Sample records for reliable circuit operation

  1. Circuit design for reliability

    Cao, Yu; Wirth, Gilson


    This book presents physical understanding, modeling and simulation, on-chip characterization, layout solutions, and design techniques that are effective to enhance the reliability of various circuit units.  The authors provide readers with techniques for state of the art and future technologies, ranging from technology modeling, fault detection and analysis, circuit hardening, and reliability management. Provides comprehensive review on various reliability mechanisms at sub-45nm nodes; Describes practical modeling and characterization techniques for reliability; Includes thorough presentation of robust design techniques for major VLSI design units; Promotes physical understanding with first-principle simulations.

  2. CMOS RF circuit design for reliability and variability

    Yuan, Jiann-Shiun


    The subject of this book is CMOS RF circuit design for reliability. The device reliability and process variation issues on RF transmitter and receiver circuits will be particular interest to the readers in the field of semiconductor devices and circuits. This proposed book is unique to explore typical reliability issues in the device and technology level and then to examine their impact on RF wireless transceiver circuit performance. Analytical equations, experimental data, device and circuit simulation results will be given for clear explanation. The main benefit the reader derive from this book will be clear understanding on how device reliability issues affects the RF circuit performance subjected to operation aging and process variations.

  3. 小型断路器操作机构的动作可靠性分析%Action Reliability Analysis of Operating Mechanism in Miniature Circuit Breaker

    陈文华; 张文; 潘骏; 张廷秀; 陈丽丽


    The operating mechanism action reliability of miniature circuit breaker was studied.The action reliability of miniature circuit breaker was investigated and the mechanism action reliability model was built at the overload breaking moment by using Monte Carlo method of mechanism reliabilG ity design theory.Meanwhile,the action reliability sensitivity of mechanism was analyzed,which gave out the variation laws of random parameters reliability sensitivity and the impacts of random parameG ter changes to operating mechanism action reliability.The analytical results indicate that the method used herein can analyze action reliability of miniature circuit breaker operating mechanism effectively and provide a basis for the design of miniature circuit breaker operating mechanism as well.%对小型断路器操作机构的动作可靠性灵敏度进行探讨。运用机构可靠性设计理论中的Monte Carlo 法分析了操作机构在过载分断时的动作可靠性,构建了操作机构在过载分断时的动作可靠性模型;同时,利用 Monte Carlo 法分析了操作机构的动作可靠性灵敏度,给出了操作机构随机参数可靠性灵敏度的变化规律,研究了随机参数的改变对操作机构动作可靠性的影响。结果表明,该方法能够有效地分析小型断路器操作机构的动作可靠性,同时也可为小型断路器操作机构的可靠性设计提供参考。

  4. Approximate circuits for increased reliability

    Hamlet, Jason R.; Mayo, Jackson R.


    Embodiments of the invention describe a Boolean circuit having a voter circuit and a plurality of approximate circuits each based, at least in part, on a reference circuit. The approximate circuits are each to generate one or more output signals based on values of received input signals. The voter circuit is to receive the one or more output signals generated by each of the approximate circuits, and is to output one or more signals corresponding to a majority value of the received signals. At least some of the approximate circuits are to generate an output value different than the reference circuit for one or more input signal values; however, for each possible input signal value, the majority values of the one or more output signals generated by the approximate circuits and received by the voter circuit correspond to output signal result values of the reference circuit.

  5. Approximate circuits for increased reliability

    Hamlet, Jason R.; Mayo, Jackson R.


    Embodiments of the invention describe a Boolean circuit having a voter circuit and a plurality of approximate circuits each based, at least in part, on a reference circuit. The approximate circuits are each to generate one or more output signals based on values of received input signals. The voter circuit is to receive the one or more output signals generated by each of the approximate circuits, and is to output one or more signals corresponding to a majority value of the received signals. At least some of the approximate circuits are to generate an output value different than the reference circuit for one or more input signal values; however, for each possible input signal value, the majority values of the one or more output signals generated by the approximate circuits and received by the voter circuit correspond to output signal result values of the reference circuit.

  6. Reliability of Physical Systems: Detection of Malicious Subcircuits (Trojan Circuits) in Sequential Circuits

    Matrosova, A. Yu.; Kirienko, I. E.; Tomkov, V. V.; Miryutov, A. A.


    Reliability of physical systems is provided by reliability of their parts including logical ones. Insertion of malicious subcircuits that can destroy logical circuit or cause leakage of confidential information from a system necessitates the detection of such subcircuits followed by their masking if possible. We suggest a method of finding a set of sequential circuit nodes in which Trojan Circuits can be inserted. The method is based on random estimations of controllability and observability of combinational nodes calculated using a description of sequential circuit working area and an evidence of existence of a transfer sequence for the proper set of internal states without finding the sequence itself. The method allows cutting calculations using operations on Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (ROBDDs) that can depend only on the state variables of the circuit. The approach, unlike traditional ones, does not require preliminary sequential circuit simulation but can use its results. It can be used when malicious circuits cannot be detected during sequential circuit verification.

  7. Distribution System Reliability Evaluation Taking Circuit Capacity into Consideration


    Distribution system reliability evaluation using the method ofconnectivity ignores the effect of operation constraints. This paper presents an approach that includes the effect of circuit capacity. Reliability evaluation of distribution systems with parallel circuits generally requires load flow solutions. The proposed approach combines the Z-matrix contingency method with DC load flow for a much faster direct solution. Three different methods for distribution system reliability evaluation have been incorporated into a computer program. The program was validated using two distribution systems connected to the IEEE-RTS and another sample distribution system.

  8. A novel 2-phase reliability improvement of digital circuits

    Shojaei, Maryam; Mahani, Ali


    Nowadays several methods based on modular redundancy are proposed to increase the reliability of digital circuits. Redundant fault tolerant techniques increase the consumed power and area overhead. So in this paper a two phase fault tolerant design is proposed to get the balance between reliability and area overhead. In the first phase, reliability optimization of digital circuits which utilizes the architecture with higher reliability as an objective function is considered. Then the automatic insertion of selective non-uniform redundancy is applied to improve the reliability of obtained circuit as second phase. To show the effectiveness of the proposed method, simulation results are compared with triple modular redundancy.

  9. DC operating points of transistor circuits

    Trajkovic, Ljiljana

    Finding a circuit's dc operating points is an essential step in its design and involves solving systems of nonlinear algebraic equations. Of particular research and practical interests are dc analysis and simulation of electronic circuits consisting of bipolar junction and field-effect transistors (BJTs and FETs), which are building blocks of modern electronic circuits. In this paper, we survey main theoretical results related to dc operating points of transistor circuits and discuss numerical methods for their calculation.

  10. Experimental and theoretical analyses of gate oxide and junction reliability for 4H-SiC MOSFET under short-circuit operation

    An, Junjie; Namai, Masaki; Iwamuro, Noriyuki


    In this study, the experimental evaluation and numerical analysis of the short-circuit capability of the 1200 V SiC MOSFET with a thin gate oxide layer were carried out. Two different failures, including the gate oxide breakdown and thermal runaway of the device caused by the high gate electric field and elevated lattice temperature, were initially investigated and their critical temperature points for two failure modes were accurately extrapolated by solving the thermal diffusion equation; the obtained results are in good agreement with simulation results. It was confirmed that short-circuit robustness depends not only on thermal properties of the material but also on dimensional parameters of the device and that the heat is the dominant factor that causes device failure during short-circuit transient.

  11. Circuits with arbitrary gates for random operators

    Jukna, S


    We consider boolean circuits computing n-operators f:{0,1}^n --> {0,1}^n. As gates we allow arbitrary boolean functions; neither fanin nor fanout of gates is restricted. An operator is linear if it computes n linear forms, that is, computes a matrix-vector product y=Ax over GF(2). We prove the existence of n-operators requiring about n^2 wires in any circuit, and linear n-operators requiring about n^2/\\log n wires in depth-2 circuits, if either all output gates or all gates on the middle layer are linear.

  12. Rapid, modular and reliable construction of complex mammalian gene circuits.

    Guye, Patrick; Li, Yinqing; Wroblewska, Liliana; Duportet, Xavier; Weiss, Ron


    We developed a framework for quick and reliable construction of complex gene circuits for genetically engineering mammalian cells. Our hierarchical framework is based on a novel nucleotide addressing system for defining the position of each part in an overall circuit. With this framework, we demonstrate construction of synthetic gene circuits of up to 64 kb in size comprising 11 transcription units and 33 basic parts. We show robust gene expression control of multiple transcription units by small molecule inducers in human cells with transient transfection and stable chromosomal integration of these circuits. This framework enables development of complex gene circuits for engineering mammalian cells with unprecedented speed, reliability and scalability and should have broad applicability in a variety of areas including mammalian cell fermentation, cell fate reprogramming and cell-based assays.

  13. Operational amplifier circuits analysis and design

    Nelson, J C C


    This book, a revised and updated version of the author's Basic Operational Amplifiers (Butterworths 1986), enables the non-specialist to make effective use of readily available integrated circuit operational amplifiers for a range of applications, including instrumentation, signal generation and processing.It is assumed the reader has a background in the basic techniques of circuit analysis, particularly the use of j notation for reactive circuits, with a corresponding level of mathematical ability. The underlying theory is explained with sufficient but not excessive, detail. A range of compu

  14. Research on the overload protection reliability of moulded case circuit-breakers and its test device

    LI Kui; LU Jian-guo; WU Yi; QIN Zhi-jun; YAO Dong-mei


    This paper analyzed the reliability and put forward the reliability index of overload protection for moulded case circuit breaker. The success rate was adopted as its reliability index of overload protection. Based on the reliability index and the reliability level, the reliability examination plan was analyzed and a test device for the overload protection of moulded case circuit-breaker was developed. In the reliability test of overload protection, two power sources were used, which reduced the time of conversion and regulation between two different test currents in the overload protection test, which made the characteristic test more accurate. The test device was designed on the base of a Windows system, which made its operation simple and friendly.

  15. Fuse Modeling for Reliability Study of Power Electronics Circuits

    Bahman, Amir Sajjad; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper describes a comprehensive modeling approach on reliability of fuses used in power electronic circuits. When fuses are subjected to current pulses, cyclic temperature stress is introduced to the fuse element and will wear out the component. Furthermore, the fuse may be used in a large...

  16. Fuse Modeling for Reliability Study of Power Electronics Circuits

    Bahman, Amir Sajjad; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper describes a comprehensive modeling approach on reliability of fuses used in power electronic circuits. When fuses are subjected to current pulses, cyclic temperature stress is introduced to the fuse element and will wear out the component. Furthermore, the fuse may be used in a large...

  17. Bipolar integrated circuits in SiC for extreme environment operation

    Zetterling, Carl-Mikael; Hallén, Anders; Hedayati, Raheleh; Kargarrazi, Saleh; Lanni, Luigia; Malm, B. Gunnar; Mardani, Shabnam; Norström, Hans; Rusu, Ana; Saveda Suvanam, Sethu; Tian, Ye; Östling, Mikael


    Silicon carbide (SiC) integrated circuits have been suggested for extreme environment operation. The challenge of a new technology is to develop process flow, circuit models and circuit designs for a wide temperature range. A bipolar technology was chosen to avoid the gate dielectric weakness and low mobility drawback of SiC MOSFETs. Higher operation temperatures and better radiation hardness have been demonstrated for bipolar integrated circuits. Both digital and analog circuits have been demonstrated in the range from room temperature to 500 °C. Future steps are to demonstrate some mixed signal circuits of greater complexity. There are remaining challenges in contacting, metallization, packaging and reliability.

  18. Device reliability challenges for modern semiconductor circuit design – a review

    C. Schlünder


    Full Text Available Product development based on highly integrated semiconductor circuits faces various challenges. To ensure the function of circuits the electrical parameters of every device must be in a specific window. This window is restricted by competing mechanisms like process variations and device degradation (Fig. 1. Degradation mechanisms like Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI or Hot Carrier Injection (HCI lead to parameter drifts during operation adding on top of the process variations.

    The safety margin between real lifetime of MOSFETs and product lifetime requirements decreases at advanced technologies. The assignment of tasks to ensure the product lifetime has to be changed for the future. Up to now technology development has the main responsibility to adjust the technology processes to achieve the required lifetime. In future, reliability can no longer be the task of technology development only. Device degradation becomes a collective challenge for semiconductor technologist, reliability experts and circuit designers. Reliability issues have to be considered in design as well to achieve reliable and competitive products. For this work, designers require support by smart software tools with built-in reliability know how. Design for reliability will be one of the key requirements for modern product designs.

    An overview will be given of the physical device damage mechanisms, the operation conditions within circuits leading to stress and the impact of the corresponding device parameter degradation on the function of the circuit. Based on this understanding various approaches for Design for Reliability (DfR will be described. The function of aging simulators will be explained and the flow of circuit-simulation will be described. Furthermore, the difference between full custom and semi custom design and therefore, the different required approaches will be discussed.


    Erhan F.


    Full Text Available In the article the analysis of the influence level current of the short circuit of the electrical equipment. It is designed the mathematical model allowing the modeling prototype reliability of the operation electrical equipment installed in nodes of the systems.

  20. Feedback analysis of transimpedance operational amplifier circuits

    Bruun, Erik


    The transimpedance or current feedback operational amplifier (CFB op-amp) is reviewed and compared to a conventional voltage mode op-amp using an analysis emphasizing the basic feedback characteristics of the circuit. With this approach the paradox of the constant bandwidth obtained from CFB op...

  1. Effect of Sensors on the Reliability and Control Performance of Power Circuits in the Web of Things (WoT

    Sungwoo Bae


    Full Text Available In order to realize a true WoT environment, a reliable power circuit is required to ensure interconnections among a range of WoT devices. This paper presents research on sensors and their effects on the reliability and response characteristics of power circuits in WoT devices. The presented research can be used in various power circuit applications, such as energy harvesting interfaces, photovoltaic systems, and battery management systems for the WoT devices. As power circuits rely on the feedback from voltage/current sensors, the system performance is likely to be affected by the sensor failure rates, sensor dynamic characteristics, and their interface circuits. This study investigated how the operational availability of the power circuits is affected by the sensor failure rates by performing a quantitative reliability analysis. In the analysis process, this paper also includes the effects of various reconstruction and estimation techniques used in power processing circuits (e.g., energy harvesting circuits and photovoltaic systems. This paper also reports how the transient control performance of power circuits is affected by sensor interface circuits. With the frequency domain stability analysis and circuit simulation, it was verified that the interface circuit dynamics may affect the transient response characteristics of power circuits. The verification results in this paper showed that the reliability and control performance of the power circuits can be affected by the sensor types, fault tolerant approaches against sensor failures, and the response characteristics of the sensor interfaces. The analysis results were also verified by experiments using a power circuit prototype.

  2. Effect of Sensors on the Reliability and Control Performance of Power Circuits in the Web of Things (WoT).

    Bae, Sungwoo; Kim, Myungchin


    In order to realize a true WoT environment, a reliable power circuit is required to ensure interconnections among a range of WoT devices. This paper presents research on sensors and their effects on the reliability and response characteristics of power circuits in WoT devices. The presented research can be used in various power circuit applications, such as energy harvesting interfaces, photovoltaic systems, and battery management systems for the WoT devices. As power circuits rely on the feedback from voltage/current sensors, the system performance is likely to be affected by the sensor failure rates, sensor dynamic characteristics, and their interface circuits. This study investigated how the operational availability of the power circuits is affected by the sensor failure rates by performing a quantitative reliability analysis. In the analysis process, this paper also includes the effects of various reconstruction and estimation techniques used in power processing circuits (e.g., energy harvesting circuits and photovoltaic systems). This paper also reports how the transient control performance of power circuits is affected by sensor interface circuits. With the frequency domain stability analysis and circuit simulation, it was verified that the interface circuit dynamics may affect the transient response characteristics of power circuits. The verification results in this paper showed that the reliability and control performance of the power circuits can be affected by the sensor types, fault tolerant approaches against sensor failures, and the response characteristics of the sensor interfaces. The analysis results were also verified by experiments using a power circuit prototype.

  3. Effect of Sensors on the Reliability and Control Performance of Power Circuits in the Web of Things (WoT)

    Bae, Sungwoo; Kim, Myungchin


    In order to realize a true WoT environment, a reliable power circuit is required to ensure interconnections among a range of WoT devices. This paper presents research on sensors and their effects on the reliability and response characteristics of power circuits in WoT devices. The presented research can be used in various power circuit applications, such as energy harvesting interfaces, photovoltaic systems, and battery management systems for the WoT devices. As power circuits rely on the feedback from voltage/current sensors, the system performance is likely to be affected by the sensor failure rates, sensor dynamic characteristics, and their interface circuits. This study investigated how the operational availability of the power circuits is affected by the sensor failure rates by performing a quantitative reliability analysis. In the analysis process, this paper also includes the effects of various reconstruction and estimation techniques used in power processing circuits (e.g., energy harvesting circuits and photovoltaic systems). This paper also reports how the transient control performance of power circuits is affected by sensor interface circuits. With the frequency domain stability analysis and circuit simulation, it was verified that the interface circuit dynamics may affect the transient response characteristics of power circuits. The verification results in this paper showed that the reliability and control performance of the power circuits can be affected by the sensor types, fault tolerant approaches against sensor failures, and the response characteristics of the sensor interfaces. The analysis results were also verified by experiments using a power circuit prototype. PMID:27608020

  4. Improving intrinsic corrosion reliability of printed circuit board assembly

    Ambat, Rajan; Conseil, Helene


    Corrosion reliability is a serious issue today for electronic devices, components, and bare printed circuit boards (PCBs) due to factors such as miniaturization, globalized manufacturing practices, and global usage. Electronic components and devices are exposed to a wide variety of climatic...... performance, and thermo-mechanical properties, while condensation on the surface of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) can lead to electrical failures, like electrochemical migration. The result is reduced life span for electronic products and heavy economic loss due to failures....... conditions, therefore the protection of electronic devices is becoming a critical factor in system design. Humidity and local condensation inside electronic enclosures can significantly alter the performance of electronic devices. The presence of moisture in a PCB alters its quality, functionality, thermal...

  5. Feedback analysis of transimpedance operational amplifier circuits

    Bruun, Erik


    The transimpedance or current feedback operational amplifier (CFB op-amp) is reviewed and compared to a conventional voltage mode op-amp using an analysis emphasizing the basic feedback characteristics of the circuit. With this approach the paradox of the constant bandwidth obtained from CFB op-amps is explained. It is demonstrated in a simple manner that the constant gain-bandwidth product of the conventional op-amp and the constant bandwidth of the CFB op-amp are both in accordance with bas...

  6. An indirect technique for estimating reliability of analog and mixed-signal systems during operational life

    Khan, M.A.; Kerkhoff, Hans G.


    Reliability of electronic systems has been thoroughly investigated in literature and a number of analytical approaches at the design stage are already available via examination of the circuit-level reliability effects based on device-level models. Reliability estimation during operational life of an

  7. An indirect technique for estimating reliability of analog and mixed-signal systems during operational life

    Khan, Muhammad Aamir; Kerkhoff, Hans G.


    Reliability of electronic systems has been thoroughly investigated in literature and a number of analytical approaches at the design stage are already available via examination of the circuit-level reliability effects based on device-level models. Reliability estimation during operational life of an

  8. Operational reliability of standby safety systems

    Grant, G.M.; Atwood, C.L.; Gentillon, C.D. [Idaho National Engineering Lab., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)] [and others


    The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) is evaluating the operational reliability of several risk-significant standby safety systems based on the operating experience at US commercial nuclear power plants from 1987 through 1993. The reliability assessed is the probability that the system will perform its Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) defined safety function. The quantitative estimates of system reliability are expected to be useful in risk-based regulation. This paper is an overview of the analysis methods and the results of the high pressure coolant injection (HPCI) system reliability study. Key characteristics include (1) descriptions of the data collection and analysis methods, (2) the statistical methods employed to estimate operational unreliability, (3) a description of how the operational unreliability estimates were compared with typical PRA results, both overall and for each dominant failure mode, and (4) a summary of results of the study.

  9. Implementation and Analysis of Probabilistic Methods for Gate-Level Circuit Reliability Estimation

    WANG Zhen; JIANG Jianhui; YANG Guang


    The development of VLSI technology results in the dramatically improvement of the performance of integrated circuits. However, it brings more challenges to the aspect of reliability. Integrated circuits become more susceptible to soft errors. Therefore, it is imperative to study the reliability of circuits under the soft error. This paper implements three probabilistic methods (two pass, error propagation probability, and probabilistic transfer matrix) for estimating gate-level circuit reliability on PC. The functions and performance of these methods are compared by experiments using ISCAS85 and 74-series circuits.

  10. Assurance of operate reliability of rolling stock

    Gubacheva; L.A.; Naish; N.; M.


    The safety of movement of rolling stock is mainly related to operate reliability of conjugated parts of running carriages which are characterized by their ability of no failure operation in complex conditions of service and have a sufficient high strength and wear resistance.……

  11. Assurance of operate reliability of rolling stock


    @@ The safety of movement of rolling stock is mainly related to operate reliability of conjugated parts of running carriages which are characterized by their ability of no failure operation in complex conditions of service and have a sufficient high strength and wear resistance.

  12. 76 FR 16240 - Mandatory Reliability Standards for Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits


    ... Reliability Operating Limits AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, DOE. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY... instances of exceeding Interconnection Reliability. Operating Limits. The Commission also approves the... system operating limits other than interconnection reliability operating limits. DATES: Effective...

  13. Universal programmable quantum circuit schemes to emulate an operator.

    Daskin, Anmer; Grama, Ananth; Kollias, Giorgos; Kais, Sabre


    Unlike fixed designs, programmable circuit designs support an infinite number of operators. The functionality of a programmable circuit can be altered by simply changing the angle values of the rotation gates in the circuit. Here, we present a new quantum circuit design technique resulting in two general programmable circuit schemes. The circuit schemes can be used to simulate any given operator by setting the angle values in the circuit. This provides a fixed circuit design whose angles are determined from the elements of the given matrix-which can be non-unitary-in an efficient way. We also give both the classical and quantum complexity analysis for these circuits and show that the circuits require a few classical computations. For the electronic structure simulation on a quantum computer, one has to perform the following steps: prepare the initial wave function of the system; present the evolution operator U = e(-iHt) for a given atomic and molecular Hamiltonian H in terms of quantum gates array and apply the phase estimation algorithm to find the energy eigenvalues. Thus, in the circuit model of quantum computing for quantum chemistry, a crucial step is presenting the evolution operator for the atomic and molecular Hamiltonians in terms of quantum gate arrays. Since the presented circuit designs are independent from the matrix decomposition techniques and the global optimization processes used to find quantum circuits for a given operator, high accuracy simulations can be done for the unitary propagators of molecular Hamiltonians on quantum computers. As an example, we show how to build the circuit design for the hydrogen molecule.

  14. A method of multi-objective reliability tolerance design for electronic circuits

    Zhai Guofu; Zhou Yuege; Ye Xuerong; Hu Bo


    Tolerance design plays an important role in reliability design for electronic circuits.The traditional method only focuses on the consistency of output response.It is not able to meet the needs of increasing development of electronic products.This paper researches the state of related fields and proposes a method of multi-objective reliability tolerance design.The characteristics of output response and operating stresses on critical components are both defined as design objectives.Critical components and their operating stresses are determined by failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and fault tree analysis (FTA).Sensitivity analysis is carried out to determine sensitive parameters that affect the design objectives significantly.Monte Carlo and worst-case analysis are utilized to explore the tolerance levels of sensitive parameters.Design of experiment and regression analysis are applied in this method.The optimal tolerance levels are selected in accord with a quality-cost model to improve consistency of output response and reduce failure rates of critical components synchronously.The application in light-emitting diode (LED) drivers indicates details and potential.It shows that the proposed method provides a more effective way to improve performance and reliability of electronic circuits.

  15. Study on the instantaneous protection reliability of low voltage circuit breakers

    LU Jian-guo; DU Tai-hang; LUO Yan-yan


    This paper outlines the significance of enhancing the instantaneous protection reliability of low voltage circuit breakers and describes their main failure modes. The instantaneous failure mechanism of low voltage circuit breakers was analyzed so that measures to improve instantaneous protection reliability can be determined. Furthermore, the theory of the instantaneous characteristics Calibration device for low voltage circuit breakers and the method of eliminating the non-periodic component of test current are given in detail. Finally, the test results are presented.

  16. A Band Relaxation Algorithm for Reliable and Parallelizable Circuit Simulation


    Varga, Matriz Iterative Analysis, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1962. [WEB] D. M. Webber, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, "Circuit Simulation...White, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Relazation Techniques for the Simulation of VLSI Circuits, Kluwer Pub., Boston , 1986. 11 (WIN] 0. wing, j. W. Huang

  17. Human reliability analysis of control room operators

    Santos, Isaac J.A.L.; Carvalho, Paulo Victor R.; Grecco, Claudio H.S. [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Human reliability is the probability that a person correctly performs some system required action in a required time period and performs no extraneous action that can degrade the system Human reliability analysis (HRA) is the analysis, prediction and evaluation of work-oriented human performance using some indices as human error likelihood and probability of task accomplishment. Significant progress has been made in the HRA field during the last years, mainly in nuclear area. Some first-generation HRA methods were developed, as THERP (Technique for human error rate prediction). Now, an array of called second-generation methods are emerging as alternatives, for instance ATHEANA (A Technique for human event analysis). The ergonomics approach has as tool the ergonomic work analysis. It focus on the study of operator's activities in physical and mental form, considering at the same time the observed characteristics of operator and the elements of the work environment as they are presented to and perceived by the operators. The aim of this paper is to propose a methodology to analyze the human reliability of the operators of industrial plant control room, using a framework that includes the approach used by ATHEANA, THERP and the work ergonomics analysis. (author)

  18. A method of extracting operating parameters of a quantum circuit

    Sete, Eyob A.; Block, Maxwell; Scheer, Michael; Zanoci, Cris; Vahidpour, Mehrnoosh; Thompson, Dane; Rigetti, Chad

    Rigorous simulation-driven design methods are an essential component of traditional integrated circuit design. We adapt these techniques to the design and development of superconducting quantum integrated circuits by combining classical finite element analysis in the microwave domain with Brune circuit synthesis by Solgun [PhD thesis 2014] and BKD Hamiltonian analysis by Burkard et al. [Phys. Rev. B 69, 064503 (2004)]. Using the Hamiltonian of the quantum circuit, constructed using the synthesized equivalent linear circuit and the nonlinear Josephson junctions' contributions, we extract operating parameters of the quantum circuit such as resonance coupling strength, dispersive shift, qubit anharmonicitiy, and decoherence rates for single-and multi-port quantum circuits. This approach has been experimentally validated and allows the closed-loop iterative simulation-driven development of quantum information processing devices.


    S. S. Stoyanova


    Full Text Available The paper reveals an accelerating circuit for electromagnet operation with the help of an additional resistor R that is shunted with a capacitor C. Resistor R is connected in series with the electromagnet winding. The possibility of the circuit optimization has been substantiated with the purpose to limit the final speed with which a movable part of the electromagnet reaches a limiter. Such circuit may find its application in relay protection.

  20. Vacuum interrupter, high reliability component of distribution switches, circuit breakers and contactors

    SLADE Paul G.; LI Wang-pei; MAYO Stephen; SMITH R.Kirkland; TAYLOR Erik D.


    The use of vacuum interrupters (VIs) as the current interruption component for switches, circuit breakers, reclosers and contactors operating at distribution voltages has escalated since their introduction in the mid-1950's. This electrical product has developed a dominating position for switching and protecting distribution circuits. VIs are even being introduced into switching products operating at transmission voltages. Among the reasons for the VI's popularity are its compactness, its range of application, its low cost, its superb electrical and mechanical life and its ease of application. Its major advantage is its well-established reliability. In this paper we show how this reliability has been achieved by design, by mechanical life testing and by electrical performance testing. We introduce the "sealed for life" concept for the VI's integrity. We discuss this in terms of what is meant by a practical leak rate for VIs with a life of over 30 years. We show that a simple high voltage withstand test is an easy and effective method for monitoring the long-term vacuum integrity. Finally we evaluate the need for routine inspection of this electrical product when it is used in adverse ambient environments.

  1. Capacitive effects in IGBTs limiting their reliability under short circuit

    Reigosa, Paula Diaz; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Rahimo, Munaf


    The short-circuit oscillation mechanism in IGBTs is investigated in this paper by the aid of semiconductor device simulation tools. A 3.3-kV IGBT cell has been used for the simulations demonstrating that a single IGBT cell is able to oscillate together with the external circuit parasitic elements....... The work presented here through both circuit and device analysis, confirms that the oscillations can be understood with focus on the device capacitive effects coming from the interaction between carrier concentration and the electric field. The paper also shows the 2-D effects during one oscillation cycle...

  2. Improving reliability of non-volatile memory technologies through circuit level techniques and error control coding

    Yang, Chengen; Emre, Yunus; Cao, Yu; Chakrabarti, Chaitali


    Non-volatile resistive memories, such as phase-change RAM (PRAM) and spin transfer torque RAM (STT-RAM), have emerged as promising candidates because of their fast read access, high storage density, and very low standby power. Unfortunately, in scaled technologies, high storage density comes at a price of lower reliability. In this article, we first study in detail the causes of errors for PRAM and STT-RAM. We see that while for multi-level cell (MLC) PRAM, the errors are due to resistance drift, in STT-RAM they are due to process variations and variations in the device geometry. We develop error models to capture these effects and propose techniques based on tuning of circuit level parameters to mitigate some of these errors. Unfortunately for reliable memory operation, only circuit-level techniques are not sufficient and so we propose error control coding (ECC) techniques that can be used on top of circuit-level techniques. We show that for STT-RAM, a combination of voltage boosting and write pulse width adjustment at the circuit-level followed by a BCH-based ECC scheme can reduce the block failure rate (BFR) to 10-8. For MLC-PRAM, a combination of threshold resistance tuning and BCH-based product code ECC scheme can achieve the same target BFR of 10-8. The product code scheme is flexible; it allows migration to a stronger code to guarantee the same target BFR when the raw bit error rate increases with increase in the number of programming cycles.

  3. Reliability improvement of electronic circuits based on physical failure mechanisms in components

    Brombacher, A.C.; Boer, de H.A.; Bennion, M.; Fennema, P.H.; Hermann, O.E.


    Traditionally the position of reliability analysis in the design and production process of electronic circuits is a position of reliability verification. A completed design is checked on reliability aspects and either rejected or accepted for production. This paper describes a method to model physic

  4. Reliability Oriented Circuit Design For Power Electronics Applications

    Sintamarean, Nicolae Cristian


    Highly reliable components are required in order to minimize the downtime during the lifetime of the converter and implicitly the maintenance costs. Therefore, the design of high reliable converters under constrained reliability and cost is a great challenge to be overcome in the future. The temperature variation of the semiconductor devices plays a key role in the robustness design and reliability of power electronics converters. This factor has a major impact on the power converters used in...

  5. A single lithium-ion battery protection circuit with high reliability and low power consumption

    Jiang Jinguang; Li Sen


    A single lithium-ion battery protection circuit with high reliability and low power consumption is proposed.The protection circuit has high reliability because the voltage and current of the battery are controlled in a safe range.The protection circuit can immediately activate a protective function when the voltage and current of the battery are beyond the safe range.In order to reduce the circuit's power consumption,a sleep state control circuit is developed.Additionally,the output frequency of the ring oscillation can be adjusted continuously and precisely by the charging capacitors and the constant-current source.The proposed protection circuit is fabricated in a 0.5 μm mixed-signal CMOS process.The measured reference voltage is 1.19 V,the overvoltage is 4.2 V and the undervoltage is 2.2 V.The total power is about 9μW.

  6. Compact SCR trigger circuit for ignitron switch operates efficiently

    Foster, L. E.


    Trigger circuit with two series-connected SCR triggers an ignitron switch used to discharge high-energy capacitor banks. It does not require a warmup period and operates at relatively high efficiency.

  7. All-high-Tc superconductor rapid-single-flux-quantum circuit operating at ˜30 K

    Shokhor, S.; Nadgorny, B.; Gurvitch, M.; Semenov, V.; Polyakov, Yu.; Likharev, K.; Hou, S. Y.; Phillips, Julia M.


    We have implemented a simple circuit of the rapid single-flux-quantum (RSFQ) logic family using a single-layer YBa2Cu3O7-x thin-film structure with 14 in-plane Josephson junctions formed by direct electron beam writing. The circuit includes two dc/SFQ converters, two Josephson transmission lines, a complete RS SFQ flip-flop, and an SFQ/dc converter (readout SQUID). Low-frequency testing has shown that the dc-current-biased circuit operates correctly and reliably at T˜30 K, a few degrees below the effective critical temperature of the junctions. Prospects for a further increase of the operation temperature and implementation of more complex RSFQ circuits are discussed in brief.

  8. 76 FR 42534 - Mandatory Reliability Standards for Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits; System...


    ... Reliability Operating Limits; System Restoration Reliability Standards AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory... necessary to analyze and monitor Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits (IROL) within its Wide-Area... Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits, Order No. 748, 134 FERC ] 61,213 (2011). \\2\\ The term...

  9. Reliability Oriented Circuit Design For Power Electronics Applications

    Sintamarean, Nicolae Cristian

    . The temperature variation of the semiconductor devices plays a key role in the robustness design and reliability of power electronics converters. This factor has a major impact on the power converters used in renewable energy systems, like solar and wind energy applications, due to the fluctuating nature...... for improving the reliability is by active thermal control of the power electronic devices. The work developed during the Ph.D. studies the above mentioned topics, and is divided into two main parts: the first part develops a reliability-oriented design tool which is using a long term real-field mission......-profile as input and the second part propose an advanced gatedriver concept for enhancing the reliability of the power electronics devices. Chapter 1 introduce the emerging challenges of a design tool for reliability and which are the main methods for achieving active thermal control of the devices. To overcome...

  10. Problems of Reliability of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits in Plastic Housings,


    of PNP transistors in plastic housings (expressed in % per 1000 h) with the 90% confidence level as a function of the sum of temperature T (in oC) and...semiconductor integrated circuits are basically modified versions of transistor housings. The characteristic feature of that type of a housing is...utilization of well-mastered technological processes introduced directly from the transistor production. Those housings have been thoroughly studied and

  11. Integrated circuit reliability. Citations from the NTIS data base

    Reed, W. E.


    The bibliography presents research pertinent to design, reliability prediction, failure and malfunction, processing techniques, and radiation damage. This updated bibliography contains 193 abstracts, 17 of which are new entries to the previous edition.

  12. 76 FR 23222 - Electric Reliability Organization Interpretation of Transmission Operations Reliability


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission 18 CFR Part 40 Electric Reliability Organization Interpretation of Transmission Operations Reliability AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. ACTION: Notice of Proposed... Commission (Commission) proposes to approve the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's...

  13. Reliability Considerations for the Operation of Large Accelerator User Facilities

    Willeke, F J


    The lecture provides an overview of considerations relevant for achieving highly reliable operation of accelerator based user facilities. The article starts with an overview of statistical reliability formalism which is followed by high reliability design considerations with examples. The article closes with operational aspects of high reliability such as preventive maintenance and spares inventory.

  14. Recognizing Small-Circuit Structure in Two-Qubit Operators

    Shende, V V; Markov, I L; Shende, Vivek V.; Bullock, Stephen S.; Markov, Igor L.


    This work describes numerical tests which determine whether a two-qubit quantum computation has an atypically simple quantum circuit. Specifically, we describe forumulae, written in terms of matrix coefficients, characterizing operators implementable with exactly zero, one, or two controlled-not gates with all other gates being local unitary. Circuit diagrams are provided in each case. We expect significant impact in physical implementations where controlled-not's are more difficult than one-qubit computations. Our results can be contrasted with those by Zhang et al., Bullock and Markov, Vidal and Dawson, and Shende et al. In these works, small quantum circuits are achieved for arbitrary two-qubit operators, and the latter two prove three controlled-not's suffice. However, unitary operators with the sort of structure described above may not be detected. Our work provides results similar to those by Song and Klappenecker but for a wider range of operators.

  15. Efficient quantum circuits for dense circulant and circulant like operators

    Zhou, S. S.; Wang, J. B.


    Circulant matrices are an important family of operators, which have a wide range of applications in science and engineering-related fields. They are, in general, non-sparse and non-unitary. In this paper, we present efficient quantum circuits to implement circulant operators using fewer resources and with lower complexity than existing methods. Moreover, our quantum circuits can be readily extended to the implementation of Toeplitz, Hankel and block circulant matrices. Efficient quantum algorithms to implement the inverses and products of circulant operators are also provided, and an example application in solving the equation of motion for cyclic systems is discussed.

  16. Advanced solutions for operational reliability improvements

    Holmberg, K. [VTT Manufacturing Technology, Espoo (Finland)


    A great number of new technical tools are today developed for improved operational reliability of machines and industrial equipment. Examples of such techniques and tools recently developed at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) are: metallographic approach for steam-piping lifetime estimation, an expert system AURORA for corrosion prediction and material selection, an automatic image-processing-based on-line wear particle analysis system, microsensors for condition monitoring, a condition monitoring and expert system, CEPDIA, for the diagnosis of centrifugal pumps, a machine tool analysis and diagnostic expert system, non-leakage magnetic fluid seals with extended lifetime and diamond-like surface coatings on components with decreased friction and wear properties. A hyperbook-supported holistic approach to problem solving in maintenance and reliability engineering has been developed to help the user achieve a holistic understanding of the problem and its relationships, to navigate among the several technical tools and methods available, and to find those suitable for his application. (orig.)


    N. H. Visin


    Full Text Available The transitional processes in shunt circuit of traction engines, which armatures and excitation windings are connected in non-conducting direction as to the flowing power current, are considered in this paper. The changes in the control circuits of braking switch and in the shunt power circuit of traction engines with additional mounting a resistor of 0.5 Ohm are proposed. All this modernization will allow increasing greatly the operation reliability of power circuit of ЭР2Т and ЕПЛ2Т electric locomotives during their service life.

  18. Limit circuit prevents overdriving of operational amplifier

    Openshaw, F. L.


    Cutoff-type high gain amplifier coupled by a diode prevents overdriving of operational amplifier. An amplified feedback signal offsets the excess input signal that tends to cause the amplifier to exceed its preset limit. The output is, therfore, held to the set clamp level.

  19. 75 FR 71613 - Mandatory Reliability Standards for Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits


    ... Reliability Operating Limits November 18, 2010. AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. ACTION: Notice... Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits. The Commission also proposes to approve the addition of two new.... Mandatory Reliability Standards 3 B. Order No. 693 Directives 4 II. Discussion 7 A. System Operating...

  20. Reliable interface design for combining asynchronous and synchronous circuits

    Josephson, Lueli; Brunvand, Erik L.; Gopalakrishan, Ganesh; Hurdle, John F.


    In order to successfully integrate asynchronous and synchronous designs, great care must be taken at the interface between the two types of systems. Synchronizing asynchronous inputs with a free running clock can cause well-known problems with metastability in the synchronization circuits. Stretchable clocks allow a clock cycle to expand dynamically in response to the metastability effects of sampling asynchronous inputs. We use an interface organization where the special circuitry for detecting metastability and for stretching the clock that is delivered to the synchronous part of the system is encapsulated in a Q-flop-based interface. This provides a very convenient method for interfacing mixed systems, as the interface and clock generation circuitry are isolated into one special module, and neither the asynchronous nor the synchronous system need be modified internally to accommodate the interface. This is especially important when standard synchronous components are used as there is no opportunity to modify these parts. We show that this interface module is suitable for most mixed design needs and conclude with an example.

  1. Analysis on testing and operational reliability of software

    ZHAO Jing; LIU Hong-wei; CUI Gang; WANG Hui-qiang


    Software reliability was estimated based on NHPP software reliability growth models. Testing reliability and operational reliability may be essentially different. On the basis of analyzing similarities and differences of the testing phase and the operational phase, using the concept of operational reliability and the testing reliability, different forms of the comparison between the operational failure ratio and the predicted testing failure ratio were conducted, and the mathematical discussion and analysis were performed in detail. Finally, software optimal release was studied using software failure data. The results show that two kinds of conclusions can be derived by applying this method, one conclusion is to continue testing to meet the required reliability level of users, and the other is that testing stops when the required operational reliability is met, thus the testing cost can be reduced.

  2. 78 FR 73112 - Monitoring System Conditions-Transmission Operations Reliability Standards; Interconnection...


    ..., performance, and maintenance of real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities for reliability coordinators... Reliability Standards; Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination Reliability Standards AGENCY... Transmission Operations and Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination Reliability Standards...

  3. Transformer real-time reliability model based on operating conditions

    HE Jian; CHENG Lin; SUN Yuan-zhang


    Operational reliability evaluation theory reflects real-time reliability level of power system. The component failure rate varies with operating conditions. The impact of real-time operating conditions such as ambient temperature and transformer MVA (megavolt-ampere) loading on transformer insulation life is studied in this paper. The formula of transformer failure rate based on the winding hottest-spot temperature (HST) is given. Thus the real-time reliability model of transformer based on operating conditions is presented. The work is illustrated using the 1979 IEEE Reliability Test System. The changes of operating conditions are simulated by using hourly load curve and temperature curve, so the curves of real-time reliability indices are obtained by using operational reliability evaluation.

  4. 18 CFR 292.308 - Standards for operating reliability.


    ... reliability. 292.308 Section 292.308 Conservation of Power and Water Resources FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY... Act of 1978 § 292.308 Standards for operating reliability. Any State regulatory authority (with... may establish reasonable standards to ensure system safety and reliability of...

  5. Optimization of a PCRAM Chip for high-speed read and highly reliable reset operations

    Li, Xiaoyun; Chen, Houpeng; Li, Xi; Wang, Qian; Fan, Xi; Hu, Jiajun; Lei, Yu; Zhang, Qi; Tian, Zhen; Song, Zhitang


    The widely used traditional Flash memory suffers from its performance limits such as its serious crosstalk problems, and increasing complexity of floating gate scaling. Phase change random access memory (PCRAM) becomes one of the most potential nonvolatile memories among the new memory techniques. In this paper, a 1M-bit PCRAM chip is designed based on the SMIC 40nm CMOS technology. Focusing on the read and write performance, two new circuits with high-speed read operation and highly reliable reset operation are proposed. The high-speed read circuit effectively reduces the reading time from 74ns to 40ns. The double-mode reset circuit improves the chip yield. This 1M-bit PCRAM chip has been simulated on cadence. After layout design is completed, the chip will be taped out for post-test.

  6. Investigating student understanding of operational-amplifier circuits

    Papanikolaou, Christos P.; Tombras, George S.; Van De Bogart, Kevin L.; Stetzer, MacKenzie R.


    The research reported in this article represents a systematic, multi-year investigation of student understanding of the behavior of basic operational-amplifier (op-amp) circuits. The participants in this study were undergraduates enrolled in upper-division physics courses on analog electronics at three different institutions, as well as undergraduates in introductory and upper-division electrical engineering courses at one of the institutions. The findings indicate that many students complete these courses without developing a functional understanding of the behavior of op-amp circuits. This article describes the most prevalent conceptual and reasoning difficulties identified (typically after lecture and hands-on laboratory experience) as well as several implications for electronics instruction that have emerged from this investigation.

  7. Amplifier circuit operable over a wide temperature range

    Kelly, Ronald D.; Cannon, William L.


    An amplifier circuit having stable performance characteristics over a wide temperature range from approximately C up to as high as approximately C, such as might be encountered in a geothermal borehole. The amplifier utilizes ceramic vacuum tubes connected in directly coupled differential amplifier pairs having a common power supply and a cathode follower output stage. In an alternate embodiment, for operation up to C, positive and negative power supplies are utilized to provide improved gain characteristics, and all electrical connections are made by welding. Resistor elements in this version of the invention are specially heat treated to improve their stability with temperature.

  8. Operator adaptation to changes in system reliability under adaptable automation.

    Chavaillaz, Alain; Sauer, Juergen


    This experiment examined how operators coped with a change in system reliability between training and testing. Forty participants were trained for 3 h on a complex process control simulation modelling six levels of automation (LOA). In training, participants either experienced a high- (100%) or low-reliability system (50%). The impact of training experience on operator behaviour was examined during a 2.5 h testing session, in which participants either experienced a high- (100%) or low-reliability system (60%). The results showed that most operators did not often switch between LOA. Most chose an LOA that relieved them of most tasks but maintained their decision authority. Training experience did not have a strong impact on the outcome measures (e.g. performance, complacency). Low system reliability led to decreased performance and self-confidence. Furthermore, complacency was observed under high system reliability. Overall, the findings suggest benefits of adaptable automation because it accommodates different operator preferences for LOA. Practitioner Summary: The present research shows that operators can adapt to changes in system reliability between training and testing sessions. Furthermore, it provides evidence that each operator has his/her preferred automation level. Since this preference varies strongly between operators, adaptable automation seems to be suitable to accommodate these large differences.

  9. Optimum reliable operation of water distribution networks by ...

    Optimum reliable operation of water distribution networks by minimising energy cost and chlorine dosage. ... In this study, multi-objective optimisation of water distribution network performance in 3 different scenarios was ... Article Metrics.

  10. A reliable ground bounce noise reduction technique for nanoscale CMOS circuits

    Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Pattanaik, Manisha


    Power gating is the most effective method to reduce the standby leakage power by adding header/footer high-VTH sleep transistors between actual and virtual power/ground rails. When a power gating circuit transitions from sleep mode to active mode, a large instantaneous charge current flows through the sleep transistors. Ground bounce noise (GBN) is the high voltage fluctuation on real ground rail during sleep mode to active mode transitions of power gating circuits. GBN disturbs the logic states of internal nodes of circuits. A novel and reliable power gating structure is proposed in this article to reduce the problem of GBN. The proposed structure contains low-VTH transistors in place of high-VTH footer. The proposed power gating structure not only reduces the GBN but also improves other performance metrics. A large mitigation of leakage power in both modes eliminates the need of high-VTH transistors. A comprehensive and comparative evaluation of proposed technique is presented in this article for a chain of 5-CMOS inverters. The simulation results are compared to other well-known GBN reduction circuit techniques at 22 nm predictive technology model (PTM) bulk CMOS model using HSPICE tool. Robustness against process, voltage and temperature (PVT) variations is estimated through Monte-Carlo simulations.

  11. Technical information report: Plasma melter operation, reliability, and maintenance analysis

    Hendrickson, D.W. [ed.


    This document provides a technical report of operability, reliability, and maintenance of a plasma melter for low-level waste vitrification, in support of the Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS) Low-Level Waste (LLW) Vitrification Program. A process description is provided that minimizes maintenance and downtime and includes material and energy balances, equipment sizes and arrangement, startup/operation/maintence/shutdown cycle descriptions, and basis for scale-up to a 200 metric ton/day production facility. Operational requirements are provided including utilities, feeds, labor, and maintenance. Equipment reliability estimates and maintenance requirements are provided which includes a list of failure modes, responses, and consequences.

  12. Analysis on Operation Reliability of Generating Units in 2009



    This paper presents the data on operation reliability indices and relevant analyses toward China's conventional power generating units in 2009. The units brought into the statistical analysis include 100-MW or above thermal generating units, 40-MW or above hydro generating units, and all nuclear generating units. The reliability indices embodied include utilization hours, times and hours of scheduled outages, times and hours of unscheduled outages, equivalent forced outage rate and equivalent availability factor.

  13. Adapted Manual Wheelchair Circuit : Test-Retest Reliability and Discriminative Validity in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury

    Cowan, Rachel E.; Nash, Mark S.; de Groot, Sonja; van der Woude, Lucas H.


    Cowan RE, Nash MS, de Groot S, van der Woude LH. Adapted manual wheelchair circuit: test-retest reliability and discriminative validity in persons with spinal cord injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2011;92:1270-80. Objective: To assess the test-retest reliability and discriminative validity of a 14-item

  14. A Delay Model of Multiple-Valued Logic Circuits Consisting of Min, Max, and Literal Operations

    Takagi, Noboru

    Delay models for binary logic circuits have been proposed and clarified their mathematical properties. Kleene's ternary logic is one of the simplest delay models to express transient behavior of binary logic circuits. Goto first applied Kleene's ternary logic to hazard detection of binary logic circuits in 1948. Besides Kleene's ternary logic, there are many delay models of binary logic circuits, Lewis's 5-valued logic etc. On the other hand, multiple-valued logic circuits recently play an important role for realizing digital circuits. This is because, for example, they can reduce the size of a chip dramatically. Though multiple-valued logic circuits become more important, there are few discussions on delay models of multiple-valued logic circuits. Then, in this paper, we introduce a delay model of multiple-valued logic circuits, which are constructed by Min, Max, and Literal operations. We then show some of the mathematical properties of our delay model.

  15. Yield analysis of large capacity magnetic bubble circuits with redundancy design. [fabrication reliability

    Bailey, R. F.; Reekstin, J. P.


    The fabrication yield of an on-chip modifiable redundant circuit design for a 100M bit serial shift register is evaluated. The yield model is a redundancy design in which there is a primary loop and a set of secondary loops which can be enabled/disabled without introducing blanks to the data stream. This function has a finite yield, the loop-modification yield factor, which must be greater than 0.9 to make the system more economical than the simple nonredundant design. It is further established that small loop capacities greatly degrade the yield because of the effect of the modification yield factor, while large loop capacities degrade the yield because of defects in the operating area. As the modification yield increases the optimum loop capacity decreases. An optimum value for the number of redundant loops exists for each loop capacity. Other factors that affect the yield are the garnet film and the processed circuit.


    Tarveen K.R. Singh


    Full Text Available Most team sports are characterised by repeated short maximal sprint efforts interspersed with longer periods of active recovery or rest. Although a variety of testing protocols have been devised to simulate these activity patterns under controlled conditions, a common limitation is the lack of 'body contact' to simulate the tackling efforts seen in contact sports. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the reliability of a simulated team game protocol with and without 'contact'. Eleven male, team-sport athletes (mean ± SD; age 22 ± 2 yr; BMI 23.0 ± 1.7 kg·m-2 completed four separate testing trials; two 'non-contact' trials (NCON and two 'contact' (CON trials of a simulated game to determine the reliability of a range of team sport performance indicators including repeated 15-m sprint time, vertical jump height, heart rate response and ratings of perceived exertion (RPE. The team game protocol involved four sets of 15-min of intermittent running around a circuit replicating the movement patterns observed in team sports, either with or without simulated contact. Within-subject reliability of each performance measure was determined by expressing the typical error of measurement as the coefficient of variation, as well as determining intra-class correlations. Both CON and NCON produced reliable results for a variety of team sport performance indicators including repeated 15-m sprint time, vertical jump height, heart rate response and RPE. Repeated sprint and jump performance declined over time throughout the simulated game (p < 0.05, while heart rate and RPE increased. There was no difference in these performance measures between CON and NCON protocols. As such, these simulated game protocols provide reliable options for assessing team game performance parameters in response to training or other interventions under controlled conditions

  17. Design for High Performance, Low Power, and Reliable 3D Integrated Circuits

    Lim, Sung Kyu


    This book describes the design of through-silicon-via (TSV) based three-dimensional integrated circuits.  It includes details of numerous “manufacturing-ready” GDSII-level layouts of TSV-based 3D ICs, developed with tools covered in the book. Readers will benefit from the sign-off level analysis of timing, power, signal integrity, and thermo-mechanical reliability for 3D IC designs.  Coverage also includes various design-for-manufacturability (DFM), design-for-reliability (DFR), and design-for-testability (DFT) techniques that are considered critical to the 3D IC design process. Describes design issues and solutions for high performance and low power 3D ICs, such as the pros/cons of regular and irregular placement of TSVs, Steiner routing, buffer insertion, low power 3D clock routing, power delivery network design and clock design for pre-bond testability. Discusses topics in design-for-electrical-reliability for 3D ICs, such as TSV-to-TSV coupling, current crowding at the wire-to-TSV junction and the e...

  18. Ensuring Reliable Communication in Disaster Recovery Operations with Reliable Routing Technique

    Varun G. Menon


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research paper is to ensure reliable and continuous communication between the rescue officers and other people during disaster recovery and reconstruction operations. Most of the communication infrastructure gets damaged during the disaster and proper communication cannot be established in the area which leads to longer delays in emergency operations and increased damage to life and property. Various methods proposed to enable communication between the people using wireless ad hoc networks do not guarantee reliable delivery of data with fast moving devices. This paper presents a Reliable Routing Technique (RRT that ensures reliable data delivery at the destination device even when the people with the mobile devices are moving in the network. We make use of the broadcasting property of the wireless network and create a priority list of probable forwarding candidates at each device. With this technique, RRT ensures that if a forwarder device is unable to forward the data packet due to movement of mobile devices, the next priority candidate forwards the data packet to the destination device, thus ensuring reliability of data delivery in the network. Simulation results show that RRT achieves significant performance improvement with better data delivery in ad hoc networks.

  19. Achieving High Reliability Operations Through Multi-Program Integration

    Holly M. Ashley; Ronald K. Farris; Robert E. Richards


    Over the last 20 years the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has adopted a number of operations and safety-related programs which has each periodically taken its turn in the limelight. As new programs have come along there has been natural competition for resources, focus and commitment. In the last few years, the INL has made real progress in integrating all these programs and are starting to realize important synergies. Contributing to this integration are both collaborative individuals and an emerging shared vision and goal of the INL fully maturing in its high reliability operations. This goal is so powerful because the concept of high reliability operations (and the resulting organizations) is a masterful amalgam and orchestrator of the best of all the participating programs (i.e. conduct of operations, behavior based safety, human performance, voluntary protection, quality assurance, and integrated safety management). This paper is a brief recounting of the lessons learned, thus far, at the INL in bringing previously competing programs into harmony under the goal (umbrella) of seeking to perform regularly as a high reliability organization. In addition to a brief diagram-illustrated historical review, the authors will share the INL’s primary successes (things already effectively stopped or started) and the gaps yet to be bridged.

  20. Operating principles of tristable circuits regulating cellular differentiation

    Jia, Dongya; Jolly, Mohit Kumar; Harrison, William; Boareto, Marcelo; Ben-Jacob, Eshel; Levine, Herbert


    Many cell-fate decisions during embryonic development are governed by a motif comprised of two transcription factors (TFs) A and B that mutually inhibit each other and may self-activate. This motif, called as a self-activating toggle switch (SATS), can typically have three stable states (phenotypes)—two corresponding to differentiated cell fates, each of which has a much higher level of one TF than the other—≤ft(A,~B\\right)=≤ft(1,~0\\right) or ≤ft(0,~1\\right) —and the third state corresponding to an ‘undecided’ stem-like state with similar levels of both A and B—≤ft(A,~B\\right)=≤ft(1/2,1/2\\right) . Furthermore, two or more SATSes can be coupled together in various topologies in different contexts, thereby affecting the coordination between multiple cellular decisions. However, two questions remain largely unanswered: (a) what governs the co-existence and relative stability of these three stable states? (b) What orchestrates the decision-making of coupled SATSes? Here, we first demonstrate that the co-existence and relative stability of the three stable states in an individual SATS can be governed by the relative strength of self-activation, external signals activating and/or inhibiting A and B, and mutual degradation between A and B. Simultaneously, we investigate the effects of these factors on the decision-making of two coupled SATSes. Our results offer novel understanding into the operating principles of individual and coupled tristable self-activating toggle switches (SATSes) regulating cellular differentiation and can yield insights into synthesizing three-way genetic circuits and understanding of cellular reprogramming.

  1. Modelling Reliability-adaptive Multi-system Operation

    Uwe K. Rakowsky


    This contribution discusses the concept of Reliability-Adaptive Systems (RAS) to multi-system operation. A fleet of independently operating systems and a single maintenance unit are considered. It is the objective in this paper to increase overall performance or workload respectively by avoiding delay due to busy maintenance units. This is achieved by concerted and coordinated derating of individual system performance, which increases reliability. Quantification is carried out by way of a convolution-based approach. The approach is tailored to fleets of ships, aeroplanes, spacecraft, and vehicles (trains, trams, buses, cars, trucks, etc.) - Finally, the effectiveness of derating is validated using different criteria. The RAS concept makes sense if average system output loss due to lowered performance level (yielding longer time to failure) is smaller than average loss due to waiting for maintenance in a non-adaptive case.


    Gary D. Bourn; Jess W. Gingrich; Jack A. Smith


    This document is the final report for the ''Advanced Compressor Engine Controls to Enhance Operation, Reliability, and Integrity'' project. SwRI conducted this project for DOE in conjunction with Cooper Compression, under DOE contract number DE-FC26-03NT41859. This report addresses an investigation of engine controls for integral compressor engines and the development of control strategies that implement closed-loop NOX emissions feedback.

  3. Analysis on Operation Reliability of Generating Units in 2005

    Zuo Xiaowen; Chu Xue


    @@ The weighted average equivalent availability factor of thermal power units in 2005 was 92.34%, an increase of 0.64 percentage points as compared to that in 2004. The average equivalent availability factor in 2005 was 92.22%, a decrease of 0.95 percentage points as compared to that in 2004. The nationwide operation reliability of generating units in 2005 was analyzed completely in this paper.

  4. CMOS Nonlinear Signal Processing Circuits


    The chapter describes various nonlinear signal processing CMOS circuits, including a high reliable WTA/LTA, simple MED cell, and low-voltage arbitrary order extractor. We focus the discussion on CMOS analog circuit design with reliable, programmable capability, and low voltage operation. It is a practical problem when the multiple identical cells are required to match and realized within a single chip using a conventional process. Thus, the design of high-reliable circuit is indeed needed. Th...




    RHIC has been successfully operated for 5 years as a collider for different species, ranging from heavy ions including gold and copper, to polarized protons. We present a critical analysis of reliability data for RHIC that not only identifies the principal factors limiting availability but also evaluates critical choices at design times and assess their impact on present machine performance. RHIC availability data are typical when compared to similar high-energy colliders. The critical analysis of operations data is the basis for studies and plans to improve RHIC machine availability beyond the 50-60% typical of high-energy colliders.

  6. Modeling Optimal Scheduling for Pumping System to Minimize Operation Cost and Enhance Operation Reliability

    Yin Luo


    Full Text Available Traditional pump scheduling models neglect the operation reliability which directly relates with the unscheduled maintenance cost and the wear cost during the operation. Just for this, based on the assumption that the vibration directly relates with the operation reliability and the degree of wear, it could express the operation reliability as the normalization of the vibration level. The characteristic of the vibration with the operation point was studied, it could be concluded that idealized flow versus vibration plot should be a distinct bathtub shape. There is a narrow sweet spot (80 to 100 percent BEP to obtain low vibration levels in this shape, and the vibration also follows similar law with the square of the rotation speed without resonance phenomena. Then, the operation reliability could be modeled as the function of the capacity and rotation speed of the pump and add this function to the traditional model to form the new. And contrast with the tradition method, the result shown that the new model could fix the result produced by the traditional, make the pump operate in low vibration, then the operation reliability could increase and the maintenance cost could decrease.

  7. Design of a reliable PUF circuit based on R-2R ladder digital-to-analog convertor

    Pengjun, Wang; Xuelong, Zhang; Yuejun, Zhang; Jianrui, Li


    A novel physical unclonable functions (PUF) circuit is proposed, which relies on non-linear characteristic of analog voltage generated by R-2R ladder DAC. After amplifying the deviation signal, the robustness of the DAC-PUF circuit has increased significantly. The DAC-PUF circuit is designed in TSMC 65 nm CMOS technology and the layout occupies 86.06 × 63.56 μm2. Monte Carlo simulation results show that the reliability of the DAC-PUF circuit is above 98% over a comprehensive range of environmental variation, such as temperature and supply voltage. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61474068, 61404076, 61274132), the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (No. LQ14F040001), and the K. C. Wong Magna Fund in Ningbo University, China.

  8. Aluminum nitride nanophotonic circuits operating at ultraviolet wavelengths

    Stegmaier, M.; Ebert, J.; Pernice, W. H. P., E-mail: [Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 76133 Karlsruhe (Germany); Meckbach, J. M.; Ilin, K.; Siegel, M. [Institute of Micro- und Nanoelectronic Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 76187 Karlsruhe (Germany)


    Aluminum nitride (AlN) has recently emerged as a promising material for integrated photonics due to a large bandgap and attractive optical properties. Exploiting the wideband transparency, we demonstrate waveguiding in AlN-on-Insulator circuits from near-infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths using nanophotonic components with dimensions down to 40 nm. By measuring the propagation loss over a wide spectral range, we conclude that both scattering and absorption of AlN-intrinsic defects contribute to strong attenuation at short wavelengths, thus providing guidelines for future improvements in thin-film deposition and circuit fabrication.

  9. Asymmetric operation of AC power transmission systems : the key to optimizing power system reliability and economics

    Marceau, R.J. [University of Ontario Inst. of Technology, Oshawa, ON (Canada); McGillis, D.T. [McGill Univ., Montreal, PQ (Canada). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering]|[Concordia Univ., Montreal, PQ (Canada). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Sana, A.R.


    This book provides an invaluable tool for professionals working in the field of electrical engineering and applied science. It presents a simple and cost-effective strategy to operate alternating current (AC) power transmission systems more reliably and economically. Typically, bulk power transmission systems are operated symmetrically. When a problem such as a short-circuit occurs on a 3-phase line on an individual phase, all 3 phases are taken out of service. Such a strategy is fundamentally inefficient, given that most faults are single-line-to-ground faults. The more effective operating strategy presented in this book is based on the concept of asymmetric operation, which defines the operation of a 3-phase AC transmission line as 3 independently operated entities. As such, a 3-phase line can be operated with 1 or 2 phases out of service for single-line transmission corridors or with 1 , 2 or 3 phases out of service in the case of multiple-line corridors. This approach also maintains 3-phase symmetrical operation at its extremities, thereby protecting loads and power plants from undesirable voltages and currents. The overall integrity of 3-phase transmission is maintained in terms of power delivery, balanced voltages and currents even in the event of failures in part of the transmission system. The result is improved security. 67 refs., 42 tabs., 73 figs., 2 appendices.

  10. Planning of operation & maintenance using risk and reliability based methods

    Florian, Mihai; Sørensen, John Dalsgaard


    Operation and maintenance (OM) of offshore wind turbines contributes with a substantial part of the total levelized cost of energy (LCOE). The objective of this paper is to present an application of risk- and reliability-based methods for planning of OM. The theoretical basis is presented...... and illustrated by an example, namely for planning of inspections and maintenance of wind turbine blades. A life-cycle approach is used where the total expected cost in the remaining lifetime is minimized. This maintenance plan is continuously updated during the lifetime using information from previous...... inspections and from condition monitoring with time intervals between inspections and maintenance / repair options as the decision parameters....

  11. Operational amplifier speed and accuracy improvement analog circuit design with structural methodology

    Ivanov, Vadim V


    Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement proposes a new methodology for the design of analog integrated circuits. The usefulness of this methodology is demonstrated through the design of an operational amplifier. This methodology consists of the following iterative steps: description of the circuit functionality at a high level of abstraction using signal flow graphs; equivalent transformations and modifications of the graph to the form where all important parameters are controlled by dedicated feedback loops; and implementation of the structure using a library of elementary cells. Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement shows how to choose structures and design circuits which improve an operational amplifier's important parameters such as speed to power ratio, open loop gain, common-mode voltage rejection ratio, and power supply rejection ratio. The same approach is used to design clamps and limiting circuits which improve the performance of the amplifier outside of its linear operat...

  12. Integrated electrofluidic circuits: pressure sensing with analog and digital operation functionalities for microfluidics.

    Wu, Chueh-Yu; Lu, Jau-Ching; Liu, Man-Chi; Tung, Yi-Chung


    Microfluidic technology plays an essential role in various lab on a chip devices due to its desired advantages. An automated microfluidic system integrated with actuators and sensors can further achieve better controllability. A number of microfluidic actuation schemes have been well developed. In contrast, most of the existing sensing methods still heavily rely on optical observations and external transducers, which have drawbacks including: costly instrumentation, professional operation, tedious interfacing, and difficulties of scaling up and further signal processing. This paper reports the concept of electrofluidic circuits - electrical circuits which are constructed using ionic liquid (IL)-filled fluidic channels. The developed electrofluidic circuits can be fabricated using a well-developed multi-layer soft lithography (MSL) process with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic channels. Electrofluidic circuits allow seamless integration of pressure sensors with analog and digital operation functions into microfluidic systems and provide electrical readouts for further signal processing. In the experiments, the analog operation device is constructed based on electrofluidic Wheatstone bridge circuits with electrical outputs of the addition and subtraction results of the applied pressures. The digital operation (AND, OR, and XOR) devices are constructed using the electrofluidic pressure controlled switches, and output electrical signals of digital operations of the applied pressures. The experimental results demonstrate the designed functions for analog and digital operations of applied pressures are successfully achieved using the developed electrofluidic circuits, making them promising to develop integrated microfluidic systems with capabilities of precise pressure monitoring and further feedback control for advanced lab on a chip applications.

  13. Operating Circuit Fault Diagnosis of High Voltage Circuit Breaker%高压断路器操作回路的故障诊断

    赵红宇; 龙树峰


    This paper analyzes and studies the fault diagnosis operation requirements of high voltage circuit breaker operation circuit and the fault diagnosis method of high voltage circuit breaker.%本文对高压断路器操作回路的故障诊断操作要求和高压断路器操作回路的故障诊断方法进行了分析和研究。

  14. 76 FR 23171 - Electric Reliability Organization Interpretations of Interconnection Reliability Operations and...


    ... the system remains functional, the information can be compelled by the Reliability Coordinator. \\32... reliability coordinator and neighboring systems upon request, or when the loss of the communication channel... (Technical Information), Office of Electric Reliability, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888...

  15. Printed Circuit Board Surface Finish and Effects of Chloride Contamination, Electric Field, and Humidity on Corrosion Reliability

    Conseil, Helene; Jellesen, Morten Stendahl; Ambat, Rajan


    Corrosion reliability is a serious issue today for electronic devices, components, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) due to factors such as miniaturization, globalized manufacturing practices which can lead to process-related residues, and global usage effects such as bias voltage and unpredictable...... probability under condensing conditions. Leakage currents were measured on interdigitated comb test patterns with three different types of surface finish typically used in the electronics industry, namely gold, copper, and tin. Susceptibility to electrochemical migration was studied under droplet conditions...

  16. Cascaded all-optical operations in a hybrid integrated 80-Gb/s logic circuit.

    LeGrange, J D; Dinu, M; Sochor, T; Bollond, P; Kasper, A; Cabot, S; Johnson, G S; Kang, I; Grant, A; Kay, J; Jaques, J


    We demonstrate logic functionalities in a high-speed all-optical logic circuit based on differential Mach-Zehnder interferometers with semiconductor optical amplifiers as the nonlinear optical elements. The circuit, implemented by hybrid integration of the semiconductor optical amplifiers on a planar lightwave circuit platform fabricated in silica glass, can be flexibly configured to realize a variety of Boolean logic gates. We present both simulations and experimental demonstrations of cascaded all-optical operations for 80-Gb/s on-off keyed data.

  17. Investigation on the Short Circuit Safe Operation Area of SiC MOSFET Power Modules

    Reigosa, Paula Diaz; Luo, Haoze; Iannuzzo, Francesco


    This paper gives a better insight of the short circuit capability of state-of-the-art SiC MOSFET power modules rated at 1.2 kV by highlighting the physical limits under different operating conditions. Two different failure mechanisms have been identified, both reducing the short-circuit capability......) of the studied SiC MOSFET power modules is formulated based on the two proposed criteria....

  18. The practical operational-amplifier gyrator circuit for inductorless filter synthesis

    Sutherland, W. C.


    A literature is reported for gyrator circuits utilizing operational amplifiers as the active device. A gyrator is a two port nonreciprocal device with the property that the input impedance is proportional to the reciprocal of the load impedance. Following an experimental study, the gyrator circuit with optimum properties was selected for additional testing. A theoretical analysis was performed and compared to the experimental results for excellent agreement.

  19. Input-output Transfer Function Analysis of a Photometer Circuit Based on an Operational Amplifier.

    Hernandez, Wilmar


    In this paper an input-output transfer function analysis based on the frequencyresponse of a photometer circuit based on operational amplifier (op amp) is carried out. Opamps are universally used in monitoring photodetectors and there are a variety of amplifierconnections for this purpose. However, the electronic circuits that are usually used to carryout the signal treatment in photometer circuits introduce some limitations in theperformance of the photometers that influence the selection of the op amps and otherelectronic devices. For example, the bandwidth, slew-rate, noise, input impedance and gain,among other characteristics of the op amp, are often the performance limiting factors ofphotometer circuits. For this reason, in this paper a comparative analysis between twophotodiode amplifier circuits is carried out. One circuit is based on a conventional currentto-voltage converter connection and the other circuit is based on a robust current-to-voltageconverter connection. The results are satisfactory and show that the photodiode amplifierperformance can be improved by using robust control techniques.

  20. Effect of ionic contamination on climatic reliability of printed circuit board assemblies

    Verdingovas, Vadimas; Jellesen, Morten Stendahl; Ambat, Rajan


    The effect of NaCl and weak organic acids (WOAs) in “no-clean” wave solder flux residues was studied on electrochemical migration (ECM), leakage current, and corrosion on surface mount chip capacitors using a test printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) substrate having known chip components...

  1. Influence of polymer aging on reliability indices of a typical printed-circuit assembly of radioelectronic equipment

    Kuznetsov, G. V.; Kravchenko, E. V.


    Mathematical modeling of nonlinear nonstationary temperature fields of a typical printed-circuit assembly of radioelectronic equipment has been performed in a three-dimensional formulation with account for the convective and radiative heat exchange with the environment. On the basis of the data of the numerical experiment the “aging” (degradation) indices of polymer materials under prolonged thermal action have been determined. It has been established that the reliability of an object modeled with account for the real temperature fields is five times lower compared to the realization of normalized thermal conditions.

  2. Reliability and Availability Analysis of Some Systems with Common-Cause Failures Using SPICE Circuit Simulation Program

    Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti


    Full Text Available The effectiveness of SPICE circuit simulation program in calculating probabilities, reliability, steady-state availability and mean-time to failure of repairable systems described by Markov models is demonstrated. Two examples are presented. The first example is a warm standby system with common-cause failures and human errors. The second example is a non-identical unit parallel system with common-cause failures. In both cases recourse to numerical solution is inevitable to obtain the Laplace transforms of the probabilities. Results obtained using SPICE are compared with previously published results obtained using the Laplace transform method. Full SPICE listings are included.

  3. Designing reversible arithmetic, logic circuit to implement micro-operation in quantum computation

    Kalita, Gunajit; Saikia, Navajit


    The futuristic computing is desired to be more power full with low-power consumption. That is why quantum computing has been a key area of research for quite some time and is getting more and more attention. Quantum logic being reversible, a significant amount of contributions has been reported on reversible logic in recent times. Reversible circuits are essential parts of quantum computers, and hence their designs are of great importance. In this paper, designs of reversible circuits are proposed using a recently proposed reversible gate for arithmetic and logic operations to implement various micro-operations (simple add and subtract, add with carry, subtract with borrow, transfer, incrementing, decrementing etc., and logic operations like XOR, XNOR, complementing etc.) in a reversible computer like quantum computer. The two new reversible designs proposed here for half adder and full adders are also used in the presented reversible circuits to implement various microoperations. The quantum costs of these designs are comparable. Many of the implemented micro-operations are not seen in previous literatures. The performances of the proposed circuits are compared with existing designs wherever available.

  4. High-speed operation of optical exclusive OR circuit based on balanced detection and intensity modulation

    Koichi Takiguchi


    Full Text Available We report the evaluated results of an optical exclusive OR (XOR circuit for high-speed binary signals, which operates based on balanced detection and intensity modulation. This circuit partly adopts simple electronics in order to achieve simple configuration and operation. Two input optical binary signals into a balanced photo detector produce an electrical signal for directly driving a modulator. The modulator modulates the lightwave from a laser diode and generates optical XOR output of the two input optical signals. After briefly explaining its configuration and operating principle, We demonstrate some experimental results to show its potential. We show its successful operation at 40 Gbit/s binary signals including bit error rate measurement.

  5. Operation of Reliability Analysis Center (FY85-87)


    environmental conditions at the time of the reported failure as well as the exact nature of the failure. 4 The diskette format (FMDR-21A) contains...based upon the reliability and maintainability standards and tasks delineated in NAC R&M-STD-ROO010 (Reliability Program Requirements Seleccion ). These...characteristics, environmental conditions at the time of the reported failure, and the exact nature of the failure, which has been categorized as follows

  6. 75 FR 80391 - Electric Reliability Organization Interpretations of Interconnection Reliability Operations and...


    ... power system stabilizers in the types of information that transmission operators are expected to share... inter-Transmission Operator impact (e.g., could potentially affect transmission flows resulting in a SOL... operation of that Special Protection System on inter-area flows. The Transmission Operator shall...

  7. Improvement of the reliability graph with general gates to analyze the reliability of dynamic systems that have various operation modes

    Shin, Seung Ki [Div. of Research Reactor System Design, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); No, Young Gyu; Seong, Poong Hyun [Dept. of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    The safety of nuclear power plants is analyzed by a probabilistic risk assessment, and the fault tree analysis is the most widely used method for a risk assessment with the event tree analysis. One of the well-known disadvantages of the fault tree is that drawing a fault tree for a complex system is a very cumbersome task. Thus, several graphical modeling methods have been proposed for the convenient and intuitive modeling of complex systems. In this paper, the reliability graph with general gates (RGGG) method, one of the intuitive graphical modeling methods based on Bayesian networks, is improved for the reliability analyses of dynamic systems that have various operation modes with time. A reliability matrix is proposed and it is explained how to utilize the reliability matrix in the RGGG for various cases of operation mode changes. The proposed RGGG with a reliability matrix provides a convenient and intuitive modeling of various operation modes of complex systems, and can also be utilized with dynamic nodes that analyze the failure sequences of subcomponents. The combinatorial use of a reliability matrix with dynamic nodes is illustrated through an application to a shutdown cooling system in a nuclear power plant.

  8. Circuit Modeling of Tunneling Real-Space Transfer Transistors: Toward Terahertz Frequency Operation

    Huang, Wen; Yu, Xin; ZHANG, SHI-LIN; Mao, Lu-Hong; Leburton, Jean-Pierre


    High frequency operation of tunneling real-space transfer transistor (TRSTT) in the negative differential resistance (NDR) regime is assessed by calculating the device common source unity current gain frequency (fT) range with a small signal equivalent circuit model including tunneling. Our circuit model is based on an In0.2Ga0.8As and delta-doped GaAs dual channel structure with various gate lengths. The calculated TRSTT fT agrees very well with experimental data, limiting factor being the r...

  9. Ferrite logic reliability study

    Baer, J. A.; Clark, C. B.


    Development and use of digital circuits called all-magnetic logic are reported. In these circuits the magnetic elements and their windings comprise the active circuit devices in the logic portion of a system. The ferrite logic device belongs to the all-magnetic class of logic circuits. The FLO device is novel in that it makes use of a dual or bimaterial ferrite composition in one physical ceramic body. This bimaterial feature, coupled with its potential for relatively high speed operation, makes it attractive for high reliability applications. (Maximum speed of operation approximately 50 kHz.)

  10. Reliability and Validity of Qualitative and Operational Research Paradigm

    Muhammad Bashir


    Full Text Available Both qualitative and quantitative paradigms try to find the same result; the truth. Qualitative studies are tools used in understanding and describing the world of human experience. Since we maintain our humanity throughout the research process, it is largely impossible to escape the subjective experience, even for the most experienced of researchers. Reliability and Validity are the issue that has been described in great deal by advocates of quantitative researchers. The validity and the norms of rigor that are applied to quantitative research are not entirely applicable to qualitative research. Validity in qualitative research means the extent to which the data is plausible, credible and trustworthy; and thus can be defended when challenged. Reliability and validity remain appropriate concepts for attaining rigor in qualitative research. Qualitative researchers have to salvage responsibility for reliability and validity by implementing verification strategies integral and self-correcting during the conduct of inquiry itself. This ensures the attainment of rigor using strategies inherent within each qualitative design, and moves the responsibility for incorporating and maintaining reliability and validity from external reviewers’ judgments to the investigators themselves. There have different opinions on validity with some suggesting that the concepts of validity is incompatible with qualitative research and should be abandoned while others argue efforts should be made to ensure validity so as to lend credibility to the results. This paper is an attempt to clarify the meaning and use of reliability and validity in the qualitative research paradigm.

  11. Random Quantum Circuits and Pseudo-Random Operators: Theory and Applications

    Emerson, J


    Pseudo-random operators consist of sets of operators that exhibit many of the important statistical features of uniformly distributed random operators. Such pseudo-random sets of operators are most useful whey they may be parameterized and generated on a quantum processor in a way that requires exponentially fewer resources than direct implementation of the uniformly random set. Efficient pseudo-random operators can overcome the exponential cost of random operators required for quantum communication tasks such as super-dense coding of quantum states and approximately secure quantum data-hiding, and enable efficient stochastic methods for noise estimation on prototype quantum processors. This paper summarizes some recently published work demonstrating a random circuit method for the implementation of pseudo-random unitary operators on a quantum processor [Emerson et al., Science 302:2098 (Dec.~19, 2003)], and further elaborates the theory and applications of pseudo-random states and operators.

  12. Composite system reliability evaluation by stochastic calculation of system operation

    Haubrick, H.-J.; Hinz, H.-J.; Landeck, E. [Dept. of Power Systems and Power Economics (Germany)


    This report describes a new developed probabilistic approach for steady-state composite system reliability evaluation and its exemplary application to a bulk power test system. The new computer program called PHOENIX takes into consideration transmission limitations, outages of lines and power stations and, as a central element, a highly sophisticated model to the dispatcher performing remedial actions after disturbances. The kernel of the new method is a procedure for optimal power flow calculation that has been specially adapted for the use in reliability evaluations under the above mentioned conditions. (author) 11 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  13. DG Planning with Amalgamation of Operational and Reliability Considerations

    Battu, Neelakanteshwar Rao; Abhyankar, A. R.; Senroy, Nilanjan


    Distributed Generation has been playing a vital role in dealing issues related to distribution systems. This paper presents an approach which provides policy maker with a set of solutions for DG placement to optimize reliability and real power loss of the system. Optimal location of a Distributed Generator is evaluated based on performance indices derived for reliability index and real power loss. The proposed approach is applied on a 15-bus radial distribution system and a 18-bus radial distribution system with conventional and wind distributed generators individually.

  14. Operational Procedures for Optimized Reliability and Component Life Estimator (ORACLE)


    TOTAL FAILURE RATE AND TTF Figure 1. Block diagram of the reliability predicition program routines (cross hatched boxes), the required inputs and some signifi- cant way, describe and/or identify the particular piece of equipment associated with the parts or module. The maintenance of a

  15. Reliability and Validity of Qualitative and Operational Research Paradigm


    Both qualitative and quantitative paradigms try to find the same result; the truth. Qualitative studies are tools used in understanding and describing the world of human experience. Since we maintain our humanity throughout the research process, it is largely impossible to escape the subjective experience, even for the most experienced of researchers. Reliability and Validity are the issue that has been described in great deal by advocates of quantitative researchers. The validity an...

  16. Research on Control Method Based on Real-Time Operational Reliability Evaluation for Space Manipulator

    Yifan Wang


    Full Text Available A control method based on real-time operational reliability evaluation for space manipulator is presented for improving the success rate of a manipulator during the execution of a task. In this paper, a method for quantitative analysis of operational reliability is given when manipulator is executing a specified task; then a control model which could control the quantitative operational reliability is built. First, the control process is described by using a state space equation. Second, process parameters are estimated in real time using Bayesian method. Third, the expression of the system's real-time operational reliability is deduced based on the state space equation and process parameters which are estimated using Bayesian method. Finally, a control variable regulation strategy which considers the cost of control is given based on the Theory of Statistical Process Control. It is shown via simulations that this method effectively improves the operational reliability of space manipulator control system.

  17. Application of reliability worth concepts in power system operational planning

    Mello, J.C.O. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Silva, A.M. Leite da [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Pereira, M.V.F. [Power System Research (PSR), Inc., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work describes the application of a new methodology for calculating total system interruption costs in power system operational planning. Some important operational aspects are discussed: chronological load curves, customer damage functions for each consumer class, maintenance scheduling and non-exponential repair times. It is also presented the calculation of the probability distribution of the system interruption cost to improve the decision making process associated with alternative operational strategies. The Brazilian Southeastern system is used to illustrate all previous applications. (author) 24 refs., 8 figs., 4 tabs.

  18. Extreme Environment Circuit Blocks for Spacecraft Power & Propulsion System & Other High Reliability Applications Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Chronos Technology (DIv of FMI, Inc.) proposes to design, fabricate, and deliver a performance proven, and commercially available set of extreme high operating...

  19. How Long Can the Hubble Space Telescope Operate Reliably?

    Xapsos, M. A.; Stauffer, C.; Jordan, T.; Poivey, C.; Lum, G.; Haskins, D. N.; Pergosky, A. M.; Smith, D. C.; LaBel, K. A.


    Total ionizing dose exposure of electronic parts in the Hubble Space Telescope is analyzed using 3-D ray trace and Monte Carlo simulations. Results are discussed along with other potential failure mechanisms for science operations.

  20. Nuclear Power Plant Operator Reliability Research Based on Fuzzy Math

    Fang Xiang


    Full Text Available This paper makes use of the concept and theory of fuzzy number in fuzzy mathematics, to research for the response time of operator in accident of Chinese nuclear power plant. Through the quantitative analysis for the performance shape factors (PSFs which influence the response time of operators, the formula of the operator response time is obtained based on the possibilistic fuzzy linear regression model which is used for the first time in this kind of research. The research result shows that the correct research method can be achieved through the analysis of the information from a small sample. This method breaks through the traditional research method and can be used not only for the reference to the safe operation of nuclear power plant, but also in other areas.

  1. Optimum reliable operation of water distribution networks by ...


    Jan 7, 2015 ... regard, the system operation costs, including energy and disinfection chemicals, as well as system ..... The network layout (Anytown (Murphy et al., 1994)). ܲܧܰ ൌ .... FOR STRATEGIC PLANNING AND SUPERVISION) (2013).

  2. High-Precision Multi-Wave Rectifier Circuit Operating in Low Voltage + 1.5 Volt Current Mode

    Bancha Burapattanasiri


    Full Text Available This article is present high-precision multi-wave rectifier circuit operating in low voltage +/- 1.5 Volt current modes by CMOS technology 0.5 μm, receive input and give output in current mode, respond at high frequency period. The structure compound with high-speed current comparator circuit, current mirror circuit, and CMOS inverter circuit. PSpice program used for confirmation the performance of testing. The PSpice program shows operating of circuit is able to working at maximum input current 400 μAp-p, maximum frequency responding 200 MHz, high precision and low power losses, and non-precision zero crossing output signal.Keywords-component; rectifier circuit; high-precision; low voltage; current mode;

  3. 6H-SiC Transistor Integrated Circuits Demonstrating Prolonged Operation at 500 C

    Neudeck, Philip G.; Spry, David J.; Chen, Liang-Yu; Chang, Carl W.; Beheim, Glenn M.; Okojie, Robert S.; Evans, Laura J.; Meredith, Roger; Ferrier, Terry; Krasowski, Michael J.; Prokop, Norman F.


    The NASA Glenn Research Center is developing very high temperature semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) for use in the hot sections of aircraft engines and for Venus exploration where ambient temperatures are well above the approximately 300 degrees Centigrade effective limit of silicon-on-insulator IC technology. In order for beneficial technology insertion to occur, such transistor ICs must be capable of prolonged operation in such harsh environments. This paper reports on the fabrication and long-term 500 degrees Centigrade operation of 6H-SiC integrated circuits based on epitaxial 6H-SiC junction field effect transistors (JFETs). Simple analog amplifier and digital logic gate ICs have now demonstrated thousands of hours of continuous 500 degrees Centigrade operation in oxidizing air atmosphere with minimal changes in relevant electrical parameters. Electrical characterization and modeling of transistors and circuits at temperatures from 24 degrees Centigrade to 500 degrees Centigrade is also described. Desired analog and digital IC functionality spanning this temperature range was demonstrated without changing the input signals or power supply voltages.

  4. Switching circuits based on comparison operations and multiple-β transistor

    吴训威; 杭国强


    By using comparison operations, three basic operations, AND, OR and NOT, in Boolean algebra are re-defined Based on the characteristic that the voltage signals are easy to implement comparison operation, various logic functions realized by connecting emitters of the bipolar transistor are analyzed. Furthermore, a novel multiple-β transistor and the linear AND-OR gate, which is composed of the transistor, are investigated. Super high-speed characteristic and multiple-cascade capability of the linear AND-OR gate are verified by PSPICE simulation. Based on the analysis of high-speed switch, which is compatible with the linear AND-OR gate, a high-speed inverter is proposed, which is composed of multiple-β transistors. The corresponding flip-flop design is also given. Finally, the criterion for using linear AND-OR gate to design high-speed switching circuits are presented. Some combinational and sequential circuits are designed as the practical examples. Discussion indicates that the switching circuits bas

  5. Cryogenics system: strategy to achieve nominal performance and reliable operation

    Bremer, J; Casas, J; Claudet, S; Delikaris, D; Delruelle, N; Ferlin, G; Fluder, C; Perin, A; Perinic, G; Pezzetti, M; Pirotte, O; Tavian, L; Wagner, U


    During the LHC operation in 2010 and 2011, the cryogenic system has achieved an availability level fulfilling the overall requirement. To reach this level, the cryogenic system has profited like many other beam-dependent systems from the reduced beam parameters. Therefore, impacts of some failures occurred during the LHC operation were mitigated by using the overcapacity margin, the existing built-in redundancy in between adjacent sector cryogenic plants and the "cannibalization" of spares on two idle cryogenic plants. These two first years of operation were also crucial to identify the weaknesses of the present cryogenic maintenance plan and new issues like SEUs. After the LS1, nominal beam parameters are expected and the mitigated measures will be less effective or not applicable at all. Consequently, a consolidation plan to improve the MTBF and the MTTR of the LHC cryogenic system is under definition. Concerning shutdown periods, the present cryogenic sectorization imposes some restrictions in the type of ...

  6. Study on Reliability Test System for Miniature Circuit Breaker Based on Virtual Instrument Technology%基于虚拟仪器技术的小型断路器可靠性试验系统的研究

    曾学礼; 李笑来; 鲁修军; 张利; 李文华


      Introduction was made to the main functions and working principle of a reliability test system for the miniature circuit breaker based on virtual instrument technology. Description was made to the software design flow and some sub functional modules of the test system. The reliability test system for the miniature circuit breaker designed with LabVIEW can realize automatic control for test, carrying out data collection and treatment in real time, parameters amending and correcting, storing and inquiring of related test data etc functions. The operation reliability test and impulse reliability test were carried out for the miniature circuit breaker ac-cording to GB/Z 22203—2008 “Reliability test method for over current protection circuit breaker for home and similar place use”. Practice shows that the miniature circuit breaker reliability test system using virtual instrument technology is stable in performance, simple and convenient in operation, rich in functions with very good prospect in application popularization.%  介绍了基于虚拟仪器技术开发的小型断路器可靠性试验系统的主要功能、工作原理,阐述了试验系统的软件设计流程及部分子功能模块。利用 LabVIEW 软件设计的小型断路器可靠性试验系统可以实现试验的自动控制,完成对数据的实时采集处理、参数修改与校正、相关试验数据的保存与查询等功能。可依照 GB/Z 22203—2008《家用及类似场所用过电流保护断路器的可靠性试验方法》对小型断路器进行操作可靠性试验和瞬动可靠性试验。实践证明,采用虚拟仪器技术开发的小型断路器可靠性试验系统性能稳定、操作简便、功能丰富,有很好的推广应用前景

  7. Reliability of a Large Series-parallel System in Variable Operating Conditions

    Joanna Soszynska


    In this paper, a semi-Markov model of system operation processes is proposed and its selected parameters are determined. A series-parallel multi-state system is considered, and its reliability and risk characteristics found. Subsequently,a joint model of system operation process and system multi-state reliability and risk is constructed. Moreover, the asymptotic approach to reliability and risk evaluation of a multi-state series-parallel system in its operation process is applied to a port grain transportation system.

  8. Investigation into Equivalency of Synthetic Test Circuit Used for Operational Tests of Thyristor Valves for UHVDC

    ZHOU Hui-gao; YANG Xiao-hui; XU Fan


    With the growth of capacity of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines,the ratings of thyristor valves,which are one of the most critical equipments,are getting higher and higher.Verification of performance of thyristor valves particularly designed for HVDC project plays an important role in the handover of products between the manufacturer and the client.Conventional test facilities based on philosophy of direct test cannot meet the requirements for modern thyristor valves.New test facilities with high ratings are necessarily built based on philosophy of synthetic test.Over the conventional direct test circuit,the later is an economical and feasible solution with less financial investment and higher test capability.However,the equivalency between the synthetic test and the direct test should be analyzed technically in order to make sure that the condition of verification test in a synthetic test circuit should satisfy the actual operation condition of thyristor valves existing in a real HVDC project,just as in a direct test circuit.Equivalency analysis is focused in this paper,covering the scope of thyristor valves' steady state,and transient state.On the basis of the results achieved,a synthetic test circuit of 6 500 A/50 kV for operational tests of thyristor valves used for up to UHVDC project has newly been set up and already put into service in Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co.,Ltd. (XIHARI),China.Some of the results have been adopted also by a new national standard of China.

  9. The reliability analysis of a separated, dual fail operational redundant strapdown IMU. [inertial measurement unit

    Motyka, P.


    A methodology for quantitatively analyzing the reliability of redundant avionics systems, in general, and the dual, separated Redundant Strapdown Inertial Measurement Unit (RSDIMU), in particular, is presented. The RSDIMU is described and a candidate failure detection and isolation system presented. A Markov reliability model is employed. The operational states of the system are defined and the single-step state transition diagrams discussed. Graphical results, showing the impact of major system parameters on the reliability of the RSDIMU system, are presented and discussed.

  10. Reliable and valid assessment of ultrasound operator competence in obstetrics and gynecology

    Tolsgaard, M G; Ringsted, C; Dreisler, E


    OBJECTIVES: To explore the reliability and validity of a recently developed instrument for assessment of ultrasound operator competence, the Objective Structured Assessment of Ultrasound Skills (OSAUS). METHODS: Three groups of 10 doctors with different levels of ultrasound experience in obstetri...

  11. The essence of reliability estimation during operational life for achieving high system dependability

    Khan, M.A.; Kerkhoff, Hans G.


    System dependability has become important for critical applications in recent years as technology is moving towards smaller dimensions. Achieving high dependability can be supported by reliability estimations during the operational life. In addition this requires a workflow for regularly monitoring

  12. The essence of reliability estimation during operational life for achieving high system dependability

    Khan, Muhammad Aamir; Kerkhoff, Hans G.


    System dependability has become important for critical applications in recent years as technology is moving towards smaller dimensions. Achieving high dependability can be supported by reliability estimations during the operational life. In addition this requires a workflow for regularly monitoring

  13. Algebraic circuits

    Lloris Ruiz, Antonio; Parrilla Roure, Luis; García Ríos, Antonio


    This book presents a complete and accurate study of algebraic circuits, digital circuits whose performance can be associated with any algebraic structure. The authors distinguish between basic algebraic circuits, such as Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSRs) and cellular automata, and algebraic circuits, such as finite fields or Galois fields. The book includes a comprehensive review of representation systems, of arithmetic circuits implementing basic and more complex operations, and of the residue number systems (RNS). It presents a study of basic algebraic circuits such as LFSRs and cellular automata as well as a study of circuits related to Galois fields, including two real cryptographic applications of Galois fields.

  14. Long-Term Characterization of 6H-SiC Transistor Integrated Circuit Technology Operating at 500 C

    Neudeck, Philip G.; Spry, David J.; Chen, Liang-Yu; Chang, Carl W.; Beheim, Glenn M.; Okojie, Robert S.; Evans, Laura J.; Meredith Roger D.; Ferrier, Terry L.; Krasowski, Michael J.; Prokop, Norman F.


    NASA has been developing very high temperature semiconductor integrated circuits for use in the hot sections of aircraft engines and for Venus exploration. This paper reports on long-term 500 C electrical operation of prototype 6H-SiC integrated circuits based on epitaxial 6H-SiC junction field effect transistors (JFETs). As of this writing, some devices have surpassed 4000 hours of continuous 500 C electrical operation in oxidizing air atmosphere with minimal change in relevant electrical parameters.

  15. Magnetic Logic Circuits for Extreme Environments Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The program aims to demonstrate a new genre of all-magnetic logic circuits which are radiation-tolerant and capable of reliable operation in extreme environmental...

  16. Operational Excellence through Schedule Optimization and Production Simulation of Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

    Flory, John Andrew [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Padilla, Denise D. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Gauthier, John H. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Zwerneman, April Marie [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Miller, Steven P [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    Upcoming weapon programs require an aggressive increase in Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) production at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). SNL has developed unique modeling and optimization tools that have been instrumental in improving ASIC production productivity and efficiency, identifying optimal operational and tactical execution plans under resource constraints, and providing confidence in successful mission execution. With ten products and unprecedented levels of demand, a single set of shared resources, highly variable processes, and the need for external supplier task synchronization, scheduling is an integral part of successful manufacturing. The scheduler uses an iterative multi-objective genetic algorithm and a multi-dimensional performance evaluator. Schedule feasibility is assessed using a discrete event simulation (DES) that incorporates operational uncertainty, variability, and resource availability. The tools provide rapid scenario assessments and responses to variances in the operational environment, and have been used to inform major equipment investments and workforce planning decisions in multiple SNL facilities.

  17. Operational Reliability Assessment of Compressor Gearboxes with Normalized Lifting Wavelet Entropy from Condition Monitoring Information

    Xiaoli Zhang


    Full Text Available Classical reliability assessment methods have predominantly focused on probability and statistical theories, which are insufficient in assessing the operational reliability of individual mechanical equipment with time-varying characteristics. A new approach to assess machinery operational reliability with normalized lifting wavelet entropy from condition monitoring information is proposed, which is different from classical reliability assessment methods depending on probability and statistics analysis. The machinery vibration signals with time-varying operational characteristics are firstly decomposed and reconstructed by means of a lifting wavelet package transform. The relative energy of every reconstructed signal is computed as an energy percentage of the reconstructed signal in the whole signal energy. Moreover, a normalized lifting wavelet entropy is defined by the relative energy to reveal the machinery operational uncertainty. Finally, operational reliability degree is defined by the quantitative value obtained by the normalized lifting wavelet entropy belonging to the range of [0, 1]. The proposed method is applied in the operational reliability assessment of the gearbox in an oxy-generator compressor to validate the effectiveness.

  18. SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS: A novel fully differential telescopic operational transconductance amplifier

    Tianwang, Li; Bo, Ye; Jinguang, Jiang


    A novel fully differential telescopic operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) is proposed. An additional PMOS differential pair is introduced to improve the unit-gain bandwidth of the telescopic amplifier. At the same time, the slew rate is enhanced by the auxiliary slew rate boost circuits. The proposed OTA is designed in a 0.18μm CMOS process. Simulation results show that there is a 49% improvement in the unit-gain bandwidth compared to that of a conventional OTA; moreover, the DC gain and the slew rate are also enhanced.

  19. Printed Circuit Board Surface Finish and Effects of Chloride Contamination, Electric Field, and Humidity on Corrosion Reliability

    Conseil-Gudla, Hélène; Jellesen, Morten S.; Ambat, Rajan


    Corrosion reliability is a serious issue today for electronic devices, components, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) due to factors such as miniaturization, globalized manufacturing practices which can lead to process-related residues, and global usage effects such as bias voltage and unpredictable user environments. The investigation reported in this paper focuses on understanding the synergistic effect of such parameters, namely contamination, humidity, PCB surface finish, pitch distance, and potential bias on leakage current under different humidity levels, and electrochemical migration probability under condensing conditions. Leakage currents were measured on interdigitated comb test patterns with three different types of surface finish typically used in the electronics industry, namely gold, copper, and tin. Susceptibility to electrochemical migration was studied under droplet conditions. The level of base leakage current (BLC) was similar for the different surface finishes and NaCl contamination levels up to relative humidity (RH) of 65%. A significant increase in leakage current was found for comb patterns contaminated with NaCl above 70% to 75% RH, close to the deliquescent RH of NaCl. Droplet tests on Cu comb patterns with varying pitch size showed that the initial BLC before dendrite formation increased with increasing NaCl contamination level, whereas electrochemical migration and the frequency of dendrite formation increased with bias voltage. The effect of different surface finishes on leakage current under humid conditions was not very prominent.

  20. Printed Circuit Board Surface Finish and Effects of Chloride Contamination, Electric Field, and Humidity on Corrosion Reliability

    Conseil-Gudla, Hélène; Jellesen, Morten S.; Ambat, Rajan


    Corrosion reliability is a serious issue today for electronic devices, components, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) due to factors such as miniaturization, globalized manufacturing practices which can lead to process-related residues, and global usage effects such as bias voltage and unpredictable user environments. The investigation reported in this paper focuses on understanding the synergistic effect of such parameters, namely contamination, humidity, PCB surface finish, pitch distance, and potential bias on leakage current under different humidity levels, and electrochemical migration probability under condensing conditions. Leakage currents were measured on interdigitated comb test patterns with three different types of surface finish typically used in the electronics industry, namely gold, copper, and tin. Susceptibility to electrochemical migration was studied under droplet conditions. The level of base leakage current (BLC) was similar for the different surface finishes and NaCl contamination levels up to relative humidity (RH) of 65%. A significant increase in leakage current was found for comb patterns contaminated with NaCl above 70% to 75% RH, close to the deliquescent RH of NaCl. Droplet tests on Cu comb patterns with varying pitch size showed that the initial BLC before dendrite formation increased with increasing NaCl contamination level, whereas electrochemical migration and the frequency of dendrite formation increased with bias voltage. The effect of different surface finishes on leakage current under humid conditions was not very prominent.

  1. Reliability and risk-based planning of operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Florian, Mihai; Berzonskis, Arvydas


    costly (and safe), and it is important to include in the reliability assessment the information obtained during operation (from condition monitoring and inspections) and the maintenance performed (incl. repairs and replacements). The paper presents a risk-based approach for optimal planning of Operation...... & Maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Further, the paper considers models for uncertainty modelling and reliability assessment of structural components such as tower, blades, substructure and foundation as well as cast steel drivetrain components. The function of a wind turbine is highly dependent on many...... electrical and mechanical components as well as a control system also reliability aspects of these components are discussed in the paper. Illustrative examples are presented considering uncertainty modelling, reliability assessment and risk-based planning of Operation & Maintenance....

  2. Independent transmission system operators and their role in maintaining reliability in a restructured electric power industry



    This report summarizes the current status of proposals to form Independent System Operators (ISOs) to operate high-voltage transmission systems in the United States and reviews their potential role in maintaining bulk power system reliability. As background information, the likely new industry structure, nature of deregulated markets, and institutional framework for bulk power system reliability are reviewed. The report identifies issues related to the formation of ISOs and their roles in markets and in reliability, and describes potential policy directions for encouraging the formation of effective ISOs and ensuring bulk system reliability. Two appendices are provided, which address: (1) system operation arrangements in other countries, and (2) summaries of regional U.S. ISO proposals.

  3. Independent transmission system operators and their role in maintaining reliability in a restructured electric power industry



    This report summarizes the current status of proposals to form Independent System Operators (ISOs) to operate high-voltage transmission systems in the United States and reviews their potential role in maintaining bulk power system reliability. As background information, the likely new industry structure, nature of deregulated markets, and institutional framework for bulk power system reliability are reviewed. The report identifies issues related to the formation of ISOs and their roles in markets and in reliability, and describes potential policy directions for encouraging the formation of effective ISOs and ensuring bulk system reliability. Two appendices are provided, which address: (1) system operation arrangements in other countries, and (2) summaries of regional U.S. ISO proposals.

  4. Rapid single-flux-quantum circuits for low noise mK operation

    Intiso, Samuel; Pekola, Jukka; Savin, Alexander; Devyatov, Ygor; Kidiyarova-Shevchenko, Anna


    Rapid single-flux-quantum (RSFQ) technology has been proposed as control electronics for superconducting quantum bits because of the material and working temperature compatibility. In this work, we consider practical aspects of RSFQ circuit design for low noise low power operation. At the working temperature of 20 mK and operational frequency of 2 GHz, dissipated power per junction is reduced to 25 pW by using 6 µA critical current junctions available at the Hypres and VTT low Jc fabrication process. To limit phonon temperature to 30 mK, a maximum of 40 junctions can be placed on a 5 mm × 5 mm chip. Electron temperature in resistive shunts of Josephson junctions is minimized by use of cooling fins, giving minimum electron temperatures of about 150 mK for the Hypres process and 70 mK for the VTT process.

  5. Operation reliability assessment for cutting tools by applying a proportional covariate model to condition monitoring information.

    Cai, Gaigai; Chen, Xuefeng; Li, Bing; Chen, Baojia; He, Zhengjia


    The reliability of cutting tools is critical to machining precision and production efficiency. The conventional statistic-based reliability assessment method aims at providing a general and overall estimation of reliability for a large population of identical units under given and fixed conditions. However, it has limited effectiveness in depicting the operational characteristics of a cutting tool. To overcome this limitation, this paper proposes an approach to assess the operation reliability of cutting tools. A proportional covariate model is introduced to construct the relationship between operation reliability and condition monitoring information. The wavelet packet transform and an improved distance evaluation technique are used to extract sensitive features from vibration signals, and a covariate function is constructed based on the proportional covariate model. Ultimately, the failure rate function of the cutting tool being assessed is calculated using the baseline covariate function obtained from a small sample of historical data. Experimental results and a comparative study show that the proposed method is effective for assessing the operation reliability of cutting tools.

  6. Methodology for risk assessment and reliability applied for pipeline engineering design and industrial valves operation

    Silveira, Dierci [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia Industrial e Metalurgia. Lab. de Sistemas de Producao e Petroleo e Gas], e-mail:; Batista, Fabiano [CICERO, Rio das Ostras, RJ (Brazil)


    Two kinds of situations may be distinguished for estimating the operating reliability when maneuvering industrial valves and the probability of undesired events in pipelines and industrial plants: situations in which the risk is identified in repetitive cycles of operations and situations in which there is a permanent hazard due to project configurations introduced by decisions during the engineering design definition stage. The estimation of reliability based on the influence of design options requires the choice of a numerical index, which may include a composite of human operating parameters based on biomechanics and ergonomics data. We first consider the design conditions under which the plant or pipeline operator reliability concepts can be applied when operating industrial valves, and then describe in details the ergonomics and biomechanics risks that would lend itself to engineering design database development and human reliability modeling and assessment. This engineering design database development and reliability modeling is based on a group of engineering design and biomechanics parameters likely to lead to over-exertion forces and working postures, which are themselves associated with the functioning of a particular plant or pipeline. This approach to construct based on ergonomics and biomechanics for a more common industrial valve positioning in the plant layout is proposed through the development of a methodology to assess physical efforts and operator reach, combining various elementary operations situations. These procedures can be combined with the genetic algorithm modeling and four elements of the man-machine systems: the individual, the task, the machinery and the environment. The proposed methodology should be viewed not as competing to traditional reliability and risk assessment bur rather as complementary, since it provides parameters related to physical efforts values for valves operation and workspace design and usability. (author)

  7. Reliability analysis and risk-based methods for planning of operation & maintenance of offshore wind turbines

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard


    for extreme and fatigue limit states are presented. Operation & Maintenance planning often follows corrective and preventive strategies based on information from condition monitoring and structural health monitoring systems. A reliability- and riskbased approach is presented where a life-cycle approach......Reliability analysis and probabilistic models for wind turbines are considered with special focus on structural components and application for reliability-based calibration of partial safety factors. The main design load cases to be considered in design of wind turbine components are presented...... including the effects of the control system and possible faults due to failure of electrical / mechanical components. Considerations are presented on the target reliability level for wind turbine structural components. Application is shown for reliability-based calibrations of partial safety factors...

  8. Seeking a unified framework for cerebellar function and dysfunction: from circuit operations to cognition

    Egidio eD‘Angelo


    Full Text Available Following the fundamental recognition of its involvement in sensory-motor coordination and learning, the cerebellum is now also believed to take part in the processing of cognition and emotion. This hypothesis is recurrent in numerous papers reporting anatomical and functional observations, and it requires an explanation. We argue that a similar circuit structure in all cerebellar areas may carry out various operations using a common computational scheme. On the basis of a broad review of anatomical data, it is conceivable that the different roles of the cerebellum lie in the specific connectivity of the cerebellar modules, with motor, cognitive and emotional functions (at least partially segregated into different cerebro-cerebellar loops. We here develop a conceptual and operational framework based on multiple interconnected levels (a meta-levels hypothesis: from cellular/molecular to network mechanisms leading to generation of computational primitives, thence to high-level cognitive/emotional processing, and finally to the sphere of mental function and dysfunction. The main concept explored is that of intimate interplay between timing and learning (reminiscent of the timing and learning machine capabilities long attributed to the cerebellum, which reverberates from cellular to circuit mechanisms. Subsequently, integration within large-scale brain loops could generate the disparate cognitive/emotional and mental functions in which the cerebellum has been implicated. We propose, therefore, that the cerebellum operates as a general-purpose co-processor, whose effects depend on the specific brain centers to which individual modules are connected. Abnormal functioning in these loops could eventually contribute to the pathogenesis of major brain pathologies including not just ataxia but also dyslexia, autism, schizophrenia and depression.

  9. Treatment of Wastewater from Electroplating, Metal Finishing and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing. Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume 4.

    California State Univ., Sacramento. Dept. of Civil Engineering.

    One of four manuals dealing with the operation of wastewater plants, this document was designed to address the treatment of wastewater from electroplating, metal finishing, and printed circuit board manufacturing. It emphasizes how to operate and maintain facilities which neutralize acidic and basic waters; treat waters containing metals; destroy…

  10. Resonant magnetoelectric response of composite cantilevers: Theory of short vs. open circuit operation and layer sequence effects

    Matthias C. Krantz


    Full Text Available The magnetoelectric effect in layered composite cantilevers consisting of strain coupled layers of magnetostrictive (MS, piezoelectric (PE, and substrate materials is investigated for magnetic field excitation at bending resonance. Analytic theories are derived for the transverse magnetoelectric (ME response in short and open circuit operation for three different layer sequences and results presented and discussed for the FeCoBSi-AlN-Si and the FeCoBSi-PZT-Si composite systems. Response optimized PE-MS layer thickness ratios are found to greatly change with operation mode shifting from near equal MS and PE layer thicknesses in the open circuit mode to near vanishing PE layer thicknesses in short circuit operation for all layer sequences. In addition the substrate layer thickness is found to differently affect the open and short circuit ME response producing shifts and reversal between ME response maxima depending on layer sequence. The observed rich ME response behavior for different layer thicknesses, sequences, operating modes, and PE materials can be explained by common neutral plane effects and different elastic compliance effects in short and open circuit operation.

  11. Prolonged silicon carbide integrated circuit operation in Venus surface atmospheric conditions

    Philip G. Neudeck


    Full Text Available The prolonged operation of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs needed for long-duration exploration of the surface of Venus has proven insurmountably challenging to date due to the ∼ 460 °C, ∼ 9.4 MPa caustic environment. Past and planned Venus landers have been limited to a few hours of surface operation, even when IC electronics needed for basic lander operation are protected with heavily cumbersome pressure vessels and cooling measures. Here we demonstrate vastly longer (weeks electrical operation of two silicon carbide (4H-SiC junction field effect transistor (JFET ring oscillator ICs tested with chips directly exposed (no cooling and no protective chip packaging to a high-fidelity physical and chemical reproduction of Venus’ surface atmosphere. This represents more than 100-fold extension of demonstrated Venus environment electronics durability. With further technology maturation, such SiC IC electronics could drastically improve Venus lander designs and mission concepts, fundamentally enabling long-duration enhanced missions to the surface of Venus.




    Through the discussion on the general requirements and thereliability criterion of vacuum circuit breaker, this paper puts forward a method of prediction, assessment and control for vacuum circuit breaker’s reliability, which may be effective both to the purchaser and the supplier of a vacuum circuit breaker.%通过对真空断路器可靠性的基本要求和判断标志的论述,提出了对真空断路器的使用者和制造者都有效的,对真空断路器可靠性的预测、判定和控制的方法。

  13. Economic Viability of Pumped-Storage Power Plants Equipped with Ternary Units and Considering Hydraulic Short-Circuit Operation

    Chazarra, Manuel; Pérez-Díaz, Juan I.; García-González, Javier


    This paper analyses the economic viability of pumped-storage hydropower plants equipped with ternary units and considering hydraulic short-circuit operation. The analysed plant is assumed to participate in the day-ahead energy market and in the secondary regulation service of the Spanish power system. A deterministic day-ahead energy and reserve scheduling model is used to estimate the maximum theoretical income of the plant assuming perfect information of the next day prices and the residual demand curves of the secondary regulation reserve market. Results show that the pay-back periods with and without the hydraulic short-circuit operation are significantly lower than their expected lifetime and that the pay-back periods can be reduced with the inclusion of the hydraulic short-circuit operation.

  14. Operational Impacts of Operating Reserve Demand Curves on Production Cost and Reliability: Preprint

    Krad, Ibrahim; Ibanez, Eduardo; Ela, Erik; Gao, Wenzhong


    The electric power industry landscape is continually evolving. As emerging technologies such as wind, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems become more cost-effective and present in the system, traditional power system operating strategies will need to be reevaluated. The presence of wind and solar generation (commonly referred to as variable generation) may result in an increase in the variability and uncertainty of the net load profile. One mechanism to mitigate this is to schedule and dispatch additional operating reserves. These operating reserves aim to ensure that there is enough capacity online in the system to account for the increased variability and uncertainty occurring at finer temporal resolutions. A new operating reserve strategy, referred to as flexibility reserve, has been introduced in some regions. A similar implementation is explored in this paper, and its implications on power system operations are analyzed.

  15. Operational Impacts of Operating Reserve Demand Curves on Production Cost and Reliability

    Krad, Ibrahim; Ibanez, Eduardo; Ela, Erik; Gao, Wenzhong


    The electric power industry landscape is continually evolving. As emerging technologies such as wind, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems become more cost-effective and present in the system, traditional power system operating strategies will need to be reevaluated. The presence of wind and solar generation (commonly referred to as variable generation) may result in an increase in the variability and uncertainty of the net load profile. One mechanism to mitigate this is to schedule and dispatch additional operating reserves. These operating reserves aim to ensure that there is enough capacity online in the system to account for the increased variability and uncertainty occurring at finer temporal resolutions. A new operating reserve strategy, referred to as flexibility reserve, has been introduced in some regions. A similar implementation is explored in this paper, and its implications on power system operations are analyzed.

  16. Operational Impacts of Operating Reserve Demand Curves on Production Cost and Reliability: Preprint

    Krad, Ibrahim; Ibanez, Eduardo; Ela, Erik; Gao, Wenzhong


    The electric power industry landscape is continually evolving. As emerging technologies such as wind, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems become more cost-effective and present in the system, traditional power system operating strategies will need to be reevaluated. The presence of wind and solar generation (commonly referred to as variable generation) may result in an increase in the variability and uncertainty of the net load profile. One mechanism to mitigate this is to schedule and dispatch additional operating reserves. These operating reserves aim to ensure that there is enough capacity online in the system to account for the increased variability and uncertainty occurring at finer temporal resolutions. A new operating reserve strategy, referred to as flexibility reserve, has been introduced in some regions. A similar implementation is explored in this paper, and its implications on power system operations are analyzed.

  17. Power system reliability impacts of wind generation and operational reserve requirements

    E. Gil


    Full Text Available Due to its variability, wind generation integration presents a significant challenge to power system operators in order to maintain adequate reliability levels while ensuring least cost operation. This paper explores the trade-off between the benefits associated to a higher wind penetration and the additional operational reserve requirements that they impose. Such exploration is valued in terms of its effect on power system reliability, measured as an amount of unserved energy. The paper also focuses on how changing the Value of Lost Load (VoLL can be used to attain different reliability targets, and how wind power penetration and the diversity of the wind energy resource will impact quality of supply (in terms of instances of unserved energy. The evaluation of different penetrations of wind power generation, different wind speed profiles, wind resource diversity, and different operational reserve requirements, is conducted on the Chilean Northern Interconnected System (SING using statistical modeling of wind speed time series and computer simulation through a 24-hour ahead unit commitment algorithm and a Monte Carlo simulation scheme. Results for the SING suggest that while wind generation can significantly reduce generation costs, it can also imply higher security costs to reach acceptable reliability levels.

  18. 76 FR 23470 - Version One Regional Reliability Standard for Transmission Operations


    ... considering risk to the bulk electric system, there is no substantial difference between thermally-limited and..., or could place the bulk electric system at an unacceptable risk of instability, separation, or... Reliability Standard TOP-007-WECC-1 (System Operating Limits) developed by the Western Electric...

  19. Fast universal quantum gates on microwave photons with all-resonance operations in circuit QED.

    Hua, Ming; Tao, Ming-Jie; Deng, Fu-Guo


    Stark shift on a superconducting qubit in circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) has been used to construct universal quantum entangling gates on superconducting resonators in previous works. It is a second-order coupling effect between the resonator and the qubit in the dispersive regime, which leads to a slow state-selective rotation on the qubit. Here, we present two proposals to construct the fast universal quantum gates on superconducting resonators in a microwave-photon quantum processor composed of multiple superconducting resonators coupled to a superconducting transmon qutrit, that is, the controlled-phase (c-phase) gate on two microwave-photon resonators and the controlled-controlled phase (cc-phase) gates on three resonators, resorting to quantum resonance operations, without any drive field. Compared with previous works, our universal quantum gates have the higher fidelities and shorter operation times in theory. The numerical simulation shows that the fidelity of our c-phase gate is 99.57% within about 38.1 ns and that of our cc-phase gate is 99.25% within about 73.3 ns.

  20. Operation reliability analysis of independent power plants of gas-transmission system distant production facilities

    Piskunov Maksim V.


    Full Text Available The new approach was developed to analyze the failure causes in operation of linear facilities independent power supply sources (mini-CHP-plants of gas-transmission system in Eastern part of Russia. Triggering conditions of ceiling operation substance temperature at condenser output were determined with mathematical simulation use of unsteady heat and mass transfer processes in condenser of mini-CHP-plants. Under these conditions the failure probability in operation of independent power supply sources is increased. Influence of environmental factors (in particular, ambient temperature as well as output electric capability values of power plant on mini-CHP-plant operation reliability was analyzed. Values of mean time to failure and power plant failure density during operation in different regions of Eastern Siberia and Far East of Russia were received with use of numerical simulation results of heat and mass transfer processes at operation substance condensation.

  1. Long term reliability and machine operation diagnosis with fiber optic sensors at large turbine generators

    Bosselmann, T.; Strack, S.; Villnow, M.; Weidner, J. R.; Willsch, M.


    The increasing quantity of renewable energy in electric power generation leads to a higher flexibility in the operation of conventional power plants. The turbo generator has to face the influence of frequent start-stop-operation on thermal movement and vibration of the stator end windings. Large indirect cooled turbo generators have been equipped with FBG strain and temperature sensors to monitor the influence of peak load operation. Fiber optic accelerometers measure the vibration of the end windings at several turbine generators since many years of operation. The long term reliability of fiber optic vibration, temperature and strain sensors has been successfully proved during years of online operation. The analysis of these data in correlation to significant operation parameter lead to important diagnostic information.


    Mehran, Babak; Nakamura, Hideki

    Evaluation of impacts of congestion improvement scheme s on travel time reliability is very significant for road authorities since travel time reliability repr esents operational performance of expressway segments. In this paper, a methodology is presented to estimate travel tim e reliability prior to implementation of congestion relief schemes based on travel time variation modeling as a function of demand, capacity, weather conditions and road accident s. For subject expressway segmen ts, traffic conditions are modeled over a whole year considering demand and capacity as random variables. Patterns of demand and capacity are generated for each five minute interval by appl ying Monte-Carlo simulation technique, and accidents are randomly generated based on a model that links acci dent rate to traffic conditions. A whole year analysis is performed by comparing de mand and available capacity for each scenario and queue length is estimated through shockwave analysis for each time in terval. Travel times are estimated from refined speed-flow relationships developed for intercity expressways and buffer time index is estimated consequently as a measure of travel time reliability. For validation, estimated reliability indices are compared with measured values from empirical data, and it is shown that the proposed method is suitable for operational evaluation and planning purposes.

  3. Practical applications of age-dependent reliability models and analysis of operational data

    Lannoy, A.; Nitoi, M.; Backstrom, O.; Burgazzi, L.; Couallier, V.; Nikulin, M.; Derode, A.; Rodionov, A.; Atwood, C.; Fradet, F.; Antonov, A.; Berezhnoy, A.; Choi, S.Y.; Starr, F.; Dawson, J.; Palmen, H.; Clerjaud, L


    The purpose of the workshop was to present the experience of practical application of time-dependent reliability models. The program of the workshop comprises the following sessions: -) aging management and aging PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment), -) modeling, -) operation experience, and -) accelerating aging tests. In order to introduce time aging effect of particular component to the PSA model, it has been proposed to use the constant unavailability values on the short period of time (one year for example) calculated on the basis of age-dependent reliability models. As for modeling, it appears that the problem of too detailed statistical models for application is the lack of data for required parameters. As for operating experience, several methods of operating experience analysis have been presented (algorithms for reliability data elaboration and statistical identification of aging trend). As for accelerated aging tests, it is demonstrated that a combination of operating experience analysis with the results of accelerated aging tests of naturally aged equipment could provide a good basis for continuous operation of instrumentation and control systems.

  4. Highly reliable wind-rolling triboelectric nanogenerator operating in a wide wind speed range

    Yong, Hyungseok; Chung, Jihoon; Choi, Dukhyun; Jung, Daewoong; Cho, Minhaeng; Lee, Sangmin


    Triboelectric nanogenerators are aspiring energy harvesting methods that generate electricity from the triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction. This study demonstrates the harvesting of wind energy by a wind-rolling triboelectric nanogenerator (WR-TENG). The WR-TENG generates electricity from wind as a lightweight dielectric sphere rotates along the vortex whistle substrate. Increasing the kinetic energy of a dielectric converted from the wind energy is a key factor in fabricating an efficient WR-TENG. Computation fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis is introduced to estimate the precise movements of wind flow and to create a vortex flow by adjusting the parameters of the vortex whistle shape to optimize the design parameters to increase the kinetic energy conversion rate. WR-TENG can be utilized as both a self-powered wind velocity sensor and a wind energy harvester. A single unit of WR-TENG produces open-circuit voltage of 11.2 V and closed-circuit current of 1.86 μA. Additionally, findings reveal that the electrical power is enhanced through multiple electrode patterns in a single device and by increasing the number of dielectric spheres inside WR-TENG. The wind-rolling TENG is a novel approach for a sustainable wind-driven TENG that is sensitive and reliable to wind flows to harvest wasted wind energy in the near future.

  5. Development of multi-platform control and instrumentation communications to increase operational reliability - application to MAST

    Homfray, D A; Khilar, S; King, R; Payne, D; Simmonds, M R; Tame, C; Whitehead, B


    Improving the reliability and reducing the maintenance time to give increased availability is a key feature of developing control & instrumentation (C&I) systems relevant to future fusion devices such as DEMO and to fusion power plants. Standardising access to the multiple platforms comprising C&I systems on working plant including software that analyses data is one aspect of achieving this. This has been realised on the MAST Neutral Beam Injection system (MNBI) following an extensive upgrade to the C&I, to improve the operational reliability of the neutral beam plant.

  6. Validity and reliability of a dental operator posture assessment instrument (PAI).

    Branson, Bonnie G; Williams, Karen B; Bray, Kimberly Krust; Mcllnay, Sandy L; Dickey, Diana


    Basic operating posture is considered an important occupational health issue for oral health care clinicians. It is generally agreed that the physical posture of the operator, while providing care, should be such that all muscles are in a relaxed, well-balanced, and neutral position. Postures outside of this neutral position are likely to cause musculoskeletal discomfort. To date, the range of the neutral operator position has not been well-defined; nor have any specific instruments been identified that can quantitatively or semi-quantitatively assess dental operator posture. This paper reports on the development of an instrument that can be used to semi-quantitatively evaluate postural components. During the first phase of the study, an expert panel defined the basic parameters for acceptable, compromised, and harmful operator postures and established face validity of a posture assessment instrument (PAI). During the second phase, the PAI was tested for reliability using generalizability theory. Four raters tested the instrument for reliability. Overall, total PAI scores were similar amongst three of the raters, with the fourth rater's scores being slightly greater than the other three. The main effect of the rater on individual postural components was moderate, indicating that rater variance contributed to 11.9% of total variance. The PAI measures posture as it occurs and will have numerous applications when evaluating operator performance in the dental and dental hygiene education setting. Also, the PAI will prove useful when examining the effects of operator posture and musculoskeletal disorders.

  7. Assessment of Durable SiC JFET Technology for +600 C to -125 C Integrated Circuit Operation

    Neudeck, P. G.; Krasowski, M. J.; Prokop, N. F.


    Electrical characteristics and circuit design considerations for prototype 6H-SiC JFET integrated circuits (ICs) operating over the broad temperature range of -125 C to +600 C are described. Strategic implementation of circuits with transistors and resistors in the same 6H-SiC n-channel layer enabled ICs with nearly temperature-independent functionality to be achieved. The frequency performance of the circuits declined at temperatures increasingly below or above room temperature, roughly corresponding to the change in 6H-SiC n-channel resistance arising from incomplete carrier ionization at low temperature and decreased electron mobility at high temperature. In addition to very broad temperature functionality, these simple digital and analog demonstration integrated circuits successfully operated with little change in functional characteristics over the course of thousands of hours at 500 C before experiencing interconnect-related failures. With appropriate further development, these initial results establish a new technology foundation for realizing durable 500 C ICs for combustion engine sensing and control, deep-well drilling, and other harsh-environment applications.

  8. Operating Experience and Reliability Improvements on the 5 kW CW Klystron at Jefferson Lab

    Nelson, R.; Holben, S.


    With substantial operating hours on the RF system, considerable information on reliability of the 5 kW CW klystrons has been obtained. High early failure rates led to examination of the operating conditions and failure modes. Internal ceramic contamination caused premature failure of gun potting material and ultimate tube demise through arcing or ceramic fracture. A planned course of repotting and reconditioning of approximately 300 klystrons, plus careful attention to operating conditions and periodic analysis of operational data, has substantially reduced the failure rate. It is anticipated that implementation of planned supplemental monitoring systems for the klystrons will allow most catastrophic failures to be avoided. By predicting end of life, tubes can be changed out before they fail, thus minimizing unplanned downtime. Initial tests have also been conducted on this same klystron operated at higher voltages with resultant higher output power. The outcome of these tests will provide information to be considered for future upgrades to the accelerator.

  9. Operational reliability evaluation of restructured power systems with wind power penetration utilizing reliability network equivalent and time-sequential simulation approaches

    Ding, Yi; Cheng, Lin; Zhang, Yonghong


    and reserve provides, fast reserve providers and transmission network in restructured power systems. A contingency management schema for real time operation considering its coupling with the day-ahead market is proposed. The time-sequential Monte Carlo simulation is used to model the chronological...... with high wind power penetration. The proposed technique is based on the combination of the reliability network equivalent and time-sequential simulation approaches. The operational reliability network equivalents are developed to represent reliability models of wind farms, conventional generation...... characteristics of corresponding reliability network equivalents. A simplified method is also developed in the simulation procedures for improving the computational efficiency. The proposed technique can be used to evaluate customers’ reliabilities considering high penetration of wind power during the power...

  10. A Short-Circuit Safe Operation Area Identification Criterion for SiC MOSFET Power Modules

    Reigosa, Paula Diaz; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Luo, Haoze


    to the experimental results, two different failure mechanisms have been identified, both reducing the short-circuit capability of SiC power modules with respect to discrete SiC devices. Based on such failure mechanisms, two short-circuit safety criteria have been formulated: 1) the short...

  11. Multisensor readout circuit using a multiple differential-input operation amplifier with pulse output

    Wang, Ruey-Lue; Fu, Chien-Cheng; Yu, Chi; Wu, Wei-De; Chuang, Yan-Tse; Lin, Chen-Fu; Liao, Hsin-Hao; Tsai, Hann-Huei; Juang, Ying-Zong


    In this paper, a CMOS multisensor readout circuit is presented. A multiple differential-input operational amplifier (MDI-OPA) with three distinct positive inputs and one common negative input is designed to make one of the three inputs to act as a general differential-input OPA through a built-in multiplexer. A voltage-to-current converter and a current-controlled oscillator are integrated with the MDI-OPA so that the selected analog input voltage can be used to generate a pulse output whose frequency is linearly proportional to the selected input voltage. The linearity of the transfer characteristic is at least 99.99% for input voltages below 1.44 V. An added current-offset structure is used to modify the transfer characteristic that usually varies owing to process variation. The measured output transfer characteristics of three input channels show nearly the same sensitivity of 90 Hz/mV or so with a linearity of at least 99.99% with the assistance of the current-offset mechanism.

  12. Uncertainty quantification and reliability assessment in operational oil spill forecast modeling system.

    Hou, Xianlong; Hodges, Ben R; Feng, Dongyu; Liu, Qixiao


    As oil transport increasing in the Texas bays, greater risks of ship collisions will become a challenge, yielding oil spill accidents as a consequence. To minimize the ecological damage and optimize rapid response, emergency managers need to be informed with how fast and where oil will spread as soon as possible after a spill. The state-of-the-art operational oil spill forecast modeling system improves the oil spill response into a new stage. However uncertainty due to predicted data inputs often elicits compromise on the reliability of the forecast result, leading to misdirection in contingency planning. Thus understanding the forecast uncertainty and reliability become significant. In this paper, Monte Carlo simulation is implemented to provide parameters to generate forecast probability maps. The oil spill forecast uncertainty is thus quantified by comparing the forecast probability map and the associated hindcast simulation. A HyosPy-based simple statistic model is developed to assess the reliability of an oil spill forecast in term of belief degree. The technologies developed in this study create a prototype for uncertainty and reliability analysis in numerical oil spill forecast modeling system, providing emergency managers to improve the capability of real time operational oil spill response and impact assessment. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Reliability Indices Utlization in Combined Heat and Power ( CHP Optimal Operation

    Hamed Hosseinnia


    Full Text Available The reason for using cogeneration more that heat and power separately is that, it is more efficient. In this paper the goal is finding the optimized CHP system utility size and thermal storage considering reliability limits of boiler and grid connected bus. Loss of Load Expectation (LOLE and Expected energy not supplied (EENS are considered as two reliability indices to insure the security of operation. Non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation method is introduced to the reliability assessment of CHP, and a normal distribution electrical load model is built to simulate the hourly electrical load. CHP model combined with a two-state reliability model is applied to Monte Carlo simulation method, and results show that the CHP reliability model works well with non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation. Non-Sequential Monte Carlo method is used to generate scenarios. Also in order to reduce computation time and due to the large number of scenarios, a scenario reduction technique is used. GAMS software is used for optimization process.

  14. Wind turbine reliability :understanding and minimizing wind turbine operation and maintenance costs.

    Walford, Christopher A. (Global Energy Concepts. Kirkland, WA)


    Wind turbine system reliability is a critical factor in the success of a wind energy project. Poor reliability directly affects both the project's revenue stream through increased operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and reduced availability to generate power due to turbine downtime. Indirectly, the acceptance of wind-generated power by the financial and developer communities as a viable enterprise is influenced by the risk associated with the capital equipment reliability; increased risk, or at least the perception of increased risk, is generally accompanied by increased financing fees or interest rates. This paper outlines the issues relevant to wind turbine reliability for wind turbine power generation projects. The first sections describe the current state of the industry, identify the cost elements associated with wind farm O&M and availability and discuss the causes of uncertainty in estimating wind turbine component reliability. The latter sections discuss the means for reducing O&M costs and propose O&M related research and development efforts that could be pursued by the wind energy research community to reduce cost of energy.

  15. 76 FR 66328 - Callaway Golf Ball Operations, Inc., Including On-Site Leased Workers From Reliable Temp Services...


    ... From Reliable Temp Services, Inc., Johnson & Hill Staffing and Apollo Security, Chicopee, MA; Amended... from Reliable Temp Services, Inc., and Johnson and Hill Staffing, Chicopee, Massachusetts. The workers... Operations, Inc., including on-site leased workers from Reliable Temp Services, Inc., Johnson & Hill Staffing...

  16. Studies on the reliability of high-field intra-operative MRI in brain glioma resection

    Zhi-jun SONG


    Full Text Available Objective To evaluate the reliability of high-field intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging(iMRI in detecting the residual tumors during glioma resection.Method One hundred and thirty-one cases of brain glioma(69 males and 62 females,aged from 7 to 79 years with mean of 39.6 years hospitalized from Nov.2009 to Aug.2010 were involved in present study.All the patients were evaluated using magnetic resonance imaging(MRI before the operation.The tumors were resected under conventional navigation microscope,and the high-field iMRI was used for all the patients when the operators considered the tumor was satisfactorily resected,while the residual tumor was difficult to detect under the microscope,but resected after being revealed by high-field iMRI.Histopathological examination was performed.The patients without residual tumors recieved high-field MRI scan at day 4 or 5 after operation to evaluate the accuracy of high-field iMRI during operation.Results High quality intra-operative images were obtained by using high-field iMRI.Twenty-eight cases were excluded because their residual tumors were not resected due to their location too close to functional area.Combined with the results of intra-operative histopathological examination and post-operative MRI at the early recovery stage,the sensitivity of high-field iMRI in residual tumor diagnosis was 98.0%(49/50,the specificity was 94.3%(50/53,and the accuracy was 96.1%(99/103.Conclusion High-quality intra-operative imaging could be acquired by high-field iMRI,which maybe used as a safe and reliable method in detecting the residual tumors during glioma resection.

  17. Solution to the problem of improving reliable operation of the compressor equipment

    Kamaleyev, Z.M.


    Questions are examined of improving the efficiency of using compressor equipment: decrease in material and labor outlays for its maintenance, improvement in the quality of repair, increase in the interrepair periods. Organizational forms and technical devices are examined on whose basis in the association ''Sibneftegazpererabotka'' a system is improved for preventive maintenance and improvement in reliability and durability of the compressor operation.

  18. Highly Reliable Operation of Red Laser Diodes for POF Data Links

    Ohgoh, Tsuyoshi; Mukai, Atsushi; Mukaiyama, Akihiro; Asano, Hideki; Hayakawa, Toshiro

    Laser diodes for plastic optical fiber (POF) data links are required stable operation >100,000h at 60°C, 5mW and the transmission speed beyond 1Gbps. By optimizing crystal growth conditions and device structures, we have successfully fabricated highly reliable laser diodes with 1.25 Gbps transmission speed. The median lifetime for 5mW operation at 60°C was estimated to be more than 800,000h. These results indicate that 660 nm band laser diodes are very promising light sources for POF data links.

  19. Note: Design and construction of a simple and reliable printed circuit board-substrate Bradbury-Nielsen gate for ion mobility spectrometry

    Du, Yongzhai; Cang, Huaiwen; Wang, Weiguo; Han, Fenglei; Chen, Chuang; Li, Lin; Hou, Keyong; Li, Haiyang


    A less laborious, structure-simple, and performance-reliable printed circuit board (PCB) based Bradbury-Nielsen gate for high-resolution ion mobility spectrometry was introduced and investigated. The gate substrate was manufactured using a PCB etching process with small holes (Φ 0.1 mm) drilled along the gold-plated copper lines. Two interdigitated sets of rigid stainless steel spring wire (Φ 0.1 mm) that stands high temperature and guarantees performance stability were threaded through the holes. Our homebuilt ion mobility spectrometer mounted with the gate gave results of about 40 for resolution while keeping a signal intensity of over 0.5 nano-amperes.

  20. Note: Design and construction of a simple and reliable printed circuit board-substrate Bradbury-Nielsen gate for ion mobility spectrometry.

    Du, Yongzhai; Cang, Huaiwen; Wang, Weiguo; Han, Fenglei; Chen, Chuang; Li, Lin; Hou, Keyong; Li, Haiyang


    A less laborious, structure-simple, and performance-reliable printed circuit board (PCB) based Bradbury-Nielsen gate for high-resolution ion mobility spectrometry was introduced and investigated. The gate substrate was manufactured using a PCB etching process with small holes (Φ 0.1 mm) drilled along the gold-plated copper lines. Two interdigitated sets of rigid stainless steel spring wire (Φ 0.1 mm) that stands high temperature and guarantees performance stability were threaded through the holes. Our homebuilt ion mobility spectrometer mounted with the gate gave results of about 40 for resolution while keeping a signal intensity of over 0.5 nano-amperes.

  1. Improving Reliability of Service Operation Using FMEA Review and New Opportunity for Investigations

    Sutrisno, Agung; Gunawan, Indra


    Despite its growing contribution to the global economy, investigation on the application status of service FMEA study to support realization of reliable service operation is very limited in literature. Motivated by such situation, the paper presented an initial survey on the status and research gaps in developing and applying FMEA in service sectors. Systematic preliminary survey using specific criteria are undertaken. Our study indicated that development and application of service FMEA are partially addressing the characteristics of service operations and it is still applied into the good deed and profit oriented operations. Opportunities for further investigation pertaining to advancement of its decision supporting tool for service risk appraisal, its modification to cope with sustainability related requirements and application of service FMEA in not for profit oriented operations are presented as new avenues for further investigation

  2. Digital Operation of Microelectronic Circuits Analogous to Protein Hydrogen Bonding Networks

    Elitsa Gieva


    Full Text Available Two hydrogen bonding networks with water molecules and branching residues extracted from β-lactamase protein are investigated and their proton transfer characteristics are studied by creating analogous electrical circuits consisting of block-elements. The block-elements and their proton transfer are described by polynomials that are coded in Matlab and in Verilog-A for use in the Spectre simulator of Cadence IC design system. DC and digital pulse analyses are performed to demonstrate that some circuit outputs behave as repeaters while other - behave as inverters. The results also showed that the HBN circuits might behave as a D-latch and a demultiplexer.

  3. Reliability and risk analysis and evaluation of a port oil pipeline transportation system in variable operation conditions

    Soszynska, Joanna [Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia (Poland)


    In the paper the semi-Markov model is applied to describe the port oil pipeline transportation system operation processes and its selected parameters are determined. Multi-state systems are considered and their reliability and risk are found. Next, the joint model of the systems' operation process and the systems' multi-state reliability is applied to the reliability and risk evaluation of the port oil pipeline transportation system. (author)

  4. Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Software-Defined Network Operations Scheme for Remote 3D Printing

    Kim, Dongkyun; Gil, Joon-Min


    The recent wide expansion of applicable three-dimensional (3D) printing and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies has led to a great deal of attention being focused on efficient remote control of manufacturing processes. SDN is a renowned paradigm for network softwarization, which has helped facilitate remote manufacturing in association with high network performance, since SDN is designed to control network paths and traffic flows, guaranteeing improved quality of services by obtaining network requests from end-applications on demand through the separated SDN controller or control plane. However, current SDN approaches are generally focused on the controls and automation of the networks, which indicates that there is a lack of management plane development designed for a reliable and fault-tolerant SDN environment. Therefore, in addition to the inherent advantage of SDN, this paper proposes a new software-defined network operations center (SD-NOC) architecture to strengthen the reliability and fault-tolerance of SDN in terms of network operations and management in particular. The cooperation and orchestration between SDN and SD-NOC are also introduced for the SDN failover processes based on four principal SDN breakdown scenarios derived from the failures of the controller, SDN nodes, and connected links. The abovementioned SDN troubles significantly reduce the network reachability to remote devices (e.g., 3D printers, super high-definition cameras, etc.) and the reliability of relevant control processes. Our performance consideration and analysis results show that the proposed scheme can shrink operations and management overheads of SDN, which leads to the enhancement of responsiveness and reliability of SDN for remote 3D printing and control processes.

  5. Low-power operation using self-timed circuits and adaptive scaling of the supply voltage

    Nielsen, Lars Skovby; Niessen, C.; Sparsø, Jens


    Recent research has demonstrated that for certain types of applications like sampled audio systems, self-timed circuits can achieve very low power consumption, because unused circuit parts automatically turn into a stand-by mode. Additional savings may be obtained by combining the self...... of voltage scaling has been used previously in synchronous circuits, and the contributions of the present paper are: 1) the combination of supply scaling and self-timed circuitry which has some unique advantages, and 2) the thorough analysis of the power savings that are possible using this technique.>......-timed circuits with a mechanism that adaptively adjusts the supply voltage to the smallest possible, while maintaining the performance requirements. This paper describes such a mechanism, analyzes the possible power savings, and presents a demonstrator chip that has been fabricated and tested. The idea...

  6. 一种高可靠点火执行级电路的设计%Design of high-reliability ignition execution circuit



    火工品点火技术是一种对安全性和可靠性要求极高的技术,一般是一个系统中最关键的执行环节,如果出现问题,轻则导致系统试验失败,重则导致人员伤亡.为了可靠的实现火工品的点火,提出了一种高可靠点火执行级电路的设计方案,通过对点火准备指令、点火指令等信号的可靠接收和滤波,基于点火准备指令的两级延时保护,点火的执行部分多重安全保护等方法,安全准确地实现了对火工品的点火控制,并在某型空空导弹点火装置中得到应用,取得了良好的效果.%The ignition technology of initiators is the one that requires high safety and reliability. It is a critical excutive link for systems. If problem occurs, it will lead to failure of system test, even the personnel injury and death. In order to realize the ignition of initiating devices reliably, a design scheme of high-reliability ignition execution circuit is proposed. By reliably receiving and filtering of instruction signals, like ignition preparation, ignition and so on, the circuit realizes precise ignition control of initiating devices based on a two-stage delay protection of the ignition preparation instruction and multi-protection methods of ignition execution section. It has been applied to some air-to-air missile ignition devices, and achieved good results.

  7. Online tuning of impedance matching circuit for long pulse inductively coupled plasma source operation--an alternate approach.

    Sudhir, Dass; Bandyopadhyay, M; Kraus, W; Gahlaut, A; Bansal, G; Chakraborty, A


    Impedance matching circuit between radio frequency (RF) generator and the plasma load, placed between them, determines the RF power transfer from RF generator to the plasma load. The impedance of plasma load depends on the plasma parameters through skin depth and plasma conductivity or resistivity. Therefore, for long pulse operation of inductively coupled plasmas, particularly for high power (∼100 kW or more) where plasma load condition may vary due to different reasons (e.g., pressure, power, and thermal), online tuning of impedance matching circuit is necessary through feedback. In fusion grade ion source operation, such online methodology through feedback is not present but offline remote tuning by adjusting the matching circuit capacitors and tuning the driving frequency of the RF generator between the ion source operation pulses is envisaged. The present model is an approach for remote impedance tuning methodology for long pulse operation and corresponding online impedance matching algorithm based on RF coil antenna current measurement or coil antenna calorimetric measurement may be useful in this regard.

  8. 基于Pareto支配的MPRM电路面积与可靠性优化%Pareto Do minance Based Area and Reliability Opti mization of MPRM Circuits

    卜登立; 江建慧


    针对MPRM(Mixed-Polarity Reed-Muller)电路的面积与可靠性折中优化问题,在逻辑级建立面积估算模型以及电路SER(Soft Error Rate)解析评价模型,并采用Pareto支配概念对MPRM电路进行面积与可靠性多目标优化.通过对MPRM电路的XOR部分进行树形异或门分解,并考虑多个输出之间异或门的共享,建立面积估算模型.采用信号概率和故障传播方法,并考虑电路中的逻辑屏蔽因素以及信号相关性,建立电路SER解析评价模型.根据所提出的面积和SER评价模型,采用极性向量的格雷码序穷举搜索MPRM的极性空间得到MPRM电路面积与可靠性的Pa-reto最优解集,并使用效率因子技术指标选取最终解.MCNC基准电路的实验结果表明,与面积最小MPRM电路相比,所选取的MPRM电路可以在较小面积开销的前提下获得较高电路可靠性.%Area and SER (Soft Error Rate)evaluation models at logic level are proposed for area and reliability opti-mization of MPRM (Mixed-Polarity Reed-Muller)circuits,the trade-off between area and reliability is achieved by using Pareto dominance based multiobjective optimization.The area is computed by decomposing the XOR part of MPRM circuit as trees of XOR gates and counting in XOR gate sharing among multiple outputs.The SER is computed by using signal probability and fault propagation techniques,and taking into account the logic masking effects and correlations among signals in the circuit network.Based on the proposed area and SER evaluation models,the Pareto optimal set for area and SER of MPRM circuit is obtained by using polarity optimization method with Gray code based exhaustive search strategy,the final solution is selected by using a metric called efficiency factor.Experimental results by using a set of benchmark circuits from MCNC show that,in comparison with the MPRM circuits with minimized area,the selected MPRM circuits have improved reliability

  9. Biofouling evaluation in the seawater cooling circuit of an operating coastal power plant

    Murthy, P.S.; Veeramani, P.; Ershath, M.I.M.; Venugopalan, V.P. [BARC Facilities, Water and Steam Chemistry Div., Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu (India)


    Chlorination is the most commonly used method of biofouling control in cooling water systems of coastal power stations. In the present study, we report results of extensive sampling in different sections of the cooling water system of an operating power station undertaken during three consecutive maintenance shutdowns. The power plant employed continuous low level chlorination (0.2 ± 0.1 mg L{sup -1} TRO) with twice-a-week booster dosing (0.4 ± 0.1 mg L-1 TRO for 8 hours). In addition, the process seawater heat exchangers received supplementary dosing of bromide treatment (0.2 ± 0.1 mg L{sup -1} TRO for 1 hour in every 8 h shift). Biofouling samples were collected from the cooling water conduits, heat exchanger water boxes, pipelines, heated discharge conduits and outfall section during the annual maintenance shutdown of the plant in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. Simultaneous monitoring of biofouling on test coupons in coastal waters enabled direct comparison of fouling situation on test panels and that in the cooling system. The data showed significant reduction in biofouling inside the cooling circuit as compared to the coastal waters. However, significant amount of fouling was still evident at several places, indicating inadequacy of the biocide treatment regime. The maximum load of 31.3 kg m{sup 2} y{sup -1} was observed in the conduits leading to the process seawater heat exchangers (PSW-HX) and the minimum of 1.3 kg m{sup 2} y{sup -1} was observed in the outfall section. Fouling loads of 12.2 - 14.7 kg m{sup 2} y{sup -1} were observed in the concrete conduits feeding the main condensers. Bromide treatment ahead of the PSW-HX could marginally reduce the fouling load in the downstream section of the dosing point; the HX inlets still showed good biofouling. Species diversity across the cooling water system showed the pre-condenser section to be dominated by green mussels (Perna viridis), pearl oysters (Pinctada sp.) and edible oysters (Crassostrea sp

  10. Multidisciplinary Modelling Tools for Power Electronic Circuits

    Bahman, Amir Sajjad

    This thesis presents multidisciplinary modelling techniques in a Design For Reliability (DFR) approach for power electronic circuits. With increasing penetration of renewable energy systems, the demand for reliable power conversion systems is becoming critical. Since a large part of electricity...... in reliability assessment of power modules, a three-dimensional lumped thermal network is proposed to be used for fast, accurate and detailed temperature estimation of power module in dynamic operation and different boundary conditions. Since an important issue in the reliability of power electronics...... are generic and valid to be used in circuit simulators or any programing software. These models are important building blocks for the reliable design process or performance assessment of power electronic circuits. The models can save time and cost in power electronics packaging and power converter to evaluate...

  11. Reliability, risk and availability analysis and evaluation of a port oil pipeline transportation system in constant operation conditions

    Kolowrocki, Krzysztof [Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia (Poland)


    In the paper the multi-state approach to the analysis and evaluation of systems' reliability, risk and availability is practically applied. Theoretical definitions and results are illustrated by the example of their application in the reliability, risk and availability evaluation of an oil pipeline transportation system. The pipeline transportation system is considered in the constant in time operation conditions. The system reliability structure and its components reliability functions are not changing in constant operation conditions. The system reliability structure is fixed with a high accuracy. Whereas, the input reliability characteristics of the pipeline components are not sufficiently exact because of the lack of statistical data necessary for their estimation. The results may be considered as an illustration of the proposed methods possibilities of applications in pipeline systems reliability analysis. (author)


    Gennadii Zaionchkovskyi


    Full Text Available This article considers the main ways of improving the reliability and durability of small-size electromagnetic valves. Major changes in the technical state of the valve components under dynamic operating loads were revealed using the results of resource tests of two-position valves with polarized electromagnetic actuator. Aneffective way for reducing the dynamic loads has proved to be the introduction of the damping element into the kinematic scheme of the electromagnetic valve actuator. Damping elements efficiency in reducing dynamic loads has been confirmed experimentally.

  13. A 35fJ/Step differential successive approximation capacitive sensor readout circuit with quasi-dynamic operation

    Omran, Hesham


    We propose a successive-approximation capacitive sensor readout circuit that achieves 35fJ/Step energy efficiency FoM, which represents 4× improvement over the state-of-the-art. A fully differential architecture is employed to provide robustness against common mode noise and errors. An inverter-based amplifier with near-threshold biasing provides robust, fast, and energy-efficient operation. Quasi-dynamic operation is used to maintain the energy efficiency for a scalable sample rate. A hybrid coarse-fine capacitive DAC achieves 11.7bit effective resolution in a compact area. © 2016 IEEE.

  14. Turbine Reliability and Operability Optimization through the use of Direct Detection Lidar Final Technical Report

    Johnson, David K; Lewis, Matthew J; Pavlich, Jane C; Wright, Alan D; Johnson, Kathryn E; Pace, Andrew M


    The goal of this Department of Energy (DOE) project is to increase wind turbine efficiency and reliability with the use of a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system. The LIDAR provides wind speed and direction data that can be used to help mitigate the fatigue stress on the turbine blades and internal components caused by wind gusts, sub-optimal pointing and reactionary speed or RPM changes. This effort will have a significant impact on the operation and maintenance costs of turbines across the industry. During the course of the project, Michigan Aerospace Corporation (MAC) modified and tested a prototype direct detection wind LIDAR instrument; the resulting LIDAR design considered all aspects of wind turbine LIDAR operation from mounting, assembly, and environmental operating conditions to laser safety. Additionally, in co-operation with our partners, the National Renewable Energy Lab and the Colorado School of Mines, progress was made in LIDAR performance modeling as well as LIDAR feed forward control system modeling and simulation. The results of this investigation showed that using LIDAR measurements to change between baseline and extreme event controllers in a switching architecture can reduce damage equivalent loads on blades and tower, and produce higher mean power output due to fewer overspeed events. This DOE project has led to continued venture capital investment and engagement with leading turbine OEMs, wind farm developers, and wind farm owner/operators.

  15. Investigation of the impact of main control room digitalization on operators cognitive reliability in nuclear power plants.

    Zhou, Yong; Mu, Haiying; Jiang, Jianjun; Zhang, Li


    Currently, there is a trend in nuclear power plants (NPPs) toward introducing digital and computer technologies into main control rooms (MCRs). Safe generation of electric power in NPPs requires reliable performance of cognitive tasks such as fault detection, diagnosis, and response planning. The digitalization of MCRs has dramatically changed the whole operating environment, and the ways operators interact with the plant systems. If the design and implementation of the digital technology is incompatible with operators' cognitive characteristics, it may have negative effects on operators' cognitive reliability. Firstly, on the basis of three essential prerequisites for successful cognitive tasks, a causal model is constructed to reveal the typical human performance issues arising from digitalization. The cognitive mechanisms which they impact cognitive reliability are analyzed in detail. Then, Bayesian inference is used to quantify and prioritize the influences of these factors. It suggests that interface management and unbalanced workload distribution have more significant impacts on operators' cognitive reliability.

  16. Passive acoustic detection of closed-circuit underwater breathing apparatus in an operational port environment

    Fillinger, L.; Hunter, A.J.; Zampolli, M.; Clarijs, M.C.


    Divers constitute a potential threat to waterside infrastructures. Active diver detection sonars are available commercially but present some shortcomings, particularly in highly reverberant environments. This has led to research on passive sonar for diver detection. Passive detection of open-circuit

  17. Rank Reliability Assessment of the Technical Object at Early Design Stage with Limited Operational Data--A Case Study

    Marek Mlynczak; Tomasz Nowakowski


    Construction conception of an object requires multi-criterion analysis. In such a case, reliability analysis gives rough information on availability and fulfillment of main functions. In the paper, the analysis of drive system in river barge pusher is presented. It consists of Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) analysis of various composition of the system and Markov analysis based on prior estimated operational data.

  18. 75 FR 81157 - Version One Regional Reliability Standard for Transmission Operations


    ... Henery (Technical Information), Office of Electric Reliability, Division of Policy Analysis and...- 8636. Danny Johnson (Technical Information), Office of Electric Reliability, Division of Reliability... by a physical difference in the Bulk-Power System. When the ERO reviews a regional...

  19. 基于故障物理的电路板可靠性分析%Reliability Analysis of Circuit Board Based on Physics of Failure

    王文; 范源远; 王成刚; 胡建明; 黄胜利


    在装备生命周期的各阶段,其承受的环境载荷都可能对装备造成累积损伤,进而引发故障。从装备设计特性和寿命期环境应力分布及其相互作用角度来分析装备的故障更符合其未来实际使用情况。介绍了电路板常用的故障物理模型,阐述了基于故障物理的电路板可靠性分析流程,明确了潜在故障仿真思路,为装备早期可靠性设计、测试性设计与评价提供了方法依据。%At every stage of life cycle, environmental loads may cause cumulative damage to the equipment, and then caus-ing fault. It is in accord with the actual usage in the future for equipment to analyze its faults from the angle of the design feature of equipments, longevity environment stress distribution and the interaction between them. The common fault physi-cal models of circuit boards were presented, and the circuit reliability analysis process based on physics-of-failure (PoF) was expounded. The simulation method of potential fault was expatiated. A feasible method was provided for the early eval-uation and design for reliability and testability of equipment.

  20. Circuit model optimization of a nano split ring resonator dimer antenna operating in infrared spectral range

    Gneiding, N., E-mail: [Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, 91052 Erlangen (Germany); Zhuromskyy, O.; Peschel, U. [Institute of Optics, Information and Photonics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, 91058 Erlangen (Germany); Shamonina, E. [Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Parks Road, OX1 3PJ Oxford (United Kingdom)


    Metamaterials are comprised of metallic structures with a strong response to incident electromagnetic radiation, like, for example, split ring resonators. The interaction of resonator ensembles with electromagnetic waves can be simulated with finite difference or finite elements algorithms, however, above a certain ensemble size simulations become inadmissibly time or memory consuming. Alternatively a circuit description of metamaterials, a well developed modelling tool at radio and microwave frequencies, allows to significantly increase the simulated ensemble size. This approach can be extended to the IR spectral range with an appropriate set of circuit element parameters accounting for physical effects such as electron inertia and finite conductivity. The model is verified by comparing the coupling coefficients with the ones obtained from the full wave numerical simulations, and used to optimize the nano-antenna design with improved radiation characteristics.

  1. Construction and Operation of Three-Dimensional Memory and Logic Molecular Devices and Circuits


    decrease in measured current. “Traditional” NDR devices such as resonant tunnel diodes (RTD) or Gunn diodes , are commonly made of III-V...and memory devices in the form of resonant tunnel diodes (RTDs) used in the pre- CMOS era to construct digital circuits but with prohibitive fabrication...alternative material systems. Indeed, organic electronic devices such as field effect transistors, diodes , rectifiers and nanowires have been recently

  2. Virtualization of Legacy Instrumentation Control Computers for Improved Reliability, Operational Life, and Management.

    Katz, Jonathan E


    Laboratories tend to be amenable environments for long-term reliable operation of scientific measurement equipment. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find equipment 5, 10, or even 20+ years old still being routinely used in labs. Unfortunately, the Achilles heel for many of these devices is the control/data acquisition computer. Often these computers run older operating systems (e.g., Windows XP) and, while they might only use standard network, USB or serial ports, they require proprietary software to be installed. Even if the original installation disks can be found, it is a burdensome process to reinstall and is fraught with "gotchas" that can derail the process-lost license keys, incompatible hardware, forgotten configuration settings, etc. If you have running legacy instrumentation, the computer is the ticking time bomb waiting to put a halt to your operation.In this chapter, I describe how to virtualize your currently running control computer. This virtualized computer "image" is easy to maintain, easy to back up and easy to redeploy. I have used this multiple times in my own lab to greatly improve the robustness of my legacy devices.After completing the steps in this chapter, you will have your original control computer as well as a virtual instance of that computer with all the software installed ready to control your hardware should your original computer ever be decommissioned.

  3. Improving the Transmission System Reliability for the 154kV Radial Network Operation

    Choo, Jin Boo; Yoo, Myeong Ho; Yoon, Young Beum; Kim, Tae Won [Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Gi Won; Chung, Beom Jin; Jung, Jung Won; Park, Kyu Hyun; Lee, Myung Hee; Kim, Hyun Jong; Kim, Chae Hee [KEYIN CO., (Korea, Republic of)


    Analyzing that 154kV radial network current ed operated, we developed Automatic Power Reconfiguration System(APRS) which restore blackout area. It consists of special data acquisition system(DAU) and central monitoring system for reason of protecting currently operating power system. In addition, it communicates using optical communication network for high speed data transmission and accuracy. An Accuracy of operation and stability of the developed system is tested using Real Time Digital Simulator in 3-bus equivalent model system. In An Outage case, our developed system can restore a blackout area in three second. An ability of the restoration of a blackout was verified by simulations. For the field test, the developed system was set up at SINCHON S/S, SESOMUN S/S, SINDANG S/S and MAJANG S/S governed by Seoul Power Transmission Center. If the system reliability is proved for a one year test in real power system, application of the system will be extended to the other substations.

  4. Crosstalk-free operation of multi-element SSPD array integrated with SFQ circuit in a 0.1 Watt GM cryocooler

    Yamashita, Taro; Terai, Hirotaka; Makise, Kazumasa; Wang, Zhen


    We demonstrate the successful operation of a multi-element superconducting nanowire single-photon detector (SSPD) array integrated with a single-flux-quantum (SFQ) readout circuit in a compact 0.1 W Gifford-McMahon cryocooler. A time-resolved readout technique, where output signals from each element enter the SFQ readout circuit with finite time intervals, revealed crosstalk-free operation of the four-element SSPD array connected with the SFQ readout circuit. The timing jitter and the system detection efficiency were measured to be 50 ps and 11.4%, respectively, which were comparable to the performance of practical single-pixel SSPD systems.

  5. Reliability issues for a bolometer detector for ITER at high operating temperatures.

    Meister, H; Kannamüller, M; Koll, J; Pathak, A; Penzel, F; Trautmann, T; Detemple, P; Schmitt, S; Langer, H


    The first detector prototypes for the ITER bolometer diagnostic featuring a 12.5 μm thick Pt-absorber have been realized and characterized in laboratory tests. The results show linear dependencies of the calibration parameters and are in line with measurements of prototypes with thinner absorbers. However, thermal cycling tests up to 450 °C of the prototypes with thick absorbers demonstrated that their reliability at these elevated operating temperatures is not yet sufficient. Profilometer measurements showed a deflection of the membrane hinting to stresses due to the deposition processes of the absorber. Finite element analysis (FEA) managed to reproduce the deflection and identified the highest stresses in the membrane in the region around the corners of the absorber. FEA was further used to identify changes in the geometry of the absorber with a positive impact on the intrinsic stresses of the membrane. However, further improvements are still necessary.

  6. Effect of system workload on operating system reliability - A study on IBM 3081

    Iyer, R. K.; Rossetti, D. J.


    This paper presents an analysis of operating system failures on an IBM 3081 running VM/SP. Three broad categories of software failures are found: error handling, program control or logic, and hardware related; it is found that more than 25 percent of software failures occur in the hardware/software interface. Measurements show that results on software reliability cannot be considered representative unless the system workload is taken into account. The overall CPU execution rate, although measured to be close to 100 percent most of the time, is not found to correlate strongly with the occurrence of failures. Possible reasons for the observed workload failure dependency, based on detailed investigations of the failure data, are discussed.

  7. Effect of system workload on operating system reliability - A study on IBM 3081

    Iyer, R. K.; Rossetti, D. J.


    This paper presents an analysis of operating system failures on an IBM 3081 running VM/SP. Three broad categories of software failures are found: error handling, program control or logic, and hardware related; it is found that more than 25 percent of software failures occur in the hardware/software interface. Measurements show that results on software reliability cannot be considered representative unless the system workload is taken into account. The overall CPU execution rate, although measured to be close to 100 percent most of the time, is not found to correlate strongly with the occurrence of failures. Possible reasons for the observed workload failure dependency, based on detailed investigations of the failure data, are discussed.

  8. Reliability analysis for determining performance of barrage based on gates operation

    Adiningrum, C.; Hadihardaja, I. K.


    Some rivers located on a flat slope topography such as Cilemahabang river and Ciherang river in Cilemahabang watershed, Bekasi regency, West Java are susceptible to flooding. The inundation mostly happens near a barrage in the middle and downstream of the Cilemahabang watershed, namely the Cilemahabang and Caringin barrages. Barrages or gated weirs are difficult to exploit since the gate must be kept and operated properly under any circumstances. Therefore, a reliability analysis of the gates operation is necessary to determine the performance of the barrage with respect to the number of gates opened and the gates opening heights. The First Order Second Moment (FOSM) method was used to determine the performance by the reliability index (β) and the probability of failure (risk). It was found that for Cilemahabang Barrage, the number of gates opened with load (L) represents the peak discharge derived from various rainfall (P) respectively one gate with opening height (h=1m) for Preal, two gates (h=1m and h=1,5m) for P50, and three gates (each gate with h=2,5m) for P100. For Caringin Barrage, the results are minimum three gates opened (each gate with h=2,5 m) for Preal, five gates opened (each gate with h=2,5m) for P50, and six gates opened (each gate with h=2,5m) for P100. It can be concluded that a greater load (L) needs greater resistance (R) to counterbalance. Resistance can be added by increasing the number of gates opened and the gate opening height. A higher number of gates opened will lead to the decrease of water level in the upstream of barrage and less risk of overflow.

  9. Reliability-Based Planning of Inspection, Operation and Maintenance for Offshore Oil & Gas Structures and Wind Turbines

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard


    Reliability-based cost-optimal planning of inspection, maintenance and operation has many applications. In this paper applications for planning of inspections for oil & gas jacket structures and of operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines are described and illustrated by examples....

  10. Field Operations Program Chevrolet S-10 (Lead-Acid) Accelerated Reliability Testing - Final Report

    J. Francfort (INEEL); J. Argueta; M. Wehrey (Southern California Edison); D. Karner; L. Tyree (Electric Transportation Applications)


    This report summarizes the Accelerated Reliability testing of five lead-acid battery-equipped Chevrolet S-10 electric vehicles by the US Department of Energy's Field Operations Program and the Program's testing partners, Electric Transportation Applications (ETA) and Southern California Edison (SCE). ETA and SCE operated the S-10s with the goal of placing 25,000 miles on each vehicle within 1 year, providing an accelerated life-cycle analysis. The testing was performed according to established and published test procedures. The S-10s' average ranges were highest during summer months; changes in ambient temperature from night to day and from season-to-season impacted range by as much as 10 miles. Drivers also noted that excessive use of power during acceleration also had a dramatic effect on vehicle range. The spirited performance of the S-10s created a great temptation to inexperienced electric vehicle drivers to ''have a good time'' and to fully utilize the S-10's acceleration capability. The price of injudicious use of power is greatly reduced range and a long-term reduction in battery life. The range using full-power accelerations followed by rapid deceleration in city driving has been 20 miles or less.

  11. Renewable Resource Integration Project - Scoping Study of Strategic Transmission, Operations, and Reliability Issues

    Eto, Joseph; Budhraja, Vikram; Ballance, John; Dyer, Jim; Mobasheri, Fred; Eto, Joseph


    California is on a path to increase utilization of renewable resources. California will need to integrate approximately 30,000 megawatts (MW) of new renewable generation in the next 20 years. Renewable resources are typically located in remote locations, not near the load centers. Nearly two/thirds or 20,000 MW of new renewable resources needed are likely to be delivered to Los Angeles Basin transmission gateways. Integration of renewable resources requires interconnection to the power grid, expansion of the transmission system capability between the backbone power grid and transmission gateways, and increase in delivery capacity from transmission gateways to the local load centers. To scope the transmission, operations, and reliability issues for renewables integration, this research focused on the Los Angeles Basin Area transmission gateways where most of new renewables are likely. Necessary actions for successful renewables integration include: (1) Expand Los Angeles Basin Area transmission gateway and nomogram limits by 10,000 to 20,000 MW; (2) Upgrade local transmission network for deliverability to load centers; (3) Secure additional storage, demand management, automatic load control, dynamic pricing, and other resources that meet regulation and ramping needed in real time operations; (4) Enhance local voltage support; and (5) Expand deliverability from Los Angeles to San Diego and Northern California.

  12. Use of Frequency Response Metrics to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation

    Eto, Joseph H.; Undrill, John; Mackin, Peter; Daschmans, Ron; Williams, Ben; Haney, Brian; Hunt, Randall; Ellis, Jeff; Illian, Howard; Martinez, Carlos; O' Malley, Mark; Coughlin, Katie; LaCommare, Kristina Hamachi


    An interconnected electric power system is a complex system that must be operated within a safe frequency range in order to reliably maintain the instantaneous balance between generation and load. This is accomplished by ensuring that adequate resources are available to respond to expected and unexpected imbalances and restoring frequency to its scheduled value in order to ensure uninterrupted electric service to customers. Electrical systems must be flexible enough to reliably operate under a variety of"change" scenarios. System planners and operators must understand how other parts of the system change in response to the initial change, and need tools to manage such changes to ensure reliable operation within the scheduled frequency range. This report presents a systematic approach to identifying metrics that are useful for operating and planning a reliable system with increased amounts of variable renewable generation which builds on existing industry practices for frequency control after unexpected loss of a large amount of generation. The report introduces a set of metrics or tools for measuring the adequacy of frequency response within an interconnection. Based on the concept of the frequency nadir, these metrics take advantage of new information gathering and processing capabilities that system operators are developing for wide-area situational awareness. Primary frequency response is the leading metric that will be used by this report to assess the adequacy of primary frequency control reserves necessary to ensure reliable operation. It measures what is needed to arrest frequency decline (i.e., to establish frequency nadir) at a frequency higher than the highest set point for under-frequency load shedding within an interconnection. These metrics can be used to guide the reliable operation of an interconnection under changing circumstances.

  13. Peculiarities of the relays intended for operating trip coils of the high-voltage circuit breakers

    Gurevich Vladimir


    Full Text Available Parameters of the subminiature electromagnetic relays used as output elements in microprocessor relay protection, do not correspond to technical specifications on these relay protection. The reasons of this discrepancy are analyzed. Contradictions and discrepancies of the international standards in this area are considered. It is shown, that absence of clearness in standards and mistakes in technical specifications of manufacturers of microprocessor protection do not allow estimating correctly technical parameters and lead to decrease in reliability of relay protection.

  14. Solenoid-Simulation Circuit

    Simon, R. A.


    Electrical properties of solenoids imitated for tests of control circuits. Simulation circuit imitates voltage and current responses of two engine-controlling solenoids. Used in tests of programs of digital engine-control circuits, also provides electronic interface with circuits imitating electrical properties of pressure sensors and linear variable-differential transformers. Produces voltages, currents, delays, and discrete turnon and turnoff signals representing operation of solenoid in engine-control relay. Many such circuits used simulating overall engine circuitry.

  15. A new topology of fuel cell hybrid power source for efficient operation and high reliability

    Bizon, Nicu


    This paper analyzes a new fuel cell Hybrid Power Source (HPS) topology having the feature to mitigate the current ripple of the fuel cell inverter system. In the operation of the inverter system that is grid connected or supplies AC motors in vehicle application, the current ripple normally appears at the DC port of the fuel cell HPS. Consequently, if mitigation measures are not applied, this ripple is back propagated to the fuel cell stack. Other features of the proposed fuel cell HPS are the Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking, high reliability in operation under sharp power pulses and improved energy efficiency in high power applications. This topology uses an inverter system directly powered from the appropriate fuel cell stack and a controlled buck current source as low power source used for ripple mitigation. The low frequency ripple mitigation is based on active control. The anti-ripple current is injected in HPS output node and this has the LF power spectrum almost the same with the inverter ripple. Consequently, the fuel cell current ripple is mitigated by the designed active control. The ripple mitigation performances are evaluated by indicators that are defined to measure the mitigation ratio of the low frequency harmonics. In this paper it is shown that good performances are obtained by using the hysteretic current control, but better if a dedicated nonlinear controller is used. Two ways to design the nonlinear control law are proposed. First is based on simulation trials that help to draw the characteristic of ripple mitigation ratio vs. fuel cell current ripple. The second is based on Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). The ripple factor is up to 1% in both cases.

  16. UAV Research at NASA Langley: Towards Safe, Reliable, and Autonomous Operations

    Davila, Carlos G.


    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are fundamental components in several aspects of research at NASA Langley, such as flight dynamics, mission-driven airframe design, airspace integration demonstrations, atmospheric science projects, and more. In particular, NASA Langley Research Center (Langley) is using UAVs to develop and demonstrate innovative capabilities that meet the autonomy and robotics challenges that are anticipated in science, space exploration, and aeronautics. These capabilities will enable new NASA missions such as asteroid rendezvous and retrieval (ARRM), Mars exploration, in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), pollution measurements in historically inaccessible areas, and the integration of UAVs into our everyday lives all missions of increasing complexity, distance, pace, and/or accessibility. Building on decades of NASA experience and success in the design, fabrication, and integration of robust and reliable automated systems for space and aeronautics, Langley Autonomy Incubator seeks to bridge the gap between automation and autonomy by enabling safe autonomous operations via onboard sensing and perception systems in both data-rich and data-deprived environments. The Autonomy Incubator is focused on the challenge of mobility and manipulation in dynamic and unstructured environments by integrating technologies such as computer vision, visual odometry, real-time mapping, path planning, object detection and avoidance, object classification, adaptive control, sensor fusion, machine learning, and natural human-machine teaming. These technologies are implemented in an architectural framework developed in-house for easy integration and interoperability of cutting-edge hardware and software.

  17. Development of human reliability analysis methodology and its computer code during low power/shutdown operation

    Chung, Chang Hyun; You, Young Woo; Huh, Chang Wook; Kim, Ju Yeul; Kim Do Hyung; Kim, Yoon Ik; Yang, Hui Chang [Seoul National University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Jae, Moo Sung [Hansung University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The objective of this study is to develop the appropriate procedure that can evaluate the human error in LP/S(lower power/shutdown) and the computer code that calculate the human error probabilities(HEPs) using this framework. The assessment of applicability of the typical HRA methodologies to LP/S is conducted and a new HRA procedure, SEPLOT (Systematic Evaluation Procedure for LP/S Operation Tasks) which presents the characteristics of LP/S is developed by selection and categorization of human actions by reviewing present studies. This procedure is applied to evaluate the LOOP(Loss of Off-site Power) sequence and the HEPs obtained by using SEPLOT are used to quantitative evaluation of the core uncovery frequency. In this evaluation one of the dynamic reliability computer codes, DYLAM-3 which has the advantages against the ET/FT is used. The SEPLOT developed in this study can give the basis and arrangement as to the human error evaluation technique. And this procedure can make it possible to assess the dynamic aspects of accidents leading to core uncovery applying the HEPs obtained by using the SEPLOT as input data to DYLAM-3 code, Eventually, it is expected that the results of this study will contribute to improve safety in LP/S and reduce uncertainties in risk. 57 refs. 17 tabs., 33 figs. (author)

  18. Simple Autonomous Chaotic Circuits

    Piper, Jessica; Sprott, J.


    Over the last several decades, numerous electronic circuits exhibiting chaos have been proposed. Non-autonomous circuits with as few as two components have been developed. However, the operation of such circuits relies on the non-ideal behavior of the devices used, and therefore the circuit equations can be quite complex. In this paper, we present two simple autonomous chaotic circuits using only opamps and linear passive components. The circuits each use one opamp as a comparator, to provide a signum nonlinearity. The chaotic behavior is robust, and independent of nonlinearities in the passive components. Moreover, the circuit equations are among the algebraically simplest chaotic systems yet constructed.

  19. Enhancing Sensor Network Data Quality via Collaborated Circuit and Network Operations

    Lucas Vespa


    Full Text Available In many applications, the quality of data gathered by sensor networks is directly related to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR of the sensor data being transmitted in the networks. Different from the SNR that is often used in measuring the quality of communication links, the SNR used in this work measures how accurately the data in the network packets represent the physical parameters being sensed. Hence, the signal here refers to the physical parameters that are being monitored by sensor networks; the noise is due to environmental interference and circuit noises at sensor nodes, and packet loss during network transmission. While issues affecting SNR at sensor nodes have been intensively investigated, the impact of network packet loss on data SNR has not attracted significant attention in sensor network design. This paper investigates the impact of packet loss on sensor network data SNR and shows that data SNR is dramatically affected by network packet loss. A data quality metric, based on data SNR, is developed and a cross-layer adaptive scheme is presented to minimize data quality degradation in congested sensor networks. The proposed scheme consists of adaptive downsampling and bit truncation at sensor nodes and intelligent traffic management techniques at the network level. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the proposed techniques.

  20. The Reliability Research of the Supply Chain Management Based on the Fuzzy Operation


    The complex and varied relationships between supply a nd demand among different enterprises calls for an effective way to evaluate and maintain reliability in supply chain management. Individually, enterprises purs ue maximum benefit strategy while cooperating with others. This behavior may res ult in the weakening of needed reliability in supply chain or, in more serious c ases, sever the supply chain. Although reliability of supply chain is the bases to ensuring long-term benefit, a systematic way of h...

  1. Design of a reliable and operational landslide early warning system at regional scale

    Calvello, Michele; Piciullo, Luca; Gariano, Stefano Luigi; Melillo, Massimo; Brunetti, Maria Teresa; Peruccacci, Silvia; Guzzetti, Fausto


    Landslide early warning systems at regional scale are used to warn authorities, civil protection personnel and the population about the occurrence of rainfall-induced landslides over wide areas, typically through the prediction and measurement of meteorological variables. A warning model for these systems must include a regional correlation law and a decision algorithm. A regional correlation law can be defined as a functional relationship between rainfall and landslides; it is typically based on thresholds of rainfall indicators (e.g., cumulated rainfall, rainfall duration) related to different exceedance probabilities of landslide occurrence. A decision algorithm can be defined as a set of assumptions and procedures linking rainfall thresholds to warning levels. The design and the employment of an operational and reliable early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides at regional scale depend on the identification of a reliable correlation law as well as on the definition of a suitable decision algorithm. Herein, a five-step process chain addressing both issues and based on rainfall thresholds is proposed; the procedure is tested in a landslide-prone area of the Campania region in southern Italy. To this purpose, a database of 96 shallow landslides triggered by rainfall in the period 2003-2010 and rainfall data gathered from 58 rain gauges are used. First, a set of rainfall thresholds are defined applying a frequentist method to reconstructed rainfall conditions triggering landslides in the test area. In the second step, several thresholds at different exceedance probabilities are evaluated, and different percentile combinations are selected for the activation of three warning levels. Subsequently, within steps three and four, the issuing of warning levels is based on the comparison, over time and for each combination, between the measured rainfall and the pre-defined warning level thresholds. Finally, the optimal percentile combination to be employed in

  2. Electronic parts reliability data 1997

    Denson, William; Jaworski, Paul; Mahar, David


    This document contains reliability data on both commercial and military electronic components for use in reliability analyses. It contains failure rate data on integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors (diodes, transistors, optoelectronic devices), resistors, capacitors, and inductors/transformers, all of which were obtained from the field usage of electronic components. At 2,000 pages, the format of this document is the same as RIAC's popular NPRD document which contains reliability data on nonelectronic component and electronic assembly types. Data includes part descriptions, quality level, application environments, point estimates of failure rate, data sources, number of failures, total operating hours, miles, or cycles, and detailed part characteristics.

  3. Operant behavior to obtain palatable food modifies ERK activity in the brain reward circuit.

    Guegan, Thomas; Cutando, Laura; Gangarossa, Giuseppe; Santini, Emanuela; Fisone, Gilberto; Martinez, Albert; Valjent, Emmanuel; Maldonado, Rafael; Martin, Miquel


    Food palatability produces behavioral modifications that resemble those induced by drugs of abuse. Palatability-induced behavioral changes require both, the activation of the endogenous cannabinoid system, and changes in structural plasticity in neurons of the brain reward pathway. The ERK intracellular pathway is activated by CB1 receptors (CB1-R) and plays a crucial role in neuroplasticity. We investigated the activation of the ERK signaling cascade in the mesocorticolimbic system induced by operant training to obtain highly palatable isocaloric food and the involvement of the CB1-R in these responses. Using immunofluorescence techniques, we analyzed changes in ERK intracellular pathway activation in the mesocorticolimbic system of wild-type and CB1 knockout mice (CB1-/-) trained on an operant paradigm to obtain standard, highly caloric or highly palatable isocaloric food. Operant training for highly palatable isocaloric food, but not for standard or highly caloric food, produced a robust activation of the ERK signaling cascade in the same brain areas where this training modified structural plasticity. These changes induced by the operant training were absent in CB1-/-. We can conclude that the activation of the ERK pathway is associated to the neuroplasticity induced by operant training for highly palatable isocaloric food and might be involved in CB1-R mediated alterations in behavior and structural plasticity.

  4. Aeroelastic/Aeroservoelastic Uncertainty and Reliability of Advanced Aerospace Vehicles in Flight and Ground Operations Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — ASSURE - Aeroelastic / Aeroservoelastic (AE/ASE) Uncertainty and Reliability Engineering capability - is a set of probabilistic computer programs for isolating...

  5. Aeroelastic/Aeroservoelastic Uncertainty and Reliability of Advanced Aerospace Vehicles in Flight and Ground Operations Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — ASSURE - Aeroelastic / Aeroservoelastic (AE/ASE) Uncertainty and Reliability Engineering capability - is a set of probabilistic computer programs for isolating...

  6. Using operational data to estimate the reliable yields of water-supply wells

    Misstear, Bruce D. R.; Beeson, Sarah

    The reliable yield of a water-supply well depends on many different factors, including the properties of the well and the aquifer; the capacities of the pumps, raw-water mains, and treatment works; the interference effects from other wells; and the constraints imposed by ion licences, water quality, and environmental issues. A relatively simple methodology for estimating reliable yields has been developed that takes into account all of these factors. The methodology is based mainly on an analysis of water-level and source-output data, where such data are available. Good operational data are especially important when dealing with wells in shallow, unconfined, fissure-flow aquifers, where actual well performance may vary considerably from that predicted using a more analytical approach. Key issues in the yield-assessment process are the identification of a deepest advisable pumping water level, and the collection of the appropriate well, aquifer, and operational data. Although developed for water-supply operators in the United Kingdom, this approach to estimating the reliable yields of water-supply wells using operational data should be applicable to a wide range of hydrogeological conditions elsewhere. Résumé La productivité d'un puits capté pour l'adduction d'eau potable dépend de différents facteurs, parmi lesquels les propriétés du puits et de l'aquifère, la puissance des pompes, le traitement des eaux brutes, les effets d'interférences avec d'autres puits et les contraintes imposées par les autorisations d'exploitation, par la qualité des eaux et par les conditions environnementales. Une méthodologie relativement simple d'estimation de la productivité qui prenne en compte tous ces facteurs a été mise au point. Cette méthodologie est basée surtout sur une analyse des données concernant le niveau piézométrique et le débit de prélèvement, quand ces données sont disponibles. De bonnes données opérationnelles sont particuli

  7. Open-circuit fault detection and tolerant operation for a parallel-connected SAB DC-DC converter

    Park, Kiwoo; Chen, Zhe


    This paper presents an open-circuit fault detection method and its tolerant control strategy for a Parallel-Connected Single Active Bridge (PCSAB) dc-dc converter. The structural and operational characteristics of the PCSAB converter lead to several advantages especially for high power applications....... By paralleling modular converters, the power and current ratings of each modular converter can be lowered and by interleaving the switching patterns, the input and output current ripples can be significantly reduced without increasing switching losses or device stresses. Apart from these, the PCSAB converter...... of the converter unaffected or to improve the quality of the output current under the fault condition. The feasibility of the proposed fault detection and fault-tolerant methods are verified by simulations and experiments....

  8. Automatic Test Pattern Generation for Digital Circuits

    S. Hemalatha


    Full Text Available Digital circuits complexity and density are increasing and at the same time it should have more quality and reliability. It leads with high test costs and makes the validation more complex. The main aim is to develop a complete behavioral fault simulation and automatic test pattern generation (ATPG system for digital circuits modeled in verilog and VHDL. An integrated Automatic Test Generation (ATG and Automatic Test Executing/Equipment (ATE system for complex boards is developed here. An approach to use memristors (resistors with memory in programmable analog circuits. The Main idea consists in a circuit design in which low voltages are applied to memristors during their operation as analog circuit elements and high voltages are used to program the memristor’s states. This way, as it was demonstrated in recent experiments, the state of memristors does not essentially change during analog mode operation. As an example of our approach, we have built several programmable analog circuits demonstrating memristor -based programming of threshold, gain and frequency. In these circuits the role of memristor is played by a memristor emulator developed by us. A multiplexer is developed to generate a class of minimum transition sequences. The entire hardware is realized as digital logical circuits and the test results are simulated in Model sim software. The results of this research show that behavioral fault simulation will remain as a highly attractive alternative for the future generation of VLSI and system-on-chips (SoC.

  9. Design of a Sample and Hold Circuit using Rail to Rail Low Voltage Compact Operational Amplifier and bootstrap Switching

    Annu Saini


    Full Text Available This paper presents a low power high performance and higher sampling speed sample and hold circuit. The proposed circuit is designed at 180 nm technology and has high linearity. The circuit can be used for the ADC frontend applications and supports double sampling architecture. The proposed sample and hold circuit has common mode range beyond rail to rail and uses two differential pairs transistor stages connected in parallel as its input stage.

  10. An RF energy harvesting power management circuit for appropriate duty-cycled operation

    Shirane, Atsushi; Ito, Hiroyuki; Ishihara, Noboru; Masu, Kazuya


    In this study, we present an RF energy harvesting power management unit (PMU) for battery-less wireless sensor devices (WSDs). The proposed PMU realizes a duty-cycled operation that is divided into the energy charging time and discharging time. The proposed PMU detects two types of timing, thus, the appropriate timing for the activation can be recognized. The activation of WSDs at the proper timing leads to energy efficient operation and stable wireless communication. The proposed PMU includes a hysteresis comparator (H-CMP) and an RF signal detector (RF-SD) to detect the timings. The proposed RF-SD can operate without the degradation of charge efficiency by reusing the RF energy harvester (RF-EH) and H-CMP. The PMU fabricated in a 180 nm Si CMOS demonstrated the charge operation using the RF signal at 915 MHz and the two types of timing detection with less than 124 nW in the charge phase. Furthermore, in the active phase, the PMU generates a 0.5 V regulated power supply from the charged energy.

  11. Balancing low cost with reliable operation in the rotordynamic design of the ALS Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Turbopump

    Greenhill, L. M.


    The Air Force/NASA Advanced Launch System (ALS) Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Turbopump (FTP) has primary design goals of low cost and high reliability, with performance and weight having less importance. This approach is atypical compared with other rocket engine turbopump design efforts, such as on the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME), which emphasized high performance and low weight. Similar to the SSME turbopumps, the ALS FTP operates supercritically, which implies that stability and bearing loads strongly influence the design. In addition, the use of low cost/high reliability features in the ALS FTP such as hydrostatic bearings, relaxed seal clearances, and unshrouded turbine blades also have a negative influence on rotordynamics. This paper discusses the analysis conducted to achieve a balance between low cost and acceptable rotordynamic behavior, to ensure that the ALS FTP will operate reliably without subsynchronous instabilities or excessive bearing loads.

  12. Evaluation of the Influence of the Logistic Operations Reliability on the Total Costs of a Supply Chain

    Lukinskiy Valery


    Full Text Available Nowadays in logistics integral processes between the material and related flows in supply chains are getting developed more and more. However, in spite of increasing volume of statistical data which reflect the integral processes, the influence evaluation issues of the logistic operations reliability indexes on the total logistics costs remain open and require the corresponding researches implementation.

  13. Connection Between Internal Structural Stresses of the Ist and the IInd kind and Operational Reliability of the Boiler Heating Surface

    Lyubimova Lyudmila


    Full Text Available This paper presents new approaches to solving problems of forecasting the life of heating surface of boilers, based on an analysis of internal structural stresses of the first and second kind that could affect the intragranular and intergranular strength and reliability of the pipeline in continuous operation by making it work without damage by preventing the disclosure of zone cracks.

  14. Introduction of composite reliability evaluation in power system operation planning; Introducao da confiabilidade composta no planejamento da operacao eletrica

    Mello, J.C.O. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Schilling, M.T.; Gomes, P. [ELETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper gives an overview of an ongoing, detailed and first-hand investigation about the current reliability levels of the Brazilian power system, as seen from the electrical operation planning point-of-view. A set of practical results are presented and commented. (author) 41 refs., 4 figs., 4 tabs.

  15. Validity and Reliability of Global Operative Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (GOALS) in Novice Trainees Performing a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Kramp, Kelvin H.; van Det, Marc J.; Hoff, Christiaan; Lamme, Bas; Veeger, Nic J. G. M.; Pierie, Jean-Pierre E. N.


    PURPOSE: Global Operative Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (GOALS) assessment has been designed to evaluate skills in laparoscopic surgery. A longitudinal blinded study of randomized video fragments was conducted to estimate the validity and reliability of GOALS in novice trainees. METHODS: In tota

  16. Operative and postoperative control of variations in characteristics of physicochemical processes in NPP circuits

    Vilkov, N.Ya.; Krjukov, Yu.V.; Blinov, S.V. [Alexandrov Research Inst. of Technology (Russian Federation); Fedoseev, M.V. [VNIIAES (Russian Federation)


    Based on actual data obtained from operative chemical monitoring in operating NPPs, the authors show the use of some probability diagnosis methods in practical applications such as identification of anomalies of the water chemistry condition, specifically, in the following: detecting violation of control limits a priori determined for the water chemistry parameters, using the control card method; construction of detectors for identifying probably (statistically) significant stepwise changes in the current arithmetical mean of the water chemistry parametric values; identifying successive changes in the behavior of robust estimators of the monitored parameters values; construction of robust linear regression prognostic models for dynamic changes in the monitored parameters values; correlation analysis of time series formed from the measured data on the water chemistry connected parameters (which are lumped (concentrated at one control point) and/or distributed along the coolant path). (author)

  17. Using Reliability Block Diagrams and Fault Tree circuits, to develop a Condition Based Maintenance Model for a Vessel’s Main Propulsion System and Related Subsystems

    Mohan Anantharaman


    Full Text Available Merchant shipping has undergone a great transformation over the past three decades. The shipping market is highly competitive, which coupled with high crewing and fuel costs, leads to high operational costs. One of the paramount factor involved in vessel operation is the Maintenance cost and there is a dire need to keep this cost to a minimum. Fortunately the earlier policy of repair only maintenance in commercial shipping has been done away with, and was replaced by the policy of preventive maintenance. Planned Maintenance System was introduced by ship management companies in the early 90’s. Planned Maintenance offered benefits over the repair only policy, but has its own demerits. Many a time machinery equipment is opened up for routine maintenance after a specified time interval, irrespective of the need. This could lead to potential failures, which is explained by the fact that preventive maintenance resulted in meddling of a well set piece of machinery equipment, leading to its subsequent failure. This is where Condition based maintenance or CBM steps into prominence. CBM monitors the health of the machinery equipment, analyses the condition and helps you in decision making. The Main Propulsion system forms the heart of a vessel and we need to ensure its reliability, together with the reliability of its associated sub-systems. The entire system can be represented by reliability block diagrams, to show the interdependence of various components comprising the system. This helps in the decision making process of CBM whereby ship’s engineer may decide to stop the running machinery equipment, open and overhaul the same, else postpone the overhaul for a later safe date.

  18. Operant behavior to obtain palatable food modifies neuronal plasticity in the brain reward circuit.

    Guegan, Thomas; Cutando, Laura; Ayuso, Eduard; Santini, Emanuela; Fisone, Gilberto; Bosch, Fatima; Martinez, Albert; Valjent, Emmanuel; Maldonado, Rafael; Martin, Miquel


    Palatability enhances food intake by hedonic mechanisms that prevail over caloric necessities. Different studies have demonstrated the role of endogenous cannabinoids in the mesocorticolimbic system in controlling food hedonic value and consumption. We hypothesize that the endogenous cannabinoid system could also be involved in the development of food-induced behavioral alterations, such as food-seeking and binge-eating, by a mechanism that requires neuroplastic changes in the brain reward pathway. For this purpose, we evaluated the role of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor (CB1-R) in the behavioral and neuroplastic changes induced by operant training for standard, highly caloric or highly palatable isocaloric food using different genetics, viral and pharmacological approaches. Neuroplasticity was evaluated by measuring changes in dendritic spine density in neurons previously labeled with the dye DiI. Only operant training to obtain highly palatable isocaloric food induced neuroplastic changes in neurons of the nucleus accumbens shell and prefrontal cortex that were associated to changes in food-seeking behavior. These behavioral and neuroplastic modifications induced by highly palatable isocaloric food were dependent on the activity of the CB1-R. Neuroplastic changes induced by highly palatable isocaloric food are similar to those produced by some drugs of abuse and may be crucial in the alteration of food-seeking behavior leading to overweight and obesity.

  19. High temperature circuit breaker

    Edwards, R. N.; Travis, E. F.


    Alternating current circuit breaker is suitable for reliable long-term service at 1000 deg F in the vacuum conditions of outer space. Construction materials are resistant to nuclear radiation and vacuum welding. Service test conditions and results are given.

  20. SRC: FenixOS - A Research Operating System Focused on High Scalability and Reliability

    Passas, Stavros; Karlsson, Sven


    Computer systems keep increasing in size. Systems scale in the number of processing units, memories and peripheral devices. This creates many and diverse architectural trade-offs that the existing operating systems are not able to address. We are designing and implementing, FenixOS, a new operating...... of the operating system....

  1. A Quantitative Risk Analysis Framework for Evaluating and Monitoring Operational Reliability of Cloud Computing

    Islam, Muhammad Faysal


    Cloud computing offers the advantage of on-demand, reliable and cost efficient computing solutions without the capital investment and management resources to build and maintain in-house data centers and network infrastructures. Scalability of cloud solutions enable consumers to upgrade or downsize their services as needed. In a cloud environment,…

  2. Emotional-volitional components of operator reliability. [sensorimotor function testing under stress

    Mileryan, Y. A.


    Sensorimotor function testing in a tracking task under stressfull working conditions established a psychological characterization for a successful aviation pilot: Motivation significantly increased the reliability and effectiveness of their work. Their acitivities were aimed at suppressing weariness and the feeling of fear caused by the stress factors; they showed patience, endurance, persistence, and a capacity for lengthy volitional efforts.

  3. A Quantitative Risk Analysis Framework for Evaluating and Monitoring Operational Reliability of Cloud Computing

    Islam, Muhammad Faysal


    Cloud computing offers the advantage of on-demand, reliable and cost efficient computing solutions without the capital investment and management resources to build and maintain in-house data centers and network infrastructures. Scalability of cloud solutions enable consumers to upgrade or downsize their services as needed. In a cloud environment,…

  4. Circuit Connectors


    The U-shaped wire devices in the upper photo are Digi-Klipsm; aids to compact packaging of electrical and electronic devices. They serve as connectors linking the circuitry of one circuit board with another in multi-board systems. Digi-Klips were originally developed for Goddard Space Flight Center to meet a need for lightweight, reliable connectors to replace hand-wired connections formerly used in spacecraft. They are made of beryllium copper wire, noted for its excellent conductivity and its spring-like properties, which assure solid electrical contact over a long period of time.

  5. Reducing the Risk of Damage to Power Transformers of 110 kV and Above Accompanying Internal Short Circuits

    L’vova, M. M. [JSC “R& D Center at Federal Grid Company of the Unified Power System” (Russian Federation); L’vov, S. Yu. [Presselektro LLC (Russian Federation); Komarov, V. B. [IPCE RAS (Russian Federation); Lyut’ko, E. O. [JSC “R& D Center at Federal Grid Company of the Unified Power System” (Russian Federation); Vdoviko, V. P. [EMA Ltd. (Russian Federation); Demchenko, V. V. [JSC “Boguchanskaya HPP” (Russian Federation); Belyaev, S. G. [PKF Konif Ltd. (Russian Federation); Savel’ev, V. A. [Ivanovo State Power University (Russian Federation); L’vov, M. Yu., E-mail:; L’vov, Yu. N. [JSC “R& D Center at Federal Grid Company of the Unified Power System” (Russian Federation)


    Methods of increasing the operating reliability of power transformers, autotransformers and shunting reactors in order to reduce the risk of damage, which accompany internal short circuits and equipment fires and explosions, are considered.

  6. Hidden circuits and argumentation

    Leinonen, Risto; Kesonen, Mikko H. P.; Hirvonen, Pekka E.


    Despite the relevance of DC circuits in everyday life and schools, they have been shown to cause numerous learning difficulties at various school levels. In the course of this article, we present a flexible method for teaching DC circuits at lower secondary level. The method is labelled as hidden circuits, and the essential idea underlying hidden circuits is in hiding the actual wiring of DC circuits, but to make their behaviour evident for pupils. Pupils are expected to find out the wiring of the circuit which should enhance their learning of DC circuits. We present two possible ways to utilise hidden circuits in a classroom. First, they can be used to test and enhance pupils’ conceptual understanding when pupils are expected to find out which one of the offered circuit diagram options corresponds to the actual circuit shown. This method aims to get pupils to evaluate the circuits holistically rather than locally, and as a part of that aim this method highlights any learning difficulties of pupils. Second, hidden circuits can be used to enhance pupils’ argumentation skills with the aid of argumentation sheet that illustrates the main elements of an argument. Based on the findings from our co-operating teachers and our own experiences, hidden circuits offer a flexible and motivating way to supplement teaching of DC circuits.

  7. Water-Gated n-Type Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Complementary Integrated Circuits Operating in an Aqueous Environment


    The first demonstration of an n-type water-gated organic field-effect transistor (WGOFET) is here reported, along with simple water-gated complementary integrated circuits, in the form of inverting logic gates. For the n-type WGOFET active layer, high-electron-affinity organic semiconductors, including naphthalene diimide co-polymers and a soluble fullerene derivative, have been compared, with the latter enabling a high electric double layer capacitance in the range of 1 μF cm–2 in full accumulation and a mobility–capacitance product of 7 × 10–3 μF/V s. Short-term stability measurements indicate promising cycling robustness, despite operating the device in an environment typically considered harsh, especially for electron-transporting organic molecules. This work paves the way toward advanced circuitry design for signal conditioning and actuation in an aqueous environment and opens new perspectives in the implementation of active bio-organic interfaces for biosensing and neuromodulation.

  8. Which systems (except main circuits) should be commissioned/tested for 7 TeV operation before the long shutdown?

    Pojer, M


    The key driver of the long 2012/13 shutdown is the consolidation of the 13 kA splices. Once the machine will be back to operation, the increase of energy to 7 TeV should be possible. Are all circuits and systems ready for 7 TeV operation? This paper focuses on what else could limit LHC high energy operation and how we can know that in advance. A period of dedicated testing at the end of operation and before the long shutdown could give a precious knowledge on the status of the machine.

  9. Increasing nuclear safety and operational reliability by upgrading the charging pump mechanical sealing system

    Loenhout, Gerard van [Flowserve Corporation, Etten-Leur (Netherlands); Nilsson, Peter [Flowsys Technologies AB, Moelndal (Sweden); Jehander, Magnus [Ringhals AB, Vaeroebacka (Sweden)


    For the Ringhals-2 nuclear power plant, three installed centrifugal pumps were designated to have a combined High Head Safety Injection function, as well as a Chemical Volume Control System function. The pumps were originally installed with rubber bellow type mechanical seals, which over time had demonstrated an unreliable sealing performance by displaying high leakages. In 2002, the Ringhals Maintenance engineers initiated to identify a more reliable and robust shaft sealing solution. In 2007, the project was launched and the installation of the first, new mechanical sealing solution took place in the autumn of 2011. In October 2014, these mechanical seals were dismantled and inspected. The inspection confirmed the expected reliability of the new solution.

  10. Increasing nuclear safety and operational reliability by upgrading the charging pump mechanical sealing system

    Loenhout, Gerard van [Flowserve Corporation, Etten-Leur (Netherlands); Nilsson, Peter [Flowsys Technologies AB, Moelndal (Sweden); Jehander, Magnus [Ringhals AB, Vaeroebacka (Sweden)


    For the Ringhals-2 nuclear power plant, three installed centrifugal pumps were designated to have a combined High Head Safety Injection function, as well as a Chemical Volume Control System function. The pumps were originally installed with rubber bellow type mechanical seals, which over time had demonstrated an unreliable sealing performance by displaying high leakages. In 2002, the Ringhals Maintenance engineers initiated to identify a more reliable and robust shaft sealing solution. In 2007, the project was launched and the installation of the first, new mechanical sealing solution took place in the autumn of 2011. In October 2014, these mechanical seals were dismantled and inspected. The inspection confirmed the expected reliability of the new solution.

  11. 一种低功耗高可靠上电复位电路的设计%Design of a Low Power and High Reliability Power-on Reset Circuit

    王小曼; 原义栋; 张海峰


    A power-on reset (POR) circuit with low power and high reliability was presented. To reduce effect of the process and temperature variations on threshold voltage, an improved Kuijk bandgap voltage reference was adopted in this design. Double threshold voltage detection circuit with hysteresis was designed to improve noise-tolerance performance for power supply. The POR circuit was simulated based on HHNEC's 0. 13 μm CMOS process. Simulation results showed that, with typical process and temperature, the circuit consumed 8. 5 μA of power at 5 V supply. The circuit realized stable and reliable power-on reset and low-voltage protection function at different combinations of supply voltage, process corner and temperature.%设计了一种低功耗高可靠上电复位电路.为了减小阈值电压受工艺及温度偏差的影响,采用改进的Kuijk带隙基准源结构;同时,设计了带迟滞功能的双阈值电压检测电路,减小了电源噪声对电路输出的干扰.采用HHNEC 0.13 μm CMOS工艺,对电路进行仿真.结果显示,在5V电源电压及典型工艺和温度下,整体电路消耗稳态电流为8.5μA;在不同的电压、工艺角及温度组合下,均实现了稳定可靠的上电复位和低电平保护功能,达到了设计要求.

  12. Deep Space Network equipment performance, reliability, and operations management information system

    Cooper, T.; Lin, J.; Chatillon, M.


    The Deep Space Mission System (DSMS) Operations Program Office and the DeepSpace Network (DSN) facilities utilize the Discrepancy Reporting Management System (DRMS) to collect, process, communicate and manage data discrepancies, equipment resets, physical equipment status, and to maintain an internal Station Log. A collaborative effort development between JPL and the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex delivered a system to support DSN Operations.

  13. The Role of Demand Resources In Regional Transmission Expansion Planning and Reliable Operations

    Kirby, Brendan J [ORNL


    Investigating the role of demand resources in regional transmission planning has provided mixed results. On one hand there are only a few projects where demand response has been used as an explicit alternative to transmission enhancement. On the other hand there is a fair amount of demand response in the form of energy efficiency, peak reduction, emergency load shedding, and (recently) demand providing ancillary services. All of this demand response reduces the need for transmission enhancements. Demand response capability is typically (but not always) factored into transmission planning as a reduction in the load which must be served. In that sense demand response is utilized as an alternative to transmission expansion. Much more demand response is used (involuntarily) as load shedding under extreme conditions to prevent cascading blackouts. The amount of additional transmission and generation that would be required to provide the current level of reliability if load shedding were not available is difficult to imagine and would be impractical to build. In a very real sense demand response solutions are equitably treated in every region - when proposed, demand response projects are evaluated against existing reliability and economic criteria. The regional councils, RTOs, and ISOs identify needs. Others propose transmission, generation, or responsive load based solutions. Few demand response projects get included in transmission enhancement plans because few are proposed. But this is only part of the story. Several factors are responsible for the current very low use of demand response as a transmission enhancement alternative. First, while the generation, transmission, and load business sectors each deal with essentially the same amount of electric power, generation and transmission companies are explicitly in the electric power business but electricity is not the primary business focus of most loads. This changes the institutional focus of each sector. Second

  14. Multi-Objective Distribution Network Operation Based on Distributed Generation Optimal Placement Using New Antlion Optimizer Considering Reliability



    Full Text Available Distribution network designers and operators are trying to deliver electrical energy with high reliability and quality to their subscribers. Due to high losses in the distribution systems, using distributed generation can improves reliability, reduces losses and improves voltage profile of distribution network. Therefore, the choice of the location of these resources and also determining the amount of their generated power to maximize the benefits of this type of resource is an important issue which is discussed from different points of view today. In this paper, a new multi-objective optimal location and sizing of distributed generation resources is performed to maximize its benefits on the 33 bus distribution test network considering reliability and using a new Antlion Optimizer (ALO. The benefits for DG are considered as system losses reduction, system reliability improvement and benefits from the sale electricity and voltage profile improvement. For each of the mentioned benefits, the ALO algorithm is used to optimize the location and sizing of distributed generation resources. In order to verify the proposed approach, the obtained results have been analyzed and compared with the results of particle swarm optimization (PSO algorithm. The results show that the ALO has shown better performance in optimization problem solution versus PSO.

  15. 真空断路器新型电机操动机构的多体动力学仿真%Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation and Analysis on Novel Motor-Operating Mechanism for Vacuum Circuit Breakers

    林莘; 宋立峰; 李永祥; 徐建源


    To improve the reliability of circuit breakers, a new motor-operating mechanism, which possesses such advantages as simple structure, small size, fast response and controllable moving process, is developed. The focal point of the research is concentrated to the switching on/off characteristics of vacuum circuit breaker with motor-operating mechanism. Taking a 40.5kV vacuum circuit breaker with motor operating mechanism as research object and using automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical systems (ADAMS), a virtral prototype model of vacuum circuit breaker with a new type of motor-operating mechanism is built to simulate the switching on/off processes of the circuit breaker. From simulation results corresponding relation between the rotated angle of the motor and the stroke of the contact of circuit breaker as well as the characteristics of contact stroke and speed vs time during the switching on/off process are obtained. Meanwhile, the experiments of switching on/off of the vacuum circuit breaker are made and the corresponding moving characteristics are measured by the torque sensor installed on the rotating shaft and the displacement sensor installed on insulating tension pole. Contrastive analysis on results from experiments and simulation shows that the output characteristics of the simulation model can well conform to experiment results, thus it also states clearly that the virtual prototype model is effective.%为提高断路器的可靠性,研究了一种新型的电机机构,该电机机构具有结构简单、体积小、响应快且运动过程可控等优点,研究重点为在电机机构操作下真空断路器的分广合闸机械特性。结合40.5kV配电机机构的真空断路器,采用多体动力学仿真软件(automatic dynamic analysis of mechanicai systems,ADAMS)建立真空断路器新型电机机构的虚拟样机模型,对断路器的分/合闸过程进行仿真分析。由动态仿真得到电机转角与动触头

  16. Assessment of Gearbox Operational Loads and Reliability under High Mean Wind Speeds

    Dabrowski, Dariusz; Natarajan, Anand


    wind turbine that operates in storm conditions with mean wind speeds less than 30 m/s is presented. In the study, normal shut-downs of a wind turbine in storm conditions were investigated. The analysis were conducted for two storm control strategies and different wind conditions from an extreme...... of the model was based on the experimental data provided by NREL for 750 kW prototype gearbox. Failures of gearboxes caused by high dynamic loads have a significant influence on the cost of operation of wind farms. For these reasons in the study, the probability of failure of the gearbox working in an offshore...... operating gust, normal turbulence model and extreme turbulence model. In the paper, loads in the planetary gear are quantified as well as the torsional moments in the main shaft. On the basis of simulation results the annual probability of failure of the gearbox in a wind turbine with soft storm controller...

  17. Design of a universal logic block for fault-tolerant realization of any logic operation in trapped-ion quantum circuits

    Goudarzi, H.; Dousti, M. J.; Shafaei, A.; Pedram, M.


    This paper presents a physical mapping tool for quantum circuits, which generates the optimal universal logic block (ULB) that can, on average, perform any logical fault-tolerant (FT) quantum operations with the minimum latency. The operation scheduling, placement, and qubit routing problems tackled by the quantum physical mapper are highly dependent on one another. More precisely, the scheduling solution affects the quality of the achievable placement solution due to resource pressures that may be created as a result of operation scheduling, whereas the operation placement and qubit routing solutions influence the scheduling solution due to resulting distances between predecessor and current operations, which in turn determines routing latencies. The proposed flow for the quantum physical mapper captures these dependencies by applying (1) a loose scheduling step, which transforms an initial quantum data flow graph into one that explicitly captures the no-cloning theorem of the quantum computing and then performs instruction scheduling based on a modified force-directed scheduling approach to minimize the resource contention and quantum circuit latency, (2) a placement step, which uses timing-driven instruction placement to minimize the approximate routing latencies while making iterative calls to the aforesaid force-directed scheduler to correct scheduling levels of quantum operations as needed, and (3) a routing step that finds dynamic values of routing latencies for the qubits. In addition to the quantum physical mapper, an approach is presented to determine the single best ULB size for a target quantum circuit by examining the latency of different FT quantum operations mapped onto different ULB sizes and using information about the occurrence frequency of operations on critical paths of the target quantum algorithm to weigh these latencies. Experimental results show an average latency reduction of about 40 % compared to previous work.

  18. NOAA Operational Model Archive Distribution System (NOMADS): High Availability Applications for Reliable Real Time Access to Operational Model Data

    Alpert, J. C.; Wang, J.


    To reduce the impact of natural hazards and environmental changes, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) provide first alert and a preferred partner for environmental prediction services, and represents a critical national resource to operational and research communities affected by climate, weather and water. NOMADS is now delivering high availability services as part of NOAA’s official real time data dissemination at its Web Operations Center (WOC) server. The WOC is a web service used by organizational units in and outside NOAA, and acts as a data repository where public information can be posted to a secure and scalable content server. A goal is to foster collaborations among the research and education communities, value added retailers, and public access for science and development efforts aimed at advancing modeling and GEO-related tasks. The user (client) executes what is efficient to execute on the client and the server efficiently provides format independent access services. Client applications can execute on the server, if it is desired, but the same program can be executed on the client side with no loss of efficiency. In this way this paradigm lends itself to aggregation servers that act as servers of servers listing, searching catalogs of holdings, data mining, and updating information from the metadata descriptions that enable collections of data in disparate places to be simultaneously accessed, with results processed on servers and clients to produce a needed answer. The services used to access the operational model data output are the Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP), implemented with the Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Data Server (GDS), and applications for slicing, dicing and area sub-setting the large matrix of real time model data holdings. This approach insures an efficient use of computer resources because users transmit/receive only the data necessary for their tasks including

  19. The role of reliability graph models in assuring dependable operation of complex hardware/software systems

    Patterson-Hine, F. A.; Davis, Gloria J.; Pedar, A.


    The complexity of computer systems currently being designed for critical applications in the scientific, commercial, and military arenas requires the development of new techniques for utilizing models of system behavior in order to assure 'ultra-dependability'. The complexity of these systems, such as Space Station Freedom and the Air Traffic Control System, stems from their highly integrated designs containing both hardware and software as critical components. Reliability graph models, such as fault trees and digraphs, are used frequently to model hardware systems. Their applicability for software systems has also been demonstrated for software safety analysis and the analysis of software fault tolerance. This paper discusses further uses of graph models in the design and implementation of fault management systems for safety critical applications.

  20. Informational support of operation reliability control system; Information sur le systeme de controle de fiabilite de l'exploitation

    Usoshin, V.A.; Egorov, I.F.; Grigoriev, B.A. [Gazprom (Russian Federation)


    The Russian JSC 'Gazprom' gas transport system is an extremely complicated global scale engineering structure. Transported natural gas, because of its combustibility and explosibility, ability to contaminate the atmosphere, is a source of an increased danger. When JSC 'Gazprom' gas transport system was created, a great number of technical facilities and technologies was used. It was being formed in many years and because of this part of technologies and equipment became outdated, in spite of constant JSC 'Gazprom' efforts, aimed at equipment modernization and introduction of new technologies. The number of equipment used is in itself the reason of the system reliability deterioration, if measures of rational redundancy and status monitoring are not taken in advance. The reliability of JSC 'Gazprom' gas transport system, being a single whole, can be considered in the following aspects: 1. Providing safe deliveries of gas to consumers. 2. Providing for sufficient redundancy of resources for damping seasonal and conjuncture fluctuations in the consumption of gas. 3. Minimization of losses, blow outs and contamination of environment. 4. Achievement of failure free operation in the conditions of limited resources, gradual wear and ageing of JSC 'Gazprom' gas transport system. 5. Minimization of a techno-genic stress upon the environment, created by JSC 'Gazprom' gas transport system facilities and allocated plots of land. 6. Minimization of the negative influence of natural factors (landslides, wash outs, earthquakes, permafrost and etc.) upon the normal operation of the gas transport system. 7. Planning the activity for the development and modernization of the gas transport system equipment and systems with the aim of providing for the increase of its reliability and economical indices. Even if this minimum of the notion of 'reliability' components is considered in application to JSC &apos

  1. SRC: FenixOS - A Research Operating System Focused on High Scalability and Reliability

    Passas, Stavros; Karlsson, Sven


    Computer systems keep increasing in size. Systems scale in the number of processing units, memories and peripheral devices. This creates many and diverse architectural trade-offs that the existing operating systems are not able to address. We are designing and implementing, FenixOS, a new operati...

  2. Ergodynamics in the Reliability of Power Plant Operators and Prospective Hybrid Intelligence Systems.

    Venda; Chachko


    Based on ergodynamics and the hybrid intelligence theory, an analysis of the nuclear power plant operator's performance is given at the levels of strategies, tactics, and actions. Special attention is paid to the strategies used in the course of severe accidents at nuclear power plants. Data from Ukrainian and Russian power plants and training centres, and from accidents around the world were collected and processed. It is shown that in an emergency it is essential for the human operator to be flexible. This flexibility includes two main training and personal factors: a large set of strategies and tactics the operator manages to use, and quick transformations between the strategies (tactics). It was also found that some emergency tasks are too complicated: They require simultaneous use of different strategies, with time strictly limited by nuclear power plant dynamics. Those tasks cannot be successfully solved by any individual operator. Hybrid intelligence systems involving different specialists should be used in those cases in order to avoid failures in emergency problem solving and macroergonomic organizational design.

  3. Improving Power Converter Reliability

    Ghimire, Pramod; de Vega, Angel Ruiz; Beczkowski, Szymon


    The real-time junction temperature monitoring of a high-power insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module is important to increase the overall reliability of power converters for industrial applications. This article proposes a new method to measure the on-state collector?emitter voltage...... of a high-power IGBT module during converter operation, which may play a vital role in improving the reliability of the power converters. The measured voltage is used to estimate the module average junction temperature of the high and low-voltage side of a half-bridge IGBT separately in every fundamental...... is measured in a wind power converter at a low fundamental frequency. To illustrate more, the test method as well as the performance of the measurement circuit are also presented. This measurement is also useful to indicate failure mechanisms such as bond wire lift-off and solder layer degradation...

  4. Implementation of Reliable Interruption of 50kA Direct Current Circuit Breakers Based on High Parameters Thyristors%基于高参数晶闸管实现50kA直流断路器的可靠开断

    楼晓峰; 胡醇; 董涛; 杨孝志; 陈超


    Introduction was made to the application of the current hedge method in the reliable interruption of direct current (DC) circuit breakers, and analysis was made to the operating principle of the current hedge method and the technical problems in the test process. Through the co-use of the thyristor devices with high parameters, saturated reactors and synchronous operating mechanism, the reliable and accurate interruption of DC circuit breakers were achieved. The result shows that the key point is how to accurately seize the hedge point of two circuits in the interruption process by controlling the synchronous operating mechanism and trigger thy-ristor devices. The current hedge method takes full advantage of the thyristor devices, ensuring the accuracy of the whole interruption process. The di/dt of hedge current at current zero and the rising amplitude of peak reverse voltage have been suppressed effectively by saturated reactors, and the thyristor devices have also been protected. The whole circuit costs economically and largely make up for the shortcomings of the traditional methods.%介绍了电流对冲法在直流断路器可靠开断方面的应用,分析了电流对冲法的工作原理和试验过程中遇到的技术问题,通过高参数晶闸管器件、饱和电抗器和同步操作机构的配合使用,实现了直流断路器精确、可靠的开断,结果表明:通过控制同步操作机构和触发晶闸管器件来精确把握开断过程中两个回路的对冲点是关键,电流对冲法充分利用了晶闸管器件的优点,保证了整个开断过程的精确性;饱和电抗器有效抑制了对冲电流过零时的di/dt和反峰电压的增长,保护了晶闸管器件;整个回路造价经济,很大程度上弥补了传统试验方法中的不足.

  5. Charging performance of automotive batteries-An underestimated factor influencing lifetime and reliable battery operation

    Sauer, Dirk Uwe; Karden, Eckhard; Fricke, Birger; Blanke, Holger; Thele, Marc; Bohlen, Oliver; Schiffer, Julia; Gerschler, Jochen Bernhard; Kaiser, Rudi

    Dynamic charge acceptance and charge acceptance under constant voltage charging conditions are for two reasons essential for lead-acid battery operation: energy efficiency in applications with limited charging time (e.g. PV systems or regenerative braking in vehicles) and avoidance of accelerated ageing due to sulphation. Laboratory tests often use charge regimes which are beneficial for the battery life, but which differ significantly from the operating conditions in the field. Lead-acid batteries in applications with limited charging time and partial-state-of-charge operation are rarely fully charged due to their limited charge acceptance. Therefore, they suffer from sulphation and early capacity loss. However, when appropriate charging strategies are applied most of the lost capacity and thus performance for the user may be recovered. The paper presents several aspects of charging regimes and charge acceptance. Theoretical and experimental investigations show that temperature is the most critical parameter. Full charging within short times can be achieved only at elevated temperatures. A strong dependency of the charge acceptance during charging pulses on the pre-treatment of the battery can be observed, which is not yet fully understood. But these effects have a significant impact on the fuel efficiency of micro-hybrid electric vehicles.

  6. Summary of the Optics, IR, Injection, Operations, Reliability and Instrumentation Working Group

    Wienands, U.; /SLAC; Funakoshi, Y.; /KEK, Tsukuba


    The facilities reported on are all in a fairly mature state of operation, as evidenced by the very detailed studies and correction schemes that all groups are working on. First- and higher-order aberrations are diagnosed and planned to be corrected. Very detailed beam measurements are done to get a global picture of the beam dynamics. More than other facilities the high-luminosity colliders are struggling with experimental background issues, mitigation of which is a permanent challenge. The working group dealt with a very wide rage of practical issues which limit performance of the machines and compared their techniques of operations and their performance. We anticipate this to be a first attempt. In a future workshop in this series, we propose to attempt more fundamental comparisons of each machine, including design parameters. For example, DAPHNE and KEKB employ a finite crossing angle. The minimum value of {beta}*{sub y} attainable at KEKB seems to relate to this scheme. Effectiveness of compensation solenoids and turn-by-turn BPMs etc. should be examined in more detail. In the near future, CESR-C and VEPP-2000 will start their operation. We expect to hear important new experiences from these machines; in particular VEPP-2000 will be the first machine to have adopted round beams. At SLAC and KEK, next generation B Factories are being considered. It will be worthwhile to discuss the design issues of these machines based on the experiences of the existing factory machines.

  7. A reliable and efficient method for deleting operational sequences in PACs and BACs.

    Nistala, Ravi; Sigmund, Curt D


    P1-derived artificial chromosomes (PACs) and bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) have become very useful as tools to study gene expression and regulation in cells and in transgenic mice. They carry large fragments of genomic DNA (> or =100 kb) and therefore may contain all of the cis-regulatory elements required for expression of a gene. Because of this, even when inserted randomly in the genome, they can emulate the native environment of a gene resulting in a tightly regulated pattern of expression. Because these large genomic clones often contain DNA sequences which can manipulate chromatin at the local level, they become immune to position effects which affect expression of smaller transgenes, and thus their expression is proportional to copy number. Transgenic mice containing large BACs and PACs have become excellent models to examine the regulation of gene expression. Their usefulness would certainly be increased if easy and efficient methods are developed to manipulate them. We describe herein a method to make deletion mutations reliably and efficiently using a novel modification of the Chi-stimulated homologous recombination method. Specifically, we generated and employed a Lox511 'floxed' CAM resistance marker that first affords selection for homologous recombination in Escherichia coli, and then can be easily deleted leaving only a single Lox511 site as the footprint.



  9. The visual stress model—A psycho-physiological method for the evaluation of operational reliability of pilots and cosmonauts

    Kammel, H.; Haase, H.

    An experimental psycho-physiological method is presented for the evaluation of visual-cognitive performance preconditions and operational reliability of pilots and cosmonauts. As visual-cognitive stress are used tachistoscopically presented instrument symbols under conditions of individual speed of work and time pressure. The results of the compared extreme groups consisting of pilots with good and insufficient flight performance showed that the pilots with impairments to the quality of flight activity differ already before the test in their individual habitual characteristics and actual motivation, during the stress in their operational parameters, in the dimensions of their cardiorespiratory activation as well as in their efficiency and after the stress in their subjective experience of the stress. Conclusions are drawn for the evaluation of the aptitude of pilots and cosmonauts.

  10. A semiconductor laser excitation circuit

    Kaadzunari, O.; Masaty, K.


    A semiconductor laser excitation circuit is patented that is designed for operation in a pulsed mode with a high pulse repetition frequency. This circuit includes, in addition to a semiconductor laser, a high speed photodetector, a reference voltage source, a comparator, and a pulse oscillator and modulator. If the circuit is built using standard silicon integrated circuits, its speed amounts to several hundred megahertz, if it is constructed using gallium arsenide integrated circuits, its speed is several gigahertz.

  11. Improvement of Operational Reliability Resource for JSC “Beltransgaz” Main Pipelines

    V. Mayorov


    Full Text Available  The paper considers prospects for modernization of the operating linear portion of JSC “Beltransgaz” gas transportation system, various methods and materials which are used while implementing  construction and installation works in the oil and gas sector. It has been shown that in the recent decade one of the most technically, technologically and economically efficient application of the material is double-composite polyurethane coating. The method for coating deposition has been tested and introduced by JSC “Beltransgaz” with significant economic efficiency.

  12. Reliable operation of the Brookhaven EBIS for highly charged ion production for RHIC and NSRL

    Beebe, E., E-mail:; Alessi, J., E-mail:; Binello, S., E-mail:; Kanesue, T., E-mail:; McCafferty, D., E-mail:; Morris, J., E-mail:; Okamura, M., E-mail:; Pikin, A., E-mail:; Ritter, J., E-mail:; Schoepfer, R., E-mail: [Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973 (United States)


    An Electron Beam Ion Source for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC EBIS) was commissioned at Brookhaven in September 2010 and since then it routinely supplies ions for RHIC and NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) as the main source of highly charged ions from Helium to Uranium. Using three external primary ion sources for 1+ injection into the EBIS and an electrostatic injection beam line, ion species at the EBIS exit can be switched in 0.2 s. A total of 16 different ion species have been produced to date. The length and the capacity of the ion trap have been increased by 20% by extending the trap by two more drift tubes, compared with the original design. The fraction of Au{sup 32+} in the EBIS Au spectrum is approximately 12% for 70-80% electron beam neutralization and 8 pulses operation in a 5 Hertz train and 4-5 s super cycle. For single pulse per super cycle operation and 25% electron beam neutralization, the EBIS achieves the theoretical Au{sup 32+} fractional output of 18%. Long term stability has been very good with availability of the beam from RHIC EBIS during 2012 and 2014 RHIC runs approximately 99.8%.

  13. Reliable operation of the Brookhaven EBIS for highly charged ion production for RHIC and NSRL

    Beebe, E.; Alessi, J.; Binello, S.; Kanesue, T.; McCafferty, D.; Morris, J.; Okamura, M.; Pikin, A.; Ritter, J.; Schoepfer, R.


    An Electron Beam Ion Source for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC EBIS) was commissioned at Brookhaven in September 2010 and since then it routinely supplies ions for RHIC and NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) as the main source of highly charged ions from Helium to Uranium. Using three external primary ion sources for 1+ injection into the EBIS and an electrostatic injection beam line, ion species at the EBIS exit can be switched in 0.2 s. A total of 16 different ion species have been produced to date. The length and the capacity of the ion trap have been increased by 20% by extending the trap by two more drift tubes, compared with the original design. The fraction of Au32+ in the EBIS Au spectrum is approximately 12% for 70-80% electron beam neutralization and 8 pulses operation in a 5 Hertz train and 4-5 s super cycle. For single pulse per super cycle operation and 25% electron beam neutralization, the EBIS achieves the theoretical Au32+ fractional output of 18%. Long term stability has been very good with availability of the beam from RHIC EBIS during 2012 and 2014 RHIC runs approximately 99.8%.

  14. Inter-agency communication and operations capabilities during a hospital functional exercise: reliability and validity of a measurement tool.

    Savoia, Elena; Biddinger, Paul D; Burstein, Jon; Stoto, Michael A


    As proxies for actual emergencies, drills and exercises can raise awareness, stimulate improvements in planning and training, and provide an opportunity to examine how different components of the public health system would combine to respond to a challenge. Despite these benefits, there remains a substantial need for widely accepted and prospectively validated tools to evaluate agencies' and hospitals' performance during such events. Unfortunately, to date, few studies have focused on addressing this need. The purpose of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of a qualitative performance assessment tool designed to measure hospitals' communication and operational capabilities during a functional exercise. The study population included 154 hospital personnel representing nine hospitals that participated in a functional exercise in Massachusetts in June 2008. A 25-item questionnaire was developed to assess the following three hospital functional capabilities: (1) inter-agency communication; (2) communication with the public; and (3) disaster operations. Analyses were conducted to examine internal consistency, associations among scales, the empirical structure of the items, and inter-rater agreement. Twenty-two questions were retained in the final instrument, which demonstrated reliability with alpha coefficients of 0.83 or higher for all scales. A three-factor solution from the principal components analysis accounted for 57% of the total variance, and the factor structure was consistent with the original hypothesized domains. Inter-rater agreement between participants' self reported scores and external evaluators' scores ranged from moderate to good. The resulting 22-item performance measurement tool reliably measured hospital capabilities in a functional exercise setting, with preliminary evidence of concurrent and criterion-related validity.

  15. Quasi-Linear Circuit

    Bradley, William; Bird, Ross; Eldred, Dennis; Zook, Jon; Knowles, Gareth


    This work involved developing spacequalifiable switch mode DC/DC power supplies that improve performance with fewer components, and result in elimination of digital components and reduction in magnetics. This design is for missions where systems may be operating under extreme conditions, especially at elevated temperature levels from 200 to 300 degC. Prior art for radiation-tolerant DC/DC converters has been accomplished utilizing classical magnetic-based switch mode converter topologies; however, this requires specific shielding and component de-rating to meet the high-reliability specifications. It requires complex measurement and feedback components, and will not enable automatic re-optimization for larger changes in voltage supply or electrical loading condition. The innovation is a switch mode DC/DC power supply that eliminates the need for processors and most magnetics. It can provide a well-regulated voltage supply with a gain of 1:100 step-up to 8:1 step down, tolerating an up to 30% fluctuation of the voltage supply parameters. The circuit incorporates a ceramic core transformer in a manner that enables it to provide a well-regulated voltage output without use of any processor components or magnetic transformers. The circuit adjusts its internal parameters to re-optimize its performance for changes in supply voltage, environmental conditions, or electrical loading at the output

  16. Reliability of Modern Scores to Predict Long-Term Mortality After Isolated Aortic Valve Operations.

    Barili, Fabio; Pacini, Davide; D'Ovidio, Mariangela; Ventura, Martina; Alamanni, Francesco; Di Bartolomeo, Roberto; Grossi, Claudio; Davoli, Marina; Fusco, Danilo; Perucci, Carlo; Parolari, Alessandro


    Contemporary scores for estimating perioperative death have been proposed to also predict also long-term death. The aim of the study was to evaluate the performance of the updated European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation II, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Predicted Risk of Mortality score, and the Age, Creatinine, Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction score for predicting long-term mortality in a contemporary cohort of isolated aortic valve replacement (AVR). We also sought to develop for each score a simple algorithm based on predicted perioperative risk to predict long-term survival. Complete data on 1,444 patients who underwent isolated AVR in a 7-year period were retrieved from three prospective institutional databases and linked with the Italian Tax Register Information System. Data were evaluated with performance analyses and time-to-event semiparametric regression. Survival was 83.0% ± 1.1% at 5 years and 67.8 ± 1.9% at 8 years. Discrimination and calibration of all three scores both worsened for prediction of death at 1 year and 5 years. Nonetheless, a significant relationship was found between long-term survival and quartiles of scores (p < 0.0001). The estimated perioperative risk by each model was used to develop an algorithm to predict long-term death. The hazard ratios for death were 1.1 (95% confidence interval, 1.07 to 1.12) for European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation II, 1.34 (95% CI, 1.28 to 1.40) for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons score, and 1.08 (95% CI, 1.06 to 1.10) for the Age, Creatinine, Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction score. The predicted risk generated by European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation II, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons score, and Age, Creatinine, Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction scores cannot also be considered a direct estimate of the long-term risk for death. Nonetheless, the three scores can be used to derive an estimate of long-term risk of death in patients who undergo

  17. Parallelizing quantum circuit synthesis

    Di Matteo, Olivia; Mosca, Michele


    Quantum circuit synthesis is the process in which an arbitrary unitary operation is decomposed into a sequence of gates from a universal set, typically one which a quantum computer can implement both efficiently and fault-tolerantly. As physical implementations of quantum computers improve, the need is growing for tools which can effectively synthesize components of the circuits and algorithms they will run. Existing algorithms for exact, multi-qubit circuit synthesis scale exponentially in t...

  18. Structure for Improving Short-Circuit Capability and the Method for Protecting the IGBT Devices



    Full Text Available A short-circuit is a serious situation in a circuit. That is why the determination of the fault current during the operation of the IGBT requires suitable gestures in order to realise a better and reliable operation for the power converters. Thus, it is necessary to know the extreme operating limits for these devices since the use of the IGBT in power converters often subjects them to certain significant electric constraints such as, the short-circuit and the turn OFF on the inductive load. This paper presents then a means of protection for a safe and precise shutdown of the fault current in the device. This circuit allows the IGBT to operate without risks, and permits a reduction of the conduction losses in the device without compromising the characteristics of protection of the short-circuit.

  19. Feasibility Study of the PS Injection for 2 GeV LIU Beams with an Upgraded KFA-45 Injection Kicker System Operating in Short Circuit Mode

    Kramer, Thomas; Borburgh, Jan; Ducimetière, Laurent; Feliciano, Luis; Ferrero Colomo, Alvaro; Goddard, Brennan; Sermeus, Luc


    Under the scope of the LIU project the CERN PS Booster to PS beam transfer will be modified to match the requirements for the future 2 GeV beams. This paper describes the evaluation of the proposed upgrade of the PS injection kicker. Different schemes of an injection for LIU beams into the PS have been outlined in the past already under the aspect of individual transfer kicker rise and fall time performances. Homogeneous rise and fall time requirements in the whole PSB to PS transfer chain have been established which allowed to consider an upgrade option of the present injection kicker system operated in short circuit mode. The challenging pulse quality constraints require an improvement of the flat top and post pulse ripples. Both operation modes, terminated and short circuit mode are analysed and analogue circuit simulations for the present and upgraded system are outlined. Recent measurements on the installed kickers are presented and analysed together with the simulation data. First measurements verifying...

  20. Preliminary report of a gas conditioner to improve operational reliability of cryotherapy in developing countries

    Broekhuizen Fredrik


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cryotherapy is a safe, affordable, and effective method of treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. In some low-resource settings, environmental conditions or qualities of the refrigerant gas can lead to blockage of cryotherapy equipment, terminating treatment. A prototype of a gas conditioner to prevent operational failure was designed, built, and field tested. Methods The prototype conditioner device consists of an expansion chamber that filters and dries the refrigerant gas. Users in Peru and Kenya reported on their experience with the prototype conditioner. In Ghana, simulated cryotherapy procedures were used to test the effects of the prototype conditioner, as well as the commonly used "cough technique." Results Anecdotal reports from field use of the device were favorable. During simulated cryotherapy, the prevalence of blockage during freezing were 0% (0/25 with the device alone, 23.3% (7/30 with the cough technique alone, 5.9% (1/17 with both, and 55.2% (16/29 with neither (Pearson's Chi square = 26.6, df = 3, p Conclusion This prototype design of a cryotherapy gas conditioner is a potential solution for low-resource settings that are experiencing cryotherapy device malfunction.

  1. Operation of an InAs quantum-dot embedded GaAs photonic crystal slab waveguide laser by using two-photon pumping for photonics integrated circuits

    H. Oda


    Full Text Available The development of small sized laser operating above room temperature is important in the realization of optical integrated circuits. Recently, micro-lasers consisting of photonic crystals (PhCs and whispering gallery mode cavities have been demonstrated. Optically pumped laser devices could be easily designed using photonic crystal-slab waveguides (PhC-WGs with an air-bridge type structure. In this study, we observe lasing at 1.3μm from two-photon pumped InAs-quantum-dots embedded GaAs PhC-WGs above room temperature. This type of compact laser shows promise as a new light source in ultra-compact photonics integrated circuits.

  2. Design of ispPAC-based Humidity Sensor Signal Processing Circuits

    Duren Liu; Jin Liu; Zhichun Ren


    The widely used sensitive etements of humidity sensors can be divided into 3 types, i.e., resistor, capacitor, and electrolyte. Humidity sensors consisting of these sensitive elements have corresponding signal processing circuit unique to each type of sensitive elements. This paper presents an ispPAC (in-system programmable Programmable Analog Circuit)-based humidity sensor signal processing circuit designed with software method and implemented with in-system programmable simulators. Practical operation shows that humidity sensor signal processing circuits of this kind, exhibit stable and reliable performance.

  3. Factors in reliable treatment plant operation for the production of safe water.

    Hendry, Bruce A


    This contribution to the International Congress on Production of Safe Water, Izmir, Turkey, 20-24 January, 2009, relates to general aspects of a water supply undertaking rather than to particular technologies or chemistries for water treatment. The paper offers a "creative problem solving" approach following Fogler and LeBlanc (Strategies for creative problem solving. Prentice Hall, NJ, 1995) as a model for generating sustainable solutions when water quality and safety problems arise. Such a structured approach presents a systematic methodology that can promote communication and goal-sharing across the inter-related, but often isolated and dispersed, functions of water scientists and researchers, engineers, operations managers, government departments and communities. A problem-solving strategy, or "heuristic", invokes five main steps (define; generate; decide; implement; evaluate). Associated with each step are various creative and enabling techniques, many of which are quite familiar to us in one form or another, but which we can use more effectively in combination and through our increased awareness and practice. For example, taking a fresh view of a problem can be promoted by a variety of "lateral thinking" tools. First-hand investigation of a problem can trigger new thinking about the real problem and its origins. A good strategy implementation will always address each and every step (though not necessarily every possible technique) and will use them at various stages in the search for and implementation of solutions. The creative nature of our experience with a problem-solving heuristic develops our facility to cope better with complex formal situations, as well as with less formal or everyday problem situations. A few anecdotes are presented that illustrate some of the author's experiences relating to factors involved in safe water supply. Here, the term "factors" may signify people and organisations as agents, as well as meaning those aspects of a problem

  4. Are surgical scrubbing and pre-operative disinfection of the skin in orthopaedic surgery reliable?

    Salvi, M; Chelo, C; Caputo, F; Conte, M; Fontana, C; Peddis, G; Velluti, C


    This study attempts to establish the actual effectiveness of pre-surgical disinfection of the patient and surgeon's hands. We evaluated bacterial density and composition on the skin of 15 patients undergoing knee arthroscopy and the left hand of two surgeons after standard disinfection with povidone-iodine. Three samples were taken after the first 6-min scrub in the first surgical operation from the periungual space of the 1 degrees finger, from the interdigital space between the 2 degrees and 3 degrees fingers and from the transverse palmar crest of the left hand of two surgeons for seven consecutive surgical sessions, for a total of 42 samples, and two samples from the pre-patellar skin and from the popliteal skin of 15 patients undergoing knee arthroscopy, for a total of 30 samples. Pre-surgical handwashing and disinfection procedures were identical in each case. Pre-surgical disinfection of the patient's skin with povidone-iodine was shown to be completely effective, with 100% of samples negative. Samples taken from the interdigital space and the palmar crest (100% of samples negative) demonstrated the efficacy of disinfection of the surgeon's hands with povidone-iodine, while the periungual space was contaminated in 50% of the samples. The bacterial strains isolated belong to the staphylococcus genus in 100% of the cases, with pathogenic strains in 29.6% of the cases. Standard pre-surgical disinfection of skin in areas easily accessible to the disinfectant is sufficient in itself to guarantee thorough sanitization. Standard scrubbing of the surgeon's hands is insufficient in eliminating bacterial contamination, including pathogenic germs, in the periungual space, where it is probably difficult for the disinfectant to come into contact with the skin.

  5. Gallium Arsenide Domino Circuit

    Yang, Long; Long, Stephen I.


    Advantages include reduced power and high speed. Experimental gallium arsenide field-effect-transistor (FET) domino circuit replicated in large numbers for use in dynamic-logic systems. Name of circuit denotes mode of operation, which logic signals propagate from each stage to next when successive stages operated at slightly staggered clock cycles, in manner reminiscent of dominoes falling in a row. Building block of domino circuit includes input, inverter, and level-shifting substages. Combinational logic executed in input substage. During low half of clock cycle, result of logic operation transmitted to following stage.

  6. Accurate Switched-Voltage voltage averaging circuit

    金光, 一幸; 松本, 寛樹


    Abstract ###This paper proposes an accurate Switched-Voltage (SV) voltage averaging circuit. It is presented ###to compensated for NMOS missmatch error at MOS differential type voltage averaging circuit. ###The proposed circuit consists of a voltage averaging and a SV sample/hold (S/H) circuit. It can ###operate using nonoverlapping three phase clocks. Performance of this circuit is verified by PSpice ###simulations.

  7. Bag filters at biofuelled plants, reliability and economy of operation; Slangfilter vid bioeldade anlaeggningar, tillfoerlitlighet och driftsekonomi

    Lindau, Leif [SYCON Energikonsult, Malmoe (Sweden)


    The background to this work is the increased requirements on dust emission control for smaller (2-50 MW) biofuel plants in Sweden, where established technology consisting of multi cyclones cannot meet the emission demands, and where the specific cost of the large scale established technology (electrostatic precipitators) quickly increases with decreased plant size. Operational experience of bag filters on Swedish biofuel plants down to a size of 2 MW has been collected. The operational experience is remarkably uniform and positive and availability is high. Bag life, being the most important operational cost factor, is between two and eleven years. Most frequent material used is aramide, but also PPS is employed and the experience of both materials is good. The cost relation between bag filter (including an upstream skimmer) and electrostatic precipitator has been studied based on supplier quotations. Bag filter always has the lowest first cost. At one year bag life, the total cost of a bag filter is less than that for an electrostatic precipitator for plants smaller than 15 MW, and at more than one year's bag life, the bag filter has the lowest total cost for plants up to 50 MW. For plants smaller than 5-10 MW, the difference in total cost is very high. With some simple means for quality assurance of new bags, premature failure rate can be reduced. Following up cleaning interval and/or emission during operation time, gives information about the development of bag condition and necessary bag change can be foreseen. Since bag filters are more prone to damage by fire than electrostatic precipitators, the process of damage due to entrained sparks has been analysed based on practical observations and a thermal calculation. This consideration shows that this damage mode can be eliminated by an upstream skimmer having moderate but reliable performance. The result is well in coherence with the practical operational experience found that with an adequate skimmer

  8. Electronic devices and circuits

    Pridham, Gordon John


    Electronic Devices and Circuits, Volume 1 deals with the design and applications of electronic devices and circuits such as passive components, diodes, triodes and transistors, rectification and power supplies, amplifying circuits, electronic instruments, and oscillators. These topics are supported with introductory network theory and physics. This volume is comprised of nine chapters and begins by explaining the operation of resistive, inductive, and capacitive elements in direct and alternating current circuits. The theory for some of the expressions quoted in later chapters is presented. Th

  9. Analytical Solutions of the Electrical RLC Circuit via Liouville–Caputo Operators with Local and Non-Local Kernels

    José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar


    Full Text Available In this work we obtain analytical solutions for the electrical RLC circuit model defined with Liouville–Caputo, Caputo–Fabrizio and the new fractional derivative based in the Mittag-Leffler function. Numerical simulations of alternative models are presented for evaluating the effectiveness of these representations. Different source terms are considered in the fractional differential equations. The classical behaviors are recovered when the fractional order α is equal to 1.

  10. BiCMOS operational amplifier with precise and stable dc gain for high-frequency switched capacitor circuits

    Baschirotto, A.; Alini, R.; Castello, R.


    A novel approach in the design of high-frequency switched capacitor (SC) circuits is presented. It is based on the use of simple and fast amplifiers with low but precisely controlled gain value. The effect of the precisely known and stable opamp gain is compensated for by changing the capacitor values during the synthesis of the SC cell. An example of an opamp with these features and the synthesis of a biquadratic filter based on this approach are given.

  11. Monte Carlo study of the operation of GaN planar nanodiodes as sub-THz emitters in resonant circuits

    Vasallo, B. G.; Millithaler, J. F.; Íñiguez-de-la-Torre, I.; González, T.; Ducournau, G.; Gaquière, C.; Mateos, J.


    A study of the high-frequency performance of GaN-based asymmetric self-switching diodes (SSDs) designed for a room-temperature sub-THz Gunn emission, and connected to a resonant RLC parallel circuit, is reported. With the aim of facilitating the achievement and control of Gunn oscillations, which can potentially allow the emission of THz radiation by GaN SSDs, a time-domain Monte Carlo (MC) theoretical study is provided. The simulator has been validated by comparison with the I-V curves of similar fabricated structures, including the possibility of heating effects. A V-shaped SSD has been found to be more efficient than the square one in terms of the DC to AC conversion efficiency η. Indeed, according to our MC results, a value of η of at least 0.35% @ 270 GHz can be achieved for the V-shaped SSD at room temperature by using an adequate resonant circuit. This value can be increased up to 0.80%, even when considering the heating effects, with appropriate RLC elements. Furthermore, simulations show that when several diodes are fabricated in parallel in order to enhance the emitted power, there is no synchronization between the oscillations of all the SSDs; however, the phase-shift effects can be solved using a synchronized current injection by the attachment of a resonant circuit.

  12. Design modification for the modular helium reactor for higher temperature operation and reliability studies for nuclear hydrogen production processes

    Reza, S. M. Mohsin

    Design options have been evaluated for the Modular Helium Reactor (MHR) for higher temperature operation. An alternative configuration for the MHR coolant inlet flow path is developed to reduce the peak vessel temperature (PVT). The coolant inlet path is shifted from the annular path between reactor core barrel and vessel wall through the permanent side reflector (PSR). The number and dimensions of coolant holes are varied to optimize the pressure drop, the inlet velocity, and the percentage of graphite removed from the PSR to create this inlet path. With the removal of ˜10% of the graphite from PSR the PVT is reduced from 541°C to 421°C. A new design for the graphite block core has been evaluated and optimized to reduce the inlet coolant temperature with the aim of further reduction of PVT. The dimensions and number of fuel rods and coolant holes, and the triangular pitch have been changed and optimized. Different packing fractions for the new core design have been used to conserve the number of fuel particles. Thermal properties for the fuel elements are calculated and incorporated into these analyses. The inlet temperature, mass flow and bypass flow are optimized to limit the peak fuel temperature (PFT) within an acceptable range. Using both of these modifications together, the PVT is reduced to ˜350°C while keeping the outlet temperature at 950°C and maintaining the PFT within acceptable limits. The vessel and fuel temperatures during low pressure conduction cooldown and high pressure conduction cooldown transients are found to be well below the design limits. The reliability and availability studies for coupled nuclear hydrogen production processes based on the sulfur iodine thermochemical process and high temperature electrolysis process have been accomplished. The fault tree models for both these processes are developed. Using information obtained on system configuration, component failure probability, component repair time and system operating modes

  13. Crosstalk-free operation of multielement superconducting nanowire single-photon detector array integrated with single-flux-quantum circuit in a 0.1 W Gifford-McMahon cryocooler.

    Yamashita, Taro; Miki, Shigehito; Terai, Hirotaka; Makise, Kazumasa; Wang, Zhen


    We demonstrate the successful operation of a multielement superconducting nanowire single-photon detector (SSPD) array integrated with a single-flux-quantum (SFQ) readout circuit in a compact 0.1 W Gifford-McMahon cryocooler. A time-resolved readout technique, where output signals from each element enter the SFQ readout circuit with finite time intervals, revealed crosstalk-free operation of the four-element SSPD array connected with the SFQ readout circuit. The timing jitter and the system detection efficiency were measured to be 50 ps and 11.4%, respectively, which were comparable to the performance of practical single-pixel SSPD systems.

  14. Reliability prediction from burn-in data fit to reliability models

    Bernstein, Joseph


    This work will educate chip and system designers on a method for accurately predicting circuit and system reliability in order to estimate failures that will occur in the field as a function of operating conditions at the chip level. This book will combine the knowledge taught in many reliability publications and illustrate how to use the knowledge presented by the semiconductor manufacturing companies in combination with the HTOL end-of-life testing that is currently performed by the chip suppliers as part of their standard qualification procedure and make accurate reliability predictions. Th

  15. Sequential circuit design for radiation hardened multiple voltage integrated circuits

    Clark, Lawrence T.; McIver, III, John K.


    The present invention includes a radiation hardened sequential circuit, such as a bistable circuit, flip-flop or other suitable design that presents substantial immunity to ionizing radiation while simultaneously maintaining a low operating voltage. In one embodiment, the circuit includes a plurality of logic elements that operate on relatively low voltage, and a master and slave latches each having storage elements that operate on a relatively high voltage.

  16. Genetic circuit design automation.

    Nielsen, Alec A K; Der, Bryan S; Shin, Jonghyeon; Vaidyanathan, Prashant; Paralanov, Vanya; Strychalski, Elizabeth A; Ross, David; Densmore, Douglas; Voigt, Christopher A


    Computation can be performed in living cells by DNA-encoded circuits that process sensory information and control biological functions. Their construction is time-intensive, requiring manual part assembly and balancing of regulator expression. We describe a design environment, Cello, in which a user writes Verilog code that is automatically transformed into a DNA sequence. Algorithms build a circuit diagram, assign and connect gates, and simulate performance. Reliable circuit design requires the insulation of gates from genetic context, so that they function identically when used in different circuits. We used Cello to design 60 circuits forEscherichia coli(880,000 base pairs of DNA), for which each DNA sequence was built as predicted by the software with no additional tuning. Of these, 45 circuits performed correctly in every output state (up to 10 regulators and 55 parts), and across all circuits 92% of the output states functioned as predicted. Design automation simplifies the incorporation of genetic circuits into biotechnology projects that require decision-making, control, sensing, or spatial organization.

  17. Effects of smoke on functional circuits

    Tanaka, T.J.


    Nuclear power plants are converting to digital instrumentation and control systems; however, the effects of abnormal environments such as fire and smoke on such systems are not known. There are no standard tests for smoke, but previous smoke exposure tests at Sandia National Laboratories have shown that digital communications can be temporarily interrupted during a smoke exposure. Another concern is the long-term corrosion of metals exposed to the acidic gases produced by a cable fire. This report documents measurements of basic functional circuits during and up to 1 day after exposure to smoke created by burning cable insulation. Printed wiring boards were exposed to the smoke in an enclosed chamber for 1 hour. For high-resistance circuits, the smoke lowered the resistance of the surface of the board and caused the circuits to short during the exposure. These circuits recovered after the smoke was vented. For low-resistance circuits, the smoke caused their resistance to increase slightly. A polyurethane conformal coating substantially reduced the effects of smoke. A high-speed digital circuit was unaffected. A second experiment on different logic chip technologies showed that the critical shunt resistance that would cause failure was dependent on the chip technology and that the components used in the smoke exposures were some of the most smoke tolerant. The smoke densities in these tests were high enough to cause changes in high impedance (resistance) circuits during exposure, but did not affect most of the other circuits. Conformal coatings and the characteristics of chip technologies should be considered when designing circuitry for nuclear power plant safety systems, which must be highly reliable under a variety of operating and accident conditions. 10 refs., 34 figs., 18 tabs.


    Suchitporn Lersilp


    Full Text Available The Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children (DOTCA-Ch is a tool for finding out about cognitive problems in school-aged children. However, the DOTCA-Ch was developed in English for Western children. For this reason, it’s not appropriate for Thai children because of the differences of culture and language. The objectives of this study were aimed at translating the DOTCA-Ch in Orientation, Spatial Perception, and Thinking Operations subtests to a Thai version with a World Health Organization back-translation process, and to examine its internal consistency, inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability. The participants consisted of 38 intellectually impaired and learning disabled individuals between the ages of 6–12. Results from this study revealed high internal consistency in the Orientation subtest (α=.83 Spatial Perception subtest (α=.82 and Thinking Operations subtest (α=.82, high inter-rater reliability in the Orientation subtest (ICC =.83, Spatial Perception subtest (ICC =.84 and Thinking Operations subtest (ICC =.74 and high test-retest reliability in the Orientation subtest (ICC =.84 Spatial Perception subtest (ICC =.86 and Thinking Operations subtest (ICC =.85. These results indicate that the Thai version of the DOTCA-Ch in Orientation, Spatial Perception, and Thinking Operations subtests  might be used as an appropriate assessment tool for Thai children, based on psychometric evidence including internal consistency, inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability. However, additional study of other psychometric properties, including, predictive validity, concurrent reliability, and inter-rater reliability during the mediation process of this assessment tool needs to be carried out.


    Strong, G.H.; Faught, M.L.


    A device for safety rod counting in a nuclear reactor is described. A Wheatstone bridge circuit is adapted to prevent de-energizing the hopper coils of a ball backup system if safety rods, sufficient in total control effect, properly enter the reactor core to effect shut down. A plurality of resistances form one arm of the bridge, each resistance being associated with a particular safety rod and weighted in value according to the control effect of the particular safety rod. Switching means are used to switch each of the resistances in and out of the bridge circuit responsive to the presence of a particular safety rod in its effective position in the reactor core and responsive to the attainment of a predetermined velocity by a particular safety rod enroute to its effective position. The bridge is unbalanced in one direction during normal reactor operation prior to the generation of a scram signal and the switching means and resistances are adapted to unbalance the bridge in the opposite direction if the safety rods produce a predetermined amount of control effect in response to the scram signal. The bridge unbalance reversal is then utilized to prevent the actuation of the ball backup system, or, conversely, a failure of the safety rods to produce the predetermined effect produces no unbalance reversal and the ball backup system is actuated. (AEC)

  20. Modeling of humidity-related reliability in enclosures with electronics

    Hygum, Morten Arnfeldt; Popok, Vladimir


    Reliability of electronics that operate outdoor is strongly affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Fluctuations of these parameters can lead to water condensation inside enclosures. Therefore, modelling of humidity distribution in a container with air and freely exposed...... to predict humidity-related reliability of a printed circuit board (PCB) located in a cabinet by combining structural reliability methods and non-linear diffusion models. This framework can, thus, be used for reliability prediction from a climatic point-of-view. The proposed numerical approach is then tested...

  1. EMU test operation reliability statistics and evaluation%动车组试运营可靠性数据统计与评估

    李庭芳; 李敬雅; 夏丹锋; 周汛


      介绍了动车组试运营可靠性数据的来源、故障等级和可靠性指标的定义,通过开展可靠性统计和评估,发现产品的薄弱环节,再经过采取可靠性闭合管理,最终实现了可靠性的目标。%This paper introduces the EMU test operation reliability data source ,fault level and reliability index is defined ,by carrying out the reliability statistics and evaluation ,found product of the weak links ,and then by taking the reliability of closed management ,fi-nally achieve the reliability target .

  2. Current regulators for I/SUP 2/L circuits to be operated from low-voltage power supplies

    Bruun, Erik; Hansen, Ole


    A new bandgap current reference is described which can be used to control the injector current of I/SUP 2/L circuits for supply voltages down to about 1 V. For small currents the total injector current is obtained as a mirror of the reference current. For large injector currents the current control...... is performed by a series regulator which compares the injector current of one I/SUP 2/L gate to the reference current. The described reference current can be adjusted to give a variation with temperature of about 60 ppm/°C over the temperature range -10 to +70°C. However, in some applications a nonzero......, but well controlled temperature coefficient is desired. It is shown how a temperature stable ring oscillator with I/SUP 2/L gates can be constructed by tailoring the temperature dependence of the supply current appropriately....

  3. Inkjet printed circuits based on ambipolar and p-type carbon nanotube thin-film transistors

    Kim, Bongjun; Geier, Michael L.; Hersam, Mark C.; Dodabalapur, Ananth


    Ambipolar and p-type single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are reliably integrated into various complementary-like circuits on the same substrate by inkjet printing. We describe the fabrication and characteristics of inverters, ring oscillators, and NAND gates based on complementary-like circuits fabricated with such TFTs as building blocks. We also show that complementary-like circuits have potential use as chemical sensors in ambient conditions since changes to the TFT characteristics of the p-channel TFTs in the circuit alter the overall operating characteristics of the circuit. The use of circuits rather than individual devices as sensors integrates sensing and signal processing functions, thereby simplifying overall system design.

  4. Inkjet printed circuits based on ambipolar and p-type carbon nanotube thin-film transistors

    Kim, Bongjun; Geier, Michael L.; Hersam, Mark C.; Dodabalapur, Ananth


    Ambipolar and p-type single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are reliably integrated into various complementary-like circuits on the same substrate by inkjet printing. We describe the fabrication and characteristics of inverters, ring oscillators, and NAND gates based on complementary-like circuits fabricated with such TFTs as building blocks. We also show that complementary-like circuits have potential use as chemical sensors in ambient conditions since changes to the TFT characteristics of the p-channel TFTs in the circuit alter the overall operating characteristics of the circuit. The use of circuits rather than individual devices as sensors integrates sensing and signal processing functions, thereby simplifying overall system design. PMID:28145438

  5. Inkjet printed circuits based on ambipolar and p-type carbon nanotube thin-film transistors.

    Kim, Bongjun; Geier, Michael L; Hersam, Mark C; Dodabalapur, Ananth


    Ambipolar and p-type single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are reliably integrated into various complementary-like circuits on the same substrate by inkjet printing. We describe the fabrication and characteristics of inverters, ring oscillators, and NAND gates based on complementary-like circuits fabricated with such TFTs as building blocks. We also show that complementary-like circuits have potential use as chemical sensors in ambient conditions since changes to the TFT characteristics of the p-channel TFTs in the circuit alter the overall operating characteristics of the circuit. The use of circuits rather than individual devices as sensors integrates sensing and signal processing functions, thereby simplifying overall system design.

  6. Proof-of-Concept Demonstrations for Computation-Based Human Reliability Analysis. Modeling Operator Performance During Flooding Scenarios

    Joe, Jeffrey Clark [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Boring, Ronald Laurids [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Herberger, Sarah Elizabeth Marie [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Mandelli, Diego [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Smith, Curtis Lee [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    The United States (U.S.) Department of Energy (DOE) Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) program has the overall objective to help sustain the existing commercial nuclear power plants (NPPs). To accomplish this program objective, there are multiple LWRS “pathways,” or research and development (R&D) focus areas. One LWRS focus area is called the Risk-Informed Safety Margin and Characterization (RISMC) pathway. Initial efforts under this pathway to combine probabilistic and plant multi-physics models to quantify safety margins and support business decisions also included HRA, but in a somewhat simplified manner. HRA experts at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) have been collaborating with other experts to develop a computational HRA approach, called the Human Unimodel for Nuclear Technology to Enhance Reliability (HUNTER), for inclusion into the RISMC framework. The basic premise of this research is to leverage applicable computational techniques, namely simulation and modeling, to develop and then, using RAVEN as a controller, seamlessly integrate virtual operator models (HUNTER) with 1) the dynamic computational MOOSE runtime environment that includes a full-scope plant model, and 2) the RISMC framework PRA models already in use. The HUNTER computational HRA approach is a hybrid approach that leverages past work from cognitive psychology, human performance modeling, and HRA, but it is also a significant departure from existing static and even dynamic HRA methods. This report is divided into five chapters that cover the development of an external flooding event test case and associated statistical modeling considerations.

  7. 7800系列三端固定集成稳压器应用电路的可靠性设计%Reliability Design of Application Circuit for 7800 Series Three Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator


    The article introduced the working principle for 7800 series three terminal posi-tive voltage regulator. At the same time, based on the statistic fault data of three terminal positive voltage regulator, it can be classified for five kind fault characteristics. And com-bining the working principle of 7800 series and energy characteristics of the power supply, the five kind of the fault characteristics were analyzed. Finally, the article presented the methods for reliability design of application circuit for 7800 series three terminal positive voltage regulator. The methods are simple to use and have high reliability, and verified in application.%  简介:本文介绍了7800系列三端固定集成稳压器的工作原理。同时根据已统计的三端固定集成稳压器故障数据,归类于五种故障特征,并结合7800系列的工作原理和电源的能量特征对这五种故障进行了分析。最后给出7800系列三端固定集成稳压器应用电路的可靠性设计的方法。这些方法简单实效,且可靠性强,已得到了实际应用验证。

  8. Lower Bounds for Tropical Circuits and Dynamic Programs

    Jukna, Stasys


    Tropical circuits are circuits with Min and Plus, or Max and Plus operations as gates. Their importance stems from their intimate relation to dynamic programming algorithms. The power of tropical circuits lies somewhere between that of monotone boolean circuits and monotone arithmetic circuits. In this paper we present some lower bounds arguments for tropical circuits, and hence, for dynamic programs.

  9. Accelerated Wafer-Level Integrated Circuit Reliability Testing for Electromigration in Metal Interconnects with Enhanced Thermal Modeling, Structure Design, Control of Stress, and Experimental Measurements.

    Shih, Chih-Ching

    Wafer-level electromigration tests have been developed recently to fulfill the need for rapid testing in integrated circuit production facilities. We have developed an improved thermal model-TEARS (Thermal Energy Accounts for the Resistance of the System) that supports these tests. Our model is enhanced by treatments for determination of the thermal conductivity of metal, K_{m}, heat sinking effects of the voltage probes and current lead terminations, and thermoelectric power. Our TEARS analysis of multi-element SWEAT (Standard Wafer-level Electromigration Acceleration Test) structures yields design criteria for the length of current injection leads and choice of voltage probe locations to isolate test units from the heat sinking effect of current lead terminations. This also provides greater insight into the current for thermal runaway. From our TEARS model and Black's equation for lifetime prediction, we have developed an algorithm for a fast and accurate control of stress in SWEAT tests. We have developed a lookup table approach for precise electromigration characterizations without complicated calculations. It decides the peak temperature in the metal, T_ {max}, and the thermal conductivity of the insulator, K_{i}, from an experimental resistance measurement at a given current. We introduce a characteristic temperature, T _{EO}, which is much simpler to use than conventional temperature coefficient of the electrical resistivity of metal for calibration and transfer of calibration data of metallic films as their own temperature sensors. The use of T_{EO} also allows us to establish system specifications for a desirable accuracy in temperature measurement. Our experimental results are the first to show the effects of series elemental SWEAT units on the system failure distribution, spatial failure distribution in SWEAT structures, and bimodal distributions for straight-line structures. The adaptive approach of our TEARS based SWEAT test decides the value of Black

  10. Plasmonic Nanoguides and Circuits

    Bozhevolnyi, Sergey


    Modern communication systems dealing with huge amounts of data at ever increasing speed try to utilize the best aspects of electronic and optical circuits. Electronic circuits are tiny but their operation speed is limited, whereas optical circuits are extremely fast but their sizes are limited by diffraction. Waveguide components utilizing surface plasmon (SP) modes were found to combine the huge optical bandwidth and compactness of electronics, and plasmonics thereby began to be considered as the next chip-scale technology. In this book, the authors concentrate on the SP waveguide configurati

  11. Crystalline-silicon reliability lessons for thin-film modules

    Ross, R. G., Jr.


    The reliability of crystalline silicon modules has been brought to a high level with lifetimes approaching 20 years, and excellent industry credibility and user satisfaction. The transition from crystalline modules to thin film modules is comparable to the transition from discrete transistors to integrated circuits. New cell materials and monolithic structures will require new device processing techniques, but the package function and design will evolve to a lesser extent. Although there will be new encapsulants optimized to take advantage of the mechanical flexibility and low temperature processing features of thin films, the reliability and life degradation stresses and mechanisms will remain mostly unchanged. Key reliability technologies in common between crystalline and thin film modules include hot spot heating, galvanic and electrochemical corrosion, hail impact stresses, glass breakage, mechanical fatigue, photothermal degradation of encapsulants, operating temperature, moisture sorption, circuit design strategies, product safety issues, and the process required to achieve a reliable product from a laboratory prototype.

  12. Transcription factors Mat2 and Znf2 operate cellular circuits orchestrating opposite- and same-sex mating in Cryptococcus neoformans.

    Xiaorong Lin


    Full Text Available Cryptococcus neoformans is a human fungal pathogen that undergoes a dimorphic transition from a unicellular yeast to multicellular hyphae during opposite sex (mating and unisexual reproduction (same-sex mating. Opposite- and same-sex mating are induced by similar environmental conditions and involve many shared components, including the conserved pheromone sensing Cpk1 MAPK signal transduction cascade that governs the dimorphic switch in C. neoformans. However, the homeodomain cell identity proteins Sxi1alpha/Sxi2a encoded by the mating type locus that are essential for completion of sexual reproduction following cell-cell fusion during opposite-sex mating are dispensable for same-sex mating. Therefore, identification of downstream targets of the Cpk1 MAPK pathway holds the key to understanding molecular mechanisms governing the two distinct developmental fates. Thus far, homology-based approaches failed to identify downstream transcription factors which may therefore be species-specific. Here, we applied insertional mutagenesis via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and transcription analysis using whole genome microarrays to identify factors involved in C. neoformans differentiation. Two transcription factors, Mat2 and Znf2, were identified as key regulators of hyphal growth during same- and opposite-sex mating. Mat2 is an HMG domain factor, and Znf2 is a zinc finger protein; neither is encoded by the mating type locus. Genetic, phenotypic, and transcriptional analyses of Mat2 and Znf2 provide evidence that Mat2 is a downstream transcription factor of the Cpk1 MAPK pathway whereas Znf2 functions as a more terminal hyphal morphogenesis determinant. Although the components of the MAPK pathway including Mat2 are not required for virulence in animal models, Znf2, as a hyphal morphology determinant, is a negative regulator of virulence. Further characterization of these elements and their target circuits will reveal genes controlling biological

  13. Travelling-wave single-photon detectors integrated with diamond photonic circuits - operation at visible and telecom wavelengths with a timing jitter down to 23 ps

    Rath, Patrik; Kovalyuk, Vadim; Ferrari, Simone; Kahl, Oliver; Nebel, Christoph; Goltsman, Gregory N; Korneev, Alexander; Pernice, Wolfram H P


    We report on the design, fabrication and measurement of travelling-wave superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) integrated with polycrystalline diamond photonic circuits. We analyze their performance both in the near-infrared wavelength regime around 1600 nm and at 765 nm. Near-IR detection is important for compatibility with the telecommunication infrastructure, while operation in the visible wavelength range is relevant for compatibility with the emission line of silicon vacancy centers in diamond which can be used as efficient single-photon sources. Our detectors feature high critical currents (up to 31 {\\mu}A) and high performance in terms of efficiency (up to 74% at 765 nm), noise-equivalent power (down to 4.4*10^-19 W/(Hz^1/2) at 765 nm) and timing jitter (down to 23 ps).

  14. Operation circuits of emissive probes for determination of potentials in discharge plasmas; Circuitos de operacao de sondas emissivas para a determinacao de potenciais em plasmas de descargas eletricas

    Petraconi, G.; Maciel, H.S.; Borges, C. [Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Inst. Tecnologico de Aeronautica. Lab. de Plasmas e Processos


    In this paper two circuits for plasma potential measurement are presented. The first one is an emissive probe control circuit for fast probe characteristics reading. The second one is a differential emissive probe control circuit that adjusts the bias voltage automatically and allows a direct potential measurement. These circuits present inconveniences if the characteristic of the probe does not exhibit an ideal saturation of the current as show the results obtained in continuous current discharge and RF discharge. (author)

  15. Operating Value Out-Of-Limit Problem Analysis of Relaying Protection Jumping Circuit%继电保护直跳回路动作值越限问题分析

    张锋; 马全霞; 范冬冬


    According to the counter-measures requirements of the jumping circuit, this paper designed a kind of typical jumping circuit including starting power resistor circuit, tripping circuit and time delaying anti-alternating current circuit. Taking the jump-ing circuit for example, this paper analyzed causes of two operating value out-of-limit events and gave the corresponding counter-measures, which provides references for the abnormal phenomena analysis and disposal of the analogy jumping circuits.%根据直跳回路的反措要求,设计了一种典型的直跳回路,该直跳回路包括启动功率电阻回路、跳闸回路及延时、防止交流回路,以该直跳回路为例,分析了两起动作值越限事件产生的原因并给出了应对措施,为类似直跳回路异常现象分析与处理提供了参考。

  16. Transient Studies in Large Offshore Wind Farms, Tak-ing Into Account Network/Circuit Breaker Interaction

    Glasdam, Jakob; Bak, Claus Leth; Hjerrild, Jesper;


    to ensure reliable switching operations. Transient measurement results in an OWF are compared with simulation results in PSCAD EMTDC and DigSILENT Power Factory, where a user-defined model of the vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) is included, capable of simulating multiple prestrikes during the closing operation...

  17. Active filter based on operational amplifier circuit simulation and research%基于运算放大器的有源滤波器电路仿真研究

    张科; 蒲娟


    为降低模拟采样前置电路的噪声,文章用集成运算放大器分别设计了低通滤波器,高通滤波器和带通滤波器电路三种电路,并用Multisim 12软件分别对这些电路进行了仿真并分析了电路各项指标和特点。%In order to reducing the noise of the analog front end circuit sampling, the authors use the integrated operational amplifier design respectively low-pass filter, high-pass filter and bandpass filter circuit, and software Multisim 12 of these circuits are simulated and analyzed respectively circuit and characteristics of the indicators.

  18. The modernisation of the hoisting machine control systems in terms of the problems related to the operation reliability

    Pytel, B. [Knurow Colliery, Knurow (Poland)


    After outlining the importance of hoisting reliability, the paper presents methods for improving reliability by implementing redundancy techniques. The study covers software redundancy as well as static, dynamic and hybrid redundancy. On the basis of presented material, some of the issues that should be taken into consideration at the initial stage of the negotiations with companies which offer these systems to the potential user of the computer control system of hoisting machines are indicated. 5 refs., 6 figs.

  19. Resonance circuits for adiabatic circuits

    C. Schlachta


    Full Text Available One of the possible techniques to reduces the power consumption in digital CMOS circuits is to slow down the charge transport. This slowdown can be achieved by introducing an inductor in the charging path. Additionally, the inductor can act as an energy storage element, conserving the energy that is normally dissipated during discharging. Together with the parasitic capacitances from the circuit a LCresonant circuit is formed.

  20. Analysis on reliability of ZPW-2000A track circuit based on FMEA and FTA%基于FMEA和FTA的ZPW-2000A轨道电路可靠性分析

    王文斌; 苏宏升


    According to the reliability issues of ZPW-2000A type jointless audio frequency-shift modulated track circuit system, the method of combining Failure Modes and Effect Analysis(FMEA)and Fault Tree Analysis(FTA)is proposed for research and analysis of the system reliability. The system is analyzed and defined, and the FMEA table is completed. All possible failure modes, failure effects, fault detection methods and remedial measures are obtained. The fault tree is built. The minimal cut sets of the fault tree are got, and the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the fault tree are conducted. The weak links of the sys-tem are located by qualitative analysis. The fail probability of roof events, important degree of each minimal cut sets and reliabil-ity index are gained through the quantitative analysis. The validity of the reliability analysis method is verified by comparison with the relevant technical requirements.%针对ZPW-2000A型无绝缘移频轨道电路系统的可靠性问题,提出采用故障模式影响分析(FMEA)和故障树分析(FTA)相结合的方法,对系统进行可靠性研究和分析。通过对系统分析和定义,建立故障模式影响分析表,找出所有可能的故障模式、故障后果、故障检测方法和补救措施等,在此基础上建立系统故障树,求取最小割集,进行定性和定量分析。定性分析判定系统的薄弱环节,定量分析计算顶事件的故障概率、各最小割集的重要度及系统的可靠性指标,通过与相关技术规定比较,验证了该可靠性分析方法的有效性。

  1. Interferometric wavelength converter operating at 10 Gb/s based on a monolithic-integrated photonic circuit

    Rigo, C.; Coriasso, C.; Campi, D.; Stano, A.; Cacciatore, C.; Re, D.; Fornuto, G.; Soldani, D.; De Franceschi, R.; Ghiglieno, F.; Vallone, M.; Valenti, P.; Zucchelli, L.; Lupo, S.; Gambini, P.


    In this work we present a wavelength converter based on a Michelson interferometer. It is obtained by monolithic integration of two-semiconductor optical amplifiers with a passive waveguided X-coupler, incorporating turning mirrors. It operates in the 1.55 μm spectral window and allows the wavelength conversion of data streams up to 10 Gb/s, showing open-eye diagrams and extinction-ratio regeneration capabilities. Comparison of two structures with different active layers and their influence on the polarization sensitivity is also presented.

  2. Energy efficient circuit design using nanoelectromechanical relays

    Venkatasubramanian, Ramakrishnan

    Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays are a promising class of emerging devices that offer zero off-state leakage and behave like an ideal switch. Recent advances in planar fabrication technology have demonstrated that microelectromechanical (MEMS) scale miniature relays could be manufactured reliably and could be used to build fully functional, complex integrated circuits. The zero leakage operation of relays has renewed the interest in relay based low power logic design. This dissertation explores circuit architectures using NEM relays and NEMS-CMOS heterogeneous integration. Novel circuit topologies for sequential logic, memory, and power management circuits have been proposed taking into consideration the NEM relay device properties and optimizing for energy efficiency and area. In nanoscale electromechanical devices, dispersion forces like Van der Waals' force (vdW) affect the pull-in stability of the relay devices significantly. Verilog-A electromechanical model of the suspended gate relay operating at 1V with a nominal air gap of 5 - 10nm has been developed taking into account all the electrical, mechanical and dispersion effects. This dissertation explores different relay based latch and flip-flop topologies. It has been shown that as few as 4 relay cells could be used to build flip-flops. An integrated voltage doubler based flip flop that improves the performance by 2X by overdriving Vgb has been proposed. Three NEM relay based parallel readout memory bitcell architectures have been proposed that have faster access time, and remove the reliability issues associated with previously reported serial readout architectures. A paradigm shift in design of power switches using NEM relays is proposed. An interesting property of the relay device is that the ON state resistance (Ron) of the NEM relay switch is constant and is insensitive to the gate slew rate. This coupled with infinite OFF state resistance (Roff ) offers significant area and power advantages over CMOS

  3. Contribution to the electrothermal simulation in power electronics. Development of a simulation methodology applied to switching circuits under variable operating conditions; Contribution a la simulation electrothermique en electronique de puissance. Developpement d`une methode de simulation pour circuits de commutation soumis a des commandes variables

    Vales, P.


    In modern hybrid or monolithic integrated power circuits, electrothermal effects can no longer be ignored. A methodology is proposed in order to simulate electrothermal effects in power circuits, with a significant reduction of the computation time while taking into account electrical and thermal time constants which are usually widely different. A supervising program, written in Fortran, uses system call sequences and manages an interactive dialog between a fast thermal simulator and a general electrical simulator. This explicit coupling process between two specific simulators requires a multi-task operating system. The developed software allows for the prediction of the electrothermal power dissipation drift in the active areas of components, and the prediction of thermally-induced coupling effects between adjacent components. An application to the study of hard switching circuits working under variable operating conditions is presented

  4. Reliability of fluid systems

    Kopáček Jaroslav


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the importance of detection reliability, especially in complex fluid systems for demanding production technology. The initial criterion for assessing the reliability is the failure of object (element, which is seen as a random variable and their data (values can be processed using by the mathematical methods of theory probability and statistics. They are defined the basic indicators of reliability and their applications in calculations of serial, parallel and backed-up systems. For illustration, there are calculation examples of indicators of reliability for various elements of the system and for the selected pneumatic circuit.

  5. Operational amplifiers

    Dostal, Jiri


    This book provides the reader with the practical knowledge necessary to select and use operational amplifier devices. It presents an extensive treatment of applications and a practically oriented, unified theory of operational circuits.Provides the reader with practical knowledge necessary to select and use operational amplifier devices. Presents an extensive treatment of applications and a practically oriented, unified theory of operational circuits

  6. Inter-operator Reliability of Magnetic Resonance Image-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics Prediction of Cerebrospinal Fluid Motion in the Cervical Spine.

    Martin, Bryn A; Yiallourou, Theresia I; Pahlavian, Soroush Heidari; Thyagaraj, Suraj; Bunck, Alexander C; Loth, Francis; Sheffer, Daniel B; Kröger, Jan Robert; Stergiopulos, Nikolaos


    For the first time, inter-operator dependence of MRI based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the cervical spinal subarachnoid space (SSS) is evaluated. In vivo MRI flow measurements and anatomy MRI images were obtained at the cervico-medullary junction of a healthy subject and a Chiari I malformation patient. 3D anatomies of the SSS were reconstructed by manual segmentation by four independent operators for both cases. CFD results were compared at nine axial locations along the SSS in terms of hydrodynamic and geometric parameters. Intraclass correlation (ICC) assessed the inter-operator agreement for each parameter over the axial locations and coefficient of variance (CV) compared the percentage of variance for each parameter between the operators. Greater operator dependence was found for the patient (0.19 0.78). For the healthy subject, hydraulic diameter and Womersley number had the least variance (CV = ~2%). For the patient, peak diastolic velocity and Reynolds number had the smallest variance (CV = ~3%). These results show a high degree of inter-operator reliability for MRI-based CFD simulations of CSF flow in the cervical spine for healthy subjects and a lower degree of reliability for patients with Type I Chiari malformation.


    Merrill, L.C.


    Control circuits for vacuum tubes are described, and a binary counter having an improved trigger circuit is reported. The salient feature of the binary counter is the application of the input signal to the cathode of each of two vacuum tubes through separate capacitors and the connection of each cathode to ground through separate diodes. The control of the binary counter is achieved in this manner without special pulse shaping of the input signal. A further advantage of the circuit is the simplicity and minimum nuruber of components required, making its use particularly desirable in computer machines.

  8. Toward feasible, valid, and reliable video-based assessments of technical surgical skills in the operating room

    Aggarwal, R.; Grantcharov, T.; Moorthy, K.


    Objective: To determine the feasibility, validity, inter-rater, and intertest reliability of 4 previously published video-based rating scales, for technical skills assessment on a benchmark laparoscopic procedure. Summary Background Data: Assessment of technical skills is crucial to the demonstra...

  9. Operation safety of complex industrial systems. Forward-looking analysis and reliability databases; Surete de fonctionnement des systemes industriels complexes. Analyse previsionnelle et bases de donnees de fiabilite

    Zwingelstein, G


    The forward-looking analysis of systems failure consists in identifying the conditions that may lead to failures and to foresee their consequences on the reliability, maintainability, availability and safety of systems at the design stage or at the operation stage. It is performed from various information, the selection and analysis of which allows to design a system model. The essential information is: a description of the real system (physical and functional structures), the characteristics of the system components and of the interactions between them (failure modes and their consequences), the relations between the system and its environment, and the consideration of human errors at the exploitation step. Content: 1 - steps of an operation safety analysis; 2 - functional analysis methods: FAST, RELIASEP, SADT, IDEFO, APTE and other methods; 3 - Forward-looking analysis methods: qualitative methods, mixed and quantitative methods, human factors; 4 - reliability databases. (J.S.)

  10. Safety instrumented systems in the oil and gas industry : Concepts and methods for safety and reliability assessments in design and operation

    Lundteigen, Mary Ann


    This thesis proposes new methods and gives new insight to safety and reliability assessments of safety instrumented systems (SISs). These systems play an important role in many industry sectors and are used to detect the onset of hazardous events and mitigate their consequences to humans, the environment, and material assets. The thesis focuses on SIS applications in the oil and gas industry. Here, the SIS must respond to hazardous events such as gas leakages, fires, and over pressurization. Because there are personnel onboard the oil and gas installations, the operations take place in a vulnerable marine environment, and substantial values are associated with the offshore facilities, the reliability of SIS is of great concern to the public, the authorities, and the plant owners. The objective of this project has been to identify some of the key factors that influence the SIS reliability, clarify their effects on reliability, and suggest means to improve the treatment of these factors in safety and reliability assessments in design and operation. The project builds on concepts, methods, and definitions in two key standards for SIS design, construction, and operation: IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. The main contributions from this project are: A product development model that integrates reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS) requirements with product development. The contributions have been presented in ten articles, five published in international journals, two submitted for publication, and three presented at conferences and in conference proceedings. The contributions are also directed to the industry and the actors that are involved in SIS design, construction, and operation. Even if the oil and gas industry is the main focus area, the results may be relevant for other industry sectors as well. SIS manufacturers and SIS designers face a large number of requirements from authorities, oil companies, international standards, and so on. At the same

  11. Safety instrumented systems in the oil and gas industry : Concepts and methods for safety and reliability assessments in design and operation

    Lundteigen, Mary Ann


    This thesis proposes new methods and gives new insight to safety and reliability assessments of safety instrumented systems (SISs). These systems play an important role in many industry sectors and are used to detect the onset of hazardous events and mitigate their consequences to humans, the environment, and material assets. The thesis focuses on SIS applications in the oil and gas industry. Here, the SIS must respond to hazardous events such as gas leakages, fires, and over pressurization. Because there are personnel onboard the oil and gas installations, the operations take place in a vulnerable marine environment, and substantial values are associated with the offshore facilities, the reliability of SIS is of great concern to the public, the authorities, and the plant owners. The objective of this project has been to identify some of the key factors that influence the SIS reliability, clarify their effects on reliability, and suggest means to improve the treatment of these factors in safety and reliability assessments in design and operation. The project builds on concepts, methods, and definitions in two key standards for SIS design, construction, and operation: IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. The main contributions from this project are: A product development model that integrates reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS) requirements with product development. The contributions have been presented in ten articles, five published in international journals, two submitted for publication, and three presented at conferences and in conference proceedings. The contributions are also directed to the industry and the actors that are involved in SIS design, construction, and operation. Even if the oil and gas industry is the main focus area, the results may be relevant for other industry sectors as well. SIS manufacturers and SIS designers face a large number of requirements from authorities, oil companies, international standards, and so on. At the same

  12. On-line Monitoring System based on Vibration Signal of High Voltage Circuit Breaker

    Chao Fu


    Full Text Available High voltage circuit breaker is one of the most important switch apparatus in electrical power system. It play a role in the switch control, which can be used to switch the operating mode during normal operation (the equipment run or quit. In order to ensure the normal operation of the grid, it can be removed quickly when a malfunction on the device or circuit. Real-time online monitoring of high voltage circuit breaker can understand the running status, master the operation characteristics and its tend of development. As early as possible find the potential faults then take preventive measures timely, so as to ensure the reliable operation of power system. Online monitoring of high voltage circuit breakers can reduce the premature or unnecessary maintenance and maintenance cost, improve pertinence of the maintenance firstly. Secondly, it can improve the life of the switching device and improve the reliability of electric power system significantly. In this paper, on-line monitoring system based on vibration signal of high voltage circuit breaker is presented

  13. Circuit design on plastic foils

    Raiteri, Daniele; Roermund, Arthur H M


    This book illustrates a variety of circuit designs on plastic foils and provides all the information needed to undertake successful designs in large-area electronics.  The authors demonstrate architectural, circuit, layout, and device solutions and explain the reasons and the creative process behind each. Readers will learn how to keep under control large-area technologies and achieve robust, reliable circuit designs that can face the challenges imposed by low-cost low-temperature high-throughput manufacturing.   • Discusses implications of problems associated with large-area electronics and compares them to standard silicon; • Provides the basis for understanding physics and modeling of disordered material; • Includes guidelines to quickly setup the basic CAD tools enabling efficient and reliable designs; • Illustrates practical solutions to cope with hard/soft faults, variability, mismatch, aging and bias stress at architecture, circuit, layout, and device levels.

  14. Reliable experimental setup to test the pressure modulation of Baerveldt Implant tubes for reducing post-operative hypotony

    Ramani, Ajay

    Glaucoma encompasses a group of conditions that result in damage to the optic nerve and can cause loss of vision and blindness. The nerve is damaged due to an increase in the eye's internal (intraocular) pressure (IOP) above the nominal range of 15 -- 20 mm Hg. There are many treatments available for this group of diseases depending on the complexity and stage of nerve degradation. In extreme cases where drugs or laser surgery do not create better conditions for the patient, ophthalmologists use glaucoma drainage devices to help alleviate the IOP. Many drainage implants have been developed over the years and are in use; but two popular implants are the Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant and the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implant. Baerveldt Implants are non-valved and provide low initial resistance to outflow of fluid, resulting in post-operative complications such as hypotony, where the IOP drops below 5 mm of Hg. Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implants are valved implants which initially restrict the amount of fluid flowing out of the eye. The long term success rates of Baerveldt Implants surpass those of Ahmed Valve Implants because of post-surgical issues; but Baerveldt Implants' initial effectiveness is poor without proper flow restriction. This drives the need to develop new ways to improve the initial effectiveness of Baerveldt Implants. A possible solution proposed by our research team is to place an insert in the Baerveldt Implant tube of inner diameter 305 microns. The insert must be designed to provide flow resistance for the early time frame [e.g., first 30 -- 60 post-operative days] until sufficient scar tissue has formed on the implant. After that initial stage with the insert, the scar tissue will provide the necessary flow resistance to maintain the IOP above 5 mm Hg. The main objective of this project was to develop and validate an experimental apparatus to measure pressure drop across a Baerveldt Implant tube, with and without inserts. This setup will be used in the

  15. Human Reliability Prediction of Lifting Operation Based on RBF Neural Network%基于RBF的起重作业岗位人因可靠性预测

    王洪德; 马成正


    In order to improve the reliability of lifting operation, and prevent accident caused by human errors, bearing randomness, fuzziness and uncertainty of human error in mind, an RBF neural network-based method for analyzing the human error's nonlinear dynamics process was put forwarded. Taking the lifting operation as example, firstly, an indexes system about the human reliability prediction was constructed , which included the factors of the operator, the communion interface, the operating circumstance, the operating characteristics and the operating organization. Then the indexes were quantified. Secondly, according to human reliability analysis (HRA) theory and the scene record, the human error data were calculated out, and the human error rates were given. Finally, basing on the analysis of the operator's tiredness and emotion, information channels, operation complexity and time margin, lighting and wind power conditions, working pressure and safety supervision, an RBF neural network-based model for lifting operation human reliability was built. The results indicate that the RBF prediction includes the operation reliability as well as the cognitive reliability, and that the predictions results conform with the actual observed values up to 92. 0%.%为提高起重作业可靠性,防止人因失误酿成事故,针对人因失误的随机性、模糊性和不确定性特点,提出运用具有非线性映射能力和容错能力的径向基函数( RBF)神经网络,分析人因失误非线性动力学过程.以起重机操作岗位作为人因可靠性分析(HRA)实例,首先,建立基于“作业人员、交流界面、作业环境、作业特性、作业组织”的人因可靠性预测指标体系,并对指标进行量化;其次,根据人因可靠性原理,统计出人因失误次数,给出人因失误率;最后,通过对“人的疲劳和情绪、交流通道、作业复杂程度和时间裕度、照明环境和风力影响、工作强度和安全监管”等

  16. Penalty for Fuel Economy - System Level Perspectives on the Reliability of Hybrid Electric Vehicles During Normal and Graceful Degradation Operation


    the issue of system level reliability in hybrid electric vehicles from a quantitative point of view. It also introduces a quantitative meaning to the...internal combustion engine based vehicle and later transition of those to hybrid electric vehicles . The paper intends to drive the point that in HEV...Generally people tend to think only in terms of fuel economy and additional cost premium on vehicle price while discussing about hybrid electric

  17. Sequential Polarity-Reversing Circuit

    Labaw, Clayton C.


    Proposed circuit reverses polarity of electric power supplied to bidirectional dc motor, reversible electro-mechanical actuator, or other device operating in direction depending on polarity. Circuit reverses polarity each time power turned on, without need for additional polarity-reversing or direction signals and circuitry to process them.

  18. Using Combinational Circuits for Control Purposes

    Maher A. Nabulsi


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Combinational circuits are used in computers for generating binary control decisions and for providing digital components for data processing. Approach: The use of combinational circuits and logic gates to control other circuits was discussed. Different systems that use logic gates, multiplexers, decoders and encoders to control different circuits were presented. This study presented a design and implementation of some combinational circuits such as a decoder, an encoder, a multiplexer, a bus system and read/write memory operations. Results: When we connected some types of combinational circuits to the inputs/outputs of digital circuit, these combinational circuits can help us to manage and flow a different types of control signals through a large digital circuit. Conclusion: Many combinational circuits had a good function which can be used for controlling different parts of any digital system and they produce a suitable way to transfer a control signals between different digital components of any large digital system.

  19. Automated Design of Quantum Circuits

    Williams, Colin P.; Gray, Alexander G.


    In order to design a quantum circuit that performs a desired quantum computation, it is necessary to find a decomposition of the unitary matrix that represents that computation in terms of a sequence of quantum gate operations. To date, such designs have either been found by hand or by exhaustive enumeration of all possible circuit topologies. In this paper we propose an automated approach to quantum circuit design using search heuristics based on principles abstracted from evolutionary genetics, i.e. using a genetic programming algorithm adapted specially for this problem. We demonstrate the method on the task of discovering quantum circuit designs for quantum teleportation. We show that to find a given known circuit design (one which was hand-crafted by a human), the method considers roughly an order of magnitude fewer designs than naive enumeration. In addition, the method finds novel circuit designs superior to those previously known.

  20. Strategies and Decision Support Systems for Integrating Variable Energy Resources in Control Centers for Reliable Grid Operations

    Jones, Lawrence E. [Alstom Grid Inc., Washington, DC (United States)


    This report provides findings from the field regarding the best ways in which to guide operational strategies, business processes and control room tools to support the integration of renewable energy into electrical grids.

  1. Strategies and Decision Support Systems for Integrating Variable Energy Resources in Control Centers for Reliable Grid Operations. Executive Summary

    Jones, Lawrence E. [Alstom Grid, Inc., Washington, DC (United States)


    This is the executive summary for a report that provides findings from the field regarding the best ways in which to guide operational strategies, business processes and control room tools to support the integration of renewable energy into electrical grids.

  2. The ALMA high speed optical communication link is here: an essential component for reliable present and future operations

    Filippi, G.; Ibsen, J.; Jaque, S.; Liello, F.; Ovando, N.; Astudillo, A.; Parra, J.; Saldias, Christian


    Announced in 2012, started in 2013 and completed in 2015, the ALMA high bandwidth communication system has become a key factor to achieve the operational and scientific goals of ALMA. This paper summarizes the technical, organizational, and operational goals of the ALMA Optical Link Project, focused in the creation and operation of an effective and sustainable communication infrastructure to connect the ALMA Operations Support Facility and Array Operations Site, both located in the Atacama Desert in the Northern region of Chile, with the point of presence of REUNA in Antofagasta, about 400km away, and from there to the Santiago Central Office in the Chilean capital through the optical infrastructure created by the EC-funded EVALSO project and now an integral part of the REUNA backbone. This new infrastructure completed in 2014 and now operated on behalf of ALMA by REUNA, the Chilean National Research and Education Network, uses state of the art technologies, like dark fiber from newly built cables and DWDM transmission, allowing extending the reach of high capacity communication to the remote region where the Observatory is located. The paper also reports on the results obtained during the first year and a half testing and operation period, where different operational set ups have been experienced for data transfer, remote collaboration, etc. Finally, the authors will present a forward look of the impact of it to both the future scientific development of the Chajnantor Plateau, where many installations area are (and will be) located, as well as the potential Chilean scientific backbone long term development.

  3. Electronic circuits fundamentals & applications

    Tooley, Mike


    Electronics explained in one volume, using both theoretical and practical applications.New chapter on Raspberry PiCompanion website contains free electronic tools to aid learning for students and a question bank for lecturersPractical investigations and questions within each chapter help reinforce learning Mike Tooley provides all the information required to get to grips with the fundamentals of electronics, detailing the underpinning knowledge necessary to appreciate the operation of a wide range of electronic circuits, including amplifiers, logic circuits, power supplies and oscillators. The

  4. Weibull model as a tool for assessment of operation reliability in a sewage treatment plant in Niepołomice

    Ewa Wąsik


    Full Text Available The article presents the reliability of municipal sewage treatment plant in an area Niepołomicka Industrial Zone. The analysis is based on five indicators of pollution: BOD5, CODCr, total suspension, total nitrogen and total phosphorus. Samples of treated sewage were collected once a month in the period from January 2011 to December 2013. The paper presents an analysis of the effectiveness of individual indicators and identify their basic statistical characteristics. Studies have shown that wastewater treatment plant in Niepołomice is characterized by high efficiency of pollutants removal with mean effectiveness of BOD5 – 98.8%, CODCr – 97.0%, total suspension – 97.3%, total nitrogen – 88.6%, and total phosphorus – 97.0%. The calculated forecast reliability of the discussed treatment plant based on the distribution of indicators in treated wastewater using Weibull model showed, that the facility meet the requirements for removal of these indicators for 365 days in the case of BOD5, CODCr, suspended solids and total phosphorus, while for total nitrogen – 336 days a year.

  5. 一种自动体偏置多阈值电压高温 SOI CMOS电路%New auto- bulk- biased multi- threshold SOI CMOS circuit operating at high temperature

    张海鹏; 魏同立; 杨国勇; 冯耀兰; 宋安飞


    提出了一种高温 SOI CMOS电路设计方法—自动体偏置多阈值电压 SOI CMOS(简称 ABB- MT- SOI CMOS: Auto- Bulk- Biased Multi- Threshold SOI CMOS)电路。文中主要讨论了 ABB- MT- SOI CMOS电路的结构与工作原理 ,设计与布局等,给出了内部电路电压和电流的模拟结果, 并简述了该电路的应用前景。%A new design method of SOI CMOS circuits, a auto- bulk- biased multi- threshold SOI CMOS circuit(Abbreviated as “ ABB- MT- SOI CMOS” ),is put forward. The concept and structure of circuit are presented at first,then followed by the circuit implementation and its operating principle at high temperature, the considerations of its design and layout and the application potential of this kind of SOI CMOS circuits.

  6. Review of the LBDS Safety and Reliability Analysis in the Light of the Operational Experience during the Period 2010-2012

    Filippini, R


    During the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 a large amount of LHC data was recorded, which also included failure events in the LHC Beam Dumping System (LBDS). We used these data for the validation of the safety and reliability analyses of the LBDS which were performed in 2003-2006. The results of the analysis confirm the agreement of the calculated statistics with the predicted estimates. The LBDS generated a number of about 10 false beam dumps per year, which is in agreement with the estimated 8 ± 2. A thorough investigation of the data set also confirms that the LBDS always preserved a sufficient residual margin of safety for all identified failure scenarios, and globally meets SIL3 at least. These results are accompanied by several recommendations, among which instructions for updating the reliability model to the actual operation scenarios, and suggestions for the improvement of safety and availability of the LBDS.

  7. Can EGFR mutation status be reliably determined in pre-operative needle biopsies from adenocarcinomas of the lung?

    Lindahl, Kim Hein; Sørensen, Flemming Brandt; Jonstrup, Søren Peter


    The identification of EGFR mutations in non-small-cell lung cancer is important for selecting patients, who may benefit from treatment with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The analysis is usually performed on cytological aspirates and/or histological needle biopsies, representing a small fraction......-operative biopsies (131 histological and 70 cytological) and on the surgical specimens, using PCR. Samples with low tumour cell fraction were assigned to laser micro-dissection (LMD). We found nine (4.5%) patients with EGFR mutation in the lung tumour resections, but failed to identify mutation in one...... of the corresponding pre-operative, cytological specimens. Several (18.4%) analyses of the pre-operative biopsies were inconclusive, especially in case of biopsies undergoing LMD and regarding exon 21 analysis. Discrepancy of mutation status in one patient may reflect intra-tumoural heterogeneity or technical issues...

  8. Reliability of overbite depth indicator (ODI and anteroposterior dysplasia indicator (APDI in the assessment of different vertical and sagittal dental malocclusions: a receiver operating characteristic (ROC analysis

    Farheen Fatima

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Introduction: Differential diagnosis of skeletal and dental relationships is crucial for planning orthodontic treatment. Overbite depth indicator (ODI and anteroposterior dysplasia indicator (APDI had been introduced in the past for assessment of vertical and sagittal jaw relationships, respectively. Objective: The objectives of this study were to evaluate the reliability of ODI and APDI in overbite and Angle malocclusions, as well as assess their diagnostic reliability among males and females of different age groups. Material and Methods: This study was conducted using pretreatment dental casts and lateral cephalograms of 90 subjects. For ODI, subjects were divided into three groups based on overbite (normal overbite, open bite and deep bite. Likewise, the same subjects were divided for APDI into three groups, based on Angle's malocclusion classification (dental Class I, II and III malocclusions. Mann-Whitney U test was applied for comparison of study parameters regarding sex and different age groups. The mean values of ODI and APDI were compared among study groups by means of Kruskal-Wallis and post-hoc Dunnet T3 tests. The receiver operating characteristic (ROC curve was applied to test diagnostic reliability. Results: Insignificant differences were found for ODI and APDI angles, particularly in regards to sex and age. Significant intergroup differences were found in different overbite groups and Angle's classification for ODI and APDI, respectively (p < 0.001. ROC showed 91% and 88% constancy with dental pattern in ODI and APDI, respectively. Conclusions: ODI can reliably differentiate deep bite versus normal overbite and deep bite versus open bite. APDI can reliably differentiate dental Class I, II and III malocclusions.

  9. Establishment of quality, reliability and design standards for low, medium, and high power microwave hybrid microcircuits

    Robinson, E. A.


    Quality, reliability, and design standards for microwave hybrid microcircuits were established. The MSFC Standard 85M03926 for hybrid microcircuits was reviewed and modifications were generated for use with microwave hybrid microcircuits. The results for reliability tests of microwave thin film capacitors, transistors, and microwave circuits are presented. Twenty-two microwave receivers were tested for 13,500 unit hours. The result of 111,121 module burn-in and operating hours for an integrated solid state transceiver module is reported.

  10. Operation algorithm of the information system of improving organizational and technological reliability of construction projects using energy efficient technologies

    Ginzburg Aleksandr Vital’evich


    Full Text Available The main source for the development of construction projects with energy-efficient technologies in use is investments. The traditional approaches of risk management: insurance, diversification and redundancy only raise the cost of the construction project, which has a negative impact on the investor’s decision to invest. In order to solve this problem an information system has been developed, which is based on the principle of insightful analysis of the potential “pure” risks and a list of recommendations of risk management. This tool allows identifying all the weaknesses of a construction project, improving the organizational and technological reliability, and imparting an understanding to the investor / a customer of the resources required for the project implementation.

  11. Controllable circuit


    A switch-mode power circuit comprises a controllable element and a control unit. The controllable element is configured to control a current in response to a control signal supplied to the controllable element. The control unit is connected to the controllable element and provides the control...

  12. 49 CFR 236.721 - Circuit, control.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Circuit, control. 236.721 Section 236.721..., MAINTENANCE, AND REPAIR OF SIGNAL AND TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND APPLIANCES Definitions § 236.721 Circuit, control. An electrical circuit between a source of electric energy and a device which it operates....

  13. Electronic Components and Circuits for Extreme Temperature Environments

    Patterson, Richard L.; Hammoud, Ahmad; Dickman, John E.; Gerber, Scott


    Planetary exploration missions and deep space probes require electrical power management and control systems that are capable of efficient and reliable operation in very low temperature environments. Presently, spacecraft operating in the cold environment of deep space carry a large number of radioisotope heating units in order to maintain the surrounding temperature of the on-board electronics at approximately 20 C. Electronics capable of operation at cryogenic temperatures will not only tolerate the hostile environment of deep space but also reduce system size and weight by eliminating or reducing the radioisotope heating units and their associate structures; thereby reducing system development as well as launch costs. In addition, power electronic circuits designed for operation at low temperatures are expected to result in more efficient systems than those at room temperature. This improvement results from better behavior and tolerance in the electrical and thermal properties of semiconductor and dielectric materials at low temperatures. The Low Temperature Electronics Program at the NASA Glenn Research Center focuses on research and development of electrical components, circuits, and systems suitable for applications in the aerospace environment and deep space exploration missions. Research is being conducted on devices and systems for reliable use down to cryogenic temperatures. Some of the commercial-off-the-shelf as well as developed components that are being characterized include switching devices, resistors, magnetics, and capacitors. Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits including digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, DC/DC converters, operational amplifiers, and oscillators are also being investigated for potential use in low temperature applications. An overview of the NASA Glenn Research Center Low Temperature Electronic Program will be presented in this paper. A description of the low temperature test facilities along with

  14. Battery Energy Storage System battery durability and reliability under electric utility grid operations: Analysis of 3 years of real usage

    Dubarry, Matthieu; Devie, Arnaud; Stein, Karl; Tun, Moe; Matsuura, Marc; Rocheleau, Richard


    Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) show promise to help renewable energy sources integration onto the grid. These systems are expected to last for a decade or more, but the actual battery degradation under different real world conditions is still largely unknown. In this paper we analyze 3 years of usage of a lithium titanate BESS installed and in operation on an island power system in Hawai'i. The BESS was found to be operational 90% of the time and stored a cumulative 1.5 GWh of energy, which represents more than 5000 equivalent full cycles on the cells. This paper presents a statistical analysis of the BESS usage, develops a representative duty cycle, and provides an initial estimate of BESS degradation. The battery duty cycle was characterized based on 5 parameters: pulses duration, pulses intensity (current), SOC swing range, SOC event ramp rate, and temperature.

  15. EPZ and AREVA. A longstanding partnership for the safe and reliable operation of the Dutch Borssele nuclear power plant

    Broy, Yvonne [AREVA GmbH, Erlangen (Germany); Linger, Monique [Elektriciteits-Productiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland N.V., Borssele (Netherlands)


    After 40 years of service, it belongs to the safest 25 % of all light-water reactors in the western hemisphere thanks to continuous modernization. In doing so, Borssele is setting standards for maintenance and upgrades. In view of the continuation of operation until 2034, further comprehensive modernization projects are planned. The plant operator, the Dutch N.V. Elektriciteitsproduktiemaatschappij (EPZ), decided to tackle this challenge with the support of its long-standing partner AREVA. Another milestone is coming up soon: The safety I and C shall gradually be changed to digital technology in the next years. Apart from close cooperation in plant technology, EPZ and AREVA also cooperate in fuel supply, as well as in the area of service and maintenance work. (orig.)

  16. The Accelerator Reliability Forum

    Lüdeke, Andreas; Giachino, R


    A high reliability is a very important goal for most particle accelerators. The biennial Accelerator Reliability Workshop covers topics related to the design and operation of particle accelerators with a high reliability. In order to optimize the over-all reliability of an accelerator one needs to gather information on the reliability of many different subsystems. While a biennial workshop can serve as a platform for the exchange of such information, the authors aimed to provide a further channel to allow for a more timely communication: the Particle Accelerator Reliability Forum [1]. This contribution will describe the forum and advertise it’s usage in the community.

  17. A study on the human reliability analysis in probabilistic safety assessment during low power/shutdown operation of nuclear power plants

    Kang, D. I.; Sung, T. Y.; Jung, W. D.; Yang, J. E.; Park, J. H.; Lee, Y. H.; Hwang, M. J.; Kim, K. Y.; Jin, Y. H


    This report describes the review results of human reliability analysis (HRA) in the probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) during low power/shutdown operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs). We select four NPP PSA reports to review. These are System 80+ using THERP, Surry using SLIM, Grand Gulf using ASEP, Electric de France using simulator experiments. This report also describe the method, the procedure, the quantification example, the critical review and the insights of HRA which were used in the process of PSA of NPPs mentioned above. It is expected that this study results will be effectively used in HRA of domestic PSA during low power/shutdown operation of NPPs. (author). 18 refs., 1 tab.

  18. Synchronous transfer circuits for redundant systems

    Nagano, S.


    Circuit arrangements for flip-flops, counters, and clock drivers in redundant systems ensure that control is synchronously transferred to surviving components when failure occurs. In addition to original application to spacecraft systems, redundant circuits have terrestrial uses in power generators, solar-energy converters, computers, vehicle controllers, and other systems demanding high reliability.

  19. Overload-protector/fault-indicator circuit

    Paluka, J. R.; Moore, S. F.


    Circuit incorporates three-terminal current limiter (78M24) to increase overall reliability and to eliminate transistor burnouts resulting from shorted interconnection lines and other overloads. Fact-acting light emitting diodes across the limiters show status of transistor output circuits.

  20. Effect of Short-Circuit Faults in the Back-to-Back Power Electronic Converter and Rotor Terminals on the Operational Behavior of the Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Energy Conversion System

    Dimitrios G. Giaourakis


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the operational behavior of the Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Energy Conversion System under power electronic converter and rotor terminals faulty conditions. More specifically, the effect of the short-circuit fault both in one IGBT of the back-to-back power electronic converter and in rotor phases on the overall system behavior has been investigated via simulation using a system of 2 MW. Finally, the consequences of these faults have been evaluated.

  1. Millimeter And Submillimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits On Quartz

    Mehdi, Imran; Mazed, Mohammad; Siegel, Peter; Smith, R. Peter


    Proposed Quartz substrate Upside-down Integrated Device (QUID) relies on UV-curable adhesive to bond semiconductor with quartz. Integrated circuits including planar GaAs Schottky diodes and passive circuit elements (such as bandpass filters) fabricated on quartz substrates. Circuits designed to operate as mixers in waveguide circuit at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths. Integrated circuits mechanically more robust, larger, and easier to handle than planar Schottky diode chips. Quartz substrate more suitable for waveguide circuits than GaAs substrate.

  2. MEMS high-Q tunable capacitor for reconfigurable microwave circuits

    Nordquist, Christopher D.; Muyshondt, Arnoldo; Pack, Michael V.; Finnegan, Patrick S.; Dyck, Christopher W.; Reines, Isak C.; Kraus, Garth M.; Sloan, George R.; Sullivan, Charles T.


    Future microwave networks require miniature high-performance tunable elements such as switches, inductors, and capacitors. We report a micro-machined high-performance tunable capacitor suitable for reconfigurable monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). The capacitor is fabricated on a GaAs substrate using low-temperature processing, making it suitable for post-process integration with MMICs, radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and other miniaturized circuits. Additionally, the insulating substrate and high-conductivity metal provide low-loss operation at frequencies over 20 GHz. The device demonstrates a capacitance of 150 fF at 0 V bias, pull-in at about 15 V to 18 V, and further linear tuning from 290 fF to 350 fF over a voltage range of 7 V to 30 V. Also, the device demonstrates self-resonance frequencies over 50 GHz, and Q"s over 100 at 10 GHz. To enable integration into circuits, a simple equivalent circuit model of the device has been developed, demonstrating a good match to the measured data through 25 GHz. Initial testing to 1 billion cycles indicates that metal fatigue is the primary limitation to reliability and reproducibility, and that dielectric charging does not have a significant impact on the device. This device is promising for high-performance tunable filters, phase shifters, and other reconfigurable networks at frequencies through K-band.

  3. An Approach for the Time-Dependent Thermoeconomic Modeling and Optimization of Energy System Synthesis, Design and Operation Part II: Reliability and Availability

    Michael R. von Spakovsky


    Full Text Available Details of the reliability and availability aspects of the thermoeconomic methodology presented in Part I (Olsommer et al., 1999 are given here in Part II of our series of two articles. These system details cannot be forgotten, particularly if the superconfiguration envisioned offers the choice of several technologies for the same function (redundancy or if there are guarantees of availability which must be met. An original method, which is an extension of the event space method, is presented here for automating the reliability and/or availability calculations of a repairable system chosen from a flexible structure of equipment in active and/or passive redundancy, connected in series and/or parallel. This methodology permits a more realistic evaluation of performance, flows and costs at both the structural (synthesis-design and operational levels and leads, thus, to more rational decisions on system synthesis, design and operation. Results for the application of this methodology to a waste incineration cogeneration facility with a gas turbine topping cycle are given in Part I (Olsommer et al., 1999.

  4. Diagnostic Instrument Manipulator (DIM) upgrades for reliability and operational efficiency in a radiological contamination environment at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)

    Plummer, Robert


    The Diagnostic Instrument Manipulators (DIMs) are two-staged, telescoping systems that allow the precise alignment and positioning of various x-ray, optical, nuclear, and other diagnostics in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) Target Chamber. Designed to be reconfigurable and exchangeable between NIF experiments, the second stage of the DIM is referred to as the Diagnostic Load Package (DLP), which is most often comprised of a cart, diagnostic, and detachable snout. As experiments continue to increase radiation levels, various upgrades have been made to the DIMs to improve reliability and operational efficiency. These upgrades reduce worker exposure and increase experimental shot rates. Specific to this paper, the design and operation of dedicated DLP handling and storage units (DHUs and DSUs) are discussed in addition to their transport equipment. Hardware and process improvements for reduced worker exposure during general DIM access are also featured. Finally, the DLP limit switches have been upgraded to magneticallyactuated proximity sensors for reliability, improved shot rate, and increased user flexibility.

  5. Estimation of the operational reliability determined with Weibull modulus based on the abrasive wear in a cylinder-piston ring system

    J. Piątkowski


    Full Text Available Purpose: The main purpose of the study was to determine methodology for estimation of the operational reliability based on the statistical results of abrasive wear testing.Design/methodology/approach: For research, a traditional tribological system, i.e. a friction pair of the AlSi17CuNiMg silumin in contact with the spheroidal graphite cast iron of EN-GJN-200 grade, was chosen. Conditions of dry friction were assumed. This system was chosen based on mechanical cooperation between the cylinder (silumin and piston rings (spheroidal graphite cast iron in conventional internal combustion piston engines with spark ignition.Findings: Using material parameters of the cylinder and piston rings, nominal losses qualifying the cylinder for repair and the maximum weight losses that can be smothered were determined. Based on the theoretical number of engine revolutions to repair and stress acting on the cylinder bearing surface, the maximum distance that the motor vehicle can travel before the seizure of the cylinder occurs was calculated. These results were the basis for statistical analysis carried out with the Weibull modulus, the end result of which was the estimation of material reliability (the survival probability of tribological system and the determination of a pre-operation warranty period of the tribological system.Research limitations/implications: The analysis of Weibull distribution modulus will estimate the reliability of a tribological cylinder-ring system enabled the determination of an approximate theoretical time of the combustion engine failure-free running.Originality/value: The results are valuable statistical data and methodology proposed in this paper can be used to determine a theoretical life time of the combustion engine.

  6. Multidisciplinary System Reliability Analysis

    Mahadevan, Sankaran; Han, Song; Chamis, Christos C. (Technical Monitor)


    The objective of this study is to develop a new methodology for estimating the reliability of engineering systems that encompass multiple disciplines. The methodology is formulated in the context of the NESSUS probabilistic structural analysis code, developed under the leadership of NASA Glenn Research Center. The NESSUS code has been successfully applied to the reliability estimation of a variety of structural engineering systems. This study examines whether the features of NESSUS could be used to investigate the reliability of systems in other disciplines such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics, electrical circuits etc., without considerable programming effort specific to each discipline. In this study, the mechanical equivalence between system behavior models in different disciplines are investigated to achieve this objective. A new methodology is presented for the analysis of heat transfer, fluid flow, and electrical circuit problems using the structural analysis routines within NESSUS, by utilizing the equivalence between the computational quantities in different disciplines. This technique is integrated with the fast probability integration and system reliability techniques within the NESSUS code, to successfully compute the system reliability of multidisciplinary systems. Traditional as well as progressive failure analysis methods for system reliability estimation are demonstrated, through a numerical example of a heat exchanger system involving failure modes in structural, heat transfer and fluid flow disciplines.

  7. Verilog-A Device Models for Cryogenic Temperature Operation of Bulk Silicon CMOS Devices

    Akturk, Akin; Potbhare, Siddharth; Goldsman, Neil; Holloway, Michael


    Verilog-A based cryogenic bulk CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) compact models are built for state-of-the-art silicon CMOS processes. These models accurately predict device operation at cryogenic temperatures down to 4 K. The models are compatible with commercial circuit simulators. The models extend the standard BSIM4 [Berkeley Short-channel IGFET (insulated-gate field-effect transistor ) Model] type compact models by re-parameterizing existing equations, as well as adding new equations that capture the physics of device operation at cryogenic temperatures. These models will allow circuit designers to create optimized, reliable, and robust circuits operating at cryogenic temperatures.

  8. Reliable Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration Containing Distributed Generation using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    I. Moradi


    Full Text Available Distributed feeder reconfiguration (DFR is an operation processand a very important methodfor saving electrical energy and loss reduction in distribution systems. This process is carried out by changingdistribution system topology by opening and/or closing of circuit breakers. Status of the circuit breakers is optimally determined to have an improved system operation and reduced power losses. This paper proposes a multi-objective evolutionary method for distribution feeder reconfiguration. The multi-objectives optimization minimizes power losses and improves reliability of the system. For this purpose a particle swarm optimization algorithm is used for solving the problem. Simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed method for DFR

  9. Radiation hardening of low-noise readout integrated circuit for infrared focal plane arrays

    Lee, Min Su; Lee, Yong Soo; Lee, Hee Chul


    A radiation-resistant readout integrated circuit for focal plane arrays was studied to improve the reliability of infrared image systems operating in a radioactive environment, such as in space or in the surroundings of a nuclear reactor. First, as radiation-hardened NMOSFET structure, which includes a layout modification technique, was proposed. The readout integrated circuit for infrared focal plane arrays was then designed on basis of the proposed NMOSFET layout. Commercial 0.35 um process technology was used to fabricate the proposed unit NMOSFET and the designed readout integrated circuit which is based on the proposed NMOSFET. The measured electrical characteristics of the fabricated unit NMOSFET and readout integrated circuit are in good agreement with the simulated results. For verification of the radiation tolerance, the fabricated chip was exposed to 1 Mrad (Si) of gamma radiation, which is high enough to guarantee reliable usage in space or in a very harsh radiation environment. While exposed to gamma radiation, the fabricated chip was connected to a power supply (3.3 V) for testing under the worst conditions. After being exposed to 1 Mrad of gamma radiation, the unit NMOSFET showed only a slight increment of a few picoamperes in the leakage current, and the designed readout integrated circuit showed little change at an output voltage of less than 10% of a proper output voltage. The changes in the characteristics of the unit NMOSFET and the designed readout infrared integrated circuit are at an allowable level in relation to process variation.

  10. Analog and VLSI circuits

    Chen, Wai-Kai


    Featuring hundreds of illustrations and references, this book provides the information on analog and VLSI circuits. It focuses on analog integrated circuits, presenting the knowledge on monolithic device models, analog circuit cells, high performance analog circuits, RF communication circuits, and PLL circuits.

  11. Comminution circuits for compact itabirites

    Pedro Ferreira Pinto

    Full Text Available Abstract In the beneficiation of compact Itabirites, crushing and grinding account for major operational and capital costs. As such, the study and development of comminution circuits have a fundamental importance for feasibility and optimization of compact Itabirite beneficiation. This work makes a comparison between comminution circuits for compact Itabirites from the Iron Quadrangle. The circuits developed are: a crushing and ball mill circuit (CB, a SAG mill and ball mill circuit (SAB and a single stage SAG mill circuit (SSSAG. For the SAB circuit, the use of pebble crushing is analyzed (SABC. An industrial circuit for 25 million tons of run of mine was developed for each route from tests on a pilot scale (grinding and industrial scale. The energy consumption obtained for grinding in the pilot tests was compared with that reported by Donda and Bond. The SSSAG route had the lowest energy consumption, 11.8kWh/t and the SAB route had the highest energy consumption, 15.8kWh/t. The CB and SABC routes had a similar energy consumption of 14.4 kWh/t and 14.5 kWh/t respectively.

  12. Sensor-enhanced 3D conformal cueing for safe and reliable HC operation in DVE in all flight phases

    Münsterer, Thomas; Schafhitzel, Tobias; Strobel, Michael; Völschow, Philipp; Klasen, Stephanus; Eisenkeil, Ferdinand


    Low level helicopter operations in Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) still are a major challenge and bear the risk of potentially fatal accidents. DVE generally encompasses all degradations to the visual perception of the pilot ranging from night conditions via rain and snowfall to fog and maybe even blinding sunlight or unstructured outside scenery. Each of these conditions reduce the pilots' ability to perceive visual cues in the outside world reducing his performance and finally increasing risk of mission failure and accidents, like for example Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). The basis for the presented solution is a fusion of processed and classified high resolution ladar data with database information having a potential to also include other sensor data like forward looking or 360° radar data. This paper reports on a pilot assistance system aiming at giving back the essential visual cues to the pilot by means of displaying 3D conformal cues and symbols in a head-tracked Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and a combination with synthetic view on a head-down Multi-Function Display (MFD). Each flight phase and each flight envelope requires different symbology sets and different possibilities for the pilots to select specific support functions. Several functionalities have been implemented and tested in a simulator as well as in flight. The symbology ranges from obstacle warning symbology via terrain enhancements through grids or ridge lines to different waypoint symbols supporting navigation. While some adaptations can be automated it emerged as essential that symbology characteristics and completeness can be selected by the pilot to match the relevant flight envelope and outside visual conditions.

  13. Long-wavelength silicon photonic integrated circuits


    In this paper we elaborate on our development of silicon photonic integrated circuits operating at wavelengths beyond the telecommunication wavelength window. Silicon-on-insulator waveguide circuits up to 3.8 mu m wavelength are demonstrated as well as germanium-on-silicon waveguide circuits operating in the 5-5 mu m wavelength range. The heterogeneous integration of III-V semiconductors and IV-VI semiconductors on this platform is described for the integration of lasers and photodetectors op...

  14. Determining Covers in Combinational Circuits

    Ljubomir Cvetkovic


    Full Text Available In this paper we propose a procedure for determining 0- or 1-cover of an arbitrary line in a combinational circuit. When determining a cover we do not need Boolean expression for the line; only the circuit structure is used. Within the proposed procedure we use the tools of the cube theory, in particular, some operations defined on cubes. The procedure can be applied for determining 0- and 1- covers of output lines in programmable logic devices. Basically, this procedure is a method for the analysis of a combinational circuit.

  15. High Speed Solid State Circuit Breaker

    Podlesak, Thomas F.


    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Fort Monmouth, NJ, has developed and is installing two 3.3 MW high speed solid state circuit breakers at the Army's Pulse Power Center. These circuit breakers will interrupt 4160V three phase power mains in no more than 300 microseconds, two orders of magnitude faster than conventional mechanical contact type circuit breakers. These circuit breakers utilize Gate Turnoff Thyristors (GTO's) and are currently utility type devices using air cooling in an air conditioned enclosure. Future refinements include liquid cooling, either water or two phase organic coolant, and more advanced semiconductors. Each of these refinements promises a more compact, more reliable unit.

  16. Two-dimensional thermal modeling of power monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC's)

    Fan, Mark S.; Christou, Aris; Pecht, Michael G.


    Numerical simulations of the two-dimensional temperature distributions for a typical GaAs MMIC circuit are conducted, aiming at understanding the heat conduction process of the circuit chip and providing temperature information for device reliability analysis. The method used is to solve the two-dimensional heat conduction equation with a control-volume-based finite difference scheme. In particular, the effects of the power dissipation and the ambient temperature are examined, and the criterion for the worst operating environment is discussed in terms of the allowed highest device junction temperature.

  17. Overall Key Performance Indicator to Optimizing Operation of High-Pressure Homogenizers for a Reliable Quantification of Intracellular Components in Pichia pastoris.

    Garcia-Ortega, Xavier; Reyes, Cecilia; Montesinos, José Luis; Valero, Francisco


    The most commonly used cell disruption procedures may present lack of reproducibility, which introduces significant errors in the quantification of intracellular components. In this work, an approach consisting in the definition of an overall key performance indicator (KPI) was implemented for a lab scale high-pressure homogenizer (HPH) in order to determine the disruption settings that allow the reliable quantification of a wide sort of intracellular components. This innovative KPI was based on the combination of three independent reporting indicators: decrease of absorbance, release of total protein, and release of alkaline phosphatase activity. The yeast Pichia pastoris growing on methanol was selected as model microorganism due to it presents an important widening of the cell wall needing more severe methods and operating conditions than Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. From the outcome of the reporting indicators, the cell disruption efficiency achieved using HPH was about fourfold higher than other lab standard cell disruption methodologies, such bead milling cell permeabilization. This approach was also applied to a pilot plant scale HPH validating the methodology in a scale-up of the disruption process. This innovative non-complex approach developed to evaluate the efficacy of a disruption procedure or equipment can be easily applied to optimize the most common disruption processes, in order to reach not only reliable quantification but also recovery of intracellular components from cell factories of interest.

  18. 14 CFR 29.1357 - Circuit protective devices.


    ... the position of the operating control. (d) If the ability to reset a circuit breaker or replace a fuse is essential to safety in flight, that circuit breaker or fuse must be located and identified so that... circuit protection. (g) Automatic reset circuit breakers may be used as integral protectors for...

  19. Improved Circuit For Hot-Film Anemometer

    Gray, David L.


    Circuit suitable for automation or computer control of setup and operation. Hot-film or hot-wire anemometer circuit features individual current drives for two arms of wheatstone bridge, plus other features that provide improved calibration and automated or computer-controlled operation.

  20. Collective of mechatronics circuit



    This book is composed of three parts, which deals with mechatronics system about sensor, circuit and motor. The contents of the first part are photo sensor of collector for output, locating detection circuit with photo interrupts, photo sensor circuit with CdS cell and lamp, interface circuit with logic and LED and temperature sensor circuit. The second part deals with oscillation circuit with crystal, C-R oscillation circuit, F-V converter, timer circuit, stability power circuit, DC amp and DC-DC converter. The last part is comprised of bridge server circuit, deformation bridge server, controlling circuit of DC motor, controlling circuit with IC for PLL and driver circuit of stepping motor and driver circuit of Brushless.

  1. Ion implanted dielectric elastomer circuits

    O'Brien, Benjamin M.; Rosset, Samuel; Anderson, Iain A.; Shea, Herbert R.


    Starfish and octopuses control their infinite degree-of-freedom arms with panache—capabilities typical of nature where the distribution of reflex-like intelligence throughout soft muscular networks greatly outperforms anything hard, heavy, and man-made. Dielectric elastomer actuators show great promise for soft artificial muscle networks. One way to make them smart is with piezo-resistive Dielectric Elastomer Switches (DES) that can be combined with artificial muscles to create arbitrary digital logic circuits. Unfortunately there are currently no reliable materials or fabrication process. Thus devices typically fail within a few thousand cycles. As a first step in the search for better materials we present a preliminary exploration of piezo-resistors made with filtered cathodic vacuum arc metal ion implantation. DES were formed on polydimethylsiloxane silicone membranes out of ion implanted gold nano-clusters. We propose that there are four distinct regimes (high dose, above percolation, on percolation, low dose) in which gold ion implanted piezo-resistors can operate and present experimental results on implanted piezo-resistors switching high voltages as well as a simple artificial muscle inverter. While gold ion implanted DES are limited by high hysteresis and low sensitivity, they already show promise for a range of applications including hysteretic oscillators and soft generators. With improvements to implanter process control the promise of artificial muscle circuitry for soft smart actuator networks could become a reality.

  2. Operating Characteristic Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with Chopper Circuit Responded to the Power System Short Circuit Fault%含chopper电路的直驱风机响应电网短路的运行特性分析

    刘勇; 麻广林; 宁波; 魏鑫


    In order to analyze the operating characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous generator ( PMSG) impacted by the power system short circuit fault, this paper researches maximum wind energy tracking control strat⁃egy of the wind turbine the machine side decoupling control strategy of active and reactive power of the AC⁃DC⁃AC converter and voltage orientation strategy of the gird side by mathematical model. For meeting the wind turbine low voltage ride through ( LVRT) requirement, DC capacitor chooper protection circuit is used. When short⁃circuit fault occurs discharge resistance in chooper circuit can unload the energy, which could maintain the DC capacitor voltage stabilitily. At the same time the reference current limiter can also limit the impaction on the grid side con⁃verter by power system short circuit fault. The PMSG simulation model is constructed in emtp⁃rv platform, and its operating characteristics is simulated in the condition of power system three⁃phase short⁃circuit fault, causing the grid voltage drops below 0. 2. The simulation results verify the control strategy correctly and DC capacitor chooper protection circuit effectively. The results provide the basis for the operating characteristic of the PMSG grid⁃con⁃necting to the power system and the influence of power system short⁃circuit fault on the PMSG.%为了分析电网短路时的直驱风电机组运行特性,从数学模型入手,研究了风轮机最大风能追踪控制策略,以及交直交变频器机侧的有功无功解耦控制策略和网侧的电压定向控制策略。为了满足风电机组的低电压穿越要求,采用了直流电容chooper保护电路。电网短路故障时, chooper回路中的卸能电阻能很大程度地消耗短路冲击带来的能量,从而维持直流电容电压稳定。同时参考电流限值器也限制了短路冲击对网侧变频器的影响。在empt⁃rv中搭建了直驱风机模型,分析了电网三相

  3. Bounded Algebra and Current-Mode Digital Circuits

    WU Xunwei; Massoud Pedram


    This paper proposes two boundedarithmetic operations, which are easily realized with current signals.Based on these two operations, a bounded algebra system suitable fordescribing current-mode digital circuits is developed and itsrelationship with the Boolean algebra, which is suitable for representingvoltage-mode digital circuits, is investigated. Design procedure forcurrent-mode circuits using the proposed algebra system is demonstratedon a number of common circuit elements which are used to realizearithmetic operations, such as adders and multipliers.


    Ronak Shah


    Full Text Available Hazard in digital circuits is unnecessary transitions due to gate propagation delay in that circuit. Hazards occur due to uneven delay offered in the path of the various ongoing signals. One of the important reasons for power dissipation in CMOS circuits is the switching activity .This include activities such as spurious pulses, called glitches. Power optimization techniques that concentrate on the reduction of switching power dissipation of a given circuit are called glitch reduction techniques. In this paper, we analyse various Glitch reduction techniques such as Hazard filtering Technique, Balanced Path Technique, Multiple Threshold Technique and Gate Freezing Technique. We also measure the parameters such as noise and delay of the circuits on application of various techniques to check the reliability of different circuits in various situations.

  5. Design of superconductor frame compression circuits

    Sakurai, T.; Miyaho, N.; Miyahara, K.


    We proposed previously a novel interface circuit which was used between semiconductor data-input circuits and superconductor high-speed routers. The frame length of data packets is compressed in the interface circuit. Our proposed interface circuit has rather narrow timing margin. The problem was that our control circuit of the interface circuit could allow only very small timing delay. In this paper we propose a modified control circuit. We have improved the timing margin of the control circuit using RS-flip flop (RS-FF), where two shift registers and one control circuit are driven by clock pulses provided from a master clock-pulse generator. In this circuit, we have assumed fixed frame length packets. Our final target of master clock frequency is 100 GHz which will be realized with the device-parameter set of future advanced process. As the first step of realizing this target value, we aimed at 40 GHz clock operation with the conventional device-parameter set of NECs standard I process. The behavior of the whole frame compression circuit was simulated by a computer, and it was confirmed that it operated properly up to the master clock frequency of 23 GHz.

  6. A corticothalamic circuit model for sound identification in complex scenes.

    Gonzalo H Otazu

    Full Text Available The identification of the sound sources present in the environment is essential for the survival of many animals. However, these sounds are not presented in isolation, as natural scenes consist of a superposition of sounds originating from multiple sources. The identification of a source under these circumstances is a complex computational problem that is readily solved by most animals. We present a model of the thalamocortical circuit that performs level-invariant recognition of auditory objects in complex auditory scenes. The circuit identifies the objects present from a large dictionary of possible elements and operates reliably for real sound signals with multiple concurrently active sources. The key model assumption is that the activities of some cortical neurons encode the difference between the observed signal and an internal estimate. Reanalysis of awake auditory cortex recordings revealed neurons with patterns of activity corresponding to such an error signal.

  7. Commutation circuit for an HVDC circuit breaker

    Premerlani, William J.


    A commutation circuit for a high voltage DC circuit breaker incorporates a resistor capacitor combination and a charging circuit connected to the main breaker, such that a commutating capacitor is discharged in opposition to the load current to force the current in an arc after breaker opening to zero to facilitate arc interruption. In a particular embodiment, a normally open commutating circuit is connected across the contacts of a main DC circuit breaker to absorb the inductive system energy trapped by breaker opening and to limit recovery voltages to a level tolerable by the commutating circuit components.

  8. Synthetic Biology: A Unifying View and Review Using Analog Circuits.

    Teo, Jonathan J Y; Woo, Sung Sik; Sarpeshkar, Rahul


    We review the field of synthetic biology from an analog circuits and analog computation perspective, focusing on circuits that have been built in living cells. This perspective is well suited to pictorially, symbolically, and quantitatively representing the nonlinear, dynamic, and stochastic (noisy) ordinary and partial differential equations that rigorously describe the molecular circuits of synthetic biology. This perspective enables us to construct a canonical analog circuit schematic that helps unify and review the operation of many fundamental circuits that have been built in synthetic biology at the DNA, RNA, protein, and small-molecule levels over nearly two decades. We review 17 circuits in the literature as particular examples of feedforward and feedback analog circuits that arise from special topological cases of the canonical analog circuit schematic. Digital circuit operation of these circuits represents a special case of saturated analog circuit behavior and is automatically incorporated as well. Many issues that have prevented synthetic biology from scaling are naturally represented in analog circuit schematics. Furthermore, the deep similarity between the Boltzmann thermodynamic equations that describe noisy electronic current flow in subthreshold transistors and noisy molecular flux in biochemical reactions has helped map analog circuit motifs in electronics to analog circuit motifs in cells and vice versa via a `cytomorphic' approach. Thus, a body of knowledge in analog electronic circuit design, analysis, simulation, and implementation may also be useful in the robust and efficient design of molecular circuits in synthetic biology, helping it to scale to more complex circuits in the future.

  9. A Power Conditioning Stage Based on Analog-Circuit MPPT Control and a Superbuck Converter for Thermoelectric Generators in Spacecraft Power Systems

    Sun, Kai; Wu, Hongfei; Cai, Yan; Xing, Yan


    A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a very important kind of power supply for spacecraft, especially for deep-space missions, due to its long lifetime and high reliability. To develop a practical TEG power supply for spacecraft, a power conditioning stage is indispensable, being employed to convert the varying output voltage of the TEG modules to a definite voltage for feeding batteries or loads. To enhance the system reliability, a power conditioning stage based on analog-circuit maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) control and a superbuck converter is proposed in this paper. The input of this power conditioning stage is connected to the output of the TEG modules, and the output of this stage is connected to the battery and loads. The superbuck converter is employed as the main circuit, featuring low input current ripples and high conversion efficiency. Since for spacecraft power systems reliable operation is the key target for control circuits, a reset-set flip-flop-based analog circuit is used as the basic control circuit to implement MPPT, being much simpler than digital control circuits and offering higher reliability. Experiments have verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed power conditioning stage. The results show the advantages of the proposed stage, such as maximum utilization of TEG power, small input ripples, and good stability.

  10. Efficient Scheme for Optimizing Quantum Fourier Circuits

    JIANG Min; ZHANG Zengke; Tzyh-Jong Tarn


    In quantum circuits, importing of additional qubits can reduce the operation time and prevent de-coherence induced by the environment. However, excessive qubits may make the quantum system vulner-able. This paper describes how to relax existing qubits without additional qubits to significantly reduce the operation time of the quantum Fourier circuit compared to a circuit without optimization. The results indicate that this scheme makes full use of the qubits relaxation. The concepts can be applied to improve similar quantum circuits and guide the physical implementations of quantum algorithms or devices.

  11. 浅析断路器控制回路故障处理%Treatment of Circuit Breaker Control Circuit Fault



    断路器提高整个电力系统正常运转的稳定及可靠性,对电力系统运转有着极为重要的作用,而断路器上较为重要的一个技术环节就是控制回路,控制回路是每个运行及电力检修员工都必须要会的基本技能,本文将结合断路器中控制回路常出现的一些问题进行分析,希望能够对电路检修有所帮助。%The circuit breaker can improve the stability and reliability of the whole power system, so it has great importance for the power system. An important technology link of the circuit breaker is the control circuit, which is the required skill of each operation and electric power maintenance staff. This paper analyzes the common problems in circuit breaker control circuit in order to provide help for circuit maintenance.

  12. Chua's Circuit: Control and Synchronization

    Irimiciuc, Stefan-Andrei; Vasilovici, Ovidiu; Dimitriu, Dan-Gheorghe

    Chaos-based data encryption is one of the most reliable methods used in secure communications. This implies a good control of a chaotic system and a good synchronization between the involved systems. Here, experimental results are shown on the control and synchronization of Chua's circuits. The control of the chaotic circuit was achieved by using the switching method. The influence of the control signal characteristics (amplitude, frequency and shape) on the system's states was also investigated. The synchronization of two similar chaotic circuits was studied, emphasizing the importance of the chaotic state characteristics of the Master system in respect to those of Slave system. It was shown that the synchronization does not depend on the chaotic state type, neither on the dimension (x, y or z) used for synchronization.

  13. Special requisites for ground switch operation of parallel circuits of strongly connected transmission lines; Requisitos especiais de manobra para chaves de terra de circuitos paralelos de linhas de transmissao fortemente acoplados

    Amon Filho, J.; Kastrup Filho, O.; Franca, W.J. [FURNAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work aims to present results of a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the problem concerning the ground switch turn off operation of transmission lines parallel circuits involving computer simulations and field tests, being such tests compared to standards and constant criteria of the technical specifications of such ground switches. The so far achieved conclusions indicate that the arc resistors installed in the ground switches have been satisfactory solving the problem of the interruption of induced currents by those ground switches. 7 refs., 2 figs., 3 tabs.

  14. Graphene radio frequency receiver integrated circuit.

    Han, Shu-Jen; Garcia, Alberto Valdes; Oida, Satoshi; Jenkins, Keith A; Haensch, Wilfried


    Graphene has attracted much interest as a future channel material in radio frequency electronics because of its superior electrical properties. Fabrication of a graphene integrated circuit without significantly degrading transistor performance has proven to be challenging, posing one of the major bottlenecks to compete with existing technologies. Here we present a fabrication method fully preserving graphene transistor quality, demonstrated with the implementation of a high-performance three-stage graphene integrated circuit. The circuit operates as a radio frequency receiver performing signal amplification, filtering and downconversion mixing. All circuit components are integrated into 0.6 mm(2) area and fabricated on 200 mm silicon wafers, showing the unprecedented graphene circuit complexity and silicon complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process compatibility. The demonstrated circuit performance allow us to use graphene integrated circuit to perform practical wireless communication functions, receiving and restoring digital text transmitted on a 4.3-GHz carrier signal.

  15. Analog circuit design designing dynamic circuit response

    Feucht, Dennis


    This second volume, Designing Dynamic Circuit Response builds upon the first volume Designing Amplifier Circuits by extending coverage to include reactances and their time- and frequency-related behavioral consequences.

  16. Analog circuit design techniques at 0.5V

    Chatterjee, Shouri; Stanic, Nebojša


    This book tackles challenges for the design of analog integrated circuits that operate from ultra-low power supply voltages (down to 0.5V). Coverage demonstrates the signal processing circuit and circuit biasing approaches through the design of operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs). These amplifiers are then used to build analog system functions including continuous time filter and a sample and hold amplifier.

  17. MEMS reliability

    Hartzell, Allyson L; Shea, Herbert R


    This book focuses on the reliability and manufacturability of MEMS at a fundamental level. It demonstrates how to design MEMs for reliability and provides detailed information on the different types of failure modes and how to avoid them.

  18. Analog VLSI neural network integrated circuits

    Kub, F. J.; Moon, K. K.; Just, E. A.


    Two analog very large scale integration (VLSI) vector matrix multiplier integrated circuit chips were designed, fabricated, and partially tested. They can perform both vector-matrix and matrix-matrix multiplication operations at high speeds. The 32 by 32 vector-matrix multiplier chip and the 128 by 64 vector-matrix multiplier chip were designed to perform 300 million and 3 billion multiplications per second, respectively. An additional circuit that has been developed is a continuous-time adaptive learning circuit. The performance achieved thus far for this circuit is an adaptivity of 28 dB at 300 KHz and 11 dB at 15 MHz. This circuit has demonstrated greater than two orders of magnitude higher frequency of operation than any previous adaptive learning circuit.

  19. Advances in genetic circuit design: novel biochemistries, deep part mining, and precision gene expression.

    Nielsen, Alec A K; Segall-Shapiro, Thomas H; Voigt, Christopher A


    Cells use regulatory networks to perform computational operations to respond to their environment. Reliably manipulating such networks would be valuable for many applications in biotechnology; for example, in having genes turn on only under a defined set of conditions or implementing dynamic or temporal control of expression. Still, building such synthetic regulatory circuits remains one of the most difficult challenges in genetic engineering and as a result they have not found widespread application. Here, we review recent advances that address the key challenges in the forward design of genetic circuits. First, we look at new design concepts, including the construction of layered digital and analog circuits, and new approaches to control circuit response functions. Second, we review recent work to apply part mining and computational design to expand the number of regulators that can be used together within one cell. Finally, we describe new approaches to obtain precise gene expression and to reduce context dependence that will accelerate circuit design by more reliably balancing regulators while reducing toxicity. Copyright © 2013. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  20. Analog circuit design designing waveform processing circuits

    Feucht, Dennis


    The fourth volume in the set Designing Waveform-Processing Circuits builds on the previous 3 volumes and presents a variety of analog non-amplifier circuits, including voltage references, current sources, filters, hysteresis switches and oscilloscope trigger and sweep circuitry, function generation, absolute-value circuits, and peak detectors.

  1. Linear integrated circuits

    Carr, Joseph


    The linear IC market is large and growing, as is the demand for well trained technicians and engineers who understand how these devices work and how to apply them. Linear Integrated Circuits provides in-depth coverage of the devices and their operation, but not at the expense of practical applications in which linear devices figure prominently. This book is written for a wide readership from FE and first degree students, to hobbyists and professionals.Chapter 1 offers a general introduction that will provide students with the foundations of linear IC technology. From chapter 2 onwa

  2. A dishwasher for circuits

    Rosaria Marraffino


    You have always been told that electronic devices fear water. However, at the Surface Mount Devices (SMD) Workshop here at CERN all the electronic assemblies are cleaned with a machine that looks like a… dishwasher.   The circuit dishwasher. Credit: Clara Nellist.  If you think the image above shows a dishwasher, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Apart from the fact that the whole pumping system and the case itself are made entirely from stainless steel and chemical resistant materials, and the fact that it washes electrical boards instead of dishes… it works exactly like a dishwasher. It’s a professional machine (mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry) designed to clean everything that can be washed with a water-based chemical soap. This type of treatment increases the lifetime of the electronic boards and therefore the LHC's reliability by preventing corrosion problems in the severe radiation and ozone environment of the LHC tunn...

  3. Software reliability

    Bendell, A


    Software Reliability reviews some fundamental issues of software reliability as well as the techniques, models, and metrics used to predict the reliability of software. Topics covered include fault avoidance, fault removal, and fault tolerance, along with statistical methods for the objective assessment of predictive accuracy. Development cost models and life-cycle cost models are also discussed. This book is divided into eight sections and begins with a chapter on adaptive modeling used to predict software reliability, followed by a discussion on failure rate in software reliability growth mo

  4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Dynamic-Tracking Directional Wireless Antennas for Low Powered Applications that Require Reliable Extended Range Operations in Time Critical Scenarios

    Scott G. Bauer; Matthew O. Anderson; James R. Hanneman


    The proven value of DOD Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will ultimately transition to National and Homeland Security missions that require real-time aerial surveillance, situation awareness, force protection, and sensor placement. Public services first responders who routinely risk personal safety to assess and report a situation for emergency actions will likely be the first to benefit from these new unmanned technologies. ‘Packable’ or ‘Portable’ small class UAVs will be particularly useful to the first responder. They require the least amount of training, no fixed infrastructure, and are capable of being launched and recovered from the point of emergency. All UAVs require wireless communication technologies for real- time applications. Typically on a small UAV, a low bandwidth telemetry link is required for command and control (C2), and systems health monitoring. If the UAV is equipped with a real-time Electro-Optical or Infrared (EO/Ir) video camera payload, a dedicated high bandwidth analog/digital link is usually required for reliable high-resolution imagery. In most cases, both the wireless telemetry and real-time video links will be integrated into the UAV with unity gain omni-directional antennas. With limited on-board power and payload capacity, a small UAV will be limited with the amount of radio-frequency (RF) energy it transmits to the users. Therefore, ‘packable’ and ‘portable’ UAVs will have limited useful operational ranges for first responders. This paper will discuss the limitations of small UAV wireless communications. The discussion will present an approach of utilizing a dynamic ground based real-time tracking high gain directional antenna to provide extend range stand-off operation, potential RF channel reuse, and assured telemetry and data communications from low-powered UAV deployed wireless assets.

  5. Chapter 9: Reliability

    Algora, Carlos; Espinet-Gonzalez, Pilar; Vazquez, Manuel; Bosco, Nick; Miller, David; Kurtz, Sarah; Rubio, Francisca; McConnell,Robert


    This chapter describes the accumulated knowledge on CPV reliability with its fundamentals and qualification. It explains the reliability of solar cells, modules (including optics) and plants. The chapter discusses the statistical distributions, namely exponential, normal and Weibull. The reliability of solar cells includes: namely the issues in accelerated aging tests in CPV solar cells, types of failure and failures in real time operation. The chapter explores the accelerated life tests, namely qualitative life tests (mainly HALT) and quantitative accelerated life tests (QALT). It examines other well proven and experienced PV cells and/or semiconductor devices, which share similar semiconductor materials, manufacturing techniques or operating conditions, namely, III-V space solar cells and light emitting diodes (LEDs). It addresses each of the identified reliability issues and presents the current state of the art knowledge for their testing and evaluation. Finally, the chapter summarizes the CPV qualification and reliability standards.

  6. 基于0.18μm CMOS工艺的电流型模拟运算电路%Current mode analog operational circuit based on 0.18 μm CMOS process

    卢锦川; 詹小英


    A new CMOS current mode multifunction analog operational circuit with low voltage and low power consumption is proposed,which can run multiplier,squarer,divider and different types of controllable gain amplifiers. The design is based on translinear principle,in which MOSFET is adopted and runs in the subthreshold region. The proposed circuit is composed of six inter⁃matching transistors to form two overlapping tranlinear loops. The circuit is based on 0.18 μm CMOS process,and sup⁃plied with ± 0.6 V low voltage DC source. The circuit was verified by simulation of Tanner TSpice software. The simulation re⁃sults show that when the circuit is configured as an amplifier,its frequency is about 1.5 MHz at -3 dB,linear error is 0.63%, total harmonic distortion is 0.08%,and maximum power consumption is 1.16 μW.%提出了一种新的低电压低功耗CMOS电流型模拟多功能运算电路,该电路能够运行乘法器、求平方器、除法器以及不同类型的可控增益放大器。该设计基于跨导线性原则,使用场效晶体管(MOSFET)且运行在亚阈值区,其由6个相匹配的晶体管组成,并形成两个重叠的跨导线性回路,电路设计采用0.18μm CMOS技术,使用±0.6 V低压直流电源供电。通过Tanner TSpice软件进行了仿真验证,仿真结果表明,当将其配置为一个放大器时,-3 dB频率约为1.5 MHz,线性误差为0.63%,总谐波失真为0.08%,最大功耗为1.16μW。

  7. Power Electronics and Reliability in Renewable Energy Systems

    Blaabjerg, Frede; Ma, Ke; Zhou, Dao


    Power Electronics are needed in almost all kind of renewable energy systems. It is used both for controlling the renewable source and also for interfacing to the load, which can be grid-connected or working in stand-alone mode. More and more efforts are put into making renewable energy systems...... better in terms of reliability in order to ensure a high availability of the power sources, in this case the knowledge of mission profile of a certain application is crucial for the reliability evaluation/design of power electronics. In this paper an overview on the power electronic circuits behind...... the most common converter configurations for wind turbine and photovoltaic is done. Next different aspects of improving the system reliability are mapped. Further on examples of how to control the chip temperature in different power electronic configurations as well as operation modes for wind power...


    Dr Obe

    Evaluation of the reliability of a primary cell took place in three stages: 192 cells went through a ... CCV - Closed Circuit Voltage, the voltage at the terminals of a battery when it is under an electrical ... Cylindrical spirally wound cells have the.

  9. On ageing effects in analogue integrated circuits

    Salfelder, Felix (Dipl. Math.)


    The behaviour of electronic circuits is influenced by ageing effects. Modelling the behaviour of circuits is a standard approach for the design of faster, smaller, more reliable and more robust systems. In this thesis, we propose a formalization of robustness that is derived from a failure model, which is based purely on the behavioural specification of a system. For a given specification, simulation can reveal if a system does not comply with a specification, and thus provide a failure model...

  10. Application of Operational State Theory in Reliability Analysis for Mechanical Parts%运行状态理论在机械零件可靠性分析中的应用

    何成铭; 吴纬; 孟庆均


    提出了用运行状态来描述机械产品工作能力的概念;建立了机械产品运行状态与可靠性之间的联系,给出了利用运行状态进行机械产品可靠性分析的原理;以某型主战坦克变速箱换档同步器特型孔磨损失效模式为例,说明了运行状态理论在机械零件可靠性分析中的具体应用.结果表明运行状态理论为机械产品可靠性分析提供了新的有效途径.%The concept to describe the wrokability of mechanical products with operational state is proposed. The linkage between operational state and reliability is established, and the principium to analyze reliability of mechanical products using operational state is given. The application of operational state theory in reliability analysis for mechanical parts is illuminated by taking the abrasion failure of special shape bore in the gear shifting synchromesh of a certain type of Main Battle Tank as an example, the result shows that the operational state theory is an effective approach for mechanical products reliability analysis.

  11. RF Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS

    Nauta, Bram


    With CMOS technology entering the nanometer regime, the design of analog and RF circuits is complicated by low supply voltages, very non-linear (and nonquadratic) devices and large 1/f noise. At the same time, circuits are required to operate over increasingly wide bandwidths to implement modern mul

  12. RF Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS

    Nauta, Bram


    With CMOS technology entering the nanometer regime, the design of analog and RF circuits is complicated by low supply voltages, very non-linear (and nonquadratic) devices and large 1/f noise. At the same time, circuits are required to operate over increasingly wide bandwidths to implement modern

  13. Man-machine interactive system simplifies computer-aided circuit design

    Bavuso, S. J.


    Langley interactive computerized circuit analysis capability /LICCA/ enables designer to draw electronic circuit diagrams on cathode ray tube screen. This information is submitted as input to user-selected circuit analysis program. LICCA accommodates binary logic circuits and circuits with discrete components, and monitors operator's instructions to detect errors.

  14. Control circuits in power electronics practical issues in design and implementation

    Castilla, Miguel


    Control circuits are a key element in the operation and performance of power electronics converters. This book describes practical issues related to the design and implementation of these control circuits, and is divided into three parts - analogue control circuits, digital control circuits, and new trends in control circuits.

  15. Design and Operation Principles of DC Circuit Breakers - Development of a Solid State DC Breaker for the NTNU/SINTEF Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Norum, Eivind Ødegaard


    Exciting high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems are mainly point-to-point connections. A multi-terminal HVDC grid consisting of three or more inter connected converter stations is suggested in order to increase the reliability, redundancy and flexibility in long distant bulk power transmission. Similar to AC (alternating current) grids, a protection system of HVDC-grids must be able to clear faults without affecting the remaining healthy parts of the grid. Thus, there is a ne...

  16. Solid-state circuits

    Pridham, G J


    Solid-State Circuits provides an introduction to the theory and practice underlying solid-state circuits, laying particular emphasis on field effect transistors and integrated circuits. Topics range from construction and characteristics of semiconductor devices to rectification and power supplies, low-frequency amplifiers, sine- and square-wave oscillators, and high-frequency effects and circuits. Black-box equivalent circuits of bipolar transistors, physical equivalent circuits of bipolar transistors, and equivalent circuits of field effect transistors are also covered. This volume is divided

  17. Circuit analysis for dummies

    Santiago, John


    Circuits overloaded from electric circuit analysis? Many universities require that students pursuing a degree in electrical or computer engineering take an Electric Circuit Analysis course to determine who will ""make the cut"" and continue in the degree program. Circuit Analysis For Dummies will help these students to better understand electric circuit analysis by presenting the information in an effective and straightforward manner. Circuit Analysis For Dummies gives you clear-cut information about the topics covered in an electric circuit analysis courses to help

  18. Current limiter circuit system

    Witcher, Joseph Brandon; Bredemann, Michael V.


    An apparatus comprising a steady state sensing circuit, a switching circuit, and a detection circuit. The steady state sensing circuit is connected to a first, a second and a third node. The first node is connected to a first device, the second node is connected to a second device, and the steady state sensing circuit causes a scaled current to flow at the third node. The scaled current is proportional to a voltage difference between the first and second node. The switching circuit limits an amount of current that flows between the first and second device. The detection circuit is connected to the third node and the switching circuit. The detection circuit monitors the scaled current at the third node and controls the switching circuit to limit the amount of the current that flows between the first and second device when the scaled current is greater than a desired level.

  19. Wafer-scale graphene integrated circuit.

    Lin, Yu-Ming; Valdes-Garcia, Alberto; Han, Shu-Jen; Farmer, Damon B; Meric, Inanc; Sun, Yanning; Wu, Yanqing; Dimitrakopoulos, Christos; Grill, Alfred; Avouris, Phaedon; Jenkins, Keith A


    A wafer-scale graphene circuit was demonstrated in which all circuit components, including graphene field-effect transistor and inductors, were monolithically integrated on a single silicon carbide wafer. The integrated circuit operates as a broadband radio-frequency mixer at frequencies up to 10 gigahertz. These graphene circuits exhibit outstanding thermal stability with little reduction in performance (less than 1 decibel) between 300 and 400 kelvin. These results open up possibilities of achieving practical graphene technology with more complex functionality and performance.

  20. Research on The Mechanical State Parameter Extraction Method of High Voltage Circuit Breakers

    Yang Tianxu


    Full Text Available High voltage circuit breakers play an important role in the power system. So it is necessary to implement the state detection of breakers in order to ensure stable and reliable running of the grid. The purpose of state detection is to provide reliable basis of maintenance by extracting mechanical state parameters accurately. This paper mainly focuses on the coil current signal feature extraction algorithm. To settle the problem of too much noise mixed with the current signal and signal distortion, the discrete wavelet transform algorithm is used to extract the coil current signal parameters. This paper also designs the FIR filter to extract stroke and speed parameters from travel-time waveform. The experiments show that the difference between the theoretical results and test results processed by the method in this paper is very small and the test results are able to accurately reflect operation states and mechanical features of high voltage circuit breakers.

  1. Endogenous money, circuits and financialization

    Malcolm Sawyer


    This paper locates the endogenous money approach in a circuitist framework. It argues for the significance of the credit creation process for the evolution of the economy and the absence of any notion of ‘neutrality of money’. Clearing banks are distinguished from other financial institutions as the providers of initial finance in a circuit whereas other financial institutions operate in a final finance circuit. Financialization is here viewed in terms of the growth of financial assets an...

  2. Simplified design of filter circuits

    Lenk, John


    Simplified Design of Filter Circuits, the eighth book in this popular series, is a step-by-step guide to designing filters using off-the-shelf ICs. The book starts with the basic operating principles of filters and common applications, then moves on to describe how to design circuits by using and modifying chips available on the market today. Lenk's emphasis is on practical, simplified approaches to solving design problems.Contains practical designs using off-the-shelf ICsStraightforward, no-nonsense approachHighly illustrated with manufacturer's data sheets

  3. Embedded systems circuits and programming

    Sanchez, Julio


    During the development of an engineered product, developers often need to create an embedded system--a prototype--that demonstrates the operation/function of the device and proves its viability. Offering practical tools for the development and prototyping phases, Embedded Systems Circuits and Programming provides a tutorial on microcontroller programming and the basics of embedded design. The book focuses on several development tools and resources: Standard and off-the-shelf components, such as input/output devices, integrated circuits, motors, and programmable microcontrollers The implementat

  4. Intuitive analog circuit design

    Thompson, Marc


    Intuitive Analog Circuit Design outlines ways of thinking about analog circuits and systems that let you develop a feel for what a good, working analog circuit design should be. This book reflects author Marc Thompson's 30 years of experience designing analog and power electronics circuits and teaching graduate-level analog circuit design, and is the ideal reference for anyone who needs a straightforward introduction to the subject. In this book, Dr. Thompson describes intuitive and ""back-of-the-envelope"" techniques for designing and analyzing analog circuits, including transistor amplifi

  5. The circuit designer's companion

    Williams, Tim


    The Circuit Designer's Companion covers the theoretical aspects and practices in analogue and digital circuit design. Electronic circuit design involves designing a circuit that will fulfill its specified function and designing the same circuit so that every production model of it will fulfill its specified function, and no other undesired and unspecified function.This book is composed of nine chapters and starts with a review of the concept of grounding, wiring, and printed circuits. The subsequent chapters deal with the passive and active components of circuitry design. These topics are foll

  6. Reliability Engineering

    Lazzaroni, Massimo


    This book gives a practical guide for designers and users in Information and Communication Technology context. In particular, in the first Section, the definition of the fundamental terms according to the international standards are given. Then, some theoretical concepts and reliability models are presented in Chapters 2 and 3: the aim is to evaluate performance for components and systems and reliability growth. Chapter 4, by introducing the laboratory tests, puts in evidence the reliability concept from the experimental point of view. In ICT context, the failure rate for a given system can be

  7. A New Low Voltage P-MOS Bulk Driven Current Mirror Circuit

    Anuj Dugaya


    Full Text Available This work proposes a new low voltage current mirror circuit using bulk driven technique. Bulk driventechnique is used to reduce the threshold of PMOS used in low voltage current mirror circuits (LVCM.TheProposed circuit consist of 4 PMOS and 5 NMOS. The proposed circuit operated at +0.85 V supplyvoltage.The bandwidth of this circuit has also been enhanced using resistive compensation technique. Theproposed circuit has been simulated in Cadence Design Environment in UMC 180nm CMOS technology. Atransfer characteristic of the proposed circuit has been discussed. The proposed circuit find application inlow voltage and low power analog integrated circuits.

  8. Resistor Extends Life Of Battery In Clocked CMOS Circuit

    Wells, George H., Jr.


    Addition of fixed resistor between battery and clocked complementary metal oxide/semiconductor (CMOS) circuit reduces current drawn from battery. Basic idea to minimize current drawn from battery by operating CMOS circuit at lowest possible current consistent with use of simple, fixed off-the-shelf components. Prolongs lives of batteries in such low-power CMOS circuits as watches and calculators.

  9. 49 CFR 236.732 - Controller, circuit; switch.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Controller, circuit; switch. 236.732 Section 236... § 236.732 Controller, circuit; switch. A device for opening and closing electric circuits, operated by a rod connected to a switch, derail or movable-point frog....

  10. Development of manufacturing technologies of printed circuits at the Mining Electronics Plant

    Banas, J.; Giglok, M.; Skalski, Z. (Zaklad Elektroniki Gorniczej, Tychy (Poland))


    Discusses development of printed circuit manufacturing by the Mining Electronics Plant in Tychy. The circuits are used in control equipment and computerized control systems for underground black coal mining in Poland. The following aspects of circuit manufacturing are evaluated: design of printed circuits, materials used for circuit manufacturing (copper), manufacturing technologies, licenses and know-how, quality requirements, quality assurance and quality control, reliability, safety.

  11. Transient studies in large offshore wind farms, taking into account network/circuit breaker interaction

    Glasdam, Jacob Bærholm; Bak, Claus Leth; Hjerrild, Jesper


    Switching overvoltages (SOV) are considered a possible source of experienced component failures in existing off-shore wind farms (OWFs). The inclusion of sufficiently accurate and validated models of the main components in the OWF in the simulation tool is therefore an important issue in order...... to ensure reliable switching operations. Transient measurement results in an OWF are compared with simulation results in PSCAD EMTDC and DigSILENT Power Factory, where a user-defined model of the vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) is included, capable of simulating multiple prestrikes during the closing operation...

  12. Reliability and Its Quantitative Measures

    Alexandru ISAIC-MANIU


    Full Text Available In this article is made an opening for the software reliability issues, through wide-ranging statistical indicators, which are designed based on information collected from operating or testing (samples. It is developed the reliability issues also for the case of the main reliability laws (exponential, normal, Weibull, which validated for a particular system, allows the calculation of some reliability indicators with a higher degree of accuracy and trustworthiness

  13. Electrical Circuits and Water Analogies

    Smith, Frederick A.; Wilson, Jerry D.


    Briefly describes water analogies for electrical circuits and presents plans for the construction of apparatus to demonstrate these analogies. Demonstrations include series circuits, parallel circuits, and capacitors. (GS)

  14. Circuits on Cylinders

    Hansen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt; Miltersen, Peter Bro; Vinay, V


    We consider the computational power of constant width polynomial size cylindrical circuits and nondeterministic branching programs. We show that every function computed by a Pi2 o MOD o AC0 circuit can also be computed by a constant width polynomial size cylindrical nondeterministic branching...... program (or cylindrical circuit) and that every function computed by a constant width polynomial size cylindrical circuit belongs to ACC0....

  15. Electric circuits essentials

    REA, Editors of


    REA's Essentials provide quick and easy access to critical information in a variety of different fields, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. As its name implies, these concise, comprehensive study guides summarize the essentials of the field covered. Essentials are helpful when preparing for exams, doing homework and will remain a lasting reference source for students, teachers, and professionals. Electric Circuits I includes units, notation, resistive circuits, experimental laws, transient circuits, network theorems, techniques of circuit analysis, sinusoidal analysis, polyph

  16. Fast frequency divider circuit using combinational logic

    Helinski, Ryan


    The various technologies presented herein relate to performing on-chip frequency division of an operating frequency of a ring oscillator (RO). Per the various embodiments herein, a conflict between RO size versus operational frequency can be addressed by dividing the output frequency of the RO to a frequency that can be measured on-chip. A frequency divider circuit (comprising NOR gates and latches, for example) can be utilized in conjunction with the RO on the chip. In an embodiment, the frequency divider circuit can include a pair of latches coupled to the RO to facilitate dividing the oscillating frequency of the RO by 2. In another embodiment, the frequency divider circuit can include four latches (operating in pairs) coupled to the RO to facilitate dividing the oscillating frequency of the RO by 4. A plurality of ROs can be MUXed to the plurality of ROs by a single oscillation-counting circuit.

  17. Test and inspection for process control of monolithic circuits

    Spangenberg, E.


    Report details the test and inspection procedures for the mass production of high reliability integrated circuits. It covers configuration control, basic fundamentals of quality control, control charts, wafer process evaluation, general process evaluation, evaluation score system, and diffusion evaluation.

  18. Piezoelectric drive circuit

    Treu, Jr., Charles A.


    A piezoelectric motor drive circuit is provided which utilizes the piezoelectric elements as oscillators and a Meacham half-bridge approach to develop feedback from the motor ground circuit to produce a signal to drive amplifiers to power the motor. The circuit automatically compensates for shifts in harmonic frequency of the piezoelectric elements due to pressure and temperature changes.

  19. Signal sampling circuit

    Louwsma, S.M.; Vertregt, Maarten


    A sampling circuit for sampling a signal is disclosed. The sampling circuit comprises a plurality of sampling channels adapted to sample the signal in time-multiplexed fashion, each sampling channel comprising a respective track-and-hold circuit connected to a respective analogue to digital converte

  20. Signal sampling circuit

    Louwsma, S.M.; Vertregt, Maarten


    A sampling circuit for sampling a signal is disclosed. The sampling circuit comprises a plurality of sampling channels adapted to sample the signal in time-multiplexed fashion, each sampling channel comprising a respective track-and-hold circuit connected to a respective analogue to digital converte

  1. Load testing circuit


    A load testing circuit a circuit tests the load impedance of a load connected to an amplifier. The load impedance includes a first terminal and a second terminal, the load testing circuit comprising a signal generator providing a test signal of a defined bandwidth to the first terminal of the load...

  2. Short-circuit logic

    Bergstra, J.A.; Ponse, A.


    Short-circuit evaluation denotes the semantics of propositional connectives in which the second argument is only evaluated if the first argument does not suffice to determine the value of the expression. In programming, short-circuit evaluation is widely used. A short-circuit logic is a variant of p

  3. Signal sampling circuit

    Louwsma, Simon Minze; Vertregt, Maarten


    A sampling circuit for sampling a signal is disclosed. The sampling circuit comprises a plurality of sampling channels adapted to sample the signal in time-multiplexed fashion, each sampling channel comprising a respective track-and-hold circuit connected to a respective analogue to digital converte

  4. Signal sampling circuit

    Louwsma, Simon Minze; Vertregt, Maarten


    A sampling circuit for sampling a signal is disclosed. The sampling circuit comprises a plurality of sampling channels adapted to sample the signal in time-multiplexed fashion, each sampling channel comprising a respective track-and-hold circuit connected to a respective analogue to digital converte

  5. Analog IC reliability in nanometer CMOS

    Maricau, Elie


    This book focuses on modeling, simulation and analysis of analog circuit aging. First, all important nanometer CMOS physical effects resulting in circuit unreliability are reviewed. Then, transistor aging compact models for circuit simulation are discussed and several methods for efficient circuit reliability simulation are explained and compared. Ultimately, the impact of transistor aging on analog circuits is studied. Aging-resilient and aging-immune circuits are identified and the impact of technology scaling is discussed.   The models and simulation techniques described in the book are intended as an aid for device engineers, circuit designers and the EDA community to understand and to mitigate the impact of aging effects on nanometer CMOS ICs.   ·         Enables readers to understand long-term reliability of an integrated circuit; ·         Reviews CMOS unreliability effects, with focus on those that will emerge in future CMOS nodes; ·         Provides overview of models for...

  6. Confiabilidad Operativa de Sistemas para Compresión de Gas y Generación Eléctrica en Complejos Petroleros Operating Reliability of Gas Compression and Power Generation Systems in Offshore Oil Installations

    Marco P Flores


    Full Text Available Se presenta una comparación de tres alternativas tecnológicas para generación eléctrica y compresión de gas en complejos procesadores de aceite crudo, factibles de instalar en México. La comparación se realiza con base en los resultados de evaluaciones de confiabilidad operativa utilizando el método de diagramas de bloques. Se incluyen algunos conceptos relativos a la teoría de confiabilidad de sistemas y se define el tipo de modelo de confiabilidad utilizado, el cual corresponde a un arreglo en paralelo con redundancia en reserva pasiva y sin incluir mantenimiento en sus componentes. Asimismo, se describen las alternativas y los escenarios operativos analizados, se presentan los diagramas de bloques para cada alternativa, así como los resultados de confiabilidad, los cuales indican que el uso de motores eléctricos para compresión de gas y motores de combustión interna para generación eléctrica resulta más confiable que usar turbinas de gas.This paper presents a study that compares operative results for three technological alternatives to produce electricity and compress gas in offshore crude oil processing facilities to be installed in Mexico. The comparison of alternatives is made based on system reliability estimations by using the “reliability block diagram” method. The fundamental concepts of the systems reliability theory are pointed out, and the reliability model is defined as a parallel arrangement with redundancy in passive reserve and without maintenance for any component. Likewise, the alternatives, and the analyzed operative scenarios are described, including the block diagrams and reliability results for each option. The results of the study show that using electrical motors to compress gas and internal combustion engines to produce electricity is more reliable than using gas turbines.

  7. Circuit reactivation dynamically regulates synaptic plasticity in neocortex

    Kruskal, Peter B.; Li, Lucy; Maclean, Jason N.


    Circuit reactivations involve a stereotyped sequence of neuronal firing and have been behaviourally linked to memory consolidation. Here we use multiphoton imaging and patch-clamp recording, and observe sparse and stereotyped circuit reactivations that correspond to UP states within active neurons. To evaluate the effect of the circuit on synaptic plasticity, we trigger a single spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) pairing once per circuit reactivation. The pairings reliably fall within a particular epoch of the circuit sequence and result in long-term potentiation. During reactivation, the amplitude of plasticity significantly correlates with the preceding 20-25 ms of membrane depolarization rather than the depolarization at the time of pairing. This circuit-dependent plasticity provides a natural constraint on synaptic potentiation, regulating the inherent instability of STDP in an assembly phase-sequence model. Subthreshold voltage during endogenous circuit reactivations provides a critical informative context for plasticity and facilitates the stable consolidation of a spatiotemporal sequence.

  8. Final report for CCS cross-layer reliability visioning study

    Quinn, Heather M [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Dehon, Andre [U. PENN; Carter, Nicj [INTEL


    The geometric rate of improvement of transistor size and integrated circuit performance known as Moore's Law has been an engine of growth for our economy, enabling new products and services, creating new value and wealth, increasing safety, and removing menial tasks from our daily lives. Affordable, highly integrated components have enabled both life-saving technologies and rich entertainment applications. Anti-lock brakes, insulin monitors, and GPS-enabled emergency response systems save lives. Cell phones, internet appliances, virtual worlds, realistic video games, and mp3 players enrich our lives and connect us together. Over the past 40 years of silicon scaling, the increasing capabilities of inexpensive computation have transformed our society through automation and ubiquitous communications. Looking forward, increasing unpredictability threatens our ability to continue scaling integrated circuits at Moore's Law rates. As the transistors and wires that make up integrated circuits become smaller, they display both greater differences in behavior among devices designed to be identical and greater vulnerability to transient and permanent faults. Conventional design techniques expend energy to tolerate this unpredictability by adding safety margins to a circuit's operating voltage, clock frequency or charge stored per bit. However, the rising energy costs needed to compensate for increasing unpredictability are rapidly becoming unacceptable in today's environment where power consumption is often the limiting factor on integrated circuit performance and energy efficiency is a national concern. Reliability and energy consumption are both reaching key inflection points that, together, threaten to reduce or end the benefits of feature size reduction. To continue beneficial scaling, we must use a cross-layer, Jull-system-design approach to reliability. Unlike current systems, which charge every device a substantial energy tax in order to guarantee

  9. Memristor Circuits and Systems

    Zidan, Mohammed A.


    Current CMOS-based technologies are facing design challenges related to the continuous scaling down of the minimum feature size, according to Moore’s law. Moreover, conventional computing architecture is no longer an effective way of fulfilling modern applications demands, such as big data analysis, pattern recognition, and vector processing. Therefore, there is an exigent need to shift to new technologies, at both the architecture and the device levels. Recently, memristor devices and structures attracted attention for being promising candidates for this job. Memristor device adds a new dimension for designing novel circuits and systems. In addition, high-density memristor-based crossbar is widely considered to be the essential element for future memory and bio-inspired computing systems. However, numerous challenges need to be addressed before the memristor genuinely replaces current memory and computing technologies, which is the motivation behind this research effort. In order to address the technology challenges, we begin by fabricating and modeling the memristor device. The devices fabricated at our local clean room enriched our understanding of the memristive phenomenon and enabled the experimental testing for our memristor-based circuits. Moreover, our proposed mathematical modeling for memristor behavior is an essential element for the theoretical circuit design stage. Designing and addressing the challenges of memristor systems with practical complexity, however, requires an extra step, which takes the form of a reliable and modular simulation platform. We, therefore, built a new simulation platform for the resistive crossbar, which can simulate realistic size arrays filled with real memory data. In addition, this simulation platform includes various crossbar nonidealities in order to obtain accurate simulation results. Consequently, we were able to address the significant challenges facing the high density memristor crossbar, as the building block for

  10. Reversible Logic Circuit Synthesis

    Shende, V V; Markov, I L; Prasad, A K; Hayes, John P.; Markov, Igor L.; Prasad, Aditya K.; Shende, Vivek V.


    Reversible, or information-lossless, circuits have applications in digital signal processing, communication, computer graphics and cryptography. They are also a fundamental requirement for quantum computation. We investigate the synthesis of reversible circuits that employ a minimum number of gates and contain no redundant input-output line-pairs (temporary storage channels). We propose new constructions for reversible circuits composed of NOT, Controlled-NOT, and TOFFOLI gates (the CNT gate library) based on permutation theory. A new algorithm is given to synthesize optimal reversible circuits using an arbitrary gate library. We also describe much faster heuristic algorithms. We also pursue applications of the proposed techniques to the synthesis of quantum circuits.

  11. Progress in organic integrated circuit manufacture

    Taylor, D. Martin


    This review article focuses on the development of processes for the manufacture of organic electronic circuits. Beginning with the first report of an organic transistor it highlights the key developments leading to the successful manufacture of microprocessors and other complex circuits incorporating organic transistors. Both batch processing (based on silicon integrated circuit technology) as well as mass-printing, roll-to-roll (R2R) approaches are discussed. Currently, the best circuit performances are achieved using batch processing. It is suggested that an emerging, large mass-market for electronic tags may dictate that R2R manufacture will likely be required to meet the high throughput rates needed. However, significant improvements in resolution and registration are necessary to achieve increased circuit operating speeds.

  12. Learning and evolution in bacterial taxis: an operational amplifier circuit modeling the computational dynamics of the prokaryotic 'two component system' protein network.

    Di Paola, Vieri; Marijuán, Pedro C; Lahoz-Beltra, Rafael


    Adaptive behavior in unicellular organisms (i.e., bacteria) depends on highly organized networks of proteins governing purposefully the myriad of molecular processes occurring within the cellular system. For instance, bacteria are able to explore the environment within which they develop by utilizing the motility of their flagellar system as well as a sophisticated biochemical navigation system that samples the environmental conditions surrounding the cell, searching for nutrients or moving away from toxic substances or dangerous physical conditions. In this paper we discuss how proteins of the intervening signal transduction network could be modeled as artificial neurons, simulating the dynamical aspects of the bacterial taxis. The model is based on the assumption that, in some important aspects, proteins can be considered as processing elements or McCulloch-Pitts artificial neurons that transfer and process information from the bacterium's membrane surface to the flagellar motor. This simulation of bacterial taxis has been carried out on a hardware realization of a McCulloch-Pitts artificial neuron using an operational amplifier. Based on the behavior of the operational amplifier we produce a model of the interaction between CheY and FliM, elements of the prokaryotic two component system controlling chemotaxis, as well as a simulation of learning and evolution processes in bacterial taxis. On the one side, our simulation results indicate that, computationally, these protein 'switches' are similar to McCulloch-Pitts artificial neurons, suggesting a bridge between evolution and learning in dynamical systems at cellular and molecular levels and the evolutive hardware approach. On the other side, important protein 'tactilizing' properties are not tapped by the model, and this suggests further complexity steps to explore in the approach to biological molecular computing.

  13. Exact Threshold Circuits

    Hansen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt; Podolskii, Vladimir V.


    We initiate a systematic study of constant depth Boolean circuits built using exact threshold gates. We consider both unweighted and weighted exact threshold gates and introduce corresponding circuit classes. We next show that this gives a hierarchy of classes that seamlessly interleave with the ......We initiate a systematic study of constant depth Boolean circuits built using exact threshold gates. We consider both unweighted and weighted exact threshold gates and introduce corresponding circuit classes. We next show that this gives a hierarchy of classes that seamlessly interleave...... with the well-studied corresponding hierarchies defined using ordinary threshold gates. A major open problem in Boolean circuit complexity is to provide an explicit super-polynomial lower bound for depth two threshold circuits. We identify the class of depth two exact threshold circuits as a natural subclass...

  14. Feedback in analog circuits

    Ochoa, Agustin


    This book describes a consistent and direct methodology to the analysis and design of analog circuits with particular application to circuits containing feedback. The analysis and design of circuits containing feedback is generally presented by either following a series of examples where each circuit is simplified through the use of insight or experience (someone else’s), or a complete nodal-matrix analysis generating lots of algebra. Neither of these approaches leads to gaining insight into the design process easily. The author develops a systematic approach to circuit analysis, the Driving Point Impedance and Signal Flow Graphs (DPI/SFG) method that does not require a-priori insight to the circuit being considered and results in factored analysis supporting the design function. This approach enables designers to account fully for loading and the bi-directional nature of elements both in the feedback path and in the amplifier itself, properties many times assumed negligible and ignored. Feedback circuits a...

  15. High reliability linear drive device for artificial hearts

    Ji, Jinghua; Zhao, Wenxiang; Liu, Guohai; Shen, Yue; Wang, Fangqun


    In this paper, a new high reliability linear drive device, termed as stator-permanent-magnet tubular oscillating actuator (SPM-TOA), is proposed for artificial hearts (AHs). The key is to incorporate the concept of two independent phases into this linear AH device, hence achieving high reliability operation. The fault-tolerant teeth are employed to provide the desired decoupling phases in magnetic circuit. Also, as the magnets and the coils are located in the stator, the proposed SPM-TOA takes the definite advantages of robust mover and direct-drive capability. By using the time-stepping finite element method, the electromagnetic characteristics of the proposed SPM-TOA are analyzed, including magnetic field distributions, flux linkages, back- electromotive forces (back-EMFs) self- and mutual inductances, as well as cogging and thrust forces. The results confirm that the proposed SPM-TOA meets the dimension, weight, and force requirements of the AH drive device.

  16. Optimal planning of series resistor to control time constant of test circuit for high-voltage AC circuit-breakers

    Yoon-Ho Kim


    Full Text Available The equivalent test circuit that can deliver both short-circuit current and recovery voltage is used to verify the performance of high-voltage circuit breakers. Most of the parameters in this circuit can be obtained by using a simple calculation or a simulation program. The ratings of the circuit breaker include rated short-circuit breaking current, rated short-circuit making current, rated operating sequence of the circuit breaker and rated short-time current. Among these ratings, the short-circuit making capacity of the circuit breaker is expressed in peak value and not in RMS value similar to breaking capacity. A series resistor or super-excitation is used to control the peak value of the short-circuit current in the equivalent test circuit. When using a series resistor, a higher rating of circuit breakers leads to a higher thermal capacity, thereby requiring additional space. Therefore, an effective, optimal design of the series resistor is essential. This paper proposes a method for reducing thermal capacity and selecting the optimal resistance to limit the making current by controlling the DC time constant of the test circuit.

  17. Emulational Design of Digits Touring Inspection Circuit%数字巡回检测电路的仿真设计

    孔维成; 杨海明; 李悦; 张光敏


    用数字集成设计完成的巡回检测电路能够实现对多路信号进行巡回检测,并对被检测线路工作情况及时监测显示,对出现故障的线路及时报警,通知维修人员及时维修,为设备安全可靠的运行提供有力保障。所以,该设计可广泛推广应用于现代化生产中。本文用数字集成电路完成八路巡回检测电路设计,并对电路设计原理进行了详细阐述,用Muhisim10电路仿真软件对电路的可行性和可操作性进行了模拟仿真,通过模拟仿真充分验证了本电路设计稳定可靠易于实现。%The touring inspection circuits designed by the digital integrated circuit can inspect multiple signals, and timely monitor the working status of the inspected circuits, alarming when finding the bad circuits, noticing the maintenance personnel, providing strong safeguards for the reliable operation of the equipments. Therefore, the design can be widely used in the industrial and agricul- tural production. The article designs the eight-channel touring inspection circuit by the digital integrated circuit, and expounds the design principles in detail, making the emulation to the feasibility and maneuverability of the circuits by the circuit emulation soft- ware Multisin lO. The emulation fully proved that the circuit design is stable, reliable, and easy to be realized.

  18. Load supply reliability evaluation applied to the house load of Itaipu power plant - a post operation analysis for the year 1992; A confiabilidade operativa de atendimento a carga da usina de Itaipu 50 Hz no ano de 1992 - uma avaliacao pos-operativa

    Silva, Rui J.G.C.; Almeida, Marcelino P. [Itaipu Binacional, Foz do Iguacu, PR (Brazil)


    This work presents the statistics of the 50 Hz Itaipu hydroelectric power plant in the 1992, under the aspect operative spinning reserve, comparing it with the obtained results through of the calculus of the operative reliability. (author) 7 refs.

  19. Expert system aids reliability

    Johnson, A.T. [Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Houston, TX (United States)


    Quality and Reliability are key requirements in the energy transmission industry. Tennessee Gas Co. a division of El Paso Energy, has applied Gensym`s G2, object-oriented Expert System programming language as a standard tool for maintaining and improving quality and reliability in pipeline operation. Tennessee created a small team of gas controllers and engineers to develop a Proactive Controller`s Assistant (ProCA) that provides recommendations for operating the pipeline more efficiently, reliably and safely. The controller`s pipeline operating knowledge is recreated in G2 in the form of Rules and Procedures in ProCA. Two G2 programmers supporting the Gas Control Room add information to the ProCA knowledge base daily. The result is a dynamic, constantly improving system that not only supports the pipeline controllers in their operations, but also the measurement and communications departments` requests for special studies. The Proactive Controller`s Assistant development focus is in the following areas: Alarm Management; Pipeline Efficiency; Reliability; Fuel Efficiency; and Controller Development.

  20. Discussion on Operational Reliability of On-line Monitoring System of Transmission Line%输电线路在线监测系统的运行可靠性分析

    岳灵平; 张志亮; 俞强; 严峥; 王志勇; 刘平平


    Low available ratio of on-line monitoring devices of transmission lines has threatened the reliable operation of grid monitoring system. Therefore, by collecting operation information of various types of on-line monitoring devices of transmission lines, this paper makes an in-depth analysis on failure causes and proposes technology to improve the reliability of on-line monitoring device of transmission line from aspects of power supply source and operation and maintenance quality; furthermore, it makes reliability evaluation on the life-time requirements and service condition of on-line monitoring devices of transmission lines.%输电线路在线监测装置可用率低的现状已对电网监测系统可靠运行造成了一定的威胁,因此,通过收集各类输电线路在线监测装置的运行情况资料,深入分析故障原因,从供电电源和运维质量两方面提出了提高输电线路在线监测装置可靠性的措施,并对输电线路在线监测装置的寿命要求及使用条件进行了可靠性评价。


    D. V. Demidov


    Full Text Available This paper deals with a method of relational theory adaptation for integrated circuits CAD systems. A new algorithm is worked out for optimal search of implicit Don’t Care values for combinational multiple-level digital circuits. The algorithm is described in terms of the adapted relational theory that gives the possibility for a very simple algorithm description for both intuitive understanding and formal analysis. The proposed method makes it possible to apply progressive experience of relational databases in efficient implementation of relational algebra operations (including distributed ones. Comparative analysis of the proposed algorithm and a classic one for optimal search of implicit Don’t Cares is carried out. The analysis has proved formal correctness of the proposed algorithm and its considerably less worst-case complexity. The search of implicit Don’t Care values in the integrated circuits design makes it easier to optimize such characteristics of IC as chip area, power, verifiability and reliability. However, the classic algorithm for optimal search of implicit Don’t Care values is not used in practice due to its very high computational complexity. Application of algorithms for sub-optimal search doesn’t give the possibility to realize the potential of IC optimization to the full. Implementation of the proposed algorithm in IC CAD (a.k.a., EDA systems is adequate due to much lower computational complexity, and potentially makes it possible to improve the quality-development time ratio of IC (chip area, power, verifiability and reliability. Developed method gives the possibility for creation of distributed EDA system with higher computational power and, consequently, for design automation of more complex IC.

  2. Quantification of the reliability of personnel actions from the evaluation of actual German operational experience. Final report; Quantifizierung der Zuverlaessigkeit von Personalhandlungen durch Auswertung der aktuellen deutschen Betriebserfahrung. Abschlussbericht

    Preischl, W.; Fassmann, W.


    The results and their uncertainty bounds of PSA studies are considerably impacted by the assessment of human reliability. But the amount of available, generic data is not sufficient to evaluate all human actions considered in a modern PSA study adequately. Further the data are not sufficiently validated and rely as well as the proposed uncertainty bounds on expert judgement. This research project as well as the preceding project /GRS 10/ validated data recommended by the German PSA Guidelines and enlarged the amount of available data. The findings may contribute to an update of the German PSA Guidelines. In a first step of the project information about reportable events in German nuclear power plants with observed human errors (event reports, expert statements, technical documents, interviews and plant walk downs with subject matter experts from the plants) were analysed. The investigation resulted in 67 samples describing personal activities, performance conditions, the number of observed errors and the number of action performance. In a second step a new methodology was developed and applied in a pilot plant. The objective was to identify undoubtedly error free safety relevant actions, their performance conditions, and frequency as well as to prove and demonstrate that probabilistic data can be derived from that operational experience (OE). The application in the pilot plant resulted in 18 ''error free'' samples characterizing human reliability. All available samples were evaluated by use of the method of Bayes. That commonly accepted methodology was applied in order to derive probabilistic data based on samples taken from operational experience. A thorough analysis of the obtained results shows that both data sources (OE reportable events, OE with undoubtedly error free action performance) provide data with comparable quality and validity. At the end of the research project the following products are available. - Methods to select samples

  3. Wire recycling for quantum circuit optimization

    Paler, Alexandru; Wille, Robert; Devitt, Simon J.


    Quantum information processing is expressed using quantum bits (qubits) and quantum gates which are arranged in terms of quantum circuits. Here, each qubit is associated with a quantum circuit wire which is used to conduct the desired operations. Most of the existing quantum circuits allocate a single quantum circuit wire for each qubit and hence introduce significant overhead. In fact, qubits are usually not needed during the entire computation, only between their initialization and measurement. Before and after that, corresponding wires may be used by other qubits. In this work, we propose a solution which exploits this fact in order to optimize the design of quantum circuits with respect to the required wires. To this end, we introduce a representation of the lifetimes of all qubits which is used to analyze the respective need for wires. Based on this analysis, a method is proposed which "recycles" the available wires and, as a result, reduces the size of the resulting circuit. Numerical tests based on established reversible and fault-tolerant quantum circuits confirm that the proposed solution reduces the number of wires by more than 90% compared to unoptimized quantum circuits.

  4. Design of drive circuit of laser diode

    Ran, Yingying; Huang, Xuegong; Xu, Xiaobin


    Aiming at the difficult problem of high precision frequency stabilization of semiconductor laser diode, the laser frequency control is realized through the design of the semiconductor drive system. Above all, the relationship between the emission frequency and the temperature of LD is derived theoretically. Then the temperature corresponding to the stable frequency is obtained. According to the desired temperature stability of LD, temperature control system is designed, which is composed of a temperature setting circuit, temperature gathering circuit, the temperature display circuit, analog PID control circuit and a semiconductor refrigerator control circuit module. By sampling technology, voltage of platinum resistance is acquired, and the converted temperature is display on liquid crystal display. PID analog control circuit controls speed stability and precision of temperature control. The constant current source circuit is designed to provide the reference voltage by a voltage stabilizing chip, which is buffered by an operational amplifier. It is connected with the MOSFET to drive the semiconductor laser to provide stable current for the semiconductor laser. PCB circuit board was finished and the experimental was justified. The experimental results show that: the design of the temperature control system could achieve the goal of temperature monitoring. Meanwhile, temperature can be stabilized at 40°C +/- 0.1°C. The output voltage of the constant current source is 2 V. The current is 35 mA.

  5. Density Matrix for Mesoscopic Distributed Parameter Circuits

    JI Ying-Hua; WANG Qi; LUO Hai-Mei; LEI Min-Sheng


    Under the Born-von-Karmann periodic boundary condition, we propose a quantization scheme for nondissipative distributed parameter circuits (i.e. a uniform periodic transmission line). We find the unitary operator for diagonalizing the Hamiltonian of the uniform periodic transmission line. The unitary operator is expressed in a coordinate representation that brings convenience to deriving the density matrix p(q, q',β). The quantum fluctuations of charge and current at a definite temperature have been studied. It is shown that quantum fluctuations of distributed parameter circuits, which also have distributed properties, are related to both the circuit parameters and the positions and the mode of signals and temperature T. The higher the temperature is, the stronger quantum noise the circuit exhibits.

  6. Current Conveyor Based Window Comparator Circuits

    Sudhanshu Maheshwari


    Full Text Available This paper introduces a new window comparator circuit utilizing a new current conveyor and two diodes, operable at ±1.25 V and capable of accurately detecting the voltage windows. Another modified circuit with distinct binary levels suited for automatic control applications is also suggested. Exhaustive simulation results showing detection of windows, as small as 50 mV and as high as 1 V, are included. Comparisons are further drawn with the traditional operational amplifier based circuit and the new circuit is found to benefit from the use of current-mode active element, namely, Extra-X Current Controlled Current Conveyor. The proposed theory is well supported through simulation results.

  7. Ultra High-Speed CMOS Circuits Beyond 100 GHz

    Gharavi, Sam


    The book covers the CMOS-based millimeter wave circuits and devices and presents methods and design techniques to use CMOS technology for circuits operating beyond 100 GHz.� Coverage includes a detailed description of both active and passive devices, including modeling techniques and performance optimization. Various mm-wave circuit blocks are discussed, emphasizing their design distinctions from low-frequency design methodologies. This book also covers a device-oriented circuit design technique that is essential for ultra high speed circuits and gives some examples of device/circuit co-design that can be used for mm-wave technology. Offers a detailed description of high frequency device modeling from a circuit designer perspective; Presents a set of techniques for optimizing the performance of CMOS for mm-wave technology, including noise and low noise design for mm-wave; Introduces circuit/device co-design techniques. �

  8. Commuting quantum circuits: efficient classical simulations versus hardness results

    Ni, Xiaotong


    The study of quantum circuits composed of commuting gates is particularly useful to understand the delicate boundary between quantum and classical computation. Indeed, while being a restricted class, commuting circuits exhibit genuine quantum effects such as entanglement. In this paper we show that the computational power of commuting circuits exhibits a surprisingly rich structure. First we show that every 2-local commuting circuit acting on d-level systems and followed by single-qudit measurements can be efficiently simulated classically with high accuracy. In contrast, we prove that such strong simulations are hard for 3-local circuits. Using sampling methods we further show that all commuting circuits composed of exponentiated Pauli operators e^{i\\theta P} can be simulated efficiently classically when followed by single-qubit measurements. Finally, we show that commuting circuits can efficiently simulate certain non-commutative processes, related in particular to constant-depth quantum circuits. This give...

  9. Four-terminal circuit element with photonic core

    Sampayan, Stephen


    A four-terminal circuit element is described that includes a photonic core inside of the circuit element that uses a wide bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits photoconductivity and allows current flow through the material in response to the light that is incident on the wide bandgap material. The four-terminal circuit element can be configured based on various hardware structures using a single piece or multiple pieces or layers of a wide bandgap semiconductor material to achieve various designed electrical properties such as high switching voltages by using the photoconductive feature beyond the breakdown voltages of semiconductor devices or circuits operated based on electrical bias or control designs. The photonic core aspect of the four-terminal circuit element provides unique features that enable versatile circuit applications to either replace the semiconductor transistor-based circuit elements or semiconductor diode-based circuit elements.

  10. Synchronization Phenomena in Coupled Colpitts Circuits

    Ch. K. Volos


    Full Text Available In this work, the case of coupling (bidirectional and unidirectional between two identical nonlinear chaotic circuits via a linear resistor, is studied. The produced dynamical systems have different structure, in regard to other similar works, due to the choice of coupling nodes. As a circuit, a modification of the most well-known nonlinear circuit that can operate in a wide range of radiofrequencies, the Colpitts oscillator, is chosen. The simulation and the experimental results show a variety of dynamical phenomena, such as periodic, quasi-periodic and chaotic behaviors, as well as anti-phase and complete synchronization phenomena, depending on the value of the coupling coefficient.

  11. Hermetic Packages For Millimeter-Wave Circuits

    Herman, Martin I.; Lee, Karen A.; Lowry, Lynn E.; Carpenter, Alain; Wamhof, Paul


    Advanced hermetic packages developed to house electronic circuits operating at frequencies from 1 to 100 gigahertz and beyond. Signals coupled into and out of packages electromagnetically. Provides circuit packages small, lightweight, rugged, and inexpensive in mass production. Packages embedded in planar microstrip and coplanar waveguide circuits, in waveguide-to-planar and planar-to-waveguide circuitry, in waveguide-to-waveguide circuitry, between radiating (antenna) elements, and between planar transmission lines and radiating elements. Other applications in automotive, communication, radar, remote sensing, and biomedical electronic systems foreseen.

  12. RF Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS

    Nauta, Bram


    With CMOS technology entering the nanometer regime, the design of analog and RF circuits is complicated by low supply voltages, very non-linear (and nonquadratic) devices and large 1/f noise. At the same time, circuits are required to operate over increasingly wide bandwidths to implement modern multi-band communication systems as these systems move toward software-defined radio. These trends in technology and system design call for a re-thinking of analog and RF circuit design in nanometer C...

  13. Starting Circuit For Erasable Programmable Logic Device

    Cole, Steven W.


    Voltage regulator bypassed to supply starting current. Starting or "pullup" circuit supplies large inrush of current required by erasable programmable logic device (EPLD) while being turned on. Operates only during such intervals of high demand for current and has little effect any other time. Performs needed bypass, acting as current-dependent shunt connecting battery or other source of power more nearly directly to EPLD. Input capacitor of regulator removed when starting circuit installed, reducing probability of damage to transistor in event of short circuit in or across load.

  14. Circuit considerations for repetitive railguns

    Honih, E.M.


    Railgun electromagnetic launchers have significant military and scientific potential. They provide direct conversion of electrical energy to projectile kinetic energy, and they offer the hope of achieving projectile velocities greatly exceeding the limits of conventional guns. With over 10 km/sec already demonstrated, railguns are attracting attention for tactical and strategic weapons systems and for scientific equation-of-state research. The full utilization of railguns will require significant improvements in every aspect of system design - projectile, barrel, and power source - to achieve operation on a large scale. This paper will review fundamental aspects of railguns, with emphasis on circuit considerations and repetitive operation.

  15. Dual random circuit breaker network model with equivalent thermal circuit network

    Kim, Kwanyong; Yoon, Seong Jun; Choi, Woo Young


    A SPICE-based dual random circuit breaker (RCB) network model with an equivalent thermal circuit network has been proposed in order to emulate resistance switching (RS) of unipolar resistive random access memory (RRAM). The dual RCB network model consists of the electrical RCB network model for the forming and set operations and the equivalent thermal circuit network model for the reset operation. In addition, the proposed model can explain the effects of heat dissipation on the memory and threshold RS with the variation in electrode thickness.

  16. Microelectronics Reliability


    convey any rights or permission to manufacture, use, or sell any patented invention that may relate to them. This report was cleared for public release...testing for reliability prediction of devices exhibiting multiple failure mechanisms. Also presented was an integrated accelerating and measuring ...13  Table 2  T, V, F and matrix versus  measured  FIT

  17. 30 CFR 77.800-2 - Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; record.


    ... circuit breakers; record. 77.800-2 Section 77.800-2 Mineral Resources MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH..., examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; record. The operator shall maintain a written record of each test, examination, repair, or adjustment of all circuit breakers protecting high-voltage circuits....

  18. Regenerative feedback resonant circuit

    Jones, A. Mark; Kelly, James F.; McCloy, John S.; McMakin, Douglas L.


    A regenerative feedback resonant circuit for measuring a transient response in a loop is disclosed. The circuit includes an amplifier for generating a signal in the loop. The circuit further includes a resonator having a resonant cavity and a material located within the cavity. The signal sent into the resonator produces a resonant frequency. A variation of the resonant frequency due to perturbations in electromagnetic properties of the material is measured.

  19. Analog circuit design

    Dobkin, Bob


    Analog circuit and system design today is more essential than ever before. With the growth of digital systems, wireless communications, complex industrial and automotive systems, designers are being challenged to develop sophisticated analog solutions. This comprehensive source book of circuit design solutions aids engineers with elegant and practical design techniques that focus on common analog challenges. The book's in-depth application examples provide insight into circuit design and application solutions that you can apply in today's demanding designs. <

  20. Analog circuits cookbook

    Hickman, Ian


    Analog Circuits Cookbook presents articles about advanced circuit techniques, components and concepts, useful IC for analog signal processing in the audio range, direct digital synthesis, and ingenious video op-amp. The book also includes articles about amplitude measurements on RF signals, linear optical imager, power supplies and devices, and RF circuits and techniques. Professionals and students of electrical engineering will find the book informative and useful.

  1. CMOS circuits manual

    Marston, R M


    CMOS Circuits Manual is a user's guide for CMOS. The book emphasizes the practical aspects of CMOS and provides circuits, tables, and graphs to further relate the fundamentals with the applications. The text first discusses the basic principles and characteristics of the CMOS devices. The succeeding chapters detail the types of CMOS IC, including simple inverter, gate and logic ICs and circuits, and complex counters and decoders. The last chapter presents a miscellaneous collection of two dozen useful CMOS circuits. The book will be useful to researchers and professionals who employ CMOS circu

  2. Circuits and filters handbook

    Chen, Wai-Kai


    A bestseller in its first edition, The Circuits and Filters Handbook has been thoroughly updated to provide the most current, most comprehensive information available in both the classical and emerging fields of circuits and filters, both analog and digital. This edition contains 29 new chapters, with significant additions in the areas of computer-aided design, circuit simulation, VLSI circuits, design automation, and active and digital filters. It will undoubtedly take its place as the engineer's first choice in looking for solutions to problems encountered in the design, analysis, and behavi

  3. Timergenerator circuits manual

    Marston, R M


    Timer/Generator Circuits Manual is an 11-chapter text that deals mainly with waveform generator techniques and circuits. Each chapter starts with an explanation of the basic principles of its subject followed by a wide range of practical circuit designs. This work presents a total of over 300 practical circuits, diagrams, and tables.Chapter 1 outlines the basic principles and the different types of generator. Chapters 2 to 9 deal with a specific type of waveform generator, including sine, square, triangular, sawtooth, and special waveform generators pulse. These chapters also include pulse gen

  4. Security electronics circuits manual



    Security Electronics Circuits Manual is an invaluable guide for engineers and technicians in the security industry. It will also prove to be a useful guide for students and experimenters, as well as providing experienced amateurs and DIY enthusiasts with numerous ideas to protect their homes, businesses and properties.As with all Ray Marston's Circuits Manuals, the style is easy-to-read and non-mathematical, with the emphasis firmly on practical applications, circuits and design ideas. The ICs and other devices used in the practical circuits are modestly priced and readily available ty

  5. MOS integrated circuit design

    Wolfendale, E


    MOS Integral Circuit Design aims to help in the design of integrated circuits, especially large-scale ones, using MOS Technology through teaching of techniques, practical applications, and examples. The book covers topics such as design equation and process parameters; MOS static and dynamic circuits; logic design techniques, system partitioning, and layout techniques. Also featured are computer aids such as logic simulation and mask layout, as well as examples on simple MOS design. The text is recommended for electrical engineers who would like to know how to use MOS for integral circuit desi

  6. Printed circuit board industry.

    LaDou, Joseph


    The printed circuit board is the platform upon which microelectronic components such as semiconductor chips and capacitors are mounted. It provides the electrical interconnections between components and is found in virtually all electronics products. Once considered low technology, the printed circuit board is evolving into a high-technology product. Printed circuit board manufacturing is highly complicated, requiring large equipment investments and over 50 process steps. Many of the high-speed, miniaturized printed circuit boards are now manufactured in cleanrooms with the same health and safety problems posed by other microelectronics manufacturing. Asia produces three-fourths of the world's printed circuit boards. In Asian countries, glycol ethers are the major solvents used in the printed circuit board industry. Large quantities of hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, dimethylformamide, and lead are used by the printed circuit board industry. For decades, chemically intensive and often sloppy manufacturing processes exposed tens of thousands of workers to a large number of chemicals that are now known to be reproductive toxicants and carcinogens. The printed circuit board industry has exposed workers to high doses of toxic metals, solvents, acids, and photolithographic chemicals. Only recently has there been any serious effort to diminish the quantity of lead distributed worldwide by the printed circuit board industry. Billions of electronics products have been discarded in every region of the world. This paper summarizes recent regulatory and enforcement efforts.

  7. Accelerating functional verification of an integrated circuit

    Deindl, Michael; Ruedinger, Jeffrey Joseph; Zoellin, Christian G.


    Illustrative embodiments include a method, system, and computer program product for accelerating functional verification in simulation testing of an integrated circuit (IC). Using a processor and a memory, a serial operation is replaced with a direct register access operation, wherein the serial operation is configured to perform bit shifting operation using a register in a simulation of the IC. The serial operation is blocked from manipulating the register in the simulation of the IC. Using the register in the simulation of the IC, the direct register access operation is performed in place of the serial operation.

  8. Superior model for fault tolerance computation in designing nano-sized circuit systems

    Singh, N. S. S., E-mail:; Muthuvalu, M. S., E-mail: [Fundamental and Applied Sciences Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak (Malaysia); Asirvadam, V. S., E-mail: [Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak (Malaysia)


    As CMOS technology scales nano-metrically, reliability turns out to be a decisive subject in the design methodology of nano-sized circuit systems. As a result, several computational approaches have been developed to compute and evaluate reliability of desired nano-electronic circuits. The process of computing reliability becomes very troublesome and time consuming as the computational complexity build ups with the desired circuit size. Therefore, being able to measure reliability instantly and superiorly is fast becoming necessary in designing modern logic integrated circuits. For this purpose, the paper firstly looks into the development of an automated reliability evaluation tool based on the generalization of Probabilistic Gate Model (PGM) and Boolean Difference-based Error Calculator (BDEC) models. The Matlab-based tool allows users to significantly speed-up the task of reliability analysis for very large number of nano-electronic circuits. Secondly, by using the developed automated tool, the paper explores into a comparative study involving reliability computation and evaluation by PGM and, BDEC models for different implementations of same functionality circuits. Based on the reliability analysis, BDEC gives exact and transparent reliability measures, but as the complexity of the same functionality circuits with respect to gate error increases, reliability measure by BDEC tends to be lower than the reliability measure by PGM. The lesser reliability measure by BDEC is well explained in this paper using distribution of different signal input patterns overtime for same functionality circuits. Simulation results conclude that the reliability measure by BDEC depends not only on faulty gates but it also depends on circuit topology, probability of input signals being one or zero and also probability of error on signal lines.

  9. Inflection points for network reliability

    Brown, J.I.; Koç, Y.; Kooij, R.E.


    Given a finite, undirected graph G (possibly with multiple edges), we assume that the vertices are operational, but the edges are each independently operational with probability p. The (all-terminal) reliability, Rel(G,p), of G is the probability that the spanning subgraph of operational edges is co

  10. Equipment Operation Statistics for Tianhuangping Pmnped-Storage Power Station and Its Reliability Analysis%天荒坪抽水蓄能电站设备运行统计与可靠性分析



    通过对发电投产12年来天荒坪电站设备运行和故障情况的统计,分析电站设备消缺和健康运行水平及影响可靠性指标的主要因素,提出相应对策,对设备运行监测重点提出建议。%The statistics was conducted on the equipment operation and failures in Tianhuangping Pumped-Storage Power Station for its 12-year power generation. This paper analyzes the main factors influencing the level of equipment faults elimination and healthy operation, as well as the reliability index, and proposes the corresponding countermeasures. Finally, the equipment operation monitoring focus was suggested.

  11. On the Selection of Bistability in Genetic Regulatory Circuits

    Ghim, Cheol-Min; Almaas, Eivind


    Bistability is a defining character of switching and memory devices. Many regulatory circuits observed in cellular reaction networks contain ``bistability motifs'' that endow a cell with efficient and reliable switching between different physiological modes of operation. One of the best characterized system, the lac operon in E. coli, has been shown to display a saddle-node bifurcation when induced by nonmetabolizable lactose analogue inducers, such as isopropylthio-β-D-galactoside (IPTG) and thio-methyl-galactoside (TMG). Motivated by the absence of bifurcation in the same system with its natural inducer, lactose, we studied the conditions for bistability and rationalized its fitness effects in the light of evolution. Stochastic simulations as well as mean-field approach confirm that history-dependent behavior as well as nongenetic inheritance, being realized by bistability motifs, may be beneficial in fluctuating environments.

  12. Synthesis of Reliable Telecommunication Networks

    Dusan Trstensky


    Full Text Available In many application, the network designer may to know to senthesise a reliable telecommunication network. Assume that a network, denoted Gm,e has the number of nodes n and the number of edges e, and the operational probability of each edge is known. The system reliability of the network is defined to be the reliability that every pair of nodes can communicate with each other. A network synthesis problem considered in this paper is to find a network G*n,e, that maximises system reliability over the class of all networks for the classes of networks Gn,n-1, Gn,m and Gn,n+1 respectively. In addition an upper bound of maximum reliability for the networks with n-node and e-edge (e>n+2 is derived in terms of node. Computational experiments for the reliability upper are also presented. the results show, that the proposed reliability upper bound is effective.

  13. Delay locked loop integrated circuit.

    Brocato, Robert Wesley


    This report gives a description of the development of a Delay Locked Loop (DLL) integrated circuit (IC). The DLL was developed and tested as a stand-alone IC test chip to be integrated into a larger application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), the Quadrature Digital Waveform Synthesizer (QDWS). The purpose of the DLL is to provide a digitally programmable delay to enable synchronization between an internal system clock and external peripherals with unknown clock skew. The DLL was designed and fabricated in the IBM 8RF process, a 0.13 {micro}m CMOS process. It was designed to operate with a 300MHz clock and has been tested up to 500MHz.

  14. Relativistic causality and clockless circuits

    Matherat, Philippe; 10.1145/2043643.2043650


    Time plays a crucial role in the performance of computing systems. The accurate modelling of logical devices, and of their physical implementations, requires an appropriate representation of time and of all properties that depend on this notion. The need for a proper model, particularly acute in the design of clockless delay-insensitive (DI) circuits, leads one to reconsider the classical descriptions of time and of the resulting order and causal relations satisfied by logical operations. This questioning meets the criticisms of classical spacetime formulated by Einstein when founding relativity theory and is answered by relativistic conceptions of time and causality. Applying this approach to clockless circuits and considering the trace formalism, we rewrite Udding's rules which characterize communications between DI components. We exhibit their intrinsic relation with relativistic causality. For that purpose, we introduce relativistic generalizations of traces, called R-traces, which provide a pertinent des...

  15. Handbook of microwave integrated circuits

    Hoffmann, Reinmut K.

    The design and operation of ICs for use in the 0.5-20-GHz range are described in an introductory and reference work for industrial engineers. Chapters are devoted to an overview of microwave IC (MIC) technology, general stripline characteristics, microwave transmission line (MTL) parameters for microstrips with isotropic dielectric substrates, higher-order modes on a microstrip, the effects of metallic enclosure on MTL transmission parameters, losses in microstrips, the measurement of MTL parameters, and MTLs on anisotropic dielectric substrates. Consideration is given to coupled microstrips on dielectric substrates, microstrip discontinuities, radiation from microstrip circuits, MTL variations, coplanar MTLs, slotlines, and spurious modes in MTL circuits. Diagrams, drawings, graphs, and a glossary of symbols are provided.

  16. Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems

    This book is based on recent research work conducted by the authors dealing with the design and development of active and passive microwave components, integrated circuits and systems. It is divided into seven parts. In the first part comprising the first two chapters, alternative concepts...... and equations for multiport network analysis and characterization are provided. A thru-only de-embedding technique for accurate on-wafer characterization is introduced. The second part of the book corresponds to the analysis and design of ultra-wideband low-noise amplifiers (LNA). The LNA is the most critical...... as sufficient gain in a wide frequency range of operation, which is very difficult to achieve. Most circuits demonstrated are not stable across the frequency band, which makes these amplifiers prone to self-oscillations and therefore limit their applicability. The trade-off between noise figure, gain, linearity...

  17. Reliability Centered Maintenance - Methodologies

    Kammerer, Catherine C.


    Journal article about Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodologies used by United Space Alliance, LLC (USA) in support of the Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center. The USA Reliability Centered Maintenance program differs from traditional RCM programs because various methodologies are utilized to take advantage of their respective strengths for each application. Based on operational experience, USA has customized the traditional RCM methodology into a streamlined lean logic path and has implemented the use of statistical tools to drive the process. USA RCM has integrated many of the L6S tools into both RCM methodologies. The tools utilized in the Measure, Analyze, and Improve phases of a Lean Six Sigma project lend themselves to application in the RCM process. All USA RCM methodologies meet the requirements defined in SAE JA 1011, Evaluation Criteria for Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Processes. The proposed article explores these methodologies.

  18. Transient Studies in Large Offshore Wind Farms, Employing Detailed Circuit Breaker Representation

    Glasdam, Jakob Bærholm; Bak, Claus Leth; Hjerrild, Jesper


    Switching overvoltages (SOV) are considered a possible source of component failures experienced in existing offshore wind farms (OWFs). The inclusion of sufficiently accurate and validated models of the main electrical components in the OWF in the simulation tool is therefore an important issue...... in order to ensure reliable switching operations. Transient measurement results in an OWF are compared with simulation results in PSCAD EMTDC and DigSILENT Power Factory. A user-defined model of the vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) is included in both tools, capable of simulating multiple prestrikes during...

  19. Effect of Circuit Breaker Shunt Resistance on Chaotic Ferroresonance in Voltage Transformer



    Full Text Available Ferroresonance or nonlinear resonance is a complex electrical phenomenon, which may cause over voltages and over currents in the electrical power system which endangers the system reliability and continuous safe operating. This paper studies the effect of circuit breaker shunt resistance on the control of chaotic ferroresonance in a voltage transformer. It is expected that this resistance generally can cause ferroresonance dropout. For confirmation this aspect Simulation has been done on a one phase voltage transformer rated 100VA, 275kV. The magnetization characteristic of the transformer is modeled by a single-value two-term polynomial with q=7. The simulation results reveal that considering the shunt resistance on the circuit breaker, exhibits a great mitigating effect on ferroresonance over voltages. Significant effect on the onset of chaos, the range of parameter values that may lead to chaos along with ferroresonance voltages has been obtained and presented.

  20. Turbulent airflow meter for long-term monitoring in patient-ventilator circuits.

    Elliott, S E; Shore, J H; Barnes, C W; Lindauer, J; Osborn, J J


    A new type of flowmeter is described which operates on the principle that pressure drop (deltaP) produced by turbulent volume flow (V) through a simple resistance chamber obeys a relation of V = K (deltaP)0.50. Data are given showing that the device follows a true power law with a single exponent for airflows ranging from 3.5 to 270 l/min. Standard instrumentation and a linearization circuit are used with the new flowmeter to provide linear steady-state and alternating airflow measurements up to peak rates of 150 l/min and frequency to 15 Hz. Data are presented comparing integrated airflow readings from the new turbulent flowmeter and a laminar-type flowmeter. The turbulent airflow meter appears to offer increased reliability for long-term patient monitoring use in patient-ventilator circuits.