Sample records for rats receiving cums

  1. Chronic antidepressant administration alleviates frontal and hippocampal BDNF deficits in CUMS rat.

    Zhang, Yang; Gu, Fenghua; Chen, Jia; Dong, Wenxin


    Stress activates the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, regulates the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the brain, and mediates mood. Antidepressants alleviate stress and up-regulate BDNF gene expression. In this study, we investigated the effect of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) and the different kinds of antidepressant treatments on the HPA axis and the BDNF expression in the rat brain. Adult Wistar male rats were exposed to a six-week CUMS procedure and received different antidepressant treatments including venlafaxine, mirtazapine, and fluoxetine. Immunohistochemistry and real-time PCR were used to measure BDNF expression levels in the rat brain, and ELISAs were used to investigate the plasma corticosterone (CORT) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) levels. CUMS significantly decreased the BDNF protein level in the DG, CA1, and CA3 of the hippocampus and increased plasma CORT level. Chronic antidepressant treatments all significantly increased BDNF protein levels in the hippocampus and the pre-frontal cortex. In addition, venlafaxine and mirtazapine inhibited the increase of plasma CORT level. These results suggested that an increase in the BDNF level in the brain could be a pivotal mechanism of various antidepressants to exert their therapeutic effects.

  2. Metabolic factors-triggered inflammatory response drives antidepressant effects of exercise in CUMS rats.

    Liu, Weina; Wang, Hongmei; Wang, Yangkai; Li, Haipeng; Ji, Liu


    Chronic stress is a potential contributing factor for depression, accompanying with metabolic and inflammatory response. Exercise is considered as a treatment for depression, but mechanisms underlying its beneficial effects still remain unknown. The objectives of present study were to confirm that metabolic factors-triggered inflammatory response mediates the antidepressant actions of exercise in chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) rats. It has been found that CUMS stimulated expression of ghrelin and its receptor Ghsr, but inhibited expression of leptin and its receptor LepRb. Ghrelin, via binding to Ghsr, induced phosphorylation of GSK-3β on Tyr216 and decreased phosphorylation on Ser9, thus increasing GSK-3β activity. Conversely, ghrelin binding to Ghsr decreased STAT3 activity, through decreasing phosphorylation of STAT3 on Tyr705 and increasing Ser727 phosphorylation. Negatively correlated with ghrelin, leptin binding to LepRb had opposite effects on the activity of GSK-3β and STAT3 via phosphorylation. In addition, decreased leptin level initiated NLRP3 activity via LepRb. Furthermore, GSK-3β inhibited STAT3 activation, thus promoting the expression of NLRP3. Meanwhile, swim improved metabolic and inflammatory response both in CUMS and control rats. Our findings suggest that exercise not only ameliorates metabolic disturbance and inflammatory response in depression, but also contributes to metabolic and inflammatory function in normal conditions.

  3. Elevated dopamine D2 receptor in prefrontal cortex of CUMS rats is associated with downregulated cAMP-independent signaling pathway.

    Chen, Cheng; Yang, Jing-mo; Hu, Ting-ting; Xu, Ting-juan; Xu, Wei-ping; Wei, Wei


    Because depression is associated with significant morbidity and functional disability, it is important to reveal the mechanism of action. A variety of studies have suggested the involvement of dopaminergic receptors in the pathophysiological mechanism of non-stress-associated depression-like behavior in rodents. Nevertheless, controversy exists about whether chronic stress acts on dopaminergic receptors in the prefrontal cortex. Thus, we investigated the level of dopamine D2 receptors (DRD2) and the possible mechanisms involved in a chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) rat model of depression. The results showed CUMS-induced, depression-like symptoms in the rat, characterized by reduced sucrose consumption and body mass, and increased duration of immobility in a forced swimming test. Moreover, chronic stress upregulated the expression of DRD2 but downregulated protein kinase A (PKA), transcription factor cAMP response element binding protein (CREB), and phospho-CREB (p-CREB) in the prefrontal cortex, as demonstrated by Western blot. Notably, in the rat model of depression, decreased cyclic adenine monophosphate (cAMP) levels and PKA activity were present at the same time, which is consistent with clinical findings in depressed patients. Our findings suggested that dopaminergic system dysfunction could play a central role in stress-related disorders such as depression.

  4. The comparison of rTMS and sertraline ameliorate anxiety-and depression-like behaviors in a rat model of CUMS and the possible mechanism%重复性经颅磁刺激与舍曲林改善CUMS大鼠焦虑抑郁样行为的比较及其机制研究

    王磊; 陈怡环; 杨帆; 彭正午; 谭庆荣


    Objective: To compare the effects and the underlying mechanisms of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and sertratline administration in ameliorating anxiety- and depression-like behaviors in a rat model of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) . Methods: 32 adult male SD rats were randomly divided into control, CUMS, CUMS + rTMS and CUMS + sertraline groups (n = 8 for each group). The behavior of rats were investigated by sucrose preference test, forced swimming test and open-field test, and the expression of cannabinoid receptor type 1 receptor (CB1R) in hippocampus was measured by Western blot. Results: The sucrose preference percentage, horizontal motion distance, the number of entering central region and the expression of CB1R in CUMS group was less than those in control, CUMS + rTMS and CUMS + sertraline groups, but there was no significant difference between CUMS + rTMS group and CUMS + sertraline group; the immobility time in CUMS group was longer than that in other three groups, but there was no significant difference between CUMS + rTMS group and CUMS + sertraline group. Conclusion: Both rTMS and sertraline can improve anxiety and depression behaviors of CUMS rats with no significant difference between the two, the effects of rTMS and sertralin may be mediated by up-regulation of the expression of CB1R.%目的:比较重复性经颅磁刺激(repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation,rTMS)和舍曲林处理对慢性不可预见温和应激(chronic unpredictable mild stress,CUMS)大鼠焦虑抑郁样行为的改善作用及其可能的作用机制.方法:32只SD大鼠随机分为对照组、CUMS组、CUMS+ rTMS组以及CUMS+舍曲林组,每组8只.采用糖水偏好实验、强迫游泳实验及旷场实验观察各组大鼠行为,并以蛋白质印迹法(Western blot)检测各组大鼠海马内源性大麻素Ⅰ型受体(cannabinoid type 1 receptor,CBlR)的表达.结果:CUMS组糖水偏好值、水平活动度

  5. Jaynes Cummings Photonic Superlattices

    Longhi, Stefano


    A classical realization of the Jaynes-Cummings (JC) model, describing the interaction of a two-level atom with a quantized cavity mode, is proposed based on light transport in engineered waveguide superlattices. The optical setting enables to visualize in Fock space dynamical regimes not yet accessible in quantum systems, providing new physical insights into the deep strong coupling regime of the JC model. In particular, bouncing of photon number wave packets in Hilbert space and revivals of populations are explained as generalized Bloch oscillations in an inhomogeneous tight-binding lattice.

  6. A PET study on brain of chronic unpredictable mild stimulations (CUMS)-induced depressive rats%慢性不可预见性温和刺激抑郁症模型大鼠的脑PET成像研究

    刘金鹏; 刘华; 高峻钰; 刘少君


    目的:通过PET成像技术研究慢性不可预见性温和刺激( CUMS)致抑郁症大鼠的全脑代谢特点。方法实验组大鼠给予CUMS 4周后,通过糖水偏嗜度、自发活动距离、体质量等指标分为刺激后抑郁大鼠( D组)及刺激后非抑郁大鼠( ND组),并与正常对照组大鼠( CON组)一起行PET检查,比较不同组大鼠之间全脑的代谢变化。结果(1)D组大鼠的双侧S1、丘脑、苍白球、岛叶、M2、左屏状核较CON组代谢升高,右侧下丘、胼胝体压部、小脑则代谢降低;(2)D组大鼠双侧海马CA3区、M1、M2、纹状体、S1、嗅球等区较ND组代谢增高,左侧楔状核及海马则代谢降低;(3) ND组大鼠与CON组相比,无代谢升高的脑区,而外侧隔核、双侧纹状体、下丘脑室旁核、双侧S1、右侧苍白球则代谢降低。结论以前囟后4 mm处为界,抑郁大鼠脑代谢特点是前高后低,左右大致对称。抑郁症的发生可能与多个脑区功能的异常相互作用有关。%Objective To observe the metabolic changes in the whole brain of chronic unpredictable mild stimulations ( CUMS)-induced depressive rats using PET imaging technology.Methods After 4 weeks’ of CUMS, rats of experimental group were divided into two groups:Group D( depression) and Group ND( no depression) , according to the degree of sugar addiction, distance of spontaneous activity and relative body mass.Then metabolic changes in the whole brain of these rats and those in control group ( CON) were observed using PET technology, and the differences were companred between the threegroups.Results (1)ComparedwithGroupCON,metabolismofGroupDwaselevatedinbilateralS1,thalamus, globus pallidus, insula, M2 and left claustrum, but descended in right inferior colliculus, splenium of corpus callosum and cerebellum.(2) Metabolism of Group D increased in the bilateral CA3 region of hippocampus, M1, M2, striatum, S1 and olfactory bulb

  7. ABR Changes in a Rat Model of CUMS Induced Depression%慢性不可预见性温和刺激大鼠模型的听性脑干反应的改变

    陈抗松; 廖华; 杨希林; 陈建新


    Objective To study changes of auditory brainstem response (ABR) in a rat model of depression induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS). Methods Sixteen rats were randomly divided into a control group (n=8) and a mod-el group (n=8). The model group was randomly treated with CUMS every day to keep animals in a depressive state for 28 days. Animal behaviors were recorded using an automatic tracking system at 1 day before experiment and on Days 14 and 28. In the present study, ABRs were tested using a TDT system on Day 28 for all animals. Results Compared with the control group, the basic indices of animal behavior of the model group were markedly different from the control group on Days 14 and 28 (p0.05). The latencies of waves I and V in the model group were significantly longer than the control group (P<0.05) and the amplitudes of waves II and V were markedly decreased compared to the control group (P<0.05 and P<0.01, respectively). Con-clusion Abnormal neuroelectric activities along the auditory pathway from the peripheral auditory organ to the brainstem may exist in rats with CUMS induced depression .%  目的探讨单纯抑郁症大鼠模型的听性脑干反应(ABR)的改变。方法16只大鼠随机分为对照组(8只):正常喂养;模型组(8只):每天随机给予多种低强度刺激,造成动物的抑郁状态,持续28天。记录各组大鼠实验前1天、第14、28天的行为学,并在造模完成后对两组大鼠行ABR检测。结果造模第14、28天,与对照组比较,模型组大鼠的旷场行为学、体重及摄食量的改变、糖水偏爱均有显著性差异(p<0.01);第28天,在声强90dB SPL条件下,与对照组比较,模型组大鼠的Ⅰ波潜伏期明显延长(P<0.05),Ⅱ波的波幅显著下降,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论抑郁症模型大鼠可能存在外周听觉神经至脑干通路存在神经电活动的异常。

  8. Relationships between hippocampal NMDA receptor and NOS positive neurons in myenteric nerve plexus in stomach of CUMS rats%海马NDMA受体与胃肌间神经丛NOS阳性神经元在慢性应激性胃运动变化中的关系

    乔卉; 何娟; 饶志萍; 徐畅; 安书成


    目的 探讨慢性应激对大鼠胃功能和胃肠神经系统的影响,并分析其海马谷氨酸(Glu)离子型受体机制.方法 通过建造慢性应激性抑郁模型大鼠,结合脑立体定位及微量注射Glu和N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸(NMDA)受体阻断剂MK-801,对实验鼠进行糖水偏爱等行为学检测、胃内压记录及胃内在神经丛的一氧化氮合酶(NOS)阳性神经元表达的组织化学检测.结果 慢性不可预见性温和应激(CUMS)动物表现出抑郁样行为,且胃运动减弱;海马注射NMDA受体阻断剂MK-801,可以反转CUMS的效应;海马注射Glu,能增加游泳不动时间,但对胃运动无影响.CUMS使胃肌间神经丛NOS阳性神经元数量减少[(73.74±16.38 )/LPF,P<0.05],神经节数量减少[(4.25±1.34)/LPF,P<0.05],但每个神经节内神经元数量明显增加(6.55±2.37,P<0.05);海马注射MK-801能改善CUMS引起的神经节数量减少的现象.结论 慢性应激诱发的抑郁样行为与海马Glu及其NMDA受体有关,而胃活动的减弱可能与海马NMDA受体变化影响胃肌间神经丛NOS神经元分布格局有关.%Objective To investigate the involvement of hippocampal glutamate and NMDA receptor in the effect of CUMS on gastric function and enteric nervous system ( ENS) . Methods Chronic unpredictability mild stress (CUMS)-induced depression model was established in SD rats, intra-hippocampal microinjections of Glu and non-competitive antagonist of N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) receptor (MK-801) were respectively adopted by rat brain stereotaxic coordinates. The behavioral observations were conducted by sucrose preference test and forced swimming test. The intra-gastric pressure was recorded and the expression of Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) positiveneurons in myenteric nerve plexus in stomach was detected as well. Results CUMS rats showed depression-like behavioral changes and weaker gastric motility as compared to control. Preheated with MK-801 could reverse these

  9. Fifty years of Jaynes-Cummings physics

    Greentree, Andrew D.; Koch, Jens; Larson, Jonas


    This special issue commemorates the 50th anniversary of the seminal paper published by E T Jaynes and F W Cummings [1], the fundamental model which they introduced and now carries their names, and celebrates the remarkable host of exciting research on Jaynes-Cummings physics throughout the last five decades. The Jaynes-Cummings model has been taking the prominent stance as the 'hydrogen atom of quantum optics' [2]. Generally speaking, it provides a fundamental quantum description of the simplest form of coherent radiation-matter interaction. The Jaynes-Cummings model describes the interaction between a single electromagnetic mode confined to a cavity, and a two-level atom. Energy is exchanged between the field and the atom, which leads directly to coherent population oscillations (Rabi oscillations) and superposition states (dressed states). Being exactly solvable, the Jaynes-Cummings model serves as a most useful toy model, and as such it is a textbook example of the physicists' popular strategy of simplifying a complex problem to its most elementary constituents. Thanks to the simplicity of the Jaynes-Cummings model, this caricature of coherent light-matter interactions has never lost its appeal. The Jaynes-Cummings model is essential when discussing experiments in quantum electrodynamics (indeed the experimental motivation of the Jaynes-Cummings model was evident already in the original paper, dealing as it does with the development of the maser), and it has formed the starting point for much fruitful research ranging from ultra-cold atoms to cavity quantum electrodynamics. In fact, Jaynes-Cummings physics is at the very heart of the beautiful experiments by S Haroche and D Wineland, which recently earned them the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics. Indeed, as with most significant models in physics, the model is invoked in settings that go far beyond its initial framework. For example, recent investigations involving multi-level atoms, multiple atoms [3, 4], multiple

  10. Disturbance of hippocampal H2S generation contributes to CUMS-induced depression-like behavior: involvement in endoplasmic reticulum stress of hippocampus.

    Tan, Huiying; Zou, Wei; Jiang, Jiamei; Tian, Ying; Xiao, Zhifang; Bi, Lili; Zeng, Haiying; Tang, Xiaoqing


    The chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) model is a widely used experimental model of depression. Exogenous stress-induced neuronal cell death in the hippocampus is closely associated with the pathogenesis of depression. Excessive and prolonged endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress triggers cell death. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the third endogenous signaling gasotransmitter, plays an important role in brain functions as a neuromodulator and a neuroprotectant. We hypothesized that the disturbance of endogenous H2S generation and ER stress in the hippocampus might be involved in CUMS-induced depression-like behaviors. Thus, the present study focused on whether CUMS disturbs the generation of endogenous H2S and up-regulates ER stress in the hippocampus and whether exogenous H2S prevents CUMS-induced depressive-like behaviors. Results showed that CUMS-treated rats exhibit depression-like behavior and hippocampal ER stress responses including up-regulated levels of glucose-regulated protein 78, CCAAT/enhancer binding protein homologous protein, and cleaved caspase-12 expression, while the endogenous generation of H2S in the hippocampus is suppressed in CUMS-treated rats. Furthermore, exogenous H2S prevents CUMS-induced depression-like behavior. These data indicated that CUMS-induced depression-like behaviors are related to the disturbance of endogenous H2S generation and ER stress in the hippocampus and suggested that endogenous H2S and ER stress are novel treatment targets of depression. © The Author 2015. Published by ABBS Editorial Office in association with Oxford University Press on behalf of the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  11. Comparative performance of coriander dryer coupled to solar air heater and solar air-heater-cum-rockbed storage

    Chauhan, P.M.; Choudhury, C.; Garg, H.P. [Indian Inst. of Technology, Centre for Energy Studies, New Delhi (India)


    In the present communication, efforts have been made to study the drying characteristics of coriander in a stationary 0.5 tonne/batch capacity deep-bed dryer coupled to a solar air heater and a rockbed storage unit to receive hot air during sunshine and off-sunshine hours, respectively. The drying bed was assumed to consist of a number of thin layers of grains stacked upon each other. The theoretical investigation was made by writing the energy and mass balance equations for different components of the dryer-cum-air-heater-cum-storage and by adopting a finite difference approach for simulation. (author)

  12. Darboux transformations of the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian

    Samsonov, B F; Samsonov, Boris F; Negro, Javier


    A detailed analysis of matrix Darboux transformations under the condition that the derivative of the superpotential be self-adjoint is given. As a onsequence, a class of the symmetries associated to Schr\\"odinger matrix Hamiltonians is characterized. The applications are oriented towards the Jaynes-Cummings eigenvalue problem, so that exactly solvable $2\\times 2$ matrix Hamiltonians of the Jaynes-Cummings type are obtained. It is also established that the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian is a quadratic function of a Dirac-type Hamiltonian.

  13. Changes in oxidative status of the heart in rats receiving vitamin C supplements

    Đurašević S.F.


    Full Text Available We studied the oxidative status of the heart in rats receiving by two doses of vitamin C over a period of four weeks. The activities of copper zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD, manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD, and catalase, hydrogen peroxide concentration, the level of lipid peroxidation, and total vitamin C content were determined in the heart of the experimental animals, as well as the concentration of vitamin C in their serum. Our results indicate that, apart from the ability of rats to synthesize vitamin C, supplementation leads to additional antioxidative protection.

  14. Cummings/Ju - Harvard; Emory | Division of Cancer Prevention

    Principal Investigator: Richard D Cummings, PhDInstitution: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA Principal Investigator: Tongzhong Ju, MD, PhDInstitution: Emory University, Atlanta, GA |

  15. Excitation functions of $^{nat}$Pb(d,x)$^{206,205,204,203,202}$Bi, $^{203cum,202m,201cum}$Pb and $^{202cum,201cum}$Tl reactions up to 50 MeV

    Ditrói, F; Takács, S; Hermanne, A; Ignatyuk, A V


    Cross-sections of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on lead were measured up to 50 MeV using the standard stacked foil irradiation technique and high resolution $\\gamma$-ray spectrometry. Experimental cross-sections and derived integral yields are presented for the $^{nat}$Pb(d,x)$^{206,205,204,203,202}$Bi, $^{203cum,202m,201cum}$Pb and $^{202cum,201cum}$Tl reactions. The experimental data were compared with the results from literature and with the data in the TENDL-2013 library (obtained with TALYS code). The cross-section data were analyzed also with the theoretical results calculated by using the ALICE-IPPPE-D and EMPIRE-D codes.

  16. Localization of Sonic hedgehog secreting and receiving cells in the developing and adult rat adrenal cortex.

    Guasti, Leonardo; Paul, Alex; Laufer, Ed; King, Peter


    Sonic hedgehog signaling was recently demonstrated to play an important role in murine adrenal cortex development. The organization of the rat adrenal differs from that of the mouse, with the zona glomerulosa and zona fasciculata separated by an undifferentiated zone in the rat, but not in the mouse. In the present study we aimed to determine the mRNA expression patterns of Sonic hedgehog and the hedgehog signaling pathway components Patched-1 and Gli1 in the developing and adult rat adrenal. Sonic hedgehog expression was detected at the periphery of the cortex in cells lacking CYP11B1 and CYP11B2 expression, while signal-receiving cells were localized in the overlying capsule mesenchyme. Using combined in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry we found that the cells expressing Sonic hedgehog lie between the CYP11B2 and CYP11B1 layers, and thus Sonic hedgehog expression defines one cell population of the undifferentiated zone.

  17. Dynamical Algebraic Approach to the Modified Jaynes-Cummings Model

    许晶波; 邹旭波


    The modified Jaynes-Cummings model of a single two-level atom placed in the common domain of two cavities or interacting with two quantized modes is studied by a dynamical algebraic method. With the help of an SU(2) algebraic structure, we then obtain the eigenvalues, eigenstates, time evolution operator and atomic inversion operator for the system. We proceed to investigate the modified Jaynes-Cummings model governed by the Milburn equation and present the exact solution of the Milburn equation.

  18. Fractional Quantum Hall Physics in Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard Lattices

    Hayward, Andrew L. C.; Martin, Andrew M.; Greentree, Andrew D.


    Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard arrays provide unique opportunities for quantum emulation as they exhibit convenient state preparation and measurement, and in-situ tuning of parameters. We show how to realise strongly correlated states of light in Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard arrays under the introduction of an effective magnetic field. The effective field is realised by dynamic tuning of the cavity resonances. We demonstrate the existence of Fractional Quantum Hall states by com- puting topological invar...

  19. Metabolic parameters in rats receiving different levels of oral glycerol supplementation.

    Lisenko, K G; Andrade, E F; Lobato, R V; Orlando, D R; Damin, D H C; Costa, A C; Lima, R R; Alvarenga, R R; Zangeronimo, M G; Sousa, R V; Pereira, L J


    The use of glycerol in the diets for animals is of interest because it is a residue of biodiesel production and rich in energy. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate metabolic and physiological parameters of rats receiving supplemental pure glycerol by gavage. We used 30 Wistar rats (initial weight 202.7 ± 29.98 g) receiving 0 (control/saline), 200, 400, 800 and 1600 mg glycerol/kg of body weight (bidistilled glycerine, 99.85% glycerol) beside food and water ad libitum for 28 days. We used a completely randomised design with five treatments and six replicates. At the end of the experiment, the animals were killed, and the results showed that there was no change (p > 0.05) in the intake and excretion of water, the average daily weight gain, dry matter, ash and crude protein in the carcass or plasma triacylglycerols. There was a beneficial effect (p < 0.05) up to a dose of 800 mg/kg glycerol on feed intake, percentage of carcass fat, plasma levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), high-density lipoprotein (HDLc) and low-/very low-density lipoprotein (LDLc + VLDLc). The levels of total cholesterol and glucose were increased with up to a dose of 800 mg/kg glycerol (but remained within the normal range); they were reduced with the dose of 1600 mg/kg. The total leucocyte count tended to be reduced, although it was within the reference values for rats. There were no renal or pancreatic lesions. In conclusion, glycerol presented as a safe supplement at the studied doses, even having some beneficial effects in a dose-dependent manner in rats.

  20. [Pediamécum: one year of experience].

    Piñeiro Pérez, R; Martínez Fernández-Llamazares, C; Calvo Rey, C; Piñeiro Pérez, A P; Criado Vega, E A; Bravo Acuña, J; Cabrera García, L; Mellado Peña, M J


    In 2011, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics decided to support the most ambitious project of its newly created Committee for Medicinal Products: Pediamécum. This is the first free on-line database with information on medicinal products for pediatric use in Spain. The web page started on December 17 December 2012. One year later, Pediamécum includes 580 registered drugs. The website achieved more than one million page views by the end of 2013. Because of the first anniversary of Pediamécum, a survey was performed to request the feeling of users. Four hundred eighty-three responses were obtained. Ninety-five percent believed that it is easy to navigate through the web, and 74% said that their doubts about the use of medicines in children were always resolved. The overall rating of Pediamécum is 7.5/10. The aims of Pediamécum are being accomplished; which is reflected essentially due to it becoming a useful tool for all professionals who care for children in their daily clinical practice. Copyright © 2014 Asociación Española de Pediatría. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  1. Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling on Jaynes-Cummings and Tavis-Cummings Models

    Zhu, Chuanzhou; Pu, Han


    We consider ultracold atoms inside a ring optical cavity that supports a single plane-wave mode. The cavity field, together with an external coherent laser field, drives a two-photon Raman transition between two internal pseudo-spin states of the atom. This gives rise to an effective coupling between atom's pseudo-spin and external center-of-mass (COM) motion. For the case of a single atom inside the cavity, We show how the spin-orbit coupling modifies the static and dynamic properties of the Jaynes-Cummings (JC) model. In the case of many atoms in thermodynamic limit, we show that the spin-orbit coupling modifies the Dicke superradiance phase transition boundary and the non-superradiant normal phase may become reentrant in some regimes.

  2. Factors influencing adverse skin responses in rats receiving repeated subcutaneous injections and potential impact on neurobehavior

    Levoe, S. Nikki; Flannery, Brenna M.; Brignolo, Laurie; Imai, Denise M.; Koehne, Amanda; Austin, Adam T.; Bruun, Donald A.; Tancredi, Daniel J.; Lein, Pamela J.


    Repeated subcutaneous (s.c.) injection is a common route of administration in chronic studies of neuroactive compounds. However, in a pilot study we noted a significant incidence of skin abnormalities in adult male Long-Evans rats receiving daily s.c. injections of peanut oil (1.0 ml/kg) in the subscapular region for 21 d. Histopathological analyses of the lesions were consistent with a foreign body reaction. Subsequent studies were conducted to determine factors that influenced the incidence or severity of skin abnormalities, and whether these adverse skin reactions influenced a specific neurobehavioral outcome. Rats injected daily for 21 d with food grade peanut oil had an earlier onset and greater incidence of skin abnormalities relative to rats receiving an equal volume (1.0 ml/kg/d) of reagent grade peanut oil or triglyceride of coconut oil. Skin abnormalities in animals injected daily with peanut oil were increased in animals housed on corncob versus paper bedding. Comparison of animals obtained from different barrier facilities exposed to the same injection paradigm (reagent grade peanut oil, 1.0 ml/kg/d s.c.) revealed significant differences in the severity of skin abnormalities. However, animals from different barrier facilities did not perform differently in a Pavlovian fear conditioning task. Collectively, these data suggest that environmental factors influence the incidence and severity of skin abnormalities following repeated s.c. injections, but that these adverse skin responses do not significantly influence performance in at least one test of learning and memory. PMID:25705100

  3. Enhancement of Squeezing in Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model with Atomic Measurement

    YE Sai-Yun


    We investigate the squeezing properties of the cavity field in the degenerate two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model. Compared with the one-photon Jaynes-Cummings model, the squeezing is more pronounced in the case of two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model under certain conditions.

  4. e.e. cummings as an Expressionist poet

    S. Coetzee-Van Rooy


    Full Text Available This study investigates the poetry of e.e. cummings from what is considered a novel hut productive point of view: it holds that in order to categorize cummings as an Expressionist poet (an enterprise which, it is maintained, will provide the reader with a useful frame for grappling with certain troubling aspects of cummings poetry it is necessary to develop a reading strategy based on a method derived from the social sciences and the study of linguistics to make the categorization both feasible and responsible. Using techniques of choice suggested by critics, and developing further techniques of randomizing developed in accordance with the social sciences and linguistics, it was possible to arrive at a representative corpus of poetry, which could then be tested against criteria of Expressionism developed from a comprehensive literature study involving both poetry and the fine arts. This modus operandi has enabled the authors to assert that cummings could most fruitfully be read as an Expressionist poet. It is also suggested that this method could be most fruitfully extrapolated to similar studies involving other 'schools' and styles and other poets.

  5. The two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model's dynamic properties


    The model of two two-level atoms interact with a single-mode cavity was investigated. The formulation of the time evolution operator for the two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model is pressented by the bare-states approach. Besides, the time evolution of the two-atom common population probabilities is studied, and some novel features are obtained.

  6. Some features of the Driven Jaynes-Cummings system

    Tuguldur, B.; Gantsog, Ts.


    We investigate a generalized Jaynes-Cummings model with the external field driving the cavity mode. The numerical results for the dynamics of the atom and the cavity field mode are given. Approximated solutions to the Schrodinger equation are supplied, which allow us to predict the kinematics of the Q function in the complex plane.

  7. Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics and cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin in rat receiving nilotinib

    Zhou, Zhi-yong [Department of Pharmacy, Affiliated Sixth People' s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200233 Shanghai (China); School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200240 Shanghai (China); Wan, Li-li; Yang, Quan-jun; Han, Yong-long; Li, Yan; Yu, Qi [Department of Pharmacy, Affiliated Sixth People' s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200233 Shanghai (China); Guo, Cheng, E-mail: [Department of Pharmacy, Affiliated Sixth People' s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200233 Shanghai (China); School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200240 Shanghai (China); Li, Xiao, E-mail: [Department of Hematology, Affiliated Sixth people' s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200233 Shanghai (China)


    Doxorubicin (DOX) is a potent chemotherapy drug with a narrow therapeutic window. Nilotinib, a small-molecule Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor, was reported to reverse multidrug resistance (MDR) mediated by P-glycoprotein (P-gp) transmembrane transporters. The present study aimed to investigate nilotinib's affection on the steady-state pharmacokinetics, disposition and cardiotoxicity of DOX. A total of 24 male Sprague–Dawley rats were randomized into four groups (6 in each) and received the following regimens: saline, intravenous DOX (5 mg/kg) alone, and DOX co-administrated with either 20 or 40 mg/kg nilotinib. Blood was withdrawn at 12 time points till 72 h after DOX injection and the concentrations of DOX and its metabolite doxorubicinol (DOXol) in serum and cardiac tissue were assayed by LC–MS–MS method. To determine the cardiotoxicity, the following parameters were investigated: creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, malondialdehyde, and superoxide dismutase. Histopathological examination of heart section was carried out to evaluate the extent of cardiotoxicity after treatments. The results showed that pretreatment of 40 mg/kg nilotinib increased the AUC{sub 0–t} and C{sub max} of DOX and DOXol. However, their accumulation in cardiac tissue was significantly decreased when compared with the group that received DOX alone. In addition, biochemical and histopathological results showed that 40 mg/kg nilotinib reduced the cardiotoxicity induced by DOX administration. In conclusion, co-administration of nilotinib increased serum exposure, but significantly decreased the accumulation of DOX in cardiac tissue. Consistent with in vitro profile, oral dose of 40 mg/kg nilotinib significantly decreased the cardiotoxicity of DOX in rat by enhancing P-gp activity in the heart.

  8. Advanced adsorption cooling cum desalination cycle: A thermodynamic framework

    Chakraborty, Anutosh


    We have developed a thermodynamic framework to calculate adsorption cooling cum desalination cycle performances as a function of pore widths and pore volumes of highly porous adsorbents, which are formulated from the rigor of thermodynamic property surfaces of adsorbent-adsorbate system and the adsorption interaction potential between them. Employing the proposed formulations, the coefficient of performance (COP) and overall performance ratio (OPR) of adsorption cycle are computed for various pore widths of solid adsorbents. These results are compared with experimental data for verifying the proposed thermodynamic formulations. It is found from the present analysis that the COP and OPR of adsorption cooling cum desalination cycle is influenced by (i) the physical characteristics of adsorbents, (ii) characteristics energy and (iii) the surface-structural heterogeneity factor of adsorbent-water system. The present study confirms that there exists a special type of adsorbents having optimal physical characteristics that allows us to obtain the best performance.

  9. Unitary transformation method for solving generalized Jaynes-Cummings models

    Sudha Singh


    Two fully quantized generalized Jaynes-Cummings models for the interaction of a two-level atom with radiation field are treated, one involving intensity dependent coupling and the other involving multiphoton interaction between the field and the atom. The unitary transformation method presented here not only solves the time dependent problem but also allows a determination of the eigensolutions of the interacting Hamiltonian at the same time.

  10. Jaynes-Cummings model with a collective atomic mode

    Zheng, Shi-Biao


    We study the dynamics of a single control atom and an atomic sample interacting with a nonresonant cavity mode. The control atom is driven by an auxiliary classical field. Under certain conditions, the coherent energy exchange between the control atom and the atomic sample induced by the cavity mode is described by the Jaynes-Cummings model. The idea provides a possibility for quantum-state engineering and reconstruction for collective atomic modes.

  11. G-CSF improves CUMS-induced depressive behaviors through downregulating Ras/ERK/MAPK signaling pathway.

    Li, Hui; Linjuan-Li; Wang, Yaping


    Neuronal plasticity in hippocampal neurons is closely related to memory, mood and behavior as well as in the development of depression. Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) can promote neuronal plasticity and enhance motor skills. However, the function of G-CSF in depression remains poorly understood. In this study, we explored the biological role and potential molecular mechanism of G-CSF on depression-like behaviors. Our results showed that G-CSF was significantly downregulated in the hippocampus of chronic unexpected mild stress (CUMS) rats. Administration of G-CSF significantly reversed CUMS-induced depression-like behaviors in the open field test (OFT), sucrose preference test (SPT) and forced swimming test (FST). Moreover, G-CSF upregulated the expression of synaptic-associated proteins including polysialylated form of neural cell adhesion molecule (PSA-NCAM), synaptophysin (SYN), and postsynaptic density protein 95 (PSD-95) in the hippocampus and G-CSF significantly increased cell viability rate of hippocampal neurons in vitro. Further studies indicated that the renin-angiotensin system (Ras)/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)/p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways was involved in the regulation of G-CSF on depressive-like behaviors and neuronal plasticity in CUMS rats. Taken together, our results showed that G-CSF improves depression-like behaviors via inhibiting Ras/ERK/MAPK signaling pathways. Our study suggests that G-CSF may be a promising therapeutic strategy for the treatment of depression.


    Ehsanullah Khan


    Full Text Available Handling of patient from hospital bed to CT-Scan, MR Scan, X-Ray, Sonography centre etc is a cumbersome and tedious job. Generally from bed, the patient is moved to trolley manually. Three to four persons lift the patient and keep him on the stretcher. The trolley is moved to lift if necessary. If the lift cannot accommodate, the trolley, the patient is transferred to the ground floor by a nursing staff on a stretcher, and the stretcher is kept on the trolley. Again the trolley takes the patient to ambulance but patient is to be liftedmanually with stretcher and put on ambulance platform. Again at the CT scan centre the patient with stretcher has to be lifted manually for X-Ray or CT scan. The procedure is repeated for moving the patient back to the hospital bed. The manual handling of patient is injurious to the patient as stresses are produced in the body of thepatient, especially in neck, back bone, limb joints etc along with the basic medical problem he has. Improper handling may cause injuries to the patient. Also the nursing staffs who handles patients, faces some health problems like pain in the shoulder, back bone etc. For safety of the patient, the manual handling of patient should be totally eliminated. If trolley cum wheelchair ,with adjustable height is available, once the patient is transferred to the trolley-cum-wheelchair from hospital bed, the patient will not be required to be handled manually till he reaches the CT Scan / X-Raycentre. The paper presents a schematic design of trolley cum wheelchair and discusses its salient features and applications.

  13. Qudit quantum computation in the Jaynes-Cummings model

    Mischuck, Brian; Mølmer, Klaus


    We have developed methods for performing qudit quantum computation in the Jaynes-Cummings model with the qudits residing in a finite subspace of individual harmonic oscillator modes, resonantly coupled to a spin-1/2 system. The first method determines analytical control sequences for the one......- and two-qudit gates necessary for universal quantum computation by breaking down the desired unitary transformations into a series of state preparations implemented with the Law-Eberly scheme [ Law and Eberly Phys. Rev. Lett. 76 1055 (1996)]. The second method replaces some of the analytical pulse...

  14. Qudit quantum computation in the Jaynes-Cummings model

    Mischuck, Brian; Mølmer, Klaus


    We have developed methods for performing qudit quantum computation in the Jaynes-Cummings model with the qudits residing in a finite subspace of individual harmonic oscillator modes, resonantly coupled to a spin-1/2 system. The first method determines analytical control sequences for the one......- and two-qudit gates necessary for universal quantum computation by breaking down the desired unitary transformations into a series of state preparations implemented with the Law-Eberly scheme [ Law and Eberly Phys. Rev. Lett. 76 1055 (1996)]. The second method replaces some of the analytical pulse...

  15. Effects of beta-glucans ingestion (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on metabolism of rats receiving high-fat diet.

    de Araújo, T V; Andrade, E F; Lobato, R V; Orlando, D R; Gomes, N F; de Sousa, R V; Zangeronimo, M G; Pereira, L J


    We investigated the effects of beta-glucans (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) ingestion on metabolic parameters of Wistar rats receiving high-fat diet. The experimental period was divided into two stages: in the first one, the animals were divided into two groups containing 12 animals each. The first group received commercial feed and the second received high-fat diet containing 20% of pork fat during 60 days. At the end of this period, body weight, blood glucose and Lee index were assessed. In the second stage, those 24 animals were redivided into four groups: (C) - control diet; (CB) - control diet and treated with Beta-glucan (BG); (O) - obese animals and (OB) - obese animals treated with BG. Animals from groups CB and OB received 30 mg/kg of BG dissolved in saline solution by gavage. Animals from groups C and O received only saline solution for 28 days. The design used was totally randomized in 2 × 2 factorial scheme. Data were submitted to analysis of variance (anova). Animals from OB group showed inferior levels (p < 0.05) of total cholesterol (13.33%), triacylglycerols (16.77%) and blood glucose (23.97%) when compared to the animals from group O. The use of BG has provided smaller increase in Lee index (p < 0.05), without promoting alteration in feed and water consumption, organs weight, HDL-C, LDL+VLDL-C, carcass composition, villus/crypt ratio, and pancreas, kidney and stomach histology. BG from S. cerevisiae promoted beneficial metabolic effects in rats receiving high-fat diet.

  16. Increase of insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats received Die-Huang-Wan, a herbal mixture used in Chinese traditional medicine

    WU Yang-Chang; HSU Jen-Hao; LIU I-Min; LIOU Shorong-Shii; SU Hui-Chen; CHENG Juei-Tang


    AIM: Effects on insulin sensitivity of Die-Huang-Wan, the herbal mixture widely used to treat diabetic disorder in Chinese traditional medicine, were investigated in vivo. METHODS: The obese Zucker rats were employed as insulin-resistant animal model. Also, insulin-resistance was induced by the repeated intraperitoneal injections of long-acting human insulin at 0.5 U/kg three times daily into adult male Wistar rats. Insulin resistance was identified using the loss of tolbutamide (10 mg/kg) or electroacupuncture (EA)-induced plasma glucose lowering action. The plasma glucose concentration was examined by glucose oxidase assay. RESULTS: The plasma glucose-lowering action induced by tolbutamide was significantly enhanced in obese Zucker rats receiving the repeated administration of Die-Huang-Wan at dosage of 26 mg/kg for 3 d. Furthermore, administration of Die-Huang-Wan delayed the formation of insulin resistance in rats that were induced by the daily repeated injection of human long-acting insulin at 0.5 U/kg three times daily and identified by the loss of tolbutamide- or EA-induced hypoglycemia. In streptozotocininduced diabetic rats, oral administration of metformin at 320 mg/kg once daily made an increase of the response to exogenous short-acting human insulin 15 d later. This is consistent with the view that metformin can increase insulin sensitivity. Similar treatment with Die-Huang-Wan at an effective dose (26.0 mg/kg) also increased the plasma glucose lowering action of exogenous insulin at 10 d later. The effect of Die-Huang-Wan on insulin sensitivity seems to produce more rapidly than that of metformin. CONCLUSION: The present study found that oral administration of Die-Huang-Wan increased insulin sensitivity and delayed the development of insulin resistance in rats.

  17. Thermal evaluation of solarium-cum-passive solar house

    Tiwari, G.N.; Kumar, S. (Indian Inst. of Tech., New Delhi (India). Centre of Energy Studies)


    The thermal analysis of a solarium-cum-passive solar house, based on energy balances of its different components, has been presented. The effects of link walls, viz. air collector, water wall and transwall, and isothermal mass have been incorporated in the analysis in addition to system as well as climatical parameters. Analytical expressions for room temperatures of the solarium and living space have been derived. Numerical calculations have been carried out for a typical day of Srinagar to evaluate the thermal performance of the systems, along with optimization of the solarium for best thermal load levelling for the living room. Some of the results are as follows: (i) the transwall, as a link wall, gives better results and (ii) the solarium room temperature is higher during the day and becomes lower during the night in comparison with the living room temperature. (author).

  18. Solutions of two-mode Jaynes-Cummings models

    Sudha Singh; Ashalata Sinha


    A simple procedure to solve two fully quantized non-linear Jaynes-Cummings models is presented, one in which an atom interacts with a two-mode radiation field in a Raman-type process and the other involving multiphoton interaction between the two-mode field and the atom. Effect of intensity-dependent coupling between the field and the atom in both the above-mentioned cases has also been investigated. The unitary transformation method presented here not only solves the time-dependent problem but also permits a determination of the eigensolutions of the interacting Hamiltonian at the same time. Graphical features of the time dependence of the population inversion have been analysed when one of the field modes is prepared initially in a coherent state while the other one in a vacuum state.

  19. Gravitational Jaynes–Cummings model beyond the rotating wave approximation

    M Mohammadi


    In this paper, the quantum properties of a two-level atom and the cavity-field in the Jaynes–Cummings model with the gravity beyond the rotating wave approximation are investigated. For this purpose, by solving the Schrödinger equation in the interaction picture, the evolving state of the system is found by which the influence of the counter-rotating terms on the dynamical behaviour of atomic population inversion and the probability distribution of the cavity-field as quantum properties is explored. The results in the atom–field system beyond the rotating wave approximation with the gravity show that the quantum properties are not completely suppressed under certain conditions.

  20. Entanglement in a generalized Jaynes-Cummings model

    Zhang Guo-Feng; Liu Jia


    We investigate the pairwise entanglement and global entanglement in a generalized Jaynes-Cummings model,which can be used to realize Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) entangled state (Zheng S B 2001 Phys. Rev. Lett. 87230404). Our results show that the W-type entangled states cannot be generated based on the model. The dependences of entanglement on Rabi frequency λ and dipole-dipole coupling strength Ω are given. It is found that there exists the quantum phase transition when λ = Ω. For typical experimental data, the critical temperature for pairwise entanglement is on the order of 10-6 K. Based on these results, two strategies that overcome decoherence are proposed.

  1. Probing multipartite entanglement in a coupled Jaynes-Cummings system

    Xue, Peng; Sanders, Barry C


    We show how to probe multipartite entanglement in $N$ coupled Jaynes-Cummings cells where the degrees of freedom are the electronic energies of each of the $N$ atoms in separate single-mode cavities plus the $N$ single-mode fields themselves. Specifically we propose probing the combined system as though it is a dielectric medium. The spectral properties and transition rates directly reveal multipartite entanglement signatures. It is found that the Hilbert space of the $N$ cell system can be confined to the totally symmetric subspace of two states only that are maximally-entangled W states with 2N degrees of freedom. The subspace of the remaining $2N-2$ states is comprises optically inactive quadripartite states.

  2. Homeostasis of chosen bioelements in organs of rats receiving lithium and/or selenium.

    Kiełczykowska, Małgorzata; Musik, Irena; Żelazowska, Renata; Lewandowska, Anna; Kurzepa, Jacek; Kocot, Joanna


    Lithium is an essential trace element, widely used in medicine and its application is often long-term. Despite beneficial effects, its administration can lead to severe side effects including hyperparathyroidism, renal and thyroid disorders. The aim of the current study was to evaluate the influence of lithium and/or selenium treatment on magnesium, calcium and silicon levels in rats' organs as well as the possibility of using selenium as an adjuvant in lithium therapy. The study was performed on rats divided into four groups (six animals each): control-treated with saline; Li-treated with Li2CO3 (2.7 mg Li/kg b.w.); Se-treated with Na2SeO3·H2O (0.5 mg Se/kg b.w.); Se + Li-treated simultaneously with Li2CO3 and Na2SeO3·H2O (2.7 mg Li/kg b.w. and of 0.5 mg Se/kg b.w., respectively). The administration was performed in form of water solutions by stomach tube once a day for 3 weeks. In the organs (liver, kidney, brain, spleen, heart, lung and femoral muscle) the concentrations of magnesium, calcium and silicon were determined. Magnesium was increased in liver of Se and Se + Li given rats. Lithium decreased tissue Ca and co-administration of selenium reversed this effect. Silicon was not affected by any treatment. The beneficial effect of selenium on disturbances of calcium homeostasis let suggest that further research on selenium application as an adjuvant in lithium therapy is worth being performed.

  3. Oxidant balance in brain of rats receiving different compounds of selenium.

    Musik, Irena; Kiełczykowska, Małgorzata; Kocot, Joanna


    The influence of two organic selenocompounds and sodium selenite on oxidant processes in rat brain tissue was investigated. The study was performed on male Wistar rats. The animals were divided into four groups: I-control; II-administered with sodium selenite; III-provided with selenoorganic compound A of chain structure 4-(o-tolyl-)-selenosemicarbazide of 2-chlorobenzoic acid and IV-provided with selenoorganic compound B of ring structure 3-(2-chlorobenzoylamino-)-2-(o-tolylimino-)-4-methyl-4-selenazoline. Rats were treated by stomach tube at a dose of 5 × 10(-4) mg of selenium/g of b.w. once a day for a period of 10 days. In brain homogenates total antioxidant status (TAS), activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx), concentrations of ascorbic acid (AA) and reduced glutathione (GSH) as well as concentration of malonyl dialdehyde (MDA) were determined. TAS was insignificantly diminished in all selenium-supplemented groups versus control. SOD was not significantly influenced by administration of selenium. GPx was markedly decreased in group III versus control, whereas increased in group IV versus control and group III. Selenosemicarbazide depleted AA in well-marked way versus group II. GSH was significantly depressed in group III versus both control and group II and diminished in group IV versus group II. MDA was significantly decreased in group III versus both control and group II, whereas in group IV increased versus group III. As selenazoline A did not decrease elements of antioxidant barrier and increased GPx activity, it seems to be a promising agent for future studies concerning its possible application as a selenium supplement.

  4. Quantum phase diagrams of the Jaynes–Cummings Hubbard models in non-rectangular lattices

    Zhang, Jun; Jiang, Ying


    In this paper, we investigate systematically the quantum phase transition between the Mott-insulator and superfluid states of the Jaynes–Cummings Hubbard model in triangular, square, honeycomb and kagomé lattices. With the help of Green’s function method, by treating the hopping term in the Jaynes–Cummings Hubbard model as perturbation, we calculate the phase boundaries of Jaynes–Cummings Hubbard models on different geometrical lattices analytically up to second order for both detuning Δ =0 and Δ \

  5. The effects of two Lactobacillus plantarum strains on rat lipid metabolism receiving a high fat diet.

    Salaj, Rastislav; Stofilová, Jana; Soltesová, Alena; Hertelyová, Zdenka; Hijová, Emília; Bertková, Izabela; Strojný, Ladislav; Kružliak, Peter; Bomba, Alojz


    The aim of our study was to evaluate the effects of the different probiotic strains, Lactobacillus plantarum LS/07 and Lactobacillus plantarum Biocenol LP96, on lipid metabolism and body weight in rats fed a high fat diet. Compared with the high fat diet group, the results showed that Lactobacillus plantarum LS/07 reduced serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, but Lactobacillus plantarum Biocenol LP96 decreased triglycerides and VLDL, while there was no change in the serum HDL level and liver lipids. Both probiotic strains lowered total bile acids in serum. Our strains have no significant change in body weight, gain weight, and body fat. These findings indicate that the effect of lactobacilli on lipid metabolism may differ among strains and that the Lactobacillus plantarum LS/07 and Lactobacillus plantarum Biocenol LP96 can be used to improve lipid profile and can contribute to a healthier bowel microbial balance.

  6. Protective effect of ketamine against hemorrhagic cystitis in rats receiving ifosfamide

    Ozguven, Ali A.; Yılmaz, Omer; Taneli, Fatma; Ulman, Cevval; Vatansever, Seda; Onag, Ali


    Objective: To investigate the possible protective effect of a single dose of ketamine and the synergistic effect between ketamine and 2-mercaptoethane sulfonate (mesna) against ifosfamide-induced hemorrhagic cystitis. Materials and Methods: 35 adult female wistar rats were divided into five groups and pretreated with ketamine at 10 mg/kg and/or mesna 400 mg/kg 30 minutes before intraperitoneal injection of IFS (400 mg/kg) or with saline (control group). Hemorrhagic cystitis was evaluated 24 hours after IFS injection according to bladder wet weight (BWW), and microscopic changes, i.e. edema, hemorrhage, cellular infiltration, and urothelial desquamation. The markers of oxidative damage including nitric oxide (NO) and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels and the expressions of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), interleukin 1-beta (IL-1β), inducible nitric oxide synthase (i-NOS) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (e-NOS) were also assayed in the bladder tissues. Results: Pretreatment with ketamine alone or ketamine in combination with mesna reduced the IFS-induced increase of BWW (58,47% and 63,33%, respectively, P 0,05). The parameters of oxidative stress, the NO and the MDA contents of the bladder tissues of the study groups were not different. Conclusion: The results of the present study suggest that a single dose of ketamine pretreatment attenuates experimental IFS-induced bladder damage. It is therefore necessary to investigate ketamine locally and systematically with various dosing schedulesin order to reduce the bladder damage secondary to oxazaphosphorine-alkylating agents and these results may widen the spectrum of ketamine. PMID:24741183

  7. Grassmann Variables and the Jaynes-Cummings Model

    Dalton, Bryan J; Jeffers, John; Barnett, Stephen M


    This paper shows that phase space methods using a positive P type distribution function involving both c-number variables (for the cavity mode) and Grassmann variables (for the two level atom) can be used to treat the Jaynes-Cummings model. Although it is a Grassmann function, the distribution function is equivalent to six c-number functions of the two bosonic variables. Experimental quantities are given as bosonic phase space integrals involving the six functions. A Fokker-Planck equation involving both left and right Grassmann differentiation can be obtained for the distribution function, and is equivalent to six coupled equations for the six c-number functions. The approach used involves choosing the canonical form of the (non-unique) positive P distribution function, where the correspondence rules for bosonic operators are non-standard and hence the Fokker-Planck equation is also unusual. Initial conditions, such as for initially uncorrelated states, are used to determine the initial distribution function...

  8. Quantum Diagonalization Method in the TAVIS-CUMMINGS Model

    Fujii, Kazuyuki; Higashida, Kyoko; Kato, Ryosuke; Suzuki, Tatsuo; Wada, Yukako


    To obtain the explicit form of evolution operator in the Tavis-Cummings model we must calculate the term ${e}^{-itg(S_{+}\\otimes a+S_{-}\\otimes a^{\\dagger})}$ explicitly which is very hard. In this paper we try to make the quantum matrix $A\\equiv S_{+}\\otimes a+S_{-}\\otimes a^{\\dagger}$ diagonal to calculate ${e}^{-itgA}$ and, moreover, to know a deep structure of the model. For the case of one, two and three atoms we give such a diagonalization which is first nontrivial examples as far as we know, and reproduce the calculations of ${e}^{-itgA}$ given in quant-ph/0404034. We also give a hint to an application to a noncommutative differential geometry. However, a quantum diagonalization is not unique and is affected by some ambiguity arising from the noncommutativity of operators in quantum physics. Our method may open a new point of view in Mathematical Physics or Quantum Physics.

  9. E. E. Cummings: From Parenthesis to Personality (Part I

    Uroš Mozetič


    Full Text Available The paper presents the unique oeuvre of E.E. Cummings, who claims an outstanding position in the heritage of American poetry, as a case of Bildungsdichtung. This status is largely due to his highly innovative and iconoclastic approach to poetic composition, starting from his early rebellious endeavours drawing on an astounding variety of non-standard and downright shocking potentialities of the English language (including such peculiar linguistic and stylistic idiosyncracies as drastic changes of the syntactic English word order, shifts at the morphology and word-formation level, unorthodox use of punctuation, extravagant typography and spacing or arrangement of space between the lines, a diversity of meters and rhymes, as well as seemingly eccentric imagery, to his later and invariably maturer poetic diction – the diction of one who has apparently come to terms with the world and his fellow-beings, realising that genuine wisdom resides in the understanding and forgiveness of the inherently fallible human nature rather than in its continuous sardonic scrutiny.

  10. Quantum Diagonalization Method in the Tavis-Cummings Model

    Fujii, K; Kato, R; Suzuki, T; Wada, Y; Fujii, Kazuyuki; Higashida, Kyoko; Kato, Ryosuke; Suzuki, Tatsuo; Wada, Yukako


    To obtain the explicit form of evolution operator in the Tavis-Cummings model we must calculate the term ${e}^{-itg(S_{+}\\otimes a+S_{-}\\otimes a^{\\dagger})}$ explicitly which is very hard. In this paper we try to make the quantum matrix $A\\equiv S_{+}\\otimes a+S_{-}\\otimes a^{\\dagger}$ diagonal to calculate ${e}^{-itgA}$ and, moreover, to know a deep structure of the model. For the case of one, two and three atoms we give such a diagonalization which is first nontrivial examples as far as we know, and reproduce the calculations of ${e}^{-itgA}$ given in quant-ph/0404034. We also give a hint to an application to a noncommutative differential geometry. However, a quantum diagonalization is not unique and is affected by some ambiguity arising from the noncommutativity of operators in quantum physics. Our method may open a new point of view in Mathematical Physics or Quantum Physics.

  11. E. E. Cummings: From Parenthesis to Personality (Part II

    Uroš Mozetič


    Full Text Available The paper presents the unique oeuvre of E.E. Cummings; who claims an outstanding position in the heritage of American poetry; as a case of Bildungsdichtung. This status is largely due to his highly innovative and iconoclastic approach to poetic composition; starting from his early rebellious endeavours drawing on an astounding variety of non-standard and downright shocking potentialities of the English language (including such peculiar linguistic and stylistic idiosyncracies as drastic changes of the syntactic English word order; shifts at the morphology and word-formation level; unorthodox use of punctuation; extravagant typography and spacing or arrangement of space between the lines; a diversity of meters and rhymes; as well as seemingly eccentric imagery; to his later and invariably maturer poetic diction – the diction of one who has apparently come to terms with the world and his fellow-beings; realising that genuine wisdom resides in the understanding and forgiveness of the inherently fallible human nature rather than in its continuous sardonic scrutiny.

  12. Effect of methionine load on homocysteine levels, lipid peroxidation and DNA damage in rats receiving ethanol

    Alceu Afonso Jordao Júnior


    Full Text Available Changes in the metabolism of methionine can cause hyperhomocysteinemia, inducing a triad of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and increased oxidative stress. The generation of free radicals and oxidative damage to DNA is important in the liver damage caused by ethanol. In this study, the effect of methionine overload associated or otherwise with acute administration of ethanol on homocysteine values, damage to DNA, lipoperoxidation and vitamin E was evaluated. Thirty rats were divided into 3 groups: Group Ethanol 24 hours (EG24, Group Methionine 24 hours (MG24, and Group Methionine and Ethanol 24 hours (MEG24. TBARS, vitamin E, GS and, homocysteine values were determined and the Comet assay was carried out. Increased GSH, vitamin E and homocysteine levels were observed for MEG24, and increased TBARS were observed in EG24. The Comet assay showed an increase in DNA damage in EG24 and DNA protection in MEG24. The administration of ethanol decreased antioxidant levels and increased TBARS, indicating the occurrence of oxidative stress with possible DNA damage. The combination of methionine and ethanol had a protective effect against the ethanol-induced damage, but increased the levels of homocysteine.Alterações no metabolismo da metionina podem ocasionar hiper-homocisteinemia, quadro indutivo de aterosclerose, hipertensão e aumento do estresse oxidativo. A geração de radicais livres e dano oxidativo ao DNA são importantes na injúria hepática provocada pelo etanol. Neste estudo avaliaram-se os efeitos da sobrecarga de metionina associada ou não à administração aguda de etanol sobre valores de homocisteína, dano ao DNA, lipoperoxidação e vitamina E. Foram utilizados 30 ratos Wistar distribuídos em 3 Grupos: Grupo Etanol 24 horas (GE24, Grupo Metionina 24 horas (GM24 e Grupo Metionina e Etanol 24 horas (GME24. Realizaram-se determinações hepáticas de SRATB, vitamina E, GSH, homocisteína e Teste do Cometa e determinações plasm

  13. Superficially projecting principal neurons in layer V of medial entorhinal cortex in the rat receive excitatory retrosplenial input.

    Czajkowski, Rafał; Sugar, Jørgen; Zhang, Sheng-Jia; Couey, Jonathan J; Ye, Jing; Witter, Menno P


    Principal cells in layer V of the medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) have a nodal position in the cortical-hippocampal network. They are the main recipients of hippocampal output and receive inputs from several cortical areas, including a prominent one from the retrosplenial cortex (RSC), likely targeting basal dendrites of layer V neurons. The latter project to extrahippocampal structures but also relay information to the superficial layers of MEC, closing the hippocampal-entorhinal loop. In the rat, we electrophysiologically and morphologically characterized RSC input into MEC and conclude that RSC provides an excitatory input to layer V pyramidal cells. Ultrastructural analyses of anterogradely labeled RSC projections showed that RSC axons in layer V of MEC form predominantly asymmetrical, likely excitatory, synapses on dendritic spines (90%) or shafts (8%), with 2% symmetrical, likely inhibitory, synapses on shafts and spines. The overall excitatory nature of the RSC input was confirmed by an optogenetic approach. Patterned laser stimulation of channelrhodopsin-expressing presynaptic RSC axons evoked exclusively EPSPs in recorded postsynaptic layer V cells. All responding layer V pyramidal cells had an axon extending toward the white matter. Half of these neurons also sent an axon to superficial layers. Confocal imaging of RSC synapses onto MEC layer V neurons shown to project superficially by way of retrogradely labeling from superficial layers confirmed that proximal dendrites of superficially projecting cells are among the targets of inputs from RSC. The excitatory RSC input thus interacts with both entorhinal-cortical and entorhinal-hippocampal circuits.

  14. The effect of zinc deficiency on erythrocyte membrane lipids of force-fed rats receiving a diet containing coconut oil or fish oil.

    Eder, K; Kirchgessner, M


    In the present study, the effect of zinc deficiency on erythrocyte membrane lipids of force-fed rats that received either a diet with coconut oil and safflower oil (86:14, w/w) or a diet with fish oil and safflower oil (91:9, w/w) was investigated. Zinc deficiency caused in the rats fed both types of dietary fat an increase in the amounts of total phospholipids and individual phospholipid classes in erythrocyte membranes. In the rats fed the coconut oil diet, zinc deficiency caused an increase in the proportion of docosahexaenoic acid (22:6) in phosphatidylcholine (PC), diacyl phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosphatidylserine (PS), and in total erythrocyte membrane fatty acids. In contrast, in the rats fed the fish oil diet, zinc deficiency caused an increase in the proportion of docosahexaenoic acid only in PC, but not in the other phospholipids. However, in these rats, changes in the ratio between eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5) and the n-3 fatty acids with 20 and 22 carbon atoms were observed in PC, diacyl PE and plasmalogen PE. The most pronounced changes in fatty acid composition due to zinc deficiency in the rats fed both types of fat occurred in PC. There was a relationship between the changes in the composition of plasma total fatty acids and the changes in fatty acid composition of erythrocyte membrane PC caused by zinc deficiency in the rats fed both types of dietary fat. The amount of cholesterol was similar in all treatment groups. However, zinc-deficient rats fed the coconut oil diet-but not those fed the fish oil diet-had an increased ratio between total phospholipids and cholesterol. Thus, the study shows that the effect of zinc deficiency on erythrocyte membrane lipids is to some degree similar for rats fed a coconut oil diet and rats fed a fish oil diet, and to some degree different.

  15. Resveratrol exerts anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects to prevent memory deficits in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress.

    Yazir, Yusufhan; Utkan, Tijen; Gacar, Nejat; Aricioglu, Feyza


    A number of studies have recently focused on the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol. In prior studies, we described its beneficial effects on scopolamine-induced learning deficits in rats. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of resveratrol on emotional and spatial cognitive functions, neurotropic factor expression, and plasma levels of proinflammatory cytokines in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS), which is known to induce cognitive deficits. Resveratrol (5 or 20mg/kg) was administered intraperitoneally for 35 days. Rats in the CUMS group and in the 5mg/kg resveratrol+CUMS group performed poorly in tasks designed to assess emotional and spatial learning and memory. The 20mg/kg resveratrol+CUMS group showed improved performance compared to the CUMS group. In addition, the CUMS procedure induced lower expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and c-Fos in hippocampal CA1 and CA3 and in the amygdala of stressed rats. These effects were reversed by chronic administration of resveratrol (20mg/kg). In addition, plasma levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-1 beta were increased by CUMS, but were restored to normal by resveratrol. These results indicate that resveratrol significantly attenuates the deficits in emotional learning and spatial memory seen in chronically stressed rats. These effects may be related to resveratrol-mediated changes in neurotrophin factor expression in hippocampus and in levels of proinflammatory cytokines in circulation.

  16. Afterword to Krazy: George Herriman's Krazy Kat cartoon and its appeal to E. E. Cummings.

    Forrest, David V


    George Herriman's "Krazy Kat," a linguistically innovative and trenchant comic strip that appeared in newspapers from 1916-1944, attracted the attention of our major American poet, e. e. cummings, who wrote a foreword to a collection of the strips and admired it for its transcendent celebration of love over egoism in a triadic relationship, its scorn of politics, and its brick-throwing irreverence. Similarities between Cummings's and Herriman's work include language play, humorous voices, examinations of dimensions of empathy and theory of mind, musicality, and humanistic religiosity.

  17. Liver morphology and morphometry and plasma biochemical parameters of Wistar rats that received leaf infusion of Rudgea viburnoides Benth. (Rubiaceae

    Juliana Castro Monteiro


    Full Text Available Rudgea viburnoides leaves are widely used in popular Brazilian medicine as a diuretic, antirheumatic, hypotensive and blood depurative tea. The present study was carried out to investigate the effects of this infusion on the liver and on the plasma biochemical parameters of Wistar rats. Two groups received the R. viburnoides leaf infusion at a daily dose of 10 or 20g dry-leaves/L water, during 40 days. The histopathological analysis did not show degenerated areas or infiltration of leucocytes. Hepatic morphometry showed accumulation of fat in the hepatocytes of the treated groups. There was no significant change in the plasma levels of urea, creatinin, uric acid, direct bilirubin, cholesterol, total proteins, albumin, gamma glutamyl tranferase (gamma-GT, alanine transaminase (ALT, aspartate transaminase (AST, chlorine, phosphate and calcium. A significant reduction in the plasma levels of triacylglycerol (TAG occurred in the group that received the higher dose.As folhas de Rudgea viburnoides Benth. são utilizadas na medicina popular como diuréticas, hipotensoras, anti-reumáticas, depurativas do sangue e em regimes de emagrecimento. O presente estudo foi delineado para avaliar o efeito da infusão das folhas de R. viburnoides nos parâmetros bioquímicos plasmáticos e na morfologia e morfometria hepática de ratos Wistar adultos. Dois grupos receberam a infusão das folhas, diariamente, nas dosagens de 10 e 20 g de folhas secas/L de água, durante 40 dias. O grupo controle recebeu a mesma quantidade de água. As análises histopatológicas não mostraram áreas degeneradas e infiltrados inflamatórios. A morfometria hepática mostrou acúmulo significativo de gordura nos hepatócitos dos animais tratados, principalmente no grupo que recebeu a maior dose da infusão (8,75% de gotículas lipídicas, comparado com 0,25% delas encontradas nos animais controles. Não foram observadas alterações nos níveis plasmáticos de uréia, creatinina,

  18. Relationships between silicon content and glutathione peroxidase activity in tissues of rats receiving lithium in drinking water.

    Kiełczykowska, Małgorzata; Musik, Irena; Pasternak, Kazimierz


    Lithium salts are widely used in psychiatry, but their presence in organism can result in both beneficial and adverse effects. Silicon, the third most abundant trace element in humans as well as antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPx) play important roles in organism. The disturbance of their level can cause severe disorders. The aim of our work was to evaluate the influence of Li2CO3 administration in drinking water for a period of 4 weeks on Si content and GPx activity in the tissues of liver, kidney, brain and femoral muscle in rats. The concentrations of provided solutions were 0.7, 1.4, 2.6, 3.6, 7.1 and 10.7 mmol Li+ x dm-3. GPx activity was decreased versus control as a consequence of Li treatment, particularly in kidney and brain. This effect could be suggested to contribute to renal abnormalities which could occur during Li therapy. Si tissue level was significantly enhanced versus control in liver and femoral muscle in groups receiving high Li doses. In brain no well-marked changes were observed, whereas in kidney we observed the depletion in low-Li-groups, restoration of Si level in higher-Li-groups and unexpected decrease in the highest-Li-group. Positive correlations between Si content and GPx activity in the tissues of kidney (r = 0.677) and brain (r = 0.790) as well as negative correlation (r = -0.819) in femoral muscle were found. We consider that our results give some reason for suggesting that monitoring of silicon level in patients undergoing Li therapy could be recommended. However, more investigations should be performed, particularly regarding the relationships between Si and GPx in blood and urine Si excretion during lithium administration.

  19. Squeezing effect of the cavity field in the two-atom Jay nes-Cummings model


    Authors investigate the model that two two-level atoms in terac t with a single-mode cavity. The formulation of the time evolution operator for the two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model is presented by the bare-states approach. Besides, squeezing effect of the cavity field is studied and some novel feature s are obtained.

  20. Photon statistical properties of the cavity field in the two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model


    The model that two two-level atoms interact with a singel-mode cavity is studied. The exact solution of the time evolution operator for the two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model is presented by the bare-states approach. Furthermore, we investigate the dynamical properties of the photon statistics of the cavity field, and obtain a number of novel features.

  1. Entanglement in Three-Atom Tavis-Cummings Model Induced by a Thermal Field

    CAI Jin-Fang; LIU Hui-Ping


    The explicit form of the evolution operator for the three-atom Tavis-Cummings model is given. The atoms can be entangled through their interaction with a thermal field. The degree of entanglement depends on the mean photon number of the thermal field and the initial state of the atoms.

  2. Measurement Induced Enhancement of Squeezing in Nondegenerate Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model

    YE Sai-Yun


    Squeezing properties in the nondegenerate two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model are investigated. The effects of direct selective atomic measurement and the application of the classical field followed by atomic measurement are analyzed. Different values of the parameters of the classical field are taken into account. It is found that the field squeezing can be enhanced by measurement.

  3. La prohibición del pacto comisorio en los negocios fiduciarios cum creditore

    Tudela Chordá, Sergio


    Estudio del pacto comisorio en los negocios fiduciarios cum creditore, partiendo de los antecedentes de Derecho Romano, Derecho Medieval español y antecedentes españoles contemporáneos. Análisis de la prohibición del pacto comisorio, su justificació

  4. Evolution of Bell- nonlocality of two cavity fields in the double Jaynes-Cummings model

    Long Miao; Yunkun Jiang


    The Bell-nonlocality of two initially entangled macroscopic fields in the double Jaynes-Cummings model is investigated.Moreover,the process by which detuning between the atomic transition frequency and the field frequency affects the evolution of the Bell-nonlocality of two macroscopic fields is studied.The effect of the disparity between the two coupling strengths is discussed.

  5. A Stylistic Study on the Linguistic Deviations in E. E. Cummings' Poetry

    Li, Xin; Shi, Mengchen


    Regarded as the pioneer of experimental poetry, E. E. Cummings' unconventional treatment of poetic language has reached an unprecedented acme, which has intrigued and baffled numerous scholars, researchers and readers alike. Nevertheless, the very existence of poetry, like other types of literary texts, demonstrates the significance and value of…

  6. Microglial NLRP3 inflammasome activation mediates IL-1β-related inflammation in prefrontal cortex of depressive rats.

    Pan, Ying; Chen, Xu-Yang; Zhang, Qing-Yu; Kong, Ling-Dong


    Depression is an inflammatory disorder. Pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) may play a pivotal role in the central nervous system (CNS) inflammation of depression. Here, we investigated IL-1β alteration in serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and prefrontal cortex (PFC) of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS)-exposed rats, a well-documented model of depression, and further explored the molecular mechanism by which CUMS procedure induced IL-1β-related CNS inflammation. We showed that 12-week CUMS procedure remarkably increased PFC IL-1β mRNA and protein levels in depressive-like behavior of rats, without significant alteration of serum and CSF IL-1β levels. We found that CUMS procedure significantly caused PFC nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) inflammatory pathway activation in rats. The intriguing finding in this study was the induced activation of nucleotide binding and oligomerization domain-like receptor family pyrin domain-containing 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome with the increased IL-1β maturation in PFC of CUMS rats, suggesting a new grade of regulatory mechanism for IL-1β-related CNS inflammation. Moreover, microglial activation and astrocytic function impairment were observed in PFC of CUMS rats. The increased co-location of NLRP3 and ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 (Iba1) protein expression supported that microglia in glial cells was the primary contributor for CUMS-induced PFC NLRP3 inflammasome activation in rats. These alterations in CUMS rats were restored by chronic treatment of the antidepressant fluoxetine, indicating that fluoxetine-mediated rat PFC IL-1β reduction involves both transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. These findings provide in vivo evidence that microglial NLRP3 inflammasome activation is a mediator of IL-1β-related CNS inflammation during chronic stress, and suggest a new therapeutic target for the prevention and treatment of depression.

  7. Hybrid lidar radar receiver for underwater imaging applications

    Seetamraju, Madhavi; Gurjar, Rajan; Squillante, Michael; Derderian, Jeffrey P.


    In this work, we present research performed to improve the receiver characteristics for underwater imaging applications using the hybrid lidar-radar detection technique. We report the development of the next-generation coherent heterodyne receiver using modulation of the optical receiver's amplifier gain. Significant advantages in the receiver specifications are achieved using a large-area, high gain, low-noise silicon avalanche photodiode (APD) as the photodetector cum frequency mixer-demodulator. We demonstrate that heterodyne detection by gain modulation of APD can be used to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, detection sensitivity and bandwidth for the hybrid receiver system.

  8. Berry phase in a two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model with Kerr medium

    Bu, Shen-Ping; Zhang, Guo-Feng; Liu, Jia; Chen, Zi-Yu


    The Jaynes-Cummings model (JCM) is an very important model for describing interaction between quantized electromagnetic fields and atoms in cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED). This model is generalized in many different directions since it predicts many novel quantum effects that can be verified by modern physics experimental technologies. In this paper, the Berry phase and entropy of the ground state for arbitrary photon number n of a two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model with Kerr-like medium are investigated. It is found that there is some correspondence between their images, especially the existence of a curve in the Δ-ɛ plane along which the energy, Berry phase and entropy all reach their special values. So it is available for detecting entanglement by applying Berry phase.

  9. Theoria cum praxi? Über die (Un-?) Vereinbarkeit wissenschaftlicher und ökonomischer Anforderungen

    Kritzmöller, Monika


    Gottfried Wilhelm LEIBNIZ maß der Zusammenarbeit und wechselseitigen Befruchtung von Theorie und Praxis ein derart hohes Gewicht bei, dass er das Motto "Theoria cum praxi" bereits 1696 als Wahlspruch über sein Gesamtwerk stellte. An der Notwendigkeit einer Kooperation zwischen Praxis – und damit zumeist: Wirtschaft – und Wissenschaft hat sich seither nicht viel geändert. Dennoch wäre es ein Trugschluss zu glauben, dass die vergangenen drei Jahrhunderte zu einem Kraftschluss zwischen beiden Sp...

  10. Nursing's new paradigm is transcultural nursing: an interview with Madeleine Leininger. Interview by Susan Cummings.

    Leininger, M


    Around the world, transcultural nursing is being developed to provide culturally competent, congruent, humanistic health care. In this article, Susan Cummings, Associate Editor of Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly, interviews Madeleine Leininger, founder of transcultural nursing and leader in human care nursing research. For the past 40 years Dr. Leininger has been instrumental in developing concepts, definitions, and a theoretical and research base for the development of transcultural nursing with a human care focus.


    Rakesh Kumar


    Full Text Available In this paper, we study a catastrophic-cum-restorative queuing system with correlated batch arrivals and service in batches of variable sizes. We perform the transient analysis of the queuing model. We obtain the Laplace Transform of the probability generating function of system size. Finally, some particular cases of the model have been derived and discussed. Keywords: Queue length, Catastrophes, Correlated batch arrivals, Broadband services, Variable service capacity, and Restoration.

  12. Mean field and collisional dynamics of interacting fermion-boson systems the Jaynes-Cummings model

    Takano-Natti, E R


    A general time-dependent projection technique is applied to the study of the dynamics of quantum correlations in a system consisting of interacting fermionic and bosonic subsystems, described by the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian. The amplitude modulation of the Rabi oscillations which occur for a strong, coherent initial bosonic field is obtained from the spin intrinsic depolarization resulting from collisional corrections to the mean-field approximation.

  13. Atomic and field dynamics in the time-dependent Jaynes-Cummings model with arbitrary detuning


    We propose a general numerical method for solving the time -dependent Jaynes-Cummings model with arbitrary detuning by integrating relate d groups of coupled equations using Runge-Kutta numerical technique. The atomic and field dynamics such as evolution of atomic population inversion and second -order correlation function of photons are studied in case of different detunin g. The results show that the field tends to exhibit bunching effect due to the I ncreasing of detuning.

  14. Measurement-induced chaos and quantum state discrimination in an iterated Tavis-Cummings scheme

    Torres, Juan Mauricio; Bernád, József Zsolt; Alber, Gernot; Kálmán, Orsolya; Kiss, Tamás


    A cavity quantum electrodynamical scenario is proposed for implementing a Schr\\"odinger microscope capable of amplifying differences between non orthogonal atomic quantum states. The scheme involves an ensemble of identically prepared two-level atoms interacting pairwise with a single mode of the radiation field as described by the Tavis-Cummings model. By repeated measurements of the cavity field and of one atom within each pair a measurement-induced nonlinear quantum transformation of the r...

  15. A generalized Jaynes-Cummings model: The relativistic parametric amplifier and a single trapped ion

    Ojeda-Guillén, D., E-mail: [Escuela Superior de Cómputo, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Av. Juan de Dios Bátiz esq. Av. Miguel Othón de Mendizábal, Col. Lindavista, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07738 Ciudad de México (Mexico); Mota, R. D. [Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, Unidad Culhuacán, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Av. Santa Ana No. 1000, Col. San Francisco Culhuacán, Delegación Coyoacán, C.P. 04430 Ciudad de México (Mexico); Granados, V. D. [Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Ed. 9, Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07738 Ciudad de México (Mexico)


    We introduce a generalization of the Jaynes-Cummings model and study some of its properties. We obtain the energy spectrum and eigenfunctions of this model by using the tilting transformation and the squeezed number states of the one-dimensional harmonic oscillator. As physical applications, we connect this new model to two important and novelty problems: the relativistic parametric amplifier and the quantum simulation of a single trapped ion.

  16. Roles de los Centros Universitarios Municipales (CUM en el desarrollo local de los municipios cubanos

    Carlos A. Hernández M.


    Full Text Available Se conceptualiza en el aporte de la Educación Superior al Desarrollo Local en los municipios, cómo se inserta en el proceso, las amenazas a su participación y las oportunidades generadas por su inclusión. Se analiza la situación actual y perspectiva y las Estrategias a seguir por la Educación Superior en los municipios. Se define como se trabaja la seguridad alimentaria en función del Desarrollo Local, la superación de Postgrado en el CUM, la formación y superación de los cuadros, la participación en proyectos pertinentes en energía, medio ambiente, servicios a la población, industrias locales y problemas socio - comunitarios y la formación vocacional y articulación pertinente con la Enseñanza Técnico Profesional. Por último se hace una propuesta de Indicadores y herramientas para medir el impacto de la Gestión del Conocimiento y la Innovación dentro del Programa de Desarrollo Local dividida en 2 grupos: Indicadores de funcionamiento interno del CUM e Indicadores de funcionamiento del CUM hacia el Desarrollo Local del Municipio.

  17. The tissue distribution of diazinon and the inhibition of blood cholinesterase activities in rats and mice receiving a single intraperitoneal dose of diazinon.

    Tomokuni, K; Hasegawa, T; Hirai, Y; Koga, N


    The tissue distribution of diazinon and the inhibition of cholinesterase (ChE) activities in plasma, erythrocyte and brain were investigated using male rats and mice which received a single intraperitoneal (i.p.) dose of diazinon (20 or 100 mg/kg body wt) in olive oil. The blood diazinon level was estimated to reach a maximum at 1-2 h after the i.p. administration. It was demonstrated that the diazinon residue levels are the highest in the kidney, when comparing the distribution of diazinon among liver, kidney and brain in the animals after dosing. It was indicated that the ChE inhibition by diazinon exposure is greater in the plasma than in the erythrocytes for male mice, while its inhibition is greater in the erythrocytes for male rats. Brain ChE activity was also inhibited markedly in the mice after dosing.

  18. Heart function in magnetic resonance imaging and the mesenteric artery reactivity in rats receiving lead-contaminated drinking water.

    Skoczynska, A; Skórka, T; Wojakowska, A; Nowacki, D; Turczyn, B; Poręba, R; Tyrankiewicz, U; Byk, K; Szuba, A


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of lead (Pb)-contaminated drinking water on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-estimated cardiac function, vascular reactivity, and serum lipids in rats. For 3 months, male Wistar rats, aged 4-6 weeks, were given drinking water with the addition of lead acetate at a concentration of 100 ppm Pb (10 rats) or water free from Pb (8 control rats). The cardiac MRI was performed at rest and under β-adrenergic stimulation on a 4.7 T scanner using electrocardiogram-triggered gradient echo (FLASH) cine sequence. After 1-2 weeks of the MRI test, experiments were performed ex vivo. After stabilization of perfusion pressure (PP), norepinephrine at doses from 0.01 to 5.0 μg was dissolved in Krebs solution, injected in a volume of 100 μl, and next infused at a concentration of 0.5 μg/ml into the isolated mesenteric artery. In this manner, preconstricted mesenteric bed was used to determine PP changes induced by acetylcholine, given at doses from 0.05 to 5.0 μg, before and during the infusion of nitric oxide synthase inhibitor (1.0 μg/ml). At the end, dobutamine (5 mg), followed by potassium chloride (10.5 mg), was injected. Lipid levels were determined enzymatically, blood Pb level was measured by the atomic absorption spectrophotometer. This study showed that Pb impairs the left ventricular systolic and diastolic function. Pb-induced changes in response to resistance of vessels to vasoactive agents may be secondary to the reduced left ventricular ejection fraction. The high-density lipoprotein subfraction 2 (HDL2) is involved in the cardiovascular effect of Pb.

  19. Evaluation of immunohistochemical expression of ghrelin-producing rectal cells in Wistar rats receiving the cafeteria diet.

    Lyra, Humberto Fenner; Schiavon, Leonardo de Lucca; Vieira, Daniella Serafin Couto; Teive, André Muller; Costa, Aline; Onzi, Tiago Rafael; Nau, Angélica Luciana; d'Acampora, Armando José


    To investigate the impact of cafeteria diet on ghrelin expression in rectal tissue and identify the morphologic cell type. Twenty-four male Wistar rats were divided into four subgroups of six animals each: RC1 (rat chow 1) and CAF1 (cafeteria diet 1) for a period of 30 days; RC2 (rat chow 2) and CAF2 (cafeteria diet 2) for a period of 60 days. The animal and rectal weight, the number and the type of immunoreactive ghrelin cells were recorded and compared between the subgroups. The statistical study was established by ANOVA and Student's t test. There was no difference in the total of immunoreactive cells (p=0.685) between the subgroups nor between weight and presence or absence of ghrelin expression (p=0.993). All the immunoreactive cells identified were closed-type. The cafeteria diet did not have influence on the amount of immunoreactive rectal cells of ghrelin and only one type (closed-type) of immunoreactive cells was expressed in the rectum.

  20. Investigating the enteroenteric recirculation of apixaban, a factor Xa inhibitor: administration of activated charcoal to bile duct-cannulated rats and dogs receiving an intravenous dose and use of drug transporter knockout rats.

    Zhang, Donglu; Frost, Charles E; He, Kan; Rodrigues, A David; Wang, Xiaoli; Wang, Lifei; Goosen, Theunis C; Humphreys, W Griffith


    The study described here investigated the impact of intestinal excretion (IE; excretion of drug directly from circulation to intestinal lumen), enteroenteric recirculation (EER), and renal tubule recirculation (RTR) on apixaban pharmacokinetics and disposition. The experimental approaches involve integrating apixaban elimination pathways with pharmacokinetic profiles obtained from bile duct-cannulated (BDC) rats and dogs receiving i.v. doses together with oral administration of activated charcoal (AC). Additionally, the role of P-gp (P-glycoprotein; abcb1) and BCRP (breast cancer resistance protein; abcg2) in apixaban disposition was evaluated in experiments using transporter inhibitors and transporter knockout (KO) rats. Approximately 20-50% of an apixaban i.v. dose was found in feces of BDC rats and dogs, suggesting IE leading to fecal elimination and intestinal clearance (IC). The fecal elimination, IC, and systemic clearance of apixaban were increased upon AC administration in both BDC rats and dogs and were decreased in BDC rats dosed with GF-120918, a dual BCRP and P-gp inhibitor). BCRP appeared to play a more important role for absorption and intestinal and renal elimination of apixaban than P-gp in transporter-KO rats after oral and i.v. dosing, which led to a higher level of active renal excretion in rat than other species. These data demonstrate that apixaban undergoes IE, EER, and RTR that are facilitated by efflux transporters. Intestinal reabsorption of apixaban could be interrupted by AC even at 3 hours post-drug dose in dogs (late charcoal effect). This study demonstrates that the intestine is an organ for direct clearance and redistribution of apixaban. The IE, EER, and RTR contribute to overall pharmacokinetic profiles of apixaban. IE as a clearance pathway, balanced with metabolism and renal excretion, helps decrease the impacts of intrinsic (renal or hepatic impairment) and extrinsic (drug-drug interactions) factors on apixaban disposition.

  1. Adverse effects of melatonin on rat pups of Wistar-Kyoto dams receiving melatonin supplementation during pregnancy.

    Singh, Harbindar Jeet; Keah, Lee Siew; Kumar, Arun; Sirajudeen, K N S


    This report documents an incidental finding during a study investigating the effects of melatonin supplementation on the development of blood pressure in SHR. Administration of 10 mg/kg/day of melatonin in drinking water during pregnancy to Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) dams caused a loss of more than 50% of the pups by the age of three weeks and 95% by the age of 6 weeks. There was no maternal morbidity or mortality in the two strains or death of any of the SHR pups. No obvious physical defects were present but mean body weight was lower in the surviving WKY rats when compared to that of melatonin supplemented SHR or non-supplemented WKY pups. The reason for the high mortality in WKY pups is uncertain and appears to be strain if not batch specific. There is a need for caution in its use, particularly during pregnancy, and clearly necessitates more detailed studies.

  2. Differences in maturation of the jaw-opening reflex between rats that received early-and late-masticatory stimulation.

    Changsiripun, C; Yabushita, T; Soma, K


    The jaw-opening reflex (JOR) plays an important role in the regulation of jaw movement during mastication. Previous study showed that altered masticatory function during growth impedes JOR maturation and thus may affect masticatory performance in adults. However, no studies have compared the benefit of early and delayed correction in terms of functional development. Therefore, this study tested the hypothesis that early-stimulation of masticatory function during growth can promote JOR maturation better than late-stimulation during adulthood. Soon after weaning, 120 female Wistar rats were divided into two groups and fed either solid (control group) or liquid (experimental group) diets. The experimental group was further divided into early-, late-, and non-stimulation subgroups. Early- and late-stimulation groups were fed a solid diet instead of a liquid diet at 5- and 11-week-old, respectively, whereas non-stimulation group was fed only a liquid diet until the end of the experiment. At 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 weeks, JOR recordings were conducted in anaesthetised rats of all groups. Latency and peak-to-peak amplitude of the JOR were compared between the groups. From 7 to 13 weeks, early-stimulation group showed a JOR with short latency and high amplitude similar to that of control group. In contrast, late- and non-stimulation groups showed significantly longer latency and smaller amplitude of the JOR than in control group. We demonstrated that early masticatory stimulation within the critical period for programming mastication may have greater potential to restore JOR maturation to values close to those in normal adults. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  3. Cum se traduce ‘rușinea’. Abordare traductologică (I

    Magda Jeanrenaud


    Full Text Available Pornind de la sfera semantică și lexicală a conceptelor honte (limba franceză și, respectiv, rușine (limba română, îmi propun să examinez modul cum se traduce acesta în limba română pornind de la un studiu de caz. În acest scop, voi încerca să elaborez un studiu traductologic comparativ al lucrării lui Boris Cyrulnik, intitulată Mourir de dire. La honte (Éditions Odile Jacob, Paris, 2010 și a traducerii sale în limba română, intitulată Mai bine mor decît să spun. Rușinea (traducere din limba franceză de Valentin Protopopescu, Editura Trei, col. „Psihologia pentru toți”, București, 2012. Textul lui Cyrulnik are o particularitate: oscilează între factura literară și cea a unui text specializat. Din acest punct de vedere, transpunerea lui pune la încercare teoriile funcționaliste ale traducerii și, mai ales, teoria skopos-ului elaborată de Katharina Reiss și Hans Vermeer: este interesant de analizat cum „decodează” traducătorul „intenționalitatea” acestui tip de text, totuși specializat, cum decide el să transpună sfera sa semantică și lexicală în limba română.

  4. Landau-Zener extension of the Tavis-Cummings model: Structure of the solution

    Sun, Chen; Sinitsyn, Nikolai A.


    We explore the recently discovered solution of the driven Tavis-Cummings model (DTCM). It describes interaction of an arbitrary number of two-level systems with a bosonic mode that has linearly time-dependent frequency. We derive compact and tractable expressions for transition probabilities in terms of the well-known special functions. In this form, our formulas are suitable for fast numerical calculations and analytical approximations. As an application, we obtain the semiclassical limit of the exact solution and compare it to prior approximations. We also reveal connection between DTCM and q -deformed binomial statistics.

  5. Wave packet approach to the Jayne-Cummings and Rabi models

    Larson, J


    This paper numerically studies the Jaynes-Cummings model with and without the rotating wave approximation in a non-standard way. Expressing the models with field quadrature operators, instead of the typically used boson ladder operators, a wave packet propagation approach is applied. The obtained evolved wave packets are then used to calculate various quantities, such as, Rabi oscillations, squeezing and entanglement. Many of the phenomenon can be explained from the wave packet evolution, either in the adiabatic or diabatic frames. Different behaviours of the two models are discussed.

  6. Level crossing in a two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model

    Ren Xue-Zao; Cong Hong-Lu; Liao Xu; Li Lei


    In this paper,the energy spectrum of the two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model(TPJCM)is calculated exactly in the non-rotating wave approximation(non-RWA),and we study the level-crossing problem by means of fidelity.A narrow peak of the fidelity is observed at the level-crossing point,which does not appear at the avoided-crossing point.Therefore fidelity is perfectly suited for detecting the level-crossing point in the energy spectrum.

  7. Exact non-Markovian master equation for the spin-boson and Jaynes-Cummings models

    Ferialdi, L.


    We provide the exact non-Markovian master equation for a two-level system interacting with a thermal bosonic bath, and we write the solution of such a master equation in terms of the Bloch vector. We show that previous approximated results are particular limits of our exact master equation. We generalize these results to more complex systems involving an arbitrary number of two-level systems coupled to different thermal baths, providing the exact master equations also for these systems. As an example of this general case we derive the master equation for the Jaynes-Cummings model.

  8. A Lower Bound on the Entanglement in the Jaynes-Cummings Model

    CAI Jin-Fang; ZOU Jian


    @@ The entanglement between an atom and field is investigated by using the Jaynes-Cummings model. The initial atomic state is supposed in a mixed state and the field is in a squeezed state. The lower bound on the entanglement quantified by concurrence is calculated. It is found that the entanglement with the atom being initially in a mixed state can be larger than that with the atom being initially in a pure state. The entanglement is not a monotone function of the squeezing parameter r of the field and it achieves the maximum for certain r and then decreases with further increase of r.




    We take into account the two-photon process and generalize the Jaynes-Cummings (JC) model to the case of atomic level degenerate in the projections of the angular momenta, and we establish two-photon degenerate JC models with and without the rotating-wave approximation (RWA) quantum theory. Comparing the atom population inversion of the generalized JC model with that of the original JC model, we found that the revival period of the degenerate JC model becomes longer and the maximum amplitude of atomic inversion decreases with RWA. Without RWA, the quantum chaos of the generalized JC model is much weaker than that of the original JC model

  10. High-fidelity readout in circuit quantum electrodynamics using the Jaynes-Cummings nonlinearity.

    Reed, M D; DiCarlo, L; Johnson, B R; Sun, L; Schuster, D I; Frunzio, L; Schoelkopf, R J


    We demonstrate a qubit readout scheme that exploits the Jaynes-Cummings nonlinearity of a superconducting cavity coupled to transmon qubits. We find that, in the strongly driven dispersive regime of this system, there is the unexpected onset of a high-transmission "bright" state at a critical power which depends sensitively on the initial qubit state. A simple and robust measurement protocol exploiting this effect achieves a single-shot fidelity of 87% using a conventional sample design and experimental setup, and at least 61% fidelity to joint correlations of three qubits.

  11. Atom-field entanglement in the Jaynes Cummings model without rotating wave approximation

    M. Mirzaee; M. Batavani


    In this paper, we present a structure for obtaining the exact eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of the Jaynes–Cummings model (JCM) without the rotating wave approximation (RWA). We study the evolution of the system in the strong coupling region using the time evolution operator without RWA. The entanglement of the system without RWA is investigated using the Von Neumann entropy as an entanglement measure. It is interesting that in the weak coupling regime, the population of the atomic levels and Von Neumann entropy without RWA model shows a good agreement with the RWA whereas in strong coupling domain, the results of these two models are quite different.

  12. Entanglement evolution and transfer in a double Tavis-Cumming model in cavity QED

    Xu Qing-Jun; Zhang Shi-Ying


    We have studied entanglement evolution and transfer in a double Tavis-Cumming model where two pairs of entangled two-level atoms AB and CD interact with two single-mode cavity fields a and b. We show that the Bell-like initial state of atoms AB can exhibit entanglement sudden death which should be independent of the initial entanglement of atoms CD. Also, we show that the initial entanglement of one atomic pair can he transferred into another pair, as well as the possible subsystems, that become entangled during evolution.

  13. Computer simulation of quantum effects in Tavis-Cummings model and its applications

    Ozhigov, Yuri I.; Skovoroda, Nikita A.; Ladunov, Vitalii Y.


    We describe computer methods of simulation of Tavis-Cummings based quantum models, and apply those methods to specific tasks, conductivity measurements of atomic excitations in short chains of optical cavities with two-level atoms, C-Sign optical model, and dark states. For the conductivity measurements, we reproduce the dephasing assisted transport and quantum bottleneck effects and show their relation, and study the "which way?" problem. For the C-Sign optical model, we use the model to find optimal parameters of the system to minimize the error. For dark states, we study their collapse due to dephasing noise.

  14. Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model Governed by Milburn Equation with Phase Damping


    In this paper, we find an analytic solution of the master equation of a non-resonant two-photon JaynesCummings model (JCM) with phase damping with the help of the super-operator technique. We study the influence of phase damping on non-classical effects in the JCM, such as oscillations of the photon-number distribution, revivals of the atomic inversion, and sub-Possion photon statistics. It is demonstrated that the phase damping suppresses the revivals of the atomic inversion and non-classical effects of the cavity field in the JCM.

  15. Coherence Loss of Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model in Dispersive Approximation

    ZHOU Ling; GUO Yan-Qing; SONG He-Shan; LI Chong


    Completely solving the dissipative dynamics of nonlinear Jaynes-Cumming model is a very difficult task.In our recent work (Phys. Lett. A284 (2001) 156), we just obtained analytical results of the field dissipative dynamics of the nonlinear JCM. In the present paper, employing the perturbative expansion of master equation, we obtain the density operator of the system (field +atom). The coherence losses of the system and of the atom are investigated when two-photon process is involved. We also study the effect of different atomic initial states and the influence of the field amplitude on the atomic coherence loss.

  16. Translation problems in E.E. Cummings' experimental poetry: visual appearance, plays on words and punctuation marks

    Gómez Jiménez, Eva María


    The purpose of this article is to offer a description and evaluation of the Spanish translations of Cummings' poetry, paying special attention to the differences between them and the original poems. The first part consists of a brief account of the five translations into Spanish by José Casas, Alfonso Canales, Octavio Paz, Ulalume González de León and Juan Cueto-Roig. The second part focuses on three representative features in E. E. Cummings' experimental poetry visual appearance, plays on wo...

  17. Effect of External Radiation Filed on the Properties of the Atoms and Cavity Field in the Tavis-Cummings Model



    @@ We study the properties of the atoms and cavity field in the Tavis-Cummings Model where the two atoms interact each other and also are driven by an external classical field.We consider the special case that the cavity is initially in a coherent state.After work out the atomic inversion, the average photons number and the Mandel parameter in the driven Tavis-Cummings Model, we do numerical analysis of them, and pay special attention to the dynamical behavior of the atoms and the cavity field modified by the external field.

  18. Tournament screening cum EBIC for feature selection with high-dimensional feature spaces


    The feature selection characterized by relatively small sample size and extremely high-dimensional feature space is common in many areas of contemporary statistics.The high dimensionality of the feature space causes serious diffculties:(i) the sample correlations between features become high even if the features are stochastically independent;(ii) the computation becomes intractable.These diffculties make conventional approaches either inapplicable or ine?cient.The reduction of dimensionality of the feature space followed by low dimensional approaches appears the only feasible way to tackle the problem.Along this line,we develop in this article a tournament screening cum EBIC approach for feature selection with high dimensional feature space.The procedure of tournament screening mimics that of a tournament.It is shown theoretically that the tournament screening has the sure screening property,a necessary property which should be satisfied by any valid screening procedure.It is demonstrated by numerical studies that the tournament screening cum EBIC approach enjoys desirable properties such as having higher positive selection rate and lower false discovery rate than other approaches.

  19. An exact algebraic solution of Jaynes-Cummings model%Jaynes-Cummings 模型的一种精确代数解法



    Based on the SU(2) group structure of Jaynes-Cummings model, its time evolution operator were obtained by using the algebraic method. As an application of the solution, the exact result of state |ψ(t)) of the system evoluting with time at any given time t in the condition that the initial state of system is |e, n) was given. Then, the probability Pe(t) of finding the atom in excited state |e) at time t was obtained in the condition that the initial state of the system is |g,a). The superiority of the solution was discussed lastly.%基于Jaynes-Cummings模型的SU(2)群结构,用代数方法求得该模型的时间演化算符.作为该解法的应用,精确给出了初始态为|e,n〉情况下系统随时间演化到任一时刻t的状态|ψ(t)〉,并求出了系统初始态为|g,α〉的情况下,系统在任一时刻t处于激发态的几率Pe(t).最后讨论了该解法的优越性.

  20. Exact Solution for Jaynes-Cummings Model with Bosonic Field Nonlinearity and Strong Boson-Fermion Coupling

    YANG Jin; YU Wan-Lun; XIANG An-Ping


    We use Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant approach to treat the modified Jaynes-Cummings models involving any forms of nonlinearty of the bosonic field when strong boson-fermion couplings are nilpotent Grassmann valued. The general state functions, time evolution operator and the time-evolution expressions for both the bosonic number and the fermionic number are presented.

  1. Exact Solution of the Milburn Equation for the Two-Mode Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model

    ZOU Xu-Bo; YU Ji-Hua; XU Jing-Bo


    We adopt an algebraic method to study the two-mode two-photon Jaynes Cummings model governed by the Milburn equation and find an exact solution of Milburn equation of the system. The influence of the intrinsic decoherence on the nonclassical effects of the system is also discussed.``

  2. Density operator of a system pumped with polaritons: a Jaynes-Cummings-like approach

    Quesada, Nicolas; RodrIguez, Boris A [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, AA 1226 Medellin (Colombia); Vinck-Posada, Herbert, E-mail: [Departamento de Fisica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Ciudad Universitaria, Bogota (Colombia)


    We investigate the effects of considering two different incoherent excitation mechanisms on microcavity quantum dot systems modeled using the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian. When the system is incoherently pumped with polaritons it is able to sustain a large number of photons inside the cavity with Poisson-like statistics in the stationary limit, and it also leads to a separable exciton-photon state. We also investigate the effects of both types of pumpings (excitonic and polaritonic) in the emission spectrum of the cavity. We show that the polaritonic pumping considered here is unable to modify the dynamical regimes of the system at variance with the excitonic pumping. Finally, we obtain a closed form expression for the negativity of the density matrices that the quantum master equation considered here generates.

  3. Fock-space localization of polaritons in the Jaynes-Cummings dimer model

    Shapourian, Hassan; Sadri, Darius


    We present a method to study the semiclassical dynamics of the Jaynes-Cummings dimer model, describing two coupled cavities, each containing a two-level system (qubit). We develop a Fock-space WKB approach in the polariton basis where each site is treated exactly while the intersite polariton hopping is treated semiclassically. We show that the self-trapped states can be viewed as Fock-space localized states. We find that this picture yields the correct critical value of interaction strength at which the delocalization-localization transition occurs. Moreover, the validity of our WKB approach is supported by showing that the quantum spectrum can be derived from a set of Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization conditions and by confirming that the quantum eigenstates are consistent with the classical orbital motion in the polariton band picture. The underlying idea of our method is quite general and can be applied to other interacting spin-boson models.

  4. Quantum revivals of a non-Rabi type in a Jaynes-Cummings model

    Ozhigov, Yu. I.; Skovoroda, N. A.; Victorova, N. B.


    We study full revivals (e.g., the reappearance in the unitary evolution) of quantum states in the Jaynes-Cummings model with the rotating wave approximation. We prove that in the case of a zero detuning in subspaces generated by two adjacent pairs of energy levels, full revival does not exist for any values of the parameters. In contrast, the set of parameters that allows full revival is everywhere dense in the set of all parameters in the case of a nonzero detuning. The nature of these revivals differs from Rabi oscillations for a single pair of energy levels. In more complex subspaces, the presence of full revival reduces to particular cases of the tenth Hilbert problem for rational solutions of systems of nonlinear algebraic equations, which has no algorithmic solution in the general case. Non-Rabi revivals become partial revivals in the case where the rotating wave approximation is rejected.

  5. Quantum phase transition in a multiconnected superconducting Jaynes-Cummings lattice

    Seo, Kangjun; Tian, Lin


    The connectivity and tunability of superconducting qubits and resonators provide us with an appealing platform to study the many-body physics of microwave excitations. Here we present a multiconnected Jaynes-Cummings lattice model which is symmetric with respect to the nonlocal qubit-resonator couplings. Our calculation shows that this model exhibits a Mott insulator-superfluid-Mott insulator phase transition at commensurate fillings, featured by symmetric quantum critical points. Phase diagrams in the grand canonical ensemble are also derived, which confirm the incompressibility of the Mott insulator phase. Different from a general-purposed quantum computer, it only requires two operations to demonstrate this phase transition: the preparation and the detection of commensurate many-body ground state. We discuss the realization of these operations in a superconducting circuit.

  6. Effect of Squeezing on the Atomic and the Entanglement Dynamics in the Jaynes-Cummings Model

    Subeesh, T; Ahmed, A B M; Satyanarayana, M Venkata


    The dynamics of the Jaynes-Cummings interaction of a two-level atom interacting with a single mode of the radiation field is investigated, as the state of the field is gradually changed from a coherent state to a squeezed coherent state. The effect of mild squeezing on the coherent light is shown to be striking: the photon number distribution gets localized and it peaks maximally for a particular value of squeezing. The atomic inversion retains its structure for a longer time. The mean linear entropy shows that the atom has a tendency to get disentangled from field within the collapse region and also in the revival region, for mild squeezing. These properties are absent for the case of a coherent state or for an excessively squeezed coherent state. We also elucidate a connection between these properties and the photon statistics of the mildly squeezed coherent state; these states have the minimum variance and are also maximally sub-Poissonian.

  7. Measurement-induced chaos and quantum state discrimination in an iterated Tavis-Cummings scheme

    Torres, Juan Mauricio; Bernád, József Zsolt; Alber, Gernot; Kálmán, Orsolya; Kiss, Tamás


    A cavity quantum electrodynamical scenario is proposed for implementing a Schrödinger microscope capable of amplifying differences between nonorthogonal atomic quantum states. The scheme involves an ensemble of identically prepared two-level atoms interacting pairwise with a single mode of the radiation field as described by the Tavis-Cummings model. By repeated measurements of the cavity field and of one atom within each pair a measurement-induced nonlinear quantum transformation of the relevant atomic states can be realized. The intricate dynamical properties of this nonlinear quantum transformation, which exhibits measurement-induced chaos, allow approximate orthogonalization of atomic states by purification after a few iterations of the protocol and thus the application of the scheme for quantum state discrimination.

  8. Design, development and performance evaluation of chapati press cum vermicelli extruder.

    Gurushree, M N; Nandini, C R; Pratheeksha, K; Prabhasankar, P; Hosamane, Gangadharappa Gundabhakthara


    Portable and manually operated chapati press cum vermicelli extruder device was designed and fabricated for the preparation of chapatis and vermicelli. Sensory evaluation overall quality scores of 50.15 and 48.4 for pressed chapatis and rolled chapatis respectively showed that quality of chapatis was not adversely affected as a result of mechanical pressing. The difference in chapati making time by manual rolling and machine pressing was 17 s per chapati and was statistically significant (p  0.05) between 2 mm and 3 mm diameter vermicelli. Cooked weight (72.8 g) and water absorption (191.2%) of 2 mm diameter vermicelli was more compared to 3 mm diameter vermicelli (51.75 g, 107%). This machine can also be used as a laboratory model as products of consistent thickness and diameter were obtained.

  9. Approximate and Conditional Teleportation of an Unknown Atomic State with Dissipative Jaynes-Cummings Model

    ZHOU Yu-Rong; CHEN Chang-Yong; PAN Hui-Mei; GUO Feng; PANG Xiao-Feng


    A scheme for approximately and conditionally teleporting an unknown atomic state in dissipative cavity QED is proposed. It is the extension of the scheme of [Phys. Rev. A 69 (2004) 064302], where the cavity mode decay has not been considered and only a time point of system evolution and the corresponding fidelity implementing the teleportation are given. In fact, the cavity mode decay exists really and must be delt with. In this paper, we investigate the influence from the cavity mode decay on the implementation of the approximate and conditional teleportation by means of the dissipative Jaynes Cummings model and then show the analytical expression of the fidelity of realization of the teleportation, Alternatively, our scheme does not involve an additional atom, only requiring two atoms and one single-mode cavity.

  10. Entropy evolution of field with a time-varying frequency in the Jaynes-Cummings model

    Qiu Changdong


    Following Jaynes-Cummings model, the evolution of the field entropy in the system of a two-level atom inter- acting with the single mode coherent field is investigated under rotating-wave approximation. The typical case -- the field frequency variance with time in the form of sine ω = ω0 + usin(wt) has been considered. The influences of the amplitude and angle frequency of the field frequency variance on entropy evolution of the field are discussed by numerical calculations. Calculation results indicate that the field frequency variance influences violently the behavior of field entropy evolution; the larger the amplitude of the field frequency variance is, the stronger the influence of the field frequency variance on the time evolution of field entropy is.




    Full Text Available Recent development mostly based on the high speed internet access of large amount of data at any time over wireless network. Packets loss can also occur due to link failure in wired cum wireless environment. To reduce the loss rate, packet delay, retransmission time, Wi-Max is proposed with cross layer design. In this paper, to improve the performance TCP in the WI-MAX flow its estimating bandwidth of the each packet, reduce the RTT in retransmission which gives more data transfer rate and also reduce the packet drop ratio. Some layers are merging their functions and provide traffic flow with ARQ in Wi-Max. Each node provides information through Access Point which can uplink and downlink feedback about packet as an ACK or NACK. Retransmission mechanism is used for NACK to resend the lost frame through the access point.

  12. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanorods and Optimization of Its Therapeutic Cum Toxic Dose.

    Suganya, T R; Devasena, T


    Germinated Fenugreek seeds are relatively rich in flavonoids and polyphenols than dry seeds. Therefore, germinated fenugreek seeds possess better pharmacological activities. We have used an aqueous extract of germinated fenugreek seeds to reduce silver nitrate into nanoscale silver rods. The silver nanorods showed Surface Plasmon peak at 450 nm as revealed from UV visible spectrum. Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy images revealed the monodispersity and rod morphology. X ray diffraction spectrum revealed the FCC crystal structure of nanorods. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy peaks revealed the interaction between the phytochemicals of germinated fenugreek seeds and the silver nanorods. Characterization studies reveal the validation of the proposed green synthesis protocol to produce monodispersed silver nanorods with phytochemical capping. The phytosynthesized silver nanorods exhibited anticancer activity in skin cancer cell line, which may be due to its nanoscale dimension and the surface functionalization. For the first time, we have optimized the therapeutic cum toxic dose of phytostabilized silver nanorods using skin cancer cell model.

  13. Entropy and Entanglement in Master Equation of Effective Hamiltonian for Jaynes-Cummings Model

    H.A. Hessian; F.A. Mohammed; A.-B.A. Mohamed


    In this paper, we analytically solve the master equation for Jaynes-Cummings model in the dispersive regime including phase damping and the field is assumed to be initially in a superposition of coherent states.Using an established entanglement measure based on the negativity of the eigenvalues of the partially transposed density matrix we find a very strong sensitivity of the maximally generated entanglement to the amount of phase damping.Qualitatively this behavior is also reflected in alternative entanglement measures, but the quantitative agreement between different measures depends on the chosen noise model.The phase decoherenee for this model results in monotonic increase in the total entropy while the atomic sub-entropy keeps its periodic behaviour without any effect.

  14. Competitive-cum-cooperative interfirm relations and dynamics in the Japanese semiconductor industry

    Okada, Yoshitaka


    Japanese semiconductor firms are well known for obtaining dynamics in a short period of time and achieving even global leadership. A significant portion of their success are attributable to cooperative interfirm relations and the development of intermediate organizational structure based on long-term relationship between firms. The purpose of this book is to explain how interfirm relations contributed to their dynamics during the golden age of the semiconductor industry. Meanwhile this book clarifies the real source of dynamics in interfirm relations and how the firms have interacted. The author concludes that the competitive-cum-cooperative (CCC) interfirm interaction are observed. Quantitative and qualitative findings show that firms enjoy not only flexible cooperation based synergy effects, but also dynamics market-like effects by creating competition among partners through CCC interaction.

  15. Management of open olecranon fractures using clamp-cum-compressor device

    Kundu Zile


    Full Text Available Background: Open fractures of olecranon are not a rare occurrence in patients with road traffic accidents particularly motor bike riders who don′t use elbow guards. Definitive treatment has to be delayed in many till the wound heals. The present study was conducted to evaluate the results of open fractures of olecranon using clamp-cum-compressor device. Materials and Methods: Seventeen patients between the ages of 20 and 45 years of open olecranon fractures reported 5-20 days after injury were treated using an indigenous clamp-cum-compressor. All fractures were Mayo type II-A, i.e., displaced, stable and noncomminuted. Four patients had Gustilo-Anderson grade I and 13 had Gustilo-Anderson grade II open fractures. The patients with transverse or short oblique fractures were included in the study. The apparatus was applied under regional anesthesia after thorough washing and debridement of wounds with few loose sutures applied wherever needed. The wounds healed within 2-4 weeks and fractures united within 8-10 weeks. The elbow was mobilized with apparatus still in place. The results were evaluated by MayoElbow performance score. Results: We achieved excellent results in twelve patients, good in four and poor in one patient, who reported late, hooks of the apparatus were cut through the proximal fragment, leading to union of fracture in elongation and restricted elbow movements. Conclusion: The apparatus was found to be quite useful in transverse and short oblique fractures with contamination or infection, where internal fixation has to be delayed or avoided.

  16. Anterior and posterior parts of the rat ventral tegmental area and the rostromedial tegmental nucleus receive topographically distinct afferents from the lateral habenular complex.

    Petzel, Anja; Bernard, René; Poller, Wolfram C; Veh, Rüdiger W


    That activation of the reward system involves increased activity of dopaminergic (DA) neurons in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) is widely accepted. In contrast, the lateral habenular complex (LHb), which is known as the center of the anti-reward system, directly and indirectly inhibits DA neurons in the VTA. The VTA, however, is not a homogenous entity. Instead, it displays major functional differences between its anterior (aVTA) and posterior (pVTA) regions. It is not precisely known, whether habenular input to the aVTA, pVTA, and the newly recognized rostromedial tegmental nucleus (RMTg) are similarly or differently organized. Consequently, the present investigation addressed the connections between LHb and aVTA, pVTA, and RMTg using retrograde and anterograde tracing techniques in the rat. Our experiments disclosed strictly reciprocal and conspicuously focal interconnections between LHbM (LHbMPc/LHbMC) and PN, as well as between RLi and LHbLO. In addition, we found that LHb inputs to the aVTA are dorsoventrally ordered. Dorsal parts of the aVTA receive afferents from LHbL and LHbM, whereas ventral parts of the aVTA are preferentially targeted by the LHbM. LHb afferents to the pVTA are distinct from those to the RMTg, given that the RMTg is primarily innervated from the LHbL, whereas pVTA receives afferents from LHbM and LHbL. These data indicate the existence of two separate pathways from the LHb to the VTA, a direct and an indirect one, which may subserve distinct biological functions. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  17. Effect of fluoxetine and resveratrol on testicular functions and oxidative stress in a rat model of chronic mild stress-induced depression.

    Sakr, H F; Abbas, A M; Elsamanoudy, A Z; Ghoneim, F M


    Our objective was to investigate the effects of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) with or without selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (fluoxetine) and anti-oxidant (resveratrol) on testicular functions and oxidative stress in rats. Fifty male rats were divided into 2 groups; control and CUMS. CUMS group was further subdivided into 4 subgroups administered water, fluoxetine, resveratrol and both. Sucrose intake, body weight gain, serum corticosterone, serotonin and testosterone levels, sperm count and motility, testicular malondialdehyde, superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutathione (GSH), and gene expression of steroidogenic acute-regulatory (StAR) protein and cytochrome P450 side chain cleavage (P450scc) enzyme were evaluated. CUMS decreased sucrose intake, weight gain, anti-oxidants (SOD, catalase, GSH), testosterone, serotonin, StAR and cytochrome P450scc gene expression, sperm count and motility and increased malondialdehyde and corticosterone. Fluoxetine increased malondialdehyde, sucrose intake, weight gain, serotonin and decreased anti-oxidants, StAR and cytochrome P450scc gene expression, sperm count and motility, testosterone, corticosterone in stressed rats. Administration of resveratrol increased anti-oxidants, sucrose intake, weight gain, serotonin, StAR and cytochrome P450scc gene expression, testosterone, sperm count and motility, and decreased malondialdehyde and corticosterone in stressed rats with or without fluoxetine. In conclusion, CUMS induces testicular dysfunctions and oxidative stress. While treatment of CUMS rats with fluoxetine decreases the depressive behavior, it causes further worsening of testicular dysfunctions and oxidative stress. Administration of resveratrol improves testicular dysfunctions and oxidative stress that are caused by CUMS and further worsened by fluoxetine treatment.

  18. Seminar Cum Meeting Report: Codata Task Group for Exchangeable Material Data Representation to Support Research and Education

    T Ashino


    Full Text Available On March 4-5, 2008, the CODATA Task Group for Exchangeable Material Data Representation to Support Research and Education held a two day seminar cum meeting at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, New Delhi, India, with NPL materials researchers and task group members representing material activities and databases from seven countries: European Union (The Czech Republic, France, and the Netherlands, India, Korea, Japan, and the United States. The NPL seminar included presentations about the researchers' work. The Task Group meeting included presentations about current data related activities of the members. Joint discussions between NPL researchers and CODATA task group members began an exchange of viewpoints among materials data producers, users, and databases developers. The seminar cum meeting included plans to continue and expand Task Group activities at the 2008 CODATA 21st Meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine.

  19. Thermal analysis and neutron production characteristics of a low power copper beam dump-cum-target for LEHIPA

    Sawant, Y. S.; Thomas, R. G.; Verma, V.; Agarwal, A.; Prasad, N. K.; Bhagwat, P. V.; Saxena, A.; Singh, P.


    Monte Carlo simulations of heat deposition and neutron production have been carried out for the low power beam dump-cum-target for the 20 MeV Low Energy High Intensity Proton Accelerator (LEHIPA) facility at BARC using GEANT4 and FLUKA. Thermal analysis and heat transfer calculations have also been carried out using the computational fluid dynamics code CFD ACE+. In this work we present the details of the analysis of the low power beam dump-cum-target designed for conditioning of the accelerator upto a maximum power of 600 kW with a duty cycle of 2% which corresponds to an average power of 12 kW in the first phase.

  20. Acute pulmonary emphysema cum pulmonary edema apparently associated with feeding of Brassica juncea in a dairy buffalo

    Muhammad, Ghulam; Saqib, Muhammad; Naureen, Abeera


    This preliminary report describes the occurrence of acute pulmonary emphysema cum pulmonary edema ensuing in extensive subcutaneous emphysematous swellings in a dairy buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) apparently associated with a sudden shift from berseem (Trifolium alexendrinum) to Brassica juncea fodder. Tachypnea, expiratory dyspnea, open-mouth breathing, loud expiratory grunt with abdominal lift, and crackles in ventral aspects of the lungs with normal rectal temperature characterized the conditi...

  1. Superfluid-Mott transitions and vortices in the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard lattices with time-reversal-symmetry breaking

    Hayward, A. L. C.; Martin, A. M.


    We investigate the ground-state behavior of Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard lattices in the presence of a synthetic magnetic field, via a Gutzwiller ansatz. Specifically, we study the superfluid-Mott transition and the formation of vortex lattices in the superfluid regime. We find a suppression of the superfluid fraction due to the frustration induced by the incommensurate magnetic and spacial lattice lengths. We also predict the formation of triangular vortex lattices inside the superfluid regime.

  2. Linear entropies in the Jaynes-Cummings model with intensity-dependent coupling in a phase-damped cavity

    Zhou Qing-Chun; hu Shi-Ning


    We investigate the evolution of a quantum system described by the Jaynes-Cummings model with an arbitrary form of intensity-dependent coupling by displaying the linear entropies of the atom, field and atom-field system in the large detuning approximation. The cavity field is assumed to be coupled to a reservoir with a phase-damping coupling.The effects of cavity phase damping on the entanglement and coherence loss of such a system are studied.

  3. Genipin is active via modulating monoaminergic transmission and levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in rat model of depression.

    Wang, Q-S; Tian, J-S; Cui, Y-L; Gao, S


    Genipin, an important bioactive component from Gardenia jasminoides Eills, was demonstrated to possess antidepressant-like effects in a previous study. However, the molecular mechanism of antidepressant-like effects on genipin was not clear. The present study aimed to investigate the possible mechanism of antidepressant-like effects on genipin with a chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS)-induced depression model in rats. In CUMS-induced depressive rats, bodyweight and 1% sucrose consumption decreased significantly compared with the normal control group. Furthermore, these changes could be significantly reversed by genipin application. The levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), norepinephrine (NE) in the hippocampus decreased and the level of 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) increased in the CUMS-induced depressive rats. However, pre-treatments with genipin significantly increased the levels of 5-HT, NE and decreased the level of 5-HIAA in the hippocampus. The concentration of cAMP in the hippocampus was increased by genipin compared to the CUMS-exposed model group. The mRNA expressions of 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor (5-HT1AR), cAMP response element binding protein (CREB) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in rats were decreased exposed to CUMS, which were reversed by genipin-treated rats exposed to CUMS. Compared to the CUMS-exposed model group, the mRNA expression of 5-hydroxytryptamine 2A receptor (5-HT(2A)R) was decreased significantly by genipin-treated rats. The mRNA and protein expression of CREB, BDNF were increased in genipin-treated rats compared to the CUMS-exposed model group. Moreover, the levels of corticosterone in serum were decreased by genipin-treated compared to the CUMS-exposed model group. These results suggest that the possible mechanism of antidepressant-like effects on genipin, at least in one part, resulted from monoaminergic neurotransmitter system and the potential dysfunctional regulation of the post-receptor signaling

  4. Transition from Jaynes-Cummings to Autler-Townes ladder in a quantum dot-microcavity system

    Hopfmann, Caspar; Carmele, Alexander; Musiał, Anna; Schneider, Christian; Kamp, Martin; Höfling, Sven; Knorr, Andreas; Reitzenstein, Stephan


    We study experimentally and theoretically a coherently driven strongly coupled quantum dot-microcavity system. Our focus is on physics of the unexplored intermediate excitation regime where the resonant laser field dresses a strongly coupled single exciton-photon (polariton) system resulting in a ladder of laser-dressed Jaynes-Cummings states. In that case, both the coupling of the emitter to the confined light field of the microcavity and to the light field of the external laser are equally important, as proved by observation of injection pulling of the polariton branches by an external laser. This intermediate interaction regime is of particular interest since it connects the purely quantum mechanical Jaynes-Cummings ladder and the semiclassical Autler-Townes ladder. Exploring the driving strength dependence of the mutually coupled system we establish the maximum in the resonance fluorescence signal to be a robust fingerprint of the intermediate regime and observe signatures indicating the laser-dressed Jaynes-Cummings ladder. In order to address the underlying physics we excite the coupled system via the matter component of fermionic nature undergoing saturation—in contrast to commonly used cavity-mediated excitation.

  5. The changes of cardioelectrical activity of rat with myocardial infarction receiving sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase gene modified bone marrow stem cell transplantation by microelectrode array technology



    Objective Therapy effects and cardiac electrical activity comparison of bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs) transplantation and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA2a) gene modified BMSCs transplantation after acute myocardial infarction(AMI) in rats.Methods Rats with AMI were divided

  6. Dark-polariton bound pairs in the modified Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model

    Maggitti, A.; Radonjić, M.; Jelenković, B. M.


    We investigate a one-dimensional modified Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard chain of N identical QED cavities with nearest-neighbor photon tunneling and periodic boundary conditions. Each cavity contains an embedded three-level atom which is coupled to a cavity mode and an external classical control field. In the case of two excitations and common large detuning of two Raman-resonant fields, we show the emergence of two different species of dark-polariton bound pairs (DPBPs) that are mutually localized in their relative spatial coordinates. Due to the high degree of controllability, we show the appearance of either one or two DPBPs, having the energies within the energy gaps between three bands of mutually delocalized eigenstates. Interestingly, in a different parameter regime with negatively detuned Raman fields, we find that the ground state of the system is a DPBP which can be utilized for the photon storage, retrieval, and controllable state preparation. Moreover, we propose an experimental realization of our model system.

  7. Parity Deformed Jaynes-Cummings Model: “Robust Maximally Entangled States”

    Dehghani, A.; Mojaveri, B.; Shirin, S.; Faseghandis, S. Amiri


    The parity-deformations of the quantum harmonic oscillator are used to describe the generalized Jaynes-Cummings model based on the λ-analog of the Heisenberg algebra. The behavior is interestingly that of a coupled system comprising a two-level atom and a cavity field assisted by a continuous external classical field. The dynamical characters of the system is explored under the influence of the external field. In particular, we analytically study the generation of robust and maximally entangled states formed by a two-level atom trapped in a lossy cavity interacting with an external centrifugal field. We investigate the influence of deformation and detuning parameters on the degree of the quantum entanglement and the atomic population inversion. Under the condition of a linear interaction controlled by an external field, the maximally entangled states may emerge periodically along with time evolution. In the dissipation regime, the entanglement of the parity deformed JCM are preserved more with the increase of the deformation parameter, i.e. the stronger external field induces better degree of entanglement.

  8. TCP Upload and Download Fairness over IEEE 802.11 Wired-cum-Wireless Heterogeneous Networks

    REN Wei; JIN Hai


    A scheme of setting a limit to the TCP sending window size is proposed to improve the TCP fairness between upload and/or download flows in wired-cum-wireless networks. The goodput and delay of the upload and download TCP flows are compared to evaluate the TCP fairness for different schemes, which are the different combinations of setting a limit (64 or 4) to the sending window size and using the delayed acknowledgement (ACK) scheme or not. Extensive simulation results and analysis show that ( 1 )for TCP download flows, setting the limit of sending window size to 4 can improve the fairness; (2) for TCP upload flows, limiting the sending window size and using the delayed ACK strategy are both beneficial to fairness; (3) for TCP download and upload mixture flows, limiting the sending window size to a small value ( e. g. , 4) rather than using the delayed ACK strategy, is the solution to improvement of the fairness; (4) a large delay interval (200 ms or 300 ms) does not result in improvement in fairness and performance; (5) a larger TCP packet size ( 1 400 B) can improve the TCP upload goodput and decrease the download goodput; in contrast, a smaller TCP packet size (560 B) can increase the download goodput and decrease the upload goodput.

  9. Trojan Wave Packets in the Quantum Cavity within the Extended Jaynes-Cummings Model

    Kalinski, Matt


    Some time ago we have developed the theory of the Trojan Wave Packets (TWP) in the classical strong Circularly Polarized electromagnetic field in terms of the Mathieu generating functions. We have discovered that by the proper partitioning of the Coulomb spectrum i.e. by considering the deviation from the circularity and the vertical tilt of the undressed states as the new quantum numbers we can reduce the problem to the problem of several non-interacting quantum pendula for the Stark-Zeeman field dressed states. The TWP in the infinite physical space however turned out to be weakly unstable due to the spontaneous emission. Here we develop the theory in which the TWP is truly eternal when the electromagnetic interactions are considered quantum and the field is confined by the perfect quantum cavity boundary conditions. First we extend the Jaynes-Cummings (JC) model from the two to the infinite number of levels interacting with the one or two perfectly resonant quantum modes of the electromagnetic field. Similarly the model of JC and our previous pendular model the dressed electron-field eigenstates are constructed within the weakly interacting manifolds. Superpositions of those states are possible with the quantum electron density moving on the circular trajectories.

  10. Climbing the Jaynes-Cummings ladder and observing its nonlinearity in a cavity QED system.

    Fink, J M; Göppl, M; Baur, M; Bianchetti, R; Leek, P J; Blais, A; Wallraff, A


    The field of cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED), traditionally studied in atomic systems, has gained new momentum by recent reports of quantum optical experiments with solid-state semiconducting and superconducting systems. In cavity QED, the observation of the vacuum Rabi mode splitting is used to investigate the nature of matter-light interaction at a quantum-mechanical level. However, this effect can, at least in principle, be explained classically as the normal mode splitting of two coupled linear oscillators. It has been suggested that an observation of the scaling of the resonant atom-photon coupling strength in the Jaynes-Cummings energy ladder with the square root of photon number n is sufficient to prove that the system is quantum mechanical in nature. Here we report a direct spectroscopic observation of this characteristic quantum nonlinearity. Measuring the photonic degree of freedom of the coupled system, our measurements provide unambiguous spectroscopic evidence for the quantum nature of the resonant atom-field interaction in cavity QED. We explore atom-photon superposition states involving up to two photons, using a spectroscopic pump and probe technique. The experiments have been performed in a circuit QED set-up, in which very strong coupling is realized by the large dipole coupling strength and the long coherence time of a superconducting qubit embedded in a high-quality on-chip microwave cavity. Circuit QED systems also provide a natural quantum interface between flying qubits (photons) and stationary qubits for applications in quantum information processing and communication.

  11. Approach to a Parity Deformed Jaynes-Cummings Model and the Maximally Entangled States

    Dehghani, A; Shirin, S; Amiri, S


    A parity deformed Jaynes-Cummings model (JCM) is introduced, which describes an interaction of a two-level atom with a $\\lambda$-deformed quantized field. In the rotating wave approximation (RWA), all eigen-values and eigen-functions of this model are obtained exactly. Assuming that initially the field is prepared in the Wigner cat state (WCS) and the two-level atom is in the excited state, it has been shown that the atomic Rabi oscillations exhibit a quasi-periodic behavior in the collapse and revival patterns. The influence of the deformation parameter on the time evolution of non-classical features of the radiation field such as the sub-Poissonian statistics and squeezing effect are also analyzed. Interestingly, the main finding here is that we can realize maximally entangled atom-field states. In this note it is shown that the high fidelity is possible in the weak coupling regime, while the deformation parameter becomes large values.

  12. Potential antiinflammatory effects of acupuncture in a chronic stress model of depression in rats.

    Lu, Jun; Shao, Run-Hui; Hu, Li; Tu, Ya; Guo, Jian-You


    Accumulating evidence indicates that inflammation may contribute to the pathophysiology of depression. Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine has been considered an effective treatment for depression. However, whether the mechanisms that underlie the antidepressant effect of acupuncture are related to its antiinflammatory properties remains unclear. In the present study, rats were exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) for 28 days to induce depressive-like behavior. Body weight, sucrose preference, and locomotor activity in the open field were measured. After the behavioral tests, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction was used to determine the mRNA expression of proinflammatory cytokines (interleukin-1β [IL-1β], interleukin-6 [IL-6], and tumor necrosis factor-α [TNF-α]), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect cytokine concentrations. CUMS rats exhibited decrease in body weight, sucrose preference, and locomotor activity in the open field test. Chronic acupuncture and fluoxetine treatment reversed CUMS-induced depressive-like behavior. Compared with control rats, the mRNA and protein expression of IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex and cytokine concentrations in serum significantly increased in CUMS rats. Acupuncture and fluoxetine treatment significantly decreased the levels of proinflammatory cytokines in the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and serum. These results suggest that acupuncture has antidepressant-like effects, and its mechanism of action appears to involve the inhibition of proinflammatory cytokines.

  13. Development and evaluation of low cost honey heating-cum-filtration system.

    Alam, Md Shafiq; Sharma, D K; Sehgal, V K; Arora, M; Bhatia, S


    A fully mechanized honey heating-cum-filtration system was designed, developed, fabricated and evaluated for its performance. The system comprised of two sections; the top heating section and the lower filtering section. The developed system was evaluated for its performance at different process conditions (25 kg and 50 kg capacity using processing condition: 50 °C heating temperature and 60 °C heating temperature with 20 and 40 min holding time, respectively) and it was found that the total time required for heating, holding and filtration of honey was 108 and 142 min for 25 kg and 50 kg capacity of machine, respectively, irrespective of the processing conditions. The optimum capacity of the system was found to be 50 kg and it involved an investment of Rs 40,000 for its fabrication. The honey filtered through the developed filtration system was compared with the honey filtered in a high cost honey processing plant and raw honey for its microbial and biochemical (reducing sugars (%), moisture, acidity and pH) quality attributes. It was observed that the process of filtering through the developed unit resulted in reduction of microbes. The microbiological quality of honey filtered through the developed filtration system was better than that of raw honey and commercially processed honey. The treatment conditions found best in context of microbiological counts were 60 °C temperature for 20 min. There was 1.97 fold reductions in the plate count and 2.14 reductions in the fungal count of honey processed through the developed filtration system as compared to the raw honey. No coliforms were found in the processed honey. Honey processed through developed unit witnessed less moisture content, acidity and more reducing sugars as compared to raw honey, whereas its quality was comparable to the commercially processed honey.


    Aureliu SINDILA


    Full Text Available HOW DOES LEADERSHIP AFFECT FOREIGN POLICY DECISION-MAKING IN CHINA?Chinese New Diplomacy has emerged as a vector in the Asian region first, where it has achieved a considerable visibility. This paper aims to describe the model of the Chinese New Diplomacy, while analyzing its elements and profiles. Taking into account the remarkable influence and the newly centered desires, a fresh era in the Chinese foreign policy has stepped out. This work assembles some views from inside ofChina, making it more valuable for foreigners, who, in my opinion might be very easily biased by different state and non-state actors from abroad.CUM AFECTEAZĂ CONDUCEREA CENTRALĂ POLITICA EXTERNĂ ȘI CEA DECIZIONALĂ ÎN CHINA?Noua Diplomație Chineză a apărut ca vector relativ recent în regiunea asiatică, reușind să atingă o vizibilitate consi­derabilă. În această lucrare ne-am propus să descriem modelul Noii Diplomații Chineze, contextual analizând elementele și profilurile sale. Luând în considerare influența mondială remarcabilă și noile dorințe geopolitice, China a generat o eră nouă în politica externă. Sunt asamblate câteva puncte de vedere din interiorul Chinei, ceea ce face lucrarea valoroasă pentru străini, care, în opinia noastră, ar putea fi foarte ușor influențați de diferiți actori de stat atât din interior, cât și din exterior.

  15. A comparative study of Chinese cosmology cum-humorology with eight elements.

    Mahdihassan, S


    As agriculturist, man recognized Earth, Heat and Water as essential to plant life and projected them as cosmic elements. Pastoral man observed animals multiply due to reproduction. He realized that reproduction resulted from the union of opposites as male and female. Projecting reproduction, he conceived creation, which then resulted as the union of the cosmic pair of opposites. Heaven and Earth. The Chinese conceived of creation as starting with creative energy in its latent form, as Thai-Chi, meaning the absolute existence. Later, it assumed its dynamic form called Chhi. It was dual-natured with the opposites called Yang (light) and Yin (darkness). The reproductive power was projected as creative energy called Chhi and male and female opposites were projected as the universal pair of opposites as Yang and Yin. Creative energy produced the cosmic elements which in turn produced all creation. The cosmic elements of Chinese cosmology were Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal. They also included the factors of humorology when the following elements had, as contents, items belonging to humorology, Wood-contained Air, Earth.....Moisture; Metal.......Dryness. By assigning dual-sense to three cosmic elements, Chinese humorology came into existence but has incorporated it in its cosmology. It is easy to equate Air = Vayu of Tridosha doctrine of India, Moisture = Kapha, Dryness = Pitta. Then with five elements of cosmology including three with dual-sense, as belonging to humorology, we have eight elements in all as cosmology-cum-humorology. It is obvious that Air, so important in the cosmologies of India and Greece, is no where explicit in Chinese cosmology.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  16. "Sentire cum Ecclesia" –Archbishop Oscar Romero in a crossfire of dissent

    Andrzej Dobrzyński


    Full Text Available The article Sentire cum Ecclesia Archbishop Romero caught between the fires of division: presents a clear picture of the difficult situation the Archbishop was involved in while ministering the war torn politically explosive Archdiocese of San Salvador (1977-1998 and the importance of maintaining his relationship with Rome. He lived his life between two burning fires: the cold war and the revolution, right and left wing factions, the unity of the Church and Liberation theology, and at the same time bearing within the strain of the dichotomy between the tendency for the mystic and his prophetic gift. The Archbishop was committed to put into practice the teaching of Vatican II, the social doctrine of the Church, and to the documents written by the Latin American Bishops in the conferences of Medellin (1968 and Puebla (1979. Paying attention to the circumstances of the Archdiocese and to the needs of Salvadorian society as a whole, Romero searched for solutions, taking into account his conscience and the Magisterium of the Church, while living a deeply spiritual life. His Episcopal motto, “To be of one mind with the Church” signifies his dedication and compassion with the suffering poor and disenfranchised, and the Church as an institution. Proof of this stems from always referring his feelings back to Rome and his dedication to the poor and persecuted. Even though it is not easy to draw any conclusions or make any judgments regarding Oscar Romero’s mission of the Church in the midst of the countries crisis, the article underlines the Historical-Ecclesiastical perspective that allows the avoidance of myths that continue to exist, in both liberal and conservative Catholic surroundings.

  17. Reconstruction of the Jaynes-Cummings field state of ionic motion in a harmonic trap

    Lv, Dingshun; An, Shuoming; Um, Mark; Zhang, Junhua; Zhang, Jing-Ning; Kim, M. S.; Kim, Kihwan


    A quantum state is fully characterized by its density matrix or equivalently by its quasiprobabilities in phase space. A scheme to identify the quasiprobabilities of a quantum state is an important tool in the recent development of quantum technologies. One of the most fundamental interaction models in quantum optics is the so-called Jaynes-Cummings model (JCM), which has been massively studied theoretically and experimentally. However, the expected essential dynamics of the field states under the resonant JCM has not been observed experimentally due to the lack of a proper reconstruction scheme. In this paper, we further develop a highly efficient vacuum measurement scheme and study the JCM dynamics in a trapped ion system with the capability of the vacuum measurement to reconstruct its quasiprobability Q function, which is a preferred choice to study the core of the dynamics of a quantum state in phase space. During the JCM dynamics, the Gaussian peak of the initial coherent state bifurcates and rotates around the origin of phase space. They merge at the so-called revival time at the other side of phase space. The measured Q function agrees with the theoretical prediction. Moreover, we reconstruct the Wigner function by deconvoluting the Q function and observe the quantum interference in the Wigner function at half of the revival time, where the vibrational state becomes nearly disentangled from the internal energy states and forms a superposition of two composite states. The scheme can be applied to other physical setups including cavity or circuit-QED and optomechanical systems.

  18. Atom-field entanglement in two-atom Jaynes-Cummings model with intensity-dependent coupling

    Bashkirov, E. K.


    An exact solution of the problem of two-atom one- and two-mode Jaynes-Cummings model with intensity-dependent coupling is presented. Asymptotic solutions for system state vectors are obtained in the approximation of large initial coherent fields. The atom-field entanglement is investigated on the basis of the reduced atomic entropy dynamics. The possibility of the system being initially in a pure disentangled state to revive into this state during the evolution process for both models is show...

  19. The effect of degenerate atomic levels on the field state dissipation in two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model

    周玲; 宋鹤山; 李崇; 郭彦青


    The dissipation of the field in the two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model (JCM) with degenerate atomic levels was studied. The initial degenerate atomic state affects the field coherence loss. When the degenerate atom is initially in an equal probability superposition state, the field coherence loss is smallest. It is found that the degeneracy of the atomic level increases the period of entanglement between the atom and the field. When the degeneracy was considered, the coherence properties of the field could be affected by the reservoir qualitatively, if a nonlinear two-photon process is involved. This is different from the dissipation of one-photon JCM with degenerate atomic levels.

  20. Entropy squeezing for a two-level atom in the Jaynes-Cummings model with an intensity-depend coupling

    李春先; 方卯发


    We study the squeezing for a two-level atom in the Jaynes-Cummings model with intensity-dependent coupling using quantum information entropy, and examine the influences of the initial state of the system on the squeezed component number and direction of the information entropy squeezing. Our results show that, the squeezed component number depends on the atomic initial distribution angle, while the squeezed direction is determined by both the phases of the atom and the field for the information entropy squeezing. Quantum information entropy is shown to be a remarkable precision measure for atomic squeezing.

  1. Establishment of HPLC Fingerprint of Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis%钩藤HPLC指纹图谱的构建

    何昱; 黄家卫; 杨维


    OBJECTIVE: To establish the HPLC fingerprint of Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis, and to provide objective basis for the quality control of Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis based on the results of the content determination of rhynchophylline and isorhynchophylline. METHODS: The determination was performed on Hypersil BDS C18(250 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm) column with the mobile phase consisted of methanol-0.02% triethylamine-water (gradient elution). The flow rate was 1.0 mL· min-1 and UV detection wavelength was 254 nm. RESULTS: The HPLC fingerprints of Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis were established according to the chromatographic data of 10 batches of samples. The results of similarity evaluation and principle component analysis (PCA)were favorable. CONCLUSION: Established fingerprint reflects the inherent character of Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis and can be used for the quality evaluation of it.%目的:建立钩藤药材的高效液相色谱(HPLC)指纹图谱,并结合钩藤碱和异钩藤碱的含量测定结果,为钩藤药材的质量控制提供客观依据.方法:色谱柱为依利特 Hypersil BDS C18(250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm),流动相为甲醇-含0.02%三乙胺的水(梯度洗脱),流速为1.0mL·min-1,紫外检测波长为254nm.结果:依照10个批次样品的色谱数据构建起钩藤药材的HPLC指纹图谱,相似度评价和主成分分析的结果良好.结论:所构建的指纹图谱可以反映钩藤药材的内在组成,作为其质量评价的标准.

  2. Response of the sensorimotor cortex of cerebral palsy rats receiving transplantation of vascular endothelial growth factor 165-transfected neural stem cells

    Jielu Tan; Xiangrong Zheng; Shanshan Zhang; Yujia Yang; Xia Wang; Xiaohe Yu; Le Zhong


    Neural stem cells are characterized by the ability to differentiate and stably express exogenous ge-nes. Vascular endothelial growth factor plays a role in protecting local blood vessels and neurons of newborn rats with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Transplantation of vascular endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells may be neuroprotective in rats with cerebral palsy. In this study, 7-day-old Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into ifve groups: (1) sham operation (control), (2) cerebral palsy model alone or with (3) phosphate-buffered saline, (4) vascular en-dothelial growth factor 165 + neural stem cells, or (5) neural stem cells alone. hTe cerebral palsy model was established by ligating the letf common carotid artery followed by exposure to hypox-ia. Phosphate-buffered saline, vascular endothelial growth factor + neural stem cells, and neural stem cells alone were administered into the sensorimotor cortex using the stereotaxic instrument and microsyringe. Atfer transplantation, the radial-arm water maze test and holding test were performed. Immunohistochemistry for vascular endothelial growth factor and histology using hematoxylin-eosin were performed on cerebral cortex. Results revealed that the number of vas-cular endothelial growth factor-positive cells in cerebral palsy rats transplanted with vascular endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells was increased, the time for ifnding water and the ifnding repetitions were reduced, the holding time was prolonged, and the degree of cell degeneration or necrosis was reduced. hTese ifndings indicate that the transplantation of vascu-lar endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells alleviates brain damage and cognitive deifcits, and is neuroprotective in neonatal rats with hypoxia ischemic-mediated cerebral palsy.

  3. Response of the sensorimotor cortex of cerebral palsy rats receiving transplantation of vascular endothelial growth factor 165-transfected neural stem cells.

    Tan, Jielu; Zheng, Xiangrong; Zhang, Shanshan; Yang, Yujia; Wang, Xia; Yu, Xiaohe; Zhong, Le


    Neural stem cells are characterized by the ability to differentiate and stably express exogenous ge-nes. Vascular endothelial growth factor plays a role in protecting local blood vessels and neurons of newborn rats with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Transplantation of vascular endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells may be neuroprotective in rats with cerebral palsy. In this study, 7-day-old Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into five groups: (1) sham operation (control), (2) cerebral palsy model alone or with (3) phosphate-buffered saline, (4) vascular endothelial growth factor 165 + neural stem cells, or (5) neural stem cells alone. The cerebral palsy model was established by ligating the left common carotid artery followed by exposure to hypoxia. Phosphate-buffered saline, vascular endothelial growth factor + neural stem cells, and neural stem cells alone were administered into the sensorimotor cortex using the stereotaxic instrument and microsyringe. After transplantation, the radial-arm water maze test and holding test were performed. Immunohistochemistry for vascular endothelial growth factor and histology using hematoxylin-eosin were performed on cerebral cortex. Results revealed that the number of vascular endothelial growth factor-positive cells in cerebral palsy rats transplanted with vascular endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells was increased, the time for finding water and the finding repetitions were reduced, the holding time was prolonged, and the degree of cell degeneration or necrosis was reduced. These findings indicate that the transplantation of vascular endothelial growth factor-transfected neural stem cells alleviates brain damage and cognitive deficits, and is neuroprotective in neonatal rats with hypoxia ischemic-mediated cerebral palsy.

  4. Investigations on juvenile fish excluder cum shrimp sorting device (JFE-SSD).

    Boopendranath, Menothuparambil Ravunny; Pravin, Puthra; Gibinkumar, Therodath Rajan; Sabu, Sarasan; Madhu, Vettiyattil Ramakrishnan


    Penaeid shrimp is a major resource in India contributing about 7.4% of the total marine fish landings. They are mostly landed by small mechanized trawlers. Shrimp trawling generates large quantities of bycatch mostly consisting of juvenile fishes, due to use of small mesh size in codends of trawl nets. Juvenile Fish Excluder cum Shrimp Sorting Device (JFE-SSD) is a bycatch reduction device with an in situ sorting mechanism, which replaces the conventional codend in a trawl. The device was designed to catch shrimps and commercially important fish species using a specially designed oval sorting grid with appropriate bar spacing and dual codends. Shrimp sorting efficiency and bycatch exclusion characteristics of JFE-SSD attached to a 29.6 m shrimp trawl, was tested by experimental fishing along the coastal waters off Cochin, India. Out of a total of 317.07 kg of catch encountered in the JFE-SSD installed trawl, 58.22% was retained in lower codend, 17.53% in upper codend and 24.25%, mostly consisting of juveniles and sub-adults of finfishes and shellfishes, was excluded from upper codend. The mean CPUE registered for upper and lower codend were 7.23±1.04 SE and 5.84±0.96 SE kg h(-1) respectively. The CPUE of shrimps retained in upper and lower codends were significantly different (Kruskal-Wallis test (1,62), P<0.001), but the mean CPUE for fishes did not vary significantly. The average escapement of shrimps and juvenile fishes from upper codend were 0.06±0.02 SE kg h(-1) and 2.40±0.44 SE kg h(-1) respectively. Significant differences in the length composition between upper and lower codends were noticed for Megalaspis cordyla, Stolephorus waitei, Metapenaeus dobsoni and Parapenaeopsis stylifera. The experiments demonstrated in situ sorting ability of the device and its potential to reduce the bycatch of juveniles and sub-adults in shrimp trawls.

  5. Copper Transporter 2 Content Is Lower in Liver and Heart of Copper-Deficient Rats

    Jesse Bertinato


    Full Text Available Copper (Cu transporter 2 (Ctr2 is a transmembrane protein that transports Cu across cell membranes and increases cytosolic Cu levels. Experiments using cell lines have suggested that Ctr2 expression is regulated by Cu status. The importance of changes in Ctr2 expression is underscored by recent studies demonstrating that lower Ctr2 content in cells increases the cellular uptake of platinum-containing cancer drugs and toxicity to the drugs. In this study, we examined whether Ctr2 expression is altered by a nutritional Cu deficiency in vivo. Ctr2 mRNA and protein in liver and heart from rats fed a normal (Cu-N, moderately deficient (Cu-M or deficient (Cu-D Cu diet was measured. Rats fed the Cu-deficient diets showed a dose-dependent decrease in liver Ctr2 protein compared to Cu-N rats. Ctr2 protein was 42% and 85% lower in Cu-M and Cu-D rats, respectively. Liver Ctr2 mRNA was 50% lower in Cu-D rats and unaffected in Cu-M rats. In heart, Ctr2 protein was only lower in Cu-D rats (46% lower. These data show that Cu deficiency decreases Ctr2 content in vivo.

  6. Effect of an external radiation field on the properties of the atoms and cavity field in the two-atom Tavis-Cummings model

    王忠纯; 王琪; 张永生; 郭光灿


    We study the properties of atoms and cavity field in the two-atom Tavis-Cummings model where the two atoms interact with each other and are also driven by an external classical field. We consider the special case that the cavity is initially in a coherent state. The atomic inversion, the average photons number and the Mandel parameter in the driven Tavis-Cummings model are given and analysed numerically. We pay special attention to the dynamical behaviour of the atoms and the cavity field modified by the external field.

  7. Influence of Stark Shift on Entanglement of Two Qubits in the Two-Photon Tavis-Cummings Model

    Mastyugin M.S.


    Full Text Available Considering two-atom degenerate two-photon Tavis-Cummings model, we investigate the entanglement between two atoms prepared initially in the coherent disentangled states and cavity field prepared in few-photon Fock state, and study the effect of the Stark shift on entanglement. The results show that the atom–atom negativity evolve periodically with time and the periods are affected by the Stark shift and initial coherent atomic state and that the atom–atom entanglement can be greatly enhanced due to the presence of Stark shift. We also have shown that entanglement sudden death effect vanishes for some parameters of the considered system due to the presence of Stark shift. In addition, the entanglement sudden death effect vanishes due to the presence of Stark shift. We have derived that the dynamic Stark shift can be used to control entanglement between two initially disentangled atoms.

  8. Glucemia, insulinemia y secreción de insulina en ratas prepúberes hiperandrogenizadas e hiperestrogenizadas Glycemia, insulinemia and insulin secretion in prepubescent rats receiving high doses of androgens and strogens

    Aimée Álvarez Álvarez


    Full Text Available Se estudió el efecto de una sobredosis de enantato de testosterona y de benzoato de estradiol en ratas machos prepúberes, sobre el comportamiento de la glucemia y la insulinemia in vivo, durante una prueba de tolerancia a la glucosa. Adicionalmente se exploró, in vitro, la capacidad de secreción de insulina estimulada por glucosa de los islotes de Langerhans de estas ratas hiperandrogenizadas e hiperestrogenizadas. Se encontró que la hiperandrogenización se acompañaba de un deterioro de la sensibilidad a la insulina, con hiperinsulinemia, que no se corresponde con un aumento de la capacidad de secreción de insulina de los islotes de Langerhans. Sin embargo, se comprobó que la hiperestrogenización no indujo cambios en los perfiles de glucemia, ni de insulinemia, ni en la capacidad de secreción de insulina de los islotes de Langerhans de este grupo de ratas hiperestrogenizadas.The effect of an overdose of testosterone heptanoate and estradiol in male prepubescent rats on the behavior of glycemia and insulinemia was studied in vivo during a glucose tolerance test. The capacity of insulin secretion stimulated by glucose from the islets of Langerhans of these rats that were administered a high dose of androgens and estrogens was explored in vitro. It was found that the high level of circulating androgens was accompanied by a deterioration of sensitivity to insulin with hyperinsulinemia that does not correspond to an increase of the insulin secreting capacity of the islets of Langerhans. However, it was demonstrated that the high level of circulating estrogens did not produce changes either in the glycemia and insulinemia profiles or in the insulin secreting capacity of the islets of Langerhans in this group of rats that received an elevated dose of estrogens.

  9. Electronic warfare receivers and receiving systems

    Poisel, Richard A


    Receivers systems are considered the core of electronic warfare (EW) intercept systems. Without them, the fundamental purpose of such systems is null and void. This book considers the major elements that make up receiver systems and the receivers that go in them.This resource provides system design engineers with techniques for design and development of EW receivers for modern modulations (spread spectrum) in addition to receivers for older, common modulation formats. Each major module in these receivers is considered in detail. Design information is included as well as performance tradeoffs o

  10. Alterations in the endometrium of rats, rabbits, and Macaca mulatta that received an implantation of copper/low-density polyethylene nanocomposite

    Hu LX


    Full Text Available Li-Xia Hu,1,* Hong Wang,1,* Meng Rao,1,* Xiao-Ling Zhao,1 Jing Yang,1 Shi-Fu Hu,1 Jing He,1,2 Wei Xia,1 Hefang Liu,1 Bo Zhen,1 Haihong Di,1 Changsheng Xie,3 Xianping Xia,3 Changhong Zhu,11Family Planning Research Institute, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, People's Republic of China; 2Central Hospital of Wuhan, Wuhan, People's Republic of China; 3Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: A copper/low-density polyethylene nanocomposite (nano-Cu/LDPE, a potential intrauterine device component material, has been developed from our research. A logical extension of our previous work, this study was conducted to investigate the expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1, substance P (SP, and substance P receptor (SP-R in the endometrium of Sprague Dawley rats, New Zealand White rabbits, and Macaca mulatta implanted with nano-Cu/LDPE composite. The influence of the nano-Cu/LDPE composite on the morphology of the endometrium was also investigated. Animals were randomly divided into five groups: the sham-operated control group (SO group, bulk copper group (Cu group, LDPE group, and nano-Cu/LDPE groups I and II. An expression of PAI-1, SP, and SP-R in the endometrial tissues was examined by immunohistochemistry at day 30, 60, 90, and 180 postimplantation. The significant difference for PAI-1, SP, and SP-R between the nano-Cu/LDPE groups and the SO group (P<0.05 was identified when the observation period was terminated, and the changes of nano-Cu/LDPE on these parameters were less remarkable than those of the Cu group (P<0.05. The damage to the endometrial morphology caused by the nano-Cu/LDPE composite was much less than that caused by bulk copper. The nano-Cu/LDPE composite might be a potential substitute for conventional materials for intrauterine

  11. Apigenin ameliorates chronic mild stress-induced depressive behavior by inhibiting interleukin-1β production and NLRP3 inflammasome activation in the rat brain.

    Li, Ruipeng; Wang, Xiangxiang; Qin, Tingting; Qu, Rong; Ma, Shiping


    Increasing evidence suggests that inflammation and oxidative stress may contribute to the development of major depressive disorder (MDD). Apigenin, a type of bioflavonoid widely found in citrus fruits, has a number of biological actions including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Although apigenin has potential antidepressant activity, the mechanisms of this effect remain unclear. The present study aims to investigate the effects of apigenin on behavioral changes and inflammatory responses induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) in rats. GW9662, a selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) inhibitor, was administered 30 min before apigenin. We found that treatment with apigenin (20mg/kg, intragastrically) for three weeks remarkably ameliorated CUMS-induced behavioral abnormalities, such as decreased locomotor activity and reduced sucrose consumption. In response to oxidative stress, the NLRP3 inflammasome was activated and IL-1β secretion increased in the prefrontal cortex (PFC) of CUMS rats. However, apigenin treatment upregulated PPARγ expression and downregulated the expression of NLRP3, which subsequently downregulated the production of IL-1β. In addition, GW9662 diminished the inhibitory effects of apigenin on the NLRP3 inflammasome. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that apigenin exhibits antidepressant-like effects in CUMS rats, possibly by inhibiting IL-1β production and NLRP3 inflammasome expression via the up-regulation of PPARγ expression.

  12. Transição de fase Superfluido-Isolante de Mott em redes ópticas via modelo de Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard

    Gomes, Clélio Brasil Cardoso


    Estudamos a transi¸c ao de fase superfluido-isolante de Mott (SF-MI) em redes ´opticas via modelo Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard utilizando a aproxima¸c ao de f´ermions. Inicialmente fazemos uma revis ao do modelo Jaynes-Cummings que descreve a intera¸c ao de um ´atomo de dois n´ıveis com um campo eletromagn´etico quantizado. Em seguida estudamos as propriedades da transi¸c ao de fase SF-MI no modelo Bose-Hubbard e discutimos as caracter´ısticas das duas fase qu anticas e as condi¸c ...

  13. Dynamics of single photon transport in a one-dimensional waveguide two-point coupled with a Jaynes-Cummings system

    Wang, Yuwen; Zhang, Yongyou; Zhang, Qingyun; Zou, Bingsuo; Schwingenschlogl, Udo


    We study the dynamics of an ultrafast single photon pulse in a one-dimensional waveguide two-point coupled with a Jaynes-Cummings system. We find that for any single photon input the transmissivity depends periodically on the separation between the two coupling points. For a pulse containing many plane wave components it is almost impossible to suppress transmission, especially when the width of the pulse is less than 20 times the period. In contrast to plane wave input, the waveform of the pulse can be modified by controlling the coupling between the waveguide and Jaynes-Cummings system. Tailoring of the waveform is important for single photon manipulation in quantum informatics. PMID:27653770

  14. Influence of the gravitational field on the quantum-nondemolition measurement of atomic momentum in the dispersive Jaynes-Cummings model

    Mohammadi, M [Physics Department, Science and Research Campus Azad University of Tehran, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Naderi, M H [Quantum Optics Group, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Soltanolkotabi, M [Quantum Optics Group, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    We present a theoretical scheme based on an su(2) dynamical algebraic structure to investigate the influence of a homogeneous gravitational field on the quantum-nondemolition measurement of atomic momentum in the dispersive Jaynes-Cummings model. In the dispersive Jaynes-Cummings model, when detuning is large and the atomic motion is in a propagating light wave, we consider a two-level atom interacting with the quantized cavity field in the presence of a homogeneous gravitational field. We derive an effective Hamiltonian describing the dispersive atom-field interaction in the presence of the gravitational field. We investigate the influence of the gravitational field on both the momentum filter and momentum distribution. Particularly, we find that the gravitational field decreases both the tooth spacing of momentum and the tooth width of momentum.

  15. Dynamics of single photon transport in a one-dimensional waveguide two-point coupled with a Jaynes-Cummings system

    Wang, Yuwen


    We study the dynamics of an ultrafast single photon pulse in a one-dimensional waveguide two-point coupled with a Jaynes-Cummings system. We find that for any single photon input the transmissivity depends periodically on the separation between the two coupling points. For a pulse containing many plane wave components it is almost impossible to suppress transmission, especially when the width of the pulse is less than 20 times the period. In contrast to plane wave input, the waveform of the pulse can be modified by controlling the coupling between the waveguide and Jaynes-Cummings system. Tailoring of the waveform is important for single photon manipulation in quantum informatics. © The Author(s) 2016.

  16. Rats

    Alexey Kondrashov


    Full Text Available We aimed to perform a chemical analysis of both Alibernet red wine and an alcohol-free Alibernet red wine extract (AWE and to investigate the effects of AWE on nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species production as well as blood pressure development in normotensive Wistar Kyoto (WKY and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs. Total antioxidant capacity together with total phenolic and selected mineral content was measured in wine and AWE. Young 6-week-old male WKY and SHR were treated with AWE (24,2 mg/kg/day for 3 weeks. Total NOS and SOD activities, eNOS and SOD1 protein expressions, and superoxide production were determined in the tissues. Both antioxidant capacity and phenolic content were significantly higher in AWE compared to wine. The AWE increased NOS activity in the left ventricle, aorta, and kidney of SHR, while it did not change NOS activity in WKY rats. Similarly, increased SOD activity in the plasma and left ventricle was observed in SHR only. There were no changes in eNOS and SOD1 expressions. In conclusion, phenolics and minerals included in AWE may contribute directly to increased NOS and SOD activities of SHR. Nevertheless, 3 weeks of AWE treatment failed to affect blood pressure of SHR.

  17. "Pseudo-invariant Eigen-operator" Method for Deriving Energy-Gap of an Atom-Cavity Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian with Atomic Centre-of-Mass Motion

    FAN Hong-Yi; TANG Xu-Bing


    Using the "Pseudo-invariant eigen-operator" method we find the energy-gap of the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian model of an atom-cavity system. This model takes the atomic centre-of-mass motion into account. The supersymmetric structure is involved in the Hamiltonian of an atom-cavity system. By selecting suitable supersymmetric generators and using supersymmetric transformation the Hamiltonian is diagonalized and energy eigenvectors are obtained.

  18. What can we learn from the dynamics of entanglement and quantum discord in the Tavis-Cummings model?

    Restrepo, Juliana; Rodriguez, Boris A.

    We revisit the problem of the dynamics of quantum correlations in the exact Tavis-Cummings model. We show that many of the dynamical features of quantum discord attributed to dissipation are already present in the exact framework and are due to the well known non-linearities in the model and to the choice of initial conditions. Through a comprehensive analysis, supported by explicit analytical calculations, we find that the dynamics of entanglement and quantum discord are far from being trivial or intuitive. In this context, we find states that are indistinguishable from the point of view of entanglement and distinguishable from the point of view of quantum discord, states where the two quantifiers give opposite information and states where they give roughly the same information about correlations at a certain time. Depending on the initial conditions, this model exhibits a fascinating range of phenomena that can be used for experimental purposes such as: Robust states against change of manifold or dissipation, tunable entanglement states and states with a counterintuitive sudden birth as the number of photons increase. We furthermore propose an experiment called quantum discord gates where discord is zero or non-zero depending on the number of photons. This work was supported by the Vicerrectoria de Investigacion of the Universidad Antonio Narino, Colombia under Project Number 20141031 and by the Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion (COLCIENCIAS) of Colombia under Grant Number.

  19. Sol-gel-cum-hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous Co-Fe@Al₂O₃−MCM-41 for methylene blue remediation



    A combined sol-gel-cum-hydrothermalmethod has been employed to synthesize novelmonometallic (Mn, Fe, Co) and bimetallic (Co-Fe, Mn-Co, Fe-Mn) nanoparticles loaded onto Al₂O₃−MCM-41. Powder XRD, N2 sorption, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) measurements show that the materials possess mesoporosity, high surface area and nanosize. Monometallic Fe, Co and Mn @Al₂O₃−MCM-41 and bimetallic Co-Fe, Fe-Mn and Mn-Co @Al₂O₃−MCM-41 materials were tested for methylene blue remediation from aqueous media. In the present study, Co-Fe@Al₂O₃−MCM-41 was found to be an excellent adsorbent. The adsorption efficiency of Co- Fe@Al₂O₃−MCM-41 has been studied as a function of adsorbent dose and pH of the solution. Maximum adsorption of methylene blue was obtained at high pH values of the solution. Framework mesoporosity, high surface area, and narrow pore distribution are the key factors for an efficient adsorption of methylene blue onCo-Fe@Al₂O₃−MCM-41.

  20. Quantum statistical properties of the Jaynes-Cummings model in the presence of a classical homogeneous gravitational field

    Mohammadi, M [Department of Physics, Science and Research Campus Azad University of Tehran, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Naderi, M H [Quantum Optics Group, Department of Physics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Soltanolkotabi, M [Quantum Optics Group, Department of Physics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    The temporal evolution of quantum statistical properties of an interacting atom-radiation field system in the presence of a classical homogeneous gravitational field is investigated within the framework of the Jaynes-Cummings model. To analyse the dynamical evolution of the atom-radiation system a quantum treatment of the internal and external dynamics of the atom is presented based on an alternative su(2) dynamical algebraic structure. By solving the Schroedinger equation in the interaction picture, the evolving state of the system is found by which the influence of the gravitational field on the dynamical behaviour of the atom-radiation system is explored. Assuming that initially the radiation field is prepared in a coherent state and the two-level atom is in a coherent superposition of the excited and ground states, the influence of gravity on the collapses and revivals of the atomic population inversion, atomic dipole squeezing, atomic momentum diffusion, photon counting statistics and quadrature squeezing of the radiation field is studied.

  1. Formation of three-body entanglement via a vacuum optical cavity induction in Tavis-Cummings model

    Li Yu-Liang; Li Xue-Mei


    After briefly introducing Akhtarshenas, concurrence vector and subvector for describing many-body entanglement,we investigate the entanglement formation for a system which contains three bodies, i.e. two identical atoms and a single model cavity field, in the Tavis-Cummings model by calculating the concurrences. The results show that the coupling strength between two atoms, the decay cavity and the atomic spontaneous emission can change the entanglement of formation according to different modes: these factors destroy periodicity and symmetry of all concurrences, and that the coupling strength of two atoms does not change the peak value of concurrence (C), but the strength of decay cavity and the atomic spontaneous emission decline in the peak value of concurrence (C) and the latter is more serious than the former under the same strengths. The concurrence vector and subvector are a useful measure of entanglement for a pure state of the many-body system, in that it can give novel pictures about the entanglements for the entire system and between its inner bodies.

  2. Umbelliferone reverses depression-like behavior in chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced rats by attenuating neuronal apoptosis via regulating ROCK/Akt pathway.

    Qin, Tingting; Fang, Fang; Song, Meiting; Li, Ruipeng; Ma, Zhanqiang; Ma, Shiping


    There is increasing evidence that major depressive disorder (MDD) is also a progressive neurodegeneration disorder and neuronal damage is the major pathology of MDD. Umbelliferone, a coumarin derivative, was found in a range of plants with proved anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. The primary purpose of this investigation was to evaluate whether umbelliferone could confer an antidepressant-like effect on the depressive model in rats developed by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) and explore the possible mechanism involved in its neuroprotective effects. We found that treatments with umbelliferone (15mg/kg, 30mg/kg) significantly ameliorated CUMS-induced depressive-like behaviors, such as decreased sucrose consumption, reduced locomotor activity and prolonged immobility time. Rats under CUMS stimulation treated with umbelliferone (15mg/kg, 30mg/kg) showed reduced neuronal apoptosis, as well as inhibited inflammatory cytokines levels by down-regulating Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) signaling and up-regulating protein kinase B (Akt) signaling. In conclusion, umbelliferone showed neuroprotective effects on CUMS-induced model of depression, which was associated with the inhibition of neuronal apoptosis modulated by ROCK/Akt pathway.

  3. The involvement of homocysteine in stress-induced Aβ precursor protein misprocessing and related cognitive decline in rats.

    Xie, Fang; Zhao, Yun; Ma, Jing; Gong, Jing-Bo; Wang, Shi-Da; Zhang, Liang; Gao, Xiu-Jie; Qian, Ling-Jia


    Chronic stress is a risk factor in the development of cognitive decline and even Alzheimer's disease (AD), although its underlying mechanism is not fully understood. Our previous data demonstrated that the level of homocysteine (Hcy) was significantly elevated in the plasma of stressed animals, which suggests the possibility that Hcy is a link between stress and cognitive decline. To test this hypothesis, we compared the cognitive function, plasma concentrations of Hcy, and the brain beta-amyloid (Aβ) level between rats with or without chronic unexpected mild stress (CUMS). A lower performance by rats in behavioral tests indicated that a significant cognitive decline was induced by CUMS. Stress also disturbed the normal processing of Aβ precursor protein (APP) and resulted in the accumulation of Aβ in the brains of rats, which showed a positive correlation with the hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) that appeared in stressed rats. Hcy-targeting intervention experiments were used to verify further the involvement of Hcy in stress-induced APP misprocessing and related cognitive decline. The results showed that diet-induced HHcy could mimic the cognitive impairment and APP misprocessing in the same manner as CUMS, while Hcy reduction by means of vitamin B complex supplements and betaine could alleviate the cognitive deficits and dysregulation of Aβ metabolism in CUMS rats. Taken together, the novel evidence from our present study suggests that Hcy is likely to be involved in chronic stress-evoked APP misprocessing and related cognitive deficits. Our results also suggested the possibility of Hcy as a target for therapy and the potential value of vitamin B and betaine intake in the prevention of stress-induced cognitive decline.

  4. The Impacts of Swimming Exercise on Hippocampal Expression of Neurotrophic Factors in Rats Exposed to Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress

    Pei Jiang


    Full Text Available Depression is associated with stress-induced neural atrophy in limbic brain regions, whereas exercise has antidepressant effects as well as increasing hippocampal synaptic plasticity by strengthening neurogenesis, metabolism, and vascular function. A key mechanism mediating these broad benefits of exercise on the brain is induction of neurotrophic factors, which instruct downstream structural and functional changes. To systematically evaluate the potential neurotrophic factors that were involved in the antidepressive effects of exercise, in this study, we assessed the effects of swimming exercise on hippocampal mRNA expression of several classes of the growth factors (BDNF, GDNF, NGF, NT-3, FGF2, VEGF, and IGF-1 and peptides (VGF and NPY in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS. Our study demonstrated that the swimming training paradigm significantly induced the expression of BDNF and BDNF-regulated peptides (VGF and NPY and restored their stress-induced downregulation. Additionally, the exercise protocol also increased the antiapoptotic Bcl-xl expression and normalized the CUMS mediated induction of proapoptotic Bax mRNA level. Overall, our data suggest that swimming exercise has antidepressant effects, increasing the resistance to the neural damage caused by CUMS, and both BDNF and its downstream neurotrophic peptides may exert a major function in the exercise related adaptive processes to CUMS.

  5. Estrategia para la mejora de la degradación del ácido p-cumárico mediante selección bacteriana

    Otal, E.; Arnáiz Franco, Carmen; Gutiérrez, J.C.; Lebrato Martínez, Julián


    Artículo original escaneado para el Repositorio (archivo delegado) Recientemente está recibiendo gran aceptación el tratamiento integrado quimicobiológico de aguas residuales que contienen compuestos orgánicos defícilmente biodegradables. Sim embargo, estudios realizados con aguas sintéticas con ácido p-cumárico mostraron que el tratamiento químico previo al tratamiento biológico no mejoraba su degradación. En este trabajo se han aislado e identificado estirpes bacterianas capaces de crece...

  6. Linear entropy dynamics of the field in the Jaynes-Cummings model with an intensity-dependent coupling in the dispersive approximation

    李春先; 方卯发


    We present the linear entropy dynarmics of the field state in the dispersive cavity in the Jaynes-Cummings model with an intensity-dependent coupling in the dispersive approximation, and investigate the influence of dissipation on entanglement between the field and the atoms. We show that the coherence properties of the field are also affected by the cavity when the nonlinear process of the field interacting with the atoms with an intensity-dependent coupling is involved, and find that the dissipation constant, the intensity of the field and the atomic distribution angle have different influence on the coherence properties of the field.

  7. Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers

    Schneider, Kerstin


    Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers primarily treats the circuit design of optical receivers with external photodiodes. Continuous-mode and burst-mode receivers are compared. The monograph first summarizes the basics of III/V photodetectors, transistor and noise models, bit-error rate, sensitivity and analog circuit design, thus enabling readers to understand the circuits described in the main part of the book. In order to cover the topic comprehensively, detailed descriptions of receivers for optical data communication in general and, in particular, optical burst-mode receivers in deep-sub-µm CMOS are presented. Numerous detailed and elaborate illustrations facilitate better understanding.

  8. The improvement effect of TREK-1 potassium channel blockade on the behavior of depression model rats%TREK-1钾通道拮抗剂对抑郁模型大鼠行为学改善的影响

    徐华; 祁鑫洋; 王立平; 张志珺


    Objective To study the effect of TREK-1 potassium channel blocker on the behavior in rats with depression.Methods Forty-eight healthy adult male Sprague Dawley (SD) rats were divided into 6 groups as following:control + saline (CON group),control + fluoxetine (CON + FLU group),control + SID1900 (CON+SID group),CUMS + saline (CUMS group),CUMS + fluoxetine (CUMS+FLU group) and CUMS + SID1900 (CUMS+SID group) with 8 in each group.Isolated living conditions combining chronic unpredicted mild stress (CUMS) were used to establish depression model in rats.Four weeks after modeling,fluoxetine 10 mg· kg-1,SID1900 5.1 mg · kg-1 and 0.9% sodium chloride were given by intraperitoneal injection respectively.Body weight and behavioral performance of rats in several experiment paradigms were measured after drug administration.The behavioral paradigms included sucrose preference test(SPT),open field test(OFT) and forced swimming test(FST).Results Drug administration had no significant effect on body weight and behavioral performance in non stress rats (P>0.05),however,after chronic unpredicted mild stress the body weight,percentage of sucrose consumption,movement distances and rearing times in CUMS group were decreased dramatically contrast to CON group,but the immobility duration was increased significantly (all P<0.001).After treatment with drug for 14 days,the sucrose consumption percentage(62.03± 6.99) %) and rearing times (18.57 ± 6.37) in CUMS+SID group were increased contrast to C UMS group ((45.46± 15.54) %,(5.83±3.06)),while the immobility time((123.57±26.73) s) was decreased compared with that in CUMS group((174.33±40.68) s).When drug administration for 28 days,the sucrose consumption percentage((79.64± 11.37) %),the total distance as well as the rearing times ((13.18 ± 3.17) m,(19.33±3.33)) within OFT in CUMS+FLU group were increased in comparison with CUMS group((48.06± 17.10) %,(4.45±3.69) m,(5.17± 2.99)),and the immobility duration ((97

  9. Low complexity MIMO receivers

    Bai, Lin; Yu, Quan


    Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems can increase the spectral efficiency in wireless communications. However, the interference becomes the major drawback that leads to high computational complexity at both transmitter and receiver. In particular, the complexity of MIMO receivers can be prohibitively high. As an efficient mathematical tool to devise low complexity approaches that mitigate the interference in MIMO systems, lattice reduction (LR) has been widely studied and employed over the last decade. The co-authors of this book are world's leading experts on MIMO receivers, and here they share the key findings of their research over years. They detail a range of key techniques for receiver design as multiple transmitted and received signals are available. The authors first introduce the principle of signal detection and the LR in mathematical aspects. They then move on to discuss the use of LR in low complexity MIMO receiver design with respect to different aspects, including uncoded MIMO detection...

  10. Delphi Accounts Receivable Module -

    Department of Transportation — Delphi accounts receivable module contains the following data elements, but are not limited to customer information, cash receipts, line of accounting details, bill...

  11. 抑郁模型大鼠再应激后海马细胞支架蛋白的改变%Cytoskeletal alterations in rat hippocampus following chronic unpredictable mild stress and re-exposure to acute and chronic unpredictable mild stress

    杨灿; 王高华; 王惠玲; 刘忠纯; 王晓萍; 朱志先


    目的 研究抑郁模型大鼠接受再次急性和慢性应激后细胞支架微管系统的动态性改变,并探讨可能的机制.方法 将40只大鼠按随机数字表法分为5组:对照组(空白对照+生理盐水),CUMS组(CUMS+生理盐水),氟西汀组(CUMS+氟西汀),急性再应激组(CUMS+氟西汀+药物清洗期+急性游泳应激),CUMS再应激组(CUMS+氟西汀+药物清洗期+CUMS).实验结束后进行行为学观察,并使用免疫印迹法( western blotting)检测大鼠海马乙酰化微管蛋白(Acet-Tub),酪氨酸化微管蛋白(Tyr-Tub),微管结合蛋白2(MAP-2)及磷酸化微管结合蛋白2(phospho-MAP-2).结果 (1)CUMS再应激组糖水偏好[ (43.38±7.84)%],总行程[(859.21±653.62)cm],运动平均速度[(2.05±0.60)cm/s]及直立次数[(0.12±0.30)次]均减少,与对照组及CUMS组相比均差异有显著性(P<0.01).急性再应激组行为与对照组比较差异无显著性.氟西汀组糖水偏好和旷场实验相关指标与对照组差异无显著性,与CUMS组差异有显著性(P<0.01).(2) CUMS再应激组Acet-Tub表达升高[(244.24±8.90)%],Tyr-Tub表达降低[ (30.92±11.00)%],与对照组及CUMS组差异均有显著性(P<0.01).MAP-2的表达与对照组及CUMS组比较差异无显著性,phospho-M AP-2的表达减少[(24.75±8.83)%],与对照组及CUMS组均差异有显著性(P<0.01).急性再应激组各蛋白水平与对照组比较差异无显著性.氟西汀组各蛋白的表达与对照组比较差异无显著性(P>0.05),与CUMS组比较差异有显著性(P<0.01).结论 动物再次暴露于CUMS后,其行为和微管动态性损害更严重,同时伴随微管相关蛋白磷酸化的变化,提示临床抑郁症的发生以及复发的町能机制.%Objective To investigate behavior and hippocampal cytoskeletal alterations following re-exposure to chronic unpredictable mild stress(CUMS) and acute swimming stress,and explore the possible mechanism.Methods 40 Male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were

  12. Chronic unpredicted mild stress-induced depression alter saxagliptin pharmacokinetics and CYP450 activity in GK rats

    Zhengchao Xia


    Full Text Available Background. This study was to explore the pharmacokinetics of saxagliptin (Sax in Goto–Kakizaki (GK rats complicated with depression induced by chronic unpredicted mild stress (CUMS. The comorbidity of diabetic patients with depression is becoming more and more epidemic. Whether depression mental disorder alters the pharmacokinetics of hypoglycemic drugs in diabetes patients is not clear.Methods. Five-week-old male GK rats were kept in the cage for 7 weeks in a specific pathogen free (SPF-grade lab until the emergence of diabetes and were then divided into two groups: control group and depression model group. Rats in the CUMS-induced depression group were exposed to a series of stressors for 8 weeks. Plasma serotonin and dopamine levels and behavior of open-field test were used to confirm the establishment of the depression model. All rats were given 0.5 mg/kg Sax orally after 8 weeks and blood samples were collected at different time points. The Sax concentration was assayed by high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS. The CYP450 activity of the liver microsomes was determined by using cocktails of probe drugs in which the activities of CYP enzymes were assessed through the determination of the production of the probe drugs.Results. Statistically significant differences in Sax pharmacokinetics were observed for area under curve, clearance, peak concentration, peak time and mean residence time between the depression rats and the control rats, while no statistical differences were observed for half-time and distribution volume by HPLC-MS/MS analysis. The CYP450 activity had different changes in the depression group.Conclusions. These results indicated that CUMS-induced depression alters the drug metabolic process of Sax and CYP450 activity of the liver microsomal enzymes in GK rats.

  13. Different behavioral effects of maprotiline and fluxilan in rats

    Spasojević Nataša


    Full Text Available Serotonin and noradrenaline are involved in the mechanisms of action of most antidepressant drugs. We examined the effects of chronic treatment with maprotiline, a selective inhibitor of noradrenaline reuptake, and fluxilan, a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake, on the behavior of unstressed controls and chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS model rats in the forced swim test (FST and elevated plus maze test. Both selective reuptake inhibitors resulted in a significant reduction of time spent in immobility. Climbing was significantly increased in maprotiline- and swimming was exclusively elicited in the fluxilan-treated unstressed control and CUMS rats. Maprotiline-treated ani­mals displayed decreased anxiety and fluxilan-treated rats enhanced anxiety. The obtained results suggest that central noradrenergic and serotonergic systems might be affected differently during FST. The results also demonstrate that the anxiogenic effects of chronic fluxilan treatment are similar to those reported by many other studies. These differences observed for the effects of fluxilan in relation to those reported for maprotiline and probably due to the different phar­macological profiles of these drugs.

  14. The rapid antidepressant effect of ketamine in rats is associated with down-regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the hippocampus

    Wang, Nan; Yu, Hai-Ying; Shen, Xiao-Feng; Gao, Zhi-Qin; Yang, Chun; Yang, Jian-Jun; Zhang, Guang-Fen


    Objectives. Active inflammatory responses play an important role in the pathogenesis of depression. We hypothesized that the rapid antidepressant effect of ketamine is associated with the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators. Methods. Forty-eight rats were equally randomized into six groups (a control and five chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) groups) and given either saline or 10 mg/kg ketamine, respectively. The forced swimming test was performed, and the hippocampus was sub...

  15. Chronic unpredictable mild stress generates oxidative stress and systemic inflammation in rats.

    López-López, Ana Laura; Jaime, Herlinda Bonilla; Escobar Villanueva, María Del Carmen; Padilla, Malinalli Brianza; Palacios, Gonzalo Vázquez; Aguilar, Francisco Javier Alarcón


    Stress is considered to be a causal agent of chronic degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, arthritis and Alzheimer's. Chronic glucocorticoid and catecholamine release into the circulation during the stress response has been suggested to activate damage mechanisms, which in the long term produce metabolic alterations associated with oxidative stress and inflammation. However, the consequences of stress in animal models for periods longer than 40days have not been explored. The goal of this work was to determine whether chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) produced alterations in the redox state and the inflammatory profile of rats after 20, 40, and 60days. CUMS consisted of random exposure of the animals to different stressors. The following activities were measured in the liver and pancreas: reduced glutathione (GSH), lipid peroxidation (LPO), superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), total antioxidant capacity (TAC), and protein oxidation. Similarly, serum cytokine levels (IL-6, TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-10) were determined. CUMS activated the stress response from day 20 until day 60. In the liver and pancreas, GHS levels were decreased from day 40, whereas protein lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation were increased. This is the first work to report that the pancreas redox state is subject to chronic stress conditions. The TAC was constant in the liver and reduced in the pancreas. An increase in the TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6 inflammatory markers and a decrease in the IL-10 level due to CUMS was shown, thereby resulting in the generation of a systemic inflammation state after 60days of treatment. Together, the CUMS consequences on day 60 suggest that both processes can contribute to the development of chronic degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. CUMS is an animal model that in addition to avoiding habituation activates damage mechanisms such as oxidative stress and low-grade chronic

  16. 1H-NMR-based metabonomic studies on the anti-depressant effect of genipin in the chronic unpredictable mild stress rat model.

    Jun-Sheng Tian

    Full Text Available The purpose of this work was to investigate the anti-depressant effect of genipin and its mechanisms using (1H-NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis on a chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS rat model. Rat serum and urine were analyzed by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR-based metabonomics after oral administration of either genipin or saline for 2 weeks. Significant differences in the metabolic profile of the CUMS-treated group and the control group were observed, which were consistent with the results of behavioral tests. Metabolic effects of CUMS included decreases in serum trimetlylamine oxide (TMAO and β-hydroxybutyric acid (β-HB, and increases in lipid, lactate, alanine and N-acetyl-glycoproteins. In urine, decreases in creatinine and betaine were observed, while citrate, trimethylamine (TMA and dimethylamine were increased. These changes suggest that depression may be associated with gut microbes, energy metabolism and glycometabolism. Genipin showed the best anti-depressive effects at a dose of 100 mg/kg in rats. These results indicate that metabonomic approaches could be powerful tools for the investigation of the biochemical changes in pathological conditions or drug treatment.

  17. Stress-induced endocrine response and anxiety: the effects of comfort food in rats.

    Ortolani, Daniela; Garcia, Márcia Carvalho; Melo-Thomas, Liana; Spadari-Bratfisch, Regina Celia


    The long-term effects of comfort food in an anxiogenic model of stress have yet to be analyzed. Here, we evaluated behavioral, endocrine and metabolic parameters in rats submitted or not to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS), with access to commercial chow alone or to commercial chow and comfort food. Stress did not alter the preference for comfort food but decreased food intake. In the elevated plus-maze (EPM) test, stressed rats were less likely to enter/remain in the open arms, as well as being more likely to enter/remain in the closed arms, than were control rats, both conditions being more pronounced in the rats given access to comfort food. In the open field test, stress decreased the time spent in the centre, independent of diet; neither stress nor diet affected the number of crossing, rearing or grooming episodes. The stress-induced increase in serum corticosterone was attenuated in rats given access to comfort food. Serum concentration of triglycerides were unaffected by stress or diet, although access to comfort food increased total cholesterol and glucose. It is concluded that CUMS has an anorexigenic effect. Chronic stress and comfort food ingestion induced an anxiogenic profile although comfort food attenuated the endocrine stress response. The present data indicate that the combination of stress and access to comfort food, common aspects of modern life, may constitute a link among stress, feeding behavior and anxiety.

  18. On Improving Ratio/Product Estimator by Ratio/Product-cum-Mean-per-Unit Estimator Targeting More Efficient Use of Auxiliary Information

    Angela Shirley


    Full Text Available To achieve a more efficient use of auxiliary information we propose single-parameter ratio/product-cum-mean-per-unit estimators for a finite population mean in a simple random sample without replacement when the magnitude of the correlation coefficient is not very high (less than or equal to 0.7. The first order large sample approximation to the bias and the mean square error of our proposed estimators are obtained. We use simulation to compare our estimators with the well-known sample mean, ratio, and product estimators, as well as the classical linear regression estimator for efficient use of auxiliary information. The results are conforming to our motivating aim behind our proposition.

  19. Entanglement transfer from two-mode continuous variable SU(2) cat states to discrete qubits systems in Jaynes-Cummings Dimers.

    Ran, Du; Hu, Chang-Sheng; Yang, Zhen-Biao


    We study the entanglement transfer from a two-mode continuous variable system (initially in the two-mode SU(2) cat states) to a couple of discrete two-state systems (initially in an arbitrary mixed state), by use of the resonant Jaynes-Cummings (JC) interaction. We first quantitatively connect the entanglement transfer to non-Gaussianity of the two-mode SU(2) cat states and find a positive correlation between them. We then investigate the behaviors of the entanglement transfer and find that it is dependent on the initial state of the discrete systems. We also find that the largest possible value of the transferred entanglement exhibits a variety of behaviors for different photon number as well as for the phase angle of the two-mode SU(2) cat states. We finally consider the influences of the noise on the transferred entanglement.

  20. The effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on the changes of depressive like behaviors in chronic unpredictable mild stress model rats and its possible mechanism%重复经颅磁刺激对抑郁模型大鼠行为的改善作用及机制

    刘高华; 陈冠婕; 陈怡环; 杨帆; 张瑞国; 彭正午; 谭庆荣


    Objective To investigate the effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on the depressive like behaviors and expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),IL-1β and NF-κB of hippocampal in chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) rats.Methods Thirty-two adult male rats were randomly divided into four groups (n =8):Control group,Control + rTMS group,CUMS group and CUMS + rTMS group.The sucrose preference test,forced swim test and open field test were used to evaluate depressive like behaviors for each groups.In addition,the expression of BDNF,NF-κB and IL-1 β in hippocampal were detected by western blot and ELISA after behavioral test,respectively.Results 1.The effects of rTMS on depressive like behaviors of CUMS rats:in the sucrose preference test,the sucrose preference rate of CUMS rats (0.67 ± 0.06) was significantly lower than Control group (0.91 ± 0.04),which was higher in the CUMS + rTMS group (0.83 ±0.08).In the forced swim test,the immobility time of CUMS group ((26.88 ± 11.33) s) was longer than Control group ((15.22 ± 6.75) s) and CUMS + rTMS group ((18.41 ± 6.95) s).In the open field test,both the total distance travelled and number of central area entry times of CUMS group((849.165 ± 769.01) cm,(7.42 ± 5.68))were significantly shorter ((6224.81 ± 1403.2) cm) and smaller (22.86 ± 3.72) than Control group,and those of the CUMS + rTMS were longer ((4105.57 ± 1516.92)cm) and larger (21.25 ± 3.45).All the behavioral results were statistically significant (P< 0.05).And of all the aforementioned behavioral parameters,there were no significant differences between Control group and Control + rTMS group(P>0.05).2.The effects of rTMS on the hippocampal expressions of BDNF,NF-κB and IL-1β in CUMS rats:compared with Control group,the hippocampal expression of BDNF in CUMS rats was significantly decreased,while the expressions of NF-κB and IL-1β in the hippocampus were significantly increased (P< 0.05).Compared

  1. Prostacyclin (PGI sub 2 ) synthesis in basal and thrombin challenged aortic rings is depressed in copper deficient and copper marginal rats

    Nelson, S.K.; Mathias, M.M.; Allen, K.G.D. (Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins (United States) Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, DC (United States))


    Thirty male weanling rats were fed AIN based copper deficient (CuD) diet containing 0.1% of the Cu chelator N,N{prime}-bis(2-aminoethyl)-1,3-propanediamine.4HCl for 1 week. Animals were then assigned to three groups of 10 each and fed copper adequate (CuA), copper marginal (CuM) on CuD diets providing 7.5, 1.6 and 0.5 {mu}g Cu/g respectively for 26 days. Animals were pair meal fed to CuD for the last 16 days. Thoracic aorta were excised and 2 mm rings incubated in 2 ml Krebs Henseleit salts, 10mM HEPES pH 7.4, 37{degree}, 95.5 O{sub 2}/CO{sub 2}. PGI{sub 2} in incubation medium was determined by RIA as 6-keto PGF{sub 1{alpha}}. Cu status was assessed by liver Cu and aortic tissue superoxide dismutase (CuSOD). PGI{sub 2} production by 1 hour rested rings was linear from 0 to 10 minutes. Rested aortic rings produced < 5% PGI{sub 2} as in freshly excised rings. PGI{sub 2} synthesis in basal incubation, was significantly depressed 41% in CuM and 56% in CuD aortic rings. Challenge with 1OU/ml thrombin significantly increased PGI{sub 2} synthesis in CuA, CuM and CuD aortic rings by 32%-54%. CuM and CuD aortic ring PGI{sub 2} synthesis was significantly depressed by 32% and 48% respectively in thrombin challenged incubations. Both CuM and CuD decrease basal and thrombin challenged aortic ring PGI{sub 2} synthesis and this is associated with changes in aortic tissue CuSOD.

  2. Wideband CMOS receivers

    Oliveira, Luis


    This book demonstrates how to design a wideband receiver operating in current mode, in which the noise and non-linearity are reduced, implemented in a low cost single chip, using standard CMOS technology.  The authors present a solution to remove the transimpedance amplifier (TIA) block and connect directly the mixer’s output to a passive second-order continuous-time Σ∆ analog to digital converter (ADC), which operates in current-mode. These techniques enable the reduction of area, power consumption, and cost in modern CMOS receivers.

  3. Zero-power receiver

    Brocato, Robert W.


    An unpowered signal receiver and a method for signal reception detects and responds to very weak signals using pyroelectric devices as impedance transformers and/or demodulators. In some embodiments, surface acoustic wave devices (SAW) are also used. Illustrative embodiments include satellite and long distance terrestrial communications applications.

  4. Sender-Receiver Games

    Peeters, R.J.A.P.; Potters, J.A.M.


    Standard game-theoretic solution concepts do not guarantee meaningful commu- nication in cheap-talk games. In this paper, we define a solution concept which guarantees communication for a large class of games by designing a behavior pro- tocol which the receiver uses to judge messages sent by the

  5. Low glycemic load diets protect against metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes mellitus in the male Nile rat.

    Bolsinger, Julia; Landstrom, Michelle; Pronczuk, Andrzej; Auerbach, Andrew; Hayes, K C


    Dietary modification helps prevent and manage Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in humans and Nile rats. Specifically fibrous legumes, like lentils, benefit humans, but whether this reflects a specific change in the Glycemic Load (GLoad) remains controversial. Accordingly, low-GLoad foods were tested in the glucose-sensitive Nile rat. 131 male Nile rats aged 3 weeks to 15 months were challenged during four experiments with 15 dietary exposures that varied Glycemic Index (GI, 36-88), GLoad (102-305/2000 kcal), and cumulative GLoad (Cum GLoad=days×GLoad, 181-537g total glucose). Lentil diets with low GLoads (102, 202) prevented, delayed, reduced, even reversed the progress of MetS and T2DM as measured by blood glucose (fasting, random, and oral glucose tolerance test) and plasma lipid parameters (plasma cholesterol and triglycerides) plus necropsy findings (liver and kidney pathology plus adipose reserves). The benefit from lentils exceeded dietary factors such as macronutrient composition (%Energy from carbohydrate:fat:protein, between 70:10:20 to 40:40:20), total fiber (0-24%), or dietary caloric density (2.9-4.7 kcal/g). The benefit of a low GLoad applied equally to rats inherently susceptible or resistant to T2DM, based on random glucose above or below 75 mg/dl, respectively, during interventions of 7-17 weeks. Measuring total food intake and the novel concept of Cum GLoad during growth generated strong correlations (up to r=0.93) between Cum GLoad and parameters of MetS and T2DM, especially during sexual maturation. The present experiments confirm the applicability of male Nile rats to diet-induced human T2DM, and suggest dietary compositions to deter MetS and T2DM in humans. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Digital Receiver Phase Meter

    Marcin, Martin; Abramovici, Alexander


    The software of a commercially available digital radio receiver has been modified to make the receiver function as a two-channel low-noise phase meter. This phase meter is a prototype in the continuing development of a phase meter for a system in which radiofrequency (RF) signals in the two channels would be outputs of a spaceborne heterodyne laser interferometer for detecting gravitational waves. The frequencies of the signals could include a common Doppler-shift component of as much as 15 MHz. The phase meter is required to measure the relative phases of the signals in the two channels at a sampling rate of 10 Hz at a root power spectral density digital receiver. The input RF signal is first fed to the input terminal of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). To prevent aliasing errors in the ADC, the sampling rate must be at least twice the input signal frequency. The sampling rate of the ADC is governed by a sampling clock, which also drives a digital local oscillator (DLO), which is a direct digital frequency synthesizer. The DLO produces samples of sine and cosine signals at a programmed tuning frequency. The sine and cosine samples are mixed with (that is, multiplied by) the samples from the ADC, then low-pass filtered to obtain in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) signal components. A digital signal processor (DSP) computes the ratio between the Q and I components, computes the phase of the RF signal (relative to that of the DLO signal) as the arctangent of this ratio, and then averages successive such phase values over a time interval specified by the user.

  7. Pressure difference receiving ears

    Michelsen, Axel; Larsen, Ole Næsbye


    of such pressure difference receiving ears have been hampered by lack of suitable experimental methods. In this review, we review the methods for collecting reliable data on the binaural directional cues at the eardrums, on how the eardrum vibrations depend on the direction of sound incidence, and on how sound...... waves behave in the air spaces leading to the interior surfaces of eardrums. A linear mathematical model with well-defined inputs is used for exploring how the directionality varies with the binaural directional cues and the amplitude and phase gain of the sound pathway to the inner surface...

  8. Learning and memory alterations are associated with hippocampal N-acetylaspartate in a rat model of depression as measured by 1H-MRS.

    Guangjun Xi

    Full Text Available It is generally accepted that cognitive processes, such as learning and memory, are affected in depression. The present study used a rat model of depression, chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS, to determine whether hippocampal volume and neurochemical changes were involved in learning and memory alterations. A further aim was to determine whether these effects could be ameliorated by escitalopram treatment, as assessed with the non-invasive techniques of structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS. Our results demonstrated that CUMS had a dramatic influence on spatial cognitive performance in the Morris water maze task, and CUMS reduced the concentration of neuronal marker N-acetylaspartate (NAA in the hippocampus. These effects could be significantly reversed by repeated administration of escitalopram. However, neither chronic stress nor escitalopram treatment influenced hippocampal volume. Of note, the learning and memory alterations of the rats were associated with right hippocampal NAA concentration. Our results indicate that in depression, NAA may be a more sensitive measure of cognitive function than hippocampal volume.

  9. Prevention of 3-methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcomas in rats pre-inoculated with endogenous rat retrovirus.

    Fish, D C; Demarais, J T; Djurickovic, D B; Huebner, R J


    Weanling Fischer 344 rats received a single intraperitoneal injection of a 1000-fold concentrated preparation of endogenous nontransforming rat retrovirus. Ten days later, the rats were each given a single subcutaneous injection of 3-methylcholanthrene. The rats inoculated with the endogenous rat retrovirus were significantly protected against the development of cancer, whereas uninoculated rats and rats given one of several murine retroviruses or baboon retrovirus were not protected.

  10. 高脂血症叠加慢性不可预见性应激模型大鼠open-field行为学特征分析%Open-field behavioral study in rat hyperlipidemia combined with chronic unpredictable mild stress model

    胡华; 张迎春; 许烨勍; 刘春风; 王立伟


    Objective To investigate behavioral changes in a rat hyperlipidemia model induced by high lipid feed combined with depression by Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress (CUMS).Methods A total of 40 rats were randomly divided into control (CON),control feed for 9 weeks followed by CUMS for 4 weeks (CON + CUMS),high fat diet (HFD) and high lipid feed for 9 weeks followed by CUMS for 4 weeks (HFD + CUMS) (n =10 each).Open-field test was individually measured at baseline,week 9 and week 13.Results (1) Serum lipids:total cholesterol [(2.67 ± 0.04) mmol/L,(2.68 ± 0.02) mmol/L] and low density lipoprotein [(1.08 ± 0.03) mmol/L,(1.06 ± 0.01) mmol/L] of HFD and HFD + CUMS were both significantly higher than those of CON and CON + CUMS [(1.78 ± 0.12) mmol/L,(0.79 ± 0.04) mmol/L;(1.76 ±0.09)mmol/L,(0.76 ±0.06)mmol/L,all P <0.01].(2) Open-field test:at week 13,compared to CON rats,CON + CUMS rats exhibited enhanced locomotor activity during the first minute,reduced activity in the center squares and rearing,and increased the number of grooming and defecation (all P < 0.05).In comparison to the CON rats,a decrease in total squares in 5 min,central squares and peripheral squares was observed in HFD rats at week 13 (all P < 0.05).However,compared with HFD,CON,CON + CUMS rats,when high lipid feed for 9 weeks combined with depression,significant decrease activities in total squares in 5 min,central squares and peripheral squares were observed in HFD + CUMS rats at week 13.Besides these,the number of rearing was reduced,however,locomotor activity during the first minute and the number of grooming and defecation was significantly increased (all P < 0.001).Conclusion Under uncontrolled hyperlipidemia,severe depressive symptoms will present more early once exposure to a series of chronic stressors followed by significant autonomic nervous dysfunctional symptoms.%目的 观察高脂血症叠加抑郁症大鼠open-field行为学特征.方法 40只SD大鼠按随机数字表法

  11. 多光子T-C模型中场熵的演化%Entropy evolution of the field in multiphoton Tavis-Cummings model



    Using Tavis-Cummings model,the entropy evolution of the field in interaction of two coupling two-level atoms with the single mode coherent field through multiphoton transition is studied.The influences of coupling coefficient between atoms and initial mean photon number of field on entropy evolution of the field are discussed.The results obtained by numerical calculations show that with increasing of initial mean photon number of field the average of field-entropy increases,and the influence of coupling coefficient between atoms on entropy evolution of the field is small.%利用Tavis-Cummings模型研究了耦合二能级原子通过多光子跃迁与相干态光场相互作用系统中场熵的演化规律,讨论了原子间耦合强度和光场初始平均光子数的变化对场熵演化的影响.数值计算结果表明: 场熵的演化受原子间耦合强度和光场初始平均光子数的变化的影响.随光场初始平均光子数的增大,场熵平均值增大.

  12. CERN apprentice receives award


    Another CERN apprentice has received an award for the quality of his work. Stéphane Küng (centre), at the UIG ceremony last November, presided over by Geneva State Councillor Pierre-François Unger, Head of the Department of Economics and Health. Electronics technician Stéphane Küng was honoured in November by the Social Foundation of the Union Industrielle Genevoise (UIG) as one of Geneva’s eight best apprentices in the field of mechatronics. The 20-year-old Genevan obtained his Federal apprentice’s certificate (Certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) in June 2007, achieving excellent marks in his written tests at the Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel Technique et Artisanal (CEPTA). Like more than 200 youngsters before him, Stéphane Küng spent part of his four-year sandwich course working at CERN, where he followed many practical training courses and gained valuable hands-on experience in various technical groups and labs. "It’ always very gr...

  13. GNSS Software Receiver for UAVs

    Olesen, Daniel Madelung; Jakobsen, Jakob; von Benzon, Hans-Henrik


    This paper describes the current activities of GPS/GNSS Software receiver development at DTU Space. GNSS Software receivers have received a great deal of attention in the last two decades and numerous implementations have already been presented. DTU Space has just recently started development of ...... of our own GNSS software-receiver targeted for mini UAV applications, and we will in in this paper present our current progress and briefly discuss the benefits of Software Receivers in relation to our research interests....

  14. Integration of ¹H NMR and UPLC-Q-TOF/MS for a comprehensive urinary metabonomics study on a rat model of depression induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress.

    Hong-Mei Jia

    Full Text Available Depression is a type of complex psychiatric disorder with long-term, recurrent bouts, and its etiology remains largely unknown. Here, an integrated approach utilizing (1H NMR and UPLC-Q-TOF/MS together was firstly used for a comprehensive urinary metabonomics study on chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS treated rats. More than twenty-nine metabolic pathways were disturbed after CUMS treatment and thirty-six potential biomarkers were identified by using two complementary analytical technologies. Among the identified biomarkers, nineteen (10, 11, 16, 17, 21-25, and 27-36 were firstly reported as potential biomarkers of CUMS-induced depression. Obviously, this paper presented a comprehensive map of the metabolic pathways perturbed by CUMS and expanded on the multitude of potential biomarkers that have been previously reported in the CUMS model. Four metabolic pathways, including valine, leucine and isoleucine biosynthesis; phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis; tryptophan metabolism; synthesis and degradation of ketone bodies had the deepest influence in the pathophysiologic process of depression. Fifteen potential biomarkers (1-2, 4-6, 15, 18, 20-23, 27, 32, 35-36 involved in the above four metabolic pathways might become the screening criteria in clinical diagnosis and predict the development of depression. Moreover, the results of Western blot analysis of aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (DDC and indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase (IDO in the hippocampus of CUMS-treated rats indicated that depletion of 5-HT and tryptophan, production of 5-MT and altered expression of DDC and IDO together played a key role in the initiation and progression of depression. In addition, none of the potential biomarkers were detected by NMR and LC-MS simultaneously which indicated the complementary of the two kinds of detection technologies. Therefore, the integration of (1H NMR and UPLC-Q-TOF/MS in metabonomics study provided an approach to identify

  15. The Antidepressant Effect of Angelica sinensis Extracts on Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress-Induced Depression Is Mediated via the Upregulation of the BDNF Signaling Pathway in Rats

    Jun Shen


    Full Text Available Angelica sinensis (AS, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has pharmaceutical effects on menstrual illness, cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive impairments. However, until recently, few studies had explored its antidepressant effect. The current study attempts to investigate the effect of AS extracts on chronic unpredictable mild stress- (CUMS- induced depression in rats. Male SD rats were exposed to a CUMS-inducing procedure for 5 weeks, resulting in rodent depressive behaviors that included reduced sucrose consumption and lessened sucrose preference ratios in sucrose preference test, prolonged immobility times and decreased struggling time in force swim test, and decreased locomotor activity in open field test. Moreover, the expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF and the phosphorylation of cAMP-response element binding protein (CREB and extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK 1/2 were markedly decreased in the hippocampus in depressed rats. However, chronically treating the depressed rats with AS (1 g/kg normalized their depression-related behaviors and molecular profiles. In conclusion, in the present study, we show that AS extracts exerted antidepressant effects that were mediated by the BDNF signaling pathway: in AS-treated depressed rats, the expression of the BDNF protein and the phosphorylation of its downstream targets (ERK 1/2, CREB were upregulated in the hippocampus.

  16. In vivo proton observed carbon edited (POCE) (13) C magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the rat brain using a volumetric transmitter and receive-only surface coil on the proton channel.

    Kumaragamage, Chathura; Madularu, Dan; Mathieu, Axel P; De Feyter, Henk; Rajah, M Natasha; Near, Jamie


    In vivo carbon-13 ((13) C) MR spectroscopy (MRS) is capable of measuring energy metabolism and neuroenergetics, noninvasively in the brain. Indirect ((1) H-[(13) C]) MRS provides sensitivity benefits compared with direct (13) C methods, and normally includes a (1) H surface coil for both localization and signal reception. The aim was to develop a coil platform with homogenous B1+ and use short conventional pulses for short echo time proton observed carbon edited (POCE) MRS. A (1) H-[(13) C] MRS coil platform was designed with a volumetric resonator for (1) H transmit, and surface coils for (1) H reception and (13) C transmission. The Rx-only (1) H surface coil nullifies the requirement for a T/R switch before the (1) H preamplifier; the highpass filter and preamplifier can be placed proximal to the coil, thus minimizing sensitivity losses inherent with POCE-MRS systems described in the literature. The coil platform was evaluated with a PRESS-POCE sequence (TE = 12.6 ms) on a rat model. The coil provided excellent localization, uniform spin nutation, and sensitivity. (13) C labeling of Glu-H4 and Glx-H3 peaks, and the Glx-H2 peaks were observed approximately 13 and 21 min following the infusion of 1-(13) C glucose, respectively. A convenient and sensitive platform to study energy metabolism and neurotransmitter cycling is presented. Magn Reson Med, 2017. © 2017 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. © 2017 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

  17. On the impact of receiver imperfections on the MMSE-IRC receiver performance in 5G networks

    Tavares, Fernando Menezes Leitão; Berardinelli, Gilberto; Mahmood, Nurul Huda


    The usage of Minimum Mean Square Error - Interference Rejection Combining (MMSE-IRC) receivers is expected to be a significant performance booster in the ultra-dense deployment of small cells envisioned by an upcoming 5th generation (5G) Radio Access Technology (RAT). However, hardware limitations...

  18. Solubility and solubilizing capabilities of aqueous solutions of Extractum Taraxaci e radix cum herba aqu. siccum in light of selected values of general Hildebrand-Scatchard-Fedors theory of solubility

    Marczyński Zbigniew


    Full Text Available Introduction: The general Hildebrand-Scatchard theory of solubility supplemented by Fedors’ solubility parameter −δ12$- \\delta ^{{1 \\over 2}} $ was used to estimate the real solubility by −log x2 (log of the mole fraction of phytochemicals contained in Ext. Taraxaci e radix cum herba aqu. siccum. Surface activity of aqueous solution of extracts was determined and quantified – solubilizing capabilities of solutions of cexp. ≥cmc in relation to cholesterol particle size of Ø=1.00 mm, as well as of ketoprofen were defined.

  19. 多光子集体辐射原子的J-C模型超对称求解%Solving the Jaynes-Cummings Model for Two Collectively Radiating Atoms in Multi-photon Procees by Supersymmetric Transformation

    桂卫军; 黄会明; 胡小光



  20. Entropy squeezing and atomic inversion in the k-photon Jaynes—Cummings model in the presence of the Stark shift and a Kerr medium: A full nonlinear approach

    H, R. Baghshahi; M, K. Tavassoly; A, Behjat


    The interaction between a two-level atom and a single-mode field in the k-photon Jaynes—Cummings model (JCM) in the presence of the Stark shift and a Kerr medium is studied. All terms in the Hamiltonian, such as the single-mode field, its interaction with the atom, the contribution of the Stark shift and the Kerr medium effects are considered to be f-deformed. In particular, the effect of the initial state of the radiation field on the dynamical evolution of some physical properties such as atomic inversion and entropy squeezing are investigated by considering different initial field states (coherent, squeezed and thermal states).

  1. Differential regulation of catecholamine synthesis and transport in rat adrenal medulla by fluoxetine treatment



    Full Text Available We have recently shown that chronic fluoxetine treatment acted significantly increasing plasma norepinephrine and epinephrine concentrations both in control and chronically stressed adult male rats. However, possible effects of fluoxetine on catecholamine synthesis and re-uptake in adrenal medulla have been largely unknown. In the present study the effects of chronic fluoxetine treatment on tyrosine hydroxylase, a rate-limiting enzyme in catecholamine synthesis, as well as a norepinephrine transporter and vesicular monoamine transporter 2 gene expressions in adrenal medulla of animals exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS for 4 weeks, were investigated. Gene expression analyses were performed using a real-time quantitative reverse transcription-PCR. Chronically stressed animals had increased tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA levels and decreased expression of both transporters. Fluoxetine increased tyrosine hydroxylase and decreased norepinephrine transporter gene expression in both unstressed and CUMS rats. These findings suggest that chronic fluoxetine treatment increased plasma catecholamine levels by affecting opposing changes in catecholamine synthesis and uptake.

  2. Communications receivers principles and design

    Rohde, Ulrich L; Zahnd, Hans


    This thoroughly updated guide offers comprehensive explanations of the science behind today’s radio receivers along with practical guidance on designing, constructing, and maintaining real-world communications systems. You will explore system planning, antennas and antenna coupling, amplifiers and gain control, filters, mixers, demodulation, digital communication, and the latest software defined radio (SDR) technology. Written by a team of telecommunication experts, Communications Receivers: Principles and Design, Fourth Edition, features technical illustrations, schematic diagrams, and detailed examples. Coverage includes: • Basic radio considerations • Radio receiver characteristics • Receiver system planning • Receiver implementation considerations • RF and baseband techniques for Software-Defined Radios • Transceiver SDR considerations • Antennas and antenna coupling • Mixers • Frequency sources and control • Ancillary receiver circuits • Performance measurement

  3. Targeting Oxidative Stress, Cytokines and Serotonin Interactions Via Indoleamine 2, 3 Dioxygenase by Coenzyme Q10: Role in Suppressing Depressive Like Behavior in Rats.

    Abuelezz, Sally A; Hendawy, Nevien; Magdy, Yosra


    Depression is a major health problem in which oxidative stress and inflammation are inextricably connected in its pathophysiology. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an important anti-oxidant compound with anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties. This study was designed to investigate the hypothesis that CoQ10 by its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory potentials can alleviate depressive- like behavior by restoring the balance of the tryptophan catabolites kynurenine/serotonin toward the serotonin pathway by down-regulation of hippocampal indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 (IDO-1). Depressive-like behavior was induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) protocol including food or water deprivation, cage tilting, reversed light cycle etc. Male Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups; Control, CUMS, CUMS and CoQ10 (50,100 and 200 mg/kg/day i.p. respectively) groups. CoQ10 effects on different behavioral and biochemical tests were analyzed. CoQ10 showed significant antidepressant efficacy, as evidenced by significantly decreased stress induced changes to forced swimming challenge and open field test, as well as attenuating raised corticosterone level and adrenal glands weight. The anti-oxidant effect of CoQ10 was exhibited by its ability to significantly reduce hippocampal elevated malondialdehyde and 4-hydroxynonenal levels and elevate the reduced glutathione and catalase levels. CoQ10 significantly reduced different pro-inflammatory cytokines levels including interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-2, IL-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α. It suppressed hippocampal IDO-1 and subsequent production of kynurenine and enhanced the hippocampal contents of tryptophan and serotonin. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed that CoQ10 was able to attenuate the elevated microglial CD68 and elevate the astrocyte glial fibrillary acidic protein compared to CUMS group. CoQ10 exhibited antidepressant-like effects on rats exposed to CUMS. This could be attributed to its ability to reduce

  4. The entanglement evolution of two coupling two-level atoms interacting with a single-mode vacuum field in multiphoton Tavis-Cummings model%The entanglement evolution of two coupling two-level atoms interacting with a single-mode vacuum field in multiphoton Tavis-Cummings model

    Lu Daoming


    Using multipohton Tavis-Cummings model, the entanglement evolution of two coupling two-level atoms in Bell states interacting with a single-mode vacuum field is investigated by using negativity. The influences of coupling constants between atoms, the atomic initial states and the photon number of transition on the entanglement evolution of two coupling two-level atoms are discussed. The results obtained using the numerical method show that the entanglement of two atoms is related with coupling constants between atoms, the atomic initial states and the photon number of transition. The two-atom entanglement state will forever stay in the maximum entanglement state when the initial state is |β11 〉 . When the initial state of two atoms is |β 01 〉, the entanglement of two atoms displays periodic oscillation behavior. And its oscillation period decreases with increasing of coupling constant between atoms or the photon number of transition. On the other hand, when the initial state is |β 00 〉 or |β10 ), the entanglement of two atoms displays quasiperiodic oscillation behavior and its oscillation period decreases with increasing of coupling constant between atoms or the photon number of transition.

  5. Efecto del sistema de tutorado, poda de tallos y poda de hojas sobre la calidad del fruto del tomate (lycopersícum esculentum mili.

    Salinas Octavio


    Full Text Available

    El presente trabajo se realizó en la finca La Manila, en el Municipio de Anolaima (Cundinamarca. El objetivo fue evaluar la calidad del tomate (Lycopersícum esculenlum Mili. como respuesta a dos tipos de tutorado, tres niveles de poda en tallo y tres niveles de poda en hoja. El análisis de los resultados presentó diferencias estadísticas en el rendimiento y la calidad frente a los dos tipos de tutorado. La poda de tallos tuvo efectos altamente significativos: las plantas podadas produjeron el mayor porcentaje de frutos de primera calidad y las plantas no podadas produjeron los mayores rendimientos por parcela. La poda de hojas no tuvo efectos significativos sobre la calidad. Se concluyó que, con la poda de tallos, se obtiene mayor porcentaje de frutos de buena calidad por parcela; con plantas a libre crecimiento se obtienen los mayores rendimientos por parcela. La investigación permite concluir que el estrato de mercado al cual va dirigida la producción, define el tipo de manejo que debe dársele a las plantaciones de tomate.



  6. 氯胺酮对强迫游泳大鼠前额皮层谷氨酸及γ-氨基丁酸的影响%Effects of ketamine on glutamate and GABA in prefrontal cortex of rats receiving forced swimming test

    张广芬; 石金云; 李晓敏; 王楠; 徐世霞; 杨建军


    目的:观察氯胺酮对强迫游泳大鼠前额皮层谷氨酸及γ-氨基丁酸的影响.方法:32只Wistar雄性大鼠随机均分为4组(n=8):生理盐水0.5 h组(S05组)、生理盐水2h组(S2组)、氯胺酮0.5 h组(K0.5组)、氯胺酮2h组(K2组).药物干预前1d大鼠行强迫游泳15 min制备急性应激抑郁模型.药物干预当天,给大鼠分别腹腔注射1 mL容积的生理盐水或氯胺酮10 mg/kg,给药后0.5 h及2h分别再次行强迫游泳6 min,记录后5 min内不动时间.行为学测试结束后,取大鼠前额皮层,检测谷氨酸及γ-氨基丁酸的含量.结果:与S05组相比,K05组大鼠强迫游泳不动时间显著减少,谷氨酸含量上升,γ-氨基丁酸含量下降(P<0.05).与S2组相比,K2组大鼠强迫游泳不动时间显著降低(P<0.05),谷氨酸及γ-氨基丁酸含量则无明显变化(P>0.05).结论:氯胺酮在大鼠强迫游泳模型中能够发挥快速抗抑郁作用,同时伴随大鼠前额皮层谷氨酸上调及γ-氨基丁酸下调.%Objective To observe the effects of ketamine on glutamate and GABA in prefrontal cortex of rats receiving forced swimming test (FST). Methods 32 male Wistar rats were randomized into 4 groups (each n = 8); saline 0.5 h group (S05 group), saline 2 h group (S2 group), ketamine 0.5 h group (K0.5 group), ketamine 2 h group (K2 group). The FST lasted for 15 min was used to establish rat depression model. On the next day, saline or ketamine (10.0 mg/kg) of lmL were intraperitoneally injected, then 0.5 h and 2 h later, the FST of 6 min was carried out and the immobility time within 5 min during the FST was recorded. The animals were then decapitated and the prefrontal cortex was harvested for determination of glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid levels. Results Compared with those in S0.5 group, the immobility time was decreased, the content of glutamate was increased and the content of γ-aminobutyric acid was decreased significantly in K0.5 group (P 0.05). Conclusion Ketamine

  7. Higher-order squeezing of atomic dipole in the nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings model%非线性Jaynes-Cummings模型中原子偶极矩的高阶压缩

    田永红; 彭金生


    研究了非线性双光子Jaynes-Cummings(J-C)模型系统中原子偶极矩高阶压缩的时间演化特性及其产生条件。结果表明,在弱场条件下,原子偶极矩色散或吸收分量的二阶和六阶量子涨落可被周期性压缩,非线性修正项或失谐量以及热噪声对压缩程度有显著的影响。%The time evolution properties of higher-order squeezing of atomic dipole and its producing conditions in the nonlinear two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model are studied. It is shown that the two-order and six-order quantum fluctuation of the branch part of the atomic dipole chromatic dispersion or absorption can be periodically squeezed in a weak intensity field. The nonlinear correction term, the two-photon frequency detuning and thermal noise have a remarkable influence on the squeezing.

  8. Cum on Feel the Noiz

    Jamie Allen


    Full Text Available A brief review of Joseph Nechvatal's Immersion Into Noise available from Open Humanities Press. We include here a series of videos created using C++ and sounds. For more than twenty years Nechvatal has created art works at the intersections of robotics, noise, and video.

  9. Effect of Epimedium davidii on Testosterone Content, Substance Metabolism and Exercise Capacity in Rats Receiving Exercise Training%淫羊藿对运动训练大鼠睾酮含量、物质代谢及抗运动疲劳能力的影响

    周海涛; 曹建民; 林强; 赵卓


    group ( C group) , exercise ig water group(T group) ,and exercise ig Epimedium davidii group(TM group). Gavage was performed using professional device once a day. The rats in TM group were administered at a dose of 5 g·kg-1 with ig volume of 5 mL·kg-1. The rats in C and T groups were given saline of same volume. After 42 d of exhaustive swimming training, body weight, swimming time and serum testosterone and other biochemical markers were measured. RESULTS The body weights of the rats in TM group were greater than those in T group (P <0. 05) ,and the swimming time was longer than T group (P <0. 01). Exhaustive swimming led to decreased serum testosterone,for which T group decreased by 28. 85% more than C group(P<0. 01). Compared with T group,TM group increased by 28. 21% ( P < 0. 01) in serum testosterone; the serum corticosterone levels in each group showed no significant differences, and the serum testos-terone/corticosterone ratios changed in line with testosterone; liver glycogen and muscle glycogen reserves decreased. Compared with C group, the T groups glycogen decreased by 26. 40% ( P < 0. 01) , muscle glycogen decreased by 54. 83% (P <0. 01). Compared with T group,TM group had 20. 68% higher liver glycogen(P <0. 05) and 82. 76% higher muscle glycogen(P<0. 01) ; FSH had no significant difference; blood urea increased and hemoglobin decreased compared with C group. Blood urea of T group increased by 66. 32% (P <0. 01) ,and the hemoglobin decreased by 35. 89% (P <0. 01) ; compared with T group,TM group had 27. 85% lower blood urea (P < 0. 01) and 41. 23 % higher hemoglobin (P < 0. 01). CONCLUSION Epimedium davidii can alleviate the impact of high-intensity exercise on serum testosterone, and maintain it at normal physiological level; it can also promote protein synthesis, inhibit degradation of amino acid and protein, and increase hemoglobin and glycogen reserves in rats receiving exercise training.


    A. K. Esman


    Full Text Available Recent research and development show promising use of high-performance solid-state receivers of the electromagnetic radiation. These receivers are based on the low-barrier Schottky diodes. The approach to the design of the receivers on the basis of delta-doped low-barrier Schottky diodes with beam leads without bias is especially actively developing because for uncooled receivers of the microwave radiation these diodes have virtually no competition. The purpose of this work is to improve the main parameters and characteristics that determine the practical relevance of the receivers of mid-infrared electromagnetic radiation at the operating room temperature by modifying the electrodes configuration of the diode and optimizing the distance between them. Proposed original design solution of the integrated receiver of mid-infrared radiation on the basis of the low-barrier Schottky diodes with beam leads allows to effectively adjust its main parameters and characteristics. Simulation of the electromagnetic characteristics of the proposed receiver by using the software package HFSS with the basic algorithm of a finite element method which implemented to calculate the behavior of electromagnetic fields on an arbitrary geometry with a predetermined material properties have shown that when the inner parts of the electrodes of the low-barrier Schottky diode is performed in the concentric elliptical convex-concave shape, it can be reduce the reflection losses to -57.75 dB and the standing wave ratio to 1.003 while increasing the directivity up to 23 at a wavelength of 6.09 μm. At this time, the rounded radii of the inner parts of the anode and cathode electrodes are equal 212 nm and 318 nm respectively and the gap setting between them is 106 nm. These parameters will improve the efficiency of the developed infrared optical-promising and electronic equipment for various purposes intended for work in the mid-infrared wavelength range. 

  11. UWB communication receiver feedback loop

    Spiridon, Alex; Benzel, Dave; Dowla, Farid U.; Nekoogar, Faranak; Rosenbury, Erwin T.


    A novel technique and structure that maximizes the extraction of information from reference pulses for UWB-TR receivers is introduced. The scheme efficiently processes an incoming signal to suppress different types of UWB as well as non-UWB interference prior to signal detection. Such a method and system adds a feedback loop mechanism to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of reference pulses in a conventional TR receiver. Moreover, sampling the second order statistical function such as, for example, the autocorrelation function (ACF) of the received signal and matching it to the ACF samples of the original pulses for each transmitted bit provides a more robust UWB communications method and system in the presence of channel distortions.

  12. Receiver-exciter controller design

    Jansma, P. A.


    A description of the general design of both the block 3 and block 4 receiver-exciter controllers for the Deep Space Network (DSN) Mark IV-A System is presented along with the design approach. The controllers are designed to enable the receiver-exciter subsystem (RCV) to be configured, calibrated, initialized and operated from a central location via high level instructions. The RECs are designed to be operated under the control of the DMC subsystem. The instructions are in the form of standard subsystem blocks (SSBs) received via the local area network (LAN). The centralized control provided by RECs and other DSCC controllers in Mark IV-A is intended to reduce DSN operations costs from the Mark III era.

  13. RFID receiver apparatus and method

    Scott, Jeffrey Wayne


    An RFID backscatter interrogator for transmitting data to an RFID tag, generating a carrier for the tag, and receiving data from the tag modulated onto the carrier, the interrogator including a single grounded-coplanar wave-guide circuit board and at least one surface mount integrated circuit supported by the circuit board.

  14. LU Peizhang receives Golay Award


    @@ Prof. LU Peizhang, an analytical chemist with the CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, received the prestigious Golay Award at the 30th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography opened on 5 June in Dalian, a port city in northeast China's Liaoning Province.

  15. Absorption Efficiency of Receiving Antennas

    Andersen, Jørgen Bach; Frandsen, Aksel


    A receiving antenna with a matched load will always scatter some power. This paper sets an upper and a lower bound on the absorption efficiency (absorbed power over sum of absorbed and scattered powers), which lies between 0 and 100% depending on the directivities of the antenna and scatter...

  16. Effect of exercise on chronic stress-induced abnormal behaviors and neuroendocrine function in elderly depression-like rats%运动对慢性应激所致抑郁样老年大鼠行为异常及神经内分泌的影响

    王桂华; 栾海云; 杨丽娟; 王敏; 张慧


    目的 探讨运动对慢性不可预见温和应激(CUMS)抑郁老年大鼠行为学及血清皮质醇和促肾上腺皮质激素(ACTH)浓度的影响.方法 50只雄性老年SD大鼠随机分为对照组、CUMS组、低强度跑台运动训练(LITT)组、中等强度跑台运动训练(MITT)组、高强度跑台运动训练(HITT)组.采用CUMS加孤养复制老年大鼠抑郁模型.采用旷场实验得分和强迫游泳实验评价各组大鼠行为学改变,分别采用ELISA和放射免疫方法检测血清皮质醇、ACTH浓度.结果 与对照组比较,CUMS组大鼠血清皮质醇和ACTH浓度增高(P<0.01);与CUMS组比较,LITT组、MITT组和HITT组大鼠水平运动和垂直运动增多、清理次数增加,中央格停留时间缩短,血清皮质醇和ACTH浓度降低(P<0.05,P<0.01).结论 CUMS可使老年大鼠行为及内分泌发生异常改变,引起抑郁;适度的运动可调节CUMS引起的下丘脑-垂体-肾上腺轴功能亢进,具有抗抑郁及降低抑郁程度的作用.%Objective To study the effect of exercise on chronic unpredictable mild stress(CUMS) induced abnormal behaviors and serum cortisol ( CORT) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) levels in elderly depression-like rats. Methods Fifty elderly male SD rats were random ly divided into control group,model group,low intensity treadmill training(LITT)group,medium intensity treadmill training( MITT) group, and high intensity treadmill training(HITT)group(10 in each group). A rat depression model was induced by CUMS. Bahaviors of rats were assessed ac cording to the open field test and forced swimming test scores. Serum CORT and ACTH levels in different groups were measured by RIA and ELISA,respectively. Results The body weight gain was slower,the horizontal and vertical exercise scores and the modified scores were significantly lower,the central retention time was significantly longer,the serum CORT and ACTH levels were significantly higher in CUMS group than in control group

  17. The effective mass of the atom-radiation field system and the cavity-field Wigner distribution in the presence of a homogeneous gravitational field in the Jaynes-Cummings model

    Mohammadi, M [Department of Physics, Islamic Azad University-Shahreza Branch, Shahreza, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of)], E-mail:


    The effective mass that approximately describes the influence of a classical homogeneous gravitational field on an interacting atom-radiation field system is determined within the framework of the Jaynes-Cummings model. By taking into account both the atomic motion and the gravitational field, a full quantum treatment of the internal and external dynamics of the atom is presented. By exactly solving the Schroedinger equation in the interaction picture, the evolving state of the system is found. The influence of a classical homogeneous gravitational field on the energy eigenvalues, the effective mass of the atom-radiation field system and the Wigner distribution of the radiation field are studied, when the initial condition is such that the radiation field is prepared in a coherent state and the two-level atom is in a coherent superposition of the excited and ground states.

  18. Scintillation-Hardened GPS Receiver

    Stephens, Donald R.


    CommLargo, Inc., has developed a scintillation-hardened Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that improves reliability for low-orbit missions and complies with NASA's Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) architecture standards. A software-defined radio (SDR) implementation allows a single hardware element to function as either a conventional radio or as a GPS receiver, providing backup and redundancy for platforms such as the International Space Station (ISS) and high-value remote sensing platforms. The innovation's flexible SDR implementation reduces cost, weight, and power requirements. Scintillation hardening improves mission reliability and variability. In Phase I, CommLargo refactored an open-source GPS software package with Kalman filter-based tracking loops to improve performance during scintillation and also demonstrated improved navigation during a geomagnetic storm. In Phase II, the company generated a new field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based GPS waveform to demonstrate on NASA's Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) test bed.

  19. Managing Medicare receivables after PIP.

    Loria, L S


    The luxury of PIP is gone and managing cash flow will become more important than ever before. The hospital industry has come a long way in the development of automated billing systems and related recordkeeping since PIP was first introduced. The performance of an operations review of the accounts receivable management system should improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and significantly improve cash flow.

  20. Diversity of MMSE MIMO Receivers

    Mehana, Ahmed Hesham


    In most MIMO systems, the family of waterfall error curves, calculated at different spectral efficiencies, are asymptotically parallel at high SNR. In other words, most MIMO systems exhibit a single diversity value for all {\\em fixed} rates. The MIMO MMSE receiver does not follow this pattern and exhibits a varying diversity in its family of error curves. This effect cannot be captured by DMT analysis, due to the fact that all fixed rates correspond to the same multiplexing gain, thus they cannot be differentiated within DMT analysis. This work analyzes this interesting behavior of the MMSE MIMO receiver and produces the MMSE MIMO diversity at each rate. The diversity of the quasi-static flat-fading MIMO channel consisting of any arbitrary number of transmit and receive antennas is fully characterized, showing that full spatial diversity is possible for all antenna configurations if and only if the rate is within a certain bound which is a function of the number of antennas. For other rate brackets, the avail...

  1. Chronic unpredictive mild stress leads to altered hepatic metabolic profile and gene expression.

    Jia, Hong-Mei; Li, Qi; Zhou, Chao; Yu, Meng; Yang, Yong; Zhang, Hong-Wu; Ding, Gang; Shang, Hai; Zou, Zhong-Mei


    Depression is a complex disease characterized by a series of pathological changes. Research on depression is mainly focused on the changes in brain, but not on liver. Therefore, we initially explored the metabolic profiles of hepatic extracts from rats treated with chronic unpredictive mild stress (CUMS) by UPLC-Q-TOF/MS. Using multivariate statistical analysis, a total of 26 altered metabolites distinguishing CUMS-induced depression from normal control were identified. Using two-stage receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis, 18 metabolites were recognized as potential biomarkers related to CUMS-induced depression via 12 metabolic pathways. Subsequently, we detected the mRNA expressions levels of apoptosis-associated genes such as Bax and Bcl-2 and four key enzymes including Pla2g15, Pnpla6, Baat and Gad1 involved in phospholipid and primary bile acid biosynthesis in liver tissues of CUMS rats by real-time qRT-PCR assay. The expression levels of Bax, Bcl-2, Pla2g15, Pnpla6 and Gad1 mRNA were 1.43,1.68, 1.74, 1.67 and 1.42-fold higher, and those of Baat, Bax/Bcl-2 ratio mRNA were 0.83, 0.85-fold lower in CUMS rats compared with normal control. Results of liver-targeted metabonomics and mRNA expression demonstrated that CUMS-induced depression leads to variations in hepatic metabolic profile and gene expression, and ultimately results in liver injury.

  2. Expression of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 on hippocampus of rat with chronic unpredictable mild stress%11β-羟基类固醇脱氢酶-1在慢性温和应激抑郁大鼠海马组织中的表达

    程世翔; 涂悦; 张赛; 文立; 刘晓智


    Objective To investigate the roles of 11 β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 ( 11 β-HSD1 )on hippocampus of rat with chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS).Methods Twenty-four male SpragueDawley rats were randomly divided into control group and depressive model group. Chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) was used to make up depressive animal model.Behavioral changes were recorded by body weight measuring,sucrose consumption test (SCT) and open field test (OFT),respectively.The mRNA transcription of 11β-HSD1 in hippocampus tissues of the rats were detected by real-time RT-PCR,and the protein expression of 11β-HSD1 were detected by western blot and immunofluorescence.Results Bcforc starting CUMS protocol,the rats exhibited equivalent weight and sucrose consumption.Twenty-eight days after CUMS protocol,behavior parameters such as body weight,sucrose consumption,nunber of crossing,and number of rearing were significantly decreased in rats exposed to CUMS group compared with control group (P < 0.05,P < 0.01 ).Correspondingly,realtime RT-PCR assays showed the mRNA expression of 11 β-HSD1 in the hippocampus of CUMS group,which was (31 ±9) % lower than that of control group.Meanwhile,the protein expression of it in CUMS group was lower than that of control group (P < 0.05 ).Inmunofluorescence revealed that the number of positive 11 3-HSD1 cells was high (223 ± 13) in the control group,while the number was decreased prominently (92 ± 11 ) in the CUMS group (P < 0.01 ).Conclusion Depressive behavior of rats is induced and the expression of 11 β-HSD1 in the hippocampus is decreased prominently by CUMS,the mechanism of which is at least related to the low expression of 11β-HSD1 and disturbance of glucocorticoid metabolism caused by CUMS.%目的 应用慢性温和不可预知刺激( CUMS)建立抑郁症动物模型,探讨大鼠海马组织中11β-羟基类固醇脱氢酶-1(11β-HSD1)蛋白表达以及抑郁症的发病机制.方法 将24只Sprague

  3. Chip Advancer For GPS Receiver

    Meehan, Thomas K.; Srinivasan, Jeffrey M.; Thomas, J. Brooks


    Instrument errors made negligible. For each integration interval, both delay and rate of change of delay initialized to small fraction of chip - for example, to order of 10 to the negative 7th power - thereby making feedback control and extraction of delay highly accurate and flexible. With appropriate selection of sampling rate relative to chip rate, commensurability errors reduced to extremely small levels. In Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, pseudorandom code sequence generated by simple digital logic incorporating effects of time, delay, and rate of change of delay. Flexibility in starting time and sum interval very useful in aligning correlation interval with beginnings and endings of data bits.

  4. Broadband direct RF digitization receivers

    Jamin, Olivier


    This book discusses the trade-offs involved in designing direct RF digitization receivers for the radio frequency and digital signal processing domains.  A system-level framework is developed, quantifying the relevant impairments of the signal processing chain, through a comprehensive system-level analysis.  Special focus is given to noise analysis (thermal noise, quantization noise, saturation noise, signal-dependent noise), broadband non-linear distortion analysis, including the impact of the sampling strategy (low-pass, band-pass), analysis of time-interleaved ADC channel mismatches, sampling clock purity and digital channel selection. The system-level framework described is applied to the design of a cable multi-channel RF direct digitization receiver. An optimum RF signal conditioning, and some algorithms (automatic gain control loop, RF front-end amplitude equalization control loop) are used to relax the requirements of a 2.7GHz 11-bit ADC. A two-chip implementation is presented, using BiCMOS and 65nm...

  5. 低氧训练大鼠骨骼肌组织低氧诱导因子1对血管新生的影响%Effects of hypoxia inducible factor 1 on angiogenesis in skeletal muscle tissues of rats receiving hypoxia training

    邹志兵; 毛淑章; 郑澜


    背景:低氧诱导因子1是一种在氧平衡调节中起关键作用的转录因子,与机体的耐缺氧能力密切相关.目的:观察低氧训练大鼠骨骼肌组织中低氧诱导因子1和血管内皮CD34的蛋白表达,探讨低氧诱导因子1在促进骨骼肌组织血管形成中的作用.方法:将健康雄性SD大鼠60只,随机分为6组:常氧对照组、低氧不运动组、常氧训练组、低住高练组、高住低练组和高住高练低练组.运动组采用10 周递增负荷跑台运动训练,每周训练6 d,运动量由第1 周的速度为15 m/min、持续时间为25 min 递增至第10 周速度为28 m/min、持续时间为50 min,低练组每周二、四、六在相当于海拔1 500 m的低氧环境中训练,并且在低氧环境中居住,低氧程度由第1 周相当于海拔1 800 m 递增至第10 周相当于海拔3 600 m.结果与结论:低氧状态下,低氧诱导因子1有大量的蛋白表达,低氧复合运动表达更多,而CD34 蛋白表达只发生在常氧运动组和低氧训练组.提示低氧诱导因子1是促进骨骼肌组织血管新生的一种重要因子,但须结合运动才能产生积极的作用.%BACKGROUND: Hypoxia inducible factor 1 is a kind of transcription factor which plays a crucial role in the organism's adaptation to changing oxygen tensions. It is closely related to the organism resistance to anoxia.OBJECTIVE: To detect the expression of hypoxia inducible factor 1 and vascular endothelial CD34 protein expression in skeletal muscle tissues of rats receiving hypoxic training; to explore the effects of hypoxia inducible factor 1 on angiogenesis in skeletal muscle tissues.METHODS: A total of 60 healthy male SD rats were randomly divided into six groups: normoxic control group, hypoxic sedentary group, normoxic training group, hypoxic residence plus hyperoxic training group, hyperoxic residence plus hypoxic training group and hyperoxic residence plus hyperoxic/hypoxic training group. Rats in training group

  6. Behavioral and hippocampal cytoskeletal alterations in rats following chronic unpredictable mild stress and fluoxetine treatment%慢性应激及氟西汀治疗后大鼠海马细胞支架的改变

    杨灿; 王高华; 王惠玲; 王晓萍; 刘忠纯; 朱志先


    目的 探讨慢性不可预见性应激及氟西汀治疗后大鼠细胞支架微管系统的动态性变化及其可能机制.方法 将24只大鼠按随机数字表法分为对照组(空白对照+生理盐水)、慢性不可预见性温和应激(CUMS)组(CUMS+生理盐水)和氟西汀组(CUMS+氟西汀),每组8只.对大鼠进行连续21 d CUMS后,氟西汀组给予氟西汀(10 mg/kg)治疗21 d,对照组和CUMS组给予生理盐水.实验结束后进行行为学观察,并使用免疫印迹法(western blot)检测大鼠海马乙酰化微管蛋白(Acet-Tub),酪氨酸化微管蛋白(Tyr-Tub),微管结合蛋白2(MAP-2)及磷酸化微管结合蛋白2(phospho-MAP-2).结果 (1)CUMS组糖水偏好[(55.13±11.80)%],总行程[(2736.59±511.20)cm],运动平均速度[(5.69±1.08)cm/s]及直立次数[(2.50±2.00)次]均低于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);氟西汀组上述指标与对照组比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05).(2)CUMS组与对照组相比,Acet-Tub表达升高[(171.84±10.34)%],Tyr-Tub[(62.06±9.24)%]和phospho-MAP-2[(68.81±8.93)%]的表达降低,差异有统计学意义(P均<0.01),MAP-2的表达与对照组比较无统计学意义(P>0.05);经氟西汀治疗后,Acet-Tub的表达降低为[(96.18±8.92)%],Tyr-Tub和phospho-MAP-2的表达分别升高为[(95.06±8.00)%]、[(100.60±7.30)%],与对照组比较均无统计学意义(P>0.05).结论 慢性应激后微管动态性减低,神经可塑性受损,氟西汀可以逆转海马的这些损伤,上述过程可能与微管相关蛋白磷酸化水平的变化有关.%Objective To investigate behavior and hippocampal cytoskeletal alterations in rats following chronic unpredictable mild stress and fluoxetine treatment, and explore the possible mechanism. Methods Twenty four male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were divided into three groups, with 8 exposed to 21 consecutive days of chronic unpredicted mild stresses (CUMS) and treated with vehicle, 8 exposed to CUMS and treated with fluoxetine, and 8 as

  7. A cryogenic receiver for EPR.

    Narkowicz, R; Ogata, H; Reijerse, E; Suter, D


    Cryogenic probes have significantly increased the sensitivity of NMR. Here, we present a compact EPR receiver design capable of cryogenic operation. Compared to room temperature operation, it reduces the noise by a factor of ≈2.5. We discuss in detail the design and analyze the resulting noise performance. At low microwave power, the input noise density closely follows the emission of a cooled 50Ω resistor over the whole measurement range from 20K up to room temperature. To minimize the influence of the microwave source noise, we use high microwave efficiency (≈1.1-1.7mTW(-1/2)) planar microresonators. Their efficient conversion of microwave power to magnetic field permits EPR measurements with very low power levels, typically ranging from a few μW down to fractions of nW. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. CERN physicist receives Einstein Medal


    On 29 June the CERN theorist Gabriele Veneziano was awarded the prestigious Albert Einstein Medal for significant contributions to the understanding of string theory. This award is given by the Albert Einstein Society in Bern to individuals whose scientific contributions relate to the work of Einstein. Former recipients include exceptional physicists such as Murray Gell-Mann last year, but also Stephen Hawking and Victor Weisskopf. Gabriele Veneziano, a member of the integrated CERN Theory Team since 1977, led the Theory Division from 1994 to 1997 and has already received many prestigious prizes for his outstanding work, including the Enrico Fermi Prize (see CERN Courier, November 2005), the Dannie Heineman Prize for mathematical physics of the American Physical Society in 2004 (see Bulletin No. 47/2003), and the I. Ya. Pomeranchuk Prize of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow) in 1999.

  9. Protective effect of the combination of glutamine and arginine on intestinal barrier function in rats receiving fluorouracil chemotherapy%谷氨酰胺和精氨酸联合应用对化疗后大鼠肠屏障的保护作用

    雷福明; 段学宁; 任志忠; 崔士华


    Objective To investigate the protective effect of the combination of glutamine (Gln) and ar-ginine (Arg) on intestinal barrier function in rats receiving fluorouracil (5-FU) chemotherapy.Methods Totally 40 male SD rats receiving 5-FU chemotherapy were equally randomized into four groups:enteral nutrition group,Gln group (enteral nutrition+Gln),Arg group (enteral nutrition+Arg),and Arg+Gln group (enteral nutri-tion+Arg+Gln).Observe the changes post chemotherapy such as the changes of body weight and urine lactulose/mannitol ratio before and after chemotherapy were recorded.On the 8 th post-therapy day,the blood endotoxin level in portal vein was measured,and lymph nodes and blood in portal vein were taken for bacterial culture;colon and jejunum specimens were also taken to measure the height of jejunum villus and the thickness of colon and jejunum.Results Body weights of Gln group,Arg group,and Arg+Gln group significantly increased after chemotherapy (P0.05).Lactulose/manni-tol ratio in each group significantly increased after chemotherapy (P0.05).The blood endotoxin level in portal vein was signifi-cantly higher in enteral nutrition group than in other groups (P=0.000);the endotoxin level was significantly lower in Gln group than in Arg group (P=O.035) and Arg+Gln group (P=0.000);however,no such differ-ence was found between Arg group and Arg+Gln group (P=0.109).The height of jejunum villus and the thick-ness of jejunum were significantly lower in enteral nutrition group than those in the other groups (P=O.000);the thickness of colon was significantly lower in enteral nutrition group than those in Arg group and Arg+Gln group (P=0.000);however,no such difference was found when compared with Gln group (P=0.058).The thickness of colon (P=0.040) and jejunum (P=0.010) was significantly higher in Gln group than that in Arg group;but there was no significant difference in term of the height of jejunum villus (P=0.286).Compared with Arg+Gln group,the thickness of jejunum

  10. Effect of Cocoa Butter and Sunflower Oil Supplementation on Performance, Immunoglobulin, and Antioxidant Vitamin Status of Rats

    Ebru Yıldırım; Miyase Çınar; İlkay Yalçınkaya; Hüsamettin Ekici; Nurgül Atmaca; Enes Güncüm


    This study investigated the effects of cocoa butter and sunflower oil alone and in combination on performance, some biochemical parameters, immunoglobulin, and antioxidant vitamin status in Wistar rats. Forty-eight male rats were assigned to four groups, consisting of 12 rats with 3 replicates. Control received balanced rat diet without oil, cocoa butter group received 3.5% cocoa butter, sunflower oil group received 3.5% sunflower oil, the last group received 1.75% sunflower oil + 1.75% cocoa...

  11. FKBP5 and specific microRNAs via glucocorticoid receptor in the basolateral amygdala involved in the susceptibility to depressive disorder in early adolescent stressed rats.

    Xu, Jingjing; Wang, Rui; Liu, Yuan; Liu, Dexiang; Jiang, Hong; Pan, Fang


    Exposure to stressful events induces depressive-like symptoms and increases susceptibility to depression. However, the molecular mechanisms are not fully understood. Studies reported that FK506 binding protein51 (FKBP5), the co-chaperone protein of glucocorticoid receptors (GR), plays a crucial role. Further, miR-124a and miR-18a are involved in the regulation of FKBP5/GR function. However, few studies have referred to effects of early life stress on depressive-like behaviours, GR and FKBP5, as well as miR-124a and miR-18a in the basolateral amygdala (BLA) from adolescence to adulthood. This study aimed to examine the dynamic alternations of depressive-like behaviours, GR and FKBP5, as well as miR-124a and miR-18a expressions in the BLA of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) rats and dexamethasone administration rats during the adolescent period. Meanwhile, the GR antagonist, RU486, was used as a means of intervention. We found that CUMS and dexamethasone administration in the adolescent period induced permanent depressive-like behaviours and memory impairment, decreased GR expression, and increased FKBP5 and miR-124a expression in the BLA of both adolescent and adult rats. However, increased miR-18a expression in the BLA was found only in adolescent rats. Depressive-like behaviours were positively correlated with the level of miR-124a, whereas GR levels were negatively correlated with those in both adolescent and adult rats. Our results suggested FKBP5/GR and miR-124a in the BLA were associated with susceptibility to depressive disorder in the presence of stressful experiences in early life. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Correlations between cognitive impairment and brain‑derived neurotrophic factor expression in the hippocampus of post-stroke depression rats.

    Zhang, Zhao-Hui; Wu, Li-Na; Song, Jing-Gui; Li, Wen-Qiang


    The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression and cognitive impairment in post‑stroke depression (PSD) rats and to explore the mechanism(s) involved in the process of cognitive impairment. A rat model of focal cerebral ischemia was established by occluding the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Rats were subjected to isolation-housing combined with chronic unexpected mild stress (CUMS) to establish a PSD rat model. The learning and memory abilities of the PSD rat model were evaluated by passive avoidance tests. Real‑time PCR and immunohistochemical methods were used to detect changes in BDNF mRNA and protein expression in the hippocampus. Passive avoidance defects were revealed in the PSD and depression groups. Passive avoidance defects were more evident in the PSD group compared with the depression group and the difference was statistically significant (PBDNF expression in the hippocampus was significantly lower in the PSD and depression groups compared with that in the normal control group (PBDNF expression was identified between the normal control and stroke groups (P>0.05) or between the PSD and the depression groups (P>0.05). The decrease in BDNF expression in the hippocampus of PSD rats may aggravate cognitive impairment, however, the degree of cognitive impairment cannot be reflected by the expression levels of BDNF in the hippocampus.

  13. Vertebrate pressure-gradient receivers.

    Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jakob


    The eardrums of all terrestrial vertebrates (tetrapods) are connected through Eustachian tubes or interaural canals. In some of the animals, these connections create pressure-gradient directionality, an enhanced directionality by interaction of sound arriving at both sides of the eardrum and strongly dependent on interaural transmission attenuation. Even though the tympanic middle ear has originated independently in the major tetrapod groups, in each group the ancestral condition probably was that the two middle ears were exposed in the mouth cavity with relatively high interaural transmission. Recent vertebrates form a continuum from perfect interaural transmission (0 dB in a certain frequency band) and pronounced eardrum directionality (30-40 dB) in the lizards, over somewhat attenuated transmission and limited directionality in birds and frogs, to the strongly attenuated interaural transmission and functionally isolated pressure receiver ears in the mammals. Since some of the binaural interaction already takes place at the eardrum in animals with strongly coupled ears, producing enhanced interaural time and level differences, the subsequent neural processing may be simpler. In robotic simulations of lizards, simple binaural subtraction (EI cells, found in brainstem nuclei of both frogs and lizards) produces strongly lateralized responses that are sufficient for steering the animal robustly to sound sources.

  14. Recent developments in superconducting receivers

    Richards, Paul L.


    A description is given of recent work at Berkeley on superconducting mixers and detectors for infrared and millimeter wavelengths. The first report is a review article which summarizes the status of development of superconducting components for infrared and millimeter wave receivers. The next report describes accurate measurements and also theoretical modeling of an SIS quasiparticle waveguide mixer for W-band which uses very high quality Ta junctions. The best mixer noise is only 1.3 times the quantum limit. Both the mixer gain and the noise are in quantitative agreement with the quantum theory. Next, a report is given on measurements and theoretical modeling of the absorptivity (surface resistance) of high quality epitaxial films of the high Tc superconductor YBCO from 750 GHz to 21 THz. Finally, there are reports on the design and experimental performance of two different types of high Tc bolometric detectors. One is a conventional bolometer with a gold-black absorber. The other is an antenna coupled microbolometer.

  15. 颐脑解郁方对抑郁大鼠脑1H波谱的干预作用%Effects of Yinao Jieyu Recipe in Intervening Cerebral Metabolism in Depressive-Like Rats Studied by In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

    黄育玲; 唐启盛; 李宁; 朱晨军


    This study investigated the metabolic change in brain of depression-like rats and the intervention effects of Yinao Jieyu recipe. Twenty rats were randomly allocated into normal group, depression group, fluoxetine group and Yinao Jieyu recipe group, with five rats in each group. The animals in the normal group were raised regularly. The animals in the other three groups were subjected to chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) for 21 days. After the CUMS treatment, the animals in the depression group received saline treatment by gastrogavage for 6 weeks, and those in the fluoxetine group and Yinao Jieyu recipe group received fluoxetine and Jieyu recipe treatments, respectively, by gastrogavage for 6 weeks. In vivo 1H MRS was performed to measure the changes of N-acetyl aspartate (NAA), choline (Cho) and creatine (Cr) levels in the left prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. Compared to the normal group, the depression group and the fluoxetine group showed significantly decreased NAA/Cr ratio in the hippocampus and frontal cortex. The Yinao Jieyu recipe group showed significantly higher NAA/Cr ratio in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex relative to the depression group. The hippocampal Cho/Cr ratio in the depression group was found increased (P< 0.05), while that in the Yinao Jieyu recipe group decreased (P<0. 01), compared to the normal group. The prefrontal Cho/Cr ration in the depression group and fluoxetine group showed significant increases relative to the normal. The prefrontal Cho/Cr ratios in the Yinao Jieyu recipe group and fluoxetine group were significantly lower than that in the depression group. In conclusion, the Yinao Jieyu recipe appeared to have apparent anti-depression effects in rats subjected to CUMS.%该文主要研究抑郁大鼠脑的1 H MRS变化及颐脑解郁方的干预作用.将雄性Wistar大鼠随机分为正常组、模型组、西药组和中药组,每组5只.正常组常规饲养,模型组、中药组和西药组给予21 d的慢性

  16. The effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on behaviors and hippocampal GR protein ex-pression in depression model rats%重复经颅磁刺激对抑郁模型大鼠行为学及海马区糖皮质激素受体表达的影响

    任慧聪; 谷世娜; 赵琳; 李文强; 张朝辉


    Objective To explore the effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on behaviors and hippocampal glucocorticoid receptor (GR) protein expression in chronic stress depression model rats and the possible antidepressant mechanism of rTMS. Method Seventy-five male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into the blank control group (n=15) and the stress-induced group (n=60). Singly housing and chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) were used to induce the depression model in stress-induced group. Forty-five CUMS rats were selected and ran⁃domly divided into rTMS group (receiving 10 Hz rTMS intervention for 3 weeks), sham group (receiving pseudo rTMS treatments for 3 weeks) and depression group (with no further treatment). Body weight measurements and performance in the sucrose consumption and forced swimming test (FST) were evaluated before modeling, after modeling and after inter⁃vention. The GR protein and GR mRNA expression level in the hippocampus were examined after intervention. Results Compared with control group, the body weight growth rate and the sugar water preference were significantly lower in stress-induced group (P0.05), were higher than those in sham group and depression group (P<0.01). The immobility times of FST in rTMS group and control group were shorter than sham group and depression group (P<0.01). Compared with rTMS group and control group, GR and GR mRNA expression levels in the hippocampus were significantly reduced in sham group and depression group (P<0.01). Conclusion rTMS can improve depression behavior of CUMS rats, which may be associated with upregulation of GR expression in the hippocampus.%目的:观察重复经颅磁刺激(repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation,rTMS)对慢性应激抑郁模型大鼠的抗抑郁作用及对海马区糖皮质激素受体(glucocorticoid receptor,GR)表达的影响,探讨rTMS抗抑郁作用的可能机制。方法75只健康成年雄性

  17. The Mechanism of Company Accounts Receivable Management

    Halyna Yamnenko


    Full Text Available The relevance of the accounts receivable management is caused by its ability to influence on the filling of the company working capital. Therefore it is necessary to create a specific mechanism for management of accounts receivable in the company. The article analyses the components of the mechanism and the influence of factors that significantly affect the operation. The result of the functioning of the accounts receivable management is to receive funds and to minimize accounts receivable.

  18. Thermal resistance model for CSP central receivers

    de Meyer, O. A. J.; Dinter, F.; Govender, S.


    The receiver design and heliostat field aiming strategy play a vital role in the heat transfer efficiency of the receiver. In molten salt external receivers, the common operating temperature of the heat transfer fluid or molten salt ranges between 285°C to 565°C. The optimum output temperature of 565°C is achieved by adjusting the mass flow rate of the molten salt through the receiver. The reflected solar radiation onto the receiver contributes to the temperature rise in the molten salt by means of heat transfer. By investigating published work on molten salt external receiver operating temperatures, corresponding receiver tube surface temperatures and heat losses, a model has been developed to obtain a detailed thermographic representation of the receiver. The steady state model uses a receiver flux map as input to determine: i) heat transfer fluid mass flow rate through the receiver to obtain the desired molten salt output temperature of 565°C, ii) receiver surface temperatures iii) receiver tube temperatures iv) receiver efficiency v) pressure drop across the receiver and vi) corresponding tube strain per panel.

  19. Aplicación de la regla compensatio lucri cum damno en los supuestos de pérdida de la chance de ayuda económica futura

    Aldax, Martín


    Full Text Available El trabajo demuestra que para determinar la indemnización material por el fallecimiento de un hijo, debe descontarse a la suma otorgada en concepto de pérdida de la chance de ayuda económica futura, las erogaciones dejadas de realizar por los progenitores en beneficio del menor como consecuencia de la muerte. Se encuentra dividido en dos capítulos y una conclusión. En el primer capítulo comprende una breve reseña histórica de la institución, ubica la cuestión dentro de la teoría general del Derecho de daños. Se define la compensatio lucri cum damno y cada uno de los conceptos que la componen, estudiando las generalidades de la institución. En el segundo capítulo se estudia el supuesto específico de compensación en el caso de pérdida de ayuda económica futura del hijo fallecido hacia sus padres, con los gastos y erogaciones dejadas de realizar en beneficio del menor y de las personas por nacer, realizando un análisis de los conceptos, verificando los beneficios computables y sus requisitos. Por último en la conclusión con la que se demuestra la hipótesis de trabajo planteada.

  20. Microwave receivers with electronic warfare applications

    Tsui, James


    This book by the author of Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers willbe like no other one on your book shelf as the definitive word on electronicwarfare (EW) receiver design and performance. Whether you are an EWscientist involved in the test and evaluation of EW receivers or a designerof RWR's and other EW-related receivers, Microwave Receivers withElectronic Warfare Applications is a handy reference through which you canperfect your technical art. Lucidly written, this book is a treatise on EWreceivers that is relevant to you if you are just looking for a top-levelinsight into EW receive

  1. Developmental immunotoxicity of Diazepam in prenatally exposed weanling Wistar rats

    Loveren H van; Piersma AH; Jong WH de; Waal EJ de; LPI; LEO; LGM


    A prenatal developmental toxicity study was conducted in rats receiving the pharmaceutical Diazepam from gestation days 14 to 20. Reports from the literature claim that Diazepam has impaired the immune function in the offspring of rats receiving treatment during the third trimester of gestation. Dia

  2. Escitalopram alleviate depression in rats after stroke by decreasing serum levels of interleukin-18%艾司西酞普兰通过降低血清白细胞介素-18水平减轻大鼠卒中后抑郁

    杨玲俐; 叶冬青; 林代华


    Objective To investigate the effect of escitalopram on the levels of serum proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6),tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α),and IL-18 in a rat model of poststroke depression (PSD).Methods Twenty-four male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly allocated into sham operation,middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO),PSD and escitalopram groups (n =6 in each group).A model of MCAO was induced by the intraluminal suture method,and on this basis,a PSD model was induced by combining with chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) plus lonely upbringing.The rats of both the sham operation group and the MCAO group were neither CUMS nor lonely upbringing,and in the PSD group they were both CUMS and lonely upbringing.The escitalopram group was given escitalopram intervention (10 mg/kg · d,intraperitoneal injection for 3 weeks) at the beginning of CUMS and lonely upbringing.At baseline and on day 7,14 and 21 after CUMS,sucrose solution consumption and wilderness trials were used to assess depression-like behavior.Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect the levels of serum proinflammatory cytokines IL-6,TNF-α and IL-18 on day 21 after CUMS.Results On day 21 after CUMS,the scores of weight,sucrose solution consumption,vertical test and the distance of horizontal activities were all significantly decreased and shortened compared to those of the sham operation group and the MCAO group (all P<0.01).The weight,sucrose solution consumption,and the distance of horizontal activities of the escitalopram group were significantly increased compared to those of the PSD group (P <0.05 or P <0.01).On day 22 after CUMS,the serum IL-18 level of the PSD group was increased significantly compared to that of the sham operation group and the MCAO group (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01).The serum IL-18 level of the escitalopram group was decreased significantly compared to that of the PSD group (P <0.05).However,there were no significant differences in the

  3. The First Six ALMA Band 10 Receivers

    Fujii, Y.; Gonzalez, A.; Kroug, M.; Kaneko, K.; Miyachi, A.; Yokoshima, T.; Kuroiwa, K.; Ogawa, H.; Makise, K.; Wang, Z.; Uzawa, Y.


    The first six Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Band 10 (787-950 GHz) receivers have been developed and characterized during the receiver preproduction phase. State-of-the-art measurement systems at THz frequencies have been implemented and successfully used to measure the performance of the first six receivers. Extensive tests ranging from receiver sensitivity and stability to optical aperture efficiency on the secondary antenna have been performed. Performance of all six receivers is well within the stringent ALMA requirements. Moreover, our extensive tests have shown that there are no big performance differences between receivers. These results indicate that the ALMA Band 10 receiver is ready for the production phase, during which an additional 67 receivers will be produced and characterized.

  4. Trough Receiver Heat Loss Testing (Presentation)

    Lewandowski, A.; Feik, C.; Hansen, R.; Phillips, S.; Bingham, C.; Netter, J.; Forristal, R.; Burkholder, F.; Meglan, B.; Wolfrum, E.


    This presentation describes the design, fabrication, and qualification of an experimental capability for thermal loss testing of full-size trough receiver elements; and the testing on a variety of receivers.

  5. Disposition of 14C-erythritol in germfree and conventional rats

    Ommen, B. van; Bie, B. de; Bar, A.


    The metabolism and disposition of U-14C-erythritol was examined in four groups of three male and three female, nonfasted rats each. The rats of groups A and D were germfree; the rats of groups B and C were kept under conventional conditions. The rats of group B received an erythritol-supplemented

  6. 49 CFR 236.730 - Coil, receiver.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Coil, receiver. 236.730 Section 236.730 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION... Coil, receiver. Concentric layers of insulated wire wound around the core of a receiver of an...

  7. 49 CFR 393.88 - Television receivers.


    ... 49 Transportation 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Television receivers. 393.88 Section 393.88... NECESSARY FOR SAFE OPERATION Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories § 393.88 Television receivers. Any motor vehicle equipped with a television viewer, screen or other means of visually receiving a...

  8. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or hydroxycobalamin attenuates surges in brain interstitial lactate and glucose; and hyperbaric oxygen improves respiratory status in cyanide-intoxicated rats

    Lawson-Smith, P; Olsen, Niels Vidiendal; Hyldegaard, O


    to four groups receiving potassium CN (KCN) 5.4 mg/kg or vehicle intra-arterially: 1) vehicle-treated control rats; 2) KCN-poisoned rats; 3) KCN-poisoned rats receiving hydroxycobalamin (25 mg); and 4) KCN-poisoned rats treated with HBO2 (284 kPa for 90 minutes). KCN alone caused a prompt increase...

  9. 人参皂苷对慢性应激抑郁模型大鼠行为学及HPA轴、BDNF的影响%Effects of ginsenosides on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress

    刘丽琴; 罗艳; 张瑞睿; 郭建友


    Gingseng is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine community for the treatment of depression-like dis, orders. Ginsenosides is considered to be the major active components of ginseng. Previous studies have demonstrated that ginsenosides produced antidepressant-like action in various mouse models of behavioral despair. The present study aimed to examine whether ginsenosides could affect the chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS)-induced depression in rats. The mechanism(s) underlying the antidepressant-like action was investigated by measuring serum corticesterone level, glucocorticoid receptor ( GR), mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA levels in brain tissues. CUMS, being lasted for 6 weeks, caused depression-like behavior in rats, as indicated by the significant decrease in sucrose consumption and increase in immobility time in the forced swim test. Whereas serum corticosterone level was significantly increased in rats exposed to CUMS, expressions of GR mRNA in hippocampus, and BDNF mRNA in hippocampus and frontal cortex, were decreased in CUMS-treated rats. Daily intragastric administration of ginsenosides (12. 5, 25, 50 mg · kg-1) during the six weeks of CUMS significantly suppressed behavioral and biochemical changes induced by CUMS. However, there was no significant difference in MR mRNA level among groups. The results suggest that the antidepressant-like action of ginsenosides is likely mediated by modulating the function of hypothalamic- pituitary -adrenal axis and increasing the expression of BDNF in brain tissues.%目的:探讨人参皂苷对慢性应激所致大鼠抑郁模型的干预作用.方法:通过测定大鼠血清中皮质酮(COR)、糖皮质激素受体(GR)、盐皮质激素受体(MR)和脑组织中神经营养(BDNF)的mRNA表达水平,探讨人参皂苷的抗抑郁机制.结果:与正常组大鼠比较,经过慢性应激6周后大鼠糖水偏好显著下降,强迫游泳测试不动时间

  10. Notes on some ectoparasites received by the Medical Entomology Unit, Institute for Medical Research.

    Lee, H L; Krishnasamy, M; Jeffery, J; Paramasvaran, S


    There were a spate of recent complaints of insect bites and the entomological specimens received from various sources were identified to be those of cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis), the tropical bed-bug (Cimex hemipterus) and the dog louse (Heterodoxus spiniger). Only the fleas and the bed-bug are known to attack humans.

  11. A zero-power radio receiver.

    Brocato, Robert Wesley


    This report describes both a general methodology and some specific examples of passive radio receivers. A passive radio receiver uses no direct electrical power but makes sole use of the power available in the radio spectrum. These radio receivers are suitable as low data-rate receivers or passive alerting devices for standard, high power radio receivers. Some zero-power radio architectures exhibit significant improvements in range with the addition of very low power amplifiers or signal processing electronics. These ultra-low power radios are also discussed and compared to the purely zero-power approaches.

  12. An SDR based AIS receiver for satellites

    Larsen, Jesper Abildgaard; Mortensen, Hans Peter; Nielsen, Jens Frederik Dalsgaard


    For a few years now, there has been a high interest in monitoring the global ship traffic from space. A few satellite, capable of listening for ship borne AIS transponders have already been launched, and soon the AAUSAT3, carrying two different types of AIS receivers will also be launched. One...... of the AIS receivers onboard AAUSAT3 is an SDR based AIS receiver. This paper serves to describe the background of the AIS system, and how the SDR based receiver has been integrated into the AAUSAT3 satellite. Amongst some of the benefits of using an SDR based receiver is, that due to its versatility, new...

  13. Astronomical Receiver Modelling Using Scattering Matrices

    King, O G; Copley, C; Davis, R J; Leahy, J P; Leech, J; Muchovej, S J C; Pearson, T J; Taylor, Angela C


    Proper modelling of astronomical receivers is vital: it describes the systematic errors in the raw data, guides the receiver design process, and assists data calibration. In this paper we describe a method of analytically modelling the full signal and noise behaviour of arbitrarily complex radio receivers. We use electrical scattering matrices to describe the signal behaviour of individual components in the receiver, and noise correlation matrices to describe their noise behaviour. These are combined to produce the full receiver model. We apply this approach to a specified receiver architecture: a hybrid of a continous comparison radiometer and correlation polarimeter designed for the C-Band All-Sky Survey. We produce analytic descriptions of the receiver Mueller matrix and noise temperature, and discuss how imperfections in crucial components affect the raw data. Many of the conclusions drawn are generally applicable to correlation polarimeters and continuous comparison radiometers.

  14. Control of glomerular hypertension by insulin administration in diabetic rats.

    Scholey, J.W.; Meyer, T W


    Micropuncture studies were performed in Munich Wistar rats made diabetic with streptozotocin and in normal control rats. Diabetic rats received daily ultralente insulin to maintain moderate hyperglycemia (approximately 300 mg/dl). Group 1 diabetic rats studied after routine micropuncture preparation exhibited elevation of the single nephron glomerular filtration rate (SNGFR) due to increases in the glomerular transcapillary hydraulic pressure difference and glomerular plasma flow rate. In gro...

  15. Biochemical effect of curcumin on hyperlipidemia induced in rats

    Omayma A.R.; Ragab A.; Abdel-Majeed A.D; Hassanin K.M.; Abdelghaffar M.M.


    This study was performed to investigate the effect of oral supplementation of curcumin, garlic extract and olive oil on lipid profile, nitric oxide, adiponectin, endothelin-1, blood glucose and some inflammatory markers in normal, diabetic and hyperlipidemic rats supplementing high fat and cholesterol-enriched diet. Forty female adult albino rats were divided into four equal groups of 10 rats each. Group (1): negative control received normal diet only, group (2): rats fed on normal diet and r...

  16. CUMS抑郁模型大鼠脑组织DA、5-HT及其代谢产物的浓度变化%Concentration change of DA, 5-HT and their metabolites in brain tissue of depression models rat treated with chronic unpredicted mild stress

    唐亚梅; 陈春梅; 刘勇


    Objective We explored the related neurobiochemistry pathomechanism by the comparison of concentration of dopamine(DA), 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and their metabolites in brain tissue in the Chronic unpredicted mild stress (CUMS)depression model rats. Methods 24 male Spragur-Dawley (SD) rats were randomly assigned to 3 groups: control group, model group and fluoxetine group. CUMS with solitary condition was taken to manufacture depression rat model. After separated the brains tissues of CUMS depression rats, the levels of DA, 5-HT and their metabolites of the tissue homogenate from the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and hippocampus were examined with Coularray Electrochemic detection for high performance liquid chromatogram (HPLC) technique. Results Compared to contronl group, the levels of DA, homovanillic acid (HVA), 5-HT and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) in the mPFC of depression model rats have significantly decreased(P<0.01 or 0.05), and the levels of DA, HVA and 5-HT in hippocampus have significantly decreased (P<0.01 or 0.05); Compared to model group, the levels of DA, HVA and 5 -HT in the mPFC of fluoxetine group rats have significantly increased (P<0.01 or 0.05), and the levels of DA, 5 -HT and 5 -HIAA in hippocampus have significantly increased (P <0.05). Conclusion The activity of DA and 5 -HT systems in the mPFC and hippocampus were decreased in CUMS depression model rats.%目的:通过分析抑郁模型大鼠脑组织DA、5-HT及其代谢产物的浓度变化,探讨抑郁症发病的神经生化机制.方法:将24只雄性SD大鼠随机分成对照组、模型组和氟西汀组3组;采用慢性轻度不可预见性应激(CUMS)结合孤养建立抑郁大鼠模型,随后取脑并分离内侧前额皮质(mPFC)和海马,采用库仑阵列电化学高效液相色谱法测定上述脑区DA、5-HT及其代谢产物的浓度.结果:与对照组比较,模型组大鼠mPFC区DA、高香草酸(HVA)、5-HT及5-羟吲哚乙酸(5-HIAA

  17. Peculiarities of osteoarthritis in rats

    Maria Drahulian


    Full Text Available Was received model of osteoarthritis in the rat line Wistar, by a one-time injection of CH3COOI acid into the knee joint. There changes in joint studied histological and clinical methods.On the 7-th day of the experiment was installed resemblance to similar changes in the joints of humans with acquired osteoarthritis

  18. High stable remote photoelectric receiver for interferometry

    Yang, Hongxing; Zhu, Pengfei; Tan, Jiubin; Hu, Pengcheng; Fan, Zhigang


    A high sensitive and high stable remote photoelectric receiver has been developed to reduce noise and phase delay drift caused by thermal pollution and environmental interference. The phase delay drift model is analyzed and built based on a traditional photoelectric receiver. According to the model, a new mechanical isolation structure and a temperature control system are designed to keep the photoelectric receiver in a low constant temperature. Comparison experiments with traditional bias voltage compensation method and temperature control method are carried out between photoelectric receivers. The results verify that the output voltage fluctuation of photoelectric receiver used is reduced by 65% while the phase drift between measurement and reference photoelectric receivers decreases from 1.05° to 0.02°.

  19. Analysis of the omnium-g receiver

    Bohn, M.


    A thermal analysis of the Omnium-G receiver is presented and the technique is shown to be generally applicable to solar thermal receivers utilizing a directly heated thermal mass. The thermal loss coefficient, including reradiation losses, is calculated and shown to agree quite well with the experimentally measured thermal loss coefficient. The rate of heat transfer to the working fluid is also analyzed and the analysis is used to show that the Omnium-G receiver is well matched to the water/steam working fluid because the steam outlet temperature is almost the same as the receiver temperature. A general procedure for calculating receiver performance is presented. With this procedure, the energy delivery to any working fluid, the delivered temperature of the working fluid, and the pressure drop through the receiver can be determined. An example of the calculation is also presented.

  20. Glutamate and CO2 production from glutamine in incubated enterocytes of adult and very old rats

    Meynial-Denis, Dominique; Bielicki, Guy; Beaufrere, Anne-Marie; MIGNON, Michelle; Patureau Mirand, Philippe; Renou, Jean-Pierre


    Glutamine is the major fuel for enterocytes and promotes the growth of intestinal mucosa. Although oral glutamine exerts a positive effect on intestinal villus height in very old rats, how glutamine is used by enterocytes is unclear. Adult (8 months) and very old (27 months) female rats were exposed to intermittent glutamine supplementation for 50% of their age lifetime. Treated rats received glutamine added to their drinking water, and control rats received water alone. Jejunal epithelial ce...

  1. Concentrated solar power generation using solar receivers

    Anderson, Bruce N.; Treece, William Dean; Brown, Dan; Bennhold, Florian; Hilgert, Christoph


    Inventive concentrated solar power systems using solar receivers, and related devices and methods, are generally described. Low pressure solar receivers are provided that function to convert solar radiation energy to thermal energy of a working fluid, e.g., a working fluid of a power generation or thermal storage system. In some embodiments, low pressure solar receivers are provided herein that are useful in conjunction with gas turbine based power generation systems.

  2. Shipping/Receiving and Quality Control

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Shipping receiving, quality control, large and precise inspection and CMM machines. Coordinate Measuring Machines, including "scanning" probes, optical comparators,...

  3. Efficient structures for wideband digital receiver

    Wang Hong; Lu Youxin; Wang Xuegang; Wan Yonglun


    Digital receivers have become more and more popular in radar, communication, and electric warfare for the advantages compared with their analog counterparts. But conventional digital receivers have been generally considered impractical for bandwidth greater than several hundreds MHz. To extend receiver bandwidth, decrease data rate and save hardware resources, three novel structures are proposed. They decimate the data stream prior to mixing and filtering, then process the multiple decimated streams in parallel at a lower rate. Consequently it is feasible to realize wideband receivers on the current ASIC devices. A design example and corresponding simulation results are demonstrated to evaluate the proposed structures.

  4. Receiver function estimated by maximum entropy deconvolution

    吴庆举; 田小波; 张乃铃; 李卫平; 曾融生


    Maximum entropy deconvolution is presented to estimate receiver function, with the maximum entropy as the rule to determine auto-correlation and cross-correlation functions. The Toeplitz equation and Levinson algorithm are used to calculate the iterative formula of error-predicting filter, and receiver function is then estimated. During extrapolation, reflective coefficient is always less than 1, which keeps maximum entropy deconvolution stable. The maximum entropy of the data outside window increases the resolution of receiver function. Both synthetic and real seismograms show that maximum entropy deconvolution is an effective method to measure receiver function in time-domain.

  5. Nursing process approach improves receivables management.

    Dias, K; Stockamp, D


    The "nursing process" is a systematic decision-making approach to problem solving based on open-system theory. This theory assumes that there is an on-going interchange between all system components. Components cannot be viewed in isolation, because decisions regarding one component will affect other components. Receivables management is similar to the nursing process, in that it involves constant diagnosis, assessment, and intervention in the work in process during all phases of the receivables cycle. In experiments that applied the nursing process concept to the management of accounts receivable in several hospitals, gross days in accounts receivable were reduced and cash flow was increased.

  6. Special design topics in digital wideband receivers

    Tsui, James B Y


    Offering engineers a thorough examination of special, more advanced aspects of digital wideband receiver design, this practical book builds on fundamental resources on the topic, helping you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. This in-depth volume presents a detailed look at a complete receiver design, including the encoder. Moreover, it discusses the detection of exotic signals and provides authoritative guidance on designing receivers used in electronic warfare. From frequency modulation and biphase shifting keys, to parameter encoders in electronic warfare receivers and

  7. Variable velocity in solar external receivers

    Rodríguez-Sánchez, M. R.; Sánchez-González, A.; Acosta-Iborra, A.; Santana, D.


    One of the major problems in solar external receivers is tube overheating, which accelerates the risk of receiver failure. It can be solved implementing receivers with high number of panels. However, it exponentially increases the pressure drop in the receiver and the parasitic power consumption of the Solar Power Tower (SPT), reducing the global efficiency of the SPT. A new concept of solar external receiver, named variable velocity receiver, is able to adapt their configuration to the different flux density distributions. A set of valves allows splitting in several independent panels those panels in which the wall temperature is over the limit. It increases the velocity of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) and its cooling capacity. This receiver does not only reduce the wall temperature of the tubes, but also simplifies the control of the heliostat field and allows to employ more efficient aiming strategies. In this study, it has been shown that variable velocity receiver presents high advantages with respect to traditional receiver. Nevertheless, more than two divisions per panels are not recommendable, due to the increment of the pressure drop over 70 bars. In the design point (12 h of the Spring Equinox), the use of a variable number of panels between 18 and 36 (two divisions per panel), in a SPT similar to Gemasolar, improves the power capacity of the SPT in 5.7%, with a pressure drop increment of 10 bars. Off-design, when the flux distribution is high and not symmetric (e.g. 10-11 h), the power generated by the variable velocity receiver is 18% higher than the generated by the traditional receiver, at these hours the pressure drop increases almost 20 bars.

  8. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver

    Hu, Yonghui; Hua, Yu; Hou, Lei; Wei, Jingfa; Wu, Jianfeng


    In this paper, based on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties, the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated, and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver. A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation, the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers, and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband. A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time. A software process flow is provided, and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted, such as signal searching, code loop and carrier loop algorithms, a height assistant algorithm, a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique, a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance, and a CAPS time correcting algorithm, according to the design frame of the receiver hardware. Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m, height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m, speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s, dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m, height accuracy is 3.0 m, and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s. In the case of C/A code, the timing accuracy is 200 ns, and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1 σ) is 5 m from south to north, and 0.8 m from east to west. Finally, research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  9. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver


    In this paper, based on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties, the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated, and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver. A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation, the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers, and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband. A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time. A software process flow is provided, and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted, such as signal searching, code loop and carrier loop algorithms, a height assistant algorithm, a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique, a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance, and a CAPS time correcting algorithm, according to the design frame of the receiver hardware. Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m, height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m, speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s, dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m, height accuracy is 3.0 m, and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s. In the case of C/A code, the timing accuracy is 200 ns, and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1σ ) is 5 m from south to north, and 0.8 m from east to west. Finally, research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  10. Maternal incentive scheme in Nepal – status of knowledge and financial benefits received by mothers on ANC incentive and safe delivery incentive program

    Sudarshan Subedi


    Full Text Available Background: Antenatal (ANC and Safe Delivery Incentive Program (SDIP of Nepal is implemented with the view to increase institutional delivery, thereby improving maternal health. The program has been a public issue regarding its information cum. incentive received by the clients and reimbursement to the health facilities. The study aimed to identify and assess the knowledge with financial benefits received by mothers from 4ANC visits and institutional delivery. Methods: Descriptive study was conducted among six villages of Syangja district, Nepal in December 2013. Data was taken from mothers who had delivered during the last one year of study. Full concern was adapted to consent, anonymity, confidentiality and validity. Epi-data and SPSS were used for analysis and interpretation of data. Results: Among the total 414 mothers, 60.6% and 82.9% were aware on 4ANC incentive and SDIP respectively. Total, consulted, mothers who had delivered in health-facility (n=212 received delivery incentive. Comparing the delivery benefits with ANC (n=212, 65.4% of mothers were deprived from ANC incentive though they practiced scheduled ANC visit. As an interesting fact, some other cases of non-ANC visit (n=3 and less than four/non-scheduled visit (n=8 were benefited from the ANC incentive as opposed to the rule of scheme. Analysis has shown that mothers who were aware on ANC incentive scheme were 5.2 times more likely to receive incentive than those of unaware one. Conclusion: The utilization of ANC incentive is found to be the result of its level of awareness. Government and concerned authority should valuably focus on ANC incentive program to increase its utilization like SDIP.

  11. Superconducting integrated submillimeter receiver for TELIS

    Koshelets, Valery P.; Ermakov, Andrey B.; Filippenko, Lyudmila V.; Khudchenko, Andrey V.; Kiselev, Oleg S.; Sobolev, Alexander S.; Torgashin, Mikhail Yu.; Yagoubov, Pavel A.; Hoogeveen, Ruud W. M.; Wild, Wolfgang


    In this report an overview of the results on the development of a single-chip superconducting integrated receiver for the Terahertz Limb Sounder (TELIS) balloon project intended to measure a variety of stratosphere trace gases is presented. The Superconducting Integrated Receiver (SIR) comprises in

  12. 47 CFR 32.1170 - Receivables.


    ... FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES Instructions for Balance Sheet Accounts § 32.1170 Receivables. (a... enable the company to make the following analysis: (1) Amounts due from customers who are receiving... process of collection. (b) Collections in excess of amounts charged to this account may be credited to...

  13. Superconducting chip receivers for imaging application

    Shitov, SV; Koshelets, VP; Ermakov, AB; Filippenko, LV; Baryshev, AM; Luinge, W; Gao, [No Value


    Experimental details of a unique superconducting imaging array receiver are discussed. Each pixel contains an internally pumped receiver chip mounted on the back of the elliptical microwave lens. Each chip comprises a quasi-optical SIS mixer integrated with a superconducting flux-flow oscillator (FF

  14. Social networks and receiving informal care.

    Boer, A. de; Klerk, M. de; Cardol, M.; Westert, G.


    In 2001, roughly half a million people (4% of the Dutch population) received informal care from family members living outside their home, and a quarter of a million (2% of the Dutch population) received this care from acquaintances, such as friend, neighbours and work colleagues. The potential suppl

  15. 21 CFR 1020.10 - Television receivers.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Television receivers. 1020.10 Section 1020.10 Food...) RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR IONIZING RADIATION EMITTING PRODUCTS § 1020.10 Television receivers. (a) Applicability. The provisions of this section are applicable to television...

  16. RF performance of T-DAB receivers

    Schiphorst, R.; Potman, J.; Hofstra, K.L.; Cronie, H.S.; Slump, C.H.


    In every wireless system, the weakest link determines the performance of the network. In this paper the Radio Frequency (RF) performance of both band III and L-band Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB) consumer receivers are discussed. The receivers have been tested based on the EN 50248 s

  17. Nicergoline improves the depressive behavior of vascular depression in rats by regulating monoamine neurotransmitter receptors expression in hippocampal CA1 region and serum apolipoprotein E4 level%尼麦角林通过调节海马 CA1区单胺类递质受体表达和血清载脂蛋白 E4水平改善血管性抑郁大鼠的抑郁行为

    李乐军; 李玉梅; 刘涛


    Objective To investigate the effects of nicergoline on expressions of 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor (5-HT1AR), D2 dopamine receptor (D2DR),α2A adrenaline receptor (α2AAR) in the hippocampal CA1 region and the serum level of apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4) in a rat model of vascular depression (VD) . Methods Forty-eight male Sprague-Daw ley rats w ere randomly al ocated into a normal control group, a model group, fluoxetine group, a low-dose nicergoline group, a medium-dose nicergoline group, and a nicergoline high-dose group ( n=8 in each group). A rat model of VD w as induced by the ligation of bilateral common carotid arteries combined w ith chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) plus single housing. The rats did not conduct CUMS or single housing in the normal control group, and the rats in the model group conducted CUMS and single housing. The rats in the fluoxetine group w ere given fluoxetine 1.3 mg/(kg· d) for gastric lavage for 3 w eeks at the beginning of CUMS and single housing. The rats in the low -, medium-and high-dose nicergoline groups w ere given nicergoline 0.9, 1.9 and 3.8 mg/(kg· d), respectively for gastric lavage for 3 w eeks at the beginning of CUMS and single housing. The normal control group and the model group w ere given equal volume of distil ed w ater for gastric lavage, once a day for 3 w eeks. Depression-like behavior w as evaluated using sucrose solution consumption and open-field test. Immunohistochemical staining and Western blot were used to detect the expressions of 5-HT1AR, D2DR, andα2AAR in the hippocampal CA1 region. Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay w as used to detect serum ApoE4 level. Results Before CUMS, the scores of horizontal and vertical movement and sucrose solution consumption in the model group, the fluoxetine group and each nicergoline group w ere decreased significantly compared w ith the normal control group (al P<0.01);w hile at 21 days after CUMS, those in the fluoxetine group and the nicergoline medium

  18. Compressive Sensing for Spread Spectrum Receivers

    Fyhn, Karsten; Jensen, Tobias Lindstrøm; Larsen, Torben


    With the advent of ubiquitous computing there are two design parameters of wireless communication devices that become very important: power efficiency and production cost. Compressive sensing enables the receiver in such devices to sample below the Shannon-Nyquist sampling rate, which may lead...... to a decrease in the two design parameters. This paper investigates the use of Compressive Sensing (CS) in a general Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) receiver. We show that when using spread spectrum codes in the signal domain, the CS measurement matrix may be simplified. This measurement scheme, named...... Compressive Spread Spectrum (CSS), allows for a simple, effective receiver design. Furthermore, we numerically evaluate the proposed receiver in terms of bit error rate under different signal to noise ratio conditions and compare it with other receiver structures. These numerical experiments show that though...

  19. High dynamic, low volume GPS receiver

    Hurd, W. J.


    A new GPS receiver concept and design are presented to meet the high dynamic and low volume requirements for range applications in missiles and drones. The receiver has the potential to satisfy all range requirements with one basic receiver, which has significant potential economic benefit over the alternate approach of using a family of receivers, each tailored for specific applications. The main new concept is to use approximate maximum likelihood estimates of pseudo range and range-rate, rather than tracking with carrier phase locked loops and code delay locked loops. Preliminary analysis indicates that receivers accelerating at 50 g or more can track with position errors due to acceleration of approximately 0.2 m/g, or 10 m at 50 g. Implementation is almost entirely digital to meet the low volume requirements.

  20. An SDR based AIS receiver for satellites

    Larsen, Jesper Abildgaard; Mortensen, Hans Peter; Nielsen, Jens Frederik Dalsgaard


    For a few years now, there has been a high interest in monitoring the global ship traffic from space. A few satellite, capable of listening for ship borne AIS transponders have already been launched, and soon the AAUSAT3, carrying two different types of AIS receivers will also be launched. One...... of the AIS receivers onboard AAUSAT3 is an SDR based AIS receiver. This paper serves to describe the background of the AIS system, and how the SDR based receiver has been integrated into the AAUSAT3 satellite. Amongst some of the benefits of using an SDR based receiver is, that due to its versatility, new...... detection algorithms are easily deployed, and it is easily adapted the new proposed AIS transmission channels....

  1. Analysis of Pachymic Acid and Total Terpene Constituents of Poria, Poria cum Pini Radix, Pini Radix in Poria and Pini Radix%茯苓、茯神、茯神木及松根中茯苓酸及总萜类成分分析

    李蒙; 聂磊; 沈佳瑜; 王光忠


    s:Objective To compare the contents of pachymic acid and total terpene of Poria, Poria cum Pini Radix, Pini Radix in Poria and Pini Radix.Methods HPLC was used in the determination of content of pachymic acid, colorimetric method was used in analysis of total terpenoid components.Comparison and analysis of total terpenoid components were carried out in different medicinal parts of Poria cocos ( Schw.) Wolf from different areas.Results The content of pachymic acid:Pini Radix in Poria>Poria cum Pini Radix >Poria,and Pini Radix did not.The content of total terpenoid:Pini Radix≈Pini Radix in Poria>Poria cum Pini Radix >Poria.Conclusion The study provides foundation for quality control and evaluation of different pieces of Poria cocos, and to provide scientific basis for the clinical selection of different pieces of Poria cocos.%目的:比较茯苓、茯神、茯神木及松根中茯苓酸及总萜类含量差异。方法采用高效液相色谱法( HPLC )法,测定茯苓酸含量;采用比色法测定总萜类成分含量。并对不同产地及来源的样品进行成分分析比较。结果茯苓酸含量:茯神木>茯神>茯苓,松根无;总萜含量:松根≈茯神木>茯神>茯苓。结论为茯苓不同饮片的质量控制与评价奠定了基础,并为临床选用茯苓不同饮片提供了科学依据。

  2. 慢性应激损害大鼠学习记忆且抑制海马及额叶FGF2蛋白表达%Chronic Stress Impairs Learning and Memory and Down-Regulates Expression of FGF2 in Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of Rats

    汤明明; 侯公林


    It is well documented that chronic stress can produce cognitive impairment, and that the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex play an important role in the process of learning and memory. The present study investigated the effects of chronic stress through examination of the modulation tone of FGF2 protein in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. The fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2), a mitogen that is involved in brain development and regeneration, has been shown to facilitate neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, as well as be involved in the mechanism of neurodegenerative disorders.In the experiment, sixteen male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned into control group and stress group and the chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) model was performed to construct chronic stress model of rats. The stress group received 35 days CUMS which were consisted of food deprivation, water deprivation, clip tail, feet shock, forced swimming in cold water, wet bedding, and disturbed light-dark cycle. Following the last stressor, stressed and non-stressed rats began training in the Morris Water Maze (MWM) and Y Maze to test the change of the ability of learning and memory about space clue fixed position and conditioned escape response. The changes of protein level of FGF2 in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex were observed by Westernblot analysis and Immunohistochemistry analysis.Compared with the rats of control group, the rats of stress group have obvious impairments in learning and memory. In the MWM, the rats exposed to stress had longer latencies to reach the hidden platform during training phase (p<0.01), and passed fewer times through the platform location (p<0.01). In the Y maze test, stressed rats needed more learning performances (p<0.05) and had less precision rate (p<0.05). The protein level of FGF2 was downregulated in hippocampus of rats (p<0.001), especially the dentate gyms, CA1 neurons and CA3 pyramidal neurons. The same changes also happened in prefrontal

  3. 针刺对卒中后抑郁大鼠空间学习记忆功能及海马CA3区脑源性神经营养因子的影响%Effect of Acupuncture on Spatial Learning and Memory Abilities and Hippocampal CA3 Regional BDNF in Rats with Post-stroke Depression

    蔡丽; 刘毅; 陆小青


    Objective To investigate the effects of acupuncture at points Baihui (GV20), Yintang (Ex-HN3) and Sishencong (Ex-HN1) on spatial learning and memory abilities and hippocampal expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in a rat model of post-stroke depression (PSD). Method Thirty male adult SD rats were allocated, using a random number table, tocontrol, acupuncture and sham operation groups, 10 rats each. A rat model of PSD was made by classical middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) using an intraluminal thread technique, chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) and solitary feeding. At the fourteenth day after the beginning of stress, the acupuncture group received acupuncture intervention for 14 consecutive days. At one week after the end of stress, the Morris water maze test was conducted to assess rat spatial learning and memory abilities. After the completion of the water maze test, hippocampal CA3 regional BDNF expression was determined by immunohistochemical method. Result Rat learning and memory abilities decreased significantly in the control group compared with the sham operation group (P<0.05). Space exploration time and the number of crossing platform reflecting memory abilities decreased significantly in the control group (22.36±6.20 s and 3.72±0.90 times, respectively) compared with the sham operation group (48.73±5.40 s and 8.60±1.10 times, respectively); there were statistically significant differences (P<0.01). Learning abilities, space exploration time, the number of crossing platform and BDNF expression increased significantly in PSD rats treated with acupuncture compared with the control group; there were statistically significant differences (P<0.01). Conclusion Acupuncture can improve spatial learning and memory abilities and raise hippocampal regional BDNF levels in rats with post-stroke depression.%目的:观察针刺百会、印堂、四神聪穴对卒中后抑郁(PSD)模型大鼠空间学习记忆功能及海马区脑

  4. Melatonin combined with exercise cannot alleviate cerebral injury in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury

    Seunghoon Lee; Kyu-Tae Chang; Yonggeun Hong; Jinhee Shin; Minkyung Lee; Yunkyung Hong; Sang-Kil Lee; Youngjeon Lee; Tserentogtokh Lkhagvasuren; Dong-Wook Kim; Young-Ae Yang


    Previous studies have demonstrated that melatonin combined with exercise can alleviate secondary damage after spinal cord injury in rats. Therefore, it is hypothesized that melatonin combined with exercise can also alleviate ischemic brain damage. In this study, adult rats were subjected to right middle cerebral artery occlusion after receiving 10 mg/kg melatonin or vehicle subcutaneously twice daily for 14 days. Forced exercise using an animal treadmill was performed at 20 m/min for 30 minutes per day for 6 days prior to middle cerebral artery occlusion. After middle cerebral artery occlusion, each rat received melatonin combined with exercise, melatonin or exercise alone equally for 7 days until sacrifice. Interestingly, rats receiving melatonin combined with exercise exhibited more severe neurological deficits than those receiving melatonin or exercise alone. Hypoxia-inducible factor 1α mRNA in the brain tissue was upregulated in rats receiving melatonin combined with exercise. Similarly, microtubule associated protein-2 mRNA expression was significantly upregulated in rats receiving melatonin alone. Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4 (NG2) mRNA expression was significantly decreased in rats receiving melatonin combined with exercise as well as in rats receiving exercise alone. Furthermore, neural cell loss in the primary motor cortex was significantly reduced in rats receiving melatonin or exercise alone, but the change was not observed in rats receiving melatonin combined with exercise. These findings suggest that excessive intervention with melatonin, exercise or their combination may lead to negative effects on ischemia/reperfusion-induced brain damage.

  5. Enhanced AIS receiver design for satellite reception

    Clazzer, Federico; Lázaro, Francisco; Plass, Simon


    The possibility to detect Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages from low earth orbit (LEO) satellites paves the road for a plurality of new and unexplored services. Besides worldwide tracking of vessels, maritime traffic monitoring, analysis of vessel routes employing big data, and oceans monitoring are just few of the fields, where satellite-aided AIS is beneficial. Designed for ship-to-ship communication and collision avoidance, AIS satellite reception performs poorly in regions with a high density of vessels. This calls for the development of advanced satellite AIS receivers able to improve the decoding capabilities. In this context, our contribution focuses on the introduction of a new enhanced AIS receiver design and its performance evaluation. The enhanced receiver makes use of a coherent receiver for the low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) region, while for medium to high SNRs, a differential Viterbi receiver is used. Additional novelty of our work is in the exploitation of previously decoded packets from one vessel that is still under the LEO reception range, to improve the vessel detection probability. The assessment of the performance against a common receiver is done making the use of a simple and tight model of the medium access (MAC) layer and the multi-packet reception (MPR) matrix for physical layer (PHY) representation. Performance results show the benefits of such enhanced receiver, especially when it is bundled with successive interference cancellation (SIC).

  6. Terahertz Array Receivers with Integrated Antennas

    Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Llombart, Nuria; Lee, Choonsup; Jung, Cecile; Lin, Robert; Cooper, Ken B.; Reck, Theodore; Siles, Jose; Schlecht, Erich; Peralta, Alessandro; Thomas, Bertrand; Mehdi, Imran


    Highly sensitive terahertz heterodyne receivers have been mostly single-pixel. However, now there is a real need of multi-pixel array receivers at these frequencies driven by the science and instrument requirements. In this paper we explore various receiver font-end and antenna architectures for use in multi-pixel integrated arrays at terahertz frequencies. Development of wafer-level integrated terahertz receiver front-end by using advanced semiconductor fabrication technologies has progressed very well over the past few years. Novel stacking of micro-machined silicon wafers which allows for the 3-dimensional integration of various terahertz receiver components in extremely small packages has made it possible to design multi-pixel heterodyne arrays. One of the critical technologies to achieve fully integrated system is the antenna arrays compatible with the receiver array architecture. In this paper we explore different receiver and antenna architectures for multi-pixel heterodyne and direct detector arrays for various applications such as multi-pixel high resolution spectrometer and imaging radar at terahertz frequencies.

  7. Fundamentals of GPS Receivers A Hardware Approach

    Doberstein, Dan


    While much of the current literature on GPS receivers is aimed at those intimately familiar with their workings, this volume summarizes the basic principles using as little mathematics as possible, and details the necessary specifications and circuits for constructing a GPS receiver that is accurate to within 300 meters. Dedicated sections deal with the features of the GPS signal and its data stream, the details of the receiver (using a hybrid design as exemplar), and more advanced receivers and topics including time and frequency measurements. Later segments discuss the Zarlink GPS receiver chip set, as well as providing a thorough examination of the TurboRogue receiver, one of the most accurate yet made. Guiding the reader through the concepts and circuitry, from the antenna to the solution of user position, the book’s deployment of a hybrid receiver as a basis for discussion allows for extrapolation of the core ideas to more complex, and more accurate designs. Digital methods are used, but any analogue c...

  8. Temperature influences in receiver clock modelling

    Wang, Kan; Meindl, Michael; Rothacher, Markus; Schoenemann, Erik; Enderle, Werner


    In Precise Point Positioning (PPP), hardware delays at the receiver site (receiver, cables, antenna, …) are always difficult to be separated from the estimated receiver clock parameters. As a result, they are partially or fully contained in the estimated "apparent" clocks and will influence the deterministic and stochastic modelling of the receiver clock behaviour. In this contribution, using three years of data, the receiver clock corrections of a set of high-precision Hydrogen Masers (H-Masers) connected to stations of the ESA/ESOC network and the International GNSS Service (IGS) are firstly characterized concerning clock offsets, drifts, modified Allan deviations and stochastic parameters. In a second step, the apparent behaviour of the clocks is modelled with the help of a low-order polynomial and a known temperature coefficient (Weinbach, 2013). The correlations between the temperature and the hardware delays generated by different types of antennae are then analysed looking at daily, 3-day and weekly time intervals. The outcome of these analyses is crucial, if we intend to model the receiver clocks in the ground station network to improve the estimation of station-related parameters like coordinates, troposphere zenith delays and ambiguities. References: Weinbach, U. (2013) Feasibility and impact of receiver clock modeling in precise GPS data analysis. Dissertation, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.

  9. Dynamic contrast-enhanced susceptibility-weighted perfusion MRI (DSC-MRI) in a glioma model of the rat brain using a conventional receive-only surface coil with a inner diameter of 47 mm at a clinical 1.5 T scanner.

    Ulmer, Stephan; Reeh, Matthias; Krause, Joerg; Herdegen, Thomas; Heldt-Feindt, Janka; Jansen, Olav; Rohr, Axel


    Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in animal models is usually performed in expensive dedicated small bore animal scanners of limited availability. In the present study a standard clinical 1.5 T MR scanner was used for morphometric and dynamic contrast-enhanced susceptibility-weighted MR imaging (DSC-MRI) of a glioma model of the rat brain. Ten male Wistar rats were examined with coronal T2-weighted, and T1-weighted images (matrix 128 x 128, FOV 64 mm) after implantation of an intracerebral tumor xenografts (C6) using a conventional surface coil. For DSC-MRI a T2*-weighted sequence (TR/TE=30/14 ms, matrix 64 x 64, FOV 90 mm; slice thickness of 1.5mm) was performed. Regions of interest were defined within the tumor and the non-affected contralateral hemisphere and the mean transit time (MTT) was determined. Tumor dimensions in MR predicted well its real size as proven by histology. The MTT of contrast agent passing through the brain was significantly decelerated in the tumor compared to the unaffected hemisphere (pscanners or dedicated custom-made coils.

  10. Global Positioning System receiver evaluation results

    Byrne, R.H.


    A Sandia project currently uses an outdated Magnavox 6400 Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver as the core of its navigation system. The goal of this study was to analyze the performance of the current GPS receiver compared to newer, less expensive models and to make recommendations on how to improve the performance of the overall navigation system. This paper discusses the test methodology used to experimentally analyze the performance of different GPS receivers, the test results, and recommendations on how an upgrade should proceed. Appendices contain detailed information regarding the raw data, test hardware, and test software.

  11. List of Nuclear Materials Licensing Actions Received

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission — A catalog of all Materials Licensing Actions received for review. The catalog lists the name of the entity submitting the license application, their city and state,...

  12. Metal Mesh Filters for Terahertz Receivers Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The best low-noise receiver solutions for frequencies above about 800 GHz rely on either a low-noise bolometric direct detector or a hot electron bolometric mixer....

  13. Metal Mesh Filters for Terahertz Receivers Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The technical objective of this SBIR program is to develop and demonstrate metal mesh filters for use in NASA's low noise receivers for terahertz astronomy and...

  14. 49 CFR 236.788 - Receiver.


    ... OF SIGNAL AND TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND APPLIANCES Definitions § 236.788 Receiver. A device on a locomotive, so placed that it is in position to be influenced inductively or actuated by...

  15. Collector/Receiver Characterization (Fact Sheet)


    Fact sheet describing NREL CSP Program capabilities for collector/receiver characterization: determining optical efficiency, measuring heat loss, developing and testing concentrators, concentrating the sun's power, and optically characterizing CSP plants.

  16. Digital Receiver for Laser Imaging Radar

    WANG Wei Ran; SUN Bing


    With the extension of the application domains for laser imaging radar,it is necessary to find a new technical way to obtain high technical performance and adaptive ability.In this paper,A new concept of digital receiver of laser imaging radar system is presented.This digital receiver is defined as a time varying parameter receiver which possesses large dynamics region and time domain filter.The receiver's mode,component structure as well as every function of its processing are described.The results and laboratorial data show the feasibility of digital reception.Also,it can exploit the inherent nature of laser imaging radar to obtain high probability of detection.

  17. Optical Coherent Receiver Enables THz Wireless Bridge

    Yu, Xianbin; Liu, Kexin; Zhang, Hangkai


    We experimentally demonstrated a 45 Gbit/s 400 GHz photonic wireless communication system enabled by an optical coherent receiver, which has a high potential in fast recovery of high data rate connections, for example, in disaster....

  18. High dynamic GPS receiver validation demonstration

    Hurd, W. J.; Statman, J. I.; Vilnrotter, V. A.


    The Validation Demonstration establishes that the high dynamic Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver concept developed at JPL meets the dynamic tracking requirements for range instrumentation of missiles and drones. It was demonstrated that the receiver can track the pseudorange and pseudorange rate of vehicles with acceleration in excess of 100 g and jerk in excess of 100 g/s, dynamics ten times more severe than specified for conventional High Dynamic GPS receivers. These results and analytic extensions to a complete system configuration establish that all range instrumentation requirements can be met. The receiver can be implemented in the 100 cu in volume required by all missiles and drones, and is ideally suited for transdigitizer or translator applications.

  19. High-Rate Receiver Design Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We propose an initial architectural and preliminary hardware design study for a high-rate receiver capable of decoding modulation suites specified by CCSDS 413.0-G-1...

  20. 29 CFR 1926.306 - Air receivers.


    ... transportation vehicles such as steam railroad cars, electric railway cars, and automotive equipment. (2) New and... manholes therein are easily accessible. Under no circumstances shall an air receiver be buried underground...

  1. 29 CFR 1910.169 - Air receivers.


    ... and equipment used on transportation vehicles such as steam railroad cars, electric railway cars, and... therein are easily accessible. Under no circumstances shall an air receiver be buried underground or...

  2. 多光子Jaynes-Cummings模型中与Glauber-Lachs态相互作用原子的熵压缩%Entropy squeezing of a multiphoton Jaynes-Cummings atom with the Glauber-Lachs state

    冯川; 萨楚尔夫; 李红星


    利用全量子理论,研究了多光子Jaynes-Cummings模型中与 Glauber-Lachs态相互作用的混合态原子的信息熵压缩。讨论了相干平均光子数、热平均光子数、跃迁光子数、原子初态参量对原子信息熵压缩的影响。结果表明原子信息熵X分量没有熵压缩性质;相干平均光子数取值适当时,原子信息熵Y分量呈现熵压缩效应;热平均光子数、跃迁光子数会破坏原子信息熵Y分量的熵压缩效应;原子初态参量对原子信息熵Y分量能否呈现熵压缩效应没有决定性作用;伴随双光子跃迁时,原子的熵压缩因子的时间演化曲线呈现周期性。%The information entropy squeezing properties of the atom interacting with the Glauber-Lachs state in multi-photon Jaynes-Cummings model are studied by means of the full quantum theory.The in-fluences of the mean number of the coherent photons,the average number of the thermal photons,the number of the transition photons and the atomic initial state on the information entropy squeezing of the atom are discussed.The results indicate that there is no entropy squeezing in the X component of infor-mation entropy of the atom at any instant of the time evolution of the system.But there exists an entro-py squeezing in the Y component of information entropy of the atom during the time evolution when the mean number of coherent photons takes an appropriate value.The mean number of thermal photons and the number of the transition photons have a destructive effect on theY component of information entropy of the atom.The atomic initial state has no effect on the entropy squeezing in the Y component of infor-mation entropy of the atom.If the number of the transition photons equals to two,the time evolution of the entropy squeezing factor appears periodic change.

  3. Design and implementation of the CAPS receiver

    HU YongHui; HUA Yu; HOU Lei; WEI JingFa; WU JianFeng


    In this paper,baaed on analyses of the Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) satellite (GEO satellite) resources and signal properties,the signal power at the port of the receiver antenna is estimated,and the implementation projects are presented for a switching band C to band L CAPS C/A code receiver integrated with GPS receiver suite and for a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver.A microstrip receiving antenna is designed with high sensitivity and wide beam orientation,the RF front end of the C/A code and P code receivers,and a processor is designed for the navigation baseband.A single frequency CAPS C/A code receiver and a CAPS dual frequency P code receiver are built at the same time.A software process flow is provided,and research on relatively key techniques is also conducted,such as signal searching,code loop and carrier loop algorithms,a height assistant algorithm,a dual frequency difference speed measurement technique,a speed measurement technique using a single frequency source with frequency assistance,and a CAPS time correcting algorithm,according to the design frame of the receiver hardware.Research results show that the static plane positioning accuracy of the CAPS C/A code receiver is 20.5-24.6 m,height accuracy is 1.2-12.8 m,speed measurement accuracy is 0.13-0.3 m/s,dynamic plane positioning accuracy is 24.4 m,height accuracy is 3.0 m,and speed measurement accuracy is 0.24 m/s.In the case of C/A code,the timing accuracy is 200 ha,and it is also shown that the positioning accuracy of the CAPS precise code receiver (1σ) is 5 m from south to north,and 0.8 m from east to west.Finally,research on positioning accuracy is also conducted.

  4. A handbook for solar central receiver design

    Falcone, P.K.


    This Handbook describes central receiver technology for solar thermal power plants. It contains a description and assessment of the major components in a central receiver system configured for utility scale production of electricity using Rankine-cycle steam turbines. It also describes procedures to size and optimize a plant and discussed examples from recent system analyses. Information concerning site selection criteria, cost estimation, construction, and operation and maintenance is also included, which should enable readers to perform design analyses for specific applications.

  5. Flexible receiver adapter formal design review

    Krieg, S.A.


    This memo summarizes the results of the Formal (90%) Design Review process and meetings held to evaluate the design of the Flexible Receiver Adapters, support platforms, and associated equipment. The equipment is part of the Flexible Receiver System used to remove, transport, and store long length contaminated equipment and components from both the double and single-shell underground storage tanks at the 200 area tank farms.

  6. Anatomy of a digital coherent receiver

    Borkowski, Robert; Zibar, Darko; Tafur Monroy, Idelfonso


    Digital coherent receivers have gained significant attention in the last decade. The reason for this is that coherent detection, along with digital signal processing (DSP) allows for substantial increase of the channel capacity by employing advanced detection techniques. In this paper, we first......, orthonormaliation, chromatic dispersion compensation/nonlinear compensation, resampling a nd timing recovery, polarization demultiplexing and equalization, frequency and phase recovery, digital demodulation. We also describe novel subsystems of a digital coherent receiver: modulation format recognition...

  7. Inversion of receiver function by wavelet transformation

    吴庆举; 田小波; 张乃铃; 李桂银; 曾融生


    A new method for receiver function inversion by wavelet transformation is presented in this paper. Receiver func-tion is expanded to different scales with different resolution by wavelet transformation. After an initial model be-ing taken, a generalized least-squares inversion procedure is gradually carried out for receiver function from low tohigh scale, with the inversion result for low order receiver function as the initial model for high order. Aneighborhood containing the global minimum is firstly searched from low scale receiver function, and will gradu-ally focus at the global minimum by introducing high scale information of receiver function. With the gradual ad-dition of high wave-number to smooth background velocity structure, wavelet transformation can keep the inver-sion result converge to the global minimum, reduce to certain extent the dependence of inversion result on theinitial model, overcome the nonuniqueness of generalized least-squares inversion, and obtain reliable crustal andupper mantle velocity with high resolution.

  8. GPS Receiver Performance Inspection by Wavelet Transform

    Xia Lin-yuan; Liu Jing-nan; Lu Liang-xi


    As a powerful analysis tool and the result of contemporary mathematics development, wavelet transform has shown its promising application potentials through the research in the paper. Three aspects regarding GPS receiver performance is tackled: cycle slip detection, receiver noise analysis and receiver channel bias inspection. Wavelet decomposition for double differential observation has demonstrated that this multi-level transform can reveal cycle slips as small as 0.5 cycles without any pre-adjustment processes or satellite orbit information, it can therefore be regarded as a 'geometry free' method. Based on property assumption of receiver noise, signal of noise serial is obtained at the high frequency scale in wavelet decomposition layers. This kind of noise influence on GPSb aseline result can be effectively eliminated by reconstruction process during wavelet reconstruction. Through observed data analysis, the transform has detected a kind of receiver channel bias that has not been completely removed by processing unit of GPS receiver during clock offset resetting operation. Thus the wavelet approach can be employed as a kind of system diagnosis in a generalized point of view.

  9. Efficient receiver tuning using differential evolution strategies

    Wheeler, Caleb H.; Toland, Trevor G.


    Differential evolution (DE) is a powerful and computationally inexpensive optimization strategy that can be used to search an entire parameter space or to converge quickly on a solution. The Kilopixel Array Pathfinder Project (KAPPa) is a heterodyne receiver system delivering 5 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the tuning range of 645-695 GHz. The fully automated KAPPa receiver test system finds optimal receiver tuning using performance feedback and DE. We present an adaptation of DE for use in rapid receiver characterization. The KAPPa DE algorithm is written in Python 2.7 and is fully integrated with the KAPPa instrument control, data processing, and visualization code. KAPPa develops the technologies needed to realize heterodyne focal plane arrays containing 1000 pixels. Finding optimal receiver tuning by investigating large parameter spaces is one of many challenges facing the characterization phase of KAPPa. This is a difficult task via by-hand techniques. Characterizing or tuning in an automated fashion without need for human intervention is desirable for future large scale arrays. While many optimization strategies exist, DE is ideal for time and performance constraints because it can be set to converge to a solution rapidly with minimal computational overhead. We discuss how DE is utilized in the KAPPa system and discuss its performance and look toward the future of 1000 pixel array receivers and consider how the KAPPa DE system might be applied.

  10. 47 CFR 15.121 - Scanning receivers and frequency converters used with scanning receivers.


    ... receivers and frequency converters designed or marketed for use with scanning receivers, shall: (1) Be...; replacing a plug-in semiconductor chip; or programming a semiconductor chip using special access codes or an external device, such as a personal computer. Scanning receivers, and frequency converters designed for...

  11. Comparing Drug Use between Welfare-Receiving Arrestees and Non-Welfare-Receiving Arrestees.

    Yacoubian, George S., Jr.; Peters, Ronald J., Jr.; Urbach, Blake J.; Johnson, Regina J.


    Compares drug-positive rates between welfare-receiving arrestees, non-welfare receiving arrestees living below the poverty level, and non-welfare arrestees living above the poverty level. Welfare-receiving arrestees were more likely to be female, older, less educated, and to test positive for opiates and benzodiazepines than the other subgroups.…

  12. Metabonomic Evaluation of Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress-Induced Changes in Rats by Intervention of Fluoxetine by HILIC-UHPLC/MS.

    Longshan Zhao

    Full Text Available Hydrophilic interaction-ultra high performance liquid chromatography (HILIC-UHPLC allows the analysis of highly polar metabolites, providing complementary information to reversed-phase (RP chromatography. By optimization of the preparation and analytical conditions in HILIC mode, HILIC-UHPLC/MS was applied for the global metabolic profiling of rat plasma samples generated in an experimental model of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS, and the concomitant investigation of the protective effect of fluoxetine was also evaluated. Identification of plasma metabolic profiles indicated that significant changes in specific metabolites occurred after fluoxetine exposure, including increased phenylalanine, serine, acetyl-L-carnitine, carnitine and decreased creatine, betaine, proline, tryptophan, tyrosine, C16:0 LPC. Some novel biomarkers from this HILIC-UHPLC/MS approach were betaine, proline, tyrosine creatine and serine compared with the results of RP-UHPLC/MS. The complementary nature of this technique is confirmed and is on agreement with previously published studies.

  13. Millimeter-wave receivers for wireless communications

    Overmiller, Brock Morgan

    The modern communications environment is becoming an increasingly crowded place, resulting in rapidly increasing demands on current technology. Military and civilian operations require the ability to locate and decode all communication signals in the environment. However, developments in RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) and communications technology are making it harder to effectively identify and maintain bandwidth usage for everyone. Millimeter waves--waves measured between one millimeter to one centimeter in wavelength--have only recently been explored as a new technology to replace the augment receiver architectures. These small wavelengths introduce many engineering challenges, such as: large atmospheric losses, poor sensitivity, and expensive electronic equipment. With growing developments in Microwave Photonics, low-noise RF amplifiers and high-speed modulators have demonstrated the ability to design RF communication links in the millimeter wave regime to counter such problems. However, despite these developments, toward a cost-effective, spatial division multiplexing (SDM) receiver concept has not proved capable of being implemented as part of the next generation 5G wireless network infrastructure. To this end, we present a novel receiver architecture utilizing an optically addressed phased-array millimeter wave receiver based on optical-upconversion and signal recovery. This receiver is capable of geolocation and spatial multiplexing of multiple Tunable Optically Paired Source (TOPS) communication signals in its scene. Operating at 35 GHz, the receiver up-converts the received RF onto an optical sideband, which, to our advantage, contains all of the frequency, amplitude, and phase information of the received signals. Subsequent optical processing allows routing of the sideband to a free space detector port. Photomixing a coherent optical local oscillator (LO) with the optical sideband performs heterodyne down-conversion to an Intermediate Frequency (IF

  14. Performance outlook of the SCRAP receiver

    Lubkoll, Matti; von Backström, Theodor W.; Harms, Thomas M.


    A combined cycle (CC) concentrating solar power (CSP) plant provides significant potential to achieve an efficiency increase and an electricity cost reduction compared to current single-cycle plants. A CC CSP system requires a receiver technology capable of effectively transferring heat from concentrated solar irradiation to a pressurized air stream of a gas turbine. The small number of pressurized air receivers demonstrated to date have practical limitations, when operating at high temperatures and pressures. As yet, a robust, scalable and efficient system has to be developed and commercialized. A novel receiver system, the Spiky Central Receiver Air Pre-heater (SCRAP) concept has been proposed to comply with these requirements. The SCRAP system is conceived as a solution for an efficient and robust pressurized air receiver that could be implemented in CC CSP concepts or standalone solar Brayton cycles without a bottoming Rankine cycle. The presented work expands on previous publications on the thermal modeling of the receiver system. Based on the analysis of a single heat transfer element (spike), predictions for its thermal performance can be made. To this end the existing thermal model was improved by heat transfer characteristics for the jet impingement region of the spike tip as well as heat transfer models simulating the interaction with ambient. While the jet impingement cooling effect was simulated employing a commercial CFD code, the ambient heat transfer model was based on simplifying assumptions in order to employ empirical and analytical equations. The thermal efficiency of a spike under design conditions (flux 1.0 MW/m2, air outlet temperature just below 800 °C) was calculated at approximately 80 %, where convective heat losses account for 16.2 % of the absorbed radiation and radiative heat losses for a lower 2.9 %. This effect is due to peak surface temperatures occurring at the root of the spikes. It can thus be concluded that the geometric


    Sir George


    Jun 2, 2016 ... Factors germane for language choice and performance. It has been ..... Na only sun we de suffer, oga. We sure say nothing .... Hickerson‟s projection here also reveals one important issue relative to the code and the situation ...

  16. Vademécum de la libertad


    En Estos Pensamientos (Que A Veces Pueden Tener La Apariencia De Aforismos),Fruto De La Introspección A Lo Largo Del Tiempo, Hay, Pese A Su Carácterfragmentario, Un Común Denominador, Que Les Confiere La Necesaria Unidad: Esedenominador Común Es La Libertad Del Alma. ¿Y Cómo Puede El Hombre Lograr Lalibertad Del Alma, La Autonomía Que Independiza Al Individuo De Los Factoresexternos?

  17. Sexual function in women receiving maintenance dialysis.

    Seethala, Srikanth; Hess, Rachel; Bossola, Maurizio; Unruh, Mark L; Weisbord, Steven D


    While substantial attention has been paid to the issue of sexual dysfunction in men on chronic dialysis, less is known about this problem in women with end-stage renal disease. We sought to assess sexual dysfunction in women on chronic dialysis and determine whether patients discuss this problem with their providers and receive treatment. We prospectively enrolled women receiving chronic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis in Pittsburgh, PA. We asked patients to complete the 19-item Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) to assess sexual function and a 5-item survey that assessed whether patients had discussed sexual dysfunction with their providers and/or received treatment for this problem in the past. We enrolled 66 patients; 59 (89%) on hemodialysis and 7 (11%) on peritoneal dialysis. All patients completed the FSFI, of whom 53 (80%) had FSFI scores <26.55, consistent with the presence of sexual dysfunction. Of 37 patients who were married or residing with a significant other, 27 (73%) had sexual dysfunction. Among 24 participants who reported having been sexually active over the previous 4 weeks, 11 (46%) had sexual dysfunction. Only 21% of patients with sexual dysfunction had discussed this problem with their gynecologist, renal or primary provider, and 3 (6%) reported having received treatment. Sexual dysfunction is common in women on dialysis, even among patients who are married or residing with a significant other and those who are sexually active. However, few women discuss this issue with their providers or receive treatment.

  18. Receiver-Controlled Multi-Node Cooperation

    Liang Ye; Yue Li; XueJun Sha; Esko Alasaarela


    Since wireless links in Ad hoc networks are more fragile than those in traditional wireless networks due to route flapping, multi-node cooperation plays an important role in ensuring the quality of service ( QoS) . Based on the authors’ previous work, this paper proposes a receiver-controlled multi-node cooperation routing protocol, known as AODV-RCC. In this protocol, nodes form a cooperation group based on signal power. In a cooperation group, signal power between a partner and a transmitter, as well as signal power between the partner and the receiver, must be larger than the signal power between the transmitter and the receiver. Otherwise, the transmission will not benefit from cooperation. To avoid collision or congestion, each cooperation group only contains one partner. This partner offers both data and ACK cooperative retransmission. Its retransmission time should be shorter than the internal retry time of the transmitter’ s MAC layer, because it is better for the partner to retransmit firstly, as it offers a more reliable cooperative link. In AODV-RCC, it is the receiver that chooses the partner, because the link between the partner and the receiver is the most important. According to our simulation results, AODV-RCC shortens the end-to-end delay and increases the packet delivery ratio.

  19. Schottky Heterodyne Receivers With Full Waveguide Bandwidth

    Hesler, Jeffrey; Crowe, Thomas


    Compact THz receivers with broad bandwidth and low noise have been developed for the frequency range from 100 GHz to 1 THz. These receivers meet the requirements for high-resolution spectroscopic studies of planetary atmospheres (including the Earth s) from spacecraft, as well as airborne and balloon platforms. The ongoing research is significant not only for the development of Schottky mixers, but also for the creation of a receiver system, including the LO chain. The new receivers meet the goals of high sensitivity, compact size, low total power requirement, and operation across complete waveguide bands. The exceptional performance makes these receivers ideal for the broader range of scientific and commercial applications. These include the extension of sophisticated test and measurement equipment to 1 THz and the development of low-cost imaging systems for security applications and industrial process monitoring. As a particular example, a WR-1.9SHM (400-600 GHz) has been developed (see Figure 1), with state-of-the-art noise temperature ranging from 1,000-1,800 K (DSB) over the full waveguide band. Also, a Vector Network Analyzer extender has been developed (see Figure 2) for the WR1.5 waveguide band (500 750 GHz) with 100-dB dynamic range.

  20. Direct broadcast satellite-radio, receiver development

    Vaisnys, A.; Bell, D.; Gevargiz, J.; Golshan, Nasser


    The status of the ongoing Direct Broadcast Satellite-Radio (DBS-R) Receiver Development Task being performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (JPL) is reported. This work is sponsored by the Voice of America/U.S. Information Agency through an agreement with NASA. The objective of this task is to develop, build, test, and demonstrate a prototype receiver that is compatible with reception of digital audio programs broadcast via satellites. The receiver is being designed to operate under a range of reception conditions, including fixed, portable, and mobile, as well as over a sufficiently wide range of bit rates to accommodate broadcasting systems with different cost/audio quality objectives. While the requirements on the receiver are complex, the eventual goal of the design effort is to make the design compatible with low cost production as a consumer product. One solution may be a basic low cost core design suitable for a majority of reception conditions, with optional enhancements for reception in especially difficult environments. Some of the receiver design parameters were established through analysis, laboratory tests, and a prototype satellite experiment accomplished in late 1991. Many of the necessary design trades will be made during the current simulation effort, while a few of the key design options will be incorporated into the prototype for evaluation during the planned satellite field trials.

  1. Dish/stirling hybrid-receiver

    Mehos, Mark S.; Anselmo, Kenneth M.; Moreno, James B.; Andraka, Charles E.; Rawlinson, K. Scott; Corey, John; Bohn, Mark S.


    A hybrid high-temperature solar receiver is provided which comprises a solar heat-pipe-receiver including a front dome having a solar absorber surface for receiving concentrated solar energy, a heat pipe wick, a rear dome, a sidewall joining the front and the rear dome, and a vapor and a return liquid tube connecting to an engine, and a fossil fuel fired combustion system in radial integration with the sidewall for simultaneous operation with the solar heat pipe receiver, the combustion system comprising an air and fuel pre-mixer, an outer cooling jacket for tangentially introducing and cooling the mixture, a recuperator for preheating the mixture, a burner plenum having an inner and an outer wall, a porous cylindrical metal matrix burner firing radially inward facing a sodium vapor sink, the mixture ignited downstream of the matrix forming combustion products, an exhaust plenum, a fossil-fuel heat-input surface having an outer surface covered with a pin-fin array, the combustion products flowing through the array to give up additional heat to the receiver, and an inner surface covered with an extension of the heat-pipe wick, a pin-fin shroud sealed to the burner and exhaust plenums, an end seal, a flue-gas diversion tube and a flue-gas valve for use at off-design conditions to limit the temperature of the pre-heated air and fuel mixture, preventing pre-ignition.

  2. Direct broadcast satellite-radio, receiver development

    Vaisnys, A.; Bell, D.; Gevargiz, J.; Golshan, Nasser

    The status of the ongoing Direct Broadcast Satellite-Radio (DBS-R) Receiver Development Task being performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (JPL) is reported. This work is sponsored by the Voice of America/U.S. Information Agency through an agreement with NASA. The objective of this task is to develop, build, test, and demonstrate a prototype receiver that is compatible with reception of digital audio programs broadcast via satellites. The receiver is being designed to operate under a range of reception conditions, including fixed, portable, and mobile, as well as over a sufficiently wide range of bit rates to accommodate broadcasting systems with different cost/audio quality objectives. While the requirements on the receiver are complex, the eventual goal of the design effort is to make the design compatible with low cost production as a consumer product. One solution may be a basic low cost core design suitable for a majority of reception conditions, with optional enhancements for reception in especially difficult environments. Some of the receiver design parameters were established through analysis, laboratory tests, and a prototype satellite experiment accomplished in late 1991. Many of the necessary design trades will be made during the current simulation effort, while a few of the key design options will be incorporated into the prototype for evaluation during the planned satellite field trials.

  3. Male rats play a repeated donation game.

    Li, Grace; Wood, Ruth I


    While previous studies have demonstrated direct and generalized reciprocity in female Norway rats [26], the present study determined if unrelated male laboratory rats respond on behalf of a partner in an iterated sequential game. Pairs of rats worked for food reward in an operant chamber, where participants alternated as Donor and Responder in successive trials. In each trial, the Donor chose between variable and constant reward levers, where the constant reward lever delivered 1 pellet, and the variable reward lever triggered insertion of Responder lever(s); the Donor received 2 pellets when the Responder made any response. In forced-choice constant (FC) trials, the Responder also received 1 pellet for responding on the constant reward lever. In forced-choice variable (FV) trials, the Responder received no pellets for responding on the variable reward lever. In free-choice (FR) trials, the Responder chose between constant (1 pellet) and variable reward levers (0 pellets). With their cagemate, rats earned 61.4±2.0 pellets (64.0±2.1% of 96 possible pellets). As Donor in FC trials, rats preferred the variable reward lever, and the Responder responded frequently. In FV trials, Donor preference for the variable reward lever declined as Responder lever responses decreased. In FR trials, rats alternated responding on variable and constant reward levers as Donor and Responder, respectively. When paired with a new partner, there was no effect on Donor responses, but responses by the Responder decreased in the FV block. Similar effects were observed when paired with a maximally-cooperative stooge. Importantly, rats did not adjust their behavior as Donor to receive more pellets. Results suggest that unrelated male rats will work on behalf of a partner, and that their behavior is sensitive to familiarity, and to cooperative responses by their partner. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. The Communication Between Designer and Design Receiver

    Dai, Zheng; Dai, Yan


    When people think about a product,the first impression always mainly influences the result.Product is the medium of communication between designer and designer receiver.Because both of them have varied different experience and background,the information would be biased during the transferring...... process.The common symbols which can be recognized by both of designer and receiver are the key tools for communication.In some case,the same symbol in one product would be leads to different receiver impression.Generally,impression includes 3 aspects:aesthetics,function, and emotion.Designer needs...... to create an attractive and accurate impression in product from these 3 aspects.For facing the dilemma of communication,some experimental approaches can help designer deal with unique and diversity situations.Solving the detail problem in each step could keep the original meaning of designer....

  5. Randomized transmit and receive ultrasound tomography

    Clement, Gregory T


    A tomographic method is considered that forms images from sets of spatially randomized source signals and receiver sensitivities. The method is designed to allow image reconstruction for an extended number of transmitters and receivers in the presence noise and without plane wave approximation or otherwise approximation on the size or regularity of source and receiver functions. An overdetermined set of functions are formed from the Hadamard product between a Gaussian function and a uniformly distributed random number set. It is shown that this particular type of randomization tends to produce well-conditioned matrices whose pseudoinverses may be determined without implementing relaxation methods. When the inverted sets are applied to simulated first-order scattering from a Shepp-Logan phantom, successful image reconstructions are achieved for signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) as low as 1. Evaluation of the randomization approach is conducted by comparing condition numbers with other forms of signal randomization....

  6. Precision Continuum Receivers for Astrophysical Applications

    Wollack, Edward J.


    Cryogenically cooled HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) amplifiers find widespread use in radioastronomy receivers. In recent years, these devices have also been commonly employed in broadband receivers for precision measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. In this setting, the combination of ultra-low-noise and low-spectral-resolution observations reinforce the importance achieving suitable control over the device environment to achieve fundamentally limited receiver performance. The influence of the intrinsic amplifier stability at low frequencies on data quality (e.g., achievable noise and residual temporal correlations), observational and calibration strategies, as well as architectural mitigation approaches in this setting will be discussed. The implications of device level 1/f fluctuations reported in the literature on system performance will be reviewed.

  7. Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Optoelectronic Receiver

    A. Vera-Marquina


    Full Text Available This work describes the optical and electrical characterization of an integrated optoelectronic receiver. The receiver is composed of a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier, both fabricated in silicon technology using a 0.8 μm BiCMOS process. The total area occupied by the photodiode is of 10,000 μm2. In a first step, the generated photocurrent of the photodiode is measured for the wavelengths of 780 nm and 830 nm at different levels of optical power. In a second step, the responsivity and quantum efficiency parameters of the photodiode are computed. Finally, an electrical measurement including the transimpedance amplifier is achieved. A potential application for this optoelectronic receiver is on the first optical communications window.

  8. Implementation of Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

    Payata Srikanth Yadav


    Full Text Available Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART is the serial communication protocol that is used for data exchange between computer & peripherals. UART is a low velocity, short-distance, low-cost protocol. UART includes three modules which are received, the baud rate generator and transmitter. The UART design with Very High Description Language can be integrated into the Field Programmable Gate Array to achieve stable data transmission and to make system reliable and compact. In the result and simulation part, this project will focus on check the receive data with error free & baud rate generation at different frequencies. Before synthesizing of UART a baud rate generator is incorporated into the system. We use the frequency divider which sets itself to required frequency for the functionality at lower frequency. All modules are designed using VERILOG and implemented on Xilinx Suite development board.

  9. Multiple Antenna Cognitive Receivers and Signal Detection

    Couillet, Romain


    A Bayesian inference learning process for cognitive receivers is provided in this paper. We focus on the particular case of signal detectionas an explanatory example to the learning framework. Under any prior state of knowledge on the communication channel, an information theoretic criterion is presented to decide on the presence of informative data in a noisy wireless MIMO communication. We detail the particular cases of knowledge, or absence of knowledge at the receiver, of the number of transmit antennas and noise power. The provided method is instrumental to provide intelligence to the receiver and gives birth to a novel Bayesian signal detector. The detector is compared to the classical power detector and provides detection performance upper bounds. Simulations corroborate the theoretical results and quantify the gain achieved using the proposed Bayesian framework.

  10. Antennas and Receivers in Radio Interferometry

    Hunter, Todd R


    The primary antenna elements and receivers are two of the most important components in a synthesis telescope. Together they are responsible for locking onto an astronomical source in both direction and frequency, capturing its radiation, and converting it into signals suitable for digitization and correlation. The properties and performance of antennas and receivers can affect the quality of the synthesized images in a number of fundamental ways. In this lecture, their most relevant design and performance parameters are reviewed, with emphasis on the current ALMA and VLA systems. We discuss in detail the shape of the primary beam and the components of aperture efficiency, and we present the basics of holography, pointing, and servo control. On receivers, we outline the use of amplifiers and mixers both in the cryogenic front-end and in the room temperature back-end signal path. The essential properties of precision local oscillators (LOs), phase lock loops (PLLs), and LO modulation techniques are also describ...

  11. Olympus receiver evaluation and phase noise measurements

    Campbell, Richard L.; Wang, Huailiang; Sweeney, Dennis


    A set of measurements performed by the Michigan Tech Sensing and Signal Processing Group on the analog receiver built by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for propagation measurements using the Olympus Satellite is described. Measurements of local oscillator (LO) phase noise were performed for all of the LOs supplied by JPL. In order to obtain the most useful set of measurements, LO phase noise measurements were made using the complete VPI receiver front end. This set of measurements demonstrates the performance of the receiver from the Radio Frequency (RF) input through the high Intermediate Frequency (IF) output. Three different measurements were made: LO phase noise with DC on the voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) port; LO phase noise with the 11.381 GHz LO locked to the reference signal generator; and a reference measurement with the JPL LOs out of the system.

  12. treated rats



    Jan 8, 2014 ... Our results show, for the first time, that oral administration of C. edulis ... the exact mechanisms of these hematological changes produced by .... Hematological analysis .... rats are subjected to the additional stress of hypoxia to.

  13. Potential antidepressant and resilience mechanism revealed by metabolomic study on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of stress resilient rats.

    Li, Juan; Zhang, Shu-Xiao; Wang, Wei; Cheng, Ke; Guo, Hua; Rao, Cheng-Long; Yang, De-Yu; He, Yong; Zou, De-Zhi; Han, Yu; Zhao, Li-Bo; Li, Peng-Fei; Xie, Peng


    Resilience is an active coping response to stress, which plays a very important role in major depressive disorder study. The molecular mechanisms underlying such resilience are poorly understood. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were promising objects in unveiling the underlying pathogenesis of resilience. Hereby we carried out successive study on PBMCs metabolomics in resilient rats of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) model. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) metabolomic approach coupled with principal component analysis (PCA) and orthogonal partial least-squares discriminant analysis (OPLS-DA) was used to detect differential metabolites in PBMCs of resilient rats. Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) was applied for pathway analysis. A set of differential metabolites including Malic acid, Ornithine, l-Lysine, Stigmasterol, Oleic acid, γ-Tocopherol, Adenosine and N-acetyl-d-glucosamine were significantly altered in resilient rats, meanwhile promoting antidepressant research. As revealed by IPA that aberrant energy metabolism, HIFα signaling, neurotransmitter, O-GlcNAcylation and cAMP signaling cascade in peripheral might be evolved in the pathogenesis of coping mechanism. The GC-MS based metabolomics may contribute to better understanding of resilience, as well as shedding light on antidepressant discovery. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. The new indicators of accounts receivable excellence.

    Lampi, G L


    Calculation of AR days will continue to be a valuable internal measurement tool of accounts receivable excellence. As healthcare organizations move toward managed care through a mix of reimbursement systems--many with conflicting incentives--the director of patient accounting must approach each system separately and ensure that the hospital receives all of the reimbursement to which it is entitled. The director of patient accounting must understand the industry and recognize that healthcare reimbursement will almost certainly continue to become more complex rather than simpler. Creativity will be a necessity, and good luck will be an advantage.

  15. On Satellite Multicast to Heterogeneous Receivers


    combined into one bulk file. Let the multicast source use Reed-Solomon erasure ( RSE ) coding (e.g. [Mac97]) and let the bulk file be encoded into W ≥ 1... RSE -based FEC blocks. Each FEC block consists of h data packets and c parity packets – all of the same length. We assume a multicast tree that has a... RSE -based FEC block, a receiver must receive at least h distinct packets, either data or parity, from the same FEC block. To allow a systematic way

  16. Building and Testing a Portable VLF Receiver

    McLaughlin, Robert; Krause, L.


    Unwanted emissions or signal noise is a major problem for VLF radio receivers. These can occur from man made sources such as power line hum, which can be prevalent for many harmonics after the fundamental 50 or 60 Hz AC source or from VLF radio transmissions such as LORAN, used for navigation and communications. Natural emissions can also be detrimental to the quality of recordings as some of the more interesting natural emissions such as whistlers or auroral chorus may be drowned out by the more common sferic emissions. VLF receivers must selectively filter out unwanted emissions and amplify the filtered signal to a record-able level without degrading the quality.

  17. Avalanche Photodiode Arrays for Optical Communications Receivers

    Srinivasan, M.; Vilnrotter, V.


    An avalanche photodiode (APD) array for ground-based optical communications receivers is investigated for the reception of optical signals through the turbulent atmosphere. Kolmogorov phase screen simulations are used to generate realistic spatial distributions of the received optical field. It is shown that use of an APD array for pulse-position modulation detection can improve performance by up to 4 dB over single APD detection in the presence of turbulence, but that photon-counting detector arrays yield even greater gains.

  18. Financing with Receivables: Factoring, Securitization and Collateral

    Ioana Benea


    Full Text Available Short term financing is vital for the financial survival of any company, because very often they are facing deficits of cash during their activity. Therefore a company has to identify the optimal solutions in order to cover those (temporary deficits. A good solution to this problem is the financing with receivables using factoring, securitization and collateral. In this paper we try to analyze how this types of financing works and which are their advantages and costs. Also, we developed a reasoning pattern in order to evaluate the best receivables financing alternative for the Romanian companies.

  19. Cyclic AMP-guanine exchange factor activation inhibits JNK-dependent lipopolysaccharide-induced apoptosis in rat hepatocytes

    Kathleen Ponzetti


    Full Text Available Kathleen Ponzetti1, Melissa King1, Anna Gates1, M Sawkat Anwer2, Cynthia RL Webster11Department of Clinical Science, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Grafton MA, USA; 2Department of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Grafton MA, USAAbstract: Lipopolysaccharide (LPS is known to damage hepatocytes by cytokines released from activated Kupffer cells, but the ancillary role of LPS as a direct hepatotoxin is less well characterized. The aim of this study was to determine the direct effect of LPS on hepatocyte viability and the underlying signaling mechanism. Rat hepatocyte cultures treated overnight with LPS (500 ng/mL induced apoptosis as monitored morphologically (Hoechst 33258 and biochemically (cleavage of caspase 3 and 9 and the appearance of cytochrome C in the cytoplasm. LPS-induced apoptosis was additive to that induced by glycochenodeoxycholate or Fas ligand, was associated with activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase B (JNK and p38 mitogenactivated protein kinases (MAPK, and inhibition of protein kinase (AKT. Inhibition of JNK by SP600125, but not of p38 MAPK by SB203580 attenuated LPS-induced apoptosis, indicating JNK dependency. CPT-2-Me-cAMP, an activator of cAMP-GEF, decreased apoptosis due to LPS alone or in combination with glycochenodeoxycholate or Fas ligand. CPT-2-Me-cAMP also prevented LPS-induced activation of JNK and inhibition of AKT. Taken together, these results suggest that LPS can induce hepatocyte apoptosis directly in vitro in a JNK-dependent manner and activation of cAMP-GEF protects against the LPS-induced apoptosis most likely by reversing the effect of LPS on JNK and AKT.Keywords: apoptosis, cAMP-GEF, AKT, exchange protein activated by cAMP (EPAC, lipopolysaccharide, JNK

  20. Superconducting Submm Integrated Receiver for TELIS

    Koshelets, V. P.; Ermakov, A. B.; Filippenko, L. V.; Koryukin, O. V.; Khudchenko, A. V.; Sobolev, A. S.; Torgashin, M. Yu; Yagoubov, P. A.; Hoogeveen, R. W. M.; Vreeling, W. J.; Wild, W.; Pylypenko, O. M.


    In this report we present design and first experimental results for development of the submm superconducting integrated receiver spectrometer for Terahertz Limb Sounder (TELIS). TELIS is a collaborative European project to build up a three-channel heterodyne balloon-based spectrometer for measuring

  1. A 24GHz Radar Receiver in CMOS

    Kwok, K.C.


    This thesis investigates the system design and circuit implementation of a 24GHz-band short-range radar receiver in CMOS technology. The propagation and penetration properties of EM wave offer the possibility of non-contact based remote sensing and through-the-wall imaging of distance stationary or

  2. Reasons Parents Exempt Children from Receiving Immunizations

    Luthy, Karlen E.; Beckstrand, Renea L.; Callister, Lynn C.; Cahoon, Spencer


    School nurses are on the front lines of educational efforts to promote childhood vaccinations. However, some parents still choose to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations for personal reasons. Studying the beliefs of parents who exempt vaccinations allows health care workers, including school nurses, to better understand parental…

  3. CAS expert receives Tribology Gold Medal


    Prof. XUE Qunji, a senior expert in tribology from the CAS Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (L1CP) and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, received the Tribology Gold Medalfor 2011 on February 27, 2012 in Beijing. As one of the world's most outstanding and influential tribologists in the last forty years, Prof.

  4. Receiving Assistance and Local Food System Participation

    Rebecca L. Som Castellano


    Full Text Available A body of literature has noted that local food systems (LFSs may not involve active participation by individuals with lower incomes. This is, in part, a function of racial and class hegemony, as well as physical and financial accessibility of LFSs. LFS institutions, such as farmers’ markets, have been working to facilitate receipt of food assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP. Charitable assistance programs, such as food banks, have also been actively working to engage in LFSs, for example, by making local foods available. However, little research has explored the role that receiving public or charitable assistance can play in influencing LFS participation. In this article, I utilize quantitative and qualitative data collected from across the state of Ohio to examine the relationship between receiving assistance and LFS participation for women, who remain predominately responsible for food provisioning in the U.S., including among those who participate in LFSs. Quantitative results suggest that receiving assistance can increase participation in LFSs. Qualitative data provides more nuanced information about the importance of food assistance for women who want to participate in LFSs, and suggest that it is essential that food cooperatives and farmers’ markets are equipped to receive food assistance programs, such as SNAP, in order for women with lower incomes to participate in LFSs.

  5. Why Receiving Feedback Collides with Self Determination

    ten Cate, Olle Th. J.


    Providing feedback to trainees in clinical settings is considered important for development and acquisition of skill. Despite recommendations how to provide feedback that have appeared in the literature, research shows that its effectiveness is often disappointing. To understand why receiving feedback is more difficult than it appears, this paper…

  6. A 24GHz Radar Receiver in CMOS

    Kwok, K.C.


    This thesis investigates the system design and circuit implementation of a 24GHz-band short-range radar receiver in CMOS technology. The propagation and penetration properties of EM wave offer the possibility of non-contact based remote sensing and through-the-wall imaging of distance stationary or

  7. Howard Feiertag receives hospitality industry award

    Ho, Sookhan


    Howard Feiertag, of Blacksburg, an instructor in hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business, received the inaugural Excellence in Sales and Marketing Strategy Award at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association/New York University Strategy Conference in New York recently.

  8. Compressed Sensing-Based Direct Conversion Receiver

    Pierzchlewski, Jacek; Arildsen, Thomas; Larsen, Torben


    Due to the continuously increasing computational power of modern data receivers it is possible to move more and more processing from the analog to the digital domain. This paper presents a compressed sensing approach to relaxing the analog filtering requirements prior to the ADCs in a direct...

  9. Richard W. Ziolkowski Receives Honorary Doctorate

    Breinbjerg, Olav


    At the annual Commemoration of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on April 27, 2012, Prof. Richard W. Ziolkowski, University of Arizona (UoA), received DTU's highest academic degree, the Honorary Doctor degree: Doctor Technices Honoris Causa (Figure 1). Prof. Ziolkowski has been a close...

  10. Reasons Parents Exempt Children from Receiving Immunizations

    Luthy, Karlen E.; Beckstrand, Renea L.; Callister, Lynn C.; Cahoon, Spencer


    School nurses are on the front lines of educational efforts to promote childhood vaccinations. However, some parents still choose to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations for personal reasons. Studying the beliefs of parents who exempt vaccinations allows health care workers, including school nurses, to better understand parental…

  11. Radiometric Receiver for Passive Microwave Imaging System

    Ubaichin Anton


    Full Text Available The paper describes a new method to develop a zero-type W-band radiometric receiver. The block diagram and operating algorithm of the digital control system are presented. The main advantages of the zero method in passive radio physical investigations in comparison with classical engineering solutions are shown.

  12. 7 CFR 29.42 - Receiving station.


    ... Regulations of the Department of Agriculture AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing... INSPECTION Regulations Definitions § 29.42 Receiving station. Points at which producer tobacco is offered for marketing (other than sale at auction on a designated market), including tobacco auction warehouses,...

  13. Howard Feiertag receives hospitality industry award

    Ho, Sookhan


    Howard Feiertag, of Blacksburg, an instructor in hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business, received the inaugural Excellence in Sales and Marketing Strategy Award at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association/New York University Strategy Conference in New York recently.

  14. Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity study with α-cyclodextrin in rats

    Waalkens-Berendsen, D.H.; Bär, A.


    The embryotoxicity/teratogenicity of α-cyclodextrin (α-CD) was examined in Wistar Crl:(WI)WU BR rats. α-CD was fed at dietary concentrations of 0, 1.5, 5, 10, or 20% to groups of 25 pregnant female rats from day 0 to 21 of gestation. An additional group received a diet with 20% lactose. The addition

  15. Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity study with α-cyclodextrin in rats

    Waalkens-Berendsen, D.H.; Bär, A.


    The embryotoxicity/teratogenicity of α-cyclodextrin (α-CD) was examined in Wistar Crl:(WI)WU BR rats. α-CD was fed at dietary concentrations of 0, 1.5, 5, 10, or 20% to groups of 25 pregnant female rats from day 0 to 21 of gestation. An additional group received a diet with 20% lactose. The


    YEWei-San; HUANGYu-Ling; DENYan-Chun; XUEShe-Pu


    Forty four adult male rats weighing about 250 g were divided into 3 groups: Group 1 received GTW at a does of 10 mg/kg/d, Group 2, 20mg/kg/d, and Group 3 was givea 1% carboxymethy! cellulose as control. The rats were sacrificed on week

  17. Functional influence on sutural bone apposition in the growing rat.

    Katsaros, C.; Zissis, A.; Bresin, A.; Kiliaridis, S.


    INTRODUCTION: The aim of this study was to quantify the influence of reduced masticatory muscle function on sutural bone apposition in the growing rat. METHODS: Twenty-six growing male albino rats were randomly divided into 2 equal groups; 1 (hard-diet group) received the ordinary diet of hard pelle

  18. Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity study with γ-cyclodextrin in rats

    Waalkens-Berendsen, D.H.; Verhagen, F.J.J.; Bär, A.


    The embryotoxicity/teratogenicity of γ-cyclodextrin (γ-CD) was examined in Wistar Crl:(WI)WU BR rats. γ-CD was fed at dietary concentrations of 0, 1.5, 5, 10, and 20% to groups of 25 pregnant female rats from day 0 to 21 of gestation. A comparison group received a diet with 20% lactose. The addition

  19. A GPS Receiver for Lunar Missions

    Bamford, William A.; Heckler, Gregory W.; Holt, Greg N.; Moreau, Michael C.


    Beginning with the launch of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in October of 2008, NASA will once again begin its quest to land humans on the Moon. This effort will require the development of new spacecraft which will safely transport people from the Earth to the Moon and back again, as well as robotic probes tagged with science, re-supply, and communication duties. In addition to the next-generation spacecraft currently under construction, including the Orion capsule, NASA is also investigating and developing cutting edge navigation sensors which will allow for autonomous state estimation in low Earth orbit (LEO) and cislunar space. Such instruments could provide an extra layer of redundancy in avionics systems and reduce the reliance on support and on the Deep Space Network (DSN). One such sensor is the weak-signal Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver "Navigator" being developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). At the heart of the Navigator is a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based acquisition engine. This engine allows for the rapid acquisition/reacquisition of strong GPS signals, enabling the receiver to quickly recover from outages due to blocked satellites or atmospheric entry. Additionally, the acquisition algorithm provides significantly lower sensitivities than a conventional space-based GPS receiver, permitting it to acquire satellites well above the GPS constellation. This paper assesses the performance of the Navigator receiver based upon three of the major flight regimes of a manned lunar mission: Earth ascent, cislunar navigation, and entry. Representative trajectories for each of these segments were provided by NASA. The Navigator receiver was connected to a Spirent GPS signal generator, to allow for the collection of real-time, hardware-in-the-loop results for each phase of the flight. For each of the flight segments, the Navigator was tested on its ability to acquire and track GPS satellites under the dynamical

  20. Vulcan: A deep-towed CSEM receiver

    Constable, Steven; Kannberg, Peter K.; Weitemeyer, Karen


    We have developed a three-axis electric field receiver designed to be towed behind a marine electromagnetic transmitter for the purpose of mapping the electrical resistivity in the upper 1000 m of seafloor geology. By careful adjustment of buoyancy and the use of real-time monitoring of depth and altitude, we are able to deep-tow multiple receivers on arrays up to 1200 m long within 50 m of the seafloor, thereby obtaining good coupling to geology. The rigid body of the receiver is designed to reduce noise associated with lateral motion of flexible antennas during towing, and allows the measurement of the vertical electric field component, which modeling shows to be particularly sensitive to near-seafloor resistivity variations. The positions and orientations of the receivers are continuously measured, and realistic estimates of positioning errors can be used to build an error model for the data. During a test in the San Diego Trough, offshore California, inversions of the data were able to fit amplitude and phase of horizontal electric fields at three frequencies on three receivers to about 1% in amplitude and 1° in phase and vertical fields to about 5% in amplitude and 5° in phase. The geological target of the tests was a known cold seep and methane vent in 1000 m water depth, which inversions show to be associated with a 1 km wide resistor at a depth between 50 and 150 m below seafloor. Given the high resistivity (30 Ωm) and position within the gas hydrate stability field, we interpret this to be massive methane hydrate.

  1. Social effects of migration in receiving countries.

    Ohndorf, W


    This paper examines the impact of post-1945 migration into Western, Middle, and Northern Europe from Southern Europe, Turkey, and Northern Africa, and migration to the traditional immigration countries by Asian and Latin American immigrants, on the social structures of receiving countries. Between 1955 and 1974, 1) traditional migration to the US and Australia became less important for European countries while traditional receiving countries accepted many immigrants from developing countries; and 2) rapid economic revival in Western and Northern Europe caused a considerable labor shortage which was filled by migrant workers especially from Southern Europe, Turkey, and Northern Africa, who stayed only until they reached their economic goals. Since 1974, job vacancies have declined and unemployment has soared. This employment crisis caused some migrants 1) to return to their countries of origin, 2) to bring the rest of their families to the receiving country, or 3) to lengthen their stay considerably. The number of refugees has also significantly increased since the mid-970s, as has the number of illegal migrants. After the mid-1970s, Europe began to experience integration problems. The different aspects of the impact of migration on social structures include 1) improvement of the housing situation for foreigners, 2) teaching migrants the language of the receiving country, 3) solving the unemployment problem of unskilled migrants, 4) improvement of educational and vocational qualifications of 2nd generation migrants, 5) development of programs to help unemployed wives of migrants to learn the language and meet indigenous women, 6) encouraging migrants to maintain their cultural identity and assisting them with reintegration if they return to their original country, 7) coping with the problems of refugees, and 8) solving the problems of illegal migration. Almost all receiving countries now severely restrict further immigration. [Those policies should result in

  2. Dietary subacute toxicity of ethylene thiourea in the laboratory rat

    Freudenthal, R.I.; Kerchner, G.; Persing, R.; Baron, R.L.


    Ethylene thiourea (ETU) was fed to groups of rats at 0, 1, 5, 125 or 625 ppM for up to 90 days. Other groups of rats received either propylthiouracil (PTU; 125 ppM) or amitrole (50 ppM) in their diets as positive controls. Only those rats which received ETU at 125 or 625 ppM and those ingesting PTU or amitrole demonstrated a measurable toxic response. This toxicity was reflected as an alteration in thyroid function and a significant change in thyroid morphology. Ingestion of 625 ppM ETU or 125 ppM PTU resulted in very substantial decrease in serum triiodothyronine (T-3) and thyroxine (T-4). Marked increases in serum thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels were found in the 625 and 125 ppM ETU rats, the 125 PTU rats, and the rats receiving amitrole, each time this hormone was measured. Rats which ingested 625 ppM ETU also exhibited a decrease in iodide uptake by the thyroid. While a statistically significant increase in serum T-4 and degree of thyroid hyperplasia was observed for rats ingesting 25 ppM ETU for 60 days, normal thyroid hormone levels and thyroid morphology was found in rats on 25 ppM ETU for either 30 or 90 days. Based on diochemical and microscopic changes examined, the no-effect level for dietary ETU in this 90-day study is considered to be 25 ppM.

  3. 黄冈公铁两用长江大桥主墩基础围堰施工技术%Construction Techniques of Cofferdams for Main Pier Foundations of Huanggang Changjiang River Rail-cum-Road Bridge



    The main bridge of Huanggang Changjiang River Rail-cum-Road Bridge is a steel truvss girder cable-stayed bridge with double pylons and double cable planes and the foundations for the main piers of the bridge were constructed by the double-wall steel boxed cofferdams. The cofferdams were integrally manufactured and assembled on bank and by means of survey, the o-verall dimensions, pile locations and the locations and concentricity of the upper and lower guiding rings of the cofferdams were controlled in order to ensure that the deviations of the bored piles and pile caps of the main piers could comply with the relevant requirements in the standards after construction and to obtain the accuracy of positioning of the cofferdams according to the results of comprehensive analysis of the survey. The cofferdams were launched to the river by air bags by way of gradually adjusting the launching gradient from 1:30 to 1: 5 so as to ensure the launching speed and sliding distances of the cofferdams. After the cofferdams were launched to the river, they were floated to the pier sites, tugged by the strong house power tug boats and were positioned by the gravity anchors plus positioning barges in three stages of initially positioning, accurately positioning and system transformation. The final accuracy of positioning of the cofferdams in plan is 5 cm, the perpendicularity is within 1/1 000 and the perpendicularity of the steel casings is within 1/500, which all meet the requirements in the standards.%黄冈公铁两用长江大桥主桥为双塔双索面钢桁梁斜拉桥,主墩基础采用双壁钢吊箱围堰法施工.钢吊箱围堰在岸上整体拼装制造,通过测量控制围堰的轮廓尺寸,桩位,上、下导环的位置与同心度等,确保基础施工后主墩钻孔桩及承台施工偏差符合标准要求,并根据实测结果综合分析得出钢围堰的定位精度;采用气囊法下水,将下水坡度从1∶30逐渐调整为1∶5,保证了

  4. Construction Techniques for Upper Cross Beams of Pylons of Huanggang Changjiang River Rail-cum-Road Bridge%黄冈公铁两用长江大桥桥塔上横梁施工技术

    张德致; 张敏; 代皓; 邓永锋


    The main bridge of Huanggang Changjiang River Rail-cum-Road Bridge is a cablestayed bridge with a main span 567 m.The upper cross beams of the pylons of the bridge are the prestressed concrete single-cell single-box structures,each being 23.85 m long,8.4 m wide and 8.0 m deep.The pylons were constructed by the hydraulic self-climbing formwork and the upper cross beams and the upper pylon columns were constructed asynchronously.A kind of the construction scheme was adopted for the casting scaffoldings of the upper cross beams,i.e.the shear groves were set in the inner sides of each two pylon columns and the counter tensioned steel brackets were installed as the supports of the scaffoldings.The concrete of the upper cross beam of a pylon was cast in two layers and before the second layer was cast,parts of the prestressing bars were tensioned.The MIDAS Civil was used to establish the model and the construction process of the upper cross beam was analyzed.The results of the analysis show that the casting of the concrete in layers and the tensioning of the prestressing bars in times can effectively reduce the loads on the scaffoldings and the stress of the concrete can satisfy the relevant requirements in the codes.The construction techniques for the upper cross beams of the pylons of the bridge are practical and feasible.With the techniques,the rapid construction of the pylons is achieved.%黄冈公铁两用长江大桥主桥为主跨567 m的斜拉桥.该桥桥塔上横梁为单箱单室预应力混凝土结构,长23.85m、宽8.4m、高8.0m,桥塔采用液压自爬模施工,上横梁与上塔柱采用异步施工.上横梁浇筑支架采用在两塔柱内侧设置剪力槽,安放对拉式钢牛腿作为支架受力支承点的方案.上横梁分2层浇筑,在第2层混凝土浇筑前张拉部分预应力筋.采用MIDAS Civil建模分析上横梁施工过程,结果表明,分层浇筑和分次张拉预应力钢筋可以有效减小现浇支架的荷载,且混凝土应

  5. Laughing rats are optimistic.

    Rafal Rygula

    Full Text Available Emotions can bias human decisions- for example depressed or anxious people tend to make pessimistic judgements while those in positive affective states are often more optimistic. Several studies have reported that affect contingent judgement biases can also be produced in animals. The animals, however, cannot self-report; therefore, the valence of their emotions, to date, could only be assumed. Here we present the results of an experiment where the affect-contingent judgement bias has been produced by objectively measured positive emotions. We trained rats in operant Skinner boxes to press one lever in response to one tone to receive a food reward and to press another lever in response to a different tone to avoid punishment by electric foot shock. After attaining a stable level of discrimination performance, the animals were subjected to either handling or playful, experimenter-administered manual stimulation - tickling. This procedure has been confirmed to induce a positive affective state in rats, and the 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalisations (rat laughter emitted by animals in response to tickling have been postulated to index positive emotions akin to human joy. During the tickling and handling sessions, the numbers of emitted high-frequency 50-kHz calls were scored. Immediately after tickling or handling, the animals were tested for their responses to a tone of intermediate frequency, and the pattern of their responses to this ambiguous cue was taken as an indicator of the animals' optimism. Our findings indicate that tickling induced positive emotions which are directly indexed in rats by laughter, can make animals more optimistic. We demonstrate for the first time a link between the directly measured positive affective state and decision making under uncertainty in an animal model. We also introduce innovative tandem-approach for studying emotional-cognitive interplay in animals, which may be of great value for understanding the emotional

  6. Effects of Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress with Different Time Courses on Neuroplasticity-related Proteins Expression in Rat Hippocampus%不同时程的慢性不可预计温和应激对大鼠海马神经可塑性相关蛋白水平的影响

    肖玲; 舒畅; 唐记华; 王晓萍; 王高华


    Objective:To explore the effect of different time courses of chronic unpredictable mild stress on neu-roplasticity-related proteins expression in the adult rat hippocampus. Methods:Twenty-four rats were randomly divided into four groups with 6 rats in each group:the control group, rats without stress;M1 group in which rats were subjected to CUMS for 1 week; M2 group, in which rats were subjected to CUMS for 2 weeks; and M3 group in which rats were subjected to CUMS for 3 weeks. The levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BD-NF), cAMP response element binding protein (CREB), B-cell lymphoma-2 (Bcl-2) protein in the hippocampus were detected using Weston blot. Results:when compared to the expression of BDNF, CREB, and Bcl-2 proteins in the controlled group, those in the M1 and M3 groups were significantly decreased ( <0.05), and there was no different changes in those protein in the M2 group. The amounts of BDNF, CREB, and Bcl-2 protein showed no significant difference between the M1 group and M3 group. Conclusion:Different time courses of CUMS might affect the expression of proteins implicated in neuroplasticity, providing insight into the role of neuroplasticity-related proteins in the depression.%目的:探讨不同时程的慢性不可预计温和应激对大鼠海马区神经可塑性相关蛋白水平的影响。方法:24只大鼠随机分为4组,各6只:正常对照组、应激1周组、应激2周组、应激3周组,分别给予应激0、1、2、 3周。采用Western blot 方法检测海马脑源性神经营养因子(BDNF)、cAMP 反应元件结合蛋白(CREB)、B 淋巴细胞瘤-2(Bcl-2)的蛋白水平。结果:与正常对照组对比,应激1周组、应激3周组的BDNF、CREB、 Bcl-2的蛋白水平较低(<0.05),应激2周组无明显差异;应激1周组和应激3周组之间的BDNF、CREB、 Bcl-2蛋白水平无明显差异。结论:海马区的神经可塑性相关蛋白BDNF、CREB、Bcl-2的水平变化可能

  7. CERN Press Office receives award from Euroscience


    The CERN Communication group has received an award for its efforts in communicating the LHC first beam to the media and the public. James Gillies, head of the Communication group was presented the AlphaGalileo Research Public Relations Award on Wednesday, 14 October during the Euroscience Media Award Ceremony in Hannover. "It’s great to receive this recognition," said Gillies. "Of course, we had great material to work with: the LHC is a fantastic story and one that is going to get even better. Angels, Demons and black holes also had their roles to play, but behind the media interest there’s been a lot of hard work by my team. This is for them." The CERN Communication group also works with communication professionals in all the CERN Member States and major physics labs around the world through the European Particle Physics Communication Network, and the InterAction collaboration. "Without them," says Gillies, &am...

  8. Grooms receives 2011 Donald L. Turcotte Award


    Ian Grooms has been awarded the AGU Donald L. Turcotte Award, given annually to recent Ph.D. recipients for outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to the field of nonlinear geophysics. Grooms's thesis is entitled “Asymptotic and numerical methods for rapidly rotating buoyant flow.” He presented an invited talk and was formally presented with the award at the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, held 5-9 December in San Francisco, Calif. Grooms received his B.S. in mathematics from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., in 2005. He received a Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2011 under the supervision of Keith Julien at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests include asymptotic and numerical methods for multiscale problems in geophysical fluid dynamics.

  9. Screen-printed flexible MRI receive coils.

    Corea, Joseph R; Flynn, Anita M; Lechêne, Balthazar; Scott, Greig; Reed, Galen D; Shin, Peter J; Lustig, Michael; Arias, Ana C


    Magnetic resonance imaging is an inherently signal-to-noise-starved technique that limits the spatial resolution, diagnostic image quality and results in typically long acquisition times that are prone to motion artefacts. This limitation is exacerbated when receive coils have poor fit due to lack of flexibility or need for padding for patient comfort. Here, we report a new approach that uses printing for fabricating receive coils. Our approach enables highly flexible, extremely lightweight conforming devices. We show that these devices exhibit similar to higher signal-to-noise ratio than conventional ones, in clinical scenarios when coils could be displaced more than 18 mm away from the body. In addition, we provide detailed material properties and components performance analysis. Prototype arrays are incorporated within infant blankets for in vivo studies. This work presents the first fully functional, printed coils for 1.5- and 3-T clinical scanners.

  10. Fused silica windows for solar receiver applications

    Hertel, Johannes; Uhlig, Ralf; Söhn, Matthias; Schenk, Christian; Helsch, Gundula; Bornhöft, Hansjörg


    A comprehensive study of optical and mechanical properties of quartz glass (fused silica) with regard to application in high temperature solar receivers is presented. The dependence of rupture strength on different surface conditions as well as high temperature is analyzed, focussing particularly on damage by devitrification and sandblasting. The influence of typical types of contamination in combination with thermal cycling on the optical properties of fused silica is determined. Cleaning methods are compared regarding effectiveness on contamination-induced degradation for samples with and without antireflective coating. The FEM-aided design of different types of receiver windows and their support structure is presented. A large-scale production process has been developed for producing fused silica dome shaped windows (pressurized window) up to a diameter of 816 mm. Prototypes were successfully pressure-tested in a test bench and certified according to the European Pressure Vessel Directive.

  11. Perception of older adults receiving palliative care

    Fernanda Laporti Seredynskyj


    Full Text Available The present study aimed at understanding the perception of older adults who are receiving palliative oncological care on self care in relation to different stages of the disease and how such perception affected their lives. This is a qualitative study using oral history conducted with 15 older adults receiving palliative chemotherapy treatment in a health institution. The following categories emerged: social network, perspectives for confronting life, changes and spirituality. It is necessary for nursing staff to understand this process so that the measures implemented take into account all of the implications of the disease and aim at improving quality of life.   doi: 10.5216/ree.v16i2.22795.

  12. Graphene radio frequency receiver integrated circuit.

    Han, Shu-Jen; Garcia, Alberto Valdes; Oida, Satoshi; Jenkins, Keith A; Haensch, Wilfried


    Graphene has attracted much interest as a future channel material in radio frequency electronics because of its superior electrical properties. Fabrication of a graphene integrated circuit without significantly degrading transistor performance has proven to be challenging, posing one of the major bottlenecks to compete with existing technologies. Here we present a fabrication method fully preserving graphene transistor quality, demonstrated with the implementation of a high-performance three-stage graphene integrated circuit. The circuit operates as a radio frequency receiver performing signal amplification, filtering and downconversion mixing. All circuit components are integrated into 0.6 mm(2) area and fabricated on 200 mm silicon wafers, showing the unprecedented graphene circuit complexity and silicon complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process compatibility. The demonstrated circuit performance allow us to use graphene integrated circuit to perform practical wireless communication functions, receiving and restoring digital text transmitted on a 4.3-GHz carrier signal.

  13. VLBI2010 Receiver Back End Comparison

    Petrachenko, Bill


    VLBI2010 requires a receiver back-end to convert analog RF signals from the receiver front end into channelized digital data streams to be recorded or transmitted electronically. The back end functions are typically performed in two steps: conversion of analog RF inputs into IF bands (see Table 2), and conversion of IF bands into channelized digital data streams (see Tables 1a, 1b and 1c). The latter IF systems are now completely digital and generically referred to as digital back ends (DBEs). In Table 2 two RF conversion systems are compared, and in Tables 1a, 1b, and 1c nine DBE systems are compared. Since DBE designs are advancing rapidly, the data in these tables are only guaranteed to be current near the update date of this document.

  14. Reducing the convective losses of cavity receivers

    Flesch, Robert; Grobbel, Johannes; Stadler, Hannes; Uhlig, Ralf; Hoffschmidt, Bernhard


    Convective losses reduce the efficiency of cavity receivers used in solar power towers especially under windy conditions. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce these losses. In this paper two different measures are analyzed: an air curtain and a partial window which covers one third of the aperture opening. The cavity without modifications and the usage of a partial window were analyzed in a cryogenic wind tunnel at -173°C. The cryogenic environment allows transforming the results from the small model cavity to a large scale receiver with Gr≈3.9.1010. The cavity with the two modifications in the wind tunnel environment was analyzed with a CFD model as well. By comparing the numerical and experimental results the model was validated. Both modifications are capable of reducing the convection losses. In the best case a reduction of about 50 % was achieved.

  15. Next Generation Radio Astronomy Receiver Systems

    Morgan, Matthew A


    Radio astronomy observations in the coming decade will require new levels of sensitivity while mapping large regions of space with much greater efficiency than is achieved with current telescopes. This requires new instrumentation with the greatest achievable sensitivity, dynamic range, and field of view. Receiver noise is quickly approaching fundamental limits at most radio wavelengths, so significant gains in sensitivity can only be made by increasing collecting area. Jointly, these requirements suggest using large arrays of smaller antennas, or many moderate-size antennas equipped with multi-beam arrays. The challenge is to develop receivers and wide bandwidth data transport systems which are lower cost, more compact, more reliable, lower weight, and more reproducible than the best current systems, with no compromise to performance. This can be achieved with a greater degree of component integration, extensive use of digital signal processing and transport, and replacement of functions currently performed ...

  16. Digital Signal Processor For GPS Receivers

    Thomas, J. B.; Meehan, T. K.; Srinivasan, J. M.


    Three innovative components combined to produce all-digital signal processor with superior characteristics: outstanding accuracy, high-dynamics tracking, versatile integration times, lower loss-of-lock signal strengths, and infrequent cycle slips. Three components are digital chip advancer, digital carrier downconverter and code correlator, and digital tracking processor. All-digital signal processor intended for use in receivers of Global Positioning System (GPS) for geodesy, geodynamics, high-dynamics tracking, and ionospheric calibration.

  17. Armstrong Receives Space Medal of Honor


    Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong receives the first Congressional Space Medal of Honor from President Jimmy Carter, assisted by Captain Robert Peterson. Armstrong, one of six astronauts to be presented the medal during ceremonies held in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), was awarded for his performance during the Gemini 8 mission and the Apollo 11 mission when he became the first human to set foot upon the Moon.

  18. Optical antenna gain. II - Receiving antennas

    Degnan, J. J.; Klein, B. J.


    Expressions are developed for the gain of a centrally obscured, circular optical antenna used as the collecting and focusing optics in a laser receiver, involving losses due to (1) incoming light blockage by central obscuration, (2) energy spillover at the detector, and (3) the effect of local oscillator distribution in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. Numerical results are presented for direct detection and for three types of local oscillator distribution (uniform, Gaussian, and matched).

  19. Counterrotator And Correlator For GPS Receivers

    Thomas, J. Brooks; Srinivasan, Jeffrey M.; Meehan, Thomas K.


    Accurate, all-digital, high-speed processor comprising correlator and down-converter developed for receivers in Global Positioning System (GPS). Processor reduces roundoff and commensurability errors to extremely small values. Use of digital chip and phase advancers provides outstanding control and accuracy in phase and feedback. Great flexibility imparted by provision for arbitrary starting time and integration length. Minimum-bit design requires minimum number of logical elements, thereby reducing size, power, and cost.

  20. Optical antenna gain. 2: receiving antennas.

    Degnan, J J; Klein, B J


    Expressions are derived for the gain of a centrally obscured, circular optical antenna when used as the collecting and focusing optics in a laser receiver which include losses due to (1) blockage of the incoming light by the central obscuration, (2) the spillover of energy at the detector, and (3) the effect of local oscillator distribution in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. Numerical results are presented for direct detection and for three types of local oscillator distributions (uniform, Gaussian, and matched) in the case of heterodyne or homodyne detection. The results are presented in several graphs that allow the rapid evaluation of receiver gain for an arbitrary set of telescope and detector parameters. It is found that, for uniform illumination by the LO, the optimum SNR is obtained when the detector radius is approximately 0.74 times the Airy disk radius. The use of an optimized Gaussian (spot size = 0.46 times the Airy disk radius) improves the receiver gain by less than 1 dB. Theuse results are insensitive to the size of the central obscuration.

  1. Transient simulation of molten salt central receiver

    Doupis, Dimitri; Wang, Chuan; Carcorze-Soto, Jorge; Chen, Yen-Ming; Maggi, Andrea; Losito, Matteo; Clark, Michael


    Alstom is developing concentrated solar power (CSP) utilizing 60/40wt% NaNO3-KNO3 molten salt as the working fluid in a tower receiver for the global renewable energy market. In the CSP power generation cycle, receivers undergo a daily cyclic operation due to the transient nature of solar energy. Development of robust and efficient start-up and shut-down procedures is critical to avoiding component failures due to mechanical fatigue resulting from thermal transients, thus maintaining the performance and availability of the CSP plant. The Molten Salt Central Receiver (MSCR) is subject to thermal transients during normal daily operation, a cycle that includes warmup, filling, operation, draining, and shutdown. This paper describes a study to leverage dynamic simulation and finite element analysis (FEA) in development of start-up, shutdown, and transient operation concepts for the MSCR. The results of the FEA also verify the robustness of the MSCR design to the thermal transients anticipated during the operation of the plant.

  2. Development of Receiver Stimulator for Auditory Prosthesis

    K. Raja Kumar


    Full Text Available The Auditory Prosthesis (AP is an electronic device that can provide hearing sensations to people who are profoundly deaf by stimulating the auditory nerve via an array of electrodes with an electric current allowing them to understand the speech. The AP system consists of two hardware functional units such as Body Worn Speech Processor (BWSP and Receiver Stimulator. The prototype model of Receiver Stimulator for Auditory Prosthesis (RSAP consists of Speech Data Decoder, DAC, ADC, constant current generator, electrode selection logic, switch matrix and simulated electrode resistance array. The laboratory model of speech processor is designed to implement the Continuous Interleaved Sampling (CIS speech processing algorithm which generates the information required for electrode stimulation based on the speech / audio data. Speech Data Decoder receives the encoded speech data via an inductive RF transcutaneous link from speech processor. Twelve channels of auditory Prosthesis with selectable eight electrodes for stimulation of simulated electrode resistance array are used for testing. The RSAP is validated by using the test data generated by the laboratory prototype of speech processor. The experimental results are obtained from specific speech/sound tests using a high-speed data acquisition system and found satisfactory.

  3. Russian institute receives CMS Gold Award

    Patrice Loïez


    The Snezhinsk All-Russian Institute of Scientific Research for Technical Physics (VNIITF) of the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre (RFNC) is one of twelve CMS suppliers to receive awards for outstanding performance this year. The CMS Collaboration took the opportunity of the visit to CERN of the Director of VNIITF and his deputy to present the CMS Gold Award, which the institute has received for its exceptional performance in the assembly of steel plates for the CMS forward hadronic calorimeter. This calorimeter consists of two sets of 18 wedge-shaped modules arranged concentrically around the beam-pipe at each end of the CMS detector. Each module consists of steel absorber plates with quartz fibres inserted into them. The institute developed a special welding technique to assemble the absorber plates, enabling a high-quality detector to be produced at relatively low cost.RFNC-VNIITF Director Professor Georgy Rykovanov (right), is seen here receiving the Gold Award from Felicitas Pauss, Vice-Chairman of the CMS ...

  4. Effect of Iron Enriched Bread Intake on the Oxidative Stress Indices in Male Wistar Rats

    Sharareh Heidari


    Full Text Available Background Contrary to the proven benefits of iron, few concerns in producing the oxidative stress is remained problematic. Objectives The aim of the study was to evaluate the oxidative stress in the male Wistar rats fed bread supplemented with iron in different doses i.e., 35 (basic, 70 (two fold, 140 (four fold, and 210 mg/kg (six fold with or without NaHCO3 (250 mg/kg. Methods In this experimental study Iron, ceruloplasmin, ferritin, total iron binding capacity (TIBC, albumin, total protein, uric acid and plasma superoxide dismutase (SOD, glutathione peroxidase (GPX, catalase (CAT, malondialdehyde (MDA, and total antioxidant capacity (TAC, were evaluated in 30 rats at the first and last day of the experiment (day 30. In addition, phytic acid levels were detected in all baked breads. The data were analyzed by ANOVA and t test procedure though SPSS statistical software version 20. Results Serum iron level in rats that received basic level of iron plus NaHCO3 decreased significantly in the last day of the trial. Higher level of serum iron was seen in rats that received iron twofold, fourfold and sixfold and rats that received iron fourfold plus NaHCO3. Serum ceruloplasmin and ferritin in groups of rats that received fourfold level of iron plus NaHCO3 and rats that received iron sixfold showed a significant increase (P ≤ 0.05. Serum total protein and uric acid in rats that received basic level of iron plus NaHCO3 and rats that received twofold level of iron showed a significant decrease. Serum total protein levels in rats that received fourfold level of iron showed a significant decrease. Bread with NaHCO3 showed higher phytic acid levels than other groups. Conclusions These results indicate that oxidative stress was not induced, whereas some antioxidant activities were significantly changed in rats that received iron-enriched bread.

  5. Thalidomide affects the skeletal system of ovariectomized rats.

    Kaczmarczyk-Sedlak, Ilona; Folwarczna, Joanna; Trzeciak, Henryk I


    Apart from having written an inglorious chapter in the history of medicine, thalidomide is currently being intensely studied because of its multidimensional activity. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of thalidomide on the skeletal system in ovariectomized and non-ovariectomized rats. The experiments were carried out with female Wistar rats, divided into eight groups: sham-operated control rats; sham-operated rats receiving thalidomide at doses of 15, 30 or 60 mg/kg, po; ovariectomized control rats; ovariectomized rats receiving thalidomide at doses of 15, 30 or 60 mg/kg, po. The drug was administered for 4 weeks. Body mass gain and the mass of the uterus, liver, spleen and thymus were studied. Macrometric parameters and content of mineral substances, calcium and phosphorus in the femur, tibia and L-4 vertebra and histomorphometric parameters of the femur and tibia were examined. In the femur, the mechanical properties of the whole bone and of the femoral neck were examined. Thalidomide did not affect the skeletal system of the non-ovariectomized rats. Bilateral ovariectomy induced osteoporotic skeletal changes in mature female rats. The effects of thalidomide on the skeletal system of ovariectomized rats depended on the dose used. With a dose of 15 mg/kg, po, thalidomide counteracted some osteoporotic changes induced by estrogen deficiency. With a dose of 60 mg/kg, po, thalidomide intensified the destructive effects of estrogen deficiency on the rat skeletal system.

  6. Evaluation of hydroxypropyl-b-cyclodextrin in the treatment of aldicarb poisoning in rats : short communication

    R.S. Verster


    Full Text Available Cyclodextrins are ring-shaped oligosaccharides with a hydrophilic exterior and a hydrophobic interior. The interior cavity is capable of complexing fat-soluble molecules small enough to fit inside. Sprague-Dawley rats were used to evaluate the efficacy of hydroxypropyl-b-cyclodextrin as treatment of aldicarb poisoning in rats. Survival times in the majority of rats dosed with aldicarb and receiving intravenous cyclodextrin were longer compared with the control rats only dosed with aldicarb per os.

  7. Effect of strontium ranelate on the bone histomorphometry after weightlessness in rats

    A-na LAI; Yang, Rui; Zhang, Zhen; Wang, Mei; Chen, Rong-Ping; Zhou, Ying; Huang, Zhen; Hong CHEN


    Objective To investigate the effect of strontium ranelate(SR) on the bone histomorphometry of tail-suspended rat.Methods Thirty male SD rats(3 months old) were randomly divided into five groups(6 each): rats in SR-1 group underwent tail suspension for 4 weeks and given SR simultaneously.In SR-2 group rats received tail suspension for 4 weeks and given SR thereafter.In SR-3 group rats underwent tail suspension for 4 weeks and given SR during the whole course.In control-1 group rats underwent t...

  8. Solar receiver performance of point focusing collector system

    Wu, Y. C.; Wen, L. C.


    The solar receiver performance of cavity receivers and external receivers used in dispersed solar power systems was evaluated for the temperature range 300-1300 C. Several parameters of receiver and concentrator are examined. It was found that cavity receivers are generally more efficient than external receivers, especially at high temperatures which require a large heat transfer area. The effects of variation in the ratio of receiver area to aperture area are considered.

  9. Bone Marrow Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Do Not Reduce Fibrosis or Improve Function in a Rat Model of Severe Chronic Liver Injury

    Carvalho, Adriana B; Quintanilha, Luiz Fernando; Dias, Juliana V; Paredes, Bruno D; Mannheimer, Elida G; Carvalho, Felipe G; Asensi, Karina D; Gutfilen, Bianca; Fonseca, Lea Mirian B; Resende, Celia Maria C; Rezende, Guilherme F. M; Takiya, Christina M; de Carvalho, Antonio Carlos Campos; Goldenberg, Regina C. S


    ...) in a rat model of severe chronic liver injury. Fourteen female Wistar rats were fed exclusively an alcoholic liquid diet and received intraperitoneal injections of carbon tetrachloride every other day during 15 weeks...

  10. Thatcher Receives 2004 Charles A. Whitten Medal

    Stein, Ross


    Wayne Thatcher received the Whitten Medal at the 2004 Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony on 15 December, in San Francisco, California. The medal is given for outstanding achievement in research on the form and dynamics of the Earth and planets. Citation. Armed with geodesy, Wayne Thatcher has probed the behavior of great earthquakes, concentrating on the two sites where large events are frequent and the geodetic record is lush: the western United States and Japan. From this, he has garnered deep insights into the earthquake cycle-the pattern of strain accumulation and release of which an earthquake is only the most visible part.

  11. Effect of the juice of lime (Citrus aurantifolia) on estrous cycle and ovulation of Sprague-Dawley rats.

    Salawu, Adeola A; Osinubi, Abraham A A; Dosumu, Olufunke O; Kusemiju, Taiwo O; Noronha, Cressie C; Okanlawon, Abayomi O


    To determine the effect of lime juice on the estrous cycle and ovulation of cyclic female rats. Twenty-five adult female Sprague-Dawley rats were used. The study was divided into 2 experiments (I and II). In experiment I, 15 rats were randomly subclassified into 3 groups (Ia, Ib, and Ic) of 5 rats each. The estrous cycles of the rats were studied for the first 16 days to establish cyclicity, after which lime juice was administered by gastric gavage for the next 24 days. Rats in group Ia received 1 mL of undiluted lime juice, rats in group Ib received 1 mL of 50% diluted lime juice, and rats in group Ic (control animals) received only distilled water. In experiment II, 10 female rats were used and were categorized into 2 groups (IIa and IIb), with 5 rats in each group. Rats in group IIa received 1 mL of undiluted lime juice during the morning of proestrus, and those in group IIb received only distilled water on the day of proestrus. The rats were killed the next day with use of chloroform anesthesia. The upper parts of the oviducts were excised and examined under the light microscope for assessment of the number of ova shed. There was an irregular pattern in all phases of the estrous cycle of 100% of the rats given undiluted lime juice and in 80% of those given 50% diluted lime juice. There was a significant (P = .001) reduction in the number of ova shed in rats administered undiluted lime juice in comparison with the control animals. Ovulation was partially blocked, as shown by the reduced number of ova observed in the oviducts from the rats given undiluted lime juice (5.10 +/- 2.37) in comparison with the control rats (12.70 +/- 1.14). In rats, lime juice causes irregularity of the estrous cycle, partially blocks ovulation, and may possibly compromise fertility.

  12. Perspectives from older adults receiving cancer treatment about the cancer-related information they receive


    Objective: Cancer patients have reported that information plays a significant role in their capacity to cope with cancer and manage the consequences of treatment. This study was undertaken to identify the importance older adults receiving cancer treatment assign to selected types of cancer-related information, their satisfaction with the cancer-related information they received, and the barriers to effective information provision for this age group. Methods: This study was conducted in two ph...

  13. Omnidirectional free-space optical receiver architecture

    Murshid, Syed H.; Lovell, Gregory L.; Finch, Michael F.


    Free Space Optical (FSO) communication is the fusion of wireless technology and optical fiber communications systems. It has the potential of providing fiber optic data rates without the physical restraints of optical fiber cables. This endeavor presents a novel receiver structure with potential for omnidirectional free space optical communications. Interesting approaches for accomplishing omnidirectional free space lasercomm such as direct detection and solar blind non-line of sight UV scattering have been reported over the last few years. However, these technologies have resulted in limited distances of the order of 10 to 100 meters and data rates often limited to less than 1 Mb/s. This endeavor reports the architecture of an omnidirectional receiver setup by integrating an off the shelf detector and a fiber bundle, where the fiber bundle couples omnidirectional photons within its field of view and delivers these photons to the detector. The coupling of light from all directions into a detector is regulated by the cone of the acceptance angle of the fiber. Multiple fibers with overlapping acceptance angles provide the necessary coverage that may be needed to extract the optical signal from the free space optical channel. Simulated results showing the normalized power pattern of the system is presented to demonstrate omnidirectional potential of the structure. Theoretical power level versus distance plot for an FSO System employing On-O Keying (OOK) is also presented.

  14. Woese on the received view of evolution.

    Sarkar, Sahotra


    As part of his attempt to reconstruct the earliest phase of the evolution of life on Earth, Woese produced a compelling critique of the received view of evolution from the 20th century. This paper explicitly articulates two related features of that critique that are fundamental but the first of which has not been sufficiently clearly recognized in the context of evolutionary theorizing: (1) according to Woese's scenario of communal evolution during life's earliest phase (roughly, the first billion years of life on Earth), well-defined biological individuals (and, thus, individual lineages) did not exist; and (2) during that phase, evolutionary change took place through ubiquitous horizontal gene transfer (HGT) rather than through vertical transmission of features (including genes) and the combinatorics of HGT was the dominant mechanism of evolutionary change. Both factors present serious challenges to the received view of evolution and that framework would have to be radically altered to incorporate these factors. The extent to which this will be necessary will depend on whether Woese's scenario of collective early evolution is correct.

  15. Parabolic Trough Receiver Heat Loss Testing (Poster)

    Price, H.; Netter, J.; Bingham, C.; Kutscher, C.; Burkholder, F.; Brandemuehl, M.


    Parabolic trough receivers, or heat collection elements (HCEs), absorb sunlight focused by the mirrors and transfer that thermal energy to a fluid flowing within them. Thje absorbing tube of these receivers typically operates around 400 C (752 F). HCE manufacturers prevent thermal loss from the absorbing tube to the environment by using sputtered selective Cermet coatings on the absorber and by surrounding the absorber with a glass-enclosed evacuated annulus. This work quantifies the heat loss of the Solel UVAC2 and Schott PTR70 HCEs. At 400 C, the HCEs perform similarly, losing about 400 W/m of HCE length. To put this in perspective, the incident beam radiation on a 5 m mirror aperture is about 4500 W/m, with about 75% of that energy ({approx} 3400 W/m) reaching the absorber surface. Of the 3400 W/m on the absorber, about 3000 W/m is absorbed into the working fluid while 400 W/m is lost to the environment.

  16. Solar central receiver heliostat reflector assembly

    Horton, Richard H.; Zdeb, John J.


    A heliostat reflector assembly for a solar central receiver system comprises a light-weight, readily assemblable frame which supports a sheet of stretchable reflective material and includes mechanism for selectively applying tension to and positioning the sheet to stretch it to optical flatness. The frame is mounted on and supported by a pipe pedestal assembly that, in turn, is installed in the ground. The frame is controllably driven in a predetermined way by a light-weight drive system so as to be angularly adjustable in both elevation and azimuth to track the sun and efficiently continuously reflect the sun's rays to a focal zone, i.e. central receiver, which forms part of a solar energy utilization system, such as a solar energy fueled electrical power generation system. The frame may include a built-in system for testing for optical flatness of the reflector. The preferable geometric configuration of the reflector is octagonal; however, it may be other shapes, such as hexagonal, pentagonal or square. Several different embodiments of means for tensioning and positioning the reflector to achieve optical flatness are disclosed. The reflector assembly is based on the stretch frame concept which provides an extremely light-weight, simple, low-cost reflector assembly that may be driven for positioning and tracking by a light-weight, inexpensive drive system.

  17. Transactions Security Tools in Account Receivables Management

    Anna Wodyńska


    Full Text Available Large competition among goods and services suppliers caused that granting clients deferred term of payment became a standard, so in other word granting clients commercial credit is a standard. Companies try to limit credit risk by securing their trade transactions in accordance with their credit policy that determines in some way the choice of trade transaction security tools.This article presents a full range of trade transaction security tools according to the general division into personal and property securities. The author pays attention to the fact that while conducting a proper credit policy in relation to clients, a company has chances to monitor efficiently the receivables and insist on their payment as well as use, as needed, the earlier prepared trade transaction security tools.The author convinces that regardless of the choice of trade transaction security tools, or reasons leading the receivables managing person, the basic criterion of security evaluation shall be its real, checked and verified value. The pledge on an object that does not exist is not worth much. The same applies to security granted by an insolvent person.

  18. The Submillimeter Array Antennas and Receivers

    Blundell, R


    The Submillimeter Array (SMA) was conceived at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in 1984 as a six element interferometer to operate in the major atmospheric windows from about 200 to 900 GHz. In 1996, the Academica Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Taiwan joined the project and agreed to provide additional hardware to expand the interferometer to eight elements. All eight antennas are now operating at the observatory site on Mauna Kea, and astronomical observations have been made in the 230, 345, and 650 GHz bands. The SMA antennas have a diameter of 6 m, a surface accuracy of better than 25 micron rms, and can be reconfigured to provide spatial resolutions down to about 0.5" at 200 GHz and, eventually, 0.1" at 850 GHz. Coupling to the receiver package within each antenna is achieved via a beam waveguide, in a bent Nasmyth configuration, comprised of a flat tertiary mirror and two ellipsoidal mirrors that form a secondary pupil used for receiver calibration. An additional fixed mirror ...

  19. 慢性应激引起的大鼠海马神经细胞形态结构的改变%The pathological change in the neurons of hippocampus of rat after chronic unpredictable mild stress

    林志雄; 殷静雯; 罗旭东


    Objective:To identify The Change in the neurons of Hippocampus of Rat and depressive-like behavior after Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress ( CUMS). Method: The mice were subjected to various unpredictable stressors during the 21 days CUMS procedures. The depressive-like behavior and pathological change was observed.Results:The number of neurons of hippocampus after stress was significantly different (P<0.01).Conclusion:Rats after chronic unpredictable mild stress appeared depressive-like behavior correlated with decreased of neurons hippocampus.%目的:探讨慢性应激引起的抑郁样行为与海马神经细胞形态结构的变化。方法:建立慢性轻度不可预见性应激大鼠抑郁模型,检测大鼠快感缺乏,行为活动减少,体质量减轻等抑郁样症状,观察海马区病理改变。结果:实验组和对照组大鼠行为学评分存在显著差异(P<0.01),实验组海马椎体细胞萎缩,神经细胞层数减少,细胞数目明显减少(P<0.01)。结论:应激可导致大鼠抑郁样行为的发生,同时影响神经细胞的生长和存活。

  20. Ketamine anesthesia reduces intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats

    Carlos Roddgo Cámara; Francisco Javier Guzmán; Ernesto Alexis Barrera; Andrés Jesús Cabello; Armando Garcia; Nancy Esthela Fernández; Eloy Caballero; Jesus Ancer


    AIM:To investigate the effects of ketamine anesthesia on the motility alterations and tissue injury caused by ischemia/reperfusion in rats.METHODS:Thirty maIe Wistar rats weighing 200-250 g were used.Ischemia was induced by obstructing blood flow in 25% of the total small intestinal length(ileum)with a vascular clamp for 45 min,after which either 60 min or 24 h of reperfusion was allowed.Rats were either anesthetized with pento-barbital sodium(50 mg/kg)or ketamine(100 mg/kg).Control groups received sham surgery,After 60 min of reperfusion,the intestine was examined for mor-phological alterations,and after 24 h intestinal basic electrical rhythm(BER)frequency was calculated,and intestinal transit determined in all groups.RESULTS:The intestinal mucosa in rats that were anesthetized with ketamine showed moderate alterations such as epithelial lifting,while ulceration and hemorrhage was observed in rats that received pento-barbital sodium after 60 min of reperfusion.Quantitative analysis of structural damage using the Chiu scale showed significantly Iess injury in rats that received ketamine than in rats that did not(2.35±1.14 vs 4.58 ±0.50,P<0.0001).The distance traveled by a marker,expressed as percentage of total intestinal length,in rats that received pentobarbital sodium was 20% ± 2% in comparison with 25.9% ±1.64% in rats that received ketamine(P=0.017).BER was not statistically different between groups.CONCLUSION:Our results show that ketamine anesthesia is associated with diminished intestinal iniury and abolishes the intestinal transit delay induced by ischemia/reperfusion.(C)2008 The WJG Press.All rights reserved.

  1. Ketamine anesthesia reduces intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats

    Cámara, Carlos Rodrigo; Guzmán, Francisco Javier; Barrera, Ernesto Alexis; Cabello, Andrés Jesús; Garcia, Armando; Fernández, Nancy Esthela; Caballero, Eloy; Ancer, Jesus


    AIM: To investigate the effects of ketamine anesthesia on the motility alterations and tissue injury caused by ischemia/reperfusion in rats. METHODS: Thirty male Wistar rats weighing 200-250 g were used. Ischemia was induced by obstructing blood flow in 25% of the total small intestinal length (ileum) with a vascular clamp for 45 min, after which either 60 min or 24 h of reperfusion was allowed. Rats were either anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium (50 mg/kg) or ketamine (100 mg/kg). Control groups received sham surgery. After 60 min of reperfusion, the intestine was examined for morphological alterations, and after 24 h intestinal basic electrical rhythm (BER) frequency was calculated, and intestinal transit determined in all groups. RESULTS: The intestinal mucosa in rats that were anesthetized with ketamine showed moderate alterations such as epithelial lifting, while ulceration and hemorrhage was observed in rats that received pentobarbital sodium after 60 min of reperfusion. Quantitative analysis of structural damage using the Chiu scale showed significantly less injury in rats that received ketamine than in rats that did not (2.35 ± 1.14 vs 4.58 ± 0.50, P < 0.0001). The distance traveled by a marker, expressed as percentage of total intestinal length, in rats that received pentobarbital sodium was 20% ± 2% in comparison with 25.9% ± 1.64% in rats that received ketamine (P = 0.017). BER was not statistically different between groups. CONCLUSION: Our results show that ketamine anesthesia is associated with diminished intestinal injury and abolishes the intestinal transit delay induced by ischemia/reperfusion. PMID:18777596

  2. Cecal infusion of nutrients improves nutritional status of rats.

    Aghdassi, E; Raina, N; Allard, J P


    The role of colonic fermentation in providing energy was investigated in rats with small bowel transection (T) or 80% resection (SBR). Rats were randomized to receive for 12 d either saline (S) or the enteral solution (E) through a cecostomy to meet 30% of energy requirement; the rest (70%) was provided by parenteral nutrition. Although SBR-S rats lost weight significantly compared with d 1 of the study, SBR-E rats gained. Significantly greater carcass wet weight and fat were found in SBR-E and T-E rats compared with SBR-S and T-S rats. SBR-E and T-E rats had significantly greater colonic mucosal dry weight and protein compared with SBR-S and T-S rats. Cecal short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) contents were also significantly higher in SBR-E and T-E rats compared with SBR-S and T-S rats. There was no significant effect of surgery (T vs. SBR) on any of the variables studied. These results suggest that the products of fermentation of an enteral solution infused through a cecostomy contribute substantially to energy requirement, maintenance of body composition and nutritional status of rats.

  3. Eosinophils increase in animals that received biotherapic

    Pedro Gilberto Silva Morais


    Full Text Available Dairy industry is an important Brazilian economic activity participating of income generation. European breeds cattle aren’t adapted to parasites found in the tropics, like the Rhipicephalus microplus tick. Parasites can acquire resistance to allopathic products, but not to homeopathic products. We evaluate the efficacy of an antiparasiticide biotherapic against the R. microplus tick. The biotherapic was prepared according to the homeopathic pharmacopoeia recommendations from vegetable (Abrotanum and animal products (Rhipicephalus microplus, Amblyomma cajenennense, Haematobia irritans, Musca domestica, Dermatobia hominis, all diluted and vigorous shaken (dynamized in water or alcohol at a ratio of 1:99, in the 12th Centesimal Hahnemann (CH12, with limestone as the carrier. This homeophatic product found in veterinary pharmacies of Ituiutaba’s region, Minas Gerais State, is registered at Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA. Natural tick infestation was accessed in thirty Girolando (Gir x Holstein cows with 7 to 13 year-old, by monthly counting of tick female bigger than 6 mm, from October/2009 to July/2011. Cows were divided in three groups of 10 similar animals. The treated group (T1 received roughage, concentrate and biotherapic. The placebo group (T2 received roughage, concentrate and limestone and the control group (T3 received only roughage and concentrate. T1 and T2 groups were managed together and remained in the same paddock. T3 group was separed from T1 and T2 by a wire fence. From October 2009 to September 2010 blood cell counts and serum biochemical tests were performed monthly only in T1 and T2, but visual clinical observations were made in all animals. Any group was treated with acaricide when the count’s average reached 50 or more ticks. It was necessary 7 baths with acaricide in T1 and T2, while in T3 group (control group it was necessary 19 acaricide baths to control the cattle tick. We verified

  4. Three Specialized Innovations for FAST Wideband Receiver

    Zhang, Xia; Yu, Xinying; Duan, Ran; Hao, Jie; Li, Di


    The National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) will soon finish the largest antenna in the world. Known as FAST, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope will be the most sensitive single-dish radio telescope in the low frequency radio bands between 70 MHz and 3 GHz.To take advantage of its giant aperture, all relevant cutting-edge technology should be applied to FAST to ensure that it achieves the best possible overall performance. The wideband receiver that is currently under development can not only be directly applied to FAST, but also used for other Chinese radio telescopes, such as the Shanghai 65-meter telescope and the Xinjiang 110-meter telescope, to ensure that these telescopes are among the best in the world. Recently, rapid development related to this wideband receiver has been underway. In this paper, we will introduce three key aspects of the FAST wideband receiver project. First is the use of a high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC). With the cooperation of Hao Jie’s team from the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CASIA), we have developed 3-Gsps,12-bit ADCs, which have not been used previously in astronomy, and we expect to realize the 3-GHz bandwidth in a single step by covering the entire bandwidth via interleaving or a complex fast Fourier transform (FFT).Second is the front-end analog signal integrated circuit board. We wish to achieve a series of amplification, attenuation, and mixing filtering operations on a single small board, thereby achieving digital control of the bandpass behavior both flexibly and highly-efficiently. This design will not only greatly reduce the required cost and power but will also make the best use of the digital-system’s flexibility. Third is optimization of the FFT: the existing FFT is not very efficient; therefore, we will optimize the FFT for large-scale operation. For this purpose, we intend to cascade two FFTs. Another

  5. Signal Processing for Improved Wireless Receiver Performance

    Christensen, Lars P.B.


    This thesis is concerned with signal processing for improving the performance of wireless communication receivers for well-established cellular networks such as the GSM/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA systems. The goal of doing so, is to improve the end-user experience and/or provide a higher system capacity...... in connection with parameter estimation. Next, a realistic framework for interference whitening is presented, allowing flexibility in the selection of whether interference is accounted for via a discrete or a Gaussian distribution. The approximate method of sphere detection and decoding is outlined and various...... suggestions for improvements are presented. In addition, methods for using generalized BP to perform approximate joint detection and decoding in systems with convolutional codes are outlined. One such method is a natural generalization of the traditional Turbo principle and a generalized Turbo principle can...

  6. The BINP receives its Golden Hadron award


    On Thursday, 14 September, the LHC Project Leader, Lyn Evans, handed over a Golden Hadron award to Alexander Skrinsky of Russia's Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP). The prize is awarded in recognition of exceptional performances by suppliers and this year prizes were awarded to two firms, Cockerill-Sambre (Belgium) and Wah-Chang (United States), and to the Budker Institute, which was unable to receive the award at the same time as the two other recipients (see Bulletin No 34/2002, of 19 August 2002). The Russian institute has been rewarded for the particularly high-quality production of 360 dipole magnets and 185 quadrupole magnets for the LHC proton beam transfer lines.

  7. Teleseismic receiver functions imaging of Siberia

    Soliman, Mohammad Youssof Ahmad; Thybo, Hans; Artemieva, Irina


    be used for determining Moho depth, and are excellent for detecting relatively broad vertical gradients in velocity, such as expected for a thermally controlled LAB. The combination of both types of RFs allows for independent discontinuity models of the same area in different frequency bands using......We map the lithosphere in Siberia by using the available broadband seismic data for calculation of Ps- and Sp-wave receiver functions (RF). RFs show converted waves from discontinuities in the vicinity of the seismic stations. The main objective is to image the Moho and upper mantle discontinuities......, including the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) beneath the study area. We construct the RF using the LQT method (Vinnik, 1977; Kind et al. 1995) in the version by Yuan et al. (1997). Rotation of ray coordinates uses the incidence angles predicted by the AK135 velocity model. This decomposes the wave...

  8. Jiang Zemin Receives New ACWF Leadership


    FOUR days after the adjournment of the 8th Chinese Women’s National Congress, President Jiang Zemin received all the newly-elected members of the executive committee and several deputies at Zhongnanhai. Gu Xiulian, Vice President and the First Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), briefed Jiang on the congress. She said deputies had reached consensus on certain issues: that women should capitalize on their abilities in the overall social participation; that the uplifting of women’s quality should be seen as a long-term strategy; and that women’s development requires a supportive social environment. Jiang Zemin listened attentively to the speeches delivered by seven deputies. Jiang Daguo, president of Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation, from one of the

  9. Receiver based PAPR reduction in OFDMA

    Ali, Anum Z.


    High peak-to-average power ratio is one of the major drawbacks of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). Clipping is the simplest peak reduction scheme, however, it requires clipping mitigation at the receiver. Recently compressed sensing has been used for clipping mitigation (by exploiting the sparse nature of clipping signal). However, clipping estimation in multi-user scenario (i.e., OFDMA) is not straightforward as clipping distortions overlap in frequency domain and one cannot distinguish between distortions from different users. In this work, a collaborative clipping removal strategy is proposed based on joint estimation of the clipping distortions from all users. Further, an effective data aided channel estimation strategy for clipped OFDM is also outlined. Simulation results are presented to justify the effectiveness of the proposed schemes. © 2014 IEEE.

  10. Humboldt SK pilot biodigester receives funding



    The Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA) will provide funding for Canada's first pilot-scale biodigester to be built in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The $208,138 pilot facility will use household garbage as well as agricultural waste such as manure and livestock operations, abattoirs and food processing to create heat or power and fertilizer. Support for this bio-energy facility, which could also reduce greenhouse gases, will come from the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute which has received $186,138 from Canada and Saskatchewan in the form of cost-shared federal-provincial funding. The pilot plant will test different combinations of waste material feedstocks and the characteristics of the resulting gas end products. The pilot facility will also provide design information for full-scale biodigester manufacturers in Canada. It is expected that 25 full-scale biodigesters will be constructed in Canada in the near future.

  11. Listeriosis in patients receiving biologic therapies.

    Bodro, M; Paterson, D L


    The evolution of inflammatory diseases has radically changed since the introduction of biologic therapies, such as tumour necrosis factor alpha inhibitors (anti-TNFα). They, therefore, represent a widely used therapeutic modality. Nevertheless, post-marketing studies reveal an increased risk of infection in patients taking these drugs, especially granulomatous infections such as listeriosis. We aimed to evaluate the reported cases of listeriosis in patients treated with biologic treatments. We used the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) from 2004 to 2011. We also perform a literature review of previously reported cases of listeriosis in patients taking biologic therapies. We identified 266 cases of Listeria monocytogenes infection associated with biologic therapies. The majority of patients were receiving infliximab (77.1 %), followed by etanercept (11.7 %), adalimumab (9.8 %), rituximab (4.1 %), abatacept (0.4 %) and golimumab (0.4 %). Indications for the use of biologics were as follows: 47.7 % for rheumatologic diseases, 38 % for inflammatory bowel diseases, 3.4 % for haematological diseases and 10.5 % for other indications. Seventy-three percent of the patients were receiving concomitant immunosuppressant drugs, especially steroids (56 %) and methotrexate (31.6 %). The median time to the onset of infection was 184 days. Mortality rates range from 11.1 % in adalimumab-treated patients to 27.3 % in rituximab-treated patients (p = 0.7). Listeriosis is common in biologics-treated patients, especially related to infliximab use given concomitantly with other immunosuppressive therapies. Infections after treatment with biologics mostly occurred in the first year after initiating treatment.

  12. Ototoxicity in children receiving cisplatin chemotherapy

    Hee Jin Jang


    Full Text Available Purpose : Cisplatin is highly effective for the treatment of solid tumors in children. However, the clinical use of cisplatin is limited by its ototoxicity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ototoxicity in children treated with cisplatin. Methods : We performed a single institution retrospective analysis of pediatric oncology patients who received cisplatin therapy between January 2001 and January 2008. Thirty-seven patients with sufficient medical and audiologic data were included in this study. Results : The median age at the time of diagnosis was 10.7 (range 3.8&#8211;16.7 years. There were 16 males and 21 females. The underlying diseases were osteosarcoma (15 cases, medulloblastoma (14 cases, germ cell tumors (7 cases, and hepatoblastoma (1 case. The median individual dose was 100 mg/m2/cycle (56-200. The median cumulative dose was 480 mg/m2 (200-1,490. Sixteen patients (43% received cranial radiotherapy. Of the 37 patients, 17 developed hearing loss, leading to an overall incidence of 46%. Logistic regression showed that age at treatment (P=0.04 and cumulative dose of cisplatin (P=0.005 were the significant risk factors in predicting hearing loss in children treated with cisplatin. In all the patients who had hearing loss, there was neither improvement nor aggravation during the follow-up (3&#8211;68 months. Conclusion : The cumulative dose of cisplatin (&gt;500 mg/m2 and younger age at treatment (&lt;12 years were 2 most important risk factors for ototoxicity in patients treated with cisplatin. Serial audiometric evaluations are needed in the patients with risk factors during and after cisplatin treatment.

  13. Phase Noise Tolerant QPSK Receiver Using Phase Sensitive Wavelength Conversion

    Da Ros, Francesco; Xu, Jing; Lei, Lei


    A novel QPSK receiver based on a phase noise reduction pre-stage exploiting PSA in a HNLF and balanced detection is presented. Receiver sensitivity improvement over a conventional balanced receiver is demonstrated.......A novel QPSK receiver based on a phase noise reduction pre-stage exploiting PSA in a HNLF and balanced detection is presented. Receiver sensitivity improvement over a conventional balanced receiver is demonstrated....

  14. Reduced Incidence of Slowly Progressive Heymann Nephritis in Rats Immunized With a Modified Vaccination Technique

    Arpad Z. Barabas


    Full Text Available A slowly progressive Heymann nephritis (SPHN was induced in three groups of rats by weekly injections of a chemically modified renal tubular antigen in an aqueous medium. A control group of rats received the chemically unmodified version of the antigen in an aqueous solution. One group of SPHN rats were pre- and post-treated with weekly injections of IC made up of rKF3 and rarKF3 IgM antibody at antigen excess (MIC (immune complexes [ICs] containing sonicated ultracentrifuged [u/c] rat kidney fraction 3 [rKF3] antigen and IgM antibodies specific against the antigen, at slight antigen excess. One group of SPHN rats were post-treated with MIC 3 weeks after the induction of the disease and one group of SPHN animals received no treatment. The control group of rats received pre- and post-treatment with sonicated u/c rKF3.

  15. Embryolethality of butyl benzyl phthalate in rats

    Ema, N.; Itami, T.; Kawasaki, H. (National Inst. Hyg. Science, Osaka (Japan))


    The developmental toxicity of butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) was studied in Wistar rats. Pregnant rats were given BBP at a dosage of 0, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0% in the diet from day 0 to day 20 of pregnancy. Morphological examinations of the fetuses revealed no evidence of teratogenesis. In the 2.0% group, all dams exhibited complete resorption of all the implanted embryos, and their food consumption, body weight gain and adjusted weight gain during pregnancy were markedly lowered. To determine whether the embryolethality was the result of reduced food consumption during pregnancy, a pair-feeding study was performed in which the pregnant rats received the same amount of diet consumed by the 2.0% BBP-treated pregnant rats. The pair-fed and 2.0 % BBP-treated pregnant rats showed significant and comparable reductions in the adjusted weight gain. The number of live fetuses was lowered in the pair-fed group. However, the complete resorption of all the implanted embryos was not found in any of the pair-fed pregnant rats. The data suggest that the embryolethality observed in the 2.0 % BBP-treated pregnant rats is attributable to the effects o dietary BBP.

  16. Essential fatty acid supplemented diet increases renal excretion of prostaglandin E and water in essential fatty acid deficient rats

    Hansen, Harald S.


    Weanling male rats were fed an essential fatty acid (EFA)-deficient diet for 25 weeks and then switched to an EFA-supplemented diet for 3 weeks. Control rats received the EFA-supplemented diet for 25 weeks and then the EFA-deficient diet for 3 weeks. Throughout the last 19 weeks, the rats were...

  17. Control of glomerular hypertension by insulin administration in diabetic rats.

    Scholey, J W; Meyer, T W


    Micropuncture studies were performed in Munich Wistar rats made diabetic with streptozotocin and in normal control rats. Diabetic rats received daily ultralente insulin to maintain moderate hyperglycemia (approximately 300 mg/dl). Group 1 diabetic rats studied after routine micropuncture preparation exhibited elevation of the single nephron glomerular filtration rate (SNGFR) due to increases in the glomerular transcapillary hydraulic pressure difference and glomerular plasma flow rate. In group 2 diabetic rats infusion of insulin to achieve acute blood glucose control normalized the glomerular transcapillary pressure gradient while increasing the glomerular ultrafiltration coefficient, so that SNGFR remained elevated. Persistent elevation of SNGFR despite normalization of the transcapillary pressure gradient was also observed in group 3 diabetic rats infused with insulin plus sufficient dextrose to maintain hyperglycemia. These studies indicate that glomerular capillary hypertension in diabetes is an acutely reversible consequence of insulin deficiency and not the result of renal hypertrophy. PMID:2649514

  18. Effects of neonatal peripheral tissue injury on pain-related behaviors in adult rats

    Meng-meng LI


    Full Text Available Objective To observe the effects of peripheraltissueinjury in the developmental stage of newborn rats on pain-related behaviors in adult rats. Methods SD rats 1,4,7,14,21 and 28days after birth were selected in thepresent study(4litters at each time point and 10 rats per litter.Each litter of rats was randomly divided intoinjury group(receiving subcutaneous injection of 20μl bee venomand control group(receiving subcutaneous injection of 20μl normal saline, with20 in each group, and then raised for 2 months to adulthood. The baseline pain threshold was observed by measuring spontaneous paw flinching reflex,paw withdrawal thermal latency(PWTLand paw withdrawal mechanical threshold(PWMT, then 50μl 0.4% bee venom was subcutaneously injected to each rat, and the changesinpa in reaction and pain threshold were determined. Results The baseline thermal pain threshold in adult rats receiving bee venom or normal saline at different time points after birth was similar,but baseline mechanical pain threshold in adult rats receiving bee venom at1,4,7and14 days after birth was decreased significantly compared with the adult rats receiving normal saline at corresponding time points(P0.05.Mechanical hyperalgesia was not induced in rats injected with bee venom but induced in adult ratsinjected with normal saline4-21days after birth.Injection of bee venom 21 and 28 days after birth could obviously enhance the bee venom-induced hyperalgesiain adult rats compared with control group(P<0.01. Conclusions Bee venom stimuli at different time points after birth could affect the baseline PWMT and mechanical pain hypersensitivityin adult rats but not the baseline PWTL and thermal pain hypersensitivity. The 21st day maybe a key time point of nervous system development in rats.

  19. Antidepressant-like actions of pregnancy, and progesterone in Wistar rats forced to swim.

    Molina-Hernández, M; Téllez-Alcántara, N P


    In rats, some behavioral changes occurring during pregnancy related to the presence of progesterone may be analyzed in the forced swimming task (FST), which is designed to test the antidepressant profile of drugs. The present study was aimed to analyze in pregnant rats, in rats after delivery, or in rats after receiving progesterone those behavioral changes displayed in the FST. We hypothesize that pregnancy and progesterone will produce antidepressant-like effects in rats forced to swim. Therefore, pregnant rats (14th, 17th, and 20th days), or rats after delivery (3rd, and 7th days) were tested in the FST. Ovariectomized rats receiving saline (0.9%; i.p.), clomipramine (1.25 mg/kg; i.p.), or desipramine (2.14 mg/kg; i.p.) for 28 days were also tested in the FST. In a second series of experiments, ovariectomized rats receiving vehicle or progesterone (0.5 mg/kg; or 2.0 mg/kg; sc.) were tested in the FST. Locomotion was evaluated in the open field test. Results showed that in the FST: 1) pregnancy (P swimming; 3) rats tested after delivery displayed similar behavior than control rats. A lower locomotion was observed only at the end of pregnancy. In conclusion, results suggest that during pregnancy, a reproductive process characterized by its high levels of progesterone, antidepressant-like effects can be found.

  20. Acute hepatitis C in patients receiving hemodialysis.

    Griveas, I; Germanidis, G; Visvardis, G; Morice, Y; Perelson, A S; Pawlotsky, J M; Papadopoulou, D


    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is frequent in patients with end-stage renal disease treated by chronic dialysis, with a prevalence varying from 10-65% according to the geographical data. The prevalence is significantly associated with the duration of dialysis and the number of transfused blood products[1,2] and has dramatically declined with efficient blood screening.[3] We studied patients with acute HCV infection in a dialysis unit. The diagnosis was based on both anti-HCV detection and HCV-RNA detection. Other virological tools including HCV genotype determination was also used to tailor treatment to the individual patient and determine its efficacy for a one-year follow-up period. Seventeen patients (7 male and 10 female, mean age: 63.7 +/- 11.6 SD) with acute hepatitis C were enrolled to our study. All of them were followed up for a period of one year after the diagnosis was established. Phylogenetic analysis distinguished two separate HCV subtypes 1b, which were both responsible for this acute infection (see Figure 1). These types did not differ in their behavior on the clinical situation of our patients, as confirmed by the fact that in both groups of patients, there was only one patient who presented with acute illness. Six patients of our study group, three months after the acute infection, received pegylated interferon (Peg-IFNa2a) 135 mug for a six-month period. Four of them responded very well to therapy and at the first determination HCV RNA was below the cutoff point. One of our patients with very high HCV levels (HCV RNA > 50,000,000 IU/mL), despite receiving the same therapy, did not respond well and developed cirrhosis. In conclusion, it is clear from our experience that better information is needed about the current incidence, prevalence, and risk factors for HCV infection in dialysis patients. Algorithms for the diagnosis and management of hepatitis C should be developed by academic societies. Routine screening for hepatitis C also would allow

  1. Dish stirling solar receiver combustor test program

    Bankston, C. P.; Back, L. H.


    The operational and energy transfer characteristics of the Dish Stirling Solar Receiver (DSSR) combustor/heat exchanger system was evaluated. The DSSR is designed to operate with fossil fuel augmentation utilizing a swirl combustor and cross flow heat exchanger consisting of a single row of 4 closely spaced tubes that are curved into a conical shape. The performance of the combustor/heat exchanger system without a Stirling engine was studied over a range of operating conditions and output levels using water as the working fluid. Results show that the combustor may be started under cold conditions, controlled safety, and operated at a constant air/fuel ratio (10 percent excess air) over the required range of firing rates. Furthermore, nondimensional heat transfer coefficients based on total heat transfer are plotted versus Reynolds number and compared with literature data taken for single rows of closely spaced tubes perpendicular to cross flow. The data show enhanced heat transfer for the present geometry and test conditions. Analysis of the results shows that the present system meets specified thermal requirements, thus verifying the feasibility of the DSSR combustor design for final prototype fabrication.

  2. CERN safety expert receives international award


    On 18 December 2004, the President of the Swiss Electro-technical Committee, Martin Reichle (left), presented the award to Helmut Schönbacher. Helmut Schönbacher, of the Safety Commission at CERN, has received, the "1906 Award" of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for his standardisation work on the influence of ionizing radiation on insulating materials. From 1986 until 2004, Schönbacher was leader of a working group on radiation composed of internationally recognised experts. It edited standards of the IEC 60544 series on the determination of the effects of ionizing radiation on electrical insulating materials. The working group also edited three IEC Technical Reports on the determination of long-term radiation ageing in polymers. This standardisation work and long-term experience from CERN on the radiation ageing of materials also contributed to research coordination programmes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). From 1968 until 1988, Schönbacher was a member of the Rad...

  3. Social Interactions Receive Priority to Conscious Perception.

    Su, Junzhu; van Boxtel, Jeroen J A; Lu, Hongjing


    Humans are social animals, constantly engaged with other people. The importance of social thought and action is hard to overstate. However, is social information so important that it actually determines which stimuli are promoted to conscious experience and which stimuli are suppressed as invisible? To address this question, we used a binocular rivalry paradigm, in which the two eyes receive different action stimuli. In two experiments we measured the conscious percept of rival actions and found that actions engaged in social interactions are granted preferential access to visual awareness over non-interactive actions. Lastly, an attentional task that presumably engaged the mentalizing system enhanced the priority assigned to social interactions in reaching conscious perception. We also found a positive correlation between human identification of interactive activity and the promotion of socially-relevant information to visual awareness. The present findings suggest that the visual system amplifies socially-relevant sensory information and actively promotes it to consciousness, thereby facilitating inferences about social interactions.

  4. Neufeld Receives 2009 Donald L. Turcotte Award


    Jerome Neufeld has been awarded the Donald L. Turcotte Award, given annually to recent Ph.D. recipients for outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to the field of nonlinear geophysics. Neufeld's thesis is entitled “Solidification in the fast lane: Flow-induced morphological instability in geological systems.” He was formally presented with the award at the Nonlinear Geophysics Focus Group reception during the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting, held 14-18 December in San Francisco, Calif. Jerome received his B.A.S. in engineering science from the University of Toronto in 2001, and a Ph.D. in geophysics from Yale University in 2008, under the supervision of J. S. Wettlaufer, on the impact of oceanic currents on the formation of sea ice. He is currently a fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics, University of Cambridge, working on the fluid dynamics of geophysical systems including carbon dioxide sequestration, the influence of flow on the crystal structure of mushy layers, and the evolution of icicles.

  5. Animal choruses emerge from receiver psychology

    Greenfield, Michael D.; Esquer-Garrigos, Yareli; Streiff, Réjane; Party, Virginie


    Synchrony and alternation in large animal choruses are often viewed as adaptations by which cooperating males increase their attractiveness to females or evade predators. Alternatively, these seemingly composed productions may simply emerge by default from the receiver psychology of mate choice. This second, emergent property hypothesis has been inferred from findings that females in various acoustic species ignore male calls that follow a neighbor’s by a brief interval, that males often adjust the timing of their call rhythm and reduce the incidence of ineffective, following calls, and from simulations modeling the collective outcome of male adjustments. However, the purported connection between male song timing and female preference has never been tested experimentally, and the emergent property hypothesis has remained speculative. Studying a distinctive katydid species genetically structured as isolated populations, we conducted a comparative phylogenetic analysis of the correlation between male call timing and female preference. We report that across 17 sampled populations male adjustments match the interval over which females prefer leading calls; moreover, this correlation holds after correction for phylogenetic signal. Our study is the first demonstration that male adjustments coevolved with female preferences and thereby confirms the critical link in the emergent property model of chorus evolution. PMID:27670673

  6. Patrick Janot receives the CNRS silver medal


    Patrick Janot during the award ceremony. (Photo Schwemling, Paris) On 25 November, Patrick Janot of the CERN Physics Department received the CNRS silver medal for IN2P3 (Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particules). This prize, one of the most prestigious awarded by the French research centre, is given to scientists for the 'originality, quality and importance of their work, as recognised both nationally and internationally'. Patrick Janot joined the ALEPH collaboration, one of the four experiments at LEP, then under construction, in 1987. First a CERN Fellow, he went on to work for the CNRS at LAL in 1989. Together with his team, he developed innovative algorithms for the reconstruction of events. This work and others earned him the bronze CNRS medal in 1993, which is awarded to scientists for their first achievements. In 1997, he became a permanent physicist at CERN, where he continued to work for ALEPH. He was appointed LEP scientific co-ordinator for the last two years of the ac...

  7. CERN Web Pages Receive a Makeover


    Asudden allergic reaction to the colour turquoise? Never fear, from Monday 2 April you'll be able to click in the pink box at the top of the CERN users' welcome page to go to the all-new welcome page, which is simpler and better organized. CERN's new-look intranet is the first step in a complete Web-makeover being applied by the Web Public Education (WPE) group of ETT Division. The transition will be progressive, to allow users to familiarize themselves with the new pages. Until 17 April, CERN users will still get the familiar turquoise welcome page by default, with the new pages operating in parallel. From then on, the default will switch to the new pages, with the old ones being finally switched off on 25 May. Some 400 pages have received the makeover treatment. For more information about the changes to your Web, take a look at: Happy surfing!

  8. Pinelliae Rhizoma, a Toxic Chinese Herb, Can Significantly Inhibit CYP3A Activity in Rats

    Jinjun Wu


    Full Text Available Raw Pinelliae Rhizoma (RPR is a representative toxic herb that is widely used for eliminating phlegm or treating cough and vomiting. Given its irritant toxicity, its processed products, including Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparatum (PRP and Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparatum cum Zingibere et Alumine (PRPZA, are more commonly applied and administered concomitantly with other chemical drugs, such as cough medications. This study aimed to investigate the effects of RPR, PRP, and PRPZA on CYP3A activity. Testosterone (Tes and buspirone (BP were used as specific probe substrates ex vivo and in vivo, respectively. CYP3A activity was determined by the metabolite formation ratios from the substrates. Ex vivo results show that the metabolite formation ratios from Tes significantly decreased, indicating that RPR, PRP, and PRPZA could inhibit CYP3A activity in rats. CYP3A protein and mRNA levels were determined to explore the underlying mechanism. These levels showed marked and consistent down-regulation with CYP3A activity. A significant decrease in metabolite formation ratios from BP was also found in PRPZA group in vivo, implying that PRPZA could inhibit CYP3A activity. Conclusively, co-administration of PR with other CYP3A-metabolizing drugs may cause drug–drug interactions. Clinical use of PR-related formulae should be monitored carefully to avoid adverse interactions.

  9. Assessment of the Effect of Artesunate on the Developing Bones of Wistar Rat Animal Model of Malaria Treatment

    Sunday Samuel Adebisi


    Full Text Available AIM: Among its contemporaries, artesunate, a semisynthetic artemisinin antimalarial is presently being esteemed above others as a ready combatant against the malaria menace plaguing most parts of the tropics; one, for being less or non-resisted by the parasite and two, less allergy-provoking to the users. However, recent clinical observations and experimental studies had implicated this drug to be embryo-fetal toxic and this had since generated research interests such as this, to ascertain the extent of the effects of artesunate on the morphology, weights and dimensions of the developing Wistar rat bones METHOD: Oral doses of 2mg/kg and 4mg/kg body weight were administered to each experimental pregnant Wistar rat from the 9th to the 11th day of gestation–being the active osteogenic period in this animal. Two rats were sacrificed each day from days 12 to 21 and foetuses retrieved and the following assessed on the skeleton: wet weights, dry weights, ash weights, fat free weights and total body weights, plus dimensions of long bones and pelvic bones. RESULTS: Compared to the control, all the parameters assessed were negatively affected in the treated groups, being more severe in the 4mg/kg rats. CONCLUSION: Artesunate, even at relatively low dosages appears to be hazardous to the structural integrity of bones particularly when administered at critical period of development, a point to note in the global quest to combat malaria cum polio, the presently well acknowledged ravaging twin menace in the tropics. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2010; 9(1.000: 23-28

  10. 30 CFR 57.13011 - Air receiver tanks.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Air receiver tanks. 57.13011 Section 57.13011... Boilers § 57.13011 Air receiver tanks. Air receiver tanks shall be equipped with one or more automatic... exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure in a receiver tank by not more than 10 percent....

  11. 30 CFR 56.13011 - Air receiver tanks.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Air receiver tanks. 56.13011 Section 56.13011... § 56.13011 Air receiver tanks. Air receiver tanks shall be equipped with one or more automatic pressure... the maximum allowable working pressure in a receiver tank by not more than 10 percent. Air...

  12. 42 CFR 435.120 - Individuals receiving SSI.


    ... 42 Public Health 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Individuals receiving SSI. 435.120 Section 435.120..., Blind, and Disabled § 435.120 Individuals receiving SSI. Except as allowed under § 435.121, the agency... deemed to be receiving SSI. This includes individuals who are— (a) Receiving SSI pending a final...

  13. Bone biomarkers of ovariectomised rats after leptin therapy.

    Abdel-Sater, Khaled A; Mansour, Hamdy


    Under physiological conditions, maintenance of skeletal mass is the result of a tightly coupled process of bone formation and bone resorption. Disease states, osteoporosis included, arise when this delicate balance is disrupted, such as in menopause. The aim of the present work was to study the effect of leptin supplementation on bone metabolism in ovariectomized adult female rats by measuring indices of bone biomarkers. Forty adult female albino rats were chosen as an animal model for this study and divided into the four equal groups (n=10/group): Group I (control SHAM-operated group) received a single dose of buffer solution i.p. daily for eight weeks. Group II (ovariectomy group) received a single dose of buffer solution i.p. daily for eight weeks. Group III (alendronate group): Ovariectomized rats that received alendronate 0.1 mg/kg body weight i.p. daily for eight weeks. Group IV (leptin group): Ovariectomized rats that received leptin (10 µg/kg body weight) i.p. daily for eight weeks. The obtained serum is required for determination of: Serum osteocalcin, alkaline phosphatase, calcium and phosphorous levels. The obtained data revealed that treatment with alendronate or leptin caused a significant decrease of serum osteocalcin, specific bone alkaline phosphatase and urinary deoxypyridinoline levels compared to ovariectomy group, and there was no significant difference between both drugs. Leptin prevents ovariectomy induced increases in bone turnover in rats. Leptin therapy has a significant effect in treatment of ovariectomy induced osteoporosis in rats (Tab. 1, Ref. 32).

  14. Biochemical effect of curcumin on hyperlipidemia induced in rats

    Omayma A.R.,


    Full Text Available This study was performed to investigate the effect of oral supplementation of curcumin, garlic extract and olive oil on lipid profile, nitric oxide, adiponectin, endothelin-1, blood glucose and some inflammatory markers in normal, diabetic and hyperlipidemic rats supplementing high fat and cholesterol-enriched diet. Forty female adult albino rats were divided into four equal groups of 10 rats each. Group (1: negative control received normal diet only, group (2: rats fed on normal diet and received curcumin orally, group (3: positive control received hyperlipidemic diet, group (4: rats fed on hyperlipidemic diet and received curcumin (350 mg/ 1 kg b.w. orally. The obtained results revealed that, curcumin supplementations to hyperlipidemic rats showed a significant increase in serum HDL-cholesterol, nitric oxide, adiponectin and Endothelin-1 concentrations and significantly decrease in serum total cholesterol, triacylglycerols, LDL cholesterol, Fasting blood glucose, Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1C, high sensitive C-reactive protein and Interleukin-6 levels. These results suggest that, curcumin supplementations may have some benefits in patients suffering from dyslipidemia and diabetes.

  15. Neuroprotective Effects of Liraglutide for Stroke Model of Rats

    Kenichiro Sato


    Full Text Available The number of diabetes mellitus (DM patients is increasing, and stroke is deeply associated with DM. Recently, neuroprotective effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1 are reported. In this study, we explored whether liraglutide, a GLP-1 analogue exerts therapeutic effects on a rat stroke model. Wistar rats received occlusion of the middle cerebral artery for 90 min. At one hour after reperfusion, liraglutide or saline was administered intraperitoneally. Modified Bederson’s test was performed at 1 and 24 h and, subsequently, rats were euthanized for histological investigation. Peripheral blood was obtained for measurement of blood glucose level and evaluation of oxidative stress. Brain tissues were collected to evaluate the level of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF. The behavioral scores of liraglutide-treated rats were significantly better than those of control rats. Infarct volumes of liraglutide-treated rats at were reduced, compared with those of control rats. The level of derivatives of reactive oxygen metabolite was lower in liraglutide-treated rats. VEGF level of liraglutide-treated rats in the cortex, but not in the striatum significantly increased, compared to that of control rats. In conclusion, this is the first study to demonstrate neuroprotective effects of liraglutide on cerebral ischemia through anti-oxidative effects and VEGF upregulation.

  16. Turcotte Receives 2003 William Bowie Medal

    Cathles, Lawrence M.; Turcotte, Donald L.


    ``Few have contributed more to fundamental geophysics, or been better at encouraging others to contribute, than Donald L. Turcotte. Don trained as an engineer, receiving a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Physics from the California Institute of Technology in 1958. After a year at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, he joined the Cornell Graduate School of Aeronautical Engineering, rising to full professor. He established expertise on seeded combustion, magnetohydrodynamic and electrical phenomena in turbulent boundary layers, and shock waves and authored a book, Space Propulsion, and co-authored a textbook, Statistical Thermodynamics. ``In 1965 he went on sabbatical to Oxford and returned an Earth scientist. The catalyst was Ron Oxburgh. Plate tectonics was just on the horizon, and Don joined his quantitative abilities and physical intuition with Ron's skills and knowledge of geology to produce over the next decade a remarkable series of 24 papers that explored topics such as the many implications of the Earth's thermal boundary layer, ridge melting, subduction zone volcanism, and intraplate tectonics and magmatism, and established the physical bases for many of the processes operating on our planet. Shifting to the Cornell Department of Geological Sciences in 1973, Don explored virtually every aspect of physical Earth geology and became an expert on planetary remote sensing and geophysical interpretation. He published over 150 papers on thermal subsidence in sedimentary basins, two-phase hydrothermal porous media convection, lithosphere flexure, cyclic sedimentation, and stick-slip earthquakes and the lithospheres and mantles of the other planets. He worked and published with outstanding students and colleagues including Ken Torrance, Gerald Schubert, David Spence, Marc Parmentier, Bill Haxby, John Ockendon, Kevin Burke, Jud Ahern, Steve Emerman, and Charlie Angevine. In 1982 he published Geodynamics with Jerry Schubert, a book that became the primary reference in

  17. Hypocupremia in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition.

    Bozzetti, F; Inglese, M G; Terno, G; Pupa, A; Sequeira, C; Migliavacca, S


    Although hypocupremia is a well-known consequence of long-term total parenteral nutrition (TPN), its incidence as well as the duration of TPN necessary to induce it are still unsettled. The purpose of this study is to review the changes in serum copper level in 25 patients receiving TPN for a period longer than 2 wk (mean duration 6 wk) at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori of Milan and to evaluate the possible relationship of cupremia with the basic disease. Main indications for TPN included enterocutaneous fistulas (11 patients), cancer cachexia (10 patients), radiation enteropathy (two patients), and severe postoperative stricture following esophagogastric resection (two patients). Mean value of serum copper at the beginning of the study was 143 micrograms/100 ml (normal value 65-165 micrograms/100 ml), and the regression analysis showed a mean fall of 5.64 micrograms/100 ml/wk. Hypocupremia occurred in four patients (three with intestinal fistulas and one with radiation obstructive enteritis) at 5th, 6th, 9th, and 6th wk of TPN, respectively. No patient with cancer cachexia developed hypocupremia. No patient with hypocupremia had clinical evidence of a copper deficiency syndrome. We conclude that 1) hypocupremia does not occur within the first month of TPN; 2) its incidence is about 16% in patients intravenously fed for period longer than 2 wk; 3) it is more frequent in patients with enterocutaneous fistulas, whereas it never occurs in patients with cancer cachexia, and 4) it is not necessarily associated to a clinicometabolic syndrome of copper deficiency. Finally, the "nutritional" meaning of serum copper should be questioned in cancer patients since it could represent a "tumor marker."

  18. 3-Receiver Broadcast Channels with Common and Confidential Messages

    Chia, Yeow-Khiang


    Achievable secrecy rate regions for the general 3-receiver broadcast channel with one common and one confidential message sets are established. We consider two setups: (i) when the confidential message is to be sent to two of the receivers and the third receiver is an eavesdropper; and (ii) when the confidential message is to be sent to one of the receivers and the other two receivers are eavesdroppers. We show that our secrecy rate regions are optimum for some special cases.

  19. Intrasplenic transplantation of allogeneic hepatocytes prolongs survival in anhepatic rats.

    Arkadopoulos, N; Lilja, H; Suh, K S; Demetriou, A A; Rozga, J


    To examine whether hepatocytes transplanted in the spleen can function as an ectopic liver, we performed hepatocyte transplantation in rats that were rendered anhepatic. Total hepatectomy was performed by using a novel single-stage technique. Following hepatectomy, Group 1 rats (n = 16) were monitored until death to determine survival time without prior intervention. Group 2 anhepatic rats (n = 20) were sacrificed at various times to measure blood hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and transforming growth factor beta1 (TGF-beta1) levels. Group 3 (n = 16) rats received intrasplenic injection of isolated hepatocytes (2.5 x 10(7) cells/rat) followed by total hepatectomy after 3 days. Group 4 (n = 12) sham-transplanted rats received intrasplenic saline infusion, and after 3 days they were rendered anhepatic. Group 2, 3, and 4 rats were maintained on daily Cyclosporine A (10 mg/kg; intramuscularly). Group 1 anhepatic rats survived for 22.4 +/- 5.2 hours (standard deviation). The anhepatic state was associated with a progressive and statistically significant rise in blood HGF and TGF-beta1 levels. Rats that received hepatocyte transplantation before total hepatectomy had a significantly longer survival time than sham-transplanted anhepatic controls (34.1 +/- 8.5 vs. 15.5 +/- 4.8 hrs, P ammonia, prothrombin time, international normalized ratio, and TGF-beta1 levels when compared with sham-transplanted controls. In conclusion, intrasplenic transplantation of allogeneic hepatocytes prolonged survival, improved blood chemistry, and lowered blood TGF-beta1 levels in rats rendered anhepatic.

  20. Expressions of glial fibrillary acidic protein in the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala in post-stroke depression in rats%卒中后抑郁大鼠前额叶皮质、海马和杏仁核胶质纤维酸性蛋白表达

    李云; 王玮; 李姝; 李漾超; 杨宁


    目的:探讨卒中后抑郁( post-stroke depression, PSD )大鼠前额叶皮质、海马和杏仁核中胶质纤维酸性蛋白(glial fibrilary acidic protein, GFAP)表达。方法健康成年SD大鼠随机分为正常组、抑郁组、卒中组和PSD组,每组5只。卒中组采用线栓法建立局灶性脑缺血模型;抑郁组采用慢性不可预见性温和应激(chronic unpredictable mild stress, CUMS )结合孤养建立大鼠慢性应激抑郁模型;PSD组采用线栓法建立局灶性脑缺血模型,术后1周加以CUMS 和孤养建立PSD 大鼠模型。在首次CUMS 后第1天、第8天、第15天和第29天进行蔗糖水消耗实验( sucrose preference test, SPT)和旷场实验(open-field test, OFT)评价抑郁行为,在第29天应用免疫荧光染色法检测前额叶皮质、海马和杏仁核GFAP表达。结果在CUMS后第29天时,抑郁组和PSD组SPT 蔗糖水消耗量以及OFT水平和垂直运动评分均显著低于正常组和卒中组(P均<0.05);PSD组前额叶皮质、海马和杏仁核GFAP免疫阳性细胞数量均显著少于正常组、抑郁组和卒中组(P均<0.05),而正常组、抑郁组和卒中组之间差异均无统计学意义( P均>0.05)。结论 PS D 大鼠前额叶皮质、海马和杏仁核GFAP表达下降可能在PSD发病过程中发挥着一定的作用。%Objective To investigate the expressions of glial fibrilary acidic protein (GFAP) in the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and amygdala in post-stroke depression (PSD) in rats. Methods Healthy adult SD rats w ere randomly divided into a normal group, a depression group, a stroke group, and a PSD group ( n=5 in each group). A model of focal cerebral ischemia w as induced by the intraluminal suture method in the stroke group;a rat chronic stress depression model was induced by using chronic unpredicted mild stress (CUMS) combined w ith single housing in the depression group;a model of focal cerebral ischemia w as

  1. Effects of intra articular tramadol on articular cartilage and synovium of rats

    Musa Kola; Sennur Uzun; Naciye Dilara Zeybek; Fatma Sarıcaoğlu; Seda Banu Akıncı; Ülkü Aypar; Esin Asan


    Objective: To investigate the effects of intra articular tramadol injection on articular cartilage and synovium in rat knee joint.Methods: After Animal Ethical Committee approval, a total of 20 Sprague-Dawley rats were used and divided into 4 groups. Each group was composed of 5 rats. 0.2 ml of tramadol HCl was injected into the right knee joints and left knee joints of all the rats were considered as control. Control side joints received saline injection. Rats were sacrificed with ketamin on...

  2. Effect of the Aged Garlic Extract on Cardiovascular Function in Metabolic Syndrome Rats.

    Pérez-Torres, Israel; Torres-Narváez, Juan Carlos; Pedraza-Chaverri, José; Rubio-Ruiz, María Esther; Díaz-Díaz, Eulises; Del Valle-Mondragón, Leonardo; Martínez-Memije, Raúl; Varela López, Elvira; Guarner-Lans, Verónica


    The antioxidant properties of aged garlic extract (AGE) on cardiovascular functioning (CF) in metabolic syndrome (MS) remains poorly studied. Here we study the AGE effects on CF in a rat model of MS. Control rats plus saline solution (C + SS), MS rats (30% sucrose in drinking water from weaning) plus saline solution (MS + SS), control rats receiving AGE (C + AGE 125 mg/Kg/12 h) and MS rats with AGE (MS + AGE) were studied. MS + SS had increased triglycerides, systolic blood pressure, insulin, leptin, HOMA index, and advanced glycation end products. AGE returned their levels to control values (p properties.

  3. Perspectives from older adults receiving cancer treatment about the cancer-related information they receive

    Margaret I Fitch


    Full Text Available Objective: Cancer patients have reported that information plays a significant role in their capacity to cope with cancer and manage the consequences of treatment. This study was undertaken to identify the importance older adults receiving cancer treatment assign to selected types of cancer-related information, their satisfaction with the cancer-related information they received, and the barriers to effective information provision for this age group. Methods: This study was conducted in two phases with separate samples. Six hundred and eighty-four older cancer patients receiving treatment completed a standardized survey and 39 completed a semi-structured interview to gather perspectives about cancer-related information. Data were analyzed for 65-79 years and 80+ year groups. Results: Information topics about their medical condition, treatment options, and side effects of treatment were rated as most important by the older cancer patients. Women assigned a higher importance ratings than men to information overall (t = 4.8, P < 0.01. Although participants were generally satisfied with the information, they received many described challenges they experienced in communicating with health care professionals because of the medical language and fast pace of speaking used by the professionals. Conclusions: The older cancer patients in this study endorsed the same topics of cancer-related information as most important as has been reported in studies for other age groups. However, this older group recommended that, during their interactions with older individuals, health care professionals use fewer medical words, speak at a slower pace, and provide written information in addition to the actual conversation.

  4. Evaluation of lipid profile and oxidative stress in STZ-induced rats treated with antioxidant vitamin

    Danielle Ayr Tavares de Almeida


    Full Text Available The present study investigated the effect of supplementation of vitamin E on streptozotocin (STZ-induced diabetic rats by measuring blood glucose, changes in body weight, food and water intake, lipid profile, serum urea and creatinine level, and antioxidant enzyme activity. Male Wistar rats were divided into four groups: control rats (GI; rats receiving vitamin E (GII; STZ-induced diabetic rats (GIII and STZ-induced diabetic rats treated with vitamin E (GIV. Vitamin E reduced (p<0.05 blood glucose and urea, improved the lipid profile (decreased the serum levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol and triacylglycerols, and increased HDL cholesterol and increased total protein in STZ-induced diabetic rats (GIV. Vitamin prevented changes in the activity of SOD and GSH-Px and in the concentration of lipid hydroperoxide. These results suggested that vitamin E improved hyperglycaemia and dyslipidaemia while inhibiting the progression of oxidative stress in STZ-induced diabetic rats.

  5. [Erythropoietin as a protective factor in rat CNS cells receiving radiotherapy -an in vitro study].

    Gomez-De la Riva, Álvaro; Isla-Guerrero, Alberto; García-Grande, Antonio


    Objetivo. Investigar el efecto de la eritropoyetina en cultivos celulares de corteza cerebral de ratas cuando se administra radioterapia. Materiales y metodos. El estudio se desarrolla con la obtencion de corteza cerebral de embriones de 17 dias de preñez de ratas Wistar. Las celulas cultivadas despues de 72 horas de la extraccion de la corteza se dividieron en dos grupos, a uno de ellos se le administro eritropoyetina alfa a una concentracion de 30 pM y el otro era el grupo control. A los dos grupos de celulas se les radio con 6 Gy mediante un aparato Phoenix. Tras la radioterapia permanecieron 24 horas en la incubadora antes de fijarlas. Las celulas fueron fijadas con formaldehido al 4%. A continuacion, con la tecnica de TUNEL, se valoro el numero de celulas apoptoticas en los cultivos radiados. Resultados. Se observo un porcentaje de apoptosis del 25,22% del grupo de cultivo sin eritropoyetina, mientras que en el grupo de celulas radiadas con eritropoyetina fue del 15,5%. Las variables cuantitativas se analizaron mediante el test t de Student y el resultado de la comparacion entre los dos grupos fue estadisticamente significativo (p sistema nervioso central de ratas por radiacion. Esto abre nuevos campos para la investigacion del efecto protector del sistema nervioso.

  6. Superior Coherent Receivers for AF Relaying with Distributed Alamouti Code

    Khan, Fahd Ahmed


    Coherent receivers are derived for a pilot-symbol aided distributed Alamouti-coded system with imperfect channel state information. The derived coherent receivers do not perform channel estimation but rather use the received pilot signals for decoding. The derived receiver metrics use the statistics of the channel to give improved performance. The performance is further improved by using the decision history. Simulation results show that a performance gain of up to 1.8 dB can be achieved for the new receivers with decision history as compared with the conventional mismatched coherent receiver. © 2011 IEEE.

  7. Euthanasia of rats with two concentrations of pentobarbitone

    Bollen, Peter; Saxtorph, Henrik


    Euthanasia of laboratory animals should be quick, painless and with a minimum of distress to the animal. Methods of euthanasia are the topic of an ongoing discussion, especially with respect to the degree of pain and distress associated with different methods. A common method of euthanasia of rats...... a reduced nociception, in the spine of rats receiving a mixture of pentobarbital and lidocaine, compared to rats receiving pentobarbital alone. However, it is our experience that visible signs of pain are not always observable during euthanasia. For this reason we performed a study comparing two...... concentrations of pentobarbitone (50 mg/ml vs. 200 mg/ml) for euthanasia in rats (n=12). The time point of loss of balance, immobility and respiratory stop were registered, and the behaviour was assessed from video recordings of the procedure. Our study revealed no differences between the two concentrations...

  8. Euthanasia of rats with two concentrations of pentobarbitone

    Bollen, Peter; Saxtorph, Henrik


    Euthanasia of laboratory animals should be quick, painless and with a minimum of distress to the animal. Methods of euthanasia are the topic of an ongoing discussion, especially with respect to the degree of pain and distress associated with different methods. A common method of euthanasia of rats...... a reduced nociception, in the spine of rats receiving a mixture of pentobarbital and lidocaine, compared to rats receiving pentobarbital alone. However, it is our experience that visible signs of pain are not always observable during euthanasia. For this reason we performed a study comparing two...... concentrations of pentobarbitone (50 mg/ml vs. 200 mg/ml) for euthanasia in rats (n=12). The time point of loss of balance, immobility and respiratory stop were registered, and the behaviour was assessed from video recordings of the procedure. Our study revealed no differences between the two concentrations...

  9. The involvement of cytochrome P450 peroxidase in the metabolic bioactivation of cumene hydroperoxide by isolated rat hepatocytes.

    Anari, M R; Khan, S; O'Brien, P J


    Organic hydroperoxides are believed to be primarily detoxified in cells by the GSH peroxidase/GSSG reductase system and activated to cytotoxic radical species by non-heme iron. However, organic hydroperoxides seem to be bioactivated by cytochrome P450 (P450) in isolated hepatocytes as various P450 (particularly P450 2E1) inhibitors inhibited cumene hydroperoxide (CumOOH) metabolism and attenuated subsequent cytotoxic effects including antimycin A-resistant respiration, lipid peroxidation, iron mobilization, ATP depletion, and cell membrane disruption. CumOOH metabolism was also faster in P450 1A-induced hepatocytes and was inhibited by the P450 1A inhibitor alpha-naphthoflavone. The ferric chelator deferoxamine also prevented cytotoxicity even after CumOOH had been metabolized but had no effect on CumOOH metabolism. This emphasizes the toxicological significance of the iron released following hydroperoxide metabolic activation by cytochrome P450. The radical trap, 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-N-oxyl (TEMPO), had no effect on CumOOH metabolism but prevented CumOOH-induced antimycin A-resistant respiration, lipid peroxidation, iron mobilization, and loss of membrane integrity. These results suggest that CumOOH is metabolically activated by some P450 enzymes (e.g., P450 2E1) in hepatocytes to form reactive radical metabolites or oxidants that cause lipid peroxidation and cytotoxicity.

  10. Effect of Verapamil on Serum Level of Salinomycin in Diabetic Rats

    Hossein Najafzadeh


    Full Text Available Problem statement: The aim of present study was evaluation function of P-glycoprotein with or without verapamil in normal and diabetic rats; which the function of P-glycoprotein was indirectly evaluated by detection of serum slainomycin concentration with HPLC method. Approach: This study was carried in 4 groups of rats including normal rats which received salinomycin and verapamil together salinomycin; and diabetic rats which received salinomycin and verapamil together salinomycin. Serum concentration of salinomycin was measured by HPLC after 3 h from its administration. Results: Results show the serum concentration of salinomycin significantly elevated in diabetic rats which received verapamil together salinomycin; while this concentration did not significantly change in other groups. Conclusion: Since the p-glycoprotein activity decreases in diabetic conditions and verapamil inhibits it; probably transport of salinomycin from blood to tissues or its elimination was decreased that caused its elevated serum concentration.

  11. Evaluation of Buprenorphine in a Postoperative Pain Model in Rats

    Curtin, Leslie I; Grakowsky, Julie A.; Suarez, Mauricio; Thompson, Alexis C; DiPirro, Jean M.; Martin, Lisa BE; Kristal, Mark B.


    We evaluated the commonly prescribed analgesic buprenorphine in a postoperative pain model in rats, assessing acute postoperative pain relief, rebound hyperalgesia, and the long-term effects of postoperative opioid treatment on subsequent opioid exposure. Rats received surgery (paw incision under isoflurane anesthesia), sham surgery (anesthesia only), or neither and were treated postoperatively with 1 of several doses of subcutaneous buprenorphine. Pain sensitivity to noxious and nonnoxious m...

  12. Diabetes mellitus in HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral ...

    the incidence of diabetes in HIV-infected adults receiving ART is between ... 6 Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children's Hospital of ... of HIV and DM in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Botswana.

  13. Active Versus Passive: Receiver Model Transforms for Diffusive Molecular Communication

    Noel, Adam; Makrakis, Dimitrios; Hafid, Abdelhakim


    This paper presents an analytical comparison of the active and passive receiver models in diffusive molecular communication. In the active model, molecules are absorbed when they collide with the receiver surface. In the passive model, the receiver is a virtual boundary that does not affect molecule behavior. Two approaches are presented to derive transforms between the active and passive receiver signals. As an example, we unify the two models for an unbounded diffusion-only molecular communication system with a spherical receiver. As time increases in the three-dimensional system, the transform functions have constant scaling factors, such that the receiver models are effectively equivalent. Methods are presented to enable the transformation of stochastic simulations, which are used to verify the transforms and demonstrate that transforming the simulation of a passive receiver can be more efficient and more accurate than the direct simulation of an absorbing receiver.

  14. Noise and intercept point calculation for modern radio receiver planning

    Iversen, Christian Rye; Kolding, T. E.


    The paper presents analytical expressions for determining noise and intercept points for cascaded radio receiver stages. The theory allows for active receiver stages with frequency selectivity and flexible impedance levels. This makes the method highly usable for planning of modem receivers where...... baseband stages significantly influence the overall performance. A simple homodyne receiver example is used to demonstrate the scope of applicability and to exemplify the proposed theory....

  15. Rectal dexmedetomidine in rats: evaluation of sedative and mucosal effects

    Volkan Hanci


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In this study, we investigated the anesthetic and mucosal effects of the rectal application of dexmedetomidine to rats. METHODS: Male Wistar albino rats weighing 250-300 g were divided into four groups: Group S (n = 8 was a sham group that served as a baseline for the normal basal values; Group C (n = 8 consisted of rats that received the rectal application of saline alone; Group IPDex (n = 8 included rats that received the intraperitoneal application of dexmedetomidine (100 µg kg-1; and Group RecDex (n = 8 included rats that received the rectal application of dexmedetomidine (100 µg kg-1. For the rectal drug administration, we used 22 G intravenous cannulas with the stylets removed. We administered the drugs by advancing the cannula 1 cm into the rectum, and the rectal administration volume was 1 mL for all the rats. The latency and anesthesia time (min were measured. Two hours after rectal administration, 75 mg kg-1 ketamine was administered for intraperitoneal anesthesia in all the groups, followed by the removal of the rats' rectums to a distal distance of 3 cm via an abdominoperineal surgical procedure. We histopathologically examined and scored the rectums. RESULTS: Anesthesia was achieved in all the rats in the Group RecDex following the administration of dexmedetomidine. The onset of anesthesia in the Group RecDex was significantly later and of a shorter duration than in the Group IPDEx (p < 0.05. In the Group RecDex, the administration of dexmedetomidine induced mild-moderate losses of mucosal architecture in the colon and rectum, 2 h after rectal inoculation. CONCLUSION: Although 100 µg kg-1 dexmedetomidine administered rectally to rats achieved a significantly longer duration of anesthesia compared with the rectal administration of saline, our histopathological evaluations showed that the rectal administration of 100 µg kg-1 dexmedetomidine led to mild-moderate damage to the mucosal structure of the

  16. Merit of Ginseng in the Treatment of Heart Failure in Type 1-Like Diabetic Rats

    Cheng-Chia Tsai


    Full Text Available The present study investigated the merit of ginseng in the improvement of heart failure in diabetic rats and the role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors δ (PPARδ. We used streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat (STZ-rat to screen the effects of ginseng on cardiac performance and PPARδ expression. Changes of body weight, water intake, and food intake were compared in three groups of age-matched rats; the normal control (Wistar rats received vehicle, STZ-rats received vehicle and ginseng-treated STZ-rats. We also determined cardiac performances in addition to blood glucose level in these animals. The protein levels of PPARδ in hearts were identified using Western blotting analysis. In STZ-rats, cardiac performances were decreased but the food intake, water intake, and blood glucose were higher than the vehicle-treated control. After a 7-day treatment of ginseng in STZ-rats, cardiac output was markedly enhanced without changes in diabetic parameters. This treatment with ginseng also increased the PPARδ expression in hearts of STZ-rats. The related signal of cardiac contractility, troponin I phosphorylation, was also raised. Ginseng-induced increasing of cardiac output was reversed by the cotreatment with PPARδ antagonist GSK0660. Thus, we suggest that ginseng could improve heart failure through the increased PPARδ expression in STZ-rats.

  17. 49 CFR 236.555 - Repaired or rewound receiver coil.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Repaired or rewound receiver coil. 236.555 Section 236.555 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD... or rewound receiver coil. Receiver coil which has been repaired or rewound shall have the...

  18. 5 CFR 551.425 - Time spent receiving medical attention.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Time spent receiving medical attention... Relation to Other Activities § 551.425 Time spent receiving medical attention. (a) Time spent waiting for and receiving medical attention for illness or injury shall be considered hours of work if: (1)...

  19. Sideband ratio in double sideband receivers with a Michelson interferometer

    Romanini, M.; Baryshev, A. M.; Hesper, R.; Mena, F. P.; Wild, W.


    Terahertz heterodyne receivers typically use double sideband (DSB) mixers. The precise knowledge of the receiver sideband ratio (SBR) is a fundamental requirement for the calibration of the data taken with this type of receivers. At the moment the spectroscopic techniques developed for submillimeter

  20. Processing In A GPS Receiver To Reduce Multipath Errors

    Meehan, Thomas K.


    Four techniques of ancillary real-time digital processing of signals in Global Positioning System, GPS, receiver introduced reducing effects of multipath propagation of signals on position estimates produced by receiver. Multipath range errors halved. Applied in addition to other signal-processing techniques and to other techniques designing as receiving antenna to make it insensitive to reflections of GPS signals from nearby objects.

  1. Noise and intercept point calculation for modern radio receiver planning

    Iversen, Christian Rye; Kolding, T. E.


    The paper presents analytical expressions for determining noise and intercept points for cascaded radio receiver stages. The theory allows for active receiver stages with frequency selectivity and flexible impedance levels. This makes the method highly usable for planning of modem receivers where...

  2. A Novel Multi-Receiver Signcryption Scheme with Complete Anonymity.

    Pang, Liaojun; Yan, Xuxia; Zhao, Huiyang; Hu, Yufei; Li, Huixian


    Anonymity, which is more and more important to multi-receiver schemes, has been taken into consideration by many researchers recently. To protect the receiver anonymity, in 2010, the first multi-receiver scheme based on the Lagrange interpolating polynomial was proposed. To ensure the sender's anonymity, the concept of the ring signature was proposed in 2005, but afterwards, this scheme was proven to has some weakness and at the same time, a completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption scheme is proposed. In this completely anonymous scheme, the sender anonymity is achieved by improving the ring signature, and the receiver anonymity is achieved by also using the Lagrange interpolating polynomial. Unfortunately, the Lagrange interpolation method was proven a failure to protect the anonymity of receivers, because each authorized receiver could judge whether anyone else is authorized or not. Therefore, the completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption mentioned above can only protect the sender anonymity. In this paper, we propose a new completely anonymous multi-receiver signcryption scheme with a new polynomial technology used to replace the Lagrange interpolating polynomial, which can mix the identity information of receivers to save it as a ciphertext element and prevent the authorized receivers from verifying others. With the receiver anonymity, the proposed scheme also owns the anonymity of the sender at the same time. Meanwhile, the decryption fairness and public verification are also provided.

  3. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLan/2 Receiver

    Schiphorst, Roelof; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, Cornelis H.


    In our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the

  4. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver

    Schiphorst, Roelof; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, Cornelis H.


    n our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the

  5. 47 CFR 80.290 - Auxiliary receiving antenna.


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Auxiliary receiving antenna. 80.290 Section 80... antenna. An auxiliary receiving antenna must be provided when necessary to avoid unauthorized interruption or reduced efficiency of the required watch because the normal receiving antenna is not...

  6. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLan/2 Receiver

    Schiphorst, R.; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, C.H.


    In our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the inte

  7. A Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver

    Schiphorst, R.; Hoeksema, F.W.; Slump, C.H.


    n our SDR project we aim to combine a GFSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). Other WLAN standards use the same frequency bands and modulation techniques. So our Bluetooth-enabled HiperLAN/2 receiver can easily be adapted to other WLAN standards. This paper focuses on the integ

  8. 16S rRNA基因的PCR-DGGE技术分析逍遥散干预抑郁模型大鼠盲肠菌群的变化%Changes of cecum flora of depressive rats after Xiaoyaosan intervention by PCR-DGGE and 16S rRNA gene library analysis

    沈小丽; 彭国茳; 孙海峰; 田俊生; 秦雪梅


    Objective To observe and identify the flora changes in chronic unpredictable mild stress( CUMS) model after intervened by drugs. Methods All SD rats were randomized into four groups:healthy control group, model group,Xiaoyaosan group and fluoxer-tine hydrochloride group. The depressive rat model was coupled by chronic unpredictable mild stress( CUMS) . The rats in healthy con-trol group and model group were given volumetric saline,while the rats in the other groups were given Xiaoyaosan and fluoxetine hydro-chloride at 1 d,respectively. The cecum was taken at 28 d and the genomic DNAs were extracted from all of samples. Denaturing gradi-ent gel electrophoresis(DGGE)fingerprints were constructed by PCR amplification of 16S rRNA V3 variable region. The PCR amplifica-tion product was mixed with competent cells of Escherichia coli DH5α, and formed white colonies were selected and identified. Re-sults The results of body weight and behavior indicated the CUMS model was successfully established, and the index of cecum showed that Xiaoyaosan improved the impact of caecum stimulated by chronic unpredictable mild stress. Combined with DGGE fingerprint of the cecum flora and the measured sequence,the analysis of similarity by the BLAST program showed that four kinds of dominant bacteria were screened, including Lachnospiraceae bacterium, Lactobacillus animali, Burkholderiales bacterium and Lactobacillus reuteri. Com-pared with normal control group,the abundance of Lachnospiraceae bacterium,Lactobacillus animali and Burkholderiales bacterium was enhanced in CUMS group, and the abundance of Lactobacillus reuteri was weakened. After administration of Xiaoyaosan, the abun-dance of Lactobacillus animali was enhanced, the abundance of Lachnospiraceae bacterium showed no significant change and others were not found. Conclusion The cecum flora of depressive rats change markedly by the analysis of DGGE. Xiaoyaosan can regulate the probiotics in cecum flora of depressive rats to

  9. Solar Central Receiver Hybrid Power Systems sodium-cooled receiver concept. Final report. Volume III. Appendices



    The overall, long term objective of the Solar Central Receiver Hybrid Power System is to identify, characterize, and ultimately demonstrate the viability and cost effectiveness of solar/fossil, steam Rankine cycle, hybrid power systems that: (1) consist of a combined solar central receiver energy source and a nonsolar energy source at a single, common site, (2) may operate in the base, intermediate, and peaking capacity modes, (3) produce the rated output independent of variations in solar insolation, (4) provide a significant savings (50% or more) in fuel consumpton, and (5) produce power at the minimum possible cost in mills/kWh. It is essential that these hybrid concepts be technically feasible and economically competitive with other systems in the near to mid-term time period (1985-1990) on a commercial scale. The program objective for Phase I is to identify and conceptually characterize solar/fossil steam Rankine cycle, commercial-scale, power plant systems that are economically viable and technically feasible. This volume contains appendices to the conceptual design and systems analysis studies gien in Volume II, Books 1 and 2. (WHK)

  10. Malnutrition during brain growth spurt alters the effect of fluoxetine on aggressive behavior in adult rats.

    Barreto-Medeiros, J M; Feitoza, E G; Magalhaes, K; Cabral-Filho, J E; Manhaes-De-Castro, F M; De-Castro, C M; Manhaes-De-Castro, R


    Malnutrition effect during the suckling period on aggressive behavior was investigated in adult rats treated and not treated with fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Sixty-four Wistar male rats were allocated in two groups, according to their mothers' diet during lactation. The well-nourished group was fed by mothers receiving a 23% protein diet; the malnourished one by mothers receiving a 8% protein diet. Following weaning, all rats received the 23% protein diet. On the 90th day after birth, each nutritional group was divided into two subgroups, one receiving a single daily injection of fluoxetine (10 mg/kg) and the other of a saline solution (0.9% NaCl) for 14 days. Treatment with Fluoxetine reduced aggressive response in well-nourished but not in malnourished rats. These findings suggest that the serotoninergic system was affected by malnutrition during the critical period of brain development, and persisted even after a long period of nutritional recovery.


    Shirane, Henrique Yassuhiro; Oda, Diogo Yochizumi; Pinheiro, Thiago Cerizza; Cunha, Marcelo Rodrigues da


    To evaluate the importance of collagen and hydroxyapatite in the regeneration of fractures experimentally induced in the fibulas of rats. Method: 15 rats were used. These were subjected to surgery to remove a fragment from the fibula. This site then received a graft consisting of a silicone tubes filled with hydroxyapatite and collagen. Results: Little bone neoformation occurred inside the tubes filled with the biomaterials. There was more neoformation in the tubes with collagen. Conclusion: The biomaterials used demonstrated biocompatibility and osteoconductive capacity that was capable of stimulating osteogenesis, even in bones with secondary mechanical and morphological functions such as the fibula of rats. PMID:27047813

  12. Differences in urinary monochlorobenzene metabolites between rats and humans.



    Full Text Available Differences in urinary excretion of monochlorobenzene between rats and humans were studied. Monochlorobenzene was administered to rats and humans intraperitoneally, orally or by inhalation. Urinary p-chlorophenylmercapturic acid and 4-chlorocatechol, after hydrolysis of its conjugate, were measured. The excretion of p-chlorophenylmercapturic acid was somewhat more than that of 4-chlorocatechol in rats which were administered monochlorobenzene orally or intraperitoneally. The excretion of p-chlorophenylmercapturic acid was markedly less than that of 4-chlorocatechol in humans who received monochlorobenzene orally or by inhalation. The results indicate that the 4-chlorocatechol conjugate is a suitable index of metabolites in the urine of workers exposed to monochlorobenzene.

  13. The Jejunoileal Bypass Provokes Morphological Changes In The Large Intestine? An Experimental Study In Rats [a Derivação Jejuno-ileal Provoca Alterações Morfológicas No Intestino Grosso? Estudo Experimental Em Ratos

    Maria Cristina Costa Resck; Norair Salviano dos Reis; Denismar Alves Nogueira; Marina Rachel Araujo; Luiz Roberto Lopes; Nelson Adami Andreollo


    PURPOSE: To analyse histopathological alterations characterized by the mitotic index in the mucosa of the large intestine in Wistar rats submitted to jejunoileal bypass operation after continued administration of sodium nitrite and vitamin C to different groups. METHODS: Eighty male Wistar rats were employed and separated into 12 groups. In the control group (20 rats): five animals ingested only water; five animals received vitamin C; five animals received sodium nitrite and five received sod...

  14. Serum Thyroid Hormone Levels in Epileptic Children Receiving Anticonvulsive Drugs

    Abolfazl MAHYAR


    . 1995;49(4:227-9.5. Eris Pural J, Delrio-Garma M, Delrio - Castro – GagoM. Long Term treatment of children with epilepsy withvalprovats or carbamazepin, may cause subclinicalhypothyroidism. Epilepsia 1999;40(12:1961.6. Isojärvi JIT, Turkka J, Pakarinen AJ, Kotila M,Rättyä J, Myllylä VV. Thyroid function in men takingcarbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, or valproate for epilepsy.Epilepsia 2001;42(7:930-4.7. Vainionpää LK, Mikkonen K, Rättyä J, Knip M,Pakarinen AJ, Myllylä VV, et al. Thyroid function ingirls with epilepsy with carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine,or valproate monotherapy and after withdrawal ofmedication. Epilepsia 2004;45(3:197-203.8. Verrotti A, Basciani F, Morresi S, Morgese G, ChiarelliF. Thyroid hormones in epileptic children receivingcarbamazepine and valproic acid. Pediatric neurology2001;25(1:43-6.9. Kantrowitz L, Peterson M, Trepanier L, Melian C,Nichols R. Serum total thyroxine, total triiodothyronine,free thyroxine, and thyrotropin concentrations in epilepticdogs treated with anticonvulsants. Journal of the AmericanVeterinary Medical Association 1999;214(12:1804.10. Schröder-van der Elst J, Van der Heide D, Van der BentC, Kaptein E, Visser T, DiStefano J. Effects of 5, 5 -diphenylhydantoin on the thyroid status in rats. Europeanjournal of endocrinology 1996;134(2:221.11. Schonberger W, Grimm W, Schonberger G, SinterhaufK, Scheidt E, Ziegler R. [The influence of primidone onthyroid function (author’s transl]. Dtsch Med Wochenschr1979;104(25:915-7.12. Tiihonen M, Liewendahl K, Waltimo O, Ojala M,Valimaki M. Thyroid status of patients receiving longtermanticonvulsant therapy assessed by peripheralparameters: a placebo-controlled thyroxine therapy trial.Epilepsia 1995;36(11:1118-25.13. Benedetti MS, Whomsley R, Baltes E, Tonner F. Alterationof thyroid hormone homeostasis by antiepileptic drugsin humans: involvement of glucuronosyltransferaseinduction. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2005;61(12:863-72.

  15. Effect of Topical Application of Silymarin (Silybum marianum) on Excision Wound Healing in Albino Rats

    Naghmeh Ghannadian; Mahboobeh Mehrabani Natanzi; Maliheh Paknejad; Seyed Mohammad Tavangar; Ahmad Reza Dehpour; Mohammad Kamalinejad; Hossein Rastegar (PhD); Roya Sharifi; Minoo Akbari; Parvin Pasalar


    Silymarin, an extract from Silybum marianum, has been shown to have antioxidant properties. However, there is no scientific report on wound healing activity of the silymarin. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of topical administration of silymarin on excision wound healing in rats. Excision wounds were made on the back of rats. Rats were divided into three groups, as control, vehicle, and treatment. Vehicle and treatment groups received polyethylene glycol and silymarin dis...

  16. Antihyperglycemic and Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Plectranthus Amboinicus on Normal and Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats

    Viswanathaswamy, A.H.M.; Koti, B. C.; Aparna Gore; Thippeswamy, A. H. M.; Kulkarni, R. V.


    The present study was undertaken to investigate the antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effects of ethanol extract of Plectranthus amboinicus in normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in Wistar rats by single intraperitoneal administration of alloxan monohydrate (150 mg/kg). Normal as well as diabetic rats were divided into groups (n=6) receiving different treatments. Graded doses (200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg) of ethanol extract of Plectranthus amboinicus were studied...

  17. Freshly isolated hepatocyte transplantation in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity model in rats

    Daniela Rodrigues; Themis Reverbel Da Silveira; Ursula Matte


    CONTEXT: Hepatocyte transplantation is an attractive therapeutic modality for liver disease as an alternative for orthotopic liver transplantation. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the current study was to investigate the feasibility of freshly isolated rat hepatocyte transplantation in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity model. METHODS: Hepatocytes were isolated from male Wistar rats and transplanted 24 hours after acetaminophen administration in female recipients. Female rats received either 1x10(7) ...

  18. Reproductive condition and the low-dose endotoxin-induced inflammatory response in rats. Glomerular influx of inflammatory cells and expression of adhesion molecules

    Faas, MM; Bakker, WW; Valkhof, N; vanderHorst, MCL; Schuiling, GA


    These experiments were designed to study the increased sensitivity of pregnant rats to endotoxin. Pregnant (Pr), cyclic (C), and progesterone (P)-treated pseudopregnant rats with or without a decidualized uterus (PSP and DEC rats, respectively) received infusions of an ultra-low dose of endotoxin (1

  19. Reproductive condition and the low-dose endotoxin-induced inflammatory response in rats. Glomerular influx of inflammatory cells and expression of adhesion molecules

    Faas, MM; Bakker, WW; Valkhof, N; vanderHorst, MCL; Schuiling, GA


    These experiments were designed to study the increased sensitivity of pregnant rats to endotoxin. Pregnant (Pr), cyclic (C), and progesterone (P)-treated pseudopregnant rats with or without a decidualized uterus (PSP and DEC rats, respectively) received infusions of an ultra-low dose of endotoxin (1

  20. Moments Of Microdiversity EGC Receivers And Macrodiversity SC Receiver Output Signal Over Gamma Shadowed Nakagami-m Multipath Fading Channel

    Djordjević, Nebojša; Jaksić, Branimir S.; Matović, Ana; Matović, Marija; Smilić, Marko


    A system with macrodiversity selection combining (SC) receiver and for microdiversity equal gain combining (EGC) receivers is considered. Received signal is subjected, simultaneously to multipath fading and shadowing, resulting in signal envelope and signal power variation. Closed form expressions for moments of macrodiversity SC receiver output signal envelope are calculated. Numerical expressions are plotted to present the influences of Gamma shadowing severity and Nakagami-m severity on moments of proposed system output signal.

  1. Strong static-magnetic field alters operant responding by rats

    Nakagawa, M.; Matsuda, Y.


    Forty male rats of the Wistar ST strain were trained and observed for Sidman avoidance (SA) for 7 weeks or for discriminative avoidance (DA) for 14 weeks to determine the effects of exposure to a strong static-magnetic field. Before avoidance conditioning was completed, rats in the SA group were exposed to the static field at 0.6 T, 16 h/day for 4 days during the fifth week, and those in the DA group were exposed for 6 h/day for 4 days during the seventh week. In the SA conditioning, frequency of lever-pressing by exposed rats gradually decreased during 1 week of exposure and stayed low for at least 2 weeks after exposure. Frequencies of electric shocks received by the rats increased dramatically during the second day of exposure and consistently stayed higher than those of control rats. In the DA condition, exposed rats responded at lower rates than did control rats throughout the observation period. They received more shocks during the 2 weeks following exposure. The data indicate that performance of avoidance responses was inhibited by a comparatively long exposure to a strong magnetic field.

  2. 用不变量方法解具有非线性场和原子与场非线性耦合的Jaynes-Cummings模型%Invariant method for solving Jaynes-Cummings model with field nonlinearity and strong atom-field coupling

    杨进; 余万伦; 向安平


    Single-mode Jaynes-Cummings model with any forms of intensity-dependent atom-field coupling and the nonlinearity of the quantized photonic field are studied by using the invariant method. Due to the fact that this model possessing a supersymmetric structure, an invariant is constructed by the supersymmetric generators in the eigenspace of the conserved supersymmetric generator N′. We then obtain the general wave function, time evolution operator and the time evolution expressions of both the atomic inversion and the photon number for the system.%采用Lewis-Riesenfeld不变量方法研究了具有非线性场和任意形式原子与场相互作用的Jaynes-Cummings模型.该模型由于具有超对称代数结构,因此其Hamiltonian量可用超对称算符的线性组合表示.在算符N′的本征值子空间,用生成元算符构造出系统的不变量后,利用不变量方法求得了系统的一般波函数和时间演化算符,同时也计算了原子布居数和光子数的时间演化表达式.

  3. Pathophysiology of chronic nitric oxide synthase inhibition-induced fetal growth restriction in the rat

    Neerhof, M.G.; Synowiec, S.; Khan, S.; Thaete, L.G.


    Objective. To evaluate the pathophysiology of chronic nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibition-induced fetal growth restriction (FGR) in the rat. Methods. Timed-pregnant rats received L-NAME (2.5 mg/kg/h) with or without endothelin (ET-1) receptor A (ETA) antagonist from day 14 to 21 of gestation. In

  4. Mesenchymal stem cell infusion on skin wound healing of dexamethasone immunosuppressed wistar rats

    Betânia Souza Monteiro

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: To evaluate the therapeutic contribution of MSC intravenous infusion to surgical wound healing in dexamethasone-immunosuppressed rats, thirty-five rats were randomly divided into 2 groups: in the Control Group (CG, five rats received normal saline as 0.2ml subcutaneous (SC injections every 24 hours, for 30 consecutive days and, in the Dexamethasone Group (DG, 30 rats were given 0.2mL subcutaneous dexamethasone (0.1mg kg-1 every 24 hours, for 30 consecutive days. After 30 days, all rats underwent surgery to create an experimental skin wound. The 30 animals of the DG group were divided into two equal groups, which received different treatments: the dexamethasone group (DG received a single application of 0.5ml normal saline, via the intravenous route (IV, 48 hours after wound creation; and the Mesenchymal Stem Cells Dexamethasone group (MSCDG received MSC transplantation at a concentration of 9x106 cells in a single IV application, 48 hours after wound creation. The surgical wounds of CG rats closed on average 14.75 days after creation and DG rats had wounds closed within 22 days; whereas, the surgical wounds of MSCDG rats were closed in 14 days. MSC infusion in dexamethasone-immunosuppressed patients contributed positively to epithelial healing in less time.

  5. Three-Receiver Broadcast Channels with Side Information

    Hajizadeh, Saeed


    Three-receiver broadcast channel (BC) is of interest due to its information theoretical differences with two receiver one. In this paper, we derive achievable rate regions for two classes of 3-receiver BC with side information available at the transmitter, Multilevel BC and 3-receiver less noisy BC, by using superposition coding, Gel'fand-Pinsker binning scheme and Nair-El Gamal indirect decoding. Our rate region for multilevel BC subsumes the Steinberg rate region for 2-receiver degraded BC with side information as its special case. We also find the capacity region of 3-receiver less noisy BC when side information is available both at the transmitter and at the receivers.

  6. Prenatal Caffeine Exposure Impairs Pregnancy in Rats

    Maryam Yadegari


    Full Text Available Background: In recent years, concerns have been raised about human reproductive disorders. Caffeine consumption is increasing by the world’s population and there is a relationship between caffeine intake and adverse reproductive outcomes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of caffeine on implantation sites, number of live births, birth weight, crown-rump length (CRL and abnormality in pregnant rats. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, 40 female albino rats (170-190 g were randomly divided into two experimental and two control groups (n=10/each group. In both experimental groups, animals received caffeine intraperitoneally (IP: 150 mg/kg/day on days 1-5 of pregnancy. In experimental group 1, treated animals were euthanized on day 7of pregnancy and the number of implantation sites was counted. In experimental group 2, treated animals maintained pregnant and after delivery, the number of live births, birth weight, CRL and abnormality of neonates were investigated. In control group, animals received IP injections of distilled water. Data were analyzed by independent t test. Results: Results showed that administration of caffeine significantly decreased the number of implantation sites, number of live births and CRL as compared with control group (P<0.05. There were no significant differences regarding birth weight and abnormality of neonate rats between experimental and control groups. Conclusion: These results suggest that caffeine caused anti-fertility effect and significantly decreased CRL in neonate rats.

  7. Influence of alcohol consumption on alveolar bone level associated with ligature-induced periodontitis in rats

    Daniela Martins de Souza


    Full Text Available Alcohol consumption is a risk indicator for periodontal disease. The purpose of this study was to morphometrically evaluate the influence of alcohol consumption on alveolar bone level associated with ligature-induced periodontitis in rats. Thirty-six female rats (Wistar, 120 days-old were randomly divided into three groups that received a daily administration of a water diet (control, n = 12, a 10% alcohol diet (10% ethanol, n = 12 or a 20% alcohol diet (20% ethanol, n = 12. Four weeks after the onset of the experiment, cotton ligatures were placed around the cervix of the upper right second molar in six rats. The other 6 rats in each group remained unligated. The rats were sacrificed four weeks after ligature placement. The maxillary bones were removed and alveolar bone loss was analyzed by measuring the distance between the cementoenamel junction and the alveolar bone crest at 2 buccal and 2 palatal sites on the upper right second molar. Analyses between the ligated and unligated groups showed that the presence of ligature induced alveolar bone loss (p 0.05. In the ligated groups, rats receiving 20% ethanol showed significantly greater bone loss compared to control rats or rats receiving 10% ethanol. These results demonstrate that alcohol consumption may increase alveolar bone loss in female rats in a dose-dependent manner.

  8. Transgenerational effects of adolescent nicotine exposure in rats: Evidence for cognitive deficits in adult female offspring.

    Renaud, Samantha M; Fountain, Stephen B


    This study investigated whether adolescent nicotine exposure in one generation of rats would impair the cognitive capacity of a subsequent generation. Male and female rats in the parental F0 generation were given twice-daily i.p. injections of either 1.0mg/kg nicotine or an equivalent volume of saline for 35days during adolescence on postnatal days 25-59 (P25-59). After reaching adulthood, male and female nicotine-exposed rats were paired for breeding as were male and female saline control rats. Only female offspring were used in this experiment. Half of the offspring of F0 nicotine-exposed breeders and half of the offspring of F0 saline control rats received twice-daily i.p. injections of 1.0mg/kg nicotine during adolescence on P25-59. The remainder of the rats received twice-daily saline injections for the same period. To evaluate transgenerational effects of nicotine exposure on complex cognitive learning abilities, F1 generation rats were trained to perform a highly structured serial pattern in a serial multiple choice (SMC) task. Beginning on P95, rats in the F1 generation were given either 4days of massed training (20patterns/day) followed by spaced training (10 patterns/day) or only spaced training. Transgenerational effects of adolescent nicotine exposure were observed as greater difficulty in learning a "violation element" of the pattern, which indicated that rats were impaired in the ability to encode and remember multiple sequential elements as compound or configural cues. The results indicated that for rats that received massed training, F1 generation rats with adolescent nicotine exposure whose F0 generation parents also experienced adolescent nicotine exposure showed poorer learning of the violation element than rats that experienced adolescent nicotine exposure only in the F1 generation. Thus, adolescent nicotine exposure in one generation of rats produced a cognitive impairment in the next generation.

  9. Rat Genome Database (RGD)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Rat Genome Database (RGD) is a collaborative effort between leading research institutions involved in rat genetic and genomic research to collect, consolidate,...

  10. Social transmission of fear in rats: the role of 22-kHz ultrasonic distress vocalization.

    Eun Joo Kim

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Social alarm calls alert animals to potential danger and thereby promote group survival. Adult laboratory rats in distress emit 22-kHz ultrasonic vocalization (USV calls, but the question of whether these USV calls directly elicit defensive behavior in conspecifics is unresolved. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: The present study investigated, in pair-housed male rats, whether and how the conditioned fear-induced 22-kHz USVs emitted by the 'sender' animal affect the behavior of its partner, the 'receiver' animal, when both are placed together in a novel chamber. The sender rats' conditioned fear responses evoked significant freezing (an overt evidence of fear in receiver rats that had previously experienced an aversive event but not in naïve receiver rats. Permanent lesions and reversible inactivations of the medial geniculate nucleus (MGN of the thalamus effectively blocked the receivers' freeezing response to the senders' conditioned fear responses, and this occurred in absence of lesions/inactivations impeding the receiver animals' ability to freeze and emit 22-kHz USVs to the aversive event per se. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: These results--that prior experience of fear and intact auditory system are required for receiver rats to respond to their conspecifics' conditioned fear responses--indicate that the 22-kHz USV is the main factor for social transmission of fear and that learning plays a crucial role in the development of social signaling of danger by USVs.

  11. A pseudolite-based positioning system for legacy GNSS receivers.

    Kim, Chongwon; So, Hyoungmin; Lee, Taikjin; Kee, Changdon


    The ephemeris data format of legacy GPS receivers is improper for positioning stationary pseudolites on the ground. Therefore, to utilize pseudolites for navigation, GPS receivers must be modified so that they can handle the modified data formats of the pseudolites. Because of this problem, the practical use of pseudolites has so far been limited. This paper proposes a pseudolite-based positioning system that can be used with unmodified legacy GPS receivers. In the proposed system, pseudolites transmit simulated GPS signals. The signals use standard GPS ephemeris data format and contain ephemeris data of simulated GPS satellites, not those of pseudolites. The use of the standard format enables the GPS receiver to process pseudolite signals without any modification. However, the position output of the GPS receiver is not the correct position in this system, because there are additional signal delays from each pseudolite to the receiver. A post-calculation process was added to obtain the correct receiver position using GPS receiver output. This re-estimation is possible because it is based on known information about the simulated signals, pseudolites, and positioning process of the GPS receiver. Simulations using generated data and live GPS data are conducted for various geometries to verify the proposed system. The test results show that the proposed system provides the desired user position using pseudolite signals without requiring any modifications to the legacy GPS receiver. In this initial study, a pseudolite-only indoor system was assumed. However, it can be expanded to a GPS-pseudolite system outdoors.

  12. A wideband 240 GHz receiver for the submillimeter array

    Tong, C.-Y. Edward; Grimes, Paul K.; Leiker, Patrick S.; Zeng, Lingzhen; Lu, Wei-Chun; Chen, Tse-Jun; Han, Chih-Chiang; Wang, Ming-Jye


    We report on the design of a 240 GHz double-side-band receiver for the Submillimeter Array (SMA). The heart of this receiver is a 3-junction series connected SIS mixer, which allows it to provide intermediate frequency (IF) output up to more than 12 GHz. We have custom built a low noise Amplifier-Multiplier Chain for use as the receiver's Local Oscillator module, which is tunable from 210 to 270 GHz. The receiver has demonstrated low noise performance in laboratory. 7 out of the 8 SMA antennas are now equipped with this receiver. The receiver has already participated in Event Horizon Telescope observations in April 2016, working with the SMA-200 receiver to provide dual polarization coverage for the EHT Hawaii Station. This receiver has enabled the SMA to provide 32 Gbit per second data stream to the EHT observations. We are currently trying to improve the on-sky beam co-alignment of this receiver with respect to other SMA receivers.

  13. Interstrain Differences in the Development of Pyometra after Estrogen Treatment of Rats

    Brossia, Lisa Jane; Roberts, Christopher Sean; Lopez, Jennifer T; Bigsby, Robert M; Dynlacht, Joseph R


    This case report describes the unanticipated development of pyometra in Brown Norway rats after treatment with estrogen. Sprague Dawley and Brown Norway rats were ovariectomized and randomly assigned to treatment groups (subcutaneous implantation of either a capsule containing 20 mg 17β-estradiol or an empty capsule, as a control). After irradiation of only the right eye, the rats were followed for several months in an attempt to determine the effects of estrogen on radiation cataractogenesis and investigate potential strain differences in this phenomenon. However, all Brown Norway rats that received estradiol treatment developed pyometra, whereas none the Sprague Dawley or control Brown Norway rats did. This case demonstrates the potential adverse effects of exogenous estrogen therapy, which are strain-specific in the rat. Caution should be taken when designing estrogen-related experiments involving Brown Norway rats and other potentially sensitive strains. PMID:19807973

  14. Impact of oxidative stress on pregnancy outcome in albino rats

    R.S. Al-Naemi


    Full Text Available Accumulative reports documented that oxidative stress is implicated in many human and animal diseases. However, the reports concerning the effect of oxidative stress on pregnancy outcome are limited and scarce. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of oxidative stress on pregnancy outcome and to assess the antioxidant effect of vitamin C and E on oxidative stress parameters in blood and placental tissue samples in experimental pregnant animals model exposed to oxidative stress. Wister Albino rats were used in this work to investigate the effects of oxidative stress exposure (addition of H2O2 to the drinking water on pregnancy outcome. Rats were divided into 5 groups, as follows: Group I (included 7 normal pregnant rats which served as control group. Group II (exposed to 1 % H2O2 included 7 pregnant rats, the rats were allowed to become pregnant and received (1% H2O2 in drinking water from day 7th till the day 19th of pregnancy. Group III (exposed to 3% H2O2 included 8 pregnant rats. Same as group 2, but the rats were exposed to a higher concentration of H2O2 (3% in drinking water. Group IV (included 8 pregnant rats. Pregnant rats received vitamins C and E without induction of oxidative stress. Group V (included 8 pregnant rats.induction of oxidative stress by 1% H2O2 with vitamins supplementation in the pregnant rats. Serum total antioxidants capacity (TAC, serum and placental tissue oxidative stress biomarker; 8-iso prostaglandin F2α (8-Isoprostane were measured using specific ELISA kits. Also placental tissues of pregnant rats were isolated and put directly in 10% formalin prepared for histopathological examination. Results revealed a significant decrease in the median values of the body weight and total serum antioxidants capacity (TAC in groups II and III of rats compared with the control group. A significant higher median value of TAC obtained in the groups IV and V when compared with the control group. Significant higher

  15. Ways to rational management of accounts receivable at enterprises

    Yevtushenko N. O.


    Full Text Available This article investigated the principal reasons of management problems an account receivable of enterprises. Credit politics of management is worked out by an account receivable of enterprises. Essence of the stages of construction of rational management an account receivable of enterprises is exposed. In the article are exposed the basic elements of control system for an account receivable such as mission, aims, strategy as politics of management. The basic stages of management politics are described for an account receivable of enterprises: analysis; organization of forming of principles of credit politics, terms of delivery of credit and procedure of collection of accounts receivable; planning of the use of modern forms of refunding, and similarly control.

  16. BPSK Receiver Based on Recursive Adaptive Filter with Remodulation

    N. Milosevic


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a new binary phase shift keying (BPSK signal receiver intended for reception under conditions of significant carrier frequency offsets. The recursive adaptive filter with least mean squares (LMS adaptation is used. The proposed receiver has a constant, defining the balance between the recursive and the nonrecursive part of the filter, whose proper choice allows a simple construction of the receiver. The correct choice of this parameter could result in unitary length of the filter. The proposed receiver has performance very close to the performance of the BPSK receiver with perfect frequency synchronization, in a wide range of frequency offsets (plus/minus quarter of the signal bandwidth. The results obtained by the software simulation are confirmed by the experimental results measured on the receiver realized with the universal software radio peripheral (USRP, with the baseband signal processing at personal computer (PC.

  17. Solar advanced internal film receiver; Receptor avanzado de pelicular interna

    Torre Cabezas, M. de la


    In a Solar Central Internal Film Receiver, the heat absorbing fluid (a molten nitrate salt) flows in a thin film down over the non illuminated side of an absorber panel. Since the molten salt working fluid is not contained in complicated tube manifolds, the receiver design is simples than a conventional tube type-receiver resulting in a lower cost and a more reliable receiver. The Internal Film Receiver can be considered as an alternative to the Direct Absorption Receiver, in the event that the current problems of the last one can not be solved. It also describes here the test facility which will be used for its solar test, and the test plans foreseen. (Author) 17 refs.

  18. Morphologic and biochemical changes in male rat lung after surgical and pharmacological castration

    M.S. Ojeda


    Full Text Available The morphology of the rat lung was studied by light microscopy in different situations: after surgical and pharmacological castration and after administration of testosterone to the castrated rat to determine if the androgen is required to maintain the normal morphology of the lung. We also determined the effect of flutamide on the phospholipid composition of both the surfactant and microsomes of the lung. Rats were separated into five groups: I - control non-castrated rats, II - castrated rats sacrificed 21 days after castration, III - castrated rats that received testosterone daily from day 2 to day 21 after castration, IV - castrated rats that received testosterone from day 15 to day 21 after castration, and V - control rats injected with flutamide for 7 days. The amount of different phospholipids in the surfactant and microsomes of the lung was measured in group I and V rats. At the light microscopy level, the surgical and pharmacological castration provoked alterations in the morphology of the lung, similar to that observed in human lung emphysema. The compositions of surfactant and microsomes of the lung were similar to those previously reported by us for the surgically castrated rats. These results indicate that androgens are necessary for the normal morphology as well as for some metabolic aspects of the lung.

  19. Treadmill Exercise Preconditioning Attenuates Lung Damage Caused by Systemic Endotoxemia in Type 1 Diabetic Rats

    Ching-Hsia Hung


    Full Text Available Endotoxemia induces a series of inflammatory responses that may result in lung injury. However, heat shock protein72 (HSP72 has the potential to protect the lungs from damage. The objective of this study was to determine whether prior exercise conditioning could increase the expression of HSP72 in the lungs and attenuate lung damage in diabetic rats receiving lipopolysaccharide (LPS. Streptozotocin was used to induce diabetes in adult male Wistar rats. Rats were randomly assigned to sedentary or exercise groups. Rats in the exercise condition ran on a treadmill 5 days/week, 30–60 min/day, with an intensity of 1.0 mile/hour over a 3-week period. Rats received an intravenous infusion of LPS after 24 hrs from the last training session. Elevated lavage tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α level in response to LPS was more marked in diabetic rats. HSP72 expression in lungs was significantly increased after exercise conditioning, but less pronounced in diabetic rats. After administration of LPS, exercised rats displayed higher survival rate as well as decreased lavage TNF-α level and lung edema in comparison to sedentary rats. Our findings suggest that exercise conditioning could attenuate the occurrence of inflammatory responses and lung damage, thereby reducing mortality rate in diabetic rats during endotoxemia.

  20. Training-Based SWIPT: Optimal Power Splitting at the Receiver

    Zhou, Xiangyun


    We consider a point-to-point system with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) over a block fading channel. Each transmission block consists of a training phase and a data transmission phase. Pilot symbols are transmitted during the training phase for channel estimation at the receiver. To enable SWIPT, the receiver adopts a power-splitting design, such that a portion of the received signal is used for channel estimation or data detection, while the remaining is used fo...