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  1. 'Leonard pairs' in classical mechanics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhedanov, Alexei; Korovnichenko, Alyona


    Leonard pairs (LP) are matrices with the property of mutual tri-diagonality. We introduce and study a classical analogue of LP. We show that corresponding classical 'Leonard' dynamical variables satisfy non-linear relations of the AW-type with respect to Poisson brackets. (author)

  2. Rebecca sõidabki Kiievisse / Silja Joon

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Joon, Silja, 1966-


    Eesti Televisiooni stuudiotes toimunud Eurovisiooni rahvusliku eelvooru "Eurolaul 2005" võitnud laulust "Let's Get Loud" (autor Sven Lõhmus), esitajast ansamblist Suntribe, lauljast Rebecca Kontusest. Laulude edetabel

  3. KatG and KatE Confer Acinetobacter Resistance to Hydrogen Peroxide but Sensitize Bacteria to Killing by Phagocytic Respiratory Burst (United States)

    Sun, Daqing; Crowell, Sara A.; Harding, Christian M.; De Silva, P. Malaka; Harrison, Alistair; Fernando, Dinesh M.; Mason, Kevin M.; Santana, Estevan; Loewen, Peter C.; Kumar, Ayush; Liu, Yusen


    Aims Catalase catalyzes the degradation of H2O2. Acinetobacter species have four predicted catalase genes, katA, katE, katG, and katX. The aims of the present study seek to determine which catalase(s) plays a predominant role in determining the resistance to H2O2, and to assess the role of catalase in Acinetobacter virulence. Main Methods Mutants of A. baumannii and A. nosocomialis with deficiencies in katA, katE, katG, and katX were tested for sensitivity to H2O2, either by halo assays or by liquid culture assays. Respiratory burst of neutrophils, in response to A. nosocomialis, was assessed by chemiluminescence to examine the effects of catalase on the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS)1 in neutrophils. Bacterial virulence was assessed using a Galleria mellonella larva infection model. Key findings The capacities of A. baumannii and A. nosocomialis to degrade H2O2 are largely dependent on katE. The resistance of both A. baumannii and A. nosocomialis to H2O2 is primarily determined by the katG gene, although katE also plays a minor role in H2O2 resistance. Bacteria lacking both the katG and katE genes exhibit the highest sensitivity to H2O2. While A. nosocomialis bacteria with katE and/or katG were able to decrease ROS production by neutrophils, these cells also induced a more robust respiratory burst in neutrophils than did cells deficient in both katE and katG. We also found that A. nosocomialis deficient in both katE and katG was more virulent than the wildtype A. nosocomialis strain. Significance Our findings suggest that inhibition of Acinetobacter catalase may help to overcome the resistance of Acinetobacter species to microbicidal H2O2 and facilitate bacterial disinfection. PMID:26860891

  4. Tips From Former Smokers - Rebecca

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Rebecca struggled with depression for years. She also smoked. Finally, she realized that smoking wasn’t helping her, so she got care for her depression and quit for good.  Created: 1/20/2016 by Office on Smoking and Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.   Date Released: 1/20/2016.

  5. Bacillus pumilus KatX2 confers enhanced hydrogen peroxide resistance to a Bacillus subtilis PkatA::katX2 mutant strain. (United States)

    Handtke, Stefan; Albrecht, Dirk; Zühlke, Daniela; Otto, Andreas; Becher, Dörte; Schweder, Thomas; Riedel, Kathrin; Hecker, Michael; Voigt, Birgit


    Bacillus pumilus cells exhibit a significantly higher resistance to hydrogen peroxide compared to closely related Bacilli like Bacillus subtilis. In this study we analyzed features of the catalase KatX2 of B. pumilus as one of the most important parts of the cellular response to hydrogen peroxide. KatX2, the vegetative catalase expressed in B. pumilus, was compared to the vegetative catalase KatA of B. subtilis. Data of our study demonstrate that B. pumilus can degrade toxic concentrations of hydrogen peroxide faster than B. subtilis. By replacing B. subtilis katA gene by katX2 we could significantly enhance its resistance to H 2 O 2 and its potential to eliminate this toxic compound. Mutant cells showed a 1.5- to 2-fold higher survival to toxic concentrations of hydrogen peroxide compared to wild type cells. Furthermore, we found reversible but also irreversible oxidations of the KatX2 protein which, in contrast to KatA, contains several cysteine residues. Our study indicates that the catalase KatX2 plays a major role in the increased resistance of B. pumilus to oxidative stress caused by hydrogen peroxide. Resistance to hydrogen peroxide of other Bacilli can be enhanced by exchanging the native catalase in the cells with katX2.

  6. Analysis list: KAT2A [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available KAT2A Blood,Uterus + hg19,, ...

  7. Purification of the functional plant membrane channel KAT1

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hibi, Takao; Aoki, Shiho; Oda, Keisuke; Munemasa, Shintaro; Ozaki, Shunsuke; Shirai, Osamu; Murata, Yoshiyuki; Uozumi, Nobuyuki


    The inward-rectifying K + channel KAT1 is expressed mainly in Arabidopsis thaliana guard cells. The purification of functional KAT1 has never been reported. We investigated the extraction of the plant K + channel KAT1 with different detergents, as an example for how to select detergents for purifying a eukaryotic membrane protein. A KAT1-GFP fusion protein was used to screen a library of 46 detergents for the effective solubilization of intact KAT1. Then, a 'test set' of three detergents was picked for further analysis, based on their biochemical characteristics and availability. The combination use of the selected detergents enabled the effective purification of functional KAT1 with affinity and gel-filtration chromatography

  8. Hydrologic Analysis of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    drainage areas are different, hydrological analysis will be conducted on the two basins individually. The results of the two analyses will be combined to...ER D C TR -1 5- 4 Environmental Quality and Installations Hydrologic Analysis of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri En gi ne er R es ea rc h...Environmental Quality and Installations ERDC TR-15-4 August 2015 Hydrologic Analysis of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Michael L. Follum, Darla C. McVan

  9. "DE KAT"

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    was die sivetkatte van besondere belang in ver- band met die vervaardiging van parfuum. Sivet- katte wat in gevangeskap aangehou is, kon twee maal per week van hulle reukstof ontdoen word.(14). Daar was dus, soos uit die vermelde besonder- hede duidelik blyk, geen verband tussen die eersgenoemde kat of cavalier ...

  10. Mark Leonard : EL ei peakski olema suurvõim / Mark Leonard ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Intervjuu Euroopa Välissuhete Nõukogu tegevdirektoriga, kes vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad USA ja Euroopa suhteid, Euroopa Liidu välispoliitikat, Venemaa ja Euroopa Liidu suhteid pärast Gruusia konflikti. Ta peab murettekitavaks, et Venemaa üritab takistada euroopalike väärtuste levitamist oma naaberriikides. Vt. samas: Mark Leonard. Ilmunud ka Sirp : Diplomaatia 14. nov. nr. 11 lk. 13-14

  11. Rebecca Kontus püüab eurolaulu võitu / Evelin Nõmmik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nõmmik, Evelin


    Eurovisiooni rahvusliku eelvooru "Eurolaul 2005" finaalist ETV kanalil 5. veebr., lauljast Rebecca Kontusest lauludega "Have You Ever" ja "Let's Get Loud" (viimane ansambli Suntribe koosseisus), nimekiri võistluse lauludest

  12. KAT-Independent Gene Regulation by Tip60 Promotes ESC Self-Renewal but Not Pluripotency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diwash Acharya


    Full Text Available Although histone-modifying enzymes are generally assumed to function in a manner dependent on their enzymatic activities, this assumption remains untested for many factors. Here, we show that the Tip60 (Kat5 lysine acetyltransferase (KAT, which is essential for embryonic stem cell (ESC self-renewal and pre-implantation development, performs these functions independently of its KAT activity. Unlike ESCs depleted of Tip60, KAT-deficient ESCs exhibited minimal alterations in gene expression, chromatin accessibility at Tip60 binding sites, and self-renewal, thus demonstrating a critical KAT-independent role of Tip60 in ESC maintenance. In contrast, KAT-deficient ESCs exhibited impaired differentiation into mesoderm and endoderm, demonstrating a KAT-dependent function in differentiation. Consistent with this phenotype, KAT-deficient mouse embryos exhibited post-implantation developmental defects. These findings establish separable KAT-dependent and KAT-independent functions of Tip60 in ESCs and during differentiation, revealing a complex repertoire of regulatory functions for this essential chromatin remodeling complex.

  13. Black Swan Event Assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    ER D C/ CE RL S R- 16 -1 Net Zero Planning for Fort Leonard Wood Black Swan Event Assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Co for other technical reports published by ERDC, visit the ERDC online library at Net Zero Planning for...1.8 degrees Celsius knots 0.5144444 meters per second miles (US statute) 1,609.347 meters miles per hour 0.44704 meters per second ERDC/CERL SR

  14. Diana Leonard and Materialist Feminism (United States)

    Jackson, Stevi


    This tribute to Diana Leonard focuses on her contribution to materialist feminism, both through bringing the work of key French theorists to the attention of an Anglophone audience and through her own sociological work on the family, marriage and childhood. In so doing it draws attention to the importance of her work as editor and…

  15. System engineering and science projects: lessons from MeerKAT (United States)

    Kapp, Francois


    The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a large science project planning to commence construction of the world's largest Radio Telescope after 2018. MeerKAT is one of the precursor projects to the SKA, based on the same site that will host the SKA Mid array in the central Karoo area of South Africa. From the perspective of signal processing hardware development, we analyse the challenges that MeerKAT encountered and extrapolate them to SKA in order to prepare the System Engineering and Project Management methods that could contribute to a successful completion of SKA. Using the MeerKAT Digitiser, Correlator/Beamformer and Time and Frequency Reference Systems as an example, we will trace the risk profile and subtle differences in engineering approaches of these systems over time and show the effects of varying levels of System Engineering rigour on the evolution of their risk profiles. It will be shown that the most rigorous application of System Engineering discipline resulted in the most substantial reduction in risk over time. Since the challenges faced by SKA are not limited to that of MeerKAT, we also look into how that translates to a system development where there is substantial complexity in both the created system as well as the creating system. Since the SKA will be designed and constructed by consortia made up from the ten member countries, there are many additional complexities to the organisation creating the system - a challenge the MeerKAT project did not encounter. Factors outside of engineering, for instance procurement models and political interests, also play a more significant role, and add to the project risks of SKA when compared to MeerKAT.

  16. Feedback regulation of an Agrobacterium catalase gene katA involved in Agrobacterium-plant interaction. (United States)

    Xu, X Q; Li, L P; Pan, S Q


    Catalases are known to detoxify H2O2, a major component of oxidative stress imposed on a cell. An Agrobacterium tumefaciens catalase encoded by a chromosomal gene katA has been implicated as an important virulence factor as it is involved in detoxification of H2O2 released during Agrobacterium-plant interaction. In this paper, we report a feedback regulation pathway that controls the expression of katA in A. tumefaciens cells. We observed that katA could be induced by plant tissue sections and by acidic pH on a minimal medium, which resembles the plant environment that the bacteria encounter during the course of infection. This represents a new regulatory factor for catalase induction in bacteria. More importantly, a feedback regulation was observed when the katA-gfp expression was studied in different genetic backgrounds. We found that introduction of a wild-type katA gene encoding a functional catalase into A. tumefaciens cells could repress the katA-gfp expression over 60-fold. The katA gene could be induced by H2O2 and the encoded catalase could detoxify H2O2. In addition, the katA-gfp expression of one bacterial cell could be repressed by other surrounding catalase-proficient bacterial cells. Furthermore, mutation at katA caused a 10-fold increase of the intracellular H2O2 concentration in the bacteria grown on an acidic pH medium. These results suggest that the endogenous H2O2 generated during A. tumefaciens cell growth could serve as the intracellular and intercellular inducer for the katA gene expression and that the acidic pH could pose an oxidative stress on the bacteria. Surprisingly, one mutated KatA protein, exhibiting no significant catalase activity as a result of the alteration of two important residues at the putative active site, could partially repress the katA-gfp expression. The feedback regulation of the katA gene by both catalase activity and KatA protein could presumably maintain an appropriated level of catalase activity and H2O2 inside A

  17. Catalase (KatA) Plays a Role in Protection against Anaerobic Nitric Oxide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (United States)

    Su, Shengchang; Panmanee, Warunya; Wilson, Jeffrey J.; Mahtani, Harry K.; Li, Qian; VanderWielen, Bradley D.; Makris, Thomas M.; Rogers, Melanie; McDaniel, Cameron; Lipscomb, John D.; Irvin, Randall T.; Schurr, Michael J.; Lancaster, Jack R.; Kovall, Rhett A.; Hassett, Daniel J.


    Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) is a common bacterial pathogen, responsible for a high incidence of nosocomial and respiratory infections. KatA is the major catalase of PA that detoxifies hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a reactive oxygen intermediate generated during aerobic respiration. Paradoxically, PA displays elevated KatA activity under anaerobic growth conditions where the substrate of KatA, H2O2, is not produced. The aim of the present study is to elucidate the mechanism underlying this phenomenon and define the role of KatA in PA during anaerobiosis using genetic, biochemical and biophysical approaches. We demonstrated that anaerobic wild-type PAO1 cells yielded higher levels of katA transcription and expression than aerobic cells, whereas a nitrite reductase mutant ΔnirS produced ∼50% the KatA activity of PAO1, suggesting that a basal NO level was required for the increased KatA activity. We also found that transcription of the katA gene was controlled, in part, by the master anaerobic regulator, ANR. A ΔkatA mutant and a mucoid mucA22 ΔkatA bacteria demonstrated increased sensitivity to acidified nitrite (an NO generator) in anaerobic planktonic and biofilm cultures. EPR spectra of anaerobic bacteria showed that levels of dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNIC), indicators of NO stress, were increased significantly in the ΔkatA mutant, and dramatically in a ΔnorCB mutant compared to basal levels of DNIC in PAO1 and ΔnirS mutant. Expression of KatA dramatically reduced the DNIC levels in ΔnorCB mutant. We further revealed direct NO-KatA interactions in vitro using EPR, optical spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. KatA has a 5-coordinate high spin ferric heme that binds NO without prior reduction of the heme iron (K d ∼6 μM). Collectively, we conclude that KatA is expressed to protect PA against NO generated during anaerobic respiration. We proposed that such protective effects of KatA may involve buffering of free NO when potentially toxic concentrations of

  18. Saatuslik Katõn / Mihhail Lotman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lotman, Mihhail, 1952-


    10 aprillil lennuõnnetuses hukkunud Poola president Lech Kaczyński oma kaaskonnaga oli teel Katõni veresauna 70. aastapäevale pühendatud mälestustseremooniale, visiidist pidi saama uus algus Poola ja Venemaa suhetele

  19. Katětov functors

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kubiś, Wieslaw; Mašulović, D.


    Roč. 25, č. 4 (2017), s. 569-602 ISSN 0927-2852 Institutional support: RVO:67985840 Keywords : Katětov functor * amalgamation * Fraissé limit Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics OBOR OECD: Pure mathematics Impact factor: 0.523, year: 2016

  20. Engineering and science highlights of the KAT-7 radio telescope

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Foley, A. R.; Alberts, T.; Armstrong, R. P.; Barta, A.; Bauermeister, E. F.; Bester, H.; Blose, S.; Booth, R. S.; Botha, D. H.; Buchner, S. J.; Carignan, C.; Cheetham, T.; Cloete, K.; Coreejes, G.; Crida, R. C.; Cross, S. D.; Curtolo, F.; Dikgale, A.; de Villiers, M. S.; du Toit, L. J.; Esterhuyse, S. W. P.; Fanaroff, B.; Fender, R. P.; Fijalkowski, M.; Fourie, D.; Frank, B.; George, D.; Gibbs, P.; Goedhart, S.; Grobbelaar, J.; Gumede, S. C.; Herselman, P.; Hess, K. M.; Hoek, N.; Horrell, J.; Jonas, J. L.; Jordaan, J. D. B.; Julie, R.; Kapp, F.; Kotzé, P.; Kusel, T.; Langman, A.; Lehmensiek, R.; Liebenberg, D.; Liebenberg, I. J. V.; Loots, A.; Lord, R. T.; Lucero, D. M.; Ludick, J.; Macfarlane, P.; Madlavana, M.; Magnus, L.; Magozore, C.; Malan, J. A.; Manley, J. R.; Marais, L.; Marais, N.; Marais, S. J.; Maree, M.; Martens, A.; Mokone, O.; Moss, V.; Mthembu, S.; New, W.; Nicholson, G. D.; van Niekerk, P. C.; Oozeer, N.; Passmoor, S. S.; Peens-Hough, A.; Pińska, A. B.; Prozesky, P.; Rajan, S.; Ratcliffe, S.; Renil, R.; Richter, L. L.; Rosekrans, D.; Rust, A.; Schröder, A. C.; Schwardt, L. C.; Seranyane, S.; Serylak, M.; Shepherd, D. S.; Siebrits, R.; Sofeya, L.; Spann, R.; Springbok, R.; Swart, P. S.; Thondikulam, Venkatasubramani L.; Theron, I. P.; Tiplady, A.; Toruvanda, O.; Tshongweni, S.; van den Heever, L.; van der Merwe, C.; van Rooyen, R.; Wakhaba, S.; Walker, A. L.; Welz, M.; Williams, L.; Wolleben, M.; Woudt, P. A.; Young, N. J.; Zwart, J. T. L.


    The construction of the seven-dish Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7) array in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape in South Africa was intended primarily as an engineering prototype for technologies and techniques applicable to the MeerKAT telescope. This paper looks at the main engineering and

  1. WNetKAT: A Weighted SDN Programming and Verification Language

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Schmid, Stefan; Xue, Bingtian


    Programmability and verifiability lie at the heart of the software-defined networking paradigm. While OpenFlow and its match-action concept provide primitive operations to manipulate hardware configurations, over the last years, several more expressive network programming languages have been...... developed. This paper presents WNetKAT, the first network programming language accounting for the fact that networks are inherently weighted, and communications subject to capacity constraints (e.g., in terms of bandwidth) and costs (e.g., latency or monetary costs). WNetKAT is based on a syntactic...... generalize to more complex (and stateful) network functions and service chains. For example, WNetKAT allows to model flows which need to traverse certain waypoint functions, which can change the traffic rate. This paper also shows the relationship between the equivalence problem of WNet...

  2. A Salt-Inducible Mn-Catalase (KatB) Protects Cyanobacterium from Oxidative Stress. (United States)

    Chakravarty, Dhiman; Banerjee, Manisha; Bihani, Subhash C; Ballal, Anand


    Catalases, enzymes that detoxify H2O2, are widely distributed in all phyla, including cyanobacteria. Unlike the heme-containing catalases, the physiological roles of Mn-catalases remain inadequately characterized. In the cyanobacterium Anabaena, pretreatment of cells with NaCl resulted in unusually enhanced tolerance to oxidative stress. On exposure to H2O2, the NaCl-treated Anabaena showed reduced formation of reactive oxygen species, peroxides, and oxidized proteins than the control cells (i.e. not treated with NaCl) exposed to H2O2. This protective effect correlated well with the substantial increase in production of KatB, a Mn-catalase. Addition of NaCl did not safeguard the katB mutant from H2O2, suggesting that KatB was indeed responsible for detoxifying the externally added H2O2. Moreover, Anabaena deficient in KatB was susceptible to oxidative effects of salinity stress. The katB gene was strongly induced in response to osmotic stress or desiccation. Promoter-gfp analysis showed katB to be expressed only in the vegetative cells but not in heterocysts. Biochemically, KatB was an efficient, robust catalase that remained active in the presence of high concentrations of NaCl. Our findings unravel the role of Mn-catalase in acclimatization to salt/oxidative stress and demonstrate that the oxidative stress resistance of an organism can be enhanced by a simple compound such as NaCl. © 2016 American Society of Plant Biologists. All Rights Reserved.

  3. Further delineation of the KAT6B molecular and phenotypic spectrum.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Gannon, Tamsin


    KAT6B sequence variants have been identified previously in both patients with the Say-Barber-Biesecker type of blepharophimosis mental retardation syndromes (SBBS) and in the more severe genitopatellar syndrome (GPS). We report on the findings in a previously unreported group of 57 individuals with suggestive features of SBBS or GPS. Likely causative variants have been identified in 34\\/57 patients and were commonly located in the terminal exons of KAT6B. Of those where parental samples could be tested, all occurred de novo. Thirty out of thirty-four had truncating variants, one had a missense variant and the remaining three had the same synonymous change predicted to affect splicing. Variants in GPS tended to occur more proximally to those in SBBS patients, and genotype\\/phenotype analysis demonstrated significant clinical overlap between SBBS and GPS. The de novo synonymous change seen in three patients with features of SBBS occurred more proximally in exon 16. Statistical analysis of clinical features demonstrated that KAT6B variant-positive patients were more likely to display hypotonia, feeding difficulties, long thumbs\\/great toes and dental, thyroid and patella abnormalities than KAT6B variant-negative patients. The few reported patients with KAT6B haploinsufficiency had a much milder phenotype, though with some features overlapping those of SBBS. We report the findings in a previously unreported patient with a deletion of the KAT6B gene to further delineate the haploinsufficiency phenotype. The molecular mechanisms giving rise to the SBBS and GPS phenotypes are discussed.

  4. KatB, a cyanobacterial Mn-catalase with unique active site configuration: Implications for enzyme function. (United States)

    Bihani, Subhash C; Chakravarty, Dhiman; Ballal, Anand


    Manganese catalases (Mn-catalases), a class of H2O2 detoxifying proteins, are structurally and mechanistically distinct from the commonly occurring catalases, which contain heme. Active site of Mn-catalases can serve as template for the synthesis of catalase mimetics for therapeutic intervention in oxidative stress related disorders. However, unlike the heme catalases, structural aspects of Mn-catalases remain inadequately explored. The genome of the ancient cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7120, shows the presence of two Mn-catalases, KatA and KatB. Here, we report the biochemical and structural characterization of KatB. The KatB protein (with a C-terminal his-tag) was over-expressed in Escherichia coli and purified by affinity chromatography. On the addition of Mn(2+) to the E. coli growth medium, a substantial increase in production of the soluble KatB protein was observed. The purified KatB protein was an efficient catalase, which was relatively insensitive to inhibition by azide. Crystal structure of KatB showed a hexameric assembly with four-helix bundle fold, characteristic of the Ferritin-like superfamily. With canonical Glu4His2 coordination geometry and two terminal water ligands, the KatB active site was distinctly different from that of other Mn-catalases. Interestingly, the KatB active site closely resembled the active sites of ruberythrin/bacterioferritin, bi-iron members of the Ferritin-like superfamily. The KatB crystal structure provided fundamental insights into the evolutionary relationship within the Ferritin-like superfamily and further showed that Mn-catalases can be sub-divided into two groups, each with a distinct active site configuration. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Investigations for the EPR-concept - KAPOOL and KATS experiments

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Engel, G.; Eppinger, B.; Fieg, G.; Schmidt-Stiefel, S.


    The objective of the KAPOOL and KATS experiments is to investigate basic phenomena in connection with the EPR melt spreading and cooling concept. High-temperature Al 2 O 3 - and Fe-melts produced by the thermite reaction are used to simulate the oxidic and metallic components of the core melt. Two KAPOOL tests have been performed to study the interaction of the oxidic melt with the release gate which is situated between the cavity and the spreading compartment. These tests have been analyzed with the HEATING-5 code and compared with the experimental results. With test KATS-17 (spreading onto dry concrete for the oxide melt, spreading onto concrete with 1 mm water level for the metallic melt) the series of two-dimensional spreading experiments has been finished. KATS-15 (2-dim spreading on dry ceramics) has been analyzed with the code CORFLOW. (orig.) [de

  6. Mutation of katG in a clinical isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: effects on catalase-peroxidase for isoniazid activation. (United States)

    Purkan; Ihsanawati; Natalia, D; Syah, Y M; Retnoningrum, D S; Kusuma, H S


    Mutations in katG gene are often associated with isoniazid (INH) resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain. This research was perfomed to identify the katG mutation in clinical isolate (L8) that is resistant to INH at 1 μg/ml. In addition to characterize the catalase-peroxidase of KatG L8 and perform the ab initio structural study of the protein to get a more complete understanding in drug activation and the resistan­ce mechanism. The katG gene was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli, then followed by characterization of catalase-peroxidase of KatG. The structure modelling was performed to know a basis of alterations in enzyme activity. A substitution of A713G that correspond to Asn238Ser replacement was found in the L8 katG. The Asn238Ser modification leads to a decline in the activity of catalase-peroxidase and INH oxidation of the L8 KatG protein. The catalytic efficiency (Kcat/KM) of mutant KatGAsn238Ser respectively decreases to 41 and 52% for catalase and peroxidase. The mutant KatGAsn238Ser also shows a decrease of 62% in INH oxidation if compared to a wild type KatG (KatGwt). The mutant Asn238Ser might cause instability in the substrate binding­ site of KatG, because of removal of a salt bridge connecting the amine group of Asn238 to the carbo­xyl group of Glu233, which presents in KatGwt. The lost of the salt bridge in the substrate binding site in mutant KatGAsn238Ser created changes unfavorable for enzyme activities, which in turn emerge as INH resistan­ce in the L8 isolate of M. tuberculosis.

  7. Dominant mutations in KAT6A cause intellectual disability with recognizable syndromic features. (United States)

    Tham, Emma; Lindstrand, Anna; Santani, Avni; Malmgren, Helena; Nesbitt, Addie; Dubbs, Holly A; Zackai, Elaine H; Parker, Michael J; Millan, Francisca; Rosenbaum, Kenneth; Wilson, Golder N; Nordgren, Ann


    Through a multi-center collaboration study, we here report six individuals from five unrelated families, with mutations in KAT6A/MOZ detected by whole-exome sequencing. All five different de novo heterozygous truncating mutations were located in the C-terminal transactivation domain of KAT6A: NM_001099412.1: c.3116_3117 delCT, p.(Ser1039∗); c.3830_3831insTT, p.(Arg1278Serfs∗17); c.3879 dupA, p.(Glu1294Argfs∗19); c.4108G>T p.(Glu1370∗) and c.4292 dupT, p.(Leu1431Phefs∗8). An additional subject with a 0.23 MB microdeletion including the entire KAT6A reading frame was identified with genome-wide array comparative genomic hybridization. Finally, by detailed clinical characterization we provide evidence that heterozygous mutations in KAT6A cause a distinct intellectual disability syndrome. The common phenotype includes hypotonia, intellectual disability, early feeding and oromotor difficulties, microcephaly and/or craniosynostosis, and cardiac defects in combination with subtle facial features such as bitemporal narrowing, broad nasal tip, thin upper lip, posteriorly rotated or low-set ears, and microretrognathia. The identification of human subjects complements previous work from mice and zebrafish where knockouts of Kat6a/kat6a lead to developmental defects. Copyright © 2015 The American Society of Human Genetics. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Mentors Coaching Principals in Instructional Leadership: The Case of Rebecca and Ramon (United States)

    Carver, Cynthia L.


    This case is told from the perspective of Rebecca, a highly skilled mentor teacher, who struggles to work effectively with Ramon, the school principal. This case focuses on the supports and resources that instructional teacher leaders can provide to their school administrators. As the case suggests, the presence of well-trained mentors presents…

  9. Leonard Bloomfield and the "Cours de Linguistique Generale." (United States)

    Koerner, Konrad

    A discussion of the development of Leonard Bloomfield's theory of linguistics focuses on the influence of Ferdinand de Saussure's "Cours de linguistique generale" on Bloomfield's thinking. The discussion begins with a characterization of Bloomfield's early position with regard to general linguistics, especially as found in his 1914 book…

  10. More than a Mentor: Leonard Darwin's Contribution to the Assimilation of Mendelism into Eugenics and Darwinism. (United States)

    Serpente, Norberto


    This article discusses the contribution to evolutionary theory of Leonard Darwin (1850-1943), the eighth child of Charles Darwin. By analysing the correspondence Leonard Darwin maintained with Ronald Aylmer Fisher in conjunction with an assessment of his books and other written works between the 1910s and 1930s, this article argues for a more prominent role played by him than the previously recognised in the literature as an informal mentor of Fisher. The paper discusses Leonard's efforts to amalgamate Mendelism with both Eugenics and Darwinism in order for the first to base their policies on new scientific developments and to help the second in finding a target for natural selection. Without a formal qualification in biological sciences and as such mistrusted by some "formal" scientists, Leonard Darwin engaged with key themes of Darwinism such as mimicry, the role of mutations on speciation and the process of genetic variability, arriving at important conclusions concerning the usefulness of Mendelian genetics for his father's theory.

  11. Catalase in peroxidase clothing: Interdependent cooperation of two cofactors in the catalytic versatility of KatG. (United States)

    Njuma, Olive J; Ndontsa, Elizabeth N; Goodwin, Douglas C


    Catalase-peroxidase (KatG) is found in eubacteria, archaea, and lower eukaryotae. The enzyme from Mycobacterium tuberculosis has received the greatest attention because of its role in activation of the antitubercular pro-drug isoniazid, and the high frequency with which drug resistance stems from mutations to the katG gene. Generally, the catalase activity of KatGs is striking. It rivals that of typical catalases, enzymes with which KatGs share no structural similarity. Instead, catalatic turnover is accomplished with an active site that bears a strong resemblance to a typical peroxidase (e.g., cytochrome c peroxidase). Yet, KatG is the only member of its superfamily with such capability. It does so using two mutually dependent cofactors: a heme and an entirely unique Met-Tyr-Trp (MYW) covalent adduct. Heme is required to generate the MYW cofactor. The MYW cofactor allows KatG to leverage heme intermediates toward a unique mechanism for H2O2 oxidation. This review evaluates the range of intermediates identified and their connection to the diverse catalytic processes KatG facilitates, including mechanisms of isoniazid activation. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Strange, Michael Stewart


    Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009......Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009...

  13. Kansas Water Quality Action Targeting System (KATS) (United States)

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — This system is a revision of the original KATS system developed in 1990 as a tool to aid resource managers target Kansas valuable and vulnerable water resources for...

  14. H I observations of the nearest starburst galaxy NGC 253 with the SKA precursor KAT-7

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lucero, D. M.; Carignan, C.; Elson, E. C.; Randriamampandry, T. H.; Jarrett, T. H.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Heald, G. H.

    We present H I observations of the Sculptor group starburst spiral galaxy NGC 253, obtained with the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7). KAT-7 is a pathfinder for the Square Kilometre Array precursor MeerKAT, under construction. The short baselines and low system temperature of the telescope make it very

  15. Purification, cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of a monofunctional catalase, KatP, from Pigmentiphaga sp. DL-8. (United States)

    Dong, Weiliang; Hou, Ying; Li, Shuhuan; Wang, Fei; Zhou, Jie; Li, Zhoukun; Wang, Yicheng; Huang, Fei; Fu, Lei; Huang, Yan; Cui, Zhongli


    Catalases are essential components of the cellular equipment used to cope with oxidative stress. The monofunctional catalase KatP was purified from Pigmentiphaga sp. using ammonium sulfate precipitation (ASP), diethylaminoethyl ion exchange chromatography (IEC), and hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). The purified catalase formed polymer with an estimated monomer molecular mass of 54kDa, which were resolved by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and zymogram analysis. KatP exhibited a specific catalytic activity of 73,000U/mg, which was higher than that of catalase-1 of Comamonas terrigena N3H (55,900U/mg). Seven short tryptic fragments of this catalase were obtained by electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ESI-Q-TOF MS/MS), and the gene, katP, was cloned by PCR amplification and overexpressed in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3). Based on the complete amino acid sequence, KatP was identified as a clade 3 monofunctional catalase. The specific activities of recombinant KatP for hydrogen peroxide (690,000U/mg) increased 9-fold over that of the parent strain. The Km and Vmax of recombinant KatP were 9.48mM and 81.2mol/minmg, respectively. The optimal pH and temperature for KatP were 7.0 and 37°C, respectively, and the enzyme displayed abroad pH-stable range of 4.0-11.0. The enzyme was inhibited by Zn(2+), Cu(2+), Cr(2+), and Mn(2+), whereas Fe(3+) and Mg(2+) stimulated KatP enzymatic activity. Interestingly, the catalase activity of recombinant KatP displayed high stability under different temperature and pH conditions, suggesting that KatP is a potential candidate for the production of catalase. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Investigations of the EPR reference concept (KATS experiments); Untersuchungen zum EPR-Referenz-Konzept (KATS-Experimente)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fieg, G.; Werle, H.; Huber, F.


    The reference concept of an EPR core catcher envisages the spreading of the melt on a protective layer (150 m{sup 2} area) and water cooling from above. Two variants are considered: Spreading on a dry area and on an area covered by water of condensation (1 cm depth). For the reference concept the KATS experiments are performed with thermite melts. After initial problems had rendered it difficult to interprete the first test, repeated tests have been successful. (orig.)

  17. MeerKAT time and frequency reference optical network: Preliminary design analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enoch K. Rotich Kipnoo


    Full Text Available The MeerKAT telescope is a precursor to the Square Kilometre Array, which will rely on optical fibres to link the telescope receivers to a central processor point. The main aspects to consider for the fibre transport are astronomical data transmission as well as timing, monitoring and control. The astronomical data streams from individual dishes to a central building, while the clock signal is distributed from a central point to remote dishes in the telescope array. The MeerKAT telescope, for instance, demands highly accurate and stable clock distribution over up to 12 km of optical fibre to remote dishes. The clock distribution is required for digitisation of astronomical signals. Phase stability is thus critical both for short-term and long-term requirements. In this work, we focused on the short-term stability. Phase noise measurements were performed on optical transmitters used to distribute the clock signals so as to ascertain their contribution to the overall clock jitter of the system. A maximum jitter requirement of 130 fs for a 1.712-GHz clock signal for MeerKAT time and reference is achieved using a distributed feedback laser. We found that with optimised modulation depth, additional passive optical components in the link do not significantly degrade the phase noise response. A distributed feedback laser was proven to be a suitable optical source that will meet the performance and link budget requirements for the MeerKAT telescope.

  18. (Re)Mapping the Colonized Body: The Creative Interventions of Rebecca Belmore in the Cityscape (United States)

    Nagam, Julie


    The cityscape holds the memories of indigenous bones and bodies that resurrect a deep sense of place that exists in the landscape of the city of Toronto. This deep sense of place is part of a connection to the land and stories of place. In this article, the author bridges the creative work of Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore with the living…

  19. Patriarchal hauntings : re-reading villainy and gender in Daphne du Maurier's 'Rebecca'


    Llompart Pons, Auba


    Daphne du Maurier's popular classic Rebecca (1938) was traditionally marketed as a Gothic romance in which two lovers conquered the evil women that separated them. In more recent years, some feminist critics have provided a very different view of the story as a Gothic narrative about the dangers women suffer under patriarchal control. In this thesis, I propose, through a Gothic Studies and a Gender Studies reading, that the victim/abuser statuses in du Maurier's novel cannot be equated to fem...

  20. ATM and KAT5 safeguard replicating chromatin against formaldehyde damage (United States)

    Ortega-Atienza, Sara; Wong, Victor C.; DeLoughery, Zachary; Luczak, Michal W.; Zhitkovich, Anatoly


    Many carcinogens damage both DNA and protein constituents of chromatin, and it is unclear how cells respond to this compound injury. We examined activation of the main DNA damage-responsive kinase ATM and formation of DNA double-strand breaks (DSB) by formaldehyde (FA) that forms histone adducts and replication-blocking DNA-protein crosslinks (DPC). We found that low FA doses caused a strong and rapid activation of ATM signaling in human cells, which was ATR-independent and restricted to S-phase. High FA doses inactivated ATM via its covalent dimerization and formation of larger crosslinks. FA-induced ATM signaling showed higher CHK2 phosphorylation but much lower phospho-KAP1 relative to DSB inducers. Replication blockage by DPC did not produce damaged forks or detectable amounts of DSB during the main wave of ATM activation, which did not require MRE11. Chromatin-monitoring KAT5 (Tip60) acetyltransferase was responsible for acetylation and activation of ATM by FA. KAT5 and ATM were equally important for triggering of intra-S-phase checkpoint and ATM signaling promoted recovery of normal human cells after low-dose FA. Our results revealed a major role of the KAT5-ATM axis in protection of replicating chromatin against damage by the endogenous carcinogen FA. PMID:26420831

  1. Scale challenges of the MeerKAT Radio Telescope

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva; Ratcliffe, Simon


    A discussion on the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, currently nearing completion in the Karoo desert region of South Africa. This talk covers a quick introduction to radio astronomy data processing and the scale challenges inherent therein. The solutions to the challenges posed will be discussed, including coverage of our MESOS based execution framework and the role of the various data storage regimes in our processing and analysis pipelines. The final third will highlight our multiple uses of CEPH, including our self-build hardware, 20PB science archive. About the speakers Simon Ratcliffe has a background in astrophysics and computer science, and is currently the technical lead for scientific computing at SKA South Africa. In this role he oversees the architecture and technical direction of the science processor for the MeerKAT radio telescope. Thomas Bennett has a masters degree in electronic engineering and is currently a developer in the scientific computing as SKA South Africa. In this role he overs...

  2. Glucagon regulates gluconeogenesis through KAT2B- and WDR5-mediated epigenetic effects

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ravnskjær, Kim; Hogan, Meghan F; Lackey, Denise


    assays, we show that histone H3 acetylation at Lys 9 (H3K9Ac) was elevated over gluconeogenic genes and contributed to increased hepatic glucose production during fasting and in diabetes. Dephosphorylation of CRTC2 promoted increased H3K9Ac through recruitment of the lysine acetyltransferase 2B (KAT2B...... decreased gluconeogenic gene expression, consequently breaking the cycle. Administration of a small-molecule KAT2B antagonist lowered circulating blood glucose concentrations in insulin resistance, suggesting that this enzyme may be a useful target for diabetes treatment....

  3. Caught Up In Between Doublets: Neo-Victorian (TransPositions of Victorian Femininities and Masculinities in Jane Eyre and Rebecca Entre les doublets : (transpositions néo-victoriennes des figures victoriennes de la féminité et de la masculinité dans Jane Eyre et Rebecca

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Miquel-Baldellou


    Full Text Available En se départissant de la dichotomie victorienne manichéenne de l’ange du foyer et de la femme déchue pour éclairer les personnages de Jane et Bertha dans leur ouvrage pionnier The Madwoman in the Attic, Sandra Gilbert et Susan Gubar étudièrent la première épouse de Rochester, folle, comme le double subversif de Jane, faisant ainsi de Jane et de Bertha les facettes d’un seul et même personnage. Malgré le rejet moderniste des excès supposés de l’ère victorienne, Rebecca de Daphne du Maurier exploite une intrigue triangulaire similaire qui réinterprète et recrée Rochester, Bertha et Jane à travers Maxime de Winter, Rebecca et Mrs de Winter. Les conceptions victoriennes des féminités doubles, des doublets féminins pour ainsi dire, sont perpétuées et réactualisées à travers les textualités néo-victoriennes. Néanmoins, peut-on vraiment voir dans Bertha un personnage que Rochester tente d’assagir par l’entremise de la figure de l’ange du foyer, plutôt qu’un archétype de la femme déchue ? Jane n’est-elle pas destinée à découvrir le secret de Rochester avant de l’épouser ? Mrs de Winter a-t-elle à ce point le sens du sacré qu’elle ne cherche pas à entrer en concurrence avec Rebecca ? Rebecca est-elle à ce point élégante et infaillible qu’elle parvient à ne pas s’attirer le mépris de Maxime ? Cet article se propose d’examiner comment les héroïnes sont investies en termes de rôles sexuels dans l’écriture néo-victorienne – comment les rôles de l’ange du foyer et de la femme déchue dans Jane Eyre sont perpétués et subvertis à travers Rebecca en tant que texte moderne – et d’identifier et d’étudier les perceptions masculines victoriennes et néo-victoriennes.

  4. KAT-7 Science Verification: Using HI Observations of NGC 3109 to Understand its Kinematics and Mass Distribution

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lucero, Danielle M.; Carignan, C.; Hess, K. M.; Frank, B. S.; Randriamampandry, T. H.; Goedhart, S.; Passmoor, S. S.

    HI observations of the Magellanic-type spiral NGC 3109, obtained with the seven dish Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7), are used to analyze its mass distribution. Our results are compared to those obtained using Very Large Array (VLA) data. KAT-7 is a pathfinder of the Square Kilometer Array precursor

  5. An evaluation of the effectiveness of observation camera placement within the MeerKAT radio telescope project

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heyns, Andries


    Full Text Available A recent development within the MeerKAT sub-project of the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope network was the placement of a network of three observation cameras in pursuit of two specific visibility objectives. In this paper, we evaluate the effectiveness of the locations of the MeerKAT observation camera network according to a novel multi-objective geographic information systems-based facility location framework. We find that the configuration chosen and implemented by the MeerKAT decision-makers is of very high quality, although we are able to uncover slightly superior alternative placement configurations. A significant amount of time and effort could, however, have been saved in the process of choosing the appropriate camera sites, had our solutions been available to the decision-makers.

  6. A Brief History of Leonard Peltier vs. US: Is there Recourse for Justice? (United States)

    Payne, Diane


    Asserting the fact that Leonard Peltier is a contemporary element in a stream of Native American genocide, this article outlines the events and presents a picture of the abuses which precipitated a continuous 24 hour vigil at the U.S. Supreme Court. (Author/RTS)

  7. A Study of the Cold Gas and Stellar Populations of the Antlia Cluster with KAT-7 and WISE

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hess, Kelley; Carignan, C.; Jarrett, T.; Goedhart, S.; Passmoor, S. S.; Wilcots, E. M.

    We present neutral hydrogen (HI) observations of the Antlia Galaxy Cluster from the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7), a MeerKAT/SKA pathfinder array in South Africa, and describe some of the data reduction challenges overcome by the science commissioning team. Antlia is the third most nearby, massive

  8. Researcher Profile: An Interview With Dr. Rebecca J. Travnichek

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca J. Travnichek


    Full Text Available

    Dr. Rebecca Travnichek is a Family Financial Education Specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Dr. Travnichek currently serves as the Annual Conference Program Chair. She is also very active in the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, where she serves on the Board of Directors. Dr. Travnichek has participated in leadership development programs at the state and national levels. She was involved in the initial proposal development of the Financial Security for All Community of Practice with eXtension and continues to be involved through several roles. She is active in the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences at the national and state levels, serving in multiple leadership roles. For the past three years, Dr. Travnichek has also served as the Editor of the Journal of the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. She represents the type of person who makes the Financial Therapy Association a dynamic organization linking practitioners and academicians.

  9. The Psychometric Analysis of the Persian Version of the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning of Rebecca L. Oxford (United States)

    Fazeli, Seyed Hossein


    The current study aims to analyze the psychometric qualities of the Persian adapted version of Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) developed by Rebecca L. Oxford (1990). Three instruments were used: Persian adapted version of SILL, a Background Questionnaire, and Test of English as a Foreign Language. Two hundred and thirteen Iranian…

  10. Huiskatten in natuurgebieden : kan TNR hybridisatie met de Wilde kat voorkomen?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lammertsma, D.R.; Janssen, R.; Hout, van der J.; Jansman, H.A.H.


    De Wilde kat keert weer terug in Nederland. Een bedreiging daarbij is hybridisatie met verwilderde huiskatten. De provincie Limburg heeft Alterra verzocht om te onderzoeken in hoeverre het TNR-programma van de Dierenbescherming (TNR: trap-neuter-return, vangen-steriliseren-terugplaatsen) een

  11. Investigations of the EPR reference concept (KATS experiments)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fieg, G.; Werle, H.; Huber, F.


    The reference concept of an EPR core catcher envisages the spreading of the melt on a protective layer (150 m 2 area) and water cooling from above. Two variants are considered: Spreading on a dry area and on an area covered by water of condensation (1 cm depth). For the reference concept the KATS experiments are performed with thermite melts. After initial problems had rendered it difficult to interprete the first test, repeated tests have been successful. (orig.)

  12. The Cult of 'Krazy Kat': Memory and Recollection in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aaron Humphrey


    Full Text Available George Herriman’s comic strip 'Krazy Kat' has been discussed in mythic terms for more than half a century. This article argues that much of this ‘mythology’ has not been founded on the material itself, but rather on memories and recollections of readers and critics. Using Walter Benjamin’s notions of cult value and exhibition value, this article investigates the historical circumstances that shaped the most prominent of these recollections to show how writers like Gilbert Seldes and E. E. Cummings shaped the myth of 'Krazy Kat' to create an ‘aura’ of genius around a work that was largely inaccessible to most readers.

  13. Keepin and Kats - a comment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kinderman, E.M.; Schumacher, W.J.


    We consider the arguments of Keepin and Kats that nuclear power and conservation are mutually exclusive methods of reducing CO 2 emissions from coal-fired electric power generation. In contrast to their approach, we suggest that a combination of nuclear power and conservation can reduce CO 2 . Nuclear power is appropriate and economic in some regions. The gradual introduction of equipment and techniques for improving the efficiency of electricity consumption will continue to be made and they will eventually reduce growth in electricity demand. Introducing about 600 GW of nuclear power in 35 years and efficiency improvements that reduce growth in world electricity demand by two-thirds (to an average of 1.5% per year) would hold CO 2 emissions from electric power production to levels similar to today's. (author)

  14. Acetylation of the Cd8 Locus by KAT6A Determines Memory T Cell Diversity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dane M. Newman


    Full Text Available How functionally diverse populations of pathogen-specific killer T cells are generated during an immune response remains unclear. Here, we propose that fine-tuning of CD8αβ co-receptor levels via histone acetylation plays a role in lineage fate. We show that lysine acetyltransferase 6A (KAT6A is responsible for maintaining permissive Cd8 gene transcription and enabling robust effector responses during infection. KAT6A-deficient CD8+ T cells downregulated surface CD8 co-receptor expression during clonal expansion, a finding linked to reduced Cd8α transcripts and histone-H3 lysine 9 acetylation of the Cd8 locus. Loss of CD8 expression in KAT6A-deficient T cells correlated with reduced TCR signaling intensity and accelerated contraction of the effector-like memory compartment, whereas the long-lived memory compartment appeared unaffected, a result phenocopied by the removal of the Cd8 E8I enhancer element. These findings suggest a direct role of CD8αβ co-receptor expression and histone acetylation in shaping functional diversity within the cytotoxic T cell pool.

  15. Yerel Yönetimlerde Katılımcı Bütçeleme (Participatory Budgeting in Local Governments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arman Zafer YALÇIN


    Full Text Available Participatory budgeting is shaped by local administratons that is a budgeting process in accordance with public priorities and preferences. İn this sense, participatory budgeting is considered to one of the most important step in transtion from representative democracy to participatory democracy. In 1989 for first time applied in Brazillian city of Porto Alegre participatory budgeting model is that applied in thousands of cities and very successful results have been obtained. A structural relationship is established with citizens who benefit from the local services and local administrations in the provision of local services in participatory budgeting. This structual relationship is creates a favorable environment both to provide public accountability and ensuring public control in local governments. Therefore, the spread of participatory budgeting is extremely important in point of democratic development and ensuring efficiency of resoruce use. Katılımcı bütçeleme, yerel yönetimlerin harcama önceliklerini halkın doğrudan katılımı ve tercihleri doğrultusunda şekillendirdiği bir bütçeleme sürecidir. Bu anlamda, katılımcı bütçeleme temsili demokrasiden katılımcı demokrasiye geçişin en önemli demokratik adımlarından biri olarak kabul edilmektedir. İlk defa 1989’da Brezilya’nın Porto Alegre kentinde uygulanan katılımcı bütçeleme modeli, daha sonraki yıllarda Latin Amerika ülkelerinden başlayarak dünyanın birçok ülkesindeki binlerce kentte uygulanmıştır. Katılımcı bütçeleme ile yerel kamu hizmetlerinin sunumunda hizmetten faydalanan vatandaşlarla yerel yönetimler arasında doğrudan bir ilişki kurulmaktadır. Bu yapısal ilişki, hem yerel yönetimlerin halka hesap verme sorumluluğunu yerine getirmesi, hem de yerel yönetimler üzerindeki kamuoyu denetiminin sağlanması için elverişli bir ortam oluşmaktadır. Bu nedenle, hem dünyada hem de ülkemizde katılımcı bütçelemenin yayg

  16. PprM is necessary for up-regulation of katE1, encoding the major catalase of Deinococcus radiodurans, under unstressed culture conditions. (United States)

    Jeong, Sun-Wook; Seo, Ho Seong; Kim, Min-Kyu; Choi, Jong-Il; Lim, Heon-Man; Lim, Sangyong


    Deinococcus radiodurans is a poly-extremophilic organism, capable of tolerating a wide variety of different stresses, such as gamma/ultraviolet radiation, desiccation, and oxidative stress. PprM, a cold shock protein homolog, is involved in the radiation resistance of D. radiodurans, but its role in the oxidative stress response has not been investigated. In this study, we investigated the effect of pprM mutation on catalase gene expression. pprM disruption decreased the mRNA and protein levels of KatE1, which is the major catalase in D. radiodurans, under normal culture conditions. A pprM mutant strain (pprM MT) exhibited decreased catalase activity, and its resistance to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) decreased accordingly compared with that of the wild-type strain. We confirmed that RecG helicase negatively regulates katE1 under normal culture conditions. Among katE1 transcriptional regulators, the positive regulator drRRA was not altered in pprM (-), while the negative regulators perR, dtxR, and recG were activated more than 2.5-fold in pprM MT. These findings suggest that PprM is necessary for KatE1 production under normal culture conditions by down-regulation of katE1 negative regulators.

  17. Leonard F. Peltier, MD, PhD, 1920-2003. (United States)

    Reckling, Frederick W; Lo Vecchio, Janolyn G; Reckling, JoAnn B


    Leonard F. Peltier, MD, PhD, was an orthopaedic surgeon, academician, administrator, laboratory investigator, historian, and mentor. His career spanned nearly six decades, beginning with graduate education at the University of Minnesota (UM) under the auspices of Owen H. Wangensteen, MD, PhD. In addition to obtaining a PhD in physiology in the UM Graduate School, he completed general and orthopaedic surgery residencies and attained board certification in each specialty. He served in the US Army Occupation Force Medical Corps in Germany just after World War II. In 1957, at 37 years old, he assumed the chairmanship of the orthopaedic training program at the University of Kansas. In 1971, he couldn't resist the opportunity to become one of the founding members of the "start-up" University of Arizona College of Medicine, accepting an appointment as chair of the new orthopaedic training program, where he remained until his retirement in 1990. He took clinical problems to the laboratory, and made important scientific contributions, particularly in the area of fat embolism and in using calcium sulfate (plaster of Paris) to fill bone defects. He served on governing boards of national professional organizations and presided over the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma from 1980-1981. Throughout his career, he was fascinated by, and published extensively in, the history of medicine arena. Known fondly as "the professor" to many of his residents and colleagues, he had a pragmatic, honest, upbeat, and often humorous approach to life's challenges, valuing personal integrity above other virtues. He explored various eclectic interests far beyond his professional contributions while maintaining his family as a central priority. With his exemplary productivity and interests in the surgical and laboratory sciences, history of medicine, appreciation of fine arts, and perceptive and effective interactions with family, friends, patients, and colleagues, the memory of Leonard

  18. H I observations of the nearest starburst galaxy NGC 253 with the SKA precursor KAT-7 (United States)

    Lucero, D. M.; Carignan, C.; Elson, E. C.; Randriamampandry, T. H.; Jarrett, T. H.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Heald, G. H.


    We present H I observations of the Sculptor group starburst spiral galaxy NGC 253, obtained with the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7). KAT-7 is a pathfinder for the Square Kilometre Array precursor MeerKAT, under construction. The short baselines and low system temperature of the telescope make it very sensitive to large-scale, low-surface-brightness emission. The KAT-7 observations detected 33 per cent more flux than previous Very Large Array observations, mainly in the outer parts and in the halo for a total H I mass of 2.1 ± 0.1 × 109 M⊙. H I can be found at large distances perpendicular to the plane out to projected distances of ˜9-10 kpc away from the nucleus and ˜13-14 kpc at the edge of the disc. A novel technique, based on interactive profile fitting, was used to separate the main disc gas from the anomalous (halo) gas. The rotation curve (RC) derived for the H I disc confirms that it is declining in the outer parts, as seen in previous optical Fabry-Perot measurements. As for the anomalous component, its RC has a very shallow gradient in the inner parts and turns over at the same radius as the disc, kinematically lagging by 100 km s-1. The kinematics of the observed extra-planar gas is compatible with an outflow due to the central starburst and galactic fountains in the outer parts. However, the gas kinematics shows no evidence for inflow. Analysis of the near-IR WISE data, shows clearly that the star formation rate is compatible with the starburst nature of NGC 253.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ratih Ariningrum


    areas, but non remote areas receive more attention; secondly, health program priority is malaria eradication, patients treatment, immunization, monthly weighing (in posyandu, health and sanitazion, diarrhea, check up and services for pregnant women, expanding of auxiliary community health center programs, maternal and child health, mother delivery, treatment baby and children under five years, clean and safe drinking water; thirdly, most comm on diseases that encountered in Remote Indigenous Communities are fever, malaria, gastritis, diarrhea, headache, chikungunya, acute respiratory infection. Conclusion: Indeed, health services of the Remote Indigenous Communities have specificity in the Mentawai IsIan ds District. First of all, mapping problem is conducted by community health center. Then, the constraints are frequent earthquakes, bad weather, transportation, difficulty to carry out activities based on community empowerment. Finally, there are several NGOs working with government agencies. Suggestions, ln addition to fulfil! human resources needs for short term objective, health care should pay attention at posyandu program and other related activities. Key words: remote indigenous communities, mentawai isIandsABSTRAK Latar Belakang: Pemerintah perlu melaksanakan pembinaan kesejahteraan sosial untuk KAT supaya KAT tercegah dari kerentanan disintegrasi sosial, terlindungi dari eksploitasi sosial dan ekonomi, terjaminnya hak dan terlaksananya kewajiban warga KAT sebagaimana yang seharusnya diberikan dan dilaksanakan oleh seperti warga negara lainnya di luar KA T. Tujuan penelitian adalah mengetahui kebijakan operasional yang diterapkan untuk meningkatkan pelayanan kesehatan pada KAT di Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai, menetapkan program prioritas dan target program kesehatan bagi KAT, mengetahui pembentukan peta masalah kesehatan, menentukan jalannya pola pemberdayaan KAT di bidang kesehatan, menentukan kendala yang dihadapi dalam menjalankan pola pemberdayaan KAT di bidang

  20. Expression of Nek1 during kidney development and cyst formation in multiple nephron segments in the Nek1-deficient kat2J mouse model of polycystic kidney disease. (United States)

    Chen, Yumay; Chiang, Huai-Chin; Litchfield, Patricia; Pena, Michelle; Juang, Charity; Riley, Daniel J


    Neks, mammalian orthologs of the fungal protein kinase never-in-mitosis A, have been implicated in the pathogenesis of polycystic kidney disease. Among them, Nek1 is the primary protein inactivated in kat2J mouse models of PKD. We report the expression pattern of Nek1 and characterize the renal cysts that develop in kat2J mice. Nek1 is detectable in all murine tissues but its expression in wild type and kat2J heterozygous kidneys decrease as the kidneys mature, especially in tubular epithelial cells. In the embryonic kidney, Nek1 expression is most prominent in cells that will become podocytes and proximal tubules. Kidney development in kat2J homozygous mice is aberrant early, before the appearance of gross cysts: developing cortical zones are thin, populated by immature glomeruli, and characterized by excessive apoptosis of several cell types. Cysts in kat2J homozygous mice form postnatally in Bowman's space as well as different tubular subtypes. Late in life, kat2J heterozygous mice form renal cysts and the cells lining these cysts lack staining for Nek1. The primary cilia of cells lining cysts in kat2J homozygous mice are morphologically diverse: in some cells they are unusually long and in others there are multiple cilia of varying lengths. Our studies indicate that Nek1 deficiency leads to disordered kidney maturation, and cysts throughout the nephron.

  1. Akademik Başarının Arttırılmasında Aile Katılımı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahar Keçeli-Kaysılı


    Full Text Available Çocukların başarılarının arttırılmasını amaçlayan aile katılımı, ailelerin konuya özgü becerileri öğrenmelerinden aile içinde uygun ilişkilerin geliştirilmesine kadar pek çok becerinin kazandırılmasını kapsamaktadır. Aile katılımının her ne kadar yasalarda geçen hükümlerle gerekliliği belirlenmiş olsa da uygulama alanında günümüzde halen pek çok ülke için katılımın sağlanması güç olmaktadır. Alan yazında aile katılımının akademik başarıya etkisine yönelik birbiriden farklı sonuçlarla karşılaşılmıştır. Bunun nedeni aile katılımı kavramının, pek çok değişkeni barındırıyor olması ve bu kavramın farklı şekillerde tanımlanıyor olmasıdır. Her ne kadar aile katılımının hangi bileşeninin akademik başarıya etki ettiği açıkça ortaya konulamasa da araştırma bulguları aile katılımının öğrencilerin akademik becerilerini arttırdığını göstermektedir. Bu alan yazın taramasında aile katılımı ve akademik başarı tanımlanmış, aile katılımını engelleyen etmenler, açıklanmaya çalışılmıştır. Aile katılımının akademik başarıya etkisini gösteren çalışmalara ayrıntılı olarak yer verilmiş, bu çalışmaların bulduğu farklı sonuçlar ve nedenleri tartışılmıştır. Aile katılımının sağlanması, ekolojik bakış açısı ve sistem yaklaşımı bağlamında ele alınarak, okul açısından aile katılımını destekleyici stratejilere değinilmiştir. Parental involvement, which aims to increase the academic achievement of children, encompasses a wide of range of skills from the families’ learning the relevant skills to the development of appropriate relationships within the family. Although the need for parental involvement is stipulated by clauses in various laws, in practice, participation is not fully established yet in many countries. The literature of the field has various findings regarding the impact of

  2. A escrita feminina de Leonard Cohen em A Brincadeira Favorita

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lia Leite Santos


    Full Text Available In The Favorite Game (1963, Leonard Cohen uses feminine writing, embodied and eroticized language, to express the inner world of lovers inserted in his novel. This study seeks to test the hypothesis that women’s writing is not restricted to female authors and, in fact, is a resource that can also be employed by male authors. First, we will discuss aspects of male women’s writing, a theory presented by Lucia Castello Branco in O que é escrita feminina? (1991. Then we will develop an analysis of the  novel in light of this concept, for we designate which thematic aspects, stylistic and structural concern in this discourse segment.

  3. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Is Resistant to Isoniazid at a Slow Growth Rate by Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in katG Codon Ser315.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rose E Jeeves

    Full Text Available An important aim for improving TB treatment is to shorten the period of antibiotic therapy without increasing relapse rates or encouraging the development of antibiotic-resistant strains. In any M. tuberculosis population there is a proportion of bacteria that are drug-tolerant; this might be because of pre-existing populations of slow growing/non replicating bacteria that are protected from antibiotic action due to the expression of a phenotype that limits drug activity. We addressed this question by observing populations of either slow growing (constant 69.3h mean generation time or fast growing bacilli (constant 23.1h mean generation time in their response to the effects of isoniazid exposure, using controlled and defined growth in chemostats. Phenotypic differences were detected between the populations at the two growth rates including expression of efflux mechanisms and the involvement of antisense RNA/small RNA in the regulation of a drug-tolerant phenotype, which has not been explored previously for M. tuberculosis. Genotypic analyses showed that slow growing bacilli develop resistance to isoniazid through mutations specifically in katG codon Ser315 which are present in approximately 50-90% of all isoniazid-resistant clinical isolates. The fast growing bacilli persisted as a mixed population with katG mutations distributed throughout the gene. Mutations in katG codon Ser315 appear to have a fitness cost in vitro and particularly in fast growing cultures. Our results suggest a requirement for functional katG-encoded catalase-peroxide in the slow growers but not the fast-growing bacteria, which may explain why katG codon Ser315 mutations are favoured in the slow growing cultures.

  4. Post mortem : Katõn ja meie enda tõrjutud mälestused / Rauno Thomas Moss

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Moss, Rauno Thomas


    Poola filmilavastaja Andrzej Wajda mängufilmist "Katõn" (Poola, 2007) ja Imbi Paju dokumentaalfilmist "Tõrjutud mälestused" (Eesti - Soome, 2005). Artikli lõpus mõlema filmi režissööridest ja A. Wajda filmograafia

  5. Novel nonsense mutation in the katA gene of a catalase-negative Staphylococcus aureus strain. (United States)

    Lagos, Jaime; Alarcón, Pedro; Benadof, Dona; Ulloa, Soledad; Fasce, Rodrigo; Tognarelli, Javier; Aguayo, Carolina; Araya, Pamela; Parra, Bárbara; Olivares, Berta; Hormazábal, Juan Carlos; Fernández, Jorge


    We report the first description of a rare catalase-negative strain of Staphylococcus aureus in Chile. This new variant was isolated from blood and synovial tissue samples of a pediatric patient. Sequencing analysis revealed that this catalase-negative strain is related to ST10 strain, which has earlier been described in relation to S. aureus carriers. Interestingly, sequence analysis of the catalase gene katA revealed presence of a novel nonsense mutation that causes premature translational truncation of the C-terminus of the enzyme leading to a loss of 222 amino acids. Our study suggests that loss of catalase activity in this rare catalase-negative Chilean strain is due to this novel nonsense mutation in the katA gene, which truncates the enzyme to just 283 amino acids. Copyright © 2015 Sociedade Brasileira de Microbiologia. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carignan, C.; Frank, B. S.; Hess, K. M.; Lucero, D. M.; Randriamampandry, T. H. [Department of Astronomy, University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701 (South Africa); Goedhart, S.; Passmoor, S. S., E-mail: [SKA South Africa, The Park, Park Road, Pinelands, 7405 (South Africa)


    H I observations of the Magellanic-type spiral NGC 3109, obtained with the seven dish Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7), are used to analyze its mass distribution. Our results are compared to those obtained using Very Large Array (VLA) data. KAT-7 is a pathfinder of the Square Kilometer Array precursor MeerKAT, which is under construction. The short baselines and low system temperature of the telescope make it sensitive to large-scale, low surface brightness emission. The new observations with KAT-7 allow the measurement of the rotation curve (RC) of NGC 3109 out to 32', doubling the angular extent of existing measurements. A total H I mass of 4.6 Multiplication-Sign 10{sup 8} M{sub Sun} is derived, 40% more than what is detected by the VLA observations. The observationally motivated pseudo-isothermal dark matter (DM) halo model can reproduce the observed RC very well, but the cosmologically motivated Navarro-Frenk-White DM model gives a much poorer fit to the data. While having a more accurate gas distribution has reduced the discrepancy between the observed RC and the MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) models, this is done at the expense of having to use unrealistic mass-to-light ratios for the stellar disk and/or very large values for the MOND universal constant a{sub 0}. Different distances or H I contents cannot reconcile MOND with the observed kinematics, in view of the small errors on these two quantities. As with many slowly rotating gas-rich galaxies studied recently, the present result for NGC 3109 continues to pose a serious challenge to the MOND theory.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliasih K


    Full Text Available This study aims to investigate the possibilities of alleviating the damage of the environment as a result of industrialization driven by the capitalist system as seen in Life in the Iron Mills, a novella by Rebecca Harding Davis. This study applied ecocriticism which succinctly might be defined as study of the relation between literature and environment conducted in a commitment to environmental praxis. The findings show that there should be the actions of moral principles as a consideration in social policies, politics, and economy. The principles include respect, responsibility, love and care, simplicity, and justice. These actions allow changes from the material-oriented lifestyle to the simple lifestyle and are done by an individual or community to encourage the reform. Everybody should jointly and actively practice the environmental ethics.

  8. Mutations in rpoB and katG genes in Mycobacterium isolates from the Southeast of Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R Zenteno-Cuevas


    Full Text Available The most frequent mutations associated with rifampin and isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium are the substitutions at codons 531 and 315 in the rpoB and katG genes, respectively. Hence, the aim of this study was to characterize these mutations in Mycobacterium isolates from patients suspected to be infected with drug-resistant (DR pulmonary tuberculosis (TB in Veracruz, Mexico. Drug susceptibility testing of 25 clinical isolates revealed that five were susceptible while 20 (80% were DR (15% of the annual prevalence for Veracruz. Of the DR isolates, 15 (75% were resistant to rifampin, 17 (85% to isoniazid and 15 (75% were resistant to both drugs (MDR. Sequencing analysis performed in the isolates showed that 14 (93% had mutations in the rpoB gene; seven of these (47% exhibited a mutation at 531 (S[L. Ten (58% of the 20 resistant isolates showed mutations in katG; nine (52% of these 10 exhibited a mutation at 315 (S[T. In conclusion, the DR profile of the isolates suggests a significant number of different DR-TB strains with a low frequency of mutation at codons 531 and 315 in rpoB and katG, respectively. This result leads us to consider different regions of the same genes, as well as other genes for further analysis, which is important if a genetic-based diagnosis of DR-TB is to be developed for this region.

  9. Rapid screening of rpoB and katG mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates by high-resolution melting curve analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Haeili


    Full Text Available Background: Early detection of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB is essential to prevent its transmission in the community and initiate effective anti-TB treatment regimen. Materials and Methods: High-resolution melting curve (HRM analysis was evaluated for rapid detection of resistance conferring mutations in rpoB and katG genes. We screened 95 Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates including 20 rifampin resistant (RIF-R, 21 isoniazid resistant (INH-R and 54 fully susceptible (S isolates determined by proportion method of drug susceptibility testing. Nineteen M. tuberculosis isolates with known drug susceptibility genotypes were used as references for the assay validation. The nucleotide sequences of the target regions rpoB and katG genes were determined to investigate the frequency and type of mutations and to confirm HRM results. Results: HRM analysis of a 129-bp fragment of rpoB allowed correct identification of 19 of the 20 phenotypically RIF-R and all RIF-S isolates. All INH-S isolates generated wild-type HRM curves and 18 out of 21 INH-R isolates harboured any mutation in 109-bp fragment of katG exhibited mutant type HRM curves. However, 1 RIF-R and 3 INH-R isolates were falsely identified as susceptible which were confirmed for having no mutation in their target regions by sequencing. The main mutations involved in RIF and INH resistance were found at codons rpoB531 (60% of RIF-R isolates and katG315 (85.7% of INH-R isolates, respectively. Conclusion: HRM was found to be a reliable, rapid and low cost method to characterise drug susceptibility of clinical TB isolates in resource-limited settings.

  10. An example of a Fraissé class without a Katětov functor

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Grebík, Jan


    Roč. 26, č. 1 (2018), s. 1-6 ISSN 0927-2852 R&D Projects: GA ČR GF16-34860L Institutional support: RVO:67985840 Keywords : Katětov functor * Fraissé limit Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics OBOR OECD: Pure mathematics Impact factor: 0.523, year: 2016 article /10.1007%2Fs10485-016-9469-4

  11. An example of a Fraissé class without a Katětov functor

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Grebík, Jan


    Roč. 26, č. 1 (2018), s. 1-6 ISSN 0927-2852 R&D Projects: GA ČR GF16-34860L Institutional support: RVO:67985840 Keywords : Katětov functor * Fraissé limit Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics OBOR OECD: Pure mathematics Impact factor: 0.523, year: 2016

  12. Anion-π Catalysis of Enolate Chemistry: Rigidified Leonard Turns as a General Motif to Run Reactions on Aromatic Surfaces. (United States)

    Cotelle, Yoann; Benz, Sebastian; Avestro, Alyssa-Jennifer; Ward, Thomas R; Sakai, Naomi; Matile, Stefan


    To integrate anion-π, cation-π, and ion pair-π interactions in catalysis, the fundamental challenge is to run reactions reliably on aromatic surfaces. Addressing a specific question concerning enolate addition to nitroolefins, this study elaborates on Leonard turns to tackle this problem in a general manner. Increasingly refined turns are constructed to position malonate half thioesters as close as possible on π-acidic surfaces. The resulting preorganization of reactive intermediates is shown to support the disfavored addition to enolate acceptors to an absolutely unexpected extent. This decisive impact on anion-π catalysis increases with the rigidity of the turns. The new, rigidified Leonard turns are most effective with weak anion-π interactions, whereas stronger interactions do not require such ideal substrate positioning to operate well. The stunning simplicity of the motif and its surprisingly strong relevance for function should render the introduced approach generally useful. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  13. Detection of KatG Gen Mutation on Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by Means of PCR-Dot Blot Hybridization with 32P Labeled Oligonucleotide Probe Methods

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Maria Lina R; Budiman Bela; Andi Yasmon


    Handling and controlling of tuberculosis, a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), is now complicated since there are many MTBs that are resistant against anti-tuberculosis drugs such as isoniazid. The drug resistance could occurred due to the inadequate and un-regular drug utilization that cause gene mutation of the drug target such as katG gene for isoniazid. The molecular biology techniques such as the PCR- dot blot hybridization with radioisotope ( 32 P) labeled oligonucleotide probe, has been reported as a technique that is more sensitive and rapid for detection of gene mutations related with drug resistances. Hence, the aim of this study was to apply the PCR- dot blot hybridization technique using 32 P labeled oligonucleotide probe for detection of single mutation at codon 315 of katG gene of MTBs that rise the isoniazid resistance. In this study, we used 89 sputum specimens and a standard MTB (MTB H 37 RV) as a control. DNA extractions were performed by the BOOM method and the phenol chloroform for sputum samples and standard MTB, respectively. Primers used for PCR technique were Pt8 and Pt9 and RTB59 and RTB36 for detecting tuberculosis causing Mycobacterium and the existence of katG gene, respectively. Both of the primers are specific for IS6110 region and katG gene, respectively. PCR products were detected by an agarose gel electrophoresis technique. Dot blot hybridization with 32 P-oligonucleotide probe 315mu was performed to detect mutation at codon 315 of tested samples. Results of the PCR using primer Pt8 and Pt9 showed that all sputum specimens had positive results. Mutation detection by PCR- dot blot hybridization with 32 P-oligonucleotide probe 315mu, revealed that 11 of 89 tested samples had a mutation at their codon 315 of katG gene. Based upon these results, it is concluded that PCR-dot blot hybridization with 32 P-oligonucleotide probe is a technique that is rapid and highly specific and sensitive for detection of mutation at codon

  14. Mutual synergy between catalase and peroxidase activities of the bifunctional enzyme KatG is facilitated by electron hole-hopping within the enzyme. (United States)

    Njuma, Olive J; Davis, Ian; Ndontsa, Elizabeth N; Krewall, Jessica R; Liu, Aimin; Goodwin, Douglas C


    KatG is a bifunctional, heme-dependent enzyme in the front-line defense of numerous bacterial and fungal pathogens against H 2 O 2 -induced oxidative damage from host immune responses. Contrary to the expectation that catalase and peroxidase activities should be mutually antagonistic, peroxidatic electron donors (PxEDs) enhance KatG catalase activity. Here, we establish the mechanism of synergistic cooperation between these activities. We show that at low pH values KatG can fully convert H 2 O 2 to O 2 and H 2 O only if a PxED is present in the reaction mixture. Stopped-flow spectroscopy results indicated rapid initial rates of H 2 O 2 disproportionation slowing concomitantly with the accumulation of ferryl-like heme states. These states very slowly returned to resting ( i.e. ferric) enzyme, indicating that they represented catalase-inactive intermediates. We also show that an active-site tryptophan, Trp-321, participates in off-pathway electron transfer. A W321F variant in which the proximal tryptophan was replaced with a non-oxidizable phenylalanine exhibited higher catalase activity and less accumulation of off-pathway heme intermediates. Finally, rapid freeze-quench EPR experiments indicated that both WT and W321F KatG produce the same methionine-tyrosine-tryptophan (MYW) cofactor radical intermediate at the earliest reaction time points and that Trp-321 is the preferred site of off-catalase protein oxidation in the native enzyme. Of note, PxEDs did not affect the formation of the MYW cofactor radical but could reduce non-productive protein-based radical species that accumulate during reaction with H 2 O 2 Our results suggest that catalase-inactive intermediates accumulate because of off-mechanism oxidation, primarily of Trp-321, and PxEDs stimulate KatG catalase activity by preventing the accumulation of inactive intermediates. © 2017 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  15. Obituary: Leonard Searle (1930-2010) (United States)

    Preston, George


    Leonard Searle, Astronomer and Director Emeritus of Carnegie Observatories, died at his home on July 2, 2010, in Pasadena, CA, in the midst of a busy retirement that followed a long, distinguished scientific career. Searle was born on October 23, 1930, in the London suburb of Mitcham to parents of modest means. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, and his PhD from Princeton University, where he met his future wife, Eleanor Millard. They were married in Princeton in 1952. Eleanor, his lifelong companion, was a distinguished medieval historian who joined the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech as professor in 1979. She died in 1999. Leonard joined the faculty at University of Toronto in 1953, resigning that position in 1960 to become a Senior Research Fellow at Caltech, where he worked with Jesse Greenstein and Wallace Sargent on the chemical compositions of stars. The Caltech appointment marked the beginning of a fruitful association with Sargent, with whom he published 25 papers. In 1963 Searle left Caltech to join the faculty of the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia. Then in 1968 he returned to Pasadena to join the staff of Carnegie Observatories, his final academic home. Several themes punctuate Searle's academic career. One of the most persistent was the abundance of helium in the very early universe, a quantity whose numerical value is of great importance for cosmology. He pursued this topic with Sargent, first in the study of old evolved "horizontal branch" stars. Later, convinced that such stars could not provide a satisfactory answer, he and Sargent turned to certain small galaxies which provided more reliable estimates of the important helium-to-hydrogen abundance ratio. In the pursuit of this answer they devised the "simple model" of chemical evolution, a formalism used by astronomers to this day. He worked with the Dutch astronomer Piet van der Kruit to construct successful

  16. Leonard A. Jason: Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research. (United States)


    The Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research is given to a psychologist whose research has led to important discoveries or developments in the field of applied psychology. To be eligible, this research should have led to innovative applications in an area of psychological practice, including but not limited to assessment, consultation, instruction, or intervention (either direct or indirect). The 2015 recipient is Leonard A. Jason. Jason "is among the most prolific community psychology researchers whose work has had measurable and significant real-world impact. His work is characterized by a continuing desire to apply knowledge to major social problems. His research is methodologically sound and creative, collaborative, and participatory, thereby increasing stakeholders' support for proposed changes." Jason's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  17. NOTCH1 Inhibits Activation of ATM by Impairing the Formation of an ATM-FOXO3a-KAT5/Tip60 Complex. (United States)

    Adamowicz, Marek; Vermezovic, Jelena; d'Adda di Fagagna, Fabrizio


    The DNA damage response (DDR) signal transduction pathway is responsible for sensing DNA damage and further relaying this signal into the cell. ATM is an apical DDR kinase that orchestrates the activation and the recruitment of downstream DDR factors to induce cell-cycle arrest and repair. We have previously shown that NOTCH1 inhibits ATM activation upon DNA damage, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Here, we show that NOTCH1 does not impair ATM recruitment to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). Rather, NOTCH1 prevents binding of FOXO3a and KAT5/Tip60 to ATM through a mechanism in which NOTCH1 competes with FOXO3a for ATM binding. Lack of FOXO3a binding to ATM leads to the loss of KAT5/Tip60 association with ATM. Moreover, expression of NOTCH1 or depletion of ATM impairs the formation of the FOXO3a-KAT5/Tip60 protein complex. Finally, we show that pharmacological induction of FOXO3a nuclear localization sensitizes NOTCH1-driven cancers to DNA-damage-induced cell death. Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. International recognition for ageing research: John Scott Award-2014 to Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorhead


    Rattan, Suresh


    It is with great pleasure and pride that we share the news of the award of the 2014 “City of Philadelphia John Scott Award”, to Dr. Leonard Hayflick and Dr. Paul Moorhead, for their research on ageing. The press release announcing the award states that: “from the first awarded in 1822, the Award is the oldest scientific award in the United States and, as a legacy to Benjamin Franklin, they are in the historic company of past winners who include Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Irving L...

  19. Correlations of mutations in katG, oxyR-ahpC and inhA genes and in vitro susceptibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical strains segregated by spoligotype families from tuberculosis prevalent countries in South America

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suffys Philip N


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Mutations associated with resistance to rifampin or streptomycin have been reported for W/Beijing and Latin American Mediterranean (LAM strain families of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A few studies with limited sample sizes have separately evaluated mutations in katG, ahpC and inhA genes that are associated with isoniazid (INH resistance. Increasing prevalence of INH resistance, especially in high tuberculosis (TB prevalent countries is worsening the burden of TB control programs, since similar transmission rates are noted for INH susceptible and resistant M. tuberculosis strains. Results We, therefore, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of INH resistant M. tuberculosis strains (n = 224 from three South American countries with high burden of drug resistant TB to characterize mutations in katG, ahpC and inhA gene loci and correlate with minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC levels and spoligotype strain family. Mutations in katG were observed in 181 (80.8% of the isolates of which 178 (98.3% was contributed by the katG S315T mutation. Additional mutations seen included oxyR-ahpC; inhA regulatory region and inhA structural gene. The S315T katG mutation was significantly more likely to be associated with MIC for INH ≥2 μg/mL. The S315T katG mutation was also more frequent in Haarlem family strains than LAM (n = 81 and T strain families. Conclusion Our data suggests that genetic screening for the S315T katG mutation may provide rapid information for anti-TB regimen selection, epidemiological monitoring of INH resistance and, possibly, to track transmission of INH resistant strains.

  20. Specific Function of the Met-Tyr-Trp Adduct Radical and Residues Arg-418 and Asp-137 in the Atypical Catalase Reaction of Catalase-Peroxidase KatG* (United States)

    Zhao, Xiangbo; Khajo, Abdelahad; Jarrett, Sanchez; Suarez, Javier; Levitsky, Yan; Burger, Richard M.; Jarzecki, Andrzej A.; Magliozzo, Richard S.


    Catalase activity of the dual-function heme enzyme catalase-peroxidase (KatG) depends on several structural elements, including a unique adduct formed from covalently linked side chains of three conserved amino acids (Met-255, Tyr-229, and Trp-107, Mycobacterium tuberculosis KatG numbering) (MYW). Mutagenesis, electron paramagnetic resonance, and optical stopped-flow experiments, along with calculations using density functional theory (DFT) methods revealed the basis of the requirement for a radical on the MYW-adduct, for oxyferrous heme, and for conserved residues Arg-418 and Asp-137 in the rapid catalase reaction. The participation of an oxyferrous heme intermediate (dioxyheme) throughout the pH range of catalase activity is suggested from our finding that carbon monoxide inhibits the activity at both acidic and alkaline pH. In the presence of H2O2, the MYW-adduct radical is formed normally in KatG[D137S] but this mutant is defective in forming dioxyheme and lacks catalase activity. KatG[R418L] is also catalase deficient but exhibits normal formation of the adduct radical and dioxyheme. Both mutants exhibit a coincidence between MYW-adduct radical persistence and H2O2 consumption as a function of time, and enhanced subunit oligomerization during turnover, suggesting that the two mutations disrupting catalase turnover allow increased migration of the MYW-adduct radical to protein surface residues. DFT calculations showed that an interaction between the side chain of residue Arg-418 and Tyr-229 in the MYW-adduct radical favors reaction of the radical with the adjacent dioxyheme intermediate present throughout turnover in WT KatG. Release of molecular oxygen and regeneration of resting enzyme are thereby catalyzed in the last step of a proposed catalase reaction. PMID:22918833

  1. Criteria for the spreading of oxide melts: Test series miniKATS-1 to -5

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eppinger, B.; Fieg, G.; Massier, H.; Schuetz, W.; Stegmaier, U.; Stern, G.


    In a long series of larger spreading tests with high temperature oxide melts (KATS tests) many parameters have been varied which are influencing the spreading behaviour (viscosity, pouring rate, substratum of spreading surface, presence of water). In spite of an extensive instrumentation using different thermocouples, an infrared camera and several video cameras, only in very few cases the behaviour of the melt front at the very moment of immobilization could be detected in detail. Therefore in the additional miniKATS series five small scale (5 kg) spreading tests with oxide melts have been conducted to investigate the mechanical properties of the spreading front in the moment of immobilization. It turned out that in all cases the bulk of the melt at this moment was still liquid at a temperature close to the initial one. Depending on the initial melt properties two distinct phenomena have been observed which control the immobilization of the melt: the first phenomena is the crust formation at the surface, the crusts at the bottom combined with the crust at the surface of the melt. In the other case the whole melt front was still above the liquid temperature at the moment of immobilization. Here the surface tension was controlling the spreading, it was in balance with the driving gravitational force. In none of the test bulk freezing has been detected. (orig.)

  2. Preventing alcohol misuse in young people aged 9-11 years through promoting family communication: an exploratory evaluation of the Kids, Adults Together (KAT Programme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Segrott Jeremy


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Alcohol misuse by young people is an important public health issue, and has led to the development of a range of prevention interventions. Evidence concerning the most effective approaches to intervention design and implementation is limited. Parental involvement in school-based interventions is important, but many programmes fail to recruit large numbers of parents. This paper reports findings from an exploratory evaluation of a new alcohol misuse prevention programme - Kids, Adults Together (KAT, which comprised a classroom component, engagement with parents through a fun evening for families with children aged 9-11 years, and a DVD. The evaluation aimed to establish the programme's theoretical basis, explore implementation processes and acceptability, and identify plausible precursors of the intended long-term outcomes. Methods Documentary analysis and interviews with key personnel examined the programme's development. Classroom preparation and KAT family events in two schools were observed. Focus groups with children, and interviews with parents who attended KAT family events were held immediately after programme delivery, and again after three months. Interviews with head teachers and with teachers who delivered the classroom preparation were conducted. Follow-up interviews with programme personnel were undertaken. Questionnaires were sent to parents of all children involved in classroom preparation. Results KAT achieved high levels of acceptability and involvement among both children and parents. Main perceived impacts of the programme were increased pro-social communication within families (including discussions about harmful parental alcohol consumption, heightened knowledge and awareness of the effects of alcohol consumption and key legal and health issues, and changes in parental drinking behaviours. Conclusions KAT demonstrated promise as a prevention intervention, primarily through its impact on knowledge and

  3. Machine Learning Takes on Health Care: Leonard D'Avolio's Cyft Employs Big Data to Benefit Patients and Providers. (United States)

    Mertz, Leslie


    When Leonard D'Avolio (Figure 1) was working on his Ph.D. degree in biomedical informatics, he saw the power of machine learning in transforming multiple industries; health care, however, was not among them. "The reason that Amazon, Netflix, and Google have transformed their industries is because they have embedded learning throughout every aspect of what they do. If we could prove that is possible in health care too, I thought we would have the potential to have a huge impact," he says.

  4. Immobilization of Escherichia coli containing ω‐transaminase activity in LentiKats®

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cárdenas‐Fernández, Max; Lima Afonso Neto, Watson; López, Carmen


    Whole Escherichia coli cells overexpressing ω‐transaminase (ω‐TA) and immobilized cells entrapped in LentiKats® were used as biocatalysts in the asymmetric synthesis of the aromatic chiral amines 1‐phenylethylamine (PEA) and 3‐amino‐1‐phenylbutane (APB). Whole cells were permeabilized...... whole cell biocatalysis, the reaction with IPA was one order of magnitude faster than with Ala. No reaction was detected when permeabilized E. coli cells containing ω‐TA were employed using Ala as the amino donor. Additionally, the synthesis of APB from 4‐phenyl‐2‐butanone and IPA was studied. Whole...

  5. XII Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumi arutlusring "Euroopa hiilgus ja viletsus - Euroopa Liit 50. Kuidas edasi?" / Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Mark Leonard, Ivan Krastev ; intervjueerinud Andres Kasekamp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ilves, Toomas Hendrik, 1953-


    Pärnus diskuteerisid 10. oktoobril 2007 Euroopa tuleviku teemadel president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Euroopa Välissuhete Nõukogu tegevjuht Mark Leonard ja Sofias paikneva Liberaalstrateegiate Keskuse juht Ivan Krastev. Vestluse moderaator oli Eesti Välispoliitika Instituudi direktor, Avatud Eesti Fondi nõukogu esimees Andres Kasekamp

  6. Beginning with the Body: Fleshy Politics in the Performance Art of Rebecca Belmore and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samantha Balzer


    Full Text Available This article examines what I term the "fleshy" politics of Rebecca Belmore's 2002 Vigil and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha's contributions to the 2009 version of the performance project Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty in the Face of Invisibility. Focusing on the embodied performances of both Belmore and Piepzna-Samarasinha, I read the skin of the artist as a site where complex politics develop. This analysis is broken into three sections: the first considers the relationship between the performing body and the performance space; the second attends to specific movements each artist makes; the third focuses on garments worn in each piece. Together, I argue, these components of Belmore and Piepzna-Samarasinha's performances contribute to fleshy politics that reimagine the relationship between individuals and community, corporeality and geography, and the present and the past.

  7. HI observations of Sextans A and B with the SKA pathfinder KAT-7 (United States)

    Namumba, B.; Carignan, C.; Passmoor, S.


    HI observations of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxies Sextans A and B, obtained with the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7) are presented. The KAT-7 wide field of view and excellent surface brightness sensitivity allows us to verify the true HI extent of the galaxies. We derive HI extends of 30' and 20' and total HI fluxes of 181 ± 2.0 and 105 ± 1.4 for Sextans A and B respectively. This result shows clearly the overestimate of the HI extent and total flux of 54' and 264 reported for Sextans A using the Effelsberg observations. Tilted ring models allow us to derive the rotation curves (RCs) of Sextans A and B out to 550″ (˜ 3.5 kpc) and 650″ (˜ 4 kpc) respectively. The RCs of the two galaxies are seen to decline in the outer parts. The dark matter distribution in Sextans A is better described by the pseudo-isothermal halo model when a M/L ratio of 0.2 is used. For Sextans B, the mass model fits are not as good but again an isothermal sphere with a M/L of 0.2 represents best the data. Using the MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND), better fits are obtained when the constant a0 is allowed to vary. The critical densities for gravitational instabilities are calculated using the Toomre-Q and cloud-growth based on shear criterion. We find that in regions of star formation, the cloud growth criterion based on shear explains better the star formation in both Sextans A and B.

  8. Men in (Shell-Shock: Masculinity, Trauma, and Psychoanalysis in Rebecca West's The Return of the Soldier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Misha Kavka


    Full Text Available This paper undertakes to read Rebecca West's first novel, The Return of the Soldier (1918, as a critical exploration of masculine trauma on the one hand and an ambivalent engagement with Freudian psychoanalysis on the other. The novel proves interesting as a site in which two shifting cultural contexts intersect: the wartime culture of England facing the "shell shock" of its men, and the contemporaneous infusion of English intellectual culture with psychoanalytic ideas. Though the effects of new war technology and "a newer kind of doctor," West challenge existing notions of stable masculinity, West maintains that masculinity has all along been simply a construct, a shell built around inarticulable trauma. The fact that in this novel West, despite her early pugnaciously feminist journalism, remains as much within the masculine order as critical of it forces us to expand our notions of the forms feminist narrative can take. This paper argues that the novel is a feminist narrative in the sense that it positions masculine trauma as a mark of adherence to the social order for both men and women.

  9. Teaching Zen’s Ten Oxherding Pictures through Leonard Cohen’s “Ballad of the Absent Mare”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronald Green


    Full Text Available This paper describes how to teach Zen’s famous Ten Oxherding Pictures through Leonard Cohen’s song “Ballad of the Absent Mare.” It also explains how instructors can contextualize these pictures within the history of Buddhist visual culture and thereby frame Cohen’s adoption of them as a cowboy ballad motif. The essay begins by describing the metaphor of the ox. It then reviews three theories about the origin of the pictures, contextualizing them within the history of Buddhist visual culture. Finally, it provides a PowerPoint presentation that connects each of the Ten Oxherding Pictures to verses of Cohen’s song and offers comments for instructors’ use in class.

  10. The pH sensor of the plant K+-uptake channel KAT1 is built from a sensory cloud rather than from single key amino acids. (United States)

    González, Wendy; Riedelsberger, Janin; Morales-Navarro, Samuel E; Caballero, Julio; Alzate-Morales, Jans H; González-Nilo, Fernando D; Dreyer, Ingo


    The uptake of potassium ions (K+) accompanied by an acidification of the apoplasm is a prerequisite for stomatal opening. The acidification (approximately 2-2.5 pH units) is perceived by voltage-gated inward potassium channels (K(in)) that then can open their pores with lower energy cost. The sensory units for extracellular pH in stomatal K(in) channels are proposed to be histidines exposed to the apoplasm. However, in the Arabidopsis thaliana stomatal K(in) channel KAT1, mutations in the unique histidine exposed to the solvent (His267) do not affect the pH dependency. We demonstrate in the present study that His267 of the KAT1 channel cannot sense pH changes since the neighbouring residue Phe266 shifts its pKa to undetectable values through a cation-π interaction. Instead, we show that Glu240 placed in the extracellular loop between transmembrane segments S5 and S6 is involved in the extracellular acid activation mechanism. Based on structural models we propose that this region may serve as a molecular link between the pH- and the voltage-sensor. Like Glu240, several other titratable residues could contribute to the pH-sensor of KAT1, interact with each other and even connect such residues far away from the voltage-sensor with the gating machinery of the channel.

  11. Halkla İlişkiler ve Vatandaş Odaklı Katılımcı Yerel Yönetim / Public Relations and Citizen Oriented Participatory Local Government

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Emre BAĞCE


    Full Text Available Bu makalede Türkiye’de yerel yönetimlerde yöneten-yönetilen ilişkilerinin nasıl güçlendirilebileceği ve vatandaş odaklı katılımcı bir yerel yönetimin nasıl inşa edilebileceği ele alınmıştır. Bu kapsamda kent konseyleri ve meclislerinin yönetim halk bütünleşmesi konusunda sınırlı etkiye sahip olacağı, buna karşın yerel hizmetlere gönüllü katılımın etkili sonuçlar doğurma kapasitesine sahip olduğu tartışılmıştır. Çalışmada ayrıca katılımcı yönetimi sürdürmeye katkı sağlayacak hazırlık, uygulama ve değerlendirme çalışmalarına yer verilmiştir. Anahtar kelimeler: Yerel yönetimler, halkla ilişkiler, katılımcılık, demokrasi, Türkiye This article elaborates on how the relations between those who govern and governed can be strengthened and how a citizen oriented participatory local government can be accomplished in Turkey. In this context, it is discussed that while city councils would have a limited impact on the integration between local government and citizens, the voluntary participation of citizens to the local services could yield more effective consequences. The study also considers some of the steps that contribute to the preparation, implementation and evaluation of participatory practices in local governments and municipalities. Keywords: Local governments, public relations, participation, democracy, Turkey

  12. High-level expression of heme-dependent catalase gene katA from Lactobacillus Sakei protects Lactobacillus rhamnosus from oxidative stress. (United States)

    An, Haoran; Zhou, Hui; Huang, Ying; Wang, Guohong; Luan, Chunguang; Mou, Jing; Luo, Yunbo; Hao, Yanling


    Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are generally sensitive to hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)), Lactobacillus sakei YSI8 is one of the very few LAB strains able to degrade H(2)O(2) through the action of a heme-dependent catalase. Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains are very important probiotic starter cultures in meat product fermentation, but they are deficient in catalase. In this study, the effect of heterologous expression of L. sakei catalase gene katA in L. rhamnosus on its oxidative stress resistance was tested. The recombinant L. rhamnosus AS 1.2466 was able to decompose H(2)O(2) and the catalase activity reached 2.85 mumol H(2)O(2)/min/10(8) c.f.u. Furthermore, the expression of the katA gene in L. rhamnosus conferred enhanced oxidative resistance on the host. The survival ratios after short-term H(2)O(2) challenge were increased 600 and 10(4)-fold at exponential and stationary phase, respectively. Further, viable cells were 100-fold higher in long-term aerated cultures. Simulation experiment demonstrated that both growth and catalase activity of recombinant L. rhamnosus displayed high stability under environmental conditions similar to those encountered during sausage fermentation.

  13. Simulation experiment on the flooding behaviour of core melts: KATS-9

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fieg, G.; Massier, H.; Schuetz, W.; Stegmaier, U.; Stern, G.


    For future Light Water Reactors special devices (core catchers) are being developed to prevent containment failure by basement erosion after reactor pressure vessel meltthrough during a core meltdown accident. Quick freezing of the molten core masses is desirable to reduce release of radioactivity. Several concepts of core catcher devices have been proposed based on the spreading of corium melt onto flat surfaces with subsequent water cooling. A KATS-experiment has been performed to investigate the flooding behaviour of high temperature melts using alumina-iron thermite melts as a simulant. The oxidic thermite melt is conditioned by adding other oxides to simulate a realistic corium melt as close as possible in terms of liquidus and solidus temperatures. Before flooding with water, spreading of the separate oxidic and metallic melts has been done in one-dimensional channels with a silicate concrete as the substrate. The flooding rate was, in relation to the melt surface, identical to the flooding rate in EPR. (orig.) [de

  14. Estado nutricional de niños y niñas indígenas de hasta seis años de edad en el resguardo Embera-Katío, Tierralta, Córdoba, Colombia


    Berta Nelly Restrepo; María Teresa Restrepo; Juan Camilo Beltrán; Mónica Rodríguez; Ruth Emilia Ramírez


    Introducción. El conocimiento del estado nutricional de la población infantil es un valioso indicador del desarrollo de una población. Objetivo. Determinar la prevalencia de desnutrición en niños y niñas indígenas Embera-Katío de hasta seis años de edad e identificar algunos de sus factores condicionantes. Materiales y métodos. Se realizó un estudio transversal en el resguardo Embera-Katío, municipio de Tierralta, departamento de Córdoba, Colombia, en 272 niños de hasta seis años de ed...

  15. In Our Hands: An Ethics of Gestural Response-ability. Rebecca Schneider in conversation with Lucia Ruprecht

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca Schneider


    Full Text Available The following conversation aims to trace the role of gesture and gestural thinking in Rebecca Schneider’s work, and to tease out the specific gestural ethics which arises in her writings. In particular, Schneider thinks about the politics of citation and reiteration for an ethics of call and response that emerges in the gesture of the hail. Both predicated upon a fundamentally ethical relationality and susceptible to ideological investment, the hail epitomises the operations of the “both/and”—a logic of conjunction that structures and punctuates the history of thinking on gesture from the classic Brechtian tactic in which performance both replays and counters conditions of subjugation to Alexander Weheliye’s reclamation of this tactic for black and critical ethnic studies. The gesture of the hail will lead us, then, to the gesture of protest in the Black Lives Matter movement. The hands that are held up in the air both replay (and respond to the standard pose of surrender in the face of police authority and call for a future that might be different. Schneider’s ethics of response-ability thus rethinks relationality as something that always already anticipates and perpetually reinaugurates possibilities for response.

  16. Yerel E-Katılımın Yeni Aracı Olarak Sosyal Ağlar: Facebook ve Twitter Örneği

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Levent MEMİŞ


    Full Text Available Bu araştırmada, son yıllarda örgütleri ve bireylerin iletişim veya etkileşim sürecine yeni bir hız kazandıran sosyal ağların, daha da özelde Facebook ve Twitter araçlarının, belediye örgütleri ve belediye başkanları düzeyinde, yerel kamusal politikalara katılım bağlamında, “ne düzeyde” ve “nasıl” kullanıldığının ortaya çıkarılmasına çalışılmıştır. Bu kapsamda, kişisel düzeyde 6 belediye başkanının Facebook ve 12 belediye başkanının Twitter; kurumsal düzeyde ise 22 belediyenin Facebook ve yine 22 belediyenin Twitter hesabı araştırma kapsamında niteliksel içerik analizi yöntemiyle incelenmiştir. Çalışmanın genel sonuçlarına göre, kişisel Twitter hesaplarında sorunları ileten/bilgi talep eden etkileşim öne çıkmakla birlikte, hesaplardaki üye sayısı dikkate alındığında sınırlı düzeyde etkileşimin olduğu, daha çok katılımın ilk evresi olarak kabul edilen bilgi aktaran, doğrudan katılımı teşvik etmeyen biçiminde kullanıldığı tespit edilmiştir.

  17. Los aborígenes colombianos y las paradojas del desarrollo: el caso de los emberá katíos del Alto Sinú

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Milena Martínez Triviño


    Full Text Available En 1992 se inicia la construcción la hidroeléctrica Urrá I, uno de los proyectos energéticos más ambiciosos en la historia reciente de Colombia. Ubicada en la inhóspita y selvática región del Alto Sinú –noroccidente del territorio andino–, la licencia ambiental otorgada por las entidades gubernamentales soslayaron los im - pactos ecológicos y ambientales que la obra acarrearía, como también desconocieron la presencia del pueblo aborigen emberá katío, cuyos derechos constitucionales fueron vulnerados. Siguiendo los argumentos expuestos por el economista Karl Polanyi, el artículo explora las consecuencias ambientales, sociales y culturales provocadas por el proyecto energético, además de ahondar en la estrategia de violencia y exterminio que el paramilitarismo configuró para desarticular los procesos organizativos de los emberá katíos, lo que implicó la desaparición y asesinato de los dirigentes y líderes indígenas.

  18. Prevalence and Antibiogram Profiling of Escherichia coli Pathotypes Isolated from the Kat River and the Fort Beaufort Abstraction Water (United States)

    Nontongana, Nolonwabo; Sibanda, Timothy; Ngwenya, Elvis; Okoh, Anthony I.


    Escherichia coli is a widespread bacterium encompassing a variety of strains, ranging from highly pathogenic strains, causing worldwide outbreaks of severe diseases to avirulent, well characterized safe laboratory strains. This study evaluated the prevalence and antibiogram profiles of E. coli pathotypes isolated from the Kat River and Fort Beaufort abstraction water. A total of 171 out of 278 confirmed E. coli isolates were positive for at least one pathogenic determinant and these included enteropathogenic E. coli (6%), enterotoxigenic E. coli (47%), uropathogenic E. coli (2%), neonatal meningitis E. coli (5%), diffusely adherent E. coli (1%) and enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (1%). Interestingly, enteroinvasive and enteroaggregative E. coli were not detected. The phenotypic antibiogram profiles of the isolates revealed that all were resistant to penicillin G, while 98% and 38% of the pathotypes were resistant to ampicillin and trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole, respectively. About 8% of the isolates were resistant to streptomycin. More than half of the isolates exhibited multiple antibiotic resistance with 44% being resistant to three antibiotics and 8% resistant to four antibiotics. We conclude that the Kat River is a reservoir of potentially virulent antibiotic resistant E. coli strains that can cause serious health risks to humans who drink raw water from this river, or in the case that consumption of treated drinking water coincides with failed drinking water processes. PMID:25119699

  19. Prevalence and Antibiogram Profiling of Escherichia coli Pathotypes Isolated from the Kat River and the Fort Beaufort Abstraction Water

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nolonwabo Nontongana


    Full Text Available Escherichia coli is a widespread bacterium encompassing a variety of strains, ranging from highly pathogenic strains, causing worldwide outbreaks of severe diseases to avirulent, well characterized safe laboratory strains. This study evaluated the prevalence and antibiogram profiles of E. coli pathotypes isolated from the Kat River and Fort Beaufort abstraction water. A total of 171 out of 278 confirmed E. coli isolates were positive for at least one pathogenic determinant and these included enteropathogenic E. coli (6%, enterotoxigenic E. coli (47%, uropathogenic E. coli (2%, neonatal meningitis E. coli (5%, diffusely adherent E. coli (1% and enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (1%. Interestingly, enteroinvasive and enteroaggregative E. coli were not detected. The phenotypic antibiogram profiles of the isolates revealed that all were resistant to penicillin G, while 98% and 38% of the pathotypes were resistant to ampicillin and trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole, respectively. About 8% of the isolates were resistant to streptomycin. More than half of the isolates exhibited multiple antibiotic resistance with 44% being resistant to three antibiotics and 8% resistant to four antibiotics. We conclude that the Kat River is a reservoir of potentially virulent antibiotic resistant E. coli strains that can cause serious health risks to humans who drink raw water from this river, or in the case that consumption of treated drinking water coincides with failed drinking water processes.

  20. Constructing Failure: Leonard Hayflick, Biomedicine, and the Problems with Tissue Culture. (United States)

    Park, Hyung Wook


    By examining the use of tissue culture in post-war American biomedicine, this paper investigates how scientists experience and manage failure. I study how Leonard Hayflick forged his new definition of failure and ways of managing it by refuting Alexis Carrel's definition of failure alongside his theory of the immortality of cultured cells. Unlike Carrel, Hayflick claimed that every vertebrate somatic cell should eventually die, unless it transformed into a tumour cell. This claim defined cell death, which had been a problem leading to a laboratory failure, as a normal phenomenon. On the other hand, permanent life, which had been considered a normal cellular characteristic, became a major factor causing scientific failure, since it implied malignant transformation that scientists hoped to control. Hayflick then asserted that his cell strains and method would partly enable scientists to manage this factor-especially that occurred through viral infection-alongside other causes of failure in routine tasks, including bacterial contamination. I argue that the growing biomedical enterprise fostered this work of Hayflick's, which had repercussions in both his career and the uses of cells in diverse investigations. His redefinition of failure in the age of biomedicine resulted in the broad dissemination of his cells, medium, and method as well as his long struggle with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which caused his temporarily failed career.

  1. Public health impact of isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains with a mutation at amino-acid position 315 of katG: a decade of experience in The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Doorn, H. R.; de Haas, P. E. W.; Kremer, K.; Vandenbroucke-Grauls, C. M. J. E.; Borgdorff, M. W.; van Soolingen, D.


    A previous limited study demonstrated that Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates with a mutation at amino-acid position 315 of katG (Delta315) exhibited high-level resistance to isoniazid and were more frequently resistant to streptomycin. In the present study, isoniazid-resistant M. tuberculosis

  2. Ground-penetrating radar investigation of St. Leonard's Crypt under the Wawel Cathedral (Cracow, Poland) - COST Action TU1208 (United States)

    Benedetto, Andrea; Pajewski, Lara; Dimitriadis, Klisthenis; Avlonitou, Pepi; Konstantakis, Yannis; Musiela, Małgorzata; Mitka, Bartosz; Lambot, Sébastien; Żakowska, Lidia


    The Wawel ensemble, including the Royal Castle, the Wawel Cathedral and other monuments, is perched on top of the Wawel hill immediately south of the Cracow Old Town, and is by far the most important collection of buildings in Poland. St. Leonard's Crypt is located under the Wawel Cathedral of St Stanislaus BM and St Wenceslaus M. It was built in the years 1090-1117 and was the western crypt of the pre-existing Romanesque Wawel Cathedral, so-called Hermanowska. Pope John Paul II said his first Mass on the altar of St. Leonard's Crypt on November 2, 1946, one day after his priestly ordination. The interior of the crypt is divided by eight columns into three naves with vaulted ceiling and ended with one apse. The tomb of Bishop Maurus, who died in 1118, is in the middle of the crypt under the floor; an inscription "+ MAVRVS EPC MCXVIII +" indicates the burial place and was made in 1938 after the completion of archaeological works which resulted in the discovery of this tomb. Moreover, the crypt hosts the tombs of six Polish kings and heroes: Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki (King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), Jan III Sobieski (King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Commander at the Battle of Vienna), Maria Kazimiera (Queen of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and consort to Jan III Sobieski), Józef Poniatowski (Prince of Poland and Marshal of France), Tadeusz Kościuszko (Polish general, revolutionary and a Brigadier General in the American Revolutionary War) and Władysław Sikorski (Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile and Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces). The adjacent six crypts and corridors host the tombs of the other Polish kings, from Sigismund the Old to Augustus II the Strong, their families and several Polish heroes. In May 2015, the COST (European COoperation in Science and Technology) Action TU1208 "Civil engineering applications of Ground Penetrating Radar" organised and offered a Training School (TS) on the

  3. Contribution of katG, ahpC and inhA mutations to the detection of isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Lebanon and Syria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F Dabboussi


    Conclusions: This study showed that the pyrosequencing applied to katG, inhA promoter and ahpC-oxyR intergenic region was able to detect a relatively large proportion of Syrian INH-resistant MTB isolates (80.7% in Syria. This strategy may be inappropriate for Lebanese strains, as the genetic mechanisms of resistance remain unidentified for approximately half of the isolates, so it is quite possible to detect the presence of other mechanisms of resistance.

  4. A Leonard-Sanders-Budiansky-Koiter-Type Nonlinear Shell Theory with a Hierarchy of Transverse-Shearing Deformations (United States)

    Nemeth, Michael P.


    A detailed exposition on a refined nonlinear shell theory suitable for nonlinear buckling analyses of laminated-composite shell structures is presented. This shell theory includes the classical nonlinear shell theory attributed to Leonard, Sanders, Koiter, and Budiansky as an explicit proper subset. This approach is used in order to leverage the exisiting experience base and to make the theory attractive to industry. In addition, the formalism of general tensors is avoided in order to expose the details needed to fully understand and use the theory. The shell theory is based on "small" strains and "moderate" rotations, and no shell-thinness approximations are used. As a result, the strain-displacement relations are exact within the presumptions of "small" strains and "moderate" rotations. The effects of transverse-shearing deformations are included in the theory by using analyst-defined functions to describe the through-the-thickness distributions of transverse-shearing strains. Constitutive equations for laminated-composite shells are derived without using any shell-thinness approximations, and simplified forms and special cases are presented.

  5. Cobalt Blues The Story of Leonard Grimmett, the Man Behind the First Cobalt-60 Unit in the United States

    CERN Document Server

    Almond, Peter R


    For the latter half of the 20th century, cobalt-60 units were the mainstay of radiation treatments for cancer. Cobalt Blues describes the development of the first cobalt-60 unit in the United States and the man behind it, Leonard Grimmett. Conceptually conceived before World War II, it only became possible because of the development of nuclear reactors during the war. Although Grimmett conceived of and published his ideas first, the Canadians built the first units because of the capability of their reactor to produce more suitable cobalt-60 sources. This book tells the story of how Grimmett and others came together at the time that the U S Atomic Energy Agency was pushing the use of radioactivity in medicine. Due to his sudden death, very little information about Grimmett was known until recently, when various documents have come to light, allowing the full story to be told.

  6. Montenegro in Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: The literature of travelers as a source for political geogrphy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André-Louis Sanguin


    Full Text Available The literature of travellers represents a key foundation upon which geography was built as a social construct. It depicts the territorial reality on a personal level. The literature of travellers has been at the origin of popular geographical knowledge. In 1941 the great British novelist Rebecca West (1892-1983 published a chronicle of her travels through Yugoslavia from 1936 to 1938: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. Her book is a good example and a relevant test of the literature of travellers as a source of political geography. Actually, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is West’s political response to the Balkans rather than an account of her journey through Yugoslavia. Through her writing, West has contributed to the shape of a different public opinion about Yugoslavia and its peoples which continues to live on. Moreover, her book strongly influenced the Anglo-Saxon policy makers on their comprehension of Yugoslavia. West significantly depicted Montenegro in its history, people, traditions and politics by means of pictures regarding Boka Kotorska, Budva, Cetinje, Kolasin, Mount Lovcen, Plav, and Skadar Lake. On the basis of the chapter devoted to Montenegro in West’s book, the paper will focus on its features of political geography through an analysis of significant geosymbols.

  7. Montenegro in Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: The literature of travelers as a source for political geogrphy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André-Louis Sanguin


    Full Text Available The literature of travellers represents a key foundation upon which geography was built as a social construct. It depicts the territorial reality on a personal level. The literature of travellers has been at the origin of popular geographical knowledge. In 1941 the great British novelist Rebecca West (1892-1983 published a chronicle of her travels through Yugoslavia from 1936 to 1938: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. Her book is a good example and a relevant test of the literature of travellers as a source of political geography. Actually, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is West’s political response to the Balkans rather than an account of her journey through Yugoslavia. Through her writing, West has contributed to the shape of a different public opinion about Yugoslavia and its peoples which continues to live on. Moreover, her book strongly influenced the Anglo-Saxon policy makers on their comprehension of Yugoslavia. West significantly depicted Montenegro in its history, people, traditions and politics by means of pictures regarding Boka Kotorska, Budva, Cetinje, Kolasin, Mount Lovcen, Plav, and Skadar Lake. On the basis of the chapter devoted to Montenegro in West’s book, the paper will focus on its features of political geography through an analysis of significant geosymbols.

  8. Assessing Dispositions Toward Ridicule and Laughter in the Workplace: Adapting and Validating the PhoPhiKat-9 Questionnaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer Hofmann


    Full Text Available The current paper addresses the measurement of three dispositions toward ridicule and laughter; i.e., gelotophobia (the fear of being laughed at, gelotophilia (the joy of being laughed at, and katagelasticism (the joy of laughing at others. These traits explain inter-individual differences in responses to humor, laughter, and social situations related to humorous encounters. First, an ultra-short form of the PhoPhiKat-45 (Ruch and Proyer, 2009 was adapted in two independent samples (Construction Sample N = 157; Replication Sample N = 1,774. Second, we tested the validity of the PhoPhiKat-9 in two further independent samples. Results showed that the psychometric properties of the ultra-short form were acceptable and the proposed factor structure could be replicated. In Validation Sample 1 (N = 246, we investigated the relation of the three traits to responses in a ridicule and teasing scenario questionnaire. The results replicated findings from earlier studies by showing that gelotophobes assigned the same emotions to friendly teasing and malicious ridicule (predominantly low joy, high fear, and shame. Gelotophilia was mainly predicted by relating joy to both, teasing and ridicule scenarios, while katagelasticism was predicted by assigning joy and contempt to ridicule scenarios. In Validation Sample 2 (N = 1,248, we investigated whether the fear of being laughed at is a vulnerability at the workplace: If friendly teasing and laughter of co-workers, superiors, or customers are misperceived as being malicious, individuals may feel less satisfied and more stressed. The results from a representative sample of Swiss employees showed that individuals with a fear of being laughed at are generally less satisfied with life and work and experience more work stress. Moreover, gelotophilia went along with positive evaluations of one's life and work, while katagelasticism was negatively related to work satisfaction and positively related to work stress. In

  9. Semillas usadasen artesanías por una población indígena Emberá-Katío desplazada por la violenciaen Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La venta de artesanías adornadas con semillas es una fuente importante de dinero para un grupo indígena Emberá-Katío desplazado que vive en la ciudad de Florencia (Departamento del Caquetá, Colombia. Presentamos una lista de las 34 especies de plantas (23 géneros en 10 familias usadas en las artesanías, así como información sobre dónde y cómo las obtienen. El principal material usado son las semillas de legumbres nativas (familia Fabaceae. La mayoría de las artesanías son hechas de semillas de Ormosia nobilis (Fabaceae, Canna edulis (Cannaceae, y Sapindus saponaria (Sapindaceae. Casi la mitad de las especies de plantas usadas por los Emberá-Katío son árboles. Las semillas son recolectadas en pequeños parches de bosques secundarios cerca o dentro de la ciudad, excepto las semillas de Coix lacryma-jobi (Poaceae y Ormosia sp., las cuales son obtenidas de otras tribus indígenas locales como los Koreguajes y Uitotos. Debido a que la mayoría de las plantas son nativas y ampliamente distribuidas en la región neotropical, sugerimos que a pesar de la transformación cultural, al menos parte del conocimiento cultural todavía se mantiene, y especulamos que otros grupos Emberá también podrían usar las mismas o especies similares de plantas. También proporcionamos los nombres en Español y Emberá de las plantas usadas en las artesanías.

  10. Discursos ambientales: una mirada histórica a la configuración del territorio del PNN Katíos en Colombia y su zona de amortiguación

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mónica Pérez Marín


    Full Text Available Este artículo intenta identificar y caracterizar desde una perspectiva histórica "los discursos ambientales" que se han construido y han circulado alrededor de lo que actualmente conocemos como Parque Nacional Natural en Colombia, particularmente sobre el PNN Katíos. Se defiende la idea de que dichos discursos se han construido, propagado, institucionalizado y legitimado como medio y factor dinamizador de un discurso más amplio que hemos denominado "discurso del desarrollo".

  11. Bir Katı Atık Bertaraf Tesisi için Otomasyon Sistem Tasarımı ve Uygulaması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murat AYAZ


    Full Text Available Kontrolsüz atık sahalarında çöp depolanması sonucu koku oluşması, haşere üremesi, başıboş hayvanların beslenme ortamının oluşması, çöplerin etrafa yayılması ve yangın riski gibi sebepler bu tür çöp döküm alanlarının kontrol altına alınmasını gerektirmektedir. Bu durum kontrolsüz depolama sahalarının yerine düzenli (kontrollü depolama sahalarının kullanımını zorunlu kılmaktadır. Gerek ülkemizde gerekse de diğer ülkelerde düzenli depolama sahalarının sayısı gün geçtikçe artış göstermektedir. Düzenli depolama sahaları yapısal olarak geniş bir alan üzerine tesis edilmektedir. Geniş yüzey alanına sahip bu tür tesislerde birimler arası iletişim ve kontrol SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition sistemi ile gerçekleştirildiğinde, gerçek zamanlı izleme – kontrol, güvenli çalışma, düşük işletme maliyeti, insan iş gücü gereksiniminin azaltılması ve esneklik gibi birçok avantaj sağlamaktadır. Bu çalışmada yaklaşık 225000 m2 üzerine kurulmuş bir katı atık bertaraf tesisinin tüm ünitelerinin kontrolü ve izlenmesi SCADA otomasyonu kullanılarak gerçekleştirilmiştir. Katı atık bertaraf tesisi trafo ve jeneratörün yer aldığı enerji dağıtım noktası, toplanan katı atıkların miktarının ölçüldüğü kantar noktası, atık suyun biriktirildiği atık su havuzu ve pompa istasyonu, çevre aydınlatması kontrol noktası ve tesis içerisinde yer alan bütün bileşenlerin izlendiği idari bina olmak üzere beş ayrı noktadan oluşmaktadır. Tesisin belirtilen bu beş ayrı noktasında PLC (Programmable Logic Controller kontrol panelleri yer almaktadır. Bu noktalar arası haberleşme 1500 metrelik bir profibus hattı ile gerçekleştirilmektedir. İdari bina ile kantar bölgelerinde sistemin izleme ve kontrolünün gerçekleştirilebileceği SCADA merkezi oluşturulmuştur. Bu endüstriyel tesisin otomasyon sisteminin tasarımı ve

  12. Jane Air: The Heroine as Caged Bird in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca L’héroïne, oiseau en cage dans Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë et Rebecca d’Alfred Hitchcock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Marchbanks


    Full Text Available Dans le quatrième chapitre de son ouvrage intitulé Brontë Transformations (1996, Patsy Stoneman révèle l’importance des reprises et transformations dont a fait l’objet Jane Eyre (1847 de Charlotte Brontë dans diverses pièces de théâtre, romans et films depuis sa publication initiale. L’un des avatars les plus intéressants mentionné par P. Stoneman est Rebecca d’Alfred Hitchcock (1940 d’après le roman à succès éponyme de Daphné Du Maurier paru en 1938. Parmi les nombreux éléments communs au roman de Brontë et au film d’Hitchcock figurent l’héroïne orpheline consciente de son physique ordinaire, un personnage masculin maussade doté d’une épouse “présente-absente” et une intendante dont le tempérament influence l’atmosphère du manoir dans lequel l’héroïne réside temporairement. Un autre point commun, plus difficile à déceler car profondément intégré à chaque œuvre, est le portrait de l’héroïne en oiseau prisonnier. Ce(tte subtile trope/métaphore mérite d’être remarqué(e car non seulement l’image constitue un lien entre les deux œuvres mais elle permet aussi, dans ses diverses manifestations, de les différencier. Tandis que dans Jane Eyre, l’image de l’oiseau apparaît chaque fois que Jane s’échappe d’un lieu qui l’emprisonne, celle de la cage s’avère être l’élément dominant dans le film d’Hitchcock, imposant finalement des limites infranchissables à la liberté de l’héroïne.

  13. Governor-General Leonard Wood’s neoliberal agenda of privatizing public assets stymied, 1921-1927

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicente Angel S. Ybiernas


    Full Text Available After a serious fiscal and financial crisis erupted in 1920 to 1921 (in the wake of the termination of World War I, the new American Governor General to the Philippines, U.S. Army Major General Leonard Wood, promised in his inaugural address to privatize the country’s government-owned and controlled corporations such as the Philippine National Bank and the Manila Railroad Company, among others. Wood’s neoliberal agenda in the Philippines was opposed by Filipino politicians in the executive and legislative departments from the start. This key policy disagreement climaxed in the resignation en masse of Governor Wood’s Filipino cabinet and the members of the executive-legislative Council of State in 1923. The particulars of the Cabinet Crisis of 1923 —the so-called Conley Affair— however, obscured from plain sight the true gravity of the broader conflict (i.e., Filipino opposition to Wood’s agenda.Moreover, the general perception that Governor Wood’s asset privatization program was successfully blocked by the Cabinet Crisis of 1923 is inaccurate. In truth, Wood was stymied by adverse international and national market conditions from 1921 to 1923. A further delay occurred from 1924 to 1926 when Governor Wood endeavored to get the Council of State and the Filipino Legislature’s Board of Control (an oversight committee on board his neoliberal agenda; he failed to get the support of the Filipino leaders in this regard. When Wood finally decided in 1926 to take unilateral steps, he was tied up by litigation (locally and in the United States arising from his actions until his death from an unsuccessful brain surgery in 1927.

  14. Three-dimensional cardiac cine imaging using the kat ARC acceleration: Initial experience in clinical adult patients at 3T. (United States)

    Okuda, Shigeo; Yamada, Yoshitake; Tanimoto, Akihiro; Fujita, Jun; Sano, Motoaki; Fukuda, Keiichi; Kuribayashi, Sachio; Jinzaki, Masahiro; Nozaki, Atsushi; Lai, Peng


    Three-dimensional cardiac cine imaging has demonstrated promising clinical 1.5-Tesla results; however, its application to 3T scanners has been limited because of the higher sensitivity to off-resonance artifacts. The aim of this study was to apply 3D cardiac cine imaging during a single breath hold in clinical patients on a 3T scanner using the kat ARC (k- and adaptive-t auto-calibrating reconstruction for Cartesian sampling) technique and to evaluate the interchangeability between 2D and 3D cine imaging for cardiac functional analysis and detection of abnormalities in regional wall motion. Following institutional review board approval, we obtained 2D cine images with an acceleration factor of two during multiple breath holds and 3D cine images with a net scan acceleration factor of 7.7 during a single breath hold in 20 patients using a 3T unit. Two readers independently evaluated the wall motion of the left ventricle (LV) using a 5-point scale, and the consistency in the detection of regional wall motion abnormality between 2D and 3D cine was analyzed by Cohen's kappa test. The LV volume was calculated at end-diastole and end-systole (LVEDV, LVESV); the ejection fraction (LVEF) and myocardial weight (LVmass) were also calculated. The relationship between functional parameters calculated for 2D and 3D cine images was analyzed using Pearson's correlation analysis. The bias and 95% limit of agreement (LA) were calculated using Bland-Altman plots. In addition, a qualitative evaluation of image quality was performed with regard to the myocardium-blood contrast, noise level and boundary definition. Despite slight degradation in image quality for 3D cine, excellent agreement was obtained for the detection of wall motion abnormalities between 2D and 3D cine images (κ=0.84 and 0.94 for each reader). Excellent correlations between the two imaging methods were shown for the evaluation of functional parameters (r>0.97). Slight differences in LVEDV, LVESV, LVEF and LVmass

  15. Light-absorbing Aerosol Properties in the Kathmandu Valley during SusKat-ABC Field Campaign (United States)

    Kim, S.; Yoon, S.; Kim, J.; Cho, C.; Jung, J.


    Light-absorbing aerosols, such as black carbon (BC), are major contributors to the atmospheric heating and the reduction of solar radiation reaching at the earth's surface. In this study, we investigate light-absorption and scattering properties of aerosols (i.e., BC mass concentration, aerosol solar-absorption/scattering efficiency) in the Kathmandu valley during Sustainable atmosphere for the Kathmandu valley (SusKat)-ABC campaign, from December 2012 to February 2013. Kathmandu City is among the most polluted cities in the world. However, there are only few past studies that provide basic understanding of air pollution in the Kathmandu Valley, which is not sufficient for designing effective mitigation measures (e.g., technological, financial, regulatory, legal and political measures, planning strategies). A distinct diurnal variation of BC mass concentration with two high peaks observed during wintertime dry monsoon period. BC mass concentration was found to be maximum around 09:00 and 20:00 local standard time (LST). Increased cars and cooking activities including substantial burning of wood and other biomass in the morning and in the evening contributed to high BC concentration. Low BC concentrations during the daytime can be explain by reduced vehicular movement and cooking activities. Also, the developmements of the boundary layer height and mountain-valley winds in the Kathmandu Valley paly a crucial role in the temproal variation of BC mass concentrations. Detailed radiative effects of light-absorbing aerosols will be presented.

  16. Psyche=singularity: A comparison of Carl Jung's transpersonal psychology and Leonard Susskind's holographic string theory (United States)

    Desmond, Timothy

    In this dissertation I discern what Carl Jung calls the mandala image of the ultimate archetype of unity underlying and structuring cosmos and psyche by pointing out parallels between his transpersonal psychology and Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind's string theory. Despite his atheistic, materialistically reductionist interpretation of it, I demonstrate how Susskind's string theory of holographic information conservation at the event horizons of black holes, and the cosmic horizon of the universe, corroborates the following four topics about which Jung wrote: (1) his near-death experience of the cosmic horizon after a heart attack in 1944; ( 2) his equation relating psychic energy to mass, "Psyche=highest intensity in the smallest space" (1997, 162), which I translate into the equation, Psyche=Singularity; (3) his theory that the mandala, a circle or sphere with a central point, is the symbolic image of the ultimate archetype of unity through the union of opposites, which structures both cosmos and psyche, and which rises spontaneously from the collective unconscious to compensate a conscious mind torn by irreconcilable demands (1989, 334-335, 396-397); and (4) his theory of synchronicity. I argue that Susskind's inside-out black hole model of our Big Bang universe forms a geometrically perfect mandala: a central Singularity encompassed by a two-dimensional sphere which serves as a universal memory bank. Moreover, in precise fulfillment of Jung's theory, Susskind used that mandala to reconcile the notoriously incommensurable paradigms of general relativity and quantum mechanics, providing in the process a mathematically plausible explanation for Jung's near-death experience of his past, present, and future life simultaneously at the cosmic horizon. Finally, Susskind's theory also provides a plausible cosmological model to explain Jung's theory of synchronicity--meaningful coincidences may be tied together by strings at the cosmic horizon, from which they

  17. Rebecca Hanes | NREL (United States)

    the Strategic Energy Analysis Center. Areas of Expertise Mathematical and theoretical aspects of life University, Columbus, OH, 2014 M.S. in applied statistics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 2013 B.S Multiscale Modeling Framework for Sustainable Process Design Applications." Sustainability of Products

  18. Leonard Horner and an enthusiasm for Loess. [Leicester Studies in the History of Loess Research part I (United States)

    Smalley, Ian; Kels, Holger


    Leonard Horner (1785-1864) made substantial contributions to the study of loess. He made field trips with J.J. Noeggerath and Charles Lyell and published useful material on the loess near Bonn. He was an unappreciated pioneer- he was the first person to direct attention to loess as a material. He pointed out that loess was intrinsically interesting. He studied the material transported by the Rhine, and the alluvial deposits in Egypt, looking for links to loess, and the problem of loess formation. He was born in Edinburgh in 1785 and directed the thoughts of young Charles Darwin towards science when he came to Edinburgh to study medicine. Circumstances placed him in Bonn in the critical years 1831-1833; in this time Charles Lyell married his eldest daughter Mary; and both Lyell and Horner encountered the loess. Lyell made it well known via vol.3 of the Principles of Geology, Horner became a loess enthusiast. In the summer of 1833 Horner & Lyell were in the crater of the Roderberg considering the more than 20 m of loess deposited there. His major paper was published in 1836 (reporting the Roderberg excursion) and he joined Lyell's list of loess investigators in the 5th edition of the Principles published in 1837. He was the last to join that select eleven: Bronn, Leonhard, Boue, Voltz, Steininger, Merian, Rozet, Hibbert, Noeggerath, von Meyer, Horner. Most of these were writing on the geology and landscapes of the Rhine valley, but Horner was drawing attention to the amazing nature of the loess itself, in particular the spectacular disaggregation on contact with water. He also published the first geological map of the Bonn region, including the Roderberg and the Siebengebirge, a region of loess and volcanoes.

  19. Understanding the role of the catalase/peroxide genes in H2O2 resistance of E. coli serotype O157:H7 biofilms (United States)

    Introduction: Escherichia coli serotype O157:H7 defenses against H2O2 include the peroxiredoxin AhpC and three catalases: KatG (catalase-peroxidase), KatE (catalase), and the plasmid-encoded KatP (catalase/peroxidase). AhpC, KatG, and KatP are induced by OxyR in exponential phase, while KatE is indu...

  20. Pseudomonas syringae Catalases Are Collectively Required for Plant Pathogenesis (United States)

    Guo, Ming; Block, Anna; Bryan, Crystal D.; Becker, Donald F.


    The bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 must detoxify plant-produced hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in order to survive in its host plant. Candidate enzymes for this detoxification include the monofunctional catalases KatB and KatE and the bifunctional catalase-peroxidase KatG of DC3000. This study shows that KatG is the major housekeeping catalase of DC3000 and provides protection against menadione-generated endogenous H2O2. In contrast, KatB rapidly and substantially accumulates in response to exogenous H2O2. Furthermore, KatB and KatG have nonredundant roles in detoxifying exogenous H2O2 and are required for full virulence of DC3000 in Arabidopsis thaliana. Therefore, the nonredundant ability of KatB and KatG to detoxify plant-produced H2O2 is essential for the bacteria to survive in plants. Indeed, a DC3000 catalase triple mutant is severely compromised in its ability to grow in planta, and its growth can be partially rescued by the expression of katB, katE, or katG. Interestingly, our data demonstrate that although KatB and KatG are the major catalases involved in the virulence of DC3000, KatE can also provide some protection in planta. Thus, our results indicate that these catalases are virulence factors for DC3000 and are collectively required for pathogenesis. PMID:22797762

  1. Structure Expression and Function of kynurenine Aminotransferases in Human and Rodent Brains

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Q Han; T Cai; D Tagle; J Li


    Kynurenine aminotransferases (KATs) catalyze the synthesis of kynurenic acid (KYNA), an endogenous antagonist of N-methyl-D: -aspartate and alpha 7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Abnormal KYNA levels in human brains are implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurological disorders. Four KATs have been reported in mammalian brains, KAT I/glutamine transaminase K/cysteine conjugate beta-lyase 1, KAT II/aminoadipate aminotransferase, KAT III/cysteine conjugate beta-lyase 2, and KAT IV/glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 2/mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase. KAT II has a striking tertiary structure in N-terminal part and forms a new subgroup in fold type I aminotransferases, which has been classified as subgroup Iepsilon. Knowledge regarding KATs is vast and complex; therefore, this review is focused on recent important progress of their gene characterization, physiological and biochemical function, and structural properties. The biochemical differences of four KATs, specific enzyme activity assays, and the structural insights into the mechanism of catalysis and inhibition of these enzymes are discussed.

  2. 77 FR 2076 - National Institute of Mental Health Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Conference Call). Contact Person: Rebecca C. Steiner, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Division of... 20037. Contact Person: Rebecca C. Steiner, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Division of Extramural...

  3. 76 FR 58285 - National Institute of Mental Health Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20037. Contact Person: Rebecca C. Steiner, PhD, Scientific Review...: Rebecca C. Steiner, PhD, Scientific Review Officer, Division of Extramural Activities, National Institute...

  4. 78 FR 13358 - National Institute of Mental Health; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Washington, DC, 2401 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 20037. Contact Person: Rebecca C Steiner, Ph.D..., (Telephone Conference Call). Contact Person: Rebecca C Steiner, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Division of...

  5. 77 FR 18688 - Safety Zone; Chicago Harbor, Navy Pier Southeast, Chicago, IL (United States)


    ... email MST2 Rebecca Stone, Prevention Department, Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI at 414-747-7154, email . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Coast Guard will enforce the...

  6. 77 FR 25361 - Safety Zone; Chicago Harbor, Navy Pier Southeast, Chicago, IL (United States)


    ... email MST2 Rebecca Stone, Prevention Department, Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI at 414-747-7154, email . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Coast Guard will enforce the...

  7. RSM Outlook Spring 2007 : Green Technology: The New IT

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    R. Morris (Rebecca)


    markdownabstract#### Sustaining change (Rebecca Morris) An interview with RSM alumnus and Royal DSM Managing Board member Feike Sijbesma. #### Why celebrity sells: The brain mechanisms of persuasion (Vittorio Busato & Rebecca Morris) Marketing researchers at RSM are combining the latest

  8. Kynurenine aminotransferase III and glutamine transaminase L are identical enzymes that have cysteine S-conjugate β-lyase activity and can transaminate L-selenomethionine. (United States)

    Pinto, John T; Krasnikov, Boris F; Alcutt, Steven; Jones, Melanie E; Dorai, Thambi; Villar, Maria T; Artigues, Antonio; Li, Jianyong; Cooper, Arthur J L


    Three of the four kynurenine aminotransferases (KAT I, II, and IV) that synthesize kynurenic acid, a neuromodulator, are identical to glutamine transaminase K (GTK), α-aminoadipate aminotransferase, and mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase, respectively. GTK/KAT I and aspartate aminotransferase/KAT IV possess cysteine S-conjugate β-lyase activity. The gene for the former enzyme, GTK/KAT I, is listed in mammalian genome data banks as CCBL1 (cysteine conjugate beta-lyase 1). Also listed, despite the fact that no β-lyase activity has been assigned to the encoded protein in the genome data bank, is a CCBL2 (synonym KAT III). We show that human KAT III/CCBL2 possesses cysteine S-conjugate β-lyase activity, as does mouse KAT II. Thus, depending on the nature of the substrate, all four KATs possess cysteine S-conjugate β-lyase activity. These present studies show that KAT III and glutamine transaminase L are identical enzymes. This report also shows that KAT I, II, and III differ in their ability to transaminate methyl-L-selenocysteine (MSC) and L-selenomethionine (SM) to β-methylselenopyruvate (MSP) and α-ketomethylselenobutyrate, respectively. Previous studies have identified these seleno-α-keto acids as potent histone deacetylase inhibitors. Methylselenol (CH3SeH), also purported to have chemopreventive properties, is the γ-elimination product of SM and the β-elimination product of MSC catalyzed by cystathionine γ-lyase (γ-cystathionase). KAT I, II, and III, in part, can catalyze β-elimination reactions with MSC generating CH3SeH. Thus, the anticancer efficacy of MSC and SM will depend, in part, on the endogenous expression of various KAT enzymes and cystathionine γ-lyase present in target tissue coupled with the ability of cells to synthesize in situ either CH3SeH and/or seleno-keto acid metabolites. © 2014 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  9. Percepción y patronos de uso de la fauna silvestre o comunidades indigenas Embera - Katíos en la cuenca del río San Jorge, zona amortiguadora del PNN - Paramillo.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Alfonso Racero - Casarrubia


    Full Text Available In workshops with four indigenous communities in the Embera-Katíos communal lands (resguardo , located in the upper San Jorge River Valley (Tres Playitas, Las Piedras, Boca San Cipriano, San Juan Medio, information about the wild fauna that they recognized inside their hunting grounds was collected. Mammals, reptiles, and birds, especially the Psittacidae family, are the vertebrates most used by the indigenous communities. No kind of use was found for amphibians. The consumption of reptiles such as Iguana iguana, Tupinambis teguixin, Caiman crocodylus fuscus, and Crocodylus acutus show them to be an important part of their culture. The indigenous communities associate environmental problems with habitat destruction due to the cultivation of illicit crops and forest clearing in the buffer zone around Paramillo National Park.

  10. Revival of the Magnetar PSR J1622–4950: Observations with MeerKAT, Parkes, XMM-Newton, Swift, Chandra, and NuSTAR (United States)

    Camilo, F.; Scholz, P.; Serylak, M.; Buchner, S.; Merryfield, M.; Kaspi, V. M.; Archibald, R. F.; Bailes, M.; Jameson, A.; van Straten, W.; Sarkissian, J.; Reynolds, J. E.; Johnston, S.; Hobbs, G.; Abbott, T. D.; Adam, R. M.; Adams, G. B.; Alberts, T.; Andreas, R.; Asad, K. M. B.; Baker, D. E.; Baloyi, T.; Bauermeister, E. F.; Baxana, T.; Bennett, T. G. H.; Bernardi, G.; Booisen, D.; Booth, R. S.; Botha, D. H.; Boyana, L.; Brederode, L. R. S.; Burger, J. P.; Cheetham, T.; Conradie, J.; Conradie, J. P.; Davidson, D. B.; De Bruin, G.; de Swardt, B.; de Villiers, C.; de Villiers, D. I. L.; de Villiers, M. S.; de Villiers, W.; De Waal, C.; Dikgale, M. A.; du Toit, G.; du Toit, L. J.; Esterhuyse, S. W. P.; Fanaroff, B.; Fataar, S.; Foley, A. R.; Foster, G.; Fourie, D.; Gamatham, R.; Gatsi, T.; Geschke, R.; Goedhart, S.; Grobler, T. L.; Gumede, S. C.; Hlakola, M. J.; Hokwana, A.; Hoorn, D. H.; Horn, D.; Horrell, J.; Hugo, B.; Isaacson, A.; Jacobs, O.; Jansen van Rensburg, J. P.; Jonas, J. L.; Jordaan, B.; Joubert, A.; Joubert, F.; Józsa, G. I. G.; Julie, R.; Julius, C. C.; Kapp, F.; Karastergiou, A.; Karels, F.; Kariseb, M.; Karuppusamy, R.; Kasper, V.; Knox-Davies, E. C.; Koch, D.; Kotzé, P. P. A.; Krebs, A.; Kriek, N.; Kriel, H.; Kusel, T.; Lamoor, S.; Lehmensiek, R.; Liebenberg, D.; Liebenberg, I.; Lord, R. T.; Lunsky, B.; Mabombo, N.; Macdonald, T.; Macfarlane, P.; Madisa, K.; Mafhungo, L.; Magnus, L. G.; Magozore, C.; Mahgoub, O.; Main, J. P. L.; Makhathini, S.; Malan, J. A.; Malgas, P.; Manley, J. R.; Manzini, M.; Marais, L.; Marais, N.; Marais, S. J.; Maree, M.; Martens, A.; Matshawule, S. D.; Matthysen, N.; Mauch, T.; McNally, L. D.; Merry, B.; Millenaar, R. P.; Mjikelo, C.; Mkhabela, N.; Mnyandu, N.; Moeng, I. T.; Mokone, O. J.; Monama, T. E.; Montshiwa, K.; Moss, V.; Mphego, M.; New, W.; Ngcebetsha, B.; Ngoasheng, K.; Niehaus, H.; Ntuli, P.; Nzama, A.; Obies, F.; Obrocka, M.; Ockards, M. T.; Olyn, C.; Oozeer, N.; Otto, A. J.; Padayachee, Y.; Passmoor, S.; Patel, A. A.; Paula, S.; Peens-Hough, A.; Pholoholo, B.; Prozesky, P.; Rakoma, S.; Ramaila, A. J. T.; Rammala, I.; Ramudzuli, Z. R.; Rasivhaga, M.; Ratcliffe, S.; Reader, H. C.; Renil, R.; Richter, L.; Robyntjies, A.; Rosekrans, D.; Rust, A.; Salie, S.; Sambu, N.; Schollar, C. T. G.; Schwardt, L.; Seranyane, S.; Sethosa, G.; Sharpe, C.; Siebrits, R.; Sirothia, S. K.; Slabber, M. J.; Smirnov, O.; Smith, S.; Sofeya, L.; Songqumase, N.; Spann, R.; Stappers, B.; Steyn, D.; Steyn, T. J.; Strong, R.; Struthers, A.; Stuart, C.; Sunnylall, P.; Swart, P. S.; Taljaard, B.; Tasse, C.; Taylor, G.; Theron, I. P.; Thondikulam, V.; Thorat, K.; Tiplady, A.; Toruvanda, O.; van Aardt, J.; van Balla, T.; van den Heever, L.; van der Byl, A.; van der Merwe, C.; van der Merwe, P.; van Niekerk, P. C.; van Rooyen, R.; van Staden, J. P.; van Tonder, V.; van Wyk, R.; Wait, I.; Walker, A. L.; Wallace, B.; Welz, M.; Williams, L. P.; Xaia, B.; Young, N.; Zitha, S.


    New radio (MeerKAT and Parkes) and X-ray (XMM-Newton, Swift, Chandra, and NuSTAR) observations of PSR J1622–4950 indicate that the magnetar, in a quiescent state since at least early 2015, reactivated between 2017 March 19 and April 5. The radio flux density, while variable, is approximately 100× larger than during its dormant state. The X-ray flux one month after reactivation was at least 800× larger than during quiescence, and has been decaying exponentially on a 111 ± 19 day timescale. This high-flux state, together with a radio-derived rotational ephemeris, enabled for the first time the detection of X-ray pulsations for this magnetar. At 5%, the 0.3–6 keV pulsed fraction is comparable to the smallest observed for magnetars. The overall pulsar geometry inferred from polarized radio emission appears to be broadly consistent with that determined 6–8 years earlier. However, rotating vector model fits suggest that we are now seeing radio emission from a different location in the magnetosphere than previously. This indicates a novel way in which radio emission from magnetars can differ from that of ordinary pulsars. The torque on the neutron star is varying rapidly and unsteadily, as is common for magnetars following outburst, having changed by a factor of 7 within six months of reactivation.

  11. Biochemical and Structural Properties of Mouse Kynurenine Aminotransferase III

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, Q.; Robinson, H; Cai, T; Tagle, D; Li, J


    Kynurenine aminotransferase III (KAT III) has been considered to be involved in the production of mammalian brain kynurenic acid (KYNA), which plays an important role in protecting neurons from overstimulation by excitatory neurotransmitters. The enzyme was identified based on its high sequence identity with mammalian KAT I, but its activity toward kynurenine and its structural characteristics have not been established. In this study, the biochemical and structural properties of mouse KAT III (mKAT III) were determined. Specifically, mKAT III cDNA was amplified from a mouse brain cDNA library, and its recombinant protein was expressed in an insect cell protein expression system. We established that mKAT III is able to efficiently catalyze the transamination of kynurenine to KYNA and has optimum activity at relatively basic conditions of around pH 9.0 and at relatively high temperatures of 50 to 60C. In addition, mKAT III is active toward a number of other amino acids. Its activity toward kynurenine is significantly decreased in the presence of methionine, histidine, glutamine, leucine, cysteine, and 3-hydroxykynurenine. Through macromolecular crystallography, we determined the mKAT III crystal structure and its structures in complex with kynurenine and glutamine. Structural analysis revealed the overall architecture of mKAT III and its cofactor binding site and active center residues. This is the first report concerning the biochemical characteristics and crystal structures of KAT III enzymes and provides a basis toward understanding the overall physiological role of mammalian KAT III in vivo and insight into regulating the levels of endogenous KYNA through modulation of the enzyme in the mouse brain.

  12. Properties of catalase-peroxidase lacking its C-terminal domain

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Baker, Ruletha D.; Cook, Carma O.; Goodwin, Douglas C.


    Catalase-peroxidases have a two-domain structure. The N-terminal domain contains the bifunctional active site, but the function of the C-terminal domain is unknown. We produced catalase-peroxidase containing only its N-terminal domain (KatG Nterm ). Removal of the C-terminal domain did not result in unexpected changes in secondary structure as evaluated by CD, but KatG Nterm had neither catalase nor peroxidase activity. Partial recovery of both activities was achieved by incubating KatG Nterm with the separately expressed and isolated KatG C-terminal domain. Spectroscopic measurements revealed a shift in heme environment from a mixture of high-spin species (wtKatG) to exclusively hexacoordinate, low-spin (KatG Nterm ). Moreover, a >1000-fold lower k on for CN - binding was observed for KatG Nterm . EPR spectra for KatG Nterm and the results of site-specific substitution of active site histidines suggested that the distal histidine was the sixth ligand. Thus, one important role for the C-terminal domain may be to support the architecture of the active site, preventing heme ligation by this catalytically essential residue

  13. 2822-IJBCS-Article-Rebecca Nguessan

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    evaluated by the PHQ9. The biological material consisted of the umbilical cord blood of newborns and mothers' venous blood in which the blood count was performed. Anemia was present in 64.1% of depressed ..... le fait des conditions de prélèvement liées à la présence d'anticoagulant ou par la contamination du liquide ...

  14. Through the EU's Back and Front Doors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Adler-Nissen, Rebecca


    Through the EU's front- and backdoors: The selective Danish and Norwegian approaches in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Rebecca Adler-Nissen......Through the EU's front- and backdoors: The selective Danish and Norwegian approaches in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Rebecca Adler-Nissen...

  15. Ulysses of Embra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johnston Paul


    Full Text Available A critical day in the life of Leonard Rose, an Edinburgh (Embra criminal with undertones of Homer’s Odysseus and James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom. He thinks of his son, Stevie, whom he has not seen for fifteen years. After his morning ablutions he attends the cremation service of a notable lawyer, who had ties to local crime kingpin, Big Sam. Leonard is shaken by visions of the people he murdered for Big Sam. Stevie is waiting outside, accompanied by two detectives. Leonard is told that his ex-wife, Penny, is setting up Glasgow gang boss Boy ‘The Boiler’ Boyle. Leonard takes the police to his bar, the End of the World, aware that Big Sam’s number two, Nessie, is following. After knocking the policemen out and overpowering Nessie and his men, Leonard and Stevie go to Big Sam’s palatial home. When he understands that Penny intended to betray Big Sam as well, Leonard deserts his son and goes home, free of emotional and professional ties. He decides to leave Edinburgh and go inland, where no one knows him. But before that he will knock on his female neighbour’s door, hoping she will give his attentions a positive reception.

  16. High level extracellular production of a recombinant alkaline catalase in E. coli BL21 under ethanol stress and its application in hydrogen peroxide removal after cotton fabrics bleaching. (United States)

    Yu, Zhenxiao; Zheng, Hongchen; Zhao, Xingya; Li, Shufang; Xu, Jianyong; Song, Hui


    The effects of induction parameters, osmolytes and ethanol stress on the productivity of the recombinant alkaline catalase (KatA) in Escherichia coli BL21 (pET26b-KatA) were investigated. The yield of soluble KatA was significantly enhanced by 2% ethanol stress. And a certain amount of Triton X-100 supplementation could markedly improved extracellular ratio of KatA. A total soluble catalase activity of 78,762U/mL with the extracellular ratio of 92.5% was achieved by fed-batch fermentation in a 10L fermentor, which was the highest yield so far. The purified KatA showed high stability at 50°C and pH 6-10. Application of KatA for elimination of H2O2 after cotton fabrics bleaching led to less consumption of water, steam and electric power by 25%, 12% and 16.7% respectively without productivity and quality losing of cotton fabrics. Thus, the recombinant KatA is a promising candidate for industrial production and applications. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. 76 FR 33758 - Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification... (United States)


    ... Research Holdings, Inc.; Kendle International Inc.; INC Research Holdings, Inc. 20110885 G Onex Partners... Partners XII, L.P. 20110906 G Mr. Leonard Blavatnik; Warner Music Group Corp.; Mr. Leonard Blavatnik...

  18. Interaction with the Redox Cofactor MYW and Functional Role of a Mobile Arginine in Eukaryotic Catalase-Peroxidase (United States)


    Catalase-peroxidases (KatGs) are unique bifunctional heme peroxidases with an additional posttranslationally formed redox-active Met-Tyr-Trp cofactor that is essential for catalase activity. On the basis of studies of bacterial KatGs, controversial mechanisms of hydrogen peroxide oxidation were proposed. The recent discovery of eukaryotic KatGs with differing pH optima of catalase activity now allows us to scrutinize those postulated reaction mechanisms. In our study, secreted KatG from the fungus Magnaporthe grisea (MagKatG2) was used to analyze the role of a remote KatG-typical mobile arginine that was shown to interact with the Met-Tyr-Trp adduct in a pH-dependent manner in bacterial KatGs. Here we present crystal structures of MagKatG2 at pH 3.0, 5.5, and 7.0 and investigate the mobility of Arg461 by molecular dynamics simulation. Data suggest that at pH ≥4.5 Arg461 mostly interacts with the deprotonated adduct Tyr. Elimination of Arg461 by mutation to Ala slightly increases the thermal stability but does not alter the active site architecture or the kinetics of cyanide binding. However, the variant Arg461Ala lost the wild-type-typical optimum of catalase activity at pH 5.25 (kcat = 6450 s–1) but exhibits a broad plateau between pH 4.5 and 7.5 (kcat = 270 s–1 at pH 5.5). Moreover, significant differences in the kinetics of interconversion of redox intermediates of wild-type and mutant protein mixed with either peroxyacetic acid or hydrogen peroxide are observed. These findings together with published data from bacterial KatGs allow us to propose a role of Arg461 in the H2O2 oxidation reaction of KatG. PMID:27293030

  19. Bioassays for TSH Receptor Autoantibodies, from FRTL-5 Cells to TSH Receptor-LH/CG Receptor Chimeras: The Contribution of Leonard D. Kohn. (United States)

    Giuliani, Cesidio; Saji, Motoyasu; Bucci, Ines; Napolitano, Giorgio


    Since the discovery 60 years ago of the "long-acting thyroid stimulator" by Adams and Purves, great progress has been made in the detection of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) receptor (TSHR) autoantibodies (TRAbs) in Graves' disease. Today, commercial assays are available that can detect TRAbs with high accuracy and provide diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of patients with Graves' disease. The present review focuses on the development of TRAbs bioassays, and particularly on the role that Leonard D. Kohn had in this. Indeed, 30 years ago, the Kohn group developed a bioassay based on the use of FRTL-5 cells that was characterized by high reproducibility, feasibility, and diagnostic accuracy. Using this FRTL-5 bioassay, Kohn and his colleagues were the first to develop monoclonal antibodies (moAbs) against the TSHR. Furthermore, they demonstrated the multifaceted functional nature of TRAbs in patients with Graves' disease, with the identification of stimulating and blocking TRAbs, and even antibodies that activated pathways other than cAMP. After the cloning of the TSHR, the Kohn laboratory constructed human TSHR-rat luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin receptor chimeras. This paved the way to a new bioassay based on the use of non-thyroid cells transfected with the Mc4 chimera. The new Mc4 bioassay is characterized by high diagnostic and prognostic accuracy, greater than for other assays. The availability of a commercial kit based on the Mc4 chimera is spreading the use of this assay worldwide, indicating its benefits for these patients with Graves' disease. This review also describes the main contributions made by other researchers in TSHR molecular biology and TRAbs assay, especially with the development of highly potent moAbs. A comparison of the diagnostic accuracies of the main TRAbs assays, as both immunoassays and bioassays, is also provided.

  20. Characterization of two catalase-peroxidase-encoding genes in Fusarium verticillioides reveals differential responses to in vitro versus in planta oxidative challenges (United States)

    Catalase/peroxidases (KatGs) are a superfamily of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-degrading enzymes believed to be horizontally acquired by ancient Ascomycota from bacteria. Subsequent gene duplication resulted in two KatG paralogs in ascomycetes: the widely distributed intracellular KatG1 group, and ...

  1. The impact of heterologous catalase expression and superoxide dismutase overexpression on enhancing the oxidative resistance in Lactobacillus casei. (United States)

    Lin, Jinzhong; Zou, Yexia; Cao, Kunlin; Ma, Chengjie; Chen, Zhengjun


    Two heme-dependent catalase genes were amplified from genomic DNA of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 (KatE1) and Lactobacillus brevis ATCC 367 (KatE2), respectively, and a manganese-containing superoxide dismutase from Lactobacillus casei MCJΔ1 (MnSOD) were cloned into plasmid pELX1, yielding pELX1-KatE1, pELX1-KatE2 and pELX1-MnSOD, then the recombinant plasmids were transferred into L. casei MCJΔ1. The strains of L. casei MCJΔ1/pELX1-KatE1 and L. casei MCJΔ1/pELX1-KatE2 were tolerant at 2 mM H2O2. The survival rates of L. casei MCJΔ1/pELX1-KatE1 and L. casei MCJΔ1/pELX1-KatE2 were 270-fold and 300-fold higher than that of the control strain on a short-term H2O2 exposure, and in aerated condition, the survival cells counts were 146- and 190-fold higher than that of the control strain after 96 h of incubation. Furthermore, L. casei MCJΔ1/pELX1-MnSOD was the best in three recombinants which was superior in the living cell viability during storage when co-storage with Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis LBCH-1.

  2. Improvement of pigenonpea and cowpea for drought, disease and insect pest tolerance through induced mutations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Omanga, P.A.


    Pigeonpea and cowpea are widely grown in the semi-arid and arid regions of Kenya by small scale farmers. The average yields are usually low due to insect pests, diseases and long growth duration of the local land races. Little success has been achieved through conventional breeding methods for tolerance to insect pests and diseases despite the development of high yielding and early maturing lines. Therefore, mutation induction was initiated to widen the genetic variability in the improved lines. Seeds of three promising pigeonpea cultivars KAT 60/8, KAT 777 and KAT E31/4 and of cowpea KAT 419, K80 and M66 were subjected to three doses of gamma rays; 80, 120 and 150 Gy for pigeonpea and 160, 200 and 250 Gy for cowpea. In M 1 generation, doses of 150 Gy and 250 Gy reduced emergence by about 50% and increased seedling deformities in both crops. In M 2 generation of KAT 60/8, high yielding mutants with oval shaped seeds (T 1 P 58 ) and branching (T 3 P 28 ) were identified. Two progenies of KAT 777 (T 1 P 7 and T 1 P 11 ) had small slender leaves. Selected plant progenies in M 3 , M 4 and M 5 generation gave some promising high yielding variants. Although, the difference in days to flower and maturity of mutant progenies and untreated bulk were small, some mutant progenies of KAT 777 and KAT 60/8 showed tolerance to Fusarium wilt. None of the progenies of KAT E31/4 gave better score for Cercospora leaf-spot compared to the check. (author). 2 refs, 4 tabs

  3. Hvem var Leonard?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Peder Kaj


    Bernhard Christensen er interessant i et musikalsk identitetsperspektiv, fordi han forener et virke som kirkemusiker med et virke som komponist af jazzpræget musik til revyer og film og som en banebrydende skikkelse inden for musikpædagogik på grundlag af „rytmisk musik“. Artiklen belyser, hvorda...

  4. İşveren Markası Oluşturma: Katılım Bankası Örneği(Creating Employer Brand: Participation Bank Example

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elif Narcıkara


    Full Text Available Günümüz firmaları, ürün ve hizmetlerinin pazarlanmasında dış müşterinin yanısıra iç müşterinin de öneminin farkına varmışlardır.  Bu bağlamda, Simon Borrow tarafından geliştirilen İşveren Markası kavramı 1990’ların önemli gelişmelerinden biri olmuş ve birçok firma tarafından dikkate alınan bir kavram haline gelmiştir (Tüzüner vd., 2009. Yetenekli iş gören bulma konusundaki zorluklar, hizmet sektöründe İşveren Markası uygulamalarını öne çıkarmıştır (Berthon vd. 2005; Knox ve Freeman, 2006. Kariyer portallarında en çok başvurunun hizmet sektörü içerisinde bankacılık sektörüne yapılması da araştırmacıları bankacılık sektörüne yöneltmiştir. Bu çalışmanın ana örneklemini katılım bankacılığı alanında hizmet veren Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası’ na daha güncel ve sağlıklı verilere ulaşılacağı varsayımıyla sadece son 3 ayda başvuruda bulunun adaylar oluşturmaktadır. Çalışmanın amacı Albaraka Türk’e iş başvurusunda bulunan adayların tercihlerinde etkili olan İşveren Marka çekiciliği faktörlerini ölçmek ve tercihlerinde tecrübe ve eğitim durumlarının etkisinin olup olmadığını görmektir. Bu amaçla geçerliliği ve güvenilirliği tespit edilmiş olan Berthon’un İşveren Çekiciliği Ölçeği (Employer Attractiveness Scale kullanılmıştır. Araştırma ile ilgili anket, pazarlama pozisyonlarına son 3 ayda başvuru yapan, farklı tecrübe seviyelerindeki 500 kişilik bir aday grubuna uygulanmıştır. Adayların seçiminde kolayda örnekleme metodu kullanılıp, Berthon’un 25 soruluk ölçeğinden oluşan anket 7’li Likert cevap ölçeği kullanılarak e-mail aracılığıyla adaylara gönderilmiştir. Elde edilen sonuçlar da SPSS programı ile analiz edilmiştir.

  5. KATS METAR (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — METAR is a routine scheduled observation and is the primary observation code used in the United States to satisfy requirements for reporting surface meteorological...

  6. WNetKAT

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Schmid, Stefan; Xue, Bingtian


    Programmability and verifiability lie at the heart of the software-defined networking paradigm. While OpenFlow and its match-action concept provide primitive operations to manipulate hardware configurations, over the last years, several more expressive network programming languages have been...

  7. Improvement of pigenonpea and cowpea for drought, disease and insect pest tolerance through induced mutations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Omanga, P A [National Dryland Farming Research Centre, Kenya Agricultural Research Inst., Machakos (Kenya)


    Pigeonpea and cowpea are widely grown in the semi-arid and arid regions of Kenya by small scale farmers. The average yields are usually low due to insect pests, diseases and long growth duration of the local land races. Little success has been achieved through conventional breeding methods for tolerance to insect pests and diseases despite the development of high yielding and early maturing lines. Therefore, mutation induction was initiated to widen the genetic variability in the improved lines. Seeds of three promising pigeonpea cultivars KAT 60/8, KAT 777 and KAT E31/4 and of cowpea KAT 419, K80 and M66 were subjected to three doses of gamma rays; 80, 120 and 150 Gy for pigeonpea and 160, 200 and 250 Gy for cowpea. In M{sub 1} generation, doses of 150 Gy and 250 Gy reduced emergence by about 50% and increased seedling deformities in both crops. In M{sub 2} generation of KAT 60/8, high yielding mutants with oval shaped seeds (T{sub 1} P{sub 58}) and branching (T{sub 3} P{sub 28}) were identified. Two progenies of KAT 777 (T{sub 1} P{sub 7} and T{sub 1} P{sub 11}) had small slender leaves. Selected plant progenies in M{sub 3}, M{sub 4} and M{sub 5} generation gave some promising high yielding variants. Although, the difference in days to flower and maturity of mutant progenies and untreated bulk were small, some mutant progenies of KAT 777 and KAT 60/8 showed tolerance to Fusarium wilt. None of the progenies of KAT E31/4 gave better score for Cercospora leaf-spot compared to the check. (author). 2 refs, 4 tabs.

  8. Landslide susceptibility mapping using frequency ratio, logistic regression, artificial neural networks and their comparison: A case study from Kat landslides (Tokat—Turkey) (United States)

    Yilmaz, Işık


    The purpose of this study is to compare the landslide susceptibility mapping methods of frequency ratio (FR), logistic regression and artificial neural networks (ANN) applied in the Kat County (Tokat—Turkey). Digital elevation model (DEM) was first constructed using GIS software. Landslide-related factors such as geology, faults, drainage system, topographical elevation, slope angle, slope aspect, topographic wetness index (TWI) and stream power index (SPI) were used in the landslide susceptibility analyses. Landslide susceptibility maps were produced from the frequency ratio, logistic regression and neural networks models, and they were then compared by means of their validations. The higher accuracies of the susceptibility maps for all three models were obtained from the comparison of the landslide susceptibility maps with the known landslide locations. However, respective area under curve (AUC) values of 0.826, 0.842 and 0.852 for frequency ratio, logistic regression and artificial neural networks showed that the map obtained from ANN model is more accurate than the other models, accuracies of all models can be evaluated relatively similar. The results obtained in this study also showed that the frequency ratio model can be used as a simple tool in assessment of landslide susceptibility when a sufficient number of data were obtained. Input process, calculations and output process are very simple and can be readily understood in the frequency ratio model, however logistic regression and neural networks require the conversion of data to ASCII or other formats. Moreover, it is also very hard to process the large amount of data in the statistical package.

  9. A Comparison of Four Different Beach Profiling Techniques at St Leonards, Victoria - An Example of a Collaborative Stakeholder Research Project (United States)

    Cox, N. L.; Miner, A. S.; Wynn, N.; Turner, D.


    Many beaches in Australia are under attack from shoreline erosion due rising sea levels and the action of waves. St Leonard's beach, a tourist town on the Victorian coastline, is of concern from this destructive erosion and the threat to the economic stability of the town. The major cause of erosion in this area is related to waves created from strong to gale force north to north-easterly winds. This in turn produces a northerly longshore current along with sediment suspension leading to a negative sediment budget. Ongoing and systematic monitoring of the shoreline movement is important to ensure the coast is understood and effectively managed now and into the future. Coastal land managers and agencies are required to find 'cost-effective' and 'fit-for-purpose' coastal monitoring methodologies which are affordable and efficient. This project forges a collaboration of stakeholders from academia, public sector land manager, local government and the private sector to compare four different methods of obtaining beach profiles. The four methods of obtaining beach profiles used for comparison are: 1. traditional survey method along transects using a total station theodolite, 2. traditional survey method along transects using a builder's grade laser level, 3. a small multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to produce a full 3D digital surface model of the study area, and 4. an experimental stationary device to produce a limited 3D model along a designated transect using terrestrial photogrammetric approach via a small GPS enabled camera. Assessment is made by comparing the method's precision, spatial coverage, expertise and equipment requirements/costs, preparation time, field acquisition time, number of people required in the field, post-acquisition processing time, and applicability for community use. Whilst is must be very clearly stated that all methods proved to be successful, the preliminary results of the "workflow and resourcing" assessment ranked the methods in

  10. Knowledge and pharmaceutical care practice regarding inhaled therapy among registered and unregistered pharmacists: an urgent need for a patient-oriented health care educational program in Iraq

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdulameer SA


    Full Text Available Shaymaa Abdalwahed Abdulameer Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Rafidain University College, Baghdad, Iraq Background: Inadequate inhaled aerosol device demonstration and technique by health care professionals can lead to poor disease control. The aims of this study were to develop and validate Knowledge of Aerosol Tool (KAT among registered and unregistered pharmacists and to assess the pharmaceutical care practice among registered pharmacists.Methods: The KAT and pharmaceutical care practice questionnaires were developed and modified from previous reports, then an observational cross-sectional study with a convenience sample size of 340 was carried out among registered and unregistered pharmacists. The validation process included face validity and reliability, and item analysis was carried out.Results: The results showed good face validity and reliability with Cronbach’s alpha test and Pearson’s correlation coefficient for test–retest of 0.637 and 0.440, respectively. The KAT item difficulty index for most items was between 0.130 and 0.667. The total KAT scores for registered and unregistered pharmacists were 10.13±3.152 and 8.29±2.930, respectively, which revealed inadequate pharmacist knowledge of inhaled aerosol device technique and therapies. In addition, only 38.38% of the total sample was found to have a high KAT level score. The results showed higher KAT scores among males, pharmacists with a family history of respiratory disease, and pharmacists with a master’s degree. For the registered pharmacists, there were positive correlations between the total KAT score and the total pharmaceutical care practice score and the average number of patients with a respiratory disease seen by the pharmacist weekly, respectively. Moreover, there was a positive correlation between the total KAT score and its aerosol administration subscale with pharmacotherapy care and comorbid disease management practice care.Conclusion: The KAT showed good validity

  11. 2568-IJBCS-Article-Rebecca Enow T

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    HIV/HBV/HCV multiple infection rates were 6(1.48%), 7(1.72%), 5(1.23%) and .... available on HCV morbidity and mortality in. Africa. Of those HCV-infected .... three infections as illustrated in Figure 1. ... positive only and HIV negative pregnant.

  12. 2332-IJBCS-Article-Rebecca Chukwu Anckwu

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    1Medical Laboratory Science Department, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi ... of these laboratories lack consistent sources of electricity and clean water. ... Quality assurance programs including quality control and external quality .... background material, providing a contrast ... appearance of one colored line at the control.

  13. Parsing with Regular Expressions & Extensions to Kleene Algebra

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge

    . In the second part of this thesis, we study two extensions to Kleene algebra. Chomsky algebra is an algebra with a structure similar to Kleene algebra, but with a generalized mu-operator for recursion instead of the Kleene star. We show that the axioms of idempotent semirings along with continuity of the mu......-operator completely axiomatize the equational theory of the context-free languages. KAT+B! is an extension to Kleene algebra with tests (KAT) that adds mutable state. We describe a test algebra B! for mutable tests and give a commutative coproduct between KATs. Combining the axioms of B! with those of KAT and some...

  14. Spilteorien og (et par af) dens fædre

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Sune Welling


    Boganmeldelse af Robert Leonard's "Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory: From Chess to Social Science, 1900-1960". Cambridge University Press.......Boganmeldelse af Robert Leonard's "Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory: From Chess to Social Science, 1900-1960". Cambridge University Press....

  15. Significance of Coexisting Mutations on Determination of the Degree of Isoniazid Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains. (United States)

    Karunaratne, Galbokka Hewage Roshanthi Eranga; Wijesundera, Sandhya Sulochana; Vidanagama, Dhammika; Adikaram, Chamila Priyangani; Perera, Jennifer


    The emergence and spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) pose a threat to TB control in Sri Lanka. Isoniazid (INH) is a key element of the first-line anti-TB treatment regimen. Resistance to INH is mainly associated with point mutations in katG, inhA, and ahpC genes. The objective of this study was to determine mutations of these three genes in INH-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTb) strains in Sri Lanka. Complete nucleotide sequence of the three genes was amplified by polymerase chain reaction and subjected to DNA sequencing. Point mutations in the katG gene were identified in 93% isolates, of which the majority (78.6%) were at codon 315. Mutations at codons 212 and 293 of the katG gene have not been reported previously. Novel mutations were recognized in the promoter region of the inhA gene (C deletion at -34), fabG1 gene (codon 27), and ahpC gene (codon 39). Single S315T mutation in the katG gene led to a high level of resistance, while a low level of resistance with high frequency (41%) was observed when katG codon 315 coexisted with the mutation at codon 463. Since most of the observed mutations of all three genes coexisted with the katG315 mutation, screening of katG315 mutations will be a useful marker for molecular detection of INH resistance of MTb in Sri Lanka.

  16. RSM Outlook Spring 2007: Green Technology: The New IT


    Morris, Rebecca


    markdownabstract#### Sustaining change (Rebecca Morris) An interview with RSM alumnus and Royal DSM Managing Board member Feike Sijbesma. #### Why celebrity sells: The brain mechanisms of persuasion (Vittorio Busato & Rebecca Morris) Marketing researchers at RSM are combining the latest neuroimaging techniques to discover more about what goes on in the brains of consumers. For marketeers, this may help take the last remaining guesswork out of pricey advertising campaigns. #### Green technolog...

  17. Fragment Screening of Human Kynurenine Aminotransferase-II. (United States)

    Jayawickrama, Gayan S; Nematollahi, Alireza; Sun, Guanchen; Church, W Bret


    Kynurenine aminotransferase-II (KAT-II) is a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzyme that acts in the tryptophan metabolic pathway by catalyzing the transamination of kynurenine into kynurenic acid (KYNA). It is one of four isoforms in the KAT family, of which it is the primary homologue responsible for KYNA production in the mammalian brain. KAT-II is targeted for inhibition as KYNA is implicated in diseases such as schizophrenia, where it is found in elevated concentrations. Previously, many different approaches have been taken to develop KAT-II inhibitors, and herein fragment-based drug design (FBDD) approaches have been exploited to provide further lead compounds that can be designed into novel inhibitors. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) was used to screen a fragment library containing 1000 compounds, of which 41 hits were identified. These hits were further evaluated with SPR, and 18 were selected for inhibition studies. From these hits, two fragments, F6037-0164 and F0037-7280, were pursued and determined to have an IC 50 of 524.5 (± 25.6) μM and 115.2 (± 4.5) μM, respectively. This strategy shows the viability of using FBDD in gleaning knowledge about KAT-II inhibition and generating leads for the production of KAT-II inhibitors.

  18. Expanded Processing Techniques for EMI Systems (United States)


    of UXO with EMI Using Arrays of Multi-Component Receivers," in SAGEEP 2006, Seattle, WA, 2006. [7] L.-P. Song, Leonard R. Pasion , Stephen D...Oldenburg, Leonard R. Pasion , and Stephen D. Billings, "Transient electromagnetic inversion of multiple targets," in SPIE, 2009, pp. 73030R- 73030R

  19. Deepening Cosmic Education (United States)

    Leonard, Gerard


    This article is a special blend of research, theory, and practice, with clear insight into the origins of Cosmic Education and cosmic task, while recalling memories of student explorations in botany, in particular, episodes from Mr. Leonard's teaching. Mr. Leonard speaks of a storytelling curriculum that eloquently puts perspective into dimensions…

  20. Lipid raft facilitated ligation of K-{alpha}1-tubulin by specific antibodies on epithelial cells: Role in pathogenesis of chronic rejection following human lung transplantation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Angaswamy, Nataraju [Department of Surgery, Pathology and Immunology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (United States); Weber, Joseph [Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (United States); Mohanakumar, T., E-mail: [Department of Surgery, Pathology and Immunology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (United States)


    Research highlights: {yields} Addition of KAT Abs (+) sera to NHBE culture causes upregulation of growth factors. {yields} Cholesterol depletion causes down regulation of growth factor expression. {yields} Cholesterol depletion is accompanied by loss of membrane bound caveolin. {yields} Thus, we demonstrate lipid raft are critical for efficient ligation of the KAT Abs. -- Abstract: Long term function of human lung allografts is hindered by development of chronic rejection manifested as Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS). We have previously identified the development of antibodies (Abs) following lung transplantation to K-{alpha}1-tubulin (KAT), an epithelial surface gap junction cytoskeletal protein, in patients who develop BOS. However, the biochemical and molecular basis of the interactions and signaling cascades mediated by KAT Abs are yet to be defined. In this report, we investigated the biophysical basis of the epithelial cell membrane surface interaction between KAT and its specific Abs. Towards this, we analyzed the role of the lipid raft-domains in the membrane interactions which lead to cell signaling and ultimately increased growth factor expression. Normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells, upon specific ligation with Abs to KAT obtained either from the serum of BOS(+) patients or monoclonal KAT Abs, resulted in upregulation of growth factors VEGF, PDGF, and bFGF (6.4 {+-} 1.1-, 3.2 {+-} 0.9-, and 3.4 {+-} 1.1-fold increase, respectively) all of which are important in the pathogenesis of BOS. To define the role for lipid raft in augmenting surface interactions, we analyzed the changes in the growth factor expression pattern upon depletion and enrichment with lipid raft following the ligation of the epithelial cell membranes with Abs specific for KAT. NHBE cells cultured in the presence of {beta}-methyl cyclodextran ({beta}MCD) had significantly reduced growth factor expression (1.3 {+-} 0.3, vs {beta}MCD untreated being 6.4 {+-} 1.1-fold

  1. Lipid raft facilitated ligation of K-α1-tubulin by specific antibodies on epithelial cells: Role in pathogenesis of chronic rejection following human lung transplantation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Angaswamy, Nataraju; Weber, Joseph; Mohanakumar, T.


    Research highlights: → Addition of KAT Abs (+) sera to NHBE culture causes upregulation of growth factors. → Cholesterol depletion causes down regulation of growth factor expression. → Cholesterol depletion is accompanied by loss of membrane bound caveolin. → Thus, we demonstrate lipid raft are critical for efficient ligation of the KAT Abs. -- Abstract: Long term function of human lung allografts is hindered by development of chronic rejection manifested as Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS). We have previously identified the development of antibodies (Abs) following lung transplantation to K-α1-tubulin (KAT), an epithelial surface gap junction cytoskeletal protein, in patients who develop BOS. However, the biochemical and molecular basis of the interactions and signaling cascades mediated by KAT Abs are yet to be defined. In this report, we investigated the biophysical basis of the epithelial cell membrane surface interaction between KAT and its specific Abs. Towards this, we analyzed the role of the lipid raft-domains in the membrane interactions which lead to cell signaling and ultimately increased growth factor expression. Normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells, upon specific ligation with Abs to KAT obtained either from the serum of BOS(+) patients or monoclonal KAT Abs, resulted in upregulation of growth factors VEGF, PDGF, and bFGF (6.4 ± 1.1-, 3.2 ± 0.9-, and 3.4 ± 1.1-fold increase, respectively) all of which are important in the pathogenesis of BOS. To define the role for lipid raft in augmenting surface interactions, we analyzed the changes in the growth factor expression pattern upon depletion and enrichment with lipid raft following the ligation of the epithelial cell membranes with Abs specific for KAT. NHBE cells cultured in the presence of β-methyl cyclodextran (βMCD) had significantly reduced growth factor expression (1.3 ± 0.3, vs βMCD untreated being 6.4 ± 1.1-fold increase) upon stimulation with KAT Abs. Depletion

  2. Simulationsexperimente zum Ausbreitungsverhalten von Kernschmelzen: KATS-8 bis KATS-17

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eppinger, B; Fieg, G.; Massier, H.; Schuetz, W.; Stegmaier, U.; Stern, G.


    In future Light Water Reactors special devices (core catchers) might be required to prevent containment failure by basement erosion after reactor pressure vessel meltthrough during a core meltdown accident. Quick freezing of the molten core masses is desirable to reduce release of radioactivity. Several concepts of core catcher devices have been proposed based on the spreading of corium melt onto flat surfaces with subsequent water cooling. Therefore, a series of experiments to investigate high temperature melt spreading on flat surfaces has been carried out using alumina-iron thermite melts as a simulant. The oxidic thermite melt is conditioned by adding other oxides to simulate a realistic corium melt as close as possible. Spreading of oxidic and metallic melts have been performed in one- and two-dimensional geometry. Substrates were inert ceramical layer, dry concrete and concrete with a water layer of several millimeters. The influence of a shallow water layer on the surface onto the spreading behaviour has also been studied. (orig.) [de

  3. Experiences in Nature: Resolute Second-Plane Directions toward Erdkinder (United States)

    Leonard, Gerard; Allen, Kathleen


    Gerard Leonard and Kathleen Allen describe a variety of nature experiences as a part of the Montessori elementary tradition, beginning with a warning about the way contemporary life constrains children's experience of nature. Through a lyrical rendering of the nature-based expressions of children, Leonard and Allen look at a variety of approaches…

  4. The anthrax letters: a medical detective story

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cole, Leonard A


    .... Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Cole, Leonard A., 1933The anthrax letters : a medical detective story / Leonard A. Cole. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-309-08881-X - ISBN 0-309-52584-5 (PDF) 1. Bioterrorism- United States. 2. Anthrax- United States. 3. Postal service- United States. 4. Victims of...

  5. Kynurenine aminotransferase in the supratentorial dura mater of the rat: effect of stimulation of the trigeminal ganglion. (United States)

    Knyihár-Csillik, Elizabeth; Chadaide, Zoltán; Okuno, Etsuo; Krisztin-Péva, Beata; Toldi, József; Varga, Csaba; Molnár, Andor; Csillik, Bert; Vécsei, László


    Electrical stimulation of the trigeminal ganglion has been widely used as a model of nociception, characterizing migraine. This treatment is known to evoke release of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters from nerve fibers of the dura mater. On the basis of immunocytochemical investigations, we found that under normal conditions, surface membranes of Schwann cells surrounding nerve fibers in the supratentorial dura mater display kynurenine aminotransferase-immunoreaction (KAT-IR); also KAT-IR are the granules of mast cells and the cytoplasms of macrophages (histiocytes). In consequence of stimulation of the trigeminal ganglion, Schwann cells in the dura mater became conspicuously swollen while their KAT-IR decreased considerably; also KAT-IR of mast cells and macrophages decreased significantly. At the same time, nitric oxide synthase (NOS)-IR of nerve fibers in the dura mater increased, suggesting release of nitric oxide (NO), this is known to be involved in NMDA receptor activation leading to vasodilation followed by neurogenic inflammation. Because kynurenic acid (KYNA) is an antagonist of NMDA receptors, we hypothesize that KYNA and its synthesizing enzyme, KAT, may play a role in the prevention of migraine attacks.

  6. Mark Leonard : Venemaal on kinnisidee kontrollida ümbruskonda / Mark Leonard ; interv. Liisa Past

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Euroopa välissuhete nõukogu juht vastab küsimustele, kas praeguse Euroopa konfliktid ja vastuolud ei õõnesta tema võimalust olla maailmas oluline jõud, kas Venemaast saab kunagi EL-i liige ja mille poolest ta Euroopast erineb, kas Hiina hakkab ka poliitikas silma paistmiseks jõudu koguma, milline on Hiina ja Venemaa tegelik eesmärk, miks on Hiina inimõiguste küsimus Euroopa aruteludest kadunud

  7. Multi-Scale Approach to Understanding Source-Sink Dynamics of Amphibians (United States)


    spotted salamander, A. maculatum) at Fort Leonard Wood (FLW), Missouri. We used a multi-faceted approach in which we combined ecological , genetic...spotted salamander, A. maculatum) at Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri through a combination of intensive ecological field studies, genetic analyses, and...spatial demographic networks to identify optimal locations for wetland construction and restoration. Ecological Applications. Walls, S. C., Ball, L. C

  8. En verden uden ende

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Jens Olaf Pepke


    Multivers. Er der kun ét, eller er der utallige universer med hver sine naturlove? Det er emnet for en nyoversat bog af fysikeren Stephen Hawking og forfatteren Leonard Mlodinow.......Multivers. Er der kun ét, eller er der utallige universer med hver sine naturlove? Det er emnet for en nyoversat bog af fysikeren Stephen Hawking og forfatteren Leonard Mlodinow....

  9. New insight into the antidepressants action: modulation of kynurenine pathway by increasing the kynurenic acid/3-hydroxykynurenine ratio. (United States)

    Kocki, Tomasz; Wnuk, Sebastian; Kloc, Renata; Kocki, Janusz; Owe-Larsson, Björn; Urbanska, Ewa M


    Altered function of kynurenine pathway has emerged recently as one of the factors contributing to the pathogenesis of depression. Neuroprotective kynurenic acid (KYNA) and neurotoxic 3-hydroxykynurenine (3-HK) are two immediate metabolites of L: -kynurenine. Here, we aimed to assess the hypothesis that antidepressant drugs that may change brain KYNA/3-HK ratio. In primary astroglial cultures, fluoxetine, citalopram, amitriptyline and imipramine (1-10 μM) increased de novo production of KYNA and diminished 3-HK synthesis (24 and 48, but not 2 h). RT-PCR studies revealed that Kat1, Kat2 and kynurenine-3-monooxygenase (Kmo) gene expressions were not altered after 2 h. At 24 h, the expression of Kat1 and Kat2 genes was enhanced by all studied drugs, whereas Kmo expression was diminished by citalopram, fluoxetine and amitriptyline, but not imipramine. After 48 h, the expression of Kat1 and Kat2 was further up-regulated, and Kmo expression was down-regulated by all antidepressants. The ratio KYNA/3-HK was increased by fluoxetine, citalopram, amitriptyline and imipramine in a time-dependent manner-the effect was not observed after 2 h, modest after 24 h and robust after 48 h incubation time. Our findings indicate that the action of antidepressants may involve re-establishing of the beneficial ratio between KYNA and 3-HK. Shift in the kynurenine pathway, observed after prolonged exposure to antidepressant drugs, may partly explain their delayed therapeutic effectiveness.

  10. A comparison of PCR-based markers for the molecular identification of Sphagnum species of the section Acutifolia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jakub Sawicki


    Full Text Available RAPDs, ISJs, ISSRs, ITS and katGs were applied to determine genetic relationships between common Sphagnum species of the section Acutifolia. Twenty populations were genotyped using ten ISJ primers, 12 pairs of katG primers, 10 ISSR and 10 RAPD primers, and a restriction analysis of ITS1 and ITS2. ISSR and katG markers revealed the greatest number of species-specific bands. An analysis of ITS1 and ITS2 regions with restriction enzymes also proved to be a highly effective tool for species identification.

  11. Molecular identification and characterisation of catalase and catalase-like protein genes in urease-positive thermophilic Campylobacter (UPTC). (United States)

    Nakajima, T; Kuribayashi, T; Moore, J E; Millar, B C; Yamamoto, S; Matsuda, Motoo


    Thermophilic Campylobacter are important bacterial pathogens of foodborne diseases worldwide. These organisms' physiology requires a microaerophilic atmosphere. To date, little is known about the protective catalase mechanism in urease-positive thermophilic campylobacters (UPTC); hence, it was the aim of this study to identify and characterise catalase and catalase-like protein genes in these organisms. Catalase (katA) and catalase (Kat)-like protein genes from the Japanese UPTC CF89-12 strain were molecularly analysed and compared with C. lari RM2100 and other C. lari and thermophilic Campylobacter reference isolates. A possible open reading frame of 1,422 base pairs, predicted to encode a peptide of 474 amino acid residues, with calculated molecular weight of 52.7 kilo Daltons for katA, was identified within UPTC CF89-12. A probable ribosome binding site, two putative promoters and a putative ρ-independent transcription terminator were also identified within katA. A similar katA cluster also existed in the C. lari RM2100 strain, except that this strain carries no DcuB genes. However, the Kat-like protein gene or any other homologue(s) were never identified in the C. lari RM2100 strain, or in C. jejuni and C. upsaliensis. This study demonstrates the presence of catalase/catalase-like protein genes in UPTC organisms. These findings are significant in that they suggest that UPTC organisms have the protective genetic capability of helping protect the organisms from toxic oxygen stress, which may help them to survive in physiologically harsh environments, both within human and animal hosts, as well as in the natural environment.

  12. Supplementary data:

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Supplementary data: Table 1. Oligonucleotide primers used for SNP verification by Sanger sequencing. Oligo. 5' – 3' sequence. Product size (bp). Annealing temperature (°C). katG_L gccggtcaagaagaagtacg. 591. 67. katG_R ctcttcgtcagctcccactc. rpoB_La ctgatccaaaaccagatccg. 440. 64. rpoB_Ra tacacgatctcgtcgctaac.

  13. Analysis of Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents Knowledge of the Contract Management Process (United States)


    Asia (GDMA), Leonard Glenn Francis , a former defense contractor known as “Fat Leonard,” was charged with defrauding the government of millions of...accused Francis of offering Navy procurement officials and other military personnel large sums of money, concert tickets, luxury travel, and...Walsh-Healey Act Davis- Bacon Act In addition to congressional acts, the FAR is made up of 53 parts containing more than 2,000 pages of

  14. Additional Analysis of the ESTCP Discrimination Study Data at Camp Sibert, Alabama. Project 200504: Practical Discrimination Strategies for Application to Live Sites (United States)


    Dr. Stephen Billings Dr. Leonard Pasion Sky Research, Inc) Laurens Beran UBC-GIF Approved for public release; distribution...Sites 5. FUNDING NUMBERS Contract # W912HQ-05-C-0018 6. AUTHOR(S) Dr. Stephen Billings, Dr. Leonard Pasion (Sky Research, Inc.) Laurens Beran...representative of the test datasets. ESTCP MM-0504: Additional Analysis of Camp Sibert Data Sky Research Inc October 2008 References [1] L.R. Pasion , N

  15. Determining vancomycin clearance in an overweight and obese population. (United States)

    Leong, Julie V B; Boro, Maureen S; Winter, Michaele


    Two methods of calculating vancomycin clearance were compared to determine the best body weight measure to use when dosing vancomycin for overweight and obese patients. Hospitalized veterans weighing more than 120% of their ideal body weight (IBW) with serum vancomycin concentrations (SVCs) drawn between January 1, 2003, and June 30, 2005, were eligible for study inclusion. Exclusion criteria included weight of more than 300% the IBW, unstable renal function, dialysis, uncertain vancomycin dosing or sampling times, and distribution-phase sampling. Data from January 1 through December 31, 2003 (phase 1) determined the best-fit weight for vancomycin clearance for the Leonard and Boro method. The bias and precision of the modified Leonard and Boro method using the best-fit weight for vancomycin clearance were then compared with those of the Rushing and Ambrose method for predicting SVCs from January 1, 2004, through June 30, 2005 (phase 2). Forty-eight patients were included in phase 1, with 67 SVCs for analysis. During phase 1, adjusted body weight (ABW), using the Leonard and Boro method, was superior in predicting vancomycin clearance and the resultant SVCs. A total of 96 patients were included in phase 2 of the study, with 160 SVCs for analysis. The modified Leonard and Boro method was significantly more precise than the Rushing and Ambrose method in predicting vancomycin clearance. Use of ABW proved to be superior compared with total body weight when estimating vancomycin clearance in overweight and obese patients. While there was no difference in bias between methods, the modified Leonard and Boro method was significantly more precise than the Rushing and Ambrose method in predicting SVCs when dosing vancomycin for obese patients.

  16. Status of epigenetic chromatin modification enzymes and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma risk in northeast Indian population. (United States)

    Singh, Virendra; Singh, Laishram C; Singh, Avninder P; Sharma, Jagannath; Borthakur, Bibhuti B; Debnath, Arundhati; Rai, Avdhesh K; Phukan, Rup K; Mahanta, Jagadish; Kataki, Amal C; Kapur, Sujala; Saxena, Sunita


    Esophageal cancer incidence is reported in high frequency in northeast India. The etiology is different from other population at India due to wide variations in dietary habits or nutritional factors, tobacco/betel quid chewing and alcohol habits. Since DNA methylation, histone modification and miRNA-mediated epigenetic processes alter the gene expression, the involvement of these processes might be useful to find out epigenetic markers of esophageal cancer risk in northeast Indian population. The present investigation was aimed to carryout differential expression profiling of chromatin modification enzymes in tumor and normal tissue collected from esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) patients. Differential mRNA expression profiling and their validation was done by quantitative real time PCR and tissue microarray respectively. Univariate and multiple logistic regression analysis were used to analyze the epidemiological data. mRNA expression data was analyzed by Student t-test. Fisher exact test was used for tissue microarray data analysis. Higher expression of enzymes regulating methylation (DOT1L and PRMT1) and acetylation (KAT7, KAT8, KAT2A and KAT6A) of histone was found associated with ESCC risk. Tissue microarray done in independent cohort of 75 patients revealed higher nuclear protein expression of KAT8 and PRMT1 in tumor similar to mRNA expression. Expression status of PRMT1 and KAT8 was found declined as we move from low grade to high grade tumor. Betel nut chewing, alcohol drinking and dried fish intake were significantly associated with increased risk of esophageal cancer among the study subject. Study suggests the association of PRMT1 and KAT8 with esophageal cancer risk and its involvement in the transition process of low to high grade tumor formation. The study exposes the differential status of chromatin modification enzymes between tumor and normal tissue and points out that relaxed state of chromatin facilitates more transcriptionally active

  17. Francisella tularensis Catalase Restricts Immune Function by Impairing TRPM2 Channel Activity. (United States)

    Shakerley, Nicole L; Chandrasekaran, Akshaya; Trebak, Mohamed; Miller, Barbara A; Melendez, J Andrés


    As an innate defense mechanism, macrophages produce reactive oxygen species that weaken pathogens and serve as secondary messengers involved in immune function. The Gram-negative bacterium Francisella tularensis utilizes its antioxidant armature to limit the host immune response, but the mechanism behind this suppression is not defined. Here we establish that F. tularensis limits Ca(2+) entry in macrophages, thereby limiting actin reorganization and IL-6 production in a redox-dependent fashion. Wild type (live vaccine strain) or catalase-deficient F. tularensis (ΔkatG) show distinct profiles in their H2O2 scavenging rates, 1 and 0.015 pm/s, respectively. Murine alveolar macrophages infected with ΔkatG display abnormally high basal intracellular Ca(2+) concentration that did not increase further in response to H2O2. Additionally, ΔkatG-infected macrophages displayed limited Ca(2+) influx in response to ionomycin, as a result of ionophore H2O2 sensitivity. Exogenously added H2O2 or H2O2 generated by ΔkatG likely oxidizes ionomycin and alters its ability to transport Ca(2+). Basal increases in cytosolic Ca(2+) and insensitivity to H2O2-mediated Ca(2+) entry in ΔkatG-infected cells are reversed by the Ca(2+) channel inhibitors 2-aminoethyl diphenylborinate and SKF-96365. 2-Aminoethyl diphenylborinate but not SKF-96365 abrogated ΔkatG-dependent increases in macrophage actin remodeling and IL-6 secretion, suggesting a role for H2O2-mediated Ca(2+) entry through the transient receptor potential melastatin 2 (TRPM2) channel in macrophages. Indeed, increases in basal Ca(2+), actin polymerization, and IL-6 production are reversed in TRPM2-null macrophages infected with ΔkatG. Together, our findings provide compelling evidence that F. tularensis catalase restricts reactive oxygen species to temper macrophage TRPM2-mediated Ca(2+) signaling and limit host immune function. © 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  18. The sonic hedgehog signaling pathway maintains the cancer stem cell self-renewal of anaplastic thyroid cancer by inducing snail expression. (United States)

    Heiden, Katherine B; Williamson, Ashley J; Doscas, Michelle E; Ye, Jin; Wang, Yimin; Liu, Dingxie; Xing, Mingzhao; Prinz, Richard A; Xu, Xiulong


    Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been recently identified in thyroid neoplasm. Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) contains a higher percentage of CSCs than well-differentiated thyroid cancer. The signaling pathways and the transcription factors that regulate thyroid CSC self-renewal remain poorly understood. The objective of this study is to use two ATC cell lines (KAT-18 and SW1736) as a model to study the role of the sonic hedgehog (Shh) pathway in maintaining thyroid CSC self-renewal and to understand its underlying molecular mechanisms. The expression and activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), a marker for thyroid CSCs, was analyzed by Western blot and ALDEFLUOR assay, respectively. The effect of three Shh pathway inhibitors (cyclopamine, HhAntag, GANT61), Shh, Gli1, Snail knockdown, and Gli1 overexpression on thyroid CSC self-renewal was analyzed by ALDEFLUOR assay and thyrosphere formation. The sensitivity of transfected KAT-18 cells to radiation was evaluated by a colony survival assay. Western blot analysis revealed that ALDH protein levels in five thyroid cancer cell lines (WRO82, a follicular thyroid cancer cell line; BCPAP and TPC1, two papillary thyroid cancer cell lines; KAT-18 and SW1736, two ATC cell lines) correlated with the percentage of the ALDH(High) cells as well as Gli1 and Snail expression. The Shh pathway inhibitors, Shh and Gli1 knockdown, in KAT-18 cells decreased thyroid CSC self-renewal and increased radiation sensitivity. In contrast, Gli1 overexpression led to increased thyrosphere formation, an increased percentage of ALDH(High) cells, and increased radiation resistance in KAT-18 cells. Inhibition of the Shh pathway by three specific inhibitors led to decreased Snail expression and a decreased number of ALDH(High) cells in KAT-18 and SW1736. Snail gene knockdown decreased the number of ALDH(High) cells in KAT-18 and SW1736 cells. The Shh pathway promotes the CSC self-renewal in ATC cell lines by Gli1-induced Snail expression.

  19. Film, mis mõjub / Anne Applebaum ; tõlk. Kaarel Tarand

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Applebaum, Anne


    Ajalehes The New York Review of Books (14. II) ilmunud artikkel poola režissööri Andrzej Wajda filmist "Katõn", mis räägib Katõni massimõrvast. Andrzej Wajda pälvis sel aastal Eesti presidendilt Maarjamaa Risti III klassi teenetemärgi

  20. On the relationship between the two branches of the kynurenine pathway in the rat brain in vivo. (United States)

    Amori, Laura; Guidetti, Paolo; Pellicciari, Roberto; Kajii, Yasushi; Schwarcz, Robert


    In the mammalian brain, kynurenine aminotransferase II (KAT II) and kynurenine 3-monooxygenase (KMO), key enzymes of the kynurenine pathway (KP) of tryptophan degradation, form the neuroactive metabolites kynurenic acid (KYNA) and 3-hydroxykynurenine (3-HK), respectively. Although physically segregated, both enzymes use the pivotal KP metabolite l-kynurenine as a substrate. We studied the functional consequences of this cellular compartmentalization in vivo using two specific tools, the KAT II inhibitor BFF 122 and the KMO inhibitor UPF 648. The acute effects of selective KAT II or KMO inhibition were studied using a radiotracing method in which the de novo synthesis of KYNA, and of 3-HK and its downstream metabolite quinolinic acid (QUIN), is monitored following an intrastriatal injection of (3)H-kynurenine. In naïve rats, intrastriatal BFF 122 decreased newly formed KYNA by 66%, without influencing 3-HK or QUIN production. Conversely, UPF 648 reduced 3-HK synthesis (by 64%) without affecting KYNA formation. Similar, selective effects of KAT II and KMO inhibition were observed when the inhibitors were applied acutely together with the excitotoxin QUIN, which impairs local KP metabolism. Somewhat different effects of KMO (but not KAT II) inhibition were obtained in rats that had received an intrastriatal QUIN injection 7 days earlier. In these neuron-depleted striata, UPF 648 not only decreased both 3-HK and QUIN production (by 77% and 66%, respectively) but also moderately raised KYNA synthesis (by 27%). These results indicate a remarkable functional segregation of the two pathway branches in the brain, boding well for the development of selective KAT II or KMO inhibitors for cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection, respectively.

  1. Productive response of hair ewes crossed with Damara and Dorper and growth of their lambs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Salinas-Rios

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Profitability of sheep production depends on the reproductive response of ewes and growth of their lambs, which can be improved through the ram genotype. The aim of this study was to evaluate the reproductive response of Blackbelly (Bb, Pelibuey (Pb, Katahdin (Kat and Dorper (Dor ewes crossed with Damara (Dam and Dor rams and the growth of their offspring. To measure percentage of single and multiple lambings (MLP, 234 Bb, Pb, Kat and Dor ewes were used. To measure lamb growth, the offspring of 86 Bb x Pb (BbPb ewes and 73 Kat x Dor (KatDOR ewes were used. Four Dor x BbPb, six Dam x BbPb and six Dam x KatDor lambs were slaughtered for carcass assessment. MLP was analyzed with the CATMOD procedure considering the factors age and breed. Lamb growth data were analyzed with the MIXED procedure, and those of carcass characteristics with the GLM procedure of SAS, using weight at slaughter as covariable. MLP was higher (P0.05 by effect of ram breed. It is concluded that Bb ewes are more prolific than Dor ewes; male lambs of Dam rams had post-weaning growth response and carcass yield similar to those of Dor rams, although the female lambs of Dor rams were heavier than those of Dam rams.

  2. Handheld Frequency Domain Vector EMI Sensing for UXO Discrimination (United States)


    MATERIALS AND METHODS: GEM-3D+ SOFTWARE 4.6 NSMS Modeling of GEM-3D+ and HAP Method parametrized by a Pasion Oldenburg type model and/or combined with...Sens., 39:1286–1293, June 2001. 33, 38 [9] Leonard R. Pasion and Douglas W. Oldenburg. A discrimination algorithm for UXO using time domain...Oct. 1969. 52, 69 [39] Nicolas Lhomme, Leonard R. Pasion , Stephen D. Billings, and Douglas W. Oldenburg. Inversion of frequency domain data

  3. Airmindedness Without Airheadedness: A Way Ahead for Airmen to Lead Design (United States)


    officers from any Service. 18 Notes 1. Edward C. Cardon and Lieutenant Colonel Steve Leonard, “Unleashing Design: Planning and the Art of...SAASS], 2006), 82.) 12. General James N. Mattis, Memorandum for U.S. Joint Forces Command, 9 October 2009. 13. Cardon and Leonard, “Unleashing...Design,” 3. See also Grant Martin, “A Tale of Two Design Efforts (and why they both Failed in Afghanistan),” Small Wars Journal (July 7, 2011): 1-15

  4. Source apportionment of NMVOCs in the Kathmandu Valley during the SusKat-ABC international field campaign using positive matrix factorization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Sarkar


    Full Text Available A positive matrix factorization model (US EPA PMF version 5.0 was applied for the source apportionment of the dataset of 37 non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs measured from 19 December 2012 to 30 January 2013 during the SusKat-ABC international air pollution measurement campaign using a proton-transfer-reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometer in the Kathmandu Valley. In all, eight source categories were identified with the PMF model using the new constrained model operation mode. Unresolved industrial emissions and traffic source factors were the major contributors to the total measured NMVOC mass loading (17.9 and 16.8 %, respectively followed by mixed industrial emissions (14.0 %, while the remainder of the source was split approximately evenly between residential biofuel use and waste disposal (10.9 %, solvent evaporation (10.8 %, biomass co-fired brick kilns (10.4 %, biogenic emissions (10.0 % and mixed daytime factor (9.2 %. Conditional probability function (CPF analyses were performed to identify the physical locations associated with different sources. Source contributions to individual NMVOCs showed that biomass co-fired brick kilns significantly contribute to the elevated concentrations of several health relevant NMVOCs such as benzene. Despite the highly polluted conditions, biogenic emissions had the largest contribution (24.2 % to the total daytime ozone production potential, even in winter, followed by solvent evaporation (20.2 %, traffic (15.0 % and unresolved industrial emissions (14.3 %. Secondary organic aerosol (SOA production had approximately equal contributions from biomass co-fired brick kilns (28.9 % and traffic (28.2 %. Comparison of PMF results based on the in situ data versus REAS v2.1 and EDGAR v4.2 emission inventories showed that both the inventories underestimate the contribution of traffic and do not take the contribution of brick kilns into account. In addition, the REAS

  5. Immuno-PET of undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma with radioiodine-labelled antibody cMAb U36: application to antibody tumour uptake studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fortin, Marc-Andre [Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Quebec and Laval University, Laboratory for Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Quebec City (Canada); Uppsala University, Biomedical Radiation Sciences, Department of Oncology, Radiology, and Clinical Immunology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala (Sweden); Salnikov, Alexei V. [Uppsala University, BMC, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala (Sweden); German Cancer Research Center, Division of Molecular Immunology, Heidelberg (Germany); Nestor, Marika [Uppsala University, Division of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala (Sweden); Heldin, Nils-Erik [Uppsala University, Department of Genetics and Pathology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala (Sweden); Rubin, Kristofer [Uppsala University, BMC, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala (Sweden); Lundqvist, Hans [Uppsala University, Biomedical Radiation Sciences, Department of Oncology, Radiology, and Clinical Immunology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala (Sweden)


    We tested the suitability of the chimeric monoclonal anti-human CD44 splice version 6 antibody (cMAb U36) for targeting and visualising human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma with PET. We also performed experiments aimed at elucidating the relation between tumour interstitial fluid pressure (TIFP) and the tumour uptake of antibodies. The affinity and specificity of the cMAb U36 for KAT-4 cells were evaluated in vitro, as was the Na{sup +}/I{sup -} symporter (NIS) expression. Biodistribution studies were performed on KAT-4 carcinoma-bearing mice injected with {sup 124}I-cMAb U36 or free iodine. Biodistribution studies were also performed in animals treated with the specific TGF-{beta}1 and -{beta}3 inhibitor Fc:T{beta}RII, which lowers TIFP. Treated and non-treated animals were scanned by microPET. Cultured human undifferentiated/anaplastic thyroid carcinoma KAT-4 cells expressed low levels of NIS and uptake of free iodine was insignificant. The cMAb U36 expressed an affinity (K{sub D}) of 11 {+-} 2 nM. Tumour radioactivity uptake reached maximum values 48 h after injection of {sup 124}I-cMAb U36 ({proportional_to}22%IA/g). KAT-4 carcinomas were readily identified in all {sup 124}I-immuno-PET images. Radioactivity tumour uptake in Fc:T{beta}RII-treated animals was significantly lower at 24 and 48 h after injection, and five times higher thyroid uptake was also noted. We successfully used {sup 124}I-cMAb U36 to visualise CD44v6-expressing human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Given the lack of NIS expression in KAT-4, tumour visualisation is not due to free iodine uptake. Lowering the TIFP in KAT-4 carcinomas did not increase the uptake of mAbs into tumour tissue. (orig.)

  6. Cj1386 Is an Ankyrin-Containing Protein Involved in Heme Trafficking to Catalase in Campylobacter jejuni (United States)

    Flint, Annika; Sun, Yi-Qian


    Campylobacter jejuni, a microaerophilic bacterium, is the most frequent cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis. C. jejuni is exposed to harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced during its own normal metabolic processes and during infection from the host immune system and from host intestinal microbiota. These ROS will damage DNA and proteins and cause peroxidation of lipids. Consequently, identifying ROS defense mechanisms is important for understanding how Campylobacter survives this environmental stress during infection. Construction of a ΔCj1386 isogenic deletion mutant and phenotypic assays led to its discovery as a novel oxidative stress defense gene. The ΔCj1386 mutant has an increased sensitivity toward hydrogen peroxide. The Cj1386 gene is located directly downstream from katA (catalase) in the C. jejuni genome. A ΔkatAΔ Cj1386 double deletion mutant was constructed and exhibited a sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide similar to that seen in the ΔCj1386 and ΔkatA single deletion mutants. This observation suggests that Cj1386 may be involved in the same detoxification pathway as catalase. Despite identical KatA abundances, catalase activity assays showed that the ΔCj1386 mutant had a reduced catalase activity relative to that of wild-type C. jejuni. Heme quantification of KatA protein from the ΔCj1386 mutant revealed a significant decrease in heme concentration. This indicates an important role for Cj1386 in heme trafficking to KatA within C. jejuni. Interestingly, the ΔCj1386 mutant had a reduced ability to colonize the ceca of chicks and was outcompeted by the wild-type strain for colonization of the gastrointestinal tract of neonate piglets. These results indicate an important role for Cj1386 in Campylobacter colonization and pathogenesis. PMID:22081390

  7. Traagiliselt hukkunud Poola president oma võitluse vilju enam ei näinud / Heiki Suurkask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Venemaa peaminister Vladimir Putin tunnistas kohtumisel Poola peaministri Donald Tuskiga 1940. aastal toimunud massimõrva Katõnis. Katõni ohvrite mälestustseremooniale teel olnud lennukiga juhtus õnnetus, mille käigus said surma Poola president Lech Kaczyński ja paljud teised Poola jaoks tähtsad inimesed. Poola tegevusest Euroopa Liidus. Kaart

  8. Diazinon and Cadmium Neurotoxicity in Rats after an Experimental Administration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Róbert Toman


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to describe the changes in cholinesterase activity in separate doses and after coadministration of cadmium and diazinon intraperitoneally and to assess toxicity and interactions of diazinon and cadmium on the nervous system in male rats. 40 male rats were randomly divided into three experimental and one control group (10 rats in each group. Blood analyzes were performed 36 hours after an intraperitoneal administration of observed compounds. The statistical evaluation of the results showed significantly (P < 0.01 reduced activity of cholinesterase in all experimental groups. The enzyme activity decreased from the control value 3.69 μkat/L to 1.81 μkat/L (diazinon group, 1.83 μkat/L (cadmium group and 1.35 μkat/L (cadmium+diazinon group. These results indicate that both cadmium and diazinon are potent to manifest the neurotoxic effects. Moreover, a synergistic effect of the co-administered cadmium and diazinon in the nervous system has been observed.

  9. Hatten af for Cohens skønheder og skyggesider

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mortensen, Lise Majgaard


    Der er højt til loftet i Aarhus Teaters nye teaterkoncert, som behandler selveste Leonard Cohens lyriske univers. Det er svært at lade være med at sammenligne forestillingen her med Nick Cave Teaterkoncerten, der gik sin sejrsgang i 2007 og 2008. Men det skal man ikke. Instruktøren er den samme....... Men hvor ’Nick Cave’ var rå, grim, provokerende og uanstændig, er ’Leonard Cohen’ en skrøbelig gentleman med en skyggeside....

  10. Sistemnaja bezopasnost / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Euroopa Parlamendi kodanike õiguste, justiits- ja siseasjade komisjon leidis, et Eesti, Läti, Leedu, Poola, Slovakkia, Sloveenia, Tšehhi, Ungari ja Malta on täitnud Schengeni infosüsteemi SIS rakendamiseks vajalikud tingimused ja esitas oma hinnangu nõukogule

  11. Sumerki klassitsizma / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Tallinna Viru Keskuse juurde püstitatud Mare Mikofi kavandatud hiigelskulptuurist. Kuju on Mikofi versioon Weizenbergi "Hämarikust". Viru Keskuse arhitektide Vilen Künnapu ja Ain Padriku arvates peaks naiseskulptuur mahendama kaubakeskuse kubistlikku ja maskuliinset arhitektuuri

  12. Analysis of KATS experiments

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Foit, J.J.


    In many applications the cooling process will lead to variable flow properties, e. g. variable viscosity and, consequently, to a coupled system of the temperature and flow equations. It is impossible to satisfactorily treat this problem analytically. The lubrication approximation leads to an equation for which similarity solutions for various conditions have been found by many authors (Zel'dovich and Kompaneets, 1950; Sakimoto, 1995; Huppert, 1982; Foit, 1997). Bercovici (1994) developed a model for an axisymmetric gravity current which accounts for thermoviscous effects, i. e., the spatial variation of the viscosity. The numerical results showed significant deviations from the similarity profiles of the constant viscosity (Huppert, 1982) as well as the time-dependent viscosity (Foit, 1997) case. A variety of experiments have been carried out to determine the effects of cooling on the flow of fluids with different properties. The influence of the crust formation rates on the fluid flow was explored experimentally by Fink and Griffiths (1993) with the aim of understanding and classifying small-scale flow surface morphology for a fluid with weakly temperature dependent viscosity (polythylene glycol 600). This study indicated that a crust does not greatly affect the fluid flow except for very high crust formation rates. Experiments which used a fluid with strongly temperature dependent viscosity (glucose syrup) were performed by M. V. Stasluk et al. (1993). In this case the cold, viscous fluid accumulated at the leading edge, altering the flow shape and thickness and slowing the spreading. The front became steeper and the surface behind the front was nearly horizontal. All performed experiments evolved to a stage at which the overall spreading behaviour of the flow can be approximated by a constant bulk viscosity. (orig.)

  13. Koalitsionnoje rasputje / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Reformierakond ja Res Publica hakkasid otsima võimalikke koalitsioonipartnereid. Res Publica peasekretäri Ott Lumi arvates peaksid uue valitsuse moodustama justiitsministrile umbusaldust avaldanud erakonnad

  14. Biografija monumenta / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Tallinna Reaalkooli ees asuva Vabadussõjas langenud Tallinna õpetajate ja õpilaste monumendi "Poiss" saatusest. Autor Ferdi Sannamees. Avati 13. novembril 1927. Hävitati 29. märtsil 1948 ja taastati 1993

  15. Of mice and men: an introduction to mouseology or, anal eroticism and Disney. (United States)

    Berger, A A


    This essay deals with two important comics, Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and George Herriman's Krazy Kat, and considers the social, cultural, psychological and symbolic significance of the main characters and their creators. In the discussion of Disney and his work (based, in part on writings about him) it is suggested that he exhibited traits associated with anal eroticism, which raises an interesting question about the popularity of his work with the American public. The two dominant themes found in Krazy Kat are described as "the triumph of illusion over reality" and "anti-authoritarianism." In a comparison of the two characters, it is shown they are polar opposites: Mickey Mouse is sadistic, asexual, and anal while Ignatz Mouse, the hero of Krazy Kat, is playful, sexual, and phallic.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eliza Hawrylik


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was the evaluation of usefulness of Escherichia coli K-12 RFM 443 katG::lux for cytotoxicity and genotoxicity monitoring of metoprolol in the environment. Metoprolol is one of the most popular cardiac drug which belongs to the group of β – blockers. The drug was applied at concentrations ranging from 10-1 mg/cm3 to 10-5 mg/cm3. Obtained data indicated the influence of metoprolol on lux gene expression and katG promotor activity in E.coli K-12. The results indicato the possibility of using of Escherichia coli K-12 RFM 443 strain with katG::lux gene construct in the monitoring of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity cardiac drug residues in the environment.

  17. Anti-inflammatory effects of Lactobacillus casei BL23 producing or not a manganese-dependant catalase on DSS-induced colitis in mice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Corthier Gérard


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Human immune cells generate large amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS throughout the respiratory burst that occurs during inflammation. In inflammatory bowel diseases, a sustained and abnormal activation of the immune system results in oxidative stress in the digestive tract and in a loss of intestinal homeostasis. We previously showed that the heterologous production of the Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC14431 manganese-dependant catalase (MnKat in Lb. casei BL23 successfully enhances its survival when exposed to oxidative stress. In this study, we evaluated the preventive effects of this antioxidative Lb. casei strain in a murine model of dextran sodium sulfate (DSS-induced moderate colitis. Results Either Lb. casei BL23 MnKat- or MnKat+ was administered daily to mice treated with DSS for 10 days. In contrast to control mice treated with PBS for which DSS induced bleeding diarrhea and mucosal lesions, mice treated with both Lb. casei strains presented a significant (p Conclusion No contribution of MnKat to the protective effect from epithelial damage has been observed in the tested conditions. In contrast, these results confirm the high interest of Lb. casei as an anti-inflammatory probiotic strain.

  18. The biology of lysine acetylation integrates transcriptional programming and metabolism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mujtaba Shiraz


    Full Text Available Abstract The biochemical landscape of lysine acetylation has expanded from a small number of proteins in the nucleus to a multitude of proteins in the cytoplasm. Since the first report confirming acetylation of the tumor suppressor protein p53 by a lysine acetyltransferase (KAT, there has been a surge in the identification of new, non-histone targets of KATs. Added to the known substrates of KATs are metabolic enzymes, cytoskeletal proteins, molecular chaperones, ribosomal proteins and nuclear import factors. Emerging studies demonstrate that no fewer than 2000 proteins in any particular cell type may undergo lysine acetylation. As described in this review, our analyses of cellular acetylated proteins using DAVID 6.7 bioinformatics resources have facilitated organization of acetylated proteins into functional clusters integral to cell signaling, the stress response, proteolysis, apoptosis, metabolism, and neuronal development. In addition, these clusters also depict association of acetylated proteins with human diseases. These findings not only support lysine acetylation as a widespread cellular phenomenon, but also impel questions to clarify the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms governing target selectivity by KATs. Present challenges are to understand the molecular basis for the overlapping roles of KAT-containing co-activators, to differentiate between global versus dynamic acetylation marks, and to elucidate the physiological roles of acetylated proteins in biochemical pathways. In addition to discussing the cellular 'acetylome', a focus of this work is to present the widespread and dynamic nature of lysine acetylation and highlight the nexus that exists between epigenetic-directed transcriptional regulation and metabolism.

  19. Characterization of a catalase-deficient strain of Neisseria gonorrhoeae: evidence for the significance of catalase in the biology of N. gonorrhoeae.


    Johnson, S R; Steiner, B M; Cruce, D D; Perkins, G H; Arko, R J


    We obtained a catalase-deficient (Kat-) strain of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from a patient who had been unsuccessfully treated with penicillin. Quantitative enzyme assays and electrophoresis of cell extracts on native polyacrylamide gels subsequently stained for catalase and peroxidase activities failed to detect both enzymes. The strain exhibited no growth anomalies or unusual requirements when grown under ordinary laboratory conditions. However, the Kat- strain proved extremely sensiti...

  20. Awareness of Diagnostic Error among Japanese Residents: a Nationwide Study. (United States)

    Nishizaki, Yuji; Shinozaki, Tomohiro; Kinoshita, Kensuke; Shimizu, Taro; Tokuda, Yasuharu


    Residents' understanding of diagnostic error may differ between countries. We sought to explore the relationship between diagnostic error knowledge and self-study, clinical knowledge, and experience. Our nationwide study involved postgraduate year 1 and 2 (PGY-1 and -2) Japanese residents. The Diagnostic Error Knowledge Assessment Test (D-KAT) and General Medicine In-Training Examination (GM-ITE) were administered at the end of the 2014 academic year. D-KAT scores were compared with the benchmark scores of US residents. Associations between D-KAT score and gender, PGY, emergency department (ED) rotations per month, mean number of inpatients handled at any given time, and mean daily minutes of self-study were also analyzed, both with and without adjusting for GM-ITE scores. Student's t test was used for comparisons with linear mixed models and structural equation models (SEM) to explore associations with D-KAT or GM-ITE scores. The mean D-KAT score among Japanese PGY-2 residents was significantly lower than that of their US PGY-2 counterparts (6.2 vs. 8.3, p ITE scores correlated with ED rotations (≥6 rotations: 2.14; 0.16-4.13; p = 0.03), inpatient caseloads (5-9 patients: 1.79; 0.82-2.76; p ITE scores (ß = 0.37, 95% CI: 0.34-0.41) and indirectly associated with ED rotations (ß = 0.06, 95% CI: 0.02-0.10), inpatient caseload (ß = 0.04, 95% CI: 0.003-0.08), and average daily minutes of study (ß = 0.13, 95% CI: 0.09-0.17). Knowledge regarding diagnostic error among Japanese residents was poor compared with that among US residents. D-KAT scores correlated strongly with GM-ITE scores, and the latter scores were positively associated with a greater number of ED rotations, larger caseload (though only up to 15 patients), and more time spent studying.

  1. An investigation into the move towards electronic journals: a case study of NHS libraries in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. (United States)

    England, Rebecca


    Electronic journals are so embedded into practice in academic libraries that it is easy to forget that this is not the case everywhere. In NHS libraries, for example, the staff face a particular set of issues. This article is based on Rebecca England's dissertation on this topic, completed as part of the MSc Econ course in Information and Library studies at Aberystwyth University. Rebecca is E-resources Librarian at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. She investigated the momentum towards electronic journals in NHS libraries in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region and the potential for a regional purchasing consortium. © 2013 The author. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2013 Health Libraries Group.

  2. Is IQG-607 a Potential Metallodrug or Metallopro-Drug With a Defined Molecular Target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno L. Abbadi


    Full Text Available The emergence of strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistant to isoniazid (INH has underscored the need for the development of new anti-tuberculosis agents. INH is activated by the mycobacterial katG-encoded catalase-peroxidase, forming an acylpyridine fragment that is covalently attached to the C4 of NADH. This isonicotinyl-NAD adduct inhibits the activity of 2-trans-enoyl-ACP(CoA reductase (InhA, which plays a role in mycolic acid biosynthesis. A metal-based INH analog, Na3[FeII(CN5(INH]·4H2O, IQG-607, was designed to have an electronic redistribution on INH moiety that would lead to an intramolecular electron transfer to bypass KatG activation. HPLC and EPR studies showed that the INH moiety can be oxidized by superoxide or peroxide yielding similar metabolites and isonicotinoyl radical only when associated to IQG-607, thereby supporting redox-mediated drug activation as a possible mechanism of action. However, IQG-607 was shown to inhibit the in vitro activity of both wild-type and INH-resistant mutant InhA enzymes in the absence of KatG activation. IQG-607 given by the oral route to M. tuberculosis-infected mice reduced lung lesions. Experiments using early and late controls of infection revealed a bactericidal activity for IQG-607. HPLC and voltammetric methods were developed to quantify IQG-607. Pharmacokinetic studies showed short half-life, high clearance, moderate volume of distribution, and low oral bioavailability, which was not altered by feeding. Safety and toxic effects of IQG-607 after acute and 90-day repeated oral administrations in both rats and minipigs showed occurrence of mild to moderate toxic events. Eight multidrug-resistant strains (MDR-TB were resistant to IQG-607, suggesting an association between katG mutation and increasing MIC values. Whole genome sequencing of three spontaneous IQG-607-resistant strains harbored katG gene mutations. MIC measurements and macrophage infection experiments with a laboratorial

  3. PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism for Rapid, Low-Cost Identification of Isoniazid-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis▿ (United States)

    Caws, Maxine; Tho, Dau Quang; Duy, Phan Minh; Lan, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Hoa, Dai Viet; Torok, Mili Estee; Chau, Tran Thi Hong; Van Vinh Chau, Nguyen; Chinh, Nguyen Tran; Farrar, Jeremy


    PCR-restriction fragment length poymorphism (PCR-RFLP) is a simple, robust technique for the rapid identification of isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. One hundred consecutive isolates from a Vietnamese tuberculosis hospital were tested by MspA1I PCR-RFLP for the detection of isoniazid-resistant katG_315 mutants. The test had a sensitivity of 80% and a specificity of 100% against conventional phenotypic drug susceptibility testing. The positive and negative predictive values were 1 and 0.86, respectively. None of the discrepant isolates had mutant katG_315 codons by sequencing. The test is cheap (less than $1.50 per test), specific, and suitable for the rapid identification of isoniazid resistance in regions with a high prevalence of katG_315 mutants among isoniazid-resistant M. tuberculosis isolates. PMID:17428939

  4. Andrzej Wajda : maailm küll teadis, aga ei hoolinud / Eda Post

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Post, Eda, 1983-


    Poola filmi- ja teatrilavastaja Andrzej Wajda, kes pälvis sel aastal president Toomas Hendrik Ilveselt Maarjamaa Risti III klassi teenetemärgi. Tema viimasest mängufilmist "Katõn". Lisatud andmed elu ja töö kohta. Ordenit vastu võtma A. Wajda ei tule, sest 24. veebruaril 2008 läheb ta Los Angeleses Oscarite galale, kus tema film "Katõn" on parima võõrkeelse filmi auhinna nominent

  5. Talle sai saatuslikuks kannatamatus / Edward Lucas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lucas, Edward, 1962-


    Kuigi Venemaa peaminister Vladimir Putin tunnistas, et Katõni massimõrv oli NKVD kätetöö, lisas ta sellele ka oma revisionistliku märgi. Autor leiab, et Poola president Lech Kaczyński ei tahtnud, et Poola delegatsioon hilineks Katõni ohvrite mälestustseremooniale ja see viis presidendilennuki piloodi riskantse maandumiseni, mille käigus said surma Poola president ja kõik teised lennukis viibinud

  6. Production of a heterologous nonheme catalase by Lactobacillus casei: an efficient tool for removal of H2O2 and protection of Lactobacillus bulgaricus from oxidative stress in milk. (United States)

    Rochat, Tatiana; Gratadoux, Jean-Jacques; Gruss, Alexandra; Corthier, Gérard; Maguin, Emmanuelle; Langella, Philippe; van de Guchte, Maarten


    Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are generally sensitive to H2O2, a compound that they can paradoxically produce themselves, as is the case for Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 14431 is one of the very few LAB strains able to degrade H2O2 through the action of a nonheme, manganese-dependent catalase (hereafter called MnKat). The MnKat gene was expressed in three catalase-deficient LAB species: L. bulgaricus ATCC 11842, Lactobacillus casei BL23, and Lactococcus lactis MG1363. While the protein could be detected in all heterologous hosts, enzyme activity was observed only in L. casei. This is probably due to the differences in the Mn contents of the cells, which are reportedly similar in L. plantarum and L. casei but at least 10- and 100-fold lower in Lactococcus lactis and L. bulgaricus, respectively. The expression of the MnKat gene in L. casei conferred enhanced oxidative stress resistance, as measured by an increase in the survival rate after exposure to H2O2, and improved long-term survival in aerated cultures. In mixtures of L. casei producing MnKat and L. bulgaricus, L. casei can eliminate H2O2 from the culture medium, thereby protecting both L. casei and L. bulgaricus from its deleterious effects.

  7. 77 FR 8269 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    .... Place: Mayflower Park Hotel, 405 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101. Contact Person: Rebecca Henry, Ph.D... 20814. Contact Person: Melinda Jenkins, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific Review...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evi Tahapari


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji performa ikan patin Pasupati II pada segmen pembesaran yang dilakukan di kolam air tenang (KAT berukuran 50 m2, dan di jaring (berukuran 5 m x 3 m x 1,5 m yang dipasang di tambak air payau (TAP, salinitas < 10 ppt. Ikan uji yang digunakan adalah ikan patin Pasupati II, Pasupati I, dan patin Siam F-1 dengan bobot awal di KAT 11,1-16,1 g/ekor, dan di TAP 21,3-32,5 g/ekor. Sebanyak dua KAT, dan dua jaring di TAP digunakan untuk setiap kelompok ikan. Parameter yang diamati meliputi: pertambahan bobot dan panjang harian, konversi pakan, sintasan, kualitas air pemeliharaan, dan konsentrasi hormon Insuline-like Growth Factor (IGF-I pada plasma darah. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa performa ikan patin Siam F-1 pada parameter pertambahan bobot memberikan yang terbaik (P<0,05 dibandingkan patin Pasupati I dan II yang dipelihara di KAT dan di TAP. Kemudian performa pertambahan bobot ikan patin Pasupati II lebih baik (P<0,05 daripada patin Pasupati I yang dipelihara di TAP. Hasil analisis ELISA pada beberapa ikan uji yang dipelihara di KAT menunjukkan bahwa konsentrasi hormon IGF- 1 tertinggi terdapat pada ikan patin siam F-1 (4,48 ± 0,81 ng/mL, kemudian diikuti oleh patin Pasupati II (3,96 ± 0,51 ng/mL; dan terendah pada ikan patin Pasupati I (3,93 ± 0,54 ng/mL. Jika dicermati dari data pertumbuhan dan konsentrasi hormon IGF-1 ikan uji ternyata terdapat korelasi yang positif antara pertumbuhan ikan dengan konsentrasi hormon IGF-1, semakin tinggi tingkat pertumbuhan ikan maka semakin tinggi konsentrasi hormon IGF-1 pada ikan uji. In thenursery, Pasupati II catfish hybrid of female Siamese catfish and male Jambal catfish showed the best performance compared to Pasupati I catfish and Siam catfish F-1 generation. The aim of this study was to test performance of Pasupati II on grow out segment in freshwater pond (KAT measure 50 m2 and in net cage (measure 3 m x 5 m x 1.5 m which settled in brackishwater pond (TAP, salinity < 10 ppt

  9. Anatomy of a Cancer Treatment Scam

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Joshua Phillips Rohit Chopra Rebecca Kelly Slaughter Bureaus & Offices Bureau of Competition Bureau of Consumer Protection Bureau of Economics Office of Congressional Relations Office of Equal Employment Opportunity ...

  10. 78 FR 77553 - Proposed Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request (United States)


    ...-3520. Issued in Washington, DC, on December 3, 2013. Rebecca Pennington, Chief Financial Officer. [FR... role these sectors of transportation play in the overall national economy, FRA is requesting OMB to...

  11. 78 FR 45169 - GENECTIVE SA; Availability of Plant Pest Risk Assessment, Environmental Assessment, Preliminary... (United States)


    ... Chappes, France, seeking a determination of nonregulated status of maize (Zea mays L.) designated as event... Road Unit 147, Riverdale, MD 20737-1236; (301) 851-3927, email: rebecca.l[email protected

  12. Common reference intervals for aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and γ-glutamyl transferase (GGT) in serum: results from an IFCC multicenter study. (United States)

    Ceriotti, Ferruccio; Henny, Joseph; Queraltó, Josep; Ziyu, Shen; Özarda, Yeşim; Chen, Baorong; Boyd, James C; Panteghini, Mauro


    Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and γ-glutamyl transferase (GGT) measurements are important for the assessment of liver damage. The aim of this study was to define the reference intervals (RIs) for these enzymes in adults, paying attention to standardization of the methods used and careful selection of the reference population. AST, ALT and GGT were measured with commercial analytical systems standardized to the IFCC-recommended reference measurement systems. Three centers (two in Italy and one in China) measured their own freshly collected samples; one of these centers also measured frozen samples from the Nordic Countries RI Project and from a Turkish center. RIs were generated using non-parametric techniques from the results of 765 individuals (411 females and 354 males, 18-85 years old) selected on the basis of the results of other laboratory tests and a specific questionnaire. AST results from the four regions (Milan, Beijing, Bursa and Nordic Countries) were statistically different, but these differences were too small to be clinically relevant. Likewise, differences between the upper reference limits for genders was only 1.7 U/L (0.03 μkat/L), allowing a single RI of 11-34 U/L (0.18-0.57 μkat/L) to be defined. Interregional differences were not statistically significant for ALT, but partitioning was required due to significant gender differences. RIs for ALT were 8-41 U/L (0.13-0.68 μkat/L) for females and 9-59 U/L (0.15-0.99 μkat/L) for males, respectively. The upper reference limits for GGT from the Nordic Country population were higher than those from the other three regions and results from this group were excluded from final calculations. The GGT RIs were 6-40 U/L (0.11-0.66 μkat/L) for females and 12-68 U/L (0.20- 1.13 μkat/L) for males, respectively. For AST and ALT, the implementation of common RIs appears to be possible, because no differences between regions were observed. However, a common RI for GGT that is

  13. The genome and genetics of a high oxidative stress tolerant Serratia sp. LCN16 isolated from the plant parasitic nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. (United States)

    Vicente, Claudia S L; Nascimento, Francisco X; Ikuyo, Yoriko; Cock, Peter J A; Mota, Manuel; Hasegawa, Koichi


    Pine wilt disease (PWD) is a worldwide threat to pine forests, and is caused by the pine wood nematode (PWN) Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. Bacteria are known to be associated with PWN and may have an important role in PWD. Serratia sp. LCN16 is a PWN-associated bacterium, highly resistant to oxidative stress in vitro, and which beneficially contributes to the PWN survival under these conditions. Oxidative stress is generated as a part of the basal defense mechanism used by plants to combat pathogenic invasion. Here, we studied the biology of Serratia sp. LCN16 through genome analyses, and further investigated, using reverse genetics, the role of two genes directly involved in the neutralization of H2O2, namely the H2O2 transcriptional factor oxyR; and the H2O2-targeting enzyme, catalase katA. Serratia sp. LCN16 is phylogenetically most closely related to the phytosphere group of Serratia, which includes S. proteamaculans, S. grimessi and S. liquefaciens. Likewise, Serratia sp. LCN16 shares many features with endophytes (plant-associated bacteria), such as genes coding for plant polymer degrading enzymes, iron uptake/transport, siderophore and phytohormone synthesis, aromatic compound degradation and detoxification enzymes. OxyR and KatA are directly involved in the high tolerance to H2O2 of Serratia sp. LCN16. Under oxidative stress, Serratia sp. LCN16 expresses katA independently of OxyR in contrast with katG which is under positive regulation of OxyR. Serratia sp. LCN16 mutants for oxyR (oxyR::int(614)) and katA (katA::int(808)) were sensitive to H2O2 in relation with wild-type, and both failed to protect the PWN from H2O2-stress exposure. Moreover, both mutants showed different phenotypes in terms of biofilm production and swimming/swarming behaviors. This study provides new insights into the biology of PWN-associated bacteria Serratia sp. LCN16 and its extreme resistance to oxidative stress conditions, encouraging further research on the potential role of this

  14. Induction of indolamine 2,3-dioxygenase and kynurenine 3-monooxygenase in rat brain following a systemic inflammatory challenge: a role for IFN-gamma? (United States)

    Connor, Thomas J; Starr, Neasa; O'Sullivan, Joan B; Harkin, Andrew


    Inflammation-mediated dysregulation of the kynurenine pathway has been implicated as a contributor to a number of major brain disorders. Consequently, we examined the impact of a systemic inflammatory challenge on kynurenine pathway enzyme expression in rat brain. Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) expression was induced in cortex and hippocampus following systemic lipopolysaccharide (LPS) administration. Whilst IDO expression was paralleled by increased circulating interferon (IFN)-gamma concentrations, IFN-gamma expression in the brain was only modestly altered following LPS administration. In contrast, induction of IDO was associated with increased central tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and interleukin (IL)-6 expression. Similarly, in cultured glial cells LPS-induced IDO expression was accompanied by increased TNF-alpha and IL-6 expression, whereas IFN-gamma was not detectable. These findings indicate that IFN-gamma is not required for LPS-induced IDO expression in brain. A robust increase in kynurenine-3-monooxygenase (KMO) expression was observed in rat brain 24h post LPS, without any change in kynurenine aminotransferase II (KAT II) expression. In addition, we report that constitutive expression of KAT II is approximately 8-fold higher than KMO in cortex and 20-fold higher in hippocampus. Similarly, in glial cells constitutive expression of KAT II was approximately 16-fold higher than KMO, and expression of KMO but not KAT II was induced by LPS. These data are the first to demonstrate that a systemic inflammatory challenge stimulates KMO expression in brain; a situation that is likely to favour kynurenine metabolism in a neurotoxic direction. However, our observation that expression of KAT II is much higher than KMO in rat brain is likely to counteract potential neurotoxicity that could arise from KMO induction following an acute inflammation.

  15. Okno v proshloje / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Riias tegutsenud kultuuriloolase Johann Christoph Brotze joonistuste ja käsikirjade näitus Eesti Rahvusraamatukogus. Läti Akadeemilises Raamatukogus säilitatavast Brotze kollektsioonist. Brotze jäädvustas oma joonistustel Eesti- ja Liivimaa linnavaateid, maastikke, arhitektuuri ja inimesi. Eestimaad puudutavatest materjalidest ilmub 2006. aastal Raimo Pullati toimetatud raamat

  16. Analiz vmesto emotsii / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Peaminister Andrus Ansipi ja välisminister Urmas Paeti sõnul on valitsus küsinud Vene-Saksa gaasijuhtme ehitamiseks vajalike teadusuuringute läbiviimiseks nõu enam kui 20 asutuselt, nende alusel tuleb teha kaalutletud otsus

  17. Razoshliss po kabinetam / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    17. märtsi valitsuse istungile järgnenud pressikonverentsist. Peaminister Juhan Parts vastas ajakirjanike küsimustele, mis puudutasid valitsuse poolt Riigikogule esitatud seaduseelnõu Riigikontrolli volituste laiendamisest kohalike omavalitsuste tegevuse kontrollimise üle ja võimutüli, mis võib põhjustada valitsuskoalitsiooni lagunemise

  18. Ordena v biblioteke / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Rahvusraamatukogus avati traditsiooniline Eesti riiklike teenetemärkide näitus, mis seekord on pühendatud Eesti Punase Risti teenetemärgi juubelile. Näituse pidulikul avamisel viibis ka peaminister Juhan Parts

  19. Korruptsija sdajot ekzamen / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Justiitsminister Ken-Marti Vaherile umbusalduse avaldusega liitusid nii opositsiooni- kui ka koalitsiooniparteid. Peaminister Juhan Partsi sõnul ei saa valitsuse vahetamise põhjuseks olla ministri võitlus korruptsiooni ja narkomaaniaga

  20. Gorod na ladoni / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Linnade makettide valmistamisest Euroopas ja Tallinna makettidest. Säilinud on Paul von Esseni ja Erik Dahlberghi algatusel valmistatud Tallinna makett. Eksponeeritakse Stockholmis ja koopiat Kiek in de Kökis Tallinnas. 1825. a. valminud Tallinna fassaadide albumi põhjal õpilaste poolt 2003. a. valmistatud makett on Raekoja pööningul. Brüsseli Mini-Euroopas avati Tallinna linnamüüri makett Paksu Margareeta ja Suure Rannaväravaga

  1. Tritrichomonas foetus bij de kat

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Leij, W.J.R.

    Tritrichomonas foetus-infecties bij katten verlopen vaak symptoomloos, maar kunnen ook tot chronische colitis leiden. Klinische klachten worden vooral gevonden bij jonge raskatten. Of dit te maken heeft met de leefomstandigheden van raskatten of met een verhoogde gevoeligheid is niet duidelijk. De

  2. Allergy and allergic diseases

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kay, A. B


    ... and Other Tolerogenic Mechanisms in Allergy and Asthma, 83 Catherine Hawrylowicz and Cezmi A. Akdis 5 IgE and IgE Receptors, 103 Brian J. Sutton, Andrew J. Beavil, Rebecca L. Beavil and James Hunt...

  3. Metabolic Regulation of Histone Acetyltransferases by Endogenous Acyl-CoA Cofactors. (United States)

    Montgomery, David C; Sorum, Alexander W; Guasch, Laura; Nicklaus, Marc C; Meier, Jordan L


    The finding that chromatin modifications are sensitive to changes in cellular cofactor levels potentially links altered tumor cell metabolism and gene expression. However, the specific enzymes and metabolites that connect these two processes remain obscure. Characterizing these metabolic-epigenetic axes is critical to understanding how metabolism supports signaling in cancer, and developing therapeutic strategies to disrupt this process. Here, we describe a chemical approach to define the metabolic regulation of lysine acetyltransferase (KAT) enzymes. Using a novel chemoproteomic probe, we identify a previously unreported interaction between palmitoyl coenzyme A (palmitoyl-CoA) and KAT enzymes. Further analysis reveals that palmitoyl-CoA is a potent inhibitor of KAT activity and that fatty acyl-CoA precursors reduce cellular histone acetylation levels. These studies implicate fatty acyl-CoAs as endogenous regulators of histone acetylation, and suggest novel strategies for the investigation and metabolic modulation of epigenetic signaling. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Anti-inflammatory effects of Lactobacillus casei BL23 producing or not a manganese-dependant catalase on DSS-induced colitis in mice. (United States)

    Rochat, Tatiana; Bermúdez-Humarán, Luis; Gratadoux, Jean-Jacques; Fourage, Christel; Hoebler, Christine; Corthier, Gérard; Langella, Philippe


    Human immune cells generate large amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) throughout the respiratory burst that occurs during inflammation. In inflammatory bowel diseases, a sustained and abnormal activation of the immune system results in oxidative stress in the digestive tract and in a loss of intestinal homeostasis. We previously showed that the heterologous production of the Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC14431 manganese-dependant catalase (MnKat) in Lb. casei BL23 successfully enhances its survival when exposed to oxidative stress. In this study, we evaluated the preventive effects of this antioxidative Lb. casei strain in a murine model of dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-induced moderate colitis. Either Lb. casei BL23 MnKat- or MnKat+ was administered daily to mice treated with DSS for 10 days. In contrast to control mice treated with PBS for which DSS induced bleeding diarrhea and mucosal lesions, mice treated with both Lb. casei strains presented a significant (p casei as an anti-inflammatory probiotic strain.

  5. Boots on the Ground: Maricopa County

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

    In this podcast, we talk to CDC career epidemiology field officer Rebecca Sunenshine about her response efforts to a suspected tuberculosis case aboard a US Airways flight and the development of an airport emergency response plan.

  6. Knuckle Cracking (United States)

    ... Don’t I Have to Lose Weight for Exercise to Have Health Benefits? Dr. Rebecca Manno answers if weight loss is necessary for exercise to have health benefits. I am fatigued, won’t exercise make it ...

  7. Production of a Heterologous Nonheme Catalase by Lactobacillus casei: an Efficient Tool for Removal of H2O2 and Protection of Lactobacillus bulgaricus from Oxidative Stress in Milk


    Rochat, Tatiana; Gratadoux, Jean-Jacques; Gruss, Alexandra; Corthier, Gérard; Maguin, Emmanuelle; Langella, Philippe; van de Guchte, Maarten


    Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are generally sensitive to H2O2, a compound that they can paradoxically produce themselves, as is the case for Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 14431 is one of the very few LAB strains able to degrade H2O2 through the action of a nonheme, manganese-dependent catalase (hereafter called MnKat). The MnKat gene was expressed in three catalase-deficient LAB species: L. bulgaricus ATCC 11842, Lactobacillus casei BL23, and Lactococcus lactis MG1363. W...

  8. Farklı Oranlarda DPDS Kullanılarak Devulkanize Edilmiş Atık Taşıt Lastikleri İlave Edilen SBR Malzemenin Mekanik Özelliklerinin İncelenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fazliye Karabörk


    Full Text Available Oda sıcaklığında öğütülen atık taşıt lastiği tozu mikrodalga yöntemiyle devulkanize edilmiştir. İşlemde devulkanizasyon ajanı olarak, kükürt bağlarının (S-S koparılmasında etkinliği çeşitli çalışmalarda ortaya konulmuş olan, DPDS (difenildisülfür kullanılmıştır. Mikrodalga gücü sabit tutularak, zamanın ve DPDS miktarının prosese etkileri incelenmiştir. İşlem görmemiş atık lastik tozu fiziksel ve termal olarak karakterize edilmiştir. 20 phr oranında atık lastik tozu ve aynı oranda devulkanize kauçuk (DVR stiren bütadien kauçuğa (SBR 1723 ve SBR 1502 katılarak kompozit malzemeler hazırlanmıştır. Bu kompozitler orijinal SBR’den hazırlanan kontrol numunesiyle karşılaştırılmıştır. Devulkanizasyonun etkinliğini ortaya koyabilmek için devulkanize numunelerin çözünme oranları (sol content belirlenmiş ve Fourier Transform Infrared Spektrofotometre (FTIR analizi yapılmıştır. Elde edilen kompozit malzemelerin mekanik özellikleri incelenmiştir. Çalışmada, DVR katılan malzemelerde atık lastik tozu katılan malzemelere göre daha iyi özellikler elde edilmiştir, sonuçlar mikrodalga devulkanizasyonunun önemli avantajlar sağladığını göstermiştir. Kopma uzaması değeri, işlem görmemiş atık lastik tozu katılan kompozit malzemede %481 iken, 1 g DPDS katılarak 4 dk. süreyle devulkanize edilen kauçuğun katıldığı DVR/SBR kompozitte %578 olarak elde edilmiştir, böylece kopma uzaması değeri atık lastik tozunun devulkanizasyonuyla %20 oranında artmıştır.

  9. Discovery of cofactor-specific, bactericidal Mycobacterium tuberculosis InhA inhibitors using DNA-encoded library technology. (United States)

    Soutter, Holly H; Centrella, Paolo; Clark, Matthew A; Cuozzo, John W; Dumelin, Christoph E; Guie, Marie-Aude; Habeshian, Sevan; Keefe, Anthony D; Kennedy, Kaitlyn M; Sigel, Eric A; Troast, Dawn M; Zhang, Ying; Ferguson, Andrew D; Davies, Gareth; Stead, Eleanor R; Breed, Jason; Madhavapeddi, Prashanti; Read, Jon A


    Millions of individuals are infected with and die from tuberculosis (TB) each year, and multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains of TB are increasingly prevalent. As such, there is an urgent need to identify novel drugs to treat TB infections. Current frontline therapies include the drug isoniazid, which inhibits the essential NADH-dependent enoyl-acyl-carrier protein (ACP) reductase, InhA. To inhibit InhA, isoniazid must be activated by the catalase-peroxidase KatG. Isoniazid resistance is linked primarily to mutations in the katG gene. Discovery of InhA inhibitors that do not require KatG activation is crucial to combat MDR TB. Multiple discovery efforts have been made against InhA in recent years. Until recently, despite achieving high potency against the enzyme, these efforts have been thwarted by lack of cellular activity. We describe here the use of DNA-encoded X-Chem (DEX) screening, combined with selection of appropriate physical properties, to identify multiple classes of InhA inhibitors with cell-based activity. The utilization of DEX screening allowed the interrogation of very large compound libraries (10 11 unique small molecules) against multiple forms of the InhA enzyme in a multiplexed format. Comparison of the enriched library members across various screening conditions allowed the identification of cofactor-specific inhibitors of InhA that do not require activation by KatG, many of which had bactericidal activity in cell-based assays.

  10. Communication networks: key to success of new technologies. (United States)

    Woodward, M P.


    The Discussion Forum provides a medium for airing your views on any issues related to the pharmaceutical industry and obtaining feedback and discussion on these views from others in the field. You can discuss issues that get you hot under the collar, practical problems at the bench, recently published literature, or just something bizarre or humorous that you wish to share. Publication of letters in this section is subject to editorial discretion and company-promotional letters will be rejected immediately. Furthermore, the views provided are those of the authors and are not intended to represent the views of the companies they work for. Moreover, these views do not reflect those of Elsevier, Drug Discovery Today or its editorial team. Please submit all letters to Dr Rebecca Lawrence, News & Features Editor, Drug Discovery Today, e-mail:

  11. 75 FR 54147 - Product Cancellation Order for Certain Pesticide Registrations (United States)


    ... cancellation is effective September 3, 2010. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Leonard Cole, Biopesticides and... 23, 2010. W. Michael McDavit. Acting Director, Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division...

  12. Akran Aracılı Uyarlanmış Fiziksel Aktivitelere Katılan Otizm Spektrum Bozukluğu Olan Bir Bireyin İletişim Becerilerindeki Değişimlerin İncelenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erkan Yarımkaya


    Full Text Available Bu araştırmanın amacı, akran aracılı uyarlanmış fiziksel aktivite (AAUFA programına katılan otizm spektrum bozukluğu (OSB olan bir bireyin iletişim becerilerindeki değişimlerin incelenmesidir. Durum (Vaka çalışması modelinde desenlenen araştırmaya, OSB tanılı bir birey ve normal gelişim gösteren (NGG üç akran katılmıştır. Araştırmada, OSB tanılı birey ve NGG üç akran ile birlikte üçü serbest fiziksel aktivite oturumu, 18’i ise AAUFA oturumu olmak üzere toplamda 21 eğitim oturumu gerçekleştirilmiştir. AAUFA oturumlarında, 29 farklı uyarlanmış fiziksel aktivite akran aracılı olarak uygulanmıştır. AAUFA oturumları öncesi, NGG üç akran ile birlikte altı oturum akran eğitimi süreci gerçekleştirilmiştir. Araştırma süresince gerçekleştirilen tüm oturumlar video kamera ile kayıt altına alınmıştır. Araştırma verileri farklı veri toplama araçları (gözlem formu, yarı yapılandırılmış görüşme formları, saha notları ve yansıtmacı günlük ile elde edilmiştir. Araştırmanın bulgularına göre, OSB tanılı bireyin göz kontağı, ortak ilgi, iletişim başlatma ve iletişime tepki becerilerinin AAUFA programı süresince olumlu yönde arttığı tespit edilmiştir. İletişim becerilerinde gözlenen bu olumlu değişimlerin araştırmadan üç hafta sonra elde edilen izleme ölçümünde devam ettiği saptanmıştır. Sonuç olarak, AAUFA programının OSB tanılı bireyin iletişim becerileri üzerinde olumlu yönde etkisi olduğu izlenimi edinilmiştir. The objective of this research is the investigation of the changes in the communication skills of an individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD participating in the peer-mediated adapted physical activity (PMAPA program. One individual with an ASD diagnosis and three peers with typical development (TD participated in the research which was designed in the model of a case study. In the research, a total of 21

  13. 276----14 Dec 2009 [Final version].indd

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Dec 14, 2009 ... study of authors themselves (the literate few) and in studies of analogy and ..... power. The expectation of future vindication, even taking part in divine judgment ...... Anna Rebecca Solevåg (PhD candidate, Oslo. University ...

  14. Kas meediatsirkus? / Katrin Kivimaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivimaa, Katrin, 1969-


    Turner Prize'i 2006. a. kunstipreemia näitusest Londonis Tate-Britainis. Nominente oli neli: Tomma Abts, Mark Titchner, Phil Collins ja Rebecca Warren. Preemia pälvis saksa-inglise maalikunstnik Tomma Abts. Pikemalt Phil Collinsi videost "Reaalse naasmine"

  15. Role of histone deacetylases HDA6 and HDA19 in ABA and abiotic stress response


    Chen, Li-Ting; Wu, Keqiang


    Our recent study revealed the involvement of the Arabidopsis histone deacetylase HDA6 in modulating ABA and salt stress responses. In this report, we further investigated the role of HDA19 in ABA and salt stress responses. The Arabidopsis HDA19 T-DNA insertion mutant, hda19-1, displayed a phenotype that was hypersensitive to ABA and salt stress. Compared with wild-type plants, the expression of ABA responsive genes, ABI1, ABI2, KAT1, KAT2 and RD29B, was decreased in hda19-1 plants when treate...

  16. 78 FR 25941 - Stine Seed Farm, Inc.; Extension of a Determination of Nonregulated Status of Corn Genetically... (United States)


    ... status, an analysis of other scientific data, and comments received from the public in response to a... our written determination, final environmental assessment, plant pest risk assessment, and our finding... INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Rebecca Stankiewicz Gabel, Chief, Biotechnology Environmental Analysis Branch...

  17. Neuromodulators for Aging Skin (United States)

    ... Light treatment to the skin and Restylane to tear troughs and outer eyebrow. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Fitzagerald, MD - Los Angeles, California Possible risks Soreness Mild bruising Temporary weakness of surrounding muscles Headache Drooping eyelid Why choose neuromodulators for aging ...

  18. 78 FR 21449 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Order Approving... (United States)


    ... & Kantas, dated Feb. 7, 2013 (``Shepherd Letter''); letter from Leonard Steiner, Beverly Hills, California, dated Feb. 7, 2013 (``Steiner Letter''); letter from Joseph Fogel, Fogel & Associates, dated Feb. 7...

  19. Wild-type catalase peroxidase vs G279D mutant type: Molecular basis of Isoniazid drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (United States)

    Singh, Aishwarya; Singh, Aditi; Grover, Sonam; Pandey, Bharati; Kumari, Anchala; Grover, Abhinav


    Mycobacterium tuberculosis katG gene is responsible for production of an enzyme catalase peroxidase that peroxidises and activates the prodrug Isoniazid (INH), a first-line antitubercular agent. INH interacts with catalase peroxidase enzyme within its heme pocket and gets converted to an active form. Mutations occurring in katG gene are often linked to reduced conversion rates for INH. This study is focussed on one such mutation occurring at residue 279, where glycine often mutates to aspartic acid (G279D). In the present study, several structural analyses were performed to study the effect of this mutation on functionality of KatG protein. On comparison, mutant protein exhibited a lower docking score, smaller binding cavity and reduced affinity towards INH. Molecular dynamics analysis revealed the mutant to be more rigid and less compact than the native protein. Essential dynamics analysis determined correlated motions of residues within the protein structure. G279D mutant was found to have many residues that showed related motions and an undesirable effect on the functionality of protein. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Catalase anabolism in yeast: loss of regulation by oxygen of catalase apoprotein synthesis after mutation. (United States)

    Berte, C; Sels, A


    A mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which displays catalase activity when grown under strictly anaerobic conditions has been selected on solid media. Although some preformed holoenzyme has accumulated in anaerobic cells, a sharp increase of activity is still measured during adaptation to oxygen in glucose-buffer; however, a striking difference with the wild-type strain is that in the mutant, catalase formation is observed in the presence of cycloheximide that totally inhibits cytoplasmic translation. It is concluded that kat 80 mutant has lost the regulatory control by oxygen of apocatalase synthesis; the later precursor, characterized as apocatalase synthesis; the latter precursor, characterized as apocatalase T, is thought to be activated in vivo, under aerobic conditions, by inclusion of prosthetic group. Regulation of enzyme synthesis by catabolite repression (glucose erfect) persists, unmodified by reference to the wild-type parental strain. Mutation kat 80 specifically hits catalase anabolism, as no significant variations were observed for the edification of the respiratory system and (apo)cytochrome c peroxidase production. Genetic analysis shows that kat 80 phenotype, recessive in heterozygotes, results from a single nuclear mutation.

  1. Improvement of pigeonpea for drought, disease and insect tolerance/resistance through induced mutations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ngugi, E C.K.; Omanga, P A [National Dryland Farming Research Centre, Katumani, Machakos (Kenya)


    Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp) is the second most important grain legume after cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) in the semi-arid areas of Kenya. At the farm level, the grain yield of pigeonpea is lower than that of other grain legumes and cereals. The low grain yields are mainly attributed to the late-maturity of the local land-races which are prone to drought, insect attack and disease damage. Recently, a mutation breeding program was initiated to augment the conventional breeding approaches to alleviate some of these constraints. Three varieties, namely, Kat 60/8, Kat E31/4 and Kat 777, representing early, medium and late maturing groups were irradiated with three doses of gamma rays, namely 80-100 Gy, 110-125 Gy, and 140-150 Gy. Single plant progenies from the M{sub 2} and M{sub 3} generations of were screened and selected for tolerance to drought, tolerance/resistance to Fusarium wilt and insect tolerance in the field. Selections were advanced to M{sub 4} generation. In this paper, preliminary results of these studies reported. (author). 5 refs, 7 tabs.

  2. Improvement of pigeonpea for drought, disease and insect tolerance/resistance through induced mutations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ngugi, E.C.K.; Omanga, P.A.


    Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp) is the second most important grain legume after cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) in the semi-arid areas of Kenya. At the farm level, the grain yield of pigeonpea is lower than that of other grain legumes and cereals. The low grain yields are mainly attributed to the late-maturity of the local land-races which are prone to drought, insect attack and disease damage. Recently, a mutation breeding program was initiated to augment the conventional breeding approaches to alleviate some of these constraints. Three varieties, namely, Kat 60/8, Kat E31/4 and Kat 777, representing early, medium and late maturing groups were irradiated with three doses of gamma rays, namely 80-100 Gy, 110-125 Gy, and 140-150 Gy. Single plant progenies from the M 2 and M 3 generations of were screened and selected for tolerance to drought, tolerance/resistance to Fusarium wilt and insect tolerance in the field. Selections were advanced to M 4 generation. In this paper, preliminary results of these studies reported. (author). 5 refs, 7 tabs

  3. Leonard Wood, Operational Artist or Scheming Careerist? (United States)


    and administrator of Egypt , told the British Foreign Office that there was only one man in the world capable of taking his place but, unfortunately...Pacification is a pyramid built on a base of a secured environment. In unstable environments, collaboration of the population is limited because the

  4. 78 FR 26062 - Proposed Information Collection: National Blueways System Application (United States)


    ... proposed public information collection necessary as part of the process to nominate a river and associated... be nominated voluntarily for National Blueways recognition by stakeholder partnerships, in... Management and Budget control number. Dated: April 25, 2013. Rebecca Wodder, Senior Advisor to the Secretary...

  5. Improving Image Segmentation with Adaptive, Recurrent, Spiking Neural Network Models of the Primary Visual Cortex (United States)


    Vijay Singh, Martin Tchernookov, Rebecca Butterfield, Ilya Nemenman, Rongrong Ji. Director Field Model of the Primary Visual Cortex for Contour...FTE Equivalent: Total Number: DISCIPLINE Vijay Singh 40 Physics 0.40 1 PERCENT_SUPPORTEDNAME FTE Equivalent: Total Number: Martin Tchernookov 0.20

  6. New Zealand cuts health spending to control costs



    New Zealand’s health-care system is undergoing a series of cutbacks to reduce costs, but critics are concerned that the health of people on low incomes and in some population groups may suffer. Rebecca Lancashire reports in our series on health financing.

  7. 76 FR 19155 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Notice of Filing of... (United States)


    ...''); Leonard Steiner, Esq., dated August 16, 2010 (``Steiner comment''); Robert C. Port, Esq., Cohen Goldstein... Clinic, SIFMA, Boliver, and Ilgenfritz comments. \\8\\ See Lipner, Steiner, Port, McCauley, Nygaard, Gard...

  8. Abiotic and biotic factors responsible for antimonite oxidation in Agrobacterium tumefaciens GW4 (United States)

    Li, Jingxin; Yang, Birong; Shi, Manman; Yuan, Kai; Guo, Wei; Wang, Qian; Wang, Gejiao


    Antimonite [Sb(III)]-oxidizing bacteria can transform the toxic Sb(III) into the less toxic antimonate [Sb(V)]. Recently, the cytoplasmic Sb(III)-oxidase AnoA and the periplasmic arsenite [As(III)] oxidase AioAB were shown to responsible for bacterial Sb(III) oxidation, however, disruption of each gene only partially decreased Sb(III) oxidation efficiency. This study showed that in Agrobacterium tumefaciens GW4, Sb(III) induced cellular H2O2 content and H2O2 degradation gene katA. Gene knock-out/complementation of katA, anoA, aioA and anoA/aioA and Sb(III) oxidation and growth experiments showed that katA, anoA and aioA were essential for Sb(III) oxidation and resistance and katA was also essential for H2O2 resistance. Furthermore, linear correlations were observed between cellular H2O2 and Sb(V) content in vivo and chemical H2O2 and Sb(V) content in vitro (R2 = 0.93 and 0.94, respectively). These results indicate that besides the biotic factors, the cellular H2O2 induced by Sb(III) also catalyzes bacterial Sb(III) oxidation as an abiotic oxidant. The data reveal a novel mechanism that bacterial Sb(III) oxidation is associated with abiotic (cellular H2O2) and biotic (AnoA and AioAB) factors and Sb(III) oxidation process consumes cellular H2O2 which contributes to microbial detoxification of both Sb(III) and cellular H2O2.

  9. The endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica enhances Arabidopsis thaliana growth and modulates Na + /K + homeostasis under salt stress conditions

    KAUST Repository

    Abdelaziz, Mohamed Ewis


    The mutualistic, endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica has been shown to confer biotic and abiotic stress tolerance to host plants. In this study, we investigated the impact of P. indica on the growth of Arabidopsis plants under normal and salt stress conditions. Our results demonstrate that P. indica colonization increases plant biomass, lateral roots density, and chlorophyll content under both conditions. Colonization with P. indica under salt stress was accompanied by a lower Na+/K+ ratio and less pronounced accumulation of anthocyanin, compared to control plants. Moreover, P. indica colonized roots under salt stress showed enhanced transcript levels of the genes encoding the high Affinity Potassium Transporter 1 (HKT1) and the inward-rectifying K+ channels KAT1 and KAT2, which play key roles in regulating Na+ and K+ homeostasis. The effect of P. indica colonization on AtHKT1;1 expression was also confirmed in the Arabidopsis line gl1-HKT:AtHKT1;1 that expresses an additional AtHKT1;1 copy driven by the native promoter. Colonization of the gl1-HKT:AtHKT1;1 by P. indica also increased lateral roots density and led to a better Na+/K+ ratio, which may be attributed to the observed increase in KAT1 and KAT2 transcript levels. Our findings demonstrate that P. indica colonization promotes Arabidopsis growth under salt stress conditions and that this effect is likely caused by modulation of the expression levels of the major Na+ and K+ ion channels, which allows establishing a balanced ion homeostasis of Na+/K+ under salt stress conditions.

  10. Mutaciones asociadas con resistencia a rifampicina o isoniazida en aislamientos clínicos de M. tuberculosis de Sonora, México DNA mutations associated to rifampicin or isoniazid resistance in M. tuberculosis clinical isolates from Sonora, Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique Bolado-Martínez


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Realizar el análisis de regiones específicas de genes asociados con resistencia a isoniazida o rifampicina. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Se estudiaron 22 cepas de M. tuberculosis, aisladas en Sonora, México. Se utilizaron iniciadores para regiones específicas de los genes rpoB, katG e inhA y la región ahpC-oxyR. Los productos de PCR se secuenciaron y analizaron. RESULTADOS: Se identificaron mutaciones en la región promotora del gen inhA, región ahpC-oxyR, codón 315 del gen katG y codones 451 ó 456 del gen rpoB. CONCLUSIONES: La identificación de mutaciones no descritas previamente obliga a continuar el análisis genotípico de cepas aisladas en Sonora.OBJECTIVE: To perform the analysis of specific regions of the major genes associated with resistance to isoniazid or rifampin. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty two M. tuberculosis strains, isolated from human samples obtained in Sonora, Mexico. Specific primers for hotspots of the rpoB, katG, inhA genes and the ahpC-oxyR intergenic region were used. The purified PCR products were sequenced. RESULTS: Mutations in the promoter of inhA, the ahpC-oxyR region, and codon 315 of katG and in 451 or 456 codons of rpoB, were identified. CONCLUSIONS: Detection of mutations not previously reported requires further genotypic analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Sonora.

  11. Webberi muusika Paldiskis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    West End Musicals ja Eesti Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester, Oratooriumikoor ja Urmas Lattikase ansambel esitamas Andrew Lloyd Webberi ja Leonard Bernsteini laule muusikalidest Paldiski Sõjaväebaasi riviväljakul 29. augustil

  12. Sõjaväeeksootika jäi omaette / Anneli Remme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Remme, Anneli, 1968-


    West End Musicals ja Eesti Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester, Oratooriumikoor ja Urmas Lattikase ansambel esitamas Andrew Lloyd Webberi ja Leonard Bernsteini laule muusikalidest Paldiski Sõjaväebaasi riviväljakul 29. augustil

  13. Sero-prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and hepatitis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Sero-prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and hepatitis viruses and their correlation with CD4 T-cell lymphocyte counts in pregnant women in the Buea Health District of Cameroon. Rebecca Enow Tanjong, Pride Teyim, Henry Lucien Kamga, Edwin Suh Neba, Theresia Nkuo-Akenji ...

  14. 75 FR 58363 - Membership of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Performance Review Board (United States)


    ...: Louisa Koch, Director, Office of Education Office of Education. Maureen E. Wylie, Chief Financial Officer Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Rebecca J. Lent, Director, International Affairs National Marine.... Culpepper, Chief Human Capital Officer National Institute of Standards and Technology, DOC. Charles S. Baker...

  15. 75 FR 52487 - Medicare Program; Payment Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B... (United States)


    ... of services. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rebecca Cole, (410) 786-4497. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION...). On page 40180, in our discussion of the four disease modules covered by the proposed PQRI group... disease modules. On page 40186, in our discussion of the proposed Physician Quality Reporting Initiative...

  16. RSM Outlook Summer 2013 : Making Business Social

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Whittern (Justine); D. Schreiner (Dorine)


    markdownabstract#### Improving the impact of social business (Rebecca Morris) Business is a powerful tool for solving social problems. However, more businesses need to focus on social issues if a greater impact is to be achieved. #### The business of social media (Joe Figueiredo) From blogs

  17. Research Article (PLOS ONE) Efficacy of a low-cost bubble CPAP ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jan 29, 2014 ... Department of Respiratory Care, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.. Correspondence to: Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum ( Abstract. Background. Respiratory failure is a leading cause of neonatal mortality in the developing world. Bubble continuous positive airway pressure ...

  18. In the Flow of Media, Religion, and Culture: A Case Study with TVbyGIRLS (United States)

    Bischoff, Claire; Bullen, Rebecca Richards; Nemer, Molly; Quednau, Rachel


    This article introduces TVbyGIRLS, a nonprofit organization supporting girls in the development of critical thinking, digital literacy and storytelling, leadership, compassionate collaboration, and social justice engagement. Religious educator Claire Bischoff interviews Rebecca Richards Bullen, TVbyGIRLS mentor, and Molly Nemer and Rachel Quednau,…

  19. 77 FR 23713 - Environmental Impacts Statements; Notice of Availability (United States)


    .... 20120110, Final EIS, USFWS, CA, Sears Point Wetland and Watershed Restoration Project, To Restore Tidal..., Contact: Ariel Leonard 928-635-8200. EIS No. 20120112, Draft EIS, USFS, AK, Greens Creek Mine Tailings...

  20. V poiskah zhenskogo obraza / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Keskaegsed ja kaasaegsed naisekujud Tallinna linnaruumis. Kaasaegsetest skulptuuridest on juttu Juta Eskeli "Tütarlapsest kausiga" Kaarli puiestee haljasalal ja Mare Mikofi "Hämarikust" Viru keskuse juures

  1. Brottse otpravljajetsja v put / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Raimo Pullati koostatud kogumiku "Johann Christoph Brotze. Estonica" esitlustest Euroopa maades. Album sisaldab Johann Christoph Brotze kirjeldusi, akvarelle ning joonistusi 18. sajandi Eesti elu-olust. Raamat valmis Eesti, Läti ja Saksamaa spetsialistide koostöös

  2. Put k russkim Estonii / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Eesti Avatud Instituudi ja uuringufirma Saar Poll korraldatud ning Tallinna linna poolt tellitud uurimusest "Rahvussuhted ja integratsiooni perspektiivid Eestis", mis valmis üle-eestilise küsitluse põhjal

  3. Kolitshestvo, perehodjashtsheje v katshestvo / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Läti põllumajandusminister Martins Roze Baltimaade toiduainete tööstuse messist Riga Food 2005. Messi raames toimunud ümarlaua kohtumisel Eesti, Leedu ja Poola esindajatega rõhutas Läti põllumajandusminister, et koostöö uute Euroopa Liidu liikmesriikide vahel aitab kaasa regiooni siseste küsimuste lahendamisele, kui ka toime tulla toiduainete liigsest ladustamisest tekkinud trahvide probleemiga

  4. Flag bez traurnoi lentotshki / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Riigikogu lükkas esimesel lugemisel tagasi Isamaaliidu algatatud pühade ja tähtpäevade seaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõu, mis käsitles 1944.a. septembris tegutsenud Otto Tiefi valitsuse mälestuse jäädvustamist

  5. Konvert bez zarplatõ / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Maksu- ja tolliameti initsiatiivist võitluses ümbrikupalkadega. Valitsus- ja ühiskondlike organisatsioonide ning kohalike omavalitsuste esindajate osalusel korraldati maksu- ja tolliametis ümarlaud

  6. Na znakomõh volnah / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    27. augustil tutvustati Šoti klubis Eesti Rahvusringhäälingu uut logo. (Autor on kunstnik Kalle Toopere ja reklaamifirma Division). Eesti venekeelse raadio Raadio 4 tulevikuplaane tutvustab raadiojaama peatoimetaja Jekaterina Zonova

  7. Ehho kompjuternoi voinõ / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Justiitsminister Rein Lang ja peaminister Andrus Ansip on veendunud, et küberrünnakud Eesti riigi vastu aprilli lõpus ja mai alguses tulid muu hulgas ka Vene presidendi administratsiooni IP-aadressidelt

  8. Gaz nam ne ukaz / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Valitsuse eitavast otsusest Vene-Saksa gaasijuhtme uuringute taotlusele, välisminister Urmas Paeti kommentaaridest pressikonverentsil. Välisminister leiab, et antud olukorras oli valitsuse otsus ainuõige

  9. Livan ne po nam / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Välisminister Urmas Paet tutvustas ÜRO Julgeolekunõukogu Liibanoni resolutsiooni täitmise käiku. Eestil puudub hetkel ressurss sõjaväelaste saatmiseks pingekoldesse, kuid ollakse valmis osutama humanitaarabi

  10. V zhenskom gorode Tallinne / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Naine Tallinna toponüümikas, folklooris, ajaloos ja materiaalsetes mälestusmärkides tänapäeval. Naise skulptuurseid kujutisi Tallinnas: A. Weizenbergi "Linda" Lindamäel, A. Adamsoni Russalka, A. Volzi egiptlannad Pikk 18 fassaadil, laternahoidjad linnavalitsuse hoonel, "Naine vaagnaga" Tornide väljakul, M. Mikofi "Nõmme ema" ja "Hämarik" Viru keskuse juures, "Mustamäe kaunitar" Parditiigis, Viru hotelli juurest eemaldatud "Merineiu", naisefiguur Shnelli tiigi ääres

  11. Muusika : Plaadid kauplusest Lasering

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Heliplaatidest: Def Räädu "Planet Duckrabbit", Sõpruse Puiestee "XX sajandi lapsed", Ines "15 magamata ööd", Metro Luminal "Reboot", Helin-Mari Arder "Su aknast näen", Leonard Cohen "Dear Heather"

  12. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    anacardiaceae) leaves in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Leonard Tedong, Théophile Dimo, Paul Desire Djomeni Dzeufiet, Acha Emmanuel Asongalem, Dongmo Selestin Sokeng, Patrice Callard, Jean –François Flejou, Pierre Kamtchouing.

  13. Eyes on the Road

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

    One of the first lessons new drivers learn is to keep their eyes on the road. Unfortunately, cell phones and other electronic devices are causing many drivers to lose their focus, and sometimes their lives. In this podcast, Rebecca Naumann discusses the dangers of distracted driving.

  14. RSM Outlook Summer 2008 : Entrepreneurship: The Leap of Faith

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    R. Morris (Rebecca); L. Sawahata (Lesa)


    markdownabstract#### What it takes to be an entrepreneur (Stephen Hoare, Rebecca Morris) Starting your own business is the stuff of capitalist dreams, with multitudes leaving behind the comfort of their salaried positions each year to attempt it. These RSM alumni are lucky enough to be able to

  15. 76 FR 42771 - Medicare Program; Payment Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B... (United States)


    ... Payment Window. Pam West, (410) 786-2302, for issues related to the technical corrections. Rebecca Cole or... artery bypass graft CAD--Coronary artery disease CAH--Critical Access Hospital CAHEA--Committee on Allied... Program CBSA--Core-Based Statistical Area CDC--Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CEM--Cardiac...

  16. The Practices of Geography (United States)

    Bednarz, Sarah Witham


    Sarah Bednarz begins by thanking Rebecca Theobald for the invitation to contrubute to this issue of "The Geography Teacher"("TGT"). As a member of the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Publications Committee and coeditor of the "Journal of Geography," Bednarz confesses that she was not favorably…

  17. Changing the Rules of the Game: Indigenous Economics. (United States)

    Adamson, Rebecca


    Rebecca Adamson, president and founder of First Nations Development Institute, compares the values of traditional American Indian economies that stress sustainability and limited inequalities among society members with the deficiencies of the Western economic system. Discusses First Nations Development Institute's view of Indian gaming and how it…

  18. 77 FR 72721 - Fees on Health Insurance Policies and Self-Insured Plans for the Patient-Centered Outcomes... (United States)


    ... 1545-BK59 Fees on Health Insurance Policies and Self-Insured Plans for the Patient-Centered Outcomes... Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on issuers of certain health insurance policies and plan... arrangements) or Rebecca L. Baxter at (202) 622-3970 (regarding health insurance policies). SUPPLEMENTARY...

  19. A Qualitative Study of Soldier Perceptions of the Relative Importance of MRE Portion Size and Variety

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bell, R


    .... Bliss, Biggs Army Airfield, and Fort Leonard Wood during 1997 to understand how soldiers perceive Meal, Ready-to-Eat portion size and MRE variety and to begin to determine what types of trade offs...

  20. Phthalate SHEDS-HT runs (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Inputs and outputs for SHEDS-HT runs of DiNP, DEHP, DBP. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Moreau, M., J. Leonard, K. Phillips, J. Campbell,...

  1. The endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica enhances Arabidopsis thaliana growth and modulates Na+/K+ homeostasis under salt stress conditions. (United States)

    Abdelaziz, Mohamed E; Kim, Dongjin; Ali, Shawkat; Fedoroff, Nina V; Al-Babili, Salim


    The mutualistic, endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica has been shown to confer biotic and abiotic stress tolerance to host plants. In this study, we investigated the impact of P. indica on the growth of Arabidopsis plants under normal and salt stress conditions. Our results demonstrate that P. indica colonization increases plant biomass, lateral roots density, and chlorophyll content under both conditions. Colonization with P. indica under salt stress was accompanied by a lower Na + /K + ratio and less pronounced accumulation of anthocyanin, compared to control plants. Moreover, P. indica colonized roots under salt stress showed enhanced transcript levels of the genes encoding the high Affinity Potassium Transporter 1 (HKT1) and the inward-rectifying K + channels KAT1 and KAT2, which play key roles in regulating Na + and K + homeostasis. The effect of P. indica colonization on AtHKT1;1 expression was also confirmed in the Arabidopsis line gl1-HKT:AtHKT1;1 that expresses an additional AtHKT1;1 copy driven by the native promoter. Colonization of the gl1-HKT:AtHKT1;1 by P. indica also increased lateral roots density and led to a better Na + /K + ratio, which may be attributed to the observed increase in KAT1 and KAT2 transcript levels. Our findings demonstrate that P. indica colonization promotes Arabidopsis growth under salt stress conditions and that this effect is likely caused by modulation of the expression levels of the major Na + and K + ion channels, which allows establishing a balanced ion homeostasis of Na + /K + under salt stress conditions. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Selenium Status in Heifers, Late Pregnancy Cows and Their Calves in the Šumava Region, Czech Republic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Slavík


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to ascertain selenium status in beef cattle in different stages of production in the Šumava region. In the region, blood collections and analyses for selected metabolic variables were performed in 54 animals in different production stages (18 heifers, 18 cows in late pregnancy and 18 calves aged 3 weeks on the average. Three herds were studied. The selenium status was determined both directly by measuring serum selenium (Se contents and indirectly by measuring glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px activity in whole blood. The mean serum selenium concentration in all the animals under study (n = 54 was 30.6 μg/l +/- 2.91, and mean GSH-Px activity was 167.01 μkat/l +/- 92.39. In heifers, mean serum selenium concentration was 34.81 μg/l +/- 13.84; mean GSHPx activity was 186.96 μkat/l +/- 112.15. In late pregnancy cows, mean serum selenium concentration was 26.58 μg/l +/- 8.01, mean GSH-Px activity was 94.55 +/- 35.72 μkat/l. In calves, mean serum selenium concentration and GSH-Px activity were 30.41 μg/l +/- 12 and 219.54 μkat/l +/- 64.41, respectively. There was a statistically significant difference between the heifers and late pregnancy cows in both variables under study. However, between the late pregnancy cows and the calves, only the difference in GSH-Px activity was significant. The results indicate severe Se deficiency in the animals under study. It means apart from other things that mineral licks used did not provide enough minerals to meet the basic requirements of the animals.

  3. O izposoji kulture in o nadvladi tuje kulture v dopolnilnem izobraževanju

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colin Titmus


    Full Text Available Pisec razpravlja o izposoji kulture med državami ali narodi na področju dopolnilnega izobraževanja odraslih. Poudari, da so nekateri pisci sprva zmotno primerjali model začetnega izobraževanja in prenos kulture, ki se vrši tam z dopolnilnim izobraževanjem. Začetno izobraževanje, ki ga zasnuje država, je moč obravnavati kat celoto in ga tudi kat celoto skupaj s kulturo, na kateri temelji, prenesti na tuja tla. Dopolnilno izobraževanje odraslih zasnuje skupina posameznikov. Še več, dopolnilno izobraževanje ne velja za celo državno področje, taka kat začetno. Pisec dokazuje, da izposoja kulture obstaja, pri čemer gre v novem kulturnem kontekstu bodisi za preprost prenos kulture iz enega izobraževalnega sistema v drugega, za prilagoditev izposojene kulture drugemu sistemu ali za preobrazbo izposojene kulture v nekaj novega. Kulturo si v izobraževanju lahko izposojamo po lastni volji ali pa nam jo vsilijo. V slednjem primeru najpogosteje, a ne vedno, budi odpor pri prejemnikih.

  4. Detection of mutation in isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from tuberculosis patients in Belarus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bostanabad S


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency, location and type of katG mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated from patients in Belarus. Forty two isoniazid-resistant isolates were identified from sputum of 163 patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis. Drug susceptibility testing was determined by using CDC standard conventional proportional method and BACTEC system. Standard PCR method for detection of isoniazid resistance associated mutations was performed by katG gene amplification and DNA sequencing. Most mutations were found in katG gene codons 315, 316 and 309. Four types of mutations were identified in codon 315: AGC→ACC ( n = 36 85%, AGC→AGG ( n = 1 2.3%, AGC→AAC ( n = 2 4.7%, AGC→GGC ( n = 1 2.3%. One type of mutation was found in codon 316: GGC→AGC ( n = 1841.4%, four types of mutations were detected in codon 309: GGT→GGT ( n = 716.1%, GGT→GCT ( n = 49.2%, GGT→GTC ( n = 36.9%, GGT→GGG ( n = 12.7%. The highest frequency of mutations sharing between primary and secondary infections was found in codon 315.

  5. The Mathematics-language symbiosis: The learners' benefits ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    On their own part, those whose course of study is mathematics are curious ... of Applied Linguistics propounded by Leonard Bloomfield in 1941 guides the study. ... a mathematics classroom so as to continue learning advanced concepts.

  6. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 10, 2017 ... The Mooney Problem Checklist (MPCL) was developed by Ross L. Mooney and Leonard V. .... study refers to the problems faced by polytechnic students with reference to the dimensions of ..... inventory of depression.

  7. [DNA mutations associated to rifampicin or isoniazid resistance in M. tuberculosis clinical isolates from Sonora, Mexico]. (United States)

    Bolado-Martínez, Enrique; Pérez-Mendoza, Ansix; Alegría-Morquecho, Francisco Monserrat; Candia-Plata, María del Carmen; Aguayo-Verdugo, María del Rosario; Alvarez-Hernández, Gerardo


    To perform the analysis of specific regions of the major genes associated with resistance to isoniazid or rifampin. Twenty two M. tuberculosis strains, isolated from human samples obtained in Sonora, Mexico. Specific primers for hotspots of the rpoB, katG, inhA genes and the ahpC-oxyR intergenic region were used. The purified PCR products were sequenced. Mutations in the promoter of inhA, the ahpC-oxyR region, and codon 315 of katG and in 451 or 456 codons of rpoB, were identified. Detection of mutations not previously reported requires further genotypic analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Sonora.

  8. Investigation of Hydrophobic Concrete Additive for Seawall Replacement at Pililaau Army Recreation Center, Hawaii (United States)


    Eugene Arter – Engineering Technician, US Army Garrison Hawaii (USAP-PTA/DPW) The Commander of ERDC was COL Bryan S. Green , and the Director was...fully demonstrate and validate the technology. ERDC-CERL TR-17-10 22 References Herzberg, Eric F., Norman T. O’Meara, and Rebecca F. Stroh

  9. Psychology: Teacher Supplement. (United States)

    Stark, Rebecca

    This supplement provides teachers with tests, quizzes, answers to questions in the text, and general teaching information for using the student text, "Psychology," by Rebecca Stark. Quizzes included are on the topics of human development; the nervous system; the brain; cognitive development; sensation and perception; conditioning; learning;…

  10. 75 FR 40039 - Medicare Program; Payment Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B... (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Rebecca Cole, (410) 786-4497, for issues related to physician payment and for all other... issues related to renal dialysis provisions and payments for end-stage renal disease facilities. Diane...-State Renal Disease Related Services for Home Dialysis (CPT Codes 90963, 90964, 90965, and 90966) 1. End...

  11. 76 FR 58277 - Performance Review Board Members (United States)


    .... Cantrell, Patrick H. Conway, Kathleen M. Crosby, John Czajkowski, Cheryl R. Dammons, Michelle S. Davis..., William B. Schultz, Neil Shapiro, Jeremy B. Sharp, George H. Sheldon, Steven D. Silverman, Rebecca T... E. Tyler Jr., Stephen J. Veneruso, Karen V. Walker Bryce, Luis A. Wilmot, Holly J. Wong, Robert K...

  12. School Libraries and Student Learning: A Guide for School Leaders (United States)

    Morris, Rebecca J.


    Innovative, well-designed school library programs can be critical resources for helping students meet high standards of college and career readiness. In "School Libraries and Student Learning", Rebecca J. Morris shows how school leaders can make the most of their school libraries to support ambitious student learning. She offers…

  13. Pop / Tristan Priimägi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Priimägi, Tristan, 1976-


    Heliplaatidest: Goldie Lookin Chain "Greatest Hits", Placebo "Once More With Feeling - The Singles 1996 to 2004", The Killers "Hot Fuss", Leonard Cohen "Dear Heather", Ray Conniff "The Essenttial Ray Conniff", Neurosis "The Eye Of Every Storm"

  14. Invasive Meningococcal Men Y Disease

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Leonard Mayer, a public health microbiologist at CDC, discusses invasive meningococcal disease.  Created: 4/18/2012 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 4/23/2012.

  15. Demonstration of Combined Food and Landscape Waste Composting at Fort Leonard Wood, MO: Fort Leonard Wood Installation Strategic Sustainable Plan (United States)


    potential for it to contain small amounts of materials such as plastic or paper food packaging, eating utensils, and condiment containers. To...randomly collected from breakfast, lunch, and dinner services to determine moisture content. Table 4-1 summarizes these mois- ture contents by date...83.8 Dinner 87.3 16 April 2015 Lunch 78.1 Dinner 84.6 21 April 2015 Breakfast 89.4 Lunch 89.1 22 April 2015 Lunch 85.3 Dinner 78.8 28 April

  16. Contact Us | NOAA Gulf Spill Restoration (United States)

    Assessment Trustee Agencies: Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office Louisiana Department of Environmental additional information regarding the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment in Louisiana Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment; Leonard Jordan, Acting Under Secretary for

  17. Genetics Home Reference: ethylmalonic encephalopathy (United States)

    ... 0004.2010.01457.x. Citation on PubMed García-Silva MT, Ribes A, Campos Y, Garavaglia B, Arenas ... R, Lamantea E, Mandel H, Balestri P, Garcia-Silva MT, Vollmer B, Rinaldo P, Hahn SH, Leonard ...

  18. The online Self

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gloerich, I.; van Dipten, L.; Rasch, M.D.


    Following the conference Fear and Loathing of the Online Self and the publication of Culture of the Selfie: Self-Representation in Contemporary Visual Culture in May 2017, this episode of INC’s Zero Infinite podcast zooms in on the online self and selfies, with Ana Peraica, Wendy Chun and Rebecca

  19. Review Symposium. "Working in America: A Blueprint for the New Labor Market," by Paul Osterman, Thomas A. Kochan, Richard Locke, and Michael J. Piore. (United States)

    Katz, Harry C., Ed.


    A panel comments on the book, Working in America, and implications for the U.S. labor market, including declining traditional internal labor markets, the need for private versus public policy interventions, international labor policy, and value-based policy. Commentators include David Neumark, Peter Cappelli, Sanford M. Jacoby, Rebecca M. Blank,…

  20. Parental Kidnaping and Child Support. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary. United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth Congress, First Session on Problems of Domestic and International Kidnaping and Child Support Enforcement (July 19, 1985). (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

    This document presents witness testimonies and prepared statements from the Senate hearing on parental kidnapping and child support. Opening statements are included from Senators Arlen Specter and Mich McConnell. Rebecca Hickman testifies about her experience when her daughter was abducted by the noncustodial father and taken to Iran. Hickman asks…

  1. Professor Adler-Nissen om TED-Talks i Kristeligt Dagblad

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Adler-Nissen, Rebecca


    Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen var den 10. juni 2017 i Kristeligt Dagblad i forbindelse med hendes TED Talk på TED konferencen i Danmark. Her talte Adler-Nissen om international diplomati. Adler-Nissen ser TED formatet som en måde at øge kendskabet til emnet international diplomati, da formatet...

  2. Keeping Older Drivers Safe on the Road

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, Rebecca Naumann, MPH, an epidemiologist from CDC's Injury Center, talks about steps older adults can take to stay safer on the road.  Created: 3/15/2010 by National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention.   Date Released: 3/15/2010.

  3. Beyond Relation: A Critical Exploration of "Relational Consciousness" for Spiritual Education (United States)

    Wills, Ruth


    This paper takes a philosophical view of the spiritual concept "relational consciousness" first proposed by Rebecca Nye in 1998. I will consider the "relational" aspect of spirituality through the ontology of Heidegger and the dialogical relationship "I and Thou" of Martin Buber, examining the problems that contingency and mediation within…

  4. Three loud cheers for the father of the Web

    CERN Multimedia


    World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee could have been a very rich man - but he gave away his invention for the good of mankind. Tom Leonard meets the modest genius voted Great Briton 2004 (2 pages)

  5. 75 FR 38597 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus (United States)


    ..., Duane C. Jackson, John J. Long, Jerry A. McMurdy, Steven L. Miller, Joe E. Montoya, Jonathan A. Morisoli.... Tomasik, Leonard D. Tournear, Booker T. Ware and Joseph H. Watkins, from the ITDM standard in 49 CFR 391...

  6. GIS tools for strategic SB375 planning and program participation (United States)


    The just-completed (2009-2010) phase of this project corresponds to the second year of an envisioned three-year initiative on integrated transportation and land use planning supported by the Leonard Transportation Center (LTC) and USDOT, and performe...

  7. Orman amenajman planlamasının sosyal boyutu: Pozantı Orman İşletme Şefliğinde örnek uygulama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. Ersin YILMAZ


    Full Text Available Ülkemizde Fonksiyonel Planlama yaklaşımına geçilmesiyle birlikte, orman amenajman planlarının hazırlanması sürecine “katılımcı yaklaşım süreci” ve daha geniş anlamıyla “sosyal boyut” da eklenmiştir. Bu doğrultuda Fonksiyonel Planlamada, klasik planlardan farklı olarak karar vericiler, kamu, çıkar-baskı grupları ve sektör uzmanlarının orman amenajman planlaması sürecine doğrudan katılımları hedeflenmektedir. Ancak orman kaynakları planlamasının sosyal boyutundaki temel sorun, tüm bu ilgi gruplarının görüş ve tercihlerinin ölçülmesi ve planlama sürecine dâhil edilmesidir. Bu kapsamda katılımcıların ihtiyaç ve beklentilerinin nasıl dikkate alınacağı, sayısallaştırılacağı ve karar verme sürecine hangi uygun metotlar, araçlar ve matematiksel formülasyonlarla dâhil edileceği konusunda cevaplara ihtiyaç bulunmaktadır. Bu araştırmada iki aşamada farklı Çok Kriterli Karar Verme (ÇKKV Teknikleri kullanılarak ilgi gruplarının tercih, ihtiyaç ve beklentilerinin ölçülmesi ve tüm katılımcıların planlama sürecine dâhil edilmesi konularının üstesinden gelecek çözümler üretilmiştir.

  8. Gluten Unu İlavesinin Hamurun Reolojik Özellikleri ve Ekmeğin Kalitesine Etkisi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hazım Özkaya


    Full Text Available Farklı özellikteki iki un örneğinden laboratuvarda elde edilen değişik özellikteki gluten unları ile bir nişasta fabrikası yan ürünü olan ticari gluten unu 74 ve 80 randımanlı unlara %1, %3, %5, %7 ve %10 oranlarında katılarak hamurun reolojik özellikleri ve ekmeğin kalitesine etkileri araştırılmıştır. Gluten unu katılan örneklerin farinograftaki su absorbsiyonları yükselmiştir. Gelişme süresi 50 oC de kurutulan gluten unlarından olumlu yönde etkilenmiştir. Stabilite değeri, yoğurma tolerans sayısı, yumuşama derecesi ve valorimetre değeri laboratuvarda elde edilen gluten unlarından olumlu, ticari gluten unundan ise olumsuz yönde etkilenmiştir. Ekstensografta hamurun uzama mukavemeti una gluten unu katıldığı zaman artmıştır. Hamurun uzama kabiliyeti 70 oC de kurutulan gluten unu katılmış örneklerde azalmıştır. Enerji değeri ise 70 oC de kurutulan gluten unu ve %10 ticari gluten unu katkılı örnekler dışında olumlu yönde etkilenmiştir. Ekmek hacmi ve değer sayısı, 50 oC de kurutulan gluten unundan olumlu, 70 oC de kurutulandan ise olumsuz yönde etkilenmiştir. Ticari gluten unu 80 randımanlı unların ekmek hacmi ve değer sayısını arttırmıştır.

  9. Expression of a bacterial catalase in a strictly anaerobic methanogen significantly increases tolerance to hydrogen peroxide but not oxygen (United States)

    Jennings, Matthew E.; Schaff, Cody W.; Horne, Alexandra J.; Lessner, Faith H.


    Haem-dependent catalase is an antioxidant enzyme that degrades H2O2, producing H2O and O2, and is common in aerobes. Catalase is present in some strictly anaerobic methane-producing archaea (methanogens), but the importance of catalase to the antioxidant system of methanogens is poorly understood. We report here that a survey of the sequenced genomes of methanogens revealed that the majority of species lack genes encoding catalase. Moreover, Methanosarcina acetivorans is a methanogen capable of synthesizing haem and encodes haem-dependent catalase in its genome; yet, Methanosarcina acetivorans cells lack detectable catalase activity. However, inducible expression of the haem-dependent catalase from Escherichia coli (EcKatG) in the chromosome of Methanosarcina acetivorans resulted in a 100-fold increase in the endogenous catalase activity compared with uninduced cells. The increased catalase activity conferred a 10-fold increase in the resistance of EcKatG-induced cells to H2O2 compared with uninduced cells. The EcKatG-induced cells were also able to grow when exposed to levels of H2O2 that inhibited or killed uninduced cells. However, despite the significant increase in catalase activity, growth studies revealed that EcKatG-induced cells did not exhibit increased tolerance to O2 compared with uninduced cells. These results support the lack of catalase in the majority of methanogens, since methanogens are more likely to encounter O2 rather than high concentrations of H2O2 in the natural environment. Catalase appears to be a minor component of the antioxidant system in methanogens, even those that are aerotolerant, including Methanosarcina acetivorans. Importantly, the experimental approach used here demonstrated the feasibility of engineering beneficial traits, such as H2O2 tolerance, in methanogens. PMID:24222618

  10. Euroopa edukuse eeldused / Jana Vanamölder

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vanamölder, Jana


    Raamatu "Why Europe will run the 21st century" autor, silmapaistev briti analüütik, Mark Leonard juhib Euroopa Liidu sügavast kriisist hoolimata tähelepanu selle positiivsetele külgedele ja optimistlikele väljavaadetele

  11. Effect of colchicine on mitotic polyploidization and morphological ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 15, 2012 ... to diseases and insects and reduction in fertility of flowering plants ..... soaking duration was noticed to cause the treated seeds to give low height .... Addison-. Wesley, London. Stadler J, Phillips RL, Leonard M (1989).Mitotic ...

  12. Hazardous Waste Cleanup: Solvey Specialty Polymers USA, L.L.C. in Thorofare, New Jersey (United States)

    The site is located at 10 Leonard Lane, in Thorofare (West Deptford Township), New Jersey, in a mostly industrial setting surrounded by a rural residential area. Pennwalt began operations in the 1970s manufacturing fluorocarbons but the operations ceased

  13. Juri Lotman Püha Graali otsinguil / L. G. C.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    L. G. C.


    Dokumentaalfilm semiootik Juri Lotmanist (1922-1993) "Lotmani maailm" : stsenaristid Agne Nelk, Rein Pakk : režissöör A. Nelk : produtsent Kiur Aarma : animatsioon Rait Siska : Ruut, 2008. Autoriks L. G. C. - Leonard Gaius Cohen e. Lemmit Kaplinski

  14. Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Community Redevelopment Plan (United States)


    Chairperson Economic Development: Harold Tadlock Bill Benson Don Leonard Craig Wall Education & Training: Kent Sharples , Chairperson Dick Rosen Doug...Airport: Ralph Panzrino. Chairperson Mike Leahy Betty Martin Eugene Dorman, Chairperson Jessie Ward Donald Hardee Gene Stroman Bill Brown David

  15. Reforming the American Military Officer Personnel System (United States)


    Lamping Lewis, Henry Leonard, Julia Pollak, Christopher Guo and Bernard Rostker, Tour Lengths, Permanent Changes of Station, and Alternatives for...Raymond E. Conley, Stephanie Young, William A. Williams, Jeffrey Engstrom, Barbara Bicksler, Sara Beth Elson, Joseph Jenkins , Lianne Kennedy

  16. Formation of formaldehyde in biogas-engines and methods for reducing these emissions by exhaust-gas after-treatment; Entstehung von Formaldehydemissionen in Biogasmotoren und deren Verminderung durch inner- und nachmotorische Massnahmen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bauer, Markus; Wachtmeister, Georg; Prager, Maximilian [TU Muenchen (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Verbrennungskraftmaschinen


    Having found numerous biogas-(co)generation plants exceeding the formaldehyde emission limits given in German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft), the mechanisms of in-engine formation of formaldehyde were investigated at the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines (LVK) of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen in collaboration with the German Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen e.V (FVV, Research Association for Combustion Engines; research project No. 918). In these investigations the potential for reducing formaldehyde emissions with in-engine measures was found to be limited unless deteriorations in engine efficiency and nitric oxides' emissions are accepted. As a result, after- treatment of the exhaust gases is necessary, especially with respect to the tightening of the formaldehyde limits in January 2009. To get information about the yet unknown long-term behaviour of exhaust-gas after-treatment on biogas plants, a further project was launched. Within half a year emissions of formaldehyde and methane, the latter of them with regard to its global warming potential, were investigated at two biogas plants equipped with two different technologies of after-treatment. These investigations proved regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) as well as catalytic oxidation (Oxi-Kat) capable for reducing the emissions of formaldehyde below valid limits, though further research has to be conducted to improve the durability of the Oxi-Kat as well as the performance of the RTO in non-steady-state operation, especially cold start. Emissions of methane were effectively reduced with the RTO whereas the Oxi-Kat, which in fact was optimized for reducing emissions of formaldehyde, only had a negligible effect on it. It is expected that further research on catalytic coatings will improve the Oxi-Kat's performance in methane-oxidation. This project was sponsored by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety

  17. Internationally recognized human rights' before the International Criminal Court / Rebecca Young

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Young, Rebecca


    Õiguse kohaldamisest ja tõlgendamisest kooskõlas rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud inimõigustega tulenevalt ICC Rooma Statuudi artiklist 21 ja Rahvusvaheliste lepingute õiguse Viini konventsiooni artiklitest 31 ja 32

  18. A Comparison of Professional Identity of Pre-service Mathematics Teachers in Pedagogical Formation Program and Undergraduate Teacher Education Program [Pedagojik Formasyon ve Eğitim Fakülteleri Lisans Programlarına Katılan Matematik Öğretmeni Adaylarının Mesleki Kimliklerinin Karşılaştırılması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hande Gülbağcı Dede


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to compare professional identity of pre-service mathematics teachers in pedagogical formation certificate program and undergraduate teacher education program in the context of pre-service teachers’ stories of becoming a mathematics teacher. A total of 113 pre-service elementary mathematics teachers participated in the study. 58 of them were enrolled in undergraduate teacher education program and 55 of them were enrolled in pedagogical formation certificate program. Demographic questionnaire and reflective essays on pre-service teachers’ stories of becoming a teacher were used as data collection tools. Demographic questionnaires were analyzed descriptively and pre-service teachers’ writings were analyzed using content analysis. Data analysis indicated that two groups had similarities in reasons for why they chose teaching as a profession and mathematics as a subject for teaching. Their earlier teaching experiences in high school and their role model teachers were the most observed reasons for why they chose teaching as a profession. The main difference between the two groups was their determination for aiming to be a teacher. Participants in the undergraduate teacher education program decided to be a teacher in high school while some of the participants in the other group decided to have a teaching certificate just in case they might need it in the future. Interest and success in mathematics were the most important factors for choosing mathematics as a subject for teaching in both groups. [Bu çalışmanın amacı pedagojik formasyon eğitimi sertifika programına katılan öğretmen adayları ile ortaöğretim matematik öğretmenliği lisans programına devam eden öğretmen adaylarının mesleki kimliklerinin öğretmen olma hikayeleri bağlamında karşılaştırılmasıdır. Çalışmaya 55’i pedagojik formasyon eğitimi sertifika programına, 58’i ortaöğretim matematik öğretmenliği lisans program

  19. Building Communities of Care for Military Children and Families (United States)

    Kudler, Harold; Porter, Rebecca I.


    Military children don't exist in a vacuum; rather, they are embedded in and deeply influenced by their families, neighborhoods, schools, the military itself, and many other interacting systems. To minimize the risks that military children face and maximize their resilience, write Harold Kudler and Colonel Rebecca Porter, we must go beyond…

  20. Gender | Page 178 | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Gender. Sexospécificités. Co-founder Rebecca Chiao on her speaking tour of Canada ... As the world observes World Health Day on April 7, IDRC asked researchers: ... Researchers supported by IDRC focus on the root causes of inequities and ... with high and/or growing inequalities, and inequality can hamper growth.

  1. Mediation in political conflicts – Soft power or counter culture?

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    explore the effectiveness of a new 'soft power' mediation culture to solve global. * Dr Leonard Suransky has ... the human rights and the autonomy of the 'other,' as an essential pre-requisite to building a ... In the more individualistic 'Western' ...

  2. 78 FR 69367 - Membership of the Departmental Performance Review Board (United States)


    ..., Chief Counsel for Economic Affairs Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for..., Associate Director for Administration and Chief Financial Officer Economics and Development Administration... Telecommunications and Information Administration Leonard M. Bechtel, Chief Financial Officer and Director for...

  3. 78 FR 30861 - Membership of the Office of the Secretary Performance Review Board (United States)


    ... of Budget Lisa Casias, Director for Financial Management and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Office of... and Information Administration Leonard M. Bechtel, Chief Financial Officer and Director for... Theodore Constantine Johnston, Director, Office of White House Liaison Office of the Chief Financial...

  4. 77 FR 66663 - Senior Executive Service; Combined Performance Review Board (PRB) (United States)


    ... Director, BPD; Leonard R. Olijar, Chief Financial Officer/Associate Director, BEP; Beverly Ortega Babers, Chief Administrative Officer, United States Mint; Cheri Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer/Assistant... States Mint; Mary G. Ryan, Deputy Administrator, TTB. Alternate Members Marty Greiner, Chief Financial...

  5. Journal of East African Natural History - Vol 93 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The first herbarium botanist in Nairobi · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Leonard E Newton, 49-55.[49:TFHBIN]2.0.CO;2 ...

  6. Legality in multiple legal orders

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Besselink, L.F.M.; Pennings, F.J.L.; Prechal, A.


    This is the Introductory chapter to The Eclipse of the Legality Principle in the European Union, Edited by Leonard Besselink, Frans Pennings, Sacha Prechal [European Monographs, vol. 75], Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2011 [2010], xxv + 303 pp.

  7. Seeking the Balance Between Government and Industry Interests in Software Acquisitions. Volume 1. A Basis for Reconciling DoD and Industry Needs for Rights in Software (United States)


    Facilitator Robert Voss, Esq. Private Consultant, Honeywell, Inc. Institute for Defense Analyses Robert Adams , Esq. Naval Training Systems Center Mr...Systems Command Leonard Rawlcz, Esq. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Ansel Schwartz, Esq. Reed Smith Shaw & McClay Michael Yatsko, Esq

  8. Show me the road to hydrogen (United States)


    The Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and Ford Motor Company demonstrated a shuttle bus service and hydrogen fueling facilities in rural Missouri near Ft. Leonard Wood. Initiated by a request from the U.S. Army Maneuver Sup...

  9. 537-IJBCS-Article-Pr Leonard Simon Tinkeu Ngamo

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    de Tephritidae qui ont émergé des mangues mûres ramassées sous les arbres appartiennent à deux espèces. B. invadens (98,5%) et ... Mots clés: Mouches des fruits, Mangifera indica, Bactrocera invadens, Dacus punctatifrons, Cameroun,. Adamaoua, dynamique ... diversifié leur production de cultures non traditionnelles ...

  10. Antibiogram, Adhesive Characteristics, and Incidence of Class 1 Integron in Aeromonas Species Isolated from Two South African Rivers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isoken H. Igbinosa


    Full Text Available Aeromonas species are well distributed in freshwater environments, and their natural susceptibility to antimicrobials renders them interesting candidates for the survey of antimicrobial resistance in freshwater milieu. Water samples were collected from Kat and Tyume rivers in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, and a total of 45 isolates identified as Aeromonas species were recovered from the two rivers. All Aeromonas isolates were resistant to oxacillin, penicillin, clindamycin, cephalothin, vancomycin, and rifamycin, while appreciable susceptibilities (89.3 : 94.1%, 82.1 : 94.1%, 85.7 : 88.2%, and 92.9 : 88.2% were observed against ciprofloxacin, chloramphenicol, nitrofurantoin, and gentamicin from Kat and Tyume rivers, respectively. Multiple antibiotic resistance (MAR indices ranged from 0.016 to 0.044 for the two rivers. Class 1 integron was detected in about 20% of the isolates, and all the isolates except one showed ability to produce biofilm in vitro as weak producers (53.33%, moderate producers (15.56%, and strong producers (28.9%. This investigation provides a baseline data on antibiotic resistance as well as the adhesive characteristics of Aeromonas isolates from Tyume and Kat rivers in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

  11. The lysine acetyltransferase activator Brpf1 governs dentate gyrus development through neural stem cells and progenitors.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Linya You


    Full Text Available Lysine acetylation has recently emerged as an important post-translational modification in diverse organisms, but relatively little is known about its roles in mammalian development and stem cells. Bromodomain- and PHD finger-containing protein 1 (BRPF1 is a multidomain histone binder and a master activator of three lysine acetyltransferases, MOZ, MORF and HBO1, which are also known as KAT6A, KAT6B and KAT7, respectively. While the MOZ and MORF genes are rearranged in leukemia, the MORF gene is also mutated in prostate and other cancers and in four genetic disorders with intellectual disability. Here we show that forebrain-specific inactivation of the mouse Brpf1 gene causes hypoplasia in the dentate gyrus, including underdevelopment of the suprapyramidal blade and complete loss of the infrapyramidal blade. We trace the developmental origin to compromised Sox2+ neural stem cells and Tbr2+ intermediate neuronal progenitors. We further demonstrate that Brpf1 loss deregulates neuronal migration, cell cycle progression and transcriptional control, thereby causing abnormal morphogenesis of the hippocampus. These results link histone binding and acetylation control to hippocampus development and identify an important epigenetic regulator for patterning the dentate gyrus, a brain structure critical for learning, memory and adult neurogenesis.

  12. Genes Important for Catalase Activity in Enterococcus faecalis (United States)

    Baureder, Michael; Hederstedt, Lars


    Little in general is known about how heme proteins are assembled from their constituents in cells. The Gram-positive bacterium Enterococcus faecalis cannot synthesize heme and does not depend on it for growth. However, when supplied with heme in the growth medium the cells can synthesize two heme proteins; catalase (KatA) and cytochrome bd (CydAB). To identify novel factors important for catalase biogenesis libraries of E. faecalis gene insertion mutants were generated using two different types of transposons. The libraries of mutants were screened for clones deficient in catalase activity using a colony zymogram staining procedure. Analysis of obtained clones identified, in addition to katA (encoding the catalase enzyme protein), nine genes distributed over five different chromosomal loci. No factors with a dedicated essential role in catalase biogenesis or heme trafficking were revealed, but the results indicate the RNA degradosome (srmB, rnjA), an ABC-type oligopeptide transporter (oppBC), a two-component signal transducer (etaR), and NADH peroxidase (npr) as being important for expression of catalase activity in E. faecalis. It is demonstrated that catalase biogenesis in E. faecalis is independent of the CydABCD proteins and that a conserved proline residue in the N-terminal region of KatA is important for catalase assembly. PMID:22590595

  13. Leveraging existing virtual platform for training medical officers on Non-Communicable Diseases; an experience from Bihar, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akanksha Gautam


    Full Text Available Background: The state of Bihar in India has high prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs. A NCDs training program using virtual platform was implemented for medical officers posted at public health facilities from two districts of Bihar.   Aims & Objectives: The aim of this analysis was to evaluate the effectiveness of a pilot NCDs training program in improving the knowledge of Medical officers using virtual platform.   Material & Methods: A secondary analysis of pre-post NCDs training data was undertaken. A structured knowledge assessment tool (KAT was used to assess the knowledge of participants before and after completion of training. Also, post-training participant’s feedback was collected using a “Likert scale”. Statistical analysis: Median pre-post KAT scores were calculated and compared for statistical significance using “Wilcoxon Signed Rank test”. The proportions of participants satisfied with training were also calculated. Results: The pre-post KAT scores for diabetes, hypertension and CAD were ranked, analysed and found to be statistically significant (p < .001. Overall 94% of the participants were satisfied with the virtual training on NCDs. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the NCDs training using virtual platform significantly improved the knowledge of medical officers and was found to be highly acceptable by them.

  14. Evlilik İçi Zorla Cinsel İlişki Üzerine Bir Anket Çalışması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Fatih Yavuz


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, 170’i hukuk mezunu, 480’i toplumun çeşitli kesimlerinden olmak üzere toplam 650 kişinin evlilikiçi zorla cinsel ilişki konusundaki görüşlerini belirleyen anket formlarının sonuçları değerlendirilmiştir. Çalışmaya katılanların % 65’inin, hukukçuların % 45’inin ve toplumdan katılanların % 71’inin kocanın karısıyla zorla cinsel ilişkide bulunmasının bir ırza geçme suçu oluşturacağına inandıkları görülmektedir.Çalışmaya katılanların yarıdan fazlasının bu görüşte olması evlilikiçi zorla cinsel ilişkinin ırza geçme suçu olarak düzenlenmesi yolundaki tartışmalara basamak oluşturmaktadır. Anahtar kelimeler: Evlilik, Irza geçme.


    ANALYSIS OF THE POTENTIAL SPERM BIOMARKER SP22 IN HUMAN SEMEN Rebecca A. Morris Ph.D.1, Gary R. Klinefelter Ph.D.1, Naomi L. Roberts 1, Juan D. Suarez 1, Lillian F. Strader 1, Susan C. Jeffay 1 and Sally D. Perreault Ph.D.1 1 U.S. EPA / ORD / National Health a...

  16. When Claiming to Teach for Social Justice Is Not Enough: Majoritarian Stories of Race, Difference, and Meritocracy (United States)

    Viesca, Kara Mitchell; Torres, Aubrey Scheopner; Barnatt, Joan; Piazza, Peter


    To understand how dominant messages about race and effective pedagogy impact teacher beliefs and practice, this study employs critical race theory (CRT) in a case study analysis of Rebecca Rosenberg, a mid-career entrant into the teaching profession who was terminated from her first job before the end of her district's probationary period. Despite…

  17. Decreasing Nonmarital Births and Strengthening Marriage to Reduce Poverty (United States)

    Amato, Paul R.; Maynard, Rebecca A.


    Since the 1970s, the share of U.S. children growing up in single-parent families has doubled, a trend that has disproportionately affected disadvantaged families. Paul Amato and Rebecca Maynard argue that reversing that trend would reduce poverty in the short term and, perhaps more important, improve children's growth and development over the long…

  18. What Works in Girls' Education: Evidence for the World's Best Investment (United States)

    Sperling, Gene B.; Winthrop, Rebecca


    Gene Sperling, author of the seminal 2004 report published by the Council on Foreign Relations, and Rebecca Winthrop, director of the Center for Universal Education, have written this definitive book on the importance of girls' education. As Malala Yousafzai expresses in her foreword, the idea that any child could be denied an education due to…

  19. Real Economies in Africa | Hardin | CODESRIA Bulletin

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Real Economies in Africa. Rebecca Hardin, Una Okonkwo. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms and Conditions of Use · Contact AJOL · News. OTHER RESOURCES... for Researchers · for Journals · for Authors ...

  20. Disease: H00488 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available type and phenotype? ... JOURNAL ... Hum Mol Genet 6:695-707 (1997) DOI:10.1093/hmg/6.5.695 ... PMID:15877203 (drug) ... AUTHORS ... Lee PJ, Harr...ison EL, Jones MG, Jones S, Leonard JV, Chalmers RA ... TITLE ... L-carnitine and exe

  1. 78 FR 68019 - Performance Review Board Appointments (United States)


    ..., Arlean; Leonard, Joe; Linden, Ralph A.; Lippold, David; Lowe, Christopher S.; Lowe, Stephen O.; Maddux..., Michael; Nelson, Leiann H.; Willis, Brandon C.; Witt, Timothy; Worth, Thomas W. Food, Nutrition and...; Primrose, Edna; Ross, Robert H.; Salguero, Francisco. Rural Utilities Service Ackerman, Kenneth; Adams...

  2. Military and Veterans Disability System. Pilot Has Achieved Some Goals, but Further Planning and Monitoring Needed (United States)


    Member Subcommittee on Defense Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives The Honorable Chet Edwards Chairman The Honorable Zach Wamp...and Vanessa Taylor provided assistance with research methodology and data analysis. Bonnie Anderson, Rebecca Beale, Mark Bird, Brenda Farrell...Valerie Melvin, Patricia Owens, and Randall Williamson provided subject matter expertise. Susan Bernstein and Kathleen van Gelder provided writing

  3. Learning about Plants with STEAM: In a Yearlong Unit on Plants, Students Use Art to Make Models of Their Subjects (United States)

    Kurson, Rebecca


    In this article Rebecca Kurson describes her school garden, now in its second year, as one that the lower school (preK-5) students plant and observe as often as possible. They call the garden an "outdoor classroom," and the younger students are particularly interested in how the plants grow. Kruson had lots of garden activities…

  4. Boots on the Ground: Maricopa County

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, we talk to CDC career epidemiology field officer Rebecca Sunenshine about her response efforts to a suspected tuberculosis case aboard a US Airways flight and the development of an airport emergency response plan.  Created: 4/9/2014 by Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR).   Date Released: 4/9/2014.

  5. Commensal Bacteria Control Cancer Response to Therapy by Modulating the Tumor Microenvironment | Poster (United States)

    Noriho Iida, Amiran Dzutsev, C. Andrew Stewart, Loretta Smith, Nicolas Bouladoux, Rebecca A. Weingarten, Daniel A. Molina, Rosalba Salcedo, Timothy Back, Sarah Cramer, Ren-Ming Dai, Hiu Kiu, Marco Cardone, Shruti Naik, Anil K. Patri, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Marincola, Karen M. Frank, Yasmine Belkaid, Giorgio Trinchieri, Romina S. Goldszmid Science 342(6161):967-970, 2013

  6. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    White, Rebecca L. Vol 2, No 2 (2015): Series F - Articles Abstract: Trauma Tapping Technique: Practical First Aid for Stress and Trauma Abstract PDF. ISSN: 2305-2678. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms and ...

  7. Interviewing for an Interdisciplinary Job: Principled Goals, Pragmatic Outcomes, and Finding the Right Fit in Academia (United States)

    Clark, Susan G.; Steelman, Toddi A.


    This paper sets up a scenario about Rebecca, a jobseeker, who is a fictitious composite, a "typical" candidate who wants a position at a college/university. A job description is provided. She interviews for the advertised position, and while doing so, she also interviews the university, school/department, and working environment to see if there is…

  8. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Assa, Rebecca Rachel. Vol 10, No 3 (2016) - Articles Variation des paramètres biochimiques de l'eau de coco (Cocos nucifera L.) issu de la culture in vitro pendant la période de stockage. Abstract PDF. ISSN: 1997-342X. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors ...

  9. Think Aloud in Groups: Mediating Poetry for Children with Cecília Meireles, Paulo Freire, and John Dewey (United States)

    Diniz, Telma Franco


    As suggested by its title, this article reports on a Think Aloud in Group (TAG) practice in which a group of Y5 children thought aloud the poem "The Blue Boy", written in Portuguese by Cecília Meireles and translated into English by Sarah Rebecca Kersley. As a dialogical and collaborative literacy practice, TAG aims to transform the…

  10. Spring Research Festival Highlighted on WHAG-TV | Poster (United States)

    WHAG-TV (Hagerstown, Md.) visited Fort Detrick to highlight the 2015 Spring Research Festival (SRF), sponsored by the National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR). Visit the WHAG-TV website to see the video broadcast, which aired May 6. The video was produced by WHAG Reporter Mallory Sofastaii. The video featured Linganore High School senior Rebecca

  11. Monumentalnõi obraz svobodõ / Iosef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Iosef


    Tallinna Vabadussamba kavandi avalik arutelu Rahvusraamatukogus. Kavandi autorid Andri Laidre ja Rainer Sternfeld neile osaks saanud kriitikast ja vabadussamba materjalina kasutatava klaasi tugevusest

  12. Golossa optom i v roznitsu / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Eelhääletuse käigus ilmsiks tulnud katsed hääli kokku osta, ei tohi valimiste ega elektroonilise hääletamise tulemusi kahtluse alla seada, justiitsminister Rein Langi esinemisest valitsuse pressikonverentsil

  13. Fietser en bromfietser: Als kat en hond?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dijkstra, A. & Huijbers, J.J.W.


    Cyclists and moped riders behave often like cats and dogs and it seems useful to segregate them. They have only one thing in common: their enemy the car traffic. During the last years much has been done to protect the cyclist and the moped rider more or less against car traffic: crash helmets for

  14. Pojezd "Ankara - Brüssel" / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Türgi riigiminister Ali Babacan, kes on ka Türgi ja Euroopa Liidu vaheliste liitumisläbirääkimiste Türgi delegatsiooni juht, külastas Eestit ning rääkis Türgi reformidest Euroopa Liidu kandidaatriigina

  15. Allo, mõ ishtshem idei! / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Tallinna Reaalkooli aulas toimus kolmeaastase innovatsiooni programmi "Hei! - Hea Eesti Idee!" avaüritus. Üritusel osalenud peaminister Juhan Partsi, majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniminister Andrus Ansipi ja haridus- ja teadusminister Toivo Maimetsa sõnavõttudest

  16. Sovet da neljubov / Josef Kats, Aleksandra Manukjan

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Tallinnas vahetunud koalitsioon tõi muutusi ka Vene kultuurikeskuse juhtimisse, linnapea Tõnis Paltsi soov vahetada välja keskuse direktor tõi uued vastuolud Res Publica ja Reformierakonna suhetesse

  17. Growth form and seasonal variation in leaf gas exchange of Colophospermum mopane savanna trees in northwest Botswana

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veenendaal, E.M.; Mantlana, K.B.; Pammenter, N.W.; Weber, P.; Huntsman-Mapila, P.; Lloyd, J.


    We investigated differences in physiological and morphological traits between the tall and short forms of mopane (Colophospermum mopane (Kirk ex Benth.) Kirk ex J. Leonard) trees growing near Maun, Botswana on a Kalahari sandveld overlying an impermeable calcrete duricrust. We sought to determine if

  18. 75 FR 67765 - Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Applications (United States)


    ... collect leaf tissue and seeds from the following endangered plants: South Texas ambrosia (Ambrosia... transportation, at the Miller Park Zoo. Permit TE-24625A Applicant: Wendy Leonard, San Antonio, Texas. Applicant...-cheeked warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia) and black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapilla) within Texas. Permit TE...

  19. African Journal of Neurological Sciences - Vol 34, No 2 (2015)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche socio-culturelle de l'epilepsie en Cote d'Ivoire · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Felix Boa Yapo, Mariam Doumbia-Ouattara, Leonard Kouassi Kouame, Ismaila Diakite, Muriel Amon-Tanoh, Therese Sonan-Douayoua, 6-12 ...

  20. Saksa vaim Kunstihoones

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Fotokunsti väljapanek "Ajastu vaim. Saksa moefotod 1945-1995". Kuraator F. C Gundlach. Esindatud kunstnikud Helmut Newton, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jürgen Teller, Charlotte Rohrbach, Norbert Leonard, Willy Maywald, Regi Relang, Hubs Flöter, Herbert Tobias, Rico Puhlmann, Will McBride, Charlotte March.

  1. 77 FR 66197 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC; Order Instituting Proceedings To... (United States)


    ..., Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, dated August 23, 2012 (``Angel Letter''); and Leonard J... any applicable insurance policy. See Nasdaq Rule 4626(b)(2). The Facebook initial public offering does... (``IPO'') of Facebook, Inc. (``Facebook'') on May 18, 2012 (collectively ``Facebook IPO'').\\11...

  2. 77 FR 2291 - Records Governing Off-the-Record Communications; Public Notice (United States)


    ... Support at [email protected] or toll free at (866) 208-3676, or for TTY, contact (202) 502-8659.... CP12-30-000 12-15-11 Hon. Leonard Lance. 11. P-14263-000 12-16-11 Gov. Matthew H. Mead. 12. CP11-14-000...

  3. Disease: H01794 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available H01794 Genitopatellar syndrome (GPS) Genitopatellar syndrome (GPS) is a rare disorder in which patel...f the gene encoding the histone acetyltransferase KAT6B cause Genitopatellar synd

  4. The Franklin Institute: Diverse As Its Namesake. (United States)

    Milner, Art


    Discusses the history and functions of Philadelphia's Franklin Institute and outlines prospects for the Institute's library with respect to services, programs, and financial support under the direction of Leonard Freiser, the recently-appointed head librarian. The Institute's museum and library collections, especially those concerned with science,…

  5. Tanzania Journal of Health Research - Vol 20, No 2 (2018)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Socio-demographic determinants of dengue infection during an outbreak in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Neema Camara, Billy Ngasala, Germana Leyna, Ahmed Abade, Susan F. Rumisha, Ndekya M. Oriyo, Leonard ...

  6. Reason and Culture in Cosmopolitan Education (United States)

    Waks, Leonard J.


    In this essay, Leonard Waks reviews three recent books on cosmopolitan education: Kwame Anthony Appiah's "Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers"; Neil Burtonwood's "Cultural Diversity, Liberal Pluralism, and Schools: Isaiah Berlin and Education"; and Thomas Popkewitz's "Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform: Science, Education and…

  7. 78 FR 58580 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Order Approving... (United States)


    ..., dated July 10, 2013 (``Speyer Letter''); and Leonard Steiner, Attorney, dated July 10, 2013 (``Steiner..., Neuman Letter, Sanders Letter, Speyer Letter, St. John's Law Letter, and Steiner Letter. \\13\\ See... Letter, and Steiner Letter. See also Pace Law Letter. \\15\\ See Bakhtiari Letter and Sanders Letter. \\16...

  8. 78 FR 19040 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC; Order Granting Approval of a Proposed... (United States)


    ... University, McDonough School of Business, dated August 23, 2012 (``Angel Letter''); and Leonard J. Amoruso.... See Nasdaq Rule 4626(b)(2). The Facebook initial public offering does not implicate the types of... the initial public offering (``IPO'') of Facebook, Inc. (``Facebook'') on May 18, 2012 (collectively...

  9. Maailma kaunid aiad : Nymans'i aed / Ann Tenno

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tenno, Ann, 1952-


    Nymans'i aia Inglismaal rajas 1885. a. Ludwig Messel ning kujundas seda koos oma poja Leonard Messeliga. Aed on tuntud haruldaste puude ja põõsaste rohkuse poolest, aia omapäraks on kerakujuliseks pöetud ja väljalõigatud siiludega jugapuud. 19 ill

  10. The Chromatin Regulator Brpf1 Regulates Embryo Development and Cell Proliferation* (United States)

    You, Linya; Yan, Kezhi; Zou, Jinfeng; Zhao, Hong; Bertos, Nicholas R.; Park, Morag; Wang, Edwin; Yang, Xiang-Jiao


    With hundreds of chromatin regulators identified in mammals, an emerging issue is how they modulate biological and pathological processes. BRPF1 (bromodomain- and PHD finger-containing protein 1) is a unique chromatin regulator possessing two PHD fingers, one bromodomain and a PWWP domain for recognizing multiple histone modifications. In addition, it binds to the acetyltransferases MOZ, MORF, and HBO1 (also known as KAT6A, KAT6B, and KAT7, respectively) to promote complex formation, restrict substrate specificity, and enhance enzymatic activity. We have recently showed that ablation of the mouse Brpf1 gene causes embryonic lethality at E9.5. Here we present systematic analyses of the mutant animals and demonstrate that the ablation leads to vascular defects in the placenta, yolk sac, and embryo proper, as well as abnormal neural tube closure. At the cellular level, Brpf1 loss inhibits proliferation of embryonic fibroblasts and hematopoietic progenitors. Molecularly, the loss reduces transcription of a ribosomal protein L10 (Rpl10)-like gene and the cell cycle inhibitor p27, and increases expression of the cell-cycle inhibitor p16 and a novel protein homologous to Scp3, a synaptonemal complex protein critical for chromosome association and embryo survival. These results uncover a crucial role of Brpf1 in controlling mouse embryo development and regulating cellular and gene expression programs. PMID:25773539

  11. Formation of hydroxyl radicals contributes to the bactericidal activity of ciprofloxacin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms. (United States)

    Jensen, Peter Ø; Briales, Alejandra; Brochmann, Rikke P; Wang, Hengzhuang; Kragh, Kasper N; Kolpen, Mette; Hempel, Casper; Bjarnsholt, Thomas; Høiby, Niels; Ciofu, Oana


    Antibiotic-tolerant, biofilm-forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa has long been recognized as a major cause of chronic lung infections of cystic fibrosis patients. The mechanisms involved in the activity of antibiotics on biofilm are not completely clear. We have investigated whether the proposed induction of cytotoxic hydroxyl radicals (OH˙) during antibiotic treatment of planktonically grown cells may contribute to action of the commonly used antibiotic ciprofloxacin on P. aeruginosa biofilms. For this purpose, WT PAO1, a catalase deficient ΔkatA and a ciprofloxacin resistant mutant of PAO1 (gyrA), were grown as biofilms in microtiter plates and treated with ciprofloxacin. Formation of OH˙ and total amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was measured and viability was estimated. Formation of OH˙ and total ROS in PAO1 biofilms treated with ciprofloxacin was shown but higher levels were measured in ΔkatA biofilms, and no ROS production was seen in the gyrA biofilms. Treatment with ciprofloxacin decreased the viability of PAO1 and ΔkatA biofilms but not of gyrA biofilms. Addition of thiourea, a OH˙ scavenger, decreased the OH˙ levels and killing of PAO1 biofilm. Our study shows that OH˙ is produced by P. aeruginosa biofilms treated with ciprofloxacin, which may contribute to the killing of biofilm subpopulations. © 2013 Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Psikolojik Gerilimin Sudanlı Ortaokul Öğrencilerinin Özsaygısı Üzerine Etkisi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alradi Jadain El IMAM


    Full Text Available Psikolojik gerilimler ve özsaygı, herkesin hayatının bazı dönemlerinde başa çıkmak zorunda olduğu yaygın konulardır. Bu makalenin amacı, psikolojik gerilimler ile özsaygı arasında bir ilişki varsa bunu keşfetmektir. Bu çalışma 350 Sudanlı ortaokul öğrencisi üzerinde gerçekleştirilmiştir. Katılımcılar, Sudan’ın Gezira eyaletinde bulunan Al. Kamleen bölgesinde yer alan ortaokul öğrencileridir. Katılımcılar, psikolojik gerilim ve özsaygıları ölçülmek maksadıyla incelenmiştir. Katılımcıların psikolojik gerilim ve özsaygılarını ölçmek için Fontana & Rida Abouserie Psikolojik Gerilim Ölçeği ve Rosenberg Özsaygı Ölçeği (RSES; 1965 kullanılmıştır. Deneklerin psikolojik gerilim ve özsaygılarını incelemek için Pearson korelasyon tekniği kullanılmıştır. Negatif önemli bir ilişki belirlenmiştir (r = 0.64-, p

  13. As amnésias do contemporâneo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruschi, Michel Euclides


    Full Text Available Este artigo faz uma viagem pela mente de Leonard Shelby, personagem principal do filme Amnésia (2000. Esta aventura é feita juntamente com o auxílio das idéias sobre narrativa, self transacional e cultura de Jerome Bruner (1997a, 1997b e 2001. O objetivo é de no final da viagem conseguirmos fazer algumas reflexões sobre as amnésias que vivenciamos na contemporaneidade a partir do nosso olhar sobre Leonard. A primeira amnésia é a da fragmentação que é apontada como uma das causas do vazio de sentidos do nosso tempo. No entanto, a fragmentação não impossibilita a construção de sentidos, sendo apenas um novo dificultador desse processo. A segunda amnésia é a de que através das representações estamos acessando diretamente o mundo exterior, esquecendo de todo o processo que ocorre para construirmos uma representação

  14. Cine Club

    CERN Multimedia

    Cine Club


    Thursday 27 March 2014 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Zelig     Directed by Woody Allen (USA, 1983) 79 minutes   Leonard Zelig, the “human chameleon”, is profiled in this mock-documentary. Woody Allen appears as Zelig in scenes that purport to be vintage newsreel clips of the 1920s and 1930s, but are actually clever recreations, “aged” and scratched-up.  An appropriately pompous narrator details the life and times of Leonard Zelig, whose overwhelming desire for conformity is manifested in his ability to take on the facial and vocal characteristics of whomever he happens to be around at the moment. He shows up at batting practice with Babe Ruth, among William Randolph Hearst’s guests as San Simeon, side by side with Pope Pius at the Vatican, and peering anxiously over the shoulder of Adolf Hitler at the Nuremberg Rally. Becoming a celebrity in his own right, Zelig inspires a song, a dance craze, and...

  15. Cine-Club

    CERN Multimedia



    Thursday 27 March 2014 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Zelig     Directed by Woody Allen (USA, 1983) 79 minutes   Leonard Zelig, the “human chameleon”, is profiled in this mock-documentary. Woody Allen appears as Zelig in scenes that purport to be vintage newsreel clips of the 1920s and 1930s, but are actually clever recreations, “aged” and scratched-up.  An appropriately pompous narrator details the life and times of Leonard Zelig, whose overwhelming desire for conformity is manifested in his ability to take on the facial and vocal characteristics of whomever he happens to be around at the moment. He shows up at batting practice with Babe Ruth, among William Randolph Hearst’s guests as San Simeon, side by side with Pope Pius at the Vatican, and peering anxiously over the shoulder of Adolf Hitler at the Nuremberg Rally. Becoming a celebrity in his own right, Zelig inspires a song, a dance craze, and...

  16. Odonata de Uruguay: lista de especies y nuevos registros Odonata from Uruguay: species list and new records

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia Von Ellenrieder


    Full Text Available Se proporciona una lista de las 70 especies citadas para Uruguay. Catorce de ellas constituyen nuevos registros para el país: Mnesarete pruinosa (Hagen en Selys [Calopterygidae, Acanthagrion lancea Selys, A. peruvianum Leonard, Argia serva Hagen en Selys y Oxyagrion chapadense Costa (Coenagrionidae, Neoneura ethela Williamson (Protoneuridae, Progomphus costalis Hagen en Selys (Gomphidae, Elasmothemis constricta (Calvert, Erythrodiplax basalis (Kirby, Erythrodiplax media Borror, Micrathyria hypodidyma Calvert, Micrathyria ringueleti Rodrigues Capitulo, Orthemis ambinigra Calvert y Perithemis icteroptera (Selys en Sagra (Libelullidae.A list of 70 species known to occur in Uruguay is given. Fourteen species are new country records: Mnesarete pruinosa (Hagen in Selys (Calopterygidae, Acanthagrion lancea Selys, A. peruvianum Leonard, Argia serva Hagen in Selys, and Oxyagrion chapadense Costa (Coenagrionidae, Neoneura ethela Williamson (Protoneuridae, Progomphus costalis Hagen in Selys (Gomphidae, Elasmothemis constricta (Calvert, Erythrodiplax basalis (Kirby, Erythrodiplax media Borror, Micrathyria hypodidyma Calvert, Micrathyria ringueleti Rodrigues Capitulo, Orthemis ambinigra Calvert, and Perithemis icteroptera (Selys in Sagra (Libelullidae.

  17. A Study to Measure Clinician Productivity in the Internal Medicine Clinic at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. (United States)


    Ojud fall into if an analysis determined iQroveri-ents:: iie e ssl ir the- vr odk uvti ty cf its z:ervices asc a whole owr of a ny of ’,v dua coflected and utflied r e vIw of data collected for the samne timne period of the study N~ the -urrent me-,asuremnent systems wa5 conducted anid a...includes supply and overhead costs. A further subsect or, of the MEPRS is the Uniforrm Staffing Methodoloqy WB$i), the collection system for manhours data

  18. Diagnostic moléculaire du complexe Mycobacterium tuberculosis résistant à l'isoniazide et à la rifampicine au Burkina Faso (United States)

    Désire, Ilboudo; Cyrille, Bisseye; Florencia, Djigma; Souba, Diande; Albert, Yonli; Valerie, Bazie Jean Telesphore; Rebecca, Compaore; Charlemagne, Gnoula; Tamboura, Djibril; Rémy, Moret; Virginio, Pietra; Simplice, Karou Damintoti; Martial, Ouedraogo; Jacques, Simpore


    Introduction Cette étude a eu pour objectifs de diagnostiquer la tuberculose pulmonaire par l'examen microscopique et par la PCR des crachats et de déterminer les bases moléculaires de la résistance à la rifampicine et à l'isoniazide. Méthodes Le diagnostic du Complexe Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (CMTB) a été effectué par microscopie après coloration au Ziehl Nielsen et par PCR en temps réel en utilisant le kit d'identification du complexe MTB (Sacace Biotechnologie, Italie). Les résistances à la Rifampicine et à l'Isoniazide ont été étudiées par la technique de la PCR en utilisant le kit MTB résistance 8 (Sacace, Biotechnologie). Résultats Sur les 59 patients diagnostiqués pour la tuberculose pulmonaire, 59,3% étaient positifs en microscopie optique et 44,1% étaient positifs par PCR en Temps réel. Les résistances à la rifampicine (rpoB) et à l'isoniazide (katG et inhA) ont été observées chez 9 patients. La résistance à la rifampicine était due aux mutations (Asp516Val, Ser531Trp, Leu533Pro) et celle à l'isoniazide par les substitutions Ser315Thr du gène katG et C209T du gène inhA. Les multi résistances à la rifampicine et à l'isoniazide ont été observées dans 55,5% des échantillons et concernaient les associations: ropBAsp513Val + inhAC209T et rpoBLeu533Pro + katGSer315Thr. Conclusion La PCR en temps réel qui permet l'identification des allèles mutants rpoB, katG et inhA de M. tuberculosis est un outil de diagnostic épidémiologique de grande importance car elle permet de déterminer le niveau de résistance à la rifampicine et à l'isoniazide. PMID:26491516

  19. Alternative kynurenic acid synthesis routes studied in the rat cerebellum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tonali eBlanco Ayala


    Full Text Available Kynurenic acid (KYNA, an astrocyte-derived, endogenous antagonist of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine and excitatory amino acid receptors, regulates glutamatergic, GABAergic, cholinergic and dopaminergic neurotransmission in several regions of the rodent brain. Synthesis of KYNA in the brain and elsewhere is generally attributed to the enzymatic conversion of L-kynurenine (L-KYN by kynurenine aminotransferases (KATs. However, alternative routes, including KYNA formation from D-kynurenine (D-KYN by D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO and the direct transformation of kynurenine to KYNA by reactive oxygen species (ROS, have been demonstrated in the rat brain. Using the rat cerebellum, a region of low KAT activity and high DAAO activity, the present experiments were designed to examine KYNA production from L-KYN or D-KYN by KAT and DAAO, respectively, and to investigate the effect of ROS on KYNA synthesis. In chemical combinatorial systems, both L-KYN and D-KYN interacted directly with peroxynitrite (ONOO- and hydroxyl radicals (OH•, resulting in the formation of KYNA. In tissue homogenates, the non-specific KAT inhibitor aminooxyacetic acid (AOAA; 1 mM reduced KYNA production from L-KYN and D-KYN by 85.1 ± 1.7% and 27.1 ± 4.5%, respectively. Addition of DAAO inhibitors (benzoic acid, kojic acid or 3-methylpyrazole-5-carboxylic acid; 5 µM each attenuated KYNA formation from L-KYN and D-KYN by ~35% and ~66%, respectively. ONOO- (25 µM potentiated KYNA production from both L-KYN and D-KYN, and these effects were reduced by DAAO inhibition. AOAA attenuated KYNA production from L-KYN + ONOO- but not from D-KYN + ONOO-. In vivo, extracellular KYNA levels increased rapidly after perfusion of ONOO- and, more prominently, after subsequent perfusion with L-KYN or D-KYN (100 µM. Taken together, these results suggest that different mechanisms are involved in KYNA production in the rat cerebellum, and that, specifically, DAAO and ROS can function as alternative routes

  20. The inability of Bacillus licheniformis perR mutant to grow is mainly due to the lack of PerR-mediated fur repression. (United States)

    Kim, Jung-Hoon; Yang, Yoon-Mo; Ji, Chang-Jun; Ryu, Su-Hyun; Won, Young-Bin; Ju, Shin-Yeong; Kwon, Yumi; Lee, Yeh-Eun; Youn, Hwan; Lee, Jin-Won


    PerR, a member of Fur family protein, is a metal-dependent H 2 O 2 sensing transcription factor that regulates genes involved in peroxide stress response. Industrially important bacterium Bacillus licheniformis contains three PerR-like proteins (PerR BL , PerR2, and PerR3) compared to its close relative Bacillus subtilis. Interestingly, unlike other bacteria including B. subtilis, no authentic perR BL null mutant could be established for B. licheniformis. Thus, we constructed a conditional perR BL mutant using a xylose-inducible promoter, and investigated the genes under the control of PerR BL . PerR BL regulon genes include katA, mrgA, ahpC, pfeT, hemA, fur, and perR as observed for PerR BS . However, there is some variation in the expression levels of fur and hemA genes between B. subtilis and B. licheniformis in the derepressed state. Furthermore, katA, mrgA, and ahpC are strongly induced, whereas the others are only weakly or not induced by H 2 O 2 treatment. In contrast to the B. subtilis perR null mutant which frequently gives rise to large colony phenotype mainly due to the loss of katA, the suppressors of B. licheniformis perR mutant, which can form colonies on LB agar, were all catalase-positive. Instead, many of the suppressors showed increased levels of siderophore production, suggesting that the suppressor mutation is linked to the fur gene. Consistent with this, perR fur double mutant could grow on LB agar without Fe supplementation, whereas perR katA double mutant could only grow on LB agar with Fe supplementation. Taken together, our data suggest that in B. licheniformis, despite the similarity in PerR BL and PerR BS regulon genes, perR is an essential gene required for growth and that the inability of perR null mutant to grow is mainly due to elevated expression of Fur.

  1. In vitro identification and characterization of CD133(pos cancer stem-like cells in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanni Zito

    Full Text Available Recent publications suggest that neoplastic initiation and growth are dependent on a small subset of cells, termed cancer stem cells (CSCs. Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma (ATC is a very aggressive solid tumor with poor prognosis, characterized by high dedifferentiation. The existence of CSCs might account for the heterogeneity of ATC lesions. CD133 has been identified as a stem cell marker for normal and cancerous tissues, although its biological function remains unknown.ATC cell lines ARO, KAT-4, KAT-18 and FRO were analyzed for CD133 expression. Flow cytometry showed CD133(pos cells only in ARO and KAT-4 (64+/-9% and 57+/-12%, respectively. These data were confirmed by qRT-PCR and immunocytochemistry. ARO and KAT-4 were also positive for fetal marker oncofetal fibronectin and negative for thyrocyte-specific differentiating markers thyroglobulin, thyroperoxidase and sodium/iodide symporter. Sorted ARO/CD133(pos cells exhibited higher proliferation, self-renewal, colony-forming ability in comparison with ARO/CD133(neg. Furthermore, ARO/CD133(pos showed levels of thyroid transcription factor TTF-1 similar to the fetal thyroid cell line TAD-2, while the expression in ARO/CD133(neg was negligible. The expression of the stem cell marker OCT-4 detected by RT-PCR and flow cytometry was markedly higher in ARO/CD133(pos in comparison to ARO/CD133(neg cells. The stem cell markers c-KIT and THY-1 were negative. Sensitivity to chemotherapy agents was investigated, showing remarkable resistance to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis in ARO/CD133(pos when compared with ARO/CD133(neg cells.We describe CD133(pos cells in ATC cell lines. ARO/CD133(pos cells exhibit stem cell-like features--such as high proliferation, self-renewal ability, expression of OCT-4--and are characterized by higher resistance to chemotherapy. The simultaneous positivity for thyroid specific factor TTF-1 and onfFN suggest they might represent putative thyroid cancer stem-like cells. Our in

  2. Comportamento de 16 porta-enxertos para o tangor Murcott na região de Itirapina-SP Behavior of sixteen rootstocks for Murcott in Itirapina, SP, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Orlando de Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Foi monitorado o comportamento de 16 porta-enxertos para o tangor Murcott [Citrus reticulata Blanco x C. sinensis (L. Osbeck], do clone nucelar J, em experimento instalado em 1990, na Fazenda Raio de Sol, Itirapina-SP. Os porta-enxertos foram: tangelo 'Orlando' (C. reticulata Blanco x C. paradisi Macf., laranja 'Caipira DAC' [C. sinensis (L. Osbeck], limão 'Cravo'(C. limonia Osbeck, os trifoliatas 'Kryder 8-5'e 'EEL'[Poncirus trifoliata (L. Raf.] e as tangerinas 'Cleópatra' (C. reshni hort. ex. Tanaka, 'Sunki' [C. sunki (Hayata hort. ex. Tanaka], 'Batangas', 'Oneco', 'Swatow', 'Szinkon', 'Satsuma', 'Cravo', 'Dancy', 'Suen Kat' e 'Pook Ling Ming' (C. reticulata Blanco. As produções foram avaliadas de 1996 a 2003 e as maiores médias foram proporcionadas pelas plantas enxertadas nas tangerinas 'Cleópatra', 'Suen Kat', 'Pook Ling Ming' e 'Sunki' (>40 kg planta-1. Dentre os porta-enxetos que induziram as mais baixas produções, estão os dois trifoliatas, a 'Caipira DAC' e a tangerina 'Cravo' (Sixteen rootstocks were compared in a trial started in 1990, for Murcott tangor, nucellar clone "J", in Itirapina, Brazil. The rootstocks tested were Orlando tangelo (Citrus reticulata Blanco x C. paradisi Macf., sweet orange [C. sinensis (L. Osbeck] cv. Caipira DAC, Rangpur lime (C. limonia Osbeck, Poncirus trifoliata (L. Raf. cv. Kryder 8-5, P. trifoliata (L. Raf. cv. EEL and the mandarins Cleopatra (C. reshni hort. ex. Tanaka, Sunki [C. sunki (Hayata hort. ex. Tanaka] and Batangas, Oneco, Swatow, Szinkon, Satsuma, Cravo, Dancy, Suen Kat and Pook Ling Ming (C. reticulata Blanco. Fruit yield was measured per plant, in a period of seven years (1996-2003. The best yielding rootstocks were Cleopatra, Suen Kat, Pook Ling Ming and Sunki mandarins (> 40 kg tree-1. The two Trifoliate, sweet orange cv. Caipira DAC and Cravo mandarin presented the lowest yields (< 25 kg tree-1. No significant variation was observed for fruit quality characteristics of trees on

  3. Interview with Smithsonian NASM Spacesuit Curator Dr. Cathleen Lewis (United States)

    Lewis, Cathleen; Wright, Rebecca


    Dr. Cathleen Lewis was interviewed by Rebecca Wright during the presentation of an "Interview with Smithsonian NASM Spacesuit Curator Dr. Cathleen Lewis" on May 14, 2012. Topics included the care, size, and history of the spacesuit collection at the Smithsonian and the recent move to the state-of-the-art permanent storage facility at the Udvar-Hazy facility in Virginia.

  4. Sexospécificités | Page 20 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    La cofondatrice de HarassMap, Rebecca Chiao, revient sur sa tournée de conférences au Canada. Encore une fois, le harcèlement sexuel fait les manchettes en Égypte, en raison des agressions et des viols collectifs qui surviennent pendant les manifestations; mais il s'agit aussi d'un véritable fléau avec lequel presque ...

  5. Eyes on the Road (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    One of the first lessons new drivers learn is to keep their eyes on the road. Unfortunately, cell phones and other electronic devices are causing many drivers to lose their focus, and sometimes their lives. In this podcast, Rebecca Naumann discusses the dangers of distracted driving.  Created: 3/14/2013 by MMWR.   Date Released: 3/14/2013.

  6. Global Security Contingency Fund: Summary and Issue Overview (United States)


    Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), Washington, D.C., December 2010, p. 203; Gordon Adams and Rebecca Williams, A New Way Forward: Rebalancing ...Williams, A New Way Forward: Rebalancing Security Assistance Programs and (continued...) Global Security Contingency Fund: Summary and Issue Overview...a large security assistance portfolio . But others may point to the State Department’s creation of new programs under the Security Assistance

  7. Total Quality Management: A Selected Bibliography (United States)


    1991) Zeithaml, Valarie A.; Parasuraman, A.; and Berry, Leonard L. DELIV- ERING QUALITY SERVICE: BALANCING CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS AND EXPECTA- TIONS...August 1992, pp. 24-27. Danjin, Dick. "Will TQM Go the Way of QWL (Quality of Worklife )?" JOURNAL FOR QUALITY AND PARTICIPATION, Vol. 15, July-August

  8. Experimental and Theoretical Study for the Assessment of the Conformational Stability of Polymethylene-Bridged Heteroaromatic Dimers: A Case of Unprecedented Folding

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Rai, S. K.; Singh, P.; Kumar, R.; Tewari, A. K.; Hostaš, Jiří; Gnanasekaran, Ramachandran; Hobza, Pavel


    Roč. 16, č. 3 (2016), s. 1176-1180 ISSN 1528-7483 R&D Projects: GA ČR GBP208/12/G016 Institutional support: RVO:61388963 Keywords : Leonard linker compounds * central bond length * crystallographic evidence Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry Impact factor: 4.055, year: 2016

  9. infant mortality and the Kimberley Board of Health, 1898-1977

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Leonard B. Lerer. Annual reports of the Kimberley Board of Health, established in 1883. provide rich insight into public hearth discourse on infant mortality. Commentaries on the determinants of infant mortality, especially prior to 1950, largely focus on poverty and interracial disparities, issues relevant to current heatth policy.

  10. SUBVERISON: Uruguayan Armed Forces Summary of Subversive Movement in Latin America. Part I (United States)


    nication" ("Problemas y Perspectivas de la Comunicacion de Masas"), Buenos Aires, TROQUEL. 935 ARGENTINA. Leonard C. Lewin, "Undesirable Peace...and the Scissors. The Means of Social Communication in Argentina" ("La Red y La Tijera. Los Medios de Comunicacion Social en la Argentina

  11. Kompleks Koaservasyon Yöntemi ile E Vitamini İçeren Mikrokapsül Üretimi


    GÖDE, Fethiye; KÖKSAL, Elif


    Son yıllarda katıpartiküller ve sıvıların kaplanması için çeşitli metotlar yayınlanmaktadır.Mikrokapsülleme işlemi de bu metotlar arasında yer almaktadır. Mikrokapsülleme,sıvı ya da katı partikül ya da damlacıklarının polimer bir film malzemesi ilekaplanması işlemidir. Mikroenkapsülasyon teknolojisi yaygın olarak ilaç, gıda,tarım pestisit, kozmetik, tekstil ve diğer ilgili alanlarda uygulanmaktadır. Bu çalışmada, α-tokoferol (E vitamini) içerikli mikrokapsüller, jelatin ve arap zamkı polimerk...

  12. Effects of kynurenic acid on cardiovascular system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piotr Kozłowski


    Full Text Available Kynurenic Acid (KYNA is an endogenous metabolite of tryptophan (TRP which is produced by aminotransferase KAT I and KAT II in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues. Moreover it has been shown that it can be supplied with food. KYNA is an antagonist of glutamate receptors NMDA and antagonist of acetylcholine α7. As we know KYNA can not penetrate or penetrates in very small amounts through the blood-brain barier. Several studies have demonstrated that kynurenine metabolism plays an important role in many neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders (Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia. Less is known about a peripheral KYNA. Studies suggest that KYNA may have antiatherosclerotic activity and many other beneficial effects on cardiovascular system.

  13. Pidevas sõjas vähemusrahvus näeb pääseteed ainult hariduses / Merle Must ; kommenteerinud Laur Kiik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Must, Merle


    Esimesed Eestit külastanud katšinid õpivad Oslo Ülikooli suveülikoolis politoloogiat ja rahu-uuringuid ning jõudsid siia tänu TLÜ Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi Birma uurimisgrupile ja nooremteadur Laur Kiigele

  14. Cosplay e cosplayers: quando a cultura pop é levada a sério

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbara Heller


    Full Text Available Cena Cosplay: comunicação, consumo, memória nas culturas juvenis, organizado por Monica Rebecca Ferrari Nunes, apresenta os resultados de pesquisa com financiamento do CNPq levado a termo por investigadores que a autora coordena no grupo vinculado ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Comunicação e Práticas de Consumo da ESPM, - SP. Dividido em sete partes, além da apresentação, o livro trabalha em mão dupla: as memórias das narrativas que despertaram o interesse para a prática cosplay e seu "inverso", isto é, as estratégias pelas quais a cena cosplay garante sua memória nas culturas juvenis. Iuri Lotman, Paul Zumthor, Marshall McLuhan, Monica Rebecca Ferrari Nunes, Roger Silverstone, Mircea Eliade, entre outros, dão sustentação teórica às conclusões dos dez autores dos capítulos que frequentaram, entre 2012 e início de 2014, os eventos dos animês em São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro e Vitória.

  15. The importance of Leonhard Euler's discoveries in the field of shipbuilding for the scientific evolution of academician A. N. Krylov (United States)

    Sharkov, N. A.; Sharkova, O. A.


    The paper identifies the importance of the Leonhard Euler's discoveries in the field of shipbuilding for the scientific evolution of academician A. N. Krylov and for the modern knowledge in survivability and safety of ships. The works by Leonard Euler "Marine Science" and "The Moon Motion New Theory" are discussed.

  16. Computer Simulations of Epoxy Adhesive Monomer Interactions with Alumina Surfaces (United States)


    using Sybyl"’ molecular modeling software 9 on a Digital Equipment Corporation microVAXw cluster. The Tripos force field was employed in the...Ave, N, Ft Leonard Wood, MO 65473-5000 1 ATM- Libary Commander, US. Army Enginer Waterways Expenment Station, P.O. Box 631, Vicksburg, MS 39180 1 ATTN

  17. 75 FR 47596 - Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisition of Shares of Bank or Bank Holding Companies (United States)


    ...: 1. Cecil R. Simmons, individually; and as a member of a group including Leonard P. Simmons, all of..., Raymondville, Texas (the ``Director Group''); Cecil R. Simmons and Juana Simmons, San Benito, Texas; Anita...; and Jennifer Stone and Tyler Stone, both of Dallas, Texas, together as a group acting in concert, to...

  18. Fort Leonard Wood German POW Stonework: Maintenance and Repair (United States)


    Mortar 1 part Grey Portland Cement 2 parts masonry sand with a similar gradation curve making sure to include the larger aggregate Water should be...Mortar 1 part Grey Portland Cement 2 parts masonry sand with a similar gradation curve making sure to include the larger aggregate Water ...Brief No. 1: Assessing Cleaning and Water -Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings. National Park Service. 2000. 30 July 2009. <http

  19. Fort Leonard Wood Cantonment Landscape Context, Inventory, and Management (United States)


    Characteristics Ostrya virginiana Hop Hornbeam Height 30-50’ oval to rounded attractive habit Platanus occiden- talis American Planetree Height 80...langeana olia -white flowers in spring Saucer Magn Height 20-30’ rounded showy pink Prunus maakii Amur Chokecherry s in May Height 30-40’ pyramidal white...mound’’ Pine Spread 3-5 dense, dark green foliage Prunus glandulosa Dwarf Flowering Almond and leggy Height 3-5’, Spread 3-4’ broad rounded pink or

  20. Initial Integrated Strategic Sustainability Plan for Fort Leonard Wood (United States)


    and quantify the benefits of various sustainable workforce staffing tools (e.g., flex time, job sharing, telecommuting , etc.). CPAC 0.1 3Q - 4Q...desk tops NEC G6 1Q — Track telecommuting hours CPAC 1Q — Calculate benefits - miles

  1. Black Swan Event Assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    6.5%, due to shift from natural gas to electricity, assuming no cogeneration • Overall, energy COST increases 2.3% and 6.2% Table 8. Estimated...measures ......................................................................................... 34 ERDC/CERL SR-16-1 iv 9 Emerging Impacts of...FEMA standards category and using ASCE 7-05. (Source: FEMA.) ................ 16 Figure 9. Estimated trajectory and impact area of the Joplin tornado in

  2. Kuidas käituda Venemaaga / Mark Leonard, Nicu Popescu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Autorid annavad ülevaate Euroopa Välispoliitika Nõukogu avaldatud auditist EL-i ja Venemaa suhete kohta. Nende väitel vajab EL hädasti uut poliitikat uue Venemaaga suheldes. Nõukogu uuest viieosalisest strateegiast

  3. Cyberspace: A Lawless World (United States)


    fraud and forgery, (3) child pornography, and (4) copyright infringements.18 The convention also requires signatories to establish domestic...William Perdue, and Julia Spiegal, “The Law of Cyber-Attack,” Faculty Scholarship Series, Paper 3852, January 2012. 50 NATO Cooperative Cyber...SANS Institute, 2015. 31 Hathaway, Oona A., Rebecca Crootof, Philip Levitz, Haley Nix, Aileen Nowlan, William Perdue, and Julia Spiegal. “The Law of

  4. Flexure Strength and Optical Transparency of Magnesium-Aluminate Spinel (MgAlO4): Influence of Polishing and Glass Coating (United States)


    Eugene Shanholtz, Jian Yu, Rebecca L Walker, and John J Pittari III. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. vi INTENTIONALLY...with high transparency necessitate the use of aggressive densification techniques that result in very coarse microstructures (i.e., average grain Glass coating (or glazing) is a common technique used to strengthen ceramics. The use of glazing as a strengthening technique , however, is

  5. Bug Distribution and Pattern Classification. (United States)


    Center Educational Psychology University of Leyden San Diego. CA 92152 Urbana. IL 61801 Education Research Center oernaavelaan 2 Dr. Erling B. Andersen...Dr. Dattprasad rlivgi 23314 EN Leyden Department of Statistics Syracuse University The NETHERLANDS 3tudiestraede 6 Department of Psychology 1455...Rebecca Hetter Learning R&D Center Navy Personnel R&D Center University of Pittsburgh Ms. Kathleen Moreno Code 62 Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Navy Personnel R

  6. MFA Graduate Show 2015: In the Usual Direction of Travel



    Avgangsstudenter: Patrik Berg, Christian Magnus Tømmeraas Berg, Maia Birkeland, Matilda Björkne, Stine Bråthen, Stein Are Kjærås Dahl, Emil Gustafsson, Jeanett Gustavsen, hÅkon gÅre, Jørgen Frederik Scheel Haarstad, Anita Hanch-Hansen, Elin Hedberg, Andrea Wikhammer Heir, Steinar Laumann, Aron-Irving Li, Tina Lindvall, Rebecca Szabo Onstad, Zahra Rashid, Hege Cathrine Hauge Thoresen

  7. Un partenariat entre l'Ouganda et le Canada fait avancer les études ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    21 juin 2016 ... Karen D. Schwartz, Youn-Young Park, and Ssanyu Rebecca. Selon les statistiques, 20 % des Ougandais présentent un handicap physique. Malgré tout, peu de recherches ont été menées dans le but de jeter un éclairage sur le vécu des personnes handicapées. Cette absence d'études officielles et de ...

  8. [Description of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutations conferring resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid detected by GenoType® MTBDRplus V.2 in Colombia]. (United States)

    Llerena, Claudia; Medina, Raquel


    The GenoType®MTBDRplusV.2 assay is a molecular technique endorsed by the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization that allows for the identification of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and the detection of mutations in the rpoβ gene for rifampicin resistance, and katG and inhA genes for isoniazid resistance. Due to the genetic variability in the circulating strains around the world, the national tuberculosis control programs should assess the performance of these new diagnostic technologies and their use under program conditions as rapid tests. To describe the mutations identified by the GenoType®MTBDRplusV.2 assay in pulmonary samples and Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in the Laboratorio Nacional de Referencia of the Instituto Nacional de Salud in 2014. We conducted a retrospective, descriptive study to detect the expression of inhA, KatG and rpoβ genes, responsible for resistence against isoniazid and rifampicin using the GenoType® MTBDRplus V.2 assay in 837 samples and isolates from tuberculosis cases. Several mutations in the rpoβ gene were identified. Ser531Leu was the most frequent (36.6%) followed by Asp516Val (21.6%), while Ser315Thr1 was the most frequent mutation in the katG gene (91.9%). We were able to identify different mutations present in MDR-TB strains in the country, with frequencies similar to those reported in other countries in the South American region.

  9. Small molecule modulators of epigenetic modifications: implications in therapeutics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ruthrotha Selvi, B.; Senapati, Parijat; Kundu, Tapas K.


    The eukaryotic genome is organized into chromatin, a nucleoprotein complex and a dynamic entity that regulates the spatio-temporal expression of genes in response to the intracellular and extracellular signals. This dynamicity is maintained by several factors, including the chromatin modifying Machineries. Chromatin modifying enzymes (for example, lysine (K) acetyl transferases for acetylation, lysine and arginine (R) methyltransferases for methylation, etc.) by virtue of their modifying abilities of both histones and the non histone components, are vital regulatory factors for gene expression both in physiological as well as pathophysiological conditions. Hence the modulators (inhibitors/activators) of these enzymes, which are capable of altering the gene expression globally, could also be useful in understanding the epigenetic mechanism of gene expression as well as for therapeutic purposes. We have found that acetylation of histone chaperone NPM1 and histones is essential for chromatin-mediated transcriptional activation. Remarkably, NPM1 as well as histones get hyperacetylated predominantly in oral cancer patient samples. We identified NPM1 as a positive regulator of the KAT, p300 autoacetylation, the possible causal mechanism of hyperacetylation. Targeting the acetylation by a water-soluble KAT inhibitor, CTK7A in oral tumour xenografted mice, we could demonstrate that the tumour growth could indeed be retarded upon the inhibition of KAT autoacetylation. Presently, we are studying the histone modification language in oral cancer, especially in the context of acetylation and methylation which could be potential targets for combinatorial epigenetic therapeutics. (author)

  10. Emergency Department Utilization in the Texas Medicaid... (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — There were 44,246 individuals enrolled in TexKat in 2005. Roughly 13 percent of these enrollees had at least one ED visit during the sample period, with one quarter...

  11. Von Systemkritik zur Anpassung : Wie ein Buch in der Übersetzung die Farbe wechselt / Marianne Vogel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vogel, Marianne


    Arvustus: Vetemaa, Enn. Die Nixen von Estland : ein Bestimmungsbuch / frei nach E. Vetemaa ; bearbeitet und illustriert von Kat Menschik ; nach dem russischen Übersetzungsmanuskript ins Deutsche übertragen von Günter Jäniche. Frankfurt/M : Eichborn Verlag, 2002.

  12. Biography of Peeter Torop

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Sünd. 28. nov. 1950 Tallinnas, õppis Tartu 5. Kk. (nüüd Tamme Gümnaasium). 1969-74 õppis TÜ-s vene filol. Töötanud vene kirjanduse kat. kuni 1992, mil tema initsiatiivil moodustati semiootika kateeder

  13. Preparing Students with Learning Disabilities for Writing Tasks: Introduction to a Special Issue (United States)

    Sperling, Marko; Grünke, Matthias


    Just as composing a story, a report, or an argumentative essay is challenging for most students with LD, so it is challenging for teachers in inclusive settings to instruct them (Gillespie & Kiuhara, 2017; Grünke & Leonard Zabel, 2015). The articles in this issue of "Insights into Learning Disabilities" are geared towards special…

  14. Innovations for Requirements Engineering (United States)


    bidding decision system. Trade Managemen t Production Management Cost Management Settlement Forecasting & Decision LDAS Electricity Market MDAS Figure...i NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey, California 93943-5000 Daniel T . Oliver Leonard A. Ferrari...Directorate for Information Operations and Reports, 1215 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 1204, Arlington, VA 22202-4302, and to the Office of

  15. Comments from (United States)


    Oh, God. Yes, the debate about science and religion has kicked off once again, this time thanks to Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow's new book The Grand Design (2 September "God and the god particle"; 3 September "Talking Hawking and God"; 8 September "M-theory, religion and science funding on the BBC").

  16. Hitting the nail on the head: Force vectors in verb semantics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Goldschmidt, A.; Zwarts, J.


    Hitting the nail on the head: Forces in verb meanings Anja Goldschmidt (UU) & Joost Zwarts (UU) There is a growing recognition of the role of forces in verb meanings, starting with the seminal work of Leonard Talmy (Talmy 1985). In one line of research these forces are analyzed in terms of vectors,

  17. Desi Women on the Forty Acres: Exploring Intergenerational Issues and Identity Development of South Asian American College Students (United States)

    Ruzicka, Smita Sundaresan


    South Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing sub-groups within the Asian American population in the United States today. Between 1960 and 1990, the South Asian American population witnessed an increase of approximately 900% (Leonard, 1997). This increase in population also corresponds with the increase in South Asian American students…

  18. Cuatro Modelos para Disenar Actividades de Capacitacion de Docentes (Four Models to Design In-Service Teacher Training Activities). (United States)

    Valle, Victor M.

    In designing inservice teacher training activities, it is necessary to apply educational principles and teaching and learning techniques which are suitable for adult education programs. Four models for designing inservice teacher training programs are the Malcom Knowles Model, the Leonard Nadler Model, the Cyril O. Houle Model, and the William R.…

  19. The Rules of the Game: Women and the Leaderist Turn in Higher Education (United States)

    Morley, Louise


    This paper engages with Diana Leonard's writing on how gender is constituted in the academy. It offers an international review of feminist knowledge on how gender and power interact with leadership in higher education. It interrogates the "leaderist turn" or how leadership has developed into a popular descriptor and a dominant social and…

  20. The Lifetime Value of a Loyal Customer: What Can a Child Care Director Learn from Domino's Pizza and a Cadillac Dealer in Dallas? (United States)

    Copeland, Margaret Leitch; Gimilaro, Susan


    In "The Service Profit Chain," Harvard Business School professors James Heskett, Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger (1997) offer two anecdotes--from Domino's Pizza and a Dallas Cadillac dealership--that illuminate the concept of valuing a lifetime customer. Experts estimate that the lifetime value of a loyal Domino's Pizza customer is $4,000 and…

  1. A Study on Building an Efficient Job Shadowing Management Methodology for the Undergraduate Students (United States)

    Sakoda, Koichi; Takahashi, Masakazu


    This paper describes heuristic knowledge through the job-shadowing project at the International University of Kagoshima, Japan. Job shadowing is one of the conventional in-house trainings given to the executive trainee cadets in North America and proved the effect of training in Leonard's paper for the conventional target such as the executive…

  2. Dewey and Video Games: From Education through Occupations to Education through Simulations (United States)

    Waddington, David I.


    Critics like Leonard Waks argue that video games are, at best, a dubious substitute for the rich classroom experiences that John Dewey wished to create and that, at worst, they are profoundly miseducative. Using the example of "Fate of the World," a climate change simulation game, David Waddington addresses these concerns through a…

  3. Nemad hukkusid, kuid Poola elab / Tomasz Chłoń

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Chłoń, Tomasz


    Poola suursaadik Eestis kirjutab 10. apr. 2010 lennuõnnetuses hukkunud Poola presidendist Lech Kaczyńskist, teistest hukkunutest, Poola ja Venemaa suhetest ning Katõni ohvrite mälestamisest. Juttu on ka Poola riigipea kohtumistest president Toomas Hendrik Ilvesega

  4. Occurrence of Elymnias hypermnestra undularis (Drury (Lepidoptera: Satyridae at Ropar wetland, Punjab, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Sharma


    Full Text Available Recently, while conducting ‘General Faunistic Survey’ of Punjab in districts, viz., Kapurthala, Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur and Rupnagar (Ropar, two examples of Elymnias were studied at village Katli and around, Ropar Wetland on 17 November, 2011.

  5. Horizontal gene transfer confers adaptive advantages to phytopathogenic fungi: a case study of catalase-peroxidase in Fusarium verticillioides (United States)

    Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), the exchange and stable integration of genetic material between different evolutionary lineages, is widely observed in fungi. We hypothesize that successful stabilization of HGT elements provides adaptive advantages (e.g., virulence). Catalase/peroxidases (KatGs) are ...

  6. Querying and Mining Strings Made Easy

    KAUST Repository

    Sahli, Majed; Mansour, Essam; Kalnis, Panos


    that allows StarQL implementations to handle large sets of strings and utilize large computing infrastructures. Our evaluation shows that StarQL is able to express workloads of application-specific tools, such as BLAST and KAT in bioinformatics, and to mine

  7. Army Blast Claims Evaluation Procedures (United States)


    ATIN: AFZX-JA Building 4551 Fort Polk, LA 71459-5000 Commander U.S. Army Engineer Center and Fort Leonard Wood ATIN: AlZT-JA Building 1706 East...U.S. Armed Forces Claims Service, Korea APO AP 96205-0084 No. of Copies Organization 1 Commander U.S. Army South ATI’N: SOJA Building 154 APO

  8. V Brüssel svoim hodom / Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kats, Josef, 1977-


    Vene Liiga (Russkaja Liga) hakkab kaitsma Baltimaade venekeelse elanikkonna huve Euroopa Parlamendis. Läti ja Eesti venekeelsete parteide liikmete kavast minna Euroopa Parlamenti ühise nimekirjaga. EÜRP esindajate ja Läti ühenduse "Inimõiguste eest ühtses Lätis"manifestist

  9. A Novel Mechanism for the Pathogenesis of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Resulting from Early Exposure to Ultraviolet Light (United States)


    Ultraviolet Light PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Rebecca Morris, PhD CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN 55455-2070...stem cells in response to damage, and 2) bone marrow may be a long-lived reservoir of sunlight initiated stem cells that can repopulate the skin even...proposed that sunburn following exposure to sunlight has the capacity to make skin stem cells migrate. In this Discovery award we challenged the

  10. Instructional Leadership as Defined by Virginia Elementary Title I Principals: a Delphi Study


    Eastwood, Rebecca G.


    Rebecca G. Eastwood Abstract Policymakers have tried to link the principal to student outcomes, thus shifting the role of the principal from manager to instructional leader of the school. The significance of instructional leadership has increased especially since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act in January of 2002. However, a common definition of instructional leadership is difficult to locate in the literature. In this three-round Delp...

  11. Final Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Environmental Assessment for Realignment of Nellis Air Force Base (United States)


    weapons systems in support of potential technological improvements in hardware, software , tactics, and training. In recent years, the total amount of...communities in southeastern California, southern Nevada, western and southern Arizona, southwestern Utah, and through Sonora and northern Sinaloa, Mexico ...Publ ic Utilities Commi ssion Pete Konesky , Stat e Energy Of f i ce Rebecca Pa l me r , State Historic Preservation Office Alisa Huckle, ONR Libr a

  12. Hamas and Israel: Conflicting Strategies of Group-Based Politics (United States)


    Justice, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 1990, pp. 189-197. 3. Many works deal with this issue. A detailed study of the city of Acre is...instructive. Rebecca L. Torstrick, The Limits of Coexistence: Identity Politics in Israel, Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2000. 4. with “Intifadha farms,” raising produce, chickens , and dairy cows, and boycotting Israeli products, refusing to pay taxes, and in merchants

  13. Quantifying the Bering Strait Oceanic Fluxes and their Impacts on Sea-Ice and Water Properties in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and Western Arctic Ocean for 2013-2014 (United States)


    impacts on sea-ice and water properties in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and western Arctic Ocean for 2013-2014 Rebecca Woodgate Polar Science...and G. R. Bigg (2002), Impact of flow through the Canadian Archipelago and Bering Strait on the North Atlantic and Arctic circulation: an ocean ...Technical 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) Feb 2013 - April 2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Quantifying the Bering Strait oceanic fluxes and their impacts

  14. On Cybersecurity, Crowdsourcing, and Social Cyber-Attack (United States)


    gahran_1_android- app - android -phone-apple-s- app - store?_s=PM:TECH. Accessed January 9, 2013. DR. REBECCA GOOLSBY is a Program Officer with the Office of Naval...legitimate messages, and understand how quickly mobile apps and text services can disseminate false information. Authorities and volunteers must develop...inflammatory information and disinfor- mation. Like the conflicts sparked by Guttenberg’s invention, significant real-world impacts of a more troubled

  15. Lifestyle modification in the management of the metabolic syndrome: achievements and challenges


    Riccardo Dalle Grave; Simona Calugi; Elena Centis; et al


    Riccardo Dalle Grave1, Simona Calugi1, Elena Centis2, Rebecca Marzocchi2, Marwan El Ghoch1, Giulio Marchesini21Department of Eating & Weight Disorder, Villa Garda Hospital, Garda (VR), Italy; 2Unit of Metabolic Diseases & Clinical Dietetics, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Bologna, ItalyAbstract: Lifestyle modification based on behavior therapy is the most important and effective strategy to manage the metabolic syndrome. Modern lifestyle modification t...

  16. The Redox-Sensitive Transcriptional Activator OxyR Regulates the Peroxide Response Regulon in the Obligate Anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis (United States)

    Rocha, Edson R.; Owens, Gary; Smith, C. Jeffrey


    The peroxide response-inducible genes ahpCF, dps, and katB in the obligate anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis are controlled by the redox-sensitive transcriptional activator OxyR. This is the first functional oxidative stress regulator identified and characterized in anaerobic bacteria. oxyR and dps were found to be divergently transcribed, with an overlap in their respective promoter regulatory regions. B. fragilis OxyR and Dps proteins showed high identity to homologues from a closely related anaerobe, Porphyromonas gingivalis. Northern blot analysis revealed that oxyR was expressed as a monocistronic 1-kb mRNA and that dps mRNA was approximately 500 bases in length. dps mRNA was induced over 500-fold by oxidative stress in the parent strain and was constitutively induced in the peroxide-resistant mutant IB263. The constitutive peroxide response in strain IB263 was shown to have resulted from a missense mutation at codon 202 (GAT to GGT) of the oxyR gene [oxyR(Con)] with a predicted D202G substitution in the OxyR protein. Transcriptional fusion analysis revealed that deletion of oxyR abolished the induction of ahpC and katB following treatment with hydrogen peroxide or oxygen exposure. However, dps expression was induced approximately fourfold by oxygen exposure in ΔoxyR strains but not by hydrogen peroxide. This indicates that dps expression is also under the control of an oxygen-dependent OxyR-independent mechanism. Complementation of ΔoxyR mutant strains with wild-type oxyR and oxyR(Con) restored the inducible peroxide response and the constitutive response of the ahpCF, katB, and dps genes, respectively. However, overexpression of OxyR abolished the catalase activity but not katB expression, suggesting that higher levels of intracellular OxyR may be involved in other physiological processes. Analysis of oxyR expression in the parents and in ΔoxyR and overexpressing oxyR strains by Northern blotting and oxyR′::xylB fusions revealed that B. fragilis OxyR does

  17. Kongre İzlenimleri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faruk Aşıcıoğlu


    Full Text Available 6th Indo Pasific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences 26-30 Temmuz 1998 Kobe Üniversitesinin ev sahipliğini yaptığı ve denizden doldurularak oluşturulan şehir merkezi ile bağlantılı yapay bir ada üzerinde bulunan Kobe Uluslararası Konferans Merkezinde yapılan kongreye 30 ayrı ülkeden yaklaşık 300 kişi katıldı. 7 ayrı salonda yürütülen Kongre Bilimsel programı çerçevesinde 4 konferans, 3 sempozyum, 110 sözlü bildiri, 185 poster sunumu yapıldı. Poster sunumları başında 6 dakikalık sözlü sunum ve 2 dakikalık tartışma süresiyle kısıtlandırılmış olmasına rağmen oturum başkanları bu sürelerin aşılmasına hoşgörüyle yaklaştı. Türkiye’den Prof.Dr.Sevil Atasoy’un 2 sözlü bildiri, 2 poster sunumu, Dr.Faruk Aşıcıoğlu’nun 3 poster sunumu ile katıldığı kongrede, 2 poster oturumu Türk katılımcıların başkanlığında yapıldı. Hyogo Polis Bandosu’nun konseri geleneksel davul gösterisi, çay seramonisi, çiçek düzenleme ve Takarazuka Revüsünün gösterileri katılımcılara geleneksel Japon kültürünü tanıma fırsatı verdi. INPALMS genel kurulunun da yapıldığı kongrede uzun yıllar birliğin başkanlığını yapan Prof.Dr. MS Laksman Salgada (Sri Lanka yerini Prof.Dr. Yoshitsugu Tatsunc’a (Japonya devretti. Dr.Faruk Aşıcıoğlu

  18. Multi-species time-history measurements during high-temperature acetone and 2-butanone pyrolysis

    KAUST Repository

    Lam, Kingyiu; Ren, Wei; Pyun, Sunghyun; Farooq, Aamir; Davidson, David Frank; Hanson, Ronald Kenneth


    High-temperature acetone and 2-butanone pyrolysis studies were conducted behind reflected shock waves using five species time-history measurements (ketone, CO, CH3, CH4 and C2H4). Experimental conditions covered temperatures of 1100-1600 Kat 1.6 atm


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mar 16, 2009 ... The KAT centre was established in an old house in Hamburg, a coastal village between East London and Port Alfred in the region of the Eastern ... from as far away as Port Elizabeth, King William's Town and. Middle Drift.

  20. The Potential da Vinci in All of Us (United States)

    Petto, Sarah; Petto, Andrew


    The study of the human form is fundamental to both science and art curricula. For vertebrates, perhaps no feature is more important than the skeleton to determine observable form and function. As Leonard da Vinci's famous Proportions of the Human Figure (Virtruvian Man) illustrates, the size, shape, and proportions of the human body are defined by…

  1. Ecstasy : [poems] / Marie Under

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Under, Marie, 1883-1980


    Autori lühitutvustus lk. 218. Sisu: Ecstasy ; Summer memory ; Night ; Tree with birds / transl. by W. K. Matthews ; How could I sleep ; With myself ; Evening ; The white page ; Accounts to render / transl. by Leonard Fox. Orig.: Ekstaas ; Suvine mälestus ; Öö ; Puu lindudega ; Kuis võiksin magada ; Endaga ; Õhtu ; Valge leht ; Aruand

  2. Demonstration Report for the Former Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range. Project 200504: Practical Discrimination Strategies for Application to Live Sites, Ver. 2.0 (United States)


    05-C-0018 ESTCP 200504Dr. Stephen Billings, Leonard Pasion , Jon Jacobson, Stacey Kingsbury - Sky Research, Inc. Dr Douglas Oldenburg, Laurens Beran...For the EM-61, 3-dipole instantaneous amplitude models were fit to the available 4 time-channels, while for the EM-63, 3-dipole Pasion -Oldenburg...retrospective Pasion -Oldenburg and Lti classifiers. ..................................................................... 53 Figure 29. Analysis of

  3. The Effects of Random and Nonlinear Waves on Coastal and Offshore Structures (United States)


    Barik and Paramasivam [2]. Dao and Penzien [3]. Leonard, et al. (4). and Tuali and Hudspeth [8). For a real sea state, the super- position of linear...34 Ocean Engng., Vol. 10, No. 5, 1983, p 303 312. [2] Barik , K. C. and V. Paramasivam, "Response Analysis of Offehore Struc- tures," J. Waterways Port

  4. Utilizing Social Network Analysis in Support of Nation Building (United States)


    Commission . . . . . . . . 4-8 IEC Independent Election Commission . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-8 AISA Afghanistan Investment Support Agency...source sample are either in the government or connected to it through the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency ( AISA ). This agency represents an... edition , 1980. 25. Jock Covey, Michael J. Dziedzic, and Leonard R. Hawley. The Quest for Viable Peace: International Intervention and Strategies for

  5. Small Business Contracting in the United States and Europe: A Comparative Assessment (United States)


    unlimited. Prepared for: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943 SMALL BUSINESS CONTRACTING IN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE: A...COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENT by Max Kidalov, Assistant Professor Procurement Law & Policy March 2010 Graduate School of Business & Public Policy...Daniel T. Oliver Leonard A. Ferrari President Executive Vice President and Provost The report entitled “Small Business Contracting in

  6. Perceived Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Female Graduate Student in the US and the UK (United States)

    Mehta, Clare Marie; Keener, Emily; Shrier, Lydia


    We build on Diana Leonard's work on gender and graduate education by qualitatively investigating the perceived advantages and disadvantages of being a female graduate student in the USA and the UK. We interviewed six female students (ages 22-30) pursuing master's degrees in psychology or social sciences in the USA and the UK. Students from both…

  7. An Alternative Estimator for the Maximum Likelihood Estimator for the Two Extreme Response Patterns. (United States)


    is the item discrimination parameter and b is the g X g item response difficulty parameter which satisfies (2.3) - = b 0 < b1 < b 2 < ....... < b...Tuscon, AZ 85721 4833 Rugby Avenue Dr. John B. Carroll Bethesda, MD 20014 Psychometric Lab 1 Dr. Leonard Feldt Univ. of No. Carolina Lindquist Center for

  8. Physical intelligence at work: Servant-leadership development for high performance (United States)

    Jim Saveland


    In October 2000, the RMRS Leadership Team attended a one-day seminar on leadership presented by Stephen Covey (1990). Covey talked about the role of a leader being respecting, integrating and developing body, heart, mind, and spirit. Integrating our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves is a popular theme (e.g. Leonard and Murphy 1995, Levey and Levey 1998,...

  9. The Arabidopsis guard cell outward potassium channel GORK is regulated by CPK33. (United States)

    Corratgé-Faillie, Claire; Ronzier, Elsa; Sanchez, Frédéric; Prado, Karine; Kim, Jeong-Hyeon; Lanciano, Sophie; Leonhardt, Nathalie; Lacombe, Benoît; Xiong, Tou Cheu


    A complex signaling network involving voltage-gated potassium channels from the Shaker family contributes to the regulation of stomatal aperture. Several kinases and phosphatases have been shown to be crucial for ABA-dependent regulation of the ion transporters. To date, the Ca 2+ -dependent regulation of Shaker channels by Ca 2+ -dependent protein kinases (CPKs) is still elusive. A functional screen in Xenopus oocytes was launched to identify such CPKs able to regulate the three main guard cell Shaker channels KAT1, KAT2, and GORK. Seven guard cell CPKs were tested and multiple CPK/Shaker couples were identified. Further work on CPK33 indicates that GORK activity is enhanced by CPK33 and unaffected by a nonfunctional CPK33 (CPK33-K102M). Furthermore, Ca 2+ -induced stomatal closure is impaired in two cpk33 mutant plants. © 2017 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.



    SEZGİN, Ferudun; TINMAZ, Ayşe


     Bu araştırmanın amacı ilkokul ve ortaokullarda görevli okul müdürleri, sınıf öğretmenleri ve sosyal bilgiler öğretmenlerinin okulun sosyal sorumluluğu ile ilgili görüşlerini incelemektir. Araştırmada katılımcılar amaçlı örnekleme yöntemlerinden ölçüt örnekleme ve maksimum çeşitleme ile belirlenmiştir. Samsun il merkezinde yer alan ilkokul ve ortaokullarda görev yapan toplam 30 katılımcı ile görüşme yapılmıştır. Yarı yapılandırılmış görüşme formu ile toplanan veriler betimsel analiz ...

  11. Challenges and Opportunities in the Discovery of New Therapeutics Targeting the Kynurenine Pathway. (United States)

    Dounay, Amy B; Tuttle, Jamison B; Verhoest, Patrick R


    The kynurenine pathway is responsible for the metabolism of more than 95% of dietary tryptophan (TRP) and produces numerous bioactive metabolites. Recent studies have focused on three enzymes in this pathway: indoleamine dioxygenase (IDO1), kynurenine monooxygenase (KMO), and kynurenine aminotransferase II (KAT II). IDO1 inhibitors are currently in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer, and these agents may also have therapeutic utility in neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis. KMO inhibitors are being investigated as potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Huntington's and Alzheimer's diseases. KAT II inhibitors have been proposed in new therapeutic approaches toward psychiatric and cognitive disorders, including cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia. Numerous medicinal chemistry studies are currently aimed at the design of novel, potent, and selective inhibitors for each of these enzymes. The emerging opportunities and significant challenges associated with pharmacological modulation of these enzymes will be explored in this review.

  12. Sağlıklı genç olgularda yüksek yoğunluklu intervalli aerobik egzersiz eğitimi ile submaksimal sürekli aerobik egzersiz eğitiminin solunum fonksiyonları, egzersiz kapasitesi, stres düzeyi ve benlik saygısı üzerine etkilerinin karşılaştırılması


    Yalman, Ali


    Bu çalışma iki farklı aerobik egzersiz eğitiminin (yüksek yoğunluklu interval egzersiz ve sürekli submaksimal egzersiz) solunum fonksiyonları, egzersiz kapasitesi, benlik saygısı ve stres düzeyi üzerine etkilerinin karşılaştırılması amacıyla yapılmıştır. Araştırmaya yaş ortalaması 20,83±0,97 yıl olan, 36 sağlıklı katılımcı dahil edildi. Katılımcılar yüksek yoğunluklu interval egzersiz eğitimi (YYİE) grubu (n=19 %52,8) ve sürekli submaksimal egzersiz eğitimi grubu (SSE) (n=17 %47,2) olmak üzer...

  13. Genomic analysis of globally diverse Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains provides insights into emergence and spread of multidrug resistance (United States)

    Manson, Abigail L.; Cohen, Keira A.; Abeel, Thomas; Desjardins, Christopher A.; Armstrong, Derek T.; Barry, Clifton E.; Brand, Jeannette; Chapman, Sinéad B.; Cho, Sang-Nae; Gabrielian, Andrei; Gomez, James; Jodals, Andreea M.; Joloba, Moses; Jureen, Pontus; Lee, Jong Seok; Malinga, Lesibana; Maiga, Mamoudou; Nordenberg, Dale; Noroc, Ecaterina; Romancenco, Elena; Salazar, Alex; Ssengooba, Willy; Velayati, A. A.; Winglee, Kathryn; Zalutskaya, Aksana; Via, Laura E.; Cassell, Gail H.; Dorman, Susan E.; Ellner, Jerrold; Farnia, Parissa; Galagan, James E.; Rosenthal, Alex; Crudu, Valeriu; Homorodean, Daniela; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Narayanan, Sujatha; Pym, Alexander S.; Skrahina, Alena; Swaminathan, Soumya; Van der Walt, Martie; Alland, David; Bishai, William R.; Cohen, Ted; Hoffner, Sven; Birren, Bruce W.; Earl, Ashlee M.


    Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), caused by drug resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is an increasingly serious problem worldwide. In this study, we examined a dataset of 5,310 M. tuberculosis whole genome sequences from five continents. Despite great diversity with respect to geographic point of isolation, genetic background and drug resistance, patterns of drug resistance emergence were conserved globally. We have identified harbinger mutations that often precede MDR. In particular, the katG S315T mutation, conferring resistance to isoniazid, overwhelmingly arose before rifampicin resistance across all lineages, geographic regions, and time periods. Molecular diagnostics that include markers for rifampicin resistance alone will be insufficient to identify pre-MDR strains. Incorporating knowledge of pre-MDR polymorphisms, particularly katG S315, into molecular diagnostics will enable targeted treatment of patients with pre-MDR-TB to prevent further development of MDR-TB. PMID:28092681

  14. International Conference on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences 8th Cross Channel Conference- Forensic Sciences Recent Developments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasemin Günay Balcı


    Full Text Available International Conrefence on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, 8th Cross Channel Conference (Uluslararası Adli Tıp ve Adli Bilimler Üzerine Konferans, 20-24 Nisan 2004 tarihleri arasında Belçika-Brugge'de yapıldı. Konferans ana başlığı “Adli Bilimler-Son Gelişmeler” şeklinde idi. Konferansı organize eden kuruluşlar; -\tBelçika Adli Tıp Topluluğu, -\tFransa Adli Tıp ve Kriminoloji Topluluğu, -\tFlollanda Adli Tıp Topluluğu, -\tIngiltere Adli Tabipler Birliği idi. Kongrenin ilk iki günü “Çalıştay (Workshop” şeklinde toplantılar vardı. Çalıştay konuları; -\tAntropoloji-Yanmış Kemikler ve Adli Antropolojide Mikroskobik Çalışma -\tAdli Tıp ve Adli Bilimlerde Kalite Güvencesi -\tMultidisipliner Ekip içinde Adli Diş Hekimliği -\tFasial rekonstrüksiyon ve Restorasyon idi. Bunlardan “Adli Tıp ve Adli Bilimlerde Kalite Güvencesi” başlıklı çalıştay katılım azlığı nedeniyle iptal edilmişti. “Antropoloji-Yanmış Kemikler ve Adli Antropolojide Mikroskobik Çalışma” konulu çalıştay uygulamalı olup, katılımcılar kemik dokusundan mikroskobik inceleme için manuel olarak, ucuz ve kısa sürede préparât hazırlamayı öğrendiler. Tüm katılanlar kendi hazırladıkları en az 3 preparatla ülkelerine ya da birimlerine döndüler. Yine katılımcılar elde ettikleri bu beceri ile kendi çalıştıkları birimlerde, oldukça ucuz maliyetle mikroskobik inceleme için kemik preparatı hazırlama laboratuvarı oluşturabilecek durumda olmanın sevincini yaşadılar. Kolay ve oldukça güzel sonuç alıcı bu yöntem kimliği belirsiz kemiklerde kemik yenilenme durumuna göre yaş tayini gibi adli kemik incelemeleri yanı sıra, örneğin ortopedi ameliyatlarında tümör özelliğinin belirlenmesi gibi kemikten acil mikroskobik inceleme gereken durumlarda da kullanılabilir. “Multididipliner Ekip içinde Adli Diş Hekimliği” konulu çahştayda adli diş hekimliğine yakla

  15. Fungitoxidade in vitro de extratos vegetais sobre Exserohilum turcicum (Pass Leonard & Suggs In vitro fungitoxicity of plant extracts on Exserohilum turcicum (Pass Leonard & Suggs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.R Scapin


    Full Text Available A helmintosporiose, causada pelo fungo Exserohilum turcicum, é uma das principais doenças do milho-pipoca cultivado no Brasil. Devido às características da cultura, como porte da planta, extensão da área de plantio e rentabilidade econômica, o emprego de resistência genética e controle químico têm sido as principais formas de controle da doença. O emprego de agrotóxicos na agricultura tem levado riscos à saúde humana e freqüentes danos ao meio ambiente. Assim, na busca de métodos alternativos para o controle da helmintosporiose foi avaliado o efeito fungitóxico dos extratos vegetais das plantas Achillea milefollium (mil-folhas, Cymbopogon citratus (capim-limão, Artemisia camphorata (cânfora e Rosmarinus officinalis (alecrim no crescimento micelial de E. turcicum, em dois meios de cultura (BDA - batata-dextrose-ágar; e LCH - lactose caseína hidrolisada. Os extratos de alecrim e cânfora foram os que apresentaram maior inibição do crescimento micelial nos dois meios de cultura, enquanto que os extratos de mil-folhas e capim limão estimularam o crescimento micelial em meio LCH.Helminthosporiose is caused by the fungus Exserohilum turcicum and represents one of the main diseases in popcorn grown in Brazil. Due to its characteristics, such as plant size, planting area extension and economic profitability, the use of genetic resistance and chemical control has constituted the main procedure against such disease. The use of pesticides in agriculture has resulted in risks to the human health and frequent damages to the environment. Thus, the fungitoxic effect of plant extracts of Achillea millefolium (yarrow, Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass, Artemisia camphorata (camphor and Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary on the mycelial growth of E. turcicum was evaluated by using two culture media (PDA - potato dextrose agar, and LCH - lactose-casein hydrolysate in order to set alternative methods for controlling helminthosporiose. Rosemary and camphor extracts led to higher mycelial growth inhibition in both culture media, whereas yarrow and lemon grass extracts stimulated mycelial growth in LCH medium.

  16. A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Establishing a Same-Day Surgery Program at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)



  17. National ornament and the imperial masquerade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nóra Veszprémi


    Full Text Available Review of Rebecca Houze, Textiles, Fashion, and Design Reform in Austria–Hungary before the First World War: Principles of Dress: Rebecca Houze’s book is a thoroughly researched and original study of the impact of design reform on textile production and fashion in Austria-Hungary in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century which centres its argument around the Bekleidungsprinzip (“principle of dress” put forward by Gottfried Semper. It discusses the role of newly founded applied arts museums, industrial exhibitions, the concept of “house industry,” and the upsurge of interest in folk crafts in this process, while also placing a strong emphasis on the role of women as producers of textiles. One of the main virtues of the book is its wide scope which manages to investigate endeavours informed by different and sometimes opposed national and imperial interests in their complicated interconnectedness. It is a pity that this broad perspective is narrowed down in the second part of the book which focuses on with turn-of-the-century Vienna and does not deal with modernist tendencies in Hungarian design. Nevertheless, this part of the book also provides a fascinating discussion of its own subject, and the monograph as a whole is a valuable contribution to its field of study.

  18. CRTC1 Nuclear Translocation Following Learning Modulates Memory Strength via Exchange of Chromatin Remodeling Complexes on the Fgf1 Gene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shusaku Uchida


    Full Text Available Summary: Memory is formed by synapse-to-nucleus communication that leads to regulation of gene transcription, but the identity and organizational logic of signaling pathways involved in this communication remain unclear. Here we find that the transcription cofactor CRTC1 is a critical determinant of sustained gene transcription and memory strength in the hippocampus. Following associative learning, synaptically localized CRTC1 is translocated to the nucleus and regulates Fgf1b transcription in an activity-dependent manner. After both weak and strong training, the HDAC3-N-CoR corepressor complex leaves the Fgf1b promoter and a complex involving the translocated CRTC1, phosphorylated CREB, and histone acetyltransferase CBP induces transient transcription. Strong training later substitutes KAT5 for CBP, a process that is dependent on CRTC1, but not on CREB phosphorylation. This in turn leads to long-lasting Fgf1b transcription and memory enhancement. Thus, memory strength relies on activity-dependent changes in chromatin and temporal regulation of gene transcription on specific CREB/CRTC1 gene targets. : Uchida et al. link CRTC1 synapse-to-nucleus shuttling in memory. Weak and strong training induce CRTC1 nuclear transport and transient Fgf1b transcription by a complex including CRTC1, CREB, and histone acetyltransferase CBP, whereas strong training alone maintains Fgf1b transcription through CRTC1-dependent substitution of KAT5 for CBP, leading to memory enhancement. Keywords: memory enhancement, long-term potentiation, hippocampus, nuclear transport, epigenetics, FGF1, CRTC1, KAT5/Tip60, HDAC3, CREB

  19. Kondo effect and spin-glass freezing of the magnetic impurities Cr, Mn, and Fe in superconducting palladium hydride

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    van Dongen, J.C.M.; van Dijk, D.; Mydosh, J.A.


    Through low-field ac susceptibility measurements we have determined the depression of the superconducting transition temperature T/sub c/ in palladium hydride (T/sub c/0 = 9.3 K) as a function of impurity concentration x for Cr, Mn, and Fe. For Cr and Fe similar values for the initial T/sub c/ depression were found, i.e., -150 K/at. % Cr and -145 K/at. % Fe. From resistivity experiments we are able to estimate the Kondo temperatures T/sub K/, i.e., T/sub K/approx. =10 K for Cr and T/sub K/approx. =5 K for Fe. Since i.e., T/sub K/approx. =10 K for Cr and T/sub K/approx. =5 K for Fe. Since systems exhibits an enhanced pair breaking as described by the theory of Mueller-Hartmann and Zittartz. In contrast, for Mn the initial T/sub c/ depression is -21 K/at. % and T/sub K/<< T/sub c/0, as can be concluded from our resistivity measurements. This means that Mn in PdH exhibits a temperature-independent pair breaking of the Abrikosov and Gor'kov type. However, at larger Mnx values a shoulder appears in T/sub c/(x). We interpret this enhanced superconductivity, according to the theory of Soukoulis and Grest, as being due to the onset of time correlations and short-range antiferromagnetic ordering between the Mn moments. These interaction effects are a precursor to the spin-glass freezing at a lower temperature T/sub f/. Our results suggest a favorable coexistance of superconductivity with the spin-glass state

  20. Les proportions des verbes SAY/DIRE/ŘÍCI dans les propositions incises et leurs équivalents en traduction : étude sur corpus parallèle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olga Nádvorníková


    Full Text Available EN: The aim of this paper is to identify and compare the distribution of the verbs say/dire/říci-říkat in reporting clauses placed medially or finally, and to analyze types of their equivalents in translations (French-English-Czech. Our hypothesis is that in translations from a language with a higher proportion of the neutral verbs say/dire/říci-říkat in reporting clauses into a language where their proportion is lower, the number of replacements of these verbs, especially using explicitation, will be higher than in the opposite direction of translation. The analysis is based on fiction texts from the InterCorp parallel corpus. FR: L’objectif du présent article est d’identifier et de comparer les proportions des verbes say/dire/ří- ci-říkat dans les propositions incises et d’analyser les types de leurs équivalents en traduction (français-anglais-tchèque. Nous avançons l’hypothèse que dans les traductions depuis des langues à proportion élevée de ces verbes de dire neutres dans les incises vers les langues où leur proportion s’avère moins élevée, les traducteurs auront davantage recours à l’explicitation ou à d’autres remplacements du verbe de dire neutre que dans l’autre sens de la traduction. L’analyse est basée sur le corpus parallèle InterCorp, limité aux textes littéraires.

  1. Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus Narrowly Correlates with Unemployment Rate during 2000–2012 in the Czech Republic

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Brož, J.; Brabec, Marek; Janíčková Žďárská, D.; Novotná, M.; Kvapil, M.

    č. 1 (2016), s. 86-87 ISSN 1210-7778 Institutional support: RVO:67985807 Keywords : diabetes mellitus * unemployment rate Subject RIV: BB - Applied Statistics, Operational Research Impact factor: 0.682, year: 2016

  2. Genetic variation in PCAF, a key mediator in epigenetics, is associated with reduced vascular morbidity and mortality: evidence for a new concept from three independent prospective studies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pons, D.; Trompet, S.; Craen, A.J.M.; Thijssen, P.E.; Quax, P.H.A.; de Vries, M.R.; Wierda, R.J.; van den Elsen, P.J.; Monraats, P.S.; Ewing, M.M.; Heijmans, B.T.; Slagboom, P.E.; Zwinderman, A.H.; Doevendans, P.A.F.M.; Tio, R.A.; de Winter, R.J.; de Maat, M.P.M.; Lakoubova, O.A.; Sattar, N.; Sheperd, J.; Westendorp, R.G.J.; Jukema, J.W.


    Aims: This study was designed to investigate the counterbalancing influence of genetic variation in the promoter of the gene encoding P300/CBP associated factor (PCAF), a lysine acetyltransferase (KAT), on coronary heart disease (CHD) and mortality. Methods and results: The association of genetic

  3. DoD Civilian Training: Source, Content, Frequency and Cost (United States)


    statistics. This especially includes Mr. Mike Dove, Ms. Kris Hoffman, Ms. Ninfa Camargo , Mr. Edward Christie, Ms. Rebecca Tag, Ms. Elizabeth Kundift Ms...Center, San Francisco , CA, will close. DoD Civilian Training Study Page 10 Chapter 2: Source There were 1,507 civilians trained We learned that 166...San Diego, CA Service School Command 13 60 San Diego, CA Submarine Training Facility 4 61 San Francisco , CA Naval Technical Training Center 13 62

  4. Steerability Analysis of Tracked Vehicles: Theory and User’s Guide for Computer Program TVSTEER (United States)


    Baladi , Donald E. Barnes, Rebecca P. BergerC oStructures Laboratory NDEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ___ Waterways Experiment Station, Corps of Engineers . U P0 Box...Analysis of Tracked Vehicles: Theory and User’s Guide for Computer Program TVSTEER - 12 PERSONAL AUTHOR(S) Baladi , George Y., Barnes, Donald E...mathematical model was formulated by Drs. George Y. Baladi and Behzad Rohani. The logic and computer programming were accomplished by Dr. Baladi and

  5. Pilot study on the additive effects of berberine and oral type 2 diabetes agents for patients with suboptimal glycemic control


    Di Pierro, Francesco; Villanova,Nicola; Agostini,Federica; Soverini,Valentina; Marchesini,Giulio; Marzocchi,Rebecca


    Francesco Di Pierro,1 Nicola Villanova,2 Federica Agostini,2 Rebecca Marzocchi,2 Valentina Soverini,2 Giulio Marchesini21Scientific Department, Velleja Research, Milano, 2Diseases of Metabolism, S Orsola Malpighi Hospital, Bologna, ItalyBackground: Suboptimal glycemic control is a common situation in diabetes, regardless of the wide range of drugs available to reach glycemic targets. Basic research in diabetes is endeavoring to identify new actives working as insulin savers, use of which coul...

  6. Information Tailoring Enhancements for Large-Scale Social Data (United States)


    person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently valid OMB control number...Unclassified Unclassified Unclassified SAR 12 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON Dr. Rebecca Goolsby 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER flnclude area code) (703...Accounts: In addition to linking Twitter accounts, users can now link their Instagram accounts. This is encouraged because users can use their token (as

  7. Integration of Advanced Statistical Analysis Tools and Geophysical Modeling (United States)


    Carin Duke University Douglas Oldenburg University of British Columbia Stephen Billings Leonard Pasion Laurens Beran Sky processing for UXO discrimination is the time (or frequency) dependent dipole model (Bell and Barrow (2001), Pasion and Oldenburg (2001), Zhang...described by a bimodal distribution (i.e. two Gaussians, see Pasion (2007)). Data features are nonetheless useful when data quality is not sufficient

  8. Tallinna XIII graafikatriennaali grand prix' pälvis leedu graafik Egle Kuckaite

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kolm võrdset preemiat: Sang-gon Chung Lõuna-Koreast, Krishs Salmanis Lätist ja Joanne Soroka Shotimaalt. Diplomid: Anonymous Boh ja Eve Kiiler Eestist, Pete Nevin Inglismaalt, Hanna Oinonen Soomest ja venetsueela-soome kunstnik Sandra Vina de Karila. Tallinna linna preemia: John Smith (Marko Mäetamm & Kaido Ole) Eestist. Eesti Kunstimuuseumi preemia: Markus Lampinen Soomest. Eesti Panga preemia: Leonards Laganovskis Lätist

  9. Political Reform, Socio-Religious Change, and Stability in the African Sahel (United States)


    research project This project proposed to analyze the socio- political factors affecting stability and instability in a set of six African countries...AFRL-AFOSR-VA-TR-2016-0360 Political Reform, Socio-Religious Change, and Stability in the African Sahel Leonard Villalon UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA...STATEMENT DISTRIBUTION A: Distribution approved for public release. 13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT 15. SUBJECT TERMS Political stability

  10. Changing Minds in the Army: Why It Is So Difficult and What to Do About It (United States)


    industrial and organiza- tional psychology from Penn State University. LEONARD WONG is a research professor in the Stra- tegic Studies Institute at...all countries), Congress became involved. Finally, after congressional pressure and a nudge from the White House, Defense Secretary Donald...known as cognitive dissonance, or the state of tension arising from holding two cognitions that are psychologically inconsistent.39 Researchers using

  11. A Muslim Archipelago: Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia (United States)


    President as well as to Muslim leaders in that only Basilan Island (excluding the municipality of Isabela) and Marawi City voted to be included...N. Mercado . 100 years of Filipino Muslim- Christian Relations. Zamboanga City, Philippines: Silsilah Publications, 1999. Davis, Leonard...Politics and Armed Separatism in the Southern Philippines. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998. Mercado , Eliseo R. Mission and Dialogue

  12. Kinematic aiming task: measuring functional changes in hand and arm movements after botulinum toxin-A injections in children with spastic hemiplegia.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rameckers, E.A.A.; Speth, L.A.; Duysens, J.E.J.; Vles, J.S.; Smits-Engelsman, B.C.M.


    OBJECTIVE: To describe different aspects of a kinematic aiming task (KAT) as a quantitative way to assess changes in arm movements within 2 wks after botulinum toxin-A (BTX-A) injections in children with spastic hemiplegia. DESIGN: Intervention study randomized clinical trial; follow-up within 4 wks

  13. Generation of optical coherent state superpositions for quantum information processing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tipsmark, Anders


    I dette projektarbejde med titlen “Generation of optical coherent state superpositions for quantum information processing” har målet været at generere optiske kat-tilstande. Dette er en kvantemekanisk superpositions tilstand af to koherente tilstande med stor amplitude. Sådan en tilstand er...



    ERASLAN, Meriç; KARAFİL, Ahmet Yavuz; AKGÜL, Mehmet Haşim; KORKMAZ, Sezgin


    Bu çalışmanın amacı üniversiteler arası spormüsabakalarına katılan muay thai sporcularının şiddet eğilimlerinin değerlendirilmesineyöneliktir.  Araştırmada üniversitelerarası spor müsabakalarına katılan muay thai sporcularının şiddet eğilimlerinindeğerlendirilmesi için şiddet eğilimi ölçeği kullanılmıştır. Şiddet eğilimiölçeği 20 sorudan oluşan likert tipi bir ölçektir. Bu ölçek Öğrencilerin ŞiddetEğilimlerini belirlemek amacıyla Göka, Bayat ve Türkçapar tarafından 1995yılında Milli Eğitim Ba...

  15. İki Aşamalı Kümeleme Analizi ile Bireysel Emeklilik Sektöründe Müşteri Profilinin Değerlendirilmesi




    Türkiye'de Bireysel EmeklilikSistemi (BES) 27 Ekim2003 tarihinde yürürlüğe girmiştir. Bu tarihten itibaren katılımcısayısı ve fon büyüklüğü açısından BES hızlı bir gelişme göstermiştir. Bu nedenlebireysel emeklilik şirketlerinin katılımcı sayılarını arttırmaları için ürün vehizmetlerde farklılaşmaları ve doğru müşteriye doğru ürün ve hizmeti sunmalarıgerekmektedir. Bunların yanı sıra, şirketler müşterilerini elde tutmayayönelik, veri madenciliği teknikleriyle mevcut müşterilerini iyi tan...

  16. Türkçe Öğretmeni Adaylarının Dinlerken Not Alma Stilleri / Turkish Language Teacher Candidates’ Note-Taking Styles while Listening


    Gürkan TABAK; Adnan KARADÜZ


    Bu araştırma, Türkçe öğretmeni adaylarının dinlerken not alma stillerinin tespit edilmesi amacıyla gerçekleştirilmiştir. Bu araştırmada temel nitel çalışma deseni uygulanarak gerçekleştirilmiştir. Araştırmanın katılımcılarını, 2013–2014 eğitim-öğretim yılı güz döneminde Erciyes Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Türkçe öğretmenliği bölümü üçüncü sınıfa devam eden 22 Türkçe öğretmeni adayı oluşturmuştur. Katılımcıların belirlenmesinde kolay ulaşılabilir durum ve maksimum çeşitlilik örneklemelerinde...

  17. Hemşirelerde İşgücü Verimliliğini Etkileyen Faktörlerin Belirlenmesi


    Dikmen, Yurdanur; Kara Yılmaz, Dilek; Başaran, Handenur; Filiz, Nasibe Yağmur


    Amaç:Buçalışma, hemşirelerin işgücü verimliliğini etkileyen faktörleri belirlemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. GereçveYöntemler:Tanımlayıcı ve analitik olarak planlanan araştırma Türkiye’nin kuzeybatısında bulunan bir kamu hastanesinde araştırmaya katılmaya gönüllü olan 156 hemşire ile yürütülmüştür. Veriler “Katılımcı Tanıtım Formu” ile işgücü verimliliğine etki eden faktörleri içeren Türkiye’de Özkoç (2005) tarafından geliştirilen anket formu ile toplanmıştır. Verilerinin analizinde; frek...



    ZORBA, Erdal; ZİYAGİL, M. Akif; ERDEMİR, İbrahim


    Buaraştırmanın amacı Türk ve Rus Boks Milli Takımlarının bazı fizyolojik kapasiteve antropometrik yapılarının karşılaştırılmasıdır. Çalışmaya katılan boksörlerkilolarına göre; hafif (50-60 kg), orta (60-70 kg) ve ağır (70-H2kg) sıkletolarak 3 gruba bölündüler ve Türk Milli Takımından 19, Rus Milli Takımından 17denek katıldı. Tüm deneklerin sırasıyla; yaş, vücut ağırlığı, boy, esneklik(otur-uzan), sistolik-diastolik kan basıncı, dinlenme kalp atımları, dikeysıçrama, vücut yağ yüzdeleri ve anae...

  19. Architectural Survey of Pence Elementary School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    younger students often learned what they needed to know from older students (Graves 1993, 22). During the first half of the 19th century , urban...of class- rooms with an applied Gothic, Greek Revival, or Victorian facade to create a cohesive building (Figure 5). ERDC/CERL TR-11-25 8...with Eliel and Eero Saarinen and con- structed in 1940, this school was the first to separate from the traditional Victorian style of school buildings

  20. Architectural Survey of Pershing Elementary School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    information important in prehistory or history. 16 NPS 1991. 17 Excerpted has yielded, or was likely to yield, any information important in prehistory or history. Final Determination for Building 6501 It is the

  1. Anglo-American views of Gavrilo Princip

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Markovich Slobodan G.


    Full Text Available The paper deals with Western (Anglo-American views on the Sarajevo assassination/attentat and Gavrilo Princip. Articles on the assassination and Princip in two leading quality dailies (The Times and The New York Times have particularly been analysed as well as the views of leading historians and journalists who covered the subject including: R. G. D. Laffan, R. W. Seton-Watson, Winston Churchill, Sidney Fay, Bernadotte Schmitt, Rebecca West, A. J. P. Taylor, Vladimir Dedijer, Christopher Clark and Tim Butcher. In the West, the original general condemnation of the assassination and its main culprits was challenged when Rebecca West published her famous travelogue on Yugoslavia in 1941. Another Brit, the remarkable historian A. J. P. Taylor, had a much more positive view on the Sarajevo conspirators and blamed Germany and Austria-Hungary for the outbreak of the Great War. A turning point in Anglo-American perceptions was the publication of Vladimir Dedijer’s monumental book The Road to Sarajevo (1966, which humanised the main conspirators, a process initiated by R. West. Dedijer’s book was translated from English into all major Western languages and had an immediate impact on the understanding of the Sarajevo assassination. The rise of national antagonisms in Bosnia gradually alienated Princip from Bosnian Muslims and Croats, a process that began in the 1980s and was completed during the wars of the Yugoslav succession. Although all available sources clearly show that Princip, an ethnic Serb, gradually developed a broader Serbo-Croat and Yugoslav identity, he was ethnified and seen exclusively as a Serb by Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks and Western journalists in the 1990s. In the past century imagining Princip in Serbia and the West involved a whole spectrum of views. In interwar Anglo-American perceptions he was a fanatic and lunatic. He became humanised by Rebecca West (1941, A. J. P. Taylor showed understanding for his act (1956, he was fully

  2. Increased bactericidal activity of colistin on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms in anaerobic conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolpen, Mette; Appeldorff, Cecilie F.; Brandt, Sarah


    that production of OH˙may not contribute significantly to the bactericidal activity of colistin on P. aeruginosa biofilm. Thus, we investigated the effect of colistin treatment on biofilm of wild-type PAO1, a catalase-deficient mutant (katA) and a colistin-resistant CF isolate cultured in microtiter plates...

  3. Formation of hydroxyl radicals contributes to the bactericidal activity of ciprofloxacin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Peter Østrup; Briales, Alejandra; Brochmann, Rikke Prejh


    induction of cytotoxic hydroxyl radicals (OH˙) during antibiotic treatment of planktonically grown cells may contribute to action of the commonly used antibiotic ciprofloxacin on P. aeruginosa biofilms. For this purpose, WT PAO1, a catalase deficient ΔkatA and a ciprofloxacin resistant mutant of PAO1 (gyr...

  4. Kaunitar ja kullaviiruline klaas / Eva Toome

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Toome, Eva


    Tallinna vanalinnas Vene tänavas asuva kohviku Josephine art-deco stiilist inspireeritud sisekujundusest, mille autoriks on inglise disainer Peter Sampson. Menüükaardid ja toolide katted on kujundanud Alla Jefimenko. Eluloolisi andmeid prantsuse laulja Josephine Baker'i kohta, kelle järgi on kohvik saanud nime

  5. Development of Less Toxic Treatment Strategies for Metastatic and Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer Using Noninvasive Optical Monitoring (United States)


    Extractions An example of calibrated ( black ) and fit (red) amplitude and phase measured from 50 to 400 MHz in steps of 1 MHz at each wavelength is...with dDOS system at each wavelength. Red lines are calibrated data and black lines are model fits. Journal of Biomedical Optics 036009-4 March 2017...Grad Fellow in 2009 from the Bioengineering Department at Rice University, where he studied under Rebecca Richards-Kortum. Prior to starting his faculty

  6. Transforming Civil Engineering. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 15, Number 1, 2007 (United States)


    family would all be worth it if she could help someone and come back here,” said her father, Mr. Stephen Loncki. She was buried with military honors in...responsibility and for getting the job done. He never backed away from the challenge, never backed away from work,” said Mr. Dale Grawe , SrA...Mr. Matthew D. LaPlante, The Salt Lake Tribune; Ms. Jane Carlson and Ms. Rebecca O’Halloran, Galesburg Register-Mail; Mr. Stephen Speckman

  7. Youth Education - Programs / Projects



    Christine Bozak: 4-H Steers that Work. Rebecca Brooks: Relationship Skills Education. Travis Burke: Defining Competency in the 4-H Professional’s Job. Holly L. Hays Butler: 4-H at the Indiana School for the Deaf . Kevin D. Chilek: Quality Assurance Program for Youth Livestock Exhibitors. Graham Cochran: Lessons from an Innovative Urban Youth Education Center. Steve Cramer: Use Activities Fun and Humor to Teach Character Education. Annette Devitt: Life on the Farm Project. Janet Edwards: Emot...

  8. Characterization of mutations causing rifampicin and isoniazid resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Syria. (United States)

    Madania, Ammar; Habous, Maya; Zarzour, Hana; Ghoury, Ifad; Hebbo, Barea


    In order to characterize mutations causing rifampicin and isoniazid resistance of M. tuberculosis in Syria, 69 rifampicin resistant (Rif(r)) and 72 isoniazid resistant (Inh(r)) isolates were screened for point mutations in hot spots of the rpoB, katG and inhA genes by DNA sequencing and real time PCR. Of 69 Rif(r) isolates, 62 (90%) had mutations in the rifampin resistance determining region (RRDR) of the rpoB gene, with codons 531 (61%), 526 (13%), and 516 (8.7%) being the most commonly mutated. We found two new mutations (Asp516Thr and Ser531Gly) described for the first time in the rpoB-RRDR in association with rifampicin resistance. Only one mutation (Ile572Phe) was found outside the rpoB-RRDR. Of 72 Inh(r) strains, 30 (41.6%) had a mutation in katGcodon315 (with Ser315Thr being the predominant alteration), and 23 (32%) harbored the inhA(-15C-->T) mutation. While the general pattern of rpoB-RRDR and katG mutations reflected those found worldwide, the prevalence of the inhA(-15C-->T mutation was above the value found in most other countries, emphasizing the great importance of testing the inhA(-15C-->T) mutation for prediction of isoniazid resistance in Syria. Sensitivity of a rapid test using real time PCR and 3'-Minor groove binder (MGB) probes in detecting Rif(r) and Inh(r) isolates was 90% and 69.4%, respectively. This demonstrates that a small set of MGB-probes can be used in real time PCR in order to detect most mutations causing resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid.

  9. Growth inhibition of thyroid follicular cell-derived cancers by the opioid growth factor (OGF) - opioid growth factor receptor (OGFr) axis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McLaughlin, Patricia J; Zagon, Ian S; Park, Sunny S; Conway, Andrea; Donahue, Renee N; Goldenberg, David


    Carcinoma of the thyroid gland is an uncommon cancer, but the most frequent malignancy of the endocrine system. Most thyroid cancers are derived from the follicular cell. Follicular carcinoma (FTC) is considered more malignant than papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC), and anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most lethal human cancers. Opioid Growth Factor (OGF; chemical term - [Met 5 ]-enkephalin) and its receptor, OGFr, form an inhibitory axis regulating cell proliferation. Both the peptide and receptor have been detected in a wide variety of cancers, and OGF is currently used clinically as a biotherapy for some non-thyroid neoplasias. This study addressed the question of whether the OGF-OGFr axis is present and functional in human thyroid follicular cell - derived cancer. Utilizing human ATC (KAT-18), PTC (KTC-1), and FTC (WRO 82-1) cell lines, immunohistochemistry was employed to ascertain the presence and location of OGF and OGFr. The growth characteristics in the presence of OGF or the opioid antagonist naltrexone (NTX), and the specificity of opioid peptides for proliferation of ATC, were established in KAT-18 cells. Dependence on peptide and receptor were investigated using neutralization studies with antibodies and siRNA experiments, respectively. The mechanism of peptide action on DNA synthesis and cell survival was ascertained. The ubiquity of the OGF-OGFr axis in thyroid follicular cell-derived cancer was assessed in KTC-1 (PTC) and WRO 82-1 (FTC) tumor cells. OGF and OGFr were present in KAT-18 cells. Concentrations of 10 -6 M OGF inhibited cell replication up to 30%, whereas NTX increased cell growth up to 35% relative to cultures treated with sterile water. OGF treatment reduced cell number by as much as 38% in KAT-18 ATC in a dose-dependent and receptor-mediated manner. OGF antibodies neutralized the inhibitory effects of OGF, and siRNA knockdown of OGFr negated growth inhibition by OGF. Cell survival was not altered by OGF, but DNA synthesis

  10. Yazılım geliştiricilerin kullanıcı deneyimi ve kullanılabilirlik konusundaki farkındalıklarının ve bilgi seviyelerinin belirlenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz İnal


    Full Text Available Bu çalışma yazılım geliştiricilerinin kullanıcı deneyimi ve kullanılabilirlik konularındaki farkındalıklarının ve bilgi seviyelerinin belirlenmesi amacıyla yapılmıştır. Bunun yanında katılımcıların kullanılabilirlik aktivitelerinin yazılım geliştirme süreçlerine hangi aşamada dâhil edilmesi gereği konusundaki düşünceleri analiz edilmiştir. Çalışmaya 59 yazılım geliştiricisi katılmıştır. Çalışmanın ilk bölümünde veriler anket aracılığıyla toplanmıştır. Çalışmanın ikinci bölümünde ise, katılımcılar arasından gönüllülük esasına göre seçilen bir grup yazılım geliştirici ile ayrıntılı mülakat yapılmış ve konuyla ilgili detaylı bilgi alınmıştır. Çalışmada elde edilen bulgulara göre yazılım geliştiricilerinin önemli bir bölümünün bu konularda herhangi bir eğitim almadıkları belirlenmiştir. Geliştiricilerin çoğunun kendilerini yazılım projesi geliştirme ekibi içerisinde kullanıcı deneyimi ve kullanılabilirlik konularında en az farkındalığa ve bilgiye sahip grup olarak gördükleri belirlenmiştir. Bunun yanında katılımcıların kullanıcı deneyimi ve kullanılabilirlik gibi kavramlara yönelik eksik ya da yanlış bilgi sahibi oldukları görülmüştür.

  11. Demonstration of the MPV at Former Waikoloa Maneuver Area in Hawaii: UXO Characterization in Challenging Survey Environments Using the MPV (United States)


    instantaneous polarization model ( Pasion and Oldenburg, 2001). The target polarizability decay parameters are the main features for the ensuing...Kingdon, John Jackson and Environet crew       Data management Nicolas Lhomme     Technical support Leonard Pasion Laurens Beran   Data analysis, classification of the MPV-3D data, retrospective performance analysis and reporting. Laurens Beran and Len Pasion of Black Tusk Geophysics

  12. Hayflick, his limit, and cellular ageing. (United States)

    Shay, J W; Wright, W E


    Almost 40 years ago, Leonard Hayflick discovered that cultured normal human cells have limited capacity to divide, after which they become senescent -- a phenomenon now known as the 'Hayflick limit'. Hayflick's findings were strongly challenged at the time, and continue to be questioned in a few circles, but his achievements have enabled others to make considerable progress towards understanding and manipulating the molecular mechanisms of ageing.

  13. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume II. Chemical, (United States)


    ural forces tending to restore equilibrium. Bieber , Glen F. - See: Frank J. Little, Jr., et al, No. 212. 37. Bird, John. 1966. Our dying waters...research should indicate more definite trends. 207. Leonard, Justin W. 1962. Environmental requirements of Ephemeroptera. In: Clarence M. Tarzwell (Ed... Bieber , Thomas J. Horst and Danley F. Brown. 1973. Possible accelerated eutrophication thresholds in the Great Lakes rela- tive to human population

  14. Effects of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration and Iron Addition on Immediate-early Gene Expression of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhuang, Shiwen; Anyaogu, Diana Chinyere; Kasama, Takeshi


    in cultures at 0.5% O2 compared to those at higher oxygen tensions. Moreover, expression of katG (catalase-peroxidase gene) and feoB2 (ferrous transport protein B2 gene) was reduced markedly by iron addition, regardless of oxygen conditions. The data provides a greater understanding of molecular response...

  15. Integrating Symmetry in Stereochemical Analysis in Introductory Organic Chemistry (United States)

    Taagepera, Mare; Arasasingham, Ramesh D.; King, Susan; Potter, Frank; Martorell, Ingrid; Ford, David; Wu, Jason; Kearney, Aaron M.


    We report a comparative study using "knowledge space theory" (KAT) to assess the impact of a hands-on laboratory exercise that used molecular model kits to emphasize the connections between a plane of symmetry, Charity, and isomerism in an introductory organic chemistry course. The experimental design compared three groups of…

  16. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cutler, Kat. Vol 70 (2016) - Articles King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa) scavenging at green turtle (Chelonia mydas) carcasses in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica Abstract PDF. ISSN: 1606-7479. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL ...

  17. Ponjat samogo sebja / Ze'ev Hanin ; interv. Josef Kats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hanin, Ze'ev


    Lääne tsivilisatsiooni katse seostada tähtsamad maailma poliitikasündmused Iisraeliga ei ole selle riigi süü ega teene, tegemist on euroopa tsivilisatsiooni sügava kriisiga - sellisel seisukohal on hiljuti Tallinna külastanud Bar-Ilani ülikooli õppejõud ja politoloog Ze'ev Hanin

  18. Fööniks Katõni tuhast / Timothy Garton Ash

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Garton Ash, Timothy, 1955-


    Autor kirjeldab 1940. aastal NSV Liidu võimude poolt korraldatud Poola ohvitseride hukkamist ja edasist suurt valet, millega ühinesid ka lääneriigid. Võrdleb rahvusvahelise reaktsiooni kontrasti tollase veresauna ning 10. aprillil 2010. aastal Poola presidendi ja tema kaaskonna lennukiga toimunud katastroofi vahel

  19. You Say Potato!


    Gillespie, Elgy


    "If we are what we eat, as they are forever telling, then we're mostly potato" sayd travel writer, journalist and enthusiastic cook Elgy Gillespie Now Elgy has drawn on her travel experiences and her love of food to gather over 100 potato recipes from Ireland and around the world" Taken from the back cover. Published by Wolfhound Press Ltd., 68 Mountjoy Square, Dublin in 2001. Illustrated by Rebecca Wildsmith. Cover illustration Eva Byrne, cover photograph Richard Gibson, cover design W...

  20. A systematic review of interventions conducted in clinical or community settings to improve dual-task postural control in older adults


    Agmon M; Belza B; Nguyen HQ; Logsdon RG; Kelly VE


    Maayan Agmon,1 Basia Belza,2 Huong Q Nguyen,2,3 Rebecca G Logsdon,2 Valerie E Kelly41The Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, University of Haifa, Israel; 2School of Nursing, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA; 3Department of Research and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente, CA, USA; 4School of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USABackground: Injury due to falls is a major problem among older adults. Decrements in dual-task postu...