44 Jahren, als ihre beiden Söhne erwachsen waren, begann die Wienerin Ida Pfeiffer Forschungsreisen zu unternehmen, die sie in den folgenden 16 Jahren zunächst ins Heilige Land und anschließend zweimal um die ganze Welt führen sollten. Die hierzu veröffentlichten Reiseberichte erfreuten sich beim zeitgenössischen Publikum großer Beliebtheit, die von den Reisen mitgebrachten Sammlungen stellten eine bedeutende Bereicherung für die Wissenschaft dar. Trotz dieser für die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts ungewöhnlichen weiblichen Biographie blieb Ida Pfeiffer dennoch in ihren Schriften eine Verfechterin der bürgerlichen Normen und Werte. Diesen widersprüchlichen Charakter zu beleuchten hat sich Gabriele Habinger zur Aufgabe gemacht.The Viennese born Ida Pfeiffer began undertaking research expeditions at the age of 44, after both of her sons were grown up. In the 16 years that followed, the trips led her first to the Holy Land and then finally two times around the world. The published travel reports were widely popular in the contemporary public and the collections brought back from the journeys constituted an enrichment for science. Despite this remarkable female biography for the mid-19th Century, in her writings Ida Pfeiffer remained a proponent for bourgeois morals and ideals. Gabriele Habinger made it her task to illuminate this contrasting character.

  16. M31N 2008-12a - The Remarkable Recurrent Nova in M31

    Darnley, M J


    M31N 2008-12a is a remarkable recurrent nova within the Andromeda Galaxy. With eleven eruptions now identified, including eight in the past eight years, the system exhibits a recurrence period of one year, and possibly just six months. This short inter eruption period is driven by the combination of a high mass white dwarf ($1.38\\,\\mathrm{M}_\\odot$) and high mass accretion rate ($\\sim1.6\\times10^{-7}\\,\\mathrm{M}_\\odot\\,\\mathrm{yr}^{-1}$). Such a high accretion rate appears to be provided by the stellar wind of a red giant companion. Deep H$\\alpha$ observations have revealed the presence of a vastly extended nebula around the system, which could be the `super-remnant' of many thousands of past eruptions. With a prediction of the white dwarf reaching the Chandrasekhar mass in less than a mega-year, M31N 2008-12a has become the leading pre-explosion type Ia supernova candidate. The 2016 eruption - to be the twelfth detected eruption - is expected imminently, and a vast array of follow-up observations are already...

  17. Topological switching between an alpha-beta parallel protein and a remarkably helical molten globule.

    Nabuurs, Sanne M; Westphal, Adrie H; aan den Toorn, Marije; Lindhoud, Simon; van Mierlo, Carlo P M


    Partially folded protein species transiently exist during folding of most proteins. Often these species are molten globules, which may be on- or off-pathway to native protein. Molten globules have a substantial amount of secondary structure but lack virtually all the tertiary side-chain packing characteristic of natively folded proteins. These ensembles of interconverting conformers are prone to aggregation and potentially play a role in numerous devastating pathologies, and thus attract considerable attention. The molten globule that is observed during folding of apoflavodoxin from Azotobacter vinelandii is off-pathway, as it has to unfold before native protein can be formed. Here we report that this species can be trapped under nativelike conditions by substituting amino acid residue F44 by Y44, allowing spectroscopic characterization of its conformation. Whereas native apoflavodoxin contains a parallel beta-sheet surrounded by alpha-helices (i.e., the flavodoxin-like or alpha-beta parallel topology), it is shown that the molten globule has a totally different topology: it is helical and contains no beta-sheet. The presence of this remarkably nonnative species shows that single polypeptide sequences can code for distinct folds that swap upon changing conditions. Topological switching between unrelated protein structures is likely a general phenomenon in the protein structure universe.

  18. The remarkable environmental rebound effect of electric cars: a microeconomic approach.

    Font Vivanco, David; Freire-González, Jaume; Kemp, René; van der Voet, Ester


    This article presents a stepwise, refined, and practical analytical framework to model the microeconomic environmental rebound effect (ERE) stemming from cost differences of electric cars in terms of changes in multiple life cycle environmental indicators. The analytical framework is based on marginal consumption analysis and hybrid life cycle assessment (LCA). The article makes a novel contribution through a reinterpretation of the traditional rebound effect and methodological refinements. It also provides novel empirical results about the ERE for plug-in hybrid electric (PHE), full-battery electric (FBE), and hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) cars for Europe. The ERE is found to have a remarkable impact on product-level environmental scores. For the PHE car, the ERE causes a marginal increase in demand and environmental pressures due to a small decrease in the cost of using this technology. For FBE and HFC cars, the high capital costs cause a noteworthy decrease in environmental pressures for some indicators (negative rebound effect). The results corroborate the concern over the high influence of cost differences for environmental assessment, and they prompt sustainable consumption policies to consider markets and prices as tools rather than as an immutable background.

  19. Rotor dynamic analysis of main coolant pump

    Lee, Chong Won; Seo, Jeong Hwan; Kim, Choong Hwan; Shin, Jae Chul; Wang, Lei Tian [Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Taejon (Korea)


    A rotor dynamic analysis program DARBS/MCP, for the main coolant pump of the integral reactor, has been developed. The dynamic analysis model of the main coolant pump includes a vertical shaft, three grooved radial journal bearings and gaps that represent the structure-fluid interaction effects between the rotor and the lubricant fluid. The electromagnetic force from the motor and the hydro-dynamic force induced by impeller are the major sources of vibration that may affect the rotor system stability. DARBS/MCP is a software that is developed to effectively analyze the dynamics of MCP rotor systems effectively by applying powerful numerical algorithms such as FEM with modal truncation and {lambda}-matrix method for harmonic analysis. Main design control parameters, that have much influence to the dynamic stability, have been found by Taguchi's sensitivity analysis method. Design suggestions to improve the stability of MCP rotor system have been documented. The dynamic bearing parameters of the journal bearings used for main coolant pump have been determined by directly solving the Reynolds equation using FDM method. Fluid-structure interaction effect that occurs at the small gaps between the rotor and the stator were modeled as equivalent seals, the electromagnetic force effect was regarded as a linear negative radial spring and the impeller was modeled as a rigid disk with hydrodynamic and static radial force. Although there exist critical speeds in the range of operational speeds for type I and II rotor systems, the amplitude of vibration appears to be less than the vibration limit set by the API standards. Further more, it has been verified that the main design parameters such as the clearance and length of journal bearings, and the static radial force of impeller should be properly adjusted, in order to the improve dynamic stability of the rotor system. (author). 39 refs., 81 figs., 17 tabs.

  20. Demographics of hip dysplasia in the Maine Coon cat.

    Loder, Randall T; Todhunter, Rory J


    Objectives The aim of this study was to study the demographics of feline hip dysplasia (FHD) in the Maine Coon cat. Methods The complete hip dysplasia registry (public and private) collected by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals through April 2015 was accessed. There were 2732 unique cats; 2708 (99.1%) were Maine Coons, and only these were studied. Variables analyzed were sex, month/season of birth and hip dysplasia score. Two groups were created: those with and without FHD. P dysplasia were older. The percentage of bilateral FHD was 56%, and bilateral cases had more severe dysplasia than unilateral cases but with no age difference. Month/season of birth or geographic region of origin did not influence the prevalence of FHD. Conclusions and relevance This is the largest demographic study of FHD in the Maine Coon cat. The overall prevalence in the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals registry was 24.9%, and slightly higher in males (27.3%) than females (23.3%). Dysplasia was more severe in bilateral than unilateral cases and with increasing age. Caution should be used when extrapolating these findings to other feline breeds or other groups of Maine Coon cats. Further studies need to be performed among other breeds and geographic locations to better understand the demographics of feline hip dysplasia.




    Full Text Available Nowadays the industry is one of the main economic sectors, with a major contribution to achieving and maintaining a high rate of economic growth. The processing industry operation to high economic performance requires changes in structural terms, the re-engineering of processes and management. In this regard, one of the main actions taken at the level of companies in the manufacturing industry is the implementation of quality systems. Practicing quality management system not only allows businesses to react to changes taking place in business, but also to inflict them by the controlling of the future. This paper aims to analyze the principles of Total Quality Management – TQM and will highlight the advantages that organizations could obtain by applying each principle separately in the process of management.

  2. Spiropyran main-chain conjugated polymers.

    Sommer, Michael; Komber, Hartmut


    The first main-chain conjugated copolymers based on alternating spiropyran (SP) and 9,9-dioctylfluorene (F8) units synthesized via Suzuki polycondensation (SPC) are presented. The reaction conditions of SPC are optimized to obtain materials of type P(para-SP-F8) with appreciably high molecular weights up to M(w) ≈ 100 kg mol(-1). (13)C NMR is used to identify the random orientation of the non-symmetric SP unit in P(p-SP-F8). Ultrasound-induced isomerization of P(p-SP-F8) to the corresponding merocyanine form P(p-MC-F8) yields a deep-red solution. This isomerization reaction is followed by (1)H NMR in solution using sonication, whereby the color increasingly changes to deep red. The possibility to incorporate multiple SP units into main-chain polymers significantly broadens existing SP-based polymeric architectures.

  3. Early history of the Fermilab Main Ring

    Malamud, E.; /Fermilab


    This note is written in response to a request from Phil Livdahl for corrections, and additions to a TM he is writing on Staffing Levels at Fermilab during Initial Construction Years and to a note that Hank Hinterberger is preparing on milestones. In my spare time over the past few years I have taken the original files of the Main Ring Section, my own notes from that period, and various other collections of relevant paper, and arranged them in a set of 44 large loose leaf binders in chronological order. I call this set of volumes the 'Main Ring Chronological Archives'. In response to Phil's request I have recently skimmed through these records of the period and extracted a small subset of documents which relate to the specific questions that Phil is addressing: staffing. administration, and milestones.

  4. The geomagnetic main field and the geodynamo

    Bloxham, Jeremy; Roberts, Paul H.


    Information available on the geomagnetic main field and the geodynamo is presented. Attention is given to the process of mapping the magnetic field, the last version of International Geomagnetic Reference Field Model, and maps of the magnetic field at the core-mantle boundary and their interpretation. Particular consideration is given to the existing geodynamo theories, with special relation given to the Braginsky and Meytlis theory of core turbulence in which the turbulence differs fundamentally from classical turbulence of Kolmogorov type.

  5. DR21 Main: A Collapsing Cloud

    Kirby, Larry


    The molecular cloud, DR21 Main, is an example of a large-scale gravitational collapse about an axis near the plane of the sky where the collapse is free of major disturbances due to rotation or other effects. Using flux maps, polarimetric maps, and measurements of the field inclination by comparing the line widths of ion and neutral species, we estimate the temperature, mass, magnetic field, and the turbulent kinetic, mean magnetic, and gravitational potential energies, and present a 3D model...


    S. V. Lisafiev


    Full Text Available Abstract: Main innovation diffusion development theory stages are: Rogers model of moving new products to the market including characteristics of its segments; mathematic substantiation of this model by Bass; Moor model taking into account gaps between adjacent market segments; Goldenberg model making it possible to predict sales drops at new product life cycle initial stages. It is reasonable to use this theory while moving innovative products to the market.


    Oksana A. Kucheruk


    Article considers the problem of electronic linguistics. In the article it is grounded topicality of creating and using of new software tools of information and communication technologies to improve the quality of Ukrainian-language education. By the analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodological ideas we have defined the main directions of development of the domestic electronic linguistics. These areas relate to the development of electronic lexicographic works for educational purpo...

  8. Nitrogen chronology of massive main sequence stars

    Köhler, K; Brott, I; Langer, N; de Koter, A


    Rotational mixing in massive main sequence stars is predicted to monotonically increase their surface nitrogen abundance with time. We use this effect to design a method for constraining the age and the inclination angle of massive main sequence stars, given their observed luminosity, effective temperature, projected rotational velocity and surface nitrogen abundance. This method relies on stellar evolution models for different metallicities, masses and rotation rates. We use the population synthesis code STARMAKER to show the range of applicability of our method. We apply this method to 79 early B-type main sequence stars near the LMC clusters NGC 2004 and N 11 and the SMC clusters NGC 330 and NGC 346. From all stars within the sample, 17 were found to be suitable for an age analysis. For ten of them, which are rapidly rotating stars without a strong nitrogen enhancement, it has been previously concluded that they did not evolve as rotationally mixed single stars. This is confirmed by our analysis, which fla...

  9. Isolated systems with wind power. Main report

    Lundsager, P.; Bindner, H.; Clausen, N.E.; Frandsen, S.; Hansen, L.H.; Hansen, J.C.


    The overall objective of this research project is to study the development of methods and guidelines rather than 'universal solutions' for the use of wind energy in isolated communities. The main specific objective of the project is to develop and present a more unified and generally applicable approach for assessing the technical and economical feasibility of isolated power supply systems with wind energy. As a part of the project the following tasks were carried out: Review of literature, field measurements in Egypt, development of an inventory of small isolated systems, overview of end-user demands, analysis of findings and development of proposed guidelines. The project is reported in one main report and four topical reports, all of them issued as Risoe reports. This is the Main Report Risoe-R-1256, summing up the activities and findings of the project and outlining an Implementation Strategy for Isolated Systems with Wind Power, applicable for international organisations such as donor agencies and development banks. (au)

  10. Use of energy piles in the Main Tower high-rise building, Frankfurt/Main; Einsatz von Energiepfaehlen am Beispiel des Main Tower im Frankfurt am Main

    Hude, N. von der [Bilfinger und Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim (Germany). Service Center Technik; Kapp, C. [NEK Umwelttechnik AG, Zuerich (Switzerland)


    The ``Main Tower``, with a height of 198 m, is one of Europe`s highest and most innovative office buildings. The building has a pile foundation which is at the same time a component of the energy supply concept: The piles are equipped with heat exchanger tubes, so that the soil can be utilized for heat supply down to a depth of 50 m. There are several interfaces between foundation work and technical facilities. The number of cogeneration units required for supply of the building could be reduced accordingly. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Bankenviertel der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main entsteht eines der hoechsten und modernsten Buerogebaeude Europas. Der 198 m hohe Neubau des Main Tower zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass durch die Nutzung des Energiepotentials im Untergrund ein innovatives Energiekonzept verwirklicht wird. Das Hochhaus ist auf Grossbohrpfaehlen gegruendet. Sie dienen der Lastabtragung und sind, wie die Pfaehle der ueberschnittenen Bohrpfahlwand zur Baugrubensicherung, Bestandteil des Energiekonzeptes. Die Pfaehle wurden mit Waermetauscherrohren ausgestattet, um den Boden unterhalb des Hochhauses bis in eine Tiefe von 50 m unter Gelaendeoberkante zur umweltfreundlichen Energiegewinnung zu nutzen. Daraus ergeben sich eine Vielzahl von Schnittstellen zwischen Gruendungsarbeiten und technischer Gebaeudeausruestung. Dem Bauherrn wurde es ermoeglicht, die Zahl der erforderlichen Blockheizkraftwerke zur Versorgung des Gebaeudes nennenswert zu reduzieren. (orig.)

  11. A remarkable story! M.C. Vos (1759–1825 in the light of his times

    Benno A. Zuiddam


    Full Text Available This article established the role of the Rev. M.C. Vos (1759–1825 as an internationally oriented Pietistic minister who encouraged mission work amongst the slaves and non-Europeans in the Cape Colony. It clears up several misunderstandings about Vos’s genealogy and argues that there is no genealogical warrant to treat Vos as something else than a White, European minister and writer. His cultural setting and ancestry was that of a colonial Dutchman, although it may have been Euro-Asian to some small extent. If so, this could have predisposed him naturally to look kindly on the lot of  Bengal and Malayan slaves. The real motivating factor for Vos’s missionary endeavours was not racial, but spiritual. The promotion of the Gospel and knowledge of the Scriptures was foremost in the mind of this Dutch Reformed minister. This article argues that the Bible and divine guidance had a remarkable influence on the life and actions of M.C. Vos, to the extent that even his autobiography is marked by Biblical language. Vos is placed within the historical perspective of his times, which assists a balanced interpretation of this remarkable person and his convictions.’n Merkwaardige verhaal! Die lewe en historiese omstandighede van M.C.Vos (1759–1825. Hierdie artikel het die historiese rol van Ds. M.C. Vos (1759–1825 vasgestel as ’n internasionale Piëtistiese wat sending bedryf het onder die slawe en nie-Europeërs aan die Kaap. Dit helder misverstande op wat ontstaan het oor die genealogie van Vos en stel dat daar geen genealogiese rede is om Vos te beskou as ’n predikant en skrywer van nie-Europese afkoms nie. Sy kultuur en voorgeslag was dié van ’n Nederlandse kolonis, hoewel daar enige Euro-Asiatiese elemente in sy genealogie mag wees. Indien dit die geval is, dan het dit bygedra tot sy natuurlike simpatie vir die lot van die Bengaalse en Maleise slawe. Hierdie artikel toon egter aan dat die motivering vir die sendingarbeid van Vos nie op

  12. Has the intensity of the interannual variability in summer rainfall over South China remarkably increased?

    Fan, Ke; Xu, Zhiqing; Tian, Baoqiang


    It is indicated in this paper that there were substantial differences of interannual variability (IIV) in summer rainfall over South China (RSC) among 1960-1977, 1978-1988, and 1989-2010. Notably, both IIV and mean RSC have significantly increased after 1992/1993. Relative to 1978-1988, the percentage increase of standard deviation (SD) of RSC is 230.32 % for 1993-2010. It indicates remarkable increase in IIV of RSC occurred 1993-2010, concurrent with rainfall increase. The results show that the mid-tropospheric meridional gradient of temperature over East Asia weakened in the later period, resulting in an anomalous cyclonic circulation, transporting more tropospheric moisture to South China and an upward motion at the middle and low levels of the troposphere. Meanwhile, IIV in the mid-tropospheric meridional gradient of temperature over East Asia resulted in IIVs both in the anomalous cyclonic circulation and in vertically integrated moisture content over South China. This scenario led to a significant increase in the IIV of summer rainfall over South China. Compared to 1978-1988, a greater increase in the IIV of warming over Mongolia-northeastern China and of excessive spring snow depth over the southeastern Tibetan Plateau were responsible for the increase in the IIV of the mid-tropospheric meridional gradient of the East Asian temperature during 1993-2010. Moreover, another slight increase in the IIV of summer rainfall over South China occurred in 1960-1977 relative to 1978-1988, which partly resulted from the weakening East Asian summer monsoon variability in the late 1970s.

  13. Remarkable evolutionary relatedness among the enzymes and proteins from the α-amylase family.

    Janeček, Štefan; Gabriško, Marek


    The α-amylase is a ubiquitous starch hydrolase catalyzing the cleavage of the α-1,4-glucosidic bonds in an endo-fashion. Various α-amylases originating from different taxonomic sources may differ from each other significantly in their exact substrate preference and product profile. Moreover, it also seems to be clear that at least two different amino acid sequences utilizing two different catalytic machineries have evolved to execute the same α-amylolytic specificity. The two have been classified in the Cabohydrate-Active enZyme database, the CAZy, in the glycoside hydrolase (GH) families GH13 and GH57. While the former and the larger α-amylase family GH13 evidently forms the clan GH-H with the families GH70 and GH77, the latter and the smaller α-amylase family GH57 has only been predicted to maybe define a future clan with the family GH119. Sequences and several tens of enzyme specificities found throughout all three kingdoms in many taxa provide an interesting material for evolutionarily oriented studies that have demonstrated remarkable observations. This review emphasizes just the three of them: (1) a close relatedness between the plant and archaeal α-amylases from the family GH13; (2) a common ancestry in the family GH13 of animal heavy chains of heteromeric amino acid transporter rBAT and 4F2 with the microbial α-glucosidases; and (3) the unique sequence features in the primary structures of amylomaltases from the genus Borrelia from the family GH77. Although the three examples cannot represent an exhaustive list of exceptional topics worth to be interested in, they may demonstrate the importance these enzymes possess in the overall scientific context.

  14. The baker's yeast diploid genome is remarkably stable in vegetative growth and meiosis.

    K T Nishant


    Full Text Available Accurate estimates of mutation rates provide critical information to analyze genome evolution and organism fitness. We used whole-genome DNA sequencing, pulse-field gel electrophoresis, and comparative genome hybridization to determine mutation rates in diploid vegetative and meiotic mutation accumulation lines of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The vegetative lines underwent only mitotic divisions while the meiotic lines underwent a meiotic cycle every ∼20 vegetative divisions. Similar base substitution rates were estimated for both lines. Given our experimental design, these measures indicated that the meiotic mutation rate is within the range of being equal to zero to being 55-fold higher than the vegetative rate. Mutations detected in vegetative lines were all heterozygous while those in meiotic lines were homozygous. A quantitative analysis of intra-tetrad mating events in the meiotic lines showed that inter-spore mating is primarily responsible for rapidly fixing mutations to homozygosity as well as for removing mutations. We did not observe 1-2 nt insertion/deletion (in-del mutations in any of the sequenced lines and only one structural variant in a non-telomeric location was found. However, a large number of structural variations in subtelomeric sequences were seen in both vegetative and meiotic lines that did not affect viability. Our results indicate that the diploid yeast nuclear genome is remarkably stable during the vegetative and meiotic cell cycles and support the hypothesis that peripheral regions of chromosomes are more dynamic than gene-rich central sections where structural rearrangements could be deleterious. This work also provides an improved estimate for the mutational load carried by diploid organisms.

  15. Remarkable Evolutionary Conservation of Antiobesity ADIPOSE/WDTC1 Homologs in Animals and Plants.

    Ducos, Eric; Vergès, Valentin; Dugé de Bernonville, Thomas; Blanc, Nathalie; Giglioli-Guivarc'h, Nathalie; Dutilleul, Christelle


    ASG2 (Altered Seed Germination 2) is a prenylated protein in Arabidopsis thaliana that participates to abscisic acid signaling and is proposed to act as a substrate adaptor for the DDB1 (DNA damage-binding protein 1)-CUL4 (Cullin 4) E3 ubiquitin ligase complex. ASG2 harbors WD40 and TetratricoPeptide Repeat (TPR) domains, and resembles the well-conserved animal gene called ADP (antiobesity factor ADIPOSE) in fly and WDTC1 (WD40 and TPR 1) in humans. Loss of function of WDTC1 results in an increase in adipocytes, fat accumulation, and obesity. Antiadipogenic functions of WDTC1 involve regulation of fat-related gene transcription, notably through its binding to histone deacetylases (HDACs). Our sequence and phylogenetic analysis reveals that ASG2 belongs to the ADP/WDTC1 cluster. ASG2 and WDTC1 share a highly conserved organization that encompasses structural and functional motifs: seven WD40 domains and WD40 hotspot-related residues, three TPR protein-protein interaction domains, DDB1-binding elements [H-box and DWD (DDB1-binding WD40 protein)-box], and a prenylatable C-terminus. Furthermore, ASG2 involvement in fat metabolism was confirmed by reverse genetic approaches using asg2 knockout Arabidopsis plants. Under limited irradiance, asg2 mutants produce "obese" seeds characterized by increased weight, oil body density, and higher fatty acid contents. In addition, considering some ASG2- and WDTC1-peculiar properties, we show that the WDTC1 C-terminus is prenylated in vitro and HDAC-binding capability is conserved in ASG2, suggesting that the regulation mechanism and targets of ADP/WDTC1-like proteins may be conserved features. Our findings reveal the remarkable evolutionary conservation of the structure and the physiological role of ADIPOSE homologs in animals and plants. Copyright © 2017 by the Genetics Society of America.

  16. Development of n-type cobaltocene-encapsulated carbon nanotubes with remarkable thermoelectric property

    Fukumaru, Takahiro; Fujigaya, Tsuyohiko; Nakashima, Naotoshi


    Direct conversion from heat to electricity is one of the important technologies for a sustainable society since large quantities of energy are wasted as heat. We report the development of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT)-based high conversion efficiency, air-stable and flexible thermoelectric material. We prepared cobaltocene-encapsulated SWNTs (denoted CoCp2@SWNTs) and revealed that the material showed a negative-type (n-type) semiconducting behaviour (Seebeck coefficient: -41.8 μV K-1 at 320 K). The CoCp2@SWNT film was found to show a high electrical conductivity (43,200 S m-1 at 320 K) and large power factor (75.4 μW m-1 K-2) and the performance was remarkably stable under atmospheric conditions over a wide range of temperatures. The thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) value of the CoCp2@SWNT film (0.157 at 320 K) was highest among the reported n-type organic thermoelectric materials due to the large power factor and low thermal conductivity (0.15 W m-1 K-1). These characteristics of the n-type CoCp2@SWNTs allowed us to fabricate a p-n type thermoelectric device by combination with an empty SWNT-based p-type film. The fabricated device exhibited a highly efficient power generation close to the calculated values even without any air-protective coating due to the high stability of the SWNT-based materials under atmospheric conditions.

  17. Rare or remarkable microfungi from Oaxaca (south Mexico)--Part II.

    Ale-Agha, N; Jensen, M; Brassmann, M; Kautz, S; Eilmus, S; Ballhorn, D J


    Microfungi were collected in southern Mexico in the vicinity of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca in 2007. In 2006, samples were gathered from Acacia myrmecophytes [(Remarkable microfungi from Oaxaca of Acacia species) Part I]. In the present investigation [Part II], we collected microfungi from different parts of a variety of wild and cultivated higher plants belonging to the families Anacardiaceae, Caricaceae, Fabaceae, Moraceae, and Nyctaginacae. The microfungi found here live as parasites or saprophytes. Interestingly, the species Colletotrichum lindemuthianum (Sacc. and Magn.) Briosi and Cavara has repeatedly been used to cause fungal infections of Phaseolus lunatus leaves in laboratory experiments. We could now find the same fungus as parasite on the same host plants under field conditions showing that results obtained in the laboratory are also relevant in nature. Most of the fungal species collected belong to the classes Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina and Deuteromycotina. Until now, some of the microfungi identified in this study have been rarely observed before or have been reported for the first time in Mexico, for example: Pestalotia acaciae Thüm. on Acacia collinsii Safford; Corynespora cassiicola (Berk. and M.A. Curtis) C.T. Wei on Carica papaya L.; Botryosphaeria ribis Grossenb. and Duggar and Cercosporella leucaenae (Raghu Ram and Mallaiah) U. Braun (new for Mexico) and Camptomeris leucaenae (F. Stevens and Dalbey) Syd. (new for Mexico) on Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit.; Oidium clitoriae Narayanas. and K. Ramakr. and Phakopsora cf. pachyrhizi Sydow and Sydow (new for Mexico) on Clitoria ternatea L.; Botryosphaeria obtusa (Schw.) Shoemaker on Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC.; Cylindrocladium scoparium Morg. on Ficus benjamina L.; Acremonium sp. on Bougainvillea sp. All specimens are located in the herbarium ESS. Mycotheca Parva collection G.B. Feige and N. Ale-Agha.

  18. Remarkable variation in maize genome structure inferred from haplotype diversity at the bz locus.

    Wang, Qinghua; Dooner, Hugo K


    Maize is probably the most diverse of all crop species. Unexpectedly large differences among haplotypes were first revealed in a comparison of the bz genomic regions of two different inbred lines, McC and B73. Retrotransposon clusters, which comprise most of the repetitive DNA in maize, varied markedly in makeup, and location relative to the genes in the region and genic sequences, later shown to be carried by two helitron transposons, also differed between the inbreds. Thus, the allelic bz regions of these Corn Belt inbreds shared only a minority of the total sequence. To investigate further the variation caused by retrotransposons, helitrons, and other insertions, we have analyzed the organization of the bz genomic region in five additional cultivars selected because of their geographic and genetic diversity: the inbreds A188, CML258, and I137TN, and the land races Coroico and NalTel. This vertical comparison has revealed the existence of several new helitrons, new retrotransposons, members of every superfamily of DNA transposons, numerous miniature elements, and novel insertions flanked at either end by TA repeats, which we call TAFTs (TA-flanked transposons). The extent of variation in the region is remarkable. In pairwise comparisons of eight bz haplotypes, the percentage of shared sequences ranges from 25% to 84%. Chimeric haplotypes were identified that combine retrotransposon clusters found in different haplotypes. We propose that recombination in the common gene space greatly amplifies the variability produced by the retrotransposition explosion in the maize ancestry, creating the heterogeneity in genome organization found in modern maize.

  19. Remarkably selective recognition of iodobenzene derivatives by a macrocyclic bis-Pt(II) metallohost.

    Trokowski, Robert; Akine, Shigehisa; Nabeshima, Tatsuya


    We designed and synthesized self-assembled bis-Pt(II) dimer 1⋅4 BF(4) with quino[8,7-b][1,10]phenanthroline as an extended π-face contact area, which acts as the first artificial receptor with high affinity toward iodinated aromatic compounds significantly based on noncovalent iodine⋅⋅⋅aromatic-plane interactions in a "side-on" fashion. Despite their structural similarity to a previously reported metallohost 2(4+) that bears 2,2':6',2''-terpyridine units, a dramatic change in selectivity toward substituted benzene derivatives was observed for 1(4+). (1)H NMR spectroscopic titration revealed a high affinity of 1(4+) towards haloarenes, with exceptionally large association constants for 2-iodophenol (K(a) = 16,000  M(-1)) and 1,2-diiodobenzene (K(a) = 21,000  M(-1)), which are 93- and 140-fold higher, respectively, than the values obtained for 2(4+). In addition, 1(4+) showed a remarkably high affinity and selectivity toward 2,6-diiodophenol (K(a) = 35,000  M(-1)), which is an important substructure of the thyroid hormone T(4). X-ray crystallography and theoretical calculations strongly suggest that "side-on" iodine⋅⋅⋅aromatic-plane interactions and π-π stacking contribute to the strong 1,2-diiodobenzene and 2,6-diiodophenol binding. The results obtained here give unique and valuable insight into the nature of halogen atom interactions in their "side-on" region with an electropositive aromatic plane, which may provide useful guidance for designing artificial receptors for iodinated biomolecules. Copyright © 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  20. Intercultural Education in the European Context: Key Remarks from a Comparative Study

    Catarci, Marco


    The article focuses on some findings of a comparative study carried out by a network of scholars and researchers who are active in the field of intercultural education in the European context in the main "old immigration countries" (United Kingdom, France and Germany), "new immigration countries" (Italy, Spain and Greece) and…

  1. Optimal Conclusive Teleportation of an Arbitrary d-Dimensional N-Particle Unknown State via a Partially Entangled Quantum Channel

    HAO San-Ru; HOU Bo-Yu; XI Xiao-Qiang; YUE Rui-Hong


    In the paper we generalize the standard teleportation to the conclusive teleportation case which can teleportan arbitrary d-dimensional N-particle unknown state via the partially entangled quantum channel. We show that onlyif the quantum channel satisfies a constraint condition can the most general d-dimensional N-particle unknown state beperfect conclusively teleported. We also present a method for optimal conclusively teleportation of the N-particle statesand for constructing the joint POVM which can discern the quantum states on the sender's (Alice's) side. Two typicalexamples are given so that one can see how our method works.

  2. General survey and conclusions with regard to the connection of water quantity and water quality studies of surface waters

    Rijtema, P.E.


    Publikatie die bestaat uit twee delen: 1. General survey of the relation between water quantity and water quality; 2. Conclusions with regard to the connection of water quantity and water quality studies of surface waters

  3. Economic and social agents and renewable energies. Conclusions of the 3. juridical-technical meeting on renewable energies

    Gomez Camacho, C. [Escuela Superior de Ingenieros, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Belloso Perez, M.E [Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Gracia Navarro, S. [Compania Sevillana de Electricidad, Sevilla (Spain)


    The Meeting`s conclusions have been broken down into previous considerations, general actions and measures, and concrete actions and measures. The general and previous considerations are summarized in the article. (orig./AKF)

  4. Misrepresentation of neuroscience data might give rise to misleading conclusions in the media: the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Francois Gonon

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: There is often a huge gap between neurobiological facts and firm conclusions stated by the media. Data misrepresentation in the conclusions and summaries of neuroscience articles might contribute to this gap. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Using the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, we identified three types of misrepresentation. The first relies on prominent inconsistencies between results and claimed conclusions and was observed in two scientific reports dealing with ADHD. Only one out of the 61 media articles echoing both scientific reports adequately described the results and, thus questioned the claimed conclusion. The second type of misrepresentation consists in putting a firm conclusion in the summary while raw data that strongly limit the claim are only given in the results section. To quantify this misrepresentation we analyzed the summaries of all articles asserting that polymorphisms of the gene coding for the D4 dopaminergic receptor are associated with ADHD. Only 25 summaries out of 159 also mentioned that this association confers a small risk. This misrepresentation is also observed in most media articles reporting on ADHD and the D4 gene. The third misrepresentation consists in extrapolating basic and pre-clinical findings to new therapeutic prospects in inappropriate ways. Indeed, analysis of all ADHD-related studies in mice showed that 23% of the conclusions were overstated. The frequency of this overstatement was positively related with the impact factor of the journal. CONCLUSION/SIGNIFICANCE: Data misrepresentations are frequent in the scientific literature dealing with ADHD and may contribute to the appearance of misleading conclusions in the media. In synergy with citation distortions and publication biases they influence social representations and bias the scientific evidence in favor of the view that ADHD is primarily caused by biological factors. We discuss the social consequences and

  5. Period Determination of Six Main Belt Asteroids

    Ferrero, Andrea


    Observations of six main-belt asteroids (MBA) produced lightcurve parameters of: 487 Venetia, P = 13.34 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.20 mag; 684 Hildburg, P = 15.89 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.22 mag; 772 Tanete, P = 8.629 ± 0.001 h, A = 0.18 mag.; 1181 Lilith, P = 15.04 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.11 mag.; 1246 Chaka, P = 25.44 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.25 mag.; and 2834 Christy Carol, P = 12.79 ± 0.01 h, A = 0.39 mag.

  6. The main determinants affecting economic growth

    Florin Teodor BOLDEANU


    Full Text Available Growth theories highlight the evolution and trends in economic thought that shaped the way economic growth is perceived. From the early works of Adam Smith and Malthus to the present day researchers have tried to find the most important determinates that influence growth by formulating new and improved theories and models. In this article we try to offer our point of view in the evolution of the main factors that have an impact on economic growth. There is still not a consensus on the key determinants of growth and an all-encompassing model that includes all the influences has not yet been elaborated.

  7. Electrochemistry of Main-Group Phthalocyanines.


    to follow a linear relationship with the function r/(ze) (radius/charge). This reltionshlp may be used to facilitate the design of photocatalysts with...ze) and a function of central metal ion has been published. We have recently completed a study of the electrochemistry of main- us n i. Figure I for...SiV 54 0.074 -540 CIA 111 67.5 0.044 915 -655 1570Experimental Secfio* CiGat el 76 0.040 865 -735 1600Clintl! 94 0.032 830 -715 1545The r.-:m grUp

  8. Conceptual SPL RF Main Power Coupler design

    Montesinos, Eric


    While the upgrade plans of the LHC injectors had to be reduced in scope in 2010, the Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL) remains a fundamental element of plans for a possible future neutrino facility. Prototyping work is therefore continuing at CERN and the current focus is on the test of a first four cavity SPL-like cryomodule with full power. This report summarizes the parameters for the Main Power Coupler design as discussed and approved within the ‘Review of SPL RF power couplers’, held at CERN in March 2010.

  9. Main Ocular Manifestations in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Sandra Saray Quignon Santana


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disease in which articular and extra articular manifestations are produced and contribute to alter the functional capacity of the individual. This study consists on performing a bibliographical review showing the main ocular manifestations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It is our purpose to give you our experiences to the students as well as the internal medicine, ophthalmology and rheumatologist residents about this topic. The ophthalmological consultation of sick patients contributes to the prevention of ocular illnesses which are characteristic of the base disease and improve the ocular health.

  10. Space shuttle main engine hardware simulation

    Vick, H. G.; Hampton, P. W.


    The Huntsville Simulation Laboratory (HSL) provides a simulation facility to test and verify the space shuttle main engine (SSME) avionics and software system using a maximum complement of flight type hardware. The HSL permits evaluations and analyses of the SSME avionics hardware, software, control system, and mathematical models. The laboratory has performed a wide spectrum of tests and verified operational procedures to ensure system component compatibility under all operating conditions. It is a test bed for integration of hardware/software/hydraulics. The HSL is and has been an invaluable tool in the design and development of the SSME.

  11. Space Shuttle Main Engine Public Test Firing


    A new NASA Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) roars to the approval of more than 2,000 people who came to John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., on July 25 for a flight-certification test of the SSME Block II configuration. The engine, a new and significantly upgraded shuttle engine, was delivered to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for use on future shuttle missions. Spectators were able to experience the 'shake, rattle and roar' of the engine, which ran for 520 seconds - the length of time it takes a shuttle to reach orbit.

  12. Impact of Main Macroeconomic Indicators on Happiness

    Yavuz Agan


    Full Text Available The relationship between economic welfare and happiness has been compounded by different conceptualizations and statistical approaches. Economic conditions influence the welfare and social well-being of the society. While the literature indicates a positive relationship between income levels and life satisfaction, it indicates negative relationships between inflation, unemployment and life satisfaction. In this paper we analyze the relationship between main macroeconomic variables of unemployment, inflation, per capita GDP and life satisfaction using data from 57 countries. We make use of the standard regression analysis and conclude that our method is sufficient to examine the relations and the stated macro variables are significantly affecting life satisfaction towards expected directions.

  13. Isolated systems with wind power. Main report

    Lundsager, P.; Bindner, Henrik W.; Clausen, Niels-Erik;


    approach for assessing the technical and economical feasibility of isolated power supply systems with wind energy. As a part of the project the following tasks were carried out: Review of literature, fieldmeasurements in Egypt, development of an inventory of small isolated systems, overview of end......The overall objective of this research project is to study the development of methods and guidelines rather than "universal solutions" for the use of wind energy in isolated communities. The main specific objective of the project is to develop and present amore unified and generally applicable...... for Isolated Systems with Wind Power, applicable for international organisations such as donoragencies and development banks....

  14. Impact of Main Macroeconomic Indicators on Happiness

    Yavuz Agan


    Full Text Available The relationship between economic welfare and happiness has been compounded by different conceptualizations and statistical approaches. Economic conditions influence the welfare and social well-being of the society. While the literature indicates a positive relationship between income levels and life satisfaction, it indicates negative relationships between inflation, unemployment and life satisfaction. In this paper we analyze the relationship between main macroeconomic variables of unemployment, inflation, per capita GDP and life satisfaction using data from 57 countries. We make use of the standard regression analysis and conclude that our method is sufficient to examine the relations and the stated macro variables are significantly affecting life satisfaction towards expected directions

  15. A gap clearing kicker for Main Injector

    Kourbanis, I; Biggs, J; Brown, B; Capista, D; Jensen, C C; Krafczyk, G E; Morris, D K; Scott, D; Seiya, K; Ward, S R; Wu, G; Yang, M -J


    Fermilab Main Injector has been operating at high Beam Power levels since 2008 when multi-batch slip stacking became operational. In order to maintain and increase the beam power levels the localized beam loss due to beam left over in the injection kicker gap during slip stacking needs to be addressed. A set of gap clearing kickers that kick any beam left in the injection gap to the beam abort have been built. The kickers were installed in the summer of 2009 and became operational in November of 2010. The kicker performance and its effect on the beam losses will be described.

  16. A Software Engine to Justify the Conclusions of an Expert System for Detecting Renal Obstruction on 99mTc-MAG3 Scans

    Garcia, Ernest V.; Taylor, Andrew; Manatunga, Daya; Folks, Russell


    The purposes of this study were to describe and evaluate a software engine to justify the conclusions reached by a renal expert system (RENEX) for assessing patients with suspected renal obstruction and to obtain from this evaluation new knowledge that can be incorporated into RENEX to attempt to improve diagnostic performance. Methods RENEX consists of 60 heuristic rules extracted from the rules used by a domain expert to generate the knowledge base and a forward-chaining inference engine to determine obstruction. The justification engine keeps track of the sequence of the rules that are instantiated to reach a conclusion. The interpreter can then request justification by clicking on the specific conclusion. The justification process then reports the English translation of all concatenated rules instantiated to reach that conclusion. The justification engine was evaluated with a prospective group of 60 patients (117 kidneys). After reviewing the standard renal mercaptoacetyltriglycine (MAG3) scans obtained before and after the administration of furosemide, a masked expert determined whether each kidney was obstructed, whether the results were equivocal, or whether the kidney was not obstructed and identified and ranked the main variables associated with each interpretation. Two parameters were then tabulated: the frequency with which the main variables associated with obstruction by the expert were also justified by RENEX and the frequency with which the justification rules provided by RENEX were deemed to be correct by the expert. Only when RENEX and the domain expert agreed on the diagnosis (87 kidneys) were the results used to test the justification. Results RENEX agreed with 91% (184/203) of the rules supplied by the expert for justifying the diagnosis. RENEX provided 103 additional rules justifying the diagnosis; the expert agreed that 102 (99%) were correct, although the rules were considered to be of secondary importance. Conclusion We have described and

  17. Debris disks in main sequence binary systems

    Trilling, D E; Stapelfeldt, K R; Rieke, G H; Su, K Y L; Gray, R O; Corbally, C J; Bryden, G; Chen, C H; Boden, A; Beichman, C A


    We observed 69 A3-F8 main sequence binary star systems using the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer onboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. We find emission significantly in excess of predicted photospheric flux levels for 9(+4/-3)% and 40(+7/-6)% of these systems at 24 and 70 microns, respectively. Twenty two systems total have excess emission, including four systems that show excess emission at both wavelengths. A very large fraction (nearly 60%) of observed binary systems with small (<3 AU) separations have excess thermal mission. We interpret the observed infrared excesses as thermal emission from dust produced by collisions in planetesimal belts. The incidence of debris disks around main sequence A3-F8 binaries is marginally higher than that for single old AFGK stars. Whatever combination of nature (birth conditions of binary systems) and nurture (interactions between the two stars) drives the evolution of debris disks in binary systems, it is clear that planetesimal formation is not inhibited to a...



    Design and implementation of a power control system for electron beam welder HE Shaojia, LI Jianling, MO Jinhai, LI Haibiao (School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004, China). ppl-5, 12 Abstract: Stability of output voltage of high-voltage accelerating stabilized power supply for electron beam welder (EBW) is a prerequisite to ensure the electron beam welding quality. The common power supplies have the disadvantages of circuit complexity and bulkiness. A novel control system of higholtage accelerating stabilized power supply for EBW was designed. Its main circuit is based on pulse-width modulation (PWM) buckboost converter topology. Compared with common EBW power supplies, this new power supply requires a much lower voltage grade transformer because of the converter's effect for rising voltage, so its volume is smaller and the circuit is simpler. The sys- tem main circuit characteristics and its working process were analyzed. The system circuit's small-signal mathematical model was created, and lag-lead correction compensation control was em- ployed in the system to achieve static and dynamic performance requirements. The results displayed that this unit had the characteristics of fast response, high reliability, high control precision and anti-interference capability.

  19. Forensic entomology and main challenges in Brazil.

    Gomes, Leonardo; Von Zuben, Cláudio J


    Apart from an early case report from China (13th century), the first observations on insects and other arthropods as forensic indicators were documented in Germany and France during mass exhumations in the 1880s by Reinhard, who is considered a co-founder of the discipline. After the French publication of Mégnin's popular book on the applied aspects of forensic entomology, the concept quickly spread to Canada and United States. At that time, researchers recognized that the lack of systematic observations of insects of forensic importance jeopardized their use as indicators of postmortem interval. General advances in insect taxonomy and ecology helped to fill this gap over the following decades. After World Wars, few forensic entomology cases were reported in the scientific literature. From 1960s to the 1980s, Leclercq and Nuorteva were primarily responsible for maintaining the method in Central Europe, reporting isolated cases. Since then, basic research in the USA, Russia and Canada opened the way to the routine use of Entomology in forensic investigations. Identifications of insects associated with human cadavers are relatively few in the literature of the Neotropical region and have received little attention in Brazil. This article brings an overview of historic developments in this field, the recent studies and the main problems and challenges in South America and mainly in Brazil.

  20. Main areas of the national economy modernization

    Valeriy Anatolyevich Tsvetkov


    Full Text Available This paper shows the concept of modernization, its main areas related to the commodity sector and transport infrastructure are identified, it is proposed to consider the application in relation to the modernization of modernization of the commodity sector. The author connects the need to modernize the Russian economy with the task of doubling GDP, correcting structural imbalances, reducing the technological gap with the developed world, overcoming social polarization in income, fighting inflation and smoothing the growth of inter-regional contrasts. The aim of modernizing the Russian economy is to achieve high competitiveness of the national economy, which would put the Russian Federation in terms of living standards among the most developed countries, and would provide a decent position in the world. The fact that "breakthrough" sectors of the sixth technological structure cannot be the starting point of modernization is substantiated. The concept of national competitiveness is reviewed. The lack of a complete model of modernization in the world is highlighted. Two main areas in relation to the modernization of the Russian Federation are identified: modernization of the commodity sector, which should represent applied modernization based on the comparative advantages of the Russian economy; with respect to functionally interrelated industries (fuel and energy complex and the oil-gas and upgrading of transport infrastructure, which is so effective because of unique transit facilities and prospects of Russia.

  1. From moods to modules: preliminary remarks for an evolutionary theory of mood phenomena

    Evans, Dylan


    In the past few decades, research in the psychology of emotion has benefited greatly from being located in a firm evolutionary framework. It is argued that research in the psychology of mood might attain equal rigour by taking a similar approach. An evolutionary framework for mood research would be based on evolutionary psychology, the main thesis of which is the Massive Modularity Hypothesis. Translating the folk-psychological language of moods into the scientific language of modules might c...

  2. Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

    Nasir, Arshan; Naeem, Aisha; Khan, Muhammad Jawad; Lopez-Nicora, Horacio D.; Caetano-Anollés, Gustavo


    The functional repertoire of a cell is largely embodied in its proteome, the collection of proteins encoded in the genome of an organism. The molecular functions of proteins are the direct consequence of their structure and structure can be inferred from sequence using hidden Markov models of structural recognition. Here we analyze the functional annotation of protein domain structures in almost a thousand sequenced genomes, exploring the functional and structural diversity of proteomes. We find there is a remarkable conservation in the distribution of domains with respect to the molecular functions they perform in the three superkingdoms of life. In general, most of the protein repertoire is spent in functions related to metabolic processes but there are significant differences in the usage of domains for regulatory and extra-cellular processes both within and between superkingdoms. Our results support the hypotheses that the proteomes of superkingdom Eukarya evolved via genome expansion mechanisms that were directed towards innovating new domain architectures for regulatory and extra/intracellular process functions needed for example to maintain the integrity of multicellular structure or to interact with environmental biotic and abiotic factors (e.g., cell signaling and adhesion, immune responses, and toxin production). Proteomes of microbial superkingdoms Archaea and Bacteria retained fewer numbers of domains and maintained simple and smaller protein repertoires. Viruses appear to play an important role in the evolution of superkingdoms. We finally identify few genomic outliers that deviate significantly from the conserved functional design. These include Nanoarchaeum equitans, proteobacterial symbionts of insects with extremely reduced genomes, Tenericutes and Guillardia theta. These organisms spend most of their domains on information functions, including translation and transcription, rather than on metabolism and harbor a domain repertoire characteristic of

  3. Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

    Gustavo Caetano-Anollés


    Full Text Available The functional repertoire of a cell is largely embodied in its proteome, the collection of proteins encoded in the genome of an organism. The molecular functions of proteins are the direct consequence of their structure and structure can be inferred from sequence using hidden Markov models of structural recognition. Here we analyze the functional annotation of protein domain structures in almost a thousand sequenced genomes, exploring the functional and structural diversity of proteomes. We find there is a remarkable conservation in the distribution of domains with respect to the molecular functions they perform in the three superkingdoms of life. In general, most of the protein repertoire is spent in functions related to metabolic processes but there are significant differences in the usage of domains for regulatory and extra-cellular processes both within and between superkingdoms. Our results support the hypotheses that the proteomes of superkingdom Eukarya evolved via genome expansion mechanisms that were directed towards innovating new domain architectures for regulatory and extra/intracellular process functions needed for example to maintain the integrity of multicellular structure or to interact with environmental biotic and abiotic factors (e.g., cell signaling and adhesion, immune responses, and toxin production. Proteomes of microbial superkingdoms Archaea and Bacteria retained fewer numbers of domains and maintained simple and smaller protein repertoires. Viruses appear to play an important role in the evolution of superkingdoms. We finally identify few genomic outliers that deviate significantly from the conserved functional design. These include Nanoarchaeum equitans, proteobacterial symbionts of insects with extremely reduced genomes, Tenericutes and Guillardia theta. These organisms spend most of their domains on information functions, including translation and transcription, rather than on metabolism and harbor a domain

  4. The remarkable effect of oxygen on the N2 selectivity of water catalytic denitrification by hydrogen.

    Constantinou, Costas L; Costa, Costas N; Efstathiou, Angelos M


    The selective catalytic reduction of nitrates (NO3-) in pure water toward N2 formation by the use of gaseous H2 and in the presence of O2 (air) at 1 atm total pressure and 25 degrees C has been investigated over Pd-Cu supported on various mixed metal oxides, x wt % MO(x(/gamma-Al2O3 (MO(x) = CeO2, SrO, Mn2O3, Cr2O3, Y2O3, and TiO2). It is demonstrated for the firsttime that a remarkable improvement in N2 reaction selectivity (by 80 percentage units) can be achieved when oxygen is present in the reducing feed gas stream. In particular, significantly lower reaction selectivities toward NH4+ and NO2- can be obtained, whereas the rate of NO3- conversion is not significantly affected. Moreover, it was shown thatthe same effect is obtained over the Pd-Cu-supported catalysts irrespective to the chemical composition of support and the initial concentration of nitrates in water used. The Pd-Cu clusters supported on 4.8 wt%TiO2/gamma-Al2O3 resulted in a solid with the best catalytic behavior compared with the rest of supports examined, both in the presence and in the absence of oxygen in the reducing feed gas stream. DRIFTS studies performed following catalytic reduction by H2 of NO3- in water revealed that the presence of TiO2 in the Pd-Cu/TiO2-Al2O3 system enhanced the reactivity of adsorbed bidentate nitrate species toward H2. Nitrosyl species adsorbed on the alumina and titania support surfaces are considered as active intermediate species of the selective catalytic reduction of NO3- by H2 in water. Pd-Cu/TiO2-Al2O3 appears to be the most selective catalyst ever reported in the literature for the reduction of nitrates present in pure water into N2 by a reducing gas mixture of H2/air.

  5. Rings and filaments: The remarkable detached CO shell of U Antliae

    Kerschbaum, F.; Maercker, M.; Brunner, M.; Lindqvist, M.; Olofsson, H.; Mecina, M.; De Beck, E.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Lagadec, E.; Mohamed, S.; Paladini, C.; Ramstedt, S.; Vlemmings, W. H. T.; Wittkowski, M.


    Aims: Our goal is to characterize the intermediate age, detached shell carbon star U Antliae morphologically and physically in order to study the mass-loss evolution after a possible thermal pulse. Methods: High spatial resolution ALMA observations of unprecedented quality in thermal CO lines allow us to derive first critical spatial and temporal scales and constrain modeling efforts to estimate mass-loss rates for both the present day as well as the ejection period of the detached shell. Results: The detached shell is remarkably thin, overall spherically symmetric, and shows a barely resolved filamentary substructure possibly caused by instabilities in the interaction zone of winds with different outflow velocities. The expansion age of the detached shell is of the order of 2700 yr and its overall width indicates a high expansion-velocity and high mass-loss period of only a few hundred years at an average mass-loss rate of ≈10-5 M⊙ yr-1. The post-high-mass-loss-rate-epoch evolution of U Ant shows a significant decline to a substantially lower gas expansion velocity and a mass-loss rate amounting to 4 × 10-8 M⊙ yr-1, at present being consistent with evolutionary changes as predicted for the period between thermal pulses. This paper makes use of the following ALMA data: ADS/JAO.ALMA2015.1.00007.S. ALMA is a partnership of ESO (representing its member states), NSF (USA) and NINS (Japan), together with NRC (Canada), NSC and ASIAA (Taiwan), and KASI (Republic of Korea), in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. The Joint ALMA Observatory is operated by ESO, AUI/NRAO and NAOJ.The reduced ALMA FITS data cubes are available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via movie is available at

  6. Young People in Croatia in Times of Crisis and Some Remarks About Citizenship Education

    Kornelija Mrnjaus


    Full Text Available In this paper, the authors address the youth as a research phenomenon and present the current position of young people in the Croatian society. The authors exhibit interesting results of a recent study of youth in Croatia and present the results of their research conducted among Croatian students aiming to explore the attitudes of young people and to discover how young people in Croatia develop resilience in times of crisis. They continue with remarks on citizenship education in Croatia and provide an overview of the Curriculum of civic education. Authors discuss whether we are dealing with education for democratic citizenship or rather, with the consequences of the non-existence of education for democratic citizenship in times of crisis in Croatia. Autorice u ovom radu obrađuju mlade kao istraživački fenomen i predstavljaju trenutni položaj mladih ljudi u hrvatskom društvu. Autorice donose interesantne rezultate recentnog istraživanja o mladima u Hrvatskoj te prezentiraju rezultate vlastitog kvalitativnog istraživanja provedenog među hrvatskim studentima s ciljem da ispitaju stavove mladih ljudi o krizi i otkriju kako mladi ljudi u Hrvatskoj razvijaju otpornost u vremenu krize. Nastavljaju s opažanjima o građanskom odgoju u Hrvatskoj i pružaju pregled Kurikuluma građanskog odgoja. Autorice otvaraju pitanje da li se govori o građanskom odgoju ili radije o posljedicama ne postojanja građanskog odgoja u vremenu krize u Hrvatskoj. In dieser Arbeit diskutieren die Autorinnen Jugend als Forschungsphänomen und präsentieren die aktuelle Position der jungen Menschen in der kroatischen Gesellschaft. Die Autorinnen bringen interessante Ergebnisse einer aktuellen Studie der Jugend in Kroatien und präsentieren die Ergebnisse ihrer eigenen qualitativen Studie, welche sie unter kroatischen Studenten durchgeführt haben, mit dem Ziel, die Einstellungen der Jugendlichen zu untersuchen und zu entdecken, wie junge Menschen in Kroatien die

  7. Some general remarks on hyperplasticity modelling and its extension to partially saturated soils

    Lei, Xiaoqin; Wong, Henry; Fabbri, Antonin; Bui, Tuan Anh; Limam, Ali


    The essential ideas and equations of classic plasticity and hyperplasticity are successively recalled and compared, in order to highlight their differences and complementarities. The former is based on the mathematical framework proposed by Hill (The mathematical theory of plasticity. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1950), whereas the latter is founded on the orthogonality hypothesis of Ziegler (An introduction to thermomechanics. Elsevier, North-Holland, 1983). The main drawback of classic plasticity is the possibility of violating the second principle of thermodynamics, while the relative ease to conjecture the yield function in order to approach experimental results is its main advantage. By opposition, the a priori satisfaction of thermodynamic principles constitutes the chief advantage of hyperplasticity theory. Noteworthy is also the fact that this latter approach allows a finer energy partition; in particular, the existence of frozen energy emerges as a natural consequence from its theoretical formulation. On the other hand, the relative difficulty to conjecture an efficient dissipation function to produce accurate predictions is its main drawback. The two theories are thus better viewed as two complementary approaches. Following this comparative study, a methodology to extend the hyperplasticity approach initially developed for dry or saturated materials to the case of partially saturated materials, accounting for interface energies and suction effects, is developed. A particular example based on the yield function of modified Cam-Clay model is then presented. It is shown that the approach developed leads to a model consistent with other existing works.

  8. Misrepresentation of neuroscience data might give rise to misleading conclusions in the media: the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Gonon, Francois; Bezard, Erwan; Boraud, Thomas


    There is often a huge gap between neurobiological facts and firm conclusions stated by the media. Data misrepresentation in the conclusions and summaries of neuroscience articles might contribute to this gap. Using the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), we identified three types of misrepresentation. The first relies on prominent inconsistencies between results and claimed conclusions and was observed in two scientific reports dealing with ADHD. Only one out of the 61 media articles echoing both scientific reports adequately described the results and, thus questioned the claimed conclusion. The second type of misrepresentation consists in putting a firm conclusion in the summary while raw data that strongly limit the claim are only given in the results section. To quantify this misrepresentation we analyzed the summaries of all articles asserting that polymorphisms of the gene coding for the D4 dopaminergic receptor are associated with ADHD. Only 25 summaries out of 159 also mentioned that this association confers a small risk. This misrepresentation is also observed in most media articles reporting on ADHD and the D4 gene. The third misrepresentation consists in extrapolating basic and pre-clinical findings to new therapeutic prospects in inappropriate ways. Indeed, analysis of all ADHD-related studies in mice showed that 23% of the conclusions were overstated. The frequency of this overstatement was positively related with the impact factor of the journal. Data misrepresentations are frequent in the scientific literature dealing with ADHD and may contribute to the appearance of misleading conclusions in the media. In synergy with citation distortions and publication biases they influence social representations and bias the scientific evidence in favor of the view that ADHD is primarily caused by biological factors. We discuss the social consequences and the causes of data misrepresentations and suggest a few corrective actions.

  9. In tandem or alone: a remarkably selective transfer hydrogenation of alkenes catalyzed by ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts.

    Zieliński, Grzegorz Krzysztof; Samojłowicz, Cezary; Wdowik, Tomasz; Grela, Karol


    A system for transfer hydrogenation of alkenes, composed of a ruthenium metathesis catalyst and HCOOH, is presented. This operationally simple system can be formed directly after a metathesis reaction to effect hydrogenation of the metathesis product in a single-pot. These hydrogenation conditions are applicable to a wide range of alkenes and offer remarkable selectivity.

  10. Organic Cations Might Not Be Essential to the Remarkable Properties of Band Edge Carriers in Lead Halide Perovskites.

    Zhu, Haiming; Trinh, M Tuan; Wang, Jue; Fu, Yongping; Joshi, Prakriti P; Miyata, Kiyoshi; Jin, Song; Zhu, X-Y


    A charge carrier in a lead halide perovskite lattice is protected as a large polaron responsible for the remarkable photophysical properties, irrespective of the cation type. All-inorganic-based APbX3 perovskites may mitigate the stability problem for their applications in solar cells and other optoelectronics.

  11. Financial competing interests were associated with favorable conclusions and greater author productivity in nonsystematic reviews of neuraminidase inhibitors.

    Dunn, Adam G; Zhou, Xujuan; Hudgins, Joel; Arachi, Diana; Mandl, Kenneth D; Coiera, Enrico; Bourgeois, Florence T


    To characterize the conclusions and production of nonsystematic reviews about neuraminidase inhibitors relative to financial competing interests held by the authors. We searched for articles about neuraminidase inhibitors and influenza (January 2005 to April 2015), identifying nonsystematic reviews and grading them according to the favorable/nonfavorable presentation of evidence on safety and efficacy. We recorded financial competing interests disclosed in the reviews and from other articles written by their authors. We measured associations between competing interests, author productivity, and conclusions. Among 213 nonsystematic reviews, 138 (65%) presented favorable conclusions. Financial competing interests were identified for 26% (137/532) of authors; 51% (108/213) of reviews were associated with a financial competing interest. Reviews produced exclusively by authors with financial competing interests (33%; 71/213) were more likely to present favorable conclusions than reviews with no competing interests (risk ratio 1.27; 95% confidence interval 1.03-1.55). Authors with financial competing interests published more articles about neuraminidase inhibitors than their counterparts. Half of nonsystematic reviews about neuraminidase inhibitors included an author with a financial competing interest. Reviews produced exclusively by these authors were more likely to present favorable conclusions, and authors with financial competing interests published a greater number of reviews. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Evaluation of the FERA study on bumble bees and consideration of its potential impact on the EFSA conclusions on neonicotinoids

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The European Food Safety Authority was requested to clarify whether the new publication on the effects of neonicotinoid seed treatments on bumble bee colonies under field conditions (March, 2013; Thompson et al. has an impact on the EFSA Conclusions on the three neonicotinoids clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid (EFSA Journal 2013;11(1:3066; EFSA Journal 2013;11(1:3067; EFSA Journal 2013;11(1:3068. The Conclusions on neonicotinoids, published on 16 January 2013, did not permit to perform a risk assessment for bumble bees and identified the need for further information to address the risk to pollinators other than honey bees. The conclusions of this scientific statement were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the study report by Thompson et al. (2013,and additional raw data made available by the study authors to EFSA. The study investigated the exposure of bumble bee colonies placed in the vicinity of crops treated with neonicotinoids and its major effects on bumble bee colonies. The current assessment concluded that, due to the weaknesses of the study design and methodology, the study did not allow to draw any conclusion on the effects of neonicotinoids on exposed bumble bee colonies, and confirmed that the outcome of the conclusions drawn for the three neonicotinoid insecticides remains unchanged.

  13. Water Hammer in Pumped Sewer Mains

    Larsen, Torben

    This publication is intended for students and engineers seeking an introduction to the problem of water transients in pumped sewer and water mains. This is a subject of increasing interest because of the development of larger and more integrated systems. Consideration of transients is essential...... for the structural design of pipelines and for the planning of the proper function of the systems. The text is written by Torben Larsen, who is a professor of environmental hydraulics at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University. Torben Larsen has many years of experience with computer simulations...... of transients in pumped pipeline systems. This present publication can be understood as the second and revised edition of the pamphlet ”Transients in pumped sewer mains” (2006) which was published as a technical report by The EVA committee under The Danish Water Pollution Committee (The Danish Society...

  14. PS main supply: motor-generator set.

    Maximilien Brice


    In picture 04 the motor is on the right in the background and the main view is of the generator. The peak power in each PS cycle drawn from the generator, up to 96 MW, is taken from the rotational kinetic energy of the rotor (a heavy-weight of 80 tons), which makes the rotational speed drop by only a few percent. The motor replenishes the average power of 2 to 4 MW. Photo 05: The motor-generator set is serviced every year and, in particular, bearings and slip-rings are carefully checked. To the left is the motor with its slip-rings visible. It has been detached from the axle and moved to the side, so that the rotor can be removed from the huge generator, looming at the right.

  15. Siberian snakes for the Fermilab Main Injector

    Anferov, V.A.; Baiod, R.; Courant, E.D. [and others


    Appropriate Siberian snakes were designed to maintain the proton beam polarization during acceleration in the Fermilab Main Injector from 8 to 150 GeV. Various snake designs were investigated to find one fitting into the 14 m straight section spaces with the required spin rotation axis and the minimum orbit excursion. The authors studied both cold and warm discrete magnet snakes as well as warm snakes with helical magnets. For the warm discrete magnet snake, obtaining small orbit excursions required a nearly longitudinal snake axis, while axes near {+-}45{degrees} are needed when using two snakes in a ring. The authors found acceptable snakes either by using superconducting magnets or by using warm magnets with a helical dipole field.

  16. Main injector particle production experiment at Fermilab

    Sonam Mahajan; Ashok Kumar; Rajendran Raja


    The main injector particle production (MIPP) experiment at Fermilab uses particle beams of charged pions, kaons, proton and antiproton with beam momenta of 5–90 GeV/c to measure particle production cross-sections of various nuclei including liquid hydrogen, MINOS target and thin targets of beryllium, carbon, bismuth and uranium. The physics motivation to perform such cross-section measurements is described here. Recent results on the analysis of NuMI target and forward neutron cross-sections are presented here. Preliminary cross-section measurements for 58 GeV/c proton on liquid hydrogen target are also presented. A new method is described to correct for low multiplicity inefficiencies in the trigger using KNO scaling.

  17. A random walk down Main Street

    David Matthew Levinson


    Full Text Available US suburbs have often been characterized by their relatively low walk accessibility compared to more urban environments, and US urban environments have been char- acterized by low walk accessibility compared to cities in other countries. Lower overall density in the suburbs implies that activities, if spread out, would have a greater distance between them. But why should activities be spread out instead of developed contiguously? This brief research note builds a positive model for the emergence of contiguous development along “Main Street” to illustrate the trade-offs that result in the built environment we observe. It then suggests some policy interventions to place a “thumb on the scale” to choose which parcels will develop in which sequence to achieve socially preferred outcomes.

  18. Natural syntax : English interrogative main clauses

    Janez Oresnik


    Full Text Available Natural Syntax is a developing deductive theory, a branch of Naturalness Theory. The naturalnessjudgements are couched in naturalness scales, whichfollow from the basic parameters (or «axioms» listed at the beginning of the paper. The predictions of the theory are calculated in deductions, whose chief components are apair of naturalness scales and the rules governing the alignment of corresponding naturalness values. Parallel and chiastic alignments are distinguished, in complementary distribution. Chiastic alignment is mandatory in deductions limited to unnatural environments. The paper deals with English interrogative main clauses. Within these, only the interrogatives containing wh-words exclusively insitu constitute an extremely unnatural environment and require chiastic alignment. Otherwiseparallel alignment is used. Earlier publications on Natural Syntax: Kavcic 2005a,b, Oresnik 1999, 2000a,b, 200la-f   2002, 2003a-c, 2002/03, 2004. This list cites only works written in English.

  19. Photographic Volume Estimation of CPAS Main Parachutes

    Ray, Eric S.


    Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) flight tests regularly stage a helicopter to observe inflation of 116 ft D o ringsail Main parachutes. These side views can be used to generate 3-D models of inflating canopies to estimate enclosed volume. Assuming a surface of revolution is inadequate because reefed canopies in a cluster are elongated due to mutual aerodynamic interference. A method was developed to combine the side views with upward looking HD video to account for non-circular cross sections. Approximating the cross sections as elliptical greatly improves accuracy. But since that correction requires manually tracing projected outlines, the actual irregular shapes can be used to generate high fidelity models. Compensation is also made for apparent tilt angle. Validation was accomplished by comparing perimeter and projected area with known line lengths and/or high quality photogrammetry.




    Full Text Available Banking ethics is a specialized set of ethical standards and rules that should be followed in the activities of financial institutions and employees of the banking sector. But despite the simplicity of the definition, in the modern world, this concept becomes complex and ambiguous. The importance of studying this subject is defined by the fact that the ethical behavior of the bank and bank employees promotes banking. At present there are several conceptions of banking ethics: general ethics, regulated ethics and ethical bank. The most common practice is to regulate internal and external relations of banks and bank workers with ethical codes. At the same time, studies show the existence of problems in the banking standards of ethics, which negatively affects the financial institution. This article is intended to reflect main tendencies and problems of banking ethics at international level and experience of Republic of Moldova in this field.

  1. Heat piles: the `MAIN TOWER` in Frankfurt on the Main; Einsatz von Energiepfaehlen am Beispiel des MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt am Main

    Kapp, C. [NEK Umwelttechnik AG, Zuerich (Switzerland); Hude, N. von der [Bilfinger und Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim (Germany). Service Center Technik


    In the inner-city banking quarter of Frankfurt on the Main, one of the highest and most modern office buildings of Europe has been being erected since the summer of 1996. The intersecting rows of drill-foundation piles required to secure the deep excavation and the load-bearing piles were designed as heat piles. Thereby the harnessing of shallow geothermal energy was integrated into the overall HVAC concept, realizing a highly innovative project. Although the erection of heat piles had only been decided on when planning for a conventional energy system was completed, the decision permitted to dispense with some of the usual components in the control station. As executed simulations show, integration of the piles into the overall concept of the building is not easy because the piles are exclusively used to provide cooling energy. But the project demonstrates that heat piles can nowadays be used also on a large scale. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Bankenviertel in der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main entsteht seit dem Sommer 1996 eines der hoechsten und modernsten Buerogebaeude Europas. Die zur Sicherung der tiefen Baugrube erforderlichen Pfaehle der ueberschnittenen Bohrpfahlwand sowie diejenigen zum Lastabtrag wurden als Energiepfaehle ausgebildet. Damit wurde die Nutzung der untiefen Geothermie in das Gesamtkonzept der Haustechnik integriert und so ein innovatives Energiekonzept umgesetzt. Obwohl der Einsatz der Energiepfaehle erst dann beschlossen worden ist, als bereits eine konventionelle Energieversorgung vorgesehen und planerisch umgesetzt worden war, konnte dank der Energiepfaehle auf einige herkoemmliche Komponenten in der Energiezentrale verzichtet werden. Aufgrund der durchgefuehrten Simulationsberechnungen gestaltet sich die Einbindung ins Gesamtgebaeudekonzept nicht einfach, da die Energiepfaehle lediglich zu Kuehlzwecken verwendet werden. Trotzdem zeigt dieses Beispiel, dass heute Energiepfahlsysteme auch in grossem Massstab eingesetzt werden koennen. (orig.)

  2. Is it time for elective left main percutaneous coronary intervention to become 'main stream'?

    Joshua Cohen; Andrew D.Michaels


    @@ Left main (LM) stenting is considered by many to be one of the last frontiers of interventional cardiology. Beginning with the VA cooperative study published in 1976 demonstrating a mortality benefit for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), i the standard of care for treatment of left main coronary artery disease has been surgical.The most recent 2005 update of the ACC/AHA/SCAI Practice Guidelines on PCI 2 again notes that "CABG using IMA grafting is the 'gold standard' for treatment of unprotected left main disease and has proven benefit on long-term outcomes."

  3. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of confirmatory data submitted for the active substance dimethoate

    European Food Safety Authority


    Full Text Available The conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA following the peer review of the initial risk assessment carried out by the competent authority of the rapporteur Member State the United Kingdom, for the pesticide active substance dimethoate are reported. The context of the peer review was that requested by the European Commission following the submission and evaluation of confirmatory mammalian toxicology, residues and ecotoxicology data. The conclusions were reached on the basis of the evaluation of the representative uses of dimethoate as an insecticide on sugar beet and protected lettuce. Concerns are identified.

  4. Remarks on Hierarchic Control for a Linearized Micropolar Fluids System in Moving Domains

    Jesus, Isaías Pereira de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Piauí, Dpto. Matemática (Brazil)


    We study a Stackelberg strategy subject to the evolutionary linearized micropolar fluids equations in domains with moving boundaries, considering a Nash multi-objective equilibrium (non necessarily cooperative) for the “follower players” (as is called in the economy field) and an optimal problem for the leader player with approximate controllability objective. We will obtain the following main results: the existence and uniqueness of Nash equilibrium and its characterization, the approximate controllability of the linearized micropolar system with respect to the leader control and the existence and uniqueness of the Stackelberg–Nash problem, where the optimality system for the leader is given.

  5. Procopius about the supreme god of the Slavs (Bella VII 14, 23: Two critical remarks

    Loma Aleksandar


    Full Text Available A passage from Procopius, Bella VII 14, 23 is reconsidered, in which the beliefs of the heathen Slavs are described. It is shown to be corrupted. The main emendation proposed here consists in separating the word dçmioyrgón from the preceding tçz ástrapçz and connecting it with the following ápántõn: consequently, the supreme god of the Slavs is said not to be the producer of lightning, but the creator of the universe. .

  6. Price Theory and Money Coupled: some Remarks on the Ayres-Martinás Theory

    Zsolt Gilanyi


    Full Text Available The main concern of economic science is to explain the Wealth of Nations. This tradition implies on the one hand, that wealth must be evaluated i.e.: economic science must elaborate a price theory; on the other hand, money should be integrated in economic theories because prices are expressed in monetary terms. Mainstream economic theory succeeds in price determination (with some limits but fails on money integration, while non-mainstream monetary models succeed on money integration but fail on price determination. In this paper I argue that the Ayres-Martinás theoretical framework is a promising tentative to cope with this challenge of economic science.

  7. On Latin-Protoslavic Language Contacts. Some Remarks on a Recent Paper by Salvatore Del Gaudio

    Raffaele Caldarelli


    Full Text Available The Author discusses a recent paper by Del Gaudio concerning the problem of Latin and Protoromance borrowings in Protoslavic and Old Church Slavonic. He appreciates Del Gaudio’s attempt to illustrate the historical frame of Latin/Romance – Slavic linguistic contact in a deeper and more insightful way, but criticizes several statements regarding mainly: a certain methodological issues concerning Protoslavic and his reconstruction; b linguistic relations between the Slavs and other ethno-linguistic groups within the Indo-European family; c some controversial phonological questions involving lexical items borrowed by the Slavs; d the treatment of eleven Old Church Slavonic lexical items allegedly directly borrowed from Latin.

  8. Lathyrus aphaca L.: the distribution, habitats and remarks on the status of the species in Poland

    Agnieszka Nobis


    Full Text Available Lathyrus aphaca, which is in Poland considered to be an ephemerophyte recorded mainly in the north-west and the south-west, has lately been observed in arable fields in the south of the country. Recent and historical data on the distribution of the taxon in Poland are presented. Original relevés conducted in arable fields in Poland are analysed and compared to those from the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia. The current status of L. aphaca in the Polish flora is discussed.


    Weinmann, Simone M.; Franx, Marijn [Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, P.O. Box 9513, 2300 RA Leiden (Netherlands); Van Dokkum, Pieter; Bezanson, Rachel, E-mail: [Department of Astronomy, Yale University, P.O. Box 208101, New Haven, CT 06520-8101 (United States)


    We investigate the evolution in the dark matter halo circular velocity function, measured at a fixed physical radius of 20 kpc (v{sub 20}), which is likely to be a good proxy for galaxy circular velocity, in the Millennium-II simulation. We find that the v{sub 20} function evolves remarkably little since z Almost-Equal-To 4. We analyze the histories of the main progenitors of halos, and we find that the dark matter distribution within the central 20 kpc of massive halos has been in place since early times. This provides evidence for the inside-out growth of halos. The constancy of the central circular velocity of halos may offer a natural explanation for the observational finding that the galaxy circular velocity is an excellent predictor of various galaxy properties. Our results also indicate that we can expect a significant number of galaxies with high circular velocities already at z = 4 (more than one per 10{sup 6} h {sup -3} Mpc{sup 3} with circular velocities in excess of 450 km s{sup -1}, and more than one per 10{sup 4.5} h {sup -3} Mpc{sup 3} with circular velocities in excess of 350 km s{sup -1}). Finally, adding baryonic mass and using a simple model for halo adiabatic contraction, we find remarkable agreement with the velocity-dispersion functions inferred observationally by Bezanson et al. up to z Almost-Equal-To 1 and down to about 220 km s{sup -1}.

  10. Remarks on time-dependent [current]-density functional theory for open quantum systems.

    Yuen-Zhou, Joel; Aspuru-Guzik, Alán


    Time-dependent [current]-density functional theory for open quantum systems (OQS) has emerged as a formalism that can incorporate dissipative effects in the dynamics of many-body quantum systems. Here, we review and clarify some formal aspects of these theories that have been recently questioned in the literature. In particular, we provide theoretical support for the following conclusions: (1) contrary to what we and others had stated before, within the master equation framework, there is in fact a one-to-one mapping between vector potentials and current densities for fixed initial state, particle-particle interaction, and memory kernel; (2) regardless of the first conclusion, all of our recently suggested Kohn-Sham (KS) schemes to reproduce the current and particle densities of the original OQS, and in particular, the use of a KS closed driven system, remains formally valid; (3) the Lindblad master equation maintains the positivity of the density matrix regardless of the time-dependence of the Hamiltonian or the dissipation operators; (4) within the stochastic Schrödinger equation picture, a one-to-one mapping from stochastic vector potential to stochastic current density for individual trajectories has not been proven so far, except in the case where the vector potential is the same for every member of the ensemble, in which case, it reduces to the Lindblad master equation picture; (5) master equations may violate certain desired properties of the density matrix, such as positivity, but they remain as one of the most useful constructs to study OQS when the environment is not easily incorporated explicitly in the calculation. The conclusions support our previous work as formally rigorous, offer new insights into it, and provide a common ground to discuss related theories.

  11. Some Remarks on the Boundedness and Convergence Properties of Smooth Sliding Mode Controllers

    Wallace Moreira Bessa


    Conventional sliding mode controllers are based on the assumption of switching control, but a well-known drawback of such controllers is the chattering phenomenon. To overcome the undesirable chattering effects, the discontinuity in the control law can be smoothed out in a thin boundary layer neighboring the switching surface. In this paper, rigorous proofs of the boundedness and convergence properties of smooth sliding mode controllers are presented. This result corrects flawed conclusions previously reached in the literature. An illustrative example is also presented in order to confirm the convergence of the tracking error vector to the defined bounded region.

  12. Maine Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) Atlas, Maine - 2007, maps in portable document format (NODC Accession 0036827)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This four volume set of Environmental Vulnerability Index Maps depicts environmental resources along the coast of Maine most at risk from oil spilled into the marine...

  13. Remarks on the Future of the European Union: Domestic and Global Challenges Ahead

    András Inotai


    Full Text Available This paper highlights the main consequences that the crisis has put on the European Union, regarding four major areas: financial, macroeconomic, social and mental-ideological. Also, it aims to tackle some key challenges for the European Union: the revival of international trade; the prevention of the rise of protectionism on the global scale; the need to find a solution to the dilemma between continued stimulus and financial consolidation in general, and between the ambitious goals of the Europe 2020 project and the current fiscal restrictions; the growth of public support across Europe for a financial consolidation strategy based on cutting spending; the impact of the financial and macroeconomic crisis on several sectors; and the deficiencies of the „European construction” indicated by the global crisis. Furthermore, it proposes four main questions for which EU has to provide clear answers in order to become a real global player. The questions concern the „European identity”, the „European values”, the EU strategy paper establishing its mission for the next period and the importance of a strong leadership implementing the strategy. In the end, the most important challenge seems to be how the EU can remain a global economic actor and become a more influential political player in the network of rapidly changing international power relations.

  14. Flood of April 2007 in Southern Maine

    Lombard, Pamela J.


    Up to 8.5 inches of rain fell from April 15 through 18, 2007, in southern Maine. The rain - in combination with up to an inch of water from snowmelt - resulted in extensive flooding. York County, Maine, was declared a presidential disaster area following the event. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), determined peak streamflows and recurrence intervals at 24 locations and peak water-surface elevations at 63 sites following the April 2007 flood. Peak streamflows were determined with data from continuous-record streamflow-gaging stations where available and through hydraulic models where station data were not available. The flood resulted in peak streamflows with recurrence intervals greater than 100 years throughout most of York County, and recurrence intervals up to 50 years in Cumberland County. Peak flows for selected recurrence intervals varied from less than 10 percent to greater than 100 percent different than those in the current FEMA flood-insurance studies due to additional data or newer regression equations. Water-surface elevations observed during the April 2007 flood were bracketed by elevation profiles in FEMA flood-insurance studies with the same recurrence intervals as the recurrence intervals bracketing the observed peak streamflows at seven sites, with higher elevation-profile recurrence intervals than streamflow recurrence intervals at six sites, and with lower elevation-profile recurrence intervals than streamflow recurrence intervals at one site. The April 2007 flood resulted in higher peak flows and water-surface elevations than the flood of May 2006 in coastal locations in York County, and lower peak flows and water-surface elevations than the May 2006 flood further from the coast and in Cumberland County. The Mousam River watershed with over 13 dams and reservoirs was severely impacted by both events. Analyses indicate that the April 2007 peak streamflows in the Mousam River watershed

  15. International Workshop on Educational Infrastructure: Conclusions (Summary of Proceedings, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, February 24-27, 2002).

    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris (France). Programme on Educational Building.

    This document summarizes themes developed and conclusions from the International Workshop on Educational Infrastructure. The opening topic was "Delivering Education and Training in the Knowledge Society." It was clear to participants that educational infrastructure must go hand-in-hand with reengineering processes to adjust to the needs…

  16. Summary of major conclusions from the 6th International Workshop on Genotoxicity Testing (IWGT), Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

    The paper describes major conclusions of working groups convened in the following areas: comet assay; micronucleus test in the liver and organs other than bone marrow; pig-A assay; quantitative approaches to genotoxicity risk assessment; and approaches for identifying germ cell m...

  17. A cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural study of directives in discussions and conclusions of research articles

    Alireza Jalilifar


    Full Text Available The current study provided cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary analyses of the distribution of directives in discussion and conclusion sections of English and Persian research articles (RAs in disciplines of physics, chemistry, counseling, and sociology, representing hard and soft sciences, respectively. To that aim, 80 RAs from both English and Persian journals between 2000 and 2012 were selected. The RAs were textually analyzed to determine the distribution of directives. Findings revealed a significant difference between Persian hard and soft science RAs in the employment of directives, with soft science writers employing directives more frequently in discussion and conclusion sections in comparison with hard science writers. However, no significant difference was found in the distribution of directives across discussion and conclusion sections of English soft and hard RAs. Moreover, findings did not show a significant difference across Persian and English RAs. Overall, results suggest that Persian and English academic writers tend to follow a similar generic and discursive trend in the employment of directives in their discussion and conclusion sections pointing to the universal nature of directives as persuasive strategies employed by academic writers in canonical branches of science. The findings of the present study might raise learners' awareness of the conventions and lexico-grammatical features of academic writing in Persian and/or English RAs.

  18. A Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Study of Directives in Discussions and Conclusions of Research Articles

    Jalilifar, Alireza; Mehrabi, Khodayar


    The current study provided cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary analyses of the distribution of directives in discussion and conclusion sections of English and Persian research articles (RAs) in disciplines of physics, chemistry, counseling, and sociology, representing hard and soft sciences, respectively. To that aim, 80 RAs from both English…

  19. CLIC Main Beam Quadrupole Eigen Mode computation

    Deleglise, Guillaume


    In this report, we summarise the work done on the CLIC Main Beam Quadrupole. There are about 4000 MB quadrupoles of 4 types with lengths ranging from 420mm to 1900mm. In order to obtain the desired CLIC luminosity, the MB quadrupoles have to be stable to 1nm above 1Hz. The region of interest for the study is between 0.5Hz and about 100Hz. In order to achieve the specifications, the magnet should not have any resonance peaks in this region of Interest. In addition, the magnet on its support shouldn’t have any resonance peak in the same frequency range. The first step is to determine if the designed magnet has its first resonance peak above 100Hz. We are studying the longest quadrupole more susceptible to internal resonances. In a second step, the magnet on ideal supporting points has been evaluated. The current magnet design can be seen on following figure. One can see that it is composed of 4 quadrants assembled so as to have a quadrupole magnetic field. As a last step, the mechanical model has been used to...


    Daniela Koteková


    Full Text Available The method of teaching with help of four elementary skills - reading, speaking, writing and listening is definitely inconceivable to teaching any foreign language. But automatic answers following the exercise and students passive memorising does not make speaking language and its learning very natural. This has forced me to find and create the way how to make learners think and realise the point and meaning of learning itself. My paper is about special skill I have tried to apply –thinking skill. I have chosen it to complement other four which teacher normally uses when teaching foreign language (reading, speaking, listening skills. At the same time I put thinking skill into a role to support and enhance learning process. To find and use some methods how to make students think, make their own opinion and also teach them to apply their own experience to learning process was the main goal of this survey. The methods I have applied were provoking students to think before they learn.