Sample records for rats nonlinear effects

  1. The application of a non-linear analysis technique to the monitoring of anesthetic effects in the rat

    Broek, P.L.C. van den; Egmond, J. van; Rijn, C.M. van; Dirksen, R.; Coenen, A.M.L.; Booij, L.H.D.J.


    To find a new measure from the EEG that quantifies the effects of anesthetics during surgery, the correlation dimension (CD) of the EEG of eight rats was estimated. To get informed about the anesthetic state, the noxious induced withdrawal reflex (NIWR) was measured, i.e. the force elicited by trans

  2. Nonlinear effects in optical fibers

    Ferreira, Mario F


    Cutting-edge coverage of nonlinear phenomena occurring inside optical fibers Nonlinear fiber optics is a specialized part of fiber optics dealing with optical nonlinearities and their applications. As fiber-optic communication systems have become more advanced and complex, the nonlinear effects in optical fibers have increased in importance, as they adversely affect system performance. Paradoxically, the same nonlinear phenomena also offer the promise of addressing the bandwidth bottleneck for signal processing for future ultra-high speed optical networks. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fiber

  3. Nonlinear Peltier effect in semiconductors

    Zebarjadi, Mona; Esfarjani, Keivan; Shakouri, Ali


    Nonlinear Peltier coefficient of a doped InGaAs semiconductor is calculated numerically using the Monte Carlo technique. The Peltier coefficient is also obtained analytically for single parabolic band semiconductors assuming a shifted Fermi-Dirac electronic distribution under an applied bias. Analytical results are in agreement with numerical simulations. Key material parameters affecting the nonlinear behavior are doping concentration, effective mass, and electron-phonon coupling. Current density thresholds at which nonlinear behavior is observable are extracted from numerical data. It is shown that the nonlinear Peltier effect can be used to enhance cooling of thin film microrefrigerator devices especially at low temperatures.

  4. Characterization of intestinal absorption of C-glycoside flavonoid vicenin-2 from Lychnophora ericoides leafs in rats by nonlinear mixed effects modeling

    Gabriela A. Buqui


    Full Text Available AbstractVicenin-2 (apigenin-6,8-di-C-β-d-glucopyranoside is present in hydroalcoholic extracts of the Brazilian species Lychnophora ericoides Mart., Asteraceae, leaves, and the biological effects of this compound have been demonstrated including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumor effects in rat models. Given the potential of this compound as a pharmacological agent, the aims of this investigation were to evaluate the extent of intestinal absorption of vicenin-2, and to determine the intestinal permeation profile using an in situ single-pass intestinal perfusion technique. A validated HPLC–UV method was applied to measure the amount of unabsorbed vicenin-2 in the gut after an oral administration of 180 mg kg-1 in five rats. A nonlinear mixed effects model was used to determine the absorption pharmacokinetic parameters assuming a first order absorption and active secretion processes for this compound, wherein the active secretion was characterized by a zero-order process. The population pharmacokinetic parameters obtained were 0.274 min-1 for the first-order absorption rate constant, 16.3% min-1 for the zero-order rate constant; the final percentage of the original dose that was absorbed in vivo was 40.2 ± 2.5%. These parameters indicated that vicenin-2 was rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. In contrast to literature information indicating no absorption of vicenin-2 in Caco-2 cells, our results suggested that vicenin-2 can be absorbed in the small intestine of rats. The finding supports further investigation of vicenin-2 as a viable oral phytopharmaceutical agent for digestive diseases.

  5. Nonlinear effects in Thomson backscattering

    Maroli, C.; Petrillo, V.; Tomassini, P.; Serafini, L.


    We analyze the nonlinear classical effects of the X/γ radiation produced by Thomson/Compton sources. We confirm the development of spectral fringes of the radiation on axis, which comports broadening, shift, and deformation of the spectrum. For the nominal parameters of the SPARC-LAB Thomson scattering and of the European Proposal for the gamma source ELI-NP, however, the radiation, when collected in the suitable acceptance angle, does not reveal many differences from that predicted by the linear model and the nonlinear redshift is subdominant with respect to the quantum recoil. An experiment aimed to the study of the nonlinearities is proposed on the SPARC-LAB source.

  6. Nonlinear effects in asymmetric catalysis.

    Satyanarayana, Tummanapalli; Abraham, Susan; Kagan, Henri B


    There is a need for the preparation of enantiomerically pure compounds for various applications. An efficient approach to achieve this goal is asymmetric catalysis. The chiral catalyst is usually prepared from a chiral auxiliary, which itself is derived from a natural product or by resolution of a racemic precursor. The use of non-enantiopure chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric catalysis seems unattractive to preparative chemists, since the anticipated enantiomeric excess (ee) of the reaction product should be proportional to the ee value of the chiral auxiliary (linearity). In fact, some deviation from linearity may arise. Such nonlinear effects can be rich in mechanistic information and can be synthetically useful (asymmetric amplification). This Review documents the advances made during the last decade in the use of nonlinear effects in the area of organometallic and organic catalysis.

  7. Understanding nonlinear effects and losses

    Irwin, J.


    With the planned construction of a large hadron collider (LHC) and a major upgrade of LEP (LEP-II) at CERN, a {Phi}-factory at Frascatti, and B-factories at SLAC (PEP-II) and KEK (KEK-B), we are now entering new energy and intensity regimes in both electron and proton circular colliders. Understanding and accurately estimating dynamic apertures and particle loss rates under both injection and colliding beam conditions is of primary importance. This paper summarizes discussions on Understanding Nonlinear Effects and Losses that took place in Working Group Three at the September 1994 Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics in Particle Accelerators at Arcidosso, Italy. Questions addressed were: {open_quotes}What do simulations indicate as the underlying causes of particle loss?{close_quotes} and {open_quotes}Do experiments agree with simulations-and if not, why not?{close_quotes} Special attention was given to a discrepancy between dynamic aperture measurements and theoretical predictions at HERA.

  8. Nonlinear Effects in the Cosmic Microwave Background

    Maartens, R


    Major advances in the observation and theory of cosmic microwave background anisotropies have opened up a new era in cosmology. This has encouraged the hope that the fundamental parameters of cosmology will be determined to high accuracy in the near future. However, this optimism should not obscure the ongoing need for theoretical developments that go beyond the highly successful but simplified standard model. Such developments include improvements in observational modelling (e.g. foregrounds, non-Gaussian features), extensions and alternatives to the simplest inflationary paradigm (e.g. non-adiabatic effects, defects), and investigation of nonlinear effects. In addition to well known nonlinear effects such as the Rees-Sciama and Ostriker-Vishniac effects, further nonlinear effects have recently been identified. These include a Rees-Sciama-type tensor effect, time-delay effects of scalar and tensor lensing, nonlinear Thomson scattering effects and a nonlinear shear effect. Some of the nonlinear effects and th...

  9. The Effective AC Response of Nonlinear Composites

    WEI En-Bo; GU Guo-Qing


    A perturbative approach is used to study the AC response of nonlinear composite media, which obey a current-field relation of the form J = σ E + χ|E|2 E with components having nonlinear response at finite frequencies. For a sinusoidal applied field, we extend the local potential in terms of sinusoidal components at fundamental frequency and high-order harmonic frequencies to treat the nonlinear composites. For nonlinear composite media vith a low concentrations of spherical inclusions, we give the formulae of the nonlinear effective AC susceptibility χ*3ω at the third harmonic frequency.

  10. Cosmological effects of nonlinear electrodynamics

    Novello, M [Instituto de Cosmologia Relatividade Astrofisica (ICRA-Brasil/CBPF), Rua Dr Xavier Sigaud, 150, CEP 22290-180, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Goulart, E [Instituto de Cosmologia Relatividade Astrofisica (ICRA-Brasil/CBPF), Rua Dr Xavier Sigaud, 150, CEP 22290-180, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Salim, J M [Instituto de Cosmologia Relatividade Astrofisica (ICRA-Brasil/CBPF), Rua Dr Xavier Sigaud, 150, CEP 22290-180, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Bergliaffa, S E Perez [Departamento de Fisica Teorica, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, R. Sao Francisco Xavier, 524, Maracana, CEP 20559-900, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


    It will be shown that a given realization of nonlinear electrodynamics, used as a source of Einstein's equations, generates a cosmological model with interesting features, namely a phase of current cosmic acceleration, and the absence of an initial singularity, thus pointing to a way of solving two important problems in cosmology.

  11. Effective ac response in weakly nonlinear composites

    Wei Enbo [Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao 266071 (China); Yang Zidong [College of Power Engineering, University of Shanghai Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093 (China); Gu Guoqing [Information College of Science and Technology, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062 (China)


    The perturbation method is developed to deal with the problem of determining the effective nonlinear conductivity of Kerr-like nonlinear media under an external ac electric field. As an example, we have considered the cylindrical inclusion embedded in a host under the sinusoidal external field E{sub 1} sin (<{omega}t) + E{sub 3} sin (3<{omega}t) with frequencies{omega} and 3{omega}. The potentials of composites at higher harmonics are derived in both local inclusion particle and host regions. The effective responses of bulk nonlinear composites at basic frequency and harmonics are given for cylindrical composites in the dilute limit. Moreover, the relationships between the nonlinear effective responses at the basic frequency and the third harmonics are derived.

  12. Enhanced Nonlinear Effects in Metamaterials and Plasmonics

    C. Argyropoulos


    Full Text Available In this paper we provide an overview of the anomalous and enhanced nonlinear effects available when optical nonlinear materials are combined inside plasmonic waveguide structures. Broad, bistable and all-optical switching responses are exhibited at the cut-off frequency of these waveguides, characterized by reduced Q-factor resonances. These phenomena are due to the large field enhancement obtained inside specific plasmonic gratings, which ensures a significant boosting of the nonlinear operation. Several exciting applications are proposed, which may potentially lead to new optical components and add to the optical nanocircuit paradigm.

  13. Recent Issues on Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers

    Takashi; Inoue; Osamu; Aso; Shu; Namiki


    This talk will discuss the types of optical signal degradation due to fiber nonlinearity and review recently invented fibers for suppressing the effects. It also introduces efficiency of highly nonlinear fibers and their applications to nonlinear signal processing.

  14. Quantum Information Processing using Nonlinear Optical Effects

    Andersen, Lasse Mejling

    of the converted idler depends on the other pump. This allows for temporal-mode-multiplexing. When the effects of nonlinear phase modulation (NPM) are included, the phases of the natural input and output modes are changed, reducing the separability. These effects are to some degree mediated by pre......This PhD thesis treats applications of nonlinear optical effects for quantum information processing. The two main applications are four-wave mixing in the form of Bragg scattering (BS) for quantum-state-preserving frequency conversion, and sum-frequency generation (SFG) in second-order nonlinear...... to obtain a 100 % conversion efficiency is to use multiple stages of frequency conversion, but this setup suffers from the combined effects of NPM. This problem is circumvented by using asymmetrically pumped BS, where one pump is continuous wave. For this setup, NPM is found to only lead to linear phase...

  15. Nonlinear Dispersion Effect on Wave Transformation

    LI Ruijie; Dong-Young LEE


    A new nonlinear dispersion relation is given in this paper, which can overcome the limitation of the intermediate minimum value in the dispersion relation proposed by Kirby and Dalrymple (1986), and which has a better approximation to Hedges' empirical relation than the modilied relations by Hedges (1987). Kirby and Dahymple (1987) for shallow waters. The new dispersion relation is simple in form. thus it can be used easily in practice. Meanwhile. a general explicil approximalion to the new dispersion rela tion and olher nonlinear dispersion relations is given. By use of the explicit approximation to the new dispersion relation along with the mild slope equation taking inlo account weakly nonlinear effect, a mathematical model is obtained, and it is applied to laboratory data. The results show that the model developed vith the new dispersion relation predicts wave translornation over complicated topography quite well.

  16. Rotational Doppler effect in nonlinear optics

    Li, Guixin; Zentgraf, Thomas; Zhang, Shuang


    The translational Doppler effect of electromagnetic and sound waves has been successfully applied in measurements of the speed and direction of vehicles, astronomical objects and blood flow in human bodies, and for the Global Positioning System. The Doppler effect plays a key role for some important quantum phenomena such as the broadened emission spectra of atoms and has benefited cooling and trapping of atoms with laser light. Despite numerous successful applications of the translational Doppler effect, it fails to measure the rotation frequency of a spinning object when the probing wave propagates along its rotation axis. This constraint was circumvented by deploying the angular momentum of electromagnetic waves--the so-called rotational Doppler effect. Here, we report on the demonstration of rotational Doppler shift in nonlinear optics. The Doppler frequency shift is determined for the second harmonic generation of a circularly polarized beam passing through a spinning nonlinear optical crystal with three-fold rotational symmetry. We find that the second harmonic generation signal with circular polarization opposite to that of the fundamental beam experiences a Doppler shift of three times the rotation frequency of the optical crystal. This demonstration is of fundamental significance in nonlinear optics, as it provides us with insight into the interaction of light with moving media in the nonlinear optical regime.

  17. Nonlinear peltier effect in quantum point contacts

    Bogachek, E. N.; Scherbakov, A. G.; Landman, Uzi


    A theoretical analysis of the Peltier effect in two-dimensional quantum point contacts, in field-free conditions and under the influence of applied magnetic fields, is presented. It is shown that in the nonlinear regime (finite applied voltage) new peaks in the Peltier coefficient appear leading to violation of Onsager's relation. Oscillations of the Peltier coefficient in a magnetic field are demonstrated.

  18. Topological nature of nonlinear optical effects in solids

    Morimoto, Takahiro; Nagaosa, Naoto


    There are a variety of nonlinear optical effects including higher harmonic generations, photovoltaic effects, and nonlinear Kerr rotations. They are realized by the strong light irradiation to materials that results in nonlinear polarizations in the electric field. These are of great importance in studying the physics of excited states of the system as well as for applications to optical devices and solar cells. Nonlinear properties of materials are usually described by the nonlinear suscepti...

  19. New nonlinear polarization effects for frequency selection

    Karagodova, Tamara Y.; Karagodov, Alexander I.


    The method of computer simulations on nonlinear resonant magnetooptical effects developed for real multi-level atoms in the two laser fields of arbitrary intensity and external magnetic field is applied for the polarization effects of different types calculations and investigations of the dependence of the characteristics of these effects on magnetic field strength, intensities, polarization and detunings of laser fields for alkaline atoms. The essence of the method consists in simulations and analysis of the plots of dependence of quasi energies on parameters, which are obtained with the help of sorting subprogram, and selection of suitable algorithms for calculations of characteristics of nonlinear resonant magnetooptical effects. One photon and two photon resonant effects are investigated for wide range of magnetic field strength from Zeeman to Paschen Back effects. Some new features in the spectra of rotation of plane of polarization and circular dichroism of different types are predicted. The results show the agreement with known experiments. Such calculations of nonlinear resonant magnetooptical effects in the intense laser fields resonant to adjacent transitions and magnetic field show the opportunity of investigation the modifications of electronic structure due to intense radiation fields and strong external magnetic field in atomic gases and also may be used for the treatment of new methods of phase-polarization selection of modes of tunable lasers.

  20. Three-dimensional ankle moments and nonlinear summation of rat triceps surae muscles.

    Tijs, Chris; van Dieën, Jaap H; Baan, Guus C; Maas, Huub


    The Achilles tendon and epimuscular connective tissues mechanically link the triceps surae muscles. These pathways may cause joint moments exerted by each muscle individually not to sum linearly, both in magnitude and direction. The aims were (i) to assess effects of sagittal plane ankle angle (varied between 150° and 70°) on isometric ankle moments, in both magnitude and direction, exerted by active rat triceps surae muscles, (ii) to assess ankle moment summation between those muscles for a range of ankle angles and (iii) to assess effects of sagittal plane ankle angle and muscle activation on Achilles tendon length. At each ankle angle, soleus (SO) and gastrocnemius (GA) muscles were first excited separately to assess ankle-angle moment characteristics and subsequently both muscles were excited simultaneously to investigate moment summation. The magnitude of ankle moment exerted by SO and GA, the SO direction in the transverse and sagittal planes, and the GA direction in the transverse plane were significantly affected by ankle angle. SO moment direction in the frontal and sagittal planes were significantly different from that of GA. Nonlinear magnitude summation varied between 0.6±2.9% and -3.6±2.9%, while the nonlinear direction summation varied between 0.3±0.4° and -0.4±0.7° in the transverse plane, between 0.5±0.4° and 0.1±0.4° in the frontal plane, and between 3.0±7.9° and 0.3±2.3° in the sagittal plane. Changes in tendon length caused by SO contraction were significantly lower than those during contraction of GA and GA+SO simultaneously. Thus, moments exerted by GA and SO sum nonlinearly both in the magnitude and direction. The limited degree of nonlinear summation may be explained by different mechanisms acting in opposite directions.

  1. Three-dimensional ankle moments and nonlinear summation of rat triceps surae muscles.

    Chris Tijs

    Full Text Available The Achilles tendon and epimuscular connective tissues mechanically link the triceps surae muscles. These pathways may cause joint moments exerted by each muscle individually not to sum linearly, both in magnitude and direction. The aims were (i to assess effects of sagittal plane ankle angle (varied between 150° and 70° on isometric ankle moments, in both magnitude and direction, exerted by active rat triceps surae muscles, (ii to assess ankle moment summation between those muscles for a range of ankle angles and (iii to assess effects of sagittal plane ankle angle and muscle activation on Achilles tendon length. At each ankle angle, soleus (SO and gastrocnemius (GA muscles were first excited separately to assess ankle-angle moment characteristics and subsequently both muscles were excited simultaneously to investigate moment summation. The magnitude of ankle moment exerted by SO and GA, the SO direction in the transverse and sagittal planes, and the GA direction in the transverse plane were significantly affected by ankle angle. SO moment direction in the frontal and sagittal planes were significantly different from that of GA. Nonlinear magnitude summation varied between 0.6±2.9% and -3.6±2.9%, while the nonlinear direction summation varied between 0.3±0.4° and -0.4±0.7° in the transverse plane, between 0.5±0.4° and 0.1±0.4° in the frontal plane, and between 3.0±7.9° and 0.3±2.3° in the sagittal plane. Changes in tendon length caused by SO contraction were significantly lower than those during contraction of GA and GA+SO simultaneously. Thus, moments exerted by GA and SO sum nonlinearly both in the magnitude and direction. The limited degree of nonlinear summation may be explained by different mechanisms acting in opposite directions.

  2. Heart Rate Variability in Nonlinear Rats with Different Orientation and Exploratory Activity in the Open Field.

    Kur'yanova, E V; Teplyi, D L; Zhukova, Yu D; Zhukovina, N V


    The basic behavioral activity of nonlinear rats was evaluated from the sum of crossed peripheral and central squares and peripheral and central rearing postures in the open fi eld test. This index was low (30 episodes). Male rats with high score of orientation and exploratory activity were characterized by higher indexes of total heart rate variability than rats with low or intermediate activity. Specimens with a greater contribution of VLF waves into the total power spectrum of heart rate variability were shown to dominate among the rats with high behavioral activity. Our results are consistent with the notions of a suprasegmental nature of VLF waves.

  3. Controllable spatiotemporal nonlinear effects in multimode fibres

    Wright, Logan G.; Christodoulides, Demetrios N.; Wise, Frank W.


    Multimode fibres are of interest for next-generation telecommunications systems and the construction of high-energy fibre lasers. However, relatively little work has explored nonlinear pulse propagation in multimode fibres. Here, we consider highly nonlinear ultrashort pulse propagation in the anomalous-dispersion regime of a graded-index multimode fibre. Low modal dispersion and strong nonlinear coupling between the fibre's many spatial modes result in interesting behaviour. We observe spatiotemporal effects reminiscent of nonlinear optics in bulk media—self-focusing and multiple filamentation—at a fraction of the usual power. By adjusting the spatial initial conditions, we generate on-demand, megawatt, ultrashort pulses tunable between 1,550 and 2,200 nm dispersive waves over one octave; intense combs of visible light; and a multi-octave-spanning supercontinuum. Our results indicate that multimode fibres present unique opportunities for observing new spatiotemporal dynamics and phenomena. They also enable the realization of a new type of tunable, broadband fibre source that could be useful for many applications.

  4. Nonlinear system analysis of renal autoregulation in normotensive and hypertensive rats

    Chon, K H; Chen, Y M; Holstein-Rathlou, N H;


    We compared the dynamic characteristics in renal autoregulation of blood flow of normotensive Sprague-Dawley rats (SDR) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR), using both linear and nonlinear systems analysis. Linear analysis yielded only limited information about the differences in dynamics...... of nonlinear interactions between the oscillatory components of the myogenic mechanism and tubuloglomerular feedback (TGF) at the level of whole kidney blood flow in SDR. An interaction between these two mechanisms had previously been revealed for SDR only at the single nephron level. However, nonlinear......, NMSE are significantly higher in SHR than SDR, suggesting a more complex nonlinear system in SHR. The contribution of the third-order kernel in describing the dynamics of renal autoregulation in arterial blood pressure and blood flow was found to be important. Moreover, we have identified the presence...

  5. Dynamical effects of overparametrization in nonlinear models

    Aguirre, Luis Antonio; Billings, S. A.


    This paper is concemed with dynamical reconstruction for nonlinear systems. The effects of the driving function and of the complexity of a given representation on the bifurcation patter are investigated. It is shown that the use of different driving functions to excite the system may yield models with different bifurcation patterns. The complexity of the reconstructions considered is quantified by the embedding dimension and the number of estimated parameters. In this respect it appears that models which reproduce the original bifurcation behaviour are of limited complexity and that excessively complex models tend to induce ghost bifurcations and spurious dynamical regimes. Moreover, some results suggest that the effects of overparametrization on the global dynamical behaviour of a nonlinear model may be more deleterious than the presence of moderate noise levels. In order to precisely quantify the complexity of the reconstructions, global polynomials are used although the results are believed to apply to a much wider class of representations including neural networks.

  6. The Nonlinear Talbot Effect of Rogue Waves

    Zhang, Yiqi; Zheng, Huaibin; Chen, Haixia; Li, Changbiao; Song, Jianping; Zhang, Yanpeng


    Akhmediev and Kuznetsov-Ma breathers are rogue wave solutions of the nonlinear Schr\\"odinger equation (NLSE). Talbot effect (TE) is an image recurrence phenomenon in the diffraction of light waves. We report the nonlinear TE of rogue waves in a cubic medium. It is different from the linear TE, in that the wave propagates in a NL medium and is an eigenmode of NLSE. Periodic rogue waves impinging on a NL medium exhibit recurrent behavior, but only at the TE length and at the half-TE length with a \\pi-phase shift; the fractional TE is absent. The NL TE is the result of the NL interference of the lobes of rogue wave breathers. This interaction is related to the transverse period and intensity of breathers, in that the bigger the period and the higher the intensity, the shorter the TE length.

  7. The Geometric Nonlinear Generalized Brazier Effect

    Nikolajsen, Jan Ánike; Lauridsen, Peter Riddersholm; Damkilde, Lars


    denoted the generalized Brazier effect. The original work of Brazier dealt with very large deformations that changed the cross section significantly and hereby also the bending moment of inertia and the bending moment capacity. In this paper the aim is to describe the Brazier effect for smaller...... that the generalized Brazier effect is a local effect not influencing the overall mechanical behavior of the structure significantly. The offset is a nonlinear geometric beam-type Finite Element calculation, which takes into account the large displacements and rotations. The beam-type model defines the stresses which...... deformation not taking into account the change in moment of inertia. However, the generalized Brazier effect gives additional stresses directed perpendicular to the beam axis. In composite structures these extra stresses may influence the fatigue life significantly. The paper demonstrates a linearized method...

  8. Enhanced Kerr electro-optic nonlinearity through cascaded Pockels effects

    Li, Guang-Zhen; Jiang, Hao-Wei; Chen, Xian-Feng


    We demonstrated a large enhancement of Kerr electro-optic nonlinearity through cascaded Pockels effects in a domain inversion ferroelectric crystal. We designed a structure that can implement the cascaded Pockels effects and second-harmonic generation simultaneously. The energy coupling between the fundamental lights of different polarizations led to a large nonlinear phase shift, and thus an effective electro-optic nonlinear refractive index. The effective nonlinearity can be either positive or negative, causing the second-harmonic spectra to move towards the coupling center, which in turn, offered us a way to measure the effective electro-optic nonlinear refractive index. The corresponding enhanced Kerr electro-optic nonlinearity is more than three orders of magnitude higher than the intrinsic value. These results open a door to manipulate the nonlinear phase by applying external electric field instead of light intensity in noncentrosymmetric crystals.

  9. Analysis on the effect of nonlinear polarization evolution in nonlinear amplifying loop mirror

    Feng Qu; Xiaoming Liu; Pu Zhang; Xubiao Jiang; Hongming Zhang; Minyu Yao


    By considering the cross phase modulation (XPM) between the two orthogonal poparization components,the nonlinear birefringence and nonlinear polarization evolution (NPE) in highly-nonlinear fiber (HNLF),as well as the unequal evolutions of the state of polarization (SOP) between the clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) waves in a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror (NALM) are analyzed. It is pointed out that the traditional cosine expression is no longer valid for the power transmission of NALM due to uncompleted interference under the high power condition. The analytical expression considering NPE effect is derived, and the experimental result is presented.

  10. Ecology: Nonlinearity and the Moran effect

    Blasius, Bernd; Stone, Lewi


    The study of synchronization phenomena in ecology is important because it helps to explain interactions between population dynamics and extrinsic environmental variation. Grenfell et al. have examined synchronized fluctuations in the sizes of two populations of feral sheep which, although situated on close but isolated islands, were nevertheless strongly correlated (observed value of the population correlation, rp, 0.685). Using a nonlinear threshold model, they argue that this level of population correlation could only be explained if environmental stochasticity was correlated between the islands, with the environmental correlation, re, higher than 0.9 ``on average'' (Fig. 1a). This unusually high environmental correlation is far greater than would be predicted by the Moran effect, which states that the population correlation will equal the environmental correlation in a linear system. Grenfell et al. imply that a simple nonlinearity in population growth can mask or even destroy the Moran effect. Here we show that these surprising results are an artefact of the techniques used to measure noise correlations and synchronization.

  11. Modal Identification Using OMA Techniques: Nonlinearity Effect

    E. Zhang


    Full Text Available This paper is focused on an assessment of the state of the art of operational modal analysis (OMA methodologies in estimating modal parameters from output responses of nonlinear structures. By means of the Volterra series, the nonlinear structure excited by random excitation is modeled as best linear approximation plus a term representing nonlinear distortions. As the nonlinear distortions are of stochastic nature and thus indistinguishable from the measurement noise, a protocol based on the use of the random phase multisine is proposed to reveal the accuracy and robustness of the linear OMA technique in the presence of the system nonlinearity. Several frequency- and time-domain based OMA techniques are examined for the modal identification of simulated and real nonlinear mechanical systems. Theoretical analyses are also provided to understand how the system nonlinearity degrades the performance of the OMA algorithms.

  12. Nonvolatile Memory Based on Nonlinear Magnetoelectric Effects

    Shen, Jianxin; Cong, Junzhuang; Chai, Yisheng; Shang, Dashan; Shen, Shipeng; Zhai, Kun; Tian, Ying; Sun, Young


    The magnetoelectric effects in multiferroics have a great potential in creating next-generation memory devices. We use an alternative concept of nonvolatile memory based, on a type of nonlinear magnetoelectric effects showing a butterfly-shaped hysteresis loop. The principle is to utilize the states of the magnetoelectric coefficient, instead of magnetization, electric polarization, or resistance, to store binary information. Our experiments in a device made of the PMN-PT/Terfenol-D multiferroic heterostructure clearly demonstrate that the sign of the magnetoelectric coefficient can be repeatedly switched between positive and negative by applying electric fields, confirming the feasibility of this principle. This kind of nonvolatile memory has outstanding practical virtues such as simple structure, easy operation in writing and reading, low power, fast speed, and diverse materials available.

  13. Nonlinear optical imaging characteristics in rat tail tendon

    Liu, N. R.; Zhang, X. Z.; Qiu, Y. S.; Chen, R.


    The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of skeletal muscle fibers in tail tendons, explore the content of intrinsic components at different depths and ascertain the optimum excitation wavelength, which will help to establish a relationship between diagnosis and therapy and the tendon injury. A multiphoton microscopic imaging system was used to achieve the images and spectra via an imaging mode and a Lambda mode, respectively. This work demonstrates that the skeletal muscle fibers of the tail tendon are in good order. Second harmonic generation (SHG) and two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) signals originating from certain intrinsic components are varied with depth, and the SHG/TPEF intensity ratios are varied at different excitation wavelengths. Below 800 nm is the optimum for cell TPEF, while above 800 nm is the optimum for SHG. With the development of imaging techniques, a nonlinear optical imaging system will be helpful to represent the functional behaviors of tissue related to tendon injury.

  14. Vibrational mechanics nonlinear dynamic effects, general approach, applications

    Blekhman, Iliya I


    This important book deals with vibrational mechanics - the new, intensively developing section of nonlinear dynamics and the theory of nonlinear oscillations. It offers a general approach to the study of the effect of vibration on nonlinear mechanical systems.The book presents the mathematical apparatus of vibrational mechanics which is used to describe such nonlinear effects as the disappearance and appearance under vibration of stable positions of equilibrium and motions (i.e. attractors), the change of the rheological properties of the media, self-synchronization, self-balancing, the vibrat

  15. Analytical evaluation of nonlinear distortion effects on multicarrier signals

    Araújo, Theresa


    Due to their ability to support reliable high quality of service as well as spectral and power efficiency, multicarrier modulation systems have found increasing use in modern communications services. However, one of the main drawbacks of these systems is their vulnerability to nonlinear distortion effects. Analytical Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion Effects on Multicarrier Signals details a unified approach to well-known analytical results on memoryless nonlinearities that takes advantage of the Gaussian behavior of multicarrier signals.Sharing new insights into the behavior of nonlinearly d

  16. A Novel Effective Approach for Solving Fractional Nonlinear PDEs.

    Aminikhah, Hossein; Malekzadeh, Nasrin; Rezazadeh, Hadi


    The present work introduces an effective modification of homotopy perturbation method for the solution of nonlinear time-fractional biological population model and a system of three nonlinear time-fractional partial differential equations. In this approach, the solution is considered a series expansion that converges to the nonlinear problem. The new approximate analytical procedure depends only on two iteratives. The analytical approximations to the solution are reliable and confirm the ability of the new homotopy perturbation method as an easy device for computing the solution of nonlinear equations.

  17. Effects of Particle Shape and Microstructure on Effective Nonlinear Response

    HUANG Ji-Ping; LI Zhen-Ya


    We consider a binary granular composite medium, in which two materials have high-order nonlinearities.The effect of particle shape on effective nonlinear response (ENR) is investigated by assuming all the particles to be shaped as uniaxial ellipsoid. We discuss two types of arrangements of particles: 1) parallel axes (Case I); 2) random axes (Case II). During the process of numerical calculation, one component material is assumed to be linear, and two kinds of conductors are assumed to be at high conducting contrast. We find that: 1) the shape effect on ENR is possibly strong; 2) the enhanced ENR can even be obtained by choosing particles of appropriate ellipsoidal shapes; 3) the ENR enhancement predicted by Case I is much stronger than that by Case II.``

  18. Electron scattering and nonlinear trapping by oblique whistler waves: The critical wave intensity for nonlinear effects

    Artemyev, A. V., E-mail:; Vasiliev, A. A. [Space Research Institute, RAS, Moscow (Russian Federation); Mourenas, D.; Krasnoselskikh, V. V. [LPC2E/CNRS—University of Orleans, Orleans (France); Agapitov, O. V. [Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States)


    In this paper, we consider high-energy electron scattering and nonlinear trapping by oblique whistler waves via the Landau resonance. We use recent spacecraft observations in the radiation belts to construct the whistler wave model. The main purpose of the paper is to provide an estimate of the critical wave amplitude for which the nonlinear wave-particle resonant interaction becomes more important than particle scattering. To this aim, we derive an analytical expression describing the particle scattering by large amplitude whistler waves and compare the corresponding effect with the nonlinear particle acceleration due to trapping. The latter is much more rare but the corresponding change of energy is substantially larger than energy jumps due to scattering. We show that for reasonable wave amplitudes ∼10–100 mV/m of strong whistlers, the nonlinear effects are more important than the linear and nonlinear scattering for electrons with energies ∼10–50 keV. We test the dependencies of the critical wave amplitude on system parameters (background plasma density, wave frequency, etc.). We discuss the role of obtained results for the theoretical description of the nonlinear wave amplification in radiation belts.

  19. Modeling the Nonlinear Motion of the Rat Central Airways.

    Ibrahim, G; Rona, A; Hainsworth, S V


    Advances in volumetric medical imaging techniques allowed the subject-specific modeling of the bronchial flow through the first few generations of the central airways using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). However, a reliable CFD prediction of the bronchial flow requires modeling of the inhomogeneous deformation of the central airways during breathing. This paper addresses this issue by introducing two models of the central airways motion. The first model utilizes a node-to-node mapping between the discretized geometries of the central airways generated from a number of successive computed tomography (CT) images acquired dynamically (without breath hold) over the breathing cycle of two Sprague-Dawley rats. The second model uses a node-to-node mapping between only two discretized airway geometries generated from the CT images acquired at end-exhale and at end-inhale along with the ventilator measurement of the lung volume change. The advantage of this second model is that it uses just one pair of CT images, which more readily complies with the radiation dosage restrictions for humans. Three-dimensional computer aided design geometries of the central airways generated from the dynamic-CT images were used as benchmarks to validate the output from the two models at sampled time-points over the breathing cycle. The central airway geometries deformed by the first model showed good agreement to the benchmark geometries within a tolerance of 4%. The central airway geometry deformed by the second model better approximated the benchmark geometries than previous approaches that used a linear or harmonic motion model.

  20. Topological nature of nonlinear optical effects in solids.

    Morimoto, Takahiro; Nagaosa, Naoto


    There are a variety of nonlinear optical effects including higher harmonic generations, photovoltaic effects, and nonlinear Kerr rotations. They are realized by strong light irradiation to materials that results in nonlinear polarizations in the electric field. These are of great importance in studying the physics of excited states of the system as well as for applications to optical devices and solar cells. Nonlinear properties of materials are usually described by nonlinear susceptibilities, which have complex expressions including many matrix elements and energy denominators. On the other hand, a nonequilibrium steady state under an electric field periodic in time has a concise description in terms of the Floquet bands of electrons dressed by photons. We show theoretically, using the Floquet formalism, that various nonlinear optical effects, such as the shift current in noncentrosymmetric materials, photovoltaic Hall response, and photo-induced change of order parameters under the continuous irradiation of monochromatic light, can be described in a unified fashion by topological quantities involving the Berry connection and Berry curvature. We found that vector fields defined with the Berry connections in the space of momentum and/or parameters govern the nonlinear responses. This topological view offers a route to designing nonlinear optical materials.

  1. Higher-order nonlinear effects in a Josephson parametric amplifier

    Kochetov, Bogdan A.; Fedorov, Arkady


    Nonlinearity of the current-phase relationship of a Josephson junction is the key resource for a Josephson parametric amplifier (JPA) as well as for a Josephson traveling-wave parametric amplifier, the only devices in which the quantum limit for added noise has so far been approached at microwave frequencies. A standard approach to describe JPA takes into account only the lowest order (cubic) nonlinearity resulting in a Duffing-like oscillator equation of motion or in a Kerr-type nonlinearity term in the Hamiltonian. In this paper we derive the quantum expression for the gain of JPA including all orders of the Josephson junction nonlinearity in the linear response regime. We then analyze gain saturation effect for stronger signals within a semiclassical approach. Our results reveal nonlinear effects of higher orders and their implications for operation of a JPA.

  2. Conservation Laws in Higher-Order Nonlinear Optical Effects

    Kim, J; Shin, H J; Kim, Jongbae


    Conservation laws of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation are studied in the presence of higher-order nonlinear optical effects including the third-order dispersion and the self-steepening. In a context of group theory, we derive a general expression for infinitely many conserved currents and charges of the coupled higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation. The first few currents and charges are also presented explicitly. Due to the higher-order effects, conservation laws of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation are violated in general. The differences between the types of the conserved currents for the Hirota and the Sasa-Satsuma equations imply that the higher-order terms determine the inherent types of conserved quantities for each integrable cases of the higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

  3. Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models for Repairable Systems Reliability

    TAN Fu-rong; JIANG Zhi-bin; KUO Way; Suk Joo BAE


    Mixed-effects models, also called random-effects models, are a regression type of analysis which enables the analyst to not only describe the trend over time within each subject, but also to describe the variation among different subjects. Nonlinear mixed-effects models provide a powerful and flexible tool for handling the unbalanced count data. In this paper, nonlinear mixed-effects models are used to analyze the failure data from a repairable system with multiple copies. By using this type of models, statistical inferences about the population and all copies can be made when accounting for copy-to-copy variance. Results of fitting nonlinear mixed-effects models to nine failure-data sets show that the nonlinear mixed-effects models provide a useful tool for analyzing the failure data from multi-copy repairable systems.

  4. Effect of gain nonlinearity in semiconductor lasers

    Jensen, Niels H.; Christiansen, Peter Leth; Skovgaard, Ove


    Semiconductor lasers are modeled by single-mode rate equations with Langevin noise terms and the influence of nonlinear gain is investigated. For cw operation the probability distribution for the carrier number and the photon number in the laser cavity is obtained. The corresponding (2......+1)-dimensional Fokker-Planck equation is derived and integrated on an Amdahl VP1100 vector processor. Above threshold the resulting probability density agrees with the rate-equation predictions. The case of high-speed modulation is also considered. The nonlinear gain is found to stabilize the laser....

  5. Intra-Channel Nonlinear Effect on Optical PPM Pulse Transmission

    Sun; Linghao; Jarmo; Takala


    PPM encoded Gaussian pulse sequence shows more immunity than non-PPM schemes on optical fiber intra-channel nonlinearity and demonstrated by a numerical study of IXPM and IFWM effects deploying on 100Gb/s single channelsystem.

  6. Effects of Nonlinearities on Induced Voltages across Lumped Devices

    Ziya Mazloom


    Full Text Available There have been many studies on induced currents and voltages along overhead conductors due to lightning flashes. In most of these studies lumped loads and components are connected only as line terminations [1]-[4]. In studies where series and shunt connected components are connected along the lines the effects of nonlinear components and effects are disregarded [5]-[8]. This is not always correct as nonlinear effects will introduce high frequencies in the system and affect the current and voltage wave distribution. In this paper the effects of series and shunt components and nonlinear phenomenon on a system representative of the Swedish electrified railway system will be investigated. It is seen how introduction of different linear and nonlinear components affect the propagating voltage wave forms.

  7. Effective nonlinear AC response to composite with spherical particles

    Chen Xiao-Gang; Liang Fang-Chu; Wei En-Bo


    An effective nonlinear alternative-current (AC) response to granular nonlinear-composite with spherical inclusions embedded in a host medium under the action of an external AC field is investigated by using a perturbation approach.The local potentials of composite at higher harmonics are derived both in a region of local inclusion particles and in a local host region under the action of a sinusoidal field E1 sinωt + E3sin3ωt. An effective nonlinear-response to composite and the relationship between the effective nonlinear-responses at the fundamental frequency and the third harmonics are also studied for the spherical inclusions in a dilute limit.

  8. Antiulcer Effects of Melatonin in Wistar Rats

    Dr Olaleye

    The effect of melatonin was investigated on indomethacin-induced gastric ulcer and gastric mucus cell counts in rats were measured. ..... N. (2004): Protective effects of melatonin on the ionizing radiation induced DNA damage in the rat brain.

  9. Non-linear effects in bunch compressor of TARLA

    Yildiz, Hüseyin; Aksoy, Avni; Arikan, Pervin


    Transport of a beam through an accelerator beamline is affected by high order and non-linear effects such as space charge, coherent synchrotron radiation, wakefield, etc. These effects damage form of the beam, and they lead particle loss, emittance growth, bunch length variation, beam halo formation, etc. One of the known non-linear effects on low energy machine is space charge effect. In this study we focus on space charge effect for Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) machine which is designed to drive InfraRed Free Electron Laser covering the range of 3-250 µm. Moreover, we discuss second order effects on bunch compressor of TARLA.

  10. Computation of the effective nonlinear mechanical response of lattice materials considering geometrical nonlinearities

    ElNady, Khaled; Goda, Ibrahim; Ganghoffer, Jean-François


    The asymptotic homogenization technique is presently developed in the framework of geometrical nonlinearities to derive the large strains effective elastic response of network materials viewed as repetitive beam networks. This works extends the small strains homogenization method developed with special emphasis on textile structures in Goda et al. (J Mech Phys Solids 61(12):2537-2565, 2013). A systematic methodology is established, allowing the prediction of the overall mechanical properties of these structures in the nonlinear regime, reflecting the influence of the geometrical and mechanical micro-parameters of the network structure on the overall response of the chosen equivalent continuum. Internal scale effects of the initially discrete structure are captured by the consideration of a micropolar effective continuum model. Applications to the large strain response of 3D hexagonal lattices and dry textiles exemplify the powerfulness of the proposed method. The effective mechanical responses obtained for different loadings are validated by FE simulations performed over a representative unit cell.

  11. Two-dimensional effects in nonlinear Kronig-Penney models

    Gaididei, Yuri Borisovich; Christiansen, Peter Leth; Rasmussen, Kim


    An analysis of two-dimensional (2D) effects in the nonlinear Kronig-Penney model is presented. We establish an effective one-dimensional description of the 2D effects, resulting in a set of pseudodifferential equations. The stationary states of the 2D system and their stability is studied...

  12. Nonlinear Peltier effect and thermoconductance in nanowires

    Bogachek, E.N.; Scherbakov, A.G.; Landman, U. [School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0430 (United States)


    A theoretical analysis of thermal transport in nanowires, in field-free conditions and under influence of applied magnetic fields, is presented. It is shown that in the nonlinear regime (finite applied voltage) new peaks in the Peltier coefficient appear leading to violation of Onsager{close_quote}s relation between the Peltier and thermopower coefficients. Oscillations of the Peltier coefficient in a magnetic field are demonstrated. The thermoconductance has a steplike quantized structure similar to the electroconductance and it exhibits deviations from the Wiedemann-Franz law. The strong dependence of the thermoconductance on the applied magnetic field leads to the possibility of magnetic blockade of thermal transport in wires with a small number of conducting channels. Possible control of thermal transport in nanowires through external parameters, that is applied through finite voltages and magnetic fields, is discussed. {copyright} {ital 1999} {ital The American Physical Society}

  13. Nonlinear Peltier effect and thermoconductance in nanowires

    Bogachek, E. N.; Scherbakov, A. G.; Landman, Uzi


    A theoretical analysis of thermal transport in nanowires, in field-free conditions and under influence of applied magnetic fields, is presented. It is shown that in the nonlinear regime (finite applied voltage) new peaks in the Peltier coefficient appear leading to violation of Onsager's relation between the Peltier and thermopower coefficients. Oscillations of the Peltier coefficient in a magnetic field are demonstrated. The thermoconductance has a steplike quantized structure similar to the electroconductance and it exhibits deviations from the Wiedemann-Franz law. The strong dependence of the thermoconductance on the applied magnetic field leads to the possibility of magnetic blockade of thermal transport in wires with a small number of conducting channels. Possible control of thermal transport in nanowires through external parameters, that is applied through finite voltages and magnetic fields, is discussed.

  14. Third Order Nonlinear Optical Effects in Conjugated Polymers

    Halvorson, Craig Steven

    Third order nonlinear optical effects in conjugated materials were studied using two different spectroscopic methods, third harmonic generation and two photon absorption. The third harmonic generation spectra of cis-polyacetylene, trans-polyacetylene, oriented trans-polyacetylene, three isomers of polyaniline, cis and trans-polyacetylene in polyvinyl butyral, polyheptdadiester, polyheptadiketone, and MEH-PPV/polyethylene blends were measured. The nonlinear optical susceptibility increases with structural order, and is enhanced by the presence of a degenerate ground state. The magnitude of the susceptibility reaches as high as 10^{-7} esu, which is sufficient for the creation of all-optical nonlinear devices. The two photon absorption spectrum of oriented transpolyacetylene was measured using nonlinear photothermal deflection. The spectrum reveals directly the Ag state at 1.1 eV in trans-polyacetylene, and reveals another Ag state at higher energy. The magnitude of the two photon absorption is large enough to rule out using trans-polyacetylene in serial all-optical nonlinear devices; all-optical devices made from conjugated polymers must be parallel, not serial. A new figure of merit for nonlinear devices was proposed.

  15. Research of secondary effects in nonlinear radio-location

    M. V. Zinchenko


    Full Text Available Introduction. The basic setting of nonlinear radio-locator (NR in the field of technical guarding is the searching, identification and localization of radio-electronic mortgage devices − semiconductor nonlinear scatterers (NS. Statement of the problem. The NR efficiency increasing is possible by minimization of such factors influence as: presence of obstacle structures "metal-oxide-metal" (МОМ-structures in the investigated medium and presence of parasitic directional pattern lobe of emitting antenna. The analysis of nonlinear scatterers secondary unmasking features is considered. All possible regularities of the course of the phenomena and processes in the investigated medium, that are the consequence of nonlinear areas of NS semiconductor structures characteristics change (distortion under sounding radiation, are considered. Principal part. Researches showed that theoretically discovered effective radius change effect of nonlinear products dispersion of nonlinear scatterer response signal at the varying of nonlinear radio-locator sounding signal (SS power-level  allows to investigate the phenomenon of semiconductor structures characteristics of NS distortion at the action of relatively powerful ultrahigh frequency field. The effective radius change of nonlinear products dispersion of NS response signal at varying of exposing signal power-level is experimentally confirmed, which proves the possibility and expediency of the secondary unmasked features practice use for the search, identification and localization of NS in the technical guarding field: −     the area of looping appearance effect on functional dependence of response signal multiple harmonic level  from the sounding signal power-level [3]; −     effect of processes inertiality of semiconductor structures volt-ampere characteristics distortion [4]; −     phenomena of cross-correlation dependence of response signal chaotic state degree from the sounding signal

  16. Controlling ultrafast currents by the non-linear photogalvanic effect

    Wachter, Georg; Lemell, Christoph; Tong, Xiao-Min; Yabana, Kazuhiro; Burgdörfer, Joachim


    We theoretically investigate the effect of broken inversion symmetry on the generation and control of ultrafast currents in a transparent dielectric (SiO2) by strong femto-second optical laser pulses. Ab-initio simulations based on time-dependent density functional theory predict ultrafast DC currents that can be viewed as a non-linear photogalvanic effect. Most surprisingly, the direction of the current undergoes a sudden reversal above a critical threshold value of laser intensity I_c ~ 3.8*10^13 W/cm2. We trace this switching to the transition from non-linear polarization currents to the tunneling excitation regime. We demonstrate control of the ultrafast currents by the time delay between two laser pulses. We find the ultrafast current control by the non-linear photogalvanic effect to be remarkably robust and insensitive to laser-pulse shape and carrier-envelope phase.

  17. Comparative nonlinear modeling of renal autoregulation in rats: Volterra approach versus artificial neural networks

    Chon, K H; Holstein-Rathlou, N H; Marsh, D J


    via the Laguerre expansion technique achieve this prediction NMSE with approximately half the number of free parameters relative to either neural-network model. However, both approaches are deemed effective in modeling nonlinear dynamic systems and their cooperative use is recommended in general....




    The relationship between ipsi- and contralateral epileptiform electroencephalographic (EEG) activity was investigated in rats that were kindled daily in the amygdala. Two types of relationship-linear and non-linear associations-were studied and used to estimate time delays of EEG activity between ho

  19. Coriolis effects on nonlinear oscillations of rotating cylinders and rings

    Padovan, J.


    The effects which moderately large deflections have on the frequency spectrum of rotating rings and cylinders are considered. To develop the requisite solution, a variationally constrained version of the Lindstedt-Poincare procedure is employed. Based on the solution developed, in addition to considering the effects of displacement induced nonlinearity, the role of Coriolis forces is also given special consideration.

  20. Zeno effect and switching of solitons in nonlinear couplers

    Abdullaev, F Kh; Konotop, V V; Ögren, Magnus;


    The Zeno effect is investigated for soliton type pulses in a nonlinear directional coupler with dissipation. The effect consists in increase of the coupler transparency with increase of the dissipative losses in one of the arms. It is shown that localized dissipation can lead to switching...

  1. Nonlinear effects generation in non-adiabatically tapered fibres

    Palací, Jesús; Mas, Sara; Monzón-Hernández, David; Martí, Javier


    Nonlinear effects are observed in a non-adiabatically tapered optical fibre. The designed structure allows for the introduction of self-phase modulation, which is observed through pulse breaking and spectral broadening, in approximately a centimetre of propagation using a commercial telecom laser. These devices are simple to fabricate and suitable to generate and control a variety of nonlinear effects in practical applications because they do not experience short-term degradation as previously reported approaches. Experimental and theoretical results are obtained, showing a good agreement.

  2. Nonlinear Peltier effect and the nonequilibrium Jonson-Mahan theorem

    Freericks, J. K.; Zlatic, V.


    We generalize the many-body formalism for the Peltier effect to the nonlinear/nonequilibrium regime corresponding to large amplitude (spatially uniform but time-dependent) electric fields. We find a relationship between the expectation values for the charge current and for the part of the heat current that reduces to the Jonson-Mahan theorem in the linear-response regime. The nonlinear-response Peltier effect has an extra term in the heat current that is related to Joule heating (we are unabl...

  3. Effect of scalar nonlinearity on zonal flow generation by Rossby waves

    Mikhailovskii, A. B.; Lominadze, J. G.; Erokhin, N. N.; Erokhin, N. S.; Smolyakov, A. I.; Tsypin, V. S.


    Effects of scalar nonlinearity on the generation of zonal flow by Rossby waves in shallow rotating fluid are considered. Zonal flows are generated via the action of Reynolds stress due to vector nonlinearity together with the effects of scalar nonlinearity. It is shown that the scalar nonlinearity r

  4. Translational mixed-effects PKPD modelling of recombinant human growth hormone - from hypophysectomized rat to patients

    Thorsted, A; Thygesen, P; Agersø, H;


    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We aimed to develop a mechanistic mixed-effects pharmacokinetic (PK)-pharmacodynamic (PD) (PKPD) model for recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) in hypophysectomized rats and to predict the human PKPD relationship. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH: A non-linear mixed-effects model...

  5. Nonlinear dispersion effects in elastic plates: numerical modelling and validation

    Kijanka, Piotr; Radecki, Rafal; Packo, Pawel; Staszewski, Wieslaw J.; Uhl, Tadeusz; Leamy, Michael J.


    Nonlinear features of elastic wave propagation have attracted significant attention recently. The particular interest herein relates to complex wave-structure interactions, which provide potential new opportunities for feature discovery and identification in a variety of applications. Due to significant complexity associated with wave propagation in nonlinear media, numerical modeling and simulations are employed to facilitate design and development of new measurement, monitoring and characterization systems. However, since very high spatio- temporal accuracy of numerical models is required, it is critical to evaluate their spectral properties and tune discretization parameters for compromise between accuracy and calculation time. Moreover, nonlinearities in structures give rise to various effects that are not present in linear systems, e.g. wave-wave interactions, higher harmonics generation, synchronism and | recently reported | shifts to dispersion characteristics. This paper discusses local computational model based on a new HYBRID approach for wave propagation in nonlinear media. The proposed approach combines advantages of the Local Interaction Simulation Approach (LISA) and Cellular Automata for Elastodynamics (CAFE). The methods are investigated in the context of their accuracy for predicting nonlinear wavefields, in particular shifts to dispersion characteristics for finite amplitude waves and secondary wavefields. The results are validated against Finite Element (FE) calculations for guided waves in copper plate. Critical modes i.e., modes determining accuracy of a model at given excitation frequency - are identified and guidelines for numerical model parameters are proposed.

  6. Nonlinear Effects in the Amplitude of Cosmological Density Fluctuations

    Juszkiewicz, Roman; Fry, J N; Jaffe, Andrew H


    The amplitude of cosmological density fluctuations, $\\sigma_8$, has been studied and estimated by analysing many cosmological observations. The values of the estimates vary considerably between the various probes. However, different estimators probe the value of $\\sigma_8$ in different cosmological scales and do not take into account the nonlinear evolution of the parameter at late times. We show that estimates of the amplitude of cosmological density fluctuations derived from cosmic flows are systematically higher than those inferred at early epochs because of nonlinear evolution at later times. Here we derive corrections to the value of $\\sigma_8$ and compare amplitudes after accounting for this effect.

  7. Study On Nonlinear effect In 2D Plastic Media

    Wenjie, D.; Chen, X.


    Unlike the perfect elastic, homogeneous and isotropic model, the properties of real earth media are heterogeneous, plastic and anisotropic to a certain extend. To accurately simulate the strong ground motion in a basin, nonlinear or plastic effect should be considered in simulation. In this study, we use DRP/opt MacCormack non-staggered finite difference method to simulate 2D seismic wave propagation in anisotropic and plastic media. Compared with the traditional staggered grid FDM, this scheme is more accurate and more efficient. We focus on the nonlinear character of the sedimentary basin model. The preliminary ground motion results indicate that the energy of seismic wave has obvious nonlinear dissipation and irreversible deformations which is danger to buildings in the sedimentary basin.

  8. The effect of nonlinearity on unstable zones of Mathieu equation



    Mathieu equation is a well-known ordinary differential equation in which the excitation term appears as the non-constant coefficient. The mathematical modelling of many dynamic systems leads to Mathieu equation. The determination of the locus of unstable zone is important for the control of dynamic systems. In this paper, the stable and unstable regions of Mathieu equation are determined for three cases of linear and nonlinear equations using the homotopy perturbation method. The effect of nonlinearity is examined in the unstable zone. The results show that the transition curves of linear Mathieu equation depend on the frequency of the excitation term. However, for nonlinear equations, the curves depend also on initial conditions. In addition, increasing the amplitude of response leads to an increase in the unstable zone.

  9. Effective Dielectric Response of Nonlinear Composites of Coated Metal Inclusions

    CHEN Guo-Qing; WU Ya-Min


    The effective dielectric response of the composites in which nondilute coated metal particles are randomly embedded in a linear host is investigated. Two types of coated particles are considered, one is that the core is nonlinear, the other is that the shell is nonlinear. We derive general expressions for the effective linear dielectric function and the effective third-order nonlinear susceptibility, and take one step forward to perform numerical calculations on the coated metal/dielectric composites. Numerical results show that the effective linear and nonlinear dielectric responses can be greatly enhanced near the surface plasmon resonant frequency. Moreover, the resonant peaks are found within a range from 0.46ωp to 0.57ωp for spherical particles and from 0.59ωp to 0.7ωp for cylindrical inclusions. In the frequency region, the resonant peak can achieve the maximum, according to an optimal structural parameter and volume fraction. The resonant frequency exhibits a redshift with the increasing structural parameter k or volume fraction f or dimensionality factor D.

  10. Conditional linear-optical measurement schemes generate effective photon nonlinearities

    Lapaire, G G; Dowling, J P; Sipe, J E; Dowling, Jonathan P.


    We provide a general approach for the analysis of optical state evolution under conditional measurement schemes, and identify the necessary and sufficient conditions for such schemes to simulate unitary evolution on the freely propagating modes. If such unitary evolution holds, an effective photon nonlinearity can be identified. Our analysis extends to conditional measurement schemes more general than those based solely on linear optics.

  11. Spontaneous emission and nonlinear effects in photonic bandgap materials

    Fogel, Ishella S.; Bendickson, Jon M.; Tocci, Michael D.; Bloemer, Mark J.; Scalora, Michael; Bowden, Charles M.; Dowling, Jonathan P.


    We summarize and review our theoretical and experimental work on spontaneous emission and nonlinear effects in one-dimensional, photonic bandgap (PBG) structures. We present a new result: a method for calculating the normal-mode solutions - and hence the spontaneous emission of embedded emitters - in an arbitrary, linear, lossless, one-dimensional, PBG structure.

  12. Measuring the Non-Linear Effects of Monetary Policy

    Christian Matthes; Regis Barnichon


    This paper proposes a method to identify the non-linear effects of structural shocks by using Gaussian basis functions to parametrize impulse response functions. We apply our approach to monetary policy and find that the effect of a monetary intervention depends strongly on (i) the sign of the intervention, (ii) the size of the intervention, and (iii) the state of the business cycle at the time of the intervention. A contractionary policy has a strong adverse effect on output, much stronger t...

  13. Experimental observations of nonlinear effects of the Lamb waves

    DENG Mingxi; D.C. Price; D.A.Scott


    The experimental observations of nonlinear effects of the primary Lamb waves have been reported. Firstly, the brief descriptions have been made for the nonlinear acoustic measurement system developed by Ritec. The detailed considerations for the acoustic experiment system established for observing of the nonlinear effects of the primary Lamb waves have been carried out. Especially, the analysis focuses on the time-domain responses of second harmonics of the primary Lame waves by employing a straightforward model. Based on the existence conditions of strong nonlinearity of the primary Lamb waves, the wedge transducers are designed to generate and detect the primary and secondary waves on the surface of an aluminum sheet. For the different distances between the transmitting and receiving wedge transducers,the amplitudes of the primary waves and the second harmonics on the sheet surface have been measured within a specified frequency range. In the immediate vicinity of the driving frequency,where the primary and the double frequency Lamb waves have the same phase velocities, the quantitative relations of second-harmonic amplitudes with the propagation distance have been analyzed. It is experimentally verified that the second harmonics of the primary Lamb waves do have a cumulative growth effect along with the propagation distance.

  14. Nonlinear dielectric effects in liquids: a guided tour

    Richert, Ranko


    Dielectric relaxation measurements probe how the polarization of a material responds to the application of an external electric field, providing information on structure and dynamics of the sample. In the limit of small fields and thus linear response, such experiments reveal the properties of the material in the same thermodynamic state it would have in the absence of the external field. At sufficiently high fields, reversible changes in enthalpy and entropy of the system occur even at constant temperature, and these will in turn alter the polarization responses. The resulting nonlinear dielectric effects feature field induced suppressions (saturation) and enhancements (chemical effect) of the amplitudes, as well as time constant shifts towards faster (energy absorption) and slower (entropy reduction) dynamics. This review focuses on the effects of high electric fields that are reversible and observed at constant temperature for single component glass-forming liquids. The experimental challenges involved in nonlinear dielectric experiments, the approaches to separating and identifying the different sources of nonlinear behavior, and the current understanding of how high electric fields affect dielectric materials will be discussed. Covering studies from Debye’s initial approach to the present state-of-the-art, it will be emphasized what insight can be gained from the nonlinear responses that are not available from dielectric relaxation results obtained in the linear regime.

  15. Silica holey fibres: fabrication and nonlinear effects

    Belardi, W.; Monro, T.M.; Lee, J.H.; Yusoff, Z.; Price, J.H.V.; Malinowski, A.; Piper, A; Richardson, D J


    Holey fibres (HFs) [1] have emerged as a novel class of optical fibres which can provide completely new optical properties, such as endlessly single mode operation and novel dispersion properties as anomalous dispersion below 1.3µm, broadband flat dispersion and highly normal dispersion at 1.55µm. Moreover by changing the HF parameters (i.e. hole and core size), it is possible to fabricate HFs with an effective area so high as 800µm2 or so low as approximately 1µm2 [2]. A holey fibre perform ...

  16. Dynamic nonlinear thermal optical effects in coupled ring resonators

    Chenguang Huang


    Full Text Available We investigate the dynamic nonlinear thermal optical effects in a photonic system of two coupled ring resonators. A bus waveguide is used to couple light in and out of one of the coupled resonators. Based on the coupling from the bus to the resonator, the coupling between the resonators and the intrinsic loss of each individual resonator, the system transmission spectrum can be classified by three different categories: coupled-resonator-induced absorption, coupled-resonator-induced transparency and over coupled resonance splitting. Dynamic thermal optical effects due to linear absorption have been analyzed for each category as a function of the input power. The heat power in each resonator determines the thermal dynamics in this coupled resonator system. Multiple “shark fins” and power competition between resonators can be foreseen. Also, the nonlinear absorption induced thermal effects have been discussed.

  17. Effects of noise on the phase dynamics of nonlinear oscillators

    Daffertshofer, A.


    Various properties of human rhythmic movements have been successfully modeled using nonlinear oscillators. However, despite some extensions towards stochastical differential equations, these models do not comprise different statistical features that can be explained by nondynamical statistics. For instance, one observes certain lag one serial correlation functions for consecutive periods during periodic motion. This work aims at an extension of dynamical descriptions in terms of stochastically forced nonlinear oscillators such as ξ¨+ω20ξ=n(ξ,ξ˙)+q(ξ,ξ˙)Ψ(t), where the nonlinear function n(ξ,ξ˙) generates a limit cycle and Ψ(t) denotes colored noise that is multiplied via q(ξ,ξ˙). Nonlinear self-excited systems have been frequently investigated, particularly emphasizing stability properties and amplitude evolution. Thus, one can focus on the effects of noise on the frequency or phase dynamics that can be analyzed by use of time-dependent Fokker-Planck equations. It can be shown that noise multiplied via polynoms of arbitrary finite order cannot generate the desired period correlation but predominantly results in phase diffusion. The system is extended in terms of forced oscillators in order to find a minimal model producing the required error correction.

  18. Nonlinear Resonance Islands and Modulational Effects in a Proton Synchrotron

    Satogata, Todd Jeffrey [Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL (United States)


    We examine both one-dimensional and two-dimensional nonlinear resonance islands created in the transverse phase space of a proton synchrotron by nonlinear magnets. We also examine application of the theoretical framework constructed to the phenomenon of modulational diffusion in a collider model of the Fermilab Tevatron. For the one-dimensional resonance island system, we examine the effects of two types of modulational perturbations on the stability of these resonance islands: tune modulation and beta function modulation. Hamiltonian models are presented which predict stability boundaries that depend on only three paramders: the strength and frequency of the modulation and the frequency of small oscillations inside the resonance island. These. models are compared to particle tracking with excellent agreement. The tune modulation model is also successfully tested in experiment, where frequency domain analysis coupled with tune modulation is demonstrated to be useful in measuring the strength of a nonlinear resonance. Nonlinear resonance islands are also examined in two transverse dimensions in the presence of coupling and linearly independent crossing resonances. We present a first-order Hamiltonian model which predicts fixed point locations, but does not reproduce small oscillation frequencies seen in tracking; therefore in this circumstance such a model is inadequate. Particle tracking is presented which shows evidence of two-dimensional persistent signals, and we make suggestions on methods for observing such signals in future experiment.

  19. Analytical treatment of the nonlinear electron cloud effect and the combined effects with beam-beam and space charge nonlinear forces in storage rings

    GAO Jie


    In this paper we treat first some nonlinear beam dynamics problems in storage rings, such as beam dynamic apertures due to magnetic multipoles, wiggles, beam-beam effects, nonlinear space charge effect, and then nonlinear electron cloud effect combined with beam-beam and space charge effects, analytically. This analytical treatment is applied to BEPC Ⅱ. The corresponding analytical expressions developed in this paper are useful both in understanding the physics behind these problems and also in making practical quick hand estimations.

  20. Cosmology in nonlinear multidimensional gravity and the Casimir effect

    Bolokhov, S. V.; Bronnikov, K. A.


    We study the possible cosmological models in Kaluza-Klein-type multidimensional gravity with a curvature-nonlinear Lagrangian and a spherical extra space, taking into account the Casimir energy. First, we find a minimum of the effective potential of extra dimensions, leading to a physically reasonable value of the effective cosmological constant in our 4D space-time. In this model, the huge Casimir energy density is compensated by a fine-tuned contribution of the curvature-nonlinear terms in the original action. Second, we present a viable model with slowly evolving extra dimensions and power-law inflation in our space-time. In both models, the results formulated in Einstein and Jordan frames are compared.

  1. New approximation for the effective energy of nonlinear conducting composites

    Gibiansky, Leonid; Torquato, Salvatore


    Approximations for the effective energy and, thus, effective conductivity of nonlinear, isotropic conducting dispersions are developed. This is accomplished by using the Ponte Castaneda variational principles [Philos. Trans. R. Soc. London Ser. A 340, 1321 (1992)] and the Torquato approximation [J. Appl. Phys. 58, 3790 (1985)] of the effective conductivity of corresponding linear composites. The results are obtained for dispersions with superconducting or insulating inclusions, and, more generally, for phases with a power-law energy. It is shown that the new approximations lie within the best available rigorous upper and lower bounds on the effective energy.

  2. Nonlinear effect induced in thermally poled glass waveguides

    REN Yi-tao


    Thermally poled germanium-doped channel waveguides are presented. Multilayer waveguides containing a silicon oxynitride layer were used as charge trapper in this investigation on the effect of the internal field inside the waveguide. Compared to waveguides without the trapping layer, experimental results showed that the induced linear electro-optic (EO) coefficient increases about 20% after poling, suggesting strongly that the internal field is relatively enhanced, and showed it is a promising means for improving nonlinearity by poling in waveguides.


    宗序平; 赵俊; 王海斌; 韦博成


    This paper presents a unified diagnostic method for exponential nonlinear models with random effects based upon the joint likelihood given by Robinson in 1991.The authors show that the case deletion model is equivalent to mean shift outlier model.From this point of view,several diagnostic measures,such as Cook distance,score statistics are derived.The local influence measure of Cook is also presented.Numerical example illustrates that our method is available.


    WeiBocheng; ZhongXuping


    Abstract. In this paper,a unified diagnostic method for the nonlinear models with random ef-fects based upon the joint likelihood given by Robinson in 1991 is presented. It is shown that thecase deletion model is equivalent to the mean shift outlier model. From this point of view ,sever-al diagnostic measures, such as Cook distance, score statistics are derived. The local influencemeasure of Cook is also presented. A numerical example illustrates that the method is avail-able

  5. Controlling ultrafast currents by the nonlinear photogalvanic effect

    Wachter, Georg; Sato, Shunsuke A.; Floss, Isabella; Lemell, Christoph; Tong, Xiao-Min; Yabana, Kazuhiro; Burgdörfer, Joachim


    We investigate the effect of broken inversion symmetry on the generation and control of ultrafast currents in a transparent dielectric (SiO2) by strong femtosecond optical laser pulses. Ab initio simulations based on time-dependent density functional theory predict ultrafast direct currents that can be viewed as a nonlinear photogalvanic effect. Most surprisingly, the direction of the current undergoes a sudden reversal above a critical threshold value of laser intensity of about {I}{{c}}˜ 3× {10}13 W cm-2. We trace this switching to the transition from nonlinear polarisation currents to the tunnelling excitation regime. The latter is found to be sensitive to the relative orientation between laser polarisation and chemical bonds. We demonstrate control of the ultrafast currents by the time delay between two laser pulses. While two temporally separated laser pulses lead to currents along one direction their temporal overlap can reverse the current. We find the ultrafast current control by the nonlinear photogalvanic effect to be remarkably robust and insensitive to the laser-pulse shape and the carrier-envelope phase.

  6. Non-linear effects for cylindrical gravitational two-soliton

    Tomizawa, Shinya


    Using a cylindrical soliton solution to the four-dimensional vacuum Einstein equation, we study non-linear effects of gravitational waves such as Faraday rotation and time shift phenomenon. In the previous work, we analyzed the single-soliton solution constructed by the Pomeransky's improved inverse scattering method. In this work, we construct a new two-soliton solution with complex conjugate poles, by which we can avoid light-cone singularities unavoidable in a single soliton case. In particular, we compute amplitudes of such non-linear gravitational waves and time-dependence of the polarizations. Furthermore, we consider the time shift phenomenon for soliton waves, which means that a wave packet can propagate at slower velocity than light.

  7. Nonlinear thermokinetic phenomena due to the Seebeck effect.

    Sugioka, Hideyuki


    We propose a novel mechanism to produce nonlinear thermokinetic vortex flows around a circular cylinder with ideally high thermal conductivity in an electrolyte. That is, the nonlinear thermokinetic slip velocity, which is proportional to the square of the temperature gradient [∇(T)0(2)], is derived based on the electrolyte Seebeck effect, heat conduction equation, and Helmholtz–Smoluchowski formula. Different from conventional linear thermokinetic theory, our theory predicts that the inversion of the temperature gradient does not change the direction of the thermokinetic flows and thus a Janus particle using this phenomenon can move to the both hotter and colder regions in a temperature gradient field by changing the direction of its dielectric end. Our findings bridge the gap between the electro- and thermo-kinetic phenomena and provide an integrated physical viewpoint for the interface science.

  8. Anharmonic effects in simple physical models: introducing undergraduates to nonlinearity

    Christian, J. M.


    Given the pervasive character of nonlinearity throughout the physical universe, a case is made for introducing undergraduate students to its consequences and signatures earlier rather than later. The dynamics of two well-known systems—a spring and a pendulum—are reviewed when the standard textbook linearising assumptions are relaxed. Some qualitative effects of nonlinearity can be anticipated from symmetry (e.g., inspection of potential energy functions), and further physical insight gained by applying a simple successive-approximation method that might be taught in parallel with courses on classical mechanics, ordinary differential equations, and computational physics. We conclude with a survey of how these ideas have been deployed on programmes at a UK university.

  9. Doppler effect of nonlinear waves and superspirals in oscillatory media.

    Brusch, Lutz; Torcini, Alessandro; Bär, Markus


    Nonlinear waves emitted from a moving source are studied. A meandering spiral in a reaction-diffusion medium provides an example in which waves originate from a source exhibiting a back-and-forth movement in a radial direction. The periodic motion of the source induces a Doppler effect that causes a modulation in wavelength and amplitude of the waves ("superspiral"). Using direct simulations as well as numerical nonlinear analysis within the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation, we show that waves subject to a convective Eckhaus instability can exhibit monotonic growth or decay as well as saturation of these modulations depending on the perturbation frequency. Our findings elucidate recent experimental observations concerning superspirals and their decay to spatiotemporal chaos.

  10. Negative and nonlinear magnetoresistance effect in silicon strip

    Wang, Fangcong; Guo, Hui; Fan, Xiaolong; Li, Zhankui


    Both negative magnetoresistance and nonlinear magnetoresisitance were observed in silicon strip nuclear radiation detector in room temperature if we applied high magnetic field intensity in different direction. This result is different with former report. We believe this is the result of coaction of high electric field (Gunn effect) and high magnetic field, or because of the variation of number of carriers and the carriers mobility. The weak localization and Landau energy levels also affect the magnetoresistance. Different crystal orientations have different energy band structures. Complex band structures lead complex carriers mobility plus Landau energy levels. So the magnetoresisitance effect is anisotropy.

  11. Power-transfer effects in monomode optical nonlinear waveguiding structures.

    Jakubczyk, Z; Jerominek, H; Patela, S; Tremblay, R; Delisle, C


    We describe power-transfer effects, over a certain threshold, among constituents of planar waveguiding structures consisting of an optical linear layer deposited onto a nonlinear substrate (CdS(x)Se(1-x)-doped glass). Proper selection of the thickness of the linear waveguiding film and the refractive index of the linear cladding allows one to obtain optical transistor action and to construct all-optical AND, OR, NOT, and XOR logic gates. The effects appear for the TE(0) guided mode.

  12. Modeling and study of nonlinear effects in electrodynamic shakers

    Saraswat, Abhishek; Tiwari, Nachiketa


    An electrodynamic shaker is inherently a nonlinear electro-mechanical system. In this work, we have developed a lumped parameter model for the entire electromechanical system, developed an approach to non-destructively determine these parameters, and predict the nonlinear response of the shaker. This predicted response has been validated using experimental data. Through such an approach, we have been able to accurately predict the resulting distortions in the response of the shaker and other nonlinear effects like DC offset in the displacement response. Our approach offers a key advantage vis-à-vis other approaches which rely on techniques involving Volterra Series expansions or techniques based on blackbox models like neural networks, which is that in our approach, apart from predicting the response of the shaker, the model parameters obtained have a physical significance and changes in the parameters can be directly mapped to modification in key design parameters of the shaker. The proposed approach is also advantageous in one more way: it requires measurement of only four parameters, voltage, current, displacement and acceleration for estimating shaker model parameters non-destructively. The proposed model can be used for the design of linearization controllers, prototype testing and simulation of new shaker designs as well as for performance prediction of shakers under testing conditions.

  13. Effects of Plasma Shaping on Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Turbulence

    Belli, E. A. [Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States); Hammett, G. W. [Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States); Dorland, W. [Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States)


    The effects of flux surface shape on the gyrokinetic stability and transport of tokamak plasmas are studied using the GS2 code [M. Kotschenreuther, G. Rewoldt, and W.M. Tang, Comput. Phys. Commun. 88, 128 (1995); W. Dorland, F. Jenko, M. Kotschenreuther, and B.N. Rogers, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 5579 (2000)]. Studies of the scaling of nonlinear turbulence with shaping parameters are performed using analytic equilibria based on interpolations of representative shapes of the Joint European Torus (JET) [P.H. Rebut and B.E. Keen, Fusion Technol. 11, 13 (1987)]. High shaping is found to be a stabilizing influence on both the linear ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) instability and the nonlinear ITG turbulence. For the parameter regime studied here, a scaling of the heat flux with elongation of χ ~ κ-1.5 or κ-2.0, depending on the triangularity, is observed at fixed average temperature gradient. While this is not as strong as empirical elongation scalings, it is also found that high shaping results in a larger Dimits upshift of the nonlinear critical temperature gradient due to an enhancement of the Rosenbluth-Hinton residual zonal flows.

  14. Wave-packet dynamics in one-dimensional nonlinear Schroedinger lattices: local vs. nonlocal nonlinear effects

    Nguyen, Ba Phi [Central University of Construction, Tuy Hoa (Viet Nam); Kim, Ki Hong [Ajou University, Suwon (Korea, Republic of)


    We study numerically the dynamics of an initially localized wave packet in one-dimensional nonlinear Schroedinger lattices with both local and nonlocal nonlinearities. Using the discrete nonlinear Schroedinger equation generalized by including a nonlocal nonlinear term, we calculate four different physical quantities as a function of time, which are the return probability to the initial excitation site, the participation number, the root-mean-square displacement from the excitation site and the spatial probability distribution. We investigate the influence of the nonlocal nonlinearity on the delocalization to self-trapping transition induced by the local nonlinearity. In the non-self-trapping region, we find that the nonlocal nonlinearity compresses the soliton width and slows down the spreading of the wave packet. In the vicinity of the delocalization to self-trapping transition point and inside the self-trapping region, we find that a new kind of self-trapping phenomenon, which we call partial self-trapping, takes place when the nonlocal nonlinearity is sufficiently strong.

  15. Current-induced nonlinear magnetoelectric effects in strontium hexaferrite

    Zavislyak, I. V.; Popov, M. A.; Srinivasan, G.


    We report on the observation of nonlinear magnetoelectric effects at room temperature due to a dc current in the ferrimagnetic M -type strontium hexaferrite platelets. Utilizing microwave measurement techniques and data on the shift in magnetic mode frequencies, it was found that a dc current along the hexagonal c axis resulted in a significant decrease in the saturation magnetization and an increase in the uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy field. These changes in the magnetic order parameters were directly proportional to the square of applied electric field and were found to be much higher than variations due to Joule heating. A phenomenological theory that takes into account the current-induced magnetobielectric (MBE) effects is proposed. Expressions for coupling coefficients for MBE effects have been obtained and have been calculated from the variations in magnetic order parameters. The electric field E (or current) tuning of the magnetic modes in Sr M reported here is orders of magnitude stronger than strain mediated E tuning of magnetic resonance in hexaferrite-ferroelectric composites. The nonlinear magnetoelectric effects in hexaferrite, therefore, open up an avenue for the realization of E -tunable broadband microwave and millimeter wave ferrite signal processing devices such as resonators and filters.

  16. Nonlinear Magnetoimpedance Effect in FeCoNi Ferromagnetic Tubes

    G. V. Kurlyandskaya; H. Yakabchuk; E. Kisker; N. G. Bebenin; H. García-Miquel; M. Vázquez; V. O. Vas′kovskiy


    The very high (up to 820% of the magnetoimpedance ratio) and sensitive nonlinear giant magnetoimpedance effect has been studied in the FeCo1Ni magnetic tubes electroplated onto Cu(3%)Be nonmagnetic wirefor frequencies from 1-10MHz. Special annealing was carried out in order to induce the magnetic anisotropy. The high harmonic generation was observed and the harmonics show larger variations with the external magnetic field than the fundamental frequency. The super high sensitivity of the harmonics is promising as regards the increase of the sensitivity of magnetoimpedance sensors.

  17. Effects of Analog-to-Digital Converter Nonlinearities on Radar Range-Doppler Maps

    Doerry, Armin Walter [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Dubbert, Dale F. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Tise, Bertice L. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    Radar operation, particularly Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) radar modes, are very sensitive to anomalous effects of system nonlinearities. These throw off harmonic spurs that are sometimes detected as false alarms. One significant source of nonlinear behavior is the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). One measure of its undesired nonlinearity is its Integral Nonlinearity (INL) specification. We examine in this report the relationship of INL to GMTI performance.

  18. Nonlinear cosmological consistency relations and effective matter stresses

    Ballesteros, Guillermo [Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche ' ' Enrico Fermi' ' , Piazza del Viminale 1, I-00184 Rome (Italy); Hollenstein, Lukas; Jain, Rajeev Kumar; Kunz, Martin, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Département de Physique Théorique and Center for Astroparticle Physics, Université de Genève, Quai E. Ansermet 24, CH-1211 Genève 4 (Switzerland)


    We propose a fully nonlinear framework to construct consistency relations for testing generic cosmological scenarios using the evolution of large scale structure. It is based on the covariant approach in combination with a frame that is purely given by the metric, the normal frame. As an example, we apply this framework to the ΛCDM model, by extending the usual first order conditions on the metric potentials to second order, where the two potentials start to differ from each other. We argue that working in the normal frame is not only a practical choice but also helps with the physical interpretation of nonlinear dynamics. In this frame, effective pressures and anisotropic stresses appear at second order in perturbation theory, even for ''pressureless'' dust. We quantify their effect and compare them, for illustration, to the pressure of a generic clustering dark energy fluid and the anisotropic stress in the DGP model. Besides, we also discuss the effect of a mismatch of the potentials on the determination of galaxy bias.

  19. Finite temperature Casimir effect in the presence of nonlinear dielectrics

    Kheirandish, Fardin; Soltani, Morteza


    Starting from a Lagrangian, electromagnetic field in the presence of a nonlinear dielectric medium is quantized using path-integral techniques and correlation functions of different fields are calculated. The susceptibilities of the nonlinear medium are obtained and their relation to coupling functions are determined. Finally, the Casimir energy and force in the presence of a nonlinear medium at finite temperature is calculated.

  20. Thermopiezoelectric and Nonlinear Electromechanical Effects in Quantum Dots and Nanowires

    Patil, Sunil; Bahrami-Samani, M.; Melnik, R. V. N.; Toropova, M.; Zu, Jean


    We report thermopiezoelectric (TPE) and nonlinear electromechanical (NEM) effects in quantum dots (QD) and nanowires (NW) analyzed with a model based on coupled thermal, electric and mechanical balance equations. Several representative examples of low dimensional semiconductor structures (LDSNs) are studied. We focus mainly on GaN/AlN QDs and CdTe/ZnTe NWs which we analyze for different geometries. GaN/AlN nano systems are observed to be more sensitive to thermopiezoelectric effects than those of CdTe/ZnTe. Furthermore, noticeable qualitative and quantitative variations in electromechanical fields are observed as a consequence of taking into account NEM effects, in particular in GaN/AlN QDs.

  1. Global non-linear effect of temperature on economic production.

    Burke, Marshall; Hsiang, Solomon M; Miguel, Edward


    Growing evidence demonstrates that climatic conditions can have a profound impact on the functioning of modern human societies, but effects on economic activity appear inconsistent. Fundamental productive elements of modern economies, such as workers and crops, exhibit highly non-linear responses to local temperature even in wealthy countries. In contrast, aggregate macroeconomic productivity of entire wealthy countries is reported not to respond to temperature, while poor countries respond only linearly. Resolving this conflict between micro and macro observations is critical to understanding the role of wealth in coupled human-natural systems and to anticipating the global impact of climate change. Here we unify these seemingly contradictory results by accounting for non-linearity at the macro scale. We show that overall economic productivity is non-linear in temperature for all countries, with productivity peaking at an annual average temperature of 13 °C and declining strongly at higher temperatures. The relationship is globally generalizable, unchanged since 1960, and apparent for agricultural and non-agricultural activity in both rich and poor countries. These results provide the first evidence that economic activity in all regions is coupled to the global climate and establish a new empirical foundation for modelling economic loss in response to climate change, with important implications. If future adaptation mimics past adaptation, unmitigated warming is expected to reshape the global economy by reducing average global incomes roughly 23% by 2100 and widening global income inequality, relative to scenarios without climate change. In contrast to prior estimates, expected global losses are approximately linear in global mean temperature, with median losses many times larger than leading models indicate.

  2. Global non-linear effect of temperature on economic production

    Burke, Marshall; Hsiang, Solomon M.; Miguel, Edward


    Growing evidence demonstrates that climatic conditions can have a profound impact on the functioning of modern human societies, but effects on economic activity appear inconsistent. Fundamental productive elements of modern economies, such as workers and crops, exhibit highly non-linear responses to local temperature even in wealthy countries. In contrast, aggregate macroeconomic productivity of entire wealthy countries is reported not to respond to temperature, while poor countries respond only linearly. Resolving this conflict between micro and macro observations is critical to understanding the role of wealth in coupled human-natural systems and to anticipating the global impact of climate change. Here we unify these seemingly contradictory results by accounting for non-linearity at the macro scale. We show that overall economic productivity is non-linear in temperature for all countries, with productivity peaking at an annual average temperature of 13 °C and declining strongly at higher temperatures. The relationship is globally generalizable, unchanged since 1960, and apparent for agricultural and non-agricultural activity in both rich and poor countries. These results provide the first evidence that economic activity in all regions is coupled to the global climate and establish a new empirical foundation for modelling economic loss in response to climate change, with important implications. If future adaptation mimics past adaptation, unmitigated warming is expected to reshape the global economy by reducing average global incomes roughly 23% by 2100 and widening global income inequality, relative to scenarios without climate change. In contrast to prior estimates, expected global losses are approximately linear in global mean temperature, with median losses many times larger than leading models indicate.

  3. Research on testing the nonlinear optical performance of nonlinear optical materials based on the effect of second-harmonic generation.

    Li, Bing-Xuan; Wei, Yong; Huang, Cheng-Hui; Zhuang, Feng-Jiang; Zhang, Ge; Guo, Guo-Cong


    In the present paper the authors report a research on testing the nonlinear optical performance of optical materials in visible and infrared band. Based on the second order nonlinear optic principle and the photoelectric signal detection technology, the authors have proposed a new testing scheme in which a infrared OPO laser and a method for separating the beams arising from frequency matching and the light produced by other optical effects were used. The OPO laser is adopted as light source to avoid the error of measurement caused by absorption because the double frequency signal of the material is in the transmittance band Our research work includes testing system composition, operational principle and experimental method. The experimental results of KTP, KDP, AGS tested by this method were presented. In the experiment several new infrared non-linear materials were found. This method possesses the merits of good stability and reliability, high sensitivity, simple operation and good reproducibility, which can effectively make qualitative and semi-quantitative test for optical material's nonlinear optical properties from visible to infrared. This work provides an important test -method for the research on second order nonlinear optical materials in visible, infrared and ultraviolet bands.

  4. Imaging the anisotropic nonlinear Meissner effect in unconventional superconductors

    Zhuravel, Alexander P. [B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkov (Ukraine); Ghamsari, Behnood G.; Kurter, Cihan; Abrahams, John [CNAM, Physics Department, University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States); Jung, Philipp; Lukashenko, Alexander; Ustinov, Alexey V. [Physikalisches Institut and DFG-Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe (Germany); Remillard, Stephen [Physics Department, Hope College, Holland, MI (United States); Anlage, Steven M. [CNAM, Physics Department, University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States); Physikalisches Institut and DFG-Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe (Germany)


    We present measurements on the anisotropic nonlinear Meissner effect (aNLME). Using a laser scanning microscope we have directly imaged this effect in a self-resonant spiral patterned from a thin film of the d{sub x{sup 2}-y{sup 2}} superconductor YBa{sub 2}Cu{sub 3}O{sub 7-δ}. The spiral is excited at one of its resonant frequencies while a focused laser spot is scanned across its surface. The local illumination by the laser gives rise to a detectable change in the resonant properties. At low temperatures, the aNLME causes a direction dependent contribution to the critical current density. This makes it possible to image the directions of nodes and anti-nodes of the superconducting order parameter and the contribution of Andreev bound states associated with them. These two contributions to the photoresponse can be distinguished by their temperature dependence, which is consistent with theoretical predictions.

  5. New Relativistic Effects in the Dynamics of Nonlinear Hydrodynamical Waves

    Rezzolla, L


    In Newtonian and relativistic hydrodynamics the Riemann problem consists of calculating the evolution of a fluid which is initially characterized by two states having different values of uniform rest-mass density, pressure and velocity. When the fluid is allowed to relax, one of three possible wave-patterns is produced, corresponding to the propagation in opposite directions of two nonlinear hydrodynamical waves. New effects emerge in a special relativistic Riemann problem when velocities tangential to the initial discontinuity surface are present. We show that a smooth transition from one wave-pattern to another can be produced by varying the initial tangential velocities while otherwise maintaining the initial states unmodified. These special relativistic effects are produced by the coupling through the relativistic Lorentz factors and do not have a Newtonian counterpart.

  6. Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamic Panel Data Models with Individual Effects

    Yi Hu


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a generalized method of moments (GMM based estimation for dynamic panel data models with individual specific fixed effects and threshold effects simultaneously. We extend Hansen’s (Hansen, 1999 original setup to models including endogenous regressors, specifically, lagged dependent variables. To address the problem of endogeneity of these nonlinear dynamic panel data models, we prove that the orthogonality conditions proposed by Arellano and Bond (1991 are valid. The threshold and slope parameters are estimated by GMM, and asymptotic distribution of the slope parameters is derived. Finite sample performance of the estimation is investigated through Monte Carlo simulations. It shows that the threshold and slope parameter can be estimated accurately and also the finite sample distribution of slope parameters is well approximated by the asymptotic distribution.

  7. The linear and nonlinear optical effects of white light

    QI XinYuan; LIU SiMin; GUO Ru; LU Yi; GAO YuanMei; LIU ZhaoHong; HUANG ChunFu; ZHANG XiaoHua; ZHU Nan; XU JingJun


    An overview of our research group's experimental and theoretical developments is provided on the linear and nonlinear optical effects of white light since 2003. Their work includes the experimental researches on the white light one-dimensional photovoltaic dark spatial solitons and the waveguides and directional couplers induced by them, the circular and elliptic white-light dark spatial solitons and the white-light photorefractive phase masks, two-dimensional white-light photonic lattices and the applications of the white-light dark spatial solitons in the digital image transmission field, the interaction between the two-dimensional white-light dark spatial solitons to enhance or to improve the correlateddegree of the white light through the interaction between the white-light beam and coherent dark spatial solitons, the interaction between the one-or two-dimensional white-light dark spatial solitons and the two-dimensional white-light photonic lattices, respectively. We also numerically simulate the interaction between two or more partially incoherent bright spatial solitons and the white bright spatial soliton pairs in the saturated logarithmic nonlinear medium. We have observed experimentally for the first time,the modulation instability of the coherent light and white light, respectively, in self-defocusing medium and so on.

  8. The linear and nonlinear optical effects of white light


    An overview of our research group’s experimental and theoretical developments is provided on the linear and nonlinear optical effects of white light since 2003. Their work includes the experimental researches on the white light one-dimensional photovoltaic dark spatial solitons and the waveguides and directional couplers induced by them, the circular and elliptic white-light dark spatial solitons and the white-light photorefractive phase masks, two-dimensional white-light photonic lattices and the applications of the white-light dark spatial solitons in the digital image transmission field, the interaction between the two-dimensional white-light dark spatial solitons to enhance or to improve the correlated degree of the white light through the interaction between the white-light beam and coherent dark spatial solitons, the interaction between the one- or two-dimensional white-light dark spatial solitons and the two-dimensional white-light photonic lattices, respectively. We also numerically simulate the interaction between two or more partially incoherent bright spatial solitons and the white bright spatial soliton pairs in the saturated logarithmic nonlinear medium. We have observed experimentally for the first time, the modulation instability of the coherent light and white light, respectively, in self-defocusing medium and so on.

  9. Non-linear mixed-effects pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling in NLME using differential equations

    Tornøe, Christoffer Wenzel; Agersø, Henrik; Madsen, Henrik


    The standard software for non-linear mixed-effect analysis of pharmacokinetic/phar-macodynamic (PK/PD) data is NONMEM while the non-linear mixed-effects package NLME is an alternative as tong as the models are fairly simple. We present the nlmeODE package which combines the ordinary differential...... equation (ODE) solver package odesolve and the non-Linear mixed effects package NLME thereby enabling the analysis of complicated systems of ODEs by non-linear mixed-effects modelling. The pharmacokinetics of the anti-asthmatic drug theophylline is used to illustrate the applicability of the nlme...

  10. Impact of nonlinear effective interactions on GFT quantum gravity condensates

    Pithis, Andreas G A; Tomov, Petar


    We present the numerical analysis of effectively interacting Group Field Theory (GFT) models in the context of the GFT quantum gravity condensate analogue of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for real Bose-Einstein condensates including combinatorially local interaction terms. Thus we go beyond the usually considered construction for free models. More precisely, considering such interactions in a weak regime, we find solutions for which the expectation value of the number operator N is finite, as in the free case. When tuning the interaction to the strongly nonlinear regime, however, we obtain solutions for which N grows and eventually blows up, which is reminiscent of what one observes for real Bose-Einstein condensates, where a strong interaction regime can only be realized at high density. This behaviour suggests the breakdown of the Bogoliubov ansatz for quantum gravity condensates and the need for non-Fock representations to describe the system when the condensate constituents are strongly correlated. Furthe...

  11. The chaotic effects in a nonlinear QCD evolution equation

    Zhu, Wei; Shen, Zhenqi; Ruan, Jianhong


    The corrections of gluon fusion to the DGLAP and BFKL equations are discussed in a united partonic framework. The resulting nonlinear evolution equations are the well-known GLR-MQ-ZRS equation and a new evolution equation. Using the available saturation models as input, we find that the new evolution equation has the chaos solution with positive Lyapunov exponents in the perturbative range. We predict a new kind of shadowing caused by chaos, which blocks the QCD evolution in a critical small x range. The blocking effect in the evolution equation may explain the Abelian gluon assumption and even influence our expectations to the projected Large Hadron Electron Collider (LHeC), Very Large Hadron Collider (VLHC) and the upgrade (CppC) in a circular e+e- collider (SppC).

  12. Effective action and vacuum expectations in nonlinear $\\sigma$ model

    Fayzullaev, B A


    The equations for effective action for nonlinear $\\sigma$ model are derived using DeWitt method in two forms - for generator of vertex parts $\\Gamma$ and for generator of weakly connected parts $W$. Loop-expansion solutions to these equations are found. It is shown that vacuum expectation values for various quantities including divergence of a N\\"{o}ther current, trace of the energy-momentum tensor and so on, can be calculated by this method. Also it is shown that vacuum expectation to the sigma-field is determined by an explicit combination of tree Green function and classical solution. It is shown that the limit when coupling constant tends to zero is singular one.

  13. Crystal growth in fluid flow: Nonlinear response effects

    Peng, H. L.; Herlach, D. M.; Voigtmann, Th.


    We investigate crystal-growth kinetics in the presence of strong shear flow in the liquid, using molecular-dynamics simulations of a binary-alloy model. Close to the equilibrium melting point, shear flow always suppresses the growth of the crystal-liquid interface. For lower temperatures, we find that the growth velocity of the crystal depends nonmonotonically on the shear rate. Slow enough flow enhances the crystal growth, due to an increased particle mobility in the liquid. Stronger flow causes a growth regime that is nearly temperature-independent, in striking contrast to what one expects from the thermodynamic and equilibrium kinetic properties of the system, which both depend strongly on temperature. We rationalize these effects of flow on crystal growth as resulting from the nonlinear response of the fluid to strong shearing forces.

  14. Dispersion and nonlinear effects in OFDM-RoF system

    Alhasson, Bader H.; Bloul, Albe M.; Matin, M.


    The radio-over-fiber (RoF) network has been a proven technology to be the best candidate for the wireless-access technology, and the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technique has been established as the core technology in the physical layer of next generation wireless communication system, as a result OFDM-RoF has drawn attentions worldwide and raised many new research topics recently. At the present time, the trend of information industry is towards mobile, wireless, digital and broadband. The next generation network (NGN) has motivated researchers to study higher-speed wider-band multimedia communication to transmit (voice, data, and all sorts of media such as video) at a higher speed. The NGN would offer services that would necessitate broadband networks with bandwidth higher than 2Mbit/s per radio channel. Many new services emerged, such as Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), High Definition TV (HDTV), mobile multimedia and video stream media. Both speed and capacity have been the key objectives in transmission. In the meantime, the demand for transmission bandwidth increased at a very quick pace. The coming of 4G and 5G era will provide faster data transmission and higher bit rate and bandwidth. Taking advantages of both optical communication and wireless communication, OFDM Radio over Fiber (OFDM-RoF) system is characterized by its high speed, large capacity and high spectral efficiency. However, up to the present there are some problems to be solved, such as dispersion and nonlinearity effects. In this paper we will study the dispersion and nonlinearity effects and their elimination in OFDM-radio-over-fiber system.

  15. Characterization of nonlinear ultrasonic effects using the dynamic wavelet fingerprint technique

    Lv, Hongtao; Jiao, Jingpin; Meng, Xiangji; He, Cunfu; Wu, Bin


    An improved dynamic wavelet fingerprint (DWFP) technique was developed to characterize nonlinear ultrasonic effects. The white area in the fingerprint was used as the nonlinear feature to quantify the degree of damage. The performance of different wavelet functions, the effect of scale factor and white subslice ratio on the nonlinear feature extraction were investigated, and the optimal wavelet function, scale factor and white subslice ratio for maximum damage sensitivity were determined. The proposed DWFP method was applied to the analysis of experimental signals obtained from nonlinear ultrasonic harmonic and wave-mixing experiments. It was demonstrated that the proposed DWFP method can be used to effectively extract nonlinear features from the experimental signals. Moreover, the proposed nonlinear fingerprint coefficient was sensitive to micro cracks and correlated well with the degree of damage.

  16. Temperature effects in a nonlinear model of monolayer Scheibe aggregates

    Bang, Ole; Christiansen, Peter Leth; If, F.


    A nonlinear dynamical model of molecular monolayers arranged in Scheibe aggregates is derived from a proper Hamiltonian. Thermal fluctuations of the phonons are included. The resulting equation for the excitons is the two dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation with noise. Two limits...

  17. Nonlinear vibration and stability of rotating, pretwisted, preconed blades including Coriolis effects

    Subrahmanyam, K. B.; Kaza, K. R. V.; Brown, G. V.; Lawrence, C.


    The coupled bending-bending-torsional equations of dynamic motion of rotating, linearly pretwisted blades are derived including large precone, second degree geometric nonlinearities and Coriolis effects. The equations are solved by the Galerkin method and a linear perturbation technique. Accuracy of the present method is verified by conparisons of predicted frequencies and steady state deflections with those from MSC/NASTRAN and from experiments. Parametric results are generated to establish where inclusion of only the second degree geometric nonlinearities is adequate. The nonlinear terms causing torsional divergence in thin blades are identified. The effects of Coriolis terms and several other structurally nonlinear terms are studied, and their relative importance is examined.

  18. Nonlinear bending-torsional vibration and stability of rotating, pretwisted, preconed blades including Coriolis effects

    Subrahmanyam, K. B.; Kaza, K. R. V.; Brown, G. V.; Lawrence, C.


    The coupled bending-bending-torsional equations of dynamic motion of rotating, linearly pretwisted blades are derived including large precone, second degree geometric nonlinearities and Coriolis effects. The equations are solved by the Galerkin method and a linear perturbation technique. Accuracy of the present method is verified by comparisons of predicted frequencies and steady state deflections with those from MSC/NASTRAN and from experiments. Parametric results are generated to establish where inclusion of only the second degree geometric nonlinearities is adequate. The nonlinear terms causing torsional divergence in thin blades are identified. The effects of Coriolis terms and several other structurally nonlinear terms are studied, and their relative importance is examined.

  19. Reduction of nonlinear patterning effects in SOA-based All-optical Switches using Optical filtering

    Nielsen, Mads Lønstrup; Mørk, Jesper; Skaguchi, J.


    We explain theoretically, and demonstrate and quantify experimentally, how appropriate filtering can reduce the dominant nonlinear patterning effect, which limits the performance of differential-mode SOA-based switches.......We explain theoretically, and demonstrate and quantify experimentally, how appropriate filtering can reduce the dominant nonlinear patterning effect, which limits the performance of differential-mode SOA-based switches....

  20. Explanation of the inverse Doppler effect observed in nonlinear transmission lines.

    Kozyrev, Alexander B; van der Weide, Daniel W


    The theory of the inverse Doppler effect recently observed in magnetic nonlinear transmission lines is developed. We explain the crucial role of the backward spatial harmonic in the occurrence of an inverse Doppler effect and draw analogies of the magnetic nonlinear transmission line to the backward wave oscillator.

  1. Localized Effects in the Nonlinear Behavior of Sandwich Panels with a Transversely Flexible Core

    Frostig, Y.; Thomsen, Ole Thybo


    nonlinear analysis approach incorporates the effects of the vertical flexibility of the core, and it is based on the approach of the High-order Sandwich Panel Theory (HSAPT). The results demonstrate that the effects of localized loads, when taken into the geometrically nonlinear domain, change the response...

  2. Behavioral effects of etiracetam in rats

    Wolthuis, O.L.


    The effects of etiracetam, a structural analogue or piracetam, were investigated in rats on Y-maze discrimination acquisition, on open field behavior, on one-trial passive avoidance learning and on shuttlebox acquisition and extinction. The results indicate that this drug significantly enhances



    Some theoretical methods have been reported to deal with nonlinear problems of composite materials but the accuracy is not so good. In the meantime, a lot of nonlinear problems are difficult to be managed by the theoretical methods. The present study aims to use the developed method, the random microstructure finite element method, to deal with these nonlinear problems. In this paper, the random microstructure finite element method is used to deal with all three kinds of nonlinear property problems of composite materials. The analyzed results suggest that the influences of the nonlinear phenomena on the effective properties of composite materials are significant and the random microstructure finite element method is an efficient tool to investigate the nonlinear problems.

  4. An effective analytic approach for solving nonlinear fractional partial differential equations

    Ma, Junchi; Zhang, Xiaolong; Liang, Songxin


    Nonlinear fractional differential equations are widely used for modelling problems in applied mathematics. A new analytic approach with two parameters c1 and c2 is first proposed for solving nonlinear fractional partial differential equations. These parameters are used to improve the accuracy of the resulting series approximations. It turns out that much more accurate series approximations are obtained by choosing proper values of c1 and c2. To demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of the new method, two typical fractional partial differential equations, the nonlinear gas dynamics equation and the nonlinear KdV-Burgers equation, are solved.

  5. Effect of the counter cation on the third order nonlinearity in anionic Au dithiolene complexes

    Iliopoulos, K.; El-Ghayoury, A.; Derkowska, B.; Ranganathan, A.; Batail, P.; Gindre, D.; Sahraoui, B.


    In this work, we present the third order nonlinear optical investigation of two gold complexes, which differ by the nature of the counter cations. The impact of the different design in the architecture through a set of hydrogen bonds in the case of Au-Mel of the systems on the nonlinearity has been studied by means of the Z-scan setup under 532 nm, 30 ps laser excitation, allowing for the determination of the nonlinear absorption and refraction of the samples. Significant modification of the nonlinear optical response between the two metal complexes has been found suggesting a clear effect of the counter cation.

  6. Limiting effects of geometrical and optical nonlinearities on the squeezing in optomechanics

    Djorwé, P. [Laboratory of Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, Biomimetics and Prototypes, Faculty of Science, University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon); Nana Engo, S.G., E-mail: [Laboratory of Photonics, Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundéré (Cameroon); Talla Mbé, J.H.; Woafo, P. [Laboratory of Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, Biomimetics and Prototypes, Faculty of Science, University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon)


    In recent experiments, the re-thermalization time of the mechanical resonator is stated as the limiting factor for quantum applications of optomechanical systems. To explain the origin of this limitation, an analytical nonlinear investigation supported by the recent successful experimental laser cooling parameters is carried out in this work. To this end, the effects of geometrical and the optical nonlinearities on the squeezing are studied and are in a good agreement with the experimental results. It appears that highly squeezed state are generated where these nonlinearities are minimized and that high nonlinearities are limiting factors to reach the quantum ground state.

  7. Nonlinear dynamics of wind waves: multifractal phase/time effects

    R. H. Mellen


    Full Text Available In addition to the bispectral coherence method, phase/time analysis of analytic signals is another promising avenue for the investigation of phase effects in wind waves. Frequency spectra of phase fluctuations obtained from both sea and laboratory experiments follow an F-β power law over several decades, suggesting that a fractal description is appropriate. However, many similar natural phenomena have been shown to be multifractal. Universal multifractals are quantified by two additional parameters: the Lévy index 0 α 2 for the type of multifractal and the co-dimension 0 C1 1 for intermittence. The three parameters are a full statistical measure the nonlinear dynamics. Analysis of laboratory flume data is reported here and the results indicate that the phase fluctuations are 'hard multifractal' (α > 1. The actual estimate is close to the limiting value α = 2,  which is consistent with Kolmogorov's lognormal model for turbulent fluctuations. Implications for radar and sonar backscattering from the sea surface are briefly considered.

  8. Nonlinear turbulence models for predicting strong curvature effects

    XU Jing-lei; MA Hui-yang; HUANG Yu-ning


    Prediction of the characteristics of turbulent flows with strong streamline curvature, such as flows in turbomachines, curved channel flows, flows around airfoils and buildings, is of great importance in engineering applicatious and poses a very practical challenge for turbulence modeling. In this paper, we analyze qualitatively the curvature effects on the structure of turbulence and conduct numerical simulations of a turbulent U- duct flow with a number of turbulence models in order to assess their overall performance. The models evaluated in this work are some typical linear eddy viscosity turbulence models, nonlinear eddy viscosity turbulence models (NLEVM) (quadratic and cubic), a quadratic explicit algebraic stress model (EASM) and a Reynolds stress model (RSM) developed based on the second-moment closure. Our numerical results show that a cubic NLEVM that performs considerably well in other benchmark turbulent flows, such as the Craft, Launder and Suga model and the Huang and Ma model, is able to capture the major features of the highly curved turbulent U-duct flow, including the damping of turbulence near the convex wall, the enhancement of turbulence near the concave wall, and the subsequent turbulent flow separation. The predictions of the cubic models are quite close to that of the RSM, in relatively good agreement with the experimental data, which suggests that these inodels may be employed to simulate the turbulent curved flows in engineering applications.

  9. Stochastic nonlinear mixed effects: a metformin case study.

    Matzuka, Brett; Chittenden, Jason; Monteleone, Jonathan; Tran, Hien


    In nonlinear mixed effect (NLME) modeling, the intra-individual variability is a collection of errors due to assay sensitivity, dosing, sampling, as well as model misspecification. Utilizing stochastic differential equations (SDE) within the NLME framework allows the decoupling of the measurement errors from the model misspecification. This leads the SDE approach to be a novel tool for model refinement. Using Metformin clinical pharmacokinetic (PK) data, the process of model development through the use of SDEs in population PK modeling was done to study the dynamics of absorption rate. A base model was constructed and then refined by using the system noise terms of the SDEs to track model parameters and model misspecification. This provides the unique advantage of making no underlying assumptions about the structural model for the absorption process while quantifying insufficiencies in the current model. This article focuses on implementing the extended Kalman filter and unscented Kalman filter in an NLME framework for parameter estimation and model development, comparing the methodologies, and illustrating their challenges and utility. The Kalman filter algorithms were successfully implemented in NLME models using MATLAB with run time differences between the ODE and SDE methods comparable to the differences found by Kakhi for their stochastic deconvolution.

  10. Nonlinear effects in a conceptual multilayer cloud model

    U. Wacker


    Full Text Available As conceptual model for a cloud a system is considered which is open for condensate mass transport and subject to internal processes such as cloud microphysical transformation and vertical condensate transport. The effects of microphysical processes are represented in parameterized form and the system is divided into two layers to account for the vertical structure. The evolution is mathematically described in terms of four coupled nonlinear ODEs; the prognostic variables are the mass concentrations of cloud water as well as precipitation condensate in each of the layers. In the absence of vertical velocity the evolution in the lower layer is triggered by the evolution in the upper layer. In the presence of an upwind, the dynamics in both layers is mutually coupled. Depending on the chosen parameter values up to four steady states are found. When varying the parameter upwind velocity, three regimes are distinguished: For week upwind the long-term evolution is steered by the external sources; for stronger upwind the cloud condensate is blown out of the cloud in the final state and does not contribute to formation of precipitation; for intermediate upwind multiple steady state solution branches arise which characterize the transition between those two regimes.

  11. Weak nonlinear surface-charging effects in electrolytic films.

    Dean, D S; Horgan, R R


    A simple model of soap films with nonionic surfactants stabilized by added electrolyte is studied. The model exhibits charge regularization due to the incorporation of a physical mechanism responsible for the formation of a surface charge. We use a Gaussian field theory in the film but the full nonlinear surface terms which are then treated at a one-loop level by calculating the mean-field Poisson-Boltzmann solution and then the fluctuations about this solution. We carefully analyze the renormalization of the theory and apply it to a triple-layer model for a thin film with Stern layer of thickness h. For this model we give expressions for the surface charge sigma(L) and the disjoining pressure P(d)(L) and show their dependence on the parameters. The influence of image charges naturally arises in the formalism, and we show that predictions depend strongly on h because of their effects. In particular, we show that the surface charge vanishes as the film thickness L-->0. The fluctuation terms in this class of theories contribute a Casimir-like attraction across the film. Although this attraction is well known to be negligible compared with the mean-field component for model electrolytic films with no surface-charge regulation, in the model studied here these fluctuations also affect the surface-charge regulation leading to a fluctuation component in the disjoining pressure which has the same behavior as the mean-field component even for large film thickness.

  12. Effects of introducing nonlinear components for a random excited hybrid energy harvester

    Zhou, Xiaoya; Gao, Shiqiao; Liu, Haipeng; Guan, Yanwei


    This work is mainly devoted to discussing the effects of introducing nonlinear components for a hybrid energy harvester under random excitation. For two different types of nonlinear hybrid energy harvesters subjected to random excitation, the analytical solutions of the mean output power, voltage and current are derived from Fokker-Planck (FP) equations. Monte Carlo simulation exhibits qualitative agreement with FP theory, showing that load values and excitation’s spectral density have an effect on the total mean output power, piezoelectric (PE) power and electromagnetic power. Nonlinear components affect output characteristics only when the PE capacitance of the hybrid energy harvester is non-negligible. Besides, it is also demonstrated that for this type of nonlinear hybrid energy harvesters under random excitation, introducing nonlinear components can improve output performances effectively.

  13. Effective Response of Nonlinear Composite under External AC and DC Electric Field

    LIU Ye; LIANG Fang-Chu; SHEN Hong-Liang


    A perturbation method is used to study effective response of nonlinear Kerr composites, which are subject to the constitutive relation of electric displacement and electric field, Dα = εαE + xα|E|2E. Under the external AC and DC electric field Eapp = Eα(1 + sinwt), the effective nonlinear responses and local potentials are induced by the cubic nonlinearity of Kerr materials at all harmonics. As an example in three dimensions, we have investigated this kind of nonlinear composites with spherical inclusions embedded in a host. At all harmonic frequencies, the potentials in inclusion and host regions are derived. Furthermore, the formulae of the effective linear and nonlinear responses are given in the dilute limit.

  14. A nonlinear mixed-effects model for simultaneous smoothing and registration of functional data

    Raket, Lars Lau; Sommer, Stefan Horst; Markussen, Bo


    We consider misaligned functional data, where data registration is necessary for proper statistical analysis. This paper proposes to treat misalignment as a nonlinear random effect, which makes simultaneous likelihood inference for horizontal and vertical effects possible. By simultaneously fitting...

  15. Estimation of the Nonlinear Random Coefficient Model when Some Random Effects Are Separable

    du Toit, Stephen H. C.; Cudeck, Robert


    A method is presented for marginal maximum likelihood estimation of the nonlinear random coefficient model when the response function has some linear parameters. This is done by writing the marginal distribution of the repeated measures as a conditional distribution of the response given the nonlinear random effects. The resulting distribution…

  16. Nonlinear effects in propagation of long-range surface plasmon polaritons in gold strip waveguides

    Lysenko, Oleg; Bache, Morten; Malureanu, Radu


    thickness. The theoretical model of these effects is based on the third-order susceptibility of the constituent materials. The linear and nonlinear parameters of the LRSPP mode are obtained, and the nonlinear Schrodinger equation is solved. The dispersion length is much larger than the waveguides length...

  17. Effective nonlinearities and multi-wavelength second-harmonic generation in modulated quasi-phase-matching gratings

    Bang, Ole; Graversen, T. W.; Clausen, Carl A. Balslev


    Quasi-phase-matching gratings induces Kerr effects in quadratic nonlinear materials. We show analytically and confirm numerically how modulating the grating changes the effective quadratic and cubic nonlinearities and allows for multi-wavelength second-harmonic generation....

  18. Influence of thermal effects induced by nonlinear absorption on four-wave mixing in silicon waveguides

    Pu, Minhao; Chen, Yaohui; Yvind, Kresten


    Influence of thermal effects induced by nonlinear absorption on four-wave mixing in silicon waveguides is investigated. A conversion bandwidth reduction up to 63% is observed in simulation due to the thermal effects.......Influence of thermal effects induced by nonlinear absorption on four-wave mixing in silicon waveguides is investigated. A conversion bandwidth reduction up to 63% is observed in simulation due to the thermal effects....

  19. [Effect of astaxanthin on preeclampsia rat model].

    Xuan Rong-rong; Gao Xin; Wu, Wei; Chen, Hai-min


    The effect of astaxanthin on N(Ω)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) induced preeclampsia disease rats was investigated. Thirty pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into three groups (n = 10): blank group, L-NAME group and astaxanthin group. From day 5 to 20, astaxanthin group rats were treated with astaxanthin (25 mg x kg(-1) x d(-1) x bw(-1)) from pregnancy (day 5). To establish the preeclamptic rat model, L-NAME group and astaxanthin group rats were injected with L-NAME (125 mg x kg(-1) x d(-1) x bw(-1)) from days 10-20 of pregnancy. The blood pressure and urine protein were recorded. Serum of each group was collected and malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activities were analyzed. Pathological changes were observed with HE stain. The expression of NF-κB (nuclear factor kappa B), ROCK II (Rho-associated protein kinase II), HO-1 (heme oxygenase-1) and Caspase 3 were analyzed with immunohistochemistry. L-NAME induced typical preeclampsia symptoms, such as the increased blood pressure, urinary protein, the content of MDA, etc. Astaxanthin significantly reduced the blood pressure (P astaxanthin, the thickness of basilal membrane was improved and the content of trophoblast cells and spiral arteries was reduced. Immunohistochemistry results revealed that the expressions of NF-κB, ROCK II and Caspase 3 in placenta tissue were effectively decreased, and HO-1 was increased. Results indicated that astaxanthin can improve the preeclampsia symptoms by effectively reducing the oxidative stress and inflammatory damages of preeclampsia. It revealed that astaxanthin may be benefit for prevention and treatment of preeclampsia disease.

  20. Nonlinear effects in acoustic metamaterial based on a cylindrical pipe with ordered Helmholtz resonators

    Lan, Jun; Li, Yifeng; Yu, Huiyang; Li, Baoshun; Liu, Xiaozhou


    We theoretically investigate the nonlinear effects of acoustic wave propagation and dispersion in a cylindrical pipe with periodically arranged Helmholtz resonators. By using the classical perturbation method in nonlinear acoustics and considering a nonlinear response up to the third-order at the fundamental frequency, the expressions of the nonlinear impedance ZNHR of the Helmholtz resonator and effective nonlinear bulk modulus Bneff of the composite structure are derived. In order to confirm the nonlinear properties of the acoustic metamaterial, the transmission spectra have been studied by means of the acoustic transmission line method. Moreover, we calculate the effective acoustic impedance and dispersion relation of the system using the acoustic impedance theory and Bloch theory, respectively. It is found that with the increment of the incident acoustic pressure level, owing to the nonlinearity of the Helmholtz resonators, the resonant frequency ω0 shifts toward the lower frequency side and the forbidden bandgap of the transmission spectrum is shown to be broadened. The perturbation method employed in this paper extends the general analytical framework for a nonlinear acoustic metamaterial.

  1. Extended Elliptic Mild Slope Equation Incorporating the Nonlinear Shoaling Effect

    Xiao Qian-lu


    Full Text Available The transformation during wave propagation is significantly important for the calculations of hydraulic and coastal engineering, as well as the sediment transport. The exact wave height deformation calculation on the coasts is essential to near-shore hydrodynamics research and the structure design of coastal engineering. According to the wave shoaling results gained from the elliptical cosine wave theory, the nonlinear wave dispersion relation is adopted to develop the expression of the corresponding nonlinear wave shoaling coefficient. Based on the extended elliptic mild slope equation, an efficient wave numerical model is presented in this paper for predicting wave deformation across the complex topography and the surf zone, incorporating the nonlinear wave dispersion relation, the nonlinear wave shoaling coefficient and other energy dissipation factors. Especially, the phenomenon of wave recovery and second breaking could be shown by the present model. The classical Berkhoff single elliptic topography wave tests, the sinusoidal varying topography experiment, and complex composite slopes wave flume experiments are applied to verify the accuracy of the calculation of wave heights. Compared with experimental data, good agreements are found upon single elliptical topography and one-dimensional beach profiles, including uniform slope and step-type profiles. The results indicate that the newly-developed nonlinear wave shoaling coefficient improves the calculated accuracy of wave transformation in the surf zone efficiently, and the wave breaking is the key factor affecting the wave characteristics and need to be considered in the nearshore wave simulations.

  2. Reduced Noise Effect in Nonlinear Model Estimation Using Multiscale Representation

    Mohamed N. Nounou


    Full Text Available Nonlinear process models are widely used in various applications. In the absence of fundamental models, it is usually relied on empirical models, which are estimated from measurements of the process variables. Unfortunately, measured data are usually corrupted with measurement noise that degrades the accuracy of the estimated models. Multiscale wavelet-based representation of data has been shown to be a powerful data analysis and feature extraction tool. In this paper, these characteristics of multiscale representation are utilized to improve the estimation accuracy of the linear-in-the-parameters nonlinear model by developing a multiscale nonlinear (MSNL modeling algorithm. The main idea in this MSNL modeling algorithm is to decompose the data at multiple scales, construct multiple nonlinear models at multiple scales, and then select among all scales the model which best describes the process. The main advantage of the developed algorithm is that it integrates modeling and feature extraction to improve the robustness of the estimated model to the presence of measurement noise in the data. This advantage of MSNL modeling is demonstrated using a nonlinear reactor model.

  3. Effects of quadratic and cubic nonlinearities on a perfectly tuned parametric amplifier

    Neumeyer, S.; Sorokin, V. S.; Thomsen, J. J.


    We consider the performance of a parametric amplifier with perfect tuning (two-to-one ratio between the parametric and direct excitation frequencies) and quadratic and cubic nonlinearities. A forced Duffing-Mathieu equation with appended quadratic nonlinearity is considered as the model system, and approximate analytical steady-state solutions and corresponding stabilities are obtained by the method of varying amplitudes. Some general effects of pure quadratic, and mixed quadratic and cubic nonlinearities on parametric amplification are shown. In particular, the effects of mixed quadratic and cubic nonlinearities may generate additional amplitude-frequency solutions. In this case an increased response and a more phase sensitive amplitude (phase between excitation frequencies) is obtained, as compared to the case with either pure quadratic or cubic nonlinearity. Furthermore, jumps and bi-stability in the amplitude-phase characteristics are predicted, supporting previously reported experimental observations.

  4. Discriminating thermal effect in nonlinear-ellipse-rotation-modified Z-scan measurements.

    Liu, Zhi-Bo; Shi, Shuo; Yan, Xiao-Qing; Zhou, Wen-Yuan; Tian, Jian-Guo


    We report that a modified Z-scan method by nonlinear ellipse rotation (NER) can be used to discriminate true nonlinear refraction from thermal effect in the transient regime and steady state. The combination of Z-scan and NER allows us to measure the third-order nonlinear susceptibility component without the influence of thermal-optical nonlinearity. The experimental results of pure CS(2) and CS(2) solutions of nigrosine verify that the transient thermal effect can be successfully eliminated from the NER-modified Z-scan measurements. This method is also extended to the case in which thermal-optical nonlinearities depend on a high repetition rate of femtosecond laser pulses for the N,N-dimethylmethanamide solutions of graphene oxide. © 2011 Optical Society of America

  5. Soliton Properties of Light Pulses on the Surface of Ionic Crystals Generated by Strong Nonlinear Effects

    NIU Jia-Sheng; MA Ben-Kun


    In this paper, we theoretically discuss the soliton properties of light pulse transportation on the surface of an ionic crystal having strong nonlinear interactions between ions of unit cells. We analyze in detail the dark solitons when the nonlinear coefficient g is positive and negative, respectively. It is found that whether the nonlinear coefficient g is positive or negative, the dark solitons can be formed over the whole dispersion relation area of surface polaritons considering nonlinear effects. Attention should be paid to the fact that around ωTO, the light pulse can form advanced dark solitons, and there is a switching area from advanced dark soliton to retarded dark soliton near ωTO. We also discuss the effects of higher nonlinear dispersion on the solitons.

  6. Nonlinear optical and magneto-optical effects in non-spherical magnetic granular composite

    Ping Xu(须萍); Zhenya Li(李振亚)


    The magnetization-induced nonlinear optical and nonlinear magneto-optical properties in a magnetic metal-insulator composite are studied based on a tensor effective medium approximation with shape factor and Taylcr-expansion method. There is a weakly nonlinear relation between electric displacement D and elcctric field E in the composite. The results of our studies on the effective dielectric tensor and the nonlinear susceptibility tensor in a magnetic nanocomposite are surveyed. It is shown that such a metal-insulator composite exhibits the enhancements of optical and magneto-optical nonlinearity. The frequencies at which the enhancements occur, and the amplitude of the enhancement factors depend on the concentration and shape of the magnetic grains.

  7. Nonlinear effects of the finite amplitude ultrasound wave in biological tissues


    Nonlinear effects will occur during the transmission of the finite amplitude wave in biological tissues.The theoretical prediction and experimental demonstration of the nonlinear effects on the propagation of the finite amplitude wave at the range of biomedical ultrasound frequency and intensity are studied.Results show that the efficiency factor and effective propagation distance will decrease while the attenuation coefficient increases due to the existence of nonlinear effects.The experimental results coincided quite well with the theory.This shows that the effective propagation distance and efficiency factor can be used to describe quantitatively the influence of nonlinear effects on the propagation of the finite amplitude sound wave in biological tissues.

  8. Using strong nonlinearity and high-frequency vibrations to control effective properties of discrete elastic waveguides

    Lazarov, Boyan Stefanov; Thomsen, Jon Juel; Snaeland, Sveinn Orri


    The aim of this article is to investigate how highfrequency (HF) excitation, combined with strong nonlinear elastic material behavior, influences the effective material or structural properties for low-frequency excitation and wave propagation. The HF effects are demonstrated on discrete linear s...... spring-mass chains with non-linear inclusions. The presented analytical and numerical results suggest that the effective material properties can easily be altered by establishing finite amplitude HF standing waves in the non-linear regions of the chain....

  9. Nonlinear analysis of renal autoregulation in rats using principal dynamic modes

    Marmarelis, V Z; Chon, K H; Holstein-Rathlou, N H


    and collected in normotensive and hypertensive rats for two levels of pressure forcing (as measured by the standard deviation of the pressure fluctuation). The PDMs are computed from first-order and second-order kernel estimates obtained from the data via the Laguerre expansion technique. The results...

  10. Design evaluation and optimisation in crossover pharmacokinetic studies analysed by nonlinear mixed effects models

    Nguyen, Thu Thuy; Bazzoli, Caroline; Mentré, France


    International audience; Bioequivalence or interaction trials are commonly studied in crossover design and can be analysed by nonlinear mixed effects models as an alternative to noncompartmental approach. We propose an extension of the population Fisher information matrix in nonlinear mixed effects models to design crossover pharmacokinetic trials, using a linearisation of the model around the random effect expectation, including within-subject variability and discrete covariates fixed or chan...


    STEEN, H; MEIJER, DKF; Merema, M.T.


    The effect of ethanol on the hepatic uptake of various cationic drugs was studied in isolated perfused rat livers, isolated rat hepatocytes and isolated rat liver mitochondria. In isolated rat hepatocytes and in isolated perfused rat livers, the uptake of the model organic cation tri-n-butylmethylam

  12. Effect of Physical Nonlinearity on Local Buckling in Sandwich Beams

    Koissin, Vitaly; Shipsha, Andrey; Skvortsov, Vitaly


    This article deals with experimental, theoretical, and FE characterization of the local buckling in foam-core sandwich beams. In the theoretical approach, this phenomena is considered in a periodic formulation (unbounded wrinkle wave); a nonlinear stress—strain response of the face material is accou

  13. Nonlinear effective-medium theory of disordered spring networks.

    Sheinman, M; Broedersz, C P; MacKintosh, F C


    Disordered soft materials, such as fibrous networks in biological contexts, exhibit a nonlinear elastic response. We study such nonlinear behavior with a minimal model for networks on lattice geometries with simple Hookian elements with disordered spring constant. By developing a mean-field approach to calculate the differential elastic bulk modulus for the macroscopic network response of such networks under large isotropic deformations, we provide insight into the origins of the strain stiffening and softening behavior of these systems. We find that the nonlinear mechanics depends only weakly on the lattice geometry and is governed by the average network connectivity. In particular, the nonlinear response is controlled by the isostatic connectivity, which depends strongly on the applied strain. Our predictions for the strain dependence of the isostatic point as well as the strain-dependent differential bulk modulus agree well with numerical results in both two and three dimensions. In addition, by using a mapping between the disordered network and a regular network with random forces, we calculate the nonaffine fluctuations of the deformation field and compare them to the numerical results. Finally, we discuss the limitations and implications of the developed theory.

  14. Effect of Physical Nonlinearity on Local Buckling in Sandwich Beams

    Koysin, V.; Shipsha, Andrey; Skvortsov, Vitaly


    This article deals with experimental, theoretical, and FE characterization of the local buckling in foam-core sandwich beams. In the theoretical approach, this phenomena is considered in a periodic formulation (unbounded wrinkle wave); a nonlinear stress—strain response of the face material is accou

  15. Effective Third-Order Nonlinearities in Metallic Refractory Titanium Nitride Thin Films

    Kinsey, Nathaniel; Courtwright, Devon; DeVault, Clayton; Bonner, Carl E; Gavrilenko, Vladimir I; Shalaev, Vladimir M; Hagan, David J; Van Stryland, Eric W; Boltasseva, Alexandra


    Nanophotonic devices offer an unprecedented ability to concentrate light into small volumes which can greatly increase nonlinear effects. However, traditional plasmonic materials suffer from low damage thresholds and are not compatible with standard semiconductor technology. Here we study the nonlinear optical properties in the novel refractory plasmonic material titanium nitride using the Z scan method at 1550 nm and 780 nm. We compare the extracted nonlinear parameters for TiN with previous works on noble metals and note a similarly large nonlinear optical response. However, TiN films have been shown to exhibit a damage threshold up to an order of magnitude higher than gold films of a similar thickness, while also being robust, cost-efficient, bio- and CMOS compatible. Together, these properties make TiN a promising material for metal-based nonlinear optics.

  16. Theoretical investigation on Raman induced Kerr effect spectroscopy in nonlinear confocal microscopy

    Gun LiNa; TANG ZhiLie; XING Da


    The imaging theory of Raman induced Kerr effect spectroscopy (RIKES) in nonlinear confocal microscopy is presented in this paper. Three-dimensional point spread function (3D-PSF) of RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy in isotropic media is derived with Fourier imaging theory and RIKES theory. The impact of nonlinear property of RIKES on the spatial resolution and imaging properties of confocal microscopy have been analyzed in detail. It is proved that RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy can simultaneously provide more information than twophoton confocal microscopy concerning molecular vibration mode, vibration orientation and optically induced molecular reorientation, etc. It is shown that RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy significantly enhances the spatial resolution and imaging quality of confocal microscopy and achieves much higher resolution than that of two-photon confocal microscopy.

  17. Theoretical investigation on Raman induced Kerr effect spectroscopy in nonlinear confocal microscopy


    The imaging theory of Raman induced Kerr effect spectroscopy (RIKES) in nonlinear confocal microscopy is presented in this paper. Three-dimensional point spread function (3D-PSF) of RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy in isotropic media is derived with Fourier imaging theory and RIKES theory. The impact of nonlinear property of RIKES on the spatial resolution and imaging properties of confocal microscopy have been analyzed in detail. It is proved that RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy can simultaneously provide more information than two-photon confocal microscopy concerning molecular vibration mode, vibration orientation and optically induced molecular reorientation, etc. It is shown that RIKES nonlinear confocal microscopy significantly enhances the spatial resolution and imaging quality of confocal microscopy and achieves much higher resolution than that of two-photon confocal microscopy.

  18. Weakly nonlinear dispersion and stop-band effects for periodic structures

    Sorokin, Vladislav; Thomsen, Jon Juel

    Continua and structures composed of periodically repeated elements (cells) are used in many fields of science and technology. Examples of continua are composite materials, consisting of alternating volumes of substances with different properties, mechanical filters and wave guides. Examples of en...... suggested. The work is carried out with financial support from the Danish Council for Independent Research and COFUND: DFF – 1337-00026...... of these methods for studying nonlinear problems isimpossible or cumbersome, since Floquet theory is applicable only for linear systems. Thus the nonlinear effects for periodic structures are not yet fully uncovered, while at the same time applications may demand effects of nonlinearity on structural response...

  19. Using nonlinearity and spatiotemporal property modulation to control effective structural properties: dynamic rods

    Thomsen, Jon Juel; Blekhman, Iliya I.


    , and to call these dynamic materials or spatiotemporal composites. Also, according to theoretical predictions, structural nonlinearity enhances the possibilities of achieving specific effective properties. For example, with an elastic rod having cubical elastic nonlinearities, it seems possible to control......, and exemplified. Then simple approximate analytical expressions are derived for the effective wave speed and natural frequencies for one-dimensional wave propagation in a nonlinear elastic rod, where the spatiotemporal modulation is imposed as a high-frequency standing wave, supposed to be given. Finally the more...

  20. Nonlinear optical properties and optical power limiting effect of Giemsa dye

    Al-Saidi, Imad Al-Deen Hussein A.; Abdulkareem, Saif Al-Deen


    The nonlinear optical properties of Giemsa dye in chloroform solution for different concentrations and dye mixed with poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) as a dye-doped polymer film were investigated using continuous wave (CW) low power solid-state laser (SSL) operating at wavelength of 532 nm as an excitation source. Using the single beam z-scan technique, the nonlinear refractive index (n2), the nonlinear absorption coefficient (β), and the third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility (χ(3)) of Giemsa dye were measured. The measurements reveal that both n2 and β are dependent on the dye concentration. The obtained results indicate that the Giemsa dye exhibits positive nonlinear saturable absorption (SA) and negative refraction nonlinearity, manifestation of self-defocusing effect. Optical power limiting characteristics of the Giemsa dye at different concentrations in solution and polymer film were studied. The observed large third-order optical nonlinearity of Giemsa dye confirms that Giemsa dye is a promising nonlinear material for the optical power limiting and photonic devices applications.

  1. Research of Fast Neutron Radiation Effect on Rats


    In order to research the fast neutron radiation effect on rats,the 8 weeks Wistar male rats were wholly irradiated by 14 MeV fast neutron with 5 Gy. In the experiment,the rats were divided into normal and irradiation group, and killed

  2. Effect of thiabendazole on some rat hepatic xenobiotic metabolising enzymes

    Price, R.J.; Scott, M.P.; Walters, D.G.; Stierum, R.H.; Groten, J.P.; Meredith, C.; Lake, B.G.


    The effect of thiabendazole (TB) on some rat hepatic xenobiotic metabolising enzymes has been investigated. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed control diet or diets containing 102-5188 ppm TB for 28 days. As a positive control for induction of hepatic xenobiotic metabolism, rats were also fed diets c

  3. Effect of thiabendazole on some rat hepatic xenobiotic metabolising enzymes

    Price, R.J.; Scott, M.P.; Walters, D.G.; Stierum, R.H.; Groten, J.P.; Meredith, C.; Lake, B.G.


    The effect of thiabendazole (TB) on some rat hepatic xenobiotic metabolising enzymes has been investigated. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed control diet or diets containing 102-5188 ppm TB for 28 days. As a positive control for induction of hepatic xenobiotic metabolism, rats were also fed diets

  4. Properties of Differential Scattering Section Based on Multi-photon Nonlinear Compton Effect


    Properties of damping electrons in collision with photons based on multi-photon nonlinear Compton effect are investigated. The expressions of the differential scattering section are derived. Several useful conclusions are drawn.

  5. Systematic treatment of non-linear effects in Baryon Acoustic Oscillations

    Ivanov, Mikhail M


    In this contribution we will discuss the non-linear effects in the baryon acoustic oscillations and present a systematic and controllable way to account for them within time-sliced perturbation theory.

  6. Diffraction corrections for second harmonic beam fields and effects on the nonlinearity parameter evaluation

    Jeong, Hyun Jo; Cho, Sung Jong; Nam, Ki Woong; Lee, Jang Hyun [Division of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Wonkwang University, Iksan (Korea, Republic of)


    The nonlinearity parameter is frequently measured as a sensitive indicator in damaged material characterization or tissue harmonic imaging. Several previous studies have employed the plane wave solution, and ignored the effects of beam diffraction when measuring the non-linearity parameter β. This paper presents a multi-Gaussian beam approach to explicitly derive diffraction corrections for fundamental and second harmonics under quasilinear and paraxial approximation. Their effects on the nonlinearity parameter estimation demonstrate complicated dependence of β on the transmitter-receiver geometries, frequency, and propagation distance. The diffraction effects on the non-linearity parameter estimation are important even in the nearfield region. Experiments are performed to show that improved β values can be obtained by considering the diffraction effects.

  7. Preconditioning of Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models for Stabilisation of Variance-Covariance Matrix Computations

    Aoki, Yasunori; Nordgren, Rikard; Hooker, Andrew C


    ... a bottleneck in the analysis. We propose a preconditioning method for non-linear mixed effects models used in pharmacometric analyses to stabilise the computation of the variance-covariance matrix...


    ZHENG Yu-fang; FU Yi-ming


    The nonlinear dynamic behaviors of viscoelastic rectangular plates including the damage effects under the action of a transverse periodic load were studied. Using the von Karman equations, Boltzmann superposition principle and continuum damage mechanics, the nonlinear dynamic equations in terms of the mid-plane displacements for the viscoelastic thin plates with damage effect were derived. By adopting the finite difference method and Newmark method, these equations were solved. The results were compared with the available data. In the numerical calculations, the effects of the external loading parameters and geometric dimensions of the plate on the nonlinear dynamic responses of the plate were discussed. Research results show that the nonlinear dynamic response of the structure will change remarkably when the damage effect is considered.

  9. Examining the Error of Mis-Specifying Nonlinear Confounding Effect with Application on Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity

    Lee, Paul H.


    Purpose: Some confounders are nonlinearly associated with dependent variables, but they are often adjusted using a linear term. The purpose of this study was to examine the error of mis-specifying the nonlinear confounding effect. Methods: We carried out a simulation study to investigate the effect of adjusting for a nonlinear confounder in the…

  10. Biochemical effect of curcumin on hyperlipidemia induced in rats

    Omayma A.R.; Ragab A.; Abdel-Majeed A.D; Hassanin K.M.; Abdelghaffar M.M.


    This study was performed to investigate the effect of oral supplementation of curcumin, garlic extract and olive oil on lipid profile, nitric oxide, adiponectin, endothelin-1, blood glucose and some inflammatory markers in normal, diabetic and hyperlipidemic rats supplementing high fat and cholesterol-enriched diet. Forty female adult albino rats were divided into four equal groups of 10 rats each. Group (1): negative control received normal diet only, group (2): rats fed on normal diet and r...

  11. Asymmetrically pumped Bragg scattering with the effects of nonlinear phase modulation

    Andersen, Lasse Mejling; Friis, Søren Michael Mørk; Reddy, Dileep V.


    We derive exact solutions to asymmetrically pumped Bragg scattering with nonlinear phase-modulation (NPM) and show that this setup allows for the frequency conversion of many temporal modes, while reducing the effects due to NPM.......We derive exact solutions to asymmetrically pumped Bragg scattering with nonlinear phase-modulation (NPM) and show that this setup allows for the frequency conversion of many temporal modes, while reducing the effects due to NPM....

  12. Nonlinear Effects in Quantum Dynamics of Atom Laser: Mean-Field Approach

    JING Hui


    Quantum dynamics and statistics of an atom laser with nonlinear binary interactions are investigated inthe framework of mean-field approximation. The linearized effective Hamiltonian of the system is accurately solvable.It is shown that, although the input radio frequency field is in an ordinary Glauber coherent state, the output matterwave will periodically exhibit quadrature squeezing effects purely originated from the nonlinear atom-atom collisions.

  13. Effects of Metallothionein on Isolated Rat Heart

    SUN Zhongdong; XIA Jiahong; DONG Nianguo; DU Xinling; CHI Yifan; YANG Tienan; YANG Chenyuan


    To investigate the effects of metallothionein (MT) on isolated rat heart, 16 Wistar rats were randomly divided into 2 groups. In control group (group C), distilled water was injected intraperitoneally and 24 h later isolated hearts were perfused with Langendorff and stored at 4℃ for 3 h with histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK) solutions, and then isolated hearts were perfused for 2 h by Langendorff. In experimental group (group E), 3.6% ZnSO4 was injected intraperitoneally, 24 h later isolated hearts were perfused by Langendorff and stored at 4℃ for 3 h with HTK solutions, and then the isolated herts were perfused for 2 h with Langendorff. MT content, the recovery of hemodynamics, myocardial water content (MWC), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and creatine kinase (CK) leakage, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and malondialdehyde (MDA) content, superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, myocardial cell Ca2+ content, Ca2+-ATPase activity of mitochondria ([Ca2+-ATPase]m) and its Ca2+ content ([Ca2+]m), synthesizing ATP activity of mitochondria ([ATP]m), and the ultrastructure of cells were examined. There were a significant increase in group E in hemodynamic recovery, ATP content, SOD activity, [Ca2+-ATPase]m activity, [ATP]m activity, and substantial reduction in MWC, LDH and CK leakage, MDA content, myocardial cell Ca2+ content, [Ca2+]m content,and the ultrastructural injury were obviously milder than that of group C. This study demonstrated that MT has protective effects on isolated rat heart.

  14. Significance of using a nonlinear analysis technique, the Lyapunov exponent, on the understanding of the dynamics of the cardiorespiratory system in rats.

    Zeren, Tamer; Özbek, Mustafa; Kutlu, Necip; Akilli, Mahmut


    Pneumocardiography (PNCG) is the recording method of cardiac-induced tracheal air flow and pressure pulsations in the respiratory airways. PNCG signals reflect both the lung and heart actions and could be accurately recorded in spontaneously breathing anesthetized rats. Nonlinear analysis methods, including the Lyapunov exponent, can be used to explain the biological dynamics of systems such as the cardiorespiratory system. In this study, we recorded tracheal air flow signals, including PNCG signals, from 3 representative anesthetized rats and analyzed the nonlinear behavior of these complex signals using Lyapunov exponents. Lyapunov exponents may also be used to determine the normal and pathological structure of biological systems. If the signals have at least one positive Lyapunov exponent, the signals reflect chaotic activity, as seen in PNCG signals in rats; the largest Lyapunov exponents of the signals of the healthy rats were greater than zero in this study. A method was proposed to determine the diagnostic and prognostic values of the cardiorespiratory system of rats using the arrangement of the PNCG and Lyapunov exponents, which may be monitored as vitality indicators.

  15. Nonlinear effects in propagation of long-range surface plasmon polaritons in gold strip waveguides

    Lysenko, Oleg; Bache, Morten; Malureanu, Radu; Lavrinenko, Andrei


    This paper is devoted to experimental and theoretical studies of nonlinear propagation of a long-range surface plasmon polariton (LRSPP) in gold strip waveguides. The plasmonic waveguides are fabricated in house, and contain a gold layer, tantalum pentoxide adhesion layers, and silicon dioxide cladding. The optical characterization was performed using a high power picosecond laser at 1064 nm. The experiments reveal two nonlinear optical effects: nonlinear power transmission and spectral broadening of the LRSPP mode in the waveguides. Both nonlinear optical effects depend on the gold layer thickness. The theoretical model of these effects is based on the third-order susceptibility of the constituent materials. The linear and nonlinear parameters of the LRSPP mode are obtained, and the nonlinear Schrödinger equation is solved. The dispersion length is much larger than the waveguides length, and the chromatic dispersion does not affect the propagation of the plasmonic mode. We find that the third-order susceptibility of the gold layer has a dominant contribution to the effective third-order susceptibility of the LRSPP mode. The real part of the effective third-order susceptibility leads to the observed spectral broadening through the self-phase modulation effect, and its imaginary part determines the nonlinear absorption parameter and leads to the observed nonlinear power transmission. The experimental values of the third-order susceptibility of the gold layers are obtained. They indicate an effective enhancement of the third-order susceptibility for the gold layers, comparing to the bulk gold values. This enhancement is explained in terms of the change of the electrons motion.

  16. Nonlinear effects at the Fermilab Recycler e-cloud instability

    Balbekov, V


    Theoretical analysis of e-cloud instability in the Fermilab Recycler is represented in the paper. The e-cloud in strong magnetic field is treated as a set of immovable snakes each being initiated by some proton bunch. It is shown that the instability arises because of injection errors of the bunches which increase in time and from the batch to its bunch being amplified by the e-cloud electric field. The particular attention is given to nonlinear additions to the cloud field. It is shown that the nonlinearity is the main factor which restricts growth of the bunch amplitude. Possible role of the field free parts of the Recycler id discussed as well. Results of calculations are compared with experimental data demonstrating good correlation.

  17. Collisional Effects on Nonlinear Ion Drag Force for Small Grains

    Hutchinson, I H


    The ion drag force arising from plasma flow past an embedded spherical grain is calculated self-consistently and non-linearly using particle in cell codes, accounting for ion-neutral collisions. Using ion velocity distribution appropriate for ion drift driven by a force field gives wake potential and force greatly different from a shifted Maxwellian distribution, regardless of collisionality. The low-collisionality forces are shown to be consistent with estimates based upon cross-sections for scattering in a Yukawa (shielded) grain field, but only if non-linear shielding length is used. Finite collisionality initially enhances the drag force, but only by up to a factor of 2. Larger collisionality eventually reduces the drag force. In the collisional regime, the drift distribution gives larger drag than the shift distribution even at velocities where their collisionless drags are equal. Comprehensive practical analytic formulas for force that fit the calculations are provided.

  18. Chromatic and Dispersive Effects in Nonlinear Integrable Optics

    Webb, Stephen D; Valishev, Alexander; Nagaitsev, Sergei N; Danilov, Viatcheslav V


    Proton accumulator rings and other circular hadron accelerators are susceptible to intensity-driven parametric instabilities because the zero-current charged particle dynamics are characterized by a single tune. Landau damping can suppress these instabilities, which requires energy spread in the beam or introducing nonlinear magnets such as octupoles. However, this approach reduces dynamic aperture. Nonlinear integrable optics can suppress parametric instabilities independent of energy spread in the distribution, while preserving the dynamic aperture. This novel approach promises to reduce particle losses and enable order-of-magnitude increases in beam intensity. In this paper we present results, obtained using the Lie operator formalism, on how chromaticity and dispersion affect particle orbits in integrable optics. We conclude that chromaticity in general breaks the integrability, unless the vertical and horizontal chromaticities are equal. Because of this, the chromaticity correcting magnets can be weaker ...

  19. Nonlinear Effects at the Fermilab Recycler e-Cloud Instability

    Balbekov, V. [Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)


    Theoretical analysis of e-cloud instability in the Fermilab Recycler is represented in the paper. The e-cloud in strong magnetic field is treated as a set of immovable snakes each being initiated by some proton bunch. It is shown that the instability arises because of injection errors of the bunches which increase in time and from bunch to bunch along the batch being amplified by the e-cloud electric field. The particular attention is given to nonlinear additions to the cloud field. It is shown that the nonlinearity is the main factor which restricts growth of the bunch amplitude. Possible role of the field free parts of the Recycler id discussed as well. Results of calculations are compared with experimental data demonstrating good correlation.

  20. Nonlinear effects of energetic particle driven instabilities in tokamaks

    Bruedgam, Michael


    In a tokamak plasma, a population of superthermal particles generated by heating methods can lead to a destabilization of various MHD modes. Due to nonlinear wave-particle interactions, a consequential fast particle redistribution reduces the plasma heating and can cause severe damages to the wall of the fusion device. In order to describe the wave-particle interaction, the drift-kinetic perturbative HAGIS code is applied which evolves the particle trajectories and the waves nonlinearly. For a simulation speed-up, the 6-d particle phase-space is reduced by the guiding centre approach to a 5-d description. The eigenfunction of the wave is assumed to be invariant, but its amplitude and phase is altered in time. A sophisticated {delta}/f-method is employed to model the change in the fast particle distribution so that numerical noise and the excessive number of simulated Monte-Carlo points are reduced significantly. The original code can only calculate the particle redistribution inside the plasma region. Therefore, a code extension has been developed during this thesis which enlarges the simulation region up to the vessel wall. By means of numerical simulations, this thesis addresses the problem of nonlinear waveparticle interactions in the presence of multiple MHD modes with significantly different eigenfrequencies and the corresponding fast particle transport inside the plasma. In this context, a new coupling mechanism between resonant particles and waves has been identified that leads to enhanced mode amplitudes and fast particle losses. The extension of the code provides for the first time the possibility of a quantitative and qualitative comparison between simulation results and recent measurements in the experiment. The findings of the comparison serve as a validation of both the theoretical model and the interpretation of the experimental results. Thus, a powerful interface tool has been developed for a deeper insight of nonlinear wave-particle interaction

  1. Nonlinear optical effects in pure and N-doped semiconductors

    Donlagic, N S


    the optical response of a one-dimensional n-doped two-band semiconductor whose conduction band has been linearized with respect to the two Fermi points. Due to the linearization it is possible to calculate the linear and nonlinear response functions of the interacting electron system exactly. These response functions are then used in order to determine the linear absorption spectrum and the time-integrated signal of a degenerated four-wave-mixing experiment. It is shown that the well-known features of the linear response can directly be related to features of the nonlinear experiments. For example, the exponent which describes the algebraic decay of the time-integrated four-wave-mixing signal is functionally dependent on the exponent of the algebraic singularity in the linear absorption spectrum reflecting the common origin of the different phenomena. Over the last decades, the nonlinear optical properties of condensed matter systems have been an attractive and fruitful field of research. While the linear res...

  2. Nonlinear acoustic landmine detection: comparison of off-target soil background and on-target soil-mine nonlinear effects

    Korman, Murray S.; Sabatier, James M.; Pauls, Kathleen E.; Genis, Sean A.


    When airborne sound at two primary tones, f I, f II (closely spaced near a resonance) excites the soil surface over a buried landmine, soil wave motion interacts with the landmine generating a scattered surface profile which can be measured over the "target." Profiles at the primaries f I, f II, and nonlinearly generated combination frequencies f I-(f II-f I) and f II+(f II-f I) , 2f I-(f II-f I), f I+f II and 2f II+(f II-f I) (among others) have been measured for a VS 2.2 plastic, inert, anti-tank landmine, buried at 3.6 cm in sifted loess soil and in a gravel road bed. [M.S. Korman and J.M. Sabatier, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 116, 3354-3369 (2004)]. It is observed that the "on target" to "off target" contrast ratio for the sum frequency component can be ~20 dB higher than for either primary. The vibration interaction between the top-plate interface of a buried plastic landmine and the soil above it appears to exhibit many characteristics of the mesoscopic/nanoscale nonlinear effects that are observed in geomaterials like sandstone. Near resonance, the bending (softening) of a family of increasing amplitude tuning curves, involving the vibration over the landmine, exhibits a linear relationship between the peak particle velocity and corresponding frequency. Tuning curve experiments are performed both on and off the mine in an effort to understand the nonlinearities in each case.

  3. Electrically actuated MEMS resonators: Effects of fringing field and nonlinear viscoelasticity

    Farokhi, Hamed; Ghayesh, Mergen H.


    This paper studies the nonlinear electromechanical response of a MEMS resonator numerically. A nonlinear continuous multi-physics model of the MEMS resonator is developed taking into account the effects of fringing field, size, residual axial load, and viscoelasticity. Moreover, both longitudinal and transverse motions are accounted for in the system modelling and simulations. The equations of motion of the MEMS resonator are obtained employing Hamilton's principle together with the modified version of the couple stress based theory (to account for size effects) and the Kelvin-Voigt model (to account for nonlinear energy dissipation). The Meijs-Fokkema electrostatic load formula is used to reliably model the fringing field effects. The continuous multi-physics model, consisting of geometrical, electrical, and viscos nonlinearities is discretised via a weighted-residual method, yielding a set of nonlinearly coupled ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The resultant set of ODEs is solved numerically when the microresonator is actuated by a biased DC voltage and an AC voltage. The results of the numerical simulations are presented in the form of DC voltage-deflection, DC voltage-natural frequency, and AC frequency-displacement diagrams. The effects of fringing field, residual axial load, small-scale, and nonlinear energy dissipation are highlighted. It is shown that fringing field effects are significant on both static and dynamic electromechanical responses of the MEMS resonator.

  4. Nonlinear flap-lag-extensional vibrations of rotating, pretwisted, preconed beams including Coriolis effects

    Subrahmanyam, K. B.; Kaza, K. R. V.


    The effects of pretwist, precone, setting angle, Coriolis forces and second degree geometric nonlinearities on the natural frequencies, steady state deflections and mode shapes of rotating, torsionally rigid, cantilevered beams were studied. The governing coupled equations of flap lag extensional motion are derived including the effects of large precone and retaining geometric nonlinearities up to second degree. The Galerkin method, with nonrotating normal modes, is used for the solution of both steady state nonlinear equations and linear perturbation equations. Parametric indicating the individual and collective effects of pretwist, precone, Coriolis forces and second degree geometric nonlinearities on the steady state deflection, natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotating blades are presented. It is indicated that the second degree geometric nonlinear terms, which vanish for zero precone, can produce frequency changes of engineering significance. Further confirmation of the validity of including those generated by MSC NASTRAN. It is indicated that the linear and nonlinear Coriolis effects must be included in analyzing thick blades. The Coriolis effects are significant on the first flatwise and the first edgewise modes.

  5. A multilevel nonlinear mixed-effects approach to model growth in pigs

    Strathe, Anders Bjerring; Danfær, Allan Christian; Sørensen, H


    Growth functions have been used to predict market weight of pigs and maximize return over feed costs. This study was undertaken to compare 4 growth functions and methods of analyzing data, particularly one that considers nonlinear repeated measures. Data were collected from an experiment with 40...... pigs maintained from birth to maturity and their BW measured weekly or every 2 wk up to 1,007 d. Gompertz, logistic, Bridges, and Lopez functions were fitted to the data and compared using information criteria. For each function, a multilevel nonlinear mixed effects model was employed because....... Furthermore, studies should consider adding continuous autoregressive process when analyzing nonlinear mixed models with repeated measures....

  6. Nonlinear Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation of a Flexible Beam Considering Shear Effect

    LIU Jin-yang; SHEN Ling-jie; HONG Jia-zhen


    Nonlinear modeling of a flexible beam with large deformation was investigated. Absolute nodal cooridnate formulation is employed to describe the motion, and Lagrange equations of motion of a flexible beam are derived based on the geometric nonlinear theory. Different from the previous nonlinear formulation with EulerBernoulli assumption, the shear strain and transverse normal strain are taken into account. Computational example of a flexible pendulum with a tip mass is given to show the effects of the shear strain and transverse normal strain. The constant total energy verifies the correctness of the present formulation.

  7. Nonlinear heat transport in mesoscopic conductors: Rectification, Peltier effect, and Wiedemann-Franz law

    López, Rosa; Sánchez, David


    We investigate nonlinear heat properties in mesoscopic conductors using a scattering theory of transport. Our approach is based on a leading-order expansion in both the electrical and thermal driving forces. Beyond linear response, the transport coefficients are functions of the nonequilibrium screening potential that builds up in the system due to interactions. Within a mean-field approximation, we self-consistently calculate the heat rectification properties of a quantum dot attached to two terminals. We discuss nonlinear contributions to the Peltier effect and find departures from the Wiedemann-Franz law in the nonlinear regime of transport.

  8. Noise-induced transitions and resonant effects in nonlinear systems

    Zaikin, Alexei


    Our every-day experience is connected with different acoustical noise or music. Usually noise plays the role of nuisance in any communication and destroys any order in a system. Similar optical effects are known: strong snowing or raining decreases quality of a vision. In contrast to these situations noisy stimuli can also play a positive constructive role, e.g. a driver can be more concentrated in a presence of quiet music. Transmission processes in neural systems are of especial interest from this point of view: excitation or information will be transmitted only in the case if a signal overcomes a threshold. Dr. Alexei Zaikin from the Potsdam University studies noise-induced phenomena in nonlinear systems from a theoretical point of view. Especially he is interested in the processes, in which noise influences the behaviour of a system twice: if the intensity of noise is over a threshold, it induces some regular structure that will be synchronized with the behaviour of neighbour elements. To obtain such a system with a threshold one needs one more noise source. Dr. Zaikin has analyzed further examples of such doubly stochastic effects and developed a concept of these new phenomena. These theoretical findings are important, because such processes can play a crucial role in neurophysics, technical communication devices and living sciences. Unsere alltägliche Erfahrung ist mit verschiedenen akustischen Einfluessen wie Lärm, aber auch Musik verbunden. Jeder weiss, wie Lärm stören kann und Kommunikation behindert oder gar unterbindet. Ähnliche optische Effekte sind bekannt: starkes Schneetreiben oder Regengüsse verschlechtern die Sicht und lassen uns Umrisse nur noch schemenhaft erkennen. Jedoch koennen ähnliche Stimuli auch sehr positive Auswirkungen haben: Autofahrer fahren bei leiser Musik konzentrierter -- die Behauptung von Schulkindern, nur bei dröhnenden Bässen die Mathehausaufgaben richtig rechnen zu können, ist allerdings nicht wissenschaftlich

  9. Unexpected Nonlinear Effects in Superconducting Transition-Edge Sensors

    Sadleir, John


    When a normal metal transitions into the superconducting state the DC resistance drops from a finite value to zero over some finite transition width in temperature, current, and magnetic field. Superconducting transition-edge sensors (TESs) operate within this transition region and uses resistive changes to measure deposited thermal energy. This resistive transition is not perfectly smooth and a wide range of TES designs and materials show sub-structure in the resistive transition (as seen in smooth nonmonotonic behavior, jump discontinuities, and hysteresis in the devices current-voltage relation and derivatives of the resistance with respect to temperature, bias current, and magnetic field). TES technology has advanced to the point where for many applications this structure is the limiting factor in performance and optimization consists of finding operating points away from these structures. For example, operating at or near this structure can lead to nonlinearity in the detectors response and gain scale, limit the spectral range of the detector by limiting the usable resistive range, and degrade energy resolution. The origin of much of this substructure is unknown. This presentation investigates a number of possible sources in turn. First we model the TES as a superconducting weak-link and solve for the characteristic differential equations current and voltage time dependence. We find:(1) measured DC biased current-voltage relationship is the time-average of a much higher frequency limit cycle solution.(2) We calculate the fundamental frequency and estimate the power radiated from the TES treating the bias leads as an antennae.(3) The solution for a set of circuit parameters becomes multivalued leading to current transitions between levels.(4)The circuit parameters can change the measure resistance and mask the true critical current. As a consequence the TES resistance surface is not just a function of temperature, current, and magnetic field but is also a

  10. Cardiovascular effects of vanillylmandelic acid in rats.

    Kolentinis, Michalis K; Verginadis, Ioannis I; Simos, Yannis V; Tsitou, Natalia Ch; Karkabounas, Spyridon Ch; Kolettis, Theofilos M; Evangelou, Angelos M


    The main catecholamine end-metabolites have been considered biologically inactive, but accumulated evidence indicates a variety of pharmacological actions after exogenous administration. We examined the dose-related haemodynamic effects of vanillylmandelic acid in the in vivo rat-model. One hundred and sixteen Wistar rats (250 ± 20 g) were studied under continuous electrocardiographic monitoring; invasive blood pressure was recorded for 60 min through a catheter in the right common carotid artery. Measurements were performed at baseline and after vanillylmandelic acid (1, 10, 100mg/kg) and homovanillic acid (10mg/kg) intra-arterial administration. To examine the underlying mechanisms, the haemodynamic effects were compared with those (a) after trimetazidine administration, which has similar structure due to a tri-methylated phenolic ring; (b) after epinephrine and isoprenaline administration following vanillylmandelic acid pretreatment; (c) after vanillylmandelic acid administration post-bilateral vagotomy. Vanillylmandelic acid, homovanillic acid and (to a lesser extent) trimetazidine decreased heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure. This effect was blunted in vagotomized animals. Comparable effects were noted in heart rate and blood pressure after adrenaline and isoprenaline infusion, with and without vanillylmandelic acid-pretreatment. In conclusion, vanillylmandelic acid administration decreases heart rate dose-dependently, mediated by increased vagal tone, without α- or β-adrenergic-receptor blocking effects. The pharmacological properties of compounds with a mono- and tri-methylated phenolic ring merit further investigation.

  11. Translational mixed-effects PKPD modelling of recombinant human growth hormone - from hypophysectomized rat to patients

    Thorsted, Anders; Thygesen, Peter; Agersø, Henrik


    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We aimed to develop a mechanistic mixed-effects pharmacokinetic (PK)-pharmacodynamic (PD) (PKPD) model for recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) in hypophysectomized rats and to predict the human PKPD relationship. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH: A non-linear mixed-effects model...... was developed from experimental PKPD studies of rhGH and effects of long-term treatment as measured by insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and bodyweight gain in rats. Modelled parameter values were scaled to human values using the allometric approach with fixed exponents for PKs and unscaled for PDs...... a clinically relevant biomarker, IGF-1, to a primary clinical end-point, growth/bodyweight gain. Scaling of the model parameters provided robust predictions of the human PKPD in growth hormone-deficient patients including variability....

  12. Engineering chromatic dispersion and effective nonlinearity in a dual-slot waveguide.

    Liu, Yan; Yan, Jing; Han, Genquan


    In this paper, we propose a new dual slot based on rib-like structure, which exhibits a flat and near-zero dispersion over a 198 nm wide wavelength range. Chromatic dispersion of dual-slot silicon (Si) waveguide is mainly determined by waveguide dispersion due to the manipulating mode effective area rather than by the material dispersion. Moreover, the nonlinear coefficient and effective mode area of the waveguide are also explored in detail. A nonlinear coefficient of 1460/m/W at 1550 nm is achieved, which is 10 times larger than that of the Si rib waveguide. By changing different waveguide variables, both the dispersion and nonlinear coefficient can be tailored, thus enabling the potential for a highly nonlinear waveguide with uniform dispersion over a wide wavelength range, which could benefit the performance of broadband optical signal systems.

  13. Modal theory of slow light enhanced third-order nonlinear effects in photonic crystal waveguides.

    Chen, Tao; Sun, Junqiang; Li, Linsen


    In this paper, we derive the couple-mode equations for third-order nonlinear effects in photonic crystal waveguides by employing the modal theory. These nonlinear interactions include self-phase modulation, cross-phase modulation and degenerate four-wave mixing. The equations similar to that in nonlinear fiber optics could be expanded and applied for third-order nonlinear processes in other periodic waveguides. Based on the equations, we systematically analyze the group-velocity dispersion, optical propagation loss, effective interaction area, slow light enhanced factor and phase mismatch for a slow light engineered silicon photonic crystal waveguide. Considering the two-photon and free-carrier absorptions, the wavelength conversion efficiencies in two low-dispersion regions are numerically simulated by utilizing finite difference method. Finally, we investigate the influence of slow light enhanced multiple four-wave-mixing process on the conversion efficiency.

  14. On the effects of nonlinearities in room impulse response measurements with exponential sweeps

    Ciric, Dejan; Markovic, Milos; Mijic, Miomir


    In room impulse response measurements, there are some common disturbances that affect the measured results. These disturbances include nonlinearity, noise and time variance. In this paper, the effects of nonlinearities in the measurements with exponential sweep-sine signals are analyzed from...... different perspectives. The analysis combines theoretical approach, simulations and measurements. The focus is on distortion artifacts in the causal part of the impulse response and their effects on room acoustical parameters. The results show that the sweep-sine method is vulnerable to a certain extent...... to nonlinearities from a theoretical standpoint, but the consequences of this vulnerability are reduced in the responses measured in practice. However, due to irretrievable contamination of the impulse responses, the nonlinearities (especially strong ones) should be avoided....

  15. Renal effects of methoxyverapamil in anesthetized rats.

    Brown, B; Churchill, P


    The purpose of these experiments was to determine the renal effects of methoxyverapamil (D-600). Three groups of rats were anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital and given 0, 0.85 or 1.69 nmol/min of methoxyverapamil i.v. Increases in urine flow and Na, K and Ca excretory rates occurred, in an apparently dose-dependent manner. Plasma Na and arterial renin concentration decreased at both doses and, at the higher dose, mean arterial blood pressure and effective renal plasma flow decreased while plasma K increased. Plasma Ca, glomerular filtration rate, filtration fraction and total renal plasma flow were not affected. The findings that methoxyverapamil increased urine flow and electrolyte excretion without changing glomerular filtration rate are consistent with the hypothesis that methoxyverapamil acts directly on tubular reabsorptive mechanisms. These effects, and the effect on plasma renin concentration, could contribute to the beneficial effects of this and other Ca entry antagonists in the treatment of hypertension.

  16. Nonlinear Bubble Dynamics And The Effects On Propagation Through Near-Surface Bubble Layers

    Leighton, Timothy G.


    Nonlinear bubble dynamics are often viewed as the unfortunate consequence of having to use high acoustic pressure amplitudes when the void fraction in the near-surface oceanic bubble layer is great enough to cause severe attenuation (e.g. >50 dB/m). This is seen as unfortunate since existing models for acoustic propagation in bubbly liquids are based on linear bubble dynamics. However, the development of nonlinear models does more than just allow quantification of the errors associated with the use of linear models. It also offers the possibility of propagation modeling and acoustic inversions which appropriately incorporate the bubble nonlinearity. Furthermore, it allows exploration and quantification of possible nonlinear effects which may be exploited. As a result, high acoustic pressure amplitudes may be desirable even in low void fractions, because they offer opportunities to gain information about the bubble cloud from the nonlinearities, and options to exploit the nonlinearities to enhance communication and sonar in bubbly waters. This paper presents a method for calculating the nonlinear acoustic cross-sections, scatter, attenuations and sound speeds from bubble clouds which may be inhomogeneous. The method allows prediction of the time dependency of these quantities, both because the cloud may vary and because the incident acoustic pulse may have finite and arbitrary time history. The method can be readily adapted for bubbles in other environments (e.g. clouds of interacting bubbles, sediments, structures, in vivo, reverberant conditions etc.). The possible exploitation of bubble acoustics by marine mammals, and for sonar enhancement, is explored.

  17. Potential neoplastic effects of parathion-methyl on rat liver



    The mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of parathion-methyl were examined by bacterial reverse assay and a long term experiment with Wistar rats. The potential mutagenic effect of parathion-methyl in Salmonella typhimurium TA100 bacterial cells was observed without rat liver S9 metabolic activation. Parathion-methyl was further investigated for pathological changes in rat pancreas and liver. The long-term rat experiments showed that parathion-methyl exposure for 3 months can cause pathological changes in rat pancreases acinar cells and pancreatic hepatocytes. Atypical acinar cell focuses (AACF) were determined in the liver and pancreas of the rats. The results from short-term Ames test and long-term rat experiments suggest that parathion-methyl would be potential carcinogenic.

  18. Analysis of nonlinearities and effects in direct drive electro-hydraulic position servo system

    WANG Hong-jie; JI Tian-jing; MAO Xin-tao; LIU Quan-zhong


    The direct drive electro-hydraulic servo system is a new approach hydraulic system. It is much smaller and easier controlled than traditional systems and is a perfect energy saver. This paper will briefly introduce the popular nonlinearities in the electro-hydraulic system and analyse the effect of nonlinearities in direct drive electro-hydraulic position servo system by means of simulation research. Some valuable conclusions are given.

  19. Strong electronic correlation effects in coherent multidimensional nonlinear optical spectroscopy.

    Karadimitriou, M E; Kavousanaki, E G; Dani, K M; Fromer, N A; Perakis, I E


    We discuss a many-body theory of the coherent ultrafast nonlinear optical response of systems with a strongly correlated electronic ground state that responds unadiabatically to photoexcitation. We introduce a truncation of quantum kinetic density matrix equations of motion that does not rely on an expansion in terms of the interactions and thus applies to strongly correlated systems. For this we expand in terms of the optical field, separate out contributions to the time-evolved many-body state due to correlated and uncorrelated multiple optical transitions, and use "Hubbard operator" density matrices to describe the exact dynamics of the individual contributions within a subspace of strongly coupled states, including "pure dephasing". Our purpose is to develop a quantum mechanical tool capable of exploring how, by coherently photoexciting selected modes, one can trigger nonlinear dynamics of strongly coupled degrees of freedom. Such dynamics could lead to photoinduced phase transitions. We apply our theory to the nonlinear response of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a magnetic field. We coherently photoexcite the two lowest Landau level (LL) excitations using three time-delayed optical pulses. We identify some striking temporal and spectral features due to dynamical coupling of the two LLs facilitated by inter-Landau-level magnetoplasmon and magnetoroton excitations and compare to three-pulse four-wave-mixing (FWM) experiments. We show that these features depend sensitively on the dynamics of four-particle correlations between an electron-hole pair and a magnetoplasmon/magnetoroton, reminiscent of exciton-exciton correlations in undoped semiconductors. Our results shed light into unexplored coherent dynamics and relaxation of the quantum Hall system (QHS) and can provide new insight into non-equilibrium co-operative phenomena in strongly correlated systems.

  20. Nonlinear Seebeck and Peltier effects in quantum point contacts

    Cipiloglu, M.A.; Turgut, S.; Tomak, M. [Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara (Turkey)


    The charge and entropy currents across a quantum point contact are expanded as a series in powers of the applied bias voltage and the temperature difference. After that, the expansions of the Seebeck voltage in temperature difference and the Peltier heat in current are obtained. With a suitable choice of the average temperature and chemical potential, the lowest order nonlinear term in both cases appear to be of third order. The behavior of the third-order coefficients in both cases are then investigated for different contact parameters. (copyright 2004 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  1. Effect of Tissue Inhomogeneity on Nonlinear Propagation of Focused Ultrasound

    LIU Zhen-Bo; FAN Ting-Bo; GUO Xia-Sheng; ZHANG Dong


    @@ We study the influence of tissue inhomogeneity on the focused ultrasound based on the phase screen model and the acoustic nonlinear equation.The inhomogeneous tissue is considered as a combination of a homogeneous medium and a phase aberration screen.Six polyethylene(PE)plates with various correlation lengths and standard deviations are made to mimic the inhomogeneity induced by the human body abdominal.Results indicate that the correlation length affects the side lobe structure of the beam pattern; while the standard deviation is associated with the focusing capability.This study provides a theoretical and experimental basis for the development of a precise treatment plan for high intensity focused ultrasound.

  2. Nonlinear Seebeck and Peltier effects in quantum point contacts

    Çipilolu, M. A.; Turgut, S.; Tomak, M.


    The charge and entropy currents across a quantum point contact are expanded as a series in powers of the applied bias voltage and the temperature difference. After that, the expansions of the Seebeck voltage in temperature difference and the Peltier heat in current are obtained. With a suitable choice of the average temperature and chemical potential, the lowest order nonlinear term in both cases appear to be of third order. The behavior of the third-order coefficients in both cases are then investigated for different contact parameters.

  3. Weak non-linear surface charging effects in electrolytic films

    Dean, D. S.; Horgan, R. R.


    A simple model of soap films with nonionic surfactants stabilized by added electrolyte is studied. The model exhibits charge regularization due to the incorporation of a physical mechanism responsible for the formation of a surface charge. We use a Gaussian field theory in the film but the full non-linear surface terms which are then treated at a one-loop level by calculating the mean-field Poisson-Boltzmann solution and then the fluctuations about this solution. We carefully analyze the reno...

  4. Effect of geometric anisotropy on optical nonlinearity enhancement for periodic composites

    Yang, Baifeng; Zhang, Chengxiang; Tian, Decheng


    The effect of geometric anisotropy on the optical nonlinearity enhancement for the composites with metal or semiconductor spheriodal-shaped particles periodically in an insulating host is investigated. The frequency dependences of effective nonlinear susceptibility are calculated with the Stroud-Hui relation and a series expression of space-dependent electric field in periodic composites. The results show that for both metal-insulator (MI) and semiconductor-insulator (SI) composites, nonlinearity enhancement increases almost to its maximum when the percolation networks of the inclusion phase form. The nonlinearity enhancement increases to its maximum when the composites are transformed into the Boyd-Sipe layered composites. The behavior of the nonlinearity enhancement near the percolation threshold is also investigated. A local minimum appears in the nonlinear optical responses at the percolation threshold for the MI composites. For the SI composites the local minimum appears when the ratio of the bound-electron number density to the effective mass of the electron is large.

  5. Research on Nonlinear Absorption Effect in KDP and 70%-DKDP Crystals

    Duanliang Wang


    Full Text Available Nonlinear optical absorption effect in KDP and 70%-DKDP crystals, which were grown by the conventional temperature cooling method, was systematically studied using picosecond pulse laser excitation. Using open aperture Z-scan measurements, the dependence of nonlinear absorption effect on sample orientations (I, II, and z as well as laser intensity was systematically measured at λ = 1064 and 532 nm. According to the experimental results, the nonlinear absorption effect at λ = 532 nm was confirmed, while at λ = 1064 nm no nonlinear absorption was observed for KDP and 70%-DKDP crystals. In addition, the optical absorption along I- and II-type affected by laser intensity was larger than that along the z-direction. The important nonlinear absorption coefficients β and χ I ( 3 (esu measured along different orientations were exhibited in detail at wavelengths of 1064 nm and 532 nm. The results indicate that nonlinear absorption coefficients increase first and then decrease with the increment of laser intensity for KDP and 70%-DKDP crystals.

  6. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for ethyl tertiary-butyl ether and tertiary-butyl alcohol in rats: Contribution of binding to α2u-globulin in male rats and high-exposure nonlinear kinetics to toxicity and cancer outcomes.

    Borghoff, Susan J; Ring, Caroline; Banton, Marcy I; Leavens, Teresa L


    In cancer bioassays, inhalation, but not drinking water exposure to ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (ETBE), caused liver tumors in male rats, while tertiary-butyl alcohol (TBA), an ETBE metabolite, caused kidney tumors in male rats following exposure via drinking water. To understand the contribution of ETBE and TBA kinetics under varying exposure scenarios to these tumor responses, a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model was developed based on a previously published model for methyl tertiary-butyl ether, a structurally similar chemical, and verified against the literature and study report data. The model included ETBE and TBA binding to the male rat-specific protein α2u-globulin, which plays a role in the ETBE and TBA kidney response observed in male rats. Metabolism of ETBE and TBA was described as a single, saturable pathway in the liver. The model predicted similar kidney AUC0-∞ for TBA for various exposure scenarios from ETBE and TBA cancer bioassays, supporting a male-rat-specific mode of action for TBA-induced kidney tumors. The model also predicted nonlinear kinetics at ETBE inhalation exposure concentrations above ~2000 ppm, based on blood AUC0-∞ for ETBE and TBA. The shift from linear to nonlinear kinetics at exposure concentrations below the concentration associated with liver tumors in rats (5000 ppm) suggests the mode of action for liver tumors operates under nonlinear kinetics following chronic exposure and is not relevant for assessing human risk. Copyright © 2016 The Authors Journal of Applied Toxicology Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. Primarily nonlinear effects observed in a driven asymmetrical vibrating wire

    Hanson, Roger J.; Macomber, H. Kent; Morrison, Andrew C.; Boucher, Matthew A.


    The purpose of the work reported here is to further experimentally explore the wide variety of behaviors exhibited by driven vibrating wires, primarily in the nonlinear regime. When the wire is driven near a resonant frequency, it is found that most such behaviors are significantly affected by the splitting of the resonant frequency and by the existence of a ``characteristic'' axis associated with each split frequency. It is shown that frequency splitting decreases with increasing wire tension and can be altered by twisting. Two methods are described for determining the orientation of characteristic axes. Evidence is provided, with a possible explanation, that each axis has the same orientation everywhere along the wire. Frequency response data exhibiting nonlinear generation of transverse motion perpendicular to the driving direction, hysteresis, linear generation of perpendicular motion (sometimes tubular), and generation of motion at harmonics of the driving frequency are exhibited and discussed. Also reported under seemingly unchanging conditions are abrupt large changes in the harmonic content of the motion that sometimes involve large subharmonics and harmonics thereof. Slow transitions from one stable state of vibration to another and quasiperiodic motions are also exhibited. Possible musical significance is discussed. .

  8. Nonlinear diffraction effects around a surface-piercing structure

    Lalli, F.; Mascio, A. Di; Landrini, M. [Istituto Nazionale per Studi ed Esperienze di Architettura Navale, Rome (Italy)


    In the present paper the interaction of a wave system with a submerged or surface piercing body is studied. The wave diffraction caused by a cylinder in finite depth water and by a shoal is been computed and the results are compared with analytical solutions and experimental data. The problem is analyzed numerically in the frame of irrotational incompressible flow hypothesis. Both the linearized and the fully nonlinear mathematical models are studied. The numerical solution is gained by means of a mixed panel-desingularized formulation. An explicit time-marching algorithm updates the wave elevation and the potential at the free surface. In all cases, the numerical simulation mirrors the experimental data. In the case of the diffraction around a cylinder, the simulation confirms and extends the theoretical results of the second order analysis (Kriebel 1990, 1992): the linear model yields a very good estimation of the force amplitude acting on the body, while the wave profiles are poorly predicted when compared with the fully nonlinear simulation and the experimental data.

  9. Neuroprotective Effects of Liraglutide for Stroke Model of Rats

    Kenichiro Sato


    Full Text Available The number of diabetes mellitus (DM patients is increasing, and stroke is deeply associated with DM. Recently, neuroprotective effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1 are reported. In this study, we explored whether liraglutide, a GLP-1 analogue exerts therapeutic effects on a rat stroke model. Wistar rats received occlusion of the middle cerebral artery for 90 min. At one hour after reperfusion, liraglutide or saline was administered intraperitoneally. Modified Bederson’s test was performed at 1 and 24 h and, subsequently, rats were euthanized for histological investigation. Peripheral blood was obtained for measurement of blood glucose level and evaluation of oxidative stress. Brain tissues were collected to evaluate the level of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF. The behavioral scores of liraglutide-treated rats were significantly better than those of control rats. Infarct volumes of liraglutide-treated rats at were reduced, compared with those of control rats. The level of derivatives of reactive oxygen metabolite was lower in liraglutide-treated rats. VEGF level of liraglutide-treated rats in the cortex, but not in the striatum significantly increased, compared to that of control rats. In conclusion, this is the first study to demonstrate neuroprotective effects of liraglutide on cerebral ischemia through anti-oxidative effects and VEGF upregulation.

  10. Nonlinear Radiation Effects on Hydromagnetic Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer over a Shrinking Surface

    anjali devi


    Full Text Available The effects of nonlinear radiation on hydromagnetic boundary layer flow and heat transfer over a shrinking surface is investigated in the present work. Using suitable similarity transformations, the governing nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The resultant equations which are highly nonlinear are solved numerically using Nachtsheim Swigert shooting iteration scheme together with Fourth Order Runge Kutta method. Numerical solutions for velocity, skin friction coefficient and temperature are obtained for various values of physical parameters involved in the study namely Suction parameter, Magnetic parameter, Prandtl number, Radiation parameter and Temperature ratio parameter. Numerical values for dimensionless rate of heat transfer are also obtained for various physical parameters and are shown through tables. The analytical solution of the energy equation when the radiation term is taken in linear form is obtained using Confluent hypergeometric function.


    XIAO Yong-gang; FU Yi-ming; ZHA Xu-dong


    Based on Reissner plate theory and Hamilton variational principle, the nonlinear equations of motion were derived for the moderate thickness rectangular plates with transverse surface penetrating crack on the two-parameter foundation. Under the condition of free boundary, a set of trial functions satisfying all boundary conditions and crack's continuous conditions were proposed. By employing the Galerkin method and the harmonic balance method, the nonlinear vibration equations were solved and the nonlinear vibration behaviors of the plate were analyzed. In numerical computation, the effects of the different location and depth of crack, the different structural parameters of plates and the different physical parameters of foundation on the nonlinear amplitude frequency response curves of the plate were discussed.

  12. Radiation effect on viscous flow of a nanofluid and heat transfer over a nonlinearly stretching sheet.

    Hady, Fekry M; Ibrahim, Fouad S; Abdel-Gaied, Sahar M; Eid, Mohamed R


    In this work, we study the flow and heat transfer characteristics of a viscous nanofluid over a nonlinearly stretching sheet in the presence of thermal radiation, included in the energy equation, and variable wall temperature. A similarity transformation was used to transform the governing partial differential equations to a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. An efficient numerical shooting technique with a fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme was used to obtain the solution of the boundary value problem. The variations of dimensionless surface temperature, as well as flow and heat-transfer characteristics with the governing dimensionless parameters of the problem, which include the nanoparticle volume fraction ϕ, the nonlinearly stretching sheet parameter n, the thermal radiation parameter NR, and the viscous dissipation parameter Ec, were graphed and tabulated. Excellent validation of the present numerical results has been achieved with the earlier nonlinearly stretching sheet problem of Cortell for local Nusselt number without taking the effect of nanoparticles.

  13. Nonlinear continuous-wave optical propagation in nematic liquid crystals: Interplay between reorientational and thermal effects

    Alberucci, Alessandro; Laudyn, Urszula A.; Piccardi, Armando; Kwasny, Michał; Klus, Bartlomiej; Karpierz, Mirosław A.; Assanto, Gaetano


    We investigate nonlinear optical propagation of continuous-wave (CW) beams in bulk nematic liquid crystals. We thoroughly analyze the competing roles of reorientational and thermal nonlinearity with reference to self-focusing/defocusing and, eventually, the formation of nonlinear diffraction-free wavepackets, the so-called spatial optical solitons. To this extent we refer to dye-doped nematic liquid crystals in planar cells excited by a single CW beam in the highly nonlocal limit. To adjust the relative weight between the two nonlinear responses, we employ two distinct wavelengths, inside and outside the absorption band of the dye, respectively. Different concentrations of the dye are considered in order to enhance the thermal effect. The theoretical analysis is complemented by numerical simulations in the highly nonlocal approximation based on a semi-analytic approach. Theoretical results are finally compared to experimental results in the Nematic Liquid Crystals (NLC) 4-trans-4'-n-hexylcyclohexylisothiocyanatobenzene (6CHBT) doped with Sudan Blue dye.

  14. Theory of plasmonic effects in nonlinear optics: the case of graphene

    Rostami, Habib; Polini, Marco


    We develop a microscopic large-$N$ theory of electron-electron interaction corrections to multi-legged Feynman diagrams describing second- and third-order nonlinear response functions. Our theory, which reduces to the well-known random phase approximation in the linear-response limit, is completely general and is useful to understand all second- and third-order nonlinear effects, including harmonic generation, wave mixing, and photon drag. We apply our theoretical framework to the case of graphene, by carrying out microscopic calculations of the second- and third-order nonlinear response functions of an interacting two-dimensional (2D) gas of massless Dirac fermions. We compare our results with recent measurements, where all-optical launching of graphene plasmons has been achieved by virtue of the finiteness of the quasi-homogeneous second-order nonlinear response of this inversion-symmetric 2D material.

  15. Light-induced nonlinear effects on dispersion relation of ultracold Bose gas

    胡正峰; 杜春光; 李师群


    We have investigated the optical properties of A-configuration ultracold dense Bose gas interacting with two laser pulses, which usually result in electromagnetically induced transparency. With the nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics and taking into account the atomic dipole-dipole interaction and local field effect, we have derived the Maxwell-Bloch equations of the system. The dispersion relation of an ultracold Bose gas has been obtained and the light-induced nonlinear effects have been analysed. The light-induced nonlinear effects are different from the effects induced by two-body collision of Bose-Einstein condensation atoms which have a frequency shift of transparent window.

  16. Light—induced nonlinear effects of dispersion relation of ultracold Bose gas

    HuZheng-Feng; DuChunGuang; LiShi-Qun


    We have investigated the optical properties of A-configuration ultracold dense Bose gas interacting with two laser pulses, which usually result in electromagnetically induced transparency. With the nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics and taking into account the atomic dipole-dipole interaction and local field effect, we have derived the Maxwell-Bloch equations of the system. The dispersion relation of an ultracold Bose gas has been obtained and the light-induced nonlinear effects have been analysed. The light-induced nonlinear effects are different from the effects induced by two-body collision of Bose-Einstein condensation atoms which have a frequency shift of transparent window.

  17. Non-linear effects of soda taxes on consumption and weight outcomes.

    Fletcher, Jason M; Frisvold, David E; Tefft, Nathan


    The potential health impacts of imposing large taxes on soda to improve population health have been of interest for over a decade. As estimates of the effects of existing soda taxes with low rates suggest little health improvements, recent proposals suggest that large taxes may be effective in reducing weight because of non-linear consumption responses or threshold effects. This paper tests this hypothesis in two ways. First, we estimate non-linear effects of taxes using the range of current rates. Second, we leverage the sudden, relatively large soda tax increase in two states during the early 1990s combined with new synthetic control methods useful for comparative case studies. Our findings suggest virtually no evidence of non-linear or threshold effects.

  18. The influence of nonlinear effects on the spectral efficiency of multiinput antenna systems

    Vishniakova J. V.


    Full Text Available The analysis technique and design algorithm are proposed for multiinput antenna systems, based on the mathematical model developed. The technique and algorithm described allow the analysis of a wide class of multiinput systems, in particular, MIMO systems, reconfigurable multiantenna systems, multiinput systems with nonlinear components and devices. The paper presents numerical analysis results of the intermodulation interference effect on the spectral efficiency of a multiinput system with nonlinear elements in receiving antennas, obtained using the methods, algorithms and software products developed. It is shown that in the nonlinear system intermodulation interferences appear, and the spectral efficiency of the data transmission system decays near the operating frequency due to the appearance of additional combinational components in the frequency response of the system. This effect depends on the degree of nonlinearity, radiated power, the level of interfering signals. Based on the results obtained, it was concluded that the presence of nonlinear elements and devices must be taken into account in the design and analysis processes of multiinput multiantenna systems, considering the specific types of those nonlinearities.

  19. Effect of four-dimensional variational data assimilation in case of nonlinear instability


    The effect of four-dimensional variational data assimilation on the reduction of the forecast errors is investigated for both stable and unstable flows. Numerical results show that the effect is generally positive. Particularly,its effect is much more significant in the presence of nonlinear instability

  20. Effects of electromagnetic radiation on the hemorheology of rats

    Huang, Zhiwei; Tian, Tian; Xiao, Bo; Li, Wen


    The current work examines the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the hemorheology to provide an experimental basis for radiation protection. Electromagnetic radiation was generated by a Helmholtz coil constructed from copper wire. There were six rats altogether: three rats in the experimental group, and three rats in the control group. The rats in the experimental group were continuously exposed to radiation for 10 hours every day, and rats in the control group remained in a normal environment. After 30 days, the characteristics of hemorheology of the two groups were compared. The average plasma viscosity, whole blood high shear velocity, and whole blood low shear viscosity were lower in rats in the experimental group than in rats in the control group, while the whole blood shear viscosity was higher in the experimental group than in the control group. Results suggest that long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation does have certain impacts on the cardiovascular system, deeming it necessary to take preventative measures.

  1. Effects of weak nonlinearity on the dispersion relation and frequency band-gaps of a periodic Bernoulli-Euler beam.

    Sorokin, Vladislav S; Thomsen, Jon Juel


    The paper deals with analytically predicting the effects of weak nonlinearity on the dispersion relation and frequency band-gaps of a periodic Bernoulli-Euler beam performing bending oscillations. Two cases are considered: (i) large transverse deflections, where nonlinear (true) curvature, nonlinear material and nonlinear inertia owing to longitudinal motions of the beam are taken into account, and (ii) mid-plane stretching nonlinearity. A novel approach is employed, the method of varying amplitudes. As a result, the isolated as well as combined effects of the considered sources of nonlinearities are revealed. It is shown that nonlinear inertia has the most substantial impact on the dispersion relation of a non-uniform beam by removing all frequency band-gaps. Explanations of the revealed effects are suggested, and validated by experiments and numerical simulation.

  2. Nonlinear effects of dark energy clustering beyond the acoustic scales

    Anselmi, Stefano [Department of Physics/CERCA/ISO, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106-7079 (United States); Nacir, Diana López [The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Strada costiera 11, I-34151 Trieste (Italy); Sefusatti, Emiliano, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, via E. Bianchi 46, I-23807 Merate (Saint Lucia) (Italy)


    We extend the resummation method of Anselmi and Pietroni (2012) to compute the total density power spectrum in models of quintessence characterized by a vanishing speed of sound. For standard ΛCDM cosmologies, this resummation scheme allows predictions with an accuracy at the few percent level beyond the range of scales where acoustic oscillations are present, therefore comparable to other, common numerical tools. In addition, our theoretical approach indicates an approximate but valuable and simple relation between the power spectra for standard quintessence models and models where scalar field perturbations appear at all scales. This, in turn, provides an educated guess for the prediction of nonlinear growth in models with generic speed of sound, particularly valuable since no numerical results are yet available.

  3. The effect of nonlinearity in relativistic nucleon–nucleon potential

    B B Sahu; S K Singh; M Bhuyan; S K Patra


    A simple form for nucleon–nucleon (NN) potential is introduced as an alternative to the popular M3Y form using the relativistic mean field theory (RMFT) with the non-linear terms in -meson for the first time. In contrast to theM3Y form, the new interaction becomes exactly zero at a finite distance and the expressions are analogous with the M3Y terms. Further, its applicability is examined by the study of proton and cluster radioactivity by folding it with the RMFT-densities of the cluster and daughter nuclei to obtain the optical potential in the region of proton-rich nuclides just above the double magic core 100Sn. The results obtained were found comparable with the widely used M3Y interactions.




    Full Text Available In this paper, we explore a nonlinear mathematical model to study the spread of asthma due to inhaled pollutants from industry as well as tobacco smoke from smokers in a variable size population. The model is analyzed using stability theory of differential equations and computer simulation. It is shown that with an increase in the level of air pollutants concentration, the asthmatic (diseased population increases. It is also shown that along with pollutants present in the environment, smoking (active or passive also helps in the spread of asthma. Moreover, with the increase in the rate of interaction between susceptibles and smokers, the persistence of the spread of asthma is higher. A numerical study of the model is also performed to see the role of certain key parameters on the spread of asthma and to support the analytical results.

  5. Nonlinear Zel'dovich effect: Parametric amplification from medium rotation

    Faccio, Daniele


    The interaction of light with rotating media has attracted recent interest for both fundamental and applied studies including rotational Doppler shift measurements. It is also possible to obtain amplification through the scattering of light with orbital angular momentum from a rotating and absorbing cylinder, as proposed by Zel'dovich more than 40 years ago. This amplification mechanism has never been observed experimentally yet has connections to other fields such as Penrose superradiance in rotating black holes. Here we propose a nonlinear optics system whereby incident light carrying orbital angular momentum drives parametric interaction in a rotating medium. The crystal rotation is shown to take the phase-mismatched parametric interaction with negligible energy exchange at zero rotation to amplification for sufficiently large rotation rates. The amplification is shown to result from breaking of anti-PT symmetry induced by the medium rotation.

  6. Connected cruise control: modelling, delay effects, and nonlinear behaviour

    Orosz, Gábor


    Connected vehicle systems (CVS) are considered in this paper where vehicles exchange information using wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. The concept of connected cruise control (CCC) is established that allows control design at the level of individual vehicles while exploiting V2V connectivity. Due to its high level of modularity the proposed design can be applied to large heterogeneous traffic systems. The dynamics of a simple CVS is analysed in detail while taking into account nonlinearities in the vehicle dynamics as well as in the controller. Time delays that arise due to intermittencies and packet drops in the communication channels are also incorporated. The results are summarised using stability charts which allow one to select control gains to maintain stability and ensure disturbance attenuation when the delay is below a critical value.

  7. Nonlinear Zel'dovich Effect: Parametric Amplification from Medium Rotation

    Faccio, Daniele; Wright, Ewan M.


    The interaction of light with rotating media has attracted recent interest for both fundamental and applied studies including rotational Doppler shift measurements. It is also possible to obtain amplification through the scattering of light with orbital angular momentum from a rotating and absorbing cylinder, as proposed by Zel'dovich more than forty years ago. This amplification mechanism has never been observed experimentally yet has connections to other fields such as Penrose superradiance in rotating black holes. Here we propose a nonlinear optics system whereby incident light carrying orbital angular momentum drives parametric interaction in a rotating medium. The crystal rotation is shown to take the phase-mismatched parametric interaction with negligible energy exchange at zero rotation to amplification for sufficiently large rotation rates. The amplification is shown to result from breaking of anti-P T symmetry induced by the medium rotation.

  8. RAT非线性递归特征提取及故障检测中的应用%Nonlinear RAT Feature Extraction and Application in Fault Detection

    赵竞雄; 王晓菊


    The average mutual information algorithm and false nearest neighbors algorithm were presented for calculating the optimal parameters of phase space reconstruction. On the basis of recurrence plot, the ratio of recurrence rate to the de-terminism which called RAT in this paper was proposed as a new nonlinear recurrence feature. And the algorithm of RAT was researched in detail. Three typical types of fault such as gas compressor fault, fuel apply fault and burning fault. Simu-lation result shows that the RAT feature can realize the fault diagnosis of engine effectively, and the fault diagnosis preci-sion can reach to 95.7%. According to the research result, it shows predominant performance and good engineering value in application.%提出使用平均互信息算法和虚假最近邻点算法提取非线性时间序列相空间重构的最优化重构参数。在研究递归图算法的基础上,提出使用递归图中的递归率与确定性的比值RAT作为一种新的非线性递归特征量,对其算法进行描述。对涡轮发动机涉及到气缸压缩、供油系统和燃烧室等涡轮机子系统3类典型故障进行了故障诊断实验。仿真实验结果表明,使用RAT特征能有效实现3类故障下的发动机故障的聚类和诊断,故障诊断准确率为95.7%,具有绝对优越的诊断性能,具有较强的工程实践意义。

  9. Therapeutic effect of Captopril on rheumatoid arthritis in rats

    Hong-Mei Liu; Kai-Jie Wang


    Objective:To investigate the therapeutic effect of the intervention treatment with different doses ofCaptopril onTNF-αcontents in serum of rheumatoid arthritis(RA) rats, and to provide the theoretical proofs for clinical application ofCaptopril in treatments of rheumatoid diseases. Methods:FiftyWistar rats were randomly divided into5 groups, namely,GroupA,GroupB, GroupC,GroupD,GroupE with10 ratsin each group.Injection ofFreund’s complete adjuvant was employed to establish adjuvant-induced arthritis model in rats.GroupA was model group; after model establishment, rats were treated with20 mL normal saline as placebo(ip.).Rats inGroupB were treated with8 mg/kg cyclophosphamide(ip.).Rats inGroupC,D andE were intraperitoneally injected with30 mg/kg,100 mg/kg and300 mg/kgCaptopril respectively.Rats in each group were subjected to continuous treatment for3 weeks, and then sacrificed.Eyeballs of rats were excised and blood was collected.TNF-αcontent in serum were detected usingELISA; each group rats were compared for the hind legs arthrocele.Right ankle tissues of rats were collected to prepare section, and microscopic observation of pathological changes was performed. Results:TNF-αcontent in serum ofGroupA rats was significantly higher than that of rats in other4 groups(P0.05).FromDay8, ankle arthrocele of rats inGroupsB,C,D andE was obviously relieved compared with that ofGroupA rats; the anti-inflammatory effects were gradually enhanced with the extension of medication time.Treatments ofGroupsC,D andE showed significant activities against tardive arthrocele; the degree of ankle arthrocele in rats of these three groups was lower than that ofGroupA rats(P<0.01).Histological observation showed that large amount of inflammatory cells and plasmocyte infiltration was found in ankle synovial tissues ofGroupA rats.Relief of hyperaemia and edema of right ankle synovial tissues as well as significant decrease in synoviocyte layer hyperplasia, intra-articular inflammatory

  10. Therapeutic effect of Captopril on rheumatoid arthritis in rats.

    Liu, Hong-Mei; Wang, Kai-Jie


    To investigate the therapeutic effect of the intervention treatment with different doses of Captopril on TNF-αcontents in serum of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) rats, and to provide the theoretical proofs for clinical application of Captopril in treatments of rheumatoid diseases. Fifty Wistar rats were randomly divided into 5 groups, namely, Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E with 10 rats in each group. Injection of Freund's complete adjuvant was employed to establish adjuvant-induced arthritis model in rats. Group A was model group; after model establishment, rats were treated with 20 mL normal saline as placebo (ip.). Rats in Group B were treated with 8 mg/kg cyclophosphamide (ip.). Rats in Group C, D and E were intraperitoneally injected with 30 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg Captopril respectively. Rats in each group were subjected to continuous treatment for 3 weeks, and then sacrificed. Eyeballs of rats were excised and blood was collected. TNF-αcontent in serum were detected using ELISA; each group rats were compared for the hind legs arthrocele. Right ankle tissues of rats were collected to prepare section, and microscopic observation of pathological changes was performed. TNF-αcontent in serum of Group A rats was significantly higher than that of rats in other 4 groups (P0.05). From Day 8, ankle arthrocele of rats in Groups B, C, D and E was obviously relieved compared with that of Group A rats; the anti-inflammatory effects were gradually enhanced with the extension of medication time. Treatments of Groups C, D and E showed significant activities against tardive arthrocele; the degree of ankle arthrocele in rats of these three groups was lower than that of Group A rats (Pcartilago articularis damage degree etc. were observed in Groups B, C, D and E. Intervention treatment with Captopril can effectively reduce the TNF-αcontent in serum of rheumatoid arthritis rats and inhibit the generation of inflammatory factors, so as to achieve the therapeutic

  11. Effect of Residual Stress on Divergence Instability of Rectangular Microplate Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic Pressure

    Ghader Rezazadeh


    Full Text Available In this paper, the effect of residual stress on divergence instability of a rectangular microplate subjected to a nonlinear electrostatic pressure for different geometrical properties has been presented. After deriving the governing equation and using of Step-by-Step Linearization Method (SSLM, the governing nonlinear equation has been linearized. By applying the finite difference method (FDM to a rectangular mesh, the linearized equation has been discretized. The results show, residual stresses have considerable effects on Pull-in phenomena. Tensile residual stresses increase pull-in voltage and compressive decrease it. The effect of different geometrical properties on divergence instability has also been studied.

  12. The Simulation Analysis of Nonlinear for a Power Amplifier with Memory Effects

    Lv. Jinqiu


    Full Text Available For the nonlinear distortion problem of current power amplifiers (PAs with memory effects, we use goal programming to present a memoryless predistorter matrix model based on limiting baseband predistortion technique, and the normalized mean squared error (NMSE is limited in a satisfactory range while the output power is maximum. Then we propose a nonlinear power amplifier with memory effects based on back propagation neural network (BPNN with three tapped delay nodes and six single hidden layer nodes, which is single input - dual output. Simulation results show that the method proposed in this paper makes the experimental precision higher. Further, the linearization effect of power amplifiers becomes better.

  13. Second order optical nonlinearity of graphene due to electric quadrupole and magnetic dipole effects

    Cheng, J. L.; Vermeulen, N.; Sipe, J. E.


    We present a practical scheme to separate the contributions of the electric quadrupole-like and the magnetic dipole-like effects to the forbidden second order optical nonlinear response of graphene, and give analytic expressions for the second order optical conductivities, calculated from the independent particle approximation, with relaxation described in a phenomenological way. We predict strong second order nonlinear effects, including second harmonic generation, photon drag, and difference frequency generation. We discuss in detail the controllability of these effects by tuning the chemical potential, taking advantage of the dominant role played by interband optical transitions in the response. PMID:28262762

  14. Effect of reduction time on third order optical nonlinearity of reduced graphene oxide

    Sreeja, V. G.; Vinitha, G.; Reshmi, R.; Anila, E. I.; Jayaraj, M. K.


    We report the influence of reduction time on structural, linear and nonlinear optical properties of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) thin films synthesized by spin coating method. We observed that the structural, linear and nonlinear optical properties can be tuned with reduction time in GO is due to the increased structural ordering because of the restoration of sp2 carbon atoms with the time of reduction. The nonlinear absorption studies by open aperture Z-scan technique exhibited a saturable absorption. The nonlinear refraction studies showed the self de focusing nature of rGO by closed aperture Z scan technique. The nonlinear absorption coefficient and saturation intensity varies with the time for reduction of GO which is attributed to the depletion of valence band and the conduction band filling effect. Our results emphasize duration for reduction of GO dependent optical nonlinearity of rGO thin films to a great extent and explore its applications Q switched mode locking laser systems for generating ultra short laser pulses and in optical sensors. The rGO coated films were characterized by X-Ray diffraction method (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman spectroscopy, UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy (UV-Vis), Photoluminescence (PL) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) measurements.

  15. Unfocused extracorporeal shock waves induce anabolic effects in osteoporotic rats

    van der Jagt, Olav P.; Waarsing, Jan H.; Kops, Nicole; Schaden, Wolfgang; Jahr, Holger; Verhaar, Jan A. N.; Weinans, Harrie


    Unfocused extracorporeal shock waves (UESW) have been shown to have an anabolic effect on bone mass. Therefore we investigated the effects of UESW on bone in osteoporotic rats with and without anti-resorptive treatment. Twenty-week-old rats were ovariectomized (n=27). One group was treated with sali

  16. Raloxifene effects on thyroid gland morphology in ovariectomized rats.

    de Araujo, Luiz Felipe Bittencourt; Grozovsky, Renata; de Campos Pinheiro, Mônica; de Carvalho, Jorge José; Vaisman, Mário; Carvalho, Denise P


    We aimed to analyze the effects of raloxifene and estrogen on thyroid gland morphology of ovariectomized rats. Raloxifene treatment led to effects similar to those of estrogen on thyroid glands from ovariectomized rats, so that both were able to normalize the changes detected after ovariectomy.

  17. Effect of laser radiation on rat radiosensitivity

    Laprun, I.B.


    Quite a few experimental data have been obtained to date indicating that radioresistance of the organism is enhanced under the influence of electromagnetic emissions in the radiofrequency and optical ranges. But no studies were made of the possible radioprotective properties of coherent laser radiation. At the same time, it was demonstrated that the low-energy emission of optical quantum generators (lasers) in the red band stimulates the protective forces of the organism and accelerates regenerative processes; i.e., it induces effects that are the opposite of that of ionizing radiation. Moreover, it was recently demonstrated that there is activation of catalase, a radiosensitive enzyme that plays an important role in the metabolism of peroxide compounds, under the influence of lasers. For this reason, the effect of pre-exposure to laser beams on radiosensitivity of rats was tested.

  18. Electrets in soft materials: nonlinearity, size effects, and giant electromechanical coupling.

    Deng, Qian; Liu, Liping; Sharma, Pradeep


    Development of soft electromechanical materials is critical for several tantalizing applications such as soft robots and stretchable electronics, among others. Soft nonpiezoelectric materials can be coaxed to behave like piezoelectrics by merely embedding charges and dipoles in their interior and assuring some elastic heterogeneity. Such so-called electret materials have been experimentally shown to exhibit very large electromechanical coupling. In this work, we derive rigorous nonlinear expressions that relate effective electromechanical coupling to the creation of electret materials. In contrast to the existing models, we are able to both qualitatively and quantitatively capture the known experimental results on the nonlinear response of electret materials. Furthermore, we show that the presence of another form of electromechanical coupling, flexoelectricity, leads to size effects that dramatically alter the electromechanical response at submicron feature sizes. One of our key conclusions is that nonlinear deformation (prevalent in soft materials) significantly enhances the flexoelectric response and hence the aforementioned size effects.

  19. Imprint of non-linear effects on HI intensity mapping on large scales

    Umeh, Obinna


    Intensity mapping of the HI brightness temperature provides a unique way of tracing large-scale structures of the Universe up to the largest possible scales. This is achieved by using a low angular resolution radio telescopes to detect emission line from cosmic neutral Hydrogen in the post-reionization Universe. We use general relativistic perturbation theory techniques to derive for the first time the full expression for the HI brightness temperature up to third order in perturbation theory without making any plane-parallel approximation. We use this result and the renormalization prescription for biased tracers to study the impact of nonlinear effects on the power spectrum of HI brightness temperature both in real and redshift space. We show how mode coupling at nonlinear order due to nonlinear bias parameters and redshift space distortion terms modulate the power spectrum on large scales. The large scale modulation may be understood to be due to the effective bias parameter and effective shot noise.

  20. Experimental investigation of nonlinear optical properties of Ag nanoparticles: Effects of size quantization

    Sato, Rodrigo; Ohnuma, Masato; Oyoshi, Keiji; Takeda, Yoshihiko


    The effects of size quantization on the nonlinear optical response of Ag nanoparticles are experimentally studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and femtosecond spectroscopic pump-and-probe techniques. In the vicinity of a localized surface-plasmon resonance (2.0-3.5 eV), we have investigated the optical nonlinearity of Ag particles embedded in silica glass for particle diameters ranging from 3.0 to 16 nm. The intrinsic third-order optical susceptibility χm(3) of Ag particles exhibited significant spectral and size dependences. These results are explained as quantum and dielectric confinements and are compared to the results of theoretical quantum finite-size effects calculation for metallic particles. In light of these results, we discuss the contribution of interband transitions to the size dependence of χm(3). Quantum size effects lead to an increase in nonlinearity in small Ag particles.

  1. Correction of non-linearity effects in detectors for electron spectroscopy

    Mannella, N; Kay, A W; Nambu, A; Gresch, T; Yang, S H; Mun, B S; Bussat, J M; Rosenhahn, A; Fadley, C S


    Using photoemission intensities and a detection system employed by many groups in the electron spectroscopy community as an example, we have quantitatively characterized and corrected detector non-linearity effects over the full dynamic range of the system. Non-linearity effects are found to be important whenever measuring relative peak intensities accurately is important, even in the low-countrate regime. This includes, for example, performing quantitative analyses for surface contaminants or sample bulk stoichiometries, where the peak intensities involved can differ by one or two orders of magnitude, and thus could occupy a significant portion of the detector dynamic range. Two successful procedures for correcting non-linearity effects are presented. The first one yields directly the detector efficiency by measuring a flat-background reference intensity as a function of incident x-ray flux, while the second one determines the detector response from a least-squares analysis of broad-scan survey spectra at di...

  2. Effects of breathing patterns and light exercise on linear and nonlinear heart rate variability.

    Weippert, Matthias; Behrens, Kristin; Rieger, Annika; Kumar, Mohit; Behrens, Martin


    Despite their use in cardiac risk stratification, the physiological meaning of nonlinear heart rate variability (HRV) measures is not well understood. The aim of this study was to elucidate effects of breathing frequency, tidal volume, and light exercise on nonlinear HRV and to determine associations with traditional HRV indices. R-R intervals, blood pressure, minute ventilation, breathing frequency, and respiratory gas concentrations were measured in 24 healthy male volunteers during 7 conditions: voluntary breathing at rest, and metronome guided breathing (0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 Hz) during rest, and cycling, respectively. The effect of physical load was significant for heart rate (HR; p effect of load and breathing pattern was evident. Correlations to traditional HRV indices were modest (r from -0.14 to -0.67, p exercise does not significantly affect short-time HRV nonlinear indices, respiratory activity has to be considered as a potential contributor at rest and during light dynamic exercise.

  3. Non-linear effects in transition edge sensors for X-ray detection

    Bandler, S.R. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States)]. E-mail:; Figueroa-Feliciano, E. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Iyomoto, N. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Kelley, R.L. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Kilbourne, C.A. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Murphy, K.D. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Porter, F.S. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Saab, T. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Sadleir, J. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States)


    In a microcalorimeter that uses a transition-edge sensor to detect energy depositions, the small signal energy resolution improves with decreasing heat capacity. This improvement remains true up to the point where non-linear and saturation effects become significant. This happens when the energy deposition causes a significant change in the sensor resistance. Not only does the signal size become a non-linear function of the energy deposited, but also the noise becomes non-stationary over the duration of the pulse. Algorithms have been developed that can calculate the optimal performance given this non-linear behavior that typically requires significant processing and calibration work-both of which are impractical for space missions. We have investigated the relative importance of the various non-linear effects, with the hope that a computationally simple transformation can overcome the largest of the non-linear and non-stationary effects, producing a highly linear 'gain' for pulse-height versus energy, and close to the best energy resolution at all energies when using a Wiener filter.

  4. Nonlinear effects in propagation of radiation of X-ray free-electron lasers

    Nosik, V. L.


    Nonlinear effects accompanying the propagation of high-intensity beams of X-ray free-electron lasers are considered. It is shown that the X-ray wave field in the crystal significantly changes due to the formation of "hollow" atomic shells as a result of the photoelectric effect.

  5. Computing effective properties of nonlinear structures exposed to strong high-frequency loading at multiple frequencies

    Thomsen, Jon Juel


    Effects of strong high-frequency excitation at multiple frequencies (multi-HFE) are analyzed for a class of generally nonlinear systems. The effects are illustrated for a simple pendulum system with a vibrating support, and for a parametrically excited flexible beam. For the latter, theoretical...

  6. Cross-polarized wave generation by effective cubic nonlinear optical interaction.

    Petrov, G I; Albert, O; Etchepare, J; Saltiel, S M


    A new cubic nonlinear optical effect in which a linearly polarized wave propagating in a single quadratic medium is converted into a wave that is cross polarized to the input wave is observed in BBO crystal. The effect is explained by cascading of two different second-order processes: second-harmonic generation and difference frequency mixing.

  7. The effective wavenumber of a pre-stressed nonlinear microvoided composite

    Parnell, W J; Abrahams, I D, E-mail: [School of Mathematics, Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL (United Kingdom)


    By using nonlinear elasticity and a modified version of classical multiple scattering theory we derive an explicit form for the effective wavenumber for horizontally polarized shear (SH) elastic waves propagating through a pre-stressed inhomogeneous material consisting of well-separated cylindrical voids embedded in a neo-Hookean rubber host phase. The resulting effective (incremental) antiplane shear modulus is thus also derived.

  8. Temperature dependent nonlinear Hall effect in macroscopic Si-MOS antidot array

    Kuntsevich, A. Yu.; Shupltetsov, A. V.; Nunuparov, M. S.


    By measuring magnetoresistance and Hall effect in classically moderate perpendicular magnetic field in Si-MOSFET-type macroscopic antidot array we found a novel effect: nonlinear with field, temperature- and density-dependent Hall resistivity. We discuss qualitative explanation of the phenomenon and suggest that it might originate from strong temperature dependence of the resistivity and mobility in the shells of the antidots.

  9. Nonlinear topographic effects in two-layer flows

    Peter George Baines


    Full Text Available We consider the nature of non-linear flow of a two-layer fluid with a rigid lid over a long obstacle, such that the flow may be assumed to be hydrostatic. Such flows can generate hydraulic jumps upstream, and the model uses a new model of internal hydraulic jumps, which results in corrections to flows that have been computed using earlier models of jumps that are now known to be incorrect. The model covers the whole range of ratios of the densities of the two fluids, and is not restricted to the Boussinesq limit. The results are presented in terms of flow types in various regions of a Froude number-obstacle height (F0 – Hm diagram, in which the Froude number F0 is based on the initial flow conditions. When compared with single-layer flow, and some previous results with two layers, some surprising and novel patterns emerge on these diagrams. Specifically, in parts of the diagram where the flow may be supercritical (F0 > 1, there are regions where hysteresis may occur, implying that the flow may have two and sometimes three multiple flow states for the same conditions (i.e. values of F0 and Hm.

  10. Isotopic effects on non-linearity, molecular radius and intermolecular free length

    Ranjan Dey; Arvind K Singh; N K Soni; B S Bisht; J D Pandey


    Computation of non-linearity parameter (/), molecular radius (rm) and intermolecular free length (f) for H2O, C6H6, C6H12, CH3OH, C2H5OH and their deuterium-substituted compounds have been carried out at four different temperatures, viz., 293.15, 303.15, 313.15 and 323.15 K. The aim of the investigation is an attempt to study the isotopic effects on the non-linearity parameter and the physicochemical properties of the liquids, which in turn has been used to study their effect on the intermolecular interactions produced thereof.

  11. Nonlinear Random Effects Mixture Models: Maximum Likelihood Estimation via the EM Algorithm.

    Wang, Xiaoning; Schumitzky, Alan; D'Argenio, David Z


    Nonlinear random effects models with finite mixture structures are used to identify polymorphism in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic phenotypes. An EM algorithm for maximum likelihood estimation approach is developed and uses sampling-based methods to implement the expectation step, that results in an analytically tractable maximization step. A benefit of the approach is that no model linearization is performed and the estimation precision can be arbitrarily controlled by the sampling process. A detailed simulation study illustrates the feasibility of the estimation approach and evaluates its performance. Applications of the proposed nonlinear random effects mixture model approach to other population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic problems will be of interest for future investigation.

  12. The effects of oppositely sloping boundaries with Ekman dissipation in a nonlinear baroclinic system

    Weng, H.-Y.


    The present analytical and numerical examination of the effect of the slope Delta with dissipation delta on baroclinic flows in linear and nonlinear systems uses a modified Eady channel model with oppositely sloping top and bottom Ekman layers, and truncates the spectral wave solution up to six components. Comparisons are made wherever possible with results from beta-plane dissipative systems. In the linear system, the combined effect of Delta and delta strongly stabilizes long waves. In a nonlinear system without wave-wave interaction, Delta stabilizes the flow even for small delta and reduces the domain of vacillation while enlarging the domain of single-wave steady state.

  13. Study of dispersive and nonlinear effects of coastal wave dynamics with a fully nonlinear potential flow model

    Benoit, Michel; Yates, Marissa L.; Raoult, Cécile


    Efficient and accurate numerical models simulating wave propagation are required for a variety of engineering projects including the evaluation of coastal risks, the design of protective coastal structures, and the estimation of the potential for marine renewable energy devices. Nonlinear and dispersive effects are particularly significant in the coastal zone where waves interact with the bottom, the shoreline, and coastal structures. The main challenge in developing a numerical models is finding a compromise between computational efficiency and the required accuracy of the simulated wave field. Here, a potential approach is selected and the (fully nonlinear) water wave problem is formulated using the Euler-Zakharov equations (Zakharov, 1968) describing the temporal evolution of the free surface elevation and velocity potential. The proposed model (Yates and Benoit, 2015) uses a spectral approach in the vertical (i.e. the vertical variation of the potential is approximated by a linear combination of the first NT+1 Chebyshev polynomials, following the work of Tian and Sato (2008)). The Zakharov equations are integrated in time using a fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme with a constant time step. At each sub-timestep, the Laplace Boundary Value Problem (BVP) is solved to estimate the free surface vertical velocity using the spectral approach, with typical values of NT between 5 to 8 for practical applications. The 1DH version of the code is validated with comparisons to the experimental data set of Becq-Girard et al. (1999), which studied the propagation of irregular waves over a beach profile with a submerged bar. The nonlinear and dispersive capacities of the model are verified with the correct representation of wave-wave interactions, in particular the transfer of energy between different harmonic components during wave propagation (analysis of the transformation of the variance spectrum along the channel). Evolution of wave skewness, asymmetry and kurtosis along the

  14. Neurotoxic behavioral effects of Lake Ontario salmon diets in rats

    Hertzler, D.R. (State Univ. of New York, Oswego (USA))


    Six experiments were conducted to examine possible neurotoxic effects of the exposure to contaminants in Lake Ontario salmon administered through the diets of rats. Rats were fed different concentrations of fish (8%, 15% or 30%) in one of three diet conditions: Lake Ontario salmon, Pacific Ocean salmon, or laboratory rat chow only. Following 20 days on the diets, rats were tested for five minutes per day in a modified open field for one or three days. Lake Ontario salmon diets consistently produced significantly lower activity, rearing, and nosepoke behaviors in comparison with ocean salmon or rat chow diet conditions. A dose-response effect for concentration of lake salmon was obtained, and the attenuation effect occurred in males, females, adult or young animals, and postweaning females, with fish sampled over a five-year period. While only two of several potential contaminants were tested, both fish and brain analyses of mirex and PCBs relate to the behavioral effects.

  15. [Simvastatin's effect on insulin resistance in rats with diabetes mellitus].

    Iskakova, S; Zharmakhanova, G; Bekmukhambetov, Y; Dworacka, M; Dworacki, G


    The aim of this experimental study was to estimate the effect of Simvastatin on glycemic variability-related insulin resistance in the course of diabetes mellitus (DM) in rats. Fifty seven male Wistar rats were divided into four groups: I - rats with diabetes mellitus and glycemic variability treated with Simvastatin (20 mg/kg body weight, intragastral during 8 weeks); II - placebo-treated rats with DM and glycemic variability; III - placebo treated rats with DM and IV - nondiabetic control rats. DM was induced by feeding rats with high-fat diet (61%) during five weeks and low-dose of Streptozotocin (30 mg/kg, intraperitoneally). Daily glucose excursions were stimulated by feeding animals twice a day. We measured fasting blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), insulin and HOMAIR was calculated. Higher insulin resistance in diabetic rats is related to greater daily glycemic variability. In our study was installed significant increasing HOMAIR in diabetics rats with glycemic excursions comparison with the control. Our results showed that the simvastatin-treatment decreases the indices glycemic variability and HOMA in diabetic rats with glycemic excursions.

  16. Nonlinear effects in the propagation of optically generated magnetostatic volume mode spin waves

    van Tilburg, L. J. A.; Buijnsters, F. J.; Fasolino, A.; Rasing, T.; Katsnelson, M. I.


    Recent experimental work has demonstrated optical control of spin wave emission by tuning the shape of the optical pulse [Satoh et al., Nat. Photon. 6, 662 (2012), 10.1038/nphoton.2012.218]. We reproduce these results and extend the scope of the control by investigating nonlinear effects for large amplitude excitations. We observe an accumulation of spin wave power at the center of the initial excitation combined with short-wavelength spin waves. These kinds of nonlinear effects have not been observed in earlier work on nonlinearities of spin waves. Our observations pave the way for the manipulation of magnetic structures at a smaller scale than the beam focus, for instance in devices with all-optical control of magnetism.

  17. Nonlinear frequency conversion effect in a one-dimensional graphene-based photonic crystal

    Wicharn, S.; Buranasiri, P.


    In this research, the nonlinear frequency conversion effect based on four-wave mixing (FWM) principle in a onedimensional graphene-based photonics crystal (1D-GPC) has been investigated numerically. The 1D-GPC structure is composed of two periodically alternating material layers, which are graphene-silicon dioxide bilayer system and silicon membrane. Since, the third-order nonlinear susceptibility χ(3) of bilayer system is hundred time higher than pure silicon dioxide layer, so the enhancement of FWM response can be achieved inside the structure with optimizing photon energy being much higher than a chemical potential level (μ) of graphene sheet. In addition, the conversion efficiencies of 1DGPC structure are compared with chalcogenide based photonic structure for showing that 1D-GPC structure can enhance nonlinear effect by a factor of 100 above the chalcogenide based structure with the same structure length.

  18. Beyond the effective mass approximation: predictive theory of the nonlinear optical response of conduction electrons

    Yu, Shukai; Talbayev, Diyar


    We present an experimental and computational study of the nonlinear optical response of conduction electrons to intense terahertz (THz) electric field. Our observations (saturable absorption and an amplitude-dependent group refractive index) can be understood on the qualitative level as the breakdown of the effective mass approximation. However, a predictive theoretical description of the nonlinearity has been missing. We propose a model based on the semiclassical electron dynamics, a realistic band structure, and the free electron Drude parameters to accurately calculate the experimental observables in InSb. Our results open a path to predictive modeling of the conduction-electron optical nonlinearity in semiconductors, metamaterials, as well as high-field effects in THz plasmonics.

  19. Effects of ADC Nonlinearity on the Spurious Dynamic Range Performance of Compressed Sensing

    Rongzong Kang


    Full Text Available Analog-to-information converter (AIC plays an important role in the compressed sensing system; it has the potential to significantly extend the capabilities of conventional analog-to-digital converter. This paper evaluates the impact of AIC nonlinearity on the dynamic performance in practical compressed sensing system, which included the nonlinearity introduced by quantization as well as the circuit non-ideality. It presents intuitive yet quantitative insights into the harmonics of quantization output of AIC, and the effect of other AIC nonlinearity on the spurious dynamic range (SFDR performance is also analyzed. The analysis and simulation results demonstrated that, compared with conventional ADC-based system, the measurement process decorrelates the input signal and the quantization error and alleviate the effect of other decorrelates of AIC, which results in a dramatic increase in spurious free dynamic range (SFDR.

  20. Effective supercontinuum generation by using highly nonlinear dispersion-shifted fiber incorporated with Si nanocrystals.

    Jeong, Seongmook; Ju, Seongmin; Kim, Youngwoong; Watekar, Pramod R; Jeong, Hyejeong; Lee, Ho-Jae; Boo, Seongjae; Kim, Dug Young; Han, Won-Taek


    The dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF) incorporated with Si nanocrystals (Si-NCs) having highly nonlinear optical property was fabricated to investigate the effective supercontinuum generation characteristics by using the MCVD process and the drawing process. Optical nonlinearity was enhanced by incorporating Si nanocrystals in the core of the fiber and the refractive index profile of a dispersion-shifted fiber was employed to match its zero-dispersion wavelength to that of the commercially available pumping source for generating effective supercontinuum. The non-resonant nonlinear refractive index, n2, of the Si-NCs doped DSF measured by the cw-SPM method was measured to be 7.03 x 10(-20) [m2/W] and the coefficient of non-resonant nonlinearity, gamma, was 7.14 [W(-1) km(-1)]. To examine supercontinuum generation of the Si-NCs doped DSF, the femtosecond fiber laser with the pulse width of 150 fs (at 1560 nm) was launched into the fiber core. The output spectrum of the Si-NCs doped DSF was found to broaden from 1300 nm to wavelength well beyond 1700 nm, which can be attributed to the enhanced optical nonlinearity by Si-NCs embedded in the fiber core. The short wavelength of the supercontinuum spectrum in the Si-NCs doped DSF showed shift from 1352 nm to 1220 nm for the fiber length of 2.5 m and 200 m, respectively.




    Full Text Available A theoretical study is carried out to evaluate the performance of an opticalwavelength division multiplexing (WDM network transmission system in the presenceof crosstalk due to optical fiber nonlinearities. The most significant nonlinear effects inthe optical fiber which are Cross-Phase Modulation (XPM, Four-Wave Mixing (FWM,and Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS are investigated. Four types of optical fiber areincluded in the analysis; these are: single-mode fiber (SMF, dispersion compensationfiber (DCF, non-zero dispersion fiber (NZDF, and non-zero dispersion shifted fiber(NZDSF. The results represent the standard deviation of nonlinearity induced crosstalknoise power due to FWM and SRS, XPM power penalty for SMF, DCF, NZDF, andNZDSF types of fiber, besides the Bit Error Rate (BER for the three nonlinear effectsusing standard fiber type (SMF. It is concluded that three significant fiber nonlinearitiesare making huge limitations against increasing the launched power which is desired,otherwise, lower values of launched power limit network expansion including length,distance, covered areas, and number of users accessing the WDM network, unlesssuitable precautions are taken to neutralize the nonlinear effects. Besides, various fibertypes are not behaving similarly towards network parameters.

  2. Effect of orchiectomy on rat physical capacity

    Denny Fabrício Magalhães Veloso


    Full Text Available Objective: Bilateral orchiectomy is indicated for the treatment ofpatients with testicular cancer or advanced prostate tumors. Theinfluence of hypogonadism on physical activity is still not known.The purpose of this work was to verify the effect of bilateralorchiectomy on physical performance. Methods: Sixteen ratswere divided into two groups: Group 1 (Control, in which only skinincision and suture were made (n = 5 and Group 2, in which therats were submitted to bilateral orchiectomy (n = 11. The animalswere trained to run on a treadmill at the speed of 14 meters perminute until they were fatigued. The results were compared usingthe Mann-Whitney test. Results: There was no difference betweenthe animals submitted to orchiectomy and the Control Group.Conclusions: Bilateral orchiectomy does not affect the physicalperformance of the rat.

  3. Effect of Scrophularia ningpoensis extract on diabetes in rats | Lu ...

    Effect of Scrophularia ningpoensis extract on diabetes in rats. ... glucose and plasma insulin levels were evaluated in order to determine antihyperglycemic effect. ... free radicals and is thus capable of reducing the risk of diabetic complications.

  4. Effect of testicular capsulotomy on fertility of rats

    Da-Nian QIN; Mary A. Lung


    To demonstrate the effect of capsulotomy on the fertility of male rats. Methods: Testicular capsulotomy was carried out in immature (21 days) and adult (60 days) male rats. The fertility of them was assessed by cohabitation with proestrus females overnight and 20 days later, the females were examined for impregnation. Morphological changes at the site of the capsulotomy were observed under light microscope. Results: In rats capsulotomized at Day 60, the fertility was gradually depressed and all the rats completely lost their fertility 2 months post - operation. At that time, a partial regeneration of the capsule at the site of capsulotomy was observed. Immature rats capsulotomized at Day 21 were found to possess normal fertility at maturity. The capsulotomy site was almost completely recovered 60days post-operation. Conclusion: In male rats, testicular capsulotomy at the age of Day 60 will damage fertility.However, when capsulotomy is performed at Day 21, fertility is preserve.

  5. Silica-glass contribution to the effective nonlinearity of hollow-core photonic band-gap fibers.

    Hensley, Christopher J; Ouzounov, Dimitre G; Gaeta, Alexander L; Venkataraman, Natesan; Gallagher, Michael T; Koch, Karl W


    We measure the effective nonlinearity of various hollow-core photonic band-gap fibers. Our findings indicate that differences of tens of nanometers in the fiber structure result in significant changes to the power propagating in the silica glass and thus in the effective nonlinearity of the fiber. These results show that it is possible to engineer the nonlinear response of these fibers via small changes to the glass structure.

  6. Nonlinear effects in the torsional adjustment of interacting DNA.

    Kornyshev, A A; Wynveen, A


    DNA molecules in solution, having negatively charged phosphates and countercations readsorbed on its surface, possess a distinct charge separation motif to interact electrostatically. If their double-helical structure were ideal, duplexes in parallel juxtaposition could choose azimuthal alignment providing attraction, or at least a reduction of repulsion, between them. But duplexes are not perfect staircases and the distortions of their helical structure correlate with their base pair texts. If the patterns of distortions on the opposing molecules are uncorrelated, the mismatch will accumulate as a random walk and attraction vanishes. Based on this idea, a model of recognition of homologous sequences has been proposed [A. A. Kornyshev and S. Leikin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 3666 (2001)]. But DNA has torsional elasticity. How will this help to relax a mismatch between the charge distributions on two nonhomologous DNA's? In the same work, the solution of this problem has been mapped onto a frustrated sine Gordon equation in a nonlocal random field (where the latter represents a pattern of twist angle distortions on the opposing molecules), but the results had been obtained in the limit of torsionally rigid molecules. In the present paper, by solving this equation numerically, we find a strongly nonlinear relaxation mechanism which utilizes static kink-soliton modes triggered by the "random field." In the range of parameters where the solitons do not emerge, we find good agreement with the results of a variational study [A. G. Cherstvy, A. A. Kornyshev, and S. Leikin, J. Phys. Chem. B (to be published)]. We reproduce the first-order transitions in the interaxial separation dependence, but detect also second-order or weak first-order transitions for shorter duplexes. The recognition energy between two nonhomologous DNA sequences is calculated as a function of interaxial separation and the length of juxtaposition. The soliton-caused kinky length dependence is discussed in

  7. Nonlinear effects in the torsional adjustment of interacting DNA

    Kornyshev, A. A.; Wynveen, A.


    DNA molecules in solution, having negatively charged phosphates and countercations readsorbed on its surface, possess a distinct charge separation motif to interact electrostatically. If their double-helical structure were ideal, duplexes in parallel juxtaposition could choose azimuthal alignment providing attraction, or at least a reduction of repulsion, between them. But duplexes are not perfect staircases and the distortions of their helical structure correlate with their base pair texts. If the patterns of distortions on the opposing molecules are uncorrelated, the mismatch will accumulate as a random walk and attraction vanishes. Based on this idea, a model of recognition of homologous sequences has been proposed [A. A. Kornyshev and S. Leikin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 3666 (2001)]. But DNA has torsional elasticity. How will this help to relax a mismatch between the charge distributions on two nonhomologous DNA’s? In the same work, the solution of this problem has been mapped onto a frustrated sine Gordon equation in a nonlocal random field (where the latter represents a pattern of twist angle distortions on the opposing molecules), but the results had been obtained in the limit of torsionally rigid molecules. In the present paper, by solving this equation numerically, we find a strongly nonlinear relaxation mechanism which utilizes static kink-soliton modes triggered by the “random field.” In the range of parameters where the solitons do not emerge, we find good agreement with the results of a variational study [A. G. Cherstvy, A. A. Kornyshev, and S. Leikin, J. Phys. Chem. B (to be published)]. We reproduce the first-order transitions in the interaxial separation dependence, but detect also second-order or weak first-order transitions for shorter duplexes. The recognition energy between two nonhomologous DNA sequences is calculated as a function of interaxial separation and the length of juxtaposition. The soliton-caused kinky length dependence is

  8. Potentiation of the hypotensive effect of adrenomedullin in pregnant rats.

    Makino, I; Shibata, K; Makino, Y; Kangawa, K; Kawarabayashi, T


    The hypotensive effect of adrenomedullin, a potent vasodilator peptide, was examined in conscious pregnant (6, 13 and 20 days of pregnancy) and non-pregnant rats. The intravenous administration of adrenomedullin (0.01-3.0 nmol/kg) produced a dose-dependent depressor response in pregnant and non-pregnant rats. At low doses (0.01-0.1 nmol/kg), the maximum decrease in blood pressure was significantly higher in pregnant rats (20 days pregnant) than in non-pregnant rats. At high doses, no significant difference was observed between the two groups. Furthermore, the administration of adrenomedullin did not significantly affect the basal mean blood pressure (MBP) at any dose when compared to the non-pregnant group at 6 and 13 days of pregnancy. In the ovariectomized rats, the depressor responses in 17beta-estradiol-treated, progesterone-treated and 17beta-estradiol+progesterone-treated rats were not significantly different from that in the control rats, suggesting that the augmented effect on the depressor response to adrenomedullin in pregnant rats may not be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. The adrenomedullin receptor mRNA level of the descending thoracic aorta was significantly higher in the late-pregnancy rats (20 days of pregnancy). However, the levels did not show any difference between the early-pregnant rats (6 and 13 days of pregnancy) and the non-pregnant rats. These findings suggested that the changes in the depressor response to adrenomedullin which occur at term in pregnant rats may be mediated by changes of adrenomedullin receptor gene expression rather than by sex hormones.

  9. Effect of dental materials on gluconeogenesis in rat kidney tubules

    Reichl, F.X.; Durner, J.; Mückter, H.; Elsenhans, B.; Forth, W.; Kunzelmann, K.H.; Hickel, R.; Spahl, W.; Hume, W.R.; Moes, G.W.


    The effect of dental composite components triethyleneglycoldimethacrylate (TEGDMA) and hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) as well as mercuric chloride (HgCl2) and methylmercury chloride (MeHgCl) on gluconeogenesis was investigated in isolated rat kidney tubules. From starved rats kidney tubules were pr

  10. Collisional effects in weakly collisional plasmas: nonlinear electrostatic waves and recurrence phenomena

    Camporeale, E.; Pezzi, O.; Valentini, F.


    The longstanding problem of collisions in plasmas is a very fascinating and huge topic in plasma physics. The 'natural' operator that describes the Coulombian interactions between charged particles is the Landau (LAN) integral operator. The LAN operator is a nonlinear, integro-differential and Fokker-Planck type operator which satisfies the H theorem for the entropy growth. Due to its nonlinear nature and multi-dimensionality, any approach to the solution of the Landau integral is almost prohibitive. Therefore collisions are usually modeled by simplified collisional operators. Here collisional effects are modeled by i) the one-dimensional Lenard-Bernstein (LB) operator and ii) the three-dimensional Dougherty (DG) operator. In the first case i), by focusing on a 1D-1V phase space, we study recurrence effects in a weakly collisional plasma, being collisions modeled by the LB operator. By decomposing the linear Vlasov-Poisson system in the Fourier-Hermite space, the recurrence problem is investigated in the linear regime of the damping of a Langmuir wave and of the onset of the bump-on-tail instability. The analysis is then confirmed and extended to the nonlinear regime through a Eulerian collisional Vlasov-Poisson code. Despite being routinely used, an artificial collisionality is not in general a viable way of preventing recurrence in numerical simulations. Moreover, recursive phenomena affect both the linear exponential growth and the nonlinear saturation of a linear instability by producing a fake growth in the electric field, thus showing that, although the filamentation is usually associated with low amplitude fluctuations contexts, it can occur also in nonlinear phenomena. On the other hand ii), the effects of electron-electron collisions on the propagation of nonlinear electrostatic waves are shown by means of Eulerian simulations in a 1D-3V (one dimension in physical space, three dimensions in velocity space) phase space. The nonlinear regime of the symmetric

  11. Effects of nonlinear strength parameters on stability of 3D soil slopes

    高玉峰; 吴迪; 张飞; 秦红玉; 朱德胜


    Actual slope stability problems have three-dimensional (3D) characteristics and the soils of slopes have curved failure envelopes. This incorporates a power-law nonlinear failure criterion into the kinematic approach of limit analysis to conduct the evaluation of the stability of 3D slopes. A tangential technique is adopted to simplify the nonlinear failure criterion in the form of equivalent Mohr-Coulomb strength parameters. A class of 3D admissible rotational failure mechanisms is selected for soil slopes including three types of failure mechanisms: face failure, base failure, and toe failure. The upper-bound solutions and corresponding critical slip surfaces can be obtained by an efficient optimization method. The results indicate that the nonlinear parameters have significant influences on the assessment of slope stability, especially on the type of failure mechanism. The effects of nonlinear parameters appear to be pronounced for gentle slopes constrained to a narrow width. Compared with the solutions derived from plane-strain analysis, the 3D solutions are more sensitive to the values of nonlinear parameters.

  12. Thresholds for the effects of 2-acetylaminofluorene in rat liver.

    Williams, Gary M; Iatropoulos, Michael J; Jeffrey, Alan M


    To explore for practical thresholds for DNA-reactive carcinogens in rat liver carcinogenicity, we have conducted a series of exposure-response studies using 2 well-studied hepatocarcinogens, 2-acetylaminofluorene (AAF) and diethylnitrosamine (DEN). Findings with AAF, including as yet unpublished experiments, are reviewed here and related to DEN observations. In these studies, we have administered exact intragastric doses during an initiation segment (IS) of 12-16 weeks followed in some experiments by phenobarbital (PB) as a liver tumor promoter for 24 weeks to enhance manifestation of initiation. The cumulative doses (CD) of AAF at the end of ISs ranged from 0.094 to 282.2 mg/kg. Our findings for AAF in the IS can be summarized as follows: (1) the earliest parameter to be affected with administration of low doses was the appearance of DNA adducts (around 4 weeks), followed at higher doses by cell proliferation; (2) formation of DNA adducts was nonlinear, with a no-observed effect level (NOEL) at a CD of 0.094 mg/kg and a plateau at higher doses (94.1 mg/kg); (3) cytotoxicity (necrosis) showed a NOEL at a CD of 28.2 mg/kg; (4) compensatory hepatocellular proliferation showed a NOEL at a CD of 28.2 mg/kg and was supralinear at a high CD (282.2 mg/kg); (5) formation of preneoplastic hepatocellular altered foci (HAF) showed a NOEL at a CD of 28.2 mg/kg, and was supralinear at a high CD (282.2 mg/kg); (6) a NOEL (CD 28.2 mg/kg) was found for tumor development and the exposure-response was supralinear. We interpret these findings to reflect practical thresholds for hepatocellular initiating effects of AAF and exaggerated responses at high-exposures doses, as also found for DEN. Thus, mechanisms of carcinogenesis can differ between low and high doses.

  13. Nonlinear effects manifested in infrasonic signals in the region of a geometric shadow

    Kulichkov, S. N.; Golikova, E. V.


    Nonlinear effects manifested in infrasonic signals passing through different atmospheric heights and recorded in the region of a geometric shadow have been studied. The source of infrasound was a surface explosion equivalent to 20-70 t of TNT. The frequencies of the spectral maxima of infrasonic signals, which correspond to the reflections of acoustic pulses from atmospheric inhomogeneities at different heights within the stratosphere-mesosphere-lower thermosphere layer, were calculated using the nonlinear-theory method. A satisfactory agreement between experimental and calculated data was obtained.

  14. Solution of Excited Non-Linear Oscillators under Damping Effects Using the Modified Differential Transform Method

    H. M. Abdelhafez


    Full Text Available The modified differential transform method (MDTM, Laplace transform and Padé approximants are used to investigate a semi-analytic form of solutions of nonlinear oscillators in a large time domain. Forced Duffing and forced van der Pol oscillators under damping effect are studied to investigate semi-analytic forms of solutions. Moreover, solutions of the suggested nonlinear oscillators are obtained using the fourth-order Runge-Kutta numerical solution method. A comparison of the result by the numerical Runge-Kutta fourth-order accuracy method is compared with the result by the MDTM and plotted in a long time domain.

  15. Effect of loss on photon-pair generation in nonlinear waveguides arrays

    Antonosyan, Diana A; Sukhorukov, Andrey A


    We describe theoretically the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in quadratic nonlinear waveguide arrays in the presence of linear loss. We derive a set of discrete Schrodinger-type equations for the biphoton wave function, and the wave function of one photon when the other photon in a pair is lost. We demonstrate effects arising from loss-affected interference between the generated photon pairs and show that nonlinear waveguide arrays can serve as a robust loss-tolerant integrated platform for the generation of entangled photon states with non-classical spatial correlations.

  16. Nonlinear Effect on Focusing Gain of a Focusing Transducer with a Wide Aperture Angle

    LIU Ming-He; ZHANG Dong; GONG Xiu-Fen


    @@ Nonlinear effect on focusing gain of acoustic field radiated from a 1-MHz focusing transmitter with a wide aperture angle of 35° is theoretically and experimentally investigated. With the enhancement of nonlinearity, the focusing gains of both intensity and peak positive pressure show non-monotonic behaviour. There exist the same saturated levels at which the maximum outputs are reached and their spatial distributions are more localized. In contrast,the peak negative pressure always decreases monotonically and its spatial distribution is less localized.

  17. Non-linear simulations of ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade including diamagnetic drift effects

    Lessig, Alexander; Hoelzl, Matthias; Krebs, Isabel; Franck, Emmanuel; Guenter, Sibylle [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik, Boltzmannstrasse 2, 85748 Garching (Germany); Orain, Francois; Morales, Jorge; Becoulet, Marina [CEA-IRFM, Cadarache, 13108 Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance (France); Huysmans, Guido [ITER Organization, 13067 Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance (France)


    Large edge localized modes (ELMs) are a severe concern for ITER due to high transient heat loads on divertor targets and wall structures. Using the non-linear MHD code JOREK, we have performed ELM simulations for ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) including diamagnetic drift effects. The influence of diamagnetic terms onto the evolution of the toroidal mode spectrum for different AUG equilibria and the non-linear interaction of the toroidal harmonics are investigated. In particular, we confirm the diamagnetic stabilization of high mode numbers and present new features of a previously introduced quadratic mode coupling model for the early non-linear evolution of the mode structure. Preliminary comparisons of full ELM crashes with experimental observations are shown aiming at code validation and the understanding of different ELM types. Work is ongoing to include toroidal and neoclassical poloidal rotation in our simulations.

  18. Viscous Flow over Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet with Effects of Viscous Dissipation

    Javad Alinejad


    Full Text Available The flow and heat transfer characteristics of incompressible viscous flow over a nonlinearly stretching sheet with the presence of viscous dissipation is investigated numerically. The similarity transformation reduces the time-independent boundary layer equations for momentum and thermal energy into a set of coupled ordinary differential equations. The obtained equations, including nonlinear equation for the velocity field and differential equation by variable coefficient for the temperature field , are solved numerically by using the fourth order of Runge-Kutta integration scheme accompanied by shooting technique with Newton-Raphson iteration method. The effect of various values of Prandtl number, Eckert number and nonlinear stretching parameter are studied. The results presented graphically show some behaviors such as decrease in dimensionless temperature due to increase in Pr number, and curve relocations are observed when heat dissipation is considered.

  19. Imprint of non-linear effects on HI intensity mapping on large scales

    Umeh, Obinna


    Intensity mapping of the HI brightness temperature provides a unique way of tracing large-scale structures of the Universe up to the largest possible scales. This is achieved by using a low angular resolution radio telescopes to detect emission line from cosmic neutral Hydrogen in the post-reionization Universe. We consider how non-linear effects associated with the HI bias and redshift space distortions contribute to the clustering of cosmic neutral Hydrogen on large scales. We use general relativistic perturbation theory techniques to derive for the first time the full expression for the HI brightness temperature up to third order in perturbation theory without making any plane-parallel approximation. We use this result to show how mode coupling at nonlinear order due to nonlinear bias parameters and redshift space distortions leads to about 10\\% modulation of the HI power spectrum on large scales.

  20. Nonlinear effects of inertial Alfvén wave in low beta plasmas

    Rinawa, M. L., E-mail:; Gaur, Nidhi, E-mail:; Sharma, R. P., E-mail: [Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi 110016 (India)


    This paper is devoted to the study of the nonlinear interaction and propagation of high frequency pump inertial Alfvén wave (IAW) with comparatively low frequency IAW with emphasis on nonlinear effects and applications within space plasma and astrophysics for low β-plasma (β≪m{sub e}/m{sub i}). We have developed a set of dimensionless equations in the presence of ponderomotive nonlinearity due to high frequency pump IAW in the dynamics of comparatively low frequency IAW. Stability analysis and numerical simulation have been carried out for the coupled system comprising of pump IAW and low frequency IAW to study the localization and turbulent spectra, applicable to auroral region. The result reveals that localized structures become more complex and intense in nature at the quasi steady state. From the obtained result, we found that the present model may be useful to study the turbulent fluctuations in accordance with the observations of FAST/THEMIS spacecraft.

  1. Advanced Nonlinear Latent Variable Modeling: Distribution Analytic LMS and QML Estimators of Interaction and Quadratic Effects

    Kelava, Augustin; Werner, Christina S.; Schermelleh-Engel, Karin; Moosbrugger, Helfried; Zapf, Dieter; Ma, Yue; Cham, Heining; Aiken, Leona S.; West, Stephen G.


    Interaction and quadratic effects in latent variable models have to date only rarely been tested in practice. Traditional product indicator approaches need to create product indicators (e.g., x[superscript 2] [subscript 1], x[subscript 1]x[subscript 4]) to serve as indicators of each nonlinear latent construct. These approaches require the use of…

  2. Effects of nonlinear phase modulation on Bragg scattering in the low-conversion regime

    Andersen, Lasse Mejling; Cargill, D. S.; McKinstrie, C. J.


    In this paper, we consider the effects of nonlinear phase modulation on frequency conversion by four-wave mixing (Bragg scattering) in the low-conversion regime. We derive the Green functions for this process using the time-domain collision method, for partial collisions, in which the four fields...

  3. Effects of heat exchange and nonlinearity on acoustic streaming in a vibrating cylindrical cavity.

    Gubaidullin, Amir A; Yakovenko, Anna V


    Acoustic streaming in a gas filled cylindrical cavity subjected to the vibration effect is investigated numerically. Both thermally insulated walls and constant temperature walls are considered. The range of vibration frequencies from low frequencies, at which the process can be described by an approximate analytical solution, to high frequencies giving rise to strong nonlinear effects is studied. Frequencies lower than the resonant one are chosen, and nonlinearity is achieved due to the large amplitude. The problem is solved in an axisymmetric statement. The dependence of acoustic streaming in narrow channels at vibration frequencies lower than the resonant one on the type of thermal boundary conditions is shown. The streaming vortices' directions of rotation in the case of constant temperature walls are found to be opposite to those in the case of thermally insulated walls. Different nonlinear effects, which increase with the frequency of vibration, are obtained. Nonlinear effects manifesting as the nonuniformity of average temperature, pressure, and density are in turn found to be influencing the streaming velocity and streaming structure.

  4. Effects of nonlinear phase modulation on low-conversion four-wave mixing Bragg scattering

    Andersen, Lasse Mejling; McKinstrie, C. J.; Rottwitt, Karsten

    We consider the effects of nonlinear phase modulation (NPM) on frequency converseon by Bragg scattering. Previously we found that arbitrary mode reshaping without temporal entanglement (separability) was possible. When NPM is included, the modes are chirped and the separability is no longer compl...




    Detailed measurements of the macroscopic second-order optical nonlinearity chi(2) (2-omega,omega,omega) of Langmuir-Blodgett dye-doped monolayers are reported. The observed deviations from a linear behavior of chi-(2) with increasing surface density are shown to be due to local-field effects. In ord

  6. Nonlinear optical properties of Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers : Local-field effects

    Cnossen, Gerard; Drabe, Karel E.; Wiersma, Douwe A.


    Detailed measurements of the macroscopic second-order optical nonlinearity chi(2) (2-omega,omega,omega) of Langmuir-Blodgett dye-doped monolayers are reported. The observed deviations from a linear behavior of chi-(2) with increasing surface density are shown to be due to local-field effects. In ord

  7. Effect of quantum correction on nonlinear thermal wave of electrons driven by laser heating

    Nafari, F.; Ghoranneviss, M.


    In thermal interaction of laser pulse with a deuterium-tritium (DT) plane, the thermal waves of electrons are generated instantly. Since the thermal conductivity of electron is a nonlinear function of temperature, a nonlinear heat conduction equation is used to investigate the propagation of waves in solid DT. This paper presents a self-similar analytic solution for the nonlinear heat conduction equation in a planar geometry. The thickness of the target material is finite in numerical computation, and it is assumed that the laser energy is deposited at a finite initial thickness at the initial time which results in a finite temperature for electrons at initial time. Since the required temperature range for solid DT ignition is higher than the critical temperature which equals 35.9 eV, the effects of quantum correction in thermal conductivity should be considered. This letter investigates the effects of quantum correction on characteristic features of nonlinear thermal wave, including temperature, penetration depth, velocity, heat flux, and heating and cooling domains. Although this effect increases electron temperature and thermal flux, penetration depth and propagation velocity are smaller. This effect is also applied to re-evaluate the side-on laser ignition of uncompressed DT.


    N'guimbi; Germain


    Abstract. The effect of numerical integration in finite element methods applied to a class of nonlinear parabolic equations is considered and some sufficient conditions on the quadrature scheme to ensure that the order of convergence is unaltered in the presence of numerical integration are given. Optimal Lz and H1 estimates for the error and its time derivative are established.

  9. Nonlinear magneto-optical effects in cold atoms of 87Rb

    He Ling-Xiang; Wang Yu-Zhu


    With laser-cooled cold 87Rb atoms as a magneto-optical medium, a weak right circularly polarized probe field and frequency modulation technique are used to detect the magnetic distribution of the quadrupole field. A two-peak dispersion-like signal other than that of the usual nonlinear magneto-optical effect mentioned in other papers is obtained.

  10. Repeated dose of ketamine effect to the rat hippocampus tissue

    Mehtap Okyay Karaca


    Full Text Available Aim: We aimed to determine the neurotoxic effect of repeated ketamine administration on brain tissue and if neurotoxic effect was present, whether this effect continued 16 days later using histological stereological method, a quantitative and objective method. Materials and Methods: Female rats were divided into three groups, each containing five rats. Rats in Group I were given 0.9% saline solution 4 times a day for 5 days. The rats in Groups II and III were given ketamine as intraperitoneal injections. Rats in Groups I and II were sacrificed on 5 th day while the ones in Group III on 21 st day. Cornu ammonis (CA and gyrus dentatus (GD regions in hippocampus tissue of rats were studied using optic fractionation method. Findings: There were significantly less number of cells in hippocampal CA and GD regions of rats from Groups II and III compared to the ones from Group I. Difference in cell number was also significantly higher in Group III than in Group II, but this difference was not as pronounced as the one between Groups III and I. Conclusion: Repeated ketamine doses caused neurotoxicity in rat hippocampus.

  11. The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations.

    Wei, D H; Niimi, Y; Gu, B; Ziman, T; Maekawa, S; Otani, Y


    The spin Hall effect and its inverse have key roles in spintronic devices as they allow conversion of charge currents to and from spin currents. The conversion efficiency strongly depends on material details, such as the electronic band structure and the nature of impurities. Here we show an anomaly in the inverse spin Hall effect in weak ferromagnetic NiPd alloys near their Curie temperatures with a shape independent of material details, such as Ni concentrations. By extending Kondo's model for the anomalous Hall effect, we explain the observed anomaly as originating from the second-order nonlinear spin fluctuation of Ni moments. This brings to light an essential symmetry difference between the spin Hall effect and the anomalous Hall effect, which reflects the first-order nonlinear fluctuations of local moments. Our finding opens up a new application of the spin Hall effect, by which a minuscule magnetic moment can be detected.

  12. Effects of carboxymethyl chitosan on the blood system of rats

    Fu, Dawei [College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266003 (China); Han, Baoqin, E-mail: [College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266003 (China); Dong, Wen; Yang, Zhao; Lv, You; Liu, Wanshun [College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266003 (China)


    Highlights: {yields} We report, for the first time, the safety of carboxymethyl chitosan in blood system. {yields} CM-Chitosan has no significant effects on coagulation function of rats. {yields} CM-Chitosan has no significant effects on anticoagulation performance of rats. {yields} CM-Chitosan has no significant effects on fibrinolytic function of rats. {yields} CM-Chitosan has no significant effects on hemorheology of rats. -- Abstract: Carboxymethyl chitosan (CM-chitosan), a derivative of chitosan, was extensively studied in the biomedical materials field for its beneficial biological properties of hemostasis and stimulation of healing. However, studies examining the safety of CM-chitosan in the blood system are lacking. In this study CM-chitosan was implanted into the abdominal cavity of rats to determine blood indexes at different times and to evaluate the effects of CM-chitosan on the blood system of rats. Coagulation function was reflected by thrombin time (TT), prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplatin time (APTT), fibrinogen (FIB) and platelet factor 4 (PF4) indexes; anti-coagulation performance was assessed by the index of antithrombinIII (ATIII); fibrinolytic function was reflected by plasminogen (PLG) and fibrin degradation product (FDP) indexes; and blood viscosity (BV) and plasma viscosity (PV) indexes reflected hemorheology. Results showed that CM-chitosan has no significant effects on the blood system of rats, and provides experimental basis for CM-chitosan to be applied in the field of biomedical materials.

  13. Effect of adrenalectomy and hydrocortisone on ventral prostate of rats

    Neena Nair; R.S. Bedwal; R.S. Mathur


    Aim: To study the effects of adrenalectomy and hydrocortisone on the ventral prostate of SD rats. Methods: In adrenalectomised (ADX) and ADX + hydrocortisone (1, 2, or 4 mg) treated rats, the prostatic histology and the cholesterol, protein, zinc, and copper levels and the enzymic profile (acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, aryl sulphatase, lactic dehydrogenase, and leucine aminopeptidase) in the prostatic tissue were determined; the serum hormonal profile (testosterone, FSH and LH) was also assayed. Results: Adrenalectomy caused a progressive degeneration in prostatic structure that was not reversed by hydrocortisone treatment. The serum testosterone were significantly lower in ADX than in sham operated rats and lower in ADX + hydrocortisone than in ADX-C rats ( P < 0.01) The serum FSH and LH were below the detection limit of 1 mIU/mL. The enzymatic activity was higher in ADX than in sham operated rats and higher in ADX + hydrocortisone than in ADX-C rats ( P <0.05-0.01). The prostatic zinc levels were significantly higher in sham operated than in ADX, and higher in ADX-C than in ADX + hydrocortisone rats ( P < 0.05 -0.01). The prostatic copper level was significantly lower in sham operated than in ADX, and lower in ADX-C than in the ADX + hydrocortisone rats ( P < 0.01). Conclusion: In rats, adrenalectomy leads to pathological and functional changes of the prostate. Hydrocortisone treatment at the doses employed did not reverse these changes.

  14. Contributions to the nonlinear integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect: Birkinshaw-Gull effect and gravitational self-energy density

    Merkel, Philipp


    In this paper, we recompute contributions to the spectrum of the nonlinear integrated Sachs-Wolfe (iSW)/Rees-Sciama effect in a dark energy cosmology. Focusing on the moderate nonlinear regime, all dynamical fields involved are derived from the density contrast in Eulerian perturbation theory. Shape and amplitude of the resulting angular power spectrum are similar to that derived in previous work. With our purely analytical approach we identify two distinct contributions to the signal of the nonlinear iSW-effect: the change of the gravitational self-energy density of the large scale structure with (conformal) time and gravitational lenses moving with the large scale matter stream. In the latter we recover the Birkinshaw-Gull effect. As the nonlinear iSW-effect itself is inherently hard to detect, observational discrimination between its individual contributions is almost excluded. Our analysis, however, yields valuable insights into the theory of the nonlinear iSW-effect as a post-Newtonian relativistic effec...

  15. Hypotensive acute effect of photobiomodulation therapy on hypertensive rats.

    Oishi, J C; De Moraes, T F; Buzinari, T C; Cárnio, E C; Parizotto, N A; Rodrigues, G J


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the acute effect of photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) on arterial pressure in hypertensive and normotensive rats with application in an abdominal region. Normotensive (2K) and hypertensive (2K-1C) wistar rats were treated with PBM. Systolic arterial pressure (SAP), diastolic arterial pressure (DAP), mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR) were measured before, during and after PBM application. The nitric oxide (NO) serum concentration was measured before and after PBM application. Vascular reactivity study was performed in isolated thoracic aortas. Aluminum gallium arsenide (GaAlAs) diode laser was used, at 660nm wavelength and 100mW optical output. The PBM application induced a decrease of SAP in 2K-1C rats. In 2K rats, the PBM application had no effect on SAP, DAP and MAP. Moreover, the magnitude of hypotensive effect was higher in 2K-1C than in 2K rats. The PBM application induced a decrease of HR in 2K-1C and 2K, with higher effect in 2K-1C rats. In 2K-1C, the hypotensive effect induced by PBM was longer than that obtained in 2K rats. PBM application induced an elevation of NO concentration in serum from 2K-1C and 2K rats, with higher effect in 2K-1C. In isolated aortic rings PBM effect is dependent of NO release, and is not dependent of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activation. Our results indicate that the abdominal acute application of PBM at 660nm is able to induce a long lasting hypotensive effect in hypertensive rats and vasodilation by a NO dependent mechanism. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    El sayed A. Osman MD, Nasr N. Zaki MD, Samia M. M. Elshiaty MD, Hanan T. Emam MD and Fatma F. Hendawi


    Full Text Available The discovery of the f-channel and its role in regulating pacemaker activity lead to the development of new pharmacological agents such as ivabradine, which target these f-channels causing a reduction in heart rate by inhibiting the /fcurrent. The aim of the present work was designed to evaluate the cardioprotective effect of ivabradine on experimentally- induced myocardial infarction and adrenaline-induced arrhythmia in rats. In addition, the present work studied the effect of ivabradine on isolated rabbit's aortic spiral strip and isolated rabbit's heart. Acute myocardial infarction in rats was induced by isoperameline (150mg/kg subcutenous injection, once 24 rats were divided into the following groups: group (1 control normal rats, group (II myocardial infarction – induced rats with no previous treatment, group (III myocardial infarction – induced rats pretreated with ivabradine (10mg/kg/day for one week and group (IV myocardial infarction – induced rats pretreated with carvedilol (1mg/kg/day for one week. Electrophysiological, biochemical and histopathological parameters were estimated. pretreatment with either ivabradine or carvedilol show significant improvement in all these parameters with insignificant difference between them. In the current work 20 rats were used to investigate the protective effects of ivabradine (10mg/kg and carvedilol (1mg/kg on adrenaline- induced arrhythmia in anaesthetized rats and the results revealed that both drugs had a prophylactive effect. Also data obtained in the present work pointed out that ivabradine in gradually increasing doses produce no significant effect on the isolated rabbit's aortic strip and basal myocardial contractility of isolated rabbit's heart. Both ivabradine and carvedilol have cardioprotective effect against acute MI as well as adrenaline- induced arrhythmia with no significant difference between them, also ivabradine has no effect on contractility of the heart. So, the choice of

  17. Histopathological effects of doxorubicin on pancreas in male albino rats

    I.A. Ali


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the histopathological side effects of doxorubicin on pancreas tissue in male albino rats Rattus norvegicus. This study were used 55 adult rats (2.5-3.5 month of age. The rats divided into two groups, the first group include (35 rats. The second group were (20 rats. Microscopial examination of pancreas lesion demonstrated oedema around the acini, swelling of the epithelial cells of acini, occurance of cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis at the concentration of (4,5 mg/kg of body weight ,occurrence of small islets that form of few cells and exocrine-endocrine transformation. There were thickness in the walls of blood vessels, thrombus, congestion of blood vessels, we conclude, that doxorubicin had histopathological effect on pancreas in sub-acute doses more than chronic doses.

  18. [Effect of prednisolon on trachea smooth muscle of normal rats and rats with fibrosing alveolitis].

    Fedin, A N; Nekrasova, E A; Frolova, S A; Danilov, L N; Lebedeva, E S; Il'kovich, M M


    Effect of prednisolone on isolated preparations of trachea of normal rats and rats with fibrosing alveolitis was studied. Prednisolone at a concentration of 0.4 microg/l decreased responses of smooth muscle on stimulation of preganglionar nerve fibers at trachea areas with intramural ganglia in rats with acute alveolitis by 48%, while in normal rats--by 19% of control. In trachea preparations without ganglia, prednisolone at a dose of 10 microg/l decreased responses of muscle to the nerve fiber stimulation by 21.3%. The higher prednisolone doses were less efficient: 0.1-10 microg/l glucocorticoid practically did not affect the smooth muscle responses produced by stimulation of muscle cells. In rats with fibrosing alveolitis, 10 microg/l prednisolone restored the smooth muscle responses to control values in preparations of trachea with intramural ganglia. After the prednisolone treatment, amplitude of the rat trachea muscle contraction in response to the nerve fiber electric stimulation did not differ statistically significantly from control and 0.1-10 microg/l prednisolone did not change the response value. The conclusion is made that prednisolone affected the diseased rats more efficiently than the healthy animals. The character of the glucocorticoid effect depends on the presence of intramural ganglia in the trachea wall.

  19. The effect of crack orientation on the nonlinear interaction of a P wave with an S wave

    TenCate, J. A.; Malcolm, A. E.; Feng, X.; Fehler, M. C.


    Cracks, joints, fluids, and other pore-scale structures have long been hypothesized to be the cause of the large elastic nonlinearity observed in rocks. It is difficult to definitively say which pore-scale features are most important, however, because of the difficulty in isolating the source of the nonlinear interaction. In this work, we focus on the influence of cracks on the recorded nonlinear signal and in particular on how the orientation of microcracks changes the strength of the nonlinear interaction. We do this by studying the effect of orientation on the measurements in a rock with anisotropy correlated with the presence and alignment of microcracks. We measure the nonlinear response via the traveltime delay induced in a low-amplitude P wave probe by a high-amplitude S wave pump. We find evidence that crack orientation has a significant effect on the nonlinear signal.

  20. Using high-frequency vibrations and non-linear inclusions to create metamaterials with adjustable effective properties

    Lazarov, Boyan Stefanov; Thomsen, Jon Juel


    We investigate how high-frequency (HF) excitation combined with strongly non-linear elasticity may influence the effective properties for low-frequency wave propagation. The HF effects are demonstrated for linear spring-mass chains with embedded non-linear parts. The investigated mechanical syste...

  1. Nonlinear Statistical Process Monitoring Based on Control Charts with Memory Effect and Kernel Independent Component Analysis


    A novel nonlinear combination process monitoring method was proposed based on techniques with memory effect (multivariate exponentially weighted moving average (MEWMA)) and kernel independent component analysis (KICA). The method was developed for dealing with nonlinear issues and detecting small or moderate drifts in one or more process variables with autocorrelation. MEWMA charts use additional information from the past history of the process for keeping the memory effect of the process behavior trend. KICA is a recently developed statistical technique for revealing hidden, nonlinear statistically independent factors that underlie sets of measurements and it is a two-phase algorithm: whitened kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) plus independent component analysis (ICA). The application to the fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) simulated process indicates that the proposed combined method based on MEWMA and KICA can effectively capture the nonlinear relationship and detect small drifts in process variables. Its performance significantly outperforms monitoring method based on ICA, MEWMA-ICA and KICA, especially for long-term performance deterioration.

  2. Behavioral effects of Citrus limon in rats.

    Khan, Rafeeq Alam; Riaz, Azra


    Anxiety and depression are increasing worldwide, however these disorders may be managed by making healthier changes is dietary pattern, since there are evidences that diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins help reduce anxiety and depression. Hence present study was designed to evaluate the behavioral effects of Citrus limon in rats at three different doses i.e. 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 ml/kg considered as low, moderate and high doses. Anxiolytic and antidepressant activities were specifically assessed twice during 15 days using open field test, elevated plus maze and forced swimming test. In open field test C. limon, revealed increase in distance travelled, number of central entries and number of rearing's at moderate dose, while in the elevated plus maze, number of open arm entries were found to be increased. Whereas in forced swimming test, there was decrease in duration of immobility and increase in duration of climbing. Thus results of present study suggest that C. limon at moderate dose have anxiolytic effect.

  3. Non-linear direct effects of acid rain on leaf photosynthetic rate of terrestrial plants.

    Dong, Dan; Du, Enzai; Sun, Zhengzhong; Zeng, Xuetong; de Vries, Wim


    Anthropogenic emissions of acid precursors have enhanced global occurrence of acid rain, especially in East Asia. Acid rain directly suppresses leaf function by eroding surface waxes and cuticle and leaching base cations from mesophyll cells, while the simultaneous foliar uptake of nitrates in rainwater may directly benefit leaf photosynthesis and plant growth, suggesting a non-linear direct effect of acid rain. By synthesizing data from literature on acid rain exposure experiments, we assessed the direct effects of acid rain on leaf photosynthesis across 49 terrestrial plants in China. Our results show a non-linear direct effect of acid rain on leaf photosynthetic rate, including a neutral to positive effect above pH 5.0 and a negative effect below that pH level. The acid rain sensitivity of leaf photosynthesis showed no significant difference between herbs and woody species below pH 5.0, but the impacts above that pH level were strongly different, resulting in a significant increase in leaf photosynthetic rate of woody species and an insignificant effect on herbs. Our analysis also indicates a positive effect of the molar ratio of nitric versus sulfuric acid in the acid solution on leaf photosynthetic rate. These findings imply that rainwater acidity and the composition of acids both affect the response of leaf photosynthesis and therefore result in a non-linear direct effect. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. The effects of exposure to electromagnetic field on rat myocardium.

    Kiray, Amac; Tayefi, Hamid; Kiray, Muge; Bagriyanik, Husnu Alper; Pekcetin, Cetin; Ergur, Bekir Ugur; Ozogul, Candan


    Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) causes increased adverse effects on biological systems. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of EMF on heart tissue by biochemical and histomorphological evaluations in EMF-exposed adult rats. In this study, 28 male Wistar rats weighing 200-250 g were used. The rats were divided into two groups: sham group (n = 14) and EMF group (n = 14). Rats in sham group were exposed to same conditions as the EMF group except the exposure to EMF. Rats in EMF group were exposed to a 50-Hz EMF of 3 mT for 4 h/day and 7 days/week for 2 months. After 2 months of exposure, rats were killed; the hearts were excised and evaluated. Determination of oxidative stress parameters was performed spectrophotometrically. To detect apoptotic cells, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) staining and caspase-3 immunohistochemistry were performed. In EMF-exposed group, levels of lipid peroxidation significantly increased and activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase decreased compared with sham group. The number of TUNEL-positive cells and caspase-3 immunoreactivity increased in EMF-exposed rats compared with sham. Under electron microscopy, there were mitochondrial degeneration, reduction in myofibrils, dilated sarcoplasmic reticulum and perinuclear vacuolization in EMF-exposed rats. In conclusion, the results show that the exposure to EMF causes oxidative stress, apoptosis and morphologic damage in myocardium of adult rats. The results of our study indicate that EMF-related changes in rat myocardium could be the result of increased oxidative stress. Further studies are needed to demonstrate whether the exposure to EMF can induce adverse effects on myocardium.

  5. Preventive effect of Ganfujian granule on experimental hepatocarcinoma in rats

    Yan Qian; Chang-Quan Ling


    AIM: To investigate the inhibitory effect of dietary and medicinal formula Ganfujian granule on diethylnitrosamine (DEN)-induced hepatocarcinoma in rats.METHODS: Male SD rats had free access to water containing 0.1 g/L DEN for 16 weeks, during which the rats fed with standard diet or administration of Ganfujian granule (30.4 g/Kg in diet). At weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16 of hepatocarcinogenesis 5 rats of each group were sacrificed, and at week 20 another 30 rats were sacrificed from each group. The end point for survival observation was at week 28.Immunochemistry methods were used to examine the effect of Ganfujian granule on the process of hepatocarcinogenesis including proliferation of hepatocytes and cell cycle modulation.RESULTS: Ganfujian granule could reduce and delay the incidence of hepatocarcinoma in rats and prolong the survival of animals. In addition, Ganfujian granule had a marked inhibitory effect on high expression of cyclin dependent kinase (CDK4) during the whole process of hepatocarcinogenesis and cyclin D1 at week 16 and the number of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) positive cells in different stages of hepatocarcinogenesis.CONCLUSION: Ganfujian granule can reduce and delay the incidence of hepatocarcinoma in rats by exerting direct or indirect effects on cell cycle and inhibiting uncontrolled proliferation of hepatocytes.

  6. Effect of alpha and Gaussian refractive index profiles on the design of highly nonlinear optical fibre for efficient nonlinear optical signal processing

    Selvendran, S.; Sivanantharaja, A.; Arivazhagan, S.; Kannan, M.


    We propose an index profiled, highly nonlinear ultraflattened dispersion fibre (HN-UFF) with appreciable values of fibre parameters such as dispersion, dispersion slope, effective area, nonlinearity, bending loss and splice loss. The designed fibre has normal zero flattened dispersion over S, C, L, U bands and extends up to 1.9857 μm. The maximum dispersion variation observed for this fibre is as low as 1.61 ps km-1 nm-1 over the 500-nm optical fibre transmission spectrum. This fibre also has two zero dispersion wavelengths at 1.487 and 1.9857 μm and the respective dispersion slopes are 0.02476 and 0.0068 ps nm-2 km-1. The fibre has a very low ITU-T cutoff wavelength of 1.2613 μm and a virtuous nonlinear coefficient of 9.43 W-1 km-1. The wide spectrum of zero flattened dispersion and a good nonlinear coefficient make the designed fibre very promising for different nonlinear optical signal processing applications.

  7. The neurological effects of brevetoxin on neonatal rats

    Tapley, S.R.; Ramsdell, J.S.; Xi, D. [Medical Univ. of South Carolina, Charleston, SC (United States)] [and others


    We have investigated the neuroexcitatory and neurodegenerative effects of brevetoxin on neonatal rats. Brevetoxin, a marine-biotoxin that has been implicated in several seafood poisoning incidents, is produced by the dinoflagellate Gymnodinium brevis. Four studies were done: dose response, northern analysis, immunohistochemistry and neurodegeneration. We found that neonatal rats are much more sensitive to brevetoxin than adult rats. The effectiveness of c-fos as a biomarker is being investigated, because of the high basal expression in young animals. The neurodegeneration, although not available yet, should provide valuable information.

  8. Dynamics of a qubit coupled to a dissipative nonlinear quantum oscillator: an effective bath approach

    Vierheilig, Carmen; Grifoni, Milena


    We consider a qubit coupled to a nonlinear quantum oscillator, the latter coupled to an Ohmic bath, and investigate the qubit dynamics. This composed system can be mapped onto that of a qubit coupled to an effective bath. An approximate mapping procedure to determine the spectral density of the effective bath is given. Specifically, within a linear response approximation the effective spectral density is given by the knowledge of the linear susceptibility of the nonlinear quantum oscillator. To determine the actual form of the susceptibility, we consider its periodically driven counterpart, the problem of the quantum Duffing oscillator within linear response theory in the driving amplitude. Knowing the effective spectral density, the qubit dynamics is investigated. In particular, an analytic formula for the qubit's population difference is derived. Within the regime of validity of our theory, a very good agreement is found with predictions obtained from a Bloch-Redfield master equation approach applied to the...

  9. Design evaluation and optimisation in crossover pharmacokinetic studies analysed by nonlinear mixed effects models.

    Nguyen, Thu Thuy; Bazzoli, Caroline; Mentré, France


    Bioequivalence or interaction trials are commonly studied in crossover design and can be analysed by nonlinear mixed effects models as an alternative to noncompartmental approach. We propose an extension of the population Fisher information matrix in nonlinear mixed effects models to design crossover pharmacokinetic trials, using a linearisation of the model around the random effect expectation, including within-subject variability and discrete covariates fixed or changing between periods. We use the expected standard errors of treatment effect to compute the power for the Wald test of comparison or equivalence and the number of subjects needed for a given power. We perform various simulations mimicking crossover two-period trials to show the relevance of these developments. We then apply these developments to design a crossover pharmacokinetic study of amoxicillin in piglets and implement them in the new version 3.2 of the r function PFIM.

  10. Photoconductivity, photoluminescence and optical Kerr nonlinear effects in zinc oxide films containing chromium nanoclusters

    Torres-Torres, C., E-mail: [Seccion de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigacion, ESIME-Z, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico, DF 07738 (Mexico); Garcia-Cruz, M.L. [Centro de Investigacion en Dispositivos Semiconductores, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, A. P. J-48, Puebla 72570, Mexico (Mexico); Castaneda, L., E-mail: [Instituto de Fisica, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, A. P. J-48, Puebla 72570, Mexico (Mexico); Rangel Rojo, R. [CICESE/Depto. de Optica, A. P. 360, Ensenada, BC 22860 (Mexico); Tamayo-Rivera, L. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, DF 01000 (Mexico); Maldonado, A. [Depto. de Ing. Electrica, CINVESTAV IPN-SEES, A. P. 14740, Mexico DF 07000 (Mexico); Avendano-Alejo, M., E-mail: [Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y Desarrollo Tecnologico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, A. P. 70-186, 04510, DF (Mexico); and others


    Chromium doped zinc oxide thin solid films were deposited on soda-lime glass substrates. The photoconductivity of the material and its influence on the optical behavior was evaluated. A non-alkoxide sol-gel synthesis approach was used for the preparation of the samples. An enhancement of the photoluminescence response exhibited by the resulting photoconductive films with embedded chromium nanoclusters is presented. The modification in the photoconduction induced by a 445 nm wavelength was measured and then associated with the participation of the optical absorptive response. In order to investigate the third order optical nonlinearities of the samples, a standard time-resolved Optical Kerr Gate configuration with 80 fs pulses at 830 nm was used and a quasi-instantaneous pure electronic nonlinearity without the contribution of nonlinear optical absorption was observed. We estimate that from the inclusion of Cr nanoclusters into the sample results a strong optical Kerr effect originated by quantum confinement. The large photoluminescence response and the important refractive nonlinearity of the photoconductive samples seem to promise potential applications for the development of multifunctional all-optical nanodevices. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Enhancement in photoluminescence for chromium doped zinc oxide films is presented. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer A strong and ultrafast optical Kerr effect seems to result from quantum confinement. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Photoconductive properties for optical and optoelectronic functions were observed.

  11. The effect and design of time delay in feedback control for a nonlinear isolation system

    Sun, Xiuting; Xu, Jian; Fu, Jiangsong


    The optimum value of time delay of active control used in a nonlinear isolation system for different types of external excitation is studied in this paper. Based on the mathematical model of the nonlinear isolator with time-delayed active control, the stability, response and displacement transmissibility of the system are analyzed to obtain the standards for appropriate values of time delay and control strengths. The effects of nonlinearity and time delay on the stability and vibration response are discussed in details. For impact excitation and random excitation, the optimal value of time delay is obtained based on the vibration dissipation time via eigenvalues analysis, while for harmonic excitation, the optimal values are determined based on multiple vibration properties including natural frequency, amplitude death region and effective isolation region by the Averaging Method. This paper establishes the relationship between the parameters and vibration properties of a nonlinear isolation system which provides the guidance for optimizing time-delayed active control for different types of excitation in engineering practices.

  12. Effects on the Floor Response Spectra by the Nonlinear Behavior of a Seismic Base Isolation System

    Park, Hyungkui; Kim, Jung Han; Choi, Inkil [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    An evaluation of safety being carried out for various risk factors of prevents for nuclear power plant accident. In general, an evaluation of the structural integrity was performed about seismic risk. In recent years, an assessment of integrity of internal equipment being carried out for earthquake loads owing to the possibility of severe accidents caused by the destruction of internal equipment or a blackout. Floor response spectra of the structure should be sought for evaluating of the integrity of internal equipment. The floor response spectra depends on the characteristics of seismic base isolation system such as the natural frequency, damping ratio, and height of the floor of the structure. An evaluation of the structural integrity using the equivalent stiffness of the seismic base isolation system was satisfactory. In this study, the effect of the non-linearity of isolated system in the floor response spectrum of the structure is analyzed. In this study, the floor response spectrum of the seismic base isolation system by the non-linear effect of the rubber isolator was analyzed. As a result, the influence of the non-linear isolated system was increased in hi-frequency domain. In addition, each floor exhibited a more different of responses compared with the equivalent linear model of the isolated structure. The non-linearity of the isolation system of the structure was considered, because of a more reliable assessment of integrity of equipment at each floor of seismic base the isolation system.

  13. Nonlinear pedagogy: an effective approach to cater for individual differences in learning a sports skill.

    Lee, Miriam Chang Yi; Chow, Jia Yi; Komar, John; Tan, Clara Wee Keat; Button, Chris


    Learning a sports skill is a complex process in which practitioners are challenged to cater for individual differences. The main purpose of this study was to explore the effectiveness of a Nonlinear Pedagogy approach for learning a sports skill. Twenty-four 10-year-old females participated in a 4-week intervention involving either a Nonlinear Pedagogy (i.e.,manipulation of task constraints including equipment and rules) or a Linear Pedagogy (i.e., prescriptive, repetitive drills) approach to learn a tennis forehand stroke. Performance accuracy scores, movement criterion scores and kinematic data were measured during pre-intervention, post-intervention and retention tests. While both groups showed improvements in performance accuracy scores over time, the Nonlinear Pedagogy group displayed a greater number of movement clusters at post-test indicating the presence of degeneracy (i.e., many ways to achieve the same outcome). The results suggest that degeneracy is effective for learning a sports skill facilitated by a Nonlinear Pedagogy approach. These findings challenge the common misconception that there must be only one ideal movement solution for a task and thus have implications for coaches and educators when designing instructions for skill acquisition.

  14. Gravitational-wave tail effects to quartic non-linear order

    Marchand, Tanguy; Faye, Guillaume


    Gravitational-wave tails are due to the backscattering of linear waves onto the space-time curvature generated by the total mass of the matter source. The dominant tails correspond to quadratic non-linear interactions and arise at the one-and-a-half post-Newtonian (1.5PN) order in the gravitational waveform. Also known are the "tails-of-tails", which are cubically non-linear effects appearing at the 3PN order in the waveform. Here we derive still higher non-linear tail effects, namely those associated with quartic non-linear interactions or "tails-of-tails-of-tails", which are shown to arise at the 4.5PN order. As an application we obtain at that order the complete coefficient in the total gravitational-wave energy flux of compact binary systems moving on circular orbits. Our result perfectly agrees with black-hole perturbation calculations in the limit of extreme mass ratio of the two compact objects.

  15. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos of Microcantilever-Based TM-AFMs with Squeeze Film Damping Effects

    Jie-Yu Chen


    Full Text Available In Atomic force microscope (AFM examination of a vibrating microcantilever, the nonlinear tip-sample interaction would greatly influence the dynamics of the cantilever. In this paper, the nonlinear dynamics and chaos of a tip-sample dynamic system being run in the tapping mode (TM were investigated by considering the effects of hydrodynamic loading and squeeze film damping. The microcantilever was modeled as a spring-mass-damping system and the interaction between the tip and the sample was described by the Lennard-Jones (LJ potential. The fundamental frequency and quality factor were calculated from the transient oscillations of the microcantilever vibrating in air. Numerical simulations were carried out to study the coupled nonlinear dynamic system using the bifurcation diagram, Poincaré maps, largest Lyapunov exponent, phase portraits and time histories. Results indicated the occurrence of periodic and chaotic motions and provided a comprehensive understanding of the hydrodynamic loading of microcantilevers. It was demonstrated that the coupled dynamic system will experience complex nonlinear oscillation as the system parameters change and the effect of squeeze film damping is not negligible on the micro-scale.

  16. Nonlinear Effects of Laser Surface Modification of Ore Minerals

    N.A. Leonenko


    Full Text Available The effect of continuous laser radiation on complex ore minerals objects containing gold, not extracted by monerd methods was investigated. It was established the formation of different structural surfaces of gold, revealed general patterns of sintering and concentration of sub-micron gold.

  17. A model selection method for nonlinear system identification based FMRI effective connectivity analysis.

    Li, Xingfeng; Coyle, Damien; Maguire, Liam; McGinnity, Thomas M; Benali, Habib


    In this paper a model selection algorithm for a nonlinear system identification method is proposed to study functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) effective connectivity. Unlike most other methods, this method does not need a pre-defined structure/model for effective connectivity analysis. Instead, it relies on selecting significant nonlinear or linear covariates for the differential equations to describe the mapping relationship between brain output (fMRI response) and input (experiment design). These covariates, as well as their coefficients, are estimated based on a least angle regression (LARS) method. In the implementation of the LARS method, Akaike's information criterion corrected (AICc) algorithm and the leave-one-out (LOO) cross-validation method were employed and compared for model selection. Simulation comparison between the dynamic causal model (DCM), nonlinear identification method, and model selection method for modelling the single-input-single-output (SISO) and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems were conducted. Results show that the LARS model selection method is faster than DCM and achieves a compact and economic nonlinear model simultaneously. To verify the efficacy of the proposed approach, an analysis of the dorsal and ventral visual pathway networks was carried out based on three real datasets. The results show that LARS can be used for model selection in an fMRI effective connectivity study with phase-encoded, standard block, and random block designs. It is also shown that the LOO cross-validation method for nonlinear model selection has less residual sum squares than the AICc algorithm for the study.

  18. A Theoretical Method for Characterizing Nonlinear Effects in Paul Traps with Added Octopole Field.

    Xiong, Caiqiao; Zhou, Xiaoyu; Zhang, Ning; Zhan, Lingpeng; Chen, Yongtai; Chen, Suming; Nie, Zongxiu


    In comparison with numerical methods, theoretical characterizations of ion motion in the nonlinear Paul traps always suffer from low accuracy and little applicability. To overcome the difficulties, the theoretical harmonic balance (HB) method was developed, and was validated by the numerical fourth-order Runge-Kutta (4th RK) method. Using the HB method, analytical ion trajectory and ion motion frequency in the superimposed octopole field, ε, were obtained by solving the nonlinear Mathieu equation (NME). The obtained accuracy of the HB method was comparable with that of the 4th RK method at the Mathieu parameter, q = 0.6, and the applicable q values could be extended to the entire first stability region with satisfactory accuracy. Two sorts of nonlinear effects of ion motion were studied, including ion frequency shift, Δβ, and ion amplitude variation, Δ(C(2n)/C0) (n ≠ 0). New phenomena regarding Δβ were observed, although extensive studies have been performed based on the pseudo-potential well (PW) model. For instance, the |Δβ| at ε = 0.1 and ε = -0.1 were found to be different, but they were the same in the PW model. This is the first time the nonlinear effects regarding Δ(C(2n)/C0) (n ≠ 0) are studied, and the associated study has been a challenge for both theoretical and numerical methods. The nonlinear effects of Δ(C(2n)/C0) (n ≠ 0) and Δβ were found to share some similarities at q < 0.6: both of them were proportional to ε, and the square of the initial ion displacement, z(0)(2).

  19. Population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic-disease progression model for effects of anakinra in Lewis rats with collagen-induced arthritis.

    Liu, Dongyang; Lon, Hoi-Kei; Dubois, Debra C; Almon, Richard R; Jusko, William J


    A population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic-disease progression (PK/PD/DIS) model was developed to characterize the effects of anakinra in collagen-induced arthritic (CIA) rats and explore the role of interleukin-1β (IL-1β) in rheumatoid arthritis. The CIA rats received either vehicle, or anakinra at 100 mg/kg for about 33 h, 100 mg/kg for about 188 h, or 10 mg/kg for about 188 h by subcutaneous infusion. Plasma concentrations of anakinra were assayed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Swelling of rat hind paws was measured. Population PK/PD/DIS parameters were computed for the various groups using non-linear mixed-effects modeling software (NONMEM® Version VI). The final model was assessed using visual predictive checks and nonparameter stratified bootstrapping. A two-compartment PK model with two sequential absorption processes and linear elimination was used to capture PK profiles of anakinra. A transduction-based feedback model incorporating logistic growth rate captured disease progression and indirect response model I captured drug effects. The PK and paw swelling versus time profiles in CIA rats were fitted well. Anakinra has modest effects (I ( max ) = 0.28) on paw edema in CIA rats. The profiles are well-described by our PK/PD/DIS model which provides a basis for future mechanism-based assessment of anakinra dynamics in rheumatoid arthritis.

  20. A qualitative analytical investigation of geometrically nonlinear effects in wind turbine blade cross sections

    Eder, Martin Alexander; Bitsche, Robert


    section, that was inspired by a wind turbine blade, it is demonstrated that geometric nonlinear effects can induce an in-plane opening deformation in re-entrant corners that may decrease the fatigue life. The opening effect induces Mode-I stress intensity factors which exceed the threshold for fatigue...... for computationally efficient numerical analysis approaches of structures that comprise complex geometry and anisotropic material behaviour – such as wind turbine rotor blades....

  1. Effect of jianpiyiwei capsule on gastric precancerous lesions in rats

    Xue-Ying Shi; Feng-Zhi Zhao; Xin Dai; Lian-Sheng Ma; Xiu-Yu Dong; Jie Fang


    AIM:To evaluate the therapeutic effect of compoundChinese drugs, Jianpiyiwei capsule (JPYW) on gastricprecancerous lesions in rats and to explore itsmechanism of action.METHODS:Model of gastric precancerous lesions wasconstructed in male Wistar rats: a metal spring wasinserted and fixed through pyloric sphincter. One weekafter recovery, each rat was given 50-60 ℃ hot pastecontainingt50 g/L NaCl 2 mL orally, twice a week for15 weeks.Then 10 normal and 11 model rats wereanaesthetized, after the measurement of gastricmucosa blood flow (GMBF), the rats were killed andthe mucosal hexosamines and malonic dialdehyde(MDA) were measured. The morphological changes ofgastric mucosa were observed macroscopically andmicroscopically, and by an automatic imaging analysissystem. Other rats were treated with JPYW 1.5 g/kg.d-1or 4.5 g/kg@d-1, or distilled water as negative controlrespectively (n=-10 in each group). After 12 weeks, allthe rats were examined as above.RESULTS: The gastric mucosa of model rats showedchronic atrophic gastritis with dysplasia and intestinalmetaplasia (IM), GMBF and hexosamine content werereduced significantly and MDA was increased ascompared to the normal group (P<0.01). After 12 weekstreatment, the pathological changes of the negativecontrol group became worsened, while in JPYW treatedgroups the changes were modified with significantincrease of GMBF and reduction of MDA, although thehexosamine concentration increased only mildly.CONCLUSION: JPYW increases GMBF and reduces MDAcontent in gastric mucosa and has therapeutic effectson gastric precancerous lesions.

  2. The effects of sex on brain iron status in rats

    HAO Qian; CHANG Yanzhong


    Objective:Iron plays essential roles in the human body. Studies have shown that iron is dis-tributed differently in male and female Rats in liver, spleen, bone marrow, kidney, heart. However, the effects of sex on iron distribution in central nervous system are not well established. Methods:To explore the effects of the above mentioned, in this study, female and male Sprague Dawley rats were used at 4 months of age. The synthesis of ferritin light chain (FTL), transferrin receptor1 (TfR1), ferroportin 1 (FPN1), divalent metal transporter 1 ( DMT1) in the cortex, hippocampus, striatum, cerebellum, and olfactory bulb was determined by Western blot a-nalysis. Results:The results showed that the levels of FTL protein in the cortex, hippocampus, striatum, cerebel-lum, and olfactory bulb were higher in female rats than in male rats, but the levels of TfR1 protein were lower in female rats than in male rats. There was no significant change in FPN1 and DMT1 expression in brain. Conclu-sions:These data suggest that sex have effects on brain iron status. Iron is distributed differently in central nervous system in male and female rats. However, the precise mechanisms need further study.

  3. Olive Oil effectively mitigates ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats

    Saleh Hanan A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Osteoporosis, a reduction in bone mineral density, represents the most common metabolic bone disease. Postmenopausal women are particularly susceptible to osteoporosis when their production of estrogen declines. For these women, fracture is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. This study was conducted to evaluate the protective effects of olive oil supplementation against osteoporosis in ovariectomized (OVX rats. Methods We studied adult female Wistar rats aged 12-14 months, divided into three groups: sham-operated control (SHAM, ovariectomized (OVX, and ovariectomized rats supplemented with extravirgin olive oil (Olive-OVX orally for 12 weeks; 4 weeks before ovariectomy and 8 weeks after. At the end of the experiment, blood samples were collected. Plasma levels of calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase (ALP, malondialdehyde (MDA, and nitrates were assayed. Specimens from both the tibia and the liver were processed for light microscopic examination. Histomorphometric analysis of the tibia was also performed. Results The OVX-rats showed a significant decrease in plasma calcium levels, and a significant increase in plasma ALP, MDA, and nitrates levels. These changes were attenuated by olive oil supplementation in the Olive-OVX rats. Light microscopic examination of the tibia of the OVX rats revealed a significant decrease in the cortical bone thickness (CBT and the trabecular bone thickness (TBT. In addition, there was a significant increase in the osteoclast number denoting bone resorption. In the Olive-OVX rats these parameters were markedly improved as compared to the OVX group. Examination of the liver specimens revealed mononuclear cellular infiltration in the portal areas in the OVX-rats which was not detected in the Olive-OVX rats. Conclusions Olive oil effectively mitigated ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats, and is a promising candidate for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

  4. A nonlinear model for magnetocapacitance effect in PZT-ring/Terfenol-D-strip magnetoelectric composites

    Zhang, Juanjuan; Wen, Jianbiao; Gao, Yuanwen


    In previous works, most of them employ a linear constitutive model to describe magnetocapacitance (MC) effect in magnetoelectric (ME) composites, which lead to deficiency in their theoretical results. In view of this, based on a nonlinear magnetostrictive constitutive relation and a linear piezoelectric constitutive relation, we establish a nonlinear model for MC effect in PZT-ring/Terfenol-D-strip ME composites. The numerical results in this paper coincide better with experimental data than that of a linear model, thus, it's essential to utilize a nonlinear constitutive model for predicting MC effect in ME composites. Then the influences of external magnetic fields, pre-stresses, frequencies, and geometric sizes on the MC effect are discussed, respectively. The results show that the external magnetic field is responsible for the resonance frequency shift. And the resonance frequency is sensitive to the ratio of outer and inner radius of the PZT ring. Moreover, some other piezoelectric materials are employed in this model and the corresponding MC effects are calculated, and we find that different type of piezoelectric materials affect the MC effect obviously. The proposed model is more accurate for multifunction devices designing.

  5. Multivariate t nonlinear mixed-effects models for multi-outcome longitudinal data with missing values.

    Wang, Wan-Lun; Lin, Tsung-I


    The multivariate nonlinear mixed-effects model (MNLMM) has emerged as an effective tool for modeling multi-outcome longitudinal data following nonlinear growth patterns. In the framework of MNLMM, the random effects and within-subject errors are assumed to be normally distributed for mathematical tractability and computational simplicity. However, a serious departure from normality may cause lack of robustness and subsequently make invalid inference. This paper presents a robust extension of the MNLMM by considering a joint multivariate t distribution for the random effects and within-subject errors, called the multivariate t nonlinear mixed-effects model. Moreover, a damped exponential correlation structure is employed to capture the extra serial correlation among irregularly observed multiple repeated measures. An efficient expectation conditional maximization algorithm coupled with the first-order Taylor approximation is developed for maximizing the complete pseudo-data likelihood function. The techniques for the estimation of random effects, imputation of missing responses and identification of potential outliers are also investigated. The methodology is motivated by a real data example on 161 pregnant women coming from a study in a private fertilization obstetrics clinic in Santiago, Chile and used to analyze these data.

  6. Polarization effects in the non-linear Compton scattering

    Ivanov, D Y; Serbo, V G


    We consider emission of a photon by an electron in the field of a strong laser wave. A probability of this process for circularly or linearly polarized laser photons and for arbitrary polarization of all other particles is calculated. We obtain the complete set of functions which describe such a probability in a compact invariant form. Besides, we discuss in some detail the polarization effects in the kinematics relevant to the problem of electron to photon conversion at photon-photon and electron-photon colliders.

  7. Diffraction Interference Induced Superfocusing in Nonlinear Talbot Effect

    Liu, Dongmei; Zhang, Yong; Wen, Jianming; Chen, Zhenhua; Wei, Dunzhao; Hu, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Gang; Zhu, S. N.; Xiao, Min


    We report a simple, novel subdiffraction method, i.e. diffraction interference induced superfocusing in second-harmonic (SH) Talbot effect, to achieve focusing size of less than λSH/4 (or λpump/8) without involving evanescent waves or subwavelength apertures. By tailoring point spread functions with Fresnel diffraction interference, we observe periodic SH subdiffracted spots over a hundred of micrometers away from the sample. Our demonstration is the first experimental realization of the Toraldo di Francia's proposal pioneered 62 years ago for superresolution imaging.

  8. Nonlinear simulations of particle source effects on edge localized mode

    Huang, J.; Tang, C. J. [College of Physical Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065 (China); Key Laboratory of High Energy Density Physics and Technology of Ministry of Education, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064 (China); Chen, S. Y., E-mail: [College of Physical Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065 (China); Key Laboratory of High Energy Density Physics and Technology of Ministry of Education, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064 (China); Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu 610041 (China); Wang, Z. H. [Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu 610041 (China)


    The effects of particle source (PS) with different intensities and located positions on Edge Localized Mode (ELM) are systematically studied with BOUT++ code. The results show the ELM size strongly decreases with increasing the PS intensity once the PS is located in the middle or bottom of the pedestal. The effects of PS on ELM depend on the located position of PS. When it is located at the top of the pedestal, peeling-ballooning (P-B) modes can extract more free energy from the pressure gradient and grow up to be a large filament at the initial crash phase and the broadening of mode spectrum can be suppressed by PS, which leads to more energy loss. When it is located in the middle or bottom of the pedestal, the extraction of free energy by P-B modes can be suppressed, and a small filament is generated. During the turbulence transport phase, the broader mode spectrum suppresses the turbulence transport when PS is located in the middle, while the zonal flow plays an important role in damping the turbulence transport when PS is located at the bottom.

  9. Effects of weak nonlinearity on the dispersion relation and frequency band-gaps of a periodic Bernoulli–Euler beam

    Sorokin, Vladislav S.; Thomsen, Jon Juel


    The paper deals with analytically predicting the effects of weak nonlinearity on the dispersion relation and frequency band-gaps of a periodic Bernoulli– Euler beam performing bending oscillations. Two cases are considered: (i) large transverse deflections, where nonlinear (true) curvature...

  10. Electric field effect on the second-order nonlinear optical properties in semiparabolic quantum wells

    Yuan, Jian-Hui; Chen, Ni; Zhang, Yan; Mo, Hua; Zhang, Zhi-Hai


    Electric field effect on the second-order nonlinear optical properties in semiparabolic quantum wells are studied theoretically. Both the second-harmonic generation susceptibility and nonlinear optical rectification depend dramatically on the direction and the strength of the electric field. Numerical results show that both the second-harmonic generation susceptibility and nonlinear optical rectification are always weakened as the electric field increases where the direction of the electric field is along the growth direction of the quantum wells, which is in contrast to the conventional case. However, the second-harmonic generation susceptibility is weakened, but the nonlinear optical rectification is strengthened as the electric field increases where the direction of the electric field is against the growth direction of the quantum wells. Also it is the blue (or red) shift of the resonance that is induced by increasing of the electric field when the direction of the electric field is along (or against) the growth direction of the quantum wells. Finally, the resonant peak and its corresponding to the resonant energy are also taken into account.

  11. The Effects of Five-Order Nonlinear on the Dynamics of Dark Solitons in Optical Fiber

    Feng-Tao He


    Full Text Available We study the influence of five-order nonlinear on the dynamic of dark soliton. Starting from the cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrodinger equation with the quadratic phase chirp term, by using a similarity transformation technique, we give the exact solution of dark soliton and calculate the precise expressions of dark soliton's width, amplitude, wave central position, and wave velocity which can describe the dynamic behavior of soliton's evolution. From two different kinds of quadratic phase chirps, we mainly analyze the effect on dark soliton’s dynamics which different fiver-order nonlinear term generates. The results show the following two points with quintic nonlinearities coefficient increasing: (1 if the coefficients of the quadratic phase chirp term relate to the propagation distance, the solitary wave displays a periodic change and the soliton’s width increases, while its amplitude and wave velocity reduce. (2 If the coefficients of the quadratic phase chirp term do not depend on propagation distance, the wave function only emerges in a fixed area. The soliton’s width increases, while its amplitude and the wave velocity reduce.

  12. Nonlinear model of a distribution transformer appropriate for evaluating the effects of unbalanced loads

    Toman, Matej; Štumberger, Gorazd; Štumberger, Bojan; Dolinar, Drago

    Power packages for calculation of power system transients are often used when studying and designing electromagnetic power systems. An accurate model of a distribution transformer is needed in order to obtain realistic values from these calculations. This transformer model must be derived in such a way that it is applicable when calculating those operating conditions appearing in practice. Operation conditions where transformers are loaded with nonlinear and unbalanced loads are especially challenging. The purpose of this work is to derive a three-phase transformer model that is appropriate for evaluating the effects of nonlinear and unbalanced loads. A lumped parameter model instead of a finite element (FE) model is considered in order to ensure that the model can be used in power packages for the calculation of power system transients. The transformer model is obtained by coupling electric and magnetic equivalent circuits. The magnetic equivalent circuit contains only three nonlinear reluctances, which represent nonlinear behaviour of the transformer. They are calculated by the inverse Jiles-Atherton (J-A) hysteresis model, while parameters of hysteresis are identified using differential evolution (DE). This considerably improves the accuracy of the derived transformer model. Although the obtained transformer model is simple, the simulation results show good agreement between measured and calculated results.

  13. Nonlinear delta f Simulations of Collective Effects in Intense Charged Particle Beams

    Hong Qi


    A nonlinear delta(f) particle simulation method based on the Vlasov-Maxwell equations has been recently developed to study collective processes in high-intensity beams, where space-charge and magnetic self-field effects play a critical role in determining the nonlinear beam dynamics. Implemented in the Beam Equilibrium, Stability and Transport (BEST) code [H. Qin, R.C. Davidson, and W.W. Lee, Physical Review -- Special Topics on Accelerator and Beams 3 (2000) 084401; 3 (2000) 109901.], the nonlinear delta(f) method provides a low-noise and self-consistent tool for simulating collective interactions and nonlinear dynamics of high-intensity beams in modern and next-generation accelerators and storage rings, such as the Spallation Neutron Source and heavy ion fusion drivers. A wide range of linear eigenmodes of high-intensity charged-particle beams can be systematically studied using the BEST code. Simulation results for the electron-proton two-stream instability in the Proton Storage Ring experiment [R. Macek, ...

  14. High-frequency effects in 1D spring-mass systems with strongly non-linear inclusions

    Lazarov, Boyan Stefanov; Snaeland, S.O.; Thomsen, Jon Juel


    -like systems with embedded non-linear parts, where the masses interact with a limited set of neighbour masses. The presented analytical and numerical results show that the effective properties for LF wave propagation can be altered by establishing HF standing waves in the non-linear regions of the chain......This work generalises the possibilities to change the effective material or structural properties for low frequency (LF) wave propagation, by using high-frequency (HF) external excitation combined with strong non-linear and non-local material behaviour. The effects are demonstrated on 1D chain....... The changes affect the effective stiffness and damping of the system....

  15. Nonlinear Quantum Hall effects in Rarita-Schwinger gas

    Luo, Xi; Wan, Xiangang; Yu, Yue


    Emergence of higher spin relativistic fermionic materials becomes a new favorite in the study of condensed matter physics. Massive Rarita-Schwinger 3/2-spinor was known owning very exotic properties, such as the superluminal fermionic modes and even being unstable in an external magnetic field. Due to the superluminal modes and the non-trivial constraints on the Rarita-Schwinger gas, we exposit anomalous properties of the Hall effects in (2+1)-dimensions which subvert the well-known quantum Hall paradigms. First, the Hall conductance of a pure Rarita-Schwinger gas is step-like but not plateau-quantized, instead of the linear dependence on the filling factor for a pure spin-1/2 Dirac gas. In reality, the Hall conductance of the Dirac gas is of quantized integer plateaus with the unit $\\frac{e^2}h$ due to the localization away from the Landau level centers. If the general localization rule is applicable to the disordered Rarita-Schwinger gas, the Hall plateaus are also expected to appear but they are nonlinearl...

  16. Fenbendazole treatment may influence lipopolysaccharide effects in rat brain.

    Hunter, Randy L; Choi, Dong-Young; Kincer, Jeanie F; Cass, Wayne A; Bing, Guoying; Gash, Don M


    In evaluating discrepant results between experiments in our laboratory, we collected data that challenge the notion that anthelminthic drugs like FBZ do not alter inflammatory responses. We found that FBZ significantly modulates inflammation in F344 rats intrastriatally injected with LPS. FBZ treatment of LPS-injected rats significantly increased weight loss, microglial activation, and dopamine loss; in addition, FBZ attenuated the LPS-induced loss of astrocytes. Therefore, FBZ treatment altered the effects of LPS injection. Caution should be used in interpreting data collected from rats treated with LPS and FBZ.

  17. Hypolipidimic effect of some medicinal plants on diabetic rats

    Eman G.E.Helal * and Mohamed M. A. Shahat


    Our aim was to evaluate the hypolipidimic effect of aqueous extract of a famous mixture used in Saudi Arabia folk medicine that consists of Nigella sativa, Commiphora myrrha, Boswellia carterii Birdw, Ferule assa-foetida and Aloe vera and also the extract of each plant alone on alloxan induced diabetic rats. Material and Methods :-The present study was carried out on 80 adult male albino rats (120 ± 20 g.b.wt. ), the rats were divided randomly into 8 groups, the first group served as control ...

  18. Dispersive and nonlinear effects in high-speed reconfigurable WDM optical fiber communication systems

    Yu, Changyuan

    Chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and nonlinear effects are important issues on the physical layer of high-speed reconfigurable WDM optical fiber communication systems. For beyond 10 Gbit/s optical fiber transmission system, it is essential that chromatic dispersion and PMD be well managed by dispersion monitoring and compensation. One the other hand, dispersive and nonlinear effects in optical fiber systems can also be beneficial and has applications on pulse management, all-optical signal processing and network function, which will be essential for high bite-rate optical networks and replacing the expensive optical-electrical-optical (O/E/O) conversion. In this Ph.D. dissertation, we present a detailed research on dispersive and nonlinear effects in high-speed optical communication systems. We have demonstrated: (i) A novel technique for optically compensating the PMD-induced RF power fading that occurs in single-sideband (SSB) subcarrier-multiplexed systems. By aligning the polarization states of the optical carrier and the SSB, RF power fading due to all orders of PMD can be completely compensated. (ii) Chromatic-dispersion-insensitive PMD monitoring by using a narrowband FBG notch filter to recover the RF clock power for 10Gb/s NRZ data, and apply it as a control signal for PMD compensation. (iii) Chirp-free high-speed optical pulse generation with a repetition rate of 160 GHz (which is four times of the frequency of the electrical clock) using a phase modulator and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. (iv) Polarization-insensitive all-optical wavelength conversion based on four-wave mixing in dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF) with a fiber Bragg grating and a Faraday rotator mirror. (v) Width-tunable optical RZ pulse train generation based on four-wave mixing in highly-nonlinear fiber. By electrically tuning the delay between two pump pulse trains, the pulse-width of a generated pulse train is continuously tuned. (vi) A high-speed all

  19. Colloidal Plasmas : Effect of nonthermal ion distribution and dust temperature on nonlinear dust acoustic solitary waves

    Tarsem Singh Gill; Harvinder Kaur


    The effects of nonthermal ion distribution and finite dust temperature are incorporated in the investigation of nonlinear dust acoustic waves in an unmagnetized dusty plasma. Sagdeev pseudopotential method which takes into account the full nonlinearity of plasma equations, is used here to study solitary wave solutions. Possibility of co-existence of refractive and compressive solitons as a function of Mach number, dust temperature and concentration of nonthermal ions, is considered. For the fixed value of nonthermal ions, it is found that the effect of increase in dust temperature is to reduce the range of co-existence of compressive and refractive solitons. Particular concentration of nonthermal ions results in disappearance of refractive solitons while the decrease in dust temperature, at this concentration restores the lost refractive solitons.

  20. Geometry effect on energy transfer rate in a coupled-quantum-well structure: nonlinear regime

    Salavati-fard, T.; Vazifehshenas, T.


    We study theoretically the effect of geometry on the energy transfer rate at nonlinear regime in a coupled-quantum-well system using the balance equation approach. To investigate comparatively the effect of both symmetric and asymmetric geometry, different structures are considered. The random phase approximation dynamic dielectric function is employed to include the contributions from both quasiparticle and plasmon excitations. Also, the short-range exchange interaction is taken into account through the Hubbard approximation. Our numerical results show that the energy transfer rate increases by increasing the well thicknesses in symmetric structures. Furthermore, by increasing spatial asymmetry, the energy transfer rate decreases for the electron temperature range of interest. From numerical calculations, it is obtained that the nonlinear energy transfer rate is proportional to the square of electron drift velocity in all structures and also, found that the influence of Hubbard local field correction on the energy transfer rate gets weaker by increasing the strength of applied electric field.

  1. The effect of process delay on dynamical behaviors in a self-feedback nonlinear oscillator

    Yao, Chenggui; Ma, Jun; Li, Chuan; He, Zhiwei


    The delayed feedback loops play a crucial role in the stability of dynamical systems. The effect of process delay in feedback is studied numerically and theoretically in the delayed feedback nonlinear systems including the neural model, periodic system and chaotic oscillator. The process delay is of key importance in determining the evolution of systems, and the rich dynamical phenomena are observed. By introducing a process delay, we find that it can induce bursting electric activities in the neural model. We demonstrate that this novel regime of amplitude death also exists in the parameter space of feedback strength and process delay for the periodic system and chaotic oscillator. Our results extend the effect of process delay in the paper of Zou et al.(2013) where the process delay can eliminate the amplitude death of the coupled nonlinear systems.

  2. Investigation of nonlinear effects in the instabilities and noise radiation of supersonic jets

    Janjua, S. I.; McLaughlin, D. K.


    The nonlinear interactions of fluctuating components which produce noise in supersonic jet flows were studied experimentally. Attention was given to spectral components interactions and the spectral effects of increasing Re. A jet exhausted in perfectly expanded conditions was monitored by microphones in the maximum noise emission direction. Trials were run at Mach 1.4 and 2.1 and the Re was varied from 5000-20,000 and 9000-25,000, respectively. Hot-wire data were gathered to examine the mode-mode interactions and a point glow discharge was used to excite the jets. The noise was found to exhibit discrete frequency components and a single tone instability at Re below 10,000. Mode interactions were found to weaken after the instabilities reached a crescendo and then decayed, leading to a nonlinear spectral broadening effect.

  3. Estrogenic effects of Sedum sarmentosum Bunge in ovariectomized rats.

    Kim, Won-Hee; Park, Yun-Ja; Park, Mi-Ra; Ha, Tae-Yeul; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Bae, Song-Ja; Kim, Mihyang


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of Sedum sarmentosun Bunge (SS) on the lipid on serum and the collagen content of the connective tissues in ovariectomized estrogen-deficient rats. Three groups were surgically ovariectomized. The fourth group was sham operated. From day 2 until day 37 after the ovariectomy, Sprague-Dawley female rats were randomly assigned to the following groups: sham-operated rats (sham), ovariectomized control rats (OVX-control), ovariectomized rats supplemented with an ethyl ether fraction of SS at 10 mg/kg bw/d (OVX-EE), ovariectomized rats supplemented an ethyl acetate fraction of SS at 10 mg/kg bw/d (OVX-EA). The SS fractions were orally administrated at 1 mL per day. The estrogenic effects of the ethyl ether and ethyl acetate fractions of SS, were investigated using one in vitro assay and two in vivo assays. The treatment of the partition of the ethyl ether and ethyl acetate layers of SS increased the transcriptional activity 0.7-fold and 0.5-fold compared to those that were given 17beta-estradiol treatment, respectively. The OVX rats were significantly heavier than the sham-operated rats at all times, but supplementation with the SS extracts tended to result in less weight gain than OVX-control. The serum triglyceride levels were significantly decreased after supplementation with the SS portion EE and EA layers. Supplementation with the SS extracts prevented a decrease in the collagen level in bone and cartilage tissues. This result indicates that the SS affects the collagen synthesis in ovariectomized rats. These results are consistent with the conclusions based on the estrogenic activities of SS. Therefore, it may be used to possibly improve the quality of life in menopausal women.

  4. Nonlinear acoustic properties of ex vivo bovine liver and the effects of temperature and denaturation.

    Jackson, E J; Coussios, C-C; Cleveland, R O


    Thermal ablation by high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has a great potential for the non-invasive treatment of solid tumours. Due to the high pressure amplitudes involved, nonlinear acoustic effects must be understood and the relevant medium property is the parameter of nonlinearity B/A. Here, B/A was measured in ex vivo bovine liver, over a heating/cooling cycle replicating temperatures reached during HIFU ablation, adapting a finite amplitude insertion technique, which also allowed for measurement of sound-speed and attenuation. The method measures the nonlinear progression of a plane wave through liver and B/A was chosen so that numerical simulations matched the measured waveforms. To create plane-wave conditions, sinusoidal bursts were transmitted by a 100 mm diameter 1.125 MHz unfocused transducer and measured using a 15 mm diameter 2.25 MHz broadband transducer in the near field. Attenuation and sound-speed were calculated using a reflected pulse from the smaller transducer using the larger transducer as the reflecting interface. Results showed that attenuation initially decreased with heating then increased after denaturation, the sound-speed initially increased with temperature and then decreased, and B/A showed an increase with temperature but no significant post-heating change. The B/A data disagree with other reports that show a significant change and we suggest that any nonlinear enhancement in the received ultrasound signal post-treatment is likely due to acoustic cavitation rather than changes in tissue nonlinearity.

  5. Enhancement of Optical Nonlinearities in Composite Media and Structures via Local Fields and Electromagnetic Coupling Effects

    Smith, David D.


    This talk will review the linear and nonlinear optical properties of metal nanoparticles and dielectric microparticles, with an emphasis on local field effects, and whispering gallery modes (WGMs), as well as the conjunction of these two effects for enhanced Raman. In particular, enhanced optical properties that result from electromagnetic coupling effects will be discussed in the context of Mie scattering from concentric spheres and bispheres. Predictions of mode splitting and photonic bandgaps in micro-spheres will be presented and will be shown to be analogous to effects that occur in coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROW). Slow and fast light in SCISSOR / CROW configurations will also be discussed.

  6. Effects of Nonlinear Absorption in BK7 and Color Glasses at 355 nm

    Adams, J J; McCarville, T; Bruere, J; McElroy, J; Peterson, J


    We have demonstrated a simple experimental technique that can be used to measure the nonlinear absorption coefficients in glasses. We determine BK7, UG1, and UG11 glasses to have linear absorption coefficients of 0.0217 {+-} 10% cm{sup -1}, 1.7 {+-} 10% cm{sup -1}, and 0.82 {+-} 10% cm{sup -1}, respectively, two-photon absorption cross-sections of 0.025 {+-} 20% cm/GW, 0.035 {+-} 20% cm/GW, and 0.047 {+-} 20% cm/GW, respectively, excited-state absorption cross-sections of 8.0 x 10{sup -18} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, 2.8 x 10{sup -16} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, and 5 x 10{sup -17} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, respectively, and solarization coefficients of 8.5 x 10{sup -20} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, 2.5 x 10{sup -18} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, and 1.3 x 10{sup -19} {+-} 20% cm{sup 2}, respectively. For our application, nonlinear effects in 10-cm of BK7 are small ({le} 2%) for 355-nm fluences < 0.2 J/cm{sup 2} for flat-top pulses. However, nonlinear effects are noticeable for 355-nm fluences at 0.8 J/cm{sup 2}. In particular, we determine a 20% increase in the instantaneous absorption from linear, a solarization rate of 4% per 100 shots, and a 10% temporal droop introduced in the pulse, for 355-nm flat-top pulses at a fluence of 0.8 J/cm{sup 2}. For 0.5-cm of UG1 absorbing glass the non-linear absorption has a similar effect as that from 10-cm of BK7 on the pulse shape; however, the effects in UG11 are much smaller.

  7. The effects of nonlinear wave propagation on the stability of inertial cavitation


    In the context of forecasting temperature and pressure fields in high-intensity focussed ultrasound, the accuracy of predictive models is critical for the safety and efficacy of treatment. In such fields inertial cavitation is often observed. Classically, estimations of cavitation thresholds have been based on the assumption that the incident wave at the surface of a bubble was the same as in the far-field, neglecting the effect of nonlinear wave propagation. By modelling the incident wave as...

  8. Polarization effects and nonlinear switching in fiber figure-eight lasers.

    Stentz, A J; Boyd, R W


    We have developed a novel experimental procedure that allows us to quantify how polarization effects determine the passive mode locking of an optical fiber figure-eight laser. Based on our measurements, we have performed numerical simulations demonstrating that the nonlinear switching within this laser operates in a manner contrary to that described by the conventional theory of passive mode locking with a fast saturable absorber.

  9. Testing nonlinear electrodynamics in waveguides: the effect of magnetostatic fields on the transmitted power

    Ferraro, Rafael, E-mail: ferraro@iafe.uba.a [Instituto de AstronomIa y Fisica del Espacio, Casilla de Correo 67, Sucursal 28, 1428 Buenos Aires (Argentina); Departamento de Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellon I, 1428 Buenos Aires (Argentina)


    In Born-Infeld theory and other nonlinear electrodynamics, the presence of a magnetostatic field modifies the dispersion relation and the energy velocity of waves propagating in a hollow waveguide. As a consequence, the transmitted power along a waveguide suffers slight changes when a magnetostatic field is switched on and off. This tiny effect could be better tested by operating the waveguide at a frequency close to the cutoff frequency.

  10. The Behavioral Effects of Environmental Enrichment in Rats


    Isolation rearing affects sequential organization of motor behavior in post-pubertal Lister and Sprague-Dawley rats. Behavioural Brain Research , 94...Effects of neonatal stimulation on later cognitive function and hippocampal nerve growth factor. Behavioural Brain Research , 86(1), 113-120...non-handled rats. Behavioural Brain Research , 103(1), 63-70. Pijlman, F.T., Wolterink, G., & Van Ree, J.M. (2003). Physical and emotional stress

  11. Effect of testosterone on morphine withdrawal syndrome in rats

    Ali Reza Mohajjel Nayebi; Hassan Rezazadeh


    Aim: To determine whether testosterone is involved in morphine withdrawal syndrome (WS). Methods: In order to induce dependency, rats were treated with subcutaneous injection of morphine (days 1-2, 5 mg/kg; days 3-5, 7.5 mg/kg; days 6-8, 10 mg/kg), and after the last dose of morphine (day 8) WS was induced by intraperitoneal injection of naloxone (1 mg/kg). Wet dog shake (WDS), abdomen writhing (AW), and jumps (J) were recorded as indicators of WS. Results: The severity of WDS, AW, and J in male rats was greater than that in females. Accordingly, in 4-week castrated and flutamide-treated (10 mg/kg/day for 8 days, I.p.) male rats, WDS, AW, and J were signifi- cantly decreased compared to male control rats. Testosterone replacement therapy (10 mg/kg/day for 8 days, I.m.) in 4-week castrated rats restored the severity of WDS, AW, and J behaviors to the level of non-castrated male rats, whereas testosterone potentiated the WDS behavior in non-castrated male rats. Confusion: It can be concluded that testosterone might be effectively involved in morphine WS.

  12. Effects of trace acrylamide intake in Wistar rats.

    Totani, Nagao; Yawata, Miho; Ojiri, Yuko; Fujioka, Yoshio


    Frying oil in use of cooking may contain acrylamide formed from frying foodstuffs. We have reported that administration of a diet containing 7% practically used frying oil for 12 weeks damaged liver and kidneys severely in Wistar rats. Then, male Wistar rats were fed ad libitum for 12 weeks a powdered diet (AIN93G; no fat) containing 7 wt% of fresh oil (control group) or frying oil heated with Asn + glucose for 20 h at 180 degrees C under a nitrogen flow in order to form acrylamide under the least thermal deterioration (experimental group). The rats were subjected to anthropometric measurements, hematological analyses, and observations of the liver and kidneys. All of the rats grew well, and no gross symptoms attributable to the experimental oil were observed. But the experimental rats had significantly low insulin and triacylglycerol levels. The liver and kidneys from the experimental rats had damages, but the degree of the histological changes looked lighter than that of the rats fed practically used frying oil described above. The serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) were also not much increased. Thus, it was suggested that continuous intake of trace acrylamide induced characteristically low serum insulin level and that the effects of the used frying oil on the liver and kidneys were hardly attributable to acrylamide possibly contained therein.

  13. Neuroprotective effects of octreotide on diabetic neuropathy in rats.

    Solmaz, Volkan; Çınar, Bilge Piri; Yiğittürk, Gürkan; Özlece, Hatice Köse; Avni Eroglu, Hüseyin; Tekatas, Aslan; Erbaş, Oytun; Taşkıran, Dilek


    The purpose of the present study is to investigate the possible healing effects of octreotide (OCT) on motor performance, electrophysiological and histopathological findings of diabetic neuropathy in a rat model of diabetes mellitus (DM). To induce diabetes, rats were administered a single dose (60mg/kg) of streptozotocin (STZ). Diabetic rats were treated either with saline (1ml/kg/day, n=7) or OCT (0.1mg/kg/day, n=7) for four weeks. Seven rats served as control group and received no treatment. At the end of the study, electromyography (EMG), gross motor function (inclined plate test), general histology and the perineural thickness of sciatic nerve were evaluated. At the end of study, weight loss was significantly lower in OCT treated rats than that of saline treated ones (pdiabetic rats with OCT significantly counteracted these alterations in EMG. Furthermore, OCT significantly improved the motor performance scores in diabetic rats (pdiabetic neuropathy, which promisingly support the use of OCT as a neuroprotective agent in patients with diabetic neuropathy.

  14. Non-linear effects on solute transfer between flowing water and a sediment bed.

    Higashino, Makoto; Stefan, Heinz G


    A previously developed model of periodic pore water flow in space and time, and associated solute transport in a stream bed of fine sand is extended to coarse sand and fine gravel. The pore water flow immediately below the sediment/water interface becomes intermittently a non-Darcy flow. The periodic pressure and velocity fluctuations considered are induced by near-bed coherent turbulent motions in the stream flow; they penetrate from the sediment/water interface into the sediment pore system and are described by a wave number (χ) and a period (T) that are given as functions of the shear velocity (U(∗)) between the flowing water and the sediment bed. The stream bed has a flat surface without bed forms. The flow field in the sediment pore system is described by the continuity equation and a resistance law that includes both viscous (Darcy) and non-linear (inertial) effects. Simulation results show that non-linear (inertial) effects near the sediment/water interface increase flow resistance and reduce mean flow velocities. Compared to pure Darcy flow, non-linear (inertial) effects reduce solute exchange rates between overlying water and the sediment bed but only by a moderate amount (less than 50%). Turbulent coherent flow structures in the stream flow enhance solute transfer in the pore system of a stream bed compared to pure molecular diffusion, but by much less than standing surface waves or bed forms.

  15. Stationary variational estimates for the effective response and field fluctuations in nonlinear composites

    Ponte Castañeda, Pedro


    This paper presents a variational method for estimating the effective constitutive response of composite materials with nonlinear constitutive behavior. The method is based on a stationary variational principle for the macroscopic potential in terms of the corresponding potential of a linear comparison composite (LCC) whose properties are the trial fields in the variational principle. When used in combination with estimates for the LCC that are exact to second order in the heterogeneity contrast, the resulting estimates for the nonlinear composite are also guaranteed to be exact to second-order in the contrast. In addition, the new method allows full optimization with respect to the properties of the LCC, leading to estimates that are fully stationary and exhibit no duality gaps. As a result, the effective response and field statistics of the nonlinear composite can be estimated directly from the appropriately optimized linear comparison composite. By way of illustration, the method is applied to a porous, isotropic, power-law material, and the results are found to compare favorably with earlier bounds and estimates. However, the basic ideas of the method are expected to work for broad classes of composites materials, whose effective response can be given appropriate variational representations, including more general elasto-plastic and soft hyperelastic composites and polycrystals.

  16. Vacuum nonlinear electrodynamic polarization effects in hard emission of pulsars and magnetars

    Denisov, V. I.; Sokolov, V. A.; Svertilov, S. I.


    The nonlinear electrodynamics influence of pulsar magnetic field on the electromagnetic pulse polarization is discussed from the point of observation interpretation. The calculations of pulsar magnetic field impact on the electromagnetic pulse polarization are made in such a way to make it easier to interpret these effects in space experiments. The law of hard emission pulse propagation in the pulsar magnetic field according to the vacuum (nonlinear electrodynamics is obtained. It has been shown, that due to the birefringence in the vacuum the front part of any hard emission pulse coming from a pulsar should be linearly polarized and the rest of pulse can have arbitrary polarization. The observational possibilities of vacuum birefringence are discussed. In this paper we give the estimations of detector parameters such as effective area, exposure time and necessity of polarization measurements with high accuracy. The combination of large area and extremely long exposure time gives the good opportunity to search the fine polarization effects like vacuum nonlinear electrodynamics birefringence.

  17. Effect of Diet on Metabolism of Laboratory Rats

    Harrison, P. C.; Riskowski, G. L.; McKee, J. S.


    In previous studies when rats were fed a processed, semipurified, extruded rodent food bar (RFB) developed for space science research, we noted a difference in the appearance of gastrointestinal tissue (GI); therefore the following study evaluated GI characteristics and growth and metabolic rates of rats fed chow (C) or RFB. Two hundred and twenty-four rats (78 g mean body weight) were randomly assigned to 28 cages and provided C or RFB. Each cage was considered the experimental unit and a 95 percent level of significance, indicated by ANOVA, was used for inference. After each 30-, 60-, and 90-day period, eight cages were shifted from the C to RFB diet and housing density was reduced by two rats per cage. The two rats removed from each cage were sacrificed and used for GI evaluation. Metabolic rates of the rats in each cage were determined by indirect calorimetry. No differences in body weight were detected at 0, 30, 60 or 90 days between C and RFB. Heat production (kcal/hr/kg), CO2 production (L/hr/kg) and O2 consumption (L/hr/kg) were different by light:dark and age with no effect of diet. Respiratory quotient was different by age with no effect of light:dark or diet. Rats on the C diet ate less food and drank more water than those on RFB. C rats produced more fecal and waste materials than the RFB. GI lengths increased with age but were less in RFB than C. GI full and empty weights increased with age but weighed less in RFB than C. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) numbers increased with age with no effect of diet. No differences in ileum-associated GALT area were detected between C and RFB. Switching C to RFB decreased GI length, GI full and empty weights, with no changes in GALT number or area. We concluded RFB decreased GI mass without affecting metabolic rate or general body growth.

  18. Rectal dexmedetomidine in rats: evaluation of sedative and mucosal effects

    Volkan Hanci


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In this study, we investigated the anesthetic and mucosal effects of the rectal application of dexmedetomidine to rats. METHODS: Male Wistar albino rats weighing 250-300 g were divided into four groups: Group S (n = 8 was a sham group that served as a baseline for the normal basal values; Group C (n = 8 consisted of rats that received the rectal application of saline alone; Group IPDex (n = 8 included rats that received the intraperitoneal application of dexmedetomidine (100 µg kg-1; and Group RecDex (n = 8 included rats that received the rectal application of dexmedetomidine (100 µg kg-1. For the rectal drug administration, we used 22 G intravenous cannulas with the stylets removed. We administered the drugs by advancing the cannula 1 cm into the rectum, and the rectal administration volume was 1 mL for all the rats. The latency and anesthesia time (min were measured. Two hours after rectal administration, 75 mg kg-1 ketamine was administered for intraperitoneal anesthesia in all the groups, followed by the removal of the rats' rectums to a distal distance of 3 cm via an abdominoperineal surgical procedure. We histopathologically examined and scored the rectums. RESULTS: Anesthesia was achieved in all the rats in the Group RecDex following the administration of dexmedetomidine. The onset of anesthesia in the Group RecDex was significantly later and of a shorter duration than in the Group IPDEx (p < 0.05. In the Group RecDex, the administration of dexmedetomidine induced mild-moderate losses of mucosal architecture in the colon and rectum, 2 h after rectal inoculation. CONCLUSION: Although 100 µg kg-1 dexmedetomidine administered rectally to rats achieved a significantly longer duration of anesthesia compared with the rectal administration of saline, our histopathological evaluations showed that the rectal administration of 100 µg kg-1 dexmedetomidine led to mild-moderate damage to the mucosal structure of the

  19. Time-ordering effects in the generation of entangled photons using nonlinear optical processes.

    Quesada, Nicolás; Sipe, J E


    We study the effects of time ordering in photon generation processes such as spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) and four wave mixing (SFWM). The results presented here are used to construct an intuitive picture that allows us to predict when time-ordering effects significantly modify the joint spectral amplitude (JSA) of the photons generated in SPDC and SFWM. These effects become important only when the photons being generated lie with the pump beam that travels through the nonlinear material for a significant amount of time. Thus sources of spectrally separable photons are ideal candidates for the observation of modifications of the JSA due to time ordering.

  20. Effects of nonlinear phase modulation on quantum frequency conversion using four-wave mixing Bragg scattering

    Andersen, Lasse Mejling; McKinstrie, C. J.; Rottwitt, Karsten


    Recently, we solved the coupled-mode equations for Bragg scattering (BS) in the low- and high-conversion regimes, but without the effects of nonlinear phase modulation (NPM). We now present solutions and Green functions in the low-conversion regime that include NPM. We find that NPM does not change...... are still possible, even when the effects of NPM are included. Finally, the effects of using different input signals are considered, and we conclude that using the natural input modes of the system drastically increases the efficiency. © (2013) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers...

  1. Effect of pioglitazone on the abrogated cardioprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning in hyperlipidemic rat heart

    Dhiraj Mittal


    Conclusion: Cardioprotective effect of IPC gets lost in hyperlipidemic rat heart. The results suggest that perfusion of pioglitazone restored the cardioprotective effect of IPC in hyperlipidemic rat heart, an effect that may be via PI3K and mTOR.

  2. Microvascular effects of copper deficiency in rats

    Schuschke, D.A.; Saari, J.T.; Ackermann, D.M.; Miller, F.N. (Univ. of Louisville, KY (USA))


    We have studied the microcirculatory responses in copper deficient rats using the rat cremaster muscle preparation. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed either a copper supplemented diet (CuS, 5 ppm) or a copper deficient diet (CuD, O ppm) for five weeks prior to experimentation. The rats (240-300g) were anesthetized with pentobarbital and the cremaster (with intact nerve and blood supply) were spread in a tissue bath filled with krebs solution. In vivo television microscopy was used to observe the microcirculation. Fluorescein isothiocyanate tagged to bovine serum albumin (FITC-BSA) was injected i.a. 30 min prior to the start of experimentation. In the CuS animals photoactivation of the intravascular FITC-BSA caused significant platelet aggregation and reduction in red blood cell column diameter (RBCCD) by 30 min and stasis of flow by 60 min. In CuD animals there was no reduction in RBCCD and only minor platelet aggregation after 60 min of photoactivation. Topical administration of compound 48/80 (1.0 and 10.0 {mu}g/ml) induced a significantly greater macromolecular leakage (increased interstitial fluorescence of FITC-BSA) in the CuD animals than in the control, CuS animals. These results suggest that copper deficiency results in marked alterations of the regulatory mechanisms governing thrombosis and inflammation.

  3. The effect of ACTH on suckling rats.

    Sato, Y


    In the present study, the causes of brain shrinkage induced by synthetic ACTH treatment in epileptic children were investigated using suckling rats. Synthetic ACTH was injected subcutaneously once a day for 5 days into suckling rats aged 15 days. Saline was injected into control subjects in the same way. Rats were sacrificed before the injection, immediately after the repeated injections, and 5 and 14 days from the end of the course of repeated injections. The weight, volume and water content of the brains were measured and the protein, DNA, sodium and potassium contents of the brains were also determined. The mean weight and volume of the brains after 5-day injection of ACTH were slightly smaller compared to those of control rats. No natural increase in brain protein with growth was found from the start of ACTH injections to 14 days after finishing the course of repeated injections. The DNA, sodium and potassium contents of the brains significantly increased immediately after the repeated injections of 5 days. It was suggested that the brain shrinkage of epileptics induced by ACTH treatment might be caused by decreased water content and not cellular degradation.

  4. Some Toxic Effects of Dieldrin in Rats

    Barnes, J. M.; Heath, D. F.


    The oral toxicity of dieldrin in rats depends upon its concentration in the vehicle (arachis oil). It is increased by a previous restriction of diet, leading to a loss of weight. Two equal doses given within three weeks of each other are more toxic than the sum of the two given as a single dose. PMID:14249896

  5. Nonlinear magnetoelectric effect and magnetostriction in piezoelectric CsCuCl{sub 3} in paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic states

    Kharkovskiy, A. I., E-mail: [International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Gajowicka 95, 53-421 Wrocław (Poland); L.F. Vereshchagin Institute for High Pressure Physics RAS, 142190 Troitsk, Moscow (Russian Federation); Shaldin, Yu. V. [International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Gajowicka 95, 53-421 Wrocław (Poland); Institute for Crystallography RAS, Lenin' s Avenue 59, 119333 Moscow (Russian Federation); Nizhankovskii, V. I. [International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Gajowicka 95, 53-421 Wrocław (Poland)


    The direct nonlinear magnetoelectric (ME) effect and the magnetostriction of piezoelectric CsCuCl{sub 3} single crystals were comprehensively studied over a wide temperature range in stationary magnetic fields of up to 14 T. The direct nonlinear ME effect measurements were also performed in pulsed magnetic fields up to 31 T, at liquid helium temperature in the antiferromagnetic (AF) state for the crystallographic direction in which effect has the maximum value. The nonlinear ME effect was quadratic in the paramagnetic state for the whole range of magnetic fields. In the AF state the phase transition between different configurations of spins manifested itself as plateau-like peculiarity on the nonlinear ME effect. The nonlinear ME effect was saturated by the phase transition to the spin-saturated paramagnetic state. Two contributions to the nonlinear ME effects in CsCuCl{sub 3} were extracted from the experimental data: the intrinsic ME effect originated from the magnetoelectric interactions, and the extrinsic one, which resulted from a magnetostriction-induced piezoelectric effect.

  6. Fiber Nonlinearities: A Tutorial

    Govind P. Agrawal


    Fiber nonlinearities have long been regarded as being mostly harmful for fiber-optic communication systems. Over the last few years, however, the nonlinear effects are increasingly being used for practical telecommunications applications,the Raman amplification being only one of the recent examples. In this tutorial I review the vario us nonlinear effects occurring in optical fibers from both standpoints..

  7. Fiber Nonlinearities: A Tutorial

    Govind; P.; Agrawal


    Fiber nonlinearities have long been regarded as being mostly harmful for fiber-optic communication systems. Over the last few years, however, the nonlinear effects are increasingly being used for practical telecommunications applications, the Raman amplification being only one of the recent examples. In this tutorial I review the various nonlinear effects occurring in optical fibers from both standpoints..

  8. Effects of Coleus forskohlii on fat storage in ovariectomized rats.

    Han, Li-Kun; Morimoto, Chie; Yu, Rong-Hai; Okuda, Hiromichi


    The antiobesity effects of Coleus forskohlii were investigated in ovariectomized (ovx) rats. Eight-week-old female Wistar rats were assigned to four groups: a sham-operated group fed the control diet (MF, sham-m) ; an ovx-m group fed the control diet; a sham-operated group fed the control diet containing 50 g/kg of Coleus forskohlii extract (sham-c) ; and an ovx-c group fed the control diet containing 50 g/kg of Coleus forskohlii extract. The body weight, adipose tissues, and cell diameter were investigated in ovx rats after Coleus forskohlii extract treatment. Administration of Coleus forskohlii extracts reduced body weight, food intake, and fat accumulation in ovx rats. Our results suggest that Coleus forskohlii may be useful in the treatment of obesity.

  9. Measuring the nonlinear refractive index of graphene using the optical Kerr effect method.

    Dremetsika, Evdokia; Dlubak, Bruno; Gorza, Simon-Pierre; Ciret, Charles; Martin, Marie-Blandine; Hofmann, Stephan; Seneor, Pierre; Dolfi, Daniel; Massar, Serge; Emplit, Philippe; Kockaert, Pascal


    By means of the ultrafast optical Kerr effect method coupled to optical heterodyne detection (OHD-OKE), we characterize the third-order nonlinear response of graphene and compare it to experimental values obtained by the Z-scan method on the same samples. From these measurements, we estimate a negative nonlinear refractive index for monolayer graphene, n2=-1.1×10-13  m2/W. This is in contradiction to previously reported values, which leads us to compare our experimental measurements obtained by the OHD-OKE and the Z-scan method with theoretical and experimental values found in the literature and to discuss the discrepancies, taking into account parameters such as doping.

  10. Non-equilibrium many-body effects in driven nonlinear resonator arrays

    Grujic, T; Angelakis, D G; Jaksch, D


    We study the non-equilibrium behavior of optically driven dissipative coupled resonator arrays. Assuming each resonator is coupled with a two-level system via a Jaynes-Cummings interaction, we calculate the many-body steady state behavior of the system under coherent pumping and dissipation. We propose and analyze the many-body phases using experimentally accessible quantities such as the total excitation number, the emitted photon spectra and photon coherence functions for different parameter regimes. In parallel, we also compare and contrast the expected behavior of this system assuming the local nonlinearity in the cavities is generated by a generic Kerr effect rather than a Jaynes-Cummings interaction. We find that the behavior of the experimentally accessible observables produced by the two models differs for realistic regimes of interactions even when the corresponding nonlinearities are of similar strength. We analyze in detail the extra features available in the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard (JCH) model ori...




    Full Text Available Handheld devices of all kind have gained remarkable popularity in recent years. Choosing receiving end components for these handheld devices are critical. For example, if poorly suited and inexpensive amplifiers are chosen, then they tend to deteriorate signals. On the other hand, cheaper components are feasible for consumer product. This paper evaluates nonlinearity effects on transmission link serving Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds (DVB-H based on the results of software simulator. The system is tested in various receiving scenarios with presence of noise and received signal power varying from sensitivity level up to saturated nonlinear region. Neighboring DVB-H channel and close-by GSM-uplink are considered as distortion sources. The simulation results also analyze the behavior of the system in the presence of interfering signals with variouspower levels.

  12. Theory of plasmonic effects in nonlinear optics: The case of graphene

    Rostami, Habib; Katsnelson, Mikhail I.; Polini, Marco


    We develop a microscopic large-N theory of electron-electron interaction corrections to multilegged Feynman diagrams describing second- and third-order non-linear-response functions. Our theory, which reduces to the well-known random-phase approximation in the linear-response limit, is completely general and is useful to understand all second- and third-order nonlinear effects, including harmonic generation, wave mixing, and photon drag. We apply our theoretical framework to the case of graphene, by carrying out microscopic calculations of the second- and third-order non-linear-response functions of an interacting two-dimensional (2D) gas of massless Dirac fermions. We compare our results with recent measurements, where all-optical launching of graphene plasmons has been achieved by virtue of the finiteness of the quasihomogeneous second-order nonlinear response of this inversion-symmetric 2D material.

  13. Measuring the Nonlinear Refractive Index of Graphene using the Optical Kerr Effect Method

    Dremetsika, Evdokia; Gorza, Simon-Pierre; Ciret, Charles; Martin, Marie-Blandine; Hofmann, Stephan; Seneor, Pierre; Dolfi, Daniel; Massar, Serge; Emplit, Philippe; Kockaert, Pascal


    By means of the ultrafast optical Kerr effect method coupled to optical heterodyne detection (OHD-OKE), we characterize the third order nonlinear response of graphene at telecom wavelength, and compare it to experimental values obtained by the Z-scan method on the same samples. From these measurements, we estimate a negative nonlinear refractive index for monolayer graphene, $n_2 = - 1.1\\times 10^{-13} m^2/W$. This is in contradiction to previously reported values, which leads us to compare our experimental measurements obtained by the OHD-OKE and the Z-scan method with theoretical and experimental values found in the literature, and to discuss the discrepancies, taking into account parameters such as doping.

  14. Mitigation of nonlinear transmission effects for OFDM 16-QAM optical signal using adaptive modulation.

    Skidin, Anton S; Sidelnikov, Oleg S; Fedoruk, Mikhail P; Turitsyn, Sergei K


    The impact of the fiber Kerr effect on error statistics in the nonlinear (high power) transmission of the OFDM 16-QAM signal over a 2000 km EDFA-based link is examined. We observed and quantified the difference in the error statistics for constellation points located at three power-defined rings. Theoretical analysis of a trade-off between redundancy and error rate reduction using probabilistic coding of three constellation power rings decreasing the symbol-error rate of OFDM 16-QAM signal is presented. Based on this analysis, we propose to mitigate the nonlinear impairments using the adaptive modulation technique applied to the OFDM 16-QAM signal. We demonstrate through numerical modelling the system performance improvement by the adaptive modulation for the large number of OFDM subcarriers (more than 100). We also show that a similar technique can be applied to single carrier transmission.

  15. The effect of large deformation and material nonlinearity on gel indentation

    Zheng Duan; Yonghao An; Jiaping Zhang; Hanqing Jiang


    A gel,an aggregate of polymers with solvents,has dual attributes of solid and liquid as solvent migrates in and out of the polymer network.Indentation has recently been used to characterize the mechanical properties of gels.This paper evaluates the effects of large deformation and material nonlinearity on gel indentation through theoretical modeling and finite element analysis.It is found that large deformation significantly affects the interpretation of the experimental observations and the classical relation between indentation force and depth has limitations for large deformation.The material nonlinearity does not play a very important role on indentation experiment so that the poroelasticity is a good approximation.Based on these observations,this paper proposes an alternative approach to measure the mechanical properties of gels,namely,uniaxial compression experiment.

  16. Non-linear dynamics of Kelvin-Helmholtz unstable magnetized jets three-dimensional effects

    Keppens, R


    A numerical study of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in compressible magnetohydrodynamics is presented. The three-dimensional simulations consider shear flow in a cylindrical jet configuration, embedded in a uniform magnetic field directed along the jet axis. The growth of linear perturbations at specified poloidal and axial mode numbers demonstrate intricate non-linear coupling effects. The physical mechanims leading to induced secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities at higher mode numbers are identified. The initially weak magnetic field becomes locally dominant in the non-linear dynamics before and during saturation. Thereby, it controls the jet deformation and eventual breakup. The results are obtained using the Versatile Advection Code [G. Toth, Astrophys. Lett. Comm. 34, 245 (1996)], a software package designed to solve general systems of conservation laws. An independent calculation of the same Kelvin-Helmholtz unstable jet configuration using a three-dimensional pseudo-spectral code gives important ...

  17. Effect of joint damping and joint nonlinearity on the dynamics of space structures

    Bowden, Mary; Dugundji, John


    Analyses of the effect of linear joint characteristics on the vibrations of a free-free, three-joint beam model show that increasing joint damping increases resonant frequencies and increases modal damping but only to the point where the joint gets 'locked up' by damping. This behavior is different from that predicted by modeling joint damping as proportional damping. Nonlinear analyses of the three-joint model with cubic springs at the joints show all the classical single DOF nonlinear response behavior at each resonance of the multiple DOF system: nondoubling of response for a doubling of forcing amplitude, multiple solutions, jump behavior, and resonant frequency shifts. These properties can be concisely quantified by characteristic backbone curves, which show the locus of resonant peaks for increasing forcing amplitude.

  18. Ought-approach versus ought-avoidance: nonlinear effects on arousal under achievement situations.

    Stamovlasis, Dimitrios; Sideridis, Georgios D


    The present study examines the dimensions of oughts under a nonlinear perspective. Ought-approach and ought-avoidance have been proposed as two different dimensions of oughts, which have an opposite effect on subjects' arousal level under achievement situation. The change in arousal level measured by heart rates per minute (HRPM) was modeled as cusp catastrophe by implementing the two dimensions of oughts as the control parameters: the ought-approach as the asymmetry and the ought-avoidance as the bifurcation factor. The cusp model was proved by far superior from the three alternative linear models and provided the empirical evidence that the two dimensions of oughts are distinct and are associated with different processes. The ought-avoidance dimension being the bifurcation factor acts in a destructive manner by introducing nonlinearity and uncertainty in the self-regulation process (with regard to HRPM). The interpretation of the model is provided and implications are discussed.

  19. The Non-Linear Effect of Corporate Taxes on Economic Growth

    Huňady Ján


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the problem of taxation and its potential impact on economic growth and presents some new empirical insights into this topic. The main aim of the paper is to verify an assumed nonlinear impact of corporate tax rates on economic growth. Based on the theory of public finance and taxation, we hypothesize that at relatively low tax rates it is possible that the impact of taxation on economic growth become slightly positive. On the other hand when the tax rates are higher a negative impact of taxation on economic growth could be expected. Despite the fact that the most of the existing studies find a negative linear relationship between these variables, we can also find strong support for a non-linear relationship from several theoretical models as well as some empirical studies. Based on panel data fixed-effects econometric models, we, as well, find empirical evidence for a non-linear relationship between nominal and effective corporate tax rates and economic growth. Our data consists of annual observations for the period 1999 to 2011 for EU Member States. Based on the results, we also estimated the optimal level of the corporate tax rate in terms of maximizing economic growth in the average of the EU countries.

  20. Competitive coexistence and competitive exclusion for a nonlinear community with delay effect and impulsive birth

    Liu, Yanping; Zhang, Feng; Wei, Jianzhou


    By constructing a population model of multi-species competition, a community with nonlinear interaction relationship is investigated, in which the species' response delay and environmental fluctuation effects (i.e., seasonal fluctuation of resource supplies and species' reproductive activities) on population are considered. Firstly, the conditions about competitive coexistence (i.e., persistence of all species) and competitive exclusion (i.e., only partial of species, but not all, keep persistence) of the community are established, and the underlying ecological mechanism of these results are analyzed. Secondly, by some illustrative examples, the interactive effects of nonlinear competition, species' response delay and environmental fluctuation on the structure of community are explored. It is demonstrated that small response delay and slight deviation of nonlinear competition indexes from 1 have little impact on the coexistence of community, but acute changes have distinct negative influence on community coexistence. This reveals to us that parameter perturbations of natural communities should keep in an appropriate range, which is of great significance in conservation and restoration biology.

  1. Nonlinear effects on electrophoresis of a charged dielectric nanoparticle in a charged hydrogel medium

    Bhattacharyya, S.; De, Simanta


    The impact of the solid polarization of a charged dielectric particle in gel electrophoresis is studied without imposing a weak-field or a thin Debye length assumption. The electric polarization of a dielectric particle due to an external electric field creates a non-uniform surface charge density, which in turn creates a non-uniform Debye layer at the solid-gel interface. The solid polarization of the particle, the polarization of the double layer, and the electro-osmosis of mobile ions within the hydrogel medium create a nonlinear effect on the electrophoresis. We have incorporated those nonlinear effects by considering the electrokinetics governed by the Stokes-Brinkman-Nernst-Planck-Poisson equations. We have computed the governing nonlinear coupled set of equations numerically by adopting a finite volume based iterative algorithm. Our numerical method is tested for accuracy by comparing with several existing results on free-solution electrophoresis as well as results based on the Debye-Hückel approximation. Our computed result shows that the electrophoretic velocity decreases with the rise of the particle dielectric permittivity constant and attains a saturation limit at large values of permittivity. A significant impact of the solid polarization is found in gel electrophoresis compared to the free-solution electrophoresis.

  2. Analysis on nonlinear wind-induced dynamic response of membrane roofs with aerodynamic effects

    LI Qing-xiang; SUN Bing-nan


    Based on the characteristics of membrane structures and the air influence factors, this paper presen-ted a method to simulate the air aerodynamic force effects including the added air mass, the acoustic radiation damping and the pneumatic stiffness. The infinite air was modeled using the acoustic fluid element of commer-cial FE software and the finite element membrane roof models were coupled with fluid models. A comparison be-tween the results obtained by IrE computation and those obtained by the vibration experiment for a cable-mem-brane verified the validity of the method. Furthermore, applying the method to a flat membrane roof structure and using its wind tunnel test results, the analysis of nonlinear wind-induced dynamic responses for such geo-metrically nonlinear roofs, including the roof-air coupled model was performed. The result shows that the air has large influence on vibrating membrane roofs according to results of comparing the nodal time-history displace-ments, accelerations and stress of the two different cases. Meantime, numerical studies show that the method developed can successfully solve the nonlinear wind-induced dynamic response of the membrane roof with aero-dynamic effects.

  3. Experimental study of strong nonlinear-optics effects in liquid crystals

    Darbin, S. D.; Arakelyan, S. M.; Cheung, M. M.; Shen, Y. R.


    Nonlinear optical effects that arise in nematic liquid crystals as a result of a change in the index of refraction induced by a laser field are considered. Since the resultant nonlinearity is extremely high, the approximation of perturbation theory cannot be used in calculations. However, the change in refractive index results mainly in phase advance as waves propagate through a thin film of liquid crystal, while the change of intensity is significant. Moreover, if there is no change in polarization of the pumping field, calculations are relatively simple. An investigation is made of the propagation of a cross sectionally bounded laser beam through a homeotropically oriented liquid crystal, giving rise to spatial phase modulation of emission. When the intensity of the laser beam exceeds a certain value, a system of aberation rings is observed in the output radiation. Effects of dynamic self-diffraction accompanying degenerate four-wave mixing when a change in refractive index is induced in a homeotropic liquid crystal film, and optical bistability in a nonlinear Fabry-Perot optical cavity, as well as generation of a self-oscillatory state in such a resonator are discussed.

  4. Characterizing the Effective Bandwidth of Nonlinear Vibratory Energy Harvesters Possessing Multiple Stable Equilibria

    Panyam Mohan Ram, Meghashyam

    In the last few years, advances in micro-fabrication technologies have lead to the development of low-power electronic devices spanning critical fields related to sensing, data transmission, and medical implants. Unfortunately, effective utilization of these devices is currently hindered by their reliance on batteries. In many of these applications, batteries may not be a viable choice as they have a fixed storage capacity and need to be constantly replaced or recharged. In light of such challenges, several novel concepts for micro-power generation have been recently introduced to harness, otherwise, wasted ambient energy from the environment and maintain these low-power devices. Vibratory energy harvesting is one such concept which has received significant attention in recent years. While linear vibratory energy harvesters have been well studied in the literature and their performance metrics have been established, recent research has focused on deliberate introduction of stiffness nonlinearities into the design of these devices. It has been shown that, nonlinear energy harvesters have a wider steady-state frequency bandwidth as compared to their linear counterparts, leading to the premise that they can used to improve performance, and decrease sensitivity to variations in the design and excitation parameters. This dissertation aims to investigate this premise by developing an analytical framework to study the influence of stiffness nonlinearities on the performance and effective bandwidth of nonlinear vibratory energy harvesters. To achieve this goal, the dissertation is divided into three parts. The first part investigates the performance of bi-stable energy harvesters possessing a symmetric quartic potential energy function under harmonic excitations and carries out a detailed analysis to define their effective frequency bandwidth. The second part investigates the relative performance of mono- and bi-stable energy harvesters under optimal electric loading

  5. Effect of Nigella sativa on the kidney function in rats

    Mohammad Aziz Dollah


    Full Text Available Objectives: Nigella sativa (N. sativa is an amazing herb which is used in traditional medicine for a wide range of illnesses including bronchial asthma, dysentery, gastrointestinal problems, as well as beneficial effect on blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, serum cholesterol, and triglycerides level. This study aimed to determine the toxic effect of N. sativa powder on the kidney function which was evaluated by serum urea and creatinine and through histopathological examination of kidney tissue. Methods and Materials: In this study, 24 male Sprague Dawley rats were randomly divided into four groups (six each. The rats were kept in the separate cage with three rats per cage. The treatment groups were given rat pellet containing N. sativa dose at 0.01, 0.10, and 1.00 g/kg body weight which were considered as low, normal, and high dose for five weeks while control group fed with rat chow pellet without supplementation. At the end of 35 days, the rats were sacrificed to take the blood sample and to remove the kidney organ for toxicity evaluation. Statistical analyses were done through one-way ANOVA using SPSS. Results: The finding revealed that there was no significant difference in serum urea of treatment groups compared with the control group. The results showed a significant decline in serum creatinine of high dose of Nigella sativa  treated  compared with low dose treated and control groups (p

  6. Effects of levobupivacaine and bupivacaine on rat myometrium

    LI Zi-gang; ZHOU Liang; TANG Hui-fang


    Objective: To study the effect of levobupivacaine and bupivacaine on the contractility of isolated uterine muscle strips from pregnant and non-pregnant female rats. Methods: Full-thick myometrial strips were prepared from 18- to 21-day pregnant (n=g) and non-pregnant rats (n=7). After contractions became regular, strips were exposed to cumulative concentrations of the two drugs from 10-8 to 10-4 mol/L, amplitude and frequency of the uterine contraction was recorded. Results: Two local anesthetics caused a concentration dependent inhibition on contractility of myometrial strips from pregnant and non-pregnant rats. In the myometrium from non-pregnant rats, -logIC50 of levobupivacaine and bupivacaine were 4.85 and 4.25 respectively. In the myometrium from pregnant rats, similar concentrations of levobupivacaine and bupivacaine were observed, -logIC50 were 2.7 and 2.9respectively. Levobupivacaine produced an increase in amplitude of contractions, while bupivacaine showed an increased trend in frequency. Conclusion: These results demonstrate that levobupivacaine and bupivacaine may inhibit myometrium contractility.The inhibitory effect of levobupivacaine or bupivacaine is not enhanced by gestation in rat. Levobupivacaine may have more positive influence than bupivacaine in pregnant myometrium.

  7. Hypolipidimic effect of some medicinal plants on diabetic rats

    Eman G.E.Helal * and Mohamed M. A. Shahat


    Full Text Available Our aim was to evaluate the hypolipidimic effect of aqueous extract of a famous mixture used in Saudi Arabia folk medicine that consists of Nigella sativa, Commiphora myrrha, Boswellia carterii Birdw, Ferule assa-foetida and Aloe vera and also the extract of each plant alone on alloxan induced diabetic rats. Material and Methods :-The present study was carried out on 80 adult male albino rats (120 ± 20 g.b.wt. , the rats were divided randomly into 8 groups, the first group served as control group, the second group as alloxan induced diabetic rats, the third group was diabetic rats treated with mixture of folk medicinal plant ( 0.01g /100 g b. wt. ,the fourth group: diabetic rats treated with Nigella sativa ( 0.01g /100 g b. wt. , the fifth group: diabetic rats treated with Aloe vera ( 0.005g /100 g b. wt. , the sixth group: diabetic rats treated with Ferule assa-foetida ( 0.01 g /100 g b. wt., the seventh: diabetic rats treated with Boswellia carterii Birdw ( 1ml/100 g b. wt. and the eighth group: diabetic rats treated with Commiphora myrrha ( 0.01 g ml/100 g b. wt. Results :- Serum total lipid, serum total cholesterol, LDL­cholesterol, and triglyceride recorded significant increases in diabetic, Nigella sativa, Commiphora myrrha, Boswellia carterii birdw and Aloe vera treated group. While the mixture and Ferule assa-foetida treated group, showed insignificant changes in serum total lipid, triglyceride, serum total cholesterol and LDL­cholesterol. On other hand, the mixture treated group and Ferule assa-foetida treated group showed significant decreased in the previous parameters. The serum HDL­cholesterol was significantly reduced in diabetic group throughout the experimental periods, otherwise, all treated group revealed insignificant changes till the end of experiment when compare with undiabetic rats. Conclusion: The aqueous extract of a mixture consists of Nigella sativa, Commiphora myrrha, Boswellia carterii Birdw, Ferule assa

  8. Antiulcerogenic effects of coconut (Cocos nucifera) extract in rats.

    Nneli, R O; Woyike, O A


    A warm water crude extract of coconut milk and a coconut water dispersion were investigated for their antiulcerogenic effects in male Wistar albino rats. Ulcers were induced in the male rats by subcutaneous administration of indomethacin (40 mg/kg) using standard procedures. The ulcer inhibition rate (UIR) was taken as a measure of the cytoprotection offered by test substances. Coconut milk (2 mL daily oral feeding) produced a stronger percentage (54%) reduction in the mean ulcer area than coconut water (39%). The effect of coconut milk was similar to the effect of sucralfate that reduced the mean ulcer area by 56% in this study. Sucralfate is a conventional cytoprotective agent. The results showed that coconut milk and water via macroscopic observation had protective effects on the ulcerated gastric mucosa. It is concluded that coconut milk offered stronger protection on indomethacin-induced ulceration than coconut water in rats.

  9. Lamotrigine effects sensorimotor gating in WAG/Rij rats

    Ipek Komsuoglu Celikyurt


    Full Text Available Introduction: Prepulse inhibition (PPI is a measurable form of sensorimotor gating. Disruption of PPI reflects the impairment in the neural filtering process of mental functions that are related to the transformation of an external stimuli to a response. Impairment of PPI is reported in neuropsychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, Huntington′s disease, Parkinson′s diseases, Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, and temporal lobe epilepsy with psychosis. Absence epilepsy is the most common type of primary generalized epilepsy. Lamotrigine is an antiepileptic drug that is preferred in absence epilepsy and acts by stabilizing the voltage-gated sodium channels. Aim: In this study, we have compared WAG-Rij rats (genetically absence epileptic rats with Wistar rats, in order to clarify if there is a deficient sensorimotor gating in absence epilepsy, and have examined the effects of lamotrigine (15, 30 mg/kg, i.p. on this phenomenon. Materials and Methods: Depletion in PPI percent value is accepted as a disruption in sensory-motor filtration function. The difference between the Wistar and WAG/Rij rats has been evaluated with the student t test and the effects of lamotrigine on the PPI percent have been evaluated by the analysis of variance (ANOVA post-hoc Dunnett′s test. Results: The PPI percent was low in the WAG/Rij rats compared to the controls (P<0.0001, t:9,612. Although the PPI percent value of the control rats was not influenced by lamotrigine, the PPI percent value of the WAG/Rij rats was raised by lamotrigine treatment (P<0.0001, F:861,24. Conclusions: As a result of our study, PPI was disrupted in the WAG/Rij rats and this disruption could be reversed by an antiepileptic lamotrigine.

  10. Effects of Slotted Structures on Nonlinear Characteristics of Natural Convection in a Cylinder with an Internal Concentric Slotted Annulus

    Shen, Chunyun; Zhang, Yuwen; Li, Zheng


    Natural convection in a cylinder with an internally slotted annulus was solved by SIMPLE algorithm, and the effects of different slotted structures on nonlinear characteristics of natural convection were investigated. The results show that the equivalent thermal conductivity Keq increases with Rayleigh number, and reaches the maximum in the vertical orientation. Nonlinear results were obtained by simulating the fluid flow at different conditions. With increasing Rayleigh number, heat transfer is intensified and the state of heat transfer changes from the steady to unsteady. We investigated different slotted structures effects on natural convection, and analyze the corresponding nonlinear characteristics.

  11. The effect of spironolactone on experimental periodontitis in rats

    Grauballe, Morten Christian Bay; Bentzen, Benny; Björnsson, M


    Elevated levels of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) have been found in patients with adult periodontitis. Animal studies have shown that TNF plays an important role in the pathogenesis of periodontitis. New findings suggest that the aldosterone-inhibitor spironolactone possesses an anti-TNF effect....... The purpose of the study was to determine the anti-TNF effect of spironolactone in an endotoxic shock rat model and to disclose the effect of oral administration of spironolactone on the development of experimental periodontitis in rats....

  12. Nonlinear temperature sensitivity of enzyme kinetics explains canceling effect - a case study on loamy haplic Luvisol

    Bahar S. eRazavi


    Full Text Available The temperature sensitivity of enzymes responsible for organic matter decomposition in soil is crucial for predicting the effects of global warming on the carbon cycle and sequestration. We tested the hypothesis that differences in temperature sensitivity of enzyme kinetic parameters Vmax and Km will lead to a canceling effect: strong reduction of temperature response of catalytic reactions. Short-term temperature response of Vmax and Km of three hydrolytic enzymes responsible for decomposition of cellulose (β-glucosidase, cellobiohydrolase and hemicelluloses (xylanase were analyzed in situ from 0 to 40 °C. The apparent activation energy varied between enzymes from 20.7 to 35.2 kJ mol-1 corresponding to the Q10 values of the enzyme activities of 1.4–1.9 (with Vmax-Q10 1.0–2.5 and Km-Q10 0.94–2.3. Temperature response of all tested enzymes fitted well to the Arrhenius equation. Despite that, the fitting of Arrhenius model revealed the non-linear increase of two cellulolytic enzymes activities with two distinct thresholds at 10–15 °C and 25–30 °C, which were less pronounced for xylanase. The nonlinearity between 10 and 15 °C was explained by 30–80% increase in Vmax. At 25–30 °C, however, the abrupt decrease of enzyme-substrate affinity was responsible for non-linear increase of enzyme activities. Our study is the first demonstrating nonlinear response of Vmax and Km to temperature causing canceling effect, which was most strongly pronounced at low substrate concentrations and at temperatures above 15 °C. Under cold climate, however, the regulation of hydrolytic activity by canceling in response to warming is negligible because canceling was never observed below 10 °C. The canceling, therefore, can be considered as natural mechanism reducing the effects of global warming on decomposition of soil organics at moderate temperatures. The non-linearity of enzyme responses to warming and the respective thresholds should therefore be

  13. Nonhydrostatic effects of nonlinear internal wave propagation in the South China Sea

    Zhang, Z.; Fringer, O. B.


    It is well known that internal tides are generated over steep topography at the Luzon Strait on the eastern boundary of the South China Sea. These internal tides propagate westward and steepen into trains of weakly nonlinear internal waves that propagate relatively free of dissipation until they interact with the continental shelf on the western side of the South China Sea, some 350 km from their generation point. The rate at which the internal tide transforms into trains of nonlinear waves depends on the Froude number at the generation site, which is defined as the ratio of the barotropic current speed to the local internal wave speed. Large Froude numbers lead to rapid evolution of wave trains while low Froude numbers generate internal tides that may not evolve into wave trains before reaching the continental shelf. Although the evolution into trains of weakly nonlinear waves results from the delicate interplay between nonlinear steepening and nonhydrostatic dispersion, the steepening process is represented quite well, at least from a qualitative standpoint, by hydrostatic models, which contain no explicit nonhydrostatic dispersion. Furthermore, hydrostatic models predict the propagation speed of the leading wave in wave trains extremely well, indicating that its propagation speed depends very weakly on nonlinear or dispersive effects. In order to examine how hydrostatic models introduce dispersion that leads to the formation of wave trains, we simulate the generation and evolution of nonlinear waves in the South China Sea with and without the hydrostatic approximation using the nonhydrostatic model SUNTANS, which can be run in either hydrostatic or nonhydrostatic mode. We show that the dispersion leading to the formation of wave trains in the hydrostatic model results from numerically-induced dispersion that is implicit in the numerical formulation of the advection terms. While the speed of the leading wave in the wave trains is correct, the amplitude and number

  14. The effect of age on rat rotator cuff muscle architecture.

    Swan, Malcolm A; Sato, Eugene; Galatz, Leesa M; Thomopoulos, Stavros; Ward, Samuel R


    Understanding rotator cuff muscle function during disease development and after repair is necessary for preventing degeneration and improving postsurgical outcomes, respectively. The rat is a commonly used rotator cuff animal model; however, unlike humans, rats continue to grow throughout their lifespan, so age-related changes in muscle structure may complicate an understanding of muscle adaptations to injury. Infraspinatus and supraspinatus muscle mass, fiber length, pennation angle, sarcomere length, and physiological cross-sectional area (PCSA) were measured in Sprague-Dawley rats (n = 30) with a body mass ranging from 51 to 814 g (approximately 3 weeks to approximately 18 months). Both the supraspinatus and infraspinatus showed a striking conservation of sarcomere length throughout growth. There was linear growth in muscle mass and PCSA, nonlinear growth in muscle length and fiber bundle length, and a linear relationship between humeral head diameter and fiber bundle length, suggesting that muscle fiber length (serial sarcomere number) adjusted according to skeletal dimensions. These muscle growth trajectories allowed sarcomere length to remain nearly constant. During the typical rat rotator cuff experimental period (animal mass, 400-600 g), muscle mass will increase by 30%, fiber length will increase by 7%, and PCSA will increase by 27%, but sarcomere lengths are nearly constant. Therefore, these normal growth-induced changes in architecture must be considered when muscle atrophy or fiber shortening is measured after rotator cuff tears in this model. Copyright © 2014 Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Board of Trustees. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Estradiol promotes the rewarding effects of nicotine in female rats.

    Flores, Rodolfo J; Pipkin, Joseph A; Uribe, Kevin P; Perez, Adriana; O'Dell, Laura E


    It is presently unclear whether ovarian hormones, such as estradiol (E2), promote the rewarding effects of nicotine in females. Thus, we compared extended access to nicotine intravenous self-administration (IVSA) in intact male, intact female, and OVX female rats (Study 1) as well as OVX females that received vehicle or E2 supplementation (Study 2). The E2 supplementation procedure involved a 4-day injection regimen involving 2 days of vehicle and 2 days of E2 administration. Two doses of E2 (25 or 250μg) were assessed in separate groups of OVX females in order to examine the dose-dependent effects of this hormone on the rewarding effects of nicotine. The rats were given 23-hour access to nicotine IVSA using an escalating dose regimen (0.015, 0.03, and 0.06mg/kg/0.1mL). Each dose was self-administered for 4 days with 3 intervening days of nicotine abstinence. The results revealed that intact females displayed higher levels of nicotine intake as compared to males. Also, intact females displayed higher levels of nicotine intake versus OVX females. Lastly, our results revealed that OVX rats that received E2 supplementation displayed a dose-dependent increase in nicotine intake as compared to OVX rats that received vehicle. Together, our results suggest that the rewarding effects of nicotine are enhanced in female rats via the presence of the ovarian hormone, E2.

  16. Brillouin/Raman compensation of the Kerr-effect-induced bias in a nonlinear ring laser gyroscope.

    Luo, Zhang; Yuan, Xiaodong; Zhu, Zhihong; Liu, Ken; Ye, Weimin; Zeng, Chun; Ji, Jiarong


    In this Letter, the beat frequency at rest of a ring laser gyroscope with nonlinear effects is discussed in detail. Even without an additional intensity-stabilizing system, the random nullshift bias induced by the Kerr effect is compensated by the phase shift associated with the stimulated Brillouin/Raman scattering. And the nonlinear stimulated scattering also serves as the gain mechanism of the gyroscope. And thus the influence of the fluctuation of the injected pump intensity on the beat frequency is eliminated.

  17. The central effect of biological Amines on immunosuppressive effect of restraint stress in rat

    Zeraati F


    Full Text Available The effects of some histaminergic agents were evaluated on stress- induced immunosuppression in immunized nale rats. In rat immunized with sheep red blood cells ( SRBCs. Restraint stress (RS prevented the booster-induced rise in anti-SRBC antibody titre and cell immunity response. Intracerebroventicular (I.C>V injection of histamine (150 µg/rat induced a similar effect with RS. Pretreatment with chlorpheniramine (50 µg/rat reduced the inhibitory effect of Ras on immune function. Also histamine could inhibit the effect of RS on immune function. Also histamine could inhibitory the effect of chlorpheniramine when injected simultaneously. Pretreatment with ranidine (10 µg/rat had not a significant effect. Serotonin (3 µg/rat and dopamine (0.2 µg/rat could reverse the effects of chlorpheniromine when injected with chlorpheniramine (P<0.05. Epinephrine (0.2 µg/rat had not a significant effect. The results indicate that histamine mediates the immunosuppression of restraint stress by influencing the histamine H1 receptor in the brain and this effects of histamine may be modulated by serotoninergic and dopaminergic system.

  18. Effects of Interaction Between Gravitation and Nonlinear Electrodynamics On Scalar Field Evolution

    CHEN Ju-Hua; WANG Yong-Jiu


    In this paper we investigate the scalar field evolution in the dyadosphere spacetime by using the third-order WKB approximation.We find that the coupling term between the gravitation and the nonlinear electrodynamics makes the scalar field decay more quickly and it also makes the scalar field oscillate more slowly.On the other words, this coupling term takes effect on the scalar field evolution as a damping factor.At the same time these effects become more obvious for the scalar field with higher angle quantum number.

  19. ac electrokinetic micropumps: The effect of geometrical confinement, Faradaic current injection, and nonlinear surface capacitance

    Olesen, Laurits Højgaard; Bruus, Henrik; Ajdari, A.


    Recent experiments have demonstrated that ac electrokinetic micropumps permit integrable, local, and fast pumping (velocities similar to mm/s) with low driving voltage of a few volts only. However, they also displayed many quantitative and qualitative discrepancies with existing theories. We...... therefore extend the latter theories to account for three experimentally relevant effects: (i) vertical confinement of the pumping channel, (ii) Faradaic currents from electrochemical reactions at the electrodes, and (iii) nonlinear surface capacitance of the Debye layer. We report here that these effects...... indeed affect the pump performance in a way that we can rationalize by physical arguments....

  20. Using strong nonlinearity and high-frequency vibrations to control effective mechanical stiffness

    Thomsen, Jon Juel


    High-frequency excitation (HFE) can be used to change the effective stiffness of an elastic structure, and related quanti-ties such as resonance frequencies, wave speed, buckling loads, and equilibrium states. There are basically two ways to do this: By using parametrical HFE (with or without non...... the method of direct separation of motions with results of a modified multiple scales ap-proach, valid also for strong nonlinearity, the stiffening ef-fect is predicted for a generic 1-dof system, and results are tested against numerical simulation and ((it is planned)) laboratory experiments....

  1. A nonlinear mixed-effects model for degradation data obtained from in-service inspections

    Yuan, X.-X. [Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1 (Canada); Pandey, M.D. [Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1 (Canada)], E-mail:


    Monitoring of degradation and predicting its progression using periodic inspection data are important to ensure safety and reliability of engineering systems. Traditional regression models are inadequate in modeling the periodic inspection data, as it ignores units specific random effects and potential correlation among repeated measurements. This paper presents an advanced nonlinear mixed-effects (NLME) model, generally adopted in bio-statistical literature, for modeling and predicting degradation in nuclear piping system. The proposed model offers considerable improvement by reducing the variance associated with degradation of a specific unit, which leads to more realistic estimates of risk.

  2. Effects produced by oscillations applied to nonlinear dynamic systems: a general approach and examples

    Blekhman, I. I.; Sorokin, V. S.


    A general approach to study effects produced by oscillations applied to nonlinear dynamic systems is developed. It implies a transition from initial governing equations of motion to much more simple equations describing only the main slow component of motions (the vibro-transformed dynamics...... equations). The approach is named as the oscillatory strobodynamics, since motions are perceived as under a stroboscopic light. The vibro-transformed dynamics equations comprise terms that capture the averaged effect of oscillations. The method of direct separation of motions appears to be an efficient...

  3. Using strong nonlinearity and high-frequency vibrations to control effective mechanical stiffness

    Thomsen, Jon Juel


    High-frequency excitation (HFE) can be used to change the effective stiffness of an elastic structure, and related quanti-ties such as resonance frequencies, wave speed, buckling loads, and equilibrium states. There are basically two ways to do this: By using parametrical HFE (with or without non...... the method of direct separation of motions with results of a modified multiple scales ap-proach, valid also for strong nonlinearity, the stiffening ef-fect is predicted for a generic 1-dof system, and results are tested against numerical simulation and ((it is planned)) laboratory experiments....

  4. Effective number of samples and pseudo-random nonlinear distortions in digital OFDM coded signal

    Rudziński, Adam


    This paper concerns theoretical modeling of degradation of signal with OFDM coding caused by pseudo-random nonlinear distortions introduced by an analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog converter. A new quantity, effective number of samples, is defined and used for derivation of accurate expressions for autocorrelation function and the total power of the distortions. The derivation is based on probabilistic model of the signal and its transition probability. It is shown, that for digital (discrete and quantized) signals the effective number of samples replaces the total number of samples and is the proper quantity defining their properties.

  5. Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effect in Hybrid Liquid Crystal Cells Based on Photonic Crystal

    Bugaychuk, Svitlana; Iljin, Andrey; Lytvynenko, Oleg; Tarakhan, Ludmila; Karachevtseva, Lulmila


    Nonlinear-optical response of photorefractive hybrid liquid crystal (LC) cells has been studied by means of dynamic holographic technique in two-wave mixing arrangement. The LC cells include nonuniform silicon substrates comprising a micrometer-range photonic crystal. A thin LC layer is set between silicon substrate and a flat glass substrate covered by a transparent (ITO) electrode. A dynamic diffraction grating was induced in the LC volume by the two-wave mixing of laser beams with simultaneous application of DC electric field to the cell. Theoretical model of Raman-Nath self-diffraction was developed. This model allows for calculation of nonlinear optical characteristics in thin samples on the base of two-wave mixing experimental data, and with taking into account light losses on absorption and/or scattering. The hybrid LC cells demonstrate strong nonlinear optical effect, prospective for many applications in electro-optical microsystems, such as SLMs, as well as in multi-channel systems.

  6. Nonlinear effects in the bounded dust-vortex flow in plasma

    Laishram, Modhuchandra; Sharma, Devendra; Chattopdhyay, Prabal K.; Kaw, Predhiman K.


    The vortex structures in a cloud of electrically suspended dust in a streaming plasma constitutes a driven system with a rich nonlinear flow regime. Experimentally recovered toroidal formations of this system have motivated study of its volumetrically driven-dissipative vortex flow dynamics using two-dimensional hydrodynamics in the incompressible Navier-Stokes regime. Nonlinear equilibrium solutions are obtained for this system where a nonuniformly driven two-dimensional dust flow exhibits distinct regions of localized accelerations and strong friction caused by stationary fluids at the confining boundaries resisting the dust flow. In agreement with observations in experiments, it is demonstrated that the nonlinear effects appear in the limit of small viscosity, where the primary vortices form scaling with the most dominant spatial scales of the domain topology and develop separated virtual boundaries along their periphery. This separation is triggered beyond a critical dust viscosity that signifies a structural bifurcation. Emergence of uniform vorticity core and secondary vortices with a newer level of identical dynamics highlights the applicability of the studied dynamics to gigantic vortex flows, such as the Jovian great red spot, to microscopic biophysical intracellular activity.

  7. Non-linear magnetization effects within the Kosterlitz-Thouless theory

    Benfatto, Lara; Castellani, Claudio; Giamarchi, Thierry


    Recent experiments in cuprate superconductors have attracted the attention on the role of vortex fluctuations. Measurements of the field-induced magnetization showed that the correlation length diverge exponentially, as predicted within the Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) theory. However, it is somehow puzzling thepersistence of strong non-linear magnetization effects at low field. Here we address this issue by means of a new theoretical approach to the KT transition at finite magnetic field, based on the sine-Gordon model. This approach is particularly useful in two respects. First, it leads to a straightforward definition of the field-induced magnetization as a function of the external magnetic field H instead of the magnetic induction B, which is crucial to get a consistent description of the Meissner phase. Second, it allows us to identify the cross-over field Hcr from linear to non-linear magnetization both below and above the transition. Above TKT Hcr turns out to scale as the inverse correlation length, so that it decreases as the transition is approached. As a consequence, the fact that only the non-linear regime is accessible experimentally should be interpreted as a typical signature of the fast divergence of the correlation length within the KT theory. L.Benfatto, C.Castellani and T.Giamarchi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 207002 (2007)

  8. Fitness Effects of Network Non-Linearity Induced by Gene Expression Noise

    Ray, Christian; Cooper, Tim; Balazsi, Gabor


    In the non-equilibrium dynamics of growing microbial cells, metabolic enzymes can create non-linearities in metabolite concentration because of non-linear degradation (utilization): an enzyme can saturate in the process of metabolite utilization. Increasing metabolite production past the saturation point then results in an ultrasensitive metabolite response. If the production rate of a metabolite depends on a second enzyme or other protein-mediated process, uncorrelated gene expression noise can thus cause transient metabolite concentration bursts. Such bursts are physiologically unnecessary and may represent a source of selection against the ultrasensitive switch, especially if the fluctuating metabolic intermediate is toxic. Selection may therefore favor correlated gene expression fluctuations for enzymes in the same pathway, such as by same-operon membership in bacteria. Using a modified experimental lac operon system, we are undertaking a combined theoretical-experimental approach to demonstrate that (i) the lac operon has an implicit ultrasensitive switch that we predict is avoided by gene expression correlations induced by same-operon membership; (ii) bacterial growth rates are sensitive to crossing the ultrasensitive threshold. Our results suggest that correlations in intrinsic gene expression noise are exploited by evolution to ameliorate the detrimental effects of nonlinearities in metabolite concentrations.

  9. Grain size effects on stability of nonlinear vibration with nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy

    Xia, Minglu; Sun, Qingping


    Grain size effects on stability of thermomechanical responses for a nonlinear torsional vibration system with nanocrystalline superelastic NiTi bar are investigated in the frequency and amplitude domains. NiTi bars with average grain size from 10 nm to 100 nm are fabricated through cold-rolling and subsequent annealing. Thermomechanical responses of the NiTi bar as a softening nonlinear damping spring in the torsional vibration system are obtained by synchronised acquisition of rotational angle and temperature under external sinusoidal excitation. It is shown that nonlinearity and damping capacity of the NiTi bar decrease as average grain size of the material is reduced below 100 nm. Therefore jump phenomena of thermomechanical responses become less significant or even vanish and the vibration system becomes more stable. The work in this paper provides a solid experimental base for manipulating the undesired jump phenomena of thermomechanical responses and stabilising the mechanical vibration system through grain refinement of NiTi SMA.

  10. Impact of Scale Dependent Bias and Nonlinear Structure Growth on the ISW Effect: Angular Power Spectra

    Smith, Robert E; Seljak, Uros


    We investigate the impact of nonlinear evolution of the gravitational potentials in the LCDM model on the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe (ISW) contribution to the CMB temperature power spectrum, and on the cross-power spectrum of the CMB and a set of biased tracers of the mass. We use an ensemble of N-body simulations to directly follow the potentials and compare results to perturbation theory (PT). The predictions from PT match the results to high precision for k100 the departures are more significant, however the CMB signal is more than a factor 10^3 larger at this scale. Nonlinear ISW effects therefore play no role in shaping the CMB power spectrum for l<1500. We analyze the CMB--density tracer cross-spectrum using simulations and renormalized bias PT, and find good agreement. The usual assumption is that nonlinear evolution enhances the growth of structure and counteracts linear ISW on small scales, leading to a change in sign of the CMB-LSS cross-spectrum at small scales. However, PT analysis suggests that th...

  11. Pitch glide effect induced by a nonlinear string-barrier interaction

    Kartofelev, Dmitri; Stulov, Anatoli; Välimäki, Vesa


    Interactions of a vibrating string with its supports and other spatially distributed barriers play a significant role in the physics of many stringed musical instruments. It is well known that the tone of the string vibrations is determined by the string supports, and that the boundary conditions of the string termination may cause a short-lasting initial fundamental frequency shifting. Generally, this phenomenon is associated with the nonlinear modulation of the stiff string tension. The aim of this paper is to study the initial frequency glide phenomenon that is induced only by the string-barrier interaction, apart from other possible physical causes, and without the interfering effects of dissipation and dispersion. From a numerical simulation perspective, this highly nonlinear problem may present various difficulties, not the least of which is the risk of numerical instability. We propose a numerically stable and a purely kinematic model of the string-barrier interaction, which is based on the travelling wave solution of the ideal string vibration. The model is capable of reproducing the motion of the vibrating string exhibiting the initial fundamental frequency glide, which is caused solely by the complex nonlinear interaction of the string with its termination. The results presented in this paper can expand our knowledge and understanding of the timbre evolution and the physical principles of sound generation of numerous stringed instruments, such as lutes called the tambura, sitar and biwa.

  12. Contraceptive Efficacy and Local Effects of Bioceramic IUD in Rat

    WANG Yan; ZHANG Yuanzhen; YAN Yuhua; CHEN Weimin; LIU Wenhui; ZU Meiping


    The contraceptive efficacy and local effects of bioceramic IUD in rat were studied. The experiment was divided into four groups: bioceramic IUD group; stainless steel IUD group; operation control group; normal control group. All IUD samples were put into uterus of rats. The experimental results show that the alumina bioceramic has a strong contraceptive effect for those rats. In bioceramic IUD group the endometrial inflammation reaction was as mild as that in stainless IUD group during the early days (30 days ) and gradually abated with time during the late days (60 days ). The experiments show that the alumina bioceramic has a good biocompatibility and contraceptive effects and hint at the alumina bioceramic IUD may become a more safety reproduction family planning IUD.

  13. Antinociceptive effects of metamizol (dipyrone) in rat single motor units.

    Mazario, J; Herrero, J F


    Metamizol has been considered as a peripherally acting non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug, though a central action is possible. The aim of the present study was to elucidate if metamizol induces antinociception in the single motor unit preparation, in normal rats versus rats with carrageenan-induced monoarthritis, and whether this action is produced at central and/or peripheral sites. Metamizol induced a potent antinociceptive effect in both groups of animals, though the effect on responses evoked by natural stimulation was stronger in hyperalgesic rats. Metamizol also depressed wind-up in a dose-dependent manner. We conclude that metamizol is a potent antinociceptive agent both in normal and hyperalgesic animals and that the effect was induced both at peripheral and central sites, at the level of the spinal cord.

  14. Preventive effects of sevoflurane treatment on lung inflammation in rats

    Shu-Ye Song; Bing Zhou; Shuang-Mei Yang; Guo-Ze Liu; Jian-Min Tian; Xiu-Qin Yue


    Objective: To observe the effects of sevoflurane treatment on lung inflammation in rats with lipopoIysaccharide-induced acute lung injury (ALI). Methods: The rat model of ALI was established by intratracheal instillation of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). 45 infantile SD rats [body weight (272±15) g] were randomly divided into 3 groups (n=15): control group, LPS group, sevoflurane group. NS (1 mL/kg) was instillated in rats’airways of control group; LPS (5 mg/kg) was instillated in rats’airways of LPS group. Sevoflurane group rats received sevoflurane (2.4%) inhalation for a hour after LPS was instillated in rats’airways. Six hours after NS or LPS instillation, all rats were exsanguinated. Lung tissues were examined by HE staining. Expressions of TNF-α and ICAM1 mRNA were detected by semiquantitative RT-PCR techniques. The protein level of TNF-α and ICAM1 were assessed by western blot techniques. Results: In LPS group the permeability of lung tissues increased, organizational structure severely damaged and the alveolar wall tumed thick, with interstitial edema and Europhiles infiltrated increasingly. The LPS group had higher mRNA expressions of TNF-α and ICAM1 than control group and sevoflurane group (P<0.05), and LPS group had higher protein level of TNF-α and ICAM1 than control group and sevoflurane group (P<0.05). Conclusions: Sevoflurane treatment can attenuate lung inflammation in rats with lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury.

  15. Effect of neurotrophic factor, MDP, on rats' nerve regeneration.

    Fornazari, A A; Rezende, M R de; Mattar Jr, R; Taira, R I; Santos, G B dos; Paulos, R G


    Our objective was to determine the immune-modulating effects of the neurotrophic factor N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine (MDP) on median nerve regeneration in rats. We used male Wistar rats (120-140 days of age, weighing 250-332 g) and compared the results of three different techniques of nerve repair: 1) epineural neurorrhaphy using sutures alone (group S - 10 rats), 2) epineural neurorrhaphy using sutures plus fibrin tissue adhesive (FTA; group SF - 20 rats), and 3) sutures plus FTA, with MDP added to the FTA (group SFM - 20 rats). Functional assessments using the grasp test were performed weekly for 12 weeks to identify recovery of flexor muscle function in the fingers secondary to median nerve regeneration. Histological analysis was also utilized. The total number and diameter of myelinated fibers were determined in each proximal and distal nerve segment. Two indices, reported as percentage, were calculated from these parameters, namely, the regeneration index and the diameter change index. By the 8th week, superiority of group SFM over group S became apparent in the grasping test (P = 0.005). By the 12th week, rats that had received MDP were superior in the grasping test compared to both group S (P MDP obtained better function, in the absence of any significant histological differences.

  16. Chronic effect of endosulfan on the testicular functions of rat

    K.C.Chitra; C.Latchoumycandane; P,P.Mathur


    Aim: To find out the toxic effect of endosulfan on the tesficular function of pubertal rats, Methods: Male rats of pu-bertal age were orally administered endosulfan at a dose of 1.0 mg/kg body weight for 30 days. Twenty-four hours af-ter the last tmagnent, the rats were sacrificed and the testis, epididymis, seminal vesicles and ventral prostate were re-moved and weighed. A 10 % testicular homogenate was prepared for biochemical estimations. Results: In endosul-fan-treated rats, there were a reduction in the body weight and the weights of testis and accessory sex organs, a de-crease in the testicular lactate and pyruvate activities, and in the testicular DNA and RNA concentrations, whereas thetesticular protein concentration was slightly increased; the specific activity of testicular steroidogenic enzyme, 33OH-steroid dehydrogenase and the ascorbic acid level were decreased, which were correlated with a decrease in steroidoge-nesis. The lysosomal enzyme acid phosphatase and brush-border enzyme alkaline phosphatase activities were also de-creased in the testis of treated rats. Conclusion: In puhertal rats, endosulfan treaanent inhibits the testicular functions.(Asian J Androl 1999 Dec; 1 : 203 - 206)

  17. Biochemical effect of curcumin on hyperlipidemia induced in rats

    Omayma A.R.,


    Full Text Available This study was performed to investigate the effect of oral supplementation of curcumin, garlic extract and olive oil on lipid profile, nitric oxide, adiponectin, endothelin-1, blood glucose and some inflammatory markers in normal, diabetic and hyperlipidemic rats supplementing high fat and cholesterol-enriched diet. Forty female adult albino rats were divided into four equal groups of 10 rats each. Group (1: negative control received normal diet only, group (2: rats fed on normal diet and received curcumin orally, group (3: positive control received hyperlipidemic diet, group (4: rats fed on hyperlipidemic diet and received curcumin (350 mg/ 1 kg b.w. orally. The obtained results revealed that, curcumin supplementations to hyperlipidemic rats showed a significant increase in serum HDL-cholesterol, nitric oxide, adiponectin and Endothelin-1 concentrations and significantly decrease in serum total cholesterol, triacylglycerols, LDL cholesterol, Fasting blood glucose, Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1C, high sensitive C-reactive protein and Interleukin-6 levels. These results suggest that, curcumin supplementations may have some benefits in patients suffering from dyslipidemia and diabetes.

  18. Erythropoietin-Like Effects of Dihydroartemisinin in Wistar Albino Rats

    Utoh-Nedosa U. Anastasia


    Full Text Available Artemisinin drugs were active during the intra-erythrocytic stage of malaria parasite infection. The activity of artemisinin and synthetic endoperoxides was related to their interaction with heme. The electrophillic intermediate formed from artemisinin in the presence of heme alkylates the protein portion of hemoglobin preferentially to the heme portion. Problem statement: Since there might be an interaction between artemisinin and the heme of the blood, we studied the effects of 5-day and 7-day oral Dihydroartemisinin (DHA treatments with 5 dosage regimens of dihydroartemisinin on the blood and six vital organs of Wistar albino rats. Approach: The dosages of DHA tested on 5 test adult Wistar albino rats (weight = 106-140 grams were 1, 2, 60 or 80 mg Kg-1 rat weight of DHA by oral intubation for 5 or 7 days. Four rats of similar weight which served as controls in each experiment were given distilled water equivalents of the administered doses of DHA. Another group of 5 test rats and four control rats (weight 75-90 gms were given 1 mg kg-1 rat weight of DHA or distilled water for 5 or 7 days and were allowed to rest for one week after which the treatment was repeated. Results: The findings of the study showed that Dihydroartemisinin (DHA had erythropoietin-like properties. In the study DHA produced dose, repetition and time dependent statistically significant increases in the Packed Cell Volume (PCV (PConclusion: This result suggested that the administered DHA inhibited its own stimulated statistically significant increases in the PCV and the WBC of the treated rats through an inhibitory (negative feed-back effect. The structure and composition of the blood cell types like the presence of large numbers of reticlocytes and left-shifted neutrophils in the blood samples of 5-day DHA -treated rats but not in those of 7-day DHA treated rats indicated that new haemopoiesis was actively going on in the first 5 days of DHA treatment but had slowed down

  19. Effects of garlicin on apoptosis in rat model of colitis

    Xi-Ming Xu; Jie-Ping Yu; Xiao-Fei He; Jun-Hua Li; Liang-Liang Yu; Hong-Gang Yu


    AIM: To investigate the effects of garlicin on apoptosis and expression of bcl-2 and bax in lymphocytes in rat model of ulcerative colitis (UC).METHODS: Healthy adult Sprague-Dawley rats of both sexes, weighing 180±30 g, were employed in the present study. The rat model of UC was induced by 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS) enema. The experimental animals were randomly divided into garlicin treatment group (including high and low concentration), model control group, and normal control group. Rats in garlicin treatment group and model control group received intracolic garlicin daily at doses of 10.0 and 30.0 mg/kg and equal amount of saline respectively 24 h after colitis model was induced by alcohol and TNBS co-enema. Rats in normal control group received neither alcohol nor only TNBS but only saline enema in this study. On the 28th d of the experiment, rats were executed, the expression of bcl-2 and bax protein was determined immunohistochemically and the apoptotic cells were detected by the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated deoxyuridine triphosphate fluorescence nick end labeling (TUNEL) method. At the same time, the rat colon mucosal damage index (CMDI) was calculated.RESULTS: In garlicin treatment group, the positive expression of bcl-2 in lymphocytes decreased and the number of apoptotic cells was more than that in model control group, CMDI was lower than that in model control group. The positive expression of bax in lymphocytes had no significant difference.CONCLUSION: Garlicin can protect colonic mucosa against damage in rat model of UC induced by TNBS enema.

  20. Effect of coriander on thioacetamide-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.

    Moustafa, Abdel Halim A; Ali, Ehab Mostafa M; Moselhey, Said S; Tousson, Ehab; El-Said, Karim S


    Thioacetamide (TAA) is a potent hepatotoxin that causes centrilobulal necrosis and nephrotoxic damage following acute administration. Prolonged exposure to TAA can result in bile duct proliferation and liver cirrhosis histologically similar to that caused due to viral hepatitis infection. Coriander in food increases the antioxidant content, acting as a natural antioxidant and inhibiting undesirable oxidation processes. The present study investigated the antioxidant activity of Coriandrum sativum on TAA-induced hepatotoxicity in the male rats. Phenolic content and antioxidant activity were evaluated in the coriander leaves and seeds. Forty-eight adult male rats were divided into four groups. Group I (control), group II (TAA injected rats), group III (TAA injected rats fed coriander leaves) and group IV (TAA injected rats fed coriander seeds). The results revealed that serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activities were significantly increased in the groups II, III and IV as compared to the normal control. Oxidative stress in the group II was manifested by a significant rise in nitric oxide (NO), thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS) levels and myloperoxidase (MPO) activities in the liver tissues as compared with the control group. Rats fed with coriander leaves and seeds showed a decrease in the serum ALT, AST and ALP activities and in the liver NO and TBARS levels as compared to the group II. Histopathological study revealed that coriander feeding attenuated TAA-induced hepatotoxicity in the rats. In conclusion, coriander leaves attenuate hepatotoxicity induced by TAA more than that of seeds due to the higher content of phenolic compounds and antioxidants in the leaves of coriander. Liver of rats intoxicated with TAA exhibited advanced CIRRHOSIS: in the form of macronodular and micronodular structure surrounded by fibrous tissue. Treatment with coriander leaves and seeds helps in improving

  1. Effects of optimism on motivation in rats.

    Rygula, Rafal; Golebiowska, Joanna; Kregiel, Jakub; Kubik, Jakub; Popik, Piotr


    In humans, optimism is a cognitive construct related to motivation; optimists exert effort, whereas pessimists disengage from effort. In this study, using a recently developed ambiguous-cue interpretation (ACI) paradigm we took the unique opportunity to investigate whether "optimism" as a trait is correlated with motivation in rodents. In a series of ACI tests (cognitive bias screening, CBS), we identified rats displaying "pessimistic" and "optimistic" traits. Subsequently, we investigated the trait differences in the motivation of these rats to gain reward and to avoid punishment using a progressive ratio (PR) schedule of reinforcement paradigm. Although "optimistic" and "pessimistic" animals did not differ in their motivation to avoid punishment, the "optimistic" rats were significantly more motivated to gain reward than their "pessimistic" conspecifics. For the first time, we showed an association between cognitive judgment bias and motivation in an animal model. Because both investigated processes are closely related to mental health and wellbeing, our results may be valuable for preclinical modeling of many psychiatric disorders.

  2. Effects of optimism on motivation in rats

    Rafal eRygula


    Full Text Available In humans, optimism is a cognitive construct related to motivation; optimists exert effort, whereas pessimists disengage from effort. In this study, using a recently developed ambiguous-cue interpretation (ACI paradigm we took the unique opportunity to investigate whether ‘optimism’ as a trait is correlated with motivation in rodents. In a series of ACI tests (cognitive bias screening, CBS, we identified rats displaying ‘pessimistic’ and ‘optimistic’ traits. Subsequently, we investigated the trait differences in the motivation of these rats to gain reward and to avoid punishment using a progressive ratio schedule of reinforcement paradigm. Although ‘optimistic’ and ‘pessimistic’ animals did not differ in their motivation to avoid punishment, the ‘optimistic’ rats were significantly more motivated to gain reward than their ‘pessimistic’ conspecifics. For the first time, we showed an association between cognitive judgment bias and motivation in an animal model. Because both investigated processes are closely related to mental health and wellbeing, our results may be valuable for preclinical modeling of many psychiatric disorders.

  3. Effect of emodin on pancreatic fibrosis in rats

    Cai-Hua Wang; Zhi-Qiang Gao; Bing Ye; Jian-Ting Cai; Chuan-Gao Xie; Ke-Da Qian; Qin Du


    AIM: To establish the rats model of chronic fibrosing pancreatitis and to prove the anti-fibrotic effect of emodin in chronic pancreatitis with fibrosis.METHODS: Fifty rats were randomly divided into five groups, 10 rats in each group. Trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS) was infused into the pancreatic duct to induce chronic pancreatitis in rats (except for normal group). Emodin-treated rats were fed with different doses of emodin (20, 40 and 80 mg/kg body weight) for 28 d, while normal group and control group received 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Serum levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) and laminin (LN) were determined by radioimmunoassay. Histopathological alterations were studied by optical microscopy. Expression of collagen was also examined while transforming growth factorbeta-1 (TGF-β1) was localized by immunochemistry.RESULTS: In emodin-treated rats, the serum levels of HA and LN were decreased significantly (HA, 62.2±19.3 μg/L VS 112.7±26.5 μg/L, P<0.05; LN 44.3±10.4 μg/L VS 86.2±16.5 μg/L, P<0.05); the degree of fibrosis was ameliorated observably; the expression of collagen in pancreatic tissue was reduced especially in high-dose emodin-treated group (36% ± 5% VS 42% ±6%, P < 0.05); with the increased doses of emodin, the expression of TGF-β1 was declined, compared with those in control group.CONCLUSION: Emodin has an anti-fibrotic effect on pancreatic fibrosis in rats. Because of its anti-fibrotic effect, it could be a potential herb for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

  4. Permanent administration of d-fenfluramine in rats: paradoxical effects.

    Rozen, R; Fumeron, F; Betoulle, D; Baigts, F; Mandenoff, A; Fricker, J; Apfelbaum, M


    In order to test the hypothesis of Levitzky that d-fenfluramine (d-F) acts by modifying the ponderal set-point, we compared the effects of a permanent infusion of d-F on food intake and body weight (BW). The effect on the weight persisted as long as the infusion; the clear-cut anorectic effect lasted only a few days. This paradox is compatible with the set-point hypothesis. In rats rendered overweight by insulin treatment, the d-F-induced decrease in BW was approximately four times smaller than in controls. In rats rendered overweight by a cafeteria diet, the decrease in BW was twice as large in permanently cafeteria fed rats as in cafeteria, then, ad lib fed rats. In rats rendered underweight by a restricted chow diet and then returned to an ad lib feeding, the final BW depended only on the doses of d-F (0.6 or 12 mg/kg BW/day), whatever the weight at the beginning of infusion. Thus, the underweight paradigm fits well with the set-point hypothesis; the overweight paradigm fits only partially.

  5. Toxic Effects of Atrazine on Reproductive System of Male Rats

    SONG Yang; JIA Zhen Chao; CHEN Jin Yao; HU Jun Xiang; ZHANG Li Shi


    Objective This study was designed to evaluate the toxic effects of Atrazine (ATZ) on the reproductive system of male rats. Methods Male Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to ATZ by gavage at dosages of 0, 38.5, 77, and 154 mg/kg bw/day for 30 d. The toxic effects of ATZ to rats were assessed through histopathologcal observation, spermatozoa quality evaluation, testicular marker enzyme indicators, antioxidant capacity and reproductive hormone levels. Results Significant adverse effects on reproductive system were observed in rats exposed to ATZ at different dosages compared with 0 mg/kg group, including an irregular and disordered arrangement of the seminiferous epithelium in 154 mg/kg group;a decreased spermatozoa number and an increased spermatozoa abnormality rate in 77 and 154 mg/kg groups;decreased levels of acid phosphatase (ACP), alkaline phosphatase (AKP), lactic dehydrogenase (LDH), and succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) with the increasing of ATZ concentration; a decreased level of total antioxidant capacity (TAC) in a dose-dependent manner, and a decreased reduced glutathione (GSH) level and an increased malondialdehyde (MDA) content in 154 mg/kg group;and decreased serum levels of testosterone (T) and inhibin-B (INH-B) and an increased serum level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in 77 and 154 mg/kg groups, and an increased serum level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in 154 mg/kg group. Conclusion These results suggested that relatively high doses of ATZ could exert reproductive toxicity of male rats.

  6. Effect of Sodium Metabisulfite on Rat Ovary and Lipid Peroxidation

    Nahid Rezaee


    Full Text Available Background: Many health problems are related to lifestyle and dietary factors. Since ancient times, food additives such as sulfites have been used to preserve foods. Diverse effects of sulfites on multiple organs have been reported but its effect on female reproductive organ has not been fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of sodium metabisulfite (SMB on ovarian tissue in adult rats. Methods: Four groups of female rats (n=32 were used. The experimental rats received 10, 100 and 260 mg/kg SMB for 28 days (S10, S100 and S260 groups, respectively. The control rats received distilled water for the same period. The ovarian volume, weight and the number of different types of follicles were estimated by stereological methods. Lipid peroxidation is assessed indirectly by the measurement of malondialdehyde (MDA, using the thiobarbituric acid (TBA method. Results: The results showed a significant decrease in the ovarian volume, the number of primordial, primary, secondary, grafian follicles and corpus luteum in the SMB-treated animals compared with the control group (P < 0.05. In comparison to the control group, the number of atretic follicles increased in the SMB-treated rats. MDA was significantly increased in S260 group compared to the control group. Conclusion: The present data confirm sulfite-induced structural changes in the ovary. Increased level of MDA because of SMB ingestion suggests that free radicals may have a critical role in these changes.

  7. Soil non-linearity and its effect on the dynamic behaviour of offshore platform foundations

    Madshus, Christian


    in the laboratory tests. It was also found that models where the hysteretic non-linearity is approximated by any type of viscous or complex stiffness effect will severely overpredict the soil damping of the superimposed load component. The resonant response of dynamic systems with cyclically time-varying stiffness has been studied through numerical simulations and analytical derivations. The responses of these systems have been compared to numerically simulated responses of systems with real hysteretic non-linearity and comparable loading. It has been concluded that the time-varying systems reasonably well reproduce the resonant response of the non-linear systems for most situations. The time-varying system approach is proposed as a candidate method for linearization of dynamic platform foundation response analyses. The thesis recommends investigations for further validation of the findings made in the thesis before the approach may be utilized in platform design. Recommendations are also given on improved methods for platform foundation monitoring systems and for improving elasto-plastic constitutive soil models.

  8. The Effect of Temperature Dependent Material Nonlinearities on the Response of Piezoelectric Composite Plates

    Lee, Ho-Jun; Saravanos, Dimitris A.


    Previously developed analytical formulations for piezoelectric composite plates are extended to account for the nonlinear effects of temperature on material properties. The temperature dependence of the composite and piezoelectric properties are represented at the material level through the thermopiezoelectric constitutive equations. In addition to capturing thermal effects from temperature dependent material properties, this formulation also accounts for thermal effects arising from: (1) coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between the various composite and piezoelectric plies and (2) pyroelectric effects on the piezoelectric material. The constitutive equations are incorporated into a layerwise laminate theory to provide a unified representation of the coupled mechanical, electrical, and thermal behavior of smart structures. Corresponding finite element equations are derived and implemented for a bilinear plate element with the inherent capability to model both the active and sensory response of piezoelectric composite laminates. Numerical studies are conducted on a simply supported composite plate with attached piezoceramic patches under thermal gradients to investigate the nonlinear effects of material property temperature dependence on the displacements, sensory voltages, active voltages required to minimize thermal deflections, and the resultant stress states.

  9. DC magnetic field sensing based on the nonlinear magnetoelectric effect in magnetic heterostructures

    Burdin, Dmitrii; Chashin, Dmitrii; Ekonomov, Nikolai; Fetisov, Leonid; Fetisov, Yuri; Shamonin, Mikhail


    Recently, highly sensitive magnetic field sensors using the magnetoelectric effect in composite ferromagnetic-piezoelectric layered structures have been demonstrated. However, most of the proposed concepts are not useful for measuring dc magnetic fields, because the conductivity of piezoelectric layers results in a strong decline of the sensor’s sensitivity at low frequencies. In this paper, a novel functional principle of magnetoelectric sensors for dc magnetic field measurements is described. The sensor employs the nonlinear effect of voltage harmonic generation in a composite magnetoelectric structure under the simultaneous influence of a strong imposed ac magnetic field and a weak dc magnetic field to be measured. This physical effect arises due to the nonlinear dependence of the magnetostriction in the ferromagnetic layer on the magnetic field. A sensor prototype comprising of a piezoelectric fibre transducer sandwiched between two layers of the amorphous ferromagnetic Metglas® alloy was fabricated. The specifications regarding the magnetic field range, frequency characteristics, and noise level were studied experimentally. The prototype showed the responsivity of 2.5 V mT-1 and permitted the measurement of dc magnetic fields in the range of ~10 nT to about 0.4 mT. Although sensor operation is based on the nonlinear effect, the sensor response can be made linear with respect to the measured magnetic field in a broad dynamic range extending over 5 orders of magnitude. The underlying physics is explained through a simplified theory for the proposed sensor. The functionality, differences and advantages of the magnetoelectric sensor compare well with fluxgate magnetometers. The ways to enhance the sensor performance are considered.


    Yu-yan Zhao; Lei Guo; Jian Du; Guo-liang Liu


    Objective To evaluate the effects of acute glucose level changes on expression of prepro-orexin, orexin 1 receptor (OX1R) and orexin 2 receptor (OX2R) mRNA in rat hypothalamus tissue and pancreatic islets cells.Methods Thirty adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into three equal groups (n= 10). The acute hypoglycemia rat model was induced by a single subcutaneous injection of insulin. Twenty acute hypoglycemia rats were divided into group B and group C. Group B was allowed to eat freely, while group C was food-deprived. Control rats were injected the same volume of saline. The effect of glucose levels (2.8 mmol/L and 8.3 mmol/L) on pancreatic islet cell orexin system was detected in pancreas islet cell cultured in vitro. The expression of prepro-orexin and OXR mRNA was examined in rat hypothalamus tissue and pancreatic islets cell cultured in vitro using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR).Results Expression of orexin mRNA increased about 150% for the food-deprived hypoglycemia rats in comparison with control group (P < 0.01), whereas expression of OX1R mRNA decreased up to 30% (P < 0.01). However, expression of OX2R mRNA was unchanged in comparison with control group. In vitro, after incubation with 2.8 mmol/L glucose for 6hours, the expression of prepro-orexin mRNA increased 2 times in rat pancreas islet cells in comparison with 8.3 mmol/Lglucose group (P < 0.01). But the expression of OX1R mRNA was not sensitive to acute glucose fluctuation.Conclusions Orexin in rat hypothalamus is stimulated by decline in blood glucose and inhibited by signals related to feeding. Moreover, glucose plays a role in modulating the gene expression of prepro-orexin in rat pancreatic islet cells.

  11. Spin–orbit interaction effect on nonlinear optical rectification of quantum wire in the presence of electric and magnetic fields

    Kumar, Manoj [Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India); Lahon, Siddhartha, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India); Department of Physics, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India); Jha, Pradip Kumar [Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India); Department of Physics, DDU College, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India); Gumber, Sukirti; Mohan, Man [Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 (India)


    Here we have investigated the influence of external electric field and magnetic field on the nonlinear optical rectification of a parabolic confinement wire in the presence of Rashba spin–orbit interaction. We have used density matrix formulation for obtaining optical properties within the effective mass approximation. The results are presented as a function of quantum wire radius, electric field, magnetic field, Rashba spin–orbit interaction strength and photon energy. Our results indicate an increase of electric field gives the red-shift of the peak positions of nonlinear optical rectification. The role of confinement strength and spin–orbit interaction strength as control parameters on this nonlinear property have been demonstrated.

  12. Alleviating Border Effects in Wavelet Transforms for Nonlinear Time-varying Signal Analysis

    SU, H.


    Full Text Available Border effects are very common in many finite signals analysis and processing approaches using convolution operation. Alleviating the border effects that can occur in the processing of finite-length signals using wavelet transform is considered in this paper. Traditional methods for alleviating the border effects are suitable to compression or coding applications. We propose an algorithm based on Fourier series which is proved to be appropriate to the application of time-frequency analysis of nonlinear signals. Fourier series extension method preserves the time-varying characteristics of the signals. A modified signal duration expression for measuring the extent of border effects region is presented. The proposed algorithm is confirmed to be efficient to alleviate the border effects in comparison to the current methods through the numerical examples.

  13. Effects of motherwort alkaloids on rat ear acne

    Miao Mingsan


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to explore the effects of motherwort alkaloids on rat ear acne. The rats that were administered high, medium, and low doses of motherwort alkaloids, tanshinone capsules, a model and a control group. Each group of rats was subjected to gavage once daily for 14 consecutive days. On the first day of testing, the control and model groups were administered an intradermal auricle injection of sterilized saline solution and the remaining groups were administered an intradermal auricle injection of Staphylococcus epidermidis in addition to the gavage. The thicknesses of the rats’ auricles were measured for five consecutive days following the injections. Anticoagulated blood was used for erythrocyte rheology index measurement. In addition, the entire ear of each rat was removed for morphological examination. Compared to the model group, the group administered motherwort alkaloids exhibited significantly reduced swelling, improved localized auricle proliferation, and reduced blood viscosity. This result suggests motherwort alkaloids are effective in rat ear acne.

  14. Therapeutic effect of osthole on hyperlipidemic fatty liver in rats

    Yan ZHANG; Mei-lin XIE; Lu-jia ZHU; Zhen-lun GU


    Aim: To study the effects of osthole on hyperlipidemic fatty liver and investigate the possible mechanisms. Methods: A rat model with hyperlipidemic fatty liver was successfully established by feeding fatty milk for 6 weeks. The experimental rats were then treated with 5-20 mg/kg osthole for 6 weeks. The mouse hypedipi-demic model was induced by feeding fatty milk when they were treated with 10-20 mg/kg osthole for 3 weeks. Results: After treatment with osthole, the levels of rat serum total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG) and low density lipoprotein-choles-terol significantly decreased as compared with the fatty liver model group (P<0.05 or P<0.01). Hepatic weight and its coefficient, the hepatic tissue contents of TC,TG, and malondialdehyde, also significantly decreased (P<0.05 or P<0.01). In fatty milk-induced hyperlipidemic mice, the post-heparin plasma activities of lipo-protein lipase (LPL), hepatic lipase (HL), and total lipase (TL) significantly increased after treatment with 10-20 mg/kg osthole for 3 weeks (P<0.05 or P<0.01).Importantly, the histological evaluation of rat liver demonstrated that osthole dramatically decreased lipid accumulation (P<0.01). Conclusion: Osthole was found to have therapeutic effects on fatty milk-induced rat fatty liver; the mecha-nisms might be associated with its anti-oxidation and the elevation of the activi-ties of LPL and HL.

  15. Effects of Rat's Licking Behavior on Cutaneous Wound Healing

    Abolghasem Esmaeili


    Full Text Available Objective(sWound licking has been shown to advance wound healing among humans and many other animals. The present study evaluates the licking effects on healing of skin wound in rats. Materials and MethodsTwenty four rats were assigned to 4 different groups randomly and two 3 cm longitudinal full thickness incisions were made on each dorsal and ventral side of rats. The ventral incisions were considered as treated wounds because of contact to saliva as rats lick them easily and dorsal incisions as control wounds. Clinical changes and histopathological effects of rat saliva on wound healing were evaluated every day and on 3, 7, 14 and 21 days post-operation respectively. ResultsHistologic and clinical evaluation of treated wounds showed better healing than control wounds. ConclusionThis study showed that licking behavior can promote wound healing. Thus salivary compounds could be isolated, be mass produced and may have potential to become as common as antibiotic cream.

  16. Investigating Nanosilver Effects on Blood Cells Counter in Male Rats

    H Aghababa


    Full Text Available Introduction: Nanosilver particles are one of the functional grounds in nanotechnology field. These nanoparticles may produce free radicals and destruct different cells. In this study, Nanosilver toxic effects on RBC and WBC numbers in male Rats were studied. Thus, male rats were treated with nanosilver and RBC and WBC were detected. Methods: In this study, RBC was detected in male Wistar rats following exposure to 50, 100, 200 and 400ppm concentration of silver nanoparticles administrated peritoneally. Then, RBC and WBC were collected in rats 3, 8 and 12 days after treatment of nanosilver particles. Numbers of RBC and WBC were compared in treatment and control groups. Results: The study results indicated that dose of 400ppm nanosilver was effective on decrease of RBC and increase of WBC in treatment rats 12 day after treatment. These results were significant (p≤0/01. Discussion: The efficiency of 400ppm concentration of nanosilver, RBC decease and WBC increase could be referred to probabale lyses of RBC cell membranes and sever incitement of cellular immune system. The extra investigation is recommended regarding variety of new shapes, sizes and composition of nanosilver.

  17. Fundamental electric circuit elements based on the linear and nonlinear magnetoelectric effects (Presentation Recording)

    Sun, Young; Shang, Dashan; Chai, Yisheng; Cao, Zexian; Lu, Jun


    From the viewpoint of electric circuit theory, the three fundamental two-terminal passive circuit elements, resistor R , capacitor C, and inductor L, are defined in terms of a relationship between two of the four basic circuit variables, charge q, current i, voltage v, and magnetic flux φ. From a symmetry concern, there should be a fourth fundamental element defined from the relationship between charge q and magnetic flux φ. Here we present both theoretical analysis and experimental evidences to demonstrate that a two-terminal passive device employing the magnetoelectric (ME) effects can exhibit a direct relationship between charge q and magnetic flux φ, and thus is able to act as the fourth fundamental circuit element. The ME effects refer to the induction of electric polarization by a magnetic field or magnetization by an electric field, and have attracted enormous interests due to their promise in many applications. However, no one has linked the ME effects with fundamental circuit theory. Both the linear and nonlinear-memory devices, termed transtor and memtranstor, respectively, have been experimentally realized using multiferroic materials showing strong ME effects. Based on our work, a full map of fundamental two-terminal circuit elements is constructed, which consists of four linear and four nonlinear-memory elements. This full map provides an invaluable guide to developing novel circuit functionalities in the future.

  18. Nonlinear magnetic resonance behavior and reversible adsorbed gas effects from trace ferromagnestism in Y-zeolite

    Iton, L.E.


    Unusual spin resonance observations made on a sample of rare earth ion-exchanged Y-zeolite have been attributed to the presence of a ferromagnetic impurity, and are qualitatively explained in terms of existing theories on nonlinear behavior in ferromagnetic resonance at high power. The effects included foldover and bistable response below 136 K, due to classical, anisotropy-based nonlinearity; above 136 K, apparent subsidiary absorption--the Suhl instability driven by coupling of low-frequency spin wave modes to the main resonance--predominated. Modification of the surface anisotropy is suggested to account for the complete suppression of the low-temperature effects when the zeolity sample was cooled in air, the high-temperature effects persisting after this cooling but with a loss of orientational anisotropy. Brief room temperature evacuation of the sample was sufficient to regenerate the original effects. Some details of the resonance behavior are very similar to recently published observations from magnetite impurities; those were there attributed to field-induced transitions. The limitations under which a field-dependent Verwey transition could be used to rationalize such observations have been schematically expounded, and the importance of the microwave field again appears to be the dominating factor.

  19. Finite Larmor radius effects in the nonlinear dynamics of collisionless magnetic reconnection

    Del Sarto, D [Institut Jean Lamour, UMR 7198 CNRS-Nancy University, Campus Victor Grignard - BP 70239, 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex (France); Marchetto, C [Associazione EURATOM-ENEA sulla Fusione, IFP-CNR, Via R. Cozzi 53, 20125 Milano (Italy); Pegoraro, F; Califano, F, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Physics Department and CNISM, Pisa University, Largo Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa (Italy)


    We provide numerical evidence of the role of finite Larmor radius effects in the nonlinear dynamics of magnetic field line reconnection in high-temperature, strong guide field plasmas in a slab configuration, in the large {Delta}' regime. Both ion and electron temperature effects introduce internal energy variations related to mechanical compression terms in the energy balance, thus contributing to regularize the gradients of the ion density with respect to the cold regimes. For values of the Larmor radii that are not asymptotically small, the two temperature effects are no longer interchangeable, in contrast to what is expected from linear theory, and the differences are measurable in the numerical growth rates and in the nonlinear evolution of the density layers. We interpret such differences in terms of the change, due to ion temperature effects, of the Lagrangian advection of the 'plasma invariants' that are encountered in the cold-ion, warm-electron regime. The different roles of the ion and ion-sound Larmor radii in the reconnection dynamics near the X- and O-points are evidenced by means of a local quadratic expansion of the fields.

  20. A Mathematical Formulation for the Effects of Nonlinear Chemical Reactions upon Taylor Dispersive Phenomena

    Wright, E. S.; Aleem, T.


    In 1953, G.I.~Taylor published his landmark paper concerning the transport of a contaminant dissolved in a fluid flowing through a pipe of narrow diameter. He demonstrated that an interaction between the transverse variations in the fluid's velocity field and the transverse diffusion of the solute yielded an effective downstream mixing mechanism for the transverse average of the solute. This mechanism has since been dubbed ``Taylor Dispersion.'' Since his original publication, many related studies have surfaced. These include generalizations of channel geometry, generalizations of the velocity field (including turbulent field), applications to sedimentation problems, etc. However, much less attention has been given to the effects of nonlinear chemical reactions upon a system of solutes undergoing Taylor Dispersion. We present a rigorous mathematical model for the evolution of the transverse averages of reacting solutes that travel within a fluid flowing down a pipe of arbitrary cross-section. The technique for deriving this model is a generalization of a multiple scales perturbation approach described by P.C.~Fife for linear (reactionless) problems. The key outcome is that while one still finds an effective mechanism for downstream mixing, but also there is also a effective mechanism for nonlinear advection.

  1. Analysis of Conductor Impedances Accounting for Skin Effect and Nonlinear Permeability

    Perkins, M P; Ong, M M; Brown, C G; Speer, R D


    It is often necessary to protect sensitive electrical equipment from pulsed electric and magnetic fields. To accomplish this electromagnetic shielding structures similar to Faraday Cages are often implemented. If the equipment is inside a facility that has been reinforced with rebar, the rebar can be used as part of a lighting protection system. Unfortunately, such shields are not perfect and allow electromagnetic fields to be created inside due to discontinuities in the structure, penetrations, and finite conductivity of the shield. In order to perform an analysis of such a structure it is important to first determine the effect of the finite impedance of the conductors used in the shield. In this paper we will discuss the impedances of different cylindrical conductors in the time domain. For a time varying pulse the currents created in the conductor will have different spectral components, which will affect the current density due to skin effects. Many construction materials use iron and different types of steels that have a nonlinear permeability. The nonlinear material can have an effect on the impedance of the conductor depending on the B-H curve. Although closed form solutions exist for the impedances of cylindrical conductors made of linear materials, computational techniques are needed for nonlinear materials. Simulations of such impedances are often technically challenging due to the need for a computational mesh to be able to resolve the skin depths for the different spectral components in the pulse. The results of such simulations in the time domain will be shown and used to determine the impedances of cylindrical conductors for lightning current pulses that have low frequency content.

  2. Perturbation method for the second-order nonlinear effect of focused acoustic field around a scatterer in an ideal fluid.

    Liu, Gang; Jayathilake, Pahala Gedara; Khoo, Boo Cheong


    Two nonlinear models are proposed to investigate the focused acoustic waves that the nonlinear effects will be important inside the liquid around the scatterer. Firstly, the one dimensional solutions for the widely used Westervelt equation with different coordinates are obtained based on the perturbation method with the second order nonlinear terms. Then, by introducing the small parameter (Mach number), a dimensionless formulation and asymptotic perturbation expansion via the compressible potential flow theory is applied. This model permits the decoupling between the velocity potential and enthalpy to second order, with the first potential solutions satisfying the linear wave equation (Helmholtz equation), whereas the second order solutions are associated with the linear non-homogeneous equation. Based on the model, the local nonlinear effects of focused acoustic waves on certain volume are studied in which the findings may have important implications for bubble cavitation/initiation via focused ultrasound called HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). The calculated results show that for the domain encompassing less than ten times the radius away from the center of the scatterer, the non-linear effect exerts a significant influence on the focused high intensity acoustic wave. Moreover, at the comparatively higher frequencies, for the model of spherical wave, a lower Mach number may result in stronger nonlinear effects.

  3. Cardiac effect of vitamin D receptor modulators in uremic rats.

    Mizobuchi, Masahide; Ogata, Hiroaki; Yamazaki-Nakazawa, Ai; Hosaka, Nozomu; Kondo, Fumiko; Koiwa, Fumihiko; Kinugasa, Eriko; Shibata, Takanori


    Vitamin D receptor (VDR) modulators (VDRMs) are commonly used to control secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) associated with chronic kidney disease, and are associated with beneficial outcomes in cardiovascular disease. In this study, we compared the cardiac effect of VS-105, a novel VDRM, with that of paricalcitol in 5/6 nephrectomized uremic rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were 5/6 nephrectomized, fed a standard diet for 4 weeks to establish uremia, and then treated (intraperitoneally, 3 times/week) with vehicle (propylene glycol), paricalcitol (0.025 and 0.15μg/kg), or VS-105 (0.05 and 0.3μg/kg) for 4 weeks. In uremic rats, neither VDRM (low and high doses) altered serum creatinine and phosphorus levels. Serum calcium was significantly higher with high dose paricalcitol compared to sham rats. PTH levels were significantly decreased with low dose paricalcitol and VS-105, and were further reduced in the high dose groups. Interestingly, serum FGF23 was significantly higher with high dose paricalcitol compared to sham rats, whereas VS-105 had no significant effect on FGF23 levels. Left ventricle (LV) weight and LV mass index determined by echocardiography were significantly suppressed in both high dose VDRM groups. This suppression was more evident with VS-105. Western blotting showed significant decreases in a fibrosis marker TGF-β1 in both high dose VDRM groups (vs. vehicle) and Masson trichrome staining showed significant decreases in cardiac fibrosis in these groups. These results suggest that VS-105 is less hypercalcemic than paricalcitol and has favorable effects on SHPT and cardiac parameters that are similar to those of paricalcitol in uremic rats. The cardioprotective effect is a noteworthy characteristic of VS-105.

  4. Polarization of a probe laser beam due to nonlinear QED effects

    Shakeri, Soroush; Kalantari, Seyed Zafarollah; Xue, She-Sheng


    Nonlinear QED interactions induce different polarization properties on a given probe beam. We consider the polarization effects caused by the photon-photon interaction in laser experiments, when a laser beam propagates through a constant magnetic field or collides with another laser beam. We solve the quantum Boltzmann equation within the framework of the Euler-Heisenberg Lagrangian for both time-dependent and constant background field to explore the time evolution of the Stokes parameters Q, U, and V describing polarization. Assuming an initially linearly polarized probe laser beam, we also calculate the induced ellipticity and rotation of the polarization plane.

  5. Transmutation of skyrmions to half-solitons driven by the nonlinear optical spin Hall effect.

    Flayac, H; Solnyshkov, D D; Shelykh, I A; Malpuech, G


    We show that the spin domains, generated in the linear optical spin Hall effect by the analog of spin-orbit interaction for exciton polaritons, are associated with the formation of a Skyrmion lattice. In the nonlinear regime, the spin anisotropy of the polariton-polariton interactions results in a spatial compression of the domains and in a transmutation of the Skyrmions into oblique half-solitons. This phase transition is associated with both the focusing of the spin currents and the emergence of a strongly anisotropic emission pattern.

  6. Effects of transverse profile of pump field on second harmonic generation in periodic nonlinear materials

    GaoJin-Yue; ZhangHan-Zhuang; YangJian-Bing


    We report on a theoreticalanalysis of the effects of a converging pump field of Gaussian transverse profile on second harmonic generation in a periodic nonlinear material with quasi-phase-matching. The outputs of the centre intensity and the intensity flux for second harmonic generation are derived by simulation, based on the parameters of quasi-phase-mismatch, the waist and focus positions of the input pump beam. The results show that when the transverse profile of the pump field is taken into account, the quasi-phase-match value and focus position of input beam for maximal second harmonic generation flollow new criteria.

  7. Current distribution effects in patterned non-linear magnetoresistive tunnel junctions

    Montaigne, F; Schuhl, A


    To be used in submicronic devices like magnetic memories, magnetic tunnel junctions require low resistances. Four-probe measurements of such resistances are often altered by non-uniformity of the current distribution in the junction. The measured resistance is decreased by localised preferential conduction and increased by voltage drop in the measure electrode. Competition between these two effects is investigated as a function of the geometry. The non-linear conduction of tunnel junctions amplifies dramatically these phenomena and can modify by more than 50% the measured resistance.

  8. Effects of Nonlinear Time-Delay on a Stochastic Asymmetric System

    WANG Jiu-Yun; ZHU Chun-Lian; JIA Ya; LI Jia-Rong


    We numerically investigate the effects of nonlinear time-delay on the stochastic system. With the delay time increasing, it is found that the peak of probability distribution in low steady states is decreased, and the peak of probability distribution in high steady states is increased. The mean of state variable, the normalized variance, and the normalized autocorrelation function which quantifies the concentrated degree are slowly varied for small delay time. However, the mean of state variable is rapidly increased, and the normalized variance and the normalized autocorrelation function is rapidJy decreased for large delay time.

  9. Effects of transverse profile of pump field on second harmonic generation in periodic nonlinear materials

    张汉壮; 杨建冰; 高锦岳


    We report on a theoretical analysis of the effects of a converging pump field of Gaussian transverse profile on second harmonic generation in a periodic nonlinear material with quasi-phase-matching. The outputs of the centre intensity and the intensity flux for second harmonic generation are derived by simulation, based on the parameters of quasi-phase-mismatch, the waist and focus positions of the input pump beam. The results show that when the transverse profile of the pump field is taken into account, the quasi-phase-match value and focus position of input beam for maximal second harmonic generation follow new criteria.

  10. Nonlinear effects in the inclusive inelastic proton-air cross section

    Giannini, A. V. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, C.P. 66318, 05315-97, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Duraes, F. O. [Dep. de Fisica, Centro de Ciencias e Humanidades, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, C.P. 01302-907, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    In this work we propose a simple model for the total proton-air cross section, which is an improvement of the eikonalized minijet model, with the inclusion of the effects of the first nonlinear corrections to the DGLAP equations. The gluon saturation limits are determined in the DGLAP+GLRMQ approach for the free proton and the inclusive inelastic proton-air cross section is described within the Glauber and multiple scattering approximations. The results are compared with experimental cross sections including recent data obtained by cosmic ray experiments.

  11. Effects of nonlinear forces on dynamic mode atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy.

    Das, Soma; Sreeram, P A; Raychaudhuri, A K


    In this paper, we describe the effects of nonlinear tip-sample forces on dynamic mode atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy. The jumps and hysteresis observed in the vibration amplitude (A) versus tip-sample distance (h) curves have been traced to bistability in the resonance curve. A numerical analysis of the basic dynamic equation was used to explain the hysteresis in the experimental curve. It has been found that the location of the hysteresis in the A-h curve depends on the frequency of the forced oscillation relative to the natural frequency of the cantilever.


    Yu Hongwang; Wang Zhiming


    In this article, floating quantization effects on multirate sampled-data control systems are studied. It shows that the solutions of multirate digital feedback control systems with nonlinear plant and with floating quantization in the controller are uniformly ultimately bounded if the associated linear systems consisting of linearization of the plant and controller with no quantization are Schur stable. Moreover, it also shows that the difference between the response of multirate digital controllers without quantizers and the same plant with floating quantization in the controllers can be made as small as desired by selecting proper quantization level.

  13. Protective effect of pioglitazone on kidney injury in diabetic rats

    Xiao-Hui Peng; Pei-Yu Liang; Shan-Ji Ou; Xiong-Bing Zu


    Objective:To investigate the protective effect of pioglitazone on kidney injury in diabetic rat model and its mechanisms.Methods:Forty healthySpragueDawley rats were selected and randomly divided into five groups, with8 rats in each group.GroupA served as control group and were administered with sterile citrate buffer(i.p.) as placebo.GroupsB,C,D andE rats were injected(i.p.) with streptozotocin to induce typeⅠdiabetes.Diabetic rats inGroupB were intragastrically administered with sterile saline solution alone.GroupsC,D andE rats were intragastrically given pioglitazone hydrochloride suspension at doses of10,20,30 mg/kg per day, respectively.After eight weeks of treatment, all rats were anesthetized and blood was withdrawn from the abdominal aortic for detection of hemoglobinA1c, serum creatinine(SCr) and blood urea nitrogen(BUN) levels.Rats were then sacrificed and the left kidney was excised for calculation of kidney hypertrophy index(KHI), observation of renal pathological changes using light microscope and electron microscope.Mean glomerular cross-sectional areas(MGA), mean glomerular volume (MGV), glomerular basement membrane thickness and foot process fusion ratio were calculated. RT-PCR was employed for detection of podocalyxin(PCX) protein expression.Results:Results showed that levels of hemoglobinA1c,BUN,SCr inGroupsB,C,D andE rats were significantly higher than those inGroupA(P<0.05), whileBUN andSCr levels in rats ofGroupsC,D andE were significantly lower than those inGroupB(P<0.05).KHI,MGA andMGV levels were significantly higher inGroupsB,C,D andE rats than those inGroupA(P<0.05);KHI andMGA levels inGroup B rats were significantly higher than those inGroupsC,D andE(P<0.05) andMGV inGroups D andE was significantly lower than that inGroupsB andC(P<0.05).Histology study showed normal glomerulus structure, morphology, volume, endothelial cells and mesangial cells as well as clear glomerular capillary inGroupA rats.Renal mesangial matrix proliferation and

  14. Antidepressant-Like Effect of Ilex paraguariensis in Rats

    Elizete De Moraes Reis


    Full Text Available In this study, we investigated the possible antidepressant-like effect of I. paraguariensis in rats. Rats were treated for four weeks with an aqueous extract of I. paraguariensis in drinking water, following the traditional preparation of this beverage. After the period of treatment, behavioral (elevated plus-maze, open field test, and forced swimming test and biochemical parameters (lipid peroxidation assay, thiol content, vitamin C levels, and monoamine oxidase activity were evaluated. Animals were also analyzed on forced swimming test after 24 hours of I. paraguariensis intake. An additional group was injected with selegiline 24 hours and 30 minutes before forced swimming test as positive control. HPLC analysis revealed the profile of I. paraguariensis extract. I. paraguariensis reduced the immobility time on forced swimming test without significant changes in locomotor activity in the open field test. Any anxiolytic/anxiogenic effect of I. paraguariensis was observed in rats through the elevated plus-maze test. The antidepressant-like effect of I. paraguariensis was not accompanied by inhibitory effect on monoamine oxidase activity. There were no significant alterations on lipid peroxidation, thiol content, and vitamin C levels among the groups. In conclusion, aqueous extract of I. paraguariensis decreases the time of immobility in rats suggesting an antidepressant-like effect.

  15. Effects of thyroxine and dexamethasone on rat submandibular glands

    Sagulin, G.B.; Roomans, G.M. (Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge (Sweden))


    Glucocorticoids and thyroxine are known to have a marked effect on the flow rate and protein composition of rat parotid saliva in hormonally intact animals. In the present study, the effects of a one-week treatment of male rats with dexamethasone and thyroxine were studied by electron microscopy and x-ray micro-analysis, and by measurement of the flow rate and determination of the chemical composition of pilocarpine-induced submandibular saliva. Thyroxine had the most extensive effects on the submandibular gland. The acinar cells were enlarged and filled with mucus; the cellular calcium concentration was significantly increased. The flow rate of the submandibular saliva was significantly reduced compared with that in saline-injected control animals. Thyroxine caused an increase in the concentrations of protein, total calcium, and potassium in the saliva. Dexamethasone had no significant effects on gland ultrastructure or on the elemental composition of the acinar cells; flow rate was not affected, but the concentrations of protein, calcium, and potassium were significantly increased. The effects of dexamethasone and thyroxine on the flow rate and protein composition of pilocarpine-induced rat submandibular saliva differ from those reported earlier for rat parotid saliva after simultaneous stimulation with pilocarpine and isoproterenol.

  16. Noncompetitive Inhibition of 5-HT3 Receptors by Citral, Linalool, and Eucalyptol Revealed by Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling.

    Jarvis, Gavin E; Barbosa, Roseli; Thompson, Andrew J


    Citral, eucalyptol, and linalool are widely used as flavorings, fragrances, and cosmetics. Here, we examined their effects on electrophysiological and binding properties of human 5-HT3 receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes and human embryonic kidney 293 cells, respectively. Data were analyzed using nonlinear mixed-effects modeling to account for random variance in the peak current response between oocytes. The oils caused an insurmountable inhibition of 5-HT-evoked currents (citral IC50 = 120 µM; eucalyptol = 258 µM; linalool = 141 µM) and did not compete with fluorescently labeled granisetron, suggesting a noncompetitive mechanism of action. Inhibition was not use-dependent but required a 30-second preapplication. Compound washout caused a slow (∼180 seconds) but complete recovery. Coapplication of the oils with bilobalide or diltiazem indicated they did not bind at the same locations as these channel blockers. Homology modeling and ligand docking predicted binding to a transmembrane cavity at the interface of adjacent subunits. Liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry showed that an essential oil extracted from Lippia alba contained 75.9% citral. This inhibited expressed 5-HT3 receptors (IC50 = 45 µg ml(-1)) and smooth muscle contractions in rat trachea (IC50 = 200 µg ml(-1)) and guinea pig ileum (IC50 = 20 µg ml(-1)), providing a possible mechanistic explanation for why this oil has been used to treat gastrointestinal and respiratory ailments. These results demonstrate that citral, eucalyptol, and linalool inhibit 5-HT3 receptors, and their binding to a conserved cavity suggests a valuable target for novel allosteric modulators.

  17. Two-Level Dipolar System in a Heat Bath: High-Pump Power Effects in the Nonlinear Optical Responses

    Paz, J. L.; León-Torres, J. R.; Lascano, Luis; Alvarado, Ysaias J.; Costa-Vera, Cesar


    Using the four-wave mixing spectroscopy, we analyze the nonlinear optical properties in a strongly driven two-level system, using a perturbative treatment where, the pump field is considered at all orders, second order in the probe, and first order for the signal field, when the stochastic effects of the solvent are considered. Significant variations in the nonlinear optical properties due mainly to changes in the probe intensity, chemical concentrations, and transversal relaxation times are observed.

  18. Effects of Alcohol Injection in Rat Sciatic Nerve

    Mazoch, Mathew J.; Cheema, Gulraiz A.; Suva, Larry J.; Thomas, Ruth L.


    Background Previous studies have shown that the injection of dehydrated alcohol has been successful for the treatment of Morton's neuroma in the foot. In this study, we determined the cellular effect of injection of alcohol into and around the sciatic nerve of rats, and measured the extent of cell necrosis and/or any associated histologic or inflammatory changes. Methods Twenty-two male (~375g) Wistar rats were randomized into two groups each receiving alcohol injections into or around the sciatic nerve after nerve exposure under sterile technique. Group 1 rats were injected with a 0.5ml solution of 0.5% Marcaine in the left sciatic nerve as a control group. In the right sciatic nerve a 0.5ml solution of 4% ethanol with 0.5% Marcaine was injected. Group 2 rats received 0.5ml of 20%ethanol with 0.5% Marcaine injected into the left sciatic nerve and 0.5 ml of 30% ethanol with 0.5% Marcaine injected into the right sciatic nerve. In each group, the rats were placed in 3 subgroups: intraneural, perineural, perimuscular injections. All rats were sacrificed and tissue harvested for histologic evaluation at day 10 post injection. Results No evidence of alcohol-associated cell necrosis, apoptosis or apparent inflammation was observed in histologic specimens of any injected nerves, perineural tissue, or muscles in controls or experimental groups regardless of concentration of ethanol injected on day 10. Conclusion We concluded that alcohol injection (≤30% ethanol) into and/or around the sciatic nerve or the adjacent muscle of rats has no histologic evidence of necrosis or inflammation to the nerve or surrounding tissue. There was no observable histological change in apoptosis, or cell number, in response to the alcohol injection. PMID:25097192

  19. The local effect of octreotide on mechanical pain sensitivity is more sensitive in DA rats than DA.1U rats.

    Yao, Fan-Rong; Wang, Hui-Sheng; Guo, Yuan; Zhao, Yan


    A recent study by the authors indicated that major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes are associated with the differences in basal pain sensitivity and in formalin model between Dark-Agouti (DA) and novel congenic DA.1U rats, which have the same genetic background as DA rats except for the u alleles of MHC. The objective of the present study is to investigate whether there is a difference in the pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) model and local analgesic effect of octreotide (OCT) between DA and DA.1U rats. The hindpaw mechanical withdrawal threshold (MWT) and heat withdrawal latency (HWL) were observed. The C unit firings of the tibial nerve evoked by non-noxious and noxious toe movements were recorded by electrophysiological methods in normal and PIA models in DA and DA.1U rats before and after local OCT administration. The expression of somatostatin receptor 2A (SSTR2A) was observed by immunohistochemistry. The results demonstrate that DA rats have a higher mechanical sensitivity than DA.1U rats after PIA. Local OCT administration significantly elevated MWT in DA rats under normal and PIA sate, but not in DA.1U rats. The electrophysiological experiments showed OCT significantly attenuated the firings of C units evoked by non-noxious and noxious stimulation in DA rats more than those in DA.1U rats both in normal and PIA states. In addition, the expression of SSTR2A in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord was significantly higher in DA than in DA.1U rats. All of the findings suggest a higher local analgesic effect of OCT in DA rats than DA.1U rats, which might be associated with the MHC genes.

  20. Effect of amlodipine on renin secretion and renin gene expression in rats.

    Schricker, K.; Hamann, M.; Macher, A.; Krämer, B. K.; Kaissling, B; Kurtz, A.


    1. This study was done to characterize the influence of calcium channel blockade on renin secretion and renin gene expression in normal rats and rats with renovascular hypertension. To this end we studied the effects of the 1,4-dihydropyridine derivative, amlodipine, on plasma renin activity and renal renin m-RNA levels in normal rats and rats with unilateral renal hypoperfusion induced by applying 0.2 mm left renal artery clips over four days. 2. In normotensive rats, amlodipine significantl...

  1. Nonlinear thermal convection in a layer of nanofluid under G-jitter and internal heating effects

    Bhadauria B. S.


    Full Text Available This paper deals with a mathematical model of controlling heat transfer in nanofluids. The time-periodic vertical vibrations of the system are considered to effect an external control of heat transport along with internal heating effects. A weakly non-linear stability analysis is based on the five-mode Lorenz model using which the Nusselt number is obtained as a function of the thermal Rayleigh number, nano-particle concentration based Rayleigh number, Prandtl number, Lewis number, modified diffusivity ratio, amplitude and frequency of modulation. It is shown that modulation can be effectively used to control convection and thereby heat transport. Further, it is found that the effect of internal Rayleigh number is to enhance the heat and nano-particles transport.


    林金官; 韦博成


    In this paper, it is discussed that two tests for varying dispersion of binomial data in the framework of nonlinear logistic models with random effects, which are widely used in analyzing longitudinal binomial data. One is the individual test and power calculation for varying dispersion through testing the randomness of cluster effects, which is extensions of Dean(1992) and Commenges et al (1994). The second test is the composite test for varying dispersion through simultaneously testing the randomness of cluster effects and the equality of random-effect means. The score test statistics are constructed and expressed in simple, easy to use, matrix formulas. The authors illustrate their test methods using the insecticide data (Giltinan, Capizzi & Malani (1988)).

  3. Arsenite Effects on Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Human and Mouse Primary Hepatocytes Follow a Nonlinear Dose Response

    Hemantkumar Chavan


    Full Text Available Arsenite is a known carcinogen and its exposure has been implicated in a variety of noncarcinogenic health concerns. Increased oxidative stress is thought to be the primary cause of arsenite toxicity and the toxic effect is thought to be linear with detrimental effects reported at all concentrations of arsenite. But the paradigm of linear dose response in arsenite toxicity is shifting. In the present study we demonstrate that arsenite effects on mitochondrial respiration in primary hepatocytes follow a nonlinear dose response. In vitro exposure of primary hepatocytes to an environmentally relevant, moderate level of arsenite results in increased oxidant production that appears to arise from changes in the expression and activity of respiratory Complex I of the mitochondrial proton circuit. In primary hepatocytes the excess oxidant production appears to elicit adaptive responses that promote resistance to oxidative stress and a propensity to increased proliferation. Taken together, these results suggest a nonlinear dose-response characteristic of arsenite with low-dose arsenite promoting adaptive responses in a process known as mitohormesis, with transient increase in ROS levels acting as transducers of arsenite-induced mitohormesis.

  4. An effective description of dark matter and dark energy in the mildly non-linear regime

    Lewandowski, Matthew; Senatore, Leonardo


    In the next few years, we are going to probe the low-redshift universe with unprecedented accuracy. Among the various fruits that this will bear, it will greatly improve our knowledge of the dynamics of dark energy, though for this there is a strong theoretical preference for a cosmological constant. We assume that dark energy is described by the so-called Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy, which assumes that dark energy is the Goldstone boson of time translations. Such a formalism makes it easy to ensure that our signatures are consistent with well-established principles of physics. Since most of the information resides at high wavenumbers, it is important to be able to make predictions at the highest wavenumber that is possible. The Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure (EFTofLSS) is a theoretical framework that has allowed us to make accurate predictions in the mildly non-linear regime. In this paper, we derive the non-linear equations that extend the EFTofLSS to include the effect of dark en...

  5. Nonlinear effect in vibroseis data; Vibroseis kiroku ni oite mitomerareru hisenkei koka

    Saeki, T. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper describes nonlinear effect recognized in Vibroseis data. Harmonics is a wave of frequency in integer factors generated in association with basic sweep vibrated by Vibroseis. Harmonics is generated because vibration in the vicinity of seismic source contains nonlinear terms. Seismic exploration using the reflection method often discusses propagation of seismic waves hypothesized as a linear phenomenon. Vibroseis data analysis, however, requires evaluation of the effect of the harmonics on accuracy. Vibroseis investigation measures may be taken by eliminating n-order harmonics by using the phase control method, and generating seismic source sweep in which the phase is shifted by 180/(n-1) each time in order to leave the basic sweep. Methods to increase the sweep length include a method to expel strain to a location outside the range of the subject travel time. Up-sweep (a sweep changing from low frequencies to higher frequencies) is also a means capable of avoiding harmonics effects. Vibroseis investigations currently performed adopt this method frequently because of it having little technological and economic problems. 10 refs., 3 figs.

  6. Effect of nonlinearity of restrainer and supports on the elasto-plastic seismic response of continuous girder bridge

    Wang Changfeng


    Full Text Available During an earthquake, the nonlinearity of the bridge structure mainly occurs at the supports, bridge piers and restrainers. When entering nonlinear stage, members of the bridge structure affect the elasto-plastic seismic response of the whole structure to a certain extent; for multi-span continuous bridges, longitudinal restrainers can be installed on the movable piers to optimise the distribution of seismic force and enable the movable piers to bear a certain amount of seismic effect. In order to evaluate the effect of nonlinearity of restrainer and supports on the elasto-plastic seismic response of continuous girder bridge, analytical models of continuous girder bridge structure considering the nonlinearity of movable supports, restrainers and bridge piers were built and the nonlinear time history analysis was conducted to evaluate the effect of nonlinearity of restraining devices and supports on the elasto-plastic seismic response of continuous girder bridge. Relevant structural measures and recommendation were made to reduce the seismic response of the fixed piers of the continuous girder bridge.

  7. Nonlinear effects on western boundary current structure and separation: a laboratory study

    Pierini, S.; Falco, P.; Zambardino, G.; McClimans, T. A.; Ellingsen, I.


    The role played by nonlinear effects in shaping the structure of barotropic western boundary currents (WBCs) and in determining WBC separation from the coast has been investigated through laboratory simulations by means of the 5-m-diameter Coriolis rotating basin at SINTEF (Trondheim, Norway) in the framework of the HYDRALAB-III project. The laboratory setup consists of two parallel rectangular channels separated by an island and linked by two curved connections: in the first channel, a piston is forced at a constant speed U ranging from 0.05 to 3 cm/s over a distance of 2.5 m, producing a virtually unsheared current at the entrance of the second channel. In the latter, a linear reduction of the water depth provides the topographic beta-effect that produces the westward intensification. Nearly steady currents are obtained and measured photogrammetrically over a region of about 1 m2. The broad range of piston speeds permitted by the mechanical apparatus has allowed us to achieve an unprecedented coverage of the range of nonlinearity for WBCs in terms of experimental data, so that the cross-stream WBC profile could be analyzed from the nearly linear Munk-type case (e.g., for U=0.1 cm/s with T=30 s, where T is the rotation period of the basin) up to the more realistic highly nonlinear limit (particularly significant is the case U=1 cm/s and T=30 s, which is close to be dynamically similar to the Gulf Stream). Thanks to the large size of the rotating basin, cross-stream widths of the simulated WBC as large as 80 cm could be obtained. Moreover, in order to analyze the process of WBC separation, coastal variations have been introduced along the western boundary in the form of wedge-shaped continents with different coastline orientations, whose northern limit corresponds to an idealized Cape Hatteras. While weak WBCs follow the coast also past the cape, for sufficiently strong nonlinear effects the current detaches from the coast as a consequence of flow deceleration

  8. Damage Effects of Rat Thymus After Cranial Irradiation

    YU; Ying-qi; WANG; Xiao; SUI; Li; KONG; Fu-quan; MA; Nan-ru


    <正>To study the damage effects of the thymus and investigate the interaction of hypothalamic- pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) in neuroimmunological signaling pathway, the rat model of cranial irradiated by carbon ions was establish. By means of enzyme-linked immunoassay (Elisa), one day of post-irradiation with carbon ions, for the group of control, irradiated or drug (Longxuejie) treated,

  9. Effect of surfactant replacement on Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in rats

    E.P. Eijking (Eric); G.J. van Daal; R. Tenbrinck (Robert); A. Luijendijk (Ad); J.F. Sluiters (Hans); E. Hannappel (E.); B.F. Lachmann (Burkhard)


    textabstractThe effect of intratracheal surfactant instillation on pulmonary function in rats with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) was investigated. In those animals which developed PCP with severe respiratory failure after administration of cortisone acetate s. c. over 8-12 weeks, pulmonary fu

  10. Effect of Monomethylhydrazine on Insulin Levels in Rats


    pyridoxine was effective against MMH-induced hyper- glycemia (Dost et al., 1973). The following experiments were done to deter- mine if the...or 6 carbon positions to 1 4C02 is depressed in rats exposed to MEIH. Since the turnover of pyruvate-2- 1 4G, acetate-2-1 4 C and butyric acid-l- 1 4

  11. Inhibitory effects of beryllium chloride on rat liver microsomal enzymes.

    Teixeira, C F; Yasaka, W J; Silva, L F; Oshiro, T T; Oga, S


    A single i.v. dose (0.1 mmol Be2+/kg) of beryllium chloride prolonged the duration of pentobarbital-induced sleep and zoxazolamine-induced paralysis, in rats. The effects are correlated with changes of the pharmacokinetic parameters and with the in vitro inhibition of both aliphatic and aromatic hydroxylation of pentobarbital and zoxazolamine. In vitro N-demethylation of meperidine and aminopyrine was partially inhibited while O-demethylation of quinidine was unaffected by liver microsomes of rats pretreated with beryllium salt. The findings give clues that beryllium chloride inhibits some forms of cytochrome P-450, especially those responsible for hydroxylation of substrates, like pentobarbital and zoxazolamine.

  12. Effects of soybean flour on the pancreas of rats.

    McGuinness, E E; Morgan, R. G.; Wormsley, K G


    We have reviewed the growth-promoting and carcinogenic effects of feeding raw soya flour to rats. If the raw soya flour-containing diets are fed for more than a year, about 10% of the animals develop pancreatic cancer. In addition, feeding raw soya flour markedly potentiates the action of even subthreshold amounts of pancreatic carcinogens. The raw soya flour therefore acts as a potent promoter, as well as a weak carcinogen. In view of this promotion, the rat fed raw soya flour is a sensitive...

  13. Therapeutic Effect of Clarithromycin on a Transplanted Tumor in Rats

    Sassa, Kazuhiko; Mizushima, Yutaka; Fujishita, Takashi; Oosaki, Rokuo; Kobayashi, Masashi


    The therapeutic antitumor effect of clarithromycin (CAM) was examined with the 13762NF mammary adenocarcinoma and F-344 rat system. When CAM treatment at a dosage of 2 mg/kg of body weight orally for 21 days was commenced after inoculation of the tumor, no significant decrease in death rate was observed, although the loss in body weight was less than that in the untreated group. When tumor-bearing (TB) rats were treated with CAM in combination with carboplatin or cyclophosphamide, a significa...

  14. The effects of individual housing on mice and rats

    Krohn, Thomas Cæcius; Sørensen, Dorte Bratbo; Ottesen, Jan Lund


    and behaviour. It is, however, unclear whether this effect actually impairs animal welfare. The aim of this paper is to analyse studies on individual housing of mice and rats to evaluate whether there is documented proof that individual housing affects welfare, and, alternatively whether it is possible to house...... in the animals. However, this review of 37 studies in rats and 17 studies in mice showed divergence in test results difficult to explain, as many studies lacked basal information about the study, eg information on genetic strains and housing conditions, such as bedding, enrichment and cage sizes. Furthermore...

  15. The effect of fenugreek on nociceptive response in diabetic rats

    Mehrdad Roghani


    Full Text Available   Abstract  Introduction: Diabetic rats display exaggerated hyperalgesic behavior in response to noxious stimuli that may resemble and model aspects of painful diabetic neuropathy in humans. This study was designed to investigate the effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum (TFG on formalin-induced nociceptive responses (standard formalin test in streptozotocin (STZ-induced diabetic rats.  Methods: For this purpose, STZ-diabetic rats received intraperitoneal injection of aqueous leaf extract of TFG (200 mg/kg every other day for a period of one month.  Results: It was found out that TFG treatment did cause a significant reduction in blood glucose in diabetic rats and TFG-treated diabetic rats exhibited a lower nociceptive score as compared to untreated-diabetic ones. Meanwhile, TFG treatment reduced the nociceptive score in both phases of the formalin test. In contrast, sodium salicylate as positive control only reduced this score in the second phase of the test.  Discussion: The results suggest therapeutic potential of aqueous extract of fenugreek for treating painful diabetic neuropathy. 

  16. Effect of disulfiram on ketamine-induced cardiotoxicity in rats.

    Cetin, Nihal; Suleyman, Bahadir; Altuner, Durdu; Kuyrukluyildiz, Ufuk; Ozcicek, Fatih; Coskun, Resit; Kurt, Nazahat; Suleyman, Halis


    It is known that ketamine increases the production of catecholamines, causing oxidative damage to the heart. Suppression of the production of catecholamines by disulfiram, a drug with antioxidant properties, indicates that disulfiram may decrease ketamine-induced cardiotoxicity. The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of disulfiram on ketamine-induced cardiotoxicity in rats. Disulfiram was administered by oral gavage in doses of 25 mg/kg to rats in the DK-25 group and 50 mg/kg to rats in the DK-50 group. Distilled water was applied in the ketamine control (KC) and healthy (HG) rat groups. At one hour after drug administration and subsequently at ten-minute intervals, a 60 mg/kg dose of ketamine was intraperitoneally injected in the rats in all groups other than HG, and anesthesia was maintained for three hours. Disulfiram prevented both increase in the levels of parameters indicating oxidative and myocardial damage and decrease of antioxidant levels in the heart tissue with ketamine in a dose-dependent manner. Disulfiram better prevented occurrence of cardiotoxicity with ketamine in the 50 mg/kg dose than in the 25 mg/kg dose. It is concluded that disulfiram may usefully be applied in clinical practice in the prevention of cardiotoxicity as observed during anesthesia with ketamine.

  17. Effect of Ovariectomy on Stimulating Intracortical Remodeling in Rats

    Chun Lei Li


    Full Text Available Objective. Technically primates and dogs represent ideal models to investigate diseases characterized by abnormal intracortical remodeling. High expenses and ethical issues, however, restrict the use of those animals in research. Rodent models have been used as alternatives instead, but their value is limited, if none, because these animals lack intracortical bone remodeling. This study aimed at investigating the effect of ovariectomy onto the stimulation of intracortical remodeling in rat mandibles. Materials and Methods. Sixteen 12-week-old Spraque-Dawly (SD female rats were randomly assigned into two groups, receiving either ovariectomy or sham operation. All the rats were sacrificed 18 weeks postoperatively. The entire mandibles were harvested for microcomputed tomography (micro-CT and histomorphometric assessments. Results. Micro-CT examination showed significantly decreased bone mineral density (0.95 ± 0.01 versus 1.01 ± 0.02 g/cm3, P<0.001 and bone volume (65.78 ± 5.45 versus 87.41 ± 4.12%, P<0.001 in ovariectomy group. Histomorphometric assessment detected a sixfold increased intracortical bone remodeling as well as an increased bone modeling in mandibles of ovariectomized rats. Conclusion. For the first time, to the authors’ knowledge, it was detected that ovariectomy stimulates intracortical remodeling in rat mandibles. This animal model might be of use to study various bone diseases associated with an abnormal intracortical remodeling process.

  18. Hepatic effect of NAC on sevear acute pancteatise of rats

    Fang Chen; Ye-Jiang Zhou


    Objective:To analyze the hepatic protection of n-acetyl cysteine(NAC) on severe acute pancreatitis(SAP).Methods:SD rats were randomly divided into control group,SAP group and NAC group.SAPAHO method was adopted to establish the model,2 h after modeling, rats inNAC group had intraperitoneal injection ofNAC(200 mg/kg).Ten rats from each group were sacrificed in every6 and12 h at different time points respectively.Liver damage, liver function and serum amylase,AST,ALT and malondialdehyde(MDA) were determined.Results:Serum amylase,AST, ALT andMDA content inSAP,NAC group at each time point were significantly higher in the control group(P<0.05), serum amylase,AST,ALT andMDA content inNAC group rats were lower in theSAP group significantly(P<0.05);Microscopic examination showed that the liver injury in rats and theNAC group significantly reduced in theSAP group.Conclusions:NAC provides effective protection against liver damage toSAP, protective fromSAP liver injury.

  19. Effects of low humidity on the rat middle ear.

    Lovejoy, H M; McGuirt, W F; Ayres, P H; Hayes, A W; Coggins, C R; Sagartz, J


    Secretory otitis media is common in the winter, and the possible risk factors are numerous. This study examines the effect of low humidity on the middle ear using a Sprague-Dawley rat model: 23 test rats housed for 5 days in a low-humidity environment (10% to 12% relative humidity) and 23 control rats housed at 50% to 55% relative humidity. Microscopic ear examinations were graded for otitis media with effusion (OME) before testing and on test days 3 and 5. The mucosa of the middle ears and eustachian tubes was examined histopathologically. Significantly more effusions were observed in the low-humidity group on test days 3 (P = .003) and 5 (P = .01), but no intergroup histopathologic differences were noted. We conclude that a low-humidity environment contributed to the development of OME in the test animals, and that low-humidity warrants further investigation as a contributing factor in childhood middle ear disease.

  20. Effect of pregnancy on cadmium-treated rats

    Takizama, Y. (Akita Univ. School of Medicine, Japan); Nakamura, I.; Kurayama, R.; Hirasawa, F.; Kawai, K.


    It is well known that itai-itai disease with the osteopathy is broken out among multiparas, 40 years of age and up Japanese residents. In this paper we described an experimental study of effect of pregnancy on cadmium treated rats. Female mature rats were administered drinking water containing 50 and 200 ppm cadmium as CdCl/sub 2/. During 180 days of the experiment, three times of pregnancy were succesful, though slight depression of body weight gain was noticed in the 200 ppm group. The cadmium was accumulated in the kidneys, liver and bone proportionally to the amount of cadmium administered. No significant change was recognized in serum calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase levels after 180 days. Though cadmium 200 ppm treated rats showed slight histological lesions in the proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney, there appeared to be no osteomalacia including excess formation of osteoid tissue.

  1. Effects of propoxur on the reproductive system of male rats.

    Ngoula, Ferdinand; Watcho, Pierre; Bouseko, Tepi Serges; Kenfack, Augustave; Tchoumboué, Joseph; Kamtchouing, Pierre


    The reproductive toxicity of propoxur (2-isopropoxy-phenyl-N-methylcarbamate), a carbamate pesticide, was investigated in adult male Wistar rats exposed to 0, 1.73, 2.6, and 5.2 mg/kg body weight/day for 90 successive days. Results obtained from this study showed a significant (p propoxur (5.2 mg/kg) compared to the control. On the contrary, there was a significant (p propoxur at the dose of 5.2 mg/kg body weight. Propoxur had no significant effect on gestation, fertility and parturition indices, average birth weight, litter size and pups sex ratio of untreated female rats mated with treated males rats. These results suggested that propoxur increased food consumption, relative weight of reproductive and detoxication organs, decreased body weight gain and sperm density per gram of cauda epididymis without affecting the reproductive performances.

  2. [The fibrogenic effect of artificial ceramic fibres in experimental rats].

    Lao, I; Wojtczak, J; Krajnow, A


    The fibrogenic effect of aluminosilicate ceramic fibres in rats administered intratracheally with a single dose of 25 mg was assessed on the basis of the lung hydroxyproline concentration and morphological changes in the lung parenchyma and mediastinum lymphatic nodes. Control groups were composed of rats administered with NaCl saline and crocidolite UICC. The rats were exposed for 6 and 9 months. It was found that after 6 and 9 months, aluminosilicate ceramic fibres (L-1, Langfaser, Thermowool and Kaowool) showed weak fibrogenic properties. The range of changes in reactivity, and the presence of fibres of fibrous connective tissue in granulomas, induced by ceramic fibres were lower than the range of changes and the contribution of connective tissue produced by asbestos and crocidolite UICC.

  3. Rats

    Alexey Kondrashov


    Full Text Available We aimed to perform a chemical analysis of both Alibernet red wine and an alcohol-free Alibernet red wine extract (AWE and to investigate the effects of AWE on nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species production as well as blood pressure development in normotensive Wistar Kyoto (WKY and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs. Total antioxidant capacity together with total phenolic and selected mineral content was measured in wine and AWE. Young 6-week-old male WKY and SHR were treated with AWE (24,2 mg/kg/day for 3 weeks. Total NOS and SOD activities, eNOS and SOD1 protein expressions, and superoxide production were determined in the tissues. Both antioxidant capacity and phenolic content were significantly higher in AWE compared to wine. The AWE increased NOS activity in the left ventricle, aorta, and kidney of SHR, while it did not change NOS activity in WKY rats. Similarly, increased SOD activity in the plasma and left ventricle was observed in SHR only. There were no changes in eNOS and SOD1 expressions. In conclusion, phenolics and minerals included in AWE may contribute directly to increased NOS and SOD activities of SHR. Nevertheless, 3 weeks of AWE treatment failed to affect blood pressure of SHR.

  4. Nonlinear threshold effect in the Z-scan method of characterizing limiters for high-intensity laser light

    Tereshchenko, S. A.; Savelyev, M. S.; Podgaetsky, V. M.; Gerasimenko, A. Yu.; Selishchev, S. V.


    A threshold model is described which permits one to determine the properties of limiters for high-powered laser light. It takes into account the threshold characteristics of the nonlinear optical interaction between the laser beam and the limiter working material. The traditional non-threshold model is a particular case of the threshold model when the limiting threshold is zero. The nonlinear characteristics of carbon nanotubes in liquid and solid media are obtained from experimental Z-scan data. Specifically, the nonlinear threshold effect was observed for aqueous dispersions of nanotubes, but not for nanotubes in solid polymethylmethacrylate. The threshold model fits the experimental Z-scan data better than the non-threshold model. Output characteristics were obtained that integrally describe the nonlinear properties of the optical limiters.

  5. Cardiovascular effects of endomorphins in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.

    Liu, Jing; Yu, Ye; Fan, Ying-zhe; Chang, Hui; Liu, Hong-mei; Cui, Yun; Chen, Qiang; Wang, Rui


    Endomorphins, the endogenous, potent and selective mu-opioid receptor agonists, have been shown to decrease systemic arterial pressure (SAP) in rats. In the present study, responses to endomorphins were investigated in systemic vascular bed of alloxan-induced diabetic rats and in non-diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced by alloxan (220 mg/kg, i.p.) in male Wistar rats. At 4-5 weeks after the onset of diabetes, intravenous injections of endomorphins (1-30 nmol/kg) led to an increase of SAP and heart rate (HR) consistently and dosed-dependently. SAP increased 7.68+/-3.73, 11.19+/-4.55, 21.19+/-2.94 and 27.48+/-6.21% from the baseline at the 1, 3, 10 and 30 nmol/kg dose, respectively, of endomorphin 1 (n=4; pendomorphin 2. The hypertension could be antagonized markedly by i.p. 2 mg/kg of naloxone. On the other hand, bilateral vagotomy would attenuate the effects of hypertension and diminished the changes of HR in response to endomorphins. With diabetic rats, 6-10 weeks after the induction of diabetes, intravenous injections of endomorphins produced non-dose-related various changes in SAP, such as a single decrease, or a single increase, or biphasic changes characterized by an initial decrease followed by a secondary increase, or no change at all. These results suggest that diabetes may lead to the dysfunction of the cardiovascular system in response to endomorphins. Furthermore, the diabetic rats of 4-5 weeks after alloxan-treatment, the increase in SAP and HR caused by i.v. endomorphins might be explained by a changed effect of vagus and by a naloxone-sensitive mechanism.


    Eman G. E. Helal*, Samia M. Abd-Elwahab**, and Anwaar Alkamel Mohammad


    Full Text Available Back ground: Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease which affects large number of population all over the world. Such disease is associated with many complications which may leads finally to patient's mortality. Camel milk supplementation reduces the insulin requirement in Type I diabetic patients. So this study was planned to evaluate the effect of camel milk as hypoglycemic agent.Material and method: Thirty male adult albino rats were used to investigate the effect of camel milk (CM treating diabetic rats. Rats were divided into three equal groups, control, diabetic non treated and diabetic CM treated groups. After thirty days of treatment all rats of each group were sacrificed. The body weight of each rat was determined at the beginning and the end of each period. Blood glucose, serum insulin, lipid and protein profiles, liver and kidney functions, blood picture and liver glycogen were determined for each rat at the end of each period. Pancreatic samples were obtained and processed for microscopic and quantitative evaluation after staining the prepared sections with both Heamatoxylin and eosin as well as special stain for demonstration of the different pancreatic cells in the Islet of Langerhans. Results: The obtained results showed that the induced diabetes was diagnosed by laboratory assessment to body weight loss, hyperglycemia, and hypoinsulinemia, significant increase in liver and kidney functions, lipid and protein profiles and decreased liver glycogen content. While, CM treatment led to a significant improvement in all these parameter except liver function. Microscopically there was definite vaculation, degeneration, karyolysis and pyknosis of beta pancreatic cells in diabetic group while the other pancreatic cells were not affected (alpha and delta cells. The use of CM treatment of this study greatly improves such cellular changes.Conclusion: it was recommended that the use of the CM as a hypoglycemic agent may be of good results

  7. Nerve protective effect of Baicalin on newborn HIBD rats

    Xue-Mei Liu; Yi Feng; Ai-Min Li


    Objective:To investigate the nerve protective effect and mechanism of baicalin on newborn rats with hypoxic ischemic brain damage(HIBD).Methods:A total of64SD newborn rats were randomly divided into control group, model group, nerve growth factor group and baicalin group, with16 in each group.Left carotid artery ligation method was adopted to establish theHIBD model except for in control group, which was treated with intraperitoneal injection of salin e10 mL/kg for3 d.After oxygen recovery on hypoxia ischemia rats, intraperitoneal injection of saline10 mL/kg was adopted in model group for3 d.Intraperitoneal injection of nerve growth factor injection 50μg/kg per day was adopted in nerve growth factor group for3 d; intraperitoneal injection of radix scutellariae16 mg/kg per day was adopted in baicalin group for3 d after modeling.Four rats of each group were sacrificed atDay1,2,3,7 for microscopic observation of pathological morphological changes in brain tissue afterHE staining,S-P immunohistochemical method was used for observation ofFas andFasL expression in brain cells.Results:Neat structure of cells was observed in control group; edema cells in disordered arrangement was observed in model group, with some cells necrosis and cavity change; tissue injury in nerve growth factor group and baicalin group was significantly lighter than that in model group;Fas andFasL expression in model group, nerve growth factor group and baicalin group were significantly higher than that in control group at different time points(P0.05).Conclusions:Baicalin can reduce expression ofFas andFasL inHIBD rats, inhibit apoptosis of nerve cells, thus achieve the protective effect onHIBD rat nerves.

  8. Mitogenic effects of propoxur on male rat bladder urothelium.

    Cohen, S M; Cano, M; Johnson, L S; StJohn, M K; Asamoto, M; Garland, E M; Thyssen, J H; Sangha, G K; van Goethem, D L


    Propoxur produces bladder tumors in rats, but not other species. The hyperplastic and tumorigenic effects do not occur if urinary pH is lowered by administering propoxur in a semi-synthetic diet or co-administering it with ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). We fed propoxur at 8000 p.p.m. in Altromin 1321 diet to male Wistar rats for 4 weeks, with or without NH4Cl as 10,000 p.p.m. of the diet. The urine of rats fed control diet with or without propoxur had a relatively high urinary pH (approximately 8); the addition of NH4Cl lowered the urinary pH by approximately 0.5-1.0 units. There was no evidence of urinary calculi or amorphous precipitate nor was there an increase in microcrystals or formation of different crystals than occur in normal rat urine. Propoxur produced hyperplasia of the urothelium, as observed by light and scanning electron microscopy, and increased the labeling index for proliferating cell nuclear antigen. These effects were significantly inhibited by co-administration with NH4Cl. There was no evidence of urothelial necrosis. Thus, the hyperplasia appears to result from a direct mitogenic effect of propoxur or a metabolite on the urothelium, rather than from toxicity and consequent regeneration. Based on the present study and previous investigations, the urothelial effects of propoxur in the rat are dependent on high urinary pH and high administered doses, factors which need to be incorporated into any mechanistic model for the chemical and into any extrapolation to potential effects in humans.

  9. Nonlinear effect of elastic vortexlike motion on the dynamic stress state of solids

    Shilko, Evgeny V.; Grinyaev, Yurii V.; Popov, Mikhail V.; Popov, Valentin L.; Psakhie, Sergey G.


    We present a theoretical analysis of the dynamic stress-strain state of regions in a solid body that are involved in a collective elastic vortexlike motion. It is shown that the initiation of elastic vortexlike motion in the material is accompanied by the appearance of dilatancy and equivalent strain, the magnitudes of which are proportional to the square of the ratio of linear velocity on the periphery of the elastic vortex to the velocity of longitudinal elastic waves (P wave). Under conditions of dynamic loading the described dynamic effects are able to initiate inelastic deformation or destruction of the material at loading speeds of a few percent of the P -wave speed. The obtained analytical estimates suggest that dynamic nonlinear strains can make a significant contribution in a number of widely studied nonlinear dynamic phenomena in solids. Among them are the effect of acoustic (dynamic) dilatancy in solids and granular media, which leads to the generation of longitudinal elastic waves by transverse waves [V. Tournat et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 085502 (2004), 10.1103/PhysRevLett.92.085502] and the formation of an array of intense "hot spots" (reminiscent of shear-induced hydrodynamic instabilities in fluids) in adiabatic shear bands [P. R. Guduru et al., Phys. Rev. E 64, 036128 (2001), 10.1103/PhysRevE.64.036128].

  10. Effects of nonlinear sound propagation on the characteristic timbres of brass instruments.

    Myers, Arnold; Pyle, Robert W; Gilbert, Joël; Campbell, D Murray; Chick, John P; Logie, Shona


    The capacity of a brass instrument to generate sounds with strong high-frequency components is dependent on the extent to which its bore profile supports nonlinear sound propagation. At high dynamic levels some instruments are readily sounded in a "cuivré" (brassy) manner: this phenomenon is due to the nonlinear propagation of sound in ducts of the proportions typical of labrosones (lip-reed aerophones). The effect is also evident at lower dynamic levels and contributes to the overall tonal character of the various kinds of brass instrument. This paper defines a brassiness potential parameter derived from the bore geometries of brass instruments. The correlation of the brassiness potential parameter with spectral enrichment as measured by the spectral centroid of the radiated sound is examined in playing tests using musicians, experiments using sine-wave excitation of instruments, and simulations using a computational tool. The complementary effects of absolute bore size on spectral enrichment are investigated using sine-wave excitation of cylindrical tubes and of instruments, establishing the existence of a trade-off between bore size and brassiness potential. The utility of the brassiness potential parameter in characterizing labrosones is established, and the graphical presentation of results in a 2D space defined by bore size and brassiness potential demonstrated.

  11. Electric Field-Induced Second Order Nonlinear Optical Effects in Silicon Waveguides

    Timurdogan, E; Watts, M R


    The demand for nonlinear effects within a silicon platform to support photonic circuits requiring phase-only modulation, frequency doubling, and/or difference frequency generation, is becoming increasingly clear. However, the symmetry of the silicon crystal inhibits second order optical nonlinear susceptibility, $\\chi^{(2)}$. Here, we show that the crystalline symmetry is broken when a DC field is present, inducing a $\\chi^{(2)}$ in a silicon waveguide that is proportional to the large $\\chi^{(3)}$ of silicon. First, Mach-Zehnder interferometers using the DC Kerr effect optical phase shifters in silicon ridge waveguides with p-i-n junctions are demonstrated with a $V_{\\pi}L$ of $2.4Vcm$ in telecom bands $({\\lambda}_{\\omega}=1.58{\\mu}m)$ without requiring to dope the silicon core. Second, the pump and second harmonic modes in silicon ridge waveguides are quasi-phase matched when the magnitude, spatial distribution of the DC field and $\\chi^{(2)}$ are controlled with p-i-n junctions. Using these waveguides, sec...

  12. The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment in Economic Growth from the Perspective of Nonlinear Dynamics

    Ch. K. Volos


    Full Text Available In today’s globalized economy one of the most crucial factors for the economic growth of a country, especially of a developing country, is the foreign direct investment, not only because of the transfer of capital but also of technology. In this work, the effect of foreign direct investments in a county’s economic growth by using tools of nonlinear dynamics is studied. As a model of the economic growth of a country, a well-known nonlinear discrete-time dynamical system, the Logistic map, is used. The system under study consists of two countries with a strong economic relationship. The source country of foreign direct investments is an industrialized, economically powerful and technologically advanced country that makes significant investments in the host country, which is a developing country and strong dependent from the source country. Simulation results of system’s behavior and especially the bifurcation diagrams reveal the strong connection between the countries of the proposed system and the effect of foreign direct investments in the economic growth of the host country.

  13. Competition-similarity relationships and the nonlinearity of competitive effects in consumer-resource systems.

    Abrams, Peter A; Rueffler, Claus; Dinnage, Russell


    Much previous ecological and evolutionary theory about exploitative competition for a continuous spectrum of resources has used the Lotka-Volterra model with competition coefficients given by a Gaussian function of niche separation. Using explicit consumer-resource models, we show that the Lotka-Volterra model and the assumption of a Gaussian competition-similarity relationship both fail to reflect the impact of strong resource depletion, which typically reduces the influence of the most heavily used resources on the competitive interaction. Taking proper account of resource depletion reveals that strong exploitative competition between efficient consumers is usually a highly nonlinear interaction, implying that a single measure is no longer sufficient to characterize the process. The nonlinearity usually entails weak coupling of competing species when their abundances are high and equal. Rare invaders are likely to have effects on abundant residents much larger than those of the resident on the invader. Asymmetrical utilization curves often produce asymmetrical competition coefficients. Competition coefficients are typically non-Gaussian and are often nonmonotonic functions of niche separation. Utilization curve shape and resource growth functions can have major effects on competition-similarity relationships. A variety of previous theoretical findings need to be reassessed in light of these results.

  14. Theoretical investigation on nonlinear optical effects in laser trapping of dielectric nanoparticles with ultrafast pulsed excitation.

    Devi, Anita; De, Arijit K


    The use of low-power high-repetition-rate ultrafast pulsed excitation in stable optical trapping of dielectric nanoparticles has been demonstrated in the recent past; the high peak power of each pulse leads to instantaneous trapping of a nanoparticle with fast inertial response and the high repetition-rate ensures repetitive trapping by successive pulses However, with such high peak power pulsed excitation under a tight focusing condition, nonlinear optical effects on trapping efficiency also become significant and cannot be ignored. Thus, in addition to the above mentioned repetitive instantaneous trapping, trapping efficiency under pulsed excitation is also influenced by the optical Kerr effect, which we theoretically investigate here. Using dipole approximation we show that with an increase in laser power the radial component of the trapping potential becomes progressively more stable but the axial component is dramatically modulated due to increased Kerr nonlinearity. We justify that the relevant parameter to quantify the trapping efficiency is not the absolute depth of the highly asymmetric axial trapping potential but the height of the potential barrier along the beam propagation direction. We also discuss the optimal excitation parameters leading to the most stable dipole trap. Our results show excellent agreement with previous experiments.

  15. Raman-free nonlinear optical effects in high pressure gas-filled hollow core PCF.

    Azhar, M; Wong, G K L; Chang, W; Joly, N Y; Russell, P St J


    The effective Kerr nonlinearity of hollow-core kagomé-style photonic crystal fiber (PCF) filled with argon gas increases to ~15% of that of bulk silica glass when the pressure is increased from 1 to 150 bar, while the zero dispersion wavelength shifts from 300 to 900 nm. The group velocity dispersion of the system is uniquely pressure-tunable over a wide range while avoiding Raman scattering-absent in noble gases-and having an extremely high optical damage threshold. As a result, detailed and well-controlled studies of nonlinear effects can be performed, in both normal and anomalous dispersion regimes, using only a fixed-frequency pump laser. For example, the absence of Raman scattering permits clean observation, at high powers, of the interaction between a modulational instability side-band and a soliton-created dispersive wave. Excellent agreement is obtained between numerical simulations and experimental results. The system has great potential for the realization of reconfigurable supercontinuum sources, wavelength convertors and short-pulse laser systems.

  16. Effect of Bixieqianggupian on experimental osteoporosis in rats

    YU Yao-hong; XU Feng; LI Ni; ZHOU Xue-ting


    Objective To search the effects of Bixieqianggupian (BXQBP) on osteoporosis. Methods The experimental models of osteoporosis (OP) induced by ovariectomy (OVX), retinoie acid(R/k) and dexarnethasone(DXM) in rats were introduced in this study. In the same time, the influence on tibia fracture healing in rats was also observed. Moreover, the anti-inflammation effects and analgesia of BXQBP in mice and rats were also studied. Results The body weight gain induced by OVX was prevented obviously by administering BXQBP. And serum estradiol and bone gla protein (BGP) were examined by RIA, and results showed that estradiol increased and BGP decreased. Bone mineral density (BMD), bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mass of femur had increased, moreover, calcium content of bone (monitored by atomic absorption) had been improved significantly after BXQBP administration. Furthermore, biomeehanieal characters of bone were measured by three point bending test, and the anti-bend intensity and maximum bend strength increased remarkably. The alkaline phosphatese (ALP) decreased. And amount of urine calcium (Ca) and hydroxyproline (HOP) decreased obviously. However, effect on the proliferation of endometria was not obvious. The RA induced OP model. Compared with model, the BMD and BMC increased markedly in BXQBP rats (i. g. 30 days). And bone mass and calcium content were increased. Then BGP and ALP decreased by administering BXQBP. The anti-band intensity and maximum bend strength increased evidently. And ejection of urine Ca and HOP decreased obviously. The bone trabeeula became thinner, and arranged in disorder in OP rats, however, the status was reversed obviously by administrating BXQBP. The OP model also induced by DXM in rats:Effect against weight losing eaused by DXM was observed in groups of three doses (i. g. 12 weeks) of BXO.BP. And BMD, BMC, bone mass and calcium content increased evidently. The results showed that the fracture healing had been enhanced obviously at three

  17. Hyperspectral Unmixing in Presence of Endmember Variability, Nonlinearity or Mismodelling Effects

    Halimi, Abderrahim; Bioucas-Dias, Jose


    This paper presents three hyperspectral mixture models jointly with Bayesian algorithms for supervised hyperspectral unmixing. Based on the residual component analysis model, the proposed general formulation assumes the linear model to be corrupted by an additive term whose expression can be adapted to account for nonlinearities (NL), endmember variability (EV), or mismodelling effects (ME). The NL effect is introduced by considering a polynomial expression that is related to bilinear models. The proposed new formulation of EV accounts for shape and scale endmember changes while enforcing a smooth spectral/spatial variation. The ME formulation takes into account the effect of outliers and copes with some types of EV and NL. The known constraints on the parameter of each observation model are modeled via suitable priors. The posterior distribution associated with each Bayesian model is optimized using a coordinate descent algorithm which allows the computation of the maximum a posteriori estimator of the unkno...

  18. Strain differences in toxic effects of long-lasting isoflurane anaesthesia between Wistar rats and Sprague Dawley rats.

    Siller-Matula, J M; Jilma, B


    We investigated if long-lasting (5 h) anaesthesia with isoflurane has different pharmacological effects in two different rat strains: Wistar and Sprague Dawley. The mean blood pressure was 34% higher in Sprague Dawley rats as compared to the Wistar rats (p = 0.04). In Wistar rats, the pH value decreased to 7.1, lactate increased by 53%, creatinine increased 2.7-fold, alanine amino transferase and aspartate amino transferase increased more than 4-fold and lactate dehydrogenase increased 9-fold (p ketamin/xylazine in the described study design.


    WANG Xue-min; WANG Shao-jin; KANG Suo-bin; TIAN Xin-le; GE Jian-jun; SUN Li-hong


    Objective: To observe the effect of acupuncture on hyperleptinaemia and hyperinsulinemia for studying its underlying mechanism about anti-obesity and reducing blood lipid in obesity rats. Methods: A total of 80 SD rats were randomized into normal control, model, acupuncture and medication groups, with 20 cases in each group. Hypothalamic obesity model was established by subcutaneous injection of 15% sodium glutamate (0.2 mL/10 g body weight), once daily and continuously for 5 days. "Zusanli" (足三里 ST 36), "Sanyinjiao"(三阴交 SP 6), "Guanyuan"(关元 CV 4) and "Zhongwan"(中脘 CV 12) were punctured and stimulated electrically (100 Hz, dense-sparse waves, and a suitable strength inducing local muscular tremor) for 15 min, once daily. In medication group, rats were fed with Sibutramine 4 mg/kg, once daily. After 4 weeks' treatment, Lee's index was detected, and serum leptin and insulin contents were determined by radioimmunoassay (RIA). Results: Compared with normal control group, Lee's index, serum leptin and insulin contents of model group increased significantly (P0.05). Conclusion: Acupuncture can effectively reduce Lee's index, serum leptin and insulin contents in fasting obese rats, which may contribute to its effect in anti-obesity.

  20. Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of Solidago chilensis in rats

    Mariane Schneider


    Full Text Available AbstractSolidago chilensis Meyen, Asteraceae, is traditionally used to treat inflammation. However, phytochemical and pharmacology investigations are lacking. This study evaluated the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of hydroalcoholic extract from S. chilensis aerial parts in rats. In oral glucose tolerance tests the rats received saline (0.5 ml/100 g in control group (C, hydroalcoholic extract (125, 250 or 500 mg/kg p.o.; n = 6 or glibenclamide (10 mg/kg p.o.; n = 6. After 30 min, glucose (4 g/kg was administered. Rats treated with hydroalcoholic extract 500 demonstrated decreased glucose levels at 180 min (-22.1%, when compared with group C, similar to glibenclamide. Moreover, treatment with hydroalcoholic extract 500 significantly increased the glycogen content in the liver and soleus muscle, and hydroalcoholic extract 250 specifically inhibited the enzyme maltase when compared with group C. Furthermore, all hyperglycemic rats treated with hydroalcoholic extract (125, 250 and 500 exhibited an accentuated decrease in total cholesterol levels (-36.8%, -36.7% and -41.3%, respectively. Our results suggest that hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of hydroalcoholic extract could be associated with increased production and release of insulin as well as with insulinotropic and antioxidant effects.