Sample records for rejuvenation

  1. Rejuvenation of spiral bulges

    Thomas, D; Thomas, Daniel; Davies, Roger L.


    We seek to understand whether the stellar populations of galactic bulges show fingerprints of secular evolution triggered by the presence of the disc. For this purpose we re-analyse the sample of Proctor and Sansom, deriving stellar population ages and element abundances from absorption line indices. We obtain very consistent constraints on ages from the three Balmer indices Hbeta, Hgamma, and Hdelta, in good agreement with those of Proctor and Sansom based on a completely different method. Like other studies in the literature, we find that bulges have relatively low luminosity weighted ages, the lowest age derived for the smallest bulges being 1.3 Gyr. Hence bulges are not generally old but actually rejuvenated systems. We discuss evidence that this might be true also for the bulge of the Milky Way. We show that the smallest bulges, being the youngest with the lowest alpha/Fe ratios, must have experienced star formation events involving 10-30 per cent of their total mass in the past 1-2 Gyr. No significant c...

  2. Rejuvenation of automotive fuel cells

    Kim, Yu Seung; Langlois, David A.


    A process for rejuvenating fuel cells has been demonstrated to improve the performance of polymer exchange membrane fuel cells with platinum/ionomer electrodes. The process involves dehydrating a fuel cell and exposing at least the cathode of the fuel cell to dry gas (nitrogen, for example) at a temperature higher than the operating temperature of the fuel cell. The process may be used to prolong the operating lifetime of an automotive fuel cell.

  3. A New Approach for Evaluating Rejuvenator Diffusing into Aged Bitumen

    KUANG Dongliang; FENG Zhengang; YU Jianying; CHEN Xing; ZHOU Bo


    Rejuvenator diffusing into aged bitumen was evaluated by determining penetration and chemical components of aged bitumen with rejuvenator coat before and after diffusing experiment.Effects of temperature, time and viscosity of rejuvenator on the diffusing ability of rejuvenator into aged bitumen were investigated. Results indicated that the diffusing ability of rejuvenator into aged bitumen could be enhanced with the increasing of temperature and time, however, the diffusing of rejuvenator into aged bitumen would be restricted due to the volatilization of light component and aging of rejuvenator under high temperature (over 170 ℃). Rejuvenator with low viscosity diffused into aged bitumen more easily.

  4. Esthetic rejuvenation of the temple.

    Rose, Amy E; Day, Doris


    Loss of volume in the temples is an early sign of aging that is often overlooked by both the physician and the patient. Augmentation of the temple using soft tissue fillers improves the contours of the upper face with the secondary effect of lengthening and lifting the lateral brow. After replacement of volume, treatment of the overlying skin with skin-tightening devices or laser resurfacing help to complete a comprehensive rejuvenation of the temple and upper one-third of the face. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Ageing, neurodegeneration and brain rejuvenation


    Although systemic diseases take the biggest toll on human health and well-being, increasingly, a failing brain is the arbiter of a death preceded by a gradual loss of the essence of being. Ageing, which is fundamental to neurodegeneration and dementia, affects every organ in the body and seems to be encoded partly in a blood-based signature. Indeed, factors in the circulation have been shown to modulate ageing and to rejuvenate numerous organs, including the brain. The discovery of such factors, the identification of their origins and a deeper understanding of their functions is ushering in a new era in ageing and dementia research. PMID:27830812


    Dohi, Tadashi; Okamura, Hiroyuki


    In this paper we consider an operational software system with multi-stage degradation levels due to software aging, and derive the optimal dynamic software rejuvenation policy maximizing the steady...

  7. Aging and brain rejuvenation as systemic events.

    Bouchard, Jill; Villeda, Saul A


    The effects of aging were traditionally thought to be immutable, particularly evident in the loss of plasticity and cognitive abilities occurring in the aged central nervous system (CNS). However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that extrinsic systemic manipulations such as exercise, caloric restriction, and changing blood composition by heterochronic parabiosis or young plasma administration can partially counteract this age-related loss of plasticity in the aged brain. In this review, we discuss the process of aging and rejuvenation as systemic events. We summarize genetic studies that demonstrate a surprising level of malleability in organismal lifespan, and highlight the potential for systemic manipulations to functionally reverse the effects of aging in the CNS. Based on mounting evidence, we propose that rejuvenating effects of systemic manipulations are mediated, in part, by blood-borne 'pro-youthful' factors. Thus, systemic manipulations promoting a younger blood composition provide effective strategies to rejuvenate the aged brain. As a consequence, we can now consider reactivating latent plasticity dormant in the aged CNS as a means to rejuvenate regenerative, synaptic, and cognitive functions late in life, with potential implications even for extending lifespan. We review evidence of brain rejuvenation focusing on several systemic manipulations - exercise, caloric restriction, heterochronic parabiosis, and young plasma administration - and their ability to restore regenerative capacity, synaptic plasticity, and cognitive function in the brain.

  8. Mitochondrial rejuvenation after induced pluripotency.

    Steven T Suhr

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: As stem cells of the early embryo mature and differentiate into all tissues, the mitochondrial complement undergoes dramatic functional improvement. Mitochondrial activity is low to minimize generation of DNA-damaging reactive oxygen species during pre-implantation development and increases following implantation and differentiation to meet higher metabolic demands. It has recently been reported that when the stem cell type known as induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs are re-differentiated for several weeks in vitro, the mitochondrial complement progressively re-acquires properties approximating input fibroblasts, suggesting that despite the observation that IPSC conversion "resets" some parameters of cellular aging such as telomere length, it may have little impact on other age-affected cellular systems such as mitochondria in IPSC-derived cells. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We have examined the properties of mitochondria in two fibroblast lines, corresponding IPSCs, and fibroblasts re-derived from IPSCs using biochemical methods and electron microscopy, and found a dramatic improvement in the quality and function of the mitochondrial complement of the re-derived fibroblasts compared to input fibroblasts. This observation likely stems from two aspects of our experimental design: 1 that the input cell lines used were of advanced cellular age and contained an inefficient mitochondrial complement, and 2 the re-derived fibroblasts were produced using an extensive differentiation regimen that may more closely mimic the degree of growth and maturation found in a developing mammal. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: These results - coupled with earlier data from our laboratory - suggest that IPSC conversion not only resets the "biological clock", but can also rejuvenate the energetic capacity of derived cells.

  9. Vaginal Rejuvenation with Gore-Mycromesh.

    Park, Tae Hwan; Whang, Kwi Whan


    Recently, we introduced functional vaginal rejuvenation with elastic silicone threads. However, some patients with specific indications need other biocompatible materials for rejuvenation of the vagina. Gore-Mycromesh is one of the most commonly used materials in plastic and reconstructive surgical fields and it is composed of expanded poly-tetrafluroethylene. In this study, we introduced our clinical experience with static vaginal rejuvenation using Gore-Mycromesh to specifically assess the overall patient satisfaction (Female Sexual Function Index, FSFI). This study included 50 patients who underwent vaginal rejuvenation with a Gore-Mycromesh between 2010 and 2012. After marking two incisions at the inner side of the vaginal inlet and posterior wall, respectively, we performed submucosal dissection at the posterior vaginal wall and then grafted and secured a Gore-Mycromesh to the dissected area (muscle/fascia). Overall the FSFI improved as time progressed up to a year postoperatively. This is especially prominent in the FSFI satisfaction subscore. All but eight patients (42/50, 84 %) were "very satisfied (5)" or "satisfied (4)" with the outcomes after the vaginal rejuvenation. The overall complication rate was 8 %. Based on our clinical experience with the 50 cases, we think that vaginal rejuvenation with Gore-Mycromesh significantly improved postoperative outcomes, resulting in improved sexual function with a focus on improving the FSFI satisfaction subscore in mid-term follow-up. Elderly patients experience better outcomes using gore mycromesh rather than silicone thread because we can plicate the vaginal posterior wall with senile changes simultaneously using an open technique. However, further studies would be warranted for better positioning and adherence of grafted implants to surrounding tissue and for increasing the tightening effect of the implant and its sufficient longevity.

  10. Exceptional Volumes of Rejuvenated Volcanism in Samoa

    Konter, J. G.; Jackson, M.; Storm, L.


    The internal structure of within-plate volcanoes is typically compared to the stages of volcanic evolution in Hawaii. In Samoa, these stages show some differences with the Hawaiian model, in terms of the duration, volume and geochemical composition of the stages. Particularly, the rejuvenated stage of volcanism in Samoa is significantly more voluminous, with increasing geographic coverage with age, completely repaving the island of Savai’i. This unusual outpouring of rejuvenated lavas has previously been proposed to be related to the tectonic setting, near the northern terminus of the Tonga Trench. Therefore, Samoan volcanism might be caused by lithospheric fracturing, a mantle plume, or potentially a combination of the two. We collected new samples from a deeply eroded canyon on Savai’i to determine a time evolution of the transition from shield to eventual rejuvenated lavas. The canyon exposes several hundred meters of lavas, and we collected samples about 200m vertically down into the canyon. These samples are dominantly olivine basalts, and their Pb isotope compositions fall within the compositional field of young rejuvenated lavas on Savai’i and Upolu. This canyon section, therefore, represents a minimum thickness for the rejuvenated lavas of 200m. Assuming eruption of rejuvenated lavas only occurred subaerially, with a universal thickness of 200m, the new data suggest more than one percent of the volume of Savai’i consists of rejuvenated lavas. This is an order of magnitude greater than the largest relative volumes in Hawaii (Kauai), and implies a different cause for rejuvenated volcanism in Samoa. Another feature that suggests different processes may be important is the transition between the shield and rejuvenated stage. Although Samoan volcanoes do not seem to erupt exactly the same rock types as characteristic Hawaiian post-shield stage lavas, there is a definite shift to more evolved compositions (including trachytes) during the later stages of

  11. A Software Rejuvenation Framework for Distributed Computing

    Chau, Savio


    A performability-oriented conceptual framework for software rejuvenation has been constructed as a means of increasing levels of reliability and performance in distributed stateful computing. As used here, performability-oriented signifies that the construction of the framework is guided by the concept of analyzing the ability of a given computing system to deliver services with gracefully degradable performance. The framework is especially intended to support applications that involve stateful replicas of server computers.

  12. Facial rejuvenation and light: our personal experience.

    Trelles, Mario A; Mordon, Serge; Calderhead, R Glen


    The treatment of ageing skin remains a very hot topic, and many systems have been reported as having varying degrees of success. Nonablative lasers were developed to avoid the problematic and uncomfortable sequelae following laser ablative resurfacing, and while there was no downtime, there was also poor patient satisfaction. The same was true of the intense pulsed light systems. The use of different modalities in various combinations was found to offer much better results, however, such as a 595-nm pulsed dye laser followed by a 1,450-nm diode laser, and so on, all used at subablative thresholds. The recent entry of blue and infrared tunable plasma light and light-emitting diodes into the skin rejuvenation arena has attracted a great deal of attention. The authors suggest that no single modality can accomplish all the complex events required for effective skin rejuvenation, suggest that combination phototherapy is the best approach combined with an adjunctive epidermal care regimen, and demonstrate their development of this methodology.

  13. Vaginal rejuvenation using energy-based devices

    Cheryl Karcher, MD


    Full Text Available Physiologic changes in a woman’s life, such as childbirth, weight fluctuations, and hormonal changes due to aging and menopause, may alter the laxity of the vaginal canal, damage the pelvic floor, and devitalize the mucosal tone of the vaginal wall. These events often lead to the development of genitourinary conditions such as stress urinary incontinence; vaginal atrophy; dryness; and physiologic distress affecting a woman’s quality of life, self-confidence, and sexuality. Various treatment modalities are currently available to manage these indications, varying from invasive vaginal surgery to more benign treatments like topical vaginal hormonal gels or hormone-replacement therapy. A new trend gaining momentum is the advent of energy-based devices for vaginal rejuvenation that apply thermal or nonthermal energy to the various layers of the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen regeneration contracture of elastin fibers, neovascularization, and improved vaginal lubrication. This review aims to present the available technologies offering vaginal rejuvenation and the scientific evidence that underlines their safety and efficacy for this indication.

  14. Microstructural and Chemical Rejuvenation of a Ni-Based Superalloy

    Yao, Zhiqi; Degnan, Craig C.; Jepson, Mark A. E.; Thomson, Rachel C.


    The microstructural evolution of the Ni-based superalloy CMSX-4 including the change in gamma prime morphology, size, and distribution after high-temperature degradation and subsequent rejuvenation heat treatments has been examined using field emission gun scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. In this paper, it is shown that there are significant differences in the size of the `channels' between gamma prime particles, the degree of rafting, and the size of tertiary gamma prime particles in each of the different microstructural conditions studied. Chemical analysis has been carried out to compare rejuvenated and pre-service samples after the same subsequent degradation procedure. The results indicate that although the microstructures of pre-service and rejuvenated samples are similar, chemical differences are more pronounced in the rejuvenated samples, suggesting that chemical segregation from partitioning of the elements was not completely eliminated through the applied rejuvenation heat treatment. A number of modified rejuvenation heat treatment trials were carried out to reduce the chemical segregation prior to creep testing. The creep test results suggest that chemical segregation has an immeasurable influence on the short-term mechanical properties under the test conditions used here, indicating that further work is required to fully understand the suitability of specific rejuvenation heat treatments and their role in the extension of component life in power plant applications.

  15. Microstructural and Chemical Rejuvenation of a Ni-Based Superalloy

    Yao, Zhiqi; Degnan, Craig C.; Jepson, Mark A. E.; Thomson, Rachel C.


    The microstructural evolution of the Ni-based superalloy CMSX-4 including the change in gamma prime morphology, size, and distribution after high-temperature degradation and subsequent rejuvenation heat treatments has been examined using field emission gun scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. In this paper, it is shown that there are significant differences in the size of the `channels' between gamma prime particles, the degree of rafting, and the size of tertiary gamma prime particles in each of the different microstructural conditions studied. Chemical analysis has been carried out to compare rejuvenated and pre-service samples after the same subsequent degradation procedure. The results indicate that although the microstructures of pre-service and rejuvenated samples are similar, chemical differences are more pronounced in the rejuvenated samples, suggesting that chemical segregation from partitioning of the elements was not completely eliminated through the applied rejuvenation heat treatment. A number of modified rejuvenation heat treatment trials were carried out to reduce the chemical segregation prior to creep testing. The creep test results suggest that chemical segregation has an immeasurable influence on the short-term mechanical properties under the test conditions used here, indicating that further work is required to fully understand the suitability of specific rejuvenation heat treatments and their role in the extension of component life in power plant applications.

  16. Neuro-rejuvenation for neuronal function

    Yuan Liu; Richard K. Lee


    Neurodegenerative eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cause irreversible vision loss in millions of patients worldwide, creating serious medical, economic and social issues. Like other mammalian central nervous system tracts, optic nerve intrinsically lacks the capacity for axonal growth and its surrounding environment is also non-permissive to regeneration. Any axonal damage also triggers a vicious cycle of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) death. Exploring methods that can enhance RGCs survival and promote axonal regeneration will not only enable vision restoration for millions of patients, but also shed light on the treatment of other neurodegenerative diseases. In this review article, we will go through three current approaches to cure neu-rodegenerative eye diseases, including cell based therapy, neuro-regeneration and neuro-rejuvenation.

  17. Rheological aspects of the rejuvenation of aged bitumen

    Romera, Ramon; Santamaria, Anton; Pena, Juan Jose; Munoz, Maria Eugenia [University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Polymer Science and Technology Department, San Sebastian (Spain); Barral, Marisol; Garcia, Esteban [Asfaltos Naturales de Campezo, Vitoria (Spain); Janez, Victorio


    Rheological techniques are used to investigate the rejuvenation of aged bitumen. The thermal transition associated with the collapse of the compact structure constituted by asphaltene is determined by Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis. For aged bitumen, this transition shifts to a higher temperature but when rejuvenating agents are added, the transition returns to its original value. The ''rutting factor,'' G*/sin {delta} allows to define the maximum temperature the binder can reach without permanent deformation. The employed rejuvenating agents are suitable because permanent deformation is postponed. Viscosity results reveal that aged bitumen needs a high mixing temperature (>200 C) to behave like a fluid material able to wet, adhere, and envelop aggregates. The addition of rejuvenating agents considerably reduces mixing and compaction temperatures. The mixture of 80% aged bitumen - 20% recycled motor oil, obtained exclusively from waste materials is an apt binder that can compete satisfactorily with new 60/70 bitumen. (orig.)

  18. New software rejuvenation strategy based on measurement and time


    Operational software systems often experience an "aging" phenomenon, characterized by progressive performance degradation and a sudden hang/crash failure. Software rejuvenation is a proactive fault-tolerance strategy aimed to prevent unexpected outages due to aging. A new rejuvenation strategy based on measurement and time, and constructs a SRN model to evaluate this strategy. Numerical results show that this strategy outweighs either the purely measurementbased or the purely time-based strategy and can effectively improve system performance.

  19. Prediction of pressure-promoted thermal rejuvenation in metallic glasses

    Miyazaki, Narumasa; Wakeda, Masato; Wang, Yun-Jiang; Ogata, Shigenobu


    Rejuvenation is the structural excitation of glassy materials, and is a promising approach for improving the macroscopic deformability of metallic glasses. This atomistic study proposes the application of compressive hydrostatic pressure during the glass-forming quenching process and demonstrates highly rejuvenated glass states that have not been attainable without the application of pressure. Surprisingly, the pressure-promoted rejuvenation process increases the characteristic short- and medium-range order, even though it leads to a higher-energy glassy state. This 'local order'-'energy' relation is completely opposite to conventional thinking regarding the relation, suggesting the presence of a well-ordered high-pressure glass/high-energy glass phase. We also demonstrate that the rejuvenated glass made by the pressure-promoted rejuvenation exhibits greater plastic performance than as-quenched glass, and greater strength and stiffness than glass made without the application of pressure. It is thus possible to tune the mechanical properties of glass using the pressure-promoted rejuvenation technique.

  20. Calorie Restriction, Stem Cells, and Rejuvenation Approach

    Taufiqurrachman Nasihun


    Full Text Available Aging may be defined as the time-dependent deterioration in function of an organism associated with or responsible for the increase in susceptibility to disease and probability of death with advancing age (Harman, 1981; Cefalu, 2011. Generally, the aging organisms are characterized by both biochemical and functional declines. Declining of basal metabolism rates, protein turnover, glucose tolerance, reproductive capacity, telomere shortening, and oxidative phosphorylation are related to the biochemical. Whilst, lung expansion volume, renal glomerular and tubular capacities, cardiovascular performance, musculoskeletal system, nerve conduction velocity, endocrine and exocrine systems, immunological defenses, and sensory systems are associated with the physiological declining (Baynes and Dominiczak, 2015. Some evidences indicated that, although members of a species develop into adults in the same way, even genetically similar or identical individuals, raised in identical conditions and eating identical food, but they may age differently (Baynes and Dominiczak, 2015. These aging differences are attributable to the life style particularly calorie and dietary restriction intakes, reactive oxygen species (ROS production, and thus its implication on severity of damage, repair capacity, and error accumulation in cellular genetic material (Baynes and Dominiczak, 2015; Mihaylova et al., 2014; Mazzoccoli et al., 2014. Therefore, in molecular terms, aging can be defined as a decline of the homeostatic mechanisms that ensure the function of cells, tissues, and organs systems (Mazzoccoli et al., 2014. Accordingly, if the homeostatic mechanism can be repaired, the result is rejuvenation.

  1. Application Server Aging Model and Multi-Level Rejuvenation Strategy Using Semi-Markov Process

    ZHAO Tianhai; QI Yong; SHEN Junyi; HOU Di; ZHENG Xiaomei; LIU Liang


    Aiming at the characteristic of the dependency between the application components and the application server platform, a rejuvenation strategy with two different levels of rejuvenation granularities is put forward in this paper including the application component rejuvenation and the application server system rejuvenation. The availability and maintenance cost functions are obtained by means of establishing the application server aging model and the boundary condition of the optimal rejuvenation time is analyzed. Theory analysis indicates that the two-level rejuvenation strategy is superior to the traditional single level one. Finally, evaluation experiments are carried out and numerical result shows that compared with the traditional rejuvenation policy, the rejuvenation strategy proposed in this paper can further increase availability of the application server and reduce maintenance cost.

  2. Controlled rejuvenation of amorphous metals with thermal processing.

    Wakeda, Masato; Saida, Junji; Li, Ju; Ogata, Shigenobu


    Rejuvenation is the configurational excitation of amorphous materials and is one of the more promising approaches for improving the deformability of amorphous metals that usually exhibit macroscopic brittle fracture modes. Here, we propose a method to control the level of rejuvenation through systematic thermal processing and clarify the crucial feasibility conditions by means of molecular dynamics simulations of annealing and quenching. We also experimentally demonstrate rejuvenation level control in Zr(55)Al(10)Ni(5)Cu(30) bulk metallic glass. Our local heat-treatment recipe (rising temperature above 1.1T(g), followed by a temperature quench rate exceeding the previous) opens avenue to modifying the glass properties after it has been cast and processed into near component shape, where a higher local cooling rate may be afforded by for example transient laser heating, adding spatial control and great flexibility to the processing.

  3. Systemic Problems: A perspective on stem cell aging and rejuvenation

    Conboy, Irina M.; Conboy, Michael J.; Rebo, Justin


    This review provides balanced analysis of the advances in systemic regulation of young and old tissue stem cells and suggests strategies for accelerating development of therapies to broadly combat age-related tissue degenerative pathologies. Many highlighted recent reports on systemic tissue rejuvenation combine parabiosis with a “silver bullet” putatively responsible for the positive effects. Attempts to unify these papers reflect the excitement about this experimental approach and add value in reproducing previous work. At the same time, defined molecular approaches, which are “beyond parabiosis” for the rejuvenation of multiple old organs represent progress toward attenuating or even reversing human tissue aging. PMID:26540176

  4. Industrial Software Rejuvenation Using Open-Source Parsers

    Mooij, A.J.; Joy, M.M.; Eggen, G.; Janson, P.; Radulescu, A.


    Software maintenance consumes an increasing proportion of industrial software engineering budgets. Over time the technical debt grows, until it becomes unavoidable to rejuvenate the legacy software to a new design, while preserving the valuable domain logic. In this paper, we explore the feasibility

  5. Academic Writing Retreat: A Time for Rejuvenated and Focused Writing

    Swaggerty, Elizabeth A.; Atkinson, Terry S.; Faulconer, Johna L.; Griffith, Robin R.


    The purpose of this article is to describe the impact of a three-day academic writing retreat on the writing lives of four female university faculty members. Goals of the retreat included rejuvenating their writing lives, focusing their research agendas, improving their writing, and engaging in concentrated blocks of writing and collaborative…

  6. Academic Writing Retreat: A Time for Rejuvenated and Focused Writing

    Swaggerty, Elizabeth A.; Atkinson, Terry S.; Faulconer, Johna L.; Griffith, Robin R.


    The purpose of this article is to describe the impact of a three-day academic writing retreat on the writing lives of four female university faculty members. Goals of the retreat included rejuvenating their writing lives, focusing their research agendas, improving their writing, and engaging in concentrated blocks of writing and collaborative…

  7. Self-healing bitumen by microcapsules containing rejuvenator

    Su, J.F.; Qiu, J.; Schlangen, H.E.J.G.


    Preservation and renovation bitumen of pavement is a big problem for the whole world. Traditionally, application rejuvenators is the only one method that can restore the original properties of the pavements. However, some puzzles still restrict its successful usage. Microencapsulation is a promising

  8. An old emperor finds new clothing: rejuvenation in our time

    David J Handelsman


    @@ To cast this sage historical advice into contemporary terms,the eternal human predisposition to believe in flimsy promises of rejuvenation needs to be well understood,or repeated.As an ingenious species,we have made grand advances in overcoming the physical limits of our biology.Yet while technology has overcome our native ponderous,gravity-and land-bound locomotion with air,land and sea travel,the irreversibility of time and inevitability of death remain stubbornly unyielding.Even such prolongation of lifespan that we have achieved only reveals more starkly the progressive somatic decay and waning of virility which erode dreams of enduring youthful vigour.Lurking just below the conscious horizon,wishful thinking about rejuvenation regularly resurfaces whenever social conditions favour such indulgence.

  9. Skin Rejuvenation with Non-Invasive Pulsed Electric Fields

    Golberg, Alexander; Khan, Saiqa; Belov, Vasily; Quinn, Kyle P.; Albadawi, Hassan; Felix Broelsch, G.; Watkins, Michael T.; Georgakoudi, Irene; Papisov, Mikhail; Mihm, Martin C., Jr.; Austen, William G., Jr.; Yarmush, Martin L.


    Degenerative skin diseases affect one third of individuals over the age of sixty. Current therapies use various physical and chemical methods to rejuvenate skin; but since the therapies affect many tissue components including cells and extracellular matrix, they may also induce significant side effects, such as scarring. Here we report on a new, non-invasive, non-thermal technique to rejuvenate skin with pulsed electric fields. The fields destroy cells while simultaneously completely preserving the extracellular matrix architecture and releasing multiple growth factors locally that induce new cells and tissue growth. We have identified the specific pulsed electric field parameters in rats that lead to prominent proliferation of the epidermis, formation of microvasculature, and secretion of new collagen at treated areas without scarring. Our results suggest that pulsed electric fields can improve skin function and thus can potentially serve as a novel non-invasive skin therapy for multiple degenerative skin diseases.

  10. Months between rejuvenation and volcanic eruption at Yellowstone caldera, Wyoming

    Till, Christy B.; Vazquez, Jorge A.; Boyce, Jeremy W


    Rejuvenation of previously intruded silicic magma is an important process leading to effusive rhyolite, which is the most common product of volcanism at calderas with protracted histories of eruption and unrest such as Yellowstone, Long Valley, and Valles, USA. Although orders of magnitude smaller in volume than rare caldera-forming super-eruptions, these relatively frequent effusions of rhyolite are comparable to the largest eruptions of the 20th century and pose a considerable volcanic hazard. However, the physical pathway from rejuvenation to eruption of silicic magma is unclear particularly because the time between reheating of a subvolcanic intrusion and eruption is poorly quantified. This study uses geospeedometry of trace element profiles with nanometer resolution in sanidine crystals to reveal that Yellowstone’s most recent volcanic cycle began when remobilization of a near- or sub-solidus silicic magma occurred less than 10 months prior to eruption, following a 220,000 year period of volcanic repose. Our results reveal a geologically rapid timescale for rejuvenation and effusion of ~3 km3 of high-silica rhyolite lava even after protracted cooling of the subvolcanic system, which is consistent with recent physical modeling that predict a timescale of several years or less. Future renewal of rhyolitic volcanism at Yellowstone is likely to require an energetic intrusion of mafic or silicic magma into the shallow subvolcanic reservoir and could rapidly generate an eruptible rhyolite on timescales similar to those documented here.

  11. Hydrotreating of waste lube oil by rejuvenated spent hydrotreating catalyst

    Sadeek A. Sadeek


    Full Text Available Large quantities of catalysts are used in the Egyptian refining industry for the purification and upgrading of various petroleum streams. These catalysts gradually lose activity through deactivation with time and the spent catalysts were usually discarded as solid waste. On the other hand, waste lube oil contains heavy metals coming from undergirded base oil and additives, these metals have carcinogenic effect and cause serious environmental problems. Studies are conducted on the reclamation of metals, rejuvenation and reuse of the spent hydrotreating catalyst (Mo–Ni/Al which have been used in re-refining of waste lube oil at Alexandria Petroleum Company. Three leaching solvents were used: oxidized oxalic acid, benzoic acid and boric acid at different concentrations (4%, 8% and 16%, different oxidizing agents (H2O2 and Fe(NO33 and different modes of addition of oxidizing agents (batch and continuous. The results indicated that 4% oxalic acid + 5% Fe(NO33 at continuous addition of oxidizing agents was the most efficient leaching solvent to facilitate metal removal and rejuvenate catalyst. The fresh catalyst was applied for re-refining of waste lube oil under different reaction temperatures (320–410 °C in order to compare the hydrodesulphurization (HDS activity with both the fresh, treated and spent catalysts. The results indicated that the rejuvenation techniques introduce a catalyst have HDS activity nearly approach to that the fresh of the same type.

  12. Analysis of the Relationships between Waste Cooking Oil Qualities and Rejuvenated Asphalt Properties.

    Zhang, Dong; Chen, Meizhu; Wu, Shaopeng; Liu, Jingxiang; Amirkhanian, Serji


    Waste cooking oil (WCO), in many cases, can rejuvenate aged asphalt and restore its properties. However, the influence of WCO qualities on rejuvenation behaviors of aged asphalt has not been investigated in detail. The objective of this paper was to evaluate the effects of WCO viscosity and acid value on the basic, rheological, and chemical properties of a typical rejuvenated asphalt. Penetration, ring and ball (R and B) softening point, and ductility were tested to evaluate the influence of WCO qualities on basic properties of rejuvenated asphalts. Then, the rheological properties of rejuvenated asphalt were characterized based on rotational viscometer (RV), dynamic shear rheometer (DSR), and bending beam rheometer (BBR) test results. Further, SARA (saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes) fraction analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) tests were performed to investigate the effects of WCO qualities on asphalt chemical composition. Finally, grey correlation coefficients were calculated and the relationships between WCO qualities and rejuvenated asphalt properties were quantitatively evaluated. The experimental results indicated that WCO qualities influence the rejuvenation behaviors of aged asphalt significantly, and the WCO with higher qualities (low acid value and viscosity, as defined in this research) tends to achieve better rejuvenation effects. Based on the results of grey correlation analyses, the acid value is, relatively, a better indicator than viscosity in predicting the rejuvenation efficiency of WCO. The rejuvenation thresholds of WCO are varied with the categories of properties of rejuvenated asphalts, and WCO with an acid value of 0.4-0.7 mg KOH/g, or a viscosity of 140-540 mm²/s, can meet all of the performance requirements for asphalt rejuvenation used in this research.

  13. Pathways for salvage and protection of the heart under stress: novel routes for cardiac rejuvenation

    Cannatà, Antonio; Camparini, Luca; Sinagra, Gianfranco; Giacca, Mauro; Loffredo, Francesco S


    .... Although some progress to understand the complex mechanisms that underlie these phenotypic changes, the molecular pathways that determine the balance between aging and rejuvenation in the aged...

  14. Rejuvenation and Modernization of the Northeast China Traditional Industrial Base



    The rejuvenation and modernization of the Northeast China traditional industrial base raises a major strategic issue concerning whether China can comprehensively and rapidly push forward its industrialization and modernization drive. This article analyses the gap in the levels of industrial modernization between Northeast China and other regions, from the perspectives of industrial labor productivity, industrial equipment, industrial structure,capacity of industrial technical innovation and industrial sustainable development. The article also takes the slow progress in marketization as the root cause of the gap and puts forward some suggestions and countermeasures for promoting market-orientated reform and accelerating the industrial modernization process in this region.

  15. Hand Rejuvenation: A Comprehensive Review of Fat Grafting.

    Hoang, Don; Orgel, Matthew I; Kulber, David A


    Dermal atrophy, bulging reticular veins, and prominent bones and tendons are characteristic of the aging hand. Demand for cosmetic procedures to restore a youthful appearance to the dorsum of the hand has risen in recent years. A review of the literature reveals that of the many options for hand restoration, autologous fat grafting stands out as the most promising choice compared with many available alternative options such as microdermabrasion, peeling agents, and dermal fillers. This article details the surgical technique and relevant anatomy necessary for successful hand rejuvenation. Future advancements may rely on further study into adipose-derived stem cells.

  16. Estimating Periodic Software Rejuvenation Schedules under Discrete-Time Operation Circumstance

    Iwamoto, Kazuki; Dohi, Tadashi; Kaio, Naoto

    Software rejuvenation is a preventive and proactive solution that is particularly useful for counteracting the phenomenon of software aging. In this article, we consider periodic software rejuvenation models based on the expected cost per unit time in the steady state under discrete-time operation circumstance. By applying the discrete renewal reward processes, we describe the stochastic behavior of a telecommunication billing application with a degradation mode, and determine the optimal periodic software rejuvenation schedule minimizing the expected cost. Similar to the earlier work by the same authors, we develop a statistically non-parametric algorithm to estimate the optimal software rejuvenation schedule, by applying the discrete total time on test concept. Numerical examples are presented to estimate the optimal software rejuvenation schedules from the simulation data. We discuss the asymptotic behavior of estimators developed in this paper.

  17. A possible mechanism for visible-light-induced skin rejuvenation

    Longo, Leonardo; Lubart, Rachel; Friedman, Harry; Lavie, R.


    In recent years there has been intensive research in the field of non-ablative skin rejuvenation. This comes as a response to the desire for a simple method of treating rhytids caused by aging, UV exposure and acne scars. In numerous studies intense visible light pulsed systems (20-30J/cm2) are used. The mechanism of action was supposed to be a selective heat induced denaturalization of dermal collagen that leads to subsequent reactive synthesis. In this study we suggest a different mechanism for photorejuvenation based on light induced Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) formation. We irradiated collagen in-vitro with a broad band of visible light, 400-800 nm, 12-22J/cm2, and used the spin trapping coupled with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to detect ROS. In vivo, we used dose 30 J in average (35 for acnis scars, 25 for wrinkles and redness). Irradiated collagen results in hydroxyl and methyl radicals formation. We propose, as a new concept, that visible light at the intensity used for skin rejuvenation, 20-30J/cm2, produces high amounts of ROS which destroy old collagen fibers encouraging the formation of new ones. On the other hand at inner depths of the skin, where the light intensity is much weaker, low amounts of ROS are formed which are well known to stimulate fibroblast proliferation.

  18. Toothpaste microstructure and rheological behaviors including aging and partial rejuvenation

    Liu, Zhiwei; Liu, Lei; Zhou, Huan; Wang, Jiali; Deng, Linhong


    Toothpastes are mainly composed of a dense suspension of abrasive substances, flavors, and therapeutic ingredients in a background liquid of humectants and water, and usually exhibit complex rheological behaviors. However, the relationship between the rheology and microstructure of toothpaste remains to be studied. In this paper, three commonly used toothpastes, namely Colgate, Darlie and Yunnan Baiyao (Ynby), were qualitatively and quantitatively studied as soft glassy materials. We found that although the three toothpastes generally behaved in similar fashion in terms of rheology, each particular one was distinct from others in terms of the quantitative magnitude of the rheologcial properties including thixotropy, creep and relaxation, yield stress, and power-law dependence of modulus on frequency. In addition, the history-dependent effects were interpreted in terms of aging and rejuvenation phenomena, analogous to those existing in glassy systems, and Ynby seemed to result in greater extent of aging and rejuvenation as compared to the other two. All these differences in toothpaste rheology may well be attributed to the different microscopic network microstructures as observed in this study. Therefore, this study provides first evidence of microstructurebased rheological behaviors of toothpaste, which may be useful for optimizing its composition, manufacturing processing as well as end-user applications.

  19. Availability Analysis of Application Servers Using Software Rejuvenation and Virtualization

    Thandar Thein; Jong Sou Park


    Demands on software reliability and availability have increased tremendously due to the nature of present day applications. We focus on the aspect of software for the high availability of application servers since the unavailability of servers more often originates from software faults rather than hardware faults. The software rejuvenation technique has been widely used to avoid the occurrence of unplanned failures, mainly due to the phenomena of software aging or caused by transient failures. In this paper, first we present a new way of using the virtual machine based software rejuvenation named VMSR to offer high availability for application server systems. Second we model a single physical server which is used to host multiple virtual machines (VMs) with the VMSR framework using stochastic modeling and evaluate it through both numerical analysis and SHARPE (Symbolic Hierarchical Automated Reliability and Performance Evaluator) tool simulation.This VMSR model is very general and can capture application server characteristics, failure behavior, and performability measures. Our results demonstrate that VMSR approach is a practical way to ensure uninterrupted availability and to optimize performance for aging applications.

  20. Tracing rejuvenation events in nearby S0 galaxies

    Marino, Antonietta; Rampazzo, Roberto; Thilker, David A; Annibali, Francesca; Bressan, Alessandro; Buson, Lucio Maria


    With the aim of characterizing rejuvenation processes in early-type galaxies, we analyzed five barred S0 galaxies showing prominent outer ring in ultraviolet (UV) imaging. We analyzed GALEX far- (FUV) and near- (NUV) UV and optical data using stellar population models and estimated the age and the stellar mass of the entire galaxies and of the UV-bright ring structures. Outer rings consist of young (<200 Myr old) stellar populations, accounting for up to 70% of the FUV flux but containing only a few % of the total stellar mass. Integrated photometry of the whole galaxies places four of these objects on the green valley, indicating a globally evolving nature. We suggest such galaxy evolution is likely driven by bar induced instabilities, i.e. inner secular evolution, that conveys gas to the nucleus and to the outer rings. At the same time, HI observations of NGC 1533 and NGC 2962 suggest external gas re-fueling can play a role in the rejuvenation processes of such galaxies.

  1. Rejuvenation of the neck with liposuction and ancillary techniques.

    Stebbins, William G; Hanke, C William


    An aesthetically pleasing neck is an important component of physical appearance and a frequently targeted area for a variety of rejuvenative procedures. In appropriately selected patients, liposuction of the neck using tumescent local anesthesia can effectively render a more youthful appearance to the anterior and lateral neck by removing superficial adipose tissue and redraping the skin. This article will review all aspects of neck liposuction, including neck and lower face anatomy, proper patient selection and evaluation, necessary equipment, as well as all peri-procedural management. An in-depth discussion of administration of tumescent local anesthesia and proper liposuction technique is also included. Lastly, a number of ancillary techniques to further enhance the appearance of the neck including laser lipolysis, fractional ablative CO(2) resurfacing, and treatment of platysmal banding will be briefly discussed. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  2. Aging, rejuvenation and memory phenomena in spin glasses

    V Dupuis; F Bert; J-P Bouchaud; J Hammann; F Ladieu; D Parker; E Vincent


    In this paper, we review several important features of the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of spin glasses. Starting with the simplest experiments, we discuss the scaling laws used to describe the isothermal aging observed in spin glasses after a quench down to the low-temperature phase. We report in particular new results on the sub-aging behaviour of spin glasses. We then discuss the rejuvenation and memory effects observed when a spin glass is submitted to temperature variations during aging, from the point of view of both energy landscape pictures and real-space pictures. We highlight the fact that both approaches point out the necessity of hierarchical processes involved in aging. Finally, we report an investigation of the effect of small temperature variations on aging in spin glass samples with various anisotropies which indicates that this hierarchy depends on the spin anisotropy.

  3. Aging, Clonality, and Rejuvenation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

    Akunuru, Shailaja; Geiger, Hartmut


    Aging is associated with reduced organ function and increased disease incidence. Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) aging driven by both cell intrinsic and extrinsic factors is linked to impaired HSC self-renewal and regeneration, aging-associated immune remodeling, and increased leukemia incidence. Compromised DNA damage responses and the increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been previously causatively attributed to HSC aging. However, recent paradigm-shifting concepts, such as global epigenetic and cytoskeletal polarity shifts, cellular senescence, as well as the clonal selection of HSCs upon aging, provide new insights into HSC aging mechanisms. Rejuvenating agents that can reprogram the epigenetic status of aged HSCs or senolytic drugs that selectively deplete senescent cells provide promising translational avenues for attenuating hematopoietic aging and, potentially, alleviating aging-associated immune remodeling and myeloid malignancies.

  4. [The opportunities, challenges and trends in the rejuvenation of microbiology].

    Shen, Ping; Chen, Xiangdong


    In history, the development of microbiology had undergone two golden ages and some depression time as well. In the last two decades, the application of many physiochemical technologies including genomics, structural biology, bioinformatics, PCR, and high-resolution microscopy has led to a series of breakthroughs in microbiology. Microbiology has now awakened and entered its third golden age for development. This review discusses our view of the opportunities, challenges, and trends in the current advancement of microbiology. The topics include: (1) The two golden ages for microbiology in history. (2) The opportunities and challenges in the rejuvenation of microbiology. (3) The characteristics and trends of the current development of microbiology. (4) Integral microbiology--the hallmark of the third golden age.

  5. Analysis of Software Rejuvenation on ADHOC Conferencing and Media Distribution System

    Karthika Murthy


    Full Text Available The project facilitates the concept of Software Rejuvenation and its importance in day to day software applications. Software Rejuvenation prevents ageing in software applications and helps in achieving a non-compromising performance. “Adhoc conferencing system” is chosen as a candidate as this has a variety of functionalities that involve conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing with more possibilities of anomalies like memory leaks, data corruption, etc., over a period of time.

  6. Preparation of capsules containing rejuvenators for their use in asphalt concrete.

    García, Alvaro; Schlangen, Erik; van de Ven, Martin; Sierra-Beltrán, Guadalupe


    Every year, there is a demand of more than 110 million metric tons of asphalt all around the world. This represents a huge amount of money and energy, from which a good part is for the preservation and renovation of the existing pavements. The problem of asphalt is that it oxidizes with time and therefore its beneficial properties disappear. Traditionally, rejuvenators spread in the road surface, are used to restore the original properties of the pavement. The problem is that, for a rejuvenator to be successful, it must penetrate the pavement surface. Furthermore, application of a rejuvenator will reduce the skid resistance of the pavement and, besides, rejuvenators have many aromatic compounds that can be harmful for the environment. To solve these problems this paper introduces a new concept in road construction: encapsulated rejuvenators. The basic principle is that when the stress in capsules embedded in the asphalt reaches a certain threshold value, the capsules break and some rejuvenator is released, restoring the original properties of the pavement. This paper will show how to prepare such capsules and how to determine their characteristics. This is one of the first steps towards intelligent pavements.

  7. 'Recharge my exhausted batteries': Overbeck's Rejuvenator, Patenting, and Public Medical Consumers, 1924-37.

    Stark, James F


    Although historians have shown that there has been a complex and multi-layered relationship between the body, medicine and the force of electricity, many avenues remain to be explored. One of the most prominent of these is the way in which electrotherapy technologies were marketed to a wide variety of different end users and intermediaries. This paper offers the first historical analysis of one such device - the Overbeck Rejuvenator - a 1920s electrotherapy machine designed for use by the general public. Its inventor, Otto Overbeck, was not a medical man and this enabled him to use aggressive strategies of newspaper advertising, using testimonials to market his product alongside appeals to his own scientific authority. He commissioned the prestigious Ediswan Company to manufacture the Rejuvenator on a large scale, and took out patents in eleven countries to persuade users of the efficacy of the device. In response to Overbeck's activities, the British Medical Association enlisted an electrical engineer to examine the Rejuvenator, contacted practitioners whose endorsements were being used in publicity material, and denied Overbeck permission to advertise in the British Medical Journal. Despite this, the Rejuvenator brought its inventor wealth and notoriety, and helped redefine the concept of 'rejuvenation', even if the professional reception of such a device was almost universally hostile. This paper shows how the marketing, patenting and publishing of Overbeck combined to persuade members of the laity to try the Rejuvenator as an alternative form of therapy, bypassing the medical profession in the process.

  8. The temporal endoscopic midface lift -centrofacial rejuvenation without facial scars

    Thomas Haffner


    Aim: The author describes a new endoscopic midface lifting technique using solely temporal access and evaluates its advantages and perspectives.Methods: This is a single-surgeon case study. Through a short temporal incision, dissection is performed along a single plane connecting the superifcial surfaces of both the facial and temporal superifcial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layers. Subsequent midface dissection divides the malar fat pad into the deeper and superifcial parts. A new concept of a combination high malar SMAS lift and internal skin lfap anchorage that provides long-term stability is described.Results: The temporal endoscopic midface (TEM) lift technique resulted in good objective results with high patient satisfaction. The temporal access allowed proper vertical vector correction of the sagging centro-facial structures. The resulting scar was inconspicuous and hidden in the hair bearing skin, and its length was measured between 5-6 cm. A conversion to the conventional long facial scar approach was completely avoided.Conclusion:The TEM lift is a new and effective procedure for facial rejuvenation, especially the midface and cheek. The results illustrate the importance of internal anchorage of both the midface SMAS and skin lfap. These are the keys to long-lasting and pleasing results. The procedure is best suited for younger men and women with little or no neck skin laxity.

  9. Microglial Aging in the Healthy CNS: Phenotypes, Drivers, and Rejuvenation

    Wai T Wong


    Full Text Available Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and age-related macular degeneration, share two characteristics in common: 1 a disease prevalence that increases markedly with advancing age, and 2 neuroinflammatory changes in which microglia, the primary resident immune cell of the CNS, feature prominently. These characteristics have led to the hypothesis that pathogenic mechanisms underlying age-related neurodegenerative disease involve aging changes in microglia. If correct, targeting features of microglial senescence may constitute a feasible therapeutic strategy. This review explores this hypothesis and its implications by considering the current knowledge on how microglia undergo change during aging and how the emergence of these aging phenotypes relate to significant alterations in microglial function. Evidence and theories on cellular mechanisms implicated in driving senescence in microglia are reviewed, as are rejuvenative measures and strategies that aim to reverse or ameliorate the aging microglial phenotype. Understanding and controlling microglial aging may represent an opportunity for elucidating disease mechanisms and for formulating novel therapies.

  10. Rejuvenation of the lithosphere by the Hawaiian plume.

    Li, Xueqing; Kind, Rainer; Yuan, Xiaohui; Wölbern, Ingo; Hanka, Winfried


    The volcanism responsible for creating the chain of the Hawaiian islands and seamounts is believed to mark the passage of the oceanic lithosphere over a mantle plume. In this picture hot material rises from great depth within a fixed narrow conduit to the surface, penetrating the moving lithosphere. Although a number of models describe possible plume-lithosphere interactions, seismic imaging techniques have not had sufficient resolution to distinguish between them. Here we apply the S-wave 'receiver function' technique to data of three permanent seismic broadband stations on the Hawaiian islands, to map the thickness of the underlying lithosphere. We find that under Big Island the lithosphere is 100-110 km thick, as expected for an oceanic plate 90-100 million years old that is not modified by a plume. But the lithosphere thins gradually along the island chain to about 50-60 km below Kauai. The width of the thinning is about 300 km. In this zone, well within the larger-scale topographic swell, we infer that the rejuvenation model (where the plume thins the lithosphere) is operative; however, the larger-scale topographic swell is probably supported dynamically.

  11. Rejuvenating cellular respiration for optimizing respiratory function: targeting mitochondria.

    Agrawal, Anurag; Mabalirajan, Ulaganathan


    Altered bioenergetics with increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production and degradation of epithelial function are key aspects of pathogenesis in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This motif is not unique to obstructive airway disease, reported in related airway diseases such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia and parenchymal diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis. Similarly, mitochondrial dysfunction in vascular endothelium or skeletal muscles contributes to the development of pulmonary hypertension and systemic manifestations of lung disease. In experimental models of COPD or asthma, the use of mitochondria-targeted antioxidants, such as MitoQ, has substantially improved mitochondrial health and restored respiratory function. Modulation of noncoding RNA or protein regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis, dynamics, or degradation has been found to be effective in models of fibrosis, emphysema, asthma, and pulmonary hypertension. Transfer of healthy mitochondria to epithelial cells has been associated with remarkable therapeutic efficacy in models of acute lung injury and asthma. Together, these form a 3R model--repair, reprogramming, and replacement--for mitochondria-targeted therapies in lung disease. This review highlights the key role of mitochondrial function in lung health and disease, with a focus on asthma and COPD, and provides an overview of mitochondria-targeted strategies for rejuvenating cellular respiration and optimizing respiratory function in lung diseases. Copyright © 2016 the American Physiological Society.

  12. Proteomic profiling of proteins associated with the rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don Endl

    Chen Yu-Ting


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Restoration of rooting competence is important for rejuvenation in Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don Endl and is achieved by repeatedly grafting Sequoia shoots after 16 and 30 years of cultivation in vitro. Results Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis revealed three proteins that differentially accumulated in different rejuvenation stages, including oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 2 (OEE2, glycine-rich RNA-binding protein (RNP, and a thaumatin-like protein. OEE2 was found to be phosphorylated and a phosphopeptide (YEDNFDGNSNVSVMVpTPpTDK was identified. Specifically, the protein levels of OEE2 increased as a result of grafting and displayed a higher abundance in plants during the juvenile and rejuvenated stages. Additionally, SsOEE2 displayed the highest expression levels in Sequoia shoots during the juvenile stage and less expression during the adult stage. The expression levels also steadily increased during grafting. Conclusion Our results indicate a positive correlation between the gene and protein expression patterns of SsOEE2 and the rejuvenation process, suggesting that this gene is involved in the rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens.

  13. Effects of rejuvenator seal and fog seal on performance of open-graded friction course pavement

    Nadeem A. Qureshi


    Full Text Available An open-graded friction course (OGFC is a special-purpose surface layer of hot-mix asphalt (HMA pavement that is increasingly being used around the world. Owing to its numerous benefits, OGFC is being regularly used as a final riding surface on interstate and high-traffic expressways by different highway agencies in the United States. However, some OGFC sections have experienced premature failure due to ravelling only after 6-8 years of service life. To maintain an effective, longer service life and enhanced performance of OGFC, preventive maintenance has been considered essential. There are several approaches to maintaining OGFC, one of which is the application of a fog seal and rejuvenator seal. A fog seal can reduce ravelling and extend the service life of OGFC while a rejuvenator seal can revitalise the existing aged asphalt binder in the top OGFC layer. This research focuses on optimising the fog and rejuvenator seal application rates by evaluating their effectiveness in terms of surface friction and durability. Three types of seal material were evaluated: Pavegaard (PG and Pavepreserve (PP asphalt rejuvenators and a cationic slow-setting asphalt emulsion (CSS-1H as a fog seal. Improvement in abrasion resistance of OGFC pavement was observed on application of fog and rejuvenator seals but surface friction was reduced to some extent. Hamburg test clearly shows a trend that the medium application rate of 0.10 gallon/square yard is better in enhancing resistance to rutting/moisture susceptibility of OGFC.

  14. Investigation of the possibility of using waste cooking oil as a rejuvenating agent for aged bitumen.

    Zargar, Majid; Ahmadinia, Esmaeil; Asli, Hallizza; Karim, Mohamed Rehan


    The ageing of the bitumen during storage, mixing, transport and laying on the road, as well as in service life, are the most important problems presented by the use of bitumen in pavements. This paper investigates the possibility of using waste cooking oil (WCO), which is a waste material that pollutes landfills and rivers, as an alternative natural rejuvenating agent for aged bitumen to a condition that resembles the original bitumen. With this target, the physical and chemical properties of the original bitumen, aged bitumen and rejuvenated bitumen were measured and compared by the bitumen binder tests - softening point, penetration, Brookfield viscosity, dynamic shear rheometer and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. In addition, the behaviour of the WCO rejuvenated bitumen is investigated and compared with virgin bitumen after using the rolling thin film oven ageing process. In general, the results showed that using 3-4% of WCO the aged bitumen group 40/50 was rejuvenated to a condition that closely resembled the physical, rheological properties of the original bitumen (80/100), however, there was a difference in the tendency to ageing between the WCO rejuvenated bitumen and the virgin bitumen during mixing, transport and laying on the road.

  15. Rejuvenation of metallic glasses by non-affine thermal strain.

    Ketov, S V; Sun, Y H; Nachum, S; Lu, Z; Checchi, A; Beraldin, A R; Bai, H Y; Wang, W H; Louzguine-Luzgin, D V; Carpenter, M A; Greer, A L


    When a spatially uniform temperature change is imposed on a solid with more than one phase, or on a polycrystal of a single, non-cubic phase (showing anisotropic expansion-contraction), the resulting thermal strain is inhomogeneous (non-affine). Thermal cycling induces internal stresses, leading to structural and property changes that are usually deleterious. Glasses are the solids that form on cooling a liquid if crystallization is avoided--they might be considered the ultimate, uniform solids, without the microstructural features and defects associated with polycrystals. Here we explore the effects of cryogenic thermal cycling on glasses, specifically metallic glasses. We show that, contrary to the null effect expected from uniformity, thermal cycling induces rejuvenation, reaching less relaxed states of higher energy. We interpret these findings in the context that the dynamics in liquids become heterogeneous on cooling towards the glass transition, and that there may be consequent heterogeneities in the resulting glasses. For example, the vibrational dynamics of glassy silica at long wavelengths are those of an elastic continuum, but at wavelengths less than approximately three nanometres the vibrational dynamics are similar to those of a polycrystal with anisotropic grains. Thermal cycling of metallic glasses is easily applied, and gives improvements in compressive plasticity. The fact that such effects can be achieved is attributed to intrinsic non-uniformity of the glass structure, giving a non-uniform coefficient of thermal expansion. While metallic glasses may be particularly suitable for thermal cycling, the non-affine nature of strains in glasses in general deserves further study, whether they are induced by applied stresses or by temperature change.

  16. Mitophagy-driven mitochondrial rejuvenation regulates stem cell fate

    Vazquez-Martin, Alejandro; Van den Haute, Chris; Cufí, Sílvia; Corominas-Faja, Bruna; Cuyàs, Elisabet; Lopez-Bonet, Eugeni; Rodriguez-Gallego, Esther; Fernández-Arroyo, Salvador; Joven, Jorge; Baekelandt, Veerle; Menendez, Javier A.


    Our understanding on how selective mitochondrial autophagy, or mitophagy, can sustain the archetypal properties of stem cells is incomplete. PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 (PINK1) plays a key role in the maintenance of mitochondrial morphology and function and in the selective degradation of damaged mitochondria by mitophagy. Here, using embryonic fibroblasts from PINK1 gene-knockout (KO) mice, we evaluated whether mitophagy is a causal mechanism for the control of cell-fate plasticity and maintenance of pluripotency. Loss of PINK1-dependent mitophagy was sufficient to dramatically decrease the speed and efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) reprogramming. Mitophagy-deficient iPSC colonies, which were characterized by a mixture of mature and immature mitochondria, seemed unstable, with a strong tendency to spontaneously differentiate and form heterogeneous populations of cells. Although mitophagy-deficient iPSC colonies normally expressed pluripotent markers, functional monitoring of cellular bioenergetics revealed an attenuated glycolysis in mitophagy-deficient iPSC cells. Targeted metabolomics showed a notable alteration in numerous glycolysis- and TCA-related metabolites in mitophagy-deficient iPSC cells, including a significant decrease in the intracellular levels of α-ketoglutarate -a key suppressor of the differentiation path in stem cells. Mitophagy-deficient iPSC colonies exhibited a notably reduced teratoma-initiating capacity, but fully retained their pluripotency and multi-germ layer differentiation capacity in vivo. PINK1-dependent mitophagy pathway is an important mitochondrial switch that determines the efficiency and quality of somatic reprogramming. Mitophagy-driven mitochondrial rejuvenation might contribute to the ability of iPSCs to suppress differentiation by directing bioenergetic transition and metabolome remodeling traits. These findings provide new insights into how mitophagy might influence the stem cell decisions to retain

  17. Mother-daughter asymmetry of pH underlies aging and rejuvenation in yeast.

    Henderson, Kiersten A; Hughes, Adam L; Gottschling, Daniel E


    Replicative aging in yeast is asymmetric-mother cells age but their daughter cells are rejuvenated. Here we identify an asymmetry in pH between mother and daughter cells that underlies aging and rejuvenation. Cytosolic pH increases in aging mother cells, but is more acidic in daughter cells. This is due to the asymmetric distribution of the major regulator of cytosolic pH, the plasma membrane proton ATPase (Pma1). Pma1 accumulates in aging mother cells, but is largely absent from nascent daughter cells. We previously found that acidity of the vacuole declines in aging mother cells and limits lifespan, but that daughter cell vacuoles re-acidify. We find that Pma1 activity antagonizes mother cell vacuole acidity by reducing cytosolic protons. However, the inherent asymmetry of Pma1 increases cytosolic proton availability in daughter cells and facilitates vacuole re-acidification and rejuvenation.

  18. The reinforcement and healing of asphalt mastic mixtures by rejuvenator encapsulation in alginate compartmented fibres

    Tabaković, A.; Post, W.; Cantero, D.; Copuroglu, O.; Garcia, S. J.; Schlangen, E.


    This paper explores the potential use of compartmented alginate fibres as a new method of incorporating rejuvenators into asphalt pavement mixtures. The compartmented fibres are employed to locally distribute the rejuvenator and to overcome the problems associated with spherical capsules and hollow fibres. The work presents proof of concept of the encapsulation process which involved embedding the fibres into the asphalt mastic mixture and the survival rate of fibres in the asphalt mixture. To prove the effectiveness of the alginate as a rejuvenator encapsulating material and to demonstrate its ability survive asphalt production process, the fibres containing the rejuvenator were prepared and subjected to thermogravimetric analysis and uniaxial tensile test. The test results demonstrated that fibres have suitable thermal and mechanical strength to survive the asphalt mixing and compaction process. The CT scan of an asphalt mortar mix containing fibres demonstrated that fibres are present in the mix in their full length, undamaged, providing confirmation that the fibres survived the asphalt production process. In order to investigate the fibres physiological properties and ability to release the rejuvenator into cracks in the asphalt mastic, the environmental scanning electron microscope and optical microscope analysis were employed. To prove its success as an asphalt healing system, compartmented alginate fibres containing rejuvenator were embedded in asphalt mastic mix. The three point bend tests were performed on the asphalt mastic test samples and the degree to which the samples began to self-heal in response was measured and quantified. The research findings indicate that alginate fibres present a promising new approach for the development of self-healing asphalt pavement systems.

  19. Research on Software Rejuvenation%软件恢复技术研究

    李正; 万群丽; 许满武


    Recently, the phenomenon of "software aging", one in which the state of a software system gradually de-grades with time and eventually leads to performance degradation or crash/hang failure, has been reported. The agingphenomenon is ubiquitous in all kinds of software systems and hard to eliminate thoroughly. A proactive techniquecalled "software rejuvenation" has been proposed[13] to counter the aging problem and increase the software availabili-ty. In this paper, we systematically investigate the basic motivation, concept and development of software rejuvena-tion, and then, detailedly analyze the main research work on it. At last, a prospect about the future research direc-tions is outlined.

  20. Skin rejuvenation using cosmetic products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines: a review of the literature

    Aldag, Caroline; Nogueira Teixeira, Diana; Leventhal, Phillip S


    Skin aging is primarily due to alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix, especially a decrease in collagen I content, fragmentation of collagen fibrils, and accumulation of amorphous elastin material, also known as elastosis. Growth factors and cytokines are included in several cosmetic products intended for skin rejuvenation because of their ability to promote collagen synthesis. Matrikines and matrikine-like peptides offer the advantage of growth factor-like activities but better skin penetration due to their much smaller molecular size. In this review, we summarize the commercially available products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines for which there is evidence that they promote skin rejuvenation. PMID:27877059

  1. Assessment of the aging level of rejuvenated hot mixed asphalt concrete pavements

    McGovern, Megan; Buttlar, William G.; Reis, Henrique


    The efficacy of asphalt rejuvenator on restoring the properties of oxidatively aged asphalt was tested via a non-collinear ultrasonic subsurface wave mixing technique modified for field use. Longitudinal transducers were mounted on angle wedges to generate subsurface dilatational waves to allow for pavement evaluation when there is only access to one side. Because in the field the asphalt concrete (AC) pavement properties (i.e., ultrasonic velocities and attenuations) are unknown, a pre-determined fixed incident angle (based on the AC mixture type) was used, which allows for practical implementation in the field. Oxidative aged AC specimens were coated with rejuvenator (10% by weight of the binder) and left to dwell for varying amounts of time. Once the dwell time reached the desired amount, the specimen was immediately ultrasonically tested. The frequency ratio, f2/f1, at which the interaction took place and the normalized nonlinear wave generation parameter, β/β0, were recorded and compared against a reference plot. It was observed that the rejuvenator had the effect of restoring the nonlinear properties to those corresponding to a virgin sample after a sufficient amount of dwell time. The ability of the rejuvenator to fully penetrate and act on the binder was observed to be dependent on the porosity and aggregate structure, and thus varied for each specimen. As a result, some portions of the binder were restored to a greater extent than others. This non-uniform nature was captured via the nonlinear ultrasonic technique.

  2. Minimally invasive non-thermal laser technology using laser-induced optical breakdown for skin rejuvenation

    Habbema, L.; Verhagen, R.; Van Hal, R.; Liu, Y.; Varghese, B.


    We describe a novel, minimally invasive laser technology for skin rejuvenation by creating isolated microscopic lesions within tissue below the epidermis using laser induced optical breakdown. Using an in-house built prototype device, tightly focused near-infrared laser pulses are used to create opt

  3. Minimally invasive non-thermal laser technology using laser-induced optical breakdown for skin rejuvenation

    Habbema, L.; Verhagen, R.; Van Hal, R.; Liu, Y.; Varghese, B.


    We describe a novel, minimally invasive laser technology for skin rejuvenation by creating isolated microscopic lesions within tissue below the epidermis using laser induced optical breakdown. Using an in-house built prototype device, tightly focused near-infrared laser pulses are used to create

  4. 个性化的面部年轻化手术%Individual facial rejuvenation

    房林; 强京红; 杨明勇; 侯典举; 李斌斌; 吕唯


    目的 总结并探讨联合应用各种面部年轻化手术方案的临床疗效,并对治疗的整体效果进行评估.方法 回顾性分析41例面部老化患者的治疗过程.根据患者自身老化程度,选择相应的面部年轻化手术方法,并联合应用不同的术式,以达到对面部软组织年轻化重塑的整体效果.结果 术后随访6个月至2年,面部软组织均获得显著的年轻化效果,术后随访患者均较满意.结论 根据患者自身的老化程度,制定个性化治疗方案,并联合应用多种面部年轻化手术方法,是达到面部整体年轻化效果的理想选择.%Objective To summarize and discuss the different combined application of various surgical facial rejuvenation programs and evaluate the overall effect of this personalized treatment. Methods The treatment process of aging face in 41 patients were reviewed retrospectively. According to their different degrees of aging face, the appropriate methods of facial rejuvenation surgery were selected and combined used in different ways to achieve the overall effect of rejuvenation by facial soft tissue remodeling. Results The follow-up time was from 6 months to 2 years. The facial soft tissue remodeling had achieved significant effects of rejuvenation All the followed-up cases obtained good results without any complications. Conclusion It is an ideal option that the development of personalized treatment plan using a variety of facial rejuvenation surgical procedures can achieve the overall facial rejuvenation.

  5. The unexpected outcomes of anti-aging, rejuvenation, and life extension studies: an origin of modern therapies.

    Stambler, Ilia


    The search for life-extending interventions has been often perceived as a purely academic pursuit, or as an unorthodox medical enterprise, with little or no practical outcome. Yet, in fact, these studies, explicitly aiming to prolong human life, often constituted a formidable, though hardly ever acknowledged, motivation for biomedical research and discovery. At least several modern biomedical fields have originated directly from rejuvenation and life extension research: (1) Hormone replacement therapy was born in Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard's rejuvenation experiments with animal gland extracts (1889). (2) Probiotic diets originated in Elie Metchnikoff's conception of radically prolonged "orthobiosis" (c. 1900). (3) The development of clinical endocrinology owed much to Eugen Steinach's "endocrine rejuvenation" operations (c. 1910s-1920s). (4) Tissue transplantations in humans (allografts and xenografts) were first widely performed in Serge Voronoff's "rejuvenation by grafting" experiments (c. 1910s-1920s). (5) Tissue engineering was pioneered during Alexis Carrel's work on cell and tissue immortalization (c. 1900-1920). (6) Cell therapy (and particularly human embryonic cell therapy) was first widely conducted by Paul Niehans for the purposes of rejuvenation as early as the 1930s. Thus, the pursuit of life extension and rejuvenation has constituted an inseparable and crucial element in the history of biomedicine. Notably, the common principle of these studies was the proactive maintenance of stable, long-term homeostasis of the entire organism.

  6. Skin rejuvenation using cosmetic products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines: a review of the literature

    Aldag C


    Full Text Available Caroline Aldag,1,* Diana Nogueira Teixeira,1,* Phillip S Leventhal2 1Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 24Clinics, Paris, France *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Skin aging is primarily due to alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix, especially a decrease in collagen I content, fragmentation of collagen fibrils, and accumulation of amorphous elastin material, also known as elastosis. Growth factors and cytokines are included in several cosmetic products intended for skin rejuvenation because of their ability to promote collagen synthesis. Matrikines and matrikine-like peptides offer the advantage of growth factor-like activities but better skin penetration due to their much smaller molecular size. In this review, we summarize the commercially available products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines for which there is evidence that they promote skin rejuvenation. Keywords: cosmetics, skin, aging, growth factor, cytokine, matrikine

  7. ["Skin rejuvenation" by non-ablative laser and light systems. Literature research and overview].

    Grema, H; Raulin, C; Greve, B


    Currently, ablative laser therapy (with CO2/Er:YAG lasers) and deep chemical peeling are effective and promising methods of skin rejuvenation. The induction of collagen synthesis was observed after peelings with trichloroacetic acid or phenol as well as after treatments with the CO2 laser. In past years, the undesirable side effects and risks of these methods have led to intensified research in the fields of non-ablative facial rejuvenation and subsurfacing by means of ablative laser systems and intense pulsed light systems. The objective is to achieve selective, heat-induced denaturalisation of dermal collagen that leads to subsequent reactive synthesis but does not damage the epidermis. Recently, the results of numerous clinical and histological studies have indicated that these new technologies are successful. After critical review and assessment of current literature, we can say that in terms of their efficacy, non-ablative methods are not a comparable alternative to ablative skin resurfacing.

  8. 雅乐复兴的意义%Implications for high music rejuvenation



    In order to return the secred of universities, the author studies the implications for high music rejuvenation in universities from document analysis and his personal experience. The analysis shows that the kiey position of Chinese high arts is disappearing now in China. Therefore, it is important to rejuvenate high music to make it a core of social life and humanity education.%为在学校中重建神圣性,从个人经验和文献分析角度出发,探究在当今社会中复兴雅乐的意义。分析认为:音乐作为中国艺术中心的地位已然消失,复兴雅乐就是使音乐重新成为社会生活和人文教育的核心。

  9. Rejuvenecimiento facial en "doble sigma" "Double ogee" facial rejuvenation

    O. M. Ramírez


    . Este arco conecta con la convexidad superior del tercio medio facial que se une con la concavidad de la porción inferior del tercio medio (arco inferior. Los paciente con un considerable envejecimiento y ptosis de las estructuras centrales faciales se pueden beneficiar en la mayoría de los casos de nuestro abordaje endoscópico. Las cejas, las comisuras de los párpados, de los tejidos blandos nasoglaberlares, los surcos nasolabiales, la nariz, las mejillas, el ángulo de la boca y los "jowls" (mejillas de bulldog se pueden tratar con eficacia mediante este abordaje. También las ojeras y los hundimientos orbitarios inferiores. Es eficaz también en ritidectomías secundarias o terciarias que requieren rejuvenecimiento cutáneo simultaneo y para cuando se precisa aumento de los tejidos blandos así como en las desproporciones esqueléticas y de los tejidos blandos. Las estructuras óseas expuestas pueden ser aumentadas o reducidas según convenga. Recomendamos este abordaje cuando hay que cambiar o extirpar implantes faciales aloplásticos. Los procedimientos endoscópicos de la frente y del tercio medio facial permiten la reconstrucción del "Doble Sigma" que se asocia a un aspecto juvenil.Subperiosteal techniques describes by Tessier have revolutionized the treatment of the aging face advocating this approach to treat early signs of aging in young and middleage patients. Psillakis refines the technique further and Ramirez describes a safer and more effective method of subperiosteal lifting, so that this technique could be applied across the full spectrum of facial aging. The introduction of the endoscope in the treatment of facial rejuvenation ushered in a new era in Aesthetic Surgery. Today, endoscopically assisted subperiosteal undermining of the upper, middle and lower face can provide a means for repositioning the sagging facial soft tissues in addition to augmentation of the craniofacial skeleton, with a reduced preoperative facial edema, minimal injury to the

  10. Rejuvenation of stellar mergers and the origin of magnetic fields in massive stars

    Schneider, F. R. N.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Langer, N.; Castro, N.; Fossati, L.


    Approximately 10 per cent of massive OBA main-sequence (MS) and pre-MS stars harbour strong, large-scale magnetic fields. At the same time, there is a dearth of magnetic stars in close binaries. A process generating strong magnetic fields only in some stars must be responsible with the merging of pre-MS and MS stars being suggested as one such channel. Stars emerging from the coalescence of two MS stars are rejuvenated, appearing younger than they are. They can therefore be identified by comparison with reference clocks. Here, we predict the rejuvenation of MS merger products over a wide range of masses and binary configurations calibrated to smoothed-particle-hydrodynamical merger models. We find that the rejuvenation is of the order of the nuclear time-scale and is strongest in the lowest mass mergers and the most evolved binary progenitors with the largest mass ratios. These predictions allow us to put constraints on the binary progenitors of merger products. We show that the magnetic stars HR 2949 and τ Sco are younger than the potential binary companion HR 2948 and the Upper-Sco association, respectively, making them promising merger candidates. We find that the age discrepancies and the potential binary progenitors of both are consistent with them being rejuvenated merger products, implying that their magnetic fields may originate from this channel. Searching for age discrepancies in magnetic stars is therefore a powerful way to explore which fraction of magnetic stars may have obtained their strong magnetic field in MS mergers and to improve our understanding of magnetism in massive stars and their remnants.

  11. The role of facial skeletal augmentation and dental restoration in facial rejuvenation.

    Bains, J W; Elia, J P


    Facial aging is almost exclusively a result of soft tissue changes in patients with full dentition. Loss of teeth can hasten facial aging and make aging more pronounced as a result of bony erosion of the alveolar ridges. This article describes these changes and demonstrates that properly selected oral implants and precisely placed hydroxyapatite implants can integrate with facelifts to produce superior facial rejuvenation in edentulous patients.

  12. Full-facial rejuvenation with autologous platelet-derived growth factors


    The platelets used in oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgery are generally grouped as concentrated platelet rich plasma. The general principle of production consists of a centrifugation, making it possible to eliminate red blood cells, then acellular plasma, to preserve only the concentrated platelets. Aim to evaluate the efficacy of a three session of injections of autologous platelet-derived growth factors for full-face rejuvenation including the perioral and periorbital regions; 16 patien...

  13. Rejuvenation of stellar mergers and the origin of magnetic fields in massive stars

    Schneider, Fabian R N; Langer, Norbert; Castro, Norberto; Fossati, Luca


    Approximately 10% of massive OBA main-sequence (MS) and pre-MS stars harbour strong, large-scale magnetic fields. At the same time there is a dearth of magnetic stars in close binaries. A process generating strong magnetic fields only in some stars must be responsible with the merging of pre-MS and MS stars being suggested as one such channel. Stars emerging from the coalescence of two MS stars are rejuvenated, appearing younger than they are. They can therefore be identified by comparison with reference clocks. Here we predict the rejuvenation of MS merger products over a wide range of masses and binary configurations calibrated to smoothed-particle-hydrodynamical merger models. We find that the rejuvenation is of the order of the nuclear timescale and is strongest in the lowest-mass mergers and the most evolved binary progenitors with the largest mass ratios. These predictions allow us to put constraints on the binary progenitors of merger products. We show that the magnetic stars HR 2949 and $\\tau$ Sco are...

  14. Clearance of senescent cells by ABT263 rejuvenates aged hematopoietic stem cells in mice.

    Chang, Jianhui; Wang, Yingying; Shao, Lijian; Laberge, Remi-Martin; Demaria, Marco; Campisi, Judith; Janakiraman, Krishnamurthy; Sharpless, Norman E; Ding, Sheng; Feng, Wei; Luo, Yi; Wang, Xiaoyan; Aykin-Burns, Nukhet; Krager, Kimberly; Ponnappan, Usha; Hauer-Jensen, Martin; Meng, Aimin; Zhou, Daohong


    Senescent cells (SCs) accumulate with age and after genotoxic stress, such as total-body irradiation (TBI). Clearance of SCs in a progeroid mouse model using a transgenic approach delays several age-associated disorders, suggesting that SCs play a causative role in certain age-related pathologies. Thus, a 'senolytic' pharmacological agent that can selectively kill SCs holds promise for rejuvenating tissue stem cells and extending health span. To test this idea, we screened a collection of compounds and identified ABT263 (a specific inhibitor of the anti-apoptotic proteins BCL-2 and BCL-xL) as a potent senolytic drug. We show that ABT263 selectively kills SCs in culture in a cell type- and species-independent manner by inducing apoptosis. Oral administration of ABT263 to either sublethally irradiated or normally aged mice effectively depleted SCs, including senescent bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and senescent muscle stem cells (MuSCs). Notably, this depletion mitigated TBI-induced premature aging of the hematopoietic system and rejuvenated the aged HSCs and MuSCs in normally aged mice. Our results demonstrate that selective clearance of SCs by a pharmacological agent is beneficial in part through its rejuvenation of aged tissue stem cells. Thus, senolytic drugs may represent a new class of radiation mitigators and anti-aging agents.

  15. European expert recommendations on the use of injectable poly-L-lactic acid for facial rejuvenation.

    Alessio, Redaelli; Rzany, Berthold; Eve, Linda; Grangier, Yann; Herranz, Pedro; Olivier-Masveyraud, Frédérique; Vleggaar, Danny


    Over the last few years, there have been a number of important changes in how we appreciate and understand the aging face. Volume loss is now recognized as a major component of facial aging. Treatment options that replace lost volume are increasingly used for recontouring and rejuvenation of the aging face. In this review we present and discuss the European Expert Group recommendations on the ideal use of the unique collagen stimulator, poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA, Sculptra®, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals) for facial rejuvenation lasting up to 25 months. Optimal results are achieved based on a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, correct treatment procedure, specifically the right dilution, the correct injection technique, as well as appropriate patient aftercare. PLLA is an effective and safe collagen stimulator that treats the whole face. PLLA is simple to use, provides the foundation for facial rejuvenation, is easy to combine with other treatments, and gives long-lasting effects with a high level of patient satisfaction.

  16. Microstructure, creep properties, and rejuvenation of service-exposed alloy 713C turbine blades

    Maccagno, T. M.; Koul, A. K.; Immarigeon, J.-P.; Cutler, L.; Allem, R.; L'Espérance, G.


    A study was carried out on the microstructure and creep properties of aero engine first-stage turbine blades made from Alloy 713C nickel-base superalloy. Results are reported for new blades, blades in two service-exposed conditions, and service-exposed blades subjected to one of three rejuvenation treatments: a recoating heat treatment, a hot isostatic pressing (HIP) + recoating heat treatment, and a HIP + controlled cooling + recoating heat treatment. The blade microstructure undergoes significant change during service, and this leads to a loss in creep properties exhibited by specimens machined from the blade airfoils. Good correlations were observed between the rupture time and the amount of blade airfoil untwist and between the minimum creep rate and the amount of untwist. The recoating heat treatment and the HIP + controlled cooling + recoating treatment were moderately successful in restoring the microstructure and creep properties of the service-exposed blades. In comparison, the HIP + recoating treatment was very successful in rejuvenating creep properties but only for blades having a chemical composition with a lower propensity to form σ phase. For the blades with an unfavorable composition, σ phase was found to form preferentially near the grain boundaries during creep testing, and this had a detrimental effect on the creep properties. Nonetheless, the degree of rejuvenation for these blades was always at least as good as that obtained through the recoating heat treatment alone.

  17. [Contributions and results of lipo-structure in repair and rejuvenation of frontal anatomical unit].

    Chichery, A; Mojallal, A; Voulliaume, D; Comparin, J-P; Foyatier, J-L


    Forehead is the most large anatomical unit of face. It includes forehead and anterior part of temple. Deteriorations of frontal anatomical units are numerous, ageing forehead has atrophy with eyebrow ptosis. In this work, we want to estimate contribution of lipo-structure in repair and rejuvenation of frontal anatomical unit (FAU). We present seven cases of repair of FAU and three cases of rejuvenation of the forehead. Results are satisfactory, particularly about frontal band. Results are questionable about Lipo-structure of temple. Applications of Lipo-structure in plastic and aesthetic surgery of the forehead are huge. Lipo-structure is the reference technique of volumetric filling. It is preferred to other techniques as flaps (pediculed or free) or materials, because it is a safe, easy and efficient technique, which permits large fillings. In aesthetic surgery, Lipo-structure gives volume to eyebrow region and fills root of the nose. It can be used with injections of botulinum toxin A. Lipo-structure of forehead takes part in rejuvenation of eye and nose. In conclusion, lipo-structure is actually the major technique of filling with a large implication in plastic and aesthetic surgery of FAU.

  18. The McCollough Facial Rejuvenation System: a condition-specific classification algorithm.

    McCollough, E Gaylon


    The search for the holy grail in facial rejuvenation is an ongoing quest. Perhaps the reason the "ideal" face-lift has yet to be discovered is a result of three factors. First, the term FACE-LIFT has never been adequately defined. Second, fads and trends play a role in how the operation is taught and performed. Third, surgeons searching for the prototypic technique have not had a way to index the physical signs of facial aging. After 37 years of practicing facial plastic surgery and performing more than 5000 face-lifts, the author determined that replacing chaos with order is long overdue. To achieve this goal, he developed a classification system that is designed to match each potential patient's problems with the most appropriate facial rejuvenation treatment plan and a "language" by which facial rejuvenation surgeons can communicate. Five progressive stages of aging have been identified and matched with recommended courses of face-lifting, blepharoplasty, volume augmentation, and skin resurfacing techniques. Ancillary procedures have also been included when indicated. It is the author's hope that a new classification system will bring order to mounting confusion within the aesthetic surgery professions as well as within the public sector.

  19. De Novo Assembly of the Transcriptome of Turritopsis, a Jellyfish that Repeatedly Rejuvenates.

    Hasegawa, Yoshinori; Watanabe, Takashi; Takazawa, Masaki; Ohara, Osamu; Kubota, Shin


    In most animals, aging is an irreversible process; however the species Turritopsis sp. has been observed to undergo a rejuvenation process as many as 14 times. In the present study, we used multiplexed RNA libraries to obtain the transcriptome from four developmental stages (St) of Turritopsis sp., including (I) immature medusa, (II) dumpling, (III) dumpling with a short stolon, and (IV) polyp, which had recently rejuvenated. A total of 4.02 billion paired-end reads were assembled de novo, yielding 90,327 contigs. Our analyses revealed that significant blast hits were recovered for 74% of the assembled contigs, and 19% were successfully annotated with gene ontology (GO) terms. A BLAST search demonstrated that 32% of the contigs were most similar to Hydra vulgarissequences. Raw reads from each sample were mapped against the contigs to find St-specific genes. This represents the first comprehensive set of de novo transcriptome data for this species, which may provide clues toward a better understanding of cyclical rejuvenation in multicellular animals.

  20. Seismological constraints on the crustal structures generated by continental rejuvenation in northeastern China.

    Zheng, Tian-Yu; He, Yu-Mei; Yang, Jin-Hui; Zhao, Liang


    Crustal rejuvenation is a key process that has shaped the characteristics of current continental structures and components in tectonic active continental regions. Geological and geochemical observations have provided insights into crustal rejuvenation, although the crustal structural fabrics have not been well constrained. Here, we present a seismic image across the North China Craton (NCC) and Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) using a velocity structure imaging technique for receiver functions from a dense array. The crustal evolution of the eastern NCC was delineated during the Mesozoic by a dominant low seismic wave velocity with velocity inversion, a relatively shallow Moho discontinuity, and a Moho offset beneath the Tanlu Fault Zone. The imaged structures and geochemical evidence, including changes in the components and ages of continental crusts and significant continental crustal growth during the Mesozoic, provide insight into the rejuvenation processes of the evolving crust in the eastern NCC caused by structural, magmatic and metamorphic processes in an extensional setting. The fossil structural fabric of the convergent boundary in the eastern CAOB indicates that the back-arc action of the Paleo-Pacific Plate subduction did not reach the hinterland of Asia.

  1. Effects of asphalt rejuvenator on thermal and mechanical properties on oxidized hot mixed asphalt pavements

    Farace, Nicholas A.; Buttlar, William G.; Reis, Henrique


    The utilization of asphalt rejuvenator, and its effectiveness for restoring thermal and mechanical properties was investigated via Disk-shaped Compact Tension (DC(T)) and acoustic emission (AE) testing for determining mechanical properties and embrittlement temperatures of the mixtures. During the DC(T) testing the fracture energies and peak loads were used to measure the resistance of the rejuvenated asphalt to low temperature cracking. The AE testing monitored the acoustic emission activity while the specimens were cooled from room temperature to -40 °C to estimate the temperature at which thermal cracking began (i.e. the embrittlement temperature). First, a baseline response was obtained by obtaining the mechanical and thermal response of virgin HMA samples and HMA samples that had been exposed to oxidative aging for 36 hours at 135°C. The results showed the virgin samples had much higher peak loads and fracture energies than the 36 hours aged samples. Acoustic Emission showed similar results with the virgin samples having embrittlement temperatures 10 °C cooler than the 36 hours aged specimens. Then, overaged for 36 hours specimens were treated different amounts of rejuvenator (10%, 15%, and 20% by weight of binder content) and left to dwell for increased amount of time periods varying from one to eight weeks. It was observed that the AE results showed an improvement of embrittlement temperature with increasing with the dwell times. The 8 weeks specimens had cooler embrittlement temperatures than the virgin specimens. Finally, the low temperature effects on fracture energy and peak load of the rejuvenated asphalt was investigated. Rejuvenator was applied (10% by weight of binder) to specimens aged 36 hours at 135 °C, and the dwell time was varied from 1 to 4 weeks. The results showed that the peak loads were restored to levels of the virgin specimens, and the fracture energies improved to levels beyond that of the virgin specimens. The results also showed a

  2. Petrology and geochronology of lavas from Ka'ula Volcano: Implications for rejuvenated volcanism of the Hawaiian mantle plume

    Garcia, Michael O.; Weis, Dominique; Jicha, Brian R.; Ito, Garrett; Hanano, Diane


    Marine surveying and submersible sampling of Ka'ula Volcano, located 100 km off the axis of the Hawaiian chain, revealed widespread areas of young volcanism. New 40Ar/39Ar and geochemical analyses of the olivine-phyric submarine and subaerial volcanic rocks show that Ka'ula is shrouded with 1.9-0.5 Ma alkalic basalts. The ages and chemistry of these rocks overlap with rejuvenated lavas on nearby, northern Hawaiian Island shields (Ni'ihau, Kaua'i and South Kaua'i Swell). Collectively, these rejuvenated lavas cover a vast area (∼7000 km2), much more extensive than any other area of rejuvenated volcanism worldwide. Ka'ula rejuvenated lavas range widely in alkalinity and incompatible element abundances (e.g., up to 10× P2O5 at a given MgO value) and ratios indicating variable degrees of melting of a heterogeneous source. Heavy REE elements in Ka'ula lavas are pinned at a mantle normalized Yb value of 10 ± 1, reflecting the presence of garnet in the source. Trace element ratios indicate the source also contained phlogopite and an Fe-Ti oxide. The new Ka'ula ages show that rejuvenated volcanism was nearly coeval from ∼0.3 to 0.6 Ma along a 450 km segment of the Hawaiian Islands (from West Maui to north of Ka'ula). The ages and volumes for rejuvenated volcanism are inconsistent with all but one geodynamic melting model proposed to date. This model advocates a significant contribution of pyroxenite to rejuvenated magmas. Analyses of olivine phenocryst compositions suggest a major (33-69%) pyroxenite component in Ka'ula rejuvenated lavas, which correlates positively with radiogenic Pb isotope ratios for Ka'ula. This correlation is also observed in lavas from nearby South Kaua'i lavas, as was reported for Atlantic oceanic islands. The presence of pyroxenite in the source may have extended the duration and volume of Hawaiian rejuvenated volcanism.

  3. ‘Recharge My Exhausted Batteries’: Overbeck’s Rejuvenator, Patenting, and Public Medical Consumers, 1924–37

    Stark, James F.


    Although historians have shown that there has been a complex and multi-layered relationship between the body, medicine and the force of electricity, many avenues remain to be explored. One of the most prominent of these is the way in which electrotherapy technologies were marketed to a wide variety of different end users and intermediaries. This paper offers the first historical analysis of one such device – the Overbeck Rejuvenator – a 1920s electrotherapy machine designed for use by the general public. Its inventor, Otto Overbeck, was not a medical man and this enabled him to use aggressive strategies of newspaper advertising, using testimonials to market his product alongside appeals to his own scientific authority. He commissioned the prestigious Ediswan Company to manufacture the Rejuvenator on a large scale, and took out patents in eleven countries to persuade users of the efficacy of the device. In response to Overbeck’s activities, the British Medical Association enlisted an electrical engineer to examine the Rejuvenator, contacted practitioners whose endorsements were being used in publicity material, and denied Overbeck permission to advertise in the British Medical Journal. Despite this, the Rejuvenator brought its inventor wealth and notoriety, and helped redefine the concept of ‘rejuvenation’, even if the professional reception of such a device was almost universally hostile. This paper shows how the marketing, patenting and publishing of Overbeck combined to persuade members of the laity to try the Rejuvenator as an alternative form of therapy, bypassing the medical profession in the process. PMID:25284892

  4. Ursolic acid ameliorates aging-metabolic phenotype through promoting of skeletal muscle rejuvenation.

    Bakhtiari, Nuredin; Hosseinkhani, Saman; Tashakor, Amin; Hemmati, Roohullah


    Ursolic acid (UA) is a lipophilic compound, which highly found in apple peels. UA has some certain features, of the most important is its anabolic effects on skeletal muscles, which in turn plays a prominent role in the aging process, encouraged us to evaluate skeletal muscle rejuvenation. This study seeks to address the two following questions: primarily, we wonder to know if UA increases anti-aging biomarkers (SIRT1 and PGC-1α) in the isolated satellite cells, to pave the way for satellite cells proliferation. The results revealed that UA elevated the expression of SIRT1 (∼ 35 folds) and PGC-1α (∼ 175 folds) genes. The other question that needs to be asked, however, is to understand whether it is possible to generalize the in vitro findings to in vivo. For this, a study was designed to investigate the effects of UA on the cellular energy status in the animal models (C57BL/6 mice). We found that UA decreased cellular energy charges such as ATP (∼ 3 times) and ADP (∼ 18 times). With respect to the role of UA in energy expenditure and as an anti-aging biomarker, one might wonder to elucidate skeletal muscle rejuvenation as well as satellite cells proliferation and neomyogenesis. The results illustrated that UA boosted neomyogenesis through enhancing the number of satellite cells. In addition, rejuvenation effects of UA on the skeletal muscle promptly encouraged us to reexamine the performance of skeletal muscles. The results indicated that UA through increasing myoglobin expression (∼ 2 folds) accompanied with transforming of glycolytic to fast oxidative status chiefly and slow-twitch muscle fibers. To the best of our knowledge, it seems that UA might be considered as a potential candidate for treatment of pathological conditions associated with muscular atrophy and dysfunction, including skeletal muscle atrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), sarcopenia and metabolic diseases of the muscles.

  5. In Search for Anti-Aging Strategy: Can We Rejuvenate Our Aging Stem Cells?

    Anna Meiliana


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Recent evidence suggested that we grow old partly because of our stem cells grow old as a result of mechanisms that suppress the development of cancer over a lifetime. We believe that a further, more precise mechanistic understanding of this process will be required before this knowledge can be translated into human anti-aging therapies. CONTENT: A diminished capacity to maintain tissue homeostasis is a central physiological characteristic of aging. As stem cells regulate tissue homeostasis, depletion of stem cell reserves and/or diminished stem cell function have been postulated to contribute to aging. It has further been suggested that accumulated DNA damage could be a principal mechanism underlying age-dependent stem cell decline. It is interesting that many of the rejuvenating interventions act on the stem cell compartments, perhaps reflecting shared genetic and biochemical pathways controlling stem cell function and longevity. Strategy to slow down the aging processes is based on caloric restriction refers to a dietary regimen low in calories but without undernutrition. Sirtuin (SIRT1 and 3, increases longevity by mimicking the beneficial effects of caloric restriction. SIRT3 regulates stress-responsive mitochondrial homeostasis, and more importantly, SIRT3 upregulation rejuvenates aged stem cells in tissues. Resveratrol (3,5,4’-trihydroxystilbene, a natural polyphenol found in grapes and wine, was the most powerful natural activator of SIRT1. In fact, resveratrol treatment has been demonstrated to rescue adult stem cell decline, slow down bodyweight loss, improve trabecular bone structure and mineral density, and significantly extend lifespan. SUMMARY: Tissue-specific stem cells persist throughout the entire lifespan to repair and maintain tissues, but their self-renewal and differentiation potential become dysregulated with aging. Given that adult stem cells are thought to be central to tissue maintenance and organismal

  6. [Effects of Electric Stimulation and Biofeedback for Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise in Women with Vaginal Rejuvenation Women].

    Lee, Jung Bok; Choi, So Young


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of pelvic floor muscle exercise using electric stimulation and biofeedback on maximum pressure of vaginal contraction, vaginal contraction duration and sexual function in women who have had vaginal rejuvenation. The research design was a non-equivalent control group non-synchronized design study. Participants in this study were women who had vaginal rejuvenation at C obstetrics and gynecology hospital. The 15 participants in the experimental group were given pelvic floor muscle exercise using electric stimulation and biofeedback and the 15 participants in the control group received self pelvic floor muscle exercise. For maximum pressure of vaginal contraction, the experimental group showed a statistically significant increase compared to than the control group (t=5.96, pbiofeedback after vaginal rejuvenation is effective in strengthening vaginal contraction pressure, vaginal contraction and that it also positively functions to increase women's sexual function.

  7. A policy analysis of funding for ambitious interventional gerontology: the possibility of rejuvenation research at the National Institute on Aging.

    Mackey, Tom


    Issues related to the development of ambitious interventional gerontology-rejuvenation research-at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are discussed. Creating a separate branch for rejuvenation research within the NIA is probably neither feasible nor desirable at this time. However, it may be both feasible and desirable to begin rejuvenation research by establishing a bioengineering laboratory offering technologies that complement the disease-orientated focus of other NIA intramural laboratories. Such a bioengineering lab could use modern engineering tools for cell and gene therapies to uncover mechanisms of aging and to attempt to repair age-associated pathogenic damage. It is argued that, even in the absence of a full understanding of the complex causes and manifestations of human aging, interventional bioengineering could create methods for reversing aging processes. Exploring technical interventions may both reverse aging processes and significantly advance current disease-specific research.

  8. Molecular and Cellular Interactions between Mother and Fetus. Pregnancy as a Rejuvenating Factor.

    Popkov, V A; Silachev, D N; Jankauskas, S S; Zorova, L D; Pevzner, I B; Babenko, V A; Plotnikov, E Y; Zorov, D B


    Aging is associated with a decline of various body functions, including ability to regenerate. Over recent decades, it has been demonstrated that some of these changes could be reversed in response to factors originating from a young organism, for example, fetal stem cells or "young blood" in models of heterochronic parabiosis. Pregnancy might be considered as parabiotic model of the interaction between two organisms of different age. In this work, we analyzed and summarized data on the effects of pregnancy on the maternal organism that confirm the hypothesis that pregnancy rejuvenates the mother's organism or slows its aging.

  9. ["Rejuvenation" as the outcome of research on aging: dreams and theories--experiments and results].

    Hahn, S


    A report is given on experiments of rejuvenation which were carried out in the first decenniums of the 20th century. The knowledge of the effect of sexual hormones on the one hand and still missing possibilities of synthesisation on the other gave rise to spectacular transplantations and further operation techniques as well as physical forms of therapy on testicles and ovaries. The fundaments of the scientific theory and the social backgrounds of these side branches of gerontology which established itself only at the end of the thirties are mentioned.

  10. Efficacy of Microneedling Plus Human Stem Cell Conditioned Medium for Skin Rejuvenation: A Randomized, Controlled, Blinded Split-Face Study

    Lee, Hee Jung; Lee, Eo Gin; Kang, Sangjin; Sung, Jong-Hyuk; Chung, Hyung-Min; Kim, Dong Hyun


    Background The use of growth factors in skin rejuvenation is emerging as a novel anti-aging treatment. While the role of growth factors in wound healing is well established, their use in skin rejuvenation has only recently been to be studied and no controlled trials have been performed. Objective We evaluated the anti-aging effects of secretory factors of endothelial precursor cells differentiated from human embryonic stem cells (hESC-EPC) in Asian skin. Methods A total of 25 women were inclu...

  11. Effects of Multipolar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatment for Face and Neck Rejuvenation

    de Oliveira, Thais Cristina Ferraz; Rocha, Sheyla de Fatima Soares; Ramos, Daniel Gontijo; Ramos, Camila Gontijo; Carvalho, Michelle Vanessa dos Anjos


    Skin aging is a gradual process that leads to wrinkle formation, laxity, and overall changes in skin appearance. In recent years, the demands to noninvasive treatments for facial rejuvenation increased, along with a variety of technologies and devices, such as radiofrequency. The present study aimed to evaluate the clinical effects of a multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field treatment for face and neck rejuvenation. Eleven patients with mild to moderate grades of photoaging underwent eight radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field treatment sessions, once a week. Clinical photographs were taken before and a week after the end of the treatment, and improvement of facial skin parameters was evaluated by two different investigators. Significant improvement in skin laxity was observed in all eleven patients (100%). Improvement in facial contour was noted in 73% and 100% of patients when analyzed by investigators A and B, respectively. The score for overall improvement in skin condition was 3 ± 0.78 for investigator A and 3.6 ± 0.67 for investigator B. All patients were satisfied with the procedure and noted significant improvement in the skin. The combined multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field device is effective and safe for treatment of aged skin in Brazilian patients. PMID:28373880

  12. Beneficial effects of pro-/antioxidant-based nutraceuticals in the skin rejuvenation techniques.

    de Luca, C; Deeva, I; Mikhal'Chik, E; Korkina, L


    Modern technologies of skin rejuvenation include many physical and chemical intervention tools--laser irradiation, oxygen and ozone therapy, chemical peels, plastic surgery operations--affecting by different mechanisms the sensitive physiological free radical/antioxidant balance in the skin. All these interventions induce from mild to severe tissue damage, providing beneficial biochemical stimuli for skin re-epithelization and rejuvenation. Paradoxically, free radical production in the course of tissue inflammation helps to combat free radical damage consequent to the ageing process. We have studied two animal models (experimental burn and trichloracetic peeling), reproducing on the Wistar rat the effects generated by the commonly practiced aesthetic medicine procedures of laser resurfacing and chemical peels, demonstrating that the severe oxidative stress induced both systemically and on skin can be modulated by the oral pre- and post treatment administration of specific nutraceutical formulations. Potent antioxidants (RRR-alpha-tocopherol, coenzyme Q10), enhancing antioxidant defences, coupled with mild pro-oxidants, enhancers of a specific immune defense (soy phospholipids, L-methionine), at the blood and the skin levels, proved in fact to be beneficial in vivo, on the rat, for skin healing, trophism and accelerated re-epithelization. Data obtained allow us to predict the possibility of innovative protocols for dermocosmetology, enabling successful lowering of the risk of permanent adverse effects, and prolonging the duration of the beneficial effects of dermocosmetologic procedures.

  13. Effects of Multipolar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatment for Face and Neck Rejuvenation

    Thais Cristina Ferraz de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Skin aging is a gradual process that leads to wrinkle formation, laxity, and overall changes in skin appearance. In recent years, the demands to noninvasive treatments for facial rejuvenation increased, along with a variety of technologies and devices, such as radiofrequency. The present study aimed to evaluate the clinical effects of a multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field treatment for face and neck rejuvenation. Eleven patients with mild to moderate grades of photoaging underwent eight radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field treatment sessions, once a week. Clinical photographs were taken before and a week after the end of the treatment, and improvement of facial skin parameters was evaluated by two different investigators. Significant improvement in skin laxity was observed in all eleven patients (100%. Improvement in facial contour was noted in 73% and 100% of patients when analyzed by investigators A and B, respectively. The score for overall improvement in skin condition was 3 ± 0.78 for investigator A and 3.6 ± 0.67 for investigator B. All patients were satisfied with the procedure and noted significant improvement in the skin. The combined multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field device is effective and safe for treatment of aged skin in Brazilian patients.


    The rejuvenation of spent electroless nickel baths by electrodialysis has received a considerable amount of attention over the past decade and the technique is being increasingly employed to extend electroless nickel bath life. However, thus far there has not been a detailed inve...

  15. The effects of platelet-rich plasma on recovery time and aesthetic outcome in facial rejuvenation : preliminary retrospective observations

    Willemsen, Joep C N; van der Lei, Berend; Vermeulen, Karin M; Stevens, Hieronymus P J D


    BACKGROUND: This study focused on the possible effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on recovery time and aesthetic outcome after facial rejuvenation. We conducted a retrospective analysis with regard to recovery time and the aesthetic improvement after treatment among four groups of patients: those

  16. The effects of platelet-rich plasma on recovery time and aesthetic outcome in facial rejuvenation : preliminary retrospective observations

    Willemsen, Joep C N; van der Lei, Berend; Vermeulen, Karin M; Stevens, Hieronymus P J D


    BACKGROUND: This study focused on the possible effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on recovery time and aesthetic outcome after facial rejuvenation. We conducted a retrospective analysis with regard to recovery time and the aesthetic improvement after treatment among four groups of patients: those

  17. Objective assessment of skin rejuvenation using near-infrared 1064-nm neodymium: YAG laser in Asians

    Tanaka Y


    Full Text Available Yohei Tanaka1,2, Kiyoshi Matsuo1, Shunsuke Yuzuriha11Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Shinshu University School of Medicine, Matsumoto, Japan; 2Clinica Tanaka Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-aging Center, Matsumoto, JapanBackground: We reported previously that near-infrared (NIR irradiation provides long-lasting stimulation of elastin, and is efficient for skin rejuvenation. Many studies have indicated the efficacy of various types of laser, but did not include sufficiently objective evaluation. Therefore, we evaluated the efficacy of NIR laser treatment not only subjectively but also objectively.Methods: Fifty Japanese patients were treated with a NIR 1064-nm neodymium: YAG laser. Objective computer assessments were performed by Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis for improvement of dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles. The volunteers then provided subjective assessments. Histological evaluations of elastin were performed by Victoria blue staining up to 90 days post-treatment in four Japanese volunteers.Results: Mean pretreatment percentiles of dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles were 51.08 ± 24.82, 54.7 ± 26.33, and 58.02 ± 28.61, respectively. Mean post-treatment percentiles of dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles were 53.58 ± 23.89, 58.58 ± 24.44, and 62.2 ± 25.39, respectively. All objective computer assessments evaluated by percentiles in dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles showed significant improvement after NIR laser treatment. Ninety-six percent, 100%, and 98% of volunteers reported satisfaction with the improvement of dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles, respectively. NIR laser treatment appeared to increase the amount of elastin at day 30, which then decreased slightly but was still elevated at day 90 compared with nonirradiated controls on day 0. Thickening of the epidermis was detected on day 30, and epidermal smoothness persisted for up to 90 days. No treatment

  18. Localized rejuvenation of a crystal mush recorded in zircon temporal and compositional variation at the Lassen Volcanic Center, northern California

    Klemetti, Erik W.; Clynne, Michael A.


    Zircon ages and trace element compositions from recent silicic eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Center (LVC) allow for an evaluation of the timing and conditions of rejuvenation (reheating and mobilization of crystals) within the LVC magmatic system. The LVC is the southernmost active Cascade volcano and, prior to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, was the site of the only eruption in the Cascade arc during the last century. The three most recent silicic eruptions from the LVC were very small to moderate-sized lava flows and domes of dacite (1915 and 27 ka eruptions of Lassen Peak) and rhyodacite (1.1 ka eruption of Chaos Crags). These eruptions produced mixed and mingled lavas that contain a diverse crystal cargo, including zircon. 238U-230Th model ages from interior and surface analyses of zircon reveal ages from ~17 ka to secular equilibrium (>350 ka), with most zircon crystallizing during a period between ~60–200 ka. These data support a model for localized rejuvenation of crystal mush beneath the LVC. This crystal mush evidently is the remnant of magmatism that ended ~190 ka. Most zircon are thought to have been captured from “cold storage” in the crystal mush (670–725°C, Hf >10,000 ppm, Eu/Eu* 0.25–0.4) locally remobilized by intrusion of mafic magma. A smaller population of zircon (>730°C, Hf 0.4) grew in, and are captured from, rejuvenation zones. These data suggest the dominant method to produce eruptible melt within the LVC is small-scale, local rejuvenation of the crystal mush accompanied by magma mixing and mingling. Based on zircon stability, the time required to heat, erupt and then cool to background conditions is relatively short, lasting a maximum of 10 s–1000 s years. Rejuvenation events in the LVC are ephemeral and permit eruption within an otherwise waning and cooling magmatic body.

  19. Localized rejuvenation of a crystal mush recorded in zircon temporal and compositional variation at the Lassen Volcanic Center, northern California.

    Erik W Klemetti

    Full Text Available Zircon ages and trace element compositions from recent silicic eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Center (LVC allow for an evaluation of the timing and conditions of rejuvenation (reheating and mobilization of crystals within the LVC magmatic system. The LVC is the southernmost active Cascade volcano and, prior to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, was the site of the only eruption in the Cascade arc during the last century. The three most recent silicic eruptions from the LVC were very small to moderate-sized lava flows and domes of dacite (1915 and 27 ka eruptions of Lassen Peak and rhyodacite (1.1 ka eruption of Chaos Crags. These eruptions produced mixed and mingled lavas that contain a diverse crystal cargo, including zircon. 238U-230Th model ages from interior and surface analyses of zircon reveal ages from ∼17 ka to secular equilibrium (>350 ka, with most zircon crystallizing during a period between ∼60-200 ka. These data support a model for localized rejuvenation of crystal mush beneath the LVC. This crystal mush evidently is the remnant of magmatism that ended ∼190 ka. Most zircon are thought to have been captured from "cold storage" in the crystal mush (670-725°C, Hf >10,000 ppm, Eu/Eu* 0.25-0.4 locally remobilized by intrusion of mafic magma. A smaller population of zircon (>730°C, Hf 0.4 grew in, and are captured from, rejuvenation zones. These data suggest the dominant method to produce eruptible melt within the LVC is small-scale, local rejuvenation of the crystal mush accompanied by magma mixing and mingling. Based on zircon stability, the time required to heat, erupt and then cool to background conditions is relatively short, lasting a maximum of 10 s-1000 s years. Rejuvenation events in the LVC are ephemeral and permit eruption within an otherwise waning and cooling magmatic body.

  20. Back to the green valley: how to rejuvenate an S0 galaxy through minor mergers

    Mapelli, Michela


    About half of the S0 galaxies in the nearby Universe show signatures of recent or ongoing star formation. Whether these S0 galaxies were rejuvenated by the accretion of fresh gas is still controversial. We study minor mergers of a gas-rich dwarf galaxy with an S0 galaxy, by means of N-body smoothed-particle hydrodynamics simulations. We find that minor mergers trigger episodes of star formation in the S0 galaxy, lasting for ~10 Gyr. One of the most important fingerprints of the merger is the formation of a gas ring in the S0 galaxy. The ring is reminiscent of the orbit of the satellite galaxy, and its lifetime depends on the merger properties: polar and counter-rotating satellite galaxies induce the formation of long-lived smooth gas rings.

  1. Melt-Enhanced Rejuvenation of Lithospheric Mantle: Insights from the Colorado Plateau

    Roy, Mousumi; Holtzman, Ben; Gaherty, James


    The stability of the lithospheric mantle beneath the ancient cratonic cores of continents is primarily a function of chemical modification during the process of melt extraction. Processes by which stable continental lithosphere may be destabilized are not well-understood, although destabilization by thickening and removal of negatively-buoyant lithospheric mantle in "delamination" events has been proposed in a number of tectonic settings. In this paper we explore an alternative process for destabilizing continents, namely, thermal and chemical modification during infiltration of metasomatic fluids and melts into the lithospheric column. We consider observations pertinent to the structure and evolution of the Colorado Plateau within the western United States to argue that the physical and chemical state of the margins of the plateau have been variably modified and destabilized by interaction with melts. In the melt-infiltration process explored here, the primary mechanism for weakening and rejuvenating the pla...

  2. Rejuvenation of the Innocent Bystander: Testing Spin-Up in Dwarf Carbon Stars

    Green, Paul


    Carbon stars (C>O) were long assumed to all be giants, because only AGB stars dredge up significant carbon into their atmospheres. We now know that dwarf carbon (dC) stars are actually far more common than C giants. These dCs are hypothesized to have accreted C-rich envelope material from an AGB companion, in systems that have likely undergone a planetary nebula phase, eventually yielding a white dwarf and a dC that has gained both significant mass and angular momentum. To test whether the X-ray emission strength and spectral properties are consistent with a rejuvenated dynamo, we propose a Chandra pilot study of dCs selected from the SDSS; some have hot white dwarf companions (indicating more recent mass transfer), and all show Balmer emission lines (a sign of activity).

  3. Rejuvenation of the Innocent Bystander: Testing Spin-Up in a Dwarf Carbon Star Sample

    Green, Paul


    Carbon stars (C>O) were long assumed to all be giants, because only AGB stars dredge up significant carbon into their atmospheres. We now know that dwarf carbon (dC) stars are actually far more common than C giants. These dC stars are hypothesized to have accreted C-rich envelope material from an AGB companion, in systems that have likely undergone a planetary nebula phase, eventually yielding a white dwarf and a dC star that has gained both significant mass and angular momentum. To test whether the X-ray emission strength and spectral properties are consistent with a rejuvenated dynamo, we propose a Chandra pilot study of dCs selected from the SDSS; some have hot white dwarf companions (indicating more recent mass transfer), and all show Balmer emission lines (a sign of activity).

  4. Structural and functional rejuvenation of the aged brain by an approved anti-asthmatic drug.

    Marschallinger, Julia; Schäffner, Iris; Klein, Barbara; Gelfert, Renate; Rivera, Francisco J; Illes, Sebastian; Grassner, Lukas; Janssen, Maximilian; Rotheneichner, Peter; Schmuckermair, Claudia; Coras, Roland; Boccazzi, Marta; Chishty, Mansoor; Lagler, Florian B; Renic, Marija; Bauer, Hans-Christian; Singewald, Nicolas; Blümcke, Ingmar; Bogdahn, Ulrich; Couillard-Despres, Sebastien; Lie, D Chichung; Abbracchio, Maria P; Aigner, Ludwig


    As human life expectancy has improved rapidly in industrialized societies, age-related cognitive impairment presents an increasing challenge. Targeting histopathological processes that correlate with age-related cognitive declines, such as neuroinflammation, low levels of neurogenesis, disrupted blood-brain barrier and altered neuronal activity, might lead to structural and functional rejuvenation of the aged brain. Here we show that a 6-week treatment of young (4 months) and old (20 months) rats with montelukast, a marketed anti-asthmatic drug antagonizing leukotriene receptors, reduces neuroinflammation, elevates hippocampal neurogenesis and improves learning and memory in old animals. By using gene knockdown and knockout approaches, we demonstrate that the effect is mediated through inhibition of the GPR17 receptor. This work illustrates that inhibition of leukotriene receptor signalling might represent a safe and druggable target to restore cognitive functions in old individuals and paves the way for future clinical translation of leukotriene receptor inhibition for the treatment of dementias.

  5. Back to the Green Valley: How to Rejuvenate an S0 Galaxy through Minor Mergers

    Michela Mapelli


    Full Text Available About half of the S0 galaxies in the nearby Universe show signatures of recent or ongoing star formation. Whether these S0 galaxies were rejuvenated by the accretion of fresh gas is still controversial. We study minor mergers of a gas-rich dwarf galaxy with an S0 galaxy, by means of N-body smoothed-particle hydrodynamics simulations. We find that minor mergers trigger episodes of star formation in the S0 galaxy, lasting for \\(\\sim\\10 Gyr. One of the most important fingerprints of the merger is the formation of a gas ring in the S0 galaxy. The ring is reminiscent of the orbit of the satellite galaxy, and its lifetime depends on the merger properties: polar and counter-rotating satellite galaxies induce the formation of long-lived smooth gas rings.

  6. Silent Synapses Speak Up: Updates of the Neural Rejuvenation Hypothesis of Drug Addiction.

    Huang, Yanhua H; Schlüter, Oliver M; Dong, Yan


    A transient but prominent increase in the level of "silent synapses"--a signature of immature glutamatergic synapses that contain only NMDA receptors without stably expressed AMPA receptors--has been identified in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) following exposure to cocaine. As the NAc is a critical forebrain region implicated in forming addiction-associated behaviors, the initial discoveries have raised speculations about whether and how these drug-induced synapses mature and potentially contribute to addiction-related behaviors. Here, we summarize recent progress in recognizing the pathway-specific regulations of silent synapse maturation, and its diverse impacts on behavior. We provide an update of the guiding hypothesis--the "neural rejuvenation hypothesis"--with recently emerged evidence of silent synapses in cocaine craving and relapse. © The Author(s) 2015.

  7. "The 2009 Apparition of Methuselah Comet 107P/Wilson-Harrington: A Case of Comet Rejuvenation?"

    Ferrín, I; Hamanowa, Hiroko; Hernández, J; Sira, E; Sánchez, A; Zhao, H; Miles, R


    (1) We find that comet 107P/WH was active in 1949, 1979, 1992, 2005, and 2009. (2) Its age can be measured. We find T-AGE=4700 comet years, WB-AGE=7800 cy. (3) This is a methuselah comet very near to its dormancy phase, being temporarily rejuvenated due to a diminution of its perihelion distance. (4) We measured the diameter as Deffe=3.67\\pm0.06 km, and the rotational period, Prot=6.093\\pm0.002 h. (5) We define the region of the graveyard of comets, and three comets belong to the graveyard: 107P/Wilson-Harrington, 133P/Elst-Pizarro and D/1891W1 Blanpain.

  8. Rejuvenation of shallow-crustal silicic magma bodies at Augustine and Hayes volcanoes, Alaska

    Coombs, M. L.; Vazquez, J. A.; Hayden, L. A.; Calvert, A. T.; Lidzbarski, M. I.; Andersen, N. L.; Till, C. B.


    Rejuvenation of crystal-rich magma bodies leading to eruption can occur on a variety of scales and in varied tectonic settings. Two examples from the Aleutian arc highlight 1) segregation of silicic melt from an intermediate mush, and 2) "defrosting" of a shallowly emplaced intrusion. Augustine Volcano erupted a late Pleistocene rhyolite pumice fall that we link through zircon geochronology to cumulate dioritic blocks, ripped from Augustine's shallow magmatic plumbing system and ejected during the 2006 eruption. Unpolished zircon rims from the rhyolite yield a U-Th age of ~25 ka, and interiors yield a dominant age population of ~26 ka. Zircons from diorites have interior ages and compositions indistinguishable from those of the rhyolite. The diorites, rhyolite, and early Holocene dacites define whole-rock linear unmixing trends consistent with melt (rhyolite) extraction from a mush (dacites), leaving behind a cumulate residue (diorites). A volatile-rich basalt erupted just prior to the rhyolite likely facilitated melt extraction from the mush. The rhyolitic Hayes River ignimbrite, erupted from Hayes volcano, contains dense porphyry blocks that match pumices in composition and phenocryst content and are samples of a shallow intrusion. Autocrystic monazite accommodated up to several weight % Th and significantly affected the U-Th ratio of the magma during differentiation. An isochron for early melt and low-U monazites yields an age of ~67 ka, whereas one for late melt and high-U monazites yields ~42 ka. This younger age is indistinguishable from the laser single crystal Ar-Ar age for sanidine of 41±2 ka (1 sigma). We interpret the apparent ~25 k.y. crystallization interval to represent the assembly and differentiation timescale associated with the Hayes magma body. Sharp reverse zoning in sanidine from pumice (but not porphyry) records a thermal pulse not seen in the more slowly reacting phases, suggesting that a rejuvenation event occurred just prior to eruption.

  9. Towards cultural materialism in the medical humanities: the case of blood rejuvenation.

    Oakley, Catherine


    This paper argues for an approach within the medical humanities that draws on the theoretical legacy of cultural materialism as a framework for reading cultural practices and their relationship to the social and economic order. It revisits the origins and development of cultural materialism in cultural studies and literary studies between the 1970s and 1990s and considers how, with adaptation, this methodology might facilitate ideological criticism focused on material formations of health, disease and the human body. I outline three key characteristics of a medicocultural materialist approach along these lines: (a) interdisciplinary work on a broad range of medical and cultural sources, including those drawn from 'popular' forms of culture; (b) the combination of historicist analysis with scrutiny of present-day contexts; (c) analyses that engage with political economy perspectives and/or the work of medical sociology in this area. The subsequent sections of the paper employ a medicocultural materialist approach to examine conjectural understandings of, and empirical investigations into, the capacity of transfused human blood to rejuvenate the ageing body. I trace textual faultlines that expose the structures of power which inform the movement of blood between bodies in 'medical gothic' fictions from the 19th-century fin de siècle, including Mary Elizabeth Braddon's 'Good Lady Ducayne' (1896) and Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897). I conclude with a critique of biomedical innovations in blood rejuvenation in the era of medical neoliberalism, before considering the potential applications of medicocultural materialism to other topics within the field of the medical humanities. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  10. Articular cartilage changes in maturing athletes: new targets for joint rejuvenation.

    Luria, Ayala; Chu, Constance R


    Articular cartilage has a unique functional architecture capable of providing a lifetime of pain-free joint motion. This tissue, however, undergoes substantial age-related physiologic, mechanical, biochemical, and functional changes that reduce its ability to overcome the effects of mechanical stress and injury. Many factors affect joint function in the maturing athlete-from chondrocyte survival and metabolism to structural composition and genetic/epigenetic factors governing cartilage and synovium. An evaluation of age-related changes for joint homeostasis and risk for osteoarthritis is important to the development of new strategies to rejuvenate aging joints. This review summarizes the current literature on the biochemical, cellular, and physiologic changes occurring in aging articular cartilage. PubMed (1969-2013) and published books in sports health, cartilage biology, and aging. Keywords included aging, athlete, articular cartilage, epigenetics, and functional performance with age. Systematic review. Level 3. To be included, research questions addressed the effect of age-related changes on performance, articular cartilage biology, molecular mechanism, and morphology. The mature athlete faces challenges in maintaining cartilage health and joint function due to age-related changes to articular cartilage biology, morphology, and physiology. These changes include chondrocyte loss and a decline in metabolic response, alterations to matrix and synovial tissue composition, and dysregulation of reparative responses. Although physical decline has been regarded as a normal part of aging, many individuals maintain overall fitness and enjoy targeted improvement to their athletic capacity throughout life. Healthy articular cartilage and joints are needed to maintain athletic performance and general activities. Genetic and potentially reversible epigenetic factors influence cartilage physiology and its response to mechanical and injurious stimuli. Improved understandings of

  11. Rejuvenation of MPTP-induced human neural precursor cell senescence by activating autophagy

    Zhu, Liang [East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai (China); Dong, Chuanming [East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai (China); Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, The Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Neuroregeneration, Nantong University, Nantong (China); Sun, Chenxi; Ma, Rongjie; Yang, Danjing [East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai (China); Zhu, Hongwen, E-mail: [Tianjin Hospital, Tianjin Academy of Integrative Medicine, Tianjin (China); Xu, Jun, E-mail: [East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai (China)


    Aging of neural stem cell, which can affect brain homeostasis, may be caused by many cellular mechanisms. Autophagy dysfunction was found in aged and neurodegenerative brains. However, little is known about the relationship between autophagy and human neural stem cell (hNSC) aging. The present study used 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1, 2, 3, 6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) to treat neural precursor cells (NPCs) derived from human embryonic stem cell (hESC) line H9 and investigate related molecular mechanisms involved in this process. MPTP-treated NPCs were found to undergo premature senescence [determined by increased senescence-associated-β-galactosidase (SA-β-gal) activity, elevated intracellular reactive oxygen species level, and decreased proliferation] and were associated with impaired autophagy. Additionally, the cellular senescence phenotypes were manifested at the molecular level by a significant increase in p21 and p53 expression, a decrease in SOD2 expression, and a decrease in expression of some key autophagy-related genes such as Atg5, Atg7, Atg12, and Beclin 1. Furthermore, we found that the senescence-like phenotype of MPTP-treated hNPCs was rejuvenated through treatment with a well-known autophagy enhancer rapamycin, which was blocked by suppression of essential autophagy gene Beclin 1. Taken together, these findings reveal the critical role of autophagy in the process of hNSC aging, and this process can be reversed by activating autophagy. - Highlights: • We successfully establish hESC-derived neural precursor cells. • MPTP treatment induced senescence-like state in hESC-derived NPCs. • MPTP treatment induced impaired autophagy of hESC-derived NPCs. • MPTP-induced hESC-derived NPC senescence was rejuvenated by activating autophagy.

  12. A Novel Technique for Rejuvenation of Degenerated Caterpillar Medicinal Mushroom, Cordyceps militaris (Ascomycetes), a Valued Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Chen, Anhui; Wang, Yulong; Shao, Ying; Huang, Bo


    Cordyceps militaris has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years, but its frequent degeneration during continuous maintenance in culture can lead to substantial commercial losses. In this study, a degenerated strain of C. militaris was obtained by subculturing a wild-type strain through 10 successive subcultures. The relative abundance of the 2 mating types seems to be out of balance in the degenerated strain. By cross-mating 4 single-ascospore isolates (2 for MAT 1-1 and 2 for MAT 1-2) from the degenerated strain, we were able to restore fruiting body production to wild-type levels. The rejuvenated strain not only produced well-developed fruiting bodies but also accumulated more cordycepin and adenosine than either the original wild-type strain or the degenerated strain. These new characteristics remained stable after 4 successive transfers, which indicates that the method used to rejuvenate the degenerated strain in this study is an effective approach.

  13. Rejuvenation of meiotic cohesion in oocytes during prophase I is required for chiasma maintenance and accurate chromosome segregation.

    Weng, Katherine A; Jeffreys, Charlotte A; Bickel, Sharon E


    Chromosome segregation errors in human oocytes are the leading cause of birth defects, and the risk of aneuploid pregnancy increases dramatically as women age. Accurate segregation demands that sister chromatid cohesion remain intact for decades in human oocytes, and gradual loss of the original cohesive linkages established in fetal oocytes is proposed to be a major cause of age-dependent segregation errors. Here we demonstrate that maintenance of meiotic cohesion in Drosophila oocytes during prophase I requires an active rejuvenation program, and provide mechanistic insight into the molecular events that underlie rejuvenation. Gal4/UAS inducible knockdown of the cohesion establishment factor Eco after meiotic S phase, but before oocyte maturation, causes premature loss of meiotic cohesion, resulting in destabilization of chiasmata and subsequent missegregation of recombinant homologs. Reduction of individual cohesin subunits or the cohesin loader Nipped B during prophase I leads to similar defects. These data indicate that loading of newly synthesized replacement cohesin rings by Nipped B and establishment of new cohesive linkages by the acetyltransferase Eco must occur during prophase I to maintain cohesion in oocytes. Moreover, we show that rejuvenation of meiotic cohesion does not depend on the programmed induction of meiotic double strand breaks that occurs during early prophase I, and is therefore mechanistically distinct from the DNA damage cohesion re-establishment pathway identified in G2 vegetative yeast cells. Our work provides the first evidence that new cohesive linkages are established in Drosophila oocytes after meiotic S phase, and that these are required for accurate chromosome segregation. If such a pathway also operates in human oocytes, meiotic cohesion defects may become pronounced in a woman's thirties, not because the original cohesive linkages finally give out, but because the rejuvenation program can no longer supply new cohesive linkages

  14. Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation: Outcomes and Safety of Neuromodulator and Soft-Tissue Filler Procedures Performed in a Resident Cosmetic Clinic.

    Qureshi, Ali A; Parikh, Rajiv P; Sharma, Ketan; Myckatyn, Terence M; Tenenbaum, Marissa M


    The ability to perform nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures is a core competency requirement for plastic surgery residents. However, limited data exist on training models to achieve competency in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and on outcomes of these procedures performed by residents. The purpose here is to evaluate patient-reported outcomes and safety of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures performed by plastic surgery residents. We prospectively enrolled 50 patients undergoing neuromodulator and/or soft-tissue filler injections in a resident cosmetic clinic between April and August 2016. Patients completed FACE-Q modules pre-procedure, and at 1 week and 1 month post-procedure. Paired t-tests were used to calculate statistical significance of changes between pre- and post-procedure scores. Effect sizes were calculated to assess clinical improvement from pre- to post-procedure. The magnitude of change was interpreted using Cohen's arbitrary criteria (small 0.20, moderate 0.50, large 0.80). Forty-five patients completed the study. Patients experienced significant improvements (p Book Reviews, and manuscripts that concern Basic Science, Animal Studies, Cadaver Studies, and Experimental Studies. For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors .

  15. Using amphiphilic nanostructures to enable long-range ensemble coalescence and surface rejuvenation in dropwise condensation.

    Anderson, David M; Gupta, Maneesh K; Voevodin, Andrey A; Hunter, Chad N; Putnam, Shawn A; Tsukruk, Vladimir V; Fedorov, Andrei G


    Controlling coalescence events in a heterogeneous ensemble of condensing droplets on a surface is an outstanding fundamental challenge in surface and interfacial sciences, with a broad practical importance in applications ranging from thermal management of high-performance electronic devices to moisture management in high-humidity environments. Nature-inspired superhydrophobic surfaces have been actively explored to enhance heat and mass transfer rates by achieving favorable dynamics during dropwise condensation; however, the effectiveness of such chemically homogeneous surfaces has been limited because condensing droplets tend to form as pinned Wenzel drops rather than mobile Cassie ones. Here, we introduce an amphiphilic nanostructured surface, consisting of a hydrophilic base with hydrophobic tips, which promotes the periodic regeneration of nucleation sites for small droplets, thus rendering the surface self-rejuvenating. This unique amphiphilic nanointerface generates an arrangement of condensed Wenzel droplets that are fluidically linked by a wetted sublayer, promoting previously unobserved coalescence events where numerous droplets simultaneously merge, without direct contact. Such ensemble coalescences rapidly create fresh nucleation sites, thereby shifting the overall population toward smaller droplets and enhancing the rates of mass and heat transfer during condensation.

  16. The role of DNA methylation in aging, rejuvenation, and age-related disease.

    Johnson, Adiv A; Akman, Kemal; Calimport, Stuart R G; Wuttke, Daniel; Stolzing, Alexandra; de Magalhães, João Pedro


    DNA methylation is a major control program that modulates gene expression in a plethora of organisms. Gene silencing through methylation occurs through the activity of DNA methyltransferases, enzymes that transfer a methyl group from S-adenosyl-L-methionine to the carbon 5 position of cytosine. DNA methylation patterns are established by the de novo DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) DNMT3A and DNMT3B and are subsequently maintained by DNMT1. Aging and age-related diseases include defined changes in 5-methylcytosine content and are generally characterized by genome-wide hypomethylation and promoter-specific hypermethylation. These changes in the epigenetic landscape represent potential disease biomarkers and are thought to contribute to age-related pathologies, such as cancer, osteoarthritis, and neurodegeneration. Some diseases, such as a hereditary form of sensory neuropathy accompanied by dementia, are directly caused by methylomic changes. Epigenetic modifications, however, are reversible and are therefore a prime target for therapeutic intervention. Numerous drugs that specifically target DNMTs are being tested in ongoing clinical trials for a variety of cancers, and data from finished trials demonstrate that some, such as 5-azacytidine, may even be superior to standard care. DNMTs, demethylases, and associated partners are dynamically shaping the methylome and demonstrate great promise with regard to rejuvenation.

  17. Meristem Plant Cells as a Sustainable Source of Redox Actives for Skin Rejuvenation.

    Korkina, Liudmila G; Mayer, Wolfgang; de Luca, Chiara


    Recently, aggressive advertisement claimed a "magic role" for plant stem cells in human skin rejuvenation. This review aims to shed light on the scientific background suggesting feasibility of using plant cells as a basis of anti-age cosmetics. When meristem cell cultures obtained from medicinal plants are exposed to appropriate elicitors/stressors (ultraviolet, ultrasound ultraviolet (UV), ultrasonic waves, microbial/insect metabolites, heavy metals, organic toxins, nutrient deprivation, etc.), a protective/adaptive response initiates the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. Highly bioavailable and biocompatible to human cells, low-molecular weight plant secondary metabolites share structural/functional similarities with human non-protein regulatory hormones, neurotransmitters, pigments, polyamines, amino-/fatty acids. Their redox-regulated biosynthesis triggers in turn plant cell antioxidant and detoxification molecular mechanisms resembling human cell pathways. Easily isolated in relatively large quantities from contaminant-free cell cultures, plant metabolites target skin ageing mechanisms, above all redox imbalance. Perfect modulators of cutaneous oxidative state via direct/indirect antioxidant action, free radical scavenging, UV protection, and transition-metal chelation, they are ideal candidates to restore photochemical/redox/immune/metabolic barriers, gradually deteriorating in the ageing skin. The industrial production of plant meristem cell metabolites is toxicologically and ecologically sustainable for fully "biological" anti-age cosmetics.

  18. How to achieve synergy between volume replacement and filling products for global facial rejuvenation.

    Raspaldo, Hervé; Aziza, Richard; Belhaouari, Lakhdar; Berros, Philippe; Body, Sylvie; Galatoire, Olivier; Le Louarn, Claude; Michaud, Thierry; Niforos, François; Rousseaux, Isabelle; Runge, Marc; Taieb, Maryna


    The objective of this paper is to provide an expert consensus regarding facial rejuvenation using a combination of volume replacement (Juvéderm(®) VOLUMA(®)), filling products (Juvéderm(®) Ultra product line) and botulinum toxin. The Juvéderm product line exploits innovative 3-D technology, producing a range of cohesive, homogenous gels that produce predictable, long-lasting and natural results. The products are easy to use by practitioners and are well-tolerated by patients, and used in combination can provide additional benefits not achieved with one product alone. An assessment of facial anatomy and consideration of the aging process, as well as available treatment options, are also addressed in determining the best combination of products to use. Outcomes from a questionnaire and workshop sessions focusing on specific aspects of use of the Juvéderm product line and botulinum toxin in daily clinical practice are discussed, and recommendations for product use following debate amongst the experts are provided.

  19. A Safeguard System for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Rejuvenated T Cell Therapy

    Miki Ando


    Full Text Available The discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs has created promising new avenues for therapies in regenerative medicine. However, the tumorigenic potential of undifferentiated iPSCs is a major safety concern for clinical translation. To address this issue, we demonstrated the efficacy of suicide gene therapy by introducing inducible caspase-9 (iC9 into iPSCs. Activation of iC9 with a specific chemical inducer of dimerization (CID initiates a caspase cascade that eliminates iPSCs and tumors originated from iPSCs. We introduced this iC9/CID safeguard system into a previously reported iPSC-derived, rejuvenated cytotoxic T lymphocyte (rejCTL therapy model and confirmed that we can generate rejCTLs from iPSCs expressing high levels of iC9 without disturbing antigen-specific killing activity. iC9-expressing rejCTLs exert antitumor effects in vivo. The system efficiently and safely induces apoptosis in these rejCTLs. These results unite to suggest that the iC9/CID safeguard system is a promising tool for future iPSC-mediated approaches to clinical therapy.

  20. Rejuvenation of the muscle stem cell population restores strength to injured aged muscles.

    Cosgrove, Benjamin D; Gilbert, Penney M; Porpiglia, Ermelinda; Mourkioti, Foteini; Lee, Steven P; Corbel, Stephane Y; Llewellyn, Michael E; Delp, Scott L; Blau, Helen M


    The elderly often suffer from progressive muscle weakness and regenerative failure. We demonstrate that muscle regeneration is impaired with aging owing in part to a cell-autonomous functional decline in skeletal muscle stem cells (MuSCs). Two-thirds of MuSCs from aged mice are intrinsically defective relative to MuSCs from young mice, with reduced capacity to repair myofibers and repopulate the stem cell reservoir in vivo following transplantation. This deficiency is correlated with a higher incidence of cells that express senescence markers and is due to elevated activity of the p38α and p38β mitogen-activated kinase pathway. We show that these limitations cannot be overcome by transplantation into the microenvironment of young recipient muscles. In contrast, subjecting the MuSC population from aged mice to transient inhibition of p38α and p38β in conjunction with culture on soft hydrogel substrates rapidly expands the residual functional MuSC population from aged mice, rejuvenating its potential for regeneration and serial transplantation as well as strengthening of damaged muscles of aged mice. These findings reveal a synergy between biophysical and biochemical cues that provides a paradigm for a localized autologous muscle stem cell therapy for the elderly.

  1. Nanoparticles as Efflux Pump and Biofilm Inhibitor to Rejuvenate Bactericidal Effect of Conventional Antibiotics

    Gupta, Divya; Singh, Ajeet; Khan, Asad U.


    The universal problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotic reflects a serious threat for physicians to control infections. Evolution in bacteria results in the development of various complex resistance mechanisms to neutralize the bactericidal effect of antibiotics, like drug amelioration, target modification, membrane permeability reduction, and drug extrusion through efflux pumps. Efflux pumps acquire a wide range of substrate specificity and also the tremendous efficacy for drug molecule extrusion outside bacterial cells. Hindrance in the functioning of efflux pumps may rejuvenate the bactericidal effect of conventional antibiotics. Efflux pumps also play an important role in the exclusion or inclusion of quorum-sensing biomolecules responsible for biofilm formation in bacterial cells. This transit movement of quorum-sensing biomolecules inside or outside the bacterial cells may get interrupted by impeding the functioning of efflux pumps. Metallic nanoparticles represent a potential candidate to block efflux pumps of bacterial cells. The application of nanoparticles as efflux pump inhibitors will not only help to revive the bactericidal effect of conventional antibiotics but will also assist to reduce biofilm-forming capacity of microbes. This review focuses on a novel and fascinating application of metallic nanoparticles in synergy with conventional antibiotics for efflux pump inhibition.

  2. Epigenetic Rejuvenation of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

    Joana Frobel


    Full Text Available Standardization of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs remains a major obstacle in regenerative medicine. Starting material and culture expansion affect cell preparations and render comparison between studies difficult. In contrast, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs assimilate toward a ground state and may therefore give rise to more standardized cell preparations. We reprogrammed MSCs into iPSCs, which were subsequently redifferentiated toward MSCs. These iPS-MSCs revealed similar morphology, immunophenotype, in vitro differentiation potential, and gene expression profiles as primary MSCs. However, iPS-MSCs were impaired in suppressing T cell proliferation. DNA methylation (DNAm profiles of iPSCs maintained donor-specific characteristics, whereas tissue-specific, senescence-associated, and age-related DNAm patterns were erased during reprogramming. iPS-MSCs reacquired senescence-associated DNAm during culture expansion, but they remained rejuvenated with regard to age-related DNAm. Overall, iPS-MSCs are similar to MSCs, but they reveal incomplete reacquisition of immunomodulatory function and MSC-specific DNAm patterns—particularly of DNAm patterns associated with tissue type and aging.

  3. Corrosion and Fretting of a Modular Hip System: A Retrieval Analysis of 60 Rejuvenate Stems.

    De Martino, Ivan; Assini, Joseph B; Elpers, Marcella E; Wright, Timothy M; Westrich, Geoffrey H


    Femoral stems with dual-taper modularity were introduced to allow independent control of length, offset, and version. Corrosion and fretting related to micromotion at the neck-stem junction are thought to stimulate an adverse local tissue reaction (ALTR). Analysis of 60 consecutively retrieved modular-neck stem implants (Rejuvenate, Stryker) revised primarily for ALTR was done to determine the variables influencing corrosion and fretting patterns at the neck-stem interface. Taper damage evaluation was performed with stereomicrocopic analysis with two observers. Evidence of fretting and corrosion was seen at the neck-stem taper in all implants, including three implants revised for periprosthetic fractures within four weeks of the index surgery indicating that this process starts early. Femoral stems paired with the long overall neck lengths had significantly higher corrosion scores. Correlation of the corrosion severity at particular locations with the length of implantation suggests that the neck-stem junction experiences cyclic cantilever bending in vivo. The positive correlation between the length of implantation and fretting/corrosion scores bodes poorly for patients who still have this implant. Scanning electron microscopy on a subset of specimens was also performed to evaluate the black corrosion material. We strongly urge frequent follow-up exams for every patient with this particular modular hip stem. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Electrical conductivity structure of southeastern North America: Implications for lithospheric architecture and Appalachian topographic rejuvenation

    Murphy, Benjamin S.; Egbert, Gary D.


    We present the first three-dimensional view of the lithospheric electrical conductivity structure beneath southeastern North America. By inverting EarthScope long-period magnetotelluric (MT) data, we obtain an electrical conductivity image that provides new insights into both the architecture of the Appalachian Orogen and the cryptic post-rifting geodynamic history of the southeastern United States. Our inverse solutions reveal several elongate electrically conductive features that we interpret as major terrane sutures within the Appalachian Orogen. Most significantly, we resolve a highly electrically resistive layer that extends to mantle depths beneath the modern Piedmont and Coastal Plain physiographic provinces. As high resistivity values in mantle minerals require cold mantle temperatures, the MT data indicate that the sub-Piedmont thermal lithosphere must extend to greater than 200 km depth. This firm bound conflicts with conclusions from seismic results. The boundary between the anomalously thick, resistive sub-Piedmont lithosphere and the relatively thin, moderately conductive sub-Appalachian lithosphere corresponds within resolution to the modern Appalachian topographic escarpment. This newly recognized contrast in lithospheric properties likely has important implications for Appalachian topographic rejuvenation.

  5. Cybernetic principles of aging and rejuvenation: the buffering- challenging strategy for life extension.

    Heylighen, Francis


    Aging is analyzed as the spontaneous loss of adaptivity and increase in fragility that characterizes dynamic systems. Cybernetics defines the general regulatory mechanisms that a system can use to prevent or repair the damage produced by disturbances. According to the law of requisite variety, disturbances can be held in check by maximizing buffering capacity, range of compensatory actions, and knowledge about which action to apply to which disturbance. This suggests a general strategy for rejuvenating the organism by increasing its capabilities of adaptation. Buffering can be optimized by providing sufficient rest together with plenty of nutrients: amino acids, antioxidants, methyl donors, vitamins, minerals, etc. Knowledge and the range of action can be extended by subjecting the organism to an as large as possible variety of challenges. These challenges are ideally brief so as not to deplete resources and produce irreversible damage. However, they should be sufficiently intense and unpredictable to induce an overshoot in the mobilization of resources for damage repair, and to stimulate the organism to build stronger capabilities for tackling future challenges. This allows them to override the trade-offs and limitations that evolution has built into the organism's repair processes in order to conserve potentially scarce resources. Such acute, "hormetic" stressors strengthen the organism in part via the "order from noise" mechanism that destroys dysfunctional structures by subjecting them to strong, random variations. They include heat and cold, physical exertion, exposure, stretching, vibration, fasting, food toxins, micro-organisms, environmental enrichment and psychological challenges. The proposed buffering-challenging strategy may be able to extend life indefinitely, by forcing a periodic rebuilding and extension of capabilities, while using the Internet as an endless source of new knowledge about how to deal with disturbances.

  6. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Reconstructive Surgery%Botulinum Toxin Type A for Lower Facial Rejuvenation

    潘本耘(综述); 王丹茹(审校)


    维持下面部的紧致轮廓,是东方女性面部年轻化的重点诉求,多数人倾向于选择微创、低风险的治疗方式。近20年来,无创注射A型肉毒毒素,因相对微创、保守及可逆化而广受青睐,被广泛用于上、中面部的年轻化。而为了追求整体面部轮廓的协调,A型肉毒毒素在下面部年轻化中的应用更是受到广泛关注。我们就A型肉毒毒素在下面部年轻化中的应用进展进行综述。%[Summary] How to keep the firm lower facial contour along with the gradually aging process is the major point that Asian women focus on. They are seeking for an minimally invasive and less risky approach, compared with the traditional surgery. The past two decades has seen the botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) injection as a relatively noninvasive, conservative, and reversible preferred method for women who seek for beauty. The application of BTX-A in upper and mid face has been widely accepted. The use of BTX-A in the lower face has been attracting more and more attention for harmonious lineament. In this paper, the research progress of Botulinum toxin type A for lower facial rejuvenation was reviewed.

  7. Histologic Evidence of New Collagen Formulation Using Platelet Rich Plasma in Skin Rejuvenation: A Prospective Controlled Clinical Study

    Abuaf, Ozlem Karabudak; Baloglu, Hüseyin; Bilgili, Memet Ersan; Simsek, Hasan Aktug; Dogan, Bilal


    Background Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous concentration of human platelets contained in a small volume of plasma and has recently been shown to accelerate rejuvenate aging skin by various growth factors and cell adhesion molecules. Objective This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intradermal injection of PRP in the human facial rejuvenation. Methods This study was a prospective, single-center, single-dose, open-label, non-randomized controlled clinical study. PRP injected to the upper site of this right infra-auricular area and all face. Saline was injected to the left infra-auricular area. Histopathological examinations were performed before PRP treatment, 28 days after the PRP, and saline (control) treatments. Results Twenty women ranging in age from 40 to 49 years (mean age, 43.65±2.43 years) were enrolled in the study. The mean optical densities (MODs) of collagen in the pre-treatment, control, and PRP-treated area were measured. They were 539±93.2, 787±134.15, 1,019±178, respectively. In the MOD of PRP, 89.05 percent improvement was found when MOD of PRP was compared with MOD of pre-treatment. The mean MOD of collagen fibers was clearly highest on the PRP side (p<0.001). The PRP-to-saline improvement ratio (89.05% to 46.01%) was 1.93:1. No serious side effects were detected. Conclusion PRP increases dermal collagen levels not only by growth factors, but also by skin needling (the mesotherapy technique 'point by point'). PRP application could be considered as an effective (even a single application) and safety procedure for facial skin rejuvenation. PMID:27904271

  8. Reversibility of cellular aging by reprogramming through an embryonic-like state : a new paradigm for human cell rejuvenation

    Jean-Marc Lemaitre


    Full Text Available Direct reprogramming of somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs provides a unique opportunity to derive patient-specific stem cells with potential application in autologous tissue replacement therapies and without the ethical concerns of Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC. However, this strategy still suffers from several hurdles that need to be overcome before clinical applications. Among them, cellular senescence, which contributes to aging and restricted longevity, has been described as a barrier to the derivation of iPSCs. This suggests that aging might be an important limitation for therapeutic purposes for elderly individuals. Senescence is characterized by an irreversible cell cycle arrest in response to various forms of stress, including activation of oncogenes, shortened telomeres, DNA damage, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction. To overcome this barrier, we developed an optimized 6-factor-based reprogramming protocol that is able to cause efficient reversing of cellular senescence and reprogramming into iPSCs. We demonstrated that iPSCs derived from senescent and centenarian fibroblasts have reset telomere size, gene expression profiles, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial metabolism, and are indistinguishable from hESC. Finally, we demonstrate that re-differentiation led to rejuvenated cells with a reset cellular physiology, defining a new paradigm for human cell rejuvenation. We discuss the molecular mechanisms involved in cell reprogramming of senescent cells. 

  9. Use of platelet-rich fibrin as an autologous biologic rejuvenating media for avulsed teeth - an in vitro study.

    Hiremath, Hemalatha; Kulkarni, Sadanand; Sharma, Robin; Hiremath, Vishwanath; Motiwala, Tejas


    The prognosis of replanted avulsed tooth depends on the existence of viable cells in the periodontal ligament and also on those cells which are able to proliferate on the damaged areas of the root. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the survival of periodontal ligament cells (PDL) when soaked in an autologous biologic rejuvenating media after an extra-oral dry time of 40 min. Thirty teeth were selected with intact crown which were advised for Orthodontic extraction having healthy PDL. They were divided into two experimental and two control groups. The positive and negative controls corresponded to 0-min and 1-h dry time, respectively. The experimental teeth were stored dry for 40 min and then immersed in one of the two media, combination of platelet-rich fibrin and platelet poor plasma (PRF+PPP) and PPP for 45 min. The teeth in each group were treated with dispase II and collagenase for 30 min and later centrifuged for 5 min at 50.17 g. The supernatant was removed with sterile micropipette, the cells labelled with 0.4% trypan blue, and the number of viable PDL cells was counted with a haemocytometer, under a light microscope. anova and Mann-Whitney U-test demonstrated statistically significant differences in the viability of PDL cells among experimental groups. Within the parameters of this study, a combination of platelet-rich fibrin and PPP demonstrated higher number of viable PDL cells and hence could be a good biologic rejuvenating media for avulsed teeth. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Combined aerobic exercise and enzyme replacement therapy rejuvenates the mitochondrial-lysosomal axis and alleviates autophagic blockage in Pompe disease.

    Nilsson, M I; MacNeil, L G; Kitaoka, Y; Suri, R; Young, S P; Kaczor, J J; Nates, N J; Ansari, M U; Wong, T; Ahktar, M; Brandt, L; Hettinga, B P; Tarnopolsky, M A


    A unifying feature in the pathogenesis of aging, neurodegenerative disease, and lysosomal storage disorders is the progressive deposition of macromolecular debris impervious to enzyme catalysis by cellular waste disposal mechanisms (e.g., lipofuscin). Aerobic exercise training (AET) has pleiotropic effects and stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, antioxidant defense systems, and autophagic flux in multiple organs and tissues. Our aim was to explore the therapeutic potential of AET as an ancillary therapy to mitigate autophagic buildup and oxidative damage and rejuvenate the mitochondrial-lysosomal axis in Pompe disease (GSD II/PD). Fourteen weeks of combined recombinant acid α-glucosidase (rhGAA) and AET polytherapy attenuated mitochondrial swelling, fortified antioxidant defense systems, reduced oxidative damage, and augmented glycogen clearance and removal of autophagic debris/lipofuscin in fast-twitch skeletal muscle of GAA-KO mice. Ancillary AET potently augmented the pool of PI4KA transcripts and exerted a mild restorative effect on Syt VII and VAMP-5/myobrevin, collectively suggesting improved endosomal transport and Ca(2+)- mediated lysosomal exocytosis. Compared with traditional rhGAA monotherapy, AET and rhGAA polytherapy effectively mitigated buildup of protein carbonyls, autophagic debris/lipofuscin, and P62/SQSTM1, while enhancing MnSOD expression, nuclear translocation of Nrf-2, muscle mass, and motor function in GAA-KO mice. Combined AET and rhGAA therapy reactivates cellular clearance pathways, mitigates mitochondrial senescence, and strengthens antioxidant defense systems in GSD II/PD. Aerobic exercise training (or pharmacologic targeting of contractile-activity-induced pathways) may have therapeutic potential for mitochondrial-lysosomal axis rejuvenation in lysosomal storage disorders and related conditions (e.g., aging and neurodegenerative disease).

  11. Peri-orbital and mid-facial rejuvenation%眶周及中面部联合提紧术

    蔡群; 林琳; 陈龙; 熊世文


    目的:根据眶周及中面部老年性改变特征,探讨眶周及中面部联合提紧的方法和效果.方法:采用下睑缘入路行中面部软组织分离提紧,并固定于眶缘骨膜上,同时结合抬眉术矫正眶周及中面部软组织松垂,并整复睑袋.结果:本组587例,经1~5年随访,除3例术后下睑下方出现凹陷,经颗粒脂肪移植充填满意外,无其他并发症,效果满意,结论:中面部提紧结合抬眉手术能有效改变眶周及中面部老化现象.手术操作简单,创伤小,并发症少,而且面部年轻化美容效果良好.%Objective To evaluate a new technique for peri-orbital and mid-facial rejuvenation. Methods The mid-facial soft tissue were suspended upward and fixed to the orbital bone membrane by direct transblepharoplasty approach, the peri-orbital soft tissue was also lifted by brow incisions.Blepharoplasty was carried at the same time. Results All 587 cases treated by this technique were followed up for 1 to 5 years.Good results were achieved.Except orbital depression appeared in two other complication occurred. Conclusions This technique is safe and effective for Peri-orbitaland mid-facial rejuvenation.

  12. Effectiveness of loess in rejuvenating soil and ecosystem properties in a high leaching environment, West Coast, New Zealand

    Eger, A.; Almond, P. C.; Condron, L. M.


    In the absence of major disturbances, humid terrestrial ecosystems tend over long time scales towards deficiency of biogeochemically accessible nutrients. This phenomenon has been implicated in ecosystem retrogression. Aeolian deposition has been shown to be an important mitigating effect on nutrient depletion in soils and ecosystems of old landsurfaces (e.g. Hawaii, Amazon Basin). Significant nutrient loss has been demonstrated on surfaces as young as Holocene age in very high leaching environments (>2,000 mm/a) and ecosystem retrogression has been reported for landsurfaces formed ca. 100 ka. The aim of this study is to quantify the capacity of actively accumulating loess to replenish nutrient pools in soils and ecosystems in a super-humid, temperate environment on the west coast of the South Island, New Zealand. The study area, a sequence of Holocene dune ridges under a conifer (podocarp) rainforest, combines a loess flux gradient downwind of a braided riverbed on a 6,500 y old dune ridge and, distal from the loess source, an adjacent chronosequence of dune ridges (170-6,500 y BP age range). Pedogenesis is very rapid with Spodosols developing after 1,000 y under a thick organic root mat. Our approach is based on the principle that if loess deposition has rejuvenating effects on soils or ecosystems, then it will result in soils or ecosystems of a given age having properties consistent with those on a younger, less leached landsurface. How much younger determines the strength of the rejuvenating effect. We sampled and analysed soils, to a depth of 1 m by standard methods to determine total profile masses of important macro nutrients, conducted a vegetation survey and sampled tree foliage of fully expanded, fresh leaves of sunlit branches. Along the loess gradient, foliar nutrient P concentrations in two main canopy species increased according to a power law towards the river, corresponding to an inverse logarithmic increase in loess flux rate from 0 at 1,000 m

  13. Discrimination of the Thai rejuvenating herbs Pueraria candollei (White Kwao Khruea), Butea superba (Red Kwao Khruea), and Mucuna collettii (Black Kwao Khruea) using PCR-RFLP.

    Wiriyakarun, Suchaya; Yodpetch, Woraluk; Komatsu, Katsuko; Zhu, Shu; Ruangrungsi, Nijsiri; Sukrong, Suchada


    The tuberous roots of Pueraria candollei (White Kwao Khruea), Butea superba (Red Kwao Khruea) and Mucuna collettii (Black Kwao Khruea), which belong to the family Leguminosae, are used as rejuvenating herbs in traditional Thai medicine. Although all of these species have an indication for rejuvenation, each differs in its medicinal properties. Two varieties of P. candollei, var. mirifica and var. candollei, affect females, whereas B. superba and M. collettii exhibit effects on males. However, the identification of these roots according to the name "Kwao Khruea" is confusing due to the similarity in their features. Polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) was utilised to identify plant origin. The partial matK gene was amplified and subjected to restriction enzyme digestion with DdeI and TaqI. The restriction fragments generated differed in number and size. To test the reliability of the method, an admixture of the different Kwao Khruea species containing equal amounts of DNA was tested. The results showed combined restriction patterns, and each species could be detected in the background of the others. The method was also used to authenticate eight different crude drugs sold as various types of Kwao Khruea in Thai markets. The results showed that the misidentification of commercial drugs remains a problem in crude drug markets. The PCR-RFLP analysis developed here provides a simple and accurate discrimination of these rejuvenating "Kwao Khruea" species.

  14. A split-face comparison of Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064-nm laser for facial rejuvenation in Nevus of Ota patients.

    Yongqian, Cao; Li, Lin; Jianhai, Bi; Ran, Huo; Li, Guo; Hao, Wei; Xining, Wang; Shigang, Xie; Yibing, Wang


    We aimed to investigate the efficacy and safety of using the 1064-nm Q-switched neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser (QSNYL) for skin rejuvenation in patients with Nevus of Ota. A retrospective, randomized, split-faced, clinical study was conducted. Twenty-nine patients with unilateral moderate to severe Nevus of Ota were enrolled. The participants completed 3-13 sessions of QSNYL treatments 3-6 months apart. Two independent physicians compared the treated and untreated sides of the face to evaluate the clearance of Nevus of Ota, the wrinkle severity rating scale (WSRS), the global aesthetic improvement scale (GAIS), and adverse event reporting. Patients' satisfaction levels were also considered. Of the 29 patients, 28 (96.6%) achieved nearly complete pigmentation clearance. After an average of 7.76 ± 2.99 sessions, statistically significant improvement in wrinkles and skin texture were observed, compared with the untreated side. The degree of skin rejuvenation was positively correlated with the number of treatment sessions. No clinically adverse effects were observed. Repeated QSNYL treatments not only remove the pigment in Nevus of Ota effectively and safely but also improve facial rejuvenation.

  15. The Fish Canyon magma body, San Juan volcanic field, Colorado: Rejuvenation and eruption of an upper-crustal batholith

    Bachmann, Olivier; Dungan, M.A.; Lipman, P.W.


    More than 5000 km3 of nearly compositionally homogeneous crystalrich dacite (~68 wt % SiO2: ~45% Pl + Kfs + Qtz + Hbl + Bt + Spn + Mag + Ilm + Ap + Zrn + Po) erupted from the Fish Canyon magma body during three phases: (1) the pre-caldera Pagosa Peak Dacite (an unusual poorly fragmented pyroclastic deposit, ~ 200 km3); (2) the syn-collapse Fish Canyon Tuff (one of the largest known ignimbrites, ~ 5000 km3); (3) the post-collapse Nutras Creek Dacite (a volumetrically minor lava). The late evolution of the Fish Canyon magma is characterized by rejuvenation of a near-solidus upper-crustal intrusive body (mainly crystal mush) of batholithic dimensions. The necessary thermal input was supplied by a shallow intrusion of more mafic magma represented at the surface by sparse andesitic enclaves in late-erupted Fish Canyon Tuff and by the post-caldera Huerto Andesite. The solidified margins of this intrusion are represented by holocrystalline xenoliths with Fish Canyon mineralogy and mineral chemistry and widely dispersed partially remelted polymineralic aggregates, but dehydration melting was not an important mechanism in the rejuvenation of the Fish Canyon magma. Underlying mafic magma may have evolved H2O-F-S-Cl-rich fluids that fluxed melting in the overlying crystal mush. Manifestations of the late up-temperature magma evolution are: (1) resorbed quartz, as well as feldspars displaying a wide spectrum of textures indicative of both resorption and growth, including Rapakivi textures and reverse growth zoning (An27-28 to An32-33) at the margins of many plagioclase phenocrysts; (2) high Sr, Ba, and Eu contents in the high-SiO2 rhyolite matrix glass, which are inconsistent with extreme fractional crystallization of feldspar; (3) oscillatory and reverse growth zoning toward the margins of many euhedral hornblende phenocrysts (rimward increases from ~5??5-6 to 7??7-8??5 wt % Al2O3). Homogeneity in magma composition at the chamber-wide scale, contrasting with extreme textural

  16. Contrasting P-T paths of shield and rejuvenated volcanism at Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernández Ridge, SE Pacific

    Reyes, Javier; Lara, Luis E.; Morata, Diego


    A remarkable expression of intraplate volcanism is the occurrence of evolutionary stages with important variations of magmatic processes and products. Plumbing systems and storage conditions seem to be different for shield and rejuvenated volcanism, two classical stages notably preserved in Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernández Ridge in the SE Pacific Ocean. We here present first order geochemical features for rocks from both shield and rejuvenated stages and through geothermobarometry and textural analysis we unravel their contrasting ascent and storage history. The shield stage ( 3.8 Ma) is represented by a 900 m thick sequence of basalt, picrobasalt and picrite lava flows forming subsets according their chemistry and mineralogy: 'differentiated', 'near-primitive' and 'olivine-rich' lavas. Pressure estimates for in equilibrium assemblages are < 3.2 kbar, and temperature ranges around 1321 °C for the 'near-primitive' and 1156-1181 °C for the 'differentiated' groups. Volcanic rocks from the rejuvenated stage ( 0.9 Ma) fill the eroded morphology of the shield pile with basanite and picrite lava flows with two compositional varieties: the primitive 'high-Mg' group that crystallized clinopyroxene at pressures < 3.7 kbar and olivine at temperatures in the range 1316-1354 °C; and the 'low-Mg' group that carries notably zoned crystals formed at a wide range of pressures (0-10.8 kbar) and temperatures (1256-1295 °C). This allows us to infer contrasting patterns of ascent and storage during these archetypical stages in Robinson Crusoe Island, which also controlled volcanic processes on surface and finally shaped the island. We propose the existence of shallow magmatic reservoirs in the shield stage, where the ascending magmas would have been stored and differentiated. On the other hand, rejuvenated magmas experimented rapid ascent with polybaric crystallization and sometimes short-time storage in low-volume reservoirs. Similar conditions have been proposed in other

  17. Research Progress on Nasolabial Fold Rejuvenation%鼻唇沟年轻化的最新进展

    陈翔凌(综述); 张余光(审校)


    鼻唇沟是位于颧颊部与上唇之间充当分界线的凹陷性面部线条,随着年龄的增长而逐渐加深,是面部老化的标志之一。鼻唇沟皱纹的治疗是比较困难的,缺乏有效的技术手段以达到疗效持久的目的,并尽可能减少其复发。本文就鼻唇沟年轻化治疗的研究进展进行综述。%[Summary] Nasolabial fold as a dividing line located between the zygomatic cheek and upper lip is one of the earliest signs of aging, which gradually deepened with the age. The treatment for nasolabial fold wrinkle is still a problem, which is difficult to conquer. People are more increasingly focused on how to apply the ideal technology to achieve the curative effect as long as possible and to reduce the recurrence as far as possible. In this paper, according to the latest literature available on the subject, the research progress on the treatment for nasolabial fold rejuvenation was reviewed.

  18. Natural Substances for Prevention of Skin Photoaging: Screening Systems in the Development of Sunscreen and Rejuvenation Cosmetics.

    Kostyuk, Vladimir; Potapovich, Alla; Albuhaydar, Ahmed R; Mayer, Wolfgang; De Luca, Chiara; Korkina, Liudmila


    Solar broadband UV irradiation is commonly regarded as a major causative reason for cutaneous photoaging. The pro-aging molecular pathways and cellular targets affected by UVA+UVB light in human skin have been extensively investigated. Notwithstanding growing knowledge in mechanisms of photoaging, research and development of clinically efficient, nontoxic, and sustainable topical preparations providing full physical, chemical, and biological photoprotection still remain a great challenge for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In this study, we are proposing a panel of the in vitro methods for preselection of natural photoprotective substances with high photostability and low phototoxicity able of absorbing a broadband UVA+UVB irradiation (physical sunscreen), reducing UV-related overproduction of free radicals and loss of endogenous antioxidants (chemical protection), and attenuating UV-induced cytotoxicity and immune and metabolic responses (biological protection) in primary human epidermal keratinocytes and immortalized human keratinocyte cultures. Our data showed that secondary metabolites biosynthesized in plant cells in response to UV irradiation, such as phenylpropanoids and their glycosylated metabolites, aglycons and glycosylated flavonoids, and leontopodic acids, hold the best promise for complete natural topical prevention of photoaging and rejuvenation of photoaged skin. Meristem plant cell cultures elicited by solar simulating UV could be the most environmentally sustainable biotechnological source of polyphenols with combined photoprotective and antiaging properties.

  19. China publishes auto industry rejuvenation plan%中国出台汽车产业振兴规划


    @@ China's State Council recently passed in principle the auto industry rejuvenation plan. Major contents of the plan are:to foster auto consum ption market, including a 50 percent cut in the vehicle purchase tax on passenger vehicles with a displacement of 1.6 liters and below; to promote reorganization of the auto industry and support large auto enterprise groups to carry out mergers and acquisitions, and key auto spare enterprises to expand production; to support independent innovation and technical upgrading by enterprises: the central government wiU appropriate RMB 10 billion in a special fund to support technical innovation and renovation and development of new energy automobiles and spare parts by enterprises in the next three years;to implement a new energy auto strategy :subsidy from the central budget will be appropriated to support the spread of energy saving and new energy automobiles in large-and medium-sized cities; and to promote development of independent brands of automobiles, speed up construction of auto and spare parts exportbases, develop a modern auto service industry and improve auto credit.

  20. Rejuvenation of a ten-year old AO curvature sensor: combining obsolescence correction and performance upgrade of MACAO

    Haguenauer, P.; Fedrigo, E.; Pettazzi, L.; Reinero, C.; Gonte, F.; Pallanca, L.; Frahm, R.; Woillez, J.; Lilley, P.


    The MACAO curvature wavefront sensors have been designed as a generic adaptive optics sensor for the Very Large Telescope. Six systems have been manufactured and implemented on sky: four installed in the UTs Coudé train as an AO facility for the VLTI, and two in UT's instruments, SINFONI and CRIRES. The MACAO-VLTI have now been in use for scientific operation for more than a decade and are planned to be operated for at least ten more years. As second generation instruments for the VLTI were planned to start implementation in end of 2015, accompanied with a major upgrade of the VLTI infrastructure, we saw it as a good time for a rejuvenation project of these systems, correcting the obsolete components. This obsolescence correction also gave us the opportunity to implement improved capabilities: the correction frequency was pushed from 420 Hz to 1050 Hz, and an automatic vibrations compensation algorithm was added. The implementation on the first MACAO was done in October 2014 and the first phase of obsolescence correction was completed in all four MACAO-VLTI systems in October 2015 with the systems delivered back to operation. The resuming of the scientific operation of the VLTI on the UTs in November 2015 allowed to gather statistics in order to evaluate the improvement of the performances through this upgrade. A second phase of obsolescence correction has now been started, together with a global reflection on possible further improvements to secure observations with the VLTI.

  1. Quinic Acid Could Be a Potential Rejuvenating Natural Compound by Improving Survival of Caenorhabditis elegans under Deleterious Conditions

    Zhang, Longze; Zhang, Junjing


    Abstract Quinic acid (QA) is an active ingredient of Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), which is found to be active in enhancing DNA repair and immunity in model systems and able to generate neuroprotective effects in neurons. However, QA's role in improving survival is not well studied. Here we report that QA can provide protection in Caenorhabidits elegans and improve worm survival under stress. Under heat stress and oxidative stress, QA-treated wild-type C. elegans N2 (N2) survived 17.8% and 29.7% longer, respectively, than the control worms. Our data suggest that under heat stress, QA can upregulate the expression of the small heat shock protein hsp-16.2 gene, which could help the worms survive a longer time. We also found that QA extended the C. elegans mutant VC475 [hsp-16.2 (gk249)] life span by 15.7% under normal culture conditions. However, under normal culture conditions, QA did not affect hsp-16.2 expression, but upregulated the expression of daf-16 and sod-3 in a DAF-16–dependent manner, and downregulated the level of reactive oxygen species (ROS), suggesting that under normal conditions QA acts in different pathways. As a natural product, QA demonstrates great potential as a rejuvenating compound. PMID:22950425

  2. Brand-rejuvenation of Jimo Old Wine%论即墨老酒的品牌振兴

    李大伟; 吕冬青


    “即墨老酒,黄酒北宗”,就知名度和酒品质量而言,即墨老酒可以与绍兴老酒相提并论。但是近些年来,绍兴老酒的品牌知名度和市场份额已经远超即墨老酒,并逐步迈向国际化。基于此,分析即墨老酒行业现状及市场情况,从营销和发展战略方面探讨实现即墨老酒业品牌振兴的对策。%" Jimo old wine, the north origin of rice wine". In terms of history and quality, Jimo old wine is equal to Shaoxing old wine. However, in recent years, Shaoxing old wine, which is becoming an international brand grad- ually, surpasses Jimo old wine in both brand awareness and market share. This thesis mainly aims to analyze the market situation and explore the brand-rejuvenation of Jimo old wine.

  3. Hyaluronic acid fillers with cohesive polydensified matrix for soft-tissue augmentation and rejuvenation: a literature review

    Prasetyo, Adri D; Prager, Welf; Rubin, Mark G; Moretti, Ernesto A; Nikolis, Andreas


    Background Cohesive monophasic polydensified fillers show unique viscoelastic properties and variable density of hyaluronic acid, allowing for a homogeneous tissue integration and distribution of the material. Objective The aim of this paper was to review the clinical data regarding the performance, tolerability, and safety of the Belotero® fillers for soft-tissue augmentation and rejuvenation. Methods A literature search was performed up until May 31, 2015 to identify all relevant articles on Belotero® fillers (Basic/Balance, Hydro, Soft, Intense, Volume) and equivalent products (Esthélis®, Mesolis®, Fortélis®, Modélis®). Results This comprehensive review included 26 papers. Findings from three randomized controlled trials showed a greater reduction in nasolabial fold severity with Belotero® Basic/Balance than with collagen (at 8, 12, 16, and 24 weeks, n=118) and Restylane® (at 4 weeks, n=40), and higher patient satisfaction with Belotero® Intense than with Perlane® (at 2 weeks, n=20). With Belotero® Basic/Balance, an improvement of at least 1 point on the severity scale can be expected in ~80% of patients 1–6 months after injection, with an effect still visible at 8–12 months. Positive findings were also reported with Belotero® Volume (no reduction in hyaluronic acid volume at 12 months, as demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging), Soft (improvement in the esthetic outcomes when used in a sequential approach), and Hydro (improvement in skin appearance in all patients). The most common adverse effects were mild-to-moderate erythema, edema, and hematoma, most of which were temporary. There were no reports of Tyndall effect, nodules, granulomas, or tissue necrosis. Conclusion Clinical evidence indicates sustainable esthetic effects, good safety profile, and long-term tolerability of the Belotero® fillers, particularly Belotero® Basic/Balance and Intense. PMID:27660479

  4. Depigmentation and rejuvenation effects of kinetin on the aged skin of hairless descendants of Mexican hairless dogs.

    Kimura, Tohru; Doi, Kunio


    The depigmenting and anti-aging effects of kinetin (KN) solutions on the aged skin of hairless dogs were clinically and histologically investigated. Grossly, all KN-treated sites became mildly depigmented. At 50 days of topical treatment with KN solutions, apparent improvement was observed in the skin texture, wrinkling, and pigmentation. At 100 days of KN treatment, both the skin rejuvenation and depigmentation effects became more prominent. Throughout the experimental period of KN treatment, no adverse effects were found in any sites treated with KN solutions. In the colorimetric system, at 100 days of topical treatment with KN solutions, the L* and b* values in the sites treated with KN solutions significantly increased. Histologically, at 50 days of topical treatment with KN solutions, the KN-treated sites showed a decrease in the thickness of the corneal layers. Melanin granules decreased throughout all epidermal layers. In the dermis, the large number of fine collagen and elastic fibers were densely aligned. At the end of the treatment, this agent was equally effective against pigmented lesions irrespective of the concentration of KN solution. The distribution of melanin granules returned to normal in the skin of adult hairless dogs. Throughout the present study, there were no histologic abnormalities in the epidermis and the dermis. These results revealed that topical treatment with lower concentrations of KN solutions normalized hyperpigmentation and improved the aged skin structure of hairless dogs. In addition, it was clarified that KN solutions had no adverse effects on the skin of hairless dogs and that this agent was a safe chemical for long-term application.

  5. 活体柞蚕蛹复壮北虫草菌种初探%Rejuvenation Method on Cordyceps militaris Using Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneviile Living Body

    张鑫; 唐亮; 徐三妹


    目的:对北虫草菌株进行复壮处理以提高菌种活力.方法:用一株人工培育的北虫草菌株P感染刚化蛹的活体柞蚕蛹,蛹体近头部长出子实体后,待子实体近成熟期时采集孢子进行有性繁殖对原菌株进行复壮.结果:复壮后菌株10-2的子实体产量和生物转化率分别是原来菌株P的1.2倍和1.5倍.结论:在表面消毒过的活体柞蚕蛹上接种液体菌株活化复壮菌种的方法是可行的.%This study aimed to increase strain output by using rejuvenation method on Cordyceps militaris strain. Just after pupation, the Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneville living body was infected by a manual cultivation for Cordyceps militaris (L.) strain P. After pupal body grew a new sporocarp near the head, the spores were gathered and used for the sexual reproduction on the rejuvenation of strain P at maturity of sporophores. The tracking result of solid medium indicated output and the biological conversion rate of strain were 1.2 times and 1.5 times than strain P, respectively. The conclusion is that using rejuvenation method on Cordyceps militaris strain with Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneville living body is practical.

  6. Ascorbate-dependent impact on cell-derived matrix in modulation of stiffness and rejuvenation of infrapatellar fat derived stem cells toward chondrogenesis.

    Pizzute, Tyler; Zhang, Ying; He, Fan; Pei, Ming


    Developing an in vitro microenvironment using cell-derived decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM) is a promising approach to efficiently expand adult stem cells for cartilage engineering and regeneration. Ascorbic acid serves as a critical stimulus for cells to synthesize collagens, which constitute the major component of dECM. In this study, we hypothesized that optimization of ascorbate treatment would maximize the rejuvenation effect of dECM on expanded stem cells from human infrapatellar fat pad in both proliferation and chondrogenic differentiation. In the duration regimen study, we found that dECM without L-ascorbic acid phosphate (AA) treatment, exhibiting lower stiffness measured by atomic force microscopy, yielded expanded cells with higher proliferation capacity but lower chondrogenic potential when compared to those with varied durations of AA treatment. dECM with 250 µM of AA treatment for 10 d had better rejuvenation in chondrogenic capacity if the deposited cells were from passage 2 rather than passage 5, despite no significant difference in matrix stiffness. In the dose regimen study, we found that dECMs deposited by varied concentrations of AA yielded expanded cells with higher proliferation capacity despite lower expression levels of stem cell related surface markers. Compared to cells expanded on tissue culture polystyrene, those on dECM exhibited greater chondrogenic potential, particularly for the dECMs with 50 µM and 250 µM of AA treatment. With the supplementation of ethyl-3,4-dihydroxybenzoate (EDHB), an inhibitor targeting procollagen synthesis, the dECM with 50 µM of AA treatment exhibited a dramatic decrease in the rejuvenation effect of expanded cell chondrogenic potential at both mRNA and protein levels despite no significant difference in matrix stiffness. Defined AA treatments during matrix preparation will benefit dECM-mediated stem cell engineering and future treatments for cartilage defects.

  7. Cooling Before Super-Eruption: No Evidence of Rejuvenation in a Crystal-Rich Dacite Magma Body, Southern Great Basin Ignimbrite Province, Utah and Nevada

    Ross, K. T.; Christiansen, E. H.; Best, M. G.; Dorais, M.


    The model of rejuvenation of a near-solidus crystal mush to produce large volumes of crystal-rich magma is tested here by analyzing the mineralogical, chemical, modal, and physical characteristics of the 31.1 Ma super-eruptive (2000 km3) Cottonwood Wash Tuff. It is the oldest in a series of three so-called "monotonous intermediate" ignimbrites from the Indian Peak-Caliente volcanic field in southern Utah and Nevada. A crystal-rich (~50% Pl + Qz + Hbl + Bt + Mag + Ilm + Cpx + Zrn + Ap + Po) dacite (62 - 69 wt% SiO2), the Cottonwood Wash Tuff is similar in age, volume, mineralogy, crystallinity, and elemental composition to the 28.0 Ma, ~5000 km3 Fish Canyon Tuff (~45% Pl + Kfs + Qz + Hbl + Bt + Ttn + Mag + Ilm + Ap + Zrn + Po, 66 - 68 wt% SiO2), used as the basis of the rejuvenation model. The Cottonwood Wash magma chamber was compositionally varied as shown by mineral and juvenile clast compositions. Whole-rock compositional variations are likely due to the variation of mineral proportions induced by shear in the magma chamber. Mineral compositions and experimental phase relationships show the pre-eruption magma crystallized at 800°C, 2.5 kb under water-undersaturated but oxidized conditions (delta QFM = 2.1). The majority of plagioclase and amphibole grains exhibit small-scale oscillatory zonation; where systematic compositional zonation exists, normal and reverse zonation are equally present. Cathodoluminescence of quartz reveals typically normally zoned phenocrysts with late resorption, considered to be the result of eruptive decompression. Many of the characteristics used to identify the rejuvenation of a near-solidus mush for the Fish Canyon Tuff are not present in the Cottonwood Wash Tuff [i.e., reversely zoned hornblende or plagioclase, partially remelted mineral aggregates, evidence of fluid saturation, resorption textures not related to decompression, rapakivi mantles, and hybrid andesite inclusions.] The Cottonwood Wash magma system did not undergo

  8. Rejuvenation Technique and Its Application in Water Tree Aged XLPE Cables%XLPE电缆绝缘老化修复技术的工程应用研究

    赵威; 周凯; 陶文彪; 刘凡; 杨琳


    通过水针电极老化法加速XLPE电缆绝缘产生明显水树,采用一种硅氧烷修复液对水树老化XLPE电缆绝缘进行修复,比较了修复前后老化XLPE电缆绝缘的介损和直流泄漏电流,并通过显微镜和扫描电镜(SEM)对水树及其内部的填充物进行了观察。结果表明:修复液能扩散到水树内消耗水分,生成绝缘性能良好的填充物填充水树空洞,使介损和泄漏电流明显下降,绝缘性能逐渐恢复到接近老化前水平。利用修复液对老化样本绝缘进行修复,对现场运行老化电缆进行了绝缘修复实验表明,修复后电缆的介损和直流泄漏电流下降一半以下,显著提高了水树老化运行电缆的绝缘性能。%A water-needle electrode method was used to accelerate XLPE cables water tree aging, and a siloxane rejuvenation fluid was used to rejuvenate the water tree aged XLPE cables. The dielectric loss factor and leakage current of the aged XLPE cables before and after rejuvenation were compared, and the water tree and its filling compounds in the water tree voids after rejuvenation were observed by mi-croscope and SEM. The results show that the rejuvenation fluid can diffuse into the insulation to elimi-nate water and generate filling compounds with good dielectric properties, making the dielectric loss fac-tor and leakage current decrease significantly, the insulating properties recovery to the unaged level. Final-ly, the rejuvenation fluid was applied to rejuvenate the aged XLPE cables in service. The results show that the dielectric loss factor and leakage current of the aged XLPE cables after rejuvenation decrease to half below, and the insulating properties recovery significantly, inidcating that the siloxane fluid can in-crease the insulation properties of the water tree aged cables in service.

  9. 硬铺装榕树的复壮及养护研究%Study on Rejuvenation and Maintenance of Ficus microcarpa in Hard Pavement

    姚普远; 曾宪儒; 傅文力


    Based on analyzing the downfall reason of Fieus microcarpa in hard pavement,the main manifestation of Ficus microcarpa which was harmed bv hard pavement were elaborated, and the harm mechanism was discussed. Rejuvenation anti strengthening maintenance of it was carried out by cutting root method.The results of 5 years observation and praetiee showed that the effect of titus rejuvenation was obviously, and this method could be extended.%在分析硬铺装榕树衰败原因的基础上,阐述了地面硬铺装危害榕树的主要表现.并论述了其危害机理。通过断根法对硬铺装侧根系的榕树进行了复壮及加强养护。5年的观察和实践结果表明,断根法对侧根系的榕树复壮效果非常显著,值得推广。

  10. A novel method of facial rejuvenation using a 2940-nm erbium:YAG laser with spatially modulated ablation: a pilot study.

    Trelles, M A; Khomchenko, V; Alcolea, J M; Martínez-Carpio, P A


    The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy and safety of a novel method of facial rejuvenation using a 2940-nm erbium:YAG laser with Spatially Modulated Ablation™. A pilot study was performed in 16 women with moderate to severe signs of facial aging relative to chronological age, who underwent two treatment sessions with an Er:YAG laser coupled to the RecoSMA™ technology (Linline, Minsk, Belarus). The whole face was treated in all patients. Clinical efficacy, tolerance, adverse effects, complications, and histological changes due to the treatment were evaluated. Clinical photographs and biopsies were taken before treatment and 3 months after the second treatment session. All patients completed the study and presented no significant complications. Histological changes in the epidermis and dermis as a result of treatment were found. Fine lines, wrinkles, and overall facial aging improved significantly (p < 0.0001). The mean reduction of fine lines and wrinkles was 59 % (r = 40-75 %). The mean improvement of overall facial aging was 74 % (r = 55-90 %). After showing the patients the comparative photographs before and after treatment, 75 % of women stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied and would recommend the treatment. Preliminary results show an excellent safety/efficacy profile for this novel technology, which, based on observed results, can be considered to have advantages over other methods of facial rejuvenation with lasers.

  11. The Clinical Efficacy of Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma Combined with Ultra-Pulsed Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation

    Hui, Qiang; Chang, Peng; Guo, Bingyu; Zhang, Yu


    Abstract Ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser is an efficient, precise, and safe therapeutic intervention for skin refreshing, although accompanied with prolonged edema and erythema. In recent years, autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been proven to promote wound and soft tissue healing and collagen regeneration. To investigate whether the combination of PRP and ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser had a synergistic effect on therapy for facial rejuvenation. Totally, 13 facial aging females were treated with ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser. One side of the face was randomly selected as experimental group and injected with PRP, the other side acted as the control group and was injected with physiological saline at the same dose. Comprehensive assessment of clinical efficacy was performed by satisfaction scores, dermatologists' double-blind evaluation and the VISIA skin analysis system. After treatment for 3 months, subjective scores of facial wrinkles, skin texture, and skin elasticity were higher than that in the control group. Similarly, improvement of skin wrinkles, texture, and tightness in the experimental group was better compared with the control group. Additionally, the total duration of erythema, edema, and crusting was decreased, in the experimental group compared with the control group. PRP combined with ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser had a synergistic effect on facial rejuvenation, shortening duration of side effects, and promoting better therapeutic effect. PMID:27222038

  12. Juan Fernández Ridge (Nazca Plate): petrology and thermochronology of a rejuvenated hot spot trail

    Reyes, J.; Lara, L. E.


    The Juan Fernández Ridge on the oceanic Nazca plate is thought to be a classic hot spot trail because of the apparent westward rejuvenation of the eruptive ages. However, geochronological data is still scarce and there are a few constrains to support this hypothesis like the ca. 9 Ma Ar-Ar age of the O'Higgins seamount (115 km from the Chile-Perú trench), some published K-Ar ages of ca. 3-4 Ma in Robinson Crusoe island (580 km from the trench) and ca. 1 Ma in Alejandro Selkirk (180 km further west). New reconnaissance K-Ar ages and specially the ongoing Ar-Ar dating effort in Robinson Crusoe define a ca. 1-4 Ma time span, which partially overlap with the age of Alejandro Selkirk, breaking the expected age progression given that the Nazca plate moves eastwards at ca. 6-8 cm/yr. In addition, new geological mapping shows a sharp unconformity between the older (ca. 4 Ma), strongly altered sequences and the more recent (ca. 1 Ma), post-erosional volcanic piles, where the proximal facies are still preserved. Petrological evidence also supports this evolution pattern. In fact, the partially altered older sequence is tholeiitic (Ba/Yb=12.70; La/Yb=8.12; Ba/Y=6.51; Ba/Zr=0.89). The shield stage (ca. 1-3 Ma) is transicional from tholeiitic to alkaline (Ba/Yb=18.07-8.32; La/Yb=4.59-9.84; Ba/Y=4.24-8.18; Ba/Zr=0.73-1.09) and the younger (ca. 1 Ma) is mostly alkaline (Ba/Yb=38.15; La/Yb=15.66; Ba/Y=20.27; Ba/Zr=2.31). A fixed deep-mantle plume origin for Pacific hot spots has been widely debated and concurrent phenomena arose as a possible explanation for non-linear age progressions and/or long-lived volcanic activity. In fact, intraplate regional tectonics, plume displacement, and mantle heterogeneities could be the main factor of the ridge architecture or the mask for a first-order linear trend. An ongoing mapping and dating effort is aimed to understand the evolution of the Juan Fernández Ridge, testing the main hypothesis. This research is supported by FONDECYT Project

  13. Thermal and metasomatic rejuvenation and dunitization in lithospheric mantle beneath Central Europe - The Grodziec (SW Poland) case study

    Matusiak-Małek, Magdalena; Ćwiek, Mateusz; Puziewicz, Jacek; Ntaflos, Theodoros


    The 32 Ma Grodziec nephelinite (Lower Silesia, SW Poland) contains xenolith of peridotite (mostly lherzolite) and clinopyroxenite/olivine clinopyroxenite composition. The forsterite content in olivine classifies these rocks into three groups: groups A and B consist of peridotites, while group C xenoliths are pyroxenitic cumulates. Group A xenoliths contain olivine Fo 87.90-91.8% and pyroxenes with high Mg# ( 0.91-0.92); clinopyroxene is strongly LREE-enriched (LaN/LuN = 2.19-17.74) and strongly impoverished in Zr, Hf and Ti relative to primitive mantle. The group B xenoliths (dunites and wehrlite) are orthopyroxene-free, olivine and clinopyroxene are less magnesian than those in the A group (Fo = 85.2-87.2%, Mg# = 0.86-0.88), clinopyroxene is less LREE-enriched (LaN/LuN = 4.07-4.15) and only slightly impoverished in Zr, Hf and Ti. Group C xenoliths contain olivine with forsterite content from 78.6 to 86.6% and clinopyroxene of Mg# from 0.84 to 0.85, with LREE/trace element characteristics similar to those of B group (LaN/LuN = 1.96-3.10). Group A xenoliths from Grodziec record migration of mixed carbonatite-alkaline silicate melts through the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath Lower Silesia, which preceded the migration of melts similar to the Grodziec nephelinite. The peridotitic protoliths were dunitized at the direct contacts with the migrating nephelinite melt and are now represented by group B. Group C pyroxenites originated in mantle conditions by crystal settling in places of transient nephelinite melt stagnation. The mantle section beneath Grodziec was reheated to ca 1000-1100 °C. The Grodziec scenario is similar to that of Księginki (northern extension of Eger Rift, SW Poland), which shares a similar age of xenolith entrainment. Both sites show that the processes of mantle metasomatism and thermal rejuvenation of subcontinental lithospheric mantle were more intense during the Lower Oligocene volcanic climax compared to those recorded in younger

  14. Hyaluronic acid fillers with cohesive polydensified matrix for soft-tissue augmentation and rejuvenation: a literature review

    Prasetyo AD


    Full Text Available Adri D Prasetyo,1 Welf Prager,2 Mark G Rubin,3 Ernesto A Moretti,4 Andreas Nikolis5 1Rejuva Skin & Beauty, Surabaya, Indonesia; 2Prager & Partner, Hamburg, Germany; 3University of California, San Diego, CA, USA; 4Gamma Health Group, Sanatorio Los Arroyos, Santa Fe, Republic of Argentina; 5Victoria Park Clinical Research Centre, Westmount, QC, Canada Background: Cohesive monophasic polydensified fillers show unique viscoelastic properties and variable density of hyaluronic acid, allowing for a homogeneous tissue integration and distribution of the material.Objective: The aim of this paper was to review the clinical data regarding the performance, tolerability, and safety of the Belotero® fillers for soft-tissue augmentation and rejuvenation.Methods: A literature search was performed up until May 31, 2015 to identify all relevant articles on Belotero® fillers (Basic/Balance, Hydro, Soft, Intense, Volume and equivalent products (Esthélis®, Mesolis®, Fortélis®, Modélis®.Results: This comprehensive review included 26 papers. Findings from three randomized controlled trials showed a greater reduction in nasolabial fold severity with Belotero® Basic/Balance than with collagen (at 8, 12, 16, and 24 weeks, n=118 and Restylane® (at 4 weeks, n=40, and higher patient satisfaction with Belotero® Intense than with Perlane® (at 2 weeks, n=20. With Belotero® Basic/Balance, an improvement of at least 1 point on the severity scale can be expected in ~80% of patients 1–6 months after injection, with an effect still visible at 8–12 months. Positive findings were also reported with Belotero® Volume (no reduction in hyaluronic acid volume at 12 months, as demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging, Soft (improvement in the esthetic outcomes when used in a sequential approach, and Hydro (improvement in skin appearance in all patients. The most common adverse effects were mild-to-moderate erythema, edema, and hematoma, most of which were

  15. Anti-Japanese War Is the Historic Starting Point of the Chinese National Rejuvenation%抗日战争胜利是中华民族复兴的历史起点

    李海林; 刘永安


    The victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, wiped out the ignominious history of the Chinese nation since the Opium War, enhanced the national cohesion and self-confidence, laid a solid foundation for the national independence and the people’s liberation, which is the historical starting point of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Victory of the war, found the correct road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, converged the great spirit of the national rejuvenation , brought together the majestic strength of the national rejuvenation.%抗日战争的胜利,雪洗了鸦片战争以来中华民族屈辱的历史,增强了民族凝聚力和自信心,为国家独立和人民解放打下了坚实的基础,是中华民族伟大复兴的历史起点。抗日战争的胜利,找到了民族复兴的正确道路,凝成了民族复兴的伟大精神,汇聚了民族复兴的磅礴力量。

  16. Rejuvenating a Hotel Legend


    Politely speaking, immaculately dressed and wearing a pair of glasses, John Dick is a typical British gentleman.He represents the Langham hotel brand well. Dick was recently appointed managing director of Langham Place,Beijing, a 26-story five-star hotel located in Chaoyang

  17. Angola launches rejuvenated programme.


    Angola has been at war almost continuously since the early 1960s. Over the past few years, large parts of the country have been under the control of Unita and thus beyond the reach of government health services. The first reported case of AIDS in Angola was identified in late 1985. By June 3, 1995, 993 cases had been confirmed. Of these cases, women outnumber men by 13 to 10, and most cases are aged 20-39 years. Officials realize, however, that the true numbers are actually higher. The World Health Organization (WHO) suspects that the level of infection with HIV/AIDS may be worse in the diamond mining province of Lunda Norte due to cross-border links with neighboring Zaire. Huge numbers of displaced people, many living in crowded conditions with poor sanitation, disrupted family relationships, the common practice of becoming sexually active as young as 12 or 13 years, homelessness, prostitution, and the sex behavior of widowed women and street children contribute to the current high levels of HIV infection. Moreover, there is no effective clean blood system. The lack of education among the population, seven official languages, residence in temporary accommodations, and isolation in rural communities makes it difficult to disseminate public health messages. Condoms are, however, promoted on television, some community health programs are in place in the shantytowns surrounding Luanda, and women may be better placed than in other countries to lobby for keeping reproductive health high on the political agenda. The director of the Ministry of Health's existing National AIDS Program has proposed the creation of a new multisectoral AIDS committee answerable only to the prime minister. All relevant ministries will be involved, although a ministry to head the program has yet to be chosen. The lack of reliable information on the population and the limited reach of existing health services will be the two biggest problems of the committee.

  18. Rejuvenating CERN's Accelerators


    In the coming years and especially in 2005, CERN's accelerators are going to receive an extensive renovation programme to ensure they will perform reliably and effectively when the LHC comes into service.

  19. CERN stationery rejuvenated

    Anaïs Schaeffer


    With the introduction of CERN’s new graphic charter, our complete range of official communications stationery has been redesigned. Discover the newly harmonised and standardised range of CERN stationery.   As the Director-General announced in Bulletin 41-42/2012, a new graphic charter is now in force at CERN. The graphics team has taken this opportunity to redesign all the official CERN stationery, such as business cards, correspondence cards, letterheads, envelopes and file holders, all of which will now boast the same, unified format. In keeping with CERN’s new graphic charter, even the business cards have had a makeover: of a better quality than their predecessors, they now elegantly display the CERN colours (namely the familiar Pantone 286 blue). These new cards, which all follow a standardised format, help to project a standardised corporate image of the Organization. Order them online now! As the Director-General highlighted, “it's increasingly imp...

  20. Photobiomodulation of distinct lineages of human dermal fibroblasts: a rational approach towards the selection of effective light parameters for skin rejuvenation and wound healing

    Mignon, Charles; Uzunbajakava, Natallia E.; Raafs, Bianca; Moolenaar, Mitchel; Botchkareva, Natalia V.; Tobin, Desmond J.


    Distinct lineages of human dermal fibroblasts play complementary roles in skin rejuvenation and wound healing, which makes them a target of phototherapy. However, knowledge about differential responses of specific cell lineages to different light parameters and moreover the actual molecular targets remain to be unravelled. The goal of this study was to investigate the impact of a range of parameters of light on the metabolic activity, collagen production, and cell migration of distinct lineages of human dermal fibroblasts. A rational approach was used to identify parameters with high therapeutic potential. Fibroblasts exhibited both inhibitory and cytotoxic change when exposed to a high dose of blue and cyan light in tissue culture medium containing photo-reactive species, but were stimulated by high dose red and near infrared light. Cytotoxic effects were eliminated by refreshing the medium after light exposure by removing potential ROS formed by extracellular photo-reactive species. Importantly, distinct lineages of fibroblasts demonstrated opposite responses to low dose blue light treatment when refreshing the medium after exposure. Low dose blue light treatment also significantly increased collagen production by papillary fibroblasts; high dose significantly retarded closure of the scratch wound without signs of cytotoxicity, and this is likely to have involved effects on both cell migration and proliferation. We recommend careful selection of fibroblast subpopulations and their culture conditions, a systematic approach in choosing and translating treatment parameters, and pursuit of fundamental research on identification of photoreceptors and triggered molecular pathways, while seeking effective parameters to address different stages of skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

  1. A randomized, placebo-controlled, single-blinded, split-faced clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of KLOX-001 gel formulation with KLOX light-emitting diode light on facial rejuvenation

    Nikolis A


    Full Text Available Andreas Nikolis,1 Steven Bernstein,2 Brian Kinney,3 Nicolo Scuderi,4 Shipra Rastogi,5 John S Sampalis6 1Victoria Park, Plastic Surgery Section, Westmount, QC, Canada; 2Dermatology Department, University of Montreal Health Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada; 3Department of Plastic Surgery, USC School of Medicine, Beverley Hills, CA, USA; 4Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy; 5KLOX Technologies, Laval, 6JSS Medical Research, Montreal, QC, Canada Purpose: Many treatment modalities exist to counteract the effects of cutaneous aging. Ablative methods have been the mainstay for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. In recent years, nonablative techniques have been developed with the aim of achieving facial rejuvenation without epidermal damage. Light-emitting diode (LED photorejuvenation is a novel nonablative technique that induces collagen synthesis through biophotomodulatory pathways. Materials and methods: A single-center, randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled, split-faced clinical trial was designed. Thirty-two patients were enrolled for a 12-week study. Patients were randomized into one of four groups: Group A, treatment with KLOX-001 gel formulation and white LED (placebo light; Group B, treatment with a placebo/base gel (no active chromophore formulation and KLOX LED light; Group C, treatment with KLOX-001 gel formulation and KLOX LED light; and Group D, treatment with the standard skin rejuvenating treatment (0.1% retinol-based cream. Patients received treatment at weeks 0, 1, 2, and 3, and returned to the clinic at weeks 4, 8, and 12 for clinical assessments performed by an independent, blinded committee of physicians using subjective clinician assessment scales. Tolerability, adverse outcomes, and patient satisfaction were also assessed. Results: Analysis demonstrated that the KLOX LED light with KLOX placebo/base gel and the KLOX LED light + KLOX-001 gel formulation groups were superior to standard of

  2. Safety and Efficacy of Facial Rejuvenation with Small Gel Particle Hyaluronic Acid with Lidocaine and AbobotulinumtoxinA in Post-Chemotherapy Patients: A Phase IV Investigator-initiated Study

    Shamban, Ava


    Background: Due to advances in detection and treatment, approximately 70 percent of cancer patients are living more than five years after diagnosis. Research indicates that appearance worries are of great concern to cancer survivors impacting their quality of life. This is the first Phase IV investigator-initiated study to investigate the safety and efficacy of facial rejuvenation with small gel particle hyaluronic acid with lidocaine and abobotulinumtoxinA in post-chemotherapy patients. Meth...

  3. Comparative Study on Methods of Spawn Rejuvenation of Pleurotus geesteranus%秀珍菇菌种复壮方法比较

    陈发川; 柯斌榕; 吴小平


    以从秀珍菇(Pleurotus geesteranus)污染菌包中分离得到的3个秀珍菇菌株为出发菌株,采用挑取尖端菌丝、基内菌丝及气生菌丝3种方法进行复壮处理,共获得处理菌株8个.以出发菌株为对照,比较处理菌株的菌落形态、菌丝生长速度及菌丝生物量,并通过出菇实验以及dsRNA检测,对不同复壮方法的复壮效果进行评价.结果表明:尖端菌丝和基内菌丝挑取法能显著提高出发菌株的菌丝生长速度和生物量,可以缩短出菇周期并提高出菇产量;而气生菌丝挑取法则不能对出发菌株进行复壮,其菌丝生物量和出菇产量反而比出发菌株有所降低.%Three starting strains were separated from contaminated cultivating bags of Heurotus geesteranus. Eight processed strains of P. Geesteranus were taken through picking tip mycelia, substrate mycelia and aerial mycelia. Compared with the starting strains, the colonial morphology, growing speed and biomass were studied. After the fruiting experiment and dsRNA technology test, the rejuvenation effect of different methods was evaluated. This studies showed picking tip mycelia and substrate mycelia could obviously improve the growth speed and the biomass of the mycelia, shorten, the fruiting cycle and increase the production while picking aerial mycelia could not rejuvenate the starting strains but comparatively reduce the biomass of the mycelia and the mushroom production.

  4. Autologous fat Transplantation for Facial Rejuvenation%自体脂肪移植在面部轮廓年轻化中的应用



    ABSTRACT:Objective To investigate the clinical application and techniques of autologous fat transplantation for correction of aging-caused facial thinning and depression and for facial rejuve-nation.Methods The fat was extracted with a syringe.After low-speed centrifugation and purifi-cation,autologous fat was transplanted into the 373 facial areas of 158 patients by multi-level and multi-tunnel injection to correct facial soft tissue atrophy-caused depressions (50% excess in each area).Results All patients were followed up for 1-3 years after 1-3 times of autologous fat injec-tion.The autologous fat transplantation resulted in facial rejuvenation with stable fat survival rate,satisfactory appearance,gorgeous skin and good feel.Conclusion Autologous fat transplan-tation is simple,safe,convenient and minimally invasive for aging-caused facial thinning and de-pression.Therefore,autologous fat transplantation is a promising future development direction for facial rejuvenation.%目的:探讨自体脂肪移植矫正面部软组织因衰老变薄、凹陷,使面部轮廓年轻化的临床应用和技巧。方法采用注射器法抽取自体脂肪,经低速离心与净化,多层次、多隧道的注射,用来矫正面部软组织萎缩造成的各种凹陷。共158例373个部位接受了自体脂肪移植注射,每个部位均超量注射50%。结果158例373个部位经1~3次注射后随访1~2年,移植的自体脂肪存活率基本稳定,外观满意,皮肤光鲜靓丽,手感良好,回复青春容颜。结论面部软组织因衰老变薄、凹陷应用自体脂肪移植操作方法简单,安全微创,取材方便,是未来面部轮廓年轻化的发展方向。

  5. Rejuvenation and Networking Motivates Librarians to Attend Conferences. A Review of: Vega, Robert D. and Ruth S. Connell. “Librarians’ Attitudes Toward Conferences: A Study.” College & Research Libraries 68.6 (2007: 503‐15.

    Yvonne Hultman Özek


    Full Text Available Objectives – To determine why professional librarians attend or do not attend conferences and to consider their attitudes toward the various conference offerings and whether conference attendance is important to their careers.Design – An electronic mail list survey designed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data through closed and open‐ended questions.Setting – Mainly academic and public libraries in the U.S.A.Subjects – A total of 794 librarians participated in the study.Methods – The quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the survey were analyzed using statistical software. The quantitative items on the questionnaire regarded the following: years working as a librarian, age, gender, average number of conferences attended each year, amount of financial support provided, and the importance of attending conferences. For qualitative analysis, the instrument included open‐ended questions to gather comments about issues related to conferences. Electronic mail list subscriptions were used to reach approximately 17,000 potential respondents of whom 794 completed the survey.Main Results – The study found the main reason the respondents attended conferences was to achieve professional rejuvenation (56%, and that this finding was associated with age: the older the librarian, the higher he or she would rate the need to stay updated in librarianship. The study also found that men as compared to women ranked rejuvenation as less important. Respondents who visited more conferences tended to rate rejuvenation as more important. Networking was also highly valued (40%, although was not of significant importance among reference librarians. Exhibits were considered to be very useful among older respondents, particularly older public librarians and older administrators from all types of libraries, but were regarded as less valuable among younger academic librarians. Invited speakers were rated highly by academic librarians, but

  6. Upper lip lift with a "T"-shaped resection of the orbicularis oris muscle for Asian perioral rejuvenation: A report of 84 patients.

    Pan, Bai-Lin


    An overlong upper lip or philtrum indicates aging. In the current study, a procedure for upper lip lift to alleviate this defect is illustrated and assessed for its esthetic effects and risks. A total of 84 Chinese patients with overlong upper lip underwent surgery for upper lip lift from 2012 to 2014. Skin excision height was designed on the basis of the golden proportion of the lower region of the face. The incision was made at the subnasal (inferior border of the columella-nostril-alar) region. After undermining the tissue between the subcutis and orbicularis oris, a "T"-shaped region of the muscle was resected. Both sides of the muscular flaps were developed and suspended upward to the columella base to lift the upper lip. The incision was then sutured delicately. Of the 76 patients who were effectively followed up, recovery period, lift effect, visibility of the scar, vermilion shape, surgery-associated effects, any complications, and overall rejuvenation, among other outcomes, were evaluated at 1 week, 1 month, and 3-24 months postoperation. Assessment was performed by both objective measurements and subjective satisfaction: significant efficiency was achieved and high satisfaction, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction ratings were reported by 55 (72.4%), 18 (23.7%), and 3 (3.9%) patients, respectively. Upper lip lift yields a significant esthetic effect with few complications. This surgical intervention merits further clinical development and application. Copyright © 2016 British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Skin Rejuvenation by Intense Pulsed Light: Its Clinical and Basic Research%强脉冲光嫩肤的临床与基础研究

    冯育洁; 赵俊英



  8. Quantification of material loss from the neck piece taper junctions of a bimodular primary hip prosthesis. A retrieval study from 27 failed Rejuvenate bimodular hip arthroplasties.

    Buente, D; Huber, G; Bishop, N; Morlock, M


    The early failure and revision of bimodular primary total hip arthroplasty prostheses requires the identification of the risk factors for material loss and wear at the taper junctions through taper wear analysis. Deviations in taper geometries between revised and pristine modular neck tapers were determined using high resolution tactile measurements. A new algorithm was developed and validated to allow the quantitative analysis of material loss, complementing the standard visual inspection currently used. The algorithm was applied to a sample of 27 retrievals (in situ from 2.9 to 38.1 months) of the withdrawn Rejuvenate modular prosthesis. The mean wear volumes on the flat distal neck piece taper was 3.35 mm(3) (0.55 to 7.57), mainly occurring in a characteristic pattern in areas with high mechanical loading. Wear volume tended to increase with time to revision (r² = 0.423, p = 0.001). Implant and patient specific data (offset, stem size, patient's mass, age and body mass index) did not correlate with the amount of material loss observed (p > 0.078). Bilaterally revised implants showed higher amounts of combined total material loss and similar wear patterns on both sides. The consistent wear pattern found in this study has not been reported previously, suggesting that the device design and materials are associated with the failure of this prosthesis. ©2015 The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery.

  9. Construction of the Vinalhaven Intrusive Complex, Maine, USA: the Plutonic Record of Evolving Magma Chambers Affected by Multiple Episodes of Replenishment, Rejuvenation, Crystal Accumulation and Eruption

    Wiebe, R. A.; Hawkins, D. P.


    Increasingly, the plutonic roots of volcanic systems can be shown to contain temporal records of events inferred from the study of volcanic rocks. The Vinalhaven intrusive complex preserves evidence for multiple episodes of silicic and mafic replenishments, rejuvenation of granite, and probable eruptive events over a nominal time-span of 1.7 Ma (Hawkins and Wiebe, this volume). The complex is about 12 km in diameter and consists mainly of cg granite, a thick section of arcuate, inward-dipping gabbro-diorite sheets in the southeastern half of the complex, and a circular core of fg granite. Field relations demonstrate that the base of the intrusion is along the southeastern margin of the complex, and the top is along the northwestern margin where it intrudes coeval volcanic rocks. Aphyric basaltic and granitic dikes fed this essentially bimodal intrusion. When basaltic dikes intersected a silicic chamber, basalt spread across a floor of silicic crystal mush to form gabbro-diorite sheets in granite. Several extensive layers of angular blocks of country rock occur within the mafic rocks. Granitic dikes and the fg granitic core of the complex have sharp to gradational contacts with cg granite, and, locally, both granites are intimately mixed and commingled. These relations indicate that new silicic injections mixed into partly crystallized resident magma. Several irregular bodies of porphyry (0.2 to 0.5 km in average dimension) intrude cg granite with sharp, gradational, or commingled contacts. The porphyry has 5 to 40% corroded phenocrysts, identical in composition to crystals in the granite, and a variably quenched matrix. Some of these bodies formed when late injections of basalt remelted largely solid portions of cg granite. New silicic input may have contributed to other porphyry bodies. The matrix probably quenched because of a sudden decrease in pressure, possibly due to eruption of magma from the chamber. The cg granite and inter-layered mafic rocks preserve a

  10. Rapid pre-eruptive thermal rejuvenation in a large silicic magma body: the case of the Masonic Park Tuff, Southern Rocky Mountain volcanic field, CO, USA

    Sliwinski, J. T.; Bachmann, O.; Dungan, M. A.; Huber, C.; Deering, C. D.; Lipman, P. W.; Martin, L. H. J.; Liebske, C.


    Determining the mechanisms involved in generating large-volume eruptions (>100 km3) of silicic magma with crystallinities approaching rheological lock-up ( 50 vol% crystals) remains a challenge for volcanologists. The Cenozoic Southern Rocky Mountain volcanic field, in Colorado and northernmost New Mexico, USA, produced ten such crystal-rich ignimbrites within 3 m.y. This work focuses on the 28.7 Ma Masonic Park Tuff, a dacitic ( 62-65 wt% SiO2) ignimbrite with an estimated erupted volume of 500 km3 and an average of 45 vol% crystals. Near-absence of quartz, titanite, and sanidine, pronounced An-rich spikes near the rims of plagioclase, and reverse zoning in clinopyroxene record the reheating (from 750 to >800 °C) of an upper crustal mush in response to hotter recharge from below. Zircon U-Pb ages suggest prolonged magmatic residence, while Yb/Dy vs temperature trends indicate co-crystallization with titanite which was later resorbed. High Sr, Ba, and Ti concentrations in plagioclase microlites and phenocryst rims require in-situ feldspar melting and concurrent, but limited, mass addition provided by the recharge, likely in the form of a melt-gas mixture. The larger Fish Canyon Tuff, which erupted from the same location 0.7 m.y. later, also underwent pre-eruptive reheating and partial melting of quartz, titanite, and feldspars in a long-lived upper crustal mush following the underplating of hotter magma. The Fish Canyon Tuff, however, records cooler pre-eruptive temperatures ( 710-760 °C) and a mineral assemblage indicative of higher magmatic water contents (abundant resorbed sanidine and quartz, euhedral amphibole and titanite, and absence of pyroxene). These similar pre-eruptive mush-reactivation histories, despite differing mineral assemblages and pre-eruptive temperatures, indicate that thermal rejuvenation is a key step in the eruption of crystal-rich silicic volcanics over a wide range of conditions.

  11. 家蚕品种“云蚕7”的复壮研究%Rejuvenation Research of Silkworm Variety ‘Yuncan 7'

    吴克军; 田梅慧; 陈松; 黄平; 刘敏


    云南省主推家蚕品种云蚕7×云蚕8推广10多年来,某些性状发生了退化,原种云蚕7B×云蚕7A交配能力下降,散对率高达20%以上,抗性降低.本实验采用循环杂交法,回交法等育种方法将保存的云蚕7母种进行循环杂交,经5个世代后形成了新系统,复壮后的新系统在品种抗性、茧层率及散对率等方面都优于复壮前系统,云蚕7B×云蚕7A的散对率降到10%以下,有效地对云蚕7母种及原种进行了复壮.%Dominant commercial variety ' Yuncan 7×Yuncan 8' in Yunnan province was popularized for several years, some characters degenerated gradually, especially in mating ability and the resistance of parent race Yuncan 7 (B×A) declined and the self-decopulating rate reached to more than 20 %. The methods of circular intercrossing and backcrossing were used for the silkworm varieties Yuncan 7, respectively. After circular intercrossing for five generations, the new system was formed. The new rejuvenated system excelled primary system in resistance, cocoon shell rate and self-decopulating rate. Therefore, the self-decopulating rate of Yuncan 7 ( B×A) declined to lower than 10 %.

  12. Evaluation of sexual function outcomes in women undergoing vaginal rejuvenation/vaginoplasty procedures for symptoms of vaginal laxity/decreased vaginal sensation utilizing validated sexual function questionnaire (PISQ-12).

    Moore, Robert D; Miklos, John R; Chinthakanan, Orawee


    Sexual function outcomes were analyzed in a group of women (n = 78) presenting for vaginal rejuvenation/vaginoplasty procedure for a chief complaint of vaginal laxity and decreased sensation with intercourse. Outcomes were analyzed utilizing the validated Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Urinary Incontinence Sexual Questionnaire-12 (PISQ-12) before and at least 6 months after repair with vaginal rejuvenation/vaginoplasty procedure (VR). Mean age was 43.6 ± 7.9 (range 25-62), and 19 patients (24.3%) were found to have prolapse at time of initial exam and underwent vaginal vault suspension in addition to VR. Compared preoperatively and postoperatively, the overall sexual function (Total PISQ-12) statistically improved (30.3 ± 6.6 vs. 38.2 ± 5.2, P sexual satisfaction improved as well as subcategories of increased sexual excitement during intercourse and overall increase in intensity of orgasms. Pain with intercourse subscores were found to be no different from preoperatively to postoperatively. Previous studies have shown that sexual function improves with repair of prolapse; however, this is the first study to show improved function using a validated questionnaire in patients undergoing VR for laxity.

  13. Comprehensive treatment of middle and lower face rejuvenation%面中下部年轻化的综合治疗

    方震; 陈振鹤; 林雪贞; 张劲松; 于丽; 李长根


    Objective Summarize The Effect and experience in treating the The middle and lower face aging application combined Multiple sites operation and comprehensive treatment.Methods In 2008 June to 2013 April,for the 32 patients of nasolabial fold deepen patients with zygomatic bag liposuction,autologous superficial fat granule transplantation,combined with orbital fat release palpbromalar groove filling method and the comprehensive operation.Results The 32 cases in this group of patients,following up for 3~24 months,nasolabial shallow,palpbromalar groove is not obvious,the middle and lower face aging has been significantly improved,with satisfactory effect.Conclusion According to the nasolabial fold the middle and lower face aging as the main performance,multiple use of combination therapy,through the surrounding fat tissue in ectopic,local fat volume changes,reasonable lifting sagging tissue,reach the purpose of middle and lower face rejuvenation beauty.%目的:总结对面中下部衰老应用多部位联合手术进行综合性治疗的效果和经验.方法:于2008年6月~ 2013年4月,对于32例鼻唇沟加深患者采用颧袋脂肪抽吸术、自体浅表颗粒脂肪移植、联合眶隔脂肪释放的睑颊沟填充术的综合手术方法.结果:本组共32例患者,术后均随访3~24个月,鼻唇沟变浅,睑颊沟不明显,面中下部老化得到明显改善,效果满意.结论:针对以鼻唇沟加深为主要表现的面中下部衰老患者,应用多部位联合治疗,通过周围脂肪组织异位,局部脂肪容量变化,合理提升下垂组织,达到面中下部年轻化的美容目的.

  14. 沙地生境和平茬年限对沙柳叶功能特征的影响%Effects of sandy land water habitat and years after rejuvenation pruning on leaf functional traits of Salix psammophila

    张萍萍; 李秧秧; 邵明安


    研究了毛乌素沙地南缘水滨边丘间地和干旱丘顶两种生境下沙柳平茬后不同年限(1、2、3~4和5~6年)对沙柳叶片光合气体交换、水分利用效率、结构特性及氮、磷养分含量等叶功能特征的影响.结果表明:水滨边丘间地沙柳叶片的净光合速率、气孔导度、瞬时和长期水分利用效率均高于丘顶,但N、P养分含量低于丘顶;两种生境下沙柳的叶结构性状无显著差异.干旱生境下沙柳主要通过增加养分含量、降低光合和水分利用来生存.随平茬年限增加,叶片净光合速率和气孔导度显著下降,氮含量和瞬时水分利用效率亦呈下降趋势,且二者之间呈显著正相关;平茬后1年的叶面积最高,比叶质量和叶干物质含量最低,此后比叶质量增加,叶面积和干物质含量不变;叶结构性状与光合及养分特性之间无显著相关性.叶光合活性和氮含量的下降是沙柳随平茬年限增加而衰败的重要原因.%This paper studied the effects of habitats (riparian inter-dune and dry top dune) and years after rejuvenation pruning (1, 2, 3-4, and 5-6 years) on the leaf functional traits (gas ex-change, water use efficiency, structural traits, and N and P contents) of Salix psammophila growing in the southern edge of Mu Us Sandy Land. In the habitat of riparian inter-dune, the leaf net photo-synthetic rate, stomatal conductance, and instantaneous and long-term water use efficiencies were all higher, while the leaf N and P contents were lower, as compared with those in the habitat of dry top dune. No significant differences were observed in the leaf structural traits between the two habi-tats , suggesting that S. psammophila could survive in a dry habitat by the strategies of increasing nutrient uptake and decreasing photosynthesis and water use. With the increasing years after rejuve-nation pruning, the leaf net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance decreased significantly

  15. [Face rejuvenation with tensor threads].

    Cornette de Saint Cyr, B; Benouaiche, L


    The last decades has seen new priorities in treatment of a flabby, ageing face towards minimally invasive aesthetic surgery, to be accompanied and followed by the requirements to perform such interventions with the maximally reduced health hazards, with inconsiderable injury, without cuts and, respectively, to be followed by no resulting scars, as well as a short postoperative period. We propose a new reviewing presentation of the tensor threads. After having explained the technology of the threads, we will discuss the good patient indication, the criteria which determine the choice of the threads and methods for each type of patient. There are many techniques, which we will present. Then, we will discuss the results, unsatisfactory outcomes obtained and complications encountered, as well as how to improve the cosmetic outcomes to be obtained. To conclude, we will propose a strategy for the long-term treatment of the neck and the face, preventing surgical management of the aging process. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS.

  16. "Tired" Professors Can Be Rejuvenated

    Seldin, Peter


    At a recent national conference, colleagues from different academic disciplines but all worked in college or university teaching-improvement programs found that the subject most frequently discussed was how to improve the teaching of "tired" faculty members. Tired faculty members are most often senior professors who have worked at their…

  17. Smile rejuvenation: A case report.

    Samantaroy, Chinmaya Kumar; Raghu, Ramya; Shetty, Ashish; Manjunath, Gautham P; Puneetha, P G; Reddy, Satya Narayan


    Mesiodens is the commonly occurring supernumerary tooth seen between the maxillary central incisors which causes compromised aesthetics and malocclusion. Till date orthodontic therapy provides an excellent solution for the management of mesiodens. Recently, Restorative Space Management (RSM) has been used successfully to correct tooth shape, proportions and colour with minimal tooth preparations. This case report describes the successful management of an unaesthetic smile due to presence of a mesiodens in the midline primarily using aesthetic treatment only.

  18. The Effect of Siloxane Liquid Injection Technique on Water Tree Rejuvenation of XLPE Cables%有机硅注入技术对电缆水树缺陷的绝缘修复研究

    汪朝军; 田鹏; 刘勇; 周凯; 吴超; 赵威


    The water tree defects of XLPE cables were rejuvenated through siloxane liquid injection technique, and the rejuvenation effects and mechanism were analyzed. An accelerated aging exper iment was performed to give the cable approximately 2% of dielectric loss factor and lower than 3500MΩ of insulation resistance; and then the siloxane repair liquid was injected into the cable core by pressurized injection system. The dielectric loss, breakdown voltage and electric field strength before and after rejuvenation were compared. The results show that the siloxane liquid can infil trate into the insulation in a short time, reacting with water, thus greatly increasing the insulation performance and getting it back to the level of new cable. It was found by microscope that the void of the water tree is filled with generated organic compounds, and the water in the void is eliminated.%通过有机硅液体压力注入的方式,对交联聚乙烯(XLPE)电缆的水树缺陷进行绝缘修复,并分析其修复效果和原理.通过加速水树老化实验,使电缆介质损耗因数达2%左右,绝缘电阻低于3500 MΩ,利用压力注入式修复装置把修复液注入缆芯对水树缺陷进行填充和修复,比较了修复前后的介质损耗、击穿电压和电场强度等.结果表明:该修复液能在较短时间内渗透到电缆绝缘层内部与水反应,大幅度提升绝缘性能,使其恢复到新电缆的水平;通过显微镜观察发现,水树空洞被反应生成的有机化合物所填充,达到了消除绝缘层微孔中水分的效果.

  19. Satisfaction and influencing factors of Pixel laser for facial rejuvenation%面部除皱年轻化患者对像束激光治疗满意度调查及影响因素的研究

    吴倩; 王立军; 郝立君


    Objective To investigate the patients' satisfaction and influencing factors of Pixel laser on the treatment of facial rejuvenation. Methods From January 2009 to May 2011, a study was performed on 116 patients treated by Pixel laser for facial rejuvenation on questionnaire, and then satisfaction was evaluated on the analysis of the questionnaire. Results For 54 cases with Level 2 to 4 wrinkles, ineffectiveness was achieved in non case; For 6 cases with Level 8 wrinkles, ineffectiveness was observed in 5 cases ( 83. 3% ), but satisfaction in 2 cases ( 33. 3% ). Higher cultural degree, better financial earnings, slighter wrinkle levels, less treatments and effectiveness were all evaluable influencing factors. Conclusion It is a safe and effective approach of Pixel laser for facial rejuvenation, and satisfaction could be achieved if we understand the influencing factors.%目的 探讨面部年轻化患者对像束激光治疗的满意程度及影响因素.方法 自2009年1月至2011年5月,对116例像束激光面部年轻化患者进行问卷调查,根据调查结果评价患者对像束激光治疗的满意度.结果 面部皱纹为2~4级者54例,无效者为0;面部皱纹为8级者6例,无效者5例(占83.3%),满意率33.3%.其中,文化程度高、家庭经济状况好、皱纹程度轻、治疗次数少及治疗有效的患者其满意率较高.结论 像束激光治疗面部皱纹安全、有效,掌握相关影响因素,可提高患者的满意度.

  20. Effect of Rejuvenator on Properties of Aged Bitumen of Different Aging Degree%再生剂对不同老化程度沥青再生性能的影响

    况栋梁; 余剑英; 蔡正文; 宋献东


    采用再生剂对不同老化程度的沥青进行再生,研究了再生剂对不同老化程度沥青再生性能的影响,并探讨了再生沥青的化学组成与物理性能之间的关系.结果表明,对于轻度老化沥青和中度老化沥青,当新沥青的用量分别为40%和60%时,掺入10%~15%的再生剂即可使再生沥青的物理性能满足新沥青的规范要求,而重度老化沥青由于其沥青质含量较高,只有当新沥青用量在60%以上、再生剂用量为25%时,其物理性能才能符合新沥青的规范要求.化学组成分析表明再生沥青的沥青质含量和芳香分含量是影响再生沥青性能的关键指标,当再生沥青的沥青质含量和芳香分含量与新沥青的相近时,其物理性能可以得到很好恢复.%Effect of rejuvenator on the reclaimed properties of aged bitumen of different aging degree is investigated and relationship between physical properties and chemical component of recycled bitumen is explored. The results indicate that for slightly and medially aged bitumen, when content of fresh bitumen is 40% to 60%, the physical properties of recycled bitumen can be restored to meet the fresh bitumen standards by adding 10% to 15% rejuvenator. However, for severely aged bitumen, only when content of fresh bitumen exceed 60% and rejuvenator content is up to 25%, the physical properties of recycled bitumen can be restored to meet the fresh bitumen standards. The contents ofasphaltenes and aromatics have strong influence on the physical properties of recycled bitumen. The physical properties of recycled bitumen can be well restored when it has almoslly closed the fresh bitumen on content of asphaltenes and aromatics.

  1. 理解民族复兴中国梦的历史视角%National rejuvenation historical perspective of the Chinese dream

    张琦; 沈毅


    2014年是中国新的甲午年,120多年前的1894年爆发了甲午战争,中国惨败于日本,一些经济与军事重镇先后被侵占,开启了丧权辱国的屈辱历史。2015年是中国抗日战争胜利70周年,70年前的1945年,在中国共产党领导下中国人民取得了抗日战争的伟大胜利,实现了民族独立和解放。新中国成立以来,特别是改革开放30多年来,中国人民不断改革创新,为复现古中国世界第一富强文明大国的风采,实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦而努力奋斗。现在,正处在全面深化改革的关键时期和全面建成小康社会的冲刺阶段,习近平总书记关于引领民族复兴的“四个全面”战略布局,给了中国人以希望和努力的方向。%In 2014, is China's new Year of Jiawu, more than 120 years before the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war in 1894, China suffered a tremendous defeat in Japan, some of the economic and military town has been occupied, on the history of humiliation. 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression in China, 70 years ago, in 1945, the Chinese people under the leadership of the communist party of China has achieved the great victory of the Anti-Japanese War, realized the national independence and liberation. Since the founding of new China, especially during the 30 years of reform and opening-up, Chinese people constantly reform and innovation, for the repetition of ancient China the world's rich and powerful civilization power, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to strive for a Chinese dream. Now, is in the critical period of deepening reform in comprehensive and to build a well-off society in an all-round way, Xi Jin-ping, general secretary of leading the national revival " four comprehensive" strategic layout, points out the direction of hope and hard work of the Chinese people.

  2. Application of Autologous Fat Filler in Facial Rejuvenation%自体脂肪填充在面部年轻化美容中的应用体会



    目的:探讨自体脂肪填充在面部年轻化美容中的效果。方法:选择于2011年12月~2012年12月在我院进行面部脂肪填充的患者70例,将吸出的供区脂肪进行离心提纯处理,然后填充于面部软组织缺失所致的缺陷,随访填充效果。结果:70例求美者均注射部位饱满,对手术结果感到满意,未发生严重并发症。结论:自体脂肪填充在面部年轻化美容中效果良好,安全有效的术式,值得临床推广。%Objective To study the application of autologous fat filler in facial rejuvenation. Method During December 2010 to December 2013,seventy cases of patients with facial fat padding were selected. Patients fat were drew out and received centrifugation purification treatment,and then the fat were filled in the due to the lack of facial soft tissue defect. Effect was followed up. Results Seventy patients receiving surgery had injection sites full,and they were satisfied with the results of operation,with no serious complications after surgery. Conclusion The application effect of autologous fat filler in facial rejuvenation is good. It is a safe and effective,and worth clinical promotion.

  3. 中下面部年轻化综合手术的临床效果观察%Reconstruction of middle and lower facial tension system for surgical rejuvenation

    杜太超; 于波; 刘玲; 袁渊


    Objective To explore a method for reconstruction of the middle and lower facial tension system for surgical rejuvenation.Methods From 2003 to 2011,257 female patients were treated with this procedure,in which superficial musclo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) of the cheeks were tightened and fixed to the deep temporal fascia and the temporal muscle fascia in muhidirectional and oblique toward the eye and ear rather than just toward the ear through purse string suture method to achieve the goals of facial rejuvenation.Results The follow-up data were obtained in 50 cases,with time range of 3-60 months.Each case was evaluated by both the patient and the surgical team.Excellent or good results were achieved for 255 cases.In all we succeeded in correcting the nasolabial sulcal deformity,and the cheek ptosis,and the contour of the face were more smoothly than that of preoperative appearance.The outlines of lower face became narrow,and thinner than the preoperative.All the patients were without loss of facial identity.Complications occurred occasionally,including the tensional blister on the dermal suture point and local numbness.No incision scar,alopecia and facial nerve injury occurred.Effects of rejuvenation were obvious and natural in 3-6 months after surgery.Especially 12 months after operation the results were the best.Conclusions This technique addresses the multiple factors involved in the senescent changes of the midface.Proper patient selection,good aesthetic judgment,and surgical competence are required to restore the midface and lower face tension system reconstruction.This novel approach is safe and effective,and the result is stable and lasting.%目的 探讨面部组织出现松弛和下垂者,采用综合措施改善面部软组织轮廓和曲线的手术方法.方法 对257例应用面颊部浅表肌腱膜系统(SMAS)和脂肪组织多点密集荷包缝合收紧,改善中下面部张力;采用睑袋手术同时提升鼻唇沟,以改善鼻唇沟加深的程

  4. Enraizamento de estacas de erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis A. St.-Hill. provenientes de brotações rejuvenescidas Rooting of "erva-mate" (Ilex paraguariensis A. St.-Hill. cuttings from rejuvenated sprouts

    J. Bitencourt


    the loss of rooting ability; thus, this paper aimed to verify the influence of rejuvenation and application of indolebutyric acid (IBA on the rooting of stem cuttings from "erva-mate". Cuttings were obtained using sprouts of the year from 13-year-old trees and rejuvenated sprouts from stump regrowth of 17-year-old trees. Cuttings were treated with IBA solution at the following concentrations: 0, 1500, 300, 4500 and 6000 mg L-1, resulting in 5 treatments for each cutting type. Planting was done in plastic containers filled with vermiculite and carbonized rice bark at 1:1 proportion. After 90 days in greenhouse, cuttings were evaluated for the following variables: percentage of cuttings with roots, number of roots/cutting, length of the three largest roots/cutting, and percentage of live cuttings, those with callus and dead ones. Statistical analysis indicated that the rejuvenated material had the best results concerning percentage of cuttings with root, and number and length of roots. The application of synthetic auxin did not influence the rooting of cuttings from neither type, so that IBA treatments did not differ statistically.

  5. 微针导入自体富血小板血浆对面部年轻化的疗效研究%Effect of delivery autologous platelet rich plasma into skin with microneedle for facial rejuvenation

    余晶; 冯幼平; 吴毅平


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of delivering autologous platelet rich plasma into skin with microneedles for facial rejuvenation. Methods 18 cases volunteers were treated for facial rejuvenation by delivery autologous platelet rich plasma into skin through micropores which the microneedle made.The 2ml autologous platelet rich plasma was extracted from 16ml whole blood by centrifuge.One session every 30 days,all 18 volunteers were treated 3 times.We assess its effect by questionaires for subjective evaluation,and objective evalation with digital skin analyzers to record the raw pictures and data before and after treatment. Results All 18 volunteers were obsevered significantimprovement of facial skin scores,miosture,elasticity,complexion,olein(P<0.05). Conclusion It is efficient to improve faciacal skin texture by delivering autologous Platelet Rich Plasma into skin with microneedle,it is an alternative for facial rejuvenation.%目的:探讨经微针皮肤导入自体富血小板血浆对面部年轻化的疗效与安全性.方法:对18例健康志愿者,抽取16ml静脉血,通过2次离心后得到约2.0ml自体富血小板血浆;采用电动纳米微针在面部逐点振动点刺,同时将自体富血小板血浆滴注到皮肤,通过微针制造的针孔导入皮肤组织内发挥疗效.每30d重复一次,3个月为一疗程,每次治疗前后采用MC760数字皮肤测试仪测试面部皮肤,比较皮肤水分、弹性、色斑、油脂等变化,通过皮肤状态问卷评估志愿者对治疗的满意度.结果:18例志愿者面部皮肤水分、弹性、色斑、油脂等指标和主观评分在治疗前后,自身对照有明显改善(P<0.05),无并发症发生.结论:使用微针导入自体富血小板血浆对面部年轻化治疗的疗效,为面部年轻化治疗提供了新的方法.

  6. Micropropagação como técnica de rejuvenescimento em mirtilo (Vaccinium ashei Reade cultivar climax Micropropagation as a rejuvenation technique in rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade cultivar climax

    Márcia Wulff Schuch


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se com este experimento avaliar o rejuvenescimento do material vegetal através da técnica de micropropagação na produção de mudas de mirtilo, cv. Climax. Os tratamentos aplicados constituíram-se de dois tipos de citocininas (zeatina e 2iP, em quatro concentrações (0; 2,5; 5,0 e 7,5 mg.L-1 e duas fontes de explantes (plantas micropropagadas e plantas obtidas através da germinação de sementes in vitro. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi inteiramente casualizado, em esquema fatorial 2x4x2. Aos 60 dias após a instalação do experimento avaliou-se o número médio de brotos e de gemas por explante, o comprimento médio dos brotos e a taxa de multiplicação. Concluiu-se que plantas de mirtilo, micropropagadas na presença de citocinina e submetidas a sucessivas repicagens, demonstram elevada habilidade de rejuvenescimento in vitro do material adulto, podendo ser comparadas às plantas obtidas de semente, tanto na capacidade de emitir novas brotações, quanto no número de gemas e taxa de multiplicação.This experiment was installed aiming to evaluate the plant rejuvenation capacity of rabbiteye blueberry seedlings cultivar Climax by using micropropagation technique. The treatments consisted of two cytokinin types (zeatin and 2iP, in four concentrations (0; 2.5; 5.0 and 7.5 mg.L-1 and two sources of explants (micropropagated plants and plants from in vitro seeds germination. The experiment was carried out in a 2x4x2 factorial arranged in a randomized complete design. After 60 days from experiment installation it was assessed the shoots average number and shoots average length, buds average number and the multiplication rate. In conclusion, the present results suggest that the micropropagated rabbiteye blueberry plants in the presence of cytokinin and submitted at successive cuttings showed a high in vitro rejuvenation ability of the adult material, which might be compared to the plants germinated in vitro, in the

  7. Periorbital rejuvenation with fractional 1,550-nm ytterbium/erbium fiber laser and variable square pulse 2,940-nm erbium:YAG laser in Asians: a comparison study.

    Wattanakrai, Penpun; Pootongkam, Suwimon; Rojhirunsakool, Salinee


    Ablative and fractional lasers are used for periorbital rejuvenation, with different downtime, side effects, and efficacy. To compare effects of fractional 1,550-nm ytterbium- and erbium-doped (Yb/Er) fiber laser and variable square pulse (VSP) 2,940-nm erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er:YAG) laser treatment for periorbital wrinkles. This side-by-side comparison study randomized 22 women with mild to moderate periorbital rhytides to receive three treatments with fractional 1,550-nm Yb/Er fiber laser or 2,940-nm Er:YAG laser treatment on either side at 4-week intervals. A video camera was used for objective assessment of wrinkles. Standardized photographs, patient satisfaction, side effects, and pain score were recorded. Twenty subjects completed the study. The median change in wrinkle measurement 3 months after laser treatments from baseline of the fractional Yb/Er fiber laser side was -3.03 versus -3.09 on the VSP Er:YAG side (p = .63, Wilcoxon signed-rank test). There was no significant difference in degree of wrinkle improvement analyzed according to global assessment between the sides (p = .25, Wilcoxon signed-rank test). Less downtime correlated with greater patient satisfaction of the fractional laser treatment . Two subjects experienced hyperpigmentation. Fractional Yb/Er fiber and VSP Er:YAG lasers are effective in improving periorbital wrinkles in Asians, with minimal side effects. © 2012 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. 光纤溶脂和透明质酸填充术在面部年轻化整形中的应用%Clinical application of faber de-fattingand and hyaluronic acid filling in facial rejuvenation design

    尹敏; 吴姗姗; 麦跃; 刘翔


    目的:提出应用光纤溶脂技术联合透明质酸填充进行面部年轻化整形的新概念.方法:早期应用光纤溶脂技术溶解因老化引起的松弛下垂的脂肪团,后期应用透明质酸填充面部萎缩凹陷部位.结果:本组患者30例,术后回访4~6个月,面部衰老现象明显改善.结论:光纤溶脂联合透明质酸填充,创伤小、年轻化美容效果明显,可达面部精细化雕塑的目的.%Objective To propose a new concept of facial rejuvenation design in using faber de-fatting and hyaluronic acid filling technology. Methods We adopted faber de-fatting technology to conduct sagging cellulite in early,two weeks later,hyaluronic acid was filled in facial depression. Results 30 patients in this group with postoperative visit 4-6 months,the facial aging phenomenon was significantly improved. Conclusion Faber de-fatting combined with hyaluronic acid filling of trauma and effect was obvious,achieve facial fine sculpture.

  9. 抗战精神是中华民族复兴的精神动力%National Spirit of Anti-Japanese War is A Strong Motivation of Chinese National Rejuvenation

    王文兵; 郭华


    The national spirit of Anti-Japanese War historically develops from the national spirit of the Chinese people saving their country from foreign subjugation and aggression and the time spirit of the Chinese promoting social reforms.As the national spirit formed,developed and embodied by the Chinese people during the Anti-Japanese War, the spirit of Anti-Japanese War shows the unprecedented awakening and sublimation of the Chinese national spirit.It is the great spiritual monument illustrating the Chinese nation's great transition from tradition to modernity,from being in a free state to being in a conscious state,from depression to rejuvenation.Having become an important part of the profound historical memory and the spirit of the Chinese nation,the spirit of Anti-Japanese War are the important spiritual ties to unite the Chinese nation and an important source of the national identity.As the precious spiritual wealth and cultural symbol of the Chinese nation,the national spirit of Anti-Japanese War not only enhanced the Chinese people to carry out a prolonged resistance against Japanese aggressors and have finally won the war,but also recast the national spirit of the Chinese nation and has now become a powerful motivation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.%抗战精神是近代以来中国人民救亡图存、反对外来侵略的民族精神和推动中国社会变革的时代精神不断发展的历史结果,是中国人民在抗战过程中形成、发展和集中体现出来的民族精神,是中华民族精神的空前觉醒和高度升华,是中华民族从传统走向现代、从自在走向自觉、从沉沦走向复兴的伟大转折和精神丰碑。抗战精神已成为中华民族最深刻的历史记忆和中华民族之魂的重要组成部分,是中华民族大团结的重要精神纽带和民族认同的重要源泉,是中华民族弥足珍贵的精神财富和文化象征。抗战精神不仅是中国人民坚持长期抗

  10. The Purification and Rejuvenation and Breeding Technology of Rice Variety Yunjing 29 with Fragrant and Soft Rice%香软米水稻品种云粳29号的提纯复壮与繁育技术

    朱振华; 袁平荣; 赵国珍; 苏振喜; 邹茜; 寇姝燕; 刘慰华; 陈于敏


    云粳29号是云南省农业科学院粮食作物研究所选育的常规粳稻香软米新品种,2011年3月通过云南省农作物品种审定委员会审定。该品种早熟、米质优、产量高、抗倒伏、抗稻瘟病和白叶枯病,其米饭香浓,柔软可口、外观油润光泽、冷不回生、商品性好。为进一步促进该品种推广应用,保持其优质、高产特性,防止混杂、退化,经过不断探索和研究,提出了优质种子提纯复壮与繁育技术。%Yunjing 29 bred by Institute of Food Crops of Yunnan Academy of Agri-cultural Sciences is a new conventional japonica rice variety with fragrant and soft rice, it was examined and approved by Yunnan Provincial Variety Examination and Approval Committee in March of 2011. The variety is early-maturing, high-yield and good-quality, and has resistances to lodging, blast and bacterial leaf blight, its rice is sweet soft, goluptious and lucidus as wel as not coarse when it is cold, so it is a good commodity. To further promote the popularization and cultivation of the va-riety, maintain its characteristics of high quality and high yield, and prevent commin-gling and degeneration, the purification and rejuvenation as wel as breeding tech-nology of high-quality seeds were proposed after continuous exploration and study.

  11. 激光辅助吸脂术在面部轮廓塑形及年轻化中的应用%Application of laser assisted liposuction in facial contour sculpture and rejuvenation

    韦文峰; 邱柏程


    Objective Clinical effects of application of laser assisted liposuction in facial contour sculpture and rejuvenation were discussed. Methods Laser lipolysis assisted liposuction was used on the Zygomatic,cheek area,chin and neck area of the mandibular angle region to recarved out facial contours while making the facial skin compact and achieving promotion effect. Results 112 cases were followed up for 3-12 months,the effect is superb. Conclusion Laser assisted liposuction surgery is an sculpture surgery with small trauma,less side effects,high safety,obvious effect and maintaining a long time.%目的:探讨激光辅助吸脂术雕塑面部轮廓及收紧提升皮肤,使面部年轻化的临床疗效。方法:对颧部、面颊区、颏颈区及下颌角区先采用激光溶脂后吸脂,重新雕刻出面部轮廓,同时使面部皮肤显得紧致达到提升效果。结果:本组患者122例,术后随访3~12个月,效果俱佳。结论:激光辅助吸脂术是一种创伤小、副作用少、安全性高、效果明显且维持时间长的塑形手术。

  12. Rejuvenecimiento de manos con ácido hialurónico de alta densidad: estudio prospectivo en 29 pacientes Hands rejuvenation with high density hyaluronic acid: prospective study in 29 patients

    J.M. Alcolea


    hyaluronic acid (HA subcutaneous injection, Macrolane® 20, in hand rejuvenation in the short, medium and long term, regarding treatment benefit, patient satisfaction and possible complications. This study was performed between May 2010 and December 2011. Twenty nine patients were enrolled at random, aged from 51 to 74, phototypes II-IV, and were treated with HA for hand rejuvenation. A clinical follow-up was performed at 2 weeks, and 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12th months after. The quantity of HA injected for each hand was 1-2 ml. Complications were recorded at each control. Ecographic exam was carried out at the first control 2 weeks after treatment in order to determine if a second injection was necessary. Patients answered a satisfaction questionnaire at every control. Only 1 patient presented edema and 3 patients suffered slight ecchymosis. Two patients expressed slight pain with injections and 2 patients needed a second injection after the assessment 2 weeks after. Patients´ satisfaction was higher than clinical and photographic assessment. In our opinion, hand rejuvenation has a low rate of complications with these large-sized particles HA, and it has been well tolerated with a high patient satisfaction and outstanding improvement with respect to: wrinkles, dermal and subcutaneous atrophy and decrease of bony, sinewy and venous prominences. The subjective and objective assessment achieved a good result one year later.

  13. Comparison of renewable oil, recycled oil, and commercial rejuvenating agent derived from crude oil in paving asphalt modification[Includes the CSCE forum on professional practice and career development : 1. international engineering mechanics and materials specialty conference : 1. international/3. coastal, estuarine and offshore engineering specialty conference : 2. international/8. construction specialty conference

    Gordon, C.; Ho, S.; Zanzotto, L. [Calgary Univ., AB (Canada). Schulich School of Engineering


    The asphalt industry relies heavily on crude oil. In response to increasing oil prices, there have been efforts to save money on asphalt by taking harder asphalts, such as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), and softening them with rejuvenating agents. For asphalt that is to be used in cold climates, softer asphalts are preferred because they will perform better under extreme cold conditions without cracking. This study compared the performance, economic benefits, and environmental benefits of renewable materials, recycled oil and a commercially used rejuvenating agent derived from crude oil. Different oily materials including margarine, Cyclogen L (a crude oil-derived material), a vegetable wax, and recycled cooking oil were used to modify paving asphalt. Their effectiveness at improving the superpave low-temperature performance grade was compared. The samples were all tested using the 2008 AASHTO M320 procedures. The high temperature grades were determined using the dynamic shear rheometer test, and the low-temperature grades were determined using the bending beam rheometer test. The 3 varieties of margarine that were tested were able to improve the low-temperature grade, but they caused a greater depreciation of the high-temperature performance grade than the other materials, and were much more expensive. The best candidate for an effective, economic asphalt softening agent was found to be the recycled cooking oil. It out-performed the Cyclogen L oil in terms of improving the low- temperature performance grade, and was less expensive. 12 refs., 4 tabs., 6 figs.

  14. 中华文化网络传播推动中华民族伟大复兴%On the Promotion of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chi-nese Nation through the Network Spread of the Chinese Culture



    中华文化传承了五千多年,影响着中华儿女的思维与行为,使得中国道路的发展与政策的制定带有鲜明的中国特色,是中华儿女实现中国梦的文化认同基础和价值观基础。随着时代的变化,中华文化传承与发展的方式也在日新月异。互联网在保护、整合、利用、传播文化资源上显示出了其巨大的优越性,不仅为中华文化的传承与发展提供了新媒介,而且也提高了中华文化的现代转化力与传播力,提升了中华文化的传播空间与传播效率,提高了中华文化在国内国际的影响力,让中华文化更好地走进群众的生活,走向世界,实现中华民族的伟大复兴。%With a history of over five thousand years, the Chinese culture is influencing the thinking and behavior of the Chinese people, endowing the development and policy-making of China with distinctive Chinese characteristics and constituting the cul-tural identity and values foundation for the China Dream. With the change of the times, the ways to inherit and develop the Chi-nese culture are also changing dramatically. With its superiority in protecting, integrating, utilizing and spreading cultural re-sources, the Internet not only provides a new medium for the in-heritance and development of the Chinese culture, but also im-proves the updating and spread of the Chinese culture in the new period, enhances the space and efficiency of the spread of the Chinese culture, and strengthens the influence of the Chinese culture both at home and abroad, so that the Chinese culture be-comes favored by the public and the world. In this way, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized.

  15. Applications of an improved 3d facial rhytidectomy in facial rejuvenation%改良的中下面部三维综合除皱术在面部年轻化中的应用

    王晓媛; 王雪顽; 田丽萍; 齐越


    目的:探索应用改进的综合方法对中下面部进行三维除皱术,以恢复年轻时的面部立体轮廓形态.方法:局部麻醉下进行中下面部三维除皱术,术中应用了改进的筋膜悬吊、面颊部软组织折叠,下颌部超声去脂、面部局部吸脂、脂肪充填等手术方法;其中将传统的筋膜悬吊改进为多层次的分段提紧和选择性的连续提紧方法.结果:2006年1月~2009年10月间,采用此法完成手术56例,不仅提高了除皱效果,还减少了愈合后瘢痕的形成.结论:通过以上手术方法不仅术后除皱效果良好,而且使面部轮廓形态得到了显著改善,三维面部年轻化的概念也得到了体现.%Objective The applictions of a new 3D facial rhytidectomy in central and inferior facial part is researched.Mehthods The new kind of facial 3D rhytidectomy is performed under local anesthesia. In the process,many modern techneques are undertaken,such as fascia suspension,soft tissue foldback, submaxilla ultrasonic liposuction, local liposuction and fat refilling. The conventional method of fascia suspension is also replaced by sectional fascial suspension and selective continuous suspension. Results From January 2009 to February 2010, 56 cases of this new kind facial 3D rhytidectomy were performed successfully. New method not only results in good final appearance, but also diminish the probability of scars'formation. Conclusion Through this method,wrinkles are effectively removed,and facial structure is also improved. It makes a marvelous effect in facial rejuvenation.

  16. Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives


    Science, University of North Texas, P. O. Box 311427, Denton, Texas 76203-1427, USA 2Dipartimento di Fisica dell’Università di Pisa and INFM, via...interval 2,m,3, yield a generalized master equation equivalent to the sum of an ordinary Markov contribution and a fractional derivative term. We show...though these processes are associated with quite different physical phenomena [14]. His general argu- ments rested on three assumptions: (1) microscopic

  17. Rejuvenated sycamore cuttings for energy plantations

    Land, S.B. Jr.; Elam, W.W. [Mississippi State Univ., MS (United States). Dept. of Forestry; Khan, Mohammad [Pakistan Forest Inst., Peshawar (Pakistan). Forestry Research Div.


    Rejuvination of mature, progeny tested American sycamore trees is needed to increase rooting success of cuttings for energy plantations. Studies conducted in Mississippi (U.S.A.) indicated that hedging of stock plants and spraying the stock plants with benzyl adenine may rejuvinate the cuttings. Percentages of cuttings with early bud break in one study and with sprouts and roots after nine months in another study were increased. The rooted cuttings grew rapidly like juvenile material and showed no plagiotrophic effects during the first year after transplanting. At the end of that year the dry weight was 2.13 Mg ha{sup -1} (1.2 m x 3.6 m spacing) and was distributed in stems (31%), branches (14%), leaves (24%) and roots (31%). An IBA rooting powder decreased rooting success. Planting cuttings directly in the nursery, rather than first in the greenhouse, increased success when frost was absent. Use of cuttings of greater than 14 m diameter with a node within 2 cm of the base increased success. Clonal differences in frost susceptibility of sprouting cuttings were observed. (author)

  18. Facial rejuvenation: Serial fat graft transfer

    Saad Mohamed Saad Ibrahiem


    Feb 1, 2016 ... patients ranging in age from 18 to 69 years (mean age 34 years). Results: The ... 2 cases of post-burn scarring, one affecting the hand and the other .... these will result in excellent long standing and stable aesthetic results.

  19. Front propagation and rejuvenation in flipping processes

    Ben-naim, Eli [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Krapivsky, P I [BOSTON UNIV; Antal, T [HARVARD UNIV; Ben - Avrahm, D [HARVARD UNIV


    We study a directed flipping process that underlies the performance of the random edge simplex algorithm. In this stochastic process, which takes place on a one-dimensional lattice whose sites may be either occupied or vacant, occupied sites become vacant at a constant rate and simultaneously cause all sites to the right to change their state. This random process exhibits rich phenomenology. First, there is a front, defined by the position of the leftmost occupied site, that propagates at a nontrivial velocity. Second, the front involves a depletion zone with an excess of vacant sites. The total excess {Delta}{sub k} increases logarithmically, {Delta}{sub k} {approx_equal}ln k, with the distance k from the front. Third, the front exhibits ageing -- young fronts are vigorous but old fronts are sluggish. We investigate these phenomena using a quasi-static approximation, direct solutions of small systems and numerical simulations.

  20. Rejuvenating the Teaching of United States History

    Martin, Edward C.; Sandler, Martin W.


    Questions and activities using still pictures, audio materials, simulations and games, popular arts, literature in the new social studies projects are given. Combinations of the right kind of media around fundamental human issues may help students get meaningful answers to the questions posed in the history classroom. (VW)

  1. J85 Rejuvenation Through Technology Insertion


    protective coating at this ABB Alstom to share the development cost. Due to interface, it was felt that this introduced an the exceptional number of in...proved to be Inconel 718. program. GE and ABB Alstom agreed to fund the remainder of the development and certification in Inco 718 had previously been...FAR33 rules, with the proviso that GE and ABB both probabilistic and deterministic methodologies, Alstom provide additional information to the USAF a

  2. Use of barbed threads in facial rejuvenation

    Kalra Rakesh


    Full Text Available Use of barbed threads, available with uni- and bi-directional cogs or barbs, is a semi-invasive method of lifting sagging skin of the face. Areas treated with this method include the eyebrows, the cheeks, the jowls and the neck. Ease of use and a shorter down-time have made their use popular. Specific indications, operative procedures, risks and complications are described and some clinical results of the author shown.

  3. Glycolic Acid peels for nail rejuvenation.

    Banga, Gurvinder; Patel, Kalpana


    With the increasing use of nail paints, nail art, acetone, repeated manicures, cosmetic nail procedures and detergents, the nail plate undergoes regular damage resulting in rough, lusterless and pigmented nails. Besides that onychomycosis, nail lichen planus, nail pitting and ridging due to various diseases also cause cosmetically disfiguring nails. The study is directed toward use of 70% glycolic acid for controlled keratolysis of the nail-plate, resulting that could result in shinier, smoother and brighter nails. A prospective single-center open-label uncontrolled study of 31 patients, 22 with dry, rough, discolored nails and 9 with hyperkeratotic nails were included in the study group. After examination and ruling out any infection, petroleum jelly was applied on the cuticle margins of the nails for protection and 70% glycolic acid was applied over the nail plate for 45 minutes. In dry rough discolored nails, only a single sitting was done while in hyper-keratotic nail conditions multiple weekly sittings were done. In 22 patients with dry rough nails, 80% showed good improvement, 10% showed average improvement, whereas 10% were non-responsive. Nine patients with thickened nail plate showed good improvement in 60% average improvement in 25% improvement and 15% were non-responsive, after multiple sessions. Controlled keratolysis of the nail plate with application of 70% glycolic acid can be a promising treatment for modality for thick, uneven, rough and pigmented nail-plate conditions with cosmetically pleasing results.

  4. Deep plane facelifting for facial rejuvenation.

    Gordon, Neil; Adam, Stewart


    The purpose of this article is to provide the facial plastic surgeon with anatomical and embryologic evidence to support the use of the deep plane technique for optimal treatment of facial aging. A detailed description of the procedure is provided to allow safe and consistent performance. Insights into anatomical landmarks, technical nuances, and alternative approaches for facial variations are presented. The following points will be further elucidated in the article. The platysma muscle/submuscular aponeurotic system/galea are the continuous superficial cervical fascia encompassing the majority of facial fat, and this superficial soft tissue envelope is poorly anchored to the face. The deep cervical fascia binds the structural aspects of the face and covers the facial nerve and buccal fat pad. Facial aging is mainly due to gravity's long-term effects on the superficial soft tissue envelope, with more subtle effects on the deeper structural compartments. The deep plane is the embryologic cleavage plane between these fascial layers, and is the logical place for facial dissection. The deep plane allows access to the buccal fat pad for treatment of jowling. Soft tissue mobilization is maximized in deep plane dissections and requires careful hairline planning. Flap advancement creates tension only at the fascia level allowing natural, tension-free skin closure, and long-lasting outcomes. The deep plane advancement flap is well vascularized and resistant to complications.

  5. Rejuvenating liver and pancreas through celltransdifferentiation

    Fei Yi; Guang-Hui Liu; Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte


    Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the cell transdifferentiation technologies are providing powerful tools to generate patient-specific cells for research and therapeutic applications.Hepatocytes and pancreatic βcells are two endoderm-derived cell types drawing much attention due to their indispensable physiological functions and strong association with various diseases.Recent advances in hepatocyte and β cell transdifferentiation have provided valuable insights into how to regenerate and restore normal functions of liver and pancreas under pathological conditions. The discovery of iPSCs in 2006 has revoked the commandment that cell differentiation and lineage specification is an irreversible process,hence fundamentally changing the way we comprehend and study cell fate determination.An ultimate goal of regenerative medicine is built on the passion to produce healthy human cells for cell therapies.

  6. Is it time to rejuvenate the forceps?

    Talukdar, Sanchila


    The obstetric forceps was designed to assist extraction of the foetal head and thereby accomplish delivery of the foetus in the second stage of labour. More than 700 types of obstetric forceps have been described. An understanding of the anatomy of the birth canal and the foetal head is a prerequisite to becoming a skilled and safe user of forceps. Operative vaginal delivery rates have remained stable at between 10 and 13 %. The last few decades has seen a rise in caesarean section, along with the introduction and safe use of the vacuum extractor. This has resulted in a decline both in the use of the obstetric forceps as well as in the training for the same. The forceps is less likely to fail when used as the primary instrument thereby reducing the need for the sequential use of two instruments which increase the morbidity of the neonate. Perineal trauma is more likely to occur with the use of the forceps but the evidence is that the maternal concern is less when compared to the ventouse. Simulation training is an important part of obstetric training. Application of forceps blades in the simulation setting can improve the skill level of obstetricians. The use of the forceps should not be decreasing and more senior involvement in training is necessary so that juniors develop the proper skills to perform forceps delivery in a competent and safe manner. It is vital that the art of the forceps is not lost to future generations of obstetricians and the women they care for.

  7. 马克思主义世界历史理论视野下的中华民族伟大复兴中国梦%Chinese Dream of Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation f rom the Perspective of Marxism World History Theory



    Achieving modernization and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the biggest dream since modern times and glorious tradition of struggling to pursue progress of our ancestors .The truthful conclusion that only socialism can save China and the socialist modernization route is the only way to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation for the Chinese dream is draw n from development of China’s history .Only walking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics can achieve socialist mo dernization and realize the dream of Chinese nations ’ rejuvenation under the condition of low production development level after leaping over the Carffdin Canyon of capitalism and moving toward socialism .In the process of realizing Chinese dream ,we should preserve fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and safeguard the common interests of mankind ,learn from achievements of modern civilization and transcend them .%实现现代化,实现中华民族伟大复兴,是中华民族近代以来最伟大的梦想,是先人们不懈奋斗追求进步的光荣传统。只有社会主义才能救中国,只有社会主义现代化道路才是实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦的必由之路,这是从中国历史发展中得出的一个真理性结论。跨越资本主义“卡夫丁峡谷”,直接走向社会主义后,在生产发展水平很低的条件下,只有走中国特色社会主义道路,才能实现社会主义现代化,实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦。在实现中国梦的过程中,我们既要维护中华民族的根本利益,也要维护全人类的共同利益;既要借鉴现代文明成果,也要超越现代文明成果。

  8. 自体脂肪移植联合A型肉毒毒素注射在面部年轻化治疗中的应用%Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation via autologous fat graft and botulinum toxin type A injection

    王忠志; 杨盼


    Objective To explore the surgical method and curative effect of facial rejuvenation via autologous fat graft combined with botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A)injection.Methods Fat granule were transplanted at fore-head,temporal,lacrimal groove or nasolabial region as soft tissue filler.While BTX-A was injected at frontal wrinkle,frown lines,radix nasi cross grain,crow′s feet and creases around the mouth for rhytidectomy,and in massester for lower facial recontour,at one week after fat graft.Results Totally 150 patients were treated by the operation mentioned above,and satisfactory outcome were obtained.Conclusion Autologous fat graft combined with BTX-A injection is safe and effective and it is an ideal cosmetic surgery for facial rejuvenation.%目的:探讨自体脂肪移植联合 A 型肉毒毒素注射在面部年轻化治疗中的应用。方法将获取的自体脂肪颗粒填充于额部、颞部凹陷及泪沟、鼻唇沟畸形,术后1周行 A 型肉毒毒素注射治疗额横纹、眉间纹、鼻根横纹、鱼尾纹、口周细纹等,麻痹肥大的咬肌以修饰下面部轮廓。结果共对150例求美者进行治疗,疗效满意。结论自体脂肪移植联合 A 型肉毒毒素注射安全、可靠,是一种理想的面部年轻化美容方法。

  9. The Tolerance Ability to Low Temperature of Radopholus similis Reduced Cultured Longterm on Carrot Callus and Recovered Rejuvenated on Anthurium andraeanum%胡萝卜愈伤组织上长期培养和红掌上复壮繁殖对相似穿孔线虫耐低温能力的影响

    武玉环; 谢辉; 徐春玲; 张超; 金惺惺


    The enduring fitness to low temperature of six isolates of Radopholus similis from ornamental plants was studied through longterm culture propagation on carrot callus and rejuvenation culturing on An-thurium andraeanum. The tolerance to low temperature of R. similis was determined by culturing on carrot callus. The results showed that the tolerance to low temperature of R. similis reduced after successive culturing on carrot callus for six generations, and the survival and fecundity decreased significantly. After rejuvenation on A. andraeanum, the survival and fecundity of R. similis could recover in different degrees, namely the resistant capacity to low temperature was enhanced. The tolerance to low temperature of R. similis was different in longterm cultured carrot callus according to the varying nematode groups. Similarly, the degree of recovery of the resistance to low temperature was also different after being cultured on A. andraeanum.%利用从观赏植物上截获的相似穿孔线虫Radopholus similis6个种群,研究在胡萝卜愈伤组织上长期培养繁殖和在红掌Anthurium andraeanum上接种繁殖复壮后,相似穿孔线虫耐低温能力的变化.将经2种方式培养繁殖的相似穿孔线虫接种在胡萝卜愈伤组织上,测定其耐低温能力.结果表明,在胡萝卜愈伤组织上长期(6代)连续培养后,相似穿孔线虫的耐低温能力降低,在低温下的生存能力和繁殖能力明显降低;通过在自然寄主植物红掌根系上接种繁殖后,相似穿孔线虫在低温下的生存和繁殖能力又可得到不同程度的恢复,即耐低温能力得到复壮.胡萝卜愈伤组织上长期培养繁殖对相似穿孔线虫不同群体耐低温能力的影响不同,相似穿孔线虫不同种群在红掌上繁殖后耐低温能力的恢复程度也有所不同.

  10. Study on Present Development of Academic Research in Higher Vocational Colleges and Necessity of Relying on Scientific and Academic Research to Rejuvenate Higher Vocational Education%高职科研形势分析和实施“科研兴校”战略之必然



    The four major responsibilities of higher vocational education are training qualified workforce, undertaking scientific and academic research project, serving the social development and inheriting and passing on culture. To higher vocational colleges, the paper maintains that training qualified workforce is the core and the most important, while the scientific and academic research is the supporting force, serving social development is the ultimate objective, passing on culture is the fundamental responsibility. After studying the recent development of scientific and academic research in higher vocation colleges, the paper puts forward that the scientific and academic research is growing in importance, con- sidering which researchers and scholars should be motivated to devote themselves to the academic research. Finally, it elaborates on the necessity of relying on scientific and academic research to rejuvenate higher vocational education.%高职教育四大职能:"培养人才、科学研究、社会服务、文化传承",人才培养是核心,科学研究是支撑,社会服务是需要,文化传承是根本,科研工作的重要地位日益明显。为了提高高职教育工作者的科研积极性,文章分析了高职当前科研工作形势,阐述了实施"科研兴校"战略的必然要求。

  11. Disección anatómica de la musculatura mímica facial: revisión iconográfica de apoyo a los tratamientos complementarios en rejuvenecimiento facial Anatomical dissection of the mimic facial musculature: iconographic review as a support to the complementary treatments in facial rejuvenation

    C. Casado Sánchez


    Full Text Available A la hora de valorar las múltiples técnicas empleadas en el rejuvenecimiento facial y centrándonos de manera particular en aquellos procedimientos mínimamente invasivos complementarios a las intervenciones habituales en Cirugía Plástica-Estética, cobra especial relevancia el conocimiento exhaustivo de las estructuras musculares implicadas en la mímica facial. A tal efecto, se ha realizado un estudio anatómico en cadáveres frescos, en los que se han disecado las principales estructuras referidas. Se presenta un resumen iconográfico de los músculos faciales implicados, haciendo hincapié en su anatomía descriptiva y funcional, así como un recuerdo de las principales áreas problemáticas por alguna circunstancia especial (presencia de un nervio sensitivo o motor.To value the multiple technologies involved in facial rejuvenation and focusing in those minimally invasive complementary procedures to the usual Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeries, it´s very important the exhaustive knowledge of the muscular structures involved in the facial movements. To such an effect, an anatomical study has been realized in fresh corpses, dissecting the principal above-mentioned structures. We present an iconographic summary of the facial implied muscles, emphasizing in his descriptive and functional anatomy, as well as a recollection of the principal problematic areas for some special circumstance (presence of a sensory or motor nerve.

  12. 肉毒毒素和透明质酸联合使用在面部年轻化处理中的应用%The application of botulinum toxin combined with hyaluronic acid in the cosmetic for the face rejuvenation

    高琳; 殷荣; 王媛丽; 宋文婷(综述); 王刚(审校)


    The combination of Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid is widely used in the field of minimally invasive surgery currently.This article summarizes the methods of facial wrinkles, circuitry and volume loss in the face by a single or combined Type A botulinum toxin and hyaluronic injection, and elucidates the concrete implementation plans and rules. Besides, it introduces the common complications and also supplies related treatments which provide a reference for the face rejuvenation.%注射肉毒毒素和透明质酸是目前微创美容治疗最常使用的方法。本文概述了A型肉毒毒素和透明质酸填充剂单独或联合应用对面部各区域皱纹、沟回和容量缺失的治疗方法,总结具体的实施方案和原则,介绍常见并发症及处理方式,为面部年轻化治疗提供参考。

  13. The Path Selection of Chinese Liberalists towards National Rejuvenation After the Anti -Japanese War (1945-1949)---Oriented to the Image of Chinese Communist Party in Liberal Political Journals%战后自由主义者民族复兴的路径选择(1945-1949)--以自由主义期刊中的中共形象为中心



    After the victory of the Second Sino -Japanese War,China was facing the important opportunities of national rejuvenation.With the appeal for “Middle of the Road”,the liberalists proposed a blueprint for national rejuvenation different from both Chinese Nationalist Party and Chinese Communist Party (CCP).With the critiques of Chinese Communist Party in liberal political journals as the entry point,this paper demonstrates the image of Chinese Communist Party in liberal journals by analyzing 1)the socialism and neo -democratic path,2)the nature,and 3)the political policy and achievements of Chinese Communist Party.From this perspective,this paper sheds light on the unique path of Chinese liberalists towards national rejuve-nation.%抗战胜利后,中国面临民族复兴的重要时代机遇,自由主义者以“中间道路”相号召,形成了不同于国共两党的民族复兴的蓝图设计。本文以自由主义政论期刊对中共的评价为切入点,从分析共产党的社会主义理论与新民主主义路线、共产党的性质、共产党现行政策及其政绩三方面展现自由主义期刊中的中共形象,并以此为视角,从一个侧面彰显和印证自由主义者特有的民族复兴的路径选择。

  14. A Study on the Effect of the Regional Development Strategies and the Rejuvenation of Old Industrial Bases in Northeastern China based on Cross-shareholding Networks of the Listed Companies%基于上市公司交叉持股网络的区域发展政策成效

    马源源; 庄新田; 李凌轩


    选择沪深两市2000~2009年的上市公司的数据,将上市公司按其所在省份进行划分.以某一省的所有上市公司对另一省的所有上市公司的投资来反映这两省之间的相互投资关系.实际数据证实了省间的相互投资网络属于典型的稀疏型无标度网络,网络中存在相对较多的hub节点.通过聚类分析、绘制网络图的方式研究了网络的变化趋势,证明了西部大开发政策和振兴东北老工业基地政策对缩小中国各省之间的贫富差距的成效并不显著.其中,辽宁是振兴东北老工业基地政策最大的受益者.最后,通过计算网络中西部省份、东北三省与其地区间的相互投资总额,证实了西部大开发政策从2005年开始取得了一定的成效,证明了宏观经济政策的效果逐渐显现.%The data of list of listed companies and its largest shareholders in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2000 to 2009 are collected. The listed companies are divided by their locations at provincial level. The amount of shares from a province's listed companies to another province's listed companies represents the mutual investment relationship of the two provinces. The network constructed in this way is called mutual investments network and it is a sparse scale-free network with relatively more vertices. Through cluster analysis and network analysis, the networks change trends are studied. It shows that the Development of the West Regions and the Rejuvenation of Old Industrial Bases in Northeastern China based on the mutual cross-shareholding networks of the listed companies haven't reduced the wealth gap between the poor provinces and developed provinces significantly, and Liaoning province benefits mostly from the strategy of Rejuvenation of Old Industrial Bases in Northeastern China in the past few years. By computing the total assets of the mutual investment between the twelve provinces in Western China (or the three

  15. Effects of Combined Therapy of 3-Dimensional Dual-Wave Long Lattice Laser and Alexandrite Laser for Facial Rejuvenation%双波长立体点阵激光联合翠绿宝石激光照射对面部皮肤年轻化的疗效观察

    林泽旭; 庄黎明; 吴晓红; 吴烽芳


    Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the combined therapy of 3D double-wave point-lattice laser and alexandrite laser for facial rejuvenation. Methods Altogether 156 patients aged over 35 years old with obvious nevi and wrinkles in the face were given 2 courses of joint restoration treatment with Cynosure-AffirmTM 3D double-wave (1 320 run +1440 nm) point-lattice laser and Cynosure-AccoladeTM alexan-drite laser (755 nm). The patients paid a return visit a month after the last treatment. With the results of clinical observation and photograph-based comparison, the therapeutic efficacy was graded by improvement of depressed scars, numbers of disappeared nevi and elimination of facial wrinkles as no effect, slight effect, moderate effect and excellent effect. The effective power of the treatment was determined according to the ratios of slight, moderate and excellent efficacy. Complications such as hyperpigmentation, depigmentation and hyperplastic scar were not found. Results The therapy has effects on all the 156 patients and no complication occurred. While slight efficacy being observed in 35 cases (22. 4% ) , moderate efficacy in 102 cases (65.4% ) and excellent efficacy in 19 cases (12. 2% ) , a total effective rate of 100% and a satisfactory rate of 77. 6% were realized. Conclusions The combination of 3D double-wave point-lattice laser and alexandrite laser is safe and effective for facial rejuvenation and worthy of promotion.%目的 评估双波长立体点阵激光联合翠绿宝石激光对面部皮肤年轻化的效果和安全性.方法 颜面部色素性病变及皱纹明显的患者156例,年龄35~56岁,采用双波长(1 320 nm+1 440 nm)立体点阵激光联合翠绿宝石激光(波长755 nm)照射后治疗2个疗程.末次治疗后1个月,按照色素病损消失面积、面部皱纹消失程度评定疗效.同时观察有无色素沉着、色素减退等并发症.结果 156例患者中轻度改善35例(22.4%),中度改善102例(65.4

  16. Rejuvenate experience for hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hyaluronic acid injection in facial wrinkles around nose and lip%医用羟丙基甲基纤维素-透明质酸钠溶液在鼻唇部年轻化中的应用体会

    罗盛康; 陈光平


    Objective To explore the effect of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hyaluronic acid injection in facial wrinkles around nose and lip. Methods From September 2009 to June 2012, totally 131 patients with nasolabial fold wrinkles and angulus oris wrinkles were treated by hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hyaluronic acid injection. Results The 45 cases (the rate is 79. 4% ) were followed up. The follow-up period after the surgery was 6 to 25 months (mean 14. 7 months) , and 98. 1% patients were satisfied. Conclusion Injection of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hyaluronic acid for the treatment of facial wrinkles around nose and lip can obtain satisfactory rejuvenation results.%目的 探讨医用羟丙基甲基纤维素-透明质酸钠溶液在鼻唇部皱纹治疗中的临床应用效果.方法 自2009年9月至2012年6月,对131例鼻唇沟纹、口角纹的求美者注射医用羟丙基甲基纤维素-透明质酸钠溶液.结果 本组104例求美者术后获得随访,随访率79.4%,随访时间6~25个月,平均随访时间14.7个月,术后满意率98.1%.结论 应用医用羟丙基甲基纤维素-透明质酸钠溶液治疗鼻唇部皱纹,可以获得较满意的年轻化效果.

  17. Introduction to the Special Issue on Heart Regeneration and Rejuvenation

    Richard P. Harvey


    Full Text Available Despite therapeutic advances that slow its progression, heart disease remains the world's leading cause of death. Until recently, the “Holy Grail” of cardiac biology, to regenerate the damaged heart, appeared to be a fantastical and quixotic quest. However, recent studies showing that the mammalian heart possesses an innate, albeit limited, regenerative capacity offer hope that effective cardiac regeneration may be an attainable goal. This Special Issue of Stem Cell Research reviews the remarkable progress that has been made in this field in the last few years.

  18. Stem cells have the potential to rejuvenate regenerative medicine research.

    Eve, David J; Fillmore, Randolph; Borlongan, Cesar V; Sanberg, Paul R


    The increasing number of publications featuring the use of stem cells in regenerative processes supports the idea that they are revolutionizing regenerative medicine research. In an analysis of the articles published in the journal Cell Transplantation - The Regenerative Medicine Journal between 2008 and 2009, which reveals the topics and categories that are on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine research, stem cells are becoming increasingly relevant as the "runner-up" category to "neuroscience" related articles. The high volume of stem cell research casts a bright light on the hope for stem cells and their role in regenerative medicine as a number of reports deal with research using stem cells entering, or seeking approval for, clinical trials. The "methods and new technologies" and "tissue engineering" sections were almost equally as popular, and in part, reflect attempts to maximize the potential of stem cells and other treatments for the repair of damaged tissue. Transplantation studies were again more popular than non-transplantation, and the contribution of stem cell-related transplants was greater than other types of transplants. The non-transplantation articles were predominantly related to new methods for the preparation, isolation and manipulation of materials for transplant by specific culture media, gene therapy, medicines, dietary supplements, and co-culturing with other cells and further elucidation of disease mechanisms. A sizeable proportion of the transplantation articles reported on how previously new methods may have aided the ability of the cells or tissue to exert beneficial effects following transplantation.

  19. Early Scientific Results from the Rejuvenated Hubble Space Telescope

    Niedner, Malcolm


    With the complete success of Servicing Mission 4 (SM4) to the Hubble Space Telescope in May, 2009, the Observatory's capabilities are extremely broad and beyond anything it has previously been equipped with. I will present results on the important early science corning out of the telescope and discuss prospects for the future."

  20. Anisotropic models are unitary: A rejuvenation of standard quantum cosmology

    Pal, Sridip


    The present work proves that the folk-lore of the pathology of non-conservation of probability in quantum anisotropic models is wrong. It is shown in full generality that all operator ordering can lead to a Hamiltonian with a self-adjoint extension as long as it is constructed to be a symmetric operator, thereby making the problem of non-unitarity in context of anisotropic homogeneous model a ghost. Moreover, it is indicated that the self-adjoint extension is not unique and this non-uniqueness is suspected not to be a feature of Anisotropic model only, in the sense that there exists operator orderings such that Hamiltonian for an isotropic homogeneous cosmological model does not have unique self-adjoint extension, albeit for isotropic model, there is a special unique extension associated with quadratic form of Hamiltonian i.e {\\it Friedrichs extension}. Details of calculations are carried out for a Bianchi III model.

  1. Facial rejuvenation with fillers: The dual plane technique

    Giovanni Salti


    Full Text Available Background: Facial aging is characterized by skin changes, sagging and volume loss. Volume is frequently addressed with reabsorbable fillers like hyaluronic acid gels. Materials and Methods: From an anatomical point of view, the deep and superficial fat compartments evolve differently with aging in a rather predictable manner. Volume can therefore be restored following a technique based on restoring first the deep volumes and there after the superficial volumes. We called this strategy "dual plane". A series of 147 consecutive patients have been treated with fillers using the dual plane technique in the last five years. Results: An average of 4.25 session per patient has been carried out for a total of 625 treatment sessions. The average total amount of products used has been 12 ml per patient with an average amount per session of 3.75 ml. We had few and limited adverse events with this technique. Conclusion: The dual plane technique is an injection technique based on anatomical logics. Different types of products can be used according to the plane of injection and their rheology in order to obtain a natural result and few side effects.


    Avantaggiato, A; Pascali, M; Lauritano, D; Cura, F; Pezzetti, F; Palmieri, A


    The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the role of hyaluronic acid in bio-revitalization by testing several extracellular matrix biological parameters in cultured dermal fibroblasts. To this aim, fibroblastic expressed genes after exposition to three hyaluronic acid medical devices were evaluated. Cells were seeded on a layer of three different medical devices containing 6.2, 10 and 20 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid for 24 h. Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction was performed to investigate gene expressions. Genes encoding hyaluronic acid synthesis and degradation, Metalloproteinases 2 and 3 and Desmoplakin production as well as GDF6, and IGF1 were activated by hyaluronic acid products. The in vitro study showed similar effects on tested genes despite a different concentration of hyaluronic acid contained in the medical devices and the simultaneous presence of other additives. Based on the reported data, gene activations are an aspect of metabolic modulation of signalling pathways rather than the proportional production of a specific connective tissue molecule. Indeed different hyaluronic acid concentration and the presence of other additives did not change the overall effect on the studied genes. We believe that the optimization of extracellular matrix micro-environment, obtained by enhanced structural support with hyaluronic acid, leads to functional and metabolic improvement.

  3. Development and Peace Hold Key To National Rejuvenation


    While developing productivity and immensely increasing material wealth, China needs to gradually secure fairness and social justice, said Premier Wen Jiabao in an essay published on February 26. He called these the “two interrelated and mutually benefici

  4. Lipofilling With Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lifting for Enhanced Rejuvenation

    Willemsen, Joep C. N.; Mulder, Karlijn M.; Stevens, Hieronymus P. J. D.

    Background: Loss of volume is an important aspect in facial aging, but its relevance is frequently neglected during treatment. Objectives: The authors discuss lipofilling as an ancillary procedure to improve the impact of facelifting procedures. Methods: Fifty patients who underwent minimal access

  5. An overview on ashwagandha: a Rasayana (rejuvenator) of Ayurveda.

    Singh, Narendra; Bhalla, Mohit; de Jager, Prashanti; Gilca, Marilena


    Withania somnifera (Ashawagandha) is very revered herb of the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as a Rasayana (tonic). It is used for various kinds of disease processes and specially as a nervine tonic. Considering these facts many scientific studies were carried out and its adaptogenic / anti-stress activities were studied in detail. In experimental models it increases the stamina of rats during swimming endurance test and prevented adrenal gland changes of ascorbic acid and cortisol content produce by swimming stress. Pretreatment with Withania somnifera (WS) showed significance protection against stress induced gastric ulcers. WS have anti-tumor effect on Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell carcinoma. It was also found effective against urethane induced lung-adenoma in mice. In some cases of uterine fibroids, dermatosarcoma, long term treatment with WS controlled the condition. It has a Cognition Promoting Effect and was useful in children with memory deficit and in old age people loss of memory. It was also found useful in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Huntington's and Alzeimer's diseases. It has GABA mimetic effect and was shown to promote formation of dendrites. It has anxiolytic effect and improves energy levels and mitochondrial health. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agent and was found useful in clinical cases of Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. Large scale studies are needed to prove its clinical efficacy in stress related disorders, neuronal disorders and cancers.

  6. An Overview on Ashwagandha: A Rasayana (Rejuvenator) of Ayurveda

    Singh, Narendra; Bhalla, Mohit; de Jager, Prashanti; Gilca, Marilena


    Withania somnifera (Ashawagandha) is very revered herb of the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as a Rasayana (tonic). It is used for various kinds of disease processes and specially as a nervine tonic. Considering these facts many scientific studies were carried out and its adaptogenic / anti-stress activities were studied in detail. In experimental models it increases the stamina of rats during swimming endurance test and prevented adrenal gland changes of ascorbic acid and cortisol conte...

  7. A 25th Anniversary Rejuvenation for the SPS


    The SPS has just turned 25, and to mark the occasion it has been treated to a facelift like none before. After serving as injector for LEP, the SPS is being prepared to pre-accelerate proton beams for the LHC.

  8. New Tools for Computational Geometry and Rejuvenation of Screw Theory

    Hestenes, David

    Conformal Geometric Algebraic (CGA) provides ideal mathematical tools for construction, analysis, and integration of classical Euclidean, Inversive & Projective Geometries, with practical applications to computer science, engineering, and physics. This paper is a comprehensive introduction to a CGA tool kit. Synthetic statements in classical geometry translate directly to coordinate-free algebraic forms. Invariant and covariant methods are coordinated by conformal splits, which are readily related to the literature using methods of matrix algebra, biquaternions, and screw theory. Designs for a complete system of powerful tools for the mechanics of linked rigid bodies are presented.

  9. Subsurface Laser and Radiofrequency for Face and Body Rejuvenation.

    DiBernardo, Barry E; DiBernardo, Gabriella; Pozner, Jason N


    Minimally invasive devices are a departure from standard laser therapies, because energy is delivered directly below the skin through a 1-mm incision. Lasers can affect such tissues as fat for enhanced disruption, coagulation of small blood vessels, and skin tightening at the right temperatures. Minimally invasive radiofrequency devices can tighten skin but can also improve neck muscle laxity. These devices can achieve results not possible with traditional external devices and, because the skin is not penetrated with energy, a much improved healing profile is seen as well. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Rejuvenating the sun and avoiding other global catastrophes

    Beech, Martin


    Canadian academic Martin Beech has written a text that crosses the line between science fiction and science fact. Put simply, his book details a method that just might be able to stop the Sun from losing its power and, ultimately, save humanity and the Earth itself.

  11. A new RF system for a rejuvenated Synchro-cyclotron


    The Synchro-cyclotron is shown here shortly after the completion of the improvement programme, which left the steel magnet yoke as almost the only remaining component of the original machine. On the left can be seen the rotary condenser which produces the frequency modulation required for the acceleration (one of a pair available -in this instance ROTCO II). (see photo 7506015)

  12. Lipofilling With Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lifting for Enhanced Rejuvenation

    Willemsen, Joep C. N.; Mulder, Karlijn M.; Stevens, Hieronymus P. J. D.


    Background: Loss of volume is an important aspect in facial aging, but its relevance is frequently neglected during treatment. Objectives: The authors discuss lipofilling as an ancillary procedure to improve the impact of facelifting procedures. Methods: Fifty patients who underwent minimal access c

  13. Ziziphus mauritiana leaf extract emulsion for skin rejuvenation

    Pharmacotherapy Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, ... the safety of synthetic antioxidants, thus ... plays a significant role. ..... documented antimicrobial activity [12], which ... in patients with inflammatory skin diseases.

  14. Turning Back Time: Rheological and Microstructural Assessment of Rejuvenated Bitumen

    Nahar, S.N.; Schmets, A.J.M.; Schlangen, E.; Shirazi, M.; van de Ven, M.F.C.; Schitter, G.; Scarpas, A.


    Countermeasures to the ageing of bituminous asphalt binders is a highly important topic, both for service-life extension of asphalt ‘in the field’ and for recycling old pavements (RAP) into new structures with similar functional requirements as the original structure. Usually this is achieved by app

  15. Molecular aging and rejuvenation of human muscle stem cells

    Carlson, Morgan E; Suetta, Charlotte; Conboy, Michael J


    Very little remains known about the regulation of human organ stem cells (in general, and during the aging process), and most previous data were collected in short-lived rodents. We examined whether stem cell aging in rodents could be extrapolated to genetically and environmentally variable humans....... Our findings establish key evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of human stem cell aging. We find that satellite cells are maintained in aged human skeletal muscle, but fail to activate in response to muscle attrition, due to diminished activation of Notch compounded by elevated transforming growth...... factor beta (TGF-beta)/phospho Smad3 (pSmad3). Furthermore, this work reveals that mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK)/phosphate extracellular signal-regulated kinase (pERK) signalling declines in human muscle with age, and is important for activating Notch in human muscle stem cells. This molecular...

  16. Rejuvenecimiento periorbitario no invasivo Non-invasive periorbital rejuvenation

    J. L. Muñóz del Olmo


    Full Text Available Cirujanos plásticos y médicos estéticos se esfuerzan por lograr resultados satisfactorios y estéticos que mejoren o suavicen el paso del tiempo a nivel facial, con un especial interés o énfasis en el área periorbitaria. Un gran número de pacientes consultan para mejorar esta zona, pero por diferentes motivos desean que los procedimientos que se les realicen sean poco invasivos y con resultados rápidos, permitiéndoles así incorporarse lo antes posible a sus actividades cotidianas. Es fundamental el conocimiento de las proporciones faciales y periorbitarias para lograr resultados naturales. El objetivo de la técnica que proponemos es lograr una bioestimulación local de la piel, restaurar los volúmenes y reducir las arrugas de expresión o dinámicas, consiguiendo así una apariencia relajada y juvenil en el paciente.Plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors are making an effort to reach positive aesthetic results. Their aim is to soften the effects of age on facial features stressing in the periorbital area. Many patients come to improve their facial image on this area, but they are asking for non-invasive and fast procedures to keep on their daily life. It is indispensable the knowledge of facial and periorbital proportions to achieve a more natural effect. The aim of the technique exposed is to achieve a local bioestimulation on skin, to restore volumes and to reduce expression and dynamical wrinkles. The expected result is a relaxing, youthful appearance.

  17. El rol del lifting endoscópico fronto-témporo-orbitario en el nuevo concepto de rejuvenecimiento facial: Mini-invasivo, tensión moderada, restauración de volúmenes The importance of brow-temporal-orbital endoscopic facelift in the new concept of facial rejuvenation: low invasiveness, moderate tension, volume restauration

    A. Gennai


    Full Text Available En el concepto moderno de rejuvenecimiento facial, lo principal es conseguir un resultado natural evitando las marcas quirúrgicas y limitando las cicatrices. El lifting endoscopio fronto-témporo-orbitario es, en nuestra opinión, el mejor método para conseguir este objetivo. Entre sus peculiaridades están el ser una técnica mínimamente invasiva, que proporciona una tensión moderada natural a los tejidos blandos de la cara y redistribuye y restaura los volúmenes faciales con el mínimo de resección cutánea, logrando un resultado lo más natural posible. Al mismo tiempo, conseguimos la armonía entre las estructuras anatómicas faciales, mínimas incisiones y mínimas cicatrices. En nuestra práctica, cuando es necesario, asociamos lipofilling del área zigomático-malar, de la región perioral y de las mejillas y un rejuvenecimiento facial superficial con láser de Erbio. Para el tercio inferior de la cara empleamos estiramiento cervicofacial con cicatriz reducida. Entre Noviembre de 1998 y Diciembre de 2006 hemos realizado 221 liftings endoscópicos fronto-témporo-orbitarios: 21 hombres y 200 mujeres de edades comprendidas entre los 28 y los 55 años. Practicamos la disección en el plano infra o supragaleal según las zonas; continuamos seccionando el músculo procerus, el corrugador y la porción orbitaria del músculo orbicular a nivel del párpado inferior. Finalmente, practicamos una tracción sagital fijando puntos de acuerdo a un vector paramediano y a otro horario. Los resultados a largo plazo (6, 12 y 24 meses revelan una notable satisfacción por parte de los pacientes con un resultado estético que permanece natural en el tiempo.Primary object in modern concept of facial rejuvenation is to give a natural result, reducing the surgical cuts and limiting the scars. The fronto-temporal-orbital endoscopic facelift is, in our opinion, the best way to satisfy this purpose. Its peculiarities, such as mini-invasive technique

  18. Effects of polarization and absorption on laser induced optical breakdown threshold for skin rejuvenation

    Varghese, Babu; Bonito, Valentina; Turco, Simona; Verhagen, Rieko


    Laser induced optical breakdown (LIOB) is a non-linear absorption process leading to plasma formation at locations where the threshold irradiance for breakdown is surpassed. In this paper we experimentally demonstrate the influence of polarization and absorption on laser induced breakdown threshold in transparent, absorbing and scattering phantoms made from water suspensions of polystyrene microspheres. We demonstrate that radially polarized light yields a lower irradiance threshold for creating optical breakdown compared to linearly polarized light. We also demonstrate that the thermal initiation pathway used for generating seed electrons results in a lower irradiance threshold compared to multiphoton initiation pathway used for optical breakdown.

  19. Cost-effective industrial software rejuvenation using domain-specific models

    Mooij, A.J.; Eggen, G.; Hooman, J.; Wezep, H. van


    Software maintenance consumes a significant and increasing proportion of industrial software engineering budgets, only to maintain the existing product functionality. This hinders the development of new innovative features with added value to customers. To make software development efforts more effe

  20. Clearance of senescent cells by ABT263 rejuvenates aged hematopoietic stem cells in mice

    Chang, Jianhui; Wang, Yingying; Shao, Lijian; Laberge, Remi-Martin; Demaria, Marco; Campisi, Judith; Janakiraman, Krishnamurthy; Sharpless, Norman E; Ding, Sheng; Feng, Wei; Luo, Yi; Wang, Xiaoyan; Aykin-Burns, Nukhet; Krager, Kimberly; Ponnappan, Usha; Hauer-Jensen, Martin; Meng, Aimin; Zhou, Daohong


    Senescent cells (SCs) accumulate with age and after genotoxic stress, such as total-body irradiation (TBI). Clearance of SCs in a progeroid mouse model using a transgenic approach delays several age-associated disorders, suggesting that SCs play a causative role in certain age-related pathologies. T

  1. Cenozoic rejuvenation events of Massif Central topography (France): Insights from cosmogenic denudation rates and river profiles

    Olivetti, Valerio; Godard, Vincent; Bellier, Olivier


    The French Massif Central is a part of the Hercynian orogenic belt that currently exhibits anomalously high topography. The Alpine orogenesis, which deeply marked Western European topography, involved only marginally the Massif Central, where Cenozoic faulting and short-wavelength crustal deformation is limited to the Oligocene rifting. For this reason the French Massif Central is a key site to study short- and long-term topographic response in a framework of slow tectonic activity. In particular the origin of the Massif Central topography is a topical issue still debated, where the role of mantle upwelling is invoked by different authors. Here we present a landscape analysis using denudation rates derived from basin-averaged cosmogenic nuclide concentrations coupled with longitudinal river profile analysis. This analysis allows us to recognize that the topography of the French Massif Central is not fully equilibrated with the present base level and in transient state. Our data highlight the coexistence of out-of-equilibrium river profiles, incised valleys, and low cosmogenically derived denudation rates ranging between 40 mm/kyr and 80 mm/kyr. Addressing this apparent inconsistency requires investigating the parameters that may govern erosion processes under conditions of reduced active tectonics. The spatial distribution of denudation rates coupled with topography analysis enabled us to trace the signal of the long-term uplift history and to propose a chronology for the uplift evolution of the French Massif Central.

  2. Early Scientific Results and Future Prospects for the Rejuvenated Hubble Space Telescope

    Niedner, Malcolm B.


    Following the extraordinarily successful Servicing Mission 4 (SM4) of Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in May of 2009, the Observatory is now fully equipped with a broad array of powerful science instruments that put it at the pinnacle of its scientific power. Relevant to the subject matter of the Beyond 2010 Conference, HST will be well-placed over the next five-plus years to advance our knowledge of the formation of high-redshift galaxies and their growth with cosmic time; the emergence of structure in the early universe via Dark Matter-driven gravitational instability; and the universe's expansion history and any resulting implications for the temporal character of Dark Energy. These are fitting projects for the iconic facility now celebrating its 20th anniversary in orbit.

  3. Daylight Is about to Appear and Rejuvenation Is Hard to Achieve


    @@ Dao: Although Indian National Congress succeeded in this election, it defeated BJP by a small margin. This poses a threat to Indian National Congress, for the failure BJP encountered might happen to Indian National Congress in the future.

  4. Rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens by Repeated Grafting of Shoot Tips onto Juvenile Rootstocks in Vitro 1

    Huang, Li-Chun; Lius, Suwenza; Huang, Bau-Lian; Murashige, Toshio; Mahdi, El Fatih M.; Van Gundy, Richard


    Repeated grafting of 1.5-centimeter long shoot tips from an adult Sequoia sempervirens tree onto fresh, rooted juvenile stem cuttings in vitro resulted in progressive restoration of juvenile traits. After four successive grafts, stem cuttings of previously adult shoots rooted as well, branched as profusely, and grew with as much or more vigor as those of seedling shoots. Reassays disclosed retention for 3 years of rooting competence at similar levels as originally restored. Adventitious shoot formation was remanifested and callus development was depressed in stem segments from the repeatedly grafted adult. The reversion was associated with appearance and disappearance of distinctive leaf proteins. Neither gibberellic acid nor N6-beneyladenine as nutrient supplements duplicated the graft effects. ImagesFigure 2Figure 5Figure 8 PMID:16668609


    Electroless nickel plating generates substantially more waste than other metal-finishing processes due to the inherent limited bath life and the need for regular bath disposal. Electrodialysis can be used to generate electroless nickel baths, but poor membrane permselectivity, l...

  6. Research Universities for National Rejuvenation and Global Influence: China's Search for a Balanced Model

    Postiglione, Gerard A.


    The search continues for a Chinese research university model that can balance quality and quantity in research and teaching. This paper argues that finding one depends upon deepening internationalization, defining educational sovereignty, and expanding university autonomy. The paper does this by examining selected aspects in the development of the…

  7. Phototherapy in anti-aging and its photobiologic basics: a new approach to skin rejuvenation.

    Trelles, Mario A


    Intrinsic aging and photoaging of the face are constantly ongoing, and eventually result in the typical "aged" face, with visible lines and wrinkles at rest, a variety of dyschromia and a tired, dull and lax epidermis over poorly organized elastotic dermal architecture characterized by many interfibrillary spaces. Both ablative and nonablative resurfacing have been reported as solutions, the former providing excellent results, but a long patient downtime, and the latter giving little or no downtime, but less-than-ideal results. In ablative resurfacing, the epidermis is removed and replaced with a "new" epidermis, whereas in the nonablative approach the epidermis is spared through some form of cooling. In both approaches, however, the goal is to create controlled amounts of thermal damage in the dermis to stimulate the wound healing process, thus generating a tighter, better organized, "younger" dermal matrix. A better approach might be to apply prevention, rather than the cure, and to treat subjects in their very early 20s, before even fine lines have begun to appear. This "photoanti-aging" approach could be achieved with the use of very low incident levels of photon energy to stimulate the skin cells, both epidermal and dermal, at cell-specific wavelengths based on the photobiological findings of the literature over the past two decades or so, in order to increase their resistance to the effects of chronological and photoaging. Lasers and IPL systems could be used, but are extremely expensive and therapist-intensive. A new generation of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has appeared as the result of a spin-off from the US NASA Space Medicine Program, which are much more powerful than the previous generation with quasimonochromatic outputs. These LEDs can offer target specificity to achieve photobiomodulated enhanced action potentials of the skin cells, in particular mast cells, macrophages, endotheliocytes, and fibroblasts, plus increases in local blood and lymphatic flow, in a noninvasive, athermal manner. New phototherapeutic LED-based systems have appeared to meet the need for a less-expensive but clinically useful light source to enable photoantiaging as a reality in clinical practice. Some studies proving the efficacy of LED therapy have already appeared, and based on their results LED therapy represents a potential new approach to prevention in anti-aging, so that further studies are warranted to prove its efficacy.

  8. Systems, not pills: The options market for antibiotics seeks to rejuvenate the antibiotic pipeline.

    Brogan, David M; Mossialos, Elias


    Over the past decade, there has been a growing recognition of the increasing growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria and a relative decline in the production of novel antibacterial therapies. The combination of these two forces poses a potentially grave threat to global health, in both developed and developing countries. Current market forces do not provide appropriate incentives to stimulate new antibiotic development, thus we propose a new incentive mechanism: the Options Market for Antibiotics. This mechanism, modelled on the principle of financial call options, allows payers to buy the right, in early stages of development, to purchase antibiotics at a discounted price if and when they ever make it to market approval. This paper demonstrates the effect of such a model on the expected Net Present Value of a typical antibacterial project. As part of an integrated strategy to confront the impending antibiotic crisis, the Options Market for Antibiotics may effectively stimulate corporate and public investment into antibiotic research and development. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  9. Research Universities for National Rejuvenation and Global Influence: China's Search for a Balanced Model

    Postiglione, Gerard A.


    The search continues for a Chinese research university model that can balance quality and quantity in research and teaching. This paper argues that finding one depends upon deepening internationalization, defining educational sovereignty, and expanding university autonomy. The paper does this by examining selected aspects in the development of the…

  10. Rejuvenating Design : Bikes, Batteries, and Older Adopters in the Diffusion of E-bikes

    Peine, Alex; van Cooten, Vivette; Neven, Louis


    Old age is not normally associated with innovativeness and technical prowess. To the contrary, when treating age as a distinct category, policy makers, innovation scholars, and companies typically regard younger people as drivers of innovation, and the early adoption of new technology. In this paper

  11. Glucocorticoids in rheumatoid arthritis: a senescent research agenda on the brink of rejuvenation?

    Boers, Maarten


    Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with glucocorticoids remains controversial despite a considerable and growing body of evidence. This chapter focuses on the research agenda in urgent need of execution: to define conclusively the benefit/harm trade-offs and pin down the place of these agents in the treatment cascade.

  12. Reintroducing the intrinsic self-healing properties in reclaimed asphalt by rejuvenation

    Qiu, J.; Schlangen, H.E.J.G.; Van de Ven, M.F.C.; Shirazi, M.


    Reclaimed Asphalt (RA) is one of the largest fractions of raw materials used in road construction today. Probably over 90% of the total RA in the Netherlands is being reused in new asphalt constructions. RA contains aggregates coated with very hard bitumen (penetration grade of 10-20). During

  13. The Role of Building Learning Cities in the Rejuvenation of Africa

    Biao, Idowu; Esaete, Josephine; Oonyu, Joseph


    Although Africa has been home to famous ancient cities in the past, its modern conurbation areas are poor living spaces characterised by squalor, poor planning and human misery. The authors of this paper argue that the learning city concept, still almost unknown in Africa, holds enormous potential for redressing the dysfunctional state of things…

  14. Rejuvenating Poldered Landscapes: A Numerical Model of Elevation Equilibrium in Coastal Bangladesh

    Tasich, C. M.; Gilligan, J. M.; Goodbred, S. L., Jr.; Wilson, C.; Hale, R. P.; Wallace Auerbach, L.


    The low-lying, coastal region of Bangladesh has relied on poldering (surrounding islands and flood-prone areas with embankments) since the 1960s to mitigate flooding and tidal inundation. The result has been an increase in total arable land and the ability to sustain food production for one of the most densely populated countries in the world. However, poldering has had the unintended consequences of starving embanked landscapes of sediment. To mitigate the effects of subsiding interiors, some poldered communities have used tidal river management (TRM) to allow water and sediment exchange between the polders and the tidal network. Anecdotal reports claim great success in some locations, but not in others. To date, there has been very little quantitative analysis. Here, we use a simple numerical model of tidal inundation and subsequent sediment accretion to examine the potential impacts of TRM at a poldered island, Polder 32 (P32), and the adjacent mangrove forest in southwest Bangladesh. Our model employs mass balance with variable incoming suspended sediment concentration (SSC). We use tidal gauge and SSC data as inputs and test the model against measured accretion values at P32. Sensitivity analysis of model parameters narrows the range of realistic parameter inputs. Preliminary results suggest that it would take ~10-20 years for P32 to re-equilibrate to the natural surrounding land elevations with a restored direct tidal channel connection. Since a direct tidal channel connection is unfeasible and would displace the local population, future work will attempt to constrain time frames for inundation to more closely model TRM efforts. We also plan to add a bedload component and multidimensionality. The present model provides a simple framework for understanding sediment accretion in southwest Bangladesh and helps generate more complex questions about making the delta more sustainable in the face of sea level rise and population growth.

  15. Epigenetic rejuvenation of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells

    Frobel, Joana; Hemeda, Hatim; Lenz, Michael; Abagnale, Giulio; Joussen, Sylvia; Denecke, Bernd; Sarić, Tomo; Zenke, Martin; Wagner, Wolfgang


    Standardization of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) remains a major obstacle in regenerative medicine. Starting material and culture expansion affect cell preparations and render comparison between studies difficult. In contrast, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) assimilate toward a ground stat

  16. Astrophysical false positives in direct imaging for exoplanets: a white dwarf close to a rejuvenated star

    Zurlo, A; Hagelberg, J; Desidera, S; Chauvin, G; Almenara, J M; Biazzo, K; Bonnefoy, M; Carson, J C; Covino, E; Delorme, P; D'Orazi, V; Gratton, R; Mesa, D; Messina, S; Moutou, C; Segransan, D; Turatto, M; Udry, S; Wildi, F


    As is the case for all techniques involved in the research for exoplanets, direct imaging has to take into account the probability of so-called astrophysical false positives, which are phenomena that mimic the signature of objects we are seeking. In this work we aim to present a case of a false positive found during a direct imaging survey conducted with VLT/NACO. A promising exoplanet candidate was detected around the K2-type star HD\\,8049 in July 2010.Its contrast of $\\Delta H$=7.05 at 1.57 arcsec allowed us to guess the presence of a 35 \\MJup companion at 50 projected AU, for the nominal system age and heliocentric distance.To check whether it was gravitationally bound to the host star, as opposed to an unrelated background object, we re-observed the system one year later and concluded a high probability of a bound system. We also used radial velocity measurements of the host star, spanning a time range of $\\sim$ 30 yr, to constrain the companion's mass and orbital properties, as well as to probe the host ...

  17. Picosecond laser with specialized optic for facial rejuvenation using a compressed treatment interval.

    Khetarpal, Shilpi; Desai, Shraddha; Kruter, Laura; Prather, Heidi; Petrell, Kathleen; Depina, Joahinha; Arndt, Kenneth; Dover, Jeffrey S


    Studies using a 755 nm picosecond laser with a focus lens array have been reported to be effective for facial wrinkles and pigmentation. This study reports the safety and efficacy using a shorter interval of 2-3 weeks between treatments. Nineteen female subjects and one male subject, primarily Fitzpatrick skin types II and III (one skin type I), who had mild to moderate wrinkles and sun-induced pigmentation were enrolled and treated using the 755 nm PicoSure Laser with focus lens array. The skin was cleansed then wiped with an alcohol wipe prior to treatment. Lidocaine 30% ointment and/or forced air cooling could be used to increase subject comfort. Adjacent pulses, with minimal overlap (10% or less), were delivered to the full face. Subjects received four treatments, performed at 2-3-week intervals. The laser energy used was 0.71 J/cm(2) . The physician administered 3-7 passes with an average total of 6,253 pulses per treatment. Follow-up visits occurred at 1 and 3 months post-last treatment at which the physician scored satisfaction and improvement and subjects scored satisfaction and likelihood to recommend to others. The most common side effects were mild swelling, pain, redness, and crusting, most of which subsided within hours of the treatment, with the latest resolving within 48 hours. This is similar to a previous reported study (Weiss et al. ASLMS 2015) where treatments were performed every 6 weeks with side effects resolving within 24 hours. At the 1 and 3 month follow-up visits, 94% (n = 19) and 93% (n = 15) of subjects scored themselves as satisfied or extremely satisfied with their overall results and 81% and 93% were likely to recommend the treatment based on global assessment, respectively. The treating physician was satisfied with 93% of subject's overall results. Three blinded evaluators were able to correctly identify the baseline from post-treatment photographs in 77% of the subjects at the 1 month follow-up and 69% of the subjects at the 3 month follow-up, on average. The average treatment pain score was 4.2 on a 1-10 scale. A compressed treatment interval expedites results without increasing side effects and resulted in a high physician and subject satisfaction rate. Lasers Surg. Med. 48:723-726, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  18. Applying design thinking concepts to rejuvenate the discipline of operations research/ management science

    Viljoen, NM


    Full Text Available theory and practice. The gap brings into question the continued relevance of OR/MS in industry. This paper briefly names the key problem areas within the discipline that have been highlighted in literature, and proposes the introduction of design thinking...

  19. Active tectonic deformation along rejuvenated faults in tropical Borneo: Inferences obtained from tectono-geomorphic evaluation

    Mathew, Manoj Joseph; Menier, David; Siddiqui, Numair; Kumar, Shashi Gaurav; Authemayou, Christine


    The island of Borneo is enveloped by tropical rainforests and hostile terrain characterized by high denudation rates. Owing to such conditions, studies pertaining to neotectonics and consequent geomorphic expressions with regard to surface processes and landscape evolution are inadequately constrained. Here we demonstrate the first systematic tectono-geomorphic evaluation of north Borneo through quantitative and qualitative morphotectonic analysis at sub-catchment scale, for two large drainage basins located in Sarawak: the Rajang and Baram basins. The extraction of morphometric parameters utilizing digital elevation models arranged within a GIS environment focuses on hypsometric curve analysis, distribution of hypsometric integrals through spatial autocorrelation statistics, relative uplift values, the asymmetry factor and the normalized channel steepness index. Hypsometric analysis suggests a young topography adjusting to changes in tectonic boundary conditions. Autocorrelation statistics show clusters of high values of hypsometric integrals as prominent hotspots that are associated with less eroded, young topography situated in the fold and thrust belts of the Interior Highlands of Borneo. High channel steepness and gradients (> 200 m0.9) are observed in zones corresponding to the hotspots. Relative uplift values reveal the presence of tectonically uplifted blocks together with relatively subsided or lesser uplifted zones along known faults. Sub-catchments of both basins display asymmetry indicating tectonic tilting. Stream longitudinal profiles demonstrate the presence of anomalies in the form of knickzones without apparent lithological controls along their channel reaches. Surfaces represented by cold spots of low HI values and low channel gradients observed in the high elevation headwaters of both basins are linked to isolated erosional planation surfaces that could be remnants of piracy processes. The implication of our results is that Borneo experiences active folding of the Rajang Group fold-thrust belt to present and these events reactivated old major faults and minor related dislocations. From geomorphic analysis associated with sedimentary record, we posit that the terrain could have undergone high uplift rates since 5 Ma or multi-phased uplift with periodic intermittent pulses of high and low uplift rates.

  20. Nested shells reveal the rejuvenation of the Orion-Eridanus superbubble

    Ochsendorf, B B; Bally, J; Tielens, A G G M


    The Orion-Eridanus superbubble is the prototypical superbubble due to its proximity and evolutionary state. Here, we provide a synthesis of recent observational data from WISE and Planck with archival data, allowing to draw a new and more complete picture on the history and evolution of the Orion-Eridanus region. We discuss the general morphological structures and observational characteristics of the superbubble, and derive quantitative properties of the gas- and dust inside Barnard's Loop. We reveal that Barnard's Loop is a complete bubble structure which, together with the lambda Ori region and other smaller-scale bubbles, expands within the Orion-Eridanus superbubble. We argue that the Orion-Eridanus superbubble is larger and more complex than previously thought, and that it can be viewed as a series of nested shells, superimposed along the line of sight. During the lifetime of the superbubble, HII region champagne flows and thermal evaporation of embedded clouds continuously mass-load the superbubble inte...

  1. Regenerative dentistry: Current and future perspectives to rejuvenate and reclaim dental tissues

    Sourabh Jagannath Torvi


    Full Text Available While widespread advances have occurred in all details of science over the past decade, regenerative dentistry has also seen its part of breakthrough innovations. Tooth regeneration offers new and innovative approaches to common problems encountered in oral and dental sciences. In cases where a tooth is lost, it may be replaced with an implant, bridge, or a denture capable of mastication. However, in many developing countries, it is often simpler (and far more cost-effective to remove the tooth. Strategies based upon regenerative medicine that facilitates the repair or replacement of damaged teeth may hold particular promise as a means to reduce the cost of dental care. Dental maladies aside, the tooth is also a compelling candidate as a template for organogenesis which could have far-reaching implications for the field of regenerative medicine. [1] A systematic review of the literature was performed using various internet-based search engines (PubMed, Medline Plus, Cochrane, Medknow, Ebsco, Science Direct, Hinari, WebMD, IndMed, and Embase using keywords such as "dental pulp stem cells," "regeneration," "medical applications," and "tissue engineering." This review explores existing and visionary approaches in the revolutionary field of regenerative dentistry, as an extension to the familiar concepts of regenerative medicine.

  2. Elderly skin and its rejuvenation: products and procedures for the aging skin.

    Ramos-e-Silva, Marcia; da Silva Carneiro, Sueli Coelho


    In the last few decades, there has been a substantial increase in the population of people over 60 years of age. Most of them maintain a good general health and physical activity and fitness. For these individuals there is a good number of dermatologic procedures, medications, and cosmetics that can be prescribed to improve the aspect of skin aging, providing an improvement in their self-esteem and quality of life as a result of their better look. We will discuss the mechanisms of skin aging, and the procedures and substances used to minimize its deleterious effects, such as sunscreens, estrogens, chemical peels, toxin botulinum, fillers and surgical procedures, among others. The use of makeup and the adverse reactions to cosmetics will also be mentioned.

  3. Rejuvenation of Fossil Sutures and Related Mesozoic Intracontinental Orogenies in South China


    The Huanan (South China) subcontinent was created by amalgamation of the Yangtze, Xianggan, Cathaysia and Zhemin microcontinents by the Guangxi orogeny in the Early Palaeozoic. The closure of the Tethyan Ocean and subsequent collision event outside the amalgamated continent reactivated fossil sutures and resulted in intracontinental (ensialic) orogenies in the Mesozoic. Based on evidence from deformation, molasse and granitoids, the Sichuan-Guizhou-Hunan-southern Hubei and Hunan-Jiangxi-Fujian Yanshanian fold-thrust systems and the Lower Yangtze-northwestern Fujian Indosinian fold-thrust system are thought to be intracontinental orogens. Their main features are as follows: intracontinental orogenies occurred areally, thrusting propagated towards the interior of the continental, they extend parallelly to the strikes of the fossil sutures, and the details of the temporal-spatial evolution of the orogens depend on subduction-collision events.

  4. Using Amphiphilic Nanostructures to Enable Long-Range Ensemble Coalescence and Surface Rejuvenation in Dropwise Condensation


    authors declare no competing financial interest. Acknowledgment. AFOSR BIONIC Center (Award No. FA9550- 09-1-0162) provided financial support for this...Koratkar, N.; Yao, S.; Wang, Z. Nanograssed Micropyramidal Architectures for Contin- uous Dropwise Condensation. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2011, 21, 4617–4623. 18

  5. The PLA and Chinas Rejuvenation: National Security and Military Strategies, Deterrence Concepts, and Combat Capabilities


    integration. Japan’s “normaliza- tion” (or attempt to break through the constraints imposed on it by the international com- munity after World War II ) is also...conduct in the event Taiwan attempts to become independent, or if the Chinese leadership decides to try to force reunification . These include a...of the CMC.58 During the September 3, 2015, parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II , Xi announced that the PLA would be

  6. Mean Platelet Volume as an Indicator of Platelet Rejuvenation Following Bone Marrow Transplantation.


    may be of little significance as a determinant of 46 platelet size (Levin et al., 1983). In megaloblastic anemia a similar result is found from one...before and during therapy EDTA volume N N-I Levin et al., 1983 -following therapy EDTA volume N N-I Levin et al., 1983 Megaloblastic anemia EDTA volume...diameter ? I Milton et al., 1979 Hemoglobinopathies Sickle cell anemia EDTA volume N V Levin et al., 1983 Thallasemia EDTA volume N V Levin et al., 1983

  7. Reintroducing the intrinsic self-healing properties in reclaimed asphalt by rejuvenation

    Qiu, J.; Schlangen, H.E.J.G.; Van de Ven, M.F.C.; Shirazi, M.


    Reclaimed Asphalt (RA) is one of the largest fractions of raw materials used in road construction today. Probably over 90% of the total RA in the Netherlands is being reused in new asphalt constructions. RA contains aggregates coated with very hard bitumen (penetration grade of 10-20). During servic

  8. Rejuvenation of the controls of the CERN PS/ISOLDE facility using industrial components

    Allard, J.; Locci, F.; Mornacchi, G.


    In the context of the general consolidation of the CERN ISOLDE facility, a project has been started to upgrade the ISOLDE control system. We describe the new ISOLDE control system, emphasizing the systematic use of industrial components such as PLCs and field buses, their integration with the existing, VME based, CERN PS control system and their potential applicability to both existing and new controls problems at the CERN PS complex. We also discuss how to extend a PLC-based solution to the case where real-time response is an issue.

  9. Astrophysical false positives in direct imaging for exoplanets: a white dwarf close to a rejuvenated star

    Zurlo, A.; Vigan, A.; Hagelberg, J.; Desidera, S.; Chauvin, G.; Almenara, J. M.; Biazzo, K.; Bonnefoy, M.; Carson, J. C.; Covino, E.; Delorme, P.; D'Orazi, V.; Gratton, R.; Mesa, D.; Messina, S.; Moutou, C.; Segransan, D.; Turatto, M.; Udry, S.; Wildi, F.


    Context. As is the case for all techniques involved in the research for exoplanets, direct imaging has to take into account the probability of so-called astrophysical false positives, which are phenomena that mimic the signature of the objects we are seeking. Aims: In this work we present the case of a false positive found during a direct-imaging survey conducted with VLT/NACO. A promising exoplanet candidate was detected around the K2-type star HD 8049 in July 2010. Its contrast of ΔH = 7.05 at 1.57 arcsec allowed us to assume a 35 MJup companion at 50 projected AU, for the nominal system age and heliocentric distance. Methods: To check whether it was gravitationally bound to the host star, as opposed to an unrelated background object, we re-observed the system one year later and concluded a high probability of a bound system. We also used radial velocity measurements of the host star, spanning a time range of ~30 yr, to constrain the companion's mass and orbital properties, as well as to probe the host star's spectral age indicators and general spectral energy distribution. We also obtained U-band imaging with EFOSC and near-infrared spectroscopy for the companion. Results: Combining all these information we conclude that the companion of HD 8049 is a white dwarf (WD) with temperature Teff = 18 800 ± 2100 K and mass MWD = 0.56 ± 0.08 M⊙. The significant radial velocity trend combined with the imaging data indicates that the most probable orbit has a semi-major axis of about 50 AU. The discrepancy between the age indicators speaks against a bona-fide young star. The moderately high level of chromospheric activity and fast rotation, mimicking the properties of a young star, might be induced by the exchange of mass with the progenitor of the WD. This example demonstrates some of the challenges in determining accurate age estimates and identifications of faint companions. Based on observations collected at La Silla and Paranal Observatory, ESO (Chile): Programs 184.C-0567 (NAOS-CONICA), 184.D-1151 (EFOSC), 60.A-9036 (HARPS), 089.C-0665 (SINFONI). Based on the All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) photometric data.

  10. Rejuvenating Pre-GPS era geophysical surveys using The National Map

    Finn, Michael P.; Shoberg, Thomas G.; Stoddard, Paul


    Old geophysical surveys [pre–Global Positioning System (GPS)] stand as valuable, largely untapped sources of scientific data. If data from these surveys were in a format that had reasonable accuracy, availability, and ease of access, they could be more widely used. In this paper, a pre-GPS survey is integrated into a modern geographic database, in this case, The National Map (TNM). The ultimate goal is to improve the accuracy, precision, provenance, and ease of access of the geospatial components of archived geophysical data. An unique set of data sources was assembled for this purpose. A comparison of these different data sources indicates that more than 80% of stations were positioned on The National Map within 15 m (horizontal) and 2 m (vertical) of the GPS-derived coordinates for each station within the survey. Although online database coordinate accuracy continues to improve, these results imply that web databases have already matured to a point where it is possible to integrate pre-GPS era survey coordinate data with reasonable positional accuracy.

  11. A rejuvenated approach to urban development and inequality: Young people's perceptions and experiences in Rio de Janeiro

    Bos, F.; Jaffe, R.


    Studies of urban development, and specifically studies of urban inequality, have tended to neglect the role of young people. While development studies more broadly have begun to take young people's experiences, perceptions and practices into account, research on urban development and inequality has

  12. Death, rejuvenation and immortality in film: On Golden Pond (1981), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) and Cocoon (1985).

    Colarusso, Calvin A


    This paper seeks to highlight the developmental tasks of late adulthood with the help of three Hollywood movies. These tasks include: (i) struggling to maintain physical integrity, (ii) handling the "wound of mortality", (iii) maintaining activity and sexuality, and (iv) becoming wise. Among other challenges faced by an individual during this phase of life are loss of love objects, illness and possible compromise of mental functions, de-cathexis of material possessions and coming to terms with one's approaching death. All sorts of healthy and unhealthy psychosocial maneuvers come to the surface as a result of these stresses. This paper illustrates these dilemmas and their potential solutions via a discussion of three movies.

  13. Is Matang Mangrove Forest in Malaysia sustainably rejuvenating after more than a century of conservation and harvesting management?

    Goessens, Arnaud; Satyanarayana, Behara; Van der Stocken, Tom; Quispe Zuniga, Melissa; Mohd-Lokman, Husain; Sulong, Ibrahim; Dahdouh-Guebas, Farid


    Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (MMFR) in Peninsular Malaysia is under systematic management since 1902 and still considered as the best managed mangrove forest in the world. The present study on silvimetrics assessed the ongoing MMFR forest management, which includes a first thinning after 15 years, a second thinning after 20 years and clear-felling of 30-year old forest blocks, for its efficiency and productivity in comparison to natural mangroves. The estimated tree structural parameters (e.g. density, frequency) from three different-aged mangrove blocks of fifteen (MF15), twenty (MF20), and thirty (MF30) years old indicated that Bruguiera and Excoecaria spp. did not constitute a significant proportion of the vegetation (mangrove management based on a 30-year rotation is appropriate for the MMFR. Since Matang is the only iconic site that practicing sustainable wood production, it could be an exemplary to other mangrove locations for their improved management.

  14. Field and Satellite Observations of the Formation and Distribution of Arctic Atmospheric Bromine Above a Rejuvenated Sea Ice Cover

    Nghiem, Son V.; Rigor, Ignatius G.; Richter, Andreas; Burrows, John P.; Shepson, Paul B.; Bottenheim, Jan; Barber, David G.; Steffen, Alexandra; Latonas, Jeff; Wang, Feiyue; Stern, Gary; Clemente-Colon, Pablo; Martin, Seelye; Hall, Dorothy K.; Kaleschke, Lars; Tackett, Philip; Neumann, Gregory; Asplin, Matthew G.


    Recent drastic reduction of the older perennial sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has resulted in a vast expansion of younger and saltier seasonal sea ice. This increase in the salinity of the overall ice cover could impact tropospheric chemical processes. Springtime perennial ice extent in 2008 and 2009 broke the half-century record minimum in 2007 by about one million km2. In both years seasonal ice was dominant across the Beaufort Sea extending to the Amundsen Gulf, where significant field and satellite observations of sea ice, temperature, and atmospheric chemicals have been made. Measurements at the site of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen ice breaker in the Amundsen Gulf showed events of increased bromine monoxide (BrO), coupled with decreases of ozone (O3) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM), during cold periods in March 2008. The timing of the main event of BrO, O3, and GEM changes was found to be consistent with BrO observed by satellites over an extensive area around the site. Furthermore, satellite sensors detected a doubling of atmospheric BrO in a vortex associated with a spiral rising air pattern. In spring 2009, excessive and widespread bromine explosions occurred in the same region while the regional air temperature was low and the extent of perennial ice was significantly reduced compared to the case in 2008. Using satellite observations together with a Rising-Air-Parcel model, we discover a topographic control on BrO distribution such that the Alaskan North Slope and the Canadian Shield region were exposed to elevated BrO, whereas the surrounding mountains isolated the Alaskan interior from bromine intrusion.

  15. New Technologies for Repairing Aging Cables in Nuclear Power Plants: M3LW-14OR0404015 Cable Rejuvenation Report

    Simmons, Kevin L. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fifield, Leonard S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Westman, Matthew P. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Roberts, John A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    The goal of this project is to conceptually demonstrate techniques to repair cables that have degraded through subjection to long-term thermal and radiation exposure in nuclear power plants. In fiscal year 2014 (FY14) we focused on commercially available ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) as the relevant test material, isolated a high surface area form of the EPR material to facilitate chemical treatment screening and charaterization, and measured chemical changes in the material due to aging and treatment using Fourier Transfrom Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy.

  16. Is Matang Mangrove Forest in Malaysia sustainably rejuvenating after more than a century of conservation and harvesting management?

    Arnaud Goessens

    Full Text Available Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (MMFR in Peninsular Malaysia is under systematic management since 1902 and still considered as the best managed mangrove forest in the world. The present study on silvimetrics assessed the ongoing MMFR forest management, which includes a first thinning after 15 years, a second thinning after 20 years and clear-felling of 30-year old forest blocks, for its efficiency and productivity in comparison to natural mangroves. The estimated tree structural parameters (e.g. density, frequency from three different-aged mangrove blocks of fifteen (MF15, twenty (MF20, and thirty (MF30 years old indicated that Bruguiera and Excoecaria spp. did not constitute a significant proportion of the vegetation (<5%, and hence the results focused majorly on Rhizophora apiculata. The density of R. apiculata at MF15, MF20 and MF30 was 4,331, 2,753 and 1,767 stems ha(-1, respectively. In relation to ongoing practices of the artificial thinnings at MMFR, the present study suggests that the first thinning could be made earlier to limit the loss of exploitable wood due to natural thinning. In fact, the initial density at MF15 was expected to drop down from 6,726 to 1,858 trees ha(-1 before the first thinning. Therefore the trees likely to qualify for natural thinning, though having a smaller stem diameter, should be exploited for domestic/commercial purposes at an earlier stage. The clear-felling block (MF30 with a maximum stem diameter of 30 cm was estimated to yield 372 t ha(-1 of the above-ground biomass and suggests that the mangrove management based on a 30-year rotation is appropriate for the MMFR. Since Matang is the only iconic site that practicing sustainable wood production, it could be an exemplary to other mangrove locations for their improved management.

  17. Short-term ursolic acid promotes skeletal muscle rejuvenation through enhancing of SIRT1 expression and satellite cells proliferation.

    Bakhtiari, Nuredin; Hosseinkhani, Saman; Soleimani, Masoud; Hemmati, Roohullah; Noori-Zadeh, Ali; Javan, Mohammad; Tashakor, Amin


    Ursolic acid (UA) is a triterpenoid compound, which exerts its influences on the skeletal muscles. However, the mechanisms underlying these effects are still unclear. In this study, muscle satellite cells were isolated and purified by high-throughput pre-plating method (∼>60%) from 10 days old mice skeletal muscles. Evaluation of paired-box 7 (Pax7) expressions then confirmed the purification. Treatment of the cells with UA showed that UA up-regulated SIRT1 (∼35 folds) and overexpressed PGC-1α (∼175 folds) gene significantly. Moreover, the number of muscle satellite cells, which accompanied by initiation of neomyogenesis in the animal skeletal muscles, was increased (∼3.4 times). We also evaluated UA-mediated changes in the cellular energy status in the skeletal muscles. The results revealed that in the UA-treated mice, ATP and ADP contents in the various skeletal muscle tissue types, including: Gastrocnemius (Gas), Tibialis Anterior (Tib) and Gluteus Maximus (Glu) have been significantly decreased (P≤0.001); 2.2, 3.2, 2 times for ATP, and 9.6, 35.7, 11.6 times for ADP, respectively; however to compensate this process mitochondrial biogenesis occurred (12.33%±1.5 times). Furthermore, a rise in ATP/ADP ratio was observed 2.5, 4.5, 2.05 times for Gas, Tib and Glu muscles, respectively (P≤0.001). Alternatively, UA enhanced the expression of myoglobin (∼2 folds) in concert with remodeling of glycolytic muscle fibers to mainly fast IIA (∼30%) and slow-twitch (∼4%) types as well. Finally, our study indicated that UA indirectly mimicked beneficial effects of short-term calorie restriction and exercise (fast-oxidative) by directing the skeletal muscle composition toward oxidative metabolism.

  18. 伊斯兰教法与伊斯兰复兴%Islamic law and Rejuvenation of Isliamism




  19. Replacement of Old Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns and Smile Rejuvenation Using All-Ceramic Restorations.

    Grytsenko, Kateryna; Calamia, John R


    This case report points out the previous restorative breakdown of tooth #8. An interdisciplinary approach had to be applied to prepare the final treatment plan. All factors were taken into account when choosing the type of restorations and materials in this case. The ultimate treatment is presented with the final result. The objectives were to clinically assess patient's current chief complaint, address her aesthetic needs, apply an interdisciplinary approach, deliver treatment of utmost quality, and maintain oral health. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Road to National Rejuvenation of Chinese Animation%走中国动画民族复兴之路



    中国动画要复兴、要走出困境,必须根据中国的这一时代的科技文化的状况、中国特有的地理环境以及中国人的文化取向、语言特点走中国自己的路。要想面向世界、面向未来,就要立足本土、顺应时代。要强调数字动画制作技术的发展,重视网络媒体动画和移动媒体动画的开辟,体现海纳百川的艺术品格与作品的取材。以“天人合一”的文化理念为依据,追求动画片的艺术价值的同时,更强调实效性,把艺术的探索与经济效益紧密结合。把动画艺术和动画商业相结合,把传统文化和现代技术相结合,摆正自己的位置,越具有民族性的动画艺术就越具有世界性,只有把中国动画创意与产业融入世界动画的大家庭里,中国动画的春天才能到来。%Chinese animation to Renaissance, the Chinese to get out of trouble, must be in accordance with the culture of the science and technology in this era, China’s unique geographical environment and the cultural orientation of Chinese, the language features of China’s own way. The world and the future will be based on local and adapt to changing times. To emphasize the development of digital animation technology,it attaches great importance to the network media animation and opening of mobile media animation. We must reflect the artistic character of all rivers run into sea and materials of the works. Based on the idea of “nature and humanity”, we should pursuit of artistic value of the anima-tion, more emphasis on efficiency, the artistic exploration and economic benefits. The animation art and animation business, the combination of the traditional culture and modern technology combine, adjust our position, national animation art is more cosmopolitan, only the Chinese animation creativity and industry infuse into the world community in animation, China’s animation spring will come.

  1. A phosphatidylcholine hyaluronic acid chitin–nanofibrils complex for a fast skin remodeling and a rejuvenating look

    Morganti P


    Full Text Available Pierfrancesco Morganti,1 Paolo Palombo,2 Marco Palombo,3 Giuseppe Fabrizi,4 Antonio Cardillo,5 Fabiano Svolacchia,5 Luis Guevara,6 Paolo Mezzana71Department of Applied Cosmetic Dermatology, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy; 2Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Saint Eugenio Hospital, Rome, Italy; 3Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, CTO Hospital, Rome, Italy; 4Department of Dermatology, University of Parma, Parma, Italy; 5Centre of Nanoscience, Mavi Sud, Aprilia, Italy; 6Hospimedical, Pyrmont, Australia; 7IRCCS GB Bietti Eye Foundation, Rome, ItalyBackground: The reduction of mortality worldwide has led older individuals to seek intervention modalities to improve their appearance and reverse signs of aging.Objective: We formulated a medical device as innovative block-polymer nanoparticles based on phosphatidylcholine, hyaluronan, and chitin nanofibrils entrapping amino acids, vitamins, and melatonin.Methods: Viability and collagen synthesis were controlled on fibroblasts ex vivo culture while adenosine triphosphate production was evaluated on keratinocytes culture. Subjective and objective evaluations were performed in vivo on selected volunteer patients.Results: In accordance with our previous studies, both the in vitro and in vivo obtained results demonstrate the efficacy of the injected block-polymer nanoparticles in reducing skin wrinkling and ameliorating the signs of aging.Keywords: antiaging agent, scar correction, stretch marks, signaling molecules, photoaging, biostimulation

  2. NGC 404, A Rejuvenated Lenticular Galaxy on a Merger-Induced, Blueward Excursion into the Green Valley

    Thilker, David A; Schiminovich, David; de Paz, Armando Gil; Seibert, Mark; Madore, Barry F; Wyder, Ted; Rich, R Michael; Yi, Sukyoung; Barlow, Tom; Conrow, Tim; Forster, Karl; Friedman, Peter; Martin, Christopher D; Morrissey, Patrick; Neff, Susan; Small, Todd


    We have discovered recent star formation in the outermost portion (1-4x R_25) of the nearby lenticular (S0) galaxy NGC 404 using GALEX UV imaging. FUV-bright sources are strongly concentrated within the galaxy's HI ring (formed by a merger event according to del Rio et al.), even though the average gas density is dynamically subcritical. Archival HST imaging reveals resolved upper main sequence stars and conclusively demonstrates that the UV light originates from recent star formation activity. We present FUV, NUV radial surface brightness profiles and integrated magnitudes for NGC 404. Within the ring, the average star formation rate surface density (Sigma_{SFR}) is 2.2x10^-5 Msun/yr/kpc^2. Of the total FUV flux, 70% comes from the HI ring which is forming stars at a rate of 2.5x10^-3 Msun/yr. The gas consumption timescale, assuming a constant SFR and no gas recycling, is several times the age of the Universe. In the context of the UV-optical galaxy CMD, the presence of the SF HI ring places NGC 404 in the g...

  3. The Environmental Liability Directive in A More Sustainable Perspective: A Quest to rejuvenate its approach After Lisbon?


    The problem statement of the article aims at investigating as to whether it is necessary to update the ELD in a more sustainable perception, and on ascertaining this, as to whether there is any need to confront ecological imperatives and economic integration on the compatibility of the regime of ...

  4. Application of a bio-binder as a rejuvenator for wet processed asphalt shingles in pavement construction


    This paper investigates the merits of application of bio-binder to enhance rheological properties of asphalt binder in the presence of wet processed recycled asphalt shingles (RAS). It will further examine the performance and workability of asphalt designed with and without a specified percentage of a bio-binder produced from swine manure and RAS. Bio-binder was introduced to liquid asphalt binder modified with four different percentages of RAS; the high and low temperature properties of each...

  5. Large-scale thrusting at the northern Junggar Basin since Cretaceous and its implications for the rejuvenation of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt

    Jieyun Tang


    Full Text Available The Wulungu Depression is the northernmost first-order tectonic unit in the Junggar Basin. It can be divided into three sub-units: the Hongyan step-fault zone, the Suosuoquan sag and the Wulungu south slope. The Cenozoic strata in the basin are intact and Mesozoic–Cenozoic deformation can be observed in the Wulungu step-fault zone, so this is an ideal place to study the Mesozoic–Cenozoic deformation. By integration of fault-related folding theories, regional geology and drilling data, the strata of the Cretaceous–Paleogene systems are divided into small layers which are selected as the subjects of this research. The combination of the developing unconformity with existing growth strata makes it conceivable that faults on the step-fault zone have experienced different degrees of reactivation of movement since the Cretaceous. Evolutionary analyses of the small layers using 2D-Move software showed certain differences in the reactivation of different segments of the Wulungu Depression such as the timing of reactivation of thrusting, for which the reactivity time of the eastern segment was late compared with those of the western and middle segments. In addition the resurrection strength was similarly slightly different, with the shortening rate being higher in the western segment than in the other segments. Moreover, the thrust fault mechanism is basement-involved combined with triangle shear fold, for which a forward evolution model was proposed.

  6. (2)Maintaining Beauty Through Skin Care(Well-aging-Present State of Rejuvenation Medicine, The 73rd General Meeting of the Society of Tokyo Women's Medical University)

    川島, 眞; KAWASHIMA, Makoto


    Dry skin, senile freckles and wrinkles are major symptoms of aged skin. Dry skin is caused by the decrease of skin surface lipids, natural moisturizing factors and intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum. Senile freckles are the deposition of melanin pigments on the basal layer of the epidermis which is brought about by the activation of melanocytes through UV exposure and the delay in the turnover rate of epidermal cells due to aging. Wrinkles are caused by UV-induced damage to collagen ...

  7. Bryostatin and its synthetic analog, picolog rescue dermal fibroblasts from prolonged stress and contribute to survival and rejuvenation of human skin equivalents.

    Khan, Tapan K; Wender, Paul A; Alkon, Daniel L


    Skin health is associated with the day-to-day activity of fibroblasts. The primary function of fibroblasts is to synthesize structural proteins, such as collagen, extracellular matrix proteins, and other proteins that support the structural integrity of the skin and are associated with younger, firmer, and more elastic skin that is better able to resist and recover from injury. At sub-nanomolar concentrations (0.03-0.3 nM), bryostatin-1 and its synthetic analog, picolog (0.1-10 nM) sustained the survival and activation of human dermal fibroblasts cultured under the stressful condition of prolonged serum deprivation. Bryostatin-1 treatment stabilized human skin equivalents (HSEs), a bioengineered combination of primary human skin cells (keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts) on an extracellular matrix composed of mainly collagen. Fibroblasts activated by bryostatin-1 protected the structural integrity of HSEs. Bryostatin-1 and picolog prolonged activation of Erk in fibroblasts to promote cell survival. Chronic stress promotes the progression of apoptosis. Dermal fibroblasts constitutively express all components of Fas associated apoptosis, including caspase-8, an initiator enzyme of apoptosis. Prolong bryostatin-1 treatment reduced apoptosis by decreasing caspase-8 and protected dermal fibroblasts. Our data suggest that bryostatin-1 and picolog could be useful in anti-aging skincare, and could have applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. The PAVE (peeling-assisted volume-enhancing) lift: A retrospective 6-year clinical analysis of a combined approach for facial rejuvenation.

    Kaye, Kai Oliver; Schaller, Hans-Eberhard; Jaminet, Patrick; Gonser, Phillipp


    The peeling-assisted volume-enhancing (PAVE) lift is a single-stage approach that combines superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) plication techniques with fat grafting and different peeling agents. To evaluate the safety of this approach, we analyzed the records of 159 patients who underwent surgery between 2008 and 2014. The percentage of complications observed was not higher than values reported in the literature for each treatment entity: surgical facelift: n=3 haematomas (1.89 %), n=2; temporary apraxia of the mandibular branch (1.26%); fat transfer: minor asymmetry in n = 5 cases (3.14%); peeling: temporary hyperpigmentation in trichloroacetic acid (n = 5; 3.8%) and phenol peels (n = 4; 3.1%), permanent hypopigmentation (n = 6; 5.6%), formation of skin miliae persisting longer than 2 to 3 months (n = 5; 4.6%) and prolonged erythema (n = 3; 0.28%) in phenol peels. The single-stage use of chemical peels, autologous fat transfer, and surgical rhytidectomy was safe.

  9. Korean red ginseng extract rejuvenates testicular ineffectiveness and sperm maturation process in aged rats by regulating redox proteins and oxidative defense mechanisms.

    Kopalli, Spandana Rajendra; Hwang, Seock-Yeon; Won, Yu-Jin; Kim, Sung-Won; Cha, Kyu-Min; Han, Chang-Kyun; Hong, Jae-Yup; Kim, Si-Kwan


    Distortion of intracellular oxidant and antioxidant balances appears to be a common feature that underlies in age-related male sexual impairment. Therefore regulating oxidative defense mechanisms might be an ideal approach in improving male sexual dysfunctions. In the present study, the effect of Korean red ginseng aqueous extract (KRG) on age-induced testicular dysfunction in rats was investigated. KRG (200mg/kg) mixed with regular pellet diet was administered orally for six months and the morphological, spermatogenic and antioxidant enzyme status in testis of aged rats (18months) were evaluated. Data indicated a significant change in morphology and decrease in spermatogenesis-related parameters in aged rats (AC) compared with young rats (YC). Sperm number, germ cell count, Sertoli cell count and Sertoli cell index were significantly (pglutathione peroxidase, glutathione S-transferase, glutathione reductase and catalase) and non-enzymatic (reduced glutathione, ascorbic acid and α-tocopherol) antioxidants (ptesticular ineffectiveness in rats by modulating redox proteins and oxidative defense mechanisms.

  10. Rejuvenation Dress Design of Old Luxury Brand%老牌奢侈品牌服饰的年轻化设计研究




  11. Population rejuvenation of mass-rearing Scleroderma guani%人工扩繁管氏肿腿蜂的蜂种复壮研究

    代平礼; 徐志强


    利用中间寄主黄粉甲Tenebrio molitor L.蛹大量扩繁管氏肿腿蜂Scleroderma guani Xiao et Wu经多代后寄生效果下降,系由蜂种退化所致:利用一种中间寄主导致蜂种的营养来源单一;采用同一种群的蜂及较低的蜂虫比造成近亲繁殖.据此设计复壮措施:利用自然寄主回接、杂交和控制交尾方式.结果表明:(1)回接1代,其子代蜂种的寄生率和寄生成功率分别提高26%和28%~33%.(2)用外缘蜂种与本群蜂种杂交,其子代蜂的发育历期比对照少4 d,寄生率和寄生成功率分别提高22%和17%.(3)控制交尾方式促进蜂种复壮.

  12. Changing The Pupa To Butterfly--On The Rejuvenate Of Chinese magic%化蛹为蝶--试论中国魔术的复兴

    卢虎; 章莉



  13. 强脉冲光皮肤年轻化治疗机制研究进展%Advance in Mechanism of Intense Pulsed Light Treating Skin Rejuvenation

    侯巍; 赖维



  14. Autologous granular fat transplantation in facial rejuvenation%自体脂肪颗粒移植在面部年轻化的应用

    刘成胜; 石蕾; 黄元生; 马自勤; 丁平; 赵向成; 邹先义


    Objective To investigate methods and experience of autologous granular fat transplantation by correction of aging face. Methods 178 cases of aging face subjects were treated by liposuction. Then autologous granular fat was harvested by liposuction,centrifuged and purified, and injected into marked areas of aging face. The injection process should be controled by multilevel and multiple tennel, in order to supplement the loss of facial soft tissue volume and improve the aging face. Results The follow-up period ranged from 3 months to 3 years. All the subjects had a satisfactory results with no obvious complications such as fat liquefaction, infection and ulceration. The effect of autologous granular fat transplantation was obvious and permanent. Conclusions Autologous granular fat transplantation is a safe and effective surgical technique for facial soft tissue augmentation that can effectively improve aging face and worthy of clinical application.%目的 探讨通过自体颗粒脂肪移植矫正面部老化的方法和临床效果.方法 对178例,采用肿胀吸脂技术抽吸皮下脂肪,将抽吸出的自体颗粒脂肪经过离心、提纯后均匀注射于面部老化的标记区域,多层次多隧道注射,以补充面部丢失的软组织容量,改善老化面容.结果 所有受术者随访3个月至3年,面部老化改善满意,无脂肪液化、感染、破溃等严重并发症发生,效果明显、持久.结论 自体颗粒脂肪注射移植是一种安全有效的面部软组织填充手术技术,可以有效地取得改善面部老化、除皱的效果,值得临床推广应用.




    It is peculiar that in situ hybridization (ISH), a technique with many similarities to immunohistochemistry (IHC), has not enjoyed the phenomenal growth in both basic research and clinical applications as has its sister technique IHC. Since the late 1970s, when immunoperoxidase techniques began to be applied to routine diagnostic material and to numerous research applications, there has been a natural evolution of the IHC procedure. Namely, only a few primary antibodies were available commercially at the onset, and only one indirect and the peroxidase-antiperoxidase (PAP) technique detection systems were in place. With the advent of avidin-biotin detection systems and monoclonal antibodies, and a viable commercial market, extraordinary growth of the procedure's applications in clinical research and diagnostic pathology occurred during the subsequent two decades. Today, IHC is automated and widely used for research purposes and, to a large extent, has become a routine diagnostic ''special stain'' in most clinical laboratories. During the same period, ISH enjoyed very little growth in both research and diagnostic applications. What has accounted for this lack of maturation of the technique? The success of IHC is part of the reason measuring a gene's encoded protein routinely and inexpensively, particularly as automation evolved, rendered IHC a more viable choice in many instances. Inherent comparative sensitivity of the procedures has also clearly been a factor. Unfortunately, the chromogenic procedures in place are often insufficiently sensitive to detect the relatively low amounts of DNA and RNA levels at which the clinical utility is to be found.

  16. Insular endemism in Recent Southern Ocean benthic Ostracoda from Marion Island: palaeozoogeographical and evolutionary implications

    Dingle, R.V.


    benthic ostracods, subantarctic, endemism, insularity, Marion Island, Southern Ocean, colonisation, quaternary, eyes, ocular-rejuvenation, dormant genes, evolution......benthic ostracods, subantarctic, endemism, insularity, Marion Island, Southern Ocean, colonisation, quaternary, eyes, ocular-rejuvenation, dormant genes, evolution...

  17. Thalassostatic terraces and Pleistocene chronology

    Brouwer, A.


    Rejuvenation and aggradation are among the usual adaptations of a river under changing conditions. Terraces may result from rejuvenation, and a repeated alternation of rejuvenation and aggradation may lead, but does not necessarily so, to the formation of a sequence of terraces bordering a valley. M

  18. Power Flattening and Rejuvenation of PWR Spent Fuel Blanket for Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor%功率展平的压水堆乏燃料发电包层中子学初步研究

    马续波; 陈义学; 王继亮; 王悦; 韩静茹; 陆道纲


    The hybrid fusion-fission reactor has advantages of breeding of the nuclear fuel and transmutation of the long-life nuclear waste and having inherent safety. Meanwhile, the engineering and technological demand of hybrid reactor is significantly reduced comparing with that of pure fusion reactor. A generating electricity blanket concept using the PWR spent fuel directly was proposed, which was based on ITER parameter level achieved. Different volume fractions of the fuel in blanket enabled to realize a power flattening in the fissile zone. The results show that the peak-to-average power factor becomes less than no power flattening, and the output power of the fuel zone raises more than 21. 7%. At the end of the operation, the maximum fuel enrichment is 5. 23%. The blanket is feasible from the neutronics viewpoint.%聚变裂变混合堆在增殖核燃料、嬗变长寿命核废料及固有安全性等方面具有较大优势,同时,它比纯聚变堆在工程及技术方面要求低,因此较聚变堆更易实现.本工作基于目前国际聚变实验堆(ITER)所能达到的技术水平,提出一种直接利用乏燃料进行发电的聚变裂变混合堆包层概念,利用在不同位置放置不同乏燃料体积分数的方法对燃料增殖区实现了功率展平.计算结果表明:功率展平后的包层功率不均匀系数更小,且包层中燃料区的能量输出要比不展平情况下的能量输出高约21.7%.燃料富集度到运行末期最大可达5.23%.从中子学角度初步论证了该包层的可行性.

  19. Dual influence of the rejuvenation of Southern Tianshan and Western Kunlun orogen on the Cenozoic structure deformation of Tarim Basin, northwestern China: A superposition deformation model from Bachu Uplift


    Based on new high-resolution seismic profiles and existing structural and sedimentary results, a superposition deformation model for Cenozoic Bachu Uplift of northwestern Tarim Basin, northwestern China is proposed. The model presents the idea that the Bachu Uplift suffered structure superposition deformation under the dual influences of the Cenozoic uplifting of Southern Tianshan and Western Kunlun orogen, northwestern China. In the end of the Eocene (early Himalayan movement),Bachu Uplift started to be formed with the uplifting of Western Kunlun, and extended NNW into the interior of Kalpin Uplift. In the end of the Miocene (middle Himalayan movement), Bachu Uplift suffered not only the NNW structure deformation caused by the Western Kunlun uplifting, but also the NE structure deformation caused by the Southern Tianshan uplifting, and the thrust front fault of Kalpin thrust system related to the Southern Tianshan orogen intrudes southeastward into the hinterland of Bachu Uplift and extends NNE from well Pil to Xiaohaizi reservoir and Gudongshan mountain, which resulted in the strata folded and denuded strongly. In the end of the Pliocene (late Himalayan movement), the impact of Southern Tianshan orogen decreased because of the stress released with the breakthrough upward of Kalpin fault extending NE, and Bachu Uplift suffered mainly the structure deformation extending NW-NNW caused by the uplifting of Western Kunlun orogen.

  20. Rejuvenation and Networking Motivates Librarians to Attend Conferences. A Review of: Vega, Robert D. and Ruth S. Connell. “Librarians’ Attitudes Toward Conferences: A Study.” College & Research Libraries 68.6 (2007): 503‐15.

    Yvonne Hultman Özek


    Objectives – To determine why professional librarians attend or do not attend conferences and to consider their attitudes toward the various conference offerings and whether conference attendance is important to their careers.Design – An electronic mail list survey designed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data through closed and open‐ended questions.Setting – Mainly academic and public libraries in the U.S.A.Subjects – A total of 794 librarians participated in the study.Methods –...

  1. 动商在普京复兴俄罗斯强国地位中的作用%MQ’ s Role in Putin’ s Rejuvenation of Russian Power



    As elites of human individuals, national leaders are undoubtedly excellent examples of combined and coordinative de-velopment of IQ, EQ and MQ.Does the level of motor potential, motor psychology, and physical enginery have a profound influ-ence in national administration?Putin’ s MQ especially excels other countries’ national leaders.MQ has a profound influence in Putin’ s personality development and national administration.His excellent MQ is closely related to his coherently tough style and occasional subtlety, to his clear headed and well targeted domestic policies, and above all, to his flexible but determind foreign policies.%作为人类个体中的精英,各国领导人无疑是智商、情商和动商良好结合、协同发展的典范。运动潜能、运动心理、身理机能方面的能力高低,对于治国有没有意义深远的影响力?普京在各国领导人中表现出来的动商尤其出众。动商在普京的个性发展和治国方面都影响深远。其强硬的风格和适时柔软的身段,复兴俄罗斯强国地位时对内的有的放矢、解决问题的直指要害和对外强硬的做派,都和动商的优异有着莫大的关系。

  2. Argument About Industry Rejuvenation & Political Constitutionalism in the 1911 Revolution%辛亥革命时期实业振兴与政治立宪关系之辩



    There was a heated argument between the industry revitalization and the political constitutionalism in the press during the period of the 1911 Revolution.There are two schools of view points that one is the industry revitalization is the foundation of practising the constitutionalism.The other is the political constitutionalism that is the pre-requisite for the revitalization of Chinese industry.Only the constitutionalism is practised,to establish the parliament,responsible cabinet and constitution can China achieve the aim of revitalization of industry.The relation between revitalization of industry and constitutionalism is,in fact,the relation to develop national economy and the political democracy.The argument indicated the dilemma in the modern China society.%辛亥革命时期报刊对实业振兴和政治立宪的关系进行了热烈的讨论,主要存在着两派观点。一派认为,中国要建立宪政制度,先要振兴中国的实业,实业是建立宪政的基础。另一派则认为,宪政是中国振兴实业的前提条件。只有实行宪政,建立起国会,责任内阁,制订宪法,中国才能最终达到振兴实业的目的。振兴实业和政治立宪的关系,实际上就是发展经济与政治民主化的关系。争论实际上反映了中国近代社会的两难处境。

  3. Complications of lower blepharoplasty and midface lifting.

    Schwarcz, Robert M; Kotlus, Brett


    Lower eyelid blepharoplasty and midface lifting share a complex anatomy, which should be mastered before attempting these types of surgeries. In recent years, there have been significant contributions to rejuvenating this area. A thorough understanding of the rejuvenative approaches and their outcomes is imperative. Thus, the problem must be preoperatively evaluated to offer the appropriate technique and minimize complications.

  4. Vegetative propagation of Syringa vulgaris L. in vitro.

    Pierik, R.L.M.; Steegmans, H.H.M.; Elias, A.A.; Stiekema, O.T.J.; Velde, van der A.J.


    Excised shoot tips from adult Syringa vulgaris L. plants were rejuvenated by repeated subculturing in vitro. The number of subcultures required to rejuvenate the shoots was strongly dependent on the age and genotype of the plant material. Three rootstocks (K8, A2 and A3) and 5 cultivars (Mademoisell

  5. Biological conversion system

    Scott, C.D.

    A system for bioconversion of organic material comprises a primary bioreactor column wherein a biological active agent (zymomonas mobilis) converts the organic material (sugar) to a product (alcohol), a rejuvenator column wherein the biological activity of said biological active agent is enhanced, and means for circulating said biological active agent between said primary bioreactor column and said rejuvenator column.

  6. Rejuvenation of Historical Residential District in Type of Industry: Case Study of the Remodeling for Staffs Living Quarters in the 2nd Beijing%产业类历史住区的再生——以北京棉纺二厂职工宿舍改造为例

    姜忆南; 周泽渥



  7. A preliminary study on the way of activity rejuvenation of the historic district-- taking the attractiveness rebuilding of XianNong RBD in Tianjin Wudadao as an example%历史文化街区活力复兴途径初探--以天津五大道先农商旅区街区吸引力重塑为例



    The detailed division of construction engineering result in the fracture in system and the setback in interaction of work. The combination of technique and architecture, redefiniting the meaning and extension of traditional structure technique and reintegrating the structure technique and architecture design become an effective method to find the structural origin, tap the intension of structure, give new value,integrate the architecture design. This research choose a contentious site which contains functional contradiction in order to create an adaptive result. To draw inspiration from the nature, the “tree” form would generate two diferent experiences of structural space which wil reconcile to the contradicted environment so as to ilustrate the inner potential of structure design.%伴随着活力复兴成为历史街区保护与更新的新目标,围绕活力复兴相关研究得以深入而广泛的开展。先农商旅区作为五大道保护利用实验区的重要组成部分,应以准确的街区功能定位、合理的服务人群规划、聚拢街区人气、重塑街区吸引力为切入点,探索一条新的街区活力复兴之路。

  8. 基于CBBE视角的品牌年轻化研究:以品牌个性和品牌忠诚为视角%Brand Rejuvenation:From Brand Personality and Brand Extension to Brand Loyalty Based on Customer-Based Brand Equity Theory




  9. A felicidade da política: ou sobre a importância de a política democrática se rejuvenescer (The importance of the rejuvenation of democratic politics - DOI: 10.5752/P.2175-5841.2012v10n27p937

    Leno Francisco Danner


    Full Text Available Defende-se que a felicidade, no sentido de realização pessoal e de bem-estar coletivo, pode – e deve – ser alcançada por meio da ação política, na medida em que ela nos desafia enquanto sujeitos construtores de nossa própria vida e de nossa própria sociedade, aproximando-nos dos demais cidadãos. Na práxis política, os indivíduos encontram-se ligados por laço de solidariedade, de cooperação, de respeito mútuo e de recíproca consideração dos interesses, laço que adquire importância fundamental no que diz respeito a solidificar a sociabilidade enquanto ethos moral, superando-se uma visão instrumental tanto das relações sociais quanto dos próprios seres humanos, na qual cada indivíduo alcança sua felicidade correlatamente à promoção do bem-estar dos demais. Essa necessidade de reconsideração da política enquanto ethos que nos permite ser felizes e alcançar a realização cidadã é extremamente importante num  momento em que a corrupção política, o autoritarismo e o paternalismo das instituições tendem a desacreditar a política, a distanciar as instituições políticas frente ao cidadão médio e a fomentar o privatismo civil, emperrando o processo democrático e solapando sua efetividade, que somente pode ser conquistada por meio da constante fiscalização e da participação de todos os cidadãos. Palavras-Chave: Democracia; Política, Felicidade; Corrupção; Autoritarismo.   Abstract This article proposes that happiness, as personal fulfillment and collective welfare, can – and must – be achieved through political action, to the extent that it challenges us as subjects and builders of our own lives and of our own society. In political praxis, individuals are connected by a bond of solidarity, cooperation, mutual respect and equal consideration of interests of all and among all. Such connection acquires fundamental importance because it fosters solidification of sociability as a moral ethos in that each individual achieves their happiness correlatively in the promotion of the welfare of others. A reconsideration of the policy as an ethos that allows us to be happy and achieve the accomplishment as citizens is extremely important in today`s society in which political corruption, authoritarianism and paternalism discredit politics and tend to  depart the political institutions of the average citizen, thus fomenting civil privatism and undermining the democratic process and its effectiveness. Key-Words: Democracy; Politics; Happiness; Corruption; Authoritarianism 

  10. The Historical Turning Point of Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation: Commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the Victory of the Great War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression%中华民族走向复兴的历史枢纽——纪念抗日战争胜利65周年

    郑德荣; 黄伟



  11. 准确把握社会主义核心价值体系科学内涵 坚决维护中华民族复兴的精神家园%Grasp Scientific Connotation of Socialist Core Value System, Safeguard Rejuvenation of Chinese Nation's Spiritual Home

    张秀华; 魏稳涛


    党的十六届六中全会第一次明确提出社会主义核心价值体系,在十七大报告中胡锦涛总书记进一步指出:"社会主义核心价值体系是社会主义意识形态的本质体现。"十七届六中全会通过的《决议》则进一步强调:"社会主义核心价值体系是兴国之魂,是社会主义先进文化的精髓,决定着中国特色社会主义发展方向。"准确把握社会主义核心价值体系的科学内涵,在实践中能更好地宣传和践行,特别是在澄清价值问题方面的一些模糊认识,具有十分重要的意义。%The core value system of socialism was put forward in the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Commit- tee clearly for the first time,in the report of the 17 th Congress General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out: "the socialist core value system is the essence of the socialist ideology". Seventeen sessions of six CCP plenary conferences through the "reso- lution" was further stressed: "the core value system of socialism is the soul of a country,advanced socialist culture is the essence of socialism with Chinese characteristics, determines the direction of development." Accurately grasp the scientific connotation of socialist core value system ,which has very important sense in clarifying the value problems of some fuzzy understanding, have very important sense.

  12. 细胞重编程改写细胞命运:细胞的返老还童——2012年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖简介%Cell Fate Changed by Reprogramming: the Rejuvenation of Cells—A Brief Introduction to the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012

    王昱凯; 周琪


    The study of cell reprogramming has been carried out by many scientists for decades of years. The term cell reprogramming means "fully differentiated cells can be reprogrammed to multipo-tent stem cells". In 1962, John Gurdon proved that somatic cells can be reprogrammed in an unfertilized enucleated Xenopus egg, demonstrating that nuclei from specialized cells still held the potential to be any cell type despite its specialization. Based on Gurdon's achievement, in 2006, Shinya Yamanaka made great progress in the cell reprogramming field. He successfully performed cell reprogramming outside the body and obtained cells with multipotency, namely induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells ), indicating that cell fate is determined by selectively opening or closing some certain genes. Compared with embryo stem cells (ES cells), iPS has great superiority in avoiding ethical troubles caused by collecting stem cells from human embryo. Moreover, the cells derived from patients' own tissues are most likely to eliminate immune rejection problems in clinical application. The establishment of iPS technique has triggered the beginning of a brand new research field.%科学家们对细胞重编程的研究已经持续了数十年.所谓细胞重编程是指“已分化的特定细胞可以被重新编程为多功能的干细胞”.1962年,约翰·戈登(John Gurdon)在他的实验室里证明,已分化的动物体细胞在蛙卵中可以被重编程,从而具有发育成完整个体的能力,证明了细胞的分化是可逆的.2006年,山中伸弥(Shinya Yamanaka)将戈登的这一成果推进了一大步,实现了细胞在体外的重编程,诱导出了具有多能性的细胞(即诱导性多能干细胞,induced pluripotent stem cell,iPS细胞),证明了细胞命运是有选择性地打开或关闭某些基因的结果.与胚胎干细胞相比,iPS细胞的优势在于它避开了使用人体胚胎提取干细胞的伦理道德制约,使干细胞研究能被所有人接受.同时,由于这些细胞来自于病人自身,在临床应用时有希望避免免疫系统对外来组织的排斥.iPS技术的创立开创了一个全新的研究领域.

  13. Alienation and Rejuvenation---Undergraduate Students'Acceptance of Classical Foreign Literature in Newly-approved Universities%疏离与回归--新建本科院校大学生对外国文学经典的接受



    由于课业负担过重、急功近利思想的滋生、整体综合素质的下降以及流行文化浪潮的冲击,新建本科院校大学生与外国文学经典产生了疏离,而要改变这一现状,则需要政府的大力倡导和支持,也需要文艺工作者、高校和大学生们的共同努力。%Undergraduate students of newly-approved universities become increasingly alienated from the classi-cal foreign literary works because of their schoolwork burdens,hunger for quick success,decline in overall com-prehensive qualities,and impact of the wave of popular cultures.Change of the situation needs the government's vigorous support and the joint efforts of literary and art workers,colleges and universities,and the undergradu-ates themselves.

  14. Advancing China's Multilateral Diplomacy in Africa

    Luo Jianbo


    @@ The 21st century offers Africa and China many opportunities. African countries are committed to regional integration in order to achieve peace, stability and development, while China is accelerating its socialist modernization to achieve peaceful development and national rejuvenation.

  15. Kulm WMD Management Actions 2004 Monitoring Program

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Management actions for the monitoring program at Kulm Wetland Management District for 2004. Habitat management objectives for 2004 include rejuvenating plant growth,...

  16. NEPAD and Governance Question in Nigeria: Progress and ...

    NEPAD and Governance Question in Nigeria: Progress and Challenges. ... for Africa's rejuvenation of the spirit of good governance and development. ... as global economic meltdown, internal conflicts and state-centric interest which have ...

  17. Burn Plan Upper Mississippi River NW&FR La Crosse District 1994

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Refuge presents a burn proposal for Cormorant and Broken Gun Islands in Lake Onalaska. The plan is to burn one half of each island to rejuvenate the grass...

  18. Chinese Arts&Crafts (Hong Kong) Holds Exhibition of Arts and Crafts of Hai Genre


    The booming Chinese economy has caught the attention of the whole world. Meanwhile, the rejuvenation of art in China is also attractive since it has enhanced the value of Chinese art. After inviting leading

  19. Giving German universities a boost.

    Tuffs, Annette


    Although well respected, German universities are no longer considered world class. Efforts to rejuvenate the German university system include a competition to confer elite status on the country's ten leading universities.

  20. Page 1 118 G.P. Review Al'ticle S.-A. MEDIESE TYDSKRIF 30 ...

    diguanides have a minor rejuvenating effect on the beta- cells of the ... blood sugar levels; many have become totally aglycosuric ... (b) children and young adults occasionally manifest symp- ..... attention to food coverage, as mentioned above.

  1. Kepler

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The centuries-old quest for other worlds like our Earth has been rejuvenated by the intense excitement and popular interest surrounding the discovery of hundreds of...

  2. College Health for Young Women

    ... sodium . Cut down on junk food (candy, chips, soft drinks, etc.). Snack on healthy foods such as popcorn, ... in a while to rejuvenate. Tags: college , immunizations , safety tips Related Content College Health: Health Services and Common Health Problems College Health: ...

  3. Microneedling with dermaroller.

    Doddaballapur, Satish


    Microneedling with dermaroller is a new treatment modality for the treatment of scars, especially acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and for facial rejuvenation. It is a simple and relatively cheap modality that also can be used for transdermal drug delivery.

  4. Microneedling with Dermaroller

    Doddaballapur Satish


    Microneedling with dermaroller is a new treatment modality for the treatment of scars, especially acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and for facial rejuvenation. It is a simple and relatively cheap modality that also can be used for transdermal drug delivery.

  5. Media democracy

    Pels, D.


    The present article compendiously presents the interlinked and abruptly developing processes of media democracy and political matters’ personalization. The writer expressly opts for these processes which can radically rejuvenate communication and trust among citizens and politicians and therefore

  6. Avaliação do resíduo de óleo vegetal como agente rejuvenescedor de ligantes a partir de análises reológicas e de morfologia de superfície

    Patrícia Hennig Osmari


    Full Text Available This study evaluates the use of a waste vegetable oil as a rejuvenator of asphalt binders. For that, characteristics of a binder in the stages unaged, aged, and rejuvenated are evaluated based on results of viscosity, dynamic shear modulus and phase angle. In addition, tests to characterize the surface morphology are conducted in an atomic force microscope to identify microscopic changes on the different components of the binder. A procedure to quantify these constituents is pre-sented and employed in the research work. It is expected that the results presented in this paper can promote sustainable engineering practices with the use of waste products that are able to rejuvenate aged asphalt binders, as well as stimulate the development of advanced techniques to characterize the material behavior in different scales and to identify links between them.

  7. Non-invasive bleaching of the human lens by femtosecond laser photolysis

    Kessel, L.; Eskildsen, Lars; Poel, Mike van der


    were susceptible to photobleaching by a non-invasive procedure and whether this would lead to optical rejuvenation of the lens. Methodology/Principal Findings: Nine human donor lenses were treated with an 800 nm infra-red femtosecond pulsed laser in a treatment zone measuring 1 x 1 x 0.52 mm. After...... laser treatment the age-induced yellow discoloration of the lens was markedly reduced and the transmission of light was increased corresponding to an optical rejuvenation of 3 to 7 years. Conclusions/Significance: The results demonstrate that the age-induced yellowing of the human lens can be bleached...... by a non-invasive procedure based on femtosecond laser photolysis. Cataract is a disease associated with old age. At the current technological stage, lens aging is delayed but with a treatment covering the entire lens volume complete optical rejuvenation is expected. Thus, femtosecond photolysis has...

  8. A study on the alterations in skin viscoelasticity before and after an intradermal administration of growth factor

    Ichiro Ono


    Full Text Available Background: While photo-aging is believed to be preventable by the complete blockage of ultraviolet rays, there is no epoch-making method except sing fillers or autologous fat injection, for rejuvenating the skin once it has aged. Objective: Our group developed a new method for rejuvenating aged skin by the direct intradermal injection of basic fibroblast growth factor, the first method of its kind in the world. In this paper we report the results of long-term follow-up observations and alterations in skin viscoelasticity before and after this treatment. Materials and Methods: A single dose of growth factor was injected directly into aged skin of the dorsal surface of the hand intradermally. The skin viscoelasticity of 50 treated cases was measured by a cutometer just before the treatment and at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months after treatment, respectively. Results: We observed the following rejuvenating effects: improved skin softness, gradual improvement of turgor, improved thickness of atrophied skin, and greatly improved viscoelasticity which reveals the improvement of biomechanical properties of the treated aged skin. According to the comparisons of viscoelasticity between pre- and post-treatment, the rejuvenated changes of R2 and R7 values were comparable to an age difference of more than 20 years. Conclusion: This method was confirmed to have excellent effects in rejuvenating aged skin safely and reliably including biomechanical properties. With this advance, we expect conventional non-physiological skin rejuvenating treatments to be replaced by a much more fundamental method using one-time injections of the growth factor.

  9. Effect of photon energy in collagen generation by interstitial low level laser stimulation

    Jun, Eunkwon; Ha, Myungjin; Lee, Sangyeob; Radfar, Edalat; Park, Jihoon; Jung, Byungjo


    Although the mechanism of low level laser therapy (LLLT) is unclear, many studies demonstrated the positive clinical performance of LLLT for skin rejuvenation. An increase in dermal collagen plays an important role in skin rejuvenation and wound healing. This study aimed to investigate collagen generation after interstitial low level laser stimulation (ILLS). Rabbits were divided into two groups: surfacing irradiation and minimally invasive irradiation. 660nm diode laser of 20mW with 10J, 13J and 15J was applied to the backside of rabbits. Collagen formation was evaluated with ultrasound skin scanner every 12 hours. Results shows that ILLS groups have denser collagen density than surfacing groups.

  10. Withania somnifera: an Indian ginseng.

    Kulkarni, S K; Dhir, Ashish


    Withania somnifera, popularly known as Ashwagandha is widely considered as the Indian ginseng. In Ayurveda, it is classified as a rasayana (rejuvenation) and expected to promote physical and mental health, rejuvenate the body in debilitated conditions and increase longevity. Having wide range of activity, it is used to treat almost all disorders that affect the human health. The present review discusses the pharmacological basis of the use of W. somnifera in various central nervous system (CNS) disorders, particularly its indication in epilepsy, stress and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disorders, tardive dyskinesia, cerebral ischemia, and even in the management of drug addiction.

  11. Transconjunctival upper blepharoplasty.

    Januszkiewicz, J S; Nahai, F


    Transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty now has an established role as an option in rejuvenation of the lower eyelid. Transconjunctival upper lid blepharoplasty, or transconjunctival removal of medial upper eyelid fat, also has a role in rejuvenation of the upper eyelid. However, this is a rather limited role. We have found this approach safe and efficacious as a primary as well as a secondary procedure for removal of excess medial upper eyelid fat. We report on 20 patients who have undergone this operation: 5 as a primary procedure and 15 as secondary. There were no complications, no revisions, and the patients have been uniformly happy with their results.

  12. Time scales and mechanisms of relaxation in the energy landscape of polymer glass under deformation: direct atomistic modeling.

    Lyulin, Alexey V; Michels, M A J


    Molecular-dynamics simulation is used to explore the influence of thermal and mechanical history of typical glassy polymers on their deformation. Polymer stress-strain and energy-strain developments have been followed for different deformation velocities, also in closed extension-recompression loops. The latter simulate for the first time the experimentally observed mechanical rejuvenation and overaging of polymers, and energy partitioning reveals essential differences between mechanical and thermal rejuvenation. All results can be qualitatively interpreted by considering the ratios of the relevant time scales: for cooling down, for deformation, and for segmental relaxation.

  13. Post-mortem re-cloning of a transgenic red fluorescent protein dog.

    Hong, So Gun; Koo, Ok Jae; Oh, Hyun Ju; Park, Jung Eun; Kim, Minjung; Kim, Geon-A; Park, Eun Jung; Jang, Goo; Lee, Byeong-Chun


    Recently, the world's first transgenic dogs were produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer. However, cellular senescence is a major limiting factor for producing more advanced transgenic dogs. To overcome this obstacle, we rejuvenated transgenic cells using a re-cloning technique. Fibroblasts from post-mortem red fluorescent protein (RFP) dog were reconstructed with in vivo matured oocytes and transferred into 10 surrogate dogs. One puppy was produced and confirmed as a re-cloned dog. Although the puppy was lost during birth, we successfully established a rejuvenated fibroblast cell line from this animal. The cell line was found to stably express RFP and is ready for additional genetic modification.

  14. Basic Research Objectives Reaffirmed

    Guo Haiyan; Zhao Baohua


    @@ As a national institution for scientific research and a component of the national innovation system, CAS should and must make key contributions to the great national rejuvenation of the country. Keeping this in mind, CAS has developed four developmental targets for its basic research. This was revealed at a CAS conference on basic research held June 11-12 in Beijing.

  15. Messianic Pedagogy

    Lewis, Tyson


    Famously, Walter Benjamin once wrote that behind historical materialism lies a disavowed theological "hunchback." More importantly, it is only through a rejuvenated relation with this theological hunchback that historical materialism can ultimately realize its own revolutionary possibilities. While the theological dimension of critical theory has…

  16. Onchocerciasis: The Pre-control Association between Prevalence of Palpable Nodules and Skin Microfilariae

    L.E. Coffeng (Luc); S.D.S. Pion (Sébastien); S. O'Hanlon (Simon); S. Cousens (Simon); A.O. Abiose (Adenike); P.U. Fischer (Peter); J.H.F. Remme (Jan); K.Y. Dadzie (Yankum); M.E. Murdoch (Michele); S.J. de Vlas (Sake); M-G. Basáñez (María-Gloria); W.A. Stolk (Wilma); M. Boussinesq (Michel)


    markdownabstract*Background*: The prospect of eliminating onchocerciasis from Africa by mass treatment with ivermectin has been rejuvenated following recent successes in foci in Mali, Nigeria and Senegal. Elimination prospects depend strongly on local transmission conditions and therefore on pre-con

  17. Triple-layer midface lifting : long-term follow-up of an effective approach to aesthetic surgery of the lower eyelid and the midface

    Stevens, Hieronymus P. Jerome D.; Willemsen, Joep C. N.; Durani, Piyush; Rasteiro, David; Omoruyi, Ogbe J.


    BACKGROUND: It is becoming more and more accepted that better aesthetic results can be obtained when the lower eyelid is considered as part of the midface when contemplating surgical rejuvenation. Descent of the orbicularis muscle and midface tissue causes malar bags, loss of volume over the tear-tr

  18. Lashkar-e-Taiba: A Global Threat Today, a Threat to Pakistan Tomorrow


    Kashmir, the organization continued to provide fighters for global takfiri efforts to include fighting in Tajikistan and Bosnia -Herzogovinia.18 The apparatus produces what might be likened to a pyramid scheme with the system constantly rejuvenating itself.68 Multiple foiled attacks against


    The waste treatment and rejuvenation of spent electroless nickel baths has attracted a considerable amount of interest from electroplating shops, electroless nickel suppliers, universities and regulatory agencies due to the finite life of the baths and the associated waste that t...

  20. Editors' Introduction

    Edouard Machery


    Full Text Available The relation between concepts and perception has been a central issue in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science for a few decades, and it has recently been rejuvenated by research on concept empiricism and on cognitive penetration. Research on the relation between concepts and perception in philosophy and in the cognitive sciences focuses on several distinct issues.

  1. Career and Technical Education: Pursuing a Pipeline for the New Green-Collar Workforce

    Arnett, Sally E.; Kozlowski, Patti; Peach, Peggy; Varela, Erika


    As the white- and blue-collar jobs are thinning because of the economic downturn, the economy is being rejuvenated by a new color of collar jobs--green. Green jobs encompass a range of skills, educational backgrounds and occupational profiles. The green industry has been recognized as a high-growth workforce sector because of the demand for…

  2. 77 FR 14584 - Notice of Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Approvals and Disapprovals


    ... cones. Runway 8/26 pavement rejuvenation. Purchase snow removal equipment--high-speed snow plow. Master plan/land use. Design passenger terminal remodel. Install runway guard lights and enhanced taxiway... improvements of terminal building. Design reconstruction of taxiway C from taxiway B to runway 8/26....

  3. A Landscape Vision for Sustainable Bioenergy Feedstock Production

    Feedstock production for biofuel and other bioproducts is poised to rejuvenate rural economies, but may lead to long-term degradation of soil resources or other adverse and unintended environmental consequences if the practices are not developed in a sustainable manner. This presentation will examin...

  4. 30 years of reform of China’s state-owned asset management system

    黄速建; 金书娟


    Reform of China’s state-owned asset management system is an important component of China’s economic system reform,but also a key factor in rejuvenating the national economy.In this article,the authors analyzed the background of the reform,summarized the reform process and discussed related question on how to deepen the reform.

  5. Platelet rich plasma in dermatology and aesthetic medicine

    Neerja Puri


    Platelet rich plasma is a promising therapy in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and the usage of PRP in aesthetics. PRP is especially used for conditions like facial and neck rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, abdominal striae and facial scarring.

  6. An educational program for training beginning farmers in sustainable poultry, livestock and agroforestry production

    There is a pressing need to rejuvenate rural populations in this country with new and innovative ventures. Investing resources in beginning farmers is one way to make rural populations more vibrant. However, beginning farmers lack adequate farm skills and background to initiate and maintain viable a...

  7. Through a Social Space Lens--Interpreting Migration of the Tertiary Educated

    Haley, Aimee


    Higher education institutions are thought to rejuvenate and replenish local labour markets with recent graduates, especially in rural locales. While some graduates stay in the area of their alma mater, others return home or to other areas. The aim of this paper is to contribute a synopsis of research results from current peer-reviewed literature…

  8. Mechanisms of motivation-cognition interaction: Challenges and opportunities

    Braver, T.S.; Krug, M.K.; Chiew, K.S.; Kool, W.; Westbrook, J.A.; Clement, N.J.; Adcock, R.A.; Barch, D.M.; Botvinick, M.M.; Carver, C.S.; Cools, R.; Custers, R.; Dickinson, A.; Dweck, C.S.; Fishbach, A.; Gollwitzer, P.M.; Hess, T.M.; Isaacowitz, D.M.; Mather, M.; Murayama, K.; Pessoa, L.; Samanez-Larkin, G.R.; Somerville, L.H.


    Recent years have seen a rejuvenation of interest in studies of motivation-cognition interactions arising from many different areas of psychology and neuroscience. The present issue of Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience provides a sampling of some of the latest research from a number of

  9. Norway and adjacent sedimentary basins during Cenozoic times - sediment fluxes, accumulation rates and mass balance

    Gołędowski, Bartosz; Nielsen, S.B.; Clausen, O.R.


    is in agreement with the so-called ICE hypothesis (Nielsen et al., 2009) which suggests the longevity of the Scandinavian mountains and do not impose tectonic rejuvenation of topography in Cenozoic times. Such episodes of tectonic uplift have been previously suggested as the controlling factors of erosion rates...

  10. Modeling and simulation of heat distribution in human skin caused by laser irradiation

    Luan, Y.; Dams, S.D.


    Study of light-based skin rejuvenation needs prospective insights of mechanism of laser tissue interaction. A well-built model plays a key role in predicting temperature distribution in human skin exposed to laser irradiation. Therefore, it not only provides guidance for in vitro experiment, but

  11. Det sidste nye og det gode gamle

    Gemzøe, Anker


    prose is passing on and even rejuvenating prosaic subgenres such as love stories, biographical novels often linked to family and native soil, and crime novels. Complementary to the genre-transgressive push factor, a genre-confirming pull factor is in play; for this I propose the term bestseller...

  12. Clonal reversal of ageing-associated stem cell lineage bias via a pluripotent intermediate

    Wahlestedt, Martin; Erlandsson, Eva; Kristiansen, Trine


    that individual HSCs might be preset differentially already from young age, HSCs might also age asynchronously. Evaluating the prospects for HSC rejuvenation therefore ultimately requires approaching those HSCs that are functionally affected by age. Here we combine genetic barcoding of aged murine HSCs...

  13. The aesthetic jaw line: management of the aging jowl.

    Reece, Edward M; Rohrich, Rod J


    The lower third of the face is often an afterthought in aesthetic plastic surgery. Aging across the mandibular border may be described by several mechanisms: fat atrophy and volume loss; shifting of subcutaneous fat compartments; and mandibular septum dehiscence with submandibular fat hypertrophy. Accurate diagnosis of the apparent mechanism of jaw line aging is critical to successful facial rejuvenation. Diagnosis directs the plastic surgeon as to which key anatomic components in this region to manipulate to optimize rejuvenation. The senior author's technique for facial rejuvenation across the mandibular border is described with an algorithm for facial rejuvenation of the jaw line. Several consistent patterns of facial aging are apparent and a theory of their mechanism is suggested: (1) patients with thin skin and minimal jowling resulting from fat atrophy; (2) jowl ptosis with normal skin and loss of submalar hollow and midface fullness, caused by displacement of fat compartments; and (3) cascading confluent fat over the mandible, produced by septum dehiscence. Fat atrophy is treated with fat replacement, either injectable or autologous fat. Jowl ptosis is treated with septum release and superficial musculoaponeurotic system elevation to restore jaw line definition. Confluent fat is treated by septum release, superficial musculoaponeurotic system elevation, and direct excision of fat over the mandible. Application of techniques without proper analysis and definition may lead to an operated look with a swept jaw line. Undertreatment may not achieve jaw line definition.

  14. Healing Time


    Xinjiang’s local governments now focus on treating the injured and rejuvenating local tourism The capital of Xinjiang Uygur Auto- nomous Region, Urumqi, is getting back to normal a week after July 5’s — fatal riot, despite sporadic tension.

  15. Software Aging Prediction Based on Extreme Learning Machine

    Xiaozhi Du


    Full Text Available In the research on software aging and rejuvenation, one of the most important questions is when to trigger the rejuvenation action. And it is useful to predict the system resource utilization state efficiently for determining the rejuvenation time. In this paper, we propose software aging prediction model based on extreme learning machine (ELM for a real VOD system. First, the data on the parameters of system resources and application server are collected. Then, the data is preprocessed by normalization and principal component analysis (PCA. Then, ELMs are constructed to model the extracted data series of systematic parameters. Finally, we get the predicted data of system resource by computing the sum of the outputs of these ELMs. Experiments show that the proposed software aging prediction method based on wavelet transform and ELM is superior to the artificial neural network (ANN and support vector machine (SVM in the aspects of prediction precision and efficiency. Based on the models employed here, software rejuvenation policies can be triggered by actual measurements.  

  16. Exit Valor, Enter Veracity.

    Thomas, William Bud


    Focuses on what can be done when a program fails. What are the causes for failure? What elements must be considered in the decision process? What strategies can be employed to recycle resources into more productive activities? What alternatives are available to aid in program repair or rejuvenation? (Author)

  17. Voltage biasing, cyclic voltammetry, & electrical impedance spectroscopy for neural interfaces.

    Wilks, Seth J; Richner, Tom J; Brodnick, Sarah K; Kipke, Daryl R; Williams, Justin C; Otto, Kevin J


    Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and cyclic voltammetry (CV) measure properties of the electrode-tissue interface without additional invasive procedures, and can be used to monitor electrode performance over the long term. EIS measures electrical impedance at multiple frequencies, and increases in impedance indicate increased glial scar formation around the device, while cyclic voltammetry measures the charge carrying capacity of the electrode, and indicates how charge is transferred at different voltage levels. As implanted electrodes age, EIS and CV data change, and electrode sites that previously recorded spiking neurons often exhibit significantly lower efficacy for neural recording. The application of a brief voltage pulse to implanted electrode arrays, known as rejuvenation, can bring back spiking activity on otherwise silent electrode sites for a period of time. Rejuvenation alters EIS and CV, and can be monitored by these complementary methods. Typically, EIS is measured daily as an indication of the tissue response at the electrode site. If spikes are absent in a channel that previously had spikes, then CV is used to determine the charge carrying capacity of the electrode site, and rejuvenation can be applied to improve the interface efficacy. CV and EIS are then repeated to check the changes at the electrode-tissue interface, and neural recordings are collected. The overall goal of rejuvenation is to extend the functional lifetime of implanted arrays.

  18. In vitro seed germination and rootstock establishing for micrografting of Theobroma cacao L

    Micrografting has been successfully implemented in several plant species of Acacia, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Havea, Malus, Olea, Opuntia, Prunus and other genera. This technique is employed for plant rejuvenation, true-to-type propagation, genetic improvement, recovery of virus-free plants, testing of po...

  19. Software Aging Analysis of Web Server Using Neural Networks



    Full Text Available Software aging is a phenomenon that refers to progressive performance degradation or transient failures or even crashes in long running software systems such as web servers. It mainly occurs due to the deterioration of operating system resource, fragmentation and numerical error accumulation. A primitive method to fight against software aging is software rejuvenation. Software rejuvenation is a proactive fault management technique aimed at cleaning up the system internal state to prevent the occurrence of more severe crash failures in the future. It involves occasionally stopping the running software, cleaning its internal state and restarting it. An optimized schedule for performing the software rejuvenation has to be derived in advance because a long running application could not be put down now and then as it may lead to waste of cost. This paper proposes a method to derive an accurate and optimized schedule for rejuvenation of a web server (Apache by using Radial Basis Function (RBF based Feed Forward Neural Network, a variant of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN. Aging indicators are obtained through experimental setup involving Apache web server and clients, which acts as input to the neural network model. This method is better than existing ones because usage of RBF leads to better accuracy and speed in convergence.

  20. Bridging traits, story, and self: Prospects and problems

    Hermans, H.J.M.


    In his target article, McAdams brings together three domains in the field of psychology in which challenging developments have been observed over the past decades: trait psychology, narrative psychology, and culture. Trait psychology has been rejuvenated by crossnational and cross-cultural research

  1. Triple-layer midface lifting : long-term follow-up of an effective approach to aesthetic surgery of the lower eyelid and the midface

    Stevens, Hieronymus P. Jerome D.; Willemsen, Joep C. N.; Durani, Piyush; Rasteiro, David; Omoruyi, Ogbe J.

    BACKGROUND: It is becoming more and more accepted that better aesthetic results can be obtained when the lower eyelid is considered as part of the midface when contemplating surgical rejuvenation. Descent of the orbicularis muscle and midface tissue causes malar bags, loss of volume over the

  2. Clinical, biophysical, immunohistochemical, and in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy evaluation of the response of subjects with sensitive skin to home-use fractional non-ablative photothermolysis device

    Richters, R.J.; Hoogedoorn, L.; Uzunbajakava, N.E.; Janssen, L.D.; Tom Nuijs, A.M.; Erp, P.E.J. van; Kerkhof, P.C.M. van de


    BACKGROUND: Fractional photothermolysis using professional devices is a well-accepted and a widely used technique for skin rejuvenation. Recently, the technology has also been implemented in devices for home-use. Yet, a subpopulation of consumers exists that reacts excessively to this stimulation

  3. Asphalt mixtures with a high amount of RAP – case study

    Koudelka, Tomas; Varaus, Michal


    A case study of one trial section in the Pilsen region is presented. The pavement in the section was newly constructed in 2015 using one type of an asphalt concrete mixtures with varying RAP content. The constructed surface course comprises of 0% to 50% RAP. In order to restore the aged binder properties and to avoid the embrittlement of the produced mixtures, a rubber-based modifier/rejuvenator was employed. For technological reasons during manufacturing processes, which engage a parallel drying drum, a crude oil-based rejuvenator was also added. This article contains the preliminary data from an on-going project focused on monitoring the properties of bituminous binders contained in asphalt mixtures. The actual bituminous binders were extracted straight after production, after 6 months and after 12 months. The binder characteristics are evaluated using empirical testing as well as functional tests. Low temperature properties are measured by a Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR). The preliminary results show, that the bituminous binders properties change significantly in a relatively short period of time. The progress in binder’ characteristics is contradictory to up-to date knowledge. The probability that the phenomenon of diffusion between aged binder and rejuvenator agents occurs exists. Moreover, the data might indicate that the process of rejuvenator evaporation takes place.

  4. A Study of Words Relating to Youth and Old Age in the Plays of Euripides and Its Special Implications for Euripides'"Suppliant Women."

    Thury, Eva M.


    This study focuses on imagery of youth and old age in the plays of Euripides, especially the "Suppliant Women," considering frequently used words in each play according to formula developed by Pierre Guiraud. Identifies a motif, the rejuvenation theme, in several of Euripides' plays. Shows how the word "neos" (new, young) helps Euripides contrast…

  5. High Availability Solution: Resource Usage Management in Virtualized Software Aging

    Aye Myat Myat Paing


    Full Text Available As businesses increasingly rely on IT for their mission-critical operations, continuous availability is auniversal concern. Nowadays, virtualized platform has become the popular option to deploy complexenough services. Deployed services are expected to be always, available, but these long running servicesare especially sensitive to suffer from software aging phenomenon. Software aging of virtual machinemonitors (VMMs is becoming critical because performance degradation or crash failure of a VMM affectsall virtual machines (VMs on it. To counteract this issue, we deploy software rejuvenation methodology.To eliminate the service outage during software rejuvenation process, we combine the rejuvenation withlive migration technology. Live VM migration enables a running VM on a host serer to move onto the otherhost server with very small interruption of the execution. Live VM migration depends on VMs placementand efficient resource available is required. The idea behind our paper is two-fold. First, we present theoptimization of the resource usage as accepting as many services as in virtualized environment whichsupport of VM live migration. Second, to demonstrate how much it can improve system availability, thestochastic Petri nets model a virtualized server system in case of using time based software rejuvenation forVMM is presented. Finally, we perform the numerical analysis to evaluate the model.

  6. Musical "Tune-Ups" for Couples: Brief Treatment Interventions

    Duba, Jill D.; Roseman, Christopher


    Some couples seek counseling to address warning signs. They may not be facing a relationship crisis but may be more concerned about where they are headed. Hence, a marriage makeover may not necessarily be needed, but instead couples in counseling may benefit from something rejuvenating. In such cases, brief interventions or techniques may be…

  7. Nobel Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei: Preventing Nuclear Proliferation Peacefully

    Dufour, Joanne


    The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded 60 years after the first atomic bombs fell on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing more than 200,000 people; the peace prize raises the hopes of those working to rejuvenate global efforts to prevent the spread and development of nuclear arms. This article profiles the International Atomic…

  8. The Functional Implications of Afrocentrism.

    Okafor, Victor Oguejiofor


    Examines the present state of the African American community in the United States. Discusses both the symbolic and literal concept of "Back to Africa," arguing that the cultural vitality of Afrocentricity and the African diaspora will profit from symbolic Pan-African linkages, linkages that can rejuvenate the cultural life of the African…

  9. Modeling and simulation of heat distribution in human skin caused by laser irradiation

    Luan, Y.; Dams, S.D.


    Study of light-based skin rejuvenation needs prospective insights of mechanism of laser tissue interaction. A well-built model plays a key role in predicting temperature distribution in human skin exposed to laser irradiation. Therefore, it not only provides guidance for in vitro experiment, but als

  10. Platelet rich plasma in dermatology and aesthetic medicine

    Neerja Puri


    Full Text Available Platelet rich plasma is a promising therapy in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of platelet rich plasma (PRP and the usage of PRP in aesthetics. PRP is especially used for conditions like facial and neck rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, abdominal striae and facial scarring.

  11. Strategic Misstep: ’Immortal’ Robotic Warfare, Inviting Combat to Suburban America


    the head of the spider . Strategically it unfolded quite differently. Like a starfish’s rejuvenated tentacle, the extensive network of enemy hackers...most violent and extremist organizations frequently echo these sound bites .17 The rhetoric indicates the enemy’s continued quest to gain popular

  12. Recombinant Supercharged Polypeptides Restore and Improve Biolubrication

    Veeregowda, Deepak H.; Kolbe, Anke; van der Mei, Henny C.; Busscher, Henk J.; Herrmann, Andreas; Sharma, Prashant K.


    Recombinant supercharged polypeptides (SUPs) with low cytotoxicity are developed and applied to rejuvenate the lubrication of naturally occurring salivary conditioning films (SCFs). SUPs with 72 positive charges adsorbed and rigidified the SCFs and recruited mucins to form a hydrated layer. These SC

  13. Reformer Takes French Reins


    The painful reforms chosen by French voters to rejuvenate their sluggish economy have smoothed the way for Nicolas Sarkozy to take up France’s top political job.The 52-year-old leader of the ruling right-wing Union

  14. Macroeconomics after Two Decades of Rational Expectations.

    McCallum, Bennett T.


    Discusses real business cycle analysis, growth theory, and other economic concepts in the context of the rational expectations revolution in macroeconomics. Focuses on post-1982 research. Concludes that the rejuvenation of growth analysis is an encouraging development because it could lead to changes in welfare policy. (CFR)

  15. Overdue for Innovation


    China strives to rev up technological and service innovations in its electronics and information industry The Chinese Government included television makers, telecom equipment providers and software companies on its list of the 10 industries it wants to rejuvenate through stimulus packages. The electronics and information industry was the sixth industry chosen for a support plan on February 18.

  16. There's a Fine Line between Pleasure and Pain: Why Students Enrol in Higher Degrees in Music and Music Education

    Harrison, Scott D.


    For many musicians and music educators, finding the time and inclination to undertake further studies can be stumbling blocks to engaging in a program of research. Without self-development of this kind, understanding and rejuvenation of teaching and performance practices are unlikely to occur. Furthermore, as the academy ages, there is a…

  17. "Listen Then, Or, Rather, Answer": Contemporary Challenges to Socratic Education

    Fullam, Jordan


    The popularity of Jacques Rancière in recent work in educational philosophy has rejuvenated discussion of the merits and weaknesses of Socratic education, both in Plato's dialogues and in invocations of Socrates in contemporary educational practice. In this essay Jordan Fullam explores the implications of this trend through comparing…

  18. Microneedling with dermaroller

    Doddaballapur Satish


    Full Text Available Microneedling with dermaroller is a new treatment modality for the treatment of scars, especially acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and for facial rejuvenation. It is a simple and relatively cheap modality that also can be used for transdermal drug delivery.

  19. Annual Report (1994) and Five-Year (1994-1998) Strategic Investment Plan.


    remove chromium, nickel, or copper on metal parts. New technology is needed as an alternative to traditional electroplating and plating removal...line systems for purification/ rejuvenation of electroplating (chrome, nickel, electroless nickel, copper , etc), anodizing, and metal cleaning...Strat Plan) Pillar development. The Executive Director of SERDP served in a dual role as Chairman of the Joint Engineers Management Panel and Reliance

  20. Interfacing the septa movement (DC motors) equipment to the PS control system and the MIL1553 bus

    Dehavay, Claude


    Continuing the rejuvenation of the PS Control system , this application replaces the Single Transceiver Hybrid used to interface the Septa Movement Fquipment by a G64 system connected to the VME crate via the MIL1553 bus. This note explains the G64 hardware interface and details the standard message as defined in the Control Protocole for Power Converter, RF and Stepping Motor equipment.

  1. Success Factors in New Ventures: A Meta-analysis

    Song, Michael; Podoynitsyna, Ksenia; Bijl, van der Hans; Halman, Johannes I.M.


    Technology entrepreneurship is key to economic development. New technology ventures (NTVs) can have positive effects on employment and could rejuvenate industries with disruptive technologies. However, NTVs have a limited survival rate. In our most recent empirical study of 11,259 NTVs established b

  2. Narrating Self and China

    Kristensen, Irina

    about China and its people. Thus this study explores the questions of how these women writers adopted the roles of cultural interpreters, which allowed them to position themselves as authoritative and representative voices and, at the same time, rejuvenate China’s image in the global arena...

  3. Mindfulness, Therapy and Vocational Values: Exploring the Moral and Aesthetic Dimensions of Vocational Education and Training

    Hyland, Terry


    The devaluation and debilitation of education in general and vocational education and training (VET) in particular has been explored and described in recent years by a wide range of critical commentators. Education stands in dire need of therapy, and this paper suggests a therapeutic process for rejuvenating and enhancing VET through attention to…

  4. Professional Responsibility, Accountability and Performativity among Teachers: The Leavening Influence of CPD?

    Sugrue, Ciaran; Mertkan, Sefika


    In a climate of accountability and performativity, do teachers experience CPD provision as an externally imposed demand for conformity, compliance, to be accountable, or as a personal and professional rejuvenation that enhances their sense of professional responsibility? Through a qualitative study of secondary schools in England, this paper…

  5. 76 FR 32857 - Great Outdoors Month, 2011


    ..., bolstered our economy, and fueled our national spirit of adventure and independence. The United States holds... life and our health, rejuvenate local and regional economies, spur job creation, protect wildlife and... healthy, active, and energized, while reconnecting with their natural heritage. This month, let each of us...

  6. A Geochemical and Isotopic Study of the Youngest Lavas from the Islands of Upolu and Savai’i, Samoa

    Buhler, A.; Pietruszka, A. J.; Hanan, B. B.


    We report major and trace element abundances and Hf, Pb, Sr, and Nd isotopic ratios for eight of the youngest rejuvenation stage lavas from the Samoan Islands of Upolu and Savai’i. The extensive and voluminous amount of rejuvenation stage volcanism on the Samoan islands, especially on the islands of Savai’i and Upolu, has made these islands key in the understanding of rejuvenation magmatism. The six lavas from Upolu are basanites, whereas the two lavas from Savai’i are alkali basalts. With the exception of one basanite with 7.4 wt. % MgO, all of the samples are relatively primitive (MgO = 10.5 to 12.2 wt. %) and show little evidence of fractionation beyond olivine control. However, variations in major element abundances at a given MgO value indicate changes in the parental melt composition. This interpretation is confirmed by wide variations in ratios of incompatible trace elements (e.g., Nb/La or Ce/Yb). On a primitive mantle normalized trace element diagram, the lavas have relatively constant, low abundances of heavy rare-earth elements (e.g., Yb) due to the presence of residual garnet in the mantle source region. The ɛNd (-0.3 to +2.9) and ɛHf (+3.7 to +8.0) values, and Pb isotope ratios (e.g., 206Pb/204Pb = 18.57-18.88, Δ207Pb/204Pb = 3.3-11.4, and Δ208Pb/204Pb = 59.4-76.3) vary significantly but plot within the range of published data for rejuvenation stage lavas from these islands. On a plot of ɛNd vs. 206Pb/204Pb, the new Upolu and Savai’i analyses make a distinctive positive correlation that overlaps with previous analyses of rejuvenation stage lavas from these islands. Interestingly, this trend is distinct from the ones defined by many of the purported Upolu and Savai’i shield stage lavas. These data will help to better understand the origin of rejuvenation stage magmatism.

  7. The Downside of Fat: Avoiding and Treating Complications.

    Kim, Irene A; Keller, Gregory; Groth, Michael J; Nabili, Vishad


    Three-dimensional facial volume restoration using fat has become widely accepted as an essential component of facial rejuvenation. Transplanted fat has benefits due to its inherently nonallergenic nature. The versatility of fat grafts allows for their use in all types of facial enhancement-improving the appearance of nasolabial folds, mesolabial grooves, flattened cheeks and upper lips, glabellar furrows, lipoatrophy, acne scars, and temporal hollowing. Yet despite its virtues as the ideal filler, autologous fat has its shortcomings with risks of complications. Our objective in this article is to present a systematic approach demonstrating the complications that can occur with each step of autologous fat grafting in facial rejuvenation and offering pearls to avoid and treat these complications.

  8. The UV window on counter rotating ETGs: insight from SPH simulations with chemo-photometric implementation

    Bettoni, Daniela; Rampazzo, Roberto; Marino, Antonina; Galletta, Giuseppe; Buson, Lucio M


    The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) detected ultraviolet emission in about 50% of multi-spin early-type galaxies (ETGs), suggesting the occurrence of a recent rejuvenation episode connected to the formation of these kinematical features. With the aim at investigating the complex evolutionary scenario leading to the formation of counter rotating ETGs (CR-ETGs) we use our Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH) code with chemo-photometric implementation. We discuss here the UV evolutionary path of two CR-ETGs, NGC 3593 and NGC 5173, concurrently best fitting their global observed properties, i.e., morphology, dynamics, as well as their total B-band absolute magnitude and spectral energy distribution (SED) extended over three orders of magnitude in wavelength. These simulations correspond to our predictions about the target evolution which we follow in the color-magnitude diagram (CMD), near-UV (NUV) versus r-band absolute magnitude, as a powerful diagnostic tool to emphasize rejuvenation episodes.

  9. Stem cell facelift: between reality and fiction.

    Atiyeh, Bishara S; Ibrahim, Amir E; Saad, Dibo A


    Stem cells are "big business" throughout medical technology, and their potential application in cosmetic procedures is no exception. One of the latest nonsurgical facial treatments (and new catchphrases) in plastic surgery is the "stem cell facelift." It is evident from the currently available scientific literature that the use of stem cell therapy for facial rejuvenation is limited to the theoretical induction of skin tightening and can in no way be equated to a facelift. In fact, what is advertised and promoted as a new and original technique of stem cell facelifting is mostly stem cell-enriched lipofilling. Despite encouraging data suggesting that adult stem cells hold promise for future applications, the data from clinical evidence available today do not substantiate the marketing and promotional claims being made to patients. To claim that the "stem cell facelift" is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure surgery is unethical.

  10. Ultrasonic measurements for in-service assessment of wrought Inconel 625 cracker tubes of heavy water plants

    Kumar, Anish [Metallurgy and Materials Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam 603 102, Tamil Nadu (India); Rajkumar, K.V. [Metallurgy and Materials Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam 603 102, Tamil Nadu (India); Jayakumar, T. [Metallurgy and Materials Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam 603 102, Tamil Nadu (India)]. E-mail:; Raj, Baldev [Metallurgy and Materials Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam 603 102, Tamil Nadu (India); Mishra, B. [Heavy Water Board, Mumbai 400 085 (India)


    The degradation in mechanical properties of Inconel 625 ammonia cracker tubes occurs during the service for long duration in heavy water plants. The present study brings out the possibility of using Poisson's ratio (derived from measurement of time of flight of ultrasonic waves) in combination with hardness measurements, as an effective non-destructive tool for assessment of in-service degradation of Inconel 625 cracker tubes and qualification of re-solution annealing heat treatment for their rejuvenation. Further, the study also indicates the feasibility of extending the life of some of the tubes beyond the presently followed 120 000 h, before they are taken up for re-solution annealing, without affecting their serviceability. However, further studies are required to identify quantitative criterion for Poisson's ratio and hardness values, for deciding on the basis for removal of the tubes for rejuvenation.

  11. Treatment of neck laxity with a Gore-Tex cervical sling for patients with heavy neck tissues.

    Beaty, M M


    Treatment of neck laxity is a challenging problem for facial plastic surgeons. Many factors may contribute to this problem, including relaxation of the SMAS- platysma complex, excess submental adipose tissue, loss of skin elasticity, and anatomic factors such as hyoid position. Patients with heavy tissues in the neck area are more likely to have disappointing or short-lived results from neck rejuvenation surgery. Placement of an expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-Tex) cervical sling provides additional support to the soft tissues of the neck, improving both initial and long-term cervical contours. This method is used in our practice for most patients with heavy neck tissues undergoing lower facial rejuvenation procedures. The cervical sling is well tolerated and provides the additional benefit of easy adjustability should the soft tissues of the neck further relax.

  12. Precambrian accretionary history and phanerozoic structures-A unified explanation for the tectonic architecture of the nebraska region, USA

    Carlson, M.P.


    The Phanerozoic history in Nebraska and adjacent regions contains many patterns of structure and stratigraphy that can be directly related to the history of the Precambrian basement rocks of the area. A process is proposed that explains the southward growth of North America during the period 1.8-1.6 Ga. A series of families of accretionary events during the Proterozoic emplaced sutures that remained as fundamental basement weak zones. These zones were rejuvenated in response to a variety of continental stress events that occurred during the Phanerozoic. By combining the knowledge of basement history with the history of rejuvenation during the Phanerozoic, both the details of Proterozoic accretionary growth and an explanation for the patterns of Phanerozoic structure and stratigraphy is provided. ?? 2007 The Geological Society of America. All rights reserved.

  13. Geometric and Chemical Composition Effects on Healing Kinetics of Voids in Mg-bearing Al Alloys

    Song, Miao; Du, Kui; Wang, Chunyang; Wen, Shengping; Huang, Hui; Nie, Zuoren; Ye, Hengqiang


    The healing kinetics of nanometer-scale voids in Al-Mg-Er and Al-Mg-Zn-Er alloy systems were investigated with a combination of in situ transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography at different temperatures. Mg was observed completely healing the voids, which were then rejuvenated to the alloy composition with further aging, in the Al-Mg-Er alloy. On the contrary, Mg51Zn20 intermetallic compound was formed in voids in the Al-Mg-Zn-Er alloy, which leads to complete filling of the voids but not rejuvenation for the material. For voids with different geometrical aspects, different evolution processes were observed, which are related to the competition between bulk and surface diffusion of the alloys. For voids with a large size difference in their two ends, a viscous flow of surface atoms can be directly observed with in situ electron microscopy, when the size of one end becomes less than tens of nanometers.

  14. Creep of sound paths in consolidated granular material detected through coda wave interferometry.

    Espíndola, David; Galaz, Belfor; Melo, Francisco


    The time evolution of the contact force structure of a consolidated granular material subjected to a constant stress is monitored using the coda wave interferometry method. In addition, the nature of the aging and rejuvenation processes are investigated. These processes are interpreted in terms of affine and nonaffine structural path deformations. During the later stages of creep, the rearrangements of subgrains are so small that they only produce affine deformations in the contact paths, without any significant changes in the structural configuration. As a result, the strain path distribution follows the macroscopic strain. Conversely, in the presence of ultrasonic perturbations, the nonaffine grain buckling mechanism dominates, producing relatively drastic changes in the structural configuration accompanied by path deformations of the order of the grain size. This plastic mechanism induces material rejuvenation that is observed macroscopically as an ultrasonically accelerated creep.

  15. [Gerontology and endocrinology at the beginning of the 20th century: Dr. Voronoff (1866-1951)].

    Lellouch, A; Segal, A


    Rejuvenation by monkey testicle transplanting was terribly fashionable in Paris, between years 1925-1930. The manual miracles done by a group of very well-known surgeons, in Paris, (especially Serge Voronoff and Dartigues) rooted in the head of a too credulous public the idea according to it was possible to be made scientifically younger by genital graftings. The "Etude sur la vieillesse et la rajeunissement par la greffe" (1926), written by Voronoff, provided the clinical, histological and iconographical proofs of a such rejuvenation. The paper analyses that was put forward as "proofs", situated in the scientific and cultural context of the time. A possible link between youth, sexual vigour and animality sends back to a mythic history of gerontology and endocrinology, two medical fields which however became scientific specialties in the beginning of the twentieth century.

  16. Microneedling: Advances and widening horizons

    Aashim Singh


    Full Text Available Microneedling is a very simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique. It was initially introduced for skin rejuvenation, however, now it is being used for a very wide range of indications including acne scar, acne, post-traumatic/burn scar, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, drug delivery, hyperhidrosis, stretch marks, and many more. Moreover, during the last 10 years, many new innovations have been made to the initial instrument, which was used for microneedling. This technique can be combined with other surgical techniques to provide better results. In particular, it is a very safe technique for dark skin types, where risk of postinflammatory pigmentation is very high with other techniques that damage the epidermis. In this review article, we are updating on the different instruments now available for this procedure, and its efficacy when performed alone or in combination with other techniques for various indications.

  17. Microneedling: Advances and widening horizons.

    Singh, Aashim; Yadav, Savita


    Microneedling is a very simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique. It was initially introduced for skin rejuvenation, however, now it is being used for a very wide range of indications including acne scar, acne, post-traumatic/burn scar, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, drug delivery, hyperhidrosis, stretch marks, and many more. Moreover, during the last 10 years, many new innovations have been made to the initial instrument, which was used for microneedling. This technique can be combined with other surgical techniques to provide better results. In particular, it is a very safe technique for dark skin types, where risk of postinflammatory pigmentation is very high with other techniques that damage the epidermis. In this review article, we are updating on the different instruments now available for this procedure, and its efficacy when performed alone or in combination with other techniques for various indications.

  18. Cosmetic Surgery in Mid Life

    Born, Gunter


    The aging of the skin and supportive tissues in mid-life causes a deterioration in appearance and/or accentuates preexisting deformities. This can adversely affect the patient's self image and self-respect. Cosmetic or esthetic surgery helps to rejuvenate the aging features to improve the patient's self-image and restore self-confidence. This article discusses the various corrective procedures, their indications, extent, morbidity, complications and cost.

  19. The Proton Synchrotron (PS) in its tunnel.

    Patrice Loïez


    The PS accelerated protons for the first time on 24 November 1959. Since then, the intensity of its proton beam has increased a thousandfold, and in the course of its history it has accelerated many other kinds of particles. Permanently rejuvenated and upgraded, the PS is still the central workhorse of CERN's accelerator complex. The combined-function magnets, prominently visible in this picture, are still the original ones.

  20. Program Manager: Journal of the Defense Systems Management College, Volume 19, Number 6, November-December 1990


    rejuvenated you’ll hear they are genuinely proud Western European Union (WEU) is # to be part of this determincd move- asserting itself as a unifying force I...corresponding to their vital interests economies through the benefits of for operating an open Europea , and their possibilities. Therefore open competition...EUROPEAN EUROPEAN COMMUNITY PROGRAM UNION GROUP COMMON REQUIREMENTS CAPS PANEL1 (ECONOMIES OF SCALE) I AND PROJECT I COORDINATION I (REDUCTION OF

  1. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of curcumin gel with and without photo activation as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis: A split mouth clinical and microbiological study

    Sreedhar, Annaji; Sarkar, Indranil; Rajan, Padma; Pai, Jagdish; Malagi, Sachin; Kamath, Vinesh; Barmappa, Radhikka


    Aims and Objectives: Harnessing Mother Nature's bountiful remedies for rejuvenation has been in vogue since time immemorial. Turmeric contains the polyphenol Curcumin in its rhizome. It produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) with visible light irradiation as photodynamic therapy (PDT) - which validates its use in the treatment of periodontitis. This study compares Curcumin and Curcumin PDT as an adjunct to conventional Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) with SRP alone in the treatment of patients...

  2. Soft tissue augmentation in dermatology - 2009 update

    Michael H Gold


    Full Text Available The number of products available to dermatologists for soft tissue augmentation has grown significantly over the past several years in the US. This manuscript will review the various hyaluronic acid fillers and other Food and Drug Administration -approved products we are utilizing for our patients in the rejuvenation process. It is hoped that through this article clinicians will feel more comfortable using these products in their everyday practice of dermatology.

  3. Heartbreak hotel: a convergence in cardiac regeneration.

    Schneider, Michael D


    In February 2016, The Company of Biologists hosted an intimate gathering of leading international researchers at the forefront of experimental cardiovascular regeneration, with its emphasis on 'Transdifferentiation and Tissue Plasticity in Cardiovascular Rejuvenation'. As I review here, participants at the workshop revealed how understanding cardiac growth and lineage decisions at their most fundamental level has transformed the strategies in hand that presently energize the prospects for human heart repair.

  4. Multidimensional electron beam-plasma instabilities in the relativistic regime

    BRET, ANTOINE; Gremillet, Laurent; Dieckmann, Mark Eric


    The interest in relativistic beam-plasma instabilities has been greatly rejuvenated over the past two decades by novel concepts in laboratory and space plasmas. Recent advances in this long-standing field are here reviewed from both theoretical and numerical points of view. The primary focus is on the two-dimensional spectrum of unstable electromagnetic waves growing within relativistic, unmagnetized, and uniform electron beam-plasma systems. Although the goal is to provide a unified picture ...

  5. Late-Onset Complication of Fillers: Paraffinoma of the Lower Eyelids Clinically Mimicking Xanthelasma

    Kim, Min-Woo; Park, Hyun-sun; Yoon, Hyun-Sun


    Injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is world-famous filler used in lipoatrophy and facial rejuvenation because of its collagen neogenesis effect which leads to gradual volume restoration. Until recently, quite a number of unwanted adverse events of PLLA have been reported. However, to the best of our knowledge, paraffinoma as a complication of PLLA has never been reported. We herein describe the first case of paraffinoma after Sculptra® injection and propose its possible mechanism. PMID:27904276

  6. Where Will Russia's Domestic and Foreign Policies Go under the "Medvedev-Putin Tandem"?(detailed abstracts)

    Wang Lijiu


    @@ Ⅰ. The Medvedev-Putin Tandem Is Necessary for Russia's Rejuvenation Why is it called the"Medvedev-Putin Tandem"?Russia's constitution stipulates that president is the head of state who shall be responsible for defining and supervising the implementation of the political,economic,diplomatic,and security guidelines and policies,while prime minister is the head of government who shall be responsible for working out and carrying out these guidelines and policies in detail.

  7. No evidence for post-icesheet cirque glaciation in New England

    Waitt, R.B.; Davis, P.T.


    New field data and scrutiny of past reports reveal no firm evidence that local cirque glaciers were rejuvenated after late Wisconsin continental ice disappeared from the northern Green Mountains of Vermont, Mount Katahdin in Maine, and the northern Presidential Range of New Hampshire. The sharpness of some cirques and aretes in New England is not reliable evidence that the cirques were last occupied by local glaciers, for even sharper cirques and aretes have survived overriding by icesheets in other regions. -from Authors

  8. Supply Chain Performance Evaluation: Trends and Challenges

    Ezutah U. Olugu; Kuan Y. Wong


    Problem statement: In todays manufacturing world, globalization policies and rejuvenation have created a more intensive competition amongst manufacturers. On the other hand, manufacturers have turned to the option of adopting innovative technologies, process re-engineering and strategies such as efficient supply chain management to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Effective supply chain performance measurement has been identified as a key issue towards efficient supply chain manag...

  9. Africa and the New World Order-The Role of China in Africa's Regeneration

    Gina Caballero


    Sino-African relations, economic relation in particular, are developing steadily when the continent is trying to rejuvenate. During this process, China is not trying to overthrow the western order. It is more about how to reconcile China's scientific pragmatic foreign policy with western humanitarian interventionism. An inclusive world system will be better managed by striking a balance between Chinese pragmatism and U.S. idealism.

  10. Study on the propagation of some sugar cane clones derived from tissue culture

    Chagvardieff, P.; Mauboussin, J.C.; Weil, J.


    The study of the propagation by cuttings of sugar-cane clones derived from tissue cultures showed that the emergence of one bud setts was variable. A definition of parameters for this germination is proposed: germination vigour, germination capacity, shooting vigour, shooting capacity. Variants optained, among them germination or shooting vigour, were always improved when compared with the control; this might result from a cell rejuvenation induced by the tissue culture. 11 references.

  11. Bioremediation of Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, and Petrochemicals with Gomeya/Cow Dung

    Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa; Jagdev Singh Kullar


    Use and misuse of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and petrochemicals by man is causing havoc with nature, as they persist as such or as their toxic metabolites. These pollutants bioaccumulate in environment, and they ultimately reach man through various means. They are hazardous because of potential toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and genotoxicity. To rejuvenate nature, remediation methods currently available are usually expensive and might convert one toxic pollutant to another. Biorem...

  12. Defense Reform: Supporting the Whole-of-Government Approach in Tomorrow’s Crisis


    rebuilding a robust conventional force, but they are rapidly rejuvenating “Maskirovka.” In short, “Maskirovka” is the art of deception. As Colonel J.B...staff, convene courts martial , represent the interests of the United States in relation to foreign countries and international organizations, and...DOD, DOS, 4 Rupert Smith, General (Retired), The Utility of Force: The Art of War in the

  13. Minimally Invasive Procedures for Nasal Aesthetics

    Alessio Redaelli; Pietro Limardo


    Nose has an important role in the aesthetics of face. It is easy to understand the reason of the major interest that has revolved around the correction of its imperfections for several centuries, or even from the ancient times. In the last decade, all the surgical or medical minimal-invasive techniques evolved exponentially. The techniques of rejuvenation and corrections of nasal imperfections did not escape this development that is much widespread in the medicine of the third millennium. In ...

  14. Post-mortem re-cloning of a transgenic red fluorescent protein dog

    Hong, So Gun; Koo, Ok Jae; Oh, Hyun Ju; Park, Jung Eun; Kim, Minjung; Kim, Geon-A; Park, Eun Jung; Jang, Goo; Lee, Byeong-Chun


    Recently, the world's first transgenic dogs were produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer. However, cellular senescence is a major limiting factor for producing more advanced transgenic dogs. To overcome this obstacle, we rejuvenated transgenic cells using a re-cloning technique. Fibroblasts from post-mortem red fluorescent protein (RFP) dog were reconstructed with in vivo matured oocytes and transferred into 10 surrogate dogs. One puppy was produced and confirmed as a re-cloned dog. Althoug...

  15. Modernization: China’s Strategy Toward the 21st Century.


    date. PW. 17 % 1? CHAPTER 4 Mcdernizarion: an Estimate. its Implications and Problema if China continues her modernization by joint-venture, and ih Taiwan . By allowing this sovereignty issue to interfere with one of the principal sources of her modernization technology, China is ’cutting off her...motherland and rejuvenating China ." (35: 49) Unfortunately for China , Taiwan does not fit into the *" ’occupied territories’ category. Taiwan has, in its

  16. Centro-lateral subperiosteal vertical midface lift

    Hönig, Johannes Franz


    Full Text Available The use of fiberendoscopic video-assisted technique in facial rejuvenation is one of the most advances in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face. It substitutes the coronal incision without the necessity of skin resection and allows a vertical reposition of the mobile soft tissue of the midface in indicated cases. It can easily be done through a small incision of the scalp just behind the coronal incision and in the temporal area.

  17. Investigating whether a lack of marketing and managerial skills is the main cause of business failure in South Africa

    S Radipere


    The study concludes that a lack of marketing and managerial skills has a negative impact on the success, viability and development of small businesses.  The challenge is to improve the managerial skills of small business owners, since the small business sector is widely considered to be the ideal site for the solving of South Africa’s unemployment problems and the rejuvenation of its stagnating economy.

  18. Hypopigmentation Induced by Frequent Low-Fluence, Large-Spot-Size QS Nd:YAG Laser Treatments

    Wong, Yisheng; Lee, Siong See Joyce; Goh, Chee Leok


    The Q-switched 1064-nm neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (QS 1064-nm Nd:YAG) laser is increasingly used for nonablative skin rejuvenation or "laser toning" for melasma. Multiple and frequent low-fluence, large-spot-size treatments are used to achieve laser toning, and these treatments are associated with the development of macular hypopigmentation as a complication. We present a case series of three patients who developed guttate hypomelanotic macules on the face after receiving laser t...

  19. [Similarities between Indian Hindu god Dhanvantari and Yakushi Buddha (Buddha of healing)].

    Natsume, Yohko; Okuda, Jun


    The authors compared statues and figures of Buddha of Healing (Yakushi Buddha) with those of Dhanvantari god and Varuna god in India. Statues and figures of Ayurvedic God, Dhanvantari, are respected by Indian medical doctors, pharmacists and patients. Dhanvantari has the medicinal pot containing the rejuvenating nectar (Amrta). Therefore, it is most probably the case that the Yakushi Buddha in Japan originated from the Dhanvantari God in Ayurveda.

  20. Geiogamah’s 49 and Reconstruction of American Native Cultural Identity



      Cultural identity in Geiogamah’s play 49 represented a common concern of contemporary American Indian writers. Geiogamah highlighted the renewal and reconstruction of tribe tradition and cultural identity for native Indians. He stressed the imperative of maintaining ethnic tradition in identity quest by way of cultural rejuvenation, and ritual experience. The play dem⁃onstrated that the way for the Indians in the modernization is to protect national culture, return to the tribe tradition and face the social reality.

  1. Electric vehicle energy management system

    Alaoui, Chakib

    This thesis investigates and analyzes novel strategies for the optimum energy management of electric vehicles (EVs). These are aimed to maximize the useful life of the EV batteries and make the EV more practical in order to increase its acceptability to market. The first strategy concerns the right choice of the batteries for the EV according to the user's driving habits, which may vary. Tests conducted at the University of Massachusetts Lowell battery lab show that the batteries perform differently from one manufacturer to the other. The second strategy was to investigate the fast chargeability of different batteries, which leads to reduce the time needed to recharge the EV battery pack. Tests were conducted again to prove that only few battery types could be fast charged. Test data were used to design a fast battery charger that could be installed in an EV charging station. The third strategy was the design, fabrication and application of an Electric Vehicle Diagnostic and Rejuvenation System (EVDRS). This system is based on Mosfet Controlled Thyristors (MCTs). It is capable of quickly identifying any failing battery(s) within the EV pack and rejuvenating the whole battery pack without dismantling them and unloading them. A novel algorithm to rejuvenate Electric Vehicle Sealed Lead Acid Batteries is described. This rejuvenation extends the useful life of the batteries and makes the EV more competitive. The fourth strategy was to design a thermal management system for EV, which is crucial to the safe operation, and the achievement of normal/optimal performance of, electric vehicle (EV) batteries. A novel approach for EV thermal management, based on Pettier-Effect heat pumps, was designed, fabricated and tested in EV. It shows the application of this type of technology for thermal management of EVs.

  2. Long-term efficacy, safety and durability of Juvéderm® XC

    Ballin AC; Cazzaniga A.; Brandt FS


    Annelyse C Ballin, Alex Cazzaniga, Fredric S BrandtDermatology Research Institute, Miami, FL, USAAbstract: Over the last decade, there has been increasing interest in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, especially for facial rejuvenation. Next to botulinum toxin injection, the injection of soft tissue fillers is the second most frequent minimally invasive procedure performed in the USA. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most commonly used dermal filler. One of patients’ main concerns abou...

  3. Long-term efficacy, safety and durability of Juvéderm® XC

    Cazzaniga, Alex; Ballin,Annelyse; Brandt, Fredric


    Annelyse C Ballin, Alex Cazzaniga, Fredric S BrandtDermatology Research Institute, Miami, FL, USAAbstract: Over the last decade, there has been increasing interest in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, especially for facial rejuvenation. Next to botulinum toxin injection, the injection of soft tissue fillers is the second most frequent minimally invasive procedure performed in the USA. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most commonly used dermal filler. One of patients’ main concerns ...

  4. 人教社新编高二《英语》下册同步辅导(Units11~12)



    1.掌握本单元39个词语用法 engineering, solar, significant, mankind, constitution, likely,zone, private, grasp, master, perfect, arrange, set foot (in), rely on,failure, locate, valley, brand, luggage, achieve, organ, boom, put forward, break through, agency, announce, evolution, super computer,eureka, economic, hi-tech, technological, overseas, silicon, rejuvenate,impressive, genome, element, byte, humanoid

  5. Scientific Justification of Cryonics Practice

    Best, Benjamin P.


    Abstract Very low temperatures create conditions that can preserve tissue for centuries, possibly including the neurological basis of the human mind. Through a process called vitrification, brain tissue can be cooled to cryogenic temperatures without ice formation. Damage associated with this process is theoretically reversible in the same sense that rejuvenation is theoretically possible by specific foreseeable technology. Injury to the brain due to stopped blood flow is now known to result ...

  6. Smile design.

    Davis, Nicholas C


    Many scientific and artistic principles considered collectively are useful in creating a beautiful smile. The evaluation and analysis of the face, lips, gingival tissues and teeth are all considered in this process. Recognizing the ideal as a goal provides a direction for diagnosis and treatment planning for smile rejuvenation. This article focuses on the dental and dental-facial composition involved in smile design. Basic facial esthetics are reviewed as a guideline for facial analysis.

  7. Nipple-areolar Complex Reconstruction following Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction: A Comparative Utility Assessment Study

    Ahmed M. S. Ibrahim, MD


    Conclusions: The absence of NAC in a reconstructed breast can be objectively assessed using utility scores (VAS, 0.84 ± 0.18; TTO, 0.92 ± 0.11; SG, 0.92 ± 0.11. In comparison to prior reported conditions, the quality of life in patients choosing to undergo NAC reconstruction is similar to that of persons living with a nasal deformity or an aging neck requiring rejuvenation.

  8. Pueraria mirifica Exerts Estrogenic Effects in the Mammary Gland and Uterus and Promotes Mammary Carcinogenesis in Donryu Rats

    Anna Kakehashi; Midori Yoshida; Yoshiyuki Tago; Naomi Ishii; Takahiro Okuno; Min Gi; Hideki Wanibuchi


    Pueraria mirifica (PM), a plant whose dried and powdered tuberous roots are now widely used in rejuvenating preparations to promote youthfulness in both men and women, may have major estrogenic influence. In this study, we investigated modifying effects of PM at various doses on mammary and endometrial carcinogenesis in female Donryu rats. Firstly, PM administered to ovariectomized animals at doses of 0.03%, 0.3%, and 3% in a phytoestrogen-low diet for 2 weeks caused significant increase in u...

  9. Canadian Library Human Resources Short‐Term Supply and Demand Crisis Is Averted, But a Significant Long‐Term Crisis Must Be Addressed. A review of: 8Rs Research Team. The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries February 2005. Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta. 21 February 2007 .

    Julie McKenna


    Objective – To examine the human resources environment in Canadian libraries in order to assess readiness to accommodate change and to identify opportunities for human resources planning. The “8Rs” of the study were defined as recruitment, retirement, retention, remuneration, repatriation, rejuvenation, re‐accreditation, and restructuring.Design – This study was undertaken in three phases over nearly three years through the use a variety of methods including literature review, analyses of exi...

  10. Interfacing the septa movement (DC motor) equipment to the PS control system and the MIL1553 bus

    Dehavay, Claude


    Continuing the rejuvenation of the PS Control system , it is planned to replace the Single Transceiver Hybrid used to interface the Septa Movement Equipment by a G64 system connected to the VME crate via the MIL1553 bus. This note explains the G64 hardware interface and details the standard message as defined in the Control Protocole for Power Converter, RF and Stepping Motor equipment.

  11. Understanding the brain by controlling neural activity

    Krug, Kristine; Salzman, C. Daniel; Waddell, Scott


    Causal methods to interrogate brain function have been employed since the advent of modern neuroscience in the nineteenth century. Initially, randomly placed electrodes and stimulation of parts of the living brain were used to localize specific functions to these areas. Recent technical developments have rejuvenated this approach by providing more precise tools to dissect the neural circuits underlying behaviour, perception and cognition. Carefully controlled behavioural experiments have been...

  12. The research of enterprise innovation


    Small and medium-sized enterprises are power based which can promote the development of national economy, construction market economic system, promote social stability.Especially at the moment, in ensure moderate growth of the national economy, relieve employment pressure, realize rejuvenating the country through science and education, optimize economic structure, the small and medium-sized enterprises are playing more and more important role. The lack of innovative capacity of SMEs in China, has seriously af- fected the development of SMEs.

  13. Bibliography on Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Technology


    analysis Centers Program Management of Dr. Forrest R. Frank currently and Mr. Paul M. Klinefelter previously. MIAC is operated by the Center for...8217ered the history of HIPing. manufacturing systems, and studies of HIPing applications in the areas of castings, powder consolidation, and rejuvenation of...Beryllium as a Function of Strain Rate and Stress History Chou, S. C., Aronin. L. R., Kignam, J. F., Rainey, J. H. The Royal Society. London, UK Proc 4th

  14. Microgreffage de quatre espèces ligneuses sahéliennes Acacia senegal, Faidherbia albida, Tamarindus indica et Ziziphus mauritiana en vue de leur rajeunissement

    Danthu, P.


    Full Text Available Micrografting of Four Sahelian Trees (Acacia senegal, Faidherbia albida, Tamarindus indica and Ziziphus mauritiana with a View to their Rejuvenation. This paper proposes a protocol of rejuvenation of four Sahelian ligneous species : Acacia senegal, Faidherbia albida, Tamarindus indica and Ziziphus mauritian. It consists in aseptically removing a small scion (5-10 mm in length and in micrografting it on to a seeding grown in vitro used as rootstock. The main elements of success are the age of the rootstock (two to six weeks depending on species, the level of grafting (on hypocotyl instead of epicotyl and the origin of the scion (apex have higher growth after micrografting than axillary buds. The method developed was applied to the restoration of juvenile traits of adult trees. The main criterion is the rooting ability of microcuttings sampled on scions, after micrografting. Rooting competence restoration depends on the species, the nature of the first copy of the donor tree and the number of cycles of micrografting. The rejuvenation was more definite for F. albida, mobilised by root cuttings. In this case, one third of the microcuttings rooted after the first cycle of micrografting and 75 % after the second. For 2. Mauritiana mobilised by horticultural budding, 25 % of microcuttings were rooted after the second successive micrograft. No restoration of rooting competence was obtained with A. senegal and T. indica mobilised by cutting.

  15. Objective estimation of patient age through a new composite scale for facial aging assessment: The face - Objective assessment scale.

    La Padula, Simone; Hersant, Barbara; SidAhmed, Mounia; Niddam, Jeremy; Meningaud, Jean Paul


    Most patients requesting aesthetic rejuvenation treatment expect to look healthier and younger. Some scales for ageing assessment have been proposed, but none is focused on patient age prediction. The aim of this study was to develop and validate a new facial rating scale assessing facial ageing sign severity. One thousand Caucasian patients were included and assessed. The Rasch model was used as part of the validation process. A score was attributed to each patient, based on the scales we developed. The correlation between the real age and scores obtained, the inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability were analysed. The objective was to develop a tool enabling the assigning of a patient to a specific age range based on the calculated score. All scales exceeded criteria for acceptability, reliability and validity. The real age strongly correlated with the total facial score in both sex groups. The test-retest reliability confirmed this strong correlation. We developed a facial ageing scale which could be a useful tool to assess patients before and after rejuvenation treatment and an important new metrics to be used in facial rejuvenation and regenerative clinical research.

  16. Achieving immortality in the C. elegans germline.

    Smelick, Chris; Ahmed, Shawn


    Germline immortality is a topic that has intrigued theoretical biologists interested in aging for over a century. The germ cell lineage can be passed from one generation to the next, indefinitely. In contrast, somatic cells are typically only needed for a single generation and are then discarded. Germ cells may, therefore, harbor rejuvenation mechanisms that enable them to proliferate for eons. Such processes are thought to be either absent from or down-regulated in somatic cells, although cell non-autonomous forms of rejuvenation are formally possible. A thorough description of mechanisms that foster eternal youth in germ cells is lacking. The mysteries of germline immortality are being addressed in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans by studying mutants that reproduce normally for several generations but eventually become sterile. The mortal germline mutants probably become sterile as a consequence of accumulating various forms of heritable cellular damage. Such mutants are abundant, indicating that several different biochemical pathways are required to rejuvenate the germline. Thus, forward genetics should help to define mechanisms that enable the germline to achieve immortality.

  17. Eliminating Electrochromic Degradation in Amorphous TiO2 through Li-Ion Detrapping.

    Wen, Rui-Tao; Niklasson, Gunnar A; Granqvist, Claes G


    The quest for superior and low-cost electrochromic (EC) thin films, for applications in smart windows, remains strong because of their large importance for energy-efficient buildings. Although the development of new EC materials for improved devices is important, diminishing or reversing degradation is another key issue, and electrical rejuvenation of degraded EC materials can offer new opportunities. Here we demonstrate that cathodically coloring EC thin films of TiO2, which normally suffer from ion-trapping-induced degradation of charge capacity and optical modulation upon extensive electrochemical cycling, can recover their initial EC performance by a rejuvenation procedure involving Li(+) ion detrapping. Thus, the initial performance can be regained, and refreshed TiO2 films exhibit the same degradation features as as-deposited films upon prolonged electrochemical cycling. The rejuvenation was carried out by using either galvanostatic or potentiostatic treatments. Our study may open avenues to explore the recovery not only of EC materials and devices based on those but also for other ion-exchange-based devices.

  18. Improved Ion Resistance for III-V Photocathodes in High Current Guns

    Mulhollan, Gregory, A.


    The two photocathode test systems were modified, baked and recommissioned. The first system was dedicated to ion studies and the second to electron stimulated recovery (ESR) work. The demonstration system for the electron beam rejuvenation was set up, tested and demonstrated to one of the SSRL team (Dr. Kirby) during a site visit. The requisite subsystems were transferred to SSRL, installed and photoemission studies conducted on activated surfaces following electron beam exposure. Little surface chemistry change was detected in the photoemission spectra following the ESR process. The yield mapping system for the ion (and later, the electron beam rejuvenation) studies was implemented and use made routine. Ion species and flux measurements were performed for H, He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe ions at energies of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 kV. Gas induced photoyield measurements followed each ion exposure measurement. These data permit the extraction of photoyield induced change per ion (by species) at the measured energies. Electron beam induced rejuvenation was first demonstrated in the second chamber with primary electron beam energy and dependency investigations following. A Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometer for the electron stimulated desorption (ESD) measurements was procured. The UHV test systems needed for subsequent measurements were configured, baked, commissioned and utilized for their intended purposes. Measurements characterizing the desorption products from the ESD process and secondary electron (SE) yield at the surfaces of negative electron affinity GaAs photocathodes have been performed. One US Utility Patent was granted covering the ESR process.

  19. Neural network based approach for time to crash prediction to cope with software aging

    Moona Yakhchi; Javier Alonso; Mahdi Fazeli; Amir Akhavan Bitaraf; Ahmad Patooghy


    Recent studies have shown that software is one of the main reasons for computer systems unavailability. A growing ac-cumulation of software errors with time causes a phenomenon cal ed software aging. This phenomenon can result in system per-formance degradation and eventual y system hang/crash. To cope with software aging, software rejuvenation has been proposed. Software rejuvenation is a proactive technique which leads to re-moving the accumulated software errors by stopping the system, cleaning up its internal state, and resuming its normal operation. One of the main chal enges of software rejuvenation is accurately predicting the time to crash due to aging factors such as me-mory leaks. In this paper, different machine learning techniques are compared to accurately predict the software time to crash un-der different aging scenarios. Final y, by comparing the accuracy of different techniques, it can be concluded that the multilayer per-ceptron neural network has the highest prediction accuracy among al techniques studied.

  20. Cryopreserved red blood cells for pediatric transfusion. Frozen storage of small aliquots in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic bags.

    Valeri, C R; Valeri, D A; Gray, A; Melaragno, A J; Vecchione, J J; Dennis, R C; Emerson, C P


    Human nonrejuvenated and rejuvenated red bood cells were prepared for cryopreservation and subsequent pediatric transfusion. Glycerol was added to the red blood cells in the primary polyvinyl chloride plastic collection bag to achieve a concentration of 40 per cent W/V. The red blood cells were concentrated by centrifugation, and the supernatant glycerol was discarded. Each glycerolized unit was divided into four equal aliquots in the individual 600-ml bags of a dry quadruple polyvinyl chloride plastic system, and each aliquot was frozen and stored at -80 C. After thawing, sodium chloride solutions were used to wash the aliquots in the IBM Blood Processor 2991-1 or 2991-2 or the Haemonetics Blood Processor 115, and the washed aliquots were stored in a sodium chloride-glucose-phosphate solution at 4 C for 24 hours. Freeze-thaw recovery of the red blood cells was about 97 per cent, and freeze-thaw-wash recovery was about 84 per cent. Twenty-four-hour posttransfusion survival values were about 92 per cent for both nonrejuvenated and indated-rejuvenated red blood cells. Nonrejuvenated red blood cells, those frozen within three to five days of collection without biochemical modification, had normal oxygen transport function at the time of transfusion; rejuvenated red blood cells, those biochemically treated with PIGPA Solution A after three to five days of storage at 4 C, had improved oxygen transport function at the time of transfusion.

  1. Research and development of photovoltaic power system. Study on structural defects in silicon-based amorphous materials; Taiyoko hatsuden system no kenkyu kaihatsu. Amorphous silicon kei zairyo no kozo kekkan ni kansuru kenkyu

    Shimizu, T. [Kanazawa University, Ishikawa (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Described herein are the results of the FY1994 research program for structural defects of silicon-based amorphous materials for solar cells. The study on light generation defects of the a-Si:H system and rejuvenation process by annealing establishes the effects of light irradiation time on changed neutral dangling bond density as a result of light irradiation at varying temperature of 77K, room temperature and 393K. The study on annealing to rejuvenate light generation defects of various types of a-Si-H systems establishes the activation energy distribution with respect to annealing to remove light-induced defects, showing that hydrogen affects the distribution of light-induced defects. The study on decaying process of light-induced ESR for undoped and N-doped a-Si:H systems observes the decaying process of light-induced ESR, after light is cut off, extending for a period of several seconds to several hours at 77K for the a-Si-H systems containing N in a range from 0 to 12at%. The other results presented are space distribution of neutral defects of light-irradiated a-Si-H systems, and rejuvenation process of light-induced spin for the a-Si(1-x)N(x):H composition. 6 figs.

  2. Cadomian vs. Variscan evolution of the Ossa-Morena zone (SW Iberia): field and 40Ar/ 39Ar mineral age constraints

    Dallmeyer, R. D.; Quesada, C.


    Six hornblende and ten muscovite concentrates have been dated from three contrasting tectonic units exposed within the Ossa-Morena zone of the Iberian Massif. These include: (1) the Obejo-Valsequillo domain (north of the Badajoz-Córdoba shear zone); (2) the Sierra Albarrana structural unit (immediately south of the Badajoz-Córdoba shear zone); and (3) the thermal some exposed within the Olivenza-Monesterio antiform (Zafra-Monesterio domain). Hornblende from foliated amphibolite in the Obejo-Valsequillo domain (Siera Negra unit) displays internally discordant 40Ar/ 39Ar age spectra as a result of both intracrystalline contamination with extraneous argon and slight rejuvenation. 36Ar/ 40Ar vs. 39Ar/ 40Ar isotope-correlations are generally well-defined and yield ages of c. 550-560 Ma. These are interpreted to date cooling following late Precambrian-early Paleozoic (Cadomian) tectonothermal activity. This was followed by slight Variscan rejuvenation at c. 375-400 Ma. Muscovite from this unit displays internally discordant age spectra which reflect more extensive Variscan rejuvenation of intracrystalline argon systems which had initially cooled below appropriate blocking temperatures at c. 560 Ma. Hornblende and muscovite from the Sierra Albarrana domain (Sierra Albarrana Group) record 40Ar/ 39Ar plateau and isotope-correlation ages which range between c. 392 Ma and 351 Ma. These results indicate that complete Variscan rejuvenation was followed by relatively rapid post-metamorphic cooling. Hornblende separated from various lithologie elements exposed in the Olivenza-Monesterio Antiform yield variable results. Hornblende within a mafic xenolith in the Monesterio Granodiorite records an isotope-correlation age of c. 553 Ma which is interpreted to date the last cooling through appropriate argon retention temperatures. Hornblende within amphibolite of the Montemolin Series (lower Serie Negra) records internally discordant age spectra which reflect extensive Variscan (c

  3. Effect of partial melting on small scale convection atop a mantle plume

    Agrusta, R.; Arcay, D.; Tommasi, A.; Gonzalez, A.


    A lithospheric plate passing atop a mantle plume is likely to be thermally thinned or "rejuvenated". Geophysical data on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) depth beneath active hotspots partly validate this prediction, but there is a large variation of the LAB upwelling estimated from different methods. Numerical simulations of plume-lithosphere interactions show that the development of small-scale convection (SSC) in the plume pancake spreading out along the base of the lithosphere is a mechanism able to rejuvenate the lithosphere, even for a fast-moving plate. The triggering of SSC has been shown to depend on the rheological behaviour of the unstable layer underlying the stagnant upper part of the thermal boundary layer (TBL), but the stability of the this layer may also be affected by partial melting.We analyze, using a 2D petrological-thermo-mechanical numerical model, the influence of partial melting on the dynamics of time-dependent SSC instabilities and the resulting rejuvenation of a lithosphere passing atop a mantle plume. These models show a complex behavior, with either an acceleration, no change or a slight decceleration of the SSC onset, due to the competing effects of the latent heat of melting, which cools the plume material, and of the buoyancy increase associated with melting, among which the dominant effect is the depletion in heavy elements of the solid fraction. The viscosity reduction, though significant (up to 2 orders of magnitude) is too localized to affect the SSC dynamics. Despite the presence of partial melting, the mechanical lithosphere erosion in not enhanced significantly relatively to melt-free models.

  4. Demographic analysis reveals gradual senescence in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano

    Braeckman Bart P


    Full Text Available Abstract Free-living flatworms ("Turbellaria" are appropriate model organisms to gain better insight into the role of stem cells in ageing and rejuvenation. Ageing research in flatworms is, however, still scarce. This is partly due to culture difficulties and the lack of a complete set of demographic data, including parameters such as median lifespan and age-specific mortality rate. In this paper, we report on the first flatworm survival analysis. We used the species Macrostomum lignano, which is an emerging model for studying the reciprocal influence between stem cells, ageing and rejuvenation. This species has a median lifespan of 205 ± 13 days (average ± standard deviation [SD] and a 90th percentile lifespan of 373 ± 32 days. The maximum lifespan, however, is more than 745 days, and the average survival curve is characterised by a long tail because a small number of individuals lives twice as long as 90% of the population. Similar to earlier observations in a wide range of animals, in M. lignano the age-specific mortality rate increases exponentially, but levels off at the oldest ages. To compare the senescence of M. lignano with that of other ageing models, we determined the mortality rate doubling time, which is 0.20 ± 0.02 years. As a result, we can conclude that M. lignano shows gradual senescence at a rate similar to the vertebrate ageing models Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus. We argue that M. lignano is a suitable model for ageing and rejuvenation research, and especially for the role of stem cells in these processes, due to its accessible stem cell system and regeneration capacity, and the possibility of combining stem cell studies with demographic analyses.

  5. Non-invasive bleaching of the human lens by femtosecond laser photolysis.

    Line Kessel

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Globally, cataract is the leading cause of blindness and impaired vision. Cataract surgery is an attractive treatment option but it remains unavailable in sufficient quantity for the vast majority of the world population living in areas without access to specialized health care. Reducing blindness from cataract requires solutions that can be applied outside operating theatres. Cataract is a protein conformational disease characterized by accumulation of light absorbing, fluorescent and scattering protein aggregates. The aim of the study was to investigate whether these compounds were susceptible to photobleaching by a non-invasive procedure and whether this would lead to optical rejuvenation of the lens. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Nine human donor lenses were treated with an 800 nm infra-red femtosecond pulsed laser in a treatment zone measuring 1x1x0.52 mm. After laser treatment the age-induced yellow discoloration of the lens was markedly reduced and the transmission of light was increased corresponding to an optical rejuvenation of 3 to 7 years. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: The results demonstrate that the age-induced yellowing of the human lens can be bleached by a non-invasive procedure based on femtosecond laser photolysis. Cataract is a disease associated with old age. At the current technological stage, lens aging is delayed but with a treatment covering the entire lens volume complete optical rejuvenation is expected. Thus, femtosecond photolysis has the potential clinical value of replacing invasive cataract surgery by a non-invasive treatment modality that can be placed in mobile units, thus breaking down many of the barriers impeding access to treatment in remote and poor regions of the world.

  6. Anti-aging pharmacology in cutaneous wound healing: effects of metformin, resveratrol, and rapamycin by local application.

    Zhao, Pan; Sui, Bing-Dong; Liu, Nu; Lv, Ya-Jie; Zheng, Chen-Xi; Lu, Yong-Bo; Huang, Wen-Tao; Zhou, Cui-Hong; Chen, Ji; Pang, Dan-Lin; Fei, Dong-Dong; Xuan, Kun; Hu, Cheng-Hu; Jin, Yan


    Cutaneous wounds are among the most common soft tissue injuries and are particularly hard to heal in aging. Caloric restriction (CR) is well documented to extend longevity; pharmacologically, profound rejuvenative effects of CR mimetics have been uncovered, especially metformin (MET), resveratrol (RSV), and rapamycin (RAPA). However, locally applied impacts and functional differences of these agents on wound healing remain to be established. Here, we discovered that chronic topical administration of MET and RSV, but not RAPA, accelerated wound healing with improved epidermis, hair follicles, and collagen deposition in young rodents, and MET exerted more profound effects. Furthermore, locally applied MET and RSV improved vascularization of the wound beds, which were attributed to stimulation of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway, the key mediator of wound healing. Notably, in aged skin, AMPK pathway was inhibited, correlated with impaired vasculature and reduced healing ability. As therapeutic approaches, local treatments of MET and RSV prevented age-related AMPK suppression and angiogenic inhibition in wound beds. Moreover, in aged rats, rejuvenative effects of topically applied MET and RSV on cell viability of wound beds were confirmed, of which MET showed more prominent anti-aging effects. We further verified that only MET promoted wound healing and cutaneous integrity in aged skin. These findings clarified differential effects of CR-based anti-aging pharmacology in wound healing, identified critical angiogenic and rejuvenative mechanisms through AMPK pathway in both young and aged skin, and unraveled chronic local application of MET as the optimal and promising regenerative agent in treating cutaneous wound defects. © 2017 The Authors. Aging Cell published by the Anatomical Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. GDF11/BMP11 activates both smad1/5/8 and smad2/3 signals but shows no significant effect on proliferation and migration of human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

    Zhang, Yong-Hui; Cheng, Feng; Du, Xue-Ting; Gao, Jin-Lai; Xiao, Xiao-Lin; Li, Na; Li, Shan-Liang; Dong, De Li


    GDF11/BMP11, a member of TGF-β superfamily, was reported to rejuvenate heart, skeletal muscle and blood vessel architecture in aged mice. However, the rejuvenative effects of GDF11 were questioned recently. Here, we investigated the effects of GDF11 on smad and non-smad signals in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and the effects of GDF11 on proliferation and migration of HUVECs and primary rat aortic endothelial cells (RAECs). GDF11 factor purchased from two different companies (PeproTech and R&D Systems) was comparatively studied. Western blot was used to detect the protein expressions. The cell viability and migration were examined by using MTT and wound healing assays. Results showed that GDF11 activated both smad1/5/8 and smad2/3 signals in HUVECs. GDF11 increased protein expression of NADPH oxidase 4(NOX4) in HUVECs. GDF11 showed no significant effect on the protein level of p38, p-p38, ERK, p-ERK, Akt, p-Akt (Ser473) and p-Akt(Thr308), but increased the protein level of p-JNK and p-AMPK in HUVECs, and these increases were inhibited by antioxidant mitoTEMPO treatment. GDF11 slightly increased cell viability after short-term treatment and slightly decreased cell viability after long-term treatment. GDF11 showed no significant effect on cell proliferation and migration. These data indicated that the notion of GDF11 as a rejuvenation-related factor for endothelial cells needs to be cautious.

  8. [Periocular aging: physiopathogenesis, clinical aspect, and treatment].

    Galatoire, O; Morax, S


    Aging around the eyes plays a considerable role in facial aging. The demand for periocular rejuvenation is increasingly frequent. Until the past few years, eyelid esthetics was synonymous with blepharoplasty: surgery that consisted in resecting the myocutaneous excesses and reducing fatty deposits. The contribution of new medical and surgical treatments combined with new and more rigorous analysis of the esthetic disorders makes it possible to respond more precisely to patient demand and individualize surgical and/or medical treatment that is not highly aggressive and only uses products that are well tolerated, biocompatible, or resorbable.

  9. Changes associated with the aging face.

    Friedman, Oren


    The demand for facial plastic surgery has increased dramatically in recent years as persons from all socioeconomic levels and age groups have become interested in facial rejuvenation. As the population ages, the demand for esthetic surgery in the elderly will increase at an even greater rate. Before the surgeon begins to learn specific techniques in facial plastic surgery, he or she should have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the aging face. Safe and effective esthetic surgery is possible only when the anatomic changes associated with the aging face are appreciated by the surgeon and patient.

  10. Therapeutic cloning in the mouse

    Mombaerts, Peter


    Nuclear transfer technology can be applied to produce autologous differentiated cells for therapeutic purposes, a concept termed therapeutic cloning. Countless articles have been published on the ethics and politics of human therapeutic cloning, reflecting the high expectations from this new opportunity for rejuvenation of the aging or diseased body. Yet the research literature on therapeutic cloning, strictly speaking, is comprised of only four articles, all in the mouse. The efficiency of derivation of embryonic stem cell lines via nuclear transfer is remarkably consistent among these reports. However, the efficiency is so low that, in its present form, the concept is unlikely to become widespread in clinical practice. PMID:12949262

  11. Revisiting reflexology: Concept, evidence, current practice, and practitioner training

    Embong, Nurul Haswani; Soh, Yee Chang; Ming, Long Chiau; Wong, Tin Wui


    Reflexology is basically a study of how one part of the human body relates to another part of the body. Reflexology practitioners rely on the reflexes map of the feet and hands to all the internal organs and other human body parts. They believe that by applying the appropriate pressure and massage certain spots on the feet and hands, all other body parts could be energized and rejuvenated. This review aimed to revisit the concept of reflexology and examine its effectiveness, practices, and th...

  12. Evaluation program for secondary spacecraft cells: Evaluation of storage methods, open circuit versus continuous trickle charge, Sonotone 3.5 ampere-hour sealed nickel-cadmium secondary spacecraft cells

    Thomas, R. E.


    Twenty-five cells were used in a five-year test to compare, after each successive one-year storage period, the discharge and charge characteristics of charged cells on open circuit versus that of cells on continuous trickle charge. The test procedure, instrumentation, and results are described. Based on the test results, the following recommendations were made: (1) If the user's purpose will allow a rejuvenation cycle or two after a long storage period, the open circuit regime will likely give slightly greater capacity. (2) If the user's purpose demands immediately available power following a long storage period, the trickle charge method of storage is definitely the regime to use.

  13. Cosmological immortality: how to eliminate aging on a universal scale.

    Vidal, Clement


    The death of our universe is as certain as our individual death. Some cosmologists have elaborated models which would make the cosmos immortal. In this paper, I examine them as cosmological extrapolations of immortality narratives that civilizations have developed to face death anxiety. I first show why cosmological death should be a worry, then I briefly examine scenarios involving the notion of soul or resurrection on a cosmological scale. I discuss in how far an intelligent civilization could stay alive by engaging in stellar, galactic and universal rejuvenation. Finally, I argue that leaving a cosmological legacy via universe making is an inspiring and promising narrative to achieve cosmological immortality.

  14. Encomium to the Monastic Life: An Unedited Poem of Alexios Makrembolites

    Dimitrios Nikou


    Full Text Available This article presents the first critical edition of a metrical Encomium to the monastic life written by the fourteenth-century Byzantine author Alexios Makrembolites. The text is preserved in only one manuscript (Hierosolymitanus Sabbaiticus gr. 417. Makrembolites, after referring to the constant rejuvenation of the nature, wonders why people are drawn towards material goods and not to spiritual ones, distancing themselves from the immortality offered by a life close to God. After apologizing for his sinful life, he praises monastic life which he believes he should follow in order to bring an end to all his pains.

  15. Method for the preparation of photochromic insulating crystals

    Abraham, Marvin M.; Boldu, Jose L.; Chen, Yok; Orera, Victor M.


    A method for preparing reversible-photochromic magnesium oxide (MgO) crystals. Single crystals of MgO doped with both lithium (Li) and nickel (Ni) are grown by a conventional arc fusion method. The as-grown crystals are characterized by an amber coloration. The crystals lose the amber coloration and become photochromic when they are thermochemically reduced by heating at temperatures greater than K. in a hydrogen atmosphere. Alternate irradiation with UV and visible light result in rejuvenation and bleaching of the amber coloration, respectively.

  16. Novel methods of treating ovarian infertility in older and POF women, testicular infertility, and other human functional diseases.

    Bukovsky, Antonin


    In vitro maturation (IVM) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) technologies are facing with growing demands of older women to conceive. Although ovarian stem cells (OSCs) of older women are capable of producing in vitro fresh oocyte-like cells (OLCs), such cells cannot respond to IVM and IVF due to the lack of granulosa cells required for their maturation. Follicular renewal is also dependent on support of circulating blood mononuclear cells. They induce intermediary stages of meiosis (metaphase I chromosomal duplication and crossover, anaphase, telophase, and cytokinesis) in newly emerging ovarian germ cells, as for the first time demonstrated here, induce formation of granulosa cells, and stimulate follicular growth and development. A pretreatment of OSC culture with mononuclear cells collected from blood of a young healthy fertile woman may cause differentiation of bipotential OSCs into both developing germ and granulosa cells. A small blood volume replacement may enable treatment of ovarian infertility in vivo. The transferred mononuclear cells may temporarily rejuvenate virtually all tissues, including improvement of the function of endocrine tissues. Formation of new follicles and their development may be sufficient for IVM and IVF. The novel proposed in vitro approaches may be used as a second possibility. Infertility of human males affects almost a half of the infertility cases worldwide. Small blood volume replacement from young healthy fertile men may also be easy approach for the improvement of sperm quality in older or other affected men. In addition, body rejuvenation by small blood volume replacement from young healthy individuals of the same sex could represent a decline of in vitro methodology in favor of in vivo treatment for human functional diseases. Here we propose for the first time that blood mononuclear cells are essential for rejuvenation of those tissues, where immune system components participate in an appropriate division and differentiation

  17. Cs2Te normal conducting photocathodes in the superconducting rf gun

    Xiang, R; Buettig, H; Janssen, D; Justus, M; Lehnert, U; Michel, P; Murcek, P; Schamlott, A; Schneider, Ch; Schurig, R; Staufenbiel, F; Teichert, J


    The superconducting radio frequency photoinjector (SRF gun) is one of the latest applications of superconducting rf technology in the accelerator field. Since superconducting photocathodes with high quantum efficiency are yet unavailable, normal conducting cathode material is the main choice for SRF photoinjectors. However, the compatibility between the photocathode and the cavity is one of the challenges for this concept. Recently, a SRF gun with Cs2Te cathode has been successfully operated in Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. In this paper, we will present the physical properties of Cs2Te photocathodes in the SC cavity, such as the quantum efficiency, the lifetime, the rejuvenation, the charge saturation, and the dark current.

  18. JouFLU: an upgraded FLUOR beam combiner at the CHARA Array

    Lhomé, E.; Scott, N.; ten Brummelaar, T.; Mollier, B.; Reess, J. M.; Chapron, F.; Buey, T.; Sevin, A.; Sturmann, J.; Sturmann, L.; Coudé du Foresto, V.


    FLUOR, which has been operational on CHARA since 2002, is an infrared fiber beam combiner. The telescope array will soon be fitted with an adaptive optics system, which will enhance the interferometer performance. In this framework, FLUOR has been entirely redeveloped and will be able to measure visibilities with higher accuracy and better sensitivity. The technical upgrades consist of improving some existing systems and developing new features. The bench, which is now remotely operable, primarily offers spectral dispersion (long fringes scanning), a more sensitive camera and a Fourier Transform Spectrometer mode. This paper presents the detailed opto-mechanical design of JouFLU (FLUOR rejuvenation), and the current instrument status.

  19. The Self and the Other in the British National Context

    Gabriel ROMAN- BARBUTI


    Full Text Available In this article we want to analyze the concepts of identity and multiculturalism, particularly with reference to the British context. In this regard, we present a brief analysis and display on historical view, as being emblematic of the issue exposed.Multiculturalism is considered as the only solution for the reconciliation of the two perspectives: Englishness andBritishness. Multiculturalism tries to solve the old syntagma of “us and the other ” by replacing it with a slightly different approach to this age old relationship. Contemporary multiculturalism appears as a form of cultural or rejuvenation, which is necessary for any given culture to continue existing.

  20. Soft tissue augmentation - Use of hyaluronic acid as dermal filler

    Vedamurthy Maya


    Full Text Available Soft tissue augmentation has revolutionized the treatment of the aging face. It is a technique in which a substance is injected under the skin. The concept of utilizing materials for soft tissue augmentation actually began around 1950 with the use of fluid silicone. Today we have a large armamentarium of implant materials to delay the tell tale signs of aging. Filling has replaced conventional surgery in facial rejuvenation. In this article, the emphasis will be on hyaluronic acid as this substance is easily available in India and ranks among the most widely used dermal fillers.

  1. Post-apartheid representations of youth in the Zulu novel Kungasa ngifile

    N.S. Zulu


    Full Text Available In this article representation of black African youth in the Zulu novel “Kungasa ngifile” is examined. The view is presented that the novel, though seeming to be politically neutral, deals with images of the youth that have ideological concerns in terms of theme, plot action and character portrayal. Such ideological modes of representation seem to be in tune with the present call for moral rejuvenation and the empowerment of the youth who lost opportunities during the liberation struggle. In this respect, the novel backs positive post-apartheid cultural forms.



    The mainland securities watchdog took on the task of rejuvenating the nation’s stumbling stock markets with further en- deavors.It approved two new qualified foreign institutional investors to invest in the mainland financial markets.The Ministry of Commerce made a clear statement that foreign-invested companies can be listed on the mainland.Hot money continues to flow into the country,ad- ding pressure to liquidity control.To date,most listed companies had issued their first quarter reports,showing profit growth rate slowdown. The oil giants Sinopec and PetroChina suffered from profit slump,due to policy reasons.

  3. The Running Barbed Tie-over Dressing

    Cormac W. Joyce, MB, BCh, MRCSI


    Full Text Available Summary: Barbed suture technology is becoming increasingly popular in plastic surgery and is now being used in body contouring surgery and facial rejuvenation. We describe the novel application of a barbed suture as a running tie-over dressing for skin grafts. The barbs act as anchors in the skin, so constant tensioning of the suture is not required. The bidirectional nature of the suture prevents any slippage, and the barbs even act as a grip on the underlying wool dressing. Furthermore, the method described is both quick and simple to learn and would be useful for the sole operator.

  4. Differential geometry

    Ciarlet, Philippe G


    This book gives the basic notions of differential geometry, such as the metric tensor, the Riemann curvature tensor, the fundamental forms of a surface, covariant derivatives, and the fundamental theorem of surface theory in a selfcontained and accessible manner. Although the field is often considered a classical one, it has recently been rejuvenated, thanks to the manifold applications where it plays an essential role. The book presents some important applications to shells, such as the theory of linearly and nonlinearly elastic shells, the implementation of numerical methods for shells, and

  5. Long-term RF burn-in effects on dielectric charging of MEMS capacitive switches

    Molinero, David G.


    This paper experimentally quantified the long-term effects of RF burn-in, in terms of burn-in and recovery times, and found the effects to be semipermanent. Specifically, most of the benefit could be realized after approximately 20 min of RF burn-in, which would then last for several months. Additionally, since similar effects were observed on both real and faux switches, the effects appeared to be of electrical rather than mechanical nature. These encouraging results should facilitate the application of the switches in RF systems, where high RF power could be periodically applied to rejuvenate the switches. © 2001-2011 IEEE.

  6. The updated view concerning the possibility of growing old without senescence.

    Khalyavkin, Alexander V


    New findings paradoxically highlight the capability of old mitochondria, precursor cells, tissues, and organs for rejuvenation during vital activity at appropriate conditions and modes. But most studies of aging are conducted in living beings situated in rather artificial conditions. Such external conditions are less adequate to the evolutionarily adjusted genetic construction of an organism and lead to the appearance of senescence due to incomplete self-maintenance processes. These arguments as well as other findings suggest that imitation of appropriate external signals or peculiar modification of control systems of an organism can lead to the state of full nonsenescence.

  7. Facial aging: A clinical classification

    Shiffman Melvin


    Full Text Available The purpose of this classification of facial aging is to have a simple clinical method to determine the severity of the aging process in the face. This allows a quick estimate as to the types of procedures that the patient would need to have the best results. Procedures that are presently used for facial rejuvenation include laser, chemical peels, suture lifts, fillers, modified facelift and full facelift. The physician is already using his best judgment to determine which procedure would be best for any particular patient. This classification may help to refine these decisions.

  8. Taking stock of project value creation: A structured literature review with future directions for research and practice

    Laursen, Markus; Svejvig, Per


    developing value-centric view has been the subject of many publications in recent years. We contribute to research on project value creation through four directions for future research: rejuvenating value management through combining value, benefits, and costs; supplementing value creation with value capture......This paper aims to take stock of what we know about project value creation and to present future directions for research and practice. We performed an explorative and unstructured literature review, which was subsequently paired with a structured literature review. We join several research areas...

  9. Fatigue life extension

    Matejczyk, D. E.; Lin, J.


    Potential fatigue rejuvenation processes were carried out on fatigue-damaged material both with and without observable surface-connected fatigue cracks. The fatigue life of fatigue-damaged MAR-M246(Hf)(DS), a directionally solidified nickel-base superalloy used in turbine airfoils, was extended by reheat treatment. The fatigue life of fatigue-cracked Inconel 718, a wrought nickel-base superalloy used in a wide variety of advanced rocket engine components, was extended by electron-beam welding to close off the surface-connected crack, followed by hot isostatic pressing and reheat treatment.


    Akula Annapurna


    Full Text Available Foods can be effectively used as medicine to treat and prevent disease. Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old ancient Indian health science, have mentioned benefits of food for therapeutic purpose. According to Ayurveda, amla balances all three doshas. In Ayurvedic polyherbal formulations, Indian gooseberry is a common constituent .It may be used as a rejuvenative to promote longevity, to enhance digestion , treat constipation , reduce fever , purify the blood , reduce cough , alleviate asthma , strengthen the heart , benefit the eyes , stimulate hair growth and enhance intellect.

  11. Immobilization-associated osteoporosis in primates

    Young, D. R.; Niklowitz, W. J.; Brown, R. J.; Jee, W. S. S.


    Osteopenic changes in the tibial compact bone of fifteen adult male monkeys immobilized for up to 7 months are examined histologically. Osteonal formation in the proximal tibia is analyzed. The analysis reveals the loss of haversian bone in the proximal tibia, increased activation with excessive depth of penetration of osteoclastic activity, rapid bone loss, and resorption cavities of irregular size and orientation. Osteonal formation following reambulation is examined; the recovery of cortical is a repair and rejuvenation process characterized by refilling of resorption cavities and remodeling activities.

  12. The "One Belt and One Road" :the Bridge between the Chinese Dream and the World Dream

    Zhao; Zhouxian; Liu; Guang


    To build the "One Belt and One Road" is the profound strategic conception put forward by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the General Secretary,focusing on adherence to and further development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.To seize the opportunity to promote implementation of the strategic conception is bound to open up a new situation and create new opportunities to realize the Chinese dream,and will inject more new energy and new vitality into the world dream.

  13. Editorial


    It is my great pleasure to bring to you the newly vitalized Journal after several important changes. Firstly,following careful consideration and discussions with concerned colleagues and organizations, the Editorial Board has decided to appoint a new publisher, the internationally recognized Blackwell Publishing, to rejuvenate the journal. This first issue of Insect Science (INS) in 2005 initiates a new era of the Journal. Secondly, you will notice that both the appearance and the format of the Journal have changed substantially, as has the editorial team.

  14. Genomic Physics. Multiple Laser Beam Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

    Stefan, V. Alexander


    The synapses affected by Alzheimer's disease can be rejuvenated by the multiple ultrashort wavelength laser beams.[2] The guiding lasers scan the whole area to detect the amyloid plaques based on the laser scattering technique. The scanning lasers pinpoint the areas with plaques and eliminate them. Laser interaction is highly efficient, because of the focusing capabilities and possibility for the identification of the damaging proteins by matching the protein oscillation eigen-frequency with laser frequency.[3] Supported by Nikola Tesla Labs, La Jolla, California, USA.

  15. El negro y la " raza cósmica " de José Vasconcelos (1925)

    Jean-Pierre Tardieu


    International audience; In La Raza cósmica (1925), the ideologist and politician José Vasconcelos, seduced by the theory of the evolution, pleads for the upheaval of a new race from the three roots (indian, european, african) which are intermixing them in the New World. Nevertheless, he rejects the idea of natural selection, for his negative consequences, leaning to an utopian proposition linked with the Platon’s thinking for whom the beautiful brings to the goodness – concept rejuvenated by ...

  16. Simple Model for the Deformation-Induced Relaxation of Glassy Polymers

    Fielding, S. M.; Larson, R. G.; Cates, M. E.


    Glassy polymers show “strain hardening”: at constant extensional load, their flow first accelerates, then arrests. Recent experiments have found this to be accompanied by a striking and unexplained dip in the segmental relaxation time. Here we explain such behavior by combining a minimal model of flow-induced liquefaction of a glass with a description of the stress carried by strained polymers, creating a nonfactorable interplay between aging and strain-induced rejuvenation. Under constant load, liquefaction of segmental motion permits strong flow that creates polymer-borne stress. This slows the deformation enough for the segmental modes to revitrify, causing strain hardening.

  17. [Endoscopy and face-lift].

    Dardour, J C; Abbou, R


    For many years, the face-lift has not been the only intervention for facial rejuvenation. It is necessary today to specify the type of face-lift, cervico-facial lifting, frontal lifting or facelift. We will consider in this article the frontal lift and centro-facial lift and its possible execution assisted by endoscopy with therefore minimal scars, hidden in the scalp. We will consider successively its technique, its indications and its results highlighting a very long hold over time. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  18. Nanoscale chirality in metal and semiconductor nanoparticles.

    Kumar, Jatish; Thomas, K George; Liz-Marzán, Luis M


    The field of chirality has recently seen a rejuvenation due to the observation of chirality in inorganic nanomaterials. The advancements in understanding the origin of nanoscale chirality and the potential applications of chiroptical nanomaterials in the areas of optics, catalysis and biosensing, among others, have opened up new avenues toward new concepts and design of novel materials. In this article, we review the concept of nanoscale chirality in metal nanoclusters and semiconductor quantum dots, then focus on recent experimental and theoretical advances in chiral metal nanoparticles and plasmonic chirality. Selected examples of potential applications and an outlook on the research on chiral nanomaterials are additionally provided.

  19. Light-emitting diodes - Their potential in biomedical applications

    Yeh, Naichia Gary; Wu, Chia-Hao [College of Applied Sciences, MingDao University, 369 Wen-Hua Road, Peetou, Changhua 52345 (China); Cheng, Ta Chih [Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, 1 Hseuh-Fu Rd., Nei-Pu Hsiang, Pingtung 91201 (China)


    The rapid development of high brightness light-emitting diodes (LEDs) makes feasible the use of LEDs, among other light sources (such as laser, intense pulse light and other incoherent light systems), for medical treatment and light therapy. This paper provides a general review on red, green, blue, ultraviolet LED applications in photo rejuvenation and medical treatments of a variety of physical abnormalities, as well as the relief of stress, circadian rhythm disorders, and seasonal affective disorder. The review, concentrated in the papers published after 1990, intends to show that LEDs are well qualified to succeed its more energy demanding counterparts in the named areas and beyond. (author)

  20. Has the Effect of Mesotherapy Been Proved?

    Gonca Gökdemir


    Full Text Available Mesotherapy is a medical technique that consist of the intracutaneous or subcutaneous injection to the diseased area. It has become as a populer treatment method in cosmetic dermatology recently. Mesotherapy has been used in the treatment of skin rejuvenation, cellulite and localized fat reduction. Substances using in mesotherapy are plant extracts, homeopathic agents, vitamins, and some pharmaceuticals. The effect of these agents are not completely known. There are few experimental and clinical studies evaluating the efficacy of mesotherapy in any form. In this report, it has been reviewed studies about the effect of compounds commonly used in mesotherapy in literature.

  1. Narrating Self and China

    Kristensen, Irina

    The present dissertation investigates three self - narratives written by Chinese women autobiographers in the first half of the twentieth century. Written with foreign audience in mind, these narratives provide a range of Chinese female images aiming to contest the predominant Western stereotypes...... about China and its people. Thus this study explores the questions of how these women writers adopted the roles of cultural interpreters, which allowed them to position themselves as authoritative and representative voices and, at the same time, rejuvenate China’s image in the global arena...

  2. From Crusader to Exemplar: Bush, Obama and the Reinvigoration of America’s Soft Power

    Ellen Hallams


    Full Text Available “To all the other peoples and governments who are watching today…know…that we are ready to lead once more.”Barack ObamaThe election of Barack Obama in November 2008 appeared to signal a rejuvenation of soft power ideas first articulated in the early 1990s by former Clinton official Joseph Nye. Obama rejected his predecessors crusading tone and style, seeking instead to reposition America firmly back into the exemplary tradition of US exceptionalism. He projected an image of the United States ...

  3. Fat, Stem Cells, and Platelet-Rich Plasma.

    James, Isaac B; Coleman, Sydney R; Rubin, J Peter


    The ideal filler for aesthetic surgery is inexpensive and easy to obtain, natural in appearance and texture, immunologically compatible, and long lasting without risk of infection. By most metrics, autologous fat grafts meet these criteria perfectly. Although facial fat grafting is now a commonly accepted surgical procedure, there has been a wave of activity applying stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies to aesthetic practice. This article addresses technical considerations in the use of autologous fat transfer for facial rejuvenation, and also explores the current evidence for these stem cell and PRP therapies in aesthetic practice.

  4. The UV view of multi spin galaxies: insight from SPH simulations

    Bettoni, Daniela; Marino, Antonina; Rampazzo, Roberto; Galletta, Giuseppe; Buson, Lucio M


    The UV images of GALEX revealed that ~30% of Early Type Galaxies (ETG) show UV emission indicating a rejuvenation episode. In ETGs with multiple spin components this percentage increases at 50%. We present here the characteristics of this sample and our smooth particle hydrodynamic (SPH) simulations with chemo-photometric implementation that provide dynamical and morphological information together with the spectral energy distribution (SED) at each evolutionary stage. We show our match of the global properties of two ETGs (e.g. NGC 3626 and NGC 5173). For these galaxies we can trace their evolutionary path.

  5. Editor's Letter


    @@ Dear readers, During G-20 summit meeting,experts believe China will be the first to walk out of economic winter into a warm Spring of economic rejuvenation.China's forth quarter of the year 2008 did not put on an exciting wrap-up show for its GDP growth only at 6.8%,an unprecedented slowdown compared with its first 3 months,but the whole year ended in a 9% grow rate,which has been considered "a great and impressive progress" against global economic recession from financial crisis that was running rampant with cross-board impacts on the world economy.

  6. The evolution of quality-switched lasers.

    Saedi, Nazanin; Green, Jeremy B; Dover, Jeffrey S; Arndt, Kenneth A


    Quality-switched (QS) lasers and their applications have evolved greatly since the ruby laser's effect on tattoo ink was first reported in the 1960s. The 1983 description of selective photothermolysis explained the efficacy of QS lasers for the treatment of cutaneous pigmented lesions and tattoos and cemented their status as the gold standard for these targets. Within the past decade, the uses for QS lasers have expanded dramatically, including nonablative rejuvenation and the treatment of onychomycosis. Additional applications and refined techniques and technologies promise to maintain the stature of QS lasers as an integral part of the laser surgeon's arsenal.

  7. Anatomic considerations in the aging face.

    Zoumalan, Richard A; Larrabee, Wayne F


    A thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the aging face is essential to a safe and effective operation. Over time, the face undergoes changes in skin and subcutaneous tissues evidenced by rhytides and thinning. There are also changes in the tone and character of facial muscles. Changes in fat structures in the face cause aesthetic changes that can be addressed surgically. Knowledge of the anatomy of the face and neck will aid in understanding the changes that occur with aging and will allow for a more complete strategy in rejuvenating the aging face.

  8. Water Puppetry in the Red River Delta and Beyond: Tourism and the Commodification of an Ancient Tradition

    Sam Pack


    Full Text Available ' ' This article seeks to examine the interplay between the rise and development of the international tourism industry and the production of culture in the performance of Vietnamese water puppetry.  Although tourism has indelibly altered this traditional art form, it is also responsible for the rejuvenation and continued existence of water puppetry.  Rather than simply dismissing contemporary enactments as inauthentic representations, we problematize notions of cultural authenticity.  Indeed, increasing global integration does not simply result in the elimination of cultural diversity but rather provides the context for the production of new cultural forms that are marked by local specificity.

  9. Editors’ Introduction

    Rob Kroes


    Full Text Available A new birth of freedom. These words spoken by Abraham Lincoln on a Civil War battlefield catch what this volume intends to explore. Repeatedly wars have been seen as offering new beginnings, requiring a new start, promising rejuvenation. At the time of World War I Randolph Bourne advocated American non-intervention, seeing it as America’s chance to cut the umbilical cord with the English mother culture, as a chance for America finally to come into its own as a “transnational culture.” If war ...

  10. The role of lasers and intense pulsed light technology in dermatology

    Husain, Zain; Alster, Tina S


    The role of light-based technologies in dermatology has expanded dramatically in recent years. Lasers and intense pulsed light have been used to safely and effectively treat a diverse array of cutaneous conditions, including vascular and pigmented lesions, tattoos, scars, and undesired hair, while also providing extensive therapeutic options for cosmetic rejuvenation and other dermatologic conditions. Dermatologic laser procedures are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and demand for them has fueled new innovations and clinical applications. These systems continue to evolve and provide enhanced therapeutic outcomes with improved safety profiles. This review highlights the important roles and varied clinical applications that lasers and intense pulsed light play in the dermatologic practice. PMID:26893574

  11. Facial Beautification Method Based on Age Evolution

    CHEN Yan; DING Shou-hong; HU Gan-le; MA Li-zhuang


    This paper proposes a new facial beautification method using facial rejuvenation based on the age evolution. Traditional facial beautification methods only focus on the color of skin and deformation and do the transformation based on an experimental standard of beauty. Our method achieves the beauty effect by making facial image looks younger, which is different from traditional methods and is more reasonable than them. Firstly, we decompose the image into different layers and get a detail layer. Secondly, we get an age-related parameter:the standard deviation of the Gaussian distribution that the detail layer follows, and the support vector machine (SVM) regression is used to fit a function about the age and the standard deviation. Thirdly, we use this function to estimate the age of input image and generate a new detail layer with a new standard deviation which is calculated by decreasing the age. Lastly, we combine the original layers and the new detail layer to get a new face image. Experimental results show that this algo-rithm can make facial image become more beautiful by facial rejuvenation. The proposed method opens up a new way about facial beautification, and there are great potentials for applications.

  12. Review of soft tissue augmentation in the face

    James Newman


    Full Text Available James NewmanFacial Plastic Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CAFacial Plastic Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA, USAAbstract: A primary pillar of facial rejuvenation is the replacement of soft tissue atrophy via a variety of augmentation techniques. The techniques can be classified into three categories, skeletal onlay grafts, subcutaneous volumizers, and dermal fillers. While onlay grafts and subcutaneous volumizers have the most persistent results, the emergence of improved dermal fillers in the past 5 years has become increasingly popular. An accurate diagnosis of the level(s of soft tissue atrophy in the face needs to be made prior to selection of the category or combination of techniques. In the younger patient, the selection of a dermal filler or combination of fillers can be adequate for treatment. A comparison of the composition and characteristics of the available dermal fillers are discussed in detail to assist the clinician in understanding the actual mechanism of soft tissue augmentation. In the more advanced aging face, a combination of the three categories may be necessary to produce optimal results. Just as dermal fillers have become more differentiated to increase their longevity, the non-injectible long-lasting implants are becoming more developed to mimic accurate viscoelastic properties of the facial soft tissues. All three classes of augmentation techniques can provide patients with very satisfactory results as part of overall facial rejuvenation.Keywords: soft tissue, dermal fillers, facial implants, facial augmentation

  13. Guest Editorial: Sabbaticals

    Heather Kanuka


    Full Text Available It has been my pleasure to be the acting editor of IRRODL while Dr. Terry Anderson has been on sabbatical leave. While the value and need for academic sabbaticals has been passionately debated for decades (and will likely continue to be debated for decades to come, within the academy most, if not all, academics understand both the value and need for a career pause.An academic sabbatical is a prolonged leave, typically for one year after six years of continuous employment. Harvard University was the first to grant academics a sabbatical in 1880. The primary purpose was, and still is, to provide an opportunity for academics to fulfill a career goal (i.e., write a book, travel for research or an opportunity for collegial inter-visitations. The word ‘sabbatical’ has biblical origins connected to the practice of leaving land unplanted as a means of rejuvenation. The word originates from the Mosaic law of ancient Judea, during which farmers left land fallow for a year after six consecutive harvests. The spirit of rejuvenation and harvesting has remained unchanged within the academy. Similar to ‘leaving the land unplanted,’ academics ‘leave the daily demands of university life’ (e.g., teaching and service commitments for an opportunity to regenerate new ideas and pursue professional growth.

  14. Tectonic control of offshore sedimentary basins to the North and West of Ireland

    Max, M.D.


    A newly compiled tectonic map of Ireland and part of the offshore area can be used to show that a pattern of rejuvenated Caledonian structures was superseded by newly imposed structures at about the time of the opening of the northern North Atlantic Ocean. There are three distinct patterns of structural control: 1. Older Caledonian structures, 2. Younger Caledonian structures, and 3. Oceanic structures. Younger structural patterns are each superimposed on older, so that locally interference patterns are developed. Each of the structural regimes has controlled sedimentation in particular zones, and where superimposition has occurred, mixed shelf-continental and oceanic sedimentation can be expected at different structural levels. One of the major control structures in and immediately off NW Ireland is the Great Glen Fault system, which has been repeatedly rejuvenated since its development in Caledonian times. Other major control structures are associated with the Porcupine Seabight, which probably developed during the initiation of the immediately adjacent North Atlantic Ocean basin. Where these structural systems intersect at the head of the Seabight, sedimentational provinces can be defined. A poorly defined E-W structural line at about 53/sup 0/ 25' across the northern part of the Seabight may reflect deep wrench faulting related to a subjacent transform. Major structures along this line would have influenced sedimentation and consequent growth structures. This line may be an eastward analogue of the Gibbs Fracture Zone against which the axial zone of quasi-oceanic or attenuated continental crust in the Porcupine Seabight could terminate. 3 figures.


    Radhika K Varma


    Full Text Available In Ayurvedic classical texts administration of potent psycho-physical rejuvenator formulations comes under Rasayana chikitsa which frees one of diseases, improves quality of life and delays senile degenerative changes. Eleven among the most commonly used anti-oxidant, adaptogenic potent, well established rejuvenator herbs viz., Hareetaki (Terminalia chebula Retz, Vibheetaki (Terminalia bellerica Roxb Amalaki (Emblica officinalis Linn, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia Miers, Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris Linn, Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn, Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum Linn., Haridra (Curcuma longa Linn, Daruharidra (Berberis aristata DC, Shunthi (Zingiber officinale Rosc, Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa L were administered along with unequal quantity of ghee and honey as Anupana (vehicle to delay senile changes and reverse cataract formation in the eyes. For the first time the herbal compound in the powder form was subjected to Pharmacognstical evaluation, physico-chemical screening, phyto-chemical analysis and HPTLC studies. The presence of Scalariform vessels, Acicular crystals, Border pitted vessel, Starch grains were the characteristic features observed in the microscopy. The Phyto-chemical analysis indicated presence of alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids and glycosides.

  16. Investigation of the Self-Healing Behaviors of Microcapsules/Bitumen Composites by a Repetitive Direct Tension Test

    Jun-Feng Su


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to evaluate the self-healing behaviors of bitumen using microcapsules containing rejuvenator by a modified fracture healing–refracture method through a repetitive tension test. Microcapsules had mean size values of 10, 20 and 30 μm with a same core/shell ratio of 1/1. Various microcapsules/bitumen samples were fabricated with microcapsule contents of 1.0, 3.0 and 5.0 wt. %, respectively. Tension strength values of microcapsules/bitumen samples were measured by a reparative fracture-healing process under different temperatures. It was found that these samples had tensile strength values larger than the data of pure bitumen samples under the same conditions after the four tensile fracture-healing cycles. Fracture morphology investigation and mechanism analysis indicated that the self-healing process was a process consisting of microcapsules being broken, penetrated and diffused. Moreover, the crack healing of bitumen can be considered as a viscosity driven process. The self-healing ability partly repaired the damage of bitumen during service life by comparing the properties of virgin and rejuvenated bitumen.

  17. Brain Enhancing Ingredients from Āyurvedic Medicine: Quintessential Example of Bacopa monniera, a Narrative Review

    Hemant K. Singh


    Full Text Available Āyurveda, the science (ved of life (ayu, owing its origin to Veda, the oldest recorded wisdom of human civilization written in 3500 BCE, contains extensive knowledge of various diseases and their therapeutic approaches. It essentially relied on nature and the immune system of an individual, and therapeutic interventions were introduced only to augment the immune system. Āyurveda had eight specialties, including psycho-neuroscience (a combination of psychology, clinical psychology and psychiatry and a unique promotive therapy encompassing nutrition, rejuvenation and geriatrics. The symptoms of various brain disorders, including memory disorder, were well defined. The goal of Āyurveda was to help an individual to achieve his cherished goal of leading a healthy life of 100 years. To achieve this, great emphasis was laid on nutrition, diet and a good conduct by the two great exponents of Āyurveda viz. Carak and Suśruta. By following these regimens, an individual could lead a less stressful life free from emotional disturbances. Both Carak and Suśruta had believed that these in combination with rasayana (rejuvenating plants could enable an individual to lead a healthy life of 100 years.

  18. Complications of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures: Prevention and management

    Lauren L Levy


    Full Text Available Over the past decade, facial rejuvenation procedures to circumvent traditional surgery have become increasingly popular. Office-based, minimally invasive procedures can promote a youthful appearance with minimal downtime and low risk of complications. Injectable botulinum toxin (BoNT, soft-tissue fillers, and chemical peels are among the most popular non-invasive rejuvenation procedures, and each has unique applications for improving facial aesthetics. Despite the simplicity and reliability of office-based procedures, complications can occur even with an astute and experienced injector. The goal of any procedure is to perform it properly and safely; thus, early recognition of complications when they do occur is paramount in dictating prevention of long-term sequelae. The most common complications from BoNT and soft-tissue filler injection are bruising, erythema and pain. With chemical peels, it is not uncommon to have erythema, irritation and burning. Fortunately, these side effects are normally transient and have simple remedies. More serious complications include muscle paralysis from BoNT, granuloma formation from soft-tissue filler placement and scarring from chemical peels. Thankfully, these complications are rare and can be avoided with excellent procedure technique, knowledge of facial anatomy, proper patient selection, and appropriate pre- and post-skin care. This article reviews complications of office-based, minimally invasive procedures, with emphasis on prevention and management. Practitioners providing these treatments should be well versed in this subject matter in order to deliver the highest quality care.

  19. Environment and self-regulation in galaxy formation

    Thomas, Daniel; Schawinski, Kevin; Sarzi, Marc; Silk, Joseph


    The environment is known to affect the formation and evolution of galaxies considerably best visible through the well-known morphology-density relationship. In this paper we study the effect of environment on the evolution of early-type galaxies by analysing the stellar population properties of 3,360 galaxies morphologically selected by visual inspection from the SDSS in the redshift range 0.05rejuvenated galaxies increases with both decreasing galaxy mass and decreasing environmental density up to about 45 per cent. The rejuvenated galaxies have lower alpha/Fe ratios than the average and most of them show signs of ongoing star formation through their emissio...

  20. Peripheral injection of human umbilical cord blood stimulates neurogenesis in the aged rat brain

    Sanberg Paul R


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Neurogenesis continues to occur throughout life but dramatically decreases with increasing age. This decrease is mostly related to a decline in proliferative activity as a result of an impoverishment of the microenvironment of the aged brain, including a reduction in trophic factors and increased inflammation. Results We determined that human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells (UCBMC given peripherally, by an intravenous injection, could rejuvenate the proliferative activity of the aged neural stem/progenitor cells. This increase in proliferation lasted for at least 15 days after the delivery of the UCBMC. Along with the increase in proliferation following UCBMC treatment, an increase in neurogenesis was also found in the aged animals. The increase in neurogenesis as a result of UCBMC treatment seemed to be due to a decrease in inflammation, as a decrease in the number of activated microglia was found and this decrease correlated with the increase in neurogenesis. Conclusion The results demonstrate that a single intravenous injection of UCBMC in aged rats can significantly improve the microenvironment of the aged hippocampus and rejuvenate the aged neural stem/progenitor cells. Our results raise the possibility of a peripherally administered cell therapy as an effective approach to improve the microenvironment of the aged brain.