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  1. Methods for calculating environment-pollution characteristics. Metody rascheta kharakteristik zagriazneniia priordnykh sred

    Taganov, D.N.


    This collection includes papers on the methodological aspects of the long-term prediction of pollutant emissions, the use of order statistics to analyze air-pollution data, the use of systems-analysis principles for the long-term prediction of environment pollution, and climatic effects on the diffusion of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere over Erevan. Consideration is also given to standards for thermal emissions from nuclear power plants, the radioactivity balance in the cooling reservoir of a nuclear power plant, and an economic analysis of the ecological costs of industrial production.

  2. The Problem of Calculating Ground Freezing (K Voprosu Rascheta Promerzaniya Grunta),


    Proskuryakov . Greber (1] formulates the problem which was previously solved • Stefan, as follows: 1 “at the initial moment in time all points of a humid soil...depth of the ground becomes non-uniform , and cannot be averaged . I. A. Charnyy [3] and B. V. Proskuryakov [4] have developed simplified unity, according to Charnyy has the following form: (13) and according to Proskuryakov it has the form ( 14 ) 3This drawback is alleviated by

  3. Method of Calculating the Freezing Rate of Single-Column Water-Permeable Soils (Metod Rascheta Skorosti Zamorazhivaniya Fil’Truyushchikh Gruntov Odinochnoy Kolonkoy),


    calculating the freezing rate of homogeneous water-permeable soils by a single column; the method has been developed in works of B. V. Proskuryakov [1] and...ground volume freezes ; I. I L is the length of the freezing column; r is the radius of the frozen ground cylinder; r is time. B. V. Proskuryakov [1